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May 11 - 17, 2021

Obama's Skateboard on a Ramp Starts to Look Vaccine-Related
The Moke's Clinch Sleeping Beauty with Epstein's Island
I Killed Hillary Clinton With My Lawnmower

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I've been telling that I'm drying ground beef for long-term storage. However, 100 grams of both ground beef (lean) and peanuts have 26 grams of protein, yet I'm buying shelled peanuts at this time for almost half the price of ground beef. I get an empty plastic bottle when I'm done with peanuts, and, with the beef, I have a smelly plastic wrap to deal with. Plus, peanuts are already dry (only 10-percent water); just store them in unopened jars (I've noted that some of my jars were not properly sealed straight from the store). Just thought I'd give you that tip. However, my jar of honey-roasted peanuts claims only 20 grams of protein per 100 grams.

A hundred grams of peanuts has five times as much fat as a hundred grams of ground beef. However, beef is 75-percent water. So, if we reduce beef to dry stuff with only 10-percent water, it will have only a slight-bit less fat than peanuts, pound-per-pound of dry stuff. The good news is, "80% of the fats in peanuts are considered heart-healthy."

It seems that peanuts are by far the better food to store long-term, though I sure love the dried beef thrown into soups and pastas. Plus, by the way, I've saved all the beef fat (in the fridge) before drying the meat, and I scoop a little out, tossing it into soups and pastas. I never drain my pasta, just let the water evaporate away; pasta isn't grown in the fields with pesticides, so why drain it? I hope the pasta makers washed their grains before milling, but as the wicked get more wicked, who knows? Here's the nutrients of ground beef if you want to compare with peanuts:

Almonds are about twice the price of ground beef, and have far less protein. That's why I featured peanuts instead. Start saving food today. It won't hurt if you do it right; it won't go to waste if you do it right.

I'm making a file with news clips for court purposes, in case I need to go to court to sue the government for a forced vaccination. The video below is a good one to have for such a purpose (churches should use this information in their fight to re-open normally), where someone at John Hopkins admits that there has been no increase in annual deaths throughout the COVID period, and this is explained where people dying of other causes were recorded as COVID deaths just to create the COVID freak-out scheme.

If I understand the story above correctly, John Hopkins first released it, then retracted it. Might the release have been for the purpose of deceiving the people? If annual deaths remained the same in 2020 as for other years, then there has been no euthanasia taking place above-and-beyond previous years. Might the story have been put out to hide the fact that there has been plenty of euthanasia in 2020, and into 2021? Might the people who put out the death rates be lying to cover a vast euthanasia program? They might.

We should sue the government for forcing us to wear masks because the governments have known without doubt the medical records you heard in the video above. The problems is, when we sue the government for money, we are taking money from tax payers. It would be better to sue the CDC or medical establishments who lied to us concerning the fake COVID-death numbers. Lately, the CDC is under fire for claiming that less than 10-percent of all COVID cases is contracted outdoors. It's a true statement, technically, but to use "under 10-percent" is a HUGE and misleading number because there is no evidence in all the world that one person has contracted the virus outdoors. So, the CDC is complicit with the scare, and the mask-good society that leads to lockdowns. That is CRIMINAL. The CDC is indeed the Center for Disease Control, but with the wrong kind of control, of the people, not the disease. They are laughing at us while they force us to wear masks outdoors.

The article is like a spear through the brain center of the CDC, which can explain why the Florida governor is suing the CDC for financial damages. The cat is out of the bag, and the CDC itself admitted months ago that 94-percent of reported COVID deaths are not COVID deaths. Someone needs to pay the price for this, and it's more than one player that has guilt. The article in the video above implies, or even outright claims, that all COVID deaths look like the expected annual deaths from flus. There are going to be tens of thousands of vaccine deaths, and many more permanent maimings in various ways, but if one has the flu to a severe degree, once it's gone, the person makes a full recovery. Not so with the vaccines for many people.

I don't see why private people can't sue the CDC and others, including Fauci. I don't see why private people who have been harmed, including harm from unnecessary vaccinations, can't sue their governors if they have pushed the COVID fraud. I don't see why people can't sue the White House, or Trump, for failing to reveal that the death rates are, to this day, a travesty. I don't see why business owners can't sue media for failing to report the true number of deaths, and for perpetuating the fraudulent numbers. All harm done to society, to every person, is due to the false numbers; it's what created the "emergency." I don't see why people who have been ticketed / arrested can't sue governors for not listening to the reports EVERYWHERE that the death numbers were bogus. It's impossible that governors did not hear / acknowledge what the CDC admitted.

Instead of appealing to a constitutional right, appeal to the faked death numbers, for this cuts the legs out from the entire "crisis." This is so easy, and so why aren't lawyers applying this method? Maybe they are, but the courts are delaying their cases until after vaccination programs run their courses. That would make judges guilty of murder and maimings too.

Normal people are starting to wonder whether it's better to defund and eradicate police departments...because they are doing evil, and promise to do more evil. In the time of our troubles, that would be great, actually. When good cops quit, only the bad guys remain. Besides, evil rulers know how to spot their useful-idiot cops, and that's who they warm up to and use as "nazis."

I believe that the Father in Heaven, the Fury, will want to give an account of Himself to the Bride as per His attitude, commitments and strategies during the coming time of Church persecutions. I believe that God will find glory when revealing to His Bride His protective measures, and revealing also the great extent to which He went in thwarting the harsh measures that our enemies have planned for us. It may be bad for us, but God will show that it would have been much worse without His protection.

Bitchute headline this week: "CDC WILL NO LONGER REPORT NUMBER OF VACCINATED PEOPLE WHO CATCH CV19". In other words, the CDC wants to hide the success (and therefore the failure) rate of the vaccines for protecting those who receive one. The failure rate is much higher than they are letting on because about half the people receiving a vaccine are already safe from a virus in that they have already had a natural vaccine. So, already, this is a startling point, FRIGHTENING, that they are vaccinating indiscriminately EVERYONE whether they need it or not.

If they say that ten percent of vaccinated people have been infected with COVID, then, if half of them were already protected without the vaccine, the failure rate goes up to 20 percent. But it's even worse than that because some of the vaccinated people haven't yet come into contact with a virus, and may yet get infected later. This is a great reason for the CDC to not publicize the numbers, great in order to keep someone from getting sued, and great for those profiting from the everyone-get-vaccinated program. VIOLATION OF HUMANITY IN PROGRESS. People with clout, do something fast to stop it.

On Monday, we heard that Pawlowski is being released under certain conditions. Here's details from his own mouth as per a court case May 20th:

I wonder. When Rebel News asks people to send in money to support causes, does Rebel News cut a deal to take a percentage? Because, that is nasty. It motivates Rebel News to seek out all sorts of people in trouble, to do fake-passionate "news shows" on them, all for the purpose of asking for legal monies that it profits from. NASTY, if true. We should at least be told what percentage they take of our money, if they have the righteousness to admit they take any at all.

Here's another pastor whose Canadian church was invaded and locked by police (I'm ashamed of this country). Note how his attitude is different than that of Pawlowski' each their own personalities:

This church has some nutty and intolerable-to-me beliefs, and, if Wikipedia is correctly framing it, it looks very cultic, very arrogant for thinking it to be the only true church. My purpose in showing this police situation is to say that, at first, we may prefer this pastor's loving approach to the officers, as contrasted by Pawlowski's fiery warnings. We might say that, by blessing the compromised or rotten cops, the pastor calls down God's justice. Okay. But what if the courts continue to keep the church closed, ordering them to not meet anymore? Will they obey the court too, as passively as they let the police clear the church building? Is that going to accomplish what needs to be done, to make God proud of us? No. The reason this church met in defiance of the police was to make a statement, and so this defiance must continue even if the courts don't give what the people seek.

In other words, we may as well be raising voices in discontent from the get-go, or over-turning the tables, so to speak, in disobedience in order to send the proper message that we are dealing with evil powers who must not be obeyed. They came into a church service to disrupt it because they are evil, because they challenge the people of God to a dual. They slapped us in the face, and are declaring war. We don't slap them in the face in return, but neither do we approve of what they are doing. If we don't approve, we say so openly. That's called a rebuke. If you want to rebuke mildly, that's your personality, but a loud and fiery rebuke may be someone else's personality. Never mind the volume level, and maybe realize that a fiery rebuke is due to having more passion for righteousness. Let there be more more more churches with pastors with passion enough to be arrested for court hearings, and for laying the situation in God's lap.

The reason many people have no appetite for church anymore is due to the lack of resolve of church leaders to rebuke the evil powers destroying the society we must raise our children in. We can't do it alone, me only or you only, or 10 of us, or 100 scattered ones across the country writing letters to the powers, but rather whole churches must unite and do it together. "WE ARE DISAPPOINTED WITH YOU, POWERS THAT BE, FOR RUINING THIS WORLD, INSULTING OUR GOD, JESUS CHRIST. WE ARE AT WAR WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU STARTED IT. NOW ALTER COURSE OR BE DESTROYED BY THE ONE YOU DESPISE. YOU ARE IN VIOLATION OF THE LAWS OF GOD AND ARE FACING ETERNAL JAIL TIME." Then the end will come, after we have warned them. But to be at peace and in love with these anti-Christian powers, that to me is intolerable, and looks a lot like a pillar of salt to me.

Below is a youtube video with Tucker Carlson showing that Tony Fauci knew that the Wuhan lab was conducting illegal experiments with viruses, but that he exploited a loophole in American law that allowed him to sign-off on the illegal activity (while funding the "research") that gave the world the COVID scheme. It's therefore possible that youtube will remove this video by the time you click to it (it was removed hours after I wrote here on Tuesday, but maybe they will put it back up; it tells you how extremely-important the news report is, right-on target, and it also tells you how criminal youtube is for trying to hide this news. I assume it was Tucker's Monday show):

Luckily, it's part of this bitchute video starting in the 4th minute:

Here's a Fauci-roasting leftist media on this story where no words are minced, telling that Fauci WANTED and strived for the dangerous research. Note that mainstream media have been avoiding this story, including Fox. Perhaps the New York Times allowed this story to come out due to the abuse of New York of COVID control freaks, or because the story was going to come out eventually anyway:

The videos above caused me to look up the Collins surname as per mention of Francis Collins, former director of the NIH (Fauci runs the NIH's NIAID now). The Collins have only two giant lions in brown, both facing one another, essentially the full Ramp/Romp Coat. In an Obama dream I had two weeks after Trump took Office (White House), the second-last scene was Obama on a skateboard upon a RAMP. This scene has been mainly a mystery for all this time, until now, for I think I can show that it relates to Francis Collins. (Load Collin link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms that follow.)

Fauci claims, in an effort to protect himself from his part in the crime, that COVID originated at a wet market, or anywhere but the Wuhan lab. I've claimed that my heraldic work shows that the virus was created deliberately in the Wuhan lab with assistance from Americans in the Galveston National Laboratory in Texas, which supports / partners with the Wuhan lab. The Chinese may not be responsible at all for the spread of this virus, therefore. China accused the army lab in Fort Detrick of spreading the virus, and while Detrick-like Edricks and Hatricks/Ettricks share the GALVES lion, Detricks happen to share the "WATER bouget" with the bat-using Bugs (beside Battants/Battins and Baths). Coincidences? The WATERs share the Epstein Coat.

In the past, I've shown how the English Randolphs share the Dunham Coat, and I've told and shown from online genealogies, that Obama's mother, a Dunham, descends from Randolphs. From here, we go to the Scottish Randolphs who use the bat as code for the Baths, for they share the cross of Scottish Randolphs. WELL WOW, IT JUST SO HAPPENS that the Collins and Ramps lions are "comBATTANT," an heraldic term to express animals facing one another, and Battants are listed with Battins/Battons, first found in Somerset with Baths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has taken four years and more to decipher the Obama-on-ramp scene!!! But now we have it, praise God. Being on Scottish Randolphs at this time when a Fauci-under-condemnation story is in the news requires a quote such as this: "A Penn State biologist led the study, which suggests the current coronavirus has been circulating in 'HORSESHOE' bats for decades" (caps mine). The Scottish Randolphs use both horseshoes (on the Bath cross), and a bat in the Crest. Make of it what you wish. Obama outlawed the type of dangerous research that Fauci wanted to conduct, and paid to conduct, yet perhaps the plan of Obama was to do it in China.

As per the HORSEshoe's, it's completely intriguing that Horse's were first found in Northumberland with the Hebrons who share a white horse head with both Detricks and Horse's, and Hebrons have the Detrick lion. Shoe's use a "knight issuing from the KNEE's," and the Knee-branch Needhams were first found in Derbyshire with Detricks. HorseSHOE bats. Dr. Judy Mikovits, who worked at Fort Detrick lab, claims that Fauci stole her boss' vaccine / virus (I can't recall which), and then had it patented with his accomplice.

OH WOW, while Hebrons are also HEPburns, the Hepps/Hepple's (Northumberland, same as Hepburns) share a red border on white Shield with Scoots (and English Scotts) listed with SCOUGals, the latter being like variations of SHOE's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that's all huge for pointing to horseshoe bats. It reminds of Miss Hicks, in real life in Texas, saying to me, "you can scoot OVER." I may come back to that. The first time I saw Miss Hicks was in the 1979 dream where she was hovering in a car on Epstein's island, and Hover-like Overs/Offers share the bend of Scottish Scotts. Hepps may have been the makings of Epps' ("Domine") and Eppsteins.

Bat-using Bugs share the water bouget with the Rose's in the Hebron/Hepburn rose, and Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with Gates-like Geddes', and beside Rothes. This can drag Bugs to the Rothes area because German Rothes/Rothchilds share the raven with German Bugs. HeBRONs may have been a Hepp merger with neighboring Brons/Bruns (Browns), and it just so happens that Bruno's (Over / Scott / Terras bend in colors reversed) were first found in Florence with Barone's/VARONE's while Verone's/Varenne's share the German Bug Coat.

By what cosmic coincidence do Randolph-like Rands (probably a Randolph branch) share the triple chevrons of Singletarys? You can verify online that Obama's descent back through Randolphs is from Jonathan Singletary, who changed his surname to "Dunham." The triple Singletary chevrons are colors reversed from those of Epsteins, in case Jeffrey Epstein, a science-minded nutbar, applies. English Randolphs claim to be from Ranulph le Meschin, whose Wikipedia article shows a giant, red-on-gold lion as his personal symbol, the colors of the Rand lion. It just so happens that RAND Paul questioned Fauci this week on his crime that he will not admit.

THERE'S MORE, for Battants/Battin (Somerset, same as two Axe rivers) share the blue axe with the TUCKERs/Tokers, and we just saw the Collins surname coming from the TUCKER Carlson show. The Tuckers have eight fessewise bars in the colors of the five fesses of German Ducks/DUCKERS, and James LeDUC is the chief of the Galveston National lab!!! ASTOUNDING. Plus, Tuckers/Tokers were first found in Devon with the mouth of the Axe river that has a source near Bath!!!!! INCREDIBLE, but there's more, for this Axe river has a mouth at/near a Seaton location while Seatons/Sittens named Sitten in Switzerland, also called, Sion, and Sions/Swans share the swan with the Crest of Collins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's as though God set up the heraldry to point to Francis Collins!

In fact, I have repeated a million times that my ladyfriend (my age 24), LORRAINE, got a grass stain on her PANTs that pointed to the PANSY/Pantzer surname, first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers. This pointer is due to a Bar-le-DUC location in Lorraine, France. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc uses the pansy symbol, you see, proving that Barrs who named Bar-le-Duc were related to Ducks/Duckers. The article above says: " 2e d'argent à trois PENSEES feuillées et tigées au naturel." The same Arms with barricuda is used for the Arms of Meuse.

This gets wild because, although I can't find the Wikipedia article again, I had read one telling that Barrs of BRUNSwick were the Barrs of Bar-le-Duc too, and there was proof because the Arms of Barrs of Brunswick used two gold-on-blue, curved fish (probably BARRicuda), the symbol in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc too (the latter uses the fish in white-on-blue at times). The fact that LeDucs are also Ducs is thus stunning! It suggests that Lorraine's GRASS stain points to the COVID scheme, and the Fauchy surname happens to use a GRASShopper!

As per a grassHOPPER, I've just noted that Hoppers/Happers are no longer said to be first found in Durham, but now in Wiltshire, which is right-smack near Bath of Somerset. Wiltshire is where Stars were first found who share the eye with Battants/Battins, perfect! It's a pointer now of Fauchys to the comBATTANT lion of Ramps/Romps, especially if "COMbattant" is part-code for Comets and Conte's/Comite's, for Conte's/Comitissa's were first found in Durham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW. And Wiltshire is where Edricks were first found who share the giant Detrick lion.

The Hopper/Happer tower is colors reversed from the same of Piedmont's Domino's, and the "flaming STAR" of Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont) is in the design of the so-called "comet" of Reines'! The Hopper/Happer tower happens to be in the Claver/Cleaver Coat while Wiltshire is beside Claver-like Clapton, and coincidence-of-coincidence, Clavering (Norfolk) happens to be where Rands were first found i.e. who are linkable to bat-using Randolphs.

English Rings (share black scallops on a chevron with JAMES') were first found in Norfolk with ClaveRING, and while Claverings/ClavRINGs (share Mall Coat) use an "Ad" motto term, Ade's/Aids have a version of the Irish Ring/Rinn/Cran Coat. ADa of Warenne had a father in Surrey, where JAMES' and Clapps/Clappers were first found; James' share a blue lion in Crest with Claverings and Hopper-like Hopps, and Warrens share the Ward Shield while Wards are known to share the Clapton bend. Clavers/Cleavers look like a branch of Cleave's/Cliffs (Cheshire, same as Clubs/Clobbes'), explaining why Cliffords (Herefordshire, same as Beach's) share the Warren Shield too. Clapps/Clappers share the Beach Shield, and my 1979 dream upon a beach was on Jeffrey Epstein's island, Little Saint JAMES, while Epsteins have the triple Rand / Singletary chevrons in colors reversed. JAMES Clapper, Obama's chief of all American Intelligence, is coming to mind, for they say that Epstein was a corrupt, Intelligence operator. As Sleeping Beauty (1979 dream) proved to be Miss Hicks, note that the Hicks use "heure," for Eure almost have the Clavering Coat.

Plus, Ada of Warenne (or Varenne) married a ruler of Huntingdonshire while Others/Otters (Huntingdonshire, same as otter-using FENDERs) have a different-color version of the Ring/Rinn/Cran Coat. The latter share the crescents of Aime's in turn in the James motto. As soon as I was on Epstein's beach, I saw Sleeping Beauty walking from a car's FENDER to the hood. Jeffrey Epstein was into genetics, same as vaccine experts. The Ring/Rinn/Cran Crest almost has the Crest of News'/Nuces who in-turn pointed with noose-like Nuse's/Newes' (Hertfordshire, same as Beach's and Bash's) to the hanging death (feigned or otherwise) of Jeffrey Epstein! Nuse's/Newes' almost have the NECKer Coat, you see. There is a "chaplet" around the head of the Hick "buck," and chaplets are used by News'/NUCES'. I happened to purchase a Texas property on the NUECES river, 15 years after the 1979 dream, ten minutes from the Nueces-river property of Miss Hicks.

I was without a shirt when on the beach with her, and while Tous' have a man with a "shirt," Cliffords (same place as Beach's) have a "paraTUS" motto term. It's online that Hicks' married Juliana Arthur of Clapton, and this really works in pointing to James Clapper.

As Dominion's CEO is/was Eric COOMER, note that while Coomers/Combers are expected as Combs/Cume's (Devon), COMBattant can apply, for Comeys/MacCombs use combattant lions in Star-Coat colors. Note here that while James Comey's FBI deputy was Andrew McCabe, McCabe's share the fesse of Coffee's/Coffers whose Coat in turn is reflective of the Star Coat. The Coffee/Coffer motto term, "victoria," gets the Victors in the James motto. Just before being on the beach at Epstein's Little Saint James, I was in blue water, and while Waters share the Epstein Coat, it may apply that the Blue/Gorm surname was first found on Arran with McCabe's.

Coomers use a dancette while Pero's/Perino's share the pale bar of Italian Dance's/Donnas' (Piedmont, same as Domino's). Who arranged Coomers to use a "DOMINAbitur" motto term? I would say, God did, to snitch on Coomer. Dunhams/DUMMs use a dancette too! I get it. In the scene immediately before Obama was on a skateboard, he was dancing on a STAGE, and the stag head in the Stage/Stagg Crest is gold, the color of the DEMI-stag in the Crest of Dome's/Dummers. I think I get it, an Obama partnership with Coomer's Dominion Voting. Demi-like Demys/Dumais', who share the Belly / Stage/Stagg chevron, almost have the Coat of Perino-like Perins (Lorraine, same as Loys who may be in the Denver motto).

Domino's happen to share a giant, black tower with French Bats, very suspicious. COVID is a "bug," and Bugs use the bat too.

As has been said recently, Fullers (almost the Coat of Italian Belli's) share the beacon with German Belli's, but now we can add that the triple fesses of Fullers are shared by French Collins, the latter first found in Ile-de-France with dancette-like Dansets who share the Belly roses and the Bellamy / Bell fesse. Amazing, it's another pointer to Francis Collins, partner in crime, we may assume, with Fauci. German Belli's share the split Shield of Kopps/Kope's, both first found in Austria.

Miss Peare was on a stage too that was firstly a PLATform in pointing to Platte River Networks, Hillary's private server by which she committed her dark deeds. Platte River is in Denver, where Dominion Voting has its American headquarters. Hello? Duh. A demi symbol is a half symbol, and Halfs/Halps are a branch of Halpers/Halfpennys (share STEELE checks). Stefan Halper was used by Comey's FBI, and probably Hillary's Perkins Coie too, to ruin Trump. Halpers share the brown lion with Ramps/Romps. Perkins Coie has an office in Denver, duh. Perkins Coie hired Christopher Steele to create the so-called dossier that attempted to ruin Trump.

I saw Lorraine's pant stain when I was on her BALCONy, and Balcons are also Balcome's/Balcombs while Comeys above have lions in colors reversed from the Lorraine/Lorren lions! Zinger. I would suggest that Comey's FBI was in cahoots with Coomer and Poulos. I suggest that his FBI was to cheat sufficiently to get Hillary elected, but Trump got too many votes for the amount of cheating they had programmed into the Dominion machines.

The Ramp/Romp lion is brown likely because Browns/BRUNs (brown lion in Crest) were first found in Cumberland with Ramps/Romps...and that's where Daggers/Dackers and Dockers were first found while Ducks/Duckers come up as "Docker" too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The SemPERs in the Docker motto are the St. Pierre's/Pere's who have the Brunswick Coat in colors reversed!!!!! GOOD ONE, EXCELLENT. It's got James LeDuc all over it. Browns even use a "FLOReat" motto term because Florence is where BRUNo's were first found. Is that not incredible, that Obama on his ramp is connecting with Barr-of-Brunswick elements? Hold on to your masks, because Scottish Browns share the Coat of VYCHANs/Vaughns, the surname I point to "vaccine"!!!

It's at least interesting that English Bats have a brown wolf, the color of the Teague/Teeger wolf head. German Teegers have a giant eight-pointed star half in the colors of the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star.

It gets more stunning because the Francis surname, as per "Francis Collins," shares the Tarant Coat, which is the Child/Chill Coat in colors reversed, and Childs/Chills share the Lorraine/Lorren eagle! As I've said a million times, the last time I saw Lorraine, she was carrying an infant CHILD as she walked past a table (in a burger joint) where Paul Smith and I were sitting. Paul owned a red Jeep at the time, and Jeepma's/Cheps happen to share the Coat of Irish Browns!!! Clickety-click-click-click. Tarents were first found in Dorset, near Bath.

I can now go back to the Coffee's/Coffers who related to my mugging on Galveston! Get it? The mugging points to LeDuc. It's the Coffee/Coffer Crest that shares a naked rider (different colors) with the Arms of Tarant-like Taranto!!! How can we miss the meaning of this in pointing to Francis Collins and LeDuc together? I was mugged in Galveston after 1 am, and later that morning, I stopped off in Victoria to buy a newspaper and a coffee, you see. Decades latter, after God led me to learn heraldic links for events and dreams in my life, I saw that "Victoria" is a motto term of Coffee's/Coffers. The News'/Nuces' use a newspaper, and Nuse's/Newes were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs/Chills...and Beach's. Early on the sunny day, I was crossing the Mississippi river on a barge, asking someone upon it where the best BEACH was to see the Gulf of Mexico, and he said, Galveston. That's why I went there. At my arrival, I went straight for the beach, but it was dark out by that time. The waves looked menacing in the dim lights.

It should be added that while English Scotts were at CHILham castle, and Childs/Chills have the Tarant Coat in colors reversed, the Arms of Taranto has mythical Taras on a dolphin while Taras' are also Tarrs/Tarres' (Somerset, same as Baths) while Scottish Scotts share the Terras Coat.

This part of the discussion seems to dovetail with the James-Clavering discussion above that pointed hard to Epstein, and James' are the ones with a "Victor" motto. The other James' (Surrey too) happen to share a dolphin (different color) with the Coffee/Coffer Crest, and Dolphins/Dolfins were first found in Surrey too, how about that. Why should the trip through Galveston connect with Epstein? The Coffee/Coffer "cups" (look like mugs) may have been MUGs at one time, and I was MUGGed in Galveston. Muggs/Mudge's were first found in Surrey with James', Clappers and Dolphins, how about that.

Surrey is also where English Lamberts were first found while French Lamberts come up as "Amber." The Detrick write-up: "Dethick Manor is a 16th century manor house at Dethick, Amber Valley, Derbyshire." I now think I have Obama by his tail.

If you would like to verify it, it's in the first or second update of February, 2017, that I introduced the Obama dream. I tell there that, when seeing Obama on a ramp, there were two Obama's, each with a skateboard, going in unison upon the ramp, as when one sees double vision. I am now very sure that the scene was partly for Double's/Dobells because they use the white stag exactly (leg and head position identical) of Downs/Douns (compare with Trumps), probably a branch of Dunhams/Downhams (Norfolk, same as Double's/Dobells). The Double's/Dobells use bells, and so we naturally go to the Bells, where we read: "William Bel, vicar of LAMBERTon," and it just so happens that Lambertons (share white lambs with English Lamberts) are in the colors and format of English Lams/Lambs who in turn essentially share the Potter Coat. Potters were first found in Hampshire with same-colored and bell-using Pawters/Porters, and in the latter's Crest is a gate for an appropriate pointer to Bill Gates. Thank you, Amber Valley of the Detricks, for this.

As Mieszko II Lambert was in Poland, which overlapped with Silesia, the Handells / Handle's of Silesia may be in the Lambert/Amber Coat, especially as Pollocks (brown boar) were at Moray while the Handells Coat is exactly the Moray Coat. The Wuhan-like "ohne" motto term of Handells must be for the One variation of Innis' (Moray), for they have the Moray / Handell Coat in colors reversed. It just so happens that Bellys were first found in Moray too, One's/Innis' share the brown boar head of Baileys (tends to verify that Baileys and Baliols were a Belly / Belli / Below / Billet branch). Baileys and Baliols were first found in Northumberland with Lams/Lambs and Lorraine's, and Mieszko II Lambert married Richeza of Lorraine. Bar-le-DUC is in Lorraine. The One variation evokes my trace of Mieszko's to the Una river of the Maezaei.

Just for the record as per my dream with my JEEP's door HANDLE missing a BARREL-shaped part, the One's/Innis' are said to descend from BEROWaldus Flandrensis, and Barrows may be sharing the Baliol sword closely. I see Jeepma's from the Japodes of the Una theater, and one Below Coat has the giant Jeepma eagle. Doors (Herefordshire, same as Barrels) use bees while One's/Innis' have a "Be" motto term. There's more to that door-handle scene than I've been able to decipher. In anticipation...waiting.

Incredibly, by some lucky strike or not, One's/Innis' have a motto, "Be TRAIST." Muggs/Mudge's happen to use the cockaTRICE while Trice's/TRIST were first found in Cornwall with Tristans who in turn have a solid chevron colors reversed from the same of Teague's/Teegers, and the latter share "nec" twice in their motto with Trice's/Trists and Rodhams. The Tristans have the same stag head as VICE's/Vise's, and, as I've said a million times, I locked my truck from the inside by applying VICE-grip pliers to the latch, and went to sleep. An hour later, the Galveston mugger came along pretending to have a gun. Vice's/Vise's were first found in Sussex with the Keeps in the "Keep TRYST" motto of Hebrons/Hepburns, the latter first found in Northumberland with same-colored Rodhams. What do you make of all of that?

To show that Trice's/Trists / Teague's belong in this discussion, "nec" is used twice by RUTherfords who in turn share an "orle" border with Rutlands, and Rutland is where bat-using Bats were first found who share a brown wolf with Teague's. Moreover, Rutlands were "Lords of the Manor of Mitcham in SURREY" while Scottish Mitchams/Michaels (Surrey) are a branch of English Michaels (Surrey, same as James') who have the James scallops in colors reversed. Mitch's are listed with Muschats (Essex, same as Waters and an EPPing location!) sharing the Epstein/Eppstein / Water Coat!!! Bugs (bat) have water bougets, and the Bug fesse is colors reversed from the Mitcham/Michael / Meschin fesse (Meschins likely named bat-and-horseshoe Randolphs). Tristans were first found in Devon with the Supers (share Bat saltire) expected in the "suPERO" motto term of Mitchams/Michaels.

If Prime's are in the Rutland motto, it makes sense where Prime's use a giant leg while legs are often code for the Legro river of Leicester. Rutland is at Leicester. However, the Rutland motto term, "praeMIA" can be a double code, one for Mea's/Meigh's sharing the Bath / Randolph cross.

I must repeat here that while Bash's (Hertfordshire again) use part of the News/Nuces Coat, Bash's have the calvary symbol (steps up to a cross) of Crystals in colors reversed while I slept in Crystal City (Texas) the night of the newspaper and coffee. Why might Crystals share the thistle with Fauchs (not Fauchys)? The entire region between Victoria and Crystal City was, until recently, the West-Texas territory of the DoJs John Bash. He may have been chosen by Bill BARR to cover-up Obama's crimes, for Barr chose Bash to look into Obama's unmasking crimes...until Bash was released from his job. I wonder why.

The newspaper was purchased to check out land prices in Texas, because the mugging caused me to change plans. I was driving to Mexico to purchase cheap land there for a snowbird retreat. I returned to Texas six months later and purchased a NUECES-river property from Mrs. Teague. She lived on the Nueces too, and News' list NUCES'. Repeat: "It's at least interesting that English Bats have a brown wolf, the color of the Teague/Teeger wolf head. German Teegers have a giant eight-pointed star half in the colors of the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star." Doesn't all that look like a pointer to James LeDuc?

Gain-of-Function is the Crime

As English Bugs have a bat while linkable to the horseSHOE pointer of Hebrons, it's notable that German Bugs were first found in Hamburg with Trips, the latter suspect in the "TREPidum" motto term of Hebron-beloved Trists. Trips use shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE, and I almost missed this while on the horseshoe pointer of Hebrons above.

LOOKIE. As I've said a million times, KEPke and I both left working at Knob Hill Farms at about the same time, and he went into SHOE sales. While visiting him at his shoe store, I walked up the stairs of the mall, entered a shoe store, asked Joe the manager if he was hiring, and was hired on the spot!!! Hebrons use a "KEEP TRYST" motto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE. The shoe-sales jobs are now pointing to the COVID scheme. I'm going to chew on this find some, and get back to you if something else comes to mind to add to it.

Right away: I've been familiar with the crosslets of English Trips, shared by GAINS (and Hamburgs), and Fauci is in hot water this week for paying for GAIN-of-function research, the manipulation of bat viruses to make them much more deadly. There's a Gainer/Gains surname with a red lion in Crest to match the red lion of Detricks and Edricks, and the latter, having the same red lion head in Crest too, have the following by some coincidence or not: "The name Streona is usually held to be a nickname derived from Eadric's greediness after wealth, and to signify the 'GAINER' or 'Grasper.'"

Irish Gaineys (comBATTANT lions) use an Enfield griffin, and Enfields were first found in Berkshire with Windsor castle while Windsors share the Gain / Trip crosslets. Gaineys were first found Galveston-like Galway. It's likely that gain-of-function research was and is conducted at Fort Detrick because it's a military lab; gain-of-function is a biological weapon of mass destruction. Galves' share the Detrick lion, never forget, because the Galveston lab is bound to make the news soon.

Galveys (Munster, same as Galways) have three fish in the colors of the Club/Clobbes fish, and the latter are related to Childs/Chills (Hertfordshire, same as Vince's/Finch's expected in the Galway motto). Clubs/Clobbes were at Farndon while Farndons happen to share the vair fur of Detricks (it's almost the Clapper vair). Galways happen to share the cross of Crystals, and while the latter have the cross as part of a "CALVARy" symbol, Galvey-like Calveys/Calverts (Yorkshire, same as Crystals). While Galways were first found in Cork, Corks are Core's too, as are Gore's, and the latter happen to share the Gain / Trip crosslets. Then, Gore's/Core's love the Sole's (more fish) in their motto who were first found in Derbyshire with Detricks. Doesn't that all appear arranged by God?

CHILDeric was the father of king CLOVIS, and Clubs/Clobbes' are in Child/Chill colors. With Childs/Chills being so important in this discussion, note how "Clovis" is like "Galves." Gloves'/Glovers are in Colver colors, and similar-colored Clovers are listed with Clavering-like Clavers/Cleavers sharing the HOPPER tower. Clubs/Clobbes' were at FARNdon, and then Farns (Vere/VAIR colors) share a red lion head with Edricks. Farndons (Cheshire, same as Clubs/Clobbes') share the VAIR of Detricks while Vere's/Vairs get interesting for their "NIHil" motto term, for Tony Fauci heads up and "owns" the NIH. Nihills/Neils are Shark kin. The Fier-branch Irish Fare's share the moline cross of Thatchers who in turn have grassHOPPERs, what a cloverincidence. Hoppers (Wiltshire, same as Edricks) are said to have been established in Cambridgeshire, where Clubs/Clobbes' were said to be first found for years.

I was in Crystal City on the day I was mugged in Galveston, and Crystals share the thistle with Fauchs, and while Fauchys have the grasshopper too, Hope's were first found in Derbyshire with Detricks (and beside the Hopps of Shropshire). Crystals share the Bash calvary symbol in colors reversed, and the Bashford / Este / Child/Chill eagle can be linked to Childeric's ancestry in the Veneti (Este is in Venetia). Bash's look like kin of News'/Nuces', first found in Cambridgeshire (beside Childs/Chills and Bash's of Hertfordshire).

MORE JUST REALIZED: as said a million times, Kepke and I sold shoes at Scarborough Town Center (TORONTo!), and Scarborough's share the Murena tower while TERENTia Murena is a common subject of my traces!!! Tarants are also Terents (!!!), who are half in the colors, and in the format, of Scarborough's (compare with Keppochs). Believe it or not. Scarborough's use a lance while English Lance's share the Gain bend. French Lance's show nothing but a huge red rose in the colors of the Hebron/Hepburn rose.

German Epps'/Epple's have variations like those of English Hepps'/Hepple's. Repeat: "Hepps may have been the makings of Epps'/Apps' ("Domine") and Eppsteins." Epps'/Apps' (Middlesex, same as Bruns) share the scallops of Scale's while English Trips have a "scaling ladder." Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs/CHILLs (share Hebron/Hepburn chevron), and I've suggested in the past that Childeric may have been named from the Cilnius family (Arretium) that named CILnius Maecenas, Terentia's husband, for the Child/Chill Coat is the Tarent Coat in colors reversed.

The Epping location in Essex is near the first-known Childs/Chills, and Essex is where Gore's/Core's were said to be first found (until recently) who almost have the Gain Coat. Gore's/Core's are now said to be first found in Kent with the Trips sharing the Gore/Core and Gain crosslets. German Gorings share the lion of German Epps'/Epple's, and English Gorings (Sussex, same as Epp-like Keeps and Core-like Courts) are in Tarant colors and format (reflective of Scarborough Coat). GorSUCH's (Lancashire, same as Such's/Zouch's) share the Child/Chill eagle. Ah, look, surprise from the Gorsuch write-up: "Gorsuch was given by Walter de SCARISBRICK to his younger son Adam... " It's the Scarborough bloodline! The Gore's were kin of Trips, and Trips use shoes! Ya see, God put me into shoe sales, but Keep-like Kepke too, at the Scarborough Town Center. What's he trying to say with all of this? The Gorsuch eagles-on-bend is that of Lorraine's, and the latter have the Keep bend in both colors.

French Gains share the Neret Coat, and Ardiaei of the NERETva river may have named Arrettium, now Arezzo, like "Arras," the capital of Artois. The Arrow/Arras surname is therefore suspect with the red Murena tower. Ardiaei were also called, Vardaei, and Vardys share the moline of Fiers/Fears (Middlesex, same as Epps'/Apps').

The coffee purchased with the newspaper had pointed to TARANTo, and while COVID is a bug, Bugs, first found in Dorset with Tarants, use the bat. I was mugged while sleeping in the back of my Nissan pick-up, and Nissans were first found in Hamburg with shoe-using Trips. After the mugging, I checked into a motel. The Motels, said to be from Taranto, are a branch of Mota's, and Italian Mota's use nothing but rosed in Belly-rose colors. Bellys throw in the LeDuc star, and in colors reversed, this is the eight-pointed Fell star. Rockefellers are going to play right into this, because there were cockROACHes making noises all night long in the motel where I stayed in my one and only night in Crystal City. As Crystals have the red cross (same style) of GALWays, it seems that the latter surname is to go with the GALVeston mugging, for Teague's/Teegers and (Rocke)Feller-related Lynch's were first found in Galway with GAINeys. The latter have a "Turris" motto term while Turris' are listed with Terras'. The GEAVENy variation of Gaineys may even be a branch of the Galvin/Galvey (i.e. like "Galveston") that almost has the Roach Coat. Galways were first found in Munster with Roach's.

[Insert -- For those who know my writings on Burisma gas as pointed to by the crocodile-using Dene's (Galway), it's interesting that the other Irish Dene's have the wings of Poulos'. Something to consider. The Scottish Dene's probably have the erect sword of Mochs/Mouchers (can be the Dun sword too) because Dene-like Dunbars were at MOCHRum, and because Mochs were first found in Burgundy with Poulos'. Igor KoloMOIsky ("Kolo" is a prefix) is/was on the board of Burisma, and the MOYs/Moses' have the Crystal "calvary" symbol in colors reversed. The official owner of Burisma, Mr. Zlochevsky, sells/sold crocodile-leather shoes. The Irish Duns happen to have a giant eagle (with spread wings) in the colors of the Dene / Poulos wings, and in the Crest of these Duns is either a lizard or crocodile. Why do Currys/Corrys use an "audaux" motto term?

Moch-like Mocks happen to share a "Cura" motto term with Dunham-like DENhams ("VICTORiam"), and Currus/Corrys not only share the gold rooster in Crest with Moke's, but the saltire of Dunbar-related Gospatricks. Kilpatricks (near Mochrum) were first found in Dumfries with the Rums expected in "MochRUM." I can show that DunBARs were kin of Bar-le-DUC, and this all seems to be connecting James LeDuc of Galway-like Galveston to Burisma gas under the administration of Obama Dunham.

Behold. Currys/Corrys share the gold rooster in Crest with Livers/Levers/Lovers who in turn have their rooster "standing on a trumpet." All three gold roosters for the Moke's, Currys/Corrys and Livers/Levers have a red comb. Currys/Corrys were first found in Waterford, and the Arms of County Waterford share the Trump stag head, which is colors reversed with the Hanna's, the latter first found in Wigton with Mochrum. Trump just got worked into this batch of heraldry, and you may have noticed how the Victoria location in Texas is pointed to by the motto of Curry-loving and Dunham-like Denhams. The Coffee's/Coffers with a "victoria" motto term were first found in Cork while Corks are Corry-like Core's too. The Gore's/Core's almost have the Gain Coat.

Why do the Engains of Gains seem to be in the BRAIN motto, "Enghien"? Is this a pointer to vaccinations affecting brains in some ways?

During the writing of this insert, I looked up Muggs again, though I can't remember the reason, and seeing the Mudge variation, it was recalled that I had loaded Madge's too at one time. Before showing you what was re-found with Madge's, let's repeat from above:

The Coffee/Coffer "cups" (look like mugs) may have been MUGs at one time, and I was MUGGed in Galveston. Muggs/Mudge's were first found in Surrey with James', Clappers and Dolphins, how about that. Surrey is also where English Lamberts were first found while French Lamberts come up as "Amber." The Detrick write-up: "Dethick Manor is a 16th century manor house at Dethick, Amber Valley, Derbyshire."

Madge's/Machetts were not only first found in Surrey too, but they have an hourglass shape (Coffee/Coffer and Coffare colors) half in the colors of the same of News'/Nuces'/ Plus, while God set me up with the newspaper to eventually move me to the Nueces river near the home of Miss Hicks, Madge's/Machetts happen to add the Hicks fleur-de-lys! I've said this before, but it still demands an exclamation mark. Good work, O Lord.

Note how close "Machett" is much like "Muschat/Muschett" (share Epstein Coat). Note how the Sark variation of Surreys is like "Shark," for the Sleeping-Beauty dream on Epstein's island started with a shark. The Mochs below, which you just saw in a batch of heraldry touching upon Igor Kolomoisky, owner of a shark tank, are also Mouchets and similar terms. The mugging, therefore, by a Negro, was therefore necessary to get us to Muggs/Mudge's and Madge's/Machetts of Sark-line Surrey. There must be more to this than meets the eye here, though it's all pointing to Obama too.

The "pii" motto term of Moke's has just gotten me to load Pie's (near Moke's of Somerset) whose Crest happens to share the blue demi-lion in the Crest of James' and Jeans/Jane's (Worcestershire, beside Pie's), incredible. Plus, the Pie's use a single pile in colors reversed from the single Beach pile, and all I had on was my jeans when on Epstein's beach!!! Between the first-known Pie's of Herefordshire and the Moke's is CLAPton while Beach's share the Shield of Clapps/Clappers (Surrey, same as James'). As Moke's share the gold rooster in Crest with Sinclairs/SAINTs, it appears that Moke's are a pointer to Little Saint James, especially as Little's share the lone Moke crescent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh, the Gospatricks (share white saltire with Little's) sharing the Moke rooster were first found in Northumberland with Little's! The Little saltire is in both colors of the same of Irish Kilpatricks. ZINGER, we have a super heraldic solution for a pointer to Epstein's island, and it's already led (months ago) with Pie's to Ainsley Earhardt.

I might even add that my being shirtless is a pointer to Shirts/Shards while Lizarts/Sarde's are in the Dun lizard.

The Pie pile is used by Countrys (share Earhardt fleur-de-lys) in the motto of Ainsleys who in turn share the Madge/Machett fleur-de-lys. I have good hunches that there's a lot about Fox news (pro-vaccine) that touches upon Epstein's work. I sold the Nueces property about the very time that Ainsley Earhardt (pro-vaccine) got a NEWS job in nearby San Antonio, and Madge-branch Muggs came to topic with the mugging that caused me to but the newspaper the same morning. I'm not at all sure what it can all mean, but the News'/Nuces' point to Epstein. Possibly, Earhardt was an Epstein hooker / masseuse in her teens, though this is wild speculation based only on heraldic clues as I might see them. (For my records, the "Macte" motto term of Fisks may be for Machetts.)

[Insert -- Hours after writing here, I got round to re-loading Hookers, and then loaded Hokers/Holkers (don't recall ever loading them). Hokers/Holkers have a solid, blue-on-gold chevron that is the blue-on-gold Pie pile in reverse, we could say...what are the chances? The Pie Crest has a demi-blue lion, and the Hoker Crest has a lion half in blue with blue lions in the Shield. Hooks share the Earhardt and Country fleur-de-lys, which is one of the reasons that I entertained Ainsley Earhardt as playing an Epstein hooker for the dream's purposes (not to say she was an Epstein hooker in real life). The Hoker/Holker chevron and Crest has the lion of French Jeans (bell) while the demi-blue lion of Pie's is in the Crest of English Jeans/Jane's.

As an addition to this insert, Hockeys (share Mellanson crescents) had to do with my coaching hockey with Steve Mellanson who pointed to Earhardt with the cotton SWAB in his ear, and latter I come to MELINDa Gates (now snitching on Epstein matters) together with the Mellanson / MELLENT bloodline. Swabs/Schwabs almost have the Giuffre Coat, and Virginia Giuffre snitched on Jeffrey Epstein; she'll come up later in this update, and sooner below, Klaus Schwab is a topic. End insert]

So, my mugging points to Earhardt, yet Miss Hicks, just months or less before she moved to the Nueces Canyon, had lived in Baytown, which I passed between the omen in the late afternoon and my arrival to Galveston after dark. This double-fulfillment confuses me. The woman in the dream was extremely beautiful, I saw her CLOSE-up, and while Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick (likely a Gospatrick branch), Kilpatrick castle is at CLOSEburn. The Close's share the spur with Kilpatrick-related Johnsons and Little-branch Liddle's. The latter were first found in ROXburghshire, where the rock of Forts traces who in turn share "Fortis" with Liddle's and "audax" with Gospatricks.

The "cura" motto term shared by Moke's and Denhams looks like it's for the Curr variation of Cars too, because Denhams share the Curr/Carr chevron. The Curr/Car motto has the Serio river in the realm of Ottone Visconti. There was a car with Sleeping Beauty, which is to be viewed as an auto as a pointer to Ottone's/Otto's, from Ottone VisCONTI, and the COUNTERchanged colors of COUNTRys suggests their being a branch of Counters/CONTE's. Thus, it appears that Ainsleys and Hicks share the same fleur-de-lys in order to make Ainsley Earhardt a second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty (both are blonds as was Sleeping Beauty).

As Moke's share the Curry rooster, the Moke motto points especially to Currys, and the latter have an "AUDaux" motto term for Ottone-connectable Aude's/Audets/Odde's, the latter first found in Savoy with gold rooster Gays. The Gay rooster once again has a red comb, and English Gays were first found in Surrey! "Audax" is expected partly for Dax's/Tax's/Dachs having a saltire-with-swords in the colors of the Curry/Corry saltire, yet there must be a good reason that Currys/Corrys use "AuDAUX." The Forts ("Audax") share the quadrants of Otone/Oltons. End Insert]

The calvary symbol of Crystals is colors reversed from that of Moys/Moses', the latter first found in Shropshire with vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. The Moses write-up: "The name was also extended to Mostyn, and became attached to VYCHAN, Lord of Mostyn." I don't think that's a coincidence. I think God led me to Crystal City to make a pointer to Fauci's vaccines, explaining why Crystals share the thistle with Fauchs. If Roach's (rock in Crest) happen to use roach fish because a Rock line married the Fish's, note that Fish's almost have the Vychan/Vaughn Coat. Note the Fish-like Faush variation of Fauchs.

I was in Crystal city just hours after passing through VICTORia, and while "Victor" is the full James motto, the James Crest has the demi-lion in the Thistle (and Jean) Crest, and Fauchs use nothing but thistles in Shield and Crest. I am completely convinced that my trip through Texas (in late April 1994) is a pointer to this globalist scheme now overtaking the masses.

Remember, Fauci allowed GAIN-of-function research within the United States, but masked as legal gain-of-function. Don't the Gaineys (share Kelly Coat) look like a pointer to this diabolical activity? This is the same Fauci who predicted, in 2017, that the world would soon suffer a pandemic. This was shortly after Klaus Schwab celebrated skinchip implants (January 2016) for all sorts of uses to connect humans with the digital world. Schwabs have a giant unicorn in the colors of the Rothchild horse, and in the colors of the giant unicorn of Rothchild-related Rasmussens. Schwab is the CEO of World Economic Forum, and he's a leader for the "great reset." The Biblical skincode is all about using the markets. We can see this coming fast. The "great reset" is using the plandemic to re-create economic structures, and it's easy to see that putting people of out business is part of their thievery. Instead of the economic collapse that everyone was fearing, it looks like they decided on a slower takeover of market ownership.

The mandating of vaccines will further erode businesses as people quit when forced to take vaccines. Employee losses is not great for business. This is a terrible situation we are entering, horrible for people being forced to chose between paying the bills and being vaccinated. Those who object are being treated as silly, or like spoiled children afraid of ghosts. May the Lord, the Restrainer, do something fast.

If I recall correctly, Fauci predicted that the pandemic would come during Trump's presidency, and so compare the Roach Coat to the three trumpets of the Call/Calles Coat, for Trump and Fauci together gave the world the vaccines. The Calls/Calles' look related to Shots/SCHUTE's, and the Enfields in the Gainey Crest happen to share the gold eSCUTcheon with SCUTE's. A vaccine SHOT may be in play with Shots/Schute's/SHITTS, for they have the Fortune's in their motto who were in turn first found in East Lothian with the SITTens and vaccine-like Vaux's, and with the FAUCets sharing the Sitler/SCHITner lion.

WOW, minutes after writing the paragraph above, it was found that French Gane's/Gaine's/Gagne's use the Fortune gyronny in colors reversed! What are the chances that this should come up while I'm on gain-of-function? If the Shots/Shute's are to be a connector to trumpet-Calles', it's starting to appear that Trump could be criminally involved in the COVID pandemic for financial gain. The Shot/Shute motto is, "Fortune de GUERRE" ("the fortune of war"), and it just so happens that the other French Gane's/Gaine's/Gagne's share the pierced hexagrams of GUERins, tending to verify that the Fortune's are indeed in the Shot/Shute motto. As FORTune's are said to have been at Roxburghshire, note that ROCK-using Forts share "AUDax" with Roxburghs. Aude's were at Pithiviers, and the Arms of Pithiviers uses nothing but thistles.

Both French Gane's/Gaine's were first found in Burgundy with the Vairs who share the Fisk/Fisc Shield. Guerins are said to have been the ancestors of Montfitchets of Essex, and the latter are listed with MusCHATs, the Chatti that named Keiths/Mascals. Why do Galways with roughly the Keith/Mascal motto use a CAT? It's obvious.

Yes, likewise first found in East Lothian (with Fortune's and Faucets) were the Keiths/Mascals whose two-word motto is the reverse of the Galway motto. The Scoots, with a tower in both colors of the Galves castle, share the border of one Scott surname while the other Scotts share the Coat of the Turris' in the Gainey motto. Galways were first found in Cork while Corks are also Core's, as are Gore's almost having the Gain Coat. Note that English Mascals have the escutcheon of Chaddock-branch Saddocks/Sedgewicks in colors reversed.

From the Schute variation of Shots/Shute's, we may load Skits/Skeets, Scheds, Sheds, Chads and Chaddocks (Lancashire, same as Scute's) to see why Gainey-beloved EnFIELDs apply to them, for Enfields virtually have the Chaddock (and Chadwick) Coat (with eSCUTcheon). By what coincidence do Chaddocks share the red cross of Crystals and Galways? The thing is, the Singletarys (= pointer to OBAMA) were in Field-like Fylde (Lancashire), and Singletarys share the Enfield martlets. Coincidence? Fields/Felds have the Derby Coat (antelope) in colors reversed, and Detricks/Dethicks (Muschat lion?) were first found in Derbyshire (recently changed to Shropshire). Muschat-branch Muscats share the black Singletary antelope.

The Singletarys are the ones sharing the triple Rand chevrons, and Rand Paul is the one who made it's-about-time (overdue) news with Fauci this week. The news is going around worldwide that Fauci was in the thick of Wuhan, something Trump did not mention because, I may assume, he's either a coward, or a traitor to the country. It's hard to believe that he was ignorant of Fauci's funding of Wuhan. Why is nobody mentioning Galveston's role with Wuhan?

WOOOOOWIE! It's taken to this part of my writings to inspect the Detrick page, to see again that the surname is listed with DeTHICKs. I therefore loaded the Thicks, but didn't see anything in the symbols to prove that God arranged a Fort-Detrick pointer from Detricks/Dethicks, until I saw the Thacker variation, which is also a variation of the Thatchers (scimiTAR) who share the grasshopper with Fauchys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fauci was/is involved with the Fort-Detrick lab, but of course. Thatcher's/Thackers share the moline of Shark-liner Sarasins, the latter first found in Brittany with Ducs/LeDucs. James LeDuc of Galveston.

Wow, DETRick-like Deeters/Teeters were first found in Pomerania with Trumps, and the Deeter/Teeters dog (in Trump colors) is the Fortuna/Fortune dog on a blue Shield. We just saw Scottish Fortune's with the Gane/Gaine gyronny. Gain-of-function.

LOOKIE and behold. Fauchs love Thistle's. If the Thistle's are closely using the Over bend, "scoot over" can point to Fauci too. Thistle-like Thatchers (Essex, same as Montfitchets) have a reflection of the Major Coat, and Majors together with Thistle's were on Guernsey!!! I trace the GYRONNy symbol to "GUERNsey," and to GERNONs ("cyFOETH"), and therefore to Ranulph de Meschin-GERNON, ruler in Cheshire, where Overs were first found. Gernons were of Montfitchet! De Gernon's line is to Foots (Cheshire), and Footes is a location on Guernsey. AMAZING, for the Fauchy grasshopper helps to identify Thistle's as a Thatcher/Thacker / Thick branch, thus assuring that Fauchys were a Fauch branch. French Majors -- Provence, same as GUERIN of Provence -- share the lion head of Muscats while Montfitchets are listed with Muschats...tending to identify the Guerins in the Shot/Shut motto as a Gernon branch.

Likewise first found in Provence are the Beils/Baile's sharing the Belly chevron and the English Major roses. I've just checked the BEILs/Baile's (unfamiliar with them) as per the CorBEILs to which English Majors are said to be related. This allows Corbeils to have been a Gore/Core merger with Belly liners, and Gore's/Core's (for years said to be first found in Essex, with Thatchers) are the ones with almost the Gain Coat. Corbeils are also GorBAILs. The other French Beils/Baile's were first found in Burgundy and may therefore have the Primo lion (in the colors of the Corbeil griffin). Thatchers use the GRASShopper, and Grasse is a location at the Provence theater. French Grace's/Grasse's were first found in Provence.

With Thatchers/Thackers looking like a Thistle branch, let's repeat: "Aude's were at Pithiviers, and the Arms of PithiVIERS uses nothing but thistles." Corbeils were first found in Savoy with Aude's. VIERS'/Vairs were first found in Burgundy with Beils/Baile's. Vere's lived in Manche, overlooking Guernsey, where English Majors lived. The Major write-up: "The surname Major was first found in Normandy where Mauguer was the third son of Richard I, Duke of Normandy and his second wife, GUNNora. He ruled as Count of CORBEIL through his wife GERMAINE de Corbeil." Verone's/Vires' share the CORBELL/Corbin Coat. GerMAINE's (Savoy) look like a DeMAINE branch. Gunns ("AUT BELLum") share the Vere / Annas star, and the Major Coat (loves Anchors/ANNACKers) is likely a version of the ANNAS Coat. Gunnors look like kin of Gophers/GOFers (Oxfordshire, same as elite Vere's), and Goffs share the boars of Googe's (Roxburghshire, same as Scottish Vere's/Weirs). Amazingly, the Gunn Chief is the Chief of Schims/Schiens (share Googe / Goff boar) in colors reversed, and the Schims/Schiens (Duc/LeDuc colors) have both a "fortuna" and a "DUCE" motto term. This paragraph started with the Fauch thistles, we may gather, and took us the LeDuc-like Duce's.

Vere's had a Ver(e) location in Manche, where there is a Vire river, and it just so happens that while Italian Belli's were first found in Verona, virus-like Vires'/Verona's/Vairs have a version of the Feller Coat.

Back to Thistle-related PITHiviers, for the bird in the PITT Crest is either a crane or heron, and ditto can be said for the bird in the Thick/Thacker Crest. The latter's is, as is the similar Pert/PETT stork, in bulrushes, and Perts/Petts and Petits were first found in Kent with Thick-like Ticks/Tucks/Touque's. Pitts share "ardua" with Malcolms/Columns who in turn use "petit." The "Per" motto term of Pitts makes Thicks and Thatchers look like Ticino-river liners, especially as Marici GAULs lived on the Ticino while Pitts share checks on a fesse with Marks. Plus, the English Grass' (share ARDen cinquefoil) almost have the English Mark Coat while Thatchers have a GRASShopper. Hoppers (gyronny) were first found beside the first-known Pitts (Dorset). While Julia Tyche was a GALatian, Tick-branch Teague's/Teegers were first found in GALway with the Lynch's having the Coat of virus-like Vires'/Verona's.

(For the historians, Galati is a city at the Pert-like Prut river that had several Perth-like variations in history, and Perthshire is where HAGARs were first found while Galati is where the AGARus (now the Siret) meets the Prut. There's a larger Galati region there that includes Ticino-like Tecuci, perhaps indicating that Laevi Gauls were at Galati as the Gauls formed Galatians proper, which included Julia Tyche. The Ticino is also the Tessin while Tysons/Tessons have the lion of Lyons in colors reversed, and Lyons were first found in Perthshire. Tysons/Tessons were first found in Northumberland with Siward of Northumberland, the line to Swords having a "Paratus" motto. The Prut was know with a few Paratus-like variations. Swords use "wings expanded," and Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire. For the historians. Wings/Winks share the pile of HAGels who in turn have LEAVES. The Coat of Leve's/Leave's (Norfolk, same as Sabine's and Benjamins) has bees, and, I'm reading, "King Titus of Sabine is who created a cult dedicated to Ops..." "Opis / apis" means, bee. Ops, or Opis, had a cornuCOPia symbol, and then there is the ColAPIS = KUPa river to which I trace the Benjamites that were also at the Rimna river near Galati. How can it be a coincidence that Titus' mother was Vespasia Polla while I've found one page telling the Julia Tyche was mother to Julia Polla?)

The Galatian, queen OPgalli, wife of Teeger-like Tigranes, is likely the ancestor of HOPe's in the colors and format of Vires'/Verona's. The "At" motto term of Hope's is excellent here because Vairs/Fers' share the Shield of Atha's/Attys who in turn have a "DUCi" motto term, incredible where Scottish Bellys ("PER acuta BELLI") share the Duc/LeDuc star. It works because Belli's (and Bellino's) were first found in Verona. The bat-line Baths are said to be from "Atha," though I haven't verified it. Fisks/Fisc's, sharing the Vairs/Fers Shield too, use "AD," and Ada of Varenne (almost "Verona") married Henry of Huntingdon (descended from Malcolm III) while Gains were first found in Huntingdonshire. Coincidence? Read on.

Ticino-liner Pero's (beloved by Bellys) were first found in Piedmont with the Domino's having a giant, black tower colors reversed from the Hopper tower, but for this virus discussion the giant black tower of French Bats is relevant. While the Galatians above conquered Derbe (Anatolia), Hope's were first found in Derbyshire with the Detricks/DeTHICKs sharing the water bouget with bat-using Bugs (Dorset, same as Thistle-connectable Pitts). It appears that Detricks were from Julia Tyche. Thistle-using Pithiviers is near Ile-de-France, where Laevi-like Levi's and virus-like Vires'/Verona's were first found, and Verone's (not "Verona") happen to share the Coat of German Bugs, so cooool, as if heraldry had eyes to see Fauci's crimes. Fulks descended from PLANCia Magna, whose father (Mr. Plancius) was Galatian, explaining why Plunketts (Brittany, same as LeDucs) share the Hopper tower.

The KIND, first found in Derbyshire with Detricks, happen to share the Bug / Verone Coat while throwing in a column (could be the Pelosi column). It's just amazing that "Domino" is a motto term of Keys while their Kay branch have a "KYND" motto term. It appears that this heraldry was set up by God to connect Fort Detrick to Vires' and Bat-kin Bugs. A flu bug, as they say.

Detricks share the water bougets of Yards who in turn have a "FACTa" motto term suspect with Fauci-like Faucets." Magna-like Maghans/Manns (sick-like "Sic") share triple lions in pale (different colors) with Plantagenets/Plants while French Plants are Planque's too due to descending from PLANCia Magna, for Plantagenets were Fulks (Fauci-like) said to descend from Tertullus, the name also of Plancia's husband. Then, it just so happens that "Fac et" is a motto phrase of English Mathie's/Maghans/Manns. It just so happens that Yards were first found in Devon with BILLETs, and with Mann-like Maine's who are in Yard colors and format. Plus, as Lamberts/AMBERs almost have the Coat of Billiards/Billets, first found in Maine, let's repeat that Detricks were at AMBER Valley, for they share the three water bougets of Yards! The last scene of the Obama dream, that had me in his billiard hall, ended in the back YARD of the billiard hall! Why in the YARD? I think I now know. The last scene was what looked like a snitch on Obama.

With Fauchys using a GRASShopper, we can add that Lamberts/Ambers (Dauphine, near Grasse) have two of the three Grace/Grasse chevrons.

Likewise first found in Galway are the Birks/Berks/Burgs, the only surname I can find that could best point to Fauci's right-hand man, Deborah Birx. The Birks/Berks/Burgs (cat) use "Ung" three times while Jungs/Youngs have a stag in Trump-stag colors. Coincidence?

Trump is, in my eyes, a candidate for the False Prophet, which makes a lot of sense if mandatory vaccinations roll out the mark of the beast. He loves the vaccines, and they were enshrined by him as, "warp speed," which goes with his Space Force having a logo like the Star-Trek logo, which in turn goes excellently with the False Prophet's fire from the sky.

Somehow, though the Revelation text doesn't make it clear, the False Prophet will be meshed with Mystery Babylon. She holds a gold cup, or chalice, and the Chalice/Challes surname can be linked to trumpet-using Calls/Calles'. This link is made by the "chalice" pouring water in the Below Crest, and by the Callouville location of Bellows/Bello's. Trump loves gold. The anti-Christ, says Daniel, will love precious gems. Trump already has millions of Christians in his hands, making him an appropriate "false prophet" with lamb-like horns. The false-like Falls/Fallis surname happens to share the Feller trefoils, and we can expect Rockefellers and Rothschilds at the head of the "great reset."

I've been identifying Mystery Babylon as the Ishtar cult of Babylon. I assume that her cult named the Ister river. It just so happens that, Rijeka, on the northern part of ISTRia, has Arms with a double-headed Roman eagle pouring water out of a container. It doesn't quite look like a chalice, more like a jug, but it seems linkable to chalice pouring water of English Belows because German Belows (Pomerania, same as Trumps) have a black, double-headed eagle. It's the Jeepma eagle too (both colors), and Jeepma variations suggest Rome-founding Japodes...who happened to live at/near Rijeka. Trump loves Star Trek, and Spocks/Specks have a giant and red, double-headed eagle, and another giant, red eagle is used by Cussons that should be in the Johnson and Kilpatrick "cushions."

Recall Hillary's "reset BUTTON," for while I read that it was Biden's idea, Rijeka is also Reka and Rika while Rich's (Hampshire, same as Bidens/Buttons/Bottons) use the BOTTONy cross. Bidens/Buttons/Bottons were first found in Hampshire with Sturs, and the latter's branch includes Isters. Coincidence after coincidence could mean they ain't coincidences.

The giant Trump stag head is almost the giant Legg stag head, and a giant leg is used by Prophets/Profetts, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with the CUPs/Cope's/COLPs, the latter being from the COLAPIs river, also called the Kupa, the river of the Japodes. Coincidence after coincidence could mean they ain't coincidences. Leggs were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Johnsons, who share the Coat, almost, of the Dumfries Kilpatricks ("MAKE" motto term), both surnames sharing the saltire of Maxwells/MAKESwells who in turn have another giant, black double-headed eagle. As Maxwells were first found in Rockefeller-line ROXburghshire, it tends to explain the rock upon which the Rijeka eagle pours our water. The only reason Johnsons were included here is as per Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Maxwells have a "holly BUSH,"and holly is used by the Sure's in the Kilpatrick motto, "I make sure." The German Bush's share the Kopp/Kope and Kope/Kobbes fleur-de-lys, and we just saw why Maxwells should trace to the Kupa-river theater. Maxwells were from king Maccus of the Isle of man, and cup-using Christine's were, for many years, said to be first found on the Isle of Man. Maccus was from Ferte-Mace, home of Masseys, from the Maezaei Illyrians on the Oeneus - Una river beside the Kupa. The Japodes of the Kupa became mythical Jupiter, and the Una named his wife, Juno, and it just so happens that while the Trump stag head is in the colors of the Jung/Young stag, the latter surname is also the June surname. Coincidence after coincidence could mean they ain't coincidences.

There is blood in the cup of Mystery Babylon, and Bloods/Bluds share a lodged stag with the Maxwells. The latter's is lodged under a holly bush.

The Kopps/Kope's share the Moor head with Stirlings, and the Nemoys/Nimo's were first found in Stirling while Dr. Spock on Star Trek was played by Leonard Nemoy. The Nemoys/Nimo's love the Boasts in their motto, and Boasts/Bois' are said to have been a branch of Bosco's while German Boschs share the Kopp/Kope and Bush fleur-de-lys. Trump looooooves to boast about his own very self. And man who habitually boasts of self is an idiot, not yet refined enough to make it to the level of humanity. He craves it like the devil. He want's to be like a god. Such a man will make an idiot of you if you honor him.

The other German Kopps/Kope's share the Plate/Platter/BLATE Coat, and Blade's/Blate's look like Blood/Blud branch. Swedish Johnsons use "plates," and so if the mark of the beast becomes a part of forced vaccinations, note that English Platters have three bends in the colors of the three bends of the marine number for six (from Wikipedia's article on "Six"). Does this predict a 666 under Johnson & Johnson oversight? Swedish Johnsons throw in a swan in the colors of the Christman swan, and Christine's/Christians use cups. Christmans were first found in Hampshire.

A swan is with the Irish Walsh's who in turn have a reflection of the Maine Coat. Maine's can be linked to Manns, and thus we can assume that the Walsh swan was close to the Christine/Christian swan. The Walsh's are more important here than meets the eye. The Roxburgh Walsh's have the Maxwell saltire because Maxwells are from the Rijeka eagle, and the Japodes of the Rijeka theater are from Jabesh-Gilead, where the 600 Benjamites of Rome-like Rimmon, in the Book of Judges, got their 400 wives. That's why the Roxburgh Walsh's/WALCH's almost have the Benjamin Coat, and why the Rimmon-like Rimna river is at the WALLACHia theater.

Having said that with Maine's in the picture, the RedMAINE's happen to share the cushions of Johnsons in both colors, and the Kilpatricks, who likewise have gold cushions, share the Maxwell, Johnson, Benjamin and Walsh saltire. The cushion-using Johnsons have a spur in Crest while Spurrs and Supers were first found in Devon with Maine's, you see, extra evidence that Johnsons, who share the Super saltire, were close to the Redmaine cushions. Supers put billets on their saltire, and while English Billets were first found in Devon too, French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine. If that's not enough, English Billets share the Coat of Bellows while it's the Belows who have the chalice and the Jeepma eagle.

Both the Rijeka and Below eagles pour out water, and here we can add that Waters were first found in Essex with the Yonge's/Youngs ("jeune") to go with the Trump-connectable Jungs/Youngs/June's. Scottish Yonge's/Youngs, sharing the annulets of the Roxburgh Walsh's and Benjamins, were first found in Roxburghshire, where the Rijeka rock traces.

Back to the Coffee

As I've said many times, the Nissan developed black smoke out the tailpipe on the drive from Victoria to Crystal City, and it persisted until the next morning after the night of cockroaches. Decades later, I discovered that Smoke's are listed with Roach-like Rauch's (probably share the Rothchild / Pollock bend). Moreover, Roach's (rock) have fish in the colors of the GALVey/Galvin fish, what a coincidence. They are in the colors of the Barry fish heads.

It looks like Rockefellers are to be linked to LeDuc of Galveston National. Pipe's share the Pepin Coat (share "est" with Roach's), and Pepins (share Este horse heads) share "Mens" in their motto with Crystals (POPlar tree) and Poppins. Smoke from the tailPIPE. You really need to be amazed at how God set up those events after the mugging, because Bash-like Basfords/Bashfords share the Este and Barr eagle. Just contemplate the chances where there are 30,000 heraldic surnames with 1000s of different symbols. The Bashford eagle is also the Aquila eagle while the Arms of L'Aquila (Abruzzo) has an "ImMOTA" motto term that tipped me off to the Mota's above. Poplar-like Popoli's share the checkered Shield of Halpers, in case this applies, and POPLeys were first found in Yorkshire with Crystals.

[Update Oct. 2021 -- For a while now, I've been saying that Crystals use a poplar tree for connection to surnames like "Popham." It turns out, thanks to Hall of Names, to be a fir tree, but this is even better for linking to Pepins and Pipe's because the two can be gleaned using part of the Rasmussen Coat while Rasmussens and Firs/Fire's share the same giant unicorn. Crystals share the "calvary" symbol with Moses'/Moys. I claim that Biblical Moses was named by the daughter of a Hyksos-Egyptian king, Khyan, whom I've seen on the throne immediately before king APEPI/Apophis. Those who know their history will "know" that the Exodus was well after the Hyksos ruled Egypt, but I say the evolutionist Egyptologists have got too many Egyptian kings in their historical schemes in hopes of stretching history back before the Flood, and so they thereby put their dating a little out of whack, too far back in the range of 1500 BC. I say the Hyksos ruled during the Exodus. As it's the Shake's who use a poplar tree while CUNNinghams (Ayrshire, same as KENNedys) use a "SHAKEfork," might Cunn- / Kenn-like surnames have developed after "Khyan"? Lately, Kennedy-like Kenneths/MacKenzie's have been pointing to the Apophis asteroid. End update]

Here's the Roach write-up, noting first that Fellers are also FellTRAGERs while Tragers were Rocco kin: "This was about the time that 'the manor of TREGERrick or Tregorrick alias Treroche, belonged, prior to the Norman Conquest, to an ancient British family thence denominated Treroche, and afterwards De RUPE, or De la Roche...'" That explains "Felltrager." Fellers almost have the Lynch Coat, and Loretta Lynch was suspect as the co-owner of Obama's billiard hall in my 2017 dream.

As per the Rupe variation of Roach's, by what coincidence is "Francis" a motto term of Rupers/Ropers? Rupers/Ropers can be linked, by their "ANGLis" motto term, to the Rupe>Roach family where the three lozenges of Angle's are shared by Fells. The same motto has "crux," and Crux's have a version of the Crutch/Crooch Coat. The Crux Crest even has the Crutch/Crooch fitchee, which is colors reversed from the same of English Smiths. Paul Smith was on crutches, which I'll explain below. The Ruper/Roper motto shares two motto terms of Blacks, and Crux's share the pale bar of Blake's and Eschyna-like Eskins/Erskins.

The Crooch-like Crooks/Crookstons / Crocs were related (via Eschyna de Molle, wife of Mr. Croc) to Pollocks of ROTHES castle, the proto-Rothschilds, wherefore it's notable that the Crook bend is the Jewish Rothchild (not "Rothschild"), the Jewish Pollock bend, and the Smoke/Rauch bend. Scottish Pollocks share a saltire of Francis-like Franks, and while at least one writer said that Pollocks was descended from CHILDeric, Childs/Chills have the Francis Coat in colors reversed. .

The Crutch's/CROUCH's (compare with Cricks/Cracks) suddenly recalls that the snitch in the last scene of the Obama dream was crouching. He was Obama's employee, and Obama was disappointed with him, which is why I think he's a snitch, otherwise why else would God have him at the end of the dream immediately after two scene's in which Obama was happy, including the skate scene suggesting his "skating" from prosecution for crimes?

Paul Smith, after his Jeep was wrecked, purchased my Nissan pick-up. What might God intend for that thing? and I ALWAYS had coffee together, and we likely were having one when Lorraine walked past (my age 27) with her infant child. I kid you not, I've said it many times before, that she walked past in a restaurant in VAUGHN county!!! Vaughns are the ones above listed with vaccine-like Vychans. Paul himself lived in Vaughn county at the time (this is in Ontario, Canada).

In the last update, I retold of my dream (not long after the dream with Obama) with Paul Smith on crutches following a sickly-looking stag on my driveway. At the time, and to this day, there is a red Jeep on my driveway, the color of his Jeep decades earlier. It suddenly seems that these sick pictures in that dream are pointers of God to bodily damages from receiving COVID vaccines. I can add here that while Vychans/Vaughns were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps/Slape's, the latter are suspect with the ermined bend of Darts/Dards (Devon), the point being that a dart is used by Cudds and their Cuthbert/Cudbert branch, the point being the Barr barriCUDa.

Paul's mother, by the way, is BARbara (can be read as BarBARA too), and the double bends of Barbara's (sickly-like Sicily) are colors reversed from the Bruno bend i.e. to be expected with Barrs of BRUNswick. I was at his place when he showed me the TV ANTENna in his backyard; it was fallen down. As I recall it, it crashed down on the fence GATE (I've said this before, not making it up here), and as ANTONs are listed with Anthony, Anthony Fauci is coming to mind with Bill Gates. Was God saying that this duo will fall by a strong wind? Note how "Fauci" is like "VYCHan, for Fauchys were first found in PERIgord with French Faux's/Fage's, and while English Faux's are said to be of the Vaux's, Scottish Vaux's were first found in East Lothian with Faucets/Fawcetts and Seatons/Sittens. English Vaux's were first found in Cumberland with Ramps/Romps, Browns, Daggers and Dockers, all the right players for this discussion.

The Brown write-up has: "'Of these, the most considerable -- that of the Viscounts MONTAGUE -- was an offset of the great Norman house of La Ferte, who held the barony of La Ferte (now La Ferte FRESNEL) near Evreux." I stand corrected, the barony of Ferte is not Ferte-Mace, though the latter may be included because it's in Orne with Ferte Fresnel. One point here is that a sickly-like Sickle is used by Ferte-like Frauds/Friths. The main point is that Montague's are also MontaCUTE's, and, as per the "acuta" motto term of Bellys, they were mentioned in the last update like so: "MontaCUTE's were first found in Somerset with Dax's/DUCKs...Bellys happen to share the eight-pointed DUC/LeDuc star..." It just so happens that this Obama-on-ramp / vaccine-scheme discussion centers on the bat of Randolphs (Moray, same as Bellys), the Arms of Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray, shares red lozenges with Montague's/Montacute's (see "Thomas Randolph" last update for proof).

Ahhh, wow, there is a Fresnel surname with this: "The Fresnel family originally lived in the village of Fresne, in the province of Bourgoigne...The family became even more prominent through alliances with other important families of the day, such as the Thiron, the Languet, the CHALON, the Viesse and the la LOGE families." While Mr. Poulos is Dominion Voting's founder, Poulos', first found in Burgundy with Fresnels and Loge's, use logs!!!!!!!!! Chalons/Chalants share the gold-on-red bend (almost the Fresnel bend) with English Collin/Collings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Fresnel bend has chevrons in the colors of the Belly / Perin chevron. Chalons-sur-Marne is near Lorraine's Meuse, and therefore near the first-known Perins.

It's been a while since last mentioning Collins like so: "How can we miss the meaning of this in pointing to Francis Collins and LeDuc together?"

FRESnels share a green Shield with Frey-line FREEZE's/Phreeze's, which recalls my dream with walk-in freezer at the residence of the Luffs (old friends). Loveys/Luffs -- Oxfordshire, same as same-colored FRANCIS' -- share the triple fesses of Irish Collins, Francis Collins! Luffs were kin of Muscats, and the latter's Muschat branch have three chevrons in the colors of the three Lovey/Luff fesses, yet the Tarants who share the Francis Coat have a chevron in those colors, which are the colors of the two chevrons of Perche's. La Ferte Fresnel is in Mortagne-au-PERCHE, that's right. Muschats were first found in Essex with Freeze's/Phreeze's! The latter's Frey branch was first found in Wiltshire i.e. right-near Bath. Francis Collins and the bat virus. It appears that the Luff dream has been deciphered correctly with the links in this paragraph. The Loches'/DeLOGE's (Burgundy, same as Loge's and Fresnels) share three giant cinquefoils (different colors) with freezer-like Frasers.

Somerset is also where Coffare's/Coffers were first found who are in Coffee/Coffer colors. The latter's Coat looks related to the Star Coat, and Stars share the eye with the Somerset Battants/Battins having a Biden-like Baden variation. The last update had this to say:

Near the time of the hips-pulling dream, I had a dream with Kepke walking up my driveway followed by a SICKLY-looking stag. I always used "sickly" to describe it, and maybe it's for the SICKLE in the FRAUD/Frith Coat. The sickly stag was very SKINny, and Skins are listed with SCANs/Skene's. The sickly stag was followed by PAUL Smith on crutches, and Pauls/Palles'/Palle's are suspect in the "pallescere" motto term of Pullings/Pulits. See anything in common in all of this? Pulitzer's scanning machine, right?

I think I can now prove that the Skins/Scans apply to this sickly stag, for the Merces' in the Skin/Scan motto share the CURBy crescents.

Some are thinking that forced vaccinations will lead to some SKINcode that requires SCANNING. If God is pointing both to election fraud and to vaccinations with the same events / symbolism, WHY? Will the powers rush the skincode as they see their election-fraud empire crumbling? Are the criminals involved in both the same criminals? The Curbys and Merces' crescents are shared by Coffare's/Coffers and Irish Heffers while English Heffers, having three of the two Brunswick lions in pale, were first found in Somerset with Coffare's/Coffers...and Randolph-related Baths and Battants/Battins.

La Ferte above is in the arrondissement Mortagne-au-Perche, and Perche is where Belly-like Bellamys (share Bell fesse) were first from. The Axe river starting near Bath ends at Seaton, and the Seatons share the Bellamy crescents. Perche-like Perichs are listed with both the Pero's/Perino's and the Pierro's/Pero's, and the latter's Coat is like that of Bute's/Butts/Boets (suspect with the fish of Gates-like Geddes). It just so happens that an eagle "standing on a PERCH" is used by Butt-like Botters/Budins, first found in Hampshire with the bell- and gate-using Porters, and with Buttons/BIDENs who share the Bute/Butt/Boet fesse. If that's not enough, Buttons are said to have been at BATH and Wells (Somerset, yup). Buttons/Bidens use a "horn" in Crest, and while Horns are listed with Orne's (share heron with Crutch-linkable Smiths), La Ferte in Perche is in Orne. So, La Ferte is signalling frauds for sure in the Biden camp, and Trump is responsible for giving the world to the Biden camp because Trump is a fraud himself.

The Perche's even share the double chevrons of Maine's because Maine is beside the Perche mountains. The great thing is, Maine's were first found in Devon with Bellamy-related Seatons, and with Darts/Dards who are in the dart of the Maine Crest. The Maine dart is held by a hand, ditto with the Cudd and Cuthbert/Cudbert dart! Josephs, first found in Maine, share the martlet of English Collins/Collings.

The eyeball of Battants/Battins is haled by a hand, and so we can see another reason here to connect Cudd liners to neighboring MonteCUTE's (same place as Battants/Battins and Baths) so that, indeed the Montacute lozenges must be those of Thomas Randolph (we're back to the pointer to Fauci's bat-virus scheme). His Wikipedia article is no longer showing his red-on-gold lozenges, but now shows red-on-gold cushions, the symbol of RedMAINE's too. If REDmaine was named by reds, they happen to be listed with Reeds/REATs to be expected in the "FloREAT" motto term of Browns. The latter were kin of Ramps/Romps with the comBATTANT, brown lions. Obama Dunham of the Randolph bloodline was on a ramp with a SKATEboard, and Skate's/SHEETs were first found in Norfolk with Dunham. The Obama dream opened with a black SHEET covering all the billiard tables owned by Obama (it was his pool hall).

Cudds were first found in Northumberland with Reds/Reeds ("copia"), Belly-connectable Baileys, and Lorraine's, as well as Rodhams/Roddens. While Hillary Rodham married Bill Clinton, let's go to Blythe's, for Bill Clinton's true father was Mr. Blythe. The Blythe's share the garbs of Reds/Reeds. Wow, I just added the following to the last update:

I didn't remember until Tuesday, the day after this update was published, that the three Cheek/Check crescents are those also of Blythe's who in turn have a version of the Keppoch Coat. Bill Clinton was born Mr. Blythe. That's why Lawrence Kepke slapped me on the cheek, as a pointer to the cheating Clintons! Clints/Clents share the Blythe garbs, and were first found in Yorkshire (near first-known Blythe's) with Keppochs.

The Clent Hills are in Worcestershire, where Hillarys were first found who share the six fitchees of Clintons. Incredible "coincidence." God is watching you, Clinton crime ring. Go for it, make His day. Blythe's were at Lauderdale, and Lauders (Berwickshire, same as Blythe's) of share the brown tree stump with Rodhams/Roddens and Larrys/Laurie's. The latter (giant cup to go with "copia" of the Reds/Reeds) were of the Lawrence's/Laurence's of Redmaine (that's right). Larrys/Laurie's were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks who share cushions with Redmaine's and the Arms of Thomas Randolph.

I'm going to add here, as per the sickly stag, that Stage's/Staggs (Devon again) share the gold patee cross (between antlers of a stag head) in the Meuse Chief while Bar-le-Duc is in Meuse. The Arms of Meuse use the Bar-le-Duc barricuda. It should also be added that while Miss PEARE's hips-pulling event was related to her belly event, Bellys use a "PER aCUTA" motto phrase that can relate to "barriCUDA," and moreover while the hips-pulling event was on a wooden DECK that doubled as a STAGE, Stage's/Staggs share the Belly (and Perin) chevron.

The Pigeons have the same chevron as Stage's/Staggs and Bellys, and it seemed to me that a stool pigeon was in the last scene of the Obama dream, i.e. the scene immediately after he was on a ramp. The hips-pulling event was the last scene in my sleeping-bag dream (near the time of the Obama dream). As said a million times, Obama was in his dark SUIT (typical business suit) while on a skateboard upon the ramp, and that dream did definitely point to Sewers/SUTERs/SUITs as a pointer to "BARRy SOETORO," Obama's former name.

As I said, my friend, BARRY, was in the back of a pick-up truck with maim-like Mamie who pointed to vaccine ailments some weeks ago (two or three months ago). I met Mamie (my ladyfriend for a couple of months) on the night that Lorraine got her pant stain as a pointer to Barrs. German Barrys have fish heads that could be the Barr barricuda. As the Barry fish heads are on a red Shield, same as the fish heads of Gates-like Geddes', I'm seeing vaccines by Bill Gates. Mamie did not become my ladyfriend until the night that she was in the pick-up with Barry.

It just so happens that while Ducks/Duckers are also Dockers, the latter were first found in Cumberland (beside Lorraine's) with Daggers while German Daggers come up as Decks! Incredible, for the belly and hips-pulling events that pointed hard to election fraud can also be pointing via the sickly stag to vaccine poisoning. It should be added that KirkCUDbright is smack near Wigton, and the latter is where Hanna's were first found who share the blue stag head with Stage's/Staggs. The Hanna stag head is colors reversed from the Trump stag head, and Mr. Trump claims to be the "father" of the vaccines. Way to go, dope, claim to be the creator of all manner of sicknesses. The Trump stag head is shared by Jumps who in turn share the Belly roses.

There is a real possibility that the election-fraud fight will evolve into the last seven years. Understand how the powers are spending a lot of time and money now seeking to cover their crimes under investigation everywhere. They don't like this. They wanted to get away with their power grabs cleanly, without expense, without worry. They may decide to pounce dictatorially at anytime, more than they already have, as a last-ditched effort to thwart the investigators. This will be their heads in God's trap. Get yourself some extra gasoline, because the deep state may try to create gasoline terrorism as they protest investigators everywhere. God has the last say, and prophecy says that the last years will be essentially as-usual, with people buying and selling, building, etc.

On Tuesday, the Arizona attorney general unexpectedly rejected an official request from the Arizona secretary of state (Katie Hobbes) to probe the audit team. This request is part of a massive crusade of Democrats nationally to frame the audit as fraudulent. It's intolerable to co-exist with trouble-making demons such as this. We have entered lawlessness. How many times do we think the prophetic lawlessness (2 Thessalonians 2) will be fulfilled? Will things get better for 20 or 40 years to finally see the final lawlessness, or is this lawlessness now the final one? Are Obamaites working right now to procure the invasion of Israel? Is this why Hamas is attacking Israel this week?

Keturah Just Bumped Into this Discussion

I'd like to go back to this: "The Brown write-up has: '"Of these, the most considerable -- that of the Viscounts MONTAGUE -- was an offset of the great Norman house of La Ferte, who held the barony of La Ferte (now La Ferte FRESNEL) near Evreux."'" It was quoted above shortly after mention of Blacks, which recalls that Conrad Black is a Montague. As Montague's are also MontaCUTE's, it recalls Cutters/Gutters and KOTOR, from the line of KETURah and Abraham. Kate's/Katts/Katz's (Jewish surname) share the Hagar hexagram, and Hagar was Abraham's concubine. It recalls that Abram-like BRAMtons have the Brunswick Coat in colors reversed, and we just saw Montague's in the Brown/BRUN write-up. The barons of Ferte are in the Vardy write-up, and the Vardaei (another name for Ardiaei) were on the NARO river (Croatian coast). I was convinced that Blacks were named after Naro-river liners, you see. Kotor was at the southern end of the Ardiaei domain.

Something just dawned: as it-felt-so-GOOD can connect with Gutters, while it-felt-so-good was a hug, were Hugs / Hugo's / Hugh's from "Hagar"? I'll keep it in mind. I was hugging Sleeping Beauty as we were rising into the sky as a pointer to Rhizon, beside Kotor. Beautys were first found in Dorset with Gutters/Cutters. Hugs are probably kin of Fountains (Norfolk, same as BRAMtons, Risings, Hips' and Bus') and Ville's/Font-de-Ville's (Languedoc, same as Hugs). Bus' are trackable to the Buzau tributary of the AGARus. I was in the process of hugging Miss Peare when pulling her hips toward me, and Bramtons share the Coat of Sempers/St. PEERE's. That's all new. Peare's were kin of Abotts, suspect from "Butua/BUDva," beside Kotor, and the Patria's/PEARtree's in the Abott motto share the Chief-Shield colors of CUTTers/Gutters! Bellys use "PER ACUTa Belli". Botts/Botters/BODYs have an eagle standing on a PERCH, and Pero's / Pierro's/Petri's/Pero's (Bott/Botter / Tease/Tyes colors) are also PERICHs. I get it: God wants to expose the tracking of the line of Abraham of Keturah. Botts/Botters were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teace's (Button kin?), expected as a branch of Ticino-line Tess'/Tease's/Tecks (leaves).

As Hagar's son was ISHmael, might he have become the fish symbol of mythical KODRos? He was father to Medon while Keturah's sons with Abraham included Medan (Genesis 25). Button-branch Butts/Bute's/Boets use a fish on a fesse, as does the Arms of Saraca. The Fish surname share's a rare wavy chevron with Pierce's/PIERs. English Fishers have lions colors reversed from the Bramton / Semper lions, and the "FINEm" motto term of these Fishers can suggest Fiens/Vans, first found in Monmouthshire with ISHerwoods/Usherwoods (share wolf of different colors with Fine's/Fiens/Finis').

KodROS is a myth code, and may have been intended to include the Roxolani Rus-Alans of the Buzau and Dnieper rivers. The Dnieper is at the BUDINi / Geloni (Alan?) theater. Kodros was mad a king of ATHEns, and Atha's (beside the Thans) share the Shield of Fischer-like Fisk/Fiscs (PYRamid) who share the gold estoile with Butts/Bute's. Amazingly, the Duce's/Ducys, expected in the "Duci" motto term of Atha's, share the Brampton Coat.

The SHARK in the Sleeping-Beauty dream pointed to SARACa's of Kotor, wherefore note that the Chief-Shield colors of Kate's/Katts are shared by Valiants who in turn have the only heraldic shark I know of. Valiant-like Velins (Westphalia, same as Velens and Ducks/Duckers/Dockers) still show ducks, but Velens once showed them too. Kotor is near a Bar location on the ocean coast. BUTua is right beside Kotor, and Italian Botters (share Chattan and Chatan bend) were first found in LUCCa while Lucca's share a giant cat on blue Shield with Jewish Katz's/Katch's. Blacks use a "LUX" motto term, and Glass' (share Black stars) use "LUCtor." Glass' (BUTEshire) are suspect from the CLAUSula river near Kotor and Butua. Are you enlightened? SARACen heads are used by cat-using Cetins/Cattans, from the Cetina river near the Naro. Chatans share the tower of Naro-suspect DeNARDo's (the Naro was also the NERETva) who had a Nardo location in Lucca-like Lecce.

KOPLik on the Clausula is to Kopple's and Kope's/Kobbes' (both from Nuremberg), and Kope's/Kobbes' share the fleur-de-lys of Norths who in turn share the Denardo/NORDi lion for obvious reason. Amazingly, Martina McBride was singing a song, "Independence Day," when I was viewing the North Coat, wondering whether to link it to Kope's/Kobbes'. I hadn't yet thought of Koplik at that time in order to make the link plausible. The fleur-de-lys above is in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish, and I claim the Saraca fish evolved into the fleur-de-lys. The point is, while viewing the North Coat, Martina McBride sang the word, "cheek," because the woman in the song had her cheek punched by her abusive husband. The last update had a section with Kope-like KEPka slapping me on the cheek. I'm so impressed by this, because, as it turns out, Norths were first found in Sussex with Keeps.

Why might Kope's/Kobbes' share the white, eight-pointed star with Ducs/LeDucs? I've been waiting all update to come across the Masks/Maschi's, as per COVID masks, and the Denardo's/Nordi's and Norths both share it. Masks/Maschi's use PINE cones as part-code for the line of king Pinnes of the Vardaei i.e. on the Naro river. The Kope/Kobbes Coat has the RISE/Rice Shield, and RHIZon is right-smack beside Kotor and Butua. Cope's/Coops and Copps share the fleur-de-lys of Masci's (not "Maschi"). Cope's/Coops were first found in Northamptonshire with FACE's/Fessys (and mascle-using Spinks), and Kepke slapped me on the FACE. Keeps (share "galley" with MacDonalds) were first found in Sussex with Coppers/Coopers (leopard FACES). Kepke and I worked at Knob Hill Farms along with Mike Denardo, and in one event I've repeated a million times, Denardo and his new girl, Allison, pointed to the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds / Donnells in the Allison write-up.

Masks/Maschi's were first found in Rimini, named as per the Rimna river of Romania, right beside the BUZau of the Roxolani, and it just so happens that German BUSH's/Buschs and Bosch's share the Kope/Kobbes fleur-de-lys too. The Roxolani were also on the Dnieper at Keep-like Kiev with the Butua-like Budini (Butua today is Budva). The Rimna and Buzau are in WALLACHia, explaining why God put Kepke together with Miss Walsh. The Walsh's/WALCH's of ROXburghshire almost have the Benjamin Coat, and Benjamites (= bad people) in the book of Judge's were at Rimna-like Rimmon. Are you enlightened? Irish Walsh's/Walsh's are in Code/Codds (Cudd cousins?) colors and format probably due to the Cotesii on the Buzau, begging whether Cotesii were Keturah liners. Mythical Cotys was made the son of mythical manes while Maine's share the dart with Cudds and Cudberts. The Coats/Cotes' share the pale bars of Trots (share bear with French Benjamins), the latter from the Trotus river not far north of the Rimna.

The Trots almost have the CARPenter Coat while the Trotus is at the CARPathian mountains. The north side of the Trotus has a Bacau region while the Beacons/Bacons are in the beacon of German Belli's. Carpenters share the motto of Scottish Bellys, and the Carpenters use the six pale bars of Italian Belli's in colors reversed. French Bacons have the cinquefoil of Bellows and Buzau-like Bus'. The Bush / Bosch fleur-de-lys is shared by Trade's/TROTTE's, no kidding at all.

It just so happens that while Bramtons share the Semper Coat, Sempers are in the motto of Dockers, the latter first found in Cumberland with Vardys and Fare's/PHARES'. Pharia is off the coast from the mouth of the Naro, explaining why Irish Fare's have a near-copy of the Fier/Fear Coat that itself shares to moline cross of Vardys. These are Vere liners, and while Vere's share the Massey/Macey Coat, the latter are from FERTE-Mace. This was the Mask/Maschi bloodline.

The Trotus and Buzau rivers are tributaries of the Siret, which in ancient times was the AGARus. Enlightened? The illuminated historians who follow "reason" and stupidity all at once are still in the dark, not wanting to touch anything that involves bloodlines from ancient Israel. It's like satan, the most intelligent of the angels, being the most stupid when he thought he could defeat God and rule the universe himself. Historians, in rebellion to God, went from the vatican dark ages to purest black when they invented the Age of Illumination. The anti-Christs want a black-out on things Biblical. Instead, they love neanderthals and apes because they all have blockheads in common. Stay in the dark forever, stupids, or give up your vain passions and try Jesus-LIFE on for size.

Note how Kate's/Katts and Katz's look like "Gate," for mainstream news this week is that Bill Gates' wife has been upset with her husband for years concerning his ties to Jeffrey Epstein. This caused me to appeal to heraldry to see if God left marks of that relationship, and, yes, it appears he did. I didn't know until writing this paragraph that Kates' are listed with Gates!

The Gates write-up: "...Gilbert atte Gate was listed in the Assize Rolls of Cheshire in 1275." Ignoring Mr. Jette of the Yates write-up because he may not have been a Yates liner, the first-known Yates was first found in Cheshire too: "...Philip del Yate was listed in the Assize Rolls for Cheshire in 1260". I had ventured to trace the Keath-like Chee's/Cheatle's of Cheshire, years ago, to the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, and this seems to apply to the Gates bloodline, thanks to Epsteins being first found in Hesse-Nassau. The Keaths/Keiths are said to be from a Catti tribe. I'll come back to Hesse-Nassau.

Prior to Mr. Gate of Cheshire, we read of "...Ralph de Gates was listed in the Curia Regis Rolls of Oxfordshire in 1206...". Oxfordshire is where Love's/Luffs are now said to be first found, but for years previous they were said to be first found in Suffolk, where Muschats were said to be first found too, until recently, and one can clearly see that the Love/Luff and MusCAT Coats are similar enough. From here we go to the MusCHATs (not "Muscat) and Waters, both first found in Essex, and both sharing the Epstein Coat, you see, which is nothing but three chevrons in the colors of the three fesses of Love's/Luffs. So, from this, we can glean that Epsteins had married a line of CHATti Germanics, thanks to MusCATs and MusCHATs.

Having said that, we now turn to the KNEDLington location (Yorkshire) of the Gates family, for NEEDLE's happen to share the Hesse Coat, what are the chances? It appears that God set this "coincidence" up to frame Bill Gates with Jeffrey Epstein, especially as Gates' share the Nassau lion while Epstein's were first found in Hesse-Nassau. Nassau's add billets to their Coat, and Billets/Billiards can be connected to Bills. BILL Gates. Nassau's are also Naso's, and while Italian Naso's use "mill stones," Stone's have a version of the Gates Coat. The Needle sun is in the Coat of Clappers who in turn share the pike fish with Gates-like Geddes'.

I've often said that the Gates Coat is like the Bono Coat, and it just so happens that Kettle's, in Gates colors, use a "Bono" motto term. It's interesting that while Bono's were first found in Milan, Melinda is Bill Gates' wife. Kettle's share the brown stag head in Crest with Keaths/Keiths, and the latter are known to be from Chatti of Hesse-Cassel. German Cassels happen to share three, red chevrons with Epsteins, and Chattans share a castle with German Cassels. Jewish Katz's share the cat with Clan Chattan. So, it seems evident that Gates'/Kates' were from the Chatti Germanics along with Epsteins.

English Bone's were first found in Sussex with Mascals, and Keaths/Keiths come up as "Mascal." English Bone's share the lion of Nassau's and Gates', and the bend of English Bone's is that of Chattans and Chatans too. Sussex is also where Deans/Diane's were first found, and they share the lion on the other side of the Gates Coat.

Ahhh, I've just realized that the Dean/Diane Chief has crescents in the colors of the CHEEK/Check crescents. READ ON and see why this is super, but first know that the first-known Cheek liner was Mr. Chike of Oxfordshire, where Love's/Luffs were first found who share the fitchee of Cheeks/Checks. This is huge because Love's/Luffs were round-about related to Epstein-related Waters and Muschats. READ ON and keep a look out for Chicks.

NEEDle's were first found in Shropshire, also called SALOP, and Kepke's SLAP to my CHEEK pointed to this place in the last update. Salop is not only beside Cheshire, but beside Derbyshire, where NEEDhams were first found. Needhams share the Knee Coat, which recalls my touching the knee of Sleeping Beauty on Jeffrey Epstein's island (Little Saint JAMES). I appeared in that dream without a shirt, with only my Jeans, and while Jeans look like a James branch because they share the blue lion, Shirts/Shards (Cheshire) are expected to have named Derbyshire's Shardlow, where Needhams were first found. The part of the dream having Sleeping Beauty started with me in a blue body of water, and I then walked out onto a sandy beach. As lakes are not blue, it was the ocean. Again, the Waters share the Epstein Coat, and Jeffrey Epstein's ocean island does have a sand beach.

Here's the super part. Cheeks/Checks are also Chicks, but there is also a Chick/Chich surname, first found in Essex (near James') with Waters and Muschats, and sharing the three James lions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. This find would not have happened had not Kepke slapped my cheek, and if I had not written about it recently. He slapped me after I accused him of cheating while he was dealing cards in a poker game, but, right now, I can't fathom why this slap should point to things-Epstein. Cards have a blue lion, same as the James Crest. As I recall it, we were playing seven card stud with a bunch of people around a picnic table at a camp site.

Here's another clue: the other James', sharing a giant dolphin (different colors) with French Bone's, have a "J'AIME" motto term, and Aime's/Hains have the Cheek/Chick Coat in colors reversed, essentially. INCREDIBLY, Aime's/Hains share the crescent of Dutch and French Bone's while French Bone's were first found in Provence with the Lizarts having a Sarde variation, like the Shards of Shirts. Lizarts/Sarde's were a branch of Liss', the latter first found in Hampshire with the Tiss'/Teace's suspect in the "HosTIS" motto term of Shirts/Shards (share Tiss/Teace chevron).

In real life, Sleeping Beauty turned out to be Miss Hicks, and "bon" is a Hick motto term. She was standing beside an auto when I first spotted her, and Auto's are also Otto's (share black bull with Beautys), as are Ottone's, and Ottone Visconti was a ruler Milan, where Bono's/Bons were first found. Again, the Gates Coat looks a lot like the Bono/Bon Coat, but the latter is much like the Otone/Olton Coat (Cheshire again)...which suddenly recalls the Oldens essentially sharing the Aime Coat!!!! PLUS, had I not come to this, I think I would have missed the Oldon variation of Daltons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bill Barr';s father was the principle of a Dalton school where Jeffrey Epstein was hired there as a teacher for teens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why the Cheeks/Chicks/Chicks and Chicks/Chichs are important for this revelation, for without them, I wouldn't have had need to bring Aime's to topic, nor would I have had need to compare Oldens to Aime's, which is what caused me to stumble over Oldons/Daltons! Slap me silly, folks. Oldons/Daltons share the James, Chick/Chich, Bono/Bon and Otone/Olton lions, and the Lizart-branch Liss' must be in the "fideLIS" motto term of Oldons/Daltons/ALTons. Italian Alda's (share split Shield of Gates'), sharing the fesse of English Altens/Daltons, thus look like they have a version of the Bono/Bon and Otone/Olton Coats. THIS IS WILD.

Altens/Daltons use Robin Hood, and I first spotted SLEEPing Beauty at the hood of her auto, the only car in the dream, the only one parked on the beach. Altens/Daltons have one of the the two Sleep fesses. She fell asleep in the car in a subsequent scene. Sleeps were first found in Salop with Needle's, and Needhams of Shardlow are a Knee branch. I was told by God to wake her up, and did so when touching her knee. There had been reason for viewing her as sick to vaccines while sleeping, but this discussion here is the first time Bill Gates has worked into this dream...which I had in 1979, when Fauci was gearing up to rule the medical establishment.

This dream was as little as a week before a morning vision of Farrah FAWCett, which I explained in detail, part of which was a pointer to Fauci by the Faucet variation of Fawcetts (East Lothian, same as Keith Catti). The vision of Fawcett (died of cancer in real life) was directly related to Steve Mellanson, having a surname that can be traced to Milan by way of comparison to the Coat of Maurels of Milan. French Mellansons were first found in Brittany with French Maurels. Scottish Mellansons were first found in Aberdeenshire with Milans/Millens and Jeffreys.

Lookie: Milans/Millens come up as Melinda-like Mellends and Mellents, and while Meulan is also called, Mellent, the Arms of Meulan is exactly the Coat of English VAUX's/VALLibus'. That's a pointer to Fauci, right? Yes, especially as Milans/Millens/Mellents share the lion of FAUCets and Vallibus-branch Wells. The latter's lion has two tails because the Montfort lion has two tails, and Simon de Montfort IV married Miss Beaumont from the line of Meulan's Beaumonts. It just so happens that Beaumonts (Dorset, same as Beautys) share the Bone/Bohum / Gates lion, and while WALERAN de Leavell was the son of Miss Beaumont of Meulan, Walerans have bull heads in the colors and format of the Beauty bulls. Sleeping Beauty is pointing to Melinda Gates. Repeat: Sleeping Beauty was hovering LEVEL in the car when she fell asleep, and Levels are listed with Leavells.

I touched her knee when waking her, and Knee's/NEE's share the NEEDham Coat while Gates' were at KNEDlington (Yorkshire, same as Hicks). It's not much to go on, but Kneeds/Needs/Neems/Name's share the green griffin head of Leslie's, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with Milans/Mellends/Mellents and Mellansons. As "fiNEM" is a motto term of English Fishers who share the gold, spread eagle in Crest with Needhams, it looks like part-code for Neems. Griffins ("Ne") are suspect from Agrippa's, and Leslie's use a "Grip" motto term. However, it gets better where Fane's/Vans (branch of Fine's in "FINem") share a "Ne vile" motto phrase with griffins, and to prove that Kneeds/Needs/Neme's apply (to "Ne"), the latter surname shares the green griffin head with Fenns/Venns. Ahh, the other Name's/Neems (Lincolnshire, same as Kneeds/Needs/Neems/Name's) share the Fast quadrants while Leslie's have the motto, "grip fast." This helps much to connect Kneeds/Needs to Millens/Mellends/Mellents, and therefore to the knee of Sleeping Beauty.

To prove that the Fast quadrants are specific to the Name/Neem quadrants, McLeods/LUTTs (used a black bull head) use a motto, "Hold FAST," while the Fast quadrants are those also of Lutts/Lute's (almost a copy of the Name/Neem Coat). Note that Holds/Holts ("ExALTAvit") can be related to such things as Oldons/Altons/DALTons, Alda's, and Otone's/OLTons. While John Ratcliffe was suspect with hovering Sleeping Beauty for reasons not to do with Holds/Holts, it was great to discover that Ratcliffs (black bull head) were first found in Lancashire's Salford with Holds/Holts.

Repeat: "It appears that God set this "coincidence" up to frame Bill Gates with Jeffrey Epstein, especially as Gates' share the Nassau lion while Epstein's were first found in Hesse-Nassau...Nassau's are also Naso's, and while Italian Naso's use "mill stones," Stone's have a version of the Gates Coat." The Stone eagle is in giant form with French Mellansons, which wouldn't mean much except that the vertically-split Stone Shield is that also of Milan's Bono's/Bons (share Dalton/ALTon lion). Plus, Italian ALDa's, likewise with the split Shield of Stone's, were first found in Florence with Naso's, and so the latter look like they share the Alda fesse. What are the chances that we are able to link Dalton-connectable Alda's to Naso's while Dutch Naso's are also Nassau's who named Hesse-Nassau, where Epsteins were first found? Or, what are the chances that Jeffrey Epstein worked for a Dalton school?

Bailey and DePerno

In the last update, there was what could stand as a prediction, with my neck on the line, that God was pointing, more than 40 years ago, to a court case on-going right now in Michigan. More than four decades ago, there was a belly event involving me and a woman's belly. I realize how crazy it sounds to suggest that her belly pointed then to Bill Bailey's law suit in Michigan, but, as said in the last update when this topic was delved into, his lawyer is Mr. DePERNO, and the woman was Miss Peare, of the Pero/PERINO bloodline, you see. The Baileys even use the Moray stars while Bellys, with a "Per" motto term, were first found in Moray.

I'd like to add a few things here to see where it leads. It just so happens that I'm writing Monday night, and earlier today, Bailey's law suit was in court because the defendants were trying to throw it out of court. But DePerno did well, I'm hearing, and the judge said he'll rule on May 18th, a week from now.

The Belly motto is "Per aCUTa Belli." I now think this is part-code for Montague's/MontaCUTE's, because they have red lozenges. here's from the last update: "The Plock lozenges were showing for years as the symbol of Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray, at his Wikipedia article..." In other words, as Bellys were first found in Moray, while Thomas Randolph used red lozenges, the color of the MontaCUTE lozenges, it's a good reason to see the Belly motto as code for the Montacute bloodline. For what it might be worth.

Next up: the Perins use a beakless eagle called an allerion as code for Allers, for allerions are used by Holdens who share a red escutcheon with Allers. Allers were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers, and Ducs/LeDucs happen to share the eight-pointed star of Bellys. English Dockers love the Semper-branch of Pero / Perin liners. Does this inclusion of Perins into the mix seem to you to be a pointer to Bailey and DePerno? I missed this in the last update: Bellys share the Perin chevron, and both place a single, white item at the tip of their respective chevrons. Bellys place their eight-pointed star there, and Perins place their allerion there.

As was said, Peare's man was Lawrence, and while Lawrence's/LAURENce's are like the Lorraine's/Lorrens, Perins (share white eagle with Lorraine's/Lorrens) were first found in Lorraine. I now need to repeat that I started to date Lorraine a month or two after the last time I went out with Miss Peare. And I also need to repeat that the Lorraine/Lorren bend is shared by Keeps while Lawrence's surname is, KEPke. But there's more, for Perin-beloved Allers use a "Gloria" motto term while Glorys are listed with Lowrys who essentially share the giant cup of LARRYs/Laurie's/Lowrys (share laurel with Lorraine's/Lorrens). "Larry" is short for "Lawrence/Laurence," and Larrys/Laurie's happen to say that they named LAURENCEtoun. So, we ask whether God arranged these things in the ancient heraldry to jibe with our pointer to Bailey and DePerno.

There's more. The Allers use an "umbra" motto term while Lorraine's/Lorrens were first found in NorthUMBERland. It's also where Rodhams were first found who share the brown tree stump with Larrys/Laurie's. There is an Umber/Humber surname that happens to share the triple fesses of Beaks, perfect because Allers are in code with allerions, which are BEAKless eagles for a reason, and now we know why. Beaks were kin of Babe's, and Lorraine, my gal, was given a babe symbol by God at the very instant that she received her feet symbol (I've explained this a million times), and while Feets/Fate's share the Pavia Coat, Perin-like Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia.

There's more, for while Miss Peare is Christine, Christine's/Christians essentially have the Coat of Pellets in the so-called "pellets" (black roundels) of the Umber/Humber Chief. As white roundels are called, plates, it seems that Pellets and Plate's were branches. German Plate's happen to share the Kopp/Kope Coat while Kope's/Kobbes' share the eight-pointed, white star with Bellys. Pellets were first found in Sussex with Kope-like Keeps. The other German Kopps/Kope's happen to share the Belly Moor heads, what are the chances????????????????? We followed DePerno-like Perins to the Umbers in the Aller motto, and then came to Pellets. We then took a leap to Plate's to come round to Bailey-branch Bellys, expected with the belly event with Miss Peare. AND, I almost missed it, Baileys were first found in NorthUMBERland! Ahh, Perrins/Pearins were first found in Northumberland too!

But there is more when we go to the Platers who come up as "Plain." This suggests that Plate liners married Palin liners to form the Plains because Palins, first found in Dorset with Beaks and Babe's, have a version of the Plain/Plater Coat. Recall the giant cup of Aller-beloved Glorys/Lowrys and Larrys/Laurie's, for Cups are also Kope-like Cope's, Larrys/Laurie's have a motto, "RePULLulat," and then while Cups/Cope's are also CULPs, Palins share the Pullesdon/Polesdon stars while Pullys/Pullings/Pulits have a "CULPa" motto term. Pellets and Christine's happen to use cups, what are the chances? Pero-like "Pro" is a motto term of Pauls/Palle's/Palles' in the "pallescere culpa" motto phrase of Pullys/Pullings/Pulits.

Here's more new; Larrys/Laurie's have a "REPullulat" motto term, and Pauls/Palle's have "REPublica." This justifies a look at Reeps, who are listed with German Rise's/Rice's who happen to have the basic Shield of Kope's/Kobbes'. Amazing. It's only interesting that Perno's have a giant horse in the colors of the giant rooster of Kopple's/Koppels, the latter first found in Nuremberg with Kope's/Kobbes'. The trick is to prove a Perno link to Koppels.

I had started this section, but didn't get back to it, so here's DePerno on with Dr. Frank, and to help prove that Frank is not a fraud, DePerno used Franks' material for court purposes:

In the video, DePerno says (14th minute) that Mitt Romney and Bill Barr both have family members in connection to voting machines. It can explain why Bill Barr didn't go after election fraud. The video gets real good, but with a super-depressing bottom line. I can agree with these boys that God brought them together, but this doesn't necessarily mean that God wants to fully correct the banana republic, the USA. God may only want exposure, and a little crumbling around the edges of the political cabal. We shall see. If you want to see DePerno alone with Brannon Howse, on the same day (May 3) as the video above, it's here:

Deperno is the only American lawyer with court authority to inspect Dominion machines (and he talks about them). This lucky strike is now up-in-the-air in another court case. If you saw the video, it's depressing even while exciting. DePerno, from personal experience, verifies our worst fears of systematic threats launched left and right to frighten politicians, lawyers and judges. He's got the crime of the century pinned to the mat, yet almost no one wants to listen who has the media tools to make it a state or national story. Everyone in media seems to know that there's a murderous mob in charge of the system, and so they obey rather then take risks for righteousness' sake. DePerno trudges on with the exposure, which is not a loss at all for our side. The exposure is only beginning, not only because a vast many have yet to hear or acknowledge it, but because the details to be exposed aren't yet known fully by the good-guy investigators. So, onward goes the trudging.

This is Peare's belly. See "it felt so GOOD" in the last update. Baileys have the PEARtree's/Patria's in their motto, who in turn have the Trump stag heads. Here's a new thing right here: the "bene" motto term of Baileys means, "good." It's a clever motto term because the Bene-like Bennetts have a version of the English Good Coat. Repeat from the last update: "I should perhaps add here that, a month or two after being with Miss Bennett for several months, Miss Peare called me up out of the blue, a couple of years after I last saw her, and we went out for the last time. As Roxanne Bennett lived on Bathurst avenue (Holland Landing), I showed how Bathursts share the double fesses of FELThams, as well as sharing gold leopard faces with Peare's. This looks to be dragging Ken Bennett [Arizona audit] above into the it-FELT-so-GOOD pointer". The last update had much Bailey heraldry because DePerno is acting lawyer for Bill Bailey's suit in Michigan.

I can glean that the Bailey-branch Baliols (Northumberland) are using the SWORD Shield (because of marital ties to SIWARD of Northumberland), but Baliols put the Sword swords on a black Shield instead of the red Shield of Swords. Thus, the Baliol Coat, if it were on a red Shield, would be in the colors and format of the English Good and Bennett Coats...which is more evidence that the it-felt-so-good belly event with Miss Peare is a pointer to Bailey's law suit, especially as "Perno" is like the Perino variation of Pero's. Repeat from shortly above: "We followed Deperno-like Perins to the UMBERs in the Aller motto..." Baileys, too, were first found in NorthUMBERland along with Perrins (two r's). The Allers are in the ALLERion eagle of Perins.

I just want to repeat a few more things here to show how this batch of heraldry can't possibly be anything but Intelligent Design. The Felthams almost have the Perrin leopard faces, first off. "It felt so good" was not something that God spoke to me audibly, but a phrase I used after having the hips-pulling event that has pointed to Jovan Pulitzer and the Phoenix audit. The good sensation I had in the dream (I woke up just as I was having it) was EXACTLY the sensation I had when pressing Peare's belly with my hand, or more-exactly with my PALM. I eventually realized that it-felt-so-good was Inspired through me for more reason than being re-presented here. For example, English Feltmans/Felthams have a "palma" motto term, what are the chances?

[Update June 4 -- I loaded a map showing Sleap of Shropshire, where Sleeps were first found who share double-white and ermined fesses with Feltmans/Felthams. There is a PREScott location shown beside Sleap. The belly-PRESS event was while we were sleeping. And Prescotts share the same leopard heads in their Chief that are in the Feltman/Feltham Chief!!! Incredible. Prescotts were first found in Lancashire's Prescott, and the latter is where Huttons (Prescott colors) were first found while Jovan Pulitzer's middle name is, Hutton. End update]

Miss Peare was working at REITman's clothing at the belly-press event, and the two Reitman surnames have stars in two color schemes, both used for the stars of German Feltmans. I didn't know any of this during the belly-press event. But God did. The same two colors schemes with stars are used between the English and Scottish Lams/Lambs, and the Scottish branch has another "Palma" motto term. Both Lams/Lambs were first found in Northumberland with Rodhams/RODDENs, and Rotens happen to share the hexagram of Jewish Reitmans, how about all that. Lams/Lambs were featured earlier in this update in an important link to Obama on his skateboard, and in conjunction with Detricks.

A new thing I can add is the "ImPAVIdun" motto term of Perrins, which assures that Perrins are of the Pierro's/Pero's, first found in PAVia. I've already told of that part. The new thing is when read as "ImpaviDUN," for Irish Duns/Dune's to find the eagle of Spinks while the Hips' (version of Phoenix Coat) use a sphinx.

Another new thing is the "SPOLIA" motto term of Feltmans/Felthams, for I watched a video put out this very week by Jovan Pulitzer with "Spoilation" in the title. He spelled it wrong, it's "SPOLIAtion," and he was explaining that this is a legal / judicial term to define such things as wiping out computer data from an election to hide criminality. What a massive coincidence that while it-felt-so-good already pointed to Pulitzer, the Felthams now point to his election-fraud video. I don't like him making money in this video, so I didn't watch it; it's just the way I am at times. He makes himself look like such a small-fry nothing on such an important matter as this. Did God give us brains for nothing? Can't we leave money-making aside when fighting for righteousness? Do we want a slap to the face when entering Heaven, or a boot in the arse to tumble us to the outside?

I think Brannon Howse does a great job as an interviewer. He clarifies things for the viewer, makes sure the speaker doesn't go too fast. And he keeps track of information for the long haul.

I just went out to mow the lawn, and ran over a young robin (was probably pushed out of the nest by parents). Once out from under the mower, it flapped its wings and cried loudly,; there was blood at the beak. Both parents were squawking over my head in the tree. I shut the mower off and walked away to let the parents do as they wished, but they didn't even come check the bird, though it was still alive. It was dead when I went back. So I'm checking heraldry to see if it relates to this Howse video. What demonic thing could the robin mean?

WOW. If we say that it was a baby robin, note that Babe's are Beak kin. Plus, while both babe's and beaks share the gold leopard face, the Babe's have it in both colors of the FELTham leopard face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this update, the Birds/Burds who have the FELT flory cross have not once been mentioned, and so I suppose, maybe, God wants me to re-mention it, maybe because Birds/Burds, first found in Cheshire with Propers/ROBINs and Bello's/Bellows/Ballots, share martlets of Hips' and Phoenix's/Fenwicks. However, DePerno is of Michigan, not Phoenix. I have it recorded that the Proper/Robin Crest is a ostrich head, and there is a full ostrich in the Beak Crest! That's why God provided blood at the robin's beak. But why? To what does this event point in the real world?

Ahh, the Perno-like Perins are the ones with the BEAKless eagle as code for Beaks!!! Incredible. Perins share the Belly chevron.

Incredibly, Lawns were gleaned with the Robert lion, and Propers/Robins, because they are also Roberts, have the Robert / Lawn lion too. The robin was killed while in the lawn. I didn't see it, and ran over it with the lawn mower.

Here's much repeat in case God wants it said. The Felts relate to the belly-press with CHRISTine Peare because Bouillons use a "bello CHRISTi" motto phase, and the Bouillon flory cross is the Bird/Burd and Felt flory in colors reversed. Plus, Christs happen to have a version of the Hips Coat, and, as I've said many times, the Hips-pulling event was on a deck while Decks have a reflection of the Christ / Hips Coat too. Yet more: the Deck fleur-de-lys is that also of Palms (in the "palma" motto phrase of Felthams), and the belly-press was with my palm. Palmers have the double Feltham bends in colors reversed probably because palmers were kin of Flecks/Flicks/Flags who were in turn kin of Felt-like Fleets (almost have the Fleck/Flick/Flag Coat).

WOW! The following tends to prove that God sacrificed that young robin today. The Propers/Robins probably have the fesse of the other Birds/Burds, for they both apply items in gold upon their fesse. Birds/Burds are said to have been at Elton Hall, and Eltons (Cheshire, same as Birds/Burds) happen to share the six pale bars of Belly- and Belli-loving Carpenters, which are colors reversed from the six pale bars of Italian Belli's/Bello's!!! So there you go, the robin was killed today, and it goes to Peare's belly event for some mystery reason / purpose.

Eltons use an "ArtiBUS" motto term, and Bello's/Bellows/Ballots, who were at Wirral with Birds/Burds, share the Bus and Bacon cinquefoil while Beacons/Bacons are in the beacon of German Belli's. So, I'm assuming the DePerno's ballot investigation is at issue here, for the robin was killed as I was about to continue writing this section. Wirral is in the "warily" motto term of Drummonds, for the matriarch of Drummonds was from PodeBRADY (Bohemia), explaining while Bradys share the finger pointing to the sun with Babe's, for Babe's and Beaks were of Podebrady too.

I think I have it: the kill-like Killins almost have the Coat of Antrims (NORFOLK, same as Bus' and Hips'), and Matt DePerno has been given court authority to inspect Dominion machines only of Antrim county! Whose going to get killed in relation to DePerno? Himself, or his enemy by God's worker hand? The Bello/Bellow/Ballot write-up: "East RUDHAM, NORFOLK was 'anciently the property of the family of Belet.'" Rudhams are listed with Rodhams, first found in Northumberland with Baileys. DePerno is representing Bill Bailey's Antrim law suit, and wow, while Bello's/Bellows/Ballots share the English Billet Coat, the French Billets (share Bailey stars) are listed with Billiards (Bill branch) while English Billiards are listed with Hillary-like Hillards. Very suspicious.

There's more, because Killins share the Coat of Plunketts, the latter first found in Brittany with the French Robins (Robertson colors and format) who almost have the Malpas Coat. French Robins are even in the colors and format of Childs/CHILLs. The Birds/Burds with the flory cross and the Propers/Robins are both said to have been in Malpas, which is in BROXton, and a sphinx, the Hips symbol, is used by Brock-branch Brocuffs. Thus, it seems that the killing of the robin is to be a part of the heraldic pointers, especially to DePerno's work in Antrim.

The giant DePerno horse is in the colors of the giant fitchee cross of Broxtons/Brockstons, and so it's important that while Broxton came from the Hips-connectable Birds/Burds, the hips-pulling event was with Perno-connectable Peare. The Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, and Pero's/Perino's have a star in Clinton-star colors. The Clintons and Hillarys both use black fitchees, the color of the Broxton fitchee. Is God going to "kill" the Clintons now? Compare "Killin" to "CLINton." Killers/MacKilWRATH's ( Per") have another black fitchee.

Repeat: "Ahh, the Perno-like Perins are the ones with the BEAKless eagle as code for Beaks!!! Incredible. Perins share the Belly chevron." It's the Pigeon chevron too, and so I can repeat here that, a few days after the first-ever pigeon appeared here, the stool pigeon, there were three pigeons seen WHIRLing around the maple tree skyward, one chasing the other. This maple tree is right beside the septic / stool tank overwhich the first pigeon had walked. So, as whirl-like Wirral is where Bello's/Bellows/Ballots were first found while Bailey-related Bellys share the Perno / Belly chevron, it seems to be related to the sacrifice of the robin today. As Belows/Bellews (not the Bello's/Bellows) use a gold chalice, the Wirrals may be showing gold chalices officially (same design as the Below chalice).

Ahh, the birds whirled around the maple tree, and while Maple's (compare with "Malpas") have a motto like that of Chives', the latter were first found in Tarves while the Tarves surname, sharing the split Shield of Maple's, has the six Clinton / Hillary fitchees, but in the colors of the Broxton fitchee! I can add that, when seeing that the robin was dead, I picked it up with my de-weed tool, and was at first going to lay it down on a pile of ROTTEN weeds, where I piled last year's uprooted weeds, and I'm not kidding you, I happened to pile the weed on a tree stump from a maple tree that is dangerous to the lawn mower because it sticks up high enough to block the mower's blade. That's why I piled weeds on it, so I'll know where it is. I want to rot the stump under the weeds in the meantime. The point is, the rotten-like Rodhams/Roddens use a tree stump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like God's judgment on at least one of the Clintons. However, after almost setting the robin down on the rotted weeds, I decided to lay it on the lawn beside the trunk of the living maple, the one from which the parents were squawking at me. The Trunks (FRANConia, recalls Dr. Frank sitting with DePerno in video above) are Perno-interesting for sharing the double hexagrams of Pero's/PERINo's.

It just so happens that the Mower/Moor Coat is reflected well by the Coat of Manus' who are in turn in the Proper/Robin motto.

I need to go back to Killers/KilWraths, first found in Ayrshire with the Perin-beloved Barrs, and with Kennedys who share a black fitchee with them. The Irish Kennedys were first found in TIPPERary with the Sullivans, and I've not only seen it, but have recorded it, that the Sullivan Crest is a robin. I was so impressed to be reminded of this because I didn't remember it just before loading Sullivans just now. The only reason they were loaded is because I remembered their "abu" motto term, and I was checking to see if it was relevant to the "a-bu" motto term of MOWERs/Moors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm the KILLER with the Lawn MOWER who ran over the robin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is soooo funny, I can barely believe it.

The reason that I included the Kennedys above is where "a-bu" is used also by Reagans (share blue dolphins with Tippers) who share the dolphin with the Ayrshire Kennedys, the Killers, and with the Tippers who likely named Tipperary. The Nons in the Tipper motto were first found in Ayrshire too. In colors reversed, the Tipper dolphins are those of Dolphins/DolFINs (Dol colors), and Scottish Kennedys use a "LA FIN" motto phrase partly for Lafins (Tipperary). Tippers happen to use a "robore" motto term. The Avis'/Avisons in the "Avise" motto term of Scottish Kennedys essentially has the cuffed sleeve with anchor of Tippers (only the colors of the sleeves are different). And for the historians, the Reagan Coat is a version of the Rollo Coat because king Rollo's father was RAGNvald.

Rollo's (first found near Tarves) share the Maple boar head, and Maple's share "Non" and "sed" with Tippers, and with Tober/Dober/Taupfer-connectable Dobys. English Toppers/Toppfers share the Maple boars, to be assumed, for German Toppers/Topfers were first found in Thuringia with German Roets while English Roets have the Maple boar heads. Roets can be linked easily to Roddens/Rodhams as a branch.

You are going to be jolted all-the-more when I tell you that the Conlans in the Mower/Moor motto ("Conlan a-bu") share the brown tree stump of Rohams/Roddens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It never ends. This is one of the best-ever heraldic stories from God. Is judgment time on the Clintons finally here, imminent?

Here's a thing I haven't yet introduced; Welsh Matts have a giant lion in the colors of the giant DePerno horse. Matt DePerno. Welsh Matts, sharing the LaFIN/La Font Coat, use a "fyn" motto term while Fins/Feins share the triple fesses of Beaks. Welsh Matts were first found in GlaMORGANshire (anciently Morgannwg), and Morgans happen to share the giant Mower/Moor lion, which is colors reversed from the Lorraine lion while Perins (probably the Barr eagle) were first found in Lorraine. The French Louis' were first found in Lorraine too, and Welsh Louis' and Lewis' were first found in Glamorganshire. The belly event with Peare was with Louise Phillips beside me.

An interesting addition to all of this is that Sullivan-like Sullys/Sillys share the Epstein Coat while Jeffrey Epstein's partner in prostitution / pedophilia crimes is now in prison, she being GhisLAINE Maxwell. The Laine's/Lane's are listed with Lawns who in turn share the Proper/Robin lion, you see, and as it's the Robert lion too, note that Ghislaine's father, a notorious spy, was Robert Maxwell. Welsh Roberts even have an "ymLAEN" motto term, believe it or not. We then go back to the BLOOD that I saw at the robin's beak, for Bloods/Bluds share a lodged, brown stag with Maxwells. The Propers/Robins/Roberts share the ostRICH with Beaks (Dorset, beside Rich's/Richess'), and I think the OSTrich is code for Osts/Hosts and Rich's/Richess' (said to be from Lorraine), the latter being from RICHEZa of Lorraine whose name if like "RIJEKA/Reka/Rika," the Croatian city to which I trace the Maxwell eagle, and looking much like "Richess" too. The Lorraine's share the lion of Lane-like Lune's/Lyons, and it happens to be colors reversed from the Mower/Moor lion. I was mowing the lawn. Bill Clinton was a partner in crime with Epstein and Maxwell.

I can barely believe it. The Rich's/Richess' use "Garde la foy," and Lawns/Laine's use "Garde le roy." The Ricks/REX's were first found in Somerset with the Osts/Hosts, and as the Rick/REX Coat is a colors reversed version of the CRAVen Coat, that's how I know that Ricks are from Rika = Rijeka, for Croatians were KRVati. Propers/Robins/Roberts were at Malpas, and Malpas' were at WREXham, how about that. Plus, the Tints (Somerset again), with six crosses almost the six of Ricks/Rex's, were at WREXhall.

Tints are said to descend from Arundels, and the latter were of such Sully-like terms as Swallows and Sallows. To put it another way, FitzAlans of Arundel married Saluzzo (line to the Clintons), suspect from a branch of Saluvii Ligurians that named Sullivans, and as Saluzzo is beside Busca, that's probably why Sullivans share the black Bush/Busch boar. Maxwells use a "holly BUSH."

I'm wondering whether Ghislaine Maxwell will snitch on Bill Clinton, but what good would it do when the Justice department is under Biden? I put weeds over the tree stump (been doing it for at least two years), and Weeds are said to have named Weedon BECK and Weedon LOIS while FitzAlans married the daughter of LUIS of Ceva. Lois' share the ostrich with BEAKs and Propers/Robins. Clintons share the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors, and while Ceva is suspect with Chives', the latter were first found in Tarves while the six Tarves fitchees are those of Clintons. The weed-covered tree stump is from a maple, and Maple's were Chives-and-Tarves kin. Coincidences? Birds/Burds were at Broxton while Broxtons/Brockston share the Tarves fitchee in both colors, and Brocuffs/Procks use a sphinx while Spinks were first found in Northumberland with Weeds.

Ripley's Believe It or Not: I've just seen the "haec" motto term of Propers/Robins, and as per the same term in the motto of Scoots/Scougals (share Fin/Fein border), I had looked up the Haeks on account of it. When the Haeks loaded just now, I saw it's giant white-on-blue unicorn, and remembered that it's the giant Giuffre unicorn!!! Virginia Giuffre was an Epstein hooker who claims she was forced to sleep with Alan Dershowitz, prince Andrew, and Bill Richardson. Lookie:

Like reciting from a little black book, Giuffre listed as best she could the powerful men she was forced to have sex with while she said she was in Epstein’s control more than a decade ago.

Stopping occasionally to gather her thoughts, she named: Britain’s Prince Andrew, former U.S. Senate Majority Leader George MITCHELL, Epstein’s attorney Alan Dershowitz, billionaire financier Glenn Dubin, former New Mexico Gov. Bill RICHARDSON, the late MIT scientist Marvin Minsky and modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel.

It's a good reason for Lindell to get rid of Dershowitz. Is Lindell crazy? Or is he trying to trap Dershowitz? The Scoots/Scougals share the feathered pen with MITCHELLs! It's as though God prepared the heraldry to verify Giuffre's snitching. Hold on to your robin eggs, because there's a surprise from the write-up of RICHARDSONs (Cheshire, same as Propers/Robins): "The surname Richardson was first found in Cheshire in 1067 where they were descended from Hugh d'Avranche, Earl Lupus of Chester. His descendant, William BELWOOD, LORD OF MALPAS in Cheshire, had two sons, David and Richard. Richard's grandson John was the first to bear the name Richardson." Not only were Propers/Robins from Malpas, and not only do Malpas' have a version of the French Robin Coat, but ditto for Belwoods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The dead robin is snitching on Bill Richardson.

In colors reversed, the Giuffre / Haek unicorn is blue, the color of the TINT and Gale unicorn (Gale's once showed it all blue). The latter two surnames named Tintagel in Cornwall, where TINTons and Tippers were first found. Tints share the white crosslets of Tippers, though on different-colored backgrounds. The Gale's (probably the Fien/Finis lions), who love the Fame variation of Fiens/Fane's/Vans, are sharing the saltire of Nails/Nagle's because the other Nagle's have a "nightinGALE," and this saltire is colors reversed with Giuffre-like Gophers/GOFers (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons). Is Virginia Giuffre the stool pigeon over my tank? The GOFFs/Goughs share the boar of Googe's who in turn have a Gouch variation like the "COUCHant" lion of Tints. Mr. Gouch inspected my septic system, the one that the stool pigeon walked on.

Nagle's named Oneglia, otherwise called, Imperia (Liguria), suspect with the ImPERI peoples who governed the BOOFima human-sacrifice cult, which can explain why Gale's share the fesse of Beefs/Boeufs (PERIgord, same as Faux's/Fage's and Fauchys). "PeriGORD" is very traceable to Gords, kin of the BEAUFort-Roets, and then the Gord / Roet boar heads are on blue, ditto with the Googe/Gouch / Goff/Gough boars. Roets (Somerset) share the BOUGH motto, and use a book as code for Books/BOGGs (Berwickshire, same as Gords/Gordans who named Gordano in Somerset). Some say that Hillary Clinton is a witch that sacrifices children. Birds/Burds were at Great BOUGHton (may or may not apply) of Maple-like Malpas.

Repeat: "Birds/Burds were at Broxton while Broxtons/Brockston share the Tarves fitchee in both colors, and Brocuffs/Procks use a sphinx while Spinks were first found in Northumberland with Weeds." Prock-like Proctors (share Bird/Burd Crest) use NAILs, and Nails are listed with German Neils/Nagle's, first found in Westphalia with German Glenns, and with the Allers who named the beakless eagle, the allerion. We saw Giuffre name GLENN DUBIN, and here we can add that English Glenns and Glennys (Aberdeenshire, same as Chives' of Tarves) share the Weed martlets. But Dubins are perty amazing for their three escutcheons in colors reversed from the same of the Hays, for the latter have the escutcheon of Allers, and of the Holdens who in turn have allerions. Hays were first found in Perthshire with GLENlyon of the Lyons, and with the Rollo's having the Roet / Gord boar heads in colors reversed.

Ha! The Dubin-like Dobbs have a "PROXimi" motto term. The same motto term is shared by Grounds/Crannys who in turn share the crane with Crane's while Crauns/Crane's share the patee cross of German Glenns (Westphalia, same as PROCtor-beloved Nails/Nagle's) can this square up as mere coincidence? Dubin-like Dobins have annulets colors reversed from the Craun/Crane annulets. GLENN DUBIN was given sex (by horrific adults in a crime ring) with the teen, Ms. Giuffre, according to her testimony. James Clapper is expected as part of that crime ring, and Claptons share the Craun/Crane patee. At his Wikipedia article: "[Glenn Dubin is]...a founding board member of the ROBIN HOOD Foundation." Sleeping Beauty was at the HOOD of a car, upon Epstein's beach that pointed to Clapper.

Dubins are listed with Dube's, and Dobys were first found in Renfrewshire with Dober- / Doberman-related Pollocks who had a Rothes castle in Moray, where the Mole stars trace. Pollocks (married daughter of Eschyna de Molle) are a known sept of Maxwells (Roxburghshire) who provided Ghislaine Maxwell. Googe's/Gouch's (Roxburgshire, same as Mole's) were kin of Mole's (share Googe/Gouch boar). Epstein had spy moles. As I've said from the beginning, days after the stool pigeon walked over the septic tank, the mole(s) that was/were burrowing under my deck showed a lump in the dirt above the septic tank (less than ten feet from the deck). The lump may have been on the same day of the whirling pigeons.

HERE's THE SMACKER, FOLKS: the Mole's are also MOWs. I MOWed down the robin that I think is Hillary Clinton. She died with blood in her mouth pointing by Bloods/Bluds to Ghislaine Maxwell. She was hiding in the grass as I was passing by, and Grasse is not far from Imperia. The Mole's/Mows use the Moray / Handell Coat along with their boar head, and Handells were first found in Silesia with Brocuffs/Procks.

WOW_OW_OW_OW_WOW. The Mole's/Mows share a "funera" motto term with French Robins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the best of all. PRAISE GOD FOR THIS REVELATION...whatever it means. HE IS UP TO SOMTHIN...whatever it is. I had to check my files for the other surname (Robins) recently seen with "funera," and found this written several years ago: "Amazing here is that the British Robins use "funera," smacking of Gratian FUNERius (father of emperor Valentinian I)..." Valentinian married the daughter of Justus, and the "justus" motto term of Palms can apply because the Palms (share "palma" with Palmer-connectable Felthams) share the vaired Chief of French Roberts (share Proper/Robin lion). Palms had married Watterville's, and, EXCELLENT, the Waters sharing the Epstein Coat are Waterville's too, and first found in Essex with the Quints who share the Palm / Robert Chief. The Waterfords/Waterville's were first found in Northamptonshire with Quint-branch Quince's.

The line of Gratian > Valentinian is with-certainty to the Greats (share gold border with Justus'/Justine's) who happen to share the Nail/Nagle saltire, can we believe the timing here? Nails/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia with PANSYs/Pantzers, and the write-up of French Roberts has "Lancelot Le Robert, Lord of la Tour de PANCY..." The Arms of bar-le-Duc in Lorraine uses pansies, and then the Greep variation of Greats indicates the Crepon variation of Crispins (Lorraine) who in turn share the pomegranate with Great-like GRAZio's. The little robin (I feel for it) was cut down in the GRASS. It could be the GRACE of God for a very special reason, I feel it in my bones. Grace's/Grasse's were first found in Provence, beside Grasse, itself near Nagle-liner Oneglia. Dubins were first found in Provence too.

I suppose it should be mentioned that while pomegranate Crispins were first found in Lorraine with beakless Perins (share Barr eagle for connection to Bar-le-Duc), English Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's.

Repeat: "As Belows/Bellews use a gold chalice, the Wirrals may be showing gold chalices officially (same design as the Below chalice)." The Below chalice is pouring out water, and Waters, first found in Essex with Maple's, share the Epstein Coat. The three stool pigeons were Wirral-ing around a maple tree. The pigeons never left, but set up families, and they were here this year too. The first pigeon I saw this year was this past week, standing on the deck, eight feet in front of me at the inner side of the door. It saw me and flew off. I get it.

The problem with the robin that died today is that it points well to deperno on the one hand, and well to Hillary Clinton on the other, and, on the third hand it's pointing to Epstein's spy ring. I can understand a Clinton-Epstein pointer, but why should DePerno be included? Pointer to Epstein PORN?

Good morning. I checked to see if the robin was still lying beside the trunk, and it was. Swabs/Schwabs were first found in Franconia with Trunks, and they have the Giuffre unicorn on red. The robin died when the BLADE of the Mower struck it, and Blade's share the saltire of Scottish Franks. The Rodham-related Rothschilds were out of FRANKfurt, and while the Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild) have a horse in the colors of the Swab/Schwab and Rasmussen/ASSMAN unicorn, Assmannshausen is at RUDESheim while Rudes'/Rudge's (probably the Rhodes cross in colors reversed) were first found in Shropshire with a Rodden river. The English Rothes were, for years, said to be first found in Shropshire. Rothschilds are listed with Rodden/Rodham-related Rothsteins/Roddensteins. The Lawnmower of the Heavenly De-Weeder is coming. Sad thing: the world trusts Rothschilds to be good for the planet, but this is due to a public-relations smokescreen from the media (they almost never talk about Rothschilds).

As per the "abu" and "a-bu" motto terms that brought great excitement above, Baileys use "Ubi" and Ibi." We are linking the robin to DePerno, after all. Baileys even use "patria" for Peartree's. "Ubi" and "ibi" is in use with Newtons, first found in Dorset with Beaks. What do we make of this? The Amore's in the Newman motto were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. Is DePerno and Bailey going to run Hillary over with a lawnmower? Vroooom. Beaks are PodeBrady liners, and while Podebrady is on the Labe river, "labe" is a motto term of Abu-like Abbeys (French). The Abbey saltire is colors reversed from the Blade saltire, and the robin was given a bloody beak by the lawnmower's blade. Scottish Abbeys have a version of the Apps/EPPS (!!!) Coat, and Apps'/Epps' (near Epping) were first found in Middlesex with FELThams. This is all working well. It's stool-pigeon interesting that Apps'/Epps' share the Stoll/Stowell lozenges.

Ahh, when I told of my drinking TURPENtine as an infant, I discovered that Rodhams have a Coat version of the Turpens (Dorset, same as Beaks). Here's the write-up of Scottish Abbeys: "The first record was of Donald Abbe of Brechin in 1178, who witnessed a charter with TURPIN, Bishop of Brechin..." Brechins were first found in Angus with Abbeys. Amazingly, Brechins share the Coat of English Buckets while French Buckets share the Gang cinquefoils while Podebrady-line Drummonds use "Gang WARILY" in pointing to the whirling pigeons! English Buckets have a Bushard-like Buchard variation, and as they share holly with Maxwells, repeat; Maxwells have a "holly BUSH." The Gang / Bucket cinquefoils are even shared by English Moors (feasibly the chevron of MORay's Bellys), first found in Leicestershire with Mowers/Moors!!! INCREDIBLE "coincidence." The Bellys share the Pigeon chevron in both colors. English Mowers/Mawers, not yet mentioned, have a dove/pigeon in Crest.

I'm not familiar with Bushards (giant dove/pigeon), listed with Barrards, but for my records, they share the Coat of Italian Paloma's. Bush's/Buschs were first found in Yorkshire with Palms in the Feltham motto. I first kissed Miss Peare at La Paloma. Spanish Paloma's share the Pero/Perino pale bar. Pero's/Perino's were first found in Piedmont with Busca. Perno's love Beaks. Bloods/Bluds look related to Maxwells, and the robin's beak had blood pouring out. What do we see with the WATTERville kin of Palms? I see the Waters/Waterville's with the Epstein Coat. Coincidence? I'll bet that Epstein worked for nazified, Bush-central spies.

Ahh, while the "WATER bouget" (like "water Bucket") was the symbol of Bouchards, that's the symbol of BUSHells (Yorkshire, same as palms and Bush's/Buschs)!!! Bouchier's/Bowsers, first found in Essex with Waters/Waterville's, use water bougets. Amazing. The pigeons were whirling round the maple tree, and Maple's (share different-colored boar with Bush's) were first found in Essex.

As was said, robin-using Sullivans (probably the Bos/Bush/Bosch lion), using "abu," share the black boar with the Yorkshire Bush's/Buschs, and Saluvii Ligures can be expected at Busca. Irish Brians (share the sword-and-arm of English Moors) share "Lamh" with Sullivans, and English Brians (Denbighshire, same as Welsh Roberts) share three piles (different color) with Buckets/Buchards and BRECHins. Briancon, near Piedmont, was also BRIGANtium, a location on the Durance river of the Salyes Ligures thought to be related to Saluvii. That works.

As said many times, Michael Bouchard, a friend of mine in my early 20s, shared the same double-driveway as my other friend, his neighbor, Barry. BUSHARDS are listed with BARRards, barryncidence? This Barry is the one who was in the back of a pick-up truck with Mamie on the night she plopped herself on my LAP. Laps/LABBS' (Wiltshire, beside Podebrady liners in Dorset) look connectable to the "labe" motto term of abu-like Abbeys. Ahh, Bushard-like Bushers/Boschiers/Buschers were first found in Dorset too!!!

AHHH, as I said, before she was with Michael Bouchard, I KISSed a young lady (can't recall her name) in the KITCHEN of Steve Mellanson's place (at a party), and Kitchens use water bougets. The Kitchen Crest even shares an arm-with-sword out of a cloud with the Crest of Irish Brians. And WOW, Bouchards have three leopards (or possibly cats) in pale in the white-on-red colors of the three lions in pale of Irish Brians! AMAZING. Kiss'/Cush's (Leicestershire, same as Moors and Mowers/Moors) share the "fountains" of Waterfords/Watterville's! The water bouget at our service. Plus, the "Fais" motto term of Bouchards gets the French Fays, and this looks like mythical Morgan le Fay (Arthurian-cult witch) because Mowers share the giant Morgan lion.

Fais'/Fays use a fox while the "Garde la foy" motto of Rich's tends to apply where Foys are also Foix's (Auvergne, same as Fais'/Fays and Bello-loving Bouillons) who share the Bailey stars. PLUS, there are three lions in pale, in the gold-on-red colors of the same of Irish Brians, in the LAWN/Laine COAT!!! The Gards expected in the "Garde" motto term of Lawns/Laine's share the motto, "TOUJOURS fidele," of Proctors, and the latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Jeune's in the "TOUJOURS JEUNE" of Youngs (Essex, same as Waters) who share a passant wolf (different color) with Gards. And French Jeune's were first found in Auvergne too. It was a YOUNG robin (not small, though) in the lawnmower. As Lake Garda is the location of Val Trompia, note that Trumps/Tromps have a stag head in the colors of the stag of German Jungs/Youngs/June's. Hmm. Plus, Italian Lane's were first found in Brescia, beside Val Trompia.

As the three Proctor nails are shared by Scottish Logans/MacLennans, I suppose it's possible for "Logan" to modify until it makes for the Loan variation of Lawns/Laine's, especially as Irish Logans are also Loghans/Lohans. Lough's use what looks like a fox head.

AHHH, as per the "Lamh" motto term of Sullivans and Brians, the Lame's/Lambys (Northumberland, same as Lams/Lambs and Lums) share the Gopher/Gofer saltire for another pointer to Ms. Giuffre!!! It's the MOWers/Moors who have "a-bu," and MOWs/Mole's were kin of Giuffre-like Gouch's, a branch of Goffs/Gough's (MORGANnwg, branch of Mowers/Moors). The stool pigeon and mole(s) were on the lawn over my septic tank, inspected by Mr. Gouch.

I've just recalled the Arms of Maxwell-Ros sharing the water bouget with Scottish Rose's. A water bouget is defined as water container, but where its design comes from seems to be a mystery. It looks like an 'M'.


Here's Fauci in congress answering Rand Paul to the issue put forward by Tucker Carlson above:

Tucker is being a dink. He claims that there's nothing at all wrong if you get vaccinated. KISSING HIS BOSS' FEET, TOE-ING THE LINE. Here's Rand Paul on the news to tell why Fauci was lying in congress (start at 1 minute):

As you heard if you watched the video above, Wuhan was creating deadly viruses from bat viruses that can skip to humans. WHY? If the virus cannot skip to humans naturally, why make one or more that can? Population control and/or warfare are the only good answers. Mr. Paul reveals that there are 11 American labs doing this same sort of thing. Now do we understand? The Democrat are seeking to control the world using the threat of a virus, and if a faked COVID scheme doesn't work, they will deliberate on a fierce vaccine that they can slip into the human community. The nutbars are in a hurry to control the world before Jesus comes to do so.

In case you missed it: while Fauci's NIH funded the bat "research" at Wuhan, Trump chose him to be the spokesman for going forward with the COVID scheme, and then Trump warp-speeded exactly what Fauci wanted: vaccinations. In the meantime, Trump appeared a little distanced from Fauci as the latter's popularity diminished. It was Trump who permitted the scare to go forward without verifying Fauci's scare papers that put everyone into masks and mandated the lockdowns.

It's pointless for Fauci to claim that his NIH didn't fund illegal virus manipulations at Wuhan when the fact is, the NIH sent a lot of money to the lab so that anyone there could perform the illegal manipulations under-the-table with Fauci's wink. This news story might destroy Fauci, and cause his fellow rats to start cleaning up the global mess they've been making lest they get nabbed irreparably. People are very angry now, and they should not let these rats off the hook.

Here's Dr. Judy Mikovits mentioning Fort Detrick and Tony Fauci from the get-go of the interview, and she's long been publicly claiming that he's a criminal, yet he's never defended himself by suing her. You may not understand half or more of what's she's saying as it's high-medical talk, and it's impossible for most of us to confirm even a little of what she's saying, but if you're having a good brain day, have at it:

It would have been better for us had interviewer explained a quarter of what Judy said in layman's terms, and if she left the other three-quarters for another day. But maybe she wants the info to get out to experts, and that's good. The jury is still out on how small the infection rate of COVID-19 really is because, very apparently, the testing is picking up all sorts of flus, even flus that people had as children, as Judy says. That said, we either say that the infection rate of COVID-19 has got to be very small, or the virus is handled so well by the body that the vast majority don't even know they've had it. In either case, how do we couple it with the theory that Fauci worked to deliberately release a dangerous gain-of-function product from Wuhan? Maybe the plotters are just bumblers, and don't really know what they've been doing. Maybe they went from one bumble to another with Fauci steering the ship. Who knows what the real truth is?

The White House gave a statement on it's position, saying Israel deserves to protect itself. A day later on the 12th, Hannity reported that Biden's administration sent HAMAS money. So, it looks like the statement on the 11th was a political-calculation narrative, not the truth. In other words, it knows the right thing to say openly, but it does the evil secretly.

It didn't take long into the post-Trump world for Gaza's Hamas to bring Israel back in time to the early days of Obama. Nothing makes more sense for prophetic fulfillment than an American administration that's pro-Palestinian, and the Obama socialists and anti-Christs are perfect for that picture. There needs to be a call to anti-Israeli fighters in the north in order for prophecy to be fulfilled, and, as I've maintained, the Daniel 11's "king of the south" first needs to be defeated solidly. So, if we are now entering the prophetic lawlessness (maybe we haven't seen nothin yet), we can predict that anti-Israeli forces will remove the Egyptian administration that tolerates the existence of Israel. Obama accomplished that once, and so he may be trying it again as we speak. What might give him the tools to do so now that he didn't have before? Russia?

Just look at how entrenched Russia has become on Israel's northern border over the past decade. Putin doesn't seem to be the type to fulfill the anti-Christ, but, maybe, one of his generals will fulfill the role. Daniel compares the anti-Christ's kingdom to the Seleucids ruling in Syria and Iraq. The problem for a Russian anti-Christ has always been that Russians were not in cahoots with the terrorist-type Sunni Muslims predicted to invade Israel. I have no idea on Russia-Muslim relations that may have changed over the past four years of my not covering Middle-East news. But the Sunni are anti-Assad, and Russia has been pro-Assad. I suppose what we can tentatively predict is a Russian military man who creates a union between both Muslim factions for the purpose of invading Israel.

The mid-week video below tells that Netanyahu is on the brink of crushing Hamas, and this may be the sort of thing to create the call to Muslims in the north to come against Israel:

The recent pipeline attack, in the hub of leftist think tanks and power structures within the United States, looks very-possibly to be an inside job because it's being blamed on Russia. A gas shortage, splashed all over the news, is very-much to be expected as part of the globalist game to frighten the people into better compliance. Easterners are running out of gas just looking for gas. People, start storing your needs before everyone starts to do the same at the same time during a crisis. Greedy signs of the times: gas prices going up in a gas emergency.

As things start to go south for the global leftists, expect such scare tactics and inside-job operations with CIA think tanks in control of the media narrative, which even Fox contributes to lest it appear like a "conspiracy nut." FOX = CRAP. Why won't Fox even question whether it's an inside job? Because it needs to keep good ties with mobsters in government in order to stay on top of the news i.e. to keep making money. Don't depend on money-bound media for truth. It has taken over a year for Fox to even start hinting of a COVID conspiracy even though signs of it are everywhere. Fox therefore played to Fauci, you see, and so indeed FOX = CRAP. Don't depend on it to steer the country out of a crisis, but rather expect it to contribute to the insider narrative.

"Biden" publicly declared that the Russian government didn't cause the pipeline hack, and so we may have a situation in which Bidenites want to kiss up to Putin (why?) while infuriating the CIA and/or the FBI. Do you think that Hamas is triggering a massive assault at this time just to lose again, like the last time, without a back-up plan for when Israel invades Gaza? Can this be the reason that Biden wanted to send Russia a warm signal this week? I'm FAST taking the position that the FBI lied about the hack coming from Russia. I'm taking the position that this is a feigned attack from the outside to frighten the nation, and the CIA / FBI gets to play the savior when in fact it's the devil secretly causing the frightening thing. (If Trump had exonerated Russia so fast, the Bidenites would have fried him.)

This gas issue goes right to the brain center of the global-warming hoaxsters seeking to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on the eradication of fossil fuels before the day of their deaths, and so they want to rush "green" energy. That's what's really going on, and so why are they not one of the suspects for this pipeline emergency? Why did the CIA "know" right-away that it was Russia? Because, it wants to fill minds with the script-narrative before anyone starts to wonder or seek on their own who really done it. Once the people can no longer depend on the CIA due to it's train of false narratives, the country is as fragile as nobody listening to cry-wolf when the wolf is really coming.

What this world needs is an army of social-media people who specifically promise not to make a dime on their newscasts. They bring their opinions to the world free of charge, in their spare time while holding jobs, and are not like the beggar bananas who see an opportunity to make a living on youtube newscasts. These types are on their way to becoming like Fox as youtube controls what they can and cannot say. They go forward in obedience to the mob because their priority is to make a living at their begging. When they tell you, "don't forget to smash that subscribe button," reach into the screen and smash them on their cheek, saying, "didn't your mother teach you not to beg"?

On the bright side, the pipeline breakdown is a smash to Biden's political face, which may contribute to the voters turning congress to Republicans in 2022. The problem with that is, Republicans are often a bunch of stupids in part-conspiracy with leftists. Things are looking very bad. The 2020 election taught us that many Republican congresspeople are stooges for Bushite mobsters. And they too are Middle-East war hawks.

How do you think it's going to go in the Middle East's American interests with the Biden administration blaming Russia for the pipeline and other matters? When the call comes to destroy Israel, won't the Russians be open for an alliance to that end, a secret one at first? Absolutely. With Russia helping to ruin Israel, and Obama's machine (includes EU players) urging the Muslims onward (how much military-tax money did Obama stash for the invasion of Israel?), we could start to see this escalate starting now.

On Saturday, oy vey: "Israel destroyed a 12-storey tower block in Gaza housing the offices of the U.S.-based Associated Press and other news media on Saturday, saying the building was also used by the Islamist militant group Hamas". Can you do CNN next?

India has been honest with a chart showing how COVID-positive deaths sky-rocketed after its vaccination programs:

India just announced a nationwide crusade against COVID using Ivermectin. Someone should send the charts in the video above to Fox news half-newser enchanters who push vaccines as though they were happy-time ice cream. Did you see the Mongolia chart in the 12th minute? It's sheer proof of murder by vaccine. We are hearing that COVID cases in the West are on the rise...maybe because of vaccinations programs, do ya thunk? It's no secret that the "vaccines" give people the virus, that's what it's supposed to do, but it's not supposed to give so much as to increase death rates. Isn't this population control, therefore? The "vaccines" may even create virus variations so as to perpetuate the mask-goon society requiring endless and similar "vaccines." Oh-no. But, suddenly, there are rays of light coming forth recently to make the media play a different tune. Let's see what happens as the people scream for change, scream vaccine-killings on the rise. From now on, if we hear of increasing COVID deaths, blame it on vaccines because we are well past flu season.

Here the delinquent WHO at the end of this past March doing more of what it can to prolong the COVID scare i.e. keep the world from successfully combating this virus: "The current evidence on the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19 patients is inconclusive. Until more data is available, WHO recommends that the drug only be used within clinical trials." There you go, stalling, just like it and other global powers did with hydroxychloroquine. It's so easy to begin to realize why the powers of this world will deserve their Armageddon. Things are going to spin out of control for them because evil powers care not for the whole. Unless the rulers care for and support the whole, the house they have enjoyed will cave on them too.

Google is not going to give us many articles telling why Ivermectin is safe. Instead, it loads all sorts of articles implying DANGER, DON'T TAKE IT. The Mayo Clinic, in an article likely written before COVID ("COVID" is not on the page at all), says: "Ivermectin is best taken as a single dose with a full glass (8 ounces) of water on an empty stomach (1 hour before breakfast), unless otherwise directed by your doctor." Oooooooooo, SCAAAARY.

As this drug treats pests, perhaps a positive-COVID test is just a worm. I wouldn't be suggesting it if it were not absolutely true that the engineers of the COVID scam are not to be trusted with anything they role out for a program. "...ivermectin is an FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug that has been available for approximately 40 years and previously earned researchers a Nobel Prize." Oooooooo SCAAARY. "Thus far, Marik said, studies have indicated that ivermectin has demonstrated efficacy in preventing COVID-19 infection prior to and after exposure to COVID-19. He also said that it has been shown to effectively treat the virus in the early symptomatic stages and among patients hospitalized with COVID-19."

I checked Fox and Friends Wednesday to see how they would treat the rebuke of Fauci by Rand Paul. The 5 am show showed a short segment of the rebuke, then had a guest speak gibberish for one whole minute, and that was the end of the story. The 7 am show had the Paul-Fauci clip again, and this time, while the guest spoke a little better than gibberish, it too was a whole minute, and NOTHING was said to elaborate on Fauci's position, whether criminal / outrageous / falsified. This is like showing the laundry line instead of the dirty laundry, as the criminal breathes a sigh of relief. I checked Wednesday's Hannity, and saw nothing of the Paul-Fauci disagreement (the day before), though he may have done a segment Tuesday night.

Then, on Thursday, wow, what a surprise, a Fox youtube video with Rand Paul himself explaining things, and he happened to be on Fox and Friends that morning. A ray of hope that Fox and Friends is going to go against the bosses. But wait, the Wuhan lab has not to do with vaccines. Not until Fox and Friends issues dire warnings about vaccines will I sit up and have a change of heart. The crew has lots to make up for in this regard. As of April 13th, anyway, Rand Paul is one of only three Washington senators who has not been vaccinated yet, yet he's not speaking out against vaccinations, which may explain why Fox entertained him above. Mr. Paul doesn't want a mask-goon society, and looks to vaccines to get rid of masks. It's the worst-possible solution. Better to expose and attack the entire COVID scheme as a criminal enterprise, and for the masses, stores included, to rip the masks off, for they can't ticket the entire masses.

If you want to hear an appropriately-aghast news segment on Fauci's role in Wuhan, get past the pro-Trump section of Bannon's War Room, and start in the middle of the 17th minute:

Word is that Fauci is cooked. This story can make the criminals so afraid that the death numbers, and all severity of the COVID scheme, might start to evaporate away from the news, because the more severe the "plague," the more the guilty parties (especially Fauci) stand to be treated severely by court judgments. The problem is, if Trump is re-elected in 2024, he's going to pick more compromised / corrupt FBI and DoJ chiefs, for Trump happens to be a committed pro-vax stooge. Or, maybe he's more than a stooge, maybe even a kingpin of the COVID roll-out.

Here's some dirty laundry from Bill Gates' laundry line:

People, we are RIGHT-NOW entering the COVID-code system, unless something backfires seriously on the goons, and that's possible. The CDC has just announced that people can take off masks if vaccinated. In fact, the CDC is complicit with Fauci's crimes because, suddenly, as soon as Fauci is under the microscope, out of the blue the CDC is sending signals that it wants to go back to normal. But, they are simultaneously fast-tracking vaccinations with the CDC announcement. Want freedom again? Get your vax today, they are saying. Biden gave the same message. Don't celebrate this, because, if vaccinated people start walking around without masks, non-vaccinated people will take theirs off too. Therefore, I say the powers have a plan already in place to disallow us to walk into a store without a mask unless we have proof of vaccination, and while this may start as a piece of paper or plastic, it's going to go into some electronic form before long if they keep pushing plandemics. This could become the Biblical 666 within a few years.

"Get vaccinated, or wear a mask until you do." Those are the words that Biden was told to tell the nation by his White-House pilots. You may have a few months only to get some foods stored up before they disallow you into a grocery store. The only solution is to discover their crimes, and watch them back off.

The powers had probably already planned to go into this stage 2 -- take off masks if vaxed -- after all the naive / willing people had been vaxed, in order to urge or compel the resisters into receiving it, but it appears that they fast-tracked stage 2 suddenly. Why? I say it's because their scheme is falling apart, and must be rushed before it crumbles further. Vaxing those who resist is expected to take longer than others.

I'm starting to realize that the vaccines were probably mainly prepared before COVID was publicized, for the powers had planned to bring us this virus, and thus they also prepared their vaccine ahead of time in order to get the front of the market for themselves. Which of the three big vaccine companies were the criminals with? Trump, if I recall correctly, likes Johnsons & Johnson. Trump's administration is the one that gave tax money to the vaccine companies to speed their bringing the vaccines to the "market." Trump also paid for the vaccines, "free" to the public (doesn't look like a market to me). See anything potentially self-interested here?

The following should be a trend going forward as the cheats have nothing to back up their made-for-TV claims, and while corrupt courts may be reluctant to expose a hoax even after the evidence is well presented, the legal process of the plaintiffs is invaluable for exposing minute details for anyone who will listen:

TORONTO, Jan. 13, 2021 /CNW/ - While the unrelenting COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge across Ontario, Diamond and Diamond Lawyers have filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of victims who died due to avoidable negligence.

The latest suit names major long-term care providers across Ontario including but not limited to Chartwell, Extendicare, and Sienna owned facilities. The half a billion dollar claim also takes the bold action of naming the Ontario government as well as several municipal bodies in Hamilton, Toronto, Essex, Ottawa and more. It is the first suit of this type that claims COVID-19 death culpability by multiple branches of government.

Another story: "The police officers [plaintiffs] are asking for a declaration from the Ontario Superior Court that masking, social distancing and stay-at-home orders aren’t medically or scientifically based. They [the officers] claim Ontario’s soaring daily case count — 3,871 on Thursday — is based on 96.5% false positives." Now we're talking. Expose the false positives, and the entire COVID scheme becomes a house of cards on a blustery day. Take Trudeau to court and demand that he prove the validity of the testing. If he can't, he must be required to send a federal order to all provinces to cease frightening the public with daily case numbers that cannot be proven.

Every once in a while, I remember that the globalist goal may be to drive the people mad until they start fighting back to the point that the government can officially install a police state. That's what the entire sham looks like, and the best way to make the people mad is to make ridiculously harsh but unwarranted laws. We might be better off "fighting back" by laughing the frankensteinian governments off.

Here's a big change in Britain, making Trudeau and the Ontario provinces look like laughing stocks HAHAHAAAAHAH:

Looks like the powers are going to need to bring us a bigger danger now, but they risk more by doing so, and in the end, they get Hell, no tears from me. REJOICE. One of the comments in that video has it correct: "I'm convinced that Canadians are the most brainwashed people in the world". Trudeau wants to keep it that way. The CBC is a diabolical state media that works overtime with anti-Christ propaganda. I didn't know it until I became a Christian. Hurry Jesus and make a laughing stock of these actors.

Pawlowski telling about his jail experience:

When we enter the last days, we should not talk to police as Pawlowski talked to the police in this matter. I support him now, for a short jail term where he can get a court case, but in the end times, if we are jailed for resisting the skincode, we had best be on our best behavior to reduce our punishment. As Pawlowski makes absolutely clear, bad cops and anti-Christs have become lunatics over the past 40 years, for they have not been conditioned as we have who read the Bible and take it to heart. Nobody knows for sure what demons do to people who have rejected Jesus, and once these people have you in jail, there's no telling what they will do to you.

So, if you're facing long jail time for doing nothing wrong, and it's going to happen to many people, just be at peace, or choose your words and attitude wisely while in their presence. Many judges have been conditioned by demons; they do not understand the world as you do, Christian. They do not view Jesus as you do. They have no fear if they hurt you, and they will like to hurt you if you do not submit like a poodle to them. If they were good people, the mere police (that's all they are, nothing special at all) would not treat you like an animal with which they can have some power-tripping fun. I see no reason for a police officer to be treated extra-special in the human community since they almost never face a dangerous situation. They spend a lot of time giving out tickets, folks, nothing special at all, not much better than a parking-ticket bimbo who has a porn mag in his car for when he's got a coffee break. Yet they want us to treat them like the gods while they wear the uniform, just a laughing matter, try to laugh them off rather than consuming yourself in anger in vain.

If I were the king, I would give the people a police police force to protect the people from the police force. I'd have special jails for bad cops. Then I would laugh and be merry. If a police officer fears danger just walking around in public, it's because half the police officers have angered their enemies with undue, animal-like treatment of them. This is how stupid police officers are: when they get someone in private on their turf, they abuse them thinking that nobody's watching, but, duhhh, the mistreated person is a witness who then tells all his friends what happened. STUPID COPS ruin it for the good cops. We need a special zoo for bad cops where they can be treated like animals for our laughing pleasure. Elect me today.

Like, the extra-stupids who mistreated Pawlowski when they thought nobody was watching. They mistreated a HIGH-PROFILE man who -- yup, as sure as the sun shines in the dark -- told the public how he was mistreated...and even the police chief got wind of it. AHAHAHA, the good guys get the last laughs. The cops put their own necks into their own trap. We now have the internet to tell the world how we were mistreated, and while the government spies put cameras on all of us because they hate us, almost everyone can have a phone camera on a police officer or other government worker...we get the last laughs again. They had to arrest Pawlowski while on camera. They acted as professional as possible while on camera, and then became the real dogs while in private with him. By treating him like an animal, they became the animals, and God has His 24-hour camera on them besides. WE WILL WIN THIS because good guys finish first. The people of Jesus will have the power when the first become last and the last become first.

How lucky is the universe to have a God who serves mankind? Jesus said that the Holy Spirit is the comforter, the One who attends to us. This King is not like the kings who take advantage of the people, but One who genuinely cares to make us better, smarter, wiser, more capable. He doesn't try to knock us down as do globalist maneuvering to be over us. In the economy of Jesus, the greatest of all is the greatest servant, for this is how God thinks and acts. How lucky that the only God wants to be our father, our coach, our protection. Imagine how terrible if satan were the only God. We are now watching what the world becomes if satan were the only God.

Do not say that God is in control of everything. Do not think that all events are God's will, for God must give satan his choices to expose his kingdom. God will do only a few things, to restrain satan's sons for our protection, but in the final end, when much of that restraining power is removed, expect greater levels of protection because we're going to need it.

Get a load of this, governments free to censor anti-government posts on social-media platforms:

Election Fraud

With Bidenites ruining the country by design, in order to have overwhelming powers over the people, the election-fraud dominoes should be put into warp speed. Instead, the leading domino in Arizona is going to take months and months to fall. Something is wrong here.

Something's far wrong. Ken Bennett said on Wednesday night that about 270,000 ballots have been counted (Maricopa) thus far, but, suspiciously, this short video has Ken Bennett telling that almost a half million were counted by Friday. Is this a lie due to the cry of the people complaining about the snail's pace? The video above tells that the arena has been booked until the end of June, good news. Due to no counting on Sundays, 270,000 is about 20,000 daily = 14 per minute. An entire arena floor, 20 tables to begin with, and 46 tables during this week, and ONLY 14 ballots per minute??? What is wrong? By far, most of the tables are completely empty. Is this a farce? Why are they giving the enemy so much time to stop the full count? There can be no shortage of people who would come in and count. At least half the country wants this audit.

Of all the regulars covering this story, I have heard no one ask why the machines were sent back to the county cheats when they did not have the administrative password to get fully into their basements? What did they do with the machines, look pretty at them? Why is no one talking about this? Why are the people covering this story regularly not banned from youtube? Not one of the regulars on youtube, so far as I've kept up-to-date, has ever talked about the actual activity at a table where counting is going on. Are these channels a farce too? Are they just getting our hopes up because the plan is to dash them? How can they sound so excited about the audit when so little seems to be happening? There's no word on Jovan's machine that can scan all the ballots in just a day or two. Ken Bennet said that the team will need to clear the arena floor for a week starting this weekend, and resume about a week later. Will they come back at all, or will we hear some reason that the whole thing was shut down?

Thus far, only about 12 percent of the ballots have been scrutinized. At this rate, it will take 160 working days, not including Sundays. Does this not seem farcical to you? Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe the fraud has been so stinking putrid that the count speed has choked. Here's some upper-level men (Barelli and Waldron) talking routers and other Maricopa matters. A router recorded all the criminals that partook in election fraud, explaining why the cheats don't want to give routers over. The cheats may have obliterated all data on the routers, if capable, because feigning some "good explanation" for draining the data is better than giving the routers over with all guilty parties recorded:

This week, two new youtube channels appeared covering Trump and election-fraud issues, both with very low subscribers because they were both a week old when I got to them, who both claimed that youtube was artificially reducing their subscribers / likes. This is ridiculous and impossible, that youtube would be concerned with channels days old, for youtube usually removes /punishes channels, they don't agree with, when they are up in the range of 200,000 -500,000 subscribers. This morning was the first time I saw one of the two above, and it's Snowflake Syndrome (strictly election-fraud videos), with 2,000 subscribers. Hilary Hill is the other channel, and she claims to be a Christian too, as does Neil Johnson, who went from brand new to interviewing big names in election fraud in no time at all. Thursday, I clicked a general Flynn video to find that she came up as the provider, and right-away she asked watchers where they lived. So, watcher told where they lived in the comments.

The possibility is that the deep state gets people to come out and act very upset with the powers in order to worm their way into upper-level circles to spy out the situation. It's as simple as that. As I said, youtube seemed to be helping Neil Johnson out, because youtube was showing that he had over 100 videos, yet when I went to his page, no video was older than a week. That's three election-fraud channels that started to come up in my searches when only a week old.

The night after writing above on "good explanation," the cheats were discovered to have deleted their voting-machine databases / files on April 12, just ten days before the audit was scheduled to begin. I'm wondering how this news was leaked, and why it's being leaked now just as the audit is about to stop for a week. Here's the story here:

If the Arizona senate does not work to get the cheats arrested, the cheats in the rest of the country will delete all evidence of fraud hoping to get away with it in a similar manner. A court is expected to judge deletion of election material as prime evidence of criminality. Karen Fann sent a letter to the Maricopa board of supervisors (the cheats) asking about this deletion, and it seems that the letter was sent this week because it also asks about the refusal to hand over router information. So, why is this letter being sent so late, three weeks after the audit began, and just before the one-week recess? Shouldn't the audit team have known about the deletion of machine information before sending the machines back on April 30th? Why didn't Fann begin asking for the routers in the first week, since the audit team claims to have checked the machines by the end of the first week? Doesn't one want to see the routers when inspecting the machines to which they were attached?

According to Kelli Ward (GOP chairwoman) on Thursday, Fann is only "threatening" (in a letter) to issue another subpoena in order to get the routers and password. A threat means that Fann is giving the cheats MORE TIME (SPIT) not to comply. There is already a court judgment demanding that the cheats hand over these things, and so Fann should be asking the authorities to make arrests because this is the normal way forward. The cheats will hand over the routers at the pain of arrest, so easy to figure, yet Fann keeps looking like a complete wreck for this effort. Where is the punishment that curbs criminal behavior? What farce is this?

Here's a run-down of the incriminating headaches the cheats are encountering as of the first half of this week:

OAN reports (May 12) further that boxes of ballots said to have 200 ballots were unsealed with less than 200 ballots within them...meaning that the cheats took the time to unseal and go through the boxes they knew to hold fake ballots in order to remove them, meaning also that severe jail time is a needed remedy. The buck stops with the one person responsible for the ballots.

If Fann sees that the cheats have acted so criminally as to delete election data, does she then attack the cheats with a blow dryer for a gun and soft-touch hair-gel tubes for bullets? Do you think that maybe the audit team could front a real, dirt-kickin man to do this job? The "legal action" is Fann's new, made-to-ignore subpoena, folks, not the man-thing. Kelli Ward sure does have nice hair today, right out of a swinging-door salon, but the only stick-em-up this sheriff has is hair pins. She's the chairwoman of the face GOOP. Folks, womanizing the personalities of the country's men is not going to save the country from the bandits. For four years we watched Mrs. Donald Trump betray with cowardice, and nothing has changed yet, even though sweeping election-fraud is an open fact. The GOP is still afraid to use arrest power?

A subpoena is a demand to appear in court, and Fann knows that the new judge does not favor the audit. That's why she's wrong to issue a subpoena after not demanding that this judge recuse himself for possible bias. Fann already saw that this judge's office released information to the public that was not supposed to be released. In other words, an employee of the judge felt perfectly comfortable releasing it, and the judge might even have asked the employee to do so. Fann does not know how to play war, and should give the lead role to a competent leader.

These latest proofs of cheating will make it harder for judge Martin to pretend that there's no fraud, and thus less likely to treat the audit team with triviality or contempt unless he himself wants a reputation for being a contemptible "judge."

Taras and Atlanta, Georgia

I've only realized in this update that Taras/Tarrs may be using ten pale bars because Plato gave Poseidon, father of Taras (symbol of Taranto), 10 sons for his Atlantean realm. HeBRONs/Hepburns, who came up big as per horseshoes, were first found beside Browns/BRONs, and the latter share the brown lion in Crest with Atlas' while Atlas was Poseidon's first son and king of Atlantis. In fact, the Atlas' (Kent, same as the Scotts sharing the Hepp/Hepple border!) have two brown lion heads to go with the double-brown lions of Ramps/Rumps. Steve Tarr, on my hockey team, may thus point to Atlanta election fraud, for he's expected to point to election fraud. The election-fraud fight in Atlanta is pending or imminent. The election was held in Atlanta's State Farm ARENA (i.e. where they play hockey). I've just learned that this arena was previously the Philips Arena.

Plus, as per Jovan Pulitzer is being pointed to by Pullings/Pulits, note that Taranto is in APULia, hmmmmm. This location is across the Adriatic from Pola/Pula on ISTRIA, and I ventured to link the Taras/Tarr Coat, not many months ago, to the Stur Coat, for Taras'/Tarrs were first found in Somerset with the Stour river, and beside Sturs. The latter are a branch of ISTERs, like "Istria," is that not amazing? Isters are EASTERs too, and while my winning goal off of Tarr's slap shot was as I slid in on my shin bones, Newtons use "shin bones," and an "EASTERn prince" in Crest. See "slap shot" in the last update for the Tarr story.

Isters/Easters have a bend that is colors reversed from the bend of Jewish POLLocks, and this was the line of Pulls/Pools from Poole, between the English Sturs and Taras'/Tarrs. How amazing that Pulls/Pools share the giant Atlas lion. As I said, Tarr's slap shot came to rest on the goal line, and I POKEd it into the net as I slid by. Scottish Pollocks are Poke's too. I don't recall ever inserting Apulia into the Tarrs, but I new realize that while English Pucks are also PUCKLe's/Puchels, Apulia is also called, PUGLia. Amazing. German Pucks look like king of Ottone's/Otto's, and the Aude's (Ottone/Otto colors) in the Pollock motto are also Odde's and audit-like Audets. In fact, the "AudACTER" motto term (of Pollocks) may be for an Aude-line marriage an Aster line, for Isters/Easters are also Asters.

Tarr's slap shot bounced and rolled to the LINE, and stopped there. The Lins/Line's can thus point to Lin Wood, for he's of Georgia i.e. where Atlanta is the capital. As it was the winning goal that propelled us to the finals for the win there too, perhaps Lin Wood will come up big in Atlanta's election-fraud fight.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before, but I remember the goalie that Tarr's slap shot knocked to the ice. I don't remember his name, but he was the goalie in which I scored my first two goals (in the same game) that year. I scored 16 goals that year, I can still remember it, but I can only remember three of them. The first two were memorable, and I've told about those first two before. The reason I'm repeating this now is this: for my first goal, I was skating toward the goalie from the side, and seeing no way to get the puck past him, I decided to try FLIPPING it over his I fell to the ice. It worked. It was such a fun goal, and my first-ever for organized hockey (12 years of age), that it's burned in my memory. I remember deking him out for the second goal, and I was impressed with myself for that, so I remember it.

Vote FLIPPING. My first ever goal of organized hocked pointed to vote flipping, and while the rink in Atlanta was the Philips Arena, Philips' are also FILIPs, believe it or not.

The poking in the puck was also a tip-in for the Tipps'/Tippins because they were Ratcliff kin while John Ratcliffe is suspect as the force behind the leak of the Fanning-Lindell material that Lindell has promised to use in court. It fingers China as the instigator of election fraud on behalf of Dominion and American Democrats, and Ratcliffe is the one who publicly went against the CIA and other Intelligence agencies who didn't want to reveal Chinese interference, but instead wanted to demonize Russia. It just so happens that the Newton shin bones are part-code for China-like Shins/Chinns/Chings, you see. I slid in on my shin bones and poked the puck on the goal line, and while Lins/Line's are also Linds, Swedish Linds come up as Lindells. Mike Lindell spent time with Lin Wood last week. The goal thus seems to predict something of a big win for election-fraud fighters.

This tip-in view of the goal is being repeating because the pheons of the Blands are in the colors of the Tipps/Tippin pheons, and the Blands have a "SperRATE" motto term that seems connectable to RATcliffs. I still would not have repeated the tip-in goal is that's all there was to say about Blands, but there's more, because the Bland Crest has a brown lion head, the color of the Atlas lion head! I think that is one amazing thing. Plus, I've talked about my miracle-marble shot (age 11), and because marbles are alleys, I'm familiar with Alleys sharing the Atlas/AtLEE Coat. I suppose I should be predicting that the marble shot is about the election fraud in Atlanta.

There's more. Not more than a year ago, I discussed my job at Atlas Auto Parts (age 20/21), which is how I realized that Atlas' were an Alley branch. The only thing I said about that job (I can't remember anything meaningful about the job itself) is that I was playing unorganized hockey with the Kepke's at the time, and Kepke's brother was the goalie, in case that means anything. It just so happens that the Bland write-up has "Blands of Kippax," and Kippax's are listed with Keppochs. So, there's another reason to see Blands and Tippins as pointers to the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, especially as Farms have a reflection of the Keppoch Coat.

The "fortes" motto term of Blands is like the "Fortis" of Forts who in turn have "audax" as part-code for Aude/Audets, another potential pointer to election fraud. The Aude's/Audets have a blue-Shield version of the Pollet Coat, and the Pools/Pulls with the Pollets in their motto happen to share the giant Atlas / Alley lion. But it gets better because POLLocks/POKE's use "AUDacter," and the "Plunket" in the write-up of Pollock-like Plocks makes Pollocks look like a Plunkett branch, that being of the Planque's/PLANTS i.e. like "Bland." So, while Blands share the Tippin pheons, the Blands seem very connectable to POKE's. I poked the puck in when I tipped it in. Pollocks were at Rothes castle on the SPEY river, and the Speyers are listed with the Speers (Renfrewshire, same as Pollok location) suspect in the "SPERate" motto term of Blands.

Having established that Blands apply to election fraud, let's now go to the last three scene's of the Obama dream. The first of these three was Obama dancing. The second was Obama on a SKATEboard that can relate to hockey skates, and the third was some Obama employee disappointing Obama, which I take to mean a snitch. He was on a skateboard upon a ramp, and Ramps/Romps share the brown lion with Blands and Alleys. Dance's (Yorkshire, same as Blands and Keppochs) happen to be in Keppock and Farm colors and format, and Farmers even share red lion heads with Dance's.

Half the Dance fesse is that of Alans, and while Alans were at Dol (became Stewarts), that's in the Vilaine part of Brittany, where Plunketts were first found who have a bend colors reversed from the Bland / Ratcliff bend. The "veRITE" motto term of Blands can thus be gleaned with the Rite's/Wrights sharing the checkered fesse of the Stewarts. Plancia Magna descended from GLAPHYRa Archelaus, and while CLAVERs are also Cleavers, Cliff's (Shropshire, same as Alans) are also Cleave's (married Stick-branch Styche's), and related closely to the namers of VILAINe and Rats/Rate's (ASTIKas' of VILNius were RADZivills). Hence, RatCLIFFE. The father of Pollocks/Poke's was a vassal of the Dol Alans. I poked the puck in with my STICK, and while Astikas' had married Traby of Poland, the Arms of Traby have horns in colors reversed from the farm horns. (For my records, Bland is a location in Sedbergh).

With John Ratcliffe's China information suspect in being behind the shin-bone slide and tip-in, the find I've just made is important: the Bland-like Blains have a fesse with three items almost identical with the same of Cliffs! The Bland's are the ones sharing the pheons of Tipps/Tippins (share Ratcliff bull head). Clavers/Cleavers share the key with Keys (Yorkshire, same as Kays), and while one Key surname has a "Domino" motto term to point to election fraud, the other Keys have double-purple bendlets to go with the double black bends of Kays ("Kepe" motto term) which happen to be in both colors of the double bends of Ratcliffs. It just so happens that Domino's (Piedmont, same as Italian Dance's), have a tower colors reversed from the Plunkett tower. The dancette-using Dumms/Dunhams are coming to mind.

Plancia Magna married Tertullus of Perga, right beside Attalia of the Poseidon-like Pisidians, and ATTALia happens to be the thing that named mythical Atlas, first son of Poseidon, are you not impressed??? This must be why Blands share the brown lion head of Atlas'. In that case, Blonds, Blondville's and Blundville's can be descended from Plancius-liner Galatians. We saw the Newton shin bones, and here we can mention "Robert de Blunville of Newton" in the Blundville write-up. Kepke was pure blond. "The surname Blundville was first found in Cheshire at Beeston," which can explain why Blunds share the Beeston bend. Beeston is in Cheshire, where Cliffs were early, and Ratcliffs with Tipps'/Tippins were in neighboring Lancashire.

The Blains have a "PaRITUR PAX BELLO" motto, and Bello's are also Ballots. While English Ritters are listed with Rat-like Rutty/Rutters, German Ritters/Riders have what looks like a log, the Lindell symbol too. The belly-press event was the it-felt-so-GOOD event (hoping it's for something great in the election-fraud fight), and Goods/Guts happen to share the Stick Coat. English Reeds (same place as Rodhams/Roddens) share "pax" with Blains, and English Packs share the anchor of Paisleys (same place as Pollocks/Poke's). Packers were at BUCKLEbury, and as Leslie's earls of Rothes, use buckles, they are suspect with Buckie at the end of the Spey river. Reed-branch Roets, first found in Somerset with the Stolls sharing the Packer cross-by-lozenges, share the SPEYer/Speer boar heads. The latter share crossed spears with Paisley-branch Pasi's, but also with Lins/Line's/Linds (Ayrshire, same as Blains). We seem to be back to poking the puck over the goal line with my stick, as well as tipping it in because Blains can be a branch of Blands sharing the Tippin pheon.

The entry of Reeds so well into this discussion is excellent where Taras, Poseidon's son, is in the Arms of Taranto while Tarants have a good Coat reflection of Scottish Reeds (Aberdeenshire, same as Leslie's that were earls on the Spey river). These Reeds were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Skene's/SKINs/SCANs, a potential pointer to Pulitzer's scanning machines, or even to Dominion scanning machines. The Skin variation can be of the Shins/Chinns/Chings, you see, and, by the way, the latter share triple-red chevrons with English Pasleys, the latter first found in Berkshire with the PACKers, and Packs share the Paisley/Pasley anchor! Excellent, for Reeds have a "Pax" motto term.

Scottish Reeds even share the stag head of Farms for an additional pointer to STATE FARM Arena in Atlanta, where they had the scanning machines. State's/Stations have lozenges in colors reversed from the same of Packers. Paisleys even share the Belly roses while Bellys were first found in Moray with the Spey river. The belly-press event happened with Louise Phil(l)ips present, but I didn't know until today that State Farm Arena was once the Philips Arena! That could be a major clue as to what the belly event should point to. It was related to the waist-pulling event, and Waistells share the doves of George's. Atlanta, Georgia! George's are from Bohemia, same as column using Franks, and Malcolms/Columns share the Tarant / Reed stag heads. Ahh, the Kinds having a column have a "PAX BELLO" motto phrase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Dr. Frank has teamed up with Lindell, we remind that I tipped the puck in with the BLADE of my stick, for while Blade's share the saltire of Scottish Franks, English Franks share the saltire of Poke's. Then, German Franks happen to share a column (different colors) with Pelosi's/PILATi's while Pilate's, first found in Burgundy to Loge's and DeLoges', share white pheons with Blade's. Tidy stuff. The other half of the Pelosi/Pilati Coat has a bull-with-tree shared in different colors by French Packs. It's the Bland-like Blains who may have the log-using Ritters and the Packs in their motto, and Blands already pointed to the tip-in goal. The Ritters with log have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Pisa's, and the Pisidians at Attalia named Pisa of Greece. The Pisa Coat even has the Atlas lion. The Pisa Coat is in colors reversed in the Reines Coat, and the Reno's share the State lozenges. You'll see why this is relevant below.

Plus, while mythical Maia was an important daughter of Atlas, the French Packs have the Maio tree. Again, Packers share the rare cross-by-lozenges of Stoll/STOWells, and the Sturs with fesses in the colors of the Taras/Tarr pale bars are also STOWers. They happen to share triple-red fesses with Pasleys and Shins/Chings. Packers are more-properly PECKers, and Kinds were at PEAK. The Peaks (Staffordshire) can be gleaned as kin of Arrows/Arras' (Staffordshire) who in turn are highly suspect with the tower of Murena's, from TERENTia Murena! Peaks and Peckers can be from the Pek river near CUPPae, and Reeds use "Pax COPia" for the Cups/Cope's/Culps (Aberdeenshire, same as Reeds with nearly the Tarant/Terent Coat) in the Pulling/Pulit motto. Cuppae is known as "city of doves," and the waist-PULLING event pointed to dove-using Waistells.

The Pek river has a mouth at PINCum, and Pinks/Pincs can be well connected to the Reno's who share the lozenges of State's (colors reversed from Packer/Pecker lozenges). Amazingly, I always link the Pink/Pinc lozenges to Reno's because Pinc-branch Panico's were at the State-like Setta valley, a Reno-river tributary. Reno's thereby look like that can be pointed to by STATE Farm ARENO, so to speak! I like that, and there is even an Italian Arena Coat. The Packers/peckers are also Pickers while PICENsii lived at the Pek-river theater. Compare English the Pax-copia Reeds to Picks/Pike's/PICKENs.

The Peaks share the patee cross of Diens/DINE's/DIVES' (Sussex, same as Packs), and while Scottish Reeds have a "FortituDINE et LABORE" motto, Dee's/DIE's use "labor." Not to be out-done, the Dies' (with 's' on the end) are listed with DIVES'. The Dee's/Die's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Reeds and Cuppae-suspect Cups/Cope's. English Reeds "Pax copia." The Dies'/Dives' were first found in Essex with English Yonge's/Youngs while Scottish Yonge's/Youngs have a "praeSTAT" motto term that could be for State's (Cheshire, same as English De's/Die's). "PRAEstat" is likely for Prays / Preys because PRUDE's/Pride's, with three lamPREYs looking linkable to the three piles of Scottish Yonge's/Youngs, are probably in the "PRUDentia praestat" motto phrase of the same Yonge's/Youngs. Dies'/Dives were first found in Cambridge (beside Essex), to be more exact, and the Jeune's in the motto of the Essex Yonge's/Youngs show a "jeune" motto term. If that's not enough, Irish Prays/Preys were first found in County Down while Downs have a stag in the colors of the Jung/Young/June stag.

June's were, for years until recently, said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's, but June's are now said to be first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's (share Jeune fleur) and the Arrows/Arras' (Jeune fleur in colors reversed) highly suspect with the Murena tower. Having said all of that, note how Tarants, from Terentia Murena, seem workable into the next paragraph.

There are good reasons for linking "Cuppae" to "Kupa," the latter being a river near Rijeka, and so let me repeat here from a section far above, keeping in mind that the "Pax copia" motto of English Reeds looks like a Pek-river link to nearby Cuppae, but then the Scottish Reeds have a reflection of the Tarant Coat while mythical Taras was made code for the city of Taranto: "Both the Rijeka and Below eagles pour out water, and here we can add that Waters were first found in Essex with the Yonge's/Youngs ("jeune") to go with the Trump-connectable Jungs/Youngs/June's. Scottish Yonge's/Youngs, sharing the annulets of the Roxburgh Walsh's and Benjamins, were first found in Roxburgshire, where the Rijeka rock traces." The point here is that Rijeka is where you see TARSatica on this map ("Colapis" is marked), and moreover the "praeSTAT" motto term of Scottish Yonge's/Youngs looks like part-code for State's. Steve Tarr of the Taras/Tarrs surname has been pointing to STATE Farm Arena, and Farms, who themselves have a reflection of the Tarant Coat, share the Reed stag head.

Pipe's were at Leigh, and then Leigh's/Leghs/Leys might have named Leggs with a stag head in the colors of the Jung/Young/June stag. The LEIGHtons/LEYtons come up as LATons (Shropshire, beside Leighs/Leghs/Leys of Cheshire), suspect from the LATovici that you see on the map on the northern side of the Colapis.

I mistakenly found Dies' listed with Dives' by seeking to load the Dais'/Daes' because they share a single, green pale bar with Spanish Maia's/MAJa's, and it just so happens that State's share the red greyhound head with Anchor-loving MAJors! It recalls the CorBEIL-Majors that were Belly-connectable Beils too! There was a mythical Maja goddess at Abruzzo's mount MAIello. Maio's have the tree of French Packs. Beils share the Belly chevron while Bellys share the roses of the Paisleys sharing the Pack anchor. The line of mythical Atlas (from Attalia) named Aetolia in Calydon, home not only of mythical Atalantis, but of mythical king Oeneus, that being the other name of the Una river (it's marked "Oeneus" on the map). As the real city of Methoni was made the daughter of king Oeneus, note that while Methoni was in Messene, the Maezaei are on the Oeneus river.

Aetolia was politically involved with the Elis and Pisa region, and Pisa was named by Pisidians at Attalia. The Maezaei-line Amazons at Pisa were given mythical OENomaus, play on "OENeus." The Elis surname uses a "woman," which I trace to VIMINacium near the mouth of the Pek. Cuppae is on the map near Viminacium on the Ister river at center of map. The Ister was also the DANube, and Laish, later called, Dan, is the line to the Ladon river (trust me) at Elis and Pisa. The Elis woman is said to have "DISheveled hair," and Diss'/Dice's have a gold-eagle version of the Tarant Coat.

God had sent me/us a STOOL pigeon a few years ago (walked over my stool tank) that has not yet been fully deciphered, though it pointed to dove-using Stolls (doves are pigeons), and Pigeons share the Biel / Belly chevron, as well as the chevron of Packer-like Bakers/Bakkers/Beckers (share Lindell leaves). Backers were first found in Hampshire with Sturs/STOWers while Packer-related Stolls are listed with Stowells! A dove is used by the Leaf/Leve/Leave surname that could be in the Baker/Bakker leaves. As I said, I crashed into the BOARDS with my BACK after poking in the winning goal, and German Bakers/Bakkers share the Pollock/Poke Coat. The Board Crest has an ANTELope, and Attalia is otherwise known as ANTALya.

The pigeon, the first-ever seen on my property after several years of living here, walked over my septic tank and then flew off. My septic tank was inspected by Mr. Gouch, and Gouch's/Googe's share the boar head of Scan-related Schims/Schiens. Skene's/Skins/Scans share the swords of Sewer-like Swords, and Sewers/Suters had pointed to Obama. Dutch Sewers share a giant rose (different colors) with Schwartz's, and while Swords are Swarts too, George Schwartz changed his name to, Soros. Yes, the evil guy causing many problems and sinking millions of dollars to protect election-fraud cheats. George's were first found in Dorset (STOUR river flows there) with Soars/SORS', that's right.

The Stolls/Stowells share the lozenges of Whistle's/WISSELs (Somerset, same as Stolls/Stowells, and beside the George's sharing the Waistell dove), indicating a whistle-blower. Waistells are also WESSELs (share dove with Stolls/Stowells). Sewers/SUTERs pointed to Barry SOETORo, and BARone's (similar to the Backer Coat) were first found in Florence with the Bruno's who were a branch of Browns (same place as Ramps/Romps) in the Ramp/Romp lions. Obama was on a skateBOARD upon a ramp while wearing a SUIT, and Boards have a version of the Sewer/Suter/SUIT Coat. It looks like God will provide a stool pigeon in the Obama camp to catch the Obama-Soros partnership in crime. The Somerset Tints, sharing the Whistle/Wissel lion, have a Gouge-like "COUCHant lion."

Obama's grandmother was Miss Payne, and Payne's (Somerset, same as Baths) share the Tint / Whistle/Wissel / Bath lion while Scottish Randolphs use a bat, and while English Randolphs share the Dunham Coat. Miss Payne married Mr. Dunham, descended from Randolphs not many generations back.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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