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May 18 - 24, 2021

Next Up in Heraldic Pointers, Vernon Jones of Georgia
Heraldry Saw the Folded Ballots of Windham
Inexplicable Magnetic Material From Vaccine Shots Looks Real to Me

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

This ween, Matthew DePerno lost his much-valued drive in the court of a "judge" who wouldn't allow his case to go forward. Another travesty of justice. We shall need to see where Bailey and DePerno go from here. I was hopeful that the belly event with Miss Peare (see last couple of updates for "belly") would provide something good with Bailey's case.

I want to go back to my event with Miss Peare where I slammed the window in front of she and Mr. Kepke. This event was treated in my first update of this month (two updates ago). I didn't introduce the slam-like Salem surname, which came to mind until the middle of this week. It's completely interesting, for God can point to multiple things with the props used in any one event. Salems, listed with Salemans (Salmon colors), are said to have been lords of CATERham. As I trace Catters to the Biblical Keturah with good evidence, by what coincidence was she the wife of Abraham who lived in Hebron? For, while I have felt certain that Mr. Kepke points to the Keep surname, the Hebrons surname has a "Keep" motto code for the Keeps. (Load Salem link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms that follow.)

Plus, Hebron is near to the west of JeruSALEM, which was called, "Salem, in days before Israelites arrived. Before the time of king David, Jerusalem was inhabited by Jeep-like Jebusites, and then Jeepma's, with variations like "Jabesh" on the east side of the Jordan river, are also Keep-like Cheps. I SLAMmed the window in anger due to what Kepke said about me to Miss Peare. Coincidence?

As I showed, the Window surname was kin to Fiens/Finis', who are in the "fie en" motto phrase of Window-like Windsors, and the latter have Windsor Berkshire, where Catters (fish, symbol of mythical KODRos) were first found who probably became married to Salem liners. I therefore take it that God used the window-slam event to show us that Salems, Salmons and Sales' (share the Salem bend) were from non-Israelites of Jerusalem and Hebron. Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire, which itself included parts of Berkshire at one time, and Oxfordshire is where Amore's / Damory/Amori's were first found while Amorites lived in Jerusalem from pre-Moses times. In fact, Abraham lived in Hebron with Amorites.

Abraham was in some relationship with the ANAKi of Hebron, and the Italian Amori's share the star of ANNAS'. Bellys were first found in MORay. The Amori's were first found in SARDinia with Avezzano's, and the latter were likely a branch of GARB-using Avisons while Mount GAREB was less than two miles from Old Jerusalem. I trace Shirts/SHARDs to SARDinians, and the man in the Tous/Tosini Coat is said to be wearing a shirt with BUTTONs, though my first point is that Tous'/Tosini's share the eight-pointed stars of Mauri's/Maurino's, that being like the Amori's/Amorino's of Sardinia. There was a Visconti branch in Sardinia, and then another Visconti branch in Milan, where Mauri's/Maurino's were first found who show a Maurel variation. French Maurels share the fleur-de-lys of Amori's/Amorino's.

Avezzano happens to be in MARUVium, land of Italian Merovingians, though called, Marsi in that area. Does this mean that Amorites became the Marsi as well as the Marici of Pavia? Avezzano is on the SALTo river, and the Sales' -- who share the bend of Salems/Salemans -- are also SALLETTs, can you believe this? Pavia is where Peare-liner Pierro's/PERICHs/Pero's were first found, and the LAEVi Gauls (predated Jesus in Pavia) who co-founded Pavia with Marici thus look like Old-Testament Levites-by-blood from Israel. It's amazing how much one window slam can teach historians.

I broke the glass when slamming the window, and Glass', sharing the mermaid in Crest with Morays, were first found in BUTEshire while English Butts/Bute's have a version of the Mauri/Amaurino Coat, how about that. The Botters/Botts/BUDINs have an eagle on a PERCH, which is why "Perich's are capitalized above. The Tous man with shirt and buttons. "Tous" is a motto term of Bleds, and Bled is a location on the upper Sava next to the Japodes. Jeepma's/Cheps are also Jepps/Jappa's, suspect from Jebusite-like Jabesh, and perhaps even Joppa in northern Israel.

Botters/Botts were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Biden who in turn share the fesse of German Butts/Bute's/BOETs (fish), whom look like they are from the Sadducee house of BOETHus. The Sadducees were required to be Levites, and thus they seem to descend from Laevi Gauls in some way. Keeps were first found in Sussex with Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks. The Boethus house of Sadducees included SALOME Boethus. The window SLAM at our service. The Salome surname shares the stars-on-bend of Vaux's/Vallibus, the latter first found in East Lothian with Keiths/Mascals and Musselburgh, and then Saddocks/Sedgewicks have the escutcheon of Mascals (Sussex, same as Saddocks/Sedgewicks) in colors reversed. See anything suspicious?

Although I haven't been able to prove it, I expect the line of Joseph Caiaphas, from Quintus Caepio. Caiaphas and his father-in-law, both Sadducees and high priests of Israel, conspired to kill Jesus, and they succeeded. We saw the Annas surname above looking like it descended from Anaki-branch Amorites to the Amori's/Amorino's. We can now go back to the write-up of Salems/Salemans, which mentions a Selham location in Sussex's Chichester. Might the Keeps of Sussex have been in particular at Chichester? There's a good chance. The Chichester Chief happens to be the Chief of Quints, suspect from Quintus Caepio. The latter's line became Caepionis', and Capone's were first found in Cambridgeshire with CHEPmans/Chapmans who in turn share the Cheek/CHICK crescent, and with Wigans almost having the Annas Coat. The Cheek/Chick Coat is essentially the Olden/Eldon Coat in colors reversed, and Oldenburg is where Jeepma's/CHEPs were first found. Quints were first found in Essex with the Chicks/Chichs. Oldens/Eldens were first found in Westmorland with Livings/Levins, and the window slam was in my LIVING room. Elden-like Elsons (Cheshire, same as Otone's/Oltons and Salem-connectable Sales'/Salletts look like they have a star-version of the Sales/Sallett Coat. t

As I said not many updates ago, I kissed Kepke's fiancee (KIM Walsh) on her CHEEK at La PALOMA when Kepke and his brother were in the PLUMBing business, and Plumber-like PALMs likewise share the Quint / Chichester Chief. Kims were first found in Buteshire with Glass', and the latter's fleur-de-lys are colors reversed from the Palm fleur-de-lys. Plumbers/Plumers happen to share the lions of Fiens/Finis', and the Windows (Yorkshire, same as Palms) have lion paws in the colors of these lions while the blue lion paw in the Palm Crest holds a gold fitchee, like the black lion paw holding a gold fitchee in the Crest of Quints. The latter were first found in Essex with the Chicks/Chichs, and the latter's three lions are those also of James', the latter first found in Surrey with Salems. WINDOW SLAM! The Aime's/Hains expected in the James motto share the three Olden crescents.

Austins, who share the blue lion paw with Windows, share the Quint chevron. Plumbers/Plummers (probably use a palm branch), first found beside Palms of Yorkshire, even have a "ConSULTO" motto term evoking the Salto river to which Salems likely trace.

It's also interesting that while Kim Walsh lived on WOOTEN way at the time, in Marici-connectable MARKham, Odins (share Otone/Olton lion) were probably an Olden branch while mythical Odin was also, WODEN. Wootens/Wotens share the Walsh saltire. Markhams were first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas', and the latter's star is colors reversed from the stars of Glass' and Gleasons. The latter were first found in Tipperary with Sales-connectable Sullivans. This is actually amazing because while the window slam broke the window glass, Glaze's/Glasier's (Yorkshire, same as Jacks) share the Carney pheons while Art Carney was a star on the JACKey GLEASON show, and moreover the Carni people group were smack at the upper Sava with Bled and Japodes. The same pheons are used by the Lords in the GLASgow motto. Wonders never cease. The Lord cinquefoils are colors reversed from the same of Kims (Buteshire, same as Glass')! That's why she was KIM Walsh.

As I trace "Glass" to "Clausula" river, neat KOTOR, it can explain why the Chief-Shield colors of Glaze's/Glasiers are those also of Cutters/Gutters, especially as BUTua is beside Kotor. Lords are also Lauds while LADY's/LAUDymans suggest "Lady Fortune" in the KLASSen/Class Coat.

Lords were first found in Suffolk with the Clare's who have the Bled Coat in colors reversed. two of the three Clare chevrons are in use with the Clarens/LARINs/FEETERs (Keep colors), and Keeps (share ship with Clarens/Larins/Feeters) have this: "Notables of this surname at this time include: Henry Keepe (1652-1688), English antiquary, born in Feuter (now FETTER) Lane, in the parish of St. Dunstan-in-the-West, London..." The Dunstan write-up, with Dunstan, son of Heorstan, suggests that the Dunstan and Down/Doun (and Double/Dobel?) stag is that of HORtons (probably the Dunham spear), perhaps from the Horites of Edom, for "Deum time," a motto of a Moray surname, suggests Timna, the Horite of Edom who married Esau's son. Horton-like Horts are now interesting for being first found in Oxfordshire with hair-like Harcourts and Amore's / Damorys/Amori's. The latter two share the dog head (different colors) with BRAMtons, suspect from Abraham of Hebron, home of Amorites. That works. Dunhams/Downhams/Dounhams come up as Edom-like DOMens/Dumms, how interesting, especially as the latter's Coat is similar to a Hair Coat.

London is where Caiaphas-like CAPES' were first found who share the scallops of French Larins, and the latter were first found in Provence with Sardinia-like Lizarts/Sarde's. The latter share the pale bars of English Lise's/Liss' while French Lise's/Lys' were first found in Ile-de-France with CHAPPES' and Levi's. Plus, believe it or not, the double chevrons of Clarens/Larins/Feeters are shared by Scottish Lise's

This is where the WINDow slam gets to pointing possibly to New HAMPSHIRE's WINDham audit, for English Lise's/Liss' were first found in Hampshire with the Charo-loving Josephs, and Charo's are also CLARo's. These Josephs share the garbs of Avis'/Avisons (share TIPPER Crest, almost), who are in turn suspect with the "Avise" motto term of TIPPERary's Kennedys (same place as Gleasons), and than Avison-like Avezzano's were first found in SARDinia with the Amori's/Amorino's who in turn have three stars on a bend in colors reversed from the same of Gleasons. The Joseph Crest is also the Doe/Dow Crest, and WinDOWs are also WinDOE's, in case this applies. See the last update on how Sullivans (Tipperary) can trace to the namers of Sales-like Saluzzo, for while that's beside Busca, Bush's/Buschs (Yorkshire, same as Windows and Glaze's) share the black Sullivan / Edomite boar as well as the SALEM eagle. The Window SLAM can thus be a pointer to Bushites seeking to own the Republican party against a wave of Trumpists.

Roughly a couple of weeks after the window-slam event, there was Peare's belly event that has become intriguing as a compelling pointer to Bill Bailey and Peare-connectable Matt DePerno (Bailey's lawyer). Here is the duo in a video explaining what happened in the presence of the corrupt judge:

The highlight of this video is where DePerno says that the judge denied Bailey his lawful rights to an audit because the state had already done an audit. But the law does not state that a citizen (such as Bailey) can be denied his/her audit just because someone else has done one. And the one which has already done the audit is the potential cheat house itself. Therefore, with a judge revealing that he doesn't have sense enough to figure out the error of his decision, it appears that the Bailey team will appeal the decision on good grounds.

At the start of the 17th minute, Bill Bailey, who reveals himself a Christian, says that the people who discovered serious fraud mechanisms in his Michigan case are the same now doing the Arizona audit, and so these two states are connected in this way. IT IS INCREDIBLE, a real eye opener, that the Michigan judge is LITERALLY a corrupt snake protecting crime. No doubt about it. Do no under-estimate the benefits to Christians of such an exposure, for we would best know the nature exactly of the powers are who will persecute us. We need to know, from the get-go, that they are not trustworthy when they act as though they were. Though they may speak well to our faces, they are plotters by night and ambushers, trolls.

DePerno says that Antrim country has provided the country a "virtual gold mine of fraud." It sounds like his team knows some fraud mechanisms that they have not yet revealed due to playing tactical against the trolls. We Christians must seriously consider that there may be no time, no will from God, to fix the Unites States. Be open to this possibility if the times are late enough. Don't be discouraged if the United States doesn't get fixed. It doesn't look likely, with even the DoJ, Homeland Security, and the military opposed to good people, and in favor of mobster governments. American Christians are hoping God will fix the nation, ruin the mobsters, but the latter may not happen until Jesus returns, meaning that there may not be a revolutionary fix for the country as it now exists. I do not think, even if we are correct in claiming that God is intervening, that our full wishes will be granted on this side of the rapture.

About 1hr-7 minutes, Bailey says that DePerno has not taken one hour of pay! This is what God delights in. This is what God lives for, to see people offering their labor for nothing in return but the reward of ruining the wicked. I don't know what motivated Bill Bailey to bring a suit, whether it started with DePerno in the first place, or not.

Wisconsin, one of the battleground states that was robbed at the midnight hour, wants to do a state-wide audit. However, as yet, I don't know if this is being ordered by the cheats in order to feign that the election was run fairly, in efforts to combat the exposure of fraud in other states. In any case, an ex-Democrat pro-Trumper, Vernon Jones, wants to do a full (forensic) audit in Georgia. The problem is, he's asking the cheating governor of Georgia to start the audit. Jones is in the throes of replacing Brian Kemp as governor. If the people of Georgia stand behind Jones on this, there could be a decent audit before long.

Ahh, the last update crossed the Atlas surname again that I think is a pointer to Atlanta fraud. As Atlanta is the Georgia capital, note that the Jones Coat is essentially the Atlas Coat. That's interesting. If you load the Vernon surname at the link above, you get three gold items on a blue fesse, ditto with Georgia-like George's.

The Vernons were granted land by Hugh Lupus, and then while the Vernon Crest is a so-called "GODDESS" holding a fiddle under her chin, there is a Goddes/GODE Coat with a giant wolf, I assume, in the colors of the Fiddle/Fidelow wolf heads. For those of you familiar with it-felt-so-GODE in relation to Peare's belly, it's interesting that Italian Belli's were first found in Vernon-like Verona. Does Peare's belly event point also to Vernon Jones? If you enter "Jone" instead of "Jones," you'll get the English Jone/Jones Coat sharing three black ravens with the Verone surname (not "Verona"). Just a lucky strike?

The Dominion-like Dominico's (new to me) have a giant raven in the colors of the Verone ravens, and as PERNO's have a giant horse in the colors of the giant Domenico raven while Domino's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/PERINo's and Papps/Papadopoli's, it appears, NOW, that DePerno's can be linked closely to a Dominion-like surname. While "dominos going to FALL" has become a theme in Dominion-machine news, Falls/Fallis' share the Pool / Jones lion, but then as the Falls/Fallis trefoils are those of Fellers, compare the latter to the Verona Coat. The latter shares the fish of Pesce's, first found in Venice with Falls/Fallis'. Note that Papps/Papadopoli's have a variation like the surname of George PapadoPOULOS.

It's interesting that Papps/Papadopoli's came to topic with the cook, Steve Papp. If one walks out the front door of VERNE Archibald, where I once lived, and walks straight across the street and through the back yards of houses there, one would be about smack-on at the restaurant where I met Steve Papp, owned by Mr. Fix, and while Fix's are also Ficks, Archibald's happen to have a "reFICiar" motto term.

I'd like to add that Domenico's were discovered when seeing the Papadomenico variation of Papa's/PapaPIETRO's (reflects Hips Coat), and then while Pierro's/PIETRO's/Pero's (share red roses with Papa's/Papapietro's and Christs) were first found in Pavia, the latter is also, "PAPia." As the Papa/Papapietro Coat reflects that of Christs, it's notable that Christmans share the white swan with Papa's/Papapietro's (it's likely the swan in the Arms of Boulogne).

The Jone/Jones write-up traces to an early Jene surname, and while Jeans/James' share the demi-blue lion in Crest with James' (Surrey, same as Fiddle's/Fidelows), the James Shield has a smaller version of the Jones / Atlas lion. We might even point out that Verne's share the Bailey stars.

Then, Verone's share the CorBELL/Corbin Coat, and the last update showed why CoeBEILS are of the French Beils sharing the Belly chevron. These Beils use roses while Bellys were first found beside the first-known Rose's of Nairnshire. The other French Beils happen to share the fesse of English George's, and this Beil Coat shares red roses with the first Beils but puts three in the Chief, as do the CorBEIL-related English Majors. As the second Beils were first found in Burgundy with MARs/MORE's while Bellys were at Moray, I suggest the second Beils have the lion of Scottish Mars in colors reversed because Mars can be linked to Drummonds whose matriarch was the wife of George, father of Scottish Drummonds, the line to English George's.

Moray (beside Ross) is the location of Rothes castle built by Pool-branch Pollocks, explaining why Italian Corbells/Corbini's (Lucca, could be in the Glass motto) share the Coat of German Rothes'/Rothchilds. George's were first found in Dorset with Ross-branch Russells and Pools. The latter share the Atlas / Jones lion. The Verone and Corbell/Corbin Coat is essentially that of Corbieres' (Brittany, home of proto-Pollocks), and there is a Corbieres region in Aude province of France, where the "AUDacter" motto of Pollocks traces. The only entity in the Corbieres write-up is Brullon, and Brullons/Brule's are in Mar/More colors and format while using the pheons of Pilate's (Burgundy, same as Mars/More's and Beils), Lords, Glaze's/Glasiers, and CARNYs. The Carni peoples were at the upper Sava with Lesce, and I trace "Lesce" to Leslie's (Hungarians, same as Drummonds), who married Pollocks and thus became earls of Rothes. Pollocks of Rothes lived also at GLASgow, and "Lord" is a motto term of Glasgows.

Suddenly, because proto-Rockefellers were from Aude's Roquefeuil, the Mar/More and Brullon/Brule Coats look like versions of the Feller Coat, which itself shares the treFOILs of Falls/Fallis', and the latter share the giant Pool / Atlas / Jones lion.

Pilate's are also Pilotte's, and then English Pilotte's are also PILLOWs. The Vernon Coat is a reflection of the Hazel Coat, and Hazels throw in the leaves of Linds/Lindells. Mike Lindell of My Pillow??? This paragraph would be better with a compelling reason for a Hazel-Vernon link, and it just so happens that Hazels, prior to the last year, were said to be first found in Cheshire, where Vernons were first found. Vernons almost use the fesse-with-garbs of Weavers (Cheshire), and Fiddle's are in the "FIDELis" (came up with the Vernon fiddle) motto term of Weavers. As per "MY Pillow," the My's/Mea's happen to share ravens with Vernon-like Verone's. Lindells use a log for the Loge's and DeLoges' of Burgundy, where Pilate's/Pillote's were first found. My's/Mea's probably have the Newmans/Numans (Dorset, same as George's) in their motto who in turn probably share the lion of English Rothes. Newmans/Numans use "amor," bringing us back to Drummond-connectable Amore's / Damorys.

I'm assuming that Fiddle liners became FideLOWS because Lows use wolf heads too (i.e. Lows married Fiddle liners of some sort), and Lows were first found in Worcestershire with the Atlas-branch Alleys. Then, for those of you who know that the belly event with Peare included LOUISE Phillips, not that French Louis' share a Loy variation with Lows. WOOOOOW, Welsh Phillips' use a "DUCit" motto term, and so note "ALDERwasley" of Lows/Loys, for the "duce" motto term was Alders is for Duce's/Duceys while Doug Ducey is the Arizona governor at this time, the one protecting the election cheats.

For those who know that Peare's belly event was related by it-feels-so-GOOD to her waist event, note that while it pointed to Waistells/WESSELs (of Wasdale), Lows/Loys are said to have been at AlderWASLey. OH WOW, Waistells/Wessels are the ones sharing blue doves with George's above, and while the latter were compared with Vernons, the latter share the garbs of Waistells/Wessels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERFECT, and they are gold garbs, the color of the Good/Gut garbs. It appears that Miss Peare's it-felt-so-good is pointing to Vernon Jones' abilities to get an audit done, and we may add that Frauds share the Vernon garbs in both colors while the Vernon goddess holds a sickle, a symbol also of Frauds!

Although "Wasley" is listed with Worsleys, Wasleys being a branch of Wesleys/Westle's/Westleys make more sense who have a Good- / goddess-like "God is" motto phrase, and then the three Wesley/Westle scallops are in the colors of the three lions of English Goods. The latter's lion is that also of Capes' (London, near Scale's and Wesleys/Westle's), who share the three Wesley/Westle scallops. This lion is colors reversed from the SLAM/Slowan lion. The latter surname was used in the window-slam discussion in the first update of this month, where it was noted that the Slam/Slowan Crest is that Giuliani eagle too.

Ahh, the Giuliani eagle (i.e. includes gold talons) is in the Crest of DENTON (share Rodham cinquefoils), as well as in the Crest of Voters/GOTHier's/Gothie's, and then the COTTons/Coddens are said to have had a family seat at DENTON (Huntingdonshire). It appears that the Voter surname was arranged by God in a Good-related bloodline, and Voters/Gothier's even share the Pulling/Pulit martlets. Ben COTTON is a fundamental part of the forensic audit team in Maricopa/Phoenix. He recovered the files deleted by the cheats. It felt so cottony. As I've said a million times, Peare's WAIST-pulling event points to Pulitzer now, but before I knew of him, and way before the election, it pointed to Waistells, from Vestalis, son of king Cottius of the Cottian Alps. Cottonincidence?

I trace Cottians to the Cotesii peoples on the Buzau river, to the near-south of the Rimna river of Benjamins. BEN Cotton.

Apparently, the Wesleys share the Scale scallops: "Conjecturally the [Wesley/Westley] family are descended from Hardwin, a Norman noble of SCALES, who held the village of Westley from the Countess Judith..." Hardwins were first found in Cambridgeshire with Wesleys/Westleys. While English Trips use a SCALing ladder, German Trips were first found in Hamburg with Goddes'/Gode's.

Ahh, more proof that CHRISTine PEARE's belly / waist events point to Vernon Jones: VERNERs have the motto, "Pro Christo et patria," and while "Pro" is like the Pero/PERINO surname, Patria's are listed with PEARtree's. DePERNO's look like a Perino branch. "A VERo BELLO Christi" is the motto of Good-connectable Bouillons. Verners (look like Bush kin) were first found in Edinburghshire with Alders/Elders while Lows/Loys were at ALDERwasley.

Here are two videos, Part 1 and 2, showing some of how Windham has cheated:

I agree with Quinton: the "error" just admitted by Dominion Voting for Pennsylvania justifies a country-wide audit of the entire election, congressional and gubernatorial (governor's races) votes included:

Julie Green says that ONLY Republican ballots were rejected my machines in ALL Pennsylvania precincts. How can it be error after error when the errors always favor Biden? That's cheating, not error. It high-level criminality that includes the cover-up by the Justice department, it can't get any higher-level. Oh wait, IT CAN GET HIGHER BECAUSE THE SUPREME COURT REFUSES TO NAIL THE CRIMINALS and force the FBI's hand to make arrests.

By Friday, the long-awaited headline: "Breaking: Georgia Judge Calls for Forensic Audit of Fulton County Ballots After Large Discrepancies Found in Ballot Batches". Fulton country includes Atlanta. The article gives the name of the judge: "Henry County, Georgia Chief Judge Brian J. AMERO ordered Fulton County ballots unsealed in a hearing on Friday." He's ordered both parties (including the good-guy plaintiffs) to attend the ballot house on May 28 to take photos of the ballots. ZOWIE, it's to the sound of nails rammed into a coffin. The Amero surname has crescents colors reversed from those of Hazels, and it was shown that Hazels link to Vernons when speaking on Vernon Jones' Georgia announcement this week. The timing of Amero's decision seems keyed with Jones' audit announcement.

The Hazel leaves (called "hazel slips" as part-code for Islips/Haslips) are in the design and colors of the Lindell leaves, and the so-called "cabbage leaves" of French House's/Hauss' are showing in the same design. The House/Hauss leaves are in the colors and format of the sickles (though they may be called, scythes) of Sickle's probably due to the Sickle's being in the format of the Hazel- / Hauss-like Hausels using the same three, white sickles / scythes. It just so happens that a sickle is held by the Vernon goddess. Coincidence? Plus, while House's are also Howse's, Mike Lindell's knock-out evidence for election fraud was disseminated around the world from the TV studio of Brannon Howse. Coincidence?

English House's/Howse's were first found in Berkshire with the Howe's/Howes' who share wolf heads (different colors) with the Fiddle's (in the fiddle held by the Vernon goddess), and beside the first-known Islips/Haslips of Oxfordshire with Peare's, and with Amero-like Amori's and their Damory branch, hows about that! The Damorys can be gleaned as Drummond kin, and German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with goddess-like Goddes'/Gode's (looks like a wolf in Fiddle-wolf colors). It felt so good.

[Insert -- Here's something interesting I missed. WindHOUSE's are listed with Windows, and English House's/Howse's (same place as Windsors) have the Wind/Windell / Winkler cross in colors reversed. German Winklers/WINKers (gold border = VINKovci line) even have a giant lion in the colors of the lion paws of Windhouse's/Windows, and in the colors of the Windham lion heads. I'm trying to figure out whether the window slam is a pointer to Brannon Howse. I'll let you know if anything occurs to me. NEW: WINGers/WINDgate's share a "suum cuique" phrase with Noels/Knowells/Nole's, and then German Nole's/Knolls (Shield in an hourglass shape) share the giant WINGs, roughly, of Jewish GLASS'! I slammed the window and broke the glass.

I've checked both Brannon Coats, and noticed that one shares red hands with Hands. See Hands and Palms later in this update as per the belly-press with my hand/palm. Handells (Windell-like "wandel" motto term) share the Coat of Morays, and Bellys were first found in Moray. Brannons were first found in Kilkenny with one of the two Irish Brians/BRIANTs, and they apparently share the same lion. German Brants/Brandts thus look like they share the Handell Coat. English Brants have more hands.

OH WOW!!! The red cock with red wings in the Crest of English Brants must be the cockatrice in the Crest of PRESleys/Priestlys, and as the latter share two items of the Abreu's/Abruzzo's, just go ahead and compare the latter's Coat to the Brannons who share their lion, and the lion also of PRESleys!!! The belly PRESS!!! The other Brannons share the giant Bruce lion, and I trace "Bruce/Brusi" to "Abrussi." Brannon House can thus be pointed to by the belly press, just a couple of weeks or less after the window slam.

I didn't realize until late that PREScot (Lancashire, same as Fylde) is where Windells were first found! Windells look related to Fylde's, and Singletarys, sharing white martlets with Windells, were first found in Fylde. It fylde so good? AHHHH WOW, only after saying that did I find that Prescots share the leopard faces in the Chief that are in the FELTman Chief!!! Feltmans have a "palma" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prescot is in West Derby, and I've known for a long time that Derbys (share antelope with Singletarys) have the Field/Felde Coat in colors reversed, how about that!

Hands are also Hans' while German Hanns' (Hahn branch), in the colors of English Brants, have a red rooster (the Cock symbol) to go with the red COCKatrice of English Brants / Presleys. Hanns' share the giant rooster of Kopple's (Nuremberg, same as Kope's/Kobbes'), the latter related to Koplik of the Clausula river, where Glass' trace excellently, and I broke the glass at the window slam. Glass' share Moray and Mason/Massin mermaid, and while Handells share the Moray Coat, Masons/Massins have a giant blue lion too, as do Brannons. Hahns are in the write-up of their kin, Bibo's/Bible's, and the latter have a red rooster on a GREEN cushion, pointable to my-Pillow Lindell, Howse's good buddy.

The Kopple rooster (not red) is on GREEN hills or mounds, and, for what it could be worth, see also the red rooster on green mound of Irish Cremers/Cramer, asking why German Cremers/Cramers are in Kopple colors. GRIMaldi's, possible formers of "Cremer," share the Cock Shield. Gramers/Gramonts share the giant Mason/Massin lion. End insert]

I was selling shoes when I was with Peare in the it-felt-so-good and belly events, and shoe-using Trips were first found in Hamburg too, as were Peare-connectable Pape's/Papenburgs (probably Papia = Pavia liners). English Trips (kin of Hamburgs) were first found in Kent with Goods/Gudds. As Goddes'/Gode's are also Goddens', it's notable that while English Goddens share the double fesses of Harcourts (Oxfordshire, same as GOLDENs), German Goddens, sharing black dog heads with Pape's/Papenburgs, have the lone Shoe star. Follow, because I have a big point coming up.

German Goldens were first found in Prussia with the Herrs who in turn almost have the scythes of Hausels. Hazels use the squirrel while Squirrels/Square's love the Peare-related Tiens' (Oxfordshire), and from here we can go to Peare in her HIPS-pulling event on a deck because Decks/Daggers (Prussia again) share the red Squirrels/Square squirrel while the Deck/Decker Coat is a reflection of both the Hips and German Gold Coat. English Golds were first found in Suffolk with early Hips'. It-felt-so-good looks like it can include Good-like Golds / Goldens (Union/Onion colors and format).

Having said all that to make what look like natural connections, by what coincidence do Good-like Goddens share the cups of Bole's (Bowles branch), in the colors of the Christine cups, when the two, it-felt-so-good events with Christine Peare pointed to some good news on election fraud? But there's more, because Dutch Bole's share a log with three leaves (not all the same colors) with Swedish Linds/Lindells while Pillows have cups in the colors of the Bole / Godden / Christine cups!!! INCREDIBLE "coincidences."

Bowles' (Lincolnshire, same as cup-using Bole's) look like Bush kin, recalling the "holly bush" of Maxwells that comes with the "LODGED" stag of Islips/Haslips who in turn put it under a "holly tree." The Lodge's come up as "Loge," and thus the Bole / Lindell / Poulos LOG probably applies, especially as Poulos-like Pollocks share the boar-with-arrow with the Lincolnshire Bole's (black boar). The Bowles boar heads are in the black-on-white colors of the same of Booths/BOTHs (Yorkshire, same as black-boar Bush's, Maxwells and PULLINGs/Pulit's), and BOTHwells have a "boy PULLING down a pine tree."


George Papadopoulos says recently that he expects John Durham to put a large dent into the deep state at the right timing, as election fraud gets the upper hand in the current political war. He also thinks that Obama is behind the Biden White House, not a bad theory at all. If interested in going back to this issue, see:

I don't see how John Durham's work can possibly put a small dent in the deep state while Biden has the government. But miracles do happen. I agree with Papa that, if election fraud is proved absolutely with the FBI trying to cover it all the way (it's doing so now), there should be a people-wide backlash on the FBI's role on anti-Trumpism. I can't predict what that backlash will look like, but I hope it feels so good (though not for Trump's sake). I don't agree with Papa that Bill Barr is good.

I just want to say that I have very-good evidence that God pointed to Papadopoulos in at least one event (the tomato-sauce-in-kitchen event) in my mid-20s. I may need to wait longer to understand why He may have pointed to PapadoPOULOS (a political nobody) in particular. I'm wondering whether it's due to "poulos" being the last term in his name.

Okay here goes. I'm going to repeat an event with Steve Papp, the cook, when I was contracted to build a DANCE floor and BAR for Joe Fix, the owner of the restaurant where Papp was the cook. I had been driving a TAXI at the time too, though I cannot recall how that job overlapped with the dance-hall contract. These props in capitals are going to mesh as the story continues.

I recall being in the restaurant's KITCHEN seeing Papp throwing a good amount of SUGAR into a red tomato sauce, and I asked him about it because I didn't know sugar and spicy sauce were to be mixed together. The Seagers/SUGARs happen to share the moline of Segurana's, and the latter share the BARR eagle. I think the sauce was a chili with KIDNEY beans, and then a dream I had a few years earlier had a shark in a kidney-shaped swimming pool that was a definite pointer to Kidneys/GEDneys (Rodham stump?) because they are linkable to Saracens via the fish in the Arms of Saraca (this fish is in the colors of the Ged fish).

The Papps/Papadopoli's, who must have included Papadopoulos', have a rare lion design with tail at its mouth, almost in the mouth. A few years after the sugar-in-SAUCE event in the KITCHEN, I was given a KITTEN by a lady whose banister I was stripping and re-finishing, and Banisters (Lancashire, same as kitten-like Kitchens/Ketchins) share the water bouget of Kitchens/Ketchins. When the kitten, which we named, Sassy, became an adult, it sucked its tail regularly, evoking the Papp lion with tail at mouth because there is a Sassy/SAUCEr surname, how amazing. It seems that God set me up with the chili-SAUCE to go with Sassy, especially as Sassys/Sauce's use "Saracen heads," the symbol also of cat-using CETINs/Cattans. There is another cat in the Crest of Ketchin-like Catch's/Ketchers. Keiths were from a Catti tribe, I think we get it.

It just so happens that Cetin-like Cetina was the other name of a Tilurius river, and Tillers share the lion of TAILs/Tailors. God really wanted to point Sassy's tail sucking to this area. The mouth of the Cetina is not far from Ragusa, home of Saraca's. If God arranged these coincidences, WHY? Does it point to PapadoPOULOS? Is this set of pointers to be part of the shark in the Poulos-like swimming pool? The Kidneys/Gedneys make a saltire out of two fish that is colors reversed from the Poulos saltire made by two LOGs. French Loge's share a blue saltire with Kidneys/Gedneys. And while Lindells use a log too with leaves that look connectable to the Hazel and House/Howse/Hauss leaves, the German Huls' seem to have the same leaf in giant form, as do Ketchin-like Ketch's. If that's not enough, the Hazel leaves are "hazel SLIPs" as code for Islips/Haslips who use a "lodged" stag while Lodge's are Loge's too.

English Huls' were first found in Cheshire, where Hazels were once said to be first found, and where the Hazel kin of VERNONs and Weavers are still said to be first found. You must admit, the following sure does appear set up by God, and so keep in mind that Steve Papp brought us here. George Papadopoulos was persecuted by the same entity that used Christopher Steele's dossier, and while Steele's (Cheshire) are said to descend from BIGOT de LOGES, ditto for the Cheshire Huls'. Then, as Vernon Jones is the election-fraud force in GEORGia, note GEORGE Papadopoulos, for while election fraud in Georgia concerns Atlanta, the Atlas and Alley bloodline (share Jones / Pool lion) come up as the I'll variation of Alleys which can be in the "I'll defend" motto of Lennox's/Levenax's.

If I can show justification for going to Lennox's/Levenax's, then note my story of the miracle marble shot on HULLmar drive, for marbles are also alleys, and Marble's were first found in Cheshire too with Huls'/Hulles'. The giant marble griffin is in the colors of the giant Papp/Papadopoli lion with tail at mouth. I'lls/Alleys were first found in Worcestershire with TREE's/True's in the "HOLLY TREE" of Islips/Haslips. Hollys share the Hull/Hole and Hall dog, and Pape's/Papenburgs (could be the Poppo Babenbergs) happen to have the Hull/Hole / Hall dog heads in colors reversed. we have a fascinating story here. Halls were first found in Lincolnshire with Kidneys/Gedneys, and Hulls/Hole's named the Hull river, location of Kingston, while Kings with Kingstons have lions in the colors of the Papp/Papadopoli lion.

Let me show how Lennox's/Levenax's come to topic starting from the Sassy write-up: " They lived in Sassy, 'in the arrondissement of Avranches, near PontORSIN; sometimes spelt Sacie, and given as Saussai on the Dives Roll...'" The Orsons/Horsens (Burgundy, same as Poulos' and Loge's) share the red saltire of PEERless'/Napier's (Perthshire, same as Scottish Pape's), and Peerless'/Napiers apply due to their taxi-like "tache" motto term. Tache's/Tash's were first found in Suffolk with Lodge's/Loge's. I showed a police-at-my-taxi event that may have pointed to John Durham's investigation, but I won't revisit that view of the event until Durham actually reveals some deep-state dirt.

Tache's/Tash's are likely of the Ticino-line Tess'/Tecks (LEAVES) having the Peerless/Napier, Orsen and Lennox/LEVENax saltires in colors reversed. Tess'/Tecks were first found in Switzerland with the Ticino canton, and LAEVI lived at Pavia on the Ticino river. Miss Peare's hips-pulling event was on a wooden DECK, and Teck-like Decks/Daggers share the fleur-de-lys of Peerless'/Napiers. The latter's write-up: "The first record of the name in Scotland is c. 1290 when John Naper obtained from Malcolm, earl of LENNOX..."

The Tax's/Dachs have the Tess/Teck saltire using swords, and I was driving a taxi while starting the DANCE-floor job at Fix's restaurant where Papp worked. Italian Dance's share the pale bar of Peer-like Pero's/Perino's, and English Dance's share the lion head of Steele's and House-like Hose's. Fix's/Ficks are probably of the Feschs/Fechters who share white swords in saltire with Tax's/Dachs, and Fieschi lived in Genoa with Sugar-branch Segurana's. I asked Steve Papp why he was putting sugar in his sauce.

Windham Folds

Nick Moseder visited Windham, and came upon what looks like two of the audit chiefs/managers, who admitted on Nick's live camera feed that they invited an executive of the tabulator machines to be inside the audit building along with the auditors. That makes this duo suspicious. They also admit on camera the verification of a problem with the folds in mail-in ballots. As I understand it, they said that, depending on how the folds were applied to ballots, a certain tabulator machine would grant "overvotes," which sounds like more than one vote per ballot (how else to interpret such a term?). Perhaps the only way for this cheating to take place is to program the machine to do so when it sees those folds, and the two guys who invited the tabulator-machine man admitted that the man was not happy to see this fold problem. Do ya thunk? Sure he wasn't happy, if nobody was supposed to discover this. They are of course claiming this to be a newly-discovered machine glitch.

After the two men leave, Nick mentions Tom MURRAY, and then puts on a Chinese lady from a media, who tells that this fold problem was first suggested by Tom Murray. Murrays are listed with Morays, and Bellys were first found in Moray while Bellows/Bello's come up as "Ballot." It is completely amazing that the Fold surname, with a Felt-like Fauld variation, has a Press/Prest-like "praesto" motto term, looking like the belly-press event that comes with it-FELT-so-good!!! Reminder: the Bellow-like Bouillons, with a "bello" motto term, have the Felt Coat in colors reversed. Incredible. I thought the Windham audit was to be pointed to by the window slam that happened a couple of weeks or less before the belly-press event, but the belly-press is now pointing to Murrays ballot-fold find, a miraculous find to say the least.

[Insert Sunday night -- "Praesto" is a motto term of Scottish PRESTons (or can be read as PRESton), and it just so happens that Huttons, who are said to have been at a Preston location (Lancashire), share gold stag heads of the same design with English Falds/Faulds. It's the Scottish Folds/Faulds that share "Praesto." "Hutton" is the middle name of Jovan Pulitzer, and his scanning machine inspects folds on ballots!!! ZINGER, for it-felt-so-good already pointed to Jovan! Just look at those heraldic "coincidences," how it appears like Intelligent Design. This insert comes a minute after I write below of my discovery that the election-fraud case with a favorable judge Amero (Atlanta, Georgia) has Jovan as one of the plaintiffs, or at least one of the men making requests to the judge. End insert]

The Folds/Faulds share the same-design green leaf of Lindells, but in both colors of the same design of Ketch's. There is even a German Feld surname (Prussia) sharing leaves out of a log (different colors) with Lindells!!! Jewish Felds essentially have the Coat of German Feltmans (Prussia), incredible stuff. By the way, there's a Moray-branch of Irish Murrays with an "ImPERIo" motto, and "Per" is a motto term of Moray's Bellys.

The Chinese lady (Chau Kelley) calls the folds, "creases," and there is a Crease/Cressy surname sharing (in Crest) the eagle with gold talons in the Voter/Gauthier/Gothie Crest!!! INCREDIBLE "coincidence." Godfrey de Bouillon was the grandson of GOTHel. The same black eagle, with gold talons, is in the Crest of Slams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The WINDow SLAM was predicted, for the first time in the 1st update of this month, to point to the Windham audit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It appears that God had prepared my window slam (in front of Miss Peare) for the Crease's/Cressys! Hahahahah.

Another black and spread eagle, minus the gold talons, is with Sylvestro's. Jeffrey Sylvestro is the tabulator guy, or CEO of Lynn Haas Services, inside the Windham audit house. The Sylvestro eagle is shared by Thans (Essex, same as Silvesters) in the motto of Scottish Ayers, the latter being a branch of English EYERs/Ayers, and Tom Murray was/is working together on the ballot folds with Ken EYRing. Lynn Haas Services supplies Dominion machines and related equipment. Why do we think he "needs" to be on-site of an audit having the express task of discovering whether Dominion machines commit errors or fraud? The audit is therefore a fraud.

Folds/Faulds ("Mente manuque" phrase) are also Falds, and then the English Falds/Faulds share the stag heads of Poppins/Pophams who in turn might have the Press'/Prests in their "pristina" motto term. It just so happens that while Windham is in New HAMPSHIRE, Poppins/Pophams were first found in Hampshire. Poppins/Pophams ("Mens pristina MANSit") can be gleaned as sharing the Mens/MENGzes' Shield, and "MANUque" is probably part-code for Isle-of-Man liners such as Mackays/Caws ("Manu") and Cue's/Kews. Until recently, Christine's were said to be first found on the Isle of Man (inhabited by MANX peoples), and it was Christine's belly I pressed. I'm wondering whether pressing a ballot in the machine causes the machine to give Democrats a Republican vote.

I think I have a way to decipher "Mens PRIStina MANSit" where the German Mans'/Manners/Mannes' (share Massey quadrants) share the upright white lion in Crest with the PRISE's/Price's. The latter's Shield lion is in both colors of the Mans/Manner/Mannes lion, perfect. The Prise's/Price's happen to share a "Vita" motto term with belly-connectable Bellows/BALLOTs. The latter have a "puro" motto term to go with the "pour" of English Manners/Maness' (not "Mannes"), and both surnames have a red Chief on white Shield, same as Poppins/Pophams. Prise's/Price's were first found in MERIONeth, and Merions/Marine's/MARINs were first found in Hampshire with the Poppins/Pophams i.e. the ones with "Mens PRIStina MANSit."

The Merion/Marine/Marin Coat is almost that of Lawrence's, and while Peare went over to Lawrence Kepke at the window-slam event, it happened on Lawrence avenue in Terentia-like Toronto. Terents/Tarants are expected from Terentia MURENa i.e. like "Marin". The "gloria" motto term of Prise's/Price's has got to be for Glorys/Lowrys sharing the giant cup of Lawrence-branch Larrys/Laurie's.

I pressed her belly with my palm, and Palms share the Chief of QUINTs. There is a youtube channel, Out of the Darkness, which covers election fraud lightning-quick, and while the Christian owner calls himself, Q, I'm sure I heard him say he's Quinton. "ManuQUE" (Fold/Fauld motto). The Irish Mackays were a branch of Quade's that are in the Q-shaped scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's. It's now interesting that Scarfs share three, white wolf heads with Fold-like Floods/Floyds/Tallys/Tullys (share Tally chevron). If you read about my river-FLOOD dream that had snow slush as a pointer to Snowdonia, that happens to be in Merionethshire, i.e. where Prise's/Price's were first found, near Flintshire. The Floods/Floyds look like kin of Flints judging by a comparison of Coats.

French Marins (Brittany, same as Maurels) may be using a river because they have one of the two River fesses. The snow SLUSH had pointed to Brittany Alans in marriage to Saluzzo. Scottish Marrs share the Mans/Manner lion. Snowdens happen to share the fesse-with stars of More's/Muirs/Moore's, connectable to Bellys of Moray. Oh wow, after writing that, I tried loading Maynards as per the Meyners variation in the Mens write-up, and there came up nearly the Coat of Hands, both Coats showing the palms of the hand!!! The Palms share the fleur-de-lys of Mackay-branch Masseys/Maceys, the latter first found in Cheshire with Hands! The Hands look like kin of English Cope's ("AeQUO"), who not only share the Masci fleur-de-lys, but have a version of the Cup/Cope Coat that can be expected in the cups of Christine's! PERFECT FIT, my hand on her belly. It felt so Q? Was God pointing to Quinton too? The Quint-branch Quince's were first found in Northamptonshire with Cope's, how about that.

AHHHH WOW!!!!! The Windham Coat is nearly the Coat of Palm-like Plumers/Plumbers, and the two surnames both use a palm branch in Crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's one of the most-amazing things coming right here. Again, the Windhams, and therefore the Plumers/Plumbers (Durham, beside Windows of Yorkshire), have three lion heads in the colors and format of the three lion paws of Windows. As I said, Peare's new man (Kepke), starting on the window-slam night, went into plumbing sales at the tail end of his being with Peare. He was in shoe sales when first with her, and Shoe's share the Plummer/Plumber star. English Plume's were first found in Suffolk with the Knights in the Shoe Coat. As I've said before, German Plumers/Plumbs/Plume's share the hexagram of Jewish Reitmans, and Kepke met Peare when she sold clothes at Reitmans. It's as though heraldry had eyes to see those situations.

I almost missed it. Maynards use a "Manus justa" ("a just hand") phrase, so clever because while related to Hands, Maynards were also Man liners. It gets clever again where Palms can be gleaned from some Palm-like surname, yet altered to "Palm" due to kinship with Hands, for Palms use a "palma justus" phrase. My mother is a Masci on her mother's side, and so this explains why God would have me wake from sleep, pressing Peare's belly, for Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's. God arranged it such that she was not my girlfriend anymore when the belly-press event took place. I have no idea how He got her to sleep with me, but she did even while she belonged to my friend at the time who allowed her to sleep at my place. We never (over the years) engaged in sex, and that's how God wanted it. My mother was born in a village, PICENze (near Picenum), and Justine's/Justus'/Justice's are from Justine of PICENum. Now we know why Justine's line, daughter of Justus, is in the Palm and Hand mottoes.

By the way, as Hand-related Maynards are in the colors and format of Shirts/Shards (Cheshire, same as Hands), it's notable that Shirts/Shards share the peacock in Crest with Mens-connectable Manners/Maness'. As Shirts/Shards can be gleaned as Harcourt kin, let's repeat from above: "English Goddens share the double fesses of Harcourts (Oxfordshire, same as GOLDENs)" and Peare's. Goddens share the black dog heads of German Pape's/Papenburgs (probably from Poppo I) while there's another sleeveless (just bare skin, same as Fist/Faust fist) fist in the Crest of Scottish Pape's/POPE's to match the fist-like hand of Palms, and so the Pope's probably named Poppins/Pophams.

The Mens' were first found in Midlothian with the Scottish Falls'/Fallis', and the Folds/Faulds show a Fauls variation, believe it or not. That shows further the importance of making it to the Mens', and we got there thanks to the Mens-related Poppins who share the Fald/Fauld stag heads. Making sense. Falls'/Fallis' share the Kelley lion, very interesting indeed in case I can find other pointers to Chau Kelley. I like Chau Kelley, feisty (she's started her own youtube channel to cover Windham fraud).

The Ments/Mants suspect in the "Mente" motto term of Folds/Faulds happen to share the triple fesses of Crease/Cressy-like Cressents/Crests/Crete's (Burgundy, same as French Cressys, Loge's, and Poulos'). Cressy is in the write-up of Markhams who in turn have an "Audax" motto term partly for audit-like Aude's/Audets! I'm convinced: God is pointing to the Windham audit's fraud, suggesting strongly that God is personally responsible for, at the least, this miraculous fold-fraud find.

Mr. Murray's find now explains why the two guys who are running the audit were admitting that the ballot folds are a problem, for someone else (Murray) caught that problem back on May 11 (its the 22nd as I write here). We don't know whether the two guys are covering-up this fraud method as best they can with the tabulator-guy employee, and so we shall need to see what comes of it. The fact that the two men confessed on Nick's camera is probably huge. We can expect this fold method of cheating in other counties across the country, and in other countries across the world. Nick Moseder and many others will do a show on this thing soon, but youtube is almost certain to block their videos if not their entire channels because this could be BIG.

Chau Kelley says that the Windham audit started in the first place with the months-long persistence of Mr. Murray and Ken Eyring. Although she doesn't say "Murray" clearly, Nick Moseder did say it clearly. The Turris'/Terras' in the Kelley motto happen to have been first found in Moray too. A Moray Coat no longer showing used a fetterlock(s) in the design of the lock in the Windham Crest. Windhams use a version of the Window Coat. It appears that God used Mrs. Kelley for this.

I've told the story several times, of a miracle at the home of my short-term girlfriend, Kelly (her father was a song writer), when God promised me, "You shall have a SONG." The Songs happen to share the Good/Gut garbs. I've told that I met Kelly at the home of the Moray-like Moore's. I've told that I dated her when I lived on Demaine crescent (Richmond Hill), and Demaine's share the lone fleur-de-lys of English Falds/Faulds. I was living in a baseMENT apartment at the time, and I've shown how Kepke's basement (where he and I played ping-pong) pointed to Ments/Mants and Pings/Pongs/Pagans (both of Yorkshire). I also told that, after I stopped hanging around with Kepke, he dropped unexpectedly to my place on Demaine when Kelly was there. The Ments/Mants are expected in the "Mente" motto term of Folds/Faulds, and Ments/Mants share the triple bends of Crease-like Cressents, believe it or not. Kepke's basement was in Markham, and a Cressy entity is in the write-up of Markhams.

Repeat: "It appears that the Voter surname was arranged by God in a Good-related bloodline, and Voters/Gothier's even share the Pulling/Pulit martlets. Ben COTTON is a fundamental part of the forensic audit team in Maricopa/Phoenix. He recovered the files deleted by the cheats. It felt so cottony. As I've said a million times, Peare's WAIST-pulling event points to Pulitzer now, but before I knew of him, and way before the election, it pointed to Waistells, from Vestalis, son of king Cottius of the Cottian Alps. Cottonincidence?" Cottons use "hanks of cotton," and so just compare the Hanks with Pings/Pongs especially.

WOW. I would not have known Jeff MOORE had he not been a friend of my friend, Joe Oullette. The latter pointed hard with Peare's it-felt-so-good to Arizona fraud. Oullette's have a black cock called a "MOORcock," and the Aulnays/Oullneys in the Oullette write-up not only share the lion of Oullette's, but the giant one of French Cressys, first found in Burgundy with Aulneys/Oullneys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! French Cressys share the giant lion, essentially, of the English Cressys who share the Slam (and Giuliani) eagle! When is Rudy Giuliani going get back at election fraud? Oullette's are said to have been in Falais, and Folds/Faulds are also Fauls'.

I almost missed it: Folds/Faulds were first found in Ayrshire with More's/Muirs/MOORE's! The latter have the look of the Belly and English Moore Coats! As I've said, I'm not making it up: when Miss Peare called me up out of the blue, a couple of years after I last saw her, she and I dropped in on Jeff Moore, I have no idea why I did that, but I think I do now. I didn't see her again after that week-end, after driving her to her parents in UNIONville. English Moore's share the Belly chevron, I assume.

I'm wondering whether the double tails on the Crease / Cressy lion can indicate duplicate ballots, for the creation of a duplicate requires that the voting machine spits out the ballot to be handled by a human, and this may be the case for some specially-folded ballots. As per "mail-in," I've just checked Mailens/Maylins (come up as "Melan") to find that they share the giant Crease / Cressy lion (though with one tail). Mailens/Maylins have a good reflection of the Italian Belli Coat. OH WOW, the Crease/Cressy write-up: "The surname Cressy was first found in Norfolk at Beeston Regis..." Beestons (Cheshire, same as Mails) have a version of the Mail Coat, and Mails happen to have lion heads in the colors of the Mailen/Maylin / Crease lion. Miss Kelley called the ballot folds, creases. INCREDIBLE.

My next girlfriend after Kelley, and soon after, was Miss MUSCHATov, and here we can begin to point out that Muschats were first found in Essex with Mailens/MELANS. As I said, I was at MELLANson's place when calling Miss Muschatov, and I also recall being with her newly while at the residence of Jeff (Jeffrey) Moore. The Welsh Jeffreys happen to share the giant Mailen/Melan lion. It starts to appear that God is pointing to mail-in ballots.

I can't find a Moseder-like surname. The best I can do is the Mosts of Mostyn ("Domino"), a branch of Mustans/Mustins/Musins (one of the triple MUSchat chevrons), by the looks of it, which recalls that I drove a Mustang during Peare's belly and window-slam events. I recall selling it to a JAPANese man, which evoked variations of the Jeepma's/Jappins (share Goth/Gothel star) who share the giant and double-headed eagle of German Belows. The Bello's/Bellows/Ballots (Cheshire, same as Mailens/Malens and a Moston location) are a branch of Billets in the billets of Moss'/Mose's. The Japodes were on the Kupa river while Cuppae (city of doves) is in MOESia while Moses'/Moesens (Mustan/Mustin colors) use a dove. Nick Moseder has a beard that makes him look like Moses.

Just a spoiler in case it's true: the two audit men who gave Nick an interview may have been lying to him, telling him what his side wants to hear so that his side spreads this bombshell fold-fraud story, but, in the end, leftist media portray them as conspiracy theorists, and nobody on the audit team says another word about the fold-fraud. I hope that doesn't happen, but Nick just bumping into those two guys today on his first-ever outdoor news event may be too good to be true, just a tease.

The live feed is below. At about 30 minutes, Nick says that Murray is going to show him the fold method of cheating later in the day. The interview with the two guys I mentioned above starts shortly after 1hr-10min:

Below is a video from May 17th, about five days before Moseder came to Windham. The video is publicizing the fold problem, and the first statement made (in the video) is that fold lines which cross a target "are being interpretted by the scanners as valid votes." The target is where the voter fills in a circle for a vote. We are supposed to believe that a little darkening (almost nil darkening) of a page by a fold in the paper through a target/bubble is taken by the machine to be a human marking for a vote. And no one ever noticed this before now, right? We can guess why comments are turned off for this video:

As it turns out, the fold line goes through the name of a Democrat candidate (Kristi St. Laurent) who's in the video. And we hear that fold lines more-often go through the names of Democrats, but the ratio is not given (could be zero Republicans, for all this video reveals). Later in the video, a guy says that a line going through a Democrat candidate's name subtracts one vote each from four dastardly convenient of the machine to make this kind of "error." Gateway Pundit early this week: "Audit results in Windham, New Hampshire show voting machines consistently undercounting Republican vote tallies."

The same guy says that the machine seems to be counting the fold line as an "overvote," in which case, and for which reason, it subtracts votes from the Republican opponent(s), if that particular ballot has Republican votes. Understand? An "overvote" is when a voter marks a vote for more than one of two competing candidates; the ballot is then spoiled or made invalid. Therefore, if the ballot has a fold line going through the Democrat name, yet the voter didn't vote for that candidate, but rather voted Republican, then the machine is programmed to sometimes toss out the entire ballot, and the Republicans thus lose their votes.

The guy did not say that, if the fold goes through a Democrat candidate, on a ballot where someone voted Democrat, that the ballot would be ruled invalid by the machine. Why didn't he say that? Because, if someone marks the bubble for the Democrat, then, fold or no fold, the machine doesn't get screwed up, and counts the vote for a Democrat. Only when the bubble for a Democrat is blank does the machine sometimes view it as a human marking for a Democrat. The cheats can then arrange for a Democrat candidate NOT to be near a fold line if the democrat is sure to win, but in a tight race, they can arrange for the name to be bang-on where people are expected to fold the ballots. This can explain why the majority of mail-in ballots "traditionally" or usually go to Democrats.

JAIL TIME FOR POULOS. The video above was made days before the two guys verified "overvote" problems in Nick Moseder's live video.

Q has a Sunday video on the Moseder find:

Q says that folds are causing the machines to spit the ballots out for human manipulation, and this makes sense if the machine interprets the ballots as overvotes. Once spit out, the cheats can even examine the ballots with a human and thus enter an extra vote (with their pens) per candidate to make it look like an overvote. This can explain why the cheat houses want pen inks all in the same color, so that they can create overvotes to what were initially Republican-only votes. Jovan's scanner can perhaps check the inks on ballots to see whether there are more than one type. It would be dismal for the country if his scanner were not tried on some ballots to check out its performance levels on various tasks. This is the time to test his equipment.

There's word that many non-folded, faked (created by cheats) ballots were put through machines as mail-in-ballots, and yet my guess is that the machines don't spit them out, or the cheats wouldn't be able to cheat by creating fake ballots and running them through. They wouldn't want to waste time folding their faked ballots, and so they need to program the machines not to notice whether ballots are folded or not. Yet, we are hearing that folds are causing machines to reject many ballots. How to explain this?

google won't let me find the story where Patrick Byrne claims that an election worker, Ruby Freeman, confessed to running ballots multiple times through a counting machine in Georgia. An article in Oriental lettering at has the story, but google says it can't translate the page. If google's hiding it, it's probably a true story. Below is a page with headline, "Georgia rigger Ruby Freeman self incriminating video 2020 election," and the page comes with a video showing to prove it, but when clicking on the video, it's says it's not available. This is HORRIBLE censorship of criminal activity, folks, IN OUR FACES:

So I went to Patrick Byrne's Rumble page and found a self-made video by Ms. Freeman showing herself at work at the count house in Fulton county, and while the page claims that she admitted to fraud, the short video does not show any such thing. I'm assuming that Byrne didn't show the entire video. One wonders how he got hold of it. The video's title suggests that this story is a part of his new book, "The Deep Rig," which is out and selling like hot-cakes.

I've seen the video below before (it's at Byrne's Rumble page too), where the claim is that Ruby Freeman is talking to an elections manager about committing the ballot crime, but I chose not to share this video with readers because the words put into the mouths of the speakers cannot be heard well enough for me to confirm. Perhaps the people who put this video out were able to make the background noise disappear with special instruments in order to capture what the three people were saying:

As is, I don't think the video could convince a judge, but I did verify that some of the words claimed in print were actually spoken.

Here's Nick Moseder's fun Sunday in Windham, a pep-talk in a tent, if you're interested:

Metallic Vaccines

It appears that COVID vaccinations are placing metal into the stab location:

The first question coming to mind is, how do they get steal into the arm via a needle without the person applying the jab knowing? How possibly can there be a metal-including chip or other item in a vaccine shot no visible to the people applying the shot? Does the tip of the needle remain in the arm? People can sue if it's true that metal is being left in the arm. If the cat is out of the bag, expect big media to get the cat back into the bag, for this is where we are today, unthinkable a decade ago. Not everyone has the metal, but why not? The people who discover they have the metal are trying to laugh it off because they feel stupid for not believing the "conspiracy theorists," and so here we are, with a finding that I would not have predicted. That's right, I didn't think they would be so stupid as to plant a devise in peoples' arms. But they are doing it, yet it's curious as to why they would spoil their chances to implant one into all people receiving the vaccine.

How long will it be before the medical establishment gives an explanation for this? Is it a tracking device, or something else? Who can we trust who makes an effort to reveal what it is? Obviously, if deep-state stooge media think they can get away with it, they will say it's NOT a tracking devise if indeed it is. That type of a devise would be a great violation of peoples' rights.

In the video above, it's interesting that the woman who conducted the magnet tests says, in the end, that most people didn't mind (she's falsifying the reality) having a tracking devise, begging whether the criminals will produce staged videos to minimize the impact of this drastic leak, in an effort to make others feel comfortable, or even "cool," to have a device placed into their bodies without their permission by the medical establishment. How many other types of needle shots have done the same in the past without permission?

google is already on-the-ball with fact-checker articles telling there's no truth to magnets sticking to arms. One google-advanced fact-checker does the people a service unwittingly by saying: "Secondly, none of the COVID-19 jabs approved in the United Kingdom or the United States contain metallic ingredients (here , here , here and here)." So, the good news: whatever's making the magnets stick are not supposed to be in the vaccines. Thank-you, fact-checker, because one way for the crooks to explain this crime is to say that the vaccines had small amounts of iron. There is nothing in this fact-check article proving that there is no magnetic pull in the arms of some people. Before the fact-checkers open their mouths, why don't they do a small study, as the video above did? The good news is, asking google for "magnets covid" brings up quite a few fact-checking stooges who are helping to get the message out, and laying the ground work for shooting themselves in the foot.

I don't know of any electromagnetic force that can pull a magnet. In one person's arm, we even saw the magnet being repelled from the arm. This needs an explanation, but if it's wholly ignored, and if video platforms just censor more videos showing proof, then it looks like a criminal cover-up rather than having a natural explanation. Does the body bring iron to the shot spot? I doubt it.

Here's a suspicious thing: "Why can't syringes be re-used? Reusing syringes increases the risk of bloodborne diseases such as hepatitis B and C and HIV." Hmm, yes, but the needle can be decontaminated over and over again, so why are they throwing out syringes after one use? Might they have been leaving the tip of the needle in the body for years? That's my best explanation for a magnet sticking to an arm because it allows for substantial steel to exist. Once the tip is left behind, the syringe is not usable any longer, and so as an excuse for why they don't use it a second time, we could expect the reason in the quote above. Maybe the tips don't remain in the arm 100-percent of the time due to a flaw.

Don't the nurses applying the vaccines need to know that the tips of needles are remaining in the arm? That sounds tricky, and risky.

One comment said that the magnet stuck to a part of his/her body where the needle wasn't applied. The video below shows a man placing a magnet on different parts of the body using both sides of the fridge magnet, and it's sticking, very horrible indeed because it's a mystery as to how this can be true. As this video looks legit, I think the broken-needle theory isn't needed. He says he's had two shots of Moderna, and is speaking a month after his second shot:

Now that the cat is out of the bag on this thing, can it explain why the United States is saying that it wants to share its vaccines with other countries? Are they going to ship these magnetized, hot-potato vaccines to Canada, for example, where the peoples are just about more sheepish than in any other country? If only they were sheepish for Jesus, but if you test their friendliness toward Jesus, they will put on a face of intolerance.

Here's a video with a guy claiming that his vaccinated body is turning on his phone and televisions, and trying to connect to a certain AstraZeneca channel through Bluetooth...which suggests that his body is like a phone- or computer-connection device. This could be a hoax by the people in the video, of course, but maybe not:

Before discounting the video above, let's assume that it's not necessary to make the body into a full-blown connection device in order to connect to a certain computer operated by spies. Instead, the vaccine needs only to emit magnetic radiation (vibrations of a certain frequency / nature) that enters / rides a wifi system of any type, and the spy computer has been pre-configured to get triggered (receive the waves) by that particular radiation, and a simple connection is made so that the spies can monitor that human body. If the body radiation goes through their own phone, the spies will know what body / person is in play from their phone's metadata. I suppose there can be a 24-hour recording of that body's particulars, and the spies may even be able to hear the persons voice because the body is constantly making the connection between them. However, the spies do not want the phones and televisions of their targets to turn on in the way we see in the video above. If what this man says is true, future "vaccines," or needle-shots of any kind, might get more bold for spy purposes. This amounts to illegal trespassing on bodies and minds, a vicious crime. It can explain why they need 5G wifi traffic capability, i.e. in order to get everyone's body online as well as regular Internet / phone traffic.

Here's a video claiming that a magnet left overnight on the needle entry-point pulled dark matter (assumed to be metallic) to the surface of the skin that can be investigated by a chemist:

There's not many magnetic metals. Iron, nickel, manganese, cobalt, and a few others. "Cobalt is a hard, gray metal element. It's part of vitamin B-12. This vitamin is essential for making red blood cells (erythropoiesis). It also maintains the nervous system." The body also has trace manganese and nickel. Is the vaccine causing naturally-occurring metals in the body to accumulate at the needle's entry point? Are the body agents carrying the metals trying to fend off a foreign substance (the "vaccine") in the tissue?

Texas looks like a good place to endure the "great tribulation":

One of the things to consider when trying to predict the nature of the Revelation skincode: why is it applied to the head in some cases? If the mark of the beast is related to vaccines, I do NOT say that the needle shot itself applies the mark or number. At least not yet. If the mark will be related to vaccines, I suggest that people will get a number as proof of vaccination, and this number could be on/in the hand, but why also the head? It's a mystery. And why is it called both a mark and a number? A needle-applied skinchip doesn't look like a mark to me. Neither can I imagine a mark visible to the eye to be applied on peoples hands. Perhaps an invisible mark visible only to a scanning device. Some people might prefer it on the head so that they can enter stores without removing gloves, for example.

Devin Nunes (who's that? is he still alive?) is back in the news, this time about Wuhan in an unexpected shift facing the criminal, Tony Fauci:

The Republican report makes sure to be a soft-glove punch to Fauci. Waiting for more evidence to surface.... One would think that John Ratcliffe felt compelled to task Intelligence agencies to look into this matter on Chinese soil. Here's from an article on January 10 of this year:

Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, sent a two-page letter to Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Friday, which was obtained by the Washington Examiner, saying the Republicans on his panel “have conducted a long-standing investigation into the rise of China as our foremost national security threat,” and “as part of that probe, we are investigating the outbreak of the coronavirus.”

With less than two weeks left in the Trump administration, Nunes asked Ratcliffe to provide the intelligence with a classified notification on Chinese virology research, including...

I wonder what the outcome was. Like I've said many times, I was mugged in Galveston, where the Galveston National Lab is situated that had fundamental business at the Wuhan lab. I was mugged by a miracle of God, and the mugging was directly responsible for my purchase of a Texas property 10 minutes from Miss Hicks about seven months after the mugging. More than 10 years later, I sold the property in the same year she and her husband did, and they moved hours away, and about 10 miles from where John Ratcliff lives. That's the short version of the story just to show that Ratcliffe can apply. I passed the Baytown home of Miss Hicks in driving to Galveston that night.

I can repeat a detail of the mugging, where I raised a knee to block a stab from the mugger. I've told this many times. He raised his hand high, and brought it down fast toward my belly, on a dark Galveston street after midnight. I raised my knee, and the weapon (turned out to be fake) hit my leg. I don't remember where it hit, but it had to be at least near the knee. If it hit my shin, then we can say that the English Shins have China-like Chine/Ching variations. This surname was first found in Somerset with Duc-like Ducks/Duche's (probably the Duce/Ducey/Doocy lion) and Coffare's/Coffers, in the colors of Coffee's/Coffers who show cups that can be construed as MUGs. I bought a coffee in VICTORIA on the morning of the MUGGing, and Coffee's/Coffers have a "victoria" motto term.

WOW NEW: like I said, the Negro mugger was in the act of striking me in the BELLY, and Bellys happen to share the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDUCS!!! James LeDuc is the director (or something like that) of the Galveston National Lab!!! I would not have know that LeDuc's share the eight-pointed star of Bellys (Moor heads = Negroes) star had I not mentioned it recently while on the belly event with Miss Peare! Just so you know I'm not making this up, the story is in the 4th update of April, 2016, where I say:

Immediately after my head was pushed into the [rear-view] mirror, the thief raised his fake weapon and plunged it toward me, striking my bending knee (it popped out of his hand). He clasped my throat with both hands, demanding the keys that came out of my shoes.
The interesting thing with the KEYs is the KEYmich variation of Kemmis/Kenys', for they share the Shin/Chine/Ching Coat. We might even look at the Mich's as per "KeyMICH," for they are listed with Mitch's/Muschats sharing the Epstein Coat. The omen that God provided earlier in the day, a small cloud covering the sun, is in the Crest of Jeffreys. Is God pointing to Jeffrey Epstein in pointing to the Galveston Lab? The newspaper that I bought with the coffee had pointed partly to Epstein's fate while in prison...whatever that fate was, which involved a cover-up from Bill Barr i.e. whose surname was related to Ducks of Bar-le-DUC.

COVID-like Covits (feasibly the Pollock bend), who may have the armored arm of Mieszko-like Mieske's, are said to be from Brittany, where Ducs/LeDucs were first found. The father of the Pollocks probably lived in Brittany with his Alan overlords, and Covits mention a count Alan. The first Pollock built Rothes castle at Moray, and the Morays with Handle's / Handells almost have the Duc/LeDuc Coat. Note that Bellys were first found in Moray with One's/Innis', for I found the One's in the last update like so:

As Mieszko II Lambert was in Poland, which overlapped with Silesia, the Handells / Handle's of Silesia may be in the Lambert/Amber Coat, especially as Pollocks (brown boar) were at Moray while the Handells Coat is exactly the Moray Coat. The Wuhan-like "ohne" motto term of Handells must be for the One variation of Innis' (Moray), for they have the Moray / Handell Coat in colors reversed. It just so happens that Bellys were first found in Moray too, One's/Innis' share the brown boar head of Baileys (tends to verify that Baileys and Baliols were a Belly / Belli / Below / Billet branch). Baileys and Baliols were first found in Northumberland with Lams/Lambs and Lorraine's, and Mieszko II Lambert married Richeza of Lorraine. Bar-le-DUC is in Lorraine.

"Ohne" isn't exactly "Wuhan," and we might argue that, if God wanted to point to that city, He could have arranged a motto term closer to "wuhan," but then the question is: does such a term exist in any language used for mottoes? Wane's/Wayne's are in Union/ONion colors and format, and Miss Peare lived in UNIONville when I knew her. Juans list "Vanez" while Wane-branch Fane's are also Vans/Veyne's. The Vannes' list Nests, and there is a pelican's nest in the Wane/Wayne Crest. I've shown why the "OMNia" motto term of Dons can apply to the OMEN related to the mugging, and Wane's/Wayne's use a, "Omnibus" motto term. Wane's/Wayne's use gauntlets while the Arms of Gaunt/Ghent has a virgin while Virgins were first found in Kent with Gaunts while Epstein had/has an infamous island in the Virgin Islands. Virgins ("NUNquam") have the giant Galves lion. Juans list "Banez" too, and then French Banes' share the Epstein and Water Coat while Waters were first found in Essex with Wane's/Wayne's. There is a Wune/Woon surname with an item I can't identify.

As the Ebola virus can be pointed to by Bole's, it's notable that Pollocks and English Bole's share a boar shot with an arrow, and moreover Bole's use the boar in black, as do Rollo's with a "passe" motto term to go well with the comPASSes of German Bole's. Pass'/Pascals (Essex, same as Wane's) happen to share the Juan/Vanez/Banez Cross. Belgian Bole's share the Moray star and throw in ears of wheat in the colors of the same of Negro's, and I was mugged in Galveston by a Negro. (Dutch Bole's almost have the Lindell Coat.)

There is no Galveston surname coming up, but what's interesting is the Alveston/Halveston/ALVERTSON surname looking like a possible branch of Albertons (Devin-like Devon, same as black-bull-head Walerans). Albertons happen to share the black Ratcliff bull head. Alvestons are new to me right here. Make of it what you wish. Perhaps John Ratcliffe gave Nunes some key data. The Ratcliff / Alberton bull head faces slightly to the side, as does the white-red bull head of Nunes-like Nunns. German Nunns almost have the Coat of German Ducks. (Walerans probably use the Mieske and Auto/Otto bull head.)

While you have your heraldic tab out, I may as well do a pointer to judge Scalia's death. If you think that the heraldry here proves that God made the pointer, it's not likely because he died a natural death at the ranch of John B. Poindexter. It starts with the Rainy surname, which I have not been familiar with. I can show that the hand in the Rainy Crest, which holds a Scalia-like scale, is the fist in the Poindexter Coat. The latter's fist is used (same colors) by Fists/FAUSTs, and the latter look like the del VASTo's, a branch of Montferrats. The Arms of Montferrat's rulers was a red Chief on a white Shield, the color combination of the rainy Chief-Shield, and so Rainys look like they are from Rennier/Rainier of Montferrat.

The fact that Dol's Alans married Alice of Saluzzo while Vasto's ruled Saluzzo suggests that Rennes, near Dol, explains the naming of Renier. I've been confident that Tullia of Lion named Dol, or was named after the entity that named Dol (probably the Dulo house of Attila the Hun), and while Tullia's are listed with Tulle's, the Rainy write-up has the bishop of Tulle. This explains why Tulls/Tolle's share the checks of Stewarts.

Repeat from above: "...there's another sleeveless (just bare skin, same as Fist/Faust fist) fist in the Crest of Scottish Pape's/POPE's to match the fist-like hand of Palms, and so the Pope's probably named Poppins/Pophams." The Pape/Pope hand holds a SCALLop. Scalia was killed while a catholic organization (Hubertus) was hunting with him, and so might the pope have had a say in his killing?

Scalia was murdered on Poindexter's ranch when the latter's International Order of Saint HUBERTus was there hunting along with Scalia. And while Craigs share the Hubert crescents, we find that Rainys were in Angus with Craigs: "'The Ranys or Rennys were extensive owners of land in the district of Craig in Angus from the middle of the fifteenth century..." Craigs (Carrick ancestors) and Craigie's motto terms suggesting the Vivians who can in turn be gleaned as kin of Five's/Fifys and Fife's, and Fife (near Angus) happens to be where Carrick-colored Greggs were first found. The Rainy tree thus becomes suspect with the trees of Gregors and Alpins. Huberts (Cheshire, same as Sales') have a version of the Saluzzo-like Sales Coat.

It then gets AMAZING where the colors of the horizontally-split Poindexter Shield are in reverse from the horizontally-split Groce/GREGG/Gragg Shield (German), as if to prove that the Poindexter fist is the one holding the Rainy scale. Angus is not far from the first-known Justine's/JUSTICE's (Perthshire), who use "scales of justice," right down Scalia's alley. Why is God pointing to Scalia's murder? Does He wish to expose and punish the killers? Justine's/Justice's were from VINKovci, explaining why they were first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks in the Rainy wings (looks like a fist between wings).

This can now prove that God was pointing to the GROCE's/Greggs as per my finding a medallion on my hood at the GROCEry store. That medallion pointed to Medals/Dougals and Scottish Bauds (Groce/Gregg colors), and while the latter were first found in Stirlingshire (beside Perthshire) with the Nemo's in the Poindexter motto, the Rainys are said to have had a branch in Stirling. The RENfrews, whom I trace to "Rennes," share the ship of Scottish Bauds who, along with their Bald branch, were related to the BAUTica/BALTea river that flows to the Montferrat theater. The Del-Vasto branch of Montferrats is to the Faust-like Fasts who have the quadrants of Scottish Bauds and Medals/Dougals in colors reversed. The Fasts have a bend-with-items in the colors of the same of Italian Gregors.

As the Russian MEDALlion was left on my HOOD, it can't be a coincidence that HODleys ("patria") share the Medal/Dougal and Baud quadrants. It seems that the medallion is fundamental, for a mystery reason, to the killing of Scalia. Hodley-beloved Patria's/Peartree's suggest a branch of Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont, same as Montferrat and Saluzzo) who have a "flaming star" with tail, in the design of the "comet" of Rainy-like Reines'.

Masci's (Piedmont, same as Rainier of Montferrat) have a wing in Rainy-wing colors, and we saw the Poindexter fist holding the Rainy scales of justice. Scalia's were first found in Tuscany with the Pisa's in the Reines Coat, and while Pisa is beside Massa-Carrara, French Masseys/Massa's (tree) once showed the Baud-like boots of German Trips while English Trips use a "SCALing ladder," play on the Scalia ladder. What are the chances that German Trips now show shoes while the lone Shoe star is in the Poindexter Coat??? There could be another fist in the Palm Crest because "justus" is a Palm motto term.

Vivians come up as "Vey," and Dutch Veys/VAYs use a boot as well as the Auvergne tower while French Bauds and Fays/Faits were both first found in Auvergne. Fate's/Feets share the Pavia Coat, and Fothes/Fette's were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Craigs (GROCE-connectable) in turn suspect with Vivians in their motto. Fothes'/Fette's share the Foot/FOOD chevron, and the medallion was found at the FOOD Basics GROCEry store. Irish Fays (possible Faust / Poindexter fist in Crest) use "EspeRANCE" as their motto, and the Rance river is near Rennes and looking related to its name. We can read the motto term as "EsPERANce" too because Perans/Perrins use an "ImPAVIdun" motto term.

Back to COVID. GREAT NEWS IN CANADA, if the following story is true, where an assembly of doctors have called out the government's bluff to punish them for telling the COVID truth. This is what was needed to start the roll that rolls the rock back over crime minister Trudge:

The organization supposedly with over 10,000 signatures from medical people is from the webpage below:

We are a broad and diverse group of Canadian physicians from across Canada who are sending out this urgent declaration to the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons of our various Provinces and Territories and to the Public at large, whom we serve.

On April 30, 2021, Ontario’s physician licensing body, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), issued a statement forbidding physicians from questioning or debating any or all of the official measures imposed in response to COVID-19.

The CPSO then went on to threaten physicians with punishment – investigations and disciplinary action.

We regard this recent statement of the CPSO to be unethical, anti-science and deeply disturbing.

...The CPSO statement orders physicians for example, not to discuss or communicate with the public about “lockdown” measures...

The CPSO is ordering physicians to express only pro-lockdown views, or else face investigation and discipline...

Imagine that, doctors are not allowed to speak their minds in COMMUNIST Canada. What next? Shall we all lie down and continue to be the "best" people in the world, never complaining? MAKE SOME NOISE TODAY. The names of doctors who supposedly signed the declaration are at the bottom of the page above.

Paul Rand is like the dentist who tells you that, after today, you won't ever feel pain again in your sore tooth. He yanks the whole tooth out. That's what Rand did when he told Fauci off for playing a role in starting the COVID "pandemic," and afterward Rand is on TV telling everyone to take the vaccines that constitutes the reasons that Fauci contributed to the COVID scam. Thanks Mr. Paul, but no thanks.

Election Fraud Extras

The video below, in the 9th minute, tells that judge Amero of Georgia has allowed a duo to have access to ballots unlike previously, and the duo happen to be Jovan Pulitzer and Garland Favorito, the plaintiffs. I would skip the first few minutes having Trump because if Trump were to lead the election-fraud fight, he'd cut deals with his own enemies, and then throw his whole team under the bus to save his own skin from threats to his life. Trump should just give money to loyalists unlike himself to handle election fraud i.e. stay out of it, Trump, if you know what's good for you:

It sounds as though Jovan's technology is being used in Georgia. I didn't know this until Sunday night of this week. Windham news starts in the 17th minute with the admission by the audit team that the machine counts are unreliable...the first-ever pro-Democrat audit to send a torpedo into the hulls of major media. Glug-glug-glug, they are going to sink as a convoy of pirate ships all at once. I don't think the Windham audit is going to confess all the machine fraud, and this fold confession can get Dominion off the hook by blaming folds. I think the Windham whores will try to minimize the cheat-damage...but there are other torpedoes, much bigger, coming across the waters as we speak.

Bottom line, a huge percentage of Windham / New-Hampshire ballots were not counted, which is equivalent to faking ballots. Each non-counted ballot = one faked ballot. Whatever it takes, that's what the cheats have been doing to get the globalist-pig, fringe party in charge of the country, sheer treason against the "natives" of the country.

On Monday, the Arizona election-cheat bosses took to a news conference to put a band-aid on their rebellion. When asked by a reporter why they are in rebellion -- i.e. why they won't appear Tuesday before a few audit representatives to answer critical questions on what looks like certain fraud -- the cheats effectively said that they would not disgrace themselves by appearing before such second-rate people. HAHAHAHA, what a laugh. EVERYBODY can see through their guilt as they try so hard to brainwash their audience into thinking that they (the cheats) are next to the gods.

It's not a wonder they don't want to appear before the audit team, because one of the concerns to be plied is that the cheat-side deleted all of the machine-election records just days before the audit i.e. just days before the legal requirement to hand over ballots and machines. Looks like spoliation to me. The particular cheats who held the news conference, the Maricopa Board, said they didn't delete it, and so they need to tell who was in charge of the machines, because someone's responsible for the deleted material one way or another. The Board is responsible. The audit team is lobbing the questions to the responsible party, and the cheats have only one defence: an attempt to make the audit team look shabby, unworthy of the answers to their questions. PURE EVIDENCE OF GUILT. The cheats are depending on the human rot of their liberal society to support their way of going forward, to close eyes to election fraud even now that the evidence stares them in the face.

The several cheats who gathered together in solidarity at the news conference indicated their hope that the Arizona senate, which convened the audit, will have some members flip and oppose the audit...hoping to put a stop to it. In other words, this looks like secret or open threats are underway to get the senators to flip position. A nation cannot be governed like this. Threats must not be permitted to succeed. All threats must be exposed, and Arizona needs to elect a new sheriff, because the sheriff now is on-board with the cheats.

The senate decided to do it's own public show on Tuesday to show that the audit team isn't shabby:

In the above, Ken Bennett says (end of 4th minute) that ballots were delivered to their arena on April 22. He mentions on other date for other ballot delivery. At the 5-6th minute, Bennett says that he inspected 46 pallets (or skids) of ballot boxes totalling 1,681 boxes. These numbers claim an average 36.5 boxes per pallet, which makes sense with nine boxes per layer, four boxes high (9 x 4 = 36 boxes per pallet). However, if we divide 2.1 million by 1,681, it's exactly 1,250 ballots per box, yet we hear elsewhere from the senate / audit team that there are supposed to be 200 ballots per box. How can we rectify this thing? If we say that there are a few small boxes inside 36 large boxes per pallet, how many were in the small boxes, since 1,250 does not divide evenly by 200. It's not adding up.

The truth may be that the total number of ballots are 1,200 per large box, six small boxes per large box. If we then multiply 1,681 by 1,200, the total ballots works 2,017,200 ballots, or about 83,000 shy of the 2.1 million that the cheats reported on election night. One might then infer, as a theory, that the cheats produced in the ballpark of 83,000 machine-faked "ballots." To put it in other words, they provided Biden in the ballpark of 80,000 extra votes where there were no ballots for them...on top of other votes they gave Biden by other cheat methods.

The fact that the 1,681 boxes divides so nicely by 2.1 million, to get bang-on 1,250 ballots per box, appears deliberately plotted. That is, the cheats had to decide on the total number of machine-faked votes, and so the cheats started with the true number of boxes, but then fabricated a situation in which there were 1,250 ballots per box, thus giving them the 2.1-million total to run with (they were hoping there would never be an audit to discover this fakery). To put it another way, they didn't pick 2.1 million first, but rather decided, to begin with, on a fine-sounding 1,250 ballots per box, which happened to provide 2.1 million.

For a review on how the Dominion machines were treated by the audit team (hardly at all), see 37 minutes. We hear just how deeply in trouble the cheats are here because they have committed multiple times to their own claim that they haven't got rights to know how exactly the voting machines work on election night, not even whether or not they go online. If Dominion tell the county that the machines do not go online, the county, according to its own testimony, has no choice but to simply trust Dominion, and yet the gaping problem here is that the county cheat house has relinquished control of the machines to Dominion (who in tarnation are they?) operators?

The wiped-out election-night data starts at 40 minutes. The computer specialist (Cotton surname, I think) says that he found deleted data, yet was able to recover it all. Still, the cheats should be charged criminally, and we hope the audit team retained evidence that the data was in fact deleted, for court purposes. The cheats simply claimed they did not delete the data. Is that the end of this matter? Is it just a small matter?

The horror in this story is that this audit is the first forensic audit in the United States. The other horror is that a photographic set of all ballots doesn't go to both political parties live on election night (= automatic audit potential at their fingertips). Why should the count house be the only body to have that material at its disposal? The next horror is that the voting-machine companies may have that material at their disposal too, and anyone else to which they want to grant or sell it. The bottom line: no election should ever have votes counted exclusively by a computer-machine tabulator. They can have machines as back-up counters, but there should always be a hand count by humans as the primary method.

Bennett then says that he caved to the cheats when they refused to deliver the routers, and instead accepted "virtual access" to the routers. WHY DID HE CAVE LIKE THAT? Why would anyone agree to a suggestion of the cheats when there was no need to compromise with them? To this day, the cheats are denying even virtual access. Miss Fann, whom you see at the front, is a BONEHEAD for allowing the cheats to get the audit done outside of their building. She's either fool-stupid or a weasel or compromised, take your pick.

In the 26th minute, Bennett tells what one expects in the case of fraudulent, duplicate/adjudication ballots. He says that, "batch after batch," the audit team was finding "duplicate" ballots without a six-digit number written up each one that is a corresponding number from each original ballot. Without this number on either the originals or duplicates, they latter essentially cease to be duplicates. That is, there's not much hope for humans to prove that they were duplicates versus fabricated ballots for fraudulent purposes. The purpose of the matching numbers is to prove duplication, first off, but also to make a comparison of the two ballots in an audit situation. However, the good news likely is: we can guess rightly that a high percentage of number-missing duplicates were Biden votes, which tells a mighty story on what transpired on election night.

Plus, all ballots are being photographed by a computer (by the audit team), and so a computer should be able to do what humans cannot: fast-find the original to any duplicated ballot, IF AN ORIGINAL EXISTS. The voter information on the original should be exactly identical as per upon the duplicated one, but if no original can be found, then the "duplicate" is to be reckoned as a fabricated ballot.

Youtube has taken Liz Harris videos off because they were too harmful to the cheats. This is how the cheats scratch one another's' backs. Imagine, youtube IN FAVOR of election fraud if it helps leftists to gain power. NO SHAME at youtube. NO SOULS live there.


Some unexpected news early this week: a Canadian court said on behalf of the church of James Coates that police and governments do not have a right to obstruct people from gathering in church. This is according to John MacArthur. A few days later, this came out to clarify (this is a good video for exposing government corruption):

Another Canadian pastor (Alberta), Tim Stevens, refuses to be freed from jail this week under the conditions demanded by the government that jailed him. Here's the story (the video above says he's free as of Thursday, but that may be from misinformation):

The youtuber above asks for donations so that he can bring people daily updates, which are great. But did you ever wonder whether these Christian youtubers stop asking for money after they are regularly receiving more than they deserve for the work that they do? How does it sit with me that a Christian should be doing work that serves God yet he's able to TAKE your money in return for his services? Where are all the retired Christians with full days at their disposal who could be doing such work without asking for money, without compromising / cheapening a service to God by asking for money?

The problem with making money on Christian youtube services is that we are not powerful enough to be pure servants when earning a living is mixed into the priorities. The need to make money makes us seek news stories for the day whether they are needed or not, and we may begin to frame the stories in the most-interesting, most-important light possible to ATTRACT viewers. It's like when a pastor wants to convince the congregants that God's really working in his church more than other churches to ATTRACT people. Conflict of interest with God on the one hand and money on the other, HORRIBLE. Just do it for no money at all, and be sure to receive a FULL reward from God. I just feel bad for Christians to whom Jesus might say, you have received your reward in full via donations. How's that going to feel after years or decades of youtube service? In the very least, don't let your video earnings be lucrative, but keep them on the meager side. It's just my view, but it could be Jesus' too. The brother in the video above even has a full-time Job, I think, for he says he's in his 18-wheeler in the video below...which is a great video telling that California lost a COVID law suit against a church which the state persecuted:

That was the greatest news of the month, maybe even of the year. Did Canada arrest five pastors recently who made the news? The California decision signals that 10 more pastors ought to defy the lockdowns and get themselves arrested too, because the courts don't necessarily rubber-stamp government wishes. There are some true courts rather than rubber-stamp judges.

Anti-Christs took the battle to Christians, but were as-horrified that we still exist and possess / influence large swaths of the societal mind, thanks mainly to outspoken / loyal American Christians. Canadian and American Christians unite. On their calendar, evolutionists were to eradicate Christians decades ago. Uhh, no. People in general still think there's a great chance that a Creator exists. Atheists are the fringe, and seem to love suffering backlashes because they always fail in their efforts to be respected as the universal experts. DINGBATS who can't see that Creation was created. The atheists are becoming wicked, therefore. Furious, they become wreckers. Wunderbar, because God wants to wreck this world too. Just make sure you have a couple of years of extra food, Christians, at all times from this year forward. It won't go to waste. All foods you dry can be put into soups and such.

When I first became a Christian, when the world was sliding downhill fast, I saw Billy Graham on television, and he scared me. There was something deep in his eyes that scared me. On the other hand, I thought I was probably just misjudging him. His Christian message was sound (on television, anyway), and I appreciated that he was making Jesus so popular. Then, around the late 1990s, I began to hear online criticism of Graham from Christians, and some said he was a freemason too, but I didn't look into all the accusations. I've never known many of the things about him that the video below reveals. It takes some minutes to get going, but after the communist part, I think you'll agree that Graham was a false teacher with a distorted Jesus and some non-Christian motive(s):

Beware all-inclusive evangelism. It's where the many "converts" are that are coming in as fast as they are going out. Unless we please Jesus enough that He gets involved with our souls, we will not make it, but will fall away. It's up to each one of us to get Him involved with us. You can't just make a decision for Jesus at a church service, and that's the end of it. You need to PUSH forward with your relationship with Jesus, often a struggle because he's looking for more than cheapness from us. It's not enough the have Bible reading on a regular basis, as if to say, "there, I've done my devotion to Jesus today." I think remaining in the Vine is to connect with Him.

When God created us with a soul, he must have made some suction cup in the soul, or call it what you will, that can latch onto the Spirit of God. It's not imaginary. Jesus said that the quiet closet is where to be with God, not praying in public. To appreciate God in Spirit and in truth means to be genuine before Him, and he will receive us as we reach out to Him whether we feel it or not. He's there, whether we feel it or not. It's not imaginary contact with Jesus if you are speaking to / touching Him with a genuine soul. It's what He wants. This defines a Christian, I think, who is also mindful of the words or will of Jesus in everyday life. Conformity. We are still in the incubator of eternal life; it's a struggle, and the onus is on us to try to be in contact with our Creator, because the one who doesn't try, who sees only the life that this world offers, is LOST. That life will end up a lost cause. But pity much more those who actively oppose the Creator.

He is no longer the man in dusty sandals; he is the MAJESTY. The magistrates despise Him because they want to be the law of the planet; they want the praise and worship. They don't deck out judges in black robes for nothing; they seek praise in the same way the catholic "fathers" do. The first will be last, and most won't even make it at all in this wicked generation. Trudeau, merely a punk, a selfish sinner, thinks he can take God on Obama-style. When the nation is led by such a fool, things go downhill.

Early in this BBC video, at about a minute, I'm seeing a staged news event, where I think Hamas has demolished an apartment building with detonations of its own, but feeding the picture to the world news as a strike by Israelis in order to make the latter look murderous of apartment dwellers. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think this building came down by missiles. What do you think?

Note that the BBC says that 15 children are reported to have been killed by Israelis in short order. Umm, reported by who, BBC? You stooge. It's reported by Hamas, and you think we should take you seriously as a world-class news org? SPIT. I didn't watch past the first minute. The news is slanted toward Palestinians. It's the Obama era all over again, no time to waste. Expect plenty of fake news / false claims. The US Military demon has gone Marxist, no kidding at all, thanks much to Fox news for confounding and opposing Trump's presidency:

The Marxist military has Obama's fingerprints all over it. He lusts to destroy the United States, but, rather than destroying it as one makes a heap of it, he would rather keep it strong for his own purposes. So, he'll destroy traditional pillars, and set up his own Marxist pillars. This is what Trump gave the country by not commanding the Defence department, Intelligence and the Justice system. TRUMP = DELINQUENT. Four years of bluster, and dragging his voters through mud mouth-first. He deserves to be framed and jailed first of all, because he gave his supporters over to a cruel Justice department anxious to throw the book and jail them on the smallest of infractions. It was predictable because it was happening even to him right under the do-nothing, snotty nose of the Justice department that he himself chose leaders for. TRUMP = GOOFBALL.

Here's about Canada's legislative attempt to bring social-media productions under federal-government / anti-Christian controls. Trudeau and the liberals want total control of education (you need watch less than half of the video):

What Canada needs is an invasion of American Christians seeking to live out the great-tribulation in its vast stomping grounds called, "crown land." Come-on up, let's party. The cops can have lots and lots of fun hunting you down one family at a time, and if they jail you, wow, free food, sink and toilet, no problem, because living in a 666 system can be far more dangerous. Go sweetly to jail when the time comes, if you have no way to provide your food, but in order to get into jail, you need to break a law. Sooo, come on up and live on "crown land," because it belongs to God. He has laws too, and He has police too. He owns the planet, seest thou straightly? Why are the angels following Jesus at His return? Because, they are his police force coming to stop the world in its tracks by force.

If liberal Canada celebrates its "secularist" control-freak nature, it will have nothing to say in defence of itself when Jesus takes control by force to abort the rebels from the realm of everlasting life. The sword of Jesus is going to be brutal, because "liberals" are abortion butchers gladly, proudly, like unreasoning animals. They first became liberals to announce freedom from God, then committed all citizen in slow steps to their anti-Christ mold. Once they had the roof on for their anti-Christ house, they declared it the "normal" way of life, and will soon outlaw the "old-fashioned," Christian normal, which is why they want to control even small Internet talk. Besides, there is much anti-government talk in thousands of small youtube videos, all seeking to ruin what the tyrants have built in small steps over decades. Get your own youtube channel today, and talk against these control freaks, warning the world not to adopt their "normal." If they silence us, God will respond to make up for it.

I love the feel of freedom from government tyranny. The clouds are so cottony in that kind of world. BUT, freedom in any country gives freedom for satan's sons to wrestle control of institutions, and here we are eating the fruit of "secularism" (smoke-screen term that always intended to shut down Christianity). They then take away freedom for good people. The sky is like a sheet of metal under a government-is-boss system. It's the Roman empire revived. As the Bible says, there is no law needed for those who practice the good will of Jesus. Do it and be free. We can defeat the law, obliterate it. No more rules needed for those who do no harm. FREEDOM.

But the Trudge's of the liberal world do not want us to be free to be Jesus-correct. They don't want Jesus popularized. They puke at such a world because they are mere pukes. Trudeau is a free-stinker, as was his father. Someone in Canada had to elect Trudeau II, there's the problem. The delinquent was elected because the fringe-party pukes own the educational channels. That's why they want to block the voices of the majority, because they don't want to be exposed as fringe. They are so desperate for votes that they continually ship in foreigners, and pay them off with the money of the majority. HORRIBLE STINKING PUKES, they turn foreigners against the traditional majority who have a right to culture the nation, and in the meantime they brainwash the entire population into a Godless "ideology" (nothing ideal about that).

The Two Witnesses of Revelation are coming to torment the anti-Christs with their words. It's likely that they will speak against the anti-Christs with fiery words. It will be God's response to the censorship, and nothing will stop the Duo. Actually, it's not known whether they will be two men, versus some faction of the Church in symbolic terms, but if they are two men, might they be alive right now? So, God wants to torment His enemies with truth of their sinfulness. So, show no mercy, people of God, fire away.

We who say that COVID was a control-freak agenda were correct. It was the control-freak pilot-project of those desirous to be tyrants. They aren't going away. The weeds will be in our midst until the Sickle comes to mow them down. It's our trophy for enduring the weeds to the end, speaking out against them, resisting them, not becoming one of them in their dirt. Steady as she goes, be patient.

The CDC has signalled that it's now safe to be outdoors without a mask, as if we didn't know this from the start. Beware, because this sudden, 180-degree turn (from the CDC) comes after a few weeks of some talk that the vaccines are contagious. That is, the products of the vaccines in a human body may be transferable to others by breath-to-breath contact, and so perhaps the freaks are hoping to spread something worse by way of their vaccines in order to require another fix ($$$$), and more mask mandates. They would consider this plot genius. When Fauci said that masks were not needed a year ago, it's a no-brainer that the powers wanted no masks, in that early period, in order to spread more flus around so that their scare could work better / faster.

Here's a police stop to assure that people are not driving to a friend's or relative's home, or not going out for a bite, and to make sure they are home-tied:

The man's personality in the video above is calm, restrained. But if someone wants to get out of the car and crack a clay pot over the officer's head, is that a sin? NO. God understands, and agrees, and will make potsherd of these people in due time. If what the demonic governments do doesn't make you angry, I would worry about you. How compliant are you to their system? Keeping people from going to a beach, or one another's homes, is SINFUL in light of COVID's extreme inability to harm us. It is just when the world is learning with proof after proof that COVID is non-dangerous that Canadian governments are clamping down this way. It's not a coincidence. It's a measure to keep the people from relaxing. They want people under their thumbs (not just for fun), and there is nothing more I want than to crack the earth under their feet for this impish attitude and foreign agenda. Don't you feel the same way?

Matt DePerno's case in Michigan was swept out of court by a long-winded judge using professional-sounding gibberish that included "no standing." The judge had given himself a week to prepare how he was going to decline the case. I don't suggest you watch his judgment (waste of time), but here it is if you are interested:

Here's news from the Red Cross admitting that COVID vaccines destroy the natural antibodies produced by the body to fight off the infection. Does that sound good to you? The Red Cross won't take blood from vaccinated people. Does that make vaccinations sound like a problem?

Now watch this short video predicting vaccine-poisoning and other evils from decades ago:

Alex Jones shares a new story where SM-102 is the topic. He shows a Connecticut Safety Data Sheet stipulating that SM-102 is not to be used on humans, yet, nor even your pets. It's still under the medical-test stage, meaning that it may yet be outlawed for human use, yet the test vaccines have SM-102 as an ingredient:

As you can see, SM-102 is a poison able to cause infertility and damage children in the womb, exactly what's to be expected by a Bill-Gates beloved vaccine program. The bottom line seems to be, unless the Data Sheet is outdated, that it's illegal for vaccine companies to be using this chemical. How have they gotten away with it? In a Google-fronted Newsweek article below seeking to justify use of SM-102 for vaccines, we read: "However, what the [social-media] videos and posts do not show is that the SM-102 product sold by Cayman is a mixture of two substances—SM-102 and chloroform. It lists chloroform as the dangerous component, and not SM-102, which is listed as 'other'. Substances are often prepared mixed-in with other chemicals that help them to dissolve. These substances that help with the dissolving process are known as solvents, and chloroform is used in this way. Even water can be used as a solvent. It doesn't exactly give me a fuzzy-nice feeling to say, "oh, well, then, I guess the SM-102 poison is okay as long as its mixed in a solvent with a second poison, where was my head to doubt the medical establishment?" If you want to take your chances with two poisons mixed together to save you from a flu that you most likely won't even feel, should you get it, go ahead and be a suicidal liability to the human race. But don't have any more children who might pass on your distorted / mutated genes.

It appears that we need an honest answer about SM-102. Can we get one from Fauci-ites and other murderers, like Trump? Even the leftist fact-checkers are out shooting the "conspiracy theory" down when they perhaps haven't got a clue what they are parroting. One fact-checker on the 19th of this week is stating the following just two days after the SM-120 Fact Sheet was exposed:

Chemicals in which lipids like SM-102 are maintained before use are removed in the manufacturing process, the way the lye used to preserve cod is removed from lutefisk before it is cooked and eaten.

The statement is supposed to alleviate all fears, but it does not say that the SM-102 (the solute) is removed, but rather that the chemical that holds the SM-102 (in solution) is removed. So what? The SM-102 remains after the solvent is removed, and they then put the SM-102 into a "vaccine." This statement even makes the chemical (the solvent) sound like a poison. Lye and cod are not mixed together as a solution, a bad comparison therefore, for fish can be drip-dried of any liquid, but you can't drip-dry a solute in solution. What if they deliberately (or accidentally) provide some of the solvent chemical as part of the vaccine ingredient? They could then claim human error.

Beware vaccinated people, for Fauci is now trying to get people off of masks for indoor gatherings for all those who have been vaccinated. What are these people about to share with one another, and with the unvaccinated, from their lungs? I hate to say it, but, this may be a great time to keep your mask on. The question is, what are vaccinated people exhaling, and will it harm people sitting next to them on a couch, or at a table, for an half-hour or more? And: for how long after vaccinations are people breathing out unusual things?

Masks do work to reduce viral infections. Of course they do, you don't need a doctor to tell you. We don't need a mask, usually, because we are far more likely to get a small viral infection that amounts to a secret vaccine (we don't know we have the infection, and the body has learned to fight it off). But wearing a mask does work to drastically reduce a viral infection if someone coughs or sneezes your way. Of course it helps. But what the control-freaks have succeeded in doing is to make people think that a few viruses that get through a mask are able to kill them, and so I'm seeing two masks on some workers now. Our governments have been nefarious and should not be trusted with the vaccine stage now going into full swing.

Just want to say I chose only an miniscule number of bitchute videos to watch, and even fewer are presented to you. I'm repulsed by most bitchute channels, yet due to the lack of good stations, I sometimes present to you videos from channels that often have offensive materials. Don't lump me in with them, and I apologize if you click one of their productions to find base-quality work. Bitchute is excellent only where it has the latest videos, every day, every hour, on the home page, whereas youtube has maybe a half-dozen only of today's videos out of over 100 to peruse.

Often, when there is a real, hard-hitting bitchute video that's sure to be greatly appreciated, bitchute doesn't allow the video to start. One needs to reload the page two or three times to get it to work, and if that doesn't work, one needs to leave the page on for an hour or more before it starts. Most people will miss the video, what I assume bitchute hopes for. That same video, but other valuable ones too that are against leftist propaganda, seem to be targeted by an unknown company that doesn't allow one to copy a full URL address of the video in the ordinary way. So, when one wants to share a video, as I do regularly, only a part of the URL gets copied, and if I don't catch it, I then give readers a bad link that will not work, even if just one letter in the URL is missing.

I'd like to go back briefly to Bill and Melinda Gates, where I showed that "MELINDa" is like the Mellind/MELLENT variations of Millens/Milans while the Arms of Meulan, a location otherwise called, "MELLENT," is the Shield of Fauci-like Vaux's. While Jeffrey Epstein's partner in hooker crime is GHISLAINE, compare that name to the Gilleslane variation of Gilleslands/Gillerlaine's because the latter share the Vaux Coat. English Vaux's have this in their write-up: "They were descended from Harold de Vaux, Lord of Vaux in Normandy who came into England at the time of the Conquest accompanied by his three sons, Hubert, Rannulf, and Robert. Their main seats became the Lords of GILLESLAND, the Lords of Tryermayne, and in Vaux in Normandy."

It's interesting where one LANE/LONE/Laine Coat shares the fleur-de-lys of GilLANE's/GelLONE's while Gillleslands/Gillislaine's come up as "Gillane" too. Gilleslands/Gilleslane's were first found in Midlothian, beside the Scottish Vaux's and Faucets. The cup in the Gillesland/Gillislane Crest should be code for the Cups/Cope's, first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellents/Millens and Mellansons.

This gets incredible where Gilligans share the giant, winged QUINN horse. In the 4th update of this past January, I told the story of Sharon Quinn at the home of Steve Mellanson. In the next update (1st of February), the theme was continued, when I said this:

...very near the time of the 1979 [Sleeping-Beauty] dream, God gave me a morning vision of a beautiful blonde woman with mental injury, who struck me to be Farrah Fawcett at the time, yet she turned out to be Quinn's blonde sister (very attractive) that night, when she literally lost her mind for a few seconds, screaming demonically/possessed, after I told her I had become a Christian. The 1979 dream took place about a week after I became a Christian.

I came to the conclusion that God was using Miss Quinn as a pointer to Fauci and Faucets/Fawcetts (share the giant Mellent/Millen/Milan lion), you see, a branch of Vaux's. But it's only now that we crossed the Ghislaine-like Gilleslane's that the reason for God's use of Miss Quinn is coming out, for Quinns had become Gilligan kin. Perhaps, Epstein's island is pointed to be by Gilligan's Island. God had pointed, on another occasion in about 2005), to LOVEY Howell on Gilligan's Island, and Loveys/Luffs can be connected fast to the MUSCHATs having the Epstein Coat. I was still visiting Mellanson's place still while dating Diane MUSCHATov. Muschats were first found in Essex with Melans/Mailens.

In the 4th update of January:

I have a great story to re-tell, but will not give the long version. Soon after my conversion to Jesus, and very near the 1979 dream, I was waking up when I heard the "audible" voice of God. I rarely hear His voice like that, and never before with this many words. He said, "you're going to have an argument with Steve [Mellanson] tonight; write it on a piece of paper" (probably not those words exactly). So, I promptly got up, and wrote it down. I don't think I knew that Steve was throwing a party that night, but I went, and I witnessed to a dozen or so people there about Jesus as I felt the Spirit come over me. Sharon beside me angrily said that I was being a fool...

A few minutes later, she lost her mind, but, my point is, the note that God asked me to write was seconds or minutes after the morning vision of the woman who turned out to be Sharon Quinn. The note and the vision came as one package that morning. I therefore think that God was pointing to Melinda Gates that morning through use of the Mellanson surname, but also to the vaccination programs of Bill Gates and Tony Fauci. Why did the woman in the vision have brain trauma? The vaccinations? Apparently.

Mellanson's apartment was at one extreme end of a hall, and Quinn's apartment was at the other extreme end of the same hall. The Mellans share a blank, gold Chief with Quinns and Rods while Melansons us a "bundle of RODs." The Quinn write-up tells that Quinns were "Lords of Muintir Gillagain", explaining why Quinns and Gilligans share the same horse.

Here's a liberal media claiming new news on Epstein, that he was being visited by Bill Gates because the latter wanted to use Epstein to win a Nobel peace prize. This, if true, says a lot of Epstein's connections to globalist frauds who chose Nobel prizes for those who advance the script (story starts a couple of minutes into the video).

As Bill Gates is the global-wise vaccine pusher, and as I see Vaux's as God's pointer to Fauci, another vaccine pusher, note the Nobel write-up: "The surname Nobel was first found in East Lothian where 'an English family of this name settled as subvassals of the family of de Vallibus (Vaux) at the end of the twelfth century." Round brackets not mine. Coincidence? The quote can explain why Nobel-like Noels/Knowells use a fretty Shield in the colors of the checkered Shield of English Vaux's. We read that Noels/Knowells were first found at Ranton, and Rants/Rands happen to have triple chevrons in colors reversed from the same of Epsteins.

Rantons share the lion of James' and Jeans' (in the blue color of the Nobel lion), a potential pointer to Epstein's island. The Ranton lion is in the Clavering Crest while CLAVERing is where Rants/Rands were first found. It evokes James CLAPPER. See "Clapper" in the last update to see why James Clapper (Obama's Intelligence chief) is pointed to in my 1979 dream on Epstein's island. Clappers (share Beach Shield) were first found in Surrey with James', and Claptons share the ermined bend of Wingers/WindGATE's who in turn share a "suum cuique" motto phrase with Noels/Knowells. Claverings were first found in Essex with the Waters and Muschats both sharing the Epstein Coat. The Clavering quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Spanish Jeans/Jaens'.

I'm not sure whether Tucker Carlson cut off his guest deliberately when the guest claimed that euthanasia was taking place in Scandinavia, but it makes sense where Tucker knows his Fox bosses would not want such a thing on its station:

Imagine, doctors killing people, instead of administering hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, because their bosses don't want to cure patients. It's mass murder of the "unwanted." The goons decide who's unwanted, and one day it could be you.

Here's a video that bitchute wouldn't allow me to see until I loaded it three times. Then, when I went to copy the URL, only part of it was copied, but I caught it and re-did the copy to get the full URL:

The video above mentions MR-102, telling that it's the "proprietary" vaccine ingredient, i.e. it's to remain a secret. On what basis? Why, on a phony claim that it's like a patentable ingredient. The reality is, it's a poison. It's not a wonder bitchute's trying to minimize the views on this video.

Note how broad the definition of COVID was made in the 8th minute. People with any of the symptoms listed were automatically put on paper as a COVID illness in order the INFLATE the number of cases for frightening the public and making vaccinations seem more vital.

In the 11th minute, the percentage figures are shown to show the low chances of death per age group. BUT, we must assume, those figures were based on the "official" death numbers, which were themselves wildly inflated. It means that chances of death are 10 times or more LESS than even the figures in the 11th minute.

If you agreed with the video above, then you need to repeat after me: TRUMP IS A MURDERER, for he supports the vaccines to this day after thousands have died, and after thousands of others have will suffer long term worse pain than the total pain of death. If you can still be a Trump supporters in light of his pushing vaccines as though they are his personal trophy, then you stand a good chance of becoming a pro-vaccine stooge, very useful for the criminals who might just translate this thing into the mark of the beast in not many years from now.

Here's what could be a promising scenario for any other virus that the deep-state goons release in the future, IF they don't oppose this new, revolutionary drug. If the deep state is FOR a new drug, beware that it's not part of their schemes:

The drug above is being called a gene-silencing "missile." It means that it targets only cells having the virus, an ideal method because the virus is going to perpetuate itself in those cells. The man says that human testing can get underway in June or afterward, and it seems to me that they should be able to test very-sick people immediately who are so old they don't mind being guinea pigs. I would chance it if my diagnosis didn't look good. What would I have to lose at 85 years of age? Looking good.

My view at this time is the COVID-19 was released deliberately by the goons, though they chose a weak virus, and they hyped it with fake news and statistics to be far-more dangerous than it really is. In the future, they might release a more-dangerous virus if this one fails at vaccinating all people, and so the drug above, which attacks all viruses, if I heard it right, looks fantastic to keep the goons from staging another virus scheme. The lab-leak theory of COVID-19 has large legs, now getting round the world fast. They are already spreading a COVID "variant" from India that is affecting children, just as the world is hesitating at vaccinating children, whaddya know. The goons are heartless beasts.

To my surprise, Laura Ingraham has a segment shooting down the vaccination of children:

Ms. Ingraham spoke out knowing that her bosses wouldn't want such a message ringing out. There is now word going around that employers should be held responsible for adverse vaccine effects if they force employees to get vaccinated. Good plan. Roll the stone back on the cowardly, willfully-ignorant, communist pigs (that's putting it nicely). These people, going forward, will become more dangerous than this, and show their true faces more boldly. For my area, I think I can predict that the once-quiet, smug, dim, Canadian souls will begin to show vocally what was brewing in their souls all along: spirits of satan. All of their true colors will be like caustic grime, like acid to our souls. These people will intentionally speak the things that make us cringe, for this is what they have loved all generation long. They will gather around their flag of anti-Christianity, and commit to their conspiracies. Our American enemies have been vocal all along, and have revealed their conspiracies. Once they think they own sufficient, committed minds, they will attack us on the physical level.

This is a good place to remind of Sean Hannity's sin when he claimed that his Fox bosses never tell him what to say on his shows. As Hannity does not celebrate the good news in election-fraud news (so far as I can see on his videos presented on video channels), and as he's very much celebrating this good news PRIVATELY, he exposes that he doesn't do what he knows his bosses don't want on his shows. So, when he was bragging on behalf of his bosses by saying they never tell him what to say, he was showing solidarity with Fox censorship, like a lap pet kissing up to the hand that feeds it. He was more concerned in scoring brownie points with his boss than to show disappointment in their censorship wishes.

Tucker Carlson did another segment this week on the Wuhan-lab origins of the virus, but did not expand on Fauci's role in that conspiracy. I know that Tucker would love to, but his bosses have a say (sometimes unsaid) in how far he can go. Tucker waits for hard evidence that his bosses cannot refute.

Here's people claiming that Fauci was killing people long ago (this is a good video for court purposes to avoid vaccination), and a suggestion that his team murdered the inventor of the PCR test:

Here's David Knight (May 21 show, short version) on how wickedness deceives the people on COVID testing, which is a method of FORCING people to get the needle (Revelation 13 has people FORCED to take a mark/number):

I don't like it when Mr. Knight says or implies that masks don't help to keep viruses out of lungs. They do help, and it's important for us to acknowledge it because we need to win the right to go maskless, if we choose. If we put out the message that masks do little good, it plays to forcing us ALL to wear that viruses need to go out my mask and then also through yours. We need to own the argument that one mask is sufficient, not mine but yours. I wouldn't advocate lying, and so I wouldn't want to lie about the reliability of a mask. I think it's got to be true that a mask is a piece of protection, especially when viruses are riding on humidity droplets that are far larger than the viruses.

If most students can get through a string of years without a flu sickness -- though spending much time in classrooms with low ceilings, in the midst of high numbers of lungs -- then it's because they pick up a small dose of viruses that the body handles well enough that they don't get sick. I therefore think we can make the argument that one student wearing a mask is sufficient to reduce the number of viruses to an even safer level, even if no other student in the class is wearing a mask. We can therefore make an iron-clad case that one person wearing a mask, at least six feet from other people in a grocery store with 25-foot ceilings, is safe to a point of less than 1 per 10,000 chance (off-the-cuff number, you get the point) of getting an illness, not forgetting that there's yet something like only a 1 per 1,000 chance that a normal / healthy person with an illness (with symptoms) won't fully recover in a matter of days.

Here's a young, people-on-the-street type of guy with intelligent thoughts (who has views much like mine), and he's not used a swear word yet after 30 minutes, though I expected some. I don't think he's a Christian, but he recognizes the degenerate "evil" of the mask-goon side (28th-29th minute):

He's right. The mask goons are forming like cults, with power-trips and abuse on the brains. He'd probably make a good Christian, but he's not there yet. He's going in the right direction.

Here's the Maricopa situation as of Saturday, probably during the time when the audit team is setting up the arena for the second leg of the audit (resumes Monday, 24th):

Apparently, the cheats didn't think the audit team could recover what was deleted. Or, perhaps, this whole audit is being staged by both sides to cause massive national division / calamity. How possibly could the cheats, who are overseen by the richest parties in the world, give the audit team a deleted set of computers that could be recovered in a couple of days flat? Does that seem like reality to you? It's got me scratching my head. In the meantime, the routers that prove absolute crime are still not given over to the audit team, what we expect if both sides are staging this show. I'm not very confident that the audit team is part of a staging, but it sometimes comes to mind as I watch the back-and-forth. If the entire audit caves like a giant tripping over an iota and killing himself, I would revisit the staging theory.

The top court of the U.S. will hear a new abortion case this fall, but before celebrating, the judges may be taking this case to remove state protection over "pre-viability" babies. In other words, the court could decide that states have no rights to protect younger fetuses.

Here, put this Bible-related message on while you do some housework or cooking, and reflect on the brutal mentality now growing in police forces:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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