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April 1 - 5, 2021

The Apophis Asteroid Might Be Poppin in to Pepper Us
Trump's Looking Like the False Prophet, According to the Broken Glass
Lorraine's Mark-of-the-Beast Stain Looks Vaccine-Passport Serious
Abraham was the Ancestor of Julius Caesar
Just So You Know: Jovan's Scanner Gets the Call in Phoenix

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Late in the last update, though placed at the top of the update, I sought and shared heraldic evidence that might prove as a fact that the Apophis asteroid will hit the earth in 2029. It was a very interesting discussion that you should read first before reading more here. The update was uploaded at noon, Monday (today), but continued to add bits and pieces to the work until 3 pm, and the last thing entered was:
The Poffs/Puffs'/Puffers have quadrants in the colors of the split Shield of Moons (Devon, same as Poughs/Poe's!), who likewise have crescents. That's pretty amazing. Moons look linkable to Pavia's of Papia. It could appear that Poffs/Puffs and Pough's were variations from "Pavia." The Moon crescents are shared by Swiss Pfaffs (hexagram) while Pavia is on the Ticino river that begins in Switzerland. Pfaffs share the Aaron/Aren quadrants.

Upon coming to Aarons/Arens, I recalled my flood / swale dream that could apply to the asteroid. And so I'm going to go over that dream once again. The Arens can be of ARUNdel, named after Arun in Sussex. Arundels use Swallows, and Swale's have a different-color version of the River Coat; the latter has double fesses in the colors of the double Pepe/Peppard fesses, and the "valore" motto term of Pepe's/Peppards could be for Valerys, who shows a "wave," what looks like a water wave. The dream started with me walking on a riverbed covered in snow SLUSH, and I feared that it was about to flood. In the next scene, I was on a city street that was flooded with a foot of water. (Load Aaron link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms that follow.)

The Snows use a nebuly fesse in the colors of the nebuly Swale fesse, and in the colors of the Dol fesse, while FitzAlans had previously lived in Dol. "SWALE" may have been created as a surname as per the Dol WHALE. The slush was a pointer to "Saluzzo," for FitzAlans of Arundel had married Alice of Saluzzo, and we can glean that Sallows/Salis', first found in Shropshire, home of FitzAlans, are a Swallow branch. Swallows share swallows with Arundels. I therefore gleaned that the riverbed I was walking on was a SWALE, meaning that it SWELLs when flooded. I didn't see it flood, but was aware that it was about to flood, and wanted to get off as the snow was already wet. I was walking on a soil mass between two fingers of a flowing river. I figured this was during the spring thaw.

While the six pale bars of Sallows/Salis' are those also of LONGfords, Longs happen to share the giant lion of Welsh Louis' while Luis of Ceva was the mother of Alice of Saluzzo. The "QUOIque" motto term of Longs is like the "quisQUE" of Pepins, and COYs share the pheons of Stops/Stubbs, first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's. The Coo's/Cowes', Cue's/Kews' and Kewes'/Cuis' (share MacDonald galley with Keeps) look Ceva-like. Pepins / Pipe's have a different-colored version of the Sales/Sallett bend-with-fleur. It was Lorraine who gave us Stops/Stubbs and their Pipe kin, and French Louis' were first found in Lorraine. One can see the relationship between the LANDEN, Langley, Langford and Longford Coats, thus indicating that Apophis/Apepi liners to Pepin of LANDEN were in cahoots with things in Saluzzo.

All of these connections are necessary for God to prove to me/you that the dream is from him. Wonderful, but why was the dream given. As I said, I thought I was walking on the riverbed during the spring thaw, and that often takes place in April. Apophis is coming again on April 13, 2029. That's why I'm re-visiting this dream. The April surname was first found in Brittany, but it doesn't tell exactly where, whether or not in Dol. The April Chief is in the colors and format of the Cooper/Copper Chief, and the latter surname was first found in Sussex with Arun of the Arundels.

The fesse of Scottish Coopers/Coppers was linked in the last update to Peppers while king Apophis of the Hyksos was also, Apepi. The symbols used by Peppers, whether called scythes or sickles, are shared by Sickle's (different colors), and it just so happens that Sickle's were first found in Ghent (Belgium) while Dutch Ghents share the wavy Dol fesse. Plus, English Ghents were first found in Hampshire (beside Sussex) with Pophams/Poppins.

Thomas Horn, the one who claims to have had a dream that predicts the falling of Apophis, said that it hit the ocean, but that huge clouds formed over the oceans so as to provide plenty of rainfall from hurricanes. Okay, that explains the flood I was expecting. And then I was walking uphill on a road, as a foot of water was flowing down across my legs, yet the curiosity is that this road was covered in ice. I was walking on the ice uphill toward a traffic intersection.

The asteroid strike is expected to dim sunlight on a quasi-global scale, solving the global-warming "crisis" of the globalist fiends in one-fell swoop. They will finally shut their traps, oh goodie. The cooling could create ice on roads followed by floods with the vast amounts of rains. Okay, I can accept that too. The road was reasoned to be a pointer to Roddens who are said to have named a Rodden river in Shropshire, and then as the road was slippery, I had noted that Slippers/Sleeps, sharing ermined-white with Roddens, were first found in Shropshire. From Roddens, we can go to Rotens, for wormwood rots plant life. The Roten Coat is in the colors and format of the lower half of the Ice Coat. That is a very good fit. Sleeps are listed with Slape's, and Slape is a location in Dorset, where Beautys were first found who share the black bull with Whale-like Walerans.

Let's now go to the Flood surname to note its "Vis" motto term, for as Vise's/Vice's were first found in Sussex with Arun of the Arundels, it seems that God wants us to go here. As I said, at some point in the dream, I saw a two, blue channel plyers, and while they were not what we normally call, VICE-grips, they are of the same type of plyers. In the scene with the plyers, I was in a garage or something, where a car needed repairs, but Joe Oullette (an old friend of mine) was loath to get these repairs done, and I was urging him to get them done. It was a strange addition to this dream, but, luckily, the dream ended with my stooping down to a TOOL box at the top of the icy hill (the one I climbing toward the intersection). The Floods happen to show Tully/Talley variations. The plot thickens. The suspense is gripping.

I get this now, because Plyer-like Players use drops, and Drops/Trope's and Tools share the TULL/Tolle lion. As the latter share the Stewart checks, I trace "Dol" (home of proto-Stewarts) to "Tolle," and therefore to Tullia of Lyon. Floods/Tullys are in colors reversed from Lyons. I can now add that Tulls/Tulia's use BUTTERflies while Butters are bitter-like Bitars!!! "Wormwood" means "bitter" (!!!), and the "star" falling from the sky, the one which causes wormwood, is in the 3rd Trumpet while the second Trumpet has the mountain falling into the ocean (or, perhaps, the Dead sea). The Star surname shares the Flood chevron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, I just fell onto that. It seems true that this dream was Granted to advance the Apophis strike (or grazing?) coming in 2029.

Players use a broken lance as evidence that God wants us to apply Players with the plyers, for Alan-like Lance's (Norfolk, same as Drops/Trope's) essentially have the Alan and Rundel/Roundel Coats in colors reversed. The Chief of French Alans is shared by Dere's/Res' who use lances. Mythical Lancelot looks like code for Alans of Dol. But why were there two plyers? The Double's of Norfolk? Or, while this paragraph tends to prove that Players and Drops/Trope's are to apply, why? What for?

Ahh, I TINKER I GOTS IT! The Bleds ("du Ble") show a Duble variation, and Bled is beside Lesce while Leslie's have a "GRIP Fast" motto to go with vice-grips! Plus, Fasts were first found in Norfolk with Double's. AND, as moon-like EMONa is right beside Lesce and Bled, and as Bled is like the Blood/Blud surname, is this a pointer to Revelation's blood-red MOON??? This goes with the quote from the last update at the top of this update, but let's requote it like so:

I now want to go back to my omen in Texas, which was my bad feeling of doom when I looked up on a perfectly clear day, but seeing a tiny cloud centered on the sun...what could be perceived as God's pointer to the sun going dark at the brink of Armageddon. The reason this is back to topic is as per my seeking Apophis-like surnames, which found the Poffs/Puffs'/Puffers while Pough's came to mind, the latter listed with Poe's suspect in the "PHOEbus" motto term of the Jeffreys who use a small cloud covering the sun. As I asked myself whether the lunar crescents in flames of Pough's/Poe's can relate to the Apophis asteroid, I recalled seeing (last night) a non-Christian video on the topic where Apophis' trajectory was shown virtually skimming the moon. And prophecy tells of a red moon occurring when the sun goes dark, perhaps red from lunar dust splashing up from an collision with Apophis or one of it's sub-rocks, and/or perhaps red from a molten glow due to being struck.

The Poffs/Puffs'/Puffers have quadrants in the colors of the split Shield of Moons (Devon, same as Poughs/Poe's!), who likewise have crescents. That's pretty amazing. Moons look linkable to Pavia's of Papia. It could appear that Poffs/Puffs and Pough's were variations from "Pavia." The Moon crescents are shared by Swiss Pfaffs (hexagram) while Pavia is on the Ticino river that begins in Switzerland. Pfaffs share the Aaron/Aren quadrants.

And it was the Aarons/Arens (clouds) that made me recall the dream with flood pointing to Arundels! That is all quite staggering, how we came back around to it by following the leads of the double plyers.

Let's go to the "FORTior" motto term of Floods, for the Fort quadrants are colors reversed from the Poff/Puffs quadrants. The "audax" motto term of Forts can suggest a peak at both the Aude's and German Dax's/Tax's/Dachs (probably Ticino-liners) to find swords connectable to the crossed Poff/Puffs swords. English Dax's/Ducks share the Tease/Tyes stars.

As Players were first found in Middlesex, let's repeat the following from the last update too:

Babwells/Babels [like "Babenberg" founded by Poppo] were first found in Middlesex with English Horns, who use "DespeRANDum,"...While Rands (Babenberg chevrons in colors reversed) are a branch of Rinds, the mill rind is used by Unions who are in turn in Pepper colors and format. Miss Peare lived in Unionville with her parents when I met her.

Peare entered the topic with Pero's of Pavia, for Pero's/Perino's use a "flaming star." And we now know that Stars share the Flood/Floyd/Tully chevron.

I'd like to suggest that, when this comet is about to pass by, don't remain in a riverbed, and get ready to fix things with your tools i.e. lots of destruction. Get ready for the flooding of low-lying towns. I remember that the tool box was under a porch of what I thought was a storefront. Porch's (Norfolk again, same as Bus') use a "PRO" motto term, and share the giant, ermined Bus cinquefoil. The bus stop of Lorraine the BABE played to Apophis in the last update. The Porch Crest look like it has the triple fesses of Star-connectable Sturs, the latter first found in Hampshire with Pophams/POPPINS!!!!!

Those exclamation marks for the stories I've told. First, I accidentally peed on Pino's HEAD when we were both about age four or five, as I was standing on the PORCH railing of PEPIN Taff!!!! Can we believe it? My parents were renting Pepin's top floor. One day, I was out on the porch roof through the kitchen window, shortly after I saw Mary POPPINs (on TV) flying with her umbrella!!! So, as I was out on the porch roof, I was wondering whether I should try to jump off with an umbrella. I decided against it, probably because I didn't own an umbrella, otherwise, who knows. The next point is, rainfall galore means we had best get some big umbrellas! That's cool. Go ahead and see if google gives you the story by searching , if you need to assure I'm not making up the story.

I have "Pepin Taff" in 14 online files, but google, that rotten piece of trash, won't bring up more than two when I search " "pepin taff" tribwatch ". I have "mary poppins" in eight online files, but Google brings up only two when I search " "mary poppins" tribwatch ". I have such a disgust for google. It's not as though I'm a disgusting pornographer, pure satanism, which google more than tolerates. The asteroid is coming to destroy these very types of people who do not deserve to live on the planet of Jesus Christ. We will take ownership. The missile of God is coming.

As I peed on Pino's HEAD as he came walking by beneath me, I figure that God was pointing to PortisHEAD (Somerset), for Porch's are also Portis'. How can I possibly claim that God wanted me to pee on Pino's head for something he wanted disclosed in the future. Pino-like Pine's (Devon, same as Moons and Dards) are Moon kin, and we just saw the blood-red moon. Drops/Trope's (share the Tull/Tolle Chief) are from Tropoje over in the DARDanian region, and Moons (Pino crescent in colors reversed) are from the Dardanian king, Monunius. That's one reason for the drops of Players, for the Pine's are from king Pinnes of the Ardiaei, and the latter were on the Neretva river with Player-like Pleraei (center-left of light map).

I urinated on Pino, and urine was the symbol of mythical Orion. The symbol came from Orion-like Uranus, the sky god who urinates rain on the land. In the end times, God will have his own king of hot rain, you see, on the faggots of end-time Sodom. Orion lived at SCHIMatari, settled by the Biblical SHECHEMites. I can trace Schimatari elements very well to the "SHAKEfork" of Cunninghams, but suffice it to call up the Shake surname, as per the shaking of the planet when the mountain from the sky hits it, for the Shake chevron is colors reversed from the Flood / Star chevron. Shake's use mole hills, and Mole's share the SCHIM boar head. So, Apophis brought us to the porch of PEPIN Taff, and that porch brought us to Shake's via my peeing on little Pino.

The Orion/Heiron/Iron surname was first found in Norfolk with Porch's, and with the Haydens who have a similar, counter-changed cross (though in different colors) as the one of Orions/Heirons. This is perhaps relevant where Ainsleys use a Schimatari-like scimitar. Half the Orion/Heiron cross is in the colors of the Ainsley cross. In any case, if we go to urine-like Rine's, we find the Reins, and it's the Reine's who have the so-called "comet."

Ahh, as the Haydens share a white and passant dog in Crest with Stone's, we first add that Stone's were first found in Cornwall with the Coals sharing a black bull with Beautys. Then, as per raining down hot coals and brimSTONE, we check the Brims (share "my" with Ainsleys) to find a "defender" motto term, like the "defend of Woods that go to "wormwood." My's/Mea's (sharing the engrailed Hayden cross) are from the Meu river passing near to Rennes, that being the line to Rains/Raines!!! can you believe it? Ainsley Earhardt played Sleeping Beauty in my 1979 dream, in roughly April, exactly 50 years from the coming of Apophis. Ainsley has one child, Hayden. Ainsleys share the Hick fleur-de-lys.

Schimatari is at TANAGRa, home of Orion, and TANKERville's are a branch of Tancreds (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) who in turn have a different-colored version of the BRIMley/Brinley Coat. Brimleys/Brinleys were first found in Lancashire with Shake's, and Brims were first found in Gloucestershire, near Portishead. You see, God is saying that He has his own hot rain to fall on the Sadducee liners, for as Sadducees had a house of Boethus, Tanagra is in BOEOTia.

The Shake's bring SACKcloth to mind, and, lo and behold, for while no Cloth surname comes up, French Clots have a different-colors version of the Tancred and Brimley Coats. Then, Sacks/Sage's (Pepper chevron?) have the old man's head of Pepin and Poppin-beloved Mens'. Sacks/Sage's were early in Norfolk with Seagars/Sagers, and German Sagers/Sage's share three feathers (different colors) in Crest with the Pepe/Peppard and Flaming/Fleming Crests. Revelation's 6th Seal says that the sun will go dark like sackcloth made of goat HAIR, and Scottish Hairs share the double chevrons of Pepe's/Pepperds (!!!) and Rivers; Manners/Maness' have them in colors reversed. German Clots (a dead tree stump) were first found in Hesse, and Hesse's have a giant SUN. Hmmmm.

Clots are also DuCLAUDs, and they happen to have a hexagram colors reversed from the Reine comet. German Sage's use a RAINbow! Then, Clauds/Clots/CLAUSELs (suggest Clausula-river liners) are in the colors, and almost in the format, of Comets (Limousin, same as Seconds/SEGURs. Comets are of the Conte's/Comites, first found in Languedoc with Clauds/Clausels.

The interesting thing about SECONDs/Segurs fitting into this part of the discussion is that the Apophis asteroid is expected to be the SECOND Trumpet, and there may be a way to get to the trumpet-using Calls/CALLES' from the German GALLES'/Gallus', for "GALLUS Anonymous" wrote myth code concerning Goplo's king POPiel, an Apophis-like suspect. He was eaten my mice in the Goplo mouse tower (Poland), the mice being code for ruling Mieszko's. The point is, GOPLO is like "KOPlik," a location of the Clausula river, where Glass / Klassen/Class liners trace (see last update), and we just saw Glass-like Galles'/Gallus' and Class-like Calles. Not surprisingly, but affirming that we are onto solving the myth riddle, the Galles'/Gallus' share the rooster of Koplik-like Kopple's. Another rooster is used by French Galli's/Galles', this latter being related to Mieszko-like Masci's. French Goplo-like Gobels can be gleaned with the Masci wing and the Macey Shield, and Italian Gobels have a camel, the Pepin symbol too.

At Wikipedia's article for Waleran of Meulan, there's an image naming him as "GALERan." Walerans (beside black-bull Colds/Cole's) share the black bull head with Mieske's. German Galers/Gelans happen to share the Lady/Laudyman annulets! Zikers. This makes it appear that Clausula liners should have cut through Milan too.

I don't think I've ever realized that mythical KOLODziej, the one who succeeded Popiel and put the Mieszko's into power, is a play on Claud liners. I've been tracing his name (for years) to COLDs/Cole's/COALS!!! That's because they use a bull in the colors of the Mieske bull head. But, now, we have reason to trace Colds/Cole's to Clausula liners such as Clauds/Clausels / Clots. Wow. Clode's are listed with McLeods/Clouds, and I've seen them use a black bull head! Wow. The Holds in the McLeod/Cloud motto happen to share the double fesses of Pepe's/Pepperds and Hairs. Black like sackcloth made of goat hair. Why use that particular symbolism?

Ahh, I think I get this, for the three feathers in the Arms of Rothschild are colors reversed from the three in the Pepe/Peppard Crest, and Rothschild-related NATIONs/Nathans are in the carNATIONs of Pepper-like Papers! The Apophis asteroid looks like it's aimed for the heads of the Rothschilian looters who create the poor of the planet by their hoarding. These are the same bastards, with no Heavenly Father, who would accuse Christians of hoarding foods in the end-times to save themselves from the 666 system.

Feathers look like a branch of the Fetters who share the Needle and Hesse Coat while the first Rothschild was a banker in cahoots with a prince William of Hesse-Cassel. While Nations/Nathans use compasses, a compass "needle" is used by the Pettys who share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild, yet these quadrants are shared also by the FASTs/Fastoffs, Falstaffs, and Lutts/Lute's, the latter being a branch of McLeods/Lutts because the latter use a "fast" motto term. Note that Loots have gold bars called billets, and looking like kin of Fast-loving Leslie's. To loot is to steal, and Steals/Steele's happen to share the Loot billets.

I had read a Kyle-Society webpage where the family claimed linkage to mythical king Cole of Colchester, and here it can be said that Kyle's, sharing the Glass stars, use CANDLEsticks while Candle's/Kentwells share the Lady/Laudyman annulets. Kyle's lived between the Glass' of Buteshire and Glasgow. I recall reading that king Cole was in Yorkshire too, where Wheelwrights were first found.

Back to Clots, taken from "sackcloth," for while Sacks are also Sage's, German Sage's use a rainBOW while Bows share the Roet motto while Catherine Roet owned the Catherine wheel used both by COLTers (Lanarkshire, beside GLASgow!) and Wheelwrights. Colt-like Kolodziej is called a wheelwright! Lanarkshire is where Sions/Swans were first found, and Sion of Switzerland is in Wallis canton which named Walsers who share the mermaid with Glass', making "Wallis" suspect with "Gwallis > Glass" (or vice-versa). AND WOW, Walsers happen to use a BLACK GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sun became black like sackcloth made of goat hair!!! Black goat hair!!! It appears that God chose the wording in Revelation so-as to be deciphered by "my" heraldic work! This could be the start of a new adventure. What else in Revelation symbolism can be deciphered by the clues God arranged in heraldry?

Fran, if you're still reading, lookie at how big Walsers have become. Fran, who lives in Switzerland, tipped me off on Walsers being from "Wallis." Wallis'/Wallace's share the MontFORT lion, yet Montforts use two tails (as does the WELLS lion), as does the Walser and Babel/Babe mermaid, and Babe's are from Podebrady, in Bohemia. The Arms of Bohemia has the double-tailed Montfort lion. Bradys and Babe's share a hand pointing at the SUN.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! I've just checked Fran like Frane's (German) to find them with three pale bars in the colors of the three-and-three pale bars of Babwells/Babels (share "gold gate" with Arms of Podebrady), and then I recalled that the Armstrongs have three pale bars in these colors, and they happen to be colors reversed from the three of Frane's. Even while the Armstrong's came to mind, I recalled that they share a strong-arm in Crest (different color) with DARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sun will be DARKened!!! Darks share the BLACK saltire!!! Zing-zing-zinger. Blacks share the Glass stars!!! Darks (may have been Arks/Arch's) were first found in Kent with Scodra-line Scotts, and the Clausula's waters end up in lake Scodra. God used Fran for this incredible thing. Her husband's surname (Polish) uses a purple item, the color of the Dark strong-arm, the color of the robes of Mystery BABYLon! Don't worry, Fran, you not she, even if you point to her.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! I KID YOU NOT, that while Glass' are suspect with Wallis' from the Clausula, the Claus Coat is exactly that of English Frane's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only difference is that their black borders are not identical. English Frane's were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. It's obvious that God set Fran up in my email life. She contributed regularly for a long time. I recall Fran tipping me off on the Stormy surname, and the giant Stormy lion happens to be that of Margesons/DARGensons (Sussex, beside Kent). Oh wow, Darks come up as Dargens!!! God has a dark storm coming; get right with Jesus, make peace, apologize for straying, be loyal to the end, always, because you love the Creator. Stay away from anti-Christ mockers, fools.

Plus, I attended Armstrong public school in Markham, and it was at the corner of Wooten Way and Major Button's drive (it's beside Captain Armstrong lane). It just so happens that Wootens (Kent, same as Darks) share the Dark Coat!!! It's verification. Plus, WOOOWIE, Kepke's lady, Kim Walsh, lived on Wooten Way facing out to Major Button's drive, Armstrong, and while Scottish Walsh's share the Wooten / Dark saltire, the swan in the Crest of Irish Walsh's is a sign that Walsh's were a branch of Walsers / Wallis'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly believe it. Swans are listed with Sions, and Sion (also called SITTEN) is in Wallis canton. Walsh's share "sed" with black-border Sedans, a branch of Seatons/SITTENs. Kims were first found in Butua-line Buteshire with Glass'! Kim Walsh.

Lookie: Pophams/Poppins were at Basingstoke (Hampshire) while Basings were first found in Hampshire with Pophams/Poppins and Lizart-branch Liss'. Lizarts share the triple Armstrong pale bars, and the similar three-and-three pale bars of Liss' and Lists are those also of Babels/Babwells. Armstrongs have a "MANEo" motto term while Mane's share the black, spread eagle with Basings. The BAINGes variation of Basings can indicate Benjamins having nearly the Walsh saltire-with-annulets. Frane-like Frame's are in the colors and format of Glasgow-connectable Ladys/Laudymans (see "Lord" in last update for that connection), and the Popham/Poppin Coat is similar.

As per SACKcloth," Saxe's use partridges while the Partridge Shield is the checkered one of also of Popiel-like Pepoli's.

Wow, just found Popps/POPPELs/Bobbs with a big bull head!!! I had forgotten about this surname as concerns "POPIEL." The red bull head is on a vertically-split Shield, ditto with bull-head Mieske's. After Popiel's death by mice, SiemoMYSL ruled, and Misl's use a mouse on a bend as well as the same lion as Papps (Piedmont, same as Masci's). Popps/Poppels have elephant trunks in Crest, and Trunks share a white bull head with the Clode/McLeod/Cloud Crest. Trunks also share the two hexagrams (without tails) of Pero's/Perino's, the so-called "flaming stars." The Trunk quadrants are colors reversed from the Fort quadrants, and the latter have the Clode/McLeod/Cloud castle. Forts are not surprisingly part of the Lady-Fortune line, apparently. Misl's are also missile-like Misels.

The Mieszko POLEs are suspect from the mythical Muses of APOLLo, likely from Mus of Lake Van, where I trace Hyksos. The Muses were code for Mysians, who evolved from Amazons = Meshech. So, a missile from the sky on the mouse tower, so to speak, is to be expected. The Popps/Poppels now reasonably-certain as the Popiel character makes it seem correct that the line of Apophis was to Mieszko's and Masci's, etc. As Hyksos are suspect to the namers of Abruzzo's/Abreu's, note the Abri people group between the Selepitanoi and the Cavii, at the lake-Scodra area.

Mieszko's Wives

Mysians included Trojans, and Trojans had been primarily Dardanians. While Mieszko's of Pomerania (where DOBERmans were first found) were associated with the house of Griffin, Irish Troys happen to share the gold-on-blue griffin with Dobers, and Dober is a couple of miles from Koplik upon the Clausula. One wife of Mieszko I was Dober-like DOBRawa. It's interesting that German Troys share a giant, white unicorn with KOTTERs/KATHERs, a new-to-me surname that goes well with the fish of Catters/Cathers (share white griffin in Crest with Dobermans), for mythical KODRos had a fish symbol to explain the fish of Saraca's of KOTOR. Kotor is right-close to the Clausula, and I even trace the UNIcorn to Ceraunii on the Una river of the Maezaei. between the Una and the Urbanus of the Ceraunii, there were BISTue locations to which I trace PIAST Kolodziej of the mouse tower. Bistue-like Bissets share the Dober bend.

The Clausula is beside Butua and Cutter-like Kotor, and while Butua liners are expected to Italian Botters, from the Butteri cowboys of that area, the Botter star is shared by Schims/Schiens who in turn use a "fortuna" motto term and the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters. I hadn't realized this when in the last update it was said: "The dog of Fortuna's (Tuscany) is used by the House of Canossa, who originated in Lucca (Tuscany), where BOTTers were first found..." Lorraine got a grass stain on her BUTT while I awaited at her BALCONy, and Balcons (share Massin/Mason motto) share the bend-with-roses of Chatans (one 't'), both sharing the Botter bend because Lucca's use a cat as code for cat-using Clan Chattan ("bot" motto term).

Saraca-like Sharks use a Ceraunii-line crane, and Sharks were first found in Tyrone with the Keon / Keen-related Neils (they all share the Arms-of-Saraca fish). Kotor-like Cotters share Lizart-like lizards with Keens, the latter like "Khyan," king of the Hyksos immediately before Apophis.

By the way, Kotters/Kathers were first found in Swabia, and share the Swab/Schwab unicorn in both colors. It's the unicorn of Muse-liner Rasmussens too (Hesse, same as Clots/Clotz's). Rasmussens even share the Pepin / Pipe fleur-on-bend. There is a white-and-red wing in the Kotter/Kather Crest that could indicate the white-on-red wing of Jewish Glass' (in the colors of the Masci wing). Rasmussens, who share a sinister-rising bend with Masci's and Massena's, are now showing a red wing. Rasmussen-branch Asmans show the Massey fleur-de-LYS, suspect from the Lys river of Aosta, where Walsers lived (!) according to Fran! The Lys is a tributary of the Butua-like Bautica flowing into Piedmont.

[Insert -- It's Foet-interesting that while "Piedmont" reportedly means, "foot of the mountain," Fossano is in Piedmont that looks related to Fussen/FOETes...of Bavaria, where Bauers were first found. The Susa-like Susans almost have the Foet/Voet Coat sharing a green Shield with Bauers, Bowers, Bourleys and Pollock-related Franks. Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild") share the sinister-rising bend with Rasmussens, and the shield within the escutcheon at the center of this Arms of Rothschild rises sinister too, and is even in the colors of the Rothchild bend. The Rothchild horse faces sinister, and is in the colors of the Rasmussen/Assmann unicorn. Assmannshausen of the Rasmussens is at RUDESheim. The Rudes' use a "fides" motto term, and it just so happens that Fothes'/Fette's were at a Fides location.

The Reuters (horse) have a version of the German Hammer Coat , though the split in the Hammer Coat rises sinister. English Hammers and Hams (salmon) are in Susan / Foet / Tomb colors. There's a white horse head with the Tombs/Tume's (Susan colors) having a symbol suggesting Cottians at the RIParia river, location of Susa. As CHRISTINE PEARE's belly event pointed to Tume's/Tombs, it's not only notable that the Horse surname shares the white unicorn head with Christine's, but Reuters and Hammers both share "Per." Plus, I trace the horse gyronny (which happens to be in Susan / Foet/Voet / Tomb/Tume colors) to GERNONs, tending now to explain the "cyFOETH" motto term of Gernons. Plus, the Arms of Rothschild shares "Industria" with Fothes'/Fette's (Corn chevron in colors reversed), and the CORNuCOPia of Fothes'/Fette's is code for the neighboring Cups/Cope's which are in the cups of Christine's. CORNers have a sinister-leaning sword.

WOW, as has been said, Peare's belly event happened with Louise present, and French Louis' essentially have the Root Coat!!! I now understand why Louise was there! Louise was working for Pennington's (Coat look related to Percy Coat) clothing at the time, and Penningtons ("patria" for the PEARtree's/Patria's) share the Root lozenges in both colors. The Fussen-like Fusie's/Fusils have the Root Coat in colors reversed. Fusie's/Fusils were first found in Dauphine' with the Payens/Pagans (pierced stars) and Page's/LePage's, and while Payens/Pagans share the hexagram of Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont), the Page's/LePage's have four fesses in the colors of the four pale bars of Italian Dance's/Donnas' (Piedmont), in the colors of the pale bar of Pero's/Perino's...but also in the colors of the two pale bars of Spanish Paloma's, important because the belly event was a few weeks (as few as three) after I first kissed Miss Peare at La Paloma. The Italian Paloma's share the dove of English Page's!!!

Mieszko II was Lambert, and his wife was from Lorraine, where French Louis' were first found. Page's speak of a Lambert Page, and Lamberts (lambs), in Page colors and format, were first found in Surrey with Caesars expected from Julius Caesar, son of Miss Cotta. It just so happens that while the False Prophet will have horns like those of a lamb, Prophets are listed with ProFETTs, first found in Aberdeenshire, smack beside Fothes/Fette's!!! Read also as "PROfett," you see, and suddenly the belly event, of which I, a Masci, was integral, is pointing to the False Prophet...which I predicted would be a Massey = Masci liner.

If one enters "Lepage," the Coat of Page's/Lepage's comes up, yet the Lepage's were first found in Ile-de-France with Caiaphas-like Chappes' while Caesars share the Chief-Shield colors of Capes', the latter first found beside the PRESS'/Prests of Hertfordshire, where also the Childs were first found who are in Lambert / Page colors and format. The belly event was my sleeping between Louise and Peare, and my waking up to find my Paloma-like PALM PRESSing on Peare's belly (there was no sex that night). I removed my hand, and went back to sleep.

"PALMa" is even a motto term of lamb-using, Scottish Lams/Lambs (in Lambert colors), who happen to share "sine" with Julian-branch Gollys/Gullys and Gulls. Scottish Lams/Lambs (Northumberland, same as Roddens/Rodhems) are in Rodden/Rodham colors while Rothschilds are listed with RODDENsteins. English Lams/Lambs (black-shield version of Scottish Lam/Lamb Coat) use a "fide" motto term suspect with the Fides home of Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's...and wow: Fiddle's/FIDElows were first found in Surrey with Lamberts! Clickety-click.

Ah wow, the Lamberts are in the colors, and near-format, of both Horn surnames. Dutch Horns even share the Roten / Reitman hexagrams, and Peare worked for Reitmans clothing at the press-belly event!!! The HORNs of the False Prophet! The Horn-branch Haverans have the Horn Coat on a green Shield in Susan / FOET/Voet / Tomb/Tume colors. The belly / gut event pointed to Goods/GUTs and tummy-like Tombs/Tume's, you see. The latter were first found in Worcestershire with Rod-related Rocks.

It has taken this long (years) to get this part of the belly-event pointers to make sense, and it now includes Rothschilds becoming suspect with putting out the iron-fisted, heavy-hammering False Prophet. La Paloma was a bar with dance floor, and while Paloma's share the Page dove while LePage's look like kin of Dance's/Donnas', the latter are from king Donnus of the Cottians, whose grandson, Vestalis, is to WAISTells (doves), which explains why Peare's belly event was related to her WAIST event some four decades later! As I said, Peare abandoned me, a couple of weeks after the La Paloma kiss, on the night of the broken window, and Windows can be shown to be a branch of Windsors i.e. at Windsor castle, Berkshire. The Rothschilds had wormed their way into the royal family.

Later in this update, when it dawns on me that heraldic hourglasses can point to end-time Babylon's demise in one hour, I find the hourglass-shaped Shield of Noel-like Knolls sharing the wings of Jewish Glass'. It just so happens that while the broken-window event was my slamming the window so as to break the glass, Brokens have the hourglass shape too. As was said, Kepke convinced Peare that I was just using her for sex, and she abandoned me for the living room, where he was sitting, so I went in and slammed the window in front of KEPke, but Peare just laughed a short laugh (I suppose to take the edge off of the event). The Keeps use a "galley" ship, and then Galleys (this is new) share the checks of Halpers/HALFpennys while Halps/Halfs use another hourglass Shield, which I wouldn't have mentioned except that Halpers/Halfpennys and Halps/Halfs share the gold fitchee with Windows.

Halpers/Halfpennys may be using the gold Chief of neighboring, Rockefeller-line Rods, from Rudes-like Rodez i.e. it appears that Rothschilds were from Rockefellers of Roquefeuil, who provided a daughter in marriage for Hugh of Rodez. Houstons/HUGHStons use an hourglass, and were first found in the GLASgow area with Pollocks of Rothes castle. Pollocks use an "AUDacter" motto term for elements from Aude province, location of Roquefeuil. ROXburghs (white horse head) use "AUdax."

Unfortunately, while false-like Falls'/Fallis and Fellers share trefoils on blue with Brokens, they are not in both the same colors, otherwise the broken window could point well to the False Prophet, especially as Breakers/Brechs use hunting HORNs. It could evoke the Night of Broken Glass in Hitlerite Germany. Hiedlers/Hitlers share the Bauer stars, and, possibly, some Rothschilds, from Khazar Jews, wanted to eradicate different types of Jews who despised Khazar Jews. Just a theory. Falls/Fallis' share the LePage lion, yet I can't see a way to link both surnames. The best I can do is from the above: "...the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild, yet these quadrants are shared also by the FASTs/Fastoffs, FALstaffs,..."

Ahh, after writing that, feeling that the broken window should link to a Falls-like term, I tried for a Fally surname, and got the Fellows using three lion heads in the colors and format of the three lion paws of Windows! What are the chances? Fallys/Fellows even have a dancette, code for Dance's/Donnas'. The Latin word for "window" is like the FINIStere location in Brittany, and the Finis variation of Fiens is applicable first because "fien" is nearly in the WINDsor motto. I've been linking Finis'/Fiens to Windows for years because they have three lions in the colors and format of the Window lion paws! Zinger. We just linked Fallys to the broken window. Note the broken glass in American riots. Finis'/Fiens have a "Fortem" motto term while Forts share "audax" with Roxburghs.

As I've said for strong reasons, Peare's belly event pointed to Bouillons, and to Gothelo, great-grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon. The latter was a son of Eustace II of Boulogne, and so the fact that Finis'/Fiens are said to descend from an earl of Boulogne tends to nail the broken window as a pointer to Finis'/Fiens. Shortly after the broken-window night, Peare and her friend had to sleep the night at my place, so we slept in the same bed rather than one of the ladies on a couch (neither wanted the couch). That was the belly-event night.

Lookie here. Bouillons use a "BELLO CHRISTi" motto phrase, which is part of the reason that CHRISTine's belly event pointed to de-Bouillon's family in Pas-de-Calais, though I FELT sure there were other GOOD reasons. The Bello's/Bellots of CALLOUville, and the Chalice's/CHALLES' in the Below Crest can be traced to Pas-de-CALAIS, and while the Calls/CALLES have three TRUMPets fessewise in the colors of the three swords fessewise of SHOTS'/Shoots (Wiltshire, same as Calls/Calles'), it's pretty amazing that "another branch of the [Fellows] family was later found at SHOTESham in Norfolk. 'Shotesham Park, the seat of Robert Fellowes, Esq.,...'" Is this a pointer to Trump? Donalds share a "galley" with Keeps, and I slammed the window in front of Kepke whom I regularly claim to be a pointer to Donald Trump for reasons other than this broken-window event. I have never before pointed this broken-window event to Trump, so far as I can recall, yet it's pointing to him now in the midst of a False-Prophet theme.

As Chalice's/Challes' (from Pas-de-Calais) were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs/Chills (Call/Calles colors) who come up as Chilles', it seems that Chalice's were from king Childeric. If we seek a Child-like term with an 'a,' such as the Calders, we find a giant stag head, with a swan in Crest, thus looking like the Eustace / Stacy / Stage/Stagg / Vise/Vice stag, for the Arms of Boulogne has a swan. Then, while Dutch Tromps use acorns, Acorns share the black stag head with Vise's/Vice's (Sussex, same as Acorns) and Calders.

The Goods/Guts were pointed to by the belly event for more reason that a gut being a belly, and so it's pretty amazing that Broken-like Brocks were first found in Essex with the Brooks sharing the Good/Gut Coat. It seems that God is verifying that He created the belly and waist events, to give me confidence to put it on public paper. Brocks and Brocuffs both share the Chief-Shield colors of Peartree's.

The galley is a ship, and the Ships use "bellows," which are fans, and Fane's/Vans (Finis/Fien colors and format) are Fiens too, as are Window-connectable Finis'/Fiens. The Bello's/Bellots above are the Bellows too. It's very possible that election fraud will ruin Democrats, giving power back to Trump in 2024, in-time for the run-up to the Apophis asteroid of 2029 (it returns in 2036, by the way). If trump were to win 2015, his last month in office, if he doesn't pass away first, would be three months before the Apophis asteroid. I'm definitely going to seek clues, if possible, on the timing of the Revelation-8 asteroid(s).

Peare's waist event (in my dream of a few years ago) was on a stage, and Stage's/Staggs, a branch of Eustace's ("PERsequeris") and Stacys, have a blue stag head that, in colors reversed, could be the Trump stag head, especially as PEARtree's ("Fide" links to Prophets) share the Trump stag head (both colors). Is that not amazing? Stacys were viscounts of BALTinGLASS, and I do claim with high confidence that Eustace's family was from the Baltea/Bautica river. Scottish Bauts share the ship of Irish Donnels, and French Bauts, who happen to share the upright ram in the Arms of FINIStere, were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. The Donnel-branch Donalds are of the KEPPoch-branch MacDonalds, and one Donnel Crest has a ROCK. I now see why God put Kepke (womanizer) in my life, whose hair was like that of Donald Trump's. In another dream around the time of the sleeping-bag dream in which Peare's waist event took place, Kepke walked up my driveway leading a sickly-looking stag, an apt description of Trump at this time.

Oh wow, Peartree's (share Pulling bend) were first found in Kincardineshire with Fido's/Fothes/Fette's, right beside the first-known Prophets/PROfetts! That is incredible, especially as Peartree's share the PULLING scallops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I've said a million times, Miss Peare came over to my stage, and the only thing happening there was my PULLING her waist toward me. The dream ended there! The stages were in a shopping mall, and as David Morley was in the dream, it pointed to Morleys/MAULs (Yorkshire, same as Pullings), who happen to share the Peartree / Pulling scallops!!! INCREDIBLE.

I didn't know until now that the Prophets have this in their write-up: "A few years later, Thom Propheit appears as 'mair of the quarter of BRECHIN'..." That's goes super with the pointer of the BROKEN glass to the False Prophet! Brechins were first found in Angus, beside Peartree's / Fette's of Kincardineshire. Brechins were at Broken-like BRECKNock, as were the Clements in the Morley/Maul motto, can we believe it? Angus is where Sewers/Suits/SUTERs were first found who share the Peartree fitchees. Christine lived in UNIONville when I knew her, and so lets add that Aberdeens (SUTHERland stars), who have a "fides" motto term for the Fette liners, are in Union and Pepper colors and format. While Peare's are from Pavia, and as Pavia's look linkable to FEETs/Fate's and Pepe's/Pepperds, I suggest that Pepe's, Peppers and Papers were from the Papia version of "Pavia." Compare Papa's to Christine-like Christs, then link to "bello Christi" of Bouillons, for the Arms of Boulogne shares the swan (same colors) of Papa's.

There is a Boulogne-Billancourt location (sinister-rising split) in Ile-de-France while Billans/Bilhams probably use the Rothschild arrows (rises sinister) in Crest because the Billan/Bilham Coat shares bows with Bows/Bough's (share motto of Bill-related Roets) who in turn have the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild. The de-Bouillon family were the Templar Zionists, and Rothschilds look like the end-time Zionists, neither group being of Jesus. The Azincourts in the Billan/Bilham motto are listed with the Aincourts in the write-up of Jumps who in turn become shark-important below. Jumps were first found in West Yorkshire with Billans/Bilhams. Bills use a billet (same as Loot billet) while Billets (Devon, same as Roet-like Rods) share the Bello/Bellow Coat. If Bilham in Yorkshire is at Bilham Lane, that's at HOOTen-Pagnell, of the bloodline of the first Templar grand master.

The Peartree's even use a "vide" motto term, like the "Vita" of Bello's/Bellows/BALLOTs, code for Vito's/Vido's, we may assume. Oh wow, they were first found in TARVISium while Tarves' (Aberdeenshire, same as Prophets/Profetts!) have the vertically-split-Shield colors of Dutch Tromps in colors reversed!!! It looks like Trump is being predicted as the False Prophet. Dutch Tromps share the acorns of Clauds/CLAUSELs, and Lady Fortune of the Klassens is of Clausula-river elements while the Call-related Shots/Shoots have a "Fortune" motto term. The broken GLASS that was broken in front of Peare and Kepke can point to this picture.

The pulling of her waist pointed last month to Jovan PULITzer's BALLOT-scanning machine because Pullings come up as Pulits. It can even be added that Scans are listed with Skene's (Aberdeenshire, same as Tarves') who in turn have three swords in the colors of the Shots/Shoots swords for an indirect link to the Call trumpets. The Fido's/Fette's can be of the FideLOWS, and the Lows (Worcestershire, same as Profett-colored Tombs/Tume's) share gold wolf heads with Scans/Skene's, you see. The McLOY variation of Lows is connectable to the Loy variation of Louise-like Louis'. It seems that, in different contexts, every event / dream-scene that God provides can point to more than one thing systematically, not merely hit-and-miss or vaguely.

I now see that Christine's are no longer said to be first found on Man, but now in northern England, albeit I see no proof of that in the write-up. However, the "sed" motto term of Peartree's is for the Sedan namers of Sedbergh (northern England), in West Yorkshire, where Jumps were first found who share the Peartree / Trump stag head! We just fell upon that one, like a BULLYdog into a shark POOL. Jumps (share roses of Bully-like BELLYs) are said to be in the Wombwell location of Roger de Bully, and Pullings are traced to Mr. Pullen of POOLE (in Devon).

Zikers, I normally see the Pools (Dorset) from Poole of Dorset, but, wow, this obscure-to-me Poole location in Devon works excellently with Rods, first found in Devon, for they share the trefoil of Sharks!!! Can we believe it? The shark in the pool points to Rodez / Rockefeller liners. I've got to remember: the Sharks were Rod kin.

Sharks add a crane for the Ceraunii > Cornovii who named CORNwall. The Cornwalls ("beg"), first found in Devon, share ravens with German Rothes'. I get it. Rooks ("CORNices") use the raven and share rooks with Rocks. And the Cornwall Crest is recorded (2nd update of December, 2013) as: "a Cornish chough hatching in the face of a ROCK proper." Why is the rock shaped like a boot? God gave us the shark dream at roughly the first of April, exactly 42 years ago this week, and 50 years from the timing of Apophis on April 13, 2029. Cornwalls share the fesse of Rosco's/Risco's (Cornwall) and Rush's/Rish's (Suffolk, same as Crauns/Crane's).

The bulldog (Sleeping-Beauty dream) walked casually into a pool so that it could be construed as both falling or jumping, for false-like Falls/Fallis' share the Pool lion, and Jumps have the Trump stag head. The bulldog's head was then in the shark's mouth, and a ring of shark teeth surrounded the BELLy of the bulldog, which is why Bellys share the Jump roses. There we have another reason for viewing Trump as the False Prophet. The bulldog came walking past my LEG before falling into the pool, and while Prophets/Profetts have a giant leg, the Leggs (Dumfries, same as Bullys) almost have the giant Trump stag head (the only difference is that the stag heads face in different directions).

Back to Jumps in Wombwell, for Wombwells (South Yorkshire) happen to share the Christine unicorn head! We can also repeat here that the CUPs/Cope's/CULPs (Aberdeenshire, same as Prophets/Profetts) are in the Pulling motto and in the Christine cups. The creators of heraldry didn't know Miss Peare would be born, Christine.

I'm so impressed with this insert that I would be deeply shocked if Trump is NOT the False Prophet. Coincidences do happen, but let's take this insert to heart, because we don't want to be supporting the man destined to the Lake of Fire. There is potential for Jovan's software to re-instate Trump into the White House before 2024.

Before ending this insert, I'd like to requote from above:

While the six pale bars of Sallows/Salis' are those also of LONGfords, Longs happen to share the giant lion of Welsh Louis' while Luis of Ceva was the mother of Alice of Saluzzo. The "QUOIque" motto term of Longs is like the "quisQUE" of Pepins, and COYs share the pheons of Stops/Stubbs, first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's. The Coo's/Cowes', Cue's/Kews' and Kewes'/Cuis' (share MacDonald galley with Keeps) look Ceva-like. Pepins / Pipe's have a different-colored version of the Sales/Sallett bend-with-fleur. It was Lorraine who gave us Stops/Stubbs and their Pipe kin, and French Louis' were first found in Lorraine. One can see the relationship between the LANDEN, Langley, Langford and Longford Coats, thus indicating that Apophis/Apepi liners to Pepin of LANDEN were in cahoots with things in Saluzzo.

After meeting Lorraine at my LAUNDRomat on the evening that I asked her for a first date at her bus STOP, we walked to a park across the street from her place, and KISSed at its picNIC table. I remember nothing else that night aside from her walking into the laundromat, and then kissing at the table. The NICKle's/Nichols ("cui") share the Stop/Stubb and Coy pheons, you see, and this is all being repeated because, after finding the unfamiliar-to-me Kewes'/Cuis'/Cooish's above, I also found the new-to-me Coise's/Quoise's/COISH's sharing the KISS/CUSH Coat! That's a new and welcome addition because, while I've been suggesting that the Cush's (red rooster) are related to the red rooster upon a CUSHion of Bibo's, I've been suggesting that cushions are code for Cussons. It just so happens that the latter share the giant eagle of Kewes'/Cuis'/Cooish's, in colors reversed from the Lorraine eagle. Coise's/Quoise's/COISH's were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Cass'/Cash's who share their Coat.

The amazing thing is: I've always said that Lorraine's grass stain was a long streak, and I can now glean that shape to be a pointer to SPIKE's/Speck, for they not only have a giant eagle in both colors of the giant Cusson / Cooish eagle, but Spike's/Specks have four-and-four fessewise bars in the colors of the four fesses of Cavetts (PICardy), the latter being from the Cevetta river at Ceva! It's telling me that Ceva elements were in Lorraine, and/or vice-versa, and while her PANT stain pointed to Pansys/PANTzers because the Arms of Bar-le-DUC (in Lorraine) use a pansy, it just so happens that Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with the DUCKs having five fesses in the colors of the four of Cavetts!!!!! They are almost identical Coat!!!! It's more proof that God set up the event.

It just so happens that this is the update in which I find the following new thing is found to prove a Ceva trace to Cavetts: "The Prieux's/Prousts had a 'branch Prousteau of MontLOUIS,' and there is a Montloius/Montluis surname (Lois colors), first found in Picardy with the Cavetts that I trace to the Cevetta river at Ceva, home of Luis." Neighboring Artois is where Lois' were first found.

The Duck-related Tuckers were first found in Devon with Speck-like Speccots who in turn have a bend-with-frets in the colors of the Lorraine bend-with-eagles!!! INCREDIBLE: her stain was a spike shape! Plus, fret-like Ferte's share the giant Cusson / Cooish eagle, in the colors of the Spike/Speck eagle. The Keeps share the Lorraine bend too, and Keeps were of the Keppoch MacDonalds / Donnells while the eagle under discussion is the MacDonald / Donnell eagle too. Lorraine's share the Child eagle, and the Clubs/ClOBBES', in Child colors and therefore suspect from CLOVis, son of CHILDeric, were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with Coish's and Cass'/Cash's, but are now said to have been first found in Cheshire.

Another thing is the "Fide" motto term of the Cheshire Nickle's/Nichols, for Fides was the location of Fothes'/FETTE's, a branch of Foots, and Lorraine got a feet / foot symbol, making that picNIC table more-important yet. Fothes'/Fette's were first found in KinCARDINE, and Cardine's/Cartone's happen to share the Nickle/Nichol / Stop/Stubb / Coy pheon, how about that. The Cartone's will be a topic later in this update when finding the Waleran branch of Waldrons, who have "Walarinus de CARTONE." This was found due to a Col. Waldron working closely with Jovan Pulitzer et-al.

The Piccots (Cheshire, same as Nichols) can be a part of the PICnic table because their "pike heads" are arrow heads, by the looks of it, as are pheons. The Foys in the Piccot motto share pellets with German Nickle's/Nichols. The latter are in Rook and Durum colors and format, and Rooks share the raven (calling it a "rook") with the Cheshire Nickle's/Nichols. DURams remind that Dure's share the Saluzzo Coat, but it also reminds that while Lorraine's grass stain pointed to Barrs, do-nothing Bill Barr chose John DURHAM to do nothing, yet, hopefully, Durham will do something now that Barr's a goner. Last I heard this week, Durham is still seeking crimes, but not many have confidence in his investigations.

The grass stain becomes suspect with the 666 stain shortly below, and so while the anti-Christ is pinned in Daniel's prophecies to the dynasty of king Seleucus, compare with "Saluzzo." The spike-like shape of the stain is also a needle shape, and it just so happens that Needle's were first found in Shropshire (SALOP) with Saluzzo-like Sallows, Sleeps, and vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. The last time I saw Lorraine was in Vaughn county. Is the mark of the beast a vaccine passport??? This could be serious. The Spike's/Specks even use a porcupine, with porcupine needles. Needle's are also Nadlers and ought to be of the Rothschild-related Nathans who use compasses while Rothschild-related Pettys use a compass "needle." Folks, this looks serious. I POINTed at her stain.

Her bus stop was a pointer to Stops/Stubbs, and this update later says: "Stubbings seem to fit right into the discussion because they have a "QUIEScam" motto, and a Spree river of Lusatia is on a QUEIS/Kwisa river." The Coish's/Quoise's look applicable there, and while Lorraine had a babe symbol, Babwells/Babels share the Coat of the Cams expected in "QuiesCAM." Is Lorraine also a pointer to Mystery Babylon, the adulteress? Why did she get her grass stain while walking with a married man? The Kwisa river could have named WISSE's (Herefordshore, same as PENNants in the Cowes/Coo pennants) who have a Coat like that of PENdragon-related Dragons/Drainers (fesse colors reversed from Penn fesse). The Pendragon chevron is in the colors of the WISE chevrons.

Why do Stubbings share the quadrants of dragon-using Latons/Leytons while there was a seven-headed Lotan dragon that Revelation is likely playing off of? The 100-headed Ladon dragon was related to the PENEUS river, and her pant stain pointed to PANSys/Pantzers. PENSE's happen to share the Lorraine eagle! I trace two Stubbing symbols to Trebys, and then this Arms of Traby appears to show a 666 in the strings of the horns.

Ladds/Ladons were first found in Somerset with Traby-related Sticks and Church's, and she was out for a walk on Church street. Church's, in colors reversed from Penes- and PANTer-connectable Dragons/Drainers, happen to be in CLEFF/Cliff colors and format, both sharing a black fesse with Ladds/Ladons and TIE's. At this point we should remind that Dragons were kin to PenderGRASS-like Pendragons who in turn share the chevron of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns (Shropshire, same as dragon-using Latons/Leytons).

Tie's are included in this discussion due to the tie I wore once to CHURCH, only once ever, having TREBLE-CLEFs upon it. Treble's were first found in Devon (beside Somerset) with Trebys. Cleffs/Cliffs (Shropshire, same as Latons/Leytons) are said to have married Styche's (share Stick Coat). The Cleffs/Cliffs share the three black wolf heads of Quade's/Wade's who are in turn in the Q-shape "scarf" of Trabys/Sadowski's, for Scarfs have wolf heads too. Cleffs/Cliffs were at Mortone-Say (Shropshire), and Says (Shropshire) share the Laton/Leyton / Stubbing quadrants. It can explain why God had me meet Lorraine at her bus STOP as a pointer to Stubbs.

The Stubbing / Treby besants are shared by Sevens. The seven heads of the Lotan dragon. The Stains/Stants look to be in the seven motto term, "PraeSTANTior," and Prae-like Prays, with three wolf heads colors reversed from the Cleff/Cliff / Quade/Wade wolf heads, share white three wolf heads with Scarfs. Lots share the brown dog with Lotan-like Lothians, and the Lothian pine tree has a hunting horn in the colors of the Arms-of-Traby horns. This looks serious, like a pointer of God warning us.

The Glorys/Lowrys in the Cleff/Cliff motto share laurel with Lorraine's and Lawrie's/Larrys. Glorys/Lowrys and Lawrie's/Larrys share the same giant CUP, and Mystery Babylon has a filthy cup of murder, the MURDer of God's saints. The cups are in the colors of the giant crescent of Motts/MORTE's, who are in-code very likely with mythical MORDRed (like "murder"), killer of king Arthur on butt-like BUTE, otherwise known as Avalon (island with witchcraft), where Drakenberg Vere's place their beloved Melusine, the dragon woman who evolved a fish tail, like the Babe/Babel mermaid. She got the stain of adultery on her butt, and the Pansys/Pantzers / Ducks connect with Velins and Velens of Velino = Avalon elements.

It just so happens that Greek myth gave the laurel symbol to mythical Daphne, whom myth writers placed into the Ladon river. "Traditionally, the special position of the laurel was connected with Apollo’s love for Daphne, the beautiful daughter of a river god (probably Ladon)..." Brackets not mine. End insert]

Catters/Cathers were first found in Berkshire with Susans, and the latter use a giant lily. The fleur-de-lys is a lily, likely named after Lille (uses the Lys/Lise fleur-de-lys), a city on/near the Lys river of Artois. We just crossed the Lise-like Liss'/Lise' above, a branch of Lizarts suspect in the lizards of the COTTer Coat. Susa was the COTTian capital, and Cotters were first found near Berkshire. If it seems that the Lys'/Lise's were related to the Cottians, it can explain why the triple greyhounds in pale of Lys'/Lise's are in the colors of the triple lions in pale of Brians, for Briancon is immediately over the Cottian peaks from Susa. Doesn't it look like the Cottians were related to Keturah's line to Kotor? Can this explain why the triple Brian lions in pale of Brians are colors reversed from the two lions in pale of Abraham-line Bramtons. Irish Brians share "Lamh" with Sullivans, and the latter are suspect from the Saluvii Ligures, like "Selep(itanoi)." We're back to Sallows/Salis' and Swallows.

So, did the Keturah line with Abraham come to rule Rome with the tyrant, Julius Caesar, son of Aurelia Cotta? Quite a staggering picture. Did the tribe that named Keturah, or the Keturah tribe itself, name mythical Cotys, father of Attis, sons and husband of the "great mother," Cybele? "Cotys," a witch cult of Thrace, looks like it was named after the Cotesii that at one point lived on the BUZau river with Roxolani. Buz was the son of Nahor, Abraham's brother. The Bus cinquefoil is in colors reversed with Rosco's/Risco's, a Rush/Rish branch, and Roxolani were Rus-Alans. Abraham was acquainted with ANAKi of Hebron, and Cottons ("fortuna"!) use "HANKs of cotton." Buz's brother was Uts (or Uz), and "UTraque" is a Cotton motto term. Cotta's (Languedoc, same as Julians sharing the Alan Chief) list Cottons and COTTARds. Briancon got suspect above with Bramtons, French Brians were in Brittany with Roxolani-line Alans, and French Brians are even said to be from Alan rulers. Royal Cottians were at Susa, possibly to Susans, the latter first found in Berkshire with the Windsors sharing the saltire of French Julians.

I've suggested that Keturah's lines were together with Og's, and OXfordshire (beside Berkshire) is where Julian-branch Gullys/Gollys and Cotters were first found. OGdans/Okdens have the Fortune Coat in half its colors, and Lady Fortune at the Kotor / Butua theater traces to the house of Canossa at Lucca, home of Botters. Okden like Joke's have a black-fesse version of the Jacks suspect in the "jacto" motto term of Ogdans/Okdens (share oak branch with Alans). Although "Okden" looks like "Joktan," a son of Eber in Abraham's ancestry, Keturah and Abraham had Jokshan for a son, and Joktan in the first place may have been named by an Og line. Hebrews are to Eburovices in BRIXia, which looks like they could have named Brigantium = Briancon.

Alans of Dol married Robert D'Avranches of OKEhampton, explaining why Oaks share oak branches with Alans, and yet while the porcupine is shared between Karels/Crulls and Specks/Spike's, the latter have: "Richard Le Espec acquired the manors of Wenworthy and BRAMton Speke in the county of Devon, which he held from Robert Fitzroy of Oakhampton." Speccots were first found in Devon with Okehampton.

I showed why Botters (or their line) were kin of Balcons, and so I want to go back to my being on Lorraine's BALCONy when she came home with a grass stain. Keep in mind that God pointed her hard to Apophis-line Hyksos. Balcons are said to have named Balcomie in Crail of Fife. I trace "Fife" and "Five" to "Lviv" at the Bug rivers, home of Nahorite-suspect Neuri. The Seal of Crail has stars and the lunar crescent, the Kern/Karen symbol, important because Crail had been KARel in the 12th century. There is a Karel surname listed with Crail-like variations such as Crull/Creel/Cryll, and this surname shares a green Shield with Irish Kerns. Moreover, the Karel Coat is a different-colored Coat version of the Crabs/CRAILs (Cambridgeshire, same as Julians sharing the Gully/Golly cross).

Karels/Crulls share the PORCupine with Specks/Spicks/Spike's who in turn have a double-headed eagle, symbol of the Roman empire. PORCius CATO is expected to the Cato variation of Clan Chattan, and, by the way, cat-using Chattans share the Chatan, Botter, and Balcon bend. The Porcius-like Porch's (Norfolk, same as Bus') happen to share the giant Bus cinquefoil, and Cotesii were on the Buzau. Porch's share the eight bars of English Crispins (Oxfordshire again), and then French Crispins (share Chatan, Botter, and Balcon bend) were first found in Lorraine. Having come this far by following Lorraine's balcony, let read: "The Karel family lived at KIRKley, a township in the parish of Poneteland in the county of Northumberland." It just so happens that Karels/Crulls are in Lorraine-lion colors, and both were first found in Northumberland, beside the Stains of Yorkshire. Hang on to you butts, for while Lorraine was on a walk on Church street when getting her grass stain on her Butua-like Butt, the Kirks look like a Church branch, and Kirkleys share the Stain Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is huge for giving me peace about my wild / unorthodox claims on her grass stain. It's important to me, because I at get progressively worried or depressed about these claims. It means that God wanted me to continue digging in heraldry until at least the above was found, for He would not have set up the event without full disclosure of what He wants disclosed. Church's use GREY-HOUNDs while Greys love the Anchors/ANNACKers who look connectable to the ANNAS' sharing the Chief-Shield of Kirks. Are you familiar with the Biblical ANAK? Why do we think that the Hound-like Huns/Hundts have a greyhound version of the Fortuna Coat? Why do Anchors look linkable to Lady's/Laudymans? Why do we think that Huns/Hungate's share the talbot dog (same colors) with Fortuna's. is it because Greys have the Talbot Coat in colors reversed? So, you see, it was necessary for Lorraine to live on Church street to flush these links out.

While Bridge's have CRABs as code for Crabs/Crails, Briancon had also been BRIGantium, where Bride's and Brights trace who share the Julian stars. I trace the Julians to an eagle-using location beside Briancon, at Guillestre. Julius Caesar did form a relationship with royal Cottians.

I've often said that Joseph CAIAPHAS is suspect from a Junia-Caepionis child of Julius Caesar with his mistress, Servilia Caepionis, and so the Caiaphas-like Cavii near Cupionich (= Koplik, on the Clausula) gets interesting there. The Caesar surname, sharing the Chief-Shield colors of CAPES' (share oak branch with Ogdans), is said to have formed a relationship with Benningtons and with Herod-like Herts, and it just so happens that Benningtons were first found in HERTfordshire...near London, where Capes' were first found, in the area of Middleton, the latter being where Besants were first found upon which Lady Fortune stands (in the Klassen Coat).

AHHHHH, Benningtons got me to look up Banningtons (no luck), and then Bannings, because Lady Fortune holds a banner, and Bannings (London) share the double fesses of Benningtons and Stains. The Capes' of London use a white sword in saltire with an oak branch, and Kirks (beside Siward of Northumberland) use a sword in saltire with a crozier. Bannings had merged into the line of Flags/Flecks and Fleets, and Fleets share the club with German Besants while Clubs/Clobbe's were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs/Crails. Flags/Flecks (in the Samson motto) and Fleets share the scallops of Samsons ("letho"), the latter first found in Gloucestershire with Lady-connectable Let's/Late's who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Kirks. The GLASgow motto is connectable to both Ladys/Laudymans and Let's/Late's. The latter look connectable to French Julians, and to Constans'/Constance's. It's important here that the June-branch Jeune's (Cambridgeshire, same as English Julians) share the fleur-de-lys with English Constans/Constantine's.

I dare say that God wants to use Lorraine, or at least my last night with her, to trace Abraham to Julius Caesar. I've already discovered that Romans were from Bennington-like Benjamites and the people of Jabesh-Gilead. Is that not amazing? I trace JEEPma's (double-headed Roman eagle) to Jabeshites, and Paul Smith owned a red Jeep on the last time I saw Lorraine, a couple of years after the grass stain, as she walked past Paul and I sitting for coffee / lunch. Smiths, with a BENJamin-like "Benigno" motto term, use a fish, and are in Catter/Cather colors and format. How'bout that. Go showed me that Smiths were kin of Crutch's/Crooch's (Somerset, same as Church's), probably a branch of Croce's and Croziers, and a crozier is used by Church-like Kirks.

Caesars are now said to have been first found in Surrey with the James' who share their DOLphin, we assume, and Julians were Alan-of-DOL kin, right? Compare the James motto to that of Douglas', for Douglas' share the salamander-in-flames with English Julians. Dolphins/Dolfins (Dol colors) were first found in a BRIDEkirk Cumberland, where Kirks and Kirklands were first found. Bride's (Julian stars), kin of BRIGHTs, were first found in Savoy with BRIGANTium and neighboring GUILLEStre. "MUM" is buried in both the Kirk and Dolphin/Dolfin motto. Bride's have a black eagle head to go with the black eagle of Guillestre.

" Caesars were once said to be first found in Kent, where GUILLES'/Gulls (share "Sine" with Gullys/Gollys) were first found who have the six pale bars of German Julians in colors reversed. I asked Lorraine out on my BIRTHday, and Scottish Bride's are also BYRDE's. Brits/Bretts were first found in Somerset with Bridge's, right beside Births/Berts. The latter were first found in Devon with Walerans who obtained BRADfield from the lord of Bramton, and the red lion in the Brit/Brett Crest can therefore be the Bramton lion. Can we glean a Keturah-Abraham line to Briancon/Brigantium? Walerans were counts of Milan-connectable Meulan, and Mellans (Ile-de-France, same as French Caseys) share a black, gold Chief with Guilles'/Gulls. Waleran-branch Waldrons (new to me this week) were first found in Sussex with Kerals/Crulls while Crabs/Crails are expected in the Bridge crabs. That works.

Waldrons were at PEVENSey while Pevens'/Beavens use "Semper" and "CONSTANS" motto terms, and it just so happens that Sempers share the Bramton Coat. Beaven-like Beavers were at Berkshire, beside Oxfordshire, tending to explain why the Arms of Oxford included a beaver and an elephant. The red Oxford ox can be the red bull head in the Popp/Poppen Coat (elephant trunks in Crest) because the Coat shares the Pevens/Beaven annulets. The Pevens/Beavan Crest looks like a falcon, in the brown colors of the falcon of Stain-related Yarboroughs, and both the Popp/Poppen and Yarborough Shields are vertically split in the same colors. French Falcons were first found in Languedoc with CONSTANS'/Constance's. This can only mean one thing: God is aiming the Apophis asteroid at Walerans head, the Laevillus line.

I'd like to remind that Crails / Karels/Crulls came to topic with Lorraine's balcony on Church street. Balcons share the Caesar roses, and Julius Caesar is suspect from the SUSa Cottians. Caesar-like Caseys ("caSUS") have red eagle heads, linkable to the double-headed red eagles of Specks/Spike's sharing the porcupine with Kerals/Crulls. Scottish Caseys were first found in Lanarkshire with SINE's/Swans (in the Gully/Golly motto), and with Lorne-related Lanarks/Lurnack, and her balcony was a couple of properties from Church and Lorne. French Caseys (leaves) were first found in Ile-de-France with Lily-liner Lys'/Lisse's, LEVI's, and Chappes'. Susans use a giant lily while Lilys tell of a Lilly Berkshire, where Susans were first found. Lille's (swan) were first found in Oxfordshire with Sine/Swan-loving Gullys/Gollys. English Case's have a "DiSTANTia JUNGit" motto, and there we are again to Stains/Stants and even the Jung variation of June's. Scottish Caseys use the crow that's linkable to Crull liners as per the following.

Actually, I'm not sure whether Lilys are showing lilies. They are a flower design shared by CETIS'/Settiers. It just so happens that Lilys are in Ark/Arch colors and format while Arks/Arch's and MODENs/Modeys were first found in Berkshire with Lilly. This is good proof that Susans were from Susa because MODANE is on the Arc river about 25 miles north of Briancon, and therefore just over the Cottian peaks from Susa. This recalls that I lived at VERNE ARCHiBALD's place, about a half dozen houses down from Lorraine's place, less than a year before meeting her. It just so happens that while a Lys river is a tributary of the BAUTica/BALTea river (Piedmont, same as Susa), that's where I trace Bauds and their BALD branch.

Verne's share a different-color version of the Kid Coat, both sharing the Aurelia and German-Baud stars, and Kids were first found in Dundee while Dundee's have a giant lily in the colors of the Cetis/Settier lily. The Kid Crest is a giant crescent in the colors of the giant crescent in the Archibald Crest. It looks Arranged. Archibalds ("UT reficiar") have those stars in colors reversed, and may have the Reef variation of German Rice's/Risers (share crozier with Kirks) in their motto who share the tree with Verne's and Kids. I feel like I'm missing some major point in the clues of this paragraph.

Verne-like Verona's share the Coat of Bute-liner Bothwells, and Butua was beside Riser-like Rhizon. While Scottish Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes', Verona's were first found in Ile-de-France with French Chappes' and with Lys'/Lisse's, the latter from Lissus of the Cavii whom I trace to Chivasso on the Bautica river. French Chappes have a tall and solid chevron on blue, ditto with Reefs/Rice's/Risers. Ahh, the Kidds (two 'd's) have upright goats in the colors of the upright ram of French Bauds, and German Bauds ("Pax in") share the solid chevron of Packins/Fagans who were in turn first found in Tyrone with Sharks, perhaps important here because Verona's have been suspect with the Arms-of-Saraca fish. If nothing more, Verne Archibald gets us to the Susa theater with the Cavii suspect in providing Joseph Caiaphas.

Lets go back to the Caesar-Benningtons, and to Benningtons, first found in HERTfordshire. SUSANna Caesar (at CROYdon) was the first-known of the Caesar surname. It just so happens that while "Trust" is a motto term in the Arms of Hertfordshire, "Keep TRYST" is the motto of Hebrons (i.e. Abraham lived in Hebron), who not only share the Caesar rose, but the white horse head of Bennys and ROXburghs. Hebrons were first found in Northumberland with Karels/Crulls, with the Lorraine's who share the eagle of Childs (Hertfordshire), and with the Croys/CROYs/GROYs. The latter love the Anak-like Anchors -- with a version of the Lady/Laudyman Coat -- having an Annacker variation. Ladys touch upon the Illyrian area to which Keturah of Hebron traces, and if I recall correctly, Abraham knew Anak personally. There we have a great importance for God to point to Lady Fortune via Sleeping Beauty. The Anchor Crest is a red bull head, maybe the red ox in the Arms of Oxford. Greys/Croys have the Talbot Coat in colors reversed, and Karels/Crulls were at Eu with Talbots. The latter were first found in Shropshire with the Plows sharing the fleur-de-lys of Crabs/Crulls...and of Dole's likely of the Shropshire Alans.

Susanna Caesar was at CROYdon, and Croys/Groys (forget which) were the ancestry of Roets who in turn share the sleeping Kern/Karen crescent moon, now found in the Arms of Crail. Again, Balcons were at Crail, which got us fast and easy to Kerals/Crulls of Kirkley, yet it's taken me years and years to find this evidence that God set up her grass-stain event. It wasn't possible without finding Crail kin, and I had always been stumped on such an effort. But the Arms of Crail gave it away this time. The Irish Kerns, in Susan and CABEL colors, even use a "conSTANS" motto term while Stains are also Stans'. CYBELE and the 666 stain go well together. Crabs/Crails were first found in Cambridgeshire with STANleys and CAESar-connectable Julians. Stanleys love the Changers (version of Italian CASE/Casino Coat) linkable to Stouts/Stows who in turn share the fitchee of Holds, and McLeods use "Hold fast" while Greys/Croys/Groys use "Anchor fast anchor." Changers are probably part of heraldic "counterchange," and Counters are Constans-related Conte's likely in the "Constans" motto. Constans have a Chief reflecting the Kern/Karen Coat, and the Karel/Crull porcuPINE can go with the Constans pine tree. Case's/Casino's can be gleaned with Cassandra's/Casano's and thus it makes Caesars look like they descend from king Cassander of Macedon.

Plows (sharing the fleur-de-lys of Crabs/Crulls and Dole's) share the HOLDer / Curtis dancette. As Karels/Crulls were first found in Sussex with COURTs/Coverts, I suggest the fleur-de-lys of Crabs/Crails are close to those of Curtis/Courtis-related Plows (Curtis' have a farmer with plowshare).

The Criel castle of Karels/Crulls suggest that they were a branch of Croyle's/DeCrows/Cruels (Sussex, same as Karels/Crulls/Cruels), who in turn have a version of the Cry/Crier Coat. Creers share the Curtis / Coron / Corona crowns, apparently, and may have created their Greer variation when bumping into Gregors. Craig-branch Carricks use a dancette too.

The Arms of Crail includes a ship / galley (Keeps use a "galley"). Ships (Oxfordshire) love BALcon-like Bellows/Ballots who happen to use the Bus cinquefoil, and I asked Lorraine for our first date at her bus STOP.

Stops/Stubbs are from Stobi of Paeoni, and Karels/Crulls were at Kirkley in PONETeland. Ahh, Ponets are listed with Points/Pointers (Berkshire) sharing a hand pointing with Babe's (Blond kin), first found in Dorset with Cutters! CATHERine Roet's father was PAYNE Roet, like "Paeoni." Points are suspect with Boyds (hand pointing), and the latter are said to be from blonds probably as per Herodotus telling that Budini were blonds. English Botters are also Budins. Budini lived south of Kepke-like Kiev with Roxolani on the Dnieper. See my treatment on Blond liners later in this update.

The Pense's in the Ponet/Point motto share the Lorraine eagle. The PINCon variation of Pense's recalls that I bumped into Lorraine at her bus STATION (in a big city), by a freak chance a couple of weeks or less after her grass stain; Stations/State's share the Pink/Pinc lozenges. Pinks/Pincs share the fitchee of Holds (Claud/Clausel colors) in the motto of Clausula-traceable Clode's/McLeods. Pense's are likely, with the Pennys/Penes', from the Penestae (beside Paeonia) on the Drin river with the Cavii, and Lissus of that river is to the fleur-de-lys using Lys'/Lisse's (share courant greyhounds with Pennys/Penes')?, and Susans use a giant lily. The Penestae are to Pendragons (Cornwall, same as Trysts and Tristans), in the colors and format of Catters/Cathers (Berkshire, same as Susans and Cottars), and PENDRagons look like they named PenderGRASS'.

Repeat: "It's interesting that German Troys share a giant, white unicorn with KOTTERs/KATHERs, a new-to-me surname that goes well with the fish of Catters/Cathers..." This recalls that I trace the line of Keturah and Abraham to the mythical Trojan, Priam, father of Paris, codewords for the Mysian city of Parion/Parium, home of mythical Gorgon Muses. Trojans were given Dardania (Mysia) as their ancestry, and Dardania is near Kotor. I trace Keturah's son, Medan, to the mythical witch, Medea, and she worshiped the witch, HECATE, a name like the Trojan king, HECTor, son of Priam. Trojans are very connectable to the Thracian witch cult of Cotys. Cutters use the dragon, and Medea flew her chariot pulled by dragons to Athens, home of king KODRos (fish symbol). Hecate (or Keket) is like the "ICTUS" motto term of Karels/Crulls, which may be code for the Arms-of-Saraca fish, for an ICHTHYS is a fish in Greek.

You'd think that families knowing of their origins in Athens would use an Athen-like name. Attis was also ATYS, the name of a Lydian king to boot while Attis was made the father of Lydians. The Atha's/ATHYs (Cambridgeshire, same as CRABs/Crails) are interesting for sharing the checks in the Arms of Croatia, for as I see GAREBites (from pagan Jerusalem's mount Gareb) as founders of Croats (= KRVati), "Crab" looks like it can apply. Athens is in Attica, suspect with mythical Attis (son of Cotys), husband of the "great mother" who had previously been Ishtar, and then Croatia includes Istria. Ishtar's ancient symbol had been the eight-pointed star, used by Duc's/LeDucs, for example, suspect in the "Duci" motto term of Atha's. What are the chances that Duce's share the BRAMton Coat? The fish-like and fish-connectable Fiscs/Fisks share the Atha/Athy Coat, and while Fiscs are connectable to Fieschi-Grimaldi's of Genoa, the Caesars are said to descend from nobles of Genoa. The black eagle is used by Doria's of Genoa.

The Mieszko's were from Croatia. The CRAVens and their Rick kin were from Croatia, and Ricks from Rijeka = Rika, which looks like it named Richeza of Lorraine, wife of Mieszko II. The Rick Coat looks like that of Asburns, and the Kerals/Crulls were "Lords of the Manor of Ashburnham, anciently Esseborne." There you have some evidence that Crabs were from Croatians. Karels/Crulls share the fleur-de-lys of Gows, and Gowers share the white wolf of Gore's whom I trace to Gorski of Croatia. The Gore Coat is a version of the gain Coat while the latter looks linkable to the Craven / Ricks / Ashburn Coat.

Let's get back to DOBRawa, first wife of Mieszko I in connection with Dober on the Clausula river of Klassens/Class'. The other wife of duke Mieszko I was Oda of HaldenSLEBen, like "SELEPitanoi." And, zikers, Haldens (gold griffin) are now said to have been first found, although as a first name only, in GLASgow, terrific! I didn't know this consciously when starting this paragraph. I always have Haldans in my mind as being first found in East Lothian, where they were said to be first found for years, and that's where Fortune's were first found! It's probably the best evidence that Klassens and Glass' are from "Clausula." The Dober bend is white and wavy, as is the one of Jewish Pollocks, and Dobermans (share Pole/Poll griffin head) use their bend in both colors of the Pollock bend. People of Poland are, Polocks.

The Mieszko Poles must have named Pollok at Glasgow, which was named before Pollocks arrived; they adopted the name of the village. "Pollock" is the line from the Vespasian, Biblical dragon, yet Pollocks, I suppose, may not have been from that line at all. It all depends on whether the father (in Brittany's Dol) of Pollocks moved to Pollok for a Pollock-related reason. The Pollocks did take a symbol (their bend) of the Dober line, it seems. The Prieux's (Brittany) share the Dober griffin head, and while Pollocks of Raines-related Renfrewshire were also at Rothes', the Rothes lion heads are in the colors of the Rain/Raines, Long and Louis lions, and Prieux's are in the Long motto. This recalls that Longs were mentioned above as looking like they pertained to Luis of Ceva, mother of Alice of Saluzzo who in turn married the Dol Alans.

Were proto-Pollocks of the Prieux's? The latter's Proust variation were lords of Clausula-like Cleuz. Clous'/Claustons (possibly a salmon in Crest), looking like kin of Plocks, share the bend-with-stars of Saleman-like Salome's, and Salemans (in Salmon colors) look like a branch of Sales'/Sallets. Clous'/Claustons use an anchor while Anchors are in the colors and format of Glasgow-connectable Ladys/Laudymans. Clous'/Claustons were first found in ORKNey, where I trace the "ORGAN pipes" of Lets/Late's in the Glasgow motto phrase, "Lord, let." How-bout that. The line of Salome BOETHus is now tracing to the Butua theater, and there is a fish (might it be a salmon?) in the Coat of Bute's/Butts/BOETs. The Clous/Clauston bend-with-stars is shared with the Vaux's, first found in East Lothian with same-colored Fortune's. The Clous/Clauston fish has a gold annuLET in its mouth, the color of the Lady/Laudyman annulet.

The Prieux's/Prousts had a "branch Prousteau of MontLOUIS," and there is a Montloius/Montluis surname (Lois colors), first found in Picardy with the Cavetts that I trace to the Cevetta river at Ceva, home of Luis. I don't know what the Montluis symbol is, but it's much like the Otto/Ottone / Chappes Coat.

Previously, Haldens, who share the HADDEN motto, were said to be first found in East Lothian with Keiths/MASCALs, and the latter are said to be from HADDINGton, right-near MUSSelburgh. It looks like the Apollo Muses, for Mussels are also Mascal-like Muscels. The lady, Sleeping Beauty, was at the HOOD of the AUTO, and Oddie's/HODE's were a branch of Odins linkable to Otto's/Ottone's having an Oda-like Odi variation, making ODA of Haldensleben look like she was related to Otto I and/or Ottone Visconti. Popps/Poppens, who share a giant bull head (different color) with Auto's/Otto's, share annulets on blue with Otto's/Ottone's/Odi's, and the latter share the annulets of German Pucks, like the Poke variation of Pollocks. English Pucks (share red rose with Haddens) were first found in Sussex with Mascals. I always link Otto's/Ottone's/Odi's to Cavii-like Chappes'.

Plus, Otone's/Oltens, first found in Cheshire with bull-head HAUGHts/Hottens, share the Odin lion and the Fort quadrants while Forts have an "AUDax" motto term, like the "Audacter" of Pollocks. Aude's/Ode's (Otto/Ottone/Odi colors) thus look to be from Oda of Haldensleben, especially as she may have been the mother of so-called Sigrid "the HAUGHty." Aude's/Ode's were first found in Savoy with the Masseys/Massa's who once showed boots, traceable to Butua right-near the Clausula. Clode's/McLeods share the Haughty/Hotten bull head, and the Fort castle.

It just so happens that red-bull Popps/Poppels were first found in Westphalia with Velins and Velens, the line that named mount Velino at the upper Salto river that passes through Sabina. The Sabine's have a red bull. Sabine's are the line of emperors Vespasian and his two sons, the 4th, 5th and 6th heads of the Revelation dragon.

We now note how volcanic material falling on the waters can turn them to brine, for the Brinley variation of Brimleys brings that picture to mind. A brine is salty, and I trace Sales'/Salletts, like king Salatis of the Hyksos, to the Salyes Ligures on the Durance river, location of Briancon, and it just so happens that English Brians are also Brine's. I trace the Durance to "Turano," a river flowing beside the Salto. As Peppers are expected to be from Apophis/Apepi (Hyksos king), and as Salts look like they are from a Hyksos king, salt and pepper SHAKERS are coming to mind. God's got some shaking up to do of Mystery Babylon's pot.

Brians/Brine's were first found in Denbighshire with Welsh Bachs, which recalls the gold calf of German Bachs/Backs. Denbighshire is right beside Flint, and Flints/Flans ("flint stones") are in Flood colors and format (!!!), both have the Shake chevron in colors reversed. The Flan-like Flynns share the wolf with Floods. Flanders are also FLINDers, and the Flemings of Flanders are in the "flaming STAR" of Pero's, and Stars share the Flint chevrons. In place of the Flint flint stones, Stars use estoiles, the symbol in the Flint Crest. Stone's (same place as Coals and VIVians/Veys) even share "Vive" with Stars!!! BrimSTONE and hot coals flyin' down. Vivians even share purple lion heads with rain-branch Wrens!

Pharia, Or Sleeping Beauty's Fender

There are new things I've just realized about Wrens that I'll jot down; I don't know what it will lead to. It started with asking whether I could link the Wren crosslets to the same of Windsors, and, bang, right away there was a way when loading the Knoyle's, for Wrens were at East Knoyle. Knoyle's have the Spencer bend-with-scallops in colors reversed, and Spencers put that bend on the Berkshire Shield while Windsor castle is in Berkshire. Spencers (Leicester, same as Woods) share "defend" with Woods, which now tends to prove that its code for Fenders (otter), first found in Huntingdonshire with the Otters/Others in turn said to have had the proto-Windsors in Lombardy. BEAUTIFUL, EASY, why did it take me so long to check Knoyle's? Plus, this tends to prove that Aids/Ade's are from Ada of Warrene (married Mr. Huntingdon) because the Knoyle's are in Aid/Ade colors and format.

I now understand why God had Sleeping Beauty walking to the front of the car from the FENDER. That's all I saw. I did not see her as far back as the door. Wrens share the crosslets of Gains/Engaine's who in turn share the Hayden dancette, and the other English Haydens share the Spencer / Berkshire quadrants, and, to boot, Gains/Engaine's were first found in Huntingdonshire! ZINGER, this is more proof that Sleeping Beauty is Ainsley Earhardt (Hayden is her daughter). But why why why?

Plus, as I said, Sleeping Beauty was a LADY, and while Wrens (they were related to Pollocks of Rothes) have a Chief in the colors and format of Ladys/Laudymans, the latter share the Vitalis annulet! The Gains/Engaine's have: "Richard was of Engen near Boulogne and accompanied the Conqueror at Hastings. VITALIS, his son married the daughter of the Earl of Oxford, Alberic de Ver." Oxfordshire is beside Berkshire. The last update showed that Santa Claus and other pagan, Christmas items are code for Clausula-river elements, including Lady Fortune, and it just so happens that Knoyle's look like Noels / Knowells.

Plus, the Vitalis moline is that of Vallans too, and Noels (Normandy, same as Valois/Valais/Valour), expected as a branch of the "valle" motto term of Vallans, essentially have the VALois/VALais/VALOURs Coat, and here's the Noel write-up: "..Robert Noel...was granted [12th century] many lands, including those of ELLENhall...Robert, Lord of Ellenhall became Lord of GAINSborough..." There we have it, and Poppa of Valois was wife to Rollo while Rollo's use a "fortune" motto term.

[Insert -- I'll come back to Vitalis' shortly, as they link to Saraca's, but first, this recalls VALERY Luff (old friend) in a dream I had where she and her husband had snakes for tongues; Luffs/Loveys, sharing triple-red fesses with Valle's, were first found in Oxfordshire too. The Chike variation of Cheeks/Checks was early in Oxfordshire, tending to explain why they share the red Luff/Lovey fitchee, and then the Cheek/Check Coat is a colors-reversed form of the Olden Coat while Oldham is where a Tonge location sits, and Oldhams share three red roses in Chief with Valois'/Valours. Tongue's/Tongs, thanks to the dream, were traceable straight-away (through HUCKabys) to snake-related Asclepius (mythical), who was named after the ascalaphus = owl. Oldhams happen to have owls. The Kos cult of Edom is thought to have been an owl cult, and the Edomite symbol in the book of Enoch, a black boar, is used by Rollo's, though the latter also have blue boar heads, the color of the Vere boar. The Owls/Howells can be a branch of Howells, and the Lovey variation of Luffs/Love's was found when I claim God pointed us (through Miss Hicks) to Lovey Howell on Gilligan's Island.

It's interesting that Ascalaphus of Boeotia was given the Trojan, ASTYoche as a mother. Asti is in Piedmont with the first-known Pero's whom were linked to SCALia's, like "ASCALAphus." Pero's were a branch of Peare's, first found in Oxfordshire too. The Pierro's/Pero's have a Coat (red roses in both colors of Oldham roses) look like kin of Bute's/Butts/BOETs (red roses), like "BOEOTia," and the latter's fish has been suspect with the Arms-of-Saraca fish while Saracens were in SICILy, home of mythical SCYLLa (code for Sicils), but also home to the Asclepius cult. The Arms of Sicily have a Gorgon head, and Gorgons were in Parium/Parion of Mysia, which became mythical Priam and his son, Paris, and while Paris abducted Helen, note ELLENhall of the Noels. Ellens/Alans share the Piero/Pero fesses.

One mythical Astyoche: "Astyoche, daughter of LaoMEDON by Strymo, Placia or Leucippe, sister of Priam..." There we have what I would conjecture is the Keturah > Medan line to the Trojan, Laomedon, and to Abram-like Priam. And while I trace Keturah's line to Kotor, home of Saraca's, it's right beside BUTua, suspect from the start from Boeotians. Boeotia is beside Athens, home of mythical KODRos and his son, MEDON, and I did read that Kodros had both a fish and a boar symbol, possibly the Edomite boar.

I think that Pero's are from the Flavians of Rieti, who go to the red bull of Sabine's, and, perhaps, the ox in the Arms of Oxford is red for a related reason. I suspected the Oxfords to be named, not after an ox, but the Biblical king Og, suspect to Ogyges, a mythical monster in Athens and Boeotia who's thought by some to have been the Ares dragon that the Cadmus Tyrians encountered in Boeotia. Astyoche was wife to Ares when birthing Ascalaphus.

The Scalia's (show only a ladder) are likely in the so-called "scaling ladder" of Trips, and the latter, along with Windsor-connectable Gore's (Kent, same as Trips), share the crosslets of Windsors and Gains. And so we have come back to Vitalis, son of Richard of EnGAIN, who married Vere earls of Oxford. End insert]

The Vitalis moline is that of Vallans too, itself having the moline of Shark-line Sarasins (the other Sarasins are also Saracens). Vallans even have the Hayden quadrants in colors reversed! Then, while Vallan-like Valiants show a shark, the Sleeping-Beauty dream started with a shark. Is this all mere verification that Earhardt is in the dream, or is there more to be had? She is the pointer to poison vaccines, which includes HIV vaccines for AIDS! Apparently, whatever the shark represents is the people pushing vaccines.

It was the Noel-like Knoyle's who are in Aid/Ade colors and format. This recalls my job at KNOB HILL FARMs, for while English Noels/KNOWELLs are likewise said to be from Robert Noel of Gainsborough, the Knobs/KNOBELs have the Rothschild/RODDENstein arrow, and Roddens/Rodhams are likewise in the colors and format of Knoyle's. The Farms / Farmers can be connectable to the Ferme's/Pharme's in the Hayden motto. English Farmers happen to be in the colors and near-format of Bute's/Butts/Boets, and then the Knob/Knobel arrow is colors reversed from the arrow of Bouts/Boutes' (Ferme/Pharme colors). NOBELs/Noble's, first found in East Lothian (beside Ferme's/Pharme's), were "subvassals of the family of de VALLibus (Vaux)..." The latter are the Vance's too, suspect in the HILL motto, and Vallibus'/Vaux's share the bend-with-stars of Salome's suspect from Salome de BOETHus. My FORMAN at Knob Hill Farms was Gill (or perhaps Giles), and Vallibus'/Vaux's were at Cumberland, where Fairs/Fare's (share Forman/Ferman anchor) were first found. How'bout that.

Og's Rephaites were in west Jerusalem's Rephaite valley facing Hebron's Amorites that included Anak, the line, I think, to Anchors/Annackers, which can explain all the anchors with Formans / Firmens / Ferme's and Fairs, branches, apparently, of OXford's Vere's. I expect Keturah to have lived in Hebron with Abraham. Rephaites are suspect in the raven symbol shared by Wrens, and the Wren / Lady Chiefs look related to the Anchor Chief while Ogyges was a dragon, ditto with mythical LADon. The latter was likely from Laish (beside Peneus-like Panias), location of the CadMUS Phoenicians partly from Mus at Lake Van (makes Cadmus suspect as a Hyksos lot on Phoenicia). These Phoenicians were the proto-Hermes and proto-Pan cults that in Greece were at Arcadia, near the Ladon / Peneus rivers. Pan was given a goat symbol, and the Ladds/Ladons, interestingly, share black-on-gold scallops with the Clots suspect in "sackcloth" made of goat hair.

As Phoenicians may have named Paeoni at Stobi, the line to Stops/Stubbs, it's interesting that while Clots share the Stafford chevron, Staffordshire is where anchor-using Tulls/Tolle's were first found who share the lion of raven-using Roofs/Rolphs. Pan was a satyr, code for the Satrae Thracians beside the Paeoni. Satrae were on the Strymon river with DentheLETAE, and Lets/Late's use pipes, the symbol of Pan, which can explain why Pepins took on a variation, the Pipe's (Staffordshire). Ah, Roofs/Rolphs (Norfolk, same as the earliest-mentioned Sack/Sage) may have been a branch of Rudolphs, and Rudolphs (SAXony) might just be using the SACK/Sage chevron.

As Rudolphs go to Satan Claus's Christmas theme, by what coincidence do Noel/Nowell-like Knolls/Knowells almost have the Sack/Sage Coat? German Knolls (hourGLASS Shield) even have the Jewish Glass wings while Glass' trace to "CLAUSula." I picked up the Knolls after looking up Sassys due to their Sack-like Saucer/Sauchy variations, followed by looking up Suchs having: "In the end, Thomas Such built a new mill at the Knoll to help solve the issue." The Such Coat is reflective of the Noel/Knowell Coat (Staffordshire).

The Wrays share the Pepe/Peppard martlets, and the fleur-de-lys of RAYmonds, the latter first found in Essex with Rains/Raines'/RAYNe's (Raymond colors and format), The Raymond Chief shares the red rose in the Chief of owl-line Oldhams (OWLhams, so to speak?). I wish Apophis would land right on Christopher Wray. As I've said, one of my fellow stock boys at Knob Hill Farms was Raymundo, and Raymundo's were first found in CREMA while God supplied an ice-CREAM girl for me, Darlene RAY or Wray, at Knob Hill Farms. It doesn't look coincidental, but what does it mean? What was the reason(s)?

Wrays were at Botton of Langhe-like Lancashire (red rose), and while Bottons/Bidens (Hampshire, same as Botters/Bodins) share the fesse of Bute's/Butts/Boets (red roses), Bouts/Boutes are in Botter/Bodin colors. Raymundo's share the checkered Shield of FERRAT-branch Vairs/Fers' while Asti and Langhe are at MontFERRAT. Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with the Noels/Knowells and Stops/Stubbs, the latter from Stobi of the Paeoni, who also had the city of ASTIbus. Was ASTYoche of the namers of Astibus? She was a TROY element while the Paeoni are suspect from Phoenicians of TYRE.

My second girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms, Allison BAUER (Knobs/Knobels were first found in BAVARia with Bauers and Rothes'), left me when I saw her slipping into the car of Mike Denardo, and he would always drive Raymundo to work. As they were getting into the car i.e. to leave, and as Allison was in the back seat when I went over to see if she'd come out (she didn't), I assume the passenger seat was for Raymundo.

My first girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms, Darlene Ray/Wray, was connectable to RAY Luff in the snake-tongue dream, and while Darlene's made it to the Dirleton discussion in the last two updates, Vallibus'/Vaux's were in Dirleton (East Lothian, same as Fortune's). Dirltons have a black version of the COUNTER-changed COUNTRy Coat while Darlingtons were first found in Durham (beside Formens/Fermans) with Counters/Conte's/COMITissa's (and Wrens) while French Conte's/COMITE's, with the Valois/VALAIS/VALOUR and Noel Coats, were first found in LANGUEdoc with FORneys who in turn have a chevron colors reversed from the FOURman and BalFOUR (and Wren) chevrons. Is there a clue in all of this as per the Apophis "comet"? As it's an ASTERoid, might Asti's (in Cuneo with the Stura river) related to Asters, a branch of Sturs who in turn share a Valle Coat? How can the wormwood STAR affect only the rivers in valleys? Toxic rain, we assume. Reine's/Rainers, suspect from Renier/Rainiers of Montferrat, use a comet. Did Someone arrange this?

Rulers of Montferrat provided the Vasto's of Saluzzo, and the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors are shared by English Rainers (new to me right now). In the Chief, these Rainers apply the same ESToiles as English Bute's/Butts, the latter having been kin of Este's along with Pepins. The Apophis/Apepi Hyksos at Butua, Kotor and Rize-line Rhizon makes sense. English Rainers (version of Barrel Coat) were first found in Herefordshire with BARRels, and Barrs share the giant Este eagle. The "quia" motto term of English Bute's/Butts is like the "quisque" of Pepins, or "cuique" of Noels/Knowells. [These motto terms led, for the first time above, to the discovery of Coish's who in turn led to the idea that the vaccine passport can be the 666 system, and that discussion included the spike-like stain on the BUTT of Lorraine's pants. Apophis and the 666 makes a lot of sense. Plus, Lorraine's babe symbol can go to Babe's/BABELs, evoking the harlot that rides the 666 beast. Babe's share the sun with Needle's.]

"Langue" of "Languedoc" means "tongue," and VALERY Luff had a snake tongue along with Ray. Langhe is right at the ASTI province, and we saw the snake tongues pointing to Asclepios while Ascalaphus was a son of ASTYoche. Astys, first found in Lanarkshire with the Sions/Swans while Sion/Sitten (in VALAIS canton) is expected with Seatons/Sittens, share the giant lion of Lyons, and the latter were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's while Rollo married POPPA of VALOIS. Aside from the snake tongues of ray and his wife at the kitchen table, the dream's face value seemed to emphasize only the Freeze's / Frasers, the Coats/Cotis', and the Doors.

Freeze's/Freys'/PHREEZE's are like "Pharisee," and are in Ray colors and format. Freeze's/Phreeze's can be traced to Pharia, and island off the coast of the Door-like Daorsi, which recalls that the nearby Cetina (Tilurius) river was pointed to by the tail-sicking KITTEN I received from a woman whose banister I was refinishing. Banisters share the water bouget of Kitten-like Kitchens (LANCashire, same as Banisters), and the Luffs got their snake tongues at their kitchen table. The Cetina is to Cetins/Cattans (cat) having a "Cautes" motto term that is listed with the Cotta's, first found in LANGUEdoc! Cotta's are suspect from the Cottians of Sassy-like Susa. We named the kitten, Sassy, explaining why Sassys share the Saracen head with Cetins/Cattans, and why the Saracen surname lists Sassons. The Table's (Devon, same as Sassys) happen to share hurts with Arthurs, and Arthurs were in cahoots with Daorsi. The snake-tongue dream thus needs to go together with Sassy. The split Shield of Doors is in the colors of the split Shield of Cetins/Cattans (Tute/Tuit kin).

Rollo was also, Rolph, and Ralph's/Raffs and Rolphs/Roofs with their ravens are suspect (by me) from the Rephaite valley, named in Jerusalem by the Rephaites led by king Og of BASHAN. Basfords/Bashfords share the Este / Barr eagle, and Ralphs were first found in Herefordshire with Rainers and their related, Barr-line Barrels. Bash's were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs, near OXfordshire, and while CHILDeric was a Merovingians, and therefore from the Veneti at Este, the Child Eagle is probably the Este eagle on someone's red Shield. While Ogyges of Boeotia was named after some real people group, we may assume, the Water-related Luffs/Loveys of Oxfordshire share the lion heads of Irish Farmers as well as those of Firmens who in turn use red fitchees, the Luff/Lovey symbol too. Mythical Orion of Boeotia may have been the line to Rain liners, for Orions were first found in Airaines. Scottish Ralphs/Rolphs (Nairnshire, same as Roses), sharing the "WATER bouget" of Rose's -- black like the Kitchen and Banister water bougets -- share the white lion head in Crest with Raines-branch Wrens, Rolphs/Roofs, and English Rothes', tending to explain the ravens of German Rothes and like Wrens.

There's a lot of people who thought king Gyges of Lydia was the Biblical Og-like Gog. I've entertained that idea, yet there is expected an end-time Gog too that fulfills the Ezekiel prophecy. I can see an asteroid strike against Gog's empire, as a warning for repentance? But the world will just say that, sooner or later, an asteroid strike of large proportions is expected, it's not the Revelation asteroid. Boeotians of the Schimatari kind can be connected to GOOGE's, which I'll get to later in this update.

Just in case we're to be linking something in this discussion to WORMwood, I'll add that the Ferme/Pharme anchor is in colors reversed in the Forman/Ferman Chief, and that the latter surname was once said to be first found in Midlothian with Ferme's/Pharme's (beside Seatons). The Forman/Ferman Crest shares the GREEN Worm dragon, and the Forman/Ferman Chief adds the Robert lion while Worms elements became the royal Robertians. The wavy-blue fesses of Formans/Fermans could be a pointer to rivers affected by wormwood. They are almost the wavy bar of Seaton-branch Sutys who share "hazard" with Seatons (GREEN dragon), and then Seatons share "forward" with Balfours while, a new thing just noted, the BalFOURs share the chevron of Formans/Fermans/FOURmans! Plus, unbelievably, Balfours share the otter with Aid-connectable Fenders highly-expected in the "Defend" motto term of Woods. WORMWOOD!!! We got here from the line of Arthur Balfour, Rothschild-related satanist, they say (google has probably suppressed the most of it).

Vallan/Valletti / Valiant variations go to Valletta on Malta, in the thick of Saracens. Prepare for a Shark-shock, for Saraca's were at Ragusa, near Malta-like Melita. Vallans/Valletti's have a "valle" motto term while Fauci-connectable Faucets/Fawcetts were first found in East Lothian with Lady-Fortune's Fortune's, and with Vaux's/VALLibus'. English Vaux's/Vallibus' were first found in Cumberland with Vere-line Fairs/Phares'. Prepare for some levitation.

The moline cross has fish-tail ends, and Fish's share the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns (Shropshire, same as Sleeps). Sleeping Beauty was with a car, and while Cars are also Kerrs, Kerrys use a bee HIVE, like "HIV." Plus, prepare for a shock, a new thing, for Sleeping Beauty came to HOVER over the car too, and the Ferme's/Fairholme's in the Hayden motto have the giant Fair/Phares anchor in colors reversed (both in Vere colors). The island of Pharia/Pharos is now called, HVAR!!!!! Unbelievable. God had her hovering to point to Pharisee-suspect Pharia, the apparent origin of Vere's liners.

Hvar is a Sunday pirate sail to Melita. Hvar is the first island a sailor gets to when setting out from the mouth of the Neretva river, home of Daorsi, and I was transported to the DOOR of the car when I first saw her hovering. The Hover Crest shares the white leopard face with Scottish Doors, and English Doors share bees with the Kerry bee hive! Plus, English Doors have a version of the Gates Coat, and we should expect that Bill Gates is nearly the vaccine-shark king, or the worm in the king's throne.

The Valle's in the Vallan/Valletti motto were first found in Brittany with Sarasins and Nerets. Irish Fairs even share the Sarasin moline, and these Fairs have a "VirTUTE TUTus" motto while the Ferme-loving Haydens (Norfolk, same as Tute's/Tuits) have the Tute/Tuit / Vallan/Valletti quadrants in colors reversed. Dutch Valle's share the French Easter/Isters/ASTER/Stur Coat while French Valles share the English Stur Coat. This goes naturally and easily to an ASTERoid because comet-using Reine's/Rainers are Wren- connectable. Wrens, sharing the Rain/Raines lion, are said to be from Rennes, and Pollocks of Rothes were in RENfrew, yet they were from Pola/Pula of ISTRia i.e. like the Ister variation of Asters. The "STRenue" motto term of Pollocks may be for Istria elements.

The Valle's share the Coat essentially of Scottish Drummonds, the latter first found in Perthshire (near Rothes) with Rand-branch Rinds sharing the scallops of Melita-like Mallets. Rands are Rance's, and the Rance river is at St. Malo. Rothes is on the Spey river that leads to buckle-like Buckie, which can not only explain why Pollock-related Leslie's, earls of Rothes, use buckles, but why French Mallets/MALO's use buckles too. As Speers are also SPEYers, it explains the spear in the Wren Crest. Wrens even share ravens with German Rothes' and the Peters having a "rien" motto term. Fulbert's son, Peter, built Rothes castle (where did they get the money?). English Peters share the Mallet / Rind scallops, a great clue that Peters are from Peter Pollock.

And St. Malo is in Brittany...right-near Dol, where Peter's father had associations. He was Fulbert "the Saxon," suspect with the house of Fulbert of Falaise. The Moline's (Devon, same as Wren-related Vitalis', Tanners, Stewarts and Peters) are said to be related to Falaise elements, that is, to the "tanner" of Falaise, explaining why Tanners share the Chief-Shield colors of Vilains, for Dol is in the Vilaine part of Brittany with Wren-line Rennes. I might add here that German Tanners share the pine cone with MASKs/Maschi's while Masci's were in Piedmont with the Tanaro river. Masseys (from Manche along with Vere's) share the Vere quadrants. The Ferme's and Fairs/Phares' share the giant anchor with Majors in a Peter motto, and Majors were from the Channel Islands off of Manche.

The Peter write-up: "Peter of Blois (fl. 1190) was Archdeacon of Bath and a noted author. He was born at Blois, France but his family was one of the noble families of Brittany." This might indicate that Pollocks had been Blois liners of some sort. "[Peter] is mentioned as having fortified Rothes castle for the Scottish King William- the Lion. 'King William the Lion had introduced a family named De Pollock into the area around 1165 in an attempt to end lawlessness. Around 1200 he instructed Petrus De Pollock to 'build a castle at Rothays', De Pollock certainly chose his site well.'"

The same page has Peter's birth at 1230, so that's not working with Peter of Blois in 1190. Plus, the page gives Thomas of Pollok as Peter's father, and that's not correct. Some genealogy sites are wacko with theories. Yet the historical quote concerning Peter Pollock has him going to build the castle at the same time of Peter of Blois. The latter was at Bath (according to the Peter write-up), wherefore we are in great shape because Baths are in the bat of the Scottish Randolphs sharing the Bath cross, and these Randolphs were first found in Moray, location of Rothes castle!!! Zikers, I have not dealt with Peter of Blois before, thinking that he wasn't likely related to Pollocks. Perhaps houseofnames added recently concerning his being in Brittany. I don't recall seeing that before, or I think I would have noticed it, for I've known for years that Fulbert was a vassal of the Dol Alans. This can explain why English Rothes and Rains/Raines' share white lions with Baths.

Emailer Pollock would tell me that the dastardly Leslie's wormed into the Pollock family by marriage to "Lady Rothes." She may have gotten her information from this Clan-Leslie webpage: "The first mention made of the Barony of Rothayes is in 1238 when Eva de Mortach, granddaughter of Petrus de Pollock was Domina, or Lady of Rothes...Eva de Mortach married a knight by the name of Watson {some say Wiseman} and had a daughter. This daughter was supposed to have married a Norman Lesly of Lesly, but this is not confirmed, and it has not been ascertained how the Barony of Rothes came into possession of the Rothes of Leslie family."

Plus, the other English Peters, the ones with a "rien" motto term, have a blue lion head, the color of the Reine's lion. So, we thus see what looks like too much rain from an asteroid = flooding. The flood dream pointed hard to SALUZZo-related Alans of Dol / ARUNdel, and included the Aarons/Arens who share two hands from clouds with the Crest of Scottish Watsons. Recalling that the flood dream started with myself on SNOW SLUSH as a definite pointer to Snows and Saluzzo liners, note that Snows were first found in Rutland with English Watsons. The latter have the Mea's in their motto, from the Meu river of Vilaine i.e. near Rennes. The Crest of English Watsons share's the griffin head of Pollock-related Dobermans, likely from Dober on the Clausula river, for Clausula liners named Glasgow, right at Pollok.

"Pollok is a large housing estate on the south-western side of the city of Glasgow, Scotland...The main features of the area are the nearby Pollok Country Park, where the Burrell Collection is now housed, the ruins of CROOKSton Castle..." Eschyna de Molle, who married Crookston-related Robert Croc(e), had a daughter who married Robert, brother of Peter Pollock. But the nice thing here is that while the Watson Crest shares the RODham tree stump, Crookstons/Croks (share bend of Jewish Pollocks) are in Rodham and Aid/Ade colors and format, suggesting that Rodhams/Roddens and Rothschilds/Roddensteins were a Rothes branch. And Hillary Rodham Clinton is a CROOK.

We saw Sleeping Beauty linking to Aids/Ade's earlier, and here we can even go back to the pointer to Aids/Ade's in the sleeping-bag dream, where David Morley pointed to them in two ways, one of which is where Morleys and their Morland branch share the jessant fleur-de-lys with the Aid/Ade Crest. It just so happens that Crookstons/Croks were first found in Westmorland with Morlands, and with the Livings/Levins sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Vilains (i.e. Rennes and Dol are in Vilaine). The gold fleur in the Crookston/Crok Crest thus becomes suspect as the Morland / Aid/Ade fleur. Plus, Livings/Levins are like Levens (Shropshire) using elephant heads suspect with the Elaphiti islands smack between Melita and Saraca's of RAGusa! Sanders have more elephant heads while Sands and Sandys use RAGully, which can explain why Sleeping Beauty was on a sandy beach.

Are Rothschilds the king-sharks? Crookstons/Croks use black escutcheons = shields in the colors of the Aid/Ade and Hover leopard faces, and we saw the hovering of Sleeping Beauty point to the Saraca-theater's Hvar = Pharia. Rothschilds (FRANKfurt) are named as if after "red shield," and while Rothschilds were Natt / Nathan kin, suspect in the "nati" motto term of the English Franks sharing the Pollock saltire, Natts/Nathans (Rhineland, same as Sadducee-suspect Salome's) share the escutcheon of Sadducee-like Saddocks (share Living/Levin martlets!) to go with Pharisee-like Pharia. The Natt/Nathan escutcheon is colors reversed from the Crookston (and Cecil) escutcheons.

In this picture, Sleeping Beauty looks like the drunk-on-power, corporate harlot of Revelation 17 and 18. In one HOUR, says Revelation 18, will her death come, and "heure" is a motto term of Hicks while Miss Hicks played Sleeping Beauty. Rothes- /Rothschild-related Roets (share Speer boar heads) use a book while Books, first found in Berwickshire with Aids/Ade's, use an HOURglass!!! There is SAND in an hourglass!!! It will soon be time to flip the hourglass for the last hour.

I'm starting to wonder whether Revelation is stacked with terms intended for some clarification from my heraldic work. For example, "heure" is like Eure's sharing the Coat of Masseys from the Maezaei at the one-like Una river. Cambridge's, from the Cam river, share "quam" with the "NumQUAM" motto term of Eure's, and Cams share the six pale bars of Babels/Babwell's and its Mystery BABYLon that's ruined in one hour. She rides the scarlet-red dragon, and the Dreux location in Eure is to the Dreux's having a giant lion in the colors of the red, giant dragon of Drake's (love the Muscas'/Mosca's in their motto).

While Mystery Babylon sits on the seven hills of Rome, I'll bet that Babels/Babwells use the black Roman eagle. It's got gold legs, as does the black Giuliani eagle. English Julians were first/early found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's and June's. The Romans loved Jupiter and Juno, from the Japodes on the Colapis river on the one hand, and from the Una (Oeneus on the map below) river on the other, and we see a Romula location between those rivers. I assume that the black, double-headed eagle of Japodes-connectable Jeepma's is the Roman-empire eagle.

The 1st Seal is a rider on a white horse given a crown, and I trace the heraldic crown to the Ceraunii, beside the Maezaei. I've predicted that the Maezaei will be at the top of the anti-Christ kingdom. Crauns/Crane's were first found in Suffolk with Rosh-like Rush's/Rish's, both using blue, fessewise annulets. By what coincidence do Rush's/Rish's use an Una-like "Un" motto term. Check out the Coronis-like The ones of Crauns/Crane's, in colors reversed, are the Lady/Laudyman annulets. Isn't that the Ladon dragon of old? Another hourglass is with Houstons (share black martlets with Wrens), and Miss Hicks lived in Baytown, on the outskirts of Houston, before moving to my area of Texas. Houstons were first found in Renfrewshire with HAMILTONs and GLASgow. Miss Hicks married Dr. Hamilton Kilpatrick. Patents/Padens/Padyns/Putins/Patients (share gold eSCUTcheon with SCUTE's) were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. Lookie here as more proof that Sleeping Beauty points to the hourglass: "The ancient family of Houston originally bore the name of PADUINan, from a place of that name in LANARKSHIRE. In the reign of Malcolm IV Baldwin de BIGRE gave the lands of KilPETER to Hugh de Paduinan, who appears as a witness to the foundation charter of the Abbey of Paisley between 1165-1173." That's the timing of peter Pollock building Rothes castle.

As I've said, Miss Hicks and her husband moved from my area of Texas to a place just outside of Dallas, and the Dallas surname (Moray, same as Rothes' and Bath-related Randolphs) shares the Coat of Bigre-like Biggars who named Biggar in Lanarkshire. Thus, Miss Hicks links to Houstons by that route, strongly suggesting a brand-new thing, that Sleeping Beauty refers to the last hour in the midst of Armageddon, the time of the rapture, explaining why she and I were in a rapture upon waking her while hovering. Biggars share the pelican with the Pullings who in turn share the Houston martlets in both colors, and the Pullings share the full motto of English Patents/Patons. The latter even share the Leslie griffin head and the Watson crescents! My head she's a-spinning. Patents/Patons were first found in Essex with Rothes and Motts/MORTE's! We saw a quote above: "Eva de MORTach married a knight by the name of Watson {some say Wiseman} and had a daughter. This daughter was supposed to have married a Norman Lesly of Lesly..." (brackets not mine). It appears that Mortach was definitely a Mott line.

The Cups/Culps in the Pulling motto were from the Kupa river to the near-south of Leslie-line Lesce, and near also to Ishtar-like Istria (not far from Este), and while Ishtar had the eight-pointed star, Motts/Morte's have an eight-pointed estOILE (and giant CRESCENT). If the estoile is part-code for Oyle's/Oilli's (compare with CRESSENTs), it's interesting that they show only blue bends, the color of the Leslie bend.

"MORTach" recalls that David Morley's MOTOR bike (circled the sleeping bag) could be for MODERbys/MODENs because they were first found in Berkshire with bike/biker-like Biks/Bickers. And Beach-related Beckers share the vair fur of Moters, thus tending to make a sleeping-bag link to Sleeping Beauty on the beach. The interesting thing here is that Eva de Mortack can be a pointer to Eva my aunt, wife of Mr. Grimaldi, my mother's brother. It's just that Grimaldi's share the checkered Shield of Bags, and from Grimaldi's we go to Grime's/Grimms having the Feet/fate Coat three times, important because Prophets are also ProFETTs, first found in Aberdeenshire with Foot-branch Fothes'/FETTE's and Leslie's. It starts to indicate the False Prophet, because, as I've said, Miss Hicks partook in false prophesying. Fothes'/Fette's share "Industria" with the Arms-of-Rothschild motto.

In the dream, I touched her leg to wake her, and Prophets/Profetts use a giant, bent leg. Eva-like Eve's use bent legs too, as do Leaks/Leakeys to which Miss Hicks previously linked. Eve's are in Dragon/Drainer colors and format, and in Death colors, and Deaths (Kent, same as Dragons/Drainers) use a dragon. Perfect. Another bent leg is with Eyers to which I trace "EARhardt," the other lady who plays Sleeping Beauty. "Leges" is in the Rain/Raines motto, and Miss Hicks is online with a Rena middle name. The "parium" motto term of Rains/Raines' is like the Prime's sharing the giant Prophet/Profett leg in other colors. What could this mean? Hixons/Hicksons use bird legs. Leggs, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, almost have the giant Trump stag. Will Trump become the False Prophet in 2024? Is he going to feign being a Christian in an effort to defeat the Bidenites? Deaths share a gold griffin head in Crest with Pollock- / Mieszko-related Dobers and Haldans (Glasgow).

Deaths were at Knowlton, and Knowltons are in MORTon colors and format. It just so happens that while Douglas' (share Moray stars) were first found in Moray with the Rothes location, the Morton write-up has: "Notable among the family at this time was James Douglas, 4th earl of Morton (d. 1581)..." That tends to identify Eva of Mortach as Morton liners, and to explain the Morton buckles i.e. a Leslie symbol too. English Mortons share the quadrants mentioned above in the Tute/Tuit / Haydon / Vallan discussion, but we can add here that while Speers/Speyers look like they were of the Spey river, location of Rothes and Buckie, Spree's, sharing the Speer crescents, have a quadrant-like HOURGLASS shape in the colors of those quadrants.

This gets batter as we investigate. The Simple's in the Spree motto were first found in Renfrewshire with hourglass-using Houstons, and Speers share the boar heads of Rothes-branch Roets who in turn love hourglass Books. That's the pointer to the destruction of the harlot of Rome in one hour. Roets are from Rieti, home of Vespasian, Titus and Domitian, the 4th, 5th and 6th heads of Revelation 17. The harlot of Rome rides upon these heads. The Trysts in the Simple motto were first found in Cornwall with Spree's and Tristans, and the latter happen to have a stag-head version of the Tick Coat!!! I claim that the harlot became Cybele, Great Mother of Phrygia, and Julia TYCHE, very linkable to Vespasian, as was shown in the 2nd update of last month, was the great granddaughter of Brogitarus, the high priest of Cybele! ZINGER!

The Ticks use a "mea" motto term linkable to Motts/MORTE's of the Meu-river area. Perfect. Ticks are also Tucks and Tooks, which can explain Eva of MorTACH. Tach's share the red scallop with Pullings and Sabine's, both from Vespasian's bloodline. The other English Tristans are said to have been first found in Devon with Peters and related others while Rothes' were first found in Kent with Ticks/Tucks/Tooks.

The lines under discussion go to Plancia Magna (her mother was chief priestess of Artemis temple in Perga), the line to Plunketts of Vilaine and Pollock-like Plocks, yet Plancia's line is the Perkin line, and while Perkins use a "SIMPLEx" motto term that gets us from the Simple motto to a Tristan branch, the Tristans of Devon share the three Coy pheons for what looks like a pointer to Perkins Coie, the attorneys office that Rodham Clinton hired to ruin Trump. Tristans were at BAMTON (Devon, same as red-lion Stewarts) while Bamptons share the Alan fesse along with red lions in BRAMton-lion colors.

The Ticks and Tristons are in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Stumps (share the Tick griffin heads), probably explaining the tree stumps of Watsons and Rodhams/Roddens. Watsons were first found in Rutland, and Rutland with Rutherfords, both sharing the ORLE border, share "Nec" with Rodhams/Roddens. Peter of Blois got suspect as Peter Pollock, and while Blois was political with Orleans, the ORLE border looks like code for Orleans', for they share the red roundel with the Devon Tristans. The latter have quadrants colors reversed from the same of Hykes'/Hacks (Devon), which gets us back to Apophis-liner Hyksos, apparently. The Orleans' share red roundels with Orrs/Ore's (Renfrewshire, same as Simple's)

The Simple-loving Spree's have a "sage" motto tern while SACKs/Sage's were pointed suggestively to the sun going dark / black like sackcloth made of goat hair. As it's assumed to be black sackcloth, note that Blacks share the Spree and Speer crescent while Blake's share the pale bars of Eschyna-like Eskins/Erskins (Renfrewshire, same as Simple's in the Spree motto). The daughter (Isabel) of Eschyna de Molle married Peter Pollock's brother, and Eschyna herself married the royal-Alans as well as Mr. Croc. We saw Eva of MORTach, Peter's granddaughter, and it just so happens that MORTons use a goat head. Darks/D'ARQUEs were first found in Kent with Rothes' and Ticks, and Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire with Moderbys/Modens probably because MODANE is on the Ark river. Motts are also Morte's.

The sun's going dark on Gog. We can easily make out, if pre-tribulationism doesn't cloud our thinking, that Gog of Ezekiel 38 and 39 is the anti-Christ, for both become destroyed on the mountains of Israel in the midst of a great dinner for the birds. Molle's share the boar head of Gog-like Googe's/GOOSE's, and both were first found in Rosh-line Roxburghshire. A goose on a ROCK is used by Rosh-liner Rutherfords (Roxburghshire). Gog is a fellow tribe of Rosh in some/most translations of Ezekiel 38 / 39 (some translations leave out "Rosh" and translate it as "head/chief"). This Rosh is not necessarily Russia, even though it looks named by the Varangian-RUS co-founders of Moscow. Rosh may indicate Rothschild elements, yet I'm still holding out that the anti-Christ will be a Russian proper, perhaps when Bidenites cripple the American military.

Speers share the boar heads of Roets who in turn share the motto of Bows/BOUGHs (share the bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild) who in turn look like a branch of hourglass Books/BOGGs. As German Sage's use the rainBOW, they look like Rennes liners to Renfrew, where we saw the Spree motto going that includes "sage," and to top off the hourglass-like Shield of Spree's, it appears that these pointers to the darkened sun and the one-hour catastrophe that follows are to the thieving Rothschild empire, the great whore of this world fornicating corporately with anyone who can make more money for the bottomless Rothschilian pit.

The sun goes dark in the 6th Seal, and the Seals/Zeals, expected in the "Zealous" motto of Hoods/Hoots, share the black wolf head with the Crest of Tristans, first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots. The same Tristans have the HYKES/Hack quadrants in colors reversed, and I believe that the 6 digit was from "Hyksos > hex." The Chives', once said to be first found in Devon, have the Hykes/Hack quadrants in colors reversed, but Chives' are now said to be first found in Tarves while Tarves' have six fitchees, the six Clinton and Hillary fitchees. Hillarys were first found in Worcestershire with the Clent Hills while Clents are also Clints and sharing the garbs of Blythe's, the latter being the surname of Bill Clinton's birth father.

Worcestershire is also where Watts were first found who share the giant WATson tree, and the Watt tree has "SPECTacles" hanging from it while Speccots (share fret with Hoods/Hoots) were first found in Devon too. The specTACles may therefore also be code for what named "MorTACH," for Eva of Mortach married Watson. Speccots (partly in Cornwall with Trysts and Tristans) share the bend of Keeps in the "Keep tryst" motto of Simple's. Keeps were first found in Sussex with the Stumps expected in the Watson / Rodham tree stump, and while Rodhams were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's, Hebrons and Seals, Lorraine's (Keep bend) have a version of the Speccot bend-with frets while Hebrons use "Keep tryst" too. The "sapiens" motto term has always evaded a solution from me. The Sack/Sage write-up mentions "Richard Sapiens or le Sage," but that only deepens the mystery. Coomers (suspect from Gomerians) use a motto, "Sapiens dominaBITUR ASTRis," and this looks like a concise pointer to an ASTERoid causing BITTER wormwood. I was looking at the Coomer Coat, disappointed for forgetting whose Coat was like the Coomer Coat seen yesterday, So, I gave up trying to think of it. I then proceeded to ask why Coomers might belong to the sackcloth theme, and just then my memory bank kicked in, recalling that the mystery Coat was that of French Clots! That's the surname brought to topic with "sackCLOTH, and it's also the surname with a hexagram colors reversed from the comet of Reine's/Rainers! How about that. When seeing the Clot Coat yesterday, I realized that the color combination is on the rare with black items around a red-on-gold chevron. Nothing came to mind yesterday that looks like it. German Clots (Rodham colors) have what could be a tree "stump."

For what it could be worth, French Clots were first found in Lorraine, and this brings Lorraine's bus STOP to topic, first because Stops/Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire while Staffords share the Clot chevron. I wouldn't be saying this except for the additional point that BIRTHs/Berts (Devon again) share three black items around a red chevron with Clots. I asked Pepin-pointing Lorraine for our first date at her bus stop on my birthday, and this is good for pointing to the Apophis asteroid. The Brits/Bretts (Somerset, beside Births/Berts) are said to be from Brittany, and share the lion of Bamtons, thus making the red lion in the Brit/Brett Crest suspect as the Bramton lion, and Bampton was the home of Devon's Tristans (Cornwall, same as Trists and Spree's).

Stubbings seem to fit right into the discussion because they have a "QUIEScam" motto, and a Spree river of Lusatia is on a QUEIS/Kwisa river. Trebys (Devon) may have the Stubbing-Crest lion because both surnames share besants on black. Ahhh, I always missed it: Stubbs share the pheons of the Bamton Tristans!!! The Stubbing Crest shares the lion head of Wrens and Rothes', in the colors of the Rain/Raines lions.

So, although we deviated to Lorraine the BABE, we remained bang-on topic, and this may be for Babwells/Babels and Babe's/Babels, as a pointer to Mystery Babylon, the harlot that Sleeping Beauty was pointing to shortly above when we were connecting her hover scene to Rothschild elements such as Natts/Nathans. Frankish people would pronounce "Harlot" as the Harlows, first found in Essex with Rothes'. Harlows even have escutcheons in the colors of the Natt/Nathan and Saddock escutcheons!!! Zinger. What a coincidence. If I were a Rothschild banker at this time, or something similar, I'd start praying very long-term and sincerely, and I would throw my money to the poor like the survival of my soul depended upon it. It's far better to be on unemployment insurance or welfare than to be a too-fat Rothschild stuck in the eye of a needle. There is hope for you, Mr. and Miss Poor. Call upon The Forgiver.

As Miss Hicks is harlot-like Charlotte, and as she practiced the Pentecostal-type false prophesying as though God were speaking in the first-person out of her mouth, let's repeat:

In the dream, I touched her leg to wake her, and Prophets/Profetts use a giant, bent leg. Eva-like Eve's use bent legs too [like in the Arms of Fussen/FOETes], as do Leaks/Leakeys to which Miss Hicks previously linked. Eve's are in Dragon/Drainer colors and format, and in Death colors, and Deaths (Kent, same as Dragons/Drainers) use a dragon. Perfect [pointer to the harlot riding the dragon]. Another bent leg is with Eyers to which I trace "EARhardt," the other lady who plays Sleeping Beauty. "Leges" is in the Rain/Raines motto, and Miss Hicks is online with a Rena middle name. The "parium" motto term of Rains/Raines' is like the Prime's sharing the giant Prophet/Profett leg in other colors. What could this mean? Hixons/Hicksons use bird legs. Leggs, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, almost have the giant Trump stag. Will Trump become the False Prophet in 2024? Is he going to feign being a Christian in an effort to defeat the Bidenites? Deaths share a gold griffin head in Crest with Pollock- / Mieszko-related Dobers and Haldans (Glasgow).

Sleeping Beauty came with an auto, and "aut" is another motto term of Rains/Raines'. It's as though there's a strong pointer to Rothschild-related Rain liners, and the secret societies of 19th century Rothschilds included such Pentecostal-like things as the Apostle's Club. And Christian Zionists arose out of those cults, giving Christianity the false-prophetic teaching of pre-tribulationism. It started in the Irvingite church owned by Henry Drummond, the New Apostolic Church (founded 1830, same year as the Mormon church) that had 12 apostles of Jesus strewn across Europe. Madness. The Irving surname (holly) named Irving near Renfrewshire, and another Irving in Dumfries.

Rothschilds went on to found modern Israel, and while Christian Zionists think this is a wonderful thing to this day, prophecy reveals that God despises end-time Israel. When the final destruction looms overhead, end-time Israel will have the attitude of, let's party, for tomorrow we die. Let's not bother repenting or looking to God. OBSTINATE REBELS. British Rothschilds used Arthur Balfour (former prime minister of Britain) to set up Israel in advance, and although I can't recall how well the Balfour chevron links to that of Forneys, the latter is the Rain/Raines chevron too. Miss Hicks / Mrs. Kilpatrick moved from my area of Texas to Forney. Is "Forney" a pointer to a fiery furnace, or to the fornication of the Revelation harlot? I'm not suggesting that Miss Hicks is a harlot, of course.

Irvings happen to us a "constanter" motto term while Constants/Constance's were first found in Languedoc with Forneys. Coincidence, or Arranged? Irving is a location in Cunningham, and the Overs/Offers are in the Cunningham motto, like the Hovers/Hoffers who pointed to the harlot earlier while on Hvar = Pharia. Might Pharia > Fair/Ferme/Phares liners have become Forneys too? The Farne's have a version of the Place Coat, and Place's are in the motto of Rome's/RIMs (Dumfries) while Rains/Raines' have the Rim surname in their write-up as though they were a Rim branch. The Rome's/Rims may even have the Harlow lion.

Hmm, using the Greek alphabet as the numeral system of ancient Greeks, "Stainer" = 666. ConSTANTER." Stants/Stans/Stands are also Stains. The mark of the beast can be considered a stain. Irvingites were the first Pentecostals. The father of Miss Hicks was a Pentecostal preacher / pastor. Stainers use a crane probably with a rock in its foot (common heraldic symbol), and French Rocks/Roque's were first found in Languedoc, where they named Roquefeuil = proto-Rockefellers. I believe that Stainers use laurel, the Lorraine symbol with certainty, and Laurels were first found in Languedoc too. Laurel is in the cup of Laurie's/Larrys, first found in Dumfries. See a pattern? The 666 can be suspect from the Hicks-like Hyksos. The grass STAIN on Lorraine's pants!!! She was acting out an adulterous event with that grass stain because she was out on a walk with her friend's husband, and adultery is exactly the symbol of the Revelation harlot.

This recalls Miss Hicks and STANley in the evening of the 9-11 memorial, when I accused her of committing adultery with Stanley. I had seen him sitting beside her twice in church as close as a person can sit, when her husband was not there, and then he came to sit beside her at the 9-11 memorial too, when her husband was not there. So I walked up to her, after he left to be on the stage, and said, "is that your buddy"? As it turns out, more than 10 years later, the Buddy/Botter surname has an "eagle STANDING on a perch"! Stanley had brought the American flag to the stage, and Flags/Flecks share the double fesses of Stands/Stains.

That was the night when she got her knee symbol of the Leakey road, and so, more than 10 years later, I found that Leakeys (share bent human leg with Prophets/Profetts), Knee's and Stanleys share the same bend. The Flags are in the Flags of McLeods/CLOUDs while clouds are in the Crest of Fothes'/Fette's, first found in Kincardineshire at Aberdeen. The latter term is suspect from "Kabardino," home of Kabars = Khazars, and Rothschilds are suspect from the "Jewish" Khazars (they may or may not have been from Israelites). Kabars / Khazars co-founded Hungarians, and Leslie's were Hungarians, who descended from Magog-suspect Magyars living over by Kabardino (northern Caucasia). Jewish Cohens, meaning "priest," are also Kagans, the latter term being the name of Khazar priest-kings. Jewish Cohens/Kagans share the Moray stars, and Rothes is at Moray, near Aberdeen. Khazars were at Bihor/Biharia (Transylvania), which looks like it named Biggar, especially as Khazar kings were also called, "begs." Crispins of BEC abbey share the bars in the Arms of Hungary, and Beckers have the German Cohen Coat in vair fur, even as the Hohen Coat is in vair fur with Becker-branch Beach's/Bechs.

The Aberdeen surname has an "interMERATa" motto turn looking like code for a surname from the Khazar ruler, MenuMORUT. He ruled at Biharia around the Mures river whose namers I see related to "Moray," near Aberdeenshire. The Sutherland write-up tells that its gold-on-red stars are the Moray stars, and that's the colors of the Aberdeen stars. The Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's expected in the "fides" motto term of Aberdeens use "Industria" for their full motto, a term in the Arms of Rothschild. "...the family claim descent from the old barony of FIDES, anciently Futhos or Fothes, in the parish of Foveran". It's suspect with Fussen/ Bavaria, where Bauers were first found. Foets/Voets share a green Shield with Bauers, Bowers and Bourleys.

Back to Morley's motor bike, for as Motts/Morte's (share Death crescents) were from Mott(e) locations along the Meu river, let's not forget that Meu-river Mea's/My's are in the "my" motto term of Ainsleys. Lets add that the Mea/My cross is not only that of Haydens, but of Baths, and, as I've said a million times, Sleeping Beauty was in a bathing suit when walking to the front of the car. It now seems the family of Peter of Blois, archdeacon in Bath (of Bath and Wells) around the year 1190, may have bumped into the Buttons in the Biden write-up: "William of Bitton I (d. 1264,) also listed as William Button was a medieval Bishop of Bath and Wells. His nephews included another William of Bitton (d. 1274,) was also Bishop of Bath and Wells; and William's brother, a Thomas of Bitton (d. 1307,) an Archdeacon and Dean of Wells... As Stain-loving Buddys/Botters/BODIns were first found in Hampshire with Bidens/Buttons, is the fake Joe Biden now on the American throne the False Prophet? Are the two horns of the False Prophet this fake along with the invisible one who controls him?

On the other hand, Livers/Levers/Lovers use a "rooster STANDing on a trumpet." Is Trump going to be the False Prophet?

From the last update: "Back to king Arthur's death on Bute. While Arras is the Artois capital, the Arras' list the Arrows while Dutch Bouts/Boutes' show nothing but an arrow in the colors of the giant Botter[/Buddy] eagle (it's red, like the one in the Artois/Ardon Crest)" The Bouts/Boutes arrow forms a bend in the colors of the Lorraine bend, all in the colors of the Botter/Buddy eagle, suggesting that Lorraine's grass stain is a pointer to the 666 stain. She lived on Church street, where she was out for a walk, and the False Prophet's horns, like those of a lamb, could suggest a false-Christian, prophet-type leader...someone who makes false promises. Lorraine's use the Child eagle, and Miss Hicks moved into the home previously of Mr. Childs when moving to Forney. As I've said, Lorraine was carrying an infant child the last time I saw her, just months old, in 1983.

I've just checked Lambs to discover that the Scottish branch shares the Bus cinquefoil, while both the Scottish and English branch were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's! What could this mean in the context of this discussion in which Miss Hicks was doing the false-prophesying (she did it twice in my presence)? As I said, I moved into Rumble avenue while with Lorraine, and Rumble's share the lamb / Bus cinquefoil too. The Rains/Raines' pointing to Miss Hicks have the Rims, and Rims/Rome's are also RUMs while Rumble's are also Rumbolds, where "Rum" looks like the root term.

Lorraine the babe was a Jehovah's Witness, and now I know why. The group was founded by the pyramid-loving nutbar, Charles Russell, and Russells were first found in Dorset with Babe's. Russell assisted the Rothschild-Balfour effort to start a new Israeli nation. In concept, this is great, when Jesus does it, but not when Rothchilians and other cultists do it. If we celebrate Israel on the map again because it signals the Israel of Jesus, fine, but first, there will be a destruction of the wicked in Israel. I don't think it will go well for Rothschild bankers. We hope they become reasonable. We hope they become humble before Jesus, but, fat chance. They have their own plans for the future, and their power is not in wisdom, but in money, and they will rush their agenda forward by forcing the masses to do as they order, or else. That's not any kind of a hook to hang our hats on, but more like a meat hook. It's not going to be pretty.

Charles Russell was an ideal false prophet. Russells were first found in Dorset with the Numine's in the motto of English Banners, and the latter share "sine" with Scottish Lambs in turn having a lamb with banner, which makes it interesting that Scottish Banners ("PRO patria") are in Lamb colors, and first found in Aberdeenshire with, Prophets/PROfetts, Fette's, and Banner-like Bains/Beans. The latter have a "bot" motto term highly connectable to Italian Botters, yet we saw the English Botters/Buddys/Budins with a "standing" code likely for Stain liners. Buddys came up as per STANley. Feet-depicted Lorraine was part of a false-prophet cult. Will the False Prophet be a Jehovah's Witness, or someone similar who downgrades Jesus to mere angel status?

Stanley (whom I called "buddy") was holding the flag, and so, as "Palma" is a Lamb and Yarborough motto term while Lorraine's grass stain brought us to Yarborough', here's a quote from below written a day or two before writing here: "Stains were first found in Yorkshire with the Palms in the Yarborough motto, and Palmers can be gleaned as Flag kin. Flys of Flagi were related to both Joseph surnames. Flys were first found in Hampshire with Richeza-line Rich's/RICHESS'"...and Botters/Buddys!!! Richeza was of Lorraine (usually called Richeza of Lotharingia)! Yarborough's even share "sine" with Banners and Lambs!!! ASTOUNDING. It seems that God set me up to ask Lorraine on a date at her bus stop for a pointer to the False Prophet. Jeb BUSH? He's lamb-like. Will he get elected in 2024? In 2028? Why do Feets/Fate's look like they can be in the "fato" motto term of Cheneys?

Sine's/Sions/Swans were first found in Lanarkshire while Lanarks/Lurnacks, sharing the Bus cinquefoil with Lambs, speak of the Lorraine-like Lorne's. Her bus stop was at the corner of Yonge and Arnold, which is the corner of Yonge and LORNE across Yonge street. She lived nearest to the corner of Lorne and Church. Just amazing material here. Lorne's (show no Coat) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Prophets/ProFETTS and Foot-branch Fothes'/Fette's, and, as I've said a million times, Lorraine got her babe symbol at the instant she got her feet / foot symbol, on Yonge street near Lorne. As I remember it, she was being dropped off from being at her church, and I was waiting for her, but it's all faint. (I was hoping she would leave that cult for me; I didn't know how serious she was with it.)

As per Charles Russell, by what coincidence do English Charles' share the Child / Lorraine eagle? Note that French Charles', the only surname listing Charlotte's, share the Feet/Fate martlets. Charlotte Hicks. The Charles'/Charlotte's are in Hicks colors, and almost in their format too. The MARTLets assure that this was the line of Charles Martel (descended from CHILDeric, likely), and French Martels share the crown of Corons and Corona's, a potential pointer to the "corona" virus and those foisting it upon us like a hammer. English Charles' were first found in Sussex with Crauns/Crane's (Charles/Charlotte colors), from the Corona-like Ceraunii. Irish Charles' use gold crowns too, on a fesse colors reversed from the Hick fesse. (Irish Charles share the Alan fesse, making the two hands from two clouds in the Fothes'/Fette Crest look linkable to the same of Aarons/Arens.)

French Martels (lion wears a gold crown, as does the Rothes lion head) might just have the Rain/Raines / Rothes lion because English Martels were first found in Essex with Rains/Raines'. We might even suggest that, as the Feet/Fate Coat is three times upon the Grime Coat, this is a pointer to the 666 stain. To put it another way, Fetts/Fate's share the Pavia Coat while MARK-line Marici co-founded Pavia with the whore, the Laevi. The Rain/Raines write-up suggests connection to "Ragin," and perhaps this explains the "regni" motto term of Irish Charles'.

Maricopa Update

It takes till the second minute of Julie's show to announce that Jovan Pulitzer's machinery is being used for the Arizona audit. This could get exciting, for other states may welcome Pulitzer's machinery too:

Related video may be promising a spoiler:

Here's Waldron on Jovan Pulitzer's scanning technology, which promises to stifle election fraud just because the scanner is capable of detecting paper not officially used by the people producing the real ballots. So, anyone who wants to use alternative paper to print ballots would be taking a greater risk from now on.

The fraudsters committed to a certain number of Maricopa voters, in the range of 2.1 million. If the fraudsters try to toss out the faked ballots, then it's not going to add up to 2.1 million, and, in addition, they will need to toss Biden-vote ballot. In other words that method of cheating now is not a great option, yet they might try to do so if the greater evil upon them is to leave the ballots in place which then exposes the specific people involved in the fraud. At this point, they would rather see Biden lose Maricopa than to see their leading fraudsters nabbed, who might then snitch on the state leaders behind the fraud. There must be a few knees rattling at this time.

Or maybe they'll burn down the whole barn and say, oops, sorry, electrical-wire failure.

I can link Waldrons to election fraud where they were from SHIPlake, for Ships use "bellows" while Bellows are also BALLOTs. That was easy. It appears that God arranged that. Plus, I explain a dream in the 1st and 2nd updates of last month where "JOE's VAN" and other things pointed to JOVAN Pulitzer. In that dream, there was Mr. OWL eyes, a major topic, and Owls/Howls (Suffolk, same as THURstons) look like a branch of Howells who in turn share the Tour/Thor Coat in colors reversed. The "pecTORE" motto term of Bellows/Ballots can apply. Tours/Thor's were first found in Devon with Waldron-branch Walerans and with the Billets sharing the Bellow/Ballot Coat. Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with the Phone's/Fane's/VANS, a branch of Phoenix's/FENwicks, and Phoenix is the big city in Maricopa county.

The Thurston-like Thortons/Thorntons use a "Fideli" motto term while Phoenix's/Fenwicks share "Fidelis" with Waldron-like Walders. That's interesting. Thortons/Thorntons share a purple lion with Meschin-related Skiptons who are in turn like the Shipton variation of Ships. Skipton is in Craven, and Thornton is a location in Craven. The Shipton bellows, by the way, are FANS, and Karen Fann happens to lead up the Maricopa senate's audit program. Ahh, lookie: "The surname Thorton was first found in Cheshire where the founder of the family was Peter Thornton, Secretary to the Blundells. Thornton in Lancashire is home to another branch of the family." BlunDELLs/Blondells (Lancashire) use BILLETS! "FiDELI" of the Thortons/Thorntons may thus apply to Dells (Suffolk, same as Thurstons, Blondville's and Blonds).

The "iDEM" motto term of Blundells can be for the Deem variation of DeMere's (Cheshire, same as Bellows/Ballots) because the latter have a giant SHIP while Ships use bellows. These new links are coming at you thanks to Mr. owl-eyes in the Joe's-van dream. The Babe-related Blonds (foot in Crest) first came to topic with the babe and feet / foot symbol of Lorraine, and it was Mike OULlette who uttered "what a babe" to give her that symbol at the instant she got her feet / foot symbol. Mike is the brother of Joe under discussion. I always trace Foots and Fothes'/Fette's to the "CyFOETH" motto term of Gernons, from Ranulph de Gernon, a close relative of BLUNDville's (Meschins by another name).

I looked up Blonds immediately after telling that Lorraine and LAWRENCE Kepke had "sun-bright" blond hair, and while telling readers about her foot symbol, to find a foot in a sun in the Blonde Crest. It can now be added that while Lawrence's/Laurence's were at Lonsdale (Lancashire, location of another Thornton), we read: "...half the town of Thornton was held by William Banastre, and the other moiety by LAURENCE de Thorneton..." The Meschin write-up: " [Meschins] held the honor of Skipton, in Yorkshire, from Richard Banistre, a Norman Baron of Cheshire..."

Blondville's share six, black fitchees with Tarves', and Tarvisium is where Vita's were first found who are in the Bellow/Ballot motto. The Travers/Travis' (share Meschin scallops) are in the motto of Forez's, and the Basset/Besancons, with eleven of the ten Blundell billets, were first found in Forez. Bassets/Besancons look like Bessins/Beastons of Cheshire: "[Beeston] takes its name from a castle founded by Ranulph de BLUNDeville, about 1220..."

Now that I know that Pulitzer's machine is a scanner, I've just looked up Scans to find them listed with Skene's/Skins, and they happen to share a "merces" motto term with Thortons/Thorntons. We can't seem to get away from the latter. Scans/Skene's/Skins share Laurel with Lorraine's. Scans/Skene's (Aberdeenshire) share the wolf heads of Cheshire's/Lupus'/Wolfs/Welfs, the same line as that of the Meschin / Blundville earls of Cheshire. The Fothes'/Foots (beside Aberdeen) use a cornuCOPIA to go with MariCOPa.

The Maricopa county, the cheats, had loaded all ballots onto a truck for delivery to the people wanting the audit, but the ballots were not requested at the time before loading them on the truck. This was a few weeks ago. So, a prediction is that they wanted to remove the ballots from the building in order to blame the trucking company, perhaps, for losing ballots or ruining the machines. Or, they may even try to accuse the audit people of planting the faked ballots. Now, on April 2, they look like they want to play a similar game of trucking the ballots out of the county with no apparent reason for it.

Here's Sidney Powell this past week showing crying disappointment in Trump, and answering very good questions. I agree with all of her sentiments:

With Biden in power, there is no hope for our side of organizing a military rebellion against the globalist looters. They loot tax money. That's what dictatorships are all about, getting hands on the nation's treasury. But even before the Bidenite dictatorship, they were deep with hands into the treasury, so it's the same-old-same-old this year too, but now with a program to spy on the nation severely because the nation has seen what's going on in both parties like never before. Trump's job is to feign being different, an outsider to Washington, but he's either a traitor to his own voters, or a dragon to begin with.

For the foreseeable future, I'm viewing Trump as the coming False Prophet. Up until now, I have said that Trump is not likely the False Prophet because I figured his last day as president would be in January of 2025. But, now, he could be in the White House between 2025 and January of 2029. The last seven years could start as early as next year, for all I can know. If Obama is at the top of the Biden administration secretly, I can see him invading Egypt with the Middle-East, Muslim contacts he made as president, and with American money.

God has the last say with whatever the goons hope to get accomplished. He's allowed to answer our heart-felt prayers when we are in close communion with Him. We are allowed to pray against what we see coming. It's all legal, so let's not be soft in prayer, but let's ask God, like a sweet aroma in His nostrils, for the fullest punishments possible on our mortal enemies. It will be sweet to God when He sees us resisting those enemies rather than becoming apostates and joining them out of fear, in hopes of skirting trouble.

We really need to be careful here. For example, Mike Lindell in support of Trump, honoring Trump, or Christians in general supporting Trump. Are these the foolish virgins, the pre-tribulationists, the goats? We need to be careful. It is worse than in vain to fight and defeat election fraud only to elect your own enemy. Can you understand how completely warped and traitorous-to-Jesus it is to wave a banner, "Make American Great Again," ten years before the return of Jesus? Make Babylon Great Again. Trump has always been a part of Babylon. He doesn't have the mind of Jesus, nor the agenda of Jesus.

Mamie was Apophis

After seeing the speaker's name, I checked it. As it turned out, Waldrons are a branch of Walerans, for they essentially share the same Coat, gold HORNs and all (why are the horns emphasized?). But what follows is just amazing. To set this up, let me repeat from the last update:

I'd like to repeat that Mamie and I, on the first day we became a couple, were WADing in a lake, where we emBRACEd, only to find, decades later, that the Brace/Bras Coat is like the Lake Coat. She pointed to MUMmolin later that day, and the "praeMIUM" motto term of Lackys/Lakeys (wolf head) probably applies along with Prays/PRETers (wolf heads), who have the Quade/WADE Coat in colors reversed, you see...

After we were in the lake, I remember nothing of that day aside from later being at her front yard. She was approaching her GARDEN, and I remember it because I noticed her terrific thighs. She was in her bathing suit. As it turned out, decades later, the Gardens/Jardens share the boar head of Babons/Bavents, and Babon was the son of Mummolin. Plus, Jardins, first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens, share the stars of Tease's/TYE's/TYES', which is the reason that I was impressed with her thighs. There's no other explanation but that God caused that event in conjunction with the wade in the lake.

Here's a new and fantastic thing, thanks the new-to-me Waldrons: "The Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 lists Matilda Walrond in Warwickshire and Walarinus de CARTONE" (caps mine). I happened to load the Cartone to find the familiar Cardine's. This is so wild, because Cartone's/Cardine's are in the colors and format of Brace's/Bras', and thus they have a Coat much like that of Lake's. But the thing is, Walerans, and therefore Waldrons, are in the colors and format of Quade's/WADE's!!!!!!!!!!! But there's more, for Quade's/Wade's share the black wolf head with Waldrons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But there's more, for the Cardin variation of Cartone's is like "Garden"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But there's more, for Quade's/Wade's are from Quadratilla Bassus, wife of LUPUS LAEVillus, and the Tease's/Tyes' are named after the Ticino river, home of the LAEVi Gauls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're not done yet; Walerans were from Waleran de LEAVELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus, while she was in a bathing SUIT that day, Suits/Suters were first found in Angus with Gardens and Jardins.

God set that day up with Mamie to prove, with this heraldry, that Laevi Gauls (pre-dated Laevillus) named Laevillus. But why would God care about this? And why did it take me years to go from first talking about that day (with Mamie), until now, to find Waldrons, the key to this revelation??? In fact, God arranged Walarinus de Cartone to fit the embrace-in-the-lake heraldry, on top of using a Cartone-like garden later that day. But there's more.

Here's from the Waldron write-up: "The surname Waldron was first found in Sussex at Waldron, a parish, in the union of Uckfield, hundred of ShipLAKE..." So, we must assume that the Lake's named Shiplake with the Ships, for the latter were first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's!!! What are the chances that in such a short write-up, we would find Waldrons of Shiplake? The Ships are even in Waleran / Waldron colors and format. Oxfordshire is moreover where Gunters were first found who are in the "junGUNTER" motto term of Gardens/Jardens!!! Canst thouest believeth alleth of thiseth? It's crazy in a hilarious way. Who would have thought that God would get into the business of doing these things with someone's life? WHAT FOR?

I often think that I was supposed to die at birth in order for God to justify using my life for heraldic pointers so exorbitantly. I must have been like a ball in God's pin-ball machine, bounced around from event to event in order to tell these stories. My mother said I was born blue because she waited so long to get to the hospital. So, maybe God said, "I'll save this one, and play some pin-ball with Him, just for fun." It's not easy to know whether He arranged the events to fit the heraldry, or vice-versa, or a bit of both, but I don't try to answer that question. One day I might.

There's more. Shiplake is in Pevensey, and Pevens' are listed with Bevans/Bevens, like the Bavents/Bevents/Bavens who come up as "Babon." There's more undeniable proof that Mamie is to be a pointer to Mummolin. Shiplake is where Waldrons were first found (in Sussex).

Mamie and I in the lake can be viewed as the mythical Lady of the Lake, a major topic of the last update. The reasons that Mamie is the Lady are: 1) German Gunters share the Lady/Laudyman annulet, and; 2) Brace's/Bras look like a branch of Brays/Brae's, first found in Northamptonshire with Ladys/Laudymans. Cool. Recall how the sackcloth investigation was using Clausula-river elements, for Lady Fortune of the Klassens/Class' is of that river.

As LANCElot was put into lady-of-the-Lake mythology, note that LANGHE is at Bra of Piedmont, right beside the first-known Pelosi's/Pilati's (of Savigliano) who use a bull in colors reversed from the Beauty / Waleran / Waldron bull. Bra is also beside Monforte and Montferrat, and Montforts (share Beaumont lion) married Beaumonts of Meulan. See anything suspicious?

Then, SHIPerts/Shephards (probably a Saffer branch) are in Lady colors and format. "Early recorded instances of the name include William Sepherd listed in Rotuli Hundredorum, in Oxfordshire in 1279." That's where Ships were first found. Shiperts/Shephards and Ladys/LaudyMANs are essentially in the colors and format of Mens-loving Pophams/Poppins too, and all three surnames share the red Chief on blank, white Shield with Mens'/MAME's. The latter's Coat, with no symbols at all, was the Coat of rulers of Montferrat, which included Renier/Rainier, the possibly line to comet-using Reine's/Reines'. Montferrat got involved with the family of Alice of Saluzzo, the line that was all over the flood dream, and here we find ourselves on Apophis suspects, for Pepins also have the Mens' in their write-up. So, does Mamie in the lake not point to the Apophis asteroid?

WORMwood comes to mind here, which poisons rivers and lakes. The royal Robertians were Capetians, and descended from Worms, Germany. Incredibly, this page, after one clicks on the "Ancestors" button, shows a family tree with Isabel Capet (daughter of HUGH Capet), wife of Robert Beaumont, who in turn married both Miss Montfort and Miss Blue-like Blois. If one clicks on the link to Oda of Conteville, the grandmother of Robert Beaumont above, we find that she's the daughter of John de Burgo, and sister of Herluin de Conteville, the latter being the grandfather of Hugh LUPUS and his sister, the mother of Ranulph le Meschin. It thus seems that Hugh Lupus was a descendant of Lupus Laevillus.

Hugh Lupus D'Avranches used a white-on-blue wolf head, and Floods/Floyds/Tullys use a white-on-green wolf head. And by the way, Floods/Tullys are colors reversed from Lyons, all-the-more reason to see them from Tullia of Lyon. Wikipedia once told that Hugh Lupus' "nickname" was Flood/Floyd-like "Flaith(e)." The Blois-like Blue's are also Worm-like Gorms, in case they apply to the Worms line. "Flaith" looks like it's from Flaad, father of the Dol Alans, for Robert D'Avranches (married Miss Dol) is given the DOLfin dolphin as a symbol, in the colors of the Hugh-Lupus wolf head.

Robertsons are interesting for using white-on-red wolf heads, the symbol still showing for Richard D'Avranches at his Wikipedia article. Richard was Hugh Lupus' son. The wolf head of Richard is surrounded by the Gore/Core crosslets, and Gore's/Core's use a white wolf too. Apparently, Richard was descended from Gore's, or vice-versa, and Gore's are now said to be first found in Kent with English Roberts. As Alans share the acorn with Capets/Capes', it seems that the naming of Robert D'Avranches can indicate a Worms > Robertian ancestry. Isabel Capet became the wife of ROBERT Beaumont. It can appear that the Robert and Proper/Robert lions are in the colors of the wolf heads of Lupus'/Welfs (Cheshire, same as Propers/Roberts and Hugh Lupus) for a related reason. the Robertian Capets were from HUGH Capet.

Hugh Capet had married princess Anna of Kiev's Varangians (Ukraine), recalling that Mr. Kiev-like Kepke, my friend, had a Ukrainian father. I had suspected that Kepke liners were from the namers of Caiaphas. Joseph Caiaphas was a Sadducee, and Saddocks were first found in Sussex with Keeps. Sadducees in Jesus' day were of the house of Boethus, which included Salome, and the Salome bend is in the colors of the Keep fesse. Chappes'/CHEAPs were first found in Stirlingshire with Years, and Anna of Kiev was the daughter of YARoslav. YARborough's ("sine") are also YEARbys, and use what I think are CHAPlets. The Chaplets, sharing the swan that French Josephs once showed, were first found in Lorraine, and Keeps probably share the Lorraine bend because Richeza of Lorraine had a son, Casimir (son of Mieszko II), who married Maria of Kiev. Yarborough's look related to Otto's/Ottone's who in turn look related to French Chappes'.

The colors of the vertically-split Yarborough Shield are shared by Popps/Poppens, which could indicate the line of Yaroslav as mythical Popiel. Yarbourgh is a location in LOUTH-Eske (Lincolnshire), and Pepe's/Pepperds were first found in Louth of Ireland. Anna was Yaroslav's daughter, and Anne's/Hanne's (Yorkshire, same as Wheelwrights and Keep-like Keppochs) happen to share the stag heads of Pophams/Poppins!!! That's new. I trace "VARANgian" to the Varni at Schwerin (Mecklenburg), and it just so happens that Popiel-like Popoli's (Naples, same as Capone's/Capua's) have the Shield of Schwerins (Mecklenburg) in colors reversed. The Crest of Varns (Share "Ne" with "wlad"-using Josephs) is very similar to the Yarborough Crest. The Varni were a fellow-tribe with Lombards who named Lombardy, where Milan is the capital. Varns are obvious kin of Scottish Grams/Grahams (MidLOTHian) while the vertically-split Shield of German Grams is the ones of Yarborough's and Popps/Poppens in colors reversed. German Grams share three feathers (different colors) in Crest with Pepe's/Pepperds, and the Gram feathers are in the brown color of the one feather of German Pole's/Pohls. The Pohls/Pohlands have a "buffalo" head in the colors of the Mieske bull head.

Pepin-pointing Lorraine had a GRASS STAIN applying to this picture because Stains (Yorkshire again) married Yarborough's (probably the Grace/Grasse chevron), first found in Lincolnshire with English Grasse's. Plus, Otto's/Ottone's were first found in Perusia with GRAZio's. The Grace's/Grasse's (Provence, same as Lizarts) look related to Lizarts, a branch of English Liss'/Lise's while French Lys'/Lise's (Ile-de-France, same as Chappes') were from the Lissus river of the Cavii. Liss'/Lise's were first found in Hampshire with Josephs using a "wlad" motto term that can be for Vlads and/or from Vladimir, father of Yaroslav.

I had traced Lorraine's grass stain to Bars of Bar-le-Duc, and a Bar location is on the coast out from lake Scodra, itself at the Clausula river to which Clode's/McLeods/CLOUDs are now tracing. There is a cloud in the Stain Crest, and Stains share the double fesses of Flags in the Clode/McLeod Crest. Stains were first found in Yorkshire with the Palms in the Yarborough motto, and Palmers can be gleaned as Flag kin. Flys of Flagi were related to both Joseph surnames. Flys were first found in Hampshire with Richeza-line Rich's/RICHESS', and her son married Maria of Kiev. Hugh Lupus D'AVRANCHes looks like he was amongst VARANGi. Richeza's son was Casimir, and Casimir's (compare with Bouts/Boutes') share the red ANTLer with Veringers, and then the Wheelwrights have an ANTELope, looking like part code for Lope / Lupus liners. Bouts/Boutes are in Botter/BUDIN colors, and the Budini were at the Kiev theater.

How about that, historians, will you ever borrow from this work, or are you ashamed of Jesus? Is it because He wore dusty sandals, and wasn't tech-sassy? Is it because he didn't have ability to shower every day? Are you really better than Jesus, Mr. Mod Historian, just because you have dirt-free hands and modern textbooks?

If Casimirs were another Caesar line, note that Saracen-like Sares'/Sarah's (compare with English Case's) share the motto of Bernicia-line BARwicks (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's). Saracens (Sares/Sarah colors) are also Sassons (Cumberland, same as Bernice's), and Sassy the cat got us to the Cetina river, and to Saracen-head Cetins/Cattans with a "Cautes" motto term for the Cautes'/Cotta's, the surname of Caesar's mother. Casimir married DOBER-like Maria DOBRoniega.

Mamie and I hugged in the water in pointing to wolf-head Quade's/Wade's, and Hugs are listed with French Hughes' while Welsh Hughes' share the lion of Welsh Roberts (Denbighshire, beside Cheshire). The "LyDEIRnon" motto term of Welsh Hughes looks like code for a branch of Dere's/RES' (Alan-line lances) sharing the Chief of French Alans and Hugs/Hughes'. Houstons/Hughstons (hourGLASS) look like Stewart kin. Houstons/Hughstons share the checks of Wrights while Wheelwrights use a "RES" motto term.

Blue's/Gorms may have named the Gormleys who in turn share the Pepe/Pepperd martlets, and the latter are the ones with double fesses in the colors of the double River fesses. Wormwood affects the rivers. Walerans were barons in Essex, where Rains/RAINES' (goes with flooding) were first found, and then Blue's/Gorms were first found in ARRAN, itself related to an AiRAINES location (Picardy). Orions/Irons were first found at Airaines, and mythical Orion was a take on "Uranus," the rain god, husband of Gaia. While king Gaia, father of king Massena (BC times), was also, Gala, the Galli's share the rooster (different colors) with Blue's/Gorms. Massena's share the white patee cross with Blois'. Both Galli's and French Pepins can be gleaned as kin of Poitvins, and it just so happens that king Gala was a Meshwesh Numidian (near Tunis) while Meshwesh ruled Egypt (at Tunis-like Tanis) starting in the 21st dynasty, not long after the Hyksos had ruled the same area. The Meshwesh (or Mazyes) of Tanis are highly suspect with the Danaans of Mycenae (Argos).

As Mosca's were first found at Pisa while Pisa's are evident in the Reines Coat, Massena-like Masons/Massins probably share the lion of Comet-loving Reines'...right down Apophis alley again. Just trace Italian Pisa to Grecian Pisa, home of Amazons from Mazaca (Cappadocia). African Amazons were called, Amazighen, Mazices, and Meshwesh. I see Comets as a branch of Comyns/Comine's, and Comines was ruled by John de Burgo above. His line was to the Burghs/Berks sharing the Orion/Iron cross. Do we think that Gallia, mother of Tullia of Lyon, was from king Gala/Gaia?

The same family tree at the link above apparently indicates that Meulan is in Ile-de-France, and that's where Laevillus-like Levi's and Capet-like Chappes' were first found along with Mellans!!! Scottish Milans are also Mellents, and "Mellent" was another name for Meulan!!! I don't recall knowing before that Meulan is in Ile-de-France. Milan is where Gallia's and MAURELs were first found while MAURILion was the father of Berthe, wife of Mummolin. The Mens'/Mame's are said to have been at GlenLYON (Perthshire, same as Lyons), thus we see God's handiwork in using Mamie, for she represents the Tullia-of-Lyon line to Mummolin. As Leavells were from LUPUS Laevillus, it explains why Floods/TULLys have wolf heads.

The lake (at a campsite with Mamie) had a beach, and it just so happens that Waleran de Beaumont de Leavell (born 1104) was the son of Gouel de PERCival de Leavell, the latter being a son of Isabel of Crepon = the Clare-Crispins of Bec Abbey (Eure, same as Beaumont and Drake-like Dreux). It just so happens that Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with Ships, Lake's and Gunters! Beach's are also Bechs! Bingo, God really knows His history. Plus, Beach's are a branch of Beckers, and the latter happen to share the Shield of MANchesters. Here's from the Manchester write-up: "By the 4th century, records showed the spelling as MAMucio and much later in the Domesday Book it was listed as MAMEcestre." Is that not wild? As I said, I remember holding Mamie until I was looking toward the beach over her shoulder, and a MAN sitting on the beach was looking at us. Sure, okay, no surprise, but Mamie also pointed to Manfields at Mamesfelde without that man.

Waleran married the HARcourt line when he married Beaumonts, and Harcourts (Oxfordshire, same as Lake's, Crispins, etc.) share the double fesses of English HAIRs while Scottish Hairs have the double fesses of Pepe's/Peppards.

Drake's (Dreux colors) use a "Capet-like "captat" motto term, we get it. And Drake's share the dragon with Worms! The family of Alice of Saluzzo, the Apophis-pointing family, married PERCY, and Percy's shared the lion of Louvains/Lovains (Kent, same as Masons/Massins and Bra-like Brabant), which is the Mason/Massin lion. The myth writers on satanic Arthurianism had Lancelot and Percival, and Lancelot is now suspect at Alan-line Langhe of the Bra theater.

Drake's (666-like tail) were first found in Hampshire with Flys'!!! That's to the butterflies of Tulls/Tullia's!!! The "muscas" motto term of Drake's, which is code for a Mosca branch, is translated, "fly." And zikers, the comet-using Reine's have the Pisa Coat in colors reversed while Pisa is where Mosca's/Muscas" were first found!!! I must now repeat my predication that the False Prophet / anti-Christ will be a Meschin / Massey liner. Drake's share the red wyvern with Rusts/Roosts while Rusticus was Mummolin's great-grandfather.

It bears repeating in this area of the discussion that, when I asked Lorraine on a date at her Pepin-pointing bus stop (see last update for details), and I suggested we meet at my LAUNDRomat that evening, and go from there. That's what we did. As she pointed to Pepin of Landen, I noted the LANDER variation of Landens (rooster heads), and eventually found that the six pale bars of Landens/Landers are shared by LANGleys. It just so happens that a bra hanging on a LAUNDRY line had been a topic in those days, and Bra is beside LANGHE. Perfect. Her bust stop was at the corner of Yonge street and Arnold crescent (Richmond Hill, Ontario), and Arnold of Metz was related to Itta of Metz, wife of Pepin of Landen. But it wasn't until this month that this heraldry was discovered pointable to the Apophis asteroid.

A week or two after the first date, Lorraine had pointed to Laevi Gauls at Pavia with her beautiful feet on Yonge street, and here it can be added that the Landers/Landis' look like they have a version of the Scottish Leavell Coat. Landers/Landis' have eight pale bars, but were first found in Bedfordshire with the Langfords who happen to have six pale bars in the colors of the six fessewise bars of English Leavells! Bingo. Can you believe that God breathed through me that she meet me at the laundromat? Of all places, that's what came to mind. The laundromat was smack at the corner of LEVENdale and Yonge, the very first store (right on Yonge) of a strip plaza.

God was playing pin-ball with me, bouncing me around from chick to chick, oh what fun it was to go down the gutter time and time again, only to pop back up for another fling. Weeeee.

God had to chose a lady for me with beautiful feet, for Feets share the Pavia Coat, and the Feets have the Pepe/Peppard fesse-with martlets in colors reversed. I'm starting to get that Apophis feeling again. The Pepe's/Pepperds share the GORMley/GRIMES martlets, and the Grime's/Grimms have them in colors reversed. In fact, Grime's/Grimms have the Feet Coat three times upon three fesses in the colors of the three-and-three, fessewise bars of English Leavells. Mummolin's son, Babon, suspect to Babenbergs, founded by Poppo I, was the father of GRIMo, and my mother is a GRIMaldi by maiden name.

This is why God had to chose an absolute babe with beautiful feet to boot. She lured me from her bus stop, and then down the gutter I went before I could learn her last name. If my mother's MAIDEN name traces to the KETURah > MEDAN line, that's the one to Cutters/GUTTERs, I believe. Cutters/Gutters were first found in Dorset with Babe's. My mother is a Masci on her mother's side, and while Maschi's use PINE cones, that spells PIN-ball down the gutter. But God had another ball all ready to go. Ping. Repeat: "Kotor-like Cotters (Oxfordshire) share lizards with Keens, the latter like "Khyan," king of the Hyksos immediately before Apophis."

Dragons heads in different colors are shared between Cutters and Primers/Brimmers, and the latter's are in Bramton colors, begging whether Prime's and Primo's were Abraham liners. Prime's use a giant leg, and the Legro river named, I believe, the Leghs/Leys, who happen to have a red lion in both Brampton-lion colors. Plus, Woods, first found in Leicestershire (with the Legro river), have a motto, "Defend," like the "defender" term of Brims/Breams. As Hose/Ose's (Leicestershire) use the leg too, and a red lion head in Crest, perhaps they were from "Og," for Ogdens/Okdens (red lion again) share the Wood-Shield tree. The Wood-Crest tree is with Oaks/Oke's. Ogdens/Okdens use gyronny, which I see as code for Gernons, and the latter have the Bramton Coat in colors reversed.

On my last night with Lorraine, the night I met Mamie, Lorraine got a stain-on-BUTT symbol, and so let's mention Langford BUDville of Somerset (same as Leavells), for Mummolin had another son, BODEgisel, and Mummolin's wife (BERTHE) was the daughter of MAURILion, just go ahead and compare German Bode's, English Butts/Bute's, and Italian Maurels. Like I said, our first date was on my BIRTHday. Then, note that Lorraine's share the green lion with Lyons, Mummolin's ancestry.

The Waleran write-up: "The surname Waleran was first found in Devon where the name is believed to be descended from Waleran, the great Baron of Essex, Count of Meulan in Normandy." The Arms of Meulan, owned by Waleran de Beaumont, is nearly the same as the Vair/Fers Coat, itself a red version of the Ferrat Coat. The latter's Coat is used by Italian Ferrands, a line from Clermont-Ferrand, home of Tullia of Lyon that's expected in the Tully variation of Floods. That was part of the Flood dream and Apophis topic. I've been telling for years that Tullia and her husband, Decimus Rusticus, were ancestors of Mummolin. Rusticus (not Decimus Rusticus, but named after him) of Lyon was Mummolin's great-grandfather.

It was Mamie who pointed to Waleran, and Lorraine who pointed to Leavells. It was Mamie who pointed to Waleran at the wade-in-lake event on the second-ever time I had seen her. The first time I saw her was at her party, and as she came walking into the LIVING room from the hall, she met me looking directly at her as she came walking by, and she raised her hands and let me have a slow dance with her in the living room, what possessed us? There was no dance floor there, nobody was dancing. People were just sitting and standing. So what was God up to with the living-room dance besides pointing to Livings/Levins, like the Levens (share Tease/Tyes stars) in "Levendale". Why do Partys (Shropshire, same as Bode-like Boyds sharing two fingers pointing with Babe's) share the checks of Pavia-like Pavers, in the colors of the Arms-of-Meulan checks?

Leven-like Levenax's/Lennox's (had a branch at WOODhead) almost have the motto term of Woods, and the latter were first found in Leicestershire, where Beaumonts of Meulan came to roost who descended from the Worms > Capet line. Chappes'/Cheaps were first found in Stirlingshire with Bauds (share Woodhead quadrants) and Levenax's/Lennox's. The latter use the motto, "I'LL defende," perhaps part code for Chappes' of ILE-de-France, where Levi's were first found. Levenax's/Lennox's were at Stirlingshire's CAMPsie, and the very next time I saw Mamie, after the living-room dance, was at a camp site.

I don't remember a thing (at Mamie's place) after the dance. I can't even remember the dance. I only have memory of us grasping hands, and hands "GRASping" are used by Aarons/Arens, suspect with FitzAlans of Arundel. The latter lived at Shropshire, where Partys and Boyds were first found (they both share checks on a fesse with Alan-line Stewarts). I left the party soon after the dance, and went to Lorraine's, to find her friend there telling me that she's on a walk with her husband. And when she returned, I saw a GRASS stain on her brilliant-white pants, at her Boyd-like butt, and I pointed at the stain to accuse her of mucking around with the married man, and she of course asked me to leave. The Boyds have two fingers pointing. So, I left the babe, and went down the gutter.

Mamie had over-sized breasts like Dolly Parton, but it was necessary for God to chose a big-breasted woman because MAMie pointed to MAMESfield of the MANSfields, first found in Nottinghamshire with the Tease's/Tyes that she likewise pointed to. MAMMals were named after breasts. Dolly-like Dolls are listed with Dols while Dol's Alans, suspect from Tullia of Lyon, and PARTons, sharing the Mens/MAME Chief-Shield colors, look like a branch of Partys i.e. first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans. We danced in the living room at her party, and Livings were first found in Cumberland with Partons. There could be more reason for Dolly Parton applying to this picture, but right now I haven't a clue. Partons share a ragully bend (different color) with English Stewarts. Dollys are Tool-like Dooleys too. Mens'/Mame's were at GlenLYON, expected from TULLia of Lyon.

Ahh, breasts have teets, and the Aaron/Aren quadrants are colors reversed from those of Teeters. Teets/Tate's (version of Jardin Coat, both sharing the Mens/Mame Chief-Shield colors) were first found in Berwickshire with queen Bebba of the Bebbanburgs, who happened to have had a Bamburgh castle while German Babenbergs were at BAMberg of Bavaria. Jewish BAUMgartners share the Cake/Cakebreads and Banner/Bainer fleur-de-lys, and Bainers are suspect with Baum-like Bohums from Bohemians. German DOLLers even have the Brest/Brix lozenges in colors reversed, and Brescia/Brixia is beside lake Garda to which Gardens / Jardins trace. BaumGARTners/Baumgardens share the Wood tree, in case this can apply to wormwood, for Babenbergs were found by Poppo (Pophams/Poppins love the Mens'/Mame's).

Berwickshire is also where Aids/Ade's and Artems/Aitons were first found while Eitons were first found in Shropshire. It's possible that Aitons got an Artem variation from Artemia, daughter of Rusticus of Lyon, and grandmother of Mummolin. Aids/Ade's, in the Levi motto, are suspect from Ada of Warenne, and the Warrens have a Shield of checks in the colors of the Bradfield checks. Walerans were first found in Bradfield. Bradfields share both the checks of Pope's/Pape's/POPPs (Perthshire, same as Lyons), and the annulets of Popps/Poppels/Bopps who proved to be in mythical Popiel. Repeat: "After Popiel's death by mice, SiemoMYSL ruled, and Misl's use a mouse on a bend" in the colors of the faces on the Aid/Ade bend, Ada-important because Bradfields share the checks of Warrens too.

As black-bull Walerans were at Bradfield, it seems that they share the black bull of Mieske's, for Popiel was all about myth-code ancestry for Mieszko's of the real world. Auto's/Otto's have a giant bull head too, and Italian Otto's/Ottone's happen to share annulets on blue with Popps/Poppels. Otto's/Ottone's were first found in Perusia with Grazio's (share black rooster with Kopple's) who in turn share the pomegranate with French Crispins/Crepins. The latter were directly of the Clare's, first found in Suffolk with the Rush's sharing one of the Otto/Ottone annulets.

When Mamie and I waded in the lake, we were in the water, and Waters were first found in Essex with Leavell-line Yonge's/Youngs, and with Waleran of Meulan, baron of Essex. Waters happen to share the Babenberg Coat, and on the same day as the wade, Mamie pointed by way of Gardens to Babons/Bavents. This is probably a dandy spot to repeat that Gardens/Jardens and Babons/Bavents share the black boar head with Jardin-like Jarrets, the latter first found in Dol. English Jarrets were first found in Shropshire. It looks like a Doll-Garden merger. Essex is the location of COLchester, and Cole's/COALs (Cornwall, beside Walerans of Bradfield) share the black bull with Walerans. The Apophis-thing is, Colchester was once CAMULodunum, and Pepins with Pipe's use the CAMEL.

The interesting thing now is hot coals and BRIMstone, for Walerans were got their Bradfield location from a lord of BRAMpton, FULKE Paynel. Is God going to drop the Apophis asteroid on the Leavell bloodline that crucified His Son? I can't think of a better party to drop it on, just as they are having a ball while God's people are persecuted. There is a Bramley surname (like Brimleys) sharing the Mens'/Mame Chief-Shield colors. Brims use "defender," like the "defende" of Levi-like Levenax's, and like the "Defend" of Woods. Levenax's share the saltire of Annans, from the Ananes Gauls at PLACEntia, and the Place's, with the lion of Bramtons (Norfolk, same as Place's) can apply.

I'm having trouble with a Worm-to-Wood link in order to find an apt pointer to wormwood, but one thing to do here is to take from Fulke Paynel, and address that while Fulke's (vertically-split Shield) were first found in Norfolk with Flecks, Belgian Flecks have a vertically-split Shield colors reversed from the same of Spanish Capets. English Capets are listed with Caiaphas-like Capes'. It's just that Capets, descended from Worms elements, had married the Waleran-Beaumonts, probably explaining why one Beaumont lion is also the Capet/Capes lion.

Of course, we only grasped one hand each for the dance; my other hand was on or around Mamie's WAIST (where else?). Waistells are suspect from Vestalis, grandson of Donnus, the line to Dance's/Donnas'! That's new. The four pale bars of Dance's/Donnas' look connectable to all the pale bars of Landens/Landers, Langleys / Langfords / Longfords, and then Donnus ruled in Piedmont, location also of Langhe. This was near Saluzzo, the kin of Sallows/Salis' who share the six pale bars of Longfords.

The Gallia Coat is a colors-reversed version of the PLATER Coat, and God had put Mamie on HOME PLATE for another of His events for my life. Home's/Hume's, first found in Bebba's Berwickshire, have the Lyon Coat in colors reversed. Home's/Hume's love the True's, who have a Tree variation, while the wormwood star is to destroy trees, Woods have a giant tree. Plate's (Lang-like Lancashire) share the scallops of French Blois' while English Blois' were first found in Suffolk with Platers, and with the Knights who almost have the pale bars of Langfords / Longfords. Pale's, sharing the Worm bend, use the camel, and COLchester was Camulodunum. Galls/McCole's/McCalls have the pheon of Colts/Cults (Perthshire, same as Lyons), in colors reversed from the pheons of Plate-like Pilate's (in Plate colors). Pelosi's/PILATi's, at the Langhe theater, have a bull that, in colors reversed, is black like the Cole/Coal bull.

It should be added here that Mamie had a black dress for this dance, and then, for the wade in the lake, I recall that she had a black swim suit. I think I can understand this where Blacks are from the Naro/Neretva river, for while Nerets were at Dol, they almost have the Gallia Coat. Blacks once again have the Mens/Mame Chief-Shield colors, and the Black saltire might therefore be the one of Rusticus-like Rusts/Roosts (Kent, near COLchester), for the one of Rusts/Roosts, with four items surrounding, is in the colors and format of the Blaze saltire with four items surrounding. Decimus Rusticus was husband to Gallia's daughter, and Galls/McCole's/McCalls share the Black stars. Just a hmmm.

Although the wormwood star is in the 3rd Trumpet while the mountain into the sea is in the 2nd Trumpet, the English Mountains (Essex, same as Colchester), with a bend colors reversed from the Worm bend, happen to share the martlet of Blaze's. A blazing mountain and a blazing star? French Mountains share a saltire surrounded by four items (though in different colors) with Blaze's. Plus, McCalls can suggest a pointer to Chalice-like Calls/Calles', who can be linked to Waleran-connectable Bellows and Belows (chalice), show nothing but trumpets forming three fesses in the colors of the three, fessewise swords of SHOOTs (Wiltshire, same as Calls/Calles'). Am I seeing a SHOOTing star here? A shooting star is a meteor or asteroid. This paragraph works.

Blase's (not Blaze's) were first found in Benevento with the Aquila's in the Drake motto. The things is, Blase's have variations like the Baez variation of Spanish Pelaiz's/Paez's, and then while Place's/Plais' look like they are from/or Placentia, the latter was also, PIACenza, like "Picenze," the village of my mother's birth and up-bringing, seven miles from L'Aquila. I just wanted to drop that new set of finds down. Blaze variations look connectable to Bleds/Bles', and while Bled is on the Sava river, Woods use a savage while Savage's are also Sava's. Then, the Place's/Plais' (ASTERius), in half their Coat, have the same lion as Roberts, and Robertians are from Worms. This is looking close to a wormwood pointer. French Roberts were first found in Burgundy with Save's, and the Sava is also the Save.

I've just loaded (after writing the above) Blase-like Bless'/Blois', and what a surprise, for while the patron saint of Picenze is Felice, "felicitas" is a Bless/Blois motto term! The Blase's share the Masci fleur-de-lys. Bless'/Blois' share the arrow in Crest with Bloods/Bluds.

Gouel de Lovell/Leavell married Matilda Beaumont of Meulan, the sister of Waleran de Beaumont above. "Gouel" looks related to Joels/Jewells because they were first found in Wiltshire, beside Dorset. The prophet Joel has the darkening of the sun on the Day of the Lord. If I recall correctly, Gouel's son with Miss Beaumont was Waleran de Leavell. Walerans were at BRADfield, and Brads, until this year, were said to be first found in MidLOTHIAN with Mens'/Mame's. Lothians (Perthshire, same as Lyons) share the brown dog with Lots, and there had to be a reason that the myth writers created, "LanceLOT."

"The [Waleran] family was first found at Bradfield, in Uffculm as early as Henry III. 'The original deed of transfer of Bradfelde from Fulke Paynel, Lord of BRAMpton...'" The Bramtons (red lions) were a major topic in the last update, descending from Keturah and Abraham. Brads happen to share a red, demi-lion with Leavell-related Yonge's/Youngs and June- / Jeune-related Capone's, and the English Youngs were first found in Essex, where Waleran de Leavell was a baron. There are red lion heads in the Firmen/VERMAND Coat, and this page says that Matilda (Gouel's wife) was a daughter of Isabel of VERMANDois.

It's now important that German Youngs/June's/Jungs have a stag in Trump-stag colors, for while Trumps are also Tromps, Val Trompia is beside lake GARDa. Scottish Yonge's/Youngs (share the three Leavell piles) share gold annulets with German Gunters while GARDens/Jardens use a "JUNGunter" motto term for both Yonge and Gunter liners. Get it? German Youngs and June's are both Jungs too.

Cake's/CakeBREADs (share June fleur-de-lys), likely of the Bread variation of Brads, were first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's, and where June's were said to be first found until this year. There you have the significance of Walerans of BRADfield i.e. heraldically connectable to Leavell elements. English Yonge's/Youngs ("jeune" motto term) have a black wolf, the color of the Cartone/Cardin / Quade/Wade wolf head. Mamie and I wading in the lake is pointing to this bloodline.

Ahh, one of the sisters of Matilda Beaumont is said to be "Eleanor BEAUMONT 1115- With Hamon II DE MASSEY de DUNHAM, Baron de Massey ca 1100-1140". That's the Massey/Macey line. I happen to trace Cake's to Sitric CAECH, grandfather of Macey- / Mackay-like Maccus of the Isle of MAN, where I expect Mens'/Mame's to be from. Scottish Mackays use a "Manu" motto term, you see, and Irish Mackays share the Quade/WADE Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We emBRACEd in the lake while wading, and BRACEbridge's, who love the Bessin-related Bee's in their motto, were first found in Lincolnshire with Lucy Taillebois, wife of Ranulph le Meschin. Lucy's ancestry was in the Bessin, as was le Meschin's. Bee's (Oxfordshire, with Ships of Shiplake!) share the quadrants of Masseys (Cheshire, same as Beaston of the bee-using Bessins), and Bessins are colors reversed from, and in the format of, Lake's!!! Canst thouest believeth thiseth? Haha, God was playing pin-ball with my life.

Meschins had married Clare's of Tunbridge, and so see that Matilda Beaumont had this sister too: "Isabelle de BEAUMONT LE ROGER ca 1104-ca 1172 Married about 1130 to sosa Gilbert 'Strongbow' de CLARE, Comte de Pembroke et de Buckingham 1100-1147". It appears that Beaumonts/BELLmonts (share Masci fleur-de-lys) were very close to Massey liners. Ships use so-called "bellows," and Bellows (Mens/Mame / Shipert Chief-Shield colors again) were first found in Cheshire too. Gouel de Perceval married Beaumonts, and Percivals are in Bellow colors and format.

Someone wrote to me to say that BELLamys, a Bell branch, had married Massys. And so I suggest that Bellamys (Shropshire, same as Meschins) became the Bellmonts who then took on a Bohum-like Beauman/Beaumont variation upon marriage with a Bone/Bohum line. Some believe the Baiocasses of the Bessen were Boii-of-Bohemia liners. Note that Drummond-like DURUMs/Durhams probably share the Bellamy crescent because, as Bellamys married Massys of FERTE-Mace, "fert" is a DURam/Durham motto term. Masseys share the quadrants of Vere's while Vere's/Weirs (ruled Oxford) share the Duram/Durham fesse-with-stars. Then, while Bellamys (Alan kin) were first found in Shropshire with Saluzzo-line Sallows, DURE's (Perthshire, same as Drummonds and Cluns) and Cluns share the Saluzzo Coat while FitzAlans were at Clun of Shropshire. So, Durham appears to be named after Drummonds, or vice-versa.

Bellows (beside Shropshire) were at Wirral, suspect with the "warily" motto term of Bohemian-liner Drummonds. Mails (probably the gold Masci wings), with a Coat reflective of the Bessin / Brace/Bras / Lake / Cartone/Cardin Coats, were likewise in Wirral. The Bellamy crescents are colors reversed from those of French Pepins.

Some of you may know my story about first seeing Mamie when I arrived to the camp site, in the back of a pick-up truck with Barry (my friend). That was the night before the wade in the lake. It just so happens that Scottish Barrys (wolf head), first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens, almost have the six pale bars of English Leavells. As I said, I don't remember anything of that day until arriving to the camp site, and asking the guys there where Barry was. One guy promptly took a step or two and reached over to open the HATCH of a pick-up truck, and there inside were Mamie and Barry alone. I know what this is for now, for Hatch's/Haach's have the Bramton Coat in colors reversed! Barrys are likely from Bar, on the sea coast across from lake Scodra, itself beside Kotor. Bar is in the land of the Sleep-liner Selepitanoi, explaining why I slept in Mamie's sleeping bag that night (no sex). Had we not slept together, we probably would not have gone for the wade the next morning (we did not dive in for a swim).

KETURah is suspect to "CUTTERs," a surname first found in Dorset with Beaumonts. Wikipedia on Waleran de Beaumont: "As part of the family arrangement, Waleran also received a large estate in DORSET centred on the manor of Sturminster Marshall." That's close to Sturminster-Newton, and Newtons happen to use "shin bones" while Bone's (Sussex, same as the first-known Waldrons) share the Beaumont lion. Sleeping Beauty pointed to Rhizon, right beside KOTOR (land of DAORsi), and Beautys, sharing the black bull with Walerans and Waldrons, were likewise first found in DORset. Sturs (beside the Stour river) use three fesses in the colors of the three-and-three pale bars of English Leavells, the latter first found in Somerset with the Stour river that named Sturminster.


Here's more evidence (I don't know how old this story is, but it's from a national news station) that there is a deliberate plot to make people sick using masks:

Just as the rulers should be telling people to relax because they've made it through flu season, the ruler of Ontario demands a four-week sweeping lockdown as of NOW to give the impression that things are very bad. The best thing that can happen is for COVID cases to skyrocket wildly so that people get free and God-ordained "vaccines". Just don't sneeze or cough on anyone, that's all you need to know. A light dose of this flu is a free vaccine, yet even if you've had the COVID flu, they still want you vaccinated, what does this tell you? Why are they giving no exemptions, no "passports," to people who have tested positive for COVID antibodies? Why do we not hear "antibodies" in the news anymore? It's obvious, they want everyone to receive the whatever-it-is-nobody-really-knows-for-sure. And when someone wants to force something on you, you naturally want to resist.

Whenever I see Trudeau's face in a video ad, I scroll down to get it off the page because I perceive him as a contagious, sick dog. He might infect me with his demons, that's what people really need to be protected from. "It's not the flu, stupid," it the demons that non-Christian goons spread people-to-people that should be the concern. There is a proof-of-no-demon passport without which one can't get into God's Kingdom.

If only a quarter of all pastors would "conspire" together to go to jail as this Mr. Coates did, to shame the anti-Christ governments (great-great shame), wouldn't that be greatness?

In the last update, I talked about brain cancers from the COVID scheme, but I did NOT yet have information such as you will find on the video below, dated the 29th (the last update came out on the 29th, noon). I don't know whether this video is a scam or true, but there are similar stories hitting social media on the 29th about the schemers seeking to poison people with the swabs up the nose used only for "testing," which is exactly my topic of the last update as per a swab I was involved with back in 1979:

Definition of a vaccine passport: you cannot leave the country to avoid getting vaccinated unless you get vaccinated first. Put that together with the Trump wall and ask: did Trump build the wall to keep Americans in the country rather than to keep Mexicans out? It was Trump who gave us the vaccines in-time for his departure in 2020. Was it all planned? Was he part of the vaccine enemy all along? He's now planning how to stroke the voters all over again with love strokes? Isn't it time to pick another leader? Someone with a Christian foreground? Never pick someone with merely a Christian "background." Is that like a tail?

Make some noise, people, show your passions. Let the enemy know you exist, or they will think they are the majority, which gives them confidence. You will not win this on your good behavior. They will exploit you more if you are on your best behavior, especially if you are quiet and cowardly. Don't use guns. You don't need them. You have the overwhelming numbers. f you are unafraid of people (men), push waves into them rather than other way around, if ever you find yourself in a verbal encounter. Assemble at key spots and make noise after noise after noise until they capitulate. Somebody needs to start it, and then masses need to spring up city after town after village from sea to sea. INDIGNATION. Never stop making noise until they are too afraid to continue. It means defying the police when they do the wickedry they are ordered to do. The police know they cannot stack the courts and jails on minor "infringements" like making noise. Go for it. It's time, because the governments are not relenting, as we may have hoped, but are coming in for the kill. They are all conspiring together. In states where they killed the lock-downs, they yet want to vaccinate. That's not a victory, but more like a trick. The goal is to vaccinate, and there needs to be some evil behind it, therefore.

I know that not everyone on the anti-mask side is honest and above-board, and so we can expect faked news stories from them, especially on bitchute. But I'll give you this video below in case you would like to investigate further, showing hair-like organisms that come with COVID swabs and new masks. If this is a true story, it could seem like the powers are trying to infect the people with these worms:

Here's from one year ago, but NEVER trust Canadian news, all lock-step, state-news garbage intended to create a communist, anti-Christ society:

A shipment of more than 100,000 testing swabs arrived in Ontario contaminated and unusable, the Star has learned...

The shipment of much-needed swabs, a critical component of the testing, was the first instalment of a big order procured by the federal government, with hundreds of thousands of more from the contaminated batch on the way. The contamination is believed to be mould.

The very first big order, contaminated, and the blame was put on mold, but was it only mold, or is that what the news people were ordered to report?

Tucker Carlson, goof, like most Fox people, is pushing vaccines as a good thing, to get past the lockdowns, etc., which is playing right into the globalist trick. He opposes globalists, yet plays right into their trick, and teaches millions to do the same. GOOF! He then wonders why Biden continues to wear a mask after being vaccinated. Because, GOOFBALL, they want EVERYONE vaccinated, and they want everyone in masks in order to complete their others agendas. Therefore, what you need to do is teach people not to receive the vaccine, and in order to do that, you need to quit Fox and go work a lower-paying job, otherwise you will become a bigger, compromised goof than you've already allowed yourself to become. "To goof" is to err.

It's obvious as to what the globalists are doing. They will, for now, tell that vaccinated people are protected from COVID, in order to urge them to receive the vaccine, but, afterward, they will try to compel mask wearing all over again by introducing a COVID variation, and if it needs a different vaccine, BONUS. Fox news will get ecstatic, and Tucker will tell his audience to get that vaccine too.

Don't speak up, Canadians, because you are such good people. You obey the government even when it acts against your fellow countrymen. It's been destroying your society for over 40 years, and you laid down all that time. You don't even know how to become angry. You never smile unless someone is entertaining you. Your mouth is always shaped like grim, from even before the masks went into effect. You probably like wearing masks to hide how unhappy you are. You took God out of life, and your cheer disappeared. That's because the state media has made you unhappy, and because you never complain about its brainwashing. You ignore it and therefore don't see how it's training you. You could never correct the problem because you've become ignorant. If you were not ignorant, you would simply refuse to wear masks, but your wearing masks, and snitching on those who don't, you expose how hopeless you have become to fix Canadian life. You prefer your own fellow citizens to be unhappy, anti-social goons. Cattle. Cowards. You depress me. The people are being treated like trash, but instead of fighting back, many are helping to make the people feel like trash. Not until we admit that we are trash will the liberals be happy. It's their only hope, at the moment, to grow a smiley face, by making others more miserable than themselves. It's called hoping with a false hope in a pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow if only one betrays those the government wants to stomp on. USEFUL IDIOTS.

Trudeau told Canada that he's a "feminist," declaring war on men. It was the feminists who started to destroy society in the 1960s by making housewives feel like trash. Instead of calling them valuable, they trained them to make their husbands unhappy. Instead of correcting bad husbands, the feminists made ugly wives and bad mothers. They beckoned to mothers to betray their husbands, to betray even their own children, to not have children, to not get married, to be sluts and kill babies in their own wombs. Mothers rampaging out to the workplace nearly doubled the price of everything overnight, and prices never went back down again because many mothers are now forced to work, whether they choose to or not, due to the higher prices. Trudeau views all of this as a trophy.

Here's the heartless Canadian police just keeping their jobs, betraying citizens to keep their jobs, at the request of the evil government that wants to stomp on citizens:

I didn't see enough noise in those protests. The police need to be made to feel like trash, rather than the police treating the people like dogs. Join the noise, and show dissatisfaction for the tyrannical government doing to globalist will. I joined anti-abortion protests in Toronto, a city with over two million people, and the police arrested the people there, but there were so few people (50-100) it felt hopeless, and there was no noise, no outrage showing, after abortion laws were struck down. We were despised rather than praised. It was my wake-up call as to what society had become by the 1980s.

I saw a video telling that Canada halted AstraZeneca due to blood-clot concerns, and so it must be serious.

Here's another video with the same worm-like object in masks. Ask: are the same people faking these videos? Or are others looking close into their own masks once the news broke? Why are the thingies identical in all videos? It doesn't seem like they entered the mask from the home environment if there are identical creatures in masks from different parts of the world:

If there's truth to the black "worms," then we expect medical people to investigate further and report back to people as soon as possible if danger is possible. For the most part, they are on the very surfaces of the masks, not imbedded in the mask's fibers. They don't all move, why not? It would be easy to superimpose a picture from one scene onto a white surface said to be a mask when in fact it is not. Yes, someone could be faking these worms. At about the 12th minute, the video gets off of the worm pictures to ask what they might be.

What mask manufacturer would blow these worms onto masks in great numbers? What mask-company owner would want to be jailed? It's risky. Or, perhaps, they were not applied by mask companies, but by a middleman purchasing them. That should reduce the potential suspects. One theory from the video is that they are drug-delivery worms, and this means they can unload cargo at a trigger(s) of some sort, perhaps when a person eats from a box of certain cereal, or from a special box of cereal laced with a trigger, and they only put triggers is one box per thousand for now, then one per hundred later. How may ways could there be to create a trigger for a LATER time when no one suspects that the vaccine is responsible? However, before going that far, we need to ask how these worms can get into the blood stream from the mouth or nose. Aren't they too large to get through tissue? Won't a stomach destroy them or pass them along? Do they deliver a chemical in the stomach, or in a lung?

Here's a video showing the same worms on swabs from China (how does one prosecute anyone in China?):

There's no proof these things can replicate.

If you get tired of watching the poorly-lit video below, of cotton swabs typically used for ears, fast-forward to about three minutes and wait for the silver fiber to move on the woman's tweezers, because it's moving just like the black wormies:

That's scary, that really is, to put those things up your nose close to the entry-point to the brain. By next week, someone may have a better explanation as to what's going on.

When I read a Canada-news video title, "AstraZeneca vaccine not recommended for those under 55, NACI says", I see publicized euthanasia. Canadian news is a disgusting anti-Christ system, bringing out pro-vaccine doctors to call for all-encompassing vaccinations. I think that most Canadians are CBC lap dogs. CBC is the single-most destroyer of this country. It's the national-brainwash center, decade after decade non-stop. Here's one angry Canadian Christian who might start a trend:

The Gestapo will probably come back with a warrant, because this is all about the power-house putting thumbs on people. If that man had acted softly, lovingly, it would not have been of any help to curb the Gestapo's behavior. They would have threatened his arrest to make him submissive, that's what those "good" police officers do. They are not the people class, they are the power class. This is why it's important to expose that this flu is just a common flu, even weaker than a flu, and to then get ready for their next wave of attack.

The best thing I loved about the Texas property was getting away from Canada. I would look out over the field in front of the house, with the small mountain in the background about a mile away, and, ahhh, the din was gone, and I didn't miss it at all. I knew from the 1990s that Canada was a heartless police-state IMMINENTLY, and a globalist pet, and here we are. The prime minister is a traitor of the people, seeking to deceive the people into accepting globalist agendas. I disliked Canadians who bad-mouthed Americans, only to find Americans bad-mouthing Canadians. Sign of the end-times, lots to complain about. Or, we can just ignore the problems and "have a nice day." Everyone likes to have a nice day with other people having a nice day, but look at what the rulers are doing to spoil the niceties of daily living.

I won't load a video telling what Trump's doing because he's probably doing nothing but trying to get re-elected. He's got billions, but he's not using a few million to expose election fraud, so far as I know. When I start seeing news reports like that, I'll start listening, maybe. Mike Lindell put out the first of several productions on election fraud, on Wednesday, called, "Scientific Proof":

About the 10th minute, there begin some graphs/charts showing, with a black line, the differential in age groups for registered voters. The counties own these stats, and so a black line is from the counties. Then, Dr. Frank created his own lines, the red lines, show people who actually voted, and entering them according to their ages, into a graph-making program. He then shows that the two lines are almost precise in shape, a thing highly unlikely unless a cheat-program was creating a vote scenario based on the black line. In other words, the cheat program of the counties was asked to enter faked Biden voters, and to make it look legitimate, the computer program was told to follow/reflect the curves of a black line...because one expects that, if there are more 50-year-old voters than 40, there will be more 50-year people who actually vote than 40. However, in reality, while the red line should closely follow the black line, they should not follow exactly to a T, and this is the case for much of the black-red line scenarios i.e. showing human tampering by machine.

Lindell says that Trump won the total-vote count, 80 million to 66 million. However, this is not correct. These are the numbers obtained mainly by the Mary-Fanning material as per the vote-flipping by Dominion machines. However, the cheats awarded Biden many more fake votes by other methods that no one yet has been able to count. So, expect that Biden got a lot less than 66 million, and that Trump got more than 80 million, for manual cheating took votes from Trump and gave them to Biden during "adjudication." The fact that a dozen or so methods of cheating are taking place so wide-spread is a testimony against the evolution of wide-spread corruption over decades, with so few whistle-blowers that one wonders whether there are only 12 or 14 good people in all if the country.

People who claimed that the "illuminati" was controlling elections were thought to be nuts...until now. The problem the illuminati had is that the Democrats started to push insane ideologies so as to become a fringe party, which heavily taxed the cheating system, allowing the Bush's to win elections, and then Trump too. Things got so bad for Democrats, in 2020, that the cheats exposed themselves by over-cheating. So, it may not be their win, ultimately, though they have the choice of putting things into totalitarian gear to retain power, and we see signs of their starting the wheels of that cart already. They need to install their goons into the military, and this is where Trump failed the country, by giving the chief offices to corruptofascists.

I don't think I can agree with Lindell that he's going to save the nation for God. I wish all pastors and churches would have his attitude for attacking the anti-Christ goons, but I have a pessimistic outlook for the future. I think we should speak out, but I also think we should prepare to temporarily lose, for the enemy has the advantages of lying, cheating, stealing and killing, things we can't choose. Mike would hurt himself if he wrongly starts to believe that God will fulfill all of his agendas to fix the country. His free-speech Internet platform will be a bed of sin too, even while it gives Christians their voice. Free speech is not good. Unlimited Godly and true speech should be the rule on his platform. Otherwise, the enemy will infiltrate his platform too, and make it go the way of Fox, or the Boy Scouts. Christianity is stacked with rules, sorry, for rule-breakers.

Is there not enough money in Christianland to start a Christian dialogue website, a Christian google, a Christian youtube, a Christian Fox news? If the churches would stop paying pastors, and set up free speakers from their own congregations, we could use that money instead to fight the satanic tide that has drowned us all. Did pastors think that, if they would just behave well before the rulers, their jobs would be secure? Shame if the most-important thing for a church is a pastor's job. Go out and work a regular job, pastor, and let people speak for no money. The man who speaks for God in return for money has gotten his reward already.

Do pastors really visit the homes of people in the pews? Ask around to your poorer fellow church people: has the pastor ever visited your home? Has the pastor ever called to see how you're doing, if you need anything? How does he qualify as a shepherd if he doesn't do those things? Would he still speak weekly if his pay was cut off?

I checked the number of flu deaths this week for the 2020-21 season, and at the webpage below, no numbers are given, PROOF that they are substituting regular flus as COVID infections. The page says: "*As of the most recent update from the CDC on March 30, 2021, flu season 2021 remains lower than usual for this time of year in all major regions of the United States. This article will be updated as numbers are reported." But there's no numbers because they know they're scamming the public.

This page says:

According to Rachel Baker, who studies public health and infectious disease at Princeton University's High Meadows Environmental Institute, this year's flu season was 'strikingly different,' with nearly no flu in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter of 2020-21. Nor was there much of a flu season in the Southern Hemisphere, according to Ian Barr, deputy director of the World Health Organization's...

There you go, they've been giving "positive" labels to typical flus but calling them COVID, and frightening the masses, who should all hang the people responsible for taking them for fools. But the stupids who've committed themselves to taking the mask-goon side would say something like, "well of course there were few flu cases, because they all got COVID instead. Achem, flu bugs don't disappear just because another virus moves in.

Here's a video that, at the fourth minute, shows the admission that registered COVID deaths were often non-COVID deaths. Also in the fourth minute, there's the admission that the flu has disappeared (I don't recommend reading bitchute comments, as this forum is filled with the wicked):

The reason, likely, for forbidding gatherings outdoors is for the states to charge harsh fees (as police tickets), and so they state gets very happy. That seems to me to be a global plot, with much money going toward globalism. The global leaders can say: "Mr. Trudeau, we gave you the pandemic, and we'll split the ticket money 60-40, 60 for us, of course, but only if the tickets are not less than $1,000, or no deal."

Look at this gook from CDC's March-2021 page: "FluSurv-NET sites reported a current cumulative hospitalization rate of 0.7 per 100,000 population, which is about one-seventh the rate reported at this time during the low-severity 2011-12 season." Why are they comparing with a low-flu season in 2012 instead of comparing with last year??? Because, the contrast between this year's numbers and last would be even greater, and also because they didn't record many flus due to deliberately confusing them with COVID. In order to deliberately confuse them, they had to have a system in place where doctors were required / compelled / fooled to report most flu-like illnesses / symptoms as COVID. That required planning and fear-based manipulation of doctors...which only goes to show that government can turn "good" doctors into evil doctors by threatening their jobs. What next, people?

Imagine the betrayals when we can no longer buy foods without complying with a government order. I noticed last week that stock of meat was down, as people may be buying it out to save for the compulsory-vaccine programs that could very well take place. In this environment, where government acts corruptly, it urges corrupt business people to practice an uncaring attitude i.e. they will raise prices. I spoke with a man at the grocery store who was upset because the government didn't do this months sweeping lockdown earlier. I said to him, "but what about all those people who need to make a living?" He just stood there with open mouth like he was totally oblivious or unconcerned about that half of the story. This is the fright that the government has put into people, that they would see the eradication of COVID as the only concern. They seem too daft to realize that lockdowns and masks only prolongs a flu's spread, but can never eliminate it, which is exactly why governments mandated masks so that flu infections would continue longer, in larger numbers than otherwise, until vaccines were ready. Why can't the daft see this? Because, they still trust father government.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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