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May 25 - 31, 2021

God Gave Miss Hicks a Ring Symbol
The Ice-Cream Points to Tony Fauci's Ecohealth Scandal
The Galveston Mugger Was Going For My Belly

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

This week, Gateway Pundit is mocking Harri Hursti of the New Hampshire audit:
Back on December 13, 2005, as we reported on May 26, Hursti was invited to a mock election in Leon County, Florida as a “hacker” and asked to hack into these same Diebold AV-OS memory cards. Hursti stunned the crowd by not only secretly & efficiently hacking into a memory card, without need of a password or key, and utterly changing the outcome of the mock election to reflect his own choices – in the blink of an eye and in full view of everyone – but by also leaving absolutely no trace of his “crime.“

That's the same equipment he's overseeing and auditing this month in Windham, New Hampshire. He has not yet "found" any fraud to report, but nobody knows whether this character can be trusted. Windham is hanging on a thread only because the judge overseeing the audit wouldn't allow one of the three leaders to be a pro-Trumper, to assure that the audit team didn't get stacked with corrupt actors. It did, and the judge gave his nod of approval for it. This is what ails the country, judges supporting obvious crime in the name of something. What do you suppose that something is?

Gateway Pundit names Andrew Wilson Appel of Verified Voting, whose people oversee the Windham audit. Here's the leftist Politico being honest when it was attacking the threat of Republicans cheating through voting machines a few years ago:

With a few cursory clicks of a mouse, Appel parted with $82 and became the owner of an ungainly metallic giant called the Sequoia AVC Advantage, one of the oldest and vulnerable, electronic voting machines in the United States (among other places it’s deployed in Louisiana, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania). No sooner did a team of bewildered deliverymen roll the 250-pound device into a conference room near Appel’s cramped, third-floor office than the professor set to work...Clutching a screwdriver, he deftly wedged out the four ROM chips—they weren’t soldered into the circuit board, as sense might dictate -- making it simple to replace them with one of his own: A version of modified firmware that could throw off the machine’s results, subtly altering the tally of votes, never to betray a hint to the voter. The attack was concluded in minutes. To mark the achievement, his student snapped a photo of Appel...

The same leftists don't care about machine fraud now. It's such a BEAUTIFUL EXPOSURE to VERIFY our accusations against the left. We were right, they are demonic, corrupt to the core of their beings, HYPOCRITES, unworthy to live on God's green earth, and they will be Terminated. Their kind will not rule the planet. There is hope. God needs to let them expose themselves while in power, it's temporary.

By the way, the Appels, new to me now, were first found in Nuremberg with Appel-like Kopple's/Copells and Kope's/Kobbes'. The great thing is, Appels use eSCUTcheons to verify that I'm correct to trace Scotts, Scute's, Scoots, and similar surnames to lake SCODra, for while the waters of the Clausula river drain into that lake, Kopple-like KOPLik is on the river. The Appel-like Cappels have a giant lion in colors reversed from the same of Clausula-like Claus'. There is a Bar location to the near-west of Scodra, which may explain why Barrels were first found in Herefordshire with Cappels. As Bretts have the Claus lion as well as a colors-reversed version of the full Cappel Coat, Bretts look like they are from BARetts using so-called "barry." (Load Appels link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms that follow.)

I'd like to put the following section up front here, written Friday and Saturday, days after the Bathursts were a significant topic later in this update. Bathursts share the double-ermined fesses of FELThams. They with Felts were in the last few updates, and as of the last update, Felt liners seem to be a pointer to some election-fraud relationship between Arizona and Windham, New Hampshire. I've just learned that one of the three, top cheats doing the Windham audit is Harri HURSTi, which reminded me of looking up Hursts as per BatHURST. Just look at that. It seems to be verifying that Felt elements do point to Windham's audit.

To my great surprise, this being the reason that I'm writing at all about it, is that Hurst-like Horsts (Dutch) almost have the Felt Coat! Felts use flory ends on their cross, and Horsts use similar moline ends. Plus, as proof that God is in this, I was shocked to find that German Horsts (Westphalia) have the single pale bar of ROXburghs, for they are the ones I pointed ROXanne Bennett to, for I lived with her in her parents home on Bathurst Avenue!!! I'm not making this up. She's in the first and second updates of this month, and the Windham audit began in the second week of May. Here's from the 1st update: "As Roxanne Bennett lived on Bathurst avenue (Holland Landing), I showed how Bathursts share the double fesses of FELThams..."

Ken BENNETT is a floor manager for the Arizona audit. As was said, the English Bennett Coat looks related to English Goods, and this has to do with, "it FELT so Good." If Hursti is an IT (Information Technology) specialist, note "IT felt so good." I haven't realized until now that English Bennetts translate their "bon" motto term as "good." As little as a month after Roxanne and I broke up, Miss Peare called me from out of the blue, and we then spent our last time together. That event pointed to Italian Dance's who have four of the Pero/Perino pale bars, in colors reversed from the Roxburgh pale bar.

To prove that God is in this, you can see no reason, in the heraldry alone, as to why Bennetts should be related to Roxburghs or Horsts, yet English Bennetts use double "SCALing ladders," and while German Horsts show nothing but a pale bar, SCALia's show nothing but a single, vertical ladder, acting as a pale bar, in the colors of the Horst pale bar!!! ROXanne BENNETT at our service, for her name makes the link where Roxburghs share the single, Horst pale bar. There could be more to this, in time.

As Roxburghs share white-on-blue horse heads with Horse's/Horsleys, the latter look like a Horst branch.

Wake Technology was replaced this month by StratTECH, all of which is an heraldic topic later in this update, which stresses StraTech-like Strattens, the English branch of which shares the five fesses of Ducks, first found in Westphalia with Horsts and duck-using Velins. The beauty here is that Velin-like Valance's/Valens/Vallants have the five Duck / Stratten fesses in colors reversed while Vallans/Valletti's have the giant moline of Dutch Horsts! Spanish Valle's, perhaps part of the "valle" motto term of Vallans/Valletti's, show nothing but triple fesses in the colors of the same of Scottish Drummonds. Together with the brown bird of in the Scottish Drummond Crest, and the colors of the fesses of German Drummonds, Strattens look related, recalling that Drummonds are called, STRATHclydes.

Just for the record, there is another brown, eagle-like bird (perhaps a hawk in this case) in the Struthers Crest, and as "struthios" is the Greek ostrich, it can perhaps explain how Drummond-related Beaks got the ostrich.

The Duce's/DUCES' might possibly be a branch of in the Daces', though the latter is listed with Darcys/Dorseys (houseofnames doesn't always list a surname in the proper family). The Daces' may be in the "AuDACES" motto term of English Strattens, you see. Then, as we read that "Adam de Stratton derives from ArGOUGES...", it's interesting that Gouges/Gouch's were first found in Roxburghshire while Roxburghs use an "AuDAX" motto term while Dax's are listed with English Ducks who in turn have lion heads in the colors of the full lions of Duce's/Duces'/DUCEYs...and thus this a pointer to Doug Ducey, the Arizona governor. It seems that the Argouges location of Strattens was arranged to point to StratTECH. German Dax's are listed with Tech-like Tax's, a likely branch of Tease's/Tecks/Tecks. There's more Stratten heraldry later.

The Strat-like Starts/Starrats happen to have a saltire in colors reversed from the Tease/Teck saltire, and while the latter put five leaves on their saltire, the Lennox'/LEVENax's have a form of the Start/Starrat saltire (same colors), both having four items, one each at the four ends of their respective saltires. As Pierro's/Pero's were at Pavia of the Ticino/Tessin river that named Tease's/Techs, it's likely to Starts/STARrats were at branch of Stars in the "flaming stars" or Pero's/Perino's. Strattens may have been named from Starrats. As per STRATHclydes, Clyde's share the Tease/Tyes fesse.

The Dutch Stratten use blue roundels called, hurts, and Hurts/Horts may have been Hursts or Horsts. BatHURSTs are in Hurt/Hort colors. Hurts/Horts were first found in Oxfordshire with the Peare-related Tiens in the Bathurst motto, and Bathursts even have: "The church in the parish of Mixbury in Oxfordshire played an important role in the [Bathurst] family's lineage."

The Arizona audit is taking place in an arena, and the Arena's share the red sun with Dutch Horsts. The first leg of the Arizona audit was done by Wake Technology, and Wake's share the red roundel with Nellys while Arena's are also AreNELLO's. God gave the wake symbol to Sleeping Beauty (Miss Hicks and Ainsley Earhardt) when she rose into the sky, and this pointed to McLeods/CLOUDs/Lutts. The point here is something totally new to go with my linking Sleeping Beauty (later) to Wake Technology, for while "Rena" is the middle name of Miss Hicks, ARENa-like Arens/Aarons use clouds, and German Arens/AhRENZ's (SCALE) almost have the quadrants of McLeod-beloved Fasts and McLeod-branch Lutts/Lute's. It just so happens the Renz's/Rench's share the Hick / Ainsley fleur-de-lys.

I didn't know about Wake Technology until this week. It can put a whole, new perspective on Sleeping Beauty's wake scene. Arens/Aarons share the quadrants of German KNAPs (Aren-like RHINEland), and Sleeping Beauty fell asleep i.e. went NAPPing so that I had to wake her. NAPier's list PEERless' who are absolutely linkable to the START/Starrat / Tease/TECH and Lennox/Levenax saltires above! Just look at that. It's more proof that Miss Hicks is the fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. Reno's are listed with RHINE's, and Reines' have a "comet" with the same tail as the "flaming STAR" of Pero's/Perino's now suspect with Starrat liners.

Alans of Shropshire named FitzAlans of ARUN(del), and Arens/Aarons have the quadrants, in colors reversed, of Sandfords/Samfords, the latter first found in Shropshire with Sleeps...suggesting that Sands and Sandys ("PRObum") share the Alan (and Pierro/PERO) fesse. I don't remember Sands being first found in Surrey before, but as that's where they are now said to be first found, where James' and Clappers were first found, note that Sleeping Beauty was on a pure-sand beach while Beach's share the Clapper Shield. The beach was resolved at the island of Little Saint JAMES, owned by Jeffrey Epstein. The Sand write-up: "One of the earliest records of the family was John Sandale (or Sandall), from Wheatley within Long Sandale, Yorkshire." It's amazing that while I touched her knee to wake her, Scottish Sandals share the bend of Knee's and the spread eagle of Knee-branch Needhams.

The Sandal Chief-Shield colors are those of Saluzzo's, and FitzAlans of Arundel married Alice of Saluzzo, tending to clinch Sands (probably the Brett/BRIT fitchees) with the Alan and Rundel fesse. Sandys (same Coat almost as Sands) use a "POENitet" motto term, like the "FOENus" motto term of Molle's (Moray stars) who in turn share the red Knee PHOENix (has flames at the tail). The gold phoenix (gold eagle with flames at tail) of Needhams is thus likely the Sandal eagle. Eschyna de Molle married the Alans just as they were turning into royal Stewarts. The Sand fesse has a ragully pattern, as does the bend of English Stewarts.

I have talked many times about Miss Hicks getting her sandal symbol on the same night she got her knee symbol in real life, at the first-anniversary memorial (2002) for 9-11 that our church put on outdoors. For the purposes of pointing the sleeping symbol of Sleeping Beauty to vaccine poisoning, it's interesting that the Coron and Corona crowns are in the colors of the Knap crowns. The same-colored crown is in the Chief of Scottish Sandals. In colors reversed, the Sand / Sandy fesse is that of Hicks.

While a Voice said to me, in the Sleeping Beauty dream, "WHAT are you waiting for, it's you she LOVES, go wake her," it may be for the Wheatleys/WHATlys because we just saw John Sandale from Wheatley of Long Sandale (Yorkshire, same as Hicks). Wheatleys/Whatlys share a version of the Let/Late and Annas Coats, in my opinion, and while the Annas stars are used by Pero-connectable Tease's/Tyes', the Wheatley/Whatly stars are also those of Peare's (Oxfordshire, same as Loves'/Luffs) and Luffkins (Shropshire). It's important here that heraldic annuLETs look like code for both Annas' and Lets/Late's (Annan(dale) saltire in colors reversed as used by Stewart-related Bruce's) because the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty is AINSley Earhardt while Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas' and Tease's/Tyes'. When God said, "WHAT ARE you waiting for," it looks like a pointer also to Waters (connectable to Loves'/Luffs) sharing the Epstein Coat.

Hmm, Reno's/Rhine's can be a branch of Rings/Ringsteads because they share the Hykes/Hack scallops while Hykes'/Hake's were first found in Norfolk with Rings/Ringstead. Did God name her Rena for more reason than meets the eye here? I've always felt that Hicks were related to Crauns (Suffolk, same as Ringers/Rings, and beside Rings/Ringsteads), and the other Rings are Crans too. Ahh, Ringers/Rings were first found in Suffolk with the Charles' (branch of Charlotte's) sharing the eagle of Ice/Ecco-branch Eggs. Charlotte Rena Hicks. The Egg- / Ecco-like Ecklestone's/Ecclestone's were first found in Chorley, and Chorleys come up as Charleys. When Miss Hicks moved from the Nueces, she moved to Forney, and Forneys almost have the Ring/Ringstead Coat. The Ring write-up: "...Ringstead, held by Norman noble Roger de EVREUX as an under tenant also at Great BIRCHam and Old BUCKenham in that same county..." The Hicks use a BUCK head, and a "heure" motto term suspect with Eure, location of Evreux. That's new material, but it's blowing my mind that BIRCH's have a green snake on a gold fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of green-snake Earhardts! I probably won't remember all of this unless I stress it. I've got to remember that "Rena" points to Ringsteads.

Repeat: "It just so happens the Renz's/Rench's share the Hick / Ainsley fleur-de-lys." And so does half the Coat of BUCKinghamshire's Eccle's/Acle's/ACERlys. I can't yet see proof that this was an Ice/Ecco branch, but as they are said to have named Acre-Lea, note that French Acre's, first found in Forez with Fauchs, share the English Grasse bend while Fauchy's have a GRASShopper. There's a chance that Acre's named Ecco's by way of the Egg relationship to Acre-like Eggers/Eggs/Ecgers / Eggertons.

EarHARDts/AirHARTs are suspect from "Herod," and while Plancia Magna of Birch-like Perga was a relative of Mr. Simplex, that's why I see Perkins, with a "Simplex" motto term, and probably the Levi lion, as Perga liners from Plancia. Earhardt-connectable Birch's/Berch's happen to have a "SIMLICitate" motto term. Plunketts (near Reno-like Rennes) are seemingly in the Plock write-up, and Simple's were first found in Reno-like RENfrewshire with Pollocks. Making sense. Mr. Simplex belonged to Galatians, with which Julia POLLa was part of a royal family. And while Berch-like Berks/Burghs share the fat cross of Ainsleys, there are three instances of "ung" in the Berk/Burgh motto, suspect with Leavell-related Youngs.

OH WOW. Birch's were at Lancashire's Salford, same as Ratcliffs (lived in WHALLEY), and Forney is in the ballpark of ten miles from John Ratcliff's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He lives in Heath, and Heaths even have: "Thomas Atte-Hethe was rector of RINGSTEAD Parva, Norfolk"!!! What are the chances???? Charlotte's middle name has come through BIG. What does it mean that she should point to John Ratcliffe? I'm on the edge, a little like Humpty Dumpty. This is such hot stuff I'm gonna be a fried egg on the wall. It's just a dry yoke, relax. This is cracking me up.

Birch's/Berch's (same place as Ratcliffs), now pointing heavily via Ainsley Earhardt to Sleeping Beauty, were first found in "union of CHORLTON, hundred of Salford." While Miss Hicks is CHARLOTTe, Chorltons, sharing the triple piles of Scottish Leavells and Scottish Youngs, are listed with CHARLETons (Somerset, same as English Leavells). As I said, Sleeping Beauty was hovering LEVEL as a pointer to the Level variation of Leavells, but I have never had this Birch-of-Chorlten piece before to work with. I am not familiar with Chorltons/Charletons to know that they were Leavell kin. Ratcliffs share the black bull head with Walerans, from Waleran de Leavell, and Beautys (beside Somerset) have full bulls in the colors and format of the Waleran (and Waldron) bull heads. Salfords share the black wolf with Quade's, from Quadratilla, wife of proto-Leavell Laevillus.

Chorlton-like Correls/Corrale's (Spanish) have the Birch/Berch fleur-de-lys in colors reversed, which makes the Correl/Corrale fleur blue, the color of the Charley/Chorley fleur. As Waleran de Leavell was the son of Miss Beaumont, Charleys/Chorleys (Leicestershire) must have the white Beaumont lion, which is probably the Montfort lion because Montforts married Beaumonts of Leicester. French Charleys are listed with Charlotte's. It was the Ecklestone's who were at Chorley (Lancashire, same as Eckle's), and then the Eckle's were at Heath-like Heaton!!! John Ratcliffe was the mayor of Heath, about ten miles from Miss' Hicks' home (I don't know if she still lives there). The Eckles axes are in the colors of the axes of Battins/Badens (Somerset, same as two Axe rivers), and God may have given the Battins/Badens a human eye to pose as Ratcliffe's Intelligence services. Or, as Battins/Badens were first found in Somerset with the Baths, it's the latter show share the cross of horseshoe and BAT-using Randolphs.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWIE. Eckle's share a "Se" motto term with Ratcliffe's!!! And Heatons have one of the two, engrailed Ratcliff bends!!! What are the chances that ancient heraldry could point to John Ratcliffe of Heath? But why? Does he have some special Intelligence on ECOhealth?

The last time I saw the ice-cream girl, Miss Hanson, was when I was at the parking-lot entry to both her ice-cream place and Ratcliff's Lumber (Gormley). That lumber yard can still be found online, last time I checked. About five miles east of Gormley on the Gormley sideroad there is a Ringwood location, and the Ringwoods look related to SAWers/Sawyer (Norfolk, same as Rings/Ringsteads), and then a SAW in a tree is the symbol of Hamiltons (share cinquefoil's of Norfolk's Bus') while Miss Hicks was married to Hamilton Kilpatrick. There is a Heath-like Heaton location on the Lune river of Lancashire, and Lune's/Lyons were first found in Perthshire with Saws/Shaws. Big hmmm. As I said, Mr. Kilpatrick is in a Baytown-Sun photo with the bull terrier, Spuds MacKenzie, and Dogs/Doags (Perthshire) share the Hamilton cinquefoil. The sleeping-Beauty dream opened with a bulldog jumping into a pool with a shark only to get swallowed by the shark. Jump's share the Trump stag head.

Saw-branch Shaws/Sheaves' were first found in Berch-like Berkshire, and they share the full motto of Harrisons who in turn share a green snake in Crest with Birch's/Berch's. My parents have a birch tree, and they asked me to prune it years ago with my chain SAW. Harrisons probably share the Hair and Harcourt Shields.

Heaths are also Heathers, and Heaters/Haiters (Devon, same as Walerans) have more bull heads, this time in the colors of the Stark bull head, and it just so happens that the Windham audit is under the control of Harri Hursti and Phillip Stark. I'm watching them both right now on Nick Moseder live on Saturday. They are defending themselves against certain accusations. The white bull head in the Stark Crest faces in the same direction as the Ratcliff bull head. Starks (Faucet-like "facta") share the Stork Coat, both with the Tromp acorns, and the Acorn / VISE stag head is in colors reversed with Heatons. VISconti's were first found in Milan with the Maurels having a Chief-Base combo in the colors and format of the same of Starks, and then the Stark acorns are even used by French Maurels. And I thought that by deviating to this Ratcliff discussion we were leaving Harri Hursti in the dust. Maybe not.

The Stark motto ("Fortiorum fortia facta") seems to love the Forts twice who in turn have an "audax" motto term suspect in-part with Aude's/AUDETs, and Stark with Hursti are the leaders of the Windham audit. Aude's/Audets/Odde's are linkable to the Otone's/Oltons who in turn have the Fort quadrants, and then Ottone Visconti was in Milan with Bons/Bono's sharing the Otone/Olton and Odin lion. Maurels share the fleur-de-lys of green-snake Birch's/Berch's, and while Visconti's gave their green snake to Sforza's whose lion in turn holds a "quince," Sear de Quincy built the castle of the Faucets suspect in the Stark motto. The Windham lion heads are in the colors of the Sforza lion, and in the colors of the Window lion paws, and the lion paw in the Window Crest holds a gold fitchee, as does the lion paw of Quince-branch Quints.

My window slam event, which I think pointed to Windham's audit, included broken glass of the window, and so it seems relevant now that English Bute's/Butts are fully in the colors and format of Starks, for Glass' were first found in Bute. v

There's often so much to say that its hard to keep on one flow. The Birch's/Berch's were interesting for looking like Earhardt kin, in case you've forgotten. What possibly could Mr. Ratcliffe have to do with Ms. Earhardt? Does he make appearances on Fox and Friends? I know he makes regular appearances on Fox shows these days. He stressed things-China while he was at the helm of Intelligence. China-pointing Shins/CHINE's/CHINGs were first found in Somerset with Chorltons/Cherletons, and Birch's/Berch's were at Chorlton (near Radcliffe). There's more than one Chorlton in Lancashire. The one nearest to Salford is Chorlton-on-MEDLock. Ainsley does her show with Brain KilMEADE. Meads (once said to be first found in Somerset), with a "pret" motto term, are a MEDLey branch. Medlocks share the stars of Prets and Ducks (Somerset), and the third host of Fox and Friends is Peter Doocy, of the Duce bloodline that has the Duck lions. The lions of Duce's/Doocys (Staffordshire, same as Prets) are colors reversed from the Pret and Brunswick lions while Barrs of Bar-le-Duc were in Brunswick. Does this picture look like an arrow to a low-lying James LeDuc? What's this feller thinking these days as Fauci is under the congressional gun? Should Ainsley pay LeDuc a journalistic visit?

Plus. Medlocks are said to have been at Bakewell of Derbyshire, same as the Baisleys/Beasleys who are a topic later with Basfords. Ainsleys were first found in Basford. Baisleys/Beasleys are important because they share the Ice/Ecco trefoil. It underscores the importance of crossing Medlocks (totally-new surname to me) by way of the Chorlton location of Birch's/Berch's whose Coat and Crest has both Earhardt symbols. Coincidence. I've already mentioned Base's/Baise's below due to Baisleys, but it pays to repeat it right here because the Duce/Doocy Coat is exactly the Base/Baise / Brunswick Coat in colors reversed, which can explain the brown cat (looks like a leopard) in the Baisley Crest, not to mention that the triple fleur-de-lys of Birch's/Berch's are those also of Bruno-branch Browns.

Earhardts use snakes while Arens/Ahrenz's share the Snake eagle, and though I can't see now what the following may mean, if anything, Snake's were first found in Kent with scaling-ladder Trips while German Trips were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds while Scottish Drummonds share the Snake Crest. I now recall that while judge Scalia was killed on the ranch of John B. Poindexter, Poindexters share the fist of Fast-like Fists/Fausts, and moreover the lone Poindexter star is that of Shoe's while German Trips show shoes. Is there any reason that God should be pointing HARRI Hursti to Scalia's murder? Later, I show how Hair-connectable EARhardts link to Harrys/Harris', but I didn't notice until now that Harrys/Harris are in Snake colors and format, and in the colors and near-format of Wake-like Walks/Wachs sharing the Snake fleur-de-lys.

It's now very mentionable that when one loads "Harris," a second Harris/Harrys Coat comes up that has a bend with three items in the two colors of the same of Basfords/Bashfords (Nottinghamshire, same as early Harrys/Harris'). Ainsleys were first found in Basford (Nottinghamshire). The second Harris/Harrys surname was first found in Derbyshire with KNOTs/Cnuts, and Wake's use a "wake KNOT, how about that. Derby(shire) was named by Derbe, the latter being ruled by the royal family of Julia Polla above. The Rimmons/Crimmons (Skye, same as McLeods/Clouds), with the Remmon lion in colors reversed, are said to have been associated with McLeods/Clouds, and Harris'/Harrys happen to have a "REMINisci" motto term.

The important Nigh's come to topic soon as per a new ice-cream investigation, and so I'll add here that the Nigh crosslets are colors reversed from the same of Rimmons/Crimmons. The ice-cream theme had pointed (over a year ago) hard to Crema, near Cremona, and Remmon-like Raymundo's were first found in Cremona (in Lombardy with MILAN). For my records, the Raymundo lion, thanks to the Rimmon/Crimmon write-up, looks like that of Buchans, Millens/MILANs/Mellents and Buchanans, but, thanks to the "axe in the middle" of Milan-line Mellansons, the Middle lion too. VISconti's of Milan may have been of the Vise's while "vis" is a motto term of Rams (share CRAM chevron) in the ram of German Cremer/CRAMers.

NEW! Raymundo's almost share the lozengy Shield of Cocks while Cockhills, with the full motto of Crema-like Cremers/Cramers (Hahn-connectable), share the red rooster with Cocks and Cremers/Cramers! You'll see below, in things written a few days earlier, why Cremers point to the COVID hoax at the highest levels. I found Cockhills by entering "Coggle" thanks to the "raCOGLia" motto term of Gale's (Yorkshire, same as Coggle's/Cockhills). Bags of GAYwood share the lozengy Shield of Cocks while Gays share the gold rooster with the Coggle/Cockhill Crest. The last time I saw the ice-cream girl, I was standing at the parking-lot entry into Ratcliffe lumber, and then the "se" motto term of Ratcliffs can be for the See's/Sea's having a Coat version of Seamans/Semans feasibly in the "semina" motto term of Gale's. "Se" is a motto term also of Ecco-like Eckles'/Eccles'. Ice-incidence?

I've linked the Cremer rooster to that of Bibo's, and identify Bibo's with the Vibius bloodline that named Vibia, mother of king Laevillus. I trace the latter to Leavells at Castle Cary in Somerset, and so just gawk at this new find in the Coggle/Cockhill write-up: "There is another Cockhill in Somerset but this was the ancient home of the Carey family." Perfect. English Cocks were first found in Somerset, and Bibo-related Hahns share a giant, white rooster with Dutch Cocks. As you'll see, the ice-cream symbol that pointed to Cremers/Cramers was out of GORMley, and Gorms/Blue's have rooster heads colors reversed from the Gay rooster.

It appears that LAEVillus liners became the Levy-like Laws/Lawes' because they have the red rooster too, as well as the bend-with-pierced-stars of Salome's, whom I say were from Salome Boethus of the Sadducees = Levites. Laws/Lawes' have a not-bad reflection of the Lorraine Coat while Lews are listed with Welsh Louis' while French Louis'/Lews' were first found in Lorraine. The Patria's/Peertree's in the Lew/Louis motto suggest LAEVI Gauls. Laevillus' line (one of his names was "Lupus") is to Quade's/Wade's, and probably to Lopez's (black wolves) too, and Quade's/Wade's have wolf heads in both colors of the black wolves of Loyola's/Loya's while Louis'/Lews' are also Loys/Loyes'. Lawes-like Laves' are listed with Loves/Luffs.

The Coggle/Cockhill Crest shares a rooster on a MOUND with Cremers (though the roosters are not in the same colors), and Mounds (share green mound with Cremers and Cockhills) list "Mons" while Mons is the capital of Hainaut while the counts/county of Hainaut are the only entity I know of sharing the Coat of French Levi's. Coggs use LEAVES.

OH WOW, thanks to what Raymundo's have done for connecting to Laevillus, we now turn to French Raymonds (Languedoc, same as Constance's) sharing the Chief of French Constance's! The reason this is exciting is four-fold, starting with the green mound of French Constance's. Secondly, French Raymonds use "orbs" while Wikipedia says/said that Olba, in Cetis, if also called, "ORBa." Laevillus was king of Cetis! Thirdly, the Bibo rooster stands on a green CUSHION, and English Constance's share the giant CUSSON eagle! Fourthly is the Contens variation of French Constance's (Languedoc, same as French Conte's) who share the crescent of French Conte's, and then English Conte's share the CONE antlers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss Hanson of Gormley is the one who sold my the ice-cream CONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It does get better than this. As the family of Laevillus (around 100 AD) was suspect with chief-priest Annas/Ananus, killer of Jesus, that must be why God chose Miss Hanson for the ice-cream event. She handed me the cone (as I asked her on a DATE), and Hands are also Hanns/Hans'.

Fifthly, Olba was home to the Conte-like KENNATi priests, and Italian Conte's share the giant lion of the Lafins/La Fonts (Tipperary, same as Irish Kennedys) in the motto of Scottish KENNEDYs. The latter were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks who were of CHARAX Proculus, son of king Laevillus of the Olba area. The Cindys/Condys/Cunadys have cinquefoils colors reversed from the same of Pepe's/Peppards. I've just remembered that a giant orb is used by Metz's while Pepin of Landen married Itta of Metz. Landens/Landers happen to have rooster heads in the colors of the Hann-Shield rooster, and the Hann Crest has the red Bibo rooster because Bibo's are said to be kin of Hahns. Bags sharing the Cock Shield are suspect from Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen. Pepe's/Peppards share the cinquefoil of Bus', first found in Norfolk with Bags of Gaywood, and with Fountains.

This is suggesting that the "QUISque" motto term of Pepins is for red-rooster Kiss' having a cushion-like Cush variation. I don't think I've known this Kiss link to the Pepin motto before. Cramers love the CUSTs/COOSTs in their motto who in turn share the Kiss/Cush "FOUNTains," and Lafins/La Fonts are thus expected to be a branch of Ville's/Font-de-Ville's, the latter first found in Languedoc with COSTs, and with Conte-related Constance's while English Constance's are also CUSTers. Hanson's ice-cream is a key to these finds.

AHHHH, wow, I don't know whether I've ever entered the Hands/Hans' as per her handing me the cone (maybe once or twice only), and I don't remember whether I entered Date's/Dade's/Deeds as per my asking her on our first date, but the three Date/Dade/Deed garbs are shared by Bardys, the latter first found in Perigord with Fauchys, and with the Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' who share the Cremer/Cramer Chief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't known the Bardys for very long.

GET A LOAD OF THIS. The FOX-using Todds might therefore just be in the "cusTODet" motto term of Cremers. It may be a long shot, but the Fort DETrick lab might just be in "custoDET," for Detricks are listed with DETHicks/DEATHicks, possible kin of Thicks, the latter first found in Staffordshire with Tode's/Tottie's. Scottish Todds were first found in Berwickshire with Tate's/TEETs while Teeters are listed with DETRick- and Deed-like Deeters. The Date's/Dade's/Deeds (in the Fleming motto) share most of the Eden Coat (Suffolk, beside Date's/Dade's/Deeds) while Eatons have a version of the Hykes/HACK Coat, incredible, not just because Edens share the Hykes/Hack scallop, but because Dutch Hecks/Heckens (Flanders, home of Flemings) are also Hacks while Kent HECKENlively wrote a book ("Plague of Corruption") co-authored by Judy Mikovits who in turn worked at the Fort Detrick lab. I think Fauci stole her boss's genetic invention while she was at Detrick (according to her online testimonies). As I said, when I had to look up Miss Hicks' new address, I found that her adopted daughter had a DADDy surname. This whammo paragraph comes thanks only to the Cremer motto.

I should add that while the omen at Galveston pointed to the "OMNia" motto term of Dons, they were first found in Cheshire with the Eatons who likewise use "omnia." Cheshire is beside Derbyshire, and the latter is where Detricks/DEATHicks were first found. Mikovits claims that Fauci murdered millions with HIV schemes.

One article trying to paint the picture (unsuccessfully) that China was infiltrating American bio-weapon secrets through Fort Detrick has this to say: "One [China]-trained scientist, Xiankun Zeng, used the pathway through the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research [Fort Detrick] and now is working in USAMRIID and is part of Anthony Fauci’s NIAID Integrated Research Facility at Fort Detrick." The writer doesn't suggest that, maybe, Fauci and his fellow Western mobsters were working with China to frame the Chinese for the virus released by Westerners. Maybe. I lean that way rather than China releasing it.

As the new ice-cream investigation (this week) will be about Tony Fauci, note that the Mellent variation of Millens/Milans pointed to MELINDa Gates in the last update. But, also, Meulan is also called, Mellent, and the Arms of Meulan is the Coat of English, Fauci-like Vaux's. The ice-cream investigation of over a year ago pointed to Faux's (share Hanson mascle), a branch of Vaux's that are absolutely a branch of Fauchys. Fauchs (not "Fauchy") show nothing but thistles, and I'm sure I see a thistle in the hands of the lion in the Rimmon/Crimmon Crest. The latter surname come up as criminal-like Crimins.

Time for a laugh too. The Masks, listed with Maschi's using pine CONE's, were first found in Rimmon-like Rimini, and probably share the Rimmon/Crimmon lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the COVID mask was seemingly used by God (am I doubting it even a little?) to nail the ice-cream to COVID criminals! Why is this linking to McLeods? Note that McLeod-beloved Holds share the double fesses of Pepe's/Peppards who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of RAYmonds and the martlets of Wrays and Gormleys (this is not new). The second ice-cream girl was Darlene RAY/Wray. I asked her on a first date while she handed me an ice-cream cone.

New Ice-Cream Investigation

I have an amazing addition (this was once the start of this update) to the meaning of the Sleeping Beauty dream. To set it up, I just need to repeat that, in the last scene of the dream, I was HOLDing her as we rose into the SKY, and McLeods/Clouds, first found on the island of SKYE, use a "Hold" motto term. She turned out to be Miss Hicks in real life.

I was listening to a show telling that Fauci funded the Wuhan lab via money transfers to ECOhealth Alliance, bringing the Ice/ECCO surname to mind. It brought God's ice-cream symbol to mind. I started to look for a Health-like surname to go with "EcoHEALTH," hoping that it could lead to Cremers/Cramers. I found a Helt surname listed with Hold-like Helds, and they share the Hixson/HICKson COAT!!!! WOW, what are the chances? I can't say yet that this points to Ecohealth, but it seems that this heraldry shows God's involvement with my holding Sleeping Beauty, and that the McLeods of Skye do apply for a reason(s) not yet understood.

I happen to recall that "Holde" and "helde" are motto terms of Cursons, and that HUBERTs of Curzon belong to this line. Judge Scalia was probably killed by the order of Saint HUBERTus, and then the Ice-like Ise's/Assi' use a SCALE of justice, a perfect pointer to judge Scalia. he was murdered in Texas, where Miss Hicks lives. Might his murder involve Fauci in some way?

As Cursons use poppinjays, note that while Poppins/Pophams share "Mens" with Pepins who in turn share the Pipe Coat, Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with Hixons/Hicksons. Then, the Let's who are likewise in the Curson motto, use "organ PIPE's." I see "organ" with "Orkney," and the Sinclairs of Orkney were living in Midlothian, where Men's (share Poppin Chief-Shield) were first found. There must be more to this that doesn't meet my eye at this time.

I have talked lots about Miss Hicks coming to HOLD my hands in church, afterwhich, when walking out of church (same morning), I found a FLAT tire on my vehicle. Flatts/Fletts, who can be linked to McLeod-beloved Flags/Flecks, were first found in Orkney.

The Ice-like Ise's/Assi's were first found in Shetland, an island just 50 miles from Orkney (another island). Wikipedia's article on Shetland calls it by HILTland too, like the Helt variation of Helds, and there is a Hilt surname with a "Fac et" motto term (!!!) suspect with Fauci-like Faucets/Fawcetts!!!! Wow, we got here by following Ice-like Ise's. Mathie's/MANNs (i.e. Mens-connectable) share the full Hilt motto. As Hilts were first found in Hertfordshire with SCALE's, is Someone pushing this investigation back to Scalia's murderers?

As I've said, the Sleeping Beauty dream was in 1979 as little as a month before my morning vision of Farrah Fawcett (this was mentioned in my last two updates too). Faucets/Fawcetts were from Musselburgh, very-very close to Midlothian.

I think I now UNDERSTAND. ECOhealth has to do with the ice CREAM symbol that God first gave through Miss Hanson. It pointed to CREMers/Cramers having a version of the French FAUX/Fage/Chalnes Coat, and the latter surname was first found in Perigord with Fauchys!!! I kid you not. It's impossible, unless God arranged the heraldry to fit Fauci's involvement with Ecohealth. As I've said a million times, Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick, and Irish Kilpatricks share the Cremer/Cramer and Faux/Fage/CHALNES Chief. UNBELIEVABLE, unless God arranged it. But there's more, much more. Note that the "COLENdo" motto term of Huberts can be for Colins having a version of a Chalons Coat, like "Chalnes."

The timing of this eye-popping revelation is incredible, coming just two updates after the mention of Francis Collins, former director of the NIH. Fauci is the director of NIAID, part of the NIH. It just so happens that Irish Collins (not "Colin") share the brown lion with the Hilts. I showed, two updates ago, why the Collins (and Ramp) lion is the brown Brown lion, and here we can add that Browns share the fleur-de-lys in the Cremer / Faux/Fage/Chalnes / Kilpatrick Chief. That does not look like fat chance. Someone's pointing to the Nee-like NIH.

AWWWWE WOW, I can hardly believe it. I've told this story many times, but it applies here now, though I'm not sure why Kepke is involved. When my girlfriend walked into a restaurant, I had to go speak with her, as I was not happy. KEPke said to me, "Be nonCHALANT," as I got up to speak with her. Chalants are listed with Chalons (KEEP bend in colors reversed), but the point is: I've said it many times that she, Miss Whelan, as well as Mr. Kepke, lived on Henry CORSON Place (Markham)!!! This is now huge, I think. Corsons are not listed with Cursons, but look at the similarity! Corsons share the Non crescents. NONchalant.

Whelans, with the Corson/Carson lozenges in colors reversed, were first found in WATERFORD with CORson-like Corrys and Correns. What was God trying to say? Corsons/Carsons were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, and Corrys share the Gospatrick/Cospatrick saltire. "Cushion" may be for Cossons/Cosse's/Cossets, Cussons or Cousins to explain COSpatricks. When writing "Someone's pointing to the Nee-like NIH," I hadn't yet loaded Corsons/Carsons to find their "Ne" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. While Trump sank the nation into a COVID abyss with Fauci on his stage, and while Trump still loves vaccines, the Trump stag head is in the Arms of County WATERFORD. Corson-like Cossons/COSSETs (look like Levi kin) look like a branch of Costs who in turn use a giant bell while Bells (Dumfries, same as Corsons/Carsons) share the Corson/Carson fesse. That works. And the "m'ouBLIEZ" motto term of Corsons/Carsons may be for the German Bellies/Belli's and/or the Moray Bellies/Bellys. The latter share the eight-pointed LeDuc star. Getting suspicious yet? Ignore Christians who support Trump, beware greatly if he's in the White House again.

Trumps were first found in Mecklenburg with Ice's/Ecco's and Hahns (Trump colors and format). Miss Hahn-like Hanson was the ice-cream girl, and English Hansons share the mascle of English Faux's. The latter are said to be a Vaux branch, and Scottish Vaux's were first found in East Lothian with Faucets/Fawcetts. The latter were at MUSSELburgh, and Mussels are also mascle-like Muscel's.

Stephen Hahn was in charge of the Food and DRUG Administration during the COVID plandemic. He had a lot of say over this hoax. "Hahn is currently the chief medical executive of the University of Texas in Houston." The Texas surname shares the Coat of English Vaux's. But there's more.

The Hahns are in the write-up of Bibo's/Bible's, where it says the two surnames were related, which checks out where both, along with Hanns, use the rooster. It's really incredible that while the Bibo's have a red rooster on a green cushion, Cremers/Cramers (share Kilpatrick Chief) have a red rooster on a green mound, and Scottish Kilpatricks use "cushions." The reason that I call Mrs. Kilpatrick Sleeping Beauty is that, when she was alseep, a voice behind me, which i thought was God, told me to wake her, and in my head, I decided I would kiss her awake like Sleeping Beauty. The reason that was in the dream is that Kiss/CUSH's have a red rooster to go with the red one on a CUSHion.

I have a new revelation, a blast. As I was leaning over to kiss her, I brushed the KNEE of Sleeping Beauty with my hand, and she then woke up and popped into my arms for the ride into the sky. We FLOATed up, we could say, and Floats (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flecks) were a branch of Flatts/Fletts mentioned above, linkable to Flags/Flecks in the motto of Hold-loving McLeods of Skye!!! I get it, and yet this wasn't the new thing I was referring to. To see how Fletts were Flag/Fleck kin, compare the latter to Fleets.

We were holding each other, and Holds are expected in the "holde" motto term of Cursons. The latter are the ones with "helde" while I found the Hickson-related Helds as Helts when looking for a Health-like surname. It's all impossible without God directing it all. It's the Curson-like Corsons/Carsons who use a "Ne" motto term, and Knee's are also Nee's! So, the touch to her knee must be a pointer th NIH. That's new, but I was talking about another new thing yet.

Prepare for the blast: the Newtons have an "eastern PRINCE" in Crest, and in the tale, a prince kissed Sleeping Beauty awake. Newtons use "shin bones," and while the knee is connected to the shin bone, Hicks use "bon." That's a pow-wow. A little blast comes where Irish Shins share the Chalont/Chalons Coat, with the Colins/Collins bend to boot for a pointer to Francis Collins, current chief of NIH (Obama appointee), and then the English Shins/Chine's/Chings have been a pointer to CHINA this past year! Wuhan, China! The NIH funded Wuhan's lab. BIG BLAST!!! Sleeping Beauty is pointing to the COVID crime, but with God, she can point to other things too.

Just realized. Shins/Chine's/Chings share triple-red fesses with French Collins! Zinger. The Shield behind the Shin/Chine fesses is that also of Beach-branch Beckers, and Sleeping Beauty was on a beach, is that not amazing? The Becker canton happens to share a black stag head with Knee's/Nee's. She and I were not only holding one another, but we were emBRACEd because Beach's share a vaired Shield (different color) with Bracebridge's, and the latter's crozier is for the Croziers who share the Arms of CHALONs!!!! That's Chalons-en-Champagne, explaining why Scottish Champagne's have the black-vaired Shield of Bracebridge's. What are the chances? Why does God want the Chalons in this revelation? Francis Collins, I must assume. Beach's were first found in Hertfordshire with Helt-like Hilts.

It may not be a coincidence that health-like and rooster-using Heaths share the stars of Lets in the Curson motto. I neglected to say that Hahns, with a giant rooster in the colors of the giant Trump stag head, were first found in Mecklenburg with Ice's/ECCO's (at rooster-like ROSTock) and Trumps. This is not new. I also neglected to say that Leggs, with almost the Trump Coat, were first found in Dumfries with the Kilpatricks who share the cushion with Hahn-related Bibo's. That's not new either, but it's important where giant bird legs are used by health-like Helts/Helds and Hicksons. The other Kilpatricks are the ones sharing the Cremer/Cramer / Faux/Fage/Chalnes Chiefs so as to make this paragraph look as though ice-cream points to Fauci and ECOhealth. In fact, I neglected to realize until now that Helts/Helds were first found in Silesia with the Handells (!!!) whose "ohne" motto term looked like "Wuhan" for the first time just two updates ago. Look at the timing, and note that Handell-like Hands are also Hanns/Hans' i.e. all pointable to Stephen Hahn, Trump's pick for FDA director.

I can now go back to Karen Whelan on Henry Corson Place. Repeat: "Whelans, with the Corson/Carson lozenges in colors reversed, were first found in Waterford with CORson-like Corrys and Correns. What was God trying to say?" The Trump stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford, and Kepke wore his blond hair like that of Trump's. Trump initiated vaccine "salvation" with Hahn, and vaccines go into the deep freeze like ice-cream.

I now want to investigate HENRY Corson Place, where Kepke lived when I knew him. French Henrys share the martlets of Bash's and Gormleys, and the ice-cream girl, Miss Hanson, worked at Sam's Restaurant in Gormley (I lived in Gormley at the time). Henrys are said to have been at Motte-Henry in the Cotes-du-Nord theater, where Motts/Morte's ("mort = death") are said to have lived who happen to share the Hubert and DEATH/Darth crescents. Huberts were first found in Cheshire with Hands/Hanns/Hans' who have a reflection of the French Henry Coat, and it's the Huberts who were Curzons. Kepke lived on Henry CORSON Place. Coincidences?

Miss Whelan lived on Henry Corson too, and this combination pointed to CORRINs. Cheshire is also where CORONs/Corona's were first found who share the crown of Italian Corona's and MARTELs, and while "COVID" is a corona virus, we just saw the Henry MARTLets, which can be proven to be code for Charles Martel because French Charles'/CHARLOTTE's have martlets in colors reversed from the same of the Henry martlets. Having said that, Miss Hicks is Charlotte, which by the way, evokes Hope Charlotte Hicks of Trump's administration. She was suspect in giving trump the COVID virus (I think it was deliberate because she may have been a mole in Trump's camp). Hope's, in Coron/Corona colors and format, were first found in Derbyshire (beside Cheshire) with Cursons/Curzons. Just look at all of that, ping-ping-ping.

Now, be amazed, for Charlotte Hicks has never pointed to COVID themes as she is now. Her first name allows us to bounce from French Charles' to English Charles', who in turn have a, "AUGet" motto term probably due to sharing the Egg eagle. Not only were Eggs first found in Cheshire with Corons/Corona's, but they share a spread eagle (in colors reversed) on a horizontally-split Shield with Ice's/ECCO's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just look at that fat "coincidence." The horizontally-split Shield of English Charles is even colors reversed from the one of Ice's/Ecco's. It's pointing super to ECOhealth, and not because God likes Ecohealth.

The English Charles' share the Child eagle probably because Charles Martel descended from king CHILDeric. But I need to repeat now that Charlotte Hicks/Kilpatrick moved from my area of Texas into a home owned also by Mr. Childs.

The reason Bash's were included above was due to Sleeping Beauty having a second fulfillment in Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends. I'm not going to get back into all the reason as to why she fulfilled the dream too. The Ainsleys love the Countrys in their motto who in turn share the pile of Beach's, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's. That's why it's conspicuous that Ainsleys are said to have been at BASford, and Basfords/Bashfords have a reflection of the NIGH Coat. I wish the surname came up as "Nih," but "Nigh" is the closest I could find, and it fits well with Miss Earhardt pointing to COVID themes in the past.

[Insert -- On Saturday, Liz HARRIS had a video featuring one of the leading Maricopa cheats, Stephen Richer. Looking up Richers, the French ones came up first who look related to Bash's. Then the English Richers/Rickers were loaded to find a semblance of the Bashford Coat, and finally the Scottish Richers/Ritchie's were found to share the crosslets of Nigh's...after I couldn't think off-hand, while writing above, who else used them. Plus, one Harris Coat has a white-star version of the gold-star bend of English Richers/Rickers, and it just so happens that the Harris/Harrys bend-with-stars is in the two colors of the Bashford bend-with-stars. What could this mean, if anything? Bash's later start to look like a branch of Ice-connectable Baisleys, the latter first found in Derbyshire with Harris'/Harrys'.

The other Harrys/Harris' use HEDGEhogs, and Ice-branch Eggs are also EDGE's, is that not cool as an ice-cream freezer? We might even add that Liz-like Lise's/Liss' were first found in Hampshire with Rich's/Richess', and that the Egg/Edge eagle is shared by Lorraine's. Rich's/Richess' (Button/Biden kin) were from Richeza of Lorraine, and while Bar-le-DUC is in Lorraine, James LeDUC runs (or ran) the Galveston National Lab. French Richers have "Richer le Lorrain." Ducs/LeDucs have white, eight-pointed stars in the colors of the five-pointed Harris/Harrys stars. Yet Liz Harris is not about Ecohealth, but rather about Maricopa election fraud. The Egg/Edge / Lorraine eagle is almost the Harrison eagle, and Harrisons may have the Vince's/Finch's in their motto, first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's and Nuse's/Newes'.

Bash's have a Coat making them look like kin of News'/Nuces, a pointer to the link of the Galveston lab to Wuhan's lab. This topic comes up again shortly below. However, if Bash's are pointing to Stephen Richer (Maricopa County Recorder), how do we make sense of that? For obvious reason, I think we should take seriously the possibility that God may be pointing to election-fraud protectors who are also secretly part of the China-COVID scheme. Richer denies that Maricopa deleted the data that the audit team claimed it did. End insert]

I wasn't going to mention Nigh's at all, but I've now seen that while they are listed with Noye's/Noise's, French Noye's share the eagle of Spanish Corona's. Pretty amazing. It's the eagle also of Seneca-like Snake's, and there are snakes in the Earhardt Coat. Snake's are thus a good pointer to AstraZENECA vaccines. And, by the way, Scottish Johnsons (more cushions) have a form of the Kilpatrick Coat due to kinship. Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Miss Earhardt and many other Fox hosts act like they think vaccines are great. Rouen, the Norman capital once, is in the Vexin (i.e. like "vaccine"), and the Rouens have a red-Shield version of the Seneca Coat. The latter are also SENESchals, and Spanish Sans'/Sanchez's share the Spanish Corona eagle too. In case it applies to vaccine poisons, Sleeping Beauty was sleeping while Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. Note how "Vaughn" is like "Vaux."

I've always linked Vaughns to Pendragons, and although I've not been at all familiar with Nighs/Noye's, they are said to descend from Pendray (Cornwall, same as Pendragons) while Pendrays are listed with Pendragons. Mythical Pendragon birthed mythical king Arthur, and I view the latter's wife (Guinevere) as part-code for Veneti at Vannes/Gwened, the reason why Vaughns can be Pendragon kin. The Fane's/Vans use gauntlets, and the Arms of Gaunt has a virgin while Virgins (Kent, same as Gaunts) use a "Nunc" motto term to go well with the "Nuncia" of Nigh's/Noye's. Nuncia-like Nancys were first found in Cornwall with Nigh's/Noye's (and thus the "Nuct" term is finally deciphered, for my first time). A myth writer wrote, "Le MORTE d'Arthur" (The Death of Arthur) as code for the Morte relationship to Deaths/Darths, and the Mott/Morte Crest shares an eight-pointed estoile (different color) with the Nancy Crest. UNBELIEVABLY, I now find that Nigh-like Nie's were first found in Essex with Motts/Morte's!!!

Ahh, the Feins, with almost the Nie Coat, were first found in Burgundy with French Noye's! Plus, the Nie's share the triple fesses of Beaks, the latter being kin of Babe's (Dorset, same as Beaks) who in turn share the six bars of Nie's!!! The Fane's/Vans are also Fiens, wherefore there you see a round-about link of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns to NIH-like surnames. I'm impressed. I almost didn't go down this path. I can add that while Lorraine the babe got her babe symbol at the moment she got her feet symbol, Feets/Fate's have martlets in colors reversed from the same of Henrys at Motte-Henry. Feets/Fate's have the Charles/Charlotte martlets, and Lorraine's share the eagle of Ecco-connectable English Charles'.

Ahhh, Irish Henrys were first found in Tyrone with Neils/NIHills!!! "Nihil" is a motto term of Vere's suspect in the myth code, "GuineVERE." Guine's/Gunns (Orkney) have a "pax" motto term that can relate to the "pacis" of Nigh's/Noye's. It's worth mentioning the Nagle- / Nigh-like Nigels, whose write-up suggests that they were a Neil branch, for Nigels almost have the Coat of Livelys/HIVelys while Mr. HeckenLIVELY co-authored "Plague of Corruption" that probably had lots to say against Fauci and his treatment of the HIV > AIDS scourge. The Nigel / Lively lozenges are shared almost by Quincy's/Quince's, from Saer de Quincy who's in the write-up of FAUCets. The latter were first found in East Lothian with Keiths/MASCALs, and while Quincys use mascles (hollow lozenges), the Keiths are said to be a branch of Marshalls while Marshalls share the Lively Coat exactly. The Keith Coat is a version of the Anchor Coat, and Anchors have the Lively / Nigel / Marshall lozenges. MUSSELburgh is in East Lothian, and Musso's/Mussolini's use the Lively / Marshall Coat in different colors.

Mrs. Kilpatrick came to me in church and took my hands for prayer (she's affectionate with everyone in that manner when it comes to church things). After the service, I found a FLAT TIRE on my VAN. We just saw Irish Henrys of Tyrone with NIHills, and so lets add that while Kilpatricks use a dexter paw, Tyrone's/TYRElls (like "Tire") share the Dexter Coat. Motts/Morte's even share the crescent of Alexanders, first found on KinTYRE, can we believe it? We just saw Guine's/Gunns of Orkney, where FLATTs were first found.

She was HOLDing my HANDs. Hands/Hanns/Hans' (now pointing the Mr. Hahn, etc.), first found in Cheshire with Hubert of Curzon, have a reflection of the French Henry Coat, and Huberts share the Mott/Morte crescent too. Holds/Holts were first found in Bury of Salford with Ratcliffs, and when Miss Hicks / Mrs. Kilpatrick moved from my area of Texas, she moved to within 10 miles of John Ratcliffe's (former mayor of Heath) place in health-like Heath. Heaths share the stars of the Lets in the Curson/Curzon motto. Health-like Helts/Helds share the Coat of Hicksons Coat, and Held-loving Cursons use POPPINjays while Poppins were Pipe kin while Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with Hicksons while Lets in the Curson/Curzon motto use ORGAN pipes suspect partly with ORKNey, is that not all looking like Intelligent Design?

I can add that, due to the flat tire, I JACKed up the van, and then the Jack scallops are those also of Daggers and Bardys. Poison-like Poissons likewise share the three scallops of Jacks and Bardys, the latter first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes'. If anyone can realize why Bardys should be involved in this picture, it could make an argument for God's warning that COVID vaccines are poison. Bardys share the Dagger Coat exactly, and Kilpatricks use a "dagger." The Comyns with another dagger love the COURage's/Courays (Essex, same as Jack-like Jake's, Nie's and Motts/Morte's) who in turn share the Snake fleur-de-lys.

The Earhardt snakes are green, and this now goes to a dream I had with the Luffs (old friends) having green, wavy snakes for tongues. Poisson-like Poussins/Pussys were first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs, and they have triple fesses in colors reversed from one another. In the Sleeping Beauty dream, God said, "WHAT are you WAITing for, it's you she LOVES, go wake her up," and Waits/Weights are in the so-called "weights" of the Dexter/DECKster Crest, and German Daggers are also Decks. Kilpatricks have a "DEXTER paw" on the head of a green dragon. The Whats are in the Curson/Curzon motto.

"What ARE you waiting for" is interesting where Are's (AYRshire, same as Herrs/Hairs) are listed with Ayers having an "air" motto term, and Airs are listed with EYERs/Ayers, not only first found in Derbyshire with Cursons/Curzons and Here's/Heyers, but related to the namers of EARhardts (Bavaria, same as HERzogs). Blue wings are shared between German Herrs, Herzogs, and Here's/Heyers, but the latter are even said to have two "dexter" wings. If that's not enough, Hicks and Ainsleys share the same fleur-de-lys, and Earhardts share the fleur-de-lys of Dexter-loving Kilpatricks and Cremers/Cramers. "For" is twice in the Ainsley motto. "What ARE you waiting FOR."

I must now go to the "PACis" motto term of Nigh's/Noye's because the Pasi's/Pace's were kin of Paisleys/Pasleys (share Pack anchor) while English Pasleys (Berkshire, beside Poussins/Pussys) have the triple fesses of Love's/Luffs, in colors reversed from the same of Poussins/Pussys. It seems Designed where Paisleys share the thistle with Fauchs so that there may be a Fauci-poison warning to Ainsley Earhardt. Someone in big media needs to warn the masses of vaccine poisoning, because leftist media will not.

LAURA Ingraham does more than her share of denouncing COVID scenarios, though I don't know whether she's warning about vaccine poisoning. Ingrahams were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's (LAURel in Crest), and the latter happen to have a "Lauro" motto term. Ingrahams share the Coat of English Jacks, the ones with the Bardy / Dagger scallops. The Loys/Louis expected in the "LOYalte" motto term of Daggers were first found in Lorraine. Daggers share the red bull with French Packs i.e. linkable to NIH-like Nigh's. The Nie's were first found in Essex with Jack-like Jake's. I can make the heraldic links, but I don't usually have a clue as to how to interpret the links in the real world. All I can gather is that God may be concerned with real events related to the surnames in the wild but compelling links.

Ahh, the Joke's/Yoke's have a black-fesse version of the Jack / Ingraham Coat, and the cockaTRICE in the Joke/Yoke Crest is suspect with Trice's/Trists, first found in Cornwall with Nigh's/Noye's (and TRIStans)!!! My question is: when is Fox and Friends going to attack the vaccine imposters in the way that Ingraham might? When are these pro-Trumpers going to denounce Trump for pushing vaccines like he owns them? Will God reveal on a larger scale that vaccines are being prepared/planned as worse poisons than they already are? One Tristan Coat even shares the stag head of Knee's/Nee's! I'm becoming more convinced that Knee's/Nee's were in the Sleeping Beauty dream as a pointer to NIH. Miss Hicks, Miss Hanson, Ainsley Earhardt, Laura Ingraham, and Lorraine the babe all have the similar blond-babe look. The My's/Mea's in the mottoes of Ainsleys and Blonds are from the Meu river, location of Motte-Henry and the death-pointing Motts/Morte's.

I'm wondering why. Beautys were first found in Dorset with Babe's and Nie-connectable Beaks. Ahh, Babe's, Beaks and Blonds use the sun, and while Blonds almost have the six bars of Nie's, the Needle's with a giant sun were first found in Shropshire with vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. Blonds (Foot/Food colors) have a "foot" in/on the sun while Lorraine got her babe symbol at the moment she got her foot/feet symbol. The Foots/Foods (in the motto of Blundville-liner Gernons) use a "flag" in Crest, explaining why the Foot/Food Coat looks a little like the Coats of Flag-connectable Flatts/Fletts, Floats and Blundville's. The Needle-like Nettle's are super here because they have the two snakes in the Biss Crest while Biss' share the Fleet, Flag, and Meschin scallop. Ranulph der Gernon-Meschin was the ancester of Blond-like Blundvilles.

Haiti is in the Baisley of Piggs

Beestons are listed with Bessins, and de-Gernon descended from Meschin rulers of the Bessin. Blundville's were at Beeston (Cheshire), and the Cressys of Beeston of Norfolk have a French branch first found in Burgundy with Noye's. The Paisley-like Baisleys/BEESleys (PEAK of Derbyshire) look like they have a version of the Blundville Coat, and Beestons use bees. The "Be" motto term of Peak-like Peas'/Peacocks (Essex, same as Peks/Pecks) might apply, for they use items within roundels (BESANts), as do Baisleys/Beasleys (not besants). This is a good place to tell that the Baisley/Beasley Coat looks related to the English Pike Coat, and that Gates-like Geddes' use pike fish.

The Bais-like Bays/Bayes' are interesting for almost having the Nigh/Noye crosses (which reminded me of the Basford/Bashford Coat). Baish's are listed with Bash's. Bays/Bayes' were first found in Colchester, and while the Arms of Colchester has nails, the Neils/Nails can be a branch of Neils/NIHills!!! Plus, while Ainsleys (share Hicks fleur-de-lys) were at Basford, Ainsley Earhardt (worked in San Antonio, Texas) had married nail-using Proctors. Why is Ainsley linking to Miss Hicks of Baytown?

Plus, while Ainsleys were first found in Basford of NOTTINGHAMshire, there was a second ice-cream girl the year after the first one, and the second was Darlene Ray/Wray (pure sun-bright blond). Darlene's look like kin of Cnuts/Knots, and king Cnut named Nottingham. Rays happen to have three COURANT (probably code for the Correns/Corrents mentioned above) stags in the colors and format of the three courant horses of Freeze's. It goes with ice-cream, and while Ainsley married Mr. McKinney, McKinneys share the Fraser / Kim Coat while I had a dream (two or three years ago) with RAY Luff (old friend) having a waggling green snake (Earhardt symbol) for a tongue, which made me get up from the table and walk into a walk-in freezer (i.e. like "Fraser") in an attempt to get out of the home.

Repeat from above: " nail the ice-cream to COVID criminals! Why is this linking to McLeods? Note that McLeod-beloved Holds share the double fesses of Pepe's/Peppards who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of RAYmonds and the martlets of Wrays and Gormleys (this is not new)." As has been said, RAY Luff's wife, who also showed a green-snake tongue, is Valery, and it just so happens that "valore" is a Pepe/Peppard motto term. The quote above related to Conte's and Cone's, and French Conte's happen to share the Valois/Valais/VALOUR/VALOIR Coat. The latter even share the courant greyhound (different color) with Pepe's/Peppards.

When I had worked (as a teen) at the Knob Hill Farms grocery store, I was put into shipping, where there was a walk-in freezer. That's where Darlene worked, at the snack bar, where I bought an ice-cream and asked her on a date while she was handing it to me. I had done the same a year earlier with Katrina Hanson (pure blond) in Gormley as she handed me an ice-cream, and Gormleys share the Wray martlet. Gormley-like Gorms/Blue's were first found in Arran with McCabe/McAbbe's who in turn look connectable to McKinneys. Plus, mythical Gorm was a Danish king, ancestor of BLUEtooth, and while Miss Hanson is Danish, king Cnut was a Dane king.

Perhaps I'm off-base, but note that a blue tooth is a rotten tooth due to sweets like ice-cream, for Ice's/Ecco's were first found at Rostock, smack beside Denmark. Plus, SWIEToslawa was Cnut's mother. Mieszko I is said to be Swietoslawa's father, and while Mieszko II was Lambert, the Sweets/Sweits look connectable to two Lambert surnames, as well as to Siward-like Sewards, and Siward of Northumberland (another Dane) thus jibes with Lams/Lambs, first found in Northumberland and sharing the Sweet stars. Plus, Swietoslawa was also known as "Sigrid, a version of Sigurd = Siward.

I kid you not, the Siward-line Swords mention their sword's HILT in their official description, and Helts/Helds are the ones with the Hickson Coat while Sewards share the Hick fesse. Plus, as I said many times: after Miss Hicks let go of my hands while HOLDing them in prayer, she walked out of my pew isle, and once in the center isle, she did a CURTSY toward me, it just flipped me out. I haven't seen women do curtsies to anyone (aside from the political news), let alone to me, but I think I can now see why, for Sewards have this: "Siward (died 1075) was Bishop of Rochester, Abbot of CHERTSEY in SURREY, and was consecrated Bshop of Rochester by Archbishop Stigand in 1058." Curtsys (Surrey) are listed with Chertseys! There's got to be more to this than meets the eye here.

Curtsy's have eagle heads in the colors of the Bashford eagles, and so this part of the discussion seems to be making a link between Earhardt and Hicks due to their both being fulfillments of Sleeping Beauty. A curtsy is a bending of the leg at the knee, and a bent leg at the knee is used by LEAKs/Leakeys who not only share the Hicks and Ainsley fleur-de-lys, but the engrailed Knee/Nee bend. Isn't this a Leak-and-Nee pointer to NIH, especially as Baisleys/Beesleys share the Ice/Ecco trefoil? Isn't the news story with Fauci this week called the lab-LEAK story? YES! The lone Leak/Leakey fleur-de-lys is used also by Eccle's/Acerleys/Acle's.

Here's a good one here: while Flag-loving McLeods/Clouds love the Holds, the Helds/Helts were first found in Silesia with the Brocuffs/Procks (share "lux" with Foots/Foods) who share a red griffin holding a flag with Foots/Foods. As Foots/FOODs were first found in Cheshire with Hands/Hanns/Hans', might the Foots be a pointer to Stephen Hahn of the FOOD and Drug Administration?

The Tristans apply harder when it's realized that the same Tristans having the Knee/Nee stag head also have the black-on-white trefoil of Flatts/Fletts and Floats (share brown stag head with Tristans). Nickel is a magnetic material, and while my last update showed compelling evidence of magnetism at the needle spot of vaccine shots, Nickels share the pheon of the other English Tristans. The Coys, suspect as a branch of whatever the "cui" motto term of Nickels stands for, share the triple Tristan pheons. Cue's (Norfolk, same as Floats, Flags/Flecks and dagger-using Comyns) share the Comyn and Arms-of-Cheshire garbs. Coys have a cloud with green snake, and while Snake's share the fleur-de-lys of Courage's in the Comyn motto, McLeods/CLOUDs have flags. McLeods/Clouds are also Lutts while Lutts/Lute's have the quadrants of Fasts (Norfolk again) in the "Hold fast" motto of McLeods/Clouds. Coys were first found in Cambridgeshire with News/NUCES', and Miss Hicks and I lived on the Nueces river.

CURTsys, who happen to share a fesse in the colors of the same of Beesley-like Bessels/Bessli's (and Dols), look like kin of Dols and DOLphins (Surrey, same as dolphin-using James' and Curtsy) due to the relationship of CURTis' (plowshare in Crest) to Plows (Shropshire, same as Dol Alans) and Dole's. Ignoring the Bessel/Bessli stars, the Bessel/Bessli Coat is essentially a white-fesse version of the Plow Coat. The Bessel/Bessli stars are those of French Alans too, and the Bessel/Bessli fesse is the wavy one of Dols. There may be an argument to be made here the Baisleys/Beesleys and Bessels were Wessels and Waistells, for German Wessels have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Bessels/Bessli's, and Waistells/Wessels were at St. BEES. As I say that Waistells were from the Cottian, Vestalis, note that the French Alan Chief is also the Chief of French Julians (Languedoc, same as Cotta's) while Miss Cotta was the mother of Julius Caesar ("Caesar" was his father's surname). Caesars, with the Chief-Shield colors of WASLeys/Worsleys in colors reversed, use a dolphin and were first found in Surrey with Dolphins/Dolfins.

Bessys/Bassets (Forez, same as Fauchs) share the Pilate-like billets (in Pilate colors) of Etienne's, and St. Etienne is near Mont Pilat while Pilote/Pilotte's must be a branch of English Pilotte's having a Plow-like Pillow variation. I don't know whether My Pillow applies to the "my" motto terms of Ainsleys, but we can add here that while I was holding Sleeping Beauty while rising into the sky as a pointer to Arizona fraud, My's/Mea's share the blue fitchee (same style) of Holds/Holts and Stouts/Stows. The latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Plow-related Dole's. Irish Dole's, said to have DOUBLE-billet border, share the stag head of Pilate-related Colts/Colts, and this stag head is colors reversed from the DOUBLe/Dobell stag.

Irish Dole's are suspect also with the Farmer stag heads because Curtis' have a "farmer" with a "plowSHARE over his SHOULDER." Maness-beloved Parrs have a "woman" with "SHOULDERs" in the official description. Share's/Sheers, like the Sheera variation of Kilpatricks, were first found in Surrey with Curtsys, as well as with mugger-pointing Muggs/Mudge's and Madge's/Machets (share Hicks / Ainsley fleur-de-lys), how about that. And if the Plow Coat had a red Shield, it would nearly be the Hicks Coat.

While the paragraph above may point to Plow-like My-PILLOW Lindell's COURT cases, that's election fraud, seemingly off-topic from an ice-cream link to Ecohealth. However, Curtis'/COURTis' share the Coron and Corona crown. There can of course be a China link between election fraud and the corona virus. Curtis'/Courtis' are in the colors of Courts/Coverts, first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts, and I'll be coming back to this shortly below because Miss Covert (an emailer to me) called herself Mrs. Maness due to a Mr. Maness with an address in BAY City (Texas). The Bays/Bais' share the double fesses of Maness/Manners (Northumberland).

You might be amazed where Baisleys/Beesleys were first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts, Eyers/Ayers and Here's/Heyers. Cnut's father was king FORKbeard, and while Cunninghams use a "shakeFORK" as well as a "fork" motto term, they were first found in Earhardt-connectable AYRshire with Forkers and Hairs/HAIRES' (Earhardt colors). The latter term is like the "Hairez" surname in the write-up of Harrys/Harris' (Earhardt colors) who in turn share the double Bays/Bayes fesses. This can reveal Basfords and Bash's as Bayes / Bais liners, and it just so happens that Harrys/Harris' are said to have been early in Nottinghamshire with Basford.

Having said that, it gets dazzling where Harrys/Harris' have HEDGEhogs, for the Ice-connectable Eggs are also EDGE's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. I don't quite understand this fully, but Ainsley Earhardt is connecting to the ice-cream theme.

I recently repeated my omen (why a bad experience?) that took place in my first drive through Texas a couple of hours before reaching BAYtown, where Miss Hicks was living at the time, but if not at the time, a few months earlier at most. She may have been living there while her new home on the Nueces was being built. I had not yet purchased my place on the Nueces at the time of the omen. I had not yet met Miss Hicks at the time. The omen had to do with my getting mugged in Galveston, about nine hours after the omen that involved a tiny CLOUD OVER the SUN in an otherwise blue SKY. Is this a pointer to McLeods/Clouds again and their Hold kin? Why do Holders have a version of the Plow and CURTis Coats? Hicks was HOLDing my hands in the CURTsy event that ended with a flat tire. ??? By what coincidence do Holds share the double Harry/HARRIS / Bay/Bayes / Maness fesses, in the colors of the Holder / Plow / Curtis fesse? What could this mean? Is it a pointer to the illegitimate vice-president Harris? Is Eric Holder behind her team now dismantling the county for the "great reset"?

The Galveston National Laboratory has had business in the Wuhan lab, yet nobody I've heard in the news has yet mentioned this relationship. On the morning of the mugging, I passed by Bay City, home once of a certain Mr. Maness I've talked much about. A couple of hours after passing Bay City, I got the coffee and newspaper in Victoria, and the News/Nuces of that event point to Bash's (Hertfordshire, same as Nuse's/Newes). Mr. Maness was supposedly married to Miss Covert, and while Coverts are Cofferts, Coffee's ("victoria") are also Coffers. News'/Nueces' were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Stouts/Stows almost having the Hold/Holt Coat (shares double Maness fesses). Dutch Stouts use bells in the colors of the Label/LaBELL/LeBAILE (Bailey colors, by the way) crescents, and the latter's three crescents are the entire Coat of French Bais'/Bays. What gives? Baileys and Baliols were first found in Northumberland with Maness' and Hicks-connectable SIWARD. Hmm, according to Miss Covert (a Christian), Mr. Maness used his helicopter for missionary-type relief in the Haiti quake, and Haiti is SEA-WARD from near-coastal Bay City.

To be more exact, Mr. Maness' address was listed in Markham, though this location is at Bay City. By what cosmic coincidence do Markhams (Nottinghamshire) have a near-copy of the Label/LaBell Coat? God's trying to say something. Their Chief-Shield color combo is reversed from the same of Maness'. As "omen" is like "Oman," by what wild coincidence is the Oman Coat nearly the Coat of Purys suspect in the "Pour y" motto phrase of Maness'. Why is God pointing to Mr. Maness? Omans were from OMANville, looking linkable to "MANess."

When Miss Covert / Mrs. Maness stopped emailing me, I got worried and looked up her phone / address up online, and this is when I found Mr. Maness listed as one of her kin with an address in Markham. Otherwise, they had addresses a few miles from the headquarters of Aryan Nations in Idaho. The point here is that the only difference between the Pury and Oman Coats is the three stars of Purys, which are the Palin stars, and then while Sarah Palin is from Alaska, Miss Covert, when she finally contacted me, said that she had been in remote Alaska where she had no access to the Internet. Sarah Palin was, if I recall correctly, involved with Haiti-quake relief. There was a huge Haiti sham conducted by the Clinton crime ring, and there were fake missionaries abducting Haiti children whom Bill Clinton got off the jail hook.

As I've said, when Miss Hicks moved from the Nueces, she moved into a new home previously owned by Mr. Childs (may have been the home builder). Is this a pointer to abducted Haiti children. It's a little interesting that the Children Coat (shares OVER bend) is reflective of the BURY/Buris Coat. The omen had a CLOUD OVER the SUN in the SKY, and king Clovis, son of CHILDeric, was born, CHLODovech," like "Cloud" (Clouds lived on SKYE). Her new home was about ten miles from the home of John Ratcliffe, and Ratcliffs were first found in BURY. Just look at that. The Clovis-suspect Clubs/Clobbes (Child colors and format) were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with the Stouts/Stows who in turn almost have the Hold/Holt Coat! Again and again, "coincidences" that align with my events / dreams.

I've capitalized "SUN" due to the Babe / Blond sun, for babes go with children in abductions. But then Spanish Sole's/Solana's have a sun while English Sola's/Sole's (share white fish with Clubs/Clobbes') are in the Hague/HAIT motto (includes "inVICTa"), and they share a black border with Maness-beloved Parrs and FURNess'. What do you see in "Hait"? Miss Hicks moved to FORNey. Parrs and FurNESS' (both of Lancashire along with the Bury location under discussion) are, along with the Ness'/Nessans and NISSANs, from queen Nysa, wife of Furness-like Pharnaces of the Pontus. I was mugged in Galveston with a Nissan pick-up truck? The Purys suspect in the Maness motto are also Bureys, no guff at all, and Bury is where Holds/Holts (and Ratcliffs) were first found. It tends to explain why Maness' share the double Hold/Holt fesses.

[Insert -- WHAMMO! I missed this. Hague-like Hacks are listed with Hicks-like Hykes', yet German Hacks share the giant Giuffre unicorn. Virginia Giuffre snitched on Epstein pedophilia, and claims to have been a victim of it. The Giuffre-like Gophers/Gofers share the Hague/Hait saltire, and it's in colors reversed from the Neil/Nail/Nagle saltire while Irish Nagle's have a "nightinGALE" because Gale's share the Neil/Nail/Nagle saltire. And the Gale's once showed a fully-blue unicorn head, which is what the Giuffre and Hack saltire would be in colors reversed. As Miss Hicks in the Sleeping Beauty dream was on Epstein's island while this paragraph seems to identify Hague/Haits as Hack/Hykes / Hake/Hykes / Hick liners round-about, it seems that God's message in heraldic pointers is: Epstein crime rings were involved in the abduction of Haiti children.

The Tints with Gale's both use a blue unicorn because they named Tintagel, and it just so happens that the "COUCHant" lion of Tints looks linkable to the Gouch variation of Googe's, who in turn share the boars of Gough's/GOFFs i.e. linkable to Gophers/Gofers and same-colored Giuffre's. End whammo insert]

But if God is making a Mr. Maness link to the hold theme of Miss Hicks, WHY? Note that, as per Eric Holder (Obama's first attorney general, partner in crime with Obamaite mobsters), Norwegian Eriks have a saltire colors reversed from the same of Hague's having Haiti-like HAIT/Hate variations. What are the chances? As the Erik saltire is the York saltire, "Erik" could be a variation of "York." The Yorks happen to have a brown lion head, which recalls the double-brown lions of Collins and RAMPs (Cumberland, beside Yorkshire), and then two Obama's (like when one sees double-vision) was on a ramp in my Obama dream. Double's/Dobells use BELLs. By what cosmic coincidence do Markhams have a near-copy of the Label/LaBell/LaBaile Coat? By what coincidence do Labels/LaBells/LaBAILE's share the Hague/Hait crescents? By what coincidence do Hague's/Haits share the stars of Baile-like Baileys? By what coincidence were the Sola's in the Hague/Hait motto first found in Derbyshire with BAISleys/Beesleys (almost a brown lion)? Derbyshire is where Earhardt-connectable Harris'/Harrys were first found who looked like Basford kin early in this update.

The Sola's were first found in Derbyshire with BAISleys, and I just get the impression that BAYtown has some nasty criminals that God knows of in relation to Haiti crimes. The Hague- and Hicks-like Hykes'/Hake's have fish too, in colors reversed from the Club/Clobbes fish. The Hykes'/Hake's are in the format of, but colors reversed from, the Child / Club/Clobbes Coats. My one night in Crystal City had pointed to Roach's who not only share a rock in Crest with Hague's/Haits, but have the same fish as Clubs/Clobbes'. God was pointing to Rockefellers and Rothschilds with my stay at Crystal City (same day as the Galveston mugging). Crystals share the thistle with Paisleys, and love the Men's who share a red Chief with Maness'.

I almost missed it. The Maness' are listed with English Manners while German Manners/Manness' use not only a CLUB, but the quadrants of Eure's expected in the "heure" motto term of Hicks! There you have more Miss-Hicks pointers to Mr. Maness or the Maness bloodline. I'm more convinced than ever that my omen points to demonic Democrat crimes in Haiti.

Baisley-like Paisleys (use the Yorkshire rose) are of the Pasi's/Pace's, and then English Pace's (Cheshire, same as Clubs/Clobbes' and Farndons) share a purple Shield with PHARNaces-like Farndons while Clubs/Clobbes' were first found in Farndon. The Pollocks, I have read, descended from king Clovis/Chlodovech, and Pollok is a location near or in Paisley. The Children have the same bird design that are dove in the Crest of Peace's/PAISE's (Orkney). The latter has the Coffee/Coffer fesse. Pharnaces of the PONTus can now be gleaned as a line to the Pont-branch PONDERs, first found in Cambridgeshire with early Clubs/Clobbes', and with Chapmans having a "pondere" motto term.

It's interesting that HOLDers have the Death griffin on a blue Shield, for while ERIC Holder is an Obamaite fiend, Norwegian Eriks share the Neil/Nail/Nagle saltire while Irish Neils are also NIHills? Coincidence? Are we back to Fauci's NIH? This could put a whole new, vaccine-death spin on the holding theme under discussion. Neils/Nails/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers while James LeDUC is (or at least was) the chief of the Galveston National Lab. LeDuc is online having oversight at some facet of the Wuhan lab, though google is likely burying incriminating details.

LeDuc is a former U.S. Centers for Disease Control [CDC] official who once led the office responsible for preventing deaths from viral disease.

LeDuc wasn’t just speculating about the safety of the Wuhan lab. The Galveston National Lab at the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Medical Branch has a years-long relationship with the facility and its researchers.

LeDuc, who visited the Wuhan lab while it was under construction in 2017, said it is comparable in quality and safety to biosafety labs in the United State and Europe.

...Recent news about the Wuhan lab has included mentions of the Galveston National Laboratory and the medical branch’s connection to the Chinese lab.

I haven't yet come across one such news article linking the two labs even though I peruse news each day. I had to hunt google to find the article above. As was quoted earlier: "Hahn is currently the chief medical executive of the University of Texas in Houston." Something stinks. Did someone from Galveston deliberately infect researchers at Wuhan? Baytown is beside Houston, and Houston is therefore beside Galveston. Houstons were first found in the Paisley area.

I'm not familiar with Paisley-like Baisleys/Beesleys. I looked them up as per a Bay variation, and the Baisley/Beesley trefoil happens to be the one of Ice's/Ecco's...which might be God's indication that Fauci's transfer of funds to Wuhan, through ECOhealth, may have been through the Galveston lab or associated with people at Galveston. It's making sense. The Baisley/Beesley Shield is even split vertically in the colors of the horizontally-split Ice/Ecco Shield. My omen from God was as I was approaching Baytown on the interstate highway. Thew Bakewells in the Beasley write-up may have been a Baisley branch.

Ahhhh, in the evening of my being mugged in Galveston, I stayed in Crystal City (I later learned that Miss Hicks went to church there after she moved from Baytown), and while Crystals use a so-called "CALVARy" symbol, which happens to have the Bash cross in colors reversed, the CALVERs were first found in Bakewell with Baisleys/Beesleys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a set-up by God to prove that he was in my Galveston trip! This southern area of Texas, all the way east to San Antonio, was under the watch of John Bash, DoJ attorney under Trump.

Calvers even look like they have the Flatt/Flett / Float chevron, and the latter two surnames were related to Ecco-related Baisleys/Beesleys! INCREDIBLE. I've just fallen over this as I write. It's undeniably pointing to EcoHEALTH, explaining why Hicksons share the Helt Coat. PERFECT. You can verify that Miss Hicks lived in Baytown by looking up her husband, Dr. H.W. Kilpatrick of Baytown. Crystals and Pipe-branch Pepins share "Mens" with the Poppins suspect in the Curzon poppinjays, and Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with the Hicksons.

AHH MORE. The POPLar tree in the Crystal Crest suggests POPLeys because they not only have a version of the Beeston Coat, but share the Ice/Ecco eagle!!! GOOD ONE. [The problem is, Crystals don't use a poplar tree.] Eggs (Cheshire) share the eagle of Childs, first found in Hertfordshire with Nuces-related Bash's and Nuse's/Newes'. Miss Hicks lived on the Nueces river, and Hicks share the chaplet with News'/Nuces'. Chaplets were first found in Lorraine, and Lorraine's have the Child / Egg eagle too. Bee-loving Childeric married Basina of Thuringia, and bee-using Talls were first found in Thuringia. Basina must have named the Bessin, or perhaps vice-versa. Childeric's son was king Clovis, and Clubs/Clobbes', once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire (same as News'/Nuces'), are now said to be first found in Cheshire. As I said, when I needed to contact Miss Hicks after she moved away from the Nueces, I found her home listed also with Mr. Childs.

[Update Oct. 2021 -- For a while now, I've been saying that Crystals use a poplar tree for connection to surnames like "Popham." It turns out, thanks to Hall of Names, to be a fir tree, but this is even better for linking to Pepins and Pipe's because the two can be gleaned using part of the Rasmussen Coat while Rasmussens and Firs/Fire's share the same giant unicorn. Pepins and Pophams share "Mens" in their motto with Crystals (share "calvary" symbol with Moses'/Moys). I claim that Biblical Moses was named by the daughter of a Hyksos-Egyptian king, Khyan, whom I've seen on the throne immediately before king APEPI/Apophis. Those who know their history will "know" that the Exodus was well after the Hyksos ruled Egypt, but I say the evolutionist Egyptologists have got too many Egyptian kings in their historical schemes in hopes of stretching history back before the Flood, and so they thereby put their dating a little out of whack, too far back in the range of 1500 BC. I say the Hyksos ruled during the Exodus. As it's the Shake's who use a poplar tree while CUNNinghams (Ayrshire, same as KENNedys) use a "SHAKEfork," might Cunn- / Kenn-like surnames have developed after "Khyan"? Lately, Kennedy-like Kenneths/MacKenzie's have been pointing to the Apophis asteroid. End update]

The Baisleys/Beesleys are the big key in these connection to Ice's/Ecco's, and this comes on the same day that Ecco's were introduced with Ecohealth. This link would not have happened without Miss Hicks of Baytown. I'm impressed. Note that Popley-like Popoli's have the horizontally-split Schwerin Shield in colors reversed, for Schwerin is a location in Mecklenburg, location of Rostock, the latter being where Ice's/Ecco's are said to be first found. This find would not have happened had I not stayed in Crystal City, for I would not have known the POPLar tree of Crystals otherwise. Even my appearance in Crystal City is pointing to COVID themes, but especially to the founders of this criminal enterprise.

Popleys are in Mail colors and format, and while Mail variations look like they were a Mule branch, a mule is used by Italian Capote's/Capone's while Italian Capone's/Capua's were first found in Naples with Popoli's. That works nice-n-tidy. French Capote's were first found in Forez with Fauchs who in turn share thistles with Crystals.

It wasn't until writing all of the above that Baisley-like Basil came to mind. One of the first gleanings was that Hugo's, first found in Basil (Switzerland), share the Lap/Labbs and Babel/Babe mermaid, and while the babe theme is to link to Childs, I'll show you how Child liners come back to topic. But first, Mamie was on my lap at a PICnic table, and the Baisleys/Beasleys look like Pike kin. She was on my lap as the second of three events I remember that day. The first was she in the back of a PICK-up truck with Barry (Barr's of Bar-le-Duc were from Barrs of BRUNSWICK), but I wouldn't have known it had I not asked someone where Barry was. That someone lifted the hatch of the pick-up to expose them both in the truck. I've talked about the Hatch's, due to this event, sharing the Brunswick Coat, and can now add that the Base's/BAISE's, no guff, share the Hatch Coat too. I'm impressed. Base's/Baise's were first found in Lincolnshire with Lucy Taillebois, who married Ranulph le Meschin from the Basina-line Bessin.

It does seem that Baisleys were Basil liners, not necessarily meaning that the naming of Basil came first, for Basina may have predated its naming. Basina married a Merovingian king (5th century AD), and Merovingians are from the Italian Veneti living around Este. While Este's and Childs share white eagles, Bash's have the Este eagle in both colors, as do Este-related Scottish Barrs. Impressed? The other Barrs share hunting horns (different colors) with the Base's/Bassens. Impressed some more? Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine, and Lorraine's, as well as the Arms of Lorraine, share the Child eagle. That explains it. I met Mamie on my last night with Lorraine the babe, and the last time I saw Lorraine, she was carrying an infant child, a babe. I've said this many times, I'm not making it up.

Lucy may have been a Lace/Lacy liner because Irish Lace's/Lacys share the purple lion with Skiptons (Yorkshire, same as English Lacys) who in turn married the brother of Ranulph le Meschin. It just so happens that English Lacys show only pellets, ditto with English Basils/BASHalls (Yorkshire, same as Lacys)! Basels are said to have named Bashall-EAVES, and as Eaves (Lincolnshire) are also Ivers, they look like they are from IVO Taillebois, first husband of Lucy Taillebois above. Mamie sat on my lap at a picnic table with the gang sitting around a CAMPfire, and Champions/Campions share the three Eaves/Iver trefoils.

Lace's/Lacys share the purple lion with Piggs while Piggots/Piccots, reminding of the Peak location of Baisleys, use "pike heads" (= arrow heads), excellent because Pike's have a good reflection of the Baisley Coat. In their motto, Piggots/Piccots love the Foys', and then Irish Foys' share the eel with Skipton-like Shiptons (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) while Skiptons share the purple lion too. French Foys'/Foix's get interesting for sharing pellets with English Lace's/Lacys who happen to use a fret-knot while Knots/Cnuts were first found in Derbyshire with the Peak area of Beasleys.

Plus, the same French Foys'/Foix's share the Bailey stars while Piggots/Piccots have a "prest" motto term to possibly point to Peare's belly press...which pointed to fraudulent ballots while the Bellows/Ballots (Cheshire, same as Piggots/Piccots) are in the Shipton "bellows." Piggots/Piccots are said to have been lords at Broxton, and the Birds/Burds of Broxton share the flory cross of Felts to which the belly press pointed. New: I HELD her belly at the belly press, and Helds/Helts, in Broxton colors, were first found in Silesia with Brox's/Brocuffs.

The white wolf head in the Piggot/Piccot Crest looks like the wolf head of Scarfs (Yorkshire, same as Touts) due to the "Tout" motto term of Piggots/Piccots, and due also to Meschins of Cheshire in marriage to Yorkshire's Skiptons. The woman who always appeared with Fauci, Ms. Birx, always wore scarves. And the Birx-like Berks/Burghs happen to use a "foy" motto term, like the "Tout foys" phrase of Piggots/Piccots (Cheshire). Berks/Burghs were from John de Burgo of Conteville, whose granddaughter (Emma of Conteville) was mother to Hugh Lupus, earl of Cheshire. Hugh's personal wolf head was in the colors of the Scarf wolf heads, and moreover his sister was mother to Ranulph le Meschin (from the Bessin). It explains why Piggs have the Skipton lion. I get the impression that Meschins were Masci liners from PICenze, my Masci mother's birthplace. Pike's share the trefoils of BRIGhams, and BRIGHTs (Cheshire, same as Maceys) use the Macey stars. Brightons even share the Pick/Pix fitchees. Bricks share the Massey/Macey fleur-de-lys. And we saw why Baisleys/BEESleys, with a version of the Pike Coat, should link to Bessins (bees). How do you suppose that my Italian mother and I both got green eyes? Are we from the Norman Meschins?

I trace Brights to Brigantium on the Durance, and I trace "Durance" to "Turano," the latter being a river that, along with the neighboring Salto, originate from northern Abruzzo, where Mont Velino sits near the Salto, and the latter goes to Sales'/Salletts, part of the Salyes Ligures who lived on the Durance, and the likely namers of Saluzzo which the Alans of Dol married. That's why I suspect that Alice of Saluzzo was a Masci. Saluzzo's share a blue Chief with Maschi's.

French Bride's, sharing the Bright stars, and even first found in Savoy with Brigantium, have an English branch sharing the black eagle head in Crest with Mannings who in turn share the cinquefoils of Briggs. Savoy is where MANETs/Manez's were first found who share the black eagle with the Arms of L'Aquila likely because the motto of those Arms is "Immota MANET." As Meschins ruled Cheshire, where Eggs were first found, the Manet eagle can be the Ice/Ecco eagle because Brighams (Masci wing?) have trefoils colors reversed from the Ice/Egg trefoils. Half the Pike trefoils are in the colors of the Brigham trefoils, and half in the colors of the Ice/Ecco trefoils. If you look closely, there's a gold crescent on the Ice/Ecco eagle, the colors of the crescent in the Brigham Crest.

[Hicks come up as "Icke," which is a listed variation of Ice's/Ecco's. It could appear that the Hickson are using the black eagle legs of L'Aquila. I'll add to this in the next update with some proof.]

Rulers of Avesnes (Helpe river) married a noble of Campanio-like Champagne, and this has to do with French Champagne's sharing the potent pattern upon a bend with AVESNes-like Avezzano's, who named Avezzano on the Salto smack at Mont Velino. Campanio's were first found in Padua/PADOVa (ditto with Abreu's/Abruzzo's), a city near Este and closely related to Merovingians by way of the BATAVi Franks. The latter lived beside the Salian Franks who made part of Childeric's direct, Merovingian bloodline. Merovingians named Marsi of Abruzzo at the upper Salto river that named the Sale's/Sallets and Salems/Salians. Do you see how much I do for family historians, except that google hides my work, and historians want nothing to do with JeruSALEM.

Proto-Merovingians named Merowe/BEDEWE (i.e. like "Padova"), now in Sudan, and mythical Merops of Ethiopia was named after them. Abruzzo liners named EURE and Evreux, home of Eburovices/Ebroicum, the namers of York when it was called, Eboracum. That's where Lacys and Basils/Bashalls lived who named Bashall-Eaves'. Eure's (probably the Vere/Weir boar) are Ivers too while Eaves' are Ivers' too. IVO looks like an Abruzzo-line Hebrew, but don't mix Hebrews up with the one Israelite tribe of Hebrews, for there were countless Hebrew tribes. The HYKSos were Hebrews, and Hicks use an "HEURE" motto term.

Ives' were first found in Lincolnshire, and they share red roundels with Baisleys/Beasleys whom I brought to topic, in the first place, as per Miss Hick's Baytown home. It all pointed to COVID / vaccine crimes by Fauci, even as the ice-cream theme does. The Wake's that God attributed to Sleeping Beauty have red roundels too, and they are the one of Orrs/Ores' and Orells while the latter share the Ives Coat.

Miss Hicks is Charlotte, and Charlotte's are listed with French Charles' while English Charles' share the Child and Egg eagle while the Egg Coat looks like a version of the Ice/Ecco Coat while Basel-suspect Baisleys/Beasleys share the Ice/Ecco trefoil while Charles Martel and his grandson, king Charlemagne, descended from Merovingians of the Pepin kind. Pepins are suspect from the Hyksos king, Apepi/Apophis. The English Lacys and Basels share Coats, almost, and the Irish Lacys have a motto phrase, "AUGentur honores," like the "AUGET honores" of English Charles'. Charlotte Hicks moved to a home owned by Mr. Childs.

SO, we followed the Baisleys to Basils and came back around to Ice's/Ecco's sharing the Baisley trefoil. Mummolin was a Merovingian ruler of the Palace ruled also by Pepins, and while Mummolin's son was Babon, to whom Mamie pointed, Babons were first found in Suffolk with English Charles'. Babons share the black boar head with Gardens, and gardens love the Gunters while we just saw "auGENTUR." Dutch Genters/Gunters have the three Hick fleur-de-lys, and English Genters/Gunters (Oxfordshire, same as English Auge's) use GAUNTlets for the line of Gaunt/Ghent near the first-known Pepins, and Salems/Salians share the Ghent eagles, as do Bush's (Yorkshire) who have more black boars, and are in the colors and format of English Auge's. French Augets are Auge's/AUGERs too while English Augers ("aGENDo") are also Etchers while Eggs are also Edge's. I trace Edge's to the Adige river flowing near Este.

In the video below, a man starts to talk a couple of minutes in, who's speaking in 2014, yet he's talking things just like the COVID scheme now in force, and taking his views from a Rockefeller blueprint. This could evolve into the mark of the beast:

We might be better off living in a cave than in this world 10 years from now, or sooner. God has the last say on what Rockefeller goons can get away with, but then we don't know what God's last say is. The goons do pilot projects to see how powerful they are against the masses. They want to know whether the masses can resist them if they do this or that. But, so far, the masses have not proclaimed war, and so the goons don't know who would win such a game of chicken. The people have 10,000 or more per one of them, but only a few of those would be fighters. They know the people don't even need guns. Kitchen knives and baseball bats can hurt. Explosions at the local police departments and homes of governors can start to happen if the goons use those people successfully to terrorize the people. Sad, isn't it, how they can turn OUR police on us? I don't think the people will tolerate more lockdowns with COVID-19, but what will the next pandemic look like? Are you saving dried foods for your cave? Got lots of waterproof matches?

I Almost Had a Doocy of a Belly Ache

I added something to this quote from the last update:

WOW NEW: like I said, the Negro mugger was in the act of striking me in the BELLY, and Bellys happen to share the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDUCS!!! James LeDuc is the director (or something like that) of the Galveston National Lab!!! I would not have know that LeDuc's share the eight-pointed star of Bellys (Moor heads = Negroes) star had I not mentioned it recently while on the belly event with Miss Peare! Just so you know I'm not making this up, the story is in the 4th update of April, 2016, where I say:
Immediately after my head was pushed into the [rear-view] mirror, the thief raised his fake weapon and plunged it toward me, striking my bending knee (it popped out of his hand). He clasped my throat with both hands, demanding the keys that came out of my shoes.

I added that the mugger was a Negro. I added it because I wanted to study the Belly surname to see why God may have caused it to share the LeDuc star. That's when I saw the Black Moor heads in the Belly Chief. As you can see, I didn't say, in the 2016 quote, that the Negro was aiming with his weapon for my belly, as the Bellys were not likely a surname I stressed at that time, and, besides, I didn't know of James LeDuc and his Wuhan connections until the last year.

I was sitting on the passenger seat but with my back more toward the driver's seat. The Negro was partially in the vehicle enough to be at my neck, yet standing (wish at least one foot) on the curb outside the open passenger door. It should be clear to you that when he raised his weapon (a piece of plastic) to plunge it at me (I think he had both feet on the curb at that time), he was feigning a knife thrust into my mid-section or belly, for my knee was between my belly and his thrust. So, YES, the Belly surname can definitely apply here. It seems to me that God was (IS) definitely pointing to LeDuc.

I'm trying to glean what clues are in the Belly and LeDuc Coats to advance this pointer. It helps much that Bellys were first found in Moor-like Moray while the Moray Coat is virtually the LeDuc Coat. We can then go to the Baileys and their Baliol branch too, because Baileys share the Moray / LeDuc stars. We can also add that the Prets in the Moray motto share the Duck stars. Doesn't that tend to prove that the Moray / Belly star is very close to the LeDuc star? One Moray Coat no longer showing at houseofnames has the fetterLOCK, and so let's repeat from above:

Meads (once said to be first found in Somerset), with a "pret" motto term, are a MEDLey branch. MedLOCKs share the stars of Prets and Ducks (Somerset), and the third host of Fox and Friends is Peter Doocy, of the Duce bloodline that has the Duck lions. The lions of Duce's/Doocys (Staffordshire, same as Prets) are colors reversed from the Pret and Brunswick lions while Barrs of Bar-le-Duc were in Brunswick. Does this picture look like an arrow to a low-lying James LeDuc?

The Negro can help further, because Scottish Moors can be gleaned as kin of Non-loving Nagle's, and Knee-like Kness', who share the Moray stars, share "Non" in their motto with Nagle's.

Repeat: "The [Ecco-like] Eckles axes are in the colors of the axes of Battins/Badens (Somerset, same as two Axe rivers), and God may have given the Battins/Badens a human eye to pose as Ratcliffe's Intelligence services. Or, as Battins/Badens were first found in Somerset with the Baths, it's the latter show share the cross of horseshoe and BAT-using Randolphs." Horseshoe bats were manipulated and studied at Wuhan, and Randolphs happen to have been first found in Moray! Bingo. Were they working with the bellies of bats? The 'y' is like a 'g' because they have been historically interchanged. So, "Eye" could have been from an "Ege/Egg" term. The Galves lion is also the giant one of Eggertons (Cheshire, same as Eggs/Edge's.

Oh wow, there is an Ege surname (SWABia) listed with Egans, and they have crosses (like the one of Crystals and Bash's, by the way) in colors reversed from the fat Bath / Randolph Cross. The amazing thing is, the so-called emBATTled pattern is used for the divider line between the Chief and Shield so that Ege's look like they named the Eye location suspect in the eye of Battins! That's cool as ice. The Ege's happen to share the red dog head with Bramptons who in turn share the Duce/Doocy Coat! Incredible "coincidence."

The Ege's are also Eggens/Agens, like the Achens/ACHE's/Akens who in turn share the Mott/Morte and Death crescents. We could call this the belly-ache section that leads to a SLOW vaccine death, because Ache's/Achens were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers, and Slows share the Ache / Mott/Morte / Death crescents too. Acre's/Aikers (dagger branch) were first found in Cumberland with the Dockers, and German Ducks/Duckers are also Dockers. I have a story to tell about the time I wore my Docker leather shoes, which was the time that Miss Hicks came to hold my hands in church for prayer. She immediately noticed the gold ring on my right hand. I'll bet this jibes with the Ring / Ringer topic that pointed hard to Miss Hick's middle name.

Ringers/Rings have a Coat like that of English Goods while the Hicks motto is translated, "All in good time." The Moray Coat no longer showing at houseofnames had a motto, "Deum TIME," and the Morays still showing share "Tout" with Hicks. I missed this set of heraldry when Ringers/Rings came up above. What story does that seem to tell since God led me to Galveston en-route to meeting Miss Hicks? Isn't the Moray Coat a five-star version of the Duc/LeDuc Coat? Yes. Touts and Tute's can be linked to Tattons, and Tate's appear to be in the motto of Birch's/Berch's ("simpliciTATE") who looked like EARhardt kin, yet they both share the Time fleur-de-lys.

Plus, wow, while I see "EARs of wheat," used by Negro's, as part-code for EYERs/Ayers/Airs (Earhardt/Airhardt-linkable), the latter are the ones coming up as "Eyes"!!! The Negro mugger going for my belly has got to be in this. He had his hands round my neck, and German Neckers show just a pale bar, in the colors of just-two-pale-bars of Nuse's/Newes'. The latter were pointed to by the newspaper on the morning of the mugging, and as Bash's (same place as Nuse's/Newes' and Vince's/Finch's) were related to News'/Nuces', let's ad that while Ainsleys were at Basford, Basfords/Bashfords share the eagle of Aquila's.

Scottish Ayers were first found in Ayrshire, and the Arms of Ayrshire has a "shaw" motto term for Shaws (almost the Ayer / Eyer chevron-with-items), and then the English Shaws (love Vince's/Finchs") are also Sheaves' ("qui") while Wheats/Whate's (Norfolk, same as Bramtons) use what are often called, "sheaves of wheat." Plus, the gold stag head in the Wheat/Whate Chief (could be the Hicks buck head) has an ear of wheat in its mouth.

The Italian Sheaves'/Chaves' (keys to go with "qui"), first found in L'Aquila (Abruzzo capital), are the Chavez line, and Hugo Chavez may have assisted in American election fraud. The Frauds/Friths use sheaves of wheat (though they may be called, garbs, as they sometimes are, initially in honor of the Garb surname).

The Arms of L'Aquila has an "ImMOTa" motto term. And why does heraldry have the MOTTo? The Mota's must now come to topic because they are a Motel branch. My one stop in Victoria, on the morning of the mugging, had pointed with the Coffee/Coffer Crest (naked rider on dolphin) to the Arms of Taranto, the location where Motels lived. Coffers are in Wheat/What colors, and English Coffers were first found in Somerset with TARAS'/Tarrs. The naked rider on the dolphin in the Arms of Taranto is mythical Taras.

The Hicks motto traces to Abruzzo, where Italian Sheaves'/Chaves' were first found, and while there is a Portuguese Chaves/Chavez' branch sharing the same Coat, there is an Portuguese Abreu surname too while Italian Abreu's are Abruzzo's.

Instead of asking my tenants to leave when I returned from Texas to Ontario, I moved in with my employee, Miss Abreu, a Portuguese woman, who gave me a RING. Yup, when I returned to Texas. Miss Hicks came to take my hands, and noticed this ring. Miss Abreu wanted me to marry her, but I didn't want it. I wore the ring so as not to offend her, and still had it on when Miss Hicks prayed with me. The Rings/Ringsteads share the FORney chevron, as well as the scallops of the "TOUT travers" motto of FORE's/Forez's, and Hicks use "Tout" too. Forneys were first found in Languedoc, not far from the Forez mountains. Miss Hicks, about the year she saw my ring, moved to Forney. I suggested that BalFOURs, with a "FORward" motto, are using the Forney chevron in colors reversed, and while Balfours use an otter, Otters/Others, I kid you not, have a version of the Ring/Rinn/Cran Coat! That's pretty incredible.

Where was my head. I almost missed this: the Belly-like Bells (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks) are in the Ringer/Ring bell! Were BALfours/BELfours from Moray-connectable Baileys/Ballys? Or, it just can't be coincidental that while Bells share the Bellamy fesse, Bellamys share the crescents of Seatons/Sittens who in turn share "forward" with Balfours. How can all of this related to James LeDuc??? Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns and Sleeps. Seatons/Sittens, a branch of Side's and Sutys' sharing the FAUCet lion, were first found in East Lothian with VAUX's and FAUCets of FauxSIDE castle! This was the line pointed to be the ice-CREAM!

I now recall that the Balfour Crest has a "baton," and one Baton/Baston Coat (Cornwall) shares the black bat with Bath-related Randolphs! The horseshoe bats! The globalist schemers going all the way back to prime minister, Arthur Balfour, are killing people in their horseshoe-bat conspiracy, and they want to position themselves to be able to kill much more. The demons are here.

More. Miss Abreu also bought me a watch, and I was wearing it down in Texas i.e. when Miss Hicks saw my ring. The Watch surname uses WEDGE's, like the Edge variation of Ice-branch Eggs!!! I get it now. It was God who inspired Miss Abreu to buy me a watch and a ring, especially as What-like Watch's (in Shaw/SHEAVES colors and format!!!) are in the colors and format of Waits/Weights!!! I GET IT!!! I'll explain this below.

French Batons/Bastons look like kin of Birch's/Berch's, first found in Lancashire, where Washingtons were once said to be first found who descended from Cornwall's Wassa's/Wace's. It's therefore notable that Balfours share the chevron of Cornwall's Watch's/Wedge's, for while the latter point to Eggs/Edge's, Balfours look like Bell / Belly liners. [I didn't realize while writing here that "Watch" is the full motto of Ring-connectable Others/OTTERs/HOTTERs; Balfours use an otter.] When we then link BalFOURs to Fore's/Forez's, we can't ignore Fauchs, first found in Forez. AHH, by a totally lucky strike, I've just realized that French Capote's were first found in Forez with Fauchs while French Capote's almost have the Coat of French Batons/Bastons!!!! Balfours use a baton! I had shown why Cremers were at the Lombardy theater of Visconti's, and while the latter married Forez-like SFORZa's, Capote's and Batons/Bastons have the Chief-Shield color combo of Cremers and Fauchy-branch Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' in colors's all a pointer to Fauchi's horseshoe-bat conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bought me the watch as a pointer to this ringer of a job. I even stopped wearing the watch when the BATTERys conked out!!! Batters (BERKshire) share the Belly chevron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Otter/Others in the Balfour otter are said to be from nobles of Lombardy. It was ice-cream of Miss Hanson (priest-Annas suspect) that pointed to Lombardy's Crema, and it's German Hansons who have the green Visconti snake, the Sforza lion, and the lozengy Shield of Scottish Lombards (Ice/Ecco eagle per chance?). The Lombard people group did live at or around Rostock, where Ice's/Ecco's were first found. French Lombards/LUMBARds, sharing the chevron of Sforza-connectable QUINTs, even have a version of the Cremer Coat. As Italian Capote's (priest-Caiaphas suspect) are also Capone's, note that the Crest of English Capone's (Cambridgeshire, same as Jeune's sharing black fleur-de-lys with Lombards/Lumbards) shares the red lion with the Lumber/Lam/Lamb Crest. This picture is pointing to QUINTus Caepio and his granddaughter, JUNia CAEPIONis.

The canton square of Wassa's/Wace's looks related to Hicks-beloved Touts. Wedge's/Waggs (Vince/finch kin) are in the colors and format of YOO's/Yells and omen-like Omans (Suffolk, same as Ringers/Rings). The following proves yet more that Miss Hicks was the fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. The stuff in this paragraph is all new material, but the Sleeping-Beauty paragraph below is old. Why do Galveston-like Galves' share the Eggerton lion while the Worsley kin of Eggertons are also Wassa-like WASleys while Worsleys were related to the Tout- and Tute-related Tattons?

(For the record, Worsleys/Wasleys/Workesleys look like they may have named Works (or merged with them) who in turn share double fesses (different colors) with Wassa-line Washingtons. The latter were once said to be first found in Lancashire, where Worsleys/Wasleys were first found. Washingtons (Tate raven?) use the Canton/Ganton Coat in colors reversed while Wassa's have a canton square.)

Are's are listed with Scottish Ayers, and God said to me, when Sleeping Beauty was asleep, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITing FOR, it's you SHE loves, go wake HER (up)." Shee's are listed with Shea's (share Earhardt fleur-de-lys), and English Shaws/Sheaves' happen to come up as Shea's. "For" is in the Ainsley motto twice, and the Fore/Forez fesse is that also of Wheats/Whate's. What's/WHADEcocks happen to be in Wheat/Whate colors, and Waits/Weights (Watch, branch, right?, who share the Ayer / Shaw chevron, are in Quade/WADE colors. Then, unbelievably, What's/Whadecocks are in the colors and format of Stars while the latter's chevron has an eye upon it! I believe that John RatCLIFFE is a part of her waking scene, and Cliffs (share Quade/Wade wolf heads) are even said to have married Styche's (share Stick Coat).

Waits/Weights have the Traby hunting horn, I believe, because you-like Yoo's/Yells share the wheat sheaf of Traby-related Sticks. CandleSTICKs are used by Kyle's, first found in Ayrshire's CUMNoch, and wheat sheaves are used by COMINE's/Comyns (Norfolk, same as Wheats/Whate's).

Repeat from the section above at the Wheatlys/Whatlys: "When God said, "WHAT ARE you waiting for," it looks like a pointer also to Waters (connectable to Loves'/Luffs) sharing the Epstein Coat." Loves'/Luffs were once said to be first found in Suffolk, as were the Muscats who have nearly their Coat, and then Muschats (not "Muscat") were first found in Essex with the WATERs who share their Coat. "WHAT ARE you waiting for..." looks like a pointer to Waters because they share the Epstein Coat (has a sand beach), and the Sleeping-Beauty scene of the dream started with me in ocean waters off of a sandy beach. It was those blue waters that tipped me off about being at Epstein's island.

There are a few outstanding terms in what God told me in the quote above: "it's," "loves," and "go wake." The Gows/McGoo's have a Chief are in What and Wheat colors, and the fleur-de-lys in the Gow/McGoo Chief are those of Portuguese Mota's, while Italian Mota's, expected in the "Immota" motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila, share the roses of Paisleys/Pasleys (BERKshire, near Loves'/Luffs of Oxfordshire) share the triple fesses of Loves'/Luffs. Why would God point us here with her wake scene? I think it's because Bellys share the Mota roses, and also because the Wake's were kin of Orr's/Ores', first found in Renfrewshire with Paisleys/Pasleys (share thistle with the Gow/McGoo Crest).

The blue water may be a pointer to Blue's/Gorms because they were first found on the island of Arran with McCabe's/McABBE's while Abbe's share the Coat, almost, of Abbs'/EPPs. That works because Epstein worked at a Dalton school while English Daltons, sharing the Apps/Epp fesse, use Robin HOOD while I first saw Sleeping Beauty at the hood of a car as I walked out of the blue water onto the beach. English Robins (thistles) were first found in Middlesex with Abbs'/Epps! As Epstein is expected to have employed spy mole's, it's interesting that Mole's share "post funera" with English Robins.

After her hood scene, she was HOVERing inside the car, and while Hoods are Hoots too, Hooters share the giant bird leg (same colors) of HOOVERs. Then, after I woke her, we HELD each other, and Helds/Helts share the double, giant bird legs (same colors) of Hicksons. "Arran" is expected from Airaines because the latter is near ABBEville, and "AIRAINES" recalls Miss Hicks Rena name, and her connection to Rings/Rinns. The latter almost have the OTHER/Otter Coat, and I just wrote, "held EACH OTHER." There is an Each surname that might just be a branch of the Ecco variation of Ice's, or the Edge variation of Eggs.

Election-Fraudsters on the Edge

Here's Nick Moseder's message on the true heroes that discovered and exposed the fold-cheat method of election fraud:

One of the two heroes, Ken Eyring, is a Windham resident who asked a court to delay the audit due to the audit team choosing biased chiefs. He asked the judge to safeguard the machinery before the audit team could destroy data. The judge turned him down. But, lightning-quick later, the audit team had to confess to the fold-method of machine cheating, something that could become a magnificent explosion in the faces of cheats from sea to sea, and nation to nation. The machine uses folds in the ballots to grant votes to candidates that did not receive votes, usually Democrats if not always Democrats. See "fold" in my last update for some details, as well as how the Fold/Fauld surname points to this situation.

If you're patient on Bannon's Monday (24th) show, you will hear why criminal charges should be made soon. There are state "FBI's" that can do the job since the DoJ (someone's calling this the Department of Judas) won't do it. Here's what I predict: lower courts will give the good guys the victories due to the overwhelming evidence, and when the bad guys appeal to the top court, it will accept the cases whereas it refused when Trump's rightful voters needed it. SCOTUS has been the smell of a skunk an inch from its blow-hole.

To my surprise, the Arizona cheats, hand-in-hand with the DOJ, were unable to keep the audit team from re-setting up again to finish the audit. There's no doubt that the team has inspected enough ballots already to crash the cheats into prison, and they should, because there is no deterrent to such crimes as the guilty getting harsh punishments. If Democrats are stripped of much power in 2022 and even worse in 2024, who knows, the country might go toward healing, normality, and righteousness, and the last seven years might then be in more-distant future. If you just got married, or if you have young children, or if you haven't got foods prepared, or a property prepared, I'm sure you would like the sound of that.

However, try to take a guess at what the deep state criminals will do if the 2020 election is over-turned, or gets to the verge of being over-turned. I don't think anyone can guess what they will do. I don't know how a civil war could be averted unless states start to jail election-fraud criminals fast and numerous to deflate the ego of the federal deep state. As long as the deep state is confident, it will take greater illegal risks to retain power. The deep-state ego must be deflated. Kick to teeth after kick to the arse after kick to the groin must be applied fastfasfast. Who in the human world i going to do it? I have no idea.

On Monday, if I have my facts straight, we heard that four officials in a count house signed affidavits swearing to a court of law that they witnessed fraud. That number was then raised to six people = six affidavits. The issue, if I have my facts straight, concerns the Georgia election, and so see the video below where a supervisor in a Georgia count house admits on camera that she can cheat easy as pie with adjudication, and she shows us how she does it. Some people in the comments think this is an old video with "old news," but it can't be old even if its a few months old because it's wholly relevant NOW:

Here's the fold crime making the local news; see that the two machines gave Democrats fraudulent votes, not the other way around. This news channel is trying to minimize damage, not telling viewers that this could be an international problem, with voting machines in many countries wherever they are used:

New Hampshire is a Democrat state, and one could now argue that the dominoes started to fall there, so ironic for the cheats. GOOD ONE. Everyone dishonors a cheat but a cheat.

I just scrolled through some 40-50 headlines at Breitbart's page on Monday, and not one election-fraud story, not one, even after a week that developed to a pending climax. This is the biggest story in-the-works, yet Breitbart is ignoring it. WHY? I don't think I want to go back to Breitbart's page. It looks like a political animal, telling the news only in it's own spin. Apparently, just because Breitbart opposes Trump, it doesn't want to tell the election-fraud news. That's not a news organization. That's more like a criminal's accomplice. Like when Liz Harris became a leader in a door-to-door investigation of Arizona ballot fraud, youtube denied her further use of its platform so she couldn't disseminate her results, and apparently forbade her youtube partners to mention her name or work. She's just disappeared off the youtube map.

On Friday, Nick came out with someone else's new evidence of fraud that shows well at the 2nd minute. We see a read-out of election-machine activity on line 33, at 11:49 am (Windham time, to be assumed), May 12, 2021, the day the cheats started the audit. Line 33 reads, "MEM[ory] CARD RESET." It's a tad-bit concerning that they would reset the memory card to begin with, rather than running / testing the machine with the memory card the machine already had from election night, don't you think?

Line 34 reads, "SESSION START 11:50[am]," and line 35 has "PREP FOR ELECT[ion] 11:50. Line 36, still at 11:50 am, reads, "CLEAR COUNTERS." Starting back at zero votes??? Why? It looks like their first and principal objective was to wipe away the crimes and make like they never happened. Then, curiously, line 37 reads: "SESSION START 11:50 DATE 11/03/20." Look at that date, election night, November 3. How possibly can that date come on line 37 after line 36 dated May 12, 2012??? Nick suggests they were back-dating something, and perhaps they were putting the ballots through the machine again as cleanly (without fraud) as they could, and making it look like it happened on election night. That's what it looks like to me.

There's a good chance youtube will wipe the video above away when it gets as many views as makes the youtube bosses uncomfortable. They always remove incriminating videos when they go viral. Mobsters rule the Internet. That little bit of information I showed above may have ZERO way to explain away by the cheats in a court of law. If that's the case yet the FBI doesn't lay charges, then the military needs to step in and arrest the FBI boss, Joe Biden. There is no other way if Biden's DoJ refuses to lay charges in the face of obvious evidence for a major crime like this.

It Fylde So Good

I'd like to quote from an insert in the last update:

Here's something interesting I missed. WindHOUSE's are listed with Windows, and English House's/Howse's (same place as Windsors) have the Wind/Windell / WINKler cross in colors reversed. German Winklers/WINKers (gold border = VINKovci line) even have a giant lion in the colors of the lion paws of Windhouse's/Windows, and in the colors of the Windham lion heads. I'm trying to figure out whether the window slam is a pointer to Brannon Howse [as well as to Windham election fraud]. I'll let you know if anything occurs to me. NEW: WINGers/WINDgate's share a "suum cuique" phrase with Noels/Knowells/Nole's, and then German Nole's/Knolls (Shield in an hourglass shape) share the giant WINGs, roughly, of Jewish GLASS'! I slammed the window and broke the glass.

I've checked both Brannon Coats, and noticed that one shares red hands with Hands. See Hands and Palms later in this update as per the belly-press with my hand/palm. Handells (Windell-like "wandel" motto term) share the Coat of Morays, and Bellys were first found in Moray. Brannons were first found in Kilkenny with one of the two Irish Brians/BRIANTs, and they apparently share the same lion. German Brants/Brandts thus look like they share the Handell Coat. English Brants have more hands.

OH WOW!!! The red cock with red wings in the Crest of English Brants must be the cockatrice in the Crest of PRESleys/Priestlys, and as the latter share two items of the Abreu's/Abruzzo's, just go ahead and compare the latter's Coat to the Brannons who share their lion, and the lion also of PRESleys!!! The belly PRESS!!! The other Brannons share the giant Bruce lion, and I trace "Bruce/Brusi" to "Abrussi." Brannon House can thus be pointed to by the belly press, just a couple of weeks or less after the window slam.

I didn't realize until late that PREScot (Lancashire, same as Fylde) is where Windells were first found! Windells look related to Fylde's, and Singletarys, sharing white martlets with Windells, were first found in Fylde. It fylde so good? AHHHH WOW, only after saying that did I find that Prescots share the leopard faces in the Chief that are in the FELTman Chief!!! Feltmans have a "palma" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prescot is in West Derby, and I've known for a long time that Derbys (share antelope with Singletarys) have the Field/Felde Coat in colors reversed, how about that!

Later in the last update, I find that German Felds share a log with leaves (different colors) with Lindells, and Brannon Howse is allowing Mike Lindell to disseminate his nuclear election-fraud material on his TV station.

I just thought that quote above was amazing as to how it all fell out so neat and tidy, as if the heraldry had been Arranged for it by Intelligent Design. The reason I'm repeating this is for the FILES variation of Fylde's, keeping in mind that Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham so that the window slam might be a pointer to his evil. There is a FILE surname with calves, tending to explain why someone created a Veal variation with the File's. The File/Veal Coat is a calf-using version of the slam-like Salem Coat, you see. The Calf surname mentions an early Nicholas Calf of Gloucestershire, where File's/Veals and Brannon-like Brains were first found, and while Calvers were first found in Derbyshire, we just saw Windells from Fylde. Then, while Fields/Felde's, who can be for it-Feld-so-good, so to speak, share the Derby Coat in colors reversed, they (Fields/Felde's) were first found in Gloucestershire with Vile's/ neat and tidy yet again. Plus, Windham is where the fold election fraud has been discovered, and Folds are Fled-like Faulds/Falds too. Isn't that all incredible?

Now watch how the File/Veal calves take us to Nick Moseder's surname, for Moseder is the youtuber who visited Windham on the weekend, and got an on-camera admission from two auditors that the folds in the ballots were indeed causing election fraud on behalf of Democrats. We start with the Calvers of Bakewell in the Peak district of Derbyshire. We note that Bakewells were first found in Peak too, explaining why Peaks share the fleur-de-lys of Calvers. This looks like the line from the Pek river of MOESia, where I can expect the Moseder surname. The Peks share the patee cross (different colors) with Peaks, good stuff, for Peaks were first found in Essex with MUSchats (partly from a Catti tribe), and share the chevron of MUStans/Mustins, in the colors of the Muschat chevrons. Then, Muscats (not "Muschat") were first found in Suffolk with Peaks. The Mustans remind that I drove a Mustang during the belly-press and window-slam events.

Ah WATCH. "The surname Mustan was first found in Yorkshire where they held a family seat in the large village of Muston in the East Riding of that County shown at the taking of the Domesday Book in 1068 to be held by Gilbert de GHENT (Flanders) from the King. Gilbert held the Manor at that time and, conjecturally, the family are believed to be descended from this Norman noble." BLOW ME MIND as to how we got here, for GHENTs were first found in HAMPSHIRE, and they share the SALEM eagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Window SLAM is to point to Windham, New HAMPSHIRE!!! That bit of heraldry could not have happened without my Mustang, for it was the reason I found Mustans in the first place.

Muschats were first found in Essex with the Waters/Waterville's whose triple chevrons they share. There is water in the House/Howse Crest. Feltham-beloved Palms married Watterville's, and Palms were first found in Yorkshire Mustans/Mustins, and with Pinks/Pincs, from Pincum at the mouth of the Pek river. Palms share the Chief of Quints, first found in Essex too.

By some miracle, Miss Peare slept in my bed even though she was not with me anymore. I woke in the middle of the night HOLDing her while she faced away from me. My ARM was around her, with my palm was on her belly pressing gently. IT FELD SO GOOD. ARMours use arms as well as the Moray stars on a blue chevron, the colors of the chevron of Bellys (Moray). HOLDs (Lancashire, same as Fylde), who share the Pinc/Pink fitchee, are in the McLeod/CLOUD motto, and there is a cloud in the House/Howse Crest along with the water. It's more evidence that Brannon Howse is the it-felt-so-good delivery man. The Waters/Waterville's have the triple chevrons of Singletarys in colors reversed, and Singletarys were first found in Fylde. It fylde so good when I was holding her. Brannon Howse agreed to reveal the spy material (see late in Lindell's video, "Absolute Proof") suspect from John Ratcliffe (or with his blessings), and Ratcliffs were first found Bury of Salford with Holds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I get it. Lindell says he got the material January 9, a couple of days after Ratcliffe's overdue report.

For what it's worth, Mose's/Moss' were first found in Salford too, at CHAT Moss, suggesting MusCHATs.

I woke from SLEEP holding her, and Sleeps share double-white and ermined fesses with Felthams. LOUISE Phillips (her friend) was in the same bed with us, and McLeods were from Skye and Lewis while Lewis' were a Louis branch.

There's more links, for the Peak patees are shared by Diens/Dine's/Dives', first found in Sussex with the Bathursts sharing the same patees (all in the same colors). The Bathursts have a near-copy of the Feltham Coat!!! INCREDIBLE. The Tiens in the Bathurst motto are in the Squirrel/Square motto, and Holds use a squirrel, as do Howse-connectable Hazels. OHHHH WOOOOW, I've missed it all this time: the Squirrel motto, "Tiens ferme," is translated, "Hold firm"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I pulled Peare's hips toward me in the dream of a few years ago, in the act of holding her, where the sensation was identical to the it-felt-so-good of the belly-press four decades ago, she and I were on a deck, and Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with Squirrels/Square's, but I've never noticed the "Hold firm" translation of the latter's motto...until now! ZIKERS.

Bathursts share the patee of English Gardners, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, Tiens, Hurst-like Hurts/Horts, and the Gunters in the Garden motto term, "junGUNTER." This recalls my high-school friends, the Gardner brothers, who, fresh out of high school, rented a place across the street from the Gormley JUNK yard, applicable to the "JUNGunter." English Gardens look connectable to Felthams because German Gardners share the scallop of Felt-like Fleets. It's interesting here that Camps have a reflection of the English Gardner Coat because Maime became my ladyfriend at a CAMPsite, and then got her thigh symbol the next day at her garden. The window slam with Peare points to Windham, in New Hampshire, and Bill Gardner is the cheating secretary of state (of New Hampshire). Bill Gardner is overseeing the audit leader, Harri HURSTi, who can be pointed to by BatHURSTs, you see, especially as one Horst Coat is nearly the Felt Coat. This looks like a whammo-loaded paragraph with maybe a fuse on God's timer attached.

There is even a bear paw in the Squirrel/Square Crest, which is used in a different color in the Coat of Bellino's, first found in Verona with the Belli's in the Belly motto!!!!!!!!!! I've known this but I've neglected to repeat it lately.

Tiens and Peare's share the stars of Lets/Late's, the latter first found in Gloucestershire with Fields/Felds and File's/Veals (Fylde's are also Files')!!! It never ends. Late-like Ladys/Laudymans look like kin of the Anchors in the House/Howse Crest (an anchor topped by a cloud and sitting on WATER), and then French House's/Howse's use "cabbage leaves" while Cabbage's were first found in Northamptonshire with Ladys/Laudymans, Quint-branch Quince's, and Waterfords/Waterville's. Palms, who married Watterville's, share the Chief of Quints.

Tiens are the kin of Peare's, both first found in Oxfordshire with the Love's/LUFFs and HOPKINs ("priMOS"). The latter are in LUFFkin colors and format, and this is great because Hips' are shown properly as HIPKINs. Luffkins share the stars-on-chevron of Peare's and Tiens. As per "PRIMOs," it's interesting that the triple roses of Primo's (Burgundy, same as Loches'/DeLOGES and Loge's) are in the colors of the triple cinquefoils of Loches'/DeLoges', for Lindells use a log.

Love's/Luffs were once said to be first found in Suffolk with Muscats, and the two have similar Coats to show kinship. Bathursts are said to have been at MIXbury of Oxfordshire, and Mix's/Micks (share Kopp/Kope and Kope/Kobbes fleur-de-lys) happen to have triple fesses colors reversed from the same of Love's/Luffs (Oxfordshire). Suddenly, it-felt-so-good (a feeling of love) is drawing in the Love's/Luffs, but why? The other Kopps/Kope's share the German Platter Coat while English Platters and Plains/Platters were of Suffolk i.e. where Love's/Luffs were once said to be first found.

As Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton (to talk about committing a crime) at the Phoenix airport, note that Felt-like Fellers almost have the Lynch Coat.

Now watch how we get back to it-felt-so-good from Pilotte-like Platters who came up from Cope-like Kopps/Kope's, for cups are used by Pilotte's/PILLOWs. The triple bends of English Platters (Suffolk and NORFOLK) are in colors reversed with Feller-like FELTers. Why were Felters first found in Leicestershire with House-like Hose's? Didn't we just cross My-Pillow Lindell? Why were Kepke-like Keeps first found in Sussex with Pilotte-branch Pellets? Why did God put Kepke together with Christine Peare while Christine's/Christians share the Pilotte/Pillow / Pellet Coats. Wasn't she on a pillow when I pressed her belly? Hand-using FLEETs (Lincolnshire, same as Pilotte's/Pillows) almost have the Coat of FLAGs/Flecks, the latter first found in NORFOLK with PALMers. I was HOLDing her with my hand and palm when it felt so good, and Hold-loving McLeods/Clouds use FLAGs. Fleets, Flags/Flecks and Palmers all use double fesses in colors reversed to the same of FELThams and Bathursts. Fleets share the club with Bathursts, and, as I've said a few times before, I lived on Bathurst avenue in HOLLAND Landing while Fleets were first found in a Holland area of Lincolnshire.

Norfolk is also where Cressys (share Pillar/Pilot Coat) were first found who share the Slam Crest eagle, and French Cressys were first found in Burgundy with Pilote's/Pilots. Incredibly, Cressy just brought "caress" to mind because I probably caressed her belly (at least once) before I became conscious of the belly press. I therefore loaded the Caress surname (not familiar with it), and there in the Caress Crest is the Crest also of Cressys, Voters/Gothier's and Slams!!! No guff, folks, no guff at all. Cressys came up in the last update due to their Crease variation, for a Windham resident called the ballot folds, "creases." Are you not impressed with this? Windhams have a version of the Window Coat. I've been telling the window-slam story for years. Remember, this is the Giuliani eagle too, and I think Rudy Giuliani's election-fraud data should become incorporated with various coming law suits and prosecutions.

To repeat: Folds/Faulds have a "Mente" motto term while the triple Ment/Mant bends are shared by Cressy-like Cressents (Burgundy, same as French Cressys). It looks arranged by God. Folds/Faulds have a "PRAESTo" motto term looking like a possible code for Press'/Prests, for while "praESTO" can be part-code for Este's, Press'/Prests use ESToiles. The belly PRESS was a caress!

The window slam broke the glass, and Caress' share the cinquefoils of Kims, first found in Bute with Glass'. Bute's/Butts (estoiles) show a black horse head once showing (exactly) for English Este's! Zinger. It doesn't look coincidental that Belly-connectable Baileys ("patria") have nine stars in the colors of the nine cinquefoils of Caress'. We have a new clue to the belly press, the Caress surname. The one chevron of Caress' is in the colors of the three of Grace's/Grasse's. Caress' (Lancashire, same as Cars/Currs) share the chevron-with-stars of Cars/Currs.

Ahhhhhhhhh, Norfolk is also where Windhams were first found who share the lion heads of Windows and Holbeach's/Holbeche's, and while Fleet of Lincolnshire is in HolBEACH (Holland), Beach's/Beche's were first found in Hertfordshire with PRESS'/Prests. Thus, as could be expected, the belly-press can point also to Windham's election fraud. This reminds that I was holding Sleeping Beauty on a beach the second I TOUCHed her knee, and Knee's share the phoenix of Touch-branch Tufts/Tuffs. Sleeping Beauty and I were RISING while embraced, and that pointed to ARIZONa (location of Phoenix). Cool.

[Insert -- I'm writing above on Tuesday, and then on Tuesday evening I was led to the following: "Wake Technology Services, Inc., the company that has been in charge of recounting ballots as part of Senate President Karen Fann’s election audit, has left the audit team [because the work was done]. Audit spokesman Randy PULLEN told the Arizona Republic that Wake TSI’s contract ended on May 14" ( In the dream, God said to me: "What are you waiting for, it's you she LOVES, go WAKE her up." That's when I touched her knee, and Sleeping Beauty awoke. As we were then rising into the sky to portray the rising phoenix in Arizona, by what coincidence did the Wake company do the paper audit in Phoenix??? I did not know until now that the Arizona senate chose Wake.

The Wake spokesman's Pullen surname (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) is it-felt-so-good-meaningful because it's listed with Pullings/Pulits. This puts a whole new light on the knee-touch with Sleeping Beauty, a solid pointer now to Maricopa's election fraud. It felt good to be HOLDing her, and Holds are beloved of McLeods/Clouds of SKYE. She and I were rising into the SKY (rapture style) while holding each other...I've said this a million times over the past five years. Hicks translate their motto, "ALL IN GOOD time." ALLINs/Alans, first found in Shropshire with double-fesse Sleeps, happen to have a fesse in the colors of the double Wake fesses, and colors reversed from the Hick fesse.

As Hicks trace to Abruzzo elements, let's go back to "IMmota," a motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila, for while Alans trace to mount Velino of Abruzzo, Ims/Imms share the Alan fesse, colors reversed from the Hicks fesse, and Alans of Dol were near the Mott location of Mota-like Motts/Morte's. Plus, Hicksons may have black eagle legs to match the black eagle in the Arms of L'Aquila. I'll bet she's related to the Masci ancestry of my mother, born in Picenze, seven miles from L'Aquila. Hicks share gold fleur-de-lys with Masci's. Palms (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) share the Massey fleur-de-lys, and the "justus" motto term of Palms suggests Justus of Picenze-like Picenum. His daughter (Justine) married Valentinian of VINKovci, explaining the Masci WINGs, for Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire with Justine's.

MariCOPA. A cornuCOPIA is used by Wake-related Orrs/Ore's, and the latter use a "bona" motto term while Hicks use "bon." Wake's ("ora") share the red roundel in Chief with Orrs/Ore's, and Hicks use "heure." Orrs/Ore's use the piles of Guiscards/WISharts in colors reversed, and their VISconti branch were first found in Milan with Bons/Bona's. Miss Hicks is the real-life Sleeping Beauty for this and other reasons.

The article says that GENE KERN is a Wake co-founder, which might be another reason that I saw myself with only jeans on as I approached Sleeping Beauty. Jeans/Jane's share the Pullen scallops, and Kerns have two hexagrams in the colors of the same of Pero's/Perino's.

What I didn't realize while writing on Caress' is that the Burgundy Cressys have "Guy, Lord of HOUSSAY in Vermandois..." I can't understand why that would be in the write-up unless Guy was a Cressy liner. While French Houssays are listed with House's/Howse's, English Houssays/Husseys look related to English House's/Howse's, yet the Houssay/Hussey Coat is the RISING Coat in colors reversed. The Houssay/Hussey Coat is also the Arms of Pola/Pula (Istria), and Cressys with Cressents were first found in Burgundy with Poulos'. When we put this together with the Cressys/Crease's and Caress' sharing the Voter/Gothier Crest, it looks like a pointer to Mr. Poulos, founder of Dominion Voting Systems in Rising-like Arizona.

Plus, while the nuclear Lindell material is suspect from John Ratcliffe's position as chief of all U.S. Intelligence, the Ratcliffe bull head is in the Say Crest while says may have named HousSAYs. Says were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, and Risings came to topic from Sleeping Beauty's sleeping and rising. Beautys use the black bull, and her hovering level while sleeping pointed to Walerans...sharing black bull heads with Waldrons. Col. Waldron, featured on shows by Brannon Howse, is all over Arizona election fraud. Sleeping Beauty was Miss Hicks, and Hicks are said to have been at Low Leyton while Leytons/Leightons (Shropshire, same as Says) share the Say quadrants, how about that. It seems that her rising is pointing through Houssays/Husseys (Rising cross colors reversed) to Brannon Howse.

Back now to elements that came to topic with the BRANNON Howse discussion. End insert]

The "ta foy" motto phrase of BATHursts can be part-code for Taffeys/Taffs because the latter share the BATH cross. The Taffey/Taff cross is close to the same of Face's/Fessys, first found in Northamptonshire.

The Bathurst Crest has a rare club design with spike-like objects, used also by the Windell-like Wandels in the Handell motto. Repeat from above: "Brannons were first found in Kilkenny with one of the two Irish Brians/BRIANTs, and they apparently share the same lion. German Brants/Brandts thus look like they share the Handell Coat. English Brants have more hands." The Brains share a single, red pale bar with Moses'. How did that happen? Taffeys/Taffs share part of the FACE/Fessy motto, explaining why the two surnames share the same cross, and Brains show leopard FACES.

I should probably add here that while I was living on Bathurst avenue with the BENNETs as little as a month before I last saw, and spent time with, Miss Peare, Ken Bennett is a manager in the Phoenix audit while Taffeys/Taffs can be a branch of Tufts/Tuffs sharing a phoenix (different colors) with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Can this predict some associations between the Windham and Phoenix audits. While the Pek river is near Cuppae, Phoenix is in MariCOPA county. Miss Peare is Christine, and Christine's use CUPs. When I pulled her hips on the deck, it was a pointer to Jovan PULITzer of Phoenix because Hips' almost have the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat while Pullings are also PULITs.

The Kupa river is also the COLapis, suspect in the "culpa" motto term of Pullings/Pulits, and in the Culp location of Cups/Cope's. The latter's Cope branch (Northamptonshire again) can be gleaned as kin of Hands. I woke up with my hand and palm on her belly, and while Palms look like Quint kin, COLchesters (named Colchester in Essex) not only share the chevron of Quints (Essex), but red estoiles with PRESS'/Prests (Hertfordshire, beside Essex). having said that, note that while Cuppae is the "city of doves," doves (or stool pigeons) are used in conjunction with the Colchester / Quint chevron in the Fanning Coat. Ms. Fanning is a partner with Mike Lindell and Brannon Howse in disseminating the spy data mentioned above!

The window slam was to show my being upset for Kepke lying to Miss Peare about my intentions for her. She left me for him mindlessly at the window slam, you see, and he later left her for KIM Walsh. That hurt. He left Kim to go back to Peare, but left Peare soon after. That hurt double. She left me for a cheat because she believed Kepke when he accused me of being a cheat. This is like the mindless Democrats, and anti-Trumper Republicans, all pro-cheats accusing innocent parties of being the cheats. No Cheat surname comes up, but I've just found Cheatwoods/Chetwoods with almost the Coats of Chads (Norfolk) and Sheds/Scheds. Cheatwoods/Chetwoods must be arranged by God because they have a "Christus" motto term, and Christs happen to share roses in the two colors schemes of the Shed/Sched roses. Scottish Sheds have cinquefoils in colors reversed from the same as Norfolk's Bus'.

CHEAThams have a demi-griffin in Crest in the red color of the demi-lion of the Cheatwood Crest. Cheathams were first found in Salford with Ratcliffs and squirrel-using HOLDs, and then the Peare-related Tiens in the Squirrel motto may be in the "tenne" motto term of Cheathams. How about that. Hand-using Tennis' (Oxfordshire, same as Tiens, Peare's and Love's/Luffs) share the leopard faces of Peare's and Parsons, and I did watch Peare and Kepke play tennis once. Parsons were first found in Norfolk with the Fasts and with the Palmer-related Flags/Flecks in the flags of McLeods ("HOLD FAST," similar to "Hold firm" of Squirrels).

As I said, Peare and I were standing, HOLDing each other in my bedroom, when Kepke, pretending to talk with Louise in the living room with him, yelled loudly so Peare could hear: "He [me] doesn't LOVE her, he's just using her." So she looked at me, asked if it was true, but before I could say anything, left for the LIVING room (may suggest that Peare-connectable Love's/Luffs were a Living/Levin branch). I went out, slammed the window, and, turning around, saw Peare just do a little laugh, trying to defuse my anger, I suppose. But, in showing no concern at all for us to be together, it just made me decide not to fight for her; it wasn't worth it, apparently.

I just thought it was a Sign that it-felt-so-GOOD pointed to German Goods because they are also Guts, and it was my pressing Peare's gut that felt so good. As Goods look like Cottian liners, it was notable that Spanish Guts are in TUME/Tomb colors, not only because the latter's R.I.P. (on the tombstones) looks like code for royal Cottians on the RIParia river, but because a belly is also a tum. This is being repeated because Cheathams use a "tuum" motto term, what are the chances?

As Chad-related Cheatwoods were obvious kin of Sheets/Skate's (Norfolk again, same as Chads) and Skits/Skeets (Ayrshire, same as Sheds), we thus find that Cheathams were a Cheatwood branch round-about because Cheathams share the black border with gold items with Sheets/Skate's and Skits/Skeets. So, here we can glean, I think, a pointer of Peare's it-felt-so-good to election-fraud cheats. It's making good sense. The pulling of her waist / hips upon a deck was in a shopping MALL, which definitely pointed to Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire, same as Sheds/Scheds), and the latter share the split-Shield colors of Sheds/Scheds and Chads. Sheds/Scheds share the Pek patee, and while Pincum is at the mouth of the Pek river, Pincs/Pinks and Pings/Pongs/Pungs/Pagans were both first found in Yorkshire too.

Lookie: Pincs/Pinks share the lozenges of MontaCUTE's while "PER aCUTa belli" is the Belly motto. Cute's/Cutts share a white greyhound head with Spanish Guts. It tends to verify that Spanish Guts are to be included in the belly-press / belly caress. The Peks even look related to the Caress-branch Cars/Currs.

Just another repeat here: I first kissed Peare at La PALOMa, and while Spanish Paloma's share the Pero/Perino / Dance/Donnas pale bar, Italian Paloma's have a giant dove, in the colors of the dove of Pek-like PAGE's (Devon), that can trace to Cuppae off the Pek river. Pero's/Perino's happen to share the hexagram of Payens/Pagans/Pans, and so it seems that God set up that kiss to indicate that Peare liners (and probably Kiss'/Cush's) were from Hugh de Payens, grandmaster of less-than-nothing. Pincs/Pinks and Pings/PAGans were first found in Yorkshire with Dance's/Danse's (probably from king Donnus of the Cottians), and Peare loved to dance. As Dunhams/DOMENs/Dumms (Norfolk) use a DANCEtte, how can it be a coincidence that Domino's were first found in Piedmont with Dance's/Donnas (look like kin of LePage's / Page's), Pero's/Perino's, and the Cottian capital??? It appears that the belly press is pointing to Obama's role with Dominion Voting, especially as Voters are Gut-connectable Gothier's too.

Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham, and Singletarys were in Felt-connectable Fylde. Fieldings ("CreSCIT") share the Nagle Coat, and Nagle's use "VOTum," to be read, in this case, as "voTUM" too. Is that not tummy-amazing? Should we be ordering the nails for Obama's tomb? Fieldings (Cheshire, same as Bellows/BALLOT) share the Chapman/CHEPman motto, and Jeepma's/CHEPs share the BELOW Coat, though Jeepma's toss in the Goth/Gothel hexagram.

As Leon Panetta was very high in Obama's government, note that Panetta's are listed with Pinc-branch Panico's/Pane's. Pink (as per "pinkos") is the color of American communism, isn't it? The Caress Shield (not regular blue) may be done in Denham blue because the "Cura" motto term of Denhams looks like code for Cars/Currs (share Denham chevron). Early Cars/Currs are said to have been "near Jedburgh," and Jedburgh is where Denhams of Denholm lived.

Note that the "CREScit" motto term of Fieldings can be for a Caress-like surname, for the it-FELT-so-good belly press is now being viewed as a caress too. Crass'/Grasse's could apply because Grasse is a location in the theater of Guerin de Provence, and Guerins share the Payen/Pagan hexagrams. Or the Cress variation of Cressy-connectable Cressents (Ping/Pong/Pagan bends in colors reversed) could apply to the Fielding motto term. The full Fielding motto is shared by Chapmans, first found in Cambridgeshire with the News'/Nuces (chaplets) who look like they have the Chapman chevron in their Crest. From here we can go to Nuse's/Newes' because they were first found in Hertfordshire with Press'/Prests. The belly PRESS = CARESS = it Fielding so good. She was the official girlfriend of Mr. KEPke at the time of the belly press, and Chapmans are also CHEPmans. God was "messing" with my personal life, to set up situations.

Wake and StratTech Join Hands

It's Tuesday night, and I've come across the Wake Technology company that did the first leg of Maricopa's audit. The Arizona Mirror says that the Maricopa audit leaders hired another company to continue audit work, StraTech, and that some Wake employees will work with STRATech for the last leg of the audit. It could be that StraTech has a different type of expertise. One question/problem is that, with Randy Pullen being the Wake spokesman, the hips-pulling event doesn't necessarily point to Pulitzer anymore, but rather to Pullen. Or maybe both.

Strat-like Strattens (English) have a rising bird of some kind, with a motto translated, "I strive to rise again." It could sound like a mythical-phoenix theme. This is actually amazing because English Strattens were first found in Wiltshire, beside George's and Beautys of Dorset (there's a Stratton location in Dorset), and then Dutch Strattens have a Coat reflecting that of English George's who in turn share blue doves with Waistells. The hips-pulling event that pointed to Phoenix's/Fenwicks was also a waist-pointing event pointing to Waistells! The StratTech company started this set of new heraldry, and it works like a ticking time bomb. All in good time. English Strattens share the five fesses of German Ducks, and Duce's are also Duceys while Doug Ducey is the Arizona governor. Belgian George's share the Coat of English Daggers, first found in Cumberland with Dockers, and German Ducks come up as Dockers/Duckers too. Their Tucker branch were first found in Devon with Straights/Streets.

My understanding is that Wake Technology was in charge of the hand re-count, which was tortoise slow, though not necessarily the fault of Wake. I assume that Wake had other commitments after their May 14 contract, in which case they should have gone a lot faster. The people at the tables were like turtles, and most tables were empty. If waking Sleeping Beauty is supposed to be a victory, then I assume it's with Wake employees working the second leg with StraTECH. The Tech surname is listed with Pero-connectable TEASE's/Tess'/Tecks. The Waist-pull event was on a Teck-like deck which doubled as a theatrical stage, which had me asking whether this audit will become a staged production, a tease. Hmmm. Let's hope this is not the right way to view things, but Dutch Strattens are in the colors of Stage's/Staggs, and the latter were first found in Devon with Strat-like Straights/Streats. Just compare Techs/Tease's to Starts/STARatts, for Stars, in the "flaming stars" of Pero's, were first found in Wiltshire with English Strattens. How ever this is to be interpreted, it does appear that God arranged Peare-connectable Strat-like surnames to point to the Maricopa audit.

There is a Seaton location in Devon with the Straights, and the Seaton crescents are shared with Straths. As "struthios" is the Greek ostrich, it's curious that ostrich-using Beaks (Dorset, beside Strattens) are likely in the beakless eagle of DePerno-like Perins. The beakless eagle (used by HOLDens too) got called an ALLERion as code for Allers, and the latter share a red escutcheon with English Strattens (and Holdens). If Straths (Aberdeenshire, near Belly's of Moray) are sharing the Belly and Perin chevron, note that Baileys (Northumberland, same as Struthers and Perrins) share the Moray stars, for Matt DePerno is the election-fraud lawyer of Bill Bailey. Does this paragraph predict that StratTech will audit Bailey's Michigan concerns? Perins and Perno's look like the Pero's/Perino's, traceable via Pierro's/Pero's to the Ticino river of Tech-like Tecks.

Just for the record, Perrins are also PerRINGs, and they have a chevron-with-items in the colors and format of the same of Rings/RingSTEADs. Steads/STEADYs are in the colors and format of Stratten-connectable Tintons. In fact, while Tintons use "royal tents," Royals share the bend of Irish Rings/McRinns/CRANs. As I've said, Mamie in the tent with me pointed to Mamesfelde of MANSfields, in Tinton colors and format, and NOW a new thing: it just so happens that Cran-like Crauns (Suffolk, same as Mannings) share the patee of Mannings expected in the naming of Manningham of the Tongue's/Tongs whose full motto is, "Steady." Manninghams share the peacock (different color) with Maness'/Manners; the latter share a red Chief with Mens'/Mame's.

The lady who pointed to Tease's foremost was Mamie in the tent. She became my lady that very night plopping herself on my LAP uninvited when she couldn't find a seat around the CAMP fire. Who gave her the confidence to do that? I've tried to understand the lap event, with some good results, with Camps, Champions, Champagne's and other such surnames, but suddenly, Brian KEMP, has been in the news this week, the governor of Georgia who supports election cheats. I wasn't going to mention Mamie on my lap until I loaded Kemps just now to see them first found in Wiltshire with Laps and Strattens. But by then I had already seen the "tento" motto term of English Strattens.

When she sat on my lap, she sat on my legs, and Trump-connectable Leggs happen to have a "GAUDet TENTamine VirTUS" motto, as if God wants to prove to us that He created the lap and tent events that night. Yes, for "tentaMINE" looks like part-code for Mine's with Minns/Menn variations looking connectable to "God"-using Mens'/Mame's. The Legg motto can be for the TOUS' too, for they use a "man" with a "shirt," and Shirts/Shards are like the Sarde variation of Lizarts who in turn share the pale bars to be gleaned within the Mine/Minns/Men dancette. There is a Gaudet surname, but the Gauds are more interesting for being listed with Galtier's, like the Gauthier/Gothier/VOTER surname, and both were first found in Languedoc! I've got to remember this (I can't remember everything) because her sitting on my lap is pointing to voter fraud.

She was sitting on my knees too, and Knee's with their Needham branch share the Phoenix/Fenwick phoenix, how about that! StraTech is now auditing in Phoenix. And by the way, Shirts/Shards share red roundels with Wake's while I had no shirt on as I approached Sleeping Beauty, when God told me to wake her. Leggs were first found in Dumfries with Walks/WACHs. Her sitting on my lap is pointing to Wake Technology, and our sleeping in the tent an hour or two later is pointing to the Stratten motto. Amazing.

Trump is at the core of election fraud, and so is Biden, and, I kid you not, the Tous description (website no longer accessible to me) says that the man with red shirt has buttons! Bidens are listed with Buttons, first found in Hampshire with the Lise's/Liss sharing the pale bars of Lizarts/Sarde's, and the fesse of Bidens/Buttons!!! Unbelievable. The Trump stag is almost the giant one of Leggs, and the Tous' came from the Legg motto, explaining why God had to get her to sit on my legs. Again, Laps were first found in Wiltshire with Strattens, and while Knee's were first found in County Down, Downs/Douns have a stag in the colors of the Trump / Legg stag head.

I now recall my story with Rick Legge when we built a DECK together for VERNE Archibald. That's how we met Verne (the last update mentions him as my landlord). Decks/Daggers can be expected as a branch of Techs/Tecks. The third man, by the way, to build Verne's deck, was red-headed Trevor, and Trevor-connectable Tarves' may have the Shield of Dutch Tromps.

It may be off-topic, but I have a gut feeling that English Babwells/Babels, who share the pale bars of Lise's/Liss exactly, have a "GOLD gate" in Crest as a pointer to Bill Gates' involvement with ECOhealth, for while Babwells/Babels share a black, spread eagle with Ice's/Ecco's, the latter's horizontally-split Shield colors are those of German Golds. As German Babels/Babe's share a mermaid with Laps, it could be that election fraud relates closely to the COVID / vaccine criminals in their bid to control the masses. Babwells/Babels give their eagle gold talons, making it the Gauthier/Gothier/Voter eagle. The latter surname is related to Gauds/Galtier's suspect in the Legg motto. She sat on my legs, and Laps share the mermaid with German Babels.

The Golds have hunting horns in the colors of the "horn" of German Wessels, and the Wessel Shield is split vertically in the colors of the split-Gold Shield. Plus, the Crest of same-colored Bidens/Buttons is called simply, a "horn," and to-boot the English Wessels/Waistells share the garbs of WAKEfields (!!!), and the blue doves of babe-related George's (Dorset, same as Babe's). English Strattens share the red escutcheon with Briggers and Briggs, and the latter are said to have been first found at Wakefield!!! StraTech and Wake Technology! Peare's waist-pull, which took place on a wooden DECK, already pointed to Phoenix fraud, where Wake Tech started the audit! I even remember that Roxanne was my ladyfriend while building Verne's DECK, and I remember that she would serve ICE TEA to Rick and I!!! I've said that before, but didn't have any reason to point it to Ice's/Ecco's as I do now. I had pointed the ice tea to Tea's because they are listed with Tease's/Thys'. The Tease's/Techs are also Tess', and Tiss' (expected as Shirt/Shard kin and thus linkable round-about to Bidens) were first found in Hampshire too.

Archibalds (look related to Roxburghs and Horsts) were first found in ROXburghshire, and this can apply to ROXanne. After building Verne's deck, he became my landlord, but Roxanne BENNETT I moved into her parents' place (on Bathurst avenue) for the winter. Ken Bennett is the liaison / manager for the Phoenix audit. Much of my life has been Arranged as a pointer to election fraud and related mobster schemes that God is going to expose and finally repay.

Tea's/Tease's (Annas kin) were first found in Nottinghamshire with Mamesfelde of MANSfields, and Mannings (Tea/Tease and Tache/Tash/Taque colors) share the cinquefoil of Tache's/Tash's/Taque's (Suffolk, same as Mannings) in the motto of PEERless'/Napiers who in turn have the Annan saltire, in colors reversed from the Tease/Tech saltire. See anything as conspicuous as 2020 election fraud? Got 20-20 vision yet? The same cinquefoil is with Briggs, and they put it on a red escutcheon, the Stratten symbol too. StraTECH. Peerless'/Napiers were first found in Perthshire with the Mens'/Mame's of Glenlyon, and Mamie owned the tease symbol from our tent event. Napiers are suspect from the Naparis river of the ROXolani.

Hmm, is StratTech going to do the audit also in Georgia? English George's are the ones with a Coat reflective of the Dutch Stratten Coat. The impetus for a Georgia audit now is from Vernon Jones, and Vernons share the fesse of Dutch Strattens, and gold garbs with English Strattens. Hmm. George's use three gold items on a blue fesse, same as Vernons. Vernon Jones is running to replace Brian Kemp as governor. Note how VERNE Archibald became a topic shortly above. I lived at Verne's twice, and the second time was at the very end of my two-month relationship with Mamie. As I said many times, that second time, which was temporary, had me move out to Hunt street where lived a TAXi dispatcher who got me a job as a taxi driver. Tax's/Dachs smack of Techs/Tecks, and they happen to share the same-colored saltire! ZOWIE. Verne Archibald is pointing to Arizona fraud.

Those of you who know my stories with Mamie know that, the only thing I remember, after Mamie sat on my lap, is the spreading out of the sleeping bag in her TENT, and us getting in. That's where she teased me. And so I've now got to reason that God set that event up because the Wiltshire Strattens (beside Tints) use a "TENTo" motto term, what are the chances? The next day (after we slept in the tent), Mamie got a thigh symbol to go with her tease symbol, because English Tease's are also Tyes'. Yet there is a Dutch Thigh/Thy surname, and it has the giant, red animal (wolf of fox) in the Goddes/Gode Coat. The latter surname is suspect in the so-called "goddess" of the Vernon Crest. English George's are from the father of Drummonds, and German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Goddes'/Gode's.

Goods/Guts share gold garbs with Vernons, Strattens and WAISTells, and while the Good/Gut Coat is shared by Stichs (Cheshire, same as Vernons) and Sticks, the latter were first found in Somerset (beside George's) with a Tintinhull location of the Tintons who use "royal tents." As I said, in the sleeping bag, I went in for a nice, warm hug, but she rejected it, and turned away from me to go to sleep, and so I had to make-do with draping my right arm around her WAIST, and that's how we went to sleep. Why do I remember this? It's exactly the position Peare and I were in at the belly press. That's how Goods and Waistells can apply to her too. It wasn't until the next morning (outside the tent) that she let me hug her (I think she was a virgin (about 20 years of age), and didn't want to start anything). I can even show how two "God" motto terms apply to the tent theme in some new heraldry never before followed.

I've never tried to load the Ashfords in the Tinton write-up. That is: "Tinton Manor Farm is located the Warehorne parish in Ashford, Kent." Kent is where Royals were first found to go with the royal tents. Ashfords (Cornwall, same as Tintons) share the double-black chevrons, in the colors of the one Tinton chevron, of Ash's (Devon, between Tintons and Tints). This reminded me of the triple chevrons, in colors reversed to these, of English Wise's (Devon), for German Wise's have the two hexagrams of Pero's/Perino's, and as the latter call them "flaming stars," it's suspect with Stars, first found in Wiltshire with Laps.

Once we get to English Wise's, we find a "SaPERE AUDE" motto, and a mace in Crest suspect with Mace's/Maceys. "'The ancient knightly family of Wise of Mount Wise in Stoke DAMEREL (DEVONPORT) was one of the oldest families in the west of England: one of this family was High Sheriff of Devonshire in 1612.'" Loading Damerels (Devon), I find nearly the Coat of Macey-connectable Masseys/Masse's, first found in Savoy with the Aude's/Audets in the Wise motto. That works. And then Devonports/Davinports (Cheshire, same as Maceys and Masseys/Maceys) are in Tinton colors and format. That was all new territory for further exploration. It may be added that while Strattens (same place as Laps) share the five Duck/Ducker fesses, Devons use ducks while Tuckers were first found in Devon.

Devonports happen to share "God" with Sinclairs, and the latter have a "THY" motto term (!!!) recalling that Thigh's/Thys have the giant, red animal of Goddes'/Gode's. Is that not amazing to go with Mamie's thigh symbol? Sinclairs were granted Roslin, in Midlothian, and Midlothian is where Mens'/MAME's (Mamie-like) were first found who share a red Chief with Damerels. MAMESfelde is a location of the MANSfields (Tinton colors and format), first found in Nottinghamshire with TEASE's/Tyes'. All these years, I've missed all of this for failing to load Ashfords (keys). The Sinclairs of Roslin came to rule Orkney, and that's where Ash-like Ass'/Assi's were first found.

[Insert -- Mamie had her BATHing suit on when she showed her most-beautiful thighs. I didn't know God does things like this, but apparently He has exceptions. She was at her garden at the time, explaining why Suits were first found in Angus with gardens and the Jardins who in turn share the Tease/Tyes stars. The point is that the thigh animal should be a wolf because Batho's/Bathers use the wolf head that (in those colors) belonged to Hugh Lupus. The GODDES/Gode wolf is colors reversed from the wolf heads of Fiddle's expected in the "FIDELis" motto term of Vernon-related Weavers. That's why the Vernon "GODDESS" (official term) holds a fiddle. Hugh Lupus is in the Vernon write-up like so: "The surname Vernon was first found in Cheshire at ShipBROOK(e), where William de Vernon was granted lands by Hugh d'Avranches..." Brooks share the Good/Gut Coat! It's also the Stick Coat while Stick-liner Astikas' married Traby, and then Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf while Scarfs share the Batho/Bather Coat.

New: a thigh is part of a leg, and while Leggs use a "Gaudet TENTamine" motto phrase, Goddess'/Gode's (share Thigh animal) have a Godet variation. The thigh-at-garden event was the day after she sat on my legs and let me sleep in her tent. Gaudets are also Godets. Gaudets/Godets were also GoDARTs, and the Crest of Brook-branch Brocks has a lion holding a "dart." End insert]

Next, I note that the DEVONport fitchees are in colors reversed from the same of Lake's, and the latter's are shared by Marble's who were in turn first found in Cheshire with Devonports and Birds/Burds (share Felt cross) Devonports were at ASTbury, and Astbury share the HIPS (and Bird/Burd) martlets, which seems relevant here because I draped an ARM around her hips in the sleeping bag. The next morning, we were wading in a LAKE, and we emBRACEd there, notable because Brace's/BRAS' (arms) have a reflection of the Lake Coat. There's a savage in the Devonport Crest, and Bra is beside SAVIGliano (Piedmont, same as Pero's and Massey-line Masci's). The lake was at a CAMP site, and Scottish Champagne's share the BRACEbridge Shield. Camps/Champs have griffin heads in the colors of the giant Marble griffin. That's new because Devonports have never been part of Mamie heraldry before.

Bracebridge's are very important due to their crozier, for one Crozier Coat is the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne, where MUMmolin ruled who was father to Babon. I'll come to Babons below, but note here that Laps (beside Babe's) share the merMAID with German Babels/Babe's. MAIDs have a form of the Monmouth Coat, and Tintons speak of a Tintern location at Monmouth, near a Tinton location. Joe Oullette pointed to Jovan Pulitzer, and Owl-like Oullette's share the bars gemel of Monmouths (and Maids) probably because Owl-like Howells were first found in Monmouthshire.

She was in her BATHing suit in the lake, and Bath is smack beside Wiltshire, where Laps and Strattens were first found, not forgetting the Straights/Streets of Devon. Baths (Somerset, same as Tints) have a cross in the colors of the similar saltire of TEASE's/Techs, and Strattens have been included as per StratTECH. When she sat on my lap, it was on my knees, and Knee's with their Needham branch have the Phoenix/Fenwick phoenix. StratTech was hired days ago to finish the AUDIT in Phoenix! Aude's/AUDETs were crossed above in "Sapere aude," and while Aude's/Audets were first found in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's, the latter have a "TREE without LEAVES" to go with the Tease/Tech leaves. The tree, thanks to "SaPERE aude," is linkable to PEARtree's sharing the SUIT/Suter fitchees (and the trump stag head). Mamie's BATHing SUIT.

She got her thigh symbol later in the day at her garden, while still in her bathing suit, and Suits/Suters were first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens and Jardins. It now gets important that the Jardin saltire is the Tease/Tech saltire in colors reversed, because Babons/Bavents, sharing the black boar head with Gardens/Jardens, have a reflection of the Wake Coat!!! StratTECH is now working with Wake employees to finish the audit!

Repeat: "I'll come to Babons below, but note here that Laps (beside Babe's) share the mermaid with German Babels/Babe's." To help prove that God is in this, Mamie pointed to Mamesfelde of MANSfields, and to the Mame variation of Mens', and the mermaid-using Nears/Menners/Manairs have this: "Further to the south in England, the Menaire, MeNEAR [caps mine], Manhire and other variants claim descent from Walter Maenhir who was listed in Devon in 1293." The Nears/Menairs were first found in Perthshire with the GlenLyon location of Lyons, and the Mens'/Mame's are said to be from "Glenylon" (spelling mistake, should be "Glenlyon"). So, as heraldry choosers didn't know Mamie would sit on my lap, the event looks like a God-provided one because the Lap mermaid is connectable to MENairs (share pheon of different colors with Maine's). Laps were first found in Wiltshire with Pero-beloved Stars, and with Strattens, which recalls the Starts/STARrats who happen to share the Jardin saltire! It's all connected very well. Jardins even share the stars of Tease's/Tyes' while German Tease's are the Techs. While Wake's use a fret-KNOT, and while Knots are listed with Cnuts while king Cnut named Nottingham, Tease's/Tyes' were first found in Nottinghamshire with the Mea's/Meigh's whose boars, in colors reversed, would be red, the color of the Babon/Bavent boar heads. Let's also add that a FRET-knot can play to Frauds/Friths i.e. fraudulent ballots. We need to treat Knots/Cnuts with some respect here for being in the Wake Crest, for Wake Technology was inspecting fraudulent ballots.

Knots/Cnuts were first found in Derbyshire with a Peak district. Derbyshire is beside Cheshire, the latter being where Marble's and Vernons were first found, and where Hazels were, for a decade or more, said to be first found who share the Vernon fesse and the Knot/Cnut crescents. Hazels are now said to have been first found in Devon, which named Devonports (Cheshire). It's the English Wise's (Devon) who were at Devonport, and who use "sapere aude." The Devonports (Cheshire, same as Marble's) have the Marble / Lake fitchees in colors reversed, and German Weis'/WISE's and Wies' both have versions of the Peak Crest, though Peaks use a red heart, symbol of French Sauvage's, first found in CHAMPagne. All three surnames have a pair of white wings with an item between them, as do Nutts/Knutts who are in squirrels "cracking a NUT." The Hazels, early in Cheshire, where Savage's were first found who are in the Devonport Crest, may have such a squirrel, for there is something between the squirrel's mouth and paws. What are the chances that Hazels share the Lindell leaves?

We wouldn't have arrived to all of this had I not checked (for the first time) the Ashfords in the Tinton write-up, which lead to Devonports (Tinton colors and format), all because I slept in a tent at a campsite with Mamie whom I believe was used extensively by God to point to many things. We did WAKE up together in that tent. Wake-beloved Knots/Cnuts were at Peak of Derbyshire. Champs/Camps have griffin heads in the colors of the Marble griffin, and so here's from the Marble write-up: "...Robert of Stockport. This is most likely the earliest scion of the Marple family name. He sold the estate to Sir GEORGE VERNON, known as 'The King of the PEAK' Chief of one those rugged east Cheshire families who controlled the forests of Cheshire and Derbyshire." There's a lot to digest there, especially George Vernon because Vernons are connectable to Hazels sharing the Knot/Cnut crescents (good reason to see a nut with the Hazel squirrel).

VERNON Jones is of GEORGia, and George's have a version of the Vernon fesse-with-items. Vernons Jones is going after Mr. KEMP's job. Coincidence, or was I at a campsite with Mamie for a pointer to the Georgia election fraud? The Champ/Camp write-up: "'...There are also Camps in Derbyshire. The Derbyshire Camps are now established in the Derby district.'"

I wrote the above before checking Campo's, and they share the Vernon / George / Hazel fesse. I also checked Belgian Champions because they share the Start/Starrat / Jardin saltire. It again begs whether StratTech will go on from Phoenix to do the Georgia audit. The campsite is starting to point to election fraud, but there was also my miracle marble shot that's now coming to a mentionable status. Marbles are alleys, and Alleys are a branch of Atlas' while mythical Atlas named Atlantis, and Atlanta is the location of the Georgia audit. The giant Alley / Atlas lion is that of Jones' too. Vernon JONES. As Jone's/Johns/Jones' share the Rice / Reesor Coat, while Risings point to "Arizona," we have another gleaning that the Phoenix audit might have some players in the Georgia audit now in the works. German Rice's/Rise's (Bohemia, where George's trace) even use croziers for a trace with English Croziers to the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne.

CHALONS-en-CHAMPagne can now be linked to the double-brown Atlas lion heads, for while Irish COLLINS have double-brown lions, English Collins' (share gold griffin with Marble's and Camps/Champs!) share the bend of French CHALONS, and the English Collins put the VOTER/Gothier / Pulling/Pulit/Pullen martlets on their bend!!! Mr. Pullen is the Wake spokesman, and Mummolin of Chalons-en-Champagne was father to Babon while Babons/Bavents have a version of the Wake Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! French Chalons' were first found in Burgundy with Poulos', and with Cressys who share the lion of English CREASE's/Cressy who in turn share the Voter/Gothier and Caress Crest!!! This is a slam dunk.

SLEEPing Beauty pointed to SELEPitanoi at RHIZON, beside Butua, and Caress' share the cinquefoils of Kims, first found on Bute. Butua is near the Clausula river, where Glass' (Buteshire) trace who have another mermaid. Dober is on the Clausula, and Dobys were first found in Renfrewshire with GLASgow, and with the Pollocks (almost have the Rising cross) whose saltire is from the Arms of Pola/Pula (Istria, can connect to Bute estoiles). The cross that is the Arms of Pola/Pula is the Rising cross in colors reversed. God told me to WAKE Sleeping Beauty, and Wake's love the Orrs/Ore's, first found in Renfrewshire.

Awwwwwwe WOOOOWIE. I've known for years that the Kims share the Fraser Coat i.e. both with the Caress cinquefoils. The Caress' came to topic with my assumption that I was caressing Peare's belly in the belly-PRESS. Not only do Baileys have nine stars in the colors of the nine Caress cinquefoils, but Frasers, WOOOOWIE, have a "prest" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Press' are listed with Prests, believe it or not. The belly-press was the it-felt-so-GOOD event, and "God" is in the Fraser motto. The cinquefoils on the Fraser strawberry plant are colors reversed from the same of Loches'/Loge's.

Wake's have a fret-KNOT, and Knots/Cnuts can be gleaned as the kin of Hope's in the Fraser motto. Selepitanoi lived at lake SCODra, the line to Scotts and Scoots both sharing the red border on white Shield with the Burgundy Cressys. Sleeping Beauty was HOVERing OVER a CAR when she fell asleep, and when I woke her, and Caress' share the Car chevron-with-stars. Irish Carrs almost have the Bute/Butt estoiles, but Carrs use them in the colors of the Kim / Fraser / Caress cinquefoils. If Frasers happen to use a strawberry "BUSH," note that Sleeping Beauty, Miss Hicks in real life, said to me, "you can SCOOT OVER," when I was sitting beside her at a first-anniversary memorial for 9-11.

Another interesting set of heraldry starts where "hurts" (blue roundels) are used by Dutch STRATtens. The Hurts list Horts, and Scottish Horts are the Hardys, first found near the first-known Pollocks who in turn share the saltire of Scottish Harts/Hearts. The latter's Coat is nearly the Rising Coat, and STRATech is doing Arizona at this time, and is even based in Arizona.

English Strattens use a rising bird with a motto, "RESURgere tento" ("I strive to rise again"), suggesting the Rice-branch Reesors, noting that there is also a Reesors surname with Rising-like Reason variation. It just so happens that Welsh Rice's/Rees'/Rhys' use the motto, "Secret et HARDi." Coincidence? The Welsh Reesors sharing the Rice Coat have a "melioRIS" motto that looks like code for Rise's, but it can also be understood as "meliORIS" as per the Doris'/D'Orris'/DorRISSE's sharing the Coat, essentially, of Jewish Pollocks. To set this up even better, we note that IVES' share red roundels with Wake's, Orrs/ORES', and Orrels (share Ives Coat) while the Reesor motto is "Spes melioris AEVi." If that's not enough, Ive's/Ivesons are in the colors and format of tent-using Tintons while "RESURgere TENTo" is the Stratten motto. As Wake's are definitely showing as kin of Orrs/Ores' (Renfrewshire, same as Scottish Pollocks), by what coincidence did Wake Technology leave some of its workers with StraTech in Arizona?

The Ive's/Ivesons and Ives' can be gleaned as a branch, or at least kin by marriage, of Ivers/Eure's expected in the "heure" motto term of Hicks (love the Bons/Bono's along with Orrs/Ores'). The Ivers/Eure's come up as "Gere," which was tried as per the "ResurGERE" motto term of Strattens. The Aubons/Albins (Devon again) are said to be from Eure, and Aubons are in the Windham motto. The window slam pointed to the illegal Windham creases.

Red roundels are TORTeaux, and as Orrels use them, note the Orrells of TURTon (and Dalton). St. Ives in Cornwall can explain why Ive's/Ivesons are in the colors and format of Tintons (Cornwall). As Ives' share the trefoils of English CHAMPions, note that French Champs have "ears of CORN" to go with the CORNucopia of Orrs/Ores'. The English Champs/Camps share the Corn and Cornish chevron, and zowie, another black eagle with gold talons is in the Cornish Crest. That's the Voter/Gothier / Crease/Cressy / Cressent / Slam eagle. The great thing is, the Slam Coat (probably the Stewart lion) is identical to the Cornwall Coat! The Durants in the Cornwall motto are from the SALYES Ligures on the Durance river, and one Durant Coat even shares the stars of Salem-branch Sales', and the latter even have a version of the COUGH Coat. HOODs/Hoots (Devon, same as Cornish's), in the Sleeping-Beauty dream, use a "Cornish CHOUGH." Now we know that Slams were Salem / Salome liners (I think from ancient JeruSALEM). The Cuffs sharing the Cough Coat were first found in Wiltshire with Strattens!!!

Salome's share the bend-with-stars of Vaux's/FANNs, and these stars are used by the Devon-branch Cornwalls, and by English Ducks who have lion heads in the colors of the Duce/DUCEY lions. They are red lions, the color of the giant Slam lion. English STRATtens (Wiltshire, beside Ducks) share the five fesses of German Ducks/Duckers/DOCKERs. STRATech is in Arizona, working under the oversight of Karen FANN, and working also for the purposes of Doug DUCEY (the latter delinquent is responsible to get election processes working correctly, though he's resisting). English Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Corns, at Bootle of ALLERdale, to be exact, and Allers, sharing a red escutcheon with English Strattens, were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers! The BOOTle location is great because Salome's are suspect from Salome BOETHus of the Sadducees, the line to Bute's/Butts/BOETs.

The Bootle's are expected in the bottles of Chorleys (Lancashire, same as Bootle's/Bottle's). In the latter's write-up, we find that two Chorley locations were owned by Davenports, listed with the important Devonports (Tinton colors and format) that earlier in this update clinched Mamie with pointers to election fraud. English Strattens are the ones with a "TENTo" motto term.

Election Fraud News

Below is Nick Moseder with his folded-ballot story on Tuesday. To explain what he's saying, he's got all four Republicans voted in, and then shows a fold on a Democrat candidate's name who is competing with one of the four Republicans. The machine gives the Democrat a vote too thanks to the fold on her name, resulting in an overvote, which is when a voter votes for both competing candidates. However, according to the cheats themselves, the machine didn't spoil only the vote of the one Republican that was in competition with the Democrat on the fold line, but all four Republicans on the convenient of the machine to grant this gift to Democrats.

Put it this way. It seems a no brainer that if a voter votes for both Trump and Biden, the scanning machine should rightly disqualify that ballot, or at least spit it out for human examination, whereafter the human disqualifies it. But what the cheats did is to program some of the machines to view the crease as a vote, and they arranged the crease to go through Biden's name, for argument's sake, wherefore the scanner rejects the ballot because it's got both a Trump and Biden vote even though the voter voted only for Trump. Biden doesn't get the vote, but Trump loses one.

HOWEVER, the machine is not supposed to count the ballot as a no vote, but rather is supposed to spit the ballot out for human inspection, and so if these so-called overvote ballots were finalized as no-votes, then we expect that a human(s) was responsible for it too, as well as the machine that started the process. The cheats then need to explain why both the machine and the adjudicating humans let good ballots slip into the spoiled heap, and they obviously don't want to give such a smoking bullet to the Republicans in case they do an audit. In other words, they would want to eliminate the adjudicating human, but to do so would be a smoking bullet, anyway, because there's an obvious cheat-motive behind it.

Jovan Pulitzer seemed to be saying that the machines did NOT spit out the overvote ballots. In other words, why program the machine to spit the ballots out for human eyes, taking the chance that an honest human might not toss the ballot (as the cheats wish), or taking the chance that a dishonest human might be charged with a crime for tossing perfectly-good ballots. The machines, apparently, were programmed not to count the vote while not allowing any human to know it. This was verified this week deep into Nick Moseder's live presentation on Saturday (link later in this update).

Nick has some great news in the second half of this video:

Nick shows that overvotes are elsewhere besides Windham, and then shows how to identify the criminally-programmed tabulator machines. Good job. He shows that only Machine 2 (out of four machines total) read the folds as Democrat votes so as to spoil ballots that had Republican votes. Machine 2 also gave Democrats votes they did not actually get. This insight could flip even Democrat-traditional states. I heard that youtube banned Liz Harris, and so why should we expect Nick to survive after this? It's why a miracle is needed to ruin the mouths of those who gag mouths. God is needed to make the teeth fall out of the mouths of His enemies, as when their words no longer have teeth because nobody trusts them any longer. The big-tech dopes are doing really well to give themselves just that kind of "reputation," just as the big media have been doing for years. All's going well. They commit crimes, we expose them.

This fold problem calls for Jovan's scanning machines to do audits EVERYWHERE. His machine specializes on the paper.

Liz Harris is back with her youtube channel, Liz Harris Realty. She's still live-streaming the Maricopa audit.

With RINO's not talking about election fraud at all when it's getting highly exciting, Lindell sounds delusional when he says this week that he'll have a case before the U.S. supreme court in about five or six weeks. What he means is that his lawyers will file a case by that time. Lindell feels confident that the spy material in his possession will give the top court no choice but to first accept, and then to uphold, the case.

Quinton has a Pennsylvania update:

I will now call Karen Fann a witch for the second time. Nick can't say it any better to explain what I mean:

Karen Fann is cutting a deal with the criminal enemy, and is now hoping she doesn't need to demand the routers (with the proper, legal force) that will send the enemy to a criminal court. The routers are EVERYTHING for exposing the extent of fraud, and the guilty parties in and outside of the state, perhaps even outside the country. UNACCEPTABLE. FANN IS A MAKE-IT-LOOK-GOOD TRAITOR with a short, stubby RINO horn. The country cannot get fixed with this type of leader. We saw Trump do the same when he wore a short, stubby RINO horn to make the long-horned RINOs happier. Right is right. One must do what's right and close ears to those who pander to criminality in government. Judging from this show of weakness, or whatever it is, the entire audit may go the way of a compromised farce.

For all the nine days that the audit was on freeze, Fann and her senate apparently did NOTHING to get the routers or the password into the machines. We heard nothing until Nick's message above. Ken Bennett doesn't make the decisions in this matter. It's Karen Fann's responsibility to satisfy the FULL audit that a judge gave FULL permission for, including the routers and an internal-machine investigation. Fann is the IDIOT who allowed the audit to be done off-site of the cheat house, and now the cheats are blaming the audit team for ruining the machines and deleting the election data to frame the county, etc., as was expected they would. Don't celebrate this audit yet; the mobsters have another couple of months, at least, to threaten Fann into compliance before the official results are publicized. The only good news here may be that Lindell has all the router information in his possession.

Kelli Ward even admitted that, if the people didn't force the senate's hand, the senate was going to let the cheats get away with it without an audit. She didn't phrase it that way, but when she said that the people deserve credit for making the senate act, she also implied that the senate was doing nothing at the time. The senate acted only for fear of being voted out in the next election, not because it's the right and very-necessary thing to do. Fann is staging the audit to make it look good. That's why she publicized her letter to the cheats, to make it look like she, a fluff-fluff, was being tough. She's probably forced the audit team to comply with certain of her wishes, or the wishes of other senators. The people have lots of time to change her attitude, and people outside of Arizona have a right to get involved too, for this is a national story touching the national heart, and the national nerve. If the cheats are threatening her successfully, the voters may as well threaten her too, because she's being a criminal accomplice. She's allowing the criminals to obstruct justice.

Out of the darkness reported, Friday, that there is an official investigation of Dominion machines, on the up-swing, in Pennsylvania's Luzerne county.

On May 28 (Friday), there was scheduled, by judge Amero, a one-day audit in Georgia. But the cheats amassed some legal challenges before this judge on Thursday (sweating buckets), and so he's forced to put a hold on the audit until these new "concerns" are considered. If I were the judge, I would think that, the more-massive the push to halt the audit, the bigger the audit should be. In the video below on that topic, I learned that Mr. Samuel is one of the criminal attorneys hired by the cheats to stop the audit, and so it's interesting that Samuels' share the red squirrel with Decks, for Peare's it-felt-so-good was on a deck. Her other it-felt-so-good was the belly-press, and while Fullers share the beacon with German Belli's as well as the three-and-three pale bars of Italian Belli's as triple fesses, the video also reveals that a Regina Fuller is the one who told everyone to go home on election night when the cheats thereafter worked alone to pile-on for Biden fake ballots to get him the victory.

COVID Wackos

Here's the third Alberta pastor, Tim Stevens, who was jailed by the iron-hand wackos in the government. I suggest you hear this pastor, fresh out of jail, to discover what governments have evolved into, with no prospect of their become sane. Demons have evolved minds in power over the years, and we are now seeing the fruits:

Isn't it pathetic that most other churches are obeying the iron fists even though they are pushing a false-virus scheme. This is how I imagined Canadian church leaders to be starting about 30 years ago or so. Now I know it's true. They have no zeal to stand up for Jesus as this country goes to satan. They just want church to go on, probably for the pay cheques. What else? I have little confidence in Canadian Christians, now more than ever. They could even be the mask goons. I sure hope not. We must not become goodie-goodie according to evil governments. We must instead resist them, even rebuke them if warranted, because of their evil.

This pastor did what he had to do. It wasn't sweet in a high-security prison for a few days, but he got a court date, and that's what other pastors should be doing in the 1000s across this continent, and 1000s more Europe wide, and in all countries where there is an iron COVID hand. Mr. Stevens is the third pastor to state that NOBODY in his church has been sick, and certainly not hospitalized. That's because COVID is a hoax. It's just a flu that has long passed for this year, yet the safer it is for the public to gather, the more-strict the government wackos are making things, now going into the summer, to deceive the masses. These are the masses they are commissioned to flock, but instead of acting the shepherds, the wackos have become deranged wolves. No exaggeration.

News on Wuhan is now focusing on Trump's state department's word-out that three Wuhan lab workers got very sick back in the fall of 2019. This report may have been untrue, a faked story from American Intelligence who sought to blame Wuhan for the pandemic hoax. My guess is that Americans started the COVID infection, not necessarily from Wuhan, by using a virus from the Wuhan lab. This virus may have been taken to various countries to spread the infection in several places at once, but it may have fizzled out, to be replaced by regular flus that were propped up, by the hoaxers, as COVID illnesses. This planned hoax is a concerted effort from many national leaderships of the liberal kind, IT'S SO OBVIOUS. Chinese authorities may have given the wink to American Democrats to start the spread of the lab virus, but that's not necessarily true. This paragraph has my conspiracy theory, but it's okay to make theories, I'm not a nut to do so. It's okay to guess and be wrong. Guessing / theory-making is good when facts are few to go on. Discoveries are made by guessing. Develop a theory, pursue it, and see where it leads.


Beware faked videos telling of too-weird / too-impossible effects of the vaccines. For example, in the video below, the man shows a light bulb going on when it's placed over his needle-hole spot, but as this seems impossible, he must have an electrical wire under his sleeve (that's why he's doing it with sleeve on) that's rigged to pass electrical power into the bulb:

I'm convinced that the vaccines do cause magnetic attraction. Beware bitchute, lots of horrible channels with low-lives and deceivers.

Just as the cat is out of the bag concerning magnetism in vaccines, global-pig WHO suggests the Canada to ship its vaccines to low-income nations. Meanwhile, the United States is shipping theirs to Canada. It appears that vaccines are hot potatoes now. Things are looking much better for skirting mandatory vaccines, but it's too early to celebrate.

Bitchute featured a Tucker-Carlson video on the lab-leak story for his Monday-night show, and the next time I loaded bitchute's home page, three or four minutes later, the video was gone. I see this often, bitchute just removing videos soon after they pop up. Second-level bitchute screeners must be removing them. Why doesn't bitchute want the lab-leak theory out there? Is this what the COVID-crime bosses fear most? Probably. Having no choice now, Fauci says on TV that he's in favor of a lab-leak investigation...yeah sure, so long as WHO or some other Fauci-friendly group does the investigation, as one does a 9-11 investigation to cover the crimes and not allow anyone else to have the data.

Let's not be naive, people. let's not blame China for the COVID scheme, because the wolves are in our midst who are destroying the regular flow of typical, daily life. Our own countries are ignoring the realities, and feeding us trash, while committing crimes against us in the name of COVID, and handing us a dim future, if possible. I cannot understand why the huge masses don't just bust their chops. Where are the marches in the millions of people? What's with the small "freedom" gatherings where the dirty cops get the upper hand handing out expensive tickets? ORGANIZE BIG, MOVE ON IT, clobber the political criminals in the chops. How long are the masses going to put up with this impish treatment? Get out your stun guns, people, and taser the cops with your loud voices. When they go to bed at night, they must hear your loud voices, of earlier in the day, still ringing in their ears and jiggling their nerves. This is no time for peaceful marches. MAKE SOME NOISE, SHOW ANGER, for the situation demands it. The powers have lied and lied and lied, and are yet committed to ruining the normal world that is itself a daily struggle to begin with. You don't need political brats and brutes making it much harder.

I apologize for the way in which Project Veritas screens the voices of whistle blowers, making the voices sound demonic, but, if you can tolerate it, here's a new whistle blower, now against the vaccine scheming of big tech. The first whistle-blower correctly compares facebook to an abusive / wrong / sick husband who won't let the wife (some facebook users) have her different and better opinion:

Whatever happened to WikiLeaks?

Look at how small this gathering is, yet note the NOISE. If only there were a million making such noise at once. The parents are beside themselves because downtown Toronto is using ice-cream to lure children for vaccinations. Canada is trying to vaccinate children now with police assistance, GREAT SHAME.

Did you hear the man? No parental consent needed to vaccinate children. Why is there not a half-million people out there? Because, they have no media power in situations like this. The state media won't give them their sirens. Look at those disgusting cops concerned about keeping their jobs rather than making a stand with the people who are waaaay in the right. Where are the good lawyers taking the government to court speedily for this? I am so upset with the violations I'm seeing. This is mandatory vaccination of the worst kind, just when I thought Canada wouldn't require it for anyone. Ontario is a child molester with-police-state protection.

A U.S. senator (Rubio) this week asked Fauci why a naturally-occurring virus should be his choice to explain COVID-19 rather than a lab leak? Fauci's answer is that it stands to reason because a previous SARS virus, as well as HIV, are from natural-occurring spreads from animals to humans. BUT, in my eyes, I read him as confessing that SARS and HIV were likewise lab leaks, and that the conspirators were able to frame the leaks as naturally-occurring events. Why not entertain this view?

Tucker Carlson's Monday show says Thailand government sent letter to Fauci and China regarding ill people from the Wuhan lab at the time of the outbreak. I suggest that a very-harsh virus did get out, and was planted in various places, but that it fizzled out by the warm whether in June. The official COVID deaths after that were just regular flus, other lung illnesses, and false-positives on people who died of other, non-flu-like causes. That makes the most sense, and I also think that certain, money-hungry, globalist-committed governments deliberately killed the aged and weak to save tax dollars, followed by vaccinations that will weaken / destroy fertility in many, both male and female.

If you have time and want to see a few games (but crimes) that the Windham audit team is playing, here's over an hour of Nick Moseder, with a few laughs to boot. Nick and his team in New Hampshire have caught other towns, besides Windham, with way too many overvotes, making it necessary for someone to do an audit to check ballots for folds over the names of Democrat candidates. Nick's team is revealing a newly-discovered, criminal conspiracy. Start at 1hr-21min for that story.

Below is Nick Moseder's live presentation on Saturday featuring the Windham audit team trying to convince the people that they did a satisfactory audit. They did not. They did an audit only of a sampling of votes, but we can guess correctly that the cheats will always try to know beforehand, or to find afterhand, exactly where in the ballot pile the cheated ballots are, and thus they can possibly assure that some or most of those ballots never become a part of an audited sampling.

Hursti said he had to leave as soon as Nick introduced Machine-2 anomalies, and Stark said there was nothing wrong with Machine 2 because it was fed almost all of the mail-in ballots, explaining why Biden got most the votes in Machine 2. This is the video confirming that the ballots with folds, that were spoiled as overvotes my Machine 2, were NOT spit out for human adjudication, the smoking gun for systemic fraud...that may be in play in areas all over the nation or world. It is proof of fraud to program a machine to spoil votes without human confirmation, and the blame for this is falling on the machine companies. The people in this video are not stressing that argument.

Mr. Stark says that the tabulator machine had to be re-booted on May 12 to make it think it was election night. That's his explanation for why the insertion of a memory card on May 12 (during the audit) back-dated the machine to election night. That is, just before the audit team was about to run all ballots through all four machines again, the claim is that it couldn't be done unless that machines thought it was November 3, election night. It seems like a logical explanation, but it may not be true, just smoke and mirrors, for one can program a machine to do a count on any day. For example, the next election won't be on November 3, and so the date needs to be re-entered at the next election. No problem. The audit team was expected to enter May 12 as the new "election" day for the audit. By entering November 3 for the audit test, it looks like they were running in the ballots again to make a second version of election night, minus many faked ballots.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

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