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May 4 - 10, 2021

Alberta's Rats Clamp Down on Churches -- Police Force Complicit
I Shut the Window on the Windham Audit (don't miss this late)
Kepke Slapped Me

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Here's a Democrat newscaster giving reasons for labeling Bill Gates a vaccine hypocrite:

I'm not in favor of speedier vaccines, but I am in favor of exposing Bill Gates and his cohorts as money-hungry hypocrites i.e. they don't really care about your health. What's Bill want more money for at such an old age? To control the short-term future, to implement his agenda and that of his cohorts. Yes, he wants to deceive and poison the masses shortly before meeting his Creator, the FOOL. From rags to riches to Hell's trash heap. FOOOOOL.

If more Democrats start to call out the vaccine providers, that will be fine, but the newscaster above is chirpy-happy about getting more factories to produce the vaccines, and that's not a good thing. She's an accomplice to Bill Gates' agenda, in other words, even while she calls him a hypocrite. She's a beast. I've heard her before, she's a beast. She's got demons. She's for destruction of society thinking she's for the construction of society. Typical Democrat. Typical "progressive." FOOOOOOOOOOOL.

Monday youtube headline at CBC "Several Manitoba churches launch challenge to COVID-19 restrictions." More more more. Make noise. Get together, be counted together. Take it to the courts. Let them have their opportunities to do the Jesus-things for the peoples. Let the peoples have a chance to support the people of Jesus. Let's see what happens on the balance of God, whether the goons force the courts to tip the leaders into Hell. Where the courts go, the leaders all go, if the courts are merely the servants of the leaders in a people-versus-leader controversy. Let's see if they become snakes with lying tongues. We know they will. But let it stand for the official record in the books of God.

Soft-dictator Bill Gates is getting divorced, we heard this week. His block-the-sun project must have been her last straw. Hopefully, she'll take half his money and give it to anti-vaccine groups. Maybe she'll even reveal some of his other quack projects. Maybe she'll ruin this freak in the nickie of time.

Artur Pawlowski of Alberta has not yet been arrested, after the brazen provincial government wrote out a "secret," iron-fisted arrest warrant (the writers of which are ashamed to expose themselves) as though he were some big-time criminal:

So far, Pawlowski hasn't killed anyone, not made anyone sick, by holding his full-capacity church services, but while the vaccine companies have killed and/or maimed, the Alberta government doesn't write-out arrest warrants for those responsible. Immunity for the vaccine companies can be challenged in any appropriate court at any time. Why isn't that happening? Who are the real criminals? THE GOVERNMENTS. Here's another Canadian pastor making noise, saying he'd go to jail over this government abuse:

He had an outdoor church service this past Sunday, outside of the church building, but the police didn't show up to arrest him with the crowd there, and this reveals the fear of the government to get bad press i.e. the government knows it's doing wrong to arrest the pastor. If you want to see his getting a COVID ticket this week, and his dire warning to the judges of the land, see starting at the 7th minute here:

Nobody has ever seen anything like this from a pastor, if you watched after seven minutes. I wonder what the end will be as he dares the government and the judges to persecute him harshly. Will God save him? I hope so. We need a few Two-Witnesses with fiery speech like this. The ticket lovers know they are doing wrong, to persecute just because adults choose not to wear masks OUTDOORS. This is a comedy of sorts, folks, yet the powers are control-freak crazy, and that's not funny unless they back off, but they don't want to be laughed at as a joke, which is what will happen if they back off. So, we expect the powers to show their strongest hand soon. I don't judge this pastor for his particular / peculiar personality. For all we know, this is what God wants to see. Maybe someone finally got God to wake up from the slumber that other pastors have committed Him to.

Pawlowski has his own youtube page:

What Pawlowski is doing by sounding a loud alarm is to make half-way Christians and agnostics think hard about doing the government will to persecute us, which can help us even though it also makes the government want to persecute harder, as it can get away with it. The month of May, after more lockdowns, is NOT a good time for the government to show an iron fist, because even the liberals are starting to grumble under their masks. Anyway we cut it, governments are fast becoming the laughing stocks. What we are seeing generally (not fully) is pro-family, pro-justice people versus anti-family, stone-hearted communist criminals on a global order, and this predicts that some opposition to the global order from half-Christian / non-Christian people...some of whom will take the plunge into the Kingdom of Jesus as the Signs appear more vividly. In the meantime, some Christians will dive back into their vomit for fear of persecution, or for love of sin, or for being deceived by demonic thought to reject Jesus.

Instead of arresting Pawlowski at his church service on Saturday, they took him down on a busy street on his drive home:

Don't worry, Mr. Pawlowski, you'll be out soon, but this violation will long remain on the heads of the goons involved. This is the wake-up call Christians need. We need to react against this violation because it is pure malice. We MUST NOT lie down passively, as so many churches are in the habit of doing. Next pastor, go get arrested. Make your mark against this diabolical country. Go get arrested today, and tell your story to the courts, and if the courts violate you too, God will then have the ability to respond with PRIDE.

EVERYONE knows that this church is doing nothing wrong, but the police officers, just to keep their jobs, or maybe because they love persecuting churches, have convinced themselves that there is a TERRIBLE PANDEMIC to save Canadians from. Hanging on a wee-thin thread over Hell are these police officers. Better by far to quit the force than to continue forward in this manner. The province of Alberta wanted to win this battle, and this is how they see winning, by using their guns to arrest people for NOT WEARING MASKS IN MAY. Instead of making a scene at the church, they did it on their own turf, the streets. THIS IS A DECLARATION OF WAR.

See the second pastor in the video below that was uploaded to youtube shortly before Pawlowski's arrest. This will show you the harsh response of the Ontario government to more than the church pastors in an effort to shackle more churches from rising up in "disobedience":

Pastors need to rise up and disobey to show how far the wicked powers will go in their over-weaning powers. This will give Jesus the call to respond to the wicked powers, don't pastors get it? They are trying to scare pastors and people with stiff fines, but a society must not be manipulated like this over NOTHING. Rebel News claims that the stiff tickets don't stand up in courts, though this may change. The last section in the video above gives a nothing-burger report of Coates' court case this week, a nothing-burger because the court decided nothing as yet. The Alberta government probably knows where Coates' church is meeting, but the government doesn't want another black eye, apparently, by disturbing the meetings. Ontario is another animal altogether, coming down extremely harsh. Jesus Crush is coming, and, as you may see in an end-time prophecy in Psalm 18, there will be no mercy for the wicked when He shows up. He's not coming with lovey-dovey love-thy-enemy, for that era of patience / mercy will end at that time. Shhhh, Jesus wants to see what His enemies will do with their absolute power. Shhhh, for there will be vengeance due to His love for US. The enemy doesn't know its wrath math. Wrath = love, don't let the enemy convince you that wrath = brute. If Jesus doesn't save us from this instantly, it's because He wants a shhhh time.

Okay, crime minister, Trudge, go for it. Start trudging on the faces of all the pastors with your police boots, and throw them all in jail to show us how superior you are. Your immaturity is showing. Christians know what you're like, an activist. God commanded us to honor worldly leaders, but before you get that, you need to be a good leader. We are not going to be so twisted as to honor you for being an anti-Christian activist, a destroyer of our world. The world does not belong to you. Psalm 2 says that God's wrath against the rulers can flare up at any moment if they do not "kiss the Son." The Psalm ends with, "Blessed are those who take refuge in Him." Ruler Trudge, ya hear? Soon, you will no longer be the crime minister.

Try to understand the deeper meaning: OUR PRIZE is God's wrath against the rulers. That's done FOR US who kiss the Son. It's not just judgment on the rulers who take pride and refuge behind corrupt judges, it's OUR PRIZE at SURPRISE TIME. Jesus is soon pouncing a lot like jack-in-the-box. God is laying out the ambush with millions of angels, as the rulers mock unafraid to persecute us. "Why do the nations rage" is God's excellent question.

Canada announced this week that Canadians will require vaccine passports for flights out of the country...even to keep people from fleeing to avoid the vaccine. You can't even go to Texas or Florida to evade the vaccine, even if you have a second home there, we get it. DIABOLICAL. Hopefully, Canadians will finally wake up instead of trusting papa-government. Hopefully, Canadians will soon realize that the government is no papa at all, but rather a destroyer of their society starting with unabashed porn, anti-family feminism, disgusting faggotry, abortionist butchers, and ending with popularized pedophilia by the time that Jesus gets the call to ambush this world. Woe to Canada and those who do the government's atheistic will. FURIOUS WRATH, the end-game, God has warned the end-time rulers from ancient times. Woe to the judges who rubber-stamp bad laws telling us that their hands are tied. "I don't make the laws, just enforce them," they say, when they act not as judges, but glorified policemen. Where is my court to challenge a bad law? If the judge tells me to shut-up and obey the bad law, that's an iron fist.

The liberalites will not care for your misery if you refuse the vaccine. They first take away our happiness, then promise that we can party so long as we receive the vaccine. DIABOLICAL. First of all, they have not yet taken my happiness, and, secondly, I don't want their party, or to party with them. But I do want food and other needs. If they dare take our foods away to force us to vaccinate, I think you will see some disturbing things. The time to organize in protest groups is now in order to increase the size of such groups for when they are really needed. If disturbing us is what they want, let us be disturbed in their faces. Are we scared? I'm not. Rebel News reports that there were 100,000 demonstrators in Montreal some days ago who resist the mask / vaccine goons. Imagine if they take away our foods. I'm stocking up on foods. Are you? Do it now, do it fast.

Ontario may have closed stores at this time (until later in May) to keep people from buying seeds and small garden plants especially. It's just disgusting of them to do this at this time when harsh flus are all but passed for the winter season. People need boots and clothes for work, and a million other items too. How dare the government do this to them all just to soften them up for vaccination reception. It's a wicked conspiracy.

It's possible that Canada pays an office to disallow many webpages from entry into google Canada, without telling the people that they are doing this. I noticed that the Internet in Texas was far better for doing research than in Canada. This is a sick country, with very sick citizens who believe that, whatever the government does, oh-well, it's probably good for us. That's how the state media conditions the citizens, by being their enemies while disguised as friends. I hated coming back to Canada. As soon as I crossed the border, I would look over at Canadian drivers, and see in their dim faces why I dislike / dishonor this country's government(s).

Porn is a disease that spreads into married households and destroys marriages, increases rape, causes destructive addiction, but Canada didn't force pornographers to stay home, or to quarantine them until they stopped working porn. When faggots spread AIDS, Canada didn't force faggots to stay home to keep them from spreading the disease. That's because Canada has become a happy-go demon's assistant.

We have the freedom from God to do anything we wish if it's good for others, and we also have the green light to enjoy ourselves. It's perfectly fine with God if we go for a walk alone in a forest without being a benefit to anyone else. But if the government makes a law prohibiting us from walking in a forest, with some lame law and hidden motive, just because it doesn't want us to have the pleasure or the free-feel, and if that government wants to own the forest that belongs to God, then that government is sinning against us, and God does not require for us to honor such a law.

There is no such thing as Canada; there are only people. Canada doesn't make a law, people do. God does not recognize Canadian borders, and probably cares nothing for sovereignty. God is in the business of coaching us all to learn and apply Jesus-friendly human relations and societal engineering. As Trudeau doesn't honor this type of society, I am not required to honor him. God wants me to pray for Trudeau, but Trudeau makes me despise him. Trudeau wants to grow up to be a fiend. I fear the day when this juvenile delinquent becomes an adult. He's sending out signals that he wants to be a beast. He's moved faster on mandatory vaccine passports than the United States.

I remember the day when poison was snuck into a container at a store shelf, and the Western whole world was soon-after forced by the powers to seal all containers, with ingestible product, so that not one person would be poisoned. The prediction was that, maybe, one or two more people, per roughly a year, may have been poisoned in that way. But, now, suddenly, thousands are dying over only months of time by vaccines, and many-more times are becoming serious crippled ill, but the powers go full-steam ahead with vaccines?????????????? How have the powers changed so much in just 20-30 years? satan unleashed. Sign of the times.

I've heard the reports that vaccines are themselves contagious, and doing harm to some who catch the virus through a vaccinated person. This is a logical prediction, but I would like to see some proof of it rather than some claims that may not be substantiated. If a vaccine gives someone a large dose of viruses, then, yes, they can infect others with a bad dose of a virus. Due to secrecy and misinformation from the top levels, we don't even know what sort of virus the vaccines are producing...not necessarily COVID-19 proper. Perhaps the variations we hear of. I still think that COVID is a typical flu dressed up to appear beastly by comparison.

This is the second time I've seen Tucker do a little bad press for vaccines, though's he's careful to say vaccines are wonderful...keeping his bosses as happy as possible:

Tucker mentions only the deaths, not the maimings. This is horrendous, and Fox news is an accomplice to it all, as is Trump the killer. I exaggerate not an iota: Trump = murderer. There are few big-media alarms going off for the deaths and maimings probably because murder is the plan. Jesus must be aghast at this. The numbers suggest as many as 20,000 dead (young and old both) in one year in the United States alone, the number of deaths of old people per year for standard flus.

If you watched Tucker to the end, you would have heard that people still MUST get vaccinated in Washington state's universities even if they have a natural vaccine from anti-bodies that are more reliable than artificial vaccines. The moral of this horror story is: the globalists are doing evil for forcing vaccines on EVERYONE. The trick is to discover all the evil that they are doing, and later hoping to do as they see fit to include new evil programs. "Evil" means "doing harm," but "diabolical" means "doing harm and wanting to."

Tucker did a good job, congratulations. But to do a great job, he needs to give the true numbers of COVID deaths, because they have not been more than about 20,000 annually, same as a typical flu. If he doesn't have the gumption to do a story on this, then he's not great.

Here is PROOF POSITIVE that government spies are entering church services to spy (I had to re-load this page three times before the video started, and bitchute OFTEN fails to start David Knight and similar videos):

The governments now have only one choice going forward, an iron-fisted crack-down, the very best thing that can happen for our side. There is nothing so sweet as an iron-fisted government exposing itself as such over nothing but whether or not to wear a mask for a mere flu. FOOLS. Yet they are winning in the vaccination program, and this is there main game. The big question is, will Canadians have the smarts enough not to re-elect the liberals once Trudeau's time is up? Or, will the Conservative party, if it wins, be a COVID-freak government too?

The American states should each challenge lockdowns in the courts as one court case is in progress right now in Canada:

Here's a victory in an American court this week that reveals CDC's criminality, essentially, in trying to force landlords to sell their homes (who's gobbling them up?) due to the CDC's long-standing attempt to forbid them to evict tenants who are exempt, thanks to the CDC, from paying rent. To put it another way: start a lockdown, allow unemployed tenants to not pay rent throughout the "emergency" period, and thus force landlords to go into mortgage default:

We would have won this war long ago with common people speaking up EVERYWHERE if there were not a law to forbid us from entering stores without masks. People are limited, unable to challenge mask goons because they have the law on their side. Pity them, because they do harm to one another too. They will be responsible for vaccine deaths, and amongst the pro-mask cowards themselves will be the most deaths and maimings, for they -- naive and stubborn -- are the first to rush to get the vaccines, as if this is their glorious time to shine. I find it hard to understand how a coward can shine glory. There are huge pockets of society no longer wearing masks, and there is no pandemic there. Canada continues to frighten the cowards by reporting more "cases" rather than more deaths because the naive see increased cases as increased deaths. Plus, the naive believe that the totality of reported deaths are all from COVID. Pitiful.

The good thing is, the government has the stupids on their side, and so we the informed and the understanding should still win this by resisting the vaccines, afterwhich, if people start to die who've received a vaccine, while non-vaccinated people don't die, that's how we will catch this crime. They want to vaccinate all of us so that, later, as people die, there's not a way to prove that the vaccines killed them. There is a good possibility that vaccinated people will become very sick or dead when they catch a certain virus that doesn't sit well with the effects of vaccines in the body, you see. The criminals may not yet have unleashed that certain virus. They cannot unleash it if an enormous number of people do not get vaccinated, or the goons might get caught when doctors notice that the new virus is killing only people who received the COVID vaccine this year.

Here's Pawlowski's message from the jailhouse on Sunday:

He's doing very well, and will be out, hopefully, by Monday or Tuesday, though they might deliberately keep him out of court for days just to torment him longer in a prison state. The normal procedure when one is arrested is to be taken before a court the first working day after the arrest, or, if the courts are too busy, the day after. In court, the lawyer asks the judge to release the arrested on bail, after a court date is set. But with James Coates, they refused to release him until he promised to cease church meetings. The irony here is that Pawlowski is the second pastor in the same province to be arrested, and this was done because Alberta was looking weak in not going after Coates once he was released. Someone at the top decided to play not-weak, and here we are, the Alberta government has stepped into the rat trap, and has maybe got its head stuck in it, by being harsh yet again only now with a more-furious pastor. The two pastors are vastly different in their personalities, though in agreement on their resistance to COVID tyranny.

To my delight, Pawlowski is on a rampage against Canadian tyranny in broad terms i.e. on other matters besides COVID. If the judge so pleases -- and in Canada they probably know how to get their pet judges for special cases -- he could keep Pawlowski in jail until the trial, no bail, because judges have no political faces; only politicians do. In Canada, there are no courts, just rubber-stamping judges for the government. The people don't generally have courts because judges are servants of the state. In a true court, the people ought to have the ear of a true judge to challenge a bad law. COVID laws were not made in the ordinary way, with deliberation with the peoples representatives, but were, at best, off-the-wall "royal" decrees based on faulty science and facts. COVID laws are doing great damage to the people. If a judge ignores this, his head is just a rubber stamp.

In case you've fallen pray to the pro-Trump "Christian," Charlie Ward, at bitchute or elsewhere, see that he's the type of fraud that Q-Anon is/was, but also some satanists masquerading as Christians with their "inside information" that's really intended as disinformation, probably to contribute to the manufactured portrayal of ordinary, sane/truthful Christians as conspiracy nuts. You'll see why Mr. Ward belongs on Epstein's island and/or with the CIA:

Election-Fraud News

Julie Green mentioned Neil Johnson on Monday morning, and promoted his youtube channel. Neil is absolutely new (about three weeks ago) under this channel name, and I spoke about him in the last update, asking whether he's a spy for the enemy side. My bet is that he's worming his way into Green's life at this time pretending to care about the audits. Youtube has ceased to bring me Julie's video's as of last Friday, whereas, before Friday, youtube would give me her daily updates without fail right at the top of my youtube load. On Johnson's Monday (May 3) show, he has Julie photo on his video cover, which is for a live interview with Julie.

On another video cover for the same day, he's gotten an interview with Mark Finchem. How does a newbie get this far so fast? Johnson's got almost no viewership, why would Finchem give him an interview??? he had only 32 subscribers (not 32K) when I mentioned him last week, and now on Monday he's already gotten 11K??? That doesn't smell right to me. Youtube never fails to give me Johnson's videos daily. Even though youtube is supposedly trying to hide this topic. ????????????????????????????? Her videos disappeared (unless I ask for them) as he appeared (without asking for him). Later on the same day, while the oldest comments on his video were only two hours old, he had over 5,000 views and 13.7K subscribers. Can that appear artificially (falsely) increased by youtube?

Johnson appeared on a Liz-Harris update Monday night. How can this lumber-jacket, nobody-last-week move so fast?

Two Julie videos came up at the number-one spot at youtube on Tuesday (the 4th) morning. Johnson, on the morning of May 5 (15.5K subscribers), is recorded with under 5,000 views for a video out early on the 4th, and then with nearly 45,000 views for a second video (on Michigan) a few hours later on the 4th. That could appear inflated by youtube to make him a somebody overnight from a nobody. Through all this time, Julie Green's subscribers have not increased by much (37.8K on the 5th) even though she's been followed steady for a lot longer. She only got 22,350 views (morning of the 5th) for her May-4 video on Michigan.

On Friday the 7th, Johnson had no fewer than six videos on the same youtube page. It appears that youtube loves this guy. Why? There was not one Julie Green video on that page. Just like other beggars without shame, he is asking viewers to subscribe before he even presents the video. He's up to nearly 21K subscribers by Friday night.

Today, I noticed for the first time that there is a "CA" for "Canada" beside the youtube logo on the youtube page, verifying what I had suspected for months, that I'm not getting youtube global or even USA. My youtube may be secretly censored by Canadian goons who decide for me what I can and cannot watch. Canada has long been an anti-Christ nation at the government / deep-state level, and it works hard at keeping it that way, or decades of hard work will be lost.

Here's Kelli Ward's daily Maricopa update, where she mentions Pulitzer, but also slips in a thing no one has known until now, that the Brennan Center and the Democracy Project have people on the audit floor spying out the situation. The people of Arizona did NOT want those groups in the audit-orium. But the audit chiefs have let them in, anyway. WHY???? There are local people only, from the other side, who should be permitted into that place, people only from Arizona, and we assume that they were already chosen before the audit began. But, now, people are in there who will inform all the nasty (and super-rich) deep-state actors as to all that can be engineered to stop the audit results from going public. They are looking for any excuse whatsoever to undermine / delegitimize the honesty of the audit.

Did I say "honesty"? Well, Ms. Ward says that if two of the three inspectors of ballots write down that the vote on a single ballot belongs to Biden while the third says it belongs to Trump, shouldn't that ballot be sent to a pro-Trump table for confirmation? Conversely, if two out of three say that a ballot is for Trump with the third inspector disagreeing, shouldn't that ballot, too, go to another batch of inspectors? Instead, Ms. Ward says that two out of three is sufficient to conclude the matter. ABSOLUTELY NOT CORRECT. Why is a third person objecting???? There must be a reason for the objection? The people have a right to know the number of ballots that were decided two-out-of-three inspectors, and all such ballots should be set aside in one stack for potential review if needed.

She did not say that Jovan Pulitzer's scanning machines are being used. Why not? Did she mention Jovan's minor role merely to placate pro-Trumpers who demand that his scanning machines be used? Is this a farce? Or is she hinting that Jovan has a major role? Did Karen Fann's senate cave to deep-state pressure? What else will they cave to? What threats are being made secretly by the deep state for which no intended victim has guts to expose? Someone needs to expose the snake once and for all.

News this week is on Bill Bailey's law suit in Michigan. It's still a pending win for the good guys, and so I'd like to go over the apparent heraldic pointers starting with the BELLY-press event with Miss PEARE (over 40 years ago) mentioned again in my last update. Bellys, with a Peare-like "Per" motto term, were first found in Moray, and belly-like Baileys have the same stars as Morays. We have a story here, an apparent pointer of the belly event to Michigan fraud while Peare's hips-pulling event points to Jovan Pulitzer. (Load Bailey link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms that follow.)

The Patria's, who are also PEARtree's, are in the Bailey motto, how about that. What more do we need for confirmation that my pressing Peare's belly points to Bill Bailey's law suit. Consider further that while Pero's are also PERINO's, Bill Bailey's lawyer for the fraud case is Matthew DePERNO. Bern-like Perno's share a black horse with Bernice's ("PERseverantia VINCit."). It's just amazing that PERRIN were first found in Northumberland with Baileys and their Baliol branch (as well as Swords). It's a little interesting that the Baliol swords are in the colors of the swords of Pull-beloved Pollets. The Pulls are also Pools, and they happen to be a branch of Pollocks who in turn share a brown boar with the Bailey Crest, though Baileys use it as a head only in the colors of the brown boar head of Moray's/Innes'. Moreover, the Newmans, sharing two motto terms with Baileys, were first found in Dorset with Pulls/Pools.

"Perseverantia" is shared between Bernice's and Fellows, and Fellows add "MAGNAnimitate" while Plancia Magna was a Herod, as was BERNICE Agrippa. Fellows are a branch of Fellers/FellTRAGERs (= ROCKefeller line), and Tragers share an embattled bend (different color) with Rocco's. I can link the Trager bend to the Keep bend, and the Rocco bend is essentially the full GRIPP/Grape (i.e. like "Agrippa") Coat. PLANCia Magna's line is to Pollock-connectable Plunketts.

"Plunket" is in the write-up of Pollock-like Plocks (could be a version of Trager bend) who share a gold, spread eagle / phoenix in Crest with Pollets and Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Plocks even share the Pulling/Pulit martlets. I suspect that Fulbert, father of Pollocks, is to the Fuller surname (shares beacon with German Belli's), and the latter (Fullers), having a Coat akin to that of Italian Belli's, has the triple fesses of Luffs/Love's who were in turn first found in Oxfordshire with Plocks (and the Tame's/Tamms sharing the Luffkin chevron-with-stars). The mascles of Tame's/Tamms (Peare kin) are in the colors of the similar lozenges of Plocks.

The Plock lozenges were showing for years as the symbol of Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray, at his Wikipedia article, but they have been since changed to three "cushions" in the same colors. In consideration that Plocks share the martlet of Josephs, first found in MAINE, note that Redmaine's, with a beacon in Crest, have cushions in colors reversed to those of Mr. Randolph (Lawrence's were at Redmaine). Beacon-branch Bacons share the Bellow/Ballot and Dog/Doag cinquefoil while Douglas' were of Moray too. Dougals share the lion of Pollet-loving Pulls/Pools. Plunketts share the Antrim bend. I have it recorded (3rd update in February, 2018), for example: "Plus, the Mackrells, though naming a location on the Axe, share three lozenges in the colors of the same in the Arms of Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray." Mackrells have a "pro patria" motto phrase for Pear liners. Mackrell-like Maxwells/Makeswells are in the "make" motto term of cushion-using Kilpatricks.

It's therefore interesting that while Pollocks share a boar shot through with an arrow (though in a different color) with English Bole's, Dutch Bole's share the log with Poulos'/Pouls'!!! Mr. Poulos, founder of Dominion Voting, may be at the core of Baileys court challenge. It concerns Antrim county, where the first case of voter-machine fraud slipped out to the public. To help link Pollocks to Bole's, Eschyna de Molle's daughter married the second-known Pollock (Robert) while Molle's share the boar head in the cups of English Bole's. The cups are in the colors of the Christine cups, and Miss Peare is Christine. The Cups/Cope's/Culps are very important here because they are in the "culpa" motto term of Pullings/Pulit's.

PLUS, wow, I've been telling for years that the Pulling/PULIT (like "Pulitzer") has part of the Romney Coat, and mitt Romney's father was once the Michigan governor!!! It appears that God is pointer His finger to a bad actor here as well as to Pulitzer and Bailey. Wayne county in Michigan includes the Detroit suburb of Romney-like Romulus. According to Wikipedia's article on Wayne county, the latter was co-founded by both a Mr. Pulcipher and a Mr. Pullen, and while Pullens are listed with Pullings/Pulits, Pulsiphers (not "Pulcipher") are listed with Polesdons/Pullesdons (Pulton/Poulton branch).

If not mistaken, law suit is against Michigan's secretary of state, Jocelyn BENson, and then "bene" is a Bailey motto term.

Back now to Perno-like Bernice's who share the black horse. The Bernice's apply gold wings to their black horse, and Poulos'/Pouls' have gold wings too. The Wings/Winks can be expected as a branch of Vince's/Finch's, and Bernice's have a "VINCit" motto term. As I trace Bernice's to Berencie Agrippa, a HEROD, note that Vince's/Finch's were first found in HERTfordshire (with Press'). The hexagram stars of Bernice's are black, the colors of the stars of Pultons/Poltons (Vince/Finch colors and format), the latter first found in Cheshire with Pulsiphers/Polesdons/Pullesons. The latter's stars are also the Palin/Pawley stars, and we might even add that the giant Palin/Pawley lion is that of Pawley-like Powells. The Powells have their lion in two color scheme's, one being the colors of the Newman lion. Repeat: "Moreover, the Newmans, sharing two motto terms with Baileys, were first found in Dorset with Pulls/Pools." Palins/Pawleys were first found in Dorset.

Palins are also PAULleys, and English Pauls (Pero-like "Pro" motto term) come up as "Palles/Palle's" expected in the "pallescere culpa" motto phrase of Pullings/Pulits. It's all connecting so wildly that it's hard to deny God's involvement. I'm convinced. I can expect Bailey's law suit to produce some it-feels-so-good fruit.

Dorset has the Poole location of Pulls/Pools, which overlooks the English Channel to the Isle of Wight, location of Newman-like NewPORT (Ports and Porters were first found in Hampshire, beside Poole). Furthermore, Newports ("saPERE") have leopard faces colors reversed from those of Perno-like Perrins, and this recalls the Baileys sharing the Moray stars, or the Bellys of Moray, for Mackays were Moray elements at one point. The black Newport leopard face is in the Crest of Imps/Amps suspect in the "IMPavidun" motto term of Perrins. The Newport leopard faces are those also of Lice's/Lees' suspect in the "repubLICA" motto term of Pauls/Palles' (leopard head, not face). The Lice's were suspect in the motto of Irish Mackays, and the "MANu" motto term of Scottish Mackays verifies that they were from king Maccus, who himself, and/or his brother, ruled on the Isle of MAN, where Christine's were once said to be first found. Recall MACKrells with "pro patria." Christine's happen to share a white unicorn head, with gold horn, with Newports.

Bernice's use a hunting HORN, and Horns/Orne's are from the Orne river near Maccus-line Ferte-Mace. This is probably why MacDonalds of the Isle-of-Man regions share the Ferte eagle. MacDonald-branch Donnell have another unicorn, and a "vinces" motto term to boot. Donnells share the calvary symbol (different colors) and crescent of Irish Martins who in turn have a Dominion-like "domino" motto term. Christine-like Crystals have another calvary symbol. French Martins share the castle of Forts, and Scottish Mackays have a "Manu forti" motto.

Plus, the Reckitts suspect in the "recti" motto term of Crystals love the Quid variation of Quade's who in turn share the Coat of Irish Mackays ("LICEntiam"). It tends to make Crystals ("Mens") look like the Christine's/Christians of Man. The Reckitt chevron-with-swords is reflective of the chevron-with-daggers of Scottish Mackays, and the McGee's having the Reckitt swords to a point have a branch sharing the Perrin leopard faces. Keep in mind that we are on this part of the discussion with MacDonalds included, because the entry of McGee's with their potential link to Perno-like Perrins is shaping up to qualify a mention of the following.

By the way, now that a few people youtubers are calling Dominion, "dumb ONION," in order not to alert youtube censors, I can repeat that Miss Peare lived in Unionville when I knew her while Unions are also Onions. Dumms are listed with Dunhams, the surname of Obama's mother...AND WOW, I almost didn't load Unions/Onions again to see that they share an upward-pointing, gold spear with Dumms/Dunhams!!! The Dumm/Dunham Crest even has a martin! It could be a pointer to judge Martin, and it could be that God provided the Dumm-Onion link to indicate that Obama's goons were giving Dominion every green light, into as many counties as possible, while Obama was the president.

In the last update, I mentioned again my tip-in winning goal. Steve Tarr had taken a slap shot, but the puck came to a stop on the goal line. I slid in on my knees to tip the puck home in the final minute of the game. The MacDonalds use a "PER terras" motto phrase, and Tarrs (MacDonald colors) are also Tarres'. German Terras' happen to use rooks, a symbol of Rocks and Rooks / Rookbys, and it just so happens that the story I've told a million times, about my first trip through Texas in which I went only as far as CRYSTAL City, had pointed to Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

Scottish Terras' are now amazing, for they were not only first found in Moray with Bellys, but they (Terras') share the Scottish Scott Coat while the write-up of English Scotts has this: "Traditionally, they claim descent from Alexander, a younger brother of John de BALIOL, king of Scotland, who had settled at Chilham Castle, county Kent." The Baliols were first found in Northumberland with Belly-like Baileys, can we believe this?!?! Bill Bailey's lawyer is Mr. DePERNO, and Perrins share the McGee leopard face, and so lets go on.

As I've said a million times, the tip-in winning goal of the semi-final match (pee-wee hockey) sent our team to the final, championship match, and the first goal of that game, the only one I remember in our 6-2 win, was when Steve Tarr passed the puck to me in front of the net, and I scored there on my friend, Jim McGee, the goalie!!! It now appears that our championship game points to DePerno and Bailey! But, for saying this wild thing, I'll feel very embarrassed if nothing comes of the law suit. Have mercy on me if nothing happens. But if the suit is a big win against the enemy, give God some special praise for showing that He was concerned about this fraud more than 40 years ago.

Tarrs were first found in Somerset with Roets, and while Catherine Roet owned the heraldic Catherine wheel, it's in the Coat of the Scotts who have king Baliol in their write-up. His brother, Alexander, may have formed the Alexander surname that shares the MacDonald motto.

We just saw Alexander de Baliol's CHILham castle. The Childs/CHILLs, who share the Lorraine eagles, were first found in Hertfordshire with the Vince's/FINCH's who in turn share the black griffin with the Scotts who have this Chilham castle in their write-up. This must be about my meeting Lorraine at the FINCH bus station (see the last update, and many before it, about that story). It's therefore possible that Arizona's Mark Finchem will cater to Bailey's law suit with Dominion-damning information from the Arizona audit. There may even be Arizona information passed on to Deperno as per Pulitzer's findings. Sounds logical. We can even add that while Arizona's fraud is mainly in Phoenix, the Phoenix's/Fenwicks were first found in Northumberland with the Perrins sharing the McGee leopard faces.

As I've said a million times, the goal on McGee was over his KNEE PAD as he kicked his leg out to block the shot. I had noted that Patents/Patients/PADYns/Putins (in the Fellow motto) were first found in Dumfries with Scottish McGee's, but I can now add the "Ne" motto term of Newports because they have the leopard faces of Irish McGee's in colors reversed. It just so happens that the Knee Crest has the phoenix in the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest, only the Knee phoenix is in red. However, the Needhams, sharing the Knee Coat, have the pheonix in gold, the color of the Phoenix/Fenwick phoenix, is that not amazing??? Finally, McGee's knee finds an heraldic solution whereas it eluded me all these years.

In the game immediately before the one with McGee, I had a two-on-one breakaway with Steve Tarr. He maybe didn't see me skating from behind me, and so he took a slap shot from the blue line. It hit the goalie and knocked him to the ice way out of the net. Seeing the puck role to the goal line and stop, with no one between it and me, my KNEES gave out in the utter excitement (score was tied 2-2 with seconds to go), and so I had to slide embarrassed toward the goal to tip it in. The Knee/Nee surname has been a mystery ever since I started writing on those two goals, but here we are finally understanding that God used the knee to point to the Phoenix election fraud. Or so it seems. This mystery wouldn't have been so-well solved had I not first discovered the Needhams, not many months ago, in the Halper write-up.

The "aut" motto term of Needhams allows us to go to the AUTO of Sleeping Beauty, for as soon as I touched her KNEE, she and I were RISING into the sky as a pointer to "ARIZONa." She was in my first dream as a born-again Christian in 1979. And by the way, I have not had one dream to speak of in quite a few months. Perhaps the dreams have come to an end because we are on the brink of election-fraud discovery. There's more to Sleeping Beauty's knee that will not be repeated until I come across a reason to repeat it.

With the NewPORTs (Knee-Port merger?) having the "Ne" motto term, and with this discussion being heavily on the Ferte-Mace line, the FRAUDs/Friths are coming back to mind because they share the garbs of Joe's/Josephs (Hampshire, same as Ports and Porters). Ports were first found partially in Dorset with Pollet-loving Pulls/Pools. Steve Tarr pointed to Terras' and Scotts, who both share the bend of French Ports/Porters, and then the Hampshire Porters share the portcullis gate of Yates' (Gates branch), and here we can maybe go to Sally Yates of Georgia, for not only is Georgia one of the dominos expected to fall with Arizona and Michigan, but George's (Dorset again, beside Hampshire) share the blue doves of WAISTells who in turn share the Fraud/Frith garbs. Then, the hips-pulling event was also a WAIST-pulling event as a definite pointer to Waistells. I think this works heraldically beautiful for pointing to Obama's last attorney general (Sally Yates)...the one who leads the DoJ (Department of Justice).

The fact that the Yates' use a gate is indication that they were a Gates branch, and so this can be a pointer to judge Gates of Arizona, who corruptly chose judge Martin last week to step into the audit's oversight by first kicking out judge Thomason (the latter had been the one to give the green light for the audit). The thing that gets my goat is that I haven't heard one peep from the audit team in rejecting this underhanded pick of Martin. The latter man has absolute power over this audit if he wants to defame his name, and he might be forced by the deep state to do so at any time. He's got to be taken out sooner rather than later, or it will be harder to remove him later.

Martin ordered the audit team to hand over to him the methods in which the ballots were being kept secure. The audit team argued that the public should not know this information, otherwise the enemy could possibly violate the ballots or obstruct the audit. Martin decided to release this information to the public, not because he wanted the public to know it, but because the deep-state leaders wanted the information. At most, Martin should have looked at the security details for his own eyes only, only to decide whether they were appropriate and legal. So, this Martin is an enemy, and I would be aghast if senate president, Karen Fann, allowed Martin to stay on unchallenged, yet that's what this looks like because, I think, she's a farce of some sort.

Gail didn't want the senate to allow ballots to be taken from their original spot under the sphere of the cheats because the cheats could then accuse the audit team of altering the ballots or cheating with them in another way. This is where Fann make a blunder. This possible-cheat scenario is now exactly the half-accusation of Biden's DoJ. It wants to move in to assure that no cheating is going on, BUT the DoJ has no jurisdiction if no law has been broken. They cannot send a cop to stand at a home's front door to make sure the people inside don't break the law. Arizona has it's own police force, the DoJ's FBI is NOT needed.

As of May 4th, according to Roman Balmakov of Facts Matter, judge Martin has not responded to the audit team's request as per why he took the pleasure to release the information to the public without notifying the audit team. That's how iron-fisted mobsters work, meaning they need to get an iron fist to their teeth. Waiting...

Another reason to link the Arizona audit to one expected in Georgia (Yates' state) is Lin Wood of Georgia, for my winning, tip-in goal was from the goal LINE, and Lins are listed with Line's. The "VIREScit" motto term of Lins/Line's works very well here because Vires'/Vairs/VERONA's have the Lynch Coat, and Loretta Lynch was the attorney general for Obama who was replaced by Yates! Beautiful. Plus, Verona is where Italian Belli's were first found.

Oh wow, Sally Yates was born with a Quillian surname, and Quillians/Quillans were first found in Antrim, Ireland, while the Bailey law suit is for Antrim county, Michigan. Killins/Killians share the bend of Antrims. Likewise first found in Antrim were Flynns who share a white wolf with Quillians/Quillans. There is a Quillan location right-near Roquefeuil (proto-Rockefellers) in AUDE province (France). The Aude's are also audit-like Audets, and they have essentially the Pollet Coat that in turn shares the Baliol swords! Zinger. It looks like God set these things up to point to Obama's DoJ. Irish Quills (share giant tree with Woods) show a Woods variation. It's then Lin-Woods interesting that Quill-like Kills/Keele's and their Cheile branch were first found in Lincolnshire, a region that was originally named, LINDsey.

On the night of the belly press, Miss Peare had all but left me for Kepke, though I cannot remember whether they were a couple just yet. Kepke seemed very related to the Kopps/Kope's in the last two updates. Here's how they first came to topic:

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WOW! I've just fond a Kopp/Kope surname as per "MariCOPa," and it has the grape vine exactly of German Platters/Plate's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That proves that God arranged the Mars to share the scallops of English Platte's/Plate's in order to point to MARicopa!!!! It seems that Platte River holds something in common with the election criminals of Maricopa, and it's just got to be Dominion Voting.

Then, in the last update, the Kope's/Kobbes' were found, and as they were first found in Nuremberg with Kopple's, I was able to glean that Kope's were from "Goplo" of Polans. Wikipedia says that the namers of Goplo were also called, GLOPeani, and then the Carpenters who share the Belli motto ("Per acuta belli") have a GLOBE in Crest. Carpenters have the six pale bars of Italian Belli's in colors reversed. Plus, the Kope/Kobbes who share the Kopps/Kope's fleur-de-lys happen to share a white, eight-pointed star with Bellys, is that not amazing? These are extra reasons to point Kope's to "Kepke."

By the way, the Edmonds, in Kopple colors, tell of a king Edmond (of the Saxons) born in Nuremberg.

The crosslets of Carpenters are those also of Pauls/Palles'/Palle's in the "pallescere" motto term of PULLINGs/Pulits. For those who don't know: the belly-press event in my 18th year was pointed to in the waist-pulling event of a dream I had a few years ago. The two are to be connected (won't repeat reasons here). The important Pollets are also PAULetts, and as Pauls/Palles' share the three ermines spots of French Balls/BALLOTs, I think it speaks for itself in pointing to Pulitzer's ballot-scanning machine(s). French Paula's/Paulette's were even first found in Burgundy with Poulos'/Pouls'. Pulitzer's scanning machines are supposed to blow Dominion's founder into prison, but this may be the reason that the senate refuses to use Pulitzer's machines, for fear of deadly, criminal retribution from the deep state.

Let me show why the arrival to Kope's/KOBBES' can be a pointer to Katie HOBBS, Arizona's secretary of state. The Hobbs'/Hobbes' have three escutcheons (shields) in the colors and format of the GOOD/Gut garbs, and Miss Peare's hips-pulling event was one of the two it-felt-so-GOOD events, along with the belly press, which was a GUT press, you see. The Goods/Guts are shown as Guters too, and then Gutters/Cutters share the Chief-Shield colors of Brocks and the Brocuffs, the latter sharing a rare sphinx with Hips'. But there's more, for Brooks ("PERseverando"), first found in Essex with Brocks/BROKE's, share the Good/Gut/Guter Coat. The upright and blue beaver in the Brook Crest is like the upright and blue lion in the Hobbs Crest, but there's more, for there is a BROKEn spear in the Hobbs/Hobbes Crest, as if God would not have us make a mistake by failing to include Katie Hobbs, especially as the Biblical Kate-like Keturah is the line to Cutter-like Kotor smack beside Rhizon, the thing that pointed to "ARIZONa." CATHERine Roet owned the Catherine wheel, and Roets share the boar head of Speers/Spears. The broken spear of Hobbs'.

One of the German Openheimers has another sphinx (I don't know of any others) as well as a spread eagle in the colors of the same of Hobbs', and the latter are shown as HOPPs' too much like "OPen." AHHHHH, Open-like Obens are listed with Osborns who not only share the tiger with Hobs/Hops/Haps, but Obens have a Belly-like "bello" motto term, same as Goth-related Bouillons!!! This clinches the belly-press event as a pointer to Katie Hobbs, who is on the cheat side of election fraud. The other German Openheimers even share the hexagram of Goths/Gothels (Thuringia, same as German Roets). The incredible thing here is that while Keturah was Abraham's second wife, Abraham's concubine was Hagar while Hagars/Hagards share the hexagram of Good/Gut-like Goths/Gothels (this is not new here).

[Wow, a half hour after writing here, I got around to loading Kate's/Katts/Katz's/Katterbachs (not very familiar with them), and they happen to share the Goths/Gothel / Hagar / Openheimer hexagram!!!

Plus, a few hours afterward, I inserted the following earlier in this update: "By the way, now that a few people youtubers are calling Dominion, "dumb ONION," in order not to alert youtube censors, I can repeat that Miss Peare lived in Unionville when I knew her while Unions are also Onions. Dumms are listed with Dunhams, the surname of Obama's mother...AND WOW, I almost didn't load Unions/Onions again to see that they share an upward-pointing, gold spear with Dumms/Dunhams!!! The Dumm/Dunham Crest even has a martin! It could be a pointer to judge Martin." It can be added that my last night with Peare was in Markham while the Markhams share the Chief-Shield colors of Dumms/Dunhams and Kate's/Katts/Katz's. I drove her to her parents place in Unionville that night, and never saw her again.

Look. Markhams have a motto, "MiTIS et AUDAX," and English Forts, with the motto, "ForTIS et AUDAX," share the giant castle of French Martins! Markhams almost have the Guerin Coat while Guerins almost have the Kate/Katt/Katz/KatterBECK/KatzBECK Coat, and while Markhams were at MapleBECK, the Maple's share the boar heads of the Spears in the spears that Dumms/Dunhams add to their martin. TISS'/Teece's are expected from the Ticino river, home of MARK(ham)-like Marici (who may have named Martins).

"Mitis" is a motto term also of Karlans (share Keen Coat), and soon, below, you will see a DoJ letter from Pamela Karlan, deputy assistant U.S. attorney general, trying to move the Maricopa audit to a federal court in order to spoil the effort. Karlans happen to use a cat in Crest, the symbol of Jewish Katz's/Katch's, the latter being a likely branch of Kate's/Katts/Katz's. Jewish Katz's/Katch's are in the colors of cat-using Catch's. Karlans share the Carr estoile. End insert]

As I said, I found a Kepke-like Kepoi location beside Phanagoria only because the female head of a sphinx in Wikipedia's Phanagoria article reminded me of Miss Peare. Clicking around, I came to Kepoi. That find was well before her hips-pulling event was a topic, but also well before the 2020 election. It was only a waist-pulling event until the Phoenix's/Fenwicks became a topic who almost have the Coat of sphinx-using Hips'/Hipkins...who are like "Hopp / Hopkin," by the way. German Hopps show a bird in the same design as the one of English Hoods/Hoots, and then German Hops are also Hoods.

Kepke was, by the way, a cheat. It describes his personality at the time. He even cheated on Peare. The big question is: why would God use Peare for this pointer to Phoenix? Why not some other name?

If PHANagoria was named after mythical Pan, bonus, for the Pan goat cult was at Phoenicia's Panias, and the latter term looks like the possible makings of "Phoenix." Phanagoria and Kepoi are on the TAMan peninsula, and Peare's were kin of Thames'/Tame's.

In the video below, a man re-programs voter machinery to flip votes i.e. he shows that it can be done:

We keep hearing that there are 2.1 million Maricopa ballots. This is the number claimed by the voting machines, yet it's to be expected that some fake votes were given to Biden illegally without paper ballots, and that some Trump ballots were ignored (no vote recorded by the machine record). I suppose that the machine is programmed to reduce Trump votes by as many fake votes Biden was given so that the total number of ballots counted by the machines is correct.

By Thursday night, we finally hear from the DoJ with an "accusation" that the audit could violate federal law. There we have it. They need only to force judge Martin to order the audit team not to reveal the audit results, EVER, on the basis of there being cause for suspicion. No guilt needs to be found, just cause for suspicion because the DoJ says so. It could happen just that way because there is no guilt, and suspicion is all they have. The audit team doesn't need to cheat. It wants everything on the up-and-up. If Fann doesn't get rid of Martin immediately, she needs to be thrown into her pot and boiled in oil. She's allowing this Martin to hang over the entire effort needlessly.

The DoJ is complaining that the ballots are no longer in the possession of election officials, you see. Yes, but the officials insisted that the audit team remove them from their custody...and Fann agreed to this when she was told not to do it. The DoJ's letter was addressed to Ms. Fann. If she doesn't comply with the ridiculous demands of the latter, the DoJ might seek a judge to get the ballots back into the custody of the election officials. The DoJ is saying that the audit team is breaking the law to have the ballots in their own custody, RIDICULOUS. The audit team didn't steal them; the people who had custody granted them of their own insistence.

It's such a farce. First judge Martin's office publicized the audit team's goals and methods, one of which is to knock on doors to capture voter fraud, and now the DoJ representative: "Karlan said that raises concerns that audit workers might engage in voter intimidation in violation of the Voting Rights Act." Sure, there is also the possibility that the audit team is planting bombs at every home, but until proven that they are intimidating people... Why did every major leftist media put out Karlan's accusation above lickety-split? Why does slander from leftist media go unpunished? Where is the Republican slander dog that takes media to court for such slander? It will cost far less to take the pigs to court the moment they open their mouths in slander than to do nothing. How can the people tolerate this spineless approach? Do we think that Fann is preparing court papers to make the guilty leftists pay for their fraud?

Late Thursday, someone says that the cheats have gotten caught moving some voting equipment out of where they should have been. The story comes from a tweet by Kelli Ward. As this goes, Scott Jarrett claimed said that the external drives were taken to "an undisclosed" location each evening of the voting process "for safety" by "an employee or a Dominion contractor working of MC" [= Maricopa]. We can see right through this safety baloney. Who's Scott Jarrett? Maricopa's director of Election Day and Emergency Voting. It has got to be illegal, for obvious reason, to take the voting equipment to a secret place during the voting process. Now that the election is over, the cheats shouldn't have any problem telling where the drives were taken. Where are Fann's court papers? There should be one court filing after the other here to help bring out truths that the audit may not be capable of discovering. The cheats need to be covered in shame and made to fear ever doing this again in any county.

We can see the strategy going forward: "'Ballots that are protected under federal law are in imminent danger of being stolen, defaced, or irretrievably damaged, and Arizona citizens are in imminent danger of being subject to unlawful voter intimidation as a result of flawed audit procedures,' wrote representatives of the Brennan Center for Justice, Protect Democracy and the Leadership Conference." No concern at all for voter fraud, though, just unsubstantiated mongering dressed to appear for-the-people.

As the DoJ is so interested in the people's well-being from intimidation, the DoJ should have no problem serving the people when the election is discovered fraudulent. What a farce the DoJ is. How can the people stand and allow their DoJ to be like this? How could Trump have been such a traitor? He had four years to repair the DoJ, and he even knew from day-one that it was utterly corrupt. Many of the people going against voter fraud are also pro-Trump. There's no hope going forward like this. Prepare to have your lives damaged. The signs are everywhere.

If I were Arizona, I would respond to the DoJ: "You're very welcome to have your people come door to door with us to assure we don't intimidate anyone, and in the meantime bring 2,000 hand-cuffs, for starters, for when you witness that there are fake voters all over town. Don't forget to bring indictment papers for the country's election house." It's stunning how the DoJ ignores the real criminals and then, with intimidation of its own, tries to make the honest people appear criminal. SICKENING. Treat the DoJ like the mobsterish criminal that it is, show no respect, make a laughing stock of it.

Let me tell you something, that if this DoJ effort can't stop the audit, the people on the vote-count floor who obeyed orders criminally are going to start asking why their bosses are hiding and ignoring their fears, and some of these people, in great shame, may become stool pigeons on their leaders. The problem is, stooling by telling the DoJ won't help, unless they stool and the DoJ gets caught hiding their stooling. It's the Arizona police that should be laying charges, but if it refuses, then the Arizona senate needs to take court action to make an example for the entire country of what could happen to all other cheats in the future. It's not enough to expose the fraud. It's certainly not enough to expose it just to get useless Trump re-elected.

A Liz Harris youtube show on Friday had some pro-audit people sharing their disappointment that the audit team is NOT doing signature verifications, the thing that catches crime. The question is: did Karen Fann cave, agreeing beforehand with the cheats not to do signature verification??? What if only 50,000 ballots are checked for legit signatures? How long could that take, to reveal the bigger picture? This can explain why the turn-tables are going so fast, because no one's checking signatures, and maybe they aren't checking much at all, just counting and trying to make it look like they're checking something.

One audit manager (Bennett) on Friday verifies that there's a "paper evaluation," without explanation. He said that there's "imaging of all the ballots." Is that Jovan's scanning? Probably, because he said the imaging looks for folds in the paper, and how the voter marked his/her vote or whether it was done by an automated machine fraudulently. He said there's a 5K camera looking at all ballots, plus one seeking more "microscopic detail," and so the cheats are sweating shame-buckets by now. One can see tables where ballots are being slipped into what is probably the camera-imager. What this does, we assume, is to give the audit team perpetual shots of all ballots, front and back, because they own them.

Mr. Bennett says that the Maricopa election was done solely by Dominion, perfect so that no other company can muddy the waters of the election results. In the same breath, he reveals that the ballot images the audit team is taking of the ballots will then be run through a machine -- a Dominion machine I assume -- to see if the tally matches the tally on election night, WOW, that's perfect. There will be computer records of everything. One can even make a program to find all the ballots that don't match what Dominion's imaging had. I assume they have a copy of all Dominion images from election night. This is big, folks. This is going to be the news of this weekend and into next week.

I should perhaps add here that, a month or two after being with Miss Bennett for several months, Miss Peare called me up out of the blue, a couple of years after I last saw her, and we went out for the last time (mentioned this last outing above). As Roxanne Bennett lived on Bathurst avenue (Holland Landing), I showed how Bathursts share the double fesses of FELThams (another broken spear), as well as sharing gold leopard faces with Peare's. This looks to be dragging Ken Bennett above into the it-FELT-so-GOOD pointer to Maricopa election fraud, for English Bennetts have three half-lions in the colors and positions of the three full lions of English Goods. "It felt so good" is starting to look like Bennett's audit team will indeed discover massive voter fraud, AND REPORT IT.

I never quite knew what to do with her first name, ROXanne, but did consider Roxburghs, who happen to have another "audax" motto term partly for Aude's/Audets. Recall how Peare's hips involved the sphinx in the TAMan peninsula, or how Peare's were kin of Tame's, for Roxburghs use a "Tam audax" phrase. So, because we have several reasons to link my outing with Peare with Miss Bennett, it does look like God arranged it to point to Phoenix election fraud, and specifically to Ken Bennett. The Roxburgh page suggests kinship with Rooks, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Tame's/Tams.

Late this week, we learned that Maricopa county sent Bennett a letter, on April 30, to say that the county doesn't have the big password into the Dominion machines. Although I can't trust that claim yet, it for-the-moment begs the question as to why the audit team sent the Dominion machines back to the county without having the password?????? How deeply did the audit team scrutinize those machines? This doesn't look very good at all. The Tharme variation of Tame's/Tams caused me to check for a Tarn surname (Tame/Tam colors), and it's listed with Turins/Thurins who in-turn use an "AUDentes" motto term. Pero's were first found in Piedmont with Turins and Domino's. Let the dominos fall.

Secondly, there is an outcry now because, if true that Maricopa didn't have the password, then Maricopa could not have run / controlled the machines properly on election night. On the one hand, it protects the county from being fingered for machine fraud, yet on the other the hand the county was required to control the machines honestly, but if they didn't have the password, neither could they control the machines at all. The outcry is: who was controlling the machines outside of the county? I'm not sure if it's a valid complaint without hearing more. Here's Bennett on that story:

Again, we heard that the machines went back to the county by early this week, and now, late this week, someone leaked the fact that the audit team didn't have the password to dive deep into the "machines." That's the word Bennett used; he did not say password to the routers. So, does this expose the audit team as a sham, or half a sham? Have they made some back-room deals with Dominion to save it's skin?

By Saturday, we learned that Karen Fann had stopped the door-to-door investigations, even before the DoJ sent her the letter. This is such a sickening thing when Republicans are so easily intimidated by leftist crooks. Remove Karen Fann from the audit's leadership role. She's shown too many cracks already. She's betrayed the spirit of this audit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the audit team going door-to-door to check for fraud. FANN STINKS. If the team doesn't break the law while door-to-door, what is Fann afraid of? If she's being threatened, she needs to say so, and step aside. If any citizen is permitted to go door-to-door to ask election-related questions, why not the audit team??? SHEESH.

Mark Finchem's legislative body is looking into ballot issues in other Arizona counties to give the left bigger headaches too. I would like to see this like a steam roller of God rolling ever-so slowly over leftist cheats after starting with a trapping of the toes. There's nothing left but fretting while waiting for the machine to flatten you out completely...IF, that is, the good-side players don't cave. Finchem said that Perkins Coie has 70-100 lawyers working to protect the criminal side. But this becomes more like suicide for Perkins Coie once it's realized that the left cannot get out of the jam, so, fight on to the bitter death, Perkins Coie.

Finchem has announced that he's running for Arizona's secretary of state, to oust Katie Hobbs from that position. He'll likely win when this audit finds her guilty. Election-fraud correction has the ability to replace many bad actors.

On Sunday night, I learned on Liz Harris live that the adjudicated ballots have not yet been looked at, and that they are in the "quarantine cage" that we see on the ice-rink floor. There is expected to be big fraud amongst adjudicated ballots. The investigation will compare every ballot spit out of the Dominion machine to its adjudicated "copy" produced by a human on election night. If the spit-out ballots have a Trump vote while the adjudicated copies have Biden votes, that's how this system is designed to cheat. Dominion then becomes directly / criminally responsible for the high adjudication rate. The adjudicators are required to save the spit-out ballots for audit inspections, and here we are. Will they compare them, of will Karen Fann cave on this too?

I can predict what this coming week will see: the cheat house will refuse to hand over the routers. Fann will take the issue to court, and judge Martin, whom Fann failed to remove, will decide for the cheat house. The routers have the criminality upon them in a way that no court in the land can deny, which is why courts just refused to see the evidence. Martin is under the deep-state gun to deny the audit team the routers, and the blame for this is squarely on the witch, Karen Fann. She's a louse. She should have demanded Martin get off this case. He's a high risk...but please surprise me.

There's another heraldically-treated election-fraud update after the next two sections.

Food Prep "High beef production in 2018 and 2019, which increased poundage due to COVID-19, leading to heavy cattle in 2020 and 2021, is projected to lower retail beef prices in 2020 and 2021. But after that, lower beef production is projected by FAPRI to generate increasing retail beef prices from 2020 through 2025."

Word is out that globalist goons don't want us eating meat anymore. They just don't want people enjoying themselves in any way. They hate us. With less meat, prices will go up. Only the richest people will be able to buy it. So, if you're on the poor side, you can start drying meat now, even if it's only ground beef. We should all find 20 people in our area who want to do the same in order to have the buying power to buy whole cows. "Based on the 2019 budget, slaughter cows (1,200 pounds) are expected to average $50 per hundredweight, while 550 pounds steers and 520 heifers are expected to average $145 and $130 per hundredweight respectively."

I'm very happy with the cheapest cow for $600, plus butchering costs. But where does one get that kind of great price? I'm reading elsewhere that average prices are 115-120 per hundredweight. What if 20 people buy 20 cows at once?

Butchering costs depends on how much butchering is done. You don't need to get it butchered to small sizes as you'd see in a grocery store. We can do some of our own cutting once the major sections are cut for us. "A 1200 steer, inch fat, average muscling, yields a 750 pound carcass. The 750 pound carcass yields approximately: 490 pounds boneless trimmed beef." With one person buying one cow only at $100 per hundredweight, we're at $2.40 per pound of edible meat, some of it prime meat, and that's cheaper than ground beef in many cases. One person could go through a pound per week = 50 pounds per year, and thus one 1200-pound cow would be great for 10 people per year, or five people for two years. That's the best way to do this. The bad news is, $100 per hundredweight is on the low side, a price you can get in Texas.

Here's another option by buying your own cow and renting a farmer's land and cowboy: "Local beef farms are essentially offering to serve as the middleman, raising the cow and handling the no-so-pleasant aspects of processing it for beef. This allows the buyer, a regular customer like yourself, to purchase a farm-raised cow and have it turned into a boatload of steaks, roasts, ribs and ground beef."

If you can't find others to go in on it, you can buy a half cow or even less. It wouldn't be offered unless it can save money. If you can't save money in your area by buying a half cow or more, thank the globalist pigs for price fixing. The days of the deals are over. They price-fix everything, and save you a whole dime if you buy twice as much. Canada has long been a wonderful globalist-pig pet, and so, here's what must be a Canadian frame: "When purchasing a whole, half, or quarter of a cow, the average cost, when factoring in any additional fees, is somewhere between $5.00 and $9.00 per pound." As Canadians pay around $5 per pound for ground beef, it appears that Canada has arranged no savings at all when buying a whole cow. Or maybe a dime. That's the way communists operate, to never let you have anything to be happy about. Just exist, go to work, and pay your high taxes.

Globalist pigs have minds that work like this: instead of doubling the price of one cut of beef bought at the grocery store as compared to the same cut of beef when you buy the whole cow, they doubled the price of the whole cow to match the cost of the grocery-store price, and you're to think you're getting a great deal by buying at the grocery store.

I'm getting in the range of $1,800 cost (live weight) for a 1200-pound cow, in Ontario. PIGS. He puts out 100 calves into the 50-acre range, usually does his own thing while they eat all day, and do you think that rancher deserves 1,800 per cow ($180,000) two years later? How did the price get that high? Why build casinos at all when one only needs 50 acres and 100 calfs to get super-rich without a gamble at all? I'd say the ranchers saw the increasing grocery-store prices, thanks to globalist pigs who don't want us buying meat, and jacked up their own prices accordingly even though their ranch and grass didn't go up in price. Ask your local farmers if the government takes a hefty tax from them for selling whole cows to the community.

Here's an example (in Ontario) of no-more-deals for buying double quantities:

Half animal $7.05 / lb dressed weight (225-320 lbs - approximately $2000). You'll get between 160-240 lbs in your freezer depending on your cutting instructions and size of your half. Approximately 6-9 cubic feet of freezer space required

Whole animal $7.05 / lb dressed weight (475-600 lbs - approximately $4000). You'll get between 350-450 lbs in your freezer depending on your cutting instructions and size of your whole animal. Approximately 12-15 cubic feet of freezer space required.

Same price for half as for whole cow. Do you think he reduced the price of the whole cow to match the half cow, or did he raise the price of the half to match the whole. Waddaya thunk? Duhhhh. It goes on to say: "This works out to around $10-$12 / lb of cut and wrapped beef! [exclamation mark wow he's bonkers] This will depend on your cutting instructions. Where do you buy this quality of beef for so little, direct from the farmer and 100% grass fed and grass finished!" Duhhhh, he wants people to think it's a great deal. After all, he says, he deserves that price because his cows eat grass. On top of this: "A tax on red meat is imminent, researchers say". It's a lot like a sin tax in the eyes of the pigs. If we enjoy beef, it must be eradicated. We are not to enjoy anything. Fear all your foods; they can kill you one way or the other. Instead, take your vaccines for good health.

Okay, in Ontario, we're about being forced to buy our own calf in late winter, and let it eat our own grass until late fall. But the globalist pigs may soon outlaw this because it makes us happy. We are not permitted to get ahead; instead, we are to fear running out of food at any moment. Just think of how much free garden manure you'd get after a season of having a young cow. Happy-happy, win-win. Something to think about for anyone living in a liberal, globalist-"progressive" region. Youtube headline thanks to globalist pigs: "Bread or potato: what's worse?" Everyone, fear eating bread and potatoes XXX POISON. Fear everything; frown all day long behind your mask.

There are other foods (besides beef) high in protein that should be a part of your food stock: eggs, sardines, pecans, oats, lentils, beans, peas, chick peas, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, pasta, and more (got most of this list from Alaska Prepper). Pecans seem expensive, but they are dry, while meat has much water. These things are good for you, and so expect the globalists to slander them all as they find opportunities. The more we disrespect them, the more their own friends despise them, and the less they will plot against us. Disrespect a globalist in print today. Treat them as they have treated Christians unjustifiably. They slander us, but we need only tell the truth about them to show appropriate "respect" for them.

The way this Western world works: sardines / herrings are cheap, good for us, and cannot be farmed, but when everyone buys them big-time because beef and chicken get too expensive, up shoot sardine prices, never to come down again. Expect this with every inexpensive food. No Western government protects us from this greed. Here's a great example of big-name price fixing (always fixed high, duh), from Alaska Prepper:

The big names of Hereford and Libby do NOTHING to their corned beef. They just order it from Brazil. It's such a farce.

Corned beef is, in my area, about the price of uncooked ground beef. Plus, my guess is that there's less water, pound-per-pound, in canned corned beef. Canned beef is a great way to store beef without the hassles and mess of cooking and drying raw beef. The cheaper brands of canned corned beef in my area is about $10/11 per kilogram, and only the cheapest, lean ground beef can be obtained at that price. The cheapest ground beef comes in the big-sausage-like plastic wraps, which is air-tight, perfect for freezing. You can easily store a year's worth of beef (for not too many people) without drying any, but I've dried some, then stuck it into the bottom of the freezer in oven-decontaminated mason jars.

Here's a video on food fascism in our faces right now:

The cowboy said that meat demand was up 15-percent last year even though prices were high, probably meaning that more people were stocking up on food as they saw globalist nutbars closing in on them. From the 10th minute he talks about the fat-cats grabbing hold of small businesses by running them out of business, and that he expects this to become a priority of the Bidenites as per food businesses. This is directly of concern for tribulation preparation, because we don't want fat-cat globalists controlling food supplies. He gets to the point not until the 26th minute, that Biden's tax plan will cause many small farmers to sell their land, and this evokes Bill Gates buying up a lot of farmland when he's not a farmer. WHAT's GOING ON FROM THE NUTBARS? Control scheme, what else.

In the 26th minute, we see the headline: "Biden Pledges To Conserve [own] Nearly A Third Of U.S. Land And Water By 2020". All words, even the small words, are capitalized to emphasize the gravity of this pledge. The message is being rung out by the globalists: stay off of government-owned lands during the food crisis that we are bringing the country. Good luck, nutbars. Have fun chasing all the Christians down on "your" land with God, the real Global Landlord, as their protector. Let's just see how this food war pans out, though we already know the quaking and fiery ending, which comes relatively fast on the nutbars. Selah. THE LANDLORD LAUGHS.

The cowboy is explaining that, in order for Biden's pledge to become real, they've got to take (steal) land from small farmers (or big ones if possible), and we know they would rather take that land from Christian owners because that's where Christians living out the tribulation will run to. So, we are seeing their strategy here ahead of their mark-of-the-beast system. I never thought they would try something like this, and so the pastors need to talk about this. PROBLEM: most pastors are dimwit pre-tribulationists, how could things get any worse for us?

What Christians / churches need to do is pool their money together to buy up farmland as it becomes available so that governments have no right to it. I assume that farmland can go to governments only if there are no private buyers, but maybe I'm dreaming. Maybe Biden's pledge will take priority, blocking much farmland sale to the public. That's an iron fist in action. But God has a harder fist by far, and He wants us fed in the tribulation. So, that settles it. WE WIN. But not without tears and hardships.

Still in the 26th minute, another headline in all caps: "BIDEN VOWS TO PAY FARMERS TO PLANT COVER CROPS AND PUT LAND IN CONSERVATION." That is, don't sell your farmland when you can't afford to farm anymore, but take the bribe and "donate" it to my buddies, globalist nutbars. Biden's trying to make sure that farmers can't afford to farm anymore as a scheme to take their land, and he then acts like their friend, "hey, have I got a great deal for you."

In case you missed it: total communism is when the government owns the land, and to get there, schemes are put in place to acquire the land using the peoples' tax dollars. To put it another way, mobsters seize the treasury, and buy off the country's wealth with it. Why do Mexicans, catholics and Jews support Democrat communism with their continual voting for Democrats? They're nutbars, that's how. Do you think they can be brought around to their senses before it's too late? We can see here why exposing election fraud FAST is so important to get Democrats out of power FAST. The fringe party got into power thanks to election fraud, fraudulent polls, fraudulent media, Fox news, and Donald Trump.

Gail and Jovan

Jovan appeared on Tuesday or Wednesday's Arizona updates and said that he DOES have a limited role in the audit, dealing only with the physical ballots. Super, that's what he's all about. If he took this long to go public, maybe his job is done by now, sufficient to condemn the cheat houses. However, I didn't like Jovan saying that he doesn't care about the machines, as if he's trying to distance himself from them for fear of retribution. Back-off Jovan, because machine fraud needs to be dealt with too, without the people involved getting cold feet.

Jovan also said that guilty people who actually hacked the voting machines are "singing" in order to not get criminally prosecuted, because they know they've been caught. This can explain why the deep-state effort against Arizona is on low gear, for fear of what the cheats see coming, because the harsher they fight now, if it's too harsh, the worse it might go for them in court. When things get this bad, the soldiers the deep normally has for dirty work start to run away.

Gail Golec, a Christian, said on Nick Moseder (Wednesday) that she was the one to argue and convince the Arizona senate to accept Jovan's role, otherwise it wasn't going to happen. On this show, Gail, an IT specialist, says that the Internet routers, that the Maricopa country refuses to hand over to the audit team, have logs showing the Internet traffic on election night, and so, DUH, that's why the cheats don't want to hand the routers over. The routers will show where the hacking crimes came from to create fake Biden votes. The court order, from judge Thomason, included ALL routers to be handed over to the audit team. Therefore, Karen Fann, if she's in charge of that court order, should take this issue to court TODAY. But, to our dismay, Fann doesn't seem to have done anything to remove the judge who replaced Thomason, and this replacement is pro-mobster. It kind-a makes one bite the fingernails to see how irresponsible / compromised this Fann is.

The good news is, the router information for Maricopa, and even for all of the United States, on election night, is already in the hands of My-Pillow Lindell. Still, the Maricopa cheats should be forced to come clean, hand the routers over, condemn themselves, no mercy, throw them into prison for 20 years, because what they are trying to hide is nothing short of treasonous, and a betrayal of the people who won the election by a landslide. Gail says she made a couple of phone calls to lawyers concerning the routers, and she's asking what's being done to secure them. She's a fighter. She's implying that the senate or audit team is at fault here because the machines and ballots were handed over long ago, and yet they still have not got the routers, which are extremely important for exposing criminality. So, Fann and her team maybe want to expose low-level ballot fraud but not land anyone in jail who deserves 20 years. I think Fann maybe deserves to should be tossed out a window with her flying broom.

Gail says that the router logs are edit-able, which makes logs useless, for logs are supposed to be capable of proving fraud in case it happens. But if the router logs of any county do not match the logs that Lindell has, then people can be jailed. We still don't know what Intelligence agency / agent provided Lindell with the logs nationally, but when we think about this, the whole country of anti-Democrat people should work to acquire the routers of every election-house county just to compare with the logs that Lindell possesses, to assure that they have not been tampered with at the county level. This in itself will prove systematic fraud sufficient to send the Biden White House into a legal tailspin.

It's just amazing that, only after writing the above, did I remember that the Lindell surname uses a LOG!!!

Gail says that Ken Bennett (a former secretary of state for Arizona), the spokesman for the audit, brought the router issue up, otherwise the senate wasn't going to mention it, nor did Kelli Ward mention it in her too-uppity updates that look like hyped public-relations commercials for the senate. In other words, it seems that the senate was going to forego the routers until someone applied pressure to get them.

Wow. Gail says that she convinced Sonny Borelli (Maricopa senate) to use Jovan. I therefore loaded the Borelli surname to see that they share the Kos/Kosinski Coat. Here's from the last update, where Jovan is pointed to by my dream that had Mr. Owl Eyes: "Plus, the Kos cult of Edom is thought to have been an owl god while the Kos/Kosinski Coat..." Is that not amazing? It seems that the dream points to Sonny Borelli too thanks to the Kos surname. I've already tried for a Golec surname, but none comes up.

As I said, Joe asked me to go get him a CONTAINer, and so I borrowed one from Mr. Owl Eyes. CONTANE's are listed with French Constance's while English Constance's/Custers share the giant eagle of Kos-like Cussons suspect in heraldic cushions, a potential pointer to My Pillow, the company owned by Mike Lindell. Plus. Frauds/Friths can be a branch of Ferte's who likewise have the giant Cusson eagle.

Borelli variations include Varone's, and then the Verona's share the BOTHwell Coat while judge Thomason was pointed to my Kim Thomson in a PHONE BOOTH, for Phone's/Fane's/Vans are a Phoenix/Fenwick branch. Mr. Owl Eyes was in the dream with a VAN owned by Joe OULlette (looks like an Owl branch), which spells, "Joe's van" = Jovan. I think that all works, now with Borelli's in the picture. As I've said many times, my father was a fellow real-estate agent with BRUNO, and they bought side-by-side homes on Senator REESORS drive (Markham, Ontario). Gail is a real-estate agent, and Borelli's/Varone's are listed with Barone's, first found in Florence with Barone-like Bruno's, seest thou? Reesors/Reasons, with an upright lion in the colors of the BRUNswick lion, are a Rice branch linkable to the Risings/Risons who point to "ARIZONa."

Plus, while Miss Peare pointed to Jovan, she worked for SONY electronics in Toronto, in the next job she had after I met her. SONNY Borelli. There happens to be a Sonny surname listed with Stoneys/Staneys (Bruno bend in colors reversed), and the Sonny/Stoney crescents are shared by English Mallets while Soams/Soans use mallets (by the looks of it). To help prove that the links above are not coincidental, I trace Leslie's to "Lesce," beside BLED (both on the Sava river), and Leslie's have a buckle-version of the Sonny/Stoney Coat while French Mallets/Malo's have more buckles. "Tous" is a motto term of both Bleds and Barone-like Berone's/Byrums. You just witnessed a round-about Sonny link to the Barone's who list Borelli's. Barone-like BARTons share the red boar with Less'/Lusks, and the latter's boar is colors reversed from the boar of BARDs who in turn share the green Leslie griffin head. The Brunswick lion is shared by Armys while Berone's/Byrums have an "Arme" motto term. (Sonnys/Stoneys look like they have a version of the Stanley Coat.)

Here's the video (over an hour) from which I borrowed the information, from Gail, if you'd like to watch it:

I think Nick Moseder does himself a disservice for having a Jimmy-Hendrix painting behind him. I've always viewed that guy as a spiritual freak-out, not exactly a conservative / traditional symbol.

Jovan, the more I watch him on the Rick Trent show (Wednesday), turns out to be not-Christian, a little childlike-offensive / unprofessional at times considering the important nature of the task at hand. If he wants to be hired by other counties, or if he wants his scanning results to be taken most-seriously, he should remain at least half-professional even on casual youtube videos. When he says, "I don't give a rat's ass" about machines, it's street-gutter talk, and he offends the Christians in the movement too. Here's his personality on his own show:

I don't like Jovan. He comes across as a bit wacky. Why does he have his comments turned off? What was that hocus-pocus about paying 125 auditors $150 per night for a hotel because they come in from out of town? Why can't 110 of them be from in-town? Why was that not an option? What does it take to train someone to judge / officiate a ballot, a whole hour, at most a day? Not everyone there needs to be a seasoned ballot inspector. A hotel room isn't $150 per night on a monthly basis. Some would take motels, and the audit leaders could book a half motel for those who need to be from out of town. What was his point, anyway, that a county can't raise the needed money for something this important? I never heard once that Maricopa was short of the money needed.

Maybe he's trying to get people from all counties to donate more money so that the counties can afford to pay him for his scanning services. Maybe he wants to take credit for raising money so he's assured to get hired. Think of how many counties there are where he can do his scan, maybe for a about $100,000 per pop.

He then leads the viewer to believe that a single county / precinct can have "over a thousand different ballots" requiring over a thousand different programs for him to scan them. Doesn't that sound way over the top? How possibly can a single county have that many different ballots if the main purpose of the scanner is to check paper type and condition? It's not making sense to me. This guy's starting to sound like a $alesman, and the language he uses doesn't give me confidence that he's an honest one.

He once said that he would do the scanning for free, but has since changed his song. He says that doing them for free will get his results disqualified in court due showing political bias by his doing it without charge. But that's hogwash because the scanning system needs to be proven biased by the lawyers (of the cheats); it doesn't matter who owns the machines, or who runs the ballots through long as the software is unbiased and there are no tricks or fraudulent workings programmed within it. Whether he gets paid or not is irrelevant to a judge. I'm not suggesting he do many for free, but the first one or two, that would be great, and the rest should be done as for a poor man's pay.

Also not to my liking is Mike Lindell hiring Alan Dershowitz to his legal team to fight Dominion Voting. Lindell risks putting ice on his own movement by doing this, a very foolish move, because he's the pending / acting king-pin of criminal, election-fraud exposure. I really don;t get it. Is he just naive about Dershowitz's role with Jeffrey Epstein? If not, why would he pick this lawyer?

One thing I have not seen from anyone is a close up of a table to show how they are judging the ballots. I can see a turn-table, with ballots on them to, going round way too fast for anyone to inspect ballots, making it appear that this is all for show, just to make it look good. The turn-tables are to allow more than one inspector to see the ballots, to check the ruling of another inspector, otherwise why have the turn-table go round at all? I'm losing confidence fast in this audit. THIS STINKS.

Here's how it's working in a live presentation at about 4:15 pm Thursday the 6th. There are four tables in the blue section each with a turn-table on the table. Three tables have no people, and are therefore inactive. The one with a turn-table going round has one man picking up a ballot, not looking at it, and placing it on the turn-table. The ballot turns past two people sitting at the table and reaches a third person in about three seconds flat. The third person doesn't inspect the ballot, but only takes it off the turn-table to a pile of ballot. This means that only two people viewed the ballot, each for one second. If this is going on exactly like this in the larger green section, where I can see multiple turn-tables, then it needs to be explained. How can anyone check what's on the ballot when it spins past in one second flat? A ballot never stops to be viewed; they all spin past the two people sitting.

On Friday night, I was watching Lin Harris live as Gail Golec was interviewing Dr. FRANK, the one who's figured out how they cheated using a computer program in EVERY state. That is, if I'm hearing him right, he's found fraud of the same "key" nature in every state. The cat's out of the bag, he's a hero if he's telling the truth. Others should be able to understand what he's doing. My point is that I've told the following story before starting in the 2nd and 3rd updates in February, 2017, that while at a friend's place, FRANK, he had the "Hippy-Hippy Shakes" song on, and I did the hippy-hippy shakes dance there (age 11ish). It's just that the Hips' almost share the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat.

Trump could have been the hero because his administration was commissioned to find voter fraud. BUT, because Trump decided to be a farce, a fool, he canceled the project.

Let me encapsulate what Dr. Frank has discovered: without voter fraud, the Democrat Party is a fringe party, incapable of winning the White House, or many other political offices. This party has stolen the country over decades of corruption, and the RINOs who knew it did NOTHING to sound the alarm. They allowed the mob to become entrenched. If the people try to boot the mob out of the political sphere now, the mob will burn down the country in more ways than one. The last thing the people need now is four more years of the compromising wrecker who turned out the be a RINO himself even while he talked the patriot talk.

In Liz Harris' video above, a character, Bobby Piton, comes on after Dr. Frank is on who sorely criticizes Dr. Franks, suggesting he could be a deep-state actor, but if not, he's just a fraud. This character seems to me to be angry at Dr. Frank, and moreover I don't agree with Piton's complaint about Frank's methods. Just because Frank's method doesn't tell Piton what he wants to know (how many phantom voters there are) doesn't mean that Frank's material is useless. Mr. Frank has said that the "key" for one state predicts the votes in that state, but the same key will not work in another state. He says that every state used a different key, and, I think he said once: he can figure out every key used i.e. for every state. Doesn't that sound important to you? It sounds like it has exposed a computerized fraud system, and so me thinks that Piton is more-likely the fraud whose wormed his way into Liz Harris' life perhaps as a spy, for she's piloting a door-to-door program that will expose phantom voters. Piton is trying to sabotage Frank's authenticity, much like leftists do in unsubstantiated slander.

As per Hippy Hippy Shakes, it's notable that Shake's have "mole hills," for in spy circles, a spy sent into the enemy camp is a "mole." Did I do the hippy-hippy shake dance at Frank's place because Dr. Frank is a mole? I sure hope not. Pitons/Pythons/Pittards almost have the English Line Coat, and while Scottish Line's are Linds, Swedish Linds list Lindells while Dr. Frank has teamed up with Mike Lindell. Coincidences, or does this mean something? Are we to think that because Linds/Lindells share the log with Poulos' that Lindell is a spy for Mr. Poulos even while he sues Poulos?

Piton-like Pitts were at COOMBS-Ditch, and while Mr. Coomer is DOMINion's CEO, Coomers use a "DOMINabitur astRIS" motto phrase which appears arranged by God. Coombs come up as "Cume," suspect in the "cum" motto term of Rockefeller-line Fellows. The latter share a fesse-dancette (of different colors) with Coomers, and while Dannys are Dance's too, Danny De FILIPpIs was the brother of my teenage buddy, DOMINic De Filippis. They look like pointers to vote flipping. Their father, a FARMER, was Vito, and Vito's are in the motto of Bellows/BALLOTs. I worked an entire summer on their farm at 15 years of age, and now I know why. Irish Farmers, with three lion heads in the colors of the three Coombs/Cume lions, share a gold leopard in Crest with Coomers, and English Farmers look like they have a version of the English Dance/Danse Coat that itself shares the Farmer lion heads!!!

Compare Dansets to Fellows and Fellers, and then consider that Dansets (Ile-de-France) share the Belly and Jump roses while Jumps (Yorkshire, same as Dance's/Danse's) share the Trump and Patria/Peartree stag head.

The Ris'/Risers (suspect in "AstRIS" of Coomers) can be a branch of Arizona-pointing Risings/Risons, and Ris'/Risers were first found in Bohemia with both German Frank surnames. English Franks share the saltire of Poulos-like Pollocks, which is almost the Rising/Rison Coat. Hmmm. Fulbert, father of Pollocks, was a vassal for the Dol Alans who in turn became the royal Stewarts, and the latter share the checks on a fesse of Pitts.

Eschyna de MOLLE married one of the Alans who furnished Stewarts, but her daughter (Isabel) married Robert Pollock, second son of Fulbert above. Plus, Mole's/Molle's use a red phoenix with red flames to nearly match the gold phoenix with red flames of Phoenix's/Fenwicks, and the Mole/Molle boar head is shared by Schims/Schiens, a branch of Skene's/SCANs. Is Jovan with his scanning machine a spy-mole too?

The Mole-loving Shake's have an "OBtinens" motto term, like the "optem" of Teague's/TEEGERs, and this looks like code for Hobs/Habs because they have a TIGER, and because Hobbs' show a Hopp variation. Katie Hobbs is the corrupt, Arizona's secretary of state. "OpTEM" can be for Teems (more escutcheons) having a so-called "blade," for Blade's/Blate's share the saltire of Scottish Franks, recalling that German Plate's/Blate's share the Coat of Kope's/KOBBES'. The Hobbs' (Shropshire, same as Alans of Dol) are also HOBBES'. This recalls that my sons named our Texas pup, Katie, immediately after we purchased our Texas property from Mrs. Teague. I should add that, after Katie was killed by a car chasing a cat, my kids named their poodle-like terrier, Katie.

I've just realized that terrier-like Terras' (Moray) share a Scott Coat while Scotts (like the Schute variation of Shuts/Shute's/Chute's) are from lake Scodra, right beside Rhizon and KOTOR. The Kate's/Katts/KATTERbecks (Mecklenburg, same as Dols) could be Kotor liners, for Cutters/Gutters share the Chief-Shield colors of Stewart-related Brocks (dart for Dardanians on west side of Rhizon). Kate's/Katts were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps while Shuts/Shute's/Schute's were probably kin of trumpet-using Calls/Calles'. As was said, Kate's/Katts share the Hagar hexagram while Abraham, who had Hagar as a concubine, married KETURah in his old age.

The Hobbs' (Shropshire, same as Alans of Dol) are also HOBBES', and use a BROKEn SPEAR; while Stewarts share the Broke/Brock motto, Spears/SPEYers (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks) look like they named the Spey river, location of Rothes castle built by Peter Pollock, the first son of Fulbert above. As Alans became royal Stewarts by marriage to royal Bruce's, the Hobbs/Hopp spear is likely held by the Bruce lion. The Hobbs' share the gold eSCUTcheon with Scute's, but then the Shuts/Shoots/SCHUTE's have three swords in the colors of the same of Skene's/Scans.

Several years before I knew of the Phoenix/Fenwick surname (Phone/VAN branch), I wrote: "as per my trace of the rising phoenix to Lake Van, the Hawk-Crest eagle is called 'a hawk rising" (4th update of December, 2011). There we have a Rising reason to believe that God is pointing to Katie Hobbs. I have Mahers recorded with a "hawk rising," and Mahers use another "AUDax" motto term. It should be read as "auDAX" for the Dax's/Dachs suspect from Dachau, Hitlers headquarters for concentration camps, for Dax's/Dachs have crossed swords in the colors of the white Shot/SHOT/Shute/Schute swords, and the Arms of Dachau has a sling SHOT. We might get the impression here that nazified Americans from Bush elements are all over Arizona fraud. Aude's/AUDETs have white swords too.

Pollocks are from Flavius Sabinus and his wife, Vespasia Polla, the line to Pullings/Pulits and Sabine's because they share the same scallop. Flavius JOSEPHus (the historian) was adopted by the house of Vespasia's son, explaining why Pullings/Pulits share the martlet of French Josephs. The point in repeating this is where Hobbs/Hopps are also Hobis', like the Hobbit variation of Hoberts, first found in Norfolk with Sabine's and sharing their red bull. The "Auctor" motto term of Hobbits/Hoberts can explain the "AudACTOR" of Pollocks. Did God arrange these terms to indicate actors, moles, acting out staged productions to cover for election-fraud crimes? While Hobs/Habs use hawks, note the Hobbit/Hobert write-up: "However, another source claims the name could have been a nickname 'from the small Falcon or Hawk so called (Old French hobert, a hobby, hawk).'"

Pollocks had their Rothes castle in Moray, and while Morays use a "pret" motto term, Hobbits/Hoberts use "PRETiosa." Prets share the lion of Roberts and Propers/Roberts, which can indicate that Roberts were from Robert Pollock, especially as Prets share the Moray stars as used by SUTHERlands (could be a Shut/Shute/Schute branch). Bellys (Moray) use an "aCUTA" motto term that could be for the line of Chute's listed with Shuts/Shute's/Schute's. This is excellent where German Belli's/Bellow's share the beacon with FULbert-like Fullers ("FERMiora"), and where Beacons are listed with English Bacons ("firma") while French Bacons share the cinquefoil of Norfolk's Bus' and Bellows/BALLOTs. Fullers almost have the Italian Belli Coat. MontaCUTE's were first found in Somerset with Dax's/DUCKs (share Pret / Sutherland stars) who look like they have a rising falcon. Bellys happen to share the eight-pointed DUC/LeDuc star, and as that was the symbol of Ishtar, note that the Arms of Pula/Pola, a location on Istria, is a fat, green cross (same as Winklers and Winds, but on gold) almost the Pollock Coat when the latter used a green-on-gold saltire.

Ahh, Jewish Pollocks must be sharing the bend of German Winders/Wunders (bull head) because English Winders (Pollock colors) share the Pulling/Pulit motto. English Winters share the checks of Pelaiz's/Baez's who in turn have half the Pollock saltire, and Nordic Winters have a POLar bear while Polars share the Pulling/Pulit and Sabine scallops. If English Winters use a hind, that's the symbol of Irish Shaws, and then English Winters share the checks of SAWyers, now said to be first found in Berkshire with English SHAWs/Sheaves'. Wind-related WINKlers above are from Vinkovci off of the SAVA river. WINGs are used in the Crest of German Winders/Wunders (Pollock bend?), and they look like the wings of Jewish Glass' while Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with GLASgow.

The Night of the Broken Glass

In New Hampshire, an audit is taking place because proof emerged that machines there gave Democrats an automatic six-percent lead. That's right. The problem is, the audit thus far is in the hands of the criminals. The people started an uproar in a legislative meeting, but the criminal side ignored it. There is a push there to have Jovan's machines do a look-see at the ballots. It shouldn't be a problem on the financial end if Jovan would lend his machinery for little money. Depending on how much he charges, we could discover that this man is a hypocritical skunk. Let's hope not.

The audit involves New-Hampshire county, WINDham, interesting where WINDsors have a "fie en" motto term for the Fiens. There are two Fien surnames coming up, one listed with the Phone's/Fane's/Vans who point to Phoenix, and another listed with the same colored Finis' with three full lions in the colors and positioning of the three lion heads of Windhams, and the three lion paws of Windows. Windhams have "William d'Albini or Daubeny" in their write-up, as well as an "Au bon" motto phrase while Aubons/Albins/AlBONE's (in the colors of the Newton "shin BONES") share the blue fitchee (same style) of the Mee's/Mea's expected in the "me" motto term of Windsors, thus clinching Windhams as cousins, at least, of Windsors. Fiens/Finis' even use a "FORTem" motto term while English Forts have an "AUDax" motto term.

Aubons/Albins are said to be from Eure, same as Dent-branch Denets. Windhams had a Wyndham location in Dinton, and DENTons/Dintons share the double fesses of English Forts. This recalls the "auDENTes" motto term of Tarns/Turins. DENTons/Dintons (share Rodham cinquefoils) were first found in Northumberland with Rodhams, Bailys, and Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Dents were first found in Yorkshire with Dent-like Dance's and Windows, and Miss Peare together with Kepke were always dancing. The Bellows/BALLOTs of MORETON and Callouville can be traced to Pas de Calais, where the Calais-like Chalice's/Challes' were who are in the "chalice" of Belows (not "Bellow"). Chalice variations look like those of TRUMPet-using Calls/Calles', the latter first found in Wiltshire with Dannys/DANCE's and Moretons. Windham county has brought up all of this heraldry, but we're not done.

Wiltshire is where Edwards were first found who share the white stag head, with gold antlers, with Windsors, and the Edward stag head is in the colors of the Trump / Legg stag head. We just saw trumpets with the Wiltshire Calls/Calles'.

Denets use a "Per" and PROviDENTiam" motto term to indicate Pero's who share the pale bar of Italian Dance's/Donnas' (Piedmont, same as Pero's and Turin), and "proVIDEntiam" can be read as part-code for Vita's in the Bellow/Ballot motto. The last time I saw Miss Peare, she was dancing. I drove her to her PARENTs' home immediately after her dance (not with me), and I've failed to load Parents/PEARents until now; they share the Hips / Phoenix / Bird martlets. I drove her home in my FireBIRD. PEARtree's/Patria's, in the Bailey motto, share the Trump stag head. Election fraud is all about robbing Trump.

This discussion recalls my slamming a WINDow and breaking the glass when Kepke cheated and took Miss Peare from my arms. The belly-press event could have been as little as a couple of weeks after that window slam. The belly-press event pointed to Bouillons, and it just so happens that while the father of Godfrey de Bouillon ruled in Boulogne (in Pas de Calais), the Fiens/Finis' are said to have "descended from Conon de Fiennes, the Earl of Boulogne... It appears that while the belly-press event was lumped with the Hips-pulling event as a pointer to Jovan, the window-slam event can be a pointer to the current thrust to get Jovan Pulitzer's ballot audit done in Windham. The Windows were even first found in Yorkshire with Hampshire's. Windham, New Hampshire.

Wyndham is of Dinton, and Dentons/Dintons (beside Dents) share three cinquefoils (different colors) in their Chief with the Bellow/Ballot Chief. The Dinton/Denton Crest is even the black eagle, with gold legs, of Giuliani's.

The lock in the Windham Crest is in the design I once saw of a "fetterlock" in a Moray Coat no longer showing at houseofnames. The Bellys were first found in Moray, and Bellows/Ballots were at MOREton. This is going to make a hard Belly-Bellow link because the motto of the Moray Coat no longer showing was, "DEUM TIME." The Time's/Timms (Kent, same as Fiens/Finis') happen to share a white goat head in Crest with Moretons and BUSH's, and the Bellows happen to share the BUS cinquefoil. Reminder: Bailys share the Moray stars. Plus, I broke the glass when slamming the window, and Scottish Glass' share the mermaid in Crest with Morays and Masons/Massins ("DUM"). The latter were first found in Kent with Time's/Timms and Fiens/Finis', and the latter's lion is colors reversed from the Mason/Massin lion.

Oh wow. I was so tired after writing the above that I went for an afternoon, Saturday nap (unusual). I've just come back to the computer, and it came to mind to try for a Shut, Bang and Slam surname as per shutting / banging / slamming the window. The Slams were the third I tried, listed with Sloans whom I'm not familiar with, and they share the same Giuliani eagle in Crest as do Dintons/Dentons!!!! That is huge, because it was Window-branch Windhams who were of Dinton! [This slam-window conversation, with SALEMs involved, is in the 3rd update of this month.]

Plus, Shuts are listed with Shots/Shoots (Wiltshire) having a sword-version of the three trumpets of Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire)!!! As I've said many times, Trump is pointed to by Kepke. The Bangs/Bings/Bengs/Bongs may be a branch of Banks who had a Newton location, which recalls my riding Peare's horse (she was with Kepke at the time) to a bank in her field. This rise was pointed to by her waist-pulling event, which was in a dream upon a stage in a MALL because MalBANCs are in the Mall/MarlyBONE write-up (Newtons, first found in Cheshire with Malls/Marlybone's, use shin bones). Malbanks (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) have the ermined Rodham bend, and Rodhams have the Dinton/Denton cinquefoils!!! I think we can see what crime family the window slam is pointing to. Hillary Rodham Clinton was in the mall dream with Perkins Coie.

The waist-pulling or hips-pulling event was on a PLATform as a pointer to Hillary's PLATTE RIVER Networks, and here one can point out that Rivers, first found in Buckinghamshire with Slows/Slough's, can go with the SLOWan variation of Slams/Sloans, for Rivers happen to have two of the one Window fesse. French Rivere's use a giant rock in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil, and Rivere's were first found in Languedoc with Roque's and Roquefeuil, the latter being in Aude province while Aude's are audit-like Audets sharing three white swords with Shuts/Shots.

[Insert -- On Monday during the spell-check, the Fellows came to mind for a reason not related to this discussion. I noted that Fellows, with a reflection of the Feller and Window Coats, share the three lion heads of Windham, and so here's the Fellow write-up: "The surname Fellow was first found in Huntingdon. However another branch of the family was later found at SHOTESham in Norfolk." "Shots" is a surname listed with Shuts! This seems to be a work of God to point to RockeFELLERs, for while Fellers are also FellTRAGERs, Tragers share an embattled bend (different color) with Rocco's. Windows use an embattled fesse. The Trager bend is in the colors of the Keep bend, and ROXolani were at least near Keep-like Kiev when they lived on the Dnieper river.

Kepke and I (I'm a Meshech liner) sold shoes when I slammed the window, and Igor KoloMOISky, crook of Ukraine, has/had been selling his crocodile-leather shoes and BOOTs on the Dnieper river. Wikipedia says that the boot-like Budini lived south of Kiev, and the Dnieper is south of Kiev. BOTHwells of Bute share the Lynch Coat while the Lynch Coat is almost the Feller Coat. I shut the window and broke the glass, and Glass' were first found in BUTEshire!!! The Bothwell Crest has a "boy PULLING down a pine tree"! It's raining pointers. Kim Thomson was at a PHONE BOOTH as a pointer to Phoenix fraud, and Booths are also Boths, a good reason to see the Bothwell Crest as a pointer, along with the hips-pulling event, to Jovan Pulitzer. Igor Kolomoisky was in political bed with the Biden family. Election fraud is expected to be supported by corrupt Ukrainians in bed with the Bidens, you see.

Igor owns/owned a shark tank, which was pointed to by the shark in my 1979 dream because a bulldog (Trump) FELL into the pool with the shark. It also JUMPed into the pool because Jumps share the trump stag head and the Belly rose. As I've said a millions times, the shark had the bulldog SWALLOWed (!!!) head first down its throat, and there was, at that time, a ring of shark teeth around the dog's BELLY!!! It now looks like a pointer to the Swallow / SALLOW discussion below, written days ago in very-connection with the Slams/SLOWans!!! INCREDIBLE. End insert]

It's important to clinch Slams/Slowans with the Window line. But first, note the "aCUTa" motto term of Bellys, for CUThberts/CUDberts were first found in KirkCUDbrightshire with Slams/Slowans! Bingo, this is new right here. The Cudds have the hand-with-dart too, and while Bellys were first found in MORay, More's/Moors share the Cudd stars! The Slams of KirkCUDbrightshire at our service.

It's now important that the Darts in the Cuthbert Crest have one of the double Sleep fesses, for Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with the Alans sharing the Cuthbert/Cud fesse. Cute's/Cutts (plates) share the white greyhound head with Spanish Guts (in TUME colors). A belly is a gut and a TUM(my). German Guts are listed with Goods. The belly press felt so good. Cute's/Cutts have "plates" while the belly press was related to the hips pull on a PLATform. Plate's/Blate's share the Kopp/KOEPe Coat while Christine's use cups for the Cups/Cope's / Copps (Rook colors and format). CHRISTINE Peare left me for KEPke at the slam-window event, and Copps were first found in HAMPSHIRE!!!! Windham county is in New Hampshire! Someone call the cops, slam the cheats. The Copps even look like kin of French Parents.

The gold, spread eagle in the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest is in the Crest of German Bello's/Belows, and the latter share the double-headed eagle of Jeepma's/CHEPs, a potential Kepke line. It works because the belly press was while she was with Kepke. I kissed Kepke's fiancee, Miss Walsh, on the cheek, and Cheeks/Checks/Chicks share the CHEPman crescent while Checkers were first found in Hampshire again. Chepmans were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces', a potential pointer to NEW Hampshire.

Below-like Pelows (Pelosi's are also Pilati's) look like kin of Plows (Shropshire) who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Kope's/Kobbes' and Kopps/Kope's. The Pelow-like Pillows/Pilotte's share the Christine Coat, both using cups. Perfect. Christs, in the Bouillon motto with Bello's, have a version of the Hips Coat. How could God prove any better that he manipulated some (lots of) events in my life to point to certain things? What's He getting at? Plows have a dancetty fesse in the colors of the embattled Window fesse. Plows seem to me to be a Pollock branch, and Poulos' use logs while French Loge's share a blue saltire with Pelows. The Pelow saltire is in both colors of the same of the Brittany Brians, said to be from Alan rulers.

Dentons/Dintons were at the mouth of the Line river, and while Line's are Linds too, Linds/Lindells use more logs and thus this looks like a pointer to My-Pillow Lindell. Peare was probably sleeping on my pillow during the belly press, as I would have sacrificed mine for her (I didn't own three pillows at the time, probably not even two). Who brought us to Dintons? Windhams. What's Rudy Giuliani doing? I see the Giuliani eagle in the Denton/Dinton Crest. Why is it there? Mike Lindell has the crime graph for Windham county, yet he's not said that he's sent any of this material to the good-guy fighters in that county. What's he doing with that material to weaken the criminals? Anything?

Now, Alans of Shropshire became Stewarts, and while Stewarts share the Brock motto, Brocks have a lion in Crest said to be holding a dart (the website giving Coat descriptions is no longer available to me). The Brock-Crest lion is that of Slams/Slowans and English Stewarts. The Brocks were first found in Essex with the Brooks sharing the Good/Gut Coat. English Goods have the lion above in colors reversed. What more can we ask for assuring that I slammed the window for this belly-related heraldry? I'll re-tell the window-slam and belly-press stories below.

Repeat from above: "WINGs are used in the Crest of German Winders/Wunders (Pollock bend?), and they look like the wings of Jewish Glass' while Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with GLASgow." I didn't know, when I slammed the WINDow, that WINDers were Glass kin. is that not amazing? Why would God want to point the window-slam to Pollocks. First of all, Fulbert, father of Pollocks, lived in Shropshire. Again, English Winders share the Pulling/Pulit motto in full. I think I can now understand the window slam > BROKEn glass. Brocks list "Broke." English Winters were first found in Gloucestershire with the Lets in the Glasgow motto.

While Giuliani's share the Slam/Slowan eagle, Giuliani failed to slam anything in the end. Who will do the slamming? Will Giuliani re-enter the election-fraud fight? What's wrong with him? How does he not care for his country that he should remain aloof with all the evidence of fraud that he had gathered? The DoJ is right-now going after him to scare him out of the fight, we may assume. They took his computers, but we assume he had back-up files hidden, right? The DoJ is now compelled, by Giuliani's computers, to see the evidence of fraud, and if the DoJ does nothing to arrest the criminals, GUILTY is the DoJ. It's amazing how plainly / openly these goons are exposing themselves.

I can even say that I BASHed the window because Bash's (Hertfordshire, same as Nuse's'/Newes' and PRESS'/Prests) have a version of the News/Nuces Coat, which may be a pointer to NEW Hampshire. As Abbots (pears) were Peare kin, note that while News'/Nuces' were at Stanstead Abbots (Hertfordshire), English Parents//Pearants share red martlets with News'/Nuces' and French Alans. The Bash cross is in colors reversed with Christine-linkable Crystals. Bill Kristol worked for the Washington Free BEACON, and German Belli's use a so-called "beacon." While Beacons are listed with English Bacons, French Bacons share the BELLOW/Bello/Ballot cinquefoil.

Slows/Slough's are in the format of, and colors reversed from, the FENDons/Fentons, and while proto-Windsors were the Others/OTTERs, an otter with sword is used by FENDers (Huntingdonshire, same as Others/Otters). The Window Crest looks linkable to the blue lion in the WINchester Crest that itself has gold fitchee behind it, the color of the Window fitchee held by a blue lion paw. This is amazing, folks, for while Windham is in New Hampshire, Winchesters were first found in Hampshire! Nailed it again. That's why God allowed Kepke to take Peare while she was in my arms i.e. because I had to slam the window for this pointer. Amazingly, while Winchesters share the fitchee of Sewer/Suter/SHUTers, looking like a Shut/Shute branch, I shut the window, and Windows look like they named Winchesters.

Plus, LOOKIE: Winds/Windle's have: "The surname Wind was first found in Lancashire at Windle with HARDshaw, a township, in the parish and union of PREScot, hundred of West Derby." The belly PRESS!!! The Press'/Prests were first found in HERTfordshire with Vinkovci-liner Vince's/Finch's. HARDys may be using the Winchester cross, in accordance to Windle and Hardshaw, and Hardys were proto-Douglas' while the latter were Moray elements along with Bellys. Read on.

Winds/Windle's share the Winkler/Windle Coat (Valentin colors), and this line can be gleaned, from the gold border of German Winkers, as that of Valentinian I from VINKovci, and his wife, Justine, for Justine's (gold border) were first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks. The Justine's even share the white-on-blue sword with Winchesters, and while Saer de Quincy ruled Winchester, a so-called "quince" flower is held by the giant Sforza lion while German Winklers share that giant lion. Quince's/Quincys (Northamptonshire, same as mascle-using and sphinx-like Spinks) share mascles (different colors) with Winchesters, and it's the Hips' who have the sphinx.

Lookie. GREATs (Northumberland, same as Phoenix's/Fenwicks with almost the Hips Coat) have another gold border for GRATian of Vinkovci, Valentinian's father. Valentins happen to use squirrels while Squirrels/Square's (Worcestershire, same as Clent Hills and Hillarys) share the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers. The hips-pulling with Peare event was on a raised, platform or DECK, and Decks/Daggers have a version of Hips Coat. Behold: the "ferme" motto term of Squirrels/Square's is like the "Fermiora" motto term of Fullers who in turn share the beacon with German Belli's and almost have the Italian Belli Coat. This is a great way to link the belly press to the hips pulling.

The CHAUCer-branch Chalkers have triple fesses colors reversed from the same of Fullers. CAUCasia is the location of Alania and thus the likely origin of the ROXolani Alans, though Wikipedia places the Roxolani in the area of Keep-like Kiev (Ukraine capital). Mr. Kepke is Ukrainian on his father's side. The SWAN in the Chalker Crest can be traced well to lake Sevan near Alania. Chaucers and Chalkers were first found in Kent with Phillips', and while French Philips have a swan, the Chalker Coat looks linkable to those of Damorys/Amori's and Amore's, the latter being in the motto of the Kent Phillips' along with the Patria's/PEARtree's.

"Amore" means "love," and Love's/Luffs (OXFORDSHIRE with Damorys, Amore's, Peare's and Tame's/Tamms) share the triple fesses of Fullers (tending to expose a Luff marriage to Amore liners so as to develop a Love variation). LUFkins (Shropshire, same as Sleeps and Sallows) share the Peare and Tame/Tamm chevron-with-stars. One Loeffler Coat has lances suspect with "Alan"s of Shropshire. The Love/Luff fitchee has been resolved with that of Chalk-like Cheeks/Checks/Chicks while HAMPSHIRE is where Checkers (and Winchesters) were first found. Checkers share the Ferrat/Fer Coat, and Vasto rulers of Saluzzo were from MontFERRAT, and it just so happens that while French Vairs/Fers' have the Ferrat/Fer Coat in red, Italian Verona's are Vairs too while Belli's/Bello's (almost the Luff/Love fesses) were first found in Verona. The Tiens' variation of Tame's/Tamms is in the Squirrel/Square motto, and I saw Peare's face in a sphinx in the Taman region of CAUCasia.

Winchesters (swords in Aude-sword colors) share the mascles of Tame's/Tamms, first found in OXFORDSHIRE with ROOKs/ROKE's, Clintons and with the Ships/Shiptons who love Bellows/Ballots. It's the ROXburghs/ROKESbys who have the "TAM AUDax" motto phrase partly for ROQUEfeuil of Aude.

[Insert -- On Sunday, it came to mind to load the Arie's, whom I'm not familiar with, though I have loaded them in the past. The idea was to check if God may have used a pointer to "ARIzona" using the Arie's in conjunction with the zona-like Sony company that Miss Peare worked for. It was a long shot, but, zowie, Arie's not only use the Italian Belli/Bello Coat, but a "TIENdrai" motto term!!!!! The thing is, not only were Peare's related to Tiens'/Tamms, but "Arizona" probably means "arid zone," though some think this is a fallacy. The point is, "dry zone" and "tienDRAI." Coincidence? The Dry's/Drays/Drie's share the Perin chevron. While German Belli's use a beacon expected for Beacons/Bacons, Dutch Bakers/Beckers share the Dray/Dray chevron too. German Bakers have the Jewish Pollock Coat while beacon-using Fullers are suspect with "Fulbert," father of Pollocks. End insert]

Here's all that I can remember. A couple of weeks after I "stole" Peare from Kepke (he had invited her on a date but she came with me for a kiss while he was busy), we were standing, hugging lovingly in my room, when Kepke said loudly: "he doesn't love her, he's only using her." Couched in that sentence was his promise to her that he really loved her a lot. I had never told Kepke anything about my using her, and in fact, I recall the afternoon that she and I were lying with our clothes on my bed, but I didn't feel it appropriate to try anything so early in the relationship. If I wanted to use her, I would have tried at that time.

So Peare believed what Kepke was saying, and abruptly left my arms for the living room. I should have booted Kepke out of my apartment, but instead went out and closed the window, breaking the glass in front of them. When I turned around, Peare just gave a small laugh, and that was my give-up hint, I suppose because she suddenly seemed intent on going to him (behind all of this, I suppose God was sparing me this lady). Soon after, she and her friend, Louise flip-like Philips, had to stay the night, or wanted to stay the night at my place, so Kepke drove home alone. The ladies decided to SLEEP with me in my bed, and I was in the MIDDLE. Middle's, first found in Shropshire (also called, Salop) with Slow-like Sallows and Sleeps, share an embattled fesse with Windows. The latter's, in colors reversed, would be blue, the color of the Middle fesse.

So we all fell asleep, but in the middle of the night, I woke up pressing Peare's belly gently, lovingly. I removed my hand as soon as I gained consciousness, for I thought she was likely awake at the time. I probably would not have removed my hand if she wasn't with Kepke by then. I removed my hand, and went back to sleep. She didn't move at all, and it's all I remember. What could this all mean? Why was she with Kepke by this time? But I cannot understand why she would sleep the night at my place when Kepke was driving right by her place in Unionville while driving to his home in Markham????? I must assume that God set that night up (no sex at all), made her want to stay.

I've just realized that Sallows have the six pale bars of Carpenters ("PER acuta BELLI"), in colors reversed from the six pale bars of Italian Belli's/Bello's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that not wild?

Sallows have the Paul/Palles/Palle's crosslets on a chevron all in the colors of the suns upon a chevron of Rooks. The Pauls/Palles'/Palle's are expected in the "pallescere" motto term of Pullings/Pulits' (Yorkshire, same as Rookbys and Windows), believe it or not, and while Rooks were of Roquefeuil in Aude (Languedoc, same as French Paulets), Aude's/Audets have a blue-Shield version of Pulit-like Pollets/Paulets.

Now that the Sleeps seem to apply to these heraldic pointers, we can go to my 1979 dream with Sleeping Beauty, for Sleeps pointed in that dream to SELEPItanoi Illyrians around Rhizon, like "Arizona." The Risings/Risons have a fat cross, almost the fat saltire of Pollocks (AUDacter). The de-Pols were of Foix-Candale, and Foix is a province beside Aude. Bellows/Ballots have a fox head.

The Pollocks are POKE's too, which reminds of a story I've told at least twice. Shortly after the window-slam event, Kepke wanted to play strip POKer. We all went along innocently, and he probably had in mind to win with Peare, and he did just that before anything else had happened. He abruptly locked himself in my bedroom with her, and Louise and I could do nothing but listen to her sexual moans. It was painful for me, but such was Kepke's nature evolving, as he grew to be a full adult. A cheat. It was him who was using her. He later left her, got engaged to Miss Walsh, bragged before me in having sex with both women on the same day, then left Walsh back for Peare, then left her too for good. Why is this important? Has this been the nature of Donald Trump? Probably.

Louise Philips pointed to Luis of Ceva, mother of Alice of Sallow-like Saluzzo, and the latter married Alan of Arundel, explaining why Arundels use the Swallow swallows. Louise was sleeping with me too on belly-press night, you see, and that event already pointed to Shropshire's Sallows and Sleeps, how can this be a coincidence? The six Arundel swallows are in the pattern of, and colors reversed from, the Clinton and Hillary fitchees, and the Clintons share the Saluzzo Chief-Shield. The Clinton Chief, not surprisingly, is almost the Chief of French Alans. FitzAlans lived in Shropshire's Clun, and Cluns/Clone's and Cline's share the Saluzzo Coat exactly. Having said that, note that the Middle's share the giant Phillips lion, for I was sleeping in the middle while Middle's were first found in Shropshire.

German Cline's look like they have the Jewish-Pollock bend as a RIVER, and Rivers share two nebuly fesses (different colors) with Clone's/Clements who are in turn in the Morley/MAUL motto.

The Swallow write-up traces to "...Lords of the manor of Swallow, originally SAULUN, shown in the Domesday Book survey of 1086 as being held by Alfred of Lincoln, from Count ALAN..." The SAULNier variation of Saunier's may apply here, especially as the latter share the Belly roses while Sallows (share tree with Swallows) have the six Belli/Bello pale bars in colors reversed. Bellows/Ballots and Balls were first found in Cheshire, beside Shropshire's Sallows, and French Balls/Ballots were first found in Brittany with Alans. As I trace Alans to the namers of mont Velino in Abruzzo, it's notable that Bruce-line Abruzzo's/Abreu's have a Portuguese Abreu branch sharing the five wings of Portuguese Alfreds, for we see Alfred of Lincoln in the quote above under count Alan.

Just as a point of interest, French Faux's/CHALNES' were first found in Perigord with SAULNier's (and Fauchy's), you see, and then the English Faux's were a branch of VALLIbus'/Vaux's and Whalleys while Dols use the whale. It tends to nail Saulnier's with the Swallow kin of the FitzAlans of Arundel.

Ceva is on the Cevetta river, and Cavetts were first found in Picardy with the French Parents. A couple of years after Kepke left her for good, Peare called me up, and we went out for the weekend, but I decided not to see her again, and therefore abruptly drove her to where she wanted to go, to her PARENTs. French Parents happen to share the quadrants of Aarons/ARENs, you see, while Arundels were named after Sussex, where Keeps were first found.

Here's from the write-up of French Parents: "By the 14th century they had branched to Chatelet near Paris, to LAUNAY in VALOIS...Junior branches also acquired estates in Brittany, and Trieste." The French Philips (SWAN) have Philip of Valois in their write-up, explaining why the Coat of French Philips is much like that of Valois'/VALAIS', and then Valais canton happens to be the location of Sion while Sions (swan) are listed with Swans. The Chief-Shield colors of Valois'/Valais' is shared by sphinx-using Brocuffs. The entry of Valois/Valais into this discussion, due to the VALOUR variation, recalls how the owl cult of Edom was pointed to by VALERY Luff (old friend of mine) who appeared in my recent dream with a waving, green snake tongue (lying inference obvious). This owl cult was pointed to by my Oullette dream that itself pointed hard to Jovan Pulitzer.

Launay in Brittany is in FINIStere province, where I trace Fiens/FINIS' who look like Window kin, especially as French for "window" is like "Finistere." Is that not amazing? The window slam pointed to Slams/SLOWans while Slows look like Saluzzo-line Sallows. Luis of Ceva birthed Alice, wife of Thomas of Saluzzo. What could the window slam predict / forebode for election cheats? Why do Phillips have a flip-like Filip variation? Dominion-machine flipping, right? Yes, but there was also prevalent adjudication flipping going on thanks to the election machines spitting out many ballots (unjustifiably) for adjudication (= human handling and tampering).

Just a reminder: the Welsh Phillips (Kent) have a "DUCit" motto term while Doug Ducey is the Arizona governor at this time, protecting the cheats (completely unbelievable). Those who were protecting the cheats are hard-pressed not to capitulate and come clean, because they supported the cheats hard enough to commit themselves to criminality. Later, however, they might capitulate and "sing."

I Got Slapped

I went to bed Saturday night after ending the last part above, and realized another story to tell, thanks to the Salop entries above. I was camping with Kepke and some others, and playing a version of poker (for small-time money) late in the evening, probably past midnight. We were all drunk by then. I thought I saw Kepke CHEAT by taking a card from the bottom of the DECK, and I said so out loud. Kepke SLAPped me in the face. SALOP. Slape's are listed with Sleeps of Salop.

That ended my friendship with him. I recall that Peare visited me in my tent the next morning, like when she had a chance to get away from Kepke, but nothing happened as I wasn't wanting her by then. It was probably the last time I saw her until she called a couple of years later.

Kepke had left Peare before the night of the face slap for KIM Walsh, and she was the one I kissed on the cheek while she was with Kepke. Kepke slapped me on the cheek. When Kepke got engaged with Walsh, Peare begged him to come back to her, and he then started to go to bed with both women. He went back to Peare, which was at the time of the face slap.

Why might God put Kim into this picture? Why Walsh's? Kims were first found in Buteshire with Scottish Glass', and this recalls Kim Thomson in the PHONE BOOTH, a pointer to judge Thomason who gave the Maricopa audit the green light. Alans had moved from Salop to Glasgow with poker-like Pollocks/POKE's, and Bute's/Butts/Boets, who look like kin of Pierro's/PERO's, share the Alan / Rundel fesse. BUTEshire. ARUNdel-like Rundels were first found in Kent with BANGs/BENGs/Bings who in turn share the lion of Newmans/Numans who are in turn in the "numine" motto of Scottish Walsh's who in turn share a version of the BENJamin Coat. That works even to my BANGing the window and breaking the glass!

We were playing cards when he slapped me, and Cards have a "LETTER" (with stamp) in Crest held by a hand out of a cloud. Hands out of a cloud are used by Arun-like Aarons/Arens, and Alans lived in Arun, in Sussex with the first-known Keeps and Stamp-like Stumps/Stomps expected in the tree stump of Lauders (and Rodhams). Glasgows love the Letter-like Lets/LATTs, and Letters-branch Lauders share "RePULLuLAT," the full motto of Larrys/Laurie's (share laurel with Lorraine's) while Keeps share the Lorraine bend. Is this not getting a little amazing? The last time I saw Peare was as little as a month before I began to date Lorraine. The window slam was on LAWRENCE avenue, and Lawrence's are often called, Larry.

I don't know whether the slap is supposed to indicate Cheeks/Chicks, but in their write-up; "Over in Somerset, THOMAS Chike was listed..." In consideration of slap-like Salop, Thomas Chike looks like a line from Thomas of Saluzzo. Welsh Thomas' have a Coat like that of Thomsons, and both use the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors for a trace to Slam-branch Sallows of slap-like Salop, and to Arundels of Arun in Sussex, where KEEPs were first found who are in Alan colors. Keppochs and Dance's (both in Yorkshire with Bruce's) share a red fesse with Alans, and Dance's have them in both colors of the Alan and Rundel fesse. Keeps use a "galley" (ship), and English Galleys share checks (different color) on a fesse with Stewarts. French Galleys were first found in Dauphine with the Galli's who in turn share the Chief of French Alans (it's the Saluzzo Shield once again).

As Stewarts ascended the throne when marrying royal Bruce's, we first note that Cards have a lion head in both colors of the Bruce lion. The mother of royal Bruce's was Marjory Carrick, and Carricks (Carrot colors) share "bien" with Card-like Carrots, the latter first found in Cornwall with Cards. Carts may have the Bruce saltire, therefore. Carrots may even be using a galley ship. My question: why did God see fit to have Kepke slap me instead of me slap him? That's one of my first questions for when I get to Heaven. I assume it's because Keeps were of Salop with the Alans, but, still, that means I should have slapped him. Maybe God wanted me to part ways with Kepke at that point, suggesting He finished His work with him in my life. By that time, I was about a year before becoming a Christian.

Kepke was out of shoe sales and into PLUMBing sales by the time of the cheek slap (this was about a year before I turned to Jesus for sanity). In fact, he had gotten me a sales job at Plumbing Mart. Carts use PALM branches, and I kissed Kim on the cheek at La PALOMA. Spanish Paloma's share the Peare and Dance/Donnas pale bar. English Plumers/Plumbers (share Shoe star) happen to share "audacter" with Pollocks, and while Forts use "audax," "Fortem" is a motto term of Fiens/FINIS' having three lions in the colors of the lion heads of Plumers/Plumbers!!! The Windows have three lion paws in the same colors, you see, and while FINIStere is in Brittany, many Brittany surnames use "plumes." Plus, WINDhams share three lion heads around a chevron all in the colors of the same of Plumers/Plumbers! It begs why his plumbing job should point to the Windham audit, for Aude's are Audets too. Dannys/Dance's (near Pulls/Pools of Dorset) probably use the Pull/Pool lion, and the latter's Pollet kin almost have the Aude/Audet Coat. Pollets were first found in Somerset with Thomas Chike of the Cheeks. I may have been at Plumbing Mart at the time of the cheek slap.

The Pollets and Knee-branch Needhams share a gold, spread eagle in Crest with Finis-branch Phoenix's/Fenwicks, and the Knee's use the phoenix in red while Shoe's have a "knight issuing from the knees." As per Plumbing MART, Marts are listed with French and German Martins. Judge Thomason was replaced by judge Martin. Ahhhh, German Marts/Martins were first found in OLDENburg with Jeepma's/CHEPs, recalling that Oldens/AUDens have the Cheek Coat in colors reversed!! This can explain the cheek slap.

[I didn't remember until Tuesday, the day after this update was published, that the three Cheek/Check crescents are those also of Blythe's who in turn have a version of the Keppoch Coat. Bill Clinton was born Mr. Blythe. That's why Lawrence Kepke slapped me on the cheek, as a pointer to the cheating Clintons! Clints/Clents share the Blythe garbs, and were first found in Yorkshire (near first-known Blythe's) with Keppochs.]

Oltens are brought up as Otone's. Oldens/Audens share the demi-gold lion in Crest with the Ault Crest. The Pollets have a motto, "AYMEZ loyAULTe," you see, and the Biss', very linkable to the "biscione" snake of OTTONE Visconti, use an "AYEZ" motto term as well as scallops forming a single pale bar in the colors of the single Ault pale bar. The Biss Crest / Visconti snakes can be seen in the Arms if Bissone (Ticino canton).

The thing I neglected until now (in this update) is the "LOYaulte" motto term of Pollets, for Loys are listed with Louis' while Louise Phillips points to Phillips/FILIPS, and thus to vote flipping, very connectable to the Pollet-related Aude's/Audets. See how tidy that is? Loys/Louis' were first found in Lorraine with Perins, and Pero's are also Perino's.

Let's go back to my sleeping in the middle between Peare and Phillips, for I've just thought to look up Centers to find the Peare and Parson leopard faces. As Middle's were first found in Salop with Slape's/SLEEPs, perhaps the face slap points to this picture. The Centers above are also Sainters, and the Sinclairs/Saints use a "God" motto term that we can assume to be code for Good/Gut liners, for the Guts were part of the belly press when I was SLEEPING in the CENTER of Peare and Phillips.

AHHHH WOW, German Centers/Sanders share the Chief-Shield color combination of PRESS'/Prests!!!!! ASTOUNDING. That's why God had me in the center.

From Goods/Guts, we return to Spanish Guts in the colors of tummy-like Tume's/Tombs (Susan colors), and the latter's tombstones have "R.I.P" as likely code for the royal Cottians of Susa upon the Riparia river. As per the WORKs/Wergs in the Sinclair/Saint motto, Tume's/Tombs were first found in WORCestershire with DENCE's/Dennys; the latter can be in the "pruDENCE" motto term of Biss', for Bissone is not far from Susa. Dence's/Dennys' share the saltire of Scottish Franks who in turn use a "noBIS" motto term. The PRUDE's/Pride's expected in "PRUDEnce" have three lamPREY fish in pale in the colors of the Biss pale bar, and Irish Preys share the six pale bars of Cottian-like Coats/Cotes'...which are almost the six Carpenter and Belli pale bars.

Pero's were on the Ticino river down-river from Bissone. The Italian Dance's are also Donnas', and Donnus was a Cottian king (in Piedmont, where Pero's and Dance's/Donnas were first found). Her belly-press event was directly connectable to her waist-pulling event, and WAISTELLs (share white horse with Tume's/Tombs) look like "Vestalis," Donnus' grandson Donnus' son was king Cottius (father of Vestalis).

The six pale bars of Preys and Coats/Cotes' are in the colors of the ten pale bars of Tarrs/Tarres', which recalls the SLAP SHOT of Steve Tarr for the tip-in, winning goal as I slid past the net on by shin bones. The Newtons use "shin bones" as a saltire in the colors of the Dence/Dennys / Frank saltire, and as that winning goal pointed hard to election fraud, can this now point to Dr. Frank's contributions? Yes, for while he's teamed up with Mike Lindell, whose getting together with LIN Wood anyday now, let's repeat that the slap shot came to rest on the goal LINE while Lins are listed with Line's/Linds while Swedish Linds are listed with Lindells. Newtons have an "eastern prince" in Crest, and Prince's/Prinse's (Perins / Perino's?) share the FACE/Fessy cross. The Sempers in the Lin/Line motto are a Pierre / Pere branch, and Peare's with Centers use leopard FACES (if heraldic animals have no necks, they are faces, not heads).

I was slapped in the face by the cheating Mr. Kepke when we were playing POKer. I POKed the puck from the slap shot across the goal line. Shots are listed with Shuts who came up as per my shutting the window hard to produce broken glass, and Brocks/Broke's share "VireSCIT" with Lins/Line's (Ayrshire, same as Skits/Skeets having variations like Shoe variations). Skits/Skeets (branch of Skate's) were first found in Ayrshire with Sheds having the Brock/Broke and Brocuff Chief-Shield colors. Shots/Shuts are also Skit-like Shitts. See any possible coincidences here? Is Kepke's slap to my face, in his effort to cover for his cheating with the deck of cards, pointing to election fraud? Dominion machines work in conjunction with machines by Scytl, and Schittle's are listed with SCHITners, first found in Silesia with sphinx-using Brocuffs (share potent cross with Skits/Skeets and Sheds/Scheds). Do we see four nails in the potent cross of Skits/Skeets? Brocuffs are also Procks while nails are used by PROCtors.

The shin bones. Shins/Chinns/CHINGs look like Chinese elements, and there is even a Chinese Lin surname to go with the Chinese election fraud that Lindell aims to commit to a high court. Mr. Lindell recently said that he hopes to take his case to the U.S. supreme court within weeks, claiming that the court cannot refuse the evidence that he has. Anything's possible with God.

Near the time of the hips-pulling dream, I had a dream with Kepke walking up my driveway followed by a SICKLY-looking stag. I always used "sickly" to describe it, and maybe it's for the SICKLE in the FRAUD/Frith Coat. The sickly stag was very SKINny, and Skins are listed with SCANs/Skene's. The sickly stag was followed by PAUL Smith on crutches, and Pauls/Palles'/Palle's are suspect in the "pallescere" motto term of Pullings/Pulits. See anything in common in all of this? Pulitzer's scanning machine, right?

I think I can now prove that the Skins/Scans apply to this sickly stag, for the Merces' in the Skin/Scan motto share the CURBy crescents. Curbys came up when Kim Walsh was having a spat with Kepke at La Paloma. She left him outside of my car, and got into the passenger seat, SLAMMing the door on his face, and so he sat down on the parking-lot CURB beside the car's front fender. Fenders use a white sword with an otter's head at the tip, and Skins/Scans use white swords with wolf heads at their tips! That's new right here. I've not mentioned before that Kepke sat at the fender of the car (Firebird).

We had all been drinking, and so, as soon as she got into the car, I leaned over and gave her a kiss on her cheek. That's how it happened, and, I admit, I kissed her because she was beautiful, okay I'll admit it. But I think God made me kiss her. The Walsh's (ROxburghshire) that use a version of the Benjamin Coat have a "numine" motto term, and the Smiths use "BENIGno numine," partly for the Benjamin line, apparently, and it was Paul SMITH who followed the skinny stag that Kepke was leading. These two men had never met one another in real life; they were my friends. As Miss Walsh BANGed the door on Kepke, note that Bangs are also BENGs. See?

Fenders have a hand holding their white sword, as do Irish Smiths/MacGowans/Gows. The latter love the Pellits, I think, in their "exPELLIT" motto term, and Pellits (branch of Pilotte's/PILLOWs) were first found in Sussex with Hammers in the hammer held by the giant lion of German Smiths. It's the lion also of German Hammers/Hemmers. I can't make out what the brown item is in the Smith/Gow Coat, but if it's a log, that's the symbol of Poulos', first found in Burgundy with French Pilote's. Is this paragraph a pointer to My-Pillow Lindell, since Lindells use the log too? The "morTUUS" motto term of Irish Walsh's can be for the Tous' said to have a "man" with shirt and buttons, and then Shirts use "Hostis," like the "hostes" of Smiths/Gows.

OH WOW, you're not going to believe this. The Loge's and Loches'/DeLOGES' were both first found in Burgundy with Poulos', and the Deloges' share three, green-on-white cinquefoils with Gows/McGoo's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This must be why God used Paul Smith, to get us to Smiths/GOWs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get it now.

OH WOW, Dominion's CEO is/was Eric Coomer, and Coomers share "Sapiens" with SICHs!!!! The sickly stag!!! However, a mystery remains where I kissed Walsh on the cheek, unless it's only purpose is to connect with the slap to my cheek when Kepke was cheating.

Here's Mike Lindell lately, telling that he has some Dominion machines under investigation, and that this team will be reporting on them in the next few weeks. If he doesn't hurry up, the war will be over before he does the exposure. Is he just teasing? Listen to his throat as Bannon is speaking; Mike's got a medical problem of some sort.

Other News

In communist Finland today, you can be jailed for quoting the scriptures that condemn faggotry:

Fox reported this week that John Kerry has invested as much as 15 million dollars with four or five oil companies in the lead-up to his becoming Biden's official global-warming executive. The skunkish hypocrisy of the globalists. Is there one thing we can respect globalists for? For them, the world is nothing but a pool of tax money for them to dive into. THIEVES. Even when they get caught, they smile and keep-on. They don't care what we think, and are protected by the global brotherhood. The Fox clip I saw didn't say how the news org obtained Kerry's "financial disclosure forms." He had been Obama's foreign minister (globalist diplomat) for four years on the heels of four years of Hillary Clinton doing the same. Do we expect anything but corruption in that eight-year picture?

All-mouth Trump handed the country back to that cabal without a fight, never forget. If Trump had chosen a pro-Trump DoJ chief, and a pro-Trump FBI chief, the cabal would not have stolen the election; the guilty would be in court right now facing jail time for all sorts of things, including something akin to treason. This Trump farce now wants Christians to hire him for four more years.

Here's evidence of more Christian persecution in the works in iron-fist USA:

Fox news has lost so many viewers that it's putting Hannity at the end of youtube videos to beg us all to come back. I never see one Fox video on election-fraud updates. Hannity, you fraud. You've turned into a Fox-boss poodle. USELESS. The right thing to do is to quit Fox and get your own media going. What good is it to blast Biden every night when his side has cheating voter machines? STUPID. You waste your breath, and you waste the time of all your viewers, luring them to come get their souls contorted with ever-dripping, play-by-play news on unprincipled, daft Democrats. You've grown the devil's horns for your love of money and fame. Even when you were on radio alone, you had way too many commercials; I knew your were greedy from those times. Plush Hannity, stuck in the eye of a needle. He says, "Let not your hearts be troubled," but doesn't finish the sentence. Half-way Hannity, to be spit out of our mouths.

Here's Ben Shapiro on a hot mic saying that he wants not to oppose pansexualism (especially faggots included) on the air for fear of losing advertisers, the same spiritual disease that makes Fox news a half-news station...that will never fix all that's very wrong with current society:

In other words, even those who are like us, whom we've trusted to fight for our positions, have caved to leftist pressures of punishment, and thus, like some church leaders, they ruffle no feathers on the sinful things leftists hold sacred. Most of all, churches have let us down in this wicked generation. Better to be a small church with little money, hoping for a "well done" from Jesus, than to be a luke-warm Hannity / ecumenical / Jewish type.

In the Dice video below, at the 2nd minute, you can see the man who I think is a fake Biden having a left ear lobe in the ordinary, detached-from-face way, while his right ear has no such lobe. I viewed Biden in his younger years in several photos, where he had both lobes ordinary. So, how did this man get an ear lobe attached to his face?

I said, a few weeks ago, that this man is a Biden double who pretends to be mentally slow because the real Biden is slow. However, since then, I've learned that this no-lobe man has been pretending to be Biden for a long time, much longer than the fall of last year. I'll give two theories at this time: 1) No-lobe Biden is the real Biden with a microphone surgically inserted into the ear where the lobe was then attached to the face for some needed reason; 2) it's a fake Biden with a microphone in his head that, when someone's talking into it, screws up the things he needs to say in public, and thus he seems daft or slow. A fake Biden was not a politician all his life, explaining gafts of all sorts, or why he seems out of touch with political realities.

Although the video below is over four hours, the first 15 minutes will tell you of the legal battles in Italy / Europe against vaccines, especially mandatory vaccinations, in class-action suits. We need this effort globally, but in the meantime, I want to see FULLY exactly how wicked the powers are in trying to force us to receive their poisons. It's important that we SEE how evil they are, to the very degree, because these are the realities that govern much of our lives now. We need to defame these powers to weaken their political clout. We should never give them the benefit of the doubt that they care for our safety, for they denied the world the very safe drug, hydroxychloroquine, in the name of safety, yet they do not have the same voices of concern against vaccines killing and maiming thousands of times more than hydroxychloroquine can kill/maim.

I would not donate at the video above because they don't send you a receipt. I'm asking Jesus to reveal what exactly the globalist goons are trying to accomplish with vaccinations. The answer could be complex, with multiple agendas wrapped into one effort.

About the 40th minute, we learn that the "whole house of cards must collapse" on the COVID testing, because the tests are unreliable, and it's by these tests that the goons put businesses out of work, or lock people in their own homes or worse. Pastors who go to court can challenge these tests, and this could be the end of this monster aside from those who want vaccinations due to ignorance or love of globalist goons. There are many goons on the streets that we rub shoulders with, the anti-Christ generation. This monster is individual testing and the government-enforced repercussions to your personal life. This is the teeth of this monster. Smash the testing, and we smash the teeth, making the monster as useless as Trump was in destroying the swamp monster. That's more than a fair shake because Trump turned out to be pro-vaccine in order that his name could be written across the stars. No, Mr. Trump, you delude yourself to think that you are a true savior.

The nearer the mandatory vaccines come, the harder the good guys will drive their many cases to the courts. It's only beginning now, and we have a good chance of winning, especially if the rats expose themselves fully and get canceled in the next election(s).

In the 49th minute, we learn that Quebec medical workers are required to take three tests per week if they do not want vaccines, and, sure enough, they will test positive eventually. They are to be fired / laid-off without pay if they do not want the tests, which is what makes it a mandatory vaccine, you see. The goons are hypocrites, and need to be stopped. The problem is, court cases go slooooow, and unless some public outcry takes place soon, this year should see mandatory vaccinations stepped up.

In the 55-56th minutes, the lawyer from Quebec says that 97-percent of the COVID (or PCR) tests provide false-positives. I can't understand, therefore, how the lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations cannot be challenged with fatality to the entire COVID scheme. If the great bulk of tests are false positives, then the increase in COVID cases that we hear about into may are false reports. This is how the powers are deceiving us. WHY? What are they up to? JESUS, tell us what they are up to.

I keep hearing that the goons are saving their scheme by appealing to a "precautionary measure" argument, in the absence of proof for their claims. That is, even though they can't prove anything dangerous, they are going to enforce "safety" measures as a precaution, like when you are forced to wear a helmet for walking down the road in case a meteorite strikes you. Or, put it this way: if it's only precautionary in going forward, then it's not an emergency, except that they are insisting on having a crisis, because they have a canned (predetermined) solution for the crisis. I say the goons needed to be jailed for a long, long time as murderers. Trump included. If you don't understand: this is a declaration of war from the COVID goons. Wars have been fought for a lot less, and if the courts do not bring sanity soon, war is yet an option.

Shortly after the one-hour mark, a lawyer from New Mexico has her say, agreeing that the way forward is to find a court that agrees with the fallacious test kits.

Bottom Line: this world needs Jesus as it's KING. He will tell the truth on all the issues, and He will arrange the right things to do for every issue. Imagine a world like that. Stay in the VINE, find health in the Spirit in patient calm, and be ready for some looming clouds. Having said that, see this new report claiming that the Chinese have been caught discussing a virus attack on enemies for the purpose of following up with military might. Ask: why does it seem that socialist Western leaders and post-Obama Bidenites are bringing us a hoax-version of the Chinese plot to fill hospitals and make people go depressed / confused? This is a declaration of war from Biden and his socialist predecessor.

Here's the pastor, James Coates, with his Sunday sermon on persecution Peter-style. It begs how many people will stop going to church when terrible persecution comes with the threat of murder on top of jailings. The Canadian anti-Christs are rubbing their hands at this time in delight, don't doubt it.

The irony is, many Christians aren't going to church at this time due to their claim that church elders are too soft, or like goats, or something akin to that. I wonder how much truth there is to that. Will national persecution cause these non-churchers to go back to church to fill the seats of the too-soft, the compromised, the hypocrites? I hope so. I want to be part of a church that speaks out against our national enemies and blasts them for their sinful society, and for their social engineering that always chooses that which opposes Jesus. I want a pastor that fearlessly slaps the national leader in the face ( so to speak) for making marijuana legal against the will of parents, for doing nothing to stop Internet porn that destroy people from their adolescence. I want a pastor that spits on Christians / conservatives who think it's okay to legalize weed. I see these people as the Biblical weeds, and as the goats who feed on weeds.

Society has been on fire constantly for my entire generation, but pastors don't target the politicians and groups who light the fires. Instead of raging against our end-time Sodom, to put us in the proper frame of mind for warning our enemies, pastors are usually blessing the people in the pews with all sorts of general lessons, or even providing self-help tools for gaining personal prosperity. If Christians are praying to God for a return to a normal society, perhaps we should consider that, maybe, God doesn't want the normal society for us. Perhaps Christians have been basking at ease in the normal society to their eternal losses. There are many Christians who see the rot, and speak out against it, because they hate it, because Jesus hates it. That's the way to be in the faces of our enemies. SCREAM TODAY.

That was an excellent message from Mr. Coates.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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