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April 13 - 19, 2021

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

John Ratcliffe gives an important footnote to the robbed election:

Ratcliffe is kindly telling the nation that political activists have been criminal to support a criminal, included Joe Biden. However, as you may know if you read me a few weeks ago, I do not think that Joe Biden is the faked Joe Biden now seen in the news. I wonder what happened to the real Biden. The fake Biden now in the news doesn't know his politics, and so they need to keep him out of news conferences unless they can stage them with pre-formed questions and answers. The fake doesn't have a normal ear lobe on his right ear, whereas older pictures of Biden have normal ears on both sides. I'm pretty sure I saw the fake with a normal lobe on his left side, and so maybe they were doing surgery to get both lobes fixed, until someone pointed out that he has no lobes. If they fix it now, it will only make more news. Fox news won't dare report this "conspiracy theory" because it's bread-and-butter for the next four years is to report daily Biden news (Fox and a host of pro-Trump youtube beggars are making their viewers spiritually sick on behalf of making their daily money).

The following from the U.S. military could have been in the planning for decades, a thing that may evolve into the mark of the beast, a thingie that goes into the skin to monitor the bloodstream for COVID. We can fathom that, no thingie, no can buy your needs in a store:

As we begin to see these things in the news, hurry-up already and find a way to become self-sufficient. That's my advice. It may be a waste of your time, or it may not. But my advice is, don't take chances. If you are able to get self-sufficient, do it starting now. My guess is that we have a few years before a mandatory system arrives that forbids us the ability to shop, but a pilot project may start even this year because the tyrants wish to see how people will react to it.

We can see what their next agenda is to seize guns. They fear guns from their enemies, because, very apparently, they plan on doing some things that will make them very angry. Otherwise, they wouldn't want to seize guns. Their ideal plan is to take guns first, then implement their nastiest plots. A no-brainer. It's as though their older plotters, in their 60s, for example, have become impatient, wanting to see the fruit of their work come to fruition long before they die. So they are ramming their plots down our throats in over-drive, and this is the worst thing they can do for their success. They have made many enemies by ramming COVID upon us, and they don't yet know how those enemies will react. How worse will it be when they seize guns? People, war can break out, get yourselves extra food, it will not go to waste for the most part. Buy cheap, but lots over the next few months. Use a relative's basement if you need storage space.

I would like to go to this church due to the courage and loyalty of this pastor:

I heard that the Alberta government put three fences at the church, one around the building; another around the parking lot, and another around the entire property. This disgrace from the government was the lesser of two evils to itself, because if the fences were not put up, the government would have been forced, by it's own pride and refusal to lose this battle, to arrest the members, and that would have looked HORRIBLE before the nation. So, the government took the chicken-guts approach and put up offensive fences.

The pastor of the church has his priorities straight. He's not just calling for the right to assemble, but he's advertising that the pandemic is faked. This is the real fight. It would be missing the mark if churches argued only for the right to assemble. The evil is the government attempt to keep people away from one another, to divide them, so that the communist pigs can better manage their current plots, which are a few more stages in an anti-Christ scheme that's being on-going for decades. People gathering anywhere, and talking, is a threat to the control freaks. But I think that their keeping us apart over nothing is backfiring. They will need to fake a more-dangerous virus, and I think they will try it because they have seen that people in general are easily turned into their useful idiots. If faking it is not predicted to work, then they might be wacko enough to introduce a dangerous disease. We should soon see their next move, because flu season is all but over for this year, which does not play well to their plots.

If pastors play to the anti-Christs by appealing to Paul's admonition to obey the rulers, I would feel disheartened. Citizens, Christian or otherwise, in a representative government, have a right to disagree with the errors of government, and moreover they have a duty to not conform to measures based in evil. The apostle Paul meant that we should be law-abiding with good laws, of course, or that we should not rebel against governments just because we are the rightful rulers-to-be of the planet. For as long as we are in this world, let the governments be governments, and we do our part to be good and "law-abiding" citizens (i.e. where the laws are good). Part of that responsibility is to call-out evil in government because an evil government does evil to fellow citizens. If we support the evil government, we betray the people it hopes to harm. "Evil" is defined as "harmful."

My question is whether other Christians in the vicinity will come out to support this GraceLife church, because it would be a shame if they thought this pastor were in the wrong. Shame on the police officers who arrested this man for NOTHING. GREAT SHAME. Where is the peoples' court where the little man can challenge a contemptible law? May we give our enemies a drink of water if they are thirsty, even a chicken sandwich if they are hungry, but may God then smash the impish and unrepentant enemy.

GraceLife is meeting in an undisclosed place (excellent video), and so the government now has the choice of tracking down their new meeting place(s), and that would require arrests of those who meet. Owwwe, would the government be that stupid? I hope so. Alas, they will probably give the people expensive tickets, which is thievery. We can all send them money to pay the tickets off. We should not lose this battle. The harder they react, the harder we should expose them.

The video above shows solidarity between American and Canadian Christians, the way I like to see it. We need all of us beware our respective governments, for they are plotting against us. Let us be a Christian nation together, and let us put little emphasis on secular nation, for they are going to the wild dogs, the heretics, the stupid. We don't need to rule from the reigns of government to finish the plans of God. Our job is to testify against the secular rulers, that the wise might hear and abandon them. If we entangle Christians in political misadventures, what kinds of new shoots will we put out. Trump was a misadventure for Christians. Let God's people not make that mistake again.

Thirty-five days in a prison would be abhorrent to me, a minor nightmare, yet it is not fully a dismal challenge with thousands of fellow believers knowing about it. The pain and misery is from being violated, to witness your fellow citizens mistreating you to the point of committing you to doghood prison. They put cuffs on you to make you feel like a dog, and that's how they want you to enter prison, feeling sub-human. So, God will lock them into prisons of gloom, and they will be mistreated, and they will have no argument against God, no way to appeal their cases. There is more hope for the thief hanging on a Roman cross than for the people who are doing this to the WHOLE church for no reason at all but to exercise their control-freak muscle. They are not doing this to one church, but to the WHOLE CHURCH. This is an act of war against Jesus.

It is perfectly right to tear down those fences, BUT, there are court cases coming up, and it's best not to have charges held against the church in case the judges are liberal stupids. If I were a judge, I would deem it correct to tear down those fences simply because the church has been meeting since a year ago without one COVID infection. Where is the justification for the insulting fences? The church did not exercise its right to tear down the fences. Instead, the fences are becoming a symbol of tyranny. SMART. My only wonder: why did it take this long for the churches to get to this point? Why is there only one church in Canada willing to go this far? Where is the cut-to-the-heart zeal?

This humble pastor in Canada, who is a delight to hear, turns out to be a post-tribber; he shocks by revealing that James Coates (GraceLife's pastor) is a Calvanist:

Someone in the comments section: "I just wanted to correct you, James Coates is not Calvinist, go listen to his sermons ,they are powerful." I suppose there are different degrees of Calvinism, and different types too. I'll watch out for that story and report back if I see anything. Some people in the comments reveal their confusion, thinking that the speaker is opposed to Coates. He is not opposed, but supports him as concerns his jailing and resistance to COVID.

The comments section tells that Mr. Kenney, Alberta's premier (like an state American governor), the one who jailed Mr. Coates, is a catholic. He promised religious freedoms, but, of course, some militant catholics are our enemies, and so watch God expose vatican apostates. Canada is 2/3rds catholic, yet if they vote liberal, they do not know Jesus. They know of the Jesus they see in catholic pictures, often just a little infant, but they do not know Jesus. That's why there is darkness in Canada. When the catholic church in Canada was dying out in the liberal wave, its priests started to preach like the protestant, about the time I became a Christian (1979), like they loved the Bible suddenly, but it was just a ploy to regain their members. I'm not going to be deceived. Vatican clowns can now be seen joining globalists on various issues, with the expected result of bringing the vatican against us as we resist successive globo-liberal tides. There will be a last tide, but to their absolute horror, it will drown them instead of us. I won't trust / respect a catholic for as long as he / she remains in the catholic church. Something is wrong. Get out get out get out.

What the world needs now is a timid Moses versus the Egyptian stupid in all his power and glory. How sweet when the stupids fall donning their full glory. How stupid they look at that point. That's how it will be when Jesus responds in the Last Act. Here's the same pastor in the last video speaking unassailably on his desires to see good shepherds:

In the 31st minute, the pastor gets confusing, as many do when they teach salvation by faith alone, as if salvation doesn't entail works. It depends on what works one is referring to. This pastor himself states that some shepherds are wolves. Well, will faith save them? No. So, this pastor himself admits that salvation goes to good shepherds who actually think and do the right things. Faith in Jesus is the WAY to salvation, and this includes a re-training to do the right things. If we don't do them sufficiently, our faith is void. Some pastors are afraid to say what I just did, as if there is some heresy behind it, as if it's burdening you with unnecessary burdens. We all love the good shepherd. So, be one. It's not just the pastor who's given the green light to be a shepherd, you can be one too. Get out your whacking stick, and whack some wolves on their snozzles. Just don't mistaken the sheep for wolves.

Do you really want to be close to Jesus, good shepherd, on His terms? You're asking for a black eye, good shepherd. You prefer to be close to Jesus under your own terms, but under His terms, you're asking for battle, because He's going to prune your branches off, ouch, pain, and then he's going to show you your rot, and you're not going to like it. Who is the fool who says, "Lord, I want to be your right-hand man," as if he might deserve it, as if he might be able to keep up? No sooner does the good shepherd do a good thing that he needs to be humbled, and that always involved Jesus sticking his foot in front of you so that you fall on your face. It's called, "let me show you how far from perfect you are." So, good shepherd, if you can stand the heated grind, go ahead and give it your best shot. It's a worthy endeavor. I speak to you as one with his face in the mud.

If I could have my way, I would shoot killer lightning bolts at Trudeau, but, then, I'm not Jesus. He has a more-terrible way to kill Trudeau. You thought I was going to say that Jesus is kinder than me, more loving toward His enemies. WRONG. There is a long, long, long, long time that God gives His enemies to repent, but in the end, HORRIBLE REWARD. Trudeau would destroy our Faith, and coerce us to give up on Jesus. He proclaimed war on Jesus for "his" country, and I saw it. I talked to Jesus about him.

Our enemies were losing the ideological battle, and they were losing governments too, and losing the Creationist battle as well, and so they decided to gag us, to remove our voices from the public forum sufficient to give them the upper hand. CHEATS like this are not to be respected. They are our mortal enemies, the enemies of Jesus to their deaths. Make a distinction between non-Christians and anti-Christians. The latter abhor the thought that we should be a positive force to make society better in the way that Jesus defines "better." The devil has his own plans for how people should conduct themselves, in horrible, sickening sins. Google loves the pornographer but hates me. Trudeau loves pornography but hates Jesus. Judges across this land will keep the floodgates of the most-disgusting porn open into the foreseeable future. SICK and HORRIBLE behavior is tolerated, and yet we are called the cancer of society because we oppose it. But where are the pastors who are opposing it? I never hear a peep. They don't get together to oppose it. Perhaps they are at peace with just ignoring it, as if it didn't exist for fear of government reactions.

In the second minute of this video, see if you can spot a plot to create world food shortages (= act of war) from a Mr. Swhwab:

As you can see, Schwab wants you scared into vaccination lest you lose government father as your helper in times of trouble. So, prepare to be self-sufficient without government father, or at least have LOTS and LOTS of food to last a long haul. Don't forget to pack a little extra away for family who haven't the means, because you probably won't want to turn them away when they come knocking.

Bill Gates is getting close to the day of his death, and he wants to see some global successes of the kind he's been pushing before he dies. There must be a lot of old goons just like that in fat-cat land. You are in for a big surprise when you die, Mr. Gates. If you think this universe has no Creator, you just wait a few more years to find out.

In Michigan election fraud, the good guys won some significant rights in Antrim county, from a judge who, however, denied them the ability at this time to investigate eight other counties. At this rate, zzz..... What possible reasons could this "judge" have for not allowing the people to investigate their own election records? That's not a judge. That's a Hell-bent oink-oink. The people shouldn't need to ask a judge for the right to check / scrutinize / publicize election records for ANY reason at ANY time. We await the Righteous One and His government. Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father. There will NOT be American freedoms in His empire. People will be free to build, but not to destroy. People will be content with God's-granted abundance, and will not oink-oink for more. The fat-cat pigs esteemed in America will be no more. God has permitted all manner of sins to expose how life must not be lived, and to what extent men go to ignore / forsake all that is right.

Here's Matthew DePerno talking openly and at-times shockingly about the Michigan court hearing and related things:

The people who reject God will, in my prediction, be abused by the anti-Christ leaders they will uphold. The very ones they trusted will bring them most-bitter realities. And so when you hear voices today warning against the powers, listen to them, because the majority will follow these leaders, trusting them, thinking that they are good, unable to believe that they are demonic. Look at how Trump deceived so many Christians. I'm not going to fault Christians for trusting a man who promises good things, but, after that man has exposed himself as a fraud, it changes things, doesn't it? Is Trump spending his money today to fight election fraud? Is he spending his time to expose COVID fraudsters? No, he's only doing the politically-correct things to get re-elected. OINK-OINK.

Arizona's Maricopa county has announced that the audit will be put on video for the public to watch, and that it will begin looking at ballots next week. Unless there is any deal cut with the corrupt, this should expose many varieties of fraudulent methods and conduct. What will be done about it? Will SCOTUS yet reject to look at such high-level criminal conduct? Isn't it the court's job to punish illegality? That's what I learned at an early age. Don't the judges know better than a child? Can we believe that Kavanaugh and Coney-Barrett are willing to expose themselves as such brazen hypocrites, to put it nicely?. They deserve jail for assisting criminality under their noses and in their faces.

In Georgia this week, and "judge" decided that the people cannot touch the paper ballots, but can only see the images of the ballots, meaning that the ballots cannot be run through Pulitzer's scanners. This is a preposterous decision because any recount automatically means that the people can handle the ballots. This is a precedent for judicial corruption in election fraud, a war declared on the people from the liberal, globalist-supporting courts. The people have a right to see whether the paper is authentic in the stack of counted votes, but this judge pretends like he doesn't understand this, or that something else takes priority. What is that something else? Protecting the frauds, what else? ETERNAL JAIL TO THE WORTHLESS JUDGES.

In case you're interested in a class-action law suit (as much as $1,000 per voter) against Dominion Voting, facebook, and others, the judicial wheels of which are already rolling, see:

Every class-action suit can be an attempt of plaintiff lawyers to rob the plaintiffs, where the lawyers know beforehand the chances of convincing 12 jurists is next to impossible. So, join the suit as a plaintiff, but don't send the lawyers money to proceed. If they are not willing to spend 200 free hours each for this cause, they are not the right lawyers for this task.

By mid-week, I was hearing what sounds like a one-day audit for Phoenix on April 22. How can it take only one day to do the audit unless it's by Jovan's scanning system? We were told previously that it could take up to two months, to be expected where all ballots are studied by hand. So, we could hear of massive paper fraud as early as next week.

Did you ever stop to think that demonic globalists have been putting out disinformation for decades, in cahoots with medical people, to demonize foods that are good for us, but reported as foods that are bad for us? It's bad enough when fat-cat companies pay private media people to bad-mouth the competition, but when they try to convince us that a bad food is good for us, the idea comes to mind that they could also make the bad food out of good food. Just poison the good food. How many ways can they do this? That's one of the reasons that people who have chosen to homestead are happy with that choice. The less we buy at the stores, the less the risk.

We need to send out the word that wealthy Christians with big acreage need to start severing it, or at least doing all the paperwork-processing with intent to severe at any given time. Other believers will need this land in a 666 system. Too bad that pre-tribulationists are still deceiving the churches.

Some good news: the military plans to chip the military. That gives Christians a heads-up and good reason to quit the military. I find it abhorrent for a demonic military to send Christians to fight its $$$-battles all over the world, but, worse yet, the military can be used to stranglehold the American people at any imminent time. It's best to leave this dirty work to the Hell-bound. Christian police officers, get ready to quit, because you stand the chance of following orders to do evil. You don't want that on your Christian record.

The COVID authorities in the U.S., this week, suggested a halt to Johnson & Johnson vaccines due to blot-clot occurrences. It's the same reason that halted use of AstraZeneca "vaccine" a couple of weeks ago in various countries. How can this be coincidental that two different companies both cause the same problem?

How many people have had their veins jammed without knowing it? A blood clot discovered is a severe clog case, but lighter vein blockages can go without notice until later, closer to a heart attack or stroke. Are you comfortable with that picture? You took a vaccine and feel fine. But are you fine? Where might you have half-way clog?

This is how to treat a bad law in Canada::

Do not be a mask-goon, cowardly communist oinker, or the ruling pigs will clamp down harder. Show them no obedience to such tyrannical laws. Quash the propaganda machines and the governments they propagandize for. Prepare for the punishment for not obeying, but, keep on disobeying so that the tyrants commit to more abuse. That's the way to win this. Disobey, let the guilty punish with impunity, expose the punishments and let the people decide who's in the right. Already, Canada is propagandizing more-deadly variants and more hospital patients due to "variants," in the wake of Britain doing the same i.e. Trudeau is aping Britain. This is a scheme come into play just when they schemers knew a substantial part of the people would totally reject the COVID scheme once and for all. Let's see how this next phase goes for the guilty, the abusers. QUASH propaganda machines. PROCLAIM them everywhere to be a criminal farce. That fact needs to be imbedded in peoples minds so that the schemers may reflect on the criminality of this scheme.

It is possible that the vaccines are known to give the "variants." Can you grasp that? Instead of protecting people, the variants will make people so sick that the schemers then blame the variants rather than the vaccines. Just as sufficient people are rejecting the vaccines, in come the "deadly" variants, we get it, it's a criminal enterprise. Your own neighbor cannot be trusted if we let the propaganda machines brainwash them. And Fox news is of no value in this. Neither is Trump.

Perhaps Taiwan has had only seven COVID deaths since the start of the "pandemic" because it's not deceiving the people, as Canada has been. I think there is a euthanasia program going on too, and, on top of this, they are deliberately counting typical flus as COVID illnesses. WILLFUL and disgusting DECEIVERS all patterned on British deception. Yes, you heard right: Britain may control Canadian politics when the nation is subjected to the cruel Liberal Party. Thank you, you minorities in Toronto for giving this county to the cruel Liberal Party, shame to you and on your betrayal of the common people. Conflict, not peace, is your fruit.

If you want to watch a doctor chewing out Fauci for not one mention of urging people to become more healthy:

Here is an easy-to-understand picture of what will soon exist in North America, both countries, unless there is backbone to deny the tyrants their will. Our worst enemies are the spineless citizens who submit in an effort to go unscathed:

He said that 50,000 communists in Poland were able to control a nation of millions. How can that happen? I suppose the people didn't have guns? If they did, they didn't commit to giving up their lives in war. A few thousand "terrorists," one would think, could make the communists very nervous.

Do not stop watching the video above until he gets to his testimony about Jesus. It's been a long while since I've heard a testimony like that one.

Here's another testimony from another man who was demon possessed, and, wonder of wonders, our pathetic governments today see no value in his healing because it was in the Name of Jesus rather than by a phsyco-ologist:

Jesus has saved me from the clutches of the devil. I was a heroin addict and a drug dealer. My heart was so full of anger, I hated everyone. According to God's word I was a murder. Like Paul, I was the chief of sinners. I now live for God and proclaim His goodness. He has broken all of the strongholds in my life. For everyone who reads this, if you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, don't give up on them, continue to pray for them and believe that Jesus can break the power of addiction. I'm proof that He has the power to defeat all the lies of the enemy. Jesus has set me free! Be blessed everyone.

Multiply that great ending my millions of times, yet our anti-Christ governments despise these once-rotten people who give witness of Jesus' powers. Pathetic whackos are in charge over us. The seized all of the educational channels over a century of time, in order to harm us, and so prepare for the fight. We will win in a Flash.

Some are saying that Tucker Carlson's night-time slot at Fox is on the way out, and perhaps this explains why Tucker's admitting the danger of the vaccines, yet note that he doesn't mention the obvious: if a few are dying, how many others are being threatened with death, and for how long do blood clots form after taking the vaccines? Or, what is causing the clots since these vaccines are not supposed to create "gunk" in the bloodstream? Will Fox bosses tolerate bad-vaccine press like this?

The six people, all women, who were made sick, were diagnosed with Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis. One of them died. "Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) occurs when a blood clot forms in the brain’s venous sinuses. This prevents blood from draining out of the brain. As a result, blood cells may break and leak blood into the brain tissues, forming a hemorrhage. This chain of events is part of a stroke that can occur in adults and children" (

So, a vaccine that is supposed to create anti-virus capabilities has caused blockages in the brain. How can that be? I've found a 2007 article telling that flus and blood clots go together. I don't know whether it's always been that way, however. Are the current vaccines giving people a bad case of COVID?

Why did only a few suffer near-fatalities? Are only some of the vaccines loaded with something problematic? Are a significant number loaded with lesser amounts of poisons? Why else would they gun for mandatory vaccines if the devil's not in the pudding? Don't be deceived by those now saying that there's only a one in a million chance in getting CVST, because they are not telling of the high probability that thousands are walking around right now with partial clotting they do not realize they have. Are they on their way to a more-terrible clotting incident in the future? "Short-lived side effects like fatigue, headache, muscle aches and fever are more common after the second dose of both the Pfizer-BioNTech and the Moderna vaccines..." Can any of those "side-effects" be explained by clotting? Yes.

The appear-out-of-nowhere man in the video below gives me the impression of being a fake for some group, like a mole. One clue is that he is new to youtube, and probably doesn't even have the 3K subscribers that he's been allotted. He's so small, and then says that Mike Lindell needs to come on the show. So far today, two of his videos have come up [three by evening], what are the chances for a legit channel this small? I've never seen him pop up before. Assume that some of the comments are from fakes if the guy in the video is a fake. Imagine what an army of fakes Intelligence has to play their tricks on social-media platforms.

The name this youtuber goes by in Neil Johnson. Youtube claims he has 129 videos, but, just as I thought, when I click to his youtube page, there are no old videos showing, whereas if you click to someone else's youtube page, there will be mainly old videos featured. Neil Johnson's page shows only 15 videos, all under one week old. You see, this looks like a spy into the Arizona-audit agenda. Why is youtube lying on his behalf? A spy's job at first is to gain the trust of a wide audience (i.e. say the right things they want to hear), and to weasel into the affairs of the audit team by asking them to come onto his shows. He's gunning to get into Lindell's private affairs, isn't he, just as Alan Dershowitz did.

Youtube almost always brings me Julie Green videos at the number one spot. Yes, the first video, almost everyday that I load the youtube home page, has a Julie Green video, and she's always using code words that she thinks will keep youtube from discovering her election-fraud reporting. How can we explain this, that while youtube wants to censor election-fraud videos, her's almost always come up as the first video? Here's another example on Friday morning, where her video came up first on two separate loads of youtube, a few hours apart:

On Saturday morning, again, Julie's video is in the number-one spot. I used to load BCP videos daily, but youtube would hide them on me. I had to make special requests each day to get the cutting-edge Trump news. Yet Julie's, of greater threat than BCP's videos due to the current nature of her messages, are almost-always in the number-one spot??????? Are we being played?

At about 7 pm Saturday night, I loaded the youtube page again, and this time the youtube channel, Vote Liz Harris, was at the number-one spot with a video title, "What is happening in AZ? Daily Update 4/17/2021." How can this be? Is youtube fronting these videos due to knowing of a staged operation to trick pro-Trumpers, to make them think falsely that the Arizona situation is going to sink the Bidenites...only to burn us again in the end with pre-planned failure(s)? I don't laud Liz Harris' pro-Trump friends (eg. Doug TenNapel) she's brushing shoulders with. They seem clownish to me, maybe even toxic. I stay away from BCP too.

Harris is talking about the ballots found in a trash bin, but that entire affair seems staged to me, with nothing done about it by the Arizona senate that's supposed to be on the good-guy side. How long can it take to inspect those ballots and give a report on their details???????????????????????????? Why has this not happened? How can it be reality that the senate is unable to get the full security footage of the video that exposes who placed the ballots into the trash bin?

On Sunday morning, the first video at youtube was by Neil Johnson, I kid you not. SOMETHING STINKS. On Sunday night at 7 pm, youtube was loaded again, and this time Liz Harris was in the number one spot with a new video four hours old. On Monday morning, my first loading of youtube brought Julie Green to the number one spot. I've not seen anything like this before from youtube. Are these the only people with Arizona updates? Why does youtube think I want Arizona updates as a priority? I watch other kinds of videos more than Arizona updates; why don't the other topics come up in the number one spot? Why does youtube seem unconcerned with bringing up election-fraud updates predicted to spoil the legitimacy of the house of Biden?

The following would be good news for this week if the judge in the Michigan case is a normal, good person:

Please see this on COVID patents, and don't be surprised if bitchute won't play the video for you the first time you load it:

If bitchute won't play a video, try again to load it, and leave it loaded for an hour or more until it starts to play. I get the impression that bitchute is at least partially a deep-state support base, playing tricks on its viewers for some of the issues that matter most to the deep state. I have seen bitchute hide videos; a Christian one recently was on the homepage, then it suddenly disappeared. It was hiding David Knight videos too. Bitchute is a sleazy operation.

Why would anyone wish to protect a SARS virus developed in a lab? Why would someone not want others to make the same virus by the same patent-method that keeps others from making the same product intended for sale on a financial market? Why would anyone worry about someone else getting the patent first? Was there an understanding in a certain medical circle that there's lots of money to be made by spreading around a virus? It's not a wonder, therefore, that they say we are going to have more viruses forever? That they might get rich, we are being forced to act as their toy soldiers. Shame on the willing toy soldiers.

As we saw, the CDC claimed ownership of the virus. The same CDC that's supposed to be over the people to protect them thus appears guilty of exploiting them. Why shouldn't it be the same with other ruling government organs? Such as the food administrations? The people are treated like their wallets. It's government-sanctioned pick-pocketing, every paycheck, every year. That's what "representative" governments have long been all about.

We would have been far better off with a corrupt king who steals only for a few family members and his friends. Countries now have a massive representation from thousands of legislators, governors, mayors having tens of thousands of family members, and accumulatively hundreds of thousands of friends and fellow-thieves that get into the game one way or the other. In this regard, the good guys do finish last, which is why God makes the first the last and the last the first. Surprise thieves. You're going nowhere.

I had to watch the short video above twice, the second time with the pause button pressed a few times to let what was being said sink in. Near the end, the man says that no one is permitted to create a cure for COVID, because it's owned already by the CDC. What do you call that if not worthy of execution in the public square? They release a virus, then get someone like Trump to give them huge tax dollars for providing people the cure. Trump then acts like he's for the people against Fauci when all along he was for the thieves. Fox news is complicit with this horror. Now we know why the vaccines are the end-game, though I think they are exploiting the situation for making money by various other, and related, methods. It goes without saying, actually.

For two running weeks now, conspicuous word is that the Bidenites are going to finish Trump's wall against adamant promises to tear it down...which plays into my suggestion that Trump built the wall, at the behest of a demonic military, to keep Americans from fleeing into Mexico. Can you think of any future reason to cage southern Christians in like that?

I didn't see one update on the black worms in face masks this week. Was it a hoax to begin with?

Christians on Vaccinations, and Pre-Tribulationism

Here's the pastor, James Coates, talking on COVID. We find here that out of 4.4 million people in Alberta, 2,034 are recorded dead, yet that can be inflated number. But even when using those numbers, it's only one dead per 2,163 i.e. NOT A PANDEMIC. The average age of death in Alberta is 81 years, and for this they deny people gatherings. SICKOS! GLOBALIST PSYCHOPATHS marching on the anti-Christ warpath!

Everyone's wondering whether the province, or even the national capital, is planning to come down harder (any day now) just because they want to punch this pastor in the face for sounding so victorious thus far in this video. Praise God if they start to jail a few other members, and the latter go proudly to jail for a short while so that this story will go global against the tyrannical GOONS. I'd prefer 10 days in jail over $1,000 fine because the jail term in this case will pay huge dividends for exposing that the goons are goons. Plus, it brings Jesus into the midst of the malice, win-win. Those quick-to-speak, fake angels who despise Jesus, who would call Mr. Coates a lawbreaker, are building wrath upon themselves, scoffing. Let's not be naive, the goons had already planned what they would do to "rebellious" churches. They may need to evolve their reactions now.

I think Mr. Coates is playing too shy on coming forthright with his desires to challenge the government. He gives appearances that he's doing what he's doing because Jesus would want the church to meet, but I think that's only part of his inner story. It's even absolutely valiant to fight the government on this issue on behalf of other churches, for the obvious principle. This fight should become an inter-church effort, folks, now is the time to start it, to have "rebellious" churches from sea to sea to Mexico. There is no proof that variant viruses exist to speak of, and I certainly don't trust those who say there are killer variants on the loose right now. This fabrication is part of the method to "justify" harsher treatment of the disobedient. This will be the next war, and the best way to prove that killer variants are a farce is to meet without masks and show that no one is getting sick in the meantime. We are past flu season, folks. This does not bode well for the enemy.

Mr. Coates discloses in the video that his most-respected pastor / mentor is John MacArthur. I don't have an opinion on the latter; I don't listen to his online sermons. I just watched him tell his church that he'd have no problem taking the vaccine if he had to take a plane flight. That's not sitting well with me. He didn't address the fetal parts that some say are in the vaccines. He didn't address the gene-altering possibilities, or the fact that the vaccines are literally under the testing stage with the misinformed (or gullible?) general public as the guinea pigs. He came across like one who values his air travel more than the safety of his sheep.

The problem with pastors today is that they all get paid. But of course they are going to preach the gospel, because one sermon per week for a week's wages, where you get to be the focal point at a raised pulpit, is better than a nobody regular job. But if pastors were not paid at all, and we asked them to give just one sermon per month, without pay, perhaps as many as half of all pastors would go bye-bye. Some of them might like to be "shepherds" only if they are up at the pulpit, but not from down in the pews. You, pew sitter, can be a shepherd, if only you cared for the people around you. You don't need anyone's permission to become a better shepherd than the pastor. You have the green light from Jesus. It is very wrong to paint all pastors with a broad brush. There are some beloved-of-Jesus pastors who have their ups and downs, and it would be a great shame for someone to label them all as coyotes.

Someone says of John MacArthur: "I don’t care how much money he has. I was deeply saddened when it was brought to my attention that he says you can be forgiven if you take the mark." Here is what MacArthur said in 1980:

Now, the question is, if you’re living in the tribulation period, and you take this mark – in other words, you identify with the beast’s empire, will you still be able to be redeemed? And I think the answer to that is yes. Yes. Otherwise, there would be no salvation of anybody in the end of the tribulation. And you’ve got to have the salvation of folks in the end of the tribulation. You’re going to have the Jews redeemed. You’re going to have, according to Revelation chapter 7, an innumerable number of Gentiles redeemed – so many they can’t even be counted across the face of the earth.

I would never want to say that, because I would rather stress the absolute importance of rejecting the mark. I would not want to give anyone the impression that, if you are starving, you maybe can take the mark and get away with it. It is possible that some non-Christians will reject the mark due to being opposed to the tyranny of the anti-Christ. We see non-believers today who oppose the tyrannical system. The 666 system will be meshed to a personality, and if some non-Christians despise that personality enough, they could also seek to get by without the mark. We don't yet know how encompassing the mark will be, whether all goods will be made unavailable without the mark. Perhaps there will be some small, make-shift grocery stores that crop up who sell apart from the system, or some farmers selling direct to the public. We will need to wait and see.

MacArthur was, and may still be, a pre-tribulationist, and for this I can't respect him. I feel very strongly suspicious about any Biblical scholar who gives no credit to the post-trib position that's clearly in the Bible, and in the meantime he holds strongly to a pre-trib rapture for which no solid case can be made. Such a preacher makes me nervous. I find myself asking: where else is this man unreliable? Why is this man unreliable in this grave matter at a time when it seems that the grave time is upon us? He doesn't want Christian preparing for the 666 system. But why not? One possibility: it costs money to prepare, and often entails a move away into the country, and that would mean less money for his church coffers.

I feel the same ??duh?? way about any pastor / preacher who doesn't see 2 Thessalonians 2, Matthew 24, or Revelation 20 as atomic bombs upon pre-tribulationism. Why are they so daft in this regard? Is it because they fear going against the majority flow? Did the wolves create the pre-trib rapture to begin with? What is going on? How many respected pastors will paddle down the stream with the False Prophet if the latter turns out to be a false Christian? Not many if Biden's the False Prophet, but perhaps many if Trump is. But wait. How can any pastor support a False Prophet who openly pushes the 666? Even pre-tribulationists are opposed to that thing.

Revelation 13:17 says that the mark can be one of two things, the "name of the beast," or "the number of his name." Might there be more than one type of mark? Might some marks of the beast be devoid of his number? My interlinear suggests a comma where you see it in: ""...lest anyone could buy or sell except having the mark[,] the name of the beast or the number of his name." If that comma is a correct read, then there could be three different marks: the mark; the name; the number. But pre-tribulationists are usually Zionistic, and so why would they latch onto a man who opposes Israel? They are taught to love Israel as a priority? Yet the beast will war against the whole program of God, as well as war against Christians. How possibly could we expect pre-tribulationists to gladly / massively receive the mark even if it's from Trump?

There is the possibility that the False Prophet and anti-Christ are military leaders operating only in the Middle East under a globalist authority that may or may not be true to the acting American president at the time. I feel that the False Prophet's "fire from the sky" is a military thing from the American military, but even the latter part could be wrong. Here's another problem, where it says (Revelation 13:11) that the whole "geo" will be forced, by the False Prophet, to worship the anti-Christ. Is that the entire planet? We really have little choice but to see it that way as we approach it.

So, Revelation says that the False Prophet sets up an icon to the beast, asking people to worship / respect it in regards to his superior military powers. It sounds as though the powers may create a political crisis that requires absolute toy-soldier obedience from the masses due to the delicacy of the situation. It sounds as though people who resist the beast will be portrayed as traitors, and we easily predict toy-soldier obedience from those who don't want to suffer the risk of death. The iron fist we now see will get worse.

It clearly says that the False Prophet will kill some people who do not respect the anti-Christ, the absolute-stupid man. This looks like Hitlerism / Stalinism to me. It's nothing but a shooting star that goes forever dark as soon it as goes bright, yet it's a brutal shooting star for as long as it has power. It's satan's swan song as he dives forever into Hell, and he's not going without doing his worst to God's people. Yet many get through the tribulation period, albeit with pains and tears. How are we going to take it to see brothers and sisters treated harshly, and there's nothing we can do about it? But better to be treated harshly than to be deceived by it all, to become one of their toy soldiers, which is why I say that exposure of this beast, and absolute disrespect toward it, should be our chief aim for the sake of others. Our faith will be strengthened when we see prophecy coming clearly to pass.

That's why prophecy is so important, so that we may chose death, if necessary, with confidence that God is with us. Prophecy allows us to be sure that our persecution at that time is our correct choice over obedience to our enemies. It's the crown on God's church, with a shining star that never goes out. Each of us who chooses persecution, or the threat of persecution, is that star upon the crown of Jesus. The devils will see our light as they churn horribly in Hell, and they will be pained for what they did to us. Prophecy is calling us to resist this globalist beast because God wants us to be His soldiers. Without us, there would be no shining crown, no victory. Our resistance, to the end, is the victory, the glory. This is not the cause of the American flag, people. This is not a willingness to die for the American military. The New Nation is Coming.

Have you not seen in the video comments how many believers in Jesus hold the American flag as they go forward? Have you not seen their worship of Trump? They lump America's apron-wearing founders in with Jesus. These are sick Christians, ill to the bones, deceived. They need to be healed, and we who are not immersed in Americanism need to wake them up before it's too late. Let there be a global cry to these believers to get out of Babylon, to dislodge themselves from the masonic cult of America, to stand purely for the True Israel of Jesus. You are going to see some Christians claim that America is the new Israel, how daft, how immersed in error. They are drowning themselves in a hopeless quest.

People are turning away from pastors who say they will take the vaccine. Division. Will whole churches crop up who reject both the vaccines and the globalists? I see people re-locating in churches that either accept the vaccine or reject it. Is this meaningful as per the goats versus the sheep? Are the goats those who buck against the system, or are the sheep those who sheepishly accept vaccinations? When is it right to be sheepish, and when is it the right time to ram? What about sheepishly accepting the persecution that comes from rejecting the vaccines?

Please watch the below, even though it may not be correct, as the man (Dr. Gene Kim) says, that the mark of the beast will be an electronic-deduction system at the cash register. My new idea is that the skincode may be a door-entry system. That is, without the mark, one cannot shop, and with the mark, one has a choice on whether to pay by cash or debit, as we do now:

In short, Smart card, in conjunction with the likes of Bill Gates, are seeking to wrap common purchasing in with a skincode that carries vaccination data. It sounds like: without the vaccine, you can't shop. Note how the man seems unafraid of what he's taking about...because he thinks the rapture will remove him from earth before the period he's taking about. How will pre-tribber fare, after believing that God is too loving to leave us here, when they are left here? I read the video's comments deep down but did not see one post-tribulationist going against the pre-trib hopes.

Thanks to one comment I saw elsewhere tonight, I found this: "Microsoft and Bill Gates have filed a patent numbered 060606 for a microchip which is inserted into the body and which rewards activity with cryptocurrency."

We’ve seen a post online claiming that Bill Gates and Microsoft have a patent, numbered 060606, for a microchip that would be inserted into people’s bodies, and would monitor their activity in return for cryptocurrency. There is a genuine patent Microsoft applied for in 2019, numbered W0/2020/060606. The application does mention technology allowing for people’s activity to be monitored in exchange for cryptocurrency, but there is no mention of implanted chips. The patent application has not yet been granted.

Was it a coincidence as per that particular number for a patent application for that particular man? It appears that Gates is a willing satanist, and wants to be seen as such. It gives us cause to think that Microsoft was, from the beginning, a military / deep-state project given to Gates to take visible credits. In short, the Internet is a satanic system, run and largely controlled by satanists.

It is completely wrong for pre-tribber to claim that God cannot restrain satanists without the church. Pre-tribber use this argument to have another cheap-shot piece of "proof" for their position. In this case, when Thessalonians talks about the removal of God's restraining powers, it's supposedly talking about a pre-tribulation rapture of the church. WRONG, DECEPTIVE, DO NOT TOUCH. God's Spirit really can restrain even by using a donkey. And even though God does restrain through use of Christians, it doesn't at all mean that His ceasing of restraints is defined as the rapture. That's one giant leap which Thessalonians does not make. Mental conditioning to persevere the harsh system of the anti-Christ does NOT start with pre-tribulationism. Throw that worthless false hope off, and start preparing your soul with Vine-stickness.

Practice stick-to-the-Vine-ism. Go with Jesus stuck to your soul, and endure whatever comes your way, for when you are stuck to Jesus, He determines what you will or will not suffer, and He repays those who cause you trouble. Woe not unto you, but woe unto them. Our enemies gave themselves away with mandatory masks already. They don't even know how to make good military decisions. They are going to crash badly. They will die horribly. Their plots will come to nothing. All they have is brute strength, and this is going to backfire on them. Do not think for a minute that God's restraining powers removed means He can't help us in times of trouble. It only means that He will allow satan to go on the offense, to have the upper hand over us. That big mouth you see in Revelation 12 is God's protective support of Christians in the tribulation period. The devil attacks, we get protection in large part.

The reason, likely, for our now hearing that vaccination is no guarantee of keeping one safe, is because we who do not want the vaccine then have our super reason to reject the vaccine. For we can then say, if you're afraid of COVID, then you protect yourself with the vaccine, but I chose to take the risk without the vaccine. So, that's why they say the vaccine is not full-proof, in order to be able to tell a judge that we are being reckless for rejecting vaccination. SNAKES. We can then argue that, since the vaccines are no guarantee, we choose not to risk the vaccine, but rather choose to risk getting the virus. For us to win this, there needs to be plenty of bad press for the vaccines, and so far that bad press has been a set-back for the snakes.

For anyone interested in the Albertan pushback on COVID (they should have ironed the curtains):

If I could give some advice to the two men in the video above, they could maybe laugh at their opponents rather than appear so angry. Yes, there is cause for anger, and some anger shown at points is good, but denigrating the fools who push COVID also needs that we deride them, treat them as the laughing-stock that they are. A good place to mock them is as per the relatively few numbers of deaths, and the faked death numbers. Nothing but dishonest goofballs masquerading as experts.

For a legal perspective of Alberta's GraceLife controversy:

Like I said, a laughing stock. The Alberta premier is a laughing stock, as the video above makes perfectly clear. I only wish that Trudeau would take the bait and become another laughing stock by coming out to persecute GraceLife by his powers, but, of course, I shouldn't wish that without GraceLife's blessings. What could be better for the country now than to make a laughing stock of Trudeau? He's already in trouble with his new, WE scandal.

I love the term used by the guest in the video above, a "doctatorship" ruling each province. SUPER MOCKERY GOOD ONE. GOOD SATURDAY-NIGHT LAUGH, MORE PLEASE MORE.

The guest makes a great point. He starts by saying that COVID is risky for about ten percent of the population that is not usually out and about in public. If we remove our masks, he continues, so that the 90-percent get the virus (and a natural vaccine to boot), it will then mean that the ten-percent become fully protected due to no carriers left to infect them. The sooner we all get it, the less time there will be for the weak and sick to be threatened. But the goons have other plots, sick plots, and, truly, at this point, as we can see how sick they are, they truly need to be executed in the public square.

It's not our health that they care about, but in very fact, they want the weak and sick murdered to save tax dollars, and to reduce the population. How can we know? Because they are denying health care to some people in danger of losing their lives who have not had a positive COVID diagnosis. But if they do have a positive rating, they have a red-royal carpet rolled out for their entry into a hospital. DEMONS. Someone needs to check on whether those who die in these ways are predominantly conservative / anti-globalist in world-view. Wouldn't that be a story? These are real people who suffer and die.

At the chart in the 4th minute of the video below, you will see the numbers of deaths for heart-attack, cancer and COVID victims. But this chart is wrong because a large portion, if not the majority, of the numbers given for COVID deaths were taken from the heart-attack and cancer numbers.

Plus, if you heard the man say that some 240 young people died of COVID, uh-uh, wrong. If any young person died last year while testing positive for COVID, there is a good chance that their official cause of death was recorded as COVID. That's one of the biggest ways in which the authorities exposed themselves as frauds. They don't care about the truthful numbers; they care only to push the fright. What does this reveal to us?

The day after the I put in the video above, the video below was found showing what I had not seen before, that at some point in the COVID death count, the CDC admitted that 130,000 of the deaths were from flu, pneumonia and heart attack. As the annual U.S. deaths from flus and pneumonia's are in the range of 30,000, it means that the CDC counted roughly 100,000 deaths, from non-lung-related illnesses, as COVID deaths. What do we call this except part of the tyranny? You can verify it at about 1:25 here:

It wasn't the best video, but at least it's out there. Communist-pig google won't help me to find the story in order to elaborate. google Canada might be more a communist pig than google USA thanks to communist-pig Canada.

Jim Jordan, speaking to Fauci this week, wouldn't challenge Fauci with the 560,000 COVID deaths reported thus far. Jordan is caving to false numbers. He probably wouldn't be caving if the motion was going the other way, but there are not sufficient numbers of people willing to rebel against the dictates. Motion is toward the dictators because the West is filled with pea-brains without understanding of where their lack-of-conduct is taking things. These pea-brains cannot fathom that the dangerous variants at this time are a farce / plot to keep them acting as the useful idiots of the dictators. Jim Jordan didn't even take his mask off to speak with Fauci, showing no respect at all for his supporters. When the leaders become useful idiots on Trump's behalf, pro-Trumpers need to change their view of Trump. Tyrants go away and fall silent without useful idiots.

If you have time on your hands, and you don't mind some less-than-happy truth talk, here's three hours of David Knight:

In the video below, the man is a liar where he says that "roughly one percent will die of the infection." We might therefore treat the rest of the video with caution, but, my point in showing it is, the 5th minute, where he says that six out of nine men who died were found with blood clots:

At about 7:25 of the video, the man quotes a study telling that about one third of all severe cases of COVID victims have blood clots. Just for the record. That's not including clots found in less-severe cases. What if these clots are permanent, unable to be dissolved by blood flow over months and years? Could that reduce the life spans of millions of people where blood clots are already the third-leading killer condition? Yes. DO NOT GET VACCINATED. It's not necessary.

Same video in the 7th minute: "Another study with 191 patients with COVID-19, half of those who died had clots compared with seven percent of the survivors." Half probably didn't have COVID. We might suggest that some of the survivors didn't have the clot-producing disease in the first place, nor COVID. Why were clots not major news since the start of this "pandemic"? Someone trying to hide something? Did they put a halt on the clot-producing vaccines lest someone discover a plot when investigating deeper? Still in the 7th minute, he says that SARS is causing LOTS (more than for flus) of clots in "moderate to severe" cases. HMMMMMMMM, the young and healthy don't get clots????????????????????????????? "Moderate to severe" cases are almost exclusively the aged.

As the speaker tries to explain the LOTS of clot cases, he stresses lung clots, whereas a 2007 article I read told that lung clots were rare with flus. QUESTION to Mr. Smarty Pants: why would clotting attack the old and sick rather than the young and strong? Are the old and sick being spoon-fed the poisons somehow? Are they being injected with the poison(s) at hospitals?

Or, the video above is a crafted one, fabricating blood clots as a COVID-related occurrence to create smoke-and-mirrors because they know that vaccines will cause clots. Note how the speaker in the video really knows his stuff on the autopsies. How did he really get to know those details? And was he chosen to release this information as disinformation? Every skeptical question is permissible in today's evil system. For how long have clots been associated with flus, and was this introduced only recently, from the time that vaccines were being talked about as a necessary "commodity."

When they murder someone at a hospital, the victim may have realized it, and this could be the major reason that the authorities have mandated no hospital visitations from family and friends. Some patients may suspiciously know that, after receiving a needle, they felt off / ill with a thing they didn't previously have, and so suspicions may arise because, old people aren't stupid; they have heard of population control, and they know the old are the biggest targets. I find it horrendously criminal to let them die without seeing family. Wake-up, people, there is something far wrong with this. If nurses and doctors can treat patients, then family should be able to come to bedside too. Forbidding this is a glaring sign of heartless criminality, a glaring sign because the rest of the scheme helps to give it away.

Here's what looks like murder in Ontario by keeping people away from the surgeries they need...which makes the do-gooder COVID goons look like the death goons they really are:

The moral of this story is that our own countrymen are our real and present danger, traitors of the people, supporters of wicked governments. Let that sink in. How can we change them before it's too late? Alas, demons will make them worse than they are now. They will believe the lie and go to Hell because they had previously lived in peace and wealth, but have rejected Jesus and his people to this day. Therefore, demons will put blinders on them, and they will slip away to their horrible reward. Woe to the rulers who create traitors like this.

I support mass defiance going forward. I will go to jail for a month, so long as thousands of others do the same in a mass rebellion. I am a "conspiracy theorist" because I go too far in portraying the governments as evil. People are afraid of being conspiracy theorists and thus become defined as those who think governments are generally well-meaning, benevolent organs of our world. The truth is: both sides are correct, which is to say that there are the wholly-wicked governments too. Police officers who consider themselves good guys now will become the evil servants of evil governments overnight. Believe it, we are seeing it live. To justify themselves, they are given a "safety" way out, a way to commend themselves for doing the evil in the name of protecting the people. Hitlers goons were protecting the people from the evil Jews. They were given a way to commend themselves while killing the Jews. In Israel of old, the chief priests thought they were doing God a service by killing the saints. The wicked powers seek to evolve (manipulate) a way, starting now, to create a successful police state. That's what this is, trial and error until they get it "right." It's one of Obama's babies, and Trudeau loves Obama.

It's the foreign voters who gave Trudeau power, and so the liberals are trucking in more foreigners, giving them the right to vote (i.e. citizenship), and thus pitting them against the common Canadian. Ditto with the Obamaites versus common Americans (i.e. now largely conservatives). This is not what I would call, benevolent government.

It's the conspiracy theorists who, by and large, have predicted beforehand what was coming down the road, and so whatever the governments do now to win this thing is going to look like another step in their conspiracy. The exposures by the theorists is what will contain their evil. Not all theories were correct, but some were, and that's good enough for our understanding of the realities in wicked governments. The reality: they are seeking self-gain while putting up a for-the-people mask. It's that simple at the root, but up in the branches, it gets more complicated due to the many ways in which they exploit simultaneously.

The next stage in this COVID battle is to abduct the economy; that's what lockdowns are partly about, the holding a doomsday cloud over our heads unless we comply with our own hurt. That is, lie down and be hurt this little bit, or we will hurt you this big. The plot has, for decades, been to hurt us (steal from us) a lot, little by little, but to speed things up for to pay for an official global government, we are enduring some fast-track harm right now, with the global-warming heist on the front burner too.

The picture is easy to grasp. You have the highest levels of government seized by "mobsters," and they hire their like-minded ones for positions directly beneath them, and together they control the underlings by threatening their job security, not necessarily in plain words. And so if they can make the economy look fragile, they get more efficient control over the underlings because, even if they quit their jobs in protest, they have a fear of not getting another decent job. There are others who don't even think to quit, but rather seek to get into the higher levels as fellow mobsters. It's a no-brainer that some underlings (= government workers galore, judges, teachers, doctors) will take the tack: if you can't beat them, join them, i.e. traitors. That's how the rulers are playing ball with the masses, and for this they deserve execution, which they will get.

Pretty soon, we might be hollering, "the Russians are coming, the Russians are save us."

The same hierarchal control happens in churches, giving pastors the choice of doing as they are told, or quitting, unless they belong to an independent church, and this is the topic of Pastor G. Nemec (Alberta), who was featured in two videos above. Slouch back and hear what he has to say over almost two hours:

The flip side of the coin, and you may have heard it, is that pastors need an authority figure above them to keep them on the right track. Well, it depends on whether he's on the wrong track really, and whether the authority is right or wrong in his guidance. Sometimes, pastors are on the right track but told to get off of it because it might offend the rich money bags of the church. That kind of guidance we can do without. On the other hand, independent churches could breed cultist types who go wrong and never come back right again.

We all should know the Bible personally on our own, and the one who drinks it up is the one who is sincere to, or on-fire for, Christ. I don't like "on fire," like a torch, but prefer the picture of a flowing, reliable flame. I wish I were a flowing flame before Jesus. I want to spot incorrect teaching all on my own. I want to be the governor of what pastoral teachings enter my soul. But "Christians" like Mormons, though they study the scriptures, are fools for accepting erroneous teachings mixed with the right. They poison their own souls, unable to see that the book of Mormon was written by a fake Christian(s) exploiting duped Christians from the start. I don't know how that works because I can't fathom myself being deceived to that extent. I just don't understand.

Mr. Nemec says (at about 1.5 hour) that he believes in demons mating with human women, as told in Genesis. I don't agree. He probably believes it because he thinks that all that we call the Bible is God's word. I don't agree. It's a fact that there are false scriptures galore in history, false prophets galore in Old Testament times. It wouldn't be surprising if some of those false stories found their way into the Israeli scriptures, but so what? Who gives a dime about some 4,000-year old claim that demons mated with women? WHO CARES? It changes nothing when it comes to salvation and the coming Kingdom. I don't care if I'm right or wrong on my view of that thing. I JUST DON'T CARE. Leave it alone. Don't make division over it. Don't say about me or anyone else that just because I or they don't count every word in the Protestant Bible as God's word that we're heretics. It depends on what we reject as true, and why we reject it. I reject demons mating with humans because it seems impossible to me, whereas I can easily fathom some stupid false prophet who created the idea. That's it, there's nothing more to it.

I have limitations on understanding mysteries, and I don't know one way or the other, true or false. But as Jesus talked about Adam and Eve; as He talked about Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Daniel, the Psalm writer, the Flood, Sodom, and whatever else He talked about, that's what I believe to be true and historically factual.

Just found the following. It's amazing how so many Christians are willing to give Ravi Zacharias a pass for his love of prostitutes just because they, too, love sex. God created sex, it's nice, it's needed, but we are to bring it under control sufficient that we do not have prostitutes and multiple flesh-only partners, especially when it's paid by church donations. If Christians are not shocked, we have a problem.

To like sexual pleasure is not the sin, so don't mix that up with Ravi's behavior, or give him a free pass just because we all like to be naked with the opposite sex. If anyone finds themselves going down a pornographic road, STOP IT. Stop loading porn, Stop having phone / Internet sex. Stop seeking Christian partners for sexual purposes only. STOP IT before it destroys you. Ravi refused to stop. He became an imposter instead. If he were not an imposter, he would have quit the ministry while unable to stop it. Instead, he apparently felt insufficient shame to stop.

For those who say that Ravi was wonderful for the truths he spoke, SPIT! We do not need Ravi to tell us the Truth. The church is not impoverished if all he said were never said. There is no shortage of people who can share the Truth. I find it offensive for Christians to push this man as a great man of God in spite of his prostitution. The Biblical bar for pastors is that they cannot even be the husband of two different wives. Paul would have rejected this vagina hopper, GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT from the pulpit. May God have mercy on Ravi's soul, but, if not, I take whatever position Jesus takes. If you want to take your chances with your soul's salvation, by being a hopper, you're a fool. Your addiction can be relieved with masturbation, but stop viewing porn. Pornographers will be severely punished, and you don't want part with that. For many believers, their liberal addiction to sexual immorality is a sign of their abandoning Jesus, the apostasy.

Videos tell that Ravi was doing it habitually for years. Jesus could have kept Ravi's behavior unknown in order to keep our enemies from mocking, but, maybe, Jesus wants this to be known as a warning to us all. Watch who you support with your money. If a single pastor is making millions annually with a slick operation, with lots of church employees to churn out more money, something could be / go this wrong. As Jesus did not reveal him years earlier, does this mean that Jesus was not thrilled with his followers? Did Jesus fault his followers because they should have known better from his teachings, from his big-money ministry? Here's the start of Ravi's exposure way back in 2017:

Here's what the lady above is talking about:

It turns out he was more than a sex addict:

Zacharias used tens of thousands of dollars in ministry funds to provide four massage therapists with monthly support for their “schooling and housing,” according to the report. One woman who received the funds said that Zacharias “required” sex from her over a period of many years, which she described as “rape.” The woman told investigators that Zacharias “made her pray with him to thank God for the ‘opportunity’ they both received” and, as with other victims, “called her his ‘reward’ for living a life of service to God.”

Clearly, folks, this was a psycho-pathetic wolf in sheep's clothing. If this is not a wolf in sheep's clothing, then what in tarnation is? How can Christians massage this man's reputation to this day? He was married at the time: "Zacharias’ widow stepped down from the ministry last month. Zacharias’ daughter, Sarah Davis, remains CEO though she has resigned from her position as board chair." Another family-affair "ministry." Is it any wonder that Christians refuse to go to church these days? The nicest pastor turns out to be the biggest wolf.

He didn't get nude photos of his victims for masturbation, but probably to use for blackmailing purposes to keep the ladies from talking. There's no shortage of perfected, touched-up photos of nude women online so that he didn't need such from his less-than-perfect victims. He was a bona fide wolf, not a good shepherd, and that's the end of it.

As for our enemies who mock, who are steeped in porn, and love abortion, that's all that needs to be said to shut their mouths.

Porn strikes a spark in us, plants a seed called, "I'd love to have that." Sooner or later, it's going to cause sin with a real woman, but, the questions are, do we let it go on and on and on? Do we try to be a pastor simultaneously? This planet never had so many pictures of perfect-beautiful women at our fingertips. It's not easy to resist it. Our enemies know it; Jesus knows it. He will forgive, but we will pay the price. HOWEVER, porn has become ugly. It's gone from perfect-beautiful women in old Playboy mags to disgusting, horrible acts of deep, grave sin made for Hell. If that doesn't turn you off, you have a massive problem.

Food Prep

Last week I said that my dried chicken is tasty even without rehydrating. Just to clarify, that was when tasting pieces straight from the oven-drying process, while the heat was making the chicken chewy. But after I let it cool, the chicken was no longer tasty, but too dry. So, the question is, do I make it extra dry for more peace-of-mind preservation, or do I end the drying process earlier to have tasty chicken without further treatment? For example, I've had dried chicken in the fridge for months, and every once in a while, I taste a piece to see how it's coming along. It's tasty. It needs no rehydration.

I put the too-dry chicken in a bowl of water yesterday, then eventually fried it in oil and spices, and had it in a sandwich. It was fine, but not as tasty as freshly-cooked chicken, not even close. The reality is that we ruin the taste of many foods by drying, and so we need to take that into consideration. The best thing, probably, is to drop a little dried meat, a little dried scrambled eggs, a few dried veggies, into soups and stews, and we probably won't notice much of a difference. I'm going to try this soon with some bouillon cubes.

Putting the dried meat (and nuts) in sealed jars in a low-temperature freezer will make it age-less. There shouldn't be any bacteria growing in those jars. Therefore, the meat can be a little moist, gummy, like jerky. One video I saw this week has no problem drying meat in an oven at 170F. I've been doing that, and find that it cooks the meat, which is what makes it tasty, until I over-dry it for fear of leaving too much humidity. We should be able to guard against over-dried meat if dried at a less-warm temperature over the stove burner instead of in the oven, but the temperatures may be perfect for bacterial growth whereas 170F is not. Correct me if I'm wrong, but bacteria on meats is a foreign, on-surface thing only, wherefore we could give the meat a quick stir fry (or "blanching") at a high temperature before slicing and drying.

I noticed that drying carrots in the oven took a few hours longer than drying over the stove burner. The only explanation for this is that the oven is constantly moist, whereas food on a plate / sheet over the burner isn't surrounded by humidity. I might need to forsake the oven method altogether for some things, and just be more patient by doing one plate per day over my smallest burner. Or, the larger burner will require my suspending the plate more than six inches above the burner, but that's doable. Any food that's cooked before drying, such as scrambled eggs, can be dried in the 170F oven without fear of ruining it with too-high a temperature. Why do we think that stove makers didn't make their lowest setting at 140F for drying? Who was responsible for that decision? Why do all the stoves have 170F as their lowest setting? It's just a thermostat that controls this feature.

Here's a video showing how to remove air from any type of steel lid. All you need is a vacuum pump of any kind that attaches to an air-tight container. One can make their own air-tight container with a hose adapter fitted into it:

As you can fathom, one could drop a jar into any larger jar, and use the Pump-n-Seal method on the larger jar. This way, one doesn't need to poke a hole into the lids of the smaller jars, but only into the larger jar.

I've just cracked open a couple of dozen eggs, and saw that they had been slightly frozen from the store or shipping trucks. I know this because I froze a dozen eggs myself a few weeks ago. After freezing, one can poke the yokes, but they will not spread out. The yokes are no longer runny after freezing; they become clods. That's what these "fresh" eggs are, though not frozen at temperatures cold enough to crack the shells. This is horrible if the big chains now plan on freezing our eggs. SPIT!!! The eggs are still okay to cook, but this is not the way to treat people, to deceive them with frozen eggs. There should be no reason to freeze eggs en-route to market, especially in March / April, which gives us no idea how long the eggs were frozen.

I started chopping the scrambled eggs too soon at the end of the cooking, which makes bits too tiny. When drying, the bits get dry a lot faster than the chunks. Next time, I'll chop after it's all cooked, and I'll chop bigger, then break the pieces by hand after they've dried for an hour or two. This is an easy way to save eggs in a low-volume, longer-lasting way than pickling. Did they arrive from another country? China?

It's likely that drying with an electrical dehydrator is best for quality results. I left the dried scrambled eggs in a bowl of cold water most of the day, but it did not taste good at all. It was edible, but that's all it was. It would have done much better in hot water. Now I know why people prefer canning without drying. Still, I like the long-last security, and the low storage space needed. I'm not one to cook deluxe meals, or to buy the best-quality foods. It's widely understood that dried foods are not to be eaten alone, but as part of meals / dishes. I'm okay with that. I'm just wondering how a flavored soup would taste if three or more things in it are from dried foods once wet (not including beans, lentils, etc.).

I'm boiling water with a half-cube of bouillon right now, with six of my dried foods tossed in: onions, squash, carrots, chicken, potato, and scrambled eggs. I've also tossed in some rosemary. It was boiled for 20 minutes on low heat, then allowed to sit an additional five minutes with lid on. Okay, the taste test. A piece of carrot; great. A piece of squash: delicious. The potato, not quite re-softened, but good anyway. Onion: excellent. A piece of chicken is still a little hard but okay. A piece of egg is good. Now for eating it in spoonfuls: much better than I thought, VERY GOOD, tasty, a winner. It's no waste of time at all. The broth with all food tastes mixed is EXCELLENT. There was no taste at all to ruin it, nothing to put me off.

The pieces of egg are at-most a quarter-inch round, and they did not come back to a perfectly-soft condition, meaning that even smaller pieces would be better for soups if the idea is to get cooking times as low as possible. There was a lot of egg "gravel" (really-small bits) as part of the drying process that I thought was too small, but as it turns out, they're probably better, and can reduce drying times too if the whole batch is reduced to very small pieces.

I saw a video telling that the American organization that tests dried foods will tell the public "not recommended" if it hasn't tested a certain type of food, and that is the sort of deception we can expect in this evil, globalist world. Why don't they rather say, "not tested"? Because, honesty is not part of the globalist policy. They stick their agenda-mud into everything they proclaim for us. They proclaim on just about every facet of life, and, eventually, they will mandate everything that is now only suggestive, if time allows them to get that far, in the name of "safety." This is why it's important to ridicule the safety freaks now, to expose them as control freaks. The globalists will argue that since they give you "free" medical care, you need to abide by all the safety standards to best assure you don't get sick and cost tax-payers medical expenses. And while you're at it, wear a helmet when you drive a car.

I've just found a video by the purposeful pantry telling that one can cook chicken before drying, and that it's not recommended to dry it from the raw state for fear of poisoning. However, if dried at 170F, it kills all bacteria, does it not? So what could be the problem? Plus, I heat-treat all my meat in their jars at 220F for nearly an hour before putting on the lids.

I need to check my beef after a year to see if it's gone rancid, and then every three months afterward, just to make sure, since I don't know what I'm doing. The safety freaks are telling that we can't keep any foods with a little fat for very long, but I don't trust this claim, as it could easily have its source in globalist pigs...who want their thumbs on our lives at all times to direct us into their "utopia." They really think that toy soldiers (us) gladly doing everything they say is a utopia...while they themselves live in greedy lusts and luxurious sinfulness.

They will NEVER have their utopia because it's blatantly obvious who they are: the super-rich thieves. If they try to go too far, they will be shot when they come out of their houses in the morning, or when they get home in the evening. GUARANTEED. That's why they want to take guns away. How many thousands of people are there whom have already contemplated the murder of twitter's CEO? It's going to happen once, which will feel so good to the others that it might open the floodgates of sniper murders across the land of their chief foes. The point is: at any time, such a "war" could start, when the globalists seek to punish all of society as their form of protection, and a way to punish us all is to create food shortages. That's why they don't want us storing foods. That's why I suggest we all have food security, etc., by the end of this year or sooner, because the globalists are pushing too far right now and showing their true, ruthless colors.

The majority needs to show open opposition NOW, or the goons will keep pushing if most people become their "happy" toy soldiers. The only good thing is: toy soldiers can have a change of heart at any time. The bad news is: Revelation predicts the majority becoming the toy soldiers of our worst-ever foes due to working deceptions. It means the majority will trust the deceivers, just as we see the majority trusting the COVID schemers now. The deceivers can see they really have an opportunity now (thanks to the majority trusting) to put down their irons fists on the opposition, but this is the TRAP of GOD upon them. Our job, says Revelation 13 subtly but surely, is to store foods.

Why else does Revelation tells us that we won't be able to buy if not suggesting we get ready beforehand with all of our needs? Yet, there are some dopes in Christianity who tell us not to prepare because it shows lack of faith in God, or due to the pre-trib "doctrine," or for others reasons too.

I'm in the process of drying my first batch of squash. It's delicious in a gummy, warm state. But I'm torn between taking it off the heat now with some humidity, or drying further for longer storage possibility. The latter makes the food not delicious. For all I know, the gummy state is sufficient for five years. But I don't know it. Plus, I think what happens is that, once off the heat, the humidity now concentrated at the center of the food spreads to the outer parts, at which time the gummy nature disappears, getting replaced by a brittleness. I'm going to go for a high-dry state and just chalk this food up for food insurance, who cares about the taste? I don't want to dry every few years if I can help it. I prefer once every ten years if possible. I plan on having a garden next year so that most dried veggies will cost nothing but a little good sweat.

After foods are dried, bacteria and molds will be able to grow upon them only to the point in which the water content is insufficient for more growth. The trick is to get to that point before storage. If a little invisible mold grows due to slightly too much humidity, I don't think it's a problem. Or, if some bacteria grows on the foods but then dies for lack of water, I don't see that as a problem either. It's food if its dead. I'm reading that beef jerky has a water content of 23-percent. That's a lot of water still in the meat. I've been drying far more than that, apparently needlessly. Asking google for the articles I need to continue this conversation is like pulling teeth from the devil. Sorry.

I would like to have an article telling the various weights of different foods, in a chart, for when they are safely dried. Like, how many pounds should safely dried food weigh per pound of fresh food? Is that asking the globalist-google-gabal too much? Yes, because it gives articles on the kitchen sink instead. Thanks, but I didn't ask for that, shyster. There's got to be a million articles on how to get the dried weight of foods correct, but here's the best google (playing ignorant) would do, and lucky me for this one at all, in a search for "chart weights of dried foods":,by%20the%20removal%20of%20moisture.

By next year, our searches for such topics will become more wretched because google is run by wretches and warlocks. Complete disrespect intended. You will reap what you sow, even the "untouchable" google warlocks. The more they enjoy exerting their abuse on behalf of anti-Christs, the worse their Punishment. Guaranteed.

It Looks Like Jesus died in 28 AD

By the way, for anyone interested, I've just updated one of my chapters like so:

Luke 3:23 tells that Jesus was about 30 years old when he began his ministry (at the baptism given Him by John the Baptist). Second, Luke 3:1 tells that Jesus started his ministry in the 15th year of Caesar Tiberius. The problem has been that Tiberius started a joint reign with Caesar Augustus in 12 AD, but reigned alone starting in 14 AD, wherefore his 15th year has been debated because it can fall either in 27 or 29 AD. The good news is, one can discover which of those two years is correct, and then count backward 30 years to His birth.

John 2:20 is key for solving the problem, where we learn that the Jerusalem Temple was in it's 46th year of construction at the near-start of Jesus' ministry. Thanks to the internet, I found that the temple was started in Herod's 18th year. The bad news is that his 18th year lands in either 20 or 19 BC, but the good news is that it doesn't matter, for this purpose. For when we add 46 years to 20 or 19 BC, we land in 27 or 28 AD, wherefore 29 AD is not an option! If Tiberius' 15th year was 27 AD, we can subtract 30 years to find the year of Jesus' birth: 4 BC (not 3 BC because there was no year 0).

[Update -- April 18, 2021 -- It either didn't come to mind, while writing above, to check when the Passover was in 29 AD, or I couldn't find anyone who was able to tell of it. It's my assessment that Jesus' ministry was only slightly more than two years long (not three), and so if the ministry started in 27, the Crucifixion would have been in 29, upon the Passover. The problem is, this webpage has the Passover of that year from Monday evening to Tuesday evening, but we know Jesus had to die on Thursday. It just so happens that Passover in 28 AD (as well as 31 AD) was from Wednesday evening to Thursday evening. It looks like I was wrong to suggest 27 AD as the start of his two years. Starting in 26 AD works.

However, in order for 26 AD to be the year of his baptism (early in the year), the claim concerning the timing of Herod's temple must be off by one year. Either the construction started in 21 BC, or the person in John 2:20 who said it was in the 46th year was off by one year (should perhaps have been 45). End insert]

I've just changed a bit of the above quote, from the original, without explanation to make it less confusing. Wikipedia: "In the 18th year of his reign (20–19 BC), Herod rebuilt the Temple..." If we add 46 years starting early in 20 BC, we land early in 27 AD. It strongly suggests that something's off by one year, and that Jesus died on Thursday, April 29, 28 AD. Here's confirmation that the Passover date above for 28 AD is correct:

I don't subscribe to the zodiacal trash at the webpage above. The page below agrees with me on the 28-AD date:

Pallant Ramsundar (University of Cambridge)

Abstract: This paper reevaluates the possible date for the death of Jesus Christ based on W. Graham Scroggie’s postulate for the day of the crucifixion. The analysis shows a remarkable alignment of astronomical data with historical evidence, when assessed with a new understanding of the length of Christ’s ministry. It was found that Christ began his ministry in the spring/summer of AD 26 and was crucified on Wed April 28, AD 28 (Julian).

...Luke 3:1 tells us that John the Baptist began his ministry in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius...Tiberius was appointed co-regent with Augustus Caesar in late AD11{39}(pg 64) {3}(Chap II). Thus the fifteenth year of Tiberius would late AD 25 to late AD 26.

...In John 2:20, the temple was dated as forty six years from the start of construction. Since the temple was started in 20 BC{3}(pg 40), the incident of John 2:20 occurred in AD 27. The start of Christ’s ministry preceded that date thus supporting the baptism date of spring/summer of AD 26.

The writer tries to reconcile the landing on 27 AD with a start for the Ministry in 26 AD without suggesting there's a one-year problem as I mentioned above. John 2:20 is an event at the start of Jesus ministry (and before the Passover), not the year after. We need to find a way to have John 2:20 in 26 AD. It can perhaps help if the construction had been going on for 45.5 years, yet the speaker rounded it off to 46. Or, perhaps the historians have it wrong, and construction started in 21 BC. There could easily have been a differing of opinion, in those days, on when exactly the construction began, whether in the fall of 21 BC, or the spring of 20 BC. Perhaps something small began in 21 that others did not consider significant. I don't think this is important, anyway.


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