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March 16 - 22, 2021

Ainsley Earhardt and Mandy Simson Unite to Point to Criminal Chinese Intrusions
Earhardt is Still Playing the Christian Witch
Joe Biden Really Has a No-Lobe Double Who's Playing the President

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I really don't like what Mike Lindells says here in this one-minute clip:

It reminds me of fake-Christian videos, prior to Trump's election folding, where the videos' promises are really super, but intended to make stupids out of Christians when they circulate the videos. We have got to expect fake-Christian video producers in this war from anti-Christs, but Mike Lindell better not be one of them. He's telling his audience that Trump will be the president by summer, and, as always, he uses open-Jesus sentiments, as do the fake-Christian voices, of course, because that's how they fool Christians. I know he's raising money at this time for large projects, and perhaps he wants to keep spirits up to better bring the money flow, but even that is no excuse to stir false hopes. In fact, if money is the root of stirring false hopes, that leans wickedly, tactics of the enemy.

Plus, Lindell works to tie Christians to Trump, which I think is dangerous to souls. I suggest dislodging from Trump politics, as it's aimed to replace your Christian commitments. Politics is a wicked game because the enemy has no greater aspiration but to achieve full powers in order to ruin Christianity. They are playing a mortal war, and our best weapon is simply to tell the Truth that concerns God on as many platforms as possible, but Trump politics is stacked with unChristian spirits and motivations. The idea of bonding Christians using Trump as the sticky hub is dangerous. Our hub is the Son of God, whose priorities are not Trump's. Remain in the VINE, or we can do nothing.

See Trump the vaccine-hypocrite in the 3rd minute:

Facebook has publicly admitted, in a boast, that it's been deleting all anti-vaccine talk because it's "disinformation." TYRANNY is here. They want to hurt us who don't want the vaccine. They want to make us miserable, they want to ABUSE us, mistreat us, cast us down, ridicule us, label us as rebels not to be respected no matter what we say. So, keep your head, be sober, vigilant, and wise.

In the 10th minute above, the pro-vaccine nutbars are wanting to use Trump to get his voters to accept the vaccine. But this has been the plan from the start, with trump part of it. Trump isn't fooling me, don't let him fool you. Trump is a snake. It was Trump who wanted the military to deliver vaccines. Trump was pretending to love you, Trump voters, in order to get you into the trap. David Knight is not a never-Trumper, just one who's not blinded by love for Trump. Trump abandoned chloroquine almost as soon as he had praised it, and never put a spot light on vitamin D when it was the obvious salvation forward from the COVID scam. Instead, he gave his soul to global vaccinations, and to leftists, and thus exposed himself as the snake.

Tucker Carlson is actually going where other Fox people have not gone:

All I can say is, I wish we were just two years from The End, but I'm afraid there's a lot more. Keep your kids from the schools, never mind about how much money they can make in life, or how much worldly honor they can achieve. Keep them from college, and let them get an ordinary job, to live an ordinary life sheltered from the wickedness. Let them agree to be sheltered from it, let them understand why. Let God be your shelter. It's a trade off. The New Covenant is a deal. We agree to be like Jesus, and we get God's oversight over our lives. That's security in return for not doing as we please, as heathens do, unconcerned with how God feels about our decisions and lifestyles. They corrupt away without the Spirit of God, as they resist Him, but we who remain under Jesus tend to get better progressively.

Let's not be ashamed of the one who obviously Created all the amazing biological features of all the living bodies, for we know that blind, unintelligent evolutionary fits and accidents, the fantasies of our enemies, could not accomplish such things. We know that if God is not the God of the Bible, there is no other God to choose from. God wants us to talk to Him with kindness, like when we talk to elders with respect, but the people who run leftist media are the type that Paul described, arrogant lovers of self, boastful, rude, bullies, fascists, control freaks, lovers of divisiveness and abuse upon others. I can be abusive too, with my words, but only upon the weeds who destroy the good. I refuse to be cowardly before them. Be brave, grow courage. It is quite another abusive matter to be a late-night host who heaps abuse on God and those who appreciate Him.

To get close to God, He must come close to us, there is no other way. The obvious way to get God close to utter the kindest words His way, from the heart, "in spirit and in truth." People who do this feel the Spirit move within them, if our hearts move the heart of God. And with most people on the wide road to destruction, Jesus really appreciates any, kind words. They make you SPECIAL amid the human race. Bless God today, and everything you need will be added unto you. Let us recognize our shortcomings. It's all good and right, yet the anti-Christs do not want this for their world. Like Trump, they have another world in view, one of prosperity and swimming in materialism. But God knows that this corrupts, and ruins the heart-to-heart with God. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

Mr. Lindell needs to watch how his millions affect his heart-to-heart. If we abuse workers for the sake of making more money, no heart-to-heart with God will work to bring Him closer. First remove the sin, then go to God with heart-to-heart. I don't know whether Mike abuses his workers, I have no idea. I'm using it as an example. Let's recognize that business as-normal in this world tends toward bottom-line money growth by use of workers, real people, and that the fat cats view workers as their machines, their robots, that they would rather replace with metal / plastic robots.

Scallions and Other Onions

I was watching some videos Monday night on how to plant Chives when I learned that the salad onions I like are called scallions, part of the chives family of onions. Checking for a Scallion surname because I'm interested in Scalia-like surnames, it was found listed with Scullys/Scallys, and using a so-called patonce cross. I knew that Tailards use a PATONce too, but before getting to that, I focused on the Patents/PATTENs instead because they share the lozengy Shield of SCOLE's/SCAYLE's, right down the Scallion alley. Eventually, I got round to loading Tailards to recall their quadrants in colors reversed from those of Chives'!!! That's funny. (Load Scallion link now to have access on another tab to other Coats of Arms that follow.)

I then recalled that Unions list Onions, and use "mill rinds," the symbol also of TURNers. Rinds, in Leslie colors and format, were first found in Perthshire, near the Leslie's, Tarves', TURINs, Millens/MILANs and Mellansons. Chives' were first found in Tarves, and named Chivasso near Turin, Italy. Rind use a "DiaTURNitate" motto term you see, showing connection with Turin / Turner liners. German Turners share the Howell tower and can thus be connected to English Tours/Thors. The quadrants of German Turners are in Templeton colors while "temps" is a motto term of Bleds. Bled is a location beside Lesce, where I can trace Leslie's. Templetons (similar Chief to that of Varns) were first found in Ayrshire with the Varns having a "NE ouBLIE" motto, which can be partly for the Ble variation of Bleds, and partly for the Leak-related Knee's/Nee's. Smell chives' or onions around here? Leaks list Leeks, and leeks are onions.

Leslie's share the green griffin head in the Patent/Patten and Bard Crests, and while Leslie's were founded by BARTHolomew, Bards/BEARDs (compare with Less') share the Turin boar head, and the Turin bull can be expected with French Beards/Bearts (Brittany, same as Maurels). MELLANsons share the crescents of PATONs, and between the latter's crescents is the fleur-de-lys of French Maurels (colors and format of Patons) while Italian Maurels were first found in MILAN. French Maurels, with a "virTUS" motto term, like the "tous" of Bleds, were at l'ESCALE and MALLEmoisson. Tous'/Tosini's share the eight-pointed stars of Italian Maurels. Rinds share the SCALLops of English Mallets while French Mallets/Malo's (share buckles of different colors with Leslie's) are also Mallons. St. Malo is near Dol (Brittany, same as French Maurels), and the Dol Alans went to live in Shropshire, where Patons (new to me) were first found.

Heraldic scallops can be traced well via the scallops of Samsons and Meschins to mythical Scylla, the symbol of the Sicils who named Sicily, and then there is a Patti location in eastern Sicily that I see behind the patee cross, and here the Patons can apply. Italian Milans were first found in Messina with Patti. Samsons once showed a patee cross (in the design that Dickens are still showing), but now show a patonce. It just so happens that while my mall topics include Morleys/Mauls, English Morleys share the leopard face on the Dickens patonce. Dickens were first found in Staffordshire, beside Patons of Shropshire (where Meschins and Talbots were first found). Mount ETNa is in Messina, explaining why EATONs (Cheshire, same as Masseys) have a patee-cross version of the Tailard Coat. As Messina's (patee cross) have a version of the Masci Coat, it's likely that Tailards were of Mrs. Taillebois, wife in Lincolnshire of Mr. Meschin. Leeks/Leaks were first found in Lincolnshire. Tailbois' use more SCALLops while Scallions/Scullys use a patonce cross.

This recalls the important dream of the last update that had me looking for Joe Oullette in a MALL. English Mallets (scallops) use a so-called "deer" in Crest (could be the Finchem symbol too), and Deerings are said to descend from Morinis' while Milan's Maurels are Maurini's too (they probably have the Arms-of-Fanano fesse). The last update pointed Joe Oullette to Dominion's election fraud, and here it can be added that English Dominics, while linked in the last update to Milan's Bono's/Bons, share the eight-pointed stars of Milan's Maurels. The latter's Coat (mallet colors) looks related to that of Italian DERE's/Res', and Deerings have stag heads in the colors and format of the Mallet/Malo/Mallon buckles.

When Joe and I first became Christians, our drinking buddy, Steve MELLANSON, dared us to heal his bleeding ear, and after praying for Steve, he put his Q-tip into his ear to draw blood, to shame us, but he was surprised that there was no blood / bleeding. While I trace Leslie's to Lesce, beside Bled on the upper Sava river, Bloods/Bluds (stag) might just be from the namers of Bled, suspect from Bleda, brother of Attila the Hun, both of the house of Dol-like Dulo that Hungarians gave a stag symbol. But Hungarians also put a Tural HAWK in their ancestry, and the Paton Crest is the rising hawk of Hobs/Habs (I know for a fact that the latter have a hawk).

Mellanson's ear had pointed to EARhardts because their two snakes almost look like a Q, like "Q-tip." It just so happens that the lone fleur-de-lys of Earhardts is in the Paton Coat, and Patons share the Mellanson crescents, how about that. The Q-tip became a symbol of COVID-vaccination poisons because I started keeping weekly tabs on Ainsley Earhardt, when in 2020 I recognized that she was a second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, possibly to have a different set of pointers than the original Sleeping Beauty. Expecting something good to come out of her Fox-and-Friends show, I stopped watching Earhardt's shows when she became a disappointment due to pushing COVID vaccines.

It was the Earhardt snakes that got me to look up Snake's/Snooks and link them to Snake-like SENECa's. I don't recall making that Snake-Seneca connection before that time, and then, a few months later, in the first update of this month (two updates ago), I came across an heraldic pointer to the AstraZENECA vaccine now being rejected by a few nations. The link is made like this: Snake's/Snooks share the eagle of SANS'/SANCHez's and Spinks while the latter share mascles on blue with Seneca's/SENESCHals.

We can read that as "ASTRAzeneca" because "Sic" and "astra" are Kenneth motto terms while Miss Earhardt had married Mr. McKinney, and while Irish McKinneys are also McKennys, the Kennys essentially have the Paton Coat, Mellanson crescents included!!! The split Kenny Shield is in colors reversed from the same of Tarves'. The "AS astra" motto phrase of Kenneths can be gleaned with Ass' because the latter use a fasces while Fiscs/Fisks use an "ad astra" motto phrase. Amazingly, a fasces (has an axe head) includes a bundle of rods, and Mellansons use a so-called "bundle of rods" with "an axe in the MIDDLE"!!! INCREDIBLE, for we just saw why Mellanson's ear can point to Miss Earhardt!

Trump has been a chief poison-vaccine trafficker, giving all the mobsters the green light. While Trumps are also Tromps, it just so happens that Dutch Tromps share the giant Temple eagle (recalls Templetons), the acorns of French Maurels, and the split-Shield of Kennys; the latter share the lone Maurel, Earhardt, and BROCK fleur-de-lys. As Brocks share the Stewart motto, Brocks had gotten related to the Dol Alans, and Dols (Trump/Tromp colors) were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps/Tromps. Both Maurels and Brocks (share Stewart motto) have a "SCIT" motto term buried in their mottoes, and while BROCuffs/PROCKs (Silesia, same as Scytl-like Schittle's/SCHITners) share the POTENT cross of Skits and Skate's/Sheets, Ainsley Earhardt was married also to Mr. Proctor. Doesn't it seem that God wants to point to her?

Why might we think that Steve DOOCY (pro-vaccine) does Fox and Friends with her? Doesn't that look like a pointer to James LeDUC, chief of the Galveston National Laboratory that maintains and funds part of the Wuhan lab? Actually, I'm sure that Fauci's institute funds Wuhan. Doocys are also Duce's, and LeDucs (Brittany, same as Maurels) are also Ducs. Doocys/Duce's are evidence that Bar-le-DUC was of the Brunswick Barrs (google is hiding the latter now), for the Doocy/Duce Coat is the Brunswick Coat in colors reversed, but then the Brunswick Coat is also that of Hatch's/HACCHs.

Mellansons put an axe "in the middle," and Middle's with Motleys were first found in Shropshire with the Patons who share the Earhardt and Maurel fleur-de-lys. The MEAD were once said to be first found in Sussex with MEDleys, and Brian KilMEADE (I like this guy) is the third host on Fox and Friends (with Earhardt and Doocy). Plus, only axes are shown for the HAWKEswell Coat, and the Paton Crest is a hawk. I've just found a HAWKSwell/HACKwell/Hakewell surname (with what looks like a mule head), recalling the Hykes'/Hacks have the Chives quadrants because Chives were previously said to be first found in Devon with Hykes'/Hacks...and Mule's! The cross upon the Hykes/Hack quadrants makes it a version of the Tailard Coat, and Tailards use a PATONce cross!!! Good one. Plus, the new Hawkswells/Hackwells were first found in Essex with Patents/Pattens. I've read that Italian Capote's have the mule head, and it's in the same design as in the Hawkswell/HackWELL/HAKEwell Coat (Well colors).

The Hawks (Lincolnshire, same as Tailbois') share "pilgrims staves" with PilGRIMs, the latter first found in Norfolk with Hykes'/HACK's (not the Hykes'/Hacks). GRIMaldi's share the lozengy Shield of Bags (Norfolk), which is in black with Patents/Pattens. The hawks use the staves in purple, and there is a Purple/PurPULL surname, first found in Norfolk with Pilgrims/PilGRAMs (Gram/Graham colors). The Pulits/Pullings/Pullys share the Patent/Patten motto in full.

The "Ne ouBLIE" motto term of Grams/Grahams (share falcon with Stevens) can be partly for the Ble variation of Bleds, which takes us back to Mellanson's bleeding ear, for his first name, Steven, is related to the STAVE's/Stevensons. The Ble's/Bleds love the Tous'/Tosini's in their motto who share the eight-pointed stars of Milan's Maurels.

Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire with the Annas' who share a version of the Wiggin Coat, and then Wigton is where Hanna's (stag heads) were first found. This gets remarkable because Ainsley Earhardt works for Fox and Friends while Friends almost have the Anne/Hanne Coat while Friends, if they had stag heads in the gold of the Anne/Hanne stag heads, would be in Onion/ANION colors and format. The Trump stag head is colors reversed from the Hanna stag head, and Trump has been a chief vaccine trafficker. Hanna's have a "Per" motto term while Peartree's/Pertree's have the Trump stag head. Ainsley serves an organization that wanted election cheating to get Trump out, an organization that pretends to be the good-guy Republican but in reality wants the Bushite deep-state agenda. God may have allowed a dumbo-Biden presidency as the lesser evil than a Trump advocating vaccines for God's people, and if that's true, then how deep is Earhardt's guilt for pushing Fox's pro-vaccine agenda?

Plus, the three Anne/Hanne stag heads are those of Deerings, and Mallets have the deer. Ainsley Earhardt has been connected to Steve Mellanson's cotton swab, and Mellans happen to share a blank, gold Chief with Wiggins, Annas', and also the Rods that we saw in the "bundle of rods" of Mellanson! Another blank, gold Chief is with Dutch Puttens, who have the Chief-Shield color combination of Wiggins and Annas'.

It's interesting that while Scallions/Scullys have their patonce cross in the colors of the Ainsley cross, the Scallion/Scully cross is surrounded by stars in Annas-star colors. It's also interesting that Scallions/Scullys were first found in WestMEATH while Meaths (share Earhardt fleur-de-lys) are said to have been at a Metham location in Yorkshire, where Methleys were first found. Lookie: "The surname Meath was first found in the East Riding of Yorkshire at Metham, a township, in the parish and union of Howden..." Howdens happen to be Hawdens too, and Ainsley's only child is Hayden. The Howden/Hawden Chief-Shield colors combo is that of Annas' too!

Meath is where Irish Hartys/Harts were first found having the Doocy lion in colors reversed. Plus, we read that some of the Meath family were in Yorkshire's Marr, where Mars were first found who share double lions (different colors) in pale with Doocys, and there happens to be one of the Doocy lions in the Howden/Hawden/Houten Chief! Steve Doocy is the third host on Fox and Friends!!! BUT WHY would this be pointing to Fox and Friends? I see nothing but compromised half-news on that show, where many important stories are off-limits.

Howdens/Hawdens come up as Houtens/Houtons too, and Methleys happen to have three fesses colors reversed form the same of Hottens/Haughtons. The latter share the bull (different color) with Beautys, and, amazingly, the Beauty bull is in a Hayden Crest!!! It looks like this is one of the reasons that Sleeping Beauty was at the hood: to give us a near-undeniable reason to see Ainsley as a second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. Metham and Marr are in Yorkshire, where Hicks were first found who are in Howden/Hawden/Houten colors. This is getting interesting. DRUMranny is in Westmeath, which I discovered in the write-up of Dillons who could be the lion of Mars (Yorkshire) in colors reversed.

I think I now know the meaning here, for as we saw reason to identify the Howden/Hawden Chief with the Doocy lion, the Doocy Coat is that also of BRAMtons, a surname highly suspect from ABRAM (Biblical Abraham, father of Isaac) and KETURah, and the latter traces well to KOTOR, smack beside Rhizon, where Sleeping Beauty points. Keturah's son, Medan (Genesis 25), can be gleaned in mythical Medon, son of mythical KODRos, a Kotor-like term, and we came upon Howdens, in the first place, while on Medan-like Metham of the Meaths!!! Metham is in Howden!!! INCREDIBLE. Meaths do show a Methan variation, and while meads are Meats too, Meath's are also Meathams. We have all three Fox-and-Friend hosts in a nutshell here.

It should be added that while Howden is in Yorkshire with Pulits/Pullings, the latter share the martlets of Meads, and both surnames share the pelican. Amazingly, Phoenix's/Fenwicks share "Toujours" with Meads/Meats. I would probably guess correctly that Brian Kilmeade wants Jovan Pulitzer's input in the Phoenix re-count now about under way. This week, Jovan HUTTON Pulitzer gave a thumbs-up to the audit team chosen by the Maricopa senate. Will Fox and Friends keep up on Maricopa's audit in spite of Fox bosses not wanting pro-Trumpers to uncover election fraud? Doesn't it appear that the finding of Howdens/Hawdens/HOUTONs this morning is also a pointer to Pulitzer? Sure looks like it.

Howdens/Hawdens/Houtens have a "tego" motto term while Teggs happen to be listed with the Annas-related Tease's/Tyes', first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas' and Ainsleys! How did that happen?

Houseofnames recently obliterated the first-found location of ANNAS' in Nottinghamshire. But that's where they were said to be first found for a decade or more, with AINSleys. Houseofnames derivations are half-the-time sheer trash, probably from family historians who often shoot off the hip, and rarely seek other surnames as derivations...which is just brainless. The Annas write-up emphasizes the ARNISS variation, and puts it early in Lincolnshire, where TALbot-branch Tailbois' were first found, suspect from the TAULantii Illyrians at an ARNISSa location on the Genusus river. The Taul-like Towells/Tewells share a gold Chief with Annas'/Arniss'. Talls share bees with Bessins while Taillebois' were from the Bessin.

Mellans were first found in Ile-de-France with Cavii-like CHAPPES' and Lissus-like Lys'/Lisse's, and Cavii Illyrians at Lissus were beside the Taulantii. Mellanson's cotton swab suggested a look at the Cotton surname, which has "HANks of cotton," and Hanks/Anke's were first found in Lincolnshire with early Arniss'. ANCHors are also Annas-like Annackers. Joseph CAIAPHAS, killer of Jesus, married the daughter of the chief priest, Annas/Ananus. Chappes' and Lys'/Lisse's were first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's who love the Aids/Ade's in their motto, explaining the "ad" motto term of Hanna's. "Experts" want nothing to do with this.

"Ad" is code for the line of Ada of Warenne, who married Mr. Huntingdon, and TAILards were first found in Cambridgeshire, the latter being where Capone's, Chapmans and June's were first found. The Capone's are in the colors and format of Talants (compare with "TAULANTii"), wherefore Capone's (and Junia Caepionis, a couple of generations before Caiaphas) look like Cavii liners. Italian Capote's, sharing the Hawkswell/Hackwell mule head, are also Capone's, and Hykes'/Hacks (Chives kin) have the Tailard quadrants. The anti-Christ world does not want this revealed, because they are the epitome (the jack's ass) of anti-education. The earth's survivors of Armageddon will need some hard-core rehabilitation after this generation gets done hacking their minds and filling them with intellectual viruses. Stay healthy while the dogs go to the dogs. Stay on JESUS TRUTH.

Earlier in this update, there was some new-to-me material linking Templetons to Bled at Lesce. I've got more to it here. As Temple's have a giant eagle in the colors of the same of Jeepma's, it recalls that Jeepma variations are linkable to the Japodes at/near Bled. Japodes were on the COLAPis river, in code in the "culpa" motto term of Patents/Pattens. Temple's were first found in Cheshire with Masseys, from the Maezaei Illyrians at/near the Colapis. The Temple's, and the Pulits'/Pullings who share the Patent/Patten motto, have the black footLESS martlet while LESlie's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Foot-branch Fothes'. The "quam" motto term of Temple's is for Cams sharing the English Liss/Lise Coat. Scottish Lise's have double chevrons in colors reversed from the three of Bleds.

Ahh, temple-like Teems were first found in Gelderland with Dutch Puttens! As TEEMs use a so-called "blade," it appears that Temple's were formed from a Teem-Pull or Teem-Pully merger, for Pullys are listed with Pulits/Pullings. Pools/Pulls were from Poole, beside the English Liss'/Lise's! For those familiar with my identification of the shark in the pool with Neils and Sharks (both first found in Tyrone), note the Neil-branch Nulls in the Pulit/Pulling motto. Neils were kin of KEONs/McCains expected in the Teem escutCHEON, and then Keens/Kenys (white escutcheon, "FeLIS" motto term) have lizards wile Liss'/Lise's share the Lizart/Sarde pale bars. Keon-branch Keens/Kenys (same lion as Pools/Pulls) also use "miTIS" while Tiss' (Hampshire, same as Liss'/Lise's) are in the "HosTIS" motto term of Sarde-like Shirts/Shards (Cheshire, same as Temple's).

Keens/Kenys are also Kane's/Cains, and first found in Londonderry with the Kane's/Cains sharing the fish of McCabe's (salmon) who in turn have the fesse of Irish McKinneys/McKennys. As the latter themselves have a fish in Crest, I previously showed that Pfizer-like Vissers/Fisers share the McCabe fish (both colors) because it seemed like extra evidence that God is using Earhardt as a pointer to poisonous vaccines, in this case the Pfizer vaccine. When you add to this picture that my coffee in Victoria was on the morning of the Galveston mugging, it seems certain that God is linking the vaccine scheme to the Wuhan scheme, and fingering the Galveston lab in the process. The Coffee's share the McCabe fesse.

The thing I find very interesting here is that while Ainsley Earhardt married Mr. McKinney, Irish McKinneys are in Coffee colors and format. Coffee's love the VICToria's, and the "SIC itur ad astra" motto phrase of Victoria-linkable Fiscs/Fisks (share Templeton star) is perfect because McKinney-like Kenneths have a motto, "Sic itur as astra," and this motto along with the near-same phrase of Fiscs/Fisks, points to ASTRAzeneca vaccine. You see, God has been pointing to vaccine poisons ever since I drove through Victoria on the same day that I was mugged (1 am) in Galveston, where Galveston National Laboratory sits that's invested in the Wuhan lab of China. Incredible.

God did set me up to buy a COFFEE and NEWSpaper in Victoria, the only two things I bought there, just a couple of hours out of Galveston. The newspaper was bought to check want-ads for Texas property. This event pointed with newspaper-using News'/Nuces' to the Nueces river, where I would purchase a tract of land seven months later, just ten minutes from Miss Hicks who also had a tract on the Nueces. Earhardt and Hicks are the two ladies playing Sleeping Beauty in the shark-in-pool dream (1979). I had this dream days before God gave me a vision of a sick-in-the-head Farrah Fawcett, a pointer to Tony Fauci the vaccine-mafia boss. Note that Maffia's/Massi's/Mattis' are sharing the eagle of Temple's (Cheshire, same as Masseys and Maceys). Or, by what coincidence are Fie's/MacCUFFIE's also Maffie's/Maffeys? Again, McKinneys/McKennys are in Coffee colors and format.

Plus, the shark swallowed a British bulldog that fell into the pool, and, in 1987, Miss Hicks was the trophy girl in a Baytown cooking contest. Her photo is online in the Baytown Sun along with her husband standing in a photo beside a bulldog mascot, Spuds MacKenzie. It just so happens that McKenzie's are listed with "as astra" Kenneths. The best I could do with "Spuds," a couple of years ago, was the Spade surname that is big in the last update as a pointer to Dominion Voting's Spadina avenue. I think that while Hicks points to Dominion fraud, as rolled-out in the last update, Earhardt is a pointer to a mobster-related COVID scheme.

Ainsleys even share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks. In 2007, I think it was, Earhardt joined a television NEWS organization in Texas's SAN Antonio, and Sans/Sanchez's are the ones sharing the Spink eagle and thus connectable to Seneca's. So, even her Texas location points to AstraZeneca poisons. I'm not saying the company poisons every dose lethally, but some are, and many may have long-term poisons, or are being forced on the people now as experiments for future population / political controls. Something seriously stinks, especially if it's correct that God is pointing to vaccines.

Earhardt had started to point to Scalia's murder (in western Texas), via the Basford location of Ainsleys, for Bash's (Hertfordshire, same as Nuse's/Nuce's and SCALE's), can be gleaned as News/Nuces. It suggested John Bash of West Texas, formerly a DoJ attorney, who had worked for Scalia. And here it can be repeated that the PATONce cross of Scallions/Scullys/Scallys brought Patons to topic while I bumped into the Paton Coat with one of the Kenny Coats. Patons were first found in Shropshire with vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. Both Kennys were first found in Galway with Teague's/Teegers, and Mrs. Teague sold me her Nueces-river property.

German Teegers share the eight-pointed stars of English DOMINics, and then see the last update for Hicks links to Dominics along to the SHIN bones of the all-important News-like Newtons. German Teegers even look linkable to Ducs/LeDucs (James LeDuc is/was the middleman between Galveston National and Wuhan). Scottish McKinneys share the Kim cinquefoils, and these two surnames can be linked to the SHINs/Chinns/Chings (China-like) and Kemmis/Kenys' who point to China, you see, but especially to China's involvement with Dominion Voting, for I learned (last update) that its Spadina office is in Toronto's Chinatown.

I had been at a map for 215 Spadina Avenue at least trice before last week, but no map indicated Chinatown upon it. The map I used last week flashed "Chinatown" in large letters for a split-second while I was zooming out, but it disappeared while zooming out. I could not get it back again. It's understandable that google and others would eradicate "Chinatown" from maps in case people get the Dominion-China connection. But one can ask google for a map of Chinatown, and it's smack centered at Dundas and Spadina, the nearest main intersection from 215 Spadina. Chinatown comes down Spadina and covers 215. It's clear that either: 1) China bought Mr. Poulos off to commit crimes against elections, or; 2) Poulos offered his criminal services to China via someone he met in Chinatown.

If Sleeping Beauty represents a hooker on Jeffrey Epstein's island, which I maintain, then the people who owned Epstein had to be connected to the other things that Sleeping Beauty points to. If we go high enough on the deep-state pyramid, we probably would discover that all sorts of criminal groups are at least partially controlled by them. My mugging on Galveston was preceded earlier in the day with a bad feeling, an omen, as soon as I saw a tiny cloud covering the sun, and that's the symbol in the Crest of Scottish Jeffreys. The trick is to find How God might allow a link of Jeffrey symbols to Eppstein liners. I haven't found one yet.

But what I can say is that the Phoenix-like "PHOEbus" motto term of Scottish Jeffreys can be part-code for Poe's, and they happen to share (in a different color) crescents in flames with Scottish Patents/Padons/Putins. And Poe's were not only first found in Devon with Phoenix-branch Fenns/Venns, but share their fesse. Arizona is beside New Mexico, where Epstein has his Zorro ranch.

Devon is where Ballot-branch Billets were first found who share the Bus cinquefoil, and we may assume that Bus were in Jeffrey ancestry as per "phoeBUS." We saw (last update) how Lorraine's bus pointed to the Phoenix election. The same Jeffreys use "nuBILLia," as Bills of Somerset (beside Devon) not only happen to have a BILLET in their Chief, but use an omen-like "OMNe" motto term that's like the very common "omniBUS" motto term. Omans share the black martlet with Pulits/Pullings who in turn share the pelican with Bills. The "wood bills" of Bills link to ROOT-related Woods, and Root-like Roets share the Chief-Shield colors of Bills (Somerset, same as Roets). The Roet Chief is reflective of the Caplan Chief, linkable to the Joe/Joseph Chief, and the Roet book can be for a branch of Box's (Wiltshire, beside Somerset) who share the Caplan griffin heads. Box's are a pointer to ballot boxes, you see, and this comes in the same paragraph as Ballot liners.

From the Roots, we take it to the Bagleys who share the Root Coat. Bagleys were first found in Shropshire with Patons who share the crescent of German Roets. Bags share a Shield of lozengy (different colors) with Patents/Pattons. Bagleys named Bagley-WOOD in HORMer (Berkshire), and it just so happens that Scottish ORMs/Orrens, first found in Aberdeenshire with Jeffreys, share the lozengy Shield of both English Patents/Pattens and Scole's/SCAYLE's, recalling the PATONce cross of Scallions/Scullys/Scollys. Scalia was murdered in Texas near the New Mexico border.

This recalls how the Poe's suspect in the Epstein motto took us to Scottish Patents/Padons/Putins. The Eppstein-like Epps/Apps ("DOMINE"), first found near the Caplan-like Cape's/Capes', share the Schole/Scayle lozenges as well as the SCALE and Cape/Capes SCALLops. The double gold fesses of Orms/Orrens are (upon different backgrounds) those of Chaplains and Joe's/Josephs too.

Middle-of-the-Road Mandy

This part of the discussion recalls my FENCE-POST invention, Pillar-Post, for which I got a Canadian PATENT, and the mystery here is: why is there a "Post" motto term in the Scottish Jeffrey motto with "PHOEbus". Why do Pillars/PILOTs share the Coat of English Jeffreys? Epstein was an airplane / helicopter pilot. Why is "fence" like the Fens variation of Poe-connectable Fenns/Venns? Poe's are the ones sharing crescents in flames with Patents/Padons/Putins.

Why do omen-like Omans have an ORMundy variation? One of my two financial partners for the Pillar-Post was Chuck. The Chucks happen to be listed with Suchs/Zouch's, first found in ORMSkirk of Lancashire, where English Orms were first found who use axes, the symbol of Hawkeswells who are part of the hawk of the Crest of Patent-like Paton. We just saw Scottish ORMs/Orrens linking to Patents/Pattens. Omans/ORMundys were first found in Suffolk with Hawkeswells who in turn share axes with English Orms.

Omans are also OrMANDYs, and as I've said a few times, a certain Mandy Simson of Texas convinced me to produce some Pillar-Post proto-types so that she could try to sell them in Texas (I made them, but she failed to sell them). She had a house on direct-Nueces riverfront, and the omen a few years before meeting Mandy is what directed me to buy property in Texas. On the day of my second return to this property, I met Mandy.

Orms/Orrens/ORAMs might be of the ram in the Bagley Crest. We saw ROOTs sharing the Bagley Coat, and then the Mundys/Mandys, like the OrMUNDY/OrMANDY variations of Omans, look like kin of Rudes'/Ridge's, first found in Shropshire with Patons! Mandy urged me to try out my patented idea in Texas. A few years before the omen, while Chuck was a partner, I took a sample of the post to a fencing trade show in New Orleans, birthplace of Donna Brazile, and when I discovered that Donna's middle name is, Lease, I also discovered that the cloud-over-sun omen is in the Coat of English Lease's. What might that mean?

English Orms have the eagle of Snake's/Snooks and Sans/Sanchez's, and this picture goes quickly to Seneca's and AstraZeneca vaccines, and so let's not forget that the omen took place hours before the mugging on Galveston, home of Wuhan-related lab. The Suns in the Jeffrey and Lease omens are listed with Seneca-like SINCklairs/Singulars, like the Singletons/Singletarys that have the Epstein Coat in colors reversed! There we have it, and Obama descends from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham. It took me this long route to get from Jeffreys to an Epstein-linkable surname, and it even points to Obama. Ahh, the Epsteins share triple-red chevrons with English Clare's/Clairs, the latter first found in Suffolk with Omans/Ormundys/Ormandys!!!

The paragraph above would not have been written nor found had not Ormandy-like Orms shared the Snake eagle; Orms would not have come to topic if not for Bagley-Wood in HORMer; Bagleys wood not have come to topic without Root-related Woods in the wood bills of Bills; and Bills with the omen-like "Omne" motto term would not have come to topic without the "nuBILLia" motto term of Epsteins!!! It looks like God set me up to cascade bing-bing-bing-bong to Suns and Epsteins.

The Sinclair Coat even has the engrailed Mandy/Mundy and Rudes cross in colors reversed while both the Mandy/Mundy and Rudes crosses are partly in colors reversed from the engrailed cross of Rudes-like Rhodes'. I actually met Mandy in her pick-up truck in the MIDDLE of NUECES-Canyon ROAD, and I had been wondering whether the "NUbillia" motto term of Jeffreys was code for the News/NUCES surname that came to topic with my newspaper and coffee purchase on the morning of the mugging. How interesting is this?

I kid you not, I'm not lying, I've said it many times before: I had just rolled into town and checked in at a MOTEL, and wandering out into the beautiful Texas-blue skies, in the motel's parking lot, I felt like I didn't want to be alone. I spotted a lady driving by. When she pulled out of the restaurant across the street from the motel parking lot, I walked onto the road in front of Mandy's truck to intercept her, and asked if she'd like to get together for COFFEE!!! I'm not lying, but never before, so far as I can recall, do I remember linking this ROAD-meet to Rudes' and Mandys, and certainly I've never felt so sure that it related to the newspaper and coffee in Victoria, a few years earlier that now seems to be pointed to by the Jeffrey motto term, "NUbillia."

I almost forgot. Mandy was writing for a NEWSPAPER when I met her!!! I have shown how Nuse's/NUCE's/NEWES' and German Neckers point to the NOOSE around the neck of Jeffrey Epstein. I met her in the middle of NUECES-Canyon road! Orms share axes with Hawkeswells/AxelRODs, and there may be a hawk in the Simson Crest as there is in the Paton Crest. Mellansons have an axe between their rods. The Strike's in the Hawkeswell/Axelrod motto were first found in Lancashire with axe-using Orms', and the axe is also with Simson-connectable Simms (East Lothian, same as Seatons). NEWtons named Sturminster-Newton on the Stour river, near one or both Axe rivers of Somerset, one of which ends at Seaton (Devon).

As I've said, the Coffee Crest shares a naked rider on a dolphin with the Arms of Taranto, and Motels were at Taranto. There happens to be a blue-and-gold dolphin in the Orm Crest while the Orm eagle is colors reversed from the blue-on-gold bird legs in the Mandy/Mundy Chief, and they could very well be eagle legs. They are colors reversed from the Hoover bird legs, and Mr. Hoover was a co-founder of Dominion Voting, a company that started in Taranto-like Toronto! Tarants and Trents use eagles. In colors reversed, Tarants have the Coat of Childs (Hertfordshire, same as Nuse's/Nuce's/Newes'), and apt pointer to Epstein's pedophilia. They say the sheet around his neck was tied also to the bed bunk, and Bunks, first found in Suffolk with Rush's, are in Paton colors and format.

Rush's (Epps/Apps' colors and format) are mentioned because Tarants named Tarant-Rushton, and it just so happens that the "patience" motto term of Rushtons can be for the Patience variation of Patents/Padons/Putins!!! They are the ones suspect with the flaming crescents of Poe's suspect in turn in the "PHOEbus" motto term of Jeffreys! It's as if Mandy Simson is pointing by several methods to Epstein criminality. Rushtons have the Chief-Shield colors in reverse from Dutch Puttens. The Mandy/Mundy Crest has flames from the mouth of a wolf head, like the flames from the mouth of the dragon of Seatons who in turn share "hazard" with the Sutys who in turn share "Have" with Rushtons (share lion of Suty-branch Side's).

For some reason, God connected Mandy to my patented fence post, and while Jeffreys use a "Post nubillia phoebus" motto, Padons were first found in Shropshire with Rudes' and MIDDLE's, the latter sharing the giant lion of English Jeffreys. The plot thickens. MIDDLEsex (not likely named after Middle's but can yet be an apt pointer of God) is where Epps/Apps' were first found. Mandys/Mundys use a bird talon, and while I trace Talents/Talons (bird talons) to Talbots, the latter (Shropshire, same as Middle's) share the red-on-white border with Middle's, how about that. Middle's use so-called raGULLY, suspect with Gullys (Julian kin) and Gulls (compare with German Julians), and the six Gull pale bars are colors reversed from the six of Scottish Jeffreys!!! This paragraph would not have been written had I not asked Mandy for coffee in the middle of the road.

Repeat: "both the Mandy/Mundy and Rudes crosses are partly in colors reversed from the engrailed cross of Rudes-like Rhodes'." It probably explains why Mellanson-beloved Rods and Mandys/Mundys share a gold Chief, not forgetting that Mellans share the blank, gold chief with Rods and Gulls. It's Middle's who have raGULLY, and the Rhodes' are perfect for "middle of the road." If God wants us to take this conversation back to Mellanson's cotton swab, note that Swabs share the giant Fire unicorn, for Fiers/Fears were first found in MIDDLEsex with Epp's/APPS' (Fier county in Albania is on the APSUS river).

I recall that Seatons describe their flames as a dragon "BREATHing FIRE," which makes sense where Breaths/Bradds were once said to be first found in Midlothian / Edinburghshire, beside the first known Seatons of East Lothian. The Howdens/Hawdens/Houtens have a green dragon head breathing fire (see also Suty-beloved Nothings/Northens of Yorkshire). The Sinclairs sharing the Mandy/Mundy cross were at Midlothian's Roslin, and the "Commit" motto term of Sinclairs can touch upon the "comet" of Reines', which is a hexagram in the colors of the hexagrams of Simson-connectable Simms' (East Lothian). It could be that Mandys/Mundys have a wolf likewise breathing fire, but why would Mellanson's cotton swab relate to things-Epstein? Well, first off, a cotton swab is a Q-tip, and the Traby/Sadowski, Q-shaped scarf is code for Quade's sharing the black wolf head with Mandys/Mundys. Hmm, what could this Mandy link to Mellanson be about?

[WOW Insert -- A day after writing here, I was back to Scottish McKinneys, said to have lived at Keith in East Lothian, explaining why both surnames share the brown stag head in Crest. The staggering thing is, Scottish McKinneys have an old quote that includes: "'...and hence the Lord Lovat is called M'Khimy.'" Clearly, the Lovat bloodline became the Kims and McKinneys (share the same Coat). The Lovats, first found in Buckinghamshire with Simsons, share the black wolf with the Mandy Crest! It's as though heraldry had eyes to know both of Mandy's names. And we just saw why the fire with the Mandy wolf can link to East Lothian.

Kims and McKinneys share the cinquefoils of Pine's in turn in the Lothian pine tree. Lothian-like Louths share the black wolf with Lovats, you see, so that "Louth" and "Lothian" may have been from a u-version of "Lovat" (Lovat > Louth). The Lovats have three wolves in the colors and format of the three wolf heads of Quade's, and as Quade's are from queen QUADratilla (daughter of Mr. Quadratus), Lovats have got to be from her Husband, LUPUS LAEVillus, the line to Leavells/LOVells.

I've already explained why Pharisee-suspect Frasers, kin of McKinneys, had connected with Kims of BUTE, for a Sadducee = Levite line went out from SALOME BOETHus (a Sadducee's daughter) to Butts/BUTE's/BOETs (fish, possibly a SALMON), and I have seen for a fact that McCabe's/MacABEE's (like "Maccabee") do use a "salmon." It makes sense here that Laevillus descended from Sadducee- and/or Pharisee-branch Levites.

WATCH FOR LEVITE SNAKES. The McCabe's/McAbbe's (ARRAN) were related to the namers of ABBEville (near AIRAINes), and Abbe-branch Abbs'/Epps were first found in Middlesex (in London), near Buckinghamshire's Lovats, but also near the Caiaphas-like Capes' (London) who share the Apps/Epp scallops. These scallops are used also by Tailbois' (Lincolnshire, same as Louths), and by Jardins, the latter first found in Angus with Abbe's. Jardins not only share the Chief-saltire combination of ANNANs, but the Jardin Chief (has the Angus-Chief stars) has the star of AINSley-branch Annas"!!! Caiaphas the chief priest of Israel when Jesus was murdered married the daughter of the previous chief priest, ANANus/Annas (both spellings were used), the latter being the one convening a midnight-hour kangaroo court to convict Jesus of death on the testimony of false witnesses.

Jardins use a motto, "CAVE ADsum," and the Aids/Ade's are in the Levi motto. However, I've just found that "ads" are listed with Scottish Alda's having a Chief like that of Angus' / Jardins but using Agrippa-suspect griffins. Ads'/Alda's share the griffin of Letters / Lauders, first found in Berwickshire with Ade's/Aids. This recalls Mamie at her garden, for the Chiefs above over white Shields are shared by Mens'/MAME's, first found in Midlothian with early Breath's/Bradds/BRATHs, and the latter might therefore have named the ArBROATH location of Jardins (Angus, same as Gardens/Jardens).

I'd like to end here with a new thing, since Jardens are said to have lived in Banff, where Troops were first found. The Drops/Trope's have a Chief-with-item in the colors of the Chief-with-items of Jardins, and then the Cavii Illyrians, suspect in the "Cave" motto term of Jardins, lived at/near TROPoje. End WOW insert]

Quade's are also Quoids, suspect in the "Quod" motto term of Rams who also have a "FIERi" motto term, how can that happen? Maybe from the ram in the Crest of Bagleys who were first found beside Mandys/Mundys. In fact, Bagleys were first found in Shropshire with the Patons almost having the Coat of Note's/Cnuts (Derbyshire, same as Mandys/Mundys).

Ahh, hold on to your yarn, for while Cottons use "hanks of cotton," Hanks (compare with Pings/Pongs) almost have the Ment/MANT Coat, and the latter were first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pongs. It really does seem to mean that God wants to link things-Mandy / things-Epstein to Mellanson's cotton swab. The EARhardt's (share Paton fleur-de-lys) may have positioned their two snakes as code for a Q. I told the cotton-swab story at the same time (a few weeks ago) that I told of my NOTE to Mellanson, which was in regards to vaccine poisons, and Note's/Cnuts share Mellanson / Paton crescents. Is the vaccine scam part of the Epstein circle of fiends? Is the vaccine scheme a spy-tracking system somehow?

By a freak coincidence or not, Kennys have a near-copy of the Paton Coat while Irish McKinneys/MacKENNYs (Simson colors) were first found in Monaghan with the Quade's/Quoids, and these are the McKinneys in Coffee colors and format!!! Miss EARhardt married Mr. McKinney!!! So, we now have things-Earhardt linking to middle-of-the-road, would-you-like-to-have-coffee-with-me Mandy Simson, which must be why Mandy wrote for a local newspaper. I think the paper was in Leakey, and Leakeys share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys. The Simson motto term, "NUTRior," may even have the Nutters/Nutts for her additional link to the Melanson note. Plus, Mandys/Mundys use "PROVIDebit" while Coffee's have "PROVIDentiam," and while Coffee's are Coffers too, English Coffers/Coffare's have the Simson crescents in half their colors.

Almost forget: I've been telling for years that MANDers have a saltire-version of the Rhodes Coat! Ohhh wow, Manders even use "OMNiBUS" for linkage to the omen in the Crest of Jeffreys who in turn have "phoeBUS." The latter is suspect with the Poe's -- Devon, same as Manders and Billets -- and it was the billet-using Bills who have "Omne." Laus' expected in the "Laus" motto term of Manders reminds that Laus' share grapes with the Deeters that Mandy married. Devon is also where Ridge's were first found having the Rudes/Rudge cross.

While Ainsleys were at Basford, the Ment surname originally came to my attention as per my playing ping-pong in Kepke's baseMENT, which can also be read as BASEment. Basfords (in Note-connectable Nottinghamshire) are also BASHfords (share Barr eagle), and while Mandy Simpson was all over the News'/Nuces', Bash's (Hertfordshire, same as Nuse's/Nuce's/Newes') have a version of the News/Nuces Coat. While Epstein was hired as a teacher for teens at a Dalton school, where Bill Barr's father was the principle, Bill Barr put John Bash of Texas to work on finding Obama corruption, and, to no surprise, Bash found no corruption...possibly because Barr took him off the job when Bash started getting too hot, or, perhaps, Bash is a deep-stater who could be trusted not to find the evidence. As Bash quit the DoJ when he was taken off the Barr-appointed job, it appears he had a major disagreement with Barr.

Scottish Ments/Manns (Dragon/Drainer kin), who can be linked well by their dragon to Mandys/Mundys, were first found in Aberdeenshire with Jeffreys. Mandy kept live goats, and there are goats in the Ment/Mann Coat. As some are saying that Mike Pence has been a faggot, even with boys, we can ask why the Coat of Ments/Manns has the Pence Coat in colors reversed while Pence's/Pincons share the Bashford / Barr eagle. Pence's were first found in Buckinghamshire with Simsons. MANDY SIMSON. Nottings were once showing the bend-with-besants of Buckinghams, and the Ment/Mann dragon shares drops with the Shield of Note's/Cnuts/Notts (Derbyshire, same as Mandys/Mundys). As it seems that God put Mandy together with my patented fence post, let's add that Note's/Cnuts/Notts, first found beside Patons, almost have their Coat.

What's in the middle of the road? Rhodes' have a good reflection of the Ainsley cross-with-fleur. The Rhodes write-up has Rhodes connections to Nottinghamshire, where Ainsleys were first found (brackets not mine): "A family named Rodes or De Rodes flourished for 500 or 600 years in Lincolnshire, Notts {(Nottinghamshire)}, Yorkshire, and Derbyshire: they were descended from GERARD de Rodes, a distinguished Baron of the 12th century." Notts' are listed with Note's, how about that? Is the vaccine poison from the dastardly Rhodian globalists?

As I know from working in downtown Toronto (at a furniture store that discovered Chinatown in the last update) that Gerrard street is near Chinatown, location of Dominion Voting's head office, I've just asked google for "chinatown on Gerard street," just in case there is a Chinese area there, and lo what was found: "East Chinatown is a Chinese neighborhood located in the city of Toronto's east end in Riverdale...It was formed during the early 1970s and is centred on GERRARD Street..." Pretty amazing. Did God set the Rhodes write-up with Gerard de Rodes in order to finger Dominion cheat machines as per an expedited Rhodian take-over of the Western world?

As we just saw Rhodes come to topic with Mandy SIMSON, see on this map (zoom in on gold circle with white star) showing Simpson avenue about 300 feet north of East Chinatown's Gerrard street!!! Are the crooks on Simpson avenue?

The quote above continues; " centred on Gerrard Street East between Broadview Avenue and Carlaw Avenue." It just so happens that Carlaws/Carls share the pomegranate with Grazzi's while De Grassi street comes off of Gerrard right in the center of East Chinatown. Plus, Italian Grassi's (new to me) were first found in Milan with OTTONE Visconti while Ottone's/Otto's were first found in Perusia with Grazzi's! Ottone's/Otto's were resolved in the AUTO that Sleeping Beauty was with. The original Sleeping Beauty, Miss Hicks, who pointed to Dominion fraud in the last update, is CHARLotte, and Charlotte's are listed with Carl-like Charles'. Mandy Sim(p)son's daughter is CAROL!

Plus, although there's no Broadview surname coming up for Broadview and Carlow, Broadways, in the green-white colors of the Simson Chief-Shield combo, share grapes with the Deeter bloodline that Mandy married. The green-white Simsons have a crescent-version of the Roger/Roser Coat, and while English Rogers are also Rodge's/Rodgers (Lincolnshire, same as early Rhodes'), like the Rudge variation of Mandy-linkable Rudes', they (Rogers/Rodgers) have a stag in the colors of the stag head of VISconti-possible Vise's/Vice's. As the latter's stag head is also of the Knee's, French Rogers got suspect with the Knee bend.

I think the above reinforces the Mandy pointer to Simpson avenue in East Chinatown, and then there's the fact that green-white Simsons are in Newton colors while the Newton shin bones are now a pointer to Chinatown. Milan is the location of the Grassi's and first-known Bons/Bono's in the Hicks motto, and then English Bone's share the bend of English Grasse's (Lincolnshire, same as Rogers/Rodgers). English Grasse's have their lions in the colors of the Gerrard lion, and while we read of early Gerrards in Lincolnshire, they had a prominent branch in Cheshire, where Newtons were first found.

The Jarrett variation of Gerrards makes them appear linkable to Gardens, Jardins and Jarrets. Mandy did grow her own garden, but not until I plowed it for her, with a shovel! Dominion's head office is 215 SPADina, and Spade's use what look like shovels (they might be called spades, though not necessarily, for Shovel liners may have married the proto-Spade's and only afterward might someone have created the Spade surname). Shovels look linkable to English Bone's/Bohums and Beaumonts, right down the shin-bone alley.

Wikipedia's East-Chinatown article says, " the Spadina avenue West Chinatown,...", indicating that Spadina is central to West Chinatown. The Don VALLEY Parkway (expressway) separates both sides, and Faucet-branch Vaux's are also VALLIbus'. Ahh, Dons (Cheshire, same as Newtons), who are Rothschild kin, use an "OMNia" motto term. I almost forgot: Valleys/Velis' have a "DOMINE" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! French Valleys even share the triple fesses of Shins/Chinns/Chings! French Valleys share the Stur Coat while Valleys/Velis are in the colors of Domino's, the latter first found at/neat the Stura river. I don't think I've known recently, until now, that Domine's are listed with English Dunhams and French Dominics.

Plus, as has been said many times, Shins/Chinns/Chings (China pointers) share the Coat of Kemmis/Kenys', linkable to Kims/M'SHIMMIE's!!! What do we see? We see an SIM-like term, like "Simson." Simpson avenue has one end at Broadview, and Broadways were first found in Gloucestershire with Kemmis'/Kenys'. Simms' were first found in East Lothian with Faucets/Fawcetts of FAUXside castle, and Irish Fox's are listed with SHINnocks!!! The latter share the lion of Italian Simons because Jewish Simons (and Germo-Jewish Fox's) have a fox. Now I know why God chose for me to be with Mandy Simson! He had His sights on Dominion's China relationship. I met her in May of 1999, if that means anything on Dominion's founding.

Here's from the last update minutes before it lead me to discovering that Dominion was in West Chinatown: "The [furniture] store was at the corner of Parliament and Dundas, and this gets even more interesting, for Dundas' share the giant lion of Italian Simons while the Young family had a whippet breed of GREYhound, Simon by name..." Did God arrange that as a pointer to some Chinese element on Simpson avenue?

Ainsley Earhardt works for Fox and Friends, and the Kemmis'/KENYS are at least pointable to the line of her ex-husband, Mr. McKinney. While one of the McKinneys/MacKennys was used to point to my middle-of-the-road coffee request of Mandy, the other McKinneys share the Kim/M'Shimmie cinquefoil. I may have missed telling that I purchased my Texas property from Miss FRIEND = Mrs. Teague. Fox and Friends.

We can see here that while Sleeping Beauty as Ainsley Earhardt points to COVID / vaccine poisons, she can also point to Chinese-attributed election cheating. The famous Kensington Market, I had noted on a map, is beside West Chinatown, and Kensingtons are also KENNINGtons. Wikipedia: "As Chinatown is located just east of Kensington, the Chinese are now the [its] largest ethnic group...47.5% of Kensington's population is Chinese..."

If the Crest of green-white Simsons is a hawk, then it can be related to the hawk in the Paton Crest. The other Simsons share the Faucet lion, and Simms were first found in East Lothian with the Simms that share the axe on a red Shield with Hawkeswells.

I've now got to repeat that, at the middle-of-the-road event, after Mandy put the truck into reverse to get onto the shoulder area, she told me that the roadside people I had passed at Mrs. Teague's ranch was the FBI seeking the dead body of Madalyn O'HAIR. Perhaps it's a coincidence, perhaps it's a pointer to Obama, but Hairs have a Coat like that of Dunhams/DOMINE's. I read that the body was found on the ranch of DON Friend, Miss Friend's brother. In a pointer to Chinatown's Dominion ties, the DON Valley Parkway took me from the "Domine" motto term of Valleys/Velis', and then the Dons were spotted with the omen-like "Omnia" motto term that was linked years ago to my Galveston omen because I was mugged in my Nissan pick-up truck while Nissans share the double fesse of Parrs, in colors reversed to the double fesses of Dons.

The Parrs come up super right here because they use a "woman and SHOULDERs." As I said, Mandy pulled the truck off the middle of the road, to the shoulder, to talk with me, and I asked her what the crew was doing on along the road (at the shoulder) in front of Mrs. Teague's house. Here's a snippet from the last update: "Just found some shovel blades (no handles) with Shollers/Scholls/Scholle's, who look like a branch of Schole's/SCAYLE's!!! Ahh, they share the woman (different colors) in the Parr Crest, and the latter is described as a woman's 'head and SHOULDERs.' It appears to be code for Shollers. The double-Parr fesses are shared by Dons suspect in the "dono" motto term of Foulke's." "Dono" is used also by Seaton-branch Sedans, and the Heads in "head and shoulders" can be Haddington liners.

It's probably a good idea, in case the Epstein crime ring buried victims at the remote Zorro ranch, and/or at his isolated island, to add that Shollers were first found in HESSE with Epsteins. Madalyn O'Hair was found buried on a ranch, and shovels were used on the Friend ranch because loud machinery is out of the question for hiding a murder. Shollers have a "sola" motto term, and Sola's/Sole's, sharing the black border with shoulder-using Parrs, were first found in Derbyshire with Mandys/Mundys! Zinger, that's purdy good. The Sola write-up: "their main estates were at Newton Solney which later became Soley, and Sola." There's the shin-bone line. Sholler/Scholle variations can form "Sole," or vice-versa, and Shollers/Scholle's even come up as Sholle's. HESSE's share the giant sun (different colors) with Spanish Sole's/SOLANA's.

Why might Friends be in Shovel colors and format? For one, the Friends were first found in Somerset with the start of the Axe river that ends at Seaton, and Seatons (may share "fire" with Mandys/Mundys) were first found in East Lothian with Seatons, and with Musselburgh of the Mussels/Muscels that are in the "muzzled" bear of the Alis' who are in turn in the Simson motto, "Alis nutrior." English Simsons have a "desPERANdum" motto term, and Perans/Perino's use fir cones while Alis' have a fir tree. Firs are listed with Fire's. Keiths, first found in Haddington (beside Musselburgh), have the Alis motto in reverse. Why should all of that make a Friend link to Shovels? Because, I over-turned Mandy's garden with a shovel, and because Shovels/Shoulers look like the Shollers depicted by heraldic shoulders, and, besides, I was over at Miss Friend's place, once, shovelling her manure from a horse bay, taking it home to my garden, and Gardens/Jardens, Jardine's and Jarrets (share Garden/Jarden boar head) can now point to Gerrards, or Garrard street in East Chinatown, beside Simpson avenue. Like that?

But there's more, for it just so happens -- so inexplicably -- that the English Simsons are split diagonally in the colors of the same of shovel-using Shollers!!! Unbelievable. It's explicable only because God had shoulders and shovels involved with Mandy and Miss Friend. The FBI was at the road's shoulder of Miss Friend's place as I passed by about an hour before I met Mandy.

Recall how it seemed that God used the billet-using Bills to get us to an Obama-Epstein pointer, for Shollers use "noBILITas." Read also as "NOBilitas," for Nobels were first found in East Lothian with Simms, and Nobs are in Simson / Blade colors. Shollers may officially use "shovel blades," for there are no handles showing. Nobs use a PATONce cross, and the Newton shin bones form a saltire in the colors of the Blade saltire. The Blade's together with Burtons mention Drago de Bewere, and Burtons, sharing the tree-with-ROOTs with Roots and Bill-beloved Woods, were first found in Shropshire with patonce-line Patons, with Mandy-connectable Rudes', and with Plows. I plowed Mandy's garden with a shovel.

I also raked it, because nobody plows a garden without raking, and Rake's/Raiks (Welsh, same as Rice's and Reesors/Rhys') are in Rice and Reesor/Rhys colors and format. Rake's/Raiks share a Coat version of the Teague-related Ticks!!! Can you believe it? It appears that God arranged this. Ticks were first found in Kent with the Hamons (Rake/Raik colors and format) who share a chevron "pean" (the gold-on-black ermine SPOTs) with Rake's/Raiks. It's very hard to find a Spot-like surname, and the best I can recall ever finding for heraldic spots are the Spade's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm happy. It makes me happy. God was playing heraldry with my life, then taught me heraldry, and gave me the time and ability to train in this. It's been my job to dig out the things God arranged in the props of my life's events. It gets enjoyable at times. There's one ermine spot on the black griffin head in the Rake/Raik Crest. The "HONESta" motto term of Rake's/Raik should be for the Hones' sharing two fesses with Parrs.

Rasmussens/ASSMANNs were first found in Hesse with Shollers/Sholle's, and Mandy-connectable Rudes'/Rudge's are from Rudesheim, at ASSMANNShausen (Germany). Their Asman/Aschmann branch share the Shovel/Shouler fleur-de-lys. The Asman/ASCHman Coat is a version of the Lorraine Coat (has the bend of Baden, of Swabia), and Lorraine's substitute the Asman fleur with the Child eagles, and Childs (Shovel/Shouler colors and format) were first found in Hertfordshire with Shovels/Shoulers. So, for certain, Shollers/Sholle's of Hesse were related to Shovels/Shoulers.

The tidy thing here is that German Ash's/Aschs, with the Coat of Epsteins (Hesse) in colors reversed, were first found in SWABia while Swabs share the giant Rasmussen/Assman unicorn. Did a shovel just connect to Epstein? Was he burying bodies? Swabs were first found in Franconia (includes Hesse) where there was created an heraldic "Franconian RAKE." A shovel and rake to bury bodies? The Franconian rake looks like the Coat of Busts who show a woman's head and shoulders. The Shollers/Sholle's have no shovel handles, and so they could be shovel blades because Blade's share the saltire of Scottish FRANKs (probably from Franconia / Frankfurt).

God did a great job with this, but although I'm always impressed, week after week, I am never satisfied because He did not leave me any solid tricks to predict the future. Okay, so He's pointing to Dominion fraud, and many related things, but why not also train me to understand how the heraldry can predict the future? Like, what's going to happen to Dominion? What's going to happen with Biden? Will the Epstein crime ring be exposes? Will the COVID plotters be wiped out, or will they succeed unto the formation of 666? Those kind of tricks would be glorious for His name, and give us more faith who cling to His Name.

As my prediction is that the crew at Fox and Friends points to things-Epstein, note that while Ash's/Aschs have the Epstein Coat in colors reversed, the "duce" motto term of Ash's/Aschs lists the Doocys. Steve Doocy is on Fox and Friends. Do understand that pointers are not guilty (necessarily, anyway) of the things they point to. I have been a pointer to a lot of rotten things, but it's just a pointer. If God wants to finger certain people at Fox, he can use some Fox people to point them out.

I was so unhappy to learn this week that Mike Lindell hired Alan Dershowitz for some of his legal battles against Dominion. Dershowitz, a Fox contributor, was Epstein's lawyer. This makes me suspicious of Lindell, though maybe he's just being a momentary fool (we all have our weak times). Maybe Dershowitz was chosen by the cabal to become a mole in Lindell's legal plans, and Lindell was just wearing the fool's hat when Dershowitz came calling on the phone. Maybe that's all this is. Or, Lindell could be part of a grand scheme to harm Christians with staged, election-related farces. We shall see.

I had noted that Lindells share the log with Poulos', which tends to suggest a relationship under the present circumstances. Poulos' even share the gold wing with Hoovers, and Mr. Poulos with Mr. Hoover founded Dominion. Domino's were first found in Piedmont with gold-wing Masci's, kin and branch of Rasmussens/ASSmans. Asmans/ASCHmans have the Massey fleur-de-lys.

I PLOWed Mandys garden, and Pillows are like Plows. Plows can be readily seen as kin of Curtis'/COURTis', and the latter are said to have a farmer with "plowshare over his shoulder"! Amazing, another shoulder in relation to my shovelling her garden, like a farmer. Hold on to your legal papers, for Mandy's garden was a small part of her seven-acre FIELD, and the Singletarys, first found in FYLDE, share the triple chevrons of Ash's/Aschs. English Ash's/Asch's ("Non NOBis sed OMNIbus"!) are said to be from the COURT family!!! It was the MANDers (Devon, same as Ash's/Asch's) who were found above with "omnibus"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zikers, but there is no heraldic trick to be seen to predict with confidence who's going to win Lindell's court cases. Pillows are listed with Pillers, and Mandy wanted to try selling the Pillar-Post. She failed (I wasn't permitted to work in the U.S.).

Omen-entity Jeffrey's, sharing six pale bars (different colors) with Courts/Coverts, love the Posts. The Grands expected in the "Grandescunt" motto term of Courts/Coverts share the Ment/MANT Coat. That all looks Arranged as a pointer to Lindell's court cases. But this pointer comes the day after learning that Lindell hired Epstein's lawyer. Grands were first found in Burgundy with Poulos', Loge's, and Loches'/Deloges'. Can you figure out from this who wins? Perhaps God could have provided a winner's / loser's symbol on Coats and in mottoes. If He did, I don't know it.

French Courts do share the Victory stars, and Victorys are listed with the Victoria's in the Coffee motto, linkable to my middle-of-the-road / shoulder-of-the-road meeting with Mandy. But who gets the victory, My-Pillow Lindell, or Poulos and Hoover? Sleeping Beauty was HOVERing until there was a victory scene, and while Hovers are Coffer-like Hoffers too, Coffers/Coffare's (Somerset, same as English Heffers) share the crescents of Irish Heffers. Shouldn't Coffers and Heffers be part of the Hoover-Poulos shark? Where's Lindell in the Sleeping-Beauty dream? Ahh, in Mrs. Kilpatrick, for Kilpatricks use cushions. I was going to kiss her to victory, and Kiss' are related to the Bible rooster on a cushion. Does that bode well for us? Looks like. When? At the rapture? Maybe. Drats, that far-off? Is there no sooner victory to be had?

Now that Frauds/Friths have looked like Ferte liners, the latter being kin of cushion-like Cussons, and of Constance's/CUSTance's (Custs share the Kiss/Cush Coat), note that while Sleeping Beauty was HOVERing OVER the car seats, Overs/Offers use a FRET. Her hovering in distress looks like Dominion fraudsters at work to make her miserable. But God said to me, "...go wake her up." In the Fraud/Frith Crest, the little cloud has come off the sun, and so maybe the cloud-over sun in the omen, which took place an hour or two before driving past Mrs. Kilpatrick's Baytown home, is a symbol of a curtain, for example, draped around election cheating, and God wants to expose it to lessen Christian persecution, for if the anti-Christs have never to fear losing an election again, they will be ruthless against us. But fear of losing keeps them on better behavior (they at least feign being good guys). As the victory / rapture came with touching her knee, I should be predicting a victory in Phoenix, unless I (a Masci in a grandmother) in the dream represent Poulos and Hoover, two surnames sharing the Masci wing. Wouldn't that be a bummer.

Good news from Georgia. A judge has awarded the good guys the right to audit ballots, and this is in Fulton county, where obvious Dominion fraud took place over a two-hour period near midnight, when Biden got a huuuuuuge spike, at the State Farm Arena. We will know that this turn-of-events is a farce, a staged and pre-planned hoax, if they find no fraud.

Food Preservation

Okay, it's almost time for drying out the ground beef in the freezer. I had been wondering what the best ways are. Drying to freeze sounds great because it takes much less than half the freezer space, and lasts a looooong time, BUT, who wants to cram the bottom of the freezer for ten years? I'm aiming to have a one-year supply of food that all lasts at least ten years, and I think this can be done with beef. To assure myself that the food won't go to waste, I suggest eating some of it starting about the seventh year from the time its all been made, and by the ninth or tenth year, re-dry another year's worth to last ten years, and finish the first batch by about the 12th year. I feel confident that this can be done. But why stop at a one-year supply?

Good question, because it's not a one year supply at all if an emergency should crop up, because there will be family to feed who did not store their own food. That's the kicker. You can't tell your family to go away because the food is all yours. Figure on how many people you will definitely need to share with, or you yourself will need to ration and go hungry. It's extra work, but the long shelf life allows us to go overboard without wasting the food. When it comes time for us to pass away, we can ask others if they would like our dry foods, our charity.

I'm going to show you a video of how to preserve dried, ground beef. It looks full-proof. You brown the beef until most of the fat is out of it. Yes, you can actually cook it, which destroys bacteria. You then dry it to a rock-hard crisp, this is so easy. Once it's dry, it can either be placed in an air-tight bag / container, or into a vacuum for the ten-year shelf life.

The great thing about pasta is that it's a cheap and long-lasting storage item. When I dry a five-pound bag of potatoes that I bought for three whopping dollars, I'm left with .8 pound of dry material. Two pounds of pasta is often on sale for one dollar or little more. Which sounds like the better deal moneywise? Now you know why pasta (wheat) is such a great choice. You can't get cereal for that price. BUT, in a tribulation situation in which they won't allow us to buy anything without a specially-enforced number, what if we can't buy heating fuel? This is the part that troubles me, because we don't know to what extend we won't be able to buy our needs, whether it includes all things, or just some things. The point is, pasta takes a lot of fuel to cook.

I'm now wondering whether I should get my pasta cooked now, and then dehydrate it later, because it requires about one-quarter the fuel or less, later, to make the dehydrated pasta normal for eating. The video below shows that dehydrated pasta can be eaten without the starchy taste by just pouring boiling water over it, but I suggest putting it into water from the start of the heating process because it's likely we won't need to get it to the boiling point. In fact, putting it into cold water could bring it to an edible condition with zero heat. Get the picture?

There's the risk involved that we will never need dehydrated foods, and so it's going to become a waste of work and energy to produce it. That's the kicker. I suggest not dehydrating pasta until we see the optional 666, or until we see the fulfillment of Daniel 11:21-25. Contrary to pre-tribulationists with a twisted view of that passage, it's an end-time passage. The reason they don't want to see it as an end-time passage is that the Church can appear to be is under persecution, in verse 31, under the anti-Christ, yet they want us to wrongly believe that the Church will not be persecuted by the anti-Christ. So, they claim that verses 21-35 are of ancient times, and pre-tribulationists begin the end-time anti-Christ at verse 36. Or, at least, that's what they were all aping 15 years ago, though I haven't kept track on whether they are changing some of their positions.

But for a short-term crisis that knocks-out our power, having some dehydrated pasta seems wise. The question then is: should we cook and dehydrate beans, rice, lentils, and a host of other cheap and ideal crisis foods in order to have them more pleasing without cooking later? Sounds wise. Sounds time-consuming too. An option is to pay something like three times the price for canned goods, and dry only things like rice that don't come in a canned condition.

This is where retired folks can become handy, taking the time on behalf of working family members to put away some ready-to-eat preserved foods. I enjoy drying foods now because it gets me up off the computer chair regularly over the long winter months when there's no yard work. Thank God for snow work. I STIR the foods drying over the wood stove, or over the stove burner, because the center of the tray always gets the highest heat. Right this minute, I'm going to peal my first batch of onions for drying, which may be a mistake...

Someone said today that onions take 20 hours to dry, ouch. Is this a priority?

One of my questions has been on whether bagged, store-bought beans, chick peas, etc., are dried by the companies before sale, or whether they just put the beans straight from the plant into their bags. So I've just bitten down on a red kidney bean to find that they are actually edible without cooking. Hmm, something to think about. They don't taste great, but neither are they horrible. However, below is an article, from what looks like a government source, ultimately, telling that uncooked kidney beans are "toxic." What do they mean by "toxic"? Is this a great reason to cook beans now for long-term storage? It says bean (all beans?) need to reach higher than 180 F degrees for ten minutes.

It's a good idea for all of us to save all sorts of videos and articles on the things we think we may need for long-term storage, just in case. Put them all on a thumb drive. But beware disinformation from anti-Christ globalists disguised as good guys. For example, someone who ate a quarter cup of red beans after only two minutes of boiling said: "In case someone is going through something similar and stumbles across this post, I ended up experiencing some mild discomfort, but never threw up or got sick. I drank a ton of water, which may have helped." The person says that they were not kidney beans, but "small red beans." Hmm, I wonder, can we eat a few kidney beans raw, a little every day or two, without problems? What really do they mean by "toxic"? Why did the article use that scaaaaary word instead of something less drastic?

Someone else writes: "My girlfriend and I have just accidentally eaten some slightly undercooked [red] beans. On a whim I looked it up and discovered that undercooked beans can make you violently ill...I read that undercooked beans can make you vomit extremely violently." But the people responding say things like, "I don't know about the official food safety line here, but I have done this with dry bean soup mix on a few occasions and never got sick." Or, "Don't obsess! All is well. You should not be the least bit scared. There is nothing to wait out. You are overthinking a plate of beans. You will be fine." Or, "You should not be terrified at all. And please don't search online for reasons to be terrified." Or: "There is a toxin in the skin of red kidney beans that can make you ill, but the toxin breaks down by boiling the beans for ten minutes [sounds like this person got the government-fed data]...Anyway, you will be fine...If your girlfriend is up for distracting you with a game or favorite movie or whatever, she could do that, but you have no reason to be terrified at all."

Soooo, what's with the scare tactics, and where do they originate? My take is: don't eat too many undercooked kidney beans, but if one has them occasionally, we will be fine.

Debbie writes: "I bought some dried Kidney Beans from Whole Foods and soaked them for 8 hours and added them into a Coleslaw salad recipe and they taste terrible. I am trying to keep them as raw as possible to get the most nutrition out of them. Any suggestions on what else I can do to make them a bit tastier?" She probably put this online after the time limit for her becoming sick, but, as you can see, she didn't get sick. But someone responds to her with what was read somewhere: "What exactly can happen if you eat raw kidney beans? How about horrendous nausea, vomiting (which can be severe). Then about an hour later diarrhea steps in along with some tummy pains. Sometimes it gets so bad you are hospitalized! Fortunately, you recover quite quickly from the whole ordeal. Most beans can have this challenge to some extent, but red kidney beans seem to be the biggest culprit since they have the greatest amount of this toxin." As she uses "TUMMY pains," it sounds like a mild case of nothing, and yet we can imagine that some people react to the lectin "toxin" worse than others.

Someone else: "Red kidney beans contain toxins called lectins, which essentially kill the cells in your stomach." Is this really true? I don't know. How many cells does it kill? Two? I don't know. What I do know is: I don't trust our leftist educators. The more they frighten us with food insecurities, the more they can "justify" controlling the food supply, and the less we can give food from our own gardens to case we poison them. This is where the safety-freaks seem to be going.

Aren't you glad I ate a raw kidney bean? I've just munched down on a white kidney bean, and it too is very edible, no harsh taste at all. It seems fully dry (came out of a store-bought bag). Now I'm trying a raw pinto bean...yum-yum not bad, almost like a snack. I could get used to this in a crisis, no problem. Now time for rice. I've popped five pieces, but don't know the type. They crack between the fang teeth no problem, and saliva soaks them once they become small pieces, and, down the hatch they go to get processed. No problem if they are crushed to small pieces to make the stomach's job easier, to get the most nutrition out of them. Have low-fibre problems? Eat raw rice, the bulldozer-shovel of fibre. BUT WAIT. Better check with the experts to see if raw rice is poisonous...

The first article that google gives, and right on the google page, says: "Food poisoning. Consuming raw or undercooked rice can increase your risk of food poisoning. This is because rice can harbor harmful bacteria..." More evidence that there is a globalist conspiracy to keep us from storing foods, or thinking we can eat raw foods. Rice is dry, how much bacteria can it have???????????????? But a normal person writes:

I ate raw rice for almost 20 years …i picked up this habit by seeing my mom occassionaly putting a handful of rice in her mouth while cleaning it…I got so addicted to eating rice...i used to eat half a kg everyday…i used to keep it hidden under my books pages...i met 2 more girls who had this strange habit of eating raw rice…n together we started binging on raw rice in d office…i continued after my marriage also and nobody can stop me from eating raw rice except my In-laws and my hubby lecturing me about raw rice is not good to eat …but now i started getting d consequences of it…everytime i ate raw rice i used to get patchy face right away so i started refraining from it…but after 2–3 days again will pickup this habit…it started becoming worst with my enaemia …patchy skin on my face all over and constipation and gas…but just couldnt stop…i realised it is harming me badly and its not just a deficiency of iron and zinc but more so a constant habit of chewing [pacification]....

The moral of this story is: eating raw rice won't kill you, and if done sporadically rather than binging daily, YOU WILL BE FINE. The second moral of the story: the "experts" are feeding us horse manure to dissuade us from thinking we could eat raw grains in a tribulation situation. Beware: anti-Christs are going to disguise themselves as one of us to get us to change what we do and think. "[Rice] is loaded with lectins, a protein which causes, yes, vomiting, nausea, and a variety of other ills when consumed in quantity." The dread lectins. If the lectin in kideny beans unleases the dread "tummy pain," I think we can also stand up to the demon of raw rice, what do you think? Are we man enough to take the risk?

Or have you been compromised by being turned into a chicken-guts, mask goon? Get a hold of yourselves, mask goons, slap yourselves; you are ruining the backbone of the human race by playing the fool to invading globalist pigs. Pretty soon, they will give us fines, and then put us in jail, for eating raw grains and beans. They'll think up a "justifiable" reason, don't worry. Right now, they are having fun with the idea of enforcement of COVID masks on our butts to see if we are stupid enough to wear them there. You can't be too careful; there's TOXINS coming out our back-side hole, after all. It's bad enough it causes global warming and the destruction of the planet thereby, but, woe, if it also spreads COVID, the only solution to saving the planet is to kill people first, that's the logic expected from more and more evil people.

If you're interested in proof that you can cook rice, then dry and store it to make "instant rice," see the video below, or trust me and don't see it. Just remember: for trib purposes, large five-gallon buckets of cooked, re-dried rice sounds like a very wise move. Every trib prepper should have a vacuum pump, but also one that operates by hand (no electricity needed), and a way (install a simple check-valve of shut-off valve) to pump air out of buckets.

Once you get into the drying kick, you can even make "pop-corn" by drying store-bought, frozen corn, then eating it dry. I might try that as an alternative to snacking on peanuts (because I eat too many peanuts, but corn doesn't add fat to arteries).

I've just eaten raw pearl wheat, no problem at all, almost melts in your mouth. Ditto for raw soft wheat. Crush it down, enjoy the pacification, and down the hatch she goes zero cooking heat needed. Just don't get addicted. I've just googled, "eating raw wheat," and the first offering on the google page itself: "Consumers need wake-up call about potential dangers of flour ..." Is this disinformation too? Didn't the disciples of Jesus eat fresh wheat in the fields? If fresh wheat is fine to eat, how can pulverized wheat justify, "potential dangers of flour"? Be scaaaared, people, that's how globalists want you. That way, they think you will listen to them to save you from all the monsters...they created in the first place.

Someone who was made concerned: "I've been eating raw wheat for some years now, half a spoon two to three times a day. Is it normal?" No illness reported, just so you know, for a tribulation situation that you might find yourself in. Raw flour, they say, might be infected with bacteria from mice and other thingies, but so might your own vegetables that you're storing from your own garden. Is it making you worry to death? Are you scaaaaaaried? Hey FDA, safety-freak extraordinaire, stop breathing because you're at risk of dying from anything in the air. Stay home, don't go out. Look out, there's invisible make-you-sicks everywhere. Don't shake hands, don't touch anything without washing your hands too. Be ever-conscious of the make-you-sicks. Destroy the joy of being alive for fear of a mild flu.

But I say, be conscious now of the poisons fed to us by globalists altering our foods everywhere. The more we despise globalists, the more they will poison us. So, the only solution is an all-out assault on globalism and their schemes, but Trump failed the United States. He gave power to wacko Biden by not fighting to undo the fraudulent election. He didn't use the powers at his disposal because it was safer for him not to. What's Trump doing right now to fight election fraud? NOTHING. Okay, so while he's safer now, the rest of the world has no man-based weapon against globalism, because the most powerful, man-based weapon against it is the Trump voter. They all galvanized around Trump's White House. Trump turned the tables on them, however, and he's now pushing poisonous vaccines just like a good globalist stooge. He apparently decided that if he can't beat them, he'll join them (it's safer that way)...a good definition of "RINO".

Someone writes: "I had never heard [raw-flour poisoning] and I'm up on food safety. So I did a bit of research. The FDA issued a warning in 2016 because of one batch of flour that was shown to have E-coli in it. They concluded the risk to eating raw flour to be about the same as eating raw vegetables, which we do all the time..." There we go, but if we ask the googleites about licking uncooked dough off of the wooden spoon, they don't tell us how low the risk is...because they want us afraid of storing foods, no other explanation. They clearly want us to think that food storage is a dangerous venture to reduce the number of people who do it. Most people don't need much persuasion because they already lean toward risking life without extra food, and so these little fear-mongering stories, one after the other, helps to keep them unprepared.

Instead of chewing tobacci as a pacifier, chew dehydrated carrots. I'm doing it right now, and they are very tasty, much better than fresh carrots even. Or maybe it's just because it's a new thing for me. I'm also doing a small load of dehydrated sweet potatoes as I write. It's a melt-in-you-mouth snack. Not as tasty as potato chips, but this is pure vitamins. Neither the dried carrots nor the sweet potatoes are hard crystal-like. Even though the regular potatoes go crystal-like, I still enjoy eating them when it's time to test their dryness.

At the top of a google search for "eating raw potatoes": "The main source of concern when it comes to raw potato consumption is a toxic compound called solanine, which can cause headaches, nausea..." Oh no, the dread toxin word again. Stay clear of raw potatoes. Take the mark of the beast instead, and stay safe (sarcasm, of course). "Potatoes, especially raw or undercooked, contain glycoalkaloids that can prove toxic if consumed in high doses." Scaaaary again. Or: "You shouldn’t eat undercooked potatoes. They’re not inherently toxic, and there are chances that you’d be totally fine consuming them." Instead of warning that there is a small chance of suffering from raw potatoes, they flip it around, saying: there's a chance you might come out of it alive.

"Scientists claim that a 100-pound person would have to eat 16 ounces of a sprouted potato to get ill, which is approximately one baked potato." Yikes, but if it's so bad, why doesn't this writer explain the "illness"? Because, there is none for most people. They take one person's illness from a potato, and make a big monster out of it.

Then along comes the normal person to bust the globalist's facade: "I've eaten raw potatoes my whole life, and I’m 62. So, unless you choke on it, raw potatoes won't kill you. Eating potatoes, raw or cooked, that have turned green, on the other hand, will release a toxin into the flesh of the potato... I don’t know the process by which the toxin, Solanine, a natural glycoalkaloid, works, but it causes nausea, and I have never suffered from nausea after eating such potatoes..." The experts taught him that the solanine TOXIN causes the dread nausea (they really like that word along with "toxin"), yet he claims he's never felt sick. So, just like leftist slimeballs who take things out of context to serve their agendas, so are globalist slimeballs to ruin life for us with endless monsters which they create. Don't-do-this, don't-do-that, is their constitution for us. Let our constitution be: be-very-happy-today, ruin-a-globalist's-day.

For heat-treating flour, just know: "Heat treated flour has been heated to an optimal temperature range of 210°F to 230°F for 60 minutes....Due to the weakened protein structure, breads and other yeasted products do not rise or develop as well when using heat treated flour." So, you get thicker bread.

The average person will choose to err on the side of caution i.e. take the warnings seriously, and when people start to write that the warnings are bogus / disinformation, the globalists will simply bury their articles into the google dungeon. Every educational tool will become globalist pot of disinformation and fact geared to globalist agendas. That's where we are NOW ALREADY. They need to control the education in order to make more than half the people their stooges, meaning to get them to take their sides on the issues, otherwise, if we are the majority educators, their powers over the world go the wayside because they are the fridge minority.

Elitism is a vast minority, but it has the big money bags to control education. Elitism is the modern monarchy of "humanists," defined as demon-infested thinkers of "reason." Their "reason" is a disinformation tool to topple Christian reason, and they put "reason" on an arm of their throne because it's couched as: Christians don't use reason, they're just silly bats to be ignored. These are the same reasonous bastards who dislocated themselves from the Father, and educated the world into evolutionary heresy for well over 100 years. They are not going to give it all up now because demons breed bastards (apostates). It's not invisible bacteria that spoils the world, but invisible spirits working in the affairs of evolutionist, anti-Christ bastards. It's not the dirt on our hands that needs to be cleansed, but the filth of the heart where demons infiltrate.

In reverse, we can ask google what the best foods are, asking whether globalists have laced those foods with what they know will make us live less long, with money-making (for them) complications for our bodies along the way. We need to start thinking like a rat to figure what the rats will do to us as they continue to roll out population control. How easy is it for them to stick chemicals in our food that have their desired results? To do this, they recruit food growers (paid-off stooges) willing to install the poisons insidiously. If I were a rat, that's what I would do.

Most media are down nearly half their viewerships since the election, not only because Trump's gone, because Biden's in. The man's as exciting as a rag and as constructive as a grenade. It's a time to celebrate the turning-off of media "education." Trump voters are overwhelmingly turning to social media, but much of that is made rotten by rotten minds. There are disturbing pro-Trumpers, and I'm sure there are also Democrats posing as disturbing pro-Trumpers because Trumpism hopes to be in the White House in 2024. I think Christians are better off having a rag thrown at them than taking shelter under the lush feathers of a slick chicken that runs out the back door once the fox starts scratching at the fence. Is there much of a difference between a bastard and a traitor? Candidate Trump changed his comb once he became president Cockadoo, but gave appearances that he did not. Jesus felt abandoned when seeing His shepherds pasturing the sheep on Trump's white-House lawn, all for nothing, because God did not let Trump have a second term. Had Trump won, the shepherds were prepared to have the sheep bow down to him, the savior, and he would have coerced his voters to receive the vaccine, putting greater pressure on the sheep to receive the vaccine.

The vaccine scheme would have done better had COVID been truly dangerous, and so expect them to come back with a more-potent flu for this coming winter. Expect them to feign a new COVID strain that doesn't need new vaccines, that needs only the same vaccines now available, for if they push a new strain that needs a new vaccine, it pushes their vaccine agenda a few years down the road. It makes sense that they will first vaccinate all the willing quickly, and then bring on a new flu strain for the resistors, to accuse them of being killers unless they take the shot. If some of them forbid people to buy food this year, it will be like being on the brink of the 666. If they say this year, take the vaccine or you can't buy food, should we consider this the proto-666? Will the universal, compulsory vaccine be thwarted by God for several more years yet until the anti-Christ brings it on?

After six hours of drying on a single tray, about six inches above the smallest gas burner at its lowest setting, on my stove top, the onions have lost well more than half their volume, and no longer stick to the tray when moved around due to their moisture content. After seven hours, most pieces seem dry enough to remove from the heat, and so on behalf of those still wet, they need to remain longer. This is not going to take 20 hours as told by the video above, as per her onion rings in her stuffed (well-stacked) dehydrating machine (has more humidity inside than my open air). I cut my onions into small segments less than an inch long. This tray's produce weighed about a pound when fresh, consisting of three on-the-large size, standard yellow onions.

After four hours, the tray is only half used, and so that's a good time to remove the onions from the tray, put on a new batch of fresh onions, letting them dry for four hours too, then put the first batch on the same tray i.e. once it's become half empty. Let both batches dry together for three additional hours until done. This way, there's much less waste of heat (all empty spots on the tray is proportionate with the waste of heat). In doing two batches over 4 + 4 + 3 = 11 hours total, that's about two pounds of onions, at $2, plus about a dime of propane. I realize that this reading is about as exciting as a rag, but it get's exciting when you dump finished product filled to the rim into a jar, your prize and joy. Stock it in the dark, and forget about it for a few years.

Actually, all the filled jars stocked away last week have been brought back to the kitchen after deciding to put them into the oven at 180 F to kill any bacteria on the jar walls, as well as to give the lids a suction-type seal instead of the twist-on seal alone. I'm gunning for seven or eight years of forget-about-it.

My second batch of onions weighed in at 540 grams fresh, and just 45 grams dried, meaning that 92 percent of it was water. The two batches total were 80 grams dried, but I like the way they came out browned in different shades, like potato chips. Think of the reduced storage space. It would now be easy to crunch them into onion flakes, or grind into onion powder. Did I tell you that I grind eggs shells in my coffee grinder to make powdered calcium-plus? I sprinkle it on all sorts of foods, even eggs. My bones and teeth will thank me one day. Don't poison your arteries with too much calcium.

Fauci "argued" (propagandized) this week, before Rand Paul's questioning, that while no studies have shown that people can get re-infected with COVID, "variants" of the infection are potentially capable of re-infecting, or infecting for the first time even those who have taken the vaccine. Thus, the globalists are on-the-move with a fictitious scenario (the variants = new strains) to justify EVERYONE wearing a mask, and for this reason, be sure to start drying some foods starting yesterday. These fiends are adamant about vaccinating us, and keeping the world under their thumbs until all are vaccinated, meaning that they are not adamant without big reasons, especially as most national governments seem to be either under their spell willingly, or under their thumbs unwillingly. You can cross your fingers and hope for the best, but this has caused me to start storing food.

The problem with the video above is that Rand Paul is signalling that receiving the vaccine is a good thing for getting the world past the "pandemic." The reality is, its a blow to the populations to receive the vaccines, and furthermore the goons are going to come back with another viral scam if they chose to do so. The best argument is to say: let people decide for themselves whether they want to risk, without a mask, contracting a small or large dose naturally (from someone's breath). If they wish to thus receive their free, God-ordained vaccine, that is the BEST CHOICE by far. Who's got the guts in congress to advance this argument? The best way forward: take off your masks, get the infection, and let's be done with it. After that, we'll deal with their stronger flu if they choose to circulate one. They might not so choose. They are willing to feign that a stronger strain is circulating, but they may not wish to risk, for the sakes of their own selves, friends and family, a truly-harsh strain.

By now, the thousands of deaths alone, not including the injuries, immediately after vaccinations expects major media to report some official causes of deaths as reported by the physicians doing the autopsies. Why am I not seeing even one such story? Don't the media want to inform the people as to why some are having adverse affects? Doesn't anyone wish to reveal what sort of people are at highest risk with these vaccines? Why are governments forbidding the release of the vaccine-company names which kill, maim or sicken people??? Isn't that an admission of fascist guilt, of being complicit with the vaccine providers? That witch on Fox and Friends promotes vaccines for little children, but is she trying to get to the bottom of why people are dying from this? The definition of a witch is a lover of death, a promoter of poisons while donning an angelic face.

A witch frightens and lures people into taking a poison. I have not been in error to call Earhardt a witch, moreso because she claims to be a Christian. When she starts to show concern for the victims, and when she vehemently argues that vaccines are 99-percent unnecessary for this mild flu, I'll take that back. So long as she is in bed fornicating with vaccine profiteers, a witch she is. That goes for anyone with the same attitude, including Trump the killer. If she claims to be smart, then she admits she has enough sense to see this vaccine scam for what it is. But then why doesn't she call it out for what it is? Because, a witch is a fool, and a traitor to her friends, and selfish. Same definition as a demon. This is not how a Christian is to behave. She has millions of viewers to whom she is giving a false impression, and she's been luring them to receive this vaccine of their own free will without stressing the unexplained / under-reported maimings.

People need to be educated on the risk BEFORE they receive the vaccine, and to do this properly, the reasons that people are dying and becoming maimed needs to be discovered and shared so that everyone has the fullest understanding. But right now, people are left in the dark as to why the deaths have occurred, and therefore the authorities and the media are wishing for people to receive the vaccine without paying heed to those who have severe reactions to them. It's plainly all wrong, and that witch knows it. It's a heavy-gravity responsibility to have millions of viewers and to be a Christian at the same time while working for non-Christian bosses. This is bound to be a horror show for the angels.

It is possible in these days to inject a chemical into people that is activated as a poison from their own cell phones. It's logical that military people seek chemicals that can be turned to poisons by electronic / photovoltaic impulses. A cell phone's impulses travel miles to a cell tower; it can surely deliver a much-stronger impulse into your own body than the weakened impulse by the time it reaches the tower. Do not trust the rulers of this world. They are obviously mad with demonism, and will be put-down.

Ainsley Named Hayden, Don't Blame Me For the Rich Heraldry

I've just looked up the Witch surname, listed with wedge-using Watch's/Wage's/Wichs (Cornwall, same as Wassa's/Waice's/Gaze's). Witch's/Watch's are in the colors of Wedge's/Waggs (Bush colors and format), and the latter almost have the Coat of Fox-like Foggs and Figgs/Ficke's. The latter two look linkable to the MEAD-branch Medleys and Methleys. Brian KilMEADE is a Fox-and-Friends host with Ainsley Earhardt, and I got here from describing her as a witch. If you study all of those Coats together, you will note their relationship to Finch's/Vince's, Feins/Fins and Finchems, tending to explain why the Wedge's/Waggs share the gauntlet with Phone's/Fiens/Vans.

Also of note is that Fuggers/Fuggits share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys. I can link Fuggers via English Hansons to Faux's and Faux's/Fage's, the latter first found in Perigord with Fauci-like Fauchys. Faux's were a branch of Vaux's and Faucets/Fawcetts. Look at how fast we went from Witch's to Foggs to Fuggers to Fauci liners, a thing I did not yet know while describing by disappointment in Earhardt. Looks like God shares my views.

This topic goes between the Faux's/Fage's and CREMers (both share Earhardt fleur-de-lys) to Miss Hanson's ice-cream, and one Cremer Coat even shares the ram with Austrian Fuggers/Fuge's. What I can't grasp the reason for is that while Miss Hanson pointed to Ratcliffs for more reason that Ratcliffs of Whalley, Foggs were at Radcliffe, where Ratcliffs were first found. Whalleys share the Hanson / Faux mascle. The ice-cream pointed to Crema, in Lombardy, and German Hansons (share Lombard Coat) have three symbols connectable to Ottone Visconti of Milan (Lombardy capital), and Ottone's were first found in Perusia with Grazzi's. Fauchys happen to use a GRASShopper, and Grassi's (Milan) were discovered days ago.

There's more for Ratcliff inclusion where Ratcliffs are said to have been first found in Bury while Purrs/BUREYs have a version of the Fogg Coat, that being the surname that was at Radcliffe at Bury. Cool, especially as Bury is in Salford (Bush colors and format) while Salfords have a version of the Fogg Coat and Wedge/Wagg Coats. I'll tell once again of the last time I saw Miss Hanson; it was at her ice-cream place was while I was at the entryway into the parking lot of Ratcliff LUMBER (in Gormley, Ontario). You see, God put that together to assure inclusion of LOMBARd elements. Lumbers even have the Fogg fesse-with-stars in colors reversed. Purrs/Bureys were first found in Oxfordshire with the Grazzi-connectable Crispins.

I so-much want this to be about John Ratcliffe's work to weaken the deep state, but I can't see how at this moment. As this discussion started with Earhardt's vaccine craft and led into Fauci the COVID warlock, might John Ratcliffe's work to expose China ties to the Bidenites come to some fruition for us? The third host on Fox and Friends is Steve Doocy, and this can be a pointer to James LeDuc of Galveston National Lab.

The parish of Salford (Bedfordshire) is said to have become owned by Drakelows and Charnocks, and it just so happens that Charnocks, first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs and Salford of Lancashire, have a version of the Sales Coat, relevant not only because SALfords can be seen as a Sales branch, but because Sales-like Saluzzo is beside Busca, the latter being the line to Bush's/Bushs (Salford colors and format). I don't recall ever looking at Charnocks, but blasted am I for not doing so because "The surname Charnock was first found in Lancashire at Charnock, Heath..." John Ratcliffe lives in HEATH, Texas, where he was the mayor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's how happy I am to make this needed discovery.

John Ratcliffe is suspect in my SHIN-pad-slide winning goal (details not to be repeated here), and Fox's/ShinNOCKs look like they can apply to the namers of CharNOCKs. The goal was a TIP-IN (puck on the goal line at the time) while I was sliding on my shin pads, but we can also say that the puck was KNOCKed in. Cool. Tipps'/TIPPINs share the Ratcliff bull head. I knocked it in with my hockey stick, and Ratcliffs can be linked closely to Sticks.

Heath of Lancashire is in Chorley. CHARlie's/CHORLeys (Lancashire, same as ORELL/Orrels) use bottles while Bootle's/BUTills (Lancashire) were probably a branch of Beetle's and Bedwells, the latter first found in Bedfordshire with its Salford, home of CHARnocks. Charnocks have one of the double Ratcliffe bends. What could any of this mean? Luton of Bedfordshire named Luton/LOUTons, who look like a branch of Louths and Lovats because they both share black-on-white wolves with Salfords (and Quade's), excellent timing for that find because it tends to prove that the line of Lupus Laevillus was the namer of Luton, at/near the Boet-like Beetle's/Beatle's, a branch of Bootle's/BUThills/BuTILLs. QuadraTILLa was Laevillus' wife.

Look. Bootle's had named BOLTelai, and Boltons share the lion of Salford-like Silver(steins), the latter's Coat exposing them as an obvious branch of Saffers/SAVARYs. Salfords come up as "SAVARd." SEVERus-like Saffers/Savarys have a "vita" motto term for the line of Julius Avitus, husband of Julia Bassianus, sister of Domna, wife in turn of emperor Septimius Severus. I had seen that the Bassus surname of Quadratilla Bassus (about a century before Julia and Domna Bassianus) was also "Bassianus." Their line ended up in Bedfordshire, no doubts now.

The three Quade wolf heads are used by Cliffs/Cleave's suspect in "RatCLIFF/Radcliff," and the latter are therefore suspect from RADZiwill-ASTIKas' married by Polish Traby, especially as Cliffs/Cleave's are said to have married STYCHE's. The Stick branch was first found in Somerset with the Tints and Castle Cary, and while Tintons use "royal tents," "conTENT" is a Charnock motto term. It just so happens that while the Laevillus line to Leavells/Lovells were at Castle CARY, CHARnocks are in the colors and format of Carys and Care's! We just nailed Charnocks thanks to heraldry's big mouth.

The Radziwill-like Rads share the hexagram of Hagars, the latter first found in Perthshire with RATTerys, and beside the Rats of Nairnshire. I trace Hagars to the AGARus river, now the Siret that flows to Galati, a major center that looks Galatian. Biblical Hagar was Abram's concubine, and the Abram-like Bramtons happen to share the Doocy/Duce Coat. The Bramtoms (Norfolk, same as Fulke's) are also BROMtons while Geoffrey Plantagenet was given (after he died) a "sprig of broom" symbol as code for the Brooms/Brome's (use a "sprigs of broom"). As Bramtons/Bromtons have two lions in pale colors reversed from the three lions in pale of Plantagenets, it seems that the Tertullus > Fulk > Plantagenet line descended from Hagar's child with Abraham. Planque's/Plants use cabbages while Cabbage's (Plank lion?) have an "angustis" motto term suspect with an old Angusta location that I saw on a map upon a tributary of the Agarus.

I find it interesting that while the saltire of Pollocks (from Vespasia Polla) is from the cross of Pula/Pola (Istria), the Risings (Norfolk, same as BRAMtons) have that cross in colors reversed. I've been saying that Abraham's second wife, KETURah, was the line to mythical king, KODRos, who had a fish symbol linkable to Saraca's at KOTOR, right beside RHIZON. Vespasia POLLA married the son of Tertulla, like "Tertullus," father of PLANCia Magna (Galatian father) whose family traces well to Planque's/Plants under discussion, Vespasia was from the Salto river, and Sales'/Salletts are in Charnock colors and format. The "content" motto term of Charnocks can be code also for a branch of Contans/Constance's having an "AppeTITUS" motto term while emperors Titus and DOMitian were the sons of Vespasia Polla. The Titus surname was first found in HERTfordshire with Bassus-like Bash's, and as the line of Laevillus and Quadratilla Bassus went, I think, to empress DOMNa Bassianus, I'm wondering whether Laevillus wasn't directly related to Vespasia's bloodline.

Someone in a genealogy page says that Lupus Laevillus was the son of Publius Julius Lupus. I've got no opinion on that, yet anyway, but here's from Wikipedia: "PUBLIUS Julius Lupus was a Roman senator, best known as the step-father of the emperor Antoninus Pius. He was suffect consul in the nundinium of November-December 98 as the colleague of Quintus Fulvius Gillo Bittius PROCULUS." Charax PROCULUS was the son of Laevillus and Quadratilla. The article goes on to say: "Lupus was a descendant of Julius Lupus, the brother-in-law of Marcus Arrecinus CLEMENS, praetorian prefect of the emperor Caligula; this made him a distant relative of the Flavian dynasty." Vespasia Polla had married the Flavian dynasty.

Note "PUBLius," for "populo" is a motto term of BASSets (compare with English Leavell Coat) while French Bassets are BESANcons too. The triple Basset fesses are shared by Sturs of the Stour river at Somerset, where Leavells were first found who have three-and-three fessewise bars very connectable to the same-colored fesses of Sturs and Bassets. It argues for a Bassus-line trace to Bassets, and while Drummonds share the basset Coat, they were related to rulers of Ross-shire, where Bissets were first found.

Now to Marcus Arrecinus CLEMENS, who married Publius' sister. English Clemens'/Clements use besants, symbol, I claim (for good reasons), of the Bassus > Bassianus line. French Savards/Savarys use besants, and Salfords (share Cliff wolves) come up as Savards too. The interesting thing now is that Ratcliffe's (first found in Salford) share double-black bends with English Clemens'/Clements (rising bird), and the other English Clemens'/Clements were first found in BreckNOCK, what a charNOCKincidence, for we saw RatCLIFFs linking to Charnocks of Heath! Salford of Bedfordshire become owned by Charnocks. The latter were of Castle Cary of the Leavells!!! Carys use roses, and Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with Rats/Raids! Lookie there. It seems that the imperial dragon from Flavians of Rieti named Rats/Raids too, along with Reeds.

Here's from the Wikipedia article on Clemens: "Clemens' sister was Arrecina Clementina, also born in Pisaurum, Italy, c. 12, who became the wife of Titus Flavius Sabinus [not emperor Titus]. His children were Marcus Arrecinus Clemens and Arrecina Tertulla, who became the first wife of the future Emperor Titus. There is a possibility that Clemens was related to the paternal side of Vespasian's family." Another Tertulla was grandmother of the three Flavian emperors, suggesting that Arrecina got her Tertulla surname from marriage to the line of the Flavian Tertulla.

As this Tertulla family is suspect from Tertullus, wife of PLANCia, let's add that the giant lion of German Planks is that also of VISconti-related Sforza's, first found in Rome, birthplace of Lupus Laevillus. The Sforza lion holds a quince while heraldry can link Quince's to Quints, the latter from Quintus Caepio, grandfather of JUNia Caepionis, the line to Scottish Yonge's/Youngs sharing the triple piles of Scottish Leavells. Tidy. English Yonge's/Youngs ("jeune"), sharing the black wolf of Salfords, were first found in Essex with Quints, and share the Coat of one French Clair/Clere's Coat while the other French Clairs/CLERs (Bramton kin?) share the Chief of CLERmonts'/Clemens'/Clements, no guff at all. And the Clairs/Clers were first found in Limousin with the Seconds in the Levi motto! All of what the futile freemasons kept in the dark, God is exposing. Freemasons are good only at deception and greed.

The Clair/Cler LEOpard can be traced to Pierleoni of Rome (named after a Peter and a pope Leo), suspect from Flavius Petro, husband of TERTulla. The "tort" motto term of Hottens/Haughtons (Cheshire, same as SALES'/Salletts) now becomes interesting because they have a Coat looking linkable to German Clemens'/Clements (four of the double fesses of English Clemens'/Clements. Clune's (wolf) share the SALUZZo Coat.

Charnocks had been at ORMSkirk, and Scottish Orms/ORRins almost have the Shield of Scottish Lombards, who are the ones in the German Hanson Coat. It's more verification that Ratcliff Lumber was a pointer to John Ratcliffe. I was just 16/17 years old at the time. With German Hansons having a Coat of Lombardy elements, the German Hanson Coat is suspect with the old-green Visconti snake, and the Sforza lion, therefore. Scottish Lombards were first found in Renfrewshire with ORRS!!! It appears that Ormskirk was an Orr / Orrin / Orrel line. Pollocks of Rothes were first found in Renfrewshire too, and the Charnock raven thus becomes suspect with the Rothes / Peter raven, especially as German Rothes' (Cabbage / Plank lion?) are in Charnock colors and format. Orrs even have the three piles of Visconti-line Guiscards/Wisharts in colors reversed, and Ottone Visconti, to which German Hansons were connected at least round-about, was a ruler in the Lombardy capital.

Miss Hanson, a pointer to the Ananes Gauls at/near Crema / Cremona, who may have made up the Galatians (about 250 BC) along with Laevi Gauls, lived on Warden avenue at the time while Wardens happen to use pears for a trace to Pierleoni-suspect Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's, you see. Miss Hanson sold ice-cream in Gormley, and GORMleys share the Bash martlets. The Bassus' descended from the royal Galatians who served as the high priesthood of the Great-Slut goddess of the Phrygians. Miss Hanson is Danish, and Danes trace themselves to mythical king GORM. Nordic Hansons (including Danish) share the Coat of Fuggers who had made it to topic with the Witch / Wedge / Fogg / Figg discussion.

Salford in Bedfordshire is said to be near the Buckinghamshire border, and then as Nocks were first found in Buckinghamshire, they now look to be the reason for CharNOCKs. Knox's/Knocks (rising bird of some sort) were first found in Renfrewshire with Orrs, and use a "proficiOR" motto term to boot. The Knock border is probably the so-called "ORLE" (Orell-like) shared between Rutherfords and Rutlands. "ProFICior" can be part-code for the Ficke variation of Fogg-branch Figgs, and Foggs (at Radcliffe) were the ones suggesting a pointer to Fox news. Figgs and Foggs share the black fesse with Nocks. As Pollok in Renfrewshire became the home of Fulbert and/or his Pollock sons, it's notable that Frocks/FROGGs, sharing a version of the Fogg / Figg Coats, were first found in Shropshire, home for a time of that Fulbert. FROGGits were first found in DERBYshire, and highly suspect from the Brogitarus line of Galatians in DERBE who descended to the Bassus' above. This paragraph tends to expose Nocks as a Knox/Knock branch, and assuring that Charnocks were a Char-like line married to Nocks.

I've known for years that ORLeans', Orrels, and Orrs share red roundels called TORTeaux, perhaps code for a family from Tortona (Italy), and/or from Tertullus, husband of Plancia Magna (Galatian father), but the point here is that the triple fesses of Orleans' are in colors reversed from the triple, fessewise fish of Pfizer-like Vissers/Fisers, for the Fox-and-Friends witch is the one handling the vaccine stories on a regular basis. The ASTRAzeneca vaccine can be pointed to by the "astra" motto term of Ficke-connectable Fiscs/Fisks, what looks like a Fiser branch. If God arranged this, doesn't it appear that he put a sick-like "sic" motto term in the Fisc/Fisk motto.

While Andrew McCabe abused the FISA court, called, FISC, the McCabe "salmon" is in the colors of the triple Visser/Fiser fish, and the English Fish surname (has Mr. Fisc in write-up) is virtually that of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. The latter share a rare WAVY chevron in the colors of the same of Pierce's, and vaccine needles pierce skin. The Skin surname even shares the wolf heads of Lupus' (Cheshire, beside Shropshire).

The Froggits use a "BUNCH of cherries" while Milan-line Mellansons use a "bunch of rods with an axe in the Middle," and Kilmeade-connectable Middle's were first found in Shropshire with Frocks/Froggs, Vychans/Vaughns, and Medlicott of the Motleys while it was Medleys and Methleys who look like they have the Fogg / Figgs stars. The Ficke variation of Figgs look linkable here to the VYCHans. Medleys and Fish's use tigers expected from Armenian king Tigranes VI, grandfather of Plancia Magna. Tigranes VI, a Herod, and suspect to "EarHARDT/AirHART," was ancestral to Quadratilla Bassus too, and God may have arranged for Ainsley Earhardt as the Fox pointer to vaccine poisons for the added exposures of these lines from the arch-enemies of Jesus.

I'm not saying that Earhardt is evil like the Herods or Annas the chief priest, but I am saying that she should not excuse herself from pushing vaccines as if she doesn't know what evil she's doing. We are living in treacherous times, no time for Christians to compromise with the wicked. Risk becoming fired, Ainsley, by speaking the good and right, rather than serving the purposes of the wicked. There will be weeping for all Christians who fail Jesus.

Repeat: "Heath of Lancashire is in Chorley. CHARlie's/CHORLeys (Lancashire, same as ORELL/Orrels) use bottles while Bootle's/BUTills (Lancashire) were probably a branch of Beetle's and Bedwells..." As Gore's are also CORE's, it appears that they were a Charlie/Chorley branch because the Gore/Core crosslets are shared by the English Bass' having this: "'...Edward Bashe held the manor of BOTELers in PRITTLEwell parish, Essex, in the reign of Elizabeth.'" Gore's/Core's were once said to be first found in Essex too. It just so happens that Prittle's were first found in Somerset with the Wedge's/Waggs (Church colors and format), and with the Church's sharing the greyhound-heads-with-collars of English Bass'. Ainsleys were at BASford.

Lanarkshire is where Pide's/Prude's and Astys were first found, the latter having the Lorraine lion, green like the LUNE/Lyon lion, and the Asty lion is colors reversed from the lion of Loes'/Loose's (LUNEburg) while Louis'/Loys' were first found in Lorraine. Chaplets were first found in Lorraine too, and so I think the Woodbridge's of a Loes location (Suffolk) are showing chaplets. Asty-like Hasting is near Lewes. I'm pretty sure that Joesph-suspect Joslyns, first found in Lanarkshire, use chaplets, for Chaplets use the black-on-gold swan once shown for French Josephs. Joseph Caiaphas. Loes'/Loose's even share a tall, solid chevron (different colors) with Chappes'. The Joslyn chaplet has "hawk's bells." Ah, here's from the 2nd update in January, 2014: "The 'wreath' used by Chapels [green lion] is the co-called 'chaplet' of Jocelyns...the Jocelyn chaplet included 'hawks bells.'" Black-swan Guests/Gests, perhaps round-about of the GOClyn variation of Joslyns, share the rare-colored, ermined chevron of Hawks. Chapels were early in Northumberland, where Lorraine's were first found.

Having said that, LORRAINE the babe, who had the look of Ainsley Earhardt, lived on Church street closest to LORNE avenue, and while the Lorne entity is in the write-up of Lanarks/Lurnacks (Bus cinquefoil), Lanarkshire is where Pride's/Prude's were first found while Prittle's are also PRIDwells/Priddys. Babe's share the finger pointing to the sun with Pride-like Bradys, and Scottish Bride's are in the colors and format of Church's and Wedge's/WAGGs. The canton-with-item in the Scottish Bride Coat is in the colors of the canton-with-item in the Wassa/WAICE/Gaze Coat, the latter first found in Cornwall with wedge-using WITCH's/WAGE's/Wychs. Hows that for one interesting piece of big-mouth heraldry? I neglected to say earlier that Witch's/Wage's/WYCH's in the format of, and colors reversed from, VYCHans/Vaughns. The last time I saw Lorraine was in Vaughn county while I was sitting in a restaurant with Paul Smith, who lived in Vaughn county. Smiths are in Vychan/Vaughn colors and format. What could this paragraph be about as Lorraine seems to be linking to pretty Ainsley?

The last time I saw Lorraine, she was carrying an infant CHILD, and Childs are in the colors and format of Prittle's/PRIDwells. Ainsley is a news lady, and while Bash's (same place as Childs and Nuse's/Nuce's/Newes') can be gleaned as kin of News'/Nuces' and Nuse's/Nuce's/Newes', the latter's two pale bars are in the colors of the three pale bars formed by the Pride/Prude lamPRAYs (Prays are PRETers/PRATers too). PRETTYs/Prittys, I kid you not, were first found in Staffordshire with STOPs/Stubbs, and LAMprays suggest the Lams (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's!) who happen to share the Bus / Lanark cinquefoil, and this must require my first date with Lorraine to come back to topic, for I asked her out at her BUS STOP a couple of weeks after I walked past her for the first time, saying, "I'm going to MARRY you." Apparently, that sentence has to do with the Bride's that we just saw, but there's more to it that goes to Laurie Brady, for Babe's are PodeBRADY liners.

For what it could be worth, "pret" is a motto term of Meads and Morays while French Mars are also More's.

The two events above with Lorraine happened at the corner of LORNE and Young streets, and Lorne's are in the Lanark write-up while lamprey-liner Pride's/Prude's were first found in Lanarkshire. Just look at that. It must mean that Ainsley Earhardt is going to be my future BRIDE (kidding), for she was in the 1979 dream as Sleeping Beauty, and Beautys were first found in Dorset with Babe's. As I've said before, I met Laurie Brady and his family less than a year before the I'm-going-to-MARRY-you event. Podebrady is where the matriarch of Drummonds was from, and I recently showed why Marys/MARRys are linkable to a Mary in the royal-Drummond family. Laurie Brady (a male) married Mary of Florida's GAINESville.

It's just that Gaines' share the crosslets of Trips and Gore's/Core's (both first found in Kent) while German Trips were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds. Hmm, we have come full-circle from where I wrote: "As Gore's are also CORE's, it appears that they were a Charlie/Chorley branch because the Gore/Core crosslets are shared by the English BASS' having this: "'...Edward BASHE held the manor of BOTELers in PRITTLEwell parish, Essex..." Ainsleys were first found in BASford of NOTTinghamshire, and this has now got to go to the NOTE that God told me to write to Mellanson days after my dream with Ainsley as Sleeping Beauty. For Note's/Cnuts/Notts share the Shield of drops of Prittle-like Prettys/Prete's (Italian).

Prittle's were first found in Somerset with same-colored Brents and Bretts, and one of Laurie's sons is Brent, as you can see at his obituary in the link above. Brents may have been a branch of PodeBrady-liner Bradds/Bratts, and then German Bretts/BretSNYDERs happen to share the stars of Prettys/Prittys, and Sniders share the giant cup (different colors) with Laurie's/Larrys. Laurie Brady. What's going on here? The Laurie/Larry Shield is split in colors so as to be linkable to Templetons because Temple's share the eagle on the one half of the Brett/Bretsnyder Shield. This keeps pointing to Ainsley, now because the Snider cup is in the colors of the "cups" of Coffee's/Coffers, which goes back to the coffee and NEWSpaper in Texas, which was pointing well to attorney John BASH. Coffee's are even in the colors and format of McKinneys (Ainsley was married to Mr. McKinney).

Oh wow, French Bride's (Savoy, same as Bassets/Besancons!) share the Coat of French Temple's, and English Temple's share the black martlet with the English Bride's/Breedie's (Wedge/Wagg colors and format) which had connected above to Witchs'/Wychs! Something's going on here, thanks to Laurie Brady. His first wife died of throat cancer, you see, and maybe God is suggesting it was due to a vaccine, for Witch's/WYCKs look like a branch of Vychans/Vaughns. His first wife painted a portrait of my wife and I's wedding picture. I was at her funeral. She was beautiful, and died young. She loved to sing on tour with Laurie and the rest of the family. The two sons played guitar and drums (Brent on the Drummond-like drums, I've told this before). Just think, if her life was taken due to an unnecessary bad vaccine. JUST THINK ABOUT THAT FOR ONE SECOND, EARHARDT, because vaccine deaths are not just numbers in a CDC record book.

I'd like to go back to the day that God told me to write a note. In the morning, some minutes after I saw a vision of a sick Farrah FAWCett (died of cancer in real life) as a pointer to poisonous vaccines, God said to me in an audible voice, to the effect: "Write down that you're going to have a disagreement or quarrel with Steve tonight." And that night, Sharon Quinn, fulfilled the role of the sick Farrah Fawcett (I don't want to go over all of the details to be more compelling). Her manfriend at that time, who was present at Steve's party, was Charlie. The Charlie's/CHORleys got suspect with Gore's/Core's who in turn almost have the Coat of Gaines' who in turn came from Laurie Brady of Gainesville. And here it's curious that Gaines' share a gold-on-red dancette with Haydens. Ainsley's daughter is, Hayden, by first name.

Repeat: "Lookie: "The surname Meath was first found in the East Riding of Yorkshire at Metham, a township, in the parish and union of Howden..." Howdens happen to be Hawdens too, and Ainsley's only child is Hayden." It is just great that Howdens/Hawdens share the Gaines crosslets!!! BINGO, we have a close link between Haydens and Gaines' on two counts, the dancetty fesse and the crosslets.

It just so happens that while Ainsley works for Fox, like the FAUXside castle of Fawcett's/FAUCets, "foy" is a Hayden motto term while Foys are listed with Foix's. That's pretty incredible. It looks like Sleeping Beauty, when she's fulfilled by Ainsley, is a pointer to Fox news' vaccine push, for which God will hold the company responsible. The Hayden Crest even has the black bull of Beautys. Irish Foys have pale bars in the colors of the Nuse/Newes pale bars, and while I've ventured to link the crescent of Irish Foys to the same of Chapmans, the latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with chaplet-using News'/Nuces' (compare the latter's Crest to the solid chevron of Chapmans).

English Foys share the Coat of English Lacys who in turn have a so-called "fret-KNOT" in Crest. Knots are listed with Note's/Cnuts. How can that happen unless God made the arrangements via the surname that matches the first name of Ainsley's daughter? Foys and Lacys show only pellets in their Shields, and there are pellets on the dog in the Crest of the other English Haydens. Here's from the write-up of the Meaths of Howden: "Metham was occupied by Ilbert de Lacy, a Norman noble."

The FRET-knot can take us to Ferte's of Ferte-Mace, noting that Bride's have a reflection of the Mace/Maceys Coat, the stars of which are shared with CONTANTs. Then, Ferte's happen to share the Constance / Cusson Coat, and "CONTENT" is the motto term of Charnocks who are in turn linkable to Charlie's/Chorleys. Charnocks were Ratcliff kin, and then English Lacy's are said to have been at Stanlow-House (Cheshire, same as Maceys, Tattons and CLIFFs/Cleave's) but moved to Whalley of neighboring Lancashire. RatCLIFFs are said to have been at that Whalley location too. Zinger, for Walerans (Whalley colors and format) share the black bull with Beautys and Haydens.

The English Haydens (look related to Tattons-of-Massy) with pellets have the Tute/Tuits quadrants in colors reversed, and both surnames were first found in Norfolk. As this surname is expected from queen Teuta or queen Triteuta of the Ardiaei at RHIZon, note the McRISdeard variation shown with Tute's/Tuits. Sleeping Beauty pointed to Rhizon.

AHH WOW. As Haydens are proving so Providential, it's pretty amazing that Tatton-like Tottens have dancettes half in the colors of the Hayden dancette, for Tottens have an "Ad astra" motto phrase as a pointer to ASTRAzeneca vaccines!!! AHHHH, the Todden variation of Tottens recalls the FOX of Todds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't name Hayden. I didn't force Haydens to topic with Ainsley Earhardt. Todds were first found in Berwickshire with Ardiaei-liner Arthurs and the Ade's suspect in "AD astra." McKinney-connectable Kenneths use "as astra," and Ainsley worked for KENS TV when she married Mr. McKinney. I've got to check online now as to whether Hayden was a daughter of Mr. McKinney or Mr. Proctor. My first finding is this: "Earhardt, who lives near PROCTOR in New York City, says they are 'co-parenting and doing it beautifully. {Hayden} loves her mommy and loves ..."

I found this new-to-me thing: "Kevin Wayne McKinney and Ainsley HAYDEN Earhardt got married on April 9, 2005." I didn't know that Ainsley had a Hayden middle name until now. It's possibly her mother's birth surname.

Tattons were in East Cheshire with Macclesfields, making the Hayden cross look like the Macclesfield cross. As Ainsley worked at KENS TV news, note that "Robert Tatton of KENworthy, in Northended, who married the heiress of William de Withenshaw, alias Massy..." (Ignore the "MacClesfield" spelling that houseofnames automatically provides when entering "Macclesfield".)

Macclesfield is in PRESTbury, where English Kerricks were first found who use a rather-rare single pile, the symbol of Beach's and Countrys too. The Beach and Country piles are in the same colors, and it's more remarkable now that "MY country" is a motto phrase of Ainsleys, for My's/Mea's (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys) share the Macclesfield and Hayden cross. It was already remarkable because Sleeping Beauty was on a beach. I can now add that while Ainsleys were at BASford, Bash's and Beach's/Bechs were both first found in Hertfordshire with the Prests that likely named Prestbury. It's pretty amazing how these coincidences crop up never-ending. Quadratilla BASSus was mother to CHARAX PROCulus, and Scottish Kerricks are listed with CARRICKs while Ainsley married Mr. PROCtor. Never-ending. Kerricks call their symbol both a "CALTrap" while Calts are listed with Carrick-colored Cole's/Colds (giant black bull).

Ainsley is in the first update of this month where there were some surprising pointers to poisonous vaccines starting from some breast symbols that I've acquired over the years that point to Brests/Brix's (Este colors), which happens to be like the Prest surname. Brests/Brix's are from Eburovices namers of Brescia/Brixia, near Este, and the latter is where the ESToiles of Prests can trace. As I've said, PRESleys/PRIESTlys share two symbols of Abreu's/Abruzzo's (double lions in the colors of the double Arms-of-Normandy leopards), the namers of Evreux of the Eburovices. Just after I got to cancerous breast nodes, after loading the Nodes surname, I realized that it could be connected to English Kerricks, saying: "English Kerricks, believe it or not, share the white-on-black, single pile with Nodes, so incredible, and the same single pile is used also by Dirletons, first found in East Lothian with Faucets and Vaux's! INCREDIBLE."

I'd like to add that Dirleton-like Darlene's and Darlingtons share the drop-filled Shield of Nodes-like Note's/Cnuts/NOTTs, linkable to Ainsleys and Basfords (Este eagle) of Nottinghamshire. As was said, Dirletons use a single pile traversing in COUNTERchanged colors through a chevron, ditto for the Ainsley-beloved Country's. I can add here that Country-like Counters (Dirleton colors) are listed with English Conte's (Durham, same as Darlingtons), a surname like the Carrick-related Kennedys from the Kennati priests of Cetis, where Quadratilla Bassus was queen. "Ainsley" therefore tells me that the line of chief-priest Annas got merged with the Bassus line, or even that Lupus Laevillus descended from Annas.

The Country and Beach pile is in the colors of the three Pile piles, and Pile's were first found in Northumberland with the LUMPs who made it to the nodes discussion for obvious reason. The Lams and Lamp variation of Lumps are suspect in the LAMPrays of Pride's, and while Prettys/Pritts look linkable to Pride's, Italian Prettys/Prete's (TARVISium) are the ones sharing the drop-filled Shield (all in the same colors) with Darlene's, Darlingtons and Notes'/Cnuts/Knots. How can we explain the "For my country" motto phrase of Ainsleys when we find "TOUT TRAVERS" in the Fore/Forez motto? Travers are listed with Tarvisium-like Travis'. And Haydens share the quadrants of Tout-related Tute's/Tuits (Norfolk, same as Haydens and Drops/Trope's). While Haydens use "foy," the six, black pellets of Foys are in the pattern of the six, black fitchees of Tarves'. The six Foy pellets are also those of Lace's/Lacys having a Note-connectable fret-KNOT. Why did that happen in the midst of breast-cancer pointers?

Even the Ainsley motto (the Countrys) connects to the relations of Haydens. We address the Pellets sharing the Coat of Pile-like Pilotte's (share Country chevron), you see, while Pilots are listed with French Pile's. The Countrys had brought us to Pile's. As the rising of Sleeping Beauty pointed to Kotor because Cutters were first found in Dorset with Beautys (share the bull of Foy-loving Haydens), note that CUTRy variation of Country's (Cutter colors). She married Mr. PROCtor, and Procks/Brocuffs and Brocks (share Country / Earhardt fleur) share the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters. The Brock "dart" traces to Dardanians out by Trope-like Tropoje, and Darts/Dards are expected as Sleep kin as per Selepitanoi near Kotor. The Dartington location (Devon, same as Darlene's) of Darts (Devon) looks like the drop-using "Darlingtons."

The Drop/Trope lion is highly suspect with Scottish Marrs (Marsi of Abruzzo), who had their Kildrummy castle at/near Tarves, and so it seems that Prettys/Prete's of TARVISium apply, especially as Kildrummy was near the first-known Troops of Banffshire. As the Marrs are expected in connection with Maurice Drummond, it's notable that Prettys/Prittys have their lion half in the colors of the Marr / Drop/trope lion, and in the colors of the Maurice / Morris lion. Maurice's were first found in Herefordshire with Tarves-like Trevors/TREFFors (Pretty/Prete lion?), and German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Trips/TREFFs while Hamburgs have more gold drops. French Maurice's are in the colors and format of French Mars.

Drop-using Hamburgs share the crosslets of English Trips, Gore/Core and Gaines', wherefore let's repeat: "'s curious that Gaines' share a gold-on-red dancette with Haydens". The Hamburg write-up claims that this bloodline named HANEberge, and the Hane's/AINS' (Drummond bars?) get close to "AINSley." My teenage girlfriend, Katrina HANSon, sold ice-cream at Sam's HAMBURGer restaurant (Gormley), and then Darlene the ice-cream girl was my next girlfriend the following summer. Gormleys share the Bash martlets. Hane's/Ains' have wavy pale bars in the colors of the wavy fesses of the Hones' expected in the "HONESta" motto term of Hamburgs. I see heraldic waves with Weavers using an "esto" motto term to go with "HonESTA."

Hane's/Ains' come up as Hayens too, and as Haydens had linked to Tute liners sharing the Hane/Ains crescent, it seems that Haydens were a Hane/Ains branch. Hane's/Ains', first found early in Norfolk with Haydens, claim that Mr. Hagan was part of the bloodline. As Ainsley Earhardt is to be a pointer to vaccine-related cancers, let's add that the Lump/Lamp saltire is shared by Hague's having Hayd(en)-like Haight/Hait variations. As "Hayden" can be from/to a Hagen-like term, it's just amazing that Dutch Hagens (Hague/Haight/Hait and Hagar colors) almost have the Brest/Brix Coat. One of the Foix/Foy Coats share pellets with English Foys, and the Foix's/Foys have a Coat looking linkable to the Hague/Hait Coat.

The Hayts/Hayds are interesting for sharing the Brace/Bras and Lake bends, for the latter two surnames came up as per my emBRACE with Mamie in a lake, and it was Mamie who brought the Brests/Brix's to topic, and who was all over the breast-cancer discussion in the first update of this month. The lake was at a CAMPsite, which led to such things as CHAMPagne's sharing the vaired Shield of their kin, the BRACEbridge's, who in turn share the horizontal crozier with Lumps. The Nodes' even share the black trefoils with CHAMPions. As there was a beach at the lake, the BEACHems/BeauCHAMPs (Bedfordshire, same as Champions) made it to topic too, but I don't think I realized at that time that Beachems/Beauchamps have a straight-fesse version of the Gaines' Coat, the latter using the fesse as a dancette in the colors of the Hayden dancette!

You see, it's another breast-cancer link to things-Earhardt. There's a lot of money to be made in breast-cancer treatments, if the vaccine fiends can figure a way to treat long-term, and finally de-breast, a lot of women, and Earhardt is contributing to this global-sized risk. She may be the type to laugh-off this claim that there could possibly be people planning to sicken people for to make money, but this is nothing new. Many medical people are like mechanics sabotaging our cars when we bring them in to get fixed. Expect it, and expect corruption to grow once corrupt sharks get a taste of "blood."

Back to the so-called counterCHANGED feature in heraldry shared by Countrys. The symbol of the cancer constellation is a crab, and Crabs were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Stanleys using a "Sans CHANGER" motto. There is a cancer-like Changer surname suspect as kin of Cambridgeshire's Stouts/Stows. Stanleys were in Cheshire, for example at Stanlow, and while Foy-loving Haydens connected with Cheshire's Macclesfield, English Lacy's are said to have been at Stanlow-House of Cheshire. English Chanceys have a cancer-like Chaunceur variation, and they share the patonce cross with Nobs suspect at the NOBottle location of French Chanceys. There's nothing very convincing in this paragraph so far for a pointer to any cancers, but it is interesting that while one English Bridge surname has griffin heads that, in colors reversed, can be the red one of Chanceys/Chanceurs, the other English Bridge's use crabs. On either side of the Chancey griffin head are blue wings, symbol also of Earhardt-connectable surnames such as HERTzogs/Herzogs and Here's.

Then, as if to stimulate thought, the heraldry goes to the Dives'/Diva's, not only because they were first found in Cambridgeshire too, but because they share the Hayden dancette. From Dives'/Diva's, we then take it to Dine's/Diens/DIVES' (PATEE crosses), because Diva is the city of Chester in Cheshire, a few miles only from Stanlow (in Wirral). Chester's ("PATItur") share "Vincit" with Keiths/Mascals, a branch of Kettle's, while Cheatle's (Cheshire) share a dancetty-fesse with Dives'/Diva's. English Mascals were first found in Sussex, where Diens'/Dives were said to be first found until this year. DINans use a "prest" motto term that can link Dinans to Prestbury (includes Hayden-related Macclesfield). Dinans have a row of four white lozenges that can be of the row of three white lozenges of Prest-like Brests/Brix's (almost the Dutch Hagen Coat).

HAYDen-like Irish Hagans/Hagens (Hague/Haight/Hait colors) show a boot. Chesters share the motto of English Shaws, first found in Berkshire with the Boots that were once showing in the French Massey/Masse Coat. The latter's Chief (probably has the Tatton / Tute crescent) is now looking linkable to the Dean/Dein Chief, and English Masseys/Maceys were first in Cheshire with Stanlow and Dunham-Masci of Hamon de Masci. The Chancey/Chanceur Coat looks like it's of the Maschi's, and the crab-using Bridge's were likely a branch of Macey-related Bride's (Savoy, same as Masseys/Masse's). The Maschi-related Hamons love the Totts in their motto while Tottens look like they have the Cheatle dancette in colors reversed.

We read in the Bottle/Bootle write-up that Thomas Bootle was at TATham (Lancashire), and Tathams use a swan standing on a trumpet, like the rooster "standing" on a trumpet of Livers/Levers (Lancashire). Todd-like Totts/Todts use the swan too. It's just that Todds have the fox while Swans (HEART) were first found in Lanarkshire with the Hardys that had linked well to "EarHARDT/AirHART," for Eyer/Air-branch Ayers were at Cumnock, near Lanarkshire. Swans are Sions too, and Sionachs/Shinnocks list the Fox surname. Cumnock-like Comyns/Comine's love the Courage's who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of the Snake's/Snooks suspect in the Earhardt snakes. Snake's and Seneca's go to the "Sans Changer" in the motto of Stanleys, and Changers are like "cancer."

The Arms of Ayrshire has a "shaw" or "schaw" motto term, and Schaws happen to have the Massey/Masse crescents too. The Arms of Ayrshire also has the Arms-of-Carrick (just a red-on-white chevron), which might therefore be in the Tatham Coat. I know that Kennedys (Tatham colors and format) have the Arms-of-Carrick chevron, colors reversed from the Tottenham dancetty fesses, and the Carrick surname itself uses a dancetty fesse.

"Comyn(s)" (in the write-up of Scottish Shaws) was the surname of Adam Kilconquhar's mother, and he's to the Adams having a star-version of the Ainsley cross, and probably in the colors of the Annan(dale) saltire because Adams were first found in Annandale. Kilconquhar had married Marjory Carrick (AYRshire, same as Ayers). Between Cumnock and Lanarkshire is Pollok of the Pollocks who share the saltire of Hearts/Harts. Italian Adams, first found at FERMo, use an EAR of wheat, and "Ferme" is a Hayden motto term. It's got Ainsley Earhardt all over it. Fermo was the home of Azzo, founder of Este, and the Este eagles are shared by Basfords/Bashfords while Ainsleys were at Basford. We can't get away from her; she keep hogging the discussion.

I'm trying to understand why Scot-English Adams (Annandale) have the same cross as Risings. On this front, it tends to suggest Miss Hicks as Sleeping Beauty because she married Kilpatricks, first found in Dumfries with Annandale. Yet while Hicks and Ainsleys share the same fleur-de-lys, Ainsleys have a five-fleur-version of the five-star Coat of English Adams. She refuses to quit. It's like she wants to be everywhere. The Comyn line of Adam's mother likely named Cumnock, and that's beside the region of the Crawfords who share the ermined fesse of Darts, very suspect with the double, ermined fesses of Sleeps! That works, for Selepitanoi probably merged with Dardanians in the area of Rhizon.

As Scottish Johnsons have a version of the Kilpatrick Coat, and with a Chief in the colors of the Hayden Chief, perhaps this is a pointer to COVID vaccines from Johnson & Johnson. Kerricks were involved in vaccine pointers two updates ago, and the Kerrick motto is that also of Scottish Johnsons. Scottish Kerricks are listed with Carricks i.e. the line married by Adam.

The Crawford motto term, "Totum" looks like code for some variation of the Tottems/Tottens, for the latter have four fesses in the colors of the Crawford /Dard/Dard fesse, and it just so happens that Dardanians had a queen, TriTEUTA. The Totten motto, "AD astra SEQUOR," is suspect as a pointer to AstraZENECA vaccines, and so the Seneca-linkable Snake's and Sans' are important here. Ade's/Aid's are linkable to AITons/Ayton, and I think that Haydens might even have been an Ayton / Eyton branch. Ade's/Aids are in the Levi motto along with Seconds/SEGURs suspect in the Totten motto. Aitons have an Artemis-like Artem variation while a high priestess of Artemis was the mother of Plancia Magna. As she had a Galatian father, he's suspect from the Galatian king, ARTEMidoros.

Watch. The Arms of Crawford have quadrants colors reversed from the same of Haydens and Tattons, and in the colors of the Tute/Tuit quadrants. The Arms of Crawford shares a black, three-armed cross between the antlers of a stag head with Vise's/Vice's, the latter first found in Sussex with Buckle's and HAYTONs/HEIGHTons, and the first thing is, Heights/Hyte's share the black cross (same style) between the Vise/Vice antlers. The second thing is, she's popping up again, because HEIGHts/Hyte's (look like a High branch) were first found in Derbyshire with EARhardt-connectable EYERs/HEYERs (Shaw kin) and Here's/Heyers (and Sola's)!!! Eyers/Heyers share "sola" with Hague's/Haights/Haits (virtually have the Eyer/Heyer motto). It appears that Ainsley's Hayden line was related to her Earhardt line...probably from the Aures area of the Shawia Numidians.

Haytons/Heightons (Ratcliff bull head, I wonder why) share the bull heads of Buckle-branch Buckleys and Hottens/HOUGHTons. Buckle's were first found in Surrey and Sussex, and Surrey was home to ADa of Warrene's father.

I almost missed the importance of Hague's/Haights: their saltire is colors reversed from the same of Nails/Neils, and her ex-husband's surname, Proctor, uses nails.

I still haven't found who Hayden's father is (I once knew), but here sets up another question for you: "Earhardt as a young child moved with her family to the FOXcroft area of CHARLOTTE, North Carolina." Did God arrange those things, since the other Sleeping Beauty is CHARLOTTE Hicks? FoxCROFTs (Lancashire) use more fox heads, and Crofts share the Hayden quadrants!!! I didn't make Ainsley live in Foxcroft. I didn't name her daughter. No matter that we try to shove this topic to Miss Hicks, Ainsley insists on being a jack-in-the-box popping up everywhere. I can't go a paragraph trying to get away, without her slapping me from behind on the ear....or chasing me with her quiver of voodoo needles.

They were married in SAN ANTONIO. Sans/Sanchez's share the eagle of Snake's/Snooks, who in turn share the lion of Italian Prettys/Prete's. English Prettys share the stars of the Adams who have a version of the Ainsley Coat. Pretty-like Pride's use lamPRAYs while Prays are PRETers/PRATers too, and the English Lams (Northumberland, same as Lamps) suspect in "lamprey" share the cinquefoil of Flowers while Antonio's use simply "a flower." Cool. As Adams are Caws too while Caws are listed with Mackays of Sutherland, I figure that Adams have the Sutherland stars.

BY THE WAY, Flowers were first found in Devon with Berts/Births while the neighboring Bretts/Britts had been in Holwell of Dorset, and then Holwells have a version of the Lorraine bend-with-eagles while my first date with Lorraine was on my 24th BIRTHday. Holwells/Halliwells were first found in Salford with Ratcliffs. As Beautys (Dorset, same as HOLwell) share the black bull with Ratcliffs, suddenly Hole / Hall / Holly liners look like they could be part of Sleeping-Beauty-of-Ainsley pointers. Lorraine's share white eagles on a bend with Basfords/Bashfords, and Ainsleys were at Basford. It just so happens that Hollys (Norfolk, same as Haydens) share the white dog head in the Hayden Crest!!! English and Scottish Hole's have dog heads in the colors of the Holly dog. This is a new thing. The Antonio flower got us here.

The Births/Berts share the fitchees of Rich-like Ricks, first found in Somerset with Bretts/Britts, and beside Rich's/Richess' who in turn are said to be from Lorraine probably because they were from Richeza of Lorraine. You see, the Bretts/Britts can be gleaned as a Bert/BIRTH branch just because of that first date on my birthday. I'll bet RISHtons are to my RISing with Sleeping Beauty.

Ricks have the Craven Coat in colors reversed because Cravens were Croatians from Rijeka/RIKA, and while I've been tracing Maxwells (HOLLY bush) to the eagle in the Arms of Rijeka, I don't think I've ever used the RISHtons/RICHtons for proving that trace. I saw a Rishton location not many minutes or hours ago. As it turns out, Rishtons/Richtons share the Maxwell motto! I've got to remember that. Rushtons, with the Chief-Shield colors of Haydens (Norfolk, same as Risings!!!), share a version of the Rishton Coat. Checking: I did connect Rishtons to Maxwells and Rijeka in January of 2020. Ricks share the fesse of Rush's/Rish's and the Risco's/Rosco's suspect in the "ReviRESCO" motto term of Rishtons/Richtons. Why is Ainsley's daughter linking to the rising Sleeping Beauty? Risco's/Rosco's have the cinquefoils of Bus' (Norfolk) in colors reversed, and the date on my birthday was started from Lorraine's bus stop. Can you make heraldry sing like this with any of your date's props? If God is speaking here, I suggest we take note.

I had earlier said to Lorraine, "I'm going to marry you," and while Marrys were first found in Norfolk too, Weddings are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Rush's/Rish's, and then the Weedins, with two of the Wedding fesses, share black martlets with Bride's, and with Maxwell-connectable Rutherfords. Weddings share the red martlet with WAKEhursts. The rising scene was made to appear like my future wife, but may have been an allusion to the Bride of Christ and His wedding after the evil world has had its brutal way with us. The double Weedin fesses are colors reversed from the two of Sleeps. Sleeping Beauty. I wonder why the date with Lorraine is now linking to things that go well with Sleeping Beauty. While Beautys are linkable to Walerans and Whalleys, the latter come up curiously was "Wede," like the Weed variation of Weedins.

Footnotes at Ainsley's Wikipedia article indicates that Hayden was born while Mr. Proctor was the husband. It's interesting that while one Hayden Coat almost has the five fesses of German Ducks, Irish Ducks/Logans use three nails in the colors of the same of Proctors. Plus, amazingly, recalling how Pretty-like surnames linked to things-Ainsley, Scottish Ducks (Somerset, same as Prittle's/Pridwells and Bretts/Britts) share the stars of Prettys/Prittys and German Bretts/Bretsnyders. Haydens tells that there is a Heyden location in Somerset. Plus, the lion heads of English Ducks are in the colors of the lions of English Bretts and in the color of the giant HEART of Ducks/Logans, which God may have set up because EarHARDTs/AirHARTS were a Heart/Hart branch. The 12 Hayden bars got us here.

In the Sleeping-Beauty dream, I was transported to the DOOR of the car, which got suspect with the Daorsi-suspect namers of DORset, where Beautys were first found. Haydens tells that there is a Heyden location also in Dorset (beside Somerset).

The "FERME en foy" motto of the 12-bar Haydens demands a peak at Ferme's, but first, the Fare's, with the Scottish Ferme/Farme Coat in colors reversed, were first found in Cumberland with Dockers and Daggers while the German Ducks/Duckers are the ones with five fesses look much like the 12 bars of Haydens. Okay, we're onto something here, we wonder what it could be. Fare's and Ferme's share a giant anchor, and as Sleeping Beauty was at the hood of the car, note that this anchor is essentially the one of German Hoods/Hope's. English Hoods/Hoots share the white anchor with Hayden-linkable Heidlers. And Heyds/Hayds/Hayts/Heids (Bavaria, same as Bretts/Bretsnyders) have a bend-with-arrow in the colors of the bend-with-HEARTs of Dutch Ferme's. Hane's/Ains'/Hayens use an arrow too.

Scottish Ferme's/Farme's were first found in Midlothian with Bradds/Bratts, where Formans/Fermans were once said to be first found. Scottish Ducks have a Chief-with-items in colors reversed from the same of Majors who are in turn in the "majorum" motto term of Logans/Ducks, and Majors themselves have a giant anchor.

By now, most Americans have already had the COVID virus, and many without knowing it because it is such a mild disease, likely just a common flu disguised as COVID. It underscores the lack of need to vaccinate people if more than half of them have already had a natural vaccination by having been infected. But the experts are not concerned with this, they want to vaccinate all. They may be inflating the numbers of the vaccinated thus far, which they say is 40 million in the U.S. They may be inflating those numbers for two reasons: 1) to make it appear EVERYONE is freely getting the shot, and to make the math work better for their desires. The higher they score in the vaccinated column, the fewer vaccine deaths per thousand there will be.

CDC says that over 1,900 vaccine deaths have occurred to date, and this number may be downplayed for obvious reasons. If we divide 40 million by 1,900, it's one death per 21,000 vaccinated, yet if we acknowledge that the deaths are occurring only amongst those who have not caught the infection, then we should use a number less than 20 million because most Americans are predicted to have caught the disease by now, a year after it started. Usually, flus disappear in mere months naturally as people get it (many don't know they have it). If we therefore say that out of the 40 million vaccinated, only 15 million were at risk of dying from a vaccine, then the deaths per capita changes to 15M / 1900 = one death per 7,900 vaccinations. That does not include the number of severe maimings, permanent or otherwise, from the vaccines, which we expected to be of a higher number of cases than 1,900 deaths.

Okay, so if we use one vaccine death per 8,000 vaccinations, does that seem like a nothing-burger to Ainsley Earhardt, and to killer Trump who openly says these vaccines are safe?? Let's do the math on the number of COVID deaths. The CDC released the following death numbers last year:

CDC COVID-19 Survival Rates

Age 0-19 — 99.997%
Age 20-49 — 99.98%
Age 50-69 — 99.5%
Age 70+ — 94.6%

The way to do the math with ages 0-19 is: 100,000 - 99,997 = 3 deaths per 100,000 infections. That's far less that the 1 per 8000 in vaccine deaths, and vaccine deaths are killing young and old alike. At least with COVID deaths. it's almost all old people who are close to death to begin with, due to other complications / weakness. Therefore, Trump is a killer of young and old alike, for no health-related reasons at all, and Earhardt is just as bad because she pushed vaccines for children without speaking out against the Fox bosses that want vaccines for children pushed.

For ages 20-49, the math is: 10,000 - 9998 = 2 deaths per 10,000 = 1 per 5,000. If not mistaken, this particular 99.98-percent death rate was the average for the entire gamut of people under 70 years old. BUT WAIT. THE CDC was forced to admit that only 6-percent of all their registered COVID deaths were due to people having only COVID, while 94-percent died of COVID in combination with an average of two other major illnesses i.e. they were old and close to death to begin with. In other words, we can glean that their numbers for COVID deaths are severely inflated to start with, because many or most of those registered deaths could have been of people with or without COVID. We should not assume that COVID put them over the top (to the point of death), because many would have died even without COVID at about the same time.

Plus, I have read of stark corruption where doctors were forced to list gun and street-accident deaths as COVID deaths if only the victims tested positive for COVID. CORRUPTION in the medical associations we trust to take care of us. Therefore, that 1 / 5000 deaths for the 20-49 age group is more like 1 / 8,000, the same number roughly of the vaccine deaths. Close enough. It means that vaccinations are purely murderous by the same people who are murdering others with the infection itself by denying them chloroquine, etc., and also by admitting COVID-positive people as residents into old-age / nursing homes. I am aghast at what is taking place, but the witch / hypocrite on Fox shows no concern at all.

The CDC page is as advertisement for the killers where it says: "What you need to know...COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective."

The number of confirmed COVID cases in the U.S. today is about 30 million, but this is barely up at all from the last time I checked it months ago. Once 20 million is reached, it goes FAST to 40 million, then fast to 80 million, so this 30-million figure looks like self-interested garbage. The fact is, there are several times more infections than confirmed cases because, mainly, only people with serious cases visit a doctor. Everything CDC does is to lie as much as it deems riskable.

In the third minute of the video above, there is the possibility put forward that as many as a third of the people are pre-protected from COVID due to previous SARS infections.

The number of U.S. COVID deaths registered to date is 540,000, but if only 6-percent of these died only of COVID, then, even if we double it to 12-percent, COVID has killed 540,000 x .12 = 45,000, the annual number roughly to be expected from the common flu. And we never hear in the news about deaths from flus versus COVID, as if the flu has disappeared or is of no concern to the propagandists...for obvious reason. Clearly, the number of real deaths from COVID are the flu deaths; the crooks have devised a way to test COVID-positive for a flu A or flu B. Not only did they use the COVID scheme to boot Trump out of the White House illegally, but Trump is now their best vaccine pusher. TRAITOR!

Before you reach the one-minute mark in the video below, you will hear that only 3-percent of COVID-positive tests are in fact proof of COVID infection. The rest are bogus positives. Is this a reliable statement?

Here's a doctor who sounds like a straight-shooter, telling us that the CDC knows the COVID vaccines do not meet the definition of "vaccine", and that this vaccination program is an experiment(s) in other areas using the masses as the guinea pigs:

If the man is correct, then people can sue the vaccine companies because non-vaccines are not covered in the government-granted immunity programs that keeps vaccine providers safe from law suits. This could put a dent in the vaccine scheme, though one fix is to have lawmakers give the vaccine companies immunity for this batch of whatever-it-is too. But for the loved ones of people who died before such a law is made, it's feasible for them to have a class-action suit to break the heads of these vaccine companies.

The man says that the product they are injecting as a COVID vaccine causes your own cells to produce COVID viruses, but there's no way to know, he says, whether a body will ever stop producing them. Zikers, why isn't this information front-and-center at Fox and Friends? Maybe it is, I hardly watch it or any other Fox show anymore, but something tells me that Fox is not sharing this topic with people like the doctor above as part of the conversations? The way he puts it, it all looks like a murderous program, and the vaccine companies and governments will later say, "oops, we didn't think these mortal complications would arise, sorry about that, we'll try better next time."

Please listen to this man between the 8th and 10th minute. Don't take your chances, because problems can crop up later that never correct themselves; you may need constant doctor / drug care = $$$ for some.


Even if you don't watch the video below, read the comments for some very positive news after positive news, because you won't get positive news in the rest of this section:

Once again pertinent news comes late Friday, after business hours. We hear at this time that Ms. Fann has chosen the audit teams for Arizona's ballot testing, and that Jovan Pulitzer is happy with the team. Maybe they have decided to use his system without him personally, but with a representative. If almost no fraud is found, here is one explanation: the judge who permitted this audit was given the green light to allow it by the Democrats who assured that evidence of fraud was mainly wiped away. In this way, the Dems could say that audits in other states are a witch hunt by conspiracy theorists. In other words, this audit may be the result of a staged performance even if the pro-Trump side is not a part of the fakery. That is, the pro-Trump side is being played on the Democrat stage. It's just a theory.

The staging may also have the purpose of angering Christians. The idea is to get fake Democrats on youtube celebrating this audit, building huge hopes for a cascading to other state cheating, and then nothing comes of Arizona's audit.

Here's some good news on the shredded ballots found in a dumpster where the ballots were being kept by the Maricopa county officials:

In case youtube removes the video, the speaker at Real America news says that some of the shredded paper was put together again to prove that they were the official ballots. The speaker also asks the obvious question: why doesn't the county release the security video showing the culprit placing the shredded ballots into the dumpster? At first glance, we would says, because the county is guilty and does not want to expose the crime. However, my question is: why did they only put one garbage bag of shredded ballots, and why would they be so careless as to put it into their own dumpster rather than taking it home and putting it out in their own garbage collection? Did they want to get caught? Is this another staged event? If so, what outcome might they be hoping for?

By what coincidence did someone sneak to the dumpster just when there was no garbage on top of the bag holding the shredded ballots? Wouldn't the chances be greater that someone would arrive with garbage on top of the ballots? Wouldn't someone wanting to check for tossed ballots come back after work hours rather than doing it in broad daylight with the garage door wide open? Why would the facility offer the part of the video where the man is in the dumpster obtaining the garbage bag when the facility knows that, by publicizing that part, it has the responsibility to share the earlier parts of the video? Would we rather not expect that the facility just lie, saying that the camera wasn't working that day?

Maricopa is where the officials, in their kindest moment of charity, offered the pro-Trumpers a whopping 100 ballots to scrutinize, God bless their little kind hearts. To the dismay of those extremely-helpful officials, there turned out to be a 3-percent discrepancy = error in the count, which is a large-enough error to justify more ballots scrutinized, but, bless their little hearts, the officials suddenly turned into stingy wolves.

Look at the ear of "Joe Biden," the lobe part, at about 35 seconds into this video, because it's not the same ear lobe as the other Biden we normally see. The one at 35 seconds sounds like a fake. Note how fuzzy the image on our left is while giving a super shot of the ear. Why is it fuzzy? Who made it that way? Bitchute? Skip the garbage of this video until 1:45 to see that there is no ear lobe, especially at 1:53. It's the type that has the lobe attached to the face.

Now, see normal Biden with both ears normal, with lobes, at the first couple of seconds of this video, with a shot of the non-lobe ear of another man beside it:

Here's the inauguration speech in which we can spot, multiple times, a non-lobe on the man's right ear, but with a normal lobe on his left ear, suggesting that Biden may not have been at the inauguration:

If in fact the real Biden has two normal lobes, how could the Democrats be so stupid as to try to pull this off? It's a crime to front before the people a fake president, is it not? Someone on January 21, 2021: "Anyone know why Joe Biden no longer has earlobes?" Someone trying to save Biden says that it's due to cosmetic surgery, but no one goes from lobes to non-lobes, but rather the other way around. Someone else trying to save Biden suggests that the videos have been tampered with, but that's clearly false.

Here are Biden photos showing a lobe on his right ear; without question it's not the same man without the lobe. The one with lobe is a Getty image:

Most other photos has the non-lobe man, but scrolling down to where we see Biden with his son, Hunter, Joe has the lobe on the right ear.

Here's several photos of a younger Biden with a lobe on his right ear:

At the website above, the non-lobe man appears in a photo with this caption: "Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a primary election night campaign rally Tuesday, March 3, 2020, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)." For the record, the page above has more photos of non-lobe man with the following captions:

"August 20, 2020: Joe Biden accepts the Democratic nomination for president."

"President-elect Joe Biden gestures on stage after speaking, Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool)."

"President-elect Joe Biden announces his climate and energy team nominees and appointees at The Queen Theater in Wilmington Del., Saturday, Dec. 19, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)"

Apparently, Biden wasn't even in the public view for the presidential campaign. The DNC had to pay a fake, and thus the DNC is guilty of a massive crime. BUT, this may be for the purpose of making militia groups arise so that the Biden government can take away their guns with that excuse, for I think it's just plain stupid to front a fake Biden where his ear is a dead give-away in the many photos. In fact, I suggest the possibility that they deformed the double's ear so that he would get caught. Is it possible for a man to be born with only one non-lobe ear? Don't the genes need to make both ears rather identical? This stinks either way we look at it. The American government is a stage production. Almost nothing is authentic. They are almost all plastic rulers...under CONDEMNATION. We can now appreciate "FALSE Prophet" much better.

If Fox doesn't do a story on this, Fox is a piece of trash, and the only mystery is, WHY? Why is it such trash? I'm discovering that the ear-lobe story was out last December, and, as usually happens, the "fact checkers" proved it to be only a conspiracy theory. We don't need to check with a fact checker when we can plainly see the ears are far different.

I covered the Trump-Biden debate, and told my readers how well Biden did UNEXPECTEDLY, with coherent responses, and now I know why. See that the fake at the debate has no lobe in the first and fourth photos of the six offerings below. These photos are not from a pro-Trumper, but from a pro-Bidenite arguing that Biden didn't wear a wire at the debate. In other words, these six photos are not doctored, and therefore there is/was in fact a Biden double:

I'm convinced, Biden has a double, and the question is: for how long? We don't need to ask why, we know the answer, but for how long has Biden been guilty of allowing a double? Apparently, the fake Biden was sworn in. If they are both appearing before the public, is this the two-horned False Prophet?

I now know that Fox did not do a story on this, due to the story being out there for months already. Fox = TRASH. Fox does not want to tell the truth unless the truth allows it to grow financially. If a true and important story like this means a severe backlash, Fox-Trash isn't interested in exposing the fraud, just like it's not interested in exposing election fraud, or the 9-11 crime. It all makes Fox much worse than trash. Fox = CRIMINAL. Fox is perfectly fine with covering a fake Biden knowingly, and so are the prime-time cards. They are just cards if they don't announce this double. They are all traitors to journalism even as they boast to be the true journalism. The United States is a wreck. If you think it best to live in another country, I don't blame you. This country has become a dangerous and unsettling place to live. A conservative state today could become a leftist state tomorrow.

Here's Biden this week in a full minute without having a mental lapse, because this looks like the double, and he says, "president Harris."

It makes for some logic that the people in charge of this administration don't want to pay / use a double for long, and so there is some expectation that they will transition to Harris soon. Biden's wife is guilty of a crime. They are all guilty of fraud on the American people. They have no fear of being prosecuted because virtually the entire government, and Fox too, is a staged production, nothing authentic at all but from a few good guys, and even some of the good guys may only be actors. To phase out Biden, they will ask him to appear debilitated, too weak to run the White House. Maybe they will ask him to trip up the stairs to his plane. And after that they might ask him to faint before a national audience.

In the video below, note how the double (I think it's the double) comes to the mic acting like he's weak or mentally challenged, acting like Biden, that is, and yet as the double goes on speaking, he not only shows coherence, but strength in his voice. I watched only to the middle of the 8th minute:

Perhaps this man had no lobes at all, but they gave him one lobe, planning to do the other ear soon, but for whatever reason they haven't been able to get it done yet. If he sounds just like Biden, it's because we've been hearing the fake, on and off, since at least early 2020. That is, we have been given the impression that this voice is the real Biden.

I fast-forwarded the video above to the end of the video to see if he would show his ear, and he does. In fact, he turns around so that the right ear is square to the camera, as if his team wants him to get caught. It looks like the no-lobe ear to me. Surely, the team would tell this man not to let his ear show to the camera if it's not yet got a lobe. ??? What do you think? It explains why there are no press briefings, because the fake stands a chance to be jailed longer-term for greater fakery as president. I've considered that, maybe, this is the real Biden but with one lobe stretched to the face to hide an incision at the lower ear for insertion of a permanent microphone, but this seems unnecessary because such an incision can be hidden by skin experts. Or, they could have done it at the back of the ear. Is there such a thing as a permanent mic? This man seems too robust to be the true Biden, even as he sometimes fakes being "slow".

With so many photos of the no-lobe Biden in peoples' computers, how will they now fix this problem with the real Biden and his two lobes? They can't suddenly start showing a two-lobe Biden. So this criminal fake job will continue for at least a short term until they get the courage to make Harris the president by default due to some contrived excuse(s).

Below is the too-kind wife of a pastor in a conservative province JAILED just because he wanted to get on with normal church services. You see, the powers are putting their thumbs down abusively on Christians who do not submit to them, for no good reasons, and this trend is expected to continue as anti-Christs love it. So, we have got to decide whether we will stand up and be counted for Jesus in speaking out, and getting our blessed persecution too. For each day this pastor remains in jail, if there are no issues between he and God, he will reap a Reward, while for every day he spends in jail, his persecutors will get their reward too, without fail.

Canada is a nation of chicken-hearts, especially in church leadership positions. Canadian society fell to wickedness this past generation with hardly a peep from the churches. They didn't band together to make loud their voices of opposition to the anti-Christ goons. There should be thousands of pastors willingly in jail at this time, all singing together for their blessings, as well as tens of thousands of elders and other church people, all ramming their words of opposition down the throats of police officers, police chiefs and judges. Show a little life, carriers of Life. By simply laying down and allowing your backs to be walked on, SPIT! Would you not rather spend a month or two in jail and come out feeling proud for God? Not everyone can leave home to be in jail a spell, but many can. Those who are not pastors will attend a court and be released the next day if the numbers are high enough, because low-level jails don't have room to keep us, and the courts will get a bad name to persecute so many of us.

There is no pandemic; they are not merely unjustified in jailing us, but are being heinous. Give them an inch today, a foot tomorrow. When the pastor is jailed, let someone take his place, and let the people come out for services who are willing to be jailed too. That's how this should be done. It will be hard, but it will pay off. Stack the jails and the courts with the mighty people of God from sea to sea, that's what I want to see, and while in there, tell some criminals about Jesus, and warn the police and the courts about God's judgment upon them. Then watch God work, but if we're going to be a lump of zero energy, how can God act to glorify the Church?

Let people with good money take the governments to court over and over again for fining people too harshly for gathering or not wearing masks in a "pandemic" that is easier on the population than a standard flu. Ask judges for reimbursements from governments. This is theft, and exploitation to commit theft. Give these rotten governments an inch today, and it will be nine yards tomorrow. Band together and make a willful decision to get punished as a group in order to make a loud stand. Band together with church groups across the country and make some noise. Who wants to be part of a spineless church? It's our anti-Christ enemies who are spineless. They are the home-wreckers, the destroyers. The judges are the chicken hearts, too afraid to stand up for traditional values in the face of anti-Christian lawyers. So, the judges succumb, and it's our job to show them how to apply a backbone, some courage, boldness for righteousness.

Law and justice is for the benefit of the whole community, but judges have allowed themselves to award devilish lawyers "rights" for individuals to do evil in the community, and this is the opposite of what courts were intended for. The court is to protect the whole society from the sinful, harmful act(s) of any one individual. Instead, judges award faggots the right to pray our or youth, and police turn blind eyes to all sorts of sin, then come down hard on a pastor who wants only to operate his church with people willing to risk catching the COVID flu.

There is a solution: home churches in the evenings. It is not necessary to gather on Sunday. Any day will do. The first day of the week is not holier than other days. I would love to attend a home church, or even to have one at my home. I put out an ad last year for five or six months to start a home church, but nobody in my area responded. Maybe all those who saw it were afraid to gather with the "pandemic." Maybe they were already attended home churches. I hope so.

Mr. Coates, the Canadian pastor above in Alberta, is being released. Perhaps when his story was spread by Rebel news, the government didn't want to be seen being harsh, though it really wanted to be harsh if it could get away with it. I know Canadian anti-Christs. I know their hearts. They celebrate abortion wins with the glee that normal people celebrate new births.

Ben Shapiro is probably still an agent of Fox news, and so what does it tell us about Fox where Shapiro is going against his viewership with mandatory vaccinations? When someone called into his show to say that COVID "vaccines" have fetal products, Shapiro didn't shoot her down, so far as I watched (which wasn't long). This "vaccine" is a witch's brew, and if Earhardt wants to play the witch to keep her job, she can be risking an infestation of demons in her soul, perhaps even by the will of God.

Here's Trudeau's Canada the totalitarian, anti-Christ state of deep-dark goons:

I'm so disturbed by this that it makes me feel like taking up arms against the anti-Christ forces, I SWEAR. Although this case is in British Columbia, the Trudeau government has got to have the same types of absolute fiends. The people responsible for this do not deserve to live, to go forward to destroy our world. It is not their world only, but ours too. Taking up arms to kill wicked people is not something new today. It has happened many blessed times in the past. If half the police and military rises to destroy these wicked, demonic, worthless swine, I will be a part of their army. I am disappointed in my wet-sock fellow citizens not moved to anger, tending to allow these monsters to alter our world to this point. These are the same swine who encourage kids to change their gender, absolute demons, and then allow the kids to switch gender without parental notification / consent???? When is it the right time to breath murderous threats against a government gone sick? Do not give your children to public schools.

You can't even take a case to a modern court because they will tell us they they don't make the laws, just apply the laws, in which case they admit to being servants of the government so that the people have no courts against government abuse. The people need people-friendly courts willing to alter laws if they are bad laws. Instead, courts strike down good laws when the wicked make requests of courts. Maddening.

The courts / government in British Columbia did not want the father to reveal the details publicly about this horrendous abuse, and so the court / government itself admitted full guilt by ordering the man not to talk about it, for they knew that what was done was heinous. They knew the normal citizen would object. The father disobeyed the courts, good for him, and he has that right under freedom-of-speech protections unless the government can show good reason not to speak about it. EVERY doctor assisting a child to alter their gender without notifying the parents deserves to be exposed because other parents would want to know who that doctor is. They all would prefer to blow his head off, you see, and that of the judge too, which is why the government didn't want the father to reveal who the doctors were, or to reveal anything about the case. UNACCEPTABLE court order, clearly. The slimes who made such a law have betrayed humanity. Instead of talking the child out of doing something so stupid, they rushed in to facilitate the new global order of anti-Christian horrors.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

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