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April 20 - 26, 2021

A Houlle of a Convicting Finger Pointing to Phoenix Election Fraud
Mr. Owl Eyes is an Edomite
Shroud-of-Turin Heraldry

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Why do we think that Jesus gave signs of His return when only one generation, in almost 2,000 years and counting, would need the signs? Why put this look-up prophecy in the minds of all previous generations only to disappoint the believers their whole lifetimes? I think I have a good answer. he wants the final generation to be an army that pains the anti-Christ system. He wants the final generation to glorify His name, even in the midst of false teachers and apostates who disappoint the Father. How does He want us to glorify the Father? By rejecting what the world esteems in all of its material and technological "glory." There's no way that we could glorify the father without the signs, for the signs tell us it's time to start shining the glory.

As we're going to be given harsh tasks in the end times, because the devil will be permitted to be harsh against us, God is also kind by giving the signs, because it tends to eliminate our suffering without evidence that Jesus really lives to this day. When we see the 666 and the boastful, God-hating one for which its propped up, we will have heads held high because we will KNOW that Jesus has been watching all along even while the world mocks the concept of the Second Coming. So, know the signs that you might be part of the glorification process.

Did you ever think, when you were back in school, that some of your classmates would grow up to be Christian-murdering bastards? All of those sinners we laughed and partied with are now being conditioned, or will be conditioned, to despise us to the point of wanting us dead. Just think of it. Just think of how horrible humans can become in just one generation when the devil is allowed to condition their minds more freely. A bastard is one without a Father, but a murderous bastard is one who glorifies the Father unwittingly. There are going to be a lot of murderous bastards. Can God remove our souls from our bodies the split-second before the bastards do violence to them? Or one second after? Or three in other cases? It is for the slaughter of the sheep that God's torch will flare in glory at the Appointed Time.

Say it after me: I'm going to be faithful to Jesus for the rest of my life. If I get frustrated with the way He communicates with me, not to my liking, I'll get over it. I will wait for the Day when He doesn't need to hide anymore. Until then, the Father has instructed Him to remain usually-unnoticeable. I will sing songs of God, and make myself happy. I will go to bed and be mindful of God, and fall asleep in some one-way conversation with Him. I often find myself saying as I doze off: how did that picture get there? I didn't put it there. I get vivid scenes flashing before my "eyes." I wasn't even thinking about those things, but there they flash. I'm not in control of those things. Sometimes they're nasty, sometimes innocent.

I don't hear the words of Jesus recited in my ears. Wouldn't that be nice to hear? It depends. What if he's not happy with us? What if he's usually instructing us to do this-and-that better? What if it's like one of the nasty letters in Revelation? I'll be the first to say, I don't understand why he treats me the way he does. I assume he treats you roughly the same way. I can understand it if we sometimes wonder whether he's with us at all. We need to depend on whatever ways he's revealed himself to each of us personally in the past.

All of the worm-in-mask videos have disappeared from bitchute, but early this week, we have a magnification of some Pfizer vaccine by 2000x, and we have what sounds like a medical man trying to figure out why a cellular, living organism is inside the vaccine:

Here's an attempt from a Canadian media to use death numbers corruptly / deceptively to make Canadians think that COVID is killing more people than is truly the case:

The pastor does a great job with the charts. The problem is, he gets 50 views only, as per when I loaded the video, and Global News got hundreds of thousands of viewers for it's dishonest and CORRUPT propaganda. So you see, there is a conspiracy in the West, and it is dastardly. Don't miss the prophecy in Psalm 2 near the end of the video, where God laughs and mocks our enemies.

Here's the first-ever underground church service in the Western world, dated April 11 of this month, where the pastor is mocking the puny Canadian authorities by upholding the super-duper-big Jesus:

The power of Canada in this situation is nothing but the rattling chains of its handcuffs, no match for Jesus. Yet, beware, Canada, for God is about to give you power over His church, that you might condemn yourself. Be very careful what you decide to do to His people, whether good or bad, because you will reap a reward of one kind or the other. It's so predictable that this blind country will choose the wrong, watch and see. The fences still remain around the property because Alberta's rulers are not big enough to admit error. The big-bad wolves have fenced the yard of the peaceful lambs, folks, how embarrassing. The longer the fences stay up, the more this looks like the drool of insanity dripping from the fangs of rabid dogs with stupid faces.

Don't get the mistaken impression that Canada hasn't done anything against Jesus yet but jail Mr. Coates for a month. In fact, Canada has attempted to shut down churches from sea to sea for a prolonged, if not permanent, basis, and continues to do it to this day. Rabies are turning the rulers into whackos. When the pastor gets to the preaching (don't miss his courage) at the 25th minute, he turns to Psalm 2, where God laughs and mocks the enemies of Jesus at the Last Day. That's where we read that Trudeau will kiss the royal ring of King Jesus. Trudeau will become the footstool of God.

The pastor preaches boldly (incredibly) against Godless globalism, I kid you not, as a prophet would, telling the world rulers that the planet shall belong to Jesus. This is exactly why the churches are failing God, for fear of preaching like this. This is exactly what Trudeau and other spiritual mutations don't want preached in churches. If this sort of thing were preached instead of a prosperity (or Trumpism) gospel, then we would become relevant, useful, like salt. Name God's enemies today. Make church relevant, for God is always concerned with the enemy of the day. Act against the enemy of the day. But if we are not relevant for fear of a backlash, then we are wretched.

Oh wow, look at the news story below, where someone witnessed and taped new ventilator machines dumped at a garbage / landfill site just in time before they were buried, and it just so happens that machines come from China.

Who in their right mind would order COVID-important machines from China? Whatever the truth of this story, it stinks bad. Why didn't the landfill save the machines, keep them for inquiry? Why did the machines need to be hidden in a garbage dump? China would take them back free, for re-sale, paying only for shipping.

Headline: "MyPillow CEO’s free speech social network will ban posts that take the Lord’s name in vain". That's a good start, but why not ban derogatory language too? Ahh: "In the more recent video, Lindell explained that the new network would still moderate against profanity and threats of violence — setting it apart from previous right-wing platforms like Parler and Gab, which prided themselves on their refusal to censor offensive speech." I like that. Now if only Frank allowed people to operate who don't want to reveal their email addresses to register. Why does any Internet company need someone's email? I think this is wrong. I think this contributes to deep-state spying, to keep them up-to-date on peoples email accounts.

I've just learned that wants my phone number and email in order to sign up, which is why I will not sign up. Mike Lindell, YOU STINK. You have no right to know the phone numbers of millions of people. You come out looking like a con, and you are also helping the deep state, because it can hack the website's personal-information files eventually. YOU STINK. Freedom of speech as long as big-mobster deep state is allowed to know my name, and where I live. YOU STINK BAD, I'm staying away. Why do you want to know my phone number? Is frankspeech going to call me once in a while, to say hello? What are you going to do with my phone number? Money corrupts, and so maybe Lindell is just another Ravi Zacharias'. Why does Lindell mix Jesus with Trumpism? Why did general Flynn publicly show his support for Q-Anon even after the latter's movement proved to be an amount-to-nothing, bad-publicity deception aimed at Christians? Things are not right enough for me to go forward without skepticism.

Here's evidence that Ravi Zacharias was a con-man at heart:

Ravi's church continues, just as though some Christians were morons to continue attending. A moron is a dope, one who can be trusted to become duped. And then there's Lori Anne Thompson, who's online in what sounds to me like a quasi-confession that she slept with Ravi. She's in a video confession in tears while saying, "I trusted him." Yeah, but she would have had the choice not to sleep with him, and so trying to portray herself as one who had no choice, who was forced to have sex, I can't buy this.

I don't think we should be duped by women who, after they get caught, pretend they were not a willing part of the adultery. If she was not willing, then it was rape, but she did not describe a rape situation. And a rape can only happen once; after that, she needs only stay away from him. If she slept with him more than once, it had to be willingly, and moreover she did not expose him after his first attempt and/or his first success. It's not making her smell like roses.

In her video testimony, in text at the webpage below, she says only that Ravi was guilty of sexual conduct over the phone. And we are to believe that the great trauma she then explains was only due to some sexual words over the phone. She says, "I became suicidal...Even after the [phone] abuse stopped, I stayed in touch with RZ. He was the only person who knew what happened to me. In time, I told my sister but I was never going to tell anyone else what happened." That sounds to me like she was willingly sleeping with him, but wanting it to look like she was in touch with him for other reasons. It makes no sense that she would go near this man after he attempted phone sex or something of that nature. Plus, no man, especially one in Zacharias' position, just starts talking sexually over the phone unless the woman gives him a green light, or at least a yellow light. And it's expected to take more than one vocal engagement to get that far.

But her story gets worse for her:

When I disclosed that same day [not the day of any sexuality] to my husband what happened to me — he was devastated...He was crumbling at home with our children and I was in another country in complete collapse. He wasn’t sure he wanted me to come home. I wasn’t sure I would make it home. No one slept that Saturday night and for many years of Saturdays to come. Life as we knew it was ripped apart. We were torn asunder. I can hardly find the words to describe the complete and utter relational, emotional, psychological, and physical implosion...

...Daily I was not sure if my husband would come home. Daily he was not certain I would be alive when he got home. The lack of any cognitive framework for clergy sexual abuse mixed with deep attachment wounds of his own, leaving my husband drowning in shame and excruciating pain. This led to him to bitterly blame me — even as I struggled under the crushing weight of it all. The intensity of our individual despair, outrage, and felt shame drove us each intermittently deeper into despair. Our whole family was ruptured. All semblance of normal biological and relational rhythm was obliterated. Daily life ground down to trying not to die or kill each other.

Her husband didn't want her to come home just because Ravi attempted some phone sex that she had rejected from day one??? That makes no sense. The words above make sense only if she was guilty of sexual adventures. I'm hearing from Mike Winger's treatment of her that she sent this man nude photos of herself. Did I say "yellow light"? This is a GREEN LIGHT to the man. No Christian woman does it unless she wants sex, so long as Ravi pushes the right buttons at the right times to make her go for it. At first it could be, well maybe I will, and eventually she dives into bed.

It would have been like, wow, Ravi Zacharias wants me, wow. Maybe I will. Oh what the hell, let's go for it. After that, she cries in her husband's lap like she was victimized. That's what I'm seeing.

She admitted that she engaged with Zacharias in computer chats prior to his phone sexcapades, and so we can imagine that it started there with his, "I think you're a wonderful woman," or something to that effect, or, "I'm so taken up by you." Eventually, she responded with similar language, and thus both were on the slippery slope together, the witch with the devil. Shortly after the one-minute mark of the Winger video below, you can hear some of the "I love you's" that Zacharias used on his victims. It seems that for every day he came in to work, it was to set up his next sexual adventure, not to shepherd the flock.

After confessing to her husband at the prompting of some fellow believers, she and he sent Zacharias a letter requiring $5M from him to keep his secret. She was acting wickedly, wasn't she? Instead of exposing him, she was trying to make CHURCH MONEY off of him, and allowing him to move on unscathed to another woman in the church. Ouch, thieving sister, that stinks. Those were donations from Christians you were seeking. Mike Winger is too wishy-washy to rebuke her as I just did. He says that maybe demanding the money wasn't the right way to go about it. Do ya thunk?

If Zacharias did not visit prostitutes, then what are we to conclude, that he had some conscience? He had the money to have some of the most-expensive hookers, and he had the opportunities in all sorts of cities. Why am I not hearing of that sort of thing? Why do we hear only of massage parlors where sex is not part of the program? Is it because his organization is trying to hide his abuse of funds? Eventually, if not from the start, this man would be using his religious position as a screen for his first priority. Think of how sick that is for his conscience to deal with, if he had any conscience at all. At this point, we don't know whether he had a conscience. Aside from visiting massage parlors, he would turn some of the ladies at massage parlors into his escorts as he traveled, or he would hire them to visit him in his hotel rooms, and this amounts to prostitution in the case of some willing woman, we may assume.

What can we learn from this? Some people say that so long as someone confesses Jesus with their mouth, he/she is giving evidence of their salvation. I would rather say that this is true only when the confession is sincere, for, obviously, wolves can confess Jesus merely with their lips. The lesson here is: no matter how super you think the preacher is in portraying Biblical principles, he could be living a double life.

As we see late in the video above, Mr. Winger decides that Zacharias was not a Christian to the end of his life. I would tend to agree, but of course we let God decide. Then you have someone like Josh McDowell who says, "it can happen to anyone," and so let's not judge. Excuse me, achem, but it's not at all true that it can happen to anyone. That's a lie.

As of a month ago, Zacharias' daughter (Sarah Davis), who was still an executive of the ministry, is promising restitution to the victims. First of all, she needs to quit because the entire family is suspect as a pack of coyotes. It may not be true, but it may be. Best thing: QUIT. But if she does not quit, it's evidence that she's a wily coyote. It's not enough to change the name of the organization. The whole thing needs to disappear.

This restitution she speaks to might just be a bribe, you see, to keep everyone happy, to keep the ministry going. But I say it's wrong for the victims to take money, because it's money from other believers. Just go forward with the hurts, and forget the money, don't add to the hurts, don't add your own sin to his. Don't take the bribe. Go to another church, call for the full dismantling of his church(es). Erase the memory of this imposter. Wolves place wolves at the top of the empire, and that church may be stacked with them. Why take chances only to repeat some other spiritual disaster down the road?

Apparently, his wife played on the fence between both sides. His other daughter, Naomi, stepped down from her leadership position. It looks like a church built on nepotism, you see, a wolf feeding the lambs to his family members. "Nathan Zacharias, Ravi's son, has started a blog called 'Defending Ravi', in which he takes issue with a number of the assertions made in the damning report by law firm Miller & Martin. In his most recent post, Zacharias takes issue with a piece of testimony from one of the spa workers who was abused by Ravi." This whole church needs to be evaporated.

Lori Anne Thompson needs to give the money away to God's work which she and her husband received from Zacharias. It wasn't his money they received. They are sinning to spend it for themselves. But as for the duplicity / hypocrisy of Zacharias' family, we have this: "On May 21, 2020 -- two days after Zacharias’ death -- Thompson posted a video to her blog, pleading with the Zacharias family to release her from her NDA. Thompson said she signed the NDA 'under excruciating circumstances' and that she and her husband 'have nothing that we do not wish disclosed.' Thompson said to date, she has received no response from the Zacharias family to her request."

Here's from the same article as per exposed documents, showing Lori Anne's guilt (I forgive her if she confesses):

In her letter, Thompson said that she couldn’t imagine why someone like Zacharias would be taking such an interest in her. She wrote that she emailed Zacharias in October 2015, asking him what he was getting out of the relationship.

The letter states that in his response, which Zacharias asked Thompson to keep confidential, Zacharias divulged that his marriage was 'more of a business partnership' and [boo-hoo] that “he was profoundly alone.” Thompson wrote that Zacharias added that her 'emails were a connection and a kindness that he enjoyed immensely' [tug-tug].

At that point, Thompson wrote that she felt a 'shift to secrecy' and didn’t share Zacharias’ email with her husband [slip-sliding away toward the tug-tug].

In January of 2016, Lori Anne wrote that Zacharias professed his love for her during a phone call. (In Zacharias’ lawsuit against the Thompsons, Zacharias claims that Lori Anne expressed her love for Zacharias 'and then began making sexually suggestive statements.')

I would suggest that the rest of this story, as told by Thompson, is much fabrication to protect herself and her marriage. I suggest that Zacharias was able to say "I love you" because she gave him the green light.

Achem: "According to Thompson’s letter, Zacharias then asked for a photo of her with her jacket off and one in her 'night clothes.' 'I stupidly shared that I did not wear night clothes,' Thompson wrote, 'which is . . . what led to the first photos being sent without clothes on. Still, I covered up my breast with my arm and hid my pubic area with my legs.'" Uhhh, ya right, she was just "stupid," totally didn't know what she was doing. The reality is, "come and get, Zach, it's all yours for the taking, as long as you really love me."

"She said Zacharias also expressed that he wanted to meet in person for 'an intimate sexual encounter' [he's flying through the green light]. 'Since we were "in love," it would be one time at least, for "the heart,"' she recounted." Give me a break, lady, you're trying to minimize your part in this sin. She's trying to convince us that she's just a little child who didn't know what was happening. She admits only to repeated phone sex, as per the article above, but as she sent him nude pictures, wasn't she also stripping (or worse) on the computer camera?

A young, married woman, folks, betraying her husband for a 70-year old devil, just for an orgasm with a big-name pastor, all in the name of "love" to ease her conscience. Yup, lady, you were the one to get with Ravi, only, you were not the only one, how horrible does that feel now? He didn't really love you, stupid. It's not a wonder you felt suicidal, you deserved to die. You betrayed his wife too. You even betrayed your God. Can you be trusted in the future, cry-baby-eyes? Take heart, lady, you can make up for some of this, starting by giving that money away. Your debt is owed mainly to God, but you need to pay Zacharias' wife some services, for the wound you inflicted on her. You violated her turf. You tried to rob her husband while throwing your husband into the trash. How dare you come on video with cry-baby eyes like a victim, adding to your sins, to your shame. Are you hoping to become famous too?

I love you in bitter tears, sister Lori Anne, what a mess. Try to make up for some of this when you become strong again. The Body of Jesus has been assaulted, and you are at a wound with many others. The Body is a strong as its weakest part.

Here's Naomi Zacharias, attractive with lip gloss, face cream, perfectly-plucked eyebrows, and fire-red fingernails against her black-silk shirt, coming out to solace the people of God, and telling that her church is involved in several outreaches to needy causes...PERFECT AVENUE to ask the lambs for money money money while appearing humanitarian. She's speaking in riddles, and I conclude that she's trying to convince us that her family / church should not be punished by disappointed Christians, and while I can agree with that: dismantle this church today you frauds:

If they were not frauds, they would dismantle the church. Instead, they love the money it brings in. They want to continue forward on the "success" that their father built for the family. This is a horrible blight. Let God mete out the punishments, but let this wolf den disappear as a protective measure. I don't think Naomi has any Biblical anchor, so far as I can see in her 13 minutes above. She's in a related video, Part II, and both videos, though months old and viewed by tens of thousands, have 0 comments. How can that be? It does not say that comments are disabled. Is youtube obliging this family by disallowing comments that are expected to blast her for her "performances."

It's possible that Zacharias will make it into the Kingdom of God as a dog tied to a post with a neck chain to keep him from roaming. It's not as good as coming back as a sacred cow in India, however. If he had stepped down from the ministry with a broken heart, there would have been good hope for him. We can let God judge on his salvation, but we as the church on earth have the right to tear down his ministry without permission from the government, yet the government is where his family can now take shelter to save that church. Why is there no church authority that can override the government on church matters? The good news is: the churches are in unison in condemning Zachariah's behavior. Start worrying when the churches applaud that behavior.

Good COVID news from California, in one of the states where it's least expected. John MacArthur seems to be claiming that California backed down on a law suit brought by his church's lawyers, but I say that law suit(s) should go forward anyway, because California has criminality to hide:

If what MacArthur is telling us is true, then the churches throughout the world can stop the COVID-mask madness globally in the same way, but getting the scared governments to court to prove that their lockdowns are necessary. However, this decision follows a 5-4 squeaker in the U.S. supreme court earlier this month in which it gave the people the right to assemble for home churches. All four liberal judges (including Roberts) voted against it, which is the present, anti-Christ danger. It was just a squeaker, folks, and things can turn terribly against us if the top court decides to continually vote against churches. The anti-Christs might fight back with a more-deadly virus. We shall see if they risk it, because it would mean closing more businesses too.

Mr. Coates is scaring Canada because he's asking its rulers to prove why the restrictions are required, and instead of rushing to court to nail Coates to a cross, they punted and moved the court case later into the year, afraid they haven't got an argument to defeat him. This is it, folks, our victory. We now get to jeer the mask goons (cowardly, communist pigs) who loved putting their thumbs on our heads, it's coming. We might not need to be their toy soldiers for much longer if only anyone, anyone at all, forces the government to prove in court its "justification" for forcing us to wear masks in such huge places (25-foot ceilings) as grocery stores. One might go all year in a classroom of 30 kids without one flu, but in a grocery store with far less human density per cubic foot of air space, we are required to look like apes, and the workers risk poor health and tolerate awful breathing with all-day masking. SICKO GOVERNMENT RULERS = JEER.

I'm hearing that John MacArthur's church has thousands of members, but there has not been one COVID case over the months that they have been meeting, to be expected if COVID is a full-blown farce. Why have no legal teams brought while Western nations to court? Perhaps this will play well for us in this way, because the longer this goes on, the more the goons end up looking like the criminals they are, in the end.

Revisiting the Mall's Platforms

I don't know whether Marc Elias is still Hillary Clinton's lawyer, but reports are saying that he's trying to stop or ruin the Maricopa audit. Julie Green read a report telling that George Soros grace Elias and/or his cause $5M. I can now repeat the ending of my sleeping-bag dream, without going into too much detail for poor readers who have read it ad-nauseum, in order to show the possibility that the Elias surname can apply. I'll start with the part of the dream where I was walking up a Hillary-like hill to a RODham-like road. The Hills were first found in Worcestershire with the Hillarys who in turn share part of the Clinton Coat, as if God arranged this to point to Hillary Clinton for some reason(s).

I crossed the road and entered a PARKING lot of a shopping mall, and while Parkings are listed with Perkins, Marc Elias was working for the legal firm, Perkins Coie, when he was trying to destroy Trump for Hillary's 2016 election win. The parking LOT can apply also where Lots share the brown dog of Lothians, and where Elias' were first found in West Lothian, yet the hunting horn of the Lothian-surname is that also in this Arms of Traby. Note too that "Coie-like "quo" is a motto term of Elias'. (Load Elias link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms that follow.)

Next, we go to the GOAT in the Elias Crest, for the Goat/Gorham surname has variations like that the Goods/Guts/Guths. The latter was pointed to in the last scene of the sleeping-bag dream, when "it felt so GOOD" was a part of it as I PULLED toward me the upper HIPS of a woman, Christine Peare. The Goods/Guts/Guths share the Coat of Sticks, and the latter are from the ASTIKas' of Lithuania who married the Traby family of Poland who in turn owned the Traby Arms above. That's pretty amazing all in itself, yet there is more to this. For one, the Astikas' were RADZiwills by immediate descent, and while the Rads have a blue-Shielded version of the Rodden-like Roten hexagram, the Goth hexagram is in both colors of the Rad hexagram, and Roddens are listed with Rodhams, what are the chances? We got here from the goat head in the Elias Crest, you see, just as though God put it there to go so excellently with "it felt so good."

Indeed, for the Rat/Raid surname actually shares the black-on-gold cross of Elias', what could be the chances of that on top of the above? If that's not enough, the Reitmans share the Roten hexagram while Christine Peare worked for Reitmans clothing when she and I were seeing each other briefly back in my teens (more than 40 years ago). The sleeping-bag dream was a few years ago; I hadn't seen her since I was 23.

She lived in UNIONville when I knew her, and Unions/Onions are in the colors and format of English Goods/Gude's. We might chalk that up to a mere coincidence, but then it just so happens that Unions/Onions use "mill rinds" while Rinds were first found in Perthshire with the Hagars in turn sharing in the Rad / Goth hexagram. Perthshire is at least near (i.e. may be beside) Nairnshire, where Rats/Raids were first found, and Perthshire is also near Ross-shire, tending to reveal that Goods/Gude's share the Ross lion. It's colors reversed with the Russells who in turn share the white goat with Elias'. This paragraph tends to add to the evidence that God put me together with Miss Peare in my teens in order to apply to Marc Elias for some reason(s).

As was said a few updates ago and for many before that, I was PULLING her HIPS in the it-felt-so-good scene, and Pullings come up as Pulits, an apparent pointer to Jovan PULITzer's role in the MariCOPA audit, for the "culpa" motto term of Pullings/Pulits is for the Cups/COPE's/Culps, and moreover the big city of Phoenix is in Maricopa county while the Phoenix/Fenwick surname is almost the Hips Coat. What are the chances? Phoenix's/Fenwicks were even first found in Northumberland with Roddens/Rodhams.

I drove her to her parent's place in Unionville, on the last-ever time I saw her, in my FireBIRD. There seems to be more to this than the sharing of the same flory cross between Birds/Burds and Felts, for the other Birds/Burds share the martlets of Hips' and Phoenix's/Fenwicks, what are the chances? We really need to be amazed here because Birds/Burds are said to have been at BROXton while Brox's/Brocuffs, sharing the sphinx with Hips', were a branch of Brocks while the latter were first found in Essex with the Brooks who in turn share the Good/Gut/Guth and Stick Coats...this is astounding to me. I know heraldry enough to know that coincidences like these are very hard to come by, and probably impossible at the number of them thus far in this discussion.

There is a so-called "stick" in the Coat of Austrian Schere's while German Schere's/Scherfs are thus suspect in the "palleSCERE" motto term of Pullings/Pulits, you see, to assure that the Traby-Astikas family is central to these pointers. The Broxtons even have a giant fitchee cross in the colors of the fitchees of Schere's/Scherfs and Shere's/Sheers, and yet the Birds/Burds of Broxton entered this discussion merely from my Firebird. The Traby/Sadowski surname at houseofnames uses a so-called, Scherf-like scarf.

It's just staggering where it seems that God arranged this heraldry because the vertically-split Shield (split in blue-and-gold) of Austrian Schere's is used by Tarves' who in turn have the same black-on-gold fitchees of Schere's/Scherfs, Shere's/Sheers and Broxtons, BUT, the six of Tarves' are in the position of the six black ones of Clintons and Hillarys too. How can that be a coincidence?

I could add here that while the Bird/Burd and Felt flory crosses is the one of Bouillons in colors reversed, Godfrey de Bouillon was the great-grandson of Gothelo while Goths are also Gothels. Pretty tidy stuff. We got here merely from my FIREbird. The flames at the tail of the phoenix in the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest might just be called "fire" as code for Fire's, for my Firebird introduced the Birds/Burds sharing the Phoenix/Fenwick martlets. The giant Fire UNIcorn, which can be part-code for the Union/Onion bloodline, is connectable to the ROTHchild horse and the Rasmussen Coat.

The Firebird works because it just so happens that while Pero's are Perino's too, Perrins/Perans use FIR cones while Firs are listed with Fire's. Plus, I rode Miss Peare's white horse (in real life), an event pointed to by the white horse "on a gallop" of WAISTells, for the pull-hips event was at first a pull-waist event. The Waistell horse is partly in the colors of the Fire/Fir unicorn, you see, and Pierro's/Pero's use roses while Rose's come up as "Ras" suspect in Rasmussens. The Fire/Fir unicorn is split in white and black upon a red Shield, evocative of the Waistell horse.

As was said, I rode her horse to a BANK (sleep-like slope) in the field, and then turned around and went back. The sleeping bag was on a bank (slope) down from the road, and this is why the MalBANKs in the Mall write-up entered the discussion, especially as they were related to Rodhams, the point here being that both were first found in Northumberland with Perrins/Perans. Miss Peare was in a MALL when the pull-waist scene took place. Waistells are suspect from VESTALis of the Cottians, in Piedmont, where Pero's/Perino's were first found.

Waistells share the garb of Chars/Chards who in turn have a "desPERANdum" motto term for the Perrins/Perans, apparently, for Perins share a blue chevron with Chars/Chards (PARTridge's). The Perins are new to my discussions right here, and it just so happens that they were first found in Lorraine with Louis' who in turn share blue lozenges with Penningtons (look like PERcy kin) and BAGleys, the latter first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. The first platform I saw (in the dream) had two women upon it, and while one of them is expected to be Miss Peare (who came over to the platform I was on alone), the second lady was resolved as LOUISE Phillips, Peare's friend. The pull-waist event happened on my platform.

I can hereby glean why God chose Miss Phillips, for the "DUCit" motto term of Phillips, as a pointer to Doug Ducey, governor of Arizona.

Louise was a saleslady for Pennington's clothing at the time, working in the same mall (Scarborough Town Center) as Miss Peare and I. The Pennington lozenges are in both colors of the Bagley lozenges, and moreover the PEARtree's/Patria's (share the Pulling/Pulit scallops), in the Pennington and Phillips motto, conspicuously share the Trump stag head, important because Louise proved that the platforms double as stages while Stage's/Staggs use the stag too. I've said that many times before, along with Louise telling me she was going into choreography = stage productions, in the last time I saw her, but it can now be added that Stage's/Stags share the Perin chevron! EXCELLENT. It seems that God wants to link Perins to Louis', the latter suspect from Luis of Ceva in Piedmont i.e. where Pero's/Perino's were first found.

Having said that, I can now prove that Perins (Pennington colors) are to apply to the platform scene, for they use the heraldic "allerion" as code for Allers, which are BEAKless eagles (different colors), used by HOLDens (share Aller escutcheon) too, and we can even say that, as I was pulling her waist, we were about to HOLD each other. "Hold" is a motto term of McLeods, who were from the island of Skye and LEWIS, and Welsh Lewis' were first found in the same place as Welsh LOUIS', you see. It's proof because Perins (Lorraine, same as French Louis') just brought us to Louis'. Penningtons were first found in Lancashire with Holds/Holts and Holdens. It can now definitely be added that the double fesses of Holds/Holts are in the colors of the double River fesses, in case it's a pointer to PLATTE River Networks. Again, the Perins, new to this discussion, after my mentioning the PLATforms a million times already, led us to Holdens because they share the rare allerion.

Once the Perins have taken us to this point, we take things over to the Babe-related Beaks (Dorset, same as Babe's), for Joe Oullette's brother (Mike) was the one who blurted, "what a babe," when he first saw Lorraine (a few weeks after I last saw Miss Peare), my girlfriend at the time. I've just realized (I may have known this before, but only recently) why God chose Mike Oullette for that event, for while Oullette's are said to have been at Aulnay, AulNAYs/OulNAYS (share Phillips and Oullette lion) must have been an Owl-Nay merger, for Nays/Nie's/Neys (compare with Beaks) share the six bars of Babe's! Incredible. I had mentioned Mike Oullette and his babe statement a million times before making this realization. This is especially super if only I could prove that Nays/Nie's/Neys were a branch of phoenix-using Knee's/Nee's / Needhams.

Beaks share the white ostrich with Luis-like Lois', and the Babe Crest looks very linkable to the Peartree/Patria Crest, what are the chances? The Beaks, with a Bagley-like Beakly variation, have triple fesses in the colors of the triple Oullette fesses, you see, and it just so happens that another set of triple fesses in the same colors is used by FINCHems, a pointer to Mark Finchem who's highly involved in the audit now taking place in Maricopa. These triple fesses are almost the six pale bars of Nays/Nie's. I'll come back to Lorraine and her Finch bus station.

Finch's are listed with Vince's suspect in the "Vincit" motto term of Penningtons, and it just so happens that Penns use so-called PLATEs while Rivers were first found in Buckinghamshire with Rivers! I think this begins to point the PLATforms to Platte RIVER Networks, a thing I've not realized before with PENNingtons.

Overwhelmingly, heraldry proves that I pulled Peare's hips on a wooden platform because God wanted the platforms there. These platforms were decks too because the Deck/Dagger Coat is split horizontally in colors reversed from the same of Hips' and Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Proof enough? PLATTE River Networks is where Hillary Clinton had her private server that no major media wanted to discuss / investigate during her email scandals.

Finchems are said to descend from Achards of Fincham, and the La Chard variation of French Achards/Acharts makes the family look like a branch of Chars/Chards/Charts ("desPERANdum") mentioned above with Perins, yet another reason to point Miss Peare to Arizona's election fraud, especially as Frauds/Frith's share the garbs of Joe's/Josephs and Chars/Chards/Charts (beside the Joe's/Josephs). English Achards are in Quarter / Carrot/Carew / Carrick colors. The Jaspers (Cornwall, same as Carrots/Carews) suspect in the Carrot/Carew motto share the scallops of Morleys/Mauls. In colors reversed, the Jasper Chief is the Peartree/Patria Chief, the latter having the Pulling/Pulit scallops. Chars/Chards/Charts were first found in Somerset with Carts, and the latter look like Castle-Cary elements. (Kennedy-beloved Avis' share the anchor with Jaspers, and the garbs of Frauds/Friths and Chars/Chards/Charts, for what that's worth.)

The sleeping-bag dream had David Morley (old friend of mine), partly because he pointed to Morleys/MAULs to verify that the mall was in the sleeping-bag dream because He wanted it there. Morleys/Mauls happen to share the scallops of Bagley-like Beagleys/Beadle's (Yorkshire, same as Morleys/Mauls), a thing I've never realized until now, for Beagleys were looked up as per the Beakly variation of BEAKs. David Morley was on a motor BIKE, in the dream, and he came off of the ROAD, a pointer to RODhams, and then rode a circle around the spot where I had picked up the sleeping bag. He came riding back up the bank, and rode back down the road as I walked into a MALL PARKING lot, the pointer to Parkings/PERKINs, you see. But I can now add that Road-like Roets share the boar heads of Irish Beagleys/Begleys, tending to mean that God does want Beagleys and Bagleys as part of the sleeping bag's meaning.

It seems that God wanted us to the Bags/Beags because they were first found in Gaywood while Gaywoods (Norfolk, same as Bags/Beags) share the Howell Coat. Gays were first found in Savoy with Aude's/AUDETs/ODE's, a potential pointer to the audit now taking place in Maricopa. Howell-line Oullette's use a "Moor cock" (or Moorcock) while Cocks share the lozengy Shield of Bags/Beags. The "aut" variation of Knee-branch Needhams is interesting here, especially when we get to Sleeping Beauty at her AUTO scene, where she and I were HOLDing one another while RISING (pointer to ARIZONa) into the Skye-like Sky as soon as I touched her knee (McLeods of Skye love the Holds/Holts).

Beautys (Dorset, same as Babe's and Beaks) have black bulls to match well enough the black bull head of Auto's/Otto's, and the Beauty bulls are in both colors of the Waldron / Waleran bull heads, which Sleeping Beauty pointed to with her hovering scene. Colonel Waldron is now involved in the Maricopa audit! Incredible. I touched her knee while she hovered LEVEL in the air, and Levels/Leavells were related to Waleran de Leavell in the Waleran write-up. Walerans share the black-striped tiger with Fish's who in turn share the rare, wavy chevron of Percival-branch Pierce's/Piers (Somerset, same as Levels/Leavells.

As Youngs share the three piles of Scottish Leavells, I should remind that Mr. Kepke, who was Miss Peare's man at the time, was punched in the mouth (or tooth?) by VINCE PIERCE on Rick Young's driveway (I was the only one watching). Vince Pierce was a friend of Glen Phillips, Louise's brother.

Kepke worked with Rick Young and I at a furniture store in downtown Toronto owned by Rick's father. It wasn't many weeks ago (2nd update of last month) when talking about this store led to my discovery that Dominion Voting had a head office in nearby Chinatown. I would not have found that major detail had I not been talking about the furniture store.

As it turned out, I learned that Perkins Coie has one office in Denver (Colorado), where Platte River has its office. What are the chances? But as the mall platform is pointing to the election fraud in Phoenix, where Mark Elias is now engaging to hide the election fraud of Dominion Voting, by what cosmic coincidence is Dominion Voting's American headquarters in Denver???????????????????????????????????????????

The Denver surname uses "LOYalte" while Loys are listed with French Louis'! Bingo. "LoyAULTe" is a motto term of Pull-beloved, Pulit-like Pollets who happen to share the gold, spread eagle in Crest with Phoenix's/Fenicks! Pollets have a near-copy of the Aude/AUDET Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aults/Alda's share the white-on-red Tooth griffin in case Kepke was punched in the tooth for a special reason. The Tooth griffin is that also of Bumps while Joe Oullette cleared snow from the Van's BUMPer.

He shoveled the snow into a CONTAINer while the Contane's/Constants are in the "constantia" motto term of Pollets!!! Can you believe this? Ahh, while Tooths can be a branch of Tute's/Toots (Tooth colors), "VirTUTE et constantia" is a Pollet motto term.

The Pulls/Pools (white griffin head) with the "Pollet" motto term were from Poole of Dorset i.e. where Babe's were first found who have a finger POINTing, and Punch's are also POYNTZ's. That works, and I pointed to Lorraine's PANT stain which in turn pointed to Pansys/Pantzers (Westphalia, same as Beak-connectable Allers). Dorset is where Beaks/Beakleys were first found who share the triple FINchem fesses, and then FINE's/Fiens use "Fortem" likely because they share the lion of VisCONTI-related Sforza's, and of French Pole's/Pohls/Pauls. The first Visconti of Milan was Ottone, and Ottone's are in Aude/Audet/ODE colors. Conti's / Conte's can be linked to Contans. Denvers use "Forte" while English Forts look like they have the quadrants of Otone's/Oltens (share Pull/Pool lion), and the Otone's/Oltens were first found in Cheshire with Olten-like Eltons who in turn share the stars of Cheshire's POLESdons/PULLEStons and Palins (Dorset, same as Poole).

VISconti's may have been from the Vise's/Vice's sharing the Knee / Needham stag head, for I touched Sleeping Beauty's knee at her AUTO, which doubled as a car likely for Castle Cary of the Levels/Leavells (Somerset, beside Dorset). I was standing at the door of the car when touching her knee, and English Doors (Otone / Fort colors) share bees with the Cheshire Bessins/Beastons, and with the Bistone's who share the Elton Crest, which is the sword-and-arm of Mieske's/Mesechs who in turn share a giant, black bull head with Auto's/Otto's and Pohls/Polans.

The Sforza / Pole lion is that also of WINKers (gold border, owned by the Valentinian-of-VINKovci line), very connectable to Finch's/Vince's. Dutch Winklers have acorns while Acorns (Sussex, same as Vise's/Vice's) share the Vise/Vice stag head.

What are the chances that FENs/Venns share the PLATTE/Plate scallops while Phoenix's are also FENwicks? Plus, the important Patria's/Peartree's were first found in KinCARDINE while Cardine's/Cartone's share the pheons of Coys as a potential pointer to Perkins COIE.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WOW! I've just fond a Kopp/Kope surname as per "MariCOPa," and it has the grape vine exactly of German Platters/Plate's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That proves that God arranged the Mars to share the scallops of English Platte's/Plate's in order to point to MARicopa!!!! It seems that Platte River holds something in common with the election criminals of Maricopa, and it's just got to be Dominion Voting.

The dream ended with it FELT so GOOD. I didn't see the outcome. I had only started to pull her by the hips, and that was all there was. So, if we think that some feel-good is a Sign that Dominion's going to get crunched along with Marc Elias' team, then we might expect it. However, it was shown that the platforms were also stages, which can suggest that even the audit is being staged (by the pro-Trump Republicans) to let Dominion off the hook in the end. In other words, they might be making mere appearances of doing their job.

Or, the staging can refer to something else, such as Patrick Bryne's accusations last week against Rudy Giuliani, saying that Giuliani wasn't trying to win the election-fraud fight, but just making appearances of it. I had gotten the same impression, and had wondered whether Trump ordered him not to win, as absurd as that sounds. Trump bowed out too easily, and there was much staging on January 6 with Mike Pence and the "riots."

The Giuliani eagle, including gold talons, is in the Voter/GAUTHier/Gothie Crest, and the Voter/Gauthier/Gothie martlets are shared by Pullings/Pulits'. The pull-hips scene was on a stage, and the Stage's/Staggs have a gold stag head in Crest, the color of the Hutton stag head. Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. Coincidence? I don't think so, and I await to see whose stag head the Huttons are using in both colors (nothing comes to mind right now).

It-felt-so-good was a pointer to Goods/Guts/GUTHs, like "Gauthier." That works, and Gots/Gode's/Goths have small birds (might be called "birds" or even "finches") in the colors of the Phoenix / Hips martlets. If the red escutcheon of Gots/Gode's/Goths links to the same of Beak-beloved Holdens, then the four, black Got/Gode/Goth fesses could be related to the three black ones of Beaks and Finchems. Holdens share the motto of Buckleys who in turn share the bull head of Hold-loving McLeods and Hutton-connectable Hottens (Cheshire, same as Buckley). Hottens happen to have the triple Finchem / Beak fesses in colors reversed.

The six beakless eagles of Holdens are in the colors of the Hott/Hottin eagles, and moreover while SAVAGE's (Cheshire, same as Hottens and Buckleys) have six lions in the pattern of the six lions of Eagle's, the Voters/Gauthier's/Gothie's have: "The Gauthier of SAVIGnac family..." It just so happens that Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found in SAVIGliano while they have a giant bull in both colors of the Buckley bull heads.

If you start the video below at 2:20, you will hear, from last week, that Jovan Pulitzer's scanning device will be used for at least 60 percent of the ballots (i.e. it should sufficient to catch systematic fraud).

In that video, you heard the name of Mark FINCHem, who was pointed to by Lorraine, whom I met as little as a month after I drove Miss Peare to her parents place with my Firebird. But I was on my bicycle when meeting Lorraine, and no longer had the Firebird, and now I know why. For about five weeks after meeting Lorraine, I bumped into her at the FINCH bus/subway station in a fat-chance moment. As was said, Joe Oullette asked me to join he and his wife in going to downtown Toronto, and they decided to take the bus and subway. Just as I got off the bus at the Finch station, there was Lorraine first in line to get on the bus, though we had split up a week or two earlier. We eyed each other without saying a word, yes we did, and the eye is in the Oullette write-up.

It just so happens that I had a dream with this same Joe Oullette, a few years ago, in which he was shovelling snow from the back bumper of his VAN, into a container. You can find that dream treated in the first and second updates of last month (March), where I realized that God was pointing to "Joe's van," i.e. like "Jovan." Mark Finchem (Arizona legislator) is very close to Jovan Pulitzer's activities in Maricopa. The Finchem Crest shares Houlle-like holly with Houlle's, you see, and German Babe's/Babels happen to share the merMAID with Irish Hollys/Cullins while Maids have the triple fesses gemel of Oullette's. You see, God did set up Mike Oullette to say, "what a babe." The MERmaid can be part-code for the Mer variation of French Mars/MORES'/MOURe's (Normandy, same as Oullette's), and Oullette's have a MOORcock. Morays (Mar/Mer/Mores colors) have the mermaid too.

It just so happens that the Houlle lion head is in the colors of Irish Morris' (Galway), what a hoot. These Morris share the Carrick dancette, and moreover, once we are to Morris liners, we take it to Merick-like Maurice's sharing the giant lion of Welsh Morris', super as per MERICopa county! It's as if God arranged this "coincidence" by my following Oullette clues, but not findable without the what-a-babe statement, and, once found, we learn that what-a-babe Lorraine is related to the owl dream pointing to Phoenix election fraud, exactly expected with her Finch bus STATION.

From here we go to the State's/Stations (Cheshire, same as Maids), whom I see from the STATielli Ligures, and we follow the Oullette moorcock to the cock-using Cocks who share the lozengy Shield of Grimaldi's who in turn lived in Liguria. Plus, the lozenges of Cocks and Grimaldi's are in the colors of the State/Station lozenges. Plus, the Cock / Grimaldi Shields are in use with bags, first found in Gaywood, while Gaywoods share the HOWELL Coat! And there we are back to an Oullette branch. Plus, Gays share the giant rooster (different colors) with Dutch Cocks. The Cock rooster is even the red one of BABcocks. It's got the Finchem-connectable Babe's all over it.

Jovan Pulitzer's middle name is, Hutton, and Hottens (Cheshire, same as State's/Stations), with the Finchem Coat in colors reversed, have a "tort" motto term while Statielli Ligures were at "...Aquae Statiellae (Acqui Terme), on the road from Vada Sabatia, near Savona to Dertona (TORTona) and Placentia." The Arms of Tortona has the griffin of Ali's/Aliotto's, and the latter are said to have been at Ali TERME (Sicily), tending to explain Acqui Terme of the Statielli. So, you can clearly see that God had me meet Lorraine at the Finch STATION so that we might include this paragraph that points, not only to Mark Finchem, but possibly to judge Sam Alito. He's been vocal about going against election fraud, but a couple of his fellow judges have caved to the deep state's wishes. Without them, Alito and Thomas are powerless to convict the frauds.

Leto's/Alitto's have a Coat like that of Ali's/Aliotto's, and "letho" is in the motto of SAMsons whose Sicily-like scallops trace them to king Samsam of the Saracens (i.e. lived on Sicily). Howells are in the colors and format of Sickle's, and there is what looks like a sickle in the FRAUD/Frith Coat. Election FRAUD. Samsam and another Saracen king, Timnah, joined the Guiscards in fighting other Saracens, and Timna was an important Edomite in the Bible, and it just so happens that the owl traces to Edom. I will do a section on this later in this update. The "DEUM TIME" motto of another Moray Coat, that houseofnames stopped showing years ago, looks like code for Timna of Edom, and this is important in this very discussion as per the way the Moray mermaid worked into Oullette's.

I have told my story about Kim THOMson at a PHONE booth about smack where Oullette blurted, "what a babe." The Thomsons can be gleaned as a branch of Welsh Thomas', and thus far, we have indication that judge Thomas and Alito are two of only three of the nine on the supreme court willing to convict election fraud. The third is judge Gorsuch, and it just so happens that the Gorsuch Coat shares the Lorraine bend-with-eagles. The Phone surname is listed with Fane's/Vans and thus looks like God's pointer (of the phone-booth event) to Phoenix's election fraud. I get the distinct impression that God is causing the election-fraud events we've seen to date in Maricopa. Will he only lightly dip them in burning oil, or deep-fry them??? Suspense.

The Hutton write-up: "The surname Hutton was first found in Lancashire at Hutton, a township, in the parish of PENwortham, union of Preston, hundred of Leyland. " The Huttons share the fesse of Pens/Pence's (Buckinghamshire, same as Rivers), and the latter happen to put "plates" upon it for a pointer to Platte River Networks. Mike Pence gave the election over to the Clintonites even though he could have salvaged it for Trump's voters, the true winners of the election. Michaels use a feathered PEN. MICHAEL Pence, because he calls himself a Christian, will suffer immense pain, from God, for what he did on January 6.

By the way, the 20th minute of the video above talks above mad-COW disease and similar nerve-related ailments that could crop up with any of the COVID vaccines. You should take heed because these can crop up later in life. Note that the Cow/Cough surname shares the fleur-de-lys of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns while the latter have a version of the PENdragon Coat while Cowe's/Coo's use "PENNants."

Howling Owls of Edom

It's interesting that while owls are said to hoot, Hootens can be a branch of Hottens, and then Jovan Pulitzer has a Hutton middle name. It's only a little interesting, at this point, that while Huttons lived in Hottun, Hotts/Hottins have, in colors reversed, the Lorraine / Gorsuch eagle, for Jovan's scanning machine is expected to crack open a limelight-spot at the supreme court. Mike Lindell says that this will happen soon. It's thus more interesting that the Hutton write-up has the Lindesay variation of Lindseys, a potential branch of Linds/Lindells. Lindseys share the black swan with Chaplets, the latter first found in Lorraine.

Elias' and Ellis' share the crescents of Leylands while "Helias, son of Roger de Hoton" is in the Hutton write-up. As Lindsays look related to Marks, this could be a pointer to Marc Elias. The goat in the Elias Crest can be an Edomite symbol for various reasons not repeated here, and to this I'll add that the Elis location in Greece, beside Pisa of the Pisidians, is traceable to "Laish" because the latter is beside Peneus- and Phoenix-like Panias (in Phoenicia) while there is a Peneus river in Elis / Pisa.

This discussion has LOTan of Edom, brother of Timna, all over it. I've had a few dreams with a PARKING LOT as a pointer to Perkins Coie, and Lots happen to share the brown dog with Lotan-like Lothians. It appears that Edomites went through Panias / Laish, and while the latter was renamed, Dan, I think the wicked people of that place (not necessarily Israelites) named the Greek Danaans of Lindos and Argos. I'm just wondering now whether God arranged the naming of DOMinion Voting to show that its founder is an Edom liner.

As was said a million times, Sleeping Beauty was HOVERing over the seat of her car after she was seen at the HOOD, and Hoods/HOOTs can be expected as a branch of Hooters sharing the HOOVER Coat. It doesn't appear coincidental, but suddenly the hovering scene is pointing to Jovan Pulitzer now. The Hottens even have the Finchem Coat in colors reversed, and the triple Finchem fesses are in the colors of the one Finch/Vince fesse, and then Huttons happen to have that one fesse too. What are the chances? Pullings/Pulits use a "Nulla palleSCERE" phrase, and Finch's/Vince's have a "Nil conSCIRE" phrase.

The potential significance of having Joe Oullette involved in the bus trip to Finch station is where OULlette-like Owls/Howls can be deemed a branch of Howells, the latter first found in Monmouthshire with Fane's/VANs, you see, as if God wants to assure that "Joe's VAN" is to be a pointer to Jovan Pulitzer, for Fane's/Vans can be gleaned as a branch of Phoenix's/FENwicks. Plus, Oullette's (compare with Finchems) share black-on-white double-bars gemel with Monmouths, as if God really wants to assure that Joe was in the dream, and in the trip to Finch, for pointing to Phoenix, Arizona. But there's more.

I get the distinct impression that God arranged Jovan's middle name in order to lead me into this Edomite path. Try to imagine all of the historical Edom-like names, such as the god, Adonis in the Phoenicia theater, and then take that to the Edones peoples of Thrace, and finally to surnames like Odin / Ottone / Hutton. Mythical Odin even comes to mind, whose wife, Frigg, was related to mythical Frey, and here we can go to the FRYth variation of Frauds. Esau (son of Israel) represented the fraudulent Israelites, the goats, not the sheep. What did Esau's frauds evolve into? The Amalekites, for one, Esau's grandson, and son of Timna.

I don't know whether I have presented the Houlle surname before, which was found after not finding Oul or Oulle surnames as per "OULLEtte." The great thing about Houlle's is that they have a giant and black lion head in the colors of Owls/Howls, and then black lions are used by Oullette's/Ouele's and their Aulnay/Oulnay branch. I like that. Here's from the Houlle write-up: "'The descendants of the Norman Houell were seated in the counties of Norfolk and SUFFOLK, at HILLINGton in the former and at ASHFIELD in the latter. One of them, Richard HOVELL, squire of the body to Henry V., was ancestor of the family of Hovell.'" Hovells are listed with Howells, and the latter share the tower of the Pellicans who are in the pelican symbol of Pullings/Pulits, what more can we ask for to understand why God used Joe Oullette? In fact, for years I've been saying that Owls/Howls look like they are in the colors of French Josephs for a related reason, and these Josephs were first found in Maine with Pellicans. JOSEPH Oullette, you see.

ASHfields even have a near copy of the Van-like Vaughn Coat while Ash's were first found in Devon with Fens/Venns. A phoenix rises from its ashes! Bingo. This is new because I've not known the Houlle's of Ashfield until now. And wow, German Ash's share the triple chevrons of Singletary while the latter add the Phoenix/Fenwick martlets!!! Obama is descended from Jonathan Singletary! I'm sure this is a pointer to Obama.

I KID YOU NOT, that while Doug Ducey is the present governor of Arizona, the Duceys/Duce's are in the "duce" motto term of German Ash's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. I've just found Houlle-like Hoels listed with Holtz's/Holz's, first found in Swabia with German Ash's! The latter have the triple Singletary chevrons in colors reversed. My computer's search feature cannot find one instance of "Houlle" or "Houle" in all my files, indicating that I've not known them until now, and they just came up big in the paragraphs above. I capitalized "Suffolk" (location of Ashfield) because that's where Owls/Howls were first found.

AHHH, Holtz-like Holts were first found in ASHworth (Lancashire, same as Singletarys), and the double Holt fesses are also the River fesses in case this can point to Platte River. Ashworth is in the Bury and Salford part of Lancashire, where Ratcliffs were first found. Ratcliffs were also at Well-like Whalley. John Ratcliffe could very well have been responsible for the election-night data that showed infiltration into election machines from many countries. We're going to hear more about this shortly from Mike Lindell. Holts are also Holds, and probably sharing the fesse of Holders ((Gloucestershire), thus opening the possibility that Eric Holder (Obama's first attorney general) was/is involved in election cheating.

Houlle's have a giant lion head in the colors of the giant martlet of French Josephs, and, as I've been saying for years, the French Joseph Coat showed a giant swan in the same colors when I first loaded them more than ten years ago. It was in the design of the Platter/Plate swan. It just so happens that I know not of any black-on-gold swans aside from those of Chaplets, and they were first found in LORRAINE, France. I stepped off the bus at Finch station, with Joe Oullette behind and following, and there was Lorraine, the first in line to get on the same bus. She had pointed, a week or two earlier, to the Duce's/Duceys.

Plus, as Joe has already pointed to Jovan Pulitzer, by what coincidence is the martlet of French Josephs in the Pullen/Pulit Chief???

The Houlle lion head is in the colors of the giant lion of Houlle-like Wells. The latter, I had read, were a branch of the Vallibus variation of Vaux's/FANNs. Karen Fann is the president of the senate that has forced the Phoenix audit. Why do German Wells/Wellers have a giant pelican in Pellican / Howell colors? DeVAUX's have the same pelican in different colors, and in the colors of the pelican of Pelles' (chaplet in Crest?), the latter a possible branch of the Palle's/Palles'/Pauls who in turn can be in the "PALLEScere" motto term of Pullings/Pulits.

Plus, as per the HILLINGton location of Houells, it just so happens that Hillings show variations such as: Hoolohan, Houlihan, Oulihan, Oulahen, Whoolahan. They are using a version of the Kelly Coat, perhaps suggesting the Killins (white tower) were a Hilling branch.

As was said, Joe Oullette invited me to go to downtown Toronto that evening to see a friend that he and I knew a few years earlier, living in Wiarton (Ontario). Although there is no Wiarton surname, there is a Warton surname (share Ratcliff bull head), and so just gawk like an owl at the Hutton write-up, for Jovan's middle name is, Hutton: "'...Adam de Hoton was one of the witnesses to Walter de Lyndesay's charter of liberties to WARTON.'" What think ye of that? The Lindesays/Lindseys (Lanarkshire, same as Swans/Sions) share the black swan with French Josephs.

Lindseys are from Lindos of the Greek island of Rhodes, smack beside Kos, and Edom's owl cult was, Kos. How about that. Plus, English Rhodes' were once said to be first found in Lincolnshire, where Lindseys had been, and where Prestons (COPEland kin?) were first found who named Preston, where Huttons were first found. Huttons named Priest-Hutton, besides. The Preston fleur-de-lys is shared by Charms/Charnys, and the Huttons have: "Hoton is a village and civil parish in the CHARNwood district of Leicestershire..." Mr. Owl Eyes in the Joe's van dream was sitting on a lawn CHAIR, and this is why the Chairmans/SHIRmans came to topic a few weeks ago, who happen to share the Houle lion, apparently. In this picture, Chairmans/Shirmans look like they are from Seir of Edom, and we may add that the mermaid's mirror is in the Sire Coat (Howell tower?). Charms/Charnys come up as CHARMANs. I'll show below how the mythical-Phoenix line was related to Danaans of Greece, whom were placed by at least one myth writer in Lindos (of Rhodes).

The Warton write-up: "The surname Warton was first found in towns and civil parishes in Westmorland, Cheshire or Lincolnshire named Wharton. The oldest local was in Cheshire where the place name was listed as WANEtune in the Domesday Book of 1086." This appears set up by God because Wane's/Wayne's (Devon, same as Fenwick-like Fens/Venns!) share gauntlet gloves with their Fane/VAN/Veynes branch! Zikers, that's new, so far as I can recall. It's pointing to Phoenix yet again, and moreover Fane's/Vans are the ones first found in Monmouthshire with Howells, how incredible. Yes, it's new, because I have no mention of "Wanetune" in any file. Wane's/Wayne's (Devon, same as Thors/Tours) even share the pelican with Pullings/Pulits while Pellicans are the ones sharing the Howell tower (in colors reversed from the Thor/Tour towers). There is a Wanton/Wantune surname that might just have the gold Phoenix/Fenwick eagle.

I have a new thing, though I've already told at least twice that I saw the airplane of Oullette's father in his basement. He was making the plane from scratch. I saw the wings and all the rivets. The point is, the Platte-like PLAINs/Platters do not come up when we enter "Plater / Platter." One needs to load "Plain" to get them, and this surname was found from a dream I/we were given in early 2017, where I was taking a billiard shot in Obama's billiard hall. The cue ball was just a flat page on the table, and as I couldn't shoot it, I turned it into a paper plane. That's how the Plains/Platters were found, and I realized that the CUE I was using was a pointer to Perkins COIE. Do you see how nice that fits?

The new thing involves the realization of long ago that Plains/Platters use a form of the Palin Coat because "Plain" is a "Palin" variation, and so we realize that Palins married Platters to form Plains (Suffolk, same as Owls/Howls and LORETTs). The point is that while Mr. Oullette had the plane in his basement, the Palin lion is that also of Oullette's and their Aulnay/Oulnay branch ("Aulnay" is in the Oullette write-up). As the giant Plain/Platter fitchee is in the colors of the Clinton and Hillary fitchees, it seems that God is pointing here to the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and LORETTa Lynch, for it took place at the Phoenix airport. Lynch was Obama's attorney general, partner in crime with a massive host of Democrat mobsters.

We're not done yet with the coincidences, for German Platters/Plate's use a grape vine while Vine's are also Veyns, looking like a Fane/Van/Veynes / Wane/Wayne branch. The latter surname was first found in Devon with the Fens/Venns who share the Platte scallops, how tidy. As the pool shot on Obama's billiard table took us here, we now go to the lion of Perkins, which is in the colors of the Palin / Oullette lion and yet it's in the passant position of the same-colored lion of Jewish Levi's/LeVINE's. This works perfectly because English Levine's/Livings have a version of the Palin and Plain/Platter Coats.

The tiger head in the Vine/Veyn Crest should have mention as per Tigers, first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platters and Lynch's; the latter were first found in Galway with Tiger-like Teague's/Teegers. It tends to prove that there was a Platte-line link to Lynch's. German Teegers use white roundels that are called, "plates," I kid you not, as if God really wants to point hard to Loretta Lynch. The Poulos' use logs while English Loge's were first found in Suffolk too.

The Vine/Veyn Coat is almost that of Fields/FELDs, and the it-FELT-so-good PULL pointed hard to Jewish Felds and their Feltman branch because they both look related to both Reitman Coats. We can fathom here why German Felds share the log with POULos' (and Lindells), for Mr. Poulos is the owner and founder of Dominion Voting. We can't argue with these facts, especially as Domino's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's.

French Levine's were first found in Brittany with a Vannes region, the latter being beside Ille-et-VILAINE while the Chief-Shield colors of English Levine's/Livings / Palins / Plains/Platters is shared by VILAINs. This latter line is expected from "VILNius," home of the Radziwill-Astikas' who married Traby.

It just so happens that Vine's/Veyns were first found in Gloucestershire (near Howells of Monmouth) with Letts/Late's while LITZERs/Lietz's were first found in Brandenburg with vine-using Platters/Plate's. The giant eight-pointed star of German Teegers is in the colors of the hexagram of Litzers/Leitz's, and the latter were looked up as per "PuLITZER," no other reason. As Miss PEARE pointed to Pulitzer in Phoenix with her hips, by what coincidence do PERO's/Perino's have a hexagram in the same colors? Her first name is Christine, and there is a Christine surname using cups while the Cups/Cope's/Culps are in the "culpa" motto term of Pullings/Pulits. Do you see how neat this is? Lets/Late's even have the Peare stars.

This is a good place to remind that I had linked Bumps/Bumpus' to Tooths, and Tooths to the Letters and Lauders who have a giant griffin in the colors of the giant Lette/Alitto crane, you see, and Ali's/Aliotto's happen to share the Letter and Lauder Coats, tending to explain why Joe was shovelling snow off of his van's BUMPer. Bumps/Bumpus', that is, first found in Gloucestershire with Lets/Late's/LATTs (same place as Vine's/Veyns and Samsons). PLUS, unbelievably, "RePULLuLAT" is a motto term of Lauders, suggesting Latts as well as some Pull/Pool line. It all tends to assure me that Houlle / Owl liners had merged with Lette's/Alitto's to form "OulLETTE," but while this seems to be pointing to Sam Alito, especially as Sams have a lion in the colors of the Houlle / Well lion, I can't fathom very well how Sam Alito will convince the wolves on the supreme court to take an election-fraud case. Then again, if a couple of states find overwhelming fraud, how can they refuse without a super backlash from all sorts of important people? They are wolves because they are not permitted to reject such an important issue as election fraud.

If it appears that Lodge's/LOGE's look related to Letters/Lauders, not the LOGs of Poulos', for Dominion was founded by the despicable crook, Mr. Poulos. He's trying to sue people for billions when it's he that is the criminal, the nerve of this rat. French Loge's/Lauch's have a saltire in colors reversed from the saltire-by-logs of Poulos' (Burgundy, same as Loge's/Lauch's and Mars). Can we fathom why my pulling Peare's hips is also a pointer to Poulos?

The following is new, and jibes with the pointer of Mr. Oullette's plane to Plains/Platters and Palins together. The latter were first found in Dorset with a Poole location, and with the Poole's/Pole's sharing the lion of Hillings. The Houlle's (as per the Houells) were at HILLINGton (Norfolk), you see. The Houlle lion head is in the colors of the Well lion, and it's black and upright, as is the Palin lion. The same Houlle's were at Ashfield (Suffolk, same as Plains/Platters) too, and it just so happens that Ashfields (Suffolk) share the fleur-de-lys in the Plain/Platter Chief! Zinger, the mysteries on why God used Joe Oullette and his brothers (one was Paul) is now coming to light, and it's pointing, for one, to Hillary's Platte River Networks. Ashfields share the brown wolf with Teague's/Teegers.

I can't wait to discover why he was shoveling snow, or why the dream had snow on the ground. I've noted that Snows, sharing the nebuly fesse on blue with Rivers, are in the colors and near-format of English Platte's/Platters for a potential pointer to Platte River NetWORKs. Compare the Work/Werg Coat to the Oullette Coat, for NETS/Nights ("durum") have the Houlle lion head in colors reversed!!! INCREDIBLE. This is new material this update because I knew not the Houlle's until now! It was NIGHT out in this dream. Ahh, English Nights (Suffolk, same as Owls/Howls) not only share a blue border with Fens/Venns, but a gold and spread eagle in Crest with the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest!!! That's why it was night in the dream. The triple pale bars of English Knights are colors reversed from the near-same of SCANs/Skene's, a potential pointer to the scanning machine of Jovan Pulitzer! The snow was on JOE's VAN. Fens/Venns were first found in Devon with the Spurrs expected in the spur of English Nights.

To harden the Snow-Platte pointer above, Snows use ANTELopes while Les ANDELys is where Toeni's originated who were the Tonys, and then English Antonys happen to share the red-on-white leopard face with Platte's/Platters. Plus, there are plates on the Singletary antelope for another pointer to Obama. As Jonathan Singletary changed his surname to, Dunham, note that the Dunham dancette is in the colors of the Holder dancette while the Holders and Holts/Holds look connectable to the River Coat.

As was said, I met Miss Peare when she worked as a saleslady for Rietman's clothing, and it just so happens that the Dutch Reitmans share the stars of Palins. Jewish Reitmans share the hexagrams of Rodham-connectable Rotens. I was a shoe salesman at the time in a MALL, and then I pulled her hips in a mall. At the end of the Joe's-van dream, I was looking for Joe in a mall? Why these malls? Well, the mall write-up has the MALbancs, and the Malbanks, I kid you not, not only share the ermined bend of Roddens/Rodhams (see Jewish-Rothchild bend), but were first found in Northumberland with Roddens/Rodhams and Phoenix's/Fenwicks.

Miss Peare and I were salesmen, and Salesmans were first found in Surrey with English WOOLworths. The Ashfield / Plain/Platter fleur are shared by Salesman-branch Sales'/Salletts, the latter first found in Cheshire with WOOLeys/Wolfleys, and then Hillings are also WHOOLahans. In the sleeping-bag dream, I had picked up a sleeping bag on a hill, and I then walked up the hill to a road. The road is a pointer to Hillary Rodham, for Hillarys were first found in Worcestershire with Hills and the Clent Hills. Then, the Clints/Clents happen to share the garbs (or wheat sheaves) of Blythe's and English Woolworths, what are the chances??? Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe, what are the chances? English Woolworths have a bend in Rodham-bend colors, what are the chances?

Obama's ancestor was mayor Wolflin, and it's online that this family changed its name to "Wolfley." It just so happens that Woolworths share the bend of Wolfins/Walwins, and the latter's is ermined, as is the same bend of Rodhams and Malbanks. See anything suspicious here? Do you think God loves or hates Hillary Clinton? Woe unto her if she doesn't repent. The Howell tower can be in the Crest of Wolfins/Walwins (Wales, same as HoWELLs).

The Crest of English Woolworths looks like a loaf of bread, and then Breads/Bradds have a giant lion head in the colors of the Hilling/Whoolahan lion. Moreover, Cake's/CakeBREADs share the Ashfield / Plain/Platter / Sales/Sallett fleur too. As Cake's/Cakebreads were first found in Cambridgeshire with Chapmans, the latter may have the giant crescent of German Woolworths.

I suppose the question is: how much is the Biden administration catching up on the pre-Trump agenda of the Clintons? Is this why Perkins Coie may be in Arizona with Marc Elias.

I can now fathom why I was a shoe salesman when meeting Miss Peare, for Shoe's use a "KNIGHT issuing from the KNEE's," and while Knee's use a red phoenix (red flames at the tail), the Needhams sharing the Knee Coat use it in gold, the colors of the Phoenix/Fenwick phoenix. The Knights are listed with Nights, and we saw how super the Nets/Nights and English Nights were for pointers to Pulitzer of Arizona (he might live in Phoenix for all I know). The Shoe's even have a "wall" while English Walls (Gloucestershire, same as Holders) look like they have the Holder / Holt/Hold fesse.

This brings me back to the miracle-marble shot because it was on HULLmar drive directly across the street from Skye Court (Toronto). The McLeods, with a "Hold" motto term, were first found in Skye, and the Flags beside the McLeod bull head are in the motto of Let-related Samsons (Gloucestershire, same as walls and Lets/Late's). The Flags/Flecks/FLICKs share the double fesses of Works/Wergs who were pointing to Platte River NetWORKs, and the miracle-marble shot was when I FLICKed the marble with my thumb to hit TONY's marble bang-on some eight feet away. We saw Platte's/Plate's with the ANTONY leopard face, you see, but I now understand why this shot was on HullMAR drive, for French Mars (Burgundy, same as Poulos') share the Platte/Plate scallops! Consider MARicopa county, location of Phoenix. And Hulls are also Hole's, recalling the Hoels/Holtz's/Holz's and Holts/Holds. German Huls' even share the white ram head with Rams (Essex, same as Sams) who are in turn in Platte/Plate colors and format.

I lived on Hullmar at the time, and this was very near FINCH avenue, and beside Norfinch, which can all suggest that a miracle of God is in play in Phoenix because I did a literal prayer before the marble shot, asking God to make me hit the marble. I'm not suggesting that it was goodie-goodie of me to make that prayer, but that God caused it for a pointer to something good from Him, now pointing to Maricopa. Let's wait and see what Mark Finchem reports, for he's promised to publicize the play-by-play in the audit.

Repeat: "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WOW! I've just fond a Kopp/Kope surname as per "MariCOPa," and it has the grape vine exactly of German Platters/Plate's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That proves that God arranged the Mars to share the scallops of English Platte's/Plate's in order to point to MARicopa!!!! " The other German Kopps/Kope's share the split Shield of Lawns, and the marble shot was on a lawn. Ahh, English Gards expected in the "Garde" motto term of Lawns have the Marble griffin in colors reversed! "Garde" is used also by Craig-related Carricks, and so we can glean that the split Lawn / Kopp/Kope Shields are that also of Groce's/Greggs for a related reason.

We were playing potsies, and Pots not only share the cinquefoil of Flowers who are in turn in the so-called "flower" of Italian Tonys, but Pots were first found in Hampshire with Cope- / Cup-branch Copps! Plus, the game of potsies needs a pot, which is a HOLE in the ground, and while Hulls are also Hole's, there might be some who call the pot a cup.

The other Lawns share the bend of Kopp-like Keeps, and it just so happens that I met Mr. KEPke when I was 11/12 years old, soon after the marble shot. We moved from Hullmar to Senator REESORS drive that year, and Reesors/Reasons were a Rice branch and therefore likely a branch of Risings/RISONs who had pointed to "ARIZONa." How cool is that? The Rising/Rison cross (compare with POLLocks) is, in colors reversed, the one in the Arms of Pula/Pola (Istria), and that looks like the line to Pullings/PULITs/Pullys. That looks bang-on to me. "SENATOR Reesors" (in Markham) can even be a pointer to the Arizona senate that is spearheading the Maricopa audit. The bishop of Bayeux is in both the Reesors and Rising write-up.

Recalling the Groce's/Greggs just passed above, let me repeat (I've told this several times) that I first met Kepke as he walked toward me across the lawn of an empty lot beside the home of my friend, GREG(G) Fisher (Gregs are in Carrick colors). The split colors of Lawns, Kopps/Kope's and Groce's/Greggs are the Chief-Shield colors of English Gards, and we can add that Irish Gards share the brown wolf with Reesors/Reasons (and Ashfields). AHHHH, I just went to check for where I had said the following: "ASHfields even have a near copy of the Van-like Vaughn Coat while Ash's were first found in Devon with Fens/Venns. A phoenix rises from its ashes! Bingo." I checked than because Fisher-like Fish's essentially have the Vaughn Coat! Fish's even share a tiger head in Crest with Vine's/Veyns.

PLUS BEHOLD the "FINEm" motto term of English Fishers, for while Fane's/Vans are also Fiens, English Fishers share a gold, spread eagle in Crest with Phoenix's/Fenwicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The FINE's/Fiens/Finis' (in Fane/Van colors and format) share the brown wolf with Reesors/Reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fine's/Fiens/Finis' were first found in Kent with English Gards while Irish Gards are the ones with another brown wolf! That's why God put me together with Greg Fisher, and Kepke walked along his property in order to prove that Gregg-connectable Kopps/Kope's point to Maricopa! I GET IT!

This has been a long time in coming. I've talked about these events for years to prove I'm not making them up now to fit the Maricopa situation. Blessed be the Lord who comes through against our enemies. He's been watching.

Greg Fisher lived at the corner of Wooten Way and Captain Armstrong, right beside Senator Reesors drive. That's said because English Fishers share the lion of Reesors/Reasons, which amounts to additional proof that God gave these Fishers the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest that Reesors/Reasons might point to "ARIZONa." INCREDIBLE. I feel tingles. Glad to be a part of this. Where will it go? It's also the lion of English Marks and English Grass', in the colors of the Lawn lions.

As I've said many times, ROY Tanner was the leader of the gang that included Greg Fisher and Jim McGee, and here we can add that the Roys are in the Lawn motto. Scottish Roys share the lion of English's in the so-called "English lions" of Lawns (in the color of the Fann-Crest lion). UNBELIEVABLY, while Karen FANN is the president of the Arizona senate, Fanns/Vallibus'//Vaux's have three stars on a bend in colors reversed from the three stars on a bend of Scottish Roys!

The "ForTEM" motto term of Fine's/Fiens/Finis' can be for Teems because they use a so-called "blade" while Blade's/Blate's (share black dog with Carricks) look like they may have been a branch of the Blatt variation of Platte's/Plate's. German Platters/Plate's come up as Blate's too. If we first compare Blade's/Blate's to English and German Franks, we see relationship with Rising-connectable Pollocks, and the latter's "AUDacter" motto term is like the "Audax" in the motto of English Forts. This is said as per "FORTem," but also because Aude's are audit-like Audets too, who happen to have a blue-Shield Coat version of the Pollets in the Pull/Pool motto. I kid you not, folks, that while Pullings/Pulits point hard to Pulitzer of Phoenix, Pollets share the gold, spread eagle in Crest with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Coincidence after coincidence means that these are not coincidences.

If that's not enough, Feins/Fins (not "Fien") share the triple fesses of Oullette's, and were first found in Burgundy with Mars. LaFINs/La Fonts (in the motto of Carrick-related Kennedys) and Wells have a giant lion in the colors of the Houlle lion head. In colors reversed, the Lafin/La Font lion is that of German Fishers! ZINGER. Joe Oullette invited me to see a friend when we went through the Finch bus station, and Finch's are also the Vince's expected in the "Vincit" motto term of Lafins/La Fonts.

I always connect Lafins/La Fonts to the Coat of Italian Conte's in order to show that ConteVILLE's were a merger of French Conte's with Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's (Languedoc, same as Conte's and Contans/CONTANE's. Is that not very impressive? Yes, because, as was said last month, Joe, in the dream, asked me to go get him a CONTAINer. When I brought it back to him, he shovelled snow into it from his rear bumper, and when he was done, I dumped the snow out and returned the container to the home of Mr. Owl Eyes.

If this excites you, I can see why. It really looks like God is speaking and acting on a massive issue yet to be resolved. It could be that God will SLOWLY resolve it to torture the guilty, give the rats no sleep for a loooooooong time. The shovel that Joe was using got suspect with the shovels in the SPADE Coat because Dominion Voting had its original head office on 215 SPADina road (Toronto) address that happens to be in the city's so-called CHINAtown district. It's not likely a coincidence. Dominion looks to be in bed with Chinese aggressors.

Contane's are also the Constants in the "constantia" motto of the Aude-like Aults/Alda's in the "loyAULTe" motto term of Aude-related and Pull-beloved Pollets. The Aults/Aude's were first found in Ayrshire with Kennedys and Carricks, and have this write-up: "John Alde was listed as servitor of the Earl of Carrick." The Ault/Alda Chief has the same griffin as BUMPs, Tooths and Letters / Lauders. The snow from the BUMPer into the CONTAINer.

Kids marbles are also called, alleys, and the Alleys happen to share the Pull/Pool Coat while Lauders use "RePULLulat" while Lauders share the ALI/Aliotto Coat, suggesting now that Alleys and their Atlas branch were Aliotto / Alitto liners, wow. The miracle-marble shot is now pointing to judge Samuel Alito. By the way, as Aults/Alda's use the Ali/AliOTTO griffin, I suggest that Aliotto's were an Alley-line merger with an Ode-like variation of Aude's (Oddie / Otto/Ottone colors), perhaps even the Odins or Otone's/Oltons. The latter use both the Pull/Pool / Alley and Odin lion. Plus, German Otto's/Auto's use the black bull, as did McLeods of Skye (now showing a white bull head), and while the marble shot was across the street from Skye Court, McLeods love the Olten-like Holds/Holts (squirrel). How tidy is all that, especially as Holds/Holts have an "ExALTAvit" motto term looking like they had a relationship with some Alda line?

Ahh, Oltens (not "Olton") use owls whole Otone's/Oltons are also OULtons. Plus, Oltens were first found in Salford (Lancashire) with Holds/Holts! We thus have what looks like an Oullette-related line in the McLeod motto, and as Ratcliffs were first found in Salford too, who share the black bull with Otto's/Auto's and McLeods, it appears that we should be pointing this miracle-marble shot also to John Ratcliffe's work.

I have now realized the importance of Roy TANNER, as per the conTAINER, and this gets good if PuLITZERs were a Pull / Pully merger with Litzers (Brandenburg, same as Kope-related Platters/Plate's), for Litzers look related to the Contane Chief. Plus, Pulls/Pools share the Roy lion, and German Tanners have pine cones to match the pine tree of Contane's. If that's not enough, French Pine's look related both to Fens/Venns (Devon, same as English Pine's) as well as to the Lords/LAUDs in turn in the motto of Glasgows ("Lord, let") along with the Litz-like Lets. The Contane Chief has a crescent between two stars, ditto (in different colors) with the Chief of Lets/Late's, and here we can add that Cope's were first found in Northamptonshire with Ladys/LAUDymans. The Let/Late stars are those of Peare's too while the Litzer hexagram is in the Pero/Perino Coat. I PULLed the hips of Miss Peare in order to point to Jovan Pulitzer. I've come a mile. English Pine's are in the colors and format of Van-branch Wayne's who in turn share the pelican with Cope-related Pullings/Pulits/Pullys. It definitely appears that the container was for making this pointer too.

The container was square, and Square's/SQUIRE's/Squirrels could have been a branch of Carrick-related Shere's and the Schere's feasibly in the "palleSCERE" motto term of Pullings/Pulits. I believe that there's a squire's helmet in the Crest of Lafin-related Kennedys. The pull-hips event was on a deck while Decks/DAGGERs share the red squirrel with Square's/Squire's/Squirrels, you see, and then there's more to this, especially if Spaldings were of the shovel-using Spade's, for the Spalding Crest has a short sword often called a DAGGER. I know that a dagger is in the Crest of Comyns who in turn share the Coat of Avis' in the Kennedy motto, "Avise la fin." I find it incredible that Comyns and Avis' share the garbs of WAISTells, for the pull-hips event started out as a pull-waist event due to the certainty that Miss Peare pointed to Waistells.

I didn't know that the pull-waist event was a pull-hips event until finding the Hips Coat to be a near replica of the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat. Spaldings were first found in Lincolnshire, where early Comyns are said to have been, a good reason to see the Spalding Crest as the Comyn dagger.

The Comyns had named Kuman in FIER county (Albania), on the APSus river of the dagger-like Dexaroi peoples, not only explaining why Apps' were first found in Middlesex with Fiers/Fears, but why Scottish Buckans use an "inFERioria" motto term, for the Spalding buckles, in the colors of the Leslie buckles, must be for Mercia's Buckenhale location in the Spalding write-up. Leslie's, first found in Aberdeenshire with Buckens, share the green griffin with Fens/Venns, and so we are right back at the Phoenix line, especially as Fens/Venns share the scallops of the Burgundy Mars, for the flag of Mercia is the Coat of Burgundy's Messeys/Messier's, and we can glean here that the Poulos' use the same flag in log form. (Mars/Mers/Mores' were said for years to be first found in Burgundy, but all mention of that is now gone.)

Ranulph le Meschin is in the Spalding write-up, and he married Lucy Bolingbroke of Mercia. She living in Lincolnshire, where Spaldings and Buckie's/Buckets/Buchards were first found. The Apps' share the Tailbois scallops while this same Lucy had previously married Mr. Taillebois. Ranulph was earl of Cheshire, explaining why he could use the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire, and they are also the garbs of Comyns (Norfolk, same as Lucys). Lucys are in Howell colors and format, mentioned only because Oullette's were from near Falaise while Lucys have: "Richard de Lucie, Governor of Falaise..."

I can't remember if Mr. Owl Eyes had pointed to Arizona in any way. But with the Owl-like Houlle's (Owl/Howl colors) now in this ballgame, I think I can show that God put him in the dream for another purpose aside from jibing with Joe Oullette. As I said, when I returned the container, I saw the owner of the home sitting in a LAWN CHAIR, on the lawn near his front door. He had big-round glasses on to depict an owl, and this is where Kos, the owl god of ancient Edom came in, for CHAIRmans/SHIRmans/Shermans/Sharmans look like they are from Seir of Edom, the people whom Esau's son married. The point in repeating this is that Chairmans/Shirmans have a giant lion in the colors of the giant lion head of Houlle's.

One could get the impression that a certain surname took on an Owl variation when marrying an known Edomite line. We saw that Halls/Hole's / Hulls / Huls' may have been a Houlle branch, and here we can add that Chairmans/Shirmans use holly while Hollys share the dog of Halls/Hole's and Hulls. "Esau" had gotten suspect with Ash's, and German Ash's happen to share the triple chevrons of Dutch Hole's/Halls. Houlle's were at ASHfield! If all of this is correct, why would God inject Esau's line into a dream that otherwise points to Phoenix election fraud?

Lookie. Hollys use a dolphin while DOLphins/DolFINs have dolphins in the colors of the Dol whale while Dol is in Brittany. Houlle's were first found in Brittany with Plunketts who in turn are in Holly colors and format, and Plunketts were first found in Vilaine province, location of Dol. Plunketts were related to Perkins/Parkings, from PLANCia Magna, a known Herod! It's known that Herods were Edomites. Plancia lived at Perkin-like Perga in the land of the Pisidians, who were given the symbol of mythical Poseidon, and so now I understand, for myth writers made mythical Phoenix a grandson of Poseidon, and moreover, the phoenix bird (Greek myth) was given a rising-from-ASHES symbol, can you believe this?

In myth, Phoenix's father (Agenor) was brother to Belus, and Belus was father to Danaus, symbol of the Danaans of Argos. The goddess of Argos (white cow) was a feminine version of the Zeus (white TAURUS bull) cult, and Zeus was a Tyrian (from TYRUS) entity, brother of Poseidon in Phoenicia. It just so happens that the goddess of Argos (Io) was related to the BOSphorus, which named the Bos = cow cult, and thus it appears that the Zeus cult was Edomite, from Esau's Edomite capital, BOZrah. Danaus was given Melia of Boeotia for a wife, and she was made the sister (or wife) of Inachus (first king of Argos) who was also spelled, "InaKHOS" (name of a river at Argos), looking like the Kos cult of Edom. Mythical Cadmus, son of Phoenix, came to rule in Boeotia (i.e. Cadmus-branch Phoenicians were in Boeotia), and INO, a daughter of Cadmus, looks related to INAkhos.

Esau's son, ELIPHAS, looks like may have been in the mind of a myth writer(s) as one created / developed "TELEPHASsa," mother of Cadmus. She was substituted (by another myth writer) with Argiope to indicate Argos elements, obviously. "The "ope" ending on "Agriope" is also on Merops, king of the island of Kos (not far off-shore from the Pisidia). Soooo, amazingly, God inserted Mr. Owl Eyes into Phoenix election fraud because the Edomite owl cult touched upon Phoenicians. Telephassa was mother to Phoenix, but I don't recall ever realizing that "Telephassa" looks like "Eliphas." That's new right here.

Telephassa accompanied her son Cadmus on a quest to find Europa. The mother and son traveled to the islands of Rhodes [near Kos] and Thera before arriving in Thrace, where Telephassa fell ill and died. "On Samothrace... the mother was called Elektra or Elektryone", Karl Kerenyi notes.

I was take that to mean that the tribes from Eliphas became weak in Thrace, and got merged with, then replaced, by the line of Elektra, which was the ancestry of the Hercules-branch Danaans. Hercules was created from the Biblical Samson, who had married a woman in Israel's Timnah, and it just so happens that Eliphas married Timna from Seir. Perfect. We can even add that the Chairman/SHIRman / Houlle lion is that of SAMs.

The Howell tower could be in the SIRE Coat.

As the man in the lawn chair brought us to Chairmans/Shirmans, in Carrick colors, let's repeat that Carrick-connectable Lawns share the "Garde" motto term with Carricks. It can appear that Seir liners merged with CARRicks / Quarters / Carews to name CHAIRmans out of Shire/Shere liners. Shore's share holly with Houlle's (share Quarter lion). Quarters use a caduceus, ancient code for (my discovery, won't read it elsewhere) the Cadusii Armenians who named CADmus, son of Telephassa. How about that. I always link Sire's to Ash-like Ass'/Assi's and Justine's (share gold border with WINKlers), a line from Justine of Picenum, wife of Valentinian I (VINKovci). Valentins happen to use squirrels, code for Squirrels/SQUIRE's/SQUARE's, very much like Chairman variations. As I said, the container that belonged to Mr. Owl Eyes was SQUARE, and it could even be that Box's were from "BOZrah."

Carricks are from Charax Proculus, son of a king of Cilicia, and that country was represented by mythcode Cilix, brother of Cadmus.

Recall the Charneys who came to topic with the shroud's Templar owner, for French Charneys come up as Chairman-like Charmans. English Charmans happen to share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's (look like Bozrah liners) while English Bush's use a black boar, which in the book of Enoch is said to be a symbol of Edom.

Wowie, here's Mark Finchem on the 22nd, in the audit station, telling that every table looking at every ballot will have a camera looking down on the ballots!!! Bingo, this is what's needed on election night EVERYWHERE.

Mike Lindell put out an "Absolute Interference" video this week on April 20. In this video, the "Kill Chain" production is featured, which was a Democrat-led effort, prior to the 2020 election, to expose the fraud-potential of the same voting machines that the same Democrats are now embracing...they just cannot get more criminally hypocritical than this:

At about 59 minutes, Lindell says that the Hammer-and-Scorecard hack attack data he's become famous for was "sent" to him "on January 9," which, if I remember correctly, was just a couple of days after John Ratcliffe came out to finger China for election fraud in his election report. The military has its own spy systems that could catch what Hammer caught, but as the military said nothing, as did the FBI and Barr's DoJ, you should immediately understand that the top military brass (not everyone of course) is on Biden's side. DEMON. This thing is going to lead to Armageddon, by the looks of it, because it's going to make wrong choices. The U.S. military permitted a Biden-China alliance that wants to attack Russia instead of China.

The military and CIA have been so heart-sick to ruin Russia that it has decided to make China an ally in hopes of keeping Russia from teaming up with China. At any time, China can betray the U.S. This is crazy.

General Flynn and Mike Lindell are both missing opportunities for not-once saying that elections machines cannot ever be used again. You cannot fix the machines because they can always be fixed (rigged) one way or the other. They need to be scrapped. It is not enough to keep them offline because they can be pre-programmed / re-programmed to cheat.

See 1:34:00 of the video, and keep watching until at least 1:57:00. A few minutes later, Lindell says that he's going to the supreme court with this material within a couple of months. How can that happen?

Shroud "of Turin"

I think it's time to stop calling it "of Turin," and we also need to ask why most youtube videos on this topic come from catholics. It's horrible, because catholics have had all sorts of fake relics that only makes the shroud look like one. Or, maybe, youtube is hiding most of the videos on the shroud from non-catholics.

It's clearly the burial cloth of Jesus because it has an image of his body created by energy. The Bible says he was wrapped in strips of cloth, but what shall we imagine, one-inch strips? Five inches or Ten? Why not a strip three feet wide and 14 feet long, the dimensions of the shroud. It first touched upon his back as he was laid down upon it's one half, and then, after coming round over His head, the other half was laid over the top of his body, with the two ends of the cloth at his feet. To an on-looker, it could have appeared as two strips of cloth. But the mockers, and all the Bible "scholars" who study the Bible only to disprove its authenticity, would like us to believe that the Biblical strips of cloth do not describe the shroud.

How do we think the etching got onto the shroud that creates the image of Jesus? If it was a simple matter of heating up a stone or metal statue to just the right temperature, and then laying a cloth over it at just the right length of time, then people could do that today too. But they cannot. It doesn't work. Scientists who've studied the shroud are roundly in agreement that the image was formed by radiation. END OF STORY, it was not man-made. They didn't have radiation machines centuries ago. So why not just believe that this was the cloth that "photographed" the Resurrection at the instant it took place? Energy came out from Jesus, and etched the cloth. End of Story, why not?

I keep hearing that the etching is a photographic "negative," but this confuses me and seems unnecessary. There was only one etching, and so why call it a negative at all? Call it the photo, fine, but don't call it a negative. I'm sure I've heard a man say that if we take a photo of the Shroud, a negative is produced as the photo, but maybe they are telling it wrong, or I'm hearing it wrong. Maybe they mean that the negative of a photo is the image that's usually shown to us to give a clearer picture than the shroud itself does. The darkest spots on the shroud are the parts closest to the cloth, such as the beard, mustache, cheek bones, brows, nose ridge, and tops of the forearms. The tip of the nose is darkest upon the nose ridge. Therefore, the closer the cloth to the skin and hair, the deeper or darker the etching / burn into the cloth.

It is a burn, yes. But it penetrates only about 1/100th the depth of the threads by which it was stitched. Paint can't be applied that shallow. Besides, paint leaves a dried material behind, and the shroud has no such material. It's a burn, folks, just a burn, think about it. I'm hearing that its "herring-bone" weave pattern was unique to Israel, and this can be proven or disproved, begging why anyone would make the claim if untrue.

The vatican won't commit to its authenticity. OHHH WELL, then it's a forgery, let's all go home, the vatican has spoken. ScienceLand's dating imps dated it for the 14th century, OHHH WELL, let's all go home, the atheists have spoken with their dating wizardry (in which they can get any age they wish because they are liars). Here's a video (I think it was produced about 2008) by the BBC, which can't explain how the image was man-made upon the cloth, though I think it badly wanted to in order to stay in step with the British "experts":

This video keeps prodding the viewer to perceive the shroud as a fake due to the erroneous carbon dating to the 14th century, as if carbon-dating had full reliability. Only stupids believe that, and only stupider stupids keep reinforcing it. The video also does hocus-pocus with the claim that the original image is a "negative" photo, which only confuses us. It's not a negative, it's the real thing. There is no such thing as a negative unless a positive first exists. There is only one shroud, and so it's the positive, plain and simple. The older I get, the more jack-ass backward scientists seem to me as per their wizardry in re-interpreting truths.

Wikipedia's article on "Radiocarbon dating of the Shroud of Turin" doesn't even mention the new dating due to the finding that the original dating used a sewn-on piece of cloth that was not part of the original shroud. Wikipedia = the devil. Here's what Devil-Wikipedia doesn't want you to know:

You see, Wikipedia's writers want you to believe the lie, and don't want you to know the truth. Can there really be people this bad in our world? Waaaaaaaay yes, they are all being exposed at this very time, liars everywhere being exposed, as God crushes their kingdom; there's nothing left but their last-ditch attempt, and then their swan song, as the Clock approaches Appointed Time. Good-bye experts, thanks for NOTHING.

It's possible that a modern team was allowed to sew a piece of cloth to the shroud for the specific purpose of cutting it back off for the carbon-dating test. A trick played on the public without informing the public that a trick was played on them. That's what the devil does, and the vatican had to be a participant in this trick...if it took place at all.

The video below takes about ten minutes to get going, but once there, it talks about some of the possible historical handlers of the shrouds from earliest times. I'm not going to tell you how much I agree with, as this information is catching me by surprise. It's all interesting. Once you are done with it, I have some curious heraldry, like possible heraldic pointers to the shroud:

The overwhelming significance of the video above, to me personally, is the realization that God built the church mainly on the secret spreading around of this shroud. It was the evidence of the Resurrection for centuries, keeping the church leaders sure and on fire for Jesus. No matter that satanic forces would try to torpedo Faith, yet this shroud, with the inner testimony of the Holy Spirit, defused all attacks. The New Testament writers were proved to be authentic. We believe it today, aside from the shroud's testimony, but why not allow the shroud to strengthen your faith in low times? It's there. It was Given. Have it.

Robert de Clari is in the video at 41 minutes. The first-known Templar owner of the shroud was Geoffrey de Charny. On an earlier Templar, Robert de Clari: "Robert may be one of the few documented witnesses to the Shroud of Turin before 1358. He reports (1203) that the cloth was in Constantinople, in the church of Blachernae: 'Where there was the Shroud in which our Lord had been wrapped, which every Friday raised itself upright so one could see the figure of our Lord on it.'" What's astonishing here is that Scottish Turins (Aberdeenshire, same as Leslie's) share the boar of Bards who in-turn share the green griffin in Crest with Leslie's, and the latter were founded by the Hungarian, BARTHolomew. Plus, the Bard / Turin boar is in colors reversed with Less'/Lush's.

I now take you to Lesce on the upper Sava, not far from Hungary, which is where I trace Leslie's, and it's right beside a CARNI peoples. Geoffrey de CHARNY. Just go ahead and load French Charneys, for they have a cinquefoil-version of the Scottish Turin Coat. Plus, Lesce is a dog's walk from Bled, and the Bleds have the Coat of English Clare's in colors reversed. Robert de Clari. The latter is in the video soon after talk on the Hungarian Pray Codex (38-39th minutes), which shows a fanciful painting of the shroud.

Clari's are listed with Claro's/Chiaro's, and then there is a Chieri location on the outskirts of Turin. While Bards are also Beards, French Beards/Bearts happen to share the red bull with Clari's/Claro's/Chiaro's. It can begin to explain (vaguely) how the shroud ended up in Turin. None of this should be mistaken for holiness just because we seem to be on lines whose ancestors may have handled the shroud, but this can be regarded as a tracking of Templar lines in association with Sinclairs. Henry Sinclair was a cup-bearer to princess Margaret when she married king Malcolm III, and the first crusade was started a generation later. Henry Sinclair came to Scotland with the Drummonds and Leslie's.

Irish Charneys/Carneys share the Pilate pheons, and while Mont Pilat has a peak named, PERDrix, Perts/Petts happen to have a lozenge-version of the Turin and French Charney Coats. It doesn't look coincidental, and suggests the bloodline of Pontius Pilate. Perts/Petts were first found in Kent with the Petits in the motto of Malcolms, and the sister of Malcolm III married the Hungarian Drummonds. Malcolms share the red stag head of Colts/Cults (PERTHshire), who have the Pilate / Carny pheon in colors reversed.

Drummonds are from a woman in Bohemia's Podebrady, and while German Franks (Bohemia) use a column, Malcolms are also Columns. The Pelosi's/PILATI's we met earlier use columns too. Plus, the Frank column is in the colors and position of the giant tree stump (or trunk) of cloth-like Clots. The burial cloth. English Warners, sharing the Turin bend, I assume, almost have the motto of English and Scottish Franks. German Warners have a vertically-split Shield colors reversed from the same of Austrian TURNers.

Again, Scottish Turins were first found in Aberdeenshire with the CHIVES', and Chivasso is right-near Turin. This line is suspect from Joseph Caiaphas, who implored Pontius Pilate to kill Jesus. Pilate had Jesus whipped brutally even though he admitted he could find no wrong in Him. What kind of a beast do we call this? He wasn't up the Roman chain for being a nice man.

English Turners were first found in Oxfordshire with ROOKs. The video, in the 43rd minute, says that OTHON de la ROCHE, was the gr-gr-great-grandfather of Miss Vergy, wife of Geoffrey de Charny above. OTTONE's have a version of the CHAPPES Coat, and Elizabeth Chappes married Hugh de Payens, the first Templar grandmaster, though some say he married Catherine Sinclair (may have married both). Catherine Roet was a daughter of PAYNE Roet, and Roets share the gold boar head with Turins. The Rooks have a Coat version of Cups/Cope's/Culps, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire.

Another Templar grandmaster, Jacques de Molay, is interesting where Blaze's/Blaise's/Blays' are said to be "originally from BLAY, 3 miles north east of Le MOLAY in Calvados." It just so happens that while Bled is beside Lesce in the land of the Carni, Bleds are also Bleys. Blaze's/Blaise's even share the garb of Rooks. I think that English Jacks (Yorkshire, same as Blaze's/Blaise's) were kin of Blaze-like Blythe's, and while Bill Clinton's father was Mr. Blythe, the Clinton Coat has resemblance to that of Blaze's/Blaise's, yet more: the Clintons share the six fitchees of Tarves' while Chives' above were first found in Tarves (Aberdeenshire). Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with Rooks, Turners, and the Peare's suspect from Piedmont's Pero's.

In the 49th minute, Geoffrey de Charny is in a painting holding the shroud, and he's got heraldic FRETTy behind him, symbol of Masci liners whom I see behind Alice of Saluzzo. Clintons share the Saluzzo Shield (as might Irish Charneys/Carnys), and the Clinton Chief has the stars of Maceys, from FERTE-Mace. Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Turin. There is a La Ferte-Loupiere location near Charny (France), and the Arms of La Ferte-LOUPiere shares the three red roundels in the Arms of Boulogne, the latter location being home of the first templar kings of Jerusalem. Red roundels are called, torteaux, possible code for lines from Tortona in Piedmont.

The first ruler of Templar Jerusalem was Godfrey de Bouillon, and while Bouillons were first found in Auvergne, the LOUPs share the tower of the Auvergne surname. The Loup write-up: "The surname Loup was first found in La Rochelle, a port city, and capital of the former AUNIS province of France." The Aunis surname is listed with ANNAS', and it just so happens that Joseph Caiaphas married the daughter of the previous chief priest of Jerusalem, ANNAS (or Ananus). The lone Aunis/Annas star is shared by Vere's who in turn are known to share the Massey quadrants. These quadrants are in colors reversed upon a shield in the photo mentioned above having Geoffrey de Charny.

When in Turin, the shroud was owned by the Savoys, possible from the Sava river at or near Bled. Bleds were first found in Burgundy with Save's ("PROsis") and Messeys, and the Sava is also the Save. Savage's/Sava's ("pro") first found in Cheshire with Masseys and Maceys, have six lions in the colors and pattern of the six Clinton fitchees. Masseys are from the Maezaei on the Sava river. French Masseys were first found in Savoy. Sava-like Shove's/Shovels share the Massey fleur-de-lys. Chives' are also Shewas', and Shaws list Shave's who in turn look like kin of Hamons, from Hamon de Massey/Masci.

In the 54-55th minute, the video claims that the first person to photograph the shroud claimed that it was a negative. I cannot agree with this. It's dumb. Just because his photo negative had a clearer picture of Jesus' features does not mean that his negative was the true positive of the shroud. This is STUPID and confusing. The shroud is not a true photo in the sense of reflected light reflecting onto a photographic surface, but is of light transmission striking a surface. Where the light was striking strongest on the shroud, that's where the image was darker. The lights and darks of the shroud are NOT the lights and darks that we see in a true photograph, nor of the lights and darks of Jesus' skin. Make a distinction.

The photographic negative makes Jesus' face look as though inward-coming light were reflecting off of His nose, brows, etc., but this is not the reality, and it certainly does not qualify as a photo-positive. In the 57th minute, look at how long the fingers appear, too long for fingers, unless the bones inside the palm were radiating light, and that is the reality: outward-going light (creating a positive on the cloth). We are seeing the finger bones that extend into the palm.

This discussion gets too forgetful of what Jesus did for us, as we examine the shroud scientifically. The shroud was Given to give us stronger Faith. We should not neglect that he died horribly here, the price that God deemed appropriate for us in our rebellion against Him. It is only by the kindness of God that some of us have made peace with Him through Jesus. Otherwise, we would still be living in ignorance upon the wide road to destruction. The shroud is not an image of a dead man, nor of a dead body, but He is alive at the time the etching was made. He may have sat up a few seconds after the image was made. This is the Story of the shroud: ETERNAL LIFE for anyone who gives thanks to God for Jesus, and lives sufficiently appropriate in conformity to His words. Jesus did so much to give us a chance; what will we do in return to show appreciation?

We may receive the Spirit to help us before we do one good thing, but the purpose in receiving the Gift of Forgiveness and the Spirit is to obey His commandments; otherwise, if we lack them sufficiently, we may get rejected from life in spite of our believing in Him. If we sin after sin after sin and then say sorry, sorry, sorry, it may not be good enough. Straighten out our roads. As Peter said, add good things to our lives to assure our salvation. Salvation begins at being born again, but it does not end until the end of our earthly bodies. He who endures to the end will be saved, but if we get back on to the wide road, don't expect Eternal Life.

God commanded us to love Him, and so there must be a way for humans to love a God they have never seen. Love should never be an act of obedience, and who but God knows this best? Rather, love should be an I-want-to-do-it because God is lovable. JESUS is the I-made-you-do-it power. Jesus is the make-me-love-God-naturally power. Jesus' death is God's love for us that we might love Him back. God had to do sufficient things for us that we might live for Him, but as the sight of the Creation itself, and the life that comes with it, wasn't enough to get us to love Him, because we are born greedy ingrates, He went further into an area He was not required to go, and He then made those He loves miserable until we begged Him to deliver us. Of all the different ways in which to die for us, He chose the Roman cross.

So, if you still don't love God after that, and if you even scoff at the unassailable evidence of the shroud, you are one big stupid on the face of this earth, and you plainly don't deserve to be here just to rally the trash of humanity to war against God. Jesus is your death, stupids, may creation be rid of you, for that is the love of God for those who love Him, to rid the Creation of the stupids. Selah.

When looking at the shroud, don't imagine that Jesus' face and body was under the image that you see. That is, don't imagine that Jesus' skin was on the opposite side of the cloth from what we are looking at. Instead, what you are looking at is the inside of the shroud, the part that touched the skin. We have every reason to believe that God arranged this image so that, in the end-times, a photo negative would produce a fairly-true image of his face, not lucky, but by Design. It appears to me that radiation was emitting from hairs too. INVIGORATION, now available to every human being.

Loving God is to live for Him. This is not rocket science. The Crucifixion is defined as: "This is how much I want you to live for me." The Resurrection is defined as: "This is what you get who live for Me by sincere hearts." It may not be enough to live for God because we must (that seems like true legalism), but because we want to. The religious leaders of Israel knew they must give a tenth of their produce, but they did not exercise love / caring for one another.

It's like Bill Gates ever-prospering even though he doesn't need it, and then giving a token piece of coin to charity, as if it's a big deal, oooh-wow look at me, blow me trumpets on the street corner for all to see my oooh-wow. If you really want to please God, hypocrite Gates, let us see your bank account take a deep dive. You don't want to become one of those awful poor people, do you? You love the honor that your fortune brings you, and you wish to be a bigger star yet until you fill the universe with your ugly face. Sorry, but that space is reserved for God's beautiful face. Sorry. Mr. Gates, your life is a depreciating product, and you will be no more in just a few years. Yet you will not give all your money away to save your soul. STUPID. There are millions of stupids just like this, the worst blight on this planet.

Jesus will soon be the active Dictator of the Universe. The difference between his dictatorship and the dictatorship of modern globalism is right versus wrong. This is so simple. You don't need training to know the difference between right and wrong. To convince people that global warming exists in order to rob the people of their taxes is a horrendous wrong. This is so easy. To force people to take a vaccine in order to get richer is disgusting wrong. To buy a quarter million acres of farmland when you are one of the richest men in the world is an obscenity. Etc., etc.

The Good Dictator jails wrong-doers, rewards right-doers, hires right-doers, fires wrong-doers, the very opposite of what the Democrat establishment has been openly-seen doing...with half the Republicans as accomplices. Give me a dictatorship any day, as long as it's a good-guy dictatorship, because a democratic system that allows the demons to slander and stifle the good-guy work is a DISASTER. The United States set itself up for disaster by giving evil powers equal authority and rights to operate. STUUUUUPID. A good-guy dictatorship gets good things done fast, and that's what Jesus will be, an overnight sensation. Bingety-bing-bing-bang, all's well by morning. All the rulers will shut their mouths when they see His straight-iron rod showing how things ought to be done.

Let's get our doctrine right: leave Trump in the dust with his duplistic mouth full of gravel. He doesn't love the people enough to spend $10M to fight election fraud, even though he got bit by it personally. George Soros gives millions to rats, and an Internet giant can grant 400 million to the chiefs of election fraud, but Trump can't fork out even 10 million to help fight election fraud conducted by mobsters. Sure, it looks self-serving, but only to the enemy, and who cares what they say? The right thing to do is to fight election fraud, and that takes money.

The Holy Vaccine Cow is Sick

The following video is the most-frightening video, if the man speaking knows what he's talking about. It's claim is that 5G is the very cause of COVID, and the man is said to be an expert in the telecommunications field. Listen to this:

The lockdowns may have been implemented to alter cell-phone towers with 5G potential, with as few people as possible seeing it. Trump is not only for vaccinations, but for 5G. He's now saying he doesn't believe in forced vaccinations, but, yeah, sure, that's because he wants to be the president again. The power of 5G is to jiggle the atoms and molecules in every cell in our bodies much stronger than ever before. Do you think it's a good idea to jiggle / excite the atoms in your body? Or do you think it's best to leave them alone? Hello?

This delightful Australia picture is what needs to happen in the West:

The video below claims that 74-percent of the 3,200 U.S. vaccine deaths thus far were from people who took the vaccine in January or earlier, tending to verify that deaths can be long-term after vaccinations. These were needless deaths; they are not numbers only, but people who did not need to die; I only wish that warp-speak Trump was one of them, along with twisted-brain Fauci. There are many more who have been ruined for life, but we can also fathom than many unreported deaths and injuries exist.

The pope has fallen gravely ill (don't watch this entire video, or you may become infected too):

Likewise ill is the speaker in the video, for even when he sees the pope coming out of the closet as the devil, he remains a catholic. Wonders never cease. I kinda got the impression at age nine or ten that the catholic church was a laughable fraud (my mother took me to church), yet the adult in the video above has been a stupid until now, and counting. When I saw the priest throwing water out at the people in the pews with some kind of wand-thingie, I thought it was nuts. Then I saw another priest swinging a canister of smoky incense, and I thought he was nuts. They put tap water at the doors of the church and called it "holy water." I had to go into this dark box to tell the priest some lies to confess my sins, and he told me to go out and say a few Hail Marys, and of course I knew he was nuts just for being on the other side of the window in that dark box.

They walked around in black dresses just for church. If I put on a black dress, do you suddenly mark me out as special, like your father? Do I turn into a holy man just because I have a black dress on? What a shenanigan. Everything the vatican church does is for show. If you can't see it, your are.....STUUUUUPID. If you are a catholic, I dare you to call your priest, "brother Bob." I'll bet you're too frightened to do so because you've been conditioned to revere the "father." That's how STUUUUPID they are, that they would condition you to look up to them, total fools who do not understand Jesus when he said, call no brother your father. Jesus condemned the religious leaders who walked in specially-designed robes seeking honor, which is exactly the vatican church. It's just another little sign that there's much amiss in their hearts.

And, finally, the pope today is coming clean, showing the true colors of the vatican, hoping to increase his powers by making worldly alliances, as in the good-ole dark ages when the number-one aim was world domination...not what Jesus sent us to seek. Trump has arranged a supreme court which may now be under the secret authority of the pope (at least sometimes), for Trump gave that court three more catholics. It appears that the present pope loves the Democrats, you see, and other liberals.

I've argued that the moon landing could not have taken place because the way in which they landed a craft on the moon was impossible back in 1970, and is probably impossible even today, or they would be building such craft today. The video below has taught me that they did try to fly and land a lunar lander on earth before going to the moon, but, as you can see at the end of the 12th minute, the craft could be expected because it cannot be controlled. It cannot be made to stay level on the way down except by a one-in-a-thousand-chance miracle, and therefore no man would take that chance on the moon. Case closed, they did not go to the moon, period:

The above applies to unmanned craft that they say have landed on the moon i.e. they did not land on the moon, case closed. The speaker reveals himself to be pro-moon-landing after showing (29-30th minute) that the landers failed to created the massive dust storms expected in landing such heavy craft, for he then continues by saying there is evidence of the moon landing, just as we'd expect from a liar. Everyone in this video arguing for a legit landing is a liar. The liars were trained in lying. It was the meat of their game. They had to be good liars. With every legitimate "conspiracy theory" that got around, the liars had conferences to discuss how to lie their way around the truthers.

In the 36th minute, the expert-sounding liar probably took a photo of the earth sky during cloud cover, which explains why no stars show up in the photos, yet he claims that there were no clouds. Do you believe him just because he sounds like he knows what he's talking about on his expertise? Does possessing expertise prove he can't be lying / tricking?

In the 49th minute, the speaker asks why the Russians didn't expose the Americans if indeed they didn't go to the moon. The Americans knew the Russians would stay quiet because the Russians had faked their own moon landing. "The first human-made object to touch the Moon was the Soviet Union's Luna 2, on 13 September 1959." Some suggest that the Americans were perhaps trying to fool the Russians into thinking that they could land men on the moon, but, on second thought, I don't think they could fool them at all. If even I know that the lunar lander could not be landed without a crash, certainly the Russians did too.

And so the faked landings needed some other motives. It must have been very important, in light of all the work that went into them, and perhaps it was to test how easy or hard it would be to fool the people for future manipulations in false-flags. Were they that crazy? Or, was a large part of it the theft of tax dollars, only a small portion of which would be needed to fake landings, including the money spent to keep mouths shut? When a faker takes the money, he/she would be exposing self to jail and a spoiled reputation if he/she blabbed. That's only partly the methods on how they keep the secrets to the deaths of their pawns. It's been going on a long time, and they know how to do it.

That video stunk because its purpose was to repair NASA's ruined reputation. There are far-better videos, but I've noticed that google is hiding most of them these days. Par for the mobster course. Most videos seeking to repair NASA's reputation do not feature the best arguments against the landing, though I was surprised to see the lander-crash scene in the video above, which had no response in NASA's favor. When I ask youtube for faked moon landings, I get a great host of videos arguing in NASA's favor...mobster-mash propaganda in your face. I'm about 50 videos deep at youtube, and I cannot find you even one good video to expose the moon-landing fraud, though they were ample 10-15 years ago. If there are a couple, they are about two or three minutes long, how generous of youtube. It's called censorship, and the take-over of the public mind into the lie. But the damage has been done; a vast part of the global population have seen enough to know NASA didn't land men on the moon. Trump is even a part of this conspiracy.

The video above showed the waving flag. It tried to convince you that the aluminum top bar is flexible and thus capable of setting the flag into motion. But if you're honest, and you watch that flag "on the moon," you can clearly see a couple of time segments when there is no/little force applied to the top bar or pole by a hand, yet the flag still waves as in a breeze (26th minute). Just believe what you see, a staged operation on earth.

At 25:57, there is a trick being played to "prove" that both sides of the flag are exactly as bright even though the light is not shining on one side of it. The problem is, when they show the backside of the flag, even the aluminum top-bar has light falling on it, meaning they arranged for some light to fall on the backside of the flag while making you think with their words that there was none. Beware the misleading words, for it's how NASA magicians play their debunk games. Why did they need to shine some light on the backside? Because, we may assume, there's a lot of pasted flags in the moon shots that don't have zero darkening on the backsides. The clip at 25:57 shows zero darkening on the backside, you see, but even vinyl flags should show some darkening.

Whenever you see a perfectly still flag on the moon, assume it's a paste job of a still-shot flag. As earth has some breeze on most days, this is why they didn't likely have flags planted in the scenes; instead, they just pasted them in after the scenes were filmed. In some cases (which this video does not show for obvious reason), the pasters forgot to paste in a pole/flag shadow. Oops. It's just a no-brainer that google and NASA will try to hide all the problematic photos. Hello? Do you think we're totally stupid? Some still-shots of flags are shown with a wave, or even a curl, in the flag to help them explain the early waving motion of a flag in the wind. When people noticed, NASA started to use still-shot flags pasted in, a no-brainer.

The top-right corner here shows a pasted flag. We can tell that it's pasted because it's perfectly bright without any shadow markings even though it's supposed to be the dark side. Plus, the sunward side of this flag is not anywhere near perpendicular to the sun so that it should not be this bright to begin with, and yet even the slight curvature or indentation (a wave formation) vertically down the center area of the flag shows no darkened areas, to be expected due to inability of the light to strike the "ditch" in the curvature. See the shade upon flags in other photos, on the same page, where waves exist.

The debunkers will say that many weird things can be done with shadow lines, but, no, not on level ground. Examine shadows on level ground in moon shots, and there's not to be one weird thing about them, no light tricks, no eye tricks AT ALL. If two shadows diverge on level ground, PROBLEM.

The curvature in this flag appears to be identical with the curvature in the flag above. In other words, it appears that they used the same flag pasted in for two different flights to the moon. We are to believe they packed the flag, went back to earth, then returned to the moon, and finally set up the same flag with the same curvature still in the same place.

Something so simple as flag mistakes can blow the entire gag on humanity, and so all of the hot wind coming out the mouths of NASA apologists is only a part of their dastardly legacy: even though they got caught deceiving, they continue to deceive to cover for the original crimes. This is written in the Book of Death (so to speak) which God keeps. Everyone whose name is written in the Book of Death will be exposed.

Do you buy the excuses made for why stars can't be seen neither from the moon, nor out the window of the craft as they go to the moon??? NASA is depending on YOU to eat their garbage on why the stars do not appear. Without enough YOU's, NASA is dead. Even if the majority comes to believe the landings to be faked, the mobsters would forcefully manipulate the media to create the impression that the conspiracy theorists are the fringe. And that's what youtube is now doing in conjunction with google. When it gets to that point, things are going very bad for the cover-uppers. They risk total implosion. Let's hope they get what they deserve sooner rather than later.

It is a conspiracy upon a conspiracy that I cannot find one, NOT ONE, good youtube video when asking for "faked moon landings." NOT ONE. This tells us older folks that NASA and it's duped supporters would lose the war if the videos would be seen. Soon, the younger folk won't ever know those videos existed. Globalists promised a "new age," and it turns out to be the Controlled School with the whole world treated like kindergarten students, all people kept as stupid as possible to what's really going on, and taught only that which is conducive to their Planted Society. An article writes: "...popular conspiracy theories disseminated online in an 'ocean of information'". The ocean is gone, hidden beneath the google mountains.

In the video above, shadows are shown for two street signs to "prove" that shadows can fall non-parallel even though they are both created by the same sun. However, the goons can do doctored photos too, and why wouldn't we expect them not to just because they pick an honest-sounding speaker to tell the story? At 23:34, we see the two signs, and it turns out that the shadow for the diagonal sign is wider than for the rectangular sign even though the rectangular sign is wider. It looks like they took out at least one real shadow, and had at least one fake shadow replace it. Yes, because the sun, thanks to the lengths of the post shadows, can be deemed higher than 22.5 degrees up in the sky (shadow lengths exactly double at 22.5 degrees), and a sun that high less than doubles the lengths of shadows as compared to what it's striking. Yet the rectangular sign forms a shadow far more than twice the height of the sign.

Plus, there is a trick taking place in that the speaker does not inform us that, in a view toward a horizon, all parallel lines will appear to converge at the horizon even though the lines will never converge. Ditto for solar-formed shadow lines (though shadows will converge, but only when they reach the sun). So, if you are standing between two solar-formed shadow lines with the sun in front of you, as you are in the sign photo of the video above (23:34), the two lines should appear to converge at the horizon, yet the people responsible for the photo have the photo doctored as though the shadow lines for the sign posts will converge far sooner than the horizon...because they are trying to fool you into thinking that all such converging lines on the "moon" are normal.

However, shadow lines on the moon are always with the sun toward ones back, the opposite situation to what's presented in the video's street scenes. That's a little dishonest, wouldn't you say?

When two shadow lines on a "moon" shot converge in the distance, it's due to at least one shadow line falling on a slope in the land, in which case this is normal, not proof of using studio lamps even though studio lamps are being used. A slope changes the direction of a shadow. If the sun behind you is coming from your right side, a shadow falling on a rising slope will be angled/bent toward your right, and when falling in a downward slope, the shadow will be angled toward your left.

The only shadow lines that prove the use of studio lamps is when the lines DIVERGE (never meet in the distance) on LEVEL land. That is, one lamp (or sun) behind two men on level land will produce two shadows in slightly different, and diverging, directions. The closer the lamp to the two men, the more divergent their shadows. As the sun is so far off, we expect no noticeable divergence in shadow lines.

However, it is the nature of lines, when they move further away from the viewer, to appear converging (in the center of the view i.e. directly in front of the viewer). The longer the shadows toward the front of the viewer, the more they will appear to converge. So, if the shadow lines on the moon diverge away from the viewer, that's in spite of lines always converging with distance from the viewer, meaning they have the studio lamp close to the scene. Shadows from the sun on level land should always be appear converging rather than diverging.

Note that the video chooses to show the same moon-scene shadows repeatedly instead of showing others that cannot be explained away so easily.

At 23:55, the two pole shadows converge much too near the viewer to be real; it appears either very doctored to trick us, or a form of lens manipulation. The moon shot beside that street image has a slight slope in the land, so slight that I do not think it justifies what appears to be a large slant in the pole shadow as compared to the direction of the man's shadow. I suggest that there is nothing wrong with the pole shadow. I suggest the man's shadows was pasted into the scene because there was no reason to go out of the way to paste in the pole's shadow. The fakes created many fake photos with copy-and-paste, why should this be so hard to believe? Are you going to allow dishonest doctors to "debunk" "conspiracy theorists" by your assuming all the arguments of the doctors to be dependable?

Do we expect the debunkers to feature their most-formidable conspiracy theorists? Of course not, unless they cherry pick arguments that they think they can present with success on their own behalf. If you now focus on the scene at 24:36, we see a classic example of diverging shadows, and I think the slight slope beside the man (he's no astronaut) does not justify such divergent lines.

I've just asked youtube for "moon hoax," but, again, I find NOT ONE video that presents a string of problems with the intention of proving the mission a hoax. Why is youtube hiding the hundreds, if not thousands, of such videos that were once ample? The answer should be obvious: they were working to convince people that the mission was a hoax. Youtube only censors when something works heavily in opposition to the globalist pigs whom it represents.

Then again, though I doubt it, it could be Canada that is censoring the videos I seek, while you, in another country, have no problem finding them. I doubt this, but it's possible. I think countries make deals with google and youtube for having censor powers of their own.

Below is a short video on the actual craft landing of the first Apollo mission. You should be able to spy why this is a total joke. The guy even says that it was a "controlled fall," and that they had enough fuel for only one try. JOKE. It did not happen. They cannot control a craft with four legs using a central, large rocket (between the legs), and one small rocket per leg. IT CANNOT BE DONE. The craft is going to tilt one way, then another way, with every firing of a small rocket, and even the large rocket, which has the additional task of slowing the fall against gravity, will cause it to spin, especially as it gets close to the ground to receive the ground backslash. IT CANNOT BE DONE, especially with 1970's computers. FORGET IT. It's a JOKE. They were government-sanctioned criminals, and still are if they are alive.

Try to understand. The large, central rocket needs to be firing continually to slow the fall, or to maintain the speed of the fall. They could not shut that rocket off for a second, or they would waste fuel because the craft would begin to accelerate downward (needs more fuel to slow it down again).

As soon as the craft begins to tilt in any direction, a small rocket needs to spit out some power to correct the tilt. It could not correct the situation, however, but could only cause the craft to spin toward the correct (level) position. The craft would not stop once level, but will continue to spin unless a second rocket spits out some power to send it spinning the other way, but if too much, or too little, spit was issued, there would be no correction. Imagine yourself as the pilot of this craft, never having landed one before, and your job is to spit out power in four small rockets to keep the craft level. This is a funny joke. NASA has criminal nutbars to this day for not revealing this thing.

Meanwhile the huge engine is going to make any little tilt go into a larger tilt. The central engine is the killer. The craft could theoretically stay relatively level if all it had was small rockets all around to send the spin back to the level position, but as the central rocket is much more powerful than the small ones, the latter cannot correct the damage done by the large rocket. Try to imagine what happens to a craft if it's tilting slightly to the west, for example. The huge rocket is going to send it pointing more to the west because its firing toward the east as the craft falls. NO BRAINER.

Continue. The more the craft tilts, the faster the fall becomes because a rocket not firing straight down will have less power to slow the fall. The slowing of the fall is to be understood as an upward acceleration of the craft. It's accelerating upward as it falls, if you catch my drift. But if the craft starts to lean west, the rocket will start sending the craft westward, a no brainer again, leading to double trouble because the fall now needs to be slowed while the craft is moving west, and there's no way to stop it from moving west. NASA didn't add rockets to address that problem because it knew it was never going to land the craft on any planet, moon or earth. It was a criminal joke.

Continue. The lander is moving west and the fall is accelerating as the craft is tilted west. A small rocket is fired to send the tilt eastward in hopes of leveling it, but, unfortunately, there isn't likely to be a rocket on the pure-west side. More likely, there will be a rocket on the south-west or north-west, and so firing either one, or both at the same time = chaos. No pilot could correct what's next because the central rocket is overpowering the corrector rockets, and making a mess (a spin) out of what the pilot hopes to accomplish. Modern-day computers MIGHT be able to correct the tilts, and might even be able to correct a full spin, but if so, why haven't they built such craft for such things as people rescues on earth? Or, for dumping lake water straight down on fires?

Back to the jack-ass liar (with straight face) in the video above describing how the first lunar lander had to make the journey from fast orbit to a nice, safe, soft landing (hahahahahah, a JOKE). The video shows what is purported to be an out-the-window view of the soft landing in the nicky of time. Folks, this is theater. The craft was not once shown out of control in any tilt, just as if the pilot had done this a million times before.

Did you see even a speck of dust as they landed it? Why didn't they think to have a dust splash at the landing, after all that talk, previously, of a billion years of dry cosmic-dust accumulation on the moon? They didn't have dust for two reasons: 1) for visual effect of showing the landing with the ground visible; 2) they didn't think anyone was smart or nervy enough to reveal the Hollywood-type hoax. They landed with a thimble of fuel left, MY HEROES.

They had a different batch of fuel for the take-off. But while a rocketship has fins to keep it straight, the lander had no such thing because the moon has no air to begin with. A rocketship needs air acting on the fins to keep it straight. How's the lander going to go straight up, first off, and how in tarnation will it ever be able to maneuver to the orbiting craft before it runs out of fuel? The central rocket needs to be firing at all times, or it will begin to fall again. It can't go sideways (parallel with the ground), or it will simultaneously fall. But that orbiting craft up there IS going sideways, and somehow the two craft need to meet in a clickety-click you can see in a Hollywood movie. And you think they did this without a hitch in 1970 on limited fuel and three paid-off bozos to pilot a ship they never piloted before?

Lest you didn't quite catch the drift: how will the lander module meet the orbital craft without air to work with, without wings to alter direction, and without fins to keep the trajectory straight where they want it, in three-dimensional space? Are you kidding me? Three dimensions, within gravity force, without any physical sea to control movement = spin failure = can't get where we want to go = certain death. And you think NASA was able to find three astronauts many times over to take the risks? If one thinks so, the truth is, he/she just never thought before. Blind trust, and you've been had. Once they saw the masses so stupid and so trusting, they continued to master their deceptive wits, and then conducted many other false flags with what they've learned on mind-manipulation technology. This means that the blind, trusting people (= useful idiots) are our second-worst enemies.

SpaceX and NASA are united. I predict that there ought to be evidence that NASA and China's space agency have united too. I would rather believe that the landing of rocketships by SpaceX is fraudulent, a mere running of take-off videos backward.

The holy-vaccine cow is as real as cheese on the moon.


The video below claims that all charismatic prophets who predicted, in the Name of God, that Trump would serve a second term, have been wrong. Is it too early to say that?

Get out of the charismatic movement, because it's filled with snakes. Do yourself a favor, or you will become disillusioned with Jesus. Charismatics prophesy error, continually. It far better to be right and low-key than to be false and exciting. If you want to waste your money and your soul, go to an exciting church with false prophets who pretend that they are connected to God's voice.

At least Charismatics respect God, though one wonders how many of them have God mixed up with their own made-up, inner voice. Caution. But millions of times worse off are the absolute stupids who tell us how amazing the body parts all work together right down to the cellular / atomic lever, and yet they believe in no God at all. These people are so STUUUUUUPID (obstinate, stiff-necked) that they refuse to see the human body as a fantastic DESIGN, but then SOMEONE needs to create this body from mere eggs in a hands-off development that is pure evolution in a real sense, yet the STUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPIDS still do not acknowledge a God HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You cannot get more assinine that this; like mental retards are the evolutionists, self-retarded by their war on God. Even in 2021, they still think that all biology arose by a non-intelligent force HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I only laugh like this when the world has made me go half-crazy.

There is almost never any Biden news worth speaking of. Why would the FBI under Biden want to release any information on Seth Rich, especially some sensitive tease-information which you can see starting at the end of the 5th minute here:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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