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February 16 - 22, 2021

Heraldic Pointers to Harmful Vaccines
Sleeping Beauty Was a Paradise Rising; Sends Poulos a Warning Letter
She Predicts an Election Overturn in Phoenix, Arizona
Is COVID a Scheme to Make Men Impotent, Women Milkless?

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I gave a quote in the last update with the following additions:
There we see an Antonin-like location [San Antonio, where Ainsley worked] that I think points to Antonin Scalia's death in Western Texas, for John Bash, who worked for Scalia, was Bill Barr's attorney looking into unmasking crimes by Obama and Biden when he was abruptly terminated (maybe he didn't tow the Barr line). Bash's realm was Western Texas, including San Antonio and the area where Scalia was murdered, and Ainsleys were at Basford while Basfords are also BASHfords (share Barr eagle). Coincidences? Plus, note the Shows above, in the motto of Nemo's who are in the Poindexter motto, for Scalia was killed on Poindexter's ranch.

We might even consider here whether my NOTE to Mellanson applies because the Nemo motto is, "I show NOT BOAST." Nots are listed with Note's/Cnuts. Boasts are in the colors and format of Stirlings and the Hubbard branch of Huberts. The gold crescent in the Boast Crest can be that of Rowleys (because they almost have the Hubert Coat), but Mellansons and Nots/Cnuts also have it. Plus, we saw the Bauds in the repeated quote above, because they were first found in Stirlingshire with Nemo's, by what coincidence is the Rowley crescent colors reversed from the same of Bauds?

For new readers, Huberts came to topic because Scalia was murdered when hunting with a gang from the International Order of Saint Hubertus. The Hubert Coat looks linkable to the CRAIG Coat while God provided a Russian medallion on my Jeep at a GROCery store, and Groce's/CRAGGs are horizontally split in colors reversed from the same of Poindexters while the medallion pointed to Bauds, first found in Stirlingshire with Poindexter-beloved Nemo's. Craigs (Aberdeenshire, same as Mellansons) and Carricks were kin of Quarrels, and the latter were centrally relevant to the Mellanson note above. Mellansons share the Craigie crescent, yet the Craigie's also have the Rowley crescent. It all looks bang-on to the Scalia killing. Are Craigs in Pence colors and format for a reason? (Load Hubert link now to open a new tab for access to other Coats of Arms to better follow this discussion.)

Why a Russian medallion with "Saint Petersburg" written upon it? I don't yet know, the future may tell. Perhaps it's a pointer to Saint Petersburg of Florida, for here's a story from this past summer: "ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A federal appeals court decided Friday to reconsider claims that Florida federal prosecutors violated the rights of Jeffrey Epstein's sex abuse victims by not informing them about a secret plea deal." Of interest is that Poe's, who may be in the "PHOEbus" motto term of Scottish Jeffreys (Aberdeenshire, same as Mellansons), share the Hockey fesse which, surrounded by stars in Jeffrey-star colors, has the Mellanson crescents upon it. On top of this, Poe's share flaming crescents with Patents/Patient/PUTINs (appropriate for a Russian medallion) while English Patents share the Shield of Scalia-like SCAYLE's.

What I didn't realize when writing the quote above is that Note-line Nottinghams share the annulets of Hubbards, how amazing, for it tends to expose the note as pointing to Scalia's death, especially as the same annulet is used by Scayle's!!! INCREDIBLE COINCIDENCES. These are the annulets of Bank-like Benjamins, and the Bank surname was huge in the last update as per Charlie the loan officer, who was at Mellanson's party on the night I gave the latter the note.

With the Rowleys in the quote above, the topic transitions from Scalia's murder to the rolling puck that I've been deciphering for weeks in a row until now. It just so happens that, after I tipped the puck in after it bounced/rolled to the goal line, I went BANGing into the boards, though I can also say that I went BASHing into the boards, you see, and Bangs/Bengs/Bings/Bongs look like they are Bank / Benjamin liners too. Is it a coincidence that this transition from the Bash-Scalia topic goes to the rolling-puck event, or is there a reason from God? Bash's were first found in Hertfordshire with SCALE's.

The Bang/Beng write-up: "...Bings also owned property in Tunbridge..." Tunbridge's/TONbridge's are not only in colors reversed from Banks and Benjamins, but they have the Baud crescents, which are the Rowleys crescents in colors reversed. The Rowleys are going to be large here, but for the best effect, you can seek "Rowley" in the last update, and read from there, because it was an important section that paved the way to little Tony (my childhood friend) and the miracle marble shot's pointer to Scalia's death.

As TONbridge-like Tonys (back to Antonio line, right?) were in Les ANDELys, it now explains the ANTELope of Bangs/Bengs (read also as "anteLOPE," for Loops look linkable to BONGino's). Just like that, the banging into the boards seems to apply also to Scalia's murder. And as the tip-in of the puck while sliding into the boards pointed to John Ratcliffe, by what coincidence does he live in Texas too? As was said, if the main bend of Rowleys is removed, the two bends of RatCLIFFs remain, and Cliffs/Cleave's share the black wolf with the Saracens sharing the Tunbridge crescents. The Rats (Tunbridge colors) have the Bank cross in colors reversed.

After banging into the boards, I got up and started skating toward my team mates, who had all cleared the bench by then. They were on their way to PILE on top of me, because it was a last-minute winning goal in the semi-final match. The Pile's/Pilots are very interesting because Pillows are listed with English Pilotte's while French Pilotte's/Pilate's share the pheon of Nottings/Nutts, which brings us back to Mellanson's note, especially as Nottings/Nutts once showed besants on a blue bend i.e. the colors of the Mellan besants.

The note was in my POCKET when I handed it to Mellanson, and Pockets were first found in Lincolnshire with Pillows/Pilotte's, and then Lindells/Linds happen to use a log while Loge's and Loches/DeLoges' were first found in Burgundy with Pilotte's/Pilate's. This is just incredible because the rolling/bouncing puck coming to a stop on the goal line points to Lins/Line's/LINDS! On top of this, Mike Lindell's partner is Sidney Powell, and the Sidneys (Kent, same as bangs/Bengs and their Tunbridge location) have a pheon linkable to the Notting/Nutt / Pilate pheon. The Powell lion might even be close to the Pile/Pilot lion. The pile-on me was a celebration in spite of my banging into the boards, in spite of the puck not having enough steam to score. We went on to win the final match.

On top of these things, Sidney Powell just hired the lawyer, LIN Wood, and Woods were first found in Leicestershire with Tonys. The Arms of Leicester uses the giant cinquefoil of Bus', which is colors reversed from the same of Pockets. This gets extremely important because I was on James Clapper in the last update, while on Scalia's murder and the Rowleys, because Lin Wood reportedly released a whistle-blower video that sounds just like James Clapper talking about Scalia's murder by other supreme-court members. As Flynns are also Linns while Sidney Powell was Mike Flynn's lawyer, it speaks for itself in connecting that team to the goal line, though not the puck coming to a stop on the line, but the tip-in goal from upon the line.

I can now add that PORTIShead is at CLAPton while Clappers are also Clapps, and PORTIS'/Porch's (Norfolk, same as Bus') happen to share the giant, ermined Bus cinquefoil. The Poucher variation of Pockets looks like the Porcher variation of Portis'/Porch's! The note was in my pocket! I gave it to Steve about five minutes after Sharon punched Barry on the lip (see last update for that story), an event that itself pointed to Obama getting snitched on by Clapper. It just so happens that the Berrys became a part of that discussion, and they have triple fesses colors reversed from the same in the Portis/Porch Crest! It appears here that my tip-in goal across the goal line is a pointer also to Lin Wood's Clapper-video release, though we don't know where this video originates before Wood got it. The video title reads: "Witness testimony uploaded by Lin Wood to Telegram on 19th Jan 2021..."

By what coincidence are there BERRIES in the Lin/Line/Lind Crest??? The Lin/Line/Lind motto term, "virTUS," can be for the Tous/Tosini's suspect with the Tosni variation of Tonys / Toeni's. Woods were first found in Leicestershire with Tonys / Toeni's. Making sense? Lins/Line's/Linds share crossed spears (different colors) with the Speers who in turn share the ROLLo boar heads. The puck ROLLed to the LINE. Speers were first found in Renfrewshire with the Poke's, and I poked the puck across the goal lone. The interesting thing here is that Tonys use a "maunch" SLEEVE suspect with the Saluvii LIGURes, and the LEGRO river at Leicester is suspect with Ligures. Then, Salluvii-like Sullivan share the black boar with Rollo's, and Dominion voting has/had an address in Toronto at Spadina and Sullivan. Dominion did it's part to make the puck not go into the net, right? Who will make the puck cross the line to undo Dominion? Lin Wood? Mike Lindell? In conjunction with Ratcliffe material? Montgomerys share the Bury fleur-de-lys.

Berrys, who have the Bury entity in their write-up, were first found in Devon with Burys, and Ratcliffs were first found in a Bury location. German Barrys/Berrys even share three fish heads on a red Shield with Geddes', and while it's known that the latter use pike fish, there is a pike in the Clapper Crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed this in the last update. Geddes' were first found in Nairnshire with....RATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello? The Geds (fish) use a "DuRAT" motto for obvious reason. Geds were on the Nith river of the Nets/Nights (have Cnut-like Knight/Knaught variations), and the puck was poked into the net!

The following is new thanks to the Lind-like "voLENTE" motto term of Nets/Nights/NAUGHts, prompting a check for the Lent/Lenton surname I've known about, and who look related to Bouns'/Bone's and French Bone's, which became important only after loading the Lendons/MacLindens (new to me) having the Coat of German DOMINics (but adding scallops). Doesn't that look like Design? These Coats are reflecting of the Bono Coat (Milan), important if God intended the Bouns variation of English Bone's to be a pointer to the bouncing puck. I poked the puck in with the stick's BLADE, and Blade's share the saltire of Newtons though the latter's is made of shin BONES. The Poke saltire is that of English Franks ("nati," like Naughts / Natts of the Nith river) while Scottish Franks ("nati") have the Blade saltire too.

Then, English Dominic's have a "PAX" motto term while the crossed spears of Speers are those in particular of Pasi's/Pascels, the line to Paisleys (Renfrewshire, same as Speers and Poke's) sharing the PACK anchor, you see. Paisleys may even have the chevron of German Dominics. It's got a pointer to Dominion voting all over it, and so let's repeat that Lins/Line's/Linds have crossed spears too. It's just incredible, in this picture, that the gold Paisley / Pack anchor is in the Crest of Montgomerys (Renfrewshire). I'll tell you why shortly below. Rollo's use a "passe" motto term.

With Lendons/MacLindens being so important, may we ask why that share "labore" with the Berry motto? Are the berries in the Lin/Line/Lind Crest upon linden leaves? Why should the punch to Barry's lip have to do with the goal scored by Lin Wood or Mike Lindell? Will God punch Obama out by this goal? Oh goodie. Can't wait. Do CNN and the rest while You are at it, Chief Justice. Spare no punches.

Why does the Lendon/MacLinden Crest use a brown lion, the color of the Ramp and Lipp lion? The punch to Barry's lip pointed via the Lipp lions to Obama on his skateboard going up a RAMP, in the scene before someone snitched on suspect partly with Clapper. Lendons/MacLindens share a brown lion in their Crests with Browns, the latter first found in Cumberland with Ramps.

Hammer Time

BEHOLD. As Dennis Montgomery invented The HAMMER spyware that produced the kraken in Lindell's documentary (this is just two minutes of it), it's notable that the Brown Coat is almost the Montgomery Coat. French Bone's have a dolphin in the colors of the Lend/Lenton dolphin, but then Hammers show nothing but two dolphins, and were first found in Sussex with Bouns'/Bone's!!! Plus, "labores" is a motto term of German Hammers sharing the Bouns/Bone lion!!!!!!! The Lendons/MacLindens ("labore") I've not known just got more important yet, a very super pointer to Mike Lindell's documentary. The Lents/Lentons are suspect in the motto of Plunketts, wherefore German Planks may be with the Hammer lion.

I use exclamation marks at times not necessarily because links show me something important, but because the links turn up at all. It continuously surprises me, happily, as I go along, because my job is to find the links first, then seek the possible reasons why. The more the exclamation marks, the happier I am. It's a lot like taking my temperature, though I try hard to limit them to three in case you think I'm over-doing it. I'm not writing a professional thesis here.

I don't know what to say about Labore's or Bore's, though it seems that God may have placed them in the mottoes of three key surnames for a reason. Bore's show pots, though I don't see reason that Labore's were Bore's necessarily. But wait. Labore-like Leibers share the quadrants of Malls/MarlyBONE's, while Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire, same as Labore's) share the scallops of Lendons/MacLindens/MacClintocks. Plus, Leibers use the log, as do Swedish Lindens/Linds!!! English Lindens share the leopard faces of English Morleys! Zikers, would you look at that. Just when I had nothing to say, Leibers to the rescue.

The Malbancs are in the Mall/Marlybone write-up, and Malbanks (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) share the ermined Rodham bend!! Hee-hee! Malls/MARLYbone's were first found in Cheshire with the Marleys sharing dolphins (different colors) with Hammers / Bone's and Lends/Lintons!!! ZIKERS, we just pointed to Hillary Rodham Clinton in conjunction with The Hammer.

Ahhh, Lendons/MacLindens are also MacCLINTONs (!!!), and then Clints/Clents (named Clent Hills near KNIGHTon) share the wheat sheaves of Blythe's while Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. BLYTHe. It just so happens that the Lendon/MacClinton Coat thus looks like a version of the BILLET/BILLIARD / Billiard/Hillard Coat! Obama owned the billiard hall in the dream where he was on a ramp.

Actually, they say that Montgomerys spyware is "Hammer and SCOREcard," and, perhaps, my tip-in SCORE might apply to Ratcliffe's defeating the election cheats by his leaking the election-night data from Montgomery's system. It just makes sense. Even if it was not Ratcliffe who personally leaked it, the fact that he was the intelligence boss at the time may have caused someone in his company to be more bold in leaking it.

Here's from the Score write-up: "The surname Score was first found in Cornwall, where they held a family seat as Lords of the manor of WHALLESborough." It just so happens that while Ratcliffs were at Whalley, Whalles' share the black canton square with Whalleys (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs). Was this arranged by God to hint that John Ratcliffe released some Scorecard details? The Score surname probably has a black-saltire version of the Nemo saltire-with-cinquefoils, for the Nemo's love the Shows/SCHORRs in their motto. Nemo's were first found beside the Ratterys who in-turn love the Supers (Devon, beside Score's) who look like they can have a version of the Score saltire, which is in the colors of the cross of Rats/Raids (near first-known Ratterys). Via the Sayers, the Score's can be linked indirectly to Rowleys while Rowells are listed with RATHwells/Rothwells.

It's hard to stay on-topic with heraldic links. For those of you who know the Texas OMEN I had with tiny cloud over the sun, I found that picture in the Crest of the Scottish Jeffreys above, who are in OMAN colors and format. I've just come across the "OMNiBUS" motto term of German Ash's, suggesting Omans, and Jeffreys use "phoeBUS." German Ash's happen to have the Epstein Coat in colors reversed, is that not a pointer to Jeffrey Epstein? I was mugged dangerously in Galveston hours after my omen. The reason I got to German Ash's just now is that I knew English Ash's (Devon, same as Hoods, SPURRs and Spurr-like Supers) share the double fesses of Rowells/Rathwells (in the Payen "SPUR ROWELLs"), and I've speculated that John Ratcliffe was in the hood-and-hover scenes of the 1979 dream. Might he also be in the Russian medallion, found on my hood? He did say that this past election was interfered with by both Russia and China.

The medallion was left on the Jeep in a parking lot, and I've been pointing Parkins/Perkins to Perkins Coie due to the parking lot in the sleeping-bag dream. On the morning of the dream, my own sleeping bag pointed to the International Order of Saint Hubertus, where John B. Poindexter was a leader. As per a parking LOT, Lots'/Loths share a giant, double-headed and black eagle with both Maxwells and JEEPma's, you see, and Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein's partner in his pedo-crimes. Lots/Loths share the brown dog with Lothians (Perthshire, same as Ratterys) who in-turn have the Foster/Forrest hunting horn. After Poindexter worked together with a Mr. Foster to get Scalia to Poindexter's ranch, Mr. Foster flew to the ranch with Scalia on the weekend he was murdered. As Faucets were first found in Lothian, note how "FOSTer" is like FAUCETs. As I've said many times, DEXTERs use "weights" in Crest, and Weights/Waits share the Foster -- and Lothian -- hunting horn. PoinDEXTER.

You really need to appreciate these pointers, for the Poindexter-beloved Nemo's love the Shows/SCHORRs/SCHAWs, and I found the medallion on the hood when returning to it with a SHOPping cart of GROCEries. The Shops are also SHORElands/SCHAWlands, and, as was said, the horizontally-split Poindexter Shield is colors reversed from the same of GROCE's/Greggs/Graggs.

The sleeping bag was on a BANK across the road from the mall parking lot. The Score and bank surnames have reflections of the Benjamin Coat, and Malbanks are expected to be a Mall-Bank merger. Banks were at Yorkshire's Newton, you see, in Craven with the Skiptons who married Cheshire's Meschins (Massey branch), and Malbank-related Malls/Marlybone's have the Massey/Macey quadrants in colors reversed. The Mall/Marlybone quadrants are shared by Says/SAIGH's, and Sea's/Seigh's were a branch of Seaman's who in turn share a seahorse with Shops/Shorelands/Schawlands. I walked into the SHOPPING MALL in the sleeping-bag dream, and we just saw why Shops should point to Mr. Poindexter.

I suggest that "Shop" developed from the evolution of "Show" through to "SHOVE/SHOWler" because the latter share the Show/Shoreland/Schawland crescent. The Shove's/Showlers have a version of the Dutch Bone Coat while English Bone's, sharing the Hammer/Hemmer lion, were first found in Sussex with English Hammers and Henners. An interesting thing is where Spade's were looked up due to Dominion having its head office on SPADina avenue. The Spade's use spades = shovels, and Shove's/Showlers are also Shovels. Can that work due to Hammers being a part of this paragraph? Spades (Bavaria, same as Spatts) share a Spat variation with Spatts, and the latter happen to share the horizontally-split Shield of Nemo-loving Poindexters, big hmmm, because Shows are in the Nemo motto. Shovels look like a Schuler/Scholer branch, and Schole's/Scole's/Schools are also SCAYle's!!! Surprise, because Scale's (not "Scayle") were first found in Hertfordshire with Showlers/Shovels!!!!!!! Did God arrange for Dominion's address to get this solid Poindexter-Scalia pointer, or is this a coincidence?

[Insert -- For the record, there's a Rushton location about 15 miles from Scole of Norfolk, and the Rush fesse is that also of Scofields/SCHOLEfields (share bull heads with Walerans, different color). Rushton was operated by a nephew of Waleran de Leavell of Meulan, suggesting that the green bend of Rushtons is that of Were's (Devon, same as Walerans). The Scofield/Scholefield bull head is probably that of Beaumonts, especially as Beaumonts have a version of the Shove/Shouler/Shovel Coat. The amazing thing here is that while Levels/Leavells are expected in Sleeping Beauty hovering level, where I see John Ratcliffe, the Scofields/Scholefields were at Salford, where Ratcliffe's were first found, which tends to assure that Ratcliffe's share the black Waleran bull head. The black Salford wolf now becomes that of Louvier's (share Arms of Meulan) and Lovetts.

Wikipedia's article on Salford says that "Salfordshire was granted to Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton", which can explain why Salfords come up as Savards, like the Savary variation of Saffers. The Seaton-like Seftons/Septons (Lancashire) have a rare bend almost like that of Faucets (same place as Seatons and Vaux's), and English Vaux's share the Arms of Meulan. The Saxons/SEPTons (share chaplets with Hicks), sharing double bendlets in the colors of the double-Ratcliff bends, were likewise first found in Lancashire. I always link Saxons/Septons to the Orrel Coat and tell that Orrels share the red roundel of Ore's/Orrs. Molyneux's (Mellanson colors) of Sefton were a Moline branch, suggesting that Meulan/Mellent were Moline liners. Mellents are listed with Milans/Millens sharing the faucet lion. An interesting ponderance here is that the note to Mellanson came with a Sept-like SPAT, we could say, and Spadina avenue got us Spade's / Spats and Shovels.

The amazing thing, so unlikely as a coincidence, is that the Quinn-like Winns/Wine's, sharing the colors of Quinns, have the spread eagle colors reversed from the same of Faucet-connectable Septons, and God had Sharon Quinn posing as Farrah Faucet on Mellanson-note night.

WOW-OW! I gave the note to Mellanson about five minutes after Sharon punched barry in the mouth, though as I didn't see it, it could have been a SLAP, and that idea came to topic in the last update with Mercedes SCHLAPP. She's the reason the Mercedes/MERCIE surname (Winn/Wine colors) was checked, and so see the write-up of Faucet- / Quinn connectable Seftons: "The surname Septon was first found in Lancashire (now MERSEYside) at Sefton..."!!!!! Incredible. End insert]

We have two stories at once here with Score's, if they also point to Hammer and Scorecard. Later in this update, I introduce Linda Henning, who caused the following finds. The wavy-bars of Seamans and Sea's/Seigh's are those also of Platters, of Hammer-beloved Hones', and of Hennings (share PLATES with Pence's). Hennings (Norfolk, same as Platters) share the seahorse with Seamans, and the latter were first found in Suffolk with the Plains/Platers and Platters who can point to Platte RIVER Networks, where the platforms in the shopping mall point. Rivers were a branch of Revere's who happen to share the giant lion of German Hammers/Hemmers. The latter's "honORES" term is where I get the Hone's/Hones', but it looks like code also for the Ores'/Orrs, who happen to share the Chief-Shield colors of Shops/Shorelands/Schawlands (look like Show/Schorr/Schaw branch). Recall how the "OMNibus" motto term pointed to Jeffrey Epstein, for Ores'/Orrs use "omnia," and love Bone liners.

Ores'/Orrs use a cornuCOPia, and if one checks the Cups/Cope's / Cope's / Copps, similarity with Hands/Hans can be seen, but also with German Hennings, and then Pucks, showing nothing but hands, were first found in Sussex too. Isn't this shaping up for a hockey SCORE as a pointer to Hammer and Scorecard? Ores/Orrs even love Bono's (almost the Bone / Bonn / Hammer lion) in their motto who in turn have the vertically-split Shield of Lendons/MacLindens/MacCLINTON! Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with the Bonns sharing the Coat, almost, of the Sussex Bone's. French Bone's share the dolphin (different colors) with the Sussex Hammers. Dolphins love the Nihills of Neils/Kneals who have another hand.

As you will see, the only event I had with Linda Henning was "secret talks" at her door, and here I can add that while the Bohum variation of Bone's looks like they named Beaumonts due to the latter's two Coats looking connectable to two Bone Coats, the Beaumont bull head is quartered in colors reversed from the quadrants of German Dorrs while English Doors/Dorrs have the vertically-split Shield of Lendons/MacLindons. Moreover, Beaumonts likewise share the Hammer/Hemmer lion, which is the giant one of Irish Doors and Dorals. Miss Beaumonts married Waleran de Leavell, and while I have cause to link the Waleran bull head to that of Ratcliffs, we can add that the design of the latter is that also of Beaumonts (DORset, same as black-bull Beautys). Hmm, I bought a Doral boat from Georgian Bay Marina, and George's were first found in Dorset too.

Behold. German Schore's (roses) have a column in the colors of the Bosco PILLARs (Bosco's are in the Rose write-up). The Boasts/Bois' in the Nemo motto, said to have been of Bosco's, share the cinquefoils of Score's, you see, and Italian Bosco's might therefore have the split Shield of Lendons/MacLindens/MacClintons. HOW CAN IT THEN BE A COINCIDENCE THAT PILLAR-LIKE PILLERS ARE LISTED WITH PILLOWS??? It's a pointer to My-Pillow owner, Mike Lindell, the one putting out the Hammer / Scorecard material! Astounding.

BEHOLD. Scottish Bosco's have "tufts of grass" atop their pillars, and Tufts share the red phoenix (spread eagle with flames at the tail) with KNEE's, the latter being a branch of Needhams who in turn use a gold spread eagle as their phoenix, matching the gold spread eagle in the Score Crest. Why is this perfect? Because, I fell to my knees in glorious excitement when seeing the puck stop on the goal line, and I slid in on my shin bones with nobody in all the universe near me to stop me from SCORing the goal. It was a gift from above, much like we can consider Lindell's material to be a gift that no one expected to see from the depths of the deep-state pit.

Italian Bosco's have a tree stump in the one half of their Shield that could possibly be called a log, and as Swedish Lindells/Linds use what look like logs (not attached to the ground), but what further coincidence is that half of the Shield split in the colors of the split Shied of French DOMINics? The Bosco trunk shows roots, as does the Wood and Root tree, suggesting a Bosco link to Woods. It looks like a pointer to Lin Wood.

"Bosco" means "woods," but don't jump to the conclusion that Bosco's derived in the Wood surname. Instead, figure that when a Bush line married a Wood line, someone descended thereafter changed the surname to "Bosco / Busca." As the Boasts/Bois' are in the Nemo motto, we can go back to the Nemo-loving Poindexters here, who share the fist of Fists/FAUSTs suspect with the del-VASTo family that ruled at Saluzzo and neighboring Busca (Domino's were first found near or in those places). Clintons use the Saluzzo Shield, as do the Dure's (near Nairnshire) expected in the "DURat" motto of Geddes-branch Geds.

The Score-beloved Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with Pike-loving Geddes', and Clappers use a pike fish. Get ready: Clapper-connectable Beckers share the black stag head with Knee's and Needhams! The Clapper canton square with sun is in the colors of the Beach/Beck canton square with pile, and so as Clappers share the red Beach/Beck vair while Beckers (another canton square) have it in blue, I'm going to say "Clapper-connectable Beckers" so that you will be reminded of this trio. The Becker Shield filled with vair is even shared by Shins/Chinns/Chings! I scored while on my shins!

If Clapper did snitch, as the video suggests put out by Lin Wood, then he becomes a part of the knee-slide goal, does he not? Yes, but the whistle-blower who sounds like Clapper snitched on the murder of judge Scalia, and Poindexters are a pointer to that murder. James Clapper may have been a chief recipient of Montgomerys Hammer and Scorecard, and so the Ratcliffe team may have called him in to verify that the election-night attack was real, not contrived. What could Clapper say but admit that it was real?

LISTEN. As I said, I scored and then hit the boards with my BACK. This is amazing. The Bachs/Baghs share blue vair with Clapper-connectable and Bach-like Beckers, and as the latter share the Shin Shield, it stands to reason that Clapper is part of my goal, suggesting he will be a stool pigeon. Dutch Beckers/Bakers share the Pigeon chevron, and long before now, I held a theory that the snitch in the Obama -- because his BACK was toward me and Obama -- was of the Bakers, either James Baker of the FBI and/or James Baker of ONA (military organ), friend of Stefan Halper. At the last scene of the Obama dream, I was looking at the snitch's back, and that back impressed me i.e. it was there for a reason. I BASHed into the boards, and while "bash" is like "Bach," Bash's were first found in Hertfordshire with Beach's/Bechs. It just looks like Clappers are a part of that event, especially as I was on skates at the boards while Obama was on a skateBOARD in the scene immediately before the snitch scene.

It's finally making sense as to why he was on a skateboard, though I don't often mention that there were two, identical, side-by-side Obama's on skateboards, both going up a ramp in unison (like when one sees double-vision). One theory has been a pointer to the Twin/Twain surname, but that hasn't bourn any fruit that I recall. The Double's/Dobells (bells) make more sense because, for while being first found in Norfolk with Dunhams/Downhams, CLAVERs and Skate's, Double's/Dobells share a white stag with Downs/Douns. AHH, I think I now have something: Double's/Dobells are in Puck colors, and Pucks were first found in Sussex with Downs/Douns and BOARDs!!! Bang! That's helpful as extra verification that God gave the dream, but there's got to be some meaning behind it aside from the puck going into the net. Knee's were first found in County Down.

English Pike's were first found in Devon with Berrys ("labore"), Burys (Ratcliffe's were first found in Bury), and the Rattery location of Hoods. Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with Dure's and Halperts/HALBERTs. The latter share the three axes of Axelrods. It recalls my conclusion that ALBERT Oosteyn, a friend starting about the time of the note to Mellanson, was a pointer to an unknown whistle-blower, for he asked me to move into his apartment, to keep it for him while he went to work far-off at Whistler ski resort. Whistlers/Whistle's were first found in Somerset with Clapton. That might be an easy coincidence except that English Alberts have a giant griffin in the colors of the giant lion of German Hammers, and the latter had a hammer over the shoulder while the Albert Crest has a savage with a "sledge hammer over the shoulder." That's pretty cool stuff.

I've told the following story before that Miss SIMPSON of Texas flew up to see me twice. On one occasion I took her skiing to Blue Mountain in COLLINGWOOD. On one of her visits (I don't remember if it was the same one), Albert died, and she and I attended his funeral. I mentioned this because that was the first time I had ever gone skiing (shame on me), and Albert's whistle-blower symbol was from his working a winter at Whistler ski resort. So, if it appears that God arranged for me to go skiing that one day with her, it can explain why Collingwoods (share Vince/Finch motto) share the black stag head with Clapper-connectable Beckers. But to really nail this, I assume that God caused the English Rogers to have a near-copy of the Collingwood Coat because Welsh Rogers/Rosers are in the colors and format of Simpsons. It was Miss Simpson who came skiing at Collingwood. Plus, the French Rogers (roses) share the Knee bend while Knee's have a black stag head in both colors of the same of Collingwoods (English Rogers have full black stags in the same colors). It tends to clinch the Knee stag head with that of Clapton-connectable Beckers for a reason.

To nail this thing further, the Halperts/Halberts share the axe on a red Shield with Simson-like Simms', and the latter share "labore" once again with Berrys and Lendons/MacLindens, and "labores" is a motto term of German Hammers, can you believe it? Simms' were first found in East Lothian with Fawcetts, and then English Simsons have a giant lion on a diagonally-split Shield half in the colors of the Fawcett lion. The giant lion of German Hammers is likewise on a diagonally-split Shield. I think we have hammered this pointer of God as when one hammers the nails of Obama's coffin. The gardener can attend to the flowers at his burial spot.

The best I can do to link the Whistler/Whistle Coat to Clapton is where that location is about 15 miles from Bath while Baths (Somerset, same as Clapton) share the Whistler/Whistle lions. Moreover, Clapton is beside Weston, and the West dancette assured me that Wests were a branch of Waistells/Wessels. Whistle's are also Wissels, you see. Wests use a "ma" motto term while Maa's are listed with Scottish Mars (Yorkshire, same as Roet-like Rhodes) sharing the two Whistle/Wissel lions. The Rhodes Crest shares a leopard with the Maa/Mar Crest. The Bath Coat essentially has the Rhodes Coat in colors reversed. Lendons/MacLindens share the scallops of French Mars/More's. Lindell liners are expected from Lindos on the Greek island of Rhodes, home of ancient Danaans suspect to the Rollo and Cnut Danes.

Bath is right beside Clapper-like Claverton, and Clappers share the sun of BATHgate's. The Whistle lozenges are shared by STOLLs (Somerset, same as Whistle's), and then between Bath and Clapton is the major center of BriSTOL. Stolls use their lozenges in the shape of the Bath cross, and the same lozengy cross is used by PACKers/PICkers, recalling the Pasi > Paisley > Packs bloodline, but also the Clapper pike. Packers/Pickers were first found in Berkshire with English Pasleys.

It just so happens that Bristols have a good reflection of the Rowley Coat. Plus, while Portishead is a couple of miles to the west of Clapton, Portis/Porch's share the giant Bus cinquefoil while "bus" is buried twice in the Bristol motto.

The Rowleys had been linked earlier with John Ratcliffe's work, and while Ratcliffe's were first found around Radcliffe, there is a Redcliffe are smack in downtown Bristol. The rolling puck, you see, that John Ratcliffe will tip into the net. I've just gone back to the last update to see how Rowleys came to topic in the first place, like so: "In fact, we read that the Clopton Wards had one Rowley Warde, and then Rowleys (Rowell colors) were first found in Cheshire with Claptons/Cloptons and Cliffs/Cleave's." RedCLIFF at Bristol thus looks like a Cliff/Cleave / Claver/Cleaver line. However, Wikipedia insists that Redcliff was named after local red cliffs. Perhaps a coincidence. The Wards share the Clapton/Clopton bend because Wards were at Clopton (Clapton, I assume).

Clapton is in Gordano, and Gordans/Gords share the boar head of Roets (Somerset, same as Clapton), which are colors reversed in the Coat of ROLLo's.

German Hammers are also Hemmers, and it just so happens that while English Pucks show nothing but hands, Hands (hands) are Hans too while Hemmer-like Hens/Henners were first found in Sussex with English Hammers, Hams and Pucks! Hens/Hemmers even share the green Shield with Hams and Hammers. The lion with axe in the Hen/Henner Crest looks a lot like the Hammer/Hemmer lion with hammer. This tends to show that the tip-in SCORE indeed points to Hammer and SCOREcard.

Hens/Henners are in Poke colors, and as the puck was poked in, it's important if we can prove a Hen/Henner relationship with Poke's. French Henne's/Henners share the triple Moray / HANDle / Handel stars (perfect link to Pucks), and Poke's are listed with Pollocks who built Rothes castle in Moray. Poke's/Pollock use an "AUDacter" motto term while Aude's/Ode's share the sword of French Henne's/Henners, and Odo's/Hode's with their Hodley branch were first found in Sussex with Hams, Hammers and Hens/Henners.

Tarr's SLAP shot reminds that Mercedes SCHLAPP was a considerable topic in the last update. She was on Trump's team (doesn't mean she was loyal to Trump and his voters). The Mercedes'/Mercie's (Hen/Henner colors) were first found in Artois with French Henne's/Henners, how about that. Tarr hammered that puck, he really did. It knocked the goalie right off his skates, leaving an empty net for me to sail in and tip it home.

I sailed in on my SHIN pads, and so look-see how Miss Schlapp entered the last update: "Sleeps named Sleap in Sleap-like SALOP, and Mercedes SCHLAPP was the deputy Communications officer when Bill SHINE was its director. Ms. Schlapp was the director of Strategic Communications while Hicks and Shine were directors of Communications." It can appear that God set Shine up with Schlapp for the purpose of pointing Tarr's slap shot to her.

Oh wow, just realized. I've said it many times that Tarr wound up a took the shot as soon as he crossed the BLUE LINE. Blue's/Gorms (Gorm was a Danish king, probably mythical) were first found on Arran with the McCabe's sharing the Ham salmon!!! It looks like verification that Tarr's shot is to point to Hammer and Scorecard. Plus, I kid you not, McCabe's share the fesse of Coffers/Coffee's while Coffers/Coffare's (Somerset, same as Tarrs) share the crescents of Mercedes'/Mercie's! Hahaha, amazing. Both Coffer surnames are in the colors of Hens/Henners, and the latter share the Coffer/Coffare chevron. Coffers/Coffee's use "cups," and Cups/Cope's with Cope's and Copps look linkable to Hands/Hans, and Coppers/Coopers were first found in Sussex with Hams, Hammers, Hens/Henners, COFFERts/Coverts and Courts/Coverts. What are the chances of coming to all of this, including the Mercedes surname, from a SLAP shot at the blue line?

As per slap SHOT, I now see that Shots/Shoots (kin of trumpet-using Calls/Calles') have fessewise swords in the white color of the one fessewise sword of Henne's/Henners! Suddenly, the years-long mystery as to why Tarr was used for that slap shot is starting to unravel in Hammer and Scorecard. Although this slap shot did not score, he got four goals in the final match, in the next game a week later. Can this predict that Hammer and Scorecard is going to produce a big win for God's people? Note how our enemies have totally incriminated themselves by taking power in the White House on a criminalized election.

His slap shot ended up rolling to the line, and Rollo's share "fortune" with Shots/Shoots! It tends to verify that we are to be using Shots/Shoots, for they point to Trumps. He shoots, he scores! Not Trump.

Linda Henning Was a Big Little Deal

Oh wow. I have mentioned it at least twice, that I spoke with LINDa Henning at her patio door once or twice. Linda's are listed with Swedish Lindells/Linds. She entered my grade-six class late in the year, but we were not friends for a while afterward, and I moved away from there at age 13, so age 12 sounds about right for our door meeting, the year of the poke-in goal. She and I never did anything else together but meet at her door. Hennings are not listed with Hemmers/Hammers nor Henners, BUT English Hennings/HEMingtons happen to share the double-wavy fesses of Hone's (HAMPshire, beside Hams, Hammers and Hens/Henners) who could be in the "HONores" motto term of Hammers/Hennings. Already, we tend to have verification that God set me up with Miss Henning for to point to Mike Lindell, the one who has disseminated the Hammer and Scorecard story, is that not fantastic?

German Hone's are listed with Hains, the latter sharing a giant lion (different colors) on a diagonally-split Shield with Hammers/Hemmers.

Here's from the first update in August, 2020: "Also on Reesors drive lived a schoolmate, Linda Henning (Danish). I was at her place once or twice. I especially recall talking to her through the back yard's patio DOOR (the Neretva DAORsi again?) while her parents were SLEEPING. That is cool, a new thing right here." The idea there was my linking the Reesors surname, a Rice branch, to Rhizon, as per the RISING into the sky of SLEEPing Beauty (Sleep-like SELEPitanoi were at the Rhizon theater, as were Daorsi). That's why it was important that her parents were asleep. I'm fairly sure I went back a second time. I can now add that one Door surname, along with Dorals, share the giant Hammer/Hemmer lion.

Moreover, German Hennings share the chevron of Hands/Hans and Scottish Hemmings, with the latter having pheons in colors reversed from the Sidney pheon. Interesting. Ahh, I've just recalled that German Dorrs (Austria, same as Hammers/Hemmers) use hands in the colors of the Puck hands!!! Both these Dorrs and Hammers/Hemmers use an "ad" motto term! Incredible. I see that motto term as code for Ada of Warenne, and while Warrens were first found in Sussex too, they share the checkered Shield of Door-like French Dure's/Durels (first found in Dol). This checkered Shield is the flag of Surrey, and is shared by Clapton-related Wards. Ada of Warenne's father was from Surrey, where James' and Clappers/Clapps were first found.

We are now at pointers to the supreme court that should see the Hammer and Scorecard material in a case soon, but we can expect that all nine judges have already seen it, may the devil give them all a bed in Hell if they do nothing about it. The "juda" motto term of Warrens suggests that Warrens share the Montfort lion because Judds/Jugg, a pointer to the supreme court, named Jugon near the source of the Meu river passing near Montfort in the Dol area of Brittany. The Meu river is to Mea's/My's/Meigh's sharing the Judd/Jugg and McGee boar heads. Steve Tarr scored his FOUR goals, in the final match, against Jim McGee. What can this predict? That Steve's four goals will be four cases, bingety-bang-bang-bang, to the supreme court?

Note that Travers/TRAVIS' are in the FORE motto, for Tarrs can be from the namers of TARVISium, and so how cool is it that Travers/Travis' share the Judge/Juge scallops? Rains/Raines (Tarr-like "terrae"), in Judge/Juge colors and format, have a motto term linkable to Jugon elements because Raines-like Rennes is beside Montfort. This line was from Rainier/Renier of MONTFERRAT, the family that provided the Vasto's of Saluzzo's, kin of Dure's (share Saluzzo Coat). The Dol Alans are known to have married Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of LUIS of Ceva, suspect to Lois', first found in Artois with Henne's/Henners (Lois colors) and Mercedes'/Mercie's (pointer to the SLAP shot). English Judge's/Juge's have a chevron colors reversed from the one of English Hens/Henners (share Mercedes/Mercie crescents, in Fore colors). Fore-like Fers/Ferrats (MontFERRAT liners, right?) and their VAIR/Fers branch share a Shield of checks (different colors) with Warrens and Clapton-related Wards, and Clappers with their Becker kin use a Shield of VAIR fur.

Oh wow, just realized: English Doors/Dorrs/Dore's have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Lendons/MacLindens!!!!! There's no reason nor rhyme for these fabulous links except that she happened to be LINDa Henning at the door. We did nothing else together but meet at that door once or twice. She was on the inside, and I was on the outside, she was enjoying whispering to me while her parents were asleep, like the makings of a teenager, yup. It was a God set-up, no doubt about it. Was her whispering a pointer to secrets leaked? The fact that I mentioned her back in August, before Mike Lindell made my news, tends to prove I'm not making this story up. My computer's search feature shows that my first-ever mention of "Lindell" was last month.

This discussion recalls my dream (of a few years ago) with a DOOR HANDLE missing a barrel-shaped part! Doors/Dorrs/Dore's were first found in Herefordshire with Barrels; the latter share the Chief-Shield combination of Scottish Dure's.

It's clear that English Hennings (PLATEs in Chief), first found in the area of the first-known Plains/Platters and Platters, were kin of Platters (share wavy-blue bars with Hennings). The seahorse in the Henning Crest reveals that they share the wavy bars of Seamans (seahorse in Crest), first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platters and Platters. For what it's worth, the Sea's, Tuckers/Tokers and Ducks/Duckers are related to the wavy Henning bars. Plains and Platters both pointer to Obama's deep-state sewer without a doubt, and so why are Hammer- / Lindell-connectable Hennings pointing to that thing?

German Drummonds (HAMburg, same as Trips) share the triple-wavy fesses of Sea's, the latter first found in Kent with Hamburg-related Trips who in turn have a "SCALing ladder," likely the Scalia ladder. The Sea's share the blue-on-white fish with Kidneys/GEDneys, in colors reversed from the fish of Geds who in turn love the Dure's and Rats (in their motto) in the area of Scottish Drummonds (Perthshire, near Kildrummy castle). Mars, earls at KilDRUMMY castle, share the leopard in the Crest of Scottish Gibbs, and Kidneys/Gedneys are also Gibbneys. Irish Gibbons (share Vito annulet) have a version of the Jardin Coat while Jardins and Gardens/Jardens were first found in Angus, location of Kildrummy castle. Jardins share the scallops of English Gibbs. Gardens/Jardens share the black boar head of French Jarrets/Jarre's (Dol), and English Jarrets (Shropshire, home of Dol's Alans) share the Drummond Crest and the Rothes lion (Rothes' were once said to be first found in Shropshire).

In the 1979 dream, a SHARK appeared in a kidney-shaped, residential swimming pool, and the Arms of SARACA share's the Ged fish. We are back to the pike fish of Geddes, shared by Clappers, and that same dream with the shark had a beach while Beach's/Bechs and Beckers (Baker bloodline) were Clapper kin. This discussion recalls the GARDENer in the snitch scene of the Obama dream, the gardener that was suspect as Clapper even before we came to the paragraph above. Beach's/Bechs were first found in Hertfordshire with the SCALE's sharing the Gibbs / Jardin scallops. It seems to be telling me that the gardener will snitch on Scalia's killers, and Clapper (or the whistle-blower who sounds like Clapper) is blaming the murder partly on other supreme-court judges.

The Jarre's/Jarrets, who come up as Jerrets, recalls that Scalia's murder was pointed to by my touch-bra event at age nine at my friend's back yard, JERRY PETERSON. No Jerry surname comes up, and so the Jarre's/Jerrets seem to apply because their lion is in the colors of the Peterson lions. Petersons share the swan of Peters, and the latter were from Peter Pollock, builder of Rothes castle (google may be suppressing him as the builder of that castle). The Rothes' share the Peterson lion heads, and apply a gold crown to them, the colors of the crown on the Jarre/Jerret lion. Perfect! The bra tended to point to Amy Coney Barrett because Peter Peterson, head cheese of the Council on Foreign Relations, married Mrs. Cooney.

Note that the Rothes Coat is a reflection of the Hubert Coat, for the International Order of Saint Hubertus seems to have appointed the physical killer.

I've said it many times, that on roughly the first day that I began investigating the murder of Scalia, I went to bed and remembered the touch-bra event, realizing that Bra is in Coney-like Cuneo, because Coneys use white coney rabbits (holding a pansy pointable to Bill Barr) while I touched the bra when standing on a laundry-line deck having a cage beneath it holding at least one white rabbit. I then had my sleeping-bag dream that very night (or in the morning as I awoke), if I recall correctly, and as my own sleeping bag, that I was sleeping under that night, is all black except a red stripe down one side, I realized that God was pointing to the Order of Saint Hubertus, for that gang is online in a group photo wearing black robes, with a red portion (the inner lining of the robes) showing all along one-side only of the robes.

Then, as I've said many times, I slept in Mamie's sleeping bag the night before she got her thigh symbol at her GARDEN, and that's how I became familiar with Gardens, Jardins and Jarrets in the first place. Look now at what the Gardens are pointing to: James Clapper snitching on the killers of Scalia. What might Thigh's have to do with Scalia? Why Mamie? She was first with Barry on the night I slept in her sleeping bag, and Barry is a pointer to Obama at then end of the Obama dream, at the scene with his gardener.

As I said, she was in the back of a PICK-up truck with Barry, and Clappers use a PIKE. I wouldn't have know that she was in there had not someone opened the hatch, and it just so happens that the lion-head design in the Hatch Crest is the one in the Rothes Crest, and both are white! Scottish Pike's are also Picks, and in my sleeping bag dream, I did only one thing with the bag: I PICKed it up off of a FOREST floor. I don't even remember dropping it. I never saw it again. It was the second, maybe the first, scene of the dream. Scalia flew to Poindexter's ranch with Mr. Foster, suspect with the killers, and Fosters are also FORRESTs, do you see? Fosters/Forrests share a green chevron with Judge's/Juge's.

Ahh, Thigh's are also Thy's, and "thy" is a motto term of Scottish Fosters/Forrest! Zinger, I get it. That's why God gave Mamie a thigh symbol at her garden. The full motto is, Hunter, blow thy horn." As I've pointed out before, PoinDEXTERs look like they were dexter liners, and Dexters have "weights" in their Crest. It's a weight SCALE, you see, but they call it "weights," and then when we go to the Weight surname, I kid you not, it essentially has the Coat of Scottish Fosters/Forrests, but in the colors and format of the Mansfields (Nottinghamshire, same as Tease's/Tye's) that Mamie pointed to with her tease and thigh symbols together. She got her tease symbol in the sleeping bag with me.

Does that not look to you like the biggest Snitch Job of God ever? Praise the Spy in the Sky. Get down on your knees, Mr. Clapper, goofball. All these years, you've been lying, covering for people of Hell.

The Weight motto is that of HAZELtons, and they share the chevron of English Fosters/Forrests. The other English Weights (blue vair fur) share the leopard faces of Morleys (and Lindens), and, as I've said, David Morley (old friend in my 20s) came down the bank (in the dream) and circled the area in which I had picked up the sleeping bag!

Shortly after the garden event, I invited Mamie to a Bible-study outing (one time only) at the same church that Morley would come to attend, and he may have been there by that time, for I attended there for only about 1.5 years. Mamie was at a baseball diamond with the pastor's daughter that evening, who pointed to Steve Scalise. It just so happens that Scalise's are listed with Scalia's! I bought her a Bible, and Bible's/Bibo's are said to have been kin of Hahns, a branch of Hanns...looking like it's all connectable to Hands/Hans, Hens/Henne's and Hammers.

It's worth repeating these two things: 1) she said she left the Bible under a BED when away on a TRIP; 2) about that time, at the Bible-study event, outdoors, all I remember of that evening was seeing her all alone at home plate of a baseball diamond. I approached her from down the third-base line, and I kissed her when getting there. Kiss'/Cush' have the red rooster on a CUSHion of Bible's/Bibo's, you see. As this was a Bible-study event, the chances were large that I would not have kissed her there, but I did, and the only reason I remember it is because I saw the pastor's daughter giving us the evil eye from second base. I don't remember seeing anyone else on that field, just she at SECOND base. Steve Scalise was shot when he was playing second base, and the English Trips are the ones using a SCALing ladder while Scalise's/Scalia's use such a ladder too.

I'm wondering why the Bible and bed were involved with this trip if its Purpose is to point to Scalise and/or Scalia. The Bible's/Bibo's share the Hann rooster, but are said to use the Hahn rooster, and then it just so happens that French Pastors share blue billets with the Hone's (suspect in the Hammer/Hemmer motto) who in turn share the double-wavy fesses of English Hennings. The latter, using so-called "plates" in their Chief, were first found in Norfolk with the Plat(t)ers having triple-wavy bends in the colors of the double-wavy fesses above. Mamie and I kissed at home PLATE, you see. I never did know whether she took a plane for her trip, but Plains are listed with Plat(t)ers too. Earlier, this topic went to wavy fesses of German Drummonds, and they were first found in HAMburg with German Trips!

The "honos" motto term of Richardsons is excellent here, for Cindy at second base was the daughter of pastor Richardson, and Hone's are also Hones'!!! Wow, perfect, for Pastors share the Hone/Hones billets. The Richardson Chief is shared by Works in the "THY works" motto phrase of Sinclairs, and "thy" is shared by Fosters/FORRESTs. Richardsons were first found in Cheshire with such surnames and Huberts, Davids, Propers/ROBINs/ROBERTs (share Robert lion), and Malls/Marlybone's, and then Richardsons are said to derive from lords of Robin-related MALpas'. More specifically, Richardsons (similar to a Bell Shield) are said to derive from the BelWOOD lords of Malpas, and while MalBANCs are in the Mall/Marlybone write-up, David Morley circled the sleeping bag on a bank in the WOODs/FOREST. David Morley attended Richardson's church when I was there, that's how we met.

As Linda Henning was at the back DOOR with me in the only event I recall with her, we might ask why hand-using Dorrs share the quadrants of Seconds. If the Purpose of Miss Henning is to point to Lindell's Hammer-and-Scorecard news, what might that have to do with the pastor's daughter at second BASE? There are two Base surnames, one sharing the Hatch Coat with the same lion as Roberts, for example, which recalls that Welsh Roberts were first found in Denbighshire with Bachs/Baghs. I was at Henning's BACK door. The Clapper-like whistle-blower claims that chief-justice Roberts was involved with Scalia's murder, and Roberts was definitely commissioned to ignore the Hammer-and-Scorecard evidence. The other Base's/BASSEMANNs happen to use the same hunting horns as Fosters/Forrests. Coincidences??? As I've said, second base pointed to Steve Scalise, of the Scalia bloodline.

English Hennings were first found in Norfolk with Clavers and the Clapper-like Clavering location of Rands/Rance's, a location in HENstead. Claverings use an "Ad" motto term, and share the Mall/Marlybone Coat that goes with David Morley below and his pointer to Ade's/Aids.

The black boar heads of Gardens/Jardens and Jarrets are shared by Booths, first found in Yorkshire with black-boar Bush's/Buschs and BANKs (share fleur-de-lys of Bush's/Buschs). Dutch Bush's/Bos'/Boschs have a version of the Pastor Coat, and while the pastor's daughter was on second base, Seconds/Segurs have a version of the Bedin Coat that itself has the same black boar heads. Plus, Seconds are in the Levi motto with the Ade's/Aids while the latter made it to the sleeping-bag dream with David Morley, for Davids (from king David I) were kin of Ade's/Aids (explaining their similar Coats), from Ada of Warenne, who married a son of king David I, HENRY of Huntingdon. Ada's line can be suspect in the "ADjuvat" motto term of Booths, and David Morley circled the sleeping bag on a steepish bank off the road in a forest. I slept in Mamie's tent and sleeping bag in a forest, and she got her thigh symbol the next day at her garden while Fosters/Forrests use a "thy" motto term.

French Henrys can point to Huberts from their location of Motte-Henry, for Motts/Morte's share the crescent of Huberts (Cheshire, same as MORTons), and the Order of Saint Hubertus has a hunting theme, you see, suggesting again that David Morley in the FOREST points to Scalia's murder with that sleeping bag he circled. Huntingdons use hunting horns too, and it just so happens that while Biden-like Bedins were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and Hunts/Hunters (pointer to Hunter Biden?), Clapper-related Beckers share the blue vair with Bach/BAGHs (pointer to sleeping bag?) while French Henrys share the chevron of Dutch Beckers/Bakers, though it's probably closer to the Falcon chevron because Irish Henrys (Tyrone) use a falcon. Tyrone's share the Dexter Coat, and Dexters (probably explain Poindexters) are the ones with "weights" as SCALES, sharing the striped hunting horns of the other Fosters/Forrests.

There is a second Bedin surname listed with MacBeths/Beatons, and they happen to have an otter head in Crest while Otters/Others were first found in Huntingdonshire. Bedins/MacBeths may be with the Naire's (Perthshire, beside the Bosco-related Rose's of NAIRnshire) in their motto, who share the Pastor / Bosch lion and the Sidney pheon (in the colors of the Pastor / Bosch billets). (Otters/Others were related to Ottone Visconti of Milan, explaining why the Debons/Bono's of Milan are in the Bedin/MacBeth motto ("DEBONnaire"), and why also the Bedin/MacBeth Coat is like the Mellanson Coat.

The pastor's daughter, Cindy, sister of Steve. Cindys/Cuntys have variations like Conte's/COMITissa's, and the Sinclair motto has a "COMMIT thy works" phrase. French Conte's are also Comites'. Works (lion head in Crest in the color of the Rain/Raines lion) were first found in Essex with Rains/Raines', and while they were from Rennes, right-near Motte-Henry of the Henrys, Reines' use a "COMET" as a pointer to Comet Ping Pong pizza. Read on, folks, for God has a score to settle with the depraved of this planet. French Henrys share the Becker/Baker chevron, and English Bakers (Durham, same as Conte's/Comitissa's) share the white lion with the Work and Rain/Raines Crest. English Bakers share the Judge/Juge scallops in reflection of the SUPReme-like Super Coat.

The Becker/Baker chevron is that also of English Falcons while French Falcons/Falconte's were related to Conte's/Comites', and then the Courage's are in both the mottoes of English Falcons and Comet-related Comyns/Comine's. The "Vis" motto term of English Falcons can go to VisCONTI's. Conte's/Comites' and Falcons/Falconte's (share the same crescent) were both first found in Languedoc with the Fountain-related Hugs, and I say that ConteVILLE's, who birthed Hug-like HUGH Lupus, got that name by merging with the Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's (Languedoc). I was hugging Mamie (she was about 20 years old) at home plate.

The Coat of English Falcons is a near-copy of the French Pigeon Coat while English Pigeons, first found in Norfolk with Falc-like Fulke's and Flicks/Flags/Flacks, are in Hubert colors and format. English Hennings, the Plate- / Plater related ones, were first found in Norfolk too, with Platers, and God used Linda Henning to point to this picture when she was WHISPERing with me at her back door. It gives me the impression of someone snitching secrets, and Pigeons happen to share a blue chevron with German Hennings. Linda's are listed with Lindells/Linds. Can Mike Lindell be working with the stool pigeon? Of course.

Ahh, I loaded the two Reesors surnames after writing the paragraph above because Henning and I both lived on Senator Reesors drive (Markham, Ontario). The Welsh Reesors/Rhys' have the Coat of Rice's who in turn have a "Secret" motto term, what are the chances??? I did not yet realize this when suggesting that her whispering is a pointer to someone sharing secrets.

As the Hardys expected in the Rice motto have black boars, the Bedin symbol too, it's now notable that English Reesors/Reasons share the Bedin lion. Bedins are a pointer to Huma ABEDIN, I'll show you how below. She's the one who unexpectedly hugged LINDsey Graham at John McCain's funeral, when it appeared she slipped him a note that Graham then slipped into the pocket of John Kelly, Trump's chief of staff at the time. Kelly was no doubt working with Pence to ruin Trump's 2020 chances. Bedins/MacBeths have the Hind Coat in colors reversed, and Sword-branch Sewards now show (never seen it before) what looks like the hind quarters of a stag / hind (no tail showing, rules out a horse and bull, but deer have short tails that tuck away).

God had sent a stool pigeon to my septic = stool = sewer tank, which event involved the Sewer-like Swords so as to justify a leap to Sewers/Suters. The latter were pointed to by the paper airplane I had made that itself pointed to Plains/Platers. The other Platers were at SOTTERley, like the Suter variation of Sewers. The paper plane started off as a flat PAGE on the billiard table, and Page's/Pageons/Pagenels look like a Pigeon branch. To what stool pigeon did my stool pigeon point, do you think? LePage's/Pageons/Pagenels were first found in Dauphine with Payens/Pagans, and then English Pagans/Paganells/PINGs/PONGs were related. What sort of crime do we think the stool pigeon will rat on?

I have good reason to believe, through the Swords, that the stool pigeon with snitch on Barack Obama. Swords use "wings exPANDed" in Crest, and Panders/PANTers use "spur ROWELLs," what the Payens/Pagans call their mullets (hexagrams). It recalls ROWLeys (Rowell colors) having a gold-crescent version of the Hubert Coat. The red rose along with the blue fesse of Panders/Panters looks much like the Coat of German Hennings, and so we are back to the Hammer-and-Scorecard snitches (the good snitches). I met Mamie on the night that Lorraine got her PANT stain, and Pansys/PANTzers (in Tume/Tomb colors for a related reason) share doves (same as pigeons) with English Page's. I had one dance with Mamie when I first met her, and Italian Dance's have four pale bars in the colors of the four fesses of Page's/Pageons and Lepage's/Pageons.

Speaking of Flicks, the Judge's/Juge's (Rain/Raines colors and format) happen to have a "ToTUM" motto term, recalling my miracle-marble shot FLICKed off of my THUMB, which pointed to Scalia's death. The Tume's/TOMBs, possibly in the "recTUMque" motto term of Huberts, use tombs stones with "R.I.P" upon them, an apt pointer to judge Scalia's death just because Tume's are suspect in the Judge motto. The Flicks/Flags, who are in the flag of Conte-related Ville's/Font-de-Ville's, share the double fesses of Works, and the latter are in the SinCLAIR motto with "Commit." French Clairs were first found in Limousin with Seconds/Segurs.

Pizza on the Pence Plate

Another interesting thing is that, in the dream, Morley came down the road before riding down the bank, and the Roads share the Child eagle while Childs (apt pedophile pointer) are said to have been at Wanstead. Wansteads happen to be listed with WEINERs! Read on.

Home PLATE and all the Platter material above gets important where German Plate's/Platters use a grape vine, for I was working at a pizza restaurant at the time that Mamie and I were at the baseball diamond with the pastor's daughter. On the only night I was asked to WAIT on tables, the pastor's daughter arrived with both her parents to dine, and I happened to serve them. I wasn't the only waiter, but this family happened to take a seat in my section; I did not choose a table for them. They ordered WINE, you see, from the grape vine, a pointer to Anthony Weiner, a convicted pedophile, and husband of HUMA ABEDIN, the deputy manager of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. "HUMa" can be gleaned with Mamie at HOME PLATE, because Home's are Hume's too, and we just saw Plate's having a grape vine as the pointer to Huma's husband. Plus. WAITs are listed with the Weights sharing the Foster/Forrest hunting horns. Is God a genius or what?

Lin Wood has publicly insisted, and the Clapper-like voice under discussion has maintained it, that Pence had regular sex with underaged boys (this voice is probably why Wood maintains it too, and thus he trusts this whistle-blower).

"Abedin" caused me to load bed-like Bedins in the first place (long ago), to find that they have a version of the Second Coat, the only difference being that Bedins add boar heads in the colors of the Garden/Jarden / Jarret boar heads!!! That came as a shock when first discovering it. It was maybe two weeks before the baseball-diamond event that I was with Mamie at her garden, you see. The Jarre's/Jerrets are now pointing to the touch-bra event (bra was hanging on a laundry line), as explained above with Jerry Peterson (owned the white rabbit). So, as the pastor's daughter was at SECOND base while Mamie and I were at home plate, it seems that God arranged the Bedins (listed with Beddows/Bedlows) to point to Huma Abedin.

On the night of the sleeping-bag dream, God had showed me, I believe, that John Podesta was in-the-know or involved in Scalia's killing, and while a Podesta-like surname is listed with Poindexters, what are the chances? Podesta was the manger of Hillary's 2016 campaign, and thus Huma Abedin was directly under his authority. Many voices claim that Podesta is a pedophile, involved with PIZZAgate pedophilia, and I just told you I was working in a pizza restaurant when the pastor's daughter was at second base. Steve Scalise had been supporting some legislation to hamper pedophilia, though I can't recall exactly what, but this is why he may have been shot. He got shot in the hip, which recalls Mamie's thigh symbol, and the Hips'/Hipkins, sharing the martlet of PARENTs, were first found in both Norfolk and Suffolk, same as the Platers! Her PARENTS came in the dine with her!!!

The amazing thing is, that when I say God showed me Podesta's involvement with Scalia's murder, it involved the night that the touch-bra event came to mind, and thus it was about the white rabbits of Coneys. Much later, in the ballpark of two years, I discovered "Alex Podesta" online wearing rabbit suits that only small kids could love, but he is posing sexually in these suits. Months after that, I discovered that there are online photos of the Pence's with their pet, a mainly-white rabbit, which got me wondering whether this was Pence's "advertising" to all of his secret-life buddies.

The Pence rabbit is named, Marlon Bundo. "Bundo was initially adopted for a film project by Pence's daughter Charlotte..." this is amazing, and new to all readers, for I don't recall that quote before. CHARLOTTE Hicks of the 1979 dream was on Epstein's pedo-island, and she was HOVERing over the seats of a car, after she was at the hood (Hoods are also Hoots), while Hoovers and Hooters use the same bird leg, gold like the BUND/Bundle bird leg!!! Marlon BUNDo!!! In colors reversed, the Hixon/Hickson bird legs are gold too! Apparently, she was hovering as a pointer to Mike Pence. Charlotte Pence married Mr. Bond.

Here's from USA today: "Vice President Mike Pence's rabbit, otherwise known as Bunny of the United States, will star in two more children's books from Pence's wife and daughter, their publisher announced Monday." Another page adds concerning this very rabbit: "It stars a black and white rabbit in a glittery bowtie [symbol of Playboy] who falls in love with another boy rabbit named Wesley..."

Plus, as was said, David Morley was resolved as the one on a motorbike circling the sleeping bag that I had picked up, but I would not have been able to decipher that thing had he not visited me one day on a motorbike, the only time i recall seeing him with a bike. His wife was on the back with him, and she is Carol, a version of the Charles/Charlotte/Carlo/Charley surname. She was the secretary of pastor Richardson, the one who came to dine at my pizza restaurant, the one whom I've pointed to Bill Richardson of New Mexico, for he's accused of being in cahoots with Jeffrey Epstein (the latter has a ranch in New Mexico to boot).

I've said it before, I'm not making this up, that when I was renting a place on MARLIN Court (in my late 20s), that's where Dave and his wife dropped in with their bike. MARLON Bundo!!! Marlins and Charles'/Charlotte's share footless martlets (different colors), but the Marlons/Marleys are more interesting because they are said to be from Morley-like Morlaix. Plus. Marlons/Marleys were first found in Cheshire with Malls/Marlybone's, and Morleys had a Maul variation. But what's very telling, apparently, is that the Huberts (Cheshire) share three items on a bend in the colors of the three dolphins on the Marlon/Marley bend. Huberts are the pointers to Scalia's murder, and the sleeping bag that Morley circled was, as I said, a pointer to Scalia's murder by the International Order of St. Hubertus. How can this be a coincidence? I didn't name the rabbit, Marlon?

I'll now shift to my dream starting in a store with a fake front, often used by those who traffic children (to those who will regret ever being born, worse than death). The SALESMAN was trying to sell me a YELLOW mattress, but with me skeptical about his being truthful, a certain Michael was there who owned one of the mattresses, who assured me its good (Michaels were first found in Surrey with Salesmans). I then saw his kids jumping on his yellow mattress. Dream over.

BEHOLD, I had noted that Kids share the white crescent in Crest with the Crest of English Michaelsons, and that Scottish Michaelsons (Angus, same area as Kids) share the same-colored fesse of Michaels, in colors reversed from the Yellow fesse. The Michaels with this fesse use a so-called "pen" in Crest, and Penns list Pence's. MICHAEL PENCE??? Looks like. BUT I DID NOT KNOW UNTIL NOW that this rabbit was named after Mr. Bond whom Pence's daughter married, and Bonds/Bundys, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, share the Michael / Michaelson fesse!!! God used Michael and his children to point to Pence's pedophilia, by the looks of it, but also, the store was a fake store, a front for selling something illegal.

Norwegian Michaelsons have just a fesse, nothing else (in colors reversed from the Yell fesse), in colors reversed from the Pen/Pence fesse. Yellows have just a fesse, nothing else (in the colors of the Marlon/Marley bend), black, same as the Pen/Pence fesse.

Plus, the Pen/Pence Coat is not a bad reflection with the Hubert Coat, and the latter use white crescents too. It was noted in the last update that Rowleys (colors and format of Hubbards) have a gold-crescent version of the Hubert Coat (Sale colors and format), and the Rowley crescents are in both colors of the crescents upon the Shield of Scottish Michaelson. Rowleys (Cheshire, same as Sale's) are in the colors and format of Salesmans. Thus, we seem to have a fairly solid connection of this dream to Huberts. What I didn't know until after writing this paragraph to this point is that Bonds/Bundys share the three besants on a black fesse with Rowley-like Rowells (in Rowley colors)!!! What are the chances? Plus, the "orbis" motto term of Bonds is the name of Christopher Steele's company (in case this applies to the Pence's or Scalia's murder).

Hubbards share the Schole/SCAYLE annulet, and Schole's/Scayle's are said to have been in Scholes of Barwick while Barwicks share the Rowley motto. That's incredible, looking like God's snitch on the St. Hubert gang for killing Scayle-like Scalia.

Mellans, first found in Ile-de-France with mattress-like Matress', share the empty Chiefs of Rods and Flame's while the latter share the Bond/Bundy besants, suggesting that Bundle's were a Bond/Bundy branch. Ile-de-France is where Chappes' were first found who use a version of the Ottone chevron, and thus Mellans seem to be from Ottone Visconti of Milan. Elizabeth Chappes had married High de Payens (first grandMASTER of the Templars), and Payens/Pagans use "spur ROWELLs," you see, thus making a link of Hugh's line to Bonds. The Matress' are also MAISTRE's, like "Master." The Mattres'/Maistre's (in Tulip colors) use flowers, though I don't know what they are called officially. I've thought that they are tulips. A "flower" is used by Italian Tonys/Anthonys while English Anthonys share the red leopard face in the Bendle/Bentall Crest.

[Insert -- Here's something new, discovered after the thrilling Insert below on Arizona's election-cheat progress, where I bumped into the Ayles'/Ailes'. The latter's three pale bars are colors reversed from the three pale-wise fish of Salmons (that's new), and because Jewish Salmons share the Cohen/Kagan Chief, which I see with the Moray stars, it recalls the Moray Coat houseofnames no longer shows, with a motto, "Deum TIME," very traceable to Time's/Timms, first found in Kent with Ayles'/Ailes', Maistre-like Masters, and with "Dum"-using Masons/Massins who share the Moray mermaid. Part of the new thing is the "OpTIMa" motto term of English Salmons (beside Store's), the ones suspect with the Ayles/Ailes pale bars, tending to support a Salmon-Ayles link. The salesman in the fake store showed me the mattress, therefore, because Salesmans / Salmons are related to Masters.

Jumps share the roses of Bellys, first found in Moray. I almost missed it: Jewish Salmons share the Kid Chief!!! If Mattres'/Maistre's do use the tulip, note that Kid-like Kitts use tulips.

But there is now a question on what former Fox-news boss, Roger Ailes, knew about kids jumping on a mattress. For example, Alan DERshowitz, a Fox contributor, and former lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile case, was postulated recently as being pointed to by such surnames as Dere's/Res' and Dere's/Dears, and here we can add that the rare six-sectioned Shield of Dere's/Dears is colors reversed from the same of Store's. I walked into a fake STORE, and was shown a yellow mattress by a salesman, which he had on a list upon a piece of paper. Deerings were first found in Kent.

When we go to the Alan surname, we find that an Alan branch was early in Norfolk's Mileham, and Mileshams happen to be in the colors and format of the particular Michaelsons having the Yellow fesse in colors reversed. Plus, Miles', first off, share the Chief-Shield color combination of Welsh ROGERs/Rosers, begging whether it's a pointer to Roger Ailes. The Milehams have this: "The surname Mileham was first found in Mid Norfolk at Mileham, a village mid way between East DEREham and FAKEnham". What a coincidence, that Dereham should come up by following Alans, along with a Fakenham location to go with the fake store. Dere's probably have the Store Shield, you see.

The Fake surname is listed with FaZACKERleys, and Zackery is the son of Roger Ailes. Fakenham in Norfolk is probably of Falkenhams/Volkings because Fulke's/Volks and Flacks were first found in Norfolk, the point being that while Michaels can be gleaned as kin of Meschins, Falkinghams and Flacks share the Meschin scallops, almost the scallops of English Michaels. End insert]

Hugh de Payen was the grand master in Jerusalem when that city was ruled by the household of Godfrey de Bouillon, and the latter's grandfather had made a relationship with the Pierleoni Jews of Rome, whom I can glean in Bendle's/Bentalls, for PierLEONI are expected to use LEOpard faces and a lion, two symbols of Bendle's/BENTalls. Pierleoni were found by pope Leo Benedict, and Benedicts share the motto of Bent-like Bennets, you see. Bends (more besants) are said to be from Bennets, which looks correct because they share red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne, that location being the home of de-Bouillon's family.

As Farrah Fawcett fell right outside the DOOR of her brother's apartment, and as I then walked back down the hall to give Mellanson the note right outside his DOOR, I'd like to repeat: "Hmm, I bought a Doral boat from Georgian Bay Marina, and George's were first found in Dorset too." I've been telling that the lion inside the George besants is the Fawcett lion, and then while Bends share besants on blue with George's, the giant Doral lion is colors reversed from the same of Face-using Bendle's/Bentalls (Middlesex, near Dorals), and both lions have a red crown.

As she fell at the door, I have just learned a new thing, but only because it only dawned on me this week that FACE's/Fessys (Northamptonshire, same as Quincys of the Fawcett castle) were a FAUCet branch. Scottish Doors have more leopard faces for what appears now to be a symbol for a Faucet-Pierleoni merger. That's what's new, the meaning of the leopard face. English Doors have bees, and "Be" is a motto term of VAUX's (East Lothian, same as FAUCets). French Vaux's have billets in Leo-fesse colors. Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with leopard-face Peare's, and the latter's branch, leopard-face Parsons, were first found in Norfolk with the Faiths/Faithfuls (plates) in the "Be faithful" motto of Vaux's.

Oh wow, as I said, she collapsed in the HALL, and so I ran down when hearing her scream, and got down on one knee to pray a short but urgent request, and English Prays (Lincolnshire, same as Halls) have three wolf heads in the colors and format of the three dog heads of Halls. Wowie. Everything was Fashioned to jibe with heraldry. Farrah Fawcett was played by Sharon Quinn, and Quinns share a winged horse (different color) with the Pray Crest. You can't argue with the plain faucets.

I wonder why Pence's, first found in Buckinghamshire with Door-branch Dorals, share plates in both colors of the Faith and Mussel/Muscel plates. The Fauxside castle of Fawcetts is/was near Musselburgh. Is there a Fawcett thingie with MICHAEL Pence to be discovered? Pence's are listed with Pens, and a pen is in the Crest of Michaels ("suPERO") who in turn have a version of the Mussel/Muscel Coat, but with gold mascles, the color of the Quincy mascles. Faiths have a Coat like that of Supers suspect in the Michael motto, and Faith-like Feets/Fate's share the Pavia Coat while Pierro's/PERO's were first found in Pavia. Oh wow, Pavers share the checks of English Vaux's, as well as the triple lozenges of Fells, the latter first found in Dundee with KIDS!!! The Mussel/Muscel Coat is a version of the Meschin/MASCULINE Coat, the latter being in the colors and format of white-rabbit Coneys (Lincolnshire, same as Prays and Halls). Coneys have a Pence-like pansy in Crest. What could all this mean? It just so happens that I've been showing the boys in this Masculine Coat for years, and Lin Wood and the whistle-blower says that Pence likes young boys for deplorable sexual acts. The Pence rabbit: Marlon BUNDo. Bunds/Bonds share the Michael fesse.

German Michaels were first found in Bohemia, where George's trace who share the Bend besants. The Bends (reflection of Mellanson Coat) share a blue lion with Bendle's/Bentle's, and the latter's is colors reversed from the same of Doors / Dorals / Sforza's. The latter were first found in Rome with Pierleoni. The Sforza's got related to the Visconti's of Milan, explaining the Mellanson-beloved (i.e. Bend-like) Bundle's. The Bend Coat looks like a version of the Bellamy's, the latter first found in Shropshire with Bendle's/Bentalls. In my dream, Michael's kids were jumping on the mattress, and Kids use an ORbis-like "orBEM" motto term while Beems/Beams are said to be Bellamys. The latter married Massys of Ferte-Mace, which can explain why Bellamys (share Mellanson fesse) share the crescents of East Lothian's Seatons i.e. Musselburgh area.

As Maschi's come up as "Mask," and as Faucets are looking like a Face branch: FACE MASK. Farrah Faucet in my vision was sick in her head.

The Orrs/Ore's, sharing red roundels with Bends and with the Arms of Boulogne, must be loving Bononia liners in their motto, and while Bono's were first found in Milan, Bononia was another name of Boulogne of de-Bouillon's family. Bononia of Italy was home to the Boii suspect in such things as BOUIllons, TailBOIS', and the Baiocasses of the Bessin. The Orr/Ore piles are those of Guiscards/WISharts in colors reversed, and there is Cheap-reason to see Wisharts naming "VISconti."

Plus, Sforza's use a "quince" flower, and Quincys built the castle of Faucets who in turn share the Milan/Millen lion. Saer de Quincy was ruler in Winchester, and Winchesters share a blue lion with the bend Crest. The Carters, first found in Winchester, share the Sforza lion. The last update had Farrah Faucet in the living room of Mr. Mellanson, how about that.

There's more because I trace Rita's (Rome), who almost have the Sforza Coat, to "Rieti," where Roets and Reeds (Aberdeenshire, same as Mellansons and Milans/Millens) trace, and it just so happens that German Roets, sharing the Mellanson crescent, were first found in Thuringia with the Talls/Thals that I think are in "BenTALL/BenTHAL," for Bundle's use TALons, you see. And TALbots were first found in Shropshire with Bendle's/Bentalls. Talbots are expected from Lucy TailleBOIS (her Mr. Taillebois husband was from the Bessin), probably explaining the bees of Talls/Thalls that go to queen Basina's Bessin line, for she was from Thuringia too. Her husband, Childeric, is to the Childs sharing the eagle of Roet-like Roads, and we just saw the "bundle of RODs" of Mellanson.

In the sleeping-bag dream, the Road and adjacent mall PARKING lot pointed to Hillary RODham and her legal team at PERKINs Coie, for Perkins are listed with Parkings. Perkins Coie hired Christopher Steele to trap Trump in faked crimes. We just saw Steele's Orbis company in the Bond/Bundy motto, and "BUNDle's of RODs" are a Mellanson symbol. Then, German Steels share two, red pale bars with Couch's. In the last update, Farrah Faucet ended up, by God's will, on the couch of Mr. Quincy-like Quinn, and as was said not many weeks ago, Mellanson asked me to be his assistant COACH in HOCKEY (I accepted). Hockeys (share Mellanson crescents) share the demi-griffin of the Scotts who in turn use the Catherine wheel owned by Catherine Roet (PAYNE was her father), and the other Scotts share the Roet / Hockey / Mellanson crescent. While English Payne's were first found in Somerset with Roets, French Payne's share the fesse of Leo's, from the Pierleoni of Rome, where Roet-branch Rita's were first found, and where Mellansons link i.e. the quince-using Sforza's. Those are some pretty dazzling links, not at all easy to accomplish with random heraldry.

After Morley circled the sleeping bag, I walked across the road into the MALL parking LOT, and the mall pointed to Morleys/Mauls who happen to share the Tailbois scallops. The Bundle's use TALons, and both Scott Coats are linkable to both Talbot Coats, is that not dazzling as well? The Talls/Thals use bees, and the Bee Coat is a version of the Mall's/Marlybone's, the latter first found in Cheshire with English and Scottish Steele's. Christopher Steele is a new addition to the sleeping bag dream right here and now, and it could not have happened without Mellansons, though more-directly it was the Bonds/Bundys who introduced Steele, and they were from Pence's rabbit.

Pence's use plates, recalling how Hammers and Hennings (plates) link to Plains/Platers and Platters, important because I walked into the mall and saw PLATforms that I pointed to Hillary Rodham's private server, PLATTE River Networks (office in Denver along with Perkins Coie and Dominion voting). The platforms doubled as stages as code for Staggs/Stage's, a branch of Staceys and Eustace's from Eustace II of Boulogne, father of Godfrey de Bouillon. The last scene of that dream was Miss Peare (probably from the PIERleoni) and I on a stage, the specifics of which pointed to de-Bouillon's family in sure ways I won't repeat here.

There is a link to an interesting article on Hammer and Scorecard in the news section below, one line of which says: "Admiral Lyons, onetime Command-in-Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, passed away in December 2019. As he lay on his deathbed, Admiral Lyons reached over to his old friend General McInerney and said 'Tom, THE HAMMER is the key to the [Trump] coup.'" Yes, and Perkins Coie was up-front and center in that coup job.

I'm now seeing "li'le (little) children" because Yellows were first found in Oxfordshire with Lille's/LISLE's while Ile's/Isle's are also Yellow-like Ylleys. The Clintons (Oxfordshire) have been suspect for good reasons in child trafficking. As was said, the Roads share the Child eagle, and then the Children's share the bird design of Lille's, interesting where Kids were first found in Dundee while a LILY is used by Dundee's. The fleur-de-lys, a lily, was the symbol of king Clovis, Childeric's son with Basina.

Although Lille's were first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs (and Peare's) while almost using the red Love/Luff fitchee, the Lille fitchee is in the style used by Plains/Platters, and then the wavy BENDs of the other Platters are in the colors of the double-wavy fesses of Hennings and Hones'. The latter are expected in the motto of Hammers/Hemmers, but the point here is the "HONESte" motto term of Lille's. Why are "li'le children" now linking to Obama's billiard table?

When I shot the paper PLANE into the sewer as a pointer to Plains/Platters, I did it with my Coie-like cue, and as the plane started off as a page on the table, I realized that it was a pointer to Lisa Page, the FBI lawyer for Andrew McCabe (second in command at Obama's FBI). It just so happens that Hams, first found in Sussex with Hammers and Henners, share the McCabe salmon. By what coincidence do Henners share the Comey lion while McCabe's FBI boss was James Comey? It's just a no-brainer that Obama's FBI was at least viewing communications of Trump teamers using The Hammer spy system. During the coup attempt by McCabe, Nelly OHR got her HAM radio licence probably to communicate more safely (not recorded by telecommunications machines) with the coup plotters. The article I quoted from above says that James Clapper was in charge of The Hammer, and here we can add that the "ORbem" motto term of Kids can be partly for Orrs/Ore's who share the red roundel with Nellys, and partly for Beems/Beams sharing the trefoil of Clapper-beloved Pike's.

I don't know the answer, but you might like the question: why do Lille's share the red-on-gold fitchee (different design) with Orrs/Ore's? Perhaps better yet: as I KNEELed in front of Farrah Fawcett Faucet when she was screaming, is it relevant that Kneals/Neils have a red-lion version of the Comey Coat? Was my KNEELing a pointer to Nelly Ohr? It's amazing that Neels have a "FACTis" motto term while Fawcetts are also FAUCETs.

English Pike's, now Clapper important, share the trefoil of Ice's, and, of course, the puck bounced and rolled on the ice. Pike's share the split Shield colors of Bumps/Bumpus', and they happen to be vertically split in the colors of the vertically-split griffin head in the Berry Crest! What are the chances? The Bumps/Bumpus' share the Tooth griffin, and, safe to say, Barry got punched in the tooth when his lip was bleeding; there was probably a bump on the lip too!!! COOL STUFF. I'll never forget how Barry took that punch without a word to Sharon. He just sat there, saying nothing, not becoming upset, to stick up for my talking about Jesus. But he didn't seem interested in Jesus when I spoke to him about Him.

The Pike-like Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of RATTerys (Perthshire, same as Rollo's, beside Rats) and Woods. We can't seem to escape Rat liners. English Tute's are also Tooth-like Toots, and Irish Tute's (Norfolk, same as Portis'/Porch's) were at Les Andelys with the Tonys who in turn are known to descend from MALahule of MORE, king Rollo's uncle. It just so happens that the vertically-split Shields above are shared my MORleys/MAULs! Zikers.

I can't believe, however, that God would provide the note miracle just to give us a history lesson on Rollo bloodlines. There's got to be more to it than this, though this shows the incredible genius of God, and meanwhile serves to prove that He was in that note / punch event. I should add that Mellanson had an apartment at the very end of a HALLway, and that Sharon, immediately after punching Barry, went to the other end of the hallway, the very end, and collapsed there at the door to her brother's apartment. It's just that "MalaHULE" was suspect with Hule's/Hulls (Yorkshire, same as Morleys/Mauls) sharing roughly the Coat of Halls (Lincolnshire, same as Pockets/Pouchers). It can start to suggest that Malahule was named after Milan elements that named Mellans / Mellansons. It's got Ottone VISconti all over it, and Vise's (Sussex, same as Hammers et-al) share the black stag head with Clapper-connectable Beckers.

Portis'/Porch's (they use so-called "barry" in their Shield) use "rege," and Barrys/Berrys use "regi." The note in my pocket got us to this point, fitting perfectly with the slap or punch to Barry. Portishead is at the Somerset-Gloucester border, and Gloucestershire is where Stevens and Papers were first found, as well as the Bumps/Bumpus' well as Newton- / Note-like Newths/Nottings/Nutts/Kutts!!! WOW!

God told me, in the morning, to write on a piece of paper that Steve Mellanson and I would have a disagreement that night, and that I should give the note to Steve at that time. He got upset with me because I left his party when Barry and others left. But we left only for a while, returning afterward, which is when he got punched. Punch's have eight, fessewise bars (called "barry") in the colors of the three Berry fesses, and half in the colors of the eight, fessewise bars of Portis'/PORCH's. Porcia's share the black boar with Rollo's. Bunch's share the fleur-de-lys of Porci's. See Intelligent Design behind the punch?

The Papers look meaningful here because the Clapper topic involved the Beach's (share Clapper Shield) and their Becker branch, and then Dutch Beckers/Bakers share the chevron of Papers, as do Rollo's. It seems as though the note on that paper is pointing to James Clapper due to more than the emphasis on Portishead of Clapton.

Papers have lion heads in the colors of the Rolling and Bouns/Bone lion, and Mellanson's note is now pointing to the rolling puck, you see, probably BOUNCing at first when it hit the ice (coming down from above the goalie's head). Newtons use "shin BONES," you see, and I was sliding on my shin bones when tipping in the stalled puck. The Newton Crest is an "EASTERn prince," and Easters/Isters are a branch of Sturs in turn sharing the triple fesses of Berrys (in colors reversed in the Portis/Porch Crest)! The Stour river has a source near Portishead / Clapton. Perfect.

As no Bounce surname comes up, I think the Bouns' can apply because they share the Rolling lion. The puck bounced for sure, but the heraldry suggests that it rolled too, though I can't remember at all what the puck did when hitting the ice. It just so happens that Rollo's (Perthshire, beside Nairnshire) share the Paper / Becker/Baker chevron! See?

Ahh, Rollo's daughter, Crispina, must be to the Crispins, for while the French Crispins share the bend of Bouns'/Bone's and of the Cato's/Chattans suspect from PORCIus Cato, English Crispins share the eight bars of Portis'/PORCH's. The Rollo line was thus in my POCKET with the NOTE. For the giant Pocket cinquefoil is that also of Portis'/Porch's (though in colors reversed), and Note's/Cnuts were from Cnut, a Danish king. Rollo was a Danish king too. God knows what He's doing, yet this also goes to the rolling puck, especially as Mellansons are from "Milan," where Ottone Visconti ruled while Ottone's have a version of the German Puck Coat. Plus, Ottone's were first found in PERUSia/Perugia with Grazio's who in turn share the pomegranate with the French Crispins at PEREZ.

Why might Rowleys, pointing to the rolling puck, share the BARwick motto? The rolling puck suggested that the Trump effort to win the election suddenly ceased, starting as a slap shot but without enough steam to score. Wasn't Barr a MAJOR part of that betrayal? The slap shot was from Steve TARR, and Rollings use a scimiTAR.

We might even consider here whether my NOTE to Mellanson applies because the Nemo motto is, "I show NOT BOAST." Nots are listed with Note's/Cnuts. Boasts are in the colors and format of Stirlings, as well as the Hubbard branch of Huberts, how about that. The gold crescent in the Boast Crest can be the one of Rowleys (because they almost have the Hubert Coat), but Mellansons and Nots/Cnuts also have it. Plus, as we saw the Bauds in the repeated quote above, because they were first found in Stirlingshire with Nemo's (beside Rollo's), by what coincidence is the Rowley crescent colors reversed from the same of Bauds?

Stirlings use "FORward," and Rowleys use "FORbear," which recalls that Scalia went to Poindexter's ranch with Mr. Foster while Foster variations are like those of FORE's/Forez's.

COVID Heraldry

In case you missed it in the last update: "[A day after this update was out, Alyssa Farah was on Fox supporting COVID vaccinations as distributed by Trump, and Farrah Fawcett had a non-physical head injury in my vision, which may suggest God's warning not to take the vaccine! These vaccines are loved by Faucet-like Tony Fauci. See more heraldry on this topic in the next update. Here she is:

]" In the last update, I told how I had a vision one morning of a sick-headed, blond woman that looked like Farrah Fawcett. It proved, in the last update, to be a correct interpretation. That night, a lovely blond lady, who's as good looking as Fawcett, ran to her brother's apartment, but fell to the hall floor screaming like a woman out of her mind. So, as I said, I got down on one knee, looked up, and spoke Jesus' name out loud for help. She immediately stopped screaming.

I have just done more heraldry that I did not do in the last update, because I was KNEELing beside "Farrah Fawcett." The Kneals/Neils, first off, share the Fock/Fockes fish. I then loaded Neels to find a Faucet-like "FACTis" motto term. What are the chances? Faucets/Fawcetts had a Fauxside castle built by Saer de Quincy, and while Quincys are also Quince's, the lady who screamed was Sharon QUINN.

[I did not know until the day after writing here that Farrah Faucet had a personal relationship with Ryan O'NEAL from 1979 to 1994!!! The Sleeping-Beauty dream was in 1979!]

I can tell that the Neel lion is that of Bradds/Bratts, a line from PodeBRADY on the Elbe = LABE river. That's why the Laps come up as Labbs', for they share the mermaid with Babels/Babe's while English Babwells and Babe's can be traced with certainty to the Arms of Podebrady. The point is that Laps/Labbs' were first found in Wiltshire with Neels, and as this surname came up with my being down on one knee, we now add that when Mamie sat on my LAP, she was sitting on my knees. The Knees' and Kness' are in Neel colors, and while Mamie pointed to Mamesfelde of the Mansfields, she also pointed to the Mens'/Mame's suspect in the "NoMEN" motto term of Neels.

Question: is God linking Mamie on my lap with Farrah Fawcett screaming? If so, why? Mens/Mame's were first found in Midlothian with Bradds/Bratts, right beside Fauxside of Faucets. The Mathie's/MANNs us a "FAC ET" motto phrase. The Manys even share the vertically-split Shield of Foix's. Mamie got her thigh symbol the day after she was on my lap, and Sinclairs of Roslin (Midlothian) use a "thy" motto term, and even share "God" with Mens'/Mame's (probably code for a God-like surname). Thy's/Thigh's might be using a FOX.

Purdy good stuff, but the idea that Mamie points to vaccines has me puzzled. On the other hand, Sharon Quinn ended up on a COUCH with her head injury, and the last time I was with Mamie was on the couch of Albert Oosteyn, when he was away at Whistler Mountain. I had noted that while she and I had slept in a tent, Tintons use tents while the neighboring Tints (Somerset, same as Whistlers) share the Whistler lion, and Tints call it "COUCHant" (fancy word for "lying down"). Albert had MS, and he died of that disease. He had gotten it in his early 20s? Is God suggesting that vaccines did that to him?

When Sharon was taken off the floor and laid on her brother's couch, she reached out her hand toward me and said, "I love you." Love's/Luffs were first found in Oxfordshire with Couch's, but I don't know what more to make of this unless Love's/Luffs (probably of the Leavells/Lovells of Cary castle) use a Cornish CHOUGH. Cornish's share the Cary roses. The Love/Luff bird design is that of Hoods (Devon, same as Cornish's) who do use a Cornish Chough. And Scottish Leavells/Lovells were first found in Roxburghshire with Couch-like Gouch's/Gooch's. Perfect. Were Couch's a Cough / Chough branch? Looks feasible. Tintons were first found in Cornwall, and Couch's mention "Couch's Mill" in Cornwall. That works. The Cornovii namers of Cornwall also named the Ceraunii mountains (Epirus) at the land of ATINTanes, you see.

LUFFkins share the chevron-with-stars of Peare's and Thames'/TAME's (Oxfordshire, same as Loves/Luffs), and the Luffkin chevron is also that of Cornish's (Devon, same as Cornwalls and chough-using Hoods) and Corns. Isn't it therefore amazing that Coughs/Cuffs use a "TAMen" motto term to help assure that Loves/Luffs have a chough? I've not known this until now. Thames'/Tame's have mascles colors reversed from those of Quincys, what are the chances? It was "Farrah Fawcett" who said, "I love you" in order to get us to Loves/Luffs, and here we find Loves/Luffs kin of the Quincys who built the castle of Fawcetts. Are you not impressed?

As Hood-connectable Hooters use bird talons, note that Talons/Talants (Cornwall) are in Luffkin colors and format. This recalls Sleeping Beauty at the HOOD, and then hovering LEVEL as a pointer to the Level variation of Leavells/Lovells, and God, in that dream, said to me, "it's you she LOVES"!!! That dream affected me so powerfully that I told it to many people, thinking she was to be my wife, but I now see that it was just a pointer to Loves/Luffs. The Hooters and Hover-like Hoovers share the same giant talon! Why was Sleeping Beauty sleeping? Sick or something?

It's also interesting that Choughs are in the colors and format of Vaughns (Shropshire, same as LUFFkins) who in turn have a vaccine-like Vychan variation, but compare the latter's Coat with the one of Cornwall's Pendragons. Well, maybe God is pointing to the cough of flu infections since Coughs/Cuffs ("taMEN") share the fleur-de-lys of Vaughns/Vychans. And as Masks are listed with Maschi's, we can even point out that Love's/Luffs were Muscat and Muschat kin. Masks are worn over the cheeks, and Cheeks share the Love/Luff fitchee. English Cuffs (same Coat as Coughs/Cuffs) were first found in Wiltshire with Neels ("FACTis"), and so we're right back where we started, with my kneeling to ask Jesus to help Farrah Fawcett, whom they put on the Cough-like couch.

Here's from the Mens/Mame write-up: "The earliest known forbear of the surname is Robert de Manieres, a Norman from Mesnieres, near ROUEN..." Read on to see how Mens'/Mame's were in a vaccine-like region.

Judy Mikovits has written two books I think, at least one telling that Tony Fauci stole her boss' secrets that ended up in Fauci's dissemination of vaccines that she says caused cancer. Farrah Fawcett died in her early 60s of cancer. Tonys were from Les ANDELys, and that's at the vaccine-like Vexin: "Norman Vexin (Vexin normand), bounded by the rivers Epte, ANDELLE and Seine, which became part of the Duchy of Normandy." Bingo, watch: Rollo's capital at Rouen was in the Vexin, and Rouens (Dol) have nine of the seven Quincy mascles!!! Quincy's built the castle of Faucets, said to be a couple of miles from MUSSELburgh, named by the Mussels/MUSCels, a branch of MASCuline's, in the land of Keiths/MASCals. There's a lot of masks over in East Lothian's Fauxside area. It appears like Intelligent Design, like God is snitching on Tony Fauci the mask-goon hypocrite.


Italian Tonys use a "flower," and Rand-branch Rinds use "gillie flowers" in a "flower pot," and then the Rands/RANCE's may be in the "speRANDum" motto term of Noms/Nome's/Noms/Nevins (Neel and Nagle colors) suspect in the "NOMEn" motto term of Neels, and in the "Nom" motto term of Neil-related Nagle's. The Rance river is close to Dol, where Rouens were first found. Nagle's have a "vox" motto that could be for the Faux-branch Vaux's, the latter first found in East Lothian with Faucets/Fawcetts and SEATons. Voxe's are listed with English Vaux's, and French Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' were first found in Perigord with Fauci-like Fauchy's. So, my kneeling before a screaming "Farrah Fawcett" has just brought us to Faucet-like Fauch liners.

"Non" is a motto term of Vaughns having a vaccine-like Vychan variation. This surname is in Rain/Raines colors and format, and Rennes is near the Rance river. Rains/Raines' were Rothes kin, and the latter were once said to be first found in Shropshire with Vaughns/Vychans and the Dol Alans, and so Rouens of Dol may have been Rennes-related, and the Vexin around Rouen may have named Vychans or vice-versa. Rands/Rance's were at Clavering (Norfolk), and so let's repeat from above, because the thing that Fauci stole from Mikovits' boss had to do with HIV / AIDS: "Claverings use an "Ad" motto term, and share the Mall/Marlybone Coat that goes with David Morley below and his pointer to Ade's/AIDS." That's interesting. Was the sleeping bag a pointer to those foisting the COVID scheme upon us? I wonder.

Claverings share the quadrants of Says, the latter first found in Shropshire with Vaughns/Vychans and Sleeps. The Sarah's/SAYers (Essex, same as Claverings) share the motto of Rowleys (Cheshire, same as Malls/Marlybone's), and are in Rowley colors and format. Rowleys and Rowells can be from "Rollo" of Rouen, that makes sense, for Sayers can be linked to Saer de Quincy. It's got Faucets/Fawcetts all over it.

The first I saw Sleeping Beauty hovering over the SEATs, who was a beautiful blond, she was distressed of mind, and eventually she fell to sleep (sick? dead?). She has been identified as Ainsley Earhardt, whose always pushing the COVID vaccines for FOX and Friends. Faucets were at Fauxside castle, built by a man linkable to Rouens. That builder was SAER de Quincy, whose in the write-up of Sarah's/Sayers (Essex, same as Faux's and Quincy-like Quints), who themselves look like the share the cinquefoil of Sedans ("NONE"!). The Sleeping-Beauty dream started with a shark while Sharks were first found in Tyrone with their Kneal/Neil kin.

The Saer-like Serio river -- suspect in the Car motto, which motto includes the Sedan / Seaton bloodline -- is where Miss Hanson's ice-cream symbol pointed, and English Hansons happen to share the mascle of English Faux's. Seatons were at Say, and Sarah's are SAYers too. The ice-CREAM was God's code for Cremers/Cramer, who share the Chief and Shield of Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes'. Cremers/Cramers have yet another "Non" motto term to go with my kneeling for Farrah Fawcett's health. The "dormit" motto term of Cremers/Cramers is translated, "sleeps." Yikes.

Nordic Hansons not only share the fleur-de-lys of Cremers and Faux's/Fage's, but have the German Fugger Coat. Austrian Fuggers share the ram with German Cremers/Cramers. Why is God linking Miss Hansons to Fauci-like surnames? Vaccines are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which is still run by Stephen HAHN, that's right. He works hand-in-glove with Fauci, we must assume. Yet I purchased an ice-cream from Hanson more than 45 years ago, at Sam's Restaurant (still there), and Sam's (Essex, same as Quints and Sarah's/Sayers) share the giant Faucet/Fawcett lion. I asked her on our first date while she handed me the ice-cream, and Dennis Quinn, the brother of the screaming lady now posing as Farrah Fawcett, loaned me his parent's Valiant to take Hanson for a drive (five years earlier). Valiants use a shark, otherwise I don't know another surname with one.

Valiant-like Vallans share the moline cross of SARACen-branch SARAsins, and Saracens (like "Shark") share the crescents of Tony-like Tonbridge's (Rowley crescents in colors reversed). Tonys were from the Vexin, a pointer to Tony Fauci, we now glean.

I'm wondering whether the Cremer/Cramer motto is shared by Lothians for a God-designed reason, but at this time I can't see a possible, sensible reason. The Cremer/Cramer motto term, "CUSTodit," can be gleaned with Constance-related Custers, for Constance's share the pine tree with Lothians, yet the Custs share the "fountains" on a fesse of the Kiss'/CUSH's who have the red Bibo rooster on a CUSHion, and Cussons share the giant Custer eagle, meaning that Cremer/Cramers point to the Hahn kin of Bibo's. So, yes, the ice-cream can be God's code for deep-freeze vaccines, especially as French Pine's share the cinquefoils of freeze-like Frasers. Recall "FACE MASK," what looks like a Faucet-Maschi duo, for Masks are listed with Maschi's using "PINE cones."

I had shown why my being mugged in Galveston was a pointer to the Galveston National Laboratory, which helped to build parts of the Wuhan lab being blamed for the COVID outbreak. The mugging took place a few hours after I saw the omen that's in the Crest of Scottish Jeffreys, and this surname was once said to be first found in Peebles-shire. Tweeddale is at Peebles-shire, and Tweeddale is where Frasers were first found who share the Kim cinquefoils, and Farrah Fawcett collapsed and screamed outside the door of Kim Quinn's apartment.

The reason that was pointed out is that the Poe's (Devon, same as English Pine's) are suspect in the "PHOEbus" motto term of Scottish Jeffreys, and then the Poe Coat is almost identical with the French Pine Coat (the ones with the Fraser / Kim cinquefoils). These cinquefoils are shared by Tweeddale's Scottish McKinney (have exactly the Fraser Coat) while Irish McKinneys (Quinn-like), in all three colors of Quinns, share the McCabe fesse so as to probably share the McCabe belonging also to Hams, the latter first found in Sussex with Hammers and Henners. The latter have lions in the colors of the lion heads of Irish McKinneys, what's this all about? Then Spanish Farahs have the double-wavy fesses of Hennings in colors reversed. Were Hennings and Henners of the Hahn bloodline pointing to the FDA's Mr. Hahn?

PLUS, McKinneys (share Keith stag head) were of the Keiths, who were first found in East Lothian with Vaux's and Faucets. As I've said a million times, the day after being mugged, God provided me with a coffee in Victoria because Coffee's/Coffers have a "Victoria" motto term. Victoria's happen to share the stars of both Scottish Vaux's above and Salmon-like Salome's (virtually the same as the Vaux Coat), what a fat "coincidence" because Victoria, Texas, doesn't know any of this heraldry. The Texas surname even shares the Coat of English Vaux's. AND, Coffee's are in McKinney colors and format, sharing the fesse of salmon-using McCabe's, mind-boggling.

If we ask why The Hammer spy systems is linking to what otherwise looks like a pointer to the COVID schemers, we can just appeal to Andrew McCabe of Obama's FBI's spy machine. Comeys have lions in the colors of the McKinney lion heads. Coffee's/Coffers (share McCabe fesse) share the dolphin with English Hammers (in Ham colors), the latter first found in Sussex with the Hams sharing the McCabe fish. Perfect link. My coffee in Victoria is pointing to Comey's FBI. Victoria's/Vechters/Fichters look like branches of Feschs / Fix's/Ficks variations, part of the Fieschi and FISCs, and while McCabe and Comey abused the FISA court (called FISC) to ruin Trump, this was the line of FACE's/Fessys. FACTors are listed with Feschs/Fechts. While Fix's/Ficks have the wavy-Dol fesse in colors reversed, Fachs/Vackers/Veckers were first found in Dol. It recalls my meeting Joseph Fix at his coffee / snack shop. The last time I was with Mamie, I took her there with my TAXi, and Tax's/Dachs share crossed, white swords with Feschs/Factors. We went there to listen to live music, and Musics/Musys/MOUSie's were first found in Brittany, and MOUSquette's/Muscats, with their Luff/Love kin, have Coats linkable to that of Facks/Vackers/Veckers.

As I've said a million times, the naked rider of the Coffee/Coffer dolphin is in the Arms of Taranto, and that location is where Motels are said to have lived who happen to share a white winged horse with Quinns. The latter's giant horse is in the colors of the giant one of Coffer-like McCafferys (Fermanagh, beside first-known McKinneys and Comeys), but also in the colors of Portuguese Mota's while the Italian Mota's were first found in Calabria with Motels. I was mugged while sleeping in the back of my pick-up, on a quiet street, but the mugging caused me to check into a MOTEL.

WOW, as per FERMANagh of McCafferys, it just so happens that Fermans/Formans share the double-wavy fesses of Hennings as well as the lion (it's the Robert lion) of Italian Farah's. Spanish Farah's were the ones with the Henning fesses in colors reversed, which might suggest that my experience with Linda Henning points somehow to COVID schemes. As was said, Sharon Quinn posing as Farrah Fawcett was in a relationship with Charley on the night she collapsed and screamed, and he was a loan officer while both Loans/Lane's have the same lion as Fermans/Formans and Farah's (the latter show nothing but the lion).

Wow, Scottish Fairs/Fare's (Cumberland, same as English Vaux's!) have the Ferman/Forman anchor in giant form. One could get the impression that God intended Farrah Fawcett to point to this thing under discussion. I was speaking through the DOOR with Miss Henning, and while Irish Doors share the giant Hammer / Doral lion, the latter wears a crown, as does the same-colored, giant lion of Italian Fare's/Ferrari's! What does this mean? Why were Irish Doors first found in Galway with Teague's?

As I said, I purchased a NEWSpaper with the coffee, for the specific purpose of finding my family a remote tract of country land, and the News'/Nuces' (newspaper in Crest) are like "Nueces," the name of a Texas river where I bought land seven months later. I bought a direct-Nueces riverfront property, I kid you not, from a post-tribulationist Christian -- Mrs. Teague -- having six freezers filled with food at the time. I kid you not. Is God sending us a message with my mugging (I got away without losing a dime)? I think I now understand it. It just makes sense, at this time, to get out of the cities, where muggers are predicted to abound in the last days, but I sure do hope I'm not wrong about this being God's message to all. Proceed with caution, make your own choice, not based on what I say, because I don't want to be responsible for your making a mistake.

Why is the "optem" motto term of Teague's like the "optima" of Salmons? As Salmons were first found in Cumberland with English Vaux's while Salome's share the Coat of Scottish Vaux's, it speaks for itself (i.e. Salmons were a Salome branch). It tends to show that Andrew McCabe is somehow linked to COVID-pushing goons. The Salemans share the eagles in the Chief of Suty-branch Side's, and the latter two are branches of Seatons i.e. first found in East Lothian with FauxSIDE castle.

Amazingly, SALEmans and Salmons are both said to be from lords of Catterham, and Vaux-like VAUGhns, with a vaccine-like VYCHan variation, share the fleur-de-lys of SALE's (beside Vaughns/Vychans)!!! It's a new thing, thanks to this set of heraldry. The new thing: Vaughns must have been a Vaux branch, meaning that Farrah FAUCet is a pointer to vaccines, as suspected! Catters, in Vaughn/Vychan colors and format, use fish that can certainly be salmon, for Salmons were lords at CATTERham. Catters can be God's reason the KATRina was the first name of ice-cream girl, Miss. Hanson.

For what it's worth, Salemans are in Hubbard / Rowley colors and format while Huberts (Cheshire, same as Sale's and Rowleys) are in Sale colors and format.

Although the Coffee's/Coffers use "cups," they look like mugs to go with my mugging the night before the coffee. The cups have a handle on all four corners, as if to emphasize the Handle's / HANDels who are in the Coat of French Henne's/Henners. The Cups/Cope's / Cope's / Copps look like kin of German Hennings and Hands/Hans', you see, as though God wants that coffee in Victoria to point to Mr. Hahn of the Food and Drug Administration, which goes nicely with the pointer of my mugging to the Galveston lab's involvement in the COVID plot to suppress societies the world over, to make us not talk with one another, to make us afraid, to quench all social interaction, all happiness, all fun and games. Frankly, I don't know why non-Christians haven't started shooting these fiends. Isn't Fauci afraid for what's left of his life? The old man will be meeting his maker in probably less than five years, which will be worse than bullets to the body.

Judging from things I've read over the years, the FDA seeks to thwart the retreat of people into wilderness sites. Globalists want us ham-strung under their thumbs in boxed houses six feet apart or less. Bill Gates is now the largest owner of farm land in the U.S., this insidious fool. What's this hog planning to do with it all since he doesn't need it? What kind of a pig is this, not happy with his billions, he's now denying land for others??? Is he going to become a farmer? Nope. He's too old, just a few years before he meets his maker, what a horrible surprise he's in for, just a few more years, and, hopefully, an accidental stab from his own vaccine will kill him pitilessly. What a lunatic man.

Farmers have nearly the Firman Coat (share the gold Ferman/Forman anchor). Plus, by what coincidence is "Firm" the motto of Curbys/Kirkbys sharing the crescents of English Coffers/Coffare's (Coffee-cup colors)? These surnames are in the colors of the McCafferys of FERMANagh. Is God trying to send us a message to farm our own food, because remaining in cities will get us mugged when the globalists reduce / destroy our food supplies in efforts to brainwash / control us? It's making sense. The mugging is now making sense. The Black thief tried to steel my entire vehicle, wallet and all, but God wouldn't let the vehicle start for him when he put the keys into the ignition. He ran off with the keys, but, lucky me, I happened to put a spare key under the mat for this trip, and the truck started for me on the third try. Click, click, vroom, that's how it happened. I drove to a motel.

OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote the above before realizing that mat-like Mathie's have a "FAC ET" motto phrase! I then checked Matts to find the giant Faucet lions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put a spare key under the MAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. Even the key-under-mat is pointing to COVID goons, in the perfect place, Galveston.

I've always wondered whether Texas is a place for Christians to retreat to. One thing seems certain, that the cold snap this past week will make Christian Texans get more-prepared to endure a similar thing, and that can't be bad. Having a small wood stove in every home with a month's supply of firewood (not much volume for Texas climate) seems like a good idea. The globalists might try to punish Bible-belt areas with high energy costs, and so a tract of land of even five acres, with three years of firewood stored now makes one NOT a hoarder. Hoarding is only hoarding when things are tough for all, but if you buy firewood / Food when things are okie-dokie, it's not hoarding. It's wise planning against globalist goons.

I'm convinced that Vaughns/Vychans are a pointer to the COVID scheme that came in-part from China, where the Bidens have strong ties like a lifeline. Vaughns/Vychans, first found in Shropshire with Hunters/Hunts and Biden-like Bedins, thus looks like a pointer to Hunter Biden, who gives me the impression that he's in cahoots with killer mobsters. The vertically-split Hunter/Hunt Shield is shared by Foix's/Foys, while the other Foix's/Foys and English Foys (Suffolk, same as Plains/Platers and Platers) use Plate-like pellets. Pellets share the coat of PILLOWs/Pilotte's while My-Pillow Lindell has The Hammer goods to condemn the Bidens with China in the theft of the election.

To help prove that Pillows are connectable to Faucet / Faux's / Foix's, Billows/Bellets (like Pillows / Pellets) use a fox FACE in Crest. In heraldry, if the animal has no neck, it's technically a face. The Billow/Bellet Chief is a version of the Henning Chief (plates in Chief), and these are the Platter-linkable Hennings (Norfolk, same as Platters) with the double-wavy FARAH fesses. Linda Henning points with her first name to Linda's/Lindells, get it? I do. The Lindell documentary exposing China corruption is the same corruption that partnered with Biden-supporting globalist diplomats to bring the COVID scheme over the West.

It is now amazing that the Hennings are the ones with the wavy Sea fesses, in the colors of the wavy Seaman and TUCKER bars. Hennings, Seamans and Tuckers share the seahorse, and, wow, the TUCKER bars match very well with the five fesses of Ducks/DUCKERs while the director of the Galveston National lab, the one who helped set-up the Wuhan lab, is James LeDUC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe this? My brief encounter with Linda Henning has just pointed to the COVID criminals turning the country into a lock-down haven for muggers. The destroyers are willing to destroy until we give them pronto what they've been wanting for decades.

Ducs/LeDucs (Brittany, where I trace Dolphins/DOLfins) look like kin of Dolphins/Dolfins (Dol colors), beloved by Hammers. Note that while Dol is near Rennes, Rains/Raines share the Patty/Paty lion while I was on Henning's rear PATIo when speaking to her through the patio door. Fachs/Vachers (new to me this week) were first found in Dol, and Duc-like Duke's (Duc/LeDuc colors) are split horizontally in the colors of the vertically-split Neel Coat, and the latter's "FACTis" motto term convinced me that God pointed to Neels when I kneeled to Jesus as Farrah Fawcett was screaming (there was no reason for it aside from demonic oppression).

The last time I saw her was when living briefly at Rumble avenue, while dating Lorraine. I was still living there when Lorraine got her pant STAIN, and while Bar-le-Duc, definitely related to Ducks/Duckers, is in Lorraine, France, the Stains have this in their write-up: "One of the first records of the name was Sir William Staine who married into the YARBOROUGH's of Heslington Hall about the year 1100." Heslingtons/Hazeltons are the ones with a "FOCIS" motto term, possibly for Foches'/FAUCH's, and Yarborough's have a version of the Duke Coat with possibly the DOMINic chevron. Farrah Fawcett went CRAZY at her brother's door, and English Grasse's are also Craze's...while a GRASShopper is used by Fauchys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GET IT!!!

She went momentarily crazy as God's pointer to Fauci's vaccine programs, it must be a correct interpretation. Mercedes Schlapp was/is pushing the vaccines. Note that Sleeps were first found in slap-like Salop, and that sleeping can be a portrayal of death / sickness.

I kneeled there, and Neels (Nom/Non and Yarborough colors) use a "NOMen" motto term while Yarborough's use "Non." It seems as though there is to be a sick-Farrah-Fawcett connection to Lorraine's grass stain. I met Mamie for the first time probably within an hour of when Lorraine was on a walk to get the stain, and Mamie pointed to Men's/Mame's suspect in "NoMEN."

AHHHHH, Mamie has huge breasts, and that's partly why she pointed to MAMESfelde of Mansfields ("mamm" means "breast"). The Brix's/BRESTs have the triple lozenges of Fells in colors reversed, and Fells have the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars in colors reversed too! The trick now is to figure why Fells are in this. Ahh, Falls/Fallis' (share Feller trefoils), first found in Midlothian (right beside the Fauxside castle) with Mens'/Mame's, share the English Grasse lions! Zinger.

I'm seeing the dastardly Rockefellers with bottomless stomachs. Around the year 2000, David Rockefeller told the rulers of this world to begin censoring the voices of Republicans, and he no doubt aimed that scheme at Christians, for we never had a voice in this world until the Internet gave it to us, but they took that voice away, for the most part, because they are dastardly, with no greater desire than to control "their" world. I have news for you, rich control freaks: this world belongs to the meek of Jesus. We are going to spoil you; all your wealth will go to the meek, and you will be left with gravel in your mouths while you rot in Hell reflecting on the greed by which you hoped to rule the planet.

I didn't give Lorraine the grass stain. The lawn that gave it to her didn't know heraldry at the time. I was waiting for her on her Comey-pointing balcony (when she got home with the stain), and Balcons share the bend of English Grasse's/Craze's, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Yarborough's (Grasse colors). It appears that her grass stain points to James LeDuc, for James' share the Grasse lion, in the colors of the lion of Neels (share vertically-split Shield of Yarborough's). Neels were first found in Wiltshire, and Duke's of Devon are said to have become "Dukes of Wiltshire." As Yarborough's look like they love Fiddle's/Fidelows in their Crest, here's from my 3rd update in September, 2009: "The Fiddle Crest is a hand holding a garland, while the Doke[/Duke] Crest is 'A gold demi griffin holding a blue chaplet.'" A garland is a chaplet, and Chaplets were first found in Lorraine with Bar-le-DUC. Lorraine's grass stain on her pants pointed to PANTERs, and therefore to PenderGRASS', kin, by the looks of their Coats, of STAINfords. English Grasse's may therefore have the Pender lion.

Ducks/Duckers (Westphalia, same as Velins and Velens) were kin of duck-using Velins, like the Whelans/Failins who share the Brick Coat, with the Fell lozenges, we gather, for the Brick lozenges are colors reversed from the same of Brix's/Brests. Apparently, Mamie's large breasts were necessary to get us to Fells and James LeDuc. As I've said a million times, I dated Miss Whelan, who lived at the corner of Senator Reesors drive, the street that Linda Henning lived on too. The Chief-Shield colors of Hennings (Duck-connectable) are those of Mens'/Mame's, AND WOW, just realized, the latter's Chief-Shield colors are reversed from the ones of Linda-like Lintons/Lindens, who named East Linton in the East Lothian!!! West Linton is in Peebles-shire, where the Jeffreys were said to have been first found who have, in their Crest, the omen (came with a feeling of doom) I saw in Texas hours before being mugged in Galveston!!!! James LeDuc of Galveston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mamie just pointed to Mr. LeDuc again.

The section coming after "AND WOW" would not have been found had I not seen "GreteLINTONE" in the Neel write-up, for I had seen East Linton on a map yesterday, and so this is what caused a loading of Lintons at this time to see that they are connectable to big-breast Mens'/Mame's. The Linton Coat is a colors-reversed version, roughly, of the English Henning Coat. Cool.

In the news yesterday (18th): "One of the side effects of the [COVID] vaccines includes enlarged lymph nodes [in the breasts] in recipients, which could raise a red flag during a mammogram screening." Does it seem like they can give women breast cancer? In ancient times, there was Cancer the crab, and Crabs (share Hell Coat) were first found in Cambridgeshire, where English Lindens (leopard FACES) were first found, and also the setting of another Linton location. BEWARE THE VACCINES. Hellys are listed with Livelys while Mr. HeckenLIVELY has warned about the vaccines very recently.

"'This enlargement of lymph nodes, a sign the body is responding appropriately to the vaccine...'" Exactly what we expect to hear from those who have been ordered to say so, from the liars at the top. Are you sure you want a vaccine that affects your breasts, maybe intended to keep women from breast feeding so that the globalists can poison your baby (maybe make him/her less fertile for reproducing people) with their store-bought baby milk? Do not trust "experts" anymore, for people are lying left and right just to save their jobs in this hard-to-get-a-job "reset" society. This is not a reset; it's a grab. Whatever they tell us, the exact opposite is true half the time.

WOE. I wrote the paragraph above in full before it dawned on me to check the Gram surname as per "mammoGRAM." Unbelievably, Scottish Grams/Grahams were first found in Midlothian with Mens'/MAME's!!! The eastern border of Midlothian is a dog's walk to Fauxside castle. German Grams (SWABia) have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Neels and Yarborough's, and it's Neels having "NoMEN" and "FACTis" motto terms. I kneeled before a sickly Farrah Fawcett. The real one almost married Ryan O'Neal, and they both had cancer.

By the way, East Lothian is where Seatons were first found who share "hazard" with Sutys, the latter being a branch of Side's that apparently named, FauxSIDE. Sutys almost have the Seamen/SEMEN bars, and the Suty Crest has the same lion as the Faucet/Fawcett lion, you see. I recall that the Suty Crest is a "hull," and it just so happens that while Farrah Fawcett collapsed in the HALL, Halls/Hule's share the three dog heads of Hulls. There is a Kingston location on the hull river, and the giant Kingston lion is colors reversed from the same of Faucets. AND WOW, just fell upon this: the NOTHings/Northens (share green dragon with Seatons) in the Suty motto are in NOTE/Cnut colors and format, and I gave Mellanson the note five minutes after Farrah Fawcett collapsed!!!

That morning, I had a vision of the pretty blond that looked like Farrah Fawcett, and I was shortly afterward (could have been five minutes, maybe less) told to write the note I gave to Mellanson that night. So, as the blond turned out to be Sharon Quinn, a pointer to Saer de Quincy of Fauxside castle, it seems that God created those events for the Faucet-connectable Nothings. That's incredible. If I recall correctly, the Seaton dragon has "fire" from its mouth, as does the Nothing dragon, and Fire's share the giant unicorn of Swabs. The latter were in Mecklenburg, where Hahns and Ice's were first found, and Ice's share the trefoil of SITlers/Schittle's, who in turn share the Suty / Faucet lion likely because they were of the Sitten variation of Seatons.

I've just noticed that "ice-cream" is a lot like "scream," but at this point I don't know why ice-cream should depict vaccines...aside from the fact that at least some of them need to be kept at very cold temperatures. If God is pointing to these vaccines, it's not because they are good for us, and it suggests that something very horrible is coming our way, unless stopped. Did you buy extra food yet? I'm drying potatoes almost every day now, and plan to dry meat when it's on sale. I have a few months of food stored away. The trick is to outlast the need for a mandatory vaccines when they say we can't enter a grocery store without a vaccine. That's where this train-wreck is going if it can't be stopped.

I've been hoping that my fellow countrymen would not tolerate the COVID movement for one minute, but the majority of my countrymen have become daft and stooge-like; there's little hope in hoping in them. They enjoy forcing people like me to wear a mask. They allow themselves to be convinced that it's for the safety of all, and so they shut their eyes to the facts when they spill out. People who have been tested positive for the infection should be given a paper card telling that they are safe to enter stores without a mask, but, you see, the powers have no wish for the people to remove their masks. It's a scheme, an evil scheme to effect and secure some long-range goals that people would not want if they were told about them.

A great time to dry foods on your stove (top burners will do the job if the food is not over-heated) is when it's too warm for the wood stove, but you still need some house heat, in both spring and fall. That way, you get free heat to dry foods because whatever is used will be saved from your household source of heat. A great thing to store dried foods in is the big, blue containers (15 liters) that one can buy distilled water in. They cost about four dollars with the water, but the container, if sold by itself, would probably be more than that. I've saved dozens of the one-gallon containers ($1) after using up their distilled water. I drink half well water, half distilled, because well water has needed metals.

COVID Snakes

God gave me a dream with walk-in freezer in the home of the Luff couple (my old friends) who had green snakes for tongues. Was that about liars pushing vaccines? Mrs. Luff is Valery, and so, after the dream, I recalled that Valerys use a so-called "wave" in chief, matching the snake-tongues because they were waving in their open mouths. I had checked the Valois' (Rollo chevron in colors reversed) because they list Valery-like Valours, and it just so happens that king Rollo married Poppa of Valois. This is the line of Crispins due to Rollo's daughter, Crispina, and French Crispins (share bend of English Grasse's) happen to share the pomegranate with crazy-like Grazio's. Recall the Fauchy grasshopper. "Pome" means "apple," as could "Mellan(son)" in Latin.

Valerys were first found in Dauphine with PAIN-branch Payens/Pagans, and they have chevrons colors reversed to one another. It just so happens that French Pains are in the colors of the Grazio's bend. Avoid the risk of pain, don't take a vaccine. The Pain fesse is in the colors of the triple-Fountain fesses, in the red of the triple Luff/Love fesses, and then sick-like Sichs/Sykes' use "fountains." This week, I found that HUGH de Payens was born, according to one site, at Champagne-et-FONTAINE, tending to explain why Hugs/HUGHES' look like Fountain kin. Champagne's share the bend of French Crispins, and the latter were first found in Parez, near Champagne, and moreover Perez's (Lorraine) show an apple on a fesse colors reversed from the Mellanson fesse.

The wagging tongues of the Luffs led to snake-using Huckabee's with the Valery Chief-Shield colors (colors reversed from the same of MELLANs). Mike Huckabee is a Fox guest who no doubt supports vaccines to this day. Beware the tongue-wagglers afraid to lose a job, willing to lie, willing to make life dangerous for you just to keep their jobs.

The amazing thing now is that Huckabee's (Devon, same as Rods) use "Asclepius RODs," and MELLANsons (share Rod Chief) use a "bundle of RODS." The Asclepius rod is the snake symbol of the American medical profession, the one managing the vaccines. Is God not warning us to keep away from the vaccines, and from the wagging snake-tongues who push them? Valerys/Valier's look like a Valiant branch. The latter use a shark while Sharks share the Rod trefoil. Mellanson's ear with a cotton swab pointed to Miss Earhardt.

About a year after asking Miss Hanson out while purchasing an ice-cream from her, I did the same with Darlene Ray (or Wray). Mr. Luff above was Ray. Darlene's look like they use the drop-filled Shield of Note's/Cnuts, and Mellanson's note event came shortly before his swab-in-ear event. The note event took place about a minute after Miss Quinn was on the couch saying, "I love you." Love's are listed with Luffs, and they seemed to be using a CORNish Chough while Choughs share a white uniCORN head with Note's/Cnuts. Lufkins share the chevron of Cornish's (Devon, same as Cornwalls) and Corns. When on this topic above, it got us to Talons/Talents (Luffkin colors and format) sharing talons with Hooters and Hoovers, and here we can add that Mellanson-beloved Bundle's use more talons.

I think I know what this means, for I trace Corn liners to mythical Coronis, mother of Asclepios, the mythical doctor. Sleeping Beauty was also Miss Hicks, wife of doctor Kilpatrick. The auto she was hovering in was an old but refurbished 1950's model, and I'm starting to think that it needs to be viewed as a "rod" (slang for car) as per Asclepios rods, for rod-using Mellansons were from Milan, where Ottone Visconti ruled who I think is from Auto's/Otto's. She was on Epstein's island, and Epstein was like a mad scientist wanting to play with genetics, and so if the auto of that dream represents the medical establishment, then it can also represent the COVID scheme which plans to alter our RNA / DNA with vaccines, and so I think I understand this dream now from that point of view.

I trace Coronis and Asclepius to CHORA and SKALA on the island of PATmos (off of CARia), the potential root of KilPATricks, where the Book of Revelation was written. Corrys share the GosPATRICK saltire. Huckabee's (Asclepius rods) look linkable to the chevrons of Hucks, and the latter were said to be first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, though now Hucks are said to be first found in Lincolnshire, where Rhodes' (now Yorkshire) were once said to be first found. I trace the owl of Hucks to Kos, and island near Rhodes, off of Caria, and the ancient owl (ASCALAphus) actually named Asclepius (do you see "SKALA").

I've just realized that the Quinn-like Shins/Chinns/Chings (SOMERSET) share the triple-red fesses of Love's/Luffs. Sharon Quinn (the I-LOVE-you lady) was on the couch of Dennis and his wife, Kim. Kims can be linked to Shins/Chinns/Chings by way of Kemmis'/Kenys (GLOUCESTERSHIRE), likewise suspect with the triple-Love/Luff fesses. CLAPton is at the Somerset-Gloucester border, you see, and the Shield of vair used by Clapper-connectable Beckers is shared by Shins/Chinns/Chings and Kemmis'/Kenys', which all relates to Ainsley Earhardt's ex-husband, Mr. McKinney, for McKinneys share the Kim and FRASER Coats. Frasers are suspect with the walk-in FREEZER in my snake-tongue dream with the Luffs!

As I said in the last update, my first girlfriend as a Christian was SHARON, about four months after Sharon Quinn was on the couch, but I can now repeat that I met her at Wasaga BEACH. We first kissed there at the beach, we were right on the beach. Beach/Becks share the red-vair Shield of Clappers, and Beckers with Shins / Kemmis' use it in blue. Plus, Bracebridge's have a black Shield filled with vair while the Quinns had come down to Gormley after living in Bracebridge!!! BRACE liners were in my emBRACE with Sleeping Beauty; we embraced upon my touching her knee. Beckers share the black stag head with Knee's. The "Be as" motto phrase of Bracebridge's can be for the Beas variation of Bee's/BEES' (Beach-like).

This is all new, on the Kim / Shin front, and tends to help explain why Earhardt was Love-related Sleeping Beauty. Saer de Quincy ruled Quinn-like WINchester, and Winchesters (more mascles) have the gold Quint fitchee in Crest. Quinns use snakes, and Snake-like Seneca's have the Quincy Coat on a blue Shield. The Beas'/Bee's (Oxfordshire, same as Love's/Luffs) have nearly the Coat of Clapper-like Claverings! Plus, the Beas'/Bee's use the bend-with-fleur of Coughs / Cuffs, and we saw the Cornish chough of Love's/Luffs.

Oh wow, "cleave" means "to embrace," and Cleavers are listed with Clavers while Cleave's are listed with Cliffs suspect in "Ratcliff"!!! So, even as John Ratcliffe was suspect in the hovering level of Sleeping Beauty, Ratcliffe and Clapper together can be in the embrace, which looks like a good thing for the good guys. Maybe I'm over-stretching things, but this is worth some considerations. As was said, Ratcliffs share the double bends of Key-using Kays (Yorkshire, same as Keys), and there is a key in the Cleaver/Claver Crest. How about that.

Cleave's/Cliffs were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and Says, and the latter share the Clavering quadrants! Bingo. I, a Massey liner, was cleaving to Sleeping Beauty, and the Beas'/Bee's suspect in the BRACEbridge motto have the quadrants of Masseys (Cheshire, same as Cleave's/Cliffs), in colors reversed from the Clavering quadrants!!! ZINGER! Sleeping Beauty was Miss Hicks, and you can find online that a Hicks family married Juliana Arthur in Clapton!

Cleave's/Cliffs use a "cruce" motto term while a crozier is in the Bracebridge Crest, and Crozier's share the Cruce cross! How can that be a coincidence? Cruise's/Cruse's (Bedfordshire), once said to be first found in Cheshire too, share the Quint chevron. Plus, as was said, the snitch in the Obama dream, resolved as the gardener, was stooping / crouching down, and for that scene the Cruce-like Crouch's/Crutch's had been suggested. Sleeping Beauty was hovering flat on her BACK, and the dream emphasized the snitch's back.

Insert -- Phoenix Rising Looks Like Great News

Evidence that Claverings had been a Clapper branch is where Claverings have an "Ad coelos" phrase while Bookers have "Ad coelum" while Bookings were first found in Essex with Claverings. In other words, Bookings and Bookers may have been a Beach/Bech branch. The Clavers (Norfolk, same as DAMME's and Bucks) are in Coney colors and format, and while Coneys are expected from Cuneo, that's where Dominion-like Domino's/DAMMans may have been first found who have the Claver tower in colors reversed. Clapper was in charge of Dominion cheating, we may assume, in the 2016 election. Domino's/Dammens share the black tower with the HICKen/Higgin Crest, yet the Hicken/Higgen and Hickenson Shields share the Claver tower, and then Dome's/Domers share the gold stag in Crest with Hicks (the latter call it a buck). Miss Hicks was on the BEACH.

It could be LeDuc-important that Claverings have the Velens / Velins in their motto.

I've been linking Hick's to Crane's/Crauns for some years, but never had the method you just read, which works because Dome's/Dommers have a giant crane. The Eure's suspect in the Hick motto share the Clavering Coat (almost), and Hicks were in Clapton. The Booking-like Books use an "HOURglass" to match the "heure" motto term of Hicks. And the Hicks are said to have been in Low Leyton...of Essex, which is where Bookings and Claverings were first found. The Leyton and Mall quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Claverings and Eure's, and the Morleys/Mauls have the split Shield colors of English Pike's i.e. Clapper kin. PLUS, the Geddes' use the pike fish too, and I see their fish as the one on the Bute/Butt/Boet fesse (it's the Biden/Button fesse too) while the rest of the latter's Coat is in Booking colors and format. English Morleys were related to Ade's expected in the "Ad" motto term of Claverings and Bookers.

We are now at an amazing thing that seems to get Miss Hicks into the sleeping-bag dream, important because she was sleeping before we embraced, and as an embrace is a hug, so I now see that Hickfords (not familiar with this surname) are also Hugfords. The latter were looked up because Buck-like Bookings were in Hinckford while Hickfords share the gold stag (buck) with Hicks. The sleeping-bag dream had Morley driving up a HILL and then away down the road while I walked into a PARKing lot. It's just that while Hickens/Higgens have a three-tower version of the Hill Coat, Hickfords/Hugfords share the PARKer Coat. The latter were first found in Derbyshire with Morleys. Isn't it amazing that the "Avancez" motto of Hills suggests the Vance variation of the east-Lothian Vaux's??? Suddenly, yes, the sleeping-bag dream is also a pointer to Tony Fauci's vaccine program(s).

As the hill had a forest, it's even notable that Forez's/Forests, who share "Tout" with Hicks, are in Parker / Hickford/Hugford colors. That's very impressive and compelling. Why does it seem, now, that Miss Hicks of the Epstein-Island dream is linking to Scalia's murder in Texas? He was made to die in his SLEEP, apparently, and as his bed showed no sign of a struggle, they may have drugged him at dinner, then put a bag over his head after he got into bed. Sleeping BAG on a Vaux-pointing hill.

I WALKed into the parking lot while Parkings/Perkins share the fleur-de-lys of Walks/WACHs, the latter first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. I was told to WAKE this Sleeping Beauty, leading to the Hughes-like hug. HUGHStons/Houstons share the hourglass with Books, and Hicks use "heure." Miss Hicks' husband, Mr. Kilpatrick (they lived beside Houston in Baytown), died with Parkinson's disease, and Parkinsons/Perkens were first found in Lancashire with Bookers. This is all new to me. What's this all mean?

Parkinsons/Perkens were obviously kin of Feathers, and the latter's motto points to Volens' sharing the Duck/Ducker fesses, and to Velin-branch Volens'/Velens (same place as Ducks/Duckers) who once showed ducks, and so my guess is that this points to James LeDUC of Galveston National Laboratory, for I was passing Baytown in 1994 on the day I was mugged in Galveston. That event caused me to change plans, to purchase land in remote Texas, and I ended up buying (late 1994) a few minutes from these same Kilpatricks, who had moved from Baytown to my area about the start of 1994. Incredible. James LeDuc was helping to build parts of the Wuhan lab in China = the COVID scheme foisted upon the world.

Lookie: the Ducs/LeDucs were first found in Brittany, and the Alans thereof once showed ducks in the colors of the Volens/Velen ducks (I have that recorded), but houseofnames changed both Coats so that they now both show the same martlets. This, the Ducks/Duckers were a branch of Ducs/LeDucs. Velins still show ducks. Is God suggesting that Parkinson's disease is more common now, deliberately so, due to the chemicals the population-control goons are foisting upon us?

The long held judgement [or deliberate lies] of the majority of the scientific community was proven wrong in 2009 by Dr. Judy Mikovits and other scientists who discovered that something unexpected and very harmful was happening in laboratories throughout America and the world. They discovered that a retrovirus called XMRV (xenotropic murine retrovirus) and other related retroviruses were now present in 6% of Americans and that this retrovirus was appearing in a very high percentage of people with diseases such as prostate cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, autism, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, treatment resistant Lyme disease, and Parkinson’s Disease.

Of course, the "experts" will fact-check Mikovits and make her look like a liar, especially if she's telling the truth. Google feeds you all of the people (same-old leftist media) attacking her when you do a search, and so this is the way this world is now, with google feeding us the liars first, and burying the material of those signalling dangers. Mikovits signalled the dangers surrounding vaccines for AIDS / HIV, and here one can point out that the Aid/Ade bend is also that of COVID-like Cove's/COVITs. She co-authored a Plague book with Mr. HeckenLIVELY while Livelys are listed with HIVelys. What are the chances?

Back to the Hickens/Higgins, for now that Miss Hicks seems to be a part of the sleeping-bag dream (though she doesn't appear in it), it's amazing that this surname as a "Pro patria" motto indicating the Pero's and the Patria's/PEARtree's, for the last scene in this dream had Miss Peare and I on a stage / platform, and the Crest of Stage's/Staggs happen to share the gold stag with Hicks and Dome-connectable Crane's/Crauns. Hickens/Higgins are connectable to Dome-like Domino's.

Patria's/Peartree's look like a possible Pero-Patrick merger, especially as Hickens/Higgins have "Pro patria" while Miss Hicks married Kilpatrick. Patricks share the Kilpatrick saltire, and Patricks were first found in Norfolk with Clavers (share white Hicken/Higgen tower), Hick-beloved Bucks, and the Damme's looking like a branch of the Dammen variation of Domino's, for the latter share the black tower with the Hicken/Higgen Crest. That all works good.

Stage's/Staggs have blue stag heads while Patria's/Peartree's have the white-on-blue stag head of Trumps. Donald Trump greatly facilitated the vaccines rather than going the way of flu cures. Why were Trumps (Hahn colors) first found in Mecklenburg with Hahns? Is God indicating that Trump is a killer? I think so. He let a lot of people die, and set the nation up for too-fast vaccines that have killed 100s already...though we expect that a certain percentage of the vaccines are timed to kill not-right-away.

The Hills (share Hicken/Higgin and Claver tower) are now pointing to Fauci and vaccine-pointing Vaux's. I think it's telling that Hills were first found in Worcestershire with the Squirrels who love the Tiens' in their motto, they having a version of the Peare Coat. However, aside from the "ESQUIRE's" helmet in the Poindexter Crest being related possibly to the Squire variation of Squirrels, I've suddenly come to a dead end. But wait, I've just remembered that esquire-like Esquers share the white rabbit with CHRISTmas' while Miss Peare is CHRISTine. As I've said several times, I first saw Miss Hicks on the Ranch road on Christmas day, 1994. RANCH road is called the Leakey road by locals, and Leakeys share the RENCH and Hick fleur-de-lys.

The following is amazing. It seems to prove the necessity of having Miss Hicks underlying parts of the sleeping-bag dream. The last scene of the sleeping-bag dream was my PULLING Miss Peare toward me by her waist, or her HIPS, while we were on a wooden platform that can be regarded as a Deck, for the Decks share the red squirrel with Squirrels/Squire's, and it's colors reversed from the Christmas rabbit (pedophilia symbol). The Christmas fesse has the PULLING/Pully martlets, you see, and the Hips Coat is a version of the CHRIST Coat, both horizontally split in the same colors, and colors reversed from the horizontally-split Shield of Decks! This would have been impossible to do without my seeing Hicks on Christmas day.

It recalls that my trip through Texas ended in CRYSTal City on the morning after I got the newspaper and coffee in Victoria, or about 30 hours after the Galveston mugging. I later learned that Hicks was attending a church in Crystal City, and zikers, while the Galveston mugging pointed to Wuhan-connectable James LeDuc, the Crystals share thistles with Fauchs!!!! The latter were first found in Forez while Forez'/Forests, who are in the sleeping-bag dream, share "Tout" with Hicks.

Mens with a MAME variation are in the Crystal motto, and it seemed above that big-breasted Mamie pointed to LeDucs via the Fells and Brix's/BRESTs.

The Crystal motto has "Mens CONScia," and this can go to the Cone-Conte relationship, for both share antlers, as do English Bucks in the same colors. The Hick Crest is a buck's head, showing that Miss Hicks is indeed linkable to her attending church in Crystal City. However, the Cons surname is listed with the Conns (Claver colors and format), who share white rabbits with CHRISTmas', you see, tending to suggest that Christmas' were a Crystal branch. The amazing thing now is that I first saw her on Christmas in a church with "Praise" as it's main term (the church is no longer there), and so I've just loaded Prays' to find them first found in Lincolnshire with the Cons-branch Coneys (rabbits in the colors of the Prays wolf heads).

Clavers were first found in Norfolk with Bucks and Hips'. I pulled CHRISTine by her hips, when we were on a deck, which was also a PLATform, and Hips' were first found in Norfolk and Suffolk, same as Platters. It looks like the dream was Designed to point to everything you've been reading since the mention of Claverings. The latter entered the discussion at the Cleave's/Cliffs and my cleaving to Miss Hicks. The Claverings led quickly to Hickfords/HUGfords, you see, via the Hinckford location of Bookings; the latter have a version of the Craven Coat, and Hicks were first found in Yorkshire, location of Craven.

After writing the paragraph above, I went to the Friday news, finding a video telling that the Arizona senate passed a bill that gives the election cheats no choice but to turn over ballots and voting machines (so long as the governor signs the bill). Just as I was watching a video on this, I wonder what surnames are like "ARIZONa," and RHIZON came to mind, where Miss Hicks and I pointed when RISING into the sky. The Rising surname was first found in Norfolk with Clavers/CLEAVErs, how interesting, because my cleaving to Sleeping Beauty took place as we were RISING into the sky. How many interpretations can there be of the same scene when God's involved in the symbolism? Rising while embraced sounds like a good thing, like maybe some good news coming.

We've all heard of the rising Phoenix. What state is Phoenix the capital of?

Why don't the other battleground states do the same as Arizona? If only one battleground state discovers massive fraud, one would think it's game over for the Democrat deep state, when other states demand more forcibly their rights to observe the ballots and machinery. We hope. Remember, Trump is a farce.

OHHH WOW, look at the timing of the mention of Hips' in this update, for they have a near copy of the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat, and Phoenix is the Arizona capital! My pulling Peare toward me by her hips was an act of embracing!! The dream ended right there. The Sleeping-Beauty dream ended as we were rising emBRACEd. BRACEbridge's were first found in Lincolnshire with Reesors/Reasons, a branch of RICE's likely from the namers of Rhizon!!! I spoke to Linda Henning at her home on SENATOR Reesors drive, and this new law was made by the Arizona Senate.

Plus, get a load of this. As soon as I TOUCHed her KNEE with my hand, she popped into my arms, and we began to rise. As has been said many times, Touch's/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with the Tufts/Tuffs' in turn sharing the Phoenix of Knee's (!!!), how can that be coincidental? I didn't know this heraldry when I had the dream in 1979. But we thus have what looks like an additional pointer to Phoenix, Arizona. If nothing good happens in Arizona, I will be stunned, forced to see these things as mere coincidences. Risings are even in Hickford/HUGford colors. Tufts/Tuffs' share the Booking crosslets.

More. I was PULLING Peare by her hips, and Pullings share the martlets of HUGHStons, a potential branch of Hughes/HUGS! Is that not amazing? Peare and I were on a deck at the time, and Decks have a version of the Hips / Phoenix/Fenwick Coat. How impressive, as though I'd be callous toward God not to see this as His handiwork. The Phoenix/Fenwick Coat is a version of the CHRIST Coat, and CHRISTmas' have the Pulling martlets too! I was pulling CHRISTine!!! Incredible. Hughstons were first found in Renfrewshire with Pulling-like Pollocks, and the latter's saltire is in the colors of the similar, Rising cross. This is the most-exciting heraldry I've seen.

But, beware, for even if the Arizona election pimps and whores give up the ballots and machines, there could yet be violence in the country if the national election-cheat house starts to come tumbling down because of this turn against it.

The ancient variations of ChristMAS', with "masse" endings, suggest that Christmas' were a Christ-Massey merger, for if the Christmas Shield were black, it would be a version of the Coney / Conn Coat, itself a version if the Meschin Coat. This works because Massey-branch Masci's were first found in Cuneo, or near it, and then the blue crescent of Christmas' can be that of French Pine's because Maschi's have pine CONE's. Christs share the white wing with Masci's. Maceys share gauntlets with Phone's/Fane's/Vans, clearly a branch of Phoenix's/Fenwicks.

This week, the Arizona senate voted to hold the election cheats in contempt, but the vote failed by the one vote of the Republican, Paul Boyer (voted with Democrats), and it just so happens that the falcon in the Boyer Crest is in the position that many such birds are called, "rising." Boyers share the blue vair with Stamfords/STAINfords while Phoenix's/Fenwicks were at Stamfordham. Stains married Yarborough's while Yarborough's look like they have another brown falcon.

More. The city of Scottsdale is just outside the Phoenix border, and in Maricopa county, where most of the cheating took place. The reason that our rising together points to Rhizon is that it's near to where the Sleep-like SELEPitanoi are placed on maps, and for all we can know from the limited historical accounts of their movements, the Selepitanoi could have been in Rhizon. They are placed on maps at lake SCODra, where I trace Scotts. Scottsdale!!! Just another coincidence? Or does God wish to nail for us His work? Does God want us to know that He's involved in catching the cheats in Arizona? I hope so. How can it be another coincidence that Sleeping Beauty was SLEEPing when I touched her knee? The Selepitanoi at Scodra. To assure me that she was sleeping, I heard a voice behind me direct me to wake her up.

One could say that Sleeping Beauty and I were rising to Paradise because: "On the west, Scottsdale is bordered by Phoenix, Paradise Valley..." Man, if nothing happens in Maricopa county's election cheating, I will be stunned. If all of this can be truly coincidental, then what can I/we trust with heraldic links of this nature?

I'll add that while the TAULANTii people group lived to the south side of Selepitanoi, both Scott Coats are like both TALbot Coats, and moreover, Sleeping Beauty was HOVERing before she fell asleep while Hoover, Hooters, Hicksons/Hixons and Talons/TALENTs all use bird talons. The Hickson/Hixon talons are colors reversed from those of Talons/Talants, and the latter might even have a "buck's head" in Crest, the Hick symbol.

Another interesting thing is that I was told to write Mellanson a NOTE days after this 1979 dream, and while God said, "go wake her," the Wake's use a "wake KNOT" while Knots are listed with Note's. Mellansons use a "bundle of rods," and Bundle's have more gold bird talons, is that not amazing yet more? The Wake write-up even says: "HUGo Wach was listed [in Lincolnshire] in the Pipe Rolls of 1176." That's where BRACEbridge's were first found! Hug = emBRACE. It looks like Arizona is going to prevail in a victory over the cheats. What might Note's/Knots have to do with election cheats?

Ah, Needhams (share Knee Coat) were first found in Derbyshire with Note's/Cnuts, and the Needham Crest has the phoenix as a gold (spread) eagle, the color of the eagle head in the Bundle Crest (!), and then even the Bundle talons are gold. That is fantastic because there is a gold, spread eagle in the Score Crest, and the Score saltire is in the colors of the saltire formed by the Hicksons/Hixons talons. So, Miss Hicks was Sleeping Beauty in a dream just days before the note to Mellanson, and apparently Hicksons point to the Hammer and SCOREcard that should condemn all election-cheat houses and those who rule over them.

Note's/Knots are in Christine colors and format, and both use a white unicorn head in Crest, as do Dane-like Danier's. King Cnut was Danish, as was Linda Henning on Reesors drive (pointer to Linda's/Lindells and to The Hammer). The Reesors'/Rhys' and Rice's share the raven with the Arms of Man, and while Christine's were first found on Man, they use cups, code for Cups/COPE's, perhaps a pointer to MariCOPA county. MARICopa-like Mericks happen to share the two stars in Chief of Walks/WACHs, and we just saw Hugo Wach in the Wake write-up. I wasn't going to include Mericks and Walks/Wachs in this way until realizing further that Merick-branch Maurice's share the giant lion of Reesors'/Reasons (Lincolnshire, same as Wake's). It's also the giant lion of Deins/Deans, the latter first found in Sussex with Hammers and Henners, and with Dane's, Dans and Diens/Dine's. The latter probably have the Masci / Christ wing. Dane's share the Hick fleur-de-lys.

Some unicorns have their manes emphasized by a different color (e.g. Masts/Masters) probably because Maine's were of Man, where Christine's were first found, and where Macey-line king Maccus (or his brother) ruled. As Masseys are also Maceys, this picture looks like the Christ-Massy merger...which recalls my prediction that the False Prophet and/or anti-Christ will be a Massey liner. The point is, Maine's (Devon, same as Darts), sharing the black pheon with Walk-like Walch's/Walsh's, have a "dart" in Crest while Darts share the ermined fesse of Sleeps, I believe, because DARDanians were at least near Rhizon.

Just a note: the village of Hixon was long-ago "HUTCHtesdona," and so while Hutch's have a giant castle (includes towers) in the colors of the Hicken/Higgin / Higginson towers, the latter three surnames look like offshoots from their home in and around Hixon. It's in Staffordshire, recalling Market Drayton on the Staffordshire border with Shropshire. Market Drayton is near Sleap of the Sleeps, and Draytons share the gold, bird talon too, giving the impression of a Hixon-Selepitanoi relationship, which can be expected with Miss Hicks sleeping. Half the Drayton lion is that also of Reesors/Reasons / Deins/Deans.

The Drayton talon looks like the Bundle talon because the Drayton Coat is almost that of Bono's, first found in MELLANson-like Milan, and moreover "bon" is a Hick motto term. So, Steve Mellanson's note is helping to point to election fraud.

As SCOTTsdale is bordered by Paradise Valley, let's go to the Paradise surnames. But first, note that Valleys/Velis' were first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's/FENwicks, and therefore near the first-known Vaux's/VALLIbus', a branch of Scottish Vaux's who come up as FANNs. Mike Lindell joined Ms. Fanning to reveal the election fraud via The Hammer, and Valleys happen to have a Dominion-like "domine" motto term. Do you think we can get the Paradise bloodline to link to Mr. Poulos of Dominion. You just watch.

Just so you know, Phone's/Fane's share "NE vile" with Griffins while Griffins add "velis." Hence the Valleys/Velis'. "Ne" must therefore be code for phoenix-using Knee's/Nee's. In colors reversed, the Valley eagle is gold, the color of the Phoenix/Fenwick eagle (with flames at the tail to morph it to a phoenix).

Paradise variations end with terms like the Dice/Diss surname (named a Diss location in Norfolk). Dice's/Diss' have gold eagles in both colors of the Bundle eagle legs. Bundle-loving Mellansons share the crescent of Scottish SCOTTs, who in-turn share the stag of Parkers who in turn have the Hickford/HUGford Coat (both have stag heads in the colors of the Hick stag head). As per Scottsdale, beside Paradise Valley, English Scotts (potential pointer to SCOTUS in this picture) were first found in Kent with English Paradise's/ParaDICE's/ParaDIS'. The amazing thing here, yet another compelling "coincidence," is that the English Paradise Coat is in the colors and format of English Crozier's while BRACEbridge's have a crozier. Hicks and I embraced and rose to Paradise the instant I touched her talon. Hee-hee, sumthin good's about to happen. It feeeels so good.

I touched her knee, and while Needhams have the Knee Coat and Knee phoenix, Needham is a location about seven miles east of Diss. It seems that Someone arranged something.

Paradise's use the peacock, as does the MANess/Manner Crest. The latter surname almost have the double Parr fesses, and do have a "PARvenir" motto term, suggesting that PARadise's were a Parr-Dice / Parr-Dise merger. Peacocks (besants on Dice/Diss colors) share "Be" with Bracebridge's.

Another interesting thing is that Nevada is another battleground state caught cheating, and some of the trouble there is likely in Reno, where there are lots of dice and gambling. Gamble's (crane, recalls Hicks/Craun relationship) share the Hick fleur-de-lys, and "Rena" is Miss Hicks' middle name, according to some online directories. She and her husband moved into a home owned by a Mr. Childs, and here we can add that Childs (Hertfordshire, same as Hick-line Hutch's) have the Tarent Coat in colors reversed while the Dice/Diss Coat is a gold-eagle version of the red-eagle Tarent Coat. Sleeping Beauty can thus be pointing to both Arizona and nearby Nevada election fraud. Hickens/Higgins share the black tower with Dominion-like Domino's.

AHHHH, I now get it. Paradis is a location in Burgundy, where French Paradise's were first found along with Pollock-like Poulos'. The Poulos saltire-by-logs is gold, the color of the Pollock saltire, and Mr. Poulos was the founder of Dominion in Tarent-like Toronto! The Poulos saltire is in the colors of the gold Paradise and Crozier crosses, and while Hicks and I rose toward paradise as a pointer to Risings (Norfolk, same as Diss), the gold cross of Risings is in both colors of the Pollock saltire. I have read that Paradise-beloved Peacocks were a Pollock sept.

I PULLED Peare by her Hips, and Pullings/Pullys share the martlets of HUGHStons, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. The Crozier-loving Bracebridge's love the Bee's, and the WAISTells were at St. Bees while there was sufficient evidence that my pulling Peare's hips was pulling her by the WAIST too. Bees are used by English Doors, possible namers of DORset, where Pulls/Pools were first found, and then Door-branch Dorals share the red crown with the Pollets in the Pull/Pool motto. Pollets look like kin of the Aude's in the Pollock motto. The Pollet Crest shares the gold spread eagle (wearing the red crown) in the Score and Phoenix Crest, and it appears that Poulos' undoing, for which he should go to jail, is from the data compiled by Hammer and SCOREcard. I'm sure I see a white crown around the neck of the Phoenix eagle. I POKEd in the puck when sliding in on my China-pointing shin bones, SCORing the winning goal with puck sitting on the goal line, and Pollocks are also Poke's.

AHHHH, the team cleared the bench and PILEd on me to celebrate the win. Pollets have their three swords to a point, as Letter-like Latters have their three PILES to a point, in the same colors as the Pollet Swords, and as there is a "LETTER" (it's not a card) in the CARD Crest, it seems that Pollets, because they share the Score Crest, are a pointer with Pools to ScoreCARD!!! It appears that God arranged for Cards to be first found in Cornwall with Score's! The shark was in the swimming POOL. It swallowed Trump, and Poulos' machinery is the single-most spoiler of the Trump team. Pools share the white griffin with LETTers, and have PolLETs in their motto. Leto's/LETTs/Alitto's have a giant crane in the colors of the giant griffin of Latter-like Letters/LAUDERs. Perfect, especially if it's a pointer to SCOTUS judge, Sam Alito.

The Latter piles can thus be pointed to by my team piling on the winning-goal scorer, in the last minute of the game, predicting that the Supreme Court, led by a feisty Alito who ignores judge Roberts' scare tactics, gets the Poulos-associated cheaters in legal troubles, thanks to the Scorecard material in Lindell's documentary. The only thing Alito needs to do is verify the material in the documentary of My-Pillow Lindell. That would be game over for Roberts. By what coincidence are French Pile's/Pillars/Pilots (share Robert lion) like the PILLOW/Pillers/Pilotte's? The latter share the Christine Coat while the Pile surname (three piles in the colors of the Beach pile) shares the Peare leopard face! I pulled Christine Peare; it felt so good!

Lindell's documentary used miss FANNing to tell about The Hammer material, and Phoenix's are FENwicks, likely a branch of Phone's/FANE's.

AHHH! Peare's share the PARson leopard faces, recalling the Parr-Dice merger suggested for the Paradise's. It's just that my patent agent, for a fence post I called, "PILLAR-Post," was Mrs. Parsons!!!! I've told this many times before, I'm not making it up. Posts (Hampshire, beside Pools) share the Pool lion. Paradise's were first found in Burgundy with Poulos', and the latter share the log with Linda's/Lindells/Linds, code for Burgundy's Loge's and Loches'/DeLOGES', yet compare Lodge's/Loge's with Letters.

About eight miles north-east of Diss is a PULham area, and then Fulhams/Pulhams are said to have been first found in Kensington (Middlesex) while Pul-like Poulos had his Dominion-voting location on Spadina road very near an area, Kensington Market. Kensingtons were first found in Kent with Sidneys while Powells love the Fenns/Venns in their motto who in turn share the Kensington scallops. Lindell has joined with Ms. Fanning, and he's partnered with Sidney Powell in creating a Super PAC.

While my Parsons patent agent can point to Patents, they share the Shield of Scole's while I'm looking at a Scole location about two miles east of Diss (Norfolk, same as Parsons). That's amazing, especially as Kensingtons were first found in Kent with English Paradise's and with Halesworth-connectable Ayles'.

I've just seen a Halesworth location about 15 miles east of DISS. Checking Halesworths/AYLESworths, they were at QUINTone, which recalls that Quintana's use three DICE (all showing 6's). Quints/Quintons were first found in nearby Essex with the Bookings having a crosslet-version of the Halesworth Coat, and the Booking crosslets are those of Tufts/Tuffs' who in turn share the phoenix with Needhams. Needham is about 10 miles from Norfolk, where Risings were first found.

There was once a FANNius Caepio, likely descended from one of the QUINTus Caepio's, which can explain why Fannings share the Quint chevron.

Needhams were first found in Derbyshire with the Kinds suspect in the motto of Kays along with Kine's. Quintone was also called, KINEton, which apparently belonged to Kine's (Lincolnshire, same as Aylesfords). It just so happens that Kine's share the Coat of Ash's. A phoenix rises from the ashes, the pagans and masons like to say. There's a mystery for you. We're keeping on eye on the Phoenix-of-Arizona senators to see whether they bury Poulos mercilessly in some hot coals, for he conspired with mobsters to steel the country -- the entire country -- from the people. NO MERCY.

We got here while introducing, for the first time I can remember, that I was cleaving to Sleeping Beauty while rising. I've never known before about Norfolk's Needham location (very small but important here for pointers), and Norfolk is also where Clavers/Cleavers were first found who have a key in Crest, the Kay symbol. Making sense?

ARIZona looks like it's named after arid-zone (but the "experts" call this a fable, thinking they have better ideas). Norfolk is where Dry's were first found while Market DRAYton is in Hales, explaining why Hales' share the split Drayton Shield. Drake-suspect Drays (duck) were first found in Burgundy with Poulos'. As Ayles liners apparently named Halesford, in Norfolk with the first-known Parsons (share the Peare/PEAR Coat), note that Aylesfords use pears. Wardens use pears, and I'll bet that jail guards just love pears.

I can now trace Peare's waist to Kotor, smack beside Rhizon. If God pointed Sleeping-Beauty to Rhizon as a pointer to Arizona election fraud, then why should her waist point there too, from the sleeping-bag dream? Repeat: "I PULLED Peare by her Hips, and Pullings/Pullys share the martlets of HUGHStons, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. The Crozier-loving Bracebridge's love the Bee's, and the WAISTells were at St. Bees while there was sufficient evidence that my pulling Peare's hips was pulling her by the WAIST too. Bees are used by English Doors, possible namers of DORset, where Pulls/Pools were first found, and then Door-branch Dorals share the red crown with the Pollets in the Pull/Pool motto. "

The red Doral crown can be around the neck of the Cutter dragon because Cutters were first found in Dorset. The Doors are suspect from Daorsi, who lived at Cutter-like Kotor, and the Sleeping-Beauty dream pointed to Rhizon because the dream started with a shark that depicted the Saraca's, who lived in Kotor (according to Wikipedia's Saraka article). However, we now have cause to believe that God pointed to Rhizon also for the Arizona situation. The point now is that Ders'/Derrs are not only in the colors and format of Cutters, but Ders'/Derrs share the garbs of WAISTells, you see. I've been tracing Waistells to Vestalis, son of king COTTius, and while I've been satisfied that Cottians were from the Cotesii of ancient Wallachia, it thus appears that Cottians were at least related to the namers of Kotor.

While Sleeps are suspect with the Dart Coat, from Dardanians at/near Kotor, the Cutter and Ders/Derr Chief-Shield colors are those also of Brocks, who have a lion in Crest holding a dart. The Brooks (Essex, same as Brocks) share gold garbs with Ders'/Derrs. The "vulNERE" motto term of Brocks can be for lines from the Naro/Neretva river, another home of the Daorsi. SHOCKER: the same Chief-Shield colors are those of Brock-branch Brocuffs, and they share the sphinx with Hips'!!!! I pulled her by the waist and hips!!!! Incredible, God's been hiding this waist-hip connection from me all of these years. It needed the Ders'/Derrs to discover it, and I discovered it only because I realized that they have a version of the Cutter Coat. Or, had Cutters not been first found in DORset, I may have missed it anyway.

Daorsi were also called, Daversi, and then Davers, in the colors and format of Dice's/Diss, were first found in Suffolk, beside Diss. Davers are in the colors and near-format of PARsons, and the latter, first found in Norfolk with Diss, are a Peare branch. It appears that the Paradise surname was a Par / Pars(on) merger with Diss liners.

So, that's how Peare's waist involves the very same entity -- Rhizon and Kotor -- as the Sleeping-Beauty dream, but the waist scene may also be pointing to Paradise Valley at Maricopa county. Valleys share the same spread eagle as Doria's, and the latter married Arduinici probably because Ardiaei were fellow Illyrians with Daorsi.

More: Davers are in the colors and format of the Deeds in the Fleming motto, and Pero's use "flaming stars" that are otherwise the Daver hexagrams, a new thing I've not realized before. Peare's share the Let/Late stars, and the Fleming motto is, "Let the deed SHAW." Ms. Parsons secured a patent for me for the PILLAR-Post (not marketed), and Pillers/Pillows share the Christine and Shaw Coat. Peare was on a PLATform with her waist symbol, and while I thought it pointed well to Platte River Networks, the Deed garb is also the Clint and Blythe garb (Hillary Clinton married Bill Blythe). The platform was also a wood deck, and the Clent Hills are in Worcestershire with the Deck-related Squirrels/Square's who in turn love the Peare-kin Tiens'/Thames'. Tennis'/Tennisons share the Peare / Parson leopard faces.

As was said, the Pillar-Post was a FENCE post, and Fens'/Fenns/Venns are in the Powell motto while My-Pillow Lindell is Sidney Powell's partner. I'm wondering why the Pillar-Post should point to Lindell / Powell. I'll let you know if something comes to mind. it's only for being here that I've just realized that the Dutch Posts share the Chief-Shield colors of Ders'/Derrs / Cutters / Brocks / Procks/Brocuffs, the latter sharing the sphinx with Hips'. The hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, and Thigh's/Thy's have a version of the Heim/HEIMER Coat, who were just looked up because a sphinx is used by OpenHEIMERs. While God gave Mamie a Tease symbol the day before her thigh symbol, isn't it remarkable that OpenHEIMERs were first found in Switzerland with Ticino-line Tease's/Tess's/TECks (Deck branch?). The Ticino river begins in Switzerland, and as it was home of the Laevi of Pavia, let's repeat that Pierro's/PERO's were first found at Pavia. The Heims/Heimers have the wolf from Lupus LAEVIllus, right?

Openheimers have a dancette that I trace to king Donnus, father of king Cottius now expected with Kotor / Cutters in some way, father in turn of Vestalis expected to WAISTells. I see Pero's sharing the pale bars of Donnas'/Dance's. I'm just shooting from the hip here, got no time to waist. Why ho Heimer-like Hemmers/Hammers have a "Per" motto term? The Pillar-Post is a no-dig post that needs to be installed with a hammer. Didn't the Pillar-Post appear to point to Mike Lindell, the one who's been disseminating The Hammer evidence against Biden?

The Aids'/ADE's in the Levi motto are probably in the "ad" motto term of Hemmers/Hammers, and then the specialized leopard face of Tennis'/Tennisons is that also of Aids/Ade's, the latter first found in Berwickshire with Heim-like Home's/Hume's in Hammer / Ham colors, how about that.

Ah, the Labores' in the Hemmer/Hammer motto look like that can have a Coat version of the Lupi's/Lupino's/LOVO's with a Labores-like Lupori variation, and then the Stars, suspect in the "flaming stars" of Pero's, share the eye with Labores' while Stars were first found in Wiltshire with Laps/LABBs'. Mamie got her tease symbol on the night she sat on my lap. Lovato's/LOVI's use a giant wolf in the colors of the giant wolf of flip-like Phelps. The Hammer caught Dominion flipping votes. VOTERs/Gautier's (share Pulling martlets) are even roughly in the colors and format of Heims/Heimers. I was pulling Miss Peare's hips, and Openheimers (dancette) share the sphinx with Hips'. Royal Cottians were on the Riparia river, a tributary of the Viu valley, and the Viu is suspect in the motto of Waistell-like Wests (dancette), and in the "vue" motto term of Voters/Gautier's. Goths/Gothels (to which Peare's waist symbol pointed) share the hexagram of the other Openheimer.

The Phelps wolf is half in colors reversed from the Flynn wolf. Eye is a location near Paradise-suspect Diss. Let's win the war against Arizona's election-cheat house, shall we?

I didn't know this insert would get so long when starting it. Back now to where we left off, at the crouching gardener in the Obama dream.]

The Crutch variation of Crouch's recalls my dream with a sickly-looking stag followed by a bearded man on crutch's. Can COVID vaccines do that? OH wow, let me repeat from a few months ago: the bearded man had been resolved as my old friend, Paul Smith (big beard), whom I last saw in the basement of the Luffs. Smiths almost have the Crutch fitchee, you see, and it's in colors reversed. As I've said, Smith lived in Vaughn county, and Smiths happen to be in Vaughn colors and format, EXCELLENT because the Vychan variation of Vaughns has become suspect with "vaccine"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get it now. God was warning us about these COVID vaccines. Please spread that message to your loved ones. Why else would God warn us if we don't share the warning.

Perhaps God chose a sickly stag because Staggs are listed with Stage's while this COVID pandemic has been staged for the excuse of forcing vaccines upon us. Or, if the stag is the Trump stag, note that fake-face Trump went full-throttle with vaccines after gaining the confidence of most Christians. The dream started with Kepke, and old friend, leading the sickly stag up my current driveway, and Keeps were first found in Sussex with the Downs/Duns using a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head. Sichs/Sykes' share fountains with Waterford while the Trump stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford.

To help prove that Mr. Smith was the bearded man, the Drive's, as per my driveway, have the Bang/BENG quadrants in colors reversed while Bangs/Bings share the Newman/Numan lion while "BENIGno NUMINE" is the Smith motto. There might be a good reason that the quadrants are in colors reversed, not identical.

Bangs/Bings share the antelope with Boards, the latter were first found in Sussex with Downs/Douns and Keeps, which may be suggesting that my goal slide into the boards is a Sign that God will cripple / destroy the vaccine program with whatever Ratcliffe and/or Clapper has uncovered and revealed to the proper authorities. I slid into the boards with my back, and German Backs/Bachs share blue wings in Crest with Hahns (look like Trump kin). Mr. Hahn heads the vaccine program in the United States. Keeps use a "galley" (ship), and Italian Galli's share the giant and white rooster with Hahns. I know I was wearing Johnny BOWER brand skates at that board-slide goal, and Bowers are a branch of BAUERs who share blue wings with Backs/Bachs and Hahns.

If you've read the following before about Allison BAUER, bear with it to grasp some important points. I started to date Allison Bauer at our mutual workplace when a man, Gill, or maybe "Giles," was our foreman (we did not pronounce it, "geels," but "gill"). I started to date her immediately after dating Darlene Ray/Wray, the ice-cream girl who was likewise working at the same grocery store. This is freezer-important in case the ice-cream is intended to depict vaccines in freezers. As was said, Darlene was about a year after the first ice-cream girl, Miss Hahn-like Hanson, who worked in Gormley, and Gormleys happen to share the martlets of both Wrays and Bash's. I bashed into the boards, as well as banged into them.

The walk-in freezer in the Luff dream was partly due to Mr. Luff having a first name, Ray, and Rays, who were at GILL, use three stags in the colors and format of Freeze's. It's proof that I was seeing the freezer correctly, even though there was nothing in the room, just a white-walled room. Yet, in the dream itself, although it should have been the coat closet, I thought/knew it was a freezer. There is/was a walk-in freezer at the grocery store I was working at, and it was in the SHIPping-receiving area, where Gill put me to work, and so I was in that freezer lots. Gillys/Gilles probably have a galley ship.

I've told before that Darlene got into a car accident while I was with her (she was not hurt), and Ray Luff died in a car accident. I'm not suggesting that God killed Ray in order to make the link to Darlene Ray/Wray (I don't know which spelling was her surname), but rather it appears that God caused a mild accident for Darlene in order to make the link. Why? I recall hugging Darlene the first time I saw her after the accident, to give her condolences, and at ray's funeral, I alone gave his wife a hug at the burial site. I wonder why? What could Fountain-related Hugs have to do with this? The so-called "fountains" of sick-like Sichs and of Hahn-pointing Kiss'/Cush's?

I even recall my first kiss with Darlene, on her COUCH!!! The Love's/Luffs were part of the Couch discussion earlier when on the Cornish chough! The Coughs were suspect as a pointer to COVID coughing. I've told this before: Darlene (a blond darling) was FLAT ON HER BACK when I kissed her, with her head on my lap while I was sitting on the couch, and this evokes Sleeping Beauty hovering level in the same position while Levels/Leavells/Lovells almost have the triple Love/Luff fesses! Astounding work, oh Lord. So far as I can recall, that was on our first outing after asking her for a date while she handed me an ice-cream. Thus the Luff freezer must apply to the freezer that held the ice-cream. Ice's were first found in Mecklenburg with Hahn's and Trumps.

Allison Bauer left me for a fellow worker while Kepke and I were sitting on the hood of my car (Kepke worked there too). I have mentioned several times that the "black bird" of Allisons is in the design of the "Cornish chough" of Hoods, but I didn't have a clue, until this update, that Love's/Luffs have a Cornish chough. I think that's a big deal, but why the connection to Allison? Scottish Allisons are from the Keppoch MacDonalds, and Keeps share a "galley" ship with MacDonalds (and probably Scottish Gillys/Gilles'), explaining why Kepke was on my hood with me when Allison got into the car of her next boyfriend. French Gillys/Gilles'/Jillys share the Keep bend.

French Galleys/GALETONs (almost like, "gelato," "gelatan," a Latin word for ice-cream) were first found in Dauphine with giant-rooster Galli's, and then Italian Galli's share the giant and white rooster with Hahns, you see. Italian Galli's were first found in Rome with the Sforza's whose lion holds a QUINCE (flower), and Quincys/Quince's built the castle of Fawcetts, the lady on the Quinn COUCH who said, "I LOVE you." Farrah Fawcett is a pointer to Tony Fauci, and Italian Tonys use a "flower"! Plus, I kneeled before Farrah Fawcett, and Neels share three greyhounds (different colors) in the same, seated position and positioning as English Galleys. There is another greyhound in the Crest of Valois'/VALLOURs who in turn share the chevron and red rose of French Galleys/Galetons, and while the latter just got suspect with ice-cream, the Valois'/Vallours (Valery chevron in colors reversed) came up because of Valery Luff in the walk-in-freezer dream!!! INCREDIBLE linkage.

English Galleys were first found in Yorkshire with Jells/Gells, and that too means, ice-cream. Ahh, Jells/Gells share a black greyhound in Crest with the Valois/Vallour Crest!!! Valery married Ray, and Rays were at Gill, and then likewise first found in Yorkshire were the Gills, and Gill at Knob Hill FARMs (our grocery store) put me to work in the walk-in freezer, in SHIPing and receiving. The Keep galley is a SHIP. Ships/Shiptons were first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs (!!!), and the latter share the red lion head of Irish FARMers (Essex, same as Freeze's with a Coat like that of Rays).

By the way, a couple of years before working for Gill, I worked on the FARM of DOMINic De FILIPPis, the pointer to Dominion election cheating, and here we can add the "Domine" motto term of Gills. GILLigans/GALLigans, in Gill colors, share the giant and winged Quinn horse for a related reason, and Farrah Faucet was on the Quinn couch when pointing to Love's/Luffs. Gilligan's Island was about a SHIP wreck. Jells/Gells have a version of the Sarah/Sayer Coat, and the latter may have named Saer de Quincy, which looks like it's making an ice-cream-symbol link to the Fawcett/FAUCet castle. Perhaps the people pushing the deep-freeze vaccines are calling it, "ice-cream," a twisted thing we could expect from mobsters seeking to make men impotent and woman unable to bear children.

Earhardts, who share the Cremer/Cramer / Faux/Fage / Lares fleur-de-lys, use green snakes. Last winter, I had a tenant, Mr. Lara, who left his green ice-cream here when he left for good, in my freezer, and Lara's use green snakes in a pot. Lares' use a giant swan in the colors of the Swan/Sion swan, and the latter were first found in Lanarkshire with HARDys, the possible makings of "EarHARDT" because Eyer-branch Ayers were nearby. Lanarks/Lurnacks use a heart.

Having said that, behold: Snake's/Snooks (share SANS / SPINK eagle) are linkable to Seneca's/SENESchals, and the latter have the Rouen Coat on a blue Shield, and Rouen was to Vexin's Chief city! Senes' are listed with Sinclairs, and Rollo's treaty at the Vexin was named after St. Clairs. Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with the Quincys who almost have the Rouen Coat. Sinclairs were at ROSLin, and RUSSELLs have a motto, "Che SARA SARA." Fauch-like Fulke's/Volks have a motto, "Qui sera sera," and as AFLACKs probably share the Sinclair cross because they (Aflacks) share the falcon with FALCons while FLACKs were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's/Volks. Roslins share the Buckle with Leslie's who in turn are in Thistle colors and format while Fauchs show nothing but thistles. The Thy's in the Sinclair motto may be using a giant Fox, because Fox's show the same animal. The Voxe-like Vexin is near the first known Foix's of Ile-de-France (same as Mellans) who share the split Hunter/Hunt Shield.

The "funny" thing is, Thistle's were first found in the Channel Islands with Poindexters, and Fauchs were first found in Forez, that being the Fore/FOREST bloodline linkable to Hunter-loving Fosters/Forrests. Hmm. AFTER writing that, German Volkers were found with the split Shield of Hunters/Hunts, and with a giant thistle upon it! That nails Fauchs with Fulke's/Volks, I do think. But why did I happen-chance on the same Shield as Hunters while finding the Fauch-Volk relationship? Wasn't there an ambassador, Kurt Volker, in the Ukraine scandal attempting to impeach Trump, where Hunter Biden had his corrupt affair with Burisma? Yes, there was.

Ear-like Eyers/Heyers were first found in Derbyshire with Here's/Heyers (share tree stump with Italian MILANs) who in turn share blue wings in Crest with German Here's, HERzogs (Bavaria, same as Earhardts), and Trump-colored Hahns (Mecklenburg, same as Ice's and Trumps). Trump picked Hahn, I do believe (but I'm not checking), to head the FDA. Herzogs look like they have a star-version of the Sarah/Sayer bend-with-cinquefoils (can be making an Earhardt link to Fauxside castle). Scottish MILANs/Millens share the giant Faucet lion. German Here's use the same symbol as sick-like Sickle's. Derbyshire is where NOTE's/Cnuts were first found, and my NOTE to MELLANson was given to him shortly before he tested me with a Q-tip in his bleeding EAR (see "cotton swab" in last two updates for that story). Isn't a cotton swab used in testing for COVID? Will vaccines cause bleeding in ears?

"Coronavirus and ear infection can have similar symptoms..."

Another article: "SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, was discovered in the middle ear and mastoid during autopsies of patients with COVID-19, researchers found. Autopsies of two of three patients who died with COVID-19 tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 in the mastoid or middle ear...reported C. Matthew Stewart, MD, PhD, of Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center in Baltimore, and colleagues." Mellanson dared Joe and I to pray for his ear to heal the bleeding, and after we prayed, Mellanson was sure he'd pull blood out with his swab, though he did not. I don't remember him ever saying that the bleeding returned. Is this an indication that the prayers of God's saints will cause God to defeat the COVID goons? We hope so.

You see, God is warning us against Earhardt's mindless / evil vaccine push on behalf of her wicked Fox bosses. Even people professing to be Christians are daft to the dangers of these chemicals, as if this were 1965 when the authorities could still be trusted. They were scheming way back then to deal with global population; by now they want to try something, but why not make lots of money on it too, by making us sick before we die? Mandatory drugs is this wicked generation a big red flag. Fight for your children. The medical masters are diabolical because the good guys are fired and replaced by stooges.

Fauchs use nothing but Thistle's, and Thistle's share the pheons of Scottish Hemmings. German Hennings share the chevron of Hands/Hans and Scottish Hemmings.

I'm writing this section on the 16th, and after getting to this point, I went to the news to find a 16th video with the facebook CEO speaking against (though not publicly) the vaccines, probably afraid for his own family members, right?

Your food in America doesn't have inspectors for all your foods, and this is probably by design now because, I believe, they are putting things in some of our foods to make us die earlier. Which foods? Wouldn't we like to know. Or, maybe they want to punish us for not loving them and happily doing what they want us to do. Maybe they want us dead. They make the poor, then despise the poor.

I'm Predicting an Impotency Plot

After writing above that the COVID goons might be seeking to make some men impotent, I looked into some heraldry. The goons have the choice of spoiling semen, or making sexual desire less heated. But if God hasn't done it, neither should men. How will women feel with husbands who haven't got much desire anymore? How will couples have children if they choose to have them?

Stop playing God, Mr. Gates, fool. There are fools in globalism, or they wouldn't tolerate Gates. He became a nut-job. He wants to spray the atmosphere to block out some of the sun for fear of global heating, and yet he sees that ocean levels are not going up. That makes him a liar, and so there must be other reasons for spraying the air. Our energy costs are going up to pay to spray the air, imagine that, what nut-jobs globalism consists of. These people are on track to fail in preventing Armageddon. They won't know how to prevent it, because the demons within them won't let them think straight.

Note imPOTENT, for the so-called potent cross is known to derive from the shape of the upper end of a crutch, no doubt due to a Crutch-line merger with a Potent-like surname. English Patents share a Shield of lozengy (different color) with Gills, but the point is Paul Smith on crutches following a sickly stag that just-above pointed to the vaccines. For population control, they would want to make men impotent by altering their DNA, but this risks giving birth to deformed humans, are they mad?

SEMENs/Seamans and the related Sea's and Seals/Zeals are suspect in the "ZEALous" motto of Hoods, and Hoods share the black crescent with Scottish patents who happen to come up as PATIENTs too! I'm not seeing good things here. Patents/Patients were first found in Dumfries with KilPATricks, and Sleeping Beauty, who started out at the HOOD of the car before pointing to Love's/Luffs, married doctor KilPatrick. Suddenly, we have evidence that the COVID goons are seeking to ruin the semen of men. Semen looks like little fish, and Sea's (almost the bars of Semens/Seamens) use a blue fish.

The Semen/Seaman crescent is in the gold color of Rowleys, and that of Rowleys is colors reversed from the one of Hoods. Rowleys (in Sarah/Sayer and Jell/Gell colors and format), share the Sarah/Sayer motto, and I think we are back to Fauci's ice-cream here. Rowleys were likely from Rollo of Rouen, and Rouens almost have the Quincy Coat. Rollo married Poppa of Valois, and we just saw Valois'/Vallours sharing a black greyhound in Crest with Jells/Gells, and the chevron of Galleys/GALEtons. Gale's use a "SEMINa" motto term!!!

Now that Galleys/Galetons are linking to the semen theme, let's add that they were first found in Dauphine with Payens/Pagans who in turn use "spur rowells," and then Rowley-like Rowells (Rowley colors) share three besants upon a fesse (different colors) with Skippers (Essex, same as Patents). The Skipper was the captain of the ship on Gilligan's Island, and Skipper-like Shippers happen to share the black fitchee cross that is the symbol of the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds. Keeps and MacDonalds use a galley ship. Gilligans come up as "GALLIgan." Gilligan's island first became my heraldic topic with LOVEY Howell, the spoiled, rich lady on the show, and I had noted how Loveys are listed with Love's/Luffs.

AHHH WOW, Sea's/Seighs (the one with the fish) are like the Says/Saigh's, first found in Shropshire with vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, and Says may have been the makers of Sayers/Sarah's The great thing is, Says/Saighs have the black Ratcliffe and Tipps/TIPPIN bull head (faces midway between sideways and straight ahead), and Sayers/Sarah's share the SCORE cinquefoils!!! Why is this topic pointing to the TIP-IN goal? The Cleave's/Cliffs in "Ratcliff" were at Mortone-Say in Shropshire. Patents (Essex, same as Sayers/Sarah's) use a "palleSCERE" motto term, and then Austrian Schere's have a green snake around a so-called "stick" (akin to the medical establishment's Asclepios rod!!!) while Cleave's/Cliffs married the Styche's.

Score's and Sayers/Sarah's are in the colors of the black fitchee of German Schere's/Scherfs and Shere's/Sheers, the latter suspect with the Sheera/Shera variations of Irish Kilpatricks (potential Patent/PATIENT kin). Ah, new to me now are Sheerings/Sherrins (Essex, same as English Patents), sharing a black saltire with Scottish Kilpatricks. Sharon-like Sharrons/Sheerins share a saltire on red with Sheerings/Sherrins, which suddenly makes a potential pointer of Sharon Quinn to the Sheera side of Kilpatricks. The vision with Sharon Quinn was not many days after the Sleeping-Beauty dream, and Sleeping Beauty married doctor HAMILTON Kilpatrick. Wow, that makes Sharon Quinn / Farrah Fawcett yet another fulfillment (for specific purposes) of Sleeping Beauty, I suppose. Sharrons/Sheerins even have the Keith motto in reverse, and Keiths were first found in East Lothian with Fawcetts.

In the dream, I saw her from a long distance in her BATHing suit, but was then given a close-up of her FACE, which caused me to say, "she's BEAUTiful." The Baths share the FACE cross, and Face's could have been Faucet liners, for Face's were first found in Northamptonshire with Quincys. I think this partly explains the close-up face shot, though the idea is new right here thanks to Faucets becoming involved.

AH WOW, as I've said many times, Lorraine was my date when I lived a very brief time with a landlady who knew Sharon Quinn! I saw Sharon last there, you see, and my last night with Lorraine was due to the GRASS STAIN on her PANTs, and pointer to the PENDERGRASS' who share the Sharron/Sheerin Coat!!! MINDBLOWING!!! Compare Stamfords/STAINfords to Pendergrass'!!! It's gotta mean that Sharon Quinn, already a pointer to the Fauchy grasshopper, was Intended as a pointer to Kilpatrick-related Sheera liners. Incredible. This landlady lived at Rumble avenue (Richmond Hill, Ontario), as I've said many times, and while I asked Lorraine on our first date at a BUS stop, Bus' share the Rumble cinquefoil (as I've said before), but it can now be added that it's the Hamilton cinquefoil too!!! Hamilton Kilpatrick! Incredible. Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with RUMs/Rome's, and Romans (had PATRICians) were founded by Benjamites and Jabeshites smack at the Colapis river, I kid you not. God used half my life for His history lessens.

Cravens are from the Colapis region, and they love the Actons in their motto, likely in the "actio" motto term of Rumble's. The landlady lived at the corner of Rumble and Libby, and Libbys (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's) can be traced with Bruce's to the Breuci people group living where the Colapis and Sava rivers meet. No guff.

Libbys use a baton, and French Batons/Bastons look like they have the Valois/Vallour Chief and Shield, I wonder why. Incredibly, as I've said (not making it up here), I was waiting on Lorraine's BALCONy when she returned home from a walk with a married man, with the grass stain on the butt of her pants. The Balcon Coat looks linkable to the Baton/Baston Coat, which I would not have mentioned had Lorraine not been to my place at Rumble and Libby. The Baton/Baston Coat looks linkable to Brocks, first found in Essex with Patents and Brooks, and the latter share the Stick Coat.

Hamiltons use a Sava-like saw in their tree while Saws, sharing the dagger with Kilpatricks, are listed with the Scottish Shaws, said to be from Stick-like "Sithech." It's perfect for Kilpatrick linkage to stick-using Schere's. Recall the CLOSE-up shot of Sleeping Beauty's FACE, for Kilpatricks were at CLOSEburn. When I saw her face, I said, "SHE's beautiful," and SHEE's are listed with Irish Shea's (share Kilpatrick / Brock / Baton/Baston and Earhardt fleur-de-lys) while English Shea's are listed with Shaws/Sheaves'. The latter share "Vincit" with Sharrons/Sheerins and Keiths, and the latter were first in East Lothian's HADDINGton, 10 or less miles from the FAUCet castle. FACE's have the Haddington Coat in colors reversed. Cool, it's another reason to see Farrah Fawcett as another fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. But why? Was it due to her death by cancer? Was she murdered with cancer, and does God want to expose and kill the murderers?

I just added the following to an earlier part of this update, where I was kneeling before Farrah Faucet: "I did not know until the day after writing here that Farrah Faucet had a personal relationship with Ryan O'NEAL from 1979 to 1994!!! The Sleeping-Beauty dream was in 1979!"] Of all people to choose for to point to cancer victims, why Fawcett? I'm stumped. I tend to think that God does not appreciate Hollywood actors. Do I have cancer? Was He warning me that I will have prostate cancer, as O'Neal had? I was kneeling. Do I already have it? I don't want to see a doctor for cancer. I don't trust people in their business professions, especially doctors. One day, I sat beside Dr. Kilpatrick at church, at the lunch room, and said to all there that maybe I can get some free medical advice by sitting beside him. Kilpatrick piped up, "you get what you pay for" (made me laugh).

Neals/Neils/Kneals are the shark line, and the dream opened with a shark. The Nulls suspect in the "Nulla" motto term of Patents share the Neal/Neil lion with hand. The Neal/Neil fish is in water, and Waters share the Epstein Coat. I jumped into the pool to save the bulldog from the shark, but the scene changed, and I found myself in ocean waters at Epstein's island. I walked onto the beach and saw the woman in the distance, and then I was given the close-up. Close's share the Weight/WAIT huntings horns, and God said to me, "What are you WAITing for, it's you she loves, go wake her up." The Dexters have "weights" in Crest, and Kilpatricks use a "dexter paw" on the head of a dragon. Dexters share the Coat of Tyrone's, and Neals/Neils/Kneals were first found in Tyrone with Sharks. What maketh thee of all this?

Ahhh, I have it: Closeburn is on the Nith river of Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries), where I trace Nights/Knights (share spur with Close's). The English Nights/Knights have three pale bars in the colors of the three Love/Luff fesses, and the latter were, for a decade or more, said to be first found in Suffolk, where Nights/Knights were first found. The Muscats (share Love/Luff lion heads, and have two of the Love/Luff fesses) were likewise said to be first found in Suffolk, and then the neighboring Muschats (not "Muscat") and Waters, sharing the Epstein Coat, were first found in Essex with Patents! Was Jeffrey Epstein, the mad scientist, involved in a global scheme to make men impotent? By giving them prostate disease / cancer? Scottish Patents/PATIENTs were first found in Dumfries with KILpatricks.

GOODs/Guts share the Stick Coat (probably have "SHEAVES of wheat" as part-code for Shaw/Sheaves liners), and "GOD SHAW" is a motto phrase in the Arms of Ayrshire. Scottish Shaws use cups while Cups/Cope's/Culps are in the "culpa" motto term of English Patents. Irish Shaws are linkable to Eyers and Ayers for more reason than the motto of the Arms of AYRshire. The Cups/Culps/COLPs are from the COLAPis/KUPa tributary of the Shaw-like Sava river, which itself has a LESCE location that I trace to Leslie's. The latter share the green griffin head with these same English Patents who use a "palLESCEre" motto term partly for Lesce liners (this is a new realization right here, never before mentioned).

If the Kilpatrick dagger's red drops happens to be BLOOD drops, it's notable that Bled is right beside Lesce. The Bloods/Bluds happen to share the lodged stag of Maxwells/MAKESwells (share Kilpatrick saltire) who in the "MAKE SURE" motto phrase of dagger-using (Scottish) Kilpatricks! Zinger. The Sure's share holly with both Maxwells ("holly bush") and Bloods/Bluds ("holly tree"). I trace the double-headed Maxwell eagle to the one in the Arms of Rijeka, a location by the Colapis river.

Zowie! Scottish Shaws show a "Mac Ghille-SHEATHanaich" variation, and Sheath's/Sheets/Skate's use a potent cross!!! It tends to verify that Patents are of the potent bloodline, perhaps from Potentia in southern Italy, for Colapis-like the Calabria (near Potentia) has potent crosses. Note how "Colapis" is like "Clapp/Clapper," or how "Clapton" is like the SELEPITANio to the Sleeps.

As per "Mac GHILLE-Sheathanaich," by what coincidence do Giles'/Jiles' use cups as well as sharing the pelican with the Pullys/Pullens (Yorkshire, same as Jills/Jells/Gells and Gills) who in turn share "Nulla pallescere culpa" with Patents?

As I trace the inhabitants of Jabesh-GILead (ancient Israel) to the Japodes on the Colapis river, these Gill-like surnames might be from Gilead tribes who followed Jabeshites. I am 100-percent sure that Ricks are from Rijeka, also called, Rika, and Ricks happen to share the fitchee of Scottish Gillys/Gilles'. The 600 Benjamites in Judge's married 400 wives from Jabesh-Gilead, and the Benjamites at the time had retreated to proto-Rome Rimmon. They then moved to the Rimna river (Romania), near Gilead-like Galati.

[The interesting thing here is that QUMRan was near the end of the Jordan river while Gilead was up on the Jordan, and GOMERians are thought to have become Cimmerians, who lived in Cream-like Crimea. "Galati" means "ice-cream." Cramers use a rooster, a typical symbol of Galli/Galletti / Gallus liners. Malcolms/Collumns, who I think share the CELT/Colt stag head, just came up as "Galin," and they share the stars of French Galli's and Maceys. Meschins, from Meshech, a fellow tribe of Gomerians, married the royal-Duncan / DunKELD family, and Malcolm III was a son of king Duncan. Meschins derive in king Massena, son of king GALA/Gaia, and Gays (Savoy, same as Masseys/Masse's) share the Galli rooster, you see. Massena's have a Coat version of the Masci's who in turn share the Cremer fleur-de-lys. I think I'm ready to see the Malcolms and their Callam branch as Gala-of-Numidia liners, suspect from Neamt up the Cirta-like Siret river, the river that has Galati above. The Petits in the Malcolm motto were first found in Kent with Masons/Massins who in turn have the giant lion of French Petits in colors reversed. The mascle-using Petts/PERTs (Kent) look like Petits merged with PERTHshire elements because Celts/Colts were first found in Perthshire...with the Dogs/Doags sharing the Duncan cinquefoils. Masci's were at DUNham-Masci, ruled by HAMON de Masci, and Hamons have a "DISCrimina" motto term while Duncans have "Disce." Neamt-like Neams probably have the Mason/Massin (KENT), for the latter were at Thanet, like the Zenata/Zanata area of Numidia, and Kent-like Kenza was a queen from Shawia Numidians.]

Paul Smith owned a Jeep, and Jeepma's have Jabesh-like variations. Smiths are the ones with a Benjamin-like Benigno" motto term. The Rick Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Craven Coat, and Banks, in Benjamin colors, were in Craven. Ricks: "Rixon is a village near Sturminster NEWTON in Dorset." Banks: "One of the first on record was Simon Bankes of Bank Newton in Craven..." Rijeka and the Colapis is in Croatia, and Croatians are also CRAVen-like KRVati. The Bank Coat is similar to the Giles/Jiles Coat.

The Sedans, once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Banks, love the None's/Noons in their motto, and the latter have a reflection of the Bank and Benjamin Coats. The bull-head design of None's/Noons is that of Says/Saighs, and Say locations were home to Sedan-branch Seatons (Lothian, same as Gillys). Compare Benjamins to the Score's (share sayer cinquefoils) that are likely a branch of Schere's in the Patent motto along with Colapis elements such as Leslie's. Irish Leslie's use a "Suivez" motto term, and None's/Noons use a Sava-like "Suaviter" term.

On Sunday of this week, the following Insert was added to the last update, which you may have missed if you read the update earlier in the week:

[Insert -- The Lovi's/Lovato's/Luvini's are new to me the week after this update was out. They can act as super proof that Flemings were Ferrari kin, for the giant lion of Ferrari's, first found around the Padua area of the Lovi's/Luvini's, is in the colors of the giant Fleming wolf, and colors reversed from the giant Lovi/Luvini wolf. Louvaine's/Lovains, who have the giant Ferrari lion in colors reversed, come up as "Louvier," and there is a La Louviere location beside Mons in the Hainaut land of Flemings, and near a Louvain/Leuven location too. This explains the VAIR fur of Irish Flemings, for Ferrari-like Fers/Ferrats (a Vair/Fers branch) have a Shield of blue-and-white checks in the colors of the Shield of vair fur of Irish Flemings. The latter's Chief has the red-and-gold checks of Flamingo's/Flamings and French Louvier's (another wolf), which are the checks making up the entire Arms of Meulan, where the Beaumonts ruled who married Waleran de Leavell/Lovell, you see, and then those same red-and-gold checks are used by Pavia's while Laevi Gauls co-founded Pavia. There are full-proof family connections in this paragraph, and it all goes back to Lupus Laevillus.

It just so happens that the Hainaut surname is showing the giant lion that is the Arms of Flanders (Hainaut was in Flanders), yet it's the giant Faucet lion too, and Faucets were first found in Lothian with the Flemish Seatons and the Vaux's whose English branch share the Arms of Meulan. The latter location was also "Mellent," and Mellents are listed with Milans/Millens showing the Hainaut / Faucet lion. It looks like a Mellanson-Faucet connection.

Mamie got her thigh symbol on the same day we went for a WADE in a lake, and while Thigh's/Thy's use the same animal as the Fleming / Lovi/Luvini wolf, by what coincidence did Lupus Laevillus marry QUADratilla while Quade's, sharing the black wolf with Louvier's, show a WADE variation? As I said, I gave her a new Bible, and Bible's/Bibo's are suspect from "Vibia," Laevillus' mother. The Louvier wolf is that also of Lovato-like Lovetts.

Laevillus and Quadratilla had CHARAX Proculus as a son, though google and Wikipedia seem to have obliterated that person from our sight, for I keep telling readers that Charax is the line to Craigs, Craigie's and Carricks, for the Vibia-like motto term of Craig and Craigie's (share Mellanson crescent) tells me so. That's why God planned for Mellanson to have a quarrel with me, because Quarrels share the dancetty Carrick fesse.

It just so happens that Lupino's/Lupi's share the double HARcourt and Hair fesses while Scottish Hairs, with the same double fesses essentially, were first found in Ayrshire with Craigie's and Carricks. Moreover, both the Arms of Ayrshire and Scottish Fleming use "shaw" in their mottoes, while the motto of the Arms of Ayrshire shares "God" with Mens'/MAME's (Lothian, a Fleming home) and with the Sinclairs (Roslin of MidLothian) who add "thy." The Lothian surname even shares the hunting horn of Wade-like Weights/Waits.

The Hairs (and related Dunhams) even share yet another blank, gold Chief with Mellans and Rods, but also with the Annas', perfect, for I have predicted that Annas, killer of Jesus, was related, by his Syrian father (Seth) to Laevillus (Cilicia, beside Syria). It's how Annas got his Levite blood, I claim, from a line of pagan Levites through Pavia. Seths are listed with Shaws, said to be from "Sithech," and houseofnames conveniently, though erroneously, traces "Sithech" to "wolf." I get it: someone knew that Shaws were from a wolf-using bloodline.

Mr. Mellanson is the one with the swab-in-EAR pointer to AINSLEY EARhardt (Herod-line suspect), and Annas-like Ainsleys were first found in Note-line Nottinghamshire with Annas' and Thy-like Tease's/Tyes'!!! Just look at that. On top of that, we just saw the Hairs of Ayrshire, where the Ayer branch of ear-like Eyers were first found, and Eyers were first found in Derbyshire with Note's/Cnuts...hahaha, God did funny-to-me things!!! But probably for a serious reasons, no doubt.

As God gave a dream with a walk-in freezer in the home of Ray Luffs while Luffs are also Love's/LOVEYs, isn't it conspicuous that Rays have a version of the Freeze/Free/Freys Coat while Freie's/Freys/Vreys share the giant FERRari lion? The Freie's/Freys/Vreys even have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Groce's/GREGGs/GRAGGs. The Freeze's are also Pharisee-like Phreeze's, how about that. I included Loveys with Luff variations because God had pointed to Lovey Howell while Howells were first found at MONmouthshire, suspect with Mons of Hainaut because Monmouth is where GAUNTlet-liner Phone's/Fane's were first found while Gaunt is in the Hainaut theater. The only thing I've ever seen with the triple Levi chevrons (Flanders-lion colors) is the Arms of the Counts/County of Hainaut.

Lovato's/Lovi's use a giant wolf in the colors of the giant wolf of flip-like Phelps, the latter first found in Monmouthshire.

The Flanders lion is also the Faucet lion, and Scottish Hains/Hennings use mascles while Mussels/Muscels named Musselburgh, a couple of miles from the Fauxside castle built by de-Quincy. The Hains/Hennings happen to have the Quincy/Quince mascles, and, to boot, a quince is use by Sforza's who share the Ferrari / Freie/Frey...and HAMMER/Hemmer lion, making me wonder what the Luff freezer might have to do with Hammer and Scorecard, which we can assume was being overseen by Christ WRAY (FBI Chief, in charge of homeland spy operations). Compare the Hammer/Hemmer Coat to that of Freie's/Vreys, then note the "vray" motto term of Wrays.

The Flemings were in the FLAMES that appeared in my door-handle dream that I resolved as Bill Barr missing in action during the riots we saw last year. The flames were around the rim of a trash can, which depicted the Trashers/Tresure's in-code with the double-TRESSURE border of Flemings and Seatons. Ferrara, where Ferrari's trace, was politically related to nearby, Barr-related Este. End insert]

Flemings were the first rulers of Templar Jerusalem. Why do we think this is so? Why would the line of chief-priest Annas wish to conquer Jerusalem in 1100 AD? Isn't the answer obvious to some degree? Annas' daughter married CAIAPHAS, and the Elizabeth CHAPPES married the first grandmaster of the Templars when the Flemish house of Godfrey-de-Bouillon ruled Jerusalem. This grandmaster spent many years in Jerusalem? What for, really? Google may have obliterated Elizabeth Chappes from out sights, aside from a few of my updates, google brings up only one other mentioning her when searching " "elizabeth chappes" "hugh de payens" ". It seems to me that google is a masonic bastion because it often hides things like this. google is now pretending that it doesn't have "elizabeth chappes" much in all of its data banks. LIAR.

Hugh de Payens was a noble knight in the service of the Count of Champagne and a member of his court. He was born in the village of Payns in eastern France about 10 kilometers from the city of Troyes. He married Elizabeth Chappes, who bore him one male child, Thibaud, rumored to have joined the Cistercian Order himself and rising to become an Abbot

I was the first person, likely, to suggest that Elizabeth Chappes was a descendant from Caiaphas. There were many webpages mentioning Ms. Chappes years ago, now suddenly they are all gone??? But of course no one wants to be known as a Caiaphas descendant, and those masonic stupids who honors the Templars of God's chosen (spit!) wouldn't want this known. google obliges.

Scottish Chappes' use "EARS of wheat," and ears are suspect with such lines as Earhardts, and so we can readily see why God would wish to point to AINSley EarHARDT, especially if the hard/hart-like endings on Earhardts were Herod liners. Just go ahead and click to this page to see the claim that Hugh de Payens married Catherine Sinclair of Roslin, for at the top-left of the page her Arms are shown as the engrailed Sinclair cross, though in blue-on-white, which you can see with the Hardys, I kid you not.

I didn't know until now that Hugh de Payens was born in another Champagne, not the one in northern France. The page above says he was born at "Champagne, Dordogne, Aquitaine." It's otherwise known as Champagne-et-Fontaine, and happens to be in the Perigord area that I trace to Imperia, otherwise known as Oneglia, which I trace to Nagle's, and then the giant saltire of German Nagle's/Nails/Neils is in both colors of the hardy cross, and thus linkable to the Arms we see for Catherine Sinclair. It can reveal that her cross was made blue as per her descent from Nagle's/Nails. Ainsley EarHARDT married Mr. Proctor, and Proctors share the three NAILs in the HEART of Logans, how about that. She's a history lesson.

Okay, as HUGH de Payens was born at Fontaine, we then ask whether Fountains look like Hug/Hughes kin due to their being from Hugh de Payens? Looks like, and Hugs/Hughes' were first found in Languedoc, not far for Champagne-et-Fontaine, with Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's. Or, as Caiaphas was Joseph by first name, why do French Josephs share the martlets of HUGHStons? Do English Josephs use "sheaves of wheat"?

As I see Ville's/Font-de-Ville's as part of ConteVILLE's, because French Conte's were likewise first found in Languedoc, this was the line to HUGH LUPUS, can we dig it? As was said, I see priest Annas in blood relation to LUPUS Laevillus, father of CHARAX Proculus, and then Carricks share the chevron of Scottish Kennedys (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) while Irish Kennedys (Tipperary, same as Lafins/La Fonts) love the Lafins/La FONTS in their motto who in turn share the giant lion of Italian Conte's. Are we missing anything? Oh, yes, PROCulus looks like his line could be to Nail-loving Proctors, and then Irish Neils share the giant lion of Ville's/Font-de-Ville's.

The French Champagne surname shares the bend in the Arms of Champagne (the northern, popular Champagne), and this bend has a potent pattern, as does the rare bend of Avezzano's? It just so happens that Avezzano-like Avisons come up as "Avise" while the motto of Irish Kennedys is "AVISE LA FIN." Google can bury "my" GREAT work all it wants, but it doesn't change the facts that God is revealing these truths, and that EVERY person who rejects / mocks / slanders / insults / betrays Jesus will be CANCELLED and aborted from life...which is why His enemies are cancelling our Christian witness and teachings, so that their mouths will have nothing to say when God cancels them. These lunatics with brains merely 5 inches wide think they are better, greater than the Creator of all living things. FOOLS. Jesus warned that, if anyone blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, that one will not be forgiven.

So, we see above that the northern Champagne looks linkable to Champagne-et-Fontaine, and then we note that French Chappes' share the Moor head both with French ChamPAGNE's and Bouillons. There are two Avison-like Avesnes locations smack near Boulogne, where Godfrey de Bouillon likely lived for a time with his father, who was a count in that place.

As Godfrey's mother was GODa, and as her grandfather was GOTHelo, we can fathom why Sinclairs use a "God" motto term. The "Commit" motto term of Sinclairs are for the Conte's who I say married Ville's/Font-de-Ville's. Comines is a location near Boulogne too, and Comyns/Comines not only share the Avison/Avis Coat exactly, but share the garbs (sometimes called "ears of wheat") of English Josephs. The Deeds in the Fleming motto have these gold garbs on a red Shield. The Comyns/Comine's are in the colors and format of Commit-like Comets. Godfrey's family was Flemish, and the Pero comet is called a "FLAMING star." Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia with Laevillus-like Laevi Gauls. Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with French Croziers, and a crozier is in the Bracebridge Crest while the Bracebridge Shield is the black-vair Shield of Scottish Champagne's.

The Bouillon Coat is almost that of HumPHREYS/HomFRAYS while Freys/Freeze's are also Pharisee-like Phreeze's. Recalling that the counts of HAINaut used the triple Levi chevrons, note the Aims/HAINs in the Humphrey motto term, "aime," for the Aims/Hains have: "HUGH de Haynes witnessed a charter of PAYEN de BeauCHAMP, founding CHICKsand Priory, 12th century." Chicks are listed with Checks/Cheeks, sharing essentially the Aim/Hain Coat. Checks/Cheeks share the red fitchee of Luffs/Love's, suspect with the Leavells/Lovells.

Beauchamps come up as BEACHams while Peach's have a white-version of the Booker Coat. Or, Bookings, like "BEAUCHamp," have a Coat like that of Beauchamps. Bookings are said to have had a Boching family at CHICHester. Chichesters (share Arms of Meulan) look like kin of Flemings without much doubt. The Chichester Chief if that also of Quints, first found in Essex with Bookings, and from Quintus CAEPio. Roets, from PAYNE Roet, use a BOOK. Roets share the boar head of Gords suspect in "PeriGORD" at the Champagne-et-Fontaine theater, reported birthplace of Hugh de Payens. PERIgord is where French Faux's were first found, a branch of Vaux's sharing the Chichester / Flaming Shield. Scottish Vaux's, expected with Faucets, almost have the Salome Coat, expected from Salome de Boethus, from the Sadducees, wife of the Herods.

Salome's were first found in Rhineland with Ders'/Derrs sharing Avis/Avison / Comyns/Comins / WAISTell garbs.


The anti-government libertarian at HighImpactFlix, this week, said that God is "the creator of evil," and he even quoted an Old Testament Bible verse to support that conclusion. He also said that God has murdered more people than anyone else, but he did not explain that God is "evil" when He kills and pains evil people, giving them the evil they deserve as a protective measure for the good guys. Instead, he left his viewers to think that God is inherently evil. No true and solid Christian needs to worry about this half-hearted thinker with a demonic voice, however. He's not fooling us. But there are some with weak faith who could be swayed to deception. If God loved to be cruel, then we would have 998 horror-filled days for every 1,000. Instead, aside from the pains the world of men befall us with, we enjoy life for the most part in relative peace, with few horrors.

For about a year now, youtube in Ontario, and perhaps other provinces, forces one to have four Canadian-news videos, three rows down from the top. Even if a viewer does not ever click on any of those news videos, too bad, youtube will make them come up with every load of the youtube home page. What the youtube fixers don't realize, har-har, is that it's counter-productive to its goals of brainwashing Canadians, because it's clearly exposing that the Canadian news outlets -- CBC, CTV and Global -- are always mimicking headlines from as CNN, etc., which is GREAT to show Canadians that Canadian news is fake news. Keep it up, STUPIDS. You won't be welcome into the homes of nice people anymore; you'll need to socialize with the criminally-inclined like yourselves, and as such you'll eat one another alive, mark these words. Your friends will be the demons, and so you'll gravitate to a loathsome mind-set. Keep your minds clean, people of God, outshine these fake moralists.

It appears the cat is out of the bag. Unless the speaker is a total fake, the video below claims and PROVES that there is no such thing as COVID 19, that it's just the flu wherein they are using tricks to make the flu come out a positive COVID test. It seems the speaker is reading someone's report, but we're not told who's report it is because this video is only a snippet. It all sounds credible to me:

Apparently, Israel is behind the COVID scheme, and is prepared to deny people food unless they get a vaccine. Israel, the video above says, is pro-Fauci. What next, the 666?

You need see the first three minutes only of this video to see that fake news kills police officers too, nothing new, but most people don't think that media barons could attempt to pass such things off. They don't know media bosses:

The article below is long and at times repetitive, but you won't get this news in main media, about the authenticity of Hammer / Scorecard. As it turns out, the Gateway Pundit, whom Bongino quotes often, says that there is no Hammer, and this can perhaps explain why Bongino didn't even mention the Lindell documentary all of last week. I didn't check his shows this week, and frankly don't care to watch him after this poor decision. I mean, by rejecting the Lindell news, Bongino is worse than Mike Pence, like a traitor to his own audience.

Dennis Montgomery’s one-time attorney Michael Flynn stated yesterday during an exclusive interview with The American Report that Montgomery is the real deal.

The characterization of CIA contractor turned whistleblower Dennis Montgomery that Montgomery’s former attorney Michael Flynn provided to The American Report stands in direct opposition to the false narrative that ex-CIA operative Larry Johnson, along with Joe Hoft and The Gateway Pundit are attempting to sell to the public

This is strange, for Flynn to be Montgomery's lawyer. Can we trust Flynn? I don't know. He's a Q-Anon fan, and Q has been a farce in my opinion even if he has good motives (how can he have good motives if he's a farce?). Sidney Powell dropped all her cases to the supreme court. What? I thought she cared for the people??? I don't get it. I've even wondered (I take all precautions) whether Flynn is part of a psychological operation, because it was just weird for him to get pardoned just before election season, and then to watch how he becomes part of the Trump fight, and then to watch Trump just let the frauds win the day, without the expected effort from him to win it. Powell got hired by Trump as a special counsel, getting the hope of voters up, only to find that Trump changed his mind the next day; a roller-coaster of Hell is what it was for the voters, and Trump was a part of it all. Something smells fishy.

On the other hand, I cannot see how the Hammer / Scorecard material that Lindell exposed can be fraudulent. Also, that tip-in goal with puck on the goal LINE: Line's are also Lins/LINDs, and Flynns are also Lynns.

We now have this fishy situation in which Sidney Powell drops all her cases to SCOTUS, then hires LIN Wood to be her attorney against Dominion. What in tarnation? Is this some sort of freak show? Is this small gang part of a game on Trump supporters? The last word from Flynn is that Trump can be the president later this year. What? Is that a Q-dream? Is it a strategy to make Trump voters rest and do nothing, to just wait because everything's going to be fine, and in the meantime the deep state strengthens and brings dark clouds over us? Or are these people for real? I take precautions when things smell fishy.

Here's David Icke telling that COVID is fake, with evidence from several sources. I suggest not listening past about 30 minutes unless you want to hear Icke's philosophies.

Lindell says this week (on Giuliani show) that 100 million people (globally) have seen his Absolute Proof documentary, and that the average watch time is 1 hour, 53 minutes, just 5 minutes shy of the full show. he says he's putting out a shorter version, probably to emphasize The Hammer material, is my guess. Good going, Mike.

Ratcliffe was on Hemmer Time late this week, but he said virtually nothing. If he doesn't admit publicly that the election was stolen, I don't want to hear from him. If he's just sweeping it under the carpet, shame of Ratcliffe. What's the use in crying out against China when you fail to single-out the Americans partnered with China in such things as wholesale election fraud? What a bunch of half-way leaders the Republicans have. The country is failing, yet they refuse to make the needed repairs. They cry that the country is insecure, but they refuse to cry out against the Americans making it insecure. Now Ratcliffe seems to have become a half-way leader. The going trend.

Here's Huckaby on what might be his first treatment on Lindell's documentary, probably because his viewers were wondering why he was ignoring it. So Huckabee puts on a pathetic performance, giving the issue a couple of minutes only, and not even mentioning The Hammer material. He also pretends (the Christian is lying, but why?) as though he can't be sure whether the election was stolen, a true Fox lap dog.

If you want to choose AFTER seeing the Brannon Howse documentary below whether you would like to donate, skip to about half way into the 4th minute. This video reveals the hard-core anti-Christian movement that you should begin to prepare for, because we don't know whether or not they will succeed at this time:

Don't believe the poll saying that 7 out of 10 Americans wants socialism, for that's just a faked socialist trick to make you think you are the minority. Leftist polls are intended to justify liberalism by pretending that its a popular movement.

I don't like Howse's emphasis on the founding fathers. I don't like Christians emphasizing the founding fathers. We are to look to Jesus alone, and his moral structure. Communism in this world is by nature anti-Christian, and so why call it Communism when it should be called anti-Christianity? The trick of Communism is to make the majority of the peoples our enemies. The founding fathers empowered anti-Christians equally with empowering Christians, and our enemies have no moral rules to abide by, for which reason they have a vast advantage over us, if God should not make up for it. One day, God will remove His restraining powers from the midst of our world, to allow satan his dark hour, but take heart because lawlessness will destroy the world belonging to the hypocrites, the ungodly, and even those who gave their hearts and powers to the anti-Christian establishment. When God removes his hand, don't think that satan will build a utopia for the masses, but expect destruction. Our enemies will not rule the glory while persecuting us, but will pay the ultimate price.

It will be the fools supporting the anti-Christ who will think that he will deliver to them a fine world, because they are deceived, brainwashed. They will put their thumbs upon us and will press down for a short time, with delight, but they will pay with eternal destruction for being willing, impish and hurtful fools. Just as they are laughing, celebrating, destruction comes upon them.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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