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June 1 - 7, 2021

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The Box of Snow May be Judge Snow

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Three months ago, in the 2nd update in March, and for a few updates afterward, I went over all the particulars of the JOE's-VAN dream that seemed to point hard to JOVAN Pulitzer's involvement in the Phoenix audit. Although there were some hints that Pulitzer's scanner might be in use in that audit, I have heard of no verification, and moreover the Arizona senate has been considering, this week, whether to hire another team to do an electronic count of the ballot images, yet it may not be done by Pulitzer. In any case, I have found some evidence now that the dream can point as well to the Windham audit. Let me show you why.

An old friend of mine, Joe Oullette, had a van in a dream (didn't have one in real life), and this seemed to point hard to Phoenix because PHONE's/Fane's/VANS look like a branch of PHOENix's/Fenwicks, and moreover the leader of the Phoenix audit is Karen Fann of the Arizona senate. However, Windows and Windhams can be gleaned as kin of Fiens/Finis' who are in turn in the colors and format of Phone's/Fane's/Vans who in turn come up as "Fien" too. (Load Fien link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms that follow.)

The reason I'm re-visiting this topic is due to the Paths, listed with Petts/Perts. As I've said in updates over the last couple of months, Joe, in the dream, asked me to get him a container. Rather than the dream providing one beside me, I had to walk across the STREET, and then along a snow-CLEARed PATH toward a HOUSE, and there was a square container sitting on the lawn or snow a few feet off the path. I've known for years that there is a "stork" in the Path/Pett Crest, and the Stork surname uses the Stark Coat while one of the three audit teams in Windham has been Phillip Stark.

I didn't have much reason to include the Streets/STRAIGHTs when talking about this dream in April, but now that STRATech had taken over the audit in Phoenix, I can see this possibility. However, there is probably no chance that StraTech (based in Arizona) will do an audit in Windham way off in New Hampshire. The people of Windham have been demanding that Pulitzer do a paper-scrutinizing scan of the ballots, especially now that the folds in the ballots have become a fraud issue.

I had used "snow-cleared path" path to describe the walkway to the house. Here's from the 2nd update in this past March:

But here's the dream told from the 5th update of August, 2019:
In this dream, I was in a van with Joe Oullette and his wife Diane. He said that he needed a container, so I walked up a SNOW-cleared PATH of a home, and lookie there, an empty, square (not a pail or bucket) container near the door. I took it, and the owner of the house saw me....

I had loaded the Clear/Clark surname to show that they share the leaves of Linds/Lindells, suggesting a pointer to Mike Lindell, but I now have a second pointer because, along with Mr. Stark, one of the three audit teams was led by Mr. Lindeman, and Lindemans use linden leaves, as do Linds/Lindells. The leaves of Clears/Clarks are in the design and colors used for them by Lindells, and the Lindells apply the leaves to a log, the log being a symbol of Poulos' too, the surname of the founder of Dominion Voting. Dutch Linds (Clear/Clark colors and format) share the triple cinquefoils of Loches'/DeLoges' (Burgundy, same as Loge's and Poulos').

The importance of the snow-cleared path now comes to light. French Clears/Clairs were first found in Limousin with the other French Clairs (when loading "Clair"), thus justifying a look at other Clair Coats. The third audit team for Windham is Harri Hursti, and Hursts use a giant sun feasibly for the Sun variation of Clair-line Sinclairs (St. Clairs). In fact, there are FEATHERs in the Crest of Irish Clairs while another giant sun is used by FETTERs. The Windham Crest has what are often/usually called, FETTERlocks. On top of this, the fesse-with-stars of Irish Clairs is in the colors and format of the Snowden Coat, and Joe filled the container with snow once I brought it back to him. It seems that God used snow in the dream to get us to Snowdens because they share red-on-white scallops with the Pullens/PULITs who seem to be a pointer to Jovan PULITzer. The snow was taken off of the bumper of JOE's VAN, and put into the square box.

When I returned the container to the house, there was the male owner sitting on a lawn chair, and he had big-round GLASSes on like Oullette used to wear, only Oullette wore them as SUN-glasses, you see. Glass' have a "LUCTor" motto that could be for Luckets/LOCKets to go with fetterlocks. Amazingly, Luckets/Lockets (potential Loge branch), because they share the brown stag head of Clare's, look like they have a one-chevron version of the Clare Coat. I have talked about my WINDOW-slam event that broke the GLASS, because WINDhams use a version of the Window Coat, but now it seems that the slam event is linking to the glasses of the dream. As I've said, I believe God provided this man with big-round OWL eyes to reveal that OULlette's/Oully's (share bars gemel of Monmouths) were names due to a merger of Owls/Howls with Let's/Late's. The Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with English Clare's, but also with the Rush's in the bulrushes of Paths/Petts. The Howl-like Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with Phone/Fane's/Vans, you see, it's all fitting together like Intelligent design.

The "TENuimus" motto of Luckets/Lockets looks like it should be for Tien / Tennis line. Tiens are a part of this dream, especially as this dream ended up with me in a shopping mall, where I ended up in my sleeping-bag dream with the waist-pull event with Miss Peare (Pears were Tien / Tennis kin). Rush's have horses in the colors of the horse in the Chief of German Line's/LINDs, and the latter share the tree with the Hurst Crest. Hursts have a "Deo" motto term while Rush's use "Dieu." Hursts also use "Pro" likely for Pero's, a branch of Tien-related Peare's. Here's the rest of the quote started above:

...and lookie there, an empty, square (not a pail or bucket) container near the door. I took it, and the owner of the house saw me. The details of what Joe did with this bucket are foggy, until he started to SHOVEL snow into it from his rear BUMPer. I dumped the snow out. This scene was clear, but what happened to the bucket after that was foggy again. All the while I was feeling guilty for taking this container, and so I decided to bring it back, and there was the owner sitting on a chair watching me bring it back. I apologized, and walked back to the van, but it was gone. So I started to look for Joe in a MALL. I didn't find him, and the events in the mall are foggy.

The dream ended there, and so as the Sleeping-Bag dream pointed to Morleys/Mauls, it's amazing that they have the vertically-split colors of Bumps (from the bumper) as well as a "Clementia" motto term, for Clements come up when one enters "CLERmonts," and this surname shares the roundels of French Clairs/Clerks, as well as one Clark surname.

[Insert -- I have a song with a line "no matter the BUMPs," and that line sang over my speakers exactly as I was re-reading the paragraph above and eyeing the Bumps for more to say. I was re-reading here because I had just finished loading the Horst-like Hortons (Hore colors) to see that they were first found in Yorkshire's Morley. Hursts were in West Yorkshire, in the area of Morley-related Morlands (Westmorland), and Morley is likewise in West Yorkshire, or more precisely in Let-like Leeds.

Hore's are said to have been Ore's, and Morleys/Mauls have a "regORE" motto term. Hursts use a "rege" term that might be related to "RIGore." Didn't Hursti RIG the audet. Yes, he did. Riggs share the annulets of Ladys/LAUDymans, and so there's more annulets with a Let/Late-like surname. The GLASgows, with a "Lord, let" motto phrase, love Lords/LAUDs. Ladys/Laudymans were first found in Northamptonshire with the Quince's sharing the Path/Pett mascles. The man with glasses was along the path. Cool.

[Insert -- And the Riggs above are even in the colors and format of Rush's in the bulrushes of Paths/Petts. Extra cool. AH, RUSHtons (kin of Side's / Sutys / Seaton) were first found in Northamptonshire too, and the Side lion is shared by both Rushtons and Rischs/Rishtons/Richtons.

I can now claim that Rush liners named Rijeka/Reki/Rika (Croatia), where I trace both RICKs (for good reason) and Maxwells. The latter, who had a Maxwell-Ros branch sharing the water bouget with Scottish Rose's, share the "ReviRESCO" motto with Rischs/Rishtons/RICKtons. Rush's/Rish's share the Rosco/Risco fesse. The latter surname was first found in Cornwall with the Tristans whose branch (Devon) shares the pheons of Risks/Ruskyns, explaining why Trists (Cornwall) use ROSEs (probably from ROXolani). Trists share "Nec" twice in their motto with Rutherfords (ROXburghshire, same as Maxwells) who in turn share the ORLE border with Rutlands/ROUSHlands, and this explains why pheon-using Tristans share red roundels with ORRELs. Trists come up as "Trice," and Leeds happen to use a cockaTRICE.

Rutherfords share a goose on a rock with Letters ("tuaRUS"), and so let me repeat from after this insert: the only reason I can see for snow on OulLETTE's bumper is where Bumps share the giant griffin of Letters / Lauders, first found in Berwickshire with Snowdens. The latter are said to have been at Lauderdale, and that's why the snow at the bumper is indeed for Lauder-related Bumps.

Roggers/Rogers use roses, and these Rogers along with English Rogers (share "Deo" with Rush's) look like kin of Knee's who in turn share a pheon-like phoenix with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Welsh Rogers (share courant horse of different color with Rush's) are listed with Rosers/ROSSers (Rose's lived beside Ross-shire). Clear-branch French Clairs share the Coat of German Rose's. Snow-CLEARed path. Reminder: the Path/Pett BULrushes are for Bulls sharing the STARK bull head, and the bulrushes even come with STORK, yet Phillip Stark is not in Phoenix. What gives? It's not at all clear in my mind whether I should be stressing Rush's for an election-fraud person(s).

For what it could be worth, the Constants in the motto of Scottish Rose's are listed with container-like Contans. It only adds to the mystery that while Constants/Contans share the Snowden stars, Snowdens were first found in Berwickshire with the Hume's/Home's who share a "true" motto term with Scottish Rose's. The True's are also Tree's, and Constants/Contans use a tree. Berwickshire is where Blythe's were first found, and while Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe, Constants/Contans have two stars in their Chief (the same as Snowden stars) in the colors of the two stars in the Clinton Chief. Hmmm.

The "water bougets" of Rose's are said to be water containers! I almost missed it. This can explain why God needed to point first to Rush's with the Paths/Petts, for the container was at the end of the path! Joe filled the container with snow, and I then dumped it out immediately. WHY? What can that mean?

If the Rose Crest is a lyre rather than a harp, it's notable that while both Harps and French Liers share the lion of Oullette's and their Aulnay branch, Dutch Liers almost have the Coat of Travers/TRAVES' while Tarves' share the six fitchees of Clintons and Hillarys. Travers/Traves' share "Nec" twice with Rodhams and Rutland-branch Rutherfords, and Snowdens were first found in Rutland. Paths/Petts are suspect with Peters with Peter Pollock, builder of Rothes castle at the Rose / Ross theater, the proto-Rothschilds, I can fathom God's purposes here. Travers/Traves' were direct Meschins by marriage, and Masci's (Piedmont, same as Pero's) can be gleaned in the Coat of Tien/Thames-branch Tennis' (share Peare leopard heads) who share Thames-like "temere" with Travers/Traves'. It was a SQUARE container, and Square's/Squirrels love the Tiens'. The Square-like Schere's / Schire's can feasibly be in the "palleSCERE" motto term of Pullings/Pulits, and Schere's/Schire's/Scherfs (roses) and Sheers/Shire's happen to share the Tarves fitchee.

I don't think I've ever found a surname to go with "rege" (Hurst motto term), but maybe it's for Riggers/REIGers (giant, white crane or heron). Glassens/HOUNeens look related to Huns'/Hungate' (Yorkshire again) and/or Huns/Hundts due to the latter two looking like kin of Riggs and Fortuna's/Fortune's. Houns/Hounds even look (as per a comparison of their Coats) like kin of Hore's suspect in "rigORE." West Yorkshire is where Dents were first found who happen to share the ermined lozenges of Houns/Hounds. Dents use a tiger while Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Hore's.

This paragraph shows how heraldry can have such a big mouth as to make long-distance traces of families. The two Rigg surnames together (the other has dogs) suggest linkage to the House of Canossa; the latter has the Fortuna/Fortune dog, and I trace "LADY Fortune" in the Coat of Glassen-like Klassens/Class' to the Clausula river, location of KOPLik, tending to explain why the black rooster is shared between Kopple's and the particular Riggs ("cano") with the Lady annulets. The Riggs and Billiards/Hillards (branch of Billiards/BILLETs) share the black rooster with red comb, and the English Billets share the Coat of Bellows/BALLOTs. Can that spell, rigged ballots? Billiards/Hillards share the Bailey / Moray stars and are thus connectable to Bellys. (Billiards/Hillards can be gleaned as Lambert kin).

This would be a good place to mention that Snows were first found at Rutland. Aside from this, I can see no other reason that God pointed to Snows by filling the container with snow. Rutlands are also ROUSHlands, you see, and Roush's are indeed listed with Rush's so that what we are seeing here is God's proof that he invented the snow-cleared path. But what's the big deal about Rush's? Rutlands/Roushlands use an "orle" border, and Orrels share red roundels with Ore's/Orrs. ??? What could all this be about? I always said that Peare and I RUSHed up the stairs for our first kiss, and she's the one in the waist-pull scene, in the Morley-pointing mall, in the last scene of the sleeping-bag dream (about 40 years after our first kiss). It just so happens that the Rush horse is in the colors of the WAISTell horse. Okay, fine, but why for? All I can answer is that the pulling of her waist is a pointer to Pullings/PULITs (Yorkshire again) and therefore to Jovan Pulitzer.

Those of you who know why the waist-pull is related to the belly-press with Peare, and especially if you know that I add the tummy-like Tume's/Tombs to her belly-press event, see this quote from Pullings/Pulits that I've never seen before (at least not in recent years): "Notables of this surname at this time include: Samuel Pullen, Pullein, or Pulleyne (1598-1667), an English prelate, Archbishop of Tuam, son of William Pullein, rector of RIPley, Yorkshire..." That is just wild, for as I trace Waistells to Vestalis (Cottians) on the RIPURia river, that's where I've suspect Rippers/Ripleys to be from. And the Tume's/Tombs have tombstones with "R.I.P." upon them! Incredible. It's been God's verification that He invented the waist-pull event, but I haven't seen it until now.

"PRO REGE" is a motto phrase of Palle's/Palles/Pauls (Yorkshire again) suspect in the "pallescere" motto term of Pullings/Pulits. Incredibly, SNOWdens have a fesse-with-items in the colors and format of the Palle/Palles/Paul Coat, and Snowdens add the pulling/Pulit scallops! WILD!!!

At some point while adding this insert, another song with "white as snow" was playing. I didn't think too much of it, but then I remembered the bull of Italian Boys because the song ("Jesus Paid it All") is by NewsBOYs. The bull is in the colors of the Stark bull head, and Italian Boys add two stars in their Chief not only in the colors of the Snowden stars, but in the colors of the two stars in both the Clinton and Contans Chiefs. If that's not enough, English Boys (Snow colors) were first found in Berwickshire with Snowdens! That looks like a God-set-up to me.

After that find, I got around to loading White's as per "white as snow," finding Scottish White's first found in Berwickshire too. Their "PARTa" motto term is even like the Pert variation of Paths/Petts. Parts/Parrots (pears for Peare liners) share "ut" with Path/Pett-beloved Rush's. The BULrushes of Paths/Petts are for Bulls sharing the white bull head of Starks, and yet the Bulls also have a gold bull head to match the gold Stark / Boy bull. How's that for what seems like Intelligent Design? Pero's share the two hexagrams of Loops suspect in the anteLOPE of Snows.

White as snow. Scottish White's use QUATRefoils for the line of Quadratilla Bassus, the line to bee-using Bessins, and while English Bees use bees in the colors and format to the Loupe towers, Lope's/Lopez' are expected from Lupus Laevillus (Quadratilla's husband) because they share black wolves with QUADE's. The Chief of Scottish White's looks related to Laevi-like Levins, first found in Morley-related WestMORLAND. One of the English Whites happens to share a green dragon in Crest with Morleys/Mauls (named Morley at Leeds) as well as the leopard faces of Morlands and English Morleys (Derbyshire, same as BEESleys who can jibe with the bees of Boys). As the Bump Shield is split in the colors of the split Morley/Maul Shield, what could possibly be the reason for inclusion of Morleys in the Joe's-van dream?

The same English White's were first found in Gloucestershire with Leeds like Lets/Late's and Letter- / Lauder-connectable Bumps (the snow in the container was on the bumper), and so the black eagle in two White Coats could be the Leeds eagle. After returning the container, I went back to the van, but it was gone off of the ROAD. I was then in a MALL seeking where Joe had gone. I didn't find him, and I can't remember clearly anything of what happened, and so i assume the scene was for pointing to Morleys/Mauls, for in the sleeping bag dream, David Morley (my old friend in my 20s) came on his motor bike off of a road, and after circling the sleeping bag on a HILL, drove away down the road as I was crossing into the parking lot of a MALL. I then entered the front DOOR of the mall to be with Miss Peare on a DECK. English Doors use bees. Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with SQUARE's/Squirrels, the latter first found in Worcestershire with Hills and Hillarys. The bear paw/leg in the Square/Squirrel Crest probably connects with Berwick / Barwick bear.

The road and PARKING lot in the sleeping-bag dream was a pointer to RODham Clinton (and Perkins Coie), and here we can add that Letter-branch Lauders ("RepullaLAT" looks like it's for Lets/Late's), first found in Berwickshire with Boys, share the brown tree stump with Rodhams.

Lauders named LAWden, and Laws (Northumberland, same as Rodhams, Morley-like Morells, and Phoenix's/FENwicks) use an "animi" motto term while "animo" is used by Laws (share Morell bend). The Hill motto, "Avancez," looks like code for the Vance variation of Vaux's/Fanns who share the bend-with-stars of Laws. Lauders named Lauder near the first-known Vaux's/Fanns ("Be"). Recalling LADY Fortune, let's add that Fortune's were first found in East Lothian with Vaux's/Fanns.

By the way, at the risk of adding unnecessary fat to this discussion, the "fasque" motto term of Laws can be gleaned with the Fieschi of Genova, who were in a political relationship with the Grimaldi's who in turn share the lozengy Shield of Bags and Cocks. The latter share the red rooster with Laws. Bags were first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs. The latter use "staves" while Stave's/Stevensons were first found in Northumberland with Laws. The Stave/Stevenson motto loves the Lums, who along with Lams (Northumberland) look like kin of Rush's. The other Stevens share the Rodham bend. The fasque-like fasces is a symbol of the Assi's who in turn share the weight scale with the Crest of Vaux's/Fanns (Lothian). Weights share the hunting horn of Lothians.

The paragraph above may not have been a waste of time, for Lothians share the brown Lot dog, and the mall parking lot pointed to Perkins Coie (via Parkings/Perkins), Hillary's partner in crimes. Snows were first found in Rutland, at Leicester, and Parkings/Perkins were first found in Leicestershire. Stave's/Stevensons have "lum" twice at the end of two motto terms, and "vigiLUM" is a Parking/Perkin motto term. Snows use an ANTElope" that I trace to ANTALya, smack beside the Perga location to which I trace Perkins. Lums (Perken colors) were first found in Lancashire with Perkens (not "Perkin") and Riggs (Roxolani suspects along with Rush's). The Feathers in the Perken feathers use an antelope head. Lums and Lams are expected from Mieszko II Lambert, husband of Rich-line Richeza, making Riggs look like a branch of Rich's/Richess' / Ricks / Rischs/Rishtons/RICKtons.

Plancia MAGNA of Perga, descended from Galatians, was not far from Derbe, a place conquered by the Amyntes Galatians, which place came to name Derbys sharing the red antelope head of Feathers. Derbe is near PERTa on lake TATTa, and while Paths/Perts love Rush's, the latter are in the colors and format of Lums suspect in the Parking/Perkins motto. TATTON-branch Touts/Tute's were first found in Yorkshire with Morleys/Maule's (RIGore"), and with the Walkers ("magna" motto term) who share the chevron-with-annulets of the colors of the LADY/Laudyman annulets. This is perfect because bumper pointed also to LETO's/Alitto's while the mother of Plancia Magna was a high priestess at the temple of Artemis (in Perga), the daughter of mythical Leto! Leto's son, Apollo, is suspect in the naming of the Poles of Poland (Mieszko's home), and of Pulls/Pools/Pole's who can be in the "RePULLuLAT" motto of Lady-like Lauders. ArTEMIS is expected (by me) from THEMIScyra, and the Tiens/Thames' were first found in Oxfordshire with the Temis-like Tennis' who share the specialized leopard face of Morleys and Morlands. End insert.]

I was on the snow-cleared path because Joe Oullette wanted a CONTAINer. Contans/Constance's share the Snowden stars, though I would like to see Contans play a bigger role than only this. Why would God include this square container? For one thing, the Square's/Squirrels love the Tiens'/Thames' who share the Let/Late and Peare stars. The Square/Squirrel motto is, "Tiens ferme," and while Ferme's have a giant anchor, Anchors have a version of the Lady/Laudyman Coat. Anchors even have lozenges in the colors of the similar Path/Pett mascles (= hollow lozenges).

As per "OulLETTE," I showed that Lette's are listed with Leto's/Alitto's, a possible pointer to Samuel Alito, one of the judges on the U.S. supreme court who seems ready to condemn election fraud. The snow on the BUMPer plays to this beautifully because Bumps (Gloucestershire, same as Lets/Late's) share the giant griffin of LETTers and Ali's/Aliotto's. The Lette's/Alitto's have a giant bird in the same colors, and while I've been sure that it's a crane, on second thought, it could be a stork (he website that told the descriptions of Coats is no longer available, at least not to me). Mythical Leto, mother of Apollo and ArTEMIS, was at CLARus (Caria), you see, and Ali's/Aliotto's were at Ali TERME while THEMIScrya was on the THERModon river (of Amazons). The Tiens/THAMES' share the stars of Lets/Late's. See a pattern?

I've been calling the Leto/Alitto bird a crane for years, and perhaps a crane and stork became inter-changeable where Crauns/Crane's (Suffolk, same as Clare's and Rush's) share three, fessewise annuLETS in blue with the Rush's in the bulrushes with the Path/Pett stork. I was so amazed, early in this new investigation that includes Storks and Starks, to find that the Shield of Bulls, expected in "bulrushes," shares a white bull head (faces in the same direction) with the Stark Crest! It just seems like verification that the Joe's-van dream points to the Phillip Stark of the Windham audit look. The Bulls even have their own three, fessewise annulets, and they are colors reversed from the three of Crauns/Crane's. The Bull Crest has a gold bull head, and the Stark Shield has another gold, bull head. The snow-cleared PATH brought us here, and Clears share the Lindeman leaves.

Usually, a crane is shown with a couple of hairs on the head, but as the Lette/Alitto bird doesn't have them, perhaps the family once used a stork, or perhaps I was wrong in claiming it to be a crane.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I have it recorded many times that the Leto/Alitto crane is "drinking," and Drinks share the single pale bar of Hurst-like Horsts!!! White horse heads are shared between English ESTE's (Essex, beside Suffolk) and Horst-like Horse's, and Horsts have a HorESTE variation while Hore's were first found in Suffolk with white-horse Rush's and Owls/Howls.

Again, the Oullette's look like an Owl/Howl merger with Lette liners, and Oullette's share the bars gemel of Monmouths while Monmouthshire is where Howells and Phone/Fane's/VANs were first founds. yet I've just learned that DINens/Dinhams were first found in Monmouthshire to help explain why Diane, Joe's wife, was in the Joe's-van dream. Diane's are listed with Deans/DEINs, first found in Sussex with Diens/DINE's/DIVES', and the Dinens/Dinhams (Rush fesse?) share a dancetty-fesse on red with Dives'/Divers. The Diane/Dein lion is in the Crests of both Diamond surnames, and English Diamonds ("prest") are also Dinans/Dinams. While all of this may tend to prove that Diane was in the dream for a reason, I can't figure out what the reason is from the whole of the surnames in this paragraph.

The diamond-like lozenges of English Diamonds/Dinams form a fesse in the colors of the Dinen/Dinham / Rush / Rosco/Risco fesse, and while Rush's are also Rish's, the Rise's / Rice's can be in the "MiseRIS" motto term of Irish Diamonds. In fact, the Misers suspect in that motto term use chair-like cherries, and the man with big-round owl eyes / glasses was sitting on a chair. Charys/Charrys use "CheRIS," and use more annuLETs.

Doug Mastriano Feels Good

Here's a clip from the 2nd update of May (last month), which includes an important update from this week:

I just want to repeat a few more things here to show how this batch of heraldry can't possibly be anything but Intelligent Design. The Felthams almost have the Perrin leopard faces, first off. "It felt so good" was not something that God spoke to me audibly, but a phrase I used after having the hips-pulling event that has pointed to Jovan Pulitzer and the Phoenix audit. The good sensation I had in the dream (I woke up just as I was having it) was EXACTLY the sensation I had when pressing Peare's belly with my hand, or more-exactly with my PALM. I eventually realized that it-felt-so-good was Inspired through me for more reason than being re-presented here. For example, English Feltmans/Felthams have a "palma" motto term, what are the chances?

[Update June 4 -- I loaded a map showing Sleap of Shropshire, where Sleeps were first found who share double-white and ermined fesses with Feltmans/Felthams. There is a PREScott location shown beside Sleap. The belly-PRESS event was while we were sleeping. And Prescotts share the same leopard faces in their Chief that are in the Feltman/Feltham Chief!!! Incredible. Prescotts were first found in Lancashire's Prescott, and the latter is where Huttons (Prescott colors) were first found while Jovan Pulitzer's middle name is, Hutton. End update]

Note "PresCOTT," for it's near Shropshire's OsWESTry, and Miss Peare's hips-pulling event was at first a WAIST-pulling event that did in hard fact point to Waistells (West branch), suspect from the COTTian, Vestalis, son of king COTTius. So, it appears that God set up the waist-pull event to go with the belly-press event to point to Prescott, Oswestry and Sleap. Oswestry is where Alans of Dol lived, and they had previously been in Ille-et-VILAINE while Vilains share the Chief-Shield color combo of Prescotts; this combo is colors reversed from the Chief-Shield colors of Press'/Prests. God can point to several things using the same props.

Dol Alans became Stewarts who in turn share the BROCK motto while Broxton (beside Shropshire) as where Birds were first found who share the Felt Coat as well as the Hips martlets. Oswestry's FitzAlans of Arundel married Alice of Saluzzo, in Piedmont, where royal Cottians and Pero's were first found.

Alice's daughter married Mr. Percy, and Pierce's/Piers can apply there. Arundel is in Sussex, where Feltham-related BATHursts were first found who in turn love the Peare-related Tiens in their motto. Baths share the Savoy cross, and Alice's Wikipedia article styles her "an Savoyard noblewoman". Bathursts share three patee crosses (different colors) in their Chief with PERCivals, and the latter, first found in Somerset with Baths and Pierce's/Piers, happen to share the muzzled bear with Alis'/Alice's. The Percival Coat looks like a version of the BELLO/BALLOT Coat (Cheshire). The Candida's in the Percival motto share the Voter/Gothier Crest. Bathursts of Oxfordshire (Where Peare's were first found) are said to have been at Beaumont, and Gouel de Percival married Miss Beaumont.

Where was my head? I can't remember one time while stressing the belly-PRESS where it dawned on me that Press' must be a branch of something like Peres' / Peare's. I may have realized years ago (I have developed a bad memory), but I don't remember it. The Peres' are listed with what I normally call the Petro's, and their flory cross in colors reversed is red, the color of the Felt flory. The white boar head of Prescotts can be code for the Boar variation of Bauer-branch Bowers who share the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschilds. Mayer Bauer changed his surname to "Rothschild," and thus Mr. Bauer is expected to descend from Pollocks of Rothes (Alan-of-Dol associates/kin), which can explain why boar-using Pollocks share a green Shield with Boars/Bowers, Bauers and Burleys/Bourleys. Bellys were first found in Moray with the Rothes castle of PETER Pollock (i.e. like "Petro/Peres"). The first Pollocks lived at Paisley while Scottish Paisleys/Pasleys share the roses of Bellys (share Perin chevron).

English Pasleys probably share the triple fesses of Peare-connectable LOVES/Luffs and Fullers. The white boar head of Prescotts can be the white boar of Bacons/Beacons because German Belli's use a beacon, as do Fullers suspect from FULbert, father of Peter Pollock.

Mr. FitzAlan, son of Alice of Saluzzo, married Miss Warenne/Varenne, and while Varenne's are listed with Verone's (share raven with German Rothes'/Rothchilds), Belli's and Bellino's were first found in Verona. ADa of Warenne is suspect with "Ad" motto term, shared between Boars/Bowers and Levi- / Living-like Scottish Olivers. The latter's Chief is colors reversed with Livings/Levins. Scottish Olivers have two of the triple chevrons of Muschats, who are in turn connectable to Levi-like Loves'/Luffs. Pero's were at Pavia, home of Laevi.

Recently, it was shown that CRESSys, Caress' and Cressents were kin of the Aulnays in the write-up of Oullette's. The latter were shown to be a branch of Owls/Howls, and this works our where Spanish OLive's/Olivers use a giant owl while Scottish Olivers have a "CRESco" motto term. This can reveal that Owls developed from a Laevi line. Oullette's were at Falaise (Normandy), and La Falaise is near the first known French Levi's of Ile-de-France, where Foys/Foix's were first found too who are expected in the "Tien la foy" motto of Bathursts. The Tiens/TAMs (Oxfordshire, same as Loves'/Luffs) may be in the "Ad meTAM" motto Boars/Bowers. Scottish Olivers use "Ad" too. The Tiens/Tams share the stars of Lets/Late's who are in turn suspect as a branch of the namers of OulLETTE's.

An owl is used by OLdhams, and they named Oldham in PRESTwick. From here, we find that Cressy-branch Cressents have a Coat much like that of Hanks. The latter are in the "hanks of cotton" of COTTons, recalling PresCOTTs. The bends of Hanks and Cressents look linkable to the bends of Dulys'/OWLeys/OILLi's/Oilys (Oxfordshire again, same as Peare's), and they are like the Oulli variation of Oullette's. Press/Prests use estOILEs. English Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire, where Ada of Warenne lived after she married Henry of Huntingdon.

The Oldhams (PRESTwick, Lancashire) had a Hoddam location, and Huttons were at PRESton of Lancashire. Oldhams were first found in Salford (in Prestwick) while Salfords (more boar heads) share the Hutton fesse; both surnames have three gold items upon their fesse. This now gets very interesting because more boar heads are used by BURleys/Bourleys while Ratcliffe's were first found in Bury of Salford (Lancashire). Hutton is Jovan Pulitzer's middle name (his mother's surname, I think), and he was pointed to by "Joe's van," the van of Joe Oullette. John Ratcliffe is suspect in signing off to the material in Lindell's video, Absolutely 9-0. The belly-press: it felt so good. What could feel better than Lindell sinking many of the criminal conspirators in election fraud?

The Petro's/Peres' above, now linkable to the belly-press, have a reflection of the Ashworth Coat, and Ashworths (share PALM fleur-de-lys) were first found in Bury of Salford with Ratcliffe's. Ashworth of Salford is where HOLDs/Holts were first found, and I was holding Miss Peare during the belly press, and pressing her belly with my PALM. Is that event now including John Ratcliff's inputs in some way? The Ashworth write-up: "'A family named Ashworth was seated here as early as the 13th century, and appears to have been succeeded by the Holts.'"

Here's the write-up of Beacons/Bacons (Capes Shield?) linking to Holts: "'According to the genealogy of the great Suffolk family of Bacon, one Grimbald, a relative of the Norman chieftain William de WARENNE, came to England and settled near HOLT. His great grandson is stated to have taken the name Bacon.'" While Fields are FELDs too, and thus linkable to Felthams/Feldhams, the BradFIELDs in the Beacon/Bacon motto share the checks of Warrens. The beacon-using German Belli's/Balie's (share Tromp eagle) are split horizontally in the colors of the vertically-split Tarves' / Tromps. Italian Belli's were first found in Warren-like Verona.

Miss Hicks, as Sleeping Beauty, pointed to Ratcliffe, and I was holding her too when she in the sky pointed to Hold-loving McLeods (of Skye). Petro's/Peres' (compare with Annas-branch Ainsleys) share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. Miss Peare was working for REITman's clothing during the belly-press, and Ashworths use a "paREAT" motto term suspect with the Reats/Reeds (from Riet-like Rieti) who have a good reflection of the Petro/Peres Coat. Flavius Petro of Rieti was the grandfather of emperor Titus, and Ashworths happen to have an "AppeTITUS" motto term, excellent. I think this is the first time I've seen that Ashworths look like Petro kin, and it makes RATcliffs look like Rieti liners, especially as "RATioni" is an Ashworth motto term. Rieti is down the Salto river from Abruzzo, where Hicks trace. "APPEtitus" can be part-code for Apps'/Epps, first found in Middlesex with FELTmans (share "palma" with Palms). Apps'/Epps share the scallops of Caiaphas-like Capes' (London, same as Middlesex), first found near Epping and showing some acorns and oak leaves in their Chief. Acorn-using Tromps look like kin of Tarves', and Caiaphas-like Chives' were first found in Tarves. "Flavius" Josephus of the priestly line in Israel betrayed his people and went over to the household of emperor Titus, and I imagine other priestly characters paid good money to the Romans, going with him to avoid ruin / death.

Repeat: "...while Salfords (more boar heads) share the Hutton fesse; both surnames have three gold items upon their fesse." The Huttons use gold stag heads, the color of the Stagg/STAGE stag head. Miss Peare was on a STAGE in her waist-pulling / hips-pulling event (pointed to Pulitzer), which was the second it-felt-so-good event, and it just so happens that: 1) Staggs/Stage's share the Belly chevron; 2) the gold patee cross of Feltham-related Bathursts is between the antlers of the Stagg/Stage stag head! That's pretty amazing.

It bears repeating here that Stage-like Stacys, a branch of Eustace's, have a cross between antlers too (all three surnames do). Eustace Ii was father to Godfrey de Bouillon, and while Bouillons have a "BELLO CHRISTi" motto phrase, the Bouillon Coat is a colors reversed version of the Felt Coat. "Your love never FAILS" (Newsboys), the chorus line itself, was singing at the instant the last sentence was ended, and Fails'/Vails share a black stag head with Vise's/Vice's who in turn put the black cross of Eustace's between antlers. It seems that God just timed my writings for that songline to verify that it was correct to make the implications now under discussion with Ratcliffe and Pulitzer.

Ah, I get it. The Velis'/Vails share the spread eagle of Fails'/Vails, and while it's almost the Voter/Gothier / Cressy / Caress / Giuliani eagle, the point is the "DOMINE" motto term of Velis'/Vails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERFECT LOGIC. It was only in the last update when the belly-press was discovered as a CARESS to Peare's belly.

[Within an hour of writing here, the Billings below caused me to look up Bellings/Bellins, and they have a version of the Nevers Coat! Your love NEVER fails. The Nevers are listed with Scottish Neve's while the fish of English Neve's should be the white one of the Sola's in the Nevers/Neve motto.]

[A few hours after writing, after mention of Roxanne in the paragraph after another songline by Newsboys, "he WASHed me white as snow", I realized that "neve" in Italian means SNOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I don't understand is why God would want to point to the Neve / Navy bloodline with the snow of the Joe's-van dream. I still have no grip on why snow was in this dream at all, let alone snow in the box...which I dumped out promptly after Joe filled it. ????]

MORE: the Velis/Vail Crest shares the red fitchee in the LOVE/Luff Crest! "Your LOVE never fails"!!! The Velis/Vail crosslet is that of Giuliani-like Julians and Gullys/Gollys (Oxfordshire, same as Love's/Luffs), which may mean that God is pointing to election-fraud efforts of Rudy Giuliani...if he has any more steam left in his sails to do some crushing damages. Rudy? Rudy convinced Mastriano and company (Pennsylvania) of election fraud months ago, and Mastriano was in Maricopa's audit-torium this past week. A vote in the Pennsylvania senate is pending, we may assume, to see if a Pennsylvania audit will be conducted.

An interesting thing here is that my dream with Joe's van has a square container, which can point to the Box surname, suddenly, because it shares the griffin heads of MASTERs i.e. like "MASTRiano." The amazing coincidence (or not) here is that while Masters held a Truswell location, Truswells have the fretty Shield of French COTTA's/Cottons in colors reversed. Aurelia COTTA was the mother of Julius Caesar, tending to explain why French Julians were first found in Languedoc with Cotta's/Cottons.

Then, here's the Truswell write-up: "The surname Truswell was first found in Warwickshire where they held a family seat at Billesley. 'Milo de Brai, father of Hugh Trussel...'" The Billesleys/Billings were in WIGAN of West Derby (Lancashire), and it just so happens that PREScot is in the same West Derby. This Prescot location is where Windells were first found. Wigans almost have the Coat of Annas' (Nottinghamshire), and Truswell is in Nottinghamshire. Annas-like Hanna's, with the Trump/Tromp stag head in colors reversed, were first found in Wigan-like Wigton.

The white Prescott boar head is the only one I can think of having a gold mane, and thus it can be related to the white unicorn head with gold MANE of Masters, and MAINE is where Billets/Billiards were first found along with the Pellicans in the pelican of Bills'.

Another amazing thing: the square container was along a path, and Paths/PERTs were first found in Kent. Having just loaded Masters just now, it's the first time I've not seen them said to be first found in Kent (where they have always been said to be first found with Masons/Massins). The point is, Mastriano-like Masters use a "PARTa" motto term! Zikers, it looks like the square container is pointing to Mastriano! Masters look related to Christine's/Christians, and Miss Peare is Christine. Box's were first found in Wiltshire, beside Bath, and Baths (Somerset, same as Bills' and Bath) have a version of the Billesley/Billings Coat. Bills' love Patria's/PEARtree's (share Trump stag head), and Billets (Devon, same as Maine's) are a branch of Bello's/BALLOTs. That goes good with a Box pointer to Mastriano's bid to capture fraudulent ballot boxes.

Bello's/Ballots early married KATHERINE Moreton, and English MOREtons were first found in Wiltshire with Box's. Doesn't this picture look a little like Bellys of MORay since the Cheshire Moretons share the star of Prets in the Moray motto? The same star is used by Ducks (Somerset, same as Straight-related Roets), and German Ducks are in the Stratten Shield.

I almost missed this: Box's share the griffin heads of the neighboring Jews/Chews (Somerset, same Roets, owners of Catherine wheel), and the Jew/Chew Crest has the red Catherine wheel of the neighboring STRAIGHTs/Straits/Streets (Devon). The STRATTens were first found in Wiltshire with Box's! STRATech is now managing the Arizona audit! That works. Is Mastriano going to hire StraTech to do Pennsylvania's audit(s)?

Jews/Chews were at Clutton while Cluttons/Clottens (Cheshire, same as Bellows/BALLOTs) share the annulet of the Vito's/Vita's in the Bellow/Ballot motto. The latter's Billet branch was first found in Devon with Straights/Streets. The latter's Shield wheels are shared by Wheelwrights, suspect in mythical Piast the Wheelwright, ancestry of Mieszko II Lambert. Vito's/Vita's were first found in at TARVISium while Tarves' come up as Tarvins while Cluttons/Clottons were at Tarvin in Great BOUGHton. Boughs share the Roet motto.

In passing, it's very notable that Clottons were at Clotton HOOfield while Hoo's are listed with Whoo's. Blood CLOTs are caused by vaccines approved / favored why WHO (World Health Organization). Hoo's/Whoo's almost have the West Coat while the West Crest is almost a gold griffin head. Straits/Streets were first found in Devon with Wests ("vie," like the Vio variation of Vito's).

I trace Mieszko I's wife, DOBRawa to Dober on the CLAUSula river, and Clotton-like Clots/DuCLOS' were first found in Lorraine with Richeza, wife of Mieszko II Lambert, and with the Duck-related Bar-le-Duc location. English Strattens share the five Duck fesses as well as the red escutcheon of Allers (Westphalia, same as Ducks, and as the Pansys in the pansy in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc. English Lamberts were first found in Surrey with the James' who in turn share the Clot/DuClos scallops. Richeza-line Rich's/Richess' (Lorraine) were first found in Hampshire with the Caplans (look like Roet kin) sharing the Masters / Box / Jew'/chew griffin heads.

The Lums/Lambs expected in the "soLUM" motto term of Bills' (= Roet kin) share the cinquefoils of Billets and Bello's/Ballots. It tends to prove justification for a Bills-Ballot connection. The black-eagle MANE's/Manets (in the "manet" motto term of the Arms of L'Aquila) were first found in Savoy while Savoys share the Billesley/Billings / Bath cross. This recalls that Alice of Saluzzo is called a woman of Savoy, and to this we can add that the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors are shared by Bills' (kin of MAINE's Pellicans). It was the Masters who were at Truswell, and while Truswells were at Billesley, it gives explanation of the sharing of griffin heads between Box's and Masters. True-like Truswells were first found in Warwickshire with True's/TREEs, and a "tree without leaves" is used by Master-like Masseys/Massa's (Savoy). Patria's/PearTREE's (in the Bills motto), have the Chief-Shield colors of Bills' / Saluzzo in colors reversed. Patria's/Peartree's share the scallops of Pullings/PULIT's (share Peartree bend) who were in turn first found in Yorkshire with Masters! Zinger. Why does it seem, again, that there is a Mastriano link to Pulitzer in an it-felt-so-good discussion?

Yorkshire is also where Mieszko-suspect Wheelwrights were first found who share the Strait/Street Catherine wheel. Mieszko's were Maezaei liners along with Master-suspect Masseys, and so let's repeat that Strattens were first found in Wiltshire with the Box's sharing the Master / Jew/Chew griffin heads.

[Hours after writing here, I recalled that Sheriffs/Shireffs were first found in Warwickshire too, and, what the heck, I loaded them too to be reminded of what they use: the same three griffin heads as Box's! In fact, the Sheriff/Shireff Coat is the Master Coat plus. As Square's/Squire's look like a Sheriff/Shireff branch, it seems the perfect verification that we are on the right track in viewing the square container as a box in connection to Mastriano. At least, this is how I'm seeing this paragraph after all else has been said.]

Joe shovelled SNOW into the square container, at Joe's van, and Snowdens share the Peartree / Pulling/Pulit scallops. Snowdens were first found in Berwickshire with the True-loving Hume's/Home's. On my last weekend with Miss Peare, she showed me a picture of her BATHing SUIT (on a beach), and while we just saw Baths work into this section from Billesleys/Billings, SUITs/Suters (Angus) share the fitchees of Peartree-beloved Bills'. Peartree's were first found in KinCARDINE (near Angus) while Cardine's share "Fide" with Peartree's, and then Cardine's share the pheons of Truswell-like Tristans (Devon, same as ballot-branch Billets) who in turn share the black wolf head in Crest with Cardine's (Cheshire, same as Ballots and Nickels/Nichols).

When Peare was on a stage, she was on a deck too because Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with Square's, and thus all that she points to in election fraud can be in the square container or box. The Staggs/Stage's were shown above connectable to Vise's/Vice's, and the latter share the stag head of the other Tristans. Vise's/Vice's share the stag head of Acorns (Sussex, same as Vise's/Vice's and Keeps), and while Peartree's share the Trump/Tromp stag head, Keeps are in the "KEEP TRYST" motto of Hebrons while Trysts were first found in Cornwall with the Tristans having the Vise/Vice / Acorn stag head. And Dutch Tromps use acorns. Miss Peare was the young lady of Mr. KEPke at the time of the belly-press.

Amazingly, Acorns were at "Alchorne in the parish of Rotherfield, Sussex", and Rotherfields have a reflection of the Master Coat! I now remember that CHRISTINE MASTERS stole a kiss from me at age 13 when I attended Mark II school in UNIONville. CHRISTINE Peare lived in Unionville when I met her some five or six years later, and Unions are also Onions while Dominon Voting is often called "dumb onion" on youtube.

Ha, Christine Masters kissed me on the cheek, and I think I know why, for the Rotherfields were first found in Hampshire with Checkers while Cheeks are also Checks. Acorns of Rotherfield were in neighboring Sussex. It's tending to assure that it's correct to point Acorns and Rotherfields to Mastriano. Rotherfields even share a nebuly fesse on blue with Snows!!! Bango, we needed that because I've not had much to say as per the snow shovelled into the box! Snows were even first found in RUTland while Rutlands share the "orle" border with Rotherfield-like RUTHERfords!!! Is that not pretty since Rotherfields have a reflection of the Master Coat? We can even add that Rothers/Ruths/Randolphs were first found in Moray with Bellys.

It's then more than interesting that while Bello's/Ballots share the cinquefoils of Dougs, DOUG Mastriano may be pointed to by the crowned heart of Acorns because it's also the crowned Douglass (and Oliver) heart while Douglas' were first found in Moray with Pear-loving Bellys. Ah, Olivers (share Rutherford martlet) were first found in Roxburghshire with Rutherfords! Italian Olivers have the LaBELLs in the label in their Chief. Bellys share the stars of Douglas' and Baileys (Northumberland, same as Hebrons). Acorns even share the Chief-Shield colors of Felthams, and Vise's/Vice's are connectable to Bello-loving Godfrey de Bouillon while Bouillons have the Felt Coat in colors reversed. This is gonna feel so good, by the looks of things this week, and by the way in which this heraldry has shaped up. God laughs at his enemies. Italian Olivers look like kin of Truss'/Trusbutts.

The CROWNed heart is probably code for the Ceraunii Illyrians who named Cornwall and the AlcHORN location of Acorns/Halcorns. Ceraunii lived beside the Massey-like Maezaei to which Masters probably trace. "White as snow" just sang over my speakers, less than a minute after ending the last sentence, by another Newsboys song, "I Love Your Ways." The Ways'/Weigh's use a baton while Batons/Bats (Cornwall) share the black bat with the Moray Randolphs, and we just crossed the Rothers/Ruths/Randolphs of Moray. Plus, the songline is "he WASHed me white as snow," and Washington-branch Wassa's/Wace's were first found in Cornwall with Wassa-like WAYS'/Weigh's. Is that not amazing confirmation of God's use of songline miracles (I've lost count in the number He's used)? This looks like a pointer to Obama.

Bath (beside the first-known Box's) is near the Ways'/Weigh's of Devon (beside Cornwall), and Baths share the cross of bat-using Randolphs while BATHursts have double fesses in the colors of the same of Ways'/Weigh's (Devon, same as PIKE's). The latter even share a grey sleeve in Crest with Bathursts. The latter surname entered the discussion as per my living on Bathurst avenue with ROXanne BENNETT. Recently, English Bennets linked bon-good to English Goods, and it's the Bathursts who have a near-copy of the FELTham Coat. It felt so GOOD. It was as little as a month after Roxanne and I stopped being together that Miss Peare called me up out of the blue, and that was our last weekend why she showed me her BATHing-suit PICTURE. The Picture's/PICtalls (Lancashire, same as Bennetts) look connectable by their Coats to English Goods and Bennetts, and then this may be pointing to Ken Bennett, who, surely, took Doug Mastriano on a tour of the Maricopa audit-orium a few days ago.

I highlighted "ROXanne" because Roxburghs share the pale bar of Horsts while BatHURSTs can point to Harri Hursti of the crooked Windham audit.

As per Picture's/Pictalls, I looked up Pictons to check things out. When seeing that they were first found in Flintshire with a surname mentioned above, I started to look for which surname it was, which caused me to load a few surnames, including the Neve's, and this is when I realized that "neve" means "snow" in Italian. As the "white as snow" songline is by Newsboys, as is "Your love NEVER fails," it just stunned me to find that Neve's are also Nevers'.

Just as I finished the last paragraph, "hold" was a word in a song over the speakers, which reminded me to check out the Halds from the HALDcorn variation of Acorns. As it turns out, Halds are listed with Holds/Holts, and they're the ones first found in Bury of Salford with Ratcliffs. I've just thought to load Dutch Tromps because they're the ones with acorns, and this reminded me that Tromps share the FAILs/Vail / Velis/Vail eagle. Your love never FAILs. There's only six Newsboys songs on the playlist of about 37 songs.

Almost missed it: Holds/Holts have two of the Master fesses, and Holders/Holters (Gloucestershire, near first-known Box's) have a full-griffin version of the Master Coat, and these are the griffin heads / griffins of Box's!!! The holding theme (it felt so good) can thus point to Mastriano. The box was a SQUARE container while the Square's/Squirrels are in the squirrel of the Hold/Holt Crest. Masters were at TRUSwell, and then Truss'/Trusbutts (Yorkshire, same as Pings/Pongs/PAGANs and Masters) have this: "Hence, conjecturally, the surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Wartre, in HOLDERness and was recorded in the Domesday Book census of 1086. Le Sire de Troussebot or PAGAN(Payne) Troussbot's chief..." Truss'/Trusbutts share the red label of Pings/Pongs/Pagans and Panico's/Pane's ("green tree," suspect with Tree's/True's, like "Trus"). The gold patee of Truss'/Trusbutts is a form of the fitchee (same colors) of Holds/Holts.

The Panico/Pane tree is said to have a "bird," and Birds/Burds share the Felt Coat. German Feltmans can be gleaned as kin of Germans Caplans while English Caplans (Hampshire, near first-known Box's) share the Master griffin heads. English Caplans were first found in Hampshire with the Ports (version of English Caplan Coat) expected in the "PORTanti" motto term of English Feltmans/Felthams. The Ports even share the estoiles of Butts/Bute's to go with the TrusBUTT variation of Truss', relevant because it's Caplan-connectable Masters who were at Truswell.

Plus, English Bells are in Master colors and format, suggesting the it-felt-so-good belly pointer to Mastriano because the Scottish Bells have a bell-using version of the German Caplan / Feltman Coat. Porters, first found in Hampshire with Ports and English Caplans, use BELLs. It's clear here that the Porter bells are for Bells (Bellamy branch), not for a porter = butler who answers a doorbell. Yet BUTlers look like kin of the Butts/Bute's sharing the Port estoiles. French Bells are the Labels/LaBells in the "label" of Truss'/TrusBUTTs. The Italian Oliver Coat looks related to Truss'/Trusbutt Coat, and then Scottish Olivers share the double chevrons of Perche's while Bellamys lived at Perche, and, moreover, Botters/Budins (Hampshire, same as Potters / Ports / Porters) use an eagle "standing on a PERCHE." Botters/Budins were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens, a branch of German Butts/Bute's/Boets.

After writing to the point above, I knocked heraldry off for the day, but am back at it after 10:30 pm on the same day. I was intrigued enough to load Mastriano's Wikipedia article to see whether he married Miss Snow of Miss Neve (joking). As it turns out, his mother is/was Miss Bono. The Bennetts use a "De bon" motto phrase that they translate as "good" likely because Bennetts (Bonnet branch?) are using the Good lions. The two surnames both share red-on-white lion with DeBons/Bons/Bono's. And French Bonnets/Bonne's, sharing large ermines spots with French Balls/BALLOTs, share the Belly chevron. Does it-felt-so-good point, therefore, in particular to Mastriano's meeting with Ken Bennett this week? Bennett is a floor manager / note-taker / spokesman of the Arizona audit. The Bends/Bents, said to be Benedict / Bennett liners, have yet another version of the Master Coat, but it's also like the Bellamy Coat.

The square container filled with snow had been conjectured as a representation of boxes of ballots, and I can now add that while the box was filled with snow at the BUMPer of Joe's van, the Bumps share the vertically-split Shield of Italian Balli's/BALLOTi's, and the latter throw in double bends used also by VANNES'/Ness' (and Sleeps). Joe's VAN! German Balli's are listed with Belli's. I'm getting that good feeling again. French Balls/Ballots and Italian Balli's/Balloti's come up as "Ballon, and then English Ballons not only share the giant lion of Balls (Cheshire, same as Bello's/Ballots and Bends/Bents), but it's the lion of Aulnays and their Oullette branch! Joe OulLETTE pointed to Lette's/Leto's/ALITTO's (hoping for something GOOD in Samuel Alito's courtroom), but also to Lets/Late's, the latter first found in Gloucestershire with Bumps...and with the Holders sharing the Master / Box griffins! (I'm not seeing Eric Holder in this.)

The Bello's/Ballots even share the cinquefoils of Doug-like Doags and French Bacons while English Bacons/Beacons are in the beacon of German Belli's/Balli's. Okay, but what if Mastriano's senate never does an audit? Is this why I dumped out the snow? Too good to be true? Or, does the snow mean a freeze on the audit until Mastriano gets involved? I assume that, before Mastriano's senate calls for a vote to conduct an audit, the senators need to debate / consider some information on how they will go about it. The easiest way is to copy Arizona.

[Insert -- On Monday morning, June 7, I got wind of a June-4 story signalling that U.S. District Judge G. Murray SNOW is about to lay contempt charges against the Maricopa sheriff, the one who refuses to force the Maricopa election cheats to hand over the routers, etc. This same judge might get involved in forcing the sheriff's hand. His name is PAUL Penzone, and Pauls have a fesse-with-items in the colors and format of the same of Snowdens.

As this judge's first name is Murray, I re-loaded the Murrays (listed with Morays), and noticed the "Imperio" motto term of Irish Murrays, like the Imperi people of BOOFima (human-sacrifice cult) to which I think "BEAUFort" traces. The Beefs/Boeufs were first found in PERIgord, you see, and Roets share the GORD boar heads. "Peri" looks like the PIERleoni Jews, who were named after pope Leo Benedict, and the Benedicts below share the lion and star of the Prets in the motto of Scottish Murrays/Morays. The Beefs/Boeuf use nothing but a the colors of the Snowden fesse. That's all interesting. I had best add that the Ratcliff bull head is used by Scottish TURNbulls (Turin is in Piedmont with Pero's), and that Beefs/Boeffs curiously have a Turnbull-like variation listed. The DeBons/Bons/Bono's expected in the Benedict / Bennet motto share the giant Beaufort lion, and Bends/Bents share the besants of Boeffs and TURNers.

Ah! The box was found along a snow-cleared PATH (topic of last update,) which pointed to Paths/PERTs! They can be a Pret branch. That works. Can it mean that judge Snow will clear the way for something good?

Also, while Bellys were first found in Moray, Bellys share the rose of Boeffs (in Beef/Boeuf colors) who are in turn horizontally split in the colors of the vertically-split Snow antelope and the Shield of Austrian Turners. It may appear that heraldry is confirming a pointer to judge Murray Snow. German Turners even share the HOWELL tower while the snow-in-box dream included Mr. OWL Eyes (as I call him). Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with the Phoenix-branch Phone's/Fane's/VANs, and the snow was put into the box at Joe OULlette's VAN. Oullette's have a Coat linkable to Monmouths and MAIDs, and Scottish Murrays/Morays use the merMAID.

As I turned the box over to dump out the snow, can this point to the over-turning of something by judge Snow? Will this contempt charge make the sheriff hand over the routers? Reuters are in Rout/Root and Roet colors.

As English Turners were first found in Oxfordshire with Snipe's/Snape's (look like Clinton kin) and Peare's, it's interesting that Snowdens/SNAWdens share the stars of Clintons (Oxfordshire). (The Snipe/Snape and Clinton Coats look like variations of the Roet Coat.) It makes possible that Snows were a Snopes variation (not listed with Snipe's/Snape's but probably belongs there). Snowdens even share the Crest peacock of Harcourts (Oxfordshire) who in turn use "Le bon," like the "De bon" of Benedicts / Bennetts. LeBons/Bons share the Benedict Pret/Pretty star. Joe shoveled the snow into the box, and Shovels have a reflection of the Dutch Lebon/Bone Coat. The two Clinton-Chief stars might just be those in the CONTAN Chief, which can suggest that the square CONTAINer pertains to the Clintons.

If HarCOURTs were Court kin, note that Courts/Coverts (Languedoc, same as Contans) share the six pale bars of Meuse's, for French Beauforts were on the Meuse river. French Courts even have a HORN-version of the Benedict Coat under discussion, and Horns/Orne's are expected from the Orne river, location of Thury-Harcourt. Courts go with judge Murray Snow. I've just gone to his Wikipedia article to discover that his first name is Grant, and the "GRANDescunt" motto term of Courts/Coverts can apply because Grands are also Grants! (French Grands were kin of Cressents.)

Especially as Grants/Grands use crowns, let's repeat from above: "The CROWNed heart is probably code for the Ceraunii Illyrians who named Cornwall and the AlcHORN location of Acorns/Halcorns. Ceraunii lived beside the Massey-like Maezaei to which Masters probably trace. "White as snow" just sang over my speakers, less than a minute after ending the last sentence..." It just so happens that Acorns were first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts.

However, judge Snow was opposed to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's anti-immigration stand, and appears to be liberal in that framework. But then George Bush, who appointed Snow, was kind to immigrants too. Joe Arpaio was the Maricopa sheriff until Penzone replaced him due to Snow coming down on Arpaio. Snow is now coming down of Penzone. Penzone's can be of the Penson variation of Pense's, and "pense" is a motto term of Eskins/Erskins, suspect in naming ESCHYNa de Molle, and it just so happens that Molle's share the boar head of Schims/CHANDs while judge Snow lives in CHANDler, Arizona. Ignoring the gyronny in the Penson/Pense Coat, it's in Snow colors and format. Plus, Pensons/Pense's named PINCon, and while Pinks/Pincs can be linked to Pings/Pongs/Paganels, the latter's triple bends are colors reversed from the same of Grands. Recalling that PAUL Penzone brought Pauls to topic due to looking like Snowden kin, Pauls are said to be from a Paganel-like Pagele Yorkshire, same as Pincs/Pinks, Pings/Pongs/Paganel and Paganels/Pagnells. I hope this insert hasn't been a waste of your time. Judge Snow may not get involved with election fraud at all. End insert]

As Mastriano's senate is in PennSYLVANia, the Sylvans were looked up, and they strike me as a branch of Salfords/Savards. Sylvans were first found in Nottinghamshire with the Truswell location of Masters. Coincidence? Sylvans had their property transferred to Sandfords, and even though Sandfords share the full motto of Bends/Bents (share besants with French Savards), I wasn't going to start this paragraph, not until God could show me that Penns apply too, as per William Penn, namer of Pennsylvania. And that's when I realized that the full Sandford motto is shared by BUCKleys (Cheshire, beside Sandfords) while Penns were first found in BUCKinghamshire. Plus, Salfords/Savards are said to have named Salford at the Buckinghamshire border. Plus, Nottings once showed a version of the Buckingham Coat (shares besants with Bends/Bents and French Savards). Savard-like Savarys/Saffers have a version of the SILVer Coat. French Savards come up as "Sabina," and Sabine's (Pulling/Pulit kin) have a good reflection of the Sylvan Coat. Silvers share the triple lions of the particular Benedicts sharing the Bennett motto, the one with "De bon" as a potential pointer to Mastriano's mother. This paragraph turned out feeling purty good [that was written before the insert above with Prets/Prettys!].

It just so happens that while Ratcliffs were first found in Salford of Lancashire, I can make the Silvans link to them. First off, Sylvans share the Chief-Shield colors of GHENTs and Tipps'/Tippins (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs), and Tipps'/Tippins (Salford colors) share the Ratcliff bull head. Then, the Chief-Shield colors above are colors reversed with the Jene's suspect in the "Je ne" motto phrase of Sylvans, and these Jene's are listed with GENETs. That all works super. It appears that we are back to John Ratcliffe's China revelations. Jene's/Genets were first found in Languedoc with bell-using Jeans.

I can even get to China-pointing Shins/Chine's/Chings (Somerset, same as the Beaufort-Roets) from the write-up of English Jeans/Jane's (Worcestershire, beside Somerset): "Jane or Johanna (d. 1445), Queen of Scotland, 'was the daughter of John Beaufort, earl of Somerset. Her mother was Margaret, daughter of Thomas HOLLAND, second earl of Kent...'" Kent is where the Ghent-line Gaunts and related Virgins (share Petit and SHINE Coat) were first found as well as the Petits in the motto of Callam-branch Malcolms/Columns, and then Callam-like Hallams/Hallands share the Jean/Jane lion while Hollands (not "Halland") have it in colors reversed along with the fleur-de-lys of Mix's/Micks, the latter first found in Silesia with the German Jene's who have one of the triple Mix/Mick fesses.

Mick-like Michaels (James scallops in colors reversed) were first found in Surrey with James' who in turn share the Jean/Jane and Holland lions. The three fesses of Mix's/Micks are red in colors reversed, as are the three of Shins/Chine's/Chings. The latter share the blue-vaired Shield with Beach-branch Beckers, and I was on a beach with only my jeans in the Sleeping-Beauty dream. She was played my Miss Hicks, who moved to Forney, and while Forneys (Languedoc, same as French Jeans) are linkable to Balfours, the latter look like a branch of Beauforts (share Balfour chevron). She moved to about ten miles from John Ratcliffe. Beauforts were direct Roets, and the latter share the motto of Bough's/Bows while neighboring Beautys were also BOWds. In fact, Beautys/Bowds were first found in Dorset with BEAUmonts who share the lion of French Beauforts/BauFORE's (Savoy, same as Fore's/Forez's). Plus, Masters share a motto term with Roets / Bough's/Bows.

There's a question as to whether MixBURY (where BATHursts were first found) applies to Bury of Salford, for Irish Burys/Buris' share a gold boar head with Salfords, and English Burys/Buris' almost have the Mix/Mick fleur-de-lys. MICHAELs (beside Bathursts) are in Bathurst colors, and while Bathursts share the Peak patees, Peak is in Derbyshire with a MICKLEover location. Derbyshire is where Morleys were first found while the Beauforts (in the Wikipedia quote above) have: "Hence, conjecturally, the [Beaufort] surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Swanton MORELEY, where Robert de Belfou..." Bathursts share the patee crosses also of Beauforts, and so note that Bath is in Somerset with the first-known Scottish Roets. Derbyshire is where Cnuts/Knots were first found who share the drops of Hallams/Hallands.

Just realized: Bathurst and Meuse's share three gold patees in their Chiefs, and French Beauforts are said to have been on the Meuse river. The Meuse patees are in both colors of the Clapton patee, and Clapton is near Bath. Clapton is at the Gordano theater, and Roets (use a book) share the Gord/Gordan boar heads. Gords/Gordans were first found in Berwickshire with Bough-like Books/Boggs.

There had been evidence that Michaels are from emperor Michael I Rangabe, husband of Prokopia, like the Prokopps variation of Brocuffs, first found in Silesia with Mix's/Micks. Bathursts love Foys in their motto, and Beauforts are said to descend from "Ralph de Bella FAAGO, or BeauFOY". As Bathursts have a version of the FELTham Coat, by what coincidence do French Beauforts (on the Meuse river) share the Good / Bennett lion? I lived on Bathurst avenue in the home of the Bennetts. Are we again at it-felt-so-good? It involved the BELLY-press, and we just so "Bella Faago." It also involved the Hips-pulling, and Hips' share the sphinx with Brocuffs/Prokopps. The Hicks motto, using "bon," is translated, "All in GOOD time."

Oh wow, as was said, I lived on Bathurst avenue in the HOLLAND Landing!!! We just saw Jane Beaufort, daughter of Margaret Holland!!! Plus, Margaret Carrick married the royal-Bruce family suspect in the blue lions of Jeans/Jane's and Hallams/Hallands (Yorkshire, same as blue-lion Bruce's), and Carricks use a "bien" motto term that means, "good."

As I trace Roets to Beefs/Boeffs of Perigord, note that Faux's/Chalnes' were first found in Perigord who show a Faago-like Fage variation. That works to identify Beauforts as Faux / Vaux kin, and two Foy surnames are even listed with Foix's to boot, one of them first found in Auvergne with Good-liner Bouillons. Oh wow, the Fes'/Fez's (Auvergne) use a fox on the same bend as Irish Shins, Chalnes-like Chalons'/Chalants, and English COLLINs!!! This looks like a China-related pointer to Fauci and his boss (at NIH), Francis Collins. For what it could be worth, English Collins share the Pulling/Pulit martlets while Jeans/Jane's share the Pulling/Pulit scallops.

The "oriente" motto term of Brocuffs/Prokopps may even jibe with the "EASTERN prince" in the Crest of Newtons (Burleys/Bourly colors) who in turn have "SHIN BONES." Doesn't that look like an appropriate pointer to China? English BONNEts/Bonnie's share the Coat of English Burys/Buris'. My shin-bone slide for the TIP-IN winning goal in hockey pointed to Tipps/Tippins and Ratcliffs, which I'm hoping predicts something good from Mr. Ratcliffe.

Irish Burys share the green Shield with BURleys/Bourleys, the latter first found in Somerset with Bat-branch BATHs, LADONs/Ladds (share James scallops), and with the Shins/Chine's/Chings having the triple Mix/Mick fesses in colors reversed. I trace Burleys to Boura of Greece, at the LADON-river theater. Peoples of Boura (near KALAVRyta) are known to have settled Sybaris at the CALABRia border, and the Arms of Calabria, and other entities of that region, share the potent cross with Brocuffs/Prokopps. The latter can be gleaned as a branch of Brocks (share Bury/Buris fleur-de-lys), first found in Essex with the Brooks who in turn share the Coat of German Goods/Guths/Guts and STICKS (Somerset, same as Burleys). I tipped it in with my stick, and it felt so good. I trace Sticks and Astikas' to Astakos, in the Calydonian land of Taphians, traceable to Daphne elements at the Ladon river i.e. near Boura.

SURE's/Shore's were first found at Mickleover of Derbyshire, and they are in the "sure" motto term of Scottish Andersons while Danish Andersons share the courant wolf of the Silesia Jene's. This recalls little ANDRea, on SHOREham drive (Toronto), whom I've mentioned many times. For one, I bought her a book on Tarzan for her 11th birthday, and Tarzan's wife is JANE, a variation of English Jeans!!! Wow, look at that fit with the link of Andrea-like Andersons to German Jene's. As I said, I also bought her a GAME BOARD, though I can't recall which one it was. Game's/CAMS, kin of Lists (Silesia again), were first found in Gloucestershire with the KEMMis' who in turn share the Shin/Chine/Ching Coat! As I've said many times, I crashed into the BOARDs after sliding past the goal on my shin pads (bones) for the tip-in goal.

This inclusion of Andrea has got me intrigued. I was 11 at the time (she was at my 11th birthday party), and the shin-slide goal was at age 12. The father of my friend, Bill, drove me to the store to get her gifts, and Roet-related Bills were first found in Somerset with Shins/Chine's/Chings and Tarrs. As I've said, I bought her a BOOK on Tarzan and Jane, and there's a book in the Roet Coat. We just saw JANE, daughter of John Beaufort (Roet liner), earl of Somerset. The slide-in goal was thanks to a slap shot by Steve Tarr, which brought the puck to rest on the goal LINE, a potential pointer to Lins/Line's/Linds and therefore a potential pointer to Linds/Lindells (linden leaves). The amazing thing now is that the tree of German Linds (expected to be a linden tree) is in the Crest of Scottish Andersons. Mike Lindell is close to general Flynn, and the wolf of Danish Andersons and Jene's is in the colors of the Flynn wolf. How impressive. The tip-in-goal was probably in the last minute of the game, breaking the 2-2 tie and sending us to the championship game, which we won too, 6-2. I'm wondering if Lindell's court case to the supreme court will be decided 6-2, with one judge abstaining.

Andrea's share a red saltire with Andersons, and both of them are the Annan(dale) saltire. Andrea's use the Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's who in turn share the Jean/Jane lion! That works, but why? Why would God use Andrea for anything related to China today? Flynns were first found in ANDRea-like ANTRim, perhaps a pointer to election-machine fraud because it was first caught in Michigan's Antrim county. The Lists share the pale bars of Liss' and LIZarts/SARDE's, and while Shirts are also SHARDs, I was on Sleeping Beauty's beach with jeans and no shirt. That's working too.

By the way, the namers of Annandale were from the Ananes Gauls living between the Tarr-like Taro river and the Trebia river at Placentia. Wikipedia removed the Arms of Placentia showing a blue-on-white wolf, in colors reversed from the Anderson / Flynn wolf. Flynns share three besants in Chief with Trebys, the latter first found in Devon with Jeans/Jane's. The Sticks we saw above were Traby kin.

The tip-in goal took us to the finals. I remember only two visual events for both games, the second where our team's first goal was as per Steve Tarr's pass to me, from which I scored on my buddy, Jim McGee. The Swantons/Swansons (12-pointed estoile) share both symbols of McGee's, and Swanton Moreley was home to Robert de Belfou (Beaufort). Catherine Roet had married Mr. SWYNford, feasibly a Swanton/Swanson liner, and Swynfords share boar heads (different colors) with McGee's and Swantons/Swansons. The Swans/Sions once showed GAUNTlet gloves (now show "falconer's gloves," and the same Catherine Roet married John of Gaunt. That looks like the Jene/Genet bloodline. Ghents look like kin of Tipps'/TIPPINs. Swynfords were first found in GUTHlaxton (Laxtons/Lextons use the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet), and Guths are of the Goods. Entering "Guth" gets only one surname, however, first found in Hamburg with the Goddes'/Gode's suspect in the "goddess" of Vernons. Vernon Jones is about to start another audit, and Jones' (Jean/Jane lion in colors reversed) have the giant Holland lion, apparently, because the latter surname is expected with the lion of Hallams/Hallands, and then the latter's lion shares drops with the Jones lion. It's shared by James' who in turn share the Jean/Jane Crest and SAMson Crest, while Sams/Sammes' have another lion with drops. .

When there are so many good links, my head spins, and I get confused, unable to see what God may or may not be pointing to or predicting. It's the worst part of this job. I need to stop writing and take stock at times. Loading Vernons under the theory that my jeans in the Sleeping-Beauty dream is a pointer to Vernon Jones, I see again that they were related to Hugh Lupus D'Avranches, whose symbol was a white-on-blue wolf head, the colors of the Anderson / JENE / Flynn wolf. It's also the wolf head of Scarfs while Trabys/Sadowski use a "scarf," and Flynns can be traced to the Trebia river. Should we be seeing a pointer to a general Flynn friendship with Vernon Jones of GEORGia? George's happen to share besants on blue with Flynns, and the three George besants are on a blue fesse while Vernons have three gold garbs on a blue fesse. George's share blue doves with the WAISTells who in turn have gold garbs on blue too. It's working, especially as the WAIST-pulling pointed to the Arizona audit while Vernon Jones is expected on the Arizona audit-orium floor next week.

Plus, Arizona is pointed to by the RISING of Sleeping Beauty, when I had only jeans on and no shirt. Vernons were first found in Cheshire with Shirts/Shards, and English Jone's/Johns'/Jones' nearly have the Rice/RHYS Coat. The audit in Georgia is for Atlanta, and we just crossed Stick-liner Astakos of ancient Calydon (in AETOLia). It just so happens that mythical Atalanta was queen of Calydon! Zikers, I think I get it. I even trace "CALYDon" to the Khaldi people group at RIZE!!! Rize was beside Ardahan, and the Ardiaei were at Rhizon, where Sleeping Beauty pointed. I've been tracing JONATHAN the pagan Levite in Laish (Dan) to mythical Oeneus, king of Calydon, for years, and Jonathans are listed with Jones-like variations. Lookie: Laish was in PHOENICia, and Phoenix is the main city at the Arizona audit!

Elis-like Laish (beside Daphne, a real place) traces to Calydon-related Elis, and to the neighboring Ladon river, where mythical Daphne was placed by a myth writer, and chased by Apollo, brother of the Amazonian goddess, Artemis (from the Rize / Mazaca / Themiscyra theater). Laish and Daphne were right beside Panias, the term I see with mythical Phoenix. The Peneus river of Elis was obviously from Phoenicians of Panias, but then Doug Mastriano, who can trace with Maezaei Illyrians back to the Amazons under mythical king OENOmaus (play on "Oeneus") at Elis, is in PENNsylvania, named by the Penns/Pence's i.e. like "Peneus! That's purty-good stuff. Michaels, kin of Meschins (from Meshech = Amazons) and therefore linkable to Ladons/Ladds, use a PEN.

Covid News

Unless hundreds of pastors simultaneously resist the canadian gestapo, the gestapo will continue to do this to church leaders:

Church leaders have a golden opportunity NOW to take the globalist pig out of canada by exposing its tyrannical nature. Go to jail for a few days, or a week, and then take your cases to the courts, because COVID is a hoax. Let the media tell what is happening from sea to sea, and then see if the puppets of the globalist pigs don't suffer irreparable shame and loss of political power. Don't let this happen one pastor at a time, or the powers will gloat in tormenting them. Come to the rescue of all churches, and become solid churches with a mission to expose evil in communist-pig canada. Otherwise, why should we bother to attend your churches, if it's only to pay the bills of spineless pastors??? Don't let the shame fall on the churches when it's the governments which deserve it on their faces. Every evil thing they do to you in "secret," when arrested, will be announced from the rooftops...when there are enough church leaders doing it simultaneously. The police from sea to sea will be covered in shame when everyone finally learns that COVID has been a government-foisted hoax for the sake of a few fat-cat globalists. GREAT SHAME. This is a money grab by handing out too-expensive tickets for essentially no danger at all. It's shameful thievery. Elect anti-globalist politicians, but not like Trump.

Pastors can now use the false-positive COVID tests to argue in court that there is essentially no danger in gathering in churches as long as people do not cough or sneeze on one another, but, besides, people have a right to risk something sneezing their way. It is an absolute right to risk it because there is NO PANDEMIC. In Canada, people diagnoses with COVID are no more dangerous than people having mild flus. Stay away from old and sick people, that is all that's needed. The aged and weak can protect themselves from others, this is all that's needed. No one is forcing the aged and weak to gather in a church.

Some say that Artur Pawlowski was too mean or rowdy for a pastor as he rebuked the police. Some say that the other Alberta pastors, who treated the police gently, was more Christian-like. However, the whole country just fell asleep again after the soft approach took place. It's what the government wants, a soft response from churches. Sorry, but this is not going to work. If you read the Psalms, God is going to be UGLY to His enemies. It's okay to rebuke them with anger to let the message resound across the country. It's time to overturn the tables on the Alberta politicians, but, who's going to do it? Not the soft-zzz approach. Same-old same-old, canadian church leaders are betraying their congregants and their children by allowing evil to flourish unchallenged. Let your voices ring out, have some fun for a change. Stop sleeping. THE GOVERNMENT IS AN EVIL BASTION OF GLOBALIST YEAST. It wants to spread throughout the batch of dough, and it wants us silent and obedient while it takes place. Start throwing some spears at the heads of state. Surprise them. Darts are too small for them. Get long javelins. Whip them through the air.

How to explain that magnet videos have disappeared suddenly at bitchute? Is bitchute cutting them off at the request of someone? If you ask google for such videos, it has the "fact-checkers" right at the top of a search to tell you it ain't true. The fact checkers debunk the magnet claims by saying the vaccine doesn't have enough metallic material to adhere magnets to arms. BUT, the magnets are sticking to arms, so maybe try to figure out another way that explains it. For example, the body has metallic substances that might come to the jab spot to fight off the poisons. It blind to watch a magnet stick to an arm and then say it's not happening. If the many people are not faking it, then it must be true. Yet one would think that, if true, there would be by far more videos showing it this week than last. Yet the videos have disappeared from bitchute. ???

Late in the week, a few more magnet videos appeared, including this one claiming to find radio waves from a vaccinated body:

With electrons bunched up in heavier densities on the right side of a magnet, we can expect a negative charge radiating rightward toward all objects, and when this magnet's right side is placed beside iron or nickel, the magnet's negative energy repels electrons within the metal atoms. The electrons take flight to the right side of the metal so that the left side of the metal, the side nearest the magnet, become positively charged. Thus, the negative side of the magnet attracts the positive side of the metal. It happens in reverse too: with a positive side of a magnet causing the metal nearest to it to become negative: attraction happens again. Both sides/ends of a magnet attracts metal only because the electrons in the metal are transferable within the metal. Magnets with such metals have strong magnetic energy, yet all sorts of materials exhibit weak magnetism, especially when rubbed. In other words, I suppose it's possible that vaccine shots are creating magnetic tissue in some way by over-loading skin atoms with electrons.

Almost everytime that I put the mouse on a bitchute URL for a video that is hot news against the globalists, the URL fails to get fully highlighted for copying purposes. For example, the URL for this video is,, yet when the mouse cursor was placed on the URL, only a few letters were highlighted whereas normal operation is for the full URL to get highlighted. It seems that someone controlling my browser is able to cancel normal operation for some videos they want censored in hopes that people will copy and paste only part of the URL. The URL above won't work if I give it to you with even one letter missing.

The video above is Laura Ingraham, who did a fine job covering hydroxychloroquine a year ago. She's coming back now with a recent study finding that over 250 people on respirators had more than twice the chances of survival while on the proper dosage of hydroxychloroquine. Plus, of the others who died, perhaps nothing could have saved them due to other illnesses. So, Trump is a murderer because he knew the benefits of hydroxychloroquine, but did not demand, in an emergency Executive Order, that doctors are REQUIRED to give this drug to anyone asking for it. It would have been impossible for any of the pro-vaccine goons to succeed in court against such an Executive Order because the reported dangers of this drug, that almost all media were announcing, are fallacious. And Trump knew, yet he became committed to the "vaccines" instead. KILLER TRUMP.

Ingraham's show does not correctly lay out the reason for the banning (in most places) of hydroxychloroquine. The reason is obvious: to increase the number of vaccine shots required, for if a drug successfully treats COVID, the argument can be made that vaccinations are not required. Trump knew it. Dr. Hotze in the video below wouldn't dare make the harsh accusations that he's making if there were no truth to them:

In the video, Dr. Hotze says he interviewed Artur Pawlowski, whom he admires for standing up against the COVID goons. I'm not a supporter much of the host in the video, but this is immaterial to what Hotze (the other man) has to say.

The Hotze surname was first found in the "Tauber area." The Hotze Coat is in the colors of the Hooter Coat, and Hoovers, with the Hooter Coat exactly, were first found in Bavaria, where the Tauber river begins. This is amazing because, for the last day or two, before the video above came out (June 2), I have cued up a new set of heraldry starting with the Tobys. The Dutch Toby Coat is a giant bird leg, same as (but in different colors) the Hooter Coat. I was going to say that English Tobys have a cinquefoil in colors reversed from the Hamilton cinquefoil, and behind the Toby cinquefoil there is a checkered Shield in the colors of the SAWer/Sawyer checks. It just so happens that Hamiltons use a SAW in a tree. I was wondering whether this heraldry was arranged by God to point to Dr. Hamilton Kilpatrick, husband of Sleeping Beauty. The Hoods/Hoots and Hooters were part of Sleeping-Beauty heraldry. Dr. Kilpatrick practiced medicine in Baytown, beside Houston, where Dr. Hotze works.

The last update showed why the Ice's/ECCo's point to the Galveston National Lab (beside Baytown / Houston) as an accomplice with ECOhealth. The latter is the organization that funded Wuhan (known to be connected to Galveston lab) thanks to money from Fauci (Ecohealth was the middleman). The Tauber-like Dobers/Daubers (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) happen to have the Ice/Ecco trefoils in half their colors, and the three Dober/Dauber trefoils are in the colors and format of the three Hicks fleur-de-lys. For new readers jumping into this update, Miss Hicks was the wife of the late Dr. Hamilton Kilpatrick.

German Dobers/Taubers and their Doberman branch can be gleaned with Jewish Pollocks because Scottish Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with Toby-like Dobys. Pollocks can be traced back to the Galatian, Julia Polla, and while Plancia Magna was Galatian on her father's side, "magno" is a Doby motto term. The Sleeping-Beauty dream started with a shark in a POOL, and Pools/Pulls were first found in Dorset with Beautys. Julia Polla was descended from king Amyntes, whom I trace to Mynetts/Minute's who happen to show only the helmet, ditto with Dobys. Hoods/Hoots were first found in Devon with the Pike's who share the Ice/Ecco trefoils and Baisley/Beasley trefoils. Baisleys/Beasleys, suspect from the Bassus' who were themselves descended from Amyntes, were first found in DERBYshire, and Amyntes had conquered Derbe.

[I didn't know until writing below on some additional Ecohealth heraldry (includes poison-like Poissons) that Gainers/GAINS', on half their Shield, have the Dober/Tauber Coat. GAIN-of-function? It appears like Intelligent design because Gainers/Gains' have the vertically-split Shield of Fulke's/Fooke's in colors reversed while Fauchy-connectable Faux's are also Fauks. The Fauchys show only a fessewise grasshopper in the colors of the Gain/Gagne fesse. Fauchs are also Faulch's/Foulch's/Foch's.]

The Yorkshire Dobers/Taubers have "Nicholas le DOUDur," reminding that the DADDYs/DOUDs share the Pollock saltire. Here's what was said in my last update: "...when I had to look up Miss Hicks' new address, I found that her adopted daughter had a DADDy surname." OHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOOWIE! I've just looked up Doud-like Dodds to find: "The surname Dodd was first found in Cheshire, at EDGE..." The EGGS/Edge's have a Coat much like that of Ice's/ECCO's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. Sleeping Beauty's daughter just took us the Fauci's ECOhealth scandal.

It was my OMEN near Baytown that signalled my mugging in Galveston hours later (see last update for those events), and so let's add that the Dodd Coat is almost that of OMANs. The "OMNia" motto term of Dons (Cheshire, same as Eggs/Edge's) comes to mind. AND LOOKIE THERE, slam-dunkers, I've only just been reminded that Dons were at DUDDon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are the chances?????????????????????????????????? Dudons were at DODDington. Hoover- / Hover-like Overs were first found in Cheshire with Dons.

LOOKIE MORE: Sleeping Beauty was first seen in the dream at the HOOD of a car (it's partly why Hooters were important above), and Beautys are listed with BOWds, a potential branch of Bows/Bough's. Dons were at BOUGHton, and Boughtons have an "OMNe" and "DONun" motto term. I was mugged in a Nissan PICK-up, and while Pike's share the Ice/Ecco trefoils, Nissans have double fesses colors reversed from the same of Dons. Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of Ratterys, and Hoods/Hoots named hood in Rattery...of Devon, where Pike's were first found. Boughtons share the Hood crescents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was all set up by God, it can't all be coincidental.

Bows/Boughs (share five, bunched arrows with Arms of ROTHSchilds) share the motto of Scottish ROETs, and then German Roets share the Hotze crescent. The Roet crescent is a SLEEPING moon, and while the Roet motto is suspect with the sleep / moon goddess of Caria, Caria-like Karens/Kerns have the same sleeping moon but ad two hexagrams in the colors in the colors of the Hotze hexagrams. The Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont, same as Dance's/Donnas'/Donna's) have these hexagrams too, along with one of the Dance/Donnas/DONNA pale bars! That works, especially as "dona" is a Don motto term. My Texas omen can point to this discussion that apparently includes Rothschild-related Bough liners.

The Carian moon goddess (Selene) was loved by the eternal sleeper, Endymion, and I was sleeping while CARESSing Peare's belly. Caress' share the Car fesse-with-stars. That's interesting because two hexagrams in the colors of the Pero hexagrams are used along with a sleeping CRESCENT moon by Karens/Kerns! Zikers. Cressents were first found in Burgundy with Caress-like Cressys!!!! So, yes, God intended the belly-press to be a caress too! It's now certain. Cressys share the Caress Crest. French Quare's/Care's/Carais' (use checks of Massa-Carrara's rulers) expected in the Roet / Bough / Master motto were first found in Burgundy too. A Maso/Masa (forget the spelling) Sea Peoples were in Caria, and they were probably the mythical Muse's (= Mysians) that named the Meuse river, where Beauforts lived.

The Hotze's have a HOCCz variation while same-colored Hooks/Hoke's were first found in Devon. Hockeys/Hockleys, sharing the Hotze/Hoccz crescent, were first found in Essex with the blue-vair Quints, and Hookers have blue vair too. The idea that Sleeping Beauty was a hooker at her hood has played to Jeffrey Epstein's island, and Scottish Jeffreys have the omen that I saw (tiny cloud over the sun completely). Hockeys/Hockleys share the fesse-with-crescents of Hazels (Devon, same as Hoods/Hoots and Hooks), once said to have been first found in Cheshire with Dons.

I've just looked up Hooter-like Hotters, and add the following to the last update where Balfours were linking hard to particulars of Miss Hicks: "I didn't realize while writing here that "Watch" is the full motto of Ring-connectable Others/OTTERs/HOTTERs; Balfours use an otter."

Depending on how one gathers the heraldry, Sleeping Beauty can point both to COVID and election fraud, two China-based schemes.

In the very-good video below, we have some newly-released emails from Fauci. In the first offering (not the most-surprising), he writes someone to say that masks are not protection because the virus is small enough to get through the mask. However, this is an insidious falsehood, to begin with, which he wrote in February of 2020, when the plandemic was just getting underway, when he wanted the virus to spread. He wanted the world on masks and lockdowns, but not yet.

A virus needs to weave around many fibers while the air suction is a straight-line force through the mask, and so some of the viruses are bound to get snagged in the fibers, especially if they come riding upon water larger droplets from lungs. A mask is especially helpful if someone coughs or sneezes toward us. This is not to say that it's a good idea to wear a mask in a store, especially if you work there hours per day. The best thing is, get a light whiff of the virus and get a free vaccine, win-win.

The video is self-explanatory to expose Fauci as a murderous crime boss on par with Hitlerites. Quite a few leftist media are NOT standing with Fauci in this case probably for fear of sinking with him. We are not getting the expected denials from the media in support of their demons. The media do have a breaking point when supporting criminals, this is how sad the condition of the world is at this time, well worthy of Armageddon's judgments and the Lake of Fire afterward. This is what we are seeing: mass-murder for big-time power and money in return. The Five is talking about this:

Peter Daszak of Ecohealth looks like one of the engineers of the bat-to-human theory. He was irate, apparently, last summer when funding for the Wuhan research was suspended. he acted as though the research money from Fauci was needed to stave off the next pandemic, but this is trash. Daszak looks like a conspirator. Who does he work for? The artificial inflation of COVID deaths is now playing against Fauci and his supporters; the greater the number of deaths, the more heinous Fauci appears. Good one. Fauchy's use a grasshopper, Biblical symbol of plague. Fauch's use a thistle, a terrible weed.

What kind of a traitor gives millions of dollars to China to create a bioweapon??? hello. It doesn't matter how much Fauci and Daszak claim it was for the good of mankind; Fauci gave U.S. money to an enemy of capitalist USA. That is just the craziest, treasonous thing TOTALLY EXPECTED under Obamaites. They say that Obama is trying to destroy traditional USA, to be replaced by anti-Christ globalism. It looks correct to me. They are willing to use harsh and frightening measures to accomplish their goals. They have decided that now is the time to strike. But a major upset will change their minds fast. Getting past the plandemic hurdle with shame on the faces of those who promoted it will be a considerable loss for them, if they can't do another one and get away with it.

Hey Fox news, I've got a message for you: it doesn't matter how much you attack and shame the Biden-Harris team, the democrats will win again in 2024 if you don't destroy election fraud sufficiently. Destroy their election-fraud machine, and the globalists will be wiped away for 2024, maybe even in time for 2022. Fox bosses = traitors to traditional USA. "Progressive" as defined by Democrats is moving away from tradition. In reality, the better people are progressing while Democrats are destroying. Liberals always put an angelic face to their evil plots.

Two shows by Steve Bannon on June 2 will not stream freely for me. I've noticed this on very-important news shows that the deep state vehemently disapproves of. There's no reason why only the Bannon show (no visuals, just audio) plays for three seconds, then cuts out for ten seconds, and on and on this goes with two of his shows. This can't be happening to everyone who's watching his show, or Steve would find out, and so maybe Canada is doing this for Canadian viewers only. This country is run lockstep by goonish activists. They are forcing good people to be activists in return to weaken their powers, but Canadians are by-and-large useless largely due to soft-spined church leaders. The goons are anti-Bible, and the churches are not pushing back. Here's another show on the Fauci-email material; note the claim at the 13th minute: Fauci knew that most COVID deaths were not COVID deaths, a very huge deal that should ruin him on that basis alone, and in the meantime it'll ruin crime minister Trudeau and the Alberta government too, because these demons have not revealed that most COVID deaths are not:

When the goons don't cover a story, as they aren't covering Fauci's emails, it's a silent admission of guilt. It's louder than reporting it with a best-picture-for-Fauci scenario. I still have not learned who is responsible for releasing the THOUSANDS of emails. I cannot understand how this can be happening. Perhaps Fauci is releasing them to cover his arse by sending out the message that there were no COVID deaths, it was all a scam. Better that than to be held directly responsible for the many deaths.

I've just learned that the emails come by a FOIA process through the leftist operation, Buzzfeed. Why would Buzzfeed want to ruin Fauci, the darling of all leftist media? Perhaps this news organization was hoping to find something to damn Trump, and perhaps it's withholding the worst about Fauci but releasing some of it for fear of not releasing things pertinent to the nation's concerns.

Here's Laura Ingraham's show on the same topic. She sounds idiotic when saying that COVID killed millions (= the official but fallacious count) when she knows better:

Pompeo was on Laura's show with a crying-the-blues face concerning Fauci and company, as well as persons in his own state department, trying to force his hand not to investigate the lab-leak theory. BUT WHY DIDN'T THIS SPINELESS DO-NOTHING let loose at the time to expose those criminals in their first tracks? Why did Pompeo always fail to blast the criminals who worked under his directorship? Did Trump order him to say and do nothing? It's been my theory. But a man does not need to heed a bad / unjustified cue from any president. The right thing to have done was to clean swamp, and that's how Trump got the White House, with that promise to the voters...which he did NOT carry out.

On Friday, Ms. Ingraham had the SPINELESS DO-NOTHING CREEPY-CRAWLER on, Mark Meadows, another one of Trump's enemies whom Trump put in charge of his White House, after he had his other enemy, John Kelly, in charge of it. TRUMP IS A SICK HORSE, and contagious. Who forces Ingraham to have Meadows on regularly?

Before you get to the 4th minute of Bannon's Thursday show, you will hear from Francis Collins that the Fauci funds to Wuhan were granted without knowing what the funds were being used for (in China). But this sounds like nonsense from Collins. That is, Collins knew what the money was used for, knew what the lab was doing, but pretends that neither he nor Fauci knew...because they knew that a bioweapon was being sought:

This alliance with China to produce a bioweapon to attack the world was done in conjunction with the election-fraud effort that came mainly from China. Together, those things along with China' efforts to use Biden crimes to its advantage, has got to be the biggest crime of all history not including military invasions. The number of people involved is huge. And I think God wants the credit for exposing this, may we not be so short-sighted as to give Trump the credit if he tries to secure it for himself. I suggest that pro-Trumpers begin to popularize the idea of DeSantis for 2024, a much better man that Trump, I think, so long as he won't form a partnership with Bushites. The nation cannot risk four more years of Trump duplicity, spinelessness, and pride-goeth-before-a-fall egotism. There are other anti-globalist good guys in the Republican camp.

Here's Tucker's follow-up report on Thursday, as the circle of American guilty parties grows wider. Tucker thinks the cover-up was based on money issues for virologists, but, surely, the cover-up was based more on protecting the guilty parties who called for this plandemic. Tucker might not say so until he makes the case tighter for the guilt of the guilty parties. Peter Daszak of Ecohealth is in this video as a conspiracy boss, and it's interesting that Tucker mentions "the self-licking ice-cream cone that is the federal bureaucracy" in this video, for "my" ice-cream-cone theme pointed to ECOhealth in the last update:

Bongino's Friday show emphasizes that Daszak's electronic message to Fauci, to thank him, was on April 18, the day after Fauci, while on stage with Trump, assured the public, with a lie, that the virus was a bat-to-human phenomenon. So, Daszak tells Fauci, "whew, am I ever glad you said that, taking the heat off of my Ecohealth people, whew, Tony, thank you so much. Keep it up good buddy. We're in this together." Those are my words to express the reality.

I think what Bongino and others are missing is that, if this was a China-directed experiment, there would have been no need for the chump change, some $3M (Fauci says $600,000) over five years, from the NIH / Ecohealth to procure a bioweapon. Plus, China's not going to take the chance of going partner with Americans on such a wicked endeavor. I suggest that COVID was an American-birthed leak using China because gain-of-function research was do-able there. I think I would have to agree with Bongino, however, that the Chinese government was kept notified as to what was going on at Wuhan with American dollars, and yet the goings-on may have been masked to keep the Chinese government from knowing exactly what was taking place in the experiments. To mask them, you give the experiments a false title with false goals, and then you pretend that you're seeking those goals. The false title was, "Gain-of-Function," but the reality was a mild bioweapon to procure the globalist take-power-back-from-Trump, or "great reset."

Fauci, because he claimed he knew nothing of what his money was doing in the Wuhan lab, was forced, by Rand Paul, to say that he purely TRUSTED the Chinese with what they were doing with the American money. If not mistaken, this nail-in-his-coffin admission took place just hours before his emails were released to show a different picture. I still can't understand why Buzzfeed released them at that critical time, aside from its wanting to be the first to release them for money-making purposes. Good one. Plus, the emails are being released just as Fauci's book on the topic has been released. The other great thing is that CNN and many similar others are standing in Fauci's grave with this, protecting him even now. It's a massive exposure again of media corruption, and there are yet redacted parts of the emails not yet publicized.

There is a possibility that some of the emails are being released because they can be interpreted as Fauci NOT wanting to fund gain-of-research in Wuhan (sure, once the pandemic had already broken out). It is not unfathomable that corrupt actors would record in emails a picture that makes them look innocent of a crime being committed. In a false-flag event where someone gets killed, you want to show, in case the hoax is discovered and makes it to court, evidence that the person was not really killed; it was just a staged production. So, if Fauci wanted the gain-of-research done, he would email with someone in such a way as to make it appear he did not know whether gain-of-research was being conducted (my hands are clean) with his money through Ecohealth. That's a no-brainer tactic for corrupt actors.

The woman in the video below says that it was not moral for Fauci to take the position, way back in 2012, that funding gain-of-function research was better than not funding it. Everytime money goes out from the U.S. treasury to purposes abroad, there is a great chance that corrupt actors are getting some of it one way or the other for their own pockets.

The one thing Fauci cannot clean his hands of is his insistence that the virus was from animals naturally as a measure to protect himself from the ramifications of his funding Wuhan. He's at the center of Wuhan, but he did not come clean with his funding Wuhan in all the time that he was pretending to care about the masses. As COVID is a false-flag hoax, he could be in deeper trouble yet as a key instigator of that hoax. "VACCine" is like "Vaux."

Here's what Fox and Friends was disseminating Friday morning: "State Department Warned not to Probe COVID Origins." There's not heat on Pompeo in this news show. Did Pompeo (state-department chief) heed the threat? Apparently he didn't, because he was one of Trump's spineless pets. Trump likes his team players either spineless, or as his own mortal enemies, rather than empowering those with zeal to combat corruption. He's got a mind more like that of a mobster than the good guy he pretends to be. Fox and Friends is still telling people that COVID has killed more than a half-million Americans. Fox and Friends is weak or unreliable, therefore, in being a leader in news stories. Fox and Friends wants to promote vaccines, you see, even if the hosts of Fox and Friends don't want to. Fox bosses force their hands. That's not leaders. That's puppets on a string, and people should never allow themselves to be treated that way because, if you give the mobster his abduction money, he's going to keep on abducting.

Rand Paul is acting the Fox-news ass, even claiming this week that COVID "has about a one-percent fatality rate." That's the speak of a jack-ass wiping the arse of a pro-vaccine Fox. Rand Paul's not able to alert the public of the truth: most recorded COVID deaths were not COVID deaths. Yet Paul is shooting arrows at Fauci for lying. So, Fauci and Paul are working each in their own way to get people affected by vaccinations. Is this helpful? It puts out the theory that some very-dangerous virus escaped from Wuhan, when in fact there is not much evidence of such a virus in most places. It's hard to tell what the facts are in the smoke-and-mirrors news. I suggest that a mild virus was released deliberately by American globo-Democrats who wish to form an alliance with China before Russia forms an alliance with China against the United States.

Can you see the dangers in a Democrat-China alliance? Fauci says he "trusts" China. His party, which probably includes many Obamaites, is guilty of treason, and the American people had best start talking far different than half-news Fox, because the realities are not being shared or dealt with for fear of sounding like a conspiracy nut. Obama banned gain-of-function research in 2014, possibly to get the excuse of doing it in China, for that's the year when Fauci's funding in Wuhan began. Obama may have argued that it's better to do it in China than inside the United States.

Fauci said this week that he funded gain-of-research in China because it was safer to do it there than inside the United States. Fauci's duplicity is showing. What he's admitted to here is to an evil Democrat-China alliance for purposes likely worse than we may want to imagine. He's trying to convince the people that doing it in Wuhan, where he had no idea what the Chinese were doing, is better than doing it in the United States where everything could be known by the government. He's digging himself deeper, perfect.


The HELTS/Helds were looked up as per "EcoHEALTH" after Ice's/ECCO's looked like they might start a pointer to ECOhealth. It turned out that Helts/Helds share the HICKson Coat, and then, not much later, I found that Hicks come up as Icke's; the latter is the first variation shown in the list for Ice/Ecco variations. Is that not impressive? That was part of the ice-cream theme, and I showed how Cremers/Cramers link to Fauchys and Faux's.

It wasn't more than an hour ago when I was loading Loefflers to see that one Loeffler Coat has LANCES in saltire in the colors of the talons in saltire of Helts/Helds / Hicksons. Tucker's video above tells that Daszak arranged for at least some of the false testimonies gathered by the LANCEt Commission to deny the lab leak based on nothing. However, I have no idea why the Loeffler surname should apply, if it applies (it may not).

Oh wow. The following is very good. The reason that I was loading LOEFFlers is as per my realization that poison-like Poussins (Oxfordshire, same as Luffs) were named by Persons/PEARsons/Piersons. I was looking deeper into this. The last update showed that Peare's were related to LUFFs (Poussin Coat in colors reversed) and Luffkins. As it turns out here, English Poussins were first found in Oxfordshire with Luffs, and the two surnames have the triple fesses in colors reversed from one another. And French Poussins almost have the Coat of Persons/Pearsons, you see, making the similarity between "Poussin" and "Person" conspicuous.

There are two incredible things here: 1) Swedish Persons have the giant rose of French Lance's in colors reversed, and the Lance's were first found in Maine with French Poussins; 2) poison-like Poissons use the Coat of Bardys, and the latter were first found in PERIgord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/CHALNES'!!!! The latter almost have the cream-like Cremer/Cramer Coat, and, to-boot, "Chalnes" is like "Collins" while Francis Collins was part of the COVID conspiracy with Fauci! The triple Poussin fesses are in colors reversed with the French Collins!!! Can we believe it? This heraldry looks arranged by God the Snitch. Good one! By the way, Luffs/LOVE's share the triple Collin fesses, and Collins were first found in Ile-de-France with Love-like Levi's and Foix's.

One can glean that "Chalnes" produced the SAULNier variation of Saunier's (Perigord), and the latter surname is like the Solnier variation of English Sole's/Sola's while Spanish Sole's/SOLANA's use a giant sun. French Poussins and Persons/Pearson both show nothing but SAUNier-like suns. Javier Solana, the "boss" of Europe in the last generation, was probably familiar with people / judges at The Hague (international court), and the Hague/Hait surname (rock for Rockefeller liners) happens to use a "sola" motto code.

The other reason that the ice-cream theme pointed to Faux's is where English Faux's share the mascle of Hansons (Yorkshire, same as Icke's/Hicks and Hague's/Haits), for the ice-cream theme originated from my teen date (my age 16), Katrina Hanson. We can now go back to Tucker Carlson's phrase, "the self-licking ice-cream cone..." The English Licks/Lucks/Luke's, ha-ha, no guff, share the Faux / Hanson mascle! AND WOW, the Crest of Scottish Licks/Locks have the white swan (same design) in the Coat of Russian Hansons! The Lick/Lock Coat shows rare swans on WATER (it's not there for nothing), and Waters were first found in Essex with English Faux's. There's another white swan (different design) in the Crest of Collins'. As said in the past, the Nordic Hansons share the Coat of Faux-like Fuggers/Fugitts (Ms. Florida tipped me off on that surname).

We can even add that the Chief-Shield color combination of English Hansons is shared by Health- / Helt-like Healds/Helders. It now bears repeating: "...Gainers/GAINS', on half their Shield, have the Dober/Tauber Coat. GAIN-of-function? It appears like Intelligent design because Gainers/Gains' have the vertically-split Shield of Fulke's/Fooke's in colors reversed while Fauchy-connectable Faux's are also Fauks. The Fauchys show only a fessewise grasshopper in the colors of the Gain/Gagne fesse. Fauchs are also Faulch's/Foulch's/Foch's" While Italian Fulks have a black spread eagle in the colors of the Helt/Held bird talons, German Fulks (Brandenburg, near Silesia) have giant and black eagle wings in the colors of the same bird talons, and the Helts/Helds (Silesia) could have eagle talons. Is it a coincidence that Ice's/Ecco's have a black, spread eagle?

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWIE, what are the chances? Not surprisingly, there's no Function surname coming up, but Funks are listed with Jewish Finklemans/Finks. The latter share the Coat of German Finks/Finckl's, but when we load "Finkle," we get the white swan of Collins (same design even)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are the chances? I've been at heraldry full-time for over 15 years, and this is a very rare swan design at houseofnames! There's probably a special name for a swan / bird in that position. The Snitch seems to be telling that Francis Collins (current NIH director) is involved in, or even responsible for, gain-of-function bioweapon technology.

While Faux's are a Vaux branch, English Vaux's have a checkered Shield in the colors of the similar lozengy Shield if Finks/Fichl's and Funks/Finkle's. Is that not yet another pointer, this time to Fauci too. To prove that Faux's were Vaux's, English Faux's have the mascle of WHALLEYs in colors reversed while Vaux's are also VALLIbus'. English Hansons have both the Whalley and Faux mascle. Ratcliffs were at Whalley, and I think John Ratcliffe has been playing a role to undo Chinese alliances with Obamaites. The interesting thing here is that English Vaux's were first found in Cumberland with the Ramps/Romps who in turn share double-brown lions with the Collins above having the Finkle swan. In my Obama dream two weeks after Trump took OFFICE, Obama was happy dancing, and then rolling up a RAMP on a skateboard.

The Swan surname is also "Sion," and Sion of Switzerland is also called, Sitten, while Seatons/Sittens were first found in east Lothian with Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus'. PLUS, Sion/Sitten is beside Sierre while Fulke's/Fooke's use a "Sera" motto term, and there is even a Sera/SeraFIN surname that can relate to FINks. Swans/Sions once showed gauntlets (gloves), the symbol of FIENs/Phone's/Fane's. Sierre-like Sarah's/Sayers (Essex, same as Faux's) look related to the Ayer/Eyer Coat ("sola") probably because Sierre is near Ayer. Ayers/Eyers, who almost have the full Hague/Hait motto, were first found in Derbyshire with Francis' and Sola's/Solnier's.

OH WOW, the SHEE's/Shea's have a diagonal version of the Fugger/Fugitt and Nordic Hanson Coats, and Irish Shaws have a trefoil-version of the Ayer/Eyer Coat. Then, Shee-like "SHI Zhengli is a Chinese virologist who researches SARS-like coronaviruses of bat origin. Shi directs the Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases at the Wuhan..." Plus, Scottish Shaws share cups with Sellers (share the white swan of Licks/Locks and Russian Hansons) while "Sellers" is the middle name of Francis Collins. Sellers, in the colors and near-format of Single's/Singletarys, share the white swan of Licks/Locks and Russian Hansons. And Shi "Zhengel" is like the Single/Singletary surname...that was ancestral to Obama's Dunham bloodline.

Then, wow, Shings/SHINers share the Coat of Fauch-like Fox's/Shinnocks ("SIONnach"), and Shins/Chine's/Chings are the pointer to China! Amazing "coincidence." Single's/Singletarys share the black antelope of Muscats (double-red fesses), and the latter were kin of Luffs (share Muscat lion heads) who in turn share triple-red fesses with Shins/Chine's/Chings and French Lombards.

Repeat: "English Faux's have the mascle of WHALLEYs in colors reversed while Vaux's are also VALLIbus'. English Hansons have both the Whalley and Faux mascle." Now here's from the last update: "The last time I saw the ice-cream girl [Katrina Hanson], I was standing at the parking-lot entry into Ratcliffe lumber..." It's flooring me now because Scottish, lumber-like Lombards have the Fink / Funk lozengy in half its colors, and the same Lombards have a spread eagle in the colors of the Italian Fulk eagle, just incredible, as though God really wants to nail Fauci's team of diabolical mobsters who are perpetuating a massive crime on humanity as we speak. As was said in the last update and a few times before that: French Lombards almost have the Cremer/Cramer / Faux/Fage/Chalnes Coat. The three stars of Italian Lombards (Tuscany, same as Italian Fulks) are even colors reversed from the three stars of Finkle's.

You might like this from Fox:

Election Fraud News

It was on/about Monday when I heard that the Maricopa team had hand-counted half of the ballots, yet on Wednesday Ed Bennett said that there's only 14 of 44 pallets left to count. That doesn't look right. He's said they are now doing one and a half pallets daily, but then how did it go from 22 pallets to 14 in just a day or two? By Saturday night, only seven pallets left. Perhaps the claim of being half way is for the FULL audit that includes both counting and paper inspection, but if this is correct, then the paper inspection is being done by hand, one at a time that is, the only way to explain why it's slower than merely counting the number of ballots. In that case, they are not using Jovan's paper scanning machine, apparently. But why not use his very-speedy system too, after the human inspection, in order to have some other gleanings? Jovan would do the first scan for free, and this can catapult him to doing other counties in the nation if his machine proves fruitful.

Pennsylvania's legislators, which I think included senator Doug Mastriano, went down to Maricopa to check out how the audit was being done. This was followed by Georgia's senate expressing the desire to do so too. It's possible that these two states will begin their own audits soon. Bannon (in his video above, 17th minute) says the Georgia team, which I think will include Vernon Jones, is planning to be in Maricopa on Monday.

If you want to hear Mike Lindell's announcement this week on Bannon's other Thursday show, you can hear him tell that he's starting a law suit against Dominon and SmartMatic for damages to his company and self. He also announces his new election-fraud show, "Absolutely 9-0", which is his play on the nine judges of the U.S. supreme court. Don't trust Lindell fully because he's an avid pro-Trumper. About all of the youtubers who are bringing us hour-to-hour election-fraud updates are pro-Trumpers too. I fear for Christians who adore Trump. I think this is not good. He is the rightful winner of the election, however, and should be given the White House on that basis. For all we know, God denied it for him due to his sins. He lied to the Christian people without shame, and I can see God taking this personally. Christians do not see that he lied to them, and I fear for this kind of Christian.

Here's Absoluetly 9-0. Note that Lindell possesses the absolute evidence against the election crime, yet it's fully up in the air as to whether the courts will accept this evidence; that's how corrupt the system has become. The conspiracy theorists "of old" have been proven right already aside from what the top court will do with Lindell's suit. We are on the verge of witnessing whether the courts will do the right thing with this evidence. If the court refuses to convict the crime bosses, then we are indeed past the threshold of lawlessness.

The mystery is: who captured the "PCAP" (Internet-traffic) information on election night? That will come out in court. The goodies of the video starts in the 9th minute. It's the literal listing of all the criminals with their hands up. Their only hope is that governments do nothing to punish them. The PCAPs (packet captures) even provide the number of votes that were flipped, taken from Trump and given to Biden. This is like a too-good-to-be-true stroke of luck. But why should it be a stroke of luck to record Internet traffic on an election night where fraud was expected? It would have been criminal not to record it.

Some of the vote flips are shown listed late in the 19th minute. INCREDIBLE. How could the spies have been able to capture even the number of flipped votes? I suggest that the hackers needed to tell the county computers how many votes should be flipped, and that data is record-able by PCAP capability. You can't hack the computers and let the number of flipped votes be anything at all; you need to tell the election machines how many to flip per hack. It's that simple. And hacking can be made easier if the election-machine companies give the hackers the keys to get in; I assume that this gifting can be gleaned from the packets, if for example, a hacker gets into a computer on the first or second try.

The people who captured the packets do not want to be known for fear of their lives, we may assume. Instead of coming out themselves to be the heroes, they gave the data to Lindell. This tends to expose that people in Intelligence would be dangerous to their fellow spies for reporting this massive crime, and so this is a massive conspiracy "theory" the likes of which "normal" people would have laughed at not many years ago. Time to wake up. Time to acknowledge that the American dream is pitted with snakes at the highest levels of government intent on making your lives systematically horrible if you dare attack them. It is they who are hacking the gas pipelines, etc. They are committed to false-flag manipulations and psychological operations. SNAKES. Trump promised to wipe them away, only to fortify them by allowing them to operate freely without fear. He was on-track to applying that traitorous attitude for eight years; aside from his hiring of John Ratcliffe as Intelligence boss, there was little sign of his changing policy.

The testimonies of anti-Trump Democrats, at the end of Lindell's video above, testify to the ease by which election machines can be hacked. Trump had access to those testimonies. Trump had an election-fraud task force in his early days as president, but he canceled it, because he's just one big stupid dope who knows only to say what his voters want to hear. He secretly prides himself on being the typical politician (speaking out both sides of his mouth) even while claiming not to be one. He's a facade. So why does Lindell love Trump? How ironic.

I went through my Old Testament years ago highlighting in yellow all the texts known to be about Jesus, and some other texts that I thought were about Jesus. Psalm 45 has lots of yellow. It has Jesus coming as a warrior for three things: truth, humility and righteousness. Is God asking too much to have His planet governed by those attributes? We are only men, can we act like only-men? Must Trump be pompous too while he deceives his voters? Psalms tells us it's okay to have shouts of joy (noise) over what God will do in the end. Psalms also tells us that Jesus likes music. Aren't you grateful that God made sound? Psalm 45 is not alone in telling that all nations will praise the Eternal king.

Yes, after all nations hate His people, He will return and show the governments how to run the world, and all nations will then bow down to this Wonderful Counselor. It's a happy ending, in case you've become dismal. It's okay to sing, to train your vocal chords to make good sounds from the thankful soul. It's another free gift...that the globalists would like to tax because it causes more CO2 and spreads COVID faster. They're laughing at us for all the money they steal from us.

Here's Fauci's 2017 prophecy (not a mere prediction, he speaks like it's a fact) of a new pandemic arriving under Trump's term. The fact is, there was no pandemic, it was merely faked, and so Fauci knew the faked pandemic was coming under Trump because it had been decided by then. Fauci had a responsibility to inform the president that the lab-leak theory needed to be investigated, but Fauci said nothing. Fauci walked into Trump's office one day with Deborah Birx, and the two of them showed Trump some fake predictions on the severity of the outbreak by summertime, and that's how the lockdowns were justified. Although COVID was roughly a typical flu, yet great damage was done by the perpetrators of the hoax, because they were conducting a coup on Trump first of all, and secondly they were practicing means by which they could terrorize the American nation in order to put it under their ruling thumbs.

I'm not suggesting that a dangerous virus was not released from Wuhan, but that it's not in America, much, anyway, though it could be more pronounced in other countries where the goons wanted populations targeted. The same goons pretending to love Blacks in America are probably killing Blacks in Africa where they have large families. Political agendas are given a fake name and fake purpose to hide the real agenda.

At 7:19 of the video below, note that China is in the act of scanning the foreheads of check if they have a fever, I assume. Is this people-preparation for mark-of-the-beast scanning?

ICAN (anti-vaccine org) was about to release 3,600 Fauci emails (others give a different number) at twitter, until twitter blocked the account from doing so. There you have a part of the deep state, unelected yet deciding a political decision for a political end, gagging the people by violating the spirit of FOIA. Know your enemy, and punish the enemy, destroying it when it goes this far to betray the people. Destroy twitter, what's the problem? Replace it with something better. Why should the minority rule? ICAN secured its emails through a FOIA request of its own in 2020, and so this may explain why Buzzfeed released its Fauci emails at this time, just ahead of ICAN's release. Does anyone believe that ICAN or Buzzfeed got the most-damning emails?

Here's an interesting video claiming a new-found herbal drug to cure sick people, and yet the authorities have banned the drug even though the townspeople claim they got instantly better. Unless someone's trying to prosper on a gimmick, doesn't this expose again that their is an evil COVID agenda by a powerhouse that can control governments around the world? Just look at the lineups for the drug, yet the police won't let them have the freedom to take the drug. What does this tell us? The same happened with hydroxychloroquine (comes from a tree = herbal medicine).

At the 8th minute, a lady says that 50 people in the village had COVID, and they all recovered with the drug, meaning that there had to be a fast recovery that was not seen with others not taking the drug. She says that her son had long-term lung issues, but was "completely cured" with the drug. It sounds unbelievable, but she claims that the seriously ill would line up and become well after just one or two eye drops. Unless she has money stock with many others in something akin to youth tonic, she's probably telling the truth.

It sounds as though some bad virus is in India theater...where globalists think the population is too high, right?. It's infecting even otherwise-healthy people. We don't have much of that in North America. The people there don't want the "government injections," word is spreading globally about the scheme in spite of media censorship. The situation has set up a battle between people and government. Near the end of the video, we see that the drug is home-made in large pots. It doesn't say what it's made of.

Someone could argue that the sick would have recovered with or without the drug, and that it only appears as though the drug was a cure. But that's how the wicked governments in North America wished to portray hydroxychloroquine. COVID is becoming lethal to the blind trust people once had in government; keep it up, governments, it will go a long way to weakening your powers in other ways too, until you become the demon that forces the people against their will. The End.

By far, people who die shortly after vaccinations are women. Bitchute's steady stream of COVID-death vaccines shows woman after woman. It's possible that women are taking the vaccines by far more than men. It's possible that lethal poisons are in a small percentage of the vaccines deliberately to reduce populations, and that the very low percentages seen out-of-the-gate could increase with time as the killers gain confidence to do so. has two main pages for news videos, the podcast page and the News page. Both look scrambly at this time, but what I like about the news page is that it's got the newest stories at the top of the page. Even if you ask youtube for the latest news, you won't usually get it. Christians should take the time to upload their material on frankspeech so that it develops into a viable competitor to the anti-Christian counterparts. It's going to take time, but also sacrifice because there's no money to be made there at this time.

Tribulation Preparation Tip

Below is the mini-excavation machine I once owned, a 35D. I bought it for $31,000 and sold it for $30,000 to the first inquirer 600 hours and some eight years later. These machines are in demand because they have an air-conditioned rain-proof cab with heater too, and they are perfect in size for getting most work done fast. You'd love it. I didn't realize that I could have gotten more than $31,000 when selling it; I gifted the buyer with an excellent workhorse.

If you have money for your trib retreat to get one of these, it can SAVE $$$ because you should be able to sell it for what you paid. You don't need 600 hours, but more like 100-200 will do for installing your own septic system, building a driveway, clearing trees for garden areas and creating firewood, digging up roots, levelling land, and digging rain-drain ditches. You can of course excavate your own basement all while having fun watching this fast work get done for free. My machine had a "thumb" (like in the video) that could grab whole trees for transporting near to the house for cutting and chopping of firewood. Most properties don't have large rocks, but my place, and all of the Canadian Shield (vast area), is all rock-outcrop with lots of boulders.

In the video, the guy cut trees first before felling them with the machine, but I was able to push many over when the soil was wet so that the root came out simultaneously. That's the way to do it for clearing garden sites especially. I also dug my shallow well with it, easy as pie, and lifted the three-foot-wide concrete well housings into place. If you rent a machine for all of these tasks, it would cost you thousands (my area charges about $400 daily). Putting in your own septic system is EASY, trust me, otherwise contractors will gouge you on this job to the tune of $8-10,000 (Canada).

If you know other Christians that want to build a retreat, share the machine and share the losses when the machine is sold, if there are losses. Some of my 600 hours (on two properties) was used plowing snow, and I made the mistake of overturning soils to get them more fertile, only to bring up still-viable weed seeds from as long as 50 or 100 years ago. I learned that they can last that long, don't ask me how, it's part of the curse of Eden. God arranged that many plant seeds don't get eaten by bacteria in humid-soil conditions. If you uproot tree roots, expect some weeds, but if you leave the forested soil alone when cutting trees, you will do much better weed-wise once the sun warms the soil annually. The only reason weeds won't grow under trees is lack of solar heat to get the seeds cracked open. If the forest is under 100 years old, you could have viable seeds there.

There are signs that my place was a food-growing operation roughly 100 years ago (someone cleared all the boulders and piled them in many piles). Proof that Noah's Flood took place is where there are many areas here with one foot or less of soil. There was no ice age. The anti-Christs invented it to explain why the Canadian Shield has so many soil-less areas. They want you to think the ice moved all the soil, built up over millions of years, away. It was the fast-moving Flood waters that spread the boulders all over the land. When the earth's crust broke into pieces during the Flood catastrophe, some of them sank into the molten mass beneath them, and these downward crustal pieces became ocean floors. As they sank down, the Flood waters on the pieces of crusts that did not sink (now the continents) flowed into the void left by the sinking plates, causing water on continents to create canyons/valleys, to carve out rocks formations, and to detach rock chunks (at the time, these were not hardened rock yet) and roll some of them, as boulders, along the ground.

Ice masses would not let boulders remain strewn all over, as they are now. If the goons want to argue that the ice sheets plowed all the soil away, then they need to argue that all boulders were plowed away too, but we do not see gigantic piles of boulders anywhere that can be explained by ice-plowing. LIARS, and they know it. Not all boulders are under soil, but plow-along ice sheets expects them to be buried under soil or pushed away frontward. When you push dirt forward with an excavator's blade, you create a pile of dirt. Duh. Where are these piles that the ice plows created? They don't exist.

The same who lie bold-faced to you in the media for societal-engineering goals are the same who lie bold-faced to procure the theory of evolution in the minds of your children. The anti-Christs arose and the seized political power in a grand conspiracy going back to the time of Darwin. This is the stinking flesh of Armageddon. They will not get away with it, but will be exposed for the bottomless-pit evil they harbor in their smug hearts. God's only sin was His desire to be a father to His Creation, and a teacher, but the goons wouldn't even accept that there was His Creation. They wish to rob God. What do you think He will do to them after spying on their hearts these past 200 years? He'll give them what their own words and plots deserve. The anti-Christs today are far-move evil, more bold in robbing God, then their kind were 50, 100, or 200 years ago.

I love my pan-fried bread so much I don't want to buy more bread. The problem is, I could eat 3 cups of flour a day of this bread, but I don't think that's good for me. It comes out an inch thick, and is sliced into half-inch thickness for sandwiches. The slices are thick/heavy, just the way I like it.

Every couple of days, I dump 2 cups of white flour and 1.75 cups of brown flour into the bread-making machine. A tablespoon of oil, less than a teaspoon of salt, and less than a teaspoon of sugar goes in with a bit of ginger power, a bit of garlic powder, a bit of Italian seasoning (a mix of thyme, rosemary, marjoram, oregano, basil and sage all in one jar). Don't overdue the spices, unless you like it that way. I use half the recommended amount of yeast that normal bread calls for, and may be able to do with even less, or none at all (haven't tried none at all yet). Press the start button, and the machine warms up the dough, then mixes it, then lets it sit to rise. Once it rises a little, out I dump it onto a floured bread board. The dough ball is cut in half, and the sticky, cut edge of each half-ball is "glued" together to form a full ball. Into the greased pan it goes about two inches thick, and when it's all pressed out to make it as large in diameter as the pan, it's about an inch thick. Put the stove element on the lowest setting, and if that's still too hot, you need to raise the pan above the element in some way.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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