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March 1 - 8, 2021

The MacDonell Pointer to The Donald Takes Shape
Lin Wood's Transcripts of Whistle-Blower Testimony -- Don't Miss This
Undeniable Vaccine-Poisoning Pointers

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I'm putting this short video up front because it makes monkeys of people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dan Bongino, and thousands of other half-way-news or news-light people. This one-minute video is all you need to see to become a 9-11 truther, because the video is wholly from an on-site CNN report at the Pentagon. When media ignores this type of insider corruption, it's an accomplice to government rule-by-mobsters:

Trump lied. He knew 9-11 was an inside job. The people you respect and honor are gutless, self-interested, fake moralists if they can't come clean with 9-11 truth. They won't confess it publicly for fear of losing something, and that makes them self-interested, fake moralists. It's time to call them out because they will contribute to a host of future, false narratives for the same reasons. Anyone can take the video above and slam hard any boss who demands they not push the 9-11 "conspiracy theory." Anyone who sees the video above and continues to frame 9-11 as from Muslims is a con-job of a person, a protector of wicked murderers and scheming, big-time thieves.

Now see Larry Silverstein (owner of the Trade Center on 9-11) below in what sounds like his rush to destroy "fast" the seven buildings of the World Trade Center in order to build seven new ones with a little less square footage. Is that Hebrew lettering behind him? Why doesn't the video owner tell us where he's speaking, or give some context? This video may be from a white supremacist, but just ignore that (bitchute has lots of them, usually disgusting people):

Silverstein says that "the first design meeting" to re-design and rebuild the Trade Center complex was "April of 2000," a year and a half before 911. God has a score to settle with this wicked man. Thanks to Fox news, these imposters are still enacting evil to this day. Thanks to Trump, they are still enacting their evil today. Trump and Fox are imposters.

Here's a long-time pretty Fox face, Kari Lake of Arizona, whose quitting because Fox is a half-news show:

In the last update, wow, I had stressed my PULLING of the waist / hips of Miss Peare, and the Hips'/Hipkins especially, because they use a form of the PHOENIX/Fenwick Coat that, along with other compelling things, pointed to election fraud in Maricopa county, location of PHOENIX, Arizona. At the end of last week, a judge in Arizona decided in favor of allowing the Trump side to inspect the more-than-two-million Maricopa ballots, and the Dominion machines too, a court victory, finally, and an exciting one.

But what I did not know until Monday night (March 1), as per a video, is that Jovan PULITzer appears involved in the inspection of the ballets! The PULLING of Peare's hips did not bring "Pulitzer" to mind at all, even though I've reported on Mr. Pulitzer in the past. The Pulit surname is listed with Pullings, I kid you not, and they share the martlets of VOTERs/Gautier's. Although I mentioned him, I had forgotten that he, on about January 17, was blasting the Maricopa election fraud in particular. Apparently, he's even from that region. (Load Pulit tab now to have access at any time to other Coats of Arms, to follow much better.)

Moreover, the Pulit/Pulling motto includes, "culpa," and Culp was the location named by Cups/Cope's/Culps, who seem like an apt pointer to "MariCOPA".

Here's a video out late in the week (5th) where the, "somebody's whose involved in that," just before the one-minute mark, has got to refer to Pulitzer or someone using his equipment. Later in the video, the interviewer asks about Pulitzer, but there is no regard for him in the response either because he's heavily involved secretly, or because some people are treating him like a hot potato due to the backlash they fear, thanks to the power that Pulitzer's equipment is reported to possess to expose the cheats:

The leader of the criminal side is Jack Sellers (chairman of the Board), and Sellers, first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's/Culps, use cups, can we believe it? Miss Peare is Christine, and while Christs have a version of the Hips and Phoenix Coats, Christine's/Christians use more cups.

It should be said that: "Maricopa County has conducted its own audits of the election machines, which are provided by Dominion Voting Systems..." It means that Seller's team has had the opportunity to clean up some of the evidence of fraud in the machines. The Seller side is doing all it can to keep all of the ballots from the pro-Trump side, though perhaps "pro-Trump side" may not be the best phrase, for the purpose here is to clean up the election-fraud whore house, as I call it. Sellers is the head pimp. He doesn't want Pulitzer to inspect the ballots because he has a special method to detect, lickety-split, any counterfeit-ballot paper.

When God gave me the dream where I pulled Peare by her hips, it was related to an event some four decades earlier where I PRESSed her belly (topic of last update). As Pulitzer's middle name is Hutton, I loaded that surname to see that they were first found in PRESTon while Press' are listed with Prests/Priests. Presleys/Priestlys share the red cockatrice with the Joke's who are in turn in Hutton colors and format (called it a "cockatiel" in the last update, sorry). Later in the Hutton write-up, we find their PRIEST-Hutton location in Lancashire. What are the chances? The Press/Priest Crest even shares the black and footless martlet of Pulits/Pullings. Prestons have double fesses colors reversed from the same of Sleeps, and we were sleeping during the belly-press. But if Pulitzer doesn't get anything successfully accomplished for election fraud, how will I explain these coincidences? The cockatrice can be code for Cocks sharing the bag Shield, and perhaps this

I've just loaded Presleys/Priestlys to find them at HIPPERholme! What are the chances? Hippers are listed with Hips'!!! This is new to me right here. It wildly helps to assure that it was correct to link her waist/hip pull to her belly-press event, suggesting that the latter should have things involved pointing to Pulitzer.

Some years ago while at Wikipedia's PHANagoria's article, I came across a sphinx with a female's head that looked like how Peare might look in her 50s. That's what immediately came to mind, and then, by some wild coincidence some minutes later, I discovered a KEPoi location near Phanagoria, at the TAMan peninsula of Caucasia. When I met Peare, she was on a date with Mr. KEPke, you see, and the Hips/Hipper Crest has a sphinx. Peare's share a part of the TAME Coat, making Tame's and the Thames river suspect from "Taman." I've just found Dutch Tammens/Timmings (compare with Karens) sharing the Pero/Perino hexagram. While Pulits/Pullings were kin of Sabine's, the Saffins, who once came up as "Sabina," almost have the Tammen/Timmings symbol.

I had wondered whether PHANagoria was named partly after mythical Pan, for it's known that Panias in PHOENICia is named after mythical Pan!!! That's a bonus for pointing Peare's hip-pull to Pulitzer. Many years ago, I reasoned that mythical Phoenix, king of Phoenicia, was named after "Panias." As Pan was given a goat symbol, note the goat head in the Timm/Time Crest, for we just saw TIMMings with Tammens!!! INCREDIBLE. "Deum TIME" is a motto of a Moray Coat that houseofnames no longer shows, and Bellys were first found in Moray.

I'm pretty sure I understand how Bellys come into that ancient picture, for some myth writers made mythical Danaus, son of BELas/Belus, part of the north-Egypt migration to mythical Phoenix. It's obvious to me that Danaus (symbol of the real Danaan people group) was named after the city of Tanis in the PELUSium area of the Nile delta, and I claim that a band of Hyksos from Tanis escaped Egypt into early Israel, posing as the tribe of Dan, and brutally conquered Laish for themselves (it's in the book of Judges), re-naming it, Dan. It's about two miles from Panias, I kid you not. Plus, I've been tracing "Tanis" to "Tanais" for many years, long before finding Phanagoria to the near-south of Tanais. So, it seems that God gave Peare her belly symbol also for connecting Peare's back to the mythical Belas > Danaan line (myth was a fanciful way to track and express a people group, often using their ancient symbols created by earlier myth writers).

Panias and Dan were right beside Daphne (modern Dafna), and then myth writers created mythical Daphne, putting her in the Ladon river right beside the Panias-like Peneus river. So, we can track Panias' Phoenicians to the namers of the Peneus rivers of Greece. The Taphians across the water from the Ladon-river area must have been from Daphne, and it just so happens that Taphian-like Tafts/Tuffs' share the Phoenix phoenix!!! Peoples from a thousand years ago must have known where they were descended.

I had been repeatedly suggesting that Pan at Panias/Banias was named after the Biaini people group of Lake Van, and Vans are a branch of Phoenix's/Fenwicks. King RUSa ruled Lake Van, and you can see the RUsh's/Rish's in the last update as per my first kiss with Miss Peare as we RUSHed up the stairs. I realized, in the last update, that we were also RISING up the stairs, because Rize was near Lake Van, and because Rish's are like Risings, and so the theory was born that her rising with me up the stairs was a pointer to the rising phoenix. It goes well with the waist-pull to Pulitzer of Rising-like Arizona. I keep a theory that the 666 will be from Phoenix elements, by the way.

The Belli's were definitely a branch Bellys ("Per"), and the latter's chevron is in the colors of the solid chevron (called a PERchevron) of Timms/Time's. It's suggesting that Timna of Edom was a Taman element. Belows/Bella's, thanks to their chalice, can be linked to Bellots of Callouville who are listed with Bellows/BALLOTs, you see, right down election-fraud alley. The Ships/Shiptons (Oxfordshire, same as Belly-related Peare's) happen to use so-called "bellows," showing as hand-operated FANs, and it just so happens that Fans/Fenns/Venns, in the Powell motto, were a branch of PHONE's/Fane's/Vans and PHOENIX's/Fenwicks!!! It's as good as a belly-press pointer to Phoenix. Sidney Powell is no doubt crossing her fingers for what Pulitzer might uncover.

You see, Peare's belly got us here, and we can even add that the Press/Priest Chief is colors reversed from the near-same of the Bellows/Ballot Chief. As Bellys are suspect from Belas of the Hyksos, let's add that while I trace Hyksos to Abruzzo, the Abreu's/Abruzzo's have two symbols to Press-like Presleys/Priestlys. I'm thinking now that Peare's were from Abruzzo, and I can trace them to Rieti down the Salto river from Abruzzo. The Salto flows alongside the Turin-like Turano, and Pero's were first found in Piedmont with Turin.

See "Kim THOMSON" at her PHONE booth in the last update, though the best part, with some staggering pointers to Phoenix, Arizona, are at the end of her section (at the red light), even after the mention of judge THOMASON, the one who, last week, decided to allow the Maricopa ballots to be inspected. "ARIZONa" is like "rising," you see.

The Vans/Fenns/Venns were first found in Devon with the Billet branch of Bellows/Ballots and Hutton-like Hoods/Hoots. The Belows/Bella's have a "haut" motto term that can be code for a Hutton line. Note JoVAN Hutton Pulitzer. Hoods/Hoots use a "Cornish CHOUGH" while Coughs/Cuffie's and Cuffs share the fleur-de-lys of Sales'/SALLETTs, suspect from the Salto river.

[Insert -- I did not learn until Saturday night of this week that the president of the Maricopa senate is the Republican, Karen FANN, how about that. Saturday night, it was reported that the Maricopa pimp house put all the ballots on a truck and surprised Ms. Fann with the truck load, not telling her in advance that the ballots were loaded on the truck, and, as the story goes, she therefore wasn't ready to receive this shipment, and may want the load to go back to the pimp house (where they screwed with the ballots in the first place) until further notice. How many boxes can 2.1 million ballots require? This all sounds "funny." I see the pimps saying, "well, sorry we delivered them, and you send them back, so we're not re-loading the truck, sorry."

It's a no-brainer that the pimps don't want the pro-Trump side to enter their facilities where they store the ballots because it's a no-brainer that they set aside the phony ballots all in one spot, as a rule, in case there is a check by the other side. So, they may have delivered a lot less that 2.1 million, but not most of the fake ballots. That's my guess. There ought to be a check of the machine images too, for the machines are supposed to have all ballots photographed. Keep you posted on developments as I hear them.

I don't mention the Fann surname much, but just so you know when you see the Laws in this update, Fanns/Vance's/Vaux's have nearly the Law Coat while Laws were first found in the same place with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. End insert]

OH WOW!!! I've just checked the Timmings-like Timmins, noting their upward-pointing, crossed spears, and so I went back to the last update to see what new surname had shared those with Lins/Line's/Linds, and it happened to be the Picture's/Pictalls who came up (last update) as per Miss Peare showing me her bathing-suit picture. But it's only now that I saw the possibility that PICTure's/PICTalls could be a branch of Picots, and, loading the latter, there was a "PREST" motto term!!! What are the chances? It's the belly-prest, so to speak. She had a two-piece bathing suit i.e. belly exposed! I've got lots to add on this, I'm tripping all over it.

The Picot Coat is a reflection of the Ball/BALLOT Coat! It's another pointer of the belly press to election fraud, yet I can steer this part of the discussion back to mythical Phoenix. Balls/Ballot use ERMine spots, and HERMEs was the father of Pan at Panias because it was in the region of Ermine-like mount Hermon. The book of Enoch (not Inspired by God, far from it) even talks about demonic elements at the summit of mount Hermon. English Balls use "digniTATis," and Scottish Tate's/Teets almost have the Ermine/Armine/Army Coat while English Tate's share the Belly roses.

As per those roses, the Rose clan is likely from Roxolani (Ros-Alans), and they were likely related to king Rusa, and finally to the Roxburghs that share the pale bar of English Tate's. Roxolani lived on the BUZau river. When Cimmerians conquered king Rusa, they established their forts at the mouth area of the Halys river, and lake Tatta was up at the sources of that river. I read that Cimmerians were called, Gug, and this may explain why Halleys' share the boar of Googe's/Gouch's (Roxburghshire). The latter have a rose in Crest. The pale bar formed by the three Halleys boar heads is colors reversed from the Roxburgh / Tate pale bar.

Halleys' were first found in Sligo with HICKens/Higgins and HICKESons/Higgensons. Someone had written that Cimmerians were related to the As/Assi people group. Having seen above that Picture-like Picots look like Ball/Ballot kin, we then find that Picots share "Tout" with Belows (no small zowie), and with HICKs, while the Danaus line to mythical Phoenix is suspect as per the flight of HYKsos from Egypt. Hyksos (known to be from Asians) are suspect with the Hayasa-Assi at the Lake-Van / Rize theater. "Assi," the namers of Asia, is suspect with the Biblical "Esau," who ruled at Bush-like BOZrah of Edom. The Book of Enoch gave Edom a black-boar symbol, the symbol of Bush's and Booths. The phone booth. The Phone-like Phoenix rises from its Assi-like ashes, you see, and the English Ash surname ("omniBUS") happens to share a red cockatrice with PRESleys/Priestlys, what are the chances??? The Presley/Priestly chevron is in the colors of the three of German Ash's. English Ash's were first found in Devon with Billets, a branch of Bellows/Ballots, and the latter two surnames share the BUS cinquefoil.

I'll come back to Picots for more Belly-line links, but I'd first like to say that Peare's picture had her bare belly, with belly BUTTON, and Buttons/Bidens are said to have been at BATH! Her belly button was showing because she was in a two-piece BATHing suit! Her bathing SUIT needs to be kept in mind as a pointer to some law suit that will likely challenge Biden's election win! SEE? God seems to have written end-time history in heraldic clues.

She showed me this picture just weeks before I met Lorraine at her BUS STOP that has the traffic light from which I waved to Kim Thomson while she was entering a phone booth. Booths share the boars of Bus-like Bush's/Buschs, and Bosco's have "TUFTS of grass" while Tufts are listed with phoenix-using Tafts/Tuffs'. It's all spelled out, though at times the interpretation is confusing.

Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland (beside Waistells of Wasdale) with Laws and Phoenix's/Fenwicks, but on top of this, Richeza of Lorraine is to the Richs/Richess surname having BOTTONy crosses for the Botton variation of Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire, same as Rich's/Richess' said to be from Lorraine). Richeza was the mother of Casimir of Poland, husband of a Varangian RUS, and the Casimir antler can be the one of German Wessels/Wassels (share a horn with the Button/Biden Crest!) while English Wessels are listed with WAISTells. I pulled Peare's waist when I pulled her Phoenix-pointing Hips. It could appear that Biden's in legal trouble, unless God is pointing to him due to his getting away with election fraud that then leads to the last seven years abruptly.

Rich's are like the Rish variation of Rush's, and the latter's Rosco/Risco branch (Cornwall, same as Waistell- / Wassel-like Wassa's/Waize's) has the Bus / Billet / Bellows/Ballot cinquefoil in colors reversed. Peare's belly speaks. We rushed up the stairs at La Paloma, and Paloma's share the dove with Waistells.

The Casimir antler is bendwise in the colors of the Lorraine / Keep bend (Keeps are suspect from "Kiev," home of Casimir's wife). As Cass'/Cash's share the Coat of Kiss'/Cush's, this may be why Peare and I RUSHed (like "Rus") up the stairs to kiss. Yet I expect more from that kiss than a link to Casimir, though this is no small thing for linking to Joe Biden. Her belly button, wow, who would have guessed. Ah, just realized; Kiss'/Cush's share the red rooster with Laws! But of all things, why would God use a kiss to point to a law suit against Biden's win?

[Insert -- As was said in the last insert, I don't mention Fanns/Vance's much...aside from mentioning them as Vaux's, and it just so happens that they share a weight scale in Crest with Kiss-branch Cass'/Cash!!! Can we believe this? It now appears that my kiss with Peare is a pointer to Karen Fann, president of the Maricopa senate. Phoenix is in Maricopa. That's why there are so many Maricopa ballots. The senate is about to inspect the ballots. What could it mean that Kepke stormed up the stairs, then took Peare from me a couple of weeks later? Failure for Miss Fann? Oh no. We rushed up the stairs = initial excitement, followed by abrupt failure by a trick and lie of Kepke. As I said, when he played that trick on me (made Peare think I was using her), I went out to where he was sitting, and slammed the window, breaking the glass, and I always link Windows to Fiens/Finis', a branch of Phone's/Fiens/Fane's/Vans. Coincidence?

If nothing happens good in Maricopa, might the it-feel-so-good with Pulitzer happen somewhere else? I'm hearing now that Maricopa is rejecting Pulitzer. The Republicans are soooo hopeless, always being manipulated too easily. End insert]

Ahh, the Kiss'/CUSH'/Cuss' were kin of cushion-using Bibo's/Bible's, and My-Pillow LINDell can apply to this where the Rush/Rich annulet is in the Lin/Line/LIND Coat, a new thing right here. Christine's share the Pillow Coat! I rushed up the stairs to kiss Christine! So, what are we to glean now, that our rising up the stairs will involve Lindell in the Phoenix election-fraud battle? Makes sense. As I first kissed Lorraine at a PICnic TABLE while Pike's (Devon, same as Table's and Tipleys) share the Ice trefoils, it's a wonder as to whether the ice-cream theme should be a part of this Phoenix topic, for Cremers/Cramers share the red Bibo/Bible and Kiss/Cush/Cuss rooster while the latter surname is clearly a branch of Custs suspect in the Cremer/Cramer motto. Hmmm.

Ahh, as Lins/Line's/Linds share crossed spears with Picture's, we take this discussion back to Christine RUNNING toward the CAMERA in her law-suit picture, because Runnings/RONNYs share the fesse of Rush's/Rish's while Ronnys might be of the Ronalds/DONALDs, a pointer to Donald Trump. Ronalds/Donalds (two "Per" terms) share the eagle of cushion-like Cussons. The Rush / Ronny fesses are in the colors of the three fesses formed by the TRUMPets of Calls/Calles', and the latter's Coat is a good reflection of the CAMERA/Cameron Coat! That's new right here. It could appear that the kiss with Peare was a pointer to Trump, but, yuk, why should that be?

The kiss event was all but a tease, we might say, for she left me a couple of weeks later for Kepke, and as I've said many times, the way he had his blond hair looks like Trump has his hair. Keeps ("galley" ship of Ronalds/Donalds) share the Lorraine bend, and while Kepke was born, LAWrence, Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with LAWs/Lawers, and Lawrence's come up as Lawers too. One day, I was telling readers that Lorraine and Kepke both had "sun-bright" blonde hair, which had me loading Blonds (almost the Babe bars) to find them sharing the sun with Babe's, and there was a FOOT in/on the Blond sun, a perfect pointer of Lorraine's babe-foot combination symbols. Might rising up the stairs point to the same law suit, or a different one, as the bathing-suit picture?

Why might God have shown me the law-suit photo after she and Kepke were no longer together rather than when they were together? The last time I saw Kepke, I now recall, was at his wedding very shortly before this law-suit picture. AHHHH, I said that before checking the Wedding surname (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs), and it's in Keppoch colors and format!!! MacDONALDs had a Keppoch branch!!! Can we believe this? How can these things relate to Trump?

The Picots are also PIGGots, and Piggs/Picgs, with a Coat reflection of Bush's (Yorkshire), were first found in Northumberland (beside Yorkshire) with Laws too. Did God arrange this so that the photo includes Bushites? Trump had one leg in the Bushite swamp, and was therefore a tease to his voter base. The photo can be considered a tease to me.

As Kepke was living with his future wife in HULL (I was at their place before they got married), let's take this back to our age 17/18, as Kepke and I sat on the hood of my car spotting ALLISON Bauer get into the car of a fellow worker, which was the event that saw her leave me for him (Mike Denardo), just weeks before we both met Peare. As was said, Scottish Allisons/Allisters turned out to be from the Keppoch MacDonalds, but it can now be added that Scottish Allisons/Allisters share the white dog (both colors) of Hulls (!!!), the latter first found in Yorkshire with Weddings and Keppochs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. Scottish Allisons/Allisters were first found in Lanarkshire, and Lanarks have the Lorne's while I kissed Lorraine for the first time the night that I met her at Lorne and Yonge. I think God's got all of these things clicking together to form a story that's not yet been fully told.

MacDonells Deserve Their Own Section

Lookie at the Allison/Allister write-up: "They were descended from Angus Mor MacDonell, Lord of the Isles, their Gaelic name was MacAllister..." I've not bothered to become familiar with the Irish MacDonell Coat (Trump / Don colors), but now see its "vinces' motto term, code likely for Vince's/FINCH's. As I've said, I saw Lorraine by a fat chance at the FINCH bus station (we were no longer together by then) a couple of weeks after her pant stain. [Later in this update, that meeting at the Finch bus station points to Mark Finchem of Arizona's legislature, who's on the good-guy side of election fraud, don't miss that section.]

If you enter "Donell" instead of "MacDonell," you'll get two Irish MacDonell Coats as well as the Scottish MacDonells/MacDonalds. The Irish Donnels with the dolphin show Hood-like "Hoddonell" and similar variations, and the Crest of these Donells has a cuffed sleeve, symbol of Coughs and Cuffs. The Hoods were resolved with a "Cornish CHOUGH" that English Allisons call a "blackbird." Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with Hull-branch Halls. I have never-before known about the HODdonell variation. It's working with Kepke on the hood.

I may be going out to left field with the following, but here goes. Donald-like Dons are Rothschild kin while the surname of Allison Bauer was the surname of the first Rothschild. The Bruens in the Don write-up were first found in BRANDENburg, and Brandons share the double fesses of Wedding-like Weeds/Weedins (two fesses in Wedding-fesse colors). We just saw Keppoch-related Weddings linkable to Allisons/Allisters. Weddings share the fleur-de-lys of BRUINs (not "Bruen"). The Alice's/Alis' share bear heads with these same Bruens. I now recall that the first NHL hockey game I saw live was with Kepke, Toronto versus the Boston BRUINs (Leafs lost 4-2, I remember), and the only player whose image remains in my memory to this day, from that game, was Dave Keon (The Bruin bend-with-lion is like the David bend-with lion). Keons were Neil kin, both sharing the Arms-of-Saraca fish along with MacDonells, and Saraca-like Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Neils. Saraca's had lived at Kotor, beside Rhizon, and I lived on Senator REESORS drive, a Rise bloodline, when Kepke and I watched that game.

What could these things possibly have to do with Phoenix election fraud? Dominion voting started in Toronto. Note how "DOMINion" is like, "MacDHOMNuill," the Scottish form of "Donald." Would God be pointing us to MacDonells for a Trump reason? A Trump election-fraud reason? MacDonald clans always use the fitchee, and Fitch's share the leopard heads of English Judge's/Juge's. Is this a pointer to the surprising Thomason court case, or will there be another? One Thomason Coat has the same dove design (both white) as Italian Paloma's, and the stair-rising event was at a La Paloma bar (apparently not there any more) in the Scarborough section of Toronto. The Thomason dove is colors reversed from the WAISTell dove, you see, and the waist-pull points to Pulitzer. French Thomasons share a ragully cross (different colors) with Lawrence's. Kepke went into Paloma-like plumbing while still with Peare.

Here's part of the write-up: "MacDonell and O'Easkin were chiefs of the territories of Corca BAISgin or Baiscind, now the barony of MOYarta." It just so happens that Moys/Moses' share the gold steps-with-cross in the MacDonell Chief, and it's the same-style cross as the gold one of Bais-like Bash's. The latter were first found in Hertfordshire with the Vince's/Finch's in the MacDonell motto.

I apologize for getting off-topic here, but suddenly I discover that MacDonells are about the Russian MEDALlion found on the hood of my Jeep at a Food BASICs grocery store. Kepke and I were on the hood of my car when we worked at the Knob Hill Farms grocery store with Allison Bauer (a cashier). I had noted the Basic-like "BAISCind" term in the MacDonell write-up, but that was before loading the Medals/Dougal (MacDonald/Donell symbols) to see their "BAS" motto term!!! Do you see it? The connection? The Medals/Dougals ("BUAIDh") share the quadrants of their kin, Bauds (Hood crescent in colors reversed), and these are also the quadrants of Hood-like Hodleys. Bauds with their Bald branch share the MacDonell ship! So, YES ABSOLUTELY, God wanted me/us to go to MacDonells, but I never have until now. It's got to be about something important.

The Hodleys (Sussex, same as Keeps) use "patria," and Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag head! So, we followed Mr. Kepke to the MacDonells to find a Peare-Trump kinship in relation to a Russian medallion upon a Hodley-like hood. As I've said, it was on my Jeep's hood, and Jeepma's have a Keep-like Chep variation. The Chappes'/CHEAPS were first found in Stirlingshire with Bauds, you see. I think we have our evidence here that God is using things-MacDonald as pointers to Donald Trump.

Okay, so, as I've said many times, Kepke and I sat on the hood of my MUSTANg watching Allison Bauer. So, with MacDonells in the picture who just led to Moys/Moses', I can now show an amazing thing or two in addition to what has been shown in the past. Mustans/Mussins (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs), in the colors and near-format of Keppochs, are linkable to Moys/Moses' because the latter have this: "The name was also extended to MOSTYN, and became attached to Vychan, Lord of Mostyn." I've shown that before, but is it not wild, since Allison Bauer brought us to the MacDonells = the Keppochs??? Amazingly, while I thought I was going off-topic, it turns out that Mustans/Mussins are in the colors and format of Picture's! Wonders never cease.

Plus, Vychans/Vaughns are in Hull colors and format, what are the chances? Allisons share the Hull dog. Vychans/Vaughns (Smith colors and format) were first found in Shropshire with Moys/Moses, which recalls Paul Smith of Vaughn county, for he had a red Jeep, the color of my Jeep. In a dream some 35 years after Paul no longer had the Jeep, he was in crutches following Kepke up my driveway with a sick stag between them, and Vychans have become suspect with "vaccine." Beware the vaccines. Trumps use the stag, and Trump initiated the too-fast, suspicious vaccines. I think God is saying, DO NOT take the vaccines.

Rollo ruled in the vaccine-like Vexin, and the Rollo's share the Maple boar head. Rollo's love the Parrs whose double fesses are colors reversed from the same of Dons. Kepke's father always got seasons tickets for the MAPLE-Leafs games. Maple's (in Medal / Baud / Hodley colors) have part of the motto of Chives', the latter first found in Tarves...which is somewhere near the Donald-like Don river, and near HUNTly while Hunts/Hunters were first found in Shropshire with Vychans/Vaughns, how about that. The maple Shield is split vertically in the colors of the same of Tarves'/Tarvins, and the Dutch Tromps have the same in colors reversed! Zikers, did you see that sneaking up on us like the Lock-Ness monster? Instead of the red fitchee used by MacDonalds, I've seen the Keppoch branch use a black fitchee, and this is the color of the Tarves' fitchee.

Repeat: "MacDonald clans always use the fitchee, and Fitch's share the leopard heads of English Judge's/Juge's." The Tarves-like Traves'/Travers almost have the Coat of Irish Judge's/Juge's? Is this a pointer to law suits? Fitch's were first found in Essex with Tarves-related Maple's. Fitch's are in the colors of Forez's/Forests who in turn use a "travers" motto term.

The Fitch write-up says that the surname may have been related to "vits," which brings JUDy MikoVITS to mind, who is warning the world not to receive vaccines. She warns against Tony Fauci, and Fauchs were first found in Forez. Hmm, it could appear that MacDonalds are pointing to vaccines too, and, in fact, Donald Trump is largely responsible for the too-fast vaccination of America and other Western countries. This Judge-Judy similarity combined with Vits-Fitch similarity comes up ominously right in the midst of Vychans/Vaughns. The Maple's had connected to the Norman-royal Vexin, and Dave Keon, captain of the Maple Leafs, led us to the MacDonell-related Sharks.

Recall how Bash's came up with the MacDonell write-up, for Bash's (News'/Nuces and Nuse kin) came up as per my mugging in Galveston, a pointer to the Galveston National Laboratory that helped form parts of the Wuhan lab, the one being blamed for the initializing of COVID. I kid you not, and I have it recorded because I've told this before: I first saw Kepke (age 11/12) when he was walking toward me across an empty lot immediately beside the FISHER residence when I was gathering the NEWSPAPERs of my paper route!

Although there's no Pfizer surname to check as a possible pointer to Pfizer vaccines, the Fizers/Pfisters share the Roten star, and it's a vex-like hexagram. Take heed, it might not be a coincidence. Witch's brews are being rolled out. Fish's virtually share the Vychan/Vaughn Coat! Vychans/Vaughns were first found in Shropshire with Needle's, TAKE HEED, don't take the risky jab. The only heraldic needle I know of is with the Irish Pettys having an HIV-like hive in Crest. Pettys (Warwickshire, same as Tree's) can be gleaned as Pero's / Petri's for linkage to the Trump-loving PearTREE's. Trump was zealous to roll out the vaccines so that Christians would receive it, trusting him. Tree's are also True's while German Fishers/Fish's use the motto, "VorWORTS in TREU und WahREIT." REITmans share the Fizer / Roten hexagram, and, incredibly, the Worts' share the Shield of Kerrys while the Kerry Crest has another bee hive! Needle's pierce, and Pierce's share a wavy chevron (rare) with Fish's. I would NEVER take a Pfizer vaccine on account of these connections.

The Sleat-branch MacDonalds look like they named the Sleats for their fitchee held by a lion paw. It's a gold fitchee, like those of Halpers and Halps. The latter share the Worts and Kerry Shield, and in the Halp motto, "AuXILia AuXILLiis," there is what looks like code for the KILL variation of Keele's (Lincolnshire, same as Halps). Stay away from these vaccines.

Andrew McCabe is a staunch supporter of Hillary ROTEN Clinton, and Vissers/Fisers share the McCabe fish/salmon. Salome's (PIERCED stars) share the bend-with-stars of Laws and Faucet-branch Vaux's, a branch of Fauci-like Faux's! Y'hear? The Roten / Reitman / Fizer/Pfister hexagram is shared by Danish Johnsons while Johnsons & Johnson are selling vaccines too. I didn't mean to get into vaccine pointers here, but they just came to topic naturally. Beware Hillary, she's gone mad. If she can't rule, she'll take the planet down with her, given the chance.

When I first saw LAWRENCE Kepke (walking across the Fisher property), it was on Wooten Way, and while I have nothing to say about Wootens in regard to vaccines, the Ways have three fish in the colors of the Turbot fish while a turbot tail is in the Crest of Lawrence's/Lawers. Some five decades later this same Kepke comes walking up my driveway (in the dream) followed by sickness, which included Paul Smith while Smiths (Vychan/Vaughn and Fish colors and format) have a fish in Crest.

Plus, I think God intended Kepke's walking across that lawn as a pointer to Lawns, for one Lawn Coat shares the Keep bend. The other Lawns share the split Shield of GROCE's/GRAGGs, the surname I go to as per the medallion of the GROCEry store, and my friend at the time, GREG Fisher, lived at the Fisher residence mentioned above. It appears that God wanted to point to the Lawns, therefore, and they are the ones sharing "Garde" with the Greg-branch Carricks. Not only were Trumps from Val Trompia at lake Garda, but, incredibly, the Gregg Crest has the same black, bird head as the Smith Crest!!! UNBELIEVABLE. The Smiths call it a heron. This paragraph tends to prove that the dream is about Pfizer vaccines making people sick.

To prove I'm not lying, google should give you at least a couple of my pages by searching " "greg fisher" tribwatch " (google NEVER gives all my pertinent pages when someone does a specific search, and for this, and for google's blocking other peoples' writings with global malice, I call down curses from God upon google).

As was said, the sick-like Sichs share "fountains" with Waterfords while the Trump stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford. In same cases, the same county's Arms shows the Legg stag head. "Sapiens" is a motto term shared between Waterfords and Coomers/Combers, the latter surname belonging to Dominion voting's CEO, Eric Coomer. Sichs were at SLEDmere, and Sleds can be of the Sleat-branch MacDonalds.

"In these matters the MacDonalds of Keppoch shared the misfortunes of the great House of the Isles from which they had sprung. Their ancestor was AlaSTAIR..." Peare of Reitman's clothing and I rushed up the STAIRS, and Kepke came rumbling after us. It goes on to say: "Their ancestor was Alastair, third son of John, Lord of the Isles, and Margaret Stewart, daughter of King Robert II [explains the ship of Stuarts]. Angus Og, the father of John of the Isles...had received from King Robert the Bruce...the lands of Morven, Ardnamurchan, and Lochaber, forfeited by his kinsmen the MacDOUGALs of LORNE..." There's the clan pointed to by the medallion, and this clan was in Lorraine-connectable Lorne.

Repeat: "the Crest of these Donells has a cuffed sleeve, symbol of Coughs and Cuffs." These are the Donells with the dolphin, a Coffee/Coffer symbol, apparently Donell-relevant because Coughs are also Cuffie's. Can this relate to Peare's picture on the coffee table years later? We saw Mustans in the colors and format of Picture's. I had the Mustang when Peare and I first kissed, but I cannot remember anything that night after Kepke stormed out the doors, then asked the bouncer to kick us off the property for kissing. He just made that kiss more glorious by acting that way. I felt like I had successfully robbed Fort Knox. Peare and I must have taken the Mustang to her home, for I would have remembered it if she stayed the night with me.

The Terras' in the "per terras" motto phrase of Ronalds/Donalds share the SCOTTES Coat, and Peare's picture is about law suits that can go to SCOTUS. Making sense? Weeks after that event, I met Lorraine. I first kissed Lorraine at a PICnic table...which can be a pointer to Pike-branch Picots. Ahh, Scottish Pike's happen to share the PIERced stars of Laws!!! Laws were first found in the same place as Lorraine's! Pierce's are also Peare-like Piers. Peare's PICTure got us to Picots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The picture was suspect with laws suit, and the Picots got us to Pike's/Picks sharing the Law stars! It appears that it's correct to see her bathing suit as a pointer to a law suit.

As Woods share the Pick/Pix fitchees, and as Picture's share the Lin/Line/Lind spears, it seems that Lin Wood is the lawyer for the law suit that Peare's picture predicts. Can there be other law suits that the picture points to?

Sleeping Beauty was seen with her bathing suit at the HOOD of a car, and we just saw Hoods with their Bath-like Baud kin. We saw the medallion-on-hood link from Bauds / Balds to MacDonells, and so the mystery deepens as to what/which law suit(s) and judge(s) might be involved. Are we to be looking to a judge Hood? As the Weddings came up with Kepke's wedding as per part of the props (namely Allison) involved with our sitting on the hood, note the Weeds/Weedins have double fesses colors reversed from the Sleep fesses.

In her next scene, Sleeping Beauty was lying in the air flat on her back, with distress on her face, and finally she fell asleep (did she die from a vaccine?). I had this dream days before seeing Farrah Fawcett sick in her brain / head / mind, in a morning vision that pointed to bad vaccines. I was told to wake her up in what seemed a big victory, and as she represented Miss Hicks of Texas, I'm noting the big victory for the good guys this past week as Greg Abbott, Texas governor, decreed an and to all lock-downs and compulsory-mask laws. The Abbotts (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) use "patria" for Peartree's, and the Abbott pears are those of Pertons/Peartons. This could be a minor or major fulfillment of the wake scene, but not necessarily the only fulfillment. God can have layers and layers. We can judge each argument I make on the merits displayed. If Abbott's decree is a fulfillment of the wake scene, why is it linking to Peare liners? The Abbott Crest shares a white unicorn with the Christine Crest?

The "amicus" motto term of Abbotts is a legal term used by courts, how about that?

I kid you not, Peare was running toward the camera in this picture, otherwise her belly button would not be visible (I wasn't looking at her belly button but it was in the head-to-toe photo). This recalls that "ABOTT" is like the Button/Botton surname, or like the Body variation of Botters, first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bottons/Bidens. It was a head-to-toe BODY photo. AHHHH WOW, I now recall that the Bodys/Botters have an eagle "standing on a PERCH," and that Pero's and Pierro's/Pero's both have a PERICH variation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASTOUNDING.

Is Peare's picture pointing to Texas in general, or to Abbott in particular? It was the attorney general of Texas who first took a big election-fraud case (Trump v Biden) to SCOTUS, but the latter criminally rejected the case.

I slept on Peare's COUCH that night, and Tints have a COUCHant lion in the colors of the lion of Whistle's/Wissels (Somerset, same as Tints), what looks like a branch of Waistells/Wessels.

She was RUNNING on a beach in the picture, and Runnings/Ronnys share the Rush/Rish / Rosco/Risco fesse. Sleeping Beauty, who appeared in my dream about three years before seeing the Peare picture, was in a bathing suit on a beach too (but not running), and she was first seen at the hood of a car. Hoods/Hoots might just be a branch of Huttons for a pointer to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, but here we can even go to Hotts, for they have red, spread eagles, the color of the Knee and Taft/Tuffs eagles (the latter two have flames at the tail so as to form a Phoenix rising from hot ashes). Phoenix's/Fenwicks have their eagles in gold with red flames at the tail, same as the Crest of Knee-branch Needhams. I touched the knee of Sleeping Beauty while she hovered in her AUTo, and "aut" is a motto term of Needhams...which looks like more Intelligent Design for pointing to Phoenix, ARISONa, for the second that I touched her knee, she and I were RISING into the sky (is this God's message that the rapture will be soon after this election-fraud scandal?).

While we just saw the Pike's/Picks pointing to a law suit, note that English Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of Ratterys (Perthshire, same as Tout-related Oliphants), for Hoods/Hoots were at Rattery of Devon...where Ballot-branch Billets and Pike's were first found. Picots use pheon-like arrow heads but call them "pikeheads / pike heads." Picots use the motto, "Tout FOYS prest," and Foys' are listed with Foix's while the Crest of Bellows/Ballots (Cheshire, same as Picots) is a FOX. The Belows use "Tout" too while Irish Tute's/Tuits were a branch of the Thwaits who in turn share the Below fretty. Irish Foys'/Fee's/Feys share the eel with the Crest of Bellows-loving Ships.

Without going over all the reasons (plenty), Lorraine pointed to the Phone-like Paeonians. For example her BUS STOP, for Stops/Stubbs use PHEONs and thus trace to Stobi, a Paeonian city. Another Paeonian city was AstiBUS. The Astys happen to share the Lorraine lion. So, it appears that going from Peare's Picture to Lorraine's bus stop a few weeks later is all about the Phoenix > Paeonian line. Stops/Stubbs were kin of Pipe's, and the latter share the Pepin Coat while a Hyksos king at the Hyksos banishment from Egypt was Apepi/Apophis. God has been my history teacher by creating events in my life, then teaching me heraldic secrets.

The Hicks use an "heure" motto term while Eure is the location of Evreux, named by EBURovices Gauls, from the Hebrew line of Abreu's/Abruzzo's. The latter share two symbols of the Presleys/Priestlys, you see. If you are not quite convinced that we are on the line of the Hebrew, Esau, let's go back to the "Tout" motto terms of Hicks, Picots and Belows, for it's the motto term also of OLIPHants/OLIPHards, and Esau's son, ELIPHas, married Timmin-like Timna. Touts/Tute's share the crescent of Oliphants.

Hold on to your belly button. Timms/Time's were first found in Kent with Picks/Pix's and SIDneys. The Ratterys, first found in Perthshire with black-boar Rollo's and SIDE-branch Sutys, share the Pick/Pix and Wood fitchees (Lin Wood is Sidney's "partner" in election fraud). As Picks/Pix's can be of Peare's picture that points to a law suit, note that the pheon of Sidneys is a good reason to think that she's going to have a law suit involving Phoenix, Arizona. Rollo's share "tout" with Oliphants, but also add "passe" while Pasi's/Pascels share the crossed spears of Rollo-connectable Speers. These crossed spears first came up with Tammens/Timmings and Picture's/Pictalls. Coincidence?

Lin Wood is of Georgia, and George's share: 1) the Suty lion; 2) the Flynn besants; 3)the blue doves of Waistells; 4) the fesse of Powell-related Fans/Fenns/Venns. See anything here?

Esau could have gotten a goat symbol from his Genesis account in which his father said he had goat-like hair on his arms, and Timna-like Timms/Time's use a goat head, the white one of Bush's, and the latter share the black boar with Rollo's, the latter first found in Perthshire with Oliphants. Rollo's can be gleaned with the boar heads also of Speers, who share crossed spears with Timmins. See a pattern?

Thus, the "DEUM Time" motto of the Morays is easily deciphered as part-code for EDOM. The "DUM spiro SPERo" motto of Masons/Massins (Kent, same as Timms/Time's) recalls the crossed SPEARs of Timmins, perfect, and as the Mason/Massin Crest is the Moray mermaid, how better could God spell out this trace back to Esau? Apparently, the Hyksos Hebrews were part of Edom's Hebrews, and Asia was named after Esau's Hebrews.

Before leaving Oliphants, I want to show their motto, "Tout POUR voir" (Voirs are in the last update). The "pour y" motto phrase of Manners/Maness' (like "Oman") had suggested the Purys (Oxfordshire, same as Tiens/Tame's, Peare's and Bellow-loving Ships) whose Coat is almost that of Omans suspect in the "OMNibus" motto term of Esau-suspect Ash's. Omans look like Isle-of-man liners, and Christine's, first found in man, essentially have the white Oliphant unicorn head. Oliphants emphasize the MANE, you see, by making it gold. Christine's emphasize their gold horn, and Horns/Orne's (herons) are in the colors and format of Oliphants. Christine Peare. The Horns/Orne's use "desPERanDUM," that's right, they once knew where they were from.

Purys and Omans share the black martlet with Pulits/Pullings and Press'/Prests. I pressed her belly, and pulled her hips, two pointers to election fraud in Phoenix, ARIZONa. I met Christine when she was working for Reitman's clothing, which now plays especially well where Jewish Reitmans share the hexagram of waist-like Wassa's/Waize's (and Rotens). The latter put their one hexagram into a canton square all in the colors of the one Oliphant crescent in a canton square, you see, tending to nail the Oliphant unicorn with that of Christine's. Waistells were at WASdale. Wassa's/Waize's/GAZE's use bars "gemel" and Gemels are in Picture/Pictall colors and format. I probably did GAZE at her picture (for a long second) because she looked like a perfect 10...but I still managed to sleep on the couch, a feat for me as a new Christian that night. I didn't even kiss her to start anything. I was hesitant to start anything.

I took her to church the next morning, and here I can add that Church's are in Oman / Pury colors and format. They all share the fesse of Huttons and Leylands. Huttons were at HOTTun in Leyland, in PRESTon, and Huttons named Priest-Hutton, a thing linking the belly-press event to the waist-pull. Omans and Purys both share the black martlet with Press'/Prests/Priests. It has the belly press all over it, and my Paloma-like PALM was on her belly button at the time (Peare and I never engaged in sex). Peare-like Purys were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. Purys are suspect in the "Tout pour voir" motto (Oliphants), and Voirs were first found at Phoenix-connectable VANNES, where the Oust river flows that may have been named by Dusts/D'Ousts. D'Oust of southern France is where Hottun-like Hotts (red-spread eagles) were first found who may be sharing the Fan/Fenn/Venn fesse because the latter surname was first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots, and with the Ash's that brought Omans to topic with their "OMNibus" motto term. Did we just come back to Sidney Powell with the Hott fesse?

Fans/Fenns/Venns (in the Powell motto) were first found in Devon with Vowells/Fowells/PHOWELLs ("sed"), how about that. The latter have a pierced-star version of the Washington Chief, and Wassa's/Waize's/Gaze's were proto-Washingtons. Isn't the supreme court in Washington? Peartree's ("sed") have a Pulit-connectable Chief in the colors and format of the Washington Chief. Bellow fans are used by Ships (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's), and a giant ship is used by Guns ("AUT BELLum") who in turn share the Washington / Phowell Chief. What to make of this? Is Peare's waist and belly pointing to Washington too? What in Washington? The Waistell horse is in the colors of the Stamp horse, and Stamps have a version of the Rush/Rish Coat.

At this time, the Arizona election house has the option of appealing judge Thomason's decision to the supreme court. Imagine what a confession of guilt it would be to do so rather than just giving the ballots over for inspection. How can the supreme court now accept a law suit for the Biden side after rejecting multiple cases from the Trump side with zero / useless explanations??? I wonder whether there's a HYPocrite surname. Why was Peare on a stage when I pulled her HIPS as a pointer to Pulitzer? Is all of this election fraud being staged as a psychological operation? Or is it staged in the sense that the judges are being forced to reject all of Trump's cases by outside, pro-Biden forces? Are they trying to make pro-Trumpers use guns in order to have the excuse of taking guns away from all? Will they stage events feigning pro-Trumpers in a gun battle with police?

Will Navy SEALs Flow Out from a False-Flag Staging?

Just before Peare was on my stage, she was on an adjacent stage with a second woman whose face I did not see. However, I didn't need to see it in order to know that it was Peare's friend, Louise Phillips, for Louise was in bed with Peare and I when I awoke pressing Peare's belly (I laid off once coming to consciousness). This is what connects the belly press to the hip / waist pull. I knew it was Louise because, the last time I saw her, she said she was going into choreography = stage productions. I met her when she and Peare worked in the same, indoor mall, and the stages of this dream were in an indoor mall.

[As the belly-event is pointing to Arizona, I've been wondering how Louise figures into that election-fraud setting. French Louis' were first found in Lorraine, and later in this update, Lorraine points to Arizona in a strong ways. The stage and choreography suggest things are being staged in Arizona, but I'm wondering whether both sides are participating in it, or only one side.]

The Morleys/Mauls, the reason for the mall in the first place, share the vertically-split Shield of German Wessels/Wassels, you see, more verification that the waist-pull in the mall was a pointer to Waistells/Wessels. Again, the BUTTON/Biden Crest is a "horn" (no animal species mentioned), and a horn is in the Wessel/Wassel Coat. I was pressing her belly BUTTON. David Morley of that same dream pointed to the line of Ada of Warenne, whose family held Castle RISING, and she married Henry Huntingdon while Huntingdonshire is where Pulitzer-like Bullets were first found who use bull horns (the Biden horn looks like a bull horn). HUNTER Biden comes to mind, especially as Hunters were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and BAGleys. I was sleeping when doing the belly-button press, and David Morley had circled the sleeping-BAG. I was sleeping in the MIDDLE of the two ladies, and Middle's were first found in Shropshire too.

Now look. Bagleys share blue lozenges with French Louis' (Lorraine), but in both colors of the Pennington lozenges (in the colors of the Bag Chief), and I met Louise when she worked as a SALESlady in a mall for Pennington's clothing. Luis of Ceva was the mother of Alice of Sales-like Saluzzo. Salesmans look like kin of Cheneys who in-turn share the bull's scalp with Bullets. Should we be expecting a staging of pro-Trumpers using guns and bullets? Dick Cheney hates pro-Trumpers. Salesman-like Salmons (Salesman colors) can be connected to the Salome's/Solomons having the Law Coat! You see, even by following things-Louise, we may be on the law suit pointer.

Once we have established Louise Phillips on one of the stages, we take it to English Phillips, first found in Kent with Suty-connectable Sidneys, and then Irish Phillips'/Philbins have a version of the Suty Coat. While Sidney Powell was general Flynn's lawyer, Flynns have a wolf colors reversed from the PHELPs wolf, how about that. It seems that Louise Phillips is pointing to Sidney Powell. Will her law suits be merely a staging for some nutty end-purpose? Are all of these pro-Trump, election-fraud fighters deep-fakes? This thought always makes me feel sick. But if they get our hopes up time and time again even now, only to let us down a day or two later, that is a good sign of a tease job by deep-fakes. Whether they are fakes or for real, God is pointing to them.

Phelps were first found in Monmouthshire with Phone's/Fane's/Vans, a branch of the Fenns in the Powell motto. How can we not see this as Intelligent Design? Note how "Phillips / Phelps" evokes vote FLIPPing by Dominion machines.

General Flynn got suspect recently as the endangered fly caught in a spider web at the CEILing (my dream) while I was asleep is a SEALY mattress. The Webbers (Somerset, same as Sealys/Ceileys), sharing the Fly fleur-de-lys, use wavy bars. The SEALYs/CEILeys (share tiger in Crest with Sidney-like and Suty-branch Side's) can then beg a look at the Seals/Zeals (Weaver fesse) in the motto of the Hutton-connectable Hoods/Hoots, and we can then go to the Seal-related Sea's (named a Seal location), the latter being a branch of Seamans that share the wavy bars of Irish Phillips/Philbins. Just like that, we can justify use of the Phelps having the Flynn wolf in colors reversed. That is, we followed the fly dream and got back to Flynns/LYNNs, and to this we can add that Lynn-like Lins/Line's/Linds share the crossed spears of Picture's while Peare's picture points to a law suits! Bingo.

I've only just noticed that English Lyne's/Line's (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) are in the colors and format of Picture's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big one. Scottish Lyne's are listed with the Lyons (Perthshire) who share the giant lion of Touch's/Tuffs, and while I TOUCHed the knee of Sleeping Beauty as a pointer to Phoenix, Arizona, Touch's/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with Tafts/Tufts/Tuffs' sharing the Knee phoenix. That's all amazing, but it's hard to know for sure whether Line's point to Lin Wood, Mike Lindell, or general Flynn, or all three. With Lyne's/Line's having a version of the Picture Coat, which is reflective also of the Taft/Tuffs Coat, perhaps we should be pointing to the lawyer, Lin Wood.

Lyne's/Lyons have a "Pro" motto term and, additionally, share "patria" with Penningtons and English Phillips', and Patria's ("sed") are listed with the PEARtree's sharing the Trump stag head. How can it be coincidental that Patria's/Peartree's share the Suit fitchees? Patria's/Peartree's even share the Pulit/Pulling scallops and Pulit/Pulling bend. From the last update: "As Pero's were first found in Piedmont with Domino's, it's important that Hickens/Higgins ("pro patria" links to Pero's in both terms) share the Domino tower." It looks like a pointer to Dominion cheating from Miss Peare, the one promising an it-feels-so-good law suit. As I once said, Sidney Powell today has the look of what Miss Peare could look like at about 50. The last I saw her, the day after she showed me her bathing-suit picture, she was 21.

From the last update: "The "SaPIENs DOMINabitur astRIS" motto of Coomers/Combers looks like part code for the Pine's in the Maschi pine cones. So, the spider in the armpit is pointing to Dominion." I saved the fly in the web from the spider, you see, but here we can add the porcuPINE of Sidneys.

If we go back to the SEALs/Zeals (almost the Webber/Weaver Coat), we then apply to the idea that general Flynn is a military man, for the Navy SEALS may be in this thing. Ahh, Navys were first found in Angus with SUITs!!! The write-up of Seals/Zeals (Flynn wolf?): "The surname Seal was first found in Northumberland"...with Laws!!! What can that predict? A law suit followed by a Navy-SEAL insurrection or martial-law state? Will there be military courts set up? Some social-media people continue to repeat that the military can step in legally if the supreme court continues to allow Biden criminality to continue, or if the court will not uphold the constitution, which military brass are sworn to uphold. Maybe the guns and bullets will be from genuine pro-Trumpers in the military.

The Phillips/Philbens have wavy, fessewise bars in the colors of the wavy fesses of Hones' suspect in the "honesta" motto term of Navy-branch Neve's.

I saved the fly by jabbing a piece of cardboard between the spider and the fly just as the spider went to pounce. How might that picture point to Navy SEALs? Note that while Jenna Ellis (Trump's former lawyer, or may still be) is a part of the fight against election fraud, navy-branch Neve's (Angus too) have a form of the Ellis / Elias Coat. Neve's use "quae,'; Elias' use "quo sed QUOmodo"; Sidneys use "Quo." Laws use "fasQUE." ???

The "quoMODO" could be for such things as Motts (share Ellis / Elias crescent), and Motts were from Mott / Motte locations in Cotes-du-Nord, where the Meu river flows out of that named the My's/Mea's/Meighs. Can that point to MY Pillow? My Pillow may be in view with the cushion of Bibo's/Bible's, upon which stands the red Kiss/CUSH rooster. My kiss with Peare after rising fast up those stairs might just pertain to Mike Lindell's (owner of My Pillow) work against election fraud. Kepke had STORMed up after us when discovering that we snuck away from him (but what's a guy to do when the lady was willing?). Thanks to the Lorraine's, the Law bend can be connected to the bend of Keeps, and the latter were first found in Sussex with COURTs/Coverts/ Law suits happen in courts.

Or, "quoMODO" might be for Mota's (why might they share the Belly roses?). Mota's were a Motel branch while Motels share the winged horse with Navys, and both share giant-white horses with CAFFERs. The cool thing here is that while I can get to Motels of Taranto from the Coffey/COFFER Crest (share Arms of Taranto, essentially), Peare showed the bathing SUIT picture on her COFFEE table, and Dominion was founded in Toronto. Coffee's/Coffers use "cups," and Christine's (cups) essentially have the PILLOW/Pilotte Coat while Mike Lindell owns My Pillow. The chevron of Christine's is couped (cut short), and while Cups/Culps are also Cope's (in the Pulit/Pulling motto), Coopers/Coupers were first found in Sussex with COURTs/Coverts and Coverts/COFFERts (like Coffer variation of Coffee's), how can all that be coincidental?? Scottish Coopers have another couped chevron. That coffee table was very important.

Peare's belly pointers went effectively to tummy-like Tume's/Tombs (Waistell-connectable), thanks to her waist pointer, and here, while passing the Courts/Coverts, we can ponder the "ToTUM" motto term of Judge's/Juge's. Again, the Juggs/Judds share the boar heads of My's/Mea's/Meigh's, you see. Doesn't there seem to be something to this? The My's/Mea's have a boar-head version of the Bath Coat, and while the Buttons/Bidens were in Bath (Somerset, same as Battons/Badens), we are back to her belly button.

Does the cardboard represent mitigating action from Navy SEALs? Likewise first found in Sussex were Medleys, who must have named Medlicott of the MOTleys/MODleys, in Shropshire, where Middle's were first found. I jabbed the cardboard in the MIDDLE of the spider and fly, and then Medleys (beside Flys) share a tiger in Crest with Sealys/Ceileys, who were part of the spider-fly dream. So, yes, the Navy SEALS can apply to the cardboard. Let's continue.

The "Un dieu" motto of Rush's/Rish's is like the "In deo" of Medleys, and the latter's Tiger kin were first found in Suffolk with Rush's/Rish's. The latter have a different-color version of the Stamp Coat while there is a letter with stamp in the Crest of Cards/Certs, the latter suspect with the CARDboard. If this cardboard represents the saving of the fly, or of the fly's causes, with Navy SEALs, it can be added that the Stamp horses are in the colors of the giant navy horse. It just so happens that Stamps were first found in Berkshire with MODeys/Modens.

Repeat while on the Wassa's and their Washington branch: "The Waistell horse is in the colors of the Stamp horse, and Stamps have a version of the Rush/Rish Coat." Medleys have a black version of the Washington Chief, and a black version of the Wassa Shield. Plus, Stamps are in the colors and format of Dragons/Drainers, the latter first found in Kent with English Neve's. Navy SEALs in Washington? What for? Will it feel so good?

I rode Peare's horse to a bank in the field, and I can link MalBANKs to English Neve's while including RODDENs/Rodhams. Peare worked at Reitmans, and then Reitmans share the ROTEN and Wassa hexagram stars, which are in the colors of the stars in the Chief of Cantons who in turn have the Washington Coat in colors reversed, and, maybe, this is an important meaning of all the sleep themes: Cantons have the double-Sleep fesses. Malbanks have a canton too.

It's maybe more than a little interesting that the doze-like Dose's/Dozze's have a Coat like that of German Rice's/Risers, for SELEPItanoi were at/near Rhizon, and then the ermined Malbank / Rodham bend is shared by Rye's/Rise's/Ryse's. When Morley rode down the bank to circle the sleeping bag, he had to RISE up the bank to get back onto the ROAD from which he came. Making sense? Malls have the MalBANCs, and Morleys/Mauls share the split Shield of Dose-like Dossier's/Dozer's/D'Hosier's. As Morley rode away behind my back (I was up on the road) down the Rodham-like road, I walked off the same road into the mall PARKING lot while Parkings/Perkins point to Perkins Coie, Hillary's legal firm that criminally whipped up the Steele DOSSIER. Seest thou what God has pointed to? That's the back-drop to the pull-hip / pull-waist scene, and then while Waistells are Wessels too, the split Shield of German Wessels is that also of Dossier's/Dozer's. MAYBE, the sleeping bag had the dossier within it because some Clintonite weasel was dozing in it. Bagleys were first found in Shropshire with the Rodden river.

Sleeping Beauty reminded me of a MODEL and actress, and here I can make super sense of the Modley-like model theme, for Motleys/Modleys were not only first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, but they have the Bono Coat, almost, and Hicks use a "bon" motto term. Plus, the "cura" motto term of Motleys/Modleys is in the motto of Denhams who share the Car/CURR chevron, and thus the Motleys/Modleys love the Cars/Currs. The car that Sleeping Beauty was with was also an auto for the Auto's/Otto's and Ottone's/Otto's, and Ottone Visconti ruled Milan, where Bono's were first found. There's probably more to this that must be gleaned, but for the moment, it's extra evidence that God created the props in the Sleeping-Beauty dream.

Miss Hick's adopted daughter (pointer to pedophilia) has a Daddy/Dowd surname online, and the "Dat" motto term of Motleys/Modleys can be for Date's/Dadeys/Deeds. It can be added that the Daddy/Dowd Coat is almost the Rising Coat. I need to become familiar with the newly-found fact that the double Sleep fesses are those also of Law-linkable Lawyers (same place as Salome's/Solomons), and here it can be added that the Picture's and Daddys both share crossed, white swords, the Picture's having them in both colors of the crossed BOARDer swords. Does the waking and rising of Sleeping Beauty depict a law-suit victory, therefore, for the good guys, in Arizona? By what coincidence do Boarders share the Law, Salome/Solomon, and Pike/Pick stars. The Solomons were a part of my PICKing up the sleeping bag on a bank.

The Seal/Zeal Crest shares the white wolf head of Picots, but Rush's/Rish's likewise have a white wolf head in Crest. More white wolf heads are with BATHers, in the colors of the Flynn wolf, and Miss Peare was probably a bather when she had her bathing suit on at the beach. [I didn't yet know that PICTons/PICKtons were first found in Flintshire (beside Bathers) when writing here! Flynns are like the Flan variation of Flints, and Flints/Flans share arrow heads with Picots! I can glean that the Pictons/Picktons share the Pennant (Flintshire) and Trevor/Trefor lion while the latter are said to have been in Denbigh, where Bathers were first found. This is AMAZING for linkage to the bathing-suit picture, but what could it mean? Pennants are used by coup-like Coo's/Cowes'.] Was the Picot-related bathing-suit picture about Navy SEALs in conjunction with law suits? Wouldn't it be great if they conducted a coup on Biden? Or, maybe they threatened a coup on Trump, and so he stopped fighting to win the election for fear of the military repercussions.

As per cardBOARD, I've long said that the Board Coat is a version of the Suit Coat, but for this discussion, it can be added that the split colors of Boards are the split colors also of Motleys/Modleys, the latter first found in Shropshire with Middle's. The cardboard went into the middle, and the fly got suspect with general Flynn.

Ahh, this is great: the gold, spread eagle in the Motley/Modley Crest can be the one in the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest because Motleys/Modleys were first found in Shropshire with a Rodden river while Roddens/RODHAMs (share ermined-white on red with Sleeps and Lawyers) were first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's/Fenwicks and Laws. The Rodden/Rodham bend is in the colors of the bend-by-fish of English Neve's, the latter first found in Kent with Rodden-related Rothes'. As Pollocks built Rothes castle, that's why the Jewish Pollocks essentially have the Neve and Rodden/Rodham bend. For a decade or more prior to this past year, Rothes' were said to have been first found in Shropshire with the Rodden river. The Pollock saltire comes from the cross in the Arms of Pola/Pula (Istria), and that cross is the RISING cross in colors reversed, I kid you not. In one swoop over the burnt-to-s-crisp ashes, we hereby find the Clinton crime ring seething from Trump's overpowering of the cheat machines in 2016. Will the crime ring prevail this year?

Rothes' were first found at Malling, and Malls/Marlybone's (beside Shropshire) have the Malbancs in their write-up while Malbanks (Northumberland, same as Roddens/Rodhams) share the ermined bend of Roddens/Rodhams. Malbanks were at Snape (near the Blythe's) while Snape's (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons) have a portcullis-gate version of the Clinton Coat, itself sharing the six Hillary fitchees. When heraldry sings like this, we can expect long prison terms. Hell awaits the rotten ones; there's still time to sincerely repent (with heart-felt remorse) and avoid it. we can't fool God with verbal repentance only.

Snape is in Yorkshire, where Formans/Fermans were first found who are probably a branch of whatever the "firm" motto term of Malbanks is for. The interesting thing here is that the lone lion in the ARMy/Ermine Chief is in the Forman/Ferman Chief. The spider ended up in my ARMpit.

[Long insert -- The chevron-with-anchors of Firemens is in the colors of the fesse-with-stags of Huttons, which I wouldn't have mentioned had not "Christo" been a Firemen motto term, for Christs have a reflection of the Hips / Phoenix Coat for a possible pointer to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. In the last update, I conjectured that the spider vibrating in my armpit was a pointer to Quakers, and then said: "Firemans share the red fitchee with Darlene's and Quakers."

Darlene worked with me at Knob HILL FARMS GROCERs, and Farmers, sharing the Fireman lion heads, share the Hill and Hutton fesse while the Hill fesse with tower is in all three colors of the Leyland fesse that itself looks like the CRAIG Coat. GROCE's are also GRAIGs. Huttons were in Leyland. Why do LEYdons come up as Alito-like Letons (Leto/Alitto colors), and having lions colors reversed from the Fireman / Farmer lion heads? Letos'/Alitto's use a crane "drinking," and Drinks have a giant lion in the colors of the Fireman / farmer lion heads. Drinks were even first found in Northumberland with Laws and Phoenix's? can we imagine Sam Alito changing the minds of the anti-Trump judges in case the election-fraud battle in Phoenix is appealed to the supreme court?

Having said that, note that English Thomas' share the Craig / Leyland crescent while the Crest of the same Thomas' is a black dog, the symbol of Craig-branch Craggs and Carricks. Suddenly, by following the Knob Hill Farms grocery store, we are now onto supreme-court judge, Clarence Thomas too, apparently. I was fired from Knob Hill Farms, and that led to my meeting Christine Peare upon getting a shoe-sales job in the same mall she worked in, and I've just seen how Shoe's can work into this from the Ormskirk area of Gorsuch's. Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas are both on the supreme court. Read on.

Recall how Kim Thomson's phone booth pointed to judge Thomason's awarding the pro-Trump side with a win, the thing that may be appealed to judge Thomas and Alito on the supreme court. Those two, along with Gorsuch, were the only three who ruled last month in favor of seeing election-fraud evidence. One Thomason Coat is a not-bad reflection of the GORsuch Coat, and the explanation here can be in mythical GORlois, partly suspect from Luis of Ceva, mother of the wife of THOMAS of Saluzzo, the one at the root of Welsh Thomas'.

It get's more interesting here that while one Welsh Thomas Coat has the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors, the other Welsh Thomas Coat is that of Welsh Reesors/Ryse's and Rice's, the rising / Rhizon entity. Coincidence? Plus, as was pointed out loudly in the last update: the Hardys in the Rice motto, first found in Lanarkshire with BOTHwells, share black boars with Booths/Boths. Bothwells and Booths/Boths were part of the last update's discussion on KIM Thomson's phone booth, at which time I showed the similarity between the Thomson and one Welsh Thomas Coat (share Kim cinquefoils). Kims were first found on BUTE, c'mon folks, Someone arranged that event.

Compare "Booth" to the Boots, for Masseys/Masse's and Trips once showed boots, and Butua is smack beside Rhizon. God's a genius. We were rising and rushing up the stairs, and Stamps, with a different-color version of the Rush/Rish Coat, were first found in Berkshire with Boots. The Stamp horse is that also of WAISTells.

Or put it this way: we were RUNNING up the stairs to get away from Kepke, who is a pointer to Trump in some ways, and so let's view us running to the supreme court without Trump, because his team died out like imposters or something. Then, Kepke came STORMing up the stairs after us, and he took Peare away from me a couple of weeks later, perhaps meaning that, when Trump sees others getting success with SCOTUS, he'll join in too like a storm.

The Runnings/Ronnys are excellent here because they share the Rush/Rish fesse, only the Runnings/Ronnys show nothing but a wavy-white fesse, the colors of the wavy fesse of Dols, and then DOLfins/Dolphins are in the Crest of the English Orms (share Spink eagle for connection to Hips'/Hippers). The wavy Dol fesse can be gleaned in the wavy line at the Chief of Welsh Thomas because FitzAlans of Dol married the daughter of Thomas of Saluzzo. Dols (Trump colors) were first found in the Pomerania area with Trumps and the red griffin in the Arms of Pomerania, and the same Welsh Thomas' have a red griffin. With this in mind, let's repeat that the other Welsh Thomas' have the Reesor/Ryse and Rice Coats.

The duck of German Thomas' was a challenge, but then the sea horse in the Crest of Welsh Thomas' explained it, for the Duck-branch Tuckers/Tokers have sea horses as well as wavy bars in the color of the wavy Thomas Chief. The Tucker/Toker bars are easily the wavy fesse of Dols because the Alan Dols became the English Stewarts, first found in Devon with Tuckers/Tokers. Ducks/Duckers are easily linked by way of Velins, Velens and Valence's to Alans (once showed ducks).

Plus, Stamp-like Stumps/Stomps have a version of the Tick/TUCK Coat. Kepke was maybe STUMPed when he returned to the table to find us gone. Kepke came STOMPing up the stairs, we might be able to say, and then Keeps were first found in Sussex with Stumps/Stomps. We probably escaped Kepke while he was in the BATHroom. The Rodham tree STUMP is in the Crest of Letter-branch Leathers/Lauders (Berwickshire, same as Blythe's), the ones suspect with "ladder." Trips (Kent, same as Ticks/Tucks) use the ladder. The Leather/Lauder motto: "RePULLulat," likely a code for Cup-line Pulits/Pullings, for a giant cup is used by Lowrys and Larrys who likewise use, "Repullulat." The Stamp-Crest horse thus looks like the horse of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild") in turn sharing the Rodden/Rodham / MalBANK bend. It's a white horse, and I rode Peare's white horse to a bank.

Did Thomas' point to the Phoenix / Maricopa court case with judge Thomason? Yes. And one of the Thomas griffins is white-on-red, the colors of the Letter and Leather/Lauder griffin. The latter's is the giant one of Ali's having an Alitto-like Alioto variation. This giant griffin is in the colors of the similar giant crane of Leto's/Alitto's you see, so that we are still on current SCOTUS (supreme court) elements by following the Stamp-like Stumps/Stomps, and so lets remind that there is a letter with stamp in the Card/Cert Crest. It does appear that Kepke stomped up the stairs.

What could there be in the Leto crane that could relate to the rising on the stairs? Well, Crane's/Crauns, first found in Suffolk with Rush's/Rish's, share three, blue annulets fessewise with Rush's/Rish's, amazing coincidence. Is the rushing up the stairs pointing to Sam Alito? Looks like.

Back to the Leto/Alitto crane drinking, for the Drink lion is shared by Kavanaugh's, and, maybe, supreme-court judge Kavanaugh will turn and vote with Alito and company after having stabbed proto-Trumpers in the back until now. Coney-Barrett was the other Trump-appointed judge who stabbed Trump, and French Barretts, who share the Stamp Crest, share "pour" with the Oliphants who might be in the elephant of Grounds/Crannys. The latter have a crane in Alitto-crane colors. Plus, wow, it just so happens that English Grounds/Grundys (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes', beside Drinks) have a version of the Rhodes Coat that itself borrows the Bath Coat. I'm starting to see a bathing suit on the Ground crane. Grounds/Grundys and Rhodes' even share the Kavanaugh / Drink lion.

The "proXIMi" motto term of Grounds/Crannys looks like code for Kims of Bute. If we look at it as "PROXimi," the sphinx-using Procks/Brocuffs can be in-code who share the Chief-Shield colors of Kotor-like Cutters. Kotor is right beside Bute-like Butua. Scottish Barrs were first found in Ayrshire, on-shore from Bute.

AHHHHH, WOOOWWWIE. The Sleeps are from the Selepitanoi, at a modern BAR location off the shore from lake SCODra, the thing to the Scotts with a SCOTUS-like Scottes variation!!! Bar is where Barretts can be traced! As I've said since years ago, the Bute's/Butts (ESToiles) show the black horse head once shown by English Este's (Essex, same as Sams), and while Bar is near BUTua at Rhizon, Barrs share the eagle of Italian Este's...what are the chances of all of this??? Time to wake Coney-Barrett? Would someone just club her over the head for me? Kavanaugh's/Cavans could be from the CAVii Illyrians to the immediate south of Selepitanoi. Could we say that these two back-stabbing judges CAVED to pressure from outsiders. Who?

Kavanaugh's are also Keep-connectable KEEVans (Keppoch colors), and Keevers are listed with the Eure's expected in the Hick motto. I tend to link Hicks to Crane's/Crauns. Sleeping Beauty pointed to the Scodra area in 2016, and I was told by God to wake her up. But he didn't give me a club or I would have used it had I known the behavior of the back-stabbers today. Bill Barr gave them the green light to stab Trump voters by publicly stating (this was sheer criminality, and he had no fear) that there was no widespread fraud to speak of. What a rotten sham.

English Este's have, in their Shield, white horse heads, the color of the horse head on the Roxburgh PALE BAR, in the color of the Drink pale bar. The Alitto crane is drinking some mighty get-up-and-go energy drink. Pale's share the camel with Pepins and Pipe's who in turn love the Este's in two ways, including their white horse heads. "Organ pipes" are in the LETT/Late Crest. Sam Alito is everywhere here.

Kavanaugh's share the Drink lion, and the Cheek/Chick crescents, recalling that I kissed Kepke's next ladyfriend, KIM Walsh, on the cheek. I wasn't going to mention this without better reason, and then I recalled that Irish Gaineys have variations like Kavanaugh's/Cavans, and these Gaineys have the lion (Este colors) of Chicks (Essex, same as Este's). Why would my kissing Walsh at La Paloma point to Kavanaugh? Is he going to have a change of heart? Irish Gaineys (share the Kelly Coat) have a version of the Abreu/Abruzzo Coat, and the latter is the line at Eure. We just saw Keevers/Eure's. Plus, L'Aquila is the Abruzzo capital while Kelly-like Aquila's share the Este / Barr Coat. Abreu's/Abruzzo's were first found in Padua with an Este location.

I grew up in the home of Pepin from Abruzzo, and his name is probably from the Apepi HYKSos, explaining the "heure" motto term of Hicks'. The Hyksos Hebrews must have named Abruzzo, and I can even trace neighboring Sabina to the Nile delta, where Hyksos lived. Sabines and their SAMNite tribe Sebennytos, also called SAMANNud, in the Nile delta. SALATis was an early Hyksos king, and Sabina is across the SALTo river, hear-ye historians what God has revealed. The Salto begins in the Marsi area of Abruzzo. They are suspect from the Maritsa = Hebros river, but also from mythical Marsyas the Phrygian in relation to Apepi/Apophis-like PAPHlagonians.

At least one Wikipedia writer may be taking some tips from me. For example, in the earl-of-Mar article: "The genesis of the name Marr is uncertain. Mar, a Brittonic personal name, may be involved. Further possibilities include a connection with the ethnic names Marsi and Marsigni of Italy and Bohemia..." I trace Drummonds, suspect with the Kildrummy-castle headquarters for the earls of Mar, to Bohemia. The Scottish Marrs have two lions half in the colors of the two of Abreu's/Abruzzo's. The Abreu lion is also the MAURice lion, and Maurice Drummond was the son of a woman of Bohemia, I am convinced. I suspect her as AGATHa, mother of queen Margaret, and I aim to do an investigation on this using Gaths (Marr lions in pale in colors reversed), Gates' and Geddes'.

The other Gaineys have a version of the GORE Coat, which amounts to what looks like an heraldic Kavanaugh-Gorsuch connection. The Gorsuch Coat happens to share the bend-with-eagles of Lorraine's (Northumberland, same as Laws and Phoenix's). With Christine's BATHing suit suspect as a pointer to a law suit(s), I can now go to the North Tawton location of BATHs, for Tawtons/TarLETONs (this is where I got the Leton variation of Leydons) were at the Ormskirk area of Leyland i.e. close to the Huttons of Leyland. With that in mind, let's move it to the Gorsuch write-up: "Years later, John de Gosefordsik was listed in the Subsidy Rolls of Lancashire in 1332. He held estates just outside Liverpool, near Ormskirk." GorSUCHs can be gleaned with Such's because the latter were first found at Ormskirk.

Then, Gore's/Core's are in Tawton/Tarleton colors, and North Tawton is in Devon, beside mythical GORlois of Tintagel. Tints (almost the Gore/Core crosslets) were first found in Somerset with their Bath kin, and it's Baths who were at North Tawton. Tawtons/Tarletons are in Arthur colors and format, and mythical king Arthur (born in Tintagel) was given Gorlois' wife as his mother.

Repeat: Tints use the Bath lion in "COUCHant" form, and I slept on Christine's couch on the night she showed the bathing-suit picture. So, that photo is now heraldically meshed with at least two supreme-court judges who support Trump. The Couch-like Gouch's/Googe's (ROXburghshire, same as Rodham-related Rutherfords) list "Goose," and the Letters have a goose standing on a ROCK, symbol of Rutherfords too. If Letters are a pointer to Sam Alito, can I assume that my sleeping on the couch is a pointer to him. But why? Has the court been sleeping at this time due to Kavanaugh and Barrett? French Barretts have a giant horse that is the white and upright one in the Stamp Crest.

The Gorsuch write-up had that surname tripped up with Gosford elements, perhaps of the Gospatricks in the Drink write-up, for the Gospatrick saltire is in the colors of the similar Bath cross: "The surname Gorsuch was first found in Lancashire at Gosfordsich (later named Gorsuch.) 'Gorsuch was given by Walter de SCARISBRICK to his younger son Adam, who took the local surname [i.e. "Gorsuch"]..." Peare and I were salesmen in SCARBOROUGH Town Center, and Scarisbricks can be gleaned with Scarborough variations. I sold shoes there, and the Shoe star is in the Chief of French Ormes'/Dorme's, who look like the namers of ORMSkirk. I wonder what meaning(s) is impregnated in this?

ScarisBRICK recalls that I last saw my girlfriend, Karen Whelan, at the Scarborough Town Center, for Whelans share the Brick Coat. The night I saw her there, I was with Kepke, who said to me, "be nonCHALANT," a thing I've said a half-million times as a pointer to Mummolin at Chalons, for Chalants are listed with CHALONS. Mummolin-line Kirks (Cumberland, same as Kirklands) may have named OrmsKIRK. Kirks share the thistle with Fauchs while Fauchys were first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's/CHALNES'. Kirklands use a "FACTa" motto term suspect with Faux / Vaux / Faucet liners. It looks off-topic from the SCOTUS topic, but one never knows. Welsh Chalants use wings, and Kirklands a gold border, two symbols of the Justine/JUSTICE line from PICENum, the line probably to Picks/PICKENs, the ones sharing the pierced stars of Laws. Justine's/Justice's use "SCALEs of justice."

It just so happens that Ormes'/Dorme's were first found at Forez, near Savoy, and the latter is where Masseys/Masse's were first found who once showed the boots of German Trips (same Coats exactly). The Trips now show shoes, you see, and the Masseys/Masse's have had their Coat changed to show a tree, the Ormes/Dorme and Shoe symbol too. Why is this important? It's going to go to Peare and I RISING up the stairs on the first time we met, which is a potential pointer to the Phoenix rising, hopefully by Mr. Pulitzer.

English Orms/Ormes share the SPINK eagle, and the Hips' who have nearly the Phoenix Coat have a SPHINX. Cool, the Ormskirk of Gorsuch's is touching upon Phoenix, Arizona. We were rising fast up the La-Paloma stairs, which pointed to scala = Scalia's because the pale bar formed by the Scalia ladder is colors reversed from the Pero and Paloma pale bars, but while I had thought that it pointed to supreme-court judge, Scalia, I now see that it can point also to Scottish Ormes'/Orme's/Orrens because they share the lozengy Shield of Schole's/SCAYLE's. The Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs/CHILLs sharing the Gorsuch eagle. The SCOTUS-like Scottes' were at CHILham castle. And, finally, English Trips use the "SCALing ladder," emphasizing why I was put into shoe sales at that time. Back now to the navy-SEAL theme.

The English Gore's have the Alan fesse in colors reversed and throw in the crosslets of Trips. This is why I can glean that French Gore's have a version of the French Alan Coat. yet French Gore's are also Jore's, suspect in the "touJOURs" motto term of Yonge's/Youngs because both use wolves in Crest, and both were once said to be first found in Essex...with the Hinds sharing the Dol fesse. Well, the BIG POINT is the "Toujours" motto term of Phoenix's/Fenwicks because the Gore/Jore Coat has a greyhound version of the French-Alan martlets, and the latter are the Phoenix/Fenwick martlets. Gore's/Core's are now said to be first found in Kent with Trips.

An Alan of Dol, ruler of OKEhampton, had a daughter who married Mr. D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace, tending to identify the Alan Chief with the Macey stars (and the Galli Chief). The Oaks (probably the Meschin scallop) share oak leaves with English Alans, and throw in some acorns too while English Dole's share the white wings (probably the Masci wing) and the fleur-de-lys of acorn-using Corners/Garners (could be from Ranulph de Gernon, a Meschin, and a grandson of the D'Avranches family). Dole's are interesting for linkage to Pillow-like Plows and court-like Curtis' (plowshare).

The Maceys happen to share the gauntlets of Phoenix-branch Phone's/Fane's/Veynes' and Waynes' (Essex, same as early Gore's/Core's), and to this we can add that Gore's/Core's (share "salus" with Oaks) and Gowers/Gore's share the white wolf with Hugh Lupus D'Avranches, uncle of the le Meschin, father of De Gernon. Wikipedia's article on Hugh Lupus showed a wolf head, in the colors of the Bather wolf heads, and Bathers were first found in Denbighshire, right beside Hugh Lupus' head office in Chester. The same article gave Hugh a "Flaith(e)" name that looks like Flaad, father of the Dol Alans. They became Stewarts, sharing the pelican with her young with Wayne's.

This Gernon-Garner link is new this week, and can explain why German Gardners share the scallop of Tailbois', which is the white Meschin scallop too because le-Meschin above married Mrs. Taillebois. The Berkshire's have frets for Ferte-Mace elements, and Windsors of Berkshire share the Gore/Core and trip crosslets while Trips once showed the BOOTs that Masseys/Masse's once showed, and Boots (show boots) were first found in Berkshire too.

The "TemPUS" motto term of Wayne's can be for the POISSON-like Pussys/Poussins (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's and Love's/Luffs), and then the Pussy/Poussin Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Berkshire Pasleys. Scalia's death is suspect by inclusion of some form of poison. Miss Peare lived in UNIONville when I knew her, and Unions are in Wayne colors and format. The Patria's/Peartree's are in the Oak motto. As was said, long insert].

Deeper into Christine's Picture

Why might God have placed (I'm not saying He did for sure) the Seals/Zeals in the "Zealous" motto of Hoods/Hoots? The latter were resolved with a Cornish CHOUGH while Coughs are also Coffee-like Cuffie's. Peare's picture at the coffee table. But does it make any sense to blend her bathing-suit pointers with both a Navy-SEAL theme and the spider-fly dream? I'm hesitant.

Is "ZeaLOUS" partly for whatever LOUISE Phillips points to, a staging of events? Doesn't that require false-FLAG events? Why are Flys from Flagi? Why do Lous-like Luce's/Lucys (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flecks) use the pike fish? Pike-like Picots remind that Scottish Pike's/Picks share the Law stars while Picots are like Picture's/Pictalls. Why do Luce's share the fish of English Neve's? Are we blending all three things here? Confusing?

Luce Construction built my septic system in Texas, and that's a home-based sewer while Sewers are listed with Suits.

The Lous' are listed with Lou's, though there's no guarantee they are in "ZeaLOUS." The Navy-branch Neve's have a not-bad reflection of the Loss/Loose Coat, and the latter surname was first found in Suffolk with Rush's/Rish's and Tigers. Is Tiger Woods, Navy SEAL, still alive? Was his death faked in Benghazi to silence / frighten whistle-blowers / agitators. The news made it appear as though Woods' own men killed him.

I think it's pretty amazing that Lous'/Lou's, suspect with Seals in the Hood motto, should get us to Navy liners so easily. She and I rushed up the stairs, and Stairs/Stayers have a not-bad reflection of the Cornish / Corn Coats while Hoods use a Cornish chough. Cards/Certs were first found in Cornwall, and as Stamps are in the Card/Cert Crest, note that while Stamps have a black-Shield version of the Rush Coat, the three Stamp horses are in the colors of the three Rush-connectable roses of Cornish's. The latter were first found in Devon with Hoods.

Why are Teague's/TEEGERs showing a Coat like that of Ticks/Tucks who in turn use a military-like "Militia" motto term? Why are Tuckers/Tokers sharing the sea horse and the wavy bars of Seal-connectable Seamans? Aren't navy people seaman? Yup.

Will Navy SEALS arrest criminals...or Christians? Why are Christine's also Christians? However, Christine's don't seem to apply to things in the spider-fly dream.

Or is this all wrong to point to Navy SEALs? We shall see. But an additional realization is the ARMYs/Ermine's, because the spider ended up trapped / unhappy in my ARMpit, after I blocked its path to the fly. As per the armPIT, there was a lot of talk in the last update concerning Pits first found in Blandford of Coombs-Ditch. I resolved that there is a gun, rather than a pistol, in the Blandford Crest.

As per Coombs-Ditch, suspect with Ditch's/Dyke's, note that the Bath motto probably loves the Diss'/Dice's, who were at Diss, near Eye, tending to explain the eye of Button-like Battons/BADENs (Somerset, same as Baths). The Habbers, apparently in the Bath motto, were first found in Baden. The Tawton location of Baths suggests a look at Tawtons/Tarletons, who are in the colors and format of Diss'/Dice's and Button-related Rich's. Buttons were at Bath, and Peare's bathing-suit photo showed her belly button. We've been here before.

As Baths and Battons/Badens were first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Tarres' while the Tire's/Tyre's seem to be in the Bath motto term, "DISperTIRE," I'm suggesting that TarLETON was named after a Tarr-Leton / Tarr-Leyton merger, for the Leyton quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Habbers. The Letons/Leydons are bathing-suit interesting for being colors reversed from, and in the near-format of, Picture's. Plus, Peare was running in the picture, and Runnings/Ronnys share the Leton/Leydon fesse. The latter are in Leto/ALITTO colors, perhaps a pointer to supreme court judge, Samuel Alito (pro-honesty), for her bathing suit is still being entertained as a pointer to a law suit.

[Later, Habbers get linkable to Huberts, pointers to Scalia's murder, and so let's add that the Running/Ronny fesse is that also of Apps/Abbs'/EPPs' (DOMINE") sharing in the scallops of SCALE's (Hertfordshire, near first-known Apps/Abbs'/Epps'). Before walking onto the beach in the Sleeping-Beauty dream, I was waist-deep in water looking over a blue surface (ocean water), and the only reason I can see for that scene is that Waters share the Coat of EPPs-linkable Eppsteins.]

Tending to prove that Baths love the Diss'/Dice's and Tire's in their motto, Hamons have the "atTIRES of a stag" in Crest, and use a "DISCrimina" motto term while Diss is/was also called, Disce. The "Tot" motto term of Hamons thus seems to be for a TAWTon line such as Tottens (many fesses in the colors of the Leton/Leydon fesse). The "sequor" motto term of Tottens may be for Seconds/SEGURs (Geneva/Genova lion) who in turn look related to Habbers (Geneva/Genova wing design). In fact, "ad astra," a motto phrase shared between Fiscs and Tottens, tends to prove that the Segurs are in the Totton motto, for SEGNi's/SEGURana's were first found in Genova with Fisc-like Fieschi. The latter were of Face's/Fessys ("SIGNo") sharing the Bath cross. Joe diGenova is a lawyer who'd love to help out in election-fraud cases. Face's, who are also Vase's, got suspect with Faux's, and their Vaux branch married the Haliburtons having another "sequor" motto term.

Sions/Swans can be from Sion, near lake Geneva, and Totts happen to share the Sion/Swan swan...which is also the CHRISTman swan. As Christine's/Christians were first found on man with the family of king Maccus, likely from Ferte-Mace of Maceys, it can explain why the Macey gauntlets were once showing for Sions/Swans. They were changed to falconer's gloves, and so the wings of Habbers (Massey/Macey quadrants) wings can be those of Fulks, for Italian Fulks have the Massi/Mattis Coat, both sharing the checkered Shields of Checkers, the latter first found in Hampshire with Christmans, which is near Habber-loving Baths, the ones who lived in Tawton.

Does this coming around to Christine's, from the Tawton location of Baths, make any of these surnames part of Christine's bathing-suit picture, and if so, what could it mean? Does it predict a law suit by the diGenova's? Mr. diGenova's wife is Victoria Toensing (lawyer), and while the picture was shown at Christine's coffee table, Coffee's love the Victoria's in their motto who happen to share the Law stars. I've shown recently why Victoria variations link to Fiscs and Feschs. Coffee's/Coffers are in the colors of Coffers/Coffare's, the latter first found in Somerset with Bath. That looks like a neat-little package. Note the Bath motto term under discussion, "disPERtire."

This is a good place to add [I had no idea what it was leading to] that while the Suit Crest is a full, seated leopard, English Leopards/Lippards have leopard FACES in the colors and format of Christine's while Face's/Fessys (Bath cross) are Victoria-connectable. This is all new, and we can now move it gloriously to the seated leopard in the Rhodes Crest, for the Rhodes cross-with-four-lions is that of Baths in colors reversed!!! We have just made a link between Christine's bathing suit and the Suit Crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW.

The Leopards/Lippards (Sussex, same as Coopers/Coupers) share the leopard faces of Coopers, which is probably the gold one of Coffer-like Coverts/Cofferts (Sussex), a branch of COURTs/Coverts!!! Law suits happen in courts! Peare's use the gold leopard face too! Christine's share a COUPed chevron with Scottish Coopers (Fife, beside Suits). How can these things, suddenly, be coincidences? Coopers have a brown-tone leopard in their Crest, same shade as the Suit leopard! Zikers, I had missed all of this until now because I failed to re-load Suits until now (I know what their Coat looks like without loading, but I had forgotten their Crest, until now). Cords/McCourts even share the fesse of Ladds/Ladons (Somerset, same as Bath).

Repeat: "As Picks/Pix's can be of Peare's picture that points to a law suit, note that the pheon of Sidneys is a good reason to think that she's going to have a law suit involving Phoenix, Arizona." We now find that, Cords/McCourts, upon their fesse, share the pheons of Tipps'/Tippins, the latter first found in Lancashire with Tawtons/Tarletons (Baths were at "Bathe Barton in North Tawton" ), how about that. The same pheons were found in the last update with Blands suspect for three reasons as Ratcliffe kin.

Tipps/Tippins share the bull head of Ratcliffe's who were at Burley-like BURY. Bath is in SOMERset with the first-known Ladds/Ladons and their kin, Burleys/Bourlys (Somer/Summer colors), who in turn share the green Shield with English SOMERs/Summers, Bowers, and with the Bauers in turn having the Habber / Geneva/Genova wing design. The Somers/Summers essentially share the ermined fesse of Coffee's/Coffers ("PROvidentia"), what could this mean? She was in a bathing suit on a beach i.e. in summer. Is it confirmation that Victoria Toensing is to be pointed to? What is she up to these days? If TOENsings were a Town branch, note that Scottish Towns were first found in West Lothian with BATHgate's who in turn share the sun with German Somers.

West Lothian is also where Town-like Tennens/Tenants were first found, a potential branch of Tennis' sharing the Peare leopard faces. In fact, Tennis' are in the colors of German Leopards and Italian Leo's!! Zinger, it recalls the one day only I watched Kepke and Peare play tennis. Tennis' share the "jessant" leopard faces with the Ade's/Aids suspect in the Fisc motto.

Ahh, as Andrew McCabe was at the charge of the illegal FISC warrants, I've just remembered that Warrants are listed with Warrens ("Leo") while Ada of Warenne is likely in the Fisc motto!!! Fiscs share a Shield of checks (different colors) with Warrants/Warrens, and the latter's checks are also those of Wards who in turn have a Comey-like "Comme" motto term!!! James Comey was the FBI director when McCabe was his deputy director! This is bathing-suit huge because McCabe's share the Coffee/Coffer fesse!!! "FISC" means the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance COURT! The bathing suit seems to be pointing to a FISA-related court case involving McCabe and/or his people. "Justice Department officials authorized prosecutors to seek an indictment of McCabe last year [2019]..." I suppose John Durham can yet arrest him, but it seems doubtful at this time. Warrants/warrens use a phrase, "Leo de JUDa," evoking Judge's/Juge's (more leopard faces).

The fesse of Italian Leo's is that of French Paine's while English Paine's (Somerset, same as Baths) share the Bath lion!!! See that? German Leo's have a Pier(leoni)-like PYRzewski variation showing that can partly explain the Fisc PYRamid. As explained recently, Pierleoni had been protected by Godfrey III, the family to which it-felt-so-good pointed, meaning both her belly and waist/hips symbols.

I suppose that the details surrounding her bathing suit can point to more than one event / law suit. But it should be repeated here that while I slept on Peare's couch that night she showed the photo, Tints (Somerset again) share the Bath / Paine lion and call it "COUCHant." It could be the white "sleeping" lion of Rounds, and from that we go to mythical king Arthur's ROUND TABLE, because the photo was shown at her coffee TABLE. The Round Table Illuminati of Cecil Rhodes comes to mind here due to Baths sharing the Rhodes cross-with-lions. Table's share blue roundels with Irish Arthurs, and Scottish Arthurs (Berwickshire, same as Ade's/Aids) are in the colors and format of Tawtons/TarLETOns.

The Avalon-like Valons/Walons share the motto of English Paine's, and king Arthur's death was placed on Avalon in "Le MORTE d'Arthur." That title was code for the fact that Morte's/Motts and Deaths/Darths share the same crescent, and it's also the crescent of Leylands. From Ladds'/Ladons, Letons/LEYdons/Laydons and LEYtons, we can now go to Tawtons/Tarletons having their first-known home in Lancashire's LEYland, and that's where Baths lived. As Leylands share the Hutton fesse, let's repeat: "Huttons were at HOTTun in Leyland, in PRESTon, and Huttons named Priest-Hutton." That's what the belly-button press pointed to, and there is a good chance that God intended Huttons to point to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, for the belly-button press was related to the pulling of her hips, and while Pullings are also Pulits, Hips/Hippers almost have the Phoenix Coat. Could we imagine Comey and McCabe seriously assisting the election fraud in 2020 in order to get the threat from Trump's DOJ off their backs? But Trump, the skunk, left Wray and Barr in there even after Sessions proved futile. Trump stinks, stay away from him unless you want four more years of tease and double-speak. Pick a better man.

The Valons/Walons came to topic in the last update as per CHRISTINa de VALONiis in the Morley/Maule write-up (the other Morleys use jessant leopard faces), and that topic was exactly as per the sleeping-bag dream featuring David Morley and ending with the waist- / hip-pull on Peare.

Craigs (Aberdeenshire, same as Jeffreys) almost have the Leyland Coat, and the Craig motto is shared by Bathgate's. Jeffreys share the full motto of Tawtons/Tarletons, for what it's worth. The Tawtons/Tarletons are great for sharing the Arden cinquefoil because "Ardens" is the motto of Perts/Petts who in turn have a version of the Law Coat as well as bulRUSHes! I hesitate to say that Perts were definitely of Peare-related Pertons/Peartons, but it's Peare's bathing suit that has been pointing to law suits along with the Suit-related Peartree's. Parrots share the Perton pears. This tends to reveal that TAWTons are from lake Tatta, location of Perta. Tattons (Tute and Tuit branch) can apply.

By the way. Hamons were so close to the Conqueror that they became his Stewards. I've always maintained that the Conqueror was part-Italian, and the Masci's from Hamon de Masci makes sense where Masci's can be traced well to the Stura-DEMONTE river following into the TANARo, which for me explains the real reason that the Conqueror was the grandson of Fulbert "the TANNER." German Tanners share pine cones with Maschi's (share Demonte lion) of RIMINI, and Hamonds use a "discRIMINa" motto term. Plus, William was the first name of the Conqueror, and the William Crest shares the gold dog with the Crest of English Tanners. The gyronny of Williams is that also of Habber-like Happers/Hoppers (Durham, same as Cone-related Conte's both sharing the antler of Hamons which Hamons called, "attires"). [The week after writing here, it was noted that Happers/Hoppers are now said to have been first found in Wiltshire.]

With Pero's being first found in the Tanaro-river area with Masci's, consider that Peare's share the stars of Leto- / Leyton-like Letts/Late's. The latter are likely in the motto of Samsons who in turn share the Meschin scallops. Meschins attempted to overthrow the royal line of the Conqueror, but failed. They dashed things up to the Scottish king for protection.

What I can't understand well is that the supreme court has accepted an election-fraud case from pro-Trumpers in Arizona. I think the top court may have accepted this case (on Monday the 2nd) so that it won't look as badly when it accepts the appeal from the Arizona pimp house for the purpose of keeping the Dominion machines in the dark.

Mark Finchem Was My Birthday Present

On a Tracy Beanz show of March 5, at bitchute, Mark Finchem of the Arizona legislature was on, telling that the Pennsylvania legislature gave up the ghost in trying to fight election fraud, great, great shame. At about 35 minutes in, he tells that the attorney general for Arizona was arguing against the election cheats this week (prior to the 5th) in the SCOTUS. No details told, however. He also says that the Arizona senate is vehement in inspecting EVERY ballot, every machine, which may take, he says, a couple of months.

I'm not familiar with FINCHems, but, wow, they share the triple fesses of Beaks, and the latter were related to BABE's. As has been said a million times, I took a bus to the FINCH bus-subway station (Toronto, same as Dominion voting) in a freak chance one day, it was the last time I ever did so. The station was over five miles from my home, and from where Lorraine the BABE lived too. She took that bus to work every week day, and she must have taken it to the Finch station everyday. When I got to the station, I stepped off the bus, and Lorraine was the first in line to get on. This was about two weeks after she and I stopped seeing each other. So, I now ask whether that event at the Finch station was a pointer to Mark FINCHem.

Ahh, the triple FINchem fesses are used also by Feins/FINs while Fiens are listed with Phone's/Fane's and Finis'. Is that not a perfect pointer to Phoenix? The Feins/Fins even share the red border with Scoots/Scougals and SCOTUS-like Scottes'. That looks hopeful, though it depends on what SCOTUS does. Should Feins be viewed as a feign-job, a staging, a fakery by the Finchem side?

OHHH WOW. I almost didn't see any evidence that God is in this, until re-loading Babe's to see that they share two fingers pointing with the Boyds, who in turn share the checkered fesse of Jewish Marks. MARK Finchem!!! Boyds use "CONfido," and Finch's/Vince's (one of the three Finchem fesses) use "CONscire." German Cons/Cohens share the blue-and-white checks of French Marks (another checkered fesse) while Jewish Cohens have a sun, which is what the Babe fingers point to.

OH WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, I kid you not, I've said it a few times, that I was not alone on the bus to Finch station. Joe Oullette and his wife were going down to visit a friend that I knew too, and he invited me to go. It was Joe's brother who had earlier blurted, "what a babe," when he first saw Lorraine, and Oullette's have three sets of gemel fesses in the colors of the three Finchem and Beak fesses, and Beaks are obvious kin of Babe's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible.

There seems to be no doubt that God was pointing to Mark Finchem and Phoenix. Days after this trip to Toronto, I would get kicked out of my apartment for swimming in my landlady's pool (without her permission) with the sister of Joe Oullette's wife, and this found me moving into the apartment of Paul Oullette, the third brother. Oullette's everywhere. I started with Mamie (at the camp site) while fresh into Paul's place.

Ahh, when Joe invited me to Toronto, I was living at Rumble avenue, and Rumble's, as I've said before, share the Bus cinquefoil (amazing in itself). I remember Lorraine at Rumble at least once, on the deck. I don't know, however, whether I've mentioned that Rumble's and Babe's both have a gold leopard face in a canton square. The Rumble's use it in both colors of the Peare leopard face. Why should this be? Ahh, the same leopard face is shared by Parsons, first found in Norfolk with Bus', and Marrys' too. Is this a pointer to MARIcopa? Marrys even share a red canton square with Rumble's. As I've said, she was out on a walk with a MARRIED man when coming home with the grass stain, and, as I've said, I blurted out, "I'm going to marry you" (google it in quotation marks and add "tribwatch" to find it) when I first walked by her, on Lorne street, a couple of weeks before I approached her at her bust stop to request an outing (she agreed). It all looks like a pointer to Maricopa.

CURSED google. I have "I'm going to marry you" in 13 files online, but when I ask google for that phrase along with "tribwatch," it gives me only two pages, and even when I click, "repeat the search with the omitted results included," only six pages are offered. CURSED google, it brazenly hides peoples work. Not just mine. This is criminal. It wastes our work. We depend on google to get out our work, and it hides half or more from people without notifying us. CURSED CURSED, may God deal with google be it every so severely.

Coming to Parsons at this time recalls that my patent agent was Ms. Parsons for a fence-post product I called, "PILLAR-post" (you can google this if you would like to check). In this context, I can repeat that Bosco's have "pillars" topped with "tufts of grass," and Tufts use the Phoenix. We just saw the grass stain with a married man, and Marrys came up right after mention of Parsons! I have pointed her grass stain to "tufts of grass" for years (but having nothing to do with Pillar-Post until now). I didn't know Tufts used a phoenix until finding the Phoenix surname within the last year. Only then did I realize that the Knee's and Tufts have flames under their eagles as per the phoenix-rising-from-ashes theme.

Oh wow. In the past, the Pillar-Post pointed to Donna Brazile only-partly because she's from New Orleans, where I rented a BOOTH at a fence show to market-test Pillar-Post. Booths and Bush's can be linked to Bosco's. The point is, the Diane/Dean Coat looks related to the Lease Coat, and Donna Brazile's middle name, Lease, was important. I'm now seeing that the Lease's were first found in Northumberland with Lease-connectable Laws...and Phoenix's. Who really are the fiends behind Maricopa's resistance?

Rumble's were first found in Sussex with Diane's/Deins/Deans, and Joe's wife was Diane. The friend that Joe and Diane were going to see had lived in the Bruce peninsula when Joe and I met her, and while my apartment was at the corner of Rumble and Libby, Libbys (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's) share the Bruce lion. I don't know what this could mean. Ah, the Diane's/Deans and Rumble's [and Fanns/Vaux's] have gold lions in Crest, and while Diane's/Deans use a "fideli" motto term, Phoenix's/Fenwicks use "fidele." That's pretty amazing.

Here's from my 5th update in January, 2020, to prove I'm not making up the story: "...I was getting off of a bus at FINCH subway station when Lorraine was the first in line to get on the same bus (Toronto's a big city, what are the chances?)...I was on that bus with Joe and DIANE Oullette at the time..."

[A couple of days after writing here, I was at the section below where Picots/Pigots had me loading Bigots, first found in FINCHINGfield. The Picots came to topic with the law-suit PICTure of Peare, which she showed me a few weeks before meeting Lorraine at her bus stop. Amazing.]

OH WOW. As though God wants to prove this pointer to MARK Finchem, we now go to Lorraine's grass stain (she got this on the last night we were a couple), for while Stains have two fesses in the colors of the Finch / Finchem fesses, English Grass's (Buckinghamshire, near first-known Finch's) have a near-copy of the English Mark Coat!!! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES? They both share the giant Diane/Dean lion, and the Mark Crest shares the gold lion with the Crests of Diane's/Deans and Rumble's [and Fanns/Vaux's]. The Grass / Mark lion can be gleaned as the same one of Mark-like Maurice's because half the lion in the Grass Crest is the Mar lion while earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy while Maurice Drummond was the first Scottish Drummond.

[Insert -- days after writing here, Andy Biggs was in a news show I watched, and he's a House representative for Arizona. Checking the Biggs surname (Essex, same as Marks), therefore, it was found with the same fleur-de-lys border as Marks! Zinger. Ahh, the Biggs were first found in Essex with Picot/Pigot-like Bigots (FINCHINGfield!), begging whether Biggs will be a part of Peare's law-suit picture, especially as the Biggs lion is in the colors of the Picture lions!

If we're wondering whether Peare's picture is now over-lapping with Lorraine's pointers to Finchem / Arizona, note that Bigots named MARSton-Biggot in Somerset, where Church's were first found who look like they have a colors-reversed version of the Marston Coat. Lorraine lived on Church street, and I dated her weeks after the Peare-picture event. The Biggs lion is also the Kirkfield/CHERCHfield lion, and the latter's Coat is almost the Ducey Coat while Doug Ducey is the Arizona governor.

Maricopa-pointable, Marici-connectable Marstons were first found in Leicestershire with Toeni's, and English Antonys (Bush goat head?) share the red leopard head with the Biggs Crest. Marstons share the Sales/SALLETT fleur-de-lys, and Marsi lived at the upper SALTo, and it just so happens that the double Abreu/Abruzzo lions are colors reversed from the double Ducey lions. Marsi had a snake goddess to which I trace the green heraldic snake, and there's one in the Bigot Crest. French Bigots almost have the Mar/Mere Coat. End insert]

I can glean that the Mark fleur-de-lys are close to those of Hicks because the latter's "heure" is for the Eure area of the Abreu's/Abruzzo, and the latter share the giant Mark lion. Abruzzo is where Marsi lived, suspect with Marks with the MARICi co-founders of Pavia. It stands to reason that Maurice Drummond was a Marici liner.

Lorraine got her feet symbol on the Pavia-like pavement of Leavell-related Yonge street at the moment she got her babe symbol (from Oullette), and Feets/Fate's, suspect in the Cheney or Sidney mottoes, share the English Pavia Coat. Cheneys were first found in Buckinghamshire with Grass', which recalls the Chainey variation from the chain on the Church greyhound as per Lorraine getting a grass stain on her walk with a MARRied man on Church street. Greys were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. Her grass stain pointed to the tufts of grass of Bosco's, and the Bosco-branch Bois' have: "The De Bois-HERBERT family were barons of HALBERTON, Devon c. 1050." Devon is where HerBERT-like Births/Berts were first found whom Lorraine pointed to on my BIRTHday at her BUS stop. The Coat of Cheneys ("major") is like that of Herbert-like Hubbards. Dick Cheney was a CEO of Haliburton. Haliburtons ("MAJORES sequor") share the black boar with Bush's. See a common theme? Haliburtons married the Vaux's, a branch of Fanns. Ms. Fann is the president of the senate at Phoenix.

While mentioning "fraud" below, I checked the Fraud surname to find it listed with Friths, leading to a check of Fritters who happen to have the Italian Pavia Coat except that the split colors of the Shield are in reverse. The Fritters add a gold border, the symbol owned by the line of Justine of Picenum from GRATian the Elder. This line includes the Greats/Greeps and Justine's/JUSTICE's, you see, both of whom have gold borders. Plus, I've just seen that Greats/Greeps were first found in Northumberland with Laws! LAW and JUSTICE!

PLUS WOW, Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland too, and the Crispins/CREPins, like the Greep variation of Greats, were first found in Lorraine, and share the pomegranate with Great-like Grazio's!!! Lorraine's were first found in NorthUMBERland, and Grazio's in UMBRia. Lorraine the babe pointed to "tufts of grass," and Grass-like Grazio's had been suspect with my hand GRAZING the knee of Sleeping Beauty to wake her up. I was going in for the kiss, but instead saw my hand graze her knee, and she popped into my arms for a rising into the sky! This is great. Frauds'/Friths appear to have a small cloud above their sun, and McLeods/Clouds were on SKYE.

Likewise first found in Lorraine were Louis'/Lews', and then per-chance the latter were a branch of Spanish Luz's who in turn share the purple lion with Piggs/Pigcs' (could use the Booth or Bush boars), the latter first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's and Laws, recalling how the Peare PICTure links to Picots/PIGGots. It just so happens that Irish Lacys use a purple lion too while English Lacys have a purple "FRET-knot" to go with Fraud/Frith liners. Irish Lacys use a bird in the rising position that is at times called, "rising."

Frith-like Fritters share the scallop of MARRY-like Mars/Mere's, which makes a lot of sense with Marici involved. As the two sets of Fraud/Friths scallops in the colors of the Meschin and Tailbois scallops, Friths look like FERTE-Mace liners, and Mace's/Maceys happen to share gauntlets with Phone's/Fane's HOW ABOUT THAT. It's pointing Frauds to Phoenix and MARicopa all at once! Lorraine looked so beautiful as she walked toward me up the sidewalk that, wanting not to let the opportunity pass with nothing said, I blurted, "I'm going to MARRY you" as she walked past. Don't blame me, it was God who inspired it, and one more reason for it seems to include the McBRIDE's because they share the Grass cinquefoil. It's the cinquefoil also of Prestons, and Huttons were at Preston, in case Huttons point to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. Prestons were first found in Lincolnshire with Grasse's (not "Grass") who in turn share the Pulit/Pulling bend.

French Bride's (Savoy, same as Masseys/Masse's) almost have the Macey Coat, you see. She soon-after got a beautiful-feet symbol, and the Fate variation of Feets (share gold martlets with Cheneys) seems to be in the "Fato" motto term of Cheneys (Buckinghamshire, same as Grass'). Scottish Bride's share the patee cross of Masci-branch Massina's (probably the PERO hexagrams). The Masci's substitute wings for the Massena patees, and Wings/Vinks (Perthshire, same as Justine's/Justice's) are from VINKovci, where Gratian the Elder lived whose son married Justine of PICenum. It's speaking of PEARE's PICture, and the pikeheads of Picots. Vinkovci was CIBALae, suspect in the "sibi" motto term of Finch's/VINCE's, you see. Lorraine at the Finch station, I was so sorry it didn't work out between us. We eyed each other as I stepped off the bus, but there were no words.

Maschi's use PINE cones. I'm going to guess that there are pine trees (versus fir) under the Fraud/Frith sun as per the Pine-Moon relationship that I see from the daughter of king Monunius II (DARDanians) in marriage to the line of king Pinnes of the Ardiaei. Pine's (pine tree in Crest) and Moons were both first found in Devon with DARDs/Darts, you see, and the ermined Dard/Dart fesse, in the colors of the ermined Pine chevron, is also the ermined SLEEP fesse, but now it can be added that the Moons have a crescent-version of the Fritter Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suddenly, we have unassailable evidence that the rising of Sleeping Beauty is about election FRAUD. She was first seen at the hood, and Hoods/HOOTs (Devon, same as Pine's, Moons and Dards/Darts) use a FRET. Fritters were first found in Bavaria with HOOTer-branch Hoovers.

Pine's are in the colors and format of Irish Arthurs, the Ardiaei line, right? It's online that Juliana Arthur married Mr. Hicks of Clapton. The rising of SLEEPing-Beauty had pointed to SELEPitanoi at the southern realm of the Ardiaei. Very specifically, the Frauds/Friths are pointing expressly to Sleeping Beauty's rising. Note that Fraud-like Frasers/Fraziers share the Pine cinquefoils. Ardiaei lived on the Naro river, which I thing is from the Nairi of Lake VAN, where I trace Phone's/Fane's/Vans (just outside the land of VENeti) and consequently the Phoenix's/Fenwicks. The latter just came up as Fanwicks and Venwicks.

It should be recorded that Frauds/Friths have a sickle (don't know what they call it). The Sickle surname was first found in Ghent/Gaunt, and Phoenix's are a branch of gauntlet-using Phone's/Fane's/Fiens, almost like "feign" = fraudulent. Frauds/Friths named CHAPEL-En-Le-Frith while Josephs were Caplan / Chaplain kin, I'm guessing the Fraud/Frith garbs are those in the Joseph Chief. Josephs have a "Ne" motto term, and were first found in Hampshire with Ghents, and with the Buttons/Bidens who in turn have the chapeau of Capelli's. Chapels probably have a chaplet, and I do know there is a "chaplet" in the Hicks Crest. Perfect link to Frauds. Plus, election-like Lectons are listed with Leytons (Eure quadrants in colors reversed) while Hicks are said to have been at Low Leyton. Incredible.

The Sickle-like Sichs are also Skye-like Sykes', and Frauds/Friths have what looks like a cloud for a link of McLeods/Clouds of Skye. The "ASSIduus" motto term of Sichs/Sykes can be for the Assi's whom I always link to Justine's/Justice's for Azzo-of-Este (and other) reasons, and the "SaPIENs" motto term of Sichs/Sykes has become partly suspect with Pine's.

Oh wow, I didn't realize until now that the Marks sharing the Hicks fleur were first found in Essex with Low Leyton! The Mark write-up: "There is Le Marck, or Marks Hall, in the parish of LEYTON, Mark's Tay (held under the Mandevilles 'from the earliest times')..." Mandeville's share the Lecton/Leyton quadrants, and while the Abreu/Abruzzo / Mark lion is shared by SALESburys, Mandeville's (Wiltshire, same as Salisburys) can be suspect in the heraldic SALAmander. Sales'/SALLETTs were likely from the Salto river, the sources of which had the Marici-like Marsi of Abruzzo.

Miss Hicks played Sleeping Beauty on a Beak-like beach, and in this section we're finding that Beaks were Oullette / Finchem / Fein/Fin kin, to whom Lorraine points with the Oullette trip with me to Finch station.

Back to the beautiful feet of Lorraine on the pavement. The Feet/Fate-like Faiths/Faithfuls are in the "Be faithful" motto term of Fanns/Vaux's while Bee's share the quadrants of Hicks-related Eure's. I'd like to say here that while Fanns/Vaux's have roughly the Law Coat, which could point to some legal case taken up by the Phoenix senate, the Lawyers have the double Sleep fesses, which are colors reversed from double fesses of the Irish Deans/Dene's (crocodile) sharing the full motto of Diane's/Deans, which includes roughly the "fidele" motto term of Phoenix's/Fenwicks. This is cool right here because Sleeping Beauty is the one who started RISING as soon as I woke her up with the touch to the Phoenix- and Touch-related knee. In other words, Diane with me at the Finch station is important for linking to Sleeping Beauty in more than one way, the other way being from the apparent Diane-Mark-Abreu relationship where Marks have the Hicks fleur-de-lys.

Her feet were beautiful when someone called her a babe, not because God loves the Laevi Gauls, but because Sleeping Beauty was hovering LEVEL as a pointer to Waleran de Leavell, for Beautys (Dorset, same as Babe's, beside Bulls/Bule's and Levels/Leavells) are in the colors and format of Walerans, and both have black-on-white bulls. Her beautiful feet were on Yonge street because Yonge's share both the triple piles of Scottish Levels/Leavells, and the gold annulets of Bulls/Bule's. The Waleran bull head linked in the Sleeping-Beauty dream to the bull heads of Ratcliffe's and related Tipps'/Tippins, and the latter's Chief is a PHEON-version of the Yonge Chief (the whole Yonge Coat is a version of the Tipps/Tippin Coat). We can then address the bull head in the PHONE/Fane Crest because it faces partway sideways like the Ratcliffe / Tipps/Tippin bull head. So, it appears that we have another Sleeping-Beauty pointer to Phoenix, Arizona, and this tends to include Lorraine's beautiful feet. But why her feet? Is it for the Cheney motto term, "fato," and/or something else? Is it for the "fata" motto of pheon-using Sidneys?

The Foots and their Fothes/Fette branch are suspect with the Levi chevron, and the Fothes'/Fette's have a cornuCOPIA, perhaps a pointer to "MARIcopa," for French Mars share the scallop of Fenns/Venns/Fannys. The latter share the green griffin with Leslie's, first found in Aberdeenshire with Fothes'/Fette's. The Phoenix's/Fenwicks use footLESS martlets, what looks to be in honor of a Fothes-liner merger with Leslie liners.

She got her feet / foot symbol immediately after MICHAEL Oullette said, "what a babe," quietly in my hearing (she may not have heard). That's when I turned around and saw Lorraine barefoot on the road. I assume that God had a way to make her feet look beautiful to me. I've noted that English Michaels share the scallops of Grams/Grahams, recalling (from things written shortly below) that German Grams/GramLINGERs have the split Shield of Stain-related YARborough's in colors reversed. In going through these surnames, it dawned on me that her grass stain was on her fanny, and Fannys (Yarborough colors) are listed with Fenns/Venns...who were at YARmouth! Look at that, a new thing.

Two Michael surnames can be gleaned as Meschin kin, and Lingers share the Meschin scallops. The Lings were connected to Lynch's, recalling Loretta Lynch at the Phoenix airport. It appears that God was responsible for naming MICHAEL Oullette from birth in order to provide these heraldic pointers. If Yarborough's have chaplets, and I think they do, we add that Chaplets were first found in Lorraine. The Yarborough Coat is much like the Duke Coat (Duc/LeDuc colors), and Doug Ducey is the Arizona governor.

Her grass stain was on her butt, and German Butts/Bute's/Boets have a fesse-with-fish in the colors of the fesse-with-martlets of Feets/Fate's. God knows slang. The Linger fesse-with-scallops is that of Spencers who in turn share the Berkshire Coat having Fritt-like frets. Bute-like Boots were first found in Berkshire, and Fritters share the Fanny scallop. Friths come up as Frauds.

Charlie's/Chorleys have BOTTles, probably code for Bottle's/BOOThills, and I can now repeat that Michael Oullette, almost immediately after, if not before, was in a leg cast. I recently told of an event between me and his CAST (not more than four months after I was with Lorraine) when we were in his brother's apartment, with Charlie being the only other person with is. Charlie was the man of Sharon Quinn, who had been the Farrah Fawcett in my morning vision. When discussing this some weeks ago, I don't think I knew (not until this update) that Vaux's (same place as Faucets/Fawcetts) share scales in Crest with Casts. Charlie was a LOAN officers in a bank, and Casts are also Cash's. Fannys are linkable to Casino's and Casano's.

If we become convinced that Lorraine's grass stain is to point to Finchem / Phoenix, why use Grass'? Is there a special reason? Lawns/LOANs link to Yard-like Gard liners. Yards use a "FACTa" motto term, and Fauci-like Fauchys have a GRASShopper.

We can even add that the VANNES'/Ness' share the double fesses of crocodile Deans/Dene's while I had a dream about a couple of years ago where Diane and Joe appeared with a VAN (he didn't own a van in real life). Joe asked me to get him a container, and that involved a man wearing big-round glasses that identified OULlette's with OWLs/Howls. He filled the square container with snow from his van's bumper, but I can't figure what this could do with Phoenix election-fraud.

[Insert -- During the spell-check, at the last hour of this week, I realized that JOE's VAN can be a pointer to JOVAN Pulitzer! Hee-hee, maybe. AHHH, I left this insert and was almost finished the spell-check when coming across "JoVAN" below, and that's when I remembered that Joe's are listed with English Josephs while French Josephs share the Pulit/Pulling martlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIGGIE FOLKS. I'm really happy about this. Plus, he asked me to get a container, and then filled it with snow while Snowdens share the Pulit/Pulling scallops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Snowden fesse-with-items is reflective of the same of Van-branch Fens/Venns/Fannys.

AHHHHHH WOW. As I've been saying for a long time, he took the snow off of his van's back BUMPer, and while I've been linking Bumps/Bumpus' and Tooths to Letters / Lauders ("RePULLulat"), lookie at the Snowden write-up: "...Snawden in Lauderdale..." So, that dream was Intended as a pointer to Jovan Pulitzer, it just has to be. The Bumps were first found in Gloucestershire with Letter-like Letts/LATE's suspect in "RepulluLAT." We could have a pointer here also to judge Alito. That same motto of Lauders can be part-code for Reeps, who happen to be listed with Rising-like Risers. I'll tackle this dream deeper in the next update. End insert]

OH WOW, MORE. I haven't taken a bus in a long time, but back in those days, the bus company was Greyhound. This company still exists in the Toronto area. She got her grass stain while out on a walk, and she lived on Church street (Richmond Hill, Ontario). The Church Coat is in the colors and format of the Finch/Vince Coat, and the Church's use greyhounds!!! There's a thousand heraldic symbols, and they happen to have greyhounds.

The Church greyhounds have a CHAIN at the neck, and then Cheneys/CHAINeys were first found in Buckinghamshire with marks. For what it's worth. I'm reading: "Arizona's four House Republicans voted by secret ballot [more than a month ago] on whether or not Rep. Liz Cheney [Wyoming] could keep her leadership role in the party after voting to impeach former President Donald Trump." The Majors in the Cheney motto have a greyhound head too. Majors were related to Corbeils who in turn have the Finch/Vinch griffin design.

BEHOLD!!! Amazingly, the "conSCIRE" motto term of Finch's/Vince's can be for the Schire variation of Scherfs (version of a Walker Coat), and those of you who know why I link Scherfs to George Herbert WALKER Bush can now appreciate how Bush-branch Bosco's use "tufts of GRASS," for I've always linked this theme to Lorraine's WALK with grass stain. "Bus" is like "Bush," you see, and Dick Cheney was the secretary of Defence for George Herbert Walker Bush!!! This is astounding. I've never used the Church greyhound before for Greyhound bus lines, and never used the chain on the Church greyhound to point to Cheneys, but it's working here. The "TUFTS of grass" are so AMAZING here because Tufts use a PHOENIX!!! I GET IT! PHOENIX, ARIZONA!!! WOW! That's why Lorraine had to get the grass stain, to point to Mark Finchem of Arizona and or to other matters in Phoenix.

The Tuft phoenix is that also of Knee's, and then Knee's share the stag head of Vice's while Dick Cheney was the VICE-president for crooked-mouth, George Bush Jr. If we are wondering why Cheney and Bush are working into Arizona election cheating, perhaps it's for Bushite Republicans blocking the recount efforts. The Phoenix/Fenwick motto is, "Toujours fiDELE," and Dele's (Frankfurt) show only a chevron, as does the Chanut/Chenu Coat (the latter's chevron is "inverted." The spread Bush eagle's are gold, as is the Phoenix/Fenwick eagle.

Ahh look. Dutch Bush's/Bos'/Bosco's share the Daily lion while Scottish Bosco's are the ones with "TUFTs of grass" upon their "pillars," and Tufts use the phoenix! Neat-little package, which looks Arranged as a pointer to Bushites. BOStons/BowSTAINs share the Coat of Tuft-branch Touch's/Tuffs in colors reversed, and the latter share the green lion with Lorraine's while Lorraine's grass STAIN pointed to the "tufts of grass." Stains were first found in Yorkshire with the eagle-using Bush's, and then German Bush's (obvious kin of German Bosco's) were first found in Rhineland with the Frankfurt home of Dele's.

The Boston write-up gives a quote tracing the surname to "St. Botolph," but it doesn't tell who's quote that is, which can therefore be wrong. Frankfurt was the home of Mayer Bauer-Rothschild, explaining why Bostons/BOWstons (Burley/BOURLY colors) share a green Shied with Bauers, Bowers and Burleys/Bourleys.

Bostons share the Home/Hume Coat, recalling the event where Mamie and I were at HOME plate, a pointer to Huma Abedin and her husband (Anthony Weiner). That pointer was made partly with Bedins (Shropshire, same as the father of Pollocks), who happen to share black boars with Bush's. Home plate is where BATTER's stand, and Batters/Betters/Bedders/Beaters share the Dele Coat exactly in colors reversed. If the Dele's are truly in the Phoenix/Fenwick motto, then I suppose this home-plate event can relate to the people behind Maricopa's corruptocrats. Huma Abedin was second-in-command for Hillary's 2016 presidential run. This recalls Huma Abedin initiating a special (not formal / motions-only) hug with Lindsey Graham (friend of John McCain) at John McCain's funeral, and so we can add here that when Arizona's Trent Franks accused Abedin of being a Muslim-Brotherhood operator, "Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, also rejected the allegations..." (Wikipedia's Huma-Abedin article). The Frank surname can be traced to Frankfurt because English Franks share the Pollock Coat (green Shield) while Mayer Bauer of Frankfurt descended from Pollocks. Scottish Franks are in Boston / Home/Hume colors.

Lindsey Graham is a war-hawk RINO who pretends to be a friend of conservatives that he's really at war with. Watch this. Mamie at the BATTER's box / HOME plate points to Men's/Mame's, first found in Midlothian with Scottish Grams/Grahams, and the latter have a "Ne" motto term while Knee's/Nee's have the red Tuft/Tuffs phoenix!!! Bango! English Falcons -- sharing the Batter/Better/Bedder chevron -- use "Vis" while Vise's/Vice's share the Knee/Nee stag head!! Grams/Graham have a brown falcon attacking or killing what I think is a stork, like the brown falcon-like bird attacking what could be a Pollock-related peacock in the Yarborough Crest. Stains married Yarborough's, and the Yarborough Shield is split vertically in colors reversed from the same of German Grams, what are the chances? The Bostons/BowSTAINs share the Home/Huma Coat, so to speak.

German Grams are also GramLINGERs while Lings are so excellent here because they are in feller colors and format while Ling-like Lynch's almost have the feller Coat. Loretta Lynch was in the Phoenix airport at the tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton! Phoenix everywhere. There are Democrat-loving Republicans in Phoenix to be exposed. English the Lingers (not the Lings) almost have the Varn bend-with-scallops while Varns share the motto ("Ne oublie") and scallops of Grams/Grahams.

A new thing: the Lingers have a bend-with-items in the colors of the same of English Helms, which is said because Home- and Helm-like Holms (share Biden chapeau) have eight of the six bars of English Lingers, what looks like an arrangement of God to support our use of "home plate" as a pointer to Clintonite / Obamaite corruption. Plate's can be a pointer to Platte River Networks, who have an office in Colorado with Perkins COIE, and while Coys share the Helm pheons, "ciu" is a Holm motto term! Mamie and I at home plate is pointing to corruption in Denver, where Dominion voting has its American headquarters.

The interesting thing now is that the Linger bend-with-scallops is shared by Spencers who in turn share the Berkshire Coat while BATTERs/Better/Bedders (share Ling chevron) were first found in Berkshire. Spencers (Leicestershire, same as Woods) share "defend" with Woods. Then, while Lins are also Linds, German Lingers (share giant tree with Woods) are also Linds. So, this looks like a round-about pointer to Lin Wood, but perhaps also to the killers of Lady Diana Spencer. I've been interpreting the "defend" term with Fenders, who happen to share the otter with Beaton/MacBeths (Batter/Beater colors). It's hat-trick important for me to get "defend" correctly to Fenders, as that tends to make Lin Wood pointed to by my hat-trick goal (explained elsewhere but touched upon later in this update).

Ahh, wow, McCains are listed with Keons. It recalls what was said above that, in my first outing to a live NHL game, the only player I remember seeing is Dave Keon, when the BOSTON Bruins beat them 4-2!!! This is why I must remember Keon, because God wanted to link the event of John McCain's love for Huma Abedin. She's an avid, liberal-skunk Democrat, what was she doing at McCain's funeral with all the Republicans?

Recent news: "Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, a prominent ally [turned out Graham was only faking it] of President Donald Trump, made headlines this week after a series of phone calls to elections officials in three pivotal states: Georgia, Nevada and Arizona" (November 20, a couple of weeks after the election). The suspicion is: he called Arizona to shore-up the cheaters, to urge them not to cave to pro-Trumpers seeking to check ballots and machines. Graham betrayed Trump on January 6, when he could hide his duplicity no longer. My senses tell me that the Bushites used and propped-up the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS as the monsters to justify their government war money pumped into the Middle East because they were sticking much of it into their own pockets. The Bedin-like Bidenites are now doing the same.

Here's a video that appears to show some staged photos concerning the ballots in an Arizona storehouse (the video producer leads us to believe that this is about Arizona, but he's not the most reliable video producer). It seems to me that these photos were released to make the public upset, for I think the leftist powers want the people to become violent from the systematic fraud. It makes no sense that there has not been even one big election-fraud win for the good guys, aside from Thomason's decision last week, but even that appears to be going nowhere.

Sleeping Beauty as an Epstein Hooker

When I was with Mamie at home plate, I looked over her shoulder and saw only one other person on the baseball field, Cindy. She was at SECOND base, which is what nailed HOME plate with Abedin-like Bedins, for the latter's Coat is essentially the SECOND Coat. Cindy at second base was already a pointer to pedophilia via Steve Scalise getting shot in the hip at second base, but, a week or two later, developments pointed to pizzagate pedophilia, and also to the convicted pedophile, Anthony WEINer (Abedin's husband), with the WINE I served Cindy and her parents when they came to the pizza restaurant I was working in. It was the only night I was asked to wait on tables, and Cindy's family came to my section, so I served them.

I'll now go to an event in Texas that pointed to pedophilia. Without telling the story over again, suffice it to say that Geneva, the 13-year-old adopted daughter of Miss Hicks, became a symbol of pedophilia. Miss Hicks was Sleeping Beauty on Epstein's island, you see, and so, before going on with this remarkable set of heraldry, let me repeat from above where Geneva's/Genova's and Seconds had come to topic together:

The "sequor" motto term of Tottens may be for Seconds/SEGURs (Geneva/Genova lion) who in turn look related to Habbers (Geneva/Genova wing design). In fact, "ad astra," a motto phrase shared between Fiscs and Tottens, tends to prove that the Segurs are in the Totton motto, for SEGNi's/SEGURana's were first found in Genova with Fisc-like Fieschi.

It's remarkable that Geneva's share the Second/Segur lion while second base became the pedophilia symbol with Cindy. This discussion was birthed when I was at the Brazile/Brasell surname, seeing that they descended from Mr. Casey-like Casan. The Casans were therefore loaded to see their "ProSEQUOR" motto term, and moreover the Brazile lion is in the colors of the Second/Segur lion. I then noted that Casans shared the triple chevrons of Epsteins, and this is when I remembered the event of my passing by the front gate of Miss Hicks' ranch when Mr. Casey was there. She was walking out to him, and so I honked the horn while driving by, but only because Mr. Casey (real-estate agent) had been at my place that morning discussing a real-estate contract to sell the property (I was leaving Texas due to border problems / fears).

As Hicks' use a "Tout" motto term while Touts are listed with Toots, I decided that my honking was a TOOT, and we just saw Tottens above with a "sequor" motto term, is that not wild? Look at how it all goes together, because the Tout/Toot canton is the red one also in the Casan Coat. I normally call Casans by "Cassane's," because they are expected from Irish Pattersons/Cassane's, and the latter were descended from the same as KilPatricks. Miss Hicks became Mrs. Kilpatrick. This wildly proves without a doubt that Sleeping Beauty was on Epstein's island, and thus she was apparently playing one of his hookers (in one way to look at it; there seems to be multiple ways to interpret her).

I was going to kiss her awake, and Kiss'/Cush's are a branch of Casan- / Casey-like Cass'/Cash's. I've said it before, I'm not making it up, that Mr. Casey was the husband of Miss Hicks' AUNT. It brings the ANT river of the Norfolk Antrims to mind, and then there is the election fraud situation in Michigan's Antrim county that should be taken to court. We don't hear about it in the news. Law-suit-pointing Picots/Pigots are like the Bigots who have a Crest like that of Flynns, the latter first found in Antrim (Ireland) while Antrims share a white bend with Finchems, and the Antrim bend is that also of the Hollys in the holly of the Finchem Crest. Bigots were at FINCHINGfield! PURDY GOOD. What else can we squeeze out of this now?

Finchems had a Fincham Norfolk, where Hollys and Antrims were first found as well as Risings. Mr. Finchem is in Arizona, where the rising Phoenix is now a buzzard swooping down on rotting election officials. The thing is, the Antrim and Holly bends are also the Brace/Bras bend while I was in an emBRACE with Sleeping Beauty as we were RISING into the sky. Purdy good. I had embraced Mamie in a lake, and as Lake's share the Brace/Bras bend too, I assumed that God set that up, and so why shouldn't the embrace with Sleeping Beauty be pointable too to Brace's/Bras' too? Both ladies were in bathing suits, and so all three ladies (including Peare) in bathing suits can be pointers to law suits. Purdy good.

Which law suits might Mamie and Sleeping Beauty point to? As Maxwells use holly, note that while Sleeping Beauty was on Epstein's island, Ghislaine Maxwell (Epstein's manager) is now in prison awaiting court. Maxwells/MAKESwells (share Kilpatrick saltire) are in the Kilpatrick motto. It appears, suddenly, but only because Peare's bathing suit looks squarely like a pointer to a law suit, that Sleeping Beauty is a pointer to Maxwell's legal woes. Laws are also Lawers, and Lawyers share the double-ermined Sleep fesses! This Brace/Bras discussion comes right after the mention of Brazile's/BRASells, and Donna Brazile, lover of criminals, descends from BRASwells/Bracewells.

I first saw Sleeping Beauty in a bathing suit at the hood, which recalls my sitting on my hood watching Allison slip away. Allisons share the Hall, Hall and Holly dog. This dog is often called a talbot, and Talbots are suspect with Talons/Talents from the Taulantii Illyrians to the south of the SELEPitanoi.

Although I can't recall her clothing as she was hovering, let me remind that Hover-like Hoovers and Hooters (like Hoods/Hoots) share the same bird talon, and that Hixons/Hicksons have more bird talons. You see, the Hollys do apply to Sleeping Beauty.

An early branch of Lake's were in Salop, where Sleeps were first found, and Hick's got suspect with the Lake-like Leaks who in turn look like kin of Knee's. I touched her knee, and we were instantly in the embrace! Purdy good. Is Maxwell going to leak? To who? The government now belongs to Bidenites, so how do we expect Maxwell to get anything but a discharge? We shall have to see.

Scottish Allisons have a "preVAILS" motto term while Vails/Velis' are connectable to BRACEbridge's because the latter, with a "will" motto term, have the entire Velis'/Will motto. Bracebridge's were first found in Lincolnshire with the Blacks of the "blackbirds" of English Allisons (they are the black bird in the Crest of Hoods).

Here's something new: Allison was getting into the car of Mike Denardo (said this many times) when leaving me, and Denardo's, in Giuffre colors and near-format, were first found in Naples with Giuffre's. Ms. Giuffre is one of Epstein's hookers claiming that she was forced to service prince Charles and Alan Dershowitz, the latter having been Epstein's lawyer when he was charged and convicted as a pedophile. Scottish Allisons are in Holly colors throughout, while sharing the Holly dog, and in the format of English Bush's (colors reversed from Scottish Allisons), and then Maxwells have a "holly BUSH." Purdy good.

Giuffre-like Giverns/Biggars were first found in Lanarkshire with Allisons (Keppock MacDonalds). Denardo's/NORDI's share the lion of Norths, and this is the lion also of Givern-like Governs. Purdy good. Allison was working as a CASHIER when she was with me, and while Cashie's are listed with Irish Caseys, Scottish Caseys were first found in Lanarkshire too. Cassers have three of the Allison fesses. Irish Caseys have one of the red, triple Casan/Cassane chevrons, and then the latter's chevrons make up the entire Epstein Coat. The Casey chevron is that also of Scottish Cassels (Keppoch-MacDonald fitchee?) while German Cassels have more triple-red chevrons!

Cassels use their triple chevrons in both colors of the same of English Clare's/Clairs while French Clairs were first found in Limousin with Seconds/SEGURs. The Casans/Cassane's are the ones with the "ProSEQUOR" motto term! Bingo. Cindy at second base had pointed to pizzagate pedophiles.

The cashier-like Casier's/Casino's are expected with the fesse of Cassano's and Sodans, the latter suspect from the Sodhans (look like Dol and Alan kin) in the write-up of Pattersons/Cassane's (Sodan scallops in colors reversed). As the Alan / Sodan stars are those also of Dere's (Alan-like lances), that spells, Alan DERshowitz.

I've said it many times concerning my meeting Lorraine on my 24th BIRTHday at her BUS stop, and here I can understand part of why, for Births/Berts share an arm from a cloud, and holding a GREEN wreath / garland / chaplet (not sure which it is), with Stains. As Stains share the Flag/Flick fesses while McLeods/CLOUDs use flags, that's why there's a cloud in the Stain Crest. Why would this be important to God's revelations? Did Joseph Caiaphas have a line to Births/Berts? Is that Berthe, wife of Mummolin? The Chaplets (share swan of French Josephs no longer showing) were first found in Lorraine, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Births/Berts or Stains were related to Chaplets. The Stain-related Yarborough's/YEARbys use chaplets, I do believe, as could Holms, and Years were first found in Stirlingshire with Caiaphas-like Chappes'/Cheaps.

I believe that Mummolin claimed to be descended from CHILDeric, and Lorraine's share the CHILD eagles. She was on a walk, and Scottish Walkers share the triple-Garland pale bars. Garlands are related to Stevensons, the latter first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's (share green lion with Lyons). Garlands (GREEN garland), first found in Perthshire with Lyons, share the red pale bar with Tulls/Tullia's and German Steels, and Tullia of Lyon was one of Mummolin's ancestors. Tulls/Tullia's use the butterFLY, and Flys, connectable to both Joseph surnames, were at FLAGi, explaining the cloud of Berths/Berts. German Steels happen to share the Berta/Bert griffin. Mens/MAME's were at GlenLYON of the Lyons, and I met Mamie an hour before seeing Lorraine's grass stain! Bingo. God arranged it all to tell what you just read, though with God's arrangements, there can be level after level, story after story, using the same props of any event.

Tulls/Toole's share the checks of Stewarts, and so it seems the Tullia named Dol, or was at least related to the namers of Dol. This can explain why Duck-related Alans are in the duck of GARsons/Gars', who share the Chief of French Alans. Plus, the Garland pale bars are in the colors of the Alan fesse. The Dol fesse is in the colors of the German BODE fesse. God used me with a babe to point to Mummolin's family. The last time I saw Lorraine, she was carrying an infant CHILD = babe. "Garcon" in French means "boy" = child.

The Babe-branch Babels/Babwells, suspect from Babon, Mummolin's son (likely with Berthe), share the six pale bars of Liss', which is nearly the LIZart Coat (shares three pale bars in different colors with Garlands / Walkers), and English Walkers have a hand holding a lizard in Crest. It seems that God really wants to point to Walkers with her walk, and Babe's are related to GEORGE's. Her stain was on her butt, and Butts can be connected to lines from BODEgisel, Babon's brother. German Bode's were first found in Brunswick with the Barrs of Bar-le-Duc.

Lizarts were first found in Provence, and while Guerin of Provence is suspect with Guerins, the latter's Chief (as well as the MARKham Chief) is in colors reversed with the Gars who in turn add three lions in the colors of the three Lizart pale bars. Guerins share the Coat of Payens/Pagans (Dauphine, same as Garcons/Gars' and pale-bar Page's), whose hexagrams in turn are in the Chief of Scottish Walkers, the latter being the ones with the triple-Garland pale bars. Moreover, Guarins (not "Guerin") are listed with Warrens sharing the Gar lion, indicating quite a few links that should be important for family historians if they care to learn them.

Tullia of Lyon, daughter of GALLIA, married a man in Auvergne, where Mullets were first found who share the three hexagrams of Guerins and Payens/Pagans (Dauphine, same as GALLI's and Galleys). The Mullets can be suspect from Milan, where GALLIA's and MAURELs were first found. Maurels can be expected from MAURILion (can be read as MauriLION too), father of Berthe, wife of Mummolin, because this couple gave birth to Bodegisel while Maurels have a version of the Bute/Butt Coat. The Morells of French Maurels were at la Chapelle, what looks like the Chaplets of Lorraine. Chapells (no final 'e') use a part-GREEN chaplet-like object split in Lyon colors, and the Lyons share a green lion with the Chapell Crest, though this Crest may have the Lorraine lion in particular. As JOSlyns have a giant, chaplet-like item, they are suspect with JOSephs.

I can glean that God moved me to first date Lorraine on my birthday because I am descended from Berthe and Maurilion. This is not altogether off-topic from the rising phoenix because BUTua is smack beside Rhizon, and the grass stain on her BUTT pointed to Phoenix-using Tufts/Tuffs (from "tufts of grass") while the latter's Touch/Tuff branch share the giant Lyon lion, believe it or not.

Mamie was a pointer in several ways to Mummolin's family, and while she pointed also to Garden elements from Val Trompia, note that the Corners/Garners, thought to have been Gardners, share the acorn (different color) with French Maurels (Brittany, same as Dol), as well as the fleur-de-lys of Dole's, while Dol's (Trump/Tromp colors) were first found in the same Nordic area with Trumps/Tromps. Gardens are related to the Jarrets, first found in Dol. Dutch Tromps have the Maurel acorns in both colors, and the eagle of Dutch Tromps is essentially the Babel/Babwell eagle, the latter being in every way (i.e. including gold legs) the Giuliani eagle. German Babe's/Babels share the mermaid with Laps/LABBs' (Wiltshire, same as TRUMPET-using Calls) suspect in the "labi" motto term of French Maurels. See a Trumpian pattern here? Mamie sat on my LEGs when she sat on my lap the night before she was at her garden, and Leggs almost have the Trump/Tromp Coat. The Gardens use a "JUNGunter" motto term while Jungs/Youngs have a stag in Trump-stag colors. See anything repetitive here? "JunGUNTER" is expected as code also for Gunters who share gauntlet gloves with Phoenix-branch Phone's/Fane's/Vans. What could all of this mean in conjunction with these new Finchem pointers to Arizona?

The only thing I remember before she sat on my lap was seeing Mamie in the back of a pick-up with Barr-like Barry. The only thing I remember that night after she sat on my lap was her TEASE in the tent, and this seems to me to point to the tease we were given by the Trump team (Barr was a loooooong tease, you see, everyone thought he was going to come through and arrest the election-fraud goons) when they promised the election win but then just threw it away. At her garden, she got the tease-related thigh symbol (for Tease/Thys reasons), that being her upper LEG. I hesitate to view these things as good for Christians in relation to things-Trump.

I had a trash-can dream that identified the trash can as Bill Barr's betrayal of Trump voters, and he was the attorney general for George Bush Sr., a perfect imposition with the discussion above. I would not have been able to identify the container in my hands as a trash can had it not been partly for Tracy's/Trasse's having two locations near Caen, for Caens are also Cans. And here I'm discussing a video by TRACY Beanz. I'm not calling her a trash can though. The container was clinched as a trash can because Trashers/TRESURE's (share green dragon with Seatons) can be gleaned with the double-TRESURE borders of Flame-branch Flemings and Flemish Seatons. I met Lorraine on my birthday at the corner of Lorne and Yonge streets, and Lorraine-like Lorne's are in the Lanark/Lurnach write-up while Flemings were first found in Lanarkshire (expect Berthe / Mummolin liners there too) with the Chaplet-beloved Swans/Sions (FALCONer's gloves).

Tracys/Trasse's have what looks like a falcon attacking a DUCK, similar to the falcon attacking a pheasant-like bird (peacock?) in the Crest of Stain-related Yarborough's. Ducks were a part of Lorraine's grass stain -- on her pants -- because Pansys/PANTzers were first found in Westphalia with the Ducks who named Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc uses the pansy. Bar-le-Duck was named by Barrs. So, it seems that God used that pant stain to point to this video by Tracy Beans, and featuring mark Finchem (I found it on March 5, the first day that it was out):

I must assume that something good is coming from Arizona, from the hand of God, but if not, I will be greatly perplexed.

In the trash-can dream, I was holding a container from a height when it dropped out of my hands and landed on its open rim upon a circular, off-white patch. It did not look like sand when I first saw this patch, but after flames started up all around the rim, I jumped down (yelling "fire!") to smother the flames with what I thought was sand. I now realize that it may have been a patch of ashes, for the Roman phoenix rises from burnt / hot ashes. The Rims are listed with Rome's, you see. Amazing, but if God wanted to point that scene to Phoenix, why wasn't there a bird rising too? The dream ended as I was throwing substance onto the flames, and the latter were interpreted as the city riots that Barr did nothing about. The reason I had to jump down to smother the fames is that Jumps share the Trump stag head, necessary to understand the scene's setting in the real world.

There was more to the dream. It started with me RIDING a shopping cart (from a grocery store) down a paved road. This scene was deciphered with the Shops having variations like the Schire's/Schere's/Schare's/SCHERFS, that's right, the ones crossed above from the Finch motto. Finch's came to topic with the Finch BUS station. And Ridings/Readings share the black boar with Bush's.

I am more amazed with these things than I am able to express to God. I don't like the subject matter, but the links are greatly impressive. There has got to be a great reason that He's done these things. I've mentioned theories in the past, but it now seems that He wants it recorded, for His Church at least, and perhaps also as a rub to His enemies, that HE personally will do a few things in this evil generation to upset the flow of the devil.

A Different Skincode

It's a nice dream to secede from the globalist nut-jobs who want us to become the nut-jobs under their feet. Yes, they aim to make us go crazy under their tyranny if we don't change our world view to be their anti-Christ, humanist world view. Whole states or provinces can try to secede, let's see if it happens. That way, the new countries can outlaw globalists, and put them in jail as soon as they try to infiltrate political stratum. No absolute freedom of speech allowed for globalist imposters, because that's how they infiltrate. No dishonest talk allowed in the media. No man like Trump allowed to rule, because he gave the country's power structures to the imposters, the wicked hypocrites, the liars.

Good luck world. You are going down. Trust in Jesus and His coming Kingdom where there will not be absolute freedom of speech. No faggots allowed. No causing a divide between people based on skin color or gender. No feminist witches allowed. No dirty-mouthed men allowed. No women chasers allowed. Thou shall not covet...but a globalist covets the universe, power over even our minds. They covet like the devil. They don't want us to secede because they wish to enjoy controlling us, to watch us cringe. Yup, we are seeing this. How we deal with it will evolve. We must find ways.

It may have occurred to you that the skincode of Revelation may not be the commercial system that we all thought it would be. We all thought that people will not be able to make purchases unless they have a number in the hand by which they make the transaction as they would with a debit / credit card. Now, however, with the COVID scheme unfolding, a new way to present the skincode is becoming apparent, not to pay for anything with the number, but to get into a store door in the first place. No mark, no store entry. Once entered, you pay with your cash or debit.

This can explain how everyone can have the same number. But if the skincode is to be used for making the actual purchases, then we all need a different number. If it's just to get into a door, everyone can have the same number. Something to think about. Can a skin number come very soon, as soon as they make vaccines mandatory? In theory yes, but, on the other hand, we are to be waiting for a number in the skin that will be associated with a man of anti-Christian spirit. I don't know that anyone at this time fits his shoes.

It would be hell on earth for us if, for example, the anti-Christ powers bring a 666 upon us just because they wish to see us suffer, and/or laugh at us, if the writer of Revelation was not Inspired by God. We do not have 100-percent evidence that Revelation was Inspired. We think it is, and the current numbers-purchasing system even seems to attest to it's authenticity, but what if somehow the book was not Inspired? Something to think about.

I've dried me a medium-sized bag of potatoes this past month. They shrank to 1/5 their original weight. But the 530 grams of carrots cut this morning dried to just 45 grams, almost 12 times less weight. It tells us how much water we pay for when we pay per pound for vegetables. Maybe I've made them more dry than necessary, but I'm thinking it's better for many-year storage. If the cost of store-bought dried carrots is about 12 times as much as fresh, we may as well buy them dried. If the 530 grams cost me 30 cents, then I'd be willing to pay .30 x 12 = $3.60 per 45 grams = about $36.00 per pound (= 450 grams).

Beware. The page below, if I'm reading it right, has a 40-pound box of dried carrots at a regular price of $260, or $6.50 per pound. However, it says that a cup of dried gets 4 cups of re-hydrated carrots, suggesting they've only taken out some of the water (not the greatest for long-term storage, but if you get a couple of years, that can be dandy too). This works out to 6.50 / 4 = $1.65 per pound when their carrots were fresh, and that's a high price as compared to what you can buy them for, but it might be worth not having to dry them yourself. Before buying dried foods, ask the company how much drying they attain as compared to the original weight. If it's a good deal at less drying than you'd like, dry them a little more when you get them. They can last 15 years if done right. One can eat dried carrots without cooking them.

Start buying cheap containers such as the gallon jugs that have distilled water. The jugs are virtually free of cost. A gallon can hold a lot of vegetables when dry. When you think about it, dried veggies and fruits are like vitamins with sugar. Should we just eat vitamins alone, and drop some sugar while we're at it? The water content of food assures that the stomach gets the food into the bloodstream. Eating dried foods on the hard side may go right through you, like corn often does. I suggest not drying or storing corn. Broccoli, kale and spinach are a definite yes. Spinach powder is pure vitamin, right? Drop into your soups. Grow lots of it, and dry it fast, so simple, but, apparently, one cannot sun-dry spinach, drats. But kale (minus the stems) can be sun-dried in a few hours only.

The time to start storing is NOT when everyone else does it, because suppliers will see it and jack their prices. Do it slow but regularly over a year or two of time. There's already a host of dried foods to be had right off the grocery shelves; just get them into containers with oxygen absorbers. Build a small shed against a wall of your home if you need to. Go with more peace of mind in the unpredictable future. If most-everyone does it, there will be less need for robbery / begging later by those who didn't bother. We clearly see that globalists are nuts and are on the attack; they do not care for our lives, and will bring us to our knees in semi-starvation or worse, if they think it's necessary or beneficial.

If one bakes / pan-fries their own bread / flat bread, an average-size person can live on $120 per month. Five sandwiches daily, for example, can be enough for many people. If you can stomach sardines or herring on two of those sandwiches, you're laughing. With herring I have no problem, but I've got to get mustard / pickles / onions / mayo on sardines to mask / dilute their taste. An egg a day in a sandwich is okay. Bread fills, and fattens, ideal in a low-food situation. Cook your own meat at only half the price of prepared sandwich meat. I often make a pot of rice-and-tuna salad (some beans in there too) at the cost of about three dollars = a dollar per meal. Anytime you can get a meal for a dollar (= about $120 / month), you're laughing to the bank. The pasta is much cheaper than the tomato paste, so consider using butter and herbs (gotta have pepper) instead. A pasta meal with butter is probably in the ballpark of 40-60 cents, hahaha to the bank. You can dehydrate ground beef when it's on sale, and toss in a dollar's worth for a deluxe pasta meal.

Plan for cheap meals with the things you store. A pound of bread you make yourself is much cheaper than the cheapest cereal you can store, and so plan on bread of different flours and tastes to change the "scenery" now-and-then, because you'll get sick of the same bread week after week. I've stored some cheap cereal, anyway, and I like them all even with water (I'm not kidding). I'm living on an income of $1,100 monthly, so I know all about eating cheap. Yet I'm able to save lots of food with that small income because I don't have a mortgage. It's the long-term mortgage that kills people, keeps them poor, and our western governments have not protected the cost of the dirt under our homes from sky-rocketing, great shame. Hell enlarges the mouth for government rulers who rig the economy for the rich instead of the young and poor. When my pension kicks in, I'll be able to buy some steak, unless globalists outlaw it by then. My pension, that is.

I have a dough-making machine that bakes if I want it too, or I can take the dough out of it when mixed to make flat bread in a pan. Mixing dough by hand makes bread-making less attractive, so a machine is a good help (see machines at youtube). Just toss in the ingredients, and press a button; the machine mixes, allows time for rising, and then bakes. You never need to wash the teflon container; bread will not stick to it. You don't need as much salt or sugar as the manual calls for. Less sugar makes thicker bread (when using yeast). Bread machines did not go out of style because they don't work, but because people don't care to make their own bread. Once you get the hang of it, it takes five minutes or less, no huge counter mess.

My machine calls for 4-cup-of-flour loaves, and makes ten loaves per 5-kilogram bag = under a dollar per loaf. That's a loaf weight of 1.1 pounds (600 grams), not including the weight of humidity in the bread. It's not the money savings only, but the savings on your body from preservatives (bread won't rot anymore).

Speaking of mixing, Mike Lindell mixes Jesus with Trumpism, and this is wrong, because Trump is an imposter. Trump built a nothing-burger team, ruining it totally by listening to advisors that were our enemies as Christians. The Republican establishment pretends to love Christians, for their votes, and this is what Trump did too. Christians, do not be exploited in this way any longer. Don't be their fools.

On the yeast of the Pharisees, Sean Hannity had the imposter on, Mark Meadows, still pretending that he's a pro-Trumper.

I have a heraldic section here leading to some anti-Christ candidates with some good logic. I don't ever recall realizing that Wake-like Walks/Wachs (share Waistell garb) are in the Waistell write-up. I was told to WAKE Sleeping Beauty, and that's when she pointed to Rhizon. Here's the piece from the Waistell write-up"The Wacelin variant has a slightly different origin. 'Gacelin, or Wazelin, probably a noble of Anjou, held lands from Geoffrey de Wirce in Lincoln 1086." That's got to be the Wassa/Waize/GACE line, but also the Walks/Wachs (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks), and it just so happens that the two stars in the Walk/Wach Chief are in the Dose/Dozze Chief too!! SUPERAMA! Sleeping Beauty, Mrs. Kilpatrick by name in the real world, was dozing away. The Walks/Wachs (very Walker linkable) even share the Parking/Perkin fleur-de-lys.

Now someone might criticize: "Aha, John, you said Waistells were from Vestalis of the Cottians, and here they now look like they descended from Walks." Not so fast, because surnames can become similar when two different lines marry. Walk-like Walch's/Walsh's can be proven to be from Wallachia over by the Buzau river, and I saw (on a map) the Cotesii on that river, the line to Cottians, right? Or, it's possible that Walk-like names came to form Waistell-like names that then named Vestalis, but he was roughly in the days of Jesus.

Next, we take the "InDUSTria" motto term of Walks/Wachs, because its a motto term also in this Arms of Rothschild. It's part-code for the Dusters (linkable to Jewish Rothchilds), and can therefore be of the Dusts/D'Ousts too, which then gets us to the Hood-connectable Hotts of D'Oust whose fesse is colors reversed from the Walk/Wach fesse. Sleeping Beauty was walking across the front / hood of a car. But, now, I have a new idea, because Rothschilds/Roddensteins have an arrow that is the Rodden/Rodham / Malbank bend. The new thing is from the Rye's/Rise's having the same bend, because I had just read, moments ago, that they were first found in NORFOLK with Hubert de RIA. "IndustRIA"! Norfolk is where Fasts and Falstaffs were first found who share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild. Why are the Rothschilds suddenly on Epstein's island?

The Risings, first found in Norfolk with Hubert Ria, have the Pollock Coat as a cross, and the Rising cross is the gold one (different background) of Banks. Rothschilds were bankers ever since they descended from Mayer Bauer (mid 1700s). The Bauer Chief has three of the two stars in the Walk/Wach / Dose/Dozze Chief, and three of these stars are also in the RES/Dere Chief while "RESolute" is a Malbank motto term. "ResoLUTE" is good for the Lute's/Lutts having the Rothschild quadrants.

Lute's/Lutts were first found in Worcestershire with the Clent Hills and with the Hillarys, while Clintons, sharing the six Hillary fitchees, have a version of the Snape Coat. Malbanks were at Snape. Clents/Clints share the Blythe garbs. What are the chances unless God arranged this snitch job? The Clinton Chief has the double stars of Walks/Wachs and dossier-pointing Dose's/Dozze's.

Clentons/Clandens are new to me now, first found in Somerset (near the Clent hills) with Rothschild-related Roets...meaning that Rothschilds are from the Flavians of Sabina's Rieti (potential Hyksos Hebrews). Pollocks and Pullings are from Vespasia Polla of Rieti's Flavians. This, too, is why I PULLed Peare's waist, and so note that while Vespasia was married to Mr. Sabinus, Sabine's (Norfolk, same as Risings) and Pullings share the Clenton/Clandon scallop. Sabines of Rieti are "Safini" to Italians, and Saffins/Savens (once came up as "Sabina"), with the Clinton / Bauer / et-al stars, were first found in Somerset with Clentons/Clandons. Rothschilds can thus put out the anti-Christ / False Prophet, especially as they are bankers i.e. who may want the skincode more than anyone else.

If the Malbank canton were not on the Malbank Shield, Malbanks would be showing the Rye/Rise Coat exactly, and so as the lion head in the Malbank canton is in the colors of the lion in the Arms of Rothschild, it appears that Rothschilds were not only descended from Pollocks at Rothes, but from Rice elements and the Malbanks (share the bend of Jewish Pollocks), explaining why Rice's and Rothes'/Rothchilds share the raven. One Malbank family was at Thorpe Perrow, and one Perrow surname is listed with Parrots (pears), which explains why Pettys, sharing the Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants, use the green parrot of Peeble's. Bauer-branch Bowers, sharing the five, bunched Rothschild arrows, were first found in Peebles-shire. The Malbank bend must round-about be the one Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild")...who probably share the Barrett horse.

The Roet-kin Bows/Boughs (share Roet motto) have the five, bunched Rothschild arrows too, and they are in the rainBOW of Hope's who in turn share the Coat of French Sabina's/Savards, very important (and new) because the mother of Sabinus above was Tertulla, linkable to Tertullus, husband of Plancia Magna (in the Walker motto). For, Magna's father was from Galatia, home of Hope-like OPgalli, suspect from the Ops/Opis cult of Sabines. Galatia was also home to Julia Polla, you see, having the surname of Sabinus' wife.

Ahh, the Dons have this write-up: "'The manor was for many generations in moieties between the families of Bruen and Done; the first passed, with BRUEN-STAPLEford... " Staple's share the motto of Pollock-liner Peters, and Barnstaple's have a Coat version of the Stevensons (Northumberland, same as Roddens/Rodhams) who in turn share the bend of Roddens/Rodhams. The "mei" motto term of Dons can go to the Mia's/Mee's sharing the fitchee of Albins/Aubins of Barnstaple. The Brunswick-like Bruens were first found in Brunswick-like Brandenburg, and Brunswick is where Rothschilds/RODDENsteins were first found, perfect, especially as Dons share the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow.

Walkers' use a "magna" motto term, and as her husband was related to Mr. Simplex, I see her line in the Perkins/Parkins (share Walk fleur-de-lys) because they have a "Simplex" motto term, and because her husband (Tertullus) was of Perk-like Perga. Having said that, we can add that the Walk fesse is shared by Dols while Dol is in the Vilaine part of Brittany, where Plancia-like Plunketts are said to have lived. Her father was Mr. Plancius. I can glean that walks use a form of the Macey Coat because Massey liners are from Herod Agrippa's, and Plancia Magna was a Herod liner, and Opgalli's granddaughter.

Wake's were kin of Orrs/Ore's, first found in Renfrewshire with Polla-line Pollocks, and with the royal-line Alans from Dol. Plocks are Plunkett liners, check it out. It means that Rothschilds descend from this Herod > Plancia line as well as through Rieti's dragon line.

Next, Julia Polla was descended over some three generations from king Amyntes of the Galatians, who had conquered DERBE (Asia Minor), explaining why Hope's were once said to be first found in DERBYshire with BROGITarus-like Froggits (green parrot). Amyntes was the son of Brogitarus, chief priest of the Revelation-17 killer-slut with golden cup filled with murders. Hope's are now said to have been first found in Shropshire, where Pollock-related Rothes' were once said to be first found. Rothes' are now said to be first found in Kent with Amyntes-like Mynetts, and with Mynett-like Hamon(d)s.

Derbe was not far from lake Tatta, which can explain the "DiTAT" motto term of Walks. On the shores of Tatta was PERTa, and Perts/Petts (bulRUSHes), like the Petty kin of Rothschilds, were first found in Kent with Mynetts. See a pattern?

Julia Polla may have been the sister (some may say wife) of SEVERus of Akmonia (Galatia), who in turn can explain the SAVERy/Savard variations of the French Sabina's sharing the Hope Coat. The both use besants probably because Severus was father to Mr. Bassus, the line to Julius Bassianus (a piece-of-trash priest of a sun god), ancestor of my mother's Masci line.

I've got Julia Tyche as Julia Polla's mother, and this goes to the Ticks/Tucks (Kent, same as Mynetts) whose Coat is like that of Teague's/Teegers, first found in GALatia-like GALway. The "OPtem" motto term of Teague's/Teegers was suspect with OPgalli because she was wife to Teeger-like TIGRanes. The "diem" motto term of Teague's/Teegers is excellent for finding that Diems are curiously listed with DITTmayers. It's excellent because Ditts, suspect in the "Industria DITat" motto of Walks, use stripeless TIGERs, clearly a line from Tigranes.

When heraldry removes an item, it can mean that the surname removing it was related to it. Masseys/Masse's use a "tree without leaves," suggesting kinship with Leave's/Leafs/LEVE's (Norfolk, same as Sabine's). No Stripe / Strip surnames come up, but lookie, the Stirrups are also StirrOPs. Opgalli was Tigranes' husband. As Perts/Petts use a stork, the Stirrops may be showing one, for the stork is also with Store's...and Pett-like Pits/Pitts (besants). I suggest that Opgalli liners went to the Stura-Demonte river with Masci's, and that Stirrops are Stura / Stur / Easter / Stormy liners merged with her line.

By the way, I removed, from the last update, when saying that about four people in my early 20s said I look like Brad Pitt, because I'm sure it was Tom Cruise instead. I was on the spider in my armPIT at the time. As it turns out, Cruise's were first found in Derbyshire with Hope's. Maybe that's why God had people tell me I looked like Cruise, for Cross'/Croce's (Massey quadrants) do use a stork, hmm, the Pit symbol too. Creuse's were first found in Cheshire with Masseys, beside Derbyshire. That can explain things i.e. I had some of Cruise's genes.

Cross'/Croce's have a version of the Habber Coat, and Habbers came forth from the Bath motto. baths had been on Tawton, and so let me repeat from earlier in this update:

The Tawtons/Tarletons are great for sharing the Arden cinquefoil because "Ardens" is the motto of Perts/Petts who in turn have a version of the Law Coat as well as bulRUSHes! I hesitate to say that Perts were definitely of Peare-related Pertons/Peartons, but it's Peare's BATHing suit that has been pointing to law suits along with the Suit-related Peartree's. Parrots share the Perton pears. This tends to reveal that TAWTons are from lake Tatta, location of Perta. Tattons (Tute and Tuit branch) can apply.

The Tatton write-up has Tatton-Massys, suggesting that Massys descend from Opgalli's family as they became the Bassus > Bassianus line to the Bessin, home of Meschins (they created Maccabees). Tattons can be gleaned with the Tute/Tout crescent and the quadrants of Tute's/Tuits (Norfolk, same as Sabine's). I'm pretty sure that the stork of Cross'/Cruce's is the Stirrup bird design (not sure what the latter call it, but it's the Cross/Cruce stork). Cross'/Croce's are from Robert Croce, husband of ESCHYNa de Molle, explaining why ESKINs/Erskins (part of the earls of Mar i.e. from Marsi of the Sabina theater) share the pale bar, almost, of stork-using Store's. Tatta-like Tate's use this pale bar in blue because Store's share a six-sectioned Shield (different colors) with the other Tate's, the latter first found in Suffolk with the Rush's in the bulrushes with the Pert stork, perfect because Perta is at lake Tatta. Tate's share the raven with Rothes/Rothchilds.

Repeat: "The Stamp-Crest horse thus looks like the horse of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild") in turn sharing the Rodden/Rodham / MalBANK bend. It's a white horse, and I rode Peare's white horse to a bank." It was a bank in a field, and the Fields (Stamp colors) have the Derby Coat in colors reversed. Derby was named after Derbe, near Tatta (ignore historians in their off-the-wall derivations for "Derby"). I trace the Derby ANTELope to ANTALya, beside Perga of Plancia Magna. Derby is on the Derwent river while Derwents/Darwins have a scallop-version of the Pert/Pett Coat. Examples of a stupid, dark experts are Charles Darwin and all who still take evolution even half-seriously. We Christians will win.

The CAMEL in the Derwent/Darwin Crest can be for Gamala, a Maccabee city, for Opgalli (to Derbyshire's Hope's) married a part-Maccabee line. I can't recall whether Salome Boethus was in the ancestry of Opgalli's husband, but Salome's once again have a version of the Law / Pert/Pett / Derwent/Darwin bend-with-items. Actually, the Laws and Salome's have the same pierced stars on a bend, and the Vance's/Vaux's in the Este motto have them non-pierced on the same bend. Este's (Essex, same as CAMULOdunum) may have been cousins of Easters/Isters/Asters, part of the Stur/Styre bloodline that is now suspect with StirrOPs (came to topic with stripeless tigers). Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Pert-beloved Rush's. Stirrops are suspect with a stork, the Pert symbol. Note the CAMELot-like Amelot D'Est character in the Este write-up. Did D'Ests name Rothschild-connectable Dusts and Dusters?

It's going to hurt. It's going to hurt bad, to be ashamed in the outer darkness when God comes to reveal his endless, mighty works accomplished through His countless saints. The world will magnify the God they hated, a roar (for lack of a better word) filling the universe. Those in the outer cold, drenched in regrets and shame, pain and suffering, will arrive there on their own destruction of this planet. Woe, world, repent before it's too late. Give your money away, rich fat cats, and stop seeking more, STUPIDS. Globalists feign wanting to fix the world so that they might rob tax-payers all-the-more. They have no shame. Their glory is in their evil.

I'm pretty sure I see another stork, standing on the Rodham / Lauder tree STUMP, in the Crest of Faithfuls/Faiths (Norfolk again, beside Tigers and Rush's). It recalls that STAMPs have a version of the Rush Coat, you see. Faithfuls are in the Vance/Vaux motto. It just so happens that Vance's were taken from the motto of English Este's (Essex, beside Rush's and Tigers) having three horse heads in the colors of the three Stamp horses. Faithfuls/Faiths use plates, and were first found in Norfolk with Platters. Rodham-Clinton was in criminal cahoots with PLATTE River Networks.

[Insert -- The day after writing here, I came across the Perta-like "parta" motto term of the Scottish White's having a good reflection of the Plain/Platter Coat! Scottish White's are the ones with QUATRefoils" that I think is code for Quadratus Bassus, the grandson of the Galatian, SEVERus of Akmonia above. Scottish White's were first found in Bernicia, what I trace to Berenice Agrippa (a Herod). The White Chief-Shield color combo is shared by Vilains while Plancia-line Plunketts are said to have been in Vilaine. One English White Coat (shares black eagle with Scottish White's) is a version of the Silver Coat while Silvers (like "Sever") have a Coat version of the Saffers/SAVARys whose "Vita" motto term gives away their being from the family of Julius Avitus and his wife, Julia Maesa Bassianus. Julia's sister had married emperor SEVERus (a century after Severus of Akmonia).

The father (Julius Bassianus) of these sisters was the nephew of Julius Agrippa, you see, making it appear that Bassus' had married Herod Agrippa's when evolving into Bassianus', tending to explain why Bernice's and Burns share black hunting horns with Base's/BASSENs. The other Base's share the Silver lions. The "Loyal" motto term of English White's must be for Loyola's because they share the black-on-white wolf with Quadratus-line Quade's.

With quatrefoil White's having a Coat like that of PLAINs/Platters, note that Loyola's list Lolita's, for Jeffrey Epstein's PLANE is/was the Lolita Express.

As the Stamps are in the colors of Plunketts, it appears that both Crests are sharing the same white horse! That's a biggie because Stomps/Stumps look like kin of Ticks/Tucks, likely from Julia Tyche, and the Ticks/Tucks have a version of the Teague/Teeger Coat. How could this get better for a trace to Plancia Magna, a descendant of Opgalli in the Teague/Teeger motto? But it can get better, for Opgalli married a descendant of GLAPHYRa Archelaus, and CLAVERs/Cleavers share the Plunkett and HOPper/Happer tower. Cleave's/Cliffs happen to share the Quade wolf heads, the line from Quadratus, descendant of Julia Tyche or her family member.

A TIGER head is in the Crest of Veins/Vains/Veyns, linkable via Veynes' to Wayne's who in turn share the ermined chevron of Friends. Mrs. Teague was born, Miss Friend. It just so happens that the earliest-listed Vain/Veyn was in Gloucestershire, where Fields were first found who share the garbs of Vains/Veyns. In colors reversed, these garbs are those of Derbys, believe it or not. End insert]

Faithfuls/Faiths share the saltire of Maxwells (the latter have Pollocks as their sept), whom I trace to Rijeka at the north end of Ister-like Istria. At the southern end of Istria is Pula/Pola, the line to Pollocks and therefore to/from Vespasia Polla. The eight-pointed star was anciently the star of ISHTAR, and Rothchilds/Roddensteins, a Rodham branch, use the eight-pointed star, as do German Teegers (more plates). They say that mythical Ishtar became Cybele, and the latter had one dope for a high priest, Brogitarus of Galatia. See a pattern? I do: chief pagan priests and Rothschild banker have vanity in common.

If you were one of the people who bought country land in preparation for something bad ten or more years ago, I no longer fear that you may have done the wrong thing for moving out too early. Anyone wanting to move out of the city now is looking at higher prices, and less/no choice. Christians need to consider severing there large pieces of land, and selling to fellow Christians. The risk is that the Christians who move in might move out and sell to non-Christians. Is there a way to reduce the chances of this? I don't see one. Is it risky to have non-Christians near you? It could be.

Lin Wood Releases Transcripts

The following testimony of a Ryan Dark White (his alias) is the man who I said sounds like James Clapper. Both men are bald. Amazingly, Ryans share the motto of VALONs/Walons who in turn share the quadrants of Clapper-like Claverings who in turn have a "VOLANS" motto term. Did God arrange this heraldry to indicate that Clapper is the whistle-blower? The quadrants are used in colors reversed by Malls, and the Ryan motto includes "Malo." WOW, it just so happens that while Malo's are listed with Mallets, three mallets are all that Dutch Clappers show!!! WOW! If Ryan White is not James Clapper, wow, what a huge coincidence here. Or, perhaps this whistle-blower worked for Clapper.

OH WOW, new things can be gleaned from the bathing suit picture not realized until now. As was said, Beach's share the Clapper Shield, and Peare was running on a beach in this picture. The Picture's/Pictalls got us to Picots using "pike heads,' and the Clapper Crest is a pike fish!!! The Clapper sun is in the colors of the BATHgate sun! Picot-like Bicots/Bigots (Mellan kin) share the scallops of English Mallets!!! ZIKERS, what's going on? Clappers are also Clapps while Clubs and CLOBBE's and Claptons/CLOPtons (look linkable to Clavers/Cleavers) were first found in Cheshire with Steele's, and the latter have: "They were conjecturally descended from BIGOT de Loges..."

Ah, Loges' (Burgundy, same as Poulos') are connectable to Poulos' (logs), and Mr. Poulos, owner of Dominion election-cheat machines, is pointed to with the "Pax" motto of English DOMINics because Clubs/Clobbe's were at Cheshire's FARNdon while FarnDONs have a Coat version of PACE's (Cheshire). Dons were first found in Cheshire. Plus, as I said, at 15 years of age, I worked the summer on the Farn-like farm of DOMINic De FILIPPIS, a pointer to Dominion's vote-flipping machines. Ah wow, more, for the Loges' share the Gettes Coat while Geddes' use pike fish!!! The Club/Clobbe fish are in the colors of the Luce/Lucy pikes!

There is more, for Clubs, because they are in Child/CHILL colors and format, have got to be from king CLOVis, son of CHILDeric, and CHILham castle is the location of SCOTUS-like Scottes'. Mr. White's testimony is much about the FBI's assassination attempts on the conservative judges on SCOTUS. Clubs/Clobbe's were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire, where fish-using Chilhams were first found. The Chilham fish are in the colors of the Ged fish. Childeric was a Merovingian king, and Merovingians are from/of the Marsi of Maruvium, explaining why Chilhams are in the colors and format of French Mars/Mere's/More's (Burgundy, same as Loges' and Poulos').

The Loges and Gettes saltire is a blue one, as is the one of Malcolms/COLUMNs, and then a column is used, along with what could logically be the lion of Scottish Mars, by Mallet-like Malta's. Mallets almost have the scallops of French mars/Mere's/More's. "Malo MORI" is a motto phrase of the Ryans / Valons/Walons seen in the paragraph above with Clappers. James Clapper probably had everything to do with Hammer and Scorecard when weaponized in vain against Trump's campaign in 2016.

The Score-like Schore's happen to use a giant column, what are the chances? A mallet is a HAMMER!!! Zikers, I almost missed that, and Schore's were first found in HAMburg! Malta's use the column! Hammer and SCOREcard!!! Peare showed me her bathing-suit picture at the COFFEE TABLE, and Coffee's share the McCabe fesse while McCabe's use the salmon of Hams (Hammer colors), the latter first found in Sussex with Hammers!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? Table's use "hurts," and Hurts/Horts (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) share the Score cinquefoils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Score's are in Schare/Schere/Scherf colors, the SCARisBRICK location (of Gorsuch's, for example) comes back to mind as per the lightning strike on our BRICK chimney, sending bricks all over the roof. Perhaps I'm off on this, but it evokes Thor's hammer, an old symbol of lightning/thunder. But wait, on second thought, "Scarisbrick" looks to be of Scarborough's/Scarbridge's/Scarburgs, and they happen to share three red towers with English Thors!!! That is a first for that lightning bolt! Plus, Chimneys (Yorkshire, same Scarborough's and Scarfs) share a red fesse with Scarborough's. As was said, I saw Karen Whelan last at the Scarborough Town Center, and Whelans share the Brick Coat!!!

As I said many times, the lightning flash was so bright that the lightning had the effect of bouncing off the PILLOW onto my forehead. I've been saying that for as many as ten years before knowing of My-Pillow Lindell. ScarBRIDGE's can connect to Bride's, and then McBride's share the Score / Hurt/Hort cinquefoil, for what this could be worth. Pillow-like Plows, kin of COURTis', share the fleur-de-lys of Bridge-beloved Crabs.

Plus, as per ScoreCARD, the Cards use a "letter," and Letters / Leathers have a griffin connectable to the Ryan griffins. I didn't mean to get into heraldry in this section, but it won't stop coming. Ryans use a "Malo mori quam" phrase while "quam" is shared by Cambridge's on the Cam river. Cams (Gloucestershire, near Clapton) share the Coat of Lizarts, recalling that this whistle-blower, Ryan Dark White, said that Scalia was killed by the "LIZARD Squad." If it's not in the transcripts below, then it was removed from his testimony, for I heard him say so.

Scalia's are linkable to the shoes of the Hamburg Trips, and while he was killed on Poindexter's ranch, Poindexter's love the Nemo's in their motto who in-turn love Shows/SCHORRs in their motto. Poindexters share the Fist/Faust fist, and while Fausts are suspect from Vasto's of Saluzzo, Saluzzo-line Thomas' share the cinquefoils of Dark-like Darcys (share Biden chapeau). Scalia is pointed to be Peare and I RUSHing or RISing up the stairs, and while Darcys share "Un dieu" with Rush's/Rish's, the other Welsh Thomas' share the Reesors/Ryse / Rice Coat. The same Thomas' have griffins in the colors of the Ryan griffins. I think Thomas of Saluzzo, like the Vasto's, was kin of RENier of Montferrat, where I trace Ryan-like Reno's/Rhyns.

Darks have a purple fist with their strongarm, and Armstrongs, who have the strongarm with fist in red, almost have the Lizart Coat. It could thus appear that God chose the naming of Ryan DARK White as an additional pointer to Scalia's murderers. There is what looks like an arm with fist downward between the wings of Hubert-like Habbers (in the Bath motto), and Scalia was probably killed with at least the assistance from the International Order of Saint HUBERTus.

Habbers share the quadrants of Malls in the Ryan and VALON motto while Arthurian myth writers traced DEATHs and MORTe's/Motts -- who share the Hubert crescents -- to AVALON (where king Arthur was killed my MORDred, we get it). Wow, the English White's who share the Habber lion (!) use the motto, "Loyal unto DEATH." IS THAT NOT INCREDIBLE since it comes after it was already half-resolved that Mr. White is a pointer to Scalia's death? I am beginning to think that this whistle-blower is very important to God.

Note "UNto DEAth," like the "UN DIEu" of Darcys, for the latter share the cinquefoils of Kims, first found on Bute, the mythical Avalon. "Dieu" is suspect with Dee's/DIE's (= death) who happen to share the Habber lion. Dea's are listed with Days sharing a sword with green snakes with this Mackesy Coat while Mackesys/Margesons (at houseofnames) use a "LOYALite" motto term (that I point to Jeffrey Epstein's crime ring). My bet is that, somewhere in the heraldic Arrangements, God has provided clues on how Scalia was killed. So far in my heraldic adventures, the candidates (as per a few months ago) have been: a bag over his head as he slept after having received a slow-working dinner poison (as per Poissons) to make him drowsy. The latter term is new here, which found Drows'/Drews/Dreux's (Ratcliffe bull head) having a giant lion in the colors of the giant lion of Death-like Deats/Daude's (new here), and the latter is almost the giant Dee lion. Daude-like Dade's/Deeds (this is new this update) have three garbs in the colors of the three, Scalia-connectable scallops of Poissons.

BEHOLD. The Death's share the gold griffin of HOLDERs, and this whistle-blower had the following to say about who was slated to replace Scalia after his death: "And, of course, there was a lot of people that were talking about Eric Holder taking it, all kinds of people, but [judge Roberts] wanted a say in who was going to take over Justice Scalia's spot. And I don't think he got it." How about that, as if God wrote the future in heraldic code just for me i.e. for me to share it with you, of course.

The Deaths share the Hubert crescents, and Huberts have this: "The Hibberts of MARPLES and Birtles in Cheshire claim descent from Hubert of CURZON in Calvados..." As Marble's/Marple's (Cheshire) have a griffin in the colors of the Death griffin, it tends to nail Huberts to Deaths. But there is more, because Curzons, in the colors and format of Hubert-branch Hubbards, have a "HOLDE" motto term!!!! WOW, it's pointing to the mobster, Eric Holder!

PLUS BEHOLD SOME MORE, for the Marple's just brought back to mind my miracle marble shot that I've mentioned a quarter-million times, which involved the flick of the marble with my THUMB. I had suspected the TUME's for that FLICK, though I can't recall the reason, but now look at the "recTUMque" motto term of Huberts (!), for Tume's are listed with TOMBs having tombstones with "R.I.P." written upon them, a death theme! But there is more, for I told that this marble flick-shot happened directly across from Skye Court (I remember the house I was at), and the reason from God for that seemed to be for the McLeods of Skye, for they use flags while Flags are listed with FLICKs. But McLeods use the motto, "HOLD fast," another pointer to Eric Holder!!! There is no heraldic reason I can see for a Hold-of-McLeod link to Holders or Huberts of Curzons, and so this appears ARRANGED by the Snitch in the Sky.

As I said, I literally said a prayer before shooting, and the flick shot banged the opponent's marble (a half-inch in diameter) dead-on some eight or more feet away. Prays share the Coat of Coats'/Cotes', and Dan Coats replaced James Clapper as director of National Intelligence! Amazing, for this seems to be pointing to this whistle-blower under discussion, who sounds like James Clapper. AHHH WOW, it was only after writing to this point that Holds (Holder colors) were loaded, to see that they were first found in Bury of Salford with Ratcliffe's!!!!! I had forgotten that part (I've said it before). John Ratcliffe replaced Dan Coats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASTOUNDING, bing-bing-bing, three directors in a row all in one marble shot. I've seen the McLeod bull head in black, the color of the Ratcliffe bull head.

The Ashworths now need to be addressed because Holds were first found in the Ashworth area of Bury. As was said, the opponent's marble belonged to Tony, and Tonys may be on the "APPetitus raTIONi" motto phrase of Ashworths. We can glean Rat liners in "RATioni." Ashworth is in MIDDLEton, and then Apps/Abbs'/EPPs' (suspect in the Ashworth motto), first found in MIDDLEsex, have the lozenges of SCAYLE's and the scallops of SCALE's ("DOMINE"). That makes the marble shot look like it points to this whistle blower's testimony on Scalia's death. Peare was RUNNING on the Clapper-pointable beach in her photo, and Runnings/Ronnys share the Apps/Abbs'/Epps fesse.

The Drows'/Dreux's are new here as per making Scalia drowsy for the purpose of killing him without a struggle in his bed. It just so happens that while Drows'/Dreux's were related to Salisburys having a SALESbury variation, and the latter's Coat, if it had a black Shield, would be a Coat reflection of the Death's in turn sharing the crescents of Huberts. Finally, Huberts and their Hubbard branch have Coat versions of the SALES' (Cheshire, same as Huberts) and SALESmans (Surrey, same as James' and Clappers). Hubbards share the SCAYLE annulet. Just study this paragraph for a minute, the perfect Snitch Job. The three Salisbury crescents are shared by the Shows/Schorrs in the motto of Poindexter-beloved Nemo's.

The Marble's were at Isherwood (near Welsh Roberts), and the Isherwoods share the Launay/LAWNay Chief while we were playing marbles on the lawn near the edge of the road. Loading Lawns, it now recalls that both lawn surnames have the ROBERT / Proper/Robert lion, a pointer to judge Roberts, I must assume. Propers/Roberts were first found in Cheshire with Huberts of Marples, and Mr. White testifies that judge Roberts had personal interest and foreknowledge in Scalia's death. We called our marble's, alleys, and the Alleys happen to share the English lion while the Lawns (Day Shield?) call their triple lions, "English lions" (they are the Arms of England). These same Lawns love the Gards in their motto while English Gards have the Marble griffin in colors reversed! Good one, for linking Isherwoods to Lawns with more certainty. As Corners/GARNers are said to have been GARDners, the Lawn lion is also that of Gernons/GARNhams (from Ranulph de Gernon of Cheshire).

(For the record, the Englands share triple lions in pale (different colors) with Lawns, and the three of England's are the two in pale of Scottish Marrs (Yorkshire, same as Englands). The English flag, named George, is highly suspect by me from George, father of Maurice Drummond, the line of Scottish Marrs. The Englands have a single ermine spot on their passant lion, suggesting that it's a white version of the Army/Ermine lion, and the latter happens to be the passant lion of Lawns and Roberts.)

The "Hic" motto term of Dee's/Die's brings SLEEPING Beauty into this, for she pointed to Ratcliffe's (at Walon-like Whalley) in the Drows/Drew/Dreux Crest. Dreux happens to be a location in EURE, and Hicks use a "heure" motto term. Eure's (very possibly the Hubert bend) happen to share the quadrants of Habbers (share Dee lion, suspect with St. Hubertus), and while Habbers are in the Bath motto, Sleeping Beauty was in a BATHing suit! On the Clapper-pointable beach of Jeffrey Epstein's island (this place engaged in blackmail services for wicked Intelligence purposes). The way to link the Eure bend to the Hubert bend is by way of Eure's sharing the quadrants of Masseys, first found in Cheshire with Huberts and Dee's/Die's. The Habber quadrants are colors reversed from the Valon/Walon and CLAVERing quadrants while Clappers share the Beach Shield. John Ratcliffe (a good guy) came to have the director job once held by Clapper.

Huberts were first found in Cheshire with the Rothschild- / Rodham-related Dons having a "Dei" motto term, and the Don bend-with-arrows is like the FAST bend-with-crosslets while Fists are also Fausts. Repeat: "The "mei" motto term of Dons can go to the Mia's/Mee's sharing the fitchee of Albins/Aubins of Barnstaple." Albins/Aubins are said to have been from Eure.

Miss Hicks adopted a daughter with a Daddy surname listed with Dawds, like the Deats/Daude's having the Hicks fleur-de-lys. The daughter's first name is Geneva, and Geneva's/Genova's share the Dee / Habber lion, and also the Habber wing design. Is Sleeping Beauty now pointing to the Saint-Hubertus cult of hunters? When I knew her, Miss Hicks owned a ranch that raised exotic hunting animals (like gazelle and buffaloes). Drows'/Dreux's (from Dreux, in Eure with EVREUX) married the EVREUX-related Salisburys having the ABREU/Abruzzo, Habber and Dee lions, and Abruzzo was probably named by HYKSos-line Hebrews (not Israelite Hebrews).

The white Geneva/Genova wings are upside-down, as is the white DINE/Dien wing, and Deans/Deins (Sussex, same as Dine's/Diens) share the Dee / Hubbard / Salisbury lion. Isn't that a pointer to the sedating of Scalia while he DINED? Poindexter testified that Scalia got up from the dinner table, excusing himself early (for feeling tired, we assume), and so he went to his room, where he died in his bed (no disturbance of the sheets, they say). The crescents of Salisburys (roughly the Death Coat on red) are colors reversed from those of Deans/Deins (share giant Salisbury lion).

Of all the things that Sleeping Beauty can point to, she seems to be pointing to the put-to-sleep murder of Scalia. It makes no sense for God to do this if this murder is wholly forgotten, but here we have Ryan Dark White resurrecting the murder. I didn't know that my dream with Sleeping Beauty was stacked with heraldic pointers until 2016, the year of Scalia's death. I've been plugging away at the possible pointers of that dream ever since.

Mr. White implies that he had Intelligence equipment at his personal disposal, and that he used it in efforts to block and counter the dirty tricks of Rod Rosentein. I'm not sure why he emphasizes Rosenstein, but he does mention several other well-known names, which seems to be an argument for (not against) the authenticity of his testimony. As we read his testimony, we necessarily want to find any evidence that this could be a faked / erroneous testimony, but his mention of big names along with their criminal / immoral acts tends to rule out his faking it.

Now that the transcripts are out, we expect Rosenstein, judge Roberts, Pence, and others to speak out against Mr. Wood, to threaten him with law suits...but that hasn't happened thus far even though the voice recording of this transcript was out on bitchute a few weeks ago. So, as Wood himself states, he has no reason to think the testimony has been faked, all-the-more so because it's dangerous for the whistle-blower to be saying what he says. It all reads like the basic stuff of a mobster-mash fictional if you've been the sort to trust government people, or to believe their face-value attitudes and statements. Naturally, government mobsters learn the art of appearing helpful "for the people." You can read the whole thing at the link below. I'm going to quote snippets and comment in square brackets:

INTERVIEWER: Okay. Now, you also said in past discussions that there was a plot that Roberts was allegedly a part of where they discussed murdering other judges on the Supreme Court under the [2020-24] Hillary Clinton administration [that never happened]. Can you give me some amplifying details on that?

INTERVIEWEE: This is something the FBI set up under their guidance, their political people, going to be a false flag. This had gone out two years almost before the election. [He's pointing criminally to Comey's / McCabe's FBI. Would he dare do this, on the attempted murder of SCOTUS judges, as faked information?]...

...They [FBI'ers] moved them [bad apples, contracted killers] up to the level of assassinating federal judges, political people, things like that. You want the names, I can tell ya.

...So, anyway, part of their (inaudible) was various types of attacks on the Supreme Court, to take down as many judges [on the Republican side] as they could, and Roberts was aware of this...He actually provided some scheduling, because apparently the justices are not all there at one time, they come and go as they please...

...They were going to assassinate F. Dennis Saylor, a federal judge in Massachusetts; Martha Coakley; Lisa Monaco and her family -- they were gonna make that look like a home invasion and film it until later when they needed it. And this was their initial attack plan, and then [go after] the Supreme Court.

We again think that nobody in his right mind is going to fake these statements, but others might think that no man in his right mind would reveal these high-level plots at his own peril. However, this man tells where he was educated, and adds all sorts of things that can likewise identify him quite easily by Intelligence people, and so it seems he knows that the bad guys will know who he is, i.e. no use trying to hide it from them.

Another scenario is that he could be telling pre-planned lies, what the itching ears want to hear, to protect the bad guys while satisfying the itching ears i.e. the people demanding his testimony as a condition of letting his own part in criminality off the legal hook. We might read this testimony with that possibility in mind, that he's fabricating the guilt of others so that they will never be jailed by it. For example, if you falsely claim that so-and-so robbed a bank, but he didn't, then there will be no evidence of it, and you can fool your enemy in this way who's threatening to torture you if you don't talk. With this in mind, let's continue:

And when I found out [with my own spy system] what they were doing, that they were going to attack these judges, they were going to attack the Supreme Court, I tried to end-run them. I had minders. People kept tabs on me. I had FBI minders. But I tried to end-run them and expose it. I took all the evidence and went to Homeland Security, who were overwhelmed [or maybe just gave mere appearances of outrage] and called in the FBI, and then the DOJ came right back to me, and they picked me up just a few weeks later when they found who I was. The damage to their plots had been done. They did get close to assassinating people up there. Lisa Monaco -- the judges were under 24/7 security, Martha Coakley had in state security, and it did prevent them from going after the Supreme Court...

He's a hero if what he's saying is true. If he lying about the government body guards granted to Monaco and Coakley, then Lin Wood and others could easily discover it with a phone call to Monaco and Coakley. Or, at least, the whistle-blower would know before testifying that this particular claim could be tested with a mere phone call, and would therefore not make the statement if it were untrue. This is an argument for authenticity.

INTERVIEWER:Now, were -- the teams that were supposed to do the actual operations against the judges, were those Americans or were they foreign?

INTERVIEWEE: No. These were Americans...A third would be the sovereign citizen group and two-thirds would be FBI people, or people working with the FBI [Comey and McCabe, but was this on their own initiative, or from others such as Obama of the Clintons?]. They were gonna get rid of them anyway. And, actually, I have recordings of their planning on the phone with me as, you know, part of this group [wouldn't Lin Wood ask to hear those recordings as evidence of the whistle-blower's authenticity? Of course]. And then they did not hang up the phone, they did not kill the phone, and we were listening to them talk about killing me and my wife, things like that...So, they could not do their plan. We got [identified] the people [would-be victims] under surveillance. We saved them, got credit for saving them. They were very upset that their plans had gone to crap. They were very upset with me, especially when they came and picked me up, but it stopped it. Their plans were written out. They were -- they had maps, they had surveillance, they had quite a bit of equipment.

We see here a reason as to why this man could not be immediately punished by the FBI side, because he had "the goods" on the FBI, and had shared it with others. It would be counter-productive and wasteful for the FBI to harm him at that point...unless they did it much later to send a message to other would-be snitches.

Another scenario is where this whistle-blower is part of the deep state but deliberately (as part of the scheme) having such outlandish claims that no one takes him seriously. His claims will then be proven false (by the deep state) to clear Roberts, Rosenstein, Comey, etc., the purpose being to contribute to the overall atmosphere of government criminality so as to get militia groups to start firing bullets. Or, if they won't fire bullets, the trick is to create the atmosphere of horrible corruption so that, when the deep state feigns a militia-group attack, the general public will view it as a real / credible event. Then comes the government backlash on all those deemed to be militia groups. Over the Obama years, we saw normal, law-abiding Christians being lumped more and more into the circles of far-right militia's, you see, and that trend continues to this day, more heated. Something's up. Get ready for a back-lash, Christians, in case they go through with it.

The idea that this whistle-blower is part of a deep-state plot may seem to be over-the-top because the deep state doesn't need to go as far as to name high-level names, but then note how some of the big names -- Comey, Pence, Roberts, Rosenstein and Romney -- are all Republicans (by name). It's the Democrats who would like to take guns away from all, and they are heated to do this under Biden, meaning they don't mind throwing the Republicans above under the bus in getting that accomplished. In the meantime, this whistle-blower scheme, if it is from the deep state, has the additional purpose of getting Lin Wood into jail for disseminating the harsh testimony. Lin Wood claims that he would be irresponsible and even criminal not to share the testimony, a great defensive move, but not good enough if his presiding judge (or jury) happens to be a hand-picked leftist(s).

INTERVIEWER: What was the timeline that they were hoping to do this [judge-killing] in?

INTERVIEWEE: This would be right after -- within the first year of Hillary Clinton's presidency. She was not supposed to lose...Roberts was actually helping because he didn't wanna be one of them, and he wanted some choice in who would be on the bench after that...But this was to be done within the first year of Hillary Clinton's campaign so that they could ban firearms as well and impact the Court, so they'd have plenty of time to do that. That was their two main goals.

This can be viewed as fakery playing right into the conspiracy-theorists itching ears, or it could be viewed as authentic because we did see evidence that Obama was going after guns. Either way, the whistle-blower is putting the highest judge in the land into a mass-murder plot. Does that seem to you like part of a faked testimony for the purpose of going after militia groups? It does not to me. There are other ways to do it. Plus, we have all seen the evidence that Roberts is compromised due to blackmail, and this whistle-blower is testifying just that. It could be God's work to bring this man forward at this time in which Roberts is the main obstacle to election-fraud exposure. Some of my heraldic pointers have been pointing to this mess, and then this whistle-blower goes into judge Scalia too, a thing my heraldic pointers have been stressing since my sleeping-bag dream:

INTERVIEWER: Do you believe the death of 21 Antonin Scalia was a part of this same plot...

INTERVIEWEE: It was the same people. He was a backup plan. He was their biggest threat being the most conservative justice. Justice Scalia actually -- I believe he found out about this, the plans, and he went to the White House. Like a week before his death I believe he found out what they were trying to do...And, again, Roberts was 8 providing this [information about Scalia's particulars]. But they had to take him out. He was seen as their biggest obstacle. So, the same basic group that was involved were given access to the ranch where he was found. They talked about how they did it. They had a couple different options...The records are there at 17 the Cibolo Ranch [what's that mean???]. One person was brought in -- there was three men. One person was brought in as a temp worker. The other two -- same team -- were brought in as servants for a group that was there hunting. And they discussed how it was done, that they used dipso -- dimethylsulfoxide, which is a fairly inert chemical. It just goes through your skin. But if you mix it with a poison or a drug or something like that, it'll go directly in your system and overload you...

He seems to know so much about this killing, but why didn't he reveal this long ago? Maybe he was afraid, maybe he didn't care to. Maybe he's being forced to talk now. He speaks in the past tense, as though they were talking about how they did it after they killed him, and so we assume he was tapping their communications in order to discover this. In that case, where are those communications? Lin Wood says he has recordings sealed up and ready to be leaked if anything happens to him, but if nothing happens to him, will the world never discover them? Are we to trust only in this mystery-man's claims? This alone can never bring justice, and Mr. Woods wants justice by all appearances of his words on the matter.

Let's go back to Peare's BATHing-suit PICTURE, the pointer to a law suit(s). The Baths were first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Tarres'/TERRES', and the latter have ten of the eight pale bars of Macks, a pointer to the TARmac meeting in Phoenix. That's one possible reason that God used Steve Tarr for my hockey goals at age 12. The Picture's/Pictalls are the ones sharing the crossed spears of Lins/Line's/Linds, an apparent pointer to Lin Wood, though Mike Lindell of My Pillow can apply because they say that Scalia was killed partially with a pillow over his face. The Face's share the Bath cross.

The whistle-blower under discussion is going as Mr. White, which is why I've checked the White surnames in case they can tell as related story. Scottish White's are most interesting for using a reflection of the PLAIN/ Platter Coat, for the tarmac meeting was on Loretta Lynch's plane, and Lynch's share the BOTHwell Coat while the PHONE BOOTH pointed to Phoenix. However, the whistle-blower doesn't seem to have anything to say about Phoenix aside from the sporadic mention of The Hammer, and this is a part of Mike Lindell's game.

The reason I've gone back to Peare's picture, immediately after the whistle-blowers talk on SCALia, is because she showed it to me at the coffee TABLE while the Table / Tipley Coats are a near copy with the SCHAL/Shall Coat. Schals/Shalls were first found in Rhineland with the Salome's sharing the LAW bend-with-stars, pretty amazing, is it not? Scalia's might just be from Salome Boethus. It seems her picture is pointing to Scalia too, but let's then take this to the COUCHant lion of Tints (Somerset, same as Baths and WHISTLE's), because I slept on her couch that night, and then the couchant lion is also the white one of Baths and Whistle's. Is this pointing to Mr. White the whistle-blower?

The WAIST-pull with Peare pointed to JoVAN Pulitzer of Arizona / Phoenix, yet Waistells are like "Whistle," and the blue doves of Waistells are shared by George's, first found in Wiltshire (beside Bath) with the Edrichs/Edricks in the Powell motto. I'll come back to this.

The Scottish White's are the ones with a "parta" motto term, and Parts/Parrots happen to have pears, right down Peare alley. Parrots are often a symbol of talkers = snitches. As I've said, Sidney Powell looks like how I might imagine that Miss Peare would look in her middle ages. The Parts/Parrots have an "AMO in VENio" motto, and Fenns/Venns (share green griffin with Powells) are in the Powell motto too, not surprising because Powells were first found in Wales with Parts/Parrots, and both use the same lion.

By the way, Scottish White's were a topic earlier in this update, where they connected with Herod AGRIPPa,s and Leslie's, sharing the green griffin head with Fenns/Venns, use a motto, "GRIP fast." The Leslie bend-with-buckles is in the colors of the SCOTTES bend-with-items, and these SCOTUS-pointing Scottes' share "Amo" with Parts/Parrots in the White motto, you see, so that it's a pointer to SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States), the very topic of Mr. White. We can ask whether God intended these pointers.

Now the Scottes' Coat above is the Terras Coat too, and Tarrs are also Tarres'/Terres'. Steve Tarrs enters my life when he took a slap SHOT from the BLUE LINE. It'll be shown shortly below why the blue line points to Lin Wood's whistle-blower. The Shots are also Scott-like Schutes', you see, and so we may entertain the slap shot as pertaining to the supreme court in some way. As I've said a million times in the past few months alone, the slap shot hit the goalie, bounced over his head, then bounced and rolled to the net but would not go over the LINE. It was sitting on the line while he and I had a two-on-one break-away.

When I saw the puck stop on the goal line with nobody to stop me from tipping it in, my KNEE's gave way in the overwhelming excitement (it was the last minute of the semi-finals with score tied 2-2). OH WOW, I've never before thought that my knees giving way could be called a trip, even though I didn't trip over any object. The best I can say is that I tripped over the exciting vision. I simply DROPPED to my knees, and while Trips have a SCALing ladder as a pointer to Scalia, the same Trips share the crosslets of Hamburgs because German Trips (shoes) were first found in Hamburg. The Hamburgs throw in DROPS!!! I DROPPED to my knees!!! German Hamburgs share the Knee bend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOWWWWW.

As I slid past the goal on my knees, I TIPped / TAPped the puck into the NET, and SCORED. The Schore's, who were amazing shortly above for pointing to HAMmer and Scorecard, were first found in HAMburg! I'm getting that smash-smash feeling again. Lord, shall we get a little brutal against these loathsome mobsters? The Nets are important here because they are listed with Scottish Knights, whom I will connect to Knee's below while on the Scalia-Shoe relationship. The TIPleys share the Table/TAPley Coat, and it's almost the SCHAL/Shall Coat. Suddenly, Scalia, whose not been alive for five years, seems to be in-topic with that goal, and there is cause to point the goal to Lin's whistle-blower as he tells what he knows of Scalia's death at the ranch of John B. Poindexter. Poindexters share the Shoe star.

The Knee bend is a blue bend, the color of the Scottes' bend, which may explain why the stag in the Scottes Crest has one leg lifted and bent at the knee. Knee's share the Vise/Vice stag head, and the latter surname was related to the Eustace's sharing the brown Scottes stag minus the leg lifted off the ground. I trace Vise's to the island of Vis, also called ISSa, and that's why I think Shoe's (Scalia connectable) have a "knight ISSuing from the knees."

Recall how the RISING up the stairs with Miss Peare can point to stairs = scala and therefore to Scalia's (the latter have a pale bar, by-ladder, in colors reversed from the Pero pale bar). I was selling shoes at the time we rushed up the stairs, and some Scalia variations are like Shoe variations. The Shoe description loves Knee's, who have the Phoenix while things-Peare are pointing to Phoenix, ARIZONa too. It's as though the rising up the stairs points to Scalia and Arizona. We kissed once up the stairs, and Kiss'/Cush's were kin of cushion-using Bibo's/Bible's, and a branch of Cass'/Cash's who in turn use a "PAIR of SCALES." I only-now remembered this latter part! I heard this week that Arizona attorneys are attacking Lin Wood.

The engrailed Knee bend is shared by Leaks, and in the Leak Crest there is a human leg bent at the knee. Wood's whistle-blower is a big leaker, is he not?

There was a hat-trick game at age 16 in the Unionville arena, and Miss Peare lived in Unionville. My third goal of the hat-trick game pointed to Lin Wood as the one who took the slap shot from the blue line, the shot that I deflected into the net through my Trump-pointing legs (Leggs almost have the Trump Coat). The slap shot was from the defenseman, or DEFENDer, and "Defend" is the motto of Scottish Woods, you see. Woods were first found in Leicester, location of the LEGro river to which I trace Leghs (Cheshire, same as Savage's in the Wood Crest). Lins are listed with Line's, and the shot was from the BLUE LINE. Blue's could be a branch of Blows/Blowers as a pointer to Wood's whistle-blower under discussion. The hat-trick like Hatricks/Ettrick share the lion of Edrichs/Edricks in the motto of Powells, and Lin Wood has been close to Sidney Powell.

Repeat: "The WAIST-pull with Peare pointed to Jovan Pulitzer of Arizona / Phoenix, yet Waistells are like "Whistle," and the blue doves of Waistells are shared by George's, first found in Wiltshire (beside Bath) with the Edrichs/Edricks in the Powell motto." I can now link Edrychs to George's because the latter were from George of Hungary, father of Drummonds who had a Mary in their family traceable to Marys sharing the Edrych / Hatrick/Ettrick lion. Drummonds to Marys was a full-proof trace, and, as I said, Mary Nigro of BUTTONville, my friend at the time, was watching the hat-trick game. Wiltshire is beside Bath, and Buttons are said to have been at Bath! See? Intelligent Design.

German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with shoe-using Trips, and while English Shoes use the "scaling ladder," the ladder of Scalia's, we're back to the Scalia's having variations like Shoe variations. The Schals/Shalls have a version of the Bute/Butt/BOET Coat, explaining why Schals/Shalls were first found in Rhineland with Salome's, for they were from Salome BOETHus the Sadducee who married a Herod. The Schals/Shalls and Bute/Butts/Boets share the Button/Biden fesse, you see, and I can trace even this to the Drummonds where the fish of Bute's/Butts/Boets is the GEDDES fish. Drummonds were first found near the first-known Geddes'. Note that the blue roundels of Schals/Shalls are called, "hurts," for Hurts/Horts are like "Herod."

George's wife got suspect with AGATHa of Podebrady, mother of queen Margaret, explaining why the first Drummond (George's son) married Margaret's sister-in-law. The Agatha-like Gaths have triple lions in pale in the colors of the Mary / Edrych / Hatrick lion, and Geddes' seem to apply to "Gath." The Gettes'/Jette's share a blue saltire with Malcolms/Columns, and the first Drummond married the sister of king Malcolm III. Gath's share the blue fitchee of Mea's/Meigh's who in turn share the Bath cross. Buttons were in Bath. The triple-Gath lions are in the colors and format of the triple swords of Shots/Shoots (kin of Calls), first found in Wiltshire with Calls (TRUMPets), George's, and Edrychs.

Gath's share the blue fitchee of Mea's/Meigh's who in turn share the bath cross having the Mar lion. Earls of Mary-like Mar were at KilDRUMMY. See? The Bath cross is shared by Randolphs (BAT), first found at Moray, near KilDrummy castle.


Here's an idiot, Ben Stein, afraid to say what needs to be said. he was very sick from the vaccine, but instead of telling everyone not to take it, he says only to get ready because it could hit you hard:

Imagine if Ben Stein was a weaker person or older? It could have killed the person. If the goons are packing bad vaccines for their political enemies, do you think it's time yet to ask how many vaccine deaths / illness are pro-Trumpers versus anti-Trumpers? When's Trump taking his shot???

Here's a euthanasia project where the leader (Cuomo) was so sloppy in his thinking himself so-smart that he let his program be known to all:

Here's evidence of a euthanasia program in Norway, and the reported numbers of the dead may be much on the low side:

Don't be fooled by the small fraction of instant deaths from those who take the "vaccine," because the vast majority of physical and/or mental problems will come months afterward, when it will be difficult to prove that the vaccine is the cause. Probably, more old people will die from the vaccine than from COVID in Norway. That's probably because there is no COVID. I am sure, now, that they are fooling us into thinking that the regular flu is COVID. It's all in the slight-of-positive-testing. Once a person tests positive, nobody checks to see if they really have a COVID virus. It's merely assumed, because the freaks who brought us this scheme had all their medical ducks in a row before they unleashed it. It was a control-job over the upper levels of the medical establishments, and they force the hands of lower levels.

When Jesus warned about not being worldly, I think he meant don't be popular. Don't join the popular movements. Don't be "mod," as in going with the popular flow, for wide is the road to destruction because "popular" means "the mainline," "the many." Become a happy nobody today.

Here's potential breast problems for ladies taking COVID vaccines:

Few updates ago, it occurred to me that the breast symbols I was engaging could be a pointer to breast problems from vaccines. I don't remember the details at all on why that came to mind, my I am sure that Mamie's breasts were a part of it, as per "mam" = "breast." Well, after seeing in the video above that some women are getting "lumps," a Lump surname was found listed with Lambie's/L'AMY. It shares a horizontal CROZIER in Crest with BRACEbridge's, and Mamie happened to point to Brace's/Bras' because we emBRACEd in a lake while WADing in it while the Lake Coat is a reflection of the Brace/BRAS Coat. The Wade's have a version of a Crozier Coat.

The L'Amy variation suggested a look at Amys, who happen to share a single so-called "pile" in white with Nodes. I think that's just remarkable because the video begins with talk on cancerous nodes. The Cancer constellation was framed as a crab, and while Bridge's use crabs, BraceBRIDGE's may have formed from a Brace-Bridge marriage.

Let me repeat that Mamie and I were Wading (not swimming) in a lake when at a CAMP site, for Dutch Camps share the eagle head of Lums/Lumbs, who share the crozier with Lumps/Lambie's/L'Amys. The latter share the motto of Caseys who in turn have the Lum/Lumb eagles in colors reversed. That's remarkable yet again, but then the Nodes happen to share the black trefoils with English CHAMPions. Camps are also Champs. What are the chances? The Nodes "are believed to be descended from the Domesday Book holder of the village of CAMPsall," what are the chances?

We were at a camp site, and while Camps share the griffin heads of GARDENers, lake Garda is at BREScia/BRIXia while BRIX's are also BRESTs. As said a million times, the same day that we waded in the lake, Mamie with the large breasts got a thigh symbol at her GARDEN. Nipple-like Naples is in Campania. Teats share the saltire of Belgian Champions. Amazing, is it not? Much of this material is new to me here because I've never stressed breast themes before, yet this heraldry is all tied up with my being at a camp site with mammalia-like Mamie. Teats share the red and blank Chief of Mens'/MAME's, what are the chances?

Note the Bra-like variation of Brace's/Bras', for Bra is a location in Piedmont with Susa, and the latter can be in the "caSUS" motto term of Lumps/Lambie's and Caseys. Lumps/L'Amys also use "Per," and Pero's were first found in Piedmont too along with their Dance/Donnas kin from king Donnus of Susa. German Camps use a DANCEtt. Vestalis was Donnus' grandson, and we were wading in the lake about WAIST deep while "Vestalis" is suspect with "WAISTells." The Wests use another dancette.

Bracebridge's were first found in Lincolnshire with Crozier-branch Cross'/Croce's. The latter share the quadrants of the Bee's/Beas' expected in the "Be as" motto phrase of Bracebridge's. Bees are used by Bie's/Boys, first found in Berwickshire with the griffin-using WILLs/VELIS', who in turn have most of the Bracebridge motto, "Be as God WILLs." Griffins use a "Ne vile VELIS" motto while Phone's/Fane's/VEYNES' use "NE VILE fano." The Bee's/Beas' share the fleur-de-lys of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. The latter could have been a branch of Phone's/Fane's/Veynes, you see, a branch Wayne's who in turn share "casus" with Caseys. Veynes' and Wayne's use gauntlets, and "gaunt" means "sickly." Don't get a needle into your veynes, or you can become gaunt. It's your risk.

Earlier in this update, it was shown why Wayne's were round-about Dole / Dol kin, and here it's interesting that Dole's were first found in CamBRIDGEshire with the BRIDGE-related Crabs sharing the Dole fleur-de-lys. Are Bridge's the makings of "BraceBRIDGE"? Bridge-like Bride's share the stars of French Alans.

The Bracebridge-beloved Crozier's share the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne while Scottish Champagne's (like "Champion") share the vaired Shield of Bracebridge's. Believe it or not, MUMmolin ruled in Chalons-en-Champagne. He was descended from Rusticus of Auvergne, where French Crozier's were first found who have a cross in the colors of the saltire cross of crozier-using Lumps/Lambie's. Croze's/Crozier's, with almost the Coat of Italian Ferrands, were likewise first found in Auvergne. Spanish Campo's share the tower of Howells while the Owls/Howls are in the Chief of French Campons/DesChamps/Champs, and the point is: Spanish Campo's share the Auvergne tower.

Want to see more "Mum"? It's in two motto terms of Kerrick-like Kirks who share the gold crozier with Lumps/L'Amys and Lums/Lumbs (it indicates that Mummolin was a line to Kirks). While German Biens use bees, Scottish Kerricks/Carricks have a "Garde bien" motto that's linkable to Mamie at her garden on the same day we embraced in the lake as a pointer to Bee-loving Bracebridge's. English Kerricks, believe it or not, share the white-on-black, single pile with Nodes, so incredible, and the same single pile is used also by Dirletons, first found in East Lothian with Faucets and Vaux's! INCREDIBLE. KIRKlands use a Faucet-like "FACTa" motto term, clinching Kerricks as Kirk liners, apparently. The gold Kirkland border is owned by Justine lines to Wings/Winks having another single pile (in red).

Haliburtons (East Lothian), said to have married Vaux's, were at Dirleton, and the Dirleton chevron is even that of Vaux-like Vychan/Vaughns! ZIKERS. They are in English Faux colors, and while Faux's show nothing but a giant mascle, Haliburtons use mascles too.

OH WOW, the Haliburton mascles are those of Seneca's, evoking the AstraZENECA vaccines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bois', like the Boy variation of Bee's, were barons of HALBERTON!!! It appears that COVID scheming / vaccination poisoning is pointing to the Bush-Cheney goons! Halbertons share the black Bush boar. The wavy Haliburton bend is like the wavy fesse, in the same colors, of Fix's/Ficks, and then "astra" is a motto term of Fiscs/Fisks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we believe it? The last time I saw Mamie, I drove her on a date with my TAXi to the restaurant of Mr. Fix! Tax's/Dacks share white, crossed swords of Fix- / Fisk-connectable Feschs, believe it or not.

[Insert -- The day after writing here, I checked the other surname with a "Facta" motto term, which is the Yards of Chudleigh, and after loading Chudleigh's of TEIGNbridge, Teigns/Trails (Feller kin) were loaded to find the Seneca / Haliburton mascles once again!!! It wouldn't be a full-proof pointer had not Faucet-like "Facta" started it all. Yards share the "water BOUGet" with Bugs, and we could say that they have unleashed a bug upon us. The "sequor" motto term (of Haliburtons) can be for the line that named Secords/SICCO's. If Haliburtons were formed of a Hull-Burton marriage, note that while Hulls are in Vychan/Vaughn colors and format, the latter were first found in Shropshire with Talbots and Burtons, the latter share talbot heads (different colors) with Hulls. That works. Halls (share Hall talbot heads) were first found in Lincolnshire with TailBOYS/TailBOIS', and it was Bois' who were at Halberton, perfect for pointing to a Bush-Cheney relationship in what is otherwise a vaccine-poison discussion. But why them?

By the way, Poissons share the scallops of Bardys, the latter first found in Perigord with Fauchys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are also the scallops of Daggers, the latter first found in Cumberland with SICHs!!! They are also the scallops of the English Jacks (Yorkshire, same as Hulls, and then Scottish Jacks use holly while Hollys not only share the dog of Hulls/Hole's and Halls/Hole's, but a white dolphin with Poissons! English Jacks may have been related to Feets/Fate's suspect in the Cheney motto. The Joke's (Bois / Cheney colors) have a black-fesse version of the English Jack Coat, and Joke's thus look like kin of Bush's (Yorkshire, same as Jacks)!!! ZOWIE.

This recalls the dream with Paul Smith from Vaughn county following a SICK stag while he was in crutches. They were coming up my driveway, and Drive's/Drove's/Drave's share the quadrants of Kills, in colors reversed from the quadrants of Bengs suspect in the "Benigno" motto term of Smiths. The latter use a heron while Herons named Le Heron in the arrondissement of Rouen, and this gets amazing because Rouens have the nine Seneca mascles, though upon a red Shield in both colors of the seven Quince/Quincy mascles. Sear de Quincy is in the Faucet write-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thus, Paul Smith of FAUCet-like VAUGHN just brought us to Faucet elements via what looks like a major pointer to AstraZeneca! Again, Smiths are in VYCHan/Vaughn colors and format. You can check my files with " "paul smith" tribwatch " to see that the crutches dream was way before COVID was a topic.

Smiths were first found in Durham with Rouen-like Ruins/Rowans. End insert]

The Kirks share the thistle with Fauci-like Fauchs, the latter being like the Fauchys first found in PeriGORD with French Faux's/Fage's. The Gords appear to be a branch of Gowrie's/Gorys, pertinent because Haliburtons descended to the earl of Gowrie. Haliburtons were strong in Berwickshire, where Gords were first found.

This all recalls that my heraldic investigations into COVID / vaccine themes rocketed with Farrah FAWCett (of the FAUCet bloodline) on the morning I saw her in a snap vision (1979), seconds or minutes before I heard the voice of God tell me to write a NOTE, saying I would have a quarrel with Steve Melanson that night, and as it turned out, Melansons share the Note/Cnut crescent. You can find the Note/Cnut discussions starting in the 4th update of this past January, and carrying into the February updates. The point is, compare the NOTES variation of Note's/Cnuts with Nodes'/Node's. That's amazing. It appears that God arranged heraldry to warn about vaccines, for Farrah Fawcett (died of cancer) was sick in my vision with mental ailment.

As I've said several times, Mr. Fix must have quit the restaurant because I saw him a few years later working at a LADA dealer. This is incredible, for in my discussions on Farrah Fawcett, it moved us compellingly to Charlie's Angels, where Farrah Fawcett starred...but now I can add that Cheryl LADD!!!! Didn't she replace Farrah Fawcett on that show? Yes, she did.

The Sleeping-Beauty dream took place days before the Farrah-Faucet vision, and aside from Hicks, she was played also by AINSLEY Earhardt, or so I've argued for several reasons. Ms. Earhardt's working with Fox news points to Epstein victims that I suspect at upper levels of Fox news. I began to frown on Earhardt because Fox's pro-vaccine push seem to be looked after by her, as though she's been made responsible for the push. The owner of Fox has financial vaccine interests. One point here is that the Dirleton Coat is a different-colors version of the Country Coat, and Countrys are in the Ainsley motto. On top of this, Cindy at second base pointed to pedophiles, and Cindys are also CUNTys, like the Cuntry variation of Countrys . The latter are in the colors of Courts/Coverts (Sussex, beside Countrys) having a "GrandesCUNT" motto term.

As Courts/Coverts are said to have been associated with / related to BRAIose/Briouze, DIRLEtons may have been a branch of Tirels/Tyrells, for the latter have a Coat colors reversed from the Braswell/Bracewell Coat while the latter's girdle is suspect with Girtle's/CURTlers. That looks good, especially as there is an English Curtler/COURTler surname first found in Essex with Tirels/Tyrells. If DARLEene's / Darlingtons apply, it's very notable that they share the drop-filled Shield of Nodes-like NOTES'/Cnuts, for while Nodes' (share Dirleton pile) came to topic with breast cancer possibilities from vaccines, we are on what look like Bra liners in this paragraph. Brays/Brae's were even first found in Northamptonshire with KIRKfields/Cherchfields and Face's.

Repeat: "KIRKlands use a Faucet-like "FACTa" motto term, clinching Kerricks as Kirk liners, apparently. The gold Kirkland border is owned by Justine lines to Wings/Winks having another single pile (in red)." The Kirkfields/CHERCHfields thus evoke Lorraine living on Church street and her FINCH subway station, for Finch's/VINCE's are probably a Wing/Wink branch. I had pulled Cheneys off of the chain on the Church greyhound, but that was BEFORE finding Haliburtons squarely involved with this very discussion. However, the Finch topic pointed to Mark Finchem / election fraud, not to vaccine poisons. Yet some say that the COVID scheme is step one of a globalist takeover to form a new world order, and we may see that voting machines are a part of it, having started under the Bush-Cheney administration to cheat in foreign elections. Vaux's are ValliBUS' too, and Velis'/Vale's/Valleys (Northumberland, same as Greys, and beside English Vaux's/Vallibus') use a Dominion-like motto term ("Domine"). Interesting.

The "In te" motto phrase of Velis'/Valleys is shared by SAVa's/Savage's, suspect at SAVIGliano, smack beside Bra, and SAWyers use a "CHERCHES" motto term. Sawyers were first found in Norfolk with Bus', suspect in "ValliBUS," and then Hamiltons, who have a saw in a TREE, share the ermined Bus cinquefoil. Tree's/True's/Trows (share black greyhounds with Church's) must be in the "TROUveras" motto term of Sawyers. See how heraldry works, so easy, a child's game, but most family historians are ignoring this "science." Church's are in BUSH colors and format.

The dog head in the Church Crest, actually, doesn't look like a greyhound, but it's the same dog head in the Schutz Crest, collar and chain included there too, and the latter's is called a greyhound (I had read the description). A Mr. Skeetz commented to me that it could be partially a talbot dog...for a Talbot-related reason, and it just so happens that, since speaking with him, I realized that a Talbot Coat is the Grey Coat in colors reversed.

Back to Rusticus of Clermont-FERRAND, whose wife was Tullia, the line to Tulls/Tolle's because they share the checkered Shield of Italian Ferrands. These checks, I have only-now found, are in use with Mumms/Mums. Plus, more new, that while I trace "Bra" to Brays/Brae's, the Mowbrays of MontBrai come up as "Mummy"! What are the chances? "Mom / mommy" is named after breasts, right? It looks like Mamie really was down to her bra (or worse) when she was with Barry.

One son of Mummolin, BODEgisel, can be to Boyds who share the checkered fesse of Mumms/Mums. Mummolin's other son, Babon, suggests Babons/Bavents because they share the boar head of Gardens/Jardens (Mum-like Mamie was at the garden), and then their Jardin branch gets us the Teat Coat again with the Mens/Mame Chief, we may assume. Boyds (share checkered fesse of Alan-line Stewarts) were kin of the Dol Alans, and the Jarrets sharing the Garden / Babon boar head were first found in Dol. It explains why Babons share two of the Alan fesses. English Jarrets were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans and the vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns.

I'd like to go back to the first of three events I remember on the night Mamie became my lady. I arrived to the camp site, asking where Barry was, and someone promptly reached over to open the HATCH of a pick-up truck, exposing Mamie sitting at the far end looking straight toward me, and Barry is a sitting or even in a partial-lying position beside her. Mamie was then in the act of putting a piece of clothing on (that I did not focus on to see) over her head, as one puts on a top. It was too dark to tell whether she was bare-breasted and slipping on a bra (I don't know if ladies slip bras on over their heads), or bare-breasted and slipping on a top, or with a bra on and slipping her top back on, or with a bathing suit and slipping on a top. The good news is that the unknown in that event allows me to say that God may have arranged the event to point to Bra liners, but at the same time to point to a law suit because she could have had her bathing suit on. She may have been swimming earlier in the day. She was in that swim suit the next morning with me.

The reason that the bra is important is that Hatch's show the passant lion of BRAzile's/Brasells. Neither Coat shows anything else. I had only seen Mamie once before, at her party a few weeks earlier. I don't remember talking to her that night; all I remember is our doing a slow dance in her living room. I remember absolutely nothing else with her that evening. I've told this many times before, but, NOW, it just so happens that Italian Dance's come up as "Donna." Donna Brazile!!! Wow! She's liberal scum, demonic, with a false tongue, a cheat. Her Wikipedia article says (or said) she descended from Braswells, and the latter have double chevrons in the colors of the double fesses of Dons ("dona" motto term). Bra is in Piedmont, where Dance's/Donna's were first found. This makes Barry look like a pointer to Barry Soetoro, Obama's old name, in cahoots with Donna Brazile for some reason.

By now you know that Mamie had a breast symbol, and while Brix's/Brests are also Bris', what are the chances that English Lease's/Leasons have a "teneBRIS" motto term? Donna LEASE Brazile! That's her full name! The three Brix/Brest lozenges are colors reversed with Lews'/LOUIS', and neither Coat shows anything else, wherefore Lease's/Leasons may have been a branch of Lawsons ("reLUIS"), and from that Laws may have formed, the latter first found in Northumberland with Lease's/Leasons. That's interesting in case Mamie points to a law suit involving Brazile. Lews/Louis' were first found in Lorraine, and this sight of Mamie in the back of the pick-up was as near as a week or two from the time I bumped into Lorraine at the Finch station.

We danced in Mamie's LIVING room while she was throwing a party, and Partys share the checks of Pavia-like Pavers (Yorkshire, same as Lawsons and Braswells/Bracewells) while Laevi co-founded Pavia. Unbelievably, the Partys even throw in the three Brix/Brest lozenges in colors reversed! They are the Lews/Louis lozenges though not arranged in the same pattern. Livings/Levins were first found beside Northumberland. And Leason-like Lawsons (share Biden chapeau) even have a "LEVE et reLUIS" motto. That's simply amazing in parts, and dizzying in other parts.

Having said that, WOW, it's all coming together because Scottish Pike's/PICKs share the pierced stars of Laws!!! Mamie, the pointer now to Brazile, was in the hatch of a PICK-up!!! We can even link this pick-up to Peare's bathing-suit PICTure because Peare's (as Pero's) were at Pavia too! It never ends. The Laws must have been Laevi of Pavia, and as Laws share the Coat of Salome's, suspect as sharing the ancestry of Boethus-like Butts/Boets, that's probably why Lawsons share the chapeau of BUTTons/Bidens. There is a so-called "girdle" in the Braswell/Bracewell Crest, and Girtle's were first found in Rhineland with Salome's (and Schutz's), another reason to see Lease's/Leasons as Law liners. Donna Lease Brazile!

Lookie: Girtle's include CURTlers, in Curtis colors, and this could indicate same-colored COURT/Coverts, you see, who have six pale bars almost those of English Lise's/Liss'. Then, French Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with Lys'/LISE's, and Scottish Lease's are listed with Lise's too. It appears that we should expect a laws suit involving Donna Brazile. Curtis' come up as "COURTis," and use a dancette in Dance/Donna colors.

The use of Bra by God, ever since I was nine years old, is conspicuous where Pelosi's were first found at Savigliano, a dog's walk from Bra. The amazing this now is that "Pelosi" is like "Pillows," and Plows are a branch of Curtis'/Courtis' (farmer with plow or plowshare "over the shoulder"). Pillows' (same blue-gold colors again) are listed with Pilotte's (Lincolnshire, same as Brace's/Bras'), and Pelosi's are also Pilati's. It is amazing, is it not?

I am sure that the death of Seth Rich involved was Jack SAVE, the chief physician attending his hospital case, and we even heard that Donna Brazile arrived to that hospital before Rich got there, as though anticipating his arrival after receiving two bullets on the street, or so the story goes. She then wrote a book on a false narrative having to do with Seth Rich, and Democrats put her in charge of the DNC shortly after Seth's murder. The Seth/SHAW surname shares the Pillows/Pilotte cups, and Shaw-like Sava's are listed with Savage's suspect with "SAVIGliano." It appears that, in this heraldry, God is fingering Jack Sava (his wife, Lisa, was a lobbyist for Uranium One), Brazile and Pelosi.

Oh wow, the Means in the Seth/Shaw motto use a dancette consisting of the six pale bars of English Lise's/Liss' and Lizarts!!! I wonder if the Lizard Squad had Seth shot. Lise's/Liss' (same place as buttons/Bidens) are suspect with the Button/Biden fesse.

Irish Means/MEEhans/MEIGHans look like a Mea/Mee/Meigh branch because the former share the Montfort lion. Montfort is near the Meu river, and yet there is a Monforte locality smack beside Bra! Montforts and Wells both have two-tailed lions, and "I mean well" is the Seth/Shaw motto. There is a Roddino location beside Monforte, and Roddin are listed with Rodhams.

For the past few weeks, I've noticed that all the maps I've used from Wikipedia coordinates do not any longer have a tool to measure distances on the maps, which I half expect because the powers do not want people to become educators, because the powers, rotten, wish to control all education. Google, for one, has become a detestable education-killing service, step-by-step, for years. People despise trying to do any research on google now, and so this diabolical organization is plunging the world into darkness on this front too.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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