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April 27 - May 3, 2021

Details in Maricopa Progress

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Barrie Schworts, part of the 1978 investigation of the shroud of Jesus, tells his story at a catholic church. It's a 2-hour video, but I'm sharing this due to the very-important part starting a little after 1hr., 32min., where he massacres the carbon-dating goons who have yet to give a retraction of their work, exposing them as the frauds we always knew they were. The papacy takes the side of the carbon-daters, wicked:

Youtube has hidden some non-catholic videos that I saw only a couple of years ago. It has decided to allow catholic productions almost exclusively. Why do we think this is? To keep non-catholics from using the shroud for evangelism purposes, we may assume. In two more years, half the videos now coming up may themselves be buried.

There should be a major discussion in all circles as to whether the image on the cloth can be produced by heat. If not, then it must be the shroud of Jesus, because, if it's not heat, it's got to be radiation. There's one fool trying to convince people that material on Jesus' body created the stain in some way. As soon as he presented the idea, I stopped watching, and so I didn't get the details. It's misinformation. The image will not wash off. Water doesn't spread it out.

I believe Barrie said that the next time the vatican will allow the shroud to be seen is in 2025, but I'm not sure whether he meant for further investigation. The evil of the vatican, all the way from the 1980s to this day, can be easily seen in that it will NOT allow further scientific data collection using up-to-date instruments / techniques. In other words, the vatican wants to keep the masses on the carbon-dating "result," and that is the devil so obviously. Hearken faithful, stupid catholics. You keep that vatican snake alive, harnessing political power, by being faithful to it. UTTERLY FOOLISH CATHOLICS. Just leave that "church." You must be bewitched. You are half-blind and quarter-wacko while you proclaim Faith. Just leave that church, as have millions already for many, many good reasons. Half of catholics vote Democrat to this day, our future persecutors and thus the destroyers.

The colored fibers in a close-up can be examined on the page below. What we can glean is that there was no "picture" radiated onto the shroud as one expects, with curves as an outline, or with pixels, or with any kind of markings or lines that go any-which way. Instead, all tanned regions are ALWAYS down-and-along fibers. Often, only a short segment of a fiber is tanned; at other times long strands of fibers are tanned. That's it. That's the whole of it so far as I can see, and when one takes a macro-view of it all, we see Jesus' body in a photograph created on a linen rather than a photo-excitable surface. Amazing.

I'm sure they have inspected some of the fibers to see what the coloration is. It's not material; that's roundly agreed upon. Barrie says it's not a "scorch." If it were radiation as we understand it, then I would expect an outline as when one draws a picture, with etching sometimes crossing part-way across the diameter. Instead of calling it radiation, perhaps we should call it energy. It seems that when energy entered a fiber, it traveled down the whole diameter of the fibre a certain distance, and discolored it. It seems the energy either did or did not have enough power to enter an adjacent fiber (to the point of discoloring it, anyway).

Maybe you've already jumped to the obvious conclusion: paint knows no reason to follow a fiber. Paint is expected to go crossways or diagonal over fibers, and not always along fibers. The herring-bone weave pattern provides that some threads are perpendicular to others, but in both cases (as you can see above) the tanning follows the fibers. THAT's NOT PAINT. IT'S THE RESURRECTION POWER. It's not energy like that of solar radiation, of course, because this Power doesn't come from atoms.

Those who say it's a forgery have got NOT to want Jesus to exist. If anyone wants Jesus to exist, he/she listens intently to the details of the shroud. It can't be anyone else who was crucified partly because the backside of the head shows a ring of blood matching the ring of blood on the forehead i.e. someone put a crown of thorns on this body, and no one would have been "adorned" with such a thing because the Roman soldiers made it for Jesus to mock Him, for the sign above His head read, "KING OF THE JEWS." I confess, I've come to tears often as I think of what He went through that night and day. Are you close enough to Jesus to draw some wet eyes for the torture he endured? Isn't that a good definition of a Christian?

By the way, Jesus had type AB blood. says: "AB- only found in 1 of every 167 people, making it the rarest blood type there is." That's interesting. As Jesus didn't have a human father, it can mean that Mary must have had AB too. I've not heard anyone talk about this topic.

There's no gunk on the fibers where the tanning exists, no glue to make the paint stick. There's no cracking / chapping of material because there is NO MATERIAL where there's discoloration (or coloration). You saw this with your own eyes above. You can't scrape off any paint off of those fibers. The fibers are simply changed color. Yes, this can be done with the sun too, but if you shine a sun on 4838675696948 million linens for 10 years each, you are not going to get an image of a crucified man. The crucified body is there because energy came from His body to form the image. OKAY? Anyone who tells you differently is a GOON who does not want REALITY to exist.

ANYONE, I'M SCREAMING: God the Creator has permitted the shroud to exist to provide the earth with undeniable proof that Jesus is the Son of God, just as it's written about Him. It is wrong for a Christian to say, "I don't care about this shroud, my faith comes from other things." If God created this shroud, how dare we minimize its importance or treat it with disdain? How dare we call it a catholic thing? This is the most-unique, most-important object in the universe. It's a snapshot of both the Crucifixion and the Resurrection...exactly why evolutionist scientists are at war against it. This cloth is their eternal Hell. This cloth is the Victory Over The Grave. This cloth proves that God can bring a body back to life. God has the technology. Isn't that the most-fantastic thing, therefore?

On top of that, even though Jesus endured excruciating pain, yet look at the face on that shroud, with no complaint whatsoever, in total agreement with what God has desired of Him, Love unmatched. Who else has the occupation that was the passion of Jesus? Who else is so concerned about the sting of our deaths? Whose occupation on this earth is more important than that of Jesus? What do the globalist pigs have on this One? He calls for love, and they want us to be their heartless robots, their toy soldiers. If you hug someone today without your mask on, they become upset and promise retribution. They want your love COLD as ice.

A new realization for me: it seems that the Energy flowed straight up and down only, rather than out in all directions evenly. The reason I'm coming to this view is that the face is too thin if energy struck the cloth in all directions. The cloth flowed from nose ridge and across the cheeks to the back of the cheeks where they meat the ear, a distance of about five inches across the skin, and another five inches from nose to the other ear, for a total of ten inches. So, if energy went sideways (horizontal as he lay on a rock slab) from His ears, and straight up from His nose, then the face would become 10 inches wide upon the cloth when it's flattened out. Yet the face is not ten inches wide. Some might say that this "problem" proves it to be a painting, but it's not a problem if energy went straight up from the ears, cheeks and nose. Some of the face, the parts nearest the ear, are not showing at all aside from white (or black on the photo-negative), tending to prove that energy did not go in the horizontal direction.

I finally came across a non-Catholic treatment on the shroud; if you know the basics of the shroud, you might want to start this video at 35 minutes. At 56:36, the man says the radiation was straight up and down, but I didn't know this yet about this video when saying the same above. I've never heard this before, but it's bound to occur to anyone who gets highly familiar with the shroud:

Barrie's website has explanations from the 1978 investigation:

Barrie is unashamedly telling the world that the small patch of shroud removed to do the 1988 carbon-dating test had cotton fibers mixed in, whereas no other part of the shroud had cotton. So, it's possible that the vatican knew of this small, foreign patch (not expected to date to the 1st century), and conspired with the daters to take it in order to "prove" that the shroud is a forgery. The great thing is, we are winning against the frauds who dated that patch, and we await only their admission that they made a mistake. The are very reluctant to admit a mistake because their hearts are dark, and they wish to keep Jesus dead forever.

Barrie says that the "living pope" owns the shroud, pope after pope, rather than the vatican itself, and yet not even the well-liked John-Paul thought to allow another carbon-date attempt. Why do we think that is? If that pope loved Jesus, wouldn't he want the shroud to be proven authentic? Then again, we cannot trust scientists on such a topic as this. Even if they get an authentic piece of the shroud, they can yet play games, just like the election fraudsters do. It's just the nature of anti-Christs to make killing Jesus their number-one priority in life, and they will cheat to accomplish it.

Barrie's team got the ball rolling, not intentionally, very well for proving an authentic shroud, but no pope has wanted to roll that ball even better and faster. WHY NOT? Because popes are frauds. If they were not frauds, they would walk out of the vatican and never go back. John-Paul was a nice-face fraud. The Turin house that holds the shroud is, according to Barrie (= straight-shooter), desirous to do another round of scientific tests, but the pope will not grant permission. If this is not a fraud, then what is it? Here's Barrie coming down on the side of authenticity, and yet Barry does not want Jesus to be the Son of God, such a fool, he really is, and he's a likeable man:

In the 46th minute of the video above, the devil's advocate asks why there is no historical recording of the shroud, say, in the first couple of centuries? Surely, if the apostles possessed the shroud to begin with, they would have counted it to be precious, and taken good care of it, etc., exactly why they would have kept it a secret rather than taking the chance of telling the churches broadly about it. They generally may have shown it only to trusted church leaders.

The video above is excellent to have on hand for a great variety of technicalities from someone who's unbiased and in-the-know. For example, if you wish to prove to your rebellion child that Jesus is the real-deal, this is a good video for that purpose, unless your child is a fool like Barrie, who, even though he sees Jesus staring him in the face with Resurrection evidence, refused to safeguard his soul with total conversion / submission to Him. But for anyone seeing and willing to submit to Jesus, this is a good video to use.

If the arms of Jesus look too long, we can appeal to Old-Testament prophecy where Jesus says all his bones are out of joint. What bones more than those in his arms could be expected to be out-of-joint due to hanging a tired man (got little/no sleep the night before) by his wrists on a cross?

Barrie verifies that the cloth shows no belly button. I can understand why it wouldn't show on an image so gruff to begin with, but, hmm, do you think Jesus was born without a cord, fashioned in the womb by some other method not known?

Barrie showed some righteous intolerance to a couple of disinformation programs by the atheists, and some argue that his not being a Christians makes the shroud carry further in this world, yet he really needs not to take his chances playing the fence on the issue of his eternal soul.


New York Post headline: "New photos show Epstein and Maxwell were VIP guests in Clinton’s White House." "The disgusting duo were invited to the White House in 1993, after Epstein reportedly donated money to have the Oval Office refurbished." Looks like money laundering, perhaps a reward to Clinton in return for some political-packed favor(s).

It appears either that the Maricopa-audit judge was threatened by the mobsters, because he stepped down over the weekend, or that this was the pre-planned theater that was scripted to take place, a lot like the roller-coaster news over Trumps fours years to tease pro-Trumpers but never give them what they want. Julie Green says that the judge's excuse for stepping down is the an intern once upon a time of this judge was an intern for one of the democrats, but SO WHAT? This can't be the real reason he's stepping aside, and the news is that the new judge appointed is pro-Democrat, surprise-surprise it is not.

Julie Green says that the new judge has ties to the company that became Perkins Coie. This judge is wasting no time, wanted to decide today, Tuesday, as I write. So, the expectation is that the new judge will pick any little excuse whatsoever to stop the audit in its tracks. But by Thursday morning, this new judge did not order a stop to the audit, but did order the audit team to make public some of its operations. The reason the Democrats asked for this is that they might find any-which-way to scream some more.

See the one-minute mark in the below for funny business in choosing the new judge:

The coming-to-light details in the video above can explain why the new judge hasn't yet halted the Phoenix audit. In short, the cheats forced judge Thomason to step down, and the same cheats, especially judge Gates, wife of Bill Gates upon the Maricopa Board of Supervisors, then chose another judge who's cushy-cushy with the cheats, but of course. This can now backfire on the cheats as demands come for this judge to recuse himself. The cheats are already setting up their scripted scenario, that it's a sham audit, but of course they are.

Caution, because the judge, and even his backers, may have decided to not come down hard YET, otherwise it looks bad on him to so step in and ruin a well-coordinated effort at his first minute on the chair. In other words, they are conspiring right now how best to give this judge the opportunity to ruin the audit. I've heard that the audit is due by May 14, but that doesn't seem to be enough time to inspect all ballots with the eye. Last night, Wednesday, they all went home at 8 pm, not expected if they were under the gun to get it finished, because different teams should be working around the clock if need be.

The last update was all over Jovan Pulitzer and Phoenix (= Maricopa county) as pointed to my a dream I had with Joe Oullette. He pointed to the Howell bloodline, first found in Monmouthshire with the Phoenix-branch Phone's/Fane's/Vans. Another dream we were given through me was the one in which two ladies on two platforms pointed to Jovan too. One of the ladies was Miss Phillips, but I neglected to mention, in the last update, that her surname sounds like "flip." Jovan's scanning machines are expected to substantiate the vote flipping by Dominion Voting machines.

It just so happens that Phillip-like Philps/Phelps, first found in Monmouthshire too, share the vertically-split-Shield colors of Schere's/Scherfs/SCHARE's/SCHIRE's, who not only jibe with variations of the Chairmans/Shermans/Sharmans/Shirmans, but look like a branch of Square's/Squire's. This past March, I brought back to topic my telling of the dream with Joe Oullette, where I said that he asked me to go get a container, and when I did, it was SQUARE, you see. When I brought the container back to the house from which I had gotten it, a man was sitting on a CHAIR with big-round eyes / glasses that I realized were owl eyes as a pointer to OULlette's/Ouele's (compare with Monmouths), Owls/Howls and Howells. (Load Philps link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms that follow.)

In the other dream, there were two ladies on a platform that doubled as decks, for Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with Square's/Squire's. The two ladies were Miss Peare and Miss Phillips, and Peare's (Oxfordshire, same as Tiens'/Thames') share the stars of the Tiens' who are in turn in the Square/Squire motto. So, you see, the dream with Joe Oullette needs to be coupled with the dream with two ladies on a deck, and while the last scene in the latter dream pointed to Jovan Pulitzer's role in Maricopa election fraud, Miss Phillips points via Philps/Phelps to vote "flip." That's how I'm seeing her role in the dream.

[Insert -- The Tiens' (has parts of the Peare Coat) in the Square/Squire motto almost have the Finn Coat, and to this we can now add that the RedFINN/RedFYNN Coat looks much like the Phoenix/FENwick Coat!!! That is huge for verifying that Miss Peare is to point to Phoenix. The Redfinns were found because Redfields are listed with them, and because Robert Redfield of the CDC made it to this update. The Tiens' have martlets colors reversed from the same of Redfinns. The Finns were even first found in Sligo with Hickensons/Higginsons and Higgins (Howell tower?), and while the "Pro PATRIA" motto of Higgins suggests Peare liners twice, the Higgins Crest shares the black tower with Dominion-like Domino's (Piedmont, same as Pero's). The Patria's/Peartree's are even in the Phillips/Filip motto! Ahh, I now recall that Sligo-like Slicks/Sleigh's have owls in Howell colors!!! Wow. End insert]

The Chairmans/Shirmans use a SEA animal of some sort (I think it's a sea leopard) to go well with the seahorse of Seamans who in turn share the wavy bars of Sea's and Philbins/Phillips. It appears that we are supposed to come to this, not only because Phillips'/Filips were first found in Kent with Sea's, but because the so-called "flaunches" (curved lines) of Sea's are part-code, I think, for Flynn-like Flans/Flints while Flynns have a wolf colors reversed from the Philp/Phelp wolf. Perhaps it's a pointer to the work of general Flynn in seeking to expose election fraud. As was said in the last update, the "DUCit" motto term of Phillips/Filips looks like a pointer to Doug Ducey, governor of Arizona, who's a part of the cheaters, and whose arm needs twisting to get him to do the right thing. Right now, his job is on the line if he doesn't agree with the election fraud expected to be uncovered.

Sea's share the triple wavy fesses of German Drummonds. German Share's/Schore's can get us to English Shore's sharing holly with Chairmans/Sharmans/Shirmans, and it just so happens that while English Share's share the fitchee of Schere's/Scherfs/Schare's/Schire's, German Share's/Schore's were first found in Hamburg with the Drummonds that are in turn linkable to the column of Share's/Schore's. Trumps are highly suspect (by me) as a Drummond branch.

The amazing thing now is that SHERwoods were first found in Durham with the Conte's to whom the square container pointed. I played in Sherwood Forest (Markham, Ontario) as a child when living on Senator REESORS drive, and the home of a friend, Robert Powell, backed up onto that forest. The Powell write-up suggests that they were kin of Howells and Phillips' together: "The surname Powell ...are descended from Philip ap Howell..." While Powells (Breconshire, beside Howells and Philps/Phelps) share the Phillip/Filip lion, it evokes Sidney Powell in this picture because she is general Flynn's lawyer. The Reesors/Reasons can easily be a branch of Risings/Risons who point to "ARIZONa." The Powells share the green griffin with the Fenns/Venns in the Powell motto term, "fynw," and it's highly likely that Fenns were a variation of Phoenix's/FENwicks. I therefore expect Sidney Powell's participation in the Phoenix audit.

The friend's name was ROBERT Powell, and so what are the chances that Welsh Roberts have the Powell Coat in colors reversed? The Welsh Powells (Denbighshire, beside FLINTshire) have a "ymLAEN" motto term likely for the Lane's/LAWNs sharing the Robert and Proper/Robert/ROBIN lion, and while Mr. Owl Eyes was sitting on his LAWN upon a LAWNchair, mythical ROBIN HOOD lived in Sherwood Forest of Nottinghamshire. It appears that God set me up with Robert Powell in order to prepare certain heraldry-related pointers. Jovan's middle name, Hutton, can be a branch of Hoods/Hoots. Making sense? Huttons were first found at a Preston location, and French Charmans (like "Chairman") share the Preston cinquefoil. The "Si" motto term of Prestons can be for Sea's.

Some of you may know why the two ladies relate to Miss Peare's belly-PRESS event, and this looks to me directly pointable to the Preston location of Huttons, for Press' are also Prests. Thus, both the belly-press event and the hips-pulling event upon a platform point to Jovan PULITzer. Miss Phillips was present in both events. Press'/Prests share the black martlet with Pullings/Pulits. And by the way, the "culpa" motto term of the latter surname means, "blame/guilt." The full motto is shared by English Patents who in turn share the green griffin in Crest with Fenns/Venns and Powells.

I received a Canadian PATENT for a FENCE-post design, and my patent agent was Ms. Parsons. It just so happens that Parsons share the Peare leopard faces. Then, the closest thing to a Fence surname that I can find a page for is the Fens variation of Fenns/Venns. Is that not amazing in light of the paragraph above? As I've said, I called the fence post, Pillar-Post, and Pillars/Pile's/Pilots happen to share the giant Powell / Phillips lion. On top of that, Miss Peare is Christine, and Christine's share the Coat of Pillers/Pilotte's. If that's not enough, Pillers/Pilotte's come up as "Pillow," an apparent pointer to My-Pillow Lindell who's in the process of blowing the lid off of massive election fraud. Pillers and Christine's use cups, and the "culpa" motto term above is for the Culp variation of Cups/Cope's. Copelands share the double fesses of Prestons.

I was living on Senator Reesors drive when, at age 12, I scored a winning goal in hockey. I have told this story a million times. This winning goal had pointed to election fraud with China's involvement, which can be gleaned where China is in deep cahoots with Dominion-Voting cheats. The reason I'm bringing up the winning goal again is that the audit now taking place is at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, a part-time hockey rink. Hmmm, as it was a winning goal that took us to the championship that year, can this predict a huge win for the good guys? Looks like. Coliseum-like Colis'/Collins happen to share the Pulling/Pulit martlets.

As I said, after tipping in the winning goal with less than a minute left in the game, the team cleared the bench and PILED UP on top of me. I'm repeating this because the flip-like Phillips/Filips show a PILUPS variation, interesting indeed. I've wondered whether the clearing of the BENCH is a pointer to a big win to-be, as per a judicial bench i.e. court. The piled on me, and Pilons are listed with Pillars/Pile's/Pilots. It was the Pillar-POST, and Posts share the PULL/Pool lion while the Pollets in the Pull/Pool motto have a black-Shield version of the Aude/AUDET Coat i.e. like "audit." Crazy stuff, folks.

The only heraldic pillars I know of off-hand is that of Scottish Bosco's. I've read and recorded that there are "tufts of grass" on those pillars, and Tufts happen to share the PHOENIX of Knee's. Coincidence? I don't think so.

When we moved away from Senator Reesors (my age 13) to Gormley, my mother befriended Nancy De FILIPPis, and I became the friend of Nancy's son, DOMINic, which looks like a pointer to DOMINion vote-flipping machines. As the De Filippis' were farmers, and as I worked on their farm an entire summer (15-16 years of age), I'm wondering whether the State Farm Arena in Georgia applies, for that's where the election cheats cheated for the 2020 election.

At age 16, I was back into organized hockey, and scored a hat trick to which the "Edrych" motto term of Powells seems to point, for Edrichs/Edricks share the Hatrick/Ettrick lion. As this was four years after the winning goal at 12 years, it's possible that Sidney Powell will be involved in the 2024 election-fraud fight for a slam-dunk victory then. Or maybe that's wrong, and the hat trick pertains to the election-fraud fight at this time generally. As was said, the third goal went between my legs, and the Leggs almost have the giant Trump stag head.

I'd like to go back to the mall of the hips-pulling dream. I've been asking why God would put the platforms in a shopping mall where they point to Hillary's Platte River Networks, and I have an amazing thing to add in this respect. We go back to David Morley (my old friend) appearing on his MOTORbike, and we also repeat here that he was Chosen to be in the dream because the David surname (Cheshire, same as Malls/MARLYbone's) have a form of the Rodham and Aid/Ade Coats while Aids/Ade's have the specialized leopard face of Morleys and Morlands. Besides this, Davids can be linked by Scottish-royal blood (of king David I) to ADa of Warenne.

The reason that "MOTOR" is emphasized above is as per the Mall/Marlybone write-up: "But Saxon surnames survived and the family name was first referenced in the year 1250 when Ellen de MALBANC was the heiress. She married Sir Robert of Stockport. The family held a family seat at MOTTRam." I didn't know these details when I had the dream. I didn't know that Malbanks, first found in Northumberland (beside WestMORLAND) with Rodhams, have the ermined Rodham bend. But there's more because the Mottrams share the brown tree stump in Crest with Rodhams. And here's from the Mottram write-up: "There is now a Mottram Old Hall. The name also became MOTTERshead about the 16th century, branching away but retaining the same Coat of Arms." That must be why God put Morley on a motorbike, to help prove that God wanted the mall in the dream, and we can clearly see why he wanted the mall there due to the link of malls to Rodhams.

Many years ago, I traced "Rodham" to "Rutland" at Leicester, gleaning that the Rodham cinquefoil is a different-colored version of the ermined cinquefoil in the Arms of Leicester. The latter's is the giant Bus cinquefoil, which becomes important momentarily thanks to the Mottram write-up. The Leicester / Bus cinquefoil is in the colors of the ermined bend of Rodhams, and while Rodhams share "Nec" in their motto with Rutherfords, the latter share a so-called "orle" border with Rutlands. The Rutland horse is partly gold, the color of the Reuters horse.

The Mottrams have red-on-white cinquefoils, colors reversed from the Arms-of-Leicester and Bus cinquefoil, and Bus' were first found in Norfolk with the earl of Norfolk, Hugh Bigod I. The Mottram write-up: "The surname Mottram was first found in Cheshire...Conjecturally [Mottrams] are descended from Gamal whose father held the Lordship from Earl Hugh Bigod, the Chief tenant." This Hugh Bigod was the son of Adeliza of Todeni, and Todeni's are thought to be the Tosnys or Toeni's of Leicestershire by other names, and Tonys are said to be first found in Leicestershire, tending to assure that the Mottram cinquefoil is the Leicester cinquefoil in colors reversed. As Bigot-like Bags were first found in Norfolk with Bus' and Hugh Bigod, let's repeat that David Morley circled a sleeping bag before riding back down the road from which he came, a Rodham-pointing road adjacent to the parking lot of a shopping mall (see "road" and "Parkings" in the last update for fuller explanation).

I just want to say that the sleeping-bag is expected to have more importance than I've found thus far. I'm waiting to see why the dream started with my picking up that bag. Hugh Bigot's had married Juliana de Vere, and Vere's happen to share the Mall quadrants.

I think this Mall-following discussion is already remarkable, but there's yet the write-up of English Bigods/Bigots that apparently points to Mark Finchem: "The surname Bigod was first found in Essex at Dunmow and Finchingfield..." That's incredible because I didn't know it when claiming in the last update(s) that the Finch BUS station pointed to Mark Finchem!!!

There's more, because the Ashfields essentially use the Coat of Marstons (Leicestershire) while Bigods named Marston-Biggott. Ashfields arose in the last update at the new-and-important Houlle's:

ASHfields even have a near copy of the Van-like Vaughn Coat while Ash's were first found in Devon with Fens/Venns. A phoenix rises from its ashes! Bingo. This is new because I've not known the Houlle's of Ashfield until now. And wow, German Ash's share the triple chevrons of Singletary while the latter add the Phoenix/Fenwick martlets!!! Obama is descended from Jonathan Singletary! I'm sure this is a pointer to Obama.

I KID YOU NOT, that while Doug Ducey is the present governor of Arizona, the Duceys/Duce's are in the "duce" motto term of German Ash's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. I've just found Houlle-like Hoels listed with Holtz's/Holz's, first found in Swabia with German Ash's! The latter have the triple Singletary chevrons in colors reversed.

Houlle's were important because Joe Oullette, whose surname is listed with Houle-like Ouele's, pointed to Jovan Pulitzer. But here I can repeat that Oullette's have three fesses in so-called "GEMEL,", and so we can repeat: "Conjecturally [Mottrams] are descended from GAMAL whose father held the Lordship from Earl Hugh Bigod..." I was at the Finch bus station with Joe Oullette, and the three Oullette fesses are in the colors of the three Finchem fesses. Amazing, for Joe is pointing also to Mark Finchem, as is the mall in the hips-pulling dream. Yes, the mall took us to Finchingfield of the Bigods/Bigots.

I may have just realized the main importance of the sleeping bag as related to Hillary Clinton, noting first that the Clinton Chief-Shield colors are those also of English Bigods/Bigots. As Bill's Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe, note the write-up of Bagots/Baggets: "Blithfield Hall, the [Bigot] family seat, is an ancient mansion with embattled towers and walls; it stands in the vale of the Blithe or Blythe..." As Bags were in Norfolk with the Bigot earls, this makes tremendous sense for a pointer to Clintons, especially as Houle-like Howells share the Coat of Norfolk's Gaywoods while Bags were first found at Norfolk's Gaywood location! I think that's a bingo to verify that we are correct to follow God's dream-clues to the Bigot earls.

The Bagots/Baggets share the Dexter/DECKster Coat, and Decks/Daggers have a reflection of the Hips Coat. Is that not impressive for pointing to Phoenix fraud? But it gets better as we note "BiGOT / BaGOT," for there is a GOAT head in the Bagot/Bagget Crest. Bagots/Baggets (Bag-Chief colors) are said to descended from Bago de Artois, home of Eustace II whose line is that of Eustace's / Stacys / Staggs/STAGE's, and the hips-pulling event was with Miss Peare upon a platform that doubled as a deck and tripled as a stage precisely because Miss Peare pointed to the family of Eustace II in several, undeniable ways, one of which was to point to Goat-like Goods/Guts/Guths and Goths/Gothels. It's the line of Gothelo, Eustace II's grandfather. Bagots/Baggets share the white goat head in Crest with Bus-like Bush's.

We know that Bushite Republicans are behind the effort to thwart Trump, tending to explain why Republicans in several battleground states are siding with the cheating Democrats. It's a political battle against pro-Trumpers whom the war-hawk Bushites despise for being anti-war. The Bush's happen to share the black boar with Booths (Yorkshire, same as Bush's), and this brings me to the event in which Kim THOMson was last seen (by me) in a PHONE BOOTH that pointed to judge Thomason of Phone-like Phoenix. I kid you not, I have it recorded, that BOTHwells have a "boy PULLING down a pine tree." This assures the phone-booth pointer to Phoenix.

Judge Martin

While Irish Martins were first found in Galway with Lynch's, the latter share the BOTHwell Coat while Booths are also Boths. It's asking whether Loretta Lynch's circle of criminal cheats are involved behind the scenes in the Phoenix audit.

In colors reversed, the Thomason doves are those of WAISTells, and the hips-pulling event was also a waist-pulling event. Thomsons and Thomas' (Thomason and Lois colors) are from Thomas of Saluzzo, husband of Luis of Ceva, herself suspect with the Lois', first found in Artois with Arras. Clintons share the Saluzzo Chief-and-Shield.

Judge Thomason, the one who gave the green light for the Phoenix audit, was replaced this past week by judge Martin, and so it gets interesting where Italian Martins have white and upright goats like the upright ram of French Bauts. The latter, connectable to Scottish Bauts and Balds, and therefore to king Baldwin I, were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, and Godfrey de Bouillon was a son of Eustace II and brother of king Baldwin I. As earl Bigod married Miss Vere, note the "vero" motto term of Bouillons.

We can take this further because the hips-pulling event was the it-felt-so-GOOD event that related to an it-felt-so-good BELLY-press event with Miss Peare that pointed to the "VERo BELLO CHRISTi" motto phrase of Bouillons (Felt Coat in colors reversed) because her first name is, Christine. Bello's/Bellows are also BALLOTS, and they share the Bus cinquefoil. Can you dig it? Maybe the Maricopa ballots is why her belly press felt to good. The Christs even have a reflection of the Hips and Deck/Dagger Coats. It can now be added that Irish Martins, with a "domino" motto term to point to Dominion Voting, share the so-called "calvary" symbol (in different colors) with Christ-like Crystals...a potential pointer to the never-Trumper Republican, Bill Kristol.

Domino's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's and Masci's, and the latter share the fleur-de-lys of Italian Martins. Bellys, who love the Pero's in their motto, were first found in MORAY. French Mars/Mers/MORE's (share Pavia scallops), until this year, were said to be first found in Burgundy with Poulos', and the matter probably use the saltire of Masci-connectable Messeys/Messier's (Burgundy). A cross in these colors is used by French Thomasons (Burgundy again), said to have been at Mont BOILLON. This makes the hips-pulling event pointable also to judge Thomason, especially as English Thomasons can be with the WAISTell doves.

Mr. Poulos founded Dominion Voting, and Voters (share Pulling/Pulit martlets) are listed with GAUTHier's (Yorkshire, same as Pavers). I think we should be waiting for an it-feels-so-good victory in Maricopa. Pierro's/Pero's, sharing the Voter/Gauthier and Butt/Bute/Boet fesse, were first found in Pavia, a place co-founded by the Marici whom look connectable to the Marcial variation of Italian Martins. Jewish Marks/Marx's, sharing the Pero hexagram, share the checks of VIERs'/Fers', which are in half the colors of the Paver/PaVIER checks. If we load "Paviers" (with the 's'), the English Pavia's come up.

I cannot recall the exact location of either the phone-booth event with Kim Thomson, or the spot where Lorraine got her feet and babe symbols upon the PAVEment of Leavell-connectable Yonge street, but my guess is that the two events were within 100 feet of each other, on the same side of Yonge street. The Feets/Fate's suspect in the Cheney motto share the Coat of English Pavia's/Paviers'. This is the same Lorraine that was seen at the Finch BUS station, when the Oullette's and I stepped off of a bus, as a pointer to MARK Finchem, but looking like a pointer also to George Bush.

Repeat: "The only heraldic pillars I know of off-hand is that of Scottish Bosco's. I've read and recorded that there are "tufts of GRASS" on those pillars, and Tufts happen to share the PHOENIX of Knee's. Coincidence? I don't think so. My last night with Lorraine as my ladyfriend, she got a GRASS stain on her pants possibly behind some BUSHes with the married man she was out for a night WALK with (George Bush is a Walker). The Tufts are also shown as Tuffs', and they were first found in Cheshire with Touch's/Tuffs who happen to share a green lion with Lorraine's. German Boschs share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's, you see. And so what exactly was God getting at with a Lorraine pointer to Bush's? Amazingly, while Touch's/Tuffs showed no Crest symbol until this past year, they now show a hand with two fingers pointing, as does the Babe Crest. The Boyds (look related to Marks/Marx's) show it too, and the "ConFIDO" motto term of Boyds suggests the Foot-branch Fido's/Fothes' with a Feet-like Fette variation. Amazing, is it not? Cheneys use a "fato" motto term.

The event with Lorraine's feet on the ROAD's pavement was her what-a-babe event, and Babe's with their Beak kin are sharing the Finchem fesses. Until now, Pavia's/Paviers' were said to be first found in Somerset with ROETs and English Leavells, you see, but are now said to be first found in Warwickshire with Pettys whom I deem connectable to Pierro/Pero/Petri liners, for one Petty Coat uses the green parrot of Pavia-like Peebles/Peoples' (Pavia was also "Papia"). Lorraine had pointed undeniably to Pepin liners aside from her feet-babe event. The Parrots/Perrots use pears for linkage to Peare's and Botter-like Abbots (this can be the Booth/Both line), and Parrots/Perrots are even said to have been as Carew castle while Leavells were at Castle Cary (Somerset). Botters use an eagle standing on a "PERCH," and Perichs are listed with Pero's and Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's.

Thus, it seems that Pavia's were first found in the same place as Pettys because they were both from Pavia. Abbots (share the Parrot/Perrot pears) even use a "patria" motto term while Patria's are listed with PEARtree's, and English Martins were first found in Pembrokeshire with Parrots/Perrots. The long and the short of this seems to be a pointer to both judge Thomason and judge Martin. The latter's links to Perkins Coie are not yet established, but may be pending.

I've just found more evidence that judge Thomason is pointed to by the belly-press and waist-pulling event, where French Thomasons of Bouillon-like BoilLON share a giant and ragully cross (different colors) with the Lawrence's/LAURENce's who in turn were at LONSdale, suggesting the possibility that Bouillons were a Boy merger with the namers of Lonsdale, perhaps the Lone variation of Lawns/Lane's. Let's investigate.

But first: Miss Peare was on an unofficial date with LAWRENCE Kepke when I first kissed her at La Paloma, and Italian Paloma's share the white dove with English Thomasons while Spanish Paloma's have the Pero pale bar. French Laurence-like Laurens/Larins share the Pavia scallop, how about that. She had left me for Kepke at almost bang-on the belly-press event that was the first to point to the motto of Bouillons, how about that.

The Lonsdale's happen to have a bull in the red color of the Sabine bull, and Sabine's are from Flavius Sabinus, son of Flavius PETRO, the line I think to Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's. Flavius married Vespasia POLLa, explaining why the Sabine's share the scallop of Pullings/Pulits', and it happens to be colors reversed from the Pavia and Lauren/Larin scallops. Lonsdale is at Sands, and while Sands (Lonsdale colors) have a version of the Sandy Coat, the latter have a PHOENix-like "POENitet" motto term, how about that, a new thing right here that could explain the sandy beach in the Sleeping-Beauty dream.

Scottish Laurens/Larins/CLARins happen to have two of the tree Clare chevrons, and then there's another red bull in the Coat of Claro's/Chiaro's/Charo's, the latter being in the "charo" motto term of English Josephs/JOE's. French Josephs, first found in Maine with the Pellicans in the Pulling/Pulit Crest, share the Martin-connectable martlet (see Martels and Martins of Gascony) of Pullings/Pulits, and so note the Lawrence write-up: "The surname Laurence was first found in Lancashire at Yealand-RedMAYNE, a township, in the parish of WARTON, union of Lancaster, hundred of Lonsdale south of the Sands." Sands and Sandys ("PRObum") share ragully with Lawrence's, and what looks like the Pierro/Pero fesse. Redmaine's share a giant, white castle with the Gascony Martins, but in the colors of the giant Pellican tower, which is also the Howell tower.

The arrival to Oullette-connectable Howells is important where Joe Oullette invited me to see a friend from WIARTON when he and I stepped off the bus at the Finch bus station (I had never been there with him before or after). Pavia-pointing and Laurence-like Lorraine was the first in line to get onto our bus as we stepped off, and she happened to be my ladyfriend as little as a week earlier, what are the chances? Joe's visit to the friend from Warton-like Wiarton was wholly unrelated to Lorraine, and here we now find Laurence's at Warton. here's from the last update: "As was said, Joe Oullette invited me to go to downtown Toronto that evening to see a friend that he and I knew a few years earlier, living in Wiarton (Ontario). Although there is no Wiarton surname, there is a Warton surname (share Ratcliff bull head), and so just gawk like an owl at the Hutton write-up, for Jovan's middle name is, Hutton: "'...Adam de Hoton was one of the witnesses to Walter de Lyndesay's charter of liberties to WARTON.'" What think ye of that?" Wardens share pears with Parrots/Perrots, and Huttons were at PREStons to which the belly-press can point.

To this we add that, in the JOE's VAN dream that pointed to Jovan, there was Mr. Owl Eyes sitting on a LAWN chair upon his lawn, and we just saw LONSdale at Warton while Lawns come up as Lone's. Irish Lawns (share Keep and Lorraine bend) come up as Lones', and Lyons/Lune's share the green lion with Lorraine's.

We can now go to the "Be" motto term of Lawrence's, not forgetting that the latter share a ragully cross with French Thomasons of BoilLON while Lawrence's were at LONSdale. The Lonsdale's share the bull (different color) with Italian BOYs/BOI's/Boelli's to go with "BOIllon / BOILlon," and English Boys/Bie's happen to use the BEE, you see. Thus, it can appear that Lonsdale was named by Bouillon liners, and while Miss Peare pointed to them, she almost married Lawrence Kepke. I kid you not, the belly-PRESS event was at my apartment on Lawrence avenue in Toronto, and while it happened while I was asleep (Miss Peare may have woken by it), Prestons share the double fesses of English Martins, in colors reversed from the double Sleep fesses. If the it-felt-so-good belly-press is a pointer to both judge Thomason and Martin, how might we predict that judge Martin will behave as per the audit process. So far so good, they say.

Repeat: "Scottish Laurens/Larins/CLARins happen to have two of the tree Clare chevrons, and then there's another red bull in the Coat of Claro's/Chiaro's/Charo's, the latter being in the "charo" motto term of English Josephs/JOE's." Strongbow Clare was the ruler of Wales in Pembrokeshire, where English Martins were first found. French Josephs share the black martlet with Press'/Prests, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Finch's/Vince's. That looks like a hit on judge Martin, especially as Welsh Thomas' have black ravens, and even the Coat of Rising-connectable Rice's / Reesors.

The other Welsh Thomas' (version of the Thomson Coat) share the Kim cinquefoils, and it was Kim Thomson who was seen in a phone booth just weeks after our last date. Kepke left Miss Peare to get engaged to KIM Walsh, and Walsh's look Welsh. Kims were first found in Buteshire, where I've read Booth-like BOTHwells originate. See some Intelligent Design in the phone-booth event? Thomsons were first found in Ayrshire (near Bothwells), overlooking Buteshire. The Ready's in the "Be ready" motto of Lawrence's share the swan of Swans/Sions, the latter first found in Lorraine-connectable Lanarkshire with Bothwells. Walsh's use the swan too. Ayrshire is where Carew-branch Carricks were first found who share the white ostrich with Thomson-beloved Bests. Carricks and Carews may be loving the bee-using Biens.

I really like the police-like "policy" motto term of Thomsons. Can we hear the Arizona-police sirens in the distance? I hope so. Note that while Pulls/Pools/Pole's love the Pulit-like Pollets who in turn have a black-Shield version of the audit-like Aude/Audet Coat, police-like Policks/Pollocks (between Lanarkshire and Ayrshire) use an "AUDacter" motto term. Did God arrange for "audACTER" to point to actors who create criminal, political scripts? Are false-flag actors about to hit the audit with a staged crisis? Why is the giant Pollock saltire in the colors of the giant Rising/Rison cross? Isn't the latter surname a pointer to the rising phoenix and "ARIZONa"? Is the Thomson motto pointing to Arizona police due to judge Thomason's connections?

I didn't mention the police sirens due to the Siron variation of Sire's, but suddenly this looks interesting because Sire's/Sirons (Howell tower?) were first found in Burgundy with police-like Poulos' (logs) and the latter's Loge kin. Then, it just so happens that Loches'/DeLOGE's (Burgundy again) have three cinquefoils in the colors of the similar three roses of Primo's (Burgundy again) who in turn share the mirror with Sire's/Sirons! Zikers, I wish this to be a prediction of police sirens after Mr. Poulos' henchmen.

The Primo write-up: "The branch Primard was established in a seigniory in Brittany, erected in 1696 for De Limoges." The Coat of Limoges' (Dol) is the engrailed cross of Sinclairs (ROSLin), and then Pero-related Caens (Dorset, same as RUSSELLs) use a Primo-like "Perimus" motto term while the Limoges cross happens to be that of Caen-like Chains too. The five Caen-Crest feathers are in the Crest of Irish Clare's too while French Clairs were first found in Limousin with Limoges. English Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Lodge's/LOGE's. The Santones (named Sainte) of the Limousin area are suspect with the Saint variation of Sinclairs, and Santones are thus expected from the ancient Sintians of Limousin-like Lemnos (near Abraham-line Parium). Primo's may thus have the BRAMton lion.

Thomsons have an "HONESTy" motto term that can be partly for the Nests/Ness' sharing the double Preston fesses. Prestons than share the gold cinquefoil with the English Bests (and Ardens) expected in the "best" motto term of Thomsons. The Thomson star is also the star of French Bests/Bez's, and Baez's/Paez's have half the Polick/Pollock saltire.

It's important that there's a Moor in the Crest of English Godfreys (pelicans), for Bouillons have a Moor head in their Crest. The write-up of English Godfreys: "However, the Godfrey variant had many early references including Godfrey the Bearded (c.?997-1069) [son of Gothelo]; and his son, Godfrey IV [de Bouillon], Duke of Lower LORRAINE..." English Bests share "Libertas" with English Godfreys (Best colors), and I suggest that while Godfrey de Bouillon's father lived in Artois, this is why the LOIS (Artois) share the white ostrich with English Bests. THOMAS of Saluzzo married LUIS.

Ahhh, French Bests/Bez' are even shown as Becs while another white ostrich is used by Babe-related Beaks! Bingo, the Babe = Finch / Finchem bloodline at our service. Irish Godfreys even share the black and passant griffin with Finch's/Vince's (Hertfordshire, same as BEACH's/Bechs!)! Bingo-bingo, Kim Thomson's phone booth got us here, and it was smack-dab near the place where Finch-pointing Lorraine got her babe symbol from Joe Oullette's brother! Incredible.

English Godfreys are in Good/Gut/Guth colors, and while latter share the Brook Coat, Pembroke's/PemBROOKs ("ReBUS") share the bend of Goats/Gothams. As Howells were first found in Wales with Pembroke, the Pembroke lion might just be that of Houlle's (Owl/Howl colors), especially as the square container in the Oullette dream points to the Contane's/Constants in the "constans" motto term of Pembroke's. Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with the Clare's who named Strongbow Clare of Pembroke. Howells (Pellican tower) come up as "Houle."

The Biggars (Lanarkshire) suddenly look linkable to Bests/Becs / Beaks/Beakers / Beach's by their pelican. Beggers were first found in Hamburg with Babe- / Beak-related Drummonds. It evokes Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen, especially as Beggers share the checkered Shield of Pepoli's (Boulogne-like Bologna). The same checkered Shield is with Partridge's (Kent, same as Godfreys).

Pepin of Landen married a close relative of Arnulf of Metz, tending to explain the giant, capitol 'A' in the Begg Coat. Arnulf is known as Arnold to the English, and I met Lorraine (as little as a month after my last outing with Miss Peare) at her BUS stop at the corner of Yonge and Arnold crescent (Richmond Hill). The "legiBUS" motto term of Bests can apply here. I was in my car, stopped in a line of cars for the red light at Yonge and Arnold, when I saw, and WAVEd to, Kim Thomson in a phone booth. I see heraldic WAVE, shared by Drummonds and Beaks, as code fore Weavers and Webbers, and the two latter surnames happen to be linkable to Pepins.

For those of you who know my story on Lovey Howell of Gilligan's island, and how she pointed with Jim (James) Backus to one of the two James Bakers, it's interesting that James Baker of the FBI is now in Maricopa news, for we saw, over the past few weeks, how Howells relate to Maricopa. Joe HOFT of Gateway Pundit is saying that Baker heads up (or at least is moving) the Protect Democracy Project, though I don't see any evidence. "The Brennan Center, Protect Democracy and The Leadership Conference have signed a letter to the civil rights division of the DOJ asking them to get involved [in the audit]." The Brennan Center is not named after Obama's CIA chief. The Heof/Hovet/Hoof variations of Hofts are like the Hove variation of Howells/Hovells/Houle's. (For what it might be worth to anyone, Chovets/Chovels are listed with Chauve's (Scan/Skene wolf heads) who are half in the colors, and in the format, of Howells (Shovel/Shove colors).

[Insert -- By the way, in the Joe's-van dream with Mr. Owl Eyes, Joe SHOVELled snow into the square container (what could that mean?), and while one operates a sleigh on snow, Sleigh's use owls and are in Shovel/Shove colors and format. He shovelled the snow into the container while it was on the van's bumper, and while Bumps/Bumpus' were able to point to judge Alito, it just so happens that Dutch Bons/Bone's have a version of the Shovel Coat while Bumps are also BONpas'. This can even be a pointer to Skull and Bones because Skulls are in Shovel colors while Shovels are also Skull-like Shoulers. In fact, Shollers/SCHOLLs even use shovel blades!!! WOW This is a first from the Bump surname, and I've only stumbled (or bumbed) into this "accidentally" at this perfect timing.

I kid you not, the video below, that touches on Skull and Bones, was sitting right there where you see it before this insert was started. I did not know, when starting this insert, that I would come to the Bone's and Skulls by way of the bumper. That's why this find is perfect timing. I went to bed last night asking God why the bumper pointed to Sam Alito. I was wondering why God would take the long route via Bumps > Letters / Lauders and Aliotto's in getting to the Leto's/Lette's/Alitto's suspect with "OulLETTE." But I was also wondering what the bumper could point to, and here we are.

Note that while I think Lodge's/Loge's are a branch of Lauders, Italian Bons/Bono's have the same lion as Lodge's/Loge's and Bone-related Beaumonts. As Beaumonts married Montforts, the Beaumont lion is that of Montforts. The latter are said to descend from Thurstan de BASTERnbergh, also called, BASTENburgh, and the thing here is that while French Basters/Pastors have a version of the Dutch BOS/Bush/Bosch Coat, the Spanish Bastens have a giant griffin in the colors of the griffin heads of Bos-like Box's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joe asked me to go get him a container, and as it turned out to be a square container, it was a BOX!!!! It means that the container points to Bushites! Zinger. If the Box Crest is a bomb, that's the symbol of Bums/Boms, who had been looked up above as per the BUMpus' variation of Bumps (= a possible additional reason for God to use the van's bumper). Box's were first found in Wiltshire, beside BEAUmonts of Dorset and Book-loving Roets of Somerset, and then Box-like BOUGH's share the ROET motto while Joe's van was parked on a ROAD when he asked for the container.

As per Thurstan de Basternbergh, the THURstans were first found in Suffolk with Owls (and Lodge's/Loge's), and then the Thors have the Howell Coat in colors reversed. Suffolk is where Loveys/Luffs were said to be first found until recently. Thurstan Howell (husband of Lovey Howell) on Gilligan's Island was played by Jim Backus. The timing of this insert (by no design of mine) is immediately after the paragraph above having Jim Backus.

Tending to prove that Thurstan Howell was intended by God to apply to Thurstan de BASTERnburgh and some Mr. Baker character, Dutch BAKERs/Beckers share the chevron of English Basters/BOStard (and their Batter/Better branch). Plus, the Kos cult of Edom is thought to have been an owl god while the Kos/Kosinski Coat is almost that of Backers. It helps to explain why God would use the Howells on Gilligan's Island. Bush's use a black boar, which is the symbol of Edom in the book of Enoch. The Edomite capital was Bos-like BOZrah. The Herods are known Edomites, and the Box GRIFFin is suspect with Herod AGRIPPa. English Basters/Bostards use a "POTIOR bello" motto phrase while Potters were first found in Hampshire with Backers above.

If the Box Crest has the so-called "fireball" of English Balls, note that French Balls are also Ballots. Cool.

The Oullette-like Elliots have an ELEPHant, and Oliphants/Ollifards (lived at Bothwell) are in Howell colors and format. ELIPHas was the son of Esau, king of Edom. This can reveal that Owls/Howls, Oliphants/Ollifards, Oullette's, etc., are from the line of Eliphas. As Pharia is an island near the Elaphiti islands, and while Fare's are also Phares', note that FARAdays/Fridays (read also as "FARADay") almost have the Oliphant/OlliFARD Coat, tending to reveal that Ollifards were an owl-line merger with Faradays (Ferte colors). Note how "FARADay" and "Friday" is like the Fraud/Frith surname.

This recalls the story I've told a few times, about my throwing a party for my fellow young employees of Knob Hill Farms. Late at night, a few of us went out to the POOL of my neighbor, the Elliots. Pools/Pulls have pointed with the Pollets to the AUDIT, yet I've also told that, after the party, Mr. Kepke slept in my basement with Mary Nigro of BUTTONville (no one else was down there), and so if we go back to the Kopp/Kope surname, Mary and Kepke together look like "Maricopa." Plus, this same Mary was at the hat-trick game mentioned above, which is why I've pointed out that Marys share the Hatrick/Ettrick and Edrich lion. Knob Hill Farms is a GROCEry store, and Groce's/Greggs share the split Shield of one Kopp/Kope Coat!

There is a Kope/Kobbes Coat sharing the Kopp/Kope fleur-de-lys, which happens to be the one of German Bush's and Bosch's too. The Bernice-branch Burns have the same fleur-de-lys, and Burns share "ready" with the motto of Lawrence's. Lawrence Kepke, Peare's almost-husband, and then Pern-like Bernice's ("PERseveranti VINCit") share the black horse with Perno's, the latter being like the Perino variation of Pero's. Perrins (Northumberland, beside Bernice's) have an "imPAVIdun" motto term to indicate Pierro's'/Pero's of Pavia. Ahh, Kope's/Kobbes were first found in Nuremberg with the Kopple's that I trace to Koplik on the Clausula river.

Mary had gotten me the job at Knob Hill Farms, where she was a cashier, and I suggested to Kepke that he apply there (he got the job). Cashier-like Cassers/Casse's (GAScony) share the triple fesses of Hottons (i.e. like the Hutton middle name of Jovan), and the Finchems have these triple fesses in colors reversed. Suddenly, my party is pointing to things in Phoenix, and as the party was in Gormley, it's gets more interesting where Gormleys/GRIMES' (branch of Grimms) share red martlets with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. German Cassers/GASSers might therefore have the lion of Marys (Norfolk, same as Case's and PilGRIMs), and may even have the split colors of Kope's/Kopps and Groce's/Greggs. I trace Hottons to Sigrid the Haughty of Poland, daughter of duke Mieszko I, and I trace Kopple's to "Goplo" of Poland, origin of Mieszko's. Gascony is where French Martins were first found.

I've also shown that Marys were from Drummonds while one of the employees brought his drums to the party that night. Plus, the double-wavy Elliot bends are colors reversed from the three-wavy fesses of German Drummonds. They are from Bohemia, on the side of Maurice Drummond's mother, and then the Rise's/Rice's, first found in Bohemia, have a fair version of the Kope/Kobbes Coat. While German Franks were first found in Bohemia too, the English Franks almost have the Rising/Rison Coat (pointer to Arizona), and Scottish Franks share the Blade/Blate saltire while German Plate's/Platters share the other Kope/Kopp Coat (both share grapes with Jewish Franks). The Bohemian Grove is coming to mind that happens to have mention in the video below. The Nuremberg trials are also coming to mind. The lion that is the Arms of Bohemia shares a double tail with the Crest of Scottish Franks.

As we are on KNOB Hill Farms, the "NOBis" motto term of English and Scottish Franks is interesting, also because it can be read as, noBIS, while Biss' share the scallops of Cassers. The Dence's/Dennys' who may be in the "pruDENCE" motto term of Biss' happen to share the saltire of Scottish Franks and Blade's/Blate's (Phoenix-like pheons). Cassers came up as per Mary the cashier, but another cashier at Knob Hill Farms became my girlfriend, and she is Allison Bauer (Jewish) while Bauers, Bowers and Bourleys are all sharing the green Shield with English and Scottish Franks likely as per Mayer Bauer-Rothschild of FRANKfurt. The "nati" motto term of English and Scottish Franks must be for Natts/Nathans, as per Mayer's first son, Nathan Rothschild, and then Nations/Nathans share the fesse of Prude's/Prats (Auvergne, same as Bello-loving Bouillons) expected in "PRUDence" of Biss'. The latter have scallops forming one pale bar in the colors of the three "lampreys" in pale of Scottish Prude's/Pride's. A lamprey is an eel, and there is an "eel" in the Crest of Shiptons who in turn have "bellows" (FANs) in their Shield...and Bello's/Bellows are listed with English BALLOTS!!! Joe's VAN pointed to "Jovan."

Eel-like Eely's are listed with Haleys sharing the boar of Scan-branch Schims/Schiens. Pulitzer's ballot-scanning machines might thus be pointed to by the Shipton eel due to the Ballot-branch Bellows in Shield of Shiptons (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's). English Ely's/Ealy's have a version of the Craven Coat while Shipton-like Skiptons were in Craven.

The Elliots with the pool had a son of my age who grew up to be a POLICE officer. The POLICKs/Pollocks can be traced to Mieszko liners, and the Polick/Pollock saltire is shared by the English Franks who almost have the Rising/Rison cross (Rothschilds descended from Pollocks of Rothes castle). The Elliot pool can be a pointer to the Pollets (Phoenix eagle?) via the Pool/Pull motto, and the Pollets are the ones with the AUDE/Audet Coat (almost), while "AUDacter" is a motto term of Policks/Pollocks! Is my party predicting the Arizona police? I hope so. Or will there develop a police state after this audit is over? "Audax" is a motto term of the English Forts who in turn share the Grimm quadrants and the castle of the French Martins (Gascony, same as French Forts). Aude's and Hottons have variations like "Ottone/Otto," and Ottone Visconti was related to the Fort-like Sforza's who share the lion of German Forts, thus tending to prove that Aude's/AUDETs are in the Fort motto. The Phoenix AUDIT. End insert]

The following too-short (17 minutes) video on the dark and demented side of the Bush family (the other side is just its political face) needs to be coupled with the occult nature of the Nazi's:

The video had a short segment wherein somebody gave evidence (not necessarily proof) that Barbara Bush was the daughter of the evil Aleister Crowley, and Crowleys share the crosslets of Tufts/Tuffs'. Repeat: "The only heraldic pillars I know of off-hand is that of Scottish Bosco's. I've read and recorded that there are "tufts of GRASS" on those pillars... Will Bushites provide the False Prophet and/or anti-Christ between 2024 through to 2028?

Lorraine lived on Church street when she got her grass stain, and so she was likely walking along Church street when she got it, for she returned to her apartment with the stain, where I was waiting for her. Church's are in Bush colors and format. Crowley wanted to be the 666 beast. Her pant stain pointed to Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine, and Bill Barr was the attorney general for the first president Bush.

No spokesman for the audit / senate has come out, all week long (into Sunday) as far as I've heard, to complain about the new judge who has already started to grant Democrats some wishes, and more are expected, even a fatal-to-the-audit wish. But even if this judge is unable to stop the audit or to create much damage, he is to be forced to recuse as a matter of the right thing to do, to show strength instead of weakness. Weakness emboldens the mobsters. Now is the time to ask him to step down because the first judge stepped down for less conflict-of-interest than this judge has. Surely, if the president of the senate had any smarts at all, she'd understand that Mrs. Gates chose this judge because he's purely on the enemy side. What is the hold-up in asking this judge to step down? He's probably acting like a nice guy this week in the way a bear acts peaceful until it suddenly charges.

Friday of this week, for the first time, youtube did not present the daily election-fraud update from Julie Green. Prior to Friday, youtube was presenting her videos without fail daily at the top of my loading the youtube page. I had suspected that youtube's leaders knew that the Democrats had cooked up a plan to torpedo the audit, and therefore allowed people like Ms. Green to air their high hopes believing that they would be dashed. But when the new judge did not halt the audit, and when Gateway Pundit discovered the fraudulent activity of Ms. Gates, suddenly, as is my theory, youtube stopped placing Green's videos at the top of my searches, even when I searched "Maricopa update." As Ms. Green mentioned the new judge-and-Gates can explain why youtube didn't bring up her update today.

The cheats, as of Thursday, are now asking the DoJ / FBI to step in and stop it. They have no shame. The DoJ was a mobsterish organization under Trump; imagine how liberally it can act for corruption under Bidenites. Isn't the DoJ the reason that election fraud was allowed to happen? YES. So, the DoJ has a vested interest in railroading the audit lest it's own guilt be splattered in the floodlights. Normally, the federal government has no say in a state audit, but we are not in normality anymore. LAWLESSNESS is underway. Where have you heard that word before? Remember, God will allow lawlessness a reign unhindered for 3.5 years, which is not to say He can't act simultaneously to protect His sheep. What we are seeing now should be our wake-up call. I don't imagine too many Christians are still sleeping.

On April 30 (Friday), youtube brought me a new channel that's chiming-in on Arizona fraud. The channel has only 32 subscribers (not 32K), and so with such a new channel, how possibly did it come up on my computer with such a low rating? The channel is, TruthWarriorJourney t Ministries, and the man claims to be a Christian patriot. All of his videos in the past couple of weeks are of the type that are being gagged. If youtube is censoring the Arizona audit, why are so many Christian channels coming up who are giving daily updates??? Are they true Christians at all? Or is something else happening? Is it a CIA psychological operation to give high hopes to Christians but with a known, behind-the-scenes plot to thwart the audit in due time? That's what keeps coming to mind because dashed hopes after dashed hopes after dashed hopes tends to make us give up, and makes the enemy look too entrenched and tough to beat.

Below is one of the few videos of another first-timer youtuber who made his first video on Friday. He says he's from outside Arizona, and what he reports in this video is the fenced condition of the audit grounds, as well as key details on the security of the place. Therefore, could he not be for the cheats who paid him to come scout the grounds and to report back on youtube?

I haven't been watching Fox news, but I've yet to see a youtube offering from Fox on the Arizona audit. What trash Fox turned out to be. Isn't Arizona the state that Fox called early on election night, without justification? Yes. Is the Arizona audit partly a God-versus-Fox movement? Is God trying to say something about Fox? This audit is by-far the single-most important news item in the country, and Fox bosses don't want to be associated with it?????????? Pretend that it doesn't matter? Pretend that it's not happening? Does Fox know that a deep-state torpedo is about to hit the audit? The local-Fox station at Arizona is opposed to the audit, just like when traitors wish to keep their jobs and do what the bosses want done in spite of siding with (and supporting) harsh / brute criminality. This is no light accusation. People who support election fraud are opening the doors of their hearts to demons upon a slippery slope. Systematic and ongoing election fraud is the agenda of anti-Christ globalists, the coming scourge.

On Saturday night, the Liz Harris live updates had an audit official, Ken Bennet, say that they will be doing three shifts i.e. around the clock. He also said that "there is no deadline." He said that, for about five days after May 13th, the arena is needed for high-school graduations, and that the ballot investigations can continue in the same building after the five days. Whew. But wait. Won't the cheats try to worm their way into the building during the graduations to tamper with the ballots? They might, because the people running the graduations, and even the owners of the building, could be anti-Trump.

The same man said that the "concerns" of the Brennan Center are bogus, of no issue at all. He said that no ballot results will be provided to the public until the one-and-only final report. He clarified that six truckloads of voting / tabulation machines were delivered to the stadium on April 21, and that, "today, we returned four" truckloads.

He said that the last of the machines will be returned roughly on Monday, and that phase two then begins, which is to "analyze all of that data" that was borrowed forensically from the machines. Does this sound legit? Are there no reasons to keep the machines in case questions arise in the phase two? Did Dominion threaten the team to give back the machines early?

The Washington Post on Thursday: "On Thursday, in response to a judge’s order, [Cyber Ninjas] for the first time released manuals governing its work counting ballots and examining equipment." Okay, so the spies will now learn a method or two used to discover fraud. Assuming it's all on the up-and-up, what will the deep state try next? Slander is always their twisted tactic. They never do anything without slander. The whole world of unbiased watchers is watching, and they see the cheats trying to hide their criminality. This is a tremendous exposure of the crime inherent in governing-USA. It's our wake-up call, telling us that our mortal enemies are on the verge of absolute power against us. make provisions, therefore. Prepare to endure the onslaught. Don't assume all will be well with God's help. To some extent, God will reduce the madness, the scourge, but it is going to come nevertheless. Don't have a false-prophet's false-security view that God is going to conquer imminently through politics. Julie Green could be this type of Christian.

My hope: that Arizona will be the first domino to fall in exposing our enemies to the raw bone. But that's only my hope. Our victory in this will assure a backlash, however. If you have seen how their minds work, you know they are pure evil, and that means: get prepared for the worst, even if the worst doesn't come in the next decade. Rebuke outspoken, activist, feverish, cry-baby, and blind pre-tribulationists everywhere, who will be our-second worst enemies. They cry when the people of Jesus come to adopt post-tribulationism, as if their precious baby is being murdered. Expect God to provide significant protection as His people live through the final years right to the brink (within days) of Armageddon.

Sound the alarm, lift up your heads, have hope, get prepared as best you can just-in-case. Let the shroud be your courage, for when they did their worst to Jesus, Sweet Resurrection was the result. All of His suffering was left in the dust of history, and he now comes as the Warrior and Judge all in one. We win. Those on the slippery slope will have no savior, especially not Trump, the do-nothing, big-mouth lover of self. He's watching Maricopa too, and he too wants the dominoes to fall. But what then? President Trump in 2024? Imagine all the Christians who would re-take shelter under his wings. Is that a wise thing? Is it wise for Christians to gather like chicks under a hen who blares "peace and prosperity" as his slogan when the axe is about to come down on his own neck? He's not your savior. Keep it that way.

On Friday night, Gail Golec reported that Dominion machines were moved out of the Coliseum, and shipped them back from where they came from, suggesting that the audit masters have finished the first stages of machine inspections. If all went well with that, this could be a huge thing for nailing the mobsters. However, it may not have been wise to return the machines earlier than required. Another report said that the machines are being packed up in preparation of re-shipping to the whore-house cheats. I'd leave the machines there in case needed, one just never knows, but if they ship them out early, I would suspect foul play.

OAN News caved to Dominion's threats and agreed to remove all news clips accusing the company of fraud. How can this result in a successful news agency now? It's a very bad move. I deleted my OAN bookmark a couple of months ago, as I saw its news getting watered down. Too bad. Money means more than principle as soon as news orgs get large enough, too bad. Same goes with your favorite social-media beggars. They get their success on a principled approach, then abandon it when money corrupts the agenda. Ask Bongino who's sold out to Fox fame.


Here's a one-minute video showing a new bank machine with palm reader that reads the microchip in someone's hand:

The persecution against Alberta churches continues:

In my opinion, the pastor should go to jail if need be to protect what he believes is God's will. The last thing Alberta wants is another jailed pastor. The pastor says he will hold a service this coming Sunday. The communist-pig police will invade the church to make a very-big deal over adults willing assembled at the risk of acquiring a flu, but the pigs say, NO, we are the POWER STINK IN YOUR FACE, and there's nothing you can do about it, you will do as we say. That's it, that's the entire matter, a power struggle between the childish, impish government and people who want to be adults.

If you saw the "get out" scene from the Polish pastor, then skip it here and start the video at four minutes to see Part II of the Gestapo:

Impish Trudeau, this past week, has called for military to assist in the COVID scheme in an effort to frighten his fellow citizens (what kind of a loyal leader does this?) into further compliance, but here's to hoping that it wakes up the sleepers, for Canada has many sleepers.

In my opinion, the Polish pastor should go to jail for a short time, if need be, to protect what he believes is God's will. The last thing Alberta wants is another jailed pastor. The pastor says he will hold a service this coming Sunday. The communist-pig police may invade the church to make a very-big deal over adults willing assembled at the risk of acquiring a flu, but the pigs say, NO, we are the POWER STINK IN YOUR FACE, and there's nothing you can do about it, you will do as we say. Will we? Not if we all stand up together.

An arrest warrant has been issued against this pastor. This is the time to expose the "gestapo." The best way to oppose it is for other pastors to get behind him, and likewise get arrested for having gatherings. This will invigorate the Christians, but others too. If the Christian leaders cannot lead on this, I don't think I want to attend their churches. Expose the hand that holds the hammer-and-sickie of this is unjustified COVID fraud.

Want to see more fascists? The FBI raided Giuliani's computers. Trump threw his supporters, and his own lawyers, to the wolves by stepping aside without an election-fraud fight. If Giuliani didn't do what was expected of him in the legal battles, it's probably because Trump was his boss.

This is scary, because, for all we know, the vaccines can give us perpetual viruses without end:

The above may be in a shot-in-the-dark warning, but it's all we have so far. Here's a doctor crying out to stop needless and dangerous / unreliable vaccinations:

If you are a Canadian, and wish to know how diabolical Trudeau is -- how he needs his head smashed by Jesus as does the serpent -- see this video until you get to the 10th minute, and realize that the $268,000 was probably just for-starters, pending how well the hate group smears conservatives:

You can clearly see that Trudeau is an extension of the same globalist PIG that's infesting the White House at this time. It's a horrible blight, and we need to spread this information as if our world depended upon it, because it does. These people are setting up a communist-pig world where leftists spy on EVERYBODY above-and-beyond what the federal spy systems do. DISGUSTING, worthy of loooong jail time for Trudeau. If Trudeau wants to spy on Canadians for political reasons, then his dirty laundry needs to be hung for all to see. And we just saw some more.

Here's a street preacher with quite a few videos, and having a Hell sign everywhere he goes to pick a fight with the devils:

I found myself saying, boy I wish I could be like him, bring it on. Here's what atheist and Democrat goons have done to the youth in conjunction with the vatican that fornicates with them both. You don't need to see the whole video to see how ugly schools have become:

Here's more ugly "globalism":

That's quite the education in itself. Where were the church leaders as the schools were evolving into this trash? Why didn't the churches rise up together, arm-in-arm, to deal with evolution in schools? Why didn't the churches show their face before all the sinful movements, as a warning to all, that God might get involved on their behalf? Now look at what we send our children into the midst of. GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS. NOW. DON'T EVEN SEND THEM TO COLLEGE, ESPECIALLY COLLEGE. Let them be uneducated, but let them not be stained with this. It's a deception that they need this world's education. Unschooled people can become some of the most educated people all on their own, and they pick what they want to learn instead of atheists shoving devilish dogma down their throats. We have arrived to the time when they care mainly to make your children stooges of the globalist whore.

All we can say is, if the fools want war, war is what God will give them. Some of the greatest news of the modern day is that evolutionary science has proved the Bible and God to be truth. In their feverish passions to find evidence of a universe devoid of God, they found evidence, lots of it, that the Bible is truth. Thank you, fools. The archaeologists wanted to find proof of a million-year old mankind, but instead found written history only as old as Noah. Thank you, fools. They dug up the rocks to find the missing links in fossils, and when not finding them, thank you, fools, for proving that all animals were created. And the microscope is proving a Creator too, gang-busters on a compounding level, thank you so much fools for evangelizing the world for us in your backfires. We'll take it, keep it up. Genetics was supposed to prove evolution, and yet the biological programs (more complex than computer programs) in all cellular structures proves Intelligent Design, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you all you fools. The future will see more backfires, and now we even have the shroud science. There's nothing left for the fools but global suicide. The anti-Christ will lead the way, and murder all of his devout followers when he sees he's lost his bid to rule the globe.

The Fools, coming to a theater near you, to censor and persecute Christianity before it defeats them fair-and-square. We are winning, and this is why they are pouncing on us now, that they might gain ground on us that they do not deserve. By uncontested false claims will they win over the masses as we go forward, as Truth is thrown to the ground. It's like the fools calling for a debate, only nobody on our side is allowed to enter the debate, and then they say, "we win." Do we dare give them respect? That's why I describe them properly and honestly as, FOOLS. In the 3rd minute of the video below, you can see a sample of the harsh, diabolical, tyrannical persecution that you can expect in North America right-soon:

If she deserves six years for what she said, then we each deserve 100,000,000 years for all of what we've said accumulatively over the years. Imagine: people being jailed for quoting the Bible just because it goes counter to the latest, wacko, Western "ideology" (satanism, that is). Sodom is coming out of the closet with a murderous look on her face. It's time to spit into her face. Let's go to jail on these matters (usually overnight only) because it gives us a court opportunity to expose those who violate free speech, and meanwhile we can tell the judge that nothing like this has ever before been done, the violation even of children against parents' wishes. Let the Spirit speak through you in court.

Here's Mark Finchem with a late-week discussion that gets around to Perkins Coie and some 100-odd lawyers that it brought in to fight the audit, and now the mobsters even have their own judge who can call the whole thing off, or even disallow the audit team from publicizing its results even if the entire load of ballots is investigated. Yes, this judge can hit the audit team fatally at the very end of the process because they judge was chosen to ruin the audit team, make no mistake about it. The mobsters can force his hand; a criminal mob has its cruel ways.

Here's some honest and surprising talk from Democrats on Fauci, though mixed in with the falsified pro-script they are pressured by leftists to follow:

In the video above, Joe Rogan shows his preference to side with Robert Redfield, the CDC director under Trump, rather than Fauci, on the origin of COVID. Redfield says it originated from the Wuhan lab, and this is my position too because I suspect that Fauci and/or other Americans furnished the virus out of that lab deliberately to begin the pandemic criminally. That's why Fauci doesn't want a spotlight on the lab, or on the Galveston national lab that supports the Wuhan lab.

The Redfield side of this story came out about a month ago, as per the story below, but do keep in mind that CNN actors are forbidden to advance anything on the air but the deep-state script (they will be pressured to lean that way when contrary evidence arises). Redfield himself was pressured to keep to the script too, while he was with the CDC, and so he's now under pressure to maintain the falsifications he shared with the world then, otherwise he looks like an unreliable director at best:

Rogan is on the CNN show above suggesting that China should publicize what it knows of the lab leak. While we at first think that this is an impossible request, think again, for China owns Joe Biden by blackmail, and China wants to be absolved of COVID guilt. China has been pointing the finger at U.S. labs at the guilty parties, insinuating that Americans brought the virus into the Wuhan lab, and concocted it there to frame the Chinese. I tend to see this as the most-likely scenario because there is evidence that COVID is a Western-globalist scheme.

Here's an anti-COVID demonstration in Montreal that needs to be repeated everywhere. MAKE SOME NOISE and HUG SOMEONE TOO without a mask (unless you feel flu-sick):

Pierre Trudeau II is a globalist whore. He even likes to call himself a feminist. She's scheming right now how best to clamp down on the people, with a police state, who want an end to masks. All those signs the youtuber was showing are to justify police tickets. There's big and illicit money that whores make in a mandatory-mask society, and Trudeau only wants to be getting started. He wants to lay big cash at the feet of his globalist pimps, and to hear the words, "well done, faithful whore." This is akin to how Revelation 17 depicts the end-time, money-grubbing nations.

Here's a great-guy and honest doctor / scientist with a sane view going forward...and he (Mike Yeadon) happens to have been a chief scientist for, and even the vice-president of, Pfizer:

I recall having a terrible flu about 30 years ago. I haven't had one since, never taken a vaccine. I was at home with wife, and on the couch for about two days straight. She fed me, probably, but neither she nor my children got the flu from me even though I was breathing many viruses in a small-volume air space (900-square-foot home). In other words, it's almost impossible to get sick of a flu in a big store or factory, etc., short of someone sneezing on you. Any contact with flu viruses in big-volume spaces is highly likely to give use a small dose that amounts to a free vaccine with no/mild symptoms. Stick up for an end to this madness.

The man in the video above says that the lockdowns work in favor of the scare tactics used by the governments. It works this way: 1) make the people feel that the economy is on the brink; 2) dish out government money to save many people. That's it. People generally won't buck against the schemers for fear of having no income. As Jesus said: people must reap what they sow. Tyrants are the reason for Hell's flames, and Armageddon is Phase One of Hell when fake-democratic globalism becomes tyrannical.

If they don't fake democracy, the people will turn against them, and so the globalists have this weakness: they must fake being democratic. They can only go so far in their tyranny, and this mask scheme is showing them that the people will put up with only so much. This year looks like their breaking point, hurrah, which is exactly why Canada is hyping the fear at this spring time when the people want to break free with the songbirds. But Pierre Trudeau II wants us in chains, to make our homes our dungeons, all year long, such a despicable whore. COVID has been a pilot-project in a police-state tyranny, and Trudeau is one of them. He's exposed himself, and everyone knows it, even those who obey him for fear of losing a job. That's his problem: he doesn't know how many of the obedient-to-him are against him. Obedience from police doesn't necessarily mean they wouldn't turn on prime-minister feminist overnight. There's our hope, if only the normal people would all stand up together and throw a javelin to the vicinity of the whore's head as a warning. Better yet, don't miss.

The doctor above starts on COVID variants at the 34th minute, and assures us that variants should not frighten us because they are just-about identical with one another, not new strains of COVID that need new vaccines forever. Whew. But the whore has already started to frighten his own people with lies. What kind of leader lies to his own people whom he's supposed to respect and protect? The kind who deserves a Sword through his skull from the One whose robe is dipped in blood.

The doctor's slippery-slope picture of vaccine passports, which slips fast to a mark-of-the-beast system, is at roughly 40 minutes. This is what we need to watch, Christians. This could be it. The COVID pilot project is to test whether the powers can soon go to the grocery-store passport. They have been planning this for decades, and they may now be ready to try it all-the-way like the whore of Revelation 17 riding the back of the beast. The problem is, I don't see the beast yet. Still, we may be granted an optional mark-of-the-beast system until the ding-a-ling bell rings for the beast to get onto his stage for the Last Act. What might an optional grocery-store passport look like?

Well, perhaps some farmers, food distributors and grocery stores will refuse to honor the system, and thus they will sell to people in the ordinary way. We may need to go out of our way to get food, but at least we'll be able to eat. Such a situation will be a super alarm bell from God for us, a few years before the ding-a-ling bell goes off. Sorry whores, but God is our protection from your screws. You think you're tightening the screws to us, but in reality God is putting the screws to you, and you're too blind to see it due to your hateful passions.

Question: why would God point merely to Arizona election fraud if we are at the brink of a grocery-store passport? Are the two related to his protection plan for us? It's possible, for if election fraud can turn the tables on the Democrats now in power, it'll buy us some time and some easing of the restrictions. This over-turning can happen even earlier than the 2022 elections, if there is a wave of passion against the cheats later this year. Election fraud can pre-occupy the political agenda and the news coverage, putting all other agendas on a back-burners due to the illegitimacy of the Bidenites. That's what we are hoping for, a short, it-feels-so-good span of time that allows us to get more prepared for the trouble we've already seen coming.

Prepare to obliterate all activist pre-tribulationists as unreliable teachers. Any Christian can teach the few fundamentals of post-tribulation doctrine. It's not hard to grasp. We cannot prepare for what's coming if pre-tribulationists win the near future. We need to have access of the farms / ranches of wealthy Christians, but if they are all pre-tribulationists, they won't prepare their lands for those of us who haven't means. They are likely the foolish virgins who do not store the things they need to store. Later, when they find themselves in the time of trouble, they will come knocking for our stored foods. I am drying more beef as I write to you now. I haven't stopped drying foods since I started a few weeks ago. Let's do it now before food prices go up, or before too many others begin to do the same. The globalists will expose themselves further when they make our needs unavailable / less available to us.

The whores are very afraid of the people getting the upper hand, because it gives them confidence to use terrorism against the known whores. Once the whores push us to a too-frightening scenario, some of the people will use terror (murder) to stop the whores, if the people can get an upper hand. We have that hope too. While we as Christians shouldn't use offensive violence, yet we have the hope that violence from others will buy us more time. I am not opposed to the killing of our mortal enemies who would like to see us dead. I prefer that they repent and become good people, but if they are willing to starve us, we of course won't weep for them if they get murdered, or if God causes them to become ill.

I expect a backlash from ordinary people when they are forced to receive vaccines. Biden wont be able to travel without looking over his shoulder, you see, and this is the only reason he said, this past week, that he might not force military personnel to receive the vaccine. He wants to do it, but he's a little chicken. He'd rather disarm the population first, but that will take a lot of time, and we could use a lot of time to prepare our foods.

Here's my hope: all pornographers take the vaccine and die brutally the next day. A breath of fresh air for the survivors. In fact, the way things are going, Democrats, by and large, are receiving the vaccines gladly, trusting. This is like an energy shot in the arm for Republicans if the Democrats all fall over dead in the next 12 months. The point is, this is why the powers are gunning for mandatory vaccination for all, in order to not have it be lob-sided with mainly Democrats / sinners receiving it. The powers are aiming their guns on us pesky Christians who reject the vaccines. But God's gun is bigger, and they don't know it because they don't think God's watching.

I expect them to use poison vaccines in a targeted way on their political enemies. What if, when people go in to get a vaccine, they have the type of vaccine the doctor is compelled to give them beside their name? The p-vaccine for me, and the ok-vaccine for pornographers; is this how things will become shaped by the globalist lovers of sinners, those whores who respect the damned but despise the saints? Someone should check the deaths from vaccines to see whether they are predominantly conservatives = targeted murder. Please listen to this 2-minute video on target murder:

The "stupid" will be targeted, the ones stupid enough to receive the vaccines. That's what the man said. It's as though he thinks they deserve to die just because they are blindly trusting of their leaders. The man is a demon. He may have a wife, he may have children, yet he's a demon in a suit. How many are just like him in the globalist worldview? Lots.

Here's Dr. Hahn of the CDC refusing to give any COVID vaccine the official green light for safety:

This is the most-important reminder to be reminded of to be assured that COVID is a falsified scheme (the CDC started out hiding what you see here):

Fauci has an empty argument when he says that all people must get vaccinated because one unvaccinated person can spread the disease to others. Nope, doesn't fly, because anyone who wants you vaccinated to protect themselves can just go get the vaccine himself/herself, and that will protect him/her from ALL unvaccinated people. But if the goons then turn around and say that the vaccine is no guarantee of protection, that's for the purpose of forcing all to get vaccinated. In the beginning, in order to have us receive the shot, they told us that vaccines have a 96-percent success rate for protection, but now that the script needs-a-changing, suddenly vaccines aren't so great at protecting people. Yeah, after half the people take it, they will tell them, oops, we lied, sorry, they aren't very effective at all. This is Fauci the medical mobster who condemns his opponents for dishing out "disinformation."

Sidney Powell's update this past week, says she's trying to get into Arizona:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

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