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January 26 - 31, 2021

Justice Roberts looks Like Obama's Billiard-Hall Gardener
Mellanson's Q-Tip Cotton Swab Amazes - Points To Ainsley Earhardt and Virgina Giuffre
The Puck Rowelled to the Goal Line

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I was so impressed with the start of the last update that I'm going to repeat it here in order to add to it. Just skip this indented quote if you've already read, though I did add a paragraph to it on Tuesday, that you may have missed, on the Biden-China company, Sinohawk, which I'll give a different color below:
Let me repeat what I've stressed over the last few weeks. At age 12, I fell on my SHIN pads and slid toward the goal with the puck resting on the goal-line. I TIPPED it into the net for the winning goal of the semi-championship match, with a minute or less to go in the game. We went on to win the championship. As I said, the Shin surname is listed with China-evoking Chinns/Chings, and there's even a Chinese flag you can click at the Ching page for the Chinese Chings.

Then, as the puck was a TIP-IN, I had showed that Tipps/TIPPINs (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffe's) show the same bull head (exact design and color) of Ratcliffe's. If that hockey event (the only one in the game I remember) is not a coincidence, but God's will, then I think we can expect some sort of victory with the China / deep-state data that Ratcliffe put out in the second week of January. It may reveal that China elected Biden unlawfully. But where can a victory, as the hockey game suggests, emerge unless some Republicans perform it? (Load Shin link now to access other Coats of Arms to follow the discussion much better).

I had called Devin Nunes a "raider" shooting fire-TIPPED arrows into the heart of Robert Mueller. I fell on my shin pads, and Padds use mill rinds as code for Millers, and German Millers are also Muellers in the colors of the Padd mill rinds. I don't remember including Devin Nunes in this tip-in goal before, but it's a good guess that he's looked over much of what Ratcliffe released. What winning thing is he going to do with it?

Raiders are listed with Ratcliffe-like Rats, who can be in the "PerfoRATus" motto term of Boards. As I said, I banged into the BOARDs as I tipped in that winning goal. I got up to celebrate the goal, and the whole team was attacking me, piling onto my body, happy kids. Will Nunes and Ratcliffe get us that kind of win by God's assistance, at the last minute? But when's the last minute? The election has passed already. "PerforaTUS" may also be part code for Tous' who describe their Coat as a man with shirt and BUTTONs, and then Buttons list Bidens.

It wasn't but a few minutes after writing, "I FELL on my shin pads," that I stumbled upon Fello's to find the Patients/PADyns in their "Patientia" motto term, how amazing already, but there's more because Patients/Padyns share the gold tower with SCUTE's while Nunes-like Noons/Nuns share the Schutz saltire!!! That's incredible. It's new here. If that's a coincidence, I'll eat my computer. Is this paragraph signalling patience from God? This paragraph gives me hope. I really want to see God doing a fantastic thing, sheer love for His people. But are we lovable, that's the question? The Skate's and Skits/Skeets use a Patent-like "potent" cross, and while Patients are also Patents, English Patents share the green griffin with Powells. Sidney Powell?

Lookie at the Fello write-up: "The surname Fello [or it variation] was first found in Huntingdon. However another branch of the family was later found at SHOTESham in Norfolk." The Shots are listed with Scute-like Scute's/Shute's, can we believe it? Tarr took a slap SHOT, setting up the goal. While skating fast over the blue line, I fell to my knees out of sheer I-can't-believe-my-eyes when the puck rolled to the net with nobody there, an open net because the goalie was sprawled on the ice from the force of the slap shot. I just sailed in on my knees to poke in the puck.

Does Nunes still have some work to do? Or has he already fulfilled this thing? I slid on the ice with my shin pads, and Ice's share the treFOIL (probably in honor of the Feller / Fello line) of SCHITTs (Scytl-like Schittle variation) while Schute's/Shute's are also Shitts. Ahh, Schits (one 't'), new to me, are listed with Schoots/Shoots/Schuts, and as they share the Pile/Pilot Coat (almost the Powell Coat). I was piled on after the goal.

The "culpa" motto term of English Patents suggests the Culps/Cups, and cups are used by Pilotte's/Pillows. Mike Lindell of "My Pillow" is interesting first where KilPATricks (Dumfries, same as Patients/Padyns) use cushions, but also where Lindells share the log with Poulos'. The latter surname, first found in Burgundy with cushion-like Cussons, belongs to the founder of Dominion Voting, which company works in conjunction with Scytl to produce election cheating. The Poulos-like Pullys share the full Patent motto, amazingly enough. And Pilate's/Pilots (same variation as Pile's) have the Sidney pheon almost in colors reversed so that Mike Lindell and Sidney Powell -- who both have been looking into Dominion / Scytl corruption -- seem to be a part of this tip-in goal.

Another curiosity is that LIN Wood and Mike LINDell had both been (and may still be) working closely with Miss Powell. The puck was resting on the goal LINE for John Ratcliffe, so to speak, to tip it into the net, and Line's list "Lin" and "Lind." Another coincidence? Or is Wood and/or Lindell going to use Ratcliffe's Intelligence to nail the Bidens? Note that while "China" is indicated by a "sino" prefix, Sidney-like Sedans use a "NONE sino" motto phrase that can be for Nunes too. Plus, amazingly, the Biden corruption with China involve their company, SinoHAWK, and Hawks list "Hawkey," like the Hockeys.

Do they have more to do, or has God used them already to reveal the election corruption so as to amount to a God-ordained score for something in the future? There could very well be more revelations to come, for this hockey game was only the semi-final match, and we won the following championship match with me getting the first goal on the goalie, Jim McGee. McGee's share the boar head of Judds/Juge's, and as Judge's are also Juge's, it could predict that someone's supreme-court case will be God's doing as a big victory. However, Miss Powell just dropped two of her cases (Georgia and Michigan) to the supreme court, I have no idea why she did that.

I had caught 16 squirrels in my attic (years ago) with one RAT trap. The 17th and last one got away, and formed a new family. Ratcliffe became the chief of 16 spy agencies, his own (NI) being the 17th. But there was more evidence to show that the 17th squirrel was Ratcliffe, and this latter evidence, which I won't repeat here, predicted that Ratcliffe would replace Dan Coats in NI, and that's what happened.

I'll add the following for your consideration, starting with the reported origin (or maybe not) of the Board surname: "...Andrew Borde or Boorde (1490?-1549), English 'traveller and physician, ĎAndreas Parforutusí as he jocosely calls himself,...'" The Andreas surname shares the Nunes lion, and this was found after pointing to Mr. Nunes with that motto term. Moreover, the Noons/Nunns' have the Ratcliffe bull-head design, though not in the same color. The Noon/Nunns saltire is colors reversed from the Rat/Raider cross. Scottish Anders/Andrews have a "VICTRix" motto term looking like "victor(y)." This would be a compelling paragraph if there were just one more interesting link, but I can't find one.

Ahh, while Keiths almost have the pale bars of Coats/Cotes, Keiths were of the Catti tribe naming Caithness, where Anders/Andrews were first found. The Keith-branch Kettle's have a good reflection of the Fello Coat, and the Anders were taken from the Fello write-up. As Fello's were obtained initially as "Fally," note that Falls/Fallis' (share Feller trefoils) were first found in Midlothian, beside Keiths of East Lothian. I fell on my knees and slid past the post when tipping in the goal, and Posts share the Falls/Fallis Coat.

There is a compelling point, because when falling on my shin pads, it was also a fall on my shin BONES, and Kettle's love the Bono's in their motto. The "shin bones" of Newtons ("non") can indicate a Shin/Chinn/Ching relationship with a Bone surname, and it just so happens that English Bone's were first found in Sussex with Boards and Vise's/Vice's, the latter sharing the black stag head of Knee's. But that's not the compelling part. Sussex is where Downs were first found, and I DROPPED DOWN to my knees while Knee's and Irish Prays were both first found in County DOWN. The compelling part is that Irish Prays share the six pale bars of Coats/Cotes while Ratcliffe replaced Dan Coats as the director of National Intelligence, and the Pray Chief is also that of DROPs/Trope's!!! DROP DOWN to our knees and PRAY! Drops/Trope's were first found in Norfolk with Noons/Nunns'.

Plus, the puck came to rest on the goal line from a slap shot from Steve Tarr while Tarrs have ten pale bars in the colors of the six (three and three) of Prays and Coats/Cotes'. I tipped the puck into the net, and it just so happens that Tippits (share "non" with Newtons) are in Tibb/Tibbit colors while Newtons have a "tibi" motto term. Tibbs/Tibbits use cats probably for the Keith / Kettle Catti (the Keith Chief almost has the three-and-three pale bars of Coats/Cotes'). The "bon" motto term of Hicks can apply because Newtons use a "Huic" motto term.

Ahh, Needhams, sharing the Knee Coat, have a "NUNc AUT NUNquam" motto, go figure. AUTO's/Otto's share the black bull head with Ratcliffs. "NunQUAM" can get us back to Shins/Chinns/Chings because they share the Kemmis Coat while Kemmis' were first found in Gloucestershire with Cams expected in "nunQUAM," for Cambridge's, on the Cam river, use "quam." NEATs were first found in Cambridgeshire. To prove that "aut" of NEEDhams is from/to Auto's/Otto's, Ottone's/Otto's are suspect with Ottone VISconti, and Knee's with Needhams share the VISE stag head.

I was tossing out a pot of food scraps (I do this regularly) out the back patio door this week, but noticed that no squirrels have come this year. I haven't seen one squirrel this winter, and the one that was here two winters ago, and likely last year with a mate, was the so-called 17 squirrel that I identified as John Ratcliffe. So, just when Ratcliffe is gone from the charge of Intelligence, there's no squirrels here. I need to assume that, if God put him in his high position, he has accomplished already what He wanted done. For example, Ratcliffe bucked against the deep-state Intelligence operators and, against their will, put out the data that China interfered in the election.

Shots/Scute's/Shitts have an armored arm holding a sword, and Teesdale's, sharing the blue pheon with Sidneys, have an armored hand -- usually called a GAUNTlet -- holding a sword. The Teesdale's use a Teesdale-like thistle while Thistle's/Thissels have the Sidney pheon in colors reversed. To put it another way, Thistle's and Tipps/Tippins (Ratcliffe bull head) share the gold pheon, and Tipps/Tippins do it as a version of the Ghent Chief, and while Ghents (named Gaunt) were first found in Hampshire with Tees'/Tease's having a Thissel-like Tiss variation, Sidneys were first found in Kent with GAUNTs. That all works. But is it suggesting that Miss Powell has become a tease to first promise the kraken, only to drop her cases now? Can't she re-do those cases in a different format?

The Kilpatrick cushions may also be for Cushings/Cussins who almost have the Tees/Tiss/Tease Coat. In my 1979 dream that I say Ratcliffe was in, I was told to wake up Mrs. Kilpatrick (didn't see her first until 1994), so I was going to KISS her away, but while leaning over to do so, my hand touched her KNEE, and she woke up. The Kiss'/CUSH's can be linked via their Cust branch to Cussons who in turn have the giant eagle of CUSTers/Custance's with a "RATioni" motto term. That's not the only reason to see Ratcliffe in that dream's scene.

[Scottish Johnsons have cushions too, and then there's a story this week, "Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) told OAN that the latest trove of released FBI documents reveal many disturbing things and that the bureau deliberately 'stalled and delayed' his earlier requests for the release of the same documents." That's called cheating the people out of vital truths.]

While Schitts are Scytl-like Schittle's too, Schits/Scute's, sharing the Pile Coat and almost the Powell Coat, come up as "Schoutes," i.e. like "SCOTUS" (= supreme court of the US). As I've said, the Scotts/Scouts' share the Coat of Tarres' while Tarrs are also Tarres', and then Steve Tarr is the one whose shot landed the puck on the goal line for my tip-in. One Scott/Scout Coat shares the Hockey crescents, and the other Scott/Scouts Coat shares the demi-black Hockey crescent.

Plus, I kid you not, German Terras' use rooks while Rook-branch Rookbys (more rooks) were at TEESDALE!!! It's a pointer to Miss Powell, seemingly, but why? Incredible coincidences, if that's all they are. German Terrah's are also Derrs, and then "deer" are used by Scute's (share Patient/Padyn tower). Rooks share the gold garb with Derrs. Doesn't it appear that I have finally explained why Tarr was in that goal (a thing that eluded me for years)?

As I've said many times, I remember only one event in the next game, even though we won the championship. I don't recall celebrating at the end of the game, probably because it was a 6-2 game, not climactic. Tarr got four goals, but I don't remember seeing one. All I remember of the game is Tarr at the corner of the BOARDs trying to get around a defenseman, and then passing it to me in front of the net for the first goal, over McGee's PAD while he kicked it out to block the shot. I'm repeating this because Boards use the so-called eSCUTcheon, as do Scute's.

I'm assuming that my crashing into the boards in the tip-in goal is, therefore, another pointer to maybe the Powell team needs to crash the front doors of the supreme court, and break them (so to speak) down to get a hearing. In other words, keep trying, with more force, to get the judges to do the right thing, to look at the election-fraud evidence.

On Tuesday, the day after writing the above, I re-visited the entire work, looking up Bangs/Bings/Bengs in case God had me "bang," in particular, into the boards. The few things found were amazing. I looked up the McGee-like Meigh's/Mea's, when re-reading the quote above, to see their Beng-like "Benigno" motto term. Meigh's/Mea's share the McGee and Judd/Juge boar head, you see, and as JUGon is near the Meu river, I assume that Meigh's/Mea's were from Jugon elements. Meigh's/Mea and FACE's/Fessys can be gleaned in the cross and motto of Taffys, and then the other McGee's use "leopard faces."

Although the banging into the boards was not with the goal on McGee, yet I'll show below why Bangs/Bings/Bengs were near Jugon / Rennes so that both goals may involve SCOTUS for the ultimate victory. The SCOTUS is where this is pointing. The Republican judges on that court, if they have any heart at all, should be deeply ashamed of themselves and cut to the heart for allowing a criminal enterprise to seize the White House. We are shocked at them. They need to make amends if they want peace to return to their hearts. Unjust cowards they have been, only they know why, for none of them has said a word to the people, adding weight to their guilt.

Before looking up Meigh's/Mea's to find them related to Bangs/Bings/Bengs (Kent, same as Sidneys), I noted that the latter's lion is half the Powell lion. So, maybe, or maybe I'm being nuts, the banging into the boards was to get me to point to Sidney Powell's cases to SCOTUS. We could even say that her cases have crashed before they got started. Note that the chief SCOTUS judge is Mr. Roberts (the one reportedly demanding that the Republican judges stand down) while the Robert lion is also with Propers/Roberts who share the Button/Biden bend. Propers/Roberts were first found in Cheshire, where shin-bone Newtons were first found, and where Meschins ruled as Norman earls who share the Judge/Juge scallops. I'm a Meschin liner who crashed into the boards. Is it a coincidence that the Propers/Roberts "held estates at Oldcastle and Newton"?

I found more evidence, presented below, that the banging into the boards was a pointer to SCOTUS, namely from the Board escutcheon. Otherwise, the other Board symbols don't yet mean anything to me.

I almost missed the following by not looking at the Proper/Robert motto, which shares "haec" with SCOTUS-like Scoots/Scougals!!! Incredible. I said the above before knowing this, and Scoots/Scougals, sharing a red-on-white border with Scotts/Scottes', even use a "pen" in Crest while Pens are listed with Pence's!!! Zikers, look at what I almost missed. Roberts and Pence worked hand-in-hand to steal the election from the electorate for sinister / selfish / global causes (always has to do with taking the peoples' money). Worms of Hell will reap worms of Hell.

Scoots/Scougals share the black and courant greyhounds with Pennys/Penes', and while Roets descend from Grey-branch Croys or Groys (I forget which), Scotts/Scottes' have the wheels of Catherine Roet. Greys/Croys/Groys even have the Scott / Scoot border in colors reversed. The The Scottish branch of Scotts/Scottes' share the Terras Coat, and can thus point to Steve Tarr's slap shot a few seconds before the crashing into the boards. From that picture, what could it mean that "tyrannis" is a motto term of Propers/Roberts? Might "tyrANNIS" be a Tyre-Annis relationship?

I tend to see the ANTELope, in the Bang/Beng Crest for example, as code for Les ANDELys, where Tonys are from who became the Toeni's and TOSNI's, like the "Tosini" variation of Tous' (buttons) who could be in the Board motto term, "PerforaTUS." It's just that I banged into the boards. Coincidence?

But there is more evidence that God wants us at the Bangs/Bings/Bengs/Bongs, because the Tous/Tosini Coat uses a "man" with shirt and buttons (I did read the official description when the website was working for me). MANfields, first found in Nottinghamshire with Annis' above, and with Meigh's/Mea's, share the maunch-sleeve with Tony's, tending to prove that Toeni's of Leicester were of the Tosino's. The Toeni maunch is often in an Arms of Leicester.

Propers/Roberts use a "MANus" motto term while Manners/Maness' were a Mens/Mame branch. OH WOW, German Manns (almost the Proper/Robert lion) not only have a red-gold version of the Bang/Bing/Beng Coat, but Scottish Manns have three pellets on a fesse, colors reversed from the three plates on a fesse of Penns/Pence's!!!! Incredible. The upright lion in the Crests of Penns/Pence's and German Manns is the Bang/Bing/Beng lion too. It seems that the banging into the boards is a pointer to the election-loss arrangement by crook or by hook.

The "stabilis" motto term of Scottish Manns is even linkable to Staple's. Here's from the last update: "Oh Wow, English Stable's/STAPLErs suspect in the Mann motto share the Jardin Coat and Annas / Tease/Tyes stars, and throw in acorns, a symbol of Dutch Tromps!!! Val Trompia at lake Jardin-line Garda! Perfect...Plus, Dominion Voting was purchased by Stable-like Staple Street Capitol." Go ahead and load Streets because they use the wheels owned by Catherine Roet, and I've linked her father (Payne) to Estaples (France), can we believe that?

So, we now have Catherine wheels in the Coat of SCOTUS-like Scottes', and also with Staple Street, you see, and indeed the supreme court is protecting Dominion Voting absolutely. The red Catherine wheel in the Street Crest is even shared by Jews/Chews (Somerset, same as Roets), suspect with the CHEWte variation of neighboring Shots/Shute's/SCHUTE's, believe it or not. It looks like a pointer to the Jewish worms of SCOTUS, shame on Democrat-supporting Jews, worms. Roberts was fighting for the Jewish side of the court.

So, we not only have the Scott-Terras relationship for to see SCOTUS in Tarr's slap shot, but also the Shots/Shoots/Schute's too, and the latter have a sword-version of the three TRUMPets of Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire, same as Shots/Shoots/Schute's). This makes Tarr's fiery slap shot look like a Trump charge to win the election, but after getting a roaring start (everyone thought the legal cases would win the election for Trump), the puck just trickled to the goal line and refused to go in...because no court would look at the fraud evidence. Nonetheless, the game was won. I hope this discussion doesn't come to nothing. I'm in deep with this.

German Roets share the Scott/Scottes crescent, and English Roets (share Bow motto) were first found in Somerset with BOARDers/BOWrders (beside Bowds/BoWOODs) who happen to share the swords (different positioning) of neighboring Shots/Schute's, and moreover Boarders add the same star as Pelosi's who have a Plate-like Pilati variation. Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence worked together to ruin Trump. Pelosi's (share tree with Roets and Savage's) were first found in "Savage"-like SAVIGliano, at the ASTi theater, and Tonys share the maunch with HASTings.

It can now appear that the crashing into the boards includes obstruction to Trump's win by the House chaired by Pelosi. I'm tempted to say that my goal represents Trump's victory yet annulled by the obstructors, though this view obliterates the ultimate Trump victory...though the following championship match may regard a future SCOTUS-case win for Trump's side.

Note that the House cross is in the colors of the saltire formed by Newton shin bones. We could view my shin-bone / on-my-LEGs slide to the net as Trump's last-minute victory against the prediction of all the polls, yet stolen by Dominion and the rest of the cheats. Leggs almost have the Trump stag head. While I POKEd the puck across the line with the BLADE of my stick while wearing Bower-brand skates, Blade's (Bower / Bauer / Bourley kin) have a saltire in the colors of the Newton saltire, and then this saltire is shared by Scottish Franks while English Franks have it in the colors of the POKE/Pollock saltire, you can't get more resounding than this. If this is not God's doing, I'll be far more shocked than if it is His doing.

Blade's (said to be from Bower-like Bewere's) have this: "The variant BURSEblades emerged through a compounding of the names of the founder and the estate." Burse's were first found in Somerset with Burleys/Bourlys (in Blade colors) to reveal a Rothschild line merger with Blade's. Pollocks (Renfrewshire, same as Speyers/Speers) built Rothes castle on the Spey river of Speyers/Speers (share Roet boar heads) who in turn share crossed spears with Lins/Line's/Linds. I poked it over the goal LINE with the blade. How sad if this memorable event depicted a loss for our side, but the crashing into the boards seems to be saying so. Plus, when the team piled on me as soon as I got up from the boards, I became frightened for the crushing weight, as I could not breath well (but it was short). We might view crushing weight as synonymous with a boards bashing: both are damage in the midst of a victory.

[I didn't realize while writing that, that Weights share black hunting horns with Board-like Bradfords who are large in the rest of this update. Bradfords even share the black wolf head with Quade's/WADE's. "Weights" are in the Dexter Crest, and they are a weight scale, feasibly scales of justice. There's more scales in the Crest of Mopps'/Moberleys (kin of Washingtons) whom I always link to French Mochs (as per mythical Mopsus = Muksus), and then the other Mochs share the erect sword of Justus'/Justice's; the latter's sword tip holds scales of justice.]

The first Bauer-Rothschild was born in FRANKfurt, and so it seems that the poke-in goal, with Johnny-Bower skates on, includes a pointer to Rothschilds in the election cheating. German Franks happen to share a column on red with Pelosi's/PILATi's, and Blade's come up as BLATE's too. The latter even share white pheons with PILATE's. Coincidences? We just saw the House Coat linkable to the Blade saltire. Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, and here we can add that Speakers share the double-headed eagle of Joice's while Obama was on the board (may have been the chair) of the Joice Foundations.

For what it's worth, Sidneys, with a blue pheon linkable to the Pilate pheon, share the porcupine in Crest with Speakers. We can allow for some coincidences that do not speak to the hockey event; I'm not inclined to put Sidney Powell over into the bad-guy camp.

I poked the puck into the NET, and Net/Nights are also Natt-like Naughts. Mr. Bauer-Rothschild named his first son, Nathan, and "NOBis NATi" is a motto phrase of both English and Scottish Franks. That motto probably predated Mr. Bauer-Rothschild, yet Natts are listed with Nathans, you see, first found in Rhineland with Frankfurt, and showing just a giant eSCUTcheon, a pointer to SCOTUS. Are Rothschild powers gagging the Republicans on SCOTUS. Are they crying "help," silently?

Likewise first found in Rhineland were Schutz'/Schuts' (share black greyhound with Scoots/Scougals), how can that be a further coincidence? We thus find that Nathans were fundamental to Shot/Schute liners. Likewise first found in Rhineland were Bush's sharing the fleur-de-lys of Corners/Garners. Steve Tarr was in the corner of the boards when he passed the puck to me for the McGee goal. McGee's (share BOARDer / Shot/Schute swords) were first found in Dumfries with Nitts/Naughts apparently sharing the Natt/Nathan escutcheon. Likewise first found in Rhineland were Salome's/Solomons who share the Boarder and Pelosi star. The Nitt/Naught lion is the one of BANGs/Bings/Bengs too. I banged into the boards to complete Tarr's slap shot.

So, you just saw why even the McGee goal should involve the SCOTUS, maybe actively this time rather than traitorously. McGee was my friend with whom I played ROAD hockey at that time.

I highlighted the "NOBis" motto term of Franks because Knobs share the arrow of Rothschilds/Roddensteins (Bavaria, same as Knobs). And Nobs happen to use a cross in the colors of the House cross and the Frank / Blade / Newton saltire. Plus, when viewing the term as "noBIS," we load the Biss' to find the Judge/Juge scallops, recalling that McGee's share the Judd/Juge boar head. Could we say that my goal, from Tarr's pass, against McGee, will be a Trump-side victory against the SCOTUS' will. Can this predict that the five pro-Trump justice's will come out of their freezers to win the day for the good guys? Why did Tarr get four goals that game? Don't Terras', like the Terres variation of Tarrs, use the Scott/Scottes Coat? Yes.

I can't claim it, but I have a faint memory that I got two goals in that 6-2 championship win. I can't claim it because I don't remember the goal. If I got only one, we can add four plus one = five SCOTUS judges for the win (court has nine judges). If six end up voting for the victory, then maybe Roberts will say "uncle" and do the right thing under the pressure of the open facts (yet to be put on the court's table).

Why do I remember getting 16 goals that season? That's the number of Intelligence agencies that Ratcliffe's agency oversees. Wouldn't a SCOTUS-led win for the rightful winners of the election constitute a defeat for Intelligence? Yup.

[On Wednesday, the news was out that Powell, Flynn and Lindell were co-founders of a super PAC for the Republican party, for the purpose of raising money to support Republican causes, including election integrity, yet I'm wondering why she dropped her legal cases if she's so concerned for election integrity. There can be a justifiable reason, but I haven't heard that she's told of one.

She seems to be very-much in a hat-trick goal I scored at age 16, and so note that there are four years between the tip-in goal and the hat-trick goal, suggesting the possibility that we won't see election-fraud wins from her until sometime before the next election (late 2024), or even after. It makes sense that there should be some legal cases before the election to protect the election from greater fraud, but if they don't try to expose fraud now, they are only mounting hardships for such future plans. Even if they don't win their law suits now, they get discovery rights that will greatly benefit the abused Republican voters. Are these three people half-fakes? Are they now starting a super PAC with $$$ signs in their eyes? It's so easy to become corrupted in a situation like this.

It seems outlandish, but can we ask whether controversial Lin Wood, his partner to a degree, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell with what looked like a White-House stunt, and general Flynn who openly supported Q-Anon, are actually fakes who produced the banging into the boards, who tried to ruin Trump's chances with claims they knew to be false? Did they create the Frankfurt news, for example, to make Trump's lawyers look bad? Etc., etc.? What a depressing thought. Yet where did her gusto go, suddenly? Why has she stopped dead in her tracks now that Trump lost? On the other hand, if this view is somehow correct, though nothing from her public attitude suggested it, how can the hat-trick goal involve here. End insert]

It's Time For SCOTUS to Man-Up

It should be said that if even one of the five Republican judges verbally sides against Trump in their private meetings, it can explain why the other four can't fight to get a case to the court, as that would be counter-productive. Perhaps it's too hasty for me to call them all cowards. There's no use taking the all-important case to the court until five judges agree that large-scale fraud took place. They have access to the evidence even aside from a court case before them. Buy why has nothing been leaked from the court as to what the jam may be due to? How can they be comfortable to look like cowards, traitors and legal hypocrites???

Back now to the Tonys who were to topic with the introduction of Bangs/Bings. I had said: "I tend to see the ANTELope, in the Bang/Beng Crest for example, as code for Les ANDELys, where Tonys are from who became the Toeni's and TOSNI's, like the "Tosini" variation of Tous' (buttons) who could be in the Board motto term, 'PerforaTUS.'"

As was said, at age 11, I gave Andrea a TARZan book for her 11th birthday, but Tony gave her a jewel. It just so happens that Roets, who use a book, were first found in Somerset with Tarrs', beside the Jewels of Wiltshire, where Shots/Schute's were first found with trumpet-Calls. I don't know, however, how to link that thing to the hockey game with Tarr at my age 12, but will repeat that Tony is the one against whom I had a miracle marble shot, though a prayer before the shot. Perhaps this event goes to Prays (County Down, same as Knee's) because they share the six Coats/Cotes pale bars, in the colors of the ten of Tarrs'. Maybe this is a pointer to the defeat of Dan Coats by Trump's replacing him with John Ratcliffe.

While the Arms of Rothschild shares the Petty quadrants, the Patty Coat, with a small version of the Natt/Nathan eSCUTcheon, is a Coat reflection of Nitts/Naughts, the latter first found in Dumfries with McGee's and Patients/PADyns (share Scute tower). Jim McGee kicked out his PAD to block my shot, thanks to Tarr's sweet pass, and we thus got the first goal of a romp to win the trophy. Pattys/Pady share the Bang/Bing/Beng lion. That's purdy-good new stuff. Romp now!

Woods were first found in Leicestershire with Tonys, and Woodheads happen to share double-gold wings in Crest with BINGleys, both surnames being from Bradford.

To help convince us that Bradfords link to BOARDers (share McGee swords), it's first interesting that Brad-like Bards (share the green griffin head of Leslie's) are like the Bardys (Bard colors) who in turn share the Arms of Estaples. I trace Roets to Estaples, and the Staple Coat has a version of the Leslie Coat. Leslie's (= proto-Rothschilds) love the Fasts sharing the Petty quadrants. Roets share the GORD boar heads while Bardys were first found in PeriGORD. That's making sense, and it just so happens that Staple Street bought Dominion Voting. This paragraph tends to lump them into my bashing the boards, yet Tarr was in the corner of the boards for the goal on McGee, and there was no bashing after that goal except our bashing the enemy team. Hopeful? What are the chances that Bards use a "DOMINus" motto term. You heard right.

That was so impressive that it should be capped off with the fact that the special leopard faces (called "jessant-de-lys") of Staple's are used also by English Morleys while Bradford is in Morley (Yorkshire). Scottish Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire) have scallops half in the colors of the Bardy scallops. English Morleys were first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts/Knots and NEWTs/Nottings (reflection of Staple Coat), perhaps the makings of "Newton." Derbyshire is close enough to Flintshire that the Newts/Nutts may have the Flynn besants, for Newtons are in Flint/Flan colors.

I'm not sure whether it applies that, while Sidney Powell lawyered for general Flynn, Powells share the green griffin with Leslie's and Bards. What are we going to say, that Miss Powell was on Staple Street's team? In any case, I think the banging into the boards can allow us to go to Board-like Bradfords, in Brod/Broad colors.

But before getting into that, let me repeat that Wings/WINKs in the Crest of Wing-like Bingleys are from VINKovci, home of Valentinian I, husband of Justice of Picenum, daughter of JUSTUS. See anything suspicious there to check out? Oh, yeah, we load Justus'/Justine's to find them first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks, and using scales of justice, that's right. Heh-heh, Justus'/Justine's (share white sword with McGee's) even share "sine" with goalie-like Gollys/Gullys. I'll show later why I also BASHed into the boards, but here we can add that Bash's were first found in Hertfordshire with Vink-like Vince's.

The question is: are Bingleys and Vinkovci liners the bad-guy SCOTUS judges to this point in time, or the good-guy judges we hope they will become? Shouldn't we lump Bingleys with Bangs/Bings and therefore with the bashing into the boards? That looks like the bad-guy judges.

I've just found a new thing that tends to assure a justified bounce from the board bashing to Brods/Broads, for "Unite" is the full motto of Brodys. It looks like code for Nite's/NETs/Nights/Naughts ("duRUM"), who almost have the lion heads of Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries, same as Nith river, McGee's and Rums/Rims). The Nitts/Naughts have lion heads in the colors of the Bang/Bing lion. I banged into the boards after poking the puck into the net. The "durum volenti" motto phrase of Nite's/Nets/Nights looks like it's for Valentinian liners, right-on the Justice bloodline.

Is mousy-in-his-hole, John Durham, pointed to by "durum"? What in tarnation are you doing, Durham, coward? At least come out to tell who's stopping you from doing your righteous job. Man-up, coward, we all know you're not interviewing the crooks that should be arrested. There's something far-more important here than the last 10 years left on your life, and if you do the right thing, God might give you another 20 for your bravery. Come out of your mouse hole, check-out the Light.

Woods share the savage-with-club with German Manns (version of Bing/Bing Coat), and I think it's amazing yet more that Brods/Broads (savage) share the lozenge of Dents, for Dents were at Yorkshire's SEDbergh, expected in the "None sino SED" motto phrase of Sidney-like Sedans, because the latter were once said to be first found in Yorkshire...with BRADford! Therefore, as Sidney Powell is expected in the pile-on as soon as I got up from the boards-crash, perhaps my banging into the boards is a symbol of election-fraud efforts crashing, temporarily, from both Sidney Powell and Lin Woods, for they certainly are crashed at this time. Justus'/Justine's use "Non," like the "None" of Sedans, and "sino" looks to indicate Chinese election interference.

Oh wow, MANfields were linked by God, to Tease's/TYE's (NOTTINGhamshire, same as Manfields), and the game was a 2-2 TIE before the tip-in goal!!! I like that. My shin-pad slide was pointed to by NEWTons, and Newts/Nottings suggest a peak at Notthinghams...who share the BENJamin annulet, and have another eSCUTcheon! It's another board-banger pointer to SCOTUS hypocrites, criminal accomplices. [I show later why NEWTs can be related to Knee's / NEEDhams.]

English Tie's, with one of the double fesses of BINGleys (Bradford!!!), were first found in Yorkshire too (with Bradford). The Tiss'/Teace's/Teese's share the chevron of Brodys, and were first found beside Brady-related Babe's in turn having fesse-wise bars in the colors of the Tie / Bingley fesses. Purdy good stuff. Babe's (Dorset, same as Beaks) were kin of Beaks having three fesses in those same colors.

Brodys (Moray) share the stars of Scottish Iness'/Iniss' (Moray) who in turn share the brown boar with Polks/Pollocks (at Rothes of Moray). English Iness' (with roughly the Scottish Iness Coat) use a "PruDENTia motto term while Brod/Broads share the Dent lozenge, thus nailing Brodys with Brods/Broads.

I've got to say that, God must be pointing to Bangs/Bings/Bengs/BONGs without doubt, begging whether the work of Dan Bongino might somehow apply. Bongino is still tackling election fraud, and did so this past Monday. I've mentioned recently that the Bongino Coat is linkable to the Gore/Jore and Loop Coat, and Loops are suspect in the anteLOPE, used, for example, in the Bang/Bing/Bong Crest. How about that.

If Bongino's use a RAINbow, it's notable that Rains/Raines', suspect from Rennes at/near the Meu river, share the Bang/Bing/Bong (and Penn/Pence) lion. In the last update, rain is what drowned the Trump mouse. Bongino and many other half-news pro-Trumpers helped to drown Trump by not rebuking the president for his repeated cowardly / two-faced / half-way stunts. The loyal Bongino's of social media allowed Trump to keep a weakling team filled with rats because they didn't want to offend Trump. They also gave Bill Barr a public voice by not blasting and shaming him earlier. Thank Fox for this mess.

If Bongino's don't use a rainbow, they might still call it simply a bow. Bows/Bough's were first found in Durham (beside Yorkshire) with Dent-linkable Sedans. I'm not sure whether God would use Sedans to point to Sidney Powell, but there could be a special reason. Dents are important when viewed with the board-bang because they share two motto terms with the Arms of Rothschild. One of them, "ConCORDia," is partly for Cords/McCOURTs sharing the heart and fesse of Nathans/Nations (Nottinghamshire again), and the curiosity now is that Cords/McCourts share the Tipps/TIPPIN pheon.

If we ignore the Rothschild factor in that picture, and keep with a Dent-Board picture that's about SCOTUS assuring Trump's loss, then we can appeal to the Ratcliffe-Tippin relationship (they were related) that scores the winning goal. There's now two ways to view this winning goal: 1) Trump's election win in spite of the "official" loss, and/or; 2) Trump's ultimate re-instatement as president due to a SCOTUS case(s), or at least an announcement that he did win in spite of his not being able to get back in the White House, thanks to some reports from Ratcliffe used in court. Part of Ratcliffe's reports expose that Intelligence was behind the effort to drown Trump.

Once SCOTUS takes such a case, there may come other cases against the deep state that amount to a bitter romp. Hoping. I've read this week that there are still 30 election-related court cases active, anyone of which can get to SCOTUS. I don't know who these belong to. If nothing more comes of Ratcliffe's China report, then I suppose that 1) above is the correct view, a Trump win, a trump "loss," and of story. BUT, that doesn't include the following game against McGee. I had noted that the three leopard faces of McGee's are in the colors and format of the Morley jessant-de-lys that are themselves partly leopard faces.

Oh wow, I've just realized that the Cuarta variation of Cords/McCourts is of the Quarters (Ayrshire, same as Cords/McCourts) having a gold-version of the Powell Coat! Zikers. What are the chances? Ayrshire is near Glasgow, and the Lauds/Lords in the Glasgow motto seem to be in the "LAUDamus" motto term of Quarters, and then Lauds/Lords have pheons that, in colors reversed, are blue, the colors of the Sidney pheon. Ahh, these cinquefoils are colors reversed from the same of French Pine's while Sidneys use a porcuPINE! Plus, the Pine cinquefoils are those of Shin-connectable Kims/M'Shimmie's, first found on Bute with Glasgow-like Glass'. This all looks arranged for making a McCOURT pointer to Sidney Powell.

Glasgows use a "Lord, let" motto phrase while Ladys/Laudymans were first found in NorthAMPTONshire while Amptons share the Laud/Lord cinquefoils. From Ladys, we got to the Lets/LATE's in the Glasgow motto, and they were first found in Gloucestershire with the Kemmis'/Kenys sharing exactly the Shin/Chinn/Ching Coat!!! That was the surname that pointed from my shin-bone slide to Chinese influence in the election! I did not know I would come to this while writing the Ratcliffe-Chinese topic above, for the Quarters had not yet come to mind, and the Quarters led us here.

French Pine's and Lauds/Lords use a Coat version of the Fenns/Venns in the Powell motto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, what a surprise. Fenns/Venns (share green griffin with Powells) were first found in Devon with English Pine's! Bang bang bang. To help show that the Laud/Lord pheon is connectable to the Sidney pheon, Lauds/Lords were first found in Suffolk with Clare's (and Tigers) while French Clairs were first found in Limousin with French Pine's. Dents, from Sedbergh of the Sedans, use a tiger.

Plus, Lets/Late's can be a branch of Leto's/Lette's/Alitto's, and Sam Alito is the head, I think, of the five pro-Trump judges on SCOTUS. The McCourts got us here from the Dent motto. The Leto's/Alitto's use a crane DRINKing, and Drinks/Drengs suggest the Drengot Normans who were from the Bray river while Brays/Brae's were first found in Northamptonshire with Ladys/Laudymans.

Wikipedia's article on the Drengots: "The family came from Carreaux, near Avesnes-en-BRAY, east of Rouen. From Quarrelis or Quadrellis, the Latin for Carreaux, the family gets its alternate name of 'de Quarrel.'" That looks like the Quarre's/Carre's sharing the lion of Carreaux-like Carews/Carrots, recalling that I fed the white rabbit (in the touch-BRA event) some carrot, the pointer to the Coney rabbits. Carews/Carrots share "bien" with Carricks, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Cords/McCourts and Quarters! Bingo. [I didn't know until this update was out that Quarrels share the dancetty Carrick fesse.]

Ahhh, lookie: The Quarter lion is also the Sam lion, in the colors of the Carew/Carrot and Quare/Carre lion, you see. SAM Alito. Samsons ("LETHO", suggesting Leto's/Alitto's) were first found in Gloucestershire with LETs/Late's, and the Samson scallops are also the Judge/Juge scallops!!! Zikers. Keep it coming.

The Coney fesse is even the Cord/McCourt fesse, you see, and Amy Coney Barrett is now on the SCOTUS supposedly on Alito's side. But what happened to these decision makers? Freaked-out stupid? Yellow-bellied stooges of their mobster captors? Or are they waiting for one of them to turn honest and overturn the election? Please tell us what happened to you all.

There's more. Avisons are also Avis', in the "Avise LA FIN" motto term of Scottish Kennedys (Ayrshire, same as Nons in the TIPPER motto), and Lafins/La Fonts (TIPPERay, same as Irish Kennedys) share the Sam lion. Tippers (Cornwall) are also Tippits (mentioned in the last update), and they share a cuffed-and-sleeved arm holding a white anchor with Avisons/Avis'. Jaspers (Cornwall), suspect in the motto of Carews/Carrots (Cornwall), share the black anchor (now showing white) with AVISONs/Avis' (share Comines garbs), and this is the Avezzano line to Avesnes on the Helpe river (near Comines).

But there is another Avesnes location nearby, on the Bray river, and we saw this location with the Drengots suspect in the CRANE drinking of Leto's/Alitto's. The Carreaux location Of Drengots = Quarrels is near Avesnes-en-Bray. Brays/Brae's use a "FLAX breaker," and Jaspers use a FLAG. Incredible stuff. Crane's are for the CERAUNii line to the Cornovii namers of Cornwall. Carreaux's (Chief in Lady-Chief colors) are also CARONE's/Carots. Crauns/Crane's share the crown with Corons and Corona's.

In my 1979 dream, the SHARK had Trump (a bulldog) half way into its mouth, with a ring of TEETH = DENTs around his belly. Dents are the ones taking us the Cords/McCourts. Sharks use a crane. Teeth can be linked by their motto to Letters/Lauders near the Tyne river, and first found in Berwickshire with TEETs/Tate's. Letters/Lauders and Teeth share the giant Aliotto griffin (similar to the giant Leto/Alitto crane).

It all begs the question on whether Amy Coney Barrett is the one Republican hold-out, since Coneys are emphasizable in this discussion.

Moles on Fire in Trump Camp

Back to the Bongino bow, if indeed it's called a bow. Repeat: "...the Bongino Coat is linkable to the Gore/Jore and Loop Coat, and Loops are suspect in the anteLOPE, used, for example, in the Bang/Bing/Bong Crest." Loops look linkable to the Karen Carians sharing the Roet sleeping moon, and Roets share the Bow/Bough motto with Quare-like "Quaerere." Yup, it looks like Bongino's use a bow. We saw a bunch of Carian liners above as per the Drengots. I'm not sure that Dan Bongino should be in this discussion, however, if it relates to SCOTUS cases.

Why might the Flynn Chief be in the colors of the Roet Chief? I kid you not, I asked this question before loading Ingletons as per the quote directly below. Ingletons (West Yorkshire, same as Dents and SEDbergh's Sedans!!!) share a hand and green snake with the Flynn Crest!!!! Ingleton is a village in Durham, and Durham is where Sedans are now said to have been first found. Can we believe this? Ingletons use what look like barrels in flames!!! That was part of my door-handle dream that predicted Bill Barr missing in action. Zikers. (This tends to reveal that one Scott/SCOTTES Coat has the Karen / Roet crescent because the other Scotts/Scottes' has the Catherine-Roet wheel.)

Note the Bow/Bough write-up: "'The family of Bowes held some lands {in INGLETON} under the Nevills, who possessed the greater part of the township as a member of Raby." I had loaded Rabys, prior coming to Bongino's, when they became suspect with "honoRABO" motto term of Mansells (share Manfield Coat), and the Raby cross was one of the amazing things about the inclusion of Bangs/Bings/Bengs, because the Raby cross is the same one of Bash's! I bashed into the boards!!! This discovery was WAAAAY above, but I've written a lot since then. I like it.

It recalls that Bill Barr (completely ignored Biden crimes) tasked John Bash of Texas to look into deep-state crimes, but suddenly fired him...not long before Barr, too, betrayed Trump. Might Bash have discovered a thing that can help with the election-fraud cases against the Bidens / Obama? Bash was tasked with Obama's and Biden's crimes of unmasking names related to their framing of general Flynn, Sidney Powell's client. I should maybe add that Carreaux's/Carots (can point to both Alito and Coney-Barrett) share the Flynn besants. Why doesn't Flynn take Obama et-al to court?

Bash was hired soon after Barr had to save face, by allowing DOJ evidence to save Flynn, temporarily at least, which evidence came to the attention of Sidney Powell. Prior to that evidence surfacing, Barr had been honky-happy with Flynn's harsh (uncalled for) persecution by his FBI. That's because Flynn's persecution was started by Robert Mueller, Barr's good buddy. Flynn's arrest on a trumped charge(s) made Barr a criminal, yet no one on Trump's team called him out for it, not even Trump. Trump was one of the worst presidents ever, overlooking mountains of criminals creeping all over his own turf, sneering at him right in front of his nose. Trump the toothless tiger.

Rabys were first found in DURHAM with Bows/Bough's and SEDANs, you see, and Mr. Bash was put on the case to supposedly help John Durham's investigations. The latter's are still on-going, but, so far, Durham is looking like another fraud or, at best, a willing deep-state's lap kitten. Durham is where English Bakers (share Judge/Juge scallops) were first found who share the Ingle Chief. Ingle's can be gleaned as an Ingleton branch, and the InGULL/InGOLLS variations beg why Gollys/Gully are almost in Ingleton colors and format, but as Bows/BOUGH's were at Ingleton, it's telling that Books/BOGGs in the Roet Crest are almost in the colors and format of Ingletons.

I didn't know until this week that Flynn's brother was involved / present in a military decision on the January-6 seeking to quell the Capital-Building disturbances. I'll have this story in my news section later in this update.

Scottish Mansells share flames in Crest with Bongino- / Beng-like BENJamins. Bongino's are suspect with the bow. While Scottish Mansells and Bows/Boughs together got us to Rabbs / Rabys, English Mansells use a "me" motto term while Meighs/Mea's are also Mee's. It's just that the latter are expected from the Meu river some ten miles from rain-connectable Rennes, and Bongino's may be using a RAINbow. A rainbow is definitely used by German Sage's in the "sage" motto term of Bradfords, and the latter is where BINGleys were first found. Perfect.

Judge Roberts Insert

The section above continues after this Roberts section; if you'd like to see how the rest of the above flows out, ignore this section and go past it to the above's continuation. An insert was started here that became a two-day project, and so I'm giving it its own title, and intruding on the above because this section seem more important.

[Insert -- I didn't yet know the Ingleton Coat while writing here. Ingletons (Craven) were first found in West Yorkshire with Bradfords, and the Bradford motto, "FIER et sage," might explain the flames or fire at the Ingleton barrels. Then again, Flame's (Flynn besants?) were first found in Durham with an Ingleton location. In any case, Bradfords share the green snake in Crest with Ingletons, Flynns and Sage-like Seagars. As the Ingleton snake is pointed to by one finger, while the BRADy sun is pointed to by one finger, we realize that Bradfords were Brady / Podebrady liners. As Sage's use a rainBOW while Bows were kin of book-using Roets, note that Ingletons are in Book/Bogg colors and format.

German Brods/Brots share double wings in Crest, though white, with Woodheads and Bingleys, a thing I missed above. So, especially as Woodheads were at BRADford, it looks like Brods and Bradfords / Bradys were one line. English Brods/Broads were at a Glynn location, and the Ny's/Neys/Nie's in the Glynn motto share the babe Coat while Babe's were kin of Bradys. Excellent, especially as Ny's/Neys/Nie's are like Knee's/Nee's while I slid into the boards on knees. Plus, Knees share the red phoenix in the Tufts/Tuffs Crest, who in turn share the crosslets of Weres' likewise in the Glynn motto, how remarkable.

The Powells have the Fenns in their motto who are likely a branch of Phoenix's/FENwicks (gold phoenix with red flames),and AHHHHHHHHH, wow, this must be the reason that Boards have white-on-red martlets, because Phoenix's/Fenwicks do too!!! God has set up the Boards to link with the Powell motto!!!!!!!! WOW! Those Board martlets were bothering me all this time because I could make no sense of them. I slid into the boards on my knees!!!

I'm not forcing or planning such finds; they just crop up fresh as I go along. I don't wish to deceive anyone with claims that God is behind these heraldic connections; you choose what you think is happening. It's very possible that "Flynn" can be converted to "Glynn," though I see no heraldic evidence for this at this time.

The Weres' share the Bruce and BRUSH motto. The Brush's were implied when I brushed / touched the KNEE of Miss Hicks in the 1979 dream, but also, as I said, I brushed along the BOARDS upon scoring the second goal of the hat trick. I don't remember the second goal aside from a faint memory of doing a deke on the goalie. Though the memory is faint of the actual play, I do know as a fact that it was a deke, and to help prove it, Deke's share the lion of HATRICKS/ETTRICKs, Marys and the EDRICHs in the Powell motto. Marys are included because my friend, Mary Nigro, from BUTTONville, was watching that game, making the hat trick appear as though it's a defeat for the Bidens.

As I've said a few times, The GARDNER brothers rented a small-plane flight, just for the experience, and invited me along. The plane took off at the Buttonville airport, and though I wasn't going to say this when it came to mind a minute ago, I then went back to the heraldry page and loaded Brothers, who had come to mind a little earlier while seeing the Brot variation of German Brods. This is incredible, because while the Gardners were BROTHERS, the Brothers/BRODers/BROADers use the griffin heads of English Gardners (Oxfordshire, same as Brothers), and a vertically-split Shield of German Gardners in colors reversed!! It appears that God set the brothers up to take that flight, and to invite me, for a reason(s), but if it pertains only to Buttonville, why didn't He have us do something else there. Why a plane flight? Brods/Broads share the white lozenge with Brothers/Broaders.

The Gardens use a "JUNGunter" motto term that is to be read also as "junGUNTER," for English Gunters were first found in Oxfordshire with Brothers while the stag head of German Gunters (share English Gunter gauntlets) is split vertically in the split-Brothers colors! Zinger. Jungs are thus well-linkable to Trumps/Tromps. These are the split colors too of German Caplans who have a version of the French Jeune Coat while English Jeune's are a branch of English June's/Jungs.

[Insert in the insert -- I've just finished writing more Robert connections to Gardner elements way below, and got to a spectacular Glover-Agan relationship directly connectable to judge Roberts. I came up here because I found Agan-like Eggens/Egans sharing the Jeune / Gardner Chief-Shield colors. Eggans/Egans are like the Euganeo location beside Este, both not far off the Adige. I then recalled the "AGENdo" motto term of English Augers who come up as "Each." Read on and see who's motto the each's are in. End this insert]

The Gardner brothers, and many of us who hung with each other, played lots of billiards during and around school hours, recalling the paper plain in Obama's billiard hall. The Plains/Platters have a version of the Plain-like Palin/Pawley Chief, and Palins/Pawleys are suspect as a branch of Powells (Wales) because they share lions, but then Welsh Roberts have the Powell Coat in colors reversed while one Gardner brother was, Robert. The "EWCH ymLAEN" motto (Welsh tongue, treat 'w' as a vowel) of Welsh Roberts is, amazingly, likely code for a branch of Eage's/Eggs/EDGE's (version of German GARDner Coat) whom I trace to "Adige," a river flowing past lake GARDA. The LANE's/Lano's were first found at Brescia, beside lake Garda, and Brescia is where the Bruce's are from while Scotland had the royal Robert Bruce, son of Marjory Carrick, explaining the "Garde" motto term of Carricks. So, we see Intelligent Design in that plane ride with the Gardners, the heraldry of which includes Powell kin. Why?

EGGs/Edge's were even first found in Cheshire with Propers/ROBERTs and EGGERtons sharing the Deke, Hatrick, Edrich lion. Now that's all very intriguing because Powells love the Edrichs. I've got to say, that hat-trick goal was very near to the time of the plane ride, in the same year, my 16th. I could not have been 17 yet. So, what am I to suggest, that Sidney Powell will also be a part of my sewer shot, with paper plane as the cue ball, into the CORNER pocket of Obama's billiard table? Corners/Garners are even said to be from Gardners, how about that.

There is viable Gardner link to the Trump stag head where the Gardner brothers moved to a place directly across the street from the Gormley JUNK yard, for Jungs (Junk colors) have a stag in Trump/Tromp stag colors while Val Trompia is likewise beside lake Garda. Is God calling Trump, junk? It fits where his entire election-fraud work, with Giuliani leading the team (he rejected Powell for the team), turned out to be PURE JUNK, and the Giuliani eagle, different-colored legs included, is suspect in the Coat of Dutch Tromps as an indicator that God predicted the Trump-Giuliani team. As I said, Danny De Filippis, brother of Dominic my friend, worked at that junk yard. Dominic De FILIPPis spells Dominion-machine vote FLIPPing.

The junk yard is in Gormley, and while Gormleys/Grimes' can be seen as kin of Grimms/Grime's, that latter share the green martlet with English Gards (Gardner griffin heads in colors reversed). So, you Intelligence Design with God setting me up with the Gardners, and their moving to my village of Gormley. These quadrants are in the split-colors of German Dominics who add the same chevron as used by Gards. I'll add that the quadrants of German Grimm/Grime's (Prussia, same as German Dominics) are colors reversed from those of German Gunters while Gunters and Jungs are in the Garden motto. Junk is grimy.

If you read the last update, you will find the Gardners brothers there along with my new realization, that the last scene in the dream in Obama's billiard hall had the gardener. But I didn't look up the Corner surname at the time, which I now see with this: "[Bardsley] claims that the [Garner] name could have also been originally an occupational name as in 'the gardener,' which was corrupted to Gardner and later Garner." I think he's right. Plus, Corners/Garners share double-white wings in Crest with Brods/Brots!!! They were brothers!!!

Ahh wow, I didn't check judge Roberts' middle name until after this insert was finished. It's Glover!!! The Gunters using gauntlet gloves were shown above as Garden / Gardner liners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! If this is a correct unveiling of the Obama's gardener, I like this way of going crazy.

AHHHHH WOW!!!! The Glovers (Perthshire, same as Wings/Winks and their Justice/Justus kin!!!) are in the colors and format of Judge's/Juge's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAAAAAZY! Glovers (crossBOW) even share the double-gold wings in Crest of Bingleys and Bradford-connectable Woodheads for a judge-Roberts link to my banging into the boards, now fully expected because that banging was resolving as SCOTUS obstruction of Trump's win. I am so impressed. If the gardener is Roberts, why was Obama disappointed with him (the gardener?)

AHH, while I was crashing into the boards the BENCH cleared and came to celebrate with me. There is no other way to put it. It's always called a BENCH clearing, and the court is also called, "the bench"! That works. The Bench Crest even shares the gold tower with ESCUTcheon-line Scute's, part of the SCOTUS-like Scottes line! I'm running out of exclamation marks. Repeat:

It wasn't but a few minutes after writing, "I FELL on my shin pads," that I stumbled upon Fello's to find the Patients/PADyns in their "Patientia" motto term, how amazing already, but there's more because Patients/Padyns share the gold tower with SCUTE's while Nunes-like Noons/Nuns share the Schutz saltire!!! That's incredible. It's new here. If that's a coincidence, I'll eat my computer.

Patients/Padyns have crescents in colors reversed from the Glover crescents, and the gold Patient/Padyn tower is also that of Bench's you see. The shin-pad slide into the boards, then the bench cleared. Reminder: Roberts came up in this insert from the "weres" motto term of Glynns, and Brods/BROADs were at Glynn. Glynns use a whale harpoon linkable to the Whalley location of RatCLIFFe's, you see. It has slipped my mind to say that, while the goals were from my STICK, Cliffs, sharing the black wolf head with BRADfords, married the Stick-branch Styche's.

There is an Agan surname (listed with Aikens) that one can take from the "weres agan" motto phrase of Glynns, and Agans/Aikens use a "Robore" motto term looking like code for some Robert line, such as the Robere variation of French Roberts sharing the blue vair fur of Welsh Bachs!!! It does look like code for the royal Robert Bruce's, for the Bruce's share the Weres motto, "FUImus," and that itself looks like code for the Fews (share heart with Sauvage's) sharing the tree on blue with BaumGARTNERs...and Woods! The latter share the savage with the Brod/Broad Crest.

Plus, Agans/Aikens come up as Achens while German Achens share the three Glover crescents!!! Unreal. What are the chances? The three crescents are also those of Deaths who in turn have a griffin in the colors of the Gardner griffin heads and the dragon heads of Dews/Deweys in the "dew" motto term of Glynns (the ones with "weres agan" too). This outcome seems to be due to Brothers/BRODers sharing the Gardner Shield. Brothers/Broders were first found in Oxfordshire, where Weres-branch Vere's ruled for centuries.

The Weres write-up says that Were's "are not related to the Weir of Vere families," but heraldry proves this untrue. It says that Weres' were from Giffards, and the latter happen to share the white-on-black lozenge with Brods/Broads (of Glynn). Perfect.

It was while writing here that I found Agan-like Eggens/Egans, which prompted this insert earlier in this update: "I've just finished writing more Robert connections to Gardner elements way below, and got to a spectacular Glover-Agan relationship directly connectable to judge Roberts. I came up here because I found Agan-like Eggens/Egans sharing the Jeune / Gardner Chief-Shield colors. Eggans/Egans are like the Euganeo location beside Este, both not far off the Adige. I then recalled the 'AGENdo' motto term of English Augers who come up as 'Each.'" That's in the "Ewch" motto term of Welsh Roberts, right? Well, Agendo-like Agens are listed with the Agans/Aikens with the Glover crescents, and judge Roberts has a Glover middle name.

Reminder: Eggertons (Cheshire, same as Eggs) share the Hatrick/Ettrick / Edrich lion. Why do we think that is? Is judge Roberts in the hat-trick game too? I can add that Eggs look like a branch of an ICE/Ecke variation (they have similar Coats), and EISensbergs use hats. It raises the question of why God may have arranged Eisen liners to hats for linkage to the hat-trick game. One Eisen Coat is split vertically in the colors of the horizontally-split Ice/Ecke Coat, and essentially has the crossed swords of BOARDers, relevant because the hat-trick game (on ice) involved my brushing the boards at the deke goal while Deke's likewise share the Eggerton lion. Eggen-like Eisenbergs may be using "caps" because Eggens/Egans have a Coat connectable to German Caplans.

AHHH WOW, just loaded Hatters to find roughly the Egg Shield (I think I've known this but had forgotten). The fesse at the center of the Hatter Coat is empty, as is the white Chief of Caplans having the split-colors of Hatters, Eggs, Brothers and Gardners. It's a good reason to include judge Roberts in with the hat-trick game, thanks much to Robert Gardners of the Garner brothers.

Another surname using the Eggerton lion is the DeSimone's, the surname of an old landlord who got financially involved in an egg factory in the Philippines with his Filipino wife. It had suggested vote flipping. His first name is, Joseph, and Josephs can be gleaned as kin of English Caplans (could have the Gardner griffin heads) and Chaplains.

I can now repeat that I dated KIM Thomson (High school) after she stopping going with Rod, the other Gardner brother. Kims can be linked to Shims/Chinns/Chings. The last time I saw Kim, I waved to her when she was in a PHONE booth. Phone's/Fane's/Vans/Veynes' (and Wayne's) share gauntlet gloves with Garden-beloved Gunters, and Glove's are listed with GLOVERS!!! It looks like God set me up with Kim, twice (a few years apart), to point to judge Roberts. Yet the Fenns/Venns are in the Powell motto with Hatrick-branch Edrichs, but then why would that phone booth point also to Sidney Powell? Sidneys even share the blue pheon with Colts/Cults who in turn share the red antler with Thomsons!

Plus, as I said, Rod Gardner borrowed my winter COAT, but I had to go get it back, a few months later, on the last time I saw him, and Colts/Cults use a version of the COUTES Coat. To help prove that the Coats/Cotes pale bars are shared by Keiths, Cootes' have the two-word Keith motto in reverse.

It may be important to show that judge Roberts may be a Bush loyalist, where Booths (Yorkshire, same as Bush's/BUSCHs), as per Thomson in a phone booth, share the black boar with Bush's/Buschs, for Busca is beside Saluzzo, home of THOMAS of Saluzzo. The Thomas' sharing the Saluzzo Chief/Shield colors can be gleaned as having a version of the Thomson Coat, you see, and while Alice was Thomas' daughter, Alice's happen to share the Cootes motto! Zinger, how about them apples? I assume that God caused Rod to need a coat when low on money, and to borrow mine at that time.

Boths are listed with Booths while I read that BOTHwells (a boy in Crest) were from Bute, which happens to be where Kims were first found. Bothwells share the Lynch Coat, a version of the Feller Coat, and English Rods/Rodes' share the Rock trefoil because Hugh IV of Rodez married proto-Rockefellers at Roquefeuil. German Rods/Roads/Rode's (Child/Chill eagle on its side) may have the Egg eagle. Recall the Fello's above pointing to SCOTUS as per my knee-slide, tip-in goal. Now, if you saw the Rod link to judge Roberts above, recall the "robore" motto term that gave us a good argument where Robere's are listed with Roberts, for "Robor" is a motto term of English Rhodes', and Rodez's/Roders (Languedoc, same as Roquefeuil) happen to have an upright lion in the colors of the Robert / Proper/Robert lion. It looks like the names and affairs of both Gardner brothers were used because they both point to judge Roberts.

The last time I saw Rod, to get my coat, he was in a motel in Sharon, Ontario, and Motels are a Mota branch so that we can appeal to Motts/Morte's ("morte" means "death") now, who share the Death crescent due to being related, yet the three of Death's are those of Glovers. Mott / Motte is/are locations at the Meu theater near Jugon, the line to Judds/Juge's, suspect with Judge's/Juge's. There we go, even Rod with my coat points to judges.

[The day after this update was put out online, I recalled that the Death scallops are used by Huberts, wherefore see this from the Washington Post: "High-ranking members of the elite hunting society, St. HUBERTus, were staying at Cibolo Creek Ranch at the same time as Justice Scalia [when he was murdered."]

With the Deaths having nearly the Glover Coat, I wonder whether Lin Wood's accusations late last month, that Roberts was in on Scalia's murder, is true? At the end of this update, there is a long video with a man claiming to be an Intelligence man who overheard phone calls telling that there was a plot to kill other Republican judges in 2017, with one main purpose being to get SCOTUS to agree to taking guns from the people. The man said that Roberts was in full agreement with that plot. However, it sounds on the ridiculous side to kill more than one Republican judge all in 2017, after Scalia's murder in 2016...unless the lunatics are so-very desperate to fulfill their agendas long overdue in their books. The theme of removing the Republican judges is called "stacking the court," or we could call it a bench clearing.

For the second goal of the hat-trick game, there was a deke and brush into the boards, and it was Bruce-branch Brush's (share Weres motto) who brought Roberts to topic in the first place (in this insert). So, if we think I brushed the boards as another pointer to judge Roberts, then let's add that the Deke's/Decans and Deacons have a version of the Bench Coat...and Deacons were even first found in Suffolk with Clare's while Irish Clears/Claree's can then point to the bench clearing, albeit in the game four years before the hat-trick game. We might conclude that there were boards involved in all three games because all three games involve SCOTUS per Christian wins. That would be nice.

But even without these wins, Obamaites so exposed their true colors these past four years that Obama goes forward with a broken back to recover his legacy. He can have a long time in the junk-heap of Hell to think about where he went wrong so proudly. Hey, if he doesn't mind going to Hell willfully, why should we care about it? The day of hell is our biggest win, a thing that God has decided.

The Bench's and Deke's / Deacons have a Coat like that of English Rhodes' who in turn share "meum" with Bench's. Might the latter be a Bang/Beng branch?

Irish Clears/Claree's [Galway, same as Lynch's, more on this connection later] even have the green-on-gold leaves of Dutch Bakers/Bakkers (and Lindells), interesting where the gardener's back was thought to be code for one or both Jim Bakers (FBI and ONA). The saltire of English Bakers, shared by SUPReme-like Supers, have the same scallops as JUDGE's/Juge's, and the Chief of English Bakers is shared by Cabbage's who add the same fleur, in the Chief, as used by BaumGARDNERs. Hmm, how many people can the gardener point to? Does this Baker link to Baumgardners indicate that the gardener can be more than one man?

French Planque's use cabbages while English Planks (might be Welsh-Robert lion) have an upright lion in the colors of the Cabbage / Baker lion. Note that Cabbage's share the fleur-de-lys of Scottish Neve's (compare with English Baker Coat) who may have made "Neville." English Neve's have just a fish bendwise, and German Bakers have just a bend in the same colors.

Having said that, here's a way to link potential Baker kin to judge Roberts, though I know not why. Repeat from the Bow/Bough write-up: "'The family of Bowes held some lands {in INGLETON} under the Nevills, who possessed the greater part of the township as a member of Raby." Bash's, sharing the Raby crosslet, were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's having a Neve-like Newes variation, and the Bash Coat is like that of Neve-like Newe's/Nuces'. I showed (see "noose" last update) how the Nuse's point to the hanging death of Jeffrey Epstein, and some say (including Lin Wood) that judge Roberts was on Epstein's plane and/or island.

Okay, so a branch of Book-like Bough's were in the Nevill lands of Ingleton. Ingle's share the Chief of the Bakers having the Judge scallops, and Robert-like Rabys share the blue-vaired fur of French Roberts/Robere's. Rabys were at StainDROP, and the Drop/Trope Chief is almost the Baker / Ingle Chief, and almost the Robert/Robere lion. A Shield of drops is shared between Drops/Trope's and Darlene's (Devon, beside book-using and Bough-related Roets), and the Darlene Crest has a female said to have a book and a "robe," and then Robe's come up as Raby-like Robbys, and share the Robin chevron while Propers/Roberts, sharing the Robert/Robere lion, are also Robins. French Robins are in the colors and format of Robertsons. Raberts/Rabbits (pedophilia pointer?) are roughly in Book/Bogg colors and format.

BEHOLD. As Robins use a "Post" motto term while Ingle's are InGULLs/InGOLLs' too, we note that Ingletons are in Rabert/Rabbit colors and format, and almost in the colors and format of Gull- and Julian-branch GOLLYs/GULLYs (Oxfordshire, same as Brothers/Broders). The Gulls have six pale bars in colors reversed from the same of Scottish JEFFREYs (and German Julians). Can we believe that these Jeffreys, sharing "Post" with Robins, share the cloud with Ingle's and Ingletons???! It can look like Roberts should indeed be checked out for child porn on his computers. Welsh Jeffreys may be sharing the lion of Welsh Roberts.

I slid past the POST when the Golly, so to speak, was sprawled way out of the net, and poking in the puck for the win, I BASHed into the boards as a pointer to judge Robert's obstruction of justice (he should be jailed, without a moment's thought for mercy). Bash's have the Raby cross, and while Poke's are listed with Scottish Pollocks, Jewish Pollocks share the Coat of German Bakers. Backers were first found in Hampshire with Posts. I now recall saying recently that I hit the boards with my back, and Bash-like Bachs/Baghs share the blue vair with Roberts/Robere's and Rabys.

The Back-related Steers ("ne") look like they share the split Gardner Shield, and the Steer lion is the Baker lion too. What's going on here? Another Baker link to judge Roberts? The Cake's/CakeBREADs share the Baumgardner fleur-de-lys too, and one bakes cakes and breads. Breads are listed with Bradds/Bratts, and German Bratts share the gold-on-blue border with Justice's. Bradys (share one finger pointing with Ingletons) are also Gard-like Gradys.

English Bakers share the scallops of Biss' who in turn have two snakes "respecting EACH other," and "Ewch" is in the motto of Welsh Roberts who happen to be split horizontally in colors reversed from the same of Jewish Baumgardners. How can it be another coincidence that while German Bachs/Backs use a "steer," Steers are vertically split in the colors of the same of German Gardners sharing the Baker / Judge/Juge scallop? In the hat-trick goal, I STEERed the puck through my legs with my BACK to the goalie. As was said two updates ago concerning this goal:

If LIN WOOD is not an imposter, and is truly a pro-Trumper, the blue line can indicate him because Lins are listed with one Line surname. Then, as a defenseman is a DEFENDer, Scottish Woods use a motto, "DEFEND."

...The slap SHOT from the defenseman was going WIDE along the ice to my left, and Wide's happen to be listed with the Scottish Woods with the "defend" motto term.

Is Lin Wood going to expose Roberts. Wood has said as much, but then what's keeping him tied up?

I showed why this steer-in goal must involved Sidney Powell, thanks to the Powell motto with "Edrych," but the same motto has "fynw" (Welsh tongue) for the Fenns/Venns that initially came up a few years ago as "Fens" when seeking a fence-like surname due to my walking on the fence of Diane Muschatov. I told that Rick LEGGE was with me that night. As I said above, I steered the puck between my LEGS for the goal, and there is not only a fence in the Baumgartner Coat (not "Baumgardner"), but a giant tree inside the fence that is the tree also of Woods/Wide's (both trees on a blue Shield). The Powells are split horizontally in the same colors as Baumgardners, what do we make of all this? Diane's/Deans have an upright lion in Robert-lion colors.

I can't believe this. I did not use "steer-in goal" above due to the Steer Inn Burgers (Richmond Hill). Hahaha, I have told the following before at least twice, that while I was sitting at the Steer INN, shortly after Diane Muschatov and I broke up, a man drove up with she in the passenger seat. She saw me through the glass, and the man promptly drove away (she asked him to). I was on her fence as a protest because her Ukrainian father (and/or mother) wouldn't let me see her anymore. He had a man chosen for her. Well, there we have it, the inclusion of Muschatov's fence in with the steer-in goal. What could that mean?

Online: "After more than 50 years, the iconic eatery is no more. Steer Inn Burgers, the classic burger joint located on Yonge Street in Richmond Hill..." Here's from my 3rd update in May, 2019: "In case it applies, the lion of Perkins and Levi's/Levine's is the Baker lion in colors reversed. OH WOW, just remembered: the second-last time I saw Diane Muscatov was with her new boyfriend, shortly after we broke up, while I was at the STEER-Inn restaurant (Richmond Hill). Her boyfriend pulled the car into the PARKING lot, when she and I saw each other through the glass of the restaurant, and he put it into reverse and pulled out..." Note that Bakers were a part of that too.

OOOHHHH ZOWZERS. In the quote above, I spelled her name wrong. At least, most of the time, I've used "MUSCHATov," and Muschats share the Epsteins Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly believe it. I led myself to this with the steer-in goal possibly shot by Lin Wood at the blue line. It went through my legs, and Rick Legge was at the fence. Sidney Powell has been resolved with that goal, and Powell's have the Welsh Robert Coat in colors reversed, you see. Those two need to get their legal cases before the top court. The chief of that court is a bona fide criminal, absolutely.

Plus, both the Muschat and Epstein Coats share triple-red chevrons with the Dutch Burger surname (same as Clare Coat), though houseofnames is not showing that Coat anymore. Steer Inn BURGERs. There you have it, either: 1) one big fat set of coincidences, or: 2) judge Roberts is a Jeffrey-Epstein tool.

OHHH WOW!!!!! No kidding, I will dig the story out for you so you know I'm not making it up. For example, the 4th update in April, 2017: "It just popped into my head that, after not seeing Diane again for 20 years exactly, I bumped into her at a GROCEry store...I'm very impressed with meeting Diane at the grocery store, and we even talked for a couple of minutes. She told me she worked at the COURT house..." HEEE-HEEEEE!!!! I was showing why she was a pointer to Lady Diana, and used the latter's Spencer surname to help out, which happens to share the Judge/Juge scallops!!!

OHHH WOOWIE! The Spencer's (Leicestershire, same as Woods) not only share "defend" with Woods, but, all symbols aside, share the quadrants of Hats. The steer-in goal was the third, HAT-trick goal!!! What in tarnation would judge Roberts have to do with Lady Diana's murder? Spence's (not "Spencer") share the double fesses of Muscats (not "Muschat"), you see, and while the Spencer Shield with frets is that of Duttons, the latter are traced to earl Meschins, who happen to share the Spencer scallops, yet more: Duttons are said to have been at Ness (Cheshire) while Spence's share the double fesses of Ness' too.

The Duttons of Ness are said to have held the lands as per, or after, Mr. VERNon, and it just so happens that, when I was at the Steer Inn as Muschatov drove in, I was sitting with the sister (can't recall her name) of VERNE ARCHIBALD. Verne's have a white-tree version of the Kid Coat. Is that kids, as in victims of pedophiles? How can we explain that Archibalds and Kids share a white crescent in Crest?

Rick Legge and I had built Verne a deck when we first met him. I've said that Roxanne (my girlfriend immediately after Diane) was serving us ICE TEA at the time, and while Tea's are listed with Tease's/Tye's, the Vernon Crest has a "goddess" while Goddes' share the red animal of Thigh's/Thy's. "RoxANNE" may have been a pointer to the sharing of the same star between Annas' and Tea's, and Archibalds were first found in ROXburghshire. There seems to be Intelligent Design here, and because Decks have a good reflection of the Ice Coat, explaining the ice tea. Perhaps this points to the tie game (on ice) that had the tip-in goal. In fact, while Hockeys share the Hazel fesse-with-crescents, the Hazel fesse is shared by Vernons (Cheshire, same as Hazels until the past year). I had forgotten that Hockeys have the demi-griffin of Scotts/SCOTTES'.

Tending to verify that the hockey game is being pointed to (I've never done that with the ice tea before), I was at the home of Mr. Mellanson when I first got wind, while on the phone with Muschatov, that she couldn't see me anymore (because her parents didn't want). I was Mellanson's assistant coach for his teen-age hockey team, at the time, you see, and Mellanson's share the Hockey crescents, and have a fesse colors reversed from the Vernon / Hazel fesses. My bet is that Hazels are in this picture because their Islip/Haslip branch shares a version of the Maxwell Crest, and Jeffrey Epstein's prime partner-in-crime is Ghislaine Maxwell. Hazels use leaves they call "hazel slips" as part code for Islips.

RICK Legge is interesting here because Ricks almost have the Peach Coat, and I can think of no other way to point to the imPEACHment of Trump but by Peach's. In an impeachment trial, the chief of SCOTUS is commanded to rule the court, and that's judge Roberts, though I'm hearing in the news this week (from Rekieta Law) that he won't preside over it (maybe because Trump is no longer the president i.e. it's not legal to impeach him now). If he's not found guilty in his impeachment trial, or if it doesn't take place, he can run again in 2024. It's much better if Christians vote in a Christian.

The House has already voted to impeach Trump, and French House's use "cabbage leaves" (same design as the leaves of Hazels) while Cabbage's share holly with Islips/Haslips and Maxwells ("holly BUSH"). Why might Maxwells share the saltire of English Bakers? Is the Baker-connectable gardener in the Obama dream an Epstein / Maxwell tool? The anchor of English House's sits on water, and Waters (Essex, same as Muschats and Hockeys) share the Epstein Coat! The Hazel leaves are in the colors of the same of Lindells/Linds and Dutch Bakers, recalling that the Chief of English Bakers is in the Cabbage Chief.

Woe, this looks like a snitch from God, where the Welsh Roberts (beside Cheshire) share a black demi-lion in Crest with Gernons who in turn share the lion of French Roberts and Propers/Roberts (Cheshire, were Ranulph de GERNON ruled). Gernons are said to be from Montfitchet, and Montfitchets are listed with Muschats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hold on to your bench, because Fitch's (Essex, same as Muschats/Montfitchets) share the leopard heads of English Judge's/Juge's while Irish Judge's/Juge's share the scallops of Meschins while Ranulph de Gernon was the son of Ranulph le Meschin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You never saw a bigger snitch-piece of work than this! For a long while, I had been wondering how English Judge's/Juge's would work into things, and here we are with what looks like an Epstein-Roberts duo.

We could start to ask what the Epstein circle was planning to do with Roberts as the top judge in the country, and with Bill Clinton heavily involved with Epstein just when Hillary was poised to become the next president, I see Scalia's murder, for one. If any murder trial on behalf of Scalia made its way to SCOTUS, Roberts could side with the killers. Even with Scalia, SCOTUS was 5-4 in favor of Democrats with Roberts taking their side, but without Scalia, it was insurance.

I'd like to know why that Hazel leaves are also those of Clears/Clareys while Clears/Clairs share the red leopard of Pence-like Penz's/Pentz's? Why do English Clare's share triple-red fesses with Epsteins? One of the other theories on the man / gardener with back to me and Obama, because he was looking over his shoulder, was that it was for Scottish Lease's because they have a lion looking back over its shoulder, and Lease's share the double chevrons of CLARens/Larins, in the colors of the three Clare chevron. Does this verify that the gardener is judge Roberts in connection to the bench-clearing (the one that was tied) hockey game?

If yes, who did I depict, who caused the bench clearing? Ratcliffe? Lindell? Both? Will they provide evidence in court that even Roberts cannot deny? Is Lindell going to use Ratcliffe's revelations in SCOTUS?

By what coincidence do Lins/Line's/Linds use a "VIREScit" motto pointable to SCYTl voting systems while Vires'/Verona's share the Coat of Lynch's, first found in Galway with Clears/Clareys? By what further coincidence were Loretts first found in Suffolk with triple-chevron Clare's? Loretta Lynch was replaced as Obama's attorney general by Obama's pick, Sally Yates, and the Yates' have horizontally-split colors in reverse from the same of Welsh Roberts, and in the colors of the same of Powells.

While Suffolk is also where TIGERs were first found, Galway is also where Teague's/TEEGERs (makes a solid Lorett pointer to Lynch's) were first found while German Teegers share the eight-pointed star of Dominion-like Dominics. The Scytl systems took data from Dominion machines, and reported it to leftist news media, live during the election(s), whose people turned blind eyes to any cheating they may have caught. Why is there a "boy" in the Crest of Bothwells sharing the Lynch Coat?

The only difference between the Vires and Lynch Coats is that Vires' add the Fock/FOCKES fish, and then Hazeltons/Heslingtons use a "FOCIS" motto term. The fish happens to be in the fish-head colors of Lings/Lyng, no guff, and the latter are in the colors and format of Fellers while Lynch's have a blue-trefoil version of the Feller Coat. Ahh, this is new: the Falls/Fallis', first found in Venice with Pesces sharing the Fock/Fockes Coat exactly, share the Feller trefoils. I was once part of the ROCK Cafe (church outreach to youths) run by Jim PESCE. This paragraph shows the importance of getting on to Hazel liners, which happened with the Clear/Clarey leaves. Just to remind: Clearys/Clairs share the giant Penz leopard.

Repeat: "I'd like to know why the Hazel leaves are also those of Clears/Clareys while Clears/Clairs share the red leopard of Pence-like PENZ's/Pentz's?" Well, Pennys/PENES' share the lynx with Lynch's. Is this a pointer of God to Mike Pence being a closet democrat / Obamaite? The red leopard face is used by English Antonys while Tonys were from the Lisieux area, where Pense's/PINCons (not "Pence") were first found who share the Barr and Este eagle (in Pesce / Fallis colors). Este in near Venice. Pincs/Pinks and Pings/Pongs (both of Yorkshire) point to Comet Ping Pong pedophilia. Coincidence? The Pesce / Fock fish forms a fesse in the colors of the Pense/Pincon fesse.

Oh wow, I wrote that before reading: "The Pengellys are now mostly found around PENZance..."

I've just found the Beng-like Pengs/Pengleys while seeking variations of Bench's (Yorkshire, same as Pincs and Pings/Pongs/Pungs). I was seeking one because my team cleared the bench to celebrate the goal, and the Bangs/Bengs, sharing an upright white lion with Pengs/Pengleys, pointed to my banging into the BOARDs just before the bench cleared, and just after I FELL on my knees. It just so happens that Pengs/Pengleys have a red-Shield reflection of the Falls/Fallis Coat (Feller branch), and even have eight trefoils for its BORDer in the colors of the eight martlets forming the Board border. So, why is pedophilia working into this goal along with judge Roberts, and now Pence too, apparently? Is this why God used a hockey game at age 12?

Plus, while Fellers = Rockefellers own the treFOIL due to "RoqueFEUIL (Languedoc, same as Roque's/Rocks), the Roque/Rock design is in the Coat of McLANE's who just came up as "Climes" because I read; "Higher Hampt, {in the parish of STOKE-CLIMsland, Cornwall} belonged to the family of Pengelly..." The other two Lane surnames share the Robert lion! And English Lane's ("Garde," perfect for a judge-Robert pointer) loves the English's and Roys, both of whom share the Falls/Fallis lion.

I realized right away (before looking up "Climes") that Climsland pertained to the Climer variation of English Clements/Clems who come up as "CLERmonts"...because English Clements share the red-on-gold roundels of CLEARs/Clairs!!! INCREDIBLE. I take it that the bench clearing will be a victory of judge Roberts and Mike Pence, criminal / treasonous traitors against the people who won the election in a landslide.

Ahh, Clems are also "CleMENS, and share the red Chief with Mens'/Mame's, the latter first found in Midlothian with Falls/Fallis (share same Coat as Italian Falls/Fallis)! Zinger, the long-standing mystery of what "Clement" derives in may just have been solved.

As per their location at Stoke-Climsland, I suggest that Pengs/Pengleys have the Stake lion, expected as the Stoke lion, and Stoke's were first found in PemBROKEshire, where Strongbow CLARE ruled. Broke/Bricks, sharing "VireSCIT" with Lins/LINE's/Linds, were first found in Essex with Brooks in turn sharing the STICK Coat. I tipped the puck past the goal LINE with my stick. Broke-branch Brocuffs (Silesia, same as Scytl-like Schittle's/Schitners) share the potent cross with Schit-like Skits. So, once again, the heraldry pits Scytl voting systems in with my winning goal. Essex (beside Clare's of Sussex) is also where Waters and Muschats were first found sharing the triple-Epstein chevrons.

As the Stoke's share a double-tailed, white lion with Montforts while Montfort is near Rennes, that's probably why the Stoke lion is also the Rain/Raines lion.

Take Intermission here if you like, the insert's not nearly finished

I have a great story to re-tell, but will not give the long version. Soon after my conversion to Jesus, and very near the 1979 dream, I was waking up when I heard the "audible" voice of God. I rarely hear His voice like that, and never before with this many words. He said, "you're going to have an argument with Steve [Mellanson] tonight; write it on a piece of paper" (probably not those words exactly). So, I promptly got up, and wrote it down. I don't think I knew that Steve was throwing a party that night, but I went, and I witnessed to a dozen or so people there about Jesus as I felt the Spirit come over me. Sharon beside me angrily said that I was being a fool, and then got up to punch Barry on the mouth (way out of character for her), making his lip bleed, when he stuck up for my beliefs.

I can't remember whether half the people at the party left after or before that, but I went with them, and Barry was there. When I got back, Steve was upset that i left his party, so I took the piece of paper out of my pocket, and handed it to him. He read it, and looked at me: "you just wrote that now." I insisted that I wrote it in the morning when hearing it from God. Fast-forward decades, and what do you think I discovered? The NOTE's/Cnuts almost have the Mellanson Coat. The piece of paper in my pocket was a NOTE. Here's from the 1st update in April, 2020:

As for the note that God asked me to write, which ended up in Steve's hand, it was deciphered (months ago) as God's pointer to Note's/Cnuts/Knots, for they have a near Coat version of the Melansons. Soon after, Melanson asked me to help him coach a hockey team, and I did, to discover, some 40 years later, that Hockeys have a version of the Melanson Coat too.

The GREAT AND STAGGERING thing now is that the note was in my Poke-like pocket. The tie game, the one with the bench clearing, was the poke-in game that broke the tie! It's just so amazing to be me at this moment. Why was God doing things like this in my life? Where is this all going?

The Papers (Notting/Knott colors) with carNATIONs have a chevron colors reversed from the same of Note's/Cnuts, and while the latter are Nottingham liners, Nations/Nathans were first found in Nottinghamshire. Nathans were Rothschild liners, who descended from Rothes castle of the Poke-branch Pollocks. See Intelligent Design behind that note on paper? Nottings were first found in Gloucestershire with Stevens. Papers are in Hockey / Hazel colors too, and Hockeys and Hazels both have the same crescents upon blue fesses, similar to the heads on the Paper chevron. Then, while the first Rothschild was a buddy of a prince of Hesse-Cassel, Hesse's and Hazels both have Hessel variations.

German Cassels have the triple Clare chevrons for a possibly pointer to the bench CLEARing, as a result of the poke-in goal, for the Hazel leaves are those also of Clears/Clareys and Lindells/Linds. The Line's/Linds can be as per the puck poked while on the goal line. It's working. The order from God to write the note is pointing to the tip-in goal. Oh wow, the English Line's/LYNE's (I'm laughing) were first found in Oxfordshire with goal-like Gollys/Gulls, and they have similar Coats! That's not why I'm laughing. It's because, mid-sentence, I recalled that Flynns show a Lynns variation, and Flynns came to mind with the besants of Nottings/Knuts, because they are the Flynn besants too. These things cannot be coincidences.

More: the Irish McGee's sharing white leopard faces with Write's (I was told to write the note), were first found in County Antrim with Flynns/Lynns, and the first sign of all of voting-machine cheating came out of Michigan's Antrim county! I get the feeling that God carries a big club for someone's heads, you just wait and see.

At age 17, God gave me the ICE-cream girl, Darlene, and Darlene's share the drop-filled Shield of Note's/Cnuts. Plus, hang on, I'll go dig out the note, from the 5th of April, 2016:

...After she [Sharon] was put on the couch [a couple of minutes after she punched Barry], I walked back [down the hall] to Steve's [apartment], and he started showing resentment for my leaving the party. And so I took the note out of my pocket that God directed me to write, and told him that it was written that morning, but Steve commented that I had written it that evening, after I left his place [he didn't believe what I was saying].

A little later [days or weeks], Steve was challenging me concerning the healing powers of Jesus. He had blood in his ear, and challenged me to heal it. After I prayed for him [with Joe Oullette praying along], he said, "okay, now watch. I'm going to put this Q-tip in my ear to draw blood," but when he had done so, no blood was on it, and he was impressed. He never did become a Christian, so far as I know.

But I was no longer visiting him shortly after that, as I had to leave the old gangs, because I was a new Christian. The point is, the Q-TIP, for the poke-in goal was also the tip-in goal. That's impressive, to put it lightly. The ear reminds that Earhardts have a Q-like pair of snakes. If per chance the Snake Crest has a falcon, note how it reflects the Steven Coat (its a solid chevron in the colors of the Snake chevron), for Steve's do have falcons. Steven Mellanson.

The Snake's are Snooks too, and I was taking a shot of SNOOKer on Obama's billiard table. I took a shot with the pool CUE, like 'Q,' and COTTONs use an "utraQUE" motto term!!! Q-tips are COTTON swabs too!!! Can you believe this? I'm laughing again. Tell you why shortly.

I put the note into the pocket of my PANTS, and I think I can make this point to Mike PENCE without forcing it. The "UTRaque" motto term of Cottons is probably for whatever mythical UTHER PENdragon was named for. He's the line from Pennys/Pennes', like the Penns/Pence's. "Uther" was a code, I believe, for the bloodline of Others/Otters (Huntingdonshire, same as Cottons), said to be from Lords of Lombardy, where the capital, Milan, named Milans/Millens and MELLANsons. Yup, that works, and while the billiard hall had a partner with Obama that I think was Loretta Lynch, Pennys/Pennes' share the lynx with Lynch's.

Plus, Steve owned a VAN at that time, and Vaughns have a version of the Pendragon Coat. The Tipps/Tippins, I kid you not, were first found when seeking what the Pendragon motto might be for! Incredible. The Vaughn motto has "reverTAR."

Pendragon was made to mate with the wife of mythical GORlois to produce mythical king Arthur (named Artois, where LOIS' were first found, and the Artois capital was UTRecht-like Atrecht). GorLOIS was part-code for Gore's/Core's sharing the crosslets of Windsors, and the Others/Otters are said to be the proto-Windsors. Okay?

Plus, while Q-tips are cotton swabs, Swabs have a giant unicorn in the white colors of the Note/Cnut unicorn. Oh wow, English Cottons, sharing the Snake chevron, show the falcon design, reddish legs included, in the Coat of English Falcons! Zinger, more Intelligent Design. The same falcon (same design, reddish legs included) is in the Crest of Pratts suspect in the "PARATus" motto term of Cottons.

The motto term can also be read as "paRATus" as code for a Ratcliff liner, for John Ratcliffe goes with TIPPS/Tippins. In fact, the Cliffs who made up "Ratcliff" share the black wolf head with Pratts. The Pratt wolf head is half white, however, and then the white wolf heads of Prays/Praters/PRATO's are colors reversed from the three of Cliffs! The latter married Styche's while my stick performed the tip-in goal.

AHH WOW!!! By what coincidence is the Cliff Coat (minus the fesse) also the Coat of Quade's (and Queens) in the Q-shaped "scarf" of Trabys/Sadowski's!!!???!!! The Q-TIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scarfs, you see, share three white wolf heads with Prays/Prato's, and moreover Irish Prays share the Coat of Cotton-connectable Coats'/Cotes' while Mr. Ratcliffe took over from Dan Coats! Cottons use an "utraQUE" motto term!!! UNBELIEVABLE. Steve and his Q-tip didn't know this heraldry, or the DNI future.

Back to the Q-tip in Steve's EAR to show that it points to Ainsley Earhardt, but only where the Q-shaped (almost) snakes of Earhardts are at least pointers to the Snake's/Snooks and therefore to the snooker shot on Obama's table. As I claimed to resolve some months ago, Ainsley Earhardt (of "Fox and Friends") was a second fulfillment of the beautiful woman in the 1979 dream (I resolved this dream upon Jeffrey Epstein's pedo-island). I concluded that Ainsley, in the dream, played a hooker on Epstein's island because people at her Fox-news station are suspect with Epstein, especially Alan Dershowitz, who was Epstein's lawyer for his pedophile case in Florida.

I was laughing above because I decided to look up Aims, because I was aiming at a red ball on the snooker table. It was beside the corner pocket, but I missed all balls, and the paper-plane CUE ball" went straight into the poke-like pocket. Steve poked the Q-tip into his ear right? Yes, and I was laughing when finding that Aims (Hannity branch) are listed with AINSley-like Ains'. By that time, I had seen the Red Coat (because of the red ball I was aiming at), and Reds happens to have a saltire cross in the colors of the Ainsley cross. Ainsleys (share Hicks fleur-de-lys) were first found in Nottinghamshire, where the note points to.

More new: Aims'/Amis' (Northumberland, same as Reds!) share a quatrefoil on black with ear-like Eyers/Ayers/Airs and Here's/Heyers, where I trace Earhardts/Airharts, Here's and Herzogs. So, wow, my snooker shot is pointing to Miss Earhardt. Why? The Aims'/Amis' (Vaughn colors) have a "fama" motto term, and Fane's/VANs are also Fame's. Ainsley is on a youtube video saying that, since she was young, she always wanted to be a star i.e. famous, and that she's made it famous on Fox and FRIENDs. Gawk at the AMIS variation of Aims'. It means "friends" in French! Zikers, purdy powerful.

Note that the ermined chevron of Friends is that also of WAYNE's who in turn share the gauntlets (gloves) of Fane's/Vans/VEYNES'/Fame's. Having said that, the Aims came up as per my aiming the paper PLANE, and that thing pointed to Plains/Platers sharing the fleur-de-lys of Vaughns. I wonder why. I wonder what there is deeper, as we roll away the onion's layers.

I don't recall how many days there were between the dream with Earhardt and God telling me to write the note on PAPER, but they were very close together. The paper plane started as a piece of paper lying flat on the table. Unable to shoot it, I turned it into a plane. So, this dream on Epstein's island looks very connectable to my SEWER shot on Obama's table. The note miracle, and the things happening that evening at Steve's, clinched my love for God; I never looked back. It hit me strong. I was 21, the age at which Earhardt turned to Jesus.

As I've said many times, the woman in the dream looked like a fine "LADY," not sleazy or trashy. You might say a high-class hooker, okay, for "high-class" men like the dog, Bill Clinton. I always said that the woman in the dream was a real lady, and Earhardt fits that picture. The reason I'm repeating this is for the gold annulet in the Aims/Amis Crest, for Ladys share the gold annulets (both colors of Candle's/Cantwells while "CANDida" is an Aims/Amis motto term.

However, the motto has a "CANDida ROSA" phrase while Candida's have a giant eagle in the colors of the Rosa eagle, and this is super because Rosa's come up as Dero's, and the Italian Dere's/DERES' are also Res', which seems like a pointer to ALAN DERSHowitz, for no Dershowitz surname comes up, and Deres'/Res use lances while Alan-like Lance's have the Alan fesse in colors reversed while French Alans share the Chief of Deres'/Res'. French Lance's use a giant rose. Make sense? German Deres' even share oak leaves with English Alans. Alans of Dol were in Shropshire, where Vaughns were first found.

The double-headed Dero/Rosa eagle is that of Irish Browns too, first found in Galway with Lynch's, and Loretta Lynch applies here with the paper plane. She met Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport, and PHOENix's are a branch of Fane's/Vans/Fame's/PHONE's in the Aims/Amis motto along with Rosa's and Candida's, can we believe this? It's Scottish Browns who share the Vaughn Coat, and then the "FloREAT" motto term of English Browns(share Earhardt fleur-de-lys) must be for the Reat variation of Reds!!! I AIMED at the RED ball with the plane!!! WOOOWWW! We now know why Plains/Platers share the fleur-de-lys of Vaughns...because God had it arranged to prove He's carrying a big club in the shape of Obama's head. He's got quivers of clubs.

If you load Sewers, click to Swiss Sewers, who share a white rose with stems with Aims'/Amis'. Incredible, for I aimed at the red ball but sewered.

[After writing below, saying that Muschatov and I drifted away, it started when she went away on a music event where she played the SAXophone. So, knowing by heart that Sachs/Sax's use a white rose in both colors of the Sewer rose, I came up here to add this insert. Here's from the 3rd update in January, 2017: "Zowie, my girlfriend with a MUSCHATov surname, whose parents were from Ukraine, had to leave me from parental pressure (they didn't like my Christianity), and that happened the weekend she went away to do a music event where she was playing the SAXophone." End insert]

AHH, Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe while Blythe's share the Red/Reat garbs, and moreover the three Blythe crescents are colors reversed from the three of Aims/Ains'. Reminder, the Ainsley cross is in the colors of the Red/Reat saltire. No mistake here, I just saw another club in the shape of Clinton's head.

Ladys were first found in Northamptonshire with SPINKS while Brox's/Brocuffs/PROCKs use a SPHINX, and Ainsleys were at BROXtow. Ainsley married Mr. PROCter, and the three Proctor nails are in the HEART of Logans. EarHARDT's are likely a Heart line. Brox-branch Brocks share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys.

Here's from the 2nd of April, 2018 (round brackets in the colored quote not mine):

Now be amazed, for Melansons use "a BUNDLE of rods with an axe in the middle." And Cottons use "three hanks (BUNDLES) of cotton"...There's a falcon (with buckle) in the Cotton Crest while [French] Falcons were first found in Languedoc with French Cottons/Cotta's. Stevens use the falcon.

Ainsleys use "For" twice in their motto, perhaps code for the four goals that Tarr had in the championship match. After all, there's a scimiTAR in the Ainsley Crest. It was against Jim McGee, and the My's twice in the Ainsley motto share the McGee boar heads (it has "For my" twice).

However, Ainsleys are a branch of Annas' (Nottinghamshire), kin of Tea's/Tease's/Tye's, and while that suggests the tied semi-final match (the one before the game against McGee), ditto for the "BENIGno" motto term of My's (it's the Mea's/Meighs). Bengs/BINGs are with Bangs, and that surname pertained to banging and BASHing into the boards, and then Ainsleys were at Bash-like Basford while Basfords (Nottinghamshire) are also Bashfords. Plus, new to me now, Binghams (Nottinghamshire!) use a "mea" motto term! It tends to prove that the "Benigno" of My's/Mea's is for Beng/Bing liners. The other English Binghams look like kin of Bugs, who, until recently, were said to be first found in Nottinghamshire. Bangs/Bengs/Bings were first found in Kent with the Countrys in the Ainsley motto, "For my country, for my king always."

I took a plane to my Texas property only once, and landed at the SAN ANTONIO AIRport. Earhardts are also AIRharts. The Sans share the eagle of Snake's/Snooks, and Earhardts came to topic originally in this update due to Snake's/Snooks. Recall how it turned out that Miss Earhardt pertains to the SNOOKer shot. San Antonio is the city where Miss Earhardt was working at before Fox took her on.

Antonio's/Tonys use "water," and a Chief with two/thirds the Deres/Res Chief. As the latter is the pointer to Fox's guest, Alan Dershowitz, note that Waters (Essex, same as Muschats/Montfitchets) share the Epstein Coat. In the 1979 dream, it changed settings from a shark in a swimming pool to a body of blue = ocean water, and I was standing in the WATER, you see, in the first scene of that setting, which is my first clue that it was Epstein's ocean island.

I had to take a BUS the rest of the way to my place, and the giant Bus cinquefoil is white, like the giant one of Antonio-beloved Flowers. The Flower cinquefoil is colors reversed from the giant one of Dovers, and Dover is one of the CINQUEport cities along with Hastings who in turn use the maunch (sleeve) of English Tonys. This sleeve is at times in the Arms of Leicestershire along with the ermined cinquefoil of Bus'. Interestingly, George BUSH is/was of Austin, Texas, and Fox news is expected to be a Bushite supporter against Trump's people.

The Water / Epstein Coat is shared by MUSCHATs/Montfichets, and I climbed the Antonio-like TV antenna of Diane MUSCHATov. I knocked on her window then, and Windows happen to share the blue lion paw with Austins! I then came down and walked on her fence, and Fens'/Venns are probably a branch of Fiens/FINIS' because Fane's/Vans (in Fien/Finis colors) also come up as "Fien." Fiens/Finis' have lions in the colors of the Window lion paws, you see. And while "Finis" can be traced to Finistere (Brittany), that's almost the French / Italian word for, "window." So, don't blame me for climbing the antenna or the fence, because God wanted it done. It should become valuable that Fiens/Finis' were first found in Kent with the Sidneys, for Powells have the Fenn variation of Fens'/Venns in their motto. Knock-knock, where-o-where have you been, Sidney Powell?

I was so tired upon landing at the San Antonio airport, and my bus wait so long, that I laid myself down on a outdoor BENCH to get rest. I remember that very clearly. Hmm. Bench's (share SCUTE tower) have been an important topic in this update as per the team's bench clearing. It's being considered with the SCOTUS bench. Wow, unreal, for SCOTUS-like Scute's, having an eSCUTcheon, also use so-called "DEER"! Deers are also Dere's. It looks like a pointer to Epstein's lawyer, Fox's guest, Alan DERSHowitz!

The Antonio's have a "flower" on the water, and Antonio's were first found in Tuscany with FLOREnce, the line to Flore's and Flora's, who both share the Earhardt / Brown fleur-de-lys, yet Flore's add the Ainsley fleur-de-lys, what are the chances? Jeffrey Epstein had/as a mansion in Florida, and the French Fleurs are also Florida's. This is mainly new material, because I have never thought to do Antonio's with San Antonio. It just so happens that, when I walked out of the ocean, I was on a sandy BEACH, where I saw the beautiful blonde in the distance, walking in front of a 1957 model car. I couldn't see her face. The point is, the Beach's share the red-vair fur of Fleurs/Florida's. The Beach Crest shares a white lion with the Flower Crest.

I've never been on this heraldic territory before, thanks to Ainsley working in San Antonio, but there's more, because the Beach's were first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's while Basford (in Broxtow) is where Ainsleys were first found. Basfords are also Bashfords. Repeat from above: "Bash's, sharing the Raby crosslet, were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's having a Neve-like Newes variation, and the Bash Coat is like that of Neve-like Newe's/Nuces'. I showed (see "noose" last update) how the Nuse's point to the hanging death of Jeffrey Epstein..." Danish Cnut's use a "pot HANGER," and while Epstein's plane is/was the Lolita Express, Lolita's/Loyola's are suspect in the "Loyalite" motto term of MACKESYs/MARGesons while Margys/Mackie's have two ravens "HANGING" on an arrow. The same ravens hanging from an arrow are used by Murdochs (Ayrshire, same as Margys/Mackeys and Eyer-branch Ayers), and Fox news is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Barrs (Ayrshire, same as Murdochs) share the red lion head in Crest with Murdochs, and Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a school teacher when Bill Barr's father was its principal. Bill Barr hired John Bash (who produced nothing we know of against Obama or anyone else) to find Obama corruption, and Bashfords share the Barr eagle. Bash's legal territory went as far east as San Antonio, which city is probably the eastern limit.

I've mentioned before that Ainsleys love the Countrys (share Flore / Earhardt fleur) in their motto while the lone Country pile is in the canton square of Beach's. There are not many lone piles like this so that this connection of Ainsley to the beach scene seems Arranged by God. This dream took place days from when I was told to WRITE the NOTE on PAPER, recalling that Note's are with English Cnuts, who share the Country chevron. Murdochs share the checks-on-fesse of Write's. I KNOCKed on Muschatov's window while on the antenna, and Windows have lion paws in the colors of the lion heads of Papers. Antonio-like Antons share red leopard faces with Nocks. Rupert Murdoch seems to be pointing to judge Roberts.

Does Fort Knox apply to Epstein corruption? The gold Knock/Knox falcon looks like the gold one of Rupert-like Rupers/Ropers. To indicate that Rupers were a Robert branch, the Ruper/Roper motto has the Anglis variation of English's, and "English lions" -- same as the Robert lion -- are used by Lane's. I can trace WINDows to Windsors, and the latter were from lords of Lombardy (according to Other/Otter write-up), and while Milan is the Lombardy capital, where Mellanson's trace, Mellanson's ear-with-Q-tip brought Ainsley Earhardt to topic in the first place, or we would not have been on this interesting revelation.

She worked for KENS media in San Antonio, and Kens share the crescents of Ottone-branch Others/Otters (Huntingdonshire, same as Cottons) suspect in the motto of Ottone-like Cottons. There's the cotton swab, we may gather, connecting to Miss Earhardt in San Antonio. While the Kens surname has the Mellanson crescents in one color only, isn't it amazing that Kennys have it in both colors along with the Earhardt and Brown fleur-de-lys, and even the "floreat" motto term of Browns?

Miss Earhardt had married Mr. McKINNEY, and that's the Kim bloodline, for what it's worth in connecting this topic to the shin-pad slide. The Kennys share the vertically-split Shield of Dutch Tromps, and Fox news supported the betrayal of Trump in the election, which betrayal has worked into the shin-pad slide into the boards. The theory is that the shin-pad slide on my Trump-connectable legs was Trump's election win, but obstructed as per the BASHing into the boards, and Ainsleys were at Bash-connectable BASford in Brock-like Broxtow, and then Brocks/Broke's share the Kennys fleur-de-lys too.

Plus, NEWTons use shin bones while Newts are listed with Nottings, the Note/Cnut line, and the Newts/Nottings might just have the Knee bend, for while NEEDhams share the Knee Coat, "Need" is like "Newt." Interesting.

Kennys share the Morinis fleur-de-lys, and Maurels of Milan have a Morinis-like variation while French Maurels/Morells once again have the Kenny / Earhardt / Brown / Brock / Brown ("VireSCIT") fleur-de-lys. Plus, it was discovered first in this update that the Vires/Verona fish is that of Fox-like Focks! Zinger. French Maurels/Morells ("NeSCIT") even share the Tromp acorns so as to appear closely related to Kennys. The Acorns (Sussex, same as Visconti-like Vise's/Vice's) share the VISE/Vice and KNEE stag head, you see, tending to put Trump into my knee slide, especially as Knee's were first found in County Down while Downs, likewise first found in Sussex, have a stag in Trump/Tromp stag colors.

While the Vires'/Verona's, possibly in the "VIREScit" motto term of Brocks, almost have the Lynch Coat, it's interesting that Kennys were first found in Galway with Lynch's, for while the Lynch Coat and Vires'/Verona Coats are like the one of Rockefeller-line Fellers, the Neats suspect in the "TeNEAT" motto term of Kennys share the Rod / Rock trefoil. Knee's share the NEEDham Coat. Knee's and Needhams share the Phoenix, and Loretta Lynch was conspiring to do crime, probably, at the Phoenix airport. Irish Doors, with a lion in the colors of the lion paws of Windows, were first found in Galway with Lynch's. As I said, I was PHONing Muschatov up from Mellanson's apartment when she first told me her parents didn't want her to see me anymore, so I promptly went to her home and KNOCKED on the DOOR, but her father (with a Ukrainian accent) came to the door and told me to leave.

Recall Muschatov's saxoPHONE that linked to my sewer-shot aiming that was part of the AINSLEY-like Ains/Aims bloodline.

Scottish Doors shares the Write leopard faces, and God told me to write a note on paper, while Papers have lion faces in the colors of the Window lion paws. Soon after I was sent away from her door, I climbed her antenna to knock on her bedroom window, and that was the night I walked on her fence, which, decades later, caused me to find the Fens variation of Venns (probably a Window / Windsor branch from Veneti liners which included Wends). Fens/Venns were a branch of Phoenix's/FENwicks sharing the phoenix with Knee's. The Window Coat is a good reflection of the Mellanson Coat. Mellanson drove a VAN at that time. Vannes is in Brittany with the French Maurels that use a "NEScit" motto term while Vannes' are listed with the Ness bloodline, sharing the double fesses of Muscats/Mousquette's. Niss' share the Austin chevron.

Niss' add the Jeune fleur-de-lys, the line from QUINTus Caepio to his descendant, JUNia Caepionis, explaining why Capone's and Jeune-branch June's were first found in Cambridgeshire. Windows share the blue lion paw with Austins who in turn share "crux" with Rupers/Ropers. Austins (Quint chevron) can be gleaned as kin of QUINTs, first found in Essex with MUSCHATs/MontFITCHets, and Windows share a lion paw holding a gold FITCHee with Quints. The Sforza lion, in the colors of the Window lion paws, has a QUINCE flower in its paw. Sforza's received the green Visconti snake (now blue) due to kinship, and Visconti's ruled Milan. Earhardts use two green snakes.

The way to trace Browns to Milan is with the French Brun saltire, shared by Oddie's, the latter being a branch of Odins, a branch of Ottone's expected from Ottone Visconti. The Bruns add a crescent in Mellanson-crescent colors.

The dream with Earhardt was about eight months before I began to see Diane Muschatov, and as she was a gorgeous blond, I thought she would pan out to be the woman in the dream, which I thought, at the time, was going to be my wife. It didn't pan out that way. Diane didn't show interest in wanting to be a Christian. She left home with me after her father sent me away at the door, and we spent the night at my friend's place, Mr. Quint-like Quinn. We spent the next night at my parents' place because I was back home with then, but that wasn't going to work, so she went back home, and she drifted away. I wasn't happy.

I never did like watching Fox and Friends, but when I thought God might use that crew for something important, after I resolved that Miss Earhardt was in that old dream, I started watching some of the shows a couple of times per week, for about three weeks, maybe four, until Ainsley turned me off with Fox-catering slants on COVID / vaccines. Fox was becoming evil at that time, and the news was getting shallower, way off-topic from what mattered, and the station finally betrayed Christian voters and got Biden into the White House. With that accomplished now, Fox is trying to get those viewers back. SPIT! My take is that Earhardt is a pointer to Epstein involvement with people at Fox. Why would God give a dream about that way back in 1979? Why did God give Mellanson blood in his ear for to point to her?

In 1980, while I was dating Muschatov (started about February/March), Epstein partnered with Bear STEARNs thanks to a relationship he had in his short career as a teacher (for teens) at Dalton. Jewish Stearns share the Gard griffin, and I showed earlier why Stearn-like Steers look like Gardner kin. I also told that, shortly after Muschatov and I split, we met eyes while I was at the STEER Inn. It was later in 1980. Muschats share the Epstein Coat, how about that. Jewish Stearns use hexagrams in the colors of the Reines "comet," which is a hexagram with a tail. Reines' add the PISA Coat in colors reversed, and this is how Reines' point to Comet Ping Pong pizza, where "pizzagate" pedophilia originates. While English Stearns are also Stairns, Stairs have a reflection of the other Gardner Coat.

Take Another Intermmission, this insert is not over yet

The following was much closer to topics way above, but the addition of so much material has brought it down here. Sorry.

Just go ahead and compare the Board Coat to that of Sewers/SUTers (both use the same ESCUTcheon) and similar BOARDers. As was said, Obama was on a skateBOARD in the scene immediately before the gardener scene, in the dream with my plane-shot sewer that was code for Obama's other name, Barry SOETORo. Why has that sewer shot's plane linking to my plane ride with the Gardner brothers in Buttonville, though? Why the Gardners? I suppose it's to link the plane ride to the Obama dream, otherwise I'm stumped?

English Backs may have the Egg/Edge eagle in colors reversed, and Welsh Bachs were first found in Denbighshire with Welsh Roberts having the counter-changed Powell lion in colors reversed. It now recalls my short-term friend, Robert Powell (age 13). As I said many times, the only thing I remember from being in his house was asking him to replay the record, Silver Bird, about a jet (song was by Mark Lindsay). Birds/BURDs share the BOARD martlets! Is the last scene in the Obama dream about a Robert? Robert who? Judge Roberts?

[Also, found this a couple of days late for this update, but just great: the Tarr/Terres-like Terrys have these martlets too. Steve Tarr was at the boards in the McGee game. In the previous game, I bashed into the boards, and martlets are used by Bash's too along with the same-style cross as English Terrys. In colors reversed, the Bash cross is red, the color of the Terry cross. I believe God wants Bash's connectable to Crystals, who have that same cross in red, as do Roll-like Royals/Roile's, first found in Kent with English Terrys! Tarr's slap shot ended up ROLLing to the goal line, we could say, before I bashed into the boards. AHH, almost missed it: the Board / Burd / Terry martlets are also with Hips'/Hipkins in turn having a Coat like the Crystal-like Christs.]

Bunch's have a version of the Bird/Burd Coat, and Froggits (Derbyshire) have a "bunch of cherries" in Crest while Cherrys (Derbyshire) share the annulets of Vito's in the motto of Saffers, the latter using a version of the Silver/Silverstein Coat. I attended MARK II school only two months, where Cathy Froggit attended, otherwise I would not have known about that surname. Marks and Lindsays both use blue checks on a fesse. Go ahead and compare the Coats of Lindsays with Saffers and Silvers, asking why the Glorys in the Saffer motto have a version of the Larry Coat so as to point to Larry Silverstein, owner of the Trade Towers when the fake planes stuck them? Then, as Robert Mueller was made the FBI boss by Bush just six days before 9-11, to cover for the crime, Mark II is in UNIONville while Unions use mill rinds, code for Mill / Miles / Millers liners (the planes were fake in the sense that they were added to the scenes; the explosions were real but created from bombs implanted in the buildings' walls).

German Millers are listed with Muellers, and Norman Miles was at Mark II (we were in grade 8), whom was in the 2nd update of this month with some heraldic explorations. One Norman Coat shares blue billets with Dutch Bos'/Bush's/Boschs while German Boschs share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's and Trade's. Just as cracks developed to expose 9-11 as an inside job, Bush chose (late 2005) judge Roberts for SCOTUS (mobsters in government need SCOTUS on their side). Houseofnames once showed the English Bush Coat with a red fesse, and that makes the Bush fesse-with-items into a version of the Bird/Burd (Bunch) fesse-with-items. Silverbirdincidence? The Silver/Silverstein Coat shares the lion of Roberts / Propers/Roberts (Cheshire, same as Birds/Burds). Is God snitching thereby on Roberts?

By what further coincidence do French Roberts share both the Silverstein lion and blue vair (called a "fur")? The Silverstein and Saffer blue VAIR is in a fesse, as is the case for Bachs/Baghs, the latter first found in Denbighshire with the Welsh Roberts (zowie, folks, it looks like a Snitch), in turn split vertically in the colors of the vertically-split Sullivans with the Bush boar. German Bachs/Backs share "mea" with Birds/Burds.

Roberts had been elevated by Bush's father to deputy solicitor general. Roberts married Miss Sullivan, and Sullivans share the black boar with Bush's because Busca is in the theater of Saluvii Ligures. Judge Sullivan (related to Roberts' wife?) in the Flynn case acted just as brashly criminal as Roberts is now acting. The Coat of English Bush's looks related to the Bunch-like Bunnys.

As was shown, the Larry Coat is a good pointer to Larry Silverstein, and the Larry motto, "RePULLulat," reminds that Silverstein condemned himself when he said on TV, "pull it," in regards to the downing of building SEVEN (Trade-Tower complex) near dinner time on 9-11 (= September 11, 2001, for any foreigners reading). The Seven surname is also "SEFFERin/Severn," you see, as though God arranged this "coincidence" too, for the Glorys/Lowrys in the Saffer/Savary motto share the giant cup on black of Larrys/Lowrys. However, the latter's Shield is split in two colors, with the look of the Egg/Edge and Gardner Coats, and my plane ride with Robert Gardner, as well as Robert Powell's Silver Bird song, was pointing to judge Roberts.

AHH wow, the paper plane was theorized, for a while, as the plane that Loretta Lynch flew into PHOENIX with, at which airport she spoke criminal things with Bill Clinton, when his wife was in legal trouble with her email scandal. They met at the airport secretly, but were caught. I knew, while having the dream, that Obama had a partner in owning the billiard hall, and although I wasn't told in the dream who it was, the billiard tables were arranged in an L-shape, suggesting to me Loretta Lynch, Obama's attorney general for a while. It just so happens that, in this very insert, the Board martlets were realized as those of PHOENix's/Fenwicks!!! WOOOOOW. The Birds/Burds share those martlets, YOU SEE, and this insert led us to Robert Powell with the record, Silver Bird!

The Bird/Burd cross is much like the counter-changed cross of Skate's/SHEETs, and Obama was on a skateBURD, so to speak, in the scene before the gardener's back was to me and Obama, as Obama was chewing him out for some reason not told in the dream. At the start of that dream, all the billiard tables, together forming an L-shape, were covered in a single black SHEET, suggesting secret, dark plots.

If you wish, load Chads (Norfolk, same as Skate's/Sheets) and Sheds/Scheds to see Coat similarities amongst themselves and with Skits/Skeets (Ayrshire, same as Scottish Sheds), and finally that justifies a peak at Chaddocks, Chadwicks and Saddocks/Sedgewicks to see their relationship to Boards, and hence: the SKATEboard that Obama was on. Plus, the similarities above is with a potent cross shared by Brocuffs, the latter first found in Silesia with Schittle's/Schitts/Sitlers.

The reason that the meeting in Phoenix can apply to election-fraud cheating as per the tip-in-goal is that, as was discovered months ago, the MACK/Maks use eight of the ten TARR pale bars, and the Lynch-Clinton meeting is known as the "tarMAC meeting," believe it or not. But the meeting was in 2016, four years before the tip-in goal, so how can it apply to Tarr's assists in my goal(s). It looks like Obama and Lynch were involved with protecting Scytl voting machines, and so the Clintons may have wanted to know, at the Phoenix airport, how the cheating machines were coming along to give her the election win. Win never happened.

Now I have the problem of the possibility that the two games with Tarr at age 12 were as per the Trump win in 2016, while the hat-trick game four years later refers to Trumps 2020 election win. My head hurts. That's probably not the correct interpretation of the tip-in game. If only God could just speak plain English to me, put all such mysteries to rest, but then nobody would believe that He spoke to me. But if I show Him speaking through ancient heraldic code, it can become compelling for the reader that He's speaking.

Note that the bend-with-items of Macks (it's a version of the left-rising Masci bend) is similar to the bend-with-items of Terras' and Scotts/Scottes'. It tends to nail Terras' as a branch of Tarrs/Terres'/Tarres'.

The question: why would God use the Gardner brothers to link to Mary Nigro of Buttonville and/or the hat-trick game she attended? What's the gardener in the Obama dream got to do with the stealing of the election? I don't know.

Plus, hang on to your buttons because, when writing "Robert Bruce" above, I remembered that Propers/Roberts (share Robert lion and Button/Biden fesse) were at Newton and Malpas, the latter being like the Marples variation of Marble's (Cheshire, same as Propers/Roberts and Malpas'). Often, an 'L' converts to an 'R,' and this may been the case with Malpas > Marples; the latter have a giant griffin (same one as Griffins have) in the colors of the Gardner / Brother griffin heads. Keep those Marble's in mind for one minute.

What's more important is that the DRAGON heads of Dews/Deweys -- they being in the "dew" motto term of Glynns -- are in the colors of the Marble / Gardner / Brother griffins. It's important first because Glynn is where Brother-branch Brods/Broads were first found, but especially important where Dews/Deweys have a Coat version of the POTTers (Hampshire, same as Buttons/Bidens) and Dragons/Drainers, and the miracle MARBLE shot (I may have been on one knee) I was given was in the game of POTsies. So, now, the bulk of everything in this insert is pointing even to the miracle marble shot, suggesting that it too has to do with the election-fraud war posed by our enemies to get the upper hand on God's people. That's why they lust for power, to keep society from going God's way. That's why many Christians have become political, to save the world from their tyranny.

Brothers/Broders have a tulip in Crest, and while Tulips share the Weis/Wise star, the Weis'/Wise's and Wies' share the double-white wings in Crest with German Brods/Brots (the latter's Crest is exactly the Wies Crest.

In my grade seven class was Janice Netherfield. I so liked her that I got the courage to ask her on a date. We were to meet at the arena on Saturday afternoon. I had a hockey game that morning, and because my father missed that one, I had to carry the equipment home on my back, a mile away. I was too tired to go back to meet her (she didn't forgive me, maybe didn't believe my "excuse"). I have felt sure that my father was not at my tip-in game because I remember feeling bad that he couldn't see that happy event. He didn't miss many games that year, and so the possibility is that the tip-in game was on the same day as the Netherfield date.

That's why I've loaded Netherfields/NETTERfields, but also the Netters. The latter seem most interesting for their curved sword, often called a scimiTAR. The tip-in-goal was on Tarr's slap shot while I was SKIMMing along the ICE. The SCIMitar. JanICE Netherfield. Spanish Jans/Jeans share the Massey/Macey Shield, and the Tarr-related Macks/Maks can be gleaned as Maceys / Masci's. I tipped it into the NET. NETTERfields and Netters. It looks like God moved me to ask Janice on a date on the tip-in day.

As the Mack/Mak bend-with-items is connectable to Terras' and Scotts, note that the other Scotts use Roet wheels while Roets use a book while Books/Boggs nearly have the Netherfield Coat. Netherfields use the Hamon Shield while Hamon de Masci named Dunham-Masci. Rimini, home of Maschi's, is in the Hamon motto. The Hamon-Crest antlers are called "ATTIRES of a stag," and MacDonald-branch Tires' can certainly be a Terras branch since "terras" is in the MacDonald motto.

Netters use rocks, and Rocks share rooks with Rooks and German Terras', how about that. Pretty Janice Netherfield. We never talked again after I failed to meet her. I don't think we had ever talked before I asked her on the date. It was a one-time event. I've never forgotten her name (came up in my heraldry investigations before, but never for anything remarkable), and now I know why. Rookbys (rooks) are in Netherfield and Kendal colors and format. There is a Netherfield location beside Kendal, Lancashire, with a NATland community to its south.

The suns of Rooks are also those of Needle's with a Netter-like Nedler/NEEDler variations, and Needhams share the Knee Coat. I skimmed on my knees, and Netters have Rook-like rocks...and a SCIMitar, I think. The first Rothschild, who apparently loved Netter-like Nathans/Natts, had established a relationship with a prince of Hesse-Cassel, and Hesse's happen to share the Needle Coat. I've already shown how Rothschilds were all over the poke-in-goal.

Back to the Pengs/Pengleys at Lisieux, for goalie-like Gollys/Gullys (share Julian cross) have crossed black keys in Crest, symbol in the Arms of LISieux. The stars around the Lisieux keys are the colors of the Tie stars, and it's important below that Tie's and Keys were both first found in Yorkshire with Peng-like Pings/Pongs. The game to which Miss Netherfield pointed was tied until the last minute, yet I didn't realize that Netherfields share the Tie stars until below.

Lise-connectable Lease's share the sun over a cloud with the Jeffreys ("POST") having six pale bars in colors reversed from the same of Gulls and Julians. I slid past the POST when BREAKING the tie game, and Breakers use an ANTELope that I trace to LES AndeLYS, near Lisieux. The Jeffreys (Aberdeenshire, same as Skene's and Schims/Schiens linkable to Lows and MOWS/Mole's respectively) add the three Tie stars, can we believe this? Brays/Brae's (near English Lise's) use a "flax BREAKER," and while Brays apparently named MOWbray / MontBRAI, at Low-like St. Lo, and Mows/Mole's use another "Post' motto term. It doesn't look coincidental.

English Lise's (and Silesia's Lists) share six pale bars (different colors) with German Julians and Gulls, tending to prove that the Golly/Gully keys are those of Lisieux. The "FRUSTra" motto term of Gulls must be for Frosts because they share the Rod trefoil while the blank, gold Chief of Rods is shared by Gulls. Rods were Rock kin, and the Climes'/McLane's suspect in the Climsland location of Pengs/Pengleys share the red rock with Netters. Netherfields/NETTERfields, sharing the Tie stars, are in the colors and format of Rookbys, first found in Yorkshire with Netherfields/Netterfields and Pings/Pongs, and share the rook with Rocks.

I scored the Gull, so to speak, while the Golly was sprawled on the ice way out of the net. If God arranged that play, why did Tarr's slap shop knock the goalie to the ice? The puck could have been made to roll to the goal line without knocking him over? That's why I've just checked the Knocks/Knox's, to find the Cotton falcon in Crest.

Cottons came to topic with the cotton swab just as we crossed the Snake surname that had a brown bird in Crest. It was questionable as to whether it was a falcon, but that same brown bird is in the Ping/Pong Crest while the six bendy bars of Pings/Pongs are colors reversed from the same of Hanks in the so-called "hanks of cotton" of Cottons. So, yes, the Snake's must have a falcon after all. It's now remarkable that while Julius Caesar's mother was Aurelia Cotta, Cotta's/Cottons were first found in Languedoc with Roque's/Rocks, French Julians, and Falcons.

Okay, so you just witnessed that Knocks, looked up as per the sprawling Golly, so to speak, took us right back to the Gollys/Gully bloodline. Amazing. I poked the puck in, and Poke's Pollocks were first found in Renfrew with Knocks and the Ore's/Orrs suspect in the Knock motto.

Ahh, STEVE Tarr! The Stevens were involved with the Cottons because STEVE Mellanson put the cotton swab into his ear, and the EARhardt snakes took us to Snake's. I've mentioned at least once that, of all the players on our hockey team when I coached with Mellanson (uneventful year, we lost), the only one's name I can remember, Glen, was the goalie, Steve's favorite! I wonder why Glen?

Okay, so what could it mean that Tarr's blistering slap shot knocked the goalie down, then trickled / rolled and stopped at the goal line? Is that Rudy Giuliani's massive effort at three legislative hearings, that fizzled out the following week and never came back to life? And who got the TIP-IN goal again? John Ratcliffe, right? It may explain why Ratcliffe's (beside Yorkshire) share the double bends with Kays (Yorkshire) who in turn share a white griffin head with key in moth with Keys (Yorkshire) in the Golly/Gully Crest. I recall that Giuliani told Sidney Powell to get the "key(s)" (the evidence) for machine fraud.

AAAHHH, LOL, I can barely believe it. I've just checked the Roll surnames (one in Yorkshire) in case God had the Tarr shot roll to the goal line, and German Rolls, I kid you not, were first found in SWABia (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and share the Cotton chevron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWWWIE! I've never seen any heraldic thing that funny!

I wish I could, but can't, prove that English Rolls (Yorkshire, same as Keys) use the Net/Night lion. But Yorkshire is the location of Kingston while both Kings and Kingstons (Yorkshire) share the Roll lion. Ahh wait, lookie at a quote in the Roll write-up: "The manor of NETHERcot, which has its site in this parish, though it extends into that of Week St. Mary, belonged to the Rolles of Heanton". Note Nethercot, a potential Net/Night line! As was said, Netherfields/Netterfields were first found in Yorkshire with Tie's whose stars they share. And so it could appear that God had me ask Netherfield on a date for making this added find that He did make the puck ROLL to the goal line, though there's probably other ways to look at that arrangement.

For those of you who know from past updates: Kepke's brother was a goalie in hockey. In my first year of organized hockey, the year of the tip-in goal, Kepke himself (not his brother) played goal. I didn't know Kepke as a friend yet, though I had seen him around, but I do recall getting a break-away on him that year. The last time in mentioning this, which may have been the first mention, I said I got a goal on him at that time, but because it wasn't crisp in my mind, the mind plays tricks over time, and so I can't recall now whether I scored. Like when one asks, "did I really score," it's game over because the mind plays tricks trying to remember both scoring and not scoring, and it gets pictures of both.

But I do recall that it was a clear, end-to-end breakaway, no defender even close to me. The point is, we are on Gollys/Gullys at this time, and meanwhile flipping over to Kays, who have a "KEPE" motto term. What say yee about that? (Kepke and I became hang-around buddies later in that 12th year.) I also remember that I was surprised to see him at all, because I had not seen him all year, and never saw him again that year, in any hockey game. I was thinking he joined late. So, that break-away seems to have had the Purpose of God to have me know that Kepke was a goalie, for this discussion right here. You're part of a miracle if you're reading this.

Ah, as I've said, his brother (Robert) married Nikki Walsh, and i assume she was born, Nichole. The Nichole's share the three trefoils of Frosts suspect earlier in the Gull motto. There you have a Golly-line connection to the goalie, tending to prove that God is indeed using Gollys to point to goalies. At the time that we played hockey in our 20's, Kepke had left Miss Peare for Nikki's sister, KIM. I recall Kim coming out to watch the games. Kims are linkable to Shins/Chinns/Chings, you see, and we'll soon see this line in the same Kay motto that has "kepe." What are the chances? If you don't believe me, google " "nikki Walsh" tribwatch ". (Someone(s) has porn in the name of "tribwatch" and "trib", some disgusting jackasses who don't like my work, I assume. Just don't click to their sites, be Christian-man enough to reject them." Jesus will destroy them, we get the last laughs.)

In our early 20s, we played hockey in rented arenas while I delivered parts for ATLAS Auto parts, and this had pointed to vote-flipping machines at State Farm Arena in Atlanta (Georgia). Mythical Atlas was the symbol for mythical Atlantis. That's when his brother played goal. What could this be about? Why has Giuliani stopped working to uncover fraud in Atlanta? Too busy making nickels and dimes on his videos? Atlas' share the Alley Coat.

The Kinns/Kyne's (Kay colors) expected in the "kynn" motto term of the Kays (sharing the double bends of Ratcliffe's) are like the Chinn variation of Shins, and this is most-excellent because the Shins/Chinns/Chings pointed both to my shin-pad slide to the TIP-IN goal, and to Ratcliffe's China revelations (Tipps/TIPPINs were Ratcliffe kin). Kims share the McKINNey Coat. That's why God set Kepke up with Kim.

The Heantons we see above in the Roll write-up were first found in Hampshire with the Ghents having a version of the Tipps/Tippin Chief, and the latter surname has an ANTELope for a trace to LES AndeLYS while LISE's were first found in Hampshire too. I kid you not, the six pale bars of Lise's are shared by Cams, first found in Gloucestershire with KEMmis'/KENYS'/KEYmich's (like the Kyne's expected in the Kay motto!) sharing the Shin/Chinn/Ching Coat! Is that not amazing corroboration as a pointer to Ratcliffe's China revelations? It explains why God had the puck roll to the net (I can't recall whether it was an actual roll, but it's a perfect expectation for a puck falling from above head height to the ice.)

We needed the Rolls for evidence that Mr. Ratcliffe is involved, and for some reason yet to be found, God has linked the cotton SWAB in Mellanson's ear to this picture (for German Rolls are said to have been first found in SWABia). Often, double bends without the central bend are called, "COTISed," and this is what Keys use. It can explain NetherCOT of the Rolles'. Cotta's/Cottons/COTTARDs probably formed Cottars because they were first found in Oxfordshire with Gollys/Gullys, and Cottars happen to use Lise-like lizards. Lizarts can apply.

The Cams are also Game's, recalling that I gave Andrea a TARZan book and a GAME BOARD (can't recall the name of it) for her 11th birthday. I'm wondering how Andrea fits into this hockey game? Stay tuned.

The bird design of English Kays was once showing for Kinners (probably canaries), but houseofnames changed the design. OOOOHHHHH WOW, Kinners are also KinNEARs, and Nears (Perthshire, same as blue-pheon Colts/Cults, a branch of cotised-like COUTES') share the blue pheon in both colors for it of Sidneys. Suddenly, Sidney Powell can enter this puck-roll / Ratcliffe event. We're not at the oh-wow part yet. Nears even share the upright, red lion with Hatricks/Ettricks, Edrichs, MARYs, and Deke's (and Netters) that have already pointed to Sidney Powell. "Week St. Mary" is in the Roll write-up in the midst of Heanton and Nethercot, and the best part of this is that RATs/Raids were first found in NAIRnshire while Kinners are also KinNAIRs/KinNEIRs, while Nears are also Nairs/Neirs! It looks like a Ratcliffe-Powell duo here extending to the hat-trick game (four years after the rolling-puck game).

OHHHH, Rats/Raids share the white anchor in Crest with Nears/Nairs/Neirs! I don't think this election game is over yet, but I don't want to wait four more years to see it all pan out.

As I've said, the only reason I know that Mary was at my hat-trick game is that I told my girlfriend at the time, "ha, I got three goals when Mary was watching, and only one with you watching." She didn't like that, of course. She was Katrina HANSon, whom I last saw when I was standing to the entryway of the parking lot of Ratcliff Lumber. I kid you not. Plus, let me repeat, English Hansons share the Whalley mascle, and Ratcliffe's were in Whalley. Plus, HANSon's ice-cream symbol pointed to Hahns and Hanns both sharing the giant rooster with HEANs, and we just saw Heanton location of Rolles'.

We saw Kepke with Kim as part of the Kay motto, and then there are the Hains/AINS' with the Cheek/Check Coat, essentially, in colors reversed. I've told several times that I kissed Kim on her cheek once, while she was with Kepke. The Kiss'/CUSH's (red rooster) go to the red Bibo rooster upon a green CUSHion, and Bibo's tell that they use the Hahn rooster, and then the Heans have a red rooster too. Nice piece of work. The Kiss'/Cush's have the Cust Coat, and Custs are in the motto of ice-cream-liner Cremers, who seem to have the Bibo rooster in crest upon a green mound.

Scottish Kays use a "KYND Kynn" motto phrase, and Kinds/Kynders happen to share the column in Crest with Netherfields. Kinds/Kynders were first found in Derbyshire with the Hope's in the Kinner/Kinnair motto.

Back to the Knocks/Nocks, for Nocks are intriguing. They were first found in Buckinghamshire with Chinn-like Cheneys. Dick Cheney married LYNNE (they have/had a lesbian daughter), and the shin-pad slide was for the puck rolling to the goal LINE. Knocks came to topic because Tarr's shot knocked the goalie down before the puck rolled to the line. Buckinghamshire, near the first-known Gollys of Oxfordshire, is where Pence's were first found, and then Penz's have a red leopard, the color of the leopard faces of Nocks. The bench cleared after the goal, and Clears/Clairs use the Penz leopard in both colors of the Nock leopard faces.

Plus, Knocks came to topic initially because I climbed Muschatovs TV antenna to knock at her bedroom window. That's after her parents wouldn't let me see her anymore. The red leopard face is not only used by Nocks, but by antenna-like Antons, heh-heh, we now blame God for making me climb the antenna. Climers are with the CLERmonts/Clements, and Clears are also Clere's.

No word of a lie. It was not until ending the paragraph above that I took another look at the Nock Coat, to see what more could be gleaned. Realizing it's in the colors and format of Cords/McCOURTs, I loaded them to be reminded that they have the three Tipps/Tippin pheons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Haha, I KNOCKed in the puck in when tipping it in! "Kepe" is in the motto of Kays who share the double bends of Ratcliffe's in turn sharing the bull head of Tipps/Tippins (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs). Keeps were first found in Sussex with COURTs/Coverts and Coverts/Cofferts, and the latter's gold leopard face could be the Nock leopard face in colors reversed. I'm impressed. This heraldic project is why God took so long to invent the universe; He just didn't have time yet.

I usually don't mention, when on Manfields, that Mansells ("me") share their Coat. But, now, it's important, first because one Mansell Crest has the rising hawk of Hawks/Hawkeys, the pointer to Sinohawk. Mansells look like they love the Rants in their motto, and the Strike's in the Hawk/Hawkey motto share the giant Rance/Rant lion. That makes the "me" of Mansells look like code for the Mee variation of Meu-river Mea's/Meigh's.

The "meum" motto term of Bench's and their Rhodes kin could be partly for a Meu-river liner ("meum" can be linked well to Mummolin). The "EspeRANCE" motto of FITCH's goes to the Rance river, right beside the Meu, and Rance's/Rynds even have the triple chevrons of Muschats/MontFITCHets (Essex, same as Rains/Raines, from Rennes near the Meu) in colors reversed. JUGon (near the Meu), part of the JUDGE bloodline, is only about 15 miles west of the Rance. I'm going to use the McGee hockey game here that's suspect with a future SCOTUS win for Christians (suggests a bitter defeat for Roberts), and so watch how English Roberts square up to this picture.

The Rance river is near Dol, home of Alans, and Padds/Padburys share the Alan fesse. Rance-like Rains/Raines' ("JUDicium") share the Patty/Padey lion, and use a "leges" motto term while Leghs/Lighs (Cheshire, same as Judge-related Meschin liners) share the Rance/Rynd lion. While the Rand variation of Rance's/Rynds is probably in the motto of Rinds, note that PADDs/Padburys (Putton / Rance colors) use mill RINDS, while Jim McGee kicked out his LEG PAD trying to stop my goal. Putts/POTs can be in the "flower pot" of Rinds (because Flowers share the Potter cinquefoil), McGee's (Dumfries, same as Leggs and Patents/Putins) have the Judd/Jugg and Mea/Meigh boar heads, white, like the one in the Rance/Rynd/Rand Crest.

I'm going to the Cottons here, who came to topic with Mellanson's cotton swab, and I showed how "bundle" is part of the Cotton description while Mellansons, with the same fesse as Putts/Pots, use "bundles of rods." Bundle's/Bunds use bird LEGs, you see, while the Mellansons / Hockeys / Hazels (share Pots/Paux fesse) share the crescents of Kicks. As I always say that McGee KICKed out his knee pad (it's the only way to say it), that event now looks like God wants it as a leg-pad kick, absolutely. The Mellanson fesse is in both colors of the Poe fesse, and Poe's come up below linkable to Patents/Putins/Padyns, how about that. It's because the Po river was the Padus.

It seems that God made me Mellanson's hockey coach for this reason of linking his cotton swab to the McGee hockey game about a decade earlier. We saw the German Rolls of SWABia sharing the Cotton fesse, and then the English Rolls share the Flame / Treby besants! That exclamation mark is explained below. The Flame's share a blank, gold Chief with the Rods in the Mellanson "bundle of rods," and it's also used by Golly-branch Gulls. The MELLANson description says that there "an axe in the MIDDLE," and Middle's use RaGULLY, and perhaps the Milan/MILLEN lion.

This is new: Patents/Putins/Padyns have crescents in flames while English Puttens likewise share the Flame besants. Poe's have more crescents in flames (different color)! That is cool, no small trace of "Padyn" to the Padus = Po river. Patents/Putins/Padyns were first found in Dumfries with Annandale, that being from the Ananes Gauls living between the Tarr-like Taro river and the Trebia, two Po tributaries. The Ananes were probably on the Po itself, you see. And STEVE Tarr passed the puck to me for the McGee goal! Steve's were shown connectable to Cottons, and so STEVE Mellanson's cotton swab is linking to the McGee game. Ear-like Eyers use another Leg!

[Insert -- An hour after writing here, I was on Obama's skateboard-on-RAMP scene, and because it was preceded by a dance in which he kicked his leg toward me, I went back to the Kick write-up, seeing that they were first found in Wurtzenberg, though I could not find such a place, and was hoping it would be in SWABia. I then found one article on a google-result page having "Bade-Wurtzenberg" as a version of "Baden-Wurttemberg", and it just so happens that Wurttemberg is in Swabia. The HOHENzollerns were from Swabia, and Hohens use a Shield of CHECKs while Kicks are also Kecks. Is there to be a connection between McGee's leg kick and that of Obama's? Looks like.

So, I decided to load McGee's again, followed by Judds/Juggs (raGULLY pattern on fesse points to goalies), and this is what was found in the latter's write-up which I've not noted before, or at least not since Obama was in the ramp scene: "As a forename the first entry was Judde RAMPE who was found in the Assize Rolls of 1246. This custom continued as Judde Clubbe was found in the Assize Rolls for Cheshire in 1260". As there were two Obama's on the ramp, identical, as when one sees double, it's suddenly notable that Double's/DoBELLs (a bell) look like they could be kin of both McGee's (same place as Bells) and Judds/Juggs. As my goal on McGee seems to be on the defeat of judge Roberts, I'd say this criminal fiend is in cahoots with Obama's illegal shadow government. I'm finally beginning to understand why Obama was on a ramp, wow, a long-time coming. The dream was four years ago exactly from the first or second week of this February (this update ends on February 1).

There's more, for as Wurttemberg is paired with the neighboring Baden area, note that English Badens are listed with Battants, for ROMPs/Ramps use lions "comBATTANT"! Badens/Battants share axes with Mellansons and Board-like Bordens! Obama was on a skateborden, so to speak, when on the ramp. The McGee write-up suggests that they are of MacHeths of the Moray area, and I trace MacHeths with the bat of Moray's Randolphs to Baths (both share the cross of Mea's/Meigh's in turn having the McGee boar heads), first found in Somerset with Badens/Battants. Bath is a location in Somerset near the source of the Axe river.

Plus, I'm not lying, that this insert was written at least a day after I used "romp" not far below as per our win over McGee's team! Incredible. You're going to see this: "It's interesting that I used "romp" because Romps/Ramps share combattant lions (different color) with the Fore Crest." It was written yesterday (January 30) at the earliest as I write this insert. End insert]

I don't know whether Mellanson said he was going to "pull" the swab out of the ear versus "take" it out, but Pullys are Sabine kin while Sabine's and their Samnites branch are suspect with the Nordic Suebi, allies of the Samnite-like Semnones, and the Suebi are known to have named SWABia!!! Plus, the Lombards were a fellow tribe of Suebi while MELLANsons have a Coat reflection of the Maurels, first found in MILAN, the Lombardy capital!!! ZIKERS, look at that suddenly.

I trace Flavius Petro of Sabina, father of Mr. Sabinus, to Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's (share Padd/Padbury fesse) of Pavia, near Milan. Padova's are listed with PARRi's/PARINs/PatRINO's, possibly explaining the "parium" motto term of Reno-like Rains/Raines', for I think the "FLAMing star" or PERo's/PERINo's (PIEDmont) is the Reines "comet." The Reno-like Reines' point to Pad-like PEDophiles in connection with Comet Ping Pong pizza.

Padova is where Abreu's/Abruzzo's were first found whose upright lion is in the colors of the Robert lion, and this goes back to the Robert-Bruce kings from Abruzzo liners through Brescia, beside lake Garda. Brescia is near the mouth of the Trebia river upon the PADus river while Cottons were first found near the first-known Gards and Roberts, and then, as per Aurelia Cotta, Aurelia's were first found in Padova province, near lake Garda. Cotta's are Cottons too. Aurelia Cotta was mother to Julius Caesar, and thus she's the ancestor of goalie-like Gollys/Gulls. McGee the goalie.

With the Roberts clinched as Meschin-line kin, the Gardner- and Garda-connectable Eggs/Edge's (Cheshire) may have the spread eagle in the Crest of English Roberts (Kent, same as Gards) because these Roberts share the Gard (and Cotton) chevron. This underscores the other pointers of judge Roberts to Gard elements.

I'm going to suggest that the chevron of English Roberts has the Palin stars because Palins, who named the Plain variation of Platers (giant FITCHee), share the Welsh Robert lion, or the black lion in the Gernon / Robert Crest. Plains/Platers share the Sales/SALLETT fleur-de-lys, and Sabina is along the SALTo river to Rieti (home of Flavius Petro). They are also the Netherfield and Tie stars, and Tie liners stand a good chance, with Tease/Tye liners, of being from the Ticino/Tessin river, where Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's were first found. That works.

Pullys and Sabine's share red scallops with Janice-like Janis'/Jeans. My no-show for Janice Netherfield could be considered a tease from her point of view. It's just that Netherfields are in the colors of Tease-connectable Manfields, and the score was tied while Tye's are listed with Tease's. The red Tie/Thy/Thigh animal (fox or wolf, I can't be sure) is shared by Arena's. I asked Netherfield for a date to the Markham arena.

Ahh, lookie: I've just looked up the Fore's as per Tarr's four goals in the McGee romp, and the Travers (share white boar head with McGee's) in the Fore motto share the scallops of Irish Judge's/Juge's, not forgetting that McGee's share the Judd/Jugg boar head (both colors). English Judge's/Juggs, in colors reversed from Fore's, share leopard faces (different colors) with the other McGee's. That's purdy good. Plus, English Judge's/Juge's share the leopard faces of Fitch's, the latter in Fore colors.

It's interesting that I used "romp" because Romps/Ramps share combattant lions (different color) with the Fore Crest. Romps/Ramps were first found in Cumberland, and while the Travers scallops are also those of Meschins, see the Travers write-up for the lord of Cumberland: "'In the time of the Conqueror, Robert de Travers or d'Estrivers, Baron of Burgh-upon-Sands, married the daughter of Ranulph de MESCHINES, Lord of Cumberland...'" I now think I know why Obama was on a RAMP when on his skateboard, for Skate's were first found in Norfolk with Dunhams while Dunham-Masci was home to Meschin liners. Travers are suspect from Treviso/TARvisium (just outside of Padova), perhaps named by a Tarr branch. Netherfields share the Coat, essentially, of Hamons (Kent, same as Meschin-related Roberts sharing Netherfield / Hamon stars), and Hamon de Masci lived at Dunham-Masci.

Zikers, can we see why it's vital that Tarrs should be of the Travers since Steve Tarr got the Fore goals, so to speak. That's perfect. The Tarves' have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Dutch Tromps. In that game, he was on skates in the CORNER of the skateboard-connectable boards for assisting my goal, and Corners/Garners, said to have been Gardners, share the Dunn sword design. Scottish Dunns (Angus, same as Gardens / Jardins) might just have the eagle of Eggs/EDGE's, traceable to the Adige past Garda. The DEFENDer (defenseman) who should have been GUARDing me in front of the net, went after Tarr in the corner, and Tarr skated around him and passed it to me. "Defend" is a motto term of Lennox's/Levenax's sharing the Jardin saltire.

PLUS, get a load of this: the Fore fesse is also that of Whalers/Wheelers while Whalleys share the black canton SQUARE with Whale's/Whele's, and while Ratcliffs were at Whalley, John Ratcliffe was depicted by the 17th squirrel while Squirrels/SQUARE's were first found in Worcestershire with Whalers/Wheelers! What a nice-little packet of goods to go along with the four goals, but there is also the "AVITO" motto term of Whalers/Wheels to prove that Fore's were their kin, for Vito's were first found in Travers-like Treviso/Tarvisium! That looks like evidence that Mr. Ratcliffe's revelations to somebody will end up in court for some kind of solid, final victory.

OHHH WOOWIE. It just so happens that the Whaler/Wheeler lions are shared by Tricks. Maybe the hat-trick game may represent an effect of a Ratcliffe report. Tricks (and Drigs) are in Fore / Whaler/Wheeler colors all-around. These colors are also of the Weres croziers, the latter surname first found in Devon with COMBs and the Darts in the darts of Drigs (almost the Trick Coat), and it just so happens that Drigs were first found in CUMBERland with Romps/Ramps. Weres' share the white lion in Crest with Fore's, and while Weres are said to have been on the Axe river (starts in Somerset), axes are used by Battants/Badens suspect in the comBATTANT lions of Fore's. "COMBattant" can be code also for Combs and CUMBERs (the latter have a comb on their peacock's head).

[Insert -- Romps/Ramps of CUMBERland have BROWN lions combattant, and the Browns (Cumberland too) with a brown lion are Bruno kin, namers of Brunswicks sharing the Robert / Gernon lion, which can now suggest that Obama was happy on his skateboard as per judge Roberts letting him go free from prosecution, for had election-fraud cases gone forward, I'll bet Obama would be discovered in the thick of it. Browns love the Flore's and Flora's in their motto because Bruno's were from Florence.

It was after writing the paragraph above that I went up to add an insert where the McGee kick-leg event jibed with Obama's kick-leg event, when finding Judde RAMPE, at which time it seems the there is to be an Obama-Roberts connection. As th McGee Coat is in the colors and format of Clubs (Cheshire), here's the Judd/Jugg write-up again: "As a forename the first entry was Judde Rampe who was found in the Assize Rolls of 1246. This custom continued as Judde CLUBBE was found in the Assize Rolls for Cheshire in 1260." End insert]

"Ranulph Bricasard," probably Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, father of earl Meschin, is in the Travers write-up too, and here we can glean from the Bricks and Brix's/Brests that this line was from Brescia, for it's beside lake Garda while the Travers and Judge's/Judds both share the chevron of English Gardners (Oxfordshire, same as Board-like Brothers/Broaders) while German Gardners share the Judge/Juge / Travers / Meschin scallop. The Gardner brothers were at the top of this insert. The Travers boar head is colors reversed from the one of Gardens/Jardens and Jarrets.

Okay, so we now have a clue that Obama on his skateboard is about my 6-2 hockey game where he gets trounced, explaining why he was disappointed with the gardener in the very next scene. That was the end of the dream. Judge Roberts looks like the gardener.

I can add that Tie's/Thy's/Thigh's are in the "thy" motto term of FOSTERs/Forrests, for the Fore's above are also Forests. Mr. FOSTER got judge Scalia to go hunting on Poindexter's ranch, and Foster flew down with him. Scalia left his body guards in Houston after flying to its airport, and when he and Foster flew by a small plane (recall the gardner brothers and I on a small plane out of BUTTONville airport) to Poindexter's ranch, Scalia was murdered there. Lin Wood thinks Roberts was partially responsible.

Back now to the Sage's in the Bradford motto. End insert]

Continued from Bongino Bow

Here's the last paragraph of the previous section before the Roberts insert intruded upon it:

Scottish Mansells share flames in Crest with Bongino- / Beng-like BENJamins. Bongino's are suspect with the bow. While Scottish Mansells and Bows/Boughs together got us to Rabbs / Rabys, English Mansells use a "me" motto term while Meighs/Mea's are also Mee's. It's just that the latter are expected from the Meu river some ten miles from rain-connectable Rennes, and Bongino's may be using a RAINbow. A rainbow is definitely used by German Sage's in the "sage" motto term of Bradfords, and the latter is where BINGleys were first found. Perfect.

In grade six, at 11 years old, Brenda Sage was in my class, and she lived directly beside Doug Wallace. Why do I remember that guy's name, I was never his friend? Might it be a pointer to Chris Wallace of Fox, the moderator who started to bury Trump at his first debate with Biden? It was a shocker for pro-Trumpers to learn that Wallace was pro-Biden. Wallace's share the giant MOWbray lion, and Mows/MOLE's share the DOUGlas stars. DOUG Wallace. Douglas' share the salamander in flames with sage-like Sagans/Segans. How did that happen? Did Doug Wallace's parents know heraldry, and for that reason they bought a house beside the Sage's? For how long had Chris Wallace acted an anti-Trump mole in Republican camps before he could hide it no more

I can now prove that God wants us at the rainbow Sage's, as part of the tip-in goal, because they are also Segers/Saegers while German Seagers have the quadrants of Woodheads in colors reversed. The Woodhead and Bingley Crest wings are almost the two in the Crest of English Seagers (on gold, one white, wing). We saw two white wings in Crest with German Brods/Brots.

Rainbow-using Sage's were first found in Pomerania with Trumps and Pence-like Penz's. Penns/Pence's (plates) almost share the pellet with French Binneys and the Bingley Crest, how about that. Rennes is near Dol, and "Doloque" is a motto term of Scottish Binneys. There is an ex-CIA whistle-blower, William Binney, who attacks the deep state regularly.

The source of the Meu is about 10 miles from the Rance river, and Rance's/Rants' (share white boar head with Meighs'/Mea's and Judds/Juggs) can thus be gleaned in the "HonoRANTES" motto term of English Mansells. If we think that Mansells should speak on the tease / scripted parts of this election-fraud war, consider that the giant Rance/Rant lion is that also of Pence-like Penz's/Pentz's. The latter apparently share the red leopard of French Clairs while Penns/Pence's use a "CLARum" motto term.

I'm not familiar with Penz's/Pentz's, but they can go well with the pant stain of Lorraine because it pointed to trashy Bill Barr, who says his FBI could not find systematic election fraud. Yes, not a wonder, because Wray didn't look for it. So, Barr was telling the truth (he didn't see any fraud), but with a snake-tongue because he didn't direct Wray to look in the right places or with the right attitude, no doubt at all. Ahh, the grass stain, and then Stains share the double fesses of Clements/CLERMonts (Breconshire, same as Powells) who share the Chief of the Pentz-related Clairs. Good one! Lorraine's balcony, on the night of her grass stain, pointed to James Comey (see last update), who was replaced by useless Wray.

The last time I saw Lorraine, she was carrying an infant child, and then Lorraine's and Pense's (not "Pence") share the Child eagles. Children? The white rabbit in general has become a symbol of pedophiles. Does Pence's rabbit point to them? Is he in those circles? "Pense" is a motto term of the Eskins/Erskins, first found in Rennes-line Renfrewshire. Raines-branch Wrens (share Rain/Raines lion) use a broken spear for Speers of Renfrewshire. The Reines' (not "Raines") point to Comet-Ping-Pong pedophilia (see last update) in Washington, and while Eskins/Erskins named Eschyna de Molle, Molle's share the boar head of Eskin-like Schims/Schiens (same place as Skins/Skene's) who share the Washington Chief. I think this is loaded because Skins/Skene's share the wolf heads of Lows while MOWbrays were at St. Lo's MontBRAI's while Bra in Piedmont is the pointer to pedophilia. Molle's are also Mows, you see, and we can even say that one mows the grass in order to give someone a grass stain. Pence's use PLATEs, connectable to Pelosi's/PILATI's, first found beside Bra.

Brays (legs) use a "flax BREAKER," and while my shin-pad slide was the tie-breaker, Shins/Chinns/Chings are like the Skins / Schiens while the latter's Mole/Mow kin use a "Post" motto term. This is incredible because I slid past the goal post while tipping in the puck. Note that Chinn-like Cheneys were first found in Buckinghamshire with Penns/Pence's, for Liz Cheney, a Republican like Pence, voted to impeach Trump. Dick Cheney's wife is line-like Lynne, and the puck stopped on the goal line. Plus, I went for a fall to my KNEE / shin pads, and Posts share the FALLS/Fallis lion while "flax" should be code for Flags/Flacks in order to spell a FALSE FLAG operation. By who?

There is no doubt at all that the "riots" on January 6 were staged to make Pence's betrayal of Trump look justified. Perhaps the puck did not cross the goal line for the Trump win because Pence-and-company were obstructions to Trump's victory. Mole's/Mows do share the Knee phoenix. Pence was a mole in the Trump camp all along and should be shot in a public square.

If we are to look at the trickling puck as Trump's trickling and fizzing-out of his 2020 election fight, then what could the tip-in-goal represent but Trump's coming win somehow? I don't see how, at this time, without cases going soon to SCOTUS.

Whose Tease Jobs Might Mansells Indicate?

Pence's family has/had a white rabbit for a pet. Bunnys, in the colors and format of Manfields, were first found in Nottinghamshire with Manfields and Tease's/TYE's. The reason I said above, "If we think that Mansells should speak on the tease / scripted parts of this election-fraud war", it's because they share the Manfield Coat. Thus, Pence can point to that tease situation by his pet bunny too. Bunnys are in the colors and format also of Raby- / Rabb-like Rabbits, and Rabys / Rabbs came to topic from the Mansell motto. Rabbits were at Bramfield, and the Bramfields have a star-version of the Lorraine-bend-with-Child eagles.

The Bunny write-up: "Others think the name could have been from place BOUGnies, a Norman village in Belgium." That tends to check out because Bunnys are essentially in Book/Bogg colors and format, which are the colors and format also of Manfields and Mansells. In the 1979 dream, where I think Ratcliffe appears amongst the codes, the subject of the dream was Sleeping Beauty, and Beautys (share black bull with Ratcliffs of Whalley, and Walerans) are also BOWds/BoWOODs, first found beside Bow- and Book-related Roets. Bows/Bough's share the bow with BOUGNies-like Bogans, the latter being in the colors of Bugs' (until recently, first found in Nottinghamshire with Manfields) There you have Bugs Bunny, folks. The Bugs' are now said to be first found in Dorset with Bowds/Beautys, no guff. What does this all mean?

I kid you not, that while Bugs Bunny loved carrots, the Carrots/Carews were Carrick kin, and Bugs' share the Carrick fesse. Carricks have "Garde" in their motto, and that's the line around which judge Roberts festered. The Bugs fesse is that also of Coneys having white rabbits. Pence has pointed to this thing. The Roet and Bow/Bough motto, "QUAERere," is for Quare's/Carre's (Cornwall, same as Bogans) sharing the Carrot/Carew lion. And Walerans are from Waleran de Leavell at CARY castle, you see. Quare's/Carre's use "recti," and Pence's use "rectum." A "bugger" is one who abuses boys sexually.

Robin Hood lived in Nottinghamshire, where Bugs were said to be first found for a decade or longer, and German Bogans (with the bow in Bug colors) use a man with a bow in pointed HAT, as do DALTONs (share HATter fesse) said to have been in Nottinghamshire. Hatters have the split Gardner / Brothers colors (i.e. pointers to John Roberts). Clearly, this is ROBIN Hood, and the Sleeping Beauty of the 1979 dream, on Epstein's island, represented an Epstein hooker; she was first seen at the HOOD of a CAR. French Robins can be a branch of Propers/ROBERTs/Robins, you see.

Lin Wood claims that Pence and Roberts are pedophiles. They say that the name of "John Roberts" appears on a passenger list of Epstein's plane, and here we can add that while Daltons use Robin Hood, DALTON school hired Jeffrey Epstein when Bill Barr's father was its principal.

They say that Bill Richardson of New Mexico, where Epstein has a ranch, was also caught with Epstein, and Richardsons (Cheshire, same as Malpas', Belwoods and Nichols/Nickle's) are said to have been Belwoods, lords of Malpas, and then Malpas' (at BOUGHton), BelWOODs, and Robins all have versions of one anothers' Coats, all sharing the pheon (different color) with Nichols/Nickle's of Malpas. As I said, Cindy Richardson, daughter of my pastor Richardson, pointed to Comet-Ping-Pong pedophilia. I can't think of much worse pain for God that pedophilia, but I have no idea how he tolerates it, and can only conclude that He deems it necessary to justify eternal death for them and those who support them.

It's a no brainer that they would elevate one another into positions of power along with faggots, and this is the end-time Sodom, ruled by the worst of humanity, all wearing angelic masks. God is revealing the faces behind the masks even as they think they are getting away with power programs, but only because He allows it for their utter pains in the end. Do dastardly, and then take your beds in Hell.

The "JUDicium" motto term of Rains/Rennes' is code for Judicael of Rennes (likely the line to Judds/Juggs and Judge's/Juge's), which smacks of the supreme court again. The "leges terrae" motto phrase of Rains/Rennes' may be of the Terres variation of Tarrs, and as Leggs almost have the Trump stag head, we may thus propose that Tarr's slap shot, because it didn't go over the goal line -- after knocking the goalie down and bouncing over his head -- was thanks to Mike Pence's last-minute betrayal of Trump on January 6. If not mistaken, Ratcliffe, who's in the tip-in goal, released his China news on January 7. That works.

Plus, while Sedans use "sino" to indicate Ratcliffe's Chinese evidence, "sine" is a motto term of goalie-like Gollys (compare with English Julians) and Gulls (compare with German Julians). Julians are a branch of Giuliani's, and Trump's election drowning also drowned his top lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. The latter has not stated any details on why Trump gave up the fraud cases that he (Giuliani) started toward the supreme court. This is Trump's betrayal of the people, part of his sick, tease-y attitude. Why won't Trump come clean on why he ceased with the SCOTUS cases, since that is the very-important business of the people? Why won't Bongino talk about this gross misconduct of Trump? Because he's a half-news man.

The "Quod" motto term of Scottish Mansells tends to prove that it's code for Code's, for the latter share the raven with the Arms of Man, and with Rabe's/Rabbs (not "Raby") probably in the "honorRABO" motto term of English Mansells (same Coat as Scottish Mansells). The MANsell MAUNCH traces well to the MANX people in the Isle of Man. "Mens" is a motto term of Crystals who have the Raby cross in colors reversed. Mamie the tease (see her in the last update) represented the Mansell-branch Mansfields (maunch), as well as the Mens/Mame's who are said to have been in GLENlyon (Glennys share the Mens/Mame Chief).

Glenn-like Glynns probably named Glynn, where a branch of Brods/Broads were first found who are Sedan connectable through Dents. Glynn is in Cornwall with Code's. Glynns look like they use the whale harpoon, and Harp(er)s use "forTIS." I'll come back the Harps below. Glynn-like Cline's share the Coat of Cluns, the latter first found in Perthshire with Glenlyon.

Let me show how important Code's are here, for they happen to share the chevron of Tiss'/Teace's, a Tease/TYE branch, likely (the hockey game was a tie): "'The manor of METHLEIGH, {in the parish of Breage, Cornwall} was formerly the property of Sir Thomas Arundell, of Truthall in SITHNEY, from whom it passed by sale to the family of Coode...'" Look at that Sidney-like location. Plus, what are the chances that Methleigh-like Methleys (Yorkshire, same as Tie's and early Sedans) share a version of the Tie Coat!!!? Dutch Tie's are listed with Thigh's, and Mamie got her thigh symbol the day after her tease symbol. The Code's led us to this Tie surname, and Code's are in the motto of Manfield-branch Mansells! It appears Arranged by God in an effort to place Sidney Powell at the tip-in goal, though up to this point she has amounted to a tease because she's backed down (Dominion sued her for $1.3B).

Methleys have three of the double fesses of Bingleys, and the latter came up as per my banging into the boards after BREAKing the tie. Breakers/Breach's/BRECKs (share antelope with Bangs/Bings/Bengs!!!) were first found in Shropshire (= Salop) with Medlicote of the Welsh Motleys, a branch of Medleys, apparently, who in turn share a version of the Methley and Tie Coat. Incredible, for Breakers are new right here to discussions on that tip-in goal, and Powells were first found in BRECKnockshire. Tarr and I had a two-on-one BREAK-away, but, perhaps not seeing me a little behind him, he decided to take a SLAP shot when he got inside the blue line. Breakers/Brecks were first found in Slap-like Salop!!!

Bradfords were first found in Morley, and Morleys/Maule's (Yorkshire, same as Morley) love the Clements in their motto, the latter first found in Brecknockshire too. It just so happens that these Clements (Flynn-Chief besants?) share (almost) the double fesses of Bingleys (in the colors of the three of Methleys). It had been suspect that my BANGing into the BOARDs, which brought Bingleys to topic in the first place, was to bring BRADfords into the discussion, and here we are. David Morley was in the SLEEPING-bag dream, and elements from Sleeps (Shropshire) probably named Salop.

How did we get to the Meadows? Starting from the Methleigh manor purchased by Code's...who apparently named MotleyCOTE's of Motleys. But this can also go the deep-state actor, Dan COATS, whose job as intelligence chief Ratcliffe took over.

Motleys, who can be traced excellently to Motts at the Meu river, and so we maybe should predict that William Binney might have something to do with my goal against Jim McGee in the championship match, for the McGee boar heads link to Meu-river elements (included a Mott and/or Motte location). The goal on McGee was assisted by Tarr while he was right in the corner of the BOARDs. As was said, Rain/Raines-suspect Rennes is a few miles off the Meu, and then English Motleys were at Rainham (Yorkshire, same as Medleys). And Rainhams share the Flynn Chief!!! Zikers. General Flynn has become a party with the efforts of Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell. Unless they are all faking it and giving us the big tease. But, even so, my goals still stand because this heraldry looks unassailable. If they are fakes, expect God to win the game they prevented a win for.

As per the tip-in goal that had some resistance from the likes of Pence, Medleys were first found in Sussex, where Meads were once said to be first found, and Meads are a branch of Meadows while Mark Meadows, Trump's chief of White-House staff, betrayed Trump (with Pence) and snubbed Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell when the latter two tried to urge Trump to fight on in bigger ways. Talk about teases. We first heard that Trump made Powell into a special counsel with power to make arrests, then changed his mind when Meadows wouldn't let her into the White House to see Trump. Lindell had a similar story, but it all smacks of fakery. Let's wait and see what happens

Repeat: "Glynns look like they use the whale harpoon...'" It just so happens that the Whalley canton-with-mascle is like the Bingley canton-with-pheon. Dents of Sedbergh were in West Yorkshire, as were Woodheads (share Bingley-Crest wings) of BRADford (Bingleys were in Bradford too). Woodheads even share the red cinquefoil with Bennys. I can link Woodheads to the Bury location where Ratcliffe's were first found, because Burys use a version of the Leslie bend-with-buckles, and because Woodheads have the fast quadrants in colors reversed while Leslie love the Fasts in their motto.

Moreover, Powells and their Fenn/Venn kin share the green griffin with Leslie's and Bards, while Bards share the gold boar with the Crest of Irish Burys and Harps ("SUAVIS"). Can this serve as proof, now, that Glynns use the HARPoon? Lennox's were at Woodhead while Harps were at Lennox. Woodheads share the wing symbol in Crest with Irish Leslie's (SUAVEZ"), and Woodheads were first at BURley Woodhead while Burleys (Bauer branch, I'm sure) use more boars. I know as a fact that I was wearing Johnny-Bower brand skates for the tip-in-goal, and Bowers, sharing the green Shield with Burleys (beside Beautys/Bowds), also have the five arrows of Beautys/BOWds, the latter sharing to motto of Roets (Somerset, same as Burleys). Roets can thus be gleaned as proto-Rothschilds because the latter arose from green-Shield Bauers. Plus, the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild are colors reversed from the same of Woodheads.

Oh wow. Recall the "tibi" motto term in the quote at the top of this page, having to do with the tip-in goal, because "Quod tibi" is a motto term of Rams, and Code's came from the "quod" motto term of Mansells. Tarr's slap show was definitely a ram shot (he tried to ram the puck through, for sure). I had said:

I tipped the puck into the net, and it just so happens that Tippits (share "non" with Newtons) are in Tibb/Tibbit colors while Newtons [shin bones] have a "tibi" motto term. Tibbs/Tibbits use cats probably for the Keith / Kettle Catti (the Keith Chief almost has the three-and-three pale bars of Coats/Cotes'). The "bon" motto term of Hicks can apply because Newtons use a "Huic" motto term.

There we have the Coats again...and this section of this discussion may reveal that Mark Meadows was in cahoots with Dan Coats (= avidly anti-Trump Republican). Miss Hicks of the 1979 dream moved to about ten miles from the home of John Ratcliffe.

I claimed that God predicted the replacement of Dan Coats with Mr. Ratcliffe when Coats was portrayed by a mouse I first saw under my fridge. Thanks to the tissue paper it chewed out of a hole, I discovered that this mouse had gotten onto my floor through a hole in the floor in my COAT closet, directly under a tankless water HEATer. John Ratcliffe, former mayor of HEATH, still lives in Heath. The small hole I had left in the floor was intended for an over-flow hose from the heater (not yet installed). This mouse was found dead the next day in a mouse trap beside the RAT trap used in earlier years to catch 16 squirrels (it's all recorded in my updates) in the attic (all caught in a one-month period). Ratcliffe was the 17th squirrel that got away...because he was placed in charge of 16 Intelligence agencies, his being the 17th, previously directed by Dan Coats. The symbolism is perfect.

As I said, a certain DAN was at my place shortly after this mouse had been caught, and opening the door to the coat closet (I did not send him into it), he asked what the thing was hanging on the wall. It was the hot-water tank. God thereby apparently solidified the evidence that this dead mouse was a pointer to DAN Coats.

More recently in a dream, I walked into a walk-in freezer at the home of RAY Luff, and that freezer room had doubled as a COAT closet, but I didn't know for months after trying to explain that dream that "Ray" is Dan Coats' middle name. Rays have a version of the Freeze Coat. Ray and his wife were given wagging / waving green snakes for tongues, obvious symbolism for liars / deceivers / players. We were at their Tibb-like TABLE when they both flashed their tongue's, and TIPleys share the Table Coat. How can this possibly relate to the tip-in goal?

When seeing the snake-tongue's, I promptly got up to leave, but instead of going out the front door, I went into a door beside the front door, which was at first known by me to be a walk-in freezer, yet, in being beside the front door, it must have been the coat closet. Why would a Coat closet be used as a walk-in freezer? There was nothing in this all-white room, however, though I saw a busy office through the back wall (I could see through it) of this closet. Secret office? Was it Ratcliffe's office hard at work, seeing that the closet may have been empty due to Dan Coats being fired by Trump? I think that makes a lot of sense.

I BASHed into the boards and got the victory. Bash's were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs/CHILLs. Freezers are chill rooms. Childs/Chills share the ROAD eagle, and SCOTUS-like Scotts with the Catherine-ROET wheels were at CHILham castle. That works. Bash's share the Wray martlets, and Wray put the freeze on election-fraud arrests. SCOTUS has likewise put the deep-freeze on election-fraud cases. If my goals represent victories through the SCOTUS eventually, note the "Amo" motto (full motto) of Scottish Scotts, for if SCOTUS decides for Trumpers, I think we can see ammo fly from Democrats (the same ones who would keep Republicans from using guns). Scotts of Chilham share the black griffin with Bullet-like Bolts, and Bullets share the bull's SCALp with Cheneys while Scale's were likewise first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's and Chills. The Griffins use a motto phrase, "Ne vile," and Nevile's (Durham) were at Raby while Rabys share the Bash crosslet. Purdy good stuff.

By the way, Lord BRAYbrooke is in the Nevile write-up as a descendant of Nevills, and Braybroke's, new to me here, were first found in Northamptonshire with Brays/Brae's (Bunny and Rabbit colors and format) and Quince's/Quincys, the latter having a different-colored version of the Braybrook Coat. As this is a Bra line expected to be of the Pence-and-company teasers, note that Nevile's share the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire. I didn't arrange that. Nevile's may have been from Scottish Neve's and Navys because Neve's have a reflection of the Ellis Coat while Ellis' use a "woman" while a woman's face is in the Braybrook Crest.

Braybrook is in Rothwell while Rothwells are listed with Rowells in the "SPUR rowells" of Penz/Pentz-like Panthers/Panters! Zinger. Bra-related Coneys (white rabbits) are moreover a good pointer to Amy Coney Barrett on the SUPReme while Spurrs are a SUPER branch. Did the puck rowell to the net? Was Coney Barrett part of the obstruction that took away Trump's win? Yes. And wasn't the trickling / rolling puck thought to be a symbol of Trump's weakening post-election fight? Yes. And didn't that fight weaken when SCOTUS indicated it wouldn't see Trump's cases until after January 20. YES.

The double chevrons of Rothwells/Rowells are even shared by Ash's ("noBIS") said to descend from Mr. COURT! Ash's were first found in Devon with the Trebys sharing the Rothwell/Rowell besants. Biss' share the Judge/Jugg scallops. "Nobis" is shared by Franks having the POKE/Pollock and Blade saltire. After the puck rowelled to the line, it was poked in as a pointer to ROTHSchild ancestry. ROTHwells/Rowells (Lincolnshire, same as Kinns) even share the double chevrons of Kinns in the Kay motto, and that goes to the shin-pad slide that TIPPed in the puck as a pointer to Mr. Ratcliffe's China report. Kays share the double bends of Ratcliffs.

AHH WOW, ASHtons were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs, and so I went to google to find how close Ashton is to Radcliffe, and found that Ashton is called, Ashton-under-LYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. It did, it did, rowell to the goal lyne. It's about six miles from RadCLIFFE. And the Quids in the Ashton motto are listed with Quade's who happen to share the three CLIFF wolf heads. Ashton-like Astons share a black bull head with Ratcliffs, bingo.

Astons have the look of the Brod/Broad Coat, and the latter use a savage in Crest while I think that Davenports (Cheshire, same as Astons and Savage's) have a savage head in Crest. Davenports were at ASTbury, a possible Aston branch, and Astons (share Ashbury fesse) happen to share the Board (not "Broad") martlets, in colors reversed from the martlets of Birds/BURDs (Cheshire, beside Derbyshire and Lancashire). I hit the boards after poking the puck over the line. Davenports are said to have married KINDERtons, and Kinds/Kinders (Derbyshire, same as Ashburys) are in the Kay motto right beside the Kinns.

LOOKIE: German Ash's were first found in SWABia. The cotton swab was a Q-TIP! The Q-shaped scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's is for Quids/Quade's! There you go, folks, what looks like God's design in the Mellanson Q-tip as a pointer to my winning goal. I always connect Quade's with QUADRatus Bassus, and with QUATRefoils, and it just so happens that ear-like Eyers use quatrefoils! Beautiful. QuadRATUS was suspect in being named partly after Sub Radice (Thrace), the possible line to Rats/Raids and Ratcliffs.

As I said, Oullette and I PRAYed so that blood would not be found on the Q-tip, and Prays happen to share the triple white wolf heads (different background color) with the Scarfs! The Traby Q is called a scarf. It has a KNOT in it, and I gave Mellanson a note that was a pointer to Note's/Cnuts/KNOTs!!! INCREDIBLE! The latter surname shares the white unicorn with Swabs. I wonder whether there's a Wax surname. There is, but as I was loading Wax's, I recalled that I was WAKing in the morning when He told me to write the note. I was in bed. I've just found that Wakers/Walkers almost have the "Honeste" motto term of Craigie's who in turn share the Note/Cnut and Mellanson crescents. I'm not sure if that belongs, but there you go for thought.

I had deleted the entire part above after the ear-wax suggestion, until the Acorns were loaded. They were loaded because Wax's look like the Vice variation of Vise's (Sussex, same as Acorns) who share the black Wax cross. I then loaded Rotherfields because Acorns (share black stag head with Vice's/Vise's) were at Rotherfield, and, voila, the Rotherfields -- first found in Hampshire with the Hones' in the "Honesta" motto term of Wakers/Walkers -- share the Note/Cnut and Mellanson crescents (!), and even the Mellanson fesse! Amazing, God even used ear wax for this.

The 1979 dream that was near this note event had God telling me, "What ARE you WAITing for, it's you she loves, go WAKE [Sleeping Beauty] up." Waits/Weights share the full motto of Hazeltons while Hazels share the Mellanson crescents. That motto includes "focus," which is what found the Fox-like Focks/Fockes' earlier in this update. The Are's are listed with the Scottish Ayer branch of Eyers, and they share the Wait/Weight chevron.

As Sleeping Beauty doubled as Ainsley Earhardt, note that Note's/Cnuts were first found in Derbyshire with ear-like Eyers while NOTTINGhamshire is where Ainsleys were first found. It's as though God gave the note event to prove that Earhardt is the woman in the dream. But why? Does this point to more that trashy Epstein? Why did I seriously believe (back in the 1980s) that Sleeping Beauty would become my wife? There's nothing left to do but wait by my phone for Ainsley's call. It should be coming any day now.

Ayers and Eyers share quatrefoils with Weight-like Wights/White's, and the latter look related to PLAINs/Platers, the pointers to Sewers. Yup, that was when I AIMed and sewered the ball with the paper PLANE, and Aims (not "Aims") are listed with Ainsley-like Ains'. The latter even share wavy blue bars with the other English Platers, and these Platers lived in SOTTERly (Suffolk, same as first-known Plains/Platers), like the SUTER variation of Sewers? How did Platers know I would sewer with a paper plane in my dream? What in tarnation are the chances that Aims'/Amis' share the white quatrefoils with Wights/White's??? Amazing material here, it really is. What does waking up Sleeping Beauty have to do with my sewer shot on Obama's billiard table? It's got the Epstein beast all over it. Beauty and the beast, for Beastons/Bessins have a version of the Aims/Amis Coat, and the latter are said to be from Exmes in the Bessin theater.

Lookie at Wikipedia's Exmes article: "On 1 January 2017, [Exmes] was merged into the new commune GOUFFERn en AUGE." Virginia Giuffre was an Epstein hooker who claimed she was forced to sleep with Alan Dershowitz and prince Andrew. Auge's were first found in Oxfordshire with Gophers/Gofers, and there is a Giuffre surname listed with Goffredo's, in Gopher/Gofer colors. Ahh, the latter has a Gover variation, and Gouffern-like Governs/GOFERANs share the Mellanson Chief! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the Giuffre's almost share the giant SWAB unicorn!!! I always link Giuffre- / Gofer-like Coffers/Coffee's to Motels, and the giant Motel horse is in both colors of the Guiffre unicorn. I think this all works, especially as the Motel Chief has three of the one star in the Giuffre Chief. Plus, Governors/Gouvarnals (Dol) have a cross in Gopher/Gofer-saltire colors.

Sleeping Beauty was also Mrs. Kilpatrick, and Wake-like Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries with the Kilpatricks who share the Perkins lion, while Perkins share the fleur-de-lys of Walks/Wachs. The "Simplex" motto term of Perkins tells me they were from Plancia MAGNA from Perga, a relative of a Mr. Simplex, and Wakers/Walkers use a "magna" motto term. That works, don't fix it. Kilpatricks were on the Nith river of Nitts/NAUGHTs, the Note line again. That helps to understand a little on why the note-on-paper event was close to the 1979 dream, though there's more reason(s) I've yet to realize. Wakers/Walkers even share the Lady annulets.

En-route to purchasing a property down south that turned out to be ten minutes from the Kilpatrick residence, God used an event in Victoria, Texas, that pointed to the Nueces river that I would purchase on, and that pointer was through a coffee purchase that brought Coffee's/Coffers and Motels to topic together in the first place, I kid you not. I won't repeat all that here, as I've told it 20 times or more.

Mrs. Kilpatrick was born Charlotte Hicks, and I'm still waiting to see whether she's a pointer to HOPE Charlotte Hicks, a Trump staffer who was working for Fox news a couple of years ago. Maybe she's a friend of Earhardt. The Mellan besants are used also by Hope's (Derbyshire again) in the "hope" motto term of Note-like Nottens/Naughtens. Amazing, no? Yes. Hicks share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys. Will Hope Hicks go back to Fox now?

Hope's are in Note/Cnut colors and format, and both were first found in Derbyshire with Eyers. Go figure. This seems to be pregnant with meaning, but I haven't yet conceived what it is. Hopefully not another monster. There's a rainbow in the Hope Crest telling Trump he'll never be drowned again with a flood from God. It hurt him, it really did, to win-lose the election like that. Under the rainbow, there's a broken world in the Hope Crest. Yup, that's how Trump left it, and it's only going to get worse under Trump's enemies.

Oh wow, the Sage's in the BRADFORD motto are the others with the rainbow, and when I left Mellanson's party with half the party, the driver took us to BRADFORD! I kid you not. We had never been to that bar before, and this was not to my liking; I didn't drink or dope up. So when we got back, the Spirit came on me while sitting at the kitchen table over-looking the living room, and I was witnessing to the entire party, with the note in my pocket all along. I now know that this is the chronological sequence due to going back into my files.

Sharon then said I was being a fool, then she punched Barry, then she took off upset down the hall to her brother's apartment, but she collapsed at the front door before getting in, and she began screaming on the floor like one possessed. I and others had run down when we heard her, and I got down on one knee, looked up to heaven, and asked Jesus to help her. She stopped yelling immediately. God was exposing Himself that night to whoever would listen. He knew the entire lot of us needed him bad. And after they had laid Sharon down on the couch, I walked back to Steve's place, and he told me then that he was upset about my leaving his party, so I gave him the note, because I had forgotten about it until then. So, you see, God was working; we were all a bunch of drinkers and dopers.

I'd suggest that the Sage-loving Bradfords share the green snake of Seagars, likely a Sage/Seger branch. This is perfect, because Seagars are also Sugars while the Basque goddess, Mari, was married to the snake god, Sugaar, and the Marsi of Italy had a snake goddess, ANGitia, which cult now appears to be related to "Angers" (Anjou), for Steve was angry with me. English Angers were first found in Essex with Brocks and Brooks, the line that named Broc in Anjou. Marsi probably lived all over Sabina, the line to SWABia.

It's interesting that Mellans have the Ratcliff bull-head design, neither looking straight forward nor sideway, same as the bull head of Fane's/Vans. The Honors/Honans are in the mottoes of Mellans and Hangers/ANGERs (Hampshire, same as Hone's), and Mellanson was angry with me for leaving his party. How about that. This is the place to add that while Epstein was reportedly hanged, Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers," and then Cottons use "HANKs of cotton." Hangers/Angers share the escarBUNCle with Angers, a branch of ANCHors, and Epstein reportedly tied the sheet (from his neck) to his bed BUNK. Buncleincidence? Buncle's use buckles. BUCHans and Buchanans were kin of Milans/Millens. It looks like the cotton swab and the note are pointing to Epstein.

Repeat as per the quatrefoils of ear-like Eyers: "QuadRATUS was suspect in being named partly after Sub Radice, the possible line to Rats/Raids and Ratcliffs." There is a Radice surname first found in Udine, only about 50 miles from Bled, and Mellanson BLED from his ear. Bled is on the Sava river right beside Lesce, where I trace buckle-using Leslie's. Between the Sava and Udine is Rijeka/RIKA, where I trace Macey-branch Maxwells, and then RICK was there when I walked on Muschatov's fence, the pointer to Fens'/Venns, kin of Maceys and Fane's/Vans. So, as MUSCHATs share the Epstein Coat, it seems that I walked Muschatov's fence as a pointer to the Epstein-Maxwell partnership. Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein's CEO of his hooker business. There we go. It's a total bummer to see my events pointing to this criminal sickness.

Rijeka is at the Colapis river, where Cups/Cope's/COLPs trace whose cups are used by the pellets on the bull head of Macey-related Fane's/Vans. You see, it seems that God provided this additional way to Maceys / Maxwells to the Arms of Rijeka, and to this we can add that while Maxwells were from king Maccus of Man, that's where cup-using Christine's (share pellet Coat) were first found. The Vannes/Ness and Muscat/Mousquette double fesses are even used by COPElands, and Copeland was ruled my Meschins who married Skiptons of Craven. Cravens, from Croatians, have a version of the Rick Coat because Rijeka is in Croatia.

Well it just so happens that while Mellanson drove a van, Bloods/Bluds share the lodged, brown stag with Maxwells. Bleds happen to have the triple Clare chevrons in colors reversed, and those of Clare's (beside Waters and Muschats) are red, as are the three of Epsteins! Epsteins were first found at Hesse-Nassau, and then, as per Hesse-Cassel, Cassels share the triple Clare chevrons. I think this explains the blood with Mellanson, but why Mellanson? What does that surname got to do with Epstein's enterprise? The Epstein Coat is the one of German Ash's (SWABia) in colors reversed!

Ahh, maybe its got to do with the Mellanson link to Hockeys and Hazels, for Hazels and Hesse's are both Hessels. Recall Sharon Quinn punching Barry on the lip and drawing blood, for it was at Mellanson's place (on the night of the prophetic note). Is Barry a pointer to Barry Soetoro? LIPtons happen to have three black wolf heads too.

Nassau's are also Naso's, and then Italian Naso's/Naseau's (MILL stones) have the look of the Cotton Coat! Zinger, its flowing all out. Naso-beloved Mills (share Milan/Millen stars) were first found in Hampshire with the Hone's/Hones' expected in the Craigie motto term, "HONESte," for Craigie's (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) share the Mellanson crescents. Naso-beloved Stone's, first found in Cornwall with Carrick-branch Carrots/Carews, have a motto linking to proto-Carrick Craigs, and Craigie's. Hazels, sharing the Mellanson crescents too, have a squirrel CRACKing a NUT, and Note's, believeth this thou, are a branch of Nutts/Nottings/Knuts who in turn share the Mellan besants!!! It had slipped my mind all update that Hazels use a squirrel cracking a nut.

Quarrel-liner Carreaux's/Carots share the Mellan besants too, and Mills were first found in Hampshire with Carot-like Carters (share Melon/Mellan greyhound, I assume) who in turn have a wheel-version of the Hazelwood and Hazelton Coats (Miles and Melon/Mellan colors). I'm seeing wheel-using Millers/MUELLER here. Here's from the 4th update in May, 2011, when I was able to access a website showing the descriptions of all surnames at "The Holt squirrel holds a hazel branch, and the Hazel Crest likewise uses a squirrel: 'A squirrel cracking a nut'" (colored text is always someone else's quote, not mine). Why did that website stop allowing access to all of those descriptions? is it because the elite don't want the common peasants to know that heraldry is nothing but a big batch of codework?

So, why is a cotton swab in an ear pointing to Epstein? Ear-like Eyers/Airs/Heyers and Here's/Heyers (linkable to Earhardts) were first found in Derbyshire with ASHburys, and Here's/Heyers share a tree stump (different design) with Italian MILANs. Ash's were in Swabia.

Ahh, Mellans have another blank, gold Chief. Repeat: "The Flame's share a blank, gold Chief with the Rods in the Mellanson 'bundle of rods,'..." Flame's share the Treby besants. Flynns, who share the Mellan besants, happen to have a wolf in both colors of the Scarf wolf heads because the Flynn wolf is from the Arms of Placentia in the TREBia river. That's the Q-scarf bloodline, folks, expected with Mellanson's Q-tip. The Mellan bull head is in the design of the Tipps/Tippin bull head, no guff. Did Epstein use Schwab bank?

The Clement Chief shares three besants with the Treby and Flynn Chiefs, and as Flynns are highly suspect with Flints/Flans, it's notable that Clements (same place as Powells) were first found near Flintshire. Bradfords share hunting horns (different colors) with Breakers/Brecks, and the Flynn Crest shares the green snake with Bradfords (share wolf with Flynns). Bradford is in Morley while Morleys have the Clements in their motto. What could this mean? Are Flynn and Powell snake-tongued liars / players, all part of staged events to play with our heads? The answer may be, no, if God didn't intend the Clement Chief to be a pointer to the Flynn Chief, though the heraldry does suggest they share Chiefs. The other English Clements turn their double fesses into double bends in the colors of the double Ratcliffe bends.

The freezer was at the home of Ray Luff, and Kelly LOEFFler of Georgia turned out to be a traitor to Trump too. But this news is nowhere to be found, no one's been talking about it, as though it was a staged event with Pence. We first of all found the Lin Wood and Sidney Powell were advocating that Republicans of Georgia should not vote for Loeffler at all (on January 5), which made some Republicans suspect that Wood was a fake pro-Trumper. Powell may have changed her tune after the uproar. I read that Loeffler had offered to contest the Georgia electoral votes for Biden in an effort to give them to Trump, which act involved Mike Pence principally, and then, on the 6th, the day of contesting the electoral votes, I read that Loeffler decided not to contest. It was all surreal, as though the Trump team all gave up the ghost at the same time as part of a script written beforehand. Trump himself (through Giuliani's weakened efforts) showed signs of conking out weeks before January 6.

Plus, God had given an ice-CREAM symbol (involves freezers) by both Miss Hanson and Darlene RAY (two teen girlfriends of mine), and then a ram is used by one CREMer surname. English Hansons link to the Whalley mascle because Ratcliffe's were at Whalley, and the last time I saw Miss Hanson, where she sold ice-cream at Sam's Restaurant, I was at the street entryway to Ratcliff Lumber (in Gormley, Ontario). Both of those businesses are still online, though Ratcliff Lumber has gone out of business. German Hansons (share one Lombard Coat) trace to LOMBARDY in at least three ways, like "Lumber." I had noted that Gormleys share the WRAY martlets, and that the Raymond Chief-with-items is in the colors of the Wray Chief-with-martlets.

As Keith Catti (included Kettle's) can be gleaned as a Coats/Cotes branch, note the "vince" motto term of Kettle's, for the Kettle / Keith stag must be the stag of Hattons (share Vince motto). Morleys/Maule's had obtained Hatton of Yorkshire. These stags look connectable to the ones of Greens having Cream-like Greme/Gream variations, and Gormleys are also Grimes' while Grimms/Grime's have the Gormley / Wray martlets in colors reversed. Kettle's even share the red cinquefoil with Woodheads of Morley. Milan is the LOMBARDy capital, and Bono's, first found in Milan, are in the Kettle motto with "maLUM." Lums (Kettle cinquefoils in colors reversed) are a LUMBER branch. What can these links mean as pointers to John Ratcliffe? Lums share the crozier with GREENwich's (Kent, same as Greens/Greams) who in turn use the Coat of Yorkshire's Odins sharing the Bono / Otone/Olten lion for a discovery that Odins and Otone's were Ottone's/Otto's. Auto's/Otto's share the black bull head with Ratcliffe's.

I suppose that green griffins, as used by Powells, for example, can be code for Greens/Greams (Kent, same as Sedan-like Sidneys). As Sedans/Siddens are a branch of Seatons/Sittens (East Lothian, same as Keiths), note the latter's green dragon, symbol also of Morleys. The Green/Gream Coat is shared by Honors suspect in the "honorabo" motto term of Mansells.

Ratcliffe's were at Whalley, and I think we can be sure that whale HARPoons are used by Glynns (in the write-up of savage-using Brods/Broads). Harps have a "suaVIS" motto term, and Ottone VISconti (started with a green snake, now blue) was the first Visconti ruler of Milan. The Harp lion may be the Savage/SAVA lion as per "SUAVis."

The OTONE's/Oltens, first found in Cheshire with HOTTENs (looks like branches), look like kin of neighboring Motleys in slap-like Salop. Tarr took the slap shot, which rammed the goalie, knocked him down, but the puck didn't have enough steam to enter the net. German Pucks can be gleaned as an Ottone/Otto branch. Cremers (ram) were at Crema on the Serio river of Lombardy. Cars/CURRs use a "serio" motto term, and "cura" is shared between Denhams and Motleys while Glynns purchased the Dinham manor. What say ye to decipher this paragraph? Dinhams of the Glynn write-up are said to have been of CARDINham, and Cardins (Cheshire, same as Hattons) share the pheon of Bingleys, the latter first found in Morley while Morleys were given Hatton. Motley liners are the Tie kin, the tie breakers, the one(s) who tipped in the puck.

The Cardin pheon-in-canton of Bingleys is in the colors of the Whalley mascle-in-canton, a pointer to Ratcliffe's of Whalley. The same pheon is used by English Nichols/Nickle's (Cheshire). The latter were at Malpas.

Propers/Roberts/ROBINs (share Robert lion and Button/Biden fesse) were at Newton and Malpas, and the Malpas Coat (more pheons) is a version of the French Robin Coat.


The Washington Post...broke a big story Wednesday night: that the Army had falsely denied Lt. Gen. Charles Flynnís involvement in a key meeting about how to respond during the [leftist-staged nothing-burger event at] the Capitol.

Flynnís role is at issue because of his brother, Michael Flynn [shudder], a general and former White House national security adviser...Michael Flynn has most recently been among the highest-profile supporters of the idea that then-President Donald Trump should have declared martial law in an attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election...

...As The Postís story notes, then-Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy [denied that Charles Flynn was present at the meeting]

Okay, that can explain why Mike Flynn was so sure that Trump would be the president for four more years, because there was a military plan to undo Biden. Some are saying that the plan hit a snag, and perhaps this is true, or perhaps it's more false hope to keep Republican militia types on their best behavior. You see, to keep them happy, you feed them Q stories that trump has it all under control, and about to strike, for this makes pro-Trumpers sit back and do nothing while the left fights on. But, maybe they did have a plan to take Biden out, and maybe they still do, and maybe they never did.

In my opinion, it was Trump's responsibility to call the Insurrection Act because it compels the president to use military to undo an unlawful takeover of the White House. Just because the Bidenites used no guns doesn't mean the act can't be used. And so it was never out of the question that Trump might use it, but Trump got weak. He put it off if ever he was thinking about it, and he put it off even if he decided to go with it, until it never got done. That's where we are now. It's a no-brainer that the pro-Biden military powers tried to scare Trump, for that's how they got power over SCOTUS; they just try to scare, that's all they are, scarecrows. They use riots, to scare the president. Okay, maybe they will even try assassinations, but Trump had the keys; he was the military boss, and he squandered that opportunity...unless, somehow, he gave some military people the right to take Biden out after January 20. I don't know whether that's legal, but maybe it is if the evidence against Biden is a tight case. And it probably is, maybe thanks to Ratcliffe's Intelligence. Far be it from me to give you false hope by design. We don't even know if the Flynn story is correct as told by the Washington Post, since it's prime job is to put out disinformation.

Why isn't Biden wearing his mask anymore, in the photos I see of him lately? We know why. How sick is it to make all people wear masks just because it helped to defeat Trump. It's selfish to the sky. Here's a good COVID-vaccine video for you to bring to court when you sue the government for forcing you to take it:

I saw one report this week that Cuomo under-reported nursing-home deaths by 50-percent. We realize that, the higher the death numbers, the more Cuomo can justify his COVID scheme for the city-wide. However, if the scheme is to murder the aged, then we understand why he under-reported the deaths.

Here's how SCOTUS can know that Arizona's election pimps are corrupt, hiding election fraud:

The supervisors who enacted the fraud wish to be the only ones to do an audit on the voting machines, which will show them exactly what needs altering (in the machines) before the machines are inspected for a SCOTUS case. This audit must not be allowed to happen; there must both experts from both political parties present in the inspections. Where's trump's legal teams? What happened to the Sekulows? What happened to the diGenova's? Why is Giuliani no longer on the case, Trump??? Is it because you don't want to "waste" your money? SPIT! You pretend to care for the people, then withhold a few of your dimes for VITAL legal cases on their behalf. You make others pay the legal costs for these efforts even though you're the billionaire. Here's more on the Arizona story of late:

Dominion has sued Giuliani now, for a ridiculous $1.3 billion. It's hard to believe that Giuliani and Powell, would make public accusations against Dominion without first KNOWING the facts. Dominion needs to shut all people up badly now, and is risking these laws suits, that's why the dollar number is so ridiculously high, i.e. it looks like a fright-bluff. I think this law suit is capable of keeping the election machines untouched, as they were after the elections, unless they have already been tampered with, and, if so, I fault Trump for that. They should have been seized long ago. Trump could have brought an emergency case to SCOTUS for that one thing alone. Why didn't he? Just a request to seize the machines for a short period to examine them, how could the court refuse? But Trump failed here, you'll need to ask him why he didn't even try.

Giuliani is going to counter-sue Dominion. What will be said if Giuliani and Powell both lose to Trump-appointed judges? How do they decide judges, really? By cheating? Of course they try to cheat there too. Won't they give them anti-Trump judges?

OAN reported Tuesday that Hunter Biden is serving as unofficial "advisor" to Biden. That means Hunter can be the president's loyal mobster for stealing Treasury cash. He's going to use the Santa-Biden clause to do it. Line up all nations for free gifts today. Just don't forget to give pappa Biden a little reward for them.

"Govt Minister Tells Breitbart Poland Will Regulate Big Tech to Protect Freedom of Speech And "Poland Enacts Ban on Most Abortions" Let's all move to Poland, yay, be free of Western lunatics who cry teary-eyed if they can't mutilate babies. In the West, the mark of freedom is to be able to kill your own baby and shut Christians up so they have nothing to say against its barbarism. Don't remind us, they say, that it's barbaric, you ugly person you. How dare you show pictures of brutally-aborted babies, you creep. Then they pretend to be good people, worthy to rule us, to be the culture. Let us not be at peace with their sins, their brutal sins. If we speak of their sins, they attack us for being unloving. It's the tactic of mindless warriors.

For trib survivors, note that Biden's true leaders are trying to conserve a whopping 30-percent of the land so that no one gets to use it. I get it:

They cannot go forward with their horrible programs unless they control cheating voting machines. It all hinges on those. Bidenites are horrible enemies of the people. They want us very unhappy. That's what they desire. Prepare extra food always. Just do it. Have several months of extra food, then work on have a year's worth of extra. Little by little, start doing it now. Buy beef in tight bags because it should last six months in a freezer. It may not be prime meat, but add some spices and garlic, and even some green beans, peas, squash or sweet potato. Shepherd's pie is great. Get a food dryer, and store lots of dried foods. Don't take chances anymore. Mad lunatics are in power.

I soaked kidney and pinto beans for not very long, and they were edible, if need be due to lack of cooking fuel. So buy dried beans, lentils, etc., instead of canned, much cheaper. You can easily store a year's worth of dried vegetables and pasta; they are both good for years. Bread-making machines are good in that they probably take a lot less energy than the oven.

I love flat breads, great for my beef dishes, or peanut butter and jam, yum-yum snack. No yeast needed, no waiting. Or use a touch of yeast. Add what you want to the dough, lots of recipes at youtube. They cook fast, even in a pan just like making pancakes. Freezing flat breads takes way less space. Save all your zip-lock bags instead of re-cycling, they take such little space. Suck air out of the bags (with your mouth is fine) before freezing flat breads. Pile them at the bottom of the freezer, one insulates the other (don't make them too sticky if the piles are heavy). They can be stacked on their sides once frozen. If you buy them sealed, they'll be good for a year or more. Start, and then you'll figure out the best things to do, like getting a second or third freezer just for storage foods. Be generous with foods, practice hospitality, the number two calling of God.

I didn't know until now that one can dry foods over a wood stove. I figured that the temperature can't be regulated well enough, but people are saying they've done it for years. One problem is, too much heat and the food cooks instead of drying, not good. The other problem is that, for a beginner like me, how do we know when sufficient water is removed so as to be safe for storage? Someone says: "for 25 years we dried all of our dried food on racks over a wood burning worked out really well.." I have a wood stove, and I'm starting tomorrow with diced potatoes. I'll let you know how it goes. In a trib situation, the problem is getting the garden produce to last until you run the wood stove for hours per day, and that would be about December for most. However, I don't think it would be a problem to dry half one day, half the next, in case the house gets too hot running it ten hours daily, and there's always sun drying until December, either in open sun, or under a glass lid.

The potatoes dried excellently on a cookie sheet sitting on a metal can on the wood stove. When the fire needed to be turned down (too much heat in the house), I got a couple of metal-pipe pieces and lowered the sheet to within 2 inches of the stove top (by placing the sheet on the pipes). Perfect. Doable. Dried carrots are on their way.

Someone writes: "The snakes in Trumpís administration prevented him from draining the swamp. From Sessions, Barr and Durham, FBI, the generals in the military, the Never Trumper republicans, the 7 Supreme court justices including the 3 back stabbers that Trump appointed: Gursuch, Kavanaugh and Barrette." What? No blame on Trump? Not for a second does the writer think that maybe Trump was one of the snakes, if only by force???

Here, at the very start of the video, is Lin Wood's public question to Roberts, asking how Roberts knew Scalia was going to die. I don't know who the man is talking in this video, and I'm not at all sure he's to be taken as credible, but he claims he heard Roberts discussing Scalia's death over the phone, though this is not until about the tenth minute. This is not a made-for-TV interview. If the speaker is full of manure, it's still worth listening to, asking why he would be making it all up? Why would anyone put out so much disinformation on such high-level people? I have no problem with the volume on my stereo amplifier. There's material on Pence too. I don't recommend your read the horrible, acidic, derogatory comments, from humanity's trash, the way it often is at bitchute.

My big question: how could Lin Wood be so "stupid" as to come out, at the end of December, to say that judge Roberts is an accomplice to murder of Scalia? It seems more likely that Wood staged himself as a leading pro-Trumper in order to ruin Trump's chances because Trump needed Roberts most at the end of December. If you were a true pro-Trumper at the end of December, you would want the best possible chances that the Republicans on SCOTUS could harness Roberts, appeal to his senses, strongarm him into doing the right thing, but this claim by Woods at that time could only make Roberts fight harder to keep Trump cases from succeeding on the top court. Woods could have waited until after January 20 to say the things he did. One media puts it like this in order to vilify Trump through Woods: "Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood ramped up the crazy on Wednesday night by suggesting Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was somehow involved in Justice Antonin Scaliaís death and part of a child-sex cult." How could that help Trump?

Here, take a break from the soul-killing news with some Christian saxophone music (take your pick):

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