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April 6 - 12, 2021

Did God Elaborate on Revelation's 21 Plagues with Heraldic Pointers?

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I am so sorry for not writing out the HTML code correctly for the last update. It was unavailable online from the Index page, until the morning of April 12. It happens once in a blue moon. If it happens to you again, go to the bottom of the previous chapter, and try the link there. Those are the two different ways of accessing any update.

The following quote derives from my 1st update in April, 2021. It gave compelling reasons to believe that the mark of the beast could be a vaccine passport, perhaps injected into the skin, perhaps "painted" on the skin by some high-tech method.

Before ending this insert, I'd like to requote from above:
While the six pale bars of Sallows/Salis' are those also of LONGfords, Longs happen to share the giant lion of Welsh Louis' while Luis of Ceva was the mother of Alice of Saluzzo. The "QUOIque" motto term of Longs is like the "quisQUE" of Pepins, and COYs share the pheons of Stops/Stubbs, first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's. The Coo's/Cowes', Cue's/Kews' and Kewes'/Cuis' (share MacDonald galley with Keeps) look Ceva-like. Pepins / Pipe's have a different-colored version of the Sales/Sallett bend-with-fleur. It was Lorraine who gave us Stops/Stubbs and their Pipe kin, and French Louis' were first found in Lorraine. One can see the relationship between the LANDEN, Langley, Langford and Longford Coats, thus indicating that Apophis/Apepi liners to Pepin of LANDEN were in cahoots with things in Saluzzo.

After meeting Lorraine at my LAUNDRomat on the evening that I asked her for a first date at her bus STOP, we walked to a park across the street from her place, and KISSed at its picNIC table. I remember nothing else that night aside from her walking into the laundromat, and then kissing at the table. The NICKle's/Nichols ("cui") share the Stop/Stubb and Coy pheons, you see, and this is all being repeated because, after finding the unfamiliar-to-me Kewes'/Cuis'/Cooish's above, I also found the new-to-me Coise's/Quoise's/COISH's sharing the KISS/CUSH Coat! That's a new and welcome addition because, while I've been suggesting that the Cush's (red rooster) are related to the red rooster upon a CUSHion of Bibo's, I've been suggesting that cushions are code for Cussons. It just so happens that the latter share the giant eagle of Kewes'/Cuis'/Cooish's, in colors reversed from the Lorraine eagle. Coise's/Quoise's/COISH's were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Cass'/Cash's who share their Coat.

(Load Nickle link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms that follow.)

The amazing thing is: I've always said that Lorraine's grass stain was a long streak, and I can now glean that shape to be a pointer to SPIKE's/Speck, for they not only have a giant eagle in both colors of the giant Cusson / Cooish eagle, but Spike's/Specks have four-and-four fessewise bars in the colors of the four fesses of Cavetts (PICardy), the latter being from the Cevetta river at Ceva! It's telling me that Ceva elements were in Lorraine, and/or vice-versa, and while her PANT stain pointed to Pansys/PANTzers because the Arms of Bar-le-DUC (in Lorraine) use a pansy, it just so happens that Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with the DUCKs having five fesses in the colors of the four of Cavetts!!!!! They are almost identical Coat!!!! It's more proof that God set up the event.

It just so happens that this is the update in which I find the following new thing is found to prove a Ceva trace to Cavetts: "The Prieux's/Prousts had a 'branch Prousteau of MontLOUIS,' and there is a Montlouis/Montluis surname (Lois colors), first found in Picardy with the Cavetts that I trace to the Cevetta river at Ceva, home of Luis." Neighboring Artois is where Lois' were first found.

The Duck-related Tuckers were first found in Devon with Speck-like Speccots who in turn have a bend-with-frets in the colors of the Lorraine bend-with-eagles!!! INCREDIBLE: her stain was a spike shape! Plus, fret-like Ferte's share the giant Cusson / Cooish eagle, in the colors of the Spike/Speck eagle. The Keeps share the Lorraine bend too, and Keeps were of the Keppoch MacDonalds / Donnells while the eagle under discussion is the MacDonald / Donnell eagle too. Lorraine's share the Child eagle, and the Clubs/ClOBBES', in Child colors and therefore suspect from CLOVis, son of CHILDeric, were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with Coish's and Cass'/Cash's, but are now said to have been first found in Cheshire.

Another thing is the "Fide" motto term of the Cheshire Nickle's/Nichols, for Fides was the location of Fothes'/FETTE's, a branch of Foots, and Lorraine got a feet / foot symbol, making that picNIC table more-important yet. Fothes'/Fette's were first found in KinCARDINE, and Cardine's/Cartone's happen to share the Nickle/Nichol / Stop/Stubb / Coy pheon, how about that. The Cartone's will be a topic later in this update when finding the Waleran branch of Waldrons, who have "Walarinus de CARTONE." This was found due to a Col. Waldron working closely with Jovan Pulitzer et-al.

The Piccots (Cheshire, same as Nichols) can be a part of the PICnic table because their "pike heads" are arrow heads, by the looks of it, as are pheons. The Foys in the Piccot motto share pellets with German Nickle's/Nichols. The latter are in Rook and Durum colors and format, and Rooks share the raven (calling it a "rook") with the Cheshire Nickle's/Nichols. DURams remind that Dure's share the Saluzzo Coat, but it also reminds that while Lorraine's grass stain pointed to Barrs, do-nothing Bill Barr chose John DURHAM to do nothing, yet, hopefully, Durham will do something now that Barr's a goner. Last I heard this week, Durham is still seeking crimes, but not many have confidence in his investigations.

The grass stain becomes suspect with the 666 stain shortly below, and so while the anti-Christ is pinned in Daniel's prophecies to the dynasty of king Seleucus, compare with "Saluzzo." The spike-like shape of the stain is also a needle shape, and it just so happens that Needle's were first found in Shropshire (SALOP) with Saluzzo-like Sallows, Sleeps, and vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. The last time I saw Lorraine was in Vaughn county. Is the mark of the beast a vaccine passport??? This could be serious. The Spike's/Specks even use a porcupine, with porcupine needles. Needle's are also Nadlers and ought to be of the Rothschild-related Nathans who use compasses while Rothschild-related Pettys use a compass "needle." Folks, this looks serious. I POINTed at her stain.

Her bus stop was a pointer to Stops/Stubbs, and this update later says: "Stubbings seem to fit right into the discussion because they have a "QUIEScam" motto, and a Spree river of Lusatia is on a QUEIS/Kwisa river." The Coish's/Quoise's look applicable there, and while Lorraine had a babe symbol, Babwells/Babels share the Coat of the Cams expected in "QuiesCAM." Is Lorraine also a pointer to Mystery Babylon, the adulteress? Why did she get her grass stain while walking with a married man? The Kwisa river could have named WISSE's (Herefordshire, same as PENNants in the Cowes/Coo pennants) who have a Coat like that of PENdragon-related Dragons/Drainers (fesse colors reversed from Penn fesse). The Pendragon chevron is in the colors of the WISE chevrons.

Why do Stubbings share the quadrants of dragon-using Latons/Leytons while there was a seven-headed Lotan dragon that Revelation is likely playing off of? The 100-headed Ladon dragon was related to the PENEUS river, and her pant stain pointed to PANSys/Pantzers. PENSE's happen to share the Lorraine eagle! I trace two Stubbing symbols to Trebys, and then this Arms of Traby appears to show a 666 in the strings of the horns.

Ladds/Ladons were first found in Somerset with Traby-related Sticks and Church's, and she was out for a walk on Church street. Church's, in colors reversed from Penes- and PANTer-connectable Dragons/Drainers, happen to be in CLEFF/Cliff colors and format, both sharing a black fesse with Ladds/Ladons and TIE's. At this point we should remind that Dragons were kin to PenderGRASS-like Pendragons who in turn share the chevron of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns (Shropshire, same as dragon-using Latons/Leytons).

Tie's are included in this discussion due to the tie I wore once to CHURCH, only once ever, having TREBLE-CLEFs upon it. Treble's were first found in Devon (beside Somerset) with Trebys. Cleffs/Cliffs (Shropshire, same as Latons/Leytons) are said to have married Styche's (share Stick Coat). The Cleffs/Cliffs share the three black wolf heads of Quade's/Wade's who are in turn in the Q-shape "scarf" of Trabys/Sadowski's, for Scarfs have wolf heads too. Cleffs/Cliffs were at Mortone-Say (Shropshire), and Says (Shropshire) share the Laton/Leyton / Stubbing quadrants. It can explain why God had me meet Lorraine at her bus STOP as a pointer to Stubbs.

The Stubbing / Treby besants are shared by Sevens. The seven heads of the Lotan dragon. The Stains/Stants look to be in the seven motto term, "PraeSTANTior," and Prae-like Prays, with three wolf heads colors reversed from the Cleff/Cliff / Quade/Wade wolf heads, share white three wolf heads with Scarfs. Lots share the brown dog with Lotan-like Lothians, and the Lothian pine tree has a hunting horn in the colors of the Arms-of-Traby horns. This looks serious, like a pointer of God warning us.

The Glorys/Lowrys in the Cleff/Cliff motto share laurel with Lorraine's and Lawrie's/Larrys. Glorys/Lowrys and Lawrie's/Larrys share the same giant CUP, and Mystery Babylon has a filthy cup of murder, the MURDer of God's saints. The cups are in the colors of the giant crescent of Motts/MORTE's, who are in-code very likely with mythical MORDRed (like "murder"), killer of king Arthur on butt-like BUTE, otherwise known as Avalon (island with witchcraft), where Drakenberg Vere's place their beloved Melusine, the dragon woman who evolved a fish tail, like the Babe/Babel mermaid. She got the stain of adultery on her butt, and the Pansys/Pantzers / Ducks connect with Velins and Velens of Velino = Avalon elements.

It just so happens that Greek myth gave the laurel symbol to mythical Daphne, whom myth writers placed into the Ladon river. "Traditionally, the special position of the laurel was connected with Apolloís love for Daphne, the beautiful daughter of a river god (probably Ladon)..." Brackets not mine. End insert]

Thus ends the quote from the April update. I'd like to add to it as things come to mind. For example, the Greek numeral system of ancient times used letters for numbers, and 666 is with the three letters, chi xi and STIGma, the latter looking like "ASTIKas," the Lithuanian family that married Traby, and thus I trace that surname to Sticks and Stichs, but also to the Sithech entity of Shaws, and to the candleSTICKs of Kyle's.

It just so happens that Sheaves'/Shaws use a "qui" motto term that's code for the keys of Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's. That plays right into chi xi stigma. Keep in mind that the ancient surnames did not necessarily play deliberately into these three letters; it's sufficient if God simply arranged connections of certain families to make an overall pointer to other 666 pointers / themes.

When we load the Key surname, we find a "conFIDO" motto term expected with Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's, who played with Prophets/ProFETTs, in the 1st update in April, 2021, for pointers to the False Prophet, who is in Revelation 13 as the leader / enforcer of the 666 system. Coincidence? Or Arranged? Why do the other English keys use PURPLE bendlets. In fact, they show only bendlets, thinner than most bendlets, and together they form the '6' on the UPC. In fact, every UPC has this 6 digit three times, once in the very center, and one each on the left and right side. They say that they are not 6's, but even if that's technically true, we see their game in choosing the same two lines that form a 6 on the left-side number system of the UPC. Find any 6 on the left side of a UPC in your home, and it will be the same two thin lines.

When Lorraine got home from her walk, I saw this long grass streak on her bright-white pants (couldn't miss it). I was so alarmed that I pointed to it. The Key motto term above is the entire motto of Boyds who happen to share a hand pointing with Babe's, and both surnames use two fingers pointing using right = dexter hands. Does that look coincidental?

Scottish Boyds were first found in AYRshire with candleSTICK Kyle's, and the Arms of Ayrshire uses a "shaw" motto term. Irish Shaws even have a trefoil version of the Ayers and Eyers. The latter use quatrefoils, the symbol of Scottish White's, and then the White-branch Weights/WAITs, in Quade/WADE colors, happen to use gold-striped, black hunting horns, the symbol in the 666-suspect Arms of Traby. I kid you not, I've said it a million times, that the Dexter surname has a weight scale in Crest that it calls simple, "weights."

I walked right into this, folks, without knowing it until after ending the paragraph above. That is, I didn't realize again, until now, that the Boyds share a red-and-white checkered fesse on a blue Shield with Jewish MARKs/Marx's!!! CAN WE BELIEVE IT? French Marks have a similar Shield.

Perhaps google will give you the story of Dave Boyd that I've told at least twice, though google hides eight out of ten of my webpages per any search. I'll dig it out for you...I've found it in the 2nd update of January, 2017:

But one day [Dave Boyd] asked to see my cigarette LIGHTER, and he dropped it to the ground in front of the others waiting for the bus. "Pick it up," I said. And when he refused, I slapped him in th e face. Fortunately, he picked it up, and handed it to me, and that was the end of it. But "lighter" is a motto term of Ayers, and Ayrshire faces Bute, where Boyds lived. Therefore, did God make Boyd drop my lighter to make me remember it,

I neglected to see other things in that event. It took place while we were waiting for the school bus at the high-school, and so we can regard it as a bus stop for a pointer to Stops/Stubbs i.e. and the Stubbings who got us to Trebys, etc. English Boyds were first found in Shropshire, which is also slap-like Salop. Plus, "LIGHTER than air" is a motto term of Ayers, and Scottish Boyds were first found in Ayrshire. The Lights/Lite's use feathers, and are in Feather colors and format while the Feather motto is of Avalon elements, and mythical Avalon was the island of Bute (my personal discovery). Lights/Lite's use swans, and so do Locks and Lochs expected in heraldic FETTERlocks.

I think I can now understand why God gave the Dave-Boyd event, for as we saw Boyds pointing to the MARK of the beast, we can take this to feather-using Perkens, for they have a near-copy of the Feather Coat. I trace Perkens to mythical Perkunas of Lithuania, and Lithuania is where Astikas' lived who married Traby (see Wikipedia's Traby Horn article, which shows the Arms of Traby too). Ladon-like Lada happens to be the Lithuanian goddess, a female version of the sky god, Perkunas.

I can now take this conversation to my age 11, when I awoke from a night's sleep repeating, "No, I don't believe in you, God, I don't..." Whammo, a loud bolt of lightning struck our chimney at that second. We could say the blast exposed the chimney FLUE. Perkunas is said to be the god of lightning, no doubt from the Zeus cult in the Perga theater, and so it's just amazing that lightning-like Lights/Lite's are connectable to Feathers and Perkens while Feathers have an antelope head, symbol also in the Chimney Crest! ZINGER, what is this leading to? Perga is right beside ANTALya, where I trace "ANTELope," as well as the Perkins (not "Perken"). I think I can tell that Someone didn't like the family of Plancia Magna of Perga.

In my heraldic work, God has used several PARKING LOTS, and while Lots share the brown dog with Lotan-like Lothians, Parkings are listed with Perkins. Lothians share the gold-striped, black hunting horn with the Arms of Traby. Lightning-like Lightens are listed with dragon-using, Laton-like Latons/Leytons. How about that. Plancia Magna's husband, a native of Perkin-like Perga, was related to Mr. Simplex, explaining the "simplex" motto term of Perkins/Parkings.

As a Herod, Plancia Magna she may have descended from the Dexaroi of Antipatria, for I see that city from king Antipater of Macedon, whose son (Cassander) was the ancestor of queen Nysa of Cappadocia, and then Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia married two Herods, both descended from another Antipater. I reason that the latter, not born "Antipater," changed his name to such due to king Antipater in his ancestry. The point is, heraldry proves that Dexaroi named Dexters, first found in Leicestershire with Perkins/Parkings and with Toeni's of Les ANDELYs, like "ANTALYa." Les Andelys is in the vaccine-like Vexin.

Ahh, while Lots are also Lotts, there is a Jewish Lott surname with a lamb as a potential pointer to the two HORNs of a lamb by which Revelation 13 depicts the False Prophet, for Jewish Lotts also share the three hexagrams (named after a 6) of Rads! The Astikas' were RADZiwills by immediate ancestry. It tends to nail the Lothian hunting horn to the same of Traby (Poland) while assuring that both Lott surnames are related.

Jewish Lotts are split diagonally with the split rising in the sinister direction, a Rothschild-family feature (sinister, that is). I trace the sinister feature to mythical Gaius MUCIUS Cordus, who was part-code for the Roman MUCIANus surname, like the RasMUSSENs, for example, who are Rothschild kin and use a sinister-rising bend. Compare Rasmussens to Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild"). But then compare the Jewish Lott Coat to the Jewish Rothchild Coat, for the Lotts substitute the Rothchild horse facing toward the Shield's sinister side (viewer's right) with a same-colored lamb facing sinister, and both animals are upright. Then, in the lower half of both Shields is the hexagram on a blue background. These Lotts are not familiar to me. A black dog head is used by Rasmussen-branch Asmans, the latter first found in Wiltshire, beside the Ladds/Ladons having scallops in both colors of the Asman dog heads.

Gaius MUCIUS CORDus. The Cords (Ayrshire) may be sharing the Ladd/Ladon fesse and the heart of Rothschild-related Nations/Nathans (same fesse as Cords and Ladds/Ladons). Mucius lost his RIGHT hand in hot coals, leaving only his left, and thus he had a right- dexter-hand symbol to begin with.

The Rothchild horse is in the colors of the Rasmussen and FIRE unicorns. One could suggest a pointer to the Lake of FIRE, if the Lake's can somehow be linked to this heraldic picture, for while "False Prophet" does not occur in Revelation 13, the phrase is found later when he and the anti-Christ are thrown alive into the Lake of Fire. As we just saw the Dexter-beloved Weights/Waits with the same hunting horn as Lothians, it reminds of my WADING in a lake with Mamie, for she's a pointer to Mens'/Mame's, first found in MidLOTHIAN. My mother is a Masci, and Masci's with Massena's (share Rothchild hexagrams) use the sinister-rising bend too. Asmans share the Massey fleur-de-lys. Ladds/Ladons appear to use the Meschin Coat in different colors, and Masci liners are from Amazons at the Ladon river.

Mamie and I were at a lake in a camp site, which had pointed to branches of Camps/COMPs such as Scottish Champagne's (share BRACEbridge Shield), who, by the way, were first found in Leicestershire with Perkins/Parkings. On the same day we were in the lake, she got a garden symbol while Gardeners have a Coat version of the Camps/COMPS', the latter possibly in the COMPASS of Nathans/Nations. Mamie also pointed to Mamesfelde of Mansfields, first found in Nottinghamshire with Nathans/Nations. The Compo's happen to share the engrailed cross of Sinclairs (share "God" with Mens/Mame's), who lived at Midlothian's Roslin. It just so happens that God-like German Goods/Guts share the Stick / Stich Coats!!! Bingo.

Perhaps we should repeat that Toeni's were in Les Andelys of the vaccine-like Vexin, for Toeni's have their maunch (sleeve) in the Arms of Leicester, and it's the symbol also of Mansfields.

Mamie had large breasts to go with mam = breast themes, but as she shocked me by telling that her mother was committing adultery with her next-door neighbor, it seems that Mamie can be a pointer to Mystery Babylon, or the great-mother goddess typified by breasts. Plancia Magna (Galatian father) was viably descended from Brogitarus, high priest of Cybele, the Phrygian great mother, to help explain why her mother was the high priestess of an Artemis temple. Cybele-like Cabels look like kin of Caens, the namers of Caen in downtown Bessin.

Okay, I think I figured out how Mamie and I emBRACing in the lake can be a pointer to the Rothschilds. As said several ties, Brace's/Bras' have a reflection of the Lake Coat. Brace's/Bras' share armored arms with DUSTERs whose Shield not only compares with the Jewish Rothchild Shield, but is expected in the "InDUSTRia" motto term in this Arms of Rothschild, which includes "conCORDia." BRACEbridge's use a "God will" motto phrase, and "Vil God" is a Mens/Mame motto phrase. As you may glean, God seems to want to prove, with heraldry, that He set Mamie and I up in the lake.

Next, Bracebridge's, first found in Lincolnshire with le-Meschin's wife, love the Bees/Beas' (Massey quadrants) in their motto, and the Bee's/Beas' share the bend-with-fleur of Sales'/Salletts, kin in turn of bee-using Bessins/BEASTons (Cheshire, same as Sales'/Salletts). See anything suspicious? Meschins, rulers in Cheshire, were from the Bessin (Normandy), and it just so happens that Bessins/Beastons (version of Bistone Coat) are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Lake's! The two beasts will be thrown into the Lake of Fire.

The armored arm holding an erect sword in the Brace/Bras Crest is shared by Bistone's, and the ancient Bistones people group of Cyrene (home of Meshwesh = Amazons) worshiped Ares as an erect sword.

Mens'/Mame's are said to have named Mesnieres in the theater of vaccine-like Vexin. The Vexin-like Vychans/Vaughns (share fleur-de-lys of Bee's/Beas' and Seleucus-like Sales') were first found in Shropshire with the Needle's who are in turn connectable to the compasses of Nathans/Nations. I don't think the Bessin spreads as far east as the Vexin, but, in any case the Orne river flows through downtown Bessin, and then Orne's are also Horns while the Arms of Traby uses horns. On top of that, I've just found an Alive/Ayliff surname after saying "thrown alive," and the Alive/Ayliff Coat looks linkable to the Treby Coat, yet the Alive's/Ayliffs share the patee crosses of Diens/Dine's/DIVES". The Dives river flows through the Bessin too! It appears that God is using the Beastons for pointing to the Revelation beasts, and this goes with my prediction that Meschin liners will furnish the False Prophet and/or anti-Christ. My first choice is the False Prophet.

OH wow, let's repeat: "On the same day we were in the lake, she got a garden symbol while Gardeners have a Coat version of the Camps/COMPS', the latter possibly in the COMPASS of Nathans/Nations." The Gardens/JARDins share the giant and black boar head of French JARRETs, and then the Shropshire Jarrets share the Alive/Ayliff lion and the Gardner patee!!!! The lions of both surnames wear the same red item around their necks. Astounding piece of work tending to prove that God did arrange Mamie at her garden for this reason and more.

Ahhhh, now I know why Norma gave me the treble-clef tie for my BIRTHhday, because Mamie got a thigh symbol at her garden, and Thigh's are also Tie's!!! The Treble's (show no Coat) were first found in Devon with the BIRTHs/Berts (black hunting horns) and Trebys, and the latter share the giant Alive/Ayliff / Jarret lion! Lorraine at her bus stop had her first date with me on my 24th birthday, and my last night with her was when I met Mamie, not by chance. The Compo's share the Sinclair cross while Sinclairs have a "thy" motto term.

Lookie: Sinclairs share "God" with Mens/Mame's (both were early at Midlothian), and: "It just so happens that God-like German Goods/Guts share the Stick / Stich Coats." That's repeated because German Gode's have the same red animal (wolf or fox) as Thigh's/Tie's having a Thy variation that's in the Sinclair motto!!! Incredible. God was pointing to this on the day Mamie and I became a couple at the camp sight. I'm sure that God doesn't like Sinclair history. They had been robbers before living at Midlothian. Sinclairs were Normans, and Norma's are listed with the Norman surname, and there is a Templar lamb in the Crest of Scottish Norma's/Normans. It just so happens that German Norma's/Normans were first found in Hamburg with Gode's. Norma gave me the tie, and Gode's share the Tie animal!!! Can you believe this? It was on my 47th or 48th birthday.

Her thigh symbol was as per her thigh, which is part of her leg, and Leggs get interesting for almost having the Trump/Tromp Coat. In the 1st update of April, 2021, where the quote at the top of this page derived, Donald Trump was looking like he would become the False Prophet (not verified, but I'm seriously looking at this). As big-breast Mamie got her thigh symbol at her garden, note that Val Trompia is at lake Garda with Brest-liner Brescia/Brixia. The Leggs have a "Gaudet" motto term, and it just so happens that French Gode's (hunting horns in Legg colors) are listed with Gaudets.

[I wrote this entire section forgetting that German Marks have the vertically-split Shield colors of Dutch Tromps, and both surnames share a giant, black eagle on its gold half, for a potential Trump pointer to MARK of the beast.]

Plus, the night before the lake-wade and garden event, she and I slept in a TENT, and Leggs have a "Gaudet TENTamine" motto phrase. She TEASED me in the tent that night, because Tease's are listed with Thys', first found in Nottinghamshire with Mamesfelde of the Mansfields, and the latter are in the colors and format of the "royal tents" of Tintons. To really nail the Leggs as part of her Thigh pointers, "tentaMINE" suggests the Mine's/MENNE's. Nottinghamshire is where Nathans/Nations and GOATs/Gothams were first found, the latter two sharing colors, and Goths/Gothelo's (Thuringia, same as Rothschild-branch Roets) share the Rad / Lott hexagrams.

The Vexin is alongside the upper Bray river, and MUMMy's/MowBRAYs were from maunch-like Manche, where Masseys lived who named Meschins of the neighboring Bessin. Ferte-Mace of the Masseys is at the upper Orne river, and the Mieske's/Mesechs happen to share the armored arm with Bessins/Beastons, Bistone's, and Brace's/BRAYce's/Bras'. It was the Mansfields (Bray colors and format) of Mamesfelde who share the maunch with Toeni's (see Tony surname) of the Vexin. In an update around the 1st of March, 2012, Mamie's breast theme was pointing well to breast cancers potentially from COVID vaccines.

I think MOWbrays are important as a pointer to Mows/Mole's, kin of Gog-like Googe's, both from Rosh-line Roxburghshire. Meschins are from the Meshech, and while Meschins lived in the Bessin, Masci's were first found at/near the Stura river suspect with a branch of Satrae Thracians who reportedly had Bessi as their pagan priests. Manche is where French Sturs and Easters/Isters/Asters were first found.

Mamie and I emBRACED in a lake on the day she got her thigh symbol at her leg that was pointing to Trump above. Brays use bird legs. We saw Lake's with a reflection of the Brace/Bras Coat, but here we can add that Lakeys have a "praeMIUM" motto term that looks partly for Mummys/Mowbrays, yet it can be code also for Prime's sharing the giant leg (different colors) of Prophets/Profetts. Kirks have a "PRIMum" motto term to be read also as "priMUM." Lake-like Leaks (Lincolnshire, same as Brace's/Bras'), with the Chief-Shield colors of Mens'/Mame's, have another leg. See a pattern? It appears that God really wanted to get me into the lake with Mamie, what a nice thing that was. I had become a Christian about a year earlier. But she didn't want to become one, so far as she let me know.

I just misspelled "Fauch" as "Fauci" while loading Fauchs, and was surprised to find a Fauci/Fazio surname which I don't remember seeing before; I had assumed there was no Fauci surname at houseofnames. Fauch's share the thistle with Kirks. As it turns out, Fauci's/Fazio's share the split-Shield colors of Dutch Tromps, and this is perhaps a guilty finger of God pointing to the Trump-Fauci relationship, for Trump, though showing disagreements with TONY Fauci on some points, yet pushed the vaccines that mattered most to Fauci. I started to feel that Trump's main job as president was to get Christians on-board the vaccine plot. I think this heraldry makes a case for that particular duplicity (two-faces) from Trump.

The Fauci's/Fazio's use a giant lozenge that looks connectable to the giant and similar mascle of English Faux's, for French Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' were first found in Perigord with Fauchys. "Chalnes" looks like "Chalons," home of MUMmolin to which the Kirk motto traces, and it's Kirks sharing the thistle with Fauchs. I'm starting to feel peace about this: God was concerned about the vaccine plot from centuries ago, no need to over-beg Him to do something about it. He's got his plans already laid out, take shelter in Jesus. This is war. And we win so good because they lose so badly.

The Fazio-and-similar variations at the Fauci page suggest that they share the lozenges of Fusils/Fuzie's. Fessy/Face's (Northamptonshire, same as Brays/Brae's) are from the Fieschi of Genoa, and Fauci's/Fazio's were first found in Genoa.

As Val Trompia is beside Brescia/Brixia, we first note the lozenges of Brests/Brix's, colors reversed from those of BRICKs. The lightning struck my chimney from an angry God, and exposed the flu-like flue, sending broken BRICKS rolling down the shingles. Italian Lane's were first found in Brescia, explaining why Launay is near Brest (Brittany). It's just that Launays have lozenges in the colors of the Fauci/Fazio lozenges. The gold leopard in the Mummy/Mowbray Crest can be in the Launay Chief.

Chimneys (Yorkshire, beside Lancashire) even look like kin of BOLTons (Lancashire, same as Bolts), the latter adding the Lane lion to the Chimney chevron. That works, and the Lane lions are in the colors of the Launay leopard. I even recall by heart that one Lane Coat has a "GARDE" motto term to possibly touch upon Val-Trompia elements, explaining why Trumps/Tromps share the stag head with the Bolton Crest. The Chimney Crest has a brown antelope to match the brown stag head of Boltons. Plus, wowie, Trumps/Tromps were first found in Mecklenburg with German Bolts! The latter have their arrow (sometimes called a "bird bolt) pointing sinister.

The English Lane's with "Garde" motto term are even split horizontally in the colors of the vertically-split Tromp, Fauci/Fazio and Fugger/Fuggit Shields. These are the blue-gold colors of the Chief-Shield of French Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes'. The way to make a hard link of Faux's/Fage's to Fuggers/Fuggits is where the latter share the Coat of Danish Hansons while English Hansons share the mascle of English Faux's. The latter were a branch of Vaux's and Faucets/Fawcetts, and God, without re-explaining it here, pointed to poison vaccines with Fawcetts.

English WALE's/Walls have a horizontal version of the Danish Hanson and Fugger Coats. As RATcliffs were in WHALLY while the Vaux's are VALLIbus' and Vals' while Faux's share the Whalley mascle in colors reversed, it seems that Radziwill-Traby-Cliff elements had married with the Lupus-Laevillus line to WALeran de Leavell, even as "WALeran" itself can begin to hint. The Wale/Wall Crest even shares the white wolf had with Traby-related Scarfs. The latter were first found in Yorkshire with the Hansons sharing both the Faux and Whalley mascles. What could all of this mean?

God gave me a girlfriend at age 16, Miss Hanson, whom I asked on a date while she was handing me an ice-cream. She agreed, and I took her out in a Valiant car of a friend, only to discover, some 45 years later, that while Valiants (Yorkshire, same as Hansons) use a shark, cream-like CREMERs (share Hann/Hohn rooster) share the Chief and Shield of Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes', which are colors reversed from the Chief-Shield colors of Valiants. I think what this means is that sharks behind Fauci and Trump are selling vaccines to people as though they were like ice-cream from the deep freeze (something good for people), yet they are sharks of rabid destruction of life. One of their visible leaders was Mr. Hanson-like Hahn, who might still be a leader in the COVID scam. Hahns (Hann/Hohn branch) were first found in Mecklenburg with ICE's (in ice-cream) and Trumps. This is a powerful paragraph. We need a lightning bolt fast right on Fauci's skull.

As Scottish Yonge's/Youngs (share Leavell piles) were once said to have been first found in Yorkshire, it appears that English Hansons, with a version of the Yonge/Young Coat, were connected to Lupus-Laevillus liners, which fits my prediction that the line of Annas/Ananus, Israel's chief priest and killer of Jesus, was merged with that of Lupus Laevillus (king of Cetis). Laevillus married QUADratilla Bassus, the line to Quade's/Wade's (wolf heads) in the Q-shaped scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's (looks like it has "Sadducee" possibility). We could expect anti-Christ, illuminati elements from this bloodline. English Yonge's/Youngs share the black wolf with the Prays expected in the "PRAEstat" motto term of English Yonge's/Youngs (Essex, same as English Faux's sharing Hanson mascles).

"PraeSTAT" must be code for the State's/STATIONs, which recalls my freak-chance meeting (or what appeared to be God's set up) of Lorraine at her bus/subway STATION at Finch and Yonge street (Toronto)! She had gotten her feet symbol (a few weeks earlier on Yonge street in Richmond Hill, and it pointed without doubt to Pavia, home of Laevillus-like Laevi Gauls! I get it. I don't recall working the Yonge/Young motto term above into that meeting at the station. It took place as little as a week after her grass-stain event. I was invited by friends to visit a friend in Toronto, and while going down, I stepped off the bus at the Finch station, and there was Lorraine first in line to get on this same bus! We were looking at each other as I walked past her about three or four feet away.

It was Joe Oullette who asked me to Toronto that day, and it had been his brother who was present for Lorraine's feet and babe symbols (Feets share a Pavia Coat), wherefore I'll add that the Oullette Chief is a colors-reversed version of the English-Hanson Chief. I don't recall ever seeing the Ivri location from the Oullette/Willi write-up: "WALLINGford was an ancient Roman castle and Robert D'Ouillie, at the command of William the Conqueror.... He gave much of his estates to Roger D'IVRi, his sworn brother in Arms. This Robert also ceded to Roger his Barony of St. VALERy." I find "D'Ivri" of that quote in my files only once (September, 2019). YVERY was home in Normandy to Leavells! Valery-like Waleran de Leavell married Beaumonts of Meulan, and the Arms of Meulan is the Coat of English Vaux's/ValliBUS' (Cumberland, at Westmorland). Livings/Levins were first found in Westmorland. It thus seems Planned (by God) that Mr. Oullette invited me to Toronto so that God could arrange the bumping into Lorraine, herself a pointer to Laevi suspect in the veins of the Sadducees which included Hannan-like Annas/Ananus.

Note the Conqueror in the quote, for Oullette's/Willi's were at Falais while the grandfather of the Conqueror was "the tanner" of Falaise while the Tanner Chief-Shield colors are those of Hanans / Livings/Levins / Yonge's/Youngs / VILAINs. Astikas' were in VILNius, and while Dol is in the VILAINE part of Brittany, Dols (WHALE) were first found in Mecklenburg with same-colored Trumps and Hahns while the latter along with Cremers can be connected to BIBo's, who I think were from the VIBius bloodline of Vibia, mother of Lupus Laevillus. VILAINs share the Chief-Shield colors of Scottish Yonge's/Youngs (Northumberland, beside Yorkshire), English Hansons, and Levi-like Livings/Levins (share martlets of Sadducee-like Saddocks). See anything suspicious? Livings/Levins were first found in Westmorland, beside Northumberland. Saddocks were first found in Sussex with mascle-like Mascals, and the two share escutcheons in colors reversed.

I think I can glean the purpose of the meeting at the Finch bus station in particular. Firstly, Finch's/Vince's were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs sharing the eagles of Lorraine's (share WHALER/Wheler lion). The "conSCIRE" motto term of Finch's/Vince's then looks like code for the Schire's/Schere's/SCHERFs, like "Scarf," and as I claim that George Herbert Walker BUSH was born from the Nazi family as George Herbert Scherff Jr., note that the bumping into each other was a BUS station!!! Whammo! It seems to me that God is verifying yet again that the Bush presidents were frauds, insidious fiends, and dangerous to the nation.

Plus, I linked Lorraine's grass stain to the "tufts of grass" of Bush-branch Bosco's, and those tufts are upon "pillars" while the giant Pillar lion is in the Chief of Oullette's (Normandy, same as Pillars). PLUS, just remembered: a "STICK" is used by the other Schere's!!!

Oh wow, English Yonge's/Youngs (show only roses in the Shield) love the Bosco-related Rose's, explaining why God chose a bus station at Finch and Yonge!!! Scottish Rose's are said to have married Bosco's, and then the "ConSTANT" motto term of these Rose's can be part-code for Stains/Stains!!! Incredible.

PLUS, WOW-OW, just remembered: English Grass' almost have the Coat of English MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The stain on her pants was already suspect as a pointer to the MARK of the beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASTOUNDING WORK, OH LORD. TOOK ME BY SURPRISE HERE.

The Mark write-up: "The surname Mark was first found in Essex where "Adelolfus de Merc held lands under Eustace Earl of Boulogne. His estate of TOLLESbury..." The Tolles'/TOLLs were first found in Pomerania and Mecklenburg with Dols. Recall how Boyds share the Mark fesse-with-checks, for Boyds were Stewart kin. Stewarts issued from Dol, and then Tulls/Tole's share the Stewart checks and a "Prudentia" motto term with Yonge's/Youngs.

The amazing thing is that while the gold-on-red cinquefoils around the border of English Marks are in the colors of the Nimo cinquefoils, and Nimo's (Stirlingshire, same as Caiaphas-like Chappes') have a motto, "I SHOW not BOAST." The Boasts/Bois' (gold cinquefoils) are said to have included Bosco's, and the Shows are listed with Schere-like Schorrs/Schore's, and then entering "Schore" gets the other Schore's/Schorrs having a pillar-like "column" in the colors of the Bosco pillars. The Schore's/Schorrs (Hamburg, same as Trump-like Drummonds) even put red roses on the column along with "ivy," and Ivy's happen to share the giant lion of English Grass' and English MARKs! This is the lion of Drummond-related Maurice's and Morris', from the MARICi, co-founders of Pavia with the Laevi Gauls.

Do you see a pattern at all that God's concerned with? He's using the Marks to point to "mark of the beast,' and meanwhile they were associated / related with the Levites who killed Jesus. Caiaphas was the high priest under whom Jesus was killed, the son-in-law of the previous high priest, Annas/Ananus.

AND BY THE WAY, German Youngs/Jungs/June's have a stag in Trump/Tromp stag-head colors, how about that. It seems that all of these Bus-related pointers of God from Lorraine go to Trump too. Trump's were first found near the Drummonds of Hamburg. This is going to get Revelation-plague interesting.

The bus STOP now comes in big because Stops/Stubbs have the Stirling/STURling bend-with-buckles in colors reversed. Stirlings/Sturlings share "Gang" with Scottish Drummonds who in turn share the triple Stur fesses. The bus stop is thus a pointer to Nimo's of Stirlingshire who loved a Bosco branch(es), and the Nimo saltire is shared as the ANNAN saltire by Bruce's of Annandale. Bruce's were from Brescia, at Val TROMPia.

This is what trouble's me. I've said it several times before that the lightning bolt was a flash so bright, the light appeared to strike my PILLOW, then bounce off of my forehead (or eye area). My-Pillow Mike Lindell is an avid Trump supporter, and as such may represent worldly Christians who, like Lot's wife, won't want to see Jesus' returning to spoil his love of his lot in this world. It bothers me. Lindell and Trump are both opening their own Internet platforms this April of 2021 (as I write here), and these platforms will beg Christians to partake. What for? To become lovers of America rather than to remain true to Jesus? To rebuild America in the final years of history? Frightful thought. The Pillers (not "Pillar") are listed with Pillows/Pilotte's.

Revelation Plagues

I now want to move to the Seal and Bowl plagues of Revelation, for Seals are in the write-up of Sea's sharing the three, wavy fesses of the Hamburg Drummonds, and the seven Seals are followed by seven Trump-like Trumpets. Is is a coincidence that Sea's share the Drummond fesses, therefore? Why do Seals have more black wolf heads, including the white one in the Crest of Wale's/Walls? By what coincidence do the latter share the horizontally-split Shield of German Bowl-like Bole's/Boels (compasses), first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps/Tromps, and sharing white wings in Crest with German Wale's/Walers? By what further coincidence are those horizontally-split Shields in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of Dutch Tromps?????????????????

This is starting to verify the theory that came to mind mere days before starting this chapter: that Revelation is stacked with code words that are to be deciphered with my heraldic expertise (all that God has taught me) for making special pointers. It looks like it's pointing to Mr. Trump, perhaps not Donald, but maybe his son in the future.

While the Bowls get poured out on Gog, the Googe's share the boar head in the bowl-like cups of English Bole's (Lincolnshire, same as Bolingbroke's and Pillers/Pillows/Pilotte's). These cups are in the colors of the Piller/Pillow/Pilotte cups, can we believe it. Plus, more unbelievable, and hard for me to understand because I want Mike Lindell to be on the good-guy side: Dutch Bole's share the log (different colors) of Lindells/Linds, and both logs have three leaves growing from them.

As per BolingBROKE, this may be due to marital connection with Broke's/Brocks, first found in Essex with the Brooks sharing the STICK Coat. The Scottish Shaws (Perthshire, same as Drummonds), of Stick-like Sithech, share the Piller/Pillow/Pilotte Coat. The BOWLings/Bolings probably have the Saddock Coat for a Sadducee-reason.

Bowl-like Bowells are listed with BOSwells, and they share the black fesse of English Bush's (Yorkshire, same as Bowells/Boswells). But what comfort would it be to the world of good people if the Revelation Bowls were poured out after George Bush dies? The Foys expected in the Bowell/Boswell motto use pellets while Pellets share the Piller/Pillow/Pilotte Coat.

It's the Schore's/Schorrs with and ivy of red roses, and Lucy of Bolingbrook married IVO TailleBOIS. While Ivy-like Ivo's share the black boar with Bush's, and moreover have more red roses, the Boasts in the Nimo motto are Bois' too. Donald Trump is always boasting. He thrives on it like the devil. He thinks he's got special intelligence, and he's got many Internet elves who pass-off that same lie. He does the right things only when he listens to the right people, otherwise he's apt to making a mess (probably due much to his age, and much to his background as an unrepentant sinner).

AHH, wow, the Bedau's/Bede's share the acorns of Dutch Tromps, and Bedau's were looked up as per Count Ivo of Bedaumont in the Ivo write-up! It seems to be making an indirect Trump link to Bole's. Bedau's/Bede's are in the colors and near-format of Bowlings/Bolings too boot, and the Butt/Bute Coat is reflective of the Belgian Bole Coat. We thus have what could be a Bowl-of-Revelation pointer to Lucy Bolingbroke, wife of Ranulph Le Meschin whose line in turn is predicted to be that of the False Prophet / anti-Christ. However, if Trump is going to be the False Prophet, I don't see a quick-and-tidy Meschin-Trump connection in heraldry.

BEHOLD-BEHOLD-BEHOLD. The Bedau/Bede and Tromp acorns are shared by French Maurels (probably using the BROKE/Brock fleur-de-lys) of La Chapelle, and then the English Bute/Butt Coat is much like that of Italian Maurels. The Chapelle-like Capelli's own the chapeau (cap) in the BolingBROKE Crest, yet it's also in the Crest of Bidens/BUTTons who share the fesse of German Bute's/BUTTs/BOETs, suspect from the Sadducee house of BOETHus! The Bowls of wrath upon the end-time, Sadducee-liner "illuminati." Repeat: "The BOWLings/Bolings probably have the Saddock Coat for a Sadducee-reason"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You see, codes in the book of Revelation are probably why God taught me heraldry, starting in around 2005. Heraldic links can tell stories when God arranges the links, but these links are now, seemingly, adding to an understanding of the Revelation plagues.

Chapells probably use a chaplet because the Chapell Crest shares the green lion with Lorraine's while Chaplets were first found in Lorraine. The grass stain on her BUTT pointed to Pansy/Pantzers sharing the doves of Peace's/Paise's (look like a Paisley-Pollock line), the latter first found in the Orkneys with Shetland, and Shetland is where ASS' were first found. As Peacocks (share white fesse with Peace's/Paise's) were a Pollock sept, note the Pease variation of Peace's/Paise's, for Peas' bring up Peacocks. The latter use a "just" motto term, and I always link Ass'/Assi's to JUSTine's. The fasces symbol of Ass' is likely for Fieschi, the branch of Face's/Fessys sharing the Coat of Chapelle's (not "Chapell").

(As Bedau's look related to German Nickle's/Nichols, who trace to secret santa-Claus bloodlines at the Clausula river, near BUTua, note that Bedau's share the Claud/CLASEL acorns too. My santa-Claus investigation was just ended a week ago in the 4th update of March, in case you'd like to see it. Kotor, beside Butua, and Abraham's line with his second wife, Keturah, traces to Kotor at the link above. Kotor-like Cutters share the Chief/Shield colors of Broke's/Brocks so that the Abrahamic line can go also to Bolingbroke. This was not the line of Israel, however. God did not name Abraham, Israel, but rather did so with his son with Sarah, and the tribe that named her is suspect to Saraca's of Kotor.)

The unbelievable thing now is the event where I came back to my JEEP with a SHOPping cart of GROCEries, finding a Russian medallion on the hood. First of all, Groce's share the split Shields of Bole's/Boels and Wale's/Walls, and the Bole/Boel Crest shares the black boar with English Bush's. There had been a shopping cart in a dream I was given that pointed to the Schire's/Schare's/Schere's/SCHERFs by way of Shops/Shirlands/Sharlands/Sherlands/Shorelands, and by the black boars shared between Ridings and Bush's, for I was riding the shopping cart in that dream. Suddenly, it looks like it applies to the Revelation Bowls, for the dream ended with my dropping an open container (looked like a 10-15 gallon bucket) that took flames upon striking the ground.

Ridings even share "defende" with Lennox's/LEVENax's, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with Nimo's, and both use red saltires!!! The Lennox/Levenax saltire is in both colors of the Annan saltire, and Annandale is in Dumfries, where Walker-like Walks (share "Industria" with Arms of Rothschild) were first found. Lorraine got the grass stain while on a walk. The Shops even show SHAWland and SCHAWland while the Shows in the Nimo motto show Schorrs/SCHAWs. Can you believe it?

The MEDALlion event at the Jeep pointed with MEDALs/Dougals to Bauds, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/CHEAPS having what must be the Chep variation of JEEPma's. Nimo's even share a red crescent with CHEPmans/Chapmans.

Immediately after riding the shopping cart, I was at my Jeep, complaining to the previous owner about a barrel-shaped object missing from its door HANDLE. I had tried to decipher that part of the dream using the Handle / Handell surnames, but, yesterday, as I write here, which was the day this chapter was started, the Handalls/Handleys/Hanleys were found (in the Percy write-up) who not only share the goat with English Bush's, but the latter use their Coat with a red fesse too, which then makes it in the colors and format of Handells/Hanlys!!! That's what God was getting at with the unacceptable door handle, a dream aimed at the presidential Bush family. The scene after the door-handle scene was my holding, and then dropping, a DRUM barrel, a pointer to Drummonds but also to the Bushite, Bill Barr (surname was a Barrel branch). The latter was made the attorney general by George Herbert Scherff Jr. Drummonds were related to Maurice's and Morris'/Morice's, both first found in Herefordshire with Barrels and Doors.

As that drum barrel may now be alternated with a Revelation Bowl, note that while Barrels use a dog head with an ear emphasized, "ears of wheat" are used by Belgian Bole's. I did not know what the container I was dropping was, while in the dream, and so it can have more than one interpretation. It had been found also as a bucket because French Buckets share the cinquefoils of Drummond-beloved Gangs/GEGGs, which recalls the Googe boar in the Bole/Boel cup. I instinctively knew in the dream that the missing part of the door handle was BARREL-shaped. Note that while Bole's/Boels share the BUSH boar, Barrels use a dog head while Dogs/Doags share the Bus cinquefoil. The Barrel dog is very possibly a talbot dog as a code for Taillebois liners, for Lucy of Bolingbroke married Ivo Taillebois. Dogs/Doags, looking connectable to Medals/DOUGals and the Douglas' (Moray) sharing the Handle / Handell / Morays stars, were first found in Perthshire (beside Stirlingshire) with Drummonds. It all works very fine.

Handalls had a Handley Hampshire, where Potters were first found who share the Bowell/Boswell cinquefoils. You might like to entertain the Babylon-in-a-pot prophecy of the Old Testament. This makes the Handall/Handley fesse look like that of Capelli-related, and horn-using Bidens/Buttons, a branch of Rose-loving Butts/Bute's/Boets to which the grass stain on Lorraine's BUTT pointed. Belgian Bole's have a reflection of the English Bute/Butt Coat. She was out for a walk at the time, and Walks are in the colors and format of Bowlings/Bolings (similar to the Belgian Bole Coat).

It just so happens that while the Drummond-related Sea's share the wavy bars of Seamans, the latter have a part-blue seahorse to go with the blue seahorse in the Shop Crest. I've been wondering about the symbols of the four horses of Revelation's first four Seals, and so these seahorses may be able to assist in anything that arises. The first horseman has a bow, and Bows/Boughs, showing bows, share the motto of Rothschild-branch Roets. If we assume that God is pointing to Rothschilds with the first horse, do they perform the horseman's conquering agenda, or is the horseman going to inflict pain on Rothschilds?

I wrote many paragraphs below before realizing that the Horse fesse is colors reversed from that of Seals. I therefore loaded the Seals to see if, per chance, they were in Northumberland with the first-known Horse's: "The Seal family originally lived in the parish of Seal which had various locations in England including the counties of Northumberland, Leicester, Surrey and Kent...The surname Seal was first found in Northumberland..." It could look like God made a Horse-family link to Seals to go with the four horses. The Seals are thought to be the seals of a book / scroll, and Roets use the book, the symbol of the Reeds too who connect well to the second, RED horse.

The second horseman with SWORD has the agenda to take peace from the earth. It wasn't far above where the Peace/Paise surname arose that led quickly to Assi's, kin of Justine's from Justine of Picenum, wife of Valentinian I of VINKovci, explaining why Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire with Justine's. The Sword surname shows swords too, and has "wings exPANDed" in Crest, suggesting the line of Pansys/PANTzers sharing the Peace/Paise doves. The third horseman has a weight scale, which recalls the "weights" in the Dexter Crest while Weights/Waits share the Arms-of-Traby horns. Assi's and their Justine kin use the scales of justice, and both surnames throw in a sword too. It's the sword that takes peace from the land/earth (the Greek for "world" is also "land"). These scales of justice are in the Arms of Vilnius with a "JUSTitia" motto term to boot, and Vilnius was home to the Traby-related Astikas'.

But, again, do the four horses come as the pro-666ers to ruin the world as God's punishment upon the unconcerned, the obstinate, the rebellious, or are they God's horses to punish pro-666ers? The one-HOUR destruction of Mystery Babylon is being struck with the hourglass of the Books in the Roet Crest. Lorraine the babe pointed to Babe's/BABELs.

In the text with the third horse, we find wheat and barley upon weight SCALEs, and here it's completely interesting that Barleys, sharing the double fesses of Stains, were first found in Hertfordshire with SCALE's (!), Lorraine-related Childs, and with Vinkovci-liner Finch's/Vince's, the ones Lorraine pointed to with her Finch bus station, and yet she also pointed to Ass'/Assi's with her butt's grass stain! COMPLETELY INTERESTING. The Scale Crest shares five, white feathers with the Crest in the Arms of Traby. The Traby Arms calls them ostrich feathers, and Babe-related Beaks have an ostrich, and the Beaks happen to have three wavy fesses in the colors of the two wavy fesses of Barleys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Barley Crest share's the gold boar head with hour-like Eure's.

As for the Wheats, they are in What colors while Whats also use Peace/Paise / Pansy/Pantzer colors. However, the Whate variation of Wheats says it all, as per the weight scale of Dexters. That is amazing. The scale is held by the rider's hand, and Hands have one of the double Dexter chevrons, which can suggest dexter = right hand. It's then conspicuous that while English Rights have double fesses in the colors of the double Dexter chevrons, Scottish Rights share the checkered fesse of French Marks!!! Coincidences?

As the English Right leopard faces are those also of Scottish Doors, I'll posit here that the mark of the beast will be a door-entry system rather than a check-out system. English Doors, sharing bees with Bessins/BEASTons, were first found in Herefordshire with Morris/Morice's, and the latter use SCALing ladders, what are the chances? The unicorn in the Crest of Scottish Rights is split vertically in the colors of German Marks and Dutch Tromps.

Double scaling ladders are with the English Bennets said to have been at Furness Abbey. Furness' were kin of Parrs, and the double Parr fesses are in use with the Rights having the Door LEOpard faces, a symbol suspect from the PierLEOni Jews of Rome (where the Revelation harlot sits), named after pope LEO Benedict. The Pierleoni were the Templar Zionists who had mingled with vatican elements, and obtained vatican assistance in the first invasion of Jerusalem. The Dutch Bennets/Benedicts even share the giant Maurice / Morris/Morice / Mark lion, which happens to be the giant lion of French Marcus'/Markou's in colors reversed.

Follow: English Benedicts (share Bennet motto) share the lions of Lane's, likely, because both love the Roys in their motto. The Roy lion is also that of Rita's (Rome), in the colors of the Leo lion, and the Rita lion holds "PIECEs of wood." The "Garde le roy" motto of lane's gets us to lake Garda, location of Val Trompia, and then the Lane's are split horizontally in the colors of the vertically-split Tromps and German Marks. To this we add that the Lane's share a red chevron with German Marcus'/Marxen's. Lane's have three lions in pale (vertical positioning is called 'pale") in the colors of the two in pale of Gernons.

Hicks share "bon" with Bennets and Benedicts, and have the same fleur-de-lys as English Marks, the ones sharing the Dutch Bennet/Benedict lion. This Pierleoni thing is the Revelation harlot, isn't it? That's why God had her sitting on the seven hills of Rome. Isn't it? It's the pagan / heretic Zionists seeking to create their own eternal Israel. In the Sleeping-Beauty dream, I was brought instantly to the DOOR of the car, where I first saw her hovering in the car, and the Hover/Hoffer Crest is the white leopard face in the English Right Crest. I was standing at her passenger door, the right-side door.

In my dream with broken door HANDle on my Jeep, the door handle was missing a barrel-shaped part, and Barrels (Herefordshire, same as English Doors) have a good reflection of the English Right Coat. Scottish Rights (with MARK fesse) have a "Meritez" motto, and French/Merits'/MERICs look very linkable, via Mericks, to the Marici of Pavia. It just so happens that Maurice's and Morris'/Morice's were first found in Herefordshire with Doors too. It looks like a pointer of the mark of the beast to a door-entry system...which would be preferred, at first anyway, to prevent people coming in to shop only to reach the cashier without the skincode.

AHHH, I get it now. The JEEPma's share the double-headed eagle in the Coat of German Marks (!!!), and it's the Tromp eagle too (though the latter has one head) so that the we have a Trump link to what looks like the mark of the beast.

One should also compare Wheats/Whate's to English Josephs (from Flavius Josephus), for these Josephs were kin of Chapell-like CAPLans (version of Roet Coat) and Chaplains, signalling the line of Joseph Caiaphas. The gold stag head in the Wheat/Whate Crest can now be the 'buck" head in the Crest of Hicks, for the latter wears a "CHAPLet." The Hick motto has "HEURE," and this buck head is in the gold colors of the Eure boar head, both in their respective Crests. French Josephs one showed a swan in the colors of their martlet now showing, and Chaplets have swans in those colors.

The Swords are from Siward of Northumberland, and here it's interesting that Horse's were first found in Northumberland with the Hebrons sharing a white horse head with Horse's. To Nordics and Aryans, "horse" is/was, "hross," like the Hros Caucasians that look like "Rosh," and so note that another white horsehead is with Roxolani-line Roxburghs. Roxolani were Rus-Alan Huns. Alania was in Caucasia. King RUSa of Lake Van became a vassal of the Cimmerians, and the latter are suspect in naming things like Cambria / Umbria, as in Cumber beside NorthUMBERland. Humbers/Umbers share the triple fesses of Beaks, the latter first found in Dorset with RUSSells.

Northumberland is where REDs/Reeds were first found, and the red horse has a man with sword. Coincidence? The first horse comes with a bow, linkable to Roets who happen to share the book with Scottish Reeds. Rose's share the red boar head with BARTons of Great BOUGHton, what a bowincidence. As Rose's lived beside Rothes, and as Leslie's were earls of Rothes, compare the Leslie Coat to that of Penrose's. As Barts share the Leslie griffin head, note the Penrose write-up: "'The manor of BORThy or BERThy [Cornwall]...was for many years in the family of Penrose.'" The Births/Berts of Devon come to mind. Penrose's are also PenROWES" while Rowes'/Roe's use the templar lamb.

The first horse is white, and English White's are also Weights. The two English White Coats make White's look like Silver/Silverstein kin, and the latter were first found in Hertfordshire with Scale's. What I call heraldic white is technically "silver." One of the English White's shares the Nero/Neretti Coat, and I was satisfied (always hesitant at first, though) that Blacks were from the Naro/Neretva river. The scales are carried by the third rider on BLACK horse that weighs Weight-like wheat.

If the Barleys are pointing to Stains while Stains point to the mark of the beast, might the third horse be indicating rationing under the 666 system? Stains married Yarborough's, the latter sharing what could be the chaplet with Hicks (Yorkshire, same as Stains). The Hicks Crest is a BUCK, as in a dollar. The Black horse has a rider selling wheat and barley for dollars. Read on, because English Bucks share the white-on-black antler with Choens/Cone's, and the latter are pointed to, apparently, by the black horse.

The Blacks are interesting for sharing the Chiefs of Washingtons and the Schims/Schiens. The latter were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Reeds, and with their Skene/Skin/Scan branch that in turn happen to share the three, upright Sword swords! The Schims/Schiens share the boar of Mole's and GOOGE's / Goughs/Goffs. When we get to the "comite" motto term of Schims/Schiens, it's gets interesting again, for French Conte's are Comite's too while Italian Conte's/Contessa's share the lion of QUARTers, and the third Seal reads: "A choenix of wheat for a denarius." I'm reading that a CHOENix is about one QUART (!), and Choens/Cone's share the black-on-white antlers of English Conte's/Comitissa's, the latter first found in Durham with Washingtons (and Boughs/Bows), can we believe this??? The Revelation text just jibed with the Schim motto and the Schim / Black Chief. It appears to be nailing the 666 stain with Washington DC, where I expect the False Prophet to rule.

What are the chances that the Quarters and weight-scale Dexters both share a red canton square with proto-Washington Wassa's while Cantons have the Washington Coat in colors reversed? Yup, that is correct. It makes it appear that we should consider the third, black horse to be a Washington demon. English Knights (look feasibly related to Fothes'/Fette's) have another red canton, with a spur within it, and as English Knights share a blue border with Fette-related Gernons, the Knight spur is probably close to the Prophet/Profett spur. Quarters even share the lion of Scottish Nights/Knights (enter "Night" to get the Coat). Another blue border is with MUSa's/Musarts, who share two blue chevrons with Dexters, and are from Manche, home of Masseys.

I'm sure that the Quarter canton has a caduceus, symbol of mythical Hermes. The Quarter caduceus probably has the wings of mythical MERCury. Years ago, I identified the caduceus as ancient code for Cadusii Armenians who named mythical CadMUS, and therefore I deciphered "Hermes" with "Armenia." Lake Van of Armenia has a MUS location, tending to explain the "laudaMUS" motto term of Quarters.

When I first loaded Washingtons over five years ago, they were said to be first found in Lancashire, which is where COPElands were first found who share the double Washington fesses and the red canton of proto-Washington Wassa's. That can explain the "Pax COPia" motto term of English Reeds. "Pax" happens to mean "peace," and the Peace/Paise dove might just be in the Schim/Schien Crest. It's the Reed-like RED horse that ruins peace with the sword. Whittings share the Kerry hourglass (my term) Shield, and Copelands were at Whittington.

Cups/COPE's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Rieti-line Reeds, and the Northumberland Reeds have a motto, "Pax COPia." Rieti was home to three heads of the Roman dragon, and then Rita's, first found in Rome, use "PIECES of wood," looking very connectable to the pax = peace of Reeds, and thus we're to the RED horse taking peace from the earth. The harlot that rides on the dragon has a CUP testifying against her, and wears purple, the Shield color of pax-like Pace's. Flavius Sabinus of Rieti, father of emperor Vespasian, is the line to Sabine's sharing the red bull with French PACKs. English Packs share the Pasley/Paisley anchor, and the latter were a Pasi/PACE branch. The red horse has a large sword, and Swords are from Siward of Northumberland, where Pax-copia Reeds were first found. The Arms of Rieti has a "pratus" motto term, like the "Paratus" motto of Swords.

VesPASian's son and heir was Titus, and there is a Titus surname with GYRONNy. In the Titus Chief could, therefore, be the GERNON lion. The Guerin Chief has a lion in colors reversed, and this marks the first time I can recall of seeing proof that Guerins were a Gernon branch. As the Guerin Coat is almost the MARKham Coat, it's notable that Markhams ("audax") were at Maplebeck while Maple's share the Roet boar heads on a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of German Marks who in turn use a spear while the Roet / Maple boar heads are those of Speers too. And Speers (Renfrewshire, same as Paisleys and Rieti-line Pollocks) share the crossed spears (different colors) of Pasi's/Pace's. I suppose we can repeat here that the German Mark Shield is a version of the Dutch Tromp Shield. Plus, there is a harp or lyre in the Markham Crest, the symbol of Quarters and Rose's. Maplewood of the Markhams is in Nottinghamshire, where Rose-connectable Bugs were once said to have been first found.

I trace Flavians of Rieti to the Pierro's/Petri's/Pero's of Pavia, co-founded by Mark-line Marici. Repeat: "The first horse comes with a bow, linkable to Roets who happen to share the BOOK with Scottish Reeds. Rose's share the red boar head with Bartons of Great BOUGHton, what a bowincidence." Or, what a boggincidence, for Books/Boggs (share Reed stag head) can be of the Bogens using a bow in Bug colors, and Bugs share the water bouget of Whitting-like Whittens. Whittings have an hourglass shape to their Shield, and Books/Boggs use a literal hourglass. It could appear that heraldry identifies the first two horses with Rieti elements. The three Sword swords are essentially those of Skene's/Skins/Scans (same place as book-using Reeds).

Let's repeat in case you missed it, because I did at first: "The Blacks are interesting for sharing the Chiefs of Washingtons and the Schims/Schiens. The latter were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Reeds, and with their Skene/Skin/Scan". See it? SKIN and SCAN. Is that arranged by God to point to scanning machines upon the mark-of-the-beast skincode? I can amaze you more with this because the Skene/Skin/Scan wolf heads are those of Wolfs/Lupus', first found in Cheshire with earl Hugh Lupus, and Wikipedia once showed his personal wolf head at his page, in both colors of the Scarf wolf heads, and Scarfs are in the TRABY/Sadowski scarf while the Arms of Traby appear to have 666 in the three strings of the horns. I now feel I'd be disappointing God if I denied that Revelation codes are to be deciphered with heraldic pointers. I might feel a little honored to have such a job, but it's frightening too, because...what if this is a wrong assessment? What if I'm muddying the Revelation waters with sensible nonsense? Sensible nonsense = right-sounding wrong.

The Scan variation was not known to me until mere days ago, when on the topic of Pulitzer's scanning machines, and so the timing is great to be able to include Scans with Skene's because I regularly identify them as Skins too for making their link to Shins/Chine/Chings, and the latter are a pointer to China's involvement in election fraud, in case China applies to one or more of the horses.

Although we might assume (I have) that Copelands are of the Cups/Cope's, they come up as Kopple-like Coplans, which may indicate a Koplik trace to the Goplo mouse tower of Poland, for Traby is a Polish location.

Check this out: I've just loaded Whitting-like Whittens to find that they both share three besants in Crest, only the three of Whittens are in both colors of the three besants in the Treby Chief!!! The giant Whitten water bouget is in the colors of the giant Treby lion! ZINGER. The Whitting leopard faces come in two color schemes, both used by the Reston leopard faces, and then Seal-connectable Seamans (seaHORSE) have Seman de Reston, and we saw why Seals probably have the Horse fesse in colors reversed for a related reason.

Throughout this Horse discussion, we can keep in mind that trumps can enter the picture with Drummonds, and therefore with Sea's (have the Seals in their write-up) and Seamans. But, also, the trumpet-using Calles/Calles' were kin of Shots/Shoots who share three white-on-red swords with Skene's/Skins/Scans. Note how the wavy Seaman / Sea bars are used by Tuckers, for the latter were first found in Devon with Trebys and with the Hoods using a "ZEALous" motto. While the Arms of Traby appears to use three 6's in three strings, the three sea horses of Tuckers may be forming three 6's too with their curled tails, especially if the seahorses were to face the Shield's sinister/left side.

I almost missed it, but as MARKs / Marcs are like the "merces" motto term of Skene's/Skins/Scans, it's suggesting that the Skin and Scan variations may have been arranged by God to point to the mark of the beast. In the past, I've called it a purchasing system, where the RIGHT hand is scanned at the cashier's desk to withdraw cash from a bank, though we can now conceive a proof-of-vaccine system at the store door rather than at the cashier's desk. If the former is correct, the powers may be trying to sneak the Revelation system upon us without going cashless first.

This is a good place to talk about the Seal surname, for if the Seals are in heraldic pointers, then the Seals may reveal something. Their wolf heads can suggest the Wolf surnames. Three of them come up, the German branch using a Catherine wheel of the Roets, and a very welcome "PRAEMium" motto term that can be for the Prime's having the giant leg (different colors) of Prophets/Profetts. It just so happens that the giant Dutch Wolfs have a giant wolf in the colors of the giant Prophet/Profett leg. German Wolfs share the blue wolf with Wolfleys (partly in Prophet/ProFETT colors), first found in Cheshire with Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus' and Fette-branch Foots, but also with Hugh Lupus who used a white wolf head, the color of the wolf head in the Seal Crest. It appears that Seals just pointed to the False Prophet because he puts out the 666 to be scanned while Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus' share the Skene/Skin/Scan wolf heads.

We can get this picture back to Trabys/Sadowski's with the scarf, first because Scarfs share the white wolf head of Hugh Lupus in both colors, and second because it's in the colors of the Flynn wolf. Flynns are connectable to Flints/FLANS (Prophet/Profett colors), and the "flanches" (curved item) in the Wolfley Coat (Cheshire, beside Flintshire) are suspect for Flans and Ches'/Chessums together. Ches'/Chessums share the green-on-white border with Lothians who in turn have the Traby / Weight/Wait hunting horn. We can even ask by what coincidence the Wolfley "wool sacks", on green, may be code for the green-Shielded Saxe's/Saxbys who in turn have one of the Wheat/Whate wheat sheaves?

As the Flynn wolf head is colors reversed from the wolf shown in some Arms of Placentia, we note that Placentia is on the TREBia river, suggesting that the three besants in the Flynn Chief are those of Trebys even though they don't have the same background colors. The Flynn Chief is the Whitting Chief in both colors, and the Treby Chief is the Whitten Chief in both colors.

Why is general Flynn working so closely with Trump? Why did Flynn openly display himself as a follower of the false-prophet / false-hope cult of Q-Anon? Why is the Traby/Sadowski scarf in a Q-shape? Quade's/Wade's (Weight/Wait colors and format), sharing three black wolf heads with Seals, have the Coat if one Irish Mackay surname while the other Irish Mackays have a "dagger," and it's dagger-connectable Dexters/DECKsters who have "weights" in Crest. It's a weight scale that can go to the third horseman with a wheat theme. Dagger-using Mackays have white bear heads with red straps to go well with the white horse heads and red straps of Horse's. Masseys/Maceys (share Dagger/DECK fleur) and Dutch Mackays (Massey/Macey quadrants) have a horse. I've just noticed that Dutch Mackays throw in a CROWN with their RED horse, though it's not the red-horse Seal that has the crown, but the first horse.

Dagger-using Mackays are in the colors and format of MERICK-connectable Mars/More's/Mere's. The three pale bars of English Knights (spur) are colors reversed from the pale bars formed by the three swords of Skene's/Skins/Scans, and while the latter have a "MERCES" motto term, Scottish Nights/Knights/Knaughts share the lion of German Marcus/Marxen's. That's skincode-scanning interesting. Nights/Knights/Knaughts are linkable by way of Nitts/Naughts to Natts/Nathans, and Nitts/Naughts even share the checkered Shield of German Cohens/COENs, a surname like "CHOENix." Irish Cohens/Coens share the green seahorse with Mericks. These checks are used by French Marks while Jewish Marks/Marx's share the Hohen checks. Irish Cohens/Coens even share the green seahorse with merces-like MERICKS!!! Just look at how all that sticks out. Mericks are suspect with the SEAMAN, Richard Meryk, whose Anglicized version, "Amerike," looks like "America."

Wikipedia: "The only contemporary document to refer to [Amerike's] background states that he was from CHEPstow [Monmouthshire]..." German Marks have a double-headed eagle in the colors of the same of Jeepma's/CHEPs, and the latter share the HEXagram (different colors) with Marcus'/Marxen's and Jewish Marks/Marx's/Marcus'. Repeat from shortly above when coming to the Merits'/MERIC suspect in the motto of Scottish Rights (Mark fesse): "AHHH, I get it now. The JEEPma's share the double-headed eagle in the Coat of German Marks (!!!), and it's the Tromp eagle too (though the latter has one head) so that the we have a Trump link to what looks like the mark of the beast." We were on the Doors, Barrels and Maurice's at the time, all first found in Herefordshire, beside Monmouthshire.

There's another wavy fesse on blue with Mericks, and this time the fesse is in the colors of the Horse fesse. The Mericks were first found in Wales, beside Morris'/Morices and Maurice's who both share the giant lion of Merick-like Marks, and that spells "mark of the beast." French Maurice's (Moray stars) almost share the Coat of French Mars while Maurice Drummond can be linked to earls of Mars are Kildrummy while Scottish Mars share the lion of Drops/Trope's expected in the drops we see in the Tucker Coat. Drops are with the white wolf head in the Seal/Zeal Crest, and that's the wolf head of Scarfs who are in turn in the Q-shaped scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's. How neat and tidy is all of that?

Plus, Mericks were first found in ANGLESey while Angles' have a white horse in a crown! Angles' have the Spurr-branch Supers (Devon, same as Rattery location) in their motto, as do Ratterys (Perthshire, same as Drummonds) who might be Radziwill liners. Zeal-loving Hoods were in Rattery of Devon, as were Pike's while Ratterys share the Pick/Pix (and Wood) fitchees. Rats/Raids (share white anchor with Hoods) were at Rait castle near Geddes, and Geddes' use pike heads. Piccots use "pike heads" that are arrow heads.

Whittens were first found in Roxburghshire with Schim-connectable Googe's. Roxburghs use "audax," and Googe's "Audaces." Aude's have variations linkable to Odins and Oddie's, and the latter share the saltire of Gophers/GOFers, in colors reversed from the Roxburgh saltire, while Gough's/GOFFs share the Googe Coat. We're making sense. While Rads are suspect with the Radziwills that Traby married, Rads are in the colors and format of Gough's/Goffs, the latter first found in RADnorshire. RadNORs have three besants in their Chief too.

The Horse Gyronny

Although the above is compelling, I'm not hastily going to claim as fact that God's bonded Revelation terms to certain heraldry, but will continue to show things I think are interesting to that end. As another example, I can take the gyronny pattern of the Horse Shield, for if God is going to connect the four horses to heraldry, we would think there might be something special in the Horse surname. (To see what gyronny looks by itself, see it with the Titus od Campbell surnames.)

To give this a little context, here's what was slipped into the last update while writing this update, where BRAMtons are connectable to the line of ABRAM and Keturah, and where Prime's share the giant leg with Prophets/Profetts:

Dragons heads in different colors are shared between Cutters and Primers/Brimmers, and the latter's are in Bramton colors, begging whether Prime's and Primo's were Abraham liners. Prime's use a giant leg, and the Legro river named, I believe, the Leghs/Leys, who happen to have a red lion in both Brampton-lion colors. Plus, Woods, first found in Leicestershire (with the Legro river), have a motto, "Defend," like the "defender" term of Brims/Breams. As Hose/Ose's (Leicestershire) use the leg too, and a red lion head in Crest, perhaps they were from "Og," for Ogdens/Okdens (red lion again) share the Wood-Shield tree. The Wood-Crest tree is with Oaks/Oke's. Ogdens/Okdens use gyronny, which I see as code for Gernons, and the latter have the Bramton Coat in colors reversed.

"Gyronny" is probably man's code for the Gernon surname, and while it has a "cyFOETH" motto term, Fothes/Fette's were first found beside the Prophets/ProFETTs, you see, and while GERNsey has a Footes location, Foots/Foods share the Fothes/Fette's chevron. It just so happens that the giant leg of Prophets/Profetts is in Horse gyronny colors, asking whether God arranged the heraldry of the two surnames to indicate that the four horses pertain to the False Prophet's "fire from the sky" i.e. his military powers that amaze the peoples on behalf of the anti-Christ, and cause them to take pride and shelter in them.

The Prophet/Profett and Prime legs are identical aside from colors, with both legs wearing what look like leg pads both above and below the knee. The ones below the knee could be regarded as SHIN pads, recalling the Skin-like Shins/Chinns/Chings (pointer to China) who share blue-vair fur with English White's. The Newton "shin bones" are in the colors of the Horse gyronny, and while earl Ranulph de Gernon ruled in Cheshire, that's where Newtons were first found who have an "eastern prince" in Crest that could be God's pointer to China. Eastern-like Easters/Isters/Asters were first found in Manche, which overlooks GERNsey, and Ishtar was the Babylonian form on Inana, the "great mother of the [Sumerian] heavenly dragon." Abraham had lived in Sumeria, and so perhaps Keturah was high up in the Sumerian-dragon cult.

De Gernon's father was Mr. Meschin, and Masseys lived in Manche. Gernon-related Blundville's (at BEESTon) have "Robert de Blunville of Newton." Proto-Massey Meshech were Mushki to Assyrians (beside Babylon), and I think they named Mus, where king Rusa ruled. There is a PrimROSE surname with roses. Mus was home to the Nahor-like Nairi, and Rose's were first found in NAIRnshire. Nahor was Abraham's brother. Neuri lived on the Bug river, and Bugs (Dorset, same as red-lion RUSSells) share the water bouget (different colors) with Rose's of Nairnshire. The Bug rivers are at LVIV, what I trace to Fife's and Five's/Fife's, and Primrose's were first found in Fife. (Primrose-like Primers/Brimmers share the red dragon head with rose-using Cope's.)

It just so happens that the English Ayers/Eyers, sharing a quatrafoil on black with Scottish White's, have the same pads on the same bent leg as Prophets/Profetts and Prime's, though the Ayers/Eyers don't show the straps going around the leg. All three surnames with the leg put a spur on the heel suspect with Spurrs, I wonder how the latter can relate to Revelation.

Ayers/Eyers were first found in Derbyshire, where Horse's are said to have a Horsley location. The English White's above, having upright lions in the colors of the non-upright lions of Gernons, share a black, spread eagle with Scottish White's. The other English White's were first found in Gloucestershire, where the Horse's tell of another Horsley location. It appears that we have hammered the White's to Horse's beyond our expectations when setting out to check whether the four horses can be found in heraldic links. The Rothschilds should be afraid to abuse the earth at any time. The Hammer of God will shake the rulers off their thrones "in one hour."

It just so happens that both English White's share the vaired chevron of Nero's while emperor Nero was the 3rd head of the Revelation dragon. Revelation 17 reveals that the sixth head was ruling Rome at the time that Revelation was written, and then adds that the seventh must yet arrive with a "short" rule. So, as most think Revelation to be written between 90-95 AD (though I don't know their reasons for this), the sixth head looks like Domitian because Nerva (96-98 AD) came after him with a rule of only 16 months. Counting back, but ignoring the three emperors who were uprooted in quick succession, the third head turns out to be Nero. The three in quick succession, which Daniel 7:24 speaks of, were on the throne between Nero and Vespasian. I am not joined by many prophecy buffs on this interpretation of Daniels 11 horns and Revelation's seven heads, but at least I'm correct (I have no doubts).

The end-time anti-Christ is the eighth head of Revelation 17, and must therefore be of the end-time Roman empire, a Westerner, by the looks of it, for we read that the eighth (Daniel's 11th horn) belongs to the seven.

The black eagle of the English White's is in a crown, and then the 1st, WHITE horse of Revelation wears a crown, suggesting an official power house, I assume, an accepted / legitimate ruler. Therefore, it could be true that the Horse gyronny points to the White horse, yet the gyronny is in green too while the 4th horse is pale-green. There is a Gernon-like Green surname with the Sempers/St. Pere's in their motto who in turn have the Gernon Coat in colors reversed.

Amazingly, the Greek word to describe the color of the 4th horse is, "chloros," and the Clores' are listed with Clare's, first found in Suffolk (same as early Muscats/Mousquette's), beside the first-known Muschats/Montfiquets (Essex) sharing triple-red chevrons with Clores'/Clare's! "Chloros" is green, and while Essex is between Suffolk and Kent, and Greens, first found in Kent, share the stag with Clores'/Clare's, how's that for an interesting find...just after I didn't think I had anything to say about the symbols of the 4th Seal. Irish Clare's mention a Clere location in the vaccine-like Vexin, and then the fourth horse creates death, asking whether the vaccines will result in mass deaths at about the same time. Chloros is the color of dead / sick flesh.

Here's from the Muschat/Montfiquet write-up: "The surname Muschat was first found in Essex at STANsted Mountfitchet..." The Stans are listed with Stains, a surname suspect in implying the 666, and so if you look over the digit, 6, on your keyboard, you'll see that the creators of the keyboard decided to put a chevron over it, perhaps because they knew that three heraldic chevrons has been code for 666 for anti-Christ stupids. "Chevron" is like "Hebron," and the Hebrons (Northumberland, same as Horse's) share the white horsehead with Horse's.

For what it's worth, Irish Clare's share the five, white feathers of Scale's and the Arms of Traby. The third horseman with the Stain-related barley (so to speak) carries scales, and orders that the WINE not be harmed, and then Wine's/Winns share three, fessewise, gold eagles with Irish Clare's. The latter were from StrongBOW Clare of Wales, where Wine's/Winns (from GWYNedd, beside Anglesey) were first found. The latter surname has the Arms of Carnarvonshire, which to the Welsh is, GAERNARfonshire, close enough to Cheshire to have been named after de-GERNon. Ahh, GERNARs/Corners/Garners were first found in Rutland with Snows while Snowdonia is at Carnarvonshire while Snowdens have a star-version of the fesse-with-eagles of Irish Clare's! That works, and as the Wine/Winn Crest is the gold, spread eagle in the Strong Crest, it appears that "Strongbow" was named after Strongs. Strings have gold, spread eagles too, and the Traby strings form what looks like 666.

I would be amiss here if not mentioning that Muschats/Montfiquets/MontFICHETs and Muscats/Mousquette's together can be shown to be related to Singletarys, for Obama descends from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham. Singletarys (Lancashire, same as Plate's) have triple chevrons in colors reversed from the same of Muschats/Montfiquets, and Muscats/Mousquette's share the black Singletary antelope. Fitchets/Fitts/Fitch's, like the Fittes variation of Fothes'/Fette's, have a motto, "espeRANCE," and Rance's/Rands happen to share the triple chevrons of Singletarys.

The Singletary antelope has "plates" (white roundels) upon it, and Platers (Suffolk, same as early Muscats/Mousquette's) have three bends in the colors of the marine flag for 6 (from Wikipedia's article for '6'). Why did they use THREE bends for the flag, and why do the bends rise into the rare, sinister direction? Platers are the ones at Soetoro-like Sotterley, and Obama once had a Soetoro surname. English Plate's share the leopard face of English Antonys while Toeni's / Tonys were from Les ANDELys, which can explain the ANTELope.

Gernons are said to be from MontFIQUET, and then one can glean that Muschats/Montfiquets were a branch of Muscats/Mousquette's; the latter's Luff/Love kin happen to share the three fesses of Shins/Chinns/Chings. Gernons use "cyFOETH," and Fiquets list Foot-like Fiots/Feyots. Ranulph de Gernon birthed the Blundville's while there is a foot on the sun in the Blond Crest, and then Blondville's share blue vair with both English White Coats.

Plus, the demi-black lion in the Gernon Crest is shared by Irish White's whose motto term, "Echel," suggests Eagle's/Hegels and/or Hagels to explain the black eagles of the other White's. Hagels (black eagle), first found in Baden (beside Zurich) have two bends in the colors of the three of Fiquets/FIOTs (share lozenges of Fusils/FUSie's), and the double Hagel bends are in the Arms of Kyburg (beside Zurich), near FUSSen/FOETes (uses bent, human legs in its Arms). So, heraldry makes a strong Gernon link to White's, and then the English White's with Nero chevron are said to derive from WARNborough (Somerset, same as English Hagels and Roets), near the Isle of Wight, while Warns / Warrens/Guarens can be of a Gern- / Guerin-like terms. The father of Ada of Warenne was from Surrey, and the Surrich variation of Surreys is like "Zurich."

Garns/Gerns/Karens/Garnens happen to share the Hagel lion, and then Savage's (Cheshire, same as de-Gernon), sharing the Gernon-Crest lion, have the Eagle/Hegel Coat in colors reversed while the Savage-loving Woods share the tree with roots with Roet-like Roots. Roets share the Speer boar heads, and Speers share the spear with German Marks. German Hagels share the lion of German Marcus'/Marxen's. Roet-related Karens/Kerns (not the Garns/Karens above) not only share the two Weis/Wise hexagrams, but were first found in Silesia with Wies'. See anything Rothschilian about this? The same two hexagrams are shared by Pero's/Perino's, and while the latter call them "flaming stars," Stars (Wiltshire, beside Roets) share the chevron of Irish Kerns ("FIDEns"). The latter, in Prophet/ProFETT colors, even share the demi-lion of Foot- / Fette-liner Gernons! WOW!

WARNs share the giant Auger/Agar/Eager/Each lion, and Eggs/Edge's (Cheshire, same as Eggertons) have the BALANCE eagle in the top half of their split Shield! The third horseman ordering not to HARM oil and WINE is the one with a balance = scale! The Scale's were even first found in Hertfordshire with Childs while the bottom half of the Egg/Edge Shield is the Child eagle too. Scale's are said to descend from HardWIN de Scalers while Hardwins/HadWINE's have a "win" motto term suggesting a Hard merger with WINE's/Winns, how about that. Balance's have the eagle of Eagle's, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Blacks. The horseman with balance is on a black horse.

My interlinear translates the Revelation text as "do not HARM" to wine and oil, and Harms/Hermans have a flag, relevant, apparently, because the Barleys and Stains share the double Flag/Fleck fesses. It recalls the Hermes caduceus of Quarters who came to topic as per the quarts of wheat and barley. This could be a pointer to Armys/Armine's/Ermine's to indicate rationing by military, and "armis FIDO" happens to be a motto phrase of Eggertons (three bunched arrows). There is an ARM out of a cloud in the Crest of Skene's/SKINs/SCANs (beside FIDO's/Fothes'/Fette's), and McLeods/CLOUDs share the flag with Harms/Hermans, how about that. Stains have a hand from a cloud, and share the double fesses of Flags/Flecks. A situation requiring rationing could result in a declared "need" for the filthy skincode.

The quarts of barley and wheat will cost a DENARius, and Denners/Danners share the vertically-split Shield of Stain-related Yarborough's (Lincolnshire, same as Blacks). The latter are suspect with the chaplet that the Stain hand can be holding as it issues from a cloud.

Echels are listed with Eshers/Ashers/ASCHers as they use a large cup, they may be showing that symbol, not only because they may have married Cups/Cope's, but because God may have arranged it as per the cup of the Revelation harlot, which I see from ISHTAR of Babylon, like "Esher/Asher." As I see English Wise's as kin of both Ash/Asch surnames, the Echel/Esher/Asher Coat looks like a version of the Wies Coat, for their Wise/Weis branch were first found in Bavaria, with a border near Zurich. A Mr. Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati. The Arms of Zurich can thus be gleaned with the Shield of German Eggs/Eggens having an Eggers variation, like the Eschers listed with Echels.

English Hagels share the single, red pile of Wings/Winks while Weis'/Wise's and Wies' share the same white wings. A lone pile in black is with English Kerricks (Cheshire, same as de-Gernon) while Scottish Kerricks are listed with Carricks/Corricks (Ayrshire, same as same-colored Quarters) suspect on the "coruic" motto term of Irish White's (the ones with the "Echel" motto term). Especially if French Sauvage's share the Wies heart, the Eagle-related Savage's can reveal that White's are in the format and colors of Shirts/Shards (Cheshire, same as Savage's) for a blood-related reason, and thus a Fussen/Foetes link to the Gernon motto can be managed. Fussen-like Fossano is in Piedmont, where white-wing Masci's and Pero's/Perino's were first found; the latter share the two hexagrams of Weis'/Wise's. There is a great chance that the end-time Revelation harlot (she has old roots) is of a Laevi-Gaul line to Rothschilds and Weishaupt.

With such a strong White link to Gernons, it could seem that White's do point to the Revelation horses, but also to the False Prophet and the 1st WHITE horse in particular with a CROWNed rider. The heraldic crown, especially when its around a neck, is, I think, code for the crown- / Gern-like Ceraunii Illyrians. The crown-like Crauns/Crane's (kin of horse-using Rush's), and the Gernon lion, have crowns around a neck. Ceraunii were on the Urbanus river beside the Maezaei, explaining why Urbans and Massena's share the same hexagram, which happens to be the Weis/Wise hexagram too.

Let's not forget that the horseman on the white horse has a bow (assumes arrows too), a potential pointer to Roet-related Bough's/Bows sharing the five-bunched arrows of Rothschilds. The Bowers who have five bunched arrows share a green Shield with proto-Rothschild Bauers and Prophets/Profetts. Fussen/Foetes (share's bent, human leg with Prophets/Profetts) is at the Bavaria-Swiss border, and Bavaria is where Bauers and Rothes'/Rothchilds were first found. Are we forming a picture? Did the first Rothschild have anything to do with forming the tyrannical Bavarian Illuminati?

Gernon-connectable Muscats/Mousquette's, until recently, were said to have been first found in Suffolk (where Luffs/Love's were said to be first found), where Crauns/Crane's, Rush's, Blonds, and Blondville's were first found...along with the Owls/Howls in the owl of Prime's who in turn have the same leg-with-pads-and-spur (different colors) of Prophets/Profetts. Perhaps God arranged this because "prime / primo" means "first." The first horse = False Prophet? Suffolk is also where Lords/LAUDs were first found suspect if the "LAUDaMUS" motto term of Quarters. Lords are in the GLASgow motto, and Glass' have a mermaid with mirror while a mirror is in the Coat of Primo's/Primeau's (Burgundy, same as Sire's and Muschat-related Fiquets/Fiots). There happens to be a weight scale in the Coat of Sire's along with a snake "looking at itself in the MIRROR." The cinquefoil of Lords/Lauds is blue, same with the quatrefoil of Barleys. It just so happens that Lords/Lauds share the pheons of Irish Cohens/COENs for a super pointer to the three choenix of barley.

Cinquefoil-using Barlets/Bartlets share double-black fesses with Barleys. Barlets/BartLETTs recalls the line of Ladys/Laudymans, and Letts/Late's, together in the motto of Glasgows (near first-known Quarters). BAR is a location beside lake SCODra, explaining why Scotts and Barlets/Bartlets (Sussex, beside English Scotts) share the same demi-griffin. Scottish Bars were first found in Ayrshire with Quarters.

Oh WOW. While on the Nero discussion, I was hoping to come across a "nerva" motto term I had seen somewhere, because emperor Nerva was the seventh head of the beast. The Prime's use "miNERVA." Muscats/Mousquette's share the lion head of Hose's/Huse's, and the latter, sharing the bent leg with Prophets and Prime's, were first found in Leicestershire with the LEGro river.

The Horse's, first found in Northumberland with Roddens/Rodhams, kin of Rothschilds/Roddensteins, use GYRONNy in the colors of the Prophet/Profett and BOURley Coats. Hello? I get the distinct impression that Rothschilds, merely bankers and other rich fat cats made for God's slaughter, are going to give the masses the iron fist, perhaps imminently.

The amazing thing is that the "alteri" motto term of Roddens/Rodhams gets the Colters/ALTARs while the 5th Seal has the murdered souls of Mystery Babylon under the ALTAR of God. They are told to WAIT a little longer, and Waits are listed with White-connectable Weights having the Traby hunting horns. Is that not amazing? The Alters/Colters/Alters even use the Catherine wheel of Roets. There's a lot of people thinking and telling that the Clintons murder their victims. Clintons share the six fitchees of Hillarys and of Blondville's, and those of Clintons and Hillarys are in the colors and pattern of the SIX Savage lions while savage-using Woods are Root kin. Woods were first found in Leicestershire with the leg-line Legro river, and with the Dexters having "weights."

Amazingly, Rudes'/Rudge's have a "fides" motto term while Fides was home to Fothes'/Fette's. It's clear that Profetts were Rothschild kin, AMAZING. Rudes'/Rudge's were first found in Shropshire with the proto-Stewart Alans. Bough's/Bows are said to descend from ALAN Niger, duke of Brittany, and then Nigers share the tree-with-roots in Crest with Roet-like Roots. A False Prophet, ruler of an iron-fisted, powerhouse military, from Rothschilds, makes a lot of sense. I've always predicted that the American military has been ruled in modern times from the royal Stewarts, who descended from Brittany's Alans. The Rudes/Rudge Crest has a white escutcheon = shield in Crest, the color of the Natt/Nathan escutcheon.

As Prophets/Profetts have their own arrow in crest, erect like that of Scottish Adams whose giant arrow is in Prophet/Profett colors, it's notable that these Adams were first found in ANNANdale with the English Adams who in turn have a version of the Rhodes / AINSley cross, and the stars of Salome's, the latter first found in Rhineland with Natts/Nathans. Frankfurt was at least on the edge of southern Rhineland. The Arms of Rhineland has the wavy bend of Jewish Pollocks but on a green Shield, and so the Rhineland Arms is in Prophet/Profett colors. Scottish Franks ("nati") use these white-on-green colors, and Annas-Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire with Nathans/nations (arrow) and Annas'. The Israeli chief priest, Annas/ANANus.

Moreover, the Adams share the Caw variation of Mackays of Sutherland while the Adam stars are those of Sutherlands too. Then, the red harness / straps on the Mackay bear heads are reflective of the same on the white Horse horse heads. Mackays ("Manu") were from the Isle of Man's Maccus family, and the Arms of the Isle of Man has the same three, connected legs as per the Arms of Fussen/Foetes. This recalls that the Horse gyronny gave me Gernon-of-Macey reason to point to bent-leg Prophets/Profetts. The Quails/Quayle's (drops) were first found on the Isle of Man, and I think that Quarrels (Carrick dancette), in QUARTer colors, are showing the quail.

Can anything in this heraldic picture go to the quart of wheat, or three quarts of barley, of the black horse? YES, for Quarrels share a dancette (different colors) with Wheats/Whate's, and the Quarrel quails are in the colors of the Wheat/Whate wheat sheaves (or perhaps called garbs). There is an EAR of wheat in the Wheat/Whate Crest, suspect with the bent-leg Eyers/Ayers (Derbyshire, same as Horsley) having a version of a Irish Shaw chevron, and English Shaws are also Sheaves'. Plus, there is a "QUADarti aeQUALES" motto phrase in the Quare/Carre motto, and the Quails ("Qualis" motto term) do come up as Quales'. The Blacks even love the Crux's in their motto who have a version of the Crack/Crick Coat, and the latter were first found in Yorkshire with Carrick-branch Craggs! The Carricks happen to share the Quarrel dancette, and Cracks/Cricks share the single, black pale bar of English Blake's! Zinger, it works well.

The Wheat/Whate Coat is reflective of the Coffee/Coffer and Coffer/Coffare Coats, and Caffers happen to have a knight on a white horse holding a sword (but no crown) in the colors of the Prophets/Profetts. Another rider on a horse is in the Crest of Carrick-related Craigs (Aberdeenshire, same as spur-using Prophets and Skene's/Skins/Scans), who share the Death crescents. Repeat: "The three pale bars of English Knights (spur) are colors reversed from the pale bars formed by the three swords of Skene's/Skins/Scans, and while the latter have a "merces" motto term, Scottish Nights/Knights/Knaughts, linkable by way of Nitts/Naughts to Natts/Nathans, share the lion of German Marcus/Marxen's." It's the RED horse that has a rider with sword to remove peace, and Reeds ("Pax") were first found in Aberdeenshire with Skene's/Skins/Scans.

The knight on the Caffery and Craig horses have a helmet with plumes, and the Craigs share red plumes with the Knight in the Crest of Tree's, the latter first found in Warwickshire with Balance's. TREE quarts of barley? That's from the third horseman carrying a BALANCE in his hand. Treetons share the green trefoil with Deaths.

German Plume's/Plumers have a Roten version of the German WEINer Coat, and the black-horse Seal tells that, while there will be rationing, the WINE is not to be harmed. The English Plume's (Suffolk, same as Knights) look like kin of Welsh Bachs/Bachs who in turn look linkable by way of White's to Nero's. It just so happens that Austrian Weiners/Wiens look very related to the Quarter Coat ("LAUDamus"). It doesn't look coincidental. Knights (share gold, spread eagle with Wine's/Winns) share a red canton with Quarters. The Revelation text says not to harm the oil or wine, but I find no way to link Oyle's/Oilli's/Oullie's to this discussion, unless we go to Owls/Howls of Suffolk, or to Oulette's/Ouilly's from Falaise, for the Falls/Fallis' may be a pointer to "false." But that's not a clean-enough link for me to respect on a matter of this importance, unless there's more to it. Why should oil point to Oullette's?

AH! I just recalled the "RATIONE" motto term of owl-using Tagarts/Tegerts! RATION!!! Can we believe it??? This must be why God gave me (early 20s) a friend with a Oullette surname, so that I would know it, otherwise I would never have known of it. I was living at his brother's house when a revelation seemed to come out of nowhere, disclosing that the Revelation plagues would fall out on earth in this order: 1st Seal, 1st Trumpet, 1st Bowl, 2nd Seal, 2nd Trumpet, etc., not all the Seals first followed by all the Trumpets and finally by all the Bowls. After looking into it, I adopted that sequence and committed it to public print (it's in my table of contents, PART ONE). It worked very well in various regards.

Tagarts/Tegarts share the brown owl with the Prime's (giant leg) having the "miNERVA" motto term. I can't believe it, but it appears the 3rd-Seal oil is pointing to Oullette's of Ouilly-le-Basset (in Falaise) of the Oullette's. The latter's MOORcock goes well with the Moor heads of Tanners, as per "the tanner" of Falaise, and while German Tanners have pine CONE's, Cone's list CHOEN's!!!

We had just gotten to Adams (above) when the first sign of Carrick kin popped up by no plan of my own. ADAM KilCONQuhar was married to Marjory Carrick, and "conq" is like "CHOENIX," hmmm, we just saw Carricks all over the third, black horse that demands the choenix rationing. OH WOW, after just finding the CONKeys listed with Welsh Roberts, it was noticed that Barleys have the same lion as Pendle's while "Barley is also a village in the borough of Pendle, in Lancashire..." The Conkey/Robert Crest happens to share the demi black lion of Gernons and White's, and the lions in the Gernon Shield are those of French Roberts, Propers/Roberts, and of the Lane's expected in the "ymLAEN" motto term of Conkeys/Roberts! The Bachs/Baghs, first found in Denbighshire with Conkeys/Roberts, share the vaired fesse of English White's. Bachs/Baghs even share the black dog with Carricks and Craggs.

The interesting thing here is that while the Greek for "quart" is "CHOENix," German Cohens/Coens share the checkered Shield of Quare's/Carre's, while Irish Cohens/Coens/Cohns have another seahorse, green like that of Mericks. John Kerry, now the Bidenite Chief of the global-warming rip-off, was born from Jewish, Mr. Cohn, and German Cohns share the sun with Jewish Cohens/Kagans/Cohns, and the Catherine wheel with Catherine Roet.

From here we may find a pointer to general James Mattis (wants military back in the Middle East), for the Bough/Bow and Roet motto term, "Quaerere," can be traced to wheel-using Carrara's. The Quare's/Carre's apply here because they share the checks in the Arms of Massa-Carrara, yet the Quare/Carre Coat is a version of the Massi/MATTIS Coat too (uses the Stewart checks to boot). Nero's, with vair fur in the colors of the Quare/Carre / Massi/Mattis checks, were first found in Lucca, smack beside Massa-Carrara.

I personally see rationing coming to the West as per what the globalist goons are doing to us right now, and so, maybe, we've got to consider that God orders these hardships in preparation for the four horsemen. In that case, let's be wise and tax the food providers a little extra each year, each time we shop, for a few years consecutively, because food growers can handle a little extra demand. They will not be able to handle a sudden and large demand all at once. Storing food little-by-little is not hoarding so long as everyone has as much as they wish. Farmers and distributors can stop throwing out the ugliest vegetables and fruits if demand is high; we'll take them.

The fourth Seal has the rider named, Death, with Hades following close behind. This is the culmination of the rationing, we might assume, but not necessarily, because each horse may be going into a different direction i.e. a different part of the planet. For such do the four chariots go in Zechariah 6 where the horses are given different colors: red, black, white and dappled.

'The one with the black horses is going to the north country, the white are going after them, and the dappled are going toward the south country.' Then the strong steeds went out, eager to go, that they might walk to and fro throughout the earth. And He said, 'Go, walk to and fro throughout the earth.' So they walked to and fro throughout the earth. And He called to me, and spoke to me, saying, 'See, those who go toward the north country have given rest to My Spirit in the north country.'

Might the black horse of Revelation go north to Russia and Europe, with the white horse going after them but more toward the west into North America? Perhaps the red horse is toward Asia. The problem is, Zechariah has the black horses first, then the white, suggesting that we may best not connect the two sets of horses.

There is a Scottish Hades surname (Aberdeenshire, same as Prophets/Profetts and Skene's/Sins/Scans) in Wage/Witch colors and format. The Hades' share the annulets of Figs/Ficks (and Foggs') and Wedge's/Waggs, all looking connectable to the Wich variation of Wage's/Witch's (wedges). This recalls the Gernon link to Fiquets and MontFiquets/MontFitchets, and then Fitchets have a sword through a leopard face akin to the swords with wolf heads at their tips of Skene's/Skins/Scans. It gets interesting where Wage's/Witch's were first found in Cornwall with proto-Washington Wassa's having a Wage-like Wace variation. For what it could be worth, Wedge's/Waggs share the Vince/Finch motto, and both surnames are in the same colors and format. The black horse involves one quart of barley for a "denarius" = a day's WAGES.

German Vicks/Ficks have a Fette-like Fedde variation, and a FEDDERcke variation to expose their relationship to Fetters (Bavaria, same as Vicks/Ficks/Fedde's), for the latter have a giant sun in the colors of the giant Vick/Fick/Fedde hexagram...which is in the colors of the hexagram of Jewish Marks/Marx's. This is probably not coincidental, for while Marici co-founded Pavia, Pavia's share the FEET/Fate Coat! We just tended to prove that Jewish Marks/Marx's, and their French Mark counterparts, are from Marici. Kilpatricks, with a castle on the Nith river of Nitts/Naughts, share the lion of Jewish Levi's while Laevi Gauls co-founded Pavia with Marici. The Kilpatricks have a "dexter paw" of their Levi lion upon the head of a green dragon, suspiciously evoking Revelation's 666 system.

The Fetter Crest is a near-match with the Crests of Wise's/Weis' and Wies', and Wise's/Weis's (Bavaria) have the Vick/Fick / Mark/Mark hexagram too while Adam WEIShaupt was a founder of the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776, the year of America's birthday, and during the lifetime of the first Rothschild (Mayer BAUER). There were many writers to be seen, until google suppressed most of them, telling that Rothschilds were involved both with the Bavarian Illuminati and with Karl Marx's Marxism, which made sense where the British Illuminati pushed Fabian socialism. French Marks even share the green Shield with Bauers (Bavaria), Bowers, Bourleys and Pollocks of Rothes. Take a wild guess at where the current, iron-fisted Marxism is derived, seen within the Democrat / liberal / globalist circles.

The same hexagram as used by Wise's/Weis' and Marks/Marx's is with Pero's/Perino's while Pierro's/Pero's are said to have been first found in Pavia. Plus, the "flaming star" of Pero's/Perino's is the so-called "comet" (hexagram with tail) of Reine's, in the colors of the Marcus/Marxen hexagram. "SaPERE" is a motto term of English Wise's with triple chevrons. Pavers (Yorkshire, same as Pavia-related Feets/Fate's) share the lozenges (probably called "fusils" in this case because they are long) of Jewish Fells while Aude is the location of proto-RockeFELLER Roquefeuil while "aude" is another motto term of English Wise's. If "Sapere" is for a variation of Sempers/Sampers/St. Pere's, note that they share two lions in pale (different colors) with Jewish Levi's. The mark of the beast from the Levite killers of Jesus?

If I assume that the False Prophet is an American president in Washington DC, and if I'm correct that the first of seven plague triplets is the 1st Marxens followed by the 1st Trumpet followed by the 1st, Bowl, then the white horse of the 1st Seal's horseman, looking like the False Prophet, looks correct because the 1st Trumpet has fire from the sky falling. It also has hail and blood falling from the sky, and the blood part gives me zero understanding. How does blood fall from the sky sufficient to even make it to the text? The only thing I can think of is super-powerful explosions sending living creatures high into the sky in pieces. Like atomic explosions in cities and towns that then ruin the environment too. But how can such a thing take place unless it's at the very last year of the final seven years? Are all 21 plagues, not to mention the seven Thunders, all crammed into the last year? Or the last seven months?

I see the second, red horse unleashed immediately before the asteroid of the 2nd Trumpet. If this is a China-related horse, and if Trump is the False Prophet starting in 2025 or earlier (am I crazy to be writing this?), then we already know how Trump is antagonistic against China. Couldn't that struggle take peace from the earth? Whom would Trump bomb as per the 1st Trumpet? Heat from powerful bombs sends humidity high into cold atmospheric realms, and so that can explain the hail. If he bombs the Orient, can't that explain why the "kings of the east" assemble in Iraq in the sixth-plague triplet? Yes.

The only way I can conceive of a Trump False Prophet permitting the invasion of Israel by the anti-Christ is if his Israeli enemies are in power at the time. Russia and the Ukraine appear set to start warfare this very week as Bidenites send the Ukraine money to resume where they left off prior to the Trump presidency putting the cooler on the situation. Should we expect an Obama-facilitated, anti-Israeli army to re-arise soon? How might he get that done? Convince Biden to give Muslims a lot of money?

Food Preservation

The first video below is a 25-minute ad for Pump-n-Seal that gives you the gist within the first seven minutes. You can find shorter videos from regular people who like it, though they all seem to be liking it for short-term preservation. The ad video says that one can use the same tab over a hundred times. You can use any lid whatsoever, plastic or metal, as long as you can get a tiny hole into it. This tool looks most excellent for tribulation purposes. If it holds the vacuum for more than a year, get more than one; it's far less money than oxygen absorbers in the longer run.

I'm trying to find someone who tells how long the hole pad holds the seal, or whether they leak slowly. If the guy in the ad doesn't give a time, and I didn't hear anything, then, probably, that's the weakness of this product. Someone says: "I had one of these & they do work well. I used it for many, many years. But the suction cup on the bottom eventually stretched too much to work. So I recently started using the brake bleeder method. I think it's easier & you don't have to make holes in the jar lids or buy/make the sealing tape." The brake-bleeder method has a limitation, however.

Another video shows that one doesn't need the Pump-n-Seal pads, but can use electrical tape too, and, who knows, with tape over tape once sealed, the seal might last over a year, great for drying annual garden goods in a tribulation situation. OR, the video below shows use of the same tool without putting holes in lids:

In the video immediately above, he's pumping a lot because his jar has a lot of air, otherwise it's going to be quicker. This raises the question of how long the piston system lasts i.e. How many pumps before it starts to remove insufficient levels of air from the jars?

For very long term up to ten years, I much prefer this Food-Saver method because there's no need for lid holes. They Food Saver attachments are cheap enough that we can get four or five, or even a dozen as extras for those who suddenly find themselves in the tribulation without preparations. Without holes in lids, any pump gadget to pull air through a tube will do. However, the beauty of the Pump-n-Seal with hole, unlike the Food-Saver method (does Mason lids only), is that one can pump out of any type lid. I think that's such a big deal that everyone should have a few. In a trib situation, you never know what sort of jars / plastic containers you might be able to track down. One can put the hole anywhere into a plastic / metal container, which can probably be even weak/thin walled containers because the interior foods will help to keep them from collapsing. For as long as you see the containers collapsed, it's an indicator that the vacuum is holding.

Here's a video showing how to remove air from any type of steel lid. All you need is a vacuum pump of any kind that attaches to an air-tight container. One can make their own air-tight container with a hose adapter fitted into it:

As you can fathom, one could drop a jar into any larger jar, and use the Pump-n-Seal method on the larger jar. This way, one doesn't need to poke a hole into the lids of the smaller jars, but only into the larger jar.

I had purchased a bag-vacuum machine from Home Depot years ago, to keep for trib purposes. But the company is like the crooked HP company that sells us a printer cheap, then gouges on ink cartridges. The bags are expensive. Therefore, see the video below, and try to remember how it's done, because you can use any freezer bag...meaning, save all your bags. You can save as much food in a free, large bag as you can in a one-dollar Mason jar. Which sounds like the better deal?

I've learned to get a pretty-good vacuum by sucking air out of a bag with my mouth. Try it, it works. Just have fingers ready to zip-lock the hole at the least breath. This is an invaluable tip I'm passing along.

I strongly suggest buying a second freezer, even a small one, just to use as a rodent- / bear-protective unit where you put away long-term foods in bags. You can rig up a lock, to keep a bear from opening the box, with a short piece of steel (about three inches long) and at hole at each end; put screws through the holes into the freezer. Put the food in, and forget about it for five years or more. Use the top of the freezer as a table in the garage or basement, and the freezer is then good for freezing too if your first one breaks down. It's very wise to have the second one, and the five-cubic ones are cheap.

I'm planning on getting a used fridge to keep dried meats cold in summer. Imagine a fridge half filled with dried meats, and half filled with dried vegetables. That is a lot of food. And it's rodent proof. I think that one may also use a freezer for this, keeping it at its warmest setting.

This past week, I tried mixing flour in the bread-making machine. I used only a quarter of the yeast that it called for (you don't need yeast at all), and let it sit to warm up only a very short time. I dumped the flour out onto a board, and cut the dough either into small patties (hamburger-bun size), or into two large cakes. Into an oiled frying pan they went, with a burner on the lowest setting. It cooked better by raising the pan an inch above the burner. The dough rose a little while cooking, and so it's like thick-crust pizza dough. I like it better like than as compared to airy bread. It's very doable in a trib setting even on a wood stove or outdoor fire-pit stove.

I tried to bake one of the patties in the oven at 170F while the carrots were drying at that temperature. It didn't work well at all, not high enough heat. I see nothing wrong with the carrots drying at that temperature. I dried chicken bits at that temperature, and while I don't know why it should be a problem, let me tell you, that chicken is not only edible in its dry condition, but tasty even without spices. It's concentrate chicken. You don't need to rehydrate it. It's not a waste of time, therefore, and not a waste of energy to cook it. I dried 3.6 pounds of chicken in one batch, though the oven could have held a little more. It all fit perfectly into a one-quart Mason jar. The thing to do is to find a farmer to sell the meat in bulk, get it all dried, and then store in a vacuum situation.

Slice the meat while still slightly frozen to make that part of the job easier and less messy on the hands. To cut drying times, cut the long strips (1/2" or less) into pieces an inch or less long, and you get small chicken nuggets like gold. What city slicker ever thought it could be this easy to store meat?

For short-term storage of dried foods, you don't need the vacuum. An iron can seal plastic bags, so keep saving them all. They take up so little space. Let them dry out (kill the bacteria) even if they have some food residue left in them, then put them away and wash later if needed. Keep the clean ones (for example bread bags) separate from those that have food residue. As compared to the price of jars, bags are pure gold. Never save bags and jars to meet the needs of self only, or God will disapprove. Save for others too in case the trib catches them by surprise.

If you're having a garden this year with drip irrigation, I suggest you don't. The problem with drip is that the top soil is always wet, great for bacteria and slugs. Besides, much of the water evaporates and thus cools the top soil, yet roots thrive on heat. It's better and cheaper to put a pipe, with small holes, down each garden row, then turn the water on in the morning, only once for the day, and only when the soil needs it. When the sun comes up, the top soil will dry out, God's design.

You've probably been told that raised beds, because they stay less wet, are better than non-raised. Or, you may know that raising the soil a few inches down each row works better. But the truth may be that the particular water content is not the main benefit, but rather the heat. Raised beds / rows get hotter because solar heat enters from the sides.

So, here's an idea if you buy distilled water in the one-gallon plastic containers. I used four per week, and now have 50-100 of these saved in the rafters of my garage. I may have nematodes in the soil (they harm or kill roots), and so I'm keeping the containers to use as "vases" for garden vegetables. There is good and bad in planting this way, but the point here is that the containers can be filled with soil to their brims, and the brims can be a couple of inches above ground level to give roots more access to solar heat. If you feel that the root area is getting too hot, put some wood chips / mulch / soil around the tops of the containers.

The nice things about planting garden vegetables in containers is that: 1) all the fertilizer you put in stays in the containers; 2) you need only prepare the soils in the containers; 3) it keeps worms from eating roots. The Having no weeds in the containers to rob the nutrients is a big deal. Ordering a half truck load of garden-perfect, weedless soil is financially doable; there's about 175 gallons of soil per cubic yard, and you don't need a full gallon per plant. The potential problem with gardening in containers is that too much rain could make the roots too wet for too long. There are ways to block the rain from getting in, but at a lot of extra work. I'm going to try this method for sure, as my summer weather is rarely too wet; to the contrary.

The reason that plants do better with a little distance may not be as we are told, that they compete for nutrients when planted too near to one another. The real reason may be that the foliage of plants too close to one another prevents sun from hitting the ground i.e. cooler roots. If your plants are maturing too late in the year, maybe that's your problem. Some plants need more heat than others at the roots. If it's too cold to grow a certain kind of tree in your area, it could be due to the soil temperature, not the air temperature. Is there a way to heat the soil at the roots? Fertilizer. It can get so hot it kills roots. Can we find just the right amount to make things thrive in cold-climate areas?

I'm not a pro gardener, but I remember that just a small handful of fertilizer pellets in the soil of one plant gave me super results. I dig eight-inch-diameter holes per plant less than one shovel deep, and put the soil into a wheel barrow. I then mixed in some sand, and refilled the holes while adding that small handful of fertilizer, and a little wood ash too because my soil is acidic. It worked great. I didn't need to disturb / till the entire soil, just a very small fraction. Check the acidity levels of your soil every few years.

At the end of the year, one can mark all the holes that had been treated with sand, and dig it up again in the spring, to be mixed in a wheelbarrow, then to be put back into the holes for more planting. I don't know how many years one can re-use the same soil. There's bound to be a limit because plants need more than what's in store-bought fertilizer. But one could probably do three-to-five years without seeing much change in plant performance. To make it last longer, and if it can take added alkalinity, add some ashes because it's laced with various metals / minerals. If the soil is in containers, it makes is easy to get it all back into the wheelbarrow. Here's a video (keeping in mind you don't need perfect soil) that you might like on keeping potting soil:

Some roots will do much better if the bottom of the container is cut out. For example, tomato roots have tap roots that can go way down. Some grow tomatoes in 5-gallon buckets sitting on the ground, but my mother grew just-fine tomatoes EVERY year, and all we ever did was till with a shovel to a shovel-blade of depth. For some plants, the one-gallon containers may restrict freer root growth, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the end result, the fruit, will suffer.

Some videos shoot for perfection because there's a lot of competition of the video beggars to make money, and they think they'll get more viewers that way, but gardens don't need to be perfect. You-tubers are very-nice beggars. "Y'all make sure to like, subscribe, and make me more money, even if this video isn't all that impressive. I've tried my darn best to give you all the facts...that I stole from another video." Youtube is not free; we all pay for the advertisements in the cost of products we buy. We don't need 3,478 people telling us the same things, unless we are bored-to-death people, and there's little else better to do. The lockdowns are great for youtube beggars.

How about showing some character and letting the people decide all on their lonesome if they want to hit the like button??? Somebody in a youtube video taught that one can make more money if they ask viewers to like and subscribe, and so youtube beggars ask in every video they put out, sometimes twice per video, thus sacrificing self-respect (in my eyes) for more dollars. They give the impression they really enjoy passing info to you, but then at the end you realize they were showing concern and likability only to get you to make them money. Isn't that called phony? Youtube beggars and phonies, Christians included, all acceptable by worldly standards. They'll never run out of things to say because there's always someone else's ideas to rob and rehash. This is an evolving racket. I will respect and applaud the one who does a video for wanting no money in return.

Someone says: "WHAT PLANTS CAN GROW IN 6 INCHES OF SOIL? Vegetables: Lettuce, Squash, TOMATOES, Cucumbers, Carrots, Corn, Broccoli, Cabbage, Potatoes, Peppers, Asparagus, Asian Greens, Beans, Garlic, Onion, Peas, Radish, Shallots, Zucchini;...If you plant one indeterminate type of tomatoes per square foot, it will grow in 6 inches of soil. Apart from cherry tomatoes, you can grow beefsteak tomatoes. Indeterminate type grows in vines rather than in bushes as bushing type.". The bushy type rob the sunlight to the soil.

I'm no garden expert, but all the plants I've pulled out of the ground at harvest time seem shallow-rooted to me. Sure, digging down 16 inches is better, but, really, anybody whose concerned with getting fertilizer / potting soil that deep is probably a youtube beggar trying to look more like the real-deal expert than the person he stole the idea from, because they all try to get "better" and "better" with their tips. What's with all of the raised beds we now see in youtubeland? One wonders how farmers do it on flat earth. After 60 years of using the same soils, farmers still get big-crunchy cauliflower. Yes, on flat land. I'm not kidding. It's true. Believe it or not? It's the craziest thing youtuber garden buffs ever heard.

So, don't go out and buy all that lumber to raise beds, and then fill it all with expensive soil when you already have soil naturally. Just add some sand to thin it out, and some fertilizer to get it some heat. If you're down south, you may not need fertilizer. Or, if you do it as I suggested, to treat only the soil four inches from the stem in all directions (i.e. eight-inch-round holes), then you can afford a half-truck of weedless, dark, potting soil, with some clean sand in the truck too because it's cheap and you don't pay extra for delivery if you get it at the same time. Sand is gold for a tribulation garden, but first you need to get off of a city lot.

And who are those think-they're-smart youtubers pushing no-dig gardens? Robbers! They want to rob you of a good work-out. Never mind buying a roto-tiller. Get out there with a shovel and make some muscles. Sweat a little. It's a God thing. There's a long history of growing things that worked just fine, we don't need new ideas to make us lazier than we have already become. Put some spit on your palms, and get digging. The cold beer awaits you at the end of the day. Put some spine into you back. See, freely I give you this great advice, and you don't even need to like me. I never read one step-by-step on how to grow broccoli, and it grew just fine. The best way to learn how to garden: try it.

What if the globalists start poisoning us soon with some store-bought vegetables? You might miss much of it if you're growing your own. They may have conspired to build houses on tiny lots with wee-wee back yards just to keep people from growing their own gardens. They may be trending toward townhouses we extra-wee-wee yards for the same reason. Poison over the long haul to make us die sooner, and they know what we will die of so that they can take financial advantage.

We don't need a video to tell us that, if we dig a few holes in the grass to grow our foods, the growing grass (with weeds) is going to be in the way. Even if we till the entire grassy area, it's going to grow back gang-busters, with weeds. The thing to do is to cover all plant rows with wood chips delivered in a dump truck, leaving rows of grass between rows of chips. I'm talking for people with a garden of an acre or more.

However, it's not so paradise-beautiful as it sounds. Even if you mow the grass between rows, it will encroach past the borders of the wood chips, making for pain in the hot summer, when you don't want the pain. The cheapest way to solve the problem is to spread a layer of part sand with gravel top between rows, killing the grass. Sand is cheaper, and may be needed at some future time for the soil, and with gravel, it's a permanent fix, whereas woods chips used for the walkway rows will need to be replenished in a few years = $$$. Two inches of pressed sand with two of gravel should do the trick (much of the gravel will push into the sand when you walk on it).

If your sand by tandem truck is $9 per yard, that's just 16 cents per square foot per two-inch layer, and your walkway row needing gravel should, on average, be a foot or less wide because the wood chips can take up almost a foot each on both sides. That picture looks nice to me, and some spot spraying of Round-Up to take care of a few weeds that pop up in the gravel is not dangerous to health. You don't want to be tracking sand in the house, so you need large (at least 1/2") gravel over top. Small gravel bits get into shoe treads, bad for the wood floors.

Just in case you take this design for your own, I'd like to add a good idea that will make your muscles come to life while making the garden soil much better, a win-win. After you've laid the containers (for plants) into the ground where you want them, dig out the top two inches of the walkway rows (make a "trench" about 18 inches wide), and turn the grass upside down on top of the plant rows, raising the plant rows a couple of inch with pure, God-made topsoil from the grass roots. Then spread wood chips over the grass roots, and lay the sand and gravel into the trench you dug out. Sound good? Looking good.

This is your food security in case globalists go nuts, in case of war, in case of pandemic lunacy, or a staged crisis of some other kind. If the trib arrives while you still live there, you will be much more ready. In the meantime, enjoy living muscles, time away from the nasty computer, and clean, fresh If it costs you a little money to do this, say to self: what's money for if you can't enjoy it? Some people will blow $3,000 on a one-week vacation, but if you "blow" $3,000 on your large garden, that's smarter and more enjoyable by faaaaaaaaaaaaar. If you think you can't afford $3,000 for garden preparation, stay out of restaurants, and you'll have that much saved in no-time at all.

With two or three inches of wood-chip depth, the containers come up big and dandy, because you can now raise the plant roots without raising the ground level. Just raise the containers instead. Let the brim of a container be a little higher than the top of the chips. I paid a dollar per gallon of distilled water, and so each container is that cheap.

For folks with Bermuda grass and other creeping grass, the video below may help. I have creeping grass too, but it's almost no problem at all under three inches of pine needles or bark, and so I can't see a problem if it's under wood chips unless the chips are too small, leaning toward saw dust. If you have a choice, get larger wood chips, because they will last longer before turning to soil. Although it will cost you a lot of money, a border of blocks all around the garden, under the fence, if it keeps creeping grass out, will be golden. You can plant in the blocks things that deer and other animals aren't interested in. Grow lots of onion and garlic in the blocks, and make a deal with your neighbors, a half bushel of that for a half bushel of something they grew.

Whenever you get a beggar asking you to subscribe at the end, the information may have been over-blown to make it more interesting for you. In this case, the creeping grass may not have been such a big problem, but it gave him a reason to make a video, you see. Expect all kinds of youtube beggars to create problems in order to appear to be your saviors with offered solutions, they love you so much.

If you are on forested land, you have your own wood chips (and dead-tree bark), if only you purchase a wood chipper. I'm hoping to do that myself, with a machine something like this one (but not if it's over $500), which can make fine mulch too with fine branches. Watch you don't get a glove hooked or wrist trapped in the wood as it's fed in. Don't wear gloves. Don't feed mindlessly. I have gathered TONS of branches over the years and put them in piles all over the place. Ready to go. I'm hoping to start next year. You can make your own soil better with a wood shredder, but if you want a wood material to last longer, then get a chipper, not a shredder.

Another way to keep weeds from growing is about two or three inches of pine needles. However, these make the soil more acidic than it's already expected to be in a pine-forested area. But the needles break down very slowly, and thus may add very little acid over a three-year period. Wood chips increase acidity too. Lime is needed to combat too much acidity.

Another advantage in using containers is when there's a dry spell, when the ground all around the containers is dry and hot, yet the soil in the containers is maintained moist (because you add water). I'm assuming that hot ground is better than cool for plant growth. With a water sprinkler, one cools all the soil if watering in done in the evening, and that may not be as good as watering in the morning, or not as good if not watering by sprinkler at all.

The obvious thing needed for a paradise garden is to bring water pipes down each row, and drill a hole where each container sits, with a mind to keep the containers in the same spot year after year. You can replant the same vegetables in the same container year after year because the soil comes out of the containers, each spring, and gets remixed i.e. you never have the same soil exactly put back into each container. You could do this in reverse, drill all pipes first according to a garden plan / design, and then locate the holes / containers accordingly.

I haven't built such a squirt-irrigation system, but figure it best not to glue the pipes and fittings together in case changes are wanted. Instead of pipe glue, use silicone and/or screws (pipe pieces can be pulled apart easily if not heavily siliconed), and leave the pipes on the ground all year, though not empty in the hot sun, and of course not full in winter. There may be slight water leakage at the joints, but tolerable. Think of how much water you will save by not watering the entire ground. Your water pump will last ten times longer this way. Less mud too. Is this getting paradisey, or what? What down-side am I missing?

I shouldn't need to tell you how to design a pipe system so that pipes go down all rows DUH. It's like when my building inspector wanted me to pay $500 for an expert furnace guy to tell me I need a furnace duct to every room, DUH, and two ducts to every big room, DUH-DUH.

Let's say you have ten rows of foods. You want the header / feeder pipe to traverse all ten rows. DUH. This pipe feeds all rows. You should have the feeder pipe along one end of the garden, but probably not cutting across the middle (needs more fittings = more water wastage = less pipe pressure). At every point where a pipe is connected to the feeder pipe, put in a shut-off valve. To put it another way, each row of water pipe should have it's own shut-off valve to regulate the water volume, if needed, down that row. If for example your tomatoes absorb water faster than your peppers, don't plant them in the same row, and close the valve a little for the row having peppers so that the soil at their containers doesn't get too wet by repeated waterings. This is not a continual-watering, slow-drip system, but a once-in-a-while, squirt-irrigation system.

You can have a second valve in any row if, for example, you opt for peppers and tomatoes in the same row. Put the tomatoes first in line, therefore, with the peppers further down the row, with the second shut-off valve between the tomatoes and peppers. Oh what fun. By the way, I have no idea whether a pepper plant need less water than a tomato plant, but it's likely.

If you goof up, and you will, in where you choose to put holes in the pipes, you can plug them back up. I'm sure you will be able to figure a way to do it. One way is to take a pipe coupling and grind away the interior until the coupling slides freely down a pipe. Just slide it to the holes you want plugged...that you no longer want wasting water. In some cases, it's not the waste of a little water that matters, but, with too many holes pouring water, that's defined as not having enough water volume to make water reach the ends of some/all rows.

If your water doesn't reach the ends of some rows, you've made the holes too large. The best thing to do is to drill each hole very small (1/8 inch is a "huge" hole) to begin with, then turn the water on to see if it reaches the furthest parts of the garden. If you are on a well pump, you need water pushing/squirting (not just dripping) out the holes furthest from the feeder pipe when your water-tank pressure is at its lowest. To put it another way, you need the whole pipe system filled with water at all times, and under pressure simultaneously. It doesn't matter how low the pressure in the pipe is, as long as there is some pressure. There will be the same pressure throughout the pipe if there is any pressure to speak of. If there is no pressure, then some holes will not be watering as much as other holes.

The higher the pressure in the pipe, the faster it waters. So, even if the pressure is low, you are honky because it means only that the full watering will take longer. You can have a couple of holes where there are no plants just to test how wet the soil has become after one hour, after two hours, etc., without disturbing roots. Before long, you'll know roughly how long to keep the water on at each watering.

If you have pipe pressure with tiny holes of less than 1/16 of an inch, it's your call on drilling holes larger. You now get to choose which holes get enlarged, bonus. Don't be fooled, a hole 1/16" is four times smaller than a hole 1/8". You could easily spoil all pressure with holes 1/8". I'm talking a large garden here for trib purposes. With a small garden in the meantime, you can have bigger holes, but then you'll ruin the pipe for trib purposes when you want a much larger garden. So, keep the holes small, and just let the watering process take more time, a great idea if you have a deep well with small water volumes available at any given hour.

If at any time you have no pipe pressure, divide the pipe system into more than one unit. This is easy. To split one ten-row system into two of five rows each, put a shut-off valve in the feeder pipe between the 5th and 6th rows. Water five rows at a time. Wow, is it really that easy? I kid you not, city slicker, you could enjoy this life of making-do for your family.

I wrote all the above before seeing the video below on squirt-irrigation tips, so don't call me a youtube thief:

The nice guy (what else?) asked viewers to subscribe to the channel. He didn't even show shut-off valves at the start of each row...two-bit beggar. Everytime someone asks me to subscribe, I hear: "I wouldn't have done this video for free, are you kidding me? I have better things to do than to help you out. I love you so-much only if you subscribe." Any youtube-channel owner and his grandmother can have several youtube accounts, then visit his/her own video and plug in comments like, "This video is great!" It's becoming a beggar's racket, and the greedy are crowding out those who do things for free on a small scale (small-scalers at youtube don't make it much to the top of a query).

He wasn't showing drip irrigation, but squirt irrigation. Did you see how little squirt he had in the third pipe, with only a few pipes installed? Did you learn, therefore, to keep your holes less than 1/16"? I suggest 1/32 of an inch, or smaller, to start with (gentle, or you'll break the bits). Don't glue the end caps so that you can flush the pipes out from time to time.

Squirt irrigation keeps leaves dry for those plants that suffer leaf rot due to too much humidity. The soil of the general area stays drier, attracting fewer pests, though it predicts making the vegetable roots a bigger target for worms, unless the roots are in a container. If containers are too expensive for your liking, consider plastic bags as an alternative if only to keep your water from spread into the dirt having no plant roots.

On the other hand, rain water can't get into a container / plastic bag, and so you sacrifice the natural watering that adjacent soils provide plants as they suck up water at the roots. Another alternative, for some small-root plants, is to use a cement block. The problem is, each block, the type for basement walls, has two holes but you can't split them in half to get two planters per block. But using a row of back-to-back blocks is excellent for small plants such as onions or scallions, or one onion and one spinach plant per block (block pays for itself after one season). Humidity from adjacent soils can flow through the block and help out. Or, have the blocks fully out of the ground at the risk of overheating the soil within them. The blocks leach out lime, which will reduce the acidity of the soil (sometimes preferred). They last your adult lifetime in the wet condition. If ever you need blocks in an emergency, they will be in your garden.

Instead of having raised beds made of wood frames, use the less-attractive but long-lasting blocks, smarter. Expect ground frost to make a block garden structure look worse over the years. If ever you need a chicken coup in the tribulation, or a burrow-proof foundation for the coop, your garden blocks could become priceless.

Here's a method to catch a deer at your garden if you have it fenced off. Let your gate into the garden be a deer trap. You do have the brain to design a deer trap, without being told how, I just know it. But you can cheat by checking out youtube. I'm thinking that when the deer trips the string that brings the gate behind it swinging closed, the motion of the swinging gate (or dropping door) trips a second gate/door to the deer's front. Have the gate spring powerful enough to close the gates fasts. You might even make this gateway big and strong enough for a moose. If the gateway has a ceiling, it can catch bears and other things too. It works for free all night long. If you wish, you can release the animals after giving them a stiff fear of returning. You can think of a way? Spray them? With what? "Make your own pepper spray...You can boil water mixed with hot sauce or any fresh hot peppers."

After you've made a deer uncomfortable, don't open the gate to let it out with a smile on your face. Instead, pull a string to the gate from 15 feet away, and when it run outs, chase it sounding angry, or like a murderous wacko, to deter it from coming back. It might work, it might not, depending on your acting skills.

The alternative to a trap gate is to trust the fence with the gate locked at night, but many animals will dig under the fence or climb over. They won't have the curtesy of eating one vegetable fully before moving to another. A half dozen raccoons over two nights can spoil a lot, and then become addicted for regular returns. Willing to risk it? If not, trap them and transport them elsewhere. Dangle their most-loved / most-odorous food on a string that trips a trap door.

If you're not in a position to do a garden at this time, city slickers, then, as a far-cheaper alternative, buy an extra freezer, maybe two small ones, and start drying foods. My little five-cubic-foot freezer runs on about 90 watts, about a third of an hour, or 30 watts per hour = 21,600 watts or 21.6 kilowatt-hours per month. At my high cost, about 13 cents per kwh on average (they gouge us in the country), that's less than three dollars per month. We can cut the cost by shutting the freezer off half or more of the time because dried foods don't need extreme-cold temperatures. However, I don't know what temperature changes in the freezer will do to dried foods. What if you forget to turn it back on until the foods are "warm"? Will repeated swings in temperature affect the foods much if they have low water content? A fridge sounds like a better alternative for this, but the freezers are gold in case you get a great deal on large-volume meat from a butcher. Either way, we're not talking a high-end security package here, and there's not reason you should waste the foods.

The dried ground meat (in small chunks) is not tasty at all when eaten dry. Maybe I'm over-drying it. But the chicken is very tasty when dry; I hope it's not under-dried. I'm putting the meat into the cold box as far as I can swing it so that it lasts several years without a problem. It's either that, or to eat the meat in a short term, then repeat the drying process. I think I'd rather not re-dry in two years, and just treat the food as a security package even if it costs $250 to run a fridge over then next five years. It's worth that money just for the FEELING of food security. The food itself is the high-cost factor preventing the poorest of the poor from doing much of this.

But wait. Just put the packed freezer / fridge or other secure box outdoors in cold climate, and give your appliance a break during those months. I may learn that the dried meat can last longer than two years outside of a fridge, in which case I don't need the cold box running much at all for long-term. There's no bear threat in winter, and so you need to secure the food only against weaker / less capable animals (unless you have mountain lions).

Canned meat, by pressure-cooker method, can last five years, and so you may choose this method even though you need about four times the space for storage. But if you choose this method, don't wait until a crisis hits, when jars are no longer available. Buy the jars now, a dozen or two at a time. They are a dollar or less per one-quart jars, and so, instead of the freezer at $250, you can have 250 quarts of fresh meat (on average about $1,000), equivalent to about 60 quarts of dried meat. My five-cubic-foot freezer packs 57 quart jars with 1/4 of that space left over for smaller jars. Sixteen quarts = one cubic foot of space (includes the space between jars). A thousand dollars of meat provides $20 per week over one year, a very nice cushion for an economic crash, and a good jump-ahead start for a great-tribulation scenario.

My thinking is that, if wet meats last five years in jars treated for decontamination that have a little air in them, then dried foods in a near-vacuum should last longer more safely. And that's why I'm drying happily. The beef can be dropped into wet dishes, no problem, and may even be fine in stir fries. Dried foods, after five years in cool temperatures, may be good for another five years. These are the basic facts you need to make your decisions.

Storing store-bought dried beans / lentils / peas / etc. is so cheap you don't need to eat them all, and you still won't suffer much of a financial set-back. Get together with other families at church, and buy in bulk together. Ignore the anti-Christs who frown on people storing foods, because they frown due to their demons. Some pastors / elders may even cater to such anti-storage sentiments because they prefer praise from the authorities, or to go-the-flow with them. But we have seen how the authorities have stacked political positions with their own, deceptive kind. They pretend to want good things, and frame evil as if there were good in it.


At the end of this week, google was trying to hide this story: "Jovan Hutton Pulitzer was on 'The Professorís Record' with professor David K. Clements from New Mexico State University. During his interview, Pulitzer said he was recently offered $10 million to walk away from his efforts to scan the ballots and determine the number of valid votes in the 2020 election in various states." Apparently, Pulitzer didn't give the name of the guilty. Why protect the guilty? Half this war is to expose the guilty at the highest levels, so why not an exposure here? The offer would be from the highest levels? Is Pulitzer just going to walk away and demand no FBI action?

Here's Jovan in his own words, in video, where the host, maybe, didn't want the name of the criminal announced:

Here's on April 10:

Michigan Constitutional Attorney Matthew DePerno released his long-awaited Michigan Elections Forensics Report on Friday, showing 66,194 unregistered ballots tallied in JUST 9 COUNTIES.

Five massive documents totaling 262 pages contain findings and exhibits for evidence of extensive fraud with regard to the 2020 election.

DePerno provided a series of tweets and graphs (graphs from Dr. Douglas Frank) with explanations that showed a statistical impossibility between predicted registration vs. turnout in Antrim County and 8 other counties. Michigan is attempting to prevent the truth from coming out, as suspected.

The article above has the following goods that makes any Dominion law suit against anyone useless:

"Following is the discovery unearthed by Attorney Matt DePerno during his investigation into Antrim County election fraud.

ES&S DS200 voting machine was found to have a Telit LE910-SV1 Modem Chip installed on its motherboard

Chip utilized a commercial Verizon SIM card with an Access Point Name (APN) configuration specific to the ES&S DS200 provisioning.

What does the Telit LE910-SV1 Modem Chip do?

Enable communication between voting system equipment and election servers

Designed to operate on a virtual private network

Testing has revealed that the same SIM card could be used in a separate wireless hotspot device. This device could then join the same APN as the ES&S voting


Why is this important?

ES&S equipment is used in eight Michigan counties: Alcona, Bay, Emmet, Grand Traverse, Kalamazoo, Macomb, Mason, Roscommon

It demonstrates that computers can be connected to internet without any discernable ethernet or external modem connection

It demonstrates that Dominion Voting Systems are not the only electronic voting system with security vulnerabilities

It is very difficult to detect unless you pry open the machine case to investigate the hardware

It drives the imperative for disciplined hardware certification as well as software certification

Anyone with access to any SIM card could have pre-programmed access to the APN.

It demonstrates how electronic voting systems could be connected to the internet with minimal risk of detection."

With Dominion threatening to sue anyone and his grandmother for as much as the total gross product of the entire world, it's hard to believe that DePerno would come out with accusations such as these if there is little truth for them.

It's interesting that while the waist and hips of Miss PEARE pointed to Jovan Pullitzer, "DePERNo" looks like the Perino variation of the Peare-related Pero's. There is a Dutch Perno/Pern surname with giant horse that could be related to the giant unicorn of Furs/Fire's in the "fur cones" of Perrins.

Here's the GOP (Arizona) chairwoman (Monday night) telling the people that the senate will find its own premises to do the audit, which is exactly the caving she knows the people did not want. It allows the cheats to make accusations that the ballots were mishandled. The chairwoman and the senate president know better than to do the audit anywhere but right where the ballots are stationed now. They may not be acting alone, and this may turn out to be staged audit with the purpose of getting nothing done, or without teeth in the end even if they find fraud. The purpose may be to tell the public, we did our darned best:

If the general public at the comments section of the video above knows not to move the ballots, why is the chairwoman announcing that the senate has decided to find a new location for them? This women is now being viewed by me as a liar, acting like she's on the public team. Look at her act. The people commenting are sorely disappointed in this woman.

On Tuesday, I heard that the two organizations chosen by the senate have been let go due to leftist-media pressure. So, it looks like a FARCE. They make the voters wait wait wait wait wait months of time, then finally proclaim victory to them by choosing audit teams, then bow down to media pressure the very next day. It's what Trump did: give the voters what they want, then change his mind the very next day with the excuse of others being opposed. FARCE. It's a tease unto a let-down. All the comments at the video are wondering why the senate doesn't do this right thing, or that right thing. If the senate had been loyal, it would have been done by now. If Arizona were not so conservative, the senate wouldn't have tried at all.

On Tuesday, the Texas governor signed an Executive Order forbidding government-based vaccine "passports," but what if the government requires medical people and food stores to demand a vaccine passport / ticket for entry? Isn't that the same thing as a government-mandated passport? What we need to hear from governors is that it's illegal for any store / hospital / etc. to demand proof of vaccine for door entry. Otherwise, it looks like smoke and mirrors to deceive the public. Abbot (Texas governor) may have been referring only to literal passports for travel purposes, ignoring all other human needs. We shall see. Their true colors can't be concealed forever, and even good people can allow themselves to become globalist tools if they refuse to give up their positions / jobs. This is the test of Jesus: will we do evil to retain job security? Will we serve the devil, or will we instead quit a job to depend on Jesus no matter how meager the outcome?

The super argument against taking a vaccine, if it comes to going to court is simple: "Your honor, if 30 or 40-percent of the population chooses to risk getting the COVID flu from one another, we should have that right collectively. If anyone is afraid of our spreading it to them, then, rather than forcing us to accept the vaccine for their sakes, they have the free choice of saving themselves from us by receiving the vaccine themselves. Your honor, please don't say that you don't make the laws, that you only enforce them, because then we the people have no courts to argue for our protection against what we think is a harmful law. If I can show that a law threatens me, I should also be able to make that case before a judge who hears me as much as it hears lawmakers. But if all you do is rubber-stamp the lawmakers' wishes, then you are not a judge, but a lawmakers' policeman. I believe the vaccines are risky, and so I prefer to take my chances with catching the flu bug, especially as there is a high probability that it won't hurt me much. That's the only kind of vaccine I prefer, the one provided by God. Not only do I hope that you respect Jesus, your honor, but I hope that Jesus respects you. Does He?"

The "conservative" premier of Ontario has let slip his desire to send police to peoples' doors to force-vaccinate them because he's disappointed in the many who refuse the vaccine. You can see him say this about the third minute:

It is WRONG to cry out against censorship for the reason that it takes away free speech. The reality is that censorship is a robbing from the people their right to political power so that the devils can rule and suppress them. This is far worse than merely keeping people from having a contrary opinion. It's a declaration of war against the people, and thus the people have a right to fight back with whatever it takes to defeat them. Will they? It's possible that they will try. Get yourself stocked up, because if such a war begins, the corruptocrats will starve us deliberately. But once they do that, they will turn more people against them. They might not win such a war. Once their enemies start killing them, there may be no turning back.

People may be willing to tolerate masks a little longer, but forced vaccinations and forced masks together may prove too much at the end of this year, or early next. THIS IS A WAR that they started, and if war breaks out, we'll have a big choice to make. However, if it's the end times, the last seven years with certainty, we must not fight with weapons. If it's not at the end times, we have a big choice or two to make if war breaks out. If they want us to be afraid in our homes, they can be made to be afraid at their homes. Hopefully, level heads will prevail. Don't kid yourselves, because millions of people have already desired to shoot their heads off unless they cease with this tyrannical show. Probably one-third the south has desired to shoot their heads off already, even though warfare has not yet started. Once it starts, it could turn ugly for months / years. There are people inciting war against the deep state already.

Tucker Carlson said last week that while vaccination "seems" to be an end in itself (i.e. even immune people are vaccinated needlessly), he's not alleging any conspiracy, he added, "but it's makes me very nervous." You see what's wrong with working for Fox? You can't just speak your mind; you need to play it safe, and that's what makes even Tucker a Mickey-Mouse half-news man. The story of the times is the globalist push for vaccinations, but no one on Fox is permitted to make all-out war against it. Even Ron DeSantis, for fear of being ruined politically, is working to get his state vaccinated.

If you want to keep track of the black wormies found in masks, here's one channel to check out that has clean language:

Are Home-Depot or Dollar-Store masks from China? Can we wash masks to get rid of these things? Is it too late? Do we all have them in our lungs, or nasal passages? Are they on menstraul pads? Kleenex? Should we all buy a microscope to check our toilet paper before use? Should I throw out by ear swabs?

These wormies seem to me to have life. They appear interested / curious. They appear to be enjoying motion, checking out their turf. We never see them together interested in being together. I'm sure I saw one that retracted in length to a large degree, like an accordion, when touched with an instrument. They don't look like non-living threads merely affected by the electrical physics of their environment. They apparently don't need to eat or drink other than from what's in the air. We see no heads.

Starting at 39 minutes in the video above, one guy tells the story concerning some date in 2020 when Americans sent red hats to Iraq, and the Iraqis found them infested with COVID-19 viruses????? If these black worms turn out to be sinister, I will have my proof that Americans are working with the Chinese to make the people sick and weak, perhaps too weak to fight an invasion or martial-law takeover. The people at Dominion Voting should be highly suspect in working in this COVID scam.

The reason Fauci didn't want people wearing masks in the beginning was to help spread the virus at that time. When he changed his mind to wearing masks, perhaps that's when they began to stick these worms in them.

Here's why Franklin Graham looks like a traitor of some sort, who, instead of speaking out to expose the COVID scam, is now playing into vaccinating Christians:

Some/most doctors are now moving toward letting you risk death, if you have a serious illness, if you don't take a vaccine. No vaccine, no hospital service. MURDERERS. They are doing this by design -- step-by-step, evolving their plans as needed -- to kill off the weak and old, and then they will use the extra tax dollars for their global government. The more they get power due to people giving them thumbs-up, the harsher the thumbs-up people will be against us who reject globalism. Prophecy reveals that the world will general praise and worship the final globalists. So, be prepared, get mentally accustomed to what's coming, make your best plans, and don't make plans on the phone or Internet if it's not good for the enemy to hear/read what you're saying.

Speak out against communist-pig police departments, and teach others that they are communist pigs just as soon as the communist-pig rulers ask them to be:

NOBODY in the comments section takes the side of the police. NOBODY. How possibly can the West allow this COVID scam to go on one more day? How is this possible, when the majority despise it? As the man said, the Poles had to come out to the streets in millions, to take back their country from the communist pigs, so what are we waiting for??? Hum??? Who's going to organize it? Why didn't Trump voters do this when Biden entered the White House? SO WHAT if the place had a few thousand military people? So what? Why not come out to the tune of a million people, so easy to do in the United States? Turn the soldiers against Biden. Don't leave the streets of Washington until Biden steps down? Give them the Soros treatment back at them, the White Revolution. MAKE SOME NOISE. When a million shows up, call for another million, then another, then another. Rotate, keep it going. If they're going to put you out of work, what else do have that's better to do? All the people on lock-down, MARCH ALREADY, what's wrong with you?

I read last week that Ontario had 3,000 confirmed cases on one day, which is peanuts, unable to justify the month-long lockdown starting April 7. Ontario has about 15 million people. It means (if the 3,000 is not an over-blown number) that merely 1 per 5,000 people checked in with a medical person concerning a flu-like symptom, and the governors of the scam probably had them all written down as COVID even if they were not all COVID, we know that's how they're operating. Infected people under 70 have a 1 per 3,000 chance of dying so that almost all of those 3,000 people checking in will survive. If even five people die daily, it still does not justify a lockdown because it's the scenario for a typical flu. However, they are falsely claiming more than five deaths daily because they wish to continue this society-breaking scam. SHAME.

When I was in school, with classes of 25 students or more, I did not get a flu each year. That's probably because there's a better chance at getting a minor infection from a classmate as opposed to a heavy illness, and a minor infection = free vaccine. Therefore, if the risk is low of getting a severe illness in a class of 25 or more students all crammed two or three feet from one another, what justifies locking people out of restaurants, since such places are EXCELLENT for spreading free vaccines??? EXACTLY. The powers do not want us to spread free vaccines, and this is why they want us masked and separated, to prolong the "crisis" until the vaccines have been dished out. But to keep people from attending outdoor sports, or indoor stadiums with a huge air mass as compared to a classroom, that is CRIMINAL. Our rulers are violating us, and the police who assist them need to be blasted by the people at every opportunity. COMMUNIST SWINE!

You say a Christian should not talk like this? But I say, spare the rod, ruin the police. If you care about the people, then rebuke the spoilers, the abusers, the violators amongst them. If the police chose to do the will of the spoilers, they need correction, and if they will not listen to your soft-approach correction, you need to ram it deep into their hearts with force so that, when they go to bed at night, all they will see and hear is your fiery soul in absolute disappointment with them. Should we as Christians make it a cake-walk for the spoilers to spoil us?

Turn the other cheek? Even when they punch your neighbor and his neighbor? This is not like a bully who picks on you and then goes away. This is a long-term change of the government-people relationship, where thieves and demons are in government control to set us up for perpetual abuse. They've been abusing Christian principles for decades, one ram-rod after the next. Should we just watch the ram-rods without telling our neighbors what horrible people the rulers are? I'm not suggesting we ram-rod the ram-rodders back, but that we make noise deep into their souls when they are abusive. It could be contagious. Others might say, "I'd like to be courageous like her, or like him."

Here is a woman in Italy who has more guts than any Republican lawmaker in the Washington:

I think it's time to move to Russia because the Soviet demon is now in the West. The West was demonizing Russia, and now the West is the old, atheist, God-hating Russia in the fast-making.

Here's David Knight, who's telling that voters are "worshiping" Trump, predicting that corporations will be permitted or urged, by conservative states, to deny people entry without proof of vaccine:

Bitchute is hiding Knight's video's, at least recently. They don't show up on the home page very often.

Shutting churches down can now be gleaned as a requirement to coerce church leaders to get their members vaccinated. It's the carrot on a stick, urging church leaders to betray their membership in order to have government sanction again for the utility of the collection plate. How will God view pastors who do this? Should Christians mark such pastors? Perhaps it's time to sacrifice the collection plate, let pastors go out and get regular jobs. People can meet in homes, and sell off all of that church real-estate, using the money to store foods instead. By the way, where does the money go when a church property closes and is sold? Does the money get split evenly amongst all the members who paid for it? I wonder.

More toxic masks made in China, only this time the Canadian government admits it:

We find that people felt as though they were swallowing cat hair. Hmm, is the government alerting to these masks now because they are the ones with black wormies, and because the cat was out of the bag on those wormies over a week ago? Is the government recalling the masks but blaming something other than the wormies while doing so? How many millions of these are in the Unites States and elsewhere?

On gun control. What is the use in owning guns to protect from a corrupt government if you don't use them? We just witnessed a corrupt take-over of the White House, and the people owning guns were too scared to use them. And, what's the use in taking them away from them if they are no threat to a corrupt government? All that threatening, all that boisterous noise from Alex Jones for years and years, and when the guns were needed, zero. Tell you what, use the guns for hunting, and start drying meat, you might need it badly.

Towards the end of this work week, new bitchute videos on the wormies disappeared, but it's too early yet to tell whether they were faked. This week, the following video came out claiming to find glowing objects in a swab packaged for doing self-tests for COVID. To see the glowing objects, start about the 9th minute:

Someone could have added the glowing objects to the plate while the camera was up-close. Who turned the lights off in the room? Was it planned? If this is not faked, then the questions are: do the objects absorb light in order to emit it, or do they create their own light source? Are the specs radioactive? Why would they pour alcohol on the plate instead of water? Was this not their first experiment? Why did they act as though it was their first?

Here's from an article of April 5: "New COVID-19 Antibody Test 'Glows' When Antibodies Are Present". This is three days before the video above: "A new test can measure the amount of COVID-19 antibodies someone has in a small sample of blood. The method uses an enzyme called luciferase, which is the same enzyme that makes fireflies glow." It claims that antibodies will glow, BUT, what if they are lying to medical professionals, and the glowing objects are instead the items they are adding to the bloodstream, like the things we see in the video above? What if antibody tests are simply to measure the success rates of the body invasion with the glowing bits? Do vaccines have the same bits? Are they intended to speed dire-cancer illnesses from the radiation they emit (everyone has some cancer cells, they say)?

The article tells that this invention is from Toronto, same city where Dominion Voting had a location,m in its Chinatown neighborhood. Lookie at the name they chose for it: "The test, called SATiN (which stands for Serological Assay based on split Tripart Nanoluciferase)..." NanoLUCIFERase. Don't take the vaccine. Don't wear a store-bought / store-obtained mask. Do your part to get rid of this globalist scourge.

"Igor Stagljar, PhD, a professor of biochemistry and molecular genetics at the University of Toronto, and his lab developed the test. Stagljar tells Verywell that with mass COVID-19 vaccinations, 'it will be very important to follow the amount of immunity that a certain person has after they get vaccinated.'" So, maybe they just want to check out how well the foreign satan is working that was injected with the vaccine, but they lure people to get the tests by telling them it's to measure how well protected they are from a COVID virus that doesn't need a vaccine in the first place, and which some say doesn't even exist other than being a normal flu. Maybe they want to record how long it takes for some people to get cancer as per the density of glowing bitties in the blood (they wouldn't put them in every vaccine shot).

Wikipedia: "Igor Stagljar is a Croatian-Canadian molecular biologist and an expert in the field of proteomics [study of proteins] and cancer cell signalling." I could be way-off base with what I'm hanging out there, but, due to the satan-like term, I've said it just in case. No slander intended. Things that glow in the bloodstream should be suspect in the evil context of this COVID scam.

Here's a video with a guy trying to convince us that the black worms on face masks are just clothes fibers, and, to prove it, he's claiming to replicate the worm-like motion with fibers from a sweater. BUT, this is a damning video that proves to me that the "worms" are in fact on the Chinese masks, and that the guilty parties are so concerned about quashing this story that they quickly arranged for this their stooge come out and lie the lie of the video. If the fibers on masks were truly fibers from peoples' clothing, they would not all be black. And how do fibers get into packaged masks? If this video had not been put out, I might have believed that the worms were faked too, by those who wish to demonize the COVID movement, but this video adds proof for me that the worms are in fact on the masks, and placed there for a criminal plot:

The man is admitting that breath causes the motion. A piece of fiber from a thread is not expected to bend like a snake just because some water droplets are striking its outer sides. He's trying to convince us that "tension" is occurring as the fiber gets wet and then dries again. I don't buy it.

Videos on these black worms at bitchute have virtually disappeared toward the end of this week. Bitchute is not on the up-and-up. It does censorship too, likely when threatened by mobstercrats. The regions under microscopes are lit up extremely well. There's no way a red fiber should look black. There were several videos from around the world showing all BLACK wormies. Not one was a grey tone, nor brown, nor any color shade. That's how I know the video above is not true news.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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