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March 9 - 15, 2021

The Square Ballot Boxes and the Bohemian Edomites
Dominion Voting Has/Had a Head Office in Chinatown

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Here's an exciting-to-me piece from the last update, that I'd like to go deeper into:
If we become convinced that Lorraine's grass stain is to point to [Mark] Finchem / Phoenix, why use Grass'? Is there a special reason? Lawns/LOANs...

We can even add that the VANNES'/Ness' share the double fesses of crocodile Deans/Dene's while I had a dream about a couple of years ago where Diane and Joe appeared with a VAN (he didn't own a van in real life). Joe asked me to get him a container, and that involved a man wearing big-round glasses that identified OULlette's with OWLs/Howls. He filled the square container with snow from his van's bumper, but I can't figure what this could do with Phoenix election-fraud.

[Insert -- During the spell-check, at the last hour of this week, I realized that JOE's VAN can be a pointer to JOVAN Pulitzer! Hee-hee, maybe. AHHH, I left this insert and was almost finished the spell-check when coming across "JoVAN" below, and that's when I remembered that Joe's are listed with English Josephs while French Josephs share the Pulit/Pulling martlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIGGIE FOLKS. I'm really happy about this. Plus, he asked me to get a container, and then filled it with snow while Snowdens share the Pulit/Pulling scallops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Snowden fesse-with-items is reflective of the same of Van-branch Fens/Venns/Fannys [Lorraine had the grass stain on her fanny].

AHHHHHH WOW. As I've been saying for a long time, he took the snow off of his van's back BUMPer, and while I've been linking Bumps/Bumpus' and Tooths to Letters / Lauders ("RePULLulat"), lookie at the Snowden write-up: "...Snawden in Lauderdale..." So, that dream was Intended as a pointer to Jovan Pulitzer, it just has to be. The Bumps were first found in Gloucestershire with Letter-like Letts/LATE's suspect in "RepulluLAT." We could have a pointer here also to judge Alito. That same motto of Lauders can be part-code for Reeps, who happen to be listed with Rising-like Risers. I'll tackle this dream deeper in the next update. End insert]

Okay. One of the mysteries is why this dream started with Diane and Joe together in the van. Why Diane too? Joe was at the back doors when asking me to get a container, and the next thing I saw was the yard /lawn across the street. I went up a couple of steps to a WALKway, and this was resolved months ago as a pointer to Walks because they share the Snow fesse, and there was snow on the lawn. The Joe's/Josephs happen to share the Walk garb, you see, and so we are now justified in going to the "ne" motto term of Joe's/Josephs because Knee's/Nee's use the phoenix! COOOOOL!!! Just think about it. We saw evidence in the quote above for a pointer of this dream to Phoenix, and here the main character of the dream has a name that points straight to a Phoenix-loving family. (Load Joe link now to see other Coats of Arms).

Walks even share the stars of Snowdens who in turn have the Walk / Snow fesse in colors reversed. Were SnowDENs and Snow-Dean merger? English Dens/Deans come up as Diane's. Or, Snowdens may have been a Snow-Danny merger for the following reasons.

When I first started to decipher this dream, I went to DANNY Snow, a character known to me because he had worked at the mechanic's garage where I was pumping gas at age 14/15. Dannys fit the dream because they share the griffin of Box's (Wiltshire, same as Dannys) while the container I picked up was square = a box. There is more to this than now meets the big eyes, wait for it. As I've said a few times, Danny's girl was Patty RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea until now that God chose for me to know that couple for a pointer to the RISING-Phoenix theme.

It's therefore mentionable that there is a green dragon head in the Danny Crest while Fenns/Venns/Fannys have a green griffin head in Crest. The biggie comes with Danny De FILIPPis, whom I've mentioned before because I worked at his farm at age 14/15, the same years in which I was pumping gas (at the Gormley BP station). My friend at that farm was Dannys brother, DOMINic (became a car mechanic), you see, a pointer to DOMINion vote FLIPPing. So, while the Phoenix-pointing dream touches upon Danny Snow with Joe's filling of the box with snow, we go naturally to Danny and Dominic De Vote Flipping.

The Walk Coat is so much like the Edward Coat that I had pointed this part of the dream (a couple of years ago) to the Edward Snowden, but what's he got to do with Pulitzer? I don't imagine Edward Snowden each time the Snowden surname comes to topic, but rather look at what it might link to in order to find a pattern.

The Walk motto term, "InDUSTRia," has been resolved with Dusters, yet if the latter were of the Dusts/D'Ousts, note that while Pulitzer's middle name is, Hutton, the Hotts/Hottins, first found in D'Oust, have eagles in the red color of the Knee/Nee eagle-phoenix (or spread eagle with flames at the tail, just like the gold one of Phoenix's). The Hott/Hottin fesse is in the colors of the Snowden fesse, and so I think this is an additional case for the dream's pointer to Pulitzer, for we now have pointers to all three of his names.

The Hutton-like Hottens/Haughtons are super here because the last update was rife with pointers to Arizona's Mark FINchem. It was found that the triple Finchem fesses are shared by Feins/FINs, while Fiens are listed with Phoenix-branch Phone's/Fane's/VANS. What more needs be said to show that God seems to be pointing to Pulitzer via Huttons? Well, Pulitzer's Arizona has Phoenix as its capital, and Mark Finchem is a Republican (pro-Trump) member of the Arizona legislature. The Hottens/Haughtons have the Finchem / Fein/Fin Coat in colors reversed!!! ASTOUNDING. This comes days after Finchem came to topic. The dream with JOE's VAN was undecipherable until Arizona got a widely-watched fight against election fraud. How will it end? Does the dream indicate how it ends?

Hottens/Haughtons are said to have named at least one Haltone location, and then Dominion-like English Dominics were first found in Cornwall's Halton while the vertically-split Shield of German Dominics is that of Haltons (said to be first found in St. Dominic of Cornwall). This is right near the first-known Hoods/HOOTs, and Dominion Voting was co-founded by Mr. Hoover while Hoovers share the Hooter Coat, believe it or not. As Sleeping BEAUTY was played by Miss Hicks, who pointed to Hoovers and Hooters, note that while Hicks' have a "bon" motto term, Italian Bons/Bono's have virtually the Halton Coat. The latter have the lion of English Bone's and Beaumonts, and Beaumonts were first found in Dorset with the related BEAUTYs. That's right. Haltone of the Hottens/Haughtons (share bull with Beautys and Walerans) is in Staffordshire, where HICKsons/Hixons were first found who share the bird leg with Hoovers and Hooters.

Suddenly, parts of the Sleeping-Beauty dream are pointing to Dominion's co-founder, and while the other co-founder is Mr. Poulos, the facts are: the dream started with a shark in a POOL, and pools were first found in Dorset while sharing the giant Bon/Bono lion. English Bone's look related to Pulits/Pulling/Pullys.

I rarely mention the following because the scene seemed out of place (until now): the Joe's van dream ended with my being in a shopping mall! I'm getting ahead of myself, but when I had returned the container to where it had been picked it up, I went back to the van, but it was gone. I then noted for the first time that it had been parked at the edge of a road near traffic lights, and upon seeing that night-time intersection scene with red lights, I was transported instantly into a shopping mall, and I was just walking around inside looking for Joe and Diane. I recorded this somewhere, and will try to find it. This mall scene looks like it's to be linked to Miss Peare's waist-pull scene (in a SHOPping mall), but even that dream didn't show what happened after I pulled her waist.

Shops are very linkable to Scherfs, and while the Shop dancette is in the colors of the CARRICK dancette, I trace Carrick ancestry to squirrel-using Gilberts, especially to squirrels said to be CRACKing a nut, and Squirrels/SQUARE's have variations like those of Shops and Scherfs. If we therefore view the square box as a pointer to Scherfs, what might it mean? Is this box a symbol of ballot boxes? Ballots/Bellows share the Coat of English Billets, first found in Devon with Thors/Tours and PIKE's, and I first PICKed up the box. Thors/Tours and Pike's (or their branches) can be in the "pecTORE" motto term of Ballots/Billets, you see, and Thors/Tours have the HOWELL Coat in colors reversed. The man who watched me pick up the box had OWL eyes. Billets were even first found in Devon with Hutton-like Hoods/Hoots, and while the latter were in Rattery (Devon), Ratterys share the fitchees of Picks/Pix's!!! It's making sense.

[SURPRISE, on Friday, about four days after writing here, I was re-reading to see what else might be gleaned, and realized: the Scherf-like Sheriffs share the Box griffin heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you see how huge that is? It's verifying that Scherfs are at issue with the square box. This is a great place to add this insert because the owl-important Thurstans, who share the full Sheriff motto, are shortly below in the insert written earlier this week.]

The picking up of the square box looks like a pointer to fraudulent ballots. If snow is cold, note that the French for "cold" sounds like "fraud." Frauds/Friths share the Joe/Joseph / Walk garb (!!!), and French Josephs were first found in Maine with Ballot-connectable French Billets/Billiards! ZINGER! Maine's were first found in Devon with English Billets. I had no idea we could fall on all of that, when asking, "what could it mean that Pulitzer put snow into a box-shaped container"?

[Fantastic insert -- Later in this update, the square box works out also as a CONTAINer as a pointer to Contans/Constance's and Conte's/COMITes', and so this is a good place to add that COMETs share the tower of Towers. The latter, sharing the gold griffin with Box's, believe it or not, were first found in LANCashire with Shovel-branch Scholfields, and, as you will see, Joe SHOVELLed snow into the container. Contans/Constance's were first found in LANGUEdoc with Conte's/Comites', and with the French TOURs having a white-tower version of the giant Tower tower. Can we believe it, English Tours have the Owl-like Howell Coat in colors reversed. I didn't realize until writing this insert that English Constance's have a hexagram in the colors of the Reines hexagram, and the latter's is called a "comet."

If you've read that carefully enough to see that the heraldry was arranged by Someone who planned to give me the Joe's-van dream hundreds of years into the future, you haven't seen it all yet. I figure that Comets were a branch of Comyns/Comine's (Comet colors and format) who in turn share the Joe/Joseph / Walk / Fraud/Frith garb, believe it or not. This dream, almost two years old, is finally being deciphered. Comets were at Lowick/Lofwick, and while the Lofwick/Lowick Chief is a version of the Oullette Chief, the latter is a reflection of the Luff/Love/LOVEY Coat.

It was resolved that Mrs. Kilpatrick reminded me of Mrs. Howell partly as a pointer to her husband, Thurston Howell. I've already pointed out (years ago) that Thurstans were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls, but it's also where we find an EYE location. The man in the chair had owl eyes. We can understand this with "THURston," the Thor / Tower liners, right? The Esse's/Ash's in the Thurston motto were first found in Devon with Thors/Tours, the ones with the Howell Coat in colors reversed, believe it or not. It may thus seem that God intended to link Sleeping Beauty to the flowing out of this Joe-van dream under discussion. As I first saw her at the HOOD of a car, it now looks like a pointer to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. He has not yet reported any break-through on election fraud using his system. What if it never happens?

There was evidence that God gave us a dream more recently than Joe's-van dream. I was in the residence of the Luffs (old friends), and there was a WALK-in FREEZER in that dream to go with the Freeze/Phreeze / Fry/Frey surname, which later gets suspect with the FRYth variation of Frauds. The Luff dream started with my sitting at the kitchen table with the Luff couple, when they showed snakes for tongues waving in their open mouths. Just go ahead and compare the Walks (share Comyn / Joe garbs) with Snake's/Snooks, and consider whether snooker = BILLIARDs is at play, the Ballot-linkable ones. I don't think the tongues have been deciphered if it's partly for the Tongue/Tong surname, but will add here that they look like kin of English Bone's/Bohums.

The black bull heads in the Lofwick/Lowick Chief reminds that God said to me, in the Sleeping-Beauty dream, that Sleeping Beauty LOVES me. Lofwicks/Lowicks/LOVicks share the black bull with Beautys. As Sleeping Beauty was Mrs. Kilpatrick, I take it that the Lofwick/Lovick saltire is that of Kilpatricks. Why might God have wanted to point to Lovicks, or Comets of Lovick, when Sleeping Beauty was hovering? One day, as I said many times, Mrs. Kilpatrick's demeanor reminded me of LOVEY HOWELL on Gilligan's Island! Look at how perfect both of those capitalized names are for this Oullette discussion, and Gilligans even share the white-on-green horse with Freeze's/Phreeze's and Frys/Freys.

The dream had RAY Luff, and Rays are in Freeze/Phreeze / Fry/Frey colors and format. That was part of the evidence that God gave the dream. But it can be added that Rays are said to have been at Gill, and Gills, with a Dominion-like "Domine" motto term (!), are in Gilligan / Ray / Freeze colors, and were first found in Yorkshire with Tongue's/Tongs and Pulits/Pullings. That is pretty-good stuff.

I've always had a problem deciphering the "promptus" motto term of Rays, but can now glean that it should be read partly as "pROMPtus," for Romps/Rumps/RAMPS were first found in Cumberland with Rays. There had been an Obama dream in early 2016 that had Obama on a skateboard going up a RAMP. Just for the record, because I haven't yet deciphered the skateboard scene for its central point(s).

As "PROmptus" can be partly for Pero's, it's notable that their "flaming STAR" is the so-called "comet" of Reines'. Comets are the ones with the Tower tower so as to be linkable round-about to Howells. Plus, Stars (Wiltshire, same as Box's and Dannys/DANCE's) show an EYE, and Pero's share the pale bar of Italian Dance's! Dannys/Dance's were to topic with Danny SNOW, but also with Danny, brother of DOMINic De FILIPpis. It thus appears that things-Pero and/or things-Star are to be included in the snow-filled box. This recalls Peare and I RISING up the Star-like STAIRs, and I now recall that Stairs are in the colors and format of LUFkins who in turn share the fesse-with-stars of Peare's!!! WOW. I did not know it would come to that when starting this paragraph on a Pero-Ray link. Stars are even in Ray / Freeze / Gilligan colors.

If the Luffkin Shield were red, it would be in Peare colors and format. Luffs/Loveys are now said to have been first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and yet Luffs/Loveys were once said to be first found in Suffolk, where Owls/Howls were first found who are in turn in the colors of the Star / Peare stars (Owl-important because Stars have the eye). As the Stair STARS are in colors reversed from the Peare / Luffkin stars, it's suggesting that Stairs were a Star branch, and so the eye of Stars should make the stair event with Peare part of whatever Mr. owl-eyes means. We RUSHed up the stairs when we were rising up the stairs, and Rise-like Rush's/Rish's were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls. It just so happens that Rush's/Rish's share three courant and white horses with Freeze's/Phreeze's and Frys/Freys, how about that.

We rushed up the stairs for our first kiss, and you will see, after this insert, how the Kiss/Cush relationship to Cussons links to the square container that belonged to Mr. owl-eyes. At that time, I tell that the Cussons share the giant red eagle of Ferts/Firts', a surname suspect with Frauds/Friths. It's got me asking why that kiss relates to fraudulent ballots, which recalls that Kepke took Peare away from me, about two weeks after the kiss, by fraudulent means. Things in the future may better explain the lagging mysteries.

The Comyns/Comine's (in Comet colors and format) had a Comines location in Artois along with the home of Eustace II, father of Godfrey de Bouillon, and the Bouillon flory cross is colors reversed from the same of Birds/Burds and Felts. Miss Peare's waist PULL, the thing that introduced "it FELT so good," had pointed to the Eustace / Bouillon bloodline (won't repeat all the reason here) long before pointing to Pulitzer this month. The Birds/Burds are to topic because I've just checked my files to see if the description of the Tongue Crest had been recorded. I found it party recorded (in the 2nd update of February, 2016) like so: "The Tongue Crest is a 'bird' rising from a rock..."

Dang, I didn't put the full quote in quotation marks so that I can't be absolutely sure "rising" was a part of it. In any case, in the 4th update of March, 2015, there was this: "The white bird in the Love/Luff Crest is called a 'bird'..." So, both Luffs and Tongue's loved the Birds/Burds. One of the Bird/Burd Coats has fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same in the so-called "escarbuncle" of French Rays. It just so happens that the escarbuncle is shared by Hangers/Angers (Hampshire, beside Box's and Dannys/Dance's) having a giant griffin partly in the colors of the Box / Danny/Dance griffin.

Simcoe's were loaded because I recalled that they share the Port Chief, and I wanted to check whether the gold Port estoiles are linkable to the gold Star estoiles. That's when I went digging for what the "patrRIAE" motto term of Simcoe's might be for, and while Rye's/RISE's came to mind, I also entered "Raie" to get the French Rays. Isn't it amazing, therefore, that while Ray Luff was given a snake for a tongue, Tongue's/Tongs appear to have the rising Luff bird?

It just so happens that Ports were first found in Hampshire with the Hangers, POTters, Porters/Pawters and Joe's/Josephs while the Chief of Ports is a version of the Joe/Joseph Chief. "POT hangers" are use by Danish Cnuts. The snake tongues were wagging in a WAVE formation, for a so-called "wave" is used by Valerys while Ray's wife is Valery (or Valerie). The wave is suspect as heraldic code for Weavers who use an "Esto" motto term to go with the estoiles under discussion, which are the estoiles also of Este-connectable Bute's/Butts.

I've now got to go back to the grass stain on Lorraine's BUTT, for French Rays use a "GRACIEusete" motto term while Grace's are listed with Grasse's. When crossing the Romps/Ramps above, I had noted the RUMP variation; she had the stain on her rump, and the stain had pointed to Barrs of Bar-le-Duc, and while Scottish Barrs share the Este Coat (BUTT kin), Barrs of Bar-le-Duc had been in Brunswick, and so while that was a Bruno / Brown line, it's completely amazing that Browns, first found in Cumberland with Romps/Rumps and English Rays, share the BROWN lion with Romps/Rumps. ASTOUNDING and funny all at once. The Crest of English Este's once showed the Butt/Bute horse head exactly. I am starting to ask why her butt / rump stain might link to Obama on the ramp. If anything comes to mind, you know I'll let you know.

As Tongue's/Tongs were first found in Yorkshire with Pulits/Pullings, they may be sharing nearly the same bend-with-bendlets for a related reason, and so if Tongue's/Tongs do use "rising," it appears that the snake tongues of the Luff couple point to Pulitzer / Phoenix. Moreover, as the Tongue's/Tongs are even more-reflective of the Bone Coat, note how the escarBUNCLE can play into this, because Buncle's/Bonkylls look like Bone's or their Bunn branch. Bunns share the eagle of Cussons, the Fraud-like Ferte's, and the English Constance's...while the square CONTAINer becomes suspect as a pointer to French Contans/Constance's.

Lorraine had the stain on her buns, but also on her moon, and the Moon Coat is a version of the Fritter Coat while Frauds/Friths may be a Fritter branch. Moons were Pine kin, and Contans/Constance's have a pine tree, what I think is in the Fraud/Frith Crest. The latter's four trees look like the one in the Pine Crest, and then French Pine's are just great here because they share the cinquefoils of Kims, first found on BUTT-connectable Bute! Glass', who share the Walk/Wach fleur-de-lys, were first found in Buteshire, and the man at the walkway wore glasses! Plus, while Walks and Joe's/Josephs share the Fraud/Frith garb, French Pine's share the crescents of English WALKers. Can you make your dreams' particulars sing like this with heraldic connections?

Repeat: "I didn't realize until writing this insert that English Constance's have a hexagram in the colors of the Reines hexagram, and the latter's is called a 'comet.'" That realization was made immediately after writing the paragraph above, and it's important because Contans/Constance's were first found in Languedoc with Conte's/COMITes. This is amazing here, for a so-called "BIRD" is in the Panico tree, and Panico's (Setta valley, beside RENO river) are very linkable to Pings/Pongs that pointed without doubt, along with the Reines comet, to pedophilia at Comet Ping Pong pizza, owned by James AleFANTIS. Compare the Fantis' (uses boys) with Pinc-related Panico's (Bologna, same as Fantis'), for Pincs (share lozenges of Reines-like Reno's) were first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pongs. Reines' share the Coat of pizza-like Pisa's in colors reversed. There's a lot to mull around here as might connect to the square container, and to Skull and BONES.

The "APPetitus" motto term of English Constance's might just be for Apple / Appleby liners, who both share the martlets of Tongue's/Tongs. OH WOW, I've just remembered that the Tongue/Tong Coat is nearly that of English Mountains while French Mountains (at Moulines) were first found in LANGUEdoc with Contans/Constance's! "Langue" means "tongue!! The "bird" of Panico's is the rising one in the Tongue/Tong Crest. I gather that God was able to point the snake-tongues of the Luffs to fraudulent liars. Who might they be? These snake-tongues had pointed to the "Asclepius RODs" of Huckabee's, and Rods were kin of Rockefeller-line Roquefeuil (Languedoc), named after the Roque's/Rocks (Languedoc) to be expected in the rock upon which the Tongue/Tong bird rises. Making sense? Yes.

The Asclepios rod is the symbol of the American Medical Association. It uses a snake, and Snake-like Seneca's are lately pointing to AstraZeneca vaccines, which many countries are rejecting for fear of blood-clot potentials. AstraZeneca pops up late in the last update on all sorts of heraldic pointers to poisonous vaccines. Youtube has canceled tens of thousands of COVID-related videos from those who warn about the vaccines, etc. But this is another story.

German LOEFlers use what looks like a goose, and Rutherfords, first found in ROXburghshire with Mole-related Goose's, have a goose standing on a ROCK. There's a lot of Luff going on here. Mole's use a PHOENIX. Leoflers are also LeofFLERs while Flers is a location about 10 miles from Ouilly-le-Basset of the Oullette's. FERTE-Mace is nearby.

It was only yesterday (Friday) when a mole was seen on my BLOCK steps trying to reach the top rim of a re-cycling CONTAINER. It reached, but slid down to the ground, unable to get its rear legs to the rim. It came back up and tried again, but I removed the BLOCK so that it couldn't get into the container. I therefore checked the Blocks just now, and found the brown tree stump of the Watsons. I figure it belongs to Watsons because the earliest Block-like Pollocks married Mr. Watson, and, besides, the Watsons share the Block chevron. I hate to spoil the surprise here, but Watsons come later in this update because they were a branch of eye- and glasses-using Watts. Is that not incredible? Mr. big eyes with what looked to me like big-round glasses was the owner of the SQUARE CONTAINER, and Square's were first found in Worcestershire with Watts. Blocks were first found in Wiltshire with Box's! Zinger.

It's as if God wanted, yesterday, to nail the container as a box. It means that God's pointing to a mole-spy with yesterday's mole. Watsons were even first found in Rutland with Snows, and Joe filled the container with snow. Blocks (share blue chevron with English Falcons) use the falcon of English Falcons, and French Falcons/FalCONTE's were first found in Languedoc with Conte's/Comites' and CONTANs/Constance's!!! You see, there was a reason for that block I removed from the mole. had I did not removed the block, I might not have thought that Blocks should be looked up just now.

Recall how Comets are related to Contans and Constance's, for the Courage's in the Comyns/Comine' motto are in the motto also of French Falcons! It's just amazing because Courage's share the red fleur-de-lys of Walks/Wachs who in turn share the Comyn/Comine garb! The container was along the walkway! Later in this update: "The Walks/Wachs even share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins, kin of Plancia Magna in the WALKer motto..." The Block-like Plocks have the PLUNKetts in their motto, the line from PLANCia Magna.

OH WOW, the Plocks share the black-on-gold Pulit/Pulling / Joseph martlet! The Plock Crest is the spread, gold eagle in the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest. While Block-like Pollocks were Pulit/Pulling cousins, the Block-related Watsons share black martlets with Plocks, Pulits/Pullings and Josephs. One of the Bird/Burd surname shares "Mea" with Watsons who in turn have a crown around the neck of a griffin (has an eagle's head), like the crown around the eagle's head of the other Birds/Burds. While Birds/Burds use "SPES mea," I've been viewing that term with the Space variation of SPECCOTs (FRET), which looks correct because the Watt glasses are called, "SPECTacles." Space's/Speccots were first found in Devon with the Dol-line Stewarts, and with the Fenns/Venns sharing the

The father of Pollocks was a vassal of the Dol Alans, and the Dols use a whale while Whale's and Whalers/Wheelers (Worcestershire, same as Watts) both look connectable to Pollocks. Whalers/Wheelers have a crown-like object, suspect as the Muriel wall, around the neck of a griffin head. The Whaler/Wheeler Crest is much like that of Watsons, you see, Muriel Pollock was the daughter or granddaughter of the first Pollock, and emailer Pollock told me that a daughter/granddaughter (it's me that can't remember which) of this Muriel married Mr. Watson. The heraldry checks out.

Pollocks (Renfrewshire) were at the Paisley theater, tending to explain why Paisleys have the Watson roses. But Paisley and Renfrewshire is where one finds GLASgow! Spectacles are glasses. End fantastic insert]

Two Shopping Malls Combine

It suddenly becomes important that the one Hutton fesse is in the colors of the triple Finchem / Fien/Fin fesses, yet I am going to present a theory that came to mind in the last update: that Republicans are playing a staged game with pro-Trump voters, always teasing them and yet never satisfying their expectations for exposing and correcting election fraud. We have seen this overwhelmingly to date, and so this may explain why the Hutton fesse-with-items is near-identical with the JOKE fesse-with-items. Are they playing a joke, that is? Word last week was that the Arizona senate, led by Republicans, will NOT use Pulitzer's "machinery" to test the ballots even though he claims his system can catch the fake ballots lickety-split. Is that not a tease from the Republicans, a joke?

The leader of the Arizona senate is Karen FANN, and there is also a Mary Fanning who's working with Mike Lindell to expose fraud by use of The Hammer. Fanning and Lindell teamed up with Brannon HOWSE to do the "Absolute Proof" production, and here I can add that the English Fenners/Veneurs (Hammer colors), first found in Sussex with Hammers (!!!), share the House/Howse cross. French House's/Howse's share the leaf design of Hazels and Lindells/Linds, and Hazels, first found in Devon with Fenns/Venns, share a blue fesse with the latter. That's pretty amazing, but then the eagle of Fenners/Veneurs is half in the colors of the Wine/Winn eagle, and the Wine/Winn Crest is the Phoenix/Fenwick eagle too (minus the latter's flames at the tail).

The Fenner/Venner eagle is in giant form with Sparrs/Sparks while Scottish Sparrs share the giant Constance, Cusson and Ferte eagle. The latter three surnames relate to fraudulent ballots. BUT WOW, the giant Constance / Cusson / Ferte eagle is also that of Scottish Donnels (Keppoch branch) while Irish Donnels have the Hammer dolphin!!! CAN WE BELIEVE IT? "Keppoch" endings look like this family was a Keep-Pack merger, for Packs were first found in Sussex with Keeps (share MacDonald "galley") and Hammers. I assume Packs are in the "Pax" motto of Dominion-like Dominics. Coincidence? These English Dominics even share the blue border with Fenns/Venns, as though God arranged a lot of material, and Kepke as my teen-age buddy, to point to Phoenix election fraud.

Something stinks if they refuse to use Pulitzer. I don't care what their excuse is, the bottom line is to use ANYBODY to get to the truth on whether there was cheating. ANYBODY. No excuses. Pulitzer offered his services, why not use them? The senate can use others too if they like, but why not also have Pulitzer's input side-by-side with assessments from others? If they don't use Pulitzer, then they are playing, criminally, with Arizona voters. Pretenders. It's possible that the lawyers for both sides came to a deal that keeps the prosecutable fraud a secret. For example, for not appealing it to the supreme court, the cheats will allow the audit, but under the condition that Republicans not reveal prosecutable fraud.

The Joke's can be gleaned as Bush kin because Bush's were first found in Yorkshire with the Joke-branch Jacks, and when Bush's showed a red fesse, it had gold symbols of the red fesse, same as Jacks. Any Republicans playing games (feigning) can be Bushite never-Trumpers, and so note how "feign" is like the Feins/Fins.

Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward issued a video statement Monday, saying, 'The Arizona Senate is doing its due diligence on vetting the most qualified auditors [but ignoring Pulitzer] of the 2020 election materials that we prevailed in court to gain access to' (Washington Examiner).

As was said, the end of the sleeping-bag dream had two ladies on stages, and one was Miss Peare who pointed hard (last update) to Pulitzer. The other lady, Louise Phillips, told me she was going into choreography the last time I saw her (almost 40 years before the sleeping-bag dream), and so as the stages were in a mall that was pointed to by David Morley, I've just reloaded the Morley/Maule Coat because I am now half-convinced that it should have some clues in regards to the Arizona situation.

Do you understand? There was the mall, the stages in the mall, and the two ladies on the stages. Why were the stages in the mall? That's exactly why the Morley/Maule's were just loaded, to check for an answer, and this is what's in the write-up: "Guarin de Maule, the young son of Ansold, Lord of Maule accompanied William the Conqueror to England and acquired the Lordship of HATTON, county York for his efforts." Remarkable. Checking Hattons (Cheshire, same as FINCH-connectable Hottens/Haughtons), they not only share the FINCH/Vince motto, but they share the Joe/Joseph and Walk garbs!!! Can we believe it?

I don't know what it means that Morley circling the sleeping bag could possibly point to the Arizona election fight. I often get confused with this heraldic language, like when someone throws mud at a white wall and I get to interpret the shapes as something intelligible. If "ladies" is God-breathed above, then the staging of something may be from the Bushites because the Lady annulets are shared by Walkers.

As it seemed that God set that all up for me to bump into just as soon as I came to realize that the mall's stages point to some funny business in Arizona, it can now be added, as per GUAREN de Maule, that Guarens/Warrens share the Ward Shield while we just saw Arizona Republican party chairwoman, Kelli Ward, in the quote above. Plus, as I've been saying for years, David Morley, in the sleeping-bag dream, pointed to ADE's/Aids (branch of Davids, share jessant symbol of English Morleys), from ADa of Warenne, that being the Guaren/Warren bloodline, how impressive, all clicking together. Guerins (not "Guaren") were Peare kin. People are complaining about Ward's rejection of Pulitzer.

How do we interpret this? That Kelli Ward is feigning like she wants fraud to be discovered? Whose putting on a stage production if not her? Is it Finchem? Or does the Hatton location in the Morley/Maule write-up suggest that Jovan Hutton Pulitzer is the fake? After all, when Peare left the stage that Louise was on, and came over to my stage, I was PULLING her HIPS while the Hips Coat is virtually the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat, and Pulitzer-like Pulits are also Pullings. Hmm, there seems to be something in all of this, especially as the pulling of her hips was also resolved as a pulling of her waist, as a pointer to Waistells who once again have the Joe / Walk / Hatton garbs in both colors!!! Incredible "coincidence." Maybe both sides are working together to drive the Christians nuts in Arizona, to get militia to start firing bullets, which rhymes with "Pulits."

There is a Fanner/Vanner surname, new to me here, sharing the Peare / Parson leopard faces, and sharing the fesse of neighboring Rush's/Rish's.

The pulling of her hips came with an it-FELT-so-GOOD codework, and German Goods/Guts have more gold garbs, three of them in the format of the gold garbs of Hattons. It's worth remembering here that, as the Hatton motto is that of Finch's while Hottens/Haughtons have the basic Finchem Shield in colors reversed, the stages are perhaps pointing to a Finchem-Pulitzer duo. The Finchem-Crest deer or hind is even in the gold color of the Hatton-Crest stag and the Stage/Stagg stag head, how about that. Felts have the flory cross of Bouillon's in colors reversed, and Stage's/Staggs are a branch of Staceys and Eustace's, from Eustace II, father of Godfrey de Bouillon.

Now I'm really confused. I was hoping for a huge victory for the good guys in Arizona, but now I don't know what God is pointing to, maybe just one big when a man is hung upside-down by a rope to his heels, and his tongue is an inch away from crystal-clear spring waters passing by. He dies of thirst while teased to death. It felt so good for a split-second, but just as soon as I started to pull her toward me, drats, the dream ended. I didn't get the goods. One can say that God didn't want us to know what the pulling meant, whether a good or bad outcome, or one can say it's about a tease that does not materialize anything good. If Christians are being played for some foul ends, then I can see why God would want them to know.

There's got to be a clue in the Stage/Stagg Coat, but while considering it, let me add the Morley/Maul motto, "Clementia tecte rigore." Mean anything to anyone? Can "RIGore" indicate the rigged election? Are the stages pointing to the staged election rather than to Finchem and Pulitzer being frauds? AH WOW, the Riggs share the WALKer chevron-with-annulets. I had to walk down a walkway to get the box for Joe! Ballot box? Repeat: "If 'ladies' is God-breathed above [as per the ladies on the stage], then the staging of something may be from the Bushites because the Lady annulets are shared by Walkers." I kid you not, just as I was pasting in that quote, a song ("He Knows my Name" by Battistelli) on my speakers sang, "it's all His stage." It's another Saturday song-line miracle. The mud is becoming intelligible, and I think God took it from underneath a bush. But if the mall's stages are God's stages, doesn't it promise something of a backfire for the bad guys, like when God sets up a trap on our behalf? Go Mud-Slinger, go.

There were two ladies on the one stage, that being a couple of ladies, and while Copple's/Couples' were first found in Lancashire with Riggs, Kopple's (I'm very familiar with their black rooster) share a black rooster with the Crest of the particular Riggs sharing the Lady annulets. That's pretty cool. Actually, it's amazing. Ahh, while Copple's/Couples' share the DICE/Diss eagles, Cobble's/CobbleDICKs/COPOLdyke's almost have the Coat of Tufts/Tuffs; the latter have a phoenix in Crest! It's the Bosco's having the "tufts of grass" upon their pillars. The eagles above are gold-on-red, the colors of the gold Phoenix/Fenwick eagle with red flames. This is the VIENNE eagle too, wherefore it's interesting that Fenns/Venns share the fesse of Scottish Dicks/Dycks.

The other English Riggs (Rush/Rish colors and format) look like they formed from the Rish variation of Rising-connectable Rush's. These latter Riggs tend to prove, by their talbot dogs, that they are in the "Rigore" motto term of Morleys/Mauls, for the latter share the scallops of Tailbois'. However, the Morleys/Mauls have red scallops too, in both colors of the Pulit/Pulling, Sabine, and Snowden scallops. Sabine's share the red bull in Crest with the Grey-beloved Anchors (Lady colors and format), and Greys have the Talbot Coat in colors reversed.

An upright dog in the colors of the Rigg talbot dogs is used by the house of CANossa while "cano" is a motto term of the dog-using Riggs. Rigers/Reigers share a blue Shield with Risers/Reisers. That works well to make David Morley of the sleeping-bag dream point to Phoenix. As I've said many times, Morley rode down the hill to circle the bag, then rode back up, meaning he was RISING up the hill. Cool.

[Insert Sunday -- Oh wow, as I've said before, Morley lived on Harding avenue (Richmond Hill), and while Rice's have a "hardi" motto term, Riesers/Rhys'/Reesors (share Rice Coat) have a dog in Crest!!! Riesers/Rhys' share "Spes" with the Dicks/Dychs above, perhaps code for the Space variation of SPECCOts. Dicks/Dycks share the full motto of Hope's, who may have named the WaucHOPE variation of Walks/Wachs (Hope colors). The "SPECTacles" are of the Watts, first found in Worcestershire with Hills, and Morley was rising up the hill.

The gold Rieser/Rhys dog is that of Williams (suspect as Oullette kin) who in turn share the gyronny of HOPpers/Happers. The latter, for a decade or more, were said to have been first found in Durham, with container-line Conte's/Comitissa's, but Hoppers/Happers are now said to have been first found in Wiltshire, where Box's were first found. I wonder what this could all mean. The Box's share the DICKenson lion. The Walks/Wachs have a "ditat" motto term while Hoppers/Happers use "SubDITus." Ditts have stripe-less TIGERs while Hope-suspect OPgalli was wife to TIGRranes VI, and while Opgalli was the ancestor (grandmother, I think) of Plancia Magna, "Magna" is a motto term of Walkers! Diems/DITTmayers and "OPtem" are in the motto of Irish TEEGERs. The stripe-less tiger (of Ditts) is in Owl/Howl colors while Ditts were at owl-like OFFLow, and then Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with Williams!!! Ditts may have been a branch of Ditch's/Dike's/Dyke's (Ditt colors). Teeger-like Tegarts/Toggarts use owls.

David Morley's rising up the hill just brought us to things in the Joe's-van dream. Hills even share the white tower Hoppers/Happers and of PLUNKetts. The same gold talbot dog is shared by Tanners who in turn have the Chief-Shield colors of Vilains while Plunketts were first found in Vilaine. As Plancia Magna was a Herod (known Edomites) from Opgalli's husband, that's probably why Rice's love Hardys (black boar of Edom). Herods/Haralds were even first found in Argyllshire with the Vatts/Watters sharing the Watt tree with spectacles. It appears that God set up the props of both dreams to have Herod lines in them.

Morley came off of a road, then rose up the hill and went back down the road, and Roads were first found in Rhineland with Edomite Bush's and Salome's! That's from Salome Boethus the Sadducee, wife of a Herod. Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks have a black-Shield version of the Chaddock and Chadwick Coats while St. Chad (may have been mythical to represent a bloodline) was in Lichfield, location of Offlow of the Ditts. Opgalli was a Galatian suspect from the Galatian, Julia TYCHE, and Teeger-branch Ticks/Tucks/Touque's happen to share the solid chevron (PERchevron) of Lichfields (Staffordshire, same as Ditts). The Lichfield leopard faces are those of Morleys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just learned some new Herod history.

The Morley Coat is shared virtually by Morlands, and Levi-like Levins (share the Saddock/Sedgwick martlets) were first found in Westmorland. Chads and Sheds share the split Shield of Morleys/Mauls! Aids/Ade's are in the motto of French Levi's/Levins. Aid-related Davids share the lion of Jewish Levi's/Levins. Hear an echo? Chads were first found in Norfolk with Risings.

St. Chad's mentor was a character, AIDan of Northumberland, where Rodhams were first found who have a version of the Aid/Ade Coat, and Morley in the dream pointed to Aids/Ade's (share jessant leopard face with Morleys), even to the RODhams with his road. I'd suggest that Chad and Aidan were mythical characters invented in the same way that Arthurian fables are codes for surnames. Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire with Aids/Ade's and Artems/AITONs (rose-version of RHODES Coat), and Eitons/EYtons were first found in Shropshire with the Rodden river. I walked into a mall PARKING lot after crossing the road that Morley rode away on, and Parkings/Perkins were Plancia-Magna kin. I see the Laevi Gauls of the Ticino in the Galatian family of Julia Tyche (Gauls founded Galatians). The sons of the killers of Jesus were to the secretive Arthurian cultists.

English Sheds have a near-copy of the Chad Coat, and Scottish Sheds share the white griffin head with the Hobsons/HOPson Crest while the Hobson/Hopson Shield is colors reversed from, and in the format of, Scottish Sheds (HERmit in Crest). The Hobson/Hopson Shield is a blue-version of the Hope Coat. Hobsons/Hopsons (Essex, same as Leavell-related Youngs) share blue wings with multiple HERE liners, including the English Here', first found in Derbyshire with Hope's. Derbe of the Galatia theater was conquered by king Amyntes, the Galatian ancestor of Julia Tyche. English Here's have a tree stump while Stumps have a version of the Tick/Tuck/Touque's Coat. The Herod-like Herzogs/HERTzogs/HarTOCHs (Capone stars?) have blue wings too, you see, and even have the split Shield of Teeger-beloved Diems/Dittmayers in colors reversed. Ticks/Tucks/Touque's and Stumps have more white griffin heads, and the GRIFFin family looks like it's from Herod AGRIPPa. Herzogs/HERTzogs were first found in Bavaria with same-colored EarHARDts/Airharts.

Hobsons/Hopsons evoke the Hobs/Habs (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs) that I see in the "OBstantia" motto term of Arthurs. The latter's branch can be in the "Arudua" motto term of Wakefields, and then the Hobsons are said to have been at Wakefield, in Yorkshire (near Berwickshire), where Stains/STANTs (two of the Hob/Hab fesse) were first found expected in "obSTANTia." Lorraine's grass stain pointed to "tufts of grass." Likewise first found in Berwickshire were ARTEMs/Aitons, and Julia Tyche was the daughter, some say, of king ARTEMidoros. Arudua-like Arduinici married Doria's. So, Opgalli and TIGRanes do look like the line to tiger-using Hobs/Habs (hawks).

An interesting thing is where "Opgalli" is like a C-less the Cobble/CobbleDICK/CobbleDITCH/COPOLdyck surname (cross like that of Chads), for Opgalli-linkable Ditts may have been a branch of Ditch's/Dike's/Dyke's (Ditt colors). These Dicks may have bee from Julia Tyche, you see, namers elsewise of the TICino, home of Laevi Gauls. The Cobble crosses (surrounded by the Tiss chevron?) are in the style used by Teegers, and while the Cobble Coat is a red-chevron version of the Tufts/Tuffs' Coat, the latter are a branch of TOUCH's/Tuffs i.e. with a variation like the Tucks/Touque's of Ticks. While Julia Tyche was the daughter of Julia Polla, Vespasia Polla is the line to Pulits/Pullings/Pullys and Sabine's, and so note the CopPULL location of Copple's/Couples' along with the red bull (Sabine symbol) of Hobbits/Hobarts/Habbards (Norfolk, same as Sabine's). End insert]

The Cano's (suspect in Rigg motto) have the Coat of English Pasleys in colors reversed, while Scottish Pasleys/Paisleys (anchor) were at GLASgow. Glasgows have a "Lord, let" motto phrase for Lords/LAUDs and Let's/Late's, both looking connectable to Ladys/Laudymans. To help prove that Ladys apply to the mall's stages, Lets/Late's share the Peare stars. The thing here is that while the sleeping bag pointed first-thing in the morning (of the dream) to the killers of judge Scalia, that murder became suspect with poison, and so note how there is a Poisson surname like the Pous'/PousSINs who share the Cano Coat. We just got the Cano's off of the Riggs who proved to be in the Morley/Maul motto. There's a dog in the SIN/Sion/Swan Crest, and the latter, sharing the Paisley chevron (colors reversed from the Glasgow chevron) were first found in Lanarkshire, on Glasgow's east side, tending to show that Pous'/PousSINs were part-Sin/Sion liners.

There's a falcon in the Sonn/SOAM Crest, and Poissons have "sonn" endings. Sins/Sions/Swans/SOME's are now showing falconer's gloves, but once showed gauntlets, symbol of Phone's/Fane's/Vans...who allow us to tack this part of the discussion to the GLASSes of Mr. owl-eyes, especially as Sonns/Soams (Diss/Dice colors and format) were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls. If PousSINs were named party after Sin/Sion liners, then the Bumps/BumPUS' can apply to proto-Poussins, and that can look like the van's bumper. Bumps/Bumpus' (Gloucestershire, same as Lets/Late's) share the griffin of LETTers / Lauders ("RepulluLAT"), and the split Shield of Morleys/Mauls, and after I dumped the snow from Joe's bumper, he was gone, and I needed to look for him in the shopping mall. Sonns/Soams use MALLets.

Ahh, Sonns/Soams use a falcon's lure, and Lure's (Ayrshire, near Glasgow), sharing the GLASgow chevron, use a "SPECTemur" motto term to go with the Watt SPECTacles. French Falcons/Falconte's share the Conte/Comites crescent, and both were first found in Languedoc with container-like Contans! Sins/Sions/Swans share the Box lion!!! Plus, Sion of Switzerland is beside an Ayer location while Ayr named Ayrshire. The Ayers are a branch of EYES'/Eyers! Look at how many heraldic things God put together to go with a few props in a lousy dream. Ayrshire is where Lady-like Lattys/Latters were first found with crescents in Lady-annuLET colors. But what does this mean? Can we take the Sonn/Soam mallets as The Hammer? I don't see evidence for that.

Ahhh, wow, Talbots were at Eu, perhaps of "Eye" (Suffolk, same as Rush's/Rish's). The Copple's/Couples' share the gold, spread eagles of Diss'/Dice's, and Diss is a dog's walk from Eye. Greys were first found in Northumberland with the Phoenix's/Fenwicks who have a gold, spread eagle in Crest! The greyHOUND is code for Huns/Hungate's (talbot dogs in the colors of the Rigg dogs) and Huns/Hundts (greyhound in Grey colors). That works, tending to prove a new thing: the two ladies on the mall stage are pointers to Ladys/Laudymans and Copple liners. But why?

Before leaving Sins/Sions, I'd like to say that Simcoe-like SinCOE's are listed with Simms, who use a PEN that looks applicable to the "pennants" of Coe's/Cowes'/COO's. This can reveal that Simcoe's and/or Sincoe's were Sion elements, and the point is that while Sincoe's/Simms share the hexagram of container-line Constance's and Comets, Sions/Swans share the Box lion. The ermined Simcoe fesse is essentially that of Snows. Sincoe's/Simms were first found in Lothian while Lothians share the pine tree with CONTANs/Constance's. Lothians even have a hunting horn hanging from their tree, reminiscent of the spectacles hanging from the Watt / Vatt tree. English Simsons (Buckinghamshire, same as PENs/Pence's) have a Coat reflecting that of Pennants. Mike Pence was involved in the coo, so to speak, against Trump.

It is then interesting that this leads back to Joe's/Josephs, for while Simcoe's share the Port Chief (highly suspect as kin of the Joe/Joseph Chief), Ports and Joe's/Josephs were first found in Hampshire, where a Cowes location is found.

The Copple/Couples Coat has the hourglass design of News'/Nuces' (look like Chapman kin), and News'/Nuces' use a Copple-like chaplet. Koplik is near the Cavii Illyrians that I identify with "Caiaphas," and while BASSania is on an old map smack in the Cavii region, the News/Nuces' and Nuse's/Nuce's can be gleaned as BASH kin. Talbots are suspect from the Taulantii Illyrians to the south of the Cavii, and TailBOIS' can be from the Boius people group on a map upon the upper Apsus river, the river of the Taulantii, and of the Dexter surname. It begs whether POINdexters were Boius liners. Also from the Apsus are the Comets and Comyns/Comine's, and hence Conte's / Contans too if they issued from Comets.

I've shown evidence that KOPLik (east side of lake Scodra) named both the Kopple's and Goplo in Poland. A myth writer, "GALLUS AnonyMOUS," invented the Goplo MOUSE tower, and Gallus' share the Kopple rooster, you see. The only heraldic mouse I know of is with Misls/Mise's, deciphered with mythical SiemoMYSL of the Goplo mouse tower, and I've been connecting the Misl/Mise bend-with-mouse to the David bend-with-lion, and so let's keep in mind that this section is much a take from David Morley, who did point to Davids.

I started to look for Misl-like surnames, and while just starting out, I turned the music back on which had been paused at "it's all His stage," part of the chorus. And just as Misers came to mind, "it's all his stage" sang again, perhaps important because Misers are the ones with chair-like cherries. I have the sense that Cherrys point to the miser with owl eyes on the chair. Misers are expected in the motto, "MISERis SUCCERrere DISCo," of Diamonds, and Disce was another name for Diss. The Sible's/Sibals can be expected in the Miser motto, and the Sible's/Sibals share the moline of Segni's/SEGURana's who in turn go well with the Diamond motto. The Miser motto includes "VALEUReux," and while Sion and Ayer are in the Valais canton, VALAIS'/Valois' are also Valours.

I found two Jerries surnames when looking for a Jersey-like surname as per the Misers who are said to have been first found on Jersey (same as Poindexters). It recalls the touch-bra event at JERRY Peterson's place, that pointed to Scalia's murder at the ranch of John B. Poindexter. English Jerries' are listed with Jorys while Gore's/Jore's share the red greyhound with Majors, first found beside Jersey.

I've not known Jerries' before now. Scottish Jerries' almost have the Label/La Bell and Valais/Valour Coats, and the latter surname could be in the Miser motto. Labels/La Bells share the red greyhound with the English Majors, and then French Majors have the Label/La Bell / Valais/Valour / Jerries crescent in colors reversed. These Jerries' are listed with Dureys/Dorays (Door colors), perhaps from the Daorsi/DAVERsi Illyrians (very near or even at Mise-related KOPLik!) that I trace to Davers and link to Diss'/Dice's. Lest we have forgotten, the Diss'/Dice eagle is that of Koplik-like COPPLE's/COUPLES'. The hexagram of Davers can be the "comet" of Reines' because Comets are linkable to Conte liners who share the Valais/Valour / Jerries/Doray crescent.

Oh wow, I almost missed this. As I've said, the stages were rough-wooden platforms that were essentially decks. They came to be called stages acceptably as per Louise's choreography, but otherwise they were decks, and Dice-like Decks/Daggers happen to have a version of the Hips / Phoenix Coat! I pulled Peare's hips toward me on my stage! Zinger. The "TECte" motto term of Morley/Mauls could be for Tecks/Tess'/TEASE's, believe it or not. Again, that stage event with Peare looks like a rigged event to create a tease.

Here's something new: English Daggers have a "LOYalte" motto term while French Loys are listed with French Louis', and Louise was one of the two ladies on the deck. German Loys/Eloys/Eleys share the leopard faces of English Morleys! It's looks like God went out of His way to verify once again that the bike rider was David Morley.

In the Joe's-van dream, I climbed a COUPLE of steps (it could have been two, because it didn't look as high as three) and followed the walkway to my left until getting near the front door of a house, and there sat the square container that I took back to Joe. He put the snow into it, and then I thought the container had best be returned. I was concerned about returning it. Why? Why didn't I just see Mr. owl eyes on my first trip up the walk? He was there, but I didn't see his owl eyes, on the first trip. Had I not returned for the second trip, Joe and Diane could not have vanished, but their not being on the street when I came back to it caused me to look for them in a mall. The mall was important as per what you've just read, though there's bound to be more to it.

Joe's/Josephs were kin of Caplans and Chaplains, and Caplans share the griffin heads of Box's. Big-eye's container was a box. But then the Square's/Squire's/Squirrels share the red squirrel with the Decks/Daggers we just saw! And while the Square-like Schare/Schere's/SCHIRE's/Scherfs (Walker kin) have always pointed to the nazified Americans under the presidential Bush's, we can also see the "conSCIRE" motto term of Hattons (and Finch's) who had come from the Morley/Mall write-up. As I've said a few times, Morley appeared on his motorbike having a helmet like a WW2 Nazi, or Nazi police officer.

The Shovel and Bones

I almost missed this: to help prove that the sleeping-bag dream is to link to the Joe's-van dream, the Morley/Maul Shield is split vertically in the colors of the same of Bumps, and we saw evidence above that the van's bumper applies to Bumps. Joe took the snow from the bumper, and filled the box. I don't remember what he did with the snow, if anything, and I don't remember what he filled the box with, whether a shovel or his hands. But here's the dream told from the 5th update of August, 2019:

In this dream, I was in a van with Joe Oullette and his wife Diane. He said that he needed a container, so I walked up a SNOW-cleared PATH of a home, and lookie there, an empty, square (not a pail or bucket) container near the door. I took it, and the owner of the house saw me. The details of what Joe did with this bucket are foggy, until he started to SHOVEL snow into it from his rear bumper. I dumped the snow out. This scene was clear, but what happened to the bucket after that was foggy again. All the while I was feeling guilty for taking this container, and so I decided to bring it back, and there was the owner sitting on a chair watching me bring it back. I apologized, and walked back to the van, but it was gone. So I started to look for Joe in a MALL. I didn't find him, and the events in the mall are foggy.

There we have the mall, just the mall, no details, but the reason seems now to be for linkage to the sleeping-bag dream, or at least some of the things in that dream, which ended with my pulling Peare's waist / hips, the pointer to Pulitzer without doubt now.

Was it a tease when I dumped out the snow? Whatever it meant with snow in box, I fast undid it. Then suddenly Joe was gone. Will the Arizona election fight suddenly end with nothing? Is my seeking Joe in the mall to be viewed as my walking into the mall with platforms, for that's the term I first used for the stages. Might this point to Mike Lindell, who says this past week that he's about to start a new "platform" to weaken twitter and youtube? If half the country goes there to communicate unhindered by leftist slobs, that could work. A slob is defined as one who ruins self, or like one who messes his own face.

The "snow-cleared PATH" got me to look up Paths, listed with the Perts/Petts with the bulRUSHes, and so let's repeat: "There is a Fanner/Vanner surname, new to me here, sharing the Peare / Parson leopard faces, and sharing the fesse of neighboring Rush's/Rish's." Peare liners included the Pierro's/PETri's / Patria's/Peartree's, and the Peare-related Tiens'/Thames' have mascles colors reversed from the Path/Pert/Pett mascles. So, it seems that God put me on a path (to get the box) because it goes with Fanners/Vanners/Vannah's, probably a Phoenix/Fenwick branch.

Ahh, I think I get it. For the past few months, I've been mentioning my patent for a FENCE-post product which was called, PILLAR-Post. My patent agent was Ms. Parsons, and the Fanners/Vanners (Essex) have the three leopard faces of Parsons (Norfolk, near Essex). The talk now is Pulitzer's patent on the system by which he wants to inspect the ballots, and the closest I can get to "fence" is the Fens'/Fenns/Venns in the Powell motto. Sidney Powell very much wants to see Pulitzer's machinery at work right now, and she's in cahoots with My-Pillow Lindell while Pillows are listed with pillar-like Pillers/Pilatte's. And Pillars/Pilots essentially share the giant lion of Powells. What think ye about these 'coincidences"/ The Ballots/Bellows are in the so-called "bellows" of Ships/Shiptons, and they show as hand-held FANs.

Shiptons are thought to descend from Alfsi of Faringdon, and Faringdons (leopard faces in the colors of the Aid/Ade leopard faces) have the look of the Bush Coat when it was showing with a red fesse, but the Faringdon chevron-with-items is in the colors of the chevron-with-annulets of Walkers and Riggs. The Faringdon items are roundels with flames on top, the symbol in the Box Crest! There was a question earlier on whether the square box on the pathway / walkway is representative of ballot boxes, and we just arrived to Box's via the Ballots/Bellows in the Shipton Coat!!! Purdy good stuff.

Faringdons have a Venn-like "VIENdra" motto term while Viens/Vienne's (Burgundy, same as Fare-like Vairs/Viers/Fers') have a giant gold-on-red eagle (Vere / Fare colors) that might just be the gold eagle with red flames of Phoenix's/FENwicks! Zinger. The Vere-related Were's share the crosslets of phoenix-using Tufts/Tuffs'!!! Italian Fare's/Ferrari's were first found in Modena with Fanano, and the Arms of Fanano has a fesse colors reversed from the same of Fens/Venns (Devon, same as Were's and Ware's) which itself looks related to the fesse-with-stars of Weirs/Were's (share gold boar with Ware's). Ada of Warenne is to Ade's/Aids sharing the black-on-white leopard faces of Faringdons. Vere's ruled Oxfordshire for centuries, and that's where Ships/Shiptons (descended from Faringdons) were first found. There you go, pointers to Phoenix, Arizona, compliments of Ballot relations.

Irish Fare's (Fier/Fear branch) even have a bird in a position often called, "rising." It looks like a falcon, for the motto of French Falcons has the Fiers...along with the Comyn-related Courage's who in turn almost have the Gellone Coat, important because Guerin of Province is thought to have been the son of William of Gellone. Guerins (Pero star) have a version of the Oxford Coat.

I've just checked the Shovel/SHOULer surname to see an interesting thing starting with the drowning death of CLOUDESly Shovel at the SCILLy Isles. The Shovels/Shoulers are in the colors of Skulls, and Sickle's too, and English Malls are also MarlyBONE's, perhaps a pointer to Skull and Bones. The Shovels/Shoulers almost have the Dutch Bone Coat. The same colors are with Shoul-like Scholfields who share the white bull head of McLeods/CLOUDES'. The same colors are used again by Skull-like Scale's, first found in Hertfordshire with Shovels/Shoulers. The sleeping bag did point to Scalia's murder, but how can this be related to Arizona election fraud? Is the Lizard Squad a Bushite group? Did God provide Walkers with a lizard to so indicate?

Scholfields (evokes Schole's/Scayle's), first found in Lancashire with Riggs, are in the colors and format of one Rigg Coat while the other Rigg Coat has the symbol of English Walkers, and then George Herbert WALKER Bush (from the Walker surname) was a Skull-and-Bones man. Riggs were taken from the Morley/MAUL motto, and while Morley looked like a Nazi on a motorbike, I still think that Bush above was born from a Nazi family as George Herbert Scherff. Prescott Bush (married Dorothy Walker), who feigned being George's father, was a pro-Nazi BANKer, and the sleeping bag was picked up on a bank (a decline off the road) in a forest that can be deemed a bush too! It is a forest when pointing to Mr. Foster (Fosters are Forresters too), the guy who accompanied Scalia to his murder, and it can be a bush too. This is all pretty compelling, suddenly.

A whistle-blower advanced by Lin Wood (see his testimony in my last update) claimed that Scalia was killed by the "Lizard squad," and there is a lizard in the Crest of English Walkers.

Oh wow. I told self a few minutes ago that I wasn't going to mention the shovel of the Spade surname in connection with SPADina avenue (Toronto) of Dominion Voting unless a Dominion-like motto term showed up, and one just did as "Domine," in the motto of Gills, who just came up as Skills!!! I was looking for a branch of the Scilly Isles named in the Shovel write-up, and the Skull-like Skills just brought up the Gills, first found in Yorkshire with Bush's, Walkers and Mauls. Skills/Gills share a black boar with Bush's, what are the chances?

Hold on to your square box, because Schole's/Scayle's, first found in Yorkshire too, share a lozengy Shield (different color) with Skills/Gill...and Bags. So, all of this came forth thanks only to Joe SHOVELLing the snow into the SQUARE container suspect with Schare's/SCHERFs, you see, who have a Shield version of the Wilkin and German Walker Coats. I walked up the walkway to get this square box. But I first had to take a couple of steps up from the road level in order to get to the walk, which now recalls that Stepps/StepTOWs share the giant fleur-de-lys of German Bush's (and Boschs)!!! INCREDIBLE. AND the Tows/Touch's/Tuffs are a branch of phoenix-using Tufts/Tuffs' in the "tufts of grass" of Bosco's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The square container was on the grass, albeit covered in snow!

Gellone's/Gillings were first found in Yorkshire too (with Gills), from whom we read: "'...Gilling Castle, situated in a fine park on the west of the village, was built by Alan, Earl of Richmond...'" The write-up of French Brians: "Brient de Bretagne who was Count of Brittany and Count of VANNES, whose younger brothers, the Counts Alain Le Noir, and Alain Le Roux..." One or both of those brothers was granted Richmond above. French Brians have a "deTOUR" motto term, and while Tours share the Howell Coat in colors reversed, Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with Phone's/Fane's/VANs. Irish Brians share the triple lions of Alan-like English Lawns while Irish Lawns (Alan colors) share the fleur-de-lys of Gellone's/Gillings. The ancient Geloni of Ukraine may have been Alan Huns.

As BRIANcon was also, BRIGantium, it can explain similarity between the French Bride and English Lawn Coat, but then the "Garde" motto term of Lawns (Lane variation) traced them to Lane's/Lano's, first found in BRIXia, beside lake Garda, suggesting that Brigantium had been named from a branch of the namers of Brixia. Bride's were first found in Savoy, location of Brigantium. The Marsi of Abruzzo lived around the sources of the Turano river that I trace to "Durance," location of Brigantium, and I've read that the Eburovices/EBROICum (from Abruzzo in my opinion) were in Brixia. They named York as "EBORACum." Irish Brians and Brannons probably have the Abruzzo and Mar lions round-about.

Here's an Arizona-people appeal to have Jovan Pulitzer's system used:

The Nasty Bohemian Grove

The human-sacrifice idol of the Bohemian GROVE is an owl. The Grove's, sharing the scallops of Morleys/Mauls ("RIGore"), have a not-bad reflection of the Walker and RIGG Coats. The Morley/Maul Coat is even split vertically in the colors of the same of Grove-like Grows'/Growcocks/GROCots, and Groce's/Greggs/Graggs look like kin of Carricks and Craggs who both share the black dog on the Grove Crest!

The "Ny" motto term of Grove's (beside Babe's) can be for Nys/Nie's who share the Babe Shield, and Babe's (compare with Bradys) are from Bohemia's Podebrady! The Babe's are linkable to Finchems / Feins/Fins and thus to Arizona's election-fraud fight, and it could be that Ny's/Nie's were a branch of Phoenix-loving Knee's/Nee's. The Bohemian Grove is a Republican-elite cult in California i.e. beside Arizona. It could be that the Bohemian Grove is pulling strings to keep some Republican officials on the Bushite side of things. Is the man with owl eyes a representation of Bohemian-grove elements?

Ah, here's from the Oullette write-up: "Of this family Robert D'Ouilli, the son of Foque D'AULNAY, who was descended from D'Alnay, the first Duke of the Normans of Loire 895-905, joined Duke William [the Conqueror] of Normandy in the Conquest of England in 1066 A.D." The AulNAYs/AulNEYs share the Oullette lion, and the Oullette's have three fesses that can be of the same-colored, three-and-three pale bars of Ny's/Nie's/NEYS/NAYs!!! We now have Oullette's potentially nailed as kin of Knee's/Nee's. It's just that Ny's came off of the GROVE motto while the Bohemian Grove has an Oullette-related owl idol.

As English Grave's were first found near the first-known Skulls, are Grave's using the eagle of Bone-branch Bonns/Bunns in colors reversed? If Skulls can be shown to have the Marr / Ross lion, that, too, is a Drummond or Drummond-connectable lion along with the Bohum variation of Bone's. Perhaps Skull and Bones comes from such a Bohemian line, and was related to the founders / namers of the Bohemian Grove. If Skulls were a branch of Skeltons/Skiltons (Sheltons/Shilton colors), then we can move it to Sheltons and to Prescott SHELDON Bush.

I'm not very familiar with Sheltons/Shiltons, but am now noticing that they can have the Rising Coat on a blue Shield because both surnames were first found in Norfolk. And while Sleeping Beauty pointed to Risings when she was woken, the Sheltons/Shiltons were at Norfolk's Great Snoring. Zzzz. There is a Snorr surname with a lion in the colors of the Skull lion heads, but I have no apparent reason to link the two. Sheltons/Shiltons named Shelton in Salop, where Sleeps were first found. Shelton of Norfolk is at DefWADE while Wade's have the Shelton Cross as a saltire. Wade's even have the fleur-de-lys of Skeltons/Skiltins. God said concerning Sleeping Beauty: "WHAT are you WAITing for...go wake her up." Wade's are said to have had an old Waad variation, like all of the What/WADcock variations showing.

WOW! I happened to check for a Shill surname (listed with Schillers), to find a version of the Poindexter Coat. Both Shills and Poindexters have an upward-directed fist in the upper half of their Shields, and judge SCALia was murdered at Poindexter's ranch! Fists/Fausts can be a branch of Fasts / Falstaffs, both first found in Norfolk with Sheltons/Shiltons! Scalia variations are like some Shoe variations, and the lone Shoe star is in the Poindexter Coat! Is Sleeping Beauty also a pointer to Scalia's death? I woke her by touching her knee, and Ny's/Nie's are in the motto of Grave-like Grove's. Hmmm.

Schallers and Shells/Schellers are in the same colors and format. Skeltons/Skiltons (Cumberland, same as DOCKERs and Daggers) have a different-colors Coat version of the Shells/Schellers, and while the latter were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/DOCKERs and duck-using Velins, Sheldons use "sheldrake" ducks. Velins are of the namers of Mont Velino in the MARsi theater, and there was a question above on whether Marrs and Skulls have the same lion. Scholers/Shulers, sharing the fleur-de-lys of Shovels/Shulers (Hertfordshire, same as Scale's!), look like kin of German Decks/Daggers. It's suspect that Scalia was poisoned, at dinner, and Poissons share the three scallops of English Daggers.

There's even a Dinner/Dinan surname first found in Northumberland, right beside English Daggers. The Diamonds/Dinans share "TouJOURs" with Phoenix's, the latter first found in Northumberland with Dinners/Dinans! There we have an extra clue on things-Phoenix. Dinners/Dinans were descended from Foulke de Dinan, and Foulke's use a "JURE" motto term. The Dinner/Dinan quadrants are those of Touts/Tuits, first found in Norfolk with Fulke's/Volks...and the related Flicks/Flecks who pointed to Scalia's death via my miracle-marble shot. Foulke's (Denbighshire) share the boar heads of Judge-branch Judds/Juggs! The latter were first found in Hertfordshire with same-colored Scale's!! Scalia's dinner just pointed to Scalia-like Scale's.

Just found some shovel blades (no handles) with Shollers/Scholls/Scholle's, who look like a branch of Schole's/SCAYLE's!!! Ahh, they share the woman (different colors) in the Parr Crest, and the latter is described as a woman's "head and SHOULDERs." It appears to be code for Shollers. The double-Parr fesses are shared by Dons suspect in the "dono" motto term of Foulke's. "Dono" is used by Sedans too who share the black border with Parrs. The Dons have a "mei" motto term while Mea's/Mee's share the Foulke / Judd/Jugg boar heads as well as the cross of GRAVENhurst/Grave, which is the Bath cross too while Bathers were first found in Denbighshire with Foulke's. English Grave's use "mea." The Parr Coat is reflective of the French GRAVE Coat. Shovels and graves go together with mobsters who hide the dead bodies of their victims. Parrs share the black border with Furness' (Lancashire, same as Parrs), who in turn share a black dog with Blade's (i.e. who might be in the Sholler shovel blades). The "noBILITas" motto term of Shollers/Scholls might be partly for Ballot-branch, Blade-like Billets.

The English Grave eagle (partly the Vien/Vienne eagle) must be that of Vien-like Wine's/Winns and therefore the white eagle of Fenners/Venours. The latter's eagles are colors reversed from the same of Irish Henrys while French Henrys were at the Meu river of Mea's/Mee's. The Childs (white eagles) said to have been at Wanstead were first found in Hertfordshire with Judds/Juggs (from Jugon near the Meu) and Scale's, and Wansteads are listed with Wine/Winn-like Weiners/Winners. It could be that Scalia was poisoned in his glass of wine. It just so happens that Glass' share the Weiner/Winner fleur-de-lys. He apparently died in his bed, and BEDfordshire is where Lutons were first found who share the Wine/Winn / Grave eagle.

The interesting thing now is that Prescotts (Lancashire too) share the leopard faces of Morleys while David Morley circled the sleeping bag that, on the morning of the dream, pointed to Poindexter's Order of Saint Hubertus. This comes while on the Sheldon bloodline of Prescott Sheldon Bush. (Prescotts look related to the Tipps'.) Repeat:

The human-sacrifice idol of the Bohemian GROVE is an owl. The Grove's, sharing the scallops of Morleys/Mauls ("RIGore"), have a not-bad reflection of the Walker and RIGG Coats. The Morley/Maul Coat is even split vertically in the colors of the same of Grove-like Grows'/Growcocks/GROCots, and Groce's/Greggs/Graggs look like kin of Carricks and Craggs who both share the black dog on the Grove Crest!

David Morley rode down the HILL and circled the bag, and Bags share the lozengy Shield of Cocks potentially responsible for GrowCOCKs. The latter were first found in Worcestershire with Hills, and the Hill Coat looks like a version of the Craig Coat!!! How amazing is that? And Groce's/Greggs/Graggs are split horizontally in the colors reversed from the same of Poindexters and Grows/Growcocks/Grocots! That's amazingly conspicuous for solving the murder of a SCOTUS judge, for Huberts share the crescents of Craigs. This is the best-ever pointer of Morley's bike ride to Scalia's murder. The Hills love the Vance's, I think, in their motto, and Vance's/Vaux's were at Gilliesland while the Gillies' have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of Groce's/Greggs?/Graggs!!! What are the chances from Morley on the hill for all of these things?

The hill was also a bank, and Banks are even said to have been in Bank-NEWTON of Grove- / Grave-like Craven. Plus, as was said, Morley lived at Harding blvd. a house or two from Church street, and while Circle's/CHERCHners show a church, the English Church's share the Hill / Craig fesse and have black greyhounds i.e. in the colors of the black Carrick / Cragg dog! So, some of these connections can act as proof of Morley being in the dream by a plan of God, and others of these things can point to some particulars of Scalia's murder. Church's are in Bush colors and format while Hardings share the black boar with Bush's.

Groce's came to topic with the Russian medallion on my Jeep's hood, and Jeepma's share the double-headed eagle of Snorrs. The latter came to topic from the Rising-suspect Sheltons/Shiltons, and both Morley and dozing / snoring Sleeping Beauty had rising symbols. Doze-like Dossier's/Dozier's share the split Shields of Morleys and Grows'/Grocots. The Steele dossier was all about Russia.

Is the Grave eagle the gold one of Phoenix's/Fenwicks? Aren't skulls and bones found in graves? Might God use the Grave's to point to someone's murder? As Medleys / Methleys, who look like Oullette kin, named Medlicott of the MOTleys, we can add that the latter were kin of Motts/MORTE's sharing the Death and Hubert crescents. Whose death do you see? I see Scalia's death by the Order of Saint Hubertus and the Lizard Squad. In fact, Poindexters look linkable to English Lawns, and the latter were first found in Staffordshire with the Bassets sharing the Coat of Scottish Drummonds i.e. from Podebrady in Bohemia!!! The Oullette's were at a Basset location! We just came across surnames that can be pointed to my the man with owl eyes on the lawn chair.

The Grove Coat is in the colors and format of the Pek/Peck Coat (Essex, same as Ny's in the Grove motto). The Grove / Peck / Rigg / Walker chevron is red, as is the chevron of Quints (Essex and Dorset), and the Quints were kin of Austins. Doesn't Bush live near Austin? As Albert OOSTEYN (an old friend of mine) pointed to Whistlers/Whistle's, suspect with an unknown whistle-blower, and as Austins have an Oosteyn-like variation, compare Peckers/Packers/PICKers to Stolls (pointed to a stool pigeon) and Whistlers/Whistle's. I PICKed up the square box that points to Bush-Scherfs, and Grove's were first found in Somerset with Stolls and Whistlers/Whistle's. I PICKED up the sleeping bag in the woods = a BUSh, which may be considered a tree grove too.

The Grove / PECK / Rigg / Walker chevron is that of Shirts/Shards too, and the Lizarts/Sarde's are in the Walker lizard. The Ballots/Bellows (Cheshire, same as Shirts/Shards) use a "PECtore" motto term linkable to Thors/Tours (both first found in Devon with Ballot-branch Billets and Peck-like Pike's). Might this indicate Bohemian-Grove fingers in the cheated ballots? Did cheating machines take off under the Bush presidency?

As French Conte's were first found in Languedoc with container-like Contans/Constance's and Ville's/Font-de-Ville's, the container is fast becoming suspect with Conteville liners. The trick is to discover the reason(s). Malls are suspect from Malahule of More, whose descendants included the Toeni's (see Tonys) of Leicester, and the Meschins of the Bessin too. Toeni's were from Les ANDELys, where I trace ANTElopes. Snows use antelopes. As Hugh LUPUS was the uncle Ranulph le Meschin, read also as "anteLOPES." The wolf head of Hugh Lupus was in Snow colors. Meschins descended from CONTEville's, and Conte's/Comitissa's use ANTLers. As I've said many times, Danny Snow and I worked for TONY Campania, and Snows were first found at Rutland, which I think is the Rutland in Leicestershire, what grand "coincidences." Tony was a MECHANic, and Meschins list Machine's.

Ahh, mechanic-like MECHANs/MEIGHans are in Mea/Meigh colors, and share a griffin head (different color) in Crest with Watsons. I think it's huge here that Watsons were first found in Rutland with Snows. And "Mea" is a Watson motto term!!!

The first I ever saw Diane Oullette (not yet married) was at Mr. Donut (Levendale plaza, Richmond Hill), where she worked. I saw a piece of fluff in her hair one day when Joe and I were buying coffee or something, and he and she did not yet know each other. I then saw a piece of fluff in Joe's hair at that very same moment, and told Joe about it, saying (in jest, mainly) that he was going to marry Diane. That really happened. Why was HAIR involved? Dunhams (Norfolk, same a Drops with a drop-filled Shield) are Hair kin, and then Donuts are listed with Dannets (Leicestershire) who share the drop-filled Shield of Dent-related Denets (Sussex, same as Diane's/Deans, Dans, Dane's and Dine's/Diens). Is this a pointer to Obama? Denhams love the Carrs/Currs while CARE's/Carrs (perhaps whom the Bohemians secretly honor with their owl) are in Dent colors and format.

Oh wow, Diane's sister is Annette, and so here's the Denet write-up: "The family was originally from D'ANET, in Normandy [where Oullette's were form], which is now home to the Chateau d'Anet, a chateau near Dreux, built by Philibert de l'ORME..." ORMSkirk is where Suchs'/Zouch's were first found who might just be in the Grove motto, "Ny desSUX ny desSOUX." Annette's/Arnots share the Diane/Dean crescent! Whammo! Anytime we have what looks like Arrangements, ask WHY. Why might Diane and Annette both point to the Bohemian grove? As Diane's husband is pointing to Phoenix, how might Annette point there, or to what in Maricopa does she point?

The Annette Coat is almost the SHERwood Coat!!! Sherwoods can be gleaned as part of the Shere / Schere/Scherf line!!! Sherwoods (included an old Mr. SCIREwode/) were first found in Durham with Conte's/Comitissa's. Annette is linking to the Scherfy square container. For those who don't know, Trabys of Pool-like Poland married Stick-like Astikas', and a "stick" is used by one of the Schere Coats. Then, a Scherf-like scarf is used by the Traby/Sadowski surname. Scarfs were first found beside Durham. The Traby/Sadowski scarf is shaped as a Q for the Quade's who share the Coat of Cliffs/Cleave's who in turn married Styche's.

There is a scarf on an ermine (the whole mammal) in the Arms of St. MALO, and the ermine is upon a gold gate that must be the so-called "gold gate" in the Arms of Podebrady (has the Finchem / Fein/Fin fesses above the gate). This GATE is suspect with AGATHa, duchess of Podebrady, and mother, I claim, of the first Scottish Drummond, Maurice, himself a Hungarian along with the Leslie's who share the buckle with French Malo's/Mallets. English Mallets share the scallops of Rinds (Leslie colors and format), first found in Perthshire with Scottish Drummonds, and Rinds were a branch of Rands/Rance's who named the Rance river at St. Malo. The latter is in Ille-et-VILAINE, like "VILNius," home of the Astikas' who married Traby of Poland. We're keeping in mind that Annette's sister married the Owl line.

I trace the Polish woman, Sigrid "the HAUGHTy," mother of king Cnut, to the Hottens/HAUGHtons (Cheshire, same as Cliffs and Buckleys) who share the bull head of Buckle-branch Buckleys. See a pattern? English Morleys were first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts. Hottens/Haughtons ("MALgre") are the ones with the triple fesses of Finchems / Feins/Fins in colors reversed (Drummonds use triple fesses), and finally it can be added that the Pool lion is in the colors of the lion head of PodeBRADy-like Bradds. Annette was in the POOL with me, and while my mother is a Masci, Sigrid the Haughty was the daughter of duke MIESZKO I of Poland. Meschins descended from MALahule. The Annas-like Annette's/Arnots and Sherwoods have the stars of Annas'/Arniss' (Cnut-line Nottinghamshire), and the latter's Shield looks linkable to the Shop Shield. The shopping maul, so to speak.

Having said all of that about a major line from Bohemia, let's repeat concerning the container and Mr. owl-eyes on the lawn: "...English Lawns, and the latter were first found in Staffordshire with the Bassets sharing the Coat of Scottish Drummonds i.e. from Podebrady in Bohemia!!! The Oullette's were at a Basset location!" There is a Basset-like Bast variation of Spanish Sabastians who share the Box [and Sheriff] griffin, interestingly. This paragraph can start to identify the square box with Bohemian-Grove elements.

Lookie: French Bassets use Ballot-linkable billets! The square box has been suspect with ballot boxes, which doubles as a container as per CONE-branch Conte's, and so note the BesanCONs, for they bring up French Bassets. Besans were first found in Middlesex with Podebrady-like Babels/Babwells ("gold gate"). Ballots/Besancons show nothing but eLEVEN billets, which looks like code for both Leven-like Lawns (in Leven colors) and LEVENs (Shropshire, same as Dol Alans) who are in turn in Alan colors while Alans (Shropshire, beside Bassets of Staffordshire) have one of the triple Drummond and Basset fesses.

I trace the Leven elephant to "Eliphas," son of Esau, king of Edom. This is not off-topic from the owl, for Edom had an owl cult. The shark in the swimming POOL in the Sleeping-Beauty dream was code for Saraca's, who lived at Ragusa, smack beside the ELAPHiti islands, and they happen to be smack beside Mallet-like Melita (another island). Mallet-like Malta's, sharing the column with German Franks (Bohemia!), share the giant lion of Lipps', that being like "ELIPHAS." ["Esau" is more suspect with the Esse surname than first meets the eye, and "Esse" is a motto term of Scherf-like Sheriffs while the Bush's have the black boar of Edom.]

Sleeping Beauty is Mrs. Kilpatrick, and while Kilpatricks lived at CLOSEburn on the NITH, Liddle's share the spur with Close's and NIGHTs/Knights, which I wouldn't have mentioned had not the Liddle write-up mentioned that Liddel (owned by Ranulph le Meschin) passed to the Wake's!!! I should be more familiar with this, but I'm not. Walks/WACHs (Dumfries, same as Closeburn) look like kin of Close's, and God told me to WAKE Sleeping Beauty. The Walks/Wachs even share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins, kin of Plancia Magna in the WALKer motto, yet it's the Litt fleur-de-lys too. Plancia Magna was a Herod, and it's known that Herods were Edomites! Perkins are like the name of a Lithuanian god, Perkunas. There is a good chance that HYKSos (Hebrews) had found alliances with Edomites of all kinds when Hyksos were chased out of Egypt, yet Hyksos may have been related to Esau's non-Israelite Hebrew ancestors to begin with.

Here's the Liddle/Lidell write-up: "Another source claims the family 'descended from Turgis BRUNdoz, a Norman, to whom Liddel or Lydale, on the borders of Scotland, was granted by Ranulph Meschin, temp. Henry I. It remained with his descendants till temp. John, when it passed away by an heiress to the house of De Stuteville, and then to that of WAKE.'" Stute's share red roundels with Wake's, and may have a heart for Herod liners. The point in showing this quote is where BRUNo's/Bruns were first found in Florence with Barone's who in turn share the Kos Coat exactly, and the owl cult of Edom was of the god, Kos. The Kos' are also KOSINski's, sounding Polish. Ahh, Kilpatricks use Kosin-like cushions, and Cussons share the eagle of Contan-branch Constance's! The square container of Mr. owl-eyes.

The giant eagle of Cussons / Constance's is even the giant one of Ferte's, and Ferte's/Firts' can be gleaned as FRAUDs/ that wow, fraudulent ballot boxes seem to be at play with the square box! The FRYth variation of Frauds may even have created the Frys/Freys, the latter first found in Wiltshire with Box's (beside Joe's). Frys/Freys share the FREEZE/Phreeze Coat, and Joe wanted freezing snow in the box while Joe's share the Fraud/Frith garbs. Note the Ouilly- / Willi-like name in the Fraud/Frith write-up: "One of the first records of the family was WLimar Frit". Willi's are listed with Oullette's, believe it or not. Does this identify Joe as the election cheats? Looks like. Hutton-like Hoods/Hoots have a FRET. Or is Joe a pointer to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer's election-fraud catcher? The Arizona senate knows that the people want Pulitzer to do the ballot audit, but into this week, the senate has rejected Pulitzer. Something stinks about this, but there may be pressure later to hand the ballots also to his machinery.

Ahh, the Cusson / Constance / Ferte eagle is in giant form also with Donnels/MacDonalds, and then one of the Irish Donnels shares the Hammer dolphin, in Fry/Frey / Freeze colors! Is this now a pointer to Hammer and Scorecard? Did God put Mrs. Kilpatrick in the Sleeping-Beauty dream to get us here? Mike Lindell is at the charge of the election evidence from Hammer and Scorecard, and the Loge's in the Lindell and Poulos logs were first found in Burgundy with Cussons and Poulos'.

Was Annette in the pool a pointer to Mr. Poulos, founder of Dominion cheat machines? The pool was on Rumble avenue while Rumble's were first found in Sussex with Hammers. Rumble's share the Quint chevron, and QUINTs were first found in Essex with Freeze's, but also in Dorset with Pools/Pole's!!! Part of the reason for that excitement is because, as I said, a friend of mine, Sharon QUINN, visited my landlady (they were friends) while I was renting on Rumble, and the Quinn horse is in the colors of the Fry/Frey and Freeze horses! I used the Valiant car of the Quinns for my first date with ice-cream-girl Hanson, and Valiants use a shark. Ice-cream goes into freezers. The Sleeping-Beauty dream started with a shark in a pool that swallowed Trump. Making sense with Poulos as the shark?

As was said, her hovering in the car has been a pointer to Hoovers (for a lot longer than we've known Dominion Voting) because they share the Hooter Coat while she was at the hood before she hovered. Hoods are Hoots too, and the point is this: "According to Dominion Voting Systemsís Wikipedia page, the company was founded in Toronto, Canada, in 2002, by James HOOVER and John Poulos."

Previously, the shark was identified with the shark tank in the office of Igor Kolomoisky, one of the owners of corrupt Burisma energy in Ukraine. The visible owner of Burisma is/was Mr. Zlochevsky, and he has a shoe store in Ukraine selling crocodile-leather shoes, and this is how Irish Dene's/Deans come to a considerable topic, for they use a so-called crocodile. It just so happens that Annette's sister is Diane, and she's just pointed to English Diane's/Deans sharing the full motto of crocodile Dene's/Deans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that not astounding?

Ah, I was asking why God might point to Kolomoisky / Zlochevsky from a pool on Rumble, and that's when I saw that Rumble's are in Keep colors, and first found in Sussex with Keeps. Mr. Kepke has a Ukrainian father! The Keep bend is that of Lorraine's, and Casimir of Pool-like Poland, married to a Varangian Rus of Keep-like Kiev (Ukraine capital), was the son of RICHEZa of Lorraine (and Mieszko II of Poland). The Rich's/RICHESS' (BOTTONy crosses), said to be from Lorraine, were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/BOTTONs/Bidens, and Hunter Biden is/was on the Burisma board as per pure corruption!!! God is snitching through heraldry, watch out Biden family.

[Insert -- As Skull and Bones came out of Yale university, note that Yale-connectable Ricks were at Rixon of Sturminster Newton (Dorset, between Buttons/Bidens and Bath), for Newtons use "shin bones" for a reason. Ricks are in Skull colors, and Skulls were first found near Bath. The Biden chapeau is in the Yale Crest, and Yale's were at WREXhan (Denbighshire) while Rex's are listed with Ricks. Wrexhall in Somerset was home to Tints (almost the Rick crosslets) sharing the Bath lion while Buttons were in Bath...which is in Somerset, where Ricks too were first found.

Not far off in Cornwall were the Rosco's/Risco's sharing the fesse of both Rush's/Rish's and Ricks (see any similarities?)...all in colors reversed from the Button/Biden and Bute/Butt/Boet fesses (this line is much the reason for Lorraine's BUTT stain). As I have good reason to trace Ricks to Rijeka/Rika, it can appear here that Varangian Rus named Rijeka, though in the past I've traced the Roxolani (Rus-Alans) to the rock in the Arms of Rijeka. Roxolani lived on the Dnieper river south of Kiev, and that area was home to BUDINi too. Can you sniff out anything suspicious here? Rijeka is at ISTRia, what I think named the Stour river STURminster Newton, location of Rixon.

It's reminding that RICK Young, a friend of mine, lived right beside the Ukrainian, Mr. Kepke. It appears that God set that up because Scottish Youngs share the piles of Scottish Leavells, the latter first found in Roxolani-line Roxburghshire with Gog-like Googe's/Goose's having a Couch-like Gouch variation to go with the COUCHant lion of Tints. English Youngs were first found in Essex with Blackmoors while Rixon is in Blackmoor Vale. The Blackmoors look like Craig = Carrick kin, recalling the "Crux" motto term of Blacks, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with the Tailbois' expected in the Carrick / Cragg dog.

But, also, the Blackmoor fesse is that of Ladons/Ladds (Somerset, same as Ricks and part of Blackmoor Vale), while mythical Daphne of the Ladon river was from Daphne, an old location in Phoenicia right because Panias, the place that, I figure, named mythical Phoenix. The Blackmoor fesse-with-crescents is about half the Elis Coat, and while the Ladon river is beside the Panias-like Peneus river, that's in the Elis part of Greece. Elis' happen to use a woman with "diSHEVELed hair," what looks like code for Shovel liners. "Elis" looks like "Laish," a city/town right beside Panias and Daphne. Elis' were first found in Yorkshire with Gills/Skills, and the latter share a Shield of gyronny (different color) with Shovel-connectable Schole's/Scayle's (Yorkshire). I had entertained the "Banias" version of "Panias" with Benjamites, and so it's interesting that the Benjamin annulet is also the Schole/Scayle annulet.

This is all-the-better if I'm correct that mythical Phoenix represented Banias, for the PATENTs, sharing the Schole/Scayle Shield, share the motto of Pulits'/Pullings! Joe shoveled snow into the ballot box, and Gills/Skills have the "Domine" motto term. Jovan Pulitzer has a PATENT(s) for his cheat-catching machinery! Patents were first found in Essex with Ladon-connectable Blackmoor's, and the Patent Crest is the green griffin head of Phoenix-branch Fenns/Venns. Blackmoors share three white crescents on a fesse with Craigs, and while I trace the latter to "Acragas," that's the location of the HYPSas river while Hips' have nearly the Phoenix Coat! It looks like we stepped right into it by going to Ricks of Blackmore Vale, which would not have happened without Rick Young.

Yonge's father owned a used furniture store (in which I worked with Kepke) near Dominion's Spadina office, but it's gone now (been replaced by the Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre). It's down in Cabbagetown, and here it's interesting that Cabbage's have the look of the Calvin/Cauvain Coat, for Calvin was the name of Rick's father. This bloodline named De Cauville in Falaise (location also of Ouilly-le-Basset), more specifically at THURy-Harcourt. Cabbage's were first found in Northamptonshire with the Spinks suspect in the sphinx of the Hips Crest, but it's also where Ladon/Ladd-like Ladys were first found now pointing to the couple of ladies on the stages, including Kepke's girl whose hips I pulled! Cabbage's are even in Ladon/Ladd and Blackmore colors.

As I trace Maxwells to Rick-line Rijeka, it can even be added that Maxwells use a "holly bush." Maxwells were first found in Roxburghshire, and Roxburghs share "fidelis" with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Roxburghs can be gleaned with the Aude's in their motto because ROQUEfeuil is in the Aude province of France, and Aude's are the audit-like Audets who come up shortly below this insert. I suggest that the Roxburgh HORSE identifies the Roxburgh pale bar as the one of German HORSTs, especially as Horse's were first found in Northumberland.

And then English Calvins/Colvins share the Face/Fesse motto that has the Vince's/Finch's for another possible pointer to Mark Finchem, for Finchems share holly with Cabbage's. There seems to be something there. The store was at the corner of Parliament and Dundas, and this gets even more interesting, for Dundas' share the giant lion of Italian Simons while the Young family had a whippet breed of GREYhound, Simon by name (I've told this a few times). The Dundas', first found in West Lothian with Elis-branch Elias', claim to descend from one Helias whose lands were obtained from the earls of Gospatrick in Northumberland, where GREYs were first found to go with Simon the greyhound, and Greys happen to have the giant Dundas lion in colors reversed. West Lothian is where BATHgate's were, and Baths share the Grey / Dunbar lion.

The Gospatricks are in the write-up of Dundas-like Dunbars, and the latter, who were Gospatricks at Dunbar, essentially share the Grey Coat. You see, it's as though God set my life up with Young's furniture store (and their dog) for pointing to some things. Phoenix's/Fenwicks were first found in Northumberland with Gospatricks. The Dunbar horse head is shared by Hebrons/Hepburns (Northumberland again) who love the Kepke-like Keeps in their motto. What gives? Hebrons/Hepburns share the Dundas lion and the Dunbar rose.

[Insert after writing the bombshell below. I'd like to repeat from when on Morley upon the hill with his motorbike, for Rick Young had a bike, and I was on the back of it several times:

The hill was also a bank, and Banks are even said to have been in Bank-NEWTON of Grove- / Grave-like Craven. Plus, as was said, Morley lived at Harding blvd. a house or two from Church street, and while Circle's/CHERCHners show a church, the English Church's share the Hill / Craig fesse and have black greyhounds i.e. in the colors of the black Carrick / Cragg dog!

It's just that while the Youngs had a whippet greyhound, greyhound-using Church's were first found in Somerset with Newton-beloved Shins/Chings, and right next door in east Devon were the first-known Whippets of Whimple. Whippets/Whimple's have the Craig crescents in colors reversed while Morley on the hill was all over the Church-like Craig bloodline. I'm just wondering whether the hill / bank that Morley was on has anything to do with Dominion Voting's China connections. End insert].

I'd like to repeat an important paragraph from above:

The leader of the Arizona senate is Karen FANN, and there is also a Mary Fanning who's working with Mike Lindell to expose fraud by use of The Hammer. Fanning and Lindell teamed up with Brannon HOWSE to do the "Absolute Proof" production, and here I can add that the English Fenners/Veneurs (Hammer colors), first found in Sussex with Hammers (!!!), share the House/Howse cross, and it's half in the colors of the same-type cross of Risings. French House's/Howse's share the leaf design of Hazels and Lindells/Linds, and Hazels, first found in Devon with Fenns/Venns, share a blue fesse with the latter. That's pretty amazing, but then the eagle of Fenners/Veneurs is half in the colors of the Wine/Winn eagle, and the Wine/Winn Crest is the Phoenix/Fenwick eagle too (minus the latter's flames at the tail).

It was repeated to give context because there is a Venner/Venour Coat with the same lion as used by Dundas'. Amazingly, I've just learned that 215 Spadina Ave., the head office of Dominion Voting, is in CHINAtown!!! There have been reports from fanning, Lindell, and others that China was in cahoots with Dominion cheating on the night of the election. According to this map, Chinatown is at Dundas and Spadina, about 225 meters north of 215 Spadina! Does anyone in the world know that Dominion was/is at Chinatown?

As early as November 12, 2020, someone wrote of Dominion Voting: "On Google Map, this address is located in the Chinatown of Toronto." Now we know why Dominion Voting high-tailed it out of that Spadina office as soon as the election fraud was caught.

So, now we can understand why RICK Young is so important, for Ricks were at Rixon in Sturminster-NEWTON, and the Newton SHIN bones have already pointed to China by way of Shins having China-like Chinn/Ching variations! I get it. And the Shins/Chinns/Chings were first found in Somerset with Ricks, and right beside Sturminster-Newton. As the latter is in Dorset, where the first-known Beaks/Beakers (Bohemian liners, Finchem kin) were first found, the blue vair in the Shin/Chinn/Ching Shield can be that of English Beckers/Bechers. Cool. Ah, Dutch Beckers/Bakers share the leaves of Swedish Linds/Lindells and Hazels (this connects to Howse's), perfect, and while we got here by starting at Dundas in Cabbagetown, let's add that I always link English Bakers to Cabbage's!

As Beckers have a version of the Beach Coat branch while Sleeping Beaty was on a beach, I've got to repeat one of the most-satisfying sections in a long time, for I have been toying with this dream a long time:

Hottens/Haughtons are said to have named at least one Haltone location, and then Dominion-like English Dominics were first found in Cornwall's Halton while the vertically-split Shield of German Dominics is that of Haltons (said to be first found in St. Dominic of Cornwall). This is right near the first-known Hoods/HOOTs, and Dominion Voting was co-founded by Mr. Hoover while Hoovers share the Hooter Coat, believe it or not. As Sleeping BEAUTY was played by Miss Hicks, who pointed to Hoovers and Hooters, note that while Hicks' have a "bon" motto term, Italian Bons/Bono's have virtually the Halton Coat. The latter have the lion of English Bone's and Beaumonts, and Beaumonts were first found in Dorset with the related BEAUTYs. That's right. Haltone of the Hottens/Haughtons (share bull with Beautys and Walerans) is in Staffordshire, where HICKsons/Hixons were first found who share the bird leg with Hoovers and Hooters.

Suddenly, parts of the Sleeping-Beauty dream are pointing to Dominion's co-founder, and while the other co-founder is Mr. Poulos, the facts are: the dream started with a shark in a POOL, and pools were first found in Dorset while sharing the giant Bon/Bono lion. English Bone's look related to Pulits/Pulling/Pullys.

You saw the Bone liners there, who are in the Newton shin bones. Sleeping Beauty awoke when I touched her knee, on her shin bone. Knee's love Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Newtons use a "Huic" motto term. Note the purple backside (cape?) of the "eastern prince" in the Newton Crest, for Newtons were first found in Cheshire with purple-Shield Pace's (not to mention Hottens/Haughtons), and then Pasi's/Pace's are Pack kin, as Paisley well indicate. Packs were first found in Sussex with Bone's, perfect. Sussex is also where Fenners/Venners were first found who have a cross in the colors of the Newton saltire. Plus, as I touched the knee CAP of Miss. Hicks, perhaps it is a purple CAPE, for it's not long enough to be a robe. Hicks use a CHAPlet.

My records tell that the Newton Crest is "An eastern Prince with a gold crown." This prince is on one knee. The Newtons were at Macclesfield, indicating that the Prince's use the Macclesfield cross. Note how the Prince's add a saltire in the colors of the News/Nuces saltire, for while News'/Nuces' share the chaplet with Hicks, I and Miss Hicks both lived on the NUECES river! Zinger. The Newton-like News'/Nuces' do use a chaplet officially, as do Hicks. That explains the "Huic" motto term of Newtons. Hicks have the Nuzzo/Nuccio fleur-de-lys in colors reversed, and while Miss. Hicks got a knee symbol in real life on the "Leakey road" that is officially Ranch rd. (Camp Wood, Texas), the German Rench's/Renz's have the Nuzzo/Nuccio Coat in colors reversed, and Leaks/Leakeys use the Rench/Renz fleur too along with the Knee bend. English Rench's were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces', how is all of this possible unless God arranged it all?

The Newton saltire is in the colors of the Blade saltire, and while Blade's (BOURley colors) are said to have had a Burseblade branch, Burse's/BOURseys (look like Blond and Babe kin) were first found in Somerset with Shins/Chings and Bourleys, and with Bourley-related Ladons/Ladds/LADEYs whose fesse is in the colors of the fessewise bars of Burseys. Sleeping Beauty was a BLOND LADY, and while Blonds were related to Babe's, the latter were first found in Dorset with Beautys. Newton-like Newts/Nutts share downward, white pheons with Blade's, and the Newt/Nutt pheons are shared by Pillow-related Pilate's, and with the Lords/LAUDs who are connectable to Ladys/LAUDymans. Pretty amazing stuff.

Dominion is nearest the intersection of SPADina and Dundas, the heart of Chinatown. The tree in the Dundas Crest is that or German Linds, and may be a Linden tree. In fact, German Lindens use the same tree but with a longer trunk. Did God arrange this as a pointer to My-Pillow Lindell? As Joe shoveled snow into a container near an intersection, hmm, recall that SPADE's use what looks like a SQUARE shovel rather than a spade.

The Shins/Chings share the Coat of Kemmis'/Kenys' who are thought to descent from an inhabitant of Pickwick, and there is a Pickwick surname using picks, which may point to my picking up the square box, for Box's and Pickwicks were both first found in Wiltshire (near Sturminster Newton).

The "promptu" motto term of Dunbars is almost the "pROMPtus" of Rays, and the latter had worked well with Romps/Ramps/Rumps and the skateboard ramp that Obama was on. His mother was a DUNham, and so perhaps God put him on the ramp for linkage to Dunbars, maybe even linkage to the mysteries in this insert. It's too late Sunday for me to tackle the mysteries here. Back to Casimir of Poland.

Repeat: "Newton-like Newts/Nutts share downward, white pheons with Blade's, and the Newt/Nutt pheons are shared by Pillow-related Pilate's, and with the Lords/LAUDs who are connectable to Ladys/LAUDymans." Lords are in the GlasGOW motto, and Gows/McGoo's share the Loches/DeLOGES cinquefoils while Poulos' (Burgundy, same as Loches'/DeLoges' and Loge's/Loges') use logs. It appears that God is snitching on Poulos, connecting him to the Newton shin bones (= a saltire in the colors of the Blade saltire) via Newts/Nutts and Blade-like Pilate's (share white pheons with Blade's). Newts/Nutts were first found in Gloucestershire with the Laud-like Lets/Late's expected in the "Lord, let" motto phrase of Glasgows. The Lords/Lauds (might be Fenn/Venn/kin) have cinquefoils in colors reversed from the same of Shin-connectable Kims (Buteshire, same as Glasgow-related Glass'). The Hammer-related Hams can be gleaned in the McCabe's (Arran, beside Bute). End insert]

Casimir may have been of the Cass/Cash's, a Kiss/Cush and Cust branch. The Mieszko's of Poland had a relationship(s) with Bohemia, including Boleslaw of Bohemia. Bole's share the shot-through Pollock boat. German Pohls/Pohlands (Silesia) have the Mieske/Mesech bull head as a "buffalo," which was the symbol of the Veringer-related Zahringers.

I've just recalled the "FRYing Pan of German Pole's/Pohls!!! I'm not yet sure whether Frys were a take from the Fryth variation of Frauds, but it can be added that Rumble's share the Ballot/Bellows and Bus cinquefoils while the Oullette's and I went to the bus station about the time Annette was in the pool. Plus, as I've said several times, I was kicked out of Rumble when the landlady heard from a neighbor that I was in the pool with Annette, and, as I've said several times, I then moved into the apartment of PAUL Oullette, and the Pool motto has the Pollets/PAULets!!!

AH WOW. I had checked AUDETs/Aude's less than an hour ago as per the Phoenix ballot AUDIT, and here I find that the Pollets/Paulets in the Pool/Pole motto have the Audet/Aude Coat on a back Shield! Incredible. The Pollet Crest is even the gold, spread eagle in the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest!!! The Aults are suspect in the Pollet/Paulet motto term, "loyAULTe," and then Constants, in the "constantia" motto term of Scottish Aults/Alda's, brings up CONTANs/Constance's!!! INCREDIBLE ballotincidence.

Pools/Pole's share the Auvergne Shield, and Auvergne's share the giant tower of French Tours/Tors' while English Thors/Tours have the Howell Coat in colors reversed! Annette's sister married Joe OULlette, or Annette would not have been in the pool with me. Tours/Tors' were first found in Languedoc with Contans/Constance's, and the latter share the pine tree with Frauds/Frith Crest, a good reason to see the square container as representing fraudulent ballots. Imagine how much work God put into arranging this snitchy heraldry, centuries ago, just for today. I'm sure He's up to something.

Can you explain how God can know the precise details of the future centuries later? How else could he have fixed heraldry centuries old to fit modern events unless He knew the events centuries ago? Do you think the Rothschilds and all their materials are a match?

Drummonds from Podebrady recalls that Mike Denardo brought his DRUMs to my party put on for the young employees at Knob Hill Farms. Denardo's share the Tour/Tors / Auvergne tower, and I've said (years ago) that a few of us, that very night of the party, went to the pool of the Elliots across the street from my place!!! It was just an above-ground pool, like the one at Rumble, though I can't remember if anyone went in. But I do remember surrounding it, for it was right on our street at the far end of the Elliot's back yard. The interesting thing here is that while Denardo's are Nordi's too, they share the North lion while Norths (Sussex, same as Rumble's) have the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's.

Ahh, Norths are in Nothing/Northen colors and format, and while both Crests have the green dragon head, Nothings/Northens (Walk/Wach colors) held lands at WAKEfield! Wakefields share the Walk/Wach garb, and there is a green wyvern dragon in the Wakefield Crest! Bingo. AHH HOLD ON TO YOUR ALARM CLOCKS, because Scottish Elliots were at LIDDESdale, named by the Liddle's (or vice-versa) who have the Wake's in their write-up!!! There is no reason for this incredible thing unless God arranged Denardo at my place on that night, for Denardo's are responsible for this paragraph.

I assume that God put it into Denardo's head to bring his drums that night, which was a big pain, I figure, and moreover the neighbors probably didn't like it. Would God do that? The Drummonds, first found in Perthshire with Sutys, can be gleaned with the wavy fesses of both Sutys and Irish Elliots (first found in Liddesdale again), and it happens to be the Sutys who have "nothing" motto terms (otherwise I would not have known the Nothings/Northens).

The gate-like endings on Elliot variations suggest Agatha of Podebrady. She became suspect as Agatha, wife of prince Edward Atheling, which may explain why Edwards have a Coat much like that of Nothings/Northens. It can also explain why Atheling like Athols/Athels were first found in Perthshire with Nothing-loving Sutys, and Drummonds. The latter named Drymen in neighboring Sterling, and Stirlingshire is where Nimo's were first found who can be in the "Animo" motto term of Norths. As the Nimo motto loves the Bosco-line Bois'/Boasts, it can identify the North fleur-de-lys as those of Bush's/Busch's and Boschs. The Edwards share the stag head of Leggs, and as the latter were first found in Dumfries with Walks/Wachs, it can explain the similarity between the Walk/Wach and Edward Coats.

The Agatha-like Gaths have the Stout/Stows fitchee in colors reversed, and the Stouts/Stows happen to have triple fesses, a Drummond-line symbol. The triple fesses of Stouts/Stows is shared by Oxfords while the Oxford Chief shares the red Gath lion, which is colors reversed from the Mar lion. These fesses are in the colors of the pale bars of PERO's and Dance's, both first found in Piedmont with the STURA river, and Sturs/STOWers, you see, having a variation like the Stows of Stouts, share the triple fesses of Scottish Drummonds. French Sturs were first found in Manche with the Vere's of Normandy, and these Vere's ruled in Oxfordshire for centuries, where Oxfords and PEARE's were first found. The Oxford Coat is a version of the Guerin Coat, and the latter shares the three Payen/Pagan hexagrams, in the colors of the Pero hexagram that's called a "flaming STAR." Stars were first found in Wiltshire with the sources of the STOUR river, which river ends near Poole. The Payens/Pagans were first found in Dauphine with French Page's/LePage's (same lion as Pools/Pole's), who in turn use four of the Stout/Stow / Oxford fesses. So, Gaths and those they've just connected to seem to be good proof that Drummonds were from Agatha of Podebrady.

Agatha, wife of Edward, is the known mother of queen MARGARET, and here it may explain why the Margesons (Sussex again) almost have the motto term of Pollets/Paulets.

Margaret's son, king David, built her Haly ROD (Holyrood) House, and it now comes to my realization that Margesons share the blank, gold Chief with Rods. The latter were from Rodez's Henrys, which can explain why David named his son, Henry (married ADa)! The Mea's/Mee's suspect in the "me" motto term of Margesons (could have the David lion in Crest) were of the Meu river, where French Henrys were first found! Zinger. As David I was of the Davids (share RODham / ADE bend), first found in Cheshire with Mauds/MAIDs (Oullette-linkable), it's notable that David's wife was Maud of Huntingdon. Haly Rod may have been named partly after the Hollys who have the merMAID. The other Hollys look linkable to Plunketts at/near the Meu.

The red eagle of Cussons / Constance's and Ferte's is in both colors of the eagles in the Coat of Bone-branch Bonns/Bunns, and the latter two surnames can be gleaned as Bohemian liners in the motto of Wake-beloved Orrs/Ore's. Wake's thus look like they use two of the three fesses of Scottish Drummonds, noting that Walks/Wachs have one fesse in the colors of the three of German Drummonds.

I was going to kiss Sleeping Beauty awake, and Kiss'/CUSH's must share the red rooster of Babel-like Bibo's/Bible's (i.e. suspect with Bohemians of Podebrady) because the Bibo/Bible rooster is on a cushion. God is clever in this codework. While going to kiss her, I touched her knee, and the Knee phoenix is red, like the red eagle of Cussons / Constance's. But why did God chose a Hyksos-line woman way down in Texas for this? Why did the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, Annas-connectable Ainsley EarHARDT, work in San Antonio, Texas? We all love a good mystery, but we all love solving them more. Will God expose a solution to the Texas mystery? Why wasn't Sleeping Beauty in Arizona, at least, since her rising is a pointer to the rising phoenix? Part of the Texas mystery has been exposed with COVID schemers in relation to Galveston National Laboratory, yet we are on election fraud here.

Babels/Babwells (look like kin of German Drummonds) are linkable to Liss- / Lizart-branch Lists, first found in Silesia (touches Poland) with Litts. It's interesting that while Vilnius is in LITHuania, Litts (share fleur-de-lys of Little-branch Liddle's) may have been a Lithuanian line married to Liss liners in order to form "List." Litts share the split Shield of Morleys/MAULs, first found in Yorkshire with Scarfs, cousins of Shops. The square-container dream ended with me in a shopping mall looking for the OULlette's. My bet is that Malls are from AMALek, son of Eliphas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But of course. Amalekites were God's worst enemies. It's interesting that Moloch-like Milks are also Shop-like MilkSOPs, for the owl idol at Bohemian Grove is called, Moloch.

As the chair man looked to be wearing big-round glasses, I can take this to the so-called "spectacles" (to be seen on the viewer's left) hanging in the Watt tree. There is a big eye above the tree, and so it appears that God is pointing to Watts (share giant tree with Scottish Watsons) and their Vatt/Watters / Watson branches. It took me this long to include Watts because I forgot they had the eye as well as the glasses.

Hold on to your rice patties. Watts were first found in Worcestershire with Sheldons and SQUARE's, how perfect for the square container -- or Scherf box -- beside the chair man with big-eye glasses. Why is it perfect? because, the acting father of president George Herbert Scherff was Prescott SHELDON Bush!!! The Sheldons use a "pati" motto term because Pattys/Patys were first found in Worcestershire too, and, as I've been saying for years, Patty Rice was the girlfriend of Danny Snow!!!

If Works/Wergs (share Patty lion, I assume) were named after Worcester elements, note that Works have a reflection of the OULlette Coat, and that Sinclairs have the motto, "COMMIT thy WORKs to God," part code for the Conteville = container line that married WILLIAM the Conqueror's mother from Falaise, the king after whom Oullette's are highly suspect. Oullette's may not have been named after William, but in being descended from him, their variations may have taken on a Will-like look on account of it.

The Arms of Ghent/Gaunt uses a "VIRGin," with a lion in the colors of the Patty lion, which is white like the lion head of Virgin-like Works/WERGs. Virgins were first found in Kent with Gaunts, and then the fesse of Dutch Gaunts/Ghents is in the colors of the Snow fesse. English Ghents share the Bush eagles, and we can add that Vans have gauntlets. I hope there's more to Patty Rice and Danny Snow than just these things. I suggest that her surname is a pointer to the rising phoenix. I met Patty about a year after moving to Gormley after living on Senator REESORS drive, and Reesors'/Reasons (patee cross!) were a Rice branch. Dannys can be of the Diane's/Deans (Sussex, same as Dans and Dane's) who happen to share the giant Reesor/Reason lion (holds a patee cross).

OH WOW, the Snow-Crest antelope is split vertically in the colors of the same of the German Dane/Denne/Danner Shield!!! What are the astronomical chances from "Danny Snow"? He didn't make the heraldry. Both Dane's are also Danes', and then Dans are DAINES' while AINSleys share the fleur-de-lys of the Sussex Dane's/Danes (same place as Dine's/Diens) and Dinan-branch Diamonds/Diments ("MiseRIS"). Ahh, Dine's/Diens share the gold patee with Reesors/Reasons! So, Danny-like surnames took us to Rice liners even while Patty Rice loved Danny Snow. Keeping in mind that Dannys (Wiltshire, same as Box's) share the Box griffin, Danny Snow can be a pointer, for some reason, to fraudulent ballot boxes in Phoenix.

I remember the WASaga beach where I focused on Joe Oullette's big-round sunglasses, for we often went to Wasaga. This has been mentioned already in relation to the man with big-round glasses in the Joe's-Van dream, I'm not making it up here. I was going to say that Wassa's/Gace's, sharing fesses-gemel (different color) with Oullette's, have a Ways variation to go with the walkWAY, and the same Wassa's have a Wace variation, like the Wachs of Walks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wassa's/Gace's were first found (in Cornwall, same as Simcoe's!!!) beside the Ways/Ways'.

Wasaga beach is on Georgian Bay, and George's share the blue doves of WAISTells of WASdale!!! It appears that God placed Joe's sunglasses into my focus (why do I remember this?) to link Joe's van to my WAIST PULL of Miss Peare!!! That had pointed to Jovan Pulitzer and to Phoenix. I only have one vivid recollection of Joe's sunglasses, but I was thinking at the time that he always wore them, and we were right on the BEACH at the time. George's were first found in Dorset with Finchem-related BEAKs!!!

[Days after writing here, I had loaded "Graven" while on Grove's and Grows'/Grocots, finding the Rick-related Cravens. As the latter were at Washbourne, Washbourne's were loaded to find a martlet-version of the Graven/Craven Coat. The great thing about it is that Waist- / WASdale-like Washbourne's share the Hips martlets! ZINGER. I'll bet there's more to this than meets my eye so suddenly. Washbourne's have one of the double Washington fesses. Incredibly, while the Grows'/Grocots were in the section with the Morley link to Craig liners, Craigs are from Acragas, location of the HYPSas river! BINGO.]

Joe had the big-ROUND curly hair to go with his big-ROUND glasses. It just so happens that Rounds ("sleeping" lion) share an "Esse" motto term with Thurstans (actually, the two have identical mottoes), and the latter came to topic with Thurston HOWELL. I neglected to mention earlier, while on the Esse's/ASH's, that it can be a pointer to the phoenix rising from the ashes. Repeat: "Thurstans were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls and an EYE location. The man in the chair had owl eyes. I can better understand this now as per THURstan!!! It's the Thor / Tower liners, right? The Esse's/Ash's in the Thurston motto were first found in Devon with Thors/Tours, the ones having the Howell Coat in colors reversed, believe it or not." The sleeping lion of Rounds (share Esse/Ash chevron) can go to the rising of Sleeping Beauty. Rounds were first found in Essex with the Works/Wergs who look like Oullette kin, and with the Ny's/Nie's/Neys who not only look like Oullette kin, but are in the Grove motto.

Ouilly-le-Basset is a couple of hundred meters from the Orne river, and as Orne's/Horns, a Heron branch, are in the hunting horns of Thurstans, the Thurston Crest is likely a heron. THURY-Harcourt is not far downstream on the Orne from Ouilly-le-Basset. And FERTE-Mace, the Fraud/Frith line, is in Orne not far south of Ouilly-le-Basset.

The ceremony of the Bohemian Grove has a cremation before the owl god, with flames for a sacrifice victim that they disguise as "care," or the cares of the world. They say they use a dummy human as the victim, but one never really knows because no public person is permitted near the flames. If the Care's/Carrs apply, if only as a pointer of God, then I can get this over to Sleeping Beauty because she was asleep while HOVERing LEVEL in a CAR, and Levels/Leavells were at CARY castle while Carys have a version of the Care/Carr Coat, both in Round colors. The latter use white leopard faces, and there is a white leopard face in the HOVER Crest. So, Joe's big-ROUND hair and big-ROUND glasses at the BEACH can link to Sleeping Beauty in a car at the beach, because Rounds have the sleeping lion.

Rounds were first found in Essex with Hicks of Low Leyton, and Leytons first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. Essex is also where Youngs/Yonge's were first found who Scottish branch shares the three piles of Scottish Levels/Leavells. Scottish Youngs/Yonge's almost have the Round/ROWde annulets, and have them in the colors of the similar ROUNDels of ROWells/Roswells. The latter have two of the Round/Rowde chevron, and therefore have the double chevrons of Esse's/Ash's in the Round and Thurston motto. Is this making a disclosure that Jeffrey Epstein was/is of Bohemian-Grove nasties?

The roundel-using Chief of Youngs/Yonge's is colors reversed from the same of Irish Hogens while German Hogens share the quadrants of Aarons/Arens while Rundells/Roundels (Alan fesse) were a branch of Arundels of Arun. This can explain why Dols and Runnings/Ronys share wavy-white fesses. If Hogens were a branch of Hogs (black boar heads), we can point out that Hogs and Denhams share "Dat" while Denhams (probably cranes) probably love the Cars/Currs in their motto. In a section written before here, which you will see below, we find that Denham / Dinan/Dinham liners are the reason that Diane Oullette appeared in the Joe's-van dream.

Scottish Youngs and Leavells were first found in Roxburghshire with Mole's, and I happen to have recorded the Mole-Crest description in the 3rd update of February, 2013: "Now see the Mole-Crest description: "A phoenix rising out of flames." The owl at Bohemian Grove is named, MOLoch. There is a Moloch/MolLOCK surname using LOCKS, a moline cross (on a purple Shield), and sharing the Face/Fessy motto that includes "VINCES." The Oullette's and I went to FINCH station, and the Moline's are said to be from Falaise elements along with Oullette's. Does it appear here that Joe OULlette himself points to the Bohemian owl god? Why should that be? How can we couple the Grove with Phoenix, Arizona? Did God put the Oullette family in my life to point to this nasty club?

Locks (Peebles-shire, same as Bohemian-suspect, Rothschild-related Bowers) share the swan with the Hocks suspect in the "hoc" motto term of Molochs/MolLOCKs, tending to nail the latter as a Mole branch and thus tending to nail the owl flames at Bohemian Grove with the rising phoenix of Freemasonry / satanism. Somehow, they worked their phoenix theme into heraldry, and someone even created a PHOENix surname. Note the "FOENus" motto term of Mole's that should be code for their kin, some branch of FENwicks/Phoenix's.

Mole's (boar head) share the Handle / Handel Coat, I gather, both sharing the Moray Coat from Peter Pollock of Moray's Rothes castle, for Eschyna de Molle had a daughter who married Peter's brother. This recalls my RIDING a SHOPing cart (double pointer to the Bush-Scherffs) in a dream's scene immediately before a door-HANDLE scene. Keep an owl-eye lookout for a Redding/Riding surname (boar head), therefore. It's coming up fast.

The Face/Fessy and Moloch motto phrase, "signo vinces," tells me that the Molochs share the Segur / Segni/Segurana moline. The purple background behind the Moloch moline can be from a Moloch marriage with Rumillys (Cambridgeshire, same as Molochs) of Skipton, for Skiptons have a purple lion. Cambridgeshire is beside the first-known Owls/Howls.

Ancient Moloch, a child-sacrifice cult, became suspect by me as named from the Amalekite Hebrews / Edomites, sons of Esau's son with his Seir wife. The book of Enoch gives Edom a black-boar symbol, and we just saw black boars with Reddings/Risings. In the quote below, note that the founders of this human-sacrifice cult is called a "Sire," suspect as code for Seir liners, or even from the Sire surname that can be a branch of Square's/Squire's and Schare's/Schire's/Scherfs. The Bush's use the black boar too, you see, and they are like "BOZrah," Esau's Edomite capital. The Esse's/Ash's became suspect ultimately from tribes of "Esau," and we saw Esse's/Ash's in the Grove motto, which might suggest that "Bohemian Grove" is partly code for the grove bloodline.

Esau's son married TIMna of Seir, the line to Timms/Time's and a "Deum Time" motto of Morays (houseofnames no longer shows this Moray Coat, and it used fetterLOCKS for linkage to "MolLOCKs"). AMALekites got suspect to AMALthea, a mythical character on Crete, and so such names as Malls / Malahule can apply, especially as Malahule was Rollo's uncle while Rollo's have a black boar. Edom had a Kos god, and you can verify online that it's thought to have been an owl god. One of the Arizona senators is Mr. Borelli, and Borelli's/Barone's happen to use the Kos/Kosinski Coat exactly. This is not to say that Borelli is necessarily a bad guy even if he is descended from Edomites. The bad guys are those who know they descend from Esau or Herod, and love it.

Although Annette became a common participant with Joe and I in our early Bible-study years, she and I never got close, but, somehow, she ended up in a swimming POOL with me (alone) on Rumble avenue, and I've been trying to figure out why that event took place. The Posts in the Mole motto can be gleaned with the Pool lion.

Annette and I could have been in the pool the day before or after, or even the same day, that I accompanied Joe and Diane to Finch station. I can add here that Rumble's were likewise first found in Sussex with the whack above of Diane- / Dane-like surnames, and the Rumble Crest (shares BUS cinquefoils) has the Diane/Dean / Dinan/Dinham / Diamond lion. Sussex is where Bohemian-line Bone's/Bohums were first found, likely from Boii (proto-Bohemians) of Bononia, and then the Rumble chevron is shared by Bohemian-suspect Bowmans/BOYmans: "In 1881, the ceremony of the Cremation of Care [the Grove's human sacrifice] was first conducted after the various individual performances, with James F. Bowman as SIRE [caps mine]. The ceremony was further expanded in 1893 by a member named Joseph D. REDDING [caps mine]..."

Reddings/Ridings (Sussex again) share the Hog and Booth/Both Coat (all have black boar heads), which recalls Kim Thomson in the phone booth, pointer to Phoenix's election-fraud battle. The BOTHwells have a "BOY PULLING down a pine tree," and suddenly Mr. Redding is pointing to Pulitzer, yet the phrase also points to Mr. Bowman of the grove. Rothschilds were a branch of Roots, who are often in tree roots, for example the roots in the Wood tree, and Woods almost have the "defende" motto term of Reddings/Ridings. Reds/Reads/Reeds/REATs (Northumberland, same as Phoenix's), apparently in the motto of English Constance's, who look like they have a rising falcon, have a "Pax copia" motto that can point to MariCOPa, and to the "Pax" motto of Dominion-like Dominics. The container got suspect with ballot boxes, and Constance's were a Contan branch. Scottish Reeds use a Box-like book, and share the red stag head of Books/BOCKs.

The idea that the snow in the box is a symbol of a freeze or stoppage in some event is facilitated by the fact that I saw RED lights at an intersection just in front of Joe's van. Joe and Diane just disappeared at that time, van and all. I had only just returned the box, and when coming back to the street, the couple was gone. Dutch Reeds share the rare symbol of Germo-Swiss Fenners/Venners, and here it can be reminded that Viens/Vienne's may have the Phoenix/Fenwick eagle.

The Bowmans/Boymans can be linked easily to proto-Rothschild Bauers and Bowers, and the dates in the quote above are in the ballpark in which the Rothschild bankers were gaining vast controls over the Western world. Their Illuminati groups, I have read, were at California's Stanford University and it's offshoot. Mayer Bauer (died 1812), the first Rothschild, lived in FRANKfurt, and both German Frank surnames were first found in Bohemia. There is an inference here (but only an inference) that Rothschild members started the Bohemian Grove.

Rothschilds (and likely Bauers) descended from Pollocks of Rothes castle, and Annette in my POOL can relate to Pollocks. Emailer Pollock, who told me that her husband was murdered in relation to Stanford university, informed me that, Muriel, a daughter or granddaughter of Peter Pollock (builder of Rothes castle), married Mr. Watson, and here we can point out that while Rothschilds were a Rodden/Rodham branch, Roddens/Rodhans and Watsons share the brown tree stump of Bowmans/Boymans.

Perts/PETTs were first found in Kent with Rothes', and PETER Pollock built Rothes castle, wherefore it's notable that the Plock lozenges are colors reversed from the similar mascles of Perts/Petts. The latter have bulRUSHes, and the Rush motto is almost the "In Deo" motto phrase of Plocks. The father of Pollocks was the vassal of the Dol Alans, explaining the following from the write-up of Plocks (Alan colors): "One of the earliest records of the family was Alan de Plugenet (died 1299), an English Baron, son of Alan de Plugenet. His family was settled at PRESTON Pluchenet in Somerset." The point are: 1) Prestons share the cinquefoil of the Ardens in the "Ardens" motto of Rush-loving Perts/Petts; 2) Rush's share a "Dieu" motto term with Prestons; 3) Huttons were at a Preston location in Lancashire's Leyland, and Leyland's share the lion of Raines' (in the colors of the Rothes lion heads), they being from Rennes in the Vilaine part of Brittany along with Plunketts and Dol.

The Leyland / Raines lion is also that of Path-like Pattys, recalling Patty Rice, for Rush's/Rish's look like a Rice branch. Patts/Puttochs/Puttens (share Pitt besants) are in Bush colors and format while Pattys were first found in Worcestershire with Sheldons. (For the record, the Patty Crest is the lion of Margesons, first found in Sussex with Patts/Puttochs.)

The "Si Dieu" motto phrase of Prestons can be for the Sea's/Sees' (Kent) who named Sees at the upper Orne river, further upstream than Ouilly-le-Basset. Bassets share the three wavy fesses of Scottish Drummonds while Sea's/Sees' have the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds (Oullette's have triple fesses too, probably closely related to the three of Podebrady-liner Babe's). Ouilly-le-Basset is near Falaise, and while the Moline's were from Falaise elements, it can explain the Moulins-la-Marche location beside Sees. As Ouilly/Oullette liners are expected from/to Howells, it can explain why the three white-on-red towers of Howells are in the Presley/Priestly Coat ("FINem") while Prestons have a white tower of their own in Crest.

Falaise-like Fallis' were, until now, said to be first found in Midlothian with the Bradds who share their lion. I resent it when houseofnames changes first-found locations while obliterating the location they once mentioned. Obviously, if Bradd elements were found in Lothian in very early times, it's duncecappery to obliterate it. Are they running out of writing room over there at houseofnames? Tribwatch has zillions of links to their website, but google obliterates most of their potential profits by burying my pages. Google makes leftist pages make most of the advertising dollars, which does not bode well for our world.

It seems that Feller / Falaise elements got related to PodeBRADY elements. Bradds are now said to have been first found in Cheshire with English Die's/Dee's suspect in the "Si DIEu" of Prestons, and so it's important that Sea's/Sees' share the triple fesses of Podebrady-liner Drummonds. Presleys/Priestlys share the Die/Dee lion. The LABors (another EYE) are in the Die/Dee motto, and Podebrady is on the LABE river. Drummonds are expected at Kildrummy castle of the Mars, and Marsi were from Abruzzo while the Abreu/Abruzzo's (share Die/Dee lion) have two symbols of the Presleys/Prestleys. I say that Drummonds, descended from Varangian RUS, were related to Ross' (probably the Marr lion), and then Rush's/Rish's (Suffolk, same as EYE), with horses in Marr-lion colors, use "Un DIEu."

Hugh Lupus of Cheshire was from Varangi-like Avranches. A Varangian line goes from Richeza of Lorraine through her Polish son, Casimir, for he married a Varangian, Maria, possibly of the Marys / Marrs in the Drummond family. Marys have the Ross lions in colors reversed, which them become the Rosso / Russell lion, and the latter are suspect with ROSLin...of Midlothian, where Bradds were said to be first found. Richeza is the line of Rich's/Richess', and Richmonds (Yorkshire, same as Labors) share the gemel fesses of Labors. The Casimirs share the red antler with Varangian-like Veringers of Baden (Germany), and Badens/Battins happen to have another eye! Badens/Battins were first found in Somerset with Randolph-related Baths, and the Bath lions are the Ross lions too. Randolphs (BAT, and the Poland-rife horseshoe) were first found in Moray, beside Ross-shire. See a pattern?

The Walkway Was a Pathway

This section was written at the start of this week, but it was pushed way down here by additions. I haven't proof read any of it. Expect some repetition.

When I first told this dream, as was shown above in a two-year-old quote, I called the walkway a "snow-cleared PATH." It implies that the owner SHOVELLed the walkway, and the PATH/Pert/Pett surname, UNBELIEVABLY, shares the gold-on-red mascle that acts as the shovel handle in the Spade Coat!!! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES??? [Spade's had come to topic as per Dominion's Spadina avenue.]

The Path/Pert/Pett Crest has bulRUSHes, part-code for the Bulls/Bule's sharing fessewise annulets with Rush's/Rish's. The latter are in the colors and format of bull-head Shovel-branch Scholfields. Dutch VANNs happen to share hearts in flames with Bullys! And Bullys share the mascles of Path/Perts/Petts and the handle of the shovel in the Spade Coat!!! Can we believe that? JOE's VAN!!!

JOE's VAN is a pointer to Jovan Pulitzer, and another white bull head is used by PHONE's/Fane's/VANs, you see, first found in Monmouthshire with the HOWELLs, perfect because the man sitting in the chair had big-round eyes as God's code for OULLette-like Owls/HOWLs (Suffolk, same as Rush's/Rush's). The Oullette's have the triple gemel fesses of Monmouth-related Mauds, and Monmouths have two sets of the same gemel fesses (all in the same colors). The Monmouths, I've just realized, were first found in Herefordshire with Skulls (Shovel / Scholfield colors).

I have the sense that God arranged this shovelling by Joe as a pointer to Dominion of SPADina avenue because Dominion Voting is guilty-guilty in Phoenix with a lot of orchestrators of the cheat-job. Perhaps God had Diane (Joe's wife) in the van as per proving that "SpaDINA" is at issue. I wish that Dina's were listed with Diane's/Deans/Deins, but they are not. AHHHH WOOOWIE! The Dina-like Dinans/Dinhams have the motto, "Toujours PREST," and the Phoenix's/Fenwicks (Dinan/Dinham colors) use "Toujours fidele"!!! In the Dinan Crest is the same lion as Diane's/Deans/Deins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE "coincidence." Prests/Press' were first found in Hertfordshire with Shovels/Shoulers and Scale's! It seems that God named Diane at her birth for this pointer you've just seen. It was necessary to point to Spadina avenue with her name.

REPEAT: "There's even a Dinner/Dinan surname first found in Northumberland, right beside English Daggers. The Diamonds/Dinans share "Toujours" with Phoenix's, the latter first found in Northumberland with Dinners/Dinans! There we have an extra clue on things-Phoenix." Is that not wild?

I kid you not, I did not know of the Dinans when starting the paragraph above; I fell upon them, and by mistake too. I was trying to type, "Dinna," and while no Dinna surname comes up, I mistakenly typed, "Dinan," and that's how the above was found. It can be reminded here that the Pulit/Pulling and Joseph martlets are shared by Voters/GAUTIER's. The Prests/PRESS' in the Dinan/Dinham motto has got to link back to the it-felt-so-good belly press with Peare (see last update for that), because it was related to the pulling of her hips as a pointer to Pulitzer and Phoenix. "It felt so GOOD" was a pointer to Goods/Guts (a gut is a belly) with a Gautier-like Guter variation. German Guters/Gutle's/Gotens share the Bush / Stepp/Steptow Coat.

We can conjecture here that my "snow-cleared path" was a phrase inspired by God, and that He arranged the StepTOW variation of Stepps to nail Bushites / Skull-and-Boners to Phoenix election fraud. With this in mind, it's notable that Scottish Fanns/Vaux's have a version of the Path/Pert/Pett Coat, and that while Fanns/Vaux's share the Salome/Solomon Coat, the latter surname was first found in Rhineland with German Bush's sharing the Stepp/Steptow Coat exactly.

Why was he sitting in a chair in the snow? God could have made him standing, or walking, or shovelling, but instead the MAN was sitting in a CHAIR. There is no Chair/Chare surname coming up, but there is a Chairman surname, and it's in the colors of the Owl/Howl owls. The man in the chair had big-round eyes or big-round glasses, a pointer to Owls/Howls and Howells.

Behold from a couple of days after writing here. The English, Chairman-like Charmans share the Bush fleur-de-lys, and French Charmans/Charme's/Charne's share the cinquefoils of Ardens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Ardens" is the full motto of PATHs/Perts/Petts!!! INCREDIBLE. So, yes, the man in the chair is a pointer to Chairmans for the purposes of allowing Charmans to prove that he's a representation of Bushite corruption. The French Charmen/Charme/Charne Coat is even a cinquefoil-version of the Path/Pert/Pett bend-with-mascles.

The Charman/Charne Coat is a version of the Vaux/VALLIbus Coat, and I did read that the latter surname was related to Wells (share black lions with Oullette's), which can explain why Wells share the giant Chairman lion. Oullette variations can suggest Well liners, and German Wellers/Wells (compare with DeVAUX's) almost have the giant pelican-on-nest of Charne-like Carns. This now gets good due to the Wells having named BATH and Wells, for while the bathing suit pointed to law suits, the Charman/Charne / Vaux/Vallibus / Path/Pert/Pett Coats all have reflections of the LAW Coat.

Joe's filling of the container with snow might relate to a chill on a law suit, but I tossed out the snow (invigoration of the law suit?). I returned the empty container (lost the law suit?) to Bush corruption upon a chair, but I first had to climb a couple of steps while Stevenson-suspect Stepps/Steptows share the fleur-de-lys of English Charmans. That works. Stevensons, the with the Stepp/Steptow fleur-de-lys in colors reversed, were first found in NORTHUMBERLAND with Laws. It works even better now. The Stevensons Crest has a garland while Scottish Walkers share the triple pale bars of Garlands and German Stevens. They are almost the triple pale bars of Nights/Knights, and it was night out when this Joe's-van dream took place. The Nights/Knights can apply to this part of the discussion because their Crest happens to have the gold, spread eagle of Phoenix's, the latter first found in Northumberland with Laws!!! That's where SIWARD of Northumberland operated, and SEWERS are listed with SUITS!!!

Scottish Nights/Knights/Nets use a "durum" motto term that can now be realized as code for Drummonds, for Scottish Drummonds have three fesses in the colors of the three Garland / Steven / Walker pale bars. If correct that Drummonds named Kildrummy, it's in Angus, where Sewers/Suits were first found. Just go ahead and compare Snowdens with durum-like Durhams, noting that the latter's fesse-with-stars is in the colors of the Stevenson Chief-with-stars. Plus, the Rums expected in "duRUM" were first found in Dumfries with the Nith river of Nights/Knights, and English Nights/Knights share the spur with the Close's from Closeburn upon the Nith river. Just go ahead and compare Close's with Walks/Wachs (Dumfries), for Snowdens relate to the snow-CLEARED walkway, and it just so happens that those triple pale bars of Garlands, Stevens and Walkers are in the colors of the triple chevrons of Clear-branch Clare's, first found in Suffolk with the English Knights who in turn have those triple pale bars in half the colors! ZINGER.

Hee-hee, there is a God who operates in secret, beware. Confess your sins and make peace, or your anger against His nullifying your plans will burn your soul. If he loves you, he will spoil your unhealthy, wayward, worldly plans. Making peace with Jesus feels so right.

The Wach variation of Walks now reminds that God wanted me to WAKE Sleeping Beauty. She's Mrs. Kilpatrick, and Kilpatrick castle is on the Nith river. So, Sleeping Beauty appears to relate to the Joe's-van dream. After not understanding, for five years, why she had a knee symbol, it's now finally flushed out as touching upon Phoenix, Arizona. I was rising up the couple of steps to the GRASS while Stepps are StepTOWs too, and Tows are listed with the Touch's/Tuffs, first found in Cheshire with the Phoenix-loving Grass-related Tufts/Tuffs (Knee kin). Bush-branch Bosco's have the "tufts of grass," you see. I TOUCHed her knee, and yet, in real life, she got a knee symbol on the night she and I sat beside each other at an outdoor 9-11 memorial, on the first-anniversary of 9-11, which was a Bushite crime.

Without going over it all again here, she led to the Tows/Touch's that night via her toes and sandals, and one Sandal surname shares the Knee bend while the other Sandals were near WAKEfield. The Wakefields have a "vinco" motto term that can return us to things-Finchem, and moreover the Wakefield Chief is essentially the Joe/Joseph Chief!!! It might start to appear that Joe Oullette is a symbol of the bad guys, but this may be a too-hasty view. It all depends on what it means that he shovelled snow into the box. Maybe its for a chill on election fraud rather than a chill on a law suit. He was with me at the Bush-like FINCH BUS station when I bumped (bumper-like term) into Lorraine, about two weeks after her grass stain. Bus' share the cinquefoil of Ballots/BELLOWs, and the square box may be a symbol of ballot boxes. The Bellows are loved by the Ships using so-called "bellows," yet they show as FANs, you see? Fans are listed with Fenns/Venns/Fannys who in turn share the blue border with English Nights/Knights. Lorraine had the grass stain on her fanny.

OH WOW, the following from the Howell write-up is new, I don't remember reading it before while on Joe's-Van dream: "Howel's restoration in 814. In 816 Howel was again expelled, but the Saxons invaded SNOWDON and slew Cynan." Cynan was Howel's brother, and Snowdon(ia) is in northern Wales, apparently the home of Howells. The Snowdens were pointed to with the snow that Joe shoveled into the container! There you have the proof that the man with owl eyes is a pointer also to Howells, first found in Monmouthshire (Wales) with Vans. Howel's first name was Vychan, and Vychans are listed with Van-like Vaughns.

"Snow-CLEARed path" can be an additional pointer to English Clare's/Clairs, because they were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls. The Clears were first found in Limousin with French Clairs, and the latter share the Chief, WOW, of Clermonts'/CLEMENTs in the "Clementia" motto term of Morleys/Mauls.

Recall the "Toujours PREST" of Dinans/Dinhams, for while the Brittany Clairs share the Coat of English Yonge's/Youngs with "Toujours jeune," the Scottish Yonge's/Youngs use "PRAESTat" The latter Yonge's/Youngs share the Schole/Scayle annulet, by the way. The point is, while Jeune's are a branch of June's, German Youngs/Jungs/June's have a stag in the colors of the Edward stag while Edwards share the Snowden stars. I don't see why God would want to point to Edward Snowden here, perhaps it's a coincidence. In any case, read the Yonge motto term as "PRAEstat" and "praeSTAT," for while the Young/Jung/June stag is in the colors of the Down stag, Phoenix-related Knee's and PRAYs were both first found in County Down, and STATE's/STATIONs share the lozenges of Irish Diamonds, a branch of Dinans/Dinhams/Diamonds. As Diane Oullette pointed to Dinans/Dinhams, this paragraph tends to reveals why Joe and Diane asked me to come see a friend with them, causing me to bump into Lorraine at the FINCH bus STATION about two weeks after her grass stain pointed to "TUFTs of grass," another pointer to Phoenix. The Finch-bus-station event was in the last update as a pointer to Mark Finchem of Arizona. Like the Dinans/Dinhams, the Diamonds share the Diane/Dean lion in Crest.

Dinans/Dinhams were first found in Devon with Phones'/Fowns/Vauns, which tends to reinforce the idea that Diane Oullette had to be on the Joe's-Van dream. It tends to reinforce that the dream points to JOVAN Pulitzer of Arizona (he might live in Phoenix, I haven't checked).

Dinans/Dinhams were first found in Devon with Pense's/PINCons while Pincs/Pinks, a branch of Pings/Pongs -- and thus connectable to "pizzagate" pedophilia at Comet Ping Pong pizza -- share the lozenges of Diamonds...which recalls Mamie and Cindy at the baseball diamond when Cindy at second base pointed to pizzagate. As Lin Wood says that Mike Pence has been a pedophile, note similarity of his surname to "Pense." The Pense's/Pincons even share the CHILD eagle hint-hint. The "SUCCURrere" motto term of Diamonds even looks like code for the Segur variation of Seconds, but the creators of that motto term didn't know Cindy would be on second base.

The full motto, "MiseRIS succurrere DISCo," is interesting where Disce, now Diss, leads to the Diss'/Dice's sharing the gold eagle with Phoenix's/Fenwicks, while the first term can be a Rhizon line. Risings were first found in Norfolk with Diss, and the latter is near EYE while the man in CHAIR had big eyes. It just so happens that CHERRies are used by Misers suspect in "MISERis." The Cherrys, first found in Derbyshire with EYES'/Eyers, use "CheRIS." Why else, aside from a pointer to a phoenix rising, might the man's chair be code for Cherrys? If it was a lawn chair, note that Lawns were kin of Carricks who in turn are a Shere/Sheer branch linkable to SCHARE's/Scherfs. The lawn chair was right beside the walk and SQUARE container, and while Cherrys are in the colors and format of Shirts/SHARDs (Cheshire, beside Cherrys), the latter can be linked to the Walker-Crest lizard by way of the Sarde variation of Lizarts! The chair definitely looks like code for Cherrys and Lawns.

One of the purposes in having Diane Oullette in the dream must be for the following from the DENham write-up: "There is another Denham in Suffolk which lies near EYE..." What are the chances? Mrs. Oullette pointing to Owls/Howells in her surname has a first name connectable to Denham near Eye. Dens are also Diane's. Denhams in Suffolk were beside the first-known Dunhams of Norfolk, and Suffolk is where Clear-branch Clare's/Clairs were first found. Can we get to the snow-cleared Paths here? YES. The Denhams use a stork, symbol of PATHs/Perts/Petts (Kent, same as Storks), what are the chances??? Storks show a bull head, explaining the stork in the bulrushes of Paths/Perts/Petts. Denhams have a chevron in the colors of Rush/Rish fesse, the latter first found in Suffolk with Denham near Eye. So, the mystery of having Diane in the dream must be primarily for this paragraph.

There appears to be another stork in the CHICHester Crest. Chichester is a part of Sussex county, and as Dens/Diane's/Deans were first found in Sussex, it's probably why their Chief shares the Cheek/Check/CHICK crescents. The latter's Coat is essentially that of Italian Deans/Diano's/Degans. The Chicks/Chichs probably share the Pool lion because Poole is near Chichester, which recalls that I was in a swimming pool with Diane's sister, Annette, probably no more than two weeks before or after Diane and Joe accompanied me to the Finch bus station. Annette's/Arnots happen to share the Dean and Cheek/Chick crescent.

The Cheek/Chick fitchee was resolved as that of Luffs/Loveys, which recalls the important insights in the Lofwick/Lovick topic earlier in this update that connected the Joe's-van dream to Lovey and Thurston Howell. Luffs/Loveys were resolved with a Cornish chough in Crest that comes with its fitchee, and the chough is the symbol also of Hutton-pointing Hoods/Hoots. Luffs/Loveys were once said to be first found in Suffolk, location of Eye and nearby Denham, and where Thor- / Tower-liner Thurstans were first found. Lofwicks were to topic due to the Tower family in Lofwick (Lancashire, same as Huttons), but I now want to take this to the Warton entity in the Hutton write-up, for Wartons share the black bull head (same design) of Ratcliffs and Tipps/Tippins, the latter two both first found in Lancashire too. The Lofwicks/Lovicks have their own black bull heads.

The point is: when I accompanied Joe and Diane to the Finch bus/subway station, we were there to take a subway to our friend from Warton-like Wiarton! In the last update, I said she was from the Bruce peninsula, but more exactly, she was in Wiarton. This set of heraldry, in conjunction with the Finch station pointing both to Pulitzer and to Mark Finchem, may reveal that Arizona's good guys may get some Intelligence information from John Ratcliffe in order to expose election fraud, and the Hammer and Scorecard is exactly the thing Mr. Ratcliffe had access to while he was the chief of National Intelligence in 2020.

The earls of LONSdale are in the Warton write-up, and as Lonsdale is in Lancashire, it can explain why the Warton bull head is that of two Lancashire families. The Lones'/Loans are listed with Lawns. The man with big eyes was sitting on the lawn (not up on the porch or deck) upon a lawn chair. Is that man a symbol of Ratcliffe? Hmm. Here's something: the Warton-like Were's share the Bruce motto, and Wiarton is in the Bruce peninsula. Were's share the crosslets of Phoenix-loving Tufts/Tuffs'. The Ware's (Devon, same as Were's), share the blue lion with Bruce's.

The Chichester Crest might have a flamingo because the Chichester Coat shares the Flamingo checks, and is a version of the Irish Fleming Coat. Scottish Flemings love, in their motto, the Deed variation of Date's/Dade's, and "dat" is a motto term of Denhams, how about that.

The Arnots just recalled Arnold crescent at the corner where I first asked Lorraine on a DATE!!! That's huge because Arnolds are in Denham colors and format, what are the chances? The ones who named Arnold crescent didn't know I'd be writing this, or asking Lorraine on our first date there. Deeds/Date's were first found in Norfolk with Bus'! Plus, the pool was at Rumble avenue, and Rumble's (Sussex, same as Denham and Diane's!) share the Bus cinquefoil. What could all of these links be for?

I kid you not, Lorne's are in the write-up of Lanarks/Lurnacks, and the latter, too, share the Bus cinquefoil with the neighboring Hamiltons. Lorraine's bus stop is/was at the corner of Yonge and Lorne, but Lorne becomes Arnold on the other side of Yonge (Richmond Hill, Ontario). Arnold street became very important because Lorraine's pointers were heavily to Pepin of Landen before I knew that Lorne turned in to Arnold. Arnold of Metz was related to Itta of Metz, wife of Pepin of Landen, and Metz is in the Lorraine part of France. The motto of Flemings (LANARKshire!) is, "LET the DEED shaw," and Lets/Late's use "organ pipes" while Pipe's (share Pepin Coat) were first found in Staffordshire with their Stop/Stubb kin. The BUS STOP pointed to Stops/Stubbs!

So, the Flamingo line coming off of the Chichesters just came up big for connecting things, but my head is spinning trying to understand the Secrets that may lie behind it all. The Organs/HARRigans and their Corrigan/CURRigan branch share lizards with Walkers, and Organs even share the garb of Deeds/Date's. Currs are expected in the "Cura" motto term of Denhams (share Car/Curr chevron). Lizarts/Sarde's can be a branch of Shirts/Shards who are in turn Hair / Harcourt liners that may have named HARRigans. Harrs/O'Hara's use Flamingo-connectable flames, and are in the colors of HERods/HARalds (beside AYRshire). Ahh, English Harrs/HarriDINE's look like a Harr-DINE merger, the Dine's being listed with Diens/Dives', first found in Sussex with Dens/Diane's/Deans and Flamingo-connectable Chichester (beside Arundel, by the way, where I trace Snows). Plus, the Harr/Harridine chevron-with-crescents is the colors of the chevron-with-annuLETs of the Walkers having the lizard.

One English HARRis Coat has hedgeHOGs while Hogs share the black boar with Haliburtons who in turn have the wavy bend of the other English Harris Coat. That's interesting, and the latter Harris', sharing the Corrigan trefoil, were first found in Derbyshire with Eyers/Airs/Heyers and Here's/Heyers. Plus, houseofnames once showed the English Bush's with a red fesse, in which case it looks like a form of the Harr/Harridine Coat.

Hairs can be gleaned as kin of Denham-like Dunhams, and while the Eyes surname can be suspect from Eye near Denham, Eyes' are listed with English Eyers/Airs/Heyers, a branch of Here's/Heyers and Scottish Ayers, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Hairs (this is the one with the Dunham Coat plus). In other words, Denhams are playing into the Eye location via Eyes/EYER/AIR liners, and these were related, in my opinion, with EARhardts/AIRharts. What do you think this can mean?

Back to the Organs/Harrigans with the lizard. The Harr/Harridine Coat is a red-chevron version of the English Watson Coat, and as Watsons can be gleaned as a branch of big-eye Watts, "WHAT ARE you WAITing FOR," a question God asked me in the Sleeping-Beauty dream, is coming to mind because "are" is like "Harr" while Whats/Waddcocks are in the colors of both the Harrs/O'Hara's and FORE's/Forez's/Forrests while Fosters/Foresters share the WAIT/Weight hunting horn. ARE's/Ayers, a branch of EYES'/Eyers/Ayers/Airs, share quatrefoils with Scottish White's. This is quite remarkable for linking Sleeping Beauty to the owl-eyes dream, and Sleeping Beauty is Miss Hicks (fantastic HAIR but it may have been a wig) while Hickensons and Higgins/Hicksons were both first found in Sligo with Harrs/O'Hara's. The Hick buck even has a chaplet around its neck, the color of the chaplet-like object held by the Harr/O'Harr lion. Hicks use "Tout," and Harrs/O'Hara's have "VirTUTE" while Tute's (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) are listed with Touts. What are we to make of this paragraph?

The lizard we met above with Organs/Harrigans can be expected with Lizarts/SARDE's while I had no shirt on in the Sleeping-Beauty dream as a pointer to Shirts/SHARDs, and they, relatives of HARboroughs, happen to use the HARcourt peacock. Apparently, God asked me a question in the dream as a pointer to Harcourt / Hair liners because they were Hicks kin. But why bother with this link? Who cares? There's got to be more to it. I've been claiming since 2020 that Miss EARhardt was a second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, and here we can see why. Lets/late's have "organ pipes" while Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with Hixons/Hicksons. "Organ" is suspect with the "ORKNey" islands that included Shetland, and that's where Yells/YOO's (share "virTUTE" with Harrs/O'Hara's) were first found, who are suspect in, "What are YOO waiting for, it's YOO she LOVES, go wake her up." This is a perplexing question, but Hicks is the lady who was, for a moment, LOVEY Howell, the perfect connector to the big-owl dream.

There is an EAR of What-like wheat in the Yell/Yoo Crest, and Wheats/Whate's (share gold garb with Yells/Yoo's) are in What/Whadcock colors. It can't be a further coincidence that the Wheat/Whate Chief shares three gold garbs with the Joe/Joseph Chief. The latter's Coat has the two gold chevrons of Chaplet-like Chaplains while the Wheats/Whate's use a gold fesse. Chaplets use swans in the colors that French Josephs once showed their swan, and these are the colors of the Owl/Howl owls. So, yes, even the Hicks link to Joe OWLette, so to speak, and "OulLETTE" was even traceable to organ-pipe Letts/Late's. The question is: what part of Joe's-van dream does Sleeping Beauty involve? What did it mean, in this context, to wake her up? I touched her knee to wake her, and knee's love Phoenix's/Fenwicks. That works.

The Phone's/Fane's/Vans have a "NE vile fano" motto while the Box- and Will-beloved Griffins use "Ne vile VELIS" while Velis' are also Wills, like the Ouilly/Wille variations of Oullette's. Joe Oullette at his VAN filled the Phoenix-related box with snow, and I dumped it out when feeling the need to return it to big-eyes. What can that mean? Why didn't I bring it back with the snow in it, or at least without dumping out the snow?

Ultimately, my first date with Lorraine, because we met that evening at my LAUNDRoMAT, pointed to Langhe at Bra via the Landens/LANDERs and Langleys, and I always connect Bra to pansy-using Coneys, the pansy that relates to Lorraine's pant stain. The Pansys/Panzters are like "Pense / Pence," and while my touch-bra event at age nine involved white rabbits, which is the Coney symbol, Mike Pence's daughter has a white rabbit, symbol of pedophiles. After the night of her pant stain, I didn't see her again until bumping into her at the Finch bus station, and Finch's/Vince's were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs. After that Finch-station event, I didn't see her again until some two years later, when she was carrying an infant child. Is God pointing to pedophilia with Lorraine the babe? Looks like. My guess is that she was about 21 years old when I was with her.

Pedophiles deserve to be killed without a trial, on the spot, by citizens, and anyone who kills a pedophile should be praised by police and courts alike. Pedophile supporters will try to condition us to accept them in society the way liberals want people to accept dirty-disgusting faggots as normal. Liberals are half-brainers who willfully see only half the reality, apt to ignoring the horrors that the children go through. God will abort child molesters from life.

I'm now wondering why the Pense-like Phones'/Fowns/Vauns (Devon, same as Pense's) share the white-on-blue Pense eagle. Isn't Pence a Bushite? Recalling that Ainsley Earhardt is a pointer to pedophilia suspect at Fox news, it's notable that the Phones and Pense eagle is shared by Basfords/Bashfords while Ainsleys were first found at Basford. Bash's (Hertfordshire, same as Childs and Nuse's/Nuce's) can be gleaned as kin of News'/Nuces'; hence Fox NEWS. The Ainsley fleur-de-lys is in the Dinan/Dinham and Diamond Crest with the Den/Diane/Dean lion. I suggest that Bash liners were from "Basina," wife of king CHILDeric I.

Pedophiles deserve to be killed without a trial, on the spot, by citizens, and anyone who kills a pedophile should be praised by police and courts alike. Pedophile supporters will try to condition us to accept them in society the way liberals want people to accept dirty-disgusting faggots as normal. Liberals are half-brainers who willfully see only half the reality, apt to ignoring the horrors that the children go through. God will abort child molesters from life.

The interesting thing is this section is that while Lorraine's share the Child and Pense/Pincon eagle, Lorraine's grass stain (on her PANTS) pointed via Pense-like Pansys/Pantzers to Barrs of Brunswick as they formed Barrs of Bar-le-Duc (pansy in its Arms). I can see Bill Barr all over this because he was the attorney general for president George Herbert Scherff. One Base surname shares the Brunswick Coat, and the other Base's/Bassens/Basemanns (like "Basina") share the black hunting horn with Fawns i.e. like the variations of Phones'/Fowns/Vauns. That works to prove that Phones'/Fowns/Vauns do have the Child eagle closely. The Base / Brunswick Coat is that also of Hatch's, and Mamie was in the hatch of the pick-up truck with BARRy. For new readers, I met Mamie within an hour of Lorraine getting her grass stain.

I'd like to record here that Saxby SAPHy is thought to be the ancestor of Phones'/Vauns (Devon, same as Pine's) because the "SaPIENs" motto term that has given me trouble for a decade might just be code for a Saphy-line merger with Pine's. French Pine's have a Coat version of the Fenns/Venns/Fannys, the latter likewise first found in Devon. "Sapiens DOMINabitur astRIS" is the motto of Coomers, and Eric Coomer is/was Dominion's CEO.

Saphys were first found beside the first-known Saffins (Somerset). Saphy-like Saffers (Devon, same as Saphy-descended Phones'/Vauns) show as kin of Silvers/SILVERSTEINS (Hertfordshire, same as Bash's) who in turn share the Base / Brunswick / Hatch lion, but it's also the lion of both Lawn surnames while the man with owl eyes sat on a lawn chair in a dream pointing to the Bush-Scherff Nazi's. Larry Silverstein was a chief criminal in the 9-11 crime; he owned the Trade towers at the time they were demolished, and Trade's may share the Bush / Stepp/Steptow fleur-de-lys by design of God in pointing to this crime ring. German Silvers share the Saffin crescent.

If the man with chair is for the chairman, Kelli Ward, that works in this discussion. but note the variations that Chairmans are listed with: Sherman, Shearman, Sharman, Shaerman, Shirman. These are like the variations shown for Shops who pointed to the Bush-Scherff diabolicals. They are like the Schare/Schere/Schire variations of Scherfs, an obvious branch of Shere's/Sheers/Shears/Shire's (the two surnames share the same fitchee, almost, in Chairman colors). That's now explaining why the man was in a chair along the WALKway, and watching me handle the SQUARE container!!!

Repeat: "If it was a lawn chair, note that Lawns were kin of Carricks who in turn are a Shere/Sheer branch linkable to SCHARE's/Scherfs. The lawn chair was right beside the walk and SQUARE container, and while Cherrys are in the colors and format of Shirts/SHARDs (Cheshire, beside Cherrys), the latter can be linked to the Walker-Crest lizard by way of the Sarde variation of Lizarts! The chair definitely looks like code for Cherrys and Lawns." So, the Chairmans and Cherrys both took us to the Nazi-Scherff theme.

This may be a good place to add that the Howell tower may be in the Walker Crest (with lizard) on account of owl-man sitting along the walkway. We assume that this man SHOVELLed the walkway while I'm viewing Jovan shoveling snow into the container. Is owl-man a good guy, therefore, Pulitzer's helper to open the way to the square box? This recalls what I said, that Joe Oullette used to wear the big-round SUNglasses at the beach (it helped to nail him to the big-round eyes / glasses of the man in chair). I'm not lying. The Suns/SinCLAIRs, you see, can work into the "snow-CLEARed path," which the man cleared, and Suns/Sinclairs have a "Commit" motto term for the Comitissa and Comites variations of container-like Conte's. Ahh, Italian Conte's share the giant Chairman/Sherman lion!!! The man in the chair watched me pick up and return the container!!!

French Conte's were first found in Languedoc with container-like Contans/Constance's. If the container is therefore code for Contans/Constance's (PINE tree), it's interesting that they use the star-crescent combination of Pine-connectable Saffins. In the Contans/Constance write-up we find: "Walter Coutances (de Constantiis), (d. 1207) styled chaplain of Blythe." While Clints/Clents share the Blythe garbs, and while Bill Clinton was the biological son of Mr. Blythe, the Contans/Constance Chief shares the two stars in the Clinton Chief. Both the Clintons and Hillarys share the same six fitchees, black like the Shere/Sheer / Schere/Scherf fitchee. We can easily imagine both Clintonites and Bushites pressing buttons in Arizona to keep pro-Trumpers from discovering election fraud. Is God giving these pointers to Arizona because He wants the credit for discovering this fraud? Why is it important for God to discover it? To lessen persecution against His people?

Square's/Squire's/Squirrels ("Tiens") were first found in Worcestershire with the Clent hills, and then the Tiens'/Thames were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons. In a nutshell, that lumps the Clintonites and Bushites into the square container together. Joe at his van put snow into the square container, what could that mean? A chill on election-fraudsters? Why did I dump the snow out? Will someone spoil Jovan's chill-job? I don't know that the snow refers to a chill of anything, however. There might be a Mr. Snow who applies, for example.

If the ComiTISSa's of English Conte's were named partly after the Tiss'/Teace's (probably a TEASE branch), they were first found in Hampshire with DUMPers, Joe's/Josephs and the Liss', the latter being a branch of Lizarts/SARDE's expected in the Walker lizard! In fact, Tiss'/Teace's share the chevron of Shirts/SHARDs (like the Sarde variation of Lizarts), and Shirts/Shards even have a "HosTIS" motto term. WOW. The Scottish Liss' share the double chevrons of Clarens/Larins, in the colors of the triple Clare/Clair chevrons, you see, and then French Larins were first found in Provence with Lizarts/Sarde's! Plus, Irish Clairs share the five feathers of Scale's who in turn share the three scallops of French Larins. It's got snow-CLEARed path all over it. The Tiss/Teace chevrons is that also of Walkers.

There is an interesting thing about Irish Clears, first found in Galway with Teace-connectable Teague's/Teegers. The interesting thing is, Irish Clears share the leaves of Lindells/Linds. If the latter didn't have the LOG, the two Coats are essentially identical. It just so happens that the French Clears (Limousin, same as SECONDs/Segurs), share the giant lion of Lodge's/LOGE's, excellent, for clearing the walkway now seems to include Mike Lindell. He's been working with Ms. Fanning on Hammer-and-Scorecard evidence. Cindy was at SECOND base, and Cindys are also Conte-like Condys/Cuntys.

Here's something new from the Cindy/CUNTy write-up: "AUDIN de Condy was Bishop of Bayeux 1112." Checking Audins, they have a near-copy of the Ainsley Coat which itself has a "country" motto term for Countrys/CUNTrys! It was not too-far above that Ainsley Earhardt together with Cindy Richardson were pointing to pedophiles in high places. Audins have the cross of My's/Mea's in colors reversed while "MY country" is an Ainsley motto phrase. I'm guessing that due to Audins being first found in Dorset with PodeBrady liners (e.g. the pedophile-pointing Babe's), Audins have the Maurice lion. Or, as per "AuDIN," they may be of Dinans/Dinhams and therefore with the Diane/Dean/Dein lion. In fact, the Adeyne variation of Audins is like the Deyne of Diane's/Deans.

As Shovels/Shoulers are colors reversed from, and in the format of, Shirts/Shards, note that the latter attained the earldom of Harborough, for here's from Shovels/Shoulers: "The mansion-house was the residence of Sir Cloudesley Shovel, to whom it came by marriage with the widow of Sir John Harborough..." Shirts/Shards and Sorrys/Sorrows both seem to love the Tiss'/Teace's. The earl of Harborough in the Shirt write-up was of Leicestershire, location of the Soar river which named the Soars/Sors', first found in Dorset with Cindy-related Audins/Adeyne's (probably a Diane branch). The Shirt/Shard write-up suggests that Scherf-linkable Hugh ScherHARE was a part of the Shirt/Shard bloodline. Shirts/Shards (Cheshire, same as Richardsons) share the HARcourt peacock likely because HARborough was a Harcourt / Hair bloodline. The Hose's of Leicestershire may be in the "Hostis" motto term of Shirts/Shards.

As Diane Oullette was in the Joe's-van dream, are we to add the Cindy / pedophile factor into it too? Cindy's Richardson surname had pointed well to governor Bill Richardson's reported relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, and it just so happens that Arizona is beside Richardson's New Mexico. Jeffrey Epstein's Zorro ranch is in New Mexico, and so we may ask whether God wanted that place to be pointed to by Soars/Sors' or Sorrys/Sorrows.

Not only does the Oullette Coat look linkable to Richardsons, but Richardsons are said to descend from Hugh Lupus, grandson of Herluin de CONTEville (= the Cindy/Condy/Cunty line, right?), husband of Miss Falaise. Oullette's are said to have named "Ouilly-le-BASSet in the arrondissement and canton of FALAISE in Calvados." Miss Falaise was "the tanner's" daughter while the Richardson Coat has the Tanner Chief-Shield colors in reverse. Oullette's (probably from William, Miss Falaise's royal son) have a MOOR cock in Crest while the Tanner Chief has Moor heads. Richardsons look like they are named from duke Richard of Normandy.

Repeat to show that Snows apply to Hugh Lupus: "Malls are suspect from Malahule of More, who descendants included the Toeni's (see Tonys) of Leicester, and the Meschins of the Bessin. Toeni's were from Les ANDELys, where I trace ANTElopes. Snows use antelopes. As Hugh LUPUS was the uncle Ranulph le Meschin, read also as "anteLOPES." The wolf head of Hugh Lupus was in Snow colors." So, Joe put the Lupus-related snow into the Conteville-related container. And I, a Meschin liner, went looking for Joe in the mall.

The Sorrys/Sorrows (Lancashire, same as SKULL-colored SCHOLfields) looks interesting for having roughly the Skull Coat in colors reversed. Was Epstein a Skull-and-Boner? We are back to the Shovel/Shouler bloodline, I think. Shovels/Shoulers (Hertfordshire, same as pedophile-pointing Childs) are in Child colors and format, and while CHLODevech was CHILDEric's son and heir, Shovels/Shoulers are said to be of CLOUDesley Shovel. Childs were at Wanstead, and Wansteads are listed with Weiners, a pointer to the pedophile, Anthony Weiner, for Cindy at second BASE contributed to a pointer to his wife, Huma Abedin. Base's/Bassens are suspect from Basina, Childeric's wife.

I may have dumped the snow out as a pointer to Dumpers/DUMMERs, for they have the Bush/Bos/Bosch billets in colors reversed. The Billets are a branch of Ballots, and so the Dumpers once again point election fraud toward Bushites. Fraudulent ballots trashed into DUMPsters is coming to mind, which happens to be a Maricopa story this very week. The giant Bush/Bos/Bosch (and Pastor) lion is in the colors of the giant bird of Domers/DUMMARs, the latter first found in Rhineland with German Bush's! The Domer/Dummar bird is probably a crane (rather than a heron) because the Domer/Dummer Crest looks like the buck of Hicks who I in turn link to Crauns/Crane's.

The Dumper billets are those of Nazi-like Nassau's/Naso's, as well as those of Billet-like Bills. Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with the Josephs sharing the Pulit/Pulling martlets. I'd like to enter the theory that I poured out the snow because God wanted NOT to use Edward Snowden. Bad theory??? The snow off the bumper pointed very well to Snowdens, but maybe God chose instead to use Lindell's Hammer and Scorecard evidence. Maybe He started some revelations through Snowden, but then maybe Snowden disappointed...because he was a liberal and therefore didn't reveal all that he was supposed to??? Snowdens share the Pulit/Pulling scallops, and the latter use a "palleSCERE" motto term that can be a pointer to SCOREcard.

It was the Nazi, Otto SKORzeny, who reportedly said on his deathbed that president Bush Sr. was born George Herbert Scherff Jr. The German Schore's have a giant columns, and the Columns/Malcolms are probably from Malcolm III, whose sister married Maurice Drummond, tending to explain why German Drummonds were first found in Hammer-like Hamburg with Schore's. Is this a pointer to Hammer and Scorecard spy systems? Hams look like a Hammer branch, and German Hammers even share the giant lion of Petits while "petit" is a Column/Malcolm motto term.

Now look. Petits were first found in Kent with the Petts who in turn come up as "Path." They are even Perts while Drummonds were first found in PERTHshire. The Columns/Malcolms happen to share the stars of both Lawns and Snowdens, and that snow-cleared PATH beside the lawn chair pointed to Snowdens, right? Well, the horizontally-split Lawn Shield is colors reversed from the same of DITTmayers, and "tenDIT" is a motto term of the Column-branch Callams. The Austrian Schere's (not "Schore's) are split vertically in the same colors, and we can glean that they have the split Tarves Shield because the ruins of KilDRUMMy castle are near Tarves. The Tarves' happen to share the fitchees of German Schere's/Schare's/Schire's/SCHERFs and Shere's/Shears/Shire's, seest thou this? The Schore's brought us here, and as Pollocks were near Tarves, the Pollock-related Pulits/Pullings probably are loving the Scherf liners in their "palleSCERE."

The father (FULBERT) of all Pollocks was a vassal of the Dol Alans, and Snows share the Dol fesse, I do believe, because Alans were Swale kin from the swallows of Arundels (this was the line of FitzAlans), and Swale's have the nebuly Snow fesse. Danny Snow worked for Tony Campania, and the quadrants of Campanio's are colors reversed from the same of Arun-like Arens/Aarons. Arundel is an area named after Arun. The Snow and Running/Ronny fesses are both white.

It just so happens that while the Conqueror's mother was a daughter of FULBERT of Falaise, Oullette's are said to be of Falaise elements. It can be another reason that Joe Oullette was shovelling snow into a container, especially as Oullette variations include William-like names. Williams were even first found in Monmouthshire with Owl-like Howells, and the latter even share the white tower with the Hoppers who in turn share the William gyronny. Hoppers were first found in Durham with container-line Conte's/Comitissa's, you see. Joe filled the container with snow. Herluin de CONTEville married the Conqueror's mother, Miss Falaise. Making sense? Swale's are said to have married the noble/royal Gaunts while Monmouthshire's Phone's/Fane's/VANs use gauntlets (gloves), and the snow was shovelled at his VAN. The Phones'/Fowns/Vauns share the eagle of Este's expected in the "esto" motto term of Swale's.

Here's a short video that allows you to witness that France will not tolerate election cheating:

Jovan Pulitzer has a patent on a process that tests ballots for all conceivable verifications of authenticity, and it identifies all fraudulent ballots thereby, by testing the physical parts of ballots: ink types, paper quality, thickness, type, folds, and markings. If the good guys don't want to use him, they seem suspicious to everyone. It's that simple. They can use his system if they fear using him due to a leftist backlash, but in such a situation as this, who cares about a leftist backlash? The machinery separates the fake ballots, and people then inspect the ballots to assure they are fraudulent; Pulitzer has zero say in that. It doesn't matter that he's biased for the Trump side so long as his machinery works.

Below is some video footage from the warehouse holding the Maricopa ballots. The video shows the supposed pro-Trump man (arrested for trespassing) going into the dumpster to pull out the shredded ballots, but, so fishy, the video does not show us who put the shredded ballots into the dumpster. Well, if the warehouse wanted to clear its name from suspicion, to prove that it is telling the truth when saying that nobody in the warehouse put the bag of shredded ballots into the dumpster, it would show the public the outsider who did put the bag into the dumpster. A no-brainer. But, if the warehouse is notified that this is a false-flag operation from pro-Bidenites, then the warehouse would not show that part of the video.

Often, when video like this is released, it's for a government false-flag operation. In a real situation, the police are very stingy to release anything on video. Videos's in false-flag operations are to convince the people that their false narrative is true. In this case, the false narrative may be to "prove" that pro-Trumpers are willing to cheat to expose election fraud, by planting into the dumpster faked, fake ballots. The arrested man was suddenly treated with kid gloves, for the charges against him were dropped, not to be expected if he were truly a pro-Trumper. This video tells us nothing; it's just a tease that can be taken on behalf of both sides.

"At the beginning of October, the Netherlands Patent Office got a question. How is it possible that COVID-19 is in the title of a patent publication with a priority date from 2015? After all, COVID-19 did not exist at the time the patent was applied for." This page attempts or pretends to answer the question by suggesting that some text from a related patent application in may of 2019 was inserted into the 2015 application. But then let us see the full quote so we can get the context, because the alternative is that Richard A. Rothschild applied for an application in 2015 in preparation for making money on COVID-19 (named after 2019) knowing ahead of time that the virus (or faked virus) was coming in 2019.

From what I'm reading, the original application in 2015 was not published until 2020 as per the patent number, #us2020279585(a1), where "2020" refers to the year. Perhaps the applicant later decided to have his 2015 patent cover the use of his invention for COVID-19 diagnoses. It could be as simple as that, but, in any case, the fact that the applicant is a Rothschild has a lot of people scratching their heads. I cannot find the original 2015 application. Reuters has a fact-check page denying the conspiracy theory, yet Reuters doesn't show the original 2015 patent, which is all it needs to do to put the theory to rest. The Reuters surname shares an upright horse with the Jewish Rothchilds. The latter Coat shares the bend of the related Rodhams, but also of the COVITs/Cove's.

The patent can tell the globalists who's alive or dead, as well as a few other things. Here's from the US 2020 patent application:

A method is provided for acquiring and transmitting biometric data (e.g., vital signs) of a user, where the data is analyzed to determine whether the user is suffering from a viral infection, such as COVID-19. The method includes using a pulse oximeter to acquire at least pulse and blood oxygen saturation percentage, which is transmitted wirelessly to a smartphone...Once accurate data is acquired, it is uploaded to the cloud (or host), where the data is used (alone or together with other vital signs) to determine whether the user is suffering [or dead].

What a "great" piece of spyware to see remotely if the people they want sick or dead are in fact getting sick. It sounds like they just aim a telephone bean to someone's (or everyone's) phone, and scoop up biological data from when the phone is next to a body part. So, if they want to test how their vaccines or other poisons are coming along in their test patients, this is how they can do it without needing to go into someone's medical records. I assume that, so long as someone's using the proper phone, an evil empire can monitor some of his/her biological conditions second-by-second...and of all the country if the evil empire has the computer large enough to store the information. And guess who gets to pay to build such a system. Me and you. We pay for the machinery to have ourselves spied on because the current generation is too daft to rise up and complain about invasions of privacy.

It Feels Right Now to Store Foods

The trick of the evil empire is to convince the new generation that the government is the good guy, that it spies to help the world, but this COVID scheme is a huge backfire into globalist faces, because people are learning the opposite.

This week, I started to jar store-bought dried foods...because I've been saving glass and plastic jars for a year or more. Instead of buying cucumbers, buy pickles because you then get a free jar that can be used 100 times for storing dried foods. Even the thin, metal lids are good for 100 tightenings (no need to tighten too hard). When good-quality tomato sauce is on sale, grab a half-dozen and save a dollar per glass jar. It's time for everyone to store as much food as can be stored without losing money. In fact, a two-pound bag of dried peas is much cheaper than fresh or canned peas. If a company can go to the trouble of drying the food and selling it that way so that the retail price is a third the price of canned or fresh, you know you're paying too much for fresh. I'm pretty sure that almost all dried foods can be eaten, if necessary in a crisis, even if you have no fuel to cook it. Just soak the food in water, and cooking times are drastically reduced. Everyone should have extra food, especially Christians in these evil days. If dried foods last ten years in jars, why not store three years worth of each type of dried foods? It'll take time to get that far ahead, but it's a good time now to start.

Buy in bulk, dry foods in the cool season so that you get "free" heat that goes to warming the home. Right now is still the cool season for most. Right now is a great time to buy a few five-pound bags of sweet potatoes. Dry and make pure vitamins for yourselves. I've just tested a cookie sheet placed six inches above the stove's smallest gas burner, but I think the sheet got too hot, after about a half-hour, on the burner's lowest setting. That means I'll try a little higher tomorrow. Having that burner on for eight hours costs little to begin with, but it's free because I need the heat anyway, one way or another, for the home air. Now's the time. I'll let you know how drying the frozen broccoli goes. At first, this gets a little exciting.

Dried foods take as much as 12 times less space. My carrots weighed 12 times less when dried than when fresh. Maybe they have engineered carrots to become juicier = less food stuff per pound. Todays 660 grams of sweet potatoes dried to 100 grams. So, if sweet potatoes cost twice as much, it seems to be worth it in that they have twice as much stuff per pound. For people in city homes with little storage space, drying seems like the thing to do. The full five-pound bag of sweet potatoes, minus two, very small potatoes, filled merely a 20-ounce jar, having a food weight of 270 grams.

It's dangerous to use oxygen absorbers with some foods that have too much humidity or oil, such as brown rice or jerky. Beware. Make sure your foods are dry enough before removing oxygen, or store them with oxygen but for a short term only. For example, rice in a sealed container (with air) can be stored longer than a year, so always have at least a year's worth of rice in a sealed container(s). It's so cheap, and you'll save money buying the large bags. Make rice-vegetable salads, throw in a little tuna. Here's a video on what not to use an oxygen absorber with, with a human who sounds like a computer voice:

I hope people of the future don't start talking like her. She's like a heartless information machine, robotic. I can see this growing.

I am absolutely sure that google has buried articles and videos by Christian preppers, leaving only a very few to come up when doing searches. This world is a cursed shame these days. The shelf life of various foods "educated" to us by the world-class "teachers" advanced by google is predicted to be far shorter than the reality. The google censors are re-programming education on shelf-life to fool us, expect it. Good-intentioned people will spread the falsifications because the realities will be suppressed. They give dried bread crumbs only months of storage life, but no one ventures to tell why it won't last longer.

I've just dry-packed a large bag of rice cold (no preparation) in the plastic bottles that came with peanuts. The lids do a fine seal, in my opinion, and the rice should last a year easily. I'm seeing in videos that if we want 10 years or more with rice, it needs to be frozen or heated to kill "any bugs." I've never seen bugs in my rice, have you? How can bugs live in dry rice? One video has the rice heated in jars in a 225 F oven before using the typical jarring lids, but frankly I don't see why this is necessary since the rice is too dry to grow germs. Isn't it? Well, some germs do latch onto dry things and such water out of the air, but if the seal is 99.9-percent good, that's going to retard those types of germs.

Once I get a year's supply of food for me only, I'll start shooting for a year's supply for my four children too, and for that I'll do long-term storage of at least five years in case my children never need it. This is a CHEAP insurance policy on a vital need because most of the food will be eaten i.e. not money wasted, and it is also money saved because food goes up in price over five years. Who knows what price hikes the diabolicals have in store for us. I don't feel comfortable with the near-term future, and I'm sharing this in case you get the same sense. Start cracking, just in case; start saving extra food fast. The quality of food goes down because we tend to store the cheaper foods, the basics, but it's a good trade off.

I dry-packed store-bought pasta, beans and lentils today in glass jars with the cheaper metal lids. This is a very easy way to pack dry goods, and it feels good. It doesn't feel like work because it's a big relief to know there's food security for months. It's a pleasure, in other words, because "relief" feels pleasurable.

I filled a 1.5 liter jar with water, then turned it upside-down to see if it would leak, and it did leak some over six or seven hours. This jar has the four-inch lid, however, and the same test done with a three-inch lid (like on one-quart pickle jars) did not leak overnight. But even if they do leak some air, there's not going to be a large exchange of air flow in and out of the jar if kept at a stable temperature i.e. not in a room that gets sunlight. I'm shooting for a shelf life of one year at least with these goods, which should be no problem, and I'll be eating this stock starting today, bit by bit. I'll just keep buying more food than I need, and eventually heat the food, and seal it properly to get five years minimum. Some of these foods last a year in their original packaging, but I'm jarring them to get more than a year if needed. My plans are flexible.

The cheap lids are made to seal hot foods. They go "pop" too, just like the mason-jar lids. They may or may not seal if we put cold food into them, but they will seal if we heat the food and jars in an oven (leave lids off when heating), for as the jars cool, they suck the lids down to form a seal. So, as I dried my own vegetables over the past few weeks, I want them to last at least five years. I'm going to heat these foods in the oven. I don't see why these jars will need an oxygen absorber since the food is too dry to grow mold or bacteria. It seems absolutely safe to store dried foods, even if some jars leak microscopic amounts of air.

Search "dry canning" to find videos, and know that there's a lot of people doing videos on this type of topic just trying to make youtube money, just copy-catting what they've watched from other videos. They all start to sound the same. Their videos are five times longer than they need to be, which makes for very boring TV, but it's the price to pay to get it right, and this is easy to get right. Once you have a good store of dry goods, you can go learn how to do the gooder, wet stuff, yum-yum. Do the cheap, dry first (and do it big) in case society falls apart sooner than you think it might. There could be a backlash coming at us from the leftist goons because the COVID plot hasn't been working out smoothly, in the U.S., anyway. Here's a short video, not too boring, but still twice as long as it needs to be:

Okay, you get the gist, but there's a lot of similar videos. She left the lids on while heating the jars; others do not. The main reasoning behind the heating, in my opinion, is to get the suck-down, sure seal for very-long storage. If you can get a sure seal without heat, I frankly see no reason for the heating process, unless you're shooting for more than five years. You don't need that long with store-bought dry goods because you can buy them easily, and jar them easily, at any time. You can even put them in plastic bags. I've been saving lots of zip-lock bags from buying tortillas.

But if you need to do work to preserve store-bought foods, such as drying them yourself, then you should shoot for ten years or more, and heat them in jars, that is. That's because you want to do as little drying work as possible, partly because you also need to hydrate the foods again. So, minimize this work by getting as many years of shelf life as possible, and count these foods as your security blanket. Store them, and forget about them for many years. Sound like a plan? Be happy, and make a leftist mad today. They are happy only when you're miserable.

I bought about 20 pounds of ground beef in the sealed packages because they last longer in the freezer without suffering burns. I realize that it may not be good-quality beef, but who knows for sure? Twenty pounds doesn't take up too much freezer space, BUT, if I dry it, it will take less, and last longer, I figure, and won't need the pressure-cooker treatment. If the power goes out for six months, the dried meat will be just fine in a cool place. Sound like a plan for you?

I'm drying my first batch of food above the stove burner today, and it's only six inches above the burner because I have a thick cooking plate (I think it's made of stone) that doesn't get as hot on top as the thin cookie sheet. It's working great. I have a dollar's worth of carrots drying out, and the propane gas (it's putting out about 500 BTUs) will cost maybe a dime over six hours. Natural gas is cheaper. Look like a plan for you? The oven at 170 F degrees may be too hot to dry some foods, but as yet, I don't know why. Ovens will take longer to dry food (closed space = higher humidity) than a sheet in the open air above a burner, but it may take more gas, per pound of food, to do it over a burner because you can have more than one tray in an oven. The more trays, the higher the oven's humidity.

If anyone wants the math, a gallon of propane puts out 91,500 BTUs. Stove elements put out a maximum of 7,000, 5,000, or 3,000 BTUs depending on their size, and so you've got to guess at what the output will be at the lowest setting. I'm guessing 500 BTU's for my smallest burner at its lowest setting. If I burn for eight hours, that's a total of 500 x 8 = 4,000 BTUs. So, I now divide 91,500 by 4,000 to find that my cost is 23 times less than the cost of a gallon of propane. If I'm paying $2.50 per gallon, my cost for eight hours is 2.50 / 23 = eleven whopping cents. Sold yet? Are you going to start drying food today? It's free heat if you do it when you need home heat. Now is a good time.

The fall is better money-wise, but don't wait till the fall because Bidenites are nuts and manipulate-able by globalist goons. We can't predict what they will do this year to make citizens unhappy. If they are willing to ruin the lives even of their liberal citizens in liberal-infested cities, they will do worse to anti-leftists. Look at how they left Texans to their cold plight with a very cold shoulder during their one-week crisis. This could be our wake-up call from God. The exposure of leftists these past few years is telling us to proceed with acute concern for our well-being. If I don't prepare anything, I possibly become a burden on you. If you don't prepare, you become a possible burden on others. Prepare more than you need for yourself, therefore, if you are able. Do not think to self only as far as you need for self, or God will not be pleased. He could throw us a curve in our preparations if we don't do extra for others. He could bless your preparations if you prepare for others too.

After five and a half hours of drying, the carrots took up only one-third the cooking plate, so I took the carrots off the plate and put on a fresh batch because most of the plate is wasting heat. It's only pennies lost, but when the windows are closed, the less gas burned the better. After the second batch goes for about five and a half hours, I can take it off too, and add a third fresh batch. Once the third had dried for 5.5 hours too, I can put a the first and second batches back onto the plate so that the plate becomes fully loaded, and the whole thing might get fully dried in two more hours, for a total of 5.5 + 5.5 + 5.5 + 2.5 = 19 hours for three batches = 6.3 hours per batch. Not bad. My first two batches amount to a three-pound bag minus two carrots. Pure, natural vitamins.

On Thursday, as I write, two batches of potatoes were done complete over 12 hours on the same plate, but dropped about a half inch for a little extra heat. You can do that, get your plate / sheet at just the right height. The thinner the sheet, the easier heat goes through, at the risk of cooking the food instead of drying. The gas burner's maintained 20 C (68 F) in the home air all day to 9 pm on a windy day that got a high of about 12 C (about 55F). No other heat on today. And that's with opening doors three or four times to freshen the air. In other words, I'm so happy that 20 cents of gas all day has kept the place at just the temperature I like, and I get five large-side potatoes dried to boot. Is life good or what?

I peel the vegetables because I don't know what chemicals the farmers have in their soil. I can at least remove the chemicals that became trapped in the peels. Some globalists may want us to eat peels so that we get sick and die sooner, big $$$ for them, and so they may put out disinformation saying it's safe to eat peels. We know all about their global-warming disinformation; they exposed themselves; so happy they did, STUPIDS.

The carrots and potatoes were blanched. I hope it's not a problem NOT to dip them in cold water. The videos suggest dumping the blanched foods in cold water, but from what I can gather, this may be unnecessary when drying vegetables. The cold bath, they say, is to stop the internal cooking so that the foods remain crisper. Okay, fine, that's great if you want to eat them apart from drying, but if we are wanting to dry them over heat, it's a waste of heat to cool them off. I hope I'm not missing anything.

Alaska Prepper says he's never had a problem re-using used mason-jar lids for dry canning:

You DO NOT need mason-jar lids to store dried foods. It gets riskier, but only maybe, with other screw-on lids. When you take oxygen out of the container, the air on the outside pushes down on the lid to keep it tighter than you got it from turning it. Alaska Prepper is one of the video producers who takes three times longer, maybe even five, than necessary. He likes to drag his videos out. It's good for beginners, however.

If you fill your jars cold (not using the oven), some recommend freezing certain foods first, including beans, to get rid of the "bugs" that nobody ever sees, but maybe this is a myth. Freezing foods does cost electricity, and it doesn't kill germs. But if you use the oven at a nice, cool 200 F, then you get the kill of germs, plus a nice tight seal when the interior of the jar's air shrinks. No oxygen absorbers needed. You should have a short-term section for the foods, and then the long-term. I suggest that all long-term dried foods (aiming for a decade or more) be sterilized in the oven so that you can rest easier after having done the "work" (I mean, after having all that fun).

My plastic containers from peanuts (over a quart of volume) are excellent. The lids make a great seal. For "short" term storage, super. If it's winter, stick them out in very-cold temperatures for a few days if you think it's true that bug eggs are in the food.

What is the use in jarring flour in one quart jars? Why would anyone want one jar at a time for flour unless they rarely use it? If flour lasts several months in it's own unsealed bag (after it's been open), then it seems we can take out of storage a few gallons at a time i.e. we can store it in containers of two, three or even five gallons. It saves a lot of messy work. The problem is, we can't put plastic buckets in the oven, and oven heated flour has more than five years of shelf life. So, we need metal containers to heat it in, then pour the flour afterward into the plastic containers. Toss in the oxygen absorber(s).

Potential problem. The larger the container, the longer it will take for the middle of the flour to reach 180F, and I'm not qualified to tell you whether too much heat will do harm to flour. Ideally, a metal tray about 20 inches long, 14 wide and three deep seem right for getting heat fast to the middle.

I like the idea of cooking flat bread for bulk storage in case of a prolonged power outage. I don't trust the globalists. Immediately after cooking, the bread is sterile, but if we put it into sealable plastic bags, there can be germs in them. Is there a solution? Yes, two possibilities. One: tin foil and spatula both heated to 180 F. Flip the bread hot out of the pan or oven with the hot spatula onto the hot tin foil; pile the flat bread as high as you want, and once it's all cosy in a tin-foil warp, you can tape it sealed and slip it into large plastic bags. Remove the air from the bags and seal. Re-use the tin foil for the next batch.

I would much prefer dropping the bread into two-gallon buckets. There is a cheap white powder used in home-made beer / wine making, mixed with water, to sterilize plastic buckets. The question is whether the flat bread "cakes" will stick to each other when piled that high. By the time one cake is cooked, the previous one in the bucket may be cool enough to prevent sticking. Or, put a sheet of hot tin foil between every cake, and re-use it when refilling the bucket. One can install a valve into the bucket's lid to suck the air out with a small vacuum pump, assuring a better seal.

For example, a three-month's supply of this bread can be stored for a month, at which time a month's worth of bread (one bag or bucket) is placed into the freezer for eating a little at a time. And that's the time, after one month has passed, to make another month's supply for storage. That way, you have three months of bread in storage at all times. If it lasts longer than three months, make more. The bonus here is that you get cheap bread without preservatives, and you get to pick the type of bread made, or what you put in it. It's as easy as making pancakes, though it is a JOB, definitely, to stand at the stove making sure it doesn't get over-cooked, one cake at a time for a month's supply. Someone needs to invent a pan with a timer, or a stove-top burner on a timer (why don't all stoves come with this?).

Get a bread-making machine while they are still cheap. Get two for when the first no longer works. They mix the dough for you; all you do is literally dump the ingredients into its non-stick bucket. You don't need to wash the bucket ever if you bake in it too. I have one, I know. But you can opt to have the machine make the dough only (with no baking), and you also have the choice of letting the machine raise the dough from its yeast. You have the choice of taking it out before it bakes so that you can bake it in the oven or in a pan. No mess on your counters. What I would like is a machine that makes dough in larger bulks with no option of baking.

Globalism wants to know everything we do, especially how many animals we have if we decide to have backyard goats, etc., and they want to do this to make it less desirable to have animals. They will want everyone to register their animals, just to be pests in our faces, to make us feel they are watching everything we do so that we might obey them even though we know darn well they can't watch us all. They want us to think they are watching all our communications, but this is impossible. They can record them all, but they can't watch us all. If we overwhelm them, they will be overwhelmed. They are only human, and they are demon-infested too, which makes them stupid, clumsy, and destructive even to themselves.

This is not Utopia coming, people, and so we need to blame our fellow nutbar citizens who allow such governments to creep over us. That's right, "creep" is the word. I suggest you get a quiet "gun" like a crossbow or bow-and-arrow to do your hunting, because if you need to eat, you need to eat. Attract animals to your vegetable garden, and shoot them with your quiet gun, or trap them with a quiet trap. Bear meat is good, and bears like your chickens. If the bear gets a chicken and you get the bear, it's a good trade. If the globalists wish to make life impossible to tolerate in "their" new society, then we've got to do what we've got to do in God's country. God allows us to kill animals if we must to eat.

If we reject their society, and we no longer wish to use their grocery stores because the owners will do whatever the governments command them to do, then we have the right by God to fend for ourselves in God's country. We have seen through this COVID scam that grocery-store owners are, by-and-large, not friendly to the people. With a government threatening them with stiff fines, grocery stores will close their doors to us so that we cannot but their foods even if we would like to. This is what we are seeing on the horizon. We had best get ourselves a stock of foods to last three years without grocery stores, in the next five years or less, and remember that there are poor Christians who can't afford it, or have no homes of their own to stockpile, anyway.

It is a real possibility that we will be forced to take a vaccine or be denied food. You can see this possibility, wherefore if you do not store food at this time, and yet you are able, you are being irresponsible, even foolish. If they fail to do mandatory vaccines this year, they could try again next year. They have exposed themselves, you see. We have been given enough time to prepare for this, and so I'm doing the wise thing, just in case. I'm passing it on to you.

I'm not saying that the mark of the beast is necessarily related to a vaccine "ticket," but either way, they could be using a mandatory vaccine program as a pilot project to see how Christians will react if unable to buy, or to see how successful they will be in self-sufficient living. For most people, it takes months to store a large store of needs, and so it should have been started last year. They can thwart us by making laws setting limits on how much we can buy at any one outing, but as we can do outing after outing, the best way for them to limit us is to outlaw cash so that they can see all of our grocery purchases. Use cash to buy food and other stock-up needs so that there is no record of it in the electronic world, because the powers are evil in opposition to us. They are far more evil than they let on because they know they are setting a trap. To set a trap, they act like friends, or like good guys. Trust me, they will say.

Stop advertising your personal information; don't do your income taxes and banking online. Get smart, keep to the "old-fashioned" ways. Pull out lots of cash each week, and use cash at stores. Don't tell anyone who asks who else lives with you, because they want to record everything. We have a right to privacy, to have no strangers know anything about our personal business. They want to change that; they want us to succumb to stark openness, which is forced communism. If people willingly wish to live in a commune, fine, but it is not right for strangers in government to record everything about us. That is rape. Who do they think they are to treat us in this way? Pigs and Nazi's operate that way.

If they choose to, they can bring on a deadly virus. It seems that they were simply tricking us with COVID, giving a false impression of its potency, but if they wish, they can unleash a horrible virus, yet they also know that their own family members will be at risk, which is a deterrent. Fauci was made to admit that he was taking something like six times the recommended dosage of vitamin D, but without telling the world that it should too, to fight off flues. What does this tell you? It tells that Fauci belongs in the dungeon of Hell, yet he talks like a friend, like a good guy, because he's part of setting a trap. And Trump did what Fauci wanted done: set the stage for quick vaccines, and convinced Christians to take it.


Here's some various news not long-winded per story; note how Trump is pushing vaccines as beautiful just because he wants credit for "saving" the world from a mere flu that can't even make kids sick. Trump = moron, and a traitor to safe methods of fighting this flu. He's got an unhealthy interest in vaccines, beware this man. Things are going so badly for vaccine providers that governments are making laws forbidding people to know which brand of vaccine they are getting (that way the companies are protected), which is governments admitting their own complicity with vaccination programs. It's called fascism:

The reason that there are fewer COVID deaths now is that fewer people are checking into hospitals to get treated for COVID. More evidence of COVID euthanasia:

Here's a one-minute video revealing that whole countries are rejecting AstraZeneca vaccines:

Arizona update on Thursday:

The Biden administration has just printed enough money to cost each American worker about $15,000. If it's printed, why tack it on to the debt of the people? Are these rulers mad? Yes, wickedly mad. They have no morals. The money is supposed to be used for COVID relief, but in reality everyone knows that it's going to reinforce Democrat governments / institutions / companies so that their iron grip on the people can be strengthened. Thanks, Trump, oaf. Prices will be going waaaaay up because Trump himself printed trillions. Buy lots of food now before it goes up.

Vaccine depression:

Get a year's worth of food stored starting now if you are gunning to avoid a mandatory vaccine. It's not only the risk of being poisoned, but the principle. Maintain your right not to be injected with a "drug" they will not take responsibility for, or a drug you cannot understand the operations of, or a drug you can't trust. They are under suspicion from the get-go if trying to force it on the people. That is their admission of guilt. There is no pandemic, but there are wicked rulers who would love to see the people cringe under a mandatory rejection from stores without the vaccine. They are out there, and liberals are such rulers. I suspect that Trudeau is one such goof. The way Canada is going, it's going mandatory, and Trudeau seems to me to be an arrogant fool who would like to be renown the world over for having a "splendid" mandatory vaccine.

Some good news is the few states that have canceled their COVID emergency, for this has the potential to show that having no masks, and no lock-downs, is no worse than states which keep their emergency measures.

Nursing-home killings, by motor-mouth:

The supreme court just tossed the Trump teams election-fraud case for Wisconsin, a horrible blotch on this court. When a court won't hear that case for a president, that's a horrible blotch.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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