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March 23 - 29, 2021

The Falling Hyksos Star of 2029
Sleeping Beauty Continues to Bare All, Now Nude and Flying a Banner
The Heraldic Origins of Satan Claus
It's a Good Time to Preserve Food, NOW, Before Everyone Else Starts To

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

At the end of this week, on Sunday, I came across a video with Tom Horn. I was immediately caught up by this man, wondering whether he's the only modern prophet I know of. I don't lightly accept self-proclaimed prophets having little to speak of. I have no evidence that any man is sent by God to be a prophet. But if Tom is telling the truth when he says that he announced the resignation of pope Benedict prior to his resignation, then I'm willing to listen to him.

Tom claims that God gave him dreams that he was to write down upon waking. I don't know of any of them, aside from what he tells in the video. I don't know whether some of his dream-related predictions were true or false. If some turned out false, then I expect him to confess to them before speaking on his latest one. He claims that, in 2010, God made him write down that Benedict would resign in April of 2012. He claims that he was on television telling of this prediction. He tells that, although Benedict stepped down in February of 2013, such media as the New York Times told that this pope had officially quit in April of 2012. If this is all true, no games, then I am prepared to view Tom Horn as a prophet.

In the video (dated March 11 of 2020), he claims that, "approximately one year ago," or in early 2019 I assume, he had another dream "experience" in which the Revelation asteroid crashed into the Pacific ocean. As he was writing down the vision, he claims he heard an audible word, "Apophis," and I can relate to this as per when God roughly said to me, in April of 1979, "write down on paper that you and Steve will have a disagreement tonight." If Tom Horn had this Apophis vision in March of 2019, that would be exactly 40 years after my write-on-paper experience.

I don't remember the day of my conversion, but I guessed long ago that it was March, maybe April, though I leaned second half of March. The write-on-paper experience was therefore likely in April, important because the asteroid, named Apophis by the cosmic wizards, is to return in April of 2019, 50 years after my write-on-paper experience. Tom Horn seems to say that he already knew of the Apophis asteroid prior to hearing "Apophis" on the morning of his vision, in which case it's not certain in my mind as to whether he was hearing from God or from his own knowledge of asteroids. His mind may have just put two-and-two together and assumed the vision referred to the Apophis asteroid. But even so, this rock may be the prophetic "mountain". The timing looks right. Here's some details on the rock:

Apophis is a near-Earth asteroid with a relatively large size (nearly 400 meters, or yards, across). It gained notoriety in 2004 when early observations suggested it might strike Earth in 2029. Though it will come breathtakingly close to Earth in 2029, a strike that year was subsequently ruled out. Apophis should pass on Friday 13, April 2029 at a nominal distance of 19,662 miles (31,643 km) from Earth’s surface.

That is not very far, folks. Anything could go wrong. Isaiah prophecy says that the earth will sway like a hut in the wind, which sounds like it will wobble in its orbit, meaning an in-and-out trajectory as it makes it's orbital circle. And so if it swings out 20,000 miles or more from the sun, it could get hit by this cosmic rock.

Or, the sky wizards could be lying to us about the asteroid's distance, because they don't want God's appointed time to arrive, and, even less, they don't want the world to come to believe in God through the asteroid's message. So, if they know that the asteroid will come much closer than 20,000 miles, they might not tell us.

The article tells that the asteroid flew by the earth in the second week of this month of March, exactly a year after the March-11 date of the video. The estimated distance from earth on this latest pass was 10.6 million miles. Contrast that with just 20,000 miles, and we might begin to ask whether this is the Revelation meteorite in the second-Trumpet plague (Revelation 8:8). I do not believe, as others do, that the 2nd Trumpet is something like six years before Armageddon. I've guessed in the past that it's not more than about three years prior, but God may give me a tip in the future as to a certain timing.

I don't expect much of anyone to believe me when I say that the sky wiseguys have the solar system over-sized by as much as 20 times, meaning that the velocity of asteroids that they calculate are as much as 20 times too fast. I say that they stretched the size of the solar system way too large because it plays better to their evolutionary fantasies. I also say that they've been lying to us bold-faced about anything for decades and decades.

So, if the solar system is smaller than they say it is, then this piece of rock is smaller than they say it is, and slower than they say it is, wherefore it's not going to be as harmful to the planet as Tom Horn makes it out to be, it indeed makes contact. Here's the Horn video where he tips us off (6th minute) that he's speaking in early 2020:

Mr. Horn has written a book, "The Wormwood Prophecy." However, the wormwood prophecy is in the 3rd Trumpet, and concerns a plague on the continents, whereas he says he saw the asteroid hit the ocean. The wormwood prophecy concerns a "star" falling from the sky, which can be a man-made weapon. But the 2nd Trumpet has a mountain-like object falling from the sky into the ocean. Here's Horn on Sid Roth telling the same story where he admits he doesn't know whether "Apophis" was a word from God:

At roughly the first of April, I had the Sleeping-Beauty dream. Later in life, I identified her as Miss Hicks. A little later yet I discovered the Hyksos, and the Hyksos king of note who was booted out of Egypt (in war) was, Apophis. The dream above could have been on April 13, I'll just never know. Or, as April 13, 1979, was a Friday, that could have been the day of my note, for there was a party that night at Steve's, and we partied on weekends, Friday and/or Saturday nights. The asteroid, they say, is due on Friday 13th, 2029, 50 years after Friday 13th, 1979. Why 50? Are these the long-lost Jubilee years?

Question: why would God wish to reveal the actual asteroid that becomes the Revelation meteorite, thus revealing the very month and year? On the one hand, it alerts Christians on the timing of their 666 survival, predicted to begin before April of 2029. It reveals to the devil the same timing, which could cause the demons to make their last-ditch efforts leading to the unraveling of their empire.

In the Sid Roth video above, Horn's three books are advertised (just like a typical advertisement) the moment he predicts that Apophis will strike the earth. Is that not the stupidest piece of folly you ever did see? Is making book-money the goal at such a time? One of his books claims that Trump has a secret pact to rebuild the third temple in Jerusalem, but Daniel 11 suggests that a new temple is unnecessary because the anti-Christ will desecrate a "wing/corner/quarter of the temple site," which could be the Western-Wall sanctuary still in the hands of the Israelites.

Mr. Horn sounds like a pre-tribulationist, and so why would God chose that type of Christian to announce the fulfillment of Revelation 8:8? In the 20th minute of the Sid Roth video (dated March 8, 2020), Horn disappoints me by making Trump's Space Force look like a Christian thing, but I would rather see it as the False Prophet's "fire from the sky" (Revelation 13). Can this predict that the False Prophet will be the leader of Space Force at the Appointed Time? Isn't the American president the highest leader of any military group? Yes.

We may imagine all sorts of ways that globalists can use this potential crisis to their advantage by impoverishing the masses. As post-tribulationists seeking to survive on earth to the brink of Armageddon, perhaps this warning is good for warning us not to retreat onto the ocean shore, or on low-lying coastal regions such as southern Texas. Don't assume that anyone knows where exactly this rock might strike the planet. Hopefully, it will knock out spy satellite systems and thus save us from the intrusions they can make on our tribulation endurance. Knocking out satellites can also ruin the Internet and change life so drastically for our enemies that they will be pre-occupied with their own problems, leaving us alone to raise our crops, and to share our food with each other. Let's hope.

I've confirmed from another video that Horn is a pre-tribulationist. I find it very hard to believe that God would choose a man with a false view of end-time church prophecy to propagate this asteroid disaster. He's telling his audiences that Christians won't be on earth in 2029. Should we just ignore Apophis? He has counted 3.5 years back from April 13, 2029, landing in the midst of the Feast of Tabernacles, and thinks that will be the time for the pre-tribulation rapture.

I've watched all I can find of Horn (he's of a Pentecostal background), and he just repeats the same on every show. He starts with his death "about 45 years ago," at which time he was before God but sent back into his body without the ability to remember what he saw and heard in Heaven. He then fast-forwards to the 2010 story about pope Benedict as a backdrop to launching the Apophis event in 2019. Yet I have not heard him tell any other event that God did through him between 1976 and 2019, aside from the 2010 event. Why not? He's said that he had many vivid dreams from God at about 2 am, but he never mentions them. Apparently, there was nothing remarkable in those years. Why not? Or did he predict things from the dreams that did not come true, explaining why he's not talking about them? Just asking.

April 13, 2029, is about two weeks after Passover day, and about 2,000 years after the Crucifixion. I can't remember what year I settled on as the year of Jesus' death. But wait, I had said the following:

John 2:20 is key for solving the problem, where we learn that the Jerusalem Temple was in it's 46th year of construction at the near-start of Jesus' ministry. Thanks to the internet, I easily found that the temple was started in Herod's 18th year. The bad news is that his 18th year lands in either 20 or 19 BC [not knowing which is the bad news], but the good news is that it doesn't matter, for this purpose. For when we add 46 years to 20 or 19 BC, we land in 26 or 27 AD, wherefore 29 AD is not an option! That is, it is a concrete matter so far as I am concerned that Tiberius' 15th year was not 29 AD, but 27 AD.

I had read (but could not confirm) that Tiberius started a joint rule with Augustus two years before Tiberius ruled alone, and so while 29 AD is the 15th year after he started to rule alone, the possibility is that the Gospel writer started the 15-year period two years that it lands on 27 AD. [See the end of the 3rd update of next month (April) for the reason that Jesus died on Thursday, of 28 AD. Looks like the above is not so concrete after all.]

So, I can assume that Jesus started His ministry in 27, and, contrary to what some think, it was not a three-year ministry, but rather it was not much longer than two years. We know it ended at Passover day, and so it seems that the Sacrifice was on Passover, 29 AD. So, why is this asteroid passing / striking 2,000 years later plus two weeks? Why not 2,000 years exactly? I dunno.

There are lots of Christians commenting on Horn's video appearances, all rejoicing about this destructive strike. However, what they are rejoicing in, partly, is the evidence that God has not walked away from Earth, that He is still interested, and, besides, many Christians have weakened in their faith, and need a boost. That's why they rejoice. Still, a son of God must agree with God that this planet deserves destruction, and for this our enemies are going to pile on us, making us appear murderous, uncaring. The fact is, they are murderers, and would kill Jesus all over again. They are the ones uncaring about the feelings of God. The feelings of God? They laugh. Who cares about the feelings of God? Humanity is onward to rule the universe without God, they think.

King Apophis is known also as Apepi. Pepin of Landen was pointed to by Lorraine (in multiple ways) on the day I first asked her on a date. As I've said a million times, I asked her on a date at her BUS STOP, and the Bus cinquefoil happens to be in the canton square of the Pepe/Peppard surname, a thing I have neglected all these years while telling of the bus-stop event. I have not been familiar with the Pepe/Peppard surname. Stops/Stubbs, first found in Staffordshire with Pepin-branch Pipe's, can be gleaned as Pepin / Pipe kin by a comparison of their Coats. (Load Pepe link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms that follow.)

"HIC Labor" is a Dee motto, and "labori" is a Stop/Stubb motto term. See anything suspicious? Pipe's were at Leigh while Leightons share the quadrants of Stubbings. Labore's use a right hand with an eye upon it, suggesting the mark of the beast system where the unabashed, deep-state intruders are recording / watching purchases. Labore's are also LaBOURa's, recalling that Boura of Greece is near the Ladon river while Leightons are also Leytons. Ladons/Ladds were first found in Somerset with BURleys/Bourleys.

I keep a theory that the Hyksos king, Apachnas, is to such surnames as the Bucks in the Hick motto, and so note that Ladons/Ladds (Somerset, same as Backs/Bache's, and beside Bugs/Buggys) share the fesse of Bugs/Buggys (Bogen branch) while APACHNas-like Buckins/Buggins (Staffordshire with Pipe's) share the Dutch Tromp eagle. Apophis at the Second Trump. German Bugs (Hampshire, near Trumps/Tromps) share the raven with French Pepins. Pipe's had their estate(s) go to Bagots while Bagots/BACots (Staffordshire) share the Tyrone/Tyrell Coat while Packins/Fagans were first found in Tyrone. Packins/Fagans have a motto term ending in "que," as do Pepins. "PAC IN bello" is a motto term of German Bauds/Bauts who in turn share the solid chevron of Packins/Fagans. French Bauds were first found in Auvergne with "bello"-using Bouillons. Sellers (share CUPs on red with Packins/Fagans) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's and Reeds, while English Reeds have a "PAX COPia" motto. Keep an eye out for a Cooper/Copper link to Peppers.

Buckins/Buggins share the eagle (including the leg colors) of Basings/Bainges' (Hampshire) while Basingstoke (Hampshire, same as Backers) is where Pophams/Poppins were from. Basings/Bainges' use six eagles, the number of Hyksos.

The Bug/Buggy fesse is shared by HAVERs. Horns are also Herons and share three, white herons with Haverans ("Per ardua" phrase), and I think the "WATER bouget" of Bugs/Buggys is important where waters share the Coat of Poppo-related Babenbergs. Poppa of Valois can be of the Valois/Valour surname suspect in the "valore" motto term of Pepe's/Pepperds.

The Pepe/Peppard Coat shares the double fesses, in colors reversed, of Mens-branch Manners. POPhams and Pepins use "Mens" in their motto, and Pophams have "MANSit" too while Manners are also Maness'. I first met my next girlfriend, MAMie, on my last night with Lorraine, though I did not leave Lorraine for Mamie. Mens' are also Mame's. Does this mean that some pointers of my events with both ladies pertain to Apophis the asteroid?

There were mere days between my starting a relationship with Mamie and the out-of-the-blue revelation I believe I had when realizing the true sequence of the 21 Revelation plagues. Instead of the sequence being all seven Seals followed by all seven Trumpets followed by all seven Bowls, the sequence is 1S, 1T, 1B, 2S, 2T, 2B...7S, 7T, 7B. There's only one small textual problem with this sequence that I find solution for. The Bowls finalize each triplet of plagues. (see my chapter on this topic in my table of contents when you have the time).

During my two or three weeks with Lorraine, I moved into Rumble avenue (Richmond Hill, Ontario), and Rumble's not only have the Bus / Pepe/Peppard cinquefoils, but the Peare leopard face. As I've said many times, Miss Peare called me up out of the blue some weeks before the bus-stop event. I had met her in about 1975/76, about exactly the time when Mr. Horn had his out-of-body experience. I met her when she was working at Reitman's clothing, and it just so happens that the hexagrams of Jewish Reitmans are in the colors of hexagrams of Dutch Horns. There is even a Dutch Reitman Coat.

I'm now wondering whether God has intended for me to take his Apophis vision to expound upon it in a post-tribulational setting in the coming years. I really don't like the Christian circles that Mr. Horn spends time with on this topic. I really don't like them. They are the type who, seeing that there has never been a revival from God as this world slips to demonism, decade after decade, yet they keep preaching this coming revival, deceiving the people of God, and they often preach a Jesus-USA partnership. I really dislike this "theology." I see it as the heresy of those who uphold the False Prophet.

"Wormwood" carries the theme of rotting, and the Reitman / Horn hexagram is the one also of Jewish Rotens. The Peare's are a Pero branch, and the Pero "FLAMING STAR" (!) is a hexagram with tail in the design of the Reines "comet." Big hmmmmmm. The only difference between the Horn and Roten Coats is the Horn fesse, which looks like it has a river upon it, and while wormwood is a condition in Revelation that affects the rivers, the River surname has double fesses in the colors of the same of Pepe's/Pepperds! River-branch Revere's share the Mason/Massin Coat. The wavy bar in the Horn fesse might be called a wavy object because a "wave" is in the Chief of Valerys while "valore" is a Pepe/Pepperd motto term. I no longer have access to a webpage that showed all the Coat descriptions for all houseofnames surnames; they apparently took it away from me because they didn't like my work, which is a correct work in the main. They prefer to have lies that fit the agenda of "important" people, a sign of the end-times.

Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, which was also, "Papia." Flamings/Flamingo's share the checks of Pavers. There are three feathers in the same colors in both the Flaming/Fleming and Pepe/Pepperd Crests! That's new for me. It appears that Pepe's/Pepperds were of the namers of Pavia, perhaps from Pavia, for the English Pavia's have the triple Pepe/Pepperd martlets on a fesse in colors reversed. There you have a correct approach to heraldry that some "important" people might not approve of. The three feathers above can be gleaned in this Arms of Rothschild.

Lorraine got her feet symbol at the instant that she got her babe symbol, and while the Feet/Fate's share the English Pavia Coat, Babe's connect perfectly to Babwells/Babels, suspect from the Poppo-line Babenbergs. Babwells/Babels were first found in Middlesex with English Horns, who use "DespeRANDum," probably to be read as "DesPERandum" too. While Rands (Babenberg chevrons in colors reversed) are a branch of Rinds, the mill rind is used by Unions who are in turn in Pepper colors and format. Miss Peare lived in Unionville with her parents when I met her. Repeat: "Horns are also Herons and share three, white herons with Haverans ("Per ardua" phrase)..."

Like I said, Miss Peare called me, on that last outing of ours, as little as a month or two after Roxanne Bennet and I stopped seeing each other, and Bennets happen to share the Benedict motto because the two surnames are branches, from the PIERleoni Jews. I drove her to her parents, in Unionville, that night.

"Wormwood" means "bitter," they say, and Bitars have a "DiRIGIT" motto term while Rights share a blue-white checkered fesse with French Marks, the latter from the Marici co-founders of Pavia. These checks are half in the colors of the Pope/Pape checks. There's a right hand in the Pope/Pape Crest. I trace Marici to the Marsi of Abruzzo, a province named after Hebrews from Aphrodite, whose birthplace was made on Apophis-like Paphos (Cyprus). One Right motto has what looks like the Merits, and French Merits are also Marici like Marics and Mar-like DeMerys. Perhaps the inclusion of Marks is for "mark of the beast" said to be applied on the RIGHT hand! This is making sense. The fleur-de-lys of English Marks (share lion of Dutch Bennets/Benedicts, Peppers and Abruzzo's/Abreu's) are colors reversed from the same of Pepe's/Pepperds, and in the colors of the Hicks fleur.

Peppers are in Union colors and format while Unions were first found in Sussex with the Coppers/Coopers suspect from "Cyprus." It makes Peppers suspect as Paphos liners. Abruzzo's capital was once, APRUTium, like "APHRODite" of Cyprus. Scottish Coppers/Coopers even share the right hand of Peppers and the ermined chevron of Unions. My mother was born and raised seven miles from the current Abruzzo capital (L'Aquila), and German Marks might just be using the Arms-of-L'Aquila eagle. "L'Aquila" is suspect in the motto of Moscus-loving Drake's, first found in Hampshire with Pophams. It appears that I'm a Hyksos liner.

Ahhh, Jewish Marks/Marx's share the hexagram of Pero's that the latter call "flaming star." Dutch Flamings/Flamingo's have a Shield filled with checks half in the colors of the Mark/Marx checks.

The Benedicts with the Bennet motto (includes "bon," in the Hicks motto too) have the Robert lions, and the Robertians descended from Worms. WormWOOD. The Woods were first found in Leicestershire with Peppers, and while the Woods share the Rattery fitchees, Rats share a white hexagram with Rotens. "Hex" can be expected from "Hyksos" witchcraft, and "hex" means 6. I think I get it, that the hexagram was originally a Hyksos-line symbol, and so 666 looks like end-time Hyksos thing. Or, the 10 plagues of Moses upon the Hyksos king were a precursor to the end-time Wrath on end-time Hyksos liners.

The Apachnas-like Backs/Backs once showed a gold calf, but it was changed to a "steer" (adult cow) shortly after I told that the creators of this heraldry knew of the Bach trace to Apachnas, the Exodus pharaoh on whose behalf Moses' brother made a golden calf. Aaron was, apparently, trying to quell a rebellion from those who wanted to go back to the Hyksos king, and so they demanded the golden calf because it was one of his favorite gods, I'm assuming. I then read that Apachnas' other name was, Khyan, and this latter one did not get to have his heir on the throne, according to his Wikipedia article, possibly because his heir died in the tenth plague (death of the first-born). Instead, Apophis ascended the throne after Khyan, and, thanks to the ten plagues, Apophis could not retain power in Egypt, and so out of Egypt went the Hyksos. There is a MOSES surname with a calf-like "CALVary" symbol, you see, likely code for the Calf surname, ditto for the Bach calf. Moses was not born with that name, but received it from the pharaoh's household. Moses married a Midianite, very-possibly from Midian, son of Abraham and Keturah.

I doubt very much that the Moses surname is from the bloodline of Moses, but rather ?Moses" was a fanciful creation by some Jewish family that married Moesians. It doesn't look coincidental that calvary-like Calvers/Carvers were at Back-like Bakewell. English Backs/Bache's (Somerset, beside Bugs/Buggys) share a giant and black eagle with Backins/Buggins. Bakewells/Backwalls, with a version of the German Bug Coat, were in the Peak district while Peaks (Stafordshire, same as Pipe's) share the fleur-de-lys of Calvers/Carvers, in colors reversed from the Pipe fleur-de-lys. Peaks were early in Nottinghamshire with Bugs/Buggys. The Exodus pharaoh was the epitome of a brazen pig, a tryrant, just like the brazen pigs all over liberal news today. They do not exercise love and good will, but exploitation for selfish gain = PIGS.

Note that the calvary symbol (has nothing to do with Jesus) has steps, for Stepps/Steptoe's may have been a branch of Pipe-related Stops/Stubbs. I got the date from Lorraine at her BUS stop, and the Stepps/Steptows have the German BUSH Coat. Pepin of Landen married Miss Metz, and Metz is in Lorraine, France, near the Chalons location of Mummolin. God knew what he was doing; it happened on my 24th BIRTHday, and Berthe was the wife of MumMOLIN (predated German Babenbergs), father of Babenberg-like Babon. Births/Berts were first found in Devon with MOLINE's. Stepps can be gleaned as Stephensons (share Baud stars), and then Stephens share the solid chevron of German Bauds while BODEgisel was Mummolin's other son.

I and others claim that Egyptologists have their dates in the ballpark of 1500 BC out of whack about 100-150 years, and that the Exodus occurred under a Hyksos pharaoh, likely Khyan, the line to Keons and Keens, in my opinion.

There is a Pepper surname while salt-like SALATis was the first Hyksos king, which can explain why Pepins and Pipe's share three fleur-de-lys on a bend (different colors, however) with Sales'/SALLETTs. Pero's were first found in Piedmont with Sales-line Saluzzo. On my last night with Peare, I took her home to UNIONville after she had DANCEd with a man. Pero's share the pale bars of Dance's/Donnas' (Piedmont), and it just so happens that Unions are in Pepper colors and format. That's purdy good. I had taken her to church in the morning, but on Sunday evening, I thought she might like a quiet little pub. But the music was on loud when we got in, and a friend of hers asked her for a dance.

I'm a Masci on one side, and Masci's were first found in Piedmont too. I drove Peare home, as I've said many times, in a FireBIRD, and the Birds did relate to her waist symbol, but here it can be pointed out that Birds (Cheshire, same as Maceys and Masseys) share red martlets with Pepe/Pepperds, and the latter's fleur-de-lys are colors reversed from those of Birds.

As I've said, Miss Peare owned a white horse which I rode, an event pointed to by her waist symbol because it pointed to Waistells, which I trace to Vestalis, grandson of king Donnus (Piedmont), the latter being to the Dance/Donnas line. The point here is that the white horse said to be on a gallop in the Waistell Chief is in the colors of the Pepin horse heads. Masci-branch Masseys have a horse part white. Waistells share the garbs of Cue's in turn suspect in the Pepin motto. "Organ pipes" are used by the Lets/Late's sharing the Peare stars. Donnus was king of Cottians, whom I trace with Bus' to the Cotesii of the BUZau river. It was shortly after I last saw Peare that I met Lorraine at her Pepin-pointing bus stop. Pepin of Landen was Mayor of the Palace for French kings, as was Mummolin to whom Mamie pointed.

Salatis was also called, Saites, and here it's interesting that Salts/Sauts were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's. Saluzzo liners are expected from the Salyes Ligures on the Durance river, location of Brigantium of the Bride's and Bridge's who have a Coat like that of Salts/SAUTs. That works. The Hicks write-up: "The surname Hick was first found in Yorkshire, where one of the first records of the name was found as a forename as Hikke de SAUTeby..." Pretty salty stuff. The Hicks fleur-de-lys are colors reversed from the same of Pepe's/Pepperds. Achoo! Brigantium is in Savoy, where French Masseys were first found. Sauters/Sutters (HEXagrams) almost have the Saltz fesse, and the Saltz Crest may thus have the Hixon/Hickson talon. Ahh, Hixons/Hicksons were first found in Staffordshire with...Pipe's! Sales'/Salletts (cough-cough) share the bend-with-fleur of Coughs who in turn have an "AniMUS taMEN" motto phrase for the line of Moses's name (not the line of Moses' blood).

The above can explain why Sleeping Beauty, Miss Hicks, was portrayed as my bride, for I see the proto-Masci's, my mother's line, from the household of the Hyksos who named Moses. I trace the Hyksos to Lake Van's Mus, home of the Biaini, and so we read from Salatis' Wikipedia article: "Salitis died after 19 years of rule and his throne passed to another Asiatic called BNON or Beon." "Beon" looks like the Mackay sept of Bains/Beans, like "Biaini" (ini" was a mere suffix). English Mackays/Maceys (Masci branch) have a Coat like that of Salts/Sauts. I trace Lake-Van elements to the Veneti, and the Boii in Bnon-like Bononia lived on either side of the Veneti. The Hicks use a "bon" motto term. Veneti were from the Heneti who in turn were in league with Apophis-like PAPHlagonians.

If we are convinced that Hyksos were a line to the Bohemians, then as Agatha of Bohemia will be linked to Gates' later in this update, I suppose that portrays Bill Gates as an obstinate, hard-hearted, end-time Hyksos agent who will not listen to Christians.

The Boii lived in Modena too, and Fanano in Modena is suspect with the Fane's/VANs (share gauntlet gloves with Mackays/Maceys). I can trace Bain-like Banners / Bainers to Modena. English Banes' have a wolf head in the colors of the Flaming/Fleming wolf, and French Banes' share the Coat of Babenbergs, founded by Poppo I. German Pape's are also Papenburgs. I received Sassy, a cat, when finishing someone's BANister, and Sassy pointed to Tails/Tailers (I'll show this later in this update). Pepins are in the colors of Tail/Tailer-branch Tillers, and the Tiller crescents are colors reversed from the same of French Pepins. The Papps (Piedmont again) have a rare lion with its TAIL at its mouth, apparently code for Tails/Tailers by some special symbolism. Asteroids do have visible tails as they enter the air.

I now want to go back to my omen in Texas, which was my bad feeling of doom when I looked up on a perfectly clear day, but seeing a tiny cloud centered on the sun...what could be perceived as God's pointer to the sun going dark at the brink of Armageddon. The reason this is back to topic is as per my seeking Apophis-like surnames, which found the Poffs/Puffs'/Puffers while Pough's came to mind, the latter listed with Poe's suspect in the "PHOEbus" motto term of the Jeffreys who use a small cloud covering the sun. As I asked myself whether the lunar crescents in flames of Pough's/Poe's can relate to the Apophis asteroid, I recalled seeing (last night) a non-Christian video on the topic where Apophis' trajectory was shown virtually skimming the moon. And prophecy tells of a red moon occurring when the sun goes dark, perhaps red from lunar dust splashing up from an collision with Apophis or one of it's sub-rocks, and/or perhaps red from a molten glow due to being struck.

The Poffs/Puffs'/Puffers have quadrants in the colors of the split Shield of Moons (Devon, same as Poughs/Poe's!), who likewise have crescents. That's pretty amazing. Moons look linkable to Pavia's of Papia. It could appear that Poffs/Puffs and Pough's were variations from "Pavia." The Moon crescents are shared by Swiss Pfaffs (hexagram) while Pavia is on the Ticino river that begins in Switzerland. Pfaffs share the Aaron/Aren quadrants.

Does all of this heraldry point to the Apophis asteroid? Not badly. The flaming star of Pero's really sold me. However, I need to develop key themes for the asteroid that can be affirmed by heraldry. For example, if it's coming in April, and I find a comet in the April surname, that would work. As the bus-stop event was in June, I may have seen Peare last in April, 1981, 40 years ago roughly to the day, today. Ahh, June's share the Sales/Sallett fleur while the June-branch Jeune's have them in the colors of the Pepin / Pipe fleur!!! ZINGER. AND WOW, I kid you not, that June's have a new first-found location as of this year, now said to be first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's and their Stop kin!! WOOOOOW, the bus-stop event pointed to Pepins for even more reasons not re-mentioned here.

The April surname shares the roses of MARKs/Marx's, perhaps an indication of the "mark of the beast." APRils may have been a take on an APHRodite line because the April Chief is in the colors and format of the Cooper/Copper Chief. These Coopers/Coppers were first found beside POPhams/Poppins. April's share three roses (different colors) in their Chief of Valois', and while POPPa of Valois may have been from Poppo of Babenberg, Babenbergs share the Water Coat while Rose's have the "water bouget." I feel certain that the Aphrodite Hebrews were the Hyksos Hebrews, and that they were living in Hebron with KETURah, a major topic of this update. Keturah is suspect to CUTTERs/Gutters (Dorset, same as water-bouget Bugs/Buggys), and the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters/Gutters is that also of Valois'.

On my first day with Mamie as my ladyfriend, she got a garden symbol, and Gardens have a "JUNGunter" motto term while June's list Jungs. Gunters (gauntlets), perhaps Gutter kin, are in the format of, and colors reversed from, June's/Jungs.

Here's the closest thing ever to the 666 in Israel right now:

We could even consider whether the Rothschilds of Israel are behind the global push to vaccinate. Listen to the 13th minute.

The lockdowns and the masks were to make us unhappy so that we would be more willing to receive the vaccines, but in that case the vaccines must be wrong for us. Ainsley Earhardt and Steve Doocy have the attitude of Trump: yay, once we take the vaccines, we can go back to normal. Exactly. Exactly why the vaccine must be very bad for us, and good for the globalists. If the globalists were good guys, they would not have schemed to ruin the business and social worlds. They plan to making mega-dollars on vaccines too, with taxes paying the bills i.e. with whole governments complicit with the heist of the peoples' money. It's what globalists do. It's what Bidenites and Trudeauites are complicit with. Trumps is singing in the band with Netanyahu and this vaccine song. Ainsley Earhardt is a beautiful Siren.

If you have time to watch an hour or more of David Knight on vaccine tyranny, here you go. I didn't know he was an evangelical Christian until now. I think all of his sentiments in this video mirror mine:

They created the crises of masks and lockdowns, and they then said that they could save us from the crisis with the vaccines. Once we allow them to walk on our backs with this, they will not stop from creating new crises. The thing is, we do not know what specifically they are up to with the "vaccines," which may not be vaccines at all. All we know is that they badly want to get everyone taking them, repeatedly. If churches lock-step rebel against vaccines, they will open the doors to bad press, persecution, but the COVID scheme has already shown us that governments are willing to put pastors on unemployment lines. I think I now see the reason for this, to manipulate pastors into urging Christians to accept vaccines, but I say this is dead-wrong playing into the hands of our enemies. Once we allow an inch, they will take nine yards.

We are in a war, and they are seeking to ambush us. The only good thing about it is that they will unveil their animosities toward us so that even those Christians who had trusted liberal, global-leaning governments will not trust them again. Once we know their playing cards, we can better make our next moves accordingly. We will have traitors amongst us, and they will have traitors amongst them.

The solution is to argue that we promise to stay home, and not go anywhere, until the virus has run its course. We can pay others to get our groceries, and we can quit our jobs if they refuse to let us work without vaccinations (the government must then grant us welfare). Or, if you want to take your chances with the needle, it's your call. Or, we can take the government to court and argue that this virus is weaker than a standard flu, and that the government has no right to force employers to fire anti-vaxers, therefore. Once you start a legal case, the courthouse may award you a stay on taking the vaccine until the case is heard, which could be months away, bonus for you. If the churches decide to stack the courts, we may win hands down, but if a pastor relishes his income more than winning this fight, I don't want to be in his church. Why haven't churches taken governments to court already? They don't want to make waves for fear of backlashes. It's the Trump-wimp syndrome. That's Trump the paper tiger. The churches should band together.

Some or most will perhaps think I shouldn't have used "witch" to describe Ainsley Earhardt, a believer in Jesus. I've considered whether I should, and I think a very strong word is needed for what amounts to murder, for she's a news person whose heard that the so-called COVID virus does not threaten young people, but she is advocating, on her shows, people who push vaccines for children as a good thing. Instead of warning parents that their children could get very sick or die from the vaccine, she's being a murderous witch. It's not her alone, but I'm stressing her because I think she is a fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, for a cause.

Johnson & Johnson

I watched a David Knight show last night (Tuesday) where he reported the first two deaths for Johnsons & Johnson "vaccine," two young people, one 32 and a woman in her 20s. All unnecessary, snuffed horribly and painfully from life. It's ignorant to argue that two deaths out of a few thousand vaccinations is acceptable when the vaccinations are not necessary. It's her job to report what I've just said, no mincing words, not being vague about it. IT'S AN UNNECESSARY RISK, PARENT'S DON'T DO IT, HEALTHY PEOPLE DON'T DO IT. Instead, she's facilitating murder, and she doesn't care what Jesus thinks about it, apparently, because she would rather keep her job at the cost of being responsible for "a few" deaths and maimings than to lose her job going out as a shining light. That's darkness. Rebuke the Fox bosses publicly, and go out a shining light. GET ANOTHER JOB, STUPID.

I know of not one Fox show host who quit to find another job in protest of the stolen election on a grand scale. Such people become useless money-grubbers. Doesn't Hannity have enough millions by now that he would show himself such a hypocrite? The people he pretends to fight for he did not fight for when it counted, time and time again he betrayed his audience on behalf of doing the Fox-boss will.

I mentioned in the last update, while crossing Mrs. Kilpatrick as the first fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, that Scottish Johnsons have a version of a Kilpatrick Coat, the ones with cushions. The last update realized that Haydens, which I think is the surname of Ainsley Hayden Earhardt's mother, were a branch of Hawdens/HOUTens, and then while Hoods are also Hoots, Sleeping Beauty was first seen at the hood of a car (in my 1979 dream). I was then transported to the side of the car, where I saw her in a lying-down position with stress on her face, and soon I was asked to wake her up, for she had fallen asleep, and so this theme goes very well with the Kilpatrick / Johnson cushions.

It's very interesting that while the Crest of Scottish Johnsons shares the spur with English Knights/Nights, it was from David Knight that I heard about the first two Johnson & Johnson deaths. Nights are suspect with the namers of the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle.

The gold-on-red cushions in the Johnson Chief are in the colors of the dancette in the particular Hayden Chief where the Crest shares the black bull of Beautys. Coincidence? Haydens were first found in Norfolk with the Patricks sharing the Johnson / Kilpatrick saltire. That's not surprising, but I was told to WAKE Mrs. Kilpatrick (born Miss Hicks), and it is interesting where Wake's (share Orr Chief-with-roundels) share an "ora" motto term with Patricks while Scottish Kilpatricks (with the Johnson cushions) were first found in Dumfries with Walks/WACHs. The Orr motto is "BONis omnia BONa," like the "bon" motto term of Hicks (Hawden/Houten colors), the latter first found in Yorkshire with Hawdens/Houtons.

The Hick write-up: "Much farther to the south in the parish of St. Ewe in Cornwall, another branch of the [Hicks] family was found." Cornwall is where Wake-like, proto-Washington Wassa's/WACE's were first found. The Washingtons and Wassa's/Wace's have the double Sleep fesses in colors reversed, and while the Wassa/Wace canton-with-item is in the colors of the same of Tute's/TOUTs (Yorkshire, beside Washingtons), Tute's/Touts are in the "Tout en BON" motto phrase of Hicks while Tute's/Tuits were first found in Norfolk with the Haydens having quadrants colors reversed from the same of Tute's/Tuits. I've told the story where one of the last times I saw Miss Hicks (we attended the same church), I TOOTed my her while driving past her front GATE (big gates) as she was coming to greet my real-estate agent there, and so this could be a pointer to Bill gates the vaccine fiend because the gate Coat is very much like the Bon/Bono Coat.

The real-estate agent is Mr. Casey, and I'm pretty sure this means that Caseys were from king Cassander, son of king Antipater of Macedonia, the likely namer of AntiPATRia, where Patricks were from. The Dexaroi, the line to Daggers, were at Antipatria. Haydens were first found in Norfolk with dagger-using Comyns/Comine's, from "Kuman" down-river from Antipatria. This can explain why Walks/Wachs share the fleur-de-lys of the Courage's in the Comyn/Comine motto. Kuman is in Fier county (line to Fairs/Fare's and Ferme's/Farme's) while the Hawden/Houton motto is, "FERio, tego." The Hawden/Houten Crest has a dragon likely with FIRE, and Dragons/DRAINers are from the Drin river near the Apsus river through Fier country. The Penestae on the Drin became the Pendragons (Dragon/Drainer colors), first found in Cornwall with mythical GORlois, and the latter is part-code for the Gore's (Kent, same as Dragons/Drainers) sharing the Howden/Houten crosslets.

The SPUR in the Johnson Crest tends to prove that Spurrs (Devon, same as Supers) were a branch of spur-like Supers, explaining why Supers share the same-colored saltire as the Johnsons and cushion-using Kilpatricks. It just so happens that "Super" is a motto term of Ratterys while Hoods/Hoots were first found in Devon's Rattery. Plus, Haydens were first found in Norfolk with the Drops/Trope's in the Kilpatrick drops, which drip from a so-called "dagger," and then dagger-like Dexters/Decksters, in the so-called "dexter paw" of Irish Kilpatricks, were first found in Leicestershire with the Woods sharing the Rattery fitchees...which may explain the BoWOOD variation of Beautys.

The dexter paw is on a green dragon, the colors of the Hawden/Houten and Seaton dragon. head. The latter two dragons both breath fire, and there's a Seaton location in Devon with Rattery (flames on heart) while the "SIDEra" motto term of Ratterys (Perthshire, same as Sutys) must be partly for the Suty-branch Side's, for the Nothings/Northens in the motto of Sutys (share "hazard with Seatons) have another fire-breathing, green dragon. The Suty motto is, "Nothing hazard, nothing HAVE," and Have's/Haafs use ducks while the Haydens with the black bull look like they share the German Duck/Ducker/DOCKER bars. The Comins/Comine's use a dagger, as do the Scottish Shaws (Perthshire again) that mention the Comyn bloodline, and then there is a Comines location near the Helpe river (Flanders theater) while Helps come up as "Half."

Haafing said that, let's go to the HAWden/Houten write-up as per its Howden location, to see Haaf- and Have-like terms: "The town pre-dates the Norman Conquest, as the first record of the place was as HEAFudDENE in the year 959, when King Edgar of England granted his first wife, Ethelfleda, Howden Manor. By the time of the Domesday Book in 1086, the parish was listed as HoveDENE..." Ignore houseofnames where it ventures a cheap-shot derivation for the latter term. Hove's are listed with Howells, first found in MONmouthshire, and Mons is in Flanders, home of the Flemings, explaining all the flames we're seeing, for Seatons are known to be Flemish.

The Hawden/Houton motto is translated, "I strike, I COVER," and Covers are listed with Cove's/COVITs. "I hide myself while I destroy." As Stike's are in the HAWK motto while Hawkeswells share the axe with the Cover/Covit Crest, note Hawden-like Hawkens/Haykins, for they share the Johnson / Kilpatrick saltire, and add gold fleur-de-lys to it, symbol of Hicks and Ainsleys. The Hawken/Haykin fleur are in the colors of the one on the Hawk hawk. Hawkens/Haykins, who share "Toujours PRET" with Meads, are said to have descended from a Flegg family while Flys, linkable to the Mead martlets, were at Flagi. Hawkens/Haykins were first found at FOLKEstone (Kent), and Fulke's with Fleggs/Flags were first found in Norfolk with Haykin-like Haydens and the Hawk-related Pilgrims. Meads (pointer to Brian Kilmeade of Fox and Friends) were once said to have been first found in Sussex with Dene's/Deans.

Washingtons were first found in Durham with Seaton-branch Sedans whom I say were related to the namers of Sedbergh, where Dance-like Dents (Yorkshire, same as Dance's) were first found. Washington-like Wests (Devon, same as Seaton), show a DANCEtte. Sedbergh is in West Yorkshire, and the Wests have this: "Later some of the family held estates at AUGHTON in the West Riding of Yorkshire." It just so happens that HOUGHTONs are also the Houten-like Hottens.

Aughtons (Lancashire, where Washingtons were once said to be first found) share the Stick / Brook / Good/Gut Coat, and the latter relate to a waist event that can connect to Washington liners. The waist even was with Miss Peare, who lived in UNIONville when I knew her. The Aughton write-up has Einion de Aughton, and Einions are listed with Unions/Anions. Very COVID-interesting, suddenly, is where the Unions/Anions have mill rinds that include mascles in the colors of the Quincy mascles, and Saer de Quincy built FauxSIDE castle of the Faucets.

The Suty lion is expected to be that of FAUCets/Fawcetts (East Lothian, same as Seatons), and that surname is the pointer to poison vaccines ever since I had the vision of Farrah Fawcett days after the Sleeping-Beauty dream (this topic has been explained over the past few weeks). In fact, what coincidence is it that while Fauci-like Fauchs show nothing but thistle's, the Thistle's/THISells share the pheon arrow heads of English Johnsons??? The Tiss'/Teace's look like a branch of Tease's/Tyes'/TEGGs (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys) suspect in the "tego" motto term of Hawdens/Houtens.

We can now take this to TEAGUE's/Teegers too, because they were first found in Galway with the Irish DENE's who share the double fesses of Wassa's/Wace's and Washingtons (Canton Coat in colors reversed). The Wassa's/Wace's are suspect with a canton-version of the Tute's who in turn have a crescent colors reversed from the crescents of English Dene's/Deans (share the motto of Irish Dene's. This is as per, "HoveDENE," an early name of Howdens/Hawdens/Houtens/HOVEDENs.

It seems that Howdens (and Haydens?) were, at one point, a Hove-of-Howell / Howe / Hay merger with Dene liners. The other Irish Dene's (colors of English Johnsons) show nothing but gold wings, symbol in the Johnson Crest with its spur.

Before going to Gore liners below, let's tell that a version of the Kilpatrick Coat is used by English Corys while Scottish Corrys (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks) share the green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks. Irish Currys/Corrys share the saltire of GosPatricks. Currys/Corrys were first found in Waterford with the Correns who in turn show only three escutcheons, ditto with the Hays.

Note how Hays owned the Garce of Gowrie, for Gowers/Gore's share the white wolf with Gore's/CORE's while the latter have a good reflection of the Hawden/Houton Coat. Hays show a Mac Garaidh variation while Gowrie's/Gorys (Skye) are said to have been "Mac Goraidh" in Ireland. Gows/McGoo's ("deCORi") share the gold boar head with GorAIDh-like Gords, the latter first found in Berwickshire with AIDs (that's interesting in itself), and it just so happens that Aids share the black leopard face with Hovers/Hoffers. As the hovering Sleeping Beauty ended up rising into the SKY, the Skye location of Gowrie's/Gorys and the rising falcon of Hays is now suggesting that the Hawdens/Houtons are being pointed to by the hood of the car, and that Hovers/Hoffers/Hoefers (Westphalia, same as Ducks/Duckers) were from Hawden/Houten elements.

PLUS, Hays share the red escutcheon with HOLDens while the McLeods/Clouds of Skye use a "HOLD fast" motto phrase that aptly describes she and I clinging together (holding fast) as we rose into the sky!!! WOW. The only reason I can see, at this time, for God's pointing that way, in this set of compelling heraldry, is to identify Sleeping Beauty as Ainsley Earhardt.

I now understand the hold-fast embrace toward the sky as it relates to heraldic pointers. It's needed to get the Hays into the picture to make "Hayden" apply more-certainly with Beautys. I'll soon explain why Holds link to Hood liners. Holdens (share red escutcheon with ALLERs) have BEAKless red eagles called, "ALLERions," and Beaks (Dorset, same as Beautys) look like Beach/Bech kin. She was on the beach. Holdens share the Buckley motto while Buckleys share the white bull head with McLeods/Clouds and HOTTens/Houghtons, so perfect, especially as Hottens/Houghtons have the triple-Beak fesses in colors reversed.

As Beaks use the OSTrich, I suggest that the white bull heads under discussion includes the white one of OSTs/Hosts (Somerset, beside Richs') suspect in the motto of Shirts/Shards (Cheshire, same as Buckleys and Hootens/Houghtons), which can explain why I was on the beach with Sleeping Beauty without a shirt. Shirts/Shards (kin of Harcourt / Hare liners) may have been a branch of the Sarde variation of Lizarts who in turn share the six pale bars of Lists, Liss' and BABwells ("gold gate"), important because the triple-Beak fesses are over the "gold GATE" in the Arms of PodeBRADY. The Liss' were first found in Hampshire with the Rich's to be expected in the Beak ostRICh, and with the Tiss' (share Shirt/Shard chevron) suspect in the "HosTIS" motto term of Shirts/Shards. She was acting as my bride as we rose into the sky, and McBride's are also BRAIDs. Beaks were Babe kin, and Babe's (Dorset, same as Beautys and Beaks) were Brady kin.

It's Gates-important that, for the hovering scene, I was transported to the DOOR of the car, for while one Door surname shares the white leopard head in the Hover/Hoffer Crest, English Doors have a Coat like that of Gates'. I don't know how we can prove that Bill Gates is being pointed to here, but let's try. Gates' were first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots, and share the lion of the Dene's/Deans suspect in the Hovedene location of Hawdens/Houtons ("tego"). Teague's are also Caige's while Gates' share the split Shield of Cage's (Gettes/Jette saltire in colors reversed). As the Cage / Gates Coat is much like the Bon/Bono Coat while Hicks have a "bon" motto term, note that the Cage Crest has a gold stag, the color of the Hicks "buck" head. This can explain why one of the Gates lions is that of Bone's and Bonns too, as well as of the Beaumonts (DORset, same as Beautys).

The hood and hover scenes definitely seem to be including the Gates' in this picture where Houtons are involved. It took the vaccine-poison theme of Miss Earhardt to get us to the Gates', you see. The Bills (share pelicans with Meads) have been resolved with the Roet Chief-Shield colors and Roets (share Gord boar head) were Bow/Bough (= Rothschild liners with Roets) kin while Beautys/Bowds can apply to them. As Dove's/DOWS (WEST dancette in colors reversed) can explain the Dowser variation of Dorsets, not the George's (Dorset) sharing the blue dove with WAISTells/Wessels. Wests were first found in Dove-like Devon with Gates', and although I don't know whether the round-tailed (as I call it) lion of Gates' (and Dene's/Deins) is for a special reason, it's used in gold by Davens/Dwane's/Davine's too.

English Doors use bees, and while Wessels/WAISTells were at a Bees location, German Wessels/Wassels share the red horn with Hovers/Hoffers. What might Peare's waist scene have to do with the hover scene? The Bee's/Bees' even share a green dragon head in Crest with Hawdens/Houtens. It seems we've really scored big on the dream's hood as a pointer to Hawdens/Houtons, which recalls that the medallion on my hood was in a grocery store of BRACEbridge while Bracebridge's -- who fit well with Sleeping Beauty emBRACing me for the rise into the sky -- use a "Be as" motto phrase while Beas' are listed with Bee's/Bees'.

Just to repeat what's been said before, Auto's/OTTO's share the black bull with Beautys, suggesting that the dream's car is an auto too. Then, Bons/Bono's, first found in Milan with Ottone Visconti, can begin to point the auto to Ottone's/Otto's, and from that we go to Otone's/Oldens (Cheshire, same as bull-head Hottens/Houghtons) having a version of the Bon/Bono Coat, all using the Odin lion while Oddie's and Oddeys/Hode's have Hood-like variations. Oddeys/Hode's (share pelican with Bills) share the Coat and motto of HODleys (Sussex), both having the Patria's/PEARtree's in their motto, potential AntiPATRIA liners along with Mrs. Kilpatrick's husband.

[Insert -- I didn't check Janssens until days after writing here, checked because Johnson & Johnson is also called, Jannsen. English Janssens (Northamptonshire, same as Fisk-connectable Fessys) look related to the group of surnames in the paragraph above, and even shares a blank, gold Chief with Milan-connectable Mellans. Mellansons share the PATON crescents while English Janssens use a PATONce cross while Patents/Padons/PATIENTs were first found in Dumfries with Johnsons. Danish Jansens/Johnsens share the Shield of Fiscs/Fisks in turn having an "astra" motto term! ASTRAzeneca! End insert]

While I think Peare's / Pero's / Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's were from Flavians of Rieti along with Roets and Rita's, note the "VeRITAs" motto term of Oddeys and Hodleys, for Rita's (Rome, same as Pierleoni) share the Bon/Bono / Otone/Olden / Odin lion. It's also the lion of medallion-like Medals/Dougals, and Hodleys and Oddeys/Hode's share the Medal/Dougal quadrants, as well as those of Bowd-like Bauds. Rita's use "pieces of WOOD" with their lion, and Bills use "WOOD bills" while Woods share the fitchees of Ratterys while Hoods/Hoots were in Rattery. This can start to indicate the Bills are a pointer to Bill Gates, for the Gates' (same place as Rattery of the Hoods/Hoots) share the lion of Dene's/Deans, the latter first found in Sussex with Hodleys and Oddeys/Hode's. Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with the Tass' sharing the Hood/Hoot crescent, and possibly in the "VeriTAS" motto term of Hodleys and Oddeys/Hode's. Holds (squirrel) and Fasts are in the motto of bull-head McLeods/Lutts, and then Lutts/Lute's (Worcestershire, same as Squirrels) have the Fast quadrants, which are colors reversed from the Oddey/Hode and Hodley quadrants.

Olden-like Oltens (Prestwich) and Holts/Holds (Bury) were first found in Salford with RATcliffs (Bury). Prestwichs (Lancashire, same as Prestwich) use the merMAID while Maids/Mauds have a version of the Monmouth Coat while Owl-like Howells were first found in Monmouth while Oltens use owls.

Linkage of this Sleeping-Beauty topic to Wassa's/Wace's/WAICE's justifies going to the WAIST scene upon a STAGE in my sleeping-bag dream, especially as Wassa's/Waice's have the double-sleep fesses in colors reversed. The point here is the first-anniversary memorial of 9-11 that my church put on, when I sat beside Mrs. Kilpatrick in real life. I got up from my seat, and went to speak with Mr. JOHNSON for a few seconds on the STAGE concerning Miss Hicks. That's right. I don't know what the staged COVID scheme has to do with the framers of the 9-11 crime, but, yes, there can be a connection. The same old fiends doing one fiendish thing may be doing other fiendish things, because God has allowed them not to get caught (yet), and so they are very proud of their hurtful, destructive deceptions. Expect an amBUSH from God at a painful time.

I didn't realize until now that Danish Johnsons share the Wassa/Waice hexagram. WAISTells of WASdale (Cumberland, same as Daggers / Dockers) share the garbs of dagger-using Comyns/Comine's (Norfolk, same as Haydens). Waistells can be gleaned as a West branch, and Wests use a dancette, a Hayden symbol too. So, yes, the waist scene on a stage is linking to Sleeping Beauty.

Repeat: "The Suty motto is, "Nothing hazard, nothing HAVE," and Have's/Haafs use ducks while the Haydens with the black bull look like they share the German Duck/Ducker/DOCKER bars." If one can prove that the five Duck/Ducker fesses are related to the 12 fessewise bars of Hayden, it would be super for going to LeDucs/Ducs, and therefore to James LeDuc of the Galveston national laboratory. LeDuc was in charge of parts of the Wuhan lab, though this may be hard to find now on Google for cover-up reasons. This paragraph would make a hard COVID-scam pointer to LeDuc because Ainsley Hayden Earhardt has pointed to it already.

The Sleeping-Beauty dream started when I was standing beside a kidney-shaped swimming pool having a nasty shark. A short British bulldog came walking past my LEG, and FELL and/or JUMPed into the pool. I could not tell whether it took a little jump, or whether it accidentally fell in. It just walked along, and walked over the water too, and fell in, getting half-swallowed by the shark head-first. The reason I think it can be both seen as falling and jumping is that Jumps share the Trump stag head, and Leggs almost have it, you see, so that the bulldog is Trump getting half-swallowed by the shark. Fells have the eight-pointed LeDuc/Duc stars in colors reversed, and Fall-like Fallis'/Falls' share the Pool lion. Sooo, the shark scene seems to be pointing to globalist Rockefellers attacking Trump, yet Trump is a fool who advances the poison vaccines, like one participating with the deep-state pool.

Leggs were first found in Dumfries with Bullys who in-turn share the heart in flames with Ratterys, and Bullys share the mascles of Quincys, for example, or Scottish HAINS'/Hennings (Dumfries). It just so happens that English Hennings (Norfolk, same as Haydens) look linkable to Tuckers who in turn look linkable to the Hayden bars. But compare Tuckers also with Semans and their Sea branch, for Sea's share the blue fish with Kidneys/GEDneys (Lincolnshire, same as Hannitys), and the shark was in a kidney-shaped pool. I went from the pool scene to the hood scene, and the Hoods/Hoots love the Sea-branch Seals/Zeals. There is an online article telling that proto-Geddes Geds (could be a pointer to Bill Gates) were on the Nith river (Dumfries) of Kilpatrick castle. The blue saltire formed by the two fish of Kidneys/Gedneys looks like play on the blue Gettes/Jette saltire.

A the Arms of Podebrady has a "GOLD GATE," it's fairly certain in my mind that Gate's are from Agatha of Podebrady, but note how the Swedish Carlson looks a lot like the hourglass design of English Golds/Goulds who in turn share the Gate lion. The other Gate lion thus looks like the Maurice lion because Agatha, I think, was the mother of Maurice Drummond. This page agrees, though the dates of birth are about 15-20 years too late for she and her husband.

And so you might agree with me that this part of the discussion is a pointer to Fox's prime-timers, Tucker Carlson and Sean HANNity, who I don't think are saying enough to warn about the vaccines. I don't know whether they are saying anything at all, because I never see their shows offered (on social-media sites) on that topic, and I've stopped looking for their shoes ever since they became half-news, nothing-burger shows at the obvious demand of Fox bosses.

Nor do they seem to have shows appropriately stressing election fraud, just as the Fox bosses are expected to demand of them. Election fraud is the biggest news of this generation. The country is about to be swallowed by the election-cheat / power-grab shark.

It could be that "Ainsley" was named by God so as to point to others at Fox, for while Ainsleys have the Countrys in their motto, the Country / Beach pile seems somewhat evident in the Swedish Carlson Coat. Note the "ZeaLOUS" motto term of Hoods/Hoots, for Lous'/Lou's could be a branch of Luce's (Norfolk again) who share the Ged / Geddes pikes. It's suddenly amazing that Lous'/Lou's have 12 bends in the colors of the 12 fessewise bars of Haydens (Norfolk)! That's yet another strong case for identifying Sleeping Beauty as Miss Earhardt. The Hawden/Houten Chief (shares the Hacking/Hockin lion) happens to be colors reversed from the Lous/Lou Chief!

There is a rock in the Crest of Hackings/Hockins (Cornwall) who have a Hawken-like "Hoc in" motto phrase, and the lower half of the Hacking/Hockin Shield is that of Pools, what a sharkincidence. Pools were first found in Dorset with the Beautys sharing the Hayden bull. Hawkens/Haykins have: "The surname Hawken was first found in Kent at Hawkinge or HACKYNGe..." As the Hacking/Hockin lion is that also of Hatch's/Hacch's, Hawkens/Haykins may have been a Hack-line merger with Kings / Kingstons, both in Hawken/Haykin colors, and both sharing the lion of Scottish Knights/Nights. "King" happens to be an Ainsley motto term. Hawkings "removed to Nash Court in the parish of BOUGHTONunder-Bleane" (Kent), and Nash's happen to be in Hull colors and format while Kingstons were at Kingston-upon Hull.

Boughtons share the Hood/Hoot crescents! Great Boughton is a location in the Broxton area of Cheshire, and Hottens/Houghtons were first found in Cheshire. Ainsleys were first found in BroxTOW while Tows/Touch's were first found in Cheshire. Nash's were also in HADDENham, and Haddams (share red Chief with Hawdens/Houtens!) share the motto of Haldans (share Hawken saltire). The Haddan / Haldan motto is simply, "Suffer" (what vaccine sufferers do), and Haldans were once said to have been first found in East Lothian with Faucets/Fawcetts and Vaux's. The Nash Coat is in the colors and format of vaccine- / Vaux-like Vychans/Vaughns. The Haldan write-up suggests that the bloodline named Haiden of Cheshire, where Hottens/Haughtons were first found. I am very sure that this bloodline was from Oda of HALDENsleben (wife of Mieszko I), possible grandmother of king Cnut. Feasible, "Cnut/Canute" was part of the Country/Cuntry bloodline in the Ainsley motto, for Ainsleys were first found in Cnut-named Nottinghamshire.

Boughtons, who may be sharing the lion head of Cnut-like Nights/Knights/Knaughts, are in Hawking colors, but also in the colors of Meads (Warwickshire, same as Boughtons). Meads were once said to be first found in Somerset (beside Hoods/Hoots) with Roets, and the latter share the BOUGH/Bow motto which includes "veRUM," likely for the Rums/Rome's/Rims (Dumfries) because "duRUM" is used by Nights/Knights/Knaughts. This looks like the line of Beautys/Bowds (Dorset, beside Somerset), but note that the Chief of Scottish Roets (beside Dorset) is in the colors of a Kilpatrick Chief, while Dorsets share the crescent of German Roets. The Bowd-like Bauds have the Boughtons crescents in colors reversed, which recalls the link between Sleeping Beauty at her hood, and the Russian medallion left by someone on my JEEP's hood that pointed to Bauds (share HODley quadrants) via Medals/Dougals, but also by the Chappes' (Stirlingshire, same as Bauds) because their Cheap variation is like the Chep of JEEPma's.

Bill Gates and Brain Cancer

I'd like to go back to CHRISTINE Peare on a stage DECK with me to show how Bill Gates can apply. The Gates write-up has: "The Subsidy Rolls of Worcestershire in 1275 list CRISTINA Gate." Worcestershire is where Squirrels/Square's were first found sharing the DECK squirrel, and the Tiens' in the Squirrel/Square motto are Peare kin. So far, so good for a Christine-Peare pointer to the Gates surname, and the latter even shares the split Shield of Cage's who in turn share the gold stag in Crest with Stage's/Staggs (Devon, same as Gates'). Between the Stage/Stagg antlers is a patee cross, and Pattys were likewise first found in Worcestershire. The Cage saltire in colors reversed is also the saltire of Stage-branch Stacys, and the latter's Crest is the Cage-Crest stag in brown. So, what is this suggesting, that Bill Gates stages events to secure his political ambitions over us?

This recalls my home-made cage I used to trap the first three squirrels in my attic, hmmm. The following year, I used the rat trap to get 16 squirrels.

Staceys are amazing here because they show nothing on the Shield but a fat saltire in the colors of the fat cross of Ainsleys. While Ainsleys use "my," the Stacy motto has "me," and then My's/Mea's/Mee's share the blue fitchee (same style) of Gate-like Gaths/GRATHs, and Greats share a blue saltire with Gettes'/Jette's.

The Ainsley motto has "my king," and Kings (share gold lion with Gates') get interesting for being first found in Devon with Gates', Ash's/Aschs and Hoods/Hoots, for the gold King crosslets are half in the colors of the same of Hawdens/Houtons, and then the King-like KINE's share the Coat of Ash's/Aschs. Miss. Earhardt married Mr. McKINNey, father of Hayden, and then one Hayden Coat shares the engrailed My/Mea/Mee cross. Pretty remarkable set of heraldry. Mys/Mea's/Mee's and Gates' both share a demi-gold lion in Crest.

Ainsleys were at Basfords while Bash's were News/Nuces / Nuse/Newes kin while NEWmans/Numans are in the My/Mea/Mee motto while Newtons have SHIN BONES linkable to the Gates lion via the Bone's and Beaumonts (married Waleran de Leavell). The latter were first found in Dorset with Newmans/Numans, and with the Beautys sharing the Hayden bull (in the colors of the Waleran bull heads). The bull in the Hayden Crest comes with the same white lion seen in the Newman/Numan Crest, and the other English Beaumonts (Dorset too) not only have a white lion of their own, but a bull head divided in quadrants in the colors of the quadrants of the Haydens sharing the My/Mea/Mee cross. The latter surname is from the Meu river passing near Montfort, and as Montforts married Beaumonts of Leicester, that's why the white Beaumont lion is expected to be the Montfort lion.

The Hayden and My/Mea crosses is shared by Macclesfields, and this Arms of Macclesfield tends to reveal that the Cue's were their kin, who could be in the "cui" motto term of Beaumonts. The Cue's were first found in Norfolk with both Hayden surnames, and the Cue Chief shares the demi-gold lion with the gates and My's/Mea's. Sooo, there you have more reasons for a pointer of Ainsley Earhardt, the Fox witch, to the poisonous vaccines that Bill Gates has been murdering with for years. The witch gladly promotes vaccines for children, and Bill Gates likes to kill children.

Bill Gates is wanting to spread dust in the stratosphere to block out the sun, to cool the planet. This is such a ridiculous venture that we should realize right-off that cooling the planet is a deliberately-false claim for spreading the dust. There is some other reason for spreading it, and as he doesn't want to tell the world, it can't be good for the world. I suggest this demon-possessed man wants to make people sick and dead sooner.

The double-tailed Montfort lion is in the Arms of BEAUM-like Bohemia, and Bone's sharing the other Beaumont lion are also Bohums. The Drummond-line Bohemians from Gate-like Agatha are in the George's and Babe's, both first found in Dorset too. The Arms of Bohemia has a "gold GATE," as does the BABwell/Babel Crest. The Beaumonts with the Montfort lion make a circle with their ten crescents, and while Earhardts make a circle with their double snakes, the Earhardt fleur-de-lys are shared by the other Beaumonts in turn sharing the Gates / Bone / Bonn lion.

The Walerans (Devon, same as Gates') were at PodeBRADY-like BRADfield. Walerans were even good enough to give us a sick-like "Sic" motto term, same as the Kinney-connectable Kenneths/MacKenzie's having an "astra" term as a pointer AstraZeneca vaccines. The "noBIS" motto term of Walerans can be with the Visconti-connectable Biss' sharing double-green snakes (compare with Arms of Bissone) with Earhardts (the original colors of the Visconte snake, called a biscione). The two Biss snakes are said to be "respecting EACH OTHER," and the Each's/Eagers once again share a demi-gold lion in Crest with Gates', My's/Mea's and Cue's. Visconti's ruled Milan, and Milans/Mellents (Aberdeenshire, same as Mellansons) look like they are from, and Mellent, otherwise called, Meulan, which is in the Waleran write-up, is where Beaumonts ruled when they ruled Leicester.

Visconti liners were related to Bohemian Beaumonts, we may gather, which can explain why Babe-like Baby/Babka's (Ukrainian surname) share the Arms of Meulan. Babys are also BobCHUKs, and in the colors of Chucks/Suchs/Zouch's.

It seems that Ottone Visconti was related to Auto's/Otto's, for the latter share the black bull head with the Walerans (same place as English Vowells/Fowls) who married Beaumonts of Meulan. This recalls that Ainsley Earhardt was pointed to by the cotton swab in the ear of Steve MELLANson. Emperor Otto I was the son of Henry the Fowler, and the foul-like Fowlers/Foulers, first found in Wiltshire (beside Dorset), might just be sharing the Beaumont lions. "Otto" starts with an 'O', the shape of the Earhardt snakes. Fowler-like Vowells/Fowleys were first found in Aberdeenshire with Milans/Mellents and Mellansons, how about that. Fowlers are in the colors and format of Maceys while Mackays use "Manu" while Vowells/Fowleys use "MANUque" (possibly part-code for Cue's).

As English Vowells/Fowls are also Fuggle's, recall the recent Hanson-Fugger discussion, for German Hansons have Visconti's of Milan all over them while English Hansons (Whalley kin) get us to Fauchy and Faux's/Fage's. The English Vowells/Fowls share what could be the Chief of Washington-related Cantons, and the latter share the double Sleep fesses. Am I wishful thinking to suggest that Miss Earhardt will repent and wake up Washington's sleepers? Do Vowells/Fowls love the Osts/Hosts in their motto, and is the Ost/Host and Bull/Bule bull head that of neighboring Beaumonts?

The Arms of Meulan shares the Coat of English Vaux's/Vallibus', you see, and Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus' were first found in East Lothian with vaccine-pointing Faucets/Fawcetts. What could be clearer? It's just so kind of Walerans to give us a "vos" motto term to boot, for German Vos' have a fox. You see, Ainsley, God started pointing to you centuries ago when He started to arrange the heraldic symbols. What are you going to do? Repent?

I've found a way to point to brain cancer. You decide whether it's an appropriate pointer. Before doing this, let me remind that my vision of Farrah Fawcett (died of cancer) came days after seeing Sleeping Beauty HOVERING in distress, flat on her back. Although Farrah Fawcett did not die of brain cancer, for all we know, her cancer may have originated there, for the vision showed that she had a head injury. I'd also like to say that Rosanna, a removed cousin of mine somehow, did die of brain cancer at the age of about 24/25. My mother mentioned a few times that she and I were in the same crib at the hospital. I had the vision and the dream nearing my age 22.

I was at her place a few times when growing up. She was wonderful. As she was my age to within days, it's interesting that we were both born in the period allotted by the zodiac to Cancer the crab. I didn't have this in mind when she came to mind above, but it just so happens that my pointer to brain cancer, as you will see, involves the Bridge crabs. This idea came to mind before Rosanna did, and so I find this amazing. Let's repeat:

English Doors use bees, and while Wessels/WAISTells were at a Bees location, German Wessels/Wassels share the red horn with HOVERs/Hoffers...The Bee's/Bees' even share a green dragon head in Crest with Hawdens/Houtens. It seems we've really scored big on the dream's hood as a pointer to Hawdens/Houtons, which recalls that the medallion on my hood was in a grocery store of BRACEbridge while Bracebridge's -- who fit well with Sleeping Beauty emBRACing me for the rise into the sky -- use a "Be as" motto phrase while Beas' are listed with Bee's/Bees'.

There are multiple elements in the paragraph that relate to the pointer to cancer. The Brains not only share the leopard face in Crest with Hovers, in the white color of the Door leopard face, but the three white leopard faces in pale in the Brain Shield are in the colors of half the three Brian lions in pale, suggesting that Brains (Gloucestershire, near English Doors) were a Brian branch. Briancon was BRIGantium, and as this was in Savoy, we note that Bride's (Savoy) have a Coat like that of Brights, suggesting that Bride's, and therefore Bridge's, can be Briancon liners. And it's Bridge's (Somerset, beside DORset and Gloucestershire), who have the crabs as a pointer to brain cancer. McBride's were first found in Arran with McABEE's. BraceBRIDGE's love Bee's.

Scottish Bride's, who share the black griffin with Brights, were first found in Angus, near the first-known leopard-face Doors of Fife. The embrace with the hovering woman was portrayed as my God-chosen bride.

Repeat: "This recalls that Ainsley Earhardt was pointed to by the cotton swab in the ear of Steve MELLANson." Hmm, the swab became suspect as a COVID-testing swab, but a test inside the ear is capable, perhaps, of giving someone a brain cancer if something "special" is on the swab, such as ethylene oxide. It's carcinogenic, and they do in fact disinfect COVID-testing swabs with it. Is there nothing else they can use? What if they've found a way to start cancer with it? The rulers hate the people, it's so easy to see. The people hate them, and the "gods" hate the people.

I happened to load the Cling surname a few hours ago, finding ducks, and LeDucs/Ducs point to criminal COVID operations. The Clings happen to have been first found in SWABia, and they were loaded because the embrace with Sleeping Beauty was a clinging with her.

Perhaps the cotton swab was done with Steven in order to point to Brains, for they were first found in Gloucestershire with Stevens. The latter share a solid chevron in the colors of the same of Ottone's, and Mellansons were from Milan, home of Ottone Visconti. See also the solid chevron of French Chappes', first found in Ile-de-France with Mellans. German Stevens have red pale bars, the color of the Brain pale bar. I suppose we could keep a check on whether brain cancers escalate, I don't know what more to say about this.

OH WOW, I've just tried for a Rosan surname because no Rosann(a) surname comes up, and Rosans/Rosani's/Rosa's have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of Clings! What are the chances?

One of the reasons that several European nations have blocked AstraZeneca is due to blood clots in the brain. How possibly can a "vaccine" cause such a thing? Where are the reports telling the causes of such clots? Where can we get the true news anymore? The clots occur in people usually under 25, usually women. Might a fast cancer cause the clots? Might growth of parts of the brain block blood vessels? This vaccine is often called the Oxford AstraZeneca, and then the Auge's are said to have lived in Oxford while Seneca's were at Auge.

Compare the Seneca Coat to that of MODERbys/Modens, for this could be a pointer to MODERna vaccines.

A moder biker (so to speak), David Morley, a pointer to Aids and thus a possibly pointer to AIDS / HIV vaccines, circled the sleeping bag. Aids/Ade's (MOORley connectable) are expected from Ada of Warenne, who married Mr. Huntingdon while St. IVES is in Huntingdonshire. Huntingdons use hunting HORNs while HIV-like IVO Taillebois was from the Orne area of the Horns. Hunts/Hunters were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and some early Ive's (MOOR heads, what are the chances?) by first name. Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire, same as Banks and Hawdens/Houtens) share the Tailbois, from the wife of IVO Taillebois of Lincolnshire, where Ives' were first found. As Ivo was from the Bessin while Bessins use bees, the heraldic bee HIVE looks like code for Ivo's bloodline. Bees are used by the doors having a good reflection of the gates Coat. Are you with me on the dread implications of this set of heraldry? How many people were murdered / sickened on the basis of faulty HIV testing > vaccinations?

David's father was permanently on a dialysis machine for severe diaBETES. Perhaps it's a coincidence, perhaps not, but while David came to the sleeping bag from a ROAD, and then returned down the road as a pointer to Rodhams (version of the Aids Coat), note how the BETES'/Betts surname shares the cinquefoils-on-white-bend with Rodhams. The Aids-like Aitons (Berwickshire, same as Aids) have a Coat like that of leopard-using Rhodes' (Yorkshire again, early in Lincolnshire), and Eitons were first found in Shropshire too (beside Morleys/Moorleys). German Rodes' (almost the Shirt/Shard Coat) share the red roundel with Ives, how about that.

Diabetes, I think, has sky-rocketed only in the letter half of my life. Prior to that, I never heard about it. What brought this disease on? As it's a low-sugar disease, note that the Sugars/Seagars, first found in Devon with Gates' and Huckabee's, use two green snakes around what could be an Asclepius ROD, the symbol of the medical profession. Huckabee's are said to use Asclepios rods. Morley came off the Rod-like road, and while Davids (version of Aid Coat) and Aids were related to king David I of Scotland, he built Haly ROD (Holyrood) House for his mother. Mellansons have "a bundle of rods," and English Rods/Rodes' share a blank, gold Chief with Mellans. This pointer to David's father and his diabetes is new right here, and the inclusion of Sugars/Seagars is fantastic because while Levi's (Ile-de-France, same as Mellans) have the Aids and the Seconds in their motto, Seconds are listed with SEGURs! Ada of Warenne married Henry of the royal-David line, suspect from the Henrys of RODez.

At the time I knew him, David lived on a HARDing street nearest the corner of Circle-connectable Church street (Circle's show a church). He was the BIKER who CIRCLED the sleeping bag (i.e. it tends to assure I was correct in pegging the biker as Morley). Biker-like Bickers share the stag heads of Hertfords/HARTfords, and Beckers were a branch of Beach's/Bechs, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Hertfords/Hartfords (Hawden/Houten colors and format). I'm getting the impression that EarHARDTs/AirHARTS relate to that biker with sleeping bag as per Sleeping Beauty on a beach. Harders/Hardress' even share the Hertford/Hartford and Hawden/Houten chevron.

The sleeping bag was on a bank off the road, and Banks share the fleur-de-lys of Hawkins/Haykins and Morley-branch Morlands. MalBANK, in the Mall write-up, were RODham kin. The first-known Banks were in Craven with the Lacy-related Skiptons, and English Lacys share the Coat of the Foys (six pellets) in the Hayden motto while the other English Haydens put pellets on their dog. Dogs/Doags share the cinquefoils of Bus' (Norfolk) and French Bacons while the Haydens with the dog have: "His son William de Heydon, remained in Norfolk, continuing the line that obtained estates at Heydon and BACONsthorpe." Doag-like Douglas' (HEART), said to be from Hardys (Harding colors), share the salamander-in-flames with Segni-like Sagans/Segans.

Here's more on how Ainsley Earhardt applies. Bash's were first found in Bicker-related Hertfordshire too. Sugars/Seagars, whom Morley is now pointing to, were once said to be first found in Norfolk with Haydens (and Bank-like Benjamins), and the Hayden quadrants are colors reversed from those of Seconds/Segurs. Ainsleys were at Basford while Basfords/Bashfords share the eagle of Segni's/SEGURana's (Sugar/Seagar moline in colors reversed). If Haydens use a "talbot" dog, then it's of the Taillebois line suspect in the Morley/Maul scallops. Benjamins together with Banks look related to Hawkins/Haykins.

The engrailed and counterchanged Hayden cross comes in two color schemes, one of which makes it the engrailed Rhodes cross too, and as such the road that the biker was one can touch up Haydens too. The besants upon the red Rhodes cross are in the colors of the fleur upon the red Ainsley cross, and while Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire, the Rhodes' are said to have been in Notts of Nottinghamshire. As Rhodes' were first found in Yorkshire with Lacys, the fret-KNOT of Hayden-connectable Lacys comes to mind.

If, then, there's a way to view the sleeping-bag dream with a set of pointers to vaccine-related illnesses, to what illnesses might the last scenes of the dream point where two ladies were on stages inside the shopping mall? For one thing, Haydens share a dancette (different colors) in Chief with Shops, and the Chief-Shield colors of Shops are those of Ainsley-branch Annas' and Wiggins, and, zowie, I had forgotten that the spur-with-wings of cushion-using Scottish Johnsons is in the Wiggins Crest! Hanna's, first found in WIGton, share a blue stag head with Stage's/Staggs, and the latter's, in colors reversed, is the stag head of Kenneths/MacKenzie's ("Sic") with the "astra" term as a pointer AstraZeneca vaccines. Wigton is near the Dumfries home of Kilpatricks and Johnsons (pointer to Johnson & Johnson vaccines). The Leggs of Dumfries have the Hanna stag head in colors reversed.

I was with Miss Peare on the second stage, and PEARtree's share the Trump stag head, in colors reversed from the Hanna stag head. Trump brought the country the poison vaccines with the help of Mr. Hahn, and Hahns are in the write-up of the Bibo's who share the cushion with Johnsons!!! Can you believe it?

I was pulling the hips of Miss Peare on the second stage, and while Ainsleys were at BROXtow, Brox's and Hips' use a sphinx while Spinks share the eagle of Snake's and Sans'/Sanchez's for a pointer to Seneca's/Seneschals and therefore to AstraZENECA. I'm now wondering whether there were two stages as a pointer to Seconds/Segurs, for while they are connectable to Segni's/Segurana's, the latter were Fieschi-line kin that includes the Fiscs/Fisks ("Sic") with an "ad astra" motto phrase. The Fisc/Fisk PYRamid can be for Peare liners. Hanna's share "ad" with Fiscs/Fisks (Suffolk, same as Warrens).

Don Frey, an old friend, taught at Seneca college (Toronto), and he needed to be on constant medication for his manic-depressive disease, otherwise he would lose his mind. He tried to go off the drugs, and I was then shocked to witness his losing his mind. If something so simple as a certain chemical can eradicate a terrible condition, then something so simple as a chemical can also destroy a biological function. These COVID "vaccines" are playing with our genetics. DO NOT TOUCH, for every body is different, and toying with your body in this way should need a very good reason, which a COVID flu is not.

COVID vaccines seek to alter the genetics of the body to get them to produce their own anti-bodies, what no man should mess with even if people are willing to risk it. Once genes are altered, the person can pass them in the altered state in procreation. The population-control freaks have no doubt discussed how they might ruin the semen in a large percentage of men. What happens to babies when you genetically mess with semen? Is this why the globalist pigs want to have the right to kill babies once born, because they expect a lot of defected births in the future???

There is a Semen surname with a part-blue seahorse to match the blue sea horse of Shops, for Shops were first found in Kent with Seaman-branch Sea's. Is this why the stages were in the shopping mall? Kent is where the Harders/Hardress' were first found who have the double-tailed lion of SIMON de Montfort. English Simons even share the trefoils of Irish Shaws while Shops are also Shawlands. I've told many times about a dream that started off with myself riding a shopping cart down the ROAD to a driveway that had my Jeep along with its previous owner, Mr. DeSIMONE. Desimone's/Simons have the Montfort lion in colors reversed. The Jewish Simons use a FOX, you see, and Simons may have been Semens too.

A few years after I was riding the shopping cart in the dream, I told the story where I was waiting at the doors of the grocery store without my mask on. Others were waiting there too, with their masks on. It was pouring so hard no one wanted to leave, but after a man came up to me and argued about not wearing a mask, we went out, but as it started to rain again, I ran with the cart until abruptly in an inch of parking-lot water, so I naturally raised my foot onto the back frame of the shopping cart and rode it through the puddle. That's what I did. In other words, this gives cause to point the dream's shopping cart to things-COVID. Palm-using Carts (possibly Carthaginians in connection with Carrick liners from Agrigento, near Palma de Montechiaro) are suspect from Numidia, home of Shawia. I was at the GROCery store, and Groce'/Greggs/Graggs look like proto-Carrick Craigs from ACRAGas = Agrigento. This line is suspect at Massa-Carrara, then to Castle Cary of the Carts. Why do Kerrys use a bee hive?

This video, aside from the blot-clot issues of AstraZeneca, mentions headaches for more three or more days in cases:


Here's news claiming that Jovan Pulitzer's system is wanted by the Georgia senate to address the ballots in Atlanta:

I don't esteem Julie Green in this video for the way in which she seems to think that so long as she has faith, and names it to claim it, election corruption will be dealt a severe blow by God. Things don't work that way. Things get done when God chooses for them to get done. We put our faith in the things that God says He's going to get done, but we don't know what he's going to do with election fraud. Did Christians do God any favors for claiming faith in Trump, or assigning him God's right-hand man?

On Friday she reported that Karen Fann, in charge of the audit, will not reveal the names of the people involved in the audit, for their protection. This assumes that the cheat side doesn't know the names, for, surely, if the cheat side is at mortal war with this audit, it will leak the names. If true that the cheat side had to give the okie-dokie to the audit team chosen, and if we don't get the names in a leak, then we should assume that this is a betrayal by the Fann team, because it looks as though it came to a happy deal with the cheat side. That doesn't necessarily mean that everyone on the team will abide by the deal if intended to cover up entire blocs of corruption.

I never need to ask youtube for Julie Green videos. They come up always, usually at the top, as soon as I load the youtube home page. But if youtube is so opposed to election-fraud news, why is that so? Does youtube know there's been protective measures to hide the cheating?

The RISING heraldry had pointed to Jovan's state of ARIZONa, at Phoenix, yet what's amazing here is that mythical Atlanta connects exactly to the Phoenix line. Atlanta was depicted by mythical ATLas, code for ATTALeia (my personal discovery, don't go looking elsewhere for this link) in the land of Pisidians. It's easy to see that the latter people group (real peoples on the ocean coast) were given Poseidon (god of the oceans) as their symbol, yet myth writers made Poseidon related to mythical Phoenix.

The waist scene with Peare I've been referring to in this update was the waist-PULLING scene that was part of the PULITZER pointers, for Pulits/Pullings share the scallops of PEARtree's. The WAISTells share the blue dove with Georgia-like George's, otherwise I don't know of any other blue doves. Belgium George's share the Pulit/Pulling bend. I've warned that since Peare and I were on a stage when I was pulling her toward me by her waist / HIPS, that we should expect some sort of staged events, either from the cheat side, or from Pulitzer's side, or from the pro-Trump Republican side. The Hips' almost have the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat.

Here's a new thing. Atlanta is in Fulton county, and Fultons have a giant lion in the colors of the small one of Soars/SORS (Dorset, same as George's). I've only now found (for the first time I recall) the Italian Georgi's/ZORZo's, you see (first found in Milan). The Soar river is in Leicester, and we saw why Visconti's of Milan had connected with Beaumonts of Leicester. The Soars/Sors' and Fulton lion is blue, as is the lion head in the Crest of Wards who in turn share the Georgi/Zorzo Shield, and then Wardens use PEARs. Wards were first found in Northamptonshire with the Spinks suspect in the Hips sphinx.

Sidney Powell was in court early this week in an attempt to have the Dominion-Voting case against her tossed out. I think this would normally be a wrong move, because allowing the case to go forward allows discovery of Dominion cheat machines, the very thing she claims she wants to do. However, if the case is to be heard in Washington, she can't get justice there easily, and she has a lot to lose here. But even if she sues Dominion on her own terms, Dominion will counter-sue for slander. The thing is, the evidence for Dominion fraud is so strong that it's very difficult for even a liberal judge to have her lose a slander case. If there is even half a chance that her accusations are true, she wins a slander charge, but in this case, fraud is more than half-provable, according to the many reports. And that proof may be coming out soon from Pulitzer's work. She can bank / bounce off of that work to win this case WITH DISCOVERY. What she should be asking is to have the case moved out of Washington, and I think she's doing that as part of this motion.

Her lawyer, whose name I don't know, argued to the judge the following, which looks like he's her enemy, or caving half-way: "Such characterisations of the allegedly defamatory statements [Powell's accusations] further support Defendants’ [Powell's] position that reasonable people would not accept such statements as fact but view them only as claims that await testing by the courts through the adversary process." The lawyer is downplaying her accusations to mere theories needing testing. Leftist media is twisting this to mean that Powell never believed her accusations / theories to be facts, which in my opinion meets the legal definition of slander.

Here's how Newsweek puts her lawyer's claim: "Powell's attorneys have said in a court filing that no reasonable person would have believed her allegations as fact and therefore she can't have defamed Dominion." That's like saying that she went on TV and was only jesting, knowing that she was lying to the people, that's how sick leftist media have become in twisting things out of context. We're dealing with children here, mere impishness. I don't think her lawyer is serving her well to downplay the seriousness by which she throttled Dominion. This should be a mortal battle, winner takes all, not a feeble caving to Dominion, the guilty party.

The badly-persecuted James Coates, a pastor, made it to Tucker Carlson late last week:

Like I said, they are applying pressure on pastors, sending the message by this iron-fisted act, to urge them to stay clear of more persecution by urging Christians to receive the vaccine. This is why they have been applying pressure. It means that we had best get sacrificial to stand up to God's enemies, otherwise God will frown on us. The mandatory vaccine is so much like a mark-of-the-beast system that we can take this issue to heart as our pilot project on how to resist the final, evil governments in the future. That's why I urge people to start preparing food. Forgive me if it's not yet time, and you do take the advice, but I don't feel good about my storing food while not suggesting the same for you.

The end-times is God's ambush on our enemies. Here's how it works. Our enemies begin to become happily surprised to see that they have some stiff political powers to subdue Christians. God then allows the political powers to grow until it is so absolute that they can steam-roll over us. They devise their evil plots against us, and ready the attack not knowing that God has planned his counter-attack as they come storming in. In the meantime, many will betray and go over to the enemy side when they see it's too powerful for us. They will not remain Faithful. We need to muster our courage, but most of all, we need to want God badly enough to stay on the "losing" side. Be a loser today, make God's day.

At this point in time (things could get worse), I don't think I'm saying that receiving a vaccine is like a capitulation to the side of the devil if the alternative is your financial disaster. That is, as I don't see how this can be the 666, receiving the vaccine to save your means of survival is not equal to your betraying Jesus for the enemy side. But as for me, I will do all in my power to reject this whatever-it-is, because, for one thing, I do not trust those who want to make it compulsory. SOMETHING IS WRONG with the agent itself, and, besides, those who are pushing it are indeed God's enemies. I can't speak for God in this as to what you should do, but I do think God does not wish for us to receive this whatever-it-is. I do think God wants us to stand opposed to it to some sacrificial point. The more there are who receive it gladly, the greater the pressures applied on the remainder to receive it. Let's all stand against this, because it's not about public safety.

Did you notice how many Christian comments there are at Tucker's video above?

Just listen to Robert David Steele until about the 5th minute, asking whether he's some kind of satanist who, along with others, are playing a major trick on Christians, for he claims that Trump is becoming the president this summer. I've seem others making similar claims and they ended up giving the impression that they were tricking the Christian viewers all along. What might be their game, if I'm correct about this? What was Trump's game to lead Christians as with a carrot on a stick to nowhere? Are they telling Christians what they want to hear while also feeding them poison, as it were? I don't know Steele at all, just so you know.

This video promises that the people everywhere might rise up now and crush the police and the government, because this is going way too far now. A uprising is needed in order to start a wave of uprisings until the powers are bruised so badly they will attack harder so that people see their truest, tyrannical colors possible. They may win by jailing and censoring the people they violate and ruin, but they lose for the infamy that they secure for themselves. Our worst enemies at this time are non-white liberal supporters, and Toronto is stacked with them. I'm not racist at all, but I dislike people coming to my society from all over the world and then empowering liberals all province-wide thanks to Toronto voters alone. It's the same in many states in the U.S., where city voters ruin things for the rest of the state.

By Friday, a report on J & J deaths grew to 16 (probably not the true number) with most deaths between 65 and 100. It could look like a euthanasia program. At the 5th minute, the video producer starts to show that people who are reported dead were not reported dead on the line where they should be reported dead, meaning that when someone asks the computer to give a total of deaths, these people probably don't show up. Many die of heart attacks.

Here's a video that should have a title: Jesus is the Future:

My experience with the Holy Spirit is that He works in the background, running silently, like anti-virus, so to speak. It's a great analogy. He doesn't intrude into our thoughts so that we are conscious of it, but if He knows we don't mind having our thoughts trained, or if we have made a commitment to Him, then he has the right granted by us to train our thoughts so that our actions are accordingly. If at any time we rebel against this Re-Programming, then we deny / betray Him. This planet is a source of great grief to God's heart, from start to end of history. The end times is the last fart of our enemies upon us, the Day when God satisfies Himself in vengeance for all the shed blood of all history upon those who defecate upon us, who are programmed by demons. They are showing what lunatics they are, like those rushing to condemnation, like those who MUST punch us hard before time runs out. Jack Asses for Punishment. Prepare to make your Jesus-Stand against them.

Pursuing the Outstanding Mysteries of Sleeping Beauty

I'd like to repeat from the last update, at the discovery of Houtens:

It's also interesting that Scallions/Scullys were first found in WestMEATH while Meaths (share Earhardt fleur-de-lys) are said to have been at a Metham location in Yorkshire, where Methleys were first found. Lookie: "The surname Meath was first found in the East Riding of Yorkshire at Metham, a township, in the parish and union of Howden..." Howdens happen to be Hawdens too, and Ainsley's only child is Hayden. The Howden/Hawden Chief-Shield colors combo is that of Annas' too!

Meath is where Irish Hartys/Harts were first found having the Doocy lion in colors reversed. Plus, we read that some of the Meath family were in Yorkshire's Marr, where Mars were first found who share double lions (different colors) in pale with Doocys, and there happens to be one of the Doocy lions in the Howden/Hawden/Houten Chief! Steve Doocy is the third host on Fox and Friends!!! BUT WHY would this be pointing to Fox and Friends? I see nothing but compromised half-news on that show, where many important stories are off-limits.

Howdens/Hawdens come up as Houtens/Houtons too, and Methleys happen to have three fesses colors reversed form the same of Hottens/Haughtons. The latter share the bull (different color) with Beautys, and, amazingly, the Beauty bull is in a Hayden Crest!!! It looks like this is one of the reasons that Sleeping Beauty was at the hood: to give us a near-undeniable reason to see Ainsley as a second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. Metham and Marr are in Yorkshire, where Hicks were first found who are in Howden/Hawden/Houten colors. This is getting interesting. DRUMranny is in Westmeath, which I discovered in the write-up of Dillons who could be the lion of Mars (Yorkshire) in colors reversed.

I went on to show why Sleeping Beauty pointed to the line of Abraham and Keturah at Kotor / Rhizon, an area to the near-north of the DRILon river, and here I can go back to the DIRLetons of the last update who have a black-Shield version of the Country's in the Ainsley motto, which needs repeating that while Annas are also Arniss, there was an Arnissa location on the Genusus river (lower-left of this map) that itself has a source near the Drilon (modern Drin). My question is whether Dillons had been Drilon liners because the full Dillon motto is used by Dirlton-like Darlingtons.

Darlingtons share the three leopard faces of the RESTons suspect in the so-called "rests" of Arthurs, for Ardiaei lived at Rhizon with the Daorsi while the other half of the Reston leopard faces are those of Doors. I was at Sleeping Beauty's car DOOR when she fell asleep i.e. she was resting. I get it. In fact, here's the Reston write-up: "Alternatively, the name could have originated at Long Riston in the East Riding of Yorkshire or at Ristson with Brompton in Shropshire." Sleeps, first found in Shropshire, share the white-ermined bend with Restons. Thus, she was also resting when I was told to wake her.

Restons go back to ORESTia, a city on the Hebros river smack where the ARDa river meets it. The Hebros was also the MARITsa, and Merits/Marics are suspect with the Marsi > Marici line of Abruzzo, making the Hebros river suspect with the Aphrodite-line Hyksos. The Hyksos-suspect Hayasa-Azzi lived at ARDahan near Lake Van. Abraham lived in Hebros-like Hebron, home of Amorites who can be traced to Amorites of the APHRODite-like EUPHRATes river, where Mari was the Amorite capital. The CHABUR/HABUR tributary of the Euphrates is where Hebrews lived, apparently, tending to explain why CYPRus was made into Aphrodite's birthplace by the Greeks.

Ahh, while Restons are Ristons too, Rists are listed with Risings!!! Restons must have been from Rhizon!!! WOW! Note Bromptons, so perfect, for while the last update showed why Keturah (Genesis 25) traces to "Kotor," her husband, the Biblical Abraham/ABRAM, is to the BRAMton/Bromptons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God used Sleeping Beauty to help prove that a pagan line from Abraham, father of many nations, goes to Rhizon and Kotor!!! INCREDIBLE. The Bramtons share the Doocy Coat.

I've even showed why Nahor, Abraham's brother, traces to the Neretva/Naro river. That trace included mythical Doris and her NEREID fish line to the Daorsi of the NERETva. But that's another story. Bramtons share a dog in Crest of Haydens (Norfolk, same as Bramtons).

Ahhh, the double Bramton lions form two fesses in the colors of the two Wake fesses! Wake's use a "wake-KNOT" while Note's/Knots share the drop-filled Shield of Darlene's and Darlingtons!!! The Note/Knot/Canute Coat is almost that of Canute-like Conte's/Comites', both sharing the Country chevron! I gave the NOTE to Mellanson days after the Sleeping-Beauty dream. God was pointing to Miss Earhardt at the time without my knowing until mere months ago. The Chanuts (not "Canute") use the Note/Knot and Country chevron inverted (upside down), and it's thus very similar to the pile in the Country Coat! In fact, the Countrys may be using an inverted sold chevron rather than a pile.

Darlingtons were first found in Durham with the Conte's/Comitissa's that are possibly of the Countrys having a Kotor-like CUTRy variation. Or put it this way, that CUTTERs were first found in DORset with Beautys. The Chief-Shield colors of Cutters is shared by Brox's and Brocks, and Broxtow is where Ainsleys were first found. The Ardiaei married DARDanians, and the Brocks tell that their Crest lion hold a dart. Darlene's were first found in Devon with the Dartington location of Darts/Dards (probably use the Sleep fesse).

Cutters use dragons probably because Dragons/DRAINers can be traced with good certainty to "Drin." Dragons/Drainers were first found in Kent with the Masons/Massins ("Dum spiro spero") having most of the Darlington motto. The Ardiaei are also the VARDaei on the light map below, and Vardys (Fier moline) were barons of Ferte-Mace of Masseys probably because the Naro river of the Vardaei was near or amongst some Maezaei.

I have said many times that I don't know why the car was a 1950's model car, all refurbished. But if I haven't yet said the following, then this is a first. It starts by viewing the car as a CLASSic as a pointer to Klassens/Class' (Westphalia), for while I considered Sleeping Beauty a "lady" from the beginning of this dream, the Klassens have "Lady Fortune" in their Coat, and Scottish Fortune's were first found in East Lothian with Dirltons. The dark map above shows the CLAUSula river very near the Drilon, though I think the Clausula is not marked on the right river; it should be marked on a river a little to the north.

I can't recall the reasons for my trace of Klassens/Class' to "Clausula," but it fits nicely with the lady in the classic car, especially as Irish Carrs share estoiles on blue with the Bute's that I trace to Butua, beside Rhizon and Kotor on this light map. English Carrs/cars happen to share the GLASS stars, and Glass' were first found on BUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCELLENT, it appears that the meaning of the classic car is to point to Class / Glass liners from the Clausula (between Butua and the Drilon). Glass' share the mermaid in Crest with Masons/Massins who in turn share the Dillon motto, and then there's a red lion in the Dillon Crest holding a gold estoile, the color of the Bute estoile.

The dog of Fortuna's (Tuscany) is used by the House of Canossa, who originated in Lucca (Tuscany), where BOTTers were first found, suspect from the BUTTeri of Tuscany. That looks like a Butua line.

The "LUXtor" motto of Glass' allows us to see the Glass / Car stars as those of Blacks ("lux"), whom I have traced to the Naro (= "black") river of the Ardiaei and Daorsi. Blacks share the Dillon crescent, and as Dene's/Deans share these crescents along with the same lion as Dills and Maurice's, it underscores Maurice Drummond, for Dillons were at DRUMrany in Meath. Dills were first found in Warwickshire with Meath-like Meads/Meats. KilDRUMMy was home of Mars, and so I suppose that the Drummond-connectable Mary/Marry lion is used by Dillons. "DILtai" is a motto term of English Fortune's, and I suspect that "DilTAI" is part-code for the Tays of the Tay river through Perthshire, where Drummonds and Rollo's were first found, explaining the "fortune" motto term of Rollo's.

OH WOW!!! While Ainsleys use a SCIMitar, Schims/Schiens share the Black (and Washington) Chief, and the Schim/Schien motto includes "DUCE COMITE FORTUNA"!!!!! Incredible "coincidences." The Schim/Schien Chief has the Glass stars!!! It's the Lady-Fortune line. The Ladys/Laudymans connect to the Lords/Lauds in the "Lord, let" motto phrase of GLASgows, you see.

The Schim-beloved Duce's are with Doocys (Mar Coat in colors reversed), and so I fault myself for having ignored the Ainsley scimitar for this long since the last time it was treated. It's pointing to Fox and Friends. The Schim-beloved Comite's are listed with French Conte's (chevron in Country-chevron colors) while Conte's/Comitissa's were first found in Durham with Washingtons! The latter have the double fesses of Irish Dene's who share the motto of Scottish Deans/Deins, in colors reversed from the double fesses of Sleeps! Plus, while Schims/Schiens share the boar head of Molle's, ESCHYNa de Molle married Mr. Croce. The only difference between the Dillon and Darlington motto is "Cruce," and Blacks use "crux."

Claus'/Klaussens (not the Klassens/Class') show a red lion, which can link to many surnames, but the black border of the Claus'/Klaussens is good because the Seaton-branch Sedans (share "sed" with Cars) use one too, and they were first found in Durham too. Seatons (East Lothian, same as Fortune's and Dirltons), because they are Satins too, can be traced well to a Sation location, on the map above midway between lake Lychnidus and the sources of what looks like the Genusus river. Sation is in the land of a Boius people suspect as proto-Bohemians, and the mother of Maurice Drummond was Bohemian. The Cars share a sun in Crest with Bohemian-liner Babe's and Beach-like Beaks. The classic car was alone on a beach.

[I didn't know until this update had been uploaded for 4.5 hours that French Gagneys have the Fortune Coat plus a black border! The Gains sharing the Hayden dancette have a Gagney-like variations. French Gains share the Neret Coat. Renfrew-connectable Wrens share the Gain / Houten crosslets.]

The Boii were in Modena, location of the Panaro river to which I trace Banners, and it just so happens that Lady Fortune holds a so-called "banner." Blacks, with stars in TailBOIS colors, were first found in Lincolnshire with Tailbois', and the Fortuna's use a dog that could have become the talbot dog. The TAULantii were at the Genusus river, you see, where I trace Annas'/Arniss' and Ainsleys, and so note the pellets on the Hayden dog, for French Fortune's show nothing but pellets (why FIVE?) in the colors of the same of FOIX-branch Foys in the Hayden motto!!! The classic car just pointed to Earhardt of Fox and Friends, especially as Foix's/Foys have a near-copy of the German Becker Coat. The latter were first found in Prussia with the Klassen-beloved Banners/Bainers who in turn happen to share the split Shield of the other French Foix's/Foys! Bingo, it's a bingo, a big-big bingo. I win. I now know why the beauty was a lady too. If I had tried to describe to you what I meant by a lady, 40 years ago, I would have described someone who looks like Earhardt.

We can glean that Fox's/Shinnocks are kin of Simons/Desimone's who in turn share a giant and red lion with Klaussens/Claus'. From here we go to Marano on the Panaro river of Klassen-beloved Banners. Marano's use the Montfort lion of SIMON de Montfort (it in the Arms of Bohemia), colors reversed from the Simon/Desimone lion because Montforts, I once read, "owned" the gonFANON banner, and Fanano of Modena is near Marano. While German banners are also BAINers, Scottish Banners, with a giant banner in the colors of the Montfort / Marano lion, were first found in Aberdeenshire with BAINs/Beans and Mellansons, and the latter's Mellan branch were first found in Ile-de-France with Foix's/Foys.

The Foys are in the motto of Berks/Burghs, who were from John de Burgo of CONTEville and Comines. It's therefore interesting that Berks/Burghs (Galway, same as tego-like Teague's/Teegers) share the cross of COUNTry-loving Ainsleys.

The Bains/Beans recalls the horse-and-rider figurine I dug up out of my dirt that had no head, so I glued a kidney bean on it as its head. The Sleeping-Beauty dream started with a shark in a KIDNEY-shaped pool, and that shark was God's pointer to fish-using Saraca's, whom were at Kotor according to Wikipedia's Saraka article. The fish had been the symbol of mythical Kodros (king of Athens), and it just so happens that Kidneys and their Ged branch use fish connectable to the fish in this Arms of Saraca. It's amazing that the Ged-branch Geddes (ROSE kin) use fish heads in the colors of the fish of Butua-like Bute's/Butts/Boets (lots of ROSES), and while the latter have a version of the Pierro/PERO Coat, "PRO patria" is the motto of Scottish Banners. Patria's are listed with PEARtree's sharing the Trump stag head, and I claim the shark in the pool swallowed Trump. In the dream, I jumped into the pool to save the dog, but I didn't get to see the outcome. Instead, I was brought to another setting with Sleeping Beauty.

It's pretty incredible that the bean-head figurine now stands beside an antique tack hammer upon which I've laid two rusty old NAILS that were dug up out of the same dirt as the figurine. The nails happen to use a near-copy of the Kidney Coat. I didn't arrange the nails at that spot for this reason. But maybe God did. Nails were first found in Westphalia with Klassens/Class'! ZIKERS!

English Banners even use a "Nil" motto term while Nails are also Neils. And Irish Neils were first found in Tyrone with Sharks (crane, from Ceraunii). It appears that Sleeping-Beauty mysteries requires the Boii/Bohemian-suspect Banner bloodline too. Geddes liners are suspect from Agatha of Bohemia.

I had best call out the "numine" motto term of English Banners, for Newmans/Numans (Dorset, same as Beautys) are linkable to fish-using McCabe's/McAbee's who share the salmon of Bohemian-liner Bone's/Bohums and Hams, the latter first found in Sussex with same-colored and dolphin-using HAMMERs. The nails are lying on a tack hammer. Salmon-like Salome's share the pierced stars of Pike's/Picks, and Geddes' use pike fish. The giant fleur of English Banners must be that also of Fulke's because the latter almost have the motto of Russells (Dorset).

In the banner in the Crest of English Banners, I'll think it's the Ainsley fleur-de-lys. The figurine and the nails were found in the ground, and while Grounds/Crannys use the crane, Grounds/Grundys (version of Rhodes Coat and Crest) have a version of the Ainsley cross-with-five-items. See? Banner-beloved Newmans/Numans even share "amor" with Grounds/Crannys whose elephant can be for a family at the Elaphiti islands, right beside Saraca's of Ragusa (near Crane-line Ceraunii), the line to crane-using Sharks. As Grounds/Crannys use a "Amor PROximi," it's probably code for Amors and their Damory/Amori branch (can be gleaned as Bohemian-liner Drummonds), both first found in Oxfordshire with PEARE's. Bute-liner Bothwells, connectable to elephant-like Oliphants, use a "boy pulling down a pine tree."

The Italian Damori's, with a Morinis-like Amorini variation, share the stars of Annas'. Italian Damori's share the Chief of Panico's, from Bononia (near Modena), home of proto-Bohemian Boii. Damori's/Amorini's were first found in SARDinia, which looks like another reason that my shirt was off as I approached the lady in the classic car. Shirts/SHARDs, Lords of HARborough, share the peacock in Crest with HARcourts, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Amors and Damorys/Amori's. Purdy amazing. The latter two share the dog head (different colors) in Crest with Bramtons who in turn share the red, passant lion with Spanish Amors (hearts). Sardinia (beside Malta) is also where Malta's were first found who share the column with Spanish Amors. The Malta's share the Marano / Montfort lion, and moreover Malta-like Melita is beside the Elaphiti islands.

Sardinia is also where Avezzano's were first found while Avezzano is in the land of the Marsi, the namers of the Mars of Kildrummy, right? We're now back to Meaths of Marr and Howden. Avezzano is at mont VELINo, the line from Aulon/AVLONa (CERAUNii mountains) to mythical Avalon = Bute, where Kims were first found suspect in the "proXIMi" motto term of Amor-loving Grounds/CRANNys. Velins and Velens were first found in Westphalia with Nails and Lady-Fortune Klassens/Class while Buteshire is where Glass' were first found.

I've read that Bains/Beans were a sept of Mackays along with Fane's/Vans, and that makes sense where Fane's were likely Fanano liners. The Maurels/MAURINI's of Milan look connectable to Bute's and to Morinis' (Modena). A branch of Milan's Visconti's were in Sardinia. I trace "Modena" to Medan-like Methoni/Modon (Greece) i.e. the Keturah > Medan > Kodros > Medon line looks like it named Methoni, but also migrated to Kotor and neighboring Butua. Methoni (in Messene) was mythically made the daughter of Oeneus, and the Una river of Croatia, home to Messene-like Maezaei, is the Oeneus river too. The neighboring URBANus river was home to Ceraunii, and that's why Urbans share the hexagrams of Messina's/Massina's (share patee crosses on red with Crauns).

Hartys/Harts, with a passant lion in colors reversed from the same of BRAMtons, were first found in Meath. Meaths share the lone fleur-de-lys of EarHarts. Get it? The Saraca's were SARAcens of Messene-like Messina (Sicily), and Abraham's other wife, Sarah, had to be named after something. Was it by the proto-Saracens? Did they join Keturah's tribes to Europe? Russells (Dorset, same as Beautys) use "Che sara sara" for a motto, and Fulke's use "CHI sera sera," likely code for the Keys, for keys are used by Sheaves'/Chiava's (Abruzzo, same as Marsi) while English Sheaves'/Shaws (BERKSHIRE, same as Modens/Modeys/Moderbys) use "qui" too. Beauty-like Bettys/Beatys use keys. Patti is in Messina while Sheaves'/Shaws use a "qui PATItur" phrase. Spencers who share the Russell and Meschin scallops share the BERKSHIRE (and Dutton) Coat.

Repeat: "'DILtai'" is a motto term of English Fortune's, and I suspect that "DilTAI" is part-code for the Tays of the Tay river through Perthshire, where Drummonds and Rollo's were first found, explaining the "fortune" motto term of Rollo's." The Tay write-up suggests linkage to the Tyes variation of Tease's (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys), like so: "The surname Tay was first found in Yorkshire where 'at a very small distance from the field of battle of TOWTON stands the antique and diminutive chapel of LEOD, or Lede...This was one of the seats of the ancient family of Tyas, styling themselves in Latin TEUTONicus...This family De Tyas appear to have been magnificent persons. Sir BALDWIN Teutonicus is styled..." Towton liners may have named the BroxTOW location of Ainsleys. Tute's/Tuits were first found in Norfolk with the McLEOD-beloved Flags.

Baldwin I, son of EUSTACE, first king of Templar Jerusalem, comes to mind because the gold stag in the Fortune Crest is the brown one in the Eustace / Stacy motto. Eustace's were first found in Kildare, beside Meath, and West Meath is where Dillons were first found who can be a part of "DILtai." Westmeath is where Scallions/Scullys were first found who look connectable to Annas' and Ainsleys. Meaths and Methleys were first found in Yorkshire with Tays and the Tees river, and with the Towton- / Teuton-like Tute's/Touts. The Hicks use a "TOUT EN" (like "Teuton") motto phase, and the Dee's (share Dill lion) use a "Hic" motto term while the Fortune motto, "Diltai DEUS" can be part-code for Dee's/Die's / Days/Dea's, looking connectable to "Tay / Tees." Haydens share a dancette-on-red in a Chief with the TOTTEN Chief.

TEATons are listed curiously with Duttons sharing the Tatton and Hayden quadrants, in colors reversed from the Tute/Tuit quadrants (Tattons and Haydens share white dogs in Crest, Tattons using the greyhound). Teats/Teets/Tate's/TAYte's share the Annandale and Army Coats, and the Army Chief looks related to the Drop/Trope Chief, TROPoje is between Dardania and the Clausula river. Dardanians had a TriTEUTA princess that married Ardiaei, and Ardiaei had a queen Teuta. This line apparently named the Tay river. Darts/Dards and Sleeps use ERMINE while Armys are shown properly as Ermine's. Their AYRmine variation recalls that the Annandale Coat, as used by Bruce's, is part of the Arms of AYRshire.

TEETers, with the Fortuna dog on blue, share the Meath quadrants. Medan-like Meaths, a branch of Meads and Medleys, are the hood-important ones because they were at Howden, and the Howden/Houton Chief has one of the two Bramton lions, what are the chances? Keturah with Abraham birthed Medan and Midian. Howdens/Houtons are the ones with a "tego" motto term while Teggs are listed with Tease's/Tyes' (share Annas stars).

A part of the upper Tay is the Fillan, and the Fillans, first found in Dorset with Beach-like Beaks, share the Shield of Beach-branch Beckers. The Tiss'/Teace's were first found in neighboring Hampshire with the Sturs sharing the triple fesses of Drummonds (Perthshire, same as the Tay river). "The [Tay] river has a variety of names in its upper catchment: for the first few miles it is known as the River Connonish; then the River Fillan; the name then changes to the River Dochart..." (Wikipedia). Another article: "River Fillan -- A headwater of the River Tay in northwest Stirling Council Area, the River Fillan is formed at the meeting of headstreams to the south of TynDRUM." Is this why Sleeping Beauty was placed on a beach, to make yet another link to Drummonds by way of Fillans?

It's pretty amazing that Fills share the weaved hexagram (different color) of Jewish Harts, and the Fill hexagram even has a heart within it. Compare Jewish Harts to Earhardts. I've never known Fillans and Fills before now, thanks to the Tay. Abraham's concubine, Hagar, can be to the Hagars, first found in Perthshire with the Tay. Hagars almost have the Jewish Hart Coat.

Irish Harts ("ForTIS", linkable to FORTune's), with the Bramton / Houten lion in colors reversed, were first found in Meath right down the Sleeping-Beauty pointers. Tiss'/Teace's were first found in Hampshire with the Lizart-branch Liss'/Lise's, and while the Sarde variation of Lizarts is like the Shard of Shirts, the latter share the Tiss/Teace chevron and even use "HosTIS." That's being repeated because Lizarts/Sarde's were first found in Provence with Fills, and because I saw myself without a shirt on, at the beach while walking toward Sleeping Beauty's classic car. Is all that not amazing? The classic car points to Lady Fortune liners, and it's Fortune's who have the "DilTAI" motto term that took us to Tays.

Meath-like Maths/Mathie's (Scottish) may be using a version of the Fortune gyronny because Fortune's were first found in East Lothian with Faucets while Maths/Mathie's use a "Fac et" motto phrase. Maths/Mathie's even share the scimitar with Ainsleys. Thus, Miss Earhardt as Sleeping Beauty is pointing to Dr. Fauci, for Fauchs show nothing but thistle's while Thistle's are also THISells.

English Maths/Mathie's (blue wings) have the CLARE chevrons in colors reversed, and Scottish Maths/Mathie's are also Maghans/Manns while Irish Maghens/Manns (County CLARE) have three red lion in pale, linkable to the two red lions in pale of Bramtons. Irish Maghens/Manns (compare with Brain-like Brians) not only have "Sic" twice in their motto, but also tumor-like "teumur." Tumors can be cancerous, and my Farrah Faucet's head injury pointed to cancers by way of Fauci's vaccines. Briancon was Brigantium while Bridge's use the Cancer symbol, the crab. And by the way, the Brigantians of Britain included the Seaton-like Setantii.

The Tay flows near Angus while Angus' (Bramton lion?) share the Annas / Tease/Tyes/Tegg stars. There's Lviv-reason to see the Fife and Five/Fify lions as the Brampton lion. Fife's share the red-on-gold Tease/Tyes/Tegg stars, and Five's/Fifys may have the Tay chevron, yet the gold stars on the Five/Fify chevrons makes it in the colors and format of the Caradoch chevron-with-garbs. Lviv is on the Bug-river system, home to Nahor-suspect Neuri, and while Bugs were, for a decade or more, said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes', Bugs are now said to have been first found in Dorset with Fillans.

Back to BALDWIN Teutonicus of the Tays. Miss Peare's waist-pull even on a stage was a solid pointer to the family of Eustace II / Baldwin I, but I can add here that Waistells share the garbs of Caradicks/Carradocks that are on the Tay chevron. As these garbs were those also of Comyns/Comine's while the mother of Adam Kilconquhar was a Comyn(s), it seems that CARadicks/Caradach/CaraDOCHs were from Adam's wife, Marjory Carrick. Shortly downriver from the Tay's Fillan course, there is a DOCHart course. Marjory (or Margaret) Carrick is highly suspect with the Margys/Mackeys (Ayrshire, same as Carricks and Murdochs), and the ravens hanging on an arrow of Margys/Mackeys is shared by MurDOCHs, you see, the surname of the Fox-news owner, Rupert Murdoch.

The Rupert Coat is phenomenal, since Ruperts (Bavaria, same as Earhardts) it has the Meath / Teeter quadrants in colors reversed while Roberts have lions colors reversed from the Bramton lions. Bramtons share the dog with Teeters, and Dogs/Dougs were first found in Perth, roughly the location of the Dochart course. Irish Harts are from Meath, and DocHARTs are listed curiously with Gregors while Greggs (Fife, near the Tay) are in Carrick colors.

I actually found Caradicks/Caradachs when seeking a CARDIAC-arrest pointer while on poison vaccines, and Murdoch has financial interests in vaccines for children. The closest to "arrest" I can get for a surname is the Restons, seen above linkable to Doors and Darlingtons. The hanging ravens had pointed, with other considerations, including German Neckers, to Epstein's reportedly hanging himself from the neck, and here we can add that "Nec" is used twice in the Caradoch motto.

The Caradoch write-up: "However, some of the family were found in Whaston (Washton) in the North Riding of Yorkshire in early times." That seems to explain why Caradochs share the garbs of Waistells and WASdale (Cumberland, beside Yorkshire).

Ahh, the Fillys/Fillerys/FitzRoys and Quints (both of Essex) share the Becker vair. Repeat: "A part of the upper Tay is the Fillan, and the Fillans, first found in Dorset with Beach-like Beaks, share the Shield of Beach-branch Beckers. The Tiss'/Teace's were first found in neighboring Hampshire with the Sturs sharing the triple fesses of Drummonds (Perthshire, same as the Tay river)." The Becker vair is in the Blondville Chief while Babe-related Blonds look like they relate to the four fesses of German Dills/Dillers/Dillons (Baden, same as Groce's/CREGGS/GRAGGs). Blondville's share six, black fitchees with Tarves' while Tarves was at the Kildrummy area, to the north of the Tay. Tay elements go to the Tiss'/Teace's, who share the chevron of Blundville's (not "Blondville").

Having said that, here's the Filly/Fillery/FitzRoy write-up: "By example, Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond (1519-1536), was the son of Henry VIII and Elizabeth BLOUNT, a lady in waiting on Queen Catherine of Arragon." Blounts are listed with Blonds, first found in Sussex with the Blondville's who in turn share the Quint Chief. Quince's, in Lady colors, were first found in Northamptonshire with Ladys.

Why was Sleeping Beauty a blond lady on a Becker-connectable beach while Beaks were Babe kin? It's now obvious. Beauty-like Boyds are suspect from the blond Budini (Ukraine), who may have named Budva, the ancient Butua, beside Rhizon. That makes Beautys/Bowds look like they were Butua liners, making perfect sense. English Boyds (share Vair checks) were even first found in Shropshire with Sleeps! Boyds use two fingers pointing, the Babe symbol! Those Fillans-of-Tay liners were a necessary part of the Sleeping-Beauty mysteries, especially this one. The "ConFIDO" motto term of Boyds must be for the Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's, a branch of Foots (Cheshire, same as Blundville's and Shirts) in the foot you see on the sun of the Blond/Blount Crest! Zikers.

Fillys/Fillerys/FitzRoys (Essex, where Gore's/Core's) were once said to be first found) look like Gore/Core kin, and Gore's/Core's (Kent, same as TRIPs) share the Trip crosslets while I read that TRYPillia was south of Kiev. Wikipedia puts Budini south of Kiev too. That works. Gores were Alan kin, and the Alans are suspect with the Geloni associates of Budini, but also with the Roxolani Alans on the Dnieper river south of Kiev. That works. Alans named Aulon/Avlona at the CERAUNii mountains, and the Crauns/Crane's (version of Gore/Core Coat) share the patee crosses of Fillys/Fillerys/FitzRoys.

Crauns/Crane's, first found in Suffolk with Blonds, Blondville's and Rush's/Rish's, share the annulets of RUSH's/Rish's who in-turn share the white wolf in Crest with Gore's/Core's and Gowers/Gore's. Roxolani, who were RUS-Alans, were also on the BUZau river (AGARus tributary) while the Bus cinquefoils are in colors reversed with the Rush-branch Rosco's/Risco's (Ceraunii-line Cornwall). The Dogs/Doags (Coat reflects that of Rush's), first found in Perthshire with the Tay and the HAGARs, share the Bus cinquefoils. The Cotesii were on the Buzau too, and the royal Cottians had Waistell-like Vestalis, tending to explain why the courant horse of Rush's is in the Waistell Chief.

German Rush's probably share the Fulk wings because Fulke's almost have the motto of RUSSells (Dorset, same as Quints and Fillans).

Again, Fillys/Fillerys have a version of the Gore Coat, and while I trace Gore's to the Gorsky area of Croatia, the Croatian-line Cravens have a reflection of the Filly/Fillery Coat. Croatians may have been named by Ceraunii of Croatia, and Crauns have patee crosses in the colors of the same of Fillys/Fillerys. I see the heraldic UNIcorn, in the Fillan Crest, as part-code for Una-river liners, and part-code for Ceraunii upon the Una (Croatia). I see the line of Quintus Caepio > Servilia Caepionis > Junia Caepionis from the Servitium area of Croatia, near the mouth on the Una, suspect in the "servire" motto term of Gore's/Core's.

The Real Santa Claus, the Intrusion of Pagans

I don't know how many different stories might be in the same symbolism as presented by God, but here's another one for Sleeping Beauty, this time where she represents the sleeping Church killed by end-time BABYLon the Great. I noted that "AinSLEY" ends in a slay-like term, and then she and I were caught up in a literal rapture.

This recalls my consideration on whether Santa Claus was the invention of pagans from Clausula-river liners, where Lady Klassen traces, smack at the SELEPitanoi theater of the Sleeps. The latter are in Slay/SLEIGH colors, while Santa was given a sleigh symbol. He was given the north POLE as a home, and Risings (Pollock colors and format) have the cross in the Arms of POLA in colors reversed. To the Dutch, he's SinterKLAAS, and Klassens list Klaas'.

Lookie at Wikipedia: "Saint Nicolas/Sinterklaas' assistants are called 'Zwarte PIETen' (in Dutch)..." It just so happens that Pola is the location of PIETas Julia! There we have it folks, the wayward were creating a fictitious character according to their bloodline lusts. Again, Pollocks moved with the Dol Alans to GLASgow.

He was given boots, and the Clausula is near Butua, how about that. Ahh, the Elves surname uses a "fortuna" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are the chances? They didn't need to be black boots, but then Blacks share the Glass stars!

AHHHH, the Elves' are also Elways' (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys) while the Always' are in the motto of Ainsleys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?

They gave the pagan Claus a Rudolph reindeer, and Rudolphs may have the Slay/Sleigh chevron, but even if not, they gave Rudolph a nose symbol while the Nose's/Ness'/Nessans have the Sleep Coat in colors reversed. Nissans show a stag head = a reindeer. Niss' can be gleaned with the Quint chevron and the Jeune fleur-de-lys, from Junia Caepionis, granddaughter of Quintus Caepio. The Quints (Essex, same as Slays/Sleigh's) have a lion paw holding a hold fitchee, and the Slays/Sleigh's have a lion holding a gold fitchee. Essex is where Gore's were said to be first found who, as said earlier, are from the Gorski area of Croatia and can be linked to the Caepionis family. Jeune-loving Youngs (Essex) share the red lion in Crest with Caepionis-like Capone's (Cambridgeshire, same as June's and Jeune's). See a pattern?

The Gorski area is called, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, but I don't know what Kotor-like "Kotar" means or where it derives. It's beside the Pola part of Croatia. Pola is on Ishtar-like Istria, and Revelation's "Babylon the Great Mother of Abominations" was a take off of Ishtar, Great Mother of Babylon. Baby's/Babka's use checks in half the colors of the red-white checks in the Arms of Croatia. The BobCHUK variation may have developed the sock into which santa puts the gifts, for Chucks are listed with SUCHs.

I discovered Sucks because my cat, Sassy, SUCKed her tail. Sassys/SAUCers share Saracen heads with the cat-using Cetins/Cattans of the Cetina river near Saraca's of Ragusa, who had been first at Kotor, you see, and the Cetina was also the Tilurius, where I therefore trace Tillers and their TAIL/Tailer branch. That's why God made Sassy suck her TAIL as an adult cat. Here's a video, entitled, "Cat suck the tail. Spectacular never seen anything like it"; Sassy did exactly what this video shows, with paw on tail just loving it:

Another REINdeer was named, Comet, and a "comet" is used by Reines'/Reine's.

Nissans share the double fesses of Parrs, the latter being kin of FurNESS'. Parrs and Furness' share the black border with Claus', believe it or not. The Claus lion is in the colors of the Dasher lion, and another of santa's reindeer is, Dasher.

The upright Claus lion might just be the red one of Halps/Halfs; the latter share the gold fitchee with Halpers/HALFpennys, and the latter's fitchee is held by a lion. Half-like Haafs/Have's are in the motto of Sutys along with NOTHINGs/Northens. The north pole. Have you been NAUGHTY or NICE? Nice's are listed with Nose's/Ness', and Nottingham-like Naughts look linkable to the Nothing variation of Northens. Sutys share "hazard" with Seatons/Sittens, Sedans/Siddens have another black border. The "dono" motto term of Sedans/Siddens is like the "dona" of Dons who have the double Parr / Nissan fesses in colors reversed. I've told a few times that my own Nissan pick-up was originally owned by Kent Doner, and Donner was one of santa's reindeer.

[I didn't know while writing here yesterday that English NICHOLsons ("Per Castra ad astra") share the double-Don fesses and even have them ermined so as to be ermined-white like the two fesses of Sleeps! The Chief-Shield colors of these Nicholsons is even that of Kotor-like Cutters. The red lion head in the Nicholson Crest might just be the Claus lion because the Nicholson Chief has suns while Suns/Sinclairs are also Saints. Saint Nicholas > Santa Claus. Dons were first found in Cheshire with Nickle's/Nichols. Sinclairs were at Roslin, and Roslins use buckles, a symbol of satan Claus (ask whether pedophiles created him, for pedophiles likely give gifts to children).

As Parrs are from king Pharnaces of the Pontus, husband of Nissan-liner NYSa, while the double Nicholson fesses are those of Parrs in colors reversed, Nichol liners look like Nysa liners. Fortuna's share the dog (different colors) with Parr-related FurNESS'. If not Nysa above, then Nysa her daughter was descended from king Cassander of Macedon, which may explain the "Castra" motto term of Nicholsons. Italian Cassandra's/Cassano's share the Elves fesse, and it's Elves' who have a "fortuna" motto term. If the "Per" motto term of Nicholsons is for Pero's/Perino's, note that they show the comet design of Reine's. Pero's/Perino's were Dance/DONNA kin, and one other reindeer is Dancer! Nailed it.

Newtons use an "EASTERn PRINCE," and Prince's look like Perrins' / Perino's. The "astra" motto term of Nicholsons (Northumberland, same as Perrins') could be for such lines as the Stars (at the Stour river) in the "flaming star" of Pero's/Perino's. Sturs are also Isters/Asters/Easters (TOURlaville), suspect from Istria, location of Pola. Below, I remember to load Naughtons to find the Tour towers. Naughty or nice. End insert]

Note the partridge in a pear tree, for Partridge's share the Halper Shield, and Peartree's/Patria's look linkable to Parton / Pert/Pett liners. Peartree's/Patria's share the fitchees of Suits/Suters, and satan Claus was given a red, papal suit. Sock-like Saxe's use partridges. "Saint Nicolas/Sinterklaas' assistants are called "ZWARTE PIETen" (in Dutch) or "PERE Fouettard" (in French), so they are not elves." That looks like code for Scwartz liners, and so let's add that Suits/Suters come up as Sewers while Swiss Sewers share a giant rose on a black Shield with Schwartz's. Swiss Sewers have a swan head to go with the giant swan of German Christmas', and then Swans/Sions were first found in Lanarkshire, beside Glasgow. Sion of Switzerland is also Sitten, and Seatons are Sittens too.

Ahh, Claus' suit is red probably for the Reds/Reeds, first found in Northumberland with SIWARd of Northumberland, the line to Zwarte-like Swords/Swarts! Now we know. There is a RISING bird in the Red/Reed Crest, and Risings are connectable both to Pola and to Butua. The "copia" motto term of Reds/Reeds is for the Kupa/COLAPis river of Croatia, and it just so happens that Scottish Reeds were first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's/COLPs of Culp. Pola is also Pula, and the Pullys/Pullings have a "CULPa" motto term, and share the martlets of English Christmas'!!! The latter were first found in Essex with Rein-like Rains, from Rennes, near Dol.

Remember, santa was given elves, and Elves'/Elways ("fortune") were first found in Nottinghamshire with Always-loving Ainsleys. The Bucking(ham)s (share giant red lion with German Bucks) happen to share the giant Claus lion (both colors), and reindeer are bucks too. English Bucks use antlers in the colors for them of Conte's/COMITissa's! Reine's use the comet!!! The Elvins/Alvins share a blue fesse with Elves' and the three lions of Always'. It just so happens that Elvins/Alvins have a nebuly fesse in colors reversed from the same of Snows. Kittens/Keatons (Kitchen colors), at Rutland with the first-known Snows, trace to a Cetina-like surname: "One of the first records of the family was Robert of Ketton (Latin: Robertus Cetenensis) (c. 1110-1160)...His is thought to have been from village in Rutland..."

The Nottings are amazing now, not just because Mr. Claus at the north Pole points to Northens/NOTHINGs, but because Nottings are showing the pheons of Lords/Lauds, the ones in the GLASgow motto who must have been a branch of Ladys/Laudymans, the latter first found in NorthAMPTONshire while Amptons share the Lord/Laud cinquefoils (colors reversed from the McKinney / Kim cinquefoils). Amptons (Suffolk with the Ainsley-beloved Always') share the blue fesse with Elves/Elways (NOTTINGhamshire), in both colors of the blue Elvin/Alvin fesse. The Nottings were first found in Gloucestershire with Lady-like Lets/Late's in the Glasgow motto, "Lord, let Glasgow flourish." The Pollocks, from Pola liners, were at Glasgow. Glass' were first found in Buteshire with Kims and McKinney-connectable McCabe's. Jewish Glass' share white wings with the Notting Crest. Ladys/Laudymans use annuLETs.

I almost missed it: NORTons are listed with Notting-like Naughtons. Recall Ralph Norton on the Jackie Gleason show, for Gleasons share the Glass stars. This has reminded me that Glaze's/Glasiers share the Lord/Laud pheons! The Chief-Shield colors of Glaze's/Glasiers are those also of Kotor-like Cutters.

I neglected to mention that while the waters of the Clausula empty into lake SCODra near Butua, the Scotts and Scoots share the red-on-white border with the Buteshire Glass'. Ahh, Scoots were first found in East Lothian with Fortune's, how'bout that.

The Elvins/ALVINs were first found in Devon with ALBINs/Aubins and Fenns/Venns. In colors reversed, the Lord / Elvin / Fenn/Venn fesse is the one in the Arms of Fanano (I believe it has a banner too), a location in Modena, and Modena is where Italian Albino's were first found who share the BarnSTAPLE trefoils, important because Albins/Aubins were at Barnstaple. As satan Claus started out as Nicholas, let's go to the Nickle/Nichol write-up: "The surname Nichol was first found in Cheshire, where Nicholas D'ALBINI, who was of the junior line of the Dukes of D'Albini in Normandy, settled in 1054..."

Staple's, first found in Kent with English Scotts, and sharing the Glass fleur-de-lys, use a rein-like "rien" motto term. Reins/Reno's named the Reno river (Bononia) near the first-known Albino's. The Staple bend-with-items is like that of Sassys and of the Coat once showing for Nottings. Staple's were at Wingham, and Winghams (Kent) almost have the Coat of Jewish Glass'. Winghams and Jewish Glass' both share the Masci wing while Masons/Massins (Kent) share the Glass mermaid. The Buteshire Glass' have the Massey / Lys/Lise fleur-de-lys in colors reversed, and the Lys'/Lisse's, from Lissus near lake Scodra, share courant greyhounds (different colors) with Scoots.

The Wingham wings are also those of elf-like, Portuguese Alfreds and Abreu's, and then English Alfreds (Kent, same as Winghams) share the Such/Sucher and Ampton besants, in case they apply. Kittens/Keatons are said to have been near Stamford while Stamfords / Stanfords were first found in Staffordshire with Amptons. Stamfords share the vair fur of Nero's/Neretti's, suspect from the Naro/Neretva river of Croatia. The father of Pollocks was with the Dol Alans, and Nerets were first found in Dol.

Claus was given a big beard, and French Beards were first found in Brittany with Dol. Scottish Beards/Bards share the green Leslie griffin, and were first found in Lanarkshire, right beside Glasgow. So, there we have once again the elements behind satan Claus in the Pollock-Dol bloodline. The Beard/Bard write-up: "In the Churchyard of BANFF, Scotland, Baird's Arms may still be seen in an ancient monument to the Bairds of AuchMEDDAN." Is that the Keturah > Medan line? Banff is where Troops were first found, and TROPoje is near the source of the Clausula, and thus near Kotor.

Lesce is beside Emona at the upper-right of the light map, where you can see the Carni peoples. Wikipedia: "Lesce is a town in the Municipality of Radovljica in the Upper CARNIola region of Slovenia." The Carnys happen to share the pheons of Lords/Lauds in the Glasgow motto, the Lady/Laudyman line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pola is on the map beside the numeral, 3, in the margin.

I'm not sure whether Carns/Carne's have a swan versus a pelican, but they do have a nest to go with the pelican and nest of Stewarts (= Dol Alans), and Nests are listed with Nose liners. Carns/Carne's were first found in GlaMORGANshire (earlier called, Morgannwg), where Tillers were first found (from Croatia's Tilurius river), and then they stupids created a mythical witch, Morgan le Fay of Avalon = Bute to go with their mythical king Arthur, code for the Ardiaei Illyrians in and around the Tilurius. Ardiaei had a king Gentius suspect in naming Ghent of Wales, which is now MONmouthshire, like "Emona." This can explain why the Carns/Carne's are said to descend from a king of Ghent. Mons in Belgium is near Ghent of Belgium, all roughly in Artois, where Lois' were first found suspect in the mythical "GorLOIS" code. King Arthur's mother was made the wife of Gorlois, and Arthur's death was placed on Avalon = Bute. Lois-like Louis' were first found in Glamorganshire with Carns/Carne's and Tillers.

Tillers happen to use pellets while Pellets share the Pilotte Coat while French Pilotte's/Pilate's happen to share the Carny / Lord/Laud pheons! ZINGER, it tends to prove that Carns/Carne's are from the Carni people group of the upper Sava. The Pellet / Pilotte cups are from the Kupa (Colapis) tributary of the Sava smack to the south of Emona / Lesce.

I once claimed that Nottings (three besants on a blue bend) and Bucking(ham)s share a similar Coat, but houseofnames changed the Notting Coat. They were both versions of the Sassy/Saucer bend-with-besants, all in the colors of the one besant upon which Lady Fortune stand with her BANNer. This Sassy pointed to cat-using Cetins/Cattans, expected from the Tilurius with the Tillers. As I said, Sassy was given to me as a Kitchen-like kitten by a lady when I was refinishing her stair banister (!), and Banisters/BAINesters (share Banner/BAINer fleur-de-lys!!!!) share the water bouget of Kitchens (Lancashire, same as Banisters). Wow, I didn't know until now that Sassy was to point to Lady Fortune.

I almost forgot to load Naughts as per "naughty or nice," and just did so moments ago, to find that Naughts/Nitts have a "fortunae" motto term!!! It never ends. Naughts/Nitts were first found in Dumfries with the Nith river, and with the Leggs expected in the "leges" motto term of Rein-like Rains/Raines' whose lions are in the colors of the Naught/Nitt lion heads. The Leghs share the Claus lion.

Ahh, Comet-like "committo" is a motto term of Naughts/Nitts, and Noels happen to have a near copy of the Conte/Comite Coat!!! IT NEVER ENDS. Conte's/Comitissa's use antlers!!! RAIN-deer (so to speak) have antlers.

Botters were first found at Lucca with the house of Canossa sharing the Fortuna/Fortune dog, and Lucca is beside Pisa while Pisa's have their Coat in colors reversed in the Coat of comet-using Reine's! Another good score, especially as Sleeping Beauty includes Miss Hicks while the head of a "buck" in the Hick Crest.

Lucca's, perhaps a branch of whatever the "LUXtor" motto term of Glass' is for, share the cat with Burghs'/Berks from John de Burgo, father of CONTEville's. BERKshire is where Boots were first found while Berkshire's share the Shield of Spencers who in turn sharing the scallops of Conteville-liner Meschins. The latter were Masseys, and boots were once shown with French Masseys/Massa's. Lucca and Pisa are beside MASSA-Carrara. It just so happens that Scottish Spence's share the double fesses of NOSE's/Ness' and Nice's while English Spence's share the mill stones of Naso's! The latter were first found in Florence, not far from Lucca.

As the Arms of Massa-Carrara shares the blue-and-white checkered Shield of Naughts/Nitts, it seems that the latter's "fortunae" motto term proves that Fortuna's use the Arms of Canossa.

Back to king Arthur's death on Bute. While Arras is the Artois capital, the Arras' list the Arrows while Dutch Bouts/Boutes' show nothing but an arrow in the colors of the giant Botter eagle (it's red, like the one in the Artois/Ardon Crest). Botters (different-colored version of Artois/Arden Coat) were first found in Hampshire, the land of ATREbates that named Atrecht, the older name of Arras. Atrebates probably lived as far as Northamptonshire, where Ladys/Laudymans were first found, and while this recalls the "Lady of the Lake" in Arthurian myth, Lucca-like Lake's share the bend of Glass-branch Gleasons. Pheons are arrow heads.

The Lake Coat reflects that of KILLIN Coat while Medan-like Maddens/Maidens use a falcon-like bird said to be "KILLING" a duck or mallard. The Killin Coat (share's HOPper tower) is also that of Plunketts, the line from OPgalli and Tigranes to Plancia Magna. Teague's, first found in Galways with Maddens/Maidens, are from Opgalli and Tigranes. Killins were first found in Mayo while Maia was the mythical daughter of Atlas, he being code for Attaleia smack beside Perga, home of Plancia Magna. From the Lynch's of Galway, we go to Lyncestis (Macedonia) near lake LYCHnidus, where I trace Lake-like surnames. Teague's share the brown wolf head in Crest with Lackys/Lakeys, and while the latter use holly, English Hollys have a reflection of the Plunkett / Killin / Lake Coats while Irish Hollys/Cullens have a merMAID, like the Medan-like Maddens/Maidens.

Holly is right down the paganized-Christmas alley. They stuck the line of Herods into the birthday celebration for Jesus. They love it. They are going to argue that Herod got a bad rap in the history books, that he was really a great guy.

Plancia Magna's husband is the line to Fulks of Anjou, and the mermaid's mirror is code for the Mire's/Mireux's of Anjou. The Fulks produced Geoffrey Plantagenet, explaining why French Plants are also Plancia-like Planque's. The latter use cabbages, and Cabbage's, with more holly, were first found in Northamptonshire with Ladys/Laudymans. The Lady of the Lake. Plus, as Cabbage's use "FORTis," it's Lady Fortune of the Klassens too, explaining why Glass' (Fulke fleur-de-lys in colors reversed) have the mermaid with mirror.

King Cassander of Macedonia was the line to Nysa of Cappadocia, and Cappadocia was home to GLAPHYRa Archelaus, the line to CLAVERs/Cleavers sharing the Plunkett / Hopper / Killin tower. The anti-Christs can learn from me the things they don't want to hear...that my work proves there is an angry God, father of Jesus the Angry-Judge-To-Be, the Smasher, the Smiter, Our Protection.

Lackys/Lakeys were first found in Stirlingshire with Cappadocia-like Chappes'/CHEAPs and Butua-like Bauds. The latter share the ship of Renfrews, and Glasgow is at Renfrew. The solid chevron of German Bauds is half in the colors of the solid chevron of French Chappes'. Anyone see Caiaphas named after Cappadocia elements? The other half of the solid chevron of Bauds is colors reversed from the same of CHAPmans/CHEPmans (same place as Capone's). Anyone see the Caepio's being named after a Cappadocian family?

I'd like to repeat that Mamie and I, on the first day we became a couple, were WADing in a lake, where we emBRACEd, only to find, decades later, that the Brace/Bras Coat is like the Lake Coat. She pointed to MUMmolin later that day, and the "praeMIUM" motto term of Lackys/Lakeys (wolf head) probably applies along with Prays/PRETers (wolf heads), who have the Quade/WADE Coat in colors reversed, you see. "Pret" is a motto term of Morays who use the mermaid. Pretty's were first found in Staffordshire with Pepin-branch Pipe's. The Mens/MAME's are in the Popham/Poppin and Pepin mottoes, and Pophams/Poppins use a "pristina" motto term while MeluSINE, a mythical mermaid (started out with a snake tail), had Presina/PresSYNE as her mother.

While Arrows/Arras' (Staffordshire) have fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from those of Nice-like Niss', the latter share the Staff/Stafford chevron, red like the chevron of Amptons (Staffordshire). Note that the Ampton besants are in the colors of the similar Lady/Laudyman annulets, for Lady Fortune stands on a besant. We saw Amptons sharing the Lord/Laud cinquefoils. Stick with me here for a Niss surprise.

As Toeni's are in the Stafford write-up, the Stafford Crest probably has the Leicester swan, and the latter's has drops for a trace to Tropoje i.e. near the Clausula. With Lady Fortune tracing to Lucca, we then add that Lucca-like Locks/Licks and Lochs/Lokens use swans too while Glass' use a "LUXTor" motto term that can be for such things as Lockets/Luckets sharing the Stafford / Quint chevron. Arthurs use this chevron in colors reversed, and as this discussion has Quintus Caepio in view, two big points are in order: 1) Quince's were first found in Northamptonshire with same-colored Ladys/Laudymans who trace with Lady Fortune of Klassens/Klaas'/Class' to the Clausula, and; 2) Koplik, on the Clausula, is also known as Cupionich, like the Caepionis surname that came from Quintus Caepio. Note CaepioNIS, for Niss' have the Quint chevron and the Jeune / June fleur. If we then look at "CupioNICH," "saint Nick" comes readily to mind! That's the Niss surprise.

Plus, the red eagle head in the Artois/Arden Crest is used throughout by Scottish Nicholsons, who include the same chevron as Staffords, etc! See a pattern here?

June's, for a long time said to be first found in Cambridgeshire, are now said to be first found in Staffordshire. French Jeune's share the Chief-Shield colors of Caiaphas-like Capes'. Nickle's/Nichols (Cheshire, same as Leicesters) share white pheons with Lords, Glaze's and Pellet-branch Pilate's while German Nichols have pellets. I still feel that the Legro river of Leicester is where Cheshire's Leghs/Lighs trace to, and this is perfect where they share the giant Claus lion.

I trace Niss' / Nissans and Nice's/Ness / Nose's to queen Nysa of the PONTus, and expect that Pontius Pilate was named after that entity. Ponts were first found in Hampshire with Atrebates. Pont-branch Ponters/PONDERs were first/early found in Cambridgeshire with June's, Jeune's and Caepionis-like Capone's and Chapmans, and it just so happens that Nysa's daughter was Nysa, queen of CAPPadocia. The "PONDERe" motto term of Chapmans may be partly for Dere's/DEERs, taking us to the reindeer theme. Dere's/Res' use lances while mythical Lancelot was close to Lady of the Lake. Lake's were first found in Tipperary with the Kennedys from the Kennati priests of Cetis, where Lupus Laevillus was king who traces to the Percivals of Leavells. Those myth characters did not exist; they were secret code for surnames created by idiots with brains stuck in the mud of paganism and witchcraft. The living dead at the tip of God's spear.

If "LuxTOR" is part code for Thors, it's interesting that English Thors/Tours share the Norton/Naughten tower.

It appears that God linking Sleeping Beauty to Lady Fortune was for some assistance in unveiling the true origins of satan Claus. It recalls that I traced a Bohemian queen, related to king Wenceslaus of Bohemia, to the Lesce / Imona area (upper Sava), which is at least near the northern Croatian border. I claim that Lesce is of the buckle-using Leslie's, and Claus is always shown with his big belt buckle, that's right. Leslie's became earls of Rothes by marrying Pole-liner Pollocks, you see. Norths are a branch of Denardo's/Nordi's, traceable to the Naro/Neretva river. Claus' suit is red and white, the colors of the Arms of Croatia.

It's now God's turn to intrude into the affairs of the pagans with a smashing of their kingdoms in one hour. But first, Mys. Babylon, a drunk-on-power lunatic, will slay some Christians. And afterward, the dead in Christ will rise into the sky. I hope Ainsley's coming along for that nice ride.

Food Storage

You might like to consider saving articles / videos (absolutely not on a hard drive) on how to can dry foods, because the censors, our enemies, are predicted to remove / bury such articles. Such headlines at google, "Say 'NO' to dry canning – Safe & Healthy Food for Your Family", which made it to the second-from-the-top of the search result when asked google for "canning whole wheat flour," heralds the day when the globalists will remove the how-to's from us all. The third from the top title is: "Why You Shouldn't Can Flour | 12 Tomatoes" Almost every google offering on canning / preserving has a negative slant one way or the other, bordering on fear-mongering to keep people from preserving. It's true, we wish to preserve because we don't trust globalists with our future, and so they will naturally seek to keep us from preserving, sooner or later, it seems unavoidable.

Today, I'm heat-treating my first batch of white flour. Spread onto baking sheets about two inches deep, I've got them in an oven at 220F degrees for 40 minutes, and then I turn off the oven and allow the flour to stay in the oven longer. But I'm not shooting long term with this batch, so I'm putting it into plastic containers that seal excellently, the one-plus quart containers from which I ate my peanuts (you may have seen them). We can't let such good containers go to waste, especially as the recyclers are recycling all of our plastics. I'd like to test a couple of these jars for five years down the road. The better way is to pour flour into glass jars, and put them into the oven, but not with lids on the jars so that some humidity from the food gets out.

Last week I oven-heated store-bought beans and wheat grains, as well as home-dried potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes, all in glass jars. It was my first time. I left the lids on loosely while heating, and then noticed humidity forming on the inside of the jar walls upon removing them from the oven. I repeated the process with lids on, but even them, upon putting the lids on as soon as the jars were out of the oven, there was humidity in some of the jars, which disappeared, however, later on. The beans had the most humidity, and the wheat grains the least. I don't think this is a problem at all. Upon the jars becoming cold, all lids caved-in to assure a proper seal, and that's exactly why I put them in the oven, because I was using the thin, metal lids for these jars, the kind you'll get for jam jars, for example. This was a test, and these lids worked. Happy-happy. I don't see why these lids should become unsealed over the years so long as there are no serious temperature fluctuations where they'll sit in storage. The higher the temperature of the food when the lids go on, the tighter the seal when the food cools. I was using 190 F, but a little higher wouldn't have hurt the food.

Today, I have my first batch of frozen broccoli drying out on the stove top's smallest burner. Six inches above the burner is working well, I think, though some of the flowers are turning a little brown (doesn't seem like a problem). I'm doing two trays of broccoli to get the entire 3.5-pounds bag (1.75 kg) done in one day. I thought it was good deal with this bag, as compared to the price of fresh, but this stuff comes very wet because it's been more than blanched. It's been half-or-more cooked. It's drenched.

It will take a week to dry a tray unless the water is squeezed out first, and I took 600 grams of water out of it (trying not to damage the broccoli with the squeeze). That's 600 grams of runny water out of 1,700 grams of broccoli. What am I paying for? I paid $8 for this bag of water-plus. Think of how pricey it is to get broccoli nutrients these days. Is it worth it? Should we just take vitamins instead? Broccoli is so easy to grow, easy to harvest. How did the price get so high? At $3 per two small bunches, can you imagine the price we pay for a lousy acre? That's like $3 per plant, every couple of feet in all directions, about 8,000 plants per acre. Why sell diamonds when you can sell broccoli.

One of the google offerings: "If you’ve never heard of this [dry canning] before and you’re wondering why then it could be because this is a very controversial method [NOT controversial at all] for preserving dry goods. Many canning jar manufacturers advise [for fear of law suits only] that their jars not be used in this manner. Another concern is that there is no way to verify if foods inside the jars have surpassed 250 [degrees];, thereby killing insect eggs, mold spores, and bacteria (including botulism)." SCARE MONGERING!!! Botuli bitties don't grow in dry foods, even if it exists in it to begin with. Some writers are innocently aping what the globalists have taught them, and this is sad. But it's google that fronts the scare-mongering stories, and that's your pig which opposes you, and which promises to phase out good articles on preservation. Get them saved in a thumb drive before it's too late, and share your thumb drive online, that would be awesome.

Of course one can know what the temperature is, you big dope. We have the technology, and articles even tell the oven durations needed. Others say that 160 F is good enough, but not for the scare mongering bully pretending to care about your safety. People have been preserving foods for ages in containers without controversy without heat, and here even if you take the precaution of heating, it's still not good enough for the globalist pigs...which is why google puts this laughable article right at the top of my search.

The next title on the google page, right after the article that had the quote above, is, "Have No Frets for Canning, No Regrets for Preserving." I lied, it's actually: "Why I LOATHE the 'Oven Canning' Method | Preparedness Pro" Ahahahaha. Ahahahaha. The article is a scare tactic from beginning to end. This time, the writer says we'll ruin our food by heating to 200 F. Ahahahaha. Let the oaf eat cold soup then. Ahahahaha. Google the party-pooping spoilers, the globalist PIGs who would rather see you starve in a crisis. Instead of giving me what I ask, the google pigs who educate us choose to give me fright after fright after fright no matter what phrase I use in searching food-preservation methods / tips. This google machine is the very same one that, when you ask for news, you get all the anti-Christ media at the top, title after title. We have seen it, we know it. google governors don't know how to blush.

COVID has made a lot of people seek food-preservation methods, a real backfire on the globalist agenda. COVID has also caused people to look to the country for their retirement homes, another backfire. COVID restrictions have made liberals despise their rulers, another backfire. COVID lies have made us aware of the corruption at government levels, another backfire. At this rate, they will have no choice but to FORCE the world to fulfill their agenda, what kind of success is that? It called, FAILURE IN WAITING. It's going to be like when the pigs were forced to take in the demons, they rushed down the bank to their deaths in the lake. This wicked generation is infested with demons, making the rulers dangerous to themselves, like when they don't know what they are doing, don't even know when they are harming their own politics. The more they abuse the citizens, the more they need to slap them out to keep them in line, because the citizens no longer want to line up for them.

I assume that drying eggs has got to be much better than drying broccoli because there's less water in eggs, pound-per-dollar. I put an entire dozen eggs in the freezer to see what would happen. All the shells cracked. So, what I'll do tonight is to thaw them tonight, then scramble and cook tomorrow before drying them. When scrambling, let the egg pieces become small for quicker drying. "With proper storage conditions (cool, dark, dry), dried eggs should ideally be rotated every 3 years. Although some claim to have used powdered eggs that were 10 years old." I've just weighed a dozen large eggs at 620 grams (1.37 pounds), promising to bring about 200 grams of dried product. If that much weight can be gotten with the dried broccoli, after having started with 3.5 pounds in the bag, it'll be lucky. It's a lot easier and consistent to produce eggs on a homestead than any garden plant. It sounds like a must. Four eggs daily gives us enough protein and fat (= fuel, really good stuff) for the day. You'll not get it with broccoli.

The full bag of broccoli came in at just 110 grams dried, and took over 12 hours of constant heat and regular flipping. I'm not keen on doing this with frozen product again. I'll try fresh broccoli one day. It's good to have greens stored, and so I'll try green beans. Dried peas can be bought in bags for much less money than canned / frozen peas.

My dirt grows excellent broccoli, but the deer find it, and so I'm contemplating an electric fence for next year, meaning I may go without planting vegetables this year aside from doing some experiments. I'm wondering whether the electric fence is just a waste of money. It can be operated on very low energy, even with a solar panel. But bears can dig underneath it if they are determined enough. "Black bears love tomatoes, squashes, melons, early vegetables, sweet corn, potatoes and other root vegetables...," reason enough to keep them away, yet who wants to give them reason to come around, which is exactly what the chickens will have them do. So, maybe to keep bears / foxes / coyotes away, dry lots of eggs instead??? That's a lot of eggs. And egg-layers can be eaten as meat too.

Alright, you're getting this live, folks. I've just cracked open a dozen, thawed eggs out of the freezer. The yolks don't become normally runny, but stay in balls. A pressing down of a fork is needed to get them into pieces, and they will not mix with the whites when beating the combination. But it was all fine. In a non-stick pan WITHOUT oil (oil not good for long-term storage), I scrambled them, and they turned out fine. A dozen scrambled eggs weighed 430 grams, a virtual pound.

They all fit perfectly on an 18" x 11" cooking plate. I'm using this rock plate, thicker than a typical cookie sheet, and so if you use a thin sheet, you might need to go higher than the seven inches I've got my plate set from the flame. If you have an electric stove element, it's big, helping to spread the heat, whereas my gas flame is only three inches round, concentrating heat at the middle of the plate, requiring that I stir the food more often (there's a maximum temperature for drying, I think the trick is not to have it so hot as to burn the food). So, seven inches might be perfect for your cookie sheet and an electric burner. The top of my plate is not too hot to touch for a couple of seconds, but too hot to keep a knuckle on for three or four. I'm just using pieces of lumber to suspend the plate.

I don't see why eggs can't be dried in an oven with a minimum temperature of 170F. That way, four dozen eggs can be dried in one day. I plan on doing two dozen today on the same rock plate. Once the egg fills only half the plate, it'll be set aside until a second batch dries to the same degree, and then I'll return the first batch to the plate for a couple of hours longer. The same can be done using an oven, doubling the amount of food to be dried per day.

Repeat: "I've just weighed a dozen large eggs at 620 grams (1.37 pounds), promising to bring about 200 grams of dried product." That prediction is as per what they say, that eggs have 75-percent water, three times as much as product. But in the actual event, the two dozen eggs at about 1,240 grams uncooked turned out to be just 260 grams dry, a difference of 4.77, or 21-percent food product. So, drying reduces storage room by five times, a really big deal when you're storing large quantities. All two dozen fit to within an inch of the rim of a half-quart mason jar. Next time, I'll do 26 eggs to get it right to the top.

It's not straight-forward to find any article / video telling that white bread crumbs will last years. I don't see why they can't last 1,000 years in a vacuum. And I'm starting to think that the powers lie to us when they say white flour doesn't store very well. Bread crumbs can be made from fresh bread by simply putting cubes of bread into a 300F oven for 30 minutes, and then grinding the dried cubes to a small bits. Isn't that too great for the comfort of globalists? Can't we see why they wouldn't want us to know that bread can be made to last years? It's cheap, and it's nutritious, the perfect food for storing. If you're starving, a bowl of bread crumbs and water, delicious.

The googlites are giving cereal a shelf life of a few months!!! DINGBAT LIARS! They all repeat lies from one another and think they are well educated. Lookie-me I'm so smart, I read lots of articles. The more you read these days, the more of a victim you become. These days are filled with erroneous knowledge. There are traffickers in lies crawling on the internet, and google fronts them. It is google's task to make us all stupid lest we challenge the rulers. It's google's task because the rulers have come to make deals with google.

Okay, so Wednesday is as I write, when 720 grams (1.6 pounds) of "lean" Angus beef are in their seventh hour of drying after having cooked it on a stove-top first. It's got a lot of grease, even though most of it was drained. Everytime I flip it over, it's a little greasy to the touch. Boiling beef might make it less fatty. The video below shows the lady drying the meat only, no further treatment aside from removing the oxygen, and she says the meat will keep years that way. But I plan to put small pint-size jars into the oven at 250 F for some good time. I don't see any videos showing that process, I wonder why. That way, one kills the bacteria with certainty, and removing the oxygen isn't necessary. Am I missing something? Isn't it better to have some oxygen in there than none?

The fellow in the video below is cooking chicken for long term, then drying in a 200F oven. It suggests that cooked meat can be dried at higher temperatures than the 130-150 recommended from drying most foods. It means we can do more drying per day. It means I'll try a beef batch tomorrow in the oven.

His 58 ounces of chicken dried to 13 ounces, 4.5 times more water than meat, which sounds like they are pumping water into the chicken somehow, sign of end-time corruption. Cooking meat today often turns it into a soup. They give us more water, and jack up the prices too. Where I live, chicken is usually $8 per pound, robbery, because the vegetarian, global-warming freaks are having their way with us. They will get what they deserve, let's not be like them. Governments are not protecting us, in bed with the corruptosaurs. One comment in the video says the man paid too much at $2.99 per pound: "it's now 2018 and I just got boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.49 a pound." It was $8 in 2018 where I live, and sometimes more than that now. How much do they want to profit on one chicken? Mechanics around here half-break something in peoples' cars when they take them in to get fixed, to speed-up the next repair jobs for themselves. Wet-sock citizens around here never complain; they prefer to be happily robbed, like people with psychological handicaps.

One article says: "While I haven’t fully tested either of these methods of storage for 20 years, I have for two years and can attest that the chicken will stay good for at least that long. Without anything breaking the seal on the packaging, I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t stay good for much longer." He's talking dried chicken deprived of oxygen. Another article: "Most molds are killed off by temperatures of 60-70°C (140-160°F)." So, drying the meat at 200F will kill molds and bacteria, and it the jars of dried product are heated further at 250F, nothing's going to live in the jars to spoil the food.

"Despite its extreme potency, botulinum toxin is easily destroyed. Heating to an internal temperature of 85°C [185F] for at least 5 minutes will decontaminate affected food or drink." So why do they demand that one-quart jars undergo roughly 250F for 90 minutes? It doesn't take that long for heat to penetrate two inches to the centers of the jars. Someone else says: "When home canning, use a pressure cooker that can reach temperatures adequate to kill botulism spores. Preserved food should be heated above 248 degrees Fahrenheit (120 degrees Centigrade) for at least 5 minutes during the canning process..." Why the discrepancies of 185F versus 250F, and five minutes versus 90 minutes? Are the anti-Christ educators just trying to make food storage more difficult than it needs to be? Don't let them scare you, because most poisoned people recover with treatment, and "An average of 110 cases of botulism is reported annually in the US." There are likely a few million who store their own foods in jars regularly.

I purchased ground beef in the rolls, airtight, even if it's of lower quality, because it can be frozen for several months, and finally dried to get it to go longer. I store it at the bottom of the freezer where it never gets in the way. So, you can do the same. Forget top quality food at this time, but go for safety. Canned corned beef last years, and at this time it's selling about the same as fresh ground beef. This food is just super to have on-hand, ready to be dropped in soups and pastas. If the meat fat becomes a little rancid after three years, you probably won't notice once it's mixed with other foods. As you may know, there's fat in a can of corned beef, but it doesn't spoil anything.

But wait. "Rancidification is the process of complete or incomplete oxidation [needs oxygen] or hydrolysis [needs water] of fats and oils when exposed to air, light, or moisture or by bacterial action, resulting in unpleasant taste and odor." In other words, people telling us that storing oily foods in jars is undesirable may not know the above. All they may know is that oil goes rancid. Someone writes: "Rancidity can be prevented by storing food in vacuum containers." But someone else writes: "Storing food in airtight containers to slow the process of rancidification." Perhaps the latter means an airtight container that already has air. In that case, it's best to remove air from dried meats. It means I'm going to get oxygen absorbers and a vacuum-pump system for jars in case I can't buy the absorbers for whatever when half the world decides it's a good time to store foods all at once. Look ahead, be prepared.

Okay, after ten hours of drying at roughly 140F, there's 205 grams of beef after having started with 720 grams, or 29 percent of the original weight. After two more hours of drying, the weight was down to 200, or essentially unchanged. The total volume was .4 liter, or about .9 of a pint. It can be opened at any time to provide beef for a couple of weeks, no problem.

I allowed the beef to cool maybe too long after it had been set at 200F, and for that reason, I assume, the lid didn't pop down to prove a seal. I'll try 220F tonight with the beef now drying in the oven. As I have a propane oven, leaving the lids off of the jars allows exhaust into the jars. Unfortunately, propane exhaust includes water. So, let the exhaust rise up out of the jars for a minute if you have a gas oven. I don't think lids will pop down if the lids are tightened first before doing the oven treatment.

After just three hours of drying in the oven, the beef seemed almost ready, and maybe it is, I'm not experienced enough to know by tasting alone. So I'm leaving it a little longer, watching that it doesn't burn. Next time, I may do it at 185F to prevent the burnt taste. So far, it doesn't taste burnt. I weighed it after three hours, and again after five hours, with almost no change in weight. the 1,440 grams of meat done today came in dry at 440 grams, one third the weight and volume. It filled a one-quart jar to an inch below the rim.

I did do a couple of batches at 185F, and there was no burnt taste at all. It took five hours in the oven.

I do own a freezer-bagging machine that sucks the air out of the bag and seals them too, but I'd like to test some jarred beef both with and without oxygen absorbers. One can manually suck almost all the air out of any plastic bag before sealing, did you know? There is a lot of air in the beef-filled jars, because there's plenty of space between the pieces, but by bagging this product, I could suck out most of the air (with my mouth on the bag, or with a straw into the bag), and then put the bags into a sealed jar too if necessary for storing in a cold cellar that has odors or mice / insect possibilities. Mice can chew through plastics.

If you're afraid of dry-canning meat without the long, high-pressure water bath, you can always put the jars at the bottom of your freezer, reducing the beef volume by about a third as compared to fresh meat. Or, you can store for a year outside the freezer, and then put it into the freezer when you get nervous about it not being cold. If you have the freezer space, why not? They won't hurt being at the bottom of the freezer, though I suggest putting one piece of plywood stretching across over all lids to keep them from damage. A small, five-cubic foot freezer costs about two to four dollars monthly to run; you can save that on one, on-sale purchase alone.

I just want to add that drying meat by the oven method is so easy due to no need of flipping it but only once after about three hours, at which time you also test how it's coming along. It's so easy that everyone can do dry their own meat every six months as you all eat into the dry supply. Just keep it topped up, and eat it so that you don't get nervous about whether it's going bad for storing it too long. It's a way to justify starting, and once you've started, you will evolve the right strategies for your house.

More News

In the last update, I claimed that the DNC has been using a fake Biden, one with an ear lobe that attaches to the face so as not to be a normal lobe. The real Biden has two normal lobes while the double has only one. There's no shortage of photos showing the no-lobe, right ear, and no shortage of photos showing the real Biden with a normal ear on his right side. Looking into this matter more, it seems that the double is always doing the TV shots these days, and thus he's committing a criminal act repeatedly. There are now some good reasons as to why Biden flops his statements even though it's the double impersonating him who is not likely too old to speak properly.

The first Biden you get to in the video below, with is the double at 2015 at the latest, has no ear lobe so far as I can tell, but when you get to the Biden who's with Hillary at 1:30, you can clearly see the normal ear lobe, and what looks like a older man than the double. The ear lobe shows at 1:47 too.

Here's the real Biden with lobe:

Here's the double, with a sharper face and head, no lose skin under the chin as the real Biden has at this time:

If the above is Biden with skin surgery to make him look younger, why is his ear abnormal? The first reason that the double flops his sentences, when he remembers to, is because he's got to act like the real Biden to some degree. He can't come out looking sharp as a whistle, so he drags his lines a little, and probably makes little, deliberate mistakes at times too...which I don't think they would have risked, prior to the election day, had they not planned to use vote-machine cheating to make Biden win where he otherwise didn't stand a chance.

Another reason for the floppiness of the double is that he's not likely been a politician. He really doesn't know all the answers to political questions, explaining why they absolutely couldn't have him do unscripted news conferences. If the double did the debates with Trump, then I suggest that he knew the questions beforehand so that he could practice his answers. "Biden" looked fairly sharp at the debates.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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