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February 23 - 28, 2021

Killing of Scalia Back in the News from Lin Wood
The Spider and the Flynn Dream
Big Kim-Thomson Surprise: Points Heavily to Phoenix Voting Booths

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Well here is some serious sickness: "The Supreme Court has rejected three GOP elections-related lawsuits regarding the state of Pennsylvania. In a six-to-three decision Monday, the court refused to hear a case challenging a three-day extension of the deadline to receive mail-in ballots in the state. Justices John Roberts, Amy Comey Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh sided with their liberal colleagues while Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch dissented" (OANN). The only good news is that we now know which of Trump-chosen judges are the traitors to the country's law-abiding citizens. There's no excuse, because everyone has the right to be heard in a court, and the lower courts refused to listen to the people on an gravely-important, criminal-laden issue. SCOTUS is a corrupt organ of some cancerous, invisible cabal. The lawless evil behind this system is now unbelievable to normal people. It has been exposed, Christians have seen who know Justice. A child knows this is injustice from the top court. Here's the first video I've come across on this horrible decision:

Here's a treatment on justice Thomas' comments on the decision:

Is it possible that Coney-Barrett and Kavanaugh did the vatican's will in opposition to Trump? The possibility that Coney-Barrett was pointed to by the touch-bra event should be put together with the white-rabbit under my feet at the time. As I am absolutely certain that this white rabbit pertains to pedophilia, can't that point to vatican pedophiles? Pence was a catholic who supposedly became an evangelical (could be part of his political facade). Comey-Barrett is a charismatic catholic. Is there some similarity there between the two, diabolical hypocrites? Yes, I'm saying that Coney Barrett is, if she made her vote totally of her own accord, is diabolical to let slide obvious election cheating. Nothing could reveal her more as the antithesis of a judge. Special places in Hell were made for judges like this. God is Just, and judges on earth must judge justly. This is an open-shut case, the people treated unjustly by satanic mobsters, and Coney-Barrett took their side.

Trump got burned by shunning non-catholic Christians from the top court, which is the only thing that makes me happy about this poor decision. I am happier the more this hurts Trump. He is a fake, using the Christian vote for his own purposes but denying them a seat on SCOTUS. He could have relied without doubt on Christian picks for the top court. Now he's been burned by his own catholic picks. I'M HAPPY about that. I'm not happy for the country, however.

The following is a must-see for people wanting the COVID "vaccine," and for ignorant Fox contributors such as Ainsley Earhardt, Mike Huckabee, and Ben Shapiro. Ask why these people are not reporting what you see in the following video, including the warning from even the experts not to have unprotected sex for a month after receiving the vaccine, because there's a chance for birth defects. Who in their right mind would want the vaccine on that one piece of news alone? This is not a normal vaccine; it should not be called a vaccine at all. If they force it upon us, it's for one diabolical, inhuman reason alone: to do many people harm which they have not been told about:

If you are a Christian wondering why we are losing in this world, and have been slipping down for as many as 100 years, little-by-little, it's not because our messages and ways of life are not as good as the ditto of our unbelieving counterparts. It's because they stole the educational channels with a mind to block our messages, our education, from the masses. They've been cheating from the start, little-by-little seizing the media, and not only have they been stopping of our voices, but, exclusively having the megaphones due to their lust for power, they have been maligning us unrightly. Now, after having pushed us to an insignificant corner of society, they want to harm us because they realize that our messages can ruin all they've worked for. They are censoring us badly because they saw, once Internet channels gave us a voice, that we would ruin their evolutionism, the heart of their anti-Christ program, as well as call people to a better lifestyle than the sin our enemies have fomented. They saw that we were exposing their lying ways in every way, and they decided they had to stop us at the cost of exposing their own weak knees. Scum has no legs, and they are fast becoming scum, the residue after their entire bodies succumb to rot.

Even aside from God's hand working on our behalf, the world will come to agree that our activist enemies are the destroyers of the planet. You see, God is letting the evil advance. His hand is mainly removed, that the angels might witness those unworthy to rule the planet. Hang in there, suffer momentarily, and keep your crown with you, so to speak. Whoever overcomes in Jesus will get a crown, so to speak (not a literal crown of metal).

The following from Tru News (Christian org) is the best presentation of Lin Wood's material I have seen, things that should be on mainline news shows but are not. Good questions are asked where the questions themselves serve as evidence that Wood is telling the truth as far as he knows. He has stated that he believes the whistle-blower that he's counting on, but he has more. He claims to possess videos of heinous crimes involving children, and that chief-justice Roberts has killed children on camera in order to be blackmail-able in order to enter a power structure overseen by an Intelligence agency(s). It sounds like some kind of a wacko hoax on Christians, and yet this brings Scalia's murder back up from the grave, a thing I cannot ignore, because I've been claiming for a couple of years that God is pointing to his murder. This video gets into Scalia's murder too. The video is over an hour, but I watched it all, here it is from youtube in case you need low quality, but as that could get deleted, it's also below at nasty bitchute (I despise bitchute's channels for the most part), or if you would like the best quality, see the Tru-News link a little further down. After watching, come on back to my page for excellent heraldic pointers / revelations / predictions on this topic:

The Lizard Squad

In the video above, we learn of Lin Wood's claims that one of the Intelligence groups who blackmail political men and other elites is called, "Lizard Squad." The Lizarts/ Sarde's were therefore loaded, which I'm very familiar with. They happen to use three pale bars almost like the three-and-three of Lists and Lise's. It recalls the SALESMAN of a fake retail store, in my dream, who handed me a LIST, upon which I pointed to a yellow mattress that, at the end of the dream, had kids jumping on it. This mattress dream was touched on in my last update (link at top of this page). The Salesman surname is important because Sales' (Cheshire, same as Huberts) are in Hubert colors and format, and the Order of Saint Hubertus is in the video. The men speaking, who I think do a great job with their reasoning, suggest that John B. Poindexter's ranch is perhaps a criminal haven for this group. (Load Lizart link now to open a new tab for seeing other Coats of Arms, to follow much better.)

The Sarde variation of Lizarts is extremely important partly because Shirts/SHARDs, first found in Cheshire too, were in my 1979 dream with Sleeping Beauty, the setting of which is on Jeffrey Epstein's island. The video touches upon Jeffrey Epstein too, suggesting a connection between his remote ranch in New Mexico (perfect for killing people) and the not-too-far-off ranch of Poindexter in Western Texas. In the Sleeping-Beauty dream, I saw myself walking on the beach without a shirt (just me jean pants), which I take to be a pointer to the Shirt/Shard surname for some reason, and so it's now suspect with Lizard Squad.

I learned, in the video, that the Hubertus cult is related to the Bohemian Grove (though I don't remember how that was framed). You will be amazed by the heraldry this leads to. I'll start by addressing the giant stag head at the start of this Tru News video, which appears before clicking to begin the video. I don't see this logo at the Tru News home page, and so I assume it's the logo of the International Order of Saint Hubertus (not to be confused with a non-International Order of Saint Hubertus. Poindexter is of the international one), for that Order does use a stag as it's symbol. Do not download these videos or you can be flagged by the enemy (they spider-out all contents on all computers).

The stag head at the start of the video has a cross between the antlers, which is the symbol of Eustace's / Stace's and Stacey-like Staggs/Stage's (but see also Vise's/Vice's). The cross style in the video's logo is the same one used by Eustace's and Vise's/Vice's. This is the line of Eustace II of Boulogne, and it just so happens that the Arms of Boulogne share red roundels with Shirts/Shards.

Next, we go to the end of my sleeping-bag dream. The sleeping bag itself had pointed to Scalia's murder (as I've mentioned a million times), but we can now address the final scene of this dream, Miss Peare and I on a STAGE, which had pointed without doubt to Stage's/Stags!!! The thing is, it had pointed also to WAISTells (because I was pulling Miss Peare toward me by her waist while on this stage), who happen to share blue-on-white doves with English George's, that being the line from George, son of Hungarian king Andrew I! George's wife was from Podebrady of Bohemia!!! The Hungarians have a mythical stag in their ancestry!!! I now have cause to believe that Bohemian Grove (satanic cult of American elite, mainly Republicans) was created by the bloodline of this George of Hungary.

King Bela, Andrew's brother, became suspect with the "BELLO CHRISTi" motto phrase of Bouillons, and Miss Peare's belly symbol pointed to this without doubt, partly because she is CHRISTine. Godfrey de Bouillon was the son of Eustace II, you see. So, yes, it seems that Republicans of the Bohemian Grove are in some cahoots with the Hubertus Order.

I now take us to another of my dreams elaborated upon several times, where an old friend, Joe Oullette, asked me to get a container, and after getting it for him, I went to return it where I had picked it up, beside a house, when a man happened to be there sitting on a lawn chair in winter, having big-round glasses / eyes. I was able to glean that this was a pointer to the OWL as per "OULlette," and can now add that the owl, called Moloch, is the god of the Bohemian Grove!!! They sacrifice people before this owl god, and ancient Moloch was a human-sacrifice cult, you see. After realizing the similarity between "owl" and the first term in "Oullette," I recalled that Joe Oullette would himself wear the big-round sunglasses, and my most vivid memory of such an occasion was when we were at Wasaga BEACH, in case this applies. I recall focusing on those big-loony-looking sunglasses that day.

The LAWN chair gets interesting because the Loans/Lane's/Lawns share the Robert lion, a potential pointer to judge Roberts. Lin Wood tells that Roberts at-least knew of Scalia's killing before it took place, and at-least gave it the nod.

Plus, I can now fathom why it was Joe's brother who blurted, "what a BABE," when he saw my new girlfriend, Lorraine. It seems that God wants to link the Babe's to the Bohemian owl, in other words, because Mr. Oullette was used for this event. The Babe's were first found in Dorset with George's because Babels/Babwells use the "gold gate" in the Arms of Podebrady!!!! In BOHEMIA!!!! The triple-black fesses above the gold gate, in the Arms of Podebrady, are those of Babe-related and Beach-like Beaks!!! I was without my shirt on the Epstein's beach! Oullette's SUNglasses were burned into my memory at Wasaga BEACH!!! The Babe's and Beaks (both first found in Dorset) both use the sun!!!! The triple-Beak fesses are wavy, as are the triple fesse of Drummonds, and the first Drummond was the son of George of Hungary!!! Heraldry well proves that he did marry a woman from Podebrady, as a few articles state.

WOW!!! As per Bohemian GROVE, Grove's (Somerset, beside Babe's) love the Ny's/Nie's twice in their motto, and Ny's/Nie's have the Babe Coat minus the Beak leopard face!!! INCREDIBLE.

Plus, as per the sunGLASSes, it just so happens that German Babe's/Babels share the mermaid with Glass' and Laps/LABBS', and Podebrady is on the LABE (Elbe) river. I'm so happy to finally decipher some extra things that were not deciphered until now. As per merMAID, it just so happens that while Owls/Howells look like a Howell branch, Howells were first found in Monmouthshire while MONmouths have a version of the MAID/Maud Coat (Drake colors). Owl-like OULlette's of Aulnay, using the Aulnay/OULnay lion, share the triple bars gemel of Maids. Aulnays were first found in Burgundy with Mars/MERE's/MORE's. MERmaid. The Oullette Crest is a MOOR cock.

Actually, just noticed that while Mars/Mers/More's were, for a decade or more said to be first from Burgundy, are now said to be first found in Normandy with Oullette's. Scottish Mars are expected from the Drummonds (i.e. Podebrady line), and share the Drop/Trope lion while George-connectable Waistells and Hawardens use drops. Hawardens essentially have the Hicken/Higgins Coat. Maids were at Hawarden of Flintshire. George's share the besants of Flint-connectable Flynns. The latter's wolf is expected from a blue one, and the Claptons have a part-blue wolf head, but part-gold too, looking like the gold Fleming wolf in this Flanders picture. Claptons (Cheshire, same as Maids) share the ermined WARD bend for a related reason, tending to explain the HaWARDen location of Maids. Yet was Wardens use pears likely for PERO liners, the latter were connected to the Laevi Gauls that likely explains why counts of Hainaut (had Mons as their capital) used the triple Levi chevrons. I trace the Flynn wolf to the blue one in the Arms of PLACEentia, and the Place's have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of the other Claptons.

As Pero's were first found in Piedmont with Domino's, it's important that Hickens/Higgins ("pro patria" links to Pero's in both terms) share the Domino tower. I'll be coming back to this for sure.

Mythical Melusine of DRAKENberg Vere's started out with a dragon/snake tail, but then became a mermaid, my theory being that her original line married Maids to create the mermaid. Maids were first found in Cheshire with Shirts/SHARDS, but had a place in neighboring Flintshire, traceable by the Fland variation of Flints/Flans to Flanders, Belgium.

I can trace MONmouth to Mons of Belgium (location of Gaunt) by way of the GAUNTlet gloves of Phone's/Fane's (first found in Monmouthshire), and then while Gaunt is also Ghent, English Ghents were first found in Hampshire with Drake's and Lizart-branch Liss', important as per the Lizard/Sarde write-up: "In 1552, Antoine Sardo became the Deputy of MONS at DRAGuignan. Antoine Sarde was a clerk and deputy of Mons at FAYENce and Tourettes..." Fayens are listed with Phones'/Fauns/Vaunce's (not Phone's/Fane's/Vans), sharing the Barr eagle.

Babe's share a finger POINTing to a GOLD sun with PodeBrady-liner Bradys (not all heraldic suns are gold, Dorsets have it in white), which may be the reason that I pointed to the product list having the yellow (goldish) mattress. Mattres'/MAISTRE's look like a branch of Masters, and the latter have gold griffin heads. The container I got for Joe Oullette, on a lawn, was square (a box), which is why I said the following in my 3rd update of February, 2020: "I'd like to go back to the Oullette dream, repeated below; note the SQUARE container because DANNYs/Dance's were first found in Wiltshire with BOX's, and they both have gold-on-blue griffins." Those are the colors of the master griffin heads, and Wiltshire is smack beside where Babe's were first found. The KIDs jumping on the yellow mattress.

One can readily see why Babe's are involved in these pointers, as an additional pointer to sick, deplorable pedophiles. Don't get desensitized, as satanists wish for us to get, but keep your senses by wishing pedophiles dead. Do not allow satanists to normalize these fiends the way they normalized disgusting faggots. Woe to those who sin against children, WOE. God will KILL and torment them PAINFULLY. The last time I saw Lorraine, she was carrying an infant CHILD, and the Childs happen to share the eagles of Lorraine's. As I've said a million times, Lorraine pointed to Barrs, and Bill Barr's father was the principle of a Dalton high school (has kids) when Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a teacher there.

I'll even repeat here that the second time I saw Mamie, she was in the hatch of a pick-up truck with BARRy. The Hatch's share the Brunswick Coat, and Barrs of Brunswick were the same Barrs who ruled Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine (France). The first time I saw Mamie was on my last night with Lorraine, when the latter's PANT stain pointed, with Pansys/PANTzers, to the Ducks (Westphalia, same as Pansys/Pantzers) that named Bar-le-Duc (use the pansy in its Arms). The Hatch's / Brunswicks share the Robert / Lawn lion.

After seeing Mamie inside the pick-up with Barry, I don't remember anything of that night until she came by and sat on my LAP (around the campfire), with the excuse that there was nowhere else to sit. The Laps/LABBs (Wiltshire, beside Babe's) are Podebrady liners, sharing the Babe/Babel mermaid. As I recall it, two of the Oullette's were there that night, Mike and Paul. Mike was the what-a-babe guy. It seems that God brought both Lorraine and Mamie into my life (both around 20 years old) as pointers to the pedophiles. Mamie pointed to Mens'/Mame's, first found in Midlothian with Brady-like Bradds and Sinclairs/SUNs.

Having said all that, let's go back to the Lizard Squad, for Lizarts/Sarde's (almost the Lise / List Coats) were a Lise / List branch, and the latter two have the same six pale bars as Babe's/Babwells. Is that not incredible?

Very-shortly after, or even before, Mamie sat on my lap, Mike Oullette was in a LEG cast. Leghs/Lighs/Leys share the giant Mons lion, recalling the Mons location of Lizarts/Sarde's. Mamie sat on my legs when she sat on my lap.

The Legh/Ligh/Lie lion is also the giant Rance/Rand lion, and the latter applies triple chevrons to the lion that are colors reversed from the triple chevrons that are the entire Epstein Coat. About the time my relationship with Mamie ended, in October, Mike Oullette, Charley and I were in the apartment of Paul Oullette. There was nobody else there, and this had been my home too since about the time I met Mamie. That night, I almost hurt Mike's leg in a cast (accidentally), but Mike was furious and did a serious bluff-KICK toward me, which is why I remember this cast, otherwise I would have forgotten because we were not close.

The Kicks/Kechs are interesting here for sharing three crescents on a bend (different colors) with Huberts, the latter first found in Cheshire with Leghs/Lighs/Leys, and the latter share a vertical and CUFFed sleeve with Huberts while Huberts are in the colors and format of CUFFEY/Cuff/Coughs, and then English Cuffs (Wiltshire) have yet another vertical, cuffed sleeve. The COFFEYs/Coffers love the VICTORia's/VECHters (pale bar on red), and the Vecks/Vesks (pale bar on red) can be in the "avec" motto term of Leghs/Lighs/Leys (probably the Maid and Monmouth lion). Coffeys/Coffers happen to share the dolphin (different color) with the James', but we might want to ask why the other English James use a motto, "VICTOR." What could it mean that James' are Cuff-linkable? Kick-like Chicks share the three James lions.

By the way, while Leghs/Lighs are suspect from Ligures, one Ligurian branch were the Sales-like Salyes, and another the sleeve-like Saluvii, explaining why the Sales and Cuff / Cuffey Coats are essentially the same. Salyes look like they were related to Saluzzo (interior Liguria), and the del-VASTo's of Saluzzo are expected to the Fists/Fausts in the fist of the Poindexter surname. The Salyes were on the Durance river flowing across Provence, where Lizarts/Sarde's were first found. As Lizarts/Sarde's were at Mons of Provence, it doesn't look coincidental that Mons'/Mounds share the giant Legh/Ligh lion.

Repeat" "'In 1552, Antoine Sardo became the Deputy of MONS at DRAGuignan. ANTOINE Sarde was a clerk and deputy of Mons at FAYENce and Tourettes...' Fayens are listed with Phones'/Fauns/Vaunce's, sharing the Barr eagle." It's also the Aquila eagle, and Aquila's are in the motto of Draguignan-like Drake's. Did God provide ANTOINE Sarde here to point to ANTONin Scalia's murder by the Lizard Squad? Manns (dragon) are in the colors and format of Dragons/Drainers (Minute kin), and Mannys were first found in Hainaut with another Mons location, perfect for linking the two Mons, and then the Phones-like Phone's were first found in MONmouth shire. While Monmouths have a version of the Maid Coat, Maids were at Hawarden (I'm guessing Ward-of-Clapton liner) while the Hawarden fesse is colors reversed from the Dragon/Drainer / Mann fesse. Maids are linkable to the triple-chevron Levi's of the Mons area because the triple fesses gemel of Maids are in the colors of the triple Manny chevrons.

Why do the Manns share three pellets on a fesse, all in the same colors, of Pence's? Why do Pense's (not "Pence") share the Aquila / Phones/Faun and Child eagles??? By the way, beware the "Christian" videos taking the Pence-thing too far ("news" of his murder of 51 children out this week) without showing evidence. This could be a tactic of the pedophiles themselves to make Christians push the absurd in order to discredit everyone who's striving to expose the pedophile "industry."

I see the triple Manny chevrons connectable to the three (different colors) of Bleds partly because Mon-like Emona is/was beside Bled, on the Sava river, where I trace Savage's/Sava's (Cheshire) in the Manner/Mans savage. I can't recall the details, but the line of queen Philippa in the Manny write-up was found linkable to a Bohemian noble (related to Wenceslaus') that got me to the Emona theater somehow. Habsburg rule reached to Belgium, which should explain why the Habsburgs/Hapsburgs share the Mons/Mound lion.

The current leader of the International Order of Saint Hubertus (lives/lived in Mexico, i.e. near Poindexter's ranch) is "Grand Master Istvan von HABSBURG-Lothringen." Lothringen is otherwise called, Lorraine, France. Are you seeing Childs and Babe's here? There was a House of Habsburg-Lorraine that had an emperor of Mexico in 1864, and, from earlier times, kings of Bohemia.

The Minute's use "OPEN helmets" to match the open Dragon/Drainer / Pendragon helmets, and this recalls (from the last update) that Hips' share the sphinx with OPENheimers. It just so happens that while I pulled Peare by her hips when pulling her by her waist, the Drago river (Sicily) has also been called the HYPSas!!! It's a river at ACRAGas, where I trace Craigs / Carricks, and while the Craig Coat is a crescent version of the Pence Coat, Craigs share the Hubert crescents.

Saluvii were possibly from the Selepitanoi namers of Salop. Saluvii-like Sullivans share the split Shield of Salop's Hunters/Hunts (and Mannys). The Order of Saint Hubertus is based on a hunter's theme. Selepitanoi lived in/beside Kotor, and Cottars use LIZARDs. SLEEPing Beauty pointed to SELEPitanoi (and Sleeps of Salop), and I saw her when walking on the beach without my shirt i.e. pointer to Shirts/SHARDs (Cheshire, same as Huberts, Sales', Leghs/Lighs), suspect with the Sarde variation of Lizarts! Bingo. It was the Cottar lizard that was the key to unraveling this latest part of the Sleeping-Beauty dream, and that lizard came to topic only due to Lizard Squad.

I didn't notice at first, after placing Mannys in the brackets beside HUNTs, that the latter look like "HAINAUT." The Mannys almost have the triple Levi chevrons that were used by counts of Hainaut, and the Ade's/Aids are in the Levi motto while Ada of Warenne married Henry HUNTINGdon! ZINGER, another new and important discovery. Lookie: Manny-like Manns and Scottish FENTons share "Per ardua," and while FENDers (Huntingdonshire) use an otter for the Others/Otters (Huntingdonshire), Scottish Fentons have the Ains/HAIN Coat in colors reversed! The latter were near Arras of Artois smack beside Mons. French Henne's/Henners (look like a Handle / Handel branch) were first found in Artois too, as were Lois' (ostrich) suspect with Luis of Ceva, mother of Alice of SALUZZo. Compare "Ceva" to such things as SALES-related "Cuffey." Mercedes'/Mercie's, first found in Artois, share the crescent of Coffers/Coffare's. Mercie's look like they were from the Marici, co-founders of Pavia with Laevi.

The Hubert sleeve is blue, as is the Cuffey sleeve, but the Cuffs use two, white bends on their blue sleeve, colors reversed from the three pale bars of Lizarts/Sarde's. It appears that this might nail the Order of Saint Hubertus to the Lizard Squad, though I'd like a better connection than double bends versus triple pale bars. Ceva is at the Cevetta river while Cavetts (Picardy, beside Artois) have four fesses in the colors of the three Lizart/Sarde pale bars. Artois is the location of Boulogne, the Arms of which shares the red roundels of Shirts/SHARDs.

The Kick/Kech crescents are in the colors of the Mellanson crescents, which recalls Charley (at the leg-kick event) being at Mellansons on the night "Farrah Fawcett" punched Barry on the lip. See the last few updates for Charley, Fawcett's man at the time, where I tell that he was a LOAN officer, which is when I found Loans listed with Lane's/LAWNs (Robert lion), the same surname pointed to by the man with owl-eyes sitting on a lawn chair, the man who pointed to owl-line Oullette's. Perhaps we have here a Kick-line connection to the Bohemian Grove, and so it can be added that Kick-like Chicks share the three lions of James', while Epstein's island is/was, Little Saint James. When I was on the beach of this island, I had no shirt, but I did have jeans on while Jeans look like a James branch.

Mike did a leg-kick toward me, and Leghs/Lighs/LIE's are in the "lie" motto term of Mackesys/Margesons, the motto that has "Loyalite" as a pointer to Loyola's/Lolita's and therefore to the Lolita Express (private plane) of Jeffrey Epstein. Now that it's stuck to my mind that Mellans have a blank, gold Chief, as I now see with Mackesys/Margesons, note the "Loyalite ME LIE" phase of that motto. Mellys/Malleys have the giant Bard boar in colors reversed, and as Bard share the green Leslie griffin, they are suspect from the Hungarian, BARTHolomew, founder of Leslie's, who came to Scotland with the first Drummond. Leslie's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Melly-like Mellansons, and the Milans/Millens (Aberdeenshire) share the lion of George's i.e. the Drummond line now suspect with the creators / namers of Bohemian Grove.

The Babe-related Ny's/Nie's (Grove motto) look like kin of Carrick-connectable Cars/Kerrs/CURRs, and "sucCURRere" is a motto term of Milans/Millens, suggesting MILetus of CARia for an origin of Milan liners. The Carricks are from MARGaret (or Marjory) Carrick, and as Carricks were first found in Ayrshire with MARGys/MACKEYs (these point to Epstein's hanging), they look like a branch of the Epstein-pointing Mackesys/MARGesons. Carrick-branch Craigie's (Ayrshire) share the Mellanson and Karen/Kern crescent.

A NEW THING: I was on Epstein's BEACH with just my jeans, and although I've pointed out several times that the Jean/J'Anes Crest shares the blue James lion, it's also in the Crest of Claverings!!! The latter were unfamiliar (or not very significant) to me until the last update, mentioned in conjunction with Claver-like Clappers, and while Clappers share the Beach Coat (not new), Claverings were looked up now only due to their sharing the quadrants of Spanish Jeans!!!! That's new. So, my jeans on the beach just pointed to what should be the Beach-related Clappers! JAMES Clapper was Obama's Intelligence chief, highly suspect in all sorts of corrupt operations that could easily tie to things-Epstein, Scalia's murder, Roberts, you name it. As I was in jeans without a shirt, I'll bet Clapper knows the Lizard Squad.

The other James' share the ostrich in Crest with Babe-related, Beach-like Beaks. Both James surnames were first found in Surrey with Clappers.

The likely reason that the Intelligence people rule much of America's money bags and government institutions, and much of the Western world, is that they know not God, and thus use tactics that Christians cannot, like killing and threatening and destroying and lying and cheating and making illegal money. With advantages like that, their power over us doesn't mean that they are better than us anymore than steaming crap is better than food. We are the food, they are the scum. We grow, they wilt. They pop up for a short time, then wilt. They are the clouds without rain, the fakes. They pretend to be good catholics / mormons / masons on the outside, nice and polished on the outside, but filthy with greed and murder on the inside, just like Mystery Babylon's golden cup.

As a young Christian at 23 years of age, I spent a weekend with Miss Peare (no sex) shortly before my first date with Lorraine the babe (no sex ever), and as Babe's / Beaks share the gold leopard face with Peare's, let's add that Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Cottars showing nothing but lizards. We saw Peare's waist (dream of a few years ago) pointing to the stag of Saint Hubertus.

Babels/Babwells / Liss'/ Lists share the six pale bars of Cams/Game's, the latter being the namers of Cambridge's Cam river, and Cambridgeshire is where Muscats are now said to have been first found. The latter were once said to have been first found in Suffolk with their Luff/Love kin, but now even the Luffs/Love's are no longer said to be first found there, but rather in Oxfordshire with Lizard-loving Cottars. You need to appreciate this because Suffolk is where Clare's were first found who share triple-red chevrons with Muscat-like Muschats and Epsteins, and Muschats were first found in Essex with Claverings. The latter share a blue lion in Crest with Samsons who in turn were first found in Gloucestershire with Cams/Game's and the Letts/Late's expected in the "letho" motto term of Samsons. Lets/Late's use "ORGAN pipes" wile Organs and their Corrigan branch us lizards, that's right.

The video above suggested that such things as Lizard Squad / Hubertus Order killed enemies on remote ranches. I now need to repeat that, upon my second visit to my Texas cottage, while driving in on the first day to secure a motel, I drove by the Teague ranch and saw an FBI crew on the side of the highway looking for the murdered and infamous atheist, Madalyn O'HAIR. I've always suspected that God set me up with that event because Mrs. Teague, who owned that ranch, was the person whose Texas property I had earlier purchased. As it turns out, Irish O'HARE's use another lizard, and Madalyn O'Hair was found buried a little later either on Teague's ranch, or the neighboring hunting ranch of Teague's brother (I heard the latter was true).

Well it just so happens that while Lizards/Sarde's look like a branch of Shirts/Shards, the latter were earls of HARborough, which looks like a HARcourt line because Harcourts, first found in Oxfordshire with lizard-using Cottars, share the peacock in Crest with Shirts/Shards. Can you believe this? It seems that God is pointing to certain killers with my no-shirt appearance on Epstein's island. Huberts share the Death and Morte crescents.

A comparison of the Harcourt Coat to the ones of English and Scottish Hair Coats will reveal that Hairs were a Harcourt branch. The "HosTIS HONori" motto phrase of Shirts/Shards (share Tiss/Teace chevron) can be partly for the Hone's (Lizard / Liss colors) because they were first found in Hampshire with the Lizard-branch Liss', and with the Tiss' having a Teague-like Teace variation. Mamie got a tease symbol the night she sat on my lap, a pointer to Tease's/Tighs (Nottinghamshire, same as MAMESfelde of the sleeve-using MANSfields). Mamie pointed to Mens'/Mame's, a branch of Manners/Maness' in-turn sharing the Harcourt peacock. The double Manner/Maness fesses are colors reversed from the same of one Hair Coat. The Mens'/Mame's are, along with "MANSit," in the motto of Pipe-branch Poppins (Hampshire again). Does it seem that God has arranged heraldry (over the centuries) to point hard to O'Hair's murder? If so, why? Hampshire is where DRAKE's were first found while DRAGuignan is where Lizarts/Sarde's were first found.

Cottar-like Kotor can also trace to Cutters, first found in Dorset with Babe's and George's (pointers to Bohemian Grove). Kotor is beside Rhizon, where I trace the Rice bloodline. Reesors/Reasons have the animal-head design in the Crest of Irish O'Hare's. The Welsh Reesors/Rhys' (share Rice Coat) use "melioRIS," and Eustace's with their Stacey branch use "CUR me persequeRIS." Eustace's and Staceys, along with Stage's/Staggs, are suspect with the Hubertus cult, and while the "Cur" term can be code for the Curr variation of Cars (look like Grove kin), it might instead be code for the Cure variation of Eure's, who almost have the Clavering Coat.

The Reesor animal head could be a fox or wolf. I've always assumed the O'Hare head is of a fox because heraldic foxes are often red. It has a short snout too. I've just found, in a 2012 update, that Thigh's/Thy's use a fox, and although I didn't give the official description in that update, I was able to access official descriptions in 2012, and so both are probably foxes. In the 1st update of September, 2014: "Wikipedia on Montvilliers: 'A large light industrial and farming town by the banks of the river LEZARDE in the Pays de Caux, situated just 4 miles (6.4 km) north of Le Havre...' That can explain the green 'lizard' in the Hare/Garry[O'Hare] Crest. There is a green lizard in the Arms of Montvilliers...'" It tends to nail the heraldic lizard with the Lezarde river at Le Havre. Lezarde's are listed with Lizarts/Sarde's. Note how "Hare" and "Havre" are similar.

Although there's no Montvilliers surname coming up, French Villier's (Normandy) share the Chief-Shield color combo of Cutters. These Villier's use beakless ducks, usually meaning that they were descended from / related to Beaks (Dorset, same as Cutters). This paragraph tends to nail Cutters as a branch of lizard-using Cottars.

English Villier's (Leicestershire, same as Kiss'/Cush's), with a "coticula" motto term, can be shown to be a branch of Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's via Cula's, Cotta's and Constance's. Kiss'/Cush' are a branch of Cash's/CASTs, both using "FOUNTains," recalling the leg cast of Mike Oullette (what-a-BABE guy pointing to Bohemia's Podebrady). These fountains look like the triple Drummond fesses in colors reversed, and Drummonds, on the side of their matriarch, are from Podebrady while the Bohemian Grove uses an owl idol now pointing to Oullette's...or to the Howells, first found in MONmouth, potentially of the Mons location of Lizards.

Recall Mons-linkable Maids of HaWARDen, for Monmouth is near Clapton while Wards were Clapton kin. Wards (share Warren Shield for linkage to Ada of Warenne) use a "Comme" motto term. Combers/Commers have a "DOMINabitur" motto term, and Dominion voting had/has an address on SPADina avenue in Toronto. Spade's share the vertically-split Shield of Claptons, and we can safely assume that James Clapper knows that Dominion machine's are willfully criminal. French DOMINics/Domine's have these split colors horizontally. When on the split-Clapton Shield above, Flynns were involved, and James Clapper probably gave as much Intelligence as possible to Mueller's effort in jailing general Flynn. Dominion also has an office in Denver while the "loyALTE" motto term of Denvers (wyvern dragon) can go to the Maid write-up: "The surname Maid was first found in Cheshire where the family of Maude, originally the Lords of Monte Alto, in Italy, settled in the Lordships and manors of MontALT and Hawarden in the county of Flint."

Suddenly, things-Maid can point to Dominion voting. Lookie: Maids were at HaWARDEN of Flynn-connectable Flintshire, and Wardens use pears, the symbol of Peare liners while Pero's were first found in Piedmont with Domino's. Pierro's/Pero's can be gleaned with Bute's/Butts/Boets. The "LOYalte" motto term of Denvers can be partly for German Loys sharing the Babe / Beak leopard face!

Combers/Commers, with a "dominaBITUR astRIS" motto phrase, have a fesse in the colors of the BUTT/Bute/BOET fesse, and the latter are suspect from Greece's Boeotia as they named Butua right beside Rhizon and Kotor. The latter is from whatever mythical KODRos of Athens was named after, for Athens is beside BOEOTia. Kodros had a fish symbol as does the Arms of Saraca and the Butt/Boet Coat, and Saraca's did live at Kotor. The SARACENS/Sarasins (CUMBERland) have crescents in the colors of the Comber/Commer estoiles, and estoiles (different colors) are used by English Butts/Bute's, which should mean that the Bitars/BUTTers (share bow with Bude's) are in the motto of Combers/Commers.

COMERfords/COMBERfords (early in Oxfordshire, same as Combers/Commers) and Cumbers/Cumberfords use the peacock while Peacocks love the Fears/FIERs in their motto while COMine's are from "Kuman" in Fier county (Albania). Fears/Fiers (Vere colors) have the Irish Fare Coat in gold, and these Fare's have the moline of French Sarasins. Scottish Fare's were first found in CUMBERland. Saracens/Sarasins share the crescents of Tunbridge's (Kent, same as Comerfords). If Comerfords love Deans in their motto, then it's notable that the Dean lion is also the Reesors/Reason lion.

There's more. The Cumber/Cumberford peacock comes with red pale bars in the colors of the Tullia pale bar that itself has BUTTERflies. Fly's (share FARRand fleur-de-lys) were first found in Hampshire with the Sturs, a branch of the Asters/Easters expected in the "ASTRis" motto term of Combers/Commers. Tullia of Lyon married Rusticus of Clermont-FERRAND, and English Ferrands share the vaired patee cross of Reesors/Reasons so that "astRIS" can indeed be part-code for Reesor/Ryse / Rice liners. Flys were at FLAGi, and Flags/Flecks have the double fesses of Farrands (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flecks) in colors reversed. The double fesses are Farrands are shared by BATHursts, and Cumbers/Cumberfords share the Bath cross while Butt/Boet-branch Buttons were at Bath near the Stour river. The double, ermined fesses of Farrands, which could be the Sleep fesses as per Selepitanoi at/near Rhizon, are those also of FELThams (Middlesex, same as Fears/Fiers), who are probably a branch of Flag-connectable Fleets / Fletts.

As the Stour almost touches Hampshire, where Sturs and Lise's/Liss' were first found, it's notable that ancient Lissus of the Cavii Illyrians, where I trace Lys'/Lise's, is between Fier county and the Rhizon / Selepitanoi theater. Lys'/Lise's were first found in Ile-de-France with Cavii-like Chappes' and Levi's, and then English Josephs (Hampshire, share Comine garbs) can be linked to Chaplains and English Caplans (look like Port kin) while German Caplans can be gleaned as FELTman kin. English Feltmans are listed with the Felthams above, first found in Middlesex with Fiers, and then Fier county has the Comine-related Kuman location. Middlesex is also where Apps' were first found while Fier county is on the HIPSas-like APSus river, and Peare had a hip symbol when she had her waist symbol while Waistells share the Comine garbs! I get it. The Hypsas was also the Drago river, and Lise-branch Lizarts/Sarde's were at Draguignan. Drake's were first found in Hampshire with the Fly kin, and with Lise's/Liss'. Do the math, because the Lizard Squad and other criminal gangs in high places are sure to be Illuminati / anti-Christian dust-eaters descended from the killers of Jesus.

The Felthams have the leopard faces of English White's/Weights/WIGHTs (DRAGon) while the Isle of Wight is off the Hampshire coast. The Ports, Porters and Botts/BOTTERs were first found in Hampshire, explaining the "PORtanti" motto term of Felthams, and Ports happen to share the Bute/Butt estoiles so that we are still on bloodlines from Rhizon's Illyrians / DARDanians. Feltmans share two, ermined-white fesses with Sleeps, you see, and the two of Sleeps is in the colors of the one of Darts/DARDs. The Stour runs through DORset, and Daorsi of Rhizon were also on the NERETva/NARO river while Nero's/NERETTi's (Lucca, same as Italian BOTTERs) share the vaired chevron of the other English White's/Wights who in turn share both the Reesors/Reason lion and blue vair.

The two English White/Wight Coats look related to the two Good Coats, a new realization here in the midst of a FELTham discussion. It FELT so GOOD, suggesting strongly that the White/Wight and Feltham leopard faces are those of Peare's. The blue-vair fesse of White's/Weights/Wights is shared by Bachs/Baghs, the latter first found in Denbighshire with the Bathers who in turn share the Coat of Scarfs, perfect where Goods/Guts share the Stick Coat, for Stick-related Trabys/Sadowski's use the scarf.

Denbigh is beside Flintshire, and while Flints/Flans were suspect with Flynns, it just so happens that the Bather Coat has wolf heads in the colors of the Flynn wolf. Bathers share "ut vivas" with the Craigs that I trace to "Acragas" smack at the Hypsas / Drago river. By some coincidence or not, Bather-like Pathers, sharing three white wolf heads with Bathers, are listed with Prays/PRETERs. PEARTRee's/Petre's have the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters as though we are back to Kotor liners.

Bathursts (leopard faces) use "TIEN ta," and "PorTANTi" is used by Felthams while Tauntons (Somerset, same as Stour river) share the three ravens of Rice's/Rhys'. Tauntons likely have the PERTon/Pearton and Tiss/Teace chevron, for Peare's were kin of Tiens'/Thames'. Ahhh, Tauntons substitute the PERTon pears with lozenges in the colors of the similar mascles of PERTs/Petts!!! The latter's bulrushes can be part-code for Bull-connectable Rush's having a Rise-like Rish variation, how about that. Pertons/Peartons share pears with Bott-like ABOTTs (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's).

I am not familiar with Pertons/Peartons, but this link of FELThams to Tauntons with a near-copy of the PEARton Coat has got to be part of the it-FELT-so-good phrase that I applied to Miss Peare's belly and waist symbols by what seemed to be the inspiration of God. I even told that, fresh out of my relationship with Roxanne BENNET, who lived on BATHURST avenue, Miss Peare and I got together for our last time in my FireBIRD (Fire's/Firs/Furs can be a Fear/Fier branch). Bennets are of the PIERleoni, who got associated with the family of GOTHelo I, the great-grandfather of GODfrey de Bouillon. Felts and Birds have the Bouillon cross (Sarasin cross?) in colors reversed.

The it-felt-so-good phrase started with my belly PRESS (on Peare's belly), and the Baldwins share the cockatrice (different color) with PRESleys. De-Bouillon's brother was BALDwin, and Baldwins, what a hoot, share "ferme" with the "Tiens ferme" of Squirrels/Square's/Squire's! Balders/BATHERstains (Stain colors), sharing the Bitar/Butter (and Sinclair) cross, were first found in Linlithgow with Taunton- / Tien-like Tenants and BATHgate's, and the latter are the ones with a "Tien" motto term! There seems to be a Bath link to Bald / Baud liners, and Bather-like Bathursts even have the double Stain fesses in colors reversed. Baldwins (Hunter saltire?) were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, Hunters and Talbots. The latter were rulers at Eu, as were Baldwins, and Talbots are suspect from the Taulantii Illyrians spread across between Fier county and the Selepitanoi. It looks good for bath / baud / Bald liners to be from Butua elements as they named the Bautica / Baltea river at Cavii-line Chivasso. Chives' share the Mathis moline while the Mathis (modern Mat) river is between the Cavii and Taulantii. Mattis' share the Shield of Italian Ferrands and Tulls/Tolle's, obvious Tullia/Tull liners.

As little as a month after being with Peare for the last time (she wore a dress, probably wasn't cold out), I met Stain-pointing Lorraine (in June). Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with the Morells sharing the Lorraine bend. Morells share a lion looking back over the shoulder (on the rare side for heraldry) with Scottish Lise', and then Lizart-branch Liss' are Lise's too. The Morell Coat looks a lot like the Irish Loan/LAWN Coat (recalling Lorraine's grass STAIN on her PANTs) while the English Loans/Lawns have triple lions in pale in the colors of the triple GREYhounds in pale of French Lise's/Lys'. Greys were likewise first found in Northumberland, home of Sword-line Siward (of Northumberland), and then the Swart variation of Swords look like the Sarde variation of Lizarts. Swords use "wings exPANDed," looking like part-code for a pant-like surname. Greys love the Fasts in their motto who in turn have a version of the Lorraine bend-with-eagles, and while Fasts were at YARmouth, Stains married Yarborough's/Yearby's while Years were first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes, and with the Nimo's expected in the Morell and Poindexter mottos. Poindexters have the fist of Fast-like Fists/Fausts, what a coincidence. Lorraine's share the green lion with Loan-like Lune's/Lyons (Perthshire, beside Stirlingshire). Lise's/Lys' were first found in Ile-de-France with French Chappes'.

So, the paragraph above, involving Lorraine's, did bring us to Poindexters, and John B. Poindexter was/is a leader in the Hubertus group led by the "Grand Master," Istvan von Habsburg-LORRAINE. French Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with MELLANs while Bono's, first found in MILAN with Morell-like Maurels, are in the "Bono aNIMO" motto phrase of Morells. Ottone Visconti ruled Milan while Ottone's, first found in Perusia with grass-like Grazio's, share the long and solid chevron of French Chappes'. As Elizabeth Chappes married the first grand master of Templars, de Payens, note that Payens/Pagans share "spur rowells" with pant-like Panters.

One could therefore get the impression that the Hubertus cult is an end-time Templar wanna-be (those who think they are special) due to realizing ancestry in Hugh de Payens, especially as the Hubertus stag was looking linkable exactly to the household of Godfrey de Bouillon, the house that furnished first rulers of Templar Jerusalem. The early Templars included the Guerin surname (see the write-up), which happens to include the three spur rowells of Payens/Pagans. Guerin de Province was in Province with the first-known Lizarts/Sarde's of Draguignan. Irish Gars, with the Guerin Chief in colors reversed, probably share the GARland of Stevensons (Northumberland) who in turn have a reflection of the Provence Coat. The Stevenson Chief is that also of Lawn-beloved English's, the latter first found Berwickshire with the Aids/ADE's having a version of the other Stevenson Coat, and the first-mentioned Stevensons share "coelum" with the "AD coelum" motto phrase of Bookers while Books were likewise first found in Berwickshire.

Judge Roberts has not come out to threaten Lin Woods probably because doing so would make the story explode. The guilty probably choose to allow their brotherhood elves look after whistle-blowers.

Breasts and Hips Snitch on Hubertus

The Pertons/PEARtons (not familiar with them) have the Tiss/Teace Coat but add pears, supporting my trace of Tiss'/Teace's to Pierro's/Pero's of the Ticino/Tessin river. Why were Pavia liners in Hampshire? Ask the neighboring Pavia's, who share the FEET/Fate Coat, recalling that Lorraine got her FEET-on-PAVEment symbol at the instant that Mike Oullette said about her, "what a babe." As was said, her feet were on the pavement of Yonge street, and Yonge's share the three piles of Scottish Leavells while Laevi were at Pavia.

I had written: "Pertons are also PRINGtons, and while Mr. Kepke left Miss Peare for Miss Walsh, the Roxburghshire Walsh's use a Coat version of the Prings/Pringells (Roxburghshire)." Scottish Leavells were first found in Roxburghshire, and they share the red fesse of Pavia's and Pierro's/Pero's.

The Mens/Mame Coat is almost identical to that of PEARTONs/Partons (not the Pertons above), another new thing this week. While Peare's were related to Tiens/Thames and Tennis', note a similar term in the Perton/Pearton write-up: "Ranulph de Perton settled at Tennenhall in Stafford during the reign of King John after 1216." There is a Tennen surname listed with Tenants (Lothian, same as Mens/Mame's), and it happens to share the Chief-Shield colors of Peartons/Partons and Mens'/Mame's/Mame's'.

The Lille write-up: "The surname Lille was first found in Oxfordshire at Shirburn, a parish, in the union of THAME, hundred of PIRTON." It now seems that Tiens/Thames' were a branch of Tenants, who first came up with Helen my tenant, who had gotten a breast symbol, the symbol of Mamie too, but until now I didn't have the evidence that Tenants were related to Mens'/Mame's. Why would God want to link those two surnames with a mutual breast symbol? Helen got her breast symbol on my stair LANDING, and this had pointed to Pepin of Landen, so amazing now, not only because Pepin-branch Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with Tennenhall of Pertons/Peartons, but because "Mens" is a Pepin motto term. Letts'/Late's (recalls Helen's chocoLATE treat at her landing door) share the Peare / Tiens/Thames stars, and use "organ PIPES." Christine's were from the Isle of MAN.

Mamie, CHRISTine Peare, and Dolly Parton all have on-the-large-size breasts, and while Dollys can be of Brittany-Dol elements, Helens (at Brescia-linkable St. Brieuc) were first found near Brittany's BREST area. The Alans share the fesse of Pierro's/Pero's, and the latter throw in red roses, symbol of CHRISTs and Papa's who in turn are both essentially in the colors and format of Hips'. Miss Peare had a hip symbol rather than a breast symbol, and Papa's are expected with the Papia variation of "Pavia." Now we know part of the reason for her hip symbol. Papa's/Papasergio's share the swan with CHRISTmas'. Papps were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's.

Brest is beside Lane-related Launay, the line likely of Lane's/Lawns (Italian Lane's were at Brescia/BRIXia, and Brests are also Brix's). Unbelievably, the three lions in pale of Lane's/Lawns (in the colors of the Launay leopard) are those of PLENE's/Plants/Plantagenets, first found in London with Launays/Lawnys/De Lune's, and "PLENA" happens to be a Tennen/Tenant motto term.

Why would God care about Brescia liners to Brieuc-like Bruce's? The latter's royal branch, which right-away married Alans from Dol, descended from Marjory Carrick, and while the Craigs are said to be proto-Carricks, Craigs share the motto of BATHgate's, the latter first found in Linlithgow with Tennens/Tenants who in turn share the Craig and HUBERT crescents. Carricks use a "Garde BIEN" motto while Brescia is at lake Garda, and German Biens share the bee with the Bathgate Crest. Mamie was wearing her BATHing suit at her GARDen when she got her thigh symbol, and she was wearing it also that morning when we emBRACEd in the lake. Brace's/Bras' (version of Lake Coat) thus look like Brescia liners, and Bracebridge's use a "BE" motto term. Why were events in my life history lessons like this, time and time again?

Tenants share Mea/MEE/Meigh boar heads, and the latter share the Bath cross while "Nemo ME" is a Poindexter motto phrase. Although the Poindexters are split horizontally in colors reversed from the same of Lane's/Lawns and Craig-like Groce's/Greggs/Graggs, Poindexters and Lane's/Lawns both share the same star. Is God somehow trying to point to Scalia's killing with these things?

I stretched out my index finger (age nine) in trying to touch the Bras-like Bra hanging on the laundry line at JERRY Peterson's home, and this laundry theme was that of Lorraine on our first date, for we met at my laundromat before going for a walk. It was therefore discovered that landing-like Landens had a laundry-like Lander variation. Soon after, it was found further that Landens/Launders share the six LANGley pale bars while Bra is at Langhe. By this time, I had already known that Stops/Stubbs were kin of Pipe's because I asked her on that first date at her bus STOP, but not until now have I become familiar with Stops/Stubbs and Pipe's being first found in Staffordshire with Pertons/Peartons. The latter were mentioned first in 2019, but I had forgotten about them. I didn't know that Partons (rarely mention them) were Peartons until today, and therefore it was not a part of my heraldic science that Partons share the Chief-Shield colors of Tenants and Mens'/Mame's.

By stretching out my index finger in an effort to touch a bra almost out of my reach, it mirrored POINTing (with index finger) to Lorraine's grass stain the moment she got home from her walk with a married man. She got this stain on a LAWN, and Lawns are connectable to point-like POINDexters, you see. But then we need to ask: what could it be about a grass stain on pants that relates to Scalia's murder? I'm stumped. But wait. As I've said a million times, they were WHITE pants, and while Dexters use Scalia-like weight SCALE, the official description is "weights" while one English Weight surname is listed with White's. The latter use vair fur, and Vairs/Fers almost have the Coat of Fers/FERRATs while MontFerrat is off to the side of Bra and Lane/Lawn-like Langhe.

The bra event was while I stood above a cage holding at least one white rabbit, and the Esquers suspect in the "esquire's helmet" in the Poindexter Crest use a white rabbit. Squire's love the Tiens' in their motto. Helmets are shared by pant-like Panters, the latter first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens sharing the boar head of Jerrets/Jarre's (Dol). This latter surname became suspect with JERRY, my friend, whose parents owned the white rabbit and the laundry line. Poindexters were first found on JERsey. But, as I've said a million times, the bra belonged to their basement TENANT, an attractive, young blond like Lorraine.

If Jerry's tenant were not attractive, I wouldn't have wanted to touch this bra. It was my fun for the summer day, but, clearly, God lured me to do this. I probably would not have remembered it had the tenant not come out to scold me for touching it (party-pooper). She could only have seen me through the small basement window, and I always link Windows to FINIS'/Fiens, whom I trace to FINIStere, location of BREST, can we believe it? What goes into bras again? I don't remember playing with this bra, just touching it for a split second with the tip of the finger, and so what are the chances that she would be looking out the tiny basement window at that minute? Note FiniSTERE, for Helen my tenant got her breast symbol on my STAIR landing.

We need to repeat that the Dexter Coat is colors reversed from the BRASwell Coat, and that the wicked Donna Brazile is said by Wikipedia to derive in Braswells (girdle in Crest). Ms. Brazile was placed in charge of the DNC to protect it from its murder of Seth Rich four months after Scalia's murder. Instead of allowing Hannity to expose the abuse of Seth Rich, Fox hired Donna Brazile. Dons ("MEI dona") have double fesses in the colors of the double chevrons of Braswells. The Don bend-with-ARROWs is a version of the Lorraine bend-with-Child-eagles, and Arrows'/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs and Pertons/Peartons.

I've been keeping an eye out for who else might share the double bends in the sleeve of English Cuffs, and while Dons were first found in Cheshire with Huberts and the Sales kin of Cuffs, both of which are in Hubert colors and format, the double Don fesses are interesting because they are in the colors of the double bends in the Cuff sleeve. Irish Cuffs/Coughs have a Nimo-like "Animus" motto term while Poindexters use "Nemo." As Tennens/Tenants are now connectable (thanks to the Perton write-up) to Tiens/TAME's, lets add the "tamen" motto term of Irish Cuffs/Coughs to this picture. Can it point to Donna Brazile as knowing about the plot to kill Scalia by Poindexter's Hubertus members? I read that more than 30 such members were hunting on the weekend Scalia was killed (February 13, 2016).

Poindexters were first found in the Channel Islands, and this Channel is called "The Sleeve." Cuffs and Cuffs/Coughs/Cuffeys use sleeves. I wonder why Cuffs are pointing to Poindexters in this many ways. The Coffert-branch Courts/Coverts almost have the six pale bars of Liss'/Lise's, and "Lease" is Donna Brazile's middle name while Scottish Lise's are Lease's too. Is Brazile now being pointed to the Lizard Squad? I'm sure I heard, from the Tru News video above, that the Lizard Squad carried out the Scalia murder.

Some Scalia variations such as ScichiLONE look like variations of Shoe's who happen to share the Poindexter / LONE/Lane/Lawn star. How did the creators of heraldry, centuries ago, know that Scalia would be killed on Poindexter's ranch? German Trips use shoes while English Trips use the "SCALing ladder. The Scich-like Shicks/Shake's use an "obTINENS" motto term while Tenens' are listed with Tennens/Tenants. How could this be? Out of the tens of thousands of surnames, the Scichilone variation of Scalia's brings us back to Tenants sharing the Hubert crescents? Repeat: "...while the Craigs are said to be proto-Carricks, Craigs share the motto of BATHgate's, the latter first found in Linlithgow with Tennens/Tenants who in turn share the Craig and HUBERT crescents."

I almost missed it. Shicks/Shake's share the chevron of Fosters while a Mr. Foster changed Scalia's mind when the latter turned down Poindexter's in-person offer to go hunting (this is according to Poindexter's own words, which I read myself, which google may have buried since). Foster flew to Houston with Scalia and his bodyguards, and perhaps Foster convinced him to leave the body guards in Houston, for the two flew alone by private jet to Poindexter's ranch.

What's in a tenant? We can read online that Scalia loved hunting wild TURKey the most, and then the Vela's in the Tenant motto use "TORCHes at the corners." There is a Turk/Tork surname (Town eagle?) with "vel" motto term, and a giant lozenge in the colors of the Brest/Brix lozenges!!! That latter part is new. I don't recall making that realization before. Helen my tenant had a breast symbol, and I can now add that while Helens were at "Hillion, near Saint-Brieux...the birthplace of Herve d'Helion", it just so happens -- WOW -- that Helions/HELMs (look like Sales kin) are in Hubert colors and format!!! German Helms share the helmets of PANTers (pointed to by Lorraine's white pants), and Poindexters use the helmet too. Helions/Helms share the pheons of Pipe-related Stops/Stubbs, the latter first found in Staffordshire with TENNENhall. That's incredible. Helen's breast symbol came on the Pipe-related landing, a pointer to the laundry line with bra.

The line of HERVE de Helion is said to have settled Ashton of Devon (where Ash's were first found), and Ashtons share the black boar head with HERVeys/Harveys, but also with gardens/Jardens, first found in Angus with Panters. Panters use "SPUR ROWELL" and Spurrs were likewise first found in Devon. Rowells (share double Ash chevrons) are in ROWLey colors, and Rowleys have a gold-crescent version of the Hubert Coat!!! Zikers. Thus, Lorraine's pants, which came to be a symbol about an hour after I first met Mamie, are connectable to the Gardens to which Mamie pointed on the first day that Mamie and I became a couple. Mamie got her thigh symbol there, and the Thy variation of Thigh's is in the Foster motto!!! It's all pointing to Poindexter's Hubertus cult!

Not only was Helen's breast symbol on the landing of the scala = stairs, but I had to climb a few stairs to get to the laundry-line deck in order to touch the bra. Helen got her breast symbol when going back to her basement apartment, when, in my view, she lifted her top to let her bare breasts hang out, playfully. I've not seen anyone do that before, and I do have a hard time believing that God would cause such a thing just after she and I were engaging in sex for the first time. I don't recall whether she had her bra on at the time, but that makes sense here. The event fits this heraldic story so well that I have come to believe that a tolerant God set Helen up to do that thing in spite of our sinning.

She left me for STEVEN, and I remember that this was just before Valentine's day (1999), for he got her flowers for that day. I don't remember how many days before the 14th she left me for him. Valentine's day was two days after Scalia went to bed, in 2016, and never awoke. Valentin liners (STEVENson kin) happen to be of the Velins / Velens, first found in Westphalia with Pansys/PANTzers and Ducks, the latter being the ones who formed Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. That's partly why Lorraine got her pant symbol, in order to point to certain things-Lorraine. Scottish Valence's/Vallents/Valens' have the five fesses of the Westphalia Ducks in colors reversed. I've only had one duck dinner in all my life, while I was with Helen for two months only.

I have made a new discovery. Years ago, I read that the ancestry of the Anjou Fulks was known only back as far as Ingelger, father of Fulk of Anjou. I read that Ingelger was given a legendary father, Tertullus, and that he was in turn the son of TORQuatius. The "vele" motto term of Tenants now appears more-definitely to be for the Vele's having "TORCHes" because the "Plena" motto term of Tenants looks like code for the Plene variation of Plantagenets, and Geoffrey Plantagenet was a Fulk of Anjou.

The new discovery involves my trace of Tertullus, whom I often quote as semi-mythical, by which I mean code for a secret bloodline not told by those who invented the character. I traced Tertullus to the bloodline of Tertulla, wife of Flavius PETRO, but not until now did I know that Tertullus (of Anjou) was given a wife, "PETROnelle"!!! That's the new thing. These myth characters are indication that the Fulk family considered itself descended from the imperial-dragon family of the Rieti Flavians, the line of the Revelation dragon.

I can add to this because Tennens/Tenants look like a branch of Tiens'/Thames / Tennis', kin of Peare's, and I traced Flavius Petro to the PIERleoni, named partly after a Peter. Well, Godfrey III, grandfather of Godfrey-de-Bouillon, went to assist the Pierleoni when the vatican was harassing them, and de-Bouillon's household was of Boulogne, the Arms of which use red roundels called, TORTeaux (plural). Well, Torquatius is also called, TORTulfus. They had Tortulfus born in Rennes, we may wonder why. Well, Rennes is in the Vilaine province of Brittany, where PLUNKetts were first found, like the Planque variation of French Plants, you see. The Plantagenet Fulks, right? Planque's/Plants are said to have been at Pas de Calais, location of Boulogne.

"Calais" is suspect with Chalice's/Challes', and a chalice is used by Belows/Bella's while Bouillons have a "bello" motto term. Calls/Calles' were first found in Wiltshire with English Planks/Planque's!!! ZINGER. Calls/Calles' look like kin of Shots/Shute's (Wiltshire) who in turn almost have the Coat of Sergio's/Serens while Papa's are also PapaSERGIO's. They share the swan in the colors for it in the Arms of Boulogne. As Swans are listed with Sions, it's probably not a myth, as stated by some "experts", that de-Bouillon was the founder of a Priory of Sion.

Belows ("Tout") are said to have had a branch in Devon, where the Bellow-branch Billets were first found who share the cinquefoil of Bus', the latter first found in Norfolk by the Below-beloved Thwaits and their Tute branch. Belows love the Touts/TOOTs in their motto while Toothills are listed with Tertullus-like Turtle's. Tertullus was made the son of TORQuatius while Bouillons and Turks/Torks have a "bella" motto term while Bellys (share Moor head with Bouillons) share the Turtle/Toothill chevron. The red rose of Bellys ("belli"), Peare's belly symbol, and the "Per" motto term of Bellys, suggest a Belly marriage with Pierro/Pero liners. Tertulla of Rieti traces through her daughter-in-law to Pollocks, who built Rothes Moray, where Bellys were first found. The Turtle/Toothill chevron is that also of Dutch Bakers while the Chief of English Bakers shares the lion in the Cabbage Chief. Pollock-linkable Planque's/Plants use cabbages.

If you're familiar with my linkage of the Ticino river to the family of kings BELA (linkable to Bouillons) and Andrew of Hungary, know that Papa is a city in Hungary. I trace Andrew's Varangian-Rus line (with his wife) to Ross-shire, beside the Rose's in the Papa Coat. As Geddes' were first found in Nairnshire with Rose's, note first how the Geddes fish heads are in the colors of the Bute/Boet fish while the latter Coat is a version of the Pierro/Pero Coat. Gettes'/Jette's were first found in Anjou, and share the Coat of Loges', first found in Burgundy with LOCHES'/Deloges', expected from Miss Loches, wife of Fulk of Anjou.

Then, see that Pavia's use martlets-on-a-bend in the colors of the Bute/Boet fish-on-a-fesse. Papa's have a version of the Christ Coat (more roses) while Bouillons have a "bello CHRISTi" motto phrase. The Arms of Papa shares the Pero/Perino hexagram, and while the latter call is a "flaming star," Stars were first found in Wiltshire too (beside English Pavia's of Somerset). The Papa flag is in the split colors of Italian Pavia's, and while Italian Pavia's share the TAILbois scallop, the Papps (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's) have a lion tail in-mouth (or at-mouth). TailBOIS' are suspect with BOUIllon-like Boii of Bologna, later in Bohemia, and Papa is near the Bohemia border.

I talked at length, not too many weeks ago, about someone's claim that king Bela married HELENa of Angusta, and heraldry bore that marriage out. It just so happens that "ANGUSTis" (read also as "angusTIS") is a motto phrase of Cabbage's (near the first-known TISS'/Teace's). Planque's/Plants use cabbages. Helen was my tenant, and Tenants use a Bela-like "vela" motto term, hmmm. The Vela's (Novara-like Navarre) are the ones with torches for the Torquatius > Fulk line to Plantagenets. Laevi of Pavia lived also at Novara.

Plunketts were from PLANCia Magna, wife of a real Tertullus. Plancia's father was Galatian, and then there was Julia Polla in Galatia while Tertulla and Petro of Rieti birthed the husband of Vespasia Polla. See familiarity? As I trace "VesPASIa to the Pace's/Pasi's of Boulogne-like Bologna, note the "PACE vel BELLO" motto of Turks/Torks, for "bello" is shared by Bouillons. It appears that the line of the Flavians through Fulks went to the first Templar kings of Jerusalem, which can explain why a later king was Fulk V of Anjou (I think he was Plantagenet's father). It just so happens that emperor Vespasian, Vespasia Polla's son, had conquered Jerusalem in 70 AD.

At least one webpage makes Julia Polla the daughter of Julia TYCHE, and my bet is that her surname is from the LAEVI "Gauls" of the TICino river, home of PIERleoni-like Pierro's/Petri's/Pero's, for the line of Tyche's father (king Artemidoros) birthed the wife of Lupus LAEVIllus.

Plunketts were first found in the same province as Dol, and the Alan fess is shared by Pierro's/Petri's/Pero's. Alans of Dol (near Rennes) moved as Stewarts to Renfrewshire with the Polla-line Pollocks. As Pollocks were not such before moving to Renfrewshire, they must have gone to Renfrew to be with the namers of Pollok, a small location after which they were named. Pollock-like Plocks are said to be from a term(s) looking like the Plunkett entity. It appears that Alans of Dol followed the Plunkett bloodline to Renfrewshire.

Rennes is near the Meu river, where I trace Mea's/Meighs who happen to share the boar head of the Tennens/Tenants at Creston. Crests/Cressents share the Coat of Nerets, the latter first found in Dol. As Tenants got us to NERETs, I am reminded of the CHOColate treat that David left on Helen's DOOR knob one evening, for while Door-like Daorsi were on the NERETva river, Scottish Doors are in Chock/Chick colors and format. The Neretva was also the Naro, bringing Fulk II Nerra to mind. Nero's/Neretti's were first found in Tuscany with Italian Fulks, and the latter share the eagle of DORia's, the latter first found in Genova with FACE-line Fieschi, and faces are used by Scottish Doors. As Alans of Dol married ALICE of Saluzzo, the latter being from the house of Montferrat, it's notable that rulers of MontFERRAT used a blank red Chief in combination with a blank white Shield, and these are the Chief-Shield colors of Tennens/Tenants. The latter use a "sail," and Sails are listed with Saluzzo-like Sales'. Why do Alice's use a FIR tree? Italian Fulks share the checkered Shield of Fers/FERRATs, in the colors of the similar vair FUR of Nero's'/Neretti's.

Vespasian's family took in Josephus, the historian, when the latter betrayed Israel's army in Galilee to Vespasian. The line of Josephus goes to French and English Josephs, and the martlet of French Josephs is shared by Polla-line Pullys/Pullings and Voters/GAUTIER's (share Alan / Pierro/Pero fesse) while a daughter of Fulk I married Gautier I of Vexin and Valois. I was PULLING the WAIST of Miss Peare (in the sleeping-bag dream) as a pointer to WAISTells in turn sharing the garbs of English Josephs, is that not amazing? Waistells are from Vestalis, son of king Cottius at the Riparia river, into which the Viu valley drains that can be expected in the "vue" motto term of Voters/Gauthier's.

I was PULLING her waist on a STAGE while Stage's/Staggs were a branch of Eustace's, from Eustace II of Boulogne, father of Godfrey de Bouillon...and Baldwin I, first king Templar Jerusalem. The stag was a symbol of Hungarian roots, another reason to root de-Bouillon in king Bela. The red roundels min the Arms of Boulogne (also called "BONonia) are used by Bone-loving Orrs/Ores' of Renfrewshire. Renfrews, from the Rennes location where the writers made Boulogne-connectable Tortulfus born, use a giant ship while Ships/Shiptons (Oxfordshire, same as Pollock-like Plocks and Belly-connectable Peare's) use "bellows" while Bellows were a Billet branch while French Billets/Billiards (share Goth/GOTHEL hexagram) were first found in Maine with the Josephs sharing the Plock / Pully/Pulling / Gautier martlet. For those who know my it-FELT-so-GOOD story concerning Peare's waist and belly, note that Gautier-like Gauts are listed with Cotta's, probably a Cottian line. The Godfreys under discussion descended from GOTHelo.

German Goods/Guts were first found in Switzerland with the Petronelle-like Petrons (Berta/Berth griffin?), with Tease's/Tess'/Tecks, and with the Ticino/Tessin canton (Berthe was wife to Mummolin of the Franks). Gautier I of Valois was a generation after POPPa of Valois.

Oxfordshire is where Tiens'/Thames' and Plocks were first found, Tiens'/Thames have the Pavia martlets, as well as mascles in the colors of the similar lozenges of Plocks. I recall reading the Plock description, surprising me when telling that they have lozenges, though they look like squares. Square's/Squirrels, however, use a "Tiens" motto term, and share the bear leg with Italian Bellino's (Verona, same as Belli's).

Recall how I link Finis'/Fiens to Windows, not only because the Window lion paws are in the colors of the Finis/Fien lions, but because "Finistere" is like the French / Italian word for "window." Finis'/Fiens are in the colors and format of Phone's/Fane's/Fiens in turn using GAUNTlets (gloves) as code for Gaunt/GHENT of Flanders, suspect with "PlantaGENET." English Ghents were first found near the first-known Cabbage's in the cabbages of Planque's/Plants. Dutch Ghents/Gaunts share the wavy Dol fesse. Nearby were the first-known Palins and similar Planks having giant lions colors reversed from one another, and then Palins named the Plain variation of Platters while Plantagenets come up as "Plene." I've told before that the only thing I remember doing in Jerry's basement (where the tenant lived who saw me touch-bra through the WINDOW) was playing billiards with him, and then the Plains/Platters were pointed to by the paper plane on Obama's billiard table. I wonder what this possible connection could mean?

Windows share a lion paw holding a gold fitchee with Quints (Dorset, same as Palins), and the Quints have a black lion paw, the colors of the Palin lion. The tenant saw me through the window, and Windows share the embattled fesse of MASTs/Masters while the Tenant Crest is a "sail" with "mast." Amazing, because the tenant didn't know heraldry. The Sails/Sales' share the Plain/Platter fleur-de-lys.

Quints are suspect from Quintus Caepio, the family that named Capone-like Caepionis', and then English Capone's share the Coat of STAIRs (Kent, same as Masts/Masters). The other tenant, Helen, was on the STAIRs when she got her breast symbol, and this gets amazing where Helens were near St. Brieuc while the Breuci live at the mouth of the Colapis/KUPA river, where I've traced Caepio's for a couple of reasons.

AHH! The Windows use a blue lion paw holding the gold fitchee while there is a gold fitchee behind a blue lion in the Crest of Window-like WINchesters, a place ruled by Quint-like Quincys! This can explain why the Sforza lion (holds a "quince") is shared by Carters of Winchester and German Planks. The Planque's/Plants have cabbages while Cabbage's were first found in Northamptonshire with Quince's/Quincys.

The "dabit" motto term of tenants looks possibly to relate to the Debbie's having this write-up: "The surname Debbie was first found in Hampshire [same as Winchester] at Dibden, a small village that is listed in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Depedene ["dapit"-like] and was held by Odo of Winchester at that time." Hampshire is beside Wiltshire, where Planks and Cuffs were first found, and the double-bends in both the Cuff Shield and Crest look connectable to the double bends of Debbie's.

Predicting a Major Law Suit?

It occurred to me this week that the Suits/Suters might be able to point to a major law suit (yet to occur) that I'm half-expecting with some events in my life that have a victory theme. The Victorys happen to share the Law stars. I therefore started to think back on all the bathing suits that have cropped up, but also the dark suit that Obama was in, in two scenes of my billiard-hall dream that he appeared in, the dream with my sewer shot on his billiard table, for Sewers are listed with Suits/Suters...who happen to use the PEARtree/Petre fitchees, important because, in my last outing with Miss Peare, she showed me a photo of herself running on a beach in a bathing suit.

I think she was proud of her blossoming breasts at that time, then age 21, because she had a grin on her face as she flashed this photo to me, but I now think that event was to get us to Brest-line Brescia, beside Val TROMPia, for Peartree's/Petre's share the stag head of Tromps/Trumps. It just so happens that the major law suits we've been expecting involve election fraud against Trump.

She wasn't proud of the photo just because her breasts had grown large, but she was a knock-out all over, as in as perfectly shapely as a BODY can be (it teased A LOT), and this is being said because of what was said earlier: "Pertons/Peartons share pears with Bott-like ABOTTs (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's)." Botts/Botters happen to show a BODY variation. It just seems as though God arranged that photo event to point to Peartree's/Petre's. AHHH, German Botts are listed with the Butts/Bute's/Boets having a Coat version of the Pierro's/Pero's in turn having a Petre-like Petri variation!!! I get it!!! AMAZING.

All that time, from when I first met her at age 17 (not large-breasted then), God was plotting to show me her photo at age 21! I suppose that was why she called me out of the blue that weekend. I hadn't seen her for about two years, and didn't think I would see her again, for Mr. Kepke (her man, my friend) had left her about age 19. I drove her home Sunday night to her parents' home in UNIONville, and Unions/Anions (Sussex) are in the colors and format of English Goods (Kent, Sussex).

The following quote, as well as the one above, is from above when I was on Peare's it-felt-so-good phrase (could indicate a victory): " just so happens that the BATHer Coat has wolf heads in the colors of the Flynn wolf. Bathers share "ut vivas" with the Craigs that I trace to "Acragas" smack at the HYPSas / Drago river. By some coincidence or not, Bather-like Pathers, sharing three white wolf heads with Bathers, are listed with Prays/PRETERs. PEARTRee's/Petre's have the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters as though we are back to Kotor liners." I quoted that here because general Flynn is involved with Sidney Powell, who has been attempting to get law suits against election fraud to the highest courts possible until one is found that actually looks at the evidence. But just look at how "Pather" (new to me this update) is like the Patria variation of Peartree's. Coincidence?

I remembered, from months ago, looking up the Picture surname as per Peare showing me her bathing-SUIT picture. I therefore looked up the Picture surname again here, and, whammo, it has the upward-pointing, crossed spears of Lins/Line's/Linds! Is that a pointer to Lin Wood, Sidney Powell's other associate? Dominion voting opened another law suit this week, this time on Mike Lindell, in the amount of $1.3 billion, the same amount as per Dominion's suit against Ms. Powell.

The thing is, the Picture Coat, in colors reversed, is a good reflection of the English Good Coat. It feels so good. What feels so good? Will they beat the deep state? The Picture's share the chevron of Pertons/PEARtons (!!!), which is also the chevron of Tease-like Tiss'/Teace's. I didn't try to sleep with her the night she showed me her photo, and so I don't know whether she was trying to tease me. I slept on the COUCH instead (as I've said many times), and so it's amazing that while I was teased by Mamie in a TENT, Tintons use tents while Tints use a "COUCHant" lion. That's incredible.

Mamie was in her bathing suit at the garden, the day after our tent event, and Gardens were first found in Angus with Suits/Suters. Gardens are from lake Garda, beside Val Trompia, and the night we slept in the tent, she had sat on my lap = legs while Leggs have a giant stag head in the colors of the giant stag head of Tromps/Trumps. She did SIT on my lap while the gang was around the CAMP fire, and Camps/Comps can be in the "COMPoSITum" motto term of Laws. As Peare's belly symbol (her age 17, when I was 19) pointed to tummy-like Tume's/Tombs for good reasons, note "ComposiTUM."

The way I got from her belly symbol to Tume's was by way of the Gut variation of German Goods (a gut is a tummy). I had noted that Spanish Guts/Gutier's are in Tume/Tomb colors while the latter's "R.I.P" looks like code for elements named after the Riparia river of the Gut- / Goth-like Cottians. The Riparia flows to Turin, and while the Bautica/BALTea flows near Turin, note the Bather-connectable Balteriz/Balderiz/BUTRe (evokes Botters / Butters) variations of Spanish Guts/GUTIER's. The VOTERs, right down Dominion alley, are listed with GAUTIER's (!!!), and the latter's "vue" motto term is suspect with the Viu valley draining into the Riparia. Tume/Tomb's are in Susan colors while Susa was the Cottian capital on the Riparia.

So, just look at that, for "it felt so good" was a phrase I used in describing the time when I awoke from sleep, pressing her toward me with my hand on her belly (age 17), when we were sleeping in the same bed with Louise Phillips (all three of us), and it just so happens that Phillips love the Patria's/Peartree's in their motto!!! Don't view this as pornographic, for there was no sex that night; the ladies needed to stay the night. I removed my hand from Peare as soon as I gained consciousness, but as I did so, it just felt so good to be doing that.

Penningtons likewise love Patria's/Peartree's in their motto, and Louise was working at Pennington's clothing at the time. Louis' may be from Luisa of Cavii-like Ceva not far south from the rivers above. In fact, the Chives' share the cat with Penningtons, as if God wants to say something. The Amore's, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, are in the Phillips / Pennington mottoes. French Louis', almost with the Bagley Coat, share the Brick lozenges, or the BREST/Brix lozenges in colors reversed, and Penningtons have them in the colors of the Bagley lozenges, which are colors reversed from the lozenges of Launays/Lawneys while Brest is beside Launay. Italian Lane's were first found in Brescia/Brixia, and Penningtons were at LONsdale while Loans are listed with Lane's/Lawns. Lorraine got her pant stain on a lawn, and Louis'/LOYs were first found in Lorraine. The Launays/Lawneys share the Percy/PIERcy lozenges, and Percys married the FitzAlan-related family of Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of Luis of Ceva! Bingo.

[Insert -- The last time I was on Loys, it was from the Denver motto when pointing out that Dominion had a head office in Denver, but so does Platte River Networks to which the stage = PLATform points. In the scene immediately before I was on a stage pulling Peare's waist, she was on an adjacent stage with LOUISE Phillips, the one who was in my bed with Peare when I pressed the latter's belly. After this event, both ladies became my TENANTs at an apartment on ELLESmere road (Toronto), and then while Perkins Coie had an office in Denver too, Hillary's personal lawyer in her attack on Trump was Marc ELIAS. Elias' were first found in West Lothian with Tennens/Tenants. Hillary had her private server at Platte River, and so she is suspect in bed with Dominion voting. That company probably promised her a win against Trump in 2016.

It appears that God provided the Elias surname with a Coie-like "quo" motto term in order to point to Perkins Coie, and then my pool-CUE shot on Obama's billiard table used a paper PLANE as the cue ball that pointed to Plains/PLATTErs, believe it or not. I kid you not that while Elias' almost have the Elis Coat, the Elis Crest has a "woman" with so-called "diSHEVELed hair," and Shovels can be in the shovels of the Spade's who came up as per the Spadina office of Dominion voting!!! That's new right here!!! WOW.

Elias' probably share the Balder/BATHERstain cross, for both surnames were first found in West Lothian with BATHgate's.

I've just found the address of the apartment building we rented: 51 Trailridge drive in Morningside (Toronto). Trails/Traylers are interesting for having a version of the Lynch Coat, for the latter were first found in Galway with Teague's while Trails/Traylers got a TEIGn variation by living at Teign. The building looks out across Ellesmere, and EllesMERE's share the Coat (with pheons) of Eggertons (Cheshire, same as Mere's and Steele's). French Mere's/Mars/More's have a version of the Feller Coat (shares Trail/Trayler trefoil) which is itself a version of the Lynch Coat. Hillary Clinton's attack on Trump, under Marc Elias and Christopher Steele, came while Loretta Lynch was Obama's attorney general.

Lookie at how important TRAILridge drive is working out to be. Teign-like Teegans/Deacons were first found in Suffolk with Tigers and Loretts, and Teague's are also Teegers while German Teegers are also Teegens/Tiganers. Teegans/Deacons share the Ellesmere lion (!!!), what are the chances, and have two motto terms ending in quo-like "que," what definitely looks like a pointer to Marc Elias of Perkins COIE. Cue's share the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire, and Coys share the pheon of Nickels/Nichols (Cheshire), in colors reversed from the Ellesmere / Eggerton pheon.

Plus, wowie folks, Tiganer- / Deacon-like Digans/Dougans have eight-pointed estoiles in the colors of the similar eight-pointed stars of Teegers/Tiganers, but the giant Teeger/Tiganer star is also the giant eight-pointed star of Steele-branch Stella's!!! Marc Elias hired (or gave the nod to hire) Christopher Steele to put together the phony Steele dossier.

Coys have a cloud and a snake, and the McLeods/Clouds were associated with the Crimmons/Rimmons in the Trail/Trayler/Teign motto. The same Crimmons/Rimmons are in the motto of Hamons, and while Snake-like Seneca's were from a Hamon character, they share the Trail/Trayler/Teign mascles! The TRAILridge apartment that I lived in at age 19/20 speaks. It's pointing to Clintonite crimes.

The Teeger/Tiganer Crest is also the Crest of English DOMINics. End insert]

The Percy write-up traces to Ticino/Tessin elements, apparently: "[Percys] claim the same ancestry as Tesson and Marmion in Normandy...One of the oldest records was Ralph Tesson who was found in Anjou in the 10th century...It is generally thought that the Percys probably derive from Ernegis Tesson. 'The arms of these families show their common origin.'" While Tease's/TYE's share the Pierro/Pero/Petri / Alan fesse, and while Pierro's/Pero's were at Pavia with Levi-like Laevi, let's go to the Laws, first found in Northumberland with TYSons/Tessons, and then Levi-beloved Ade's/Aids were first found in Berwickshire with the Home's/Hume's sharing the Tyson/Tesson lion. Tysons/Tessons (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's) have the Lyon/LUNE lion in colors reversed, which is then green, the color of the Lorraine lion. Can any of this point to law suits? I never saw Lorraine in any kind of suit, but the bathing suit of Miss Peare's picture still has me thinking.

Just checked LAWyers, and was reminded that they share the double-ermined fesses of Sleeps in both colors!!!! I was sleeping with Peare when she got her belly symbol!!! When I woke up Sleeping Beauty, there was a victorious thing, a RISING into the sky!!! AHHHH, Lawyers were first found in Rhineland with the Salome's/Solomons (PIERCED stars) sharing the Law Coat (minus the Law roosters)!!!! THIS IS GOOD. It Feels right.

The Law roosters are probably the red ones of Kiss'/Cush's and Bibo's, and as I think the latter were from Vibia (about the time of Jesus), mother of Lupus LAEVIllus, Laws and Lawyers look like a Levi line from him. Salome de BOETHus (of Sadducees) comes to mind in the Bute/Butt-happy discussion.

Lawyers use a mill rind in a canton square in the colors of the Whalley mascle in a canton square, and as Ratcliffe's were at Whalley, the law suits about to arise could involve data from John Ratcliffe. Penningtons, with nearly the Percy Coat, were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffe's and Whalleys. Why do we suppose that Penningtons should be a part of this picture?

On Saturday, immediately before we went to Peare's apartment, I dropped in with her to the place of Jeff Moore, and here I can add that Moore's and Morgans share the lion of Riparia-like Rippers/Ripleys, isn't that more evidence that the weekend was Arranged? In fact, Jeff lived at a street called, KIRKland (Richmond Hill), and then, on Sunday morning, I took her to CHURCH. Kirks are easily a Church variation, and Church's happen to share greyhound heads (different colors) with Cutts/Cute's and Guts/Gutier's/BALDERiz'/Butre's. Cutts/Cute's are Peare-important here because Peartree's/Petre's share the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters.

Again, Balders/BATHERstains were found above linkable to STAINs, and while Peare showed me her BATHing-suit picture on Saturday evening, Lorraine the babe lived on Church street (Richmond Hill), which is the street she was on when she came home with a STAIN on the BUTT of her pants!!! I POINTED to that stain, and while Babe's and their Brady kin have a finger pointing to the sun, Peartree's/Petre's have a bird pointing to the sun.

I've only just noted that the Babe leopard face is that also of FELThams (similar to babe Coat) and White's/Wights, and it was Lorraine's WHITE pants that had the stain. The Babe leopard face is that of Beach-like Beaks (Dorset, same as Babe's), and Peare showed me a picture of her on a bathing suit running on a BEACH! Sleeping Beauty, who pointed exactly to Rhizon and Kotor, had a bathing suit on, and she was on a beach in a dream I had two years before seeing Peare's picture.

Lorraine had pointed to Barrs, and Bill Barr is the pathetic piece of trash who wouldn't confess to big-time election fraud, and did not demand from the criminal counties their ballots and Dominion voting machines for inspection. Had Barr demanded those things, half the nation would be on their way to prison by now. Barr has been a stain on his country. I met Lorraine just weeks after last seeing Peare, and she had been with LAWrence Kepke.

It just so happens that Laws were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's, and both use red bends while Lorraine's add one of the two Ripper/Ripley lions.

The Spider and the Fly

In the 2nd update of last January, I re-tackled the short dream where a spider was walking along a stand of web, going toward a fly caught in the web, but I jabbed a piece of CARDboard between it and the fly. That scene ended there, but was followed by a nasty "scene" with the spider vibrating in my armpit. I didn't see a scene, but only felt the spider in the armpit, and trying to get up, I was unable because I was alseep...but I then, finally, woke up. We've all had that type of dream.

In the 1st update of this month, I was back to the spider-fly dream and came to the conclusion that the fly pointed to John Ratcliffe's files saving the fly. That idea was based on the connection of Lancashire's Fylde location to the Fly surname. During the writing of this 4th update in February, I loaded Flanagans, though I can't recall the reason. On Saturday morning, I noted that the Flanagan Coat was still showing from loading it days earlier, and spotting it's "CERTavi" motto term, it recalled that Cards/CERTS were suspect in the CARDboard that saved the fly. The great thing is, I've become pretty sure that Fly-like Flynns are a Flint/Flan branch.

I searched my files for "Certavi" because I recalled using it in the discussion on the spider-fly dream, and that search landed my on the 2nd update in January, where Patrick Byrne was the topic. He's one of the men at the charge of discovering election fraud. The entry in square brackets below was just added to that update this morning:

Ahh, what do we know??? The Masons/Massins share the mermaid with Byrne's, and the Byrne motto has "CERTavi" while, believe it or not, Certs are listed with Cards!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, this paragraph comes while, and because of, viewing Patrick Byrne on a Rubin Report podcast (Jan 13) not more than an hour after writing the paragraph above!...Patrick Byrne is the one who educated Sidney Powell [Flynn's lawyer] on Dominion machinery. The Byrne Coat is in the colors and format of the Wayne's who in turn share gauntlet gloves with what look like their branch, the Fane's/Vans/Veynes' of Fano, a branch of Fenns/Venns in the Powell motto!

[Update February 27 -- I happened to load FLANagans, in Flint/FLAN colors, seeing their "Certavi" motto term, which made the FLY look like a depiction of general FLYnn. It turned out that the Flanagan and Byrne mottoes are identical. It appears that this is the correct interpretation, that the spider represents the Mueller side attacking a helpless Flynn, and that something, perhaps God, saved him at the last second. I'm going to share this in the 4th update in February, and may add to it. End update]

I just think that this is an excellent picture of the spider-fly dream, where the spider looked like Obama for stated reasons. This Flanagan find comes in the same update in which Bathers were found with wolf heads in the colors of Flynn wolf, and Bathers were first found smack beside FLINTshire, you see. Flanagans are even in Fylde/Files colors. The green-on-white Flanagan border is shared by Lothians and Livingstons (first found in Lothian), in case either applies. Lothians share a giant tree (not the same species) with Flanagans. The Flyld/Files Coat is in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Flint/Flan Coat.

In the 1st update of this month, I showed how the Singletarys/Singletons of Fylde (Lancashire) are connectable to the Wheelwright antelope, adding that Wheelwrights share the Catherine wheel with Muellers. Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham, and so the spider began to look like a Mueller-Obama attack on the Trump team, but it was Mueller in particular who took general Flynn to court on false evidence of a crime, and this attack was relentless and merciless. Mueller disclosed himself a lawless fiend.

It's important to make the Flynn connection to Flanagans here, because it tends to make a Flynn-Byrne link, and this just looks wild to me, in a good way. I've got to repeat a whack of things to make one Flanagan-Flynn link, which begins with the blue-on-white wolf once showing for the Arms of Placentia in its Wikipedia article. It's colors reversed from the Flynn wolf, indicating that the Flynn Chief is also the Treby Chief (both use three besants, though on different background colors), because Placentia is on the TREBia river. Plus, Trabys/Sadowski's use a "scarf" while Scarfs share the Bather Coat i.e. with the Flynn wolf. The Treby Crest has what look like six besants on a blue collar i.e. in both colors of the Flynn besants. However, the collar on the Treby Shield has blue-gold vair fur.

That was repeated because Flanagans use a sword with its blade in flames, and the Flame's have besants in both colors of the Treby besants. Blade's, with almost the "flint stones" of Flints/Flans, are in Flanagan colors. It starts to show some Flanagan connection to Flynns. The Blade and Flint/Flan ARROW heads (by other names) reminds that Arrows/Arras' share the Webber and Fly fleur-de-lys. Perfect. But there is also the double-TRESSURE BORDer of Livingstons (West LOTHIAN), owned by Flemings and shared by Seatons (East LOTHIAN). Borders/BOARDers, first found in Somerset with Webbers and tressure-like Tresure's, can pertain to the cardBOARD.

Livingstons are important for sharing a green snake in Crest with Flynns, but also for sharing the savage with Board-like Broads, and with the Strands (wavy fesse in Flanagan / Flint/Flan colors) suspect in the strand of web that the spider and fly were on.

Strands were first found in Suffolk with Flints/Flans, and as Stars share the Flint/Flan chevron, STRands look like a variation from the Star bloodline. Pero's use "FLAMING stars," and Flemings were from Flint/Flan-like Flanders. Flints even come up as Flands. Livingstons and Strands give their savages a club, ditto with the Woods sharing the giant oak tree with Flanagans. Stars were first found in the area of the Stur river, and while Sturs are also Styre's, Styria is where spider-like Spitzers were first found.

The heraldic wave is suspect with the Weaver surname because their Webber branch has wavy fessewise bars, and so the wavy Strand fesselet links to Webbers, perfect for the strand of web. Weavers (Cheshire, where hazels were once said to be first found) were Hazel kin, and HazelWOODs / Hazeltons are in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Flints/Flans. Cheshire (where Savage's were first found) is beside Flintshire. Webbers

I now want to move to an event in Texas that I've told many times, in the day I wore a tie having TREBLE clefs as the pattern. Yup, I really did wear that tie to church. Miss Hicks came and prayed with me that morning, and when I went out to my vehicle after church, the back tire was FLAT. The Flatts/Fletts and Fleets can be linked to Flags/Flacks without a problem, and then Flys were at Flagi, what are the chances? In fact, the Fleet-like Fylde's became suspect with Flys by that route. But the main and related point is that Prays/Preters, expected in the PRAElucent motto term of Webbers, were mentioned earlier in this update like so: "By some coincidence or not, Bather-like Pathers, sharing three white wolf heads with Bathers, are listed with Prays/PRETERs." Bathers are the ones with the Flynn wolf.

The Treble's were first found in Devon with Flynn-related Trebys, you see, so that even the prayer event with Hicks is pointing to general Flynn's ordeal with the spider. The tie had treble clefs, and Cliffs/Cleffs share the wolf heads of Quade's who are in turn in the Q-shaped scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's, and Scarfs share the Bather Coat! Excellent.

The spider and fly were at the corner of wall and CEILing, and the dream took place while I was on a Sealy mattress, and while Seels/Seals (white wolf head = Flynn linkable) share the English Weaver fesse, German Webbers/Wiebers/Weavers almost have the three Sealy/Ceely stars. It doesn't appear coincidental that while I stuck a piece of cardBOARD between the spider and fly, Boards have the anteLOPE design of English Weavers. The Boards share the crossed swords of Gotts/Gode's expected in the "Gott" motto term of Webbers/Wiebers/Weavers. Is this it FELT so GOOD??? Were Felts a Fylde / Fleet / Flett/Flatt branch linkable to Flys of Flagi? When it felt so good to pull Peare's waist, was that about the ending of the spider-fly dream that wasn't shown in the spider-fly dream? Will the fly produce something good after being saved by the cardboard?

The spider-fly dream ended with the spider unhappy in my armPIT, perhaps trapped there, or perhaps it was attacking me there. Pits (Dorset) have a "Per" motto term, and Boards have "PERforatus." The sleeping-bag dream ended with my pulling Peare by the waist. I didn't see what might be good about it. Pits share the besants of Trebys, suspect with the Flynn besants, an additional reason to view the fly as general Flynn. Arms are used by Armours who descended to Obama's mother (daughter of Stanley Armour-Dunham) from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham.

The all-important "CerTAVI" motto term of Flanagans looks like part-code for Taveys/Davys (look like Guerin kin) because they were first found in Cornwall with Cards/Certs...but also with the Rosco's/Risco's sharing the Livingston cinquefoils. Taveys/Davys use the sinister-pointing dove while Doveys are listed with Tovys sharing the spur-rowell hexagram of Guerins and Payens, which are hexagrams in the colors of the same of Pero's. As Rosco's were a Rush branch, it recalls my RUSHing (the word I always used for the event) up the stairs at La Paloma with Pero-like Miss Peare, for Paloma's use a dove too, in the colors of the English Page dove, and Payens are also PAGans (Dauphine, same as French Page's). Spanish Paloma's share the Pero pale bar.

We rushed up the stairs to find a place to be alone for our first kiss, but I don't see how this event, or Kiss'/Cush's, relate to the spider-fly dream. "CerTAVI" got us to Doveys/Tovys, and then Dove's happen to have the West DANCEtt in colors reversed while Italian Dance's (Piedmont, same as Pero's and the Cottian capital) share the Pero / Paloma pale bar. How interesting, yet I can't make sense of why the Cards/Certs should be a part of the La-Paloma event. The Wests can be gleaned as a WAISTell branch, and that was as per Peare's waist event pointing to Vestalis of the Cottians.

Can I say that we were RISING up the stairs? Yes, I think we can. Although it may not pertain to Flynn's troubles from Mueller, Rosco's/Risco's are interesting because they share the Rush/RISH fesse while Rish's (white wolf head) were looking like Rice / Rhys / Rhizon elements. Rhizon was pointed to by my TOUCHing the Knee of Sleeping Beauty (Miss Hicks), and Tavey-like Tave's are listed with Touch's/Tuffs (Cheshire, same as Davids) while their Taft/Tuff branch share the phoenix with Knee's. That rising-phoenix picture is now predicting something good with the election-fraud battle in Phoenix, the capital of Rhizon-like ARIZONa.

OH WOW!!! The Cards/Certs look like they have a card in Crest, but I had read that it's a "letter," and we can even see that it has a stamp. I've just checked for a Stamp surname, and it has a black-Shield version of the Rush/Rish Coat!!!!!! But does any of this pertain to the spider-fly dream? Stamps are in the colors and format of Dove's, the latter first found in Berwickshire with David-related Ade's/Aids and the Home's/Hume's having the Tave/Touch/Tuff Coat in colors reversed. The Stamp / Rush horse now looks like that of dove-using Waistells (cuffed sleeve) because the latter's is partly on black, and then while the Waistell horse is said to be on a gallop, Gallops have a gold-bend version of the David Coat. Stamps were first found in Berkshire with Susa-like Susans.

It gets interesting here where Dorset is where both Gallops and George's were first found. The latter share blue doves with Waistells as well as the besants of Flynns. Gallops have a "Be" motto terms while Bee's/Bees' named the Bees location of Waistells. Gallops were at Strode, and Strode's have a "viRESCO" motto term! We rushed up the stairs; Rush's/Rish's were a Rosco/Risco branch, and later God pointed Peare to Gallop-loving Waistells. Gallops use "be wyse," and Pero's share the hexagrams of WAIS(tell)-like Wise's/Weis'. Wais' are listed with Wassa's (Cornwall, same as Rosco's/Risco's). English Wise's/Wyse's looks like a branch of Ways' (TREBek fish?), first found in Devon with Trebys / Treble's, Wise's/Wyse's and Staggs/STAGE's. Ways' have variations like those of Wassa's/Wais's.

Wise's/Weis' and Wies'/WIESERs share the Crest of German Webbers/WIEBERs/Weavers, begging whether the spider-fly dream connects to the meaning of my pulling Peare's waist so-good on a STAGE. The "vici" motto term of Byrne's and Flanagans could be for the Wise-like Vise's/Vice's, especially as the latter share the STAG head of Acorns (Sussex, same as Vise's/Vice's) while Corners have an acorn!!! The spider's web was in the CORNER where wall meets ceiling! Plus, the double-white wings of Wise's / Wies' / Webbers are in the Acorn and Corner Crests! Zinger.

The Acorn's is the stag head of Phoenix-loving Knee's, first found in County Down, and then Downs (Sussex, same as Vise's/Vice's and Acorns) have a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head. It may be asking whether the saving of the fly pertains to saving Trump's face (or more) for his election "loss." The red griffin head in the Corner Crest is owned by the Arms of Pomerania, the area in which German Trumps/Tromps (Corner colors) were first found. Dutch Tromps have another acorn. Miss Peare on the stage could definitely point to the Trump stag in particular.

If Stamps were a STAMford / STANford branch, note that Stains are also Stans while Stamfords are linkable to PenderGRASS', what the grass stain on Lorraine's pants pointed to. Babe-related Blonds, first found in Suffolk with Rush's/Rish's, Flints/Flans and Strands, essentially share the six Webber bars. Are we on the spider-fly dream? This likewise evokes Lorraine the babe's grass / lawn symbol, for the Strand savage is standing on what looks like grass. Bosco's use "TUFTs of grass" on their pillars, and Pillers are listed with Pillows. The two fingers pointing in the Tave/Touch/Tuff Crest are used by Babe's. I last saw Peare a few weeks before being with Lorraine, and the last I saw Peare, she showed me her bathing-SUIT picture while Picture's share the Lin/Line/Lind spears, a potential pointer to My-Pillow Lindell. If that photo was a pointer to a law suit, will this suit be from Lin Wood / Mike Lindell that includes the material about to be gathered from inspection of Arizona's voting machines? Flynns list LYNNs.

I was rising up the stairs with Christine Peare, and Christine's share the CUP with Law-like Lowrys/Lawrie's/Larrys who in turn share the motto of Letter-branch Lauders. Phoenix is in MariCOPA county, and Cups are also Cope's. Laws were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's (share laurel with Lowrys/Lawrie's/Larrys). LAWRence Kepke invited Peare to La Paloma, but he also invited me, and I got to kiss her first.

When Kepke realized she and I had snuck away from him, he came STORMing up the stairs after us. Or, at least, he came storming out the doors. I don't recall ever using "storming up" before, but this works well. As I said, he went out of his mind; the second he saw Peare and I kissing passionately, he yelled to the BOUNCER to throw us off the property (the two of us were just outside the front doors). I don't remember what happened after that on that night. There is no Bouncer/Bounce surname coming up, but Bouns'/Bone's were first found in Sussex with Kepke-like Keeps (probably the Lorraine bend), who happen to use a "weaver's shuttle," and the Bouns'/Bone's happen to share the PEARtree bend while Peartree's share the Trump stag head, which gets Storm-relevant. Plus, the Pullys/Pullings, sharing the Peartree scallops, can be in the "RePULLulat" motto shared between Letters-branch Lauders and Lowrys/Lawrys/Larrys. I was pulling Peare's waist in the sleeping-bag dream that had the Davids (round-about connectable to Waistells).

I had cause for pointing Kepke to Trump, and here we can add that Storms, first found in Mecklenburg / Pomerania with Trumps, look connectable to the three trumpets of Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire). The triple Storm fesses are shared by Love's/Loveys while a rooster STANDing on a trumpet is used by Lovers/Levers (Lancashire, same as Singletarys of Fylde, kin of Love-related Muschats). The Storm Coat is that also of English Pasleys, first found in Berkshire with the Stamps that are on the Card/Cert letter. Fylde had appeared related to Flys. The Letters are connectable to Tooths and Bumps/BumPUS', the latter suspect with the Pussys (Oxfordshire, same as Love's/Loveys) having the Storm / Pasley Coat in colors reversed.

With Kepke storming, this now gets good. But let me first repeat while we were still heavily in spider-fly heraldry:

Strands were first found in Suffolk with Flints/Flans, and as Stars share the Flint/Flan chevron, STRands look like a variation from the Star bloodline. Pero's use "FLAMING stars," and Flemings were from Flint/Flan-like Flanders. Flints even come up as Flands. Livingstons and Strands give their savages a club, ditto with the Woods sharing the giant oak tree with Flanagans. Stars were first found in the area of the Stur river, and while Sturs are also Styre's, Styria is where spider-like Spitzers were first found.

Storm-like Stormys/Sturmie's were first found in Wiltshire with Stars and trumpet-using Calls/Calles', where roughly the Stour river begins. Storms share triple-red fesses with Sturs/Styre's, and Stormys share the white-on-black lion of Steers while Steers are split in the colors of Waistell Chief so that the Steer lion reflects the white horse in the Waistell Chief. As was said, Kepke came storming up the stairs, and Stairs/Stayers could have been a Star / Styre branch.

If correct that Dorset was named by the Daorsi at the Rhizon theater, note the SelePITanoi of that area, who may have been named partly by a Pitan-like entity, and partly by a Sele term. Dorset is near Hampshire, and the latter is where Checkers were first found who share the checks of Dorset's PITs. The latter use an "ardua" motto term that can go to Ardiaei, who must have had a few relationships with Daorsi, for example as per Doria's in marriage to Arduinici. Doria's share the eagle in the Mattis/Massi Chief, and the Mattis/Massi Shield has the Checker Shield. The Mathis liver was at the southern side of Selepitanoi. The latter was pointed to by Sleeping Beauty, and Beautys were first found in Dorset.

Checkers look like Czechs because Dorset has elements from Podebrady, in Czechoslovakia.

Note that Bradds are PodeBrady liners along with Babe's and George's, the latter two both first found in Dorset. If Leibers are in the Pit motto, not that Leibers can be using a log, the Lindell/Lind and Poulos symbol. Dominion's executive in Denver, Eric COOMER, may be pointed to by Coombs-Ditch (on the Stour river), where Pits were first found, for Coomers are also Combers (Ditch colors). The latter's "astRIS" motto term can be expected with Rhizon elements. Stour-connectable Storms have three fesses in the colors of the three lions in pale of Coombs'.

Mr. Poulos founded Dominion, but I've not ever said before that the Domino's (Piedmont, same as Masci's), likely in the Coomer/Comber motto, were a branch of Demonte's, from the Demonte-Stura river in Piedmont. French Demonte's (probably the Maschi lion but in the Coat of Voirs) were first found in Burgundy with Poulos' (probably share the Masci wing). The "SaPIENs DOMINabitur astris" motto of Coomers/Combers looks like part code for the Pine's in the Maschi pine cones. So, the spider in the armpit is pointing to Dominion.

Babe's were Blond kin, and Pits were first found in BLANDford of Coombs-Ditch. Is that spider in my armpit pointing to the Internet spider of Dominion's cheat machine? The Stura-Demonte is suspect with the Stour running through Dorset's Blandford / Coombs-Ditch area. Sturs almost have the Blandford bars. Blandfords (Dorset), looking like Wake kin, share the six bars of LEVELs/Leavells (Somerset, at the Stour river), and I was told to WAKE Sleeping Beauty when she was hovering LEVEL as a pointer to Leavells. Blundville's were Meschins/Masculine's/Machine's, and Blandfords (pistol or gun?) share plates with Mussels/Muscels, which, in this Dominion picture, point to Platte River Networks, and Internet company.

The Leiber/LAIB quadrants are probably the Leighton quadrants with LEGH/Leigh lion, and while Leightons were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, Sleeping Beauty was played by Miss Hicks while Hicks were at Low Leighton. Mamie sat on my legs when she sat on my lap, and Laps/LABBS (beside Dorset) may be of the Laib variation, a pointer to the Labe river at Podebrady. I was sleeping with the spider in my armPIT, but it woke me up. I was told to wake Sleeping Beauty, which I did when touching her LEG. Wake's love the Orrs/Ore's, and the "heure" motto term of Hicks can be for the Orr-like Eure's with the Leighton / Leiber quadrants in colors reversed. The Domino's share the black tower with Hickens/Higgins.

Oh wow, the Blands (Ratcliffe bend?) have the pheons of Tipps'/Tippins (RATcliffe kin), and the Bland motto uses "SpeRATE! John Ratcliffe was expected in the hovering scene of Sleeping Beauty (a blond), but also in my TIP-IN goal. "SPErate" should be for Speers, first found with Orrs in Renfrewshire, and Rate's us "Spero meliORA". Renfrews share the GUN ship, suggesting that the Blandford Crest is a gun. This tends to nail the Blandford Coat with Orr-related Wake's. The Rite's/Write's, sharing the checkered Pit fesse, can be in the Bland motto term, "veRITE," and the Rite/Wright Crest might have the unicorn of Italian Demonte's (Piedmont, same as Domino's). Ahh, Guns share "pax" with DOMINics! As Pits got us to Blandfords, might the spider-fly dream be wholly about Dominion's corruption?

The other Rite's/Wrights have the white-on-blue leopard faces of Doors, recalling that Pits were first found in DORset. I was transported to the door of Sleeping Beauty's car, where I first saw her hovering. The Hover Crest has a white leopard face too. English Doors share bees with Bessins/Beestons, and Blundville's were at Beeston. Blondville's (not Blundville's), first found in Suffolk with Blonds/Blunds, share the Chief of Quints, the latter first found in Dorset with Blandford.

There were Blands of Kippax, and Mr. Kepke was a sun-bright blond too. I recently told that Kepke chased me with a spider dangled on its strand of web, because he knew I was afraid of spiders. A couple of years later or less, we were working at Knob Hill Farms together when God provided an event as he and I sat on my hood. The "ZEALous" motto of Hoods (or Rattery) is suspect with Zeals/Seals, linkable to the spider-fly web at my ceiling. Hoods share the white anchor with Rats, who are the Rate's (near Ratterys) likely in the Bland motto. Hoods were at Rattery. Kepke had a pet white rat in those very years (we were teens then).

Blands were first found in Sedbergh with Dents, and I'm guessing that Blands use a form of the Saleman Coat. In blue, the black Bland bend (probably the Dent bend) would be the Thistle bend-with-pheons, and the Thistle pheons are colors reversed from the same of Sedan-like Sidneys. I think Sedans named Sedbergh. The Bland pheons are colors reversed from the Sedan cinquefoils, and the Sedan cinquefoils are in the colors of the Ditch/Dike cinquefoils while Pits were at Coomes-Ditch of Blandford. Let's get Dominion into a deep pit, shall we Sidney Powell?

I really hate to complicate things by including too many pictures for the reader to handle, but I've now got to get into Darlene Ray/Wray, who was the ice-cream girl at Knob Hill Farms. Darlene's use a "female FIGURE" that I think is part-code for figure-like Vickers because they share the red fitchee with Darlene's. The Vickers come up as Quakers, which was discovered a minute ago while wondering why the spider was vibrating in my armpit. I can't imagine a Vibrate surname, so I tried for the Quakers. Hmm, vibRATE. It was vibrating as your cell phone might vibrate.

The spider seemed trapped. Trapps/Trappers (bustard) look like Bustard-of-Bush kin. Bush's (Yorkshire, same as Booths) share the Booth boars. In the next section, you will be amazed as to how Booths point to Phoenix-election corruption. Trapps/Trappers first came to topic with my squirrel-catching rat trap that ultimately pointed to John Ratcliffe doing something about the dirty squirrels of Mueller's / Clapper's deep state.

The Rays were at Gill, and Gill was our FOREMAN at Knob Hill Farms. The Blands of Kippax named Bland's Gill (Yorkshire), and Gills (Yorkshire, same as Formans/Fermans) use "DOMINE." Kepke worked with me at Knob Hill Farms, and while English Farms/Farmers are in Kippax/Keppoch colors and format, Irish Farmers can be linked to FORMANs/Fermans because Farmers share the lion heads of Firemens (Yorkshire). Gill FIREd me, but I took my next job in shoe sales and thereby met CHRISTine Peare, and Firemens use "Christi." Christs are linkable to Hips' and Phoenix's. Firemans share the red fitchee with Darlene's and Quakers, and Firemans even look linkable to Blonds and Blands. Darlene, and my other girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms, were sun-bright blonds, and the other girlfriend was Allison Bauer while Scottish Allisons were of the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds. How most of this could be related to the spider is beyond me, even if the spider is viewed purely as Dominion voting.

The spider-like Spitzers use "hills," and Hills look like kin of Hickens/Higgins (love Patria's of PEARtree's), the latter sharing the Domino tower, and first found in Piedmont with Peare-line Pero's. Hickens/Higgins share a Shield of drops (different colors) with Darlene's, and the lone lion in the Drop/Trope Chief could be in the Forman/Ferman Chief. Hills were first found in Worcestershire with the Squirrels who in turn love the Peare-related Tiens, and the Squirrels use a "FERME" motto term, you see. Knob HILL FARMs. It's suggesting that I got fired so that God could send me RISING up those La Paloma stairs with Peare (it was the first time I met her).

By the way, I recently said that the 17th squirrel was gone this winter, even as John Ratcliffe is no longer the head of Intelligence. But, yesterday, I heard, for the first time, a squirrel in my garage. It was small activity, but it could be a start. In fact, wow, as it started to chew open a plastic garbage bag, and as my trash can is full, I put the chewed bag under an upside-down wheel-BARROW, and Barrows (share Fireman anchor) were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffe's. The latter were at Barrow-like Bury.

Kim Thomson in a Phone Booth

Here's the court hearing (Thursday) to decide whether the Arizona election data will be given up to the Arizona senate. The decision will be out Friday.

The criminal defense (mainly Republican, great shame), the county board that is, is arguing that the senate (representatives of the people) can't have the data because it's to be under seal for two years, claiming that it violates this law if the data is given up. However, the very reason that it's under seal for two years is in case the people suspect fraud or errors and therefore demand to inspect it. As this judge is not so stupid as not to realize this, he will show himself to be a criminal if he sides with those who wish to keep the data from the eyes of the people.

Friday surprise: the judge decided to force the ballots and machines to be a scrutinized by the senate. But I'm not yet celebrating because this could be a trick. For one thing, the criminal side isn't appealing the decision, but I think it would if there's much to hide. Everything may have been fixed to remove all evidence of guilt, and the election count houses can then say, "I told you so."

On the other hand, there's been some heraldic evidence that RISING Sleeping Beauty points to Arizona as the state to get the election-fraud wheels moving in the right direction. See last update for "Rhizon" as compared to "ARIZONa" for more on that. The idea is that while God made she and I to rise into the sky, there is a rising Phoenix theme in ancient writ, and then while Phoenix is the Arizona capital, the Phoenix/Fenwick surname is linkable to phoenix-using Knee's. I touched Sleeping Beauty's knee, and that's the instant when we started to rise in what can be considered a victory scene.

Amazingly, the judge's name is Timothy THOMASON. Some of you may have read about Kim Thom(p)son," as per a story a tell often: last I saw her, she was in a PHONE booth, and I waved to her as I drove by. The Phone variation of Fane's/Vans looks like it created the Phoenix variation of Fenwicks!!! So now we have the court victory with a judge having a surname that is almost "Thom(p)son"! Quite the coincidence if that's all it is.

Whenever I tell that story, I go to BOTHwells ("boy PULLING DOWN a PINE tree" in Crest) because they look like a branch of Boths/Booths (Yorkshire, same as Pullys/PULLINGs). Bothwells, I had read, are from Bute, where Kims were first found. KIM Thom(p)son. What are the chances that the Pine's in the Bothwell Crest share the Kim cinquefoils? Kim in the phone booth didn't know heraldry. It appears that God set up that wave event, and an heraldic wave is, I think, a Weaver / Webber symbol. English Pine's are even in the colors and format of Wayne's/WEYNES's sharing the gauntlets of Phone's/Fane's/VEYNES', making it appear that God definitely wanted Bothwells to apply from the booth.

There are two Thomason surnames, and the one first found in Cheshire is very linkable to Waistells (I was PULLING Peare's waist) because the both surnames have the same bend while Waistell bend has the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire, while Thomasons put doves on their bend in colors reversed from the Waistell doves. So, this comes after seeing Peare's waist above as some sort of a good thing, and here the judge's surname looks like Waistell kin (in the remote past).

Pulling Peare's waist was also pulling her hips, and the Hips' have a great reflection of the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat!!! ASTOUNDING!!! If nothing good happens in Phoenix, I'll be shocked by what then look like sheer coincidences.

The dove design for English Thomasons is used by Italian Paloma's. Less than two years before the phone-booth event with Kim Thomson, I kissed KIM Walsh at La Paloma, where I had kissed Ms. Peare in the rising-up-the-stairs event. The same Kepke who stormed up the stairs had left Peare for Kim Walsh by then. There's more to that kiss than this, but at this time I see no heraldic pointers to Arizona. But wait, What I have said in the past is that Walsh's/Walchs (ROXburghshire) were from the namers of Wallachia, where the Rus-like ROXolani (Rus-Alans) lived, and while Peare and I rushed up the La-Paloma stairs, Rush's/Rish's look like Rus. King Rusa lived at Lake VAN, near RIZE, and as this area was at the ARDAhan theater, it makes sense that Rhizon was a Rize element due to ARDIAei at Rhizon. Vans are listed with Phoenix-branch Phone's!!!

As I've said, by the time Kepke was with Walsh, he had entered Paloma-like plumbing with his brother. Plummers/Plumbers (palm branch) happen to have three lion heads in the colors of the lion paws of WINDows, and the lions of Finis'/Fiens, the latter being a branch of Phone's/Vans/Fiens. Fiens can be gleaned in the "fie en" motto phrase of Window-like Windsors. Prior to working in Plumbing, Kepke met Peare when selling shoes, and Plummers/Plumbers share the Shoe star. Peare was working at Reitmans clothing (Scarborough Town Center) when Kepke met her (he invited her to La Paloma days later), and Reitmans share the hexagram of German Plumers/Plumbs (one 'm'). Variations of Plumers/Plumbs (Bavaria, same as Bohns/Bohens/Boens) have endings such as "baum / bohm / boim," like the Bohn/Bohun/Bohum variation of English BOUNS'/Bone's (compare with Bonns/Bunns, Pullys/Pullings and Peartree's), tending to support my pointer of the bouncer to Bouns'/Bone's. The latter share the Finis/Fien lions, what are the chances?

I've already told that, two or three weeks after the kiss at La Paloma, Kepke caused me to slam a window and break its glass, at the moment he convinced Peare that I was merely using her for sex (not true, there had been no attempt by me to have sex). I would have fought for her, I suppose, if she had shown more interest in me, but then maybe I wasn't showing enough interest in her, or God just made things work out that way. She went to him that night, and it turned out she badly wanted sex. I had wanted a solid, loyal mate, keeping sex in the distance. The Finis'/Fiens are suspect with the so-called "unFINIShed PYRamid" in the Great Seal of the United States.

Why do Bonns/Bunns (version of Bouns/Bone Coat), first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, use red spread eagles, the color of the spread Knee eagle? Phoenix-related Knee's share the stag head of Vise's/Vice's, the latter first found in Sussex with Bouns'/Bone's. "Vis" happens to be a motto term of Rams suspect with Pero-liners in "pyRAMid." I'll show why later in this update.

French Thomasons look very linkable to Poulos' (LOGs), a Pully-like surname that belongs to the founder of Dominion voting machines. The giant French ThoMASON cross is in the colors of the giant Messey/Messier saltire (in the colors of the Poulos saltire-by-logs), and both surnames were first found in Burgundy with Poulos' and log-like Loge's having the Messey/Messier Coat in colors reversed. Linda's/Linds/Lindells use the log too (by the looks of it).

Timothy, judge THOMASON's first name, does come as a surname with variations such as, Tomelty, and then Tomati's list TOMMASONi's! That's not easy to do. Plus, Timms were first found in Kent with Masons.

I have told the story before that, on the night the moving VAN was loading our furniture, I out-of-character picked a tomato from the garden of Bill's mom, and threw it at a neighbor's window!!! This is so funny. The neighbor came looking for me, but I escaped with my head. We were moving to Senator Reesors drive!!! That's the street mentioned in the last update with Linda Henning, a pointer, i think, the Hammer and scorecard, the system that caught election cheating red-handed. She lived on Senator Reesors drive with me, and the point is: Reesors/REASONs and their Reesor/Rhys branch look like Rhizon elements!!! It's linking to the rising-phoenix theme, and the tomato I threw therefore looks like a pointer to judge Thomason. The only reason I've known the Tomati/Tommasoni surname is due to that tomato I threw.

I threw it at the window, and I always link Windows to Finis'/Fiens, a branch of Fiens/PHONE's/Fane's/VANs!!! The moving VAN!!! So there we have the tomato-toss event pointing to Phoenix liners again. Here's from the 1st update in October, 2017: "While the moving van was loading our furniture on my last night (11 years old) with these friends, I was in Bill's backyard, where I threw a garden tomato at a neighbor's window."

Also, it appears that God arranged for one Welsh Thomas Coat to be a version of the Thomson Coat while the Thomas Coat has the Kim cinquefoils. Kim Thomson didn't name herself after this heraldic connection, but the connection is there. Then, the other Welsh Thomas' happen to share the Rice and Reesor/Rhys Coat, can we believe it? The Rice's love the HARDys in their motto, whom the Douglas' (HEART) claim as their ancestors, and while the Thomsons look like they have a version of the Douglas Coat, Hardys (share black boars with Booths/Boths!!!!!) were first found in Lanarkshire with Bothwells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kim Thomson in the phone booth!

Here's from the 2nd update in April, 2017: "...the last time I saw Kim Thompson was at a phone BOOTH." I'm not making it up here to go with Phoenix, Arizona.

It's been very interesting that Bothwells share the Lynch Coat while Loretta Lynch was on a plane in the Phoenix airport when Bill Clinton met her there in the so-called "tarmac meeting." That seems like some good evidence that Kim at the phone booth is a pointer also to Thomason's ruling Friday. This recalls that the superstar hockey player on my team (age 12) caused us to win the trophy when he was traded to our team late in the year. He was Steve TARR. One day, I checked Macks as per "tarMAC," and found that Macks have eight of the ten pale bars of Tarrs. TARmac. Does Steve's Tarrs two assists on my two goals have to do with Arizona? Could suddenly be. As I said, on his first assist, with about a minute to go in a 2-2- tie of the semi-final match, Tarr's slap shot came to rest on the goal line, and with me in the clear and the goalie sprawled way out of the net, I dropped to my KNEES in excitement, and slid along the ice to tip in the puck. Knee's use a phoenix! Zikers.

I slid in on my SHIN pads, and Shins/Chinns share the Coat of Kim-like Kemmis'/Kenys, what are the chances of that? They both share triple-red fesses with Storms, and Shins/Chinns were first found in Somerset with Tarrs, at the Stour river linkable to Storms because Sturs have triple-red fesses too! Kims are also M'Kins/M'Shimmie's.

I hate to tell this story, but have told it in the past. About six years after I saw Kim Thomson briefly at high school, we met up somehow, and we spent the night in my bed, just months AFTER I became a Christian...which is why I didn't try to have sex. I remember only one thing that night and morning, I kid you not, I cannot remember another thing: in the morning, she sprawled out on my BACK (just enjoying the sensation) while I lay on my belly sleeping. I'll let you argue with yourself as to whether God arranged it, for English Backs were first found in Somerset too (i.e. with Kim-connectable Shins/Chinns), where Laids/Ladds were first found. She LAID on my back. German Backs/Bachs use a "steer," like the Styre variation of Sturs (Hampshire, beside Somerset).

There are also the Welsh Bachs/BAGHs, first found in Denbighshire with the Bathers suspect with the Flynn wolf. The interesting thing now is the Bags, for I've just read that they were at Freebridge-Lynn, and while English Lynns (phoenix in Crest?) were first found in Norfolk with Bags, Irish Lynns are listed with Flynns. The amazing thing here is the following proof that Bachs/Baghs apply to Kim having LAID on my back, for Laids/Ladds are also Ladeys, while Ladys/Laudymans share the annulet of English Lynns! It may be that the sleeping bag was intended for some reason, or in some circumstances, to point to general Flynn. The Lynn annuLETs can be suspect partly with Lets/LATE's who in turn have a Chief in Laid/Ladd/Ladey colors.

As I think Flynns/Lynns share the Treby-Chief besants, note that the Treby besants are in the colors of the LaidLAW besants. Hmmm. Laws may have the Comps/Camps in their motto while Campbells (Yorkshire, same as Comps/Camps) share gyronny (different colors) with English Lynns. The latter share the gyronny of Fortune's, the latter first found in East Lothian with the Vaux's sharing the Law bend-with-stars. This recalls that I PICKED up the sleeping bag (in the dream), the only thing I did with it, and then the Scottish Picks/Pike's share the pierced stars of Laws (and Solomons/Salome's). Laws may have the Compo's in their motto who share the engrailed Sinclair Cross, and Sinclairs were at Midlothian with Mens'/Mame's.

Ahh, wow, Comps/Camps share the griffin heads of GARDNERs, and, as I said, Rod Gardner was Kim's boyfriend immediately before she went out with me back in high school! Ahh wow, compare Gardners with Bather-like Bathursts!!! It recalls Mamie in her BATHing SUIT at her garden. I'm still wondering whether it points to a LAW SUIT.

This discussion leading to Bachs/Bagh and Bags recalls Mamie's sleeping bag when she and I slept in it (no sex) after being around the CAMP fire!!! Bachs/Baghs were first found in Denbighshire with BATHers, you see, and Kim led first to Laids, which brought LaidLAWs to mind. Earlier that night, Mamie sat on my lap / knees / legs, and the Lay surname is listed with Leghs/Leigh's (Cheshire, right beside Denbighshire). Kim LAY on my back (about two years earlier). Kim was later in a phone booth, and Boths/Booths were kin of Leigh's. The morning after Mamie and I slept in the bag, she put her bathing suit on for a wade in the lake, and later that day she was at her Gardner-like garden with it! Make of it what you will, but I keeping eyes on any law suit that can bring all of this back to topic. The Bather wolf head was owned by Hugh Lupus, earl in Cheshire. This earldom went to Meschins, one of which was Ranulph de GERNON, the one I trace "GYRONNy" to. Meschins have nearly a colors-reversed version of the Laid/Ladd/Ladey Coat.

After Kim laid on my back, I saw her one more time, as little as a month later, getting into a phone booth. She saw me, and I waved while stopped in a line to a RED light. I then drove off. Boths/Booths share the REDDing/Reading/Riding Coat, and the latter surname shares "defende" with Scottish Woods and Lennox's/Levenax's. Bothwells use "ADversus," and Boths/Booths have "ADjuvat." There's adjudication in some cases after people vote in voting BOOTHs, hmmm. I've just realized that her phone booth can be a pointer to Phoenix's voting booths. Only after that thought came to mind, electoral RIDINGs came to mind!!!! ZIKERS, look at how that just fell out. I did not have electoral ridings in mind when first mentioning the Reddings. The red light, which I don't recall mentioning before, brought it to a falling-out.

OH wow. I've said a few times that her phone booth was just about where Lorraine had gotten her feet and babe symbols, and the red light was therefore smack at the bus stop (Yonge and Lorne streets, Richmond Hill) where I was destined (two years later) to ask Lorraine on a date for the first time!!! I have mentioned the Stops/Stubbs many times as per that bus STOP, and so look at what I said above before realizing how important the red light was: "...I waved while STOPped in a line to a RED light". The Stops/Stubbs use Phoenix-like pheons!!! The REDS/Reads were first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's/Fenwicks!!! The Reds/Reads share "pax" with English DOMINics!!!

The phone booth was on the east side of Yonge street, and if one were to go to the back of the store from where that booth stood, one might be smack in the parking lot of Lorraine's two-story apartment on Church street. LORRAINE lived at Church and LORNE.

Back to the tarmac meeting in Phoenix, of Bill Clinton, son of Mr. Blythe, for Blythe's and Clints/Clents share the gold-on-red garbs of Reds/Reads. The Red/Read motto is "Pax COPIA," and Phoenix, Arizona, is in MariCOPA county!!! Cups/Cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Reads, believe it or not, and the latter Reads share a red stag head with Thomsons!!!!! Ahh, the Reds/Reads have a bird RISING in Crest!!!! INCREDIBLE, and I almost missed all of this. I don't know if I've ever mentioned that red light before.

Scottish Reads share the Law stars while Laws were first found in Northumberland with Reds/Reads. There is also the question on whether the Thomson-Thomas link points to a coming law suit favored by supreme-court justice, Clarence Thomas, the one who zealously wrote a report in opposition to the six justices who shunned election-fraud cases this week.

Why the Mall?

I've looked up to Heaven a couple of times, in wonder if Sleeping Beauty, whom I started emphasizing in mid-2016 (start of election season), was Intended as a pointer to Arizona's election fraud. If anything is to be gained for the real winners of the election, one would think that it's got to go to court. Which courts? How many times can SCOTUS expose itself criminally delinquent by rejecting case after case of election fraud?

Soon after Kim Thomson stopped seeing Rod GARDENER, I started to see her. Not many updates ago, I showed how Gardners point to chief-justice Roberts on SCOTUS. Rod's brother is ROBERT. The brothers moved to Gormley right in front of the JUNK yard, and GARDens have a JUNGunter motto term while Jungs/Youngs have a stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head. Val Trompia is at lake GARDa. I waved at Kim's phone booth on YONGE street. German Gardners look linkable to FELTmans/Felthams, and have the Peartree / Pully/Pulling scallops in colors reversed while Peartree's share the Pully/Pulling bend and the Trump/Tromp stag head. Bothwells have a boy PULLING down a PINE tree, you see, and French Pine's share the Kim cinquefoil.

I'm trying to figure out why I pulled Peare's waist / hips in a mall. How can a mall relate to Arizona? Am I correct, in the first place, to point that waist scene to Arizona? Recall Peare and I RISING / rushing up the stairs, with Kepke STORMing after us, for Storms / Stormys are linkable to Easters/Isters/Asters/Sturs (from Stur) while Morleys/MAULs were at Easter Fowlis. Kepke complained about Peare and I kissing to the BOUNCEr, and Bouns' are listed with the Bone's who may be responsible for "MarleyBONE."

As per Easter Fowlis, we find that the Foulis surname, listed with Fowlis'/Vowells, took a royal grant (from the king) for the estates of the D'Arcys, suggesting kinship, and Darcys/D'Arcys happen to share the Kim cinquefoils. Recalling how Kim in the phone booth pointed to Bothwells (and Kims of BUTE) who share the Lynch Coat, we can add here that Lynch's were first found in Galway with Darcys/D'ARCys. Plus, Booth-like Boots were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's!!! Zinger, look at that. German Trips once showed boots, but now show shoes because Kepke and I both sold shoes when we met Peare!

Peare and I rushed up the stairs as a pointer to the phoenix rising, and Rush's/Rish's share "Un dieu" with Darcys/D'Arcys!!! All-in-all, the Morleys/Mauls have brought us right back to judge Thomason in relation to Phoenix, Arizona. Kepke stormed up after us, and Storms are of Stur of Maunch while Darcys trace to Arcy of Maunch. I hesitate to appeal to the Q-Anon "storm" here (defined as massive arrests of deep-state criminals), but perhaps the storm he predicted wrongly will come up in some other form after Arizona rises from the election ashes.

LOOKIE at what was said earlier when finding the Rush-related Stamps: "The Storm Coat is that also of English Pasleys, first found in BERKSHIRE [!] with the Stamps that are on the Card/Cert letter." We just saw Arks/Arch's first found in Berkshire, which happens to be the location of Windsor castle.

AHHHH WOW. Stormys use a bear design once used for the black bear of Swiss Berns (named Berne), which evokes Patrick Bryne, and Bryne's ("vici") are the ones with the "CERTavi" motto term for the Cert variation of Cards!!! The storm of arrests, if it ever happens, looks like it will involve the Dominion machines that Mr. Bryne has inspected to the best of his abilities! Bryne's share the mermaid of Laps/Labbs', the latter first found in Wiltshire with Stormys and Fowlis-like Fowlers!!! What's in an Easter Fowlis, wow? Morleys/Mauls came up big-time here. Ahh, Fowler-like Fullers happen to essentially share the Storm Coat! That works.

Fowlers (Macey colors and format) look very linkable to Maschi's, to Voirs at VANNES, and to Van-related Fiens for at least four reasons. Maschi's (near Fano of the Macey-related Phone's/Fane's/Vans) were a branch of Meschins/MACHINE's while Masci's (not "Maschi") were first found in Piedmont with Dominion-like Domino's. We are all over the Phoenix line here in what could be a pointer to Dominion machines. We are also all over the kin of Fenns/Venns in the Powell motto while Sidney Powell got her kraken, probably, from Mr. Byrne. Sidneys and Finis'/Fiens (probably share Fowler lions) were both first found in Kent.

Some of you may have read about the "SILVER Bird" song (1970's) at the home of ROBERT Powell. I've linked Silvers/Silversteins (share Robert lion) to Fowlers before but not using the Voir Crest, said to be: "St. Mark's lion, supporting a SILVER book inscribed with the words "PAX TIBI, MARCE EVANGELISTA"." "Pax" is the full motto of Dominion-like Dominics, and "tibi" is shared by Rams.

It just so happens that the English Vowells/Fowells are also Powell-like Phowells sharing "sed" with Sidney-connectable Sedans/Siddens. The latter's Seaton/Sitten branch was first found in Lothian with the Mens'/Mame's sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Vowells/Fowells, which recalls that Morleys/Mauls, who brought us the Fowlis', were likewise in Lothian.

The amazing thing now is that while Mr. Morley circled the sleeping bag with his motorbike, I slept in a sleeping bag with Mamie, the pointer to Mens'/Mame's, though there's more to this. The Vowells/Fowells essentially share the Chief of Jardins, and the latter were first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens (the Mens/Mame Chief again) while Mamie pointed to Gardens the day we awoke from her sleeping bag. We slept in a tent, and while Tintons use tends, the Tinton chevron is that also of Vowells/Fowells (Devon, between Tintons of Cornwall and Tints of Somerset). Vowells/Fowells use "osTENTo," you see.

Morley pointed in that dream to Ade's/Aids, and "ADsum" is a motto term of Jardins (probably share the Annan Coat). The Jardin Chief is almost the Angus Chief, sharing the Annas star, and a version of the Annas Coat is used by Circle-like Kirks. Or put it this way. Circle's (church) are listed with KIRCHners, and David Morley lived near the corner of Church and Harding (Richmond Hill) when I knew him. Here's from the Jardin write-up: "Further research indicates that the family settled very early in the barony of Gardyne in the parish of KIRKden, Angus." Mamie got her thigh symbol at her garden that day, and Tease's/Tyes' (Nottinghamshire, same as MAMESfeld and Annas') share the Annas / Jardin star. So, we see good reasons to link Mamie's sleeping bag to the one circled by Morley, and I don't think I've even started to decipher the reason(s) why, though some of this looks like it's pointing to Sidney Powell. Sidneys use a giant Phoenix-like pheon.

Easters/Asters were from Stur in Manche, and Maunch was the location of Valognes, which is where Valons/Walons below were from. I have resolved that, as per Alan-related Velins and Velens, Valognes was named by the Maunch's Alauna, which I trace to Epirus' Aulon/AVLONa. This line likely named mythical Avalon, which I identify as the island of Bute (seized by the Alan-Stewarts as soon as they ascended the Scottish throne). It can explain why the Alan, Bute/Butt and Button/Bidens fesses are all red. Velens (share Alan martlets) once showed ducks, as Velins still do, and then one Thomas Coat has a duck (on fesses in Alan-fesse colors) probably due to the FitzAlan marriage to Alice, daughter of Thomas of Saluzzo. Kims were first found in Bute, and Welsh Thomas' (Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors) have a version of the Thomson Coat. Kim Thomson!

As I've explained many times, the appearance of David Morley in that pull-waist dream pointed to both Malls/Marlybone's and Morleys/Mauls as verification that God gave the dream. But I don't recall proving that link by way of this part of the Morley/Maul write-up: "By the marriage of Peter de Maule with CHRISTINa de VALONiis before 1215 he acquired the large baronies of Panmure ard Bervie." The Valons/Walons (MALo MORi") share the quadrants of Malls/Marlybone's (Cheshire, same as Davids), you see. And Miss Peare is Christine. Higgensons, with a Coat version of the Pero-loving Hickens/Higgins, share the motto of Valons/Walons.

A branch of Valons/Walons are in the motto of Claverings (as "Volans") who not only share the Mall/Marlybone quadrants, but their black bend too. And Claverings are part of the Cleave/Cliff/Cleff bloodline while I was cleaving to Sleeping Beauty when we were RISING. I was about to cleave to Miss Peare when pulling her waist and hips. Sleeping Beauty was Miss Hicks, and Hicks have an "heure" motto term while Eure's have the Clavering Coat but with quadrants in colors reversed. Eure's share the quadrants of Masseys (Cheshire). My take here is that the embracing of both women was to get Clapper-like Claverings into this election-fraud picture. See Claverings in the last update.

Clappers share the Beach Shield, almost the Shield of emBRACE-like Bracebridge's, and Miss Peare showed me a picture of she in a bathing suit RUNNING on a beach. Sleeping Beauty appeared on a beach in a bathing suit, the thing now proposed as a pointer to some major law suit. I now recall that Runnings/Ronny share the fesse of Rush's/Rish's, who not only share the courant horse of Waistells, but were part of my rushing / rising up the stairs with Peare. Waistells were at St. Bees, and "Be as" is a Bracebridge motto phrase while Beas' are listed with Bee's/Bees'. Coincidence after coincidence? Or Intelligent Design?

An interesting thing here is that I looked for a surname like "election" only yesterday, and got a Lecton surname listed with Leightons/Leytons (Shropshire, same as Sleeps) who share the Clavering / Mall/Marlybone / Valon/Walon quadrants. It recalls that Hicks were at a Low LEIGHton location, and that Sleeping Hicks and I began to rise as soon as I touched her LEG i.e. now pointing to Phoenix, Arizona. Shropshire is the location of Mortone-Say, where Cleave's/Cliffs/Cleffs are said to have been with the Styche family, and Styche's (Cheshire) share the Coat of Goods/Guts to which Peare pointed with her waist and belly events. It could thus start to appear that Sleeping Beauty and Peare's belly / waist symbols are about elections.

The appearance of David Morley also pointed to my gallop on Miss Peare's white horse because it took me to a BANK in the field, at which point I turned the horse around and ended the ride. Malls/Marlybone's have the MilBANCs, and Milbanks were Rodham/Rodden kin; the latter named a Rodden river in Shropshire. The stage Peare was on doubled as a PLATform as a pointer to Hillary Rodham's Platte River Networks, her private server having a head office in Denver along with Dominion voting's American headquarters. I hate to repeat myself so often, but as PERKINs Coie (Hillary's lawyer worked with it) has an office in Denver too, that's why I walked into the PARKING LOT of a mall as soon as David Morley rode away from me down the RODham-like Road. We can view it as a street because Streets use the Catherine wheel of Catherine ROET. Rudes', in the colors of the Waistell Chief, were first found in Shropshire. The Chief of Waistells (Arms-of-Cheshire garbs in Shield) have a white horse on a gallop, and Gallops are kin of Davids (Cheshire).

Morley rode away (on a motorbike) down the road just as I was walking across the road into the parking LOT. The Lots share the brown Lothian dog, and Morleys/Mauls have this in their write-up: "His son, Robert de Maule aligned himself with David, Earl of Huntingdon, later known as David II, and moved to Scotland with the monarch and there obtained vast lands in LOTHIAN where his family held a family seat." The earl of Huntingdon, son of king David I, married ADa of Warenne, and while one can see similarity between the ADE/Aid, Rodham/Rodden and David Coats, Claverings (the ones related to the Valons/Walons in the Morley/Maul write-up) use an "AD" motto term. English Morleys share the Ade/Aid leopard FACE with fleur-de-lys run through it, with Ade's/Aids, what are the chances?

[Insert -- I didn't know until a couple of hours after writing here that William of Warenne, who could have been Ada's father, is in the Rising write-up as owner/keeper of Castle Rising...yet another proposed pointer of the sleeping-bag dream to Phoenix, Arizona. Warrens share the checkered Shield of Wards with a Comey-like "Comme" motto term, relevant immediately beneath this insert because James Comey oversaw the illegal FISA warrants. Wow, Warrants are listed with Warrens!!! The Warren/Warrant Shield is also the Shield of Cleave-connectable CLIFFords, especially connectable due to Wards being at Clopton, for Claverings are like the Clapps/Clappers, a potential branch of Claptons/Cloptons (share Ward bend). Suddenly, the storm hoped for from Arizona rising may go against the swamped ships of Comey and Clapper.

The "Semper paratus" motto of Cliffords looks very linkable to Patria's/Peartree's and/or Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's, tending to explain the Warden pear in that light. Cliffords received the barony of Skipton, in Craven, where the first Banks were first found, and the Banks first came to steady topic with the bank in Peare's field. I then realized that the hill where Morley circled the sleeping bag was itself a bank off the road.

Prior to Cliffords of Skipton, Meschins/MACHINE's had married Rumilly Skiptons. The circling of the bag pointed to Kirk liners above, and Kirkham is where CLIFtons were first found. WOWIE, while Peare's were related to Tiens'/Thames', the Tennis' (Masci colors and near-format) sharing the Peare leopard faces must be in the "Tenez" motto term of Cliftons (!), yet the Tennis leopard faces are the specialized ones of Morleys and Ade's/Aids!!!!! Incredible find. Pero's/Perino's were first found in Piedmont with Machine-branch Masci's and Domino's, and Cliffs are Cleave's while I was about to cleave to Miss Peare when pulling her Phoenix-pointing hips toward me, but, drats, the dream abruptly ended with she only on the way.

Cliftons (white lion) of Kirkham finds that the Kirkham Crest shares the white lion head of Raines-branch Wrens, perfect where Cliftons share the Raines lion. Wrens happen to share the purple lion with Skiptons, perfect for Cliffords of Skipton. Wrens were first found in DURHAM with the Sedans who in turn share the black-on-white border with Kirkhams. The Wrens have a Coat version of the Vowells/Fowells/PHOWELLs ("Non" and "sed"), and the last time the latter were to topic, SIDNEY Powell took us from Sidneys to Sedans ("None" and "sed"). Can circling that sleeping bag on a bank point to Sidney Powell, therefore? Bank Newton of the Banks is not far (about 35 miles) from SEDburgh (Yorkshire), where I trace Sedans (once said to be first found in Yorkshire). Do you think Johh DURHAM will speak to people like Sidney Powell, Patrick Byrne, or Lin Wood?

The "ostento" and "ostendo" motto terms of Vowells/Fowells/Phowells can be for Austins/Ostians sharing blue lion paws with Fien- / Phone-connectable Windows, and zowie, Fenns/Venns, first found in Devon with Vowells/Fowells/Phowells (!!!), are in the Powell motto!!!!!! That tends to reveal that Powells were Vowell liners, or vice-versa, and then Easter Fowlis of the Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire, same as Bank Newton) suggests the "EASTERn prince" in the Newton Crest! This recalls Albert OOSTEYN pointing to Whistle's, and then Alberts (Kent, same as Sidneys) have a wild savage with a big-fat and dangerous "sledge HAMMER" that can point to the crushing Hammer and Scorecard. We hope so.

The "juda" motto term of Warrens/Warrants is like the "JUDicium" of Rains/Raines' (share Clifton lion), and the latter's lions are in the colors of the Stormy lion. The storm of arrests needs heavy-duty rain, right? Do I really think they're coming? These motto terms are for Judds/Juggs and JUDGE's/Juge's (leopard FACE's). Irish Judge's/Juggs (Rain/Raines colors and format) have a "proviDENTia" motto term while Dents were first found at Sedan-suspect Sedbergh...looking like another pointer to Sidney Powell, but she dropped her court cases, according to reports. Judds/Juggs share the boar heads of Mea's/Meighs who in turn share the Face/Fessy cross. The latter surname was first found in Northamptonshire with Wards. The leaves on the Warden pears are in the colors of the Fowlis/Vowell leaves, and Pear liners are expected with Laevi Gauls. In case it applies, Miss Hanson the ice-cream girl lived on Warden avenue. End insert]

The Face's/Fessys, sharing the Rudes / BATH cross, can be linked by their motto to Fisc-like Fieschi of Genova, and Fiscs (PYRamid) use "AD ASTRa," recalling EASTER Fowlis of the Morleys/Mauls, for Easters are ASTERs too. The latter were a Stur branch, and Sturs were first found in Hampshire with Rish-like Rich's (BOTTONy cross) and Buttons/Bottons/BIDENs, and the Hunters/Hunts (Shropshire) were probably of Huntingdon elements. So, things-Morley are pointing also to Hunter Biden's corruption that probably overlaps with Clinton corruption abroad. Buttons/Bidens are said to have been clergy at BATH, which is in the area where the Stour river starts, and we might be able to glean here that the law suit(s) pointed to by bathing suits will go against the Bidens first of all, especially election-fraud suits. In other words, God may have used bathing suits for pointing to Buttons of Bath.

The Fiscs obviously point to the FISA court, called, FISC, but there's more in the Fisc pyRAMid, for Rams (Platte colors and format) use a "facias" motto term looking like code for some Face / Fieschi line. Cremers use a ram, but Cremers also linked up to Face-like Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes', first found in PERigord (like "PYRamid") with Fauchys. So, the appearance of David Morley in the sleeping-BAG dream has now spilled over to the FISC, and Wikipedia's Fieschi article tells that they were politically associated with Grimaldi's, the latter sharing the Bag Shield. But I don't think I have the full meaning of the sleeping bag worked out.

As the BATHing-suit photo of Peare was shortly after Roxanne BENNET and I were no longer together, it seems that there's some mystery in the Bennet / Benedict motto having a Vowler/Fowler/Vouler-like "vouloir" term. The Benedicts use what could be the three Silver(stein) lions, which the Vowlers/Fowlers and "silver-book" Voirs have on a blue Shield.

Again, Roxanne lived on BATHurst avenue, and Bathursts have the Peare-related Tiens in their motto. Dutch Bennets/Benedicts may have a lion holding a book. Bathursts were at a MIXbury Oxfordshire, where Peare's and Tiens were first found along with the Luffs/Love's whose triple fesses are colors reversed from the same of Mix's/Micks and Pussys (Oxfordshire). I can't seem to crack the mystery in all of this. Roxanne lived in the Holland Landing, and, wow, Hollands share the fleur-de-lys of Mix's/Micks.

Plus, Bathursts are said to have been in Laverstock while Lavers/Laufers can be gleaned as a Luff/Love branch because the latter's triple fesses are very linkable to the triple chevrons of MUSCHATs, the latter first found in Essex with Lavers/Laufers and Hollands. My girlfriend immediately before Roxanne was Diane MUSCHATov, which suddenly looks like it's part of this mystery. Ms. Loeffler of Georgia comes to mind who betrayed Trump voters; she was supposed to appeal the Democrat choice for electors, in conjunction with Mike Pence, on January 6, but the two betrayed Trump voters.

Diane's/Deins (Dutch Bennet/Benedict lion?) share the crescents of Luff-related Cheeks/Chicks/Checks. Diane's/Deins were first found in Sussex with Diens/Dine's/Dives', and the latter actually share the Bathurst patee. Diane Muschatov lived on Weldrick avenue near Bathurst avenue (Richmond Hill) when I knew her. The Hollands share (in different colors) with Diane'/Deins what I call the round-tailed lion, in case that's a special symbol.

Here's Sidney Powell and general Flynn interviewed late this week;

Powell says that Dominion has not sued her at all, but that it's just a media rumor = fake news. Near the end of the video, Ms. Powell says she has cases still pending, and more to come! Excellent.


I have a question. Why can't a judge change his/her vote one week, one month, one year after the vote? If the vote was in error, according to the judge, why can't that judge correct it while the other judges have no say over the correction, to disallow it? Makes sense to me.

I can appreciate this guy when it comes to being outspoken with my fellow softy, chicken-hearted, jump-off-a-cliff-if-told-to citizens:

I am so disappointed with my society, having become safe-tied to death by over-safe women in power structures, making mice out of what were once men. This is not a slight against women, but to say that some of them are taking safety too far, down a slippery slope. Like, you would have some terrible names for me if I pushed wearing helmets while we drive cars, but that's an over-the-top example of where the slippery slope is taking us whether we like it or not. Fine, if you are afraid of being hurt in a car and wish to take more precautions, fine, do it, but our leaders, men, have been using safety to make us more miserable. I warned my sons that they would be in a twilight zone of safeness before long if they didn't stand up against this movement, and now look, we are so-soon as good as a dead society, a laughable mass of germs, not COVID germs, but humans brainwashed into a safety-freak mindset.

I had to tell the lady at the grocery store this past weak that she's probably going to snitch on her own neighbors, like a good communist, and I told her in front of everyone (about five people, the place was empty) that I don't want to live with citizens like her, but rather with citizens like me. I made the distinction between her kind and mine, unashamed of my position. I had dropped my mask below my nose at the check-out, and she, like a self-appointed, safety-freak, communist enemy of the people, told me from 25 feet away to lift the mask back over my nose. Oh-boy, she crossed my line. She didn't know it was about to roll back her way because I put the mask up for a few seconds, at first. But I started to brew inside, and I then dropped the mask fast below my nose again, or maybe below my chin, and blithered a question her way in front of the floor manager, "Does this bother you?..." By the time I was finished talking, I probably had her wishing she could call the police fast enough to get me a good-stiff fine, that's what we've got to live with now unless we just shut-up and wear masks. GOONS.

The floor manager, not on my side at all, pretending that he had no choice because the COVID inspector might come around, made a small attempt to save face for her as I plastered her into a hypocrite's wall, but I reminded him in front of the three remaining tellers that his bosses are making the employees sick by forcing them to wear those masks all day. There was nothing he could say in retaliation. Workers are being forced to be the little toy soldiers of communist pigs the world over, and I'm passionate to support them. Before the mask mandate, half the grocery store workers opted not to wear masks, but they have no one to stick up for them if all men are spineless mask goons, and most are. I keep track, and watch closely, when I pipe up on this issue. Most men in my area are on the mask-goon side to protect from being a "loser" like me. That's right, I'm on track to being the loser in this game, but thank God I'm on the hurtful end of the stick instead of the guilty end.

I slipped out of the store before the mounted police could swoop in, but don't worry, there's always next time, when she'll be more prepared, like a good socialist oinker who likes to put her thumb down on people on behalf of a control-freak liberal government. She pats herself on the back for being a good citizen, and takes the position that I'm a reckless fiend wanting everyone to be sick. She's gladly brainwashed, and, as says the Bible, people will think they are doing a service to God to kill Christians because it's unsafe to spread fables. "Gladly brainwashed" means you ignore half the realities and stress only the smoke-and-mirrors tricks that accomplish the agenda. Deep down, the person knows it's wrong to wear masks for the easy-going situation we're now in, but they love to have the opportunity to ruin our lives, because they are ant-Christ. The more the news came out that 99.8 of people testing positive for COVID survived, the more they pushed the masks, from the very top of the anti-Christ chain. Is that not happily brainwashed?

What are we gonna do, argue forever? Isn't that what the powers wish for, our hating one another? That's why they raise and nurture liberals like the devil grows weeds, to get under our skin, and, eventually, to do us real harm.

I was at this store late at night when it was almost empty, and I was paying for my groceries at the time, with plasti-glass between the teller and I, but that didn't stop her from appointing herself the COVID police toward me. Imagine folks, 25-foot ceilings in a huge store with maybe 12 people throughout, and she pretends like she's worried about someone catching a flu from me in a wee town where probably no one has it. She was acting just like the militant goons you see on some news shows, the kind who like to put their foot down, the self-appointed COVID cops. These people have become weeds because there are no men left in my society; they have all become spineless germs. Well, except one. No, wait, there's also the guy in the video above. Make it two. Do I hear three? What are we going to do when these pitiless human germs come with the option of a vaccine stab or starve? That's where this is going, we could see it from a year ago, but we are left defenseless because all the men are gone into a hole, terrified of a safety-freak's wrath. Now what? If you'd like more vaccine talk like you'd like to get depressed, see here:

It's happily-brainwashed people that have allowed the slippery road to bring us legal "late-term" abortion murder. Happily brainwashed is where you ignore the other half of the reality, the much better half, the life of the infant. Just ignore it, and think only about the mother's desirers, which they call "rights." The same over-the-top safety goons forcing us to wear masks are for the killing of children after becoming viable to survive out of the womb. The common denominator here are demonic spirits acting in humans over decades. The longer people disrespect Jesus and his messages, the longer the demons can twist their thoughts into destructive, sinful ways. These same people are now ignoring euthanasia; there is evidence that this is taking place by order of the elites. Soon, the slippery slope can go from killing the "useless" aged into killing "useless" Christians of all ages, and that's what I'm afraid the vaccines are for. Eventually, they will learn how to target people with poisonous vaccines because they are storing information about us, putting us on a list if we show ourselves online as the "wrong" kind of Christians.

Like, if you say what I just said, you will be on a list to become persecuted. Doctors might get a little word beside my name whenever they look up my medical records, and that word could mean something like, "he's one of the expendables," or, "definitely get him." How many kinds of poisons do doctors have? This is where anti-Christs have wanted to go for decades, and so this is where demons within them move them further along. They won't show it, but they would like some of us dead. For those of us who say they are demonically inspired, they will wish us dead when human life no longer has value, and they reached that point decades ago. If I want them dead, it's only because they destroy. But they don't see themselves as destroyers, you see, for they took the happily-brainwashed road.

If God wants them dead, so do I. If God allows them to live longer, then I must take his patient attitude too, but if asked whether they deserve death? Yes, they deserve to be aborted from the human community, for God says so. And this is what drives them mad, Christians talking about their evil. It's why the rulers happily / zealously killed Jesus. "Crucify him, crucify him," they shouted, and would not be persuaded to let Him live, even though he had done no wrong but to call out the leaders for their hypocrisies. The leaders didn't show it publicly that they wanted to kill Him, but that's what they wanted secretly, and, eventually, they found their opportunity, arresting him by night with false witnesses prepared to give false testimony against Him.

They took him into their dark courtroom and judged him guilty of death because he was an activist amongst the population that they wanted to control (and abuse) instead. Jesus was turning the people against the leaders, you see, and so could I be if only google would not suppress my work. But they have been watching us all. I implore everyone to turn against the globalist, anti-Christ screwballs running Western nations, because they have no regard for our well-being, and have it all backward. They want to play God, and one cannot become more backward and suicidally dangerous than that. No, fools, God is God, not you god over God. But they will not hear of it. Therefore, they will take the world to absolute destruction while pointing the guilty finger at us. We say, "let God control," but they will have nothing of that. We therefore need to watch them take our world into destruction.

Don't be deceived by governments who now say they oppose mandatory vaccines, because they could be deceiving the people to appear kind and caring of our rights when in fact they know that a worse strain of virus is slated to justify their change of tune. These kind rulers will then turn on you...unless the vaccine pushers are first exposed sufficiently for the criminals that they are.

I've given up on Fox, don't know if they are reporting vaccine deaths like the typical one below. Social media has a steady stream of near-instant deaths just like this one:

Here's some Dominion news:

If you'd like to same diabolical lunacy from globalist tyrants who want to put humans in a chicken coop, see this on eggs:

I think globalists should be caged for their well-being, because it's dangerous for them to roam the streets. Dangerous to us. They are saying the same about humans now, that it's safer to keep them in homes because they might spread COVID when letting them roam the streets liberally. Have spine people, make your communist cops know that they need to give answer to Jesus for the way they violate the people on behalf of liberal goons. It's possible that they wish to bring forth the 666 while keeping people from moving state-to-state, province-to-province, or to get out of the country.

Here's one way to look at it: a new-born babe is precious, a gift of God, a miracle, made from almost nothing, a source of great joy in spite of its always-crying at first. You might cry too if you couldn't get your body to do anything but swing its arms and kick its legs while watching your parents dance around the house. But the liberal globalists are made human life so cheap that they will now conspire to kill a new-born babe with the mother's full willingness. Add to this the pedophilia on children of all ages, and you see the clear difference between Christian goodness versus diabolical "humanity." It's out there, evidence of the devil's existence. It's not only that love will grow cold in the earth, but the reason behind it is people becoming selfishly evil, only seeing the side of anything that concerns / promotes their wishes.

George Bush told to go out and do a psychological operation on 9-11, which is to admit, yes, the buildings were detonated with explosives, but what are you all going to do about it?

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Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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