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February 1 - 8, 2021

God Spoke to My Drinking Buddy
Spider-Fly Dream Largely Deciphered Now
Mike Lindell's Documentary This Week Automatically Rejected by Media

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

The first thing I'd like to show is this leaked video below, from a whistle-blower, I assume, showing that Biden is pretending to be speaking to the people from the White House, in a studio elsewhere made to appear like the White House. This is weird; wherever Biden is, it's not the White House.

Bitchute's comment section is filled with demonic sewer-mouths, the sort of thing Bongino supports as the "remedy" for tech-tyranny. It's free speech that allows tyrants to get into power, with lies and tricks, anything goes, and then they clamp down on / eliminate the opposition. Free speech in a wicked generation is anti-productive, destructive. A free-speech nation must eliminate falsifications, no matter what the cost of policing it in the middle-to-large media, even if it eliminates only half the falsifications, because a country with half-honest media is salvageable. Truth is necessary to eliminate the corrupt's power over minds, and lies planted in minds is the power of the corrupt. Thou shalt not give false testimony, a law that the West has not accommodated for its own security and happiness. Shame.

The media that enters that fake White House is complicit with this game. Does Fox know about this? How can it not?

Have you ever tried to figure out the logic in God's sending His Son to take the penalty for our natural rebellion against Him? What logic is there in a Father being happy / pleased with rebellious sons just because someone else dies on their behalf? I can't see it. He's angry enough to bring the Flood, for example, and then, just because someone else dies for us, He's loving us? We get the punishment removed for doing nothing, for not taking the punishment? Well, in fact, we do get punished, because we must yet face death, and because there are sorry things we endure in life. But why did Someone else need to die harshly to remove OUR eternal banishment from life? It makes no sense at its face value, that God would no longer be angry with us, yet there's genius in the Sacrifice.

Typically, our rebellion is a shunning of law, of resisting someone telling us how we must live life, because the sinful self wants freedom to do as it pleases. How can anyone say that American liberty, or libertarianism, is under God? Flatly untrue, don't be deceived. If we say we want to be free from evil, then that is an acceptable libertarianism, but that is not Americanism at all.

Here's the genius. Imagine that you are angry enough with your child that you could kill him. But you love the way he was when a child, so innocent, and you wished he could grow up to be like you, but instead he becomes a total fool, a selfish bastard, a pro-abortionist, and feminist who pits male against female, and a supporter of faggots who ruin families and craves young boys. He spits in your face and abandons you for like-minded friends. Not that you or I would have the character to die on behalf of such a son, that he might live, but God was able to do it. The relationship was ruined by the son's wayward choices, and God could barely look upon that son, but then, as a solution, he decided to stoop to the most-fearful thing, to die before his own son to show how much He wants to establish a proper relationship. I loved you, son, and here's how much I want us to get along. Genius.

So, the son sees what the Father did, and gets cut to the heart, deciding to allow the birth of a Father-son relationship. Finally, hopefully, it will flourish to become like a tree filled with fruit, Jesus would say, like the tree of good without the evil. And so why does this make God happy even though we didn't pay the full price for the rebellion? Why does God forgive us for the past if we become this tree? It's obvious why. So, the trick was to die for us to get us cut to the heart, but it wasn't a trick, because it was to show how much He wanted for us to get along.

But, then, having done the ultimate, as Jesus says: woe to those who do not get cut to the heart, who do not become circumcised of heart, who continue to reject God, after they see Jesus' sacrifice. And this is the Truth of Life. When Jesus said he was the Way, the Truth, the Life, "truth" is defined as the bedrock of life: His Sacrifice. It Stands Unmovable.

I am the Way, the This-Is-It, and the Life thanks to the This-Is-It. You cannot come to the This-Is-It by any other person. You cannot be forgiven if you latch to any other truth in hopes of forgiveness. You cannot be saved if you view Jesus as merely the child on Mary's lap at the painting in your local catholic church. The vatican had a fine way of minimizing Jesus by portraying him as a child only.

What could it mean that Jesus is the only BEGOTTEN son of God? What special difference is there? I can fathom only one thing: the soul of Jesus and the Spirit of God were one. They were made for each other. I don't know how the soul is attached to the body, or where it is. There is the question on how the soul comes to exist in the fetus in the first place. Is the soul only the brain, or a function of the brain, or is the soul something separate that's attached to the brain, able to use the brain so long as it's healthy? Does the soul suffer if the brain suffers, or does the soul remain unhurt? Can the soul think apart from the brain? I would say, yes, and so a person having suffered a stroke may yet be able to think normally, but not to get those thoughts to the outside by speaking them. I suppose, as we get older, our souls come to predominate while our brains become minimized.

We can grasp that God made the soul to be merged with His Spirit. We could say that the Holy Spirit is God's soul. With God in our souls, we are made healthier, unless we will to do wrong even while the Soul of God abides with our souls. If we love God, we won't do what He finds unsightly. We won't practice falsehoods and deception. We won't cause division for our own ends, as feminists and Democrats have done. We won't falsely accuse others for our own gain, as Democrats have done. We won't pit Mexican against Nordics, as Democrats have done. We won't take what doesn't belong to us, as Democrats would like to do more of. We won't teach untruths, as Democrats and other liberals do. We will stick to the ways of Jesus like loyal sons of God, and pronounce His Worthy Superiority.

The soul rejecting Jesus says there's no evidence of God's existence. But of course, fool, for God is able to detach from your soul so that you have no evidence. You create your own pit. You might stay in that pit your whole life long only to discover your eternal banishment from life. That's why "fool" is the perfect word for you. Be cut-to-the-heart today. Make your day. Be born with God. Make His day. This Is It. Political fighting will leave you no reward if your fighting isn't for the protection or maintenance of God's ways from the anti-Jesus fools replacing God's ways with slaps and punches to His face. We are seeing it openly now, whereas they were too afraid a generation ago. They feel they have the majority-enough now, willing to join them, to make all-out war. But maybe that's not quite yet true.

It appears they are making a stab at preparing the war against us this year. The way one goes about war, often, is to ambush, to give the enemy no hint that the battle formation is taking place. But God has been kind in recent years, exposing their machinery right down to the true colors of their souls. Now we know they have always been at war, preparing the war. What makes them so dedicated to this cause? They love freedom, that why. They want absolute freedom for the people to sin. But their leaders have become demonically-filled, without the protection of God for their souls, and those leaders will abuse even those who vote for them, even those they have fought for in securing an anti-Christ society, because power makes them greedy. Demon wars with demon, and the entire house will fall.

Let Christians be united in Jesus alone, not devoted to any denomination, the center of which is usually aloof from the local church, a stranger to it. Do they conduct evangelism / missionary projects only to advance the finances of the denominational centers? We have no idea. We don't know who they are. We don't know whether the central offices have been infiltrated by snakes, or whether the ones running them have soured on Jesus because he's become very unpopular these days.

It is important, to the survival of our souls, that we become convinced of God's love and presence with us, if we are loyal, and that evidence should manifest if only we are seeking it. For if we feel that God is far from us, we may decide that we were wrong in believing in His existence in the first place, and then, disappointed, we open the door to becoming apostates.

Is God Speaking Through This?

Some of the most remarkable parts of the last update came late, on the merger of the Mellanson topic with Ainsley Earhardt. Earlier in the update, I showed why the Drengot Normans were Carricks, and even though I gave a Wikipedia quote at that time telling that Drengots were from a Quarrel-like surname, I didn't load the Quarrel surname until I was on the topic of the miracle: when God directed me to write down that I was going to have an argument, that night, with Steve (Mellanson). I don't remember the exact word, whether "argument" or "disagreement" or something else. (Load Quarrel link now to have access to other surnames to better follow this discussion.)

I was well into the Mellanson topic, and had even showed that Carrick-branch Craigie's shared the Mellanson crescents, when finally the argument theme in that miracle brought "quarrel" to mind. That's why it was fantastic to load Quarrels to find them sharing the dancetty Carrick fesse. Load the Quarrel link above now to have access to other Coats of Arms to follow this discussion much better.

But if that's all there was to say, I wouldn't be bringing the Mellanson topic back up here. The DRENGots came up in the first place with a crane DRINKing. I remember seeing the official description, it said the crane was "drinking." Here's from my second update in November, 2014: "The Leto's/Letts use a 'crane DRINKing,'" the phrase being in quotation marks because I found that as a quote. I was wondering, this morning, why God would want to point to Drengots with that miracle, for it turned out, as I explained in the last update, that Mellanson was upset with me, the night of the voice of God, because I left his party with about five others.

It just seems dumb of God, forgive me, to point merely to Drengots-who? upon my first big miracle working as a baby Christian way back in 1979. So, that why it makes God seem not so dumb where the Leto's/Lette's are also Alitto's, for judge Samuel Alito, last we heard from SCOTUS (U.S. Supreme Court), is acting as the leader of the Republican side of SCOTUS, and SCOTUS has been all over my discussions for weeks now. This puts a whole new twist on the goings-on of that party night. What more might we glean from it?

As I've said, the Ceraunii Illyrians named the Cornovii Celts who named Cornwall. And the Ceraunii liners are in the heraldic crane as play-on-words. For example, the Crane/CRAUN surname uses a "crown" as another play-on-words, and the interesting thing here is that while I tend to see Crane's/Crauns as kin of Hicks, the Hicks share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys. As was explained in the last update, I had a dream days from the event where I was to write the note on Mellanson, and the beautiful Sleeping Beauty of that dream was both Miss Hicks and Ainsley Earhardt, where both were playing hookers for Jeffrey Epstein. Why would God want to mix things-Epstein with Samuel Alito, or the current election-fraud cases on their way to SCOTUS as we speak?

I'd like to say that while Drengots are said, in their Wikipedia article, to be of the Carreaux family, the Carreaux/CAROT Coat shares the besants of Mellanson-like Mellans. Mellansons use "a bundle of rods," and Rods share a blank, gold Chief with Mellans. Bundle's use gold eagle legs, perfect because it ties to Sleeping Beauty, for I first saw her at the HOOD of a car, and secondly she was HOVERINg inside the car. It seems that God wanting me to prove the dream from Him, decades later, by showing that Hooters, like the Hoot variation of Hoods, share the giant and gold bird leg of Hover-like Hoovers, and moreover, Hick-like Hixons/Hicksons use black-on-gold bird legs as proof that Miss Hicks is the hovering Sleeping Beauty. I now come across the Bundle/Bund gold legs, what's this for? Whose eagle do Bundle's/Bund use? In any case, we see a clear like of things-Mellanson to the 1979 dream here, explaining why the note-to-Mellanson was near to the Sleeping-Beauty dream.

Next, I want to say that Carot-like Carews/Carrots, who share a Carrick motto term, were first found in CORNwall i.e. the line from the Ceraunii using a crane as symbol. And then the Alitto surname uses a "CRANE DRINKing" as code for Drengots = Carot liners. Beautiful. The Ali's/Aliotto's, with a giant griffin in the colors of the giant Alitto crane, were first found in Ali Terme, which is in Messina along with a Patti location that I trace to Pattys/Pati's. Crane's/Crauns use so-called PATEE crosses, you see. The Messina surname uses patee crosses too, and so does the Dine/DIVES surname along with the white wing once shown by Messina-branch Masci's.

The Cornovii were also in Cheshire, where Masci-line Meschins would come to rule, but Ranulph le Meschin ruled in Cheshire's Chester in particular, which had been named, DIVA. There is a Dives/diva surname besides the Dine's/Dives', and it shares a dancetty fesse (different colors) with Carricks and Quarrels. The Dive's/Diva's happen to share the scallops of Capua-like Capes' and Scalia-like Scale's. The Drengots happen to have ruled in Capua. Carricks use talbot dogs for Lucy Taillebois, wife of le Meschin. The Tailbois' share the white scallops of Meschins (Shropshire, same as Talbots), but on a red background, and the Tailbois' scallops happen to be in the white-on-red colors of the Capes and Scale scallops.

SCALLops are code for the Sicel namers of Sicily, which in myth were called, Scylla, an appropriate name for the makings of the Scalia surname. I'm sure that Samuel Alito wants to know how judge Scalia (on the SCOTUS too) was murdered.

It just so happens that Italian Capone's/CAPUA's use a CROWN on their lion head as code for the Ceraunii ancestry of Drengots-Quarrels. The Ceraunii lived at the Besante river (see map), and while MASSEY-related Meschins were in the Besante-like Bessen, location also of a Dives river, the MAEZAEI are shown beside the Ceraunii. The Maezaei are on the Oeneus river, also called the Una, which named mythical Ino and Juno, the line to June's and Jeune's. Until recently, June's were said to have been first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's and English Capone's, the Capua bloodline, apparently.

It should be added that while I see the Romans founded at the Oeneus (Juno was the chief Roman goddess), near Romula, a myth writer apparently took the name of that river and made his founder of Rome, Aeneas. It looks like the Annas surname. Read on.

Decades after God told me to write down a NOTE and give it to Steve Mellanson, I discovered that Note's/Cnuts (named Nottingham) share the Mellanson crescents while Mellans share the besants of NOTTINGs. Ainsleys and Annas' were both first found in Nottinghamshire.

Also sharing the Mellanson crescents are Hazels (Devon, beside Cornwall), and the latter use a squirrel "CRACKing a NUT" as code for Carricks and Nuts/Nottings, how about that. The Nuts/Nottings can have the bend of Overs/Hoffers, suspect as a branch of Hovers/Hoffers. The latter share the white leopard face in Crest with the WRITE/Wright Crest, and below you will see that I wrote Mellanson a NOTE that links to Nuts/Nottings. What are the chances? Why is God's note to Mellanson linking to the hovering of Sleeping Beauty?

Samuels, first found in Cornwall i.e. the Cornovii line of the Leto/Alitto crane, have squirrels too, and the one in the Samuel Crest holds a nut while Carrick-line Carrots/Carews were first found in Cornwall too. What a coincidence. The Jaspers suspect in the Carrot/Carew motto share the Tailbois / Capes / Scale scallops. French Gaspers list Jaspars (Hazel colors), and English Gaspers share the Mellanson / Hazel crescent. What should we glean from this?

Why do the DORsets have a version of the English Gasper Coat? As was said, Steve (or STEVEN) first told me he was upset about leaving his party when I came back to his front DOOR, and that's when I took the NOTE out of my pocket, that God told me to WRITE that morning, and handed it to him. Write's/Wrights share the three leopard faces of Scottish Doors, I kid you not, and Note's are listed with Cnuts while Nuts/Nottings are Knuts too.

Stevens may have been Staffs, and, I kid you not, i did not know the motto in the Arms of Staffordshire (a knot upon Staff chevron) until this morning, when loading the page seeking whether Market Drayton is in Staffordshire. The Staffordshire motto is, "The knot UNITEs," and while Knots are listed with Note's, Nite's/Nights are also NAUGHTs...tricky-dicky creators of that motto, huh? I know God said to me, to the effect: write down that you're going to have a disagreement with Steve toNIGHT (or this night). English Nights use a spur while Spurrs were first found in Devon with Spurr-like Supers that I point to SUPReme court.

Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick, and Kilpatricks were first found on the Night-suspect Nith river, in Dumfries, where Nitts/Naughts were first found. Kilpatrick castle upon the Nith is/was at CLOSEburn, and Close's (another crown) use the spur too, you see. In the Sleeping-Beauty dream she was in, I didn't see her face until God showed a CLOSE-up. The Crest of English Nights shares the gold eagle in the NEEDham Crest, and while I woke Sleeping Beauty up upon touching her knee, Needhams share the Knee Coat. It tends to show that Knee's were night / Nith liners, but, in any case, it's more proof that Hicks is Sleeping Beauty.

In order to wake her up, God in the dream said, "What are you WAITing for, it's you she loves, go wake her." This line was a part of the last update where I showed that it points to Ainsley Earhardt, but here it can be added that Waits/Weights share the gold-striped, black hunting horns in the Close chevron. As the note to Melanson was followed up by a cotton-swab-in-his-EAR event, as a pointer to EARhardt, note that the Close chevron is the Cotton chevron too, for while royal Cottians were on the Riparia river, Rippers/Ripleys share the green lion in Crest with the Close Crest. How about that, the "coincidences" are building high to the sky.

June's are now said to have been first found in Staffordshire along with Hixons/Hicksons, and with the Pipe's in the Crest of Letts/Late's, the ;latter being like the Lette variation of Leto's/Alitto's. It just so happens that Samuel-like Samsons, likely from Samsam the Saracen of Sicily, were first found in Gloucestershire with Stevens and Letts/Late's, and then Samsons use a "letho" motto term, you see, while this looks like a pointer to SAM Alito. Samsam was a ruler who joined the Guiscard Normans, probably related to the Drengot Normans (Capua is in southern Italy). Samsons share the Meschin scallops and once showed a patee cross as evidence of a Samson trace to Sicily's Messina region, where Ali's/Aliotto's were first found.

But there is more, for near the Staffordshire-Shropshire border is market Drayton, and Draytons happen to use another gold bird legs (without the bird, same as Bundle's, Hooter, Hoovers, and Hicksons). The SCOTUS-like Scotts/Scottes' have two Coats reflecting the two Coats of Talbots, and the black Scott/Scottes griffin has gold eagle legs (with the griffin), as does the black Giuliani eagle (with the eagle), and we saw gold eagle legs with SLEEPing Beauty and the Mellanson-beloved Bundle's. Market Drayton is near the Sleap location (Shropshire) of Sleeps.

Is Sleeping Beauty thus connectable to something in particular in this discussion? As Hicksons were first found in Staffordshire with Lett/LATE kin, let's remind that Sleeping Beauty was to be regarded as a LADY, for the Lady surname, I've assumed, sharing the annuLETs of WAKERs/Walkers ("magna" motto term, hmm). I was told to WAKE her up, and when I did, we went up into the sky in a rapture. That sounds like a great result from her sleeping. Does this mean something like a sleeping SCOTUS that then gets woken up by God for a triumph on Christians' behalf? The supreme court has indeed been asleep at the wheel, to put it mildly, for the Trump cause, and we could even say that this Trump cause is now in suspension, like when one hovers.

It's quite amazing here, as though it were corroboration from God, that while MELLANsons were from Milan, where Bono's were first found, and then Hicks use a "bon" motto term. It's just that Draytons have a gold-lion version of the Bono Coat. The BUNds/Bundle's could be Bone liners, the latter having a version of the Bunn/Bonn Coat. Plus, while the Wake Chief shares the red roundel with the Orr/Ore Chief, Orrs/Ore's have a motto, "Bonis omnia BONA." We can then put that together with the fact that the Chief-Shield color combo of Orrs/Ore's are those also of Letts/Late's and Ainsley-branch Annas', while Ainsleys and Hicks share the same fleur-de-lys. That's why ANNulets are suspect as code for an Annas-Let / Ainsley-Let relationship.

It's really quite amazing, especially as the car she was hovering in was decipherable as an auto for Auto's/Otto's (share black bull with Beautys) and Ottone's/Otto's (kin of Capes-like Chappes'), the latter suspect from Ottone Visconti, the first Visconti ruler of Milan. French Chappes'(almost the long and solid chevron of Ottone's/Otto's) were first found in Ile-de-France with Mellans/MELONs. I've highlighted the latter because I grew a watermelon and cantaloupe patch when in Texas, and there were so many melons that I gave them away at church.

I remember it, no word of a lie, that there was just one watermelon and one cantaloupe left in my van, and I wanted to give one to Miss Hicks, but decided to give the visiting pastor the watermelon while Miss Hicks got only the cantaloupe. I was just wondering what this could be about, as I've never told this story in regards to possible heraldic connections, but I know by heart that CANTALoupe-like Candle's/Cantwells share the Lady annulets!!!! Unbelievable.

Plus, while Candida's/Candi's (CROWN) made it to topic in the last update, on a very-important pointer to Ainsleys, from the "candida" motto term of Aims'/Amis' ((share gold annulet with Ladys / Candle's!), we now go to the Cantels/Candels (not "Candle"), to find the same cross as used by Ainsleys. So, the cantaloupe got us to both ladies who acted as Sleeping Beauty. It just so happens that while Sleeping Beauty seems to be pointing to SCOTUS' revival, Candida's/Candi's share the gold-legged, black eagle of Giuliani's...though it seems that Giuliani has given up the SCOTUS cases, perhaps by Trump's instruction, I've not heard either one's reasons.

The 1979 dream was on Jeffrey Epstein's ocean island, and candy brings to mind what a bugger (pedophile) uses to capture and abduct children. The Bugs, until recently said to have been first found in Nottinghamshire, and linkable via the Bogen Crest (Robin Hood) to Nottinghamshire's Robin HOOD, have been resolved with the Carrick fesse, now known to be the Quarrel fesse. Quarrels were first found in Norfolk, beside Clare's and Quarrel-like Charles' of Suffolk, and Clare's share triple red chevrons with Epsteins. As Charles' use an "auget" motto term while Augets are also Augers (share Mellanson fesse), it looks like the Charles' are using a Coat version of the Eggs/Edge's (Cheshire, same as EGGERtons). If you go to the last update (link at top of this page, and search for "Auge," you will find a Mellanson-connecting and eye-popping section on VIRGINia Giuffre, an Epstein hooker who's in a photo with prince Andrew (he was at Epstein's island), prince Charles' brother (both able to be the kings of England soon). Miss Hicks is Charlotte, which as a surname is listed with French Charles'

The last update had DIANE MUSCHATov, and showed that Muschats (Essex same as WATERs) share the Epstein Coat, but then prince Charles was married to the beautiful LADY DIANA! She was blond, and as I said, I recognized Sleeping Beauty as a LADY! This Sleeping-Beauty picture with Lady Diana has not occurred to me before. Bugs use the "WATER BOUGet," and this dream had me in ocean WATER before seeing Sleeping Beauty. Waters share the Epstein Coat too. Bugs are now said to have been first found in DORset, and so see the Doors below.

The Candy/Ganty surname looks like it's of the Gaunts / Ghents, and then the Countrys in the Ainsley motto are Cuntrys too, like the Cunty variation of Cindys who pointed to pizzagate pedophilia, and to Bill Richardson of New Mexico too, another Epstein-circle suspect in social-media news. I won't repeat details of Cindy Richardson here, the point being that the Arms of Gaunt/Ghent (Belgium) has a "virgin" while Epstein's island is in the Virgin islands. The Candys/Gantys got us here, you see. The Countrys in the Ainsley motto share the pile of Beach's, and I walked onto a beach after being in the ocean waters, and saw Sleeping Beauty from a distance in front of the HOOD.

It's looks buggerish to me, especially as French Robins have a version of the Belwood Coat while Richardsons are said to descend from Belwoods. If Belwoods were named partly after Woods (Leicestershire, same as the Soar rover), it's interesting that Soars were first found in DORset with Bugs, for Epstein's ranch in New Mexico is the Zorro, a term linkable to Soar branches.

I couldn't see her face as I walked onto the beach, but then her close-up flashed before me for a split second, and I remarked, "she's beautiful." I was then transported instantly to the DOOR of the car, seeing her hover within it, and this can be explained now due to Doria's sharing the Candida/Candi eagle (black legs), for Scottish Doors share the white leopard FACE with Hovers. I'll come back to that face, for I did see the face of Sleeping Beauty in a close-up, and while Close's are also Clovis-like Clovse's, Clovis was the son of king CHILDeric, the line to CHILDs. Candy to a child? Was Sleeping Beauty a teen on Epstein's island?

English Doors have a bee-version of the Drayton Coat, and while I was at the door peering into the hovering woman, that gave us the Hoovers and Hicksons (near first-known Draytons) sharing the bird leg with Draytons, and the Hickson legs are in the colors of the Candida/Candi / Doria eagle.

Draytons were at Hales, explaining why Hales have a version of the Drayton Coat. Is it a coincidence that the Prince's in the Hales motto share the saltire of Andrews? Prince Andrew was mucking around in Epstein circles, but whom did he bring along? Why do Andrews use a "VicTRIX" motto term? Hookers do "tricks." Plus, that motto term looks like code for the Victors/Victoria's in the Coffee/Coffer motto, and I showed (last update) why the Giuffre's could be a Coffer branch! Virginia Giuffre is in an online photo with prince Andrew's arm around her. I wrote: "I always link Giuffre- / Gofer-like Coffers/Coffee's to Motels, and the giant Motel horse is in both colors of the Giuffre unicorn." The crescents of Coffers/Coffare's (Somerset, same as English Hephers) are shared with Hover/Hoffer-like, Irish Hephers.

Face's/Fessys are from the Fieschi of Genova, where Doria's were first found, and then, when Giuliani gave a press conference to tell the public how his election-fraud legal cases were coming along, the DiGENOVA's were standing behind him because they are lawyers who joined the team. But I never saw the couple again, nor heard what they were doing on Trump's behalf. The dream thus expresses perfectly what we see from that press conference, starting the next day: the team becoming distressed, then going to sleep. It's still asleep. Who will wake it up? Whom in the real world do I depict?

However, if this is the correct view, then Sleeping Beauty can depict both the Epstein hookers and the Trump team. Do we want to touch this like we want to hold a hot potato? I woke her up when touching her leg, and Leggs, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, almost have the Trump Coat. But this doesn't indicate what sort of act / event will wake the team up. I was going to kiss her awake, but, drats, God only let me touch her knee. Touch's/Tuffs/TOWs share the lion of Close's (probably the Macey stars). Ainsleys were at BroxTOW. The Touch-branch Tufts/Tuffs share the Knee phoenix. What wakie-wakie event does this predict? My HAND touched her knee, and the Kiss rooster can be linked excellently to the Hann/Hanns rooster while Hands (Cheshire, same as Touch's/Tows and Maceys) are also Hans'. See "Hahn" in the last update for an explanation on how Kiss' link to Hanns.

Here's from the 1st update of April in 2020, just so you know I'm not making the Sharon story up. Miss HANSon pointed to Hanns by way of her ice-CREAM symbol, for Cremers share the Bibo / Hann / Kiss rooster. Miss Hanson, who worked at SAM's Restaurant when I dated her, promises something special from John Ratcliffe:

...The Sam's/Sammes' share the lion of FAUCets...

The Valiant I borrowed to take Miss Hanson for a drive was from the Quince-like Quinns, and, I kid you not, very near the time of the 1979 dream, God gave me a morning vision of a beautiful blonde woman with mental injury, who struck me to be Farrah Fawcett at the time, yet she turned out to be Quinn's blonde sister (very attractive) that night, when she literally lost her mind for a few seconds, screaming demonically/possessed, after I told her I had become a Christian. The 1979 dream took place about a week after I became a Christian.

Oh wow, Quincy's were first found in Northamptonshire with FACE's/Fessys!

We could say that election fraud is the chief agenda of the same Intelligence people who used Epstein for the most-corrupt political purposes. The Beach's share the Clap/Clapper Shield, and James Clapper was Top Dog in Obama's Intelligence forces. Hicks of CLAPton used clarions as code for Epstein-linkable Clare's. John Ratcliffe came to take-over the same office once held by Clapper, and we only wish Ratcliffe read dastardly things that he's willing to reveal to the proper lawyers. Keep the key finds hush, Mr. Ratcliffe, just give it to the proper lawyers who are not moles for the deep state. Resist publicizing it. Move it along fast or the enemy will harden its grip on the power structures.

Face's/Fessys love the Segni's/Segurana's (Genova) who in turn share the eagles of Basfords/Basfords who named Nottinghamshire's Basford (in Broxtow), where Ainsleys were first found. Do you see how that legal situation comes back round to Sleeping Beauty, the same lady pointed to by the note to Mellanson? I kid you not, I've told it many times, that the first I saw Sleeping Beauty hovering, she had distress on her face, very uncomfortable, similar to the beautiful blond I saw in my vision as little as a minute before I was told to write the note. I've told both stories before, but I've never connected the two blonds. The blonde in the vision had a more severe head problem.

It was a snap vision of a blonde that I recognized as having a head problem, but I didn't even think it was from God, because we all get out-of-the-blue fraction-of-a-second pictures in our heads that make no sense. But as was said in the last update, Sharon Quinn, a very attractive blond, ran to her brother's apartment, but collapsed on the hall FLOOR, screaming, as though oppressed by demons. It was a couple of feet outside the front DOOR. After a few of us ran to get her well, I walked back to Mellanson's apartment, and at his DOOR he complained upset about my leaving his party, and that's when I remembered the note in my pocket, which I handed to him. I didn't connect Sharon's door experience with that morning's snap vision until I got home, and I praised God for that unusual day. I wished He would repeat days like that more often, but I can't recall another day like it since.

If the hall floor applies, it's notable that Flore's (Sicily) share the Ainsley and Earhardt fleur-de-lys, suggesting that the morning vision, which is while I was waking up, was of both of Sharon, and of Sleeping Beauty as played by Earhardt. There's got to be a reason(s) why God used both she and Hicks for the dream. It just so happens that Beautys/Bowds were first found in DORset; Sharon fell on the floor at the DOOR. I was at the door of the car when first seeing Sleeping Beauty's FACE in distress. I only saw a face in the morning vision of the blond, and Face's/Fessys share the Flore cross. I've said before that the morning vision reminded me of Farrah Fawcett, and Faucets/Fawcetts were at Fauxside while Miss Earhardt works for Fox news. I get it now.

I kid you not, that on the night that Sharon was screaming at the door, her boyfriend, who was at the party, was CHARLIE!!! Farrah Fawcett was the star of "CHARLIE's ANGELS"!!! As I showed in the last update, Mellanson's being angry with me was pointed to by the Hangers/Angers because Note-line Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers"! Plus, LOL, Angels not only have the lozenges of English Angers (share escarbuncle with Hangers/Angers) in colors reversed, but the Angel Crest is a white horse to go with the white unicorn in the Note/Cnut Crest. Sharon has a Quinn surname, and Quinns share the white winged horse!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM IMPRESSED!

From the 3rd update in May, 2019; "And the boyfriend of Dennis' sister, at that time, was Charlie, recalling that Farrah Fawcett played on Charlie's Angels. Angels share the winged horse with Quinns." I wasn't so excited at that time as I am now because I now have a clue as to what these things pertain to. The Angel horse is in a CROWN, code for the Ceraunii shown near the Una / Oeneus river on the map above, and that's what a UNIcorn stands for (i.e. to be read as a uniCORN too). It's the Maezaei who are shown on the Oeneus, and Masseys/Maceys share a winged horse with the Angel Crest, and the winged Quinn horse is in the colors of the McCAFFERy horse, important as per the same-colored Coffee's/Coffers suspect as a pointer to Miss Giuffre. German Angels share a female angel (need the wings, you see) with Sachs/Sax's.

Hicks use a chaplet for sure, as do Saxons for sure. In the last update, Ainsley's link to Aims'/Amis' involved the Sachs/Sax's because they both share the white-on-black rose with Swiss Sewers. Sachs/Sax's were first found in Breslau, and the Arms of Breslau has the head of John the Baptist on a PLATTER. The Aims'/Amis' came to topic with the AIMing of my paper plane on Obama's billiard table, which plane I SEWERED, you see, which plane pointed long ago to Plains/PLATTERs, you see. And while king Herod beheaded John the Baptist, there are good arguments for tracing "Herod" to "Heart / Hart," like the endings on Earhardt variations.

Herods/Haralds (Heart/Hart colors) happen to share the Fore/Forez fesse while Ainsleys use "For" twice in their motto. None of this should reflect upon Ainsley Earhardt, however, for even if Herod's daughter became a Christian, she would be welcome by Jesus. If she happens to be from the bloodline of Annas (killer of Jesus) and Herod, blood counts for nothing.

About the same week or month as the dream, God directed me (in an unmistakable "audible" voice) to WRITE down concerning Mellanson, and Write's/Wrights happen to share the Door leopard faces in both colors. Write's/Wrights and Hovers both have a white leopard face in Crest, totally amazing. Beneath the Write/Write faces are two fesses colors reversed from the same of Morinis' while the Maurels, first found in Milan and having a reflection of the top and bottom of the MELLANson Coat, have Morini-like variations. Is that not amazing?

The paper plain started as a flat piece of paper on the billiard table, acting as the cue ball which I could not shoot until I made it into a plane. I suggest that this piece of paper is also the note I gave to Mellanson, because PLAINs/Platters have a fleur-version of the PALIN Chief, and Palins were first found in DORset with Beautys. I saw Sleeping Beauty from the door of the car, and I handed Mellanson the note at his door.

The SOTTERley location of the other English Platters (look connectable to the Aims/Ains') must be of the Suter variation of Scottish Sewers, and it just so happens that Sotterley is in Suffolk, where Clare's were first found whose Coat is colors reversed from both the Bled and Mathie Coats. Bleds came up in the last update partly because Sharon punched Barry in the mouth, causing him to BLEED. She then ran down the hall and collapsed at the DOOR of her brother's apartment. The Sewer shot suggested Obama's other name, BARRY SOETORo, you see (from his Indonesian step-father). It works. Sharon punched Obama, might we glean? What could that mean?

Does Sharon represent the far-left unhappy with a too-centrist Obama? Is Obama a centrist at all? I don't think so. Didn't Sharon punch Barry because he was tolerant of my conversion to Jesus? Yes, absolutely. Sharon didn't want anyone in that room disagreeing were her foolish assessment of me. She was an angel-faced women harboring demons, as it got revealed.

Mathie's are included above because Mathie's/Maghans use a Faucet-like "Fac et" motto phrase. Sleeping Beauty fell asleep after she was in distress, and as I was told to wake her, I landed on the Waker variation of Walkers in the last update, a thing I don't recall doing before. Wakers/Walkers (share Lady annulets) use a "magna" motto term, like the MAGHAN variation of Mathie's/Manns. Irish Maghans/Manns have a "Sic" motto term, which tends to apply to Sharon's screaming. In the morning vision, Sharon reminded me of Farrah Fawcett. Was Farrah an angel-faced demon too? Did she like the evil side of her thoughts? Did she harbor them? God watches whether we accept evil thoughts implanted by demons. We can reject them easily...if we want to.

Faucet-like "FACTique" is a motto term of Sorrows/Sorrys (arrows), a surname like Epstein's Zorro ranch, and Jeffrey Epstein was a MATH teacher at a Dalton school, perhaps explaining why MATHie's apply with their "Fac et." Daltons share Robin Hood with buggerish-line Bogans (Bug colors). Sorrows/Sorrys happen to share a "Simplex" motto term with the Perkins (share Walk/Wach fleur) whom I trace to Plancia MAGNA of Perga, probably the line to the MAGHAN variation of Mathie's, for Walk-like Wakers/Walkers use "magna."

[Insert -- I did the Rings in another insert below, shortly before this insert, and that was due to the ring in the nose of the Ratcliff bull, a thing I had never dealt with before. Therefore, watch the development of this paragraph. Daltons are Altons too, and Oldens/Aldons have essentially the Coat of AIMs/Ains'/Hains (see AIMS' below). Is this somehow God's indication that Ainsley is to be a pointer to a Barr-Epstein relationship? These crescents are also those of Irish Rings while English Rings/RingSTEADs could be a Ring-Stead merger; Steads/Steeds have the Berwick / BARwick Coat. Ringers/Rings share the gold unicorn head with Pierce's, a branch of Percivals who in turn share the black Stead / Berwick bear head. Percivals share "candida" with AIMS'/Amis'.

Sleeping Beauty was hovering LEVEL (flat, facing up) while Levels/Leavells (Somerset, same as Pierce's and Percivals) are said to be from Gouel de Perceval, father of Waleran de Leavell. That's how the black Beauty bull got connected to the black Waleran bull head, all suspect with the black Ratcliff bull head. Waleran married a daughter of BEAUmonts, and Beaumonts (share Ratcliffe bull-head design) were first found in Dorset with Beautys (no small point). One of the two English Beaumont Coats, I now see, even shares the Ring / Aim/Ains crescent. In the Ring insert below, I find evidence that the ring in the NOSE of the Ratcliffe bull is a symbol of Naso's/Nassau's, and the latter shares one of the giant Beaumont lions.

Likewise first found in Somerset, which is beside Dorset, were the Pollets in the motto of Pools (Dorset), whose in turn have a Shield filled with fleur-de-lys that make up the border of Beaumonts (giant lion half in the colors of the giant Pool lion). The Sleeping-Beauty dream started with a shark in a residential swimming pool. I now see the Aim-like "AYMez" motto term of Pollets.

I don't recall knowing before that Pollet-like Plotts are listed with Platter-like Platte's (Lancashire, same as Whalley). Do German Plotts (Dol colors) use a WHALE (Dol symbol too)? It thus appears that Pools can link to the Plains/Platters that were pointed to by the paper airplane on the POOL table. Might "AIRplane" be a pointer to Earhardts/AIRharts? Why would God want to link Ainsley to that plane? Is it Epstein's plane too? It looks like the swimming pool is to be linked to Obama's pool table, especially as Plotts/Platte's, minus their leopard faces, are in Billiard colors and format.

Ainsley was hired by Fox news when she was working in San ANTONio, and Antons share the red leopard face with Plotts/PLATTE's. I have suggested reasons for pointing the Denver-surname motto to Epstein's plane, the Lolita Express, which was used by Bill Clinton many times, and Denver is where his wife's private server was, called, PLATTE River Networks. Denver is also where Hillary's criminal lawyers, Perkins COIE, have an office, and I thought my pool CUE was a pointer to that company. Denver is also where Dominion voting has/had its American headquarters.

When I come back to her San Antonio workplace later in this update, I say: "Antonio's/Tonys use a FLOWER on Epstein-connectable water!" The water there was due to the ocean water I was in immediately after my residential-pool scene, the waters at Epstein's island. I'll just quote a small part of what was said two updates ago:

"Loyalte" [in the Denver motto] is like the "LOYALite" of Mackesys/MARGesons, and the latter look like a branch of Margys/Mackeys who have ravens HANGING from an arrow. We have arrived to the hanging theme of Epstein because his plane, which Clinton rode often, was called the Lolita Express while Loyal-like Loyola's are listed with Lolita's.

I went on to tell that while Fox news is owned by Rupert Murdoch, Murdochs share the ravens hanging on arrow with Margys/Mackeys (AYRshire, same as Murdochs). But lookie here at what we get from the Pool motto, where we find Pollets, and then the Pollet motto is "Aymez LOYAULTE"!!! can you believe it? The Lolita's/Loyola's are expected in the "Loyalite" motto term of Mackesys/Margesons (at

Why do Mackesys/Margesons share a blank, gold Chief with Annas', with Visconti-linkable Mellans, and with Mellanson-beloved Rods? See the green snake -- an old Visconti symbol -- in this Mackesy Coat.

Sleeping Beauty was at an AUTO as code for black-bull Auto's/Otto's, and then Pollets, can we believe it, have the three AUDE/Odde's swords on a black Shield. The latter's are in Ottone/Otto colors, and Ottone Visconti's green snake is thus suspect in the Earhardt Coat because the latter includes the Pool / Beaumont fleur-de-lys (no small point). It looks perfect for identifying Sleeping Beauty as Ainsley Earhardt.

[Later in this update, I loaded Daltons again to see what I had missed here, that English Daltons have the Pool lion and the Pool / Beaumont / Earhardt fleur-de-lys, tending to tie Epstein, who worked for a Dalton school, to the swimming pool and/or its shark and/ or its bulldog. I like this find.]

With Miss Earhardt now linking to the pool with shark, let's repeat that the shark, heraldically, was resolved with the Saraca's, and so isn't it shocking, suddenly, since the Fox-like Fockes'/Focks share the fish in the Arms of Saraca, that Ainsley works for Fox news? Lookie: German Fochs/Vos' (Level/Leavell colors), in the "vos" motto term of Walerans (!), use a giant fox (same Coat as Thigh's/Thy's). Fochs'/Vos' were first found in the same place as Trump's, Ice's and Hahns, and then Foches'/Fochs/Fauch's were first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' who in turn point to the ice-cream symbol of Miss Hanson. German Hansons have the Visconti snake. Foches'/Fochs/Fauch's were first found in Forez, and as Forez's are also Fore's, what about those two "For" motto terms of Ainsleys?

Miss Hanson was a great prospect for a teen model, just saying. She was slim, tall, gorgeous blond hair, and facially pretty (I was 16 at the time) is Ainsley. What's going on here? Are the two ladies to be connected for what they point to? I didn't know at first that Hanson was two years younger than I, and so I let her go. We didn't get close to sex; I only recall kissing her once, when I realized she was young. Even at my 16 she was too young for me, but not too young for Jeffrey Epstein at 50 or 60. DEMONIC PIG! She lived on Warden Avenue, and it's a good bet that the warden of Epstein's prison had everything to do with whatever they had planned to do with him.

FAUCets were first found in East Lothian with Faux-branch Vaux's, and English Faux's share the mascle of English Hansons (could be Plain/Plater kin), who in-turn have the mascle of Waleran-like Whalleys, black-bull important because Ratcliffs were at a Whalley location (a great reason to see John Ratcliffe at the hovering / waking scene of Sleeping Beauty). Nordic Hansons have the FUGGer Coat.

German Hansons (share green snake with Earhardts and Visconti's of Milan) trace with Mellansons to Milan in three ways. French Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' (Perigord, same as Fauci-like Fauchys, expected as a branch of Foches'/Fauchs/FAUCHETs) share the CREMer gold Shield as well as its Chief, the latter having the Earhardt fleur-de-lys. Ainsley Earhardt gave me the impression she LOVES vaccines. I asked Hanson for a first date when she was handing me an ice-CREAM at Sam's (hence, the CREMers whose motto points to the Bibo-Hahn relationship). Ice's were first found in Mecklenburg with Cremer-connectable Hahns. There are people saying that vaccines can cause cancer, which, I think, is what Farrah Fawcett died early of.

Hanson and I went, for that first outing, in the Valiant owned by the Quinns, and Valiants are the only surname I know of with a shark. Is that yet another connector of God between Hanson and Earhardt? Couldn't it be due to both surnames being of the Annas? Valiant-like Vallans share the moline cross of SARACen-branch Sarasins. Five years after that date, Sharon Quinn was depicted in the morning vision as Farrah Faucet. Faucets share the Sam lion, and Hanson gave me the ice-cream at Sam's Restaurant. I saw Sharon one last time, after leaving the gang behind at age 22, at age 24 because she happened be a friend of my new landlady. The latter threw me out because I went into her POOL with Annette without asking permission. Annette's have the Annas star in colors reversed. It makes it seem that the shark in the 1979 dream was the bloodline of Annas, killer of Jesus. The Annas-like Ens, listed with Yenns, were first found in Somerset, beside Poole and the Pools, and Ens/Yenns share the Pool Coat.

Sharon fell with a bad mental state at the door of her brother's apartment; I saw Sleeping Beauty in a bad mental state from the door of her car, and because the shark setting turned suddenly into the Sleeping-Beauty setting, I'm getting the impression that Sleeping Beauty was the ANNAS shark line, explaining why AINSley is a part of this. The woman in the Montgomery Crest holds a Saracen head, and Montgomerys share the Earhardt/Airhart fleur. Montgomery's (probably the Paisley / Pack anchor) almost have the motto of Carricks, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Eyer/Air-branch Ayers. Montgomerys were first found in Renfrewshire with Paisleys and Pool-line Pollocks, the latter sharing the HEART/Hart saltire. If I recall correctly, Irish Hearts have the "blade" of a sword in flames, and Blade's share the saltire of Scottish Franks while English Franks have the Heart/Hart / Pollock saltire.

As was said, the Sleeps are from the Selepitanoi Illyrians smack-dab at the Kotor theater, and Wikipedia's Saraka article says that Saraca's started out at Kotor. It was also the theater of Door-like Daorsi. Kotor is right beside RHIZON, and when I woke Sleeping Beauty, we started RISING into the sky to assure that this pointer to the Kotor's Saraca's is a correct one. I've not had memorable reason to see Saraca's fundamentally as Annas liners, but maybe that's correct too.

It's possible that the Arniss variation of Annas', suspect from an Arnissa location not far south of the Selepitanoi, came first, and that some Arniss branch married an Ainsley branch to eventually form an Annas surname that houseofnames listed with Arniss'. Annette's are also ARNots/ArNOTTs, perhaps an Arniss line merger with Note's/Nott in Nottinghamshire. Arnissa is shown at the land of the Talant-like Taulantii on this dark map, and Talants share bird legs with Hoovers, Hooters and Hicksons.

I've just learned that after more than a decade of being first found in Nottinghamshire, Annas'/Arniss' (Ainsley colors) are now said to be first found in Lincolnshire, though only the Arniss-like branches are located there. Houseofnames just obliterated all mention of Nottinghamshire. Lincolnshire is where RHODES' were said to be first found until a few years ago, and RODs (possible Herod cousins from Rodez) happen to share a blank, gold Chief with Annas'/Arniss'. End insert]

Now that we are right at the waking of Sleeping Beauty, we tell that the Perkin lion is also the Kilpatrick and Hooker lion. The Soars/Sors' and Bugs were first found in Dorset with Hooks in turn sharing the Earhardt fleur-de-lys, you see, but if the Hook Shield were red, it would essentially by the Hick Coat. What are the chances? "Hick" is suspect with the hex = 6. The acting Epstein hookers, Miss Hicks and Miss Earhardt, were on the beach, and Beach-branch Beckers share the blue vair of Hookers.

Farrah Fawcett played a former police officer on Charlie's Angels, and Sharon Quinn was divorced from a police officer when she was with Charlie. That works, but why should law officers be in this? A far-left police state? Like they come to you as Charlie's "angels of light"? We've got to accept their light, or face persecution? It seems we're headed there.

The English Charles' (compare with Ice's/Ecke's) were Egg kin, and BEAMinster in Eggerton is where Hooks of Dorset lived (at Hooke), which explains why the Eggertons share the Beam lion, but then if correct that Beams (Ice/Ecke trefoils in colors reversed) were Bellamys, then Hooks share the Bellamy / Bell fesse. Eggs and Eggertons were first found in Cheshire (beside Bellamys of Shropshire) with the BELwood > Richardson line suspect above as pointers to Bill Richardson, the Democrat governor of New Mexico, where the Zorro ranch is that may have some buried bones, who knows.

Zorro- and Soros-like Sorrows/Sorrys share a fasces with Ice-like Ise's/Assi's, the latter first found on Shetland with a YELL location (share black fesse with Yellows). Sharon, depicted by Farrah Fawcett, was YELLing when she was screaming. God had given me a dream with KIDs jumping on YELLow mattress, still to be fully deciphered, and Kids use an "orBEM" motto term that caused me to find the Beems/Beams.

Virginia Giuffre was an Epstein hooker now claiming that Epstein / Maxwell forced her to have sexual activity with Fox's Alan DERSHowitz. The latter was in the last update with Deres', and here we might add that there could be a DEER (no antlers) in the Hooker Crest having the Earhardt snake in its mouth. Earhardts use two green snakes, as do Biss' suspect in the Bis" motto term of Beckers (share vair of Hooks). Anything of Beckers can be on Epstein's beach. Ainsley is, I think, a symbol, or just a pointer to, things-Epstein at Fox news.

I now see that God intended Sharon to be yelling, because Yellins/Yealands share the black eagle head with Charlie's/Chorleys (Lancashire, same as Yellins/Yealands). The Charlie/Chorley write-up has: "'...The chief lordships of Chorley were subsequently held by the noble families of FERRERS and LACY.'" As if God wants to prove that I saw Farrah Fawcett in the vision, Farrah's are also FARRERs, sharing horseshoe's with Ferrers' (compare with Eagle Coat). Ferrers share the white unicorn in Crest with Note's! Perfect, but is Farrah Fawcett in this just to prove that God gave the vision, and the note? Or is there more to it?

I almost missed it. I capitalized "Lacy" in the quote above only after the paragraph was done, when realizing that English Lacys use a so-called "fret-KNOT"!!! Note's are also Knots!!! LOL! The six Lacy pellets are arranged like the six Ferrers horseshoes, and the six Lacy pellets are used in the same way by English Foys while both French Foys are FOIX's too, like the Fauxside castle of Faucets. AHH, the castle was built by Saer de QUINcy, and Sharon was born Miss Quinn!

As was said, Flore-like Fleurs/Florida's share the vair fur of Beach's, and Sleeping Beauty's car was a lone car parked on a SANDy beach. Flore's are said to be from "Persano and SANDionisio in 1313." That looks like a lucky date. Dutch Fleurs share the checks of Write's/Wrights, and after Sharon collapsed on the floor, I gave the note to Mellanson that God told me to WRITE. The Yellins/Yealands were at least near Sands of Lancashire. Here's from the Lawrence surname (shares ragully pattern with Sands and Sandys) in "Yealand-Redmayne, a township, in...Lonsdale south of the Sands."

I'm not lying, Charlie was a LOAN officer for a BANK, and Loans (Carrick / Carrot kin) are listed with Lane's/LONES', (Staffordshire, has "The Knot Unites") like "LONSdale south of Sands"! I'm so impressed. Banks were at a Newton location in Craven, and Craven was home to Skiptons who share the purple lion with Irish Lacys. These Lacys almost share a motto phrase with English Charles'. Charlie's ladyfriend was Yellin'.

How many people like bankers, raise your hands. As Sharon called me a fool for talking about Jesus, isn't she a picture of the anti-Christ? Won't bankers bring on the 666 system of purchasing? However, it was resolved with Weddings and Weeds/Weedins that Sleeping Beauty could also depict the sleeping Church until woken at the tribulation period, for she and I went up in rapture as she woke, and that's the Wedding of Jesus. It gets a lot berserk, I admit, if I'm going to have a alternative view of Sleeping Beauty as Epstein's hookers. but then Weeds/Weedins, with the double Sleep fesses in colors reversed, have fesses in the colors of the Wedding fesse, and so the double ladies as Sleeping Beauty could depict one true Christian, and one foolish virgin who stays behind with the weeds.

Sharon's brother was a devil incarnate. The Quinn-like Quincys were first found in Northamptonshire with Weeds/Weedins. Bankers have the only chevrons upon a bend that I know of, and as there are three chevrons, look above the digit, 6, on your keyboard, to see a chevron. Bankers are also Bunchers, and Bunch's share the Ainsley / Hick fleur-de-lys.

John Ratcliffe's Fylde Files -- And a Fly on the Wall

Quincy's were first found in Northamptonshire with Ladys who in turn have a Coat like that of Anger-related Anchors. I'm not at all understanding what Mellanson's anger is a picture of, however. He wasn't acting furious when talking with me, just upset, until he got the note. Why did God set the event up that way, for him to be upset with me? Was it only to point to the Anger / Anchor bloodline? No, it points also to the Anchor-like "hanks of cotton" of Cottons, which the surname also called "bundles," the term that Mellansons use for their bundled "rods." In that case, one needs to understand the cotton swab that was in the last update, which as a Q-tip pointing hard to John Ratcliffe's expected role in weakening the enemy, soon, I hope.

The bull head of Ratcliffe's and Mellans faces neither straight ahead nor sideways, but when reporting this in the last update, I didn't know that such a bull head is used also by Anchors. Rats/Raids/Raiders use an anchor, as do Hoods of RATTery. The beautiful hooker was standing at the Rattery-like radiator when she was at the hood, and Ratterys were first found near the first-known Rats/Raiders. Angry raiders? Hoods were in a Rattery location in Devon, where Supers were first found who are in the Rattery motto, and Supers are suspect with the supreme court. I'm assuming that material put out by Ratcliffe is headed now to SCOTUS for a big win, some big revelations on our enemies.

Here's what I'm thinking; the note that God asked me to write represents files and notes from Ratcliffe on their way to SCOTUS. I gave the note to Mellanson after Sharon lost her mind, and perhaps that refers to the defeat of the far-left in some way, which took place after my bold Christian witness to all, and after she punched whatever Barry represented, Obama, I think, or maybe Bill Barr. In this picture, Mellanson represents something on the Trump team, such as the five Republican SCOTUS judges. Or maybe Mellanson represents the attorneys who take Ratcliffe's files to SCOTUS.

Soon after the note night, it seems that God performed a miracle on Mellansons ear from my prayer, and maybe this means that those who have not had ears to hear will finally hear the evidence against the Bidenites and those who cheated to get him the White House.

I looked up the Files surname to find it listed with a Fylde location where the Obama-line Singletarys were first found (Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham). This was a great move because I learned that Singletarys had a Singleton location is Sussex, where Boards (share antelope with Singetarys!) were first found who happen to share the Singletary martlets! Ratcliffe was in the tip-in, winning goal to which the Q-tip may point, and after scoring that goal, there was my banging into the boards that was thought to be obstruction from Obamaites to deny Trump the rightful election win.

The Files/Fylde surname is interesting for being in HazelWOOD and Hazelton colors and format while Hazels, sharing the Mellanson and Note/Knot crescents, are now said to be first found in Devon with Rattery and Supers. That's why I argued that the note to Mellanson could depict Ratcliffe's files / notes to the SUPReme court. Ahh, Ratterys (share Wood fitchees) even have a vote-like "votum" motto term.

At one time not long ago, Hazels were said to have been first found in Cheshire with Weavers sharing a version of their fesse, and here I'm reminded that Weaver-branch Webbers share the fleur-de-lys of neighboring Files-like Flys with a Fylde-like Flythe variation! The same fleur are used by Mascals (Sussex, same as Singleton and Boards). I told again, in the 2nd update of last month, of my dream where I stopped a spider from catching a fly, on its Webber-like web, using a piece of cardBOARD (!) to block its path. As I don't think I'd be saving Obama, the fly in this picture could refer to Ratcliffe's files, I dunno, just a thought. Maybe it wasn't cardboard; maybe just a piece of thin board.

The black Singletary antelope is used by Mascal-like Muscats while Muschats have the triple Epstein chevrons, which happen to be colors reversed from the triple Singletary chevrons. That works for an Obama-Epstein relationship. The Flys are in code with the "muscas" motto term of Drake's because Mosca's/Muscas' were their kin as well as Flys (Hampshire, same as Drake's).

I'm not very crazy about all the guesswork that goes into these writings. Don't take it prophetically as God's word in stone.

Next, the Note's were first found in Derbyshire, and Derbys, with the garbs of Fylde-like Fields in colors reversed, share the red antelope with WheelWRIGHts. I was told to WRITE Mellanson a note, and Files are listed with Fylde's. The Wheelwright antelope design is that of Singletary's of Fylde, and of Mieszko-like Muscats. A fast, black, wolf-type spider just came down my wall toward, and right beside the computer table, but I missed squashing it (it got away under the table), look at the timing, at the mention of the Files/Fylde bloodline. The Mieszko's were from a mythical Wheelwright. The Derby antelope-head design is used my Chimneys (Yorkshire, same as Wheelwrights). Lightning once struck the chimney of our house, and sent bricks down the Single-like shingles, which seems like a bad omen for Obama. The shing-like Chings are the Shins/Chinns that have been pointers to Ratcliffe's China Intelligence suspect in my shin-pad slide for to tip-in the winning goal. The lightning struck (my age 12) just months before the winning goal. (I've been saying I was 11, but after figuring a couple of things out, it turns out to have been early in my 12th year.)

That winning goal allowed our team to win the TROPHhy that year, all credit to God. The Drops/TROPE's are in the drops filling the Note/Knot Shield.

The "plaCUERIT" motto term of Derbys could be partly for Place's, and partly for the Cuarta bloodline listed with Cords/COURTs sharing the triple pheons of Tipps/TIPPINs. That's right-on topic with the tip-in goal. OHHH-WOW, as per "placueRIT," which looks like "writ," I just loaded Rits to find it listed with the Write's/Write's (!!!) who share the checkered fesse of Pitts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had just been looking at Pitts a minute earlier because the spider dream ended with the spider in my armPIT, and there are arms in the Webber Crest. This is just unbelievable. The chances to get what you just saw just by following the Singletary line of Fylde to Fields to Derbys is one fat chance.

So, I wrote the note, which became suspect as a pointer to Ratcliffe's files, and the Files/Fylde's paid off. Plus, its seems that I was correct to see the Fly/Flythe surname behind the Fylde's, because God sent a spider during the mention of Fylde. The spider could have been on the picture, or on the shelf in front of me, but instead I spotted it inches above the computer table on the WALL, which is why I've looked up all Wall surnames. I'm settling on English Walls where they mention a Wales location in Yorkshire, where WheelWRIGHTs (share red antelope with Derbys) were first found, which recalls that Ratcliffs were at Whalley. So far, so good, but there's more.

Ahh, what do we know??? The Masons/Massins share the mermaid with Byrne's, and the Byrne motto has "CERTavi" while, believe it or not, Certs are listed with Cards!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, this paragraph comes while, and because of, viewing Patrick Byrne on a Rubin Report podcast (Jan 13) not more than an hour after writing the paragraph above! Amazing is it not, since the paragraph above was the last one in this insert at the time. Patrick Byrne is the one who educated Sidney Powell on Dominion machinery. The Byrne Coat is in the colors and format of the Wayne's who in turn share gauntlet gloves with what look like their branch, the Fane's/Vans/Veynes' of Fano, a branch of Fenns/Venns in the Powell motto!

[Update February 27 -- I happened to load FLANagans, in Flint/FLAN colors, seeing their "Certavi" motto term, which made the FLY look like a depiction of general FLYnn. It turned out that the Flanagan and Byrne mottoes are identical. It appears that this is the correct interpretation, that the spider represents the Mueller side attacking a helpless Flynn, and that something, perhaps God, saved him at the last second. I'm going to share this in the 4th update in February, and may add to it. I cannot remember whether Flynn's legal case started to take a sudden turn for the better under Ratcliffe, but, perhaps, it was Ratcliffe who caused some intelligence to go to his assistance. End update]

The Crest of English Walls has a white wolf head, as do Scarfs of Yorkshire, and Scarfs are beloved by the Q-shaped scarf of Trabys/Sadowskys. The Q-TIP of Melansons can be a pointer to Tipps/Tippins. The Treby besants are shared by Pitts who in turn have the checkered Write/Write/Rit fesse. The "PLACueRIT" motto term of Treby-like Derbys is suspect with Place's from Placentia on the Trebia river, excellent. Trabys/Sadowski's were first found in Poland, same as Piast the WheelWRIGHT (I'm spelling this out for you), the mythical origin of the Polish Mieszko's. Mieske's/Mesechs happen to share a black bull head with Ratcliffe's, Tipps'/Tippins and Auto's/Otto's suspect in the "Aut" motto term of Irish Walls (scimitar). I think that's quite the mouthful, but there's more.

The blue roundel held up by the armored arms of Webbers (Mieske's have an armored arm too) is shared by Table's/Tapleys and TIPleys (!), who share the same Coat, and the spider came toward my table. Not having enough time to find anything flat to squish it, I picked up some tissue paper sitting on the table, and pressed the spider with it, but it fell to the floor between the table edge and the wall. It escaped. It could only have come in with the firewood I put in today, because it's way to cold for spiders to be about in the open cold. It was brought in frozen on the wood, and it then thawed. Woods share the Rattery fitchees, and Hoods ("Cornish CHOUGH" holds an anchor) were at Devon, where Table's/Tapleys were first found. Tipleys were first found in Cornwall with Tippers (share white anchor with Hoods). Anchors are an Anger branch, and I gave the note to Mellanson because he was angry with me. The Tipper anchor is held by an arm in a blue sleeve, and so see the COUGH and Cuff Crests to compare.

So, what might the spider represent if it's attacking Ratcliffe's files? Isn't a fly on the wall a symbol for a spy? Yes. Wasn't Ratcliffe a top spy? Yes. Wasn't he looking at what his Intelligence enemies had been doing, and may still have been doing? Yes, that's what he wanted to do, we may expect, and so the spider looks like Obamaite Intelligence attacking Ratcliffe, but God, I assume, stuck some cardboard in front of Obama to save Ratcliffe. The dream then ended with the spider mad as hell in my armpit, but trapped there like someone in a prison.

If God intended the spider to be SHAKing in my armpit, note that Shake's ( Lancashire, same as Fylde), with MOLE HILLS, share a green-on-white chevron with Files'/Fylde's. Moles in Intelligence are imbedded spies set into enemy camps, what the Trump team was infested with. There's never been a more evil American government than the black government now in power. Moles dig tunnels, and Spider-like Spitzers, believe it or not, use "hills," one of which has a "tunnel." Shake's use hills too! THAT IS COOL. But did the spider already attack Ratcliffe, or will that take place in the future?

Good morning Wednesday. I go up today feeling like a ding-a-ling trying to solve these mysteries. But if I don't try, I won't get it right. Things like that spider coming along while on the Fly-suspect branch of Files' is what keeps me going. So, God had to get a spider to cuddle up to a piece of firewood, probably months ago, a piece He knew I would bring into the house on the day I was writing about Files/Fylde's. Of all the wood in my garage to chose from, I picked the spider-piece for yesterday when bringing in just two or three arm-loads. Why did this spider get away. Will I see it again for another story to tell? Does it's being at the table link to the Obama billiard table?

The spider was coming DOWNward on the wall, and Downs/Douns, linkable to Dunhams/Downhams, speak volumes, for Jonathan Singletary in Obama's ancestry changed his surname to Dunham (Obama's mother's surname). His grandfather was an ARMour on his mother's side, and the spider in the dream was vibrating in my ARMpit after I blocked it from the fly with a piece of board. I neglected to add, while on the Weaver-Hazel relationship above, that while Singletarys of Fylde had a branch in Sussex with the first-known Boards (share Singletary martlets), Sussex is where Downs were first found too, as well as Keeps having a "weaver's shuttle." How about that. As a reminder, Files'/Fylde's are in HAZELwood / Hazelton/HASLINGdens colors and format. There is a Haslingden location about 20 miles east of the Fylde area of Lancashire.

As the piece of board is such a good pointer to the Singletary > Obama bloodline, might this piece of board relate to Obama's demise after he appeared with his skateBOARD in the 2017 dream in Obama's billiard hall? I had said that he owned the billiard hall with Loretta Lynch, and here we can go to the "Lux" motto term of Board- / Burd-like BURtons, who are in Lynch colors and near-format. The Lux write-up may be wrong to trace to a "lynx," but as Lynch's use the lynx, perhaps God is using the Burton motto to indicate that the SKATEboard is proof of an Obama-Lynch program that He wants revealed.

Yes, indeed, for it just so happens that Skate's/SHEETs share the Fly / Webber fleur-de-lys, and the dream started with a black SHEET covering all the billiard tables. I saw this scene from a ceiling view! The spider and fly were at the ceiling! The tables were laid out in an L-shape, one long row turning at 90 degrees into a small row, and that L-shape is what pointed to Loretta Lynch, for at the start of the dream, I instinctively knew that Obama co-owned the billiard hall with some unidentified person. This is making sense with the two dreams connected in parts.

[Vallans (share moline of Shark-line Sarasins), whom I often mention with shark-using Valiants, have a Coat connectable to the Skate's/Sheets and their SKIt/Skeet branch, especially as "quieSCIT" is a Vallan motto term. As Vallans are also Valletti's, I think they named Velletti on Malta, and then the giant Malta lion is used by one of the English Beaumonts, in the white color of the giant Pool lion. This is why I've placed this insert here i.e. see next paragraph.]

I'd like to add that Burtons were at Lancashire's Dalton, and that I see a way (comparing Daltons with Beaumonts and Pools) to connect English Daltons to the swimming pool in the 1979 dream that included Epstein's Island. I've just added an insert above to spell this out.

English Daltons use a "Tristus" motto term while Hebrons use "KEEP TRYST." Kepke chased me with a spider dangling from its web, and Keeps love Webber-branch Weavers in their "weaver's shuttle." Shutts (Wiltshire, near Poole, Flys and Webbers) are listed with Skate-connectable Schute's, important where Skate's (Norfolk, same as Fly-connectable Flags) share the Fly / Webber fleur. Kepke sold shoe's, and Shoe's have variations like Skit/Skeet variations. Shutts/Schute's (SUTHerland star?) were also first found beside the BOARDers sharing their swords.

Kepke chased me with the spider in GORMley, and while Gorm liners may have been Worms, I'm sure the green Worm dragon is used by English Daltons. Scute's (share gold escutcheon with Weavers) share the gold tower of Patients/Putins, and the latter have flames while Flame's share the besants of English Puttens. The Flame's get interesting here where they share a BLANK, GOLD CHIEF with Annas, whom I trace to Angusta, and it just so happens that Dutch Puttens almost have the WORMley Chief-Shield colors, but instead use BLANK, GOLD CHIEF! It's just that I trace Worms (suspect to Robertians) to count "Vrm" o ANGUSta, suspect with the ANGUS-Annas relationship (share the same stars). The Chief-Shield colors of Wormleys (this is new) is almost that of Annas'.

In spy circles, isn't a mole a worm too?

Vrm's daughter (Helena) was said by one to have married king BELa (Hungary), and while heraldry bore this out recently, note that Beaumonts are BELLmonts too, perhaps originally Bellmonts. Burtons (Shropshire, same as Bellamys), share the Bellamy and Bell fesse...AND ZIKERS, the other Bells (Dumfries, same as Patients/Putins) are in WORMley colors and format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never known Wormleys until now, looked up only when mentioning "Gormley." Bela married Helena, the writer was correct.

Helena was the name also of the mother of emperor Constantine I, and English Constantine's (Devon, beside Webbers) have the Webber / Fly / et-al fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. Constantine's are said to have been in Shropshire early (about the time that queen Margaret of Scotland was crowned), and that's where Burtons and Bellamys (and talbots) were first found who use near-identical Coats (Burtons use talbot dogs). This tends to explain why French Talbots have a version of the Worm bend.

King Bela was Hungarian, and while Talbots have the GREY Coat in colors reversed, Greys (share Beaumont/BELLmont lion) have an upright and giant lion in the colors of the giant and upright GREYhound of Hungars. Czech Hungars (probably the Arms-of-Bohemia lion) have the Grey lion holding a flag, reinforcing the Fly link to count Vrm's line. One Beaumont/Bellmont Coat uses this lion as per Simon de Montfort (his line married Beaumonts), and the Montfort lion shares two tails with the same colored lion in the Arms of Bohemia.

I was just tackling whether or not the Fiddle's were a consonant-reversal from "Fylde or "Flythe, since Daltons use a "FIDELis" motto term that, as "fideLIS," can be a pointer to Liss' (Hampshire, same as Flys/Flythe's). "Fidelis" happens to be a Weaver motto term too, you see, and, bingo here: Fieldings (Cheshire, same as Weavers) have a version of the Weaver fesse-with-items. This just taught me that Weavers share the antelope with Boards and Singletarys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put a piece of BOARD or cardBOARD between the fly and spider! It wasn't my dream, was it? The Weaver antelope design is that of Boards! It's taken me this long, years, to find this. Why now?

Fieldings (share the Nagle fesse-with-lozenges) share the Chapman/CHEPman motto in full, which includes "creSCIT." Then, "VireSCIT" is a motto term of Scottish Lins/Line's/Linds. Read on.

As Fiddlers are also Fiddlers, I've just loaded Fielders to find them first found in Sussex with Boards (!!!), and also with English Puttens (and Weaver-loving Keeps). Fielders share the quadrants of Fasts and Falstaffs (Dunham colors), both first found in Norfolk with Flags and Dunhams. Kepke liked watching Fiddler of the Roof.

[Wow Insert -- Fielders share the cinquefoils of Dutch Linds, and they are green cinquefoils, the colors of the Loches/DeLOGES cinquefoils, the latter surname first found in Burgundy with Loge's and log-using Poulos'!!! I discovered this while watching Mike Lindell's new documentary (see later in this update), and Lindells/Linds use the log too! Does Lindell and his team have to do with the fly???? LOOKS LIKE HERE. The documentary has no problem whatsoever railing against Poulos' Dominion enterprise, and linking it hard with China. The Obama dream was four years ago yesterday. End insert].

The "kepe" motto term of Kays looks like it's for Keeps, and Kays share the double bends of Ratliffe's! You see, it's looking again like the note I gave Mellanson is a pointer to Ratcliffe's files. I tried to kill the spider with TISSue PAPER, and "tuTISSima" is an Armour motto term. Tiss'/Teace's were first found in Hampshire with Flys/Flythe's! The spider is looking like Obama's shadow government. But it got away.

Recall how Sleeping Beauty was level, suggested the Levels/Leavells'/Lovells in conjunction with Mr. Ratcliffe, for Level-like Levers/Leavers/Lovers, who named Little Lever very near Lancashire's Radcliffe, share the double-Kay / double-Ratcliffe bends. In the Lever/Leaver/Lover Crest, a TRUMPet.

[Insert -- After writing a couple of hours or more below, it was time to re-load the Ratcliffe Coat, a thing I didn't do all last update when suggesting that Ratcliffe's files would somehow get past judge Roberts. The latter was mentioned with PROPERs/Roberts a few times, but I had forgot the "propter" motto term of Ratcliffs. What do we suppose that motto term is for?

I don't buy that Ratcliffs were named after a red cliff. There is a small Clifton area about three miles south-west of Radcliffe suggesting a Rad / Rat merger with Cliff liners, for this Clifton location is near Salford (where Ratcliffs were first found) while Salfords have an obvious black-wolf version of the Clifton Coat, and then Cliffs use black wolf heads. With this in mind, I checked for a Clifton location in Lancashire, and boy-oh-boy did I find one: "Clifton is a village in the English county of Lancashire and in the district of FYLDE [!!!!!*!!!!!*!!!!!*!!!!!*!!!!!*!!!!!]. The village is part of the civil parish of Newton-with-Clifton." That's a five-star rating, folks. Plus, Newtons are the ones with the "shin bones" that goes to the tip-in goal. Bone's/BOHUMs (Sussex again) share the BEAUMont lion.

This second Clifton location (in Fylde) is about 25 miles north-west of Radcliffe, and beside Preston, interesting where Prestons use another angel (angel design of German Angels), recalling that Charlie's Angels pointed to Sharon Quinn and her boyfriend, Charlie. Well, Charlie's/Chorleys named Chorley midway between Radcliffe and Clifton of Fylde. The theory had been that Mellanson represented something from Ratcliffe while Sharon was the opposition. I know, it sounds ding-a-ling. Salfords are also Savards, like the Savary variation of Vito-loving Saffers, and Vito's were first found in Treviso with Italian Angels. Prestons have essentially the Helen Coat while St. Helen is about 30 miles south of Preston. My tenant, Helen, came up big below, before this insert was conceived, in connection with Cupid.

BIGGIE HERE. Just so you know when you get to the Parks shortly below, taken from the Kenny PARCHment linkable to Rolls, the Ratcliffe bull has a ring in its NOSE while the Irish Rings have a hand holding a roll much like the Kenny and Roll Crests!!! That's a biggie I didn't know until hours after writing on Kennys. The Rings almost have the Other/Otter Coat who in turn share the Kens/Kenn crescents, and Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire with Others/Otters. The cotton swab was in an ear, a pointer to Miss EARhardt, who worked for KENS TV, thus tending to support the earlier theory that Mellanson's ear (or miracle therein) was a pointer to Earhardt. WHY WHY WHY?

The Rings share the bend of Roll-like Royals/ROILE's! The Cottons use "hanks of cotton," and the Hank bendy is virtually that of Ments/Mants in "parchMENT"!!! Ments/Mants and Hanks are linkable to pings/Pongs, and this line came up because I played lots of ping-pong in Kepke's baseMENT, where he kept a white RAT!!! I've said it 20 times before, he had a pet rat in his basement! RATcliffe! It was WHITE, and Scottish White's share the quatrefoils of both ear-like Eyers and Aims'/Amis'. AWWWWWEsome: the Aims/AINS'/Hains (like "AINSley) share the Ring crescents!!! WHY is Earhardt linking to Ratcliffe's bull? Wasn't she Sleeping Beauty in the 1979 dream? I think so. And Beautys use the black bull.

Plus, a nose is a "naso" to Italians, and Naso's have a version of the Cotton Coat, unbelievable stuff. The ring in the Ratcliff bull looks connectable to the cotton swab / Q-tip. WHY WHY WHY? There is what looks like a rope tied to the nose-ring, and Rope's happen to share the blue pheon with Sidneys. Ropers look like they use a version of the Knock/Knox bird, and the latter are the ones with the Cotton falcon design! Knocks/Knox's have a "proFICior" motto term suspect with the Fix's/Ficks (of Genova's Face-related Fieschi) trace to Genova with a wavy blue fesse to match the wavy pale bars within the Aim/Ains/Hain crescent. Genova's share the Basford/Bashford eagle while Ainsleys were at Basford. Is Kepke's BASEment for the Base's sharing the Robert / PROPER/Robert lion?

Now watch this. The Aims/Ains'/HAINs have an arrow in Crest probably because the write-up suggests this family named a location near Arras, for Arrows are listed with Arras'. Then, the Roper Coat is that also of ARDONs/Artois', and Arras is the capital of Artois, the latter named after ARDUINici, explaining why the Petts/Perts (ARDEN colors) use a motto, "Ardens," for the Pett/Pert lozenges are shared by Scottish Hains. As Rings share the Ains/Hain crescents, it stands to reason that Petts/Perts are using the Ring bend. So, the Roper-related Ardons got us to Rings, and Ratcliffs have a ring on what looks like a rope, attached to a bull, and while Bulls are connectable to Rush's, there's bulrushes in the Pett/Pert Crest.

PETTs/Perts were first found in Kent with PETITs who share the red lion in the Crest of English Mills, and "mill stones" are used by Italian Naso's. As Petts/Perts use BUlrushes, it could seem that the ring in the nose is part-code for Naso's. French Petits (Burgundy, same as Pilati-like Pilate's/Pilotte's) happen to share the giant lion of Dutch Naso's/Nassau's. There is a Pert-like "PRETium" term in the Mill motto, and Prets/Prettys share the stars of Pelosi's/Pilati's that are atop their two columns, while Petits are in the "ARDUA petit" motto phrase of Malcolms/COLUMNs. End insert]

I had noted that Coughs were first found in KilKENNY, and so Kennys were loaded again (share Hazel / Mellanson / Note crescents) to see a sort of paper in Crest that could be a pointer to the Mellanson note. Checking my files, its was fund that the other Irish Kennys have: "The Kenny Crest: 'A CUBIT ARM in ARMOR hand grasping a ROLL of PARCHment.' The Aarons use two hands 'grasping' from the clouds, and Cubits...use 'Two hands issuing from clouds, battling with scimiTARs.'" Wasn't it convincing that the puck from TARR's slap shot had ROLLed to the goal line that I tipped in while skimming along the ice on my knees? SCIMitar.

The last term in the quote to be capitalized was, "parchment," because I looked up Parks to find the checkered fesse of Write's/Wrights!!! So, it looks like there's a reason to make the Ratcliffe-to-Mellanson connection there, after all. I'm very impressed. As Rolls have a similar Crest to that of Kennys, let's recall that German Rolls were first found in SWABia, and share the Cotton chevron.

As it's the Cubits having the scimitars, it's purdy amazing that Cubits happen to use a giant lion head in the colors of the giant demi-lion of CARDs, for Cards too have a hand coming from a cloud. Is this somehow the reason that I thought I used CARDboard to block the spider?

Trying to find the reasons for dreams and events through heraldic clues often makes me feel ding-a-ling, like when the Kennys share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys while Kens'/Kenns had ancestry in Cornwall, where Cards were first found while Miss Earhardt, who married Mr. McKinney, worked for KENS TV in San Antonio. It drives me ding-a-ling seeking a possible reason(s) for such things, and I don't, of course, feed you heraldic trails that go nowhere, but only the ones of at least some interest. The cotton-swab-in-EAR event suggested a possible pointer to Earhardts, and Kens' share the crescents of Others/Otters, first found in Huntingdonshire with Cottons. Other/Otters were probably from Ottone Visconti in MILAN, who owned the green snake, and Earhardts use two of them in the shape of an 'O'.

Visconti's called their snake a biscione, part-code for a snake-using Bissone location in the Ticino canton. But as Irish Melons/Mellans were first found in Tyrone with KEON-related Neils, note "BisCIONe." Keons share the eight-pointed star of Batti's, first found in Lombardy with Ottone Visconti. German Neils are Nails too while Miss Earhardt married nail-using Procters. Melons/Millans use a "basket," and Baskets are said to have been from Basques of biscione-like Biscay. Biss' use snakes "respecting each OTHER," and Others/Otters are said to be from Lombardy elements. The Seagar/Sugar snake is from the Basque god, Sugaar, and Segurana's share the BASford eagle.

The Flys were at Flagi, and flags are used by McLeods/Clouds, in the clouds of three surnames above, including Cupids and Cards. The battling scimitars of Cubits suggest Battle's, first found in Berwickshire with the Letters in the Card Crest, and Battle's share a giant griffin on a red Shield with Letters, tending to clinch a Cubit-Card relationship round-about (at least for this spider-fly purpose).

[Insert -- AHHH WOW! I almost missed this. Here must be the reason that I went to Kennys who caused the clouds to come up: "HOLD Fast." It's the McLeod/Cloud motto, and while I've seen the McLeods using a black bull head, the color of the Ratcliffe bull head, there's no apparent way to prove that they are closely related bull heads...until we go to the Holds, first found in Bury and Salford with Radcliffe! The thing is, I was venturing to link John Ratcliffe's secret files to the Files'/Fylde's, which led to loading Fly to see their Fylde-like Flythe variation, and here we find that the Flys led to the Holds (squirrel with acorns or NUTs) via the McLeod flags! It's like God laid down bread crumbs for me to follow. Plus, when I was at the map in the insert above looking at Clifton of Fylde, I saw FLEETwood (likewise in Fylde) just 15 miles north-west of it.

Holds share the squirrel in Crest with Hazels while Hazelwoods / Hazeltons are in Files/Fylde colors and format.

This recalls the day Miss Hicks came to pray with me in church on the only day I wore my treble-CLEF tie. Then, after church, I found the van with a FLAT tire in the parking lot. Flatts are listed with Fleet-like Fletts, you see, and Fleetwoods look like they love the Quoid variation of Quade's in their motto, who are in the Q-shaped scarf of Treble-like Trabys/Sadowski's. Scarfs share the white wolf with the Fleetwood Crest (this is the FLYnn wolf closely round-about). The Treble's were first found in Devon with Trebys (share the giant CLIFton lion! Clifton is in Fylde with Fleetwood!), and Cliffs/CLEFFS share the three black wolf heads with Quoids/Quade's. See, they were God-orchestrated, back-to-back events. We need to add the Prays into the prayer event because Prays/PRATers share white wolf heads with Scarfs, and Flys/Flythe's have a version of the PRATT Coats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLUS, Irish Prays have the Coats/Cotes Coat while Mr. Ratcliffe replaced Dan Coats!

Also, the flat tire was on my Safari van, and Saffers/Savarys (Devon) are of the Salford/Savard line, I think. French Savards share the FLYnn besants. Ahhh, Flowers were first found in Devon with Trebys (the latter share the white Clifton lion), and the Clifton cinquefoils are the giant one of Flowers while the Flower Crest is the white lion head (with red tongue included) of Kirkhams, from Kirkham (in Fylde), where Cliftons are said to have been first found. Scottish Kirks share "quod" with the Fleetwood motto. Trebys share three besants in Crest with FLYnns. Were Flynns a branch of Fly's somehow?

As per the treble-clef TIE, we read in the Tie/Dye write-up: "Walter Dye held estates near Wakefield." The Wakefields are split vertically in the colors of the same of Fleetwoods and Tarves' (and Dutch Tromps). Tie's/Dye's have one of the double Fleet fesses, and they are also the double fesses of Flags/Flacks; both Fleets and Flags/Flacks share the scallops of Tarves-like Travis'/Travers, and the latter share a tiger in Crest with the Medleys, a branch of Methleys (Yorkshire, same as Tie's/Dye's) connectable to the Tie/Dye Coat. Methleys have three of the double fesses of Fleets and Flags/Flecks. Thus, the heraldry for the treble-clef tie links to the heraldry from the flat tire. End insert]

There is a flag in the Coat of Jaspers (in the Carrot motto), first found in Cornwall with Kens ancestry, Cards and Card-like Carrots. We then note that one CARTer Coat has comBATTant lions while the other English Carters are in Files/Fylde colors and format, and sharing the white greyhound with Kens' and Melons/Mellans. My ding-a-ling problem is to figure out if any of this applies to Ainsley Earhardt, and then to announce that it could, it might, but who really knows for sure? DING-A-LING.

Kens-like Kendrys (Ayrshire) use Cupid (a boy). It was the Roman version of Eros, a boy-sex cult of the Greeks. Eros was the son of Ares and Aphrodite, who were also given Erotes (erotica) for a son. Why would Miss Earhardt link to such a thing? This recalls that Helen, my tenant, after I wrote her a LETTER (in the Cupid Crest!), put a Christmas CARD into my mailbox saying, "I love you." Love's/Luffs were Muscat kin and thus use a three-fesse version of the Muschat and Epstein Coats! Bang-on. Helen turned out to be promiscuous, and then soon left me for STEVEN, who came over with FLOWERS for her, on Valentine's day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the day Cupid shoots his arrows into the Earhardt-like HEART!!! KENS is in San Antonio, and Antonio's/Tonys use a FLOWER on Epstein-connectable water! RING THE BELL.

The Tenant surname, which came to topic only due to Helen, uses a "vela" motto term, and Vela's happen to use "TORCHes at the corners"!!! Here's from my first update in February of 2015: "The 'cupid' holding a TORCH in the Kendry Crest..."!!! "Vela" is like "Wall," and while English Walls have a reflection of the Mast/Master Coat, Tenants use a "sail with mast"! Can you believe all of these "coincidences"? The Vela corners must be a pointer to the spider and fly at the corner where the wall meets ceiling. To prove that the torch is code for Scottish Turks, they use a "vel" motto term. English Turks/McTorks have the Mellanson / Note crescent again while Masts/Masters look linkable to Mellansons. Walls and Masts/Masters (Kendry-like Kent) both use the so-called "emBATTLEd" pattern, recalling the "battling with scimitars" of Cupids. Kens' are in the colors of Candle's/KENTwells.

In heraldry, you don't give Cupid arrows just because he had arrows in myth. In heraldry, arrows are likely code for Arrows/Arras', a surname like "Eros," however, and Arrows/Arras' happen to share the Fly / Webber / Mascal fleur-de-lys. One could get the impression here that the spider is the high-level pedophilia groups / cults that Obama may be protecting. Cards are Certs too, suspect from Cirta of Numidia, location also of Mascal-like Mascula, and then the Keiths, who come up as Mascals/Masculs too, were kin of McKinneys. Ainsley married Mr. McKinney, and she represents hookers on Epstein's island. Is Ainsley a black-widow wife? Or is this a ding-a-ling question?

AHHH, lookie: "Spider" is like the Spitzer surname, then see this NY Times article: "Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who gained national prominence relentlessly pursuing WALL [!] Street wrongdoing, has been caught on a federal wiretap arranging to meet with a high-priced prostitute at a Washington hotel last month..." Was Spitzer an Epstein tool?

I've assumed that English SAINTs use cherubs, but maybe they're Cupids. The one Eliot Coat shares the wavy bars of Islands, and as Eliots were first found in Liddesdale, home of Little's, note that Epsteins island is LITTLE SAINT James. I just can's see a way to get the James' into this piece, however. Little-branch Liddle's have a Saint-like "sanitas" motto term.

One Eliot Coat has what may be batons, though they are in the design of the Mellanson "rods." The other Eliots share the elephant with Mascals, and share wavy fesses in colors reversed from those of Sea's / Seamans, the latter connectable to the spider dream with Seals/Sealys (see how below). [I didn't re-know yet that "se" is a Ratcliff motto term; Sea's are also See's.]

Yes, the spider was on the wall, and the English Walls I spoke of above share the Earhardt and Kenny fleur-de-lys (but so do many others), and, as I said, Mr. Kepke (suspect with the Weaver-loving Keeps), was engaged to marry KIM Walsh, evoking the Wales location of Walls in Yorkshire, where Keppochs were first found. Kims share the McKinney Coat. The Wall Crest even has the Seal/SEALY wolf head, and Seals came up with the spider dream, because its web was at the corner of the wall with the CEILing, and my mattress at the time was a Sealy brand. The Seals/Sealys (ancestry in Cornwall, same as Kens) even has the Hazel / Weaver fesse (Weavers are a Webber branch). The hexagram of Jewish Hardts is weaved (my term, don't know if its official).

The interesting thing here that reveals McKinneys as Kennedys is that the McKinney Crest is the stag head of the Keith Catti, from Chatti of Hesse-Cassel. Cassels have a form of a Kennedy Coat, and the German Cassels share the McLeod/CLOUD castle while Aarons/Arens, with the clouds that had linked to the Cupid / Card clouds, have quadrants in colors reversed from the same of McKinneys.

I told the story that Kepke, at about age 15, chased me around with a spider dangling on its web because he knew I was mildly terrified (but still terrified) of spiders. It was at the home of KAREN Graff, the girl across the road from me...who was fond of me until then. Karens/Kerns share the crescent of Hazels / Mellansons / Note's and Seamans, the latter an obvious branch of Sea's said to have named SEAL, you see. And while the wavy bars of Webbers are suspect as code for "WEAVer," Sea's and Seamans both use wavy fesses / bars. English Tuckers (Devon, same as Hazels) have the same wavy bars while sharing the seahorse with Seamans and Irish Tuckers (TIPPERary), the latter being in colors reversed from, and in the format of, Tippers (Cornwall again). What's a ding-a-ling to do with all of this on an off-day? Tell you what, you go ahead and make the predictions, I'm not in the mood today.

Tipperary is where Irish Kennedys (like "Kenn(y)") were first found while Scottish Kennedys have a version of a Cassel Coat while Hazel/Hessels can be of Hesse's/Hessels that named Hesse-Cassel. Haze's (Keith colors) could have a coney rabbit, but they also share the Sutherland stars while Sutherland is up by CAITHness, named by the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel. Coney-like Cunninghams were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Kennedys. Kendels share dolphins with Tippers. Kendrys (Ayrshire) use Cupid.

We're Wading Patiently for Lindell

On Wednesday night, I saw Mike Lindell saying that he's releasing his three-hour documentary on election fraud this Friday. I'll be watching.

Here's a thing I've just inserted into my last update in case you missed it, when realizing that Birds/BURDs share the BOARD martlets (in colors reversed):

[Also, found this a couple of days late for this update, but just great: the Tarr/Terres-like Terrys have these martlets too. Steve Tarr was at the boards in the McGee game. In the previous game, I bashed into the boards, and martlets are used by Bash's too along with the same-style cross as English Terrys. In colors reversed, the Bash cross is red, the color of the Terry cross. I believe God wants Bash's connectable to Crystals, who have that same cross in red, as do Roll-like Royals/Roile's, first found in Kent with English Terrys! Tarr's slap shot ended up ROLLing to the goal line, we could say, before I bashed into the boards. AHH, almost missed it: the Board / Burd / Terry martlets are also with Hips'/Hipkins in turn having a Coat like the Crystal-like Christs.]

I think this shows God's hand in either the use of the boards for both of those games so as to match the heraldry, or in altering the heraldry to fit the events, or a little of both. That insert was located just before a large treatment on the rolling puck with the Roll surname. It's interesting that Crystal- / Christ-like Christine's share a version of the Pillow Coat, since Mike Lindell is owner of My Pillow. Lindell speaks Chinese, and I'm sure he's looking into China's role in election-machine fraud, which I think was in my shin-bone slide into the boards, knocking the puck across the Lindell-connectable goal line in the meantime. As was said, Lindells and Poulos' both use logs, and Mr. Poulos is the founder of Dominion Voting machines.

The new ingredients in the quote above are the Royals and Terrys. I think I can add to this where I had said that the hard slap shot by Tarr knocked the goalie down, with the puck bouncing off his body, over his head, then coming to the ice on a bounce that could certainly have caused a roll (not necessarily a perfect roll) before sliding flat to the line. The downed goalie could have been a pointer to Giuliani's sudden lack-luster performance after rip-roaring to what looked like certain victory. He couldn't get the puck over the line, we could say. Yet the goal by my stick can yet represent the win because the fact is, Trump did win, and anything that happens next is due to that fact.

The entry of Royals recalls the "royal tents" of Tintons, in the colors and format of Manfields (pointed to by Mamie). It recalls my sleeping in Mamie's tent on the night she plopped herself on my lap = legs uninvited, in what I resolved to be a pointer to Trump's tease. I remember nothing but her sitting on my lap out of the blue with the gang around the campfire. I put my hand on her waist, and remember not a thing afterward, until we were spreading out the sleeping bag in a tent where she was sleeping with a couple of others. I don't remember getting into the bag. All I remember was being in the bag and doing the normal thing, going in for a hug. But she suddenly jerked, indicating "no way." Huh? What a tease.

Trump was telling everyone that the win was in the bag in spite of election fraud, and then his legal team fizzled out, especially after the White House meeting on or about January 6, when Powell, Lindell and Flynn were present, fighting against White-House staff who wanted to give up the fight and hand the election to Biden. Trump ended up choosing to give up the fight rather than hand his fate to Powell. That's what the story is from several sources including Lindell. Trump = SHAMEFUL. Wasn't it a tease job? Just like the rip-roaring puck ending up with a trickle and running out of steam at the last second. If it rolled, and the heraldry of the last update suggested it did some, then the royal tent can apply, especially as German Rolls share the Roy lion while Roys use a tent-like motto term, "TENDis." The same motto has "Qua," like the "Quo" of Sidneys, the latter surname first found in Kent with Royals/Roile's.

My bet is that "Qua" is for the Caw variation of Mackays, from king Maccus of Man, where the Manfields and Mansells ("QODE") trace with their so-called maunch, for the people on the Isle of Man are called, Manx. Be amazed here, follow along well. Irish Mackays have a branch sharing the Coat of Quade's/QUOIDs, you see, tending to prove that Mackays/Caws are from Man liners, especially as Maccus-like Masseys/MACEYs were in Maunch. I link Manfields and Mansells to royal-tent Tintons. So far, great, especially as Scottish Mansells were first found in the Roxburghshire theater with Maccus-liner Maxwells and Maxtons.

My bet is that the "Quo" of Sidneys is for the Coo variation of Cowes, who named Cowes on the Isle of Wight, off shore from Poole. Poole's share the Roy lion. In any case, the flames in the Crest of Mansells are probably called a fire because the giant Fire/Fur/FIR unicorn is also that of SWABs while German Rolls (share Roy lion) were first found in SWABia. The "muzzled" bear of Alis'/Alice's, by the way are those of Mackays/Caws, but Alis'/Alice's throw in a FIR tree, you see.

Now, we are ready for the morning. It started ugly. I don't remember waking with Mamie or being in the tent that morning. I remember being alone at a picnic table with her, probably making breakfast, and the spiritual air was chilled. We didn't know each other, but there was a mutual sense of liking one another. AWKWARD is the word for that morning. The next thing I recall is going to the lake, and we went in for a WADE, not a swim, very important in two ways, first because the Quade's/Quoids are also Wade's. What are the chances? The "Qua" of Royal-connectable Roys got us to the Caw-Quade = Wade bloodline, and then, fresh out of tease-night in the tent, we were wading and emBRACing in a lake. Lake's even have a reflection of the Brace Coat. Bracebridge's use vair "fur", part of the Fire bloodline.

Recall earlier how the Ratcliffe-related Cliftons were kin of Devon elements such as Trebys, Treble's, and Flowers, for Lake's are said to have had a family at Devon's Clifton.

Okay, I wanted you to follow this closely due to French Wade's, but not only because they have a good reflection of the Scottish Crozier Coat expected in the crozier of the Bracebridge Crest. That is very important because Wade's someone have eyes to see our emBRACE as we were wading in the lake.

French Wade's have the Masci and POOL (like "Poulos") fleur-de-lys and the saltire of French Messeys/Messier's. You need to follow. Masci's were a Massey branch, and so we are exactly on the line of king Maccus of Man, the island where Christine's were first found who share the Pillow Coat. Pillows, who are also Pilotte's, were first found in Lincolnshire with English Messier's and Bracebridge's. Mike Lindell owns My Pillow, and Lindells/Linds share the log symbol with Poulos' (Wade colors and format) who in turn have the Masci wing, as well as the Messey/Messier and Wade saltire formed out of logs. Is my big score with the wade-and-hug pointing to the demise of Mr. Poulos by Mike Lindell?

French Loge's, with the Messey/Messier Coat in colors reversed, were first found in Burgundy with Poulos', Messeys/Messier's and French Pilate's/Pilotte's (pheons that can connect to the Sidney pheon). IS THAT NOT INCREDIBLE, that after starting on the theory that the royal tents of Tintons were pointed to my Mamie and I in her tent, we got to Mike Lindell via our wading in the lake the next day?

If the tease in the "royal" tent refers to the puck merely rolling to the goal line in disappointment, then what could that beautiful-first hug in the lake mean as it points to Lindell? It's like black and white, cold and hot, making it seem that Lindell has one big score to score, especially as the Line surname is listed with Linds.

There's a little more to help put Sidney Powell into this, for she is no doubt working with Lindell at this time. For this, we start with Malcolms/Columns because they share the Wade saltire and the stag heads of Celts/Colts, the latter first found in PERTHshire with Kelts and the Poulos-beloved Wings/Winks. The Kelts, in Tinton / Manfield colors and format, share the Coat of Hamons who named Hamon de Masci (or Massey). As Masci-line Meschins married the family of king DUNcan, which was the father of Malcolm III, the Kelts probably named the DunKELD royals, which included Duncan and Malcolm III. The pheon of Celts/Colts is the Pilate/Pilotte pheon in colors reversed due to a blood relationship, for Mont Pilat (in/beside Burgundy) has a PERDrix peak that is related to "Perth." The PERTs/PETTS, you see, were first found in Kent with Hamons, and with the Petits in the Malcolm/Column motto, and Kent is where Sidneys were first found who share the blue pheon with Celts/Colts.

Pause. We got to Kent via the Malcolms having the Wade saltire, and Wade's came from my wade in the lake, the big score. Wade's took us to families in Burgundy, and that's where French Petits were first found too who have the giant lion of French Pole's. English Pools/Pole's (Dorset, same as Poole) named Poole on-shore from a Cowes location named by the Coo bloodline, like the "Quo" motto term of Sidneys, and Pools / Pole's thus look like a branch of Burgundy's Poulos'. The latter use logs as code for Burgundy's Loge's, and Kent's Petits have a giant lion in colors reversed from the giant one of English Loge's/Lodge's, first found in Suffolk, near Kent. English Loge's/Lodge's use the so-called "TRESSURE BORDER," and Tresure's/TRASHers were first found in Somerset with BOARDers/Borders and Tarrs/TARRS'/TARRES," which is the bloodline that took the flaming slap shot that ended up rolling royally-slow to the goal line, the puck I had to perform the big score with while bashing into the BOARDs.

So, the heraldry took us from Mamie's tent to the tip-in goal, all suspect with Mike Lindell and Sidney Powell's work. The two have formed a super PAC, and Welsh Davids (Cheshire, same as Maceys / Masseys), use a "Pax" motto term, as do Dominion-like Dominics. Davids have been resolved from king David I, son of Malcolm III above. Why do we suppose that Welsh Davids share the LeROY bend? (French Leroys/ROYs probably have the Sutherland stars, in colors reversed.) Let me answer that question from the Maxton write-up: "...Malcolm Ceanmore, who actively recruited these Normans to their court. Maccus, son of UNDEWYN was believed to have followed King David north and was granted the lands of Maxton." This is new to me, I've never before tackled it. Scottish Roys use "tendis," and "tendit" is used by Callams/Colums, who share the Malcolm/Column Coat.

There are pages at google with Undewyn, where his sons are: "Undweynsson, de Macuswell and LEROY de Norseman". Ahh, that even explains why the Leroys were first found in Jersey, an island off of Manche. We're back to Mamie's Manfield / Mansell bloodline in the colors and format of Tintons and even the Kelts. "UndWEYNSson" looks like the Wayne's sharing gauntlets with Maceys and pheon-like Phone's/Fane's/Vans/Veynes', a branch of Fenns/Venns in the Powell motto. The Phoenix's/Fenwicks (share Board and Bird/Burd martlets) are Knee kin, and share the Coat almost of Hips'/Hipkins (who were back in topic with Royals and Terrys). When Mamie jerked me in the sleeping bag, she turned to face away from me (huh?), and the only thing I remember after that was hanging my arm around her waist, or hip, and going to sleep.

Undewyn's wife is said to be Platudinous, perhaps of the Fly-kin Platts (Meschin-branch Mussels use "plates"). The sleeping-bag dream taught that Welsh Davids use a version of the Ade/Aid Coat because Ada of Warenne married Henry of Huntingdon (Wikipedia doesn't even mention him at its Henry Huntingdon page), son of king David I above. The Ade's/Aids/ATTYs share the David / Leroy bend, you see. It's explaining why Fly-line Flatts/Fletts are in Hamon / Kelt colors and format, and why the Float/Flote branch shares white antlers in Crest with Hamons!!!!!! That's why I had the FLAT TIRE on the only day I wore a tie in that church: a new thing right here, because Hamons call their antlers the "atTIRES of a stag'!!! Tie's share the Hamon stars! Read also as "ATTires," the reason I capitalized the Atty variation of Ade's.

God is telling us that this was my mother's Masci bloodline. Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Pelosi's/Pilati's (probably the Pillow/Pilotte line) using the Sutherland stars above COLUMNs, and Malcolms are Columns too. The Sutherland stars are used also by Adams/CAWS (clearly Mackay/Caw-of-Sutherland kin).

Floats/Flote's were first found in Norfolk with FLAGs/Flecks (share Meschin and Fleet scallops), the Fly-of-Flagi line. Plus, the Crimmons/Rimmons (Skye and Lewis) in the Hamon motto were associated with flag-using and Ratcliffe-connectable McLeods/Clouds (Skye and Lewis).

The Royal-loving Tintons (Hamon / Kelt / Flatt colors and format) from CRONell-like Cornwall have this: "Tintinhull is a parish in the union of YEOvil, hundred of Tintinhull, W. division of Somerset." Yeomans use "cronells, and come up as Hamon-like Humans, which recalls the Peak surname (share Fly fleur-de-lys) using a "human HEART" likely for the Herod/Harald bloodline, for king Maccus' father was king Harald. The Yeo's (neighboring Devon and Cornwall), in Tinton / Hamon / KELT / Flatt colors and format, share ducks with Coute's who in turn have a version of the CELT/Colt Coat, but if we load "Cootes" instead, we get the Yeo Coat exactly. Peaks (Staffordshire, same as Arrows/Arras' and Pipe's) share the fleur-de-lys of Arrows/Arras' and the Fly-related Webbers (Somerset, same as Tintinhull) having the Pipe bend-with-fleur in colors reversed. The "ORGAN pipes" of Lets/Late's are suspect partly with ORKNey elements. Lets/Late's were first found in Gloucestershire with Humans/Yeomans (colors reversed from Flatts/Fletts of Orkney.)

More ducks (Yeo and Coute's symbol) are with Linkletters -- this is awesome -- first found in the Orkneys with Flatts/Fletts. On the day of the flat tire, Mrs. Kilpatrick took my hands in PRAYer when I wore the treble-clef tie with a blazer jacket having a small green-and-black check-like pattern (less than 1/8" square), the colors of the Linkletter checks; I've told this before. Then, Irish Prays share the Coat of Cootes-like Coats/Cotes!!! That is just too much. If this is more than a pointer to my ancestry, could it be a pointer to John RatCLIFFE again, taking the job of Dan Coats? Yes, for the treble-CLEF tie starts that pointer where Cliffs are also Cleffs, and we saw the Clifton link to Ratcliffs too (Clifton is near FLEETwood in FYLDE), but we now have also the Cliffords sharing the Warren Coat while we just saw Ada of Warenne marrying the royal-David / DunKELD bloodline of Huntingdonshire. That's where Coats-like Cottons were first found that had to do with Mellanson's cotton swab!!!! That's the miracle event that was proposed as a pointer to something good from Mr. Ratcliffe. If it doesn't happen, then I'd be amazed.

The Blazer surname happens to have a version of the Kilpatrick Coat, and Kilpatricks love Maccus-line Maxwells (share Kilpatrick / Blazer saltire) in their "make" motto term. The Blazer Chief is thus suspect with the Fleetwood martlets.

Cliffords (Pratt-like "paratus" motto term) are said to have been in Skipton, and the Meschins who married Rumilly-Skipton were the ones who married the Duncan family. The Sempers/St Pere's/SimPIERs in the Clifford motto look like they descend from PIERs de GAVESton, whose barony of Skipton was given to ROBERT, a lord of Clifford (location of Yorkshire). As Roberts share the Brunswick lions, it can explain why the Brunswick Coat is colors reversed from the Semper Coat. Clifford of Yorkshire is in old BRAMham, explaining why the Bram(p)tons share the Semper Coat.

GAVES' are listed with Gaafs while the neighboring Haafs/Have's use ducks, and I see the Velin-Duck relationship from mont Velino at AVEZZANO, the line to Gaveston-like Avisons...who happen to share the Blazer / Comine garb. Avison-like AVESNes (near Comines) is on the Helpe river while Helps are listed with Haaf-like Half's. Like I said, I recall wearing the Docker leather shoes with the blazer that morning (how could I remember such a fine detail?). I wasn't usually dressed for church, and as I walked by the pastor's wife in the isle, she signaled that I looked good, and for whatever reason, maybe she was looking down, I looked down at my shoes to see the Docker shoes. That's how I remember. Ducks are also Dockers (share BARs of Velin-branch Valence's). I didn't know until loading Dockers this second that English Dockers (Cumberland, same as BROWNs and Dackers) share "Semper" with Cliffords. The shoes were BROWN leather. Barrs were in Brunswick. What does this paragraph have to do with John Ratcliffe's secret files?

Wikipedia should prohibit its writers to give their STUPID, off-the-wall derivations for place names. Clifford was named after a cliff, they say, and Bramham after "homestead characterised by broom". These fools make fools of readers. Brampton, the no-name Wikipedia writer says, is named after "town or settlement where broom grew." If they would just look at the evolution of surnames, they could grasp that Brams and Brooms/Brome's may have derived from Brun variations. I suggest Robert of Clifford was from royal Robertians, the line from Worms, for Worms have the bend of Brown-branch Bruno's in colors reversed.

I've never told before about the pastor's wife in the center isle. I did tell that, after Mrs. Kilpatrick prayed with me some 20 minutes later, she did a curtsy toward me, as she was leaving for her own seat, from the center isle, which is why I checked Isle's (Tinton colors) to find them in Tie colors and format. The amazing thing now is that Isle's were first found in Somerset with the Tintinhull location of Tintons, and Mamie, the one who pointed to Tintons, is the one who got a thigh symbol on the same day we waded in the lake. Dutch Tie's are listed with Thigh's. There is a CURTsy surname, and this may be a COURT line pointing to court cases that can use Ratcliffe's secret files.

For those who don't know, Mamie got her thigh symbol the day after the tease in the tent, and that verified her pointer to Manfields because they were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/TYE's while Thigh's are also Thy's.

[Insert -- I've always said that the Ticino-like Tickhills, from just over the Nottinghamshire border into Yorkshire, share the maunch of Mansfields. When watching Lindell's documentary below, Russ Ramsland said that Scytl has a "Q-Snatch" program out of the country that can manipulate vote tallies before they are sent to the counties and media live on election night. Q-Snatch sounds mobsterous already. There is a Snatch surname first found in Yorkshire, in Mansfield colors and format, and using a version of the Tick/Tock Coat.

Recall how the Ratcliff / Waleran bull head links well / closely to the Beaumont bull head since Waleran de Leavell married Miss Beaumont. Well, I saw the Kindersley surname somewhere, and checking it out, it has a form of a Beaumont Coat. Kindersleys are listed with a host of "Kinner"-fronted terms, and were first found near the first-known Beaumonts in the area of the Stour river, while neighboring Sturs share triple-red fesses with Shins/CHINNs/Chings. Kinns and Kinds/Kinders are in the motto of Kays in turn sharing the Ratcliffe Coat essentially. I think what this paragraph does is to reinforce the John-Ratcliffe pointer to my shin-pad slide, though through Kays for some reason...and as one of the Key Coats is clearly showing Keys to be a Kay branch, I think the reason is for a pointer to Dominion voting via the "Domino" motto term of the other Key Coat. Keys and Kays were first found in Yorkshire with Tickhill, and Ticks/Tocks (pointer to China's TikTok?) share the white griffin head with Keys and Kays. End Insert]

I'd like to go back to the Peaks, said to be from a Ranulf, sheriff of Nottingham. This looks like a Meschin line because Meschins were earls in Chester, previously named, Diva, while Dine's/Dives' share the Peak patee. The three Peak ravens are shared by German Bugs while English Bugs were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire. Plus, Meschins were of HAMONs while Peaks use a "HUMAN heart." It's probably the heart of Sauvage's because Davenports (Cheshire, same as Savage's) have the savage. From the last update: "Davenports are said to have married KINDERtons, and Kinds/Kinders (Derbyshire) are in the Kay motto right beside the Kinns." This tends to prove that Kinds/Kinders have the Pelosi/Pilati column in colors reversed, for Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found in SAVIGliano. The Kind/Kinder write-up: "Kinder is a hamlet near the Kinder Scout, the highest and best known mountain in the PEAK District of Derbyshire..."

As Malcolms/COLUMNs are a part of this, whose family married the Meschins, cousins of the line of Maccus of Man, note that the Arms of Man use the raven too, and that the Meschin fesse is that of English Bugs, the latter's connectable to the fesse of Carricks who in turn use the Meschin-related talbot dog. As Talbots were Scott/SCOUT kin, might that explain "Kinder Scout" at Peak?

Here's Ratcliffe this week being television-correct, or Fox-correct, which is to say he's not telling all he knows, but he is signalling stress on China corruption:

I thought Trump was going to win this election because I believed God was going to use Ratcliffe to nail the deep state, or so was my hope. The deep state may have chosen to expose its election-fraud machinery precisely because, and in return for, the great need to get Ratcliffe out of Intelligence.

You may recall that when Fox news opposed Trump, Newsmax started to rake in the people leaving Fox, and was fighting vigorously against election fraud. I stopped watching Newsmax because I saw unChristian things there. I now find Newsmax rejecting Lindell's documentary, and more. Media success = big dollars = going down the devil's rabbit hole. Just gawk at this one-minute video, shocking:

Okay, so maybe Newsmax doesn't want to get sued by Dominion, but news shows are allowed to let people speak their minds. And it is completely daft for Newsmax to say it accepts the election results for Biden without ever looking into the fraud evidence. No officials have given up that evidence, for the most part, for any media to see. Therefore, Newsmax is in the wrong to claim there was no fraud.

Here's Ratcliffe implying (midway into the video) that the Bidenites are using the National Guard in Washington to bolster their fabricated news stories that right-wing militias and "terrorists" need to be watched (spied on) and dealt with:

Mike Lindell Starts His Engines

Okay, as of February 5, about four years to the day of the Obama dream, Mr. Lindell has delivered on election fraud all the things that Giuliani should have (he did reveal some of this already), but, perhaps, Giuliani was forbidden to do so by Trump after January 20. Keep in mind that all of what you are about to see is legal ammunition at Trump's disposal for SCOTUS, yet we never heard Trump / Giuliani fight to get a case to SCOTUS before January 20. We never heard Trump or Giuliani appeal to the nation concerning judge Roberts' corruption in this regard. We never heard Trump's reason for being "happy" (content) about it. We never heard his voters scream at Trump for this blatant omission on his part. Why do you think things happened that way?

I find this amazing that the Obama dream was in my 1st update of February, 2017, dated February 1 - 6. Near the bottom of the update, I said: "Last night, I had a dream. I was in a billiard hall owned by Obama..." A little later I clarify that "last night" meant that morning i.e. overnight. A little later, on what is probably the 6th due to being so late in the update, I said; "Good morning. After taking yesterday off the computer, I'm ready to tackle the latest dream..." That makes it sound as though the dream was on the morning of the 4th. It's possible that Lindell released this video on the 4th somewhere, though I'm getting a video dated on the 5th. Here's about two hours of his documentary that no one has the right to block people from watching:

Lindell's first guest around the 12th minute is willing to speak here against Dominion machines, as built to be hacked, even after Dominion laid law suits against several entities, including major media. We instantly think that this man is not going to speak in this way unless what he's saying is ABSOLUTELY TRUE, yet our enemies will right-away call him a madman and a liar, expect it, because our enemies have no principles, no morals, no humanity. This man claims that in one state, the machines took 13-percent of Trump's votes, and put them into Biden's category. Is there no court that will take this one claim up? A man can't say something like this, in the current environment where he is the underdog with knife to his throat, unless he believes it to be undeniably true and unassailable in a court. This man looks heroic, and Lindell does not have a cigar commercial in the middle to make money on the video, which is why Giuliani fell from grace in my eyes.

In the 15th minute, the guest says that the only people permitted to test Dominion machines are people in China. How can that be??? He says that Chinese communists control Dominion's board of directors, spelling it out like so: "the president of the Chinese-communist bank is a board-of-directors member of a private-equity firm that owns Dominion." That sounds like China was helping Biden win the election in what can only be the sort of election interference that was blamed on Trump in 2016-onwards. This is nothing short of China buying the Biden administration, and, who knows, it may actually come about that China can conquer the United States in this way, not with bombs, but in union with the Democrat party. It could split the military brass right down the middle in a schism that makes the anti-China side too rattled and fractured to resist China's intrusions.

The guest maintains that he "saw," on election night, foreign servers for the voting machines in Spain and Frankfurt. It's not a conspiracy theory, therefore, unless Lindell and his guest are part of a deep-state plot to get Republicans / Christians to use militia so that the deep state under a Biden White House can justify a severe backlash. But right now, I'm taking Lindell as sincere in what he's doing.

At about 20 minutes, the guest says that there are affidavits from Italian people involved in "this coup." He doesn't mention a name, but someone in the DoJ was quenching investigations into this fraud, as well as quelling legal cases as they started to move forward. That was under Barr, you see. Does that not seem surreal to you? Is Barr just part of a script he has no choice to play out, or is he a chief criminal by his own choice? He deserves prison for the rest of his life for this. He incriminated himself by coming out to say there was no evidence of wide-scale fraud, when he's in charge of such investigations. He thus gave an admission that he's part of the coup.

Russ Ramsland of Texas is Lindell's next guest at 23 minutes, and he has no problem whatsoever claiming that ES&S voting machines inspected in Texas were hacked, and the vote totals altered. This is the heist of an entire nation with its treasury, the biggest treasury in the world that prints money nearly at will, no small heist.

Ramsland says that he put together a package for the FBI, but that the FBI "did nothing." GUILTY of accommodating the heist of a nation. He says that this revelation was out of Dallas, Ratcliffe's turf. Below is the insert I added earlier in this update when starting the paragraph above with RUSS Ramsland:

[Wow Insert -- Fielders share the cinquefoils of Dutch Linds, and they are green cinquefoils, the colors of the Loches/DeLOGES cinquefoils, the latter surname first found in Burgundy with Loge's and log-using Poulos'!!! I discovered this while watching Mike Lindell's new documentary (see later in this update), and Lindells/Linds use the log too! Does Lindell and his team have to do with the fly???? LOOKS LIKE HERE. The documentary has no problem whatsoever railing against Poulos' Dominion enterprise, and linking it hard with China. The Obama dream was four years ago yesterday. End insert].

A couple of paragraphs above that insert, I had said: "Fieldings (share the Nagle fesse-with-lozenges) share the Chapman/CHEPman motto in full, which includes "creSCIT." Then, "VireSCIT" is a motto term of Scottish Lins/Line's/Linds. Read on." Just then, I realized for the first time that the Lins/Line's/Linds share the RUSH annulet, but I didn't look up RUSS' until writing some more down here (at the paragraph above with the FBI doing nothing). It just so happens that Russ' use a "VeSCITur" motto term. It's making me think that God is pointing to this Lindell documentary, perhaps because He ordained it. Is this the tip-in goal over the goal line?

The first guest in the documentary was Giuliani's witness when they were before a legislature(s) willing to see the evidence. That's when the Giuliani team was rip-roaring to a victory, yet it fizzled out the following week...though at least one of the three or four legislatures he convened with are still seeking to rectify the fraud against resistance.

Mr. Ramsland explains that while several independent groups verified the ES&S fraud, upper levels of Homeland Security wouldn't look at it. GUILTY! This is how we know where the corruption lies. They are all condemning themselves, admitting their complicity with the heist of a nation, when they deny the fraud. Russ Ramsland then goes on to incriminate Skit-like SCYTL as working election fraud while the data is in other countries. It tends to explain why we saw a "scit" term with both the Russ and Line/Lind surnames.

Ramsland then discloses that two other counties have permitted a check of their machinery, and that the situation there was worse than in Antrim county where evidence of machine fraud was through the roof. Ramsland doesn't want to disclose which two counties they are. I would agree with that approach in this case. Work secretly, then reveal. I might not have been of this view before the election, but now that it's already stolen, it's best to keep a low profile with time well spent to gather the goods unhindered as far as possible before putting them on the public table. But not too long, because there is yet a chance that Biden can be booted out. The sooner the better and easier.

Ramsland is saying that while the machines were rigged to spit out an abyssal number of ballots for adjudication (Step one), the people who handled adjudicated ballots are themselves guilty of violating the true votes (step two), and the buck there stops with the whores and pimps (as I call them) who run the election-count houses. Step three is to deny the ballots to anyone's charge and eyes whose on the other political side, to malign them, and, if needed, to threaten / deliver harm.

Lindell's third guest, Shiva Ayyadurai, claims that governments ask Twitter to shut down certain information, a thing we should have realized all on our own. The government mobsters know how to arm-twist all media if they "misbehave," but it's illegal for a politician to ask a media to do it political favors. It's mobsterish.

Lindell's next two guests were with Giuliani for at least one of his visits to battleground legislatures. Giuliani knew he had full-proof evidence of fraud, yet he backed out of the fight, or so it seems. How can he abandon the people like this just because he's not getting paid $20,000 daily by Trump? Is he an unworthy servant with $$$ in mind?

See incredible machine fraud at 1 hr, 10 minutes, which, though it's only showing low-precinct numbers, tells you how massive the fraud was when extrapolated nation-wide. For example, in on precinct, Trump got 743 votes but was awarded only 8 by the machine, and Biden, for the same precinct, got awarded the 744 by the machine whereas the hand-recount gave him only in the 400s. So the machine gave Biden a net increase of about 300 more than the reality, and meanwhile they took away over 700 from Trump for a Biden net-gain of over 1,000. Dominion can call this an error, a freak error, but how widespread is it, that's the obscenities that the whores and pimps are trying to hide.

Dominion claimed that its machines cannot be connected to the Internet, which is why it's important that the man at 1hr17 min shows the machine manual telling how to connect to the Internet easily. Of course it's going to be easy because it's meant to be done. How else will the vote counting get to the media reporting the count live if the machines can't connect to the Internet.

It's clear that machines should not be permitted whatsoever anywhere to count or report votes. At 1hr35min, we are shown an official record where a Chinese computer (Beijing) hacked into the voting machine(s) in a Michigan county. The records even show that over 3,400 Trump votes were stolen on this one hack. And the point is, it's possible to hack so that the American cheats -- the Democrats -- can hire people to go in and hack, even give them the key to get in on the first try. The woman (Mary Fanning) speaking says that, in the list of hacks she shows, over 60 percent were from China. Busted! This is serious, folks, very serious. I wonder where that list came from. Who has such data?

Mary says that "cyber-security experts" caught all of this information on election night because they were planning to discover it, waiting for it to happen. Isn't that Ratcliffe's ballpark? Who else has the keys to watch and record foreign Internet traffic in this large-scale, detailed way? Isn't military Intelligence under Ratcliffe? Surely, if Ratcliffe were not the DNI, this data would not have been publicized. If Dan Coats or James Clapper were the DNI at election time, they would have assured that no Intelligence body could/would watch election-night Internet traffic unless the "right" people were in charge (who would never let it see the light of day).

This is new material, folks. Ms. Fanning says that there are thousands of pages -- not merely thousands of hacks -- showing foreign intrusions. That crime cost a lot of money; where did it come from? And where's the list of domestic hacks? The telephone company wouldn't have given this material up, would it? It's a democrat bastion. The Bidenites must have known that this was coming. What now? Is this why Biden's not in the White House?

But wait. Am I to believe that all efforts to expose the fraud have failed due to resistance, but Mary-Fanning Who? now comes out with these guilty computers (addresses included) holding the smoking guns? Why now? Should we be a little skeptical? I'm reading: "Today Mike Lindell joins Brannon live in studio to explain how Brannon and Mike Lindell and Mary Fanning are producing a documentary together on the 2020 election fraud." So, Mary is a partner in this effort. She's online as a writer of articles against election fraud.

Here's a headline at a Christian organization (WVW TV) "Exclusive: 3-Star General McInerney Calls For Martial Law, Tribunals & Investigation of Treason with Host Brannon Howse and guests General McInerney, NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe and National Intelligence Author MARY FANNING". So, Christians were at the charge of calling for martial law? Okay, I agree with that if there are no tricks.

Google is rife with the enemy on day-one shooting Lindell down as a fraud. The good thing about this is that, the more they deny that the facts are facts, the more the investigations will continue to prove that the facts are facts. So, keep on denying, STUPIDS, and EXPOSE YOURSELVES as complicit mad dogs. Youtube removed the video on day one, if that tells you how "easy" it is to debunk.

I asked google for "mike lindell documentary", but it wouldn't give it me; instead, it gave me all the loud-mouthed yappy dogs saying a big nothing, not talking at all about the evidence. So, google's a two-bit hood, with a pack of yappy coyotes pulling its cart, peddling cheap-cheap junk, exposing itself as a crafty gypsy, not even letting you watch the video, but instead burying it on the side of the road like a murdered victim.

Ahh, we now get to see what Fox news people say about it, and which parts they leave out. Drats, it means I've got to watch Fox programs just to check out. Miss Earhardt, I'll be watching you Monday. Tucker Carlson had a guest do his Friday show, but no word on Lindell's show that I could see while spot-checking the youtube video. Tucker's the one who virtually demanded, rudely, that Ms. Powell provide him with her evidence before she spouts out accusations, and so: Tucker, here it is, the material announced by Fanning. Waddaya think, Tucker? Will your bosses allow you to elaborate? Note that the Powell motto has the Fanning-like Fenns/Venns. However, houseofnames lists Fanns with Vaux's/Vance's, in Fanning colors. The Fanning Coat could have pigeons because it's almost the Pigeon Coat (only difference is Shield color).

Friday Hannity didn't say anything coming about the Lindell evidence in the first few minutes of his show. Hannity and Ingraham are feeding their tortured viewers Biden goofie, Pelosi goofie, Schumer goofie, AOC goofie. If you want to become goofie stupid, watch prime-time Fox heroes now on a Fox leash these days...not looking very heroic. Lou Dobbs was canceled Friday night, hmm, I wonder why. Some are saying he won't be back, perhaps of his own choosing for being gagged by Fox bosses.

I applaud Lindell for his production. Nice WORK. It took a lot of work, and he's paid for the show to be on AON. I dislike the way Lindell ended the video promising "one nation under God." The country is putrid, worse than Sodom. How dare any Christian mix this country with Jesus. This is Christian disinformation. Even while they see the filth of this nation do they say it's God's nation? I am perplexed to the point of sick. Who does a Christian think he/she is claiming America for God, apart from His permission? Their imaginations deceive them. God has people in the country, but the country does not belong to God. Washington is a demon. God has given the country to the demons, is that not yet apparent to Christians? So long as this situation stands, how dare anyone brands it the country of God? Are you out of your mind? Is your heart here on earth or with God? Argue for the right of God while distancing yours hearts from this world.

I haven't heard that Lindell has been slapped with a $1B law suit from Dominion, while others have. Why is this? Is Dominion's afraid of Lindell? Is it counter-productive to go against him while he has the Internet logs of all the fraud? Yes, but Lindell has partnered with Sidney Powell, who thus has first-hand access to the logs, and so why does the $1.3B Dominion suit against her still stand? Dominion warned Lindell about three weeks ago that he stands a chance to be sued, but nothing so far. On Saturday, the day after the documentary, Dominion is warning AON that it too can be sued for putting out Lindell's doc.

Hmm, I used "logs" above without thought that Lindells/Linds use a log. In the short video below, a man going by Kirk Wiebe (former NSA man) seems to be claiming that a single man, a "whistle-blower who built the capabilities, Mr. Dennis Montgomery," is the one who provided the logs that Lindell and Fannon report on.

Wiebe says that this information was announced on Lou Dobbs by Sidney Powell, and another of Dobbs' guests, in early November, days after the election. Dennis Montgomery is the whistle-blower who reportedly built the government-operated hacking system called, the "The Hammer." So, we are to believe that Montgomery had access to data from this machinery, reportedly built to crack al-Qaeda's communications, on election night, and that someone, perhaps even himself, recorded all the election-fraud hacks?? Then, too-good-to-be true-like, it was revealed to the people, though not before January 20, but after? Does this story ring true? Is it possibly true? Yes, it is possible?

Wikipedia' article on Montgomery does him a special disservice and slander-job, probably because his election-night evidence is the hardest that's out there. It hasn't really been out there, however, though known by the enemy. Even though his Wikipedia page was last updated a month after the November election, his material now under discussion isn't even mentioned, let alone touched upon, by Wikipedia's writers, showing that they don't want it out there. WHY NOT? Why didn't they mention the Chinese attack he's claiming, and then debunk it? Why did they choose to say nothing on what they will now claim is his biggest fraud-job?

Montgomery sued the FBI for violating the peoples privacy. Does that sound like a fraud: "Montgomery divulged to the FBI a 'pattern and practice of conducting illegal, unconstitutional surveillance against millions of Americans, including prominent Americans such as the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court [= compromised criminal], other justices, 156 judges, prominent businessmen, and others such as Donald J. Trump, as well as Plaintiffs themselves,' Montgomery and Klayman alleged in their suit." Ah, Montgomery was on the good-guy side against the Obamaite spies, which explains the Wikipedia article completely. The bad guys are posing as the good guys.

On Friday, I heard that SCOTUS will start taking election-fraud cases this month. Roberts needs to be jailed. Where's the military backbone? Where's the military will? Oh yes, I forgot, the American military is a demon.

Pompeo, continuing his hypocrisy, continues to fuel disgust against China when the real culprit, much more dangerous, is inside his country. Yet Pompeo did nothing against these pro-China forces while he ran the CIA under Trump. We heard not a peep, not even an attempt to expose those who spied on Trump. He didn't want to offend his fellow CIAers, and so he betrayed the people who the CIA abuses. But Montgomery did exactly that, unveiled the domestic spy system that Obama's FBI was maneuvering. Two-faced Trump rejected the golden opportunities to catch those bad guys, and this is where we are now, at the mercy of the bad guys who will partner with bad guys in all countries to drastically alter the social and power-holding maps.

Lindsey Graham doesn't want a drawn-out trial for Trump's impeachment because that enables secrets to come out, and Graham was part of the Bushite cabal to oust Trump. Trump doesn't care to bring out corruption; he just wants to get off of this charge successfully, just an ordinary man with a selfish nature.

Below is a photo of Lindell standing in front of the White House flashing the papers that should have been in a bag / binder. Why is he carrying the papers open like that, so unprofessional? One major media claimed to have taken a photo of the papers, and reported that the top page was about martial law, a martial-law / military-option proposal for Trump. Achem???? Is Lindell some rag operation that he should bring Trump a war plan in that fashion? Or was he supposed to get caught because he's part of a psychological / fraudulent operation, with Dominion a part of it, to stab Christians in the back? Do all the judges in the land know that this election fraud is just an Intelligence operation, explaining why they won't see fraud cases? If that sounds too wild, then we need to take Lindell's team as correct, truthful, for they can't make full-scale false accusations like this and get away with it unless Dominion is on their side in some kind of demonic, staged operation...where Dominion gets exonerated later, and Christians are left wearing the clown suits or worse.

If you read the article's arguments, you see only that the liberal dog (putting it nicely) has chosen to believe the claims of Dominion and the Democrat officials who oppose Trump. That's not a rebuttal. Just because the guilty say the evidence is fraudulent doesn't make it so. This dog is willing to be an accomplice to crime for her Democrat team. The respectable thing to do is to get the details of the claims by Mary Fanning, and discover whether those claims are from bona fide Intelligence machinery, and then get to the bottom of it.

If there's no truth to Fanning's claims, then the major media need only to find the root of the information -- easy for them to do if they try -- and reveal the fraudulent ingredients. If the media don't do that, then we must assume the data is real.


Note how in the following video the COVID schemers are easing up on the COVID freak-out as per Biden's 'win," but also note how the deaths are going up while vaccinations are going down. I suggest that vaccinations are going down because people are hearing that they are deadly in too-many cases, and hence this explains the rising death rate amongst the aged...looking like euthanasia using COVID as the excuse.

However, a lot of people think they want to continue the COVID scare for subsequent election cheating. If they can win elections on cheating alone, they won't need to cater to their voters, and they won't need to keep even the "Christians" in their camps happy with a feigned Christianity of their own. If they can win by cheating, then they can persecute even catholics without fear of losing Mexican voters, though they would try to get Mexicans on board with the persecution by calling their victims by another name besides Christians, such as militia-groups or anti-globalists or climate-change deniers or civil-rights violators. That's why it's important for us not to use guns...unless necessary to defend life.

What if Democrats begin to starve us, will it be necessary then? What if they produce a domestic false flag that shuts power off over large areas to reduce population? Will it be necessary then? Why start a full-blown war if the only culprits / murderers are the globalist politicians? This is what they are afraid of, "surgical operations," because they are the surgical targets, the cancer that needs to be removed, and this is why they need to convince their voter mass to believe that the good guys are terrorists. It will be a lot harder for them to keep the cover of Democrats if they shut power off to one and all. At that point, one and all will unite against them, wherefore they are limited, hard-pressed to do anything massively, though they desire to do so to get their agenda accomplished much faster.

On the other hand, they are going lunatic, and we have just seen them attack their own voters with lockdowns and antifa rioters. Going lunatic with indwelling demonic infestations could convince them to do a massive, staged operation blamed on the Russians or Koreans. During the Obama years, North Korea was made the bogeyman because Obamaites were cultivating a relationship with both Russia and China. And Obama doesn't want to make Muslims the bogeyman though the military / CIA does for $$$, your money sent overseas to where they can grab some of it EASILY.

Last I heard, antifa groups are more interested in Black advancement than Democrat policies. Democrat in-fighting will weaken the Bidenites, to our benefit. If the riot-types attack globalist politicians, it's a win-win for us. We need to define "globalist" here. There's nothing wrong with desiring a sincere global well-being under Jesus Christ, win-win-win. It's not going to happen, it is? The first problem with globalism is that it's not under the flag of the Creator at all, and the worse problem is that it's about money and the corrupt people who seek to enforce it upon us. If they were not corrupt, they would not have feigned a climate crisis, so thank God they're stupid enough to try to pass that hoax off, for they revealed their own corruption. That's how desperate they are to speed their globalism up, that they are willing to show their obscenities in our full view. We got your numbers, stupids, we know your names.

You're going to need to force what you want upon the people, and that spells your disaster after a time, demons. You win at first while your plans suffer little complications, but with time passing, the complications grow too large for stupids to handle. Just look at the pickle they find themselves in now, with unpredictable, spastic Biden in charge of the United States, the black light on a hill. His mind is so easily penetrated by the devil himself, expect lunacy from this man as he tries to shut-up his advisors who thought they could control him. He let them have their way, before the election, as his subservient part in having them get him elected, but now that he's the head cheese, he's going to lash out against those he disagrees with. A mind not working well has a short fuse, especially if the devil operates in it. Ask Hillary all about that.

If there has been a long-term plan to persecute Christians, then it's more likely going to be performed as opposed to an on-the-spur attack due to a momentary conflict. It's obvious that there has been an all-out war for generations against Christians, and so expect that their newest leaders don't intend to abandon that program now. If they think they can stamp us out with persecution, that's how stupid they are. It's never worked before, ANYWHERE. The more they persecute, the harder we cling to God, the more He limits the persecutions and repays them their due. In the end-times, the punishment will be huge, a horror to the human dung heap. They will be the dung heap. They will be the human dung, worthless, unworthy of life, a legacy to the survivors of how not to behave.

Our humanist enemies would find use in Noah's Flood only to accuse God of being a mass-murderer, and indeed He is becomes a mass-murderer when the need arises, praise His mighty name. Instead of learning a lesson from the Flood, our enemies bring Armageddon onto themselves by repeating what was done by a violent humanity to deserve the Flood. We are about to see why God will weaponize Himself as a sheer killer. We are witnessing a people who cannot be reasoned with, who, instead of blaming the people that God killed, imagine them to have been the righteous ones whom a cruel God murdered without justification. Does that sound logical to you? When you look at all the bounty in the earth, does it seem to you that God is a cruel God? When you see these humanist whores, with blood on their souls, opening their mouths to slander God, yet God applies patience and allows them to live yet longer, does that seem to you like a blood-thirsty Creator taking every opportunity to mercilessly kill? Hello? The humanist imposter is the fuel for Hell's heat, the dung set to flames. God's task now is to show Himself good and righteous, the Moral Authority.

Everytime the humanist goes through the Bible to find ammunition against God, he closes his eyes at every instance of the word, "repent." The very central string of the Bible, to repent and be good, the humanist does not see. He claims to have the moral authority in the earth, and rises up higher than God, and then doesn't tell the people that, all over the Old Testament, God is calling evil men to be good, or else destruction. That's the STORY, folks, it's that simple. Why twist it? Only evil men would twist it, logical.

The humanist is the one who defines good with only half the story in the picture, the half that benefits his own evil. It is good and right for a woman to chose what is best for her. I agree, that sounds good. But what about the baby in her womb? What about the other half of the story? The humanist closes his eyes to the baby, and gives all moral authority to the murderous mother. Thus, they have blood on their souls, and when they cry out from Hell against a murderous God, God will say, "I chose to abort you because you chose to abort innocent babes who had no stain, yet you are one massive blight on the face of the earth, and worthy to be aborted. It's MY CHOICE BUGGER, TOO BAD FOR YOU, YOU MADE YOUR BED BY PERSECUTING AND SLANDERING MY PEOPLE. YOU HAVE BEEN TERMINATED, SAYETH THE JUDGE. THIS IS MY CREATION, MY PLANET, NOT YOURS. Your sons will never rise again to rule this planet. The babies you killed are going to live forever, but your life is being forever snuffed out."

Jesus does have a surname: TRUTH-AND-JUSTICE. The cornerstone: Jesus Truth-and-Justice. Washington who? The constitution who? Oh you mean the one of free tongues, the city that allows all speech, truthful or false??? Oh, you mean that whore? Oh, you mean the Capital Whore who Trump called holy a few weeks ago? Yes, the same whore that kicked him out of the White House because he stood with Christians and other anti-globalists. He's a mixed up man, confused, praising even his own enemies...making it seem that he's really one of them at the soul level. On the political stage, he loves Christians; at the soul level, he loves the murderous whore. MURKY. MUDDY. PUTRID. SEWAGE.

The humanist says there's no evidence of God, partly because he doesn't have a sense of God in his heart. Well, stupid, if you punch someone over and over in the face, and that person doesn't come around to visiting you again, does that mean he doesn't exist? STUPID. God breaks through to the person who wants to get serious with Jesus. There will be "living waters" flowing within that one as more than evidence of God's existence. It's proof that God loves you, protects you, acknowledges your thoughts. I have had repeated sensations that I had only once prior to becoming a Christian in my early 20s. One day as a child of about 11/12, I spoke to God, and this amazing, powerful sensation came into me. I wasn't imagining things.

A few nights ago, I had an extended sensation long enough for me to study it, because I've been wanting to differentiate it from goose bumps, or to describe it properly. It's not goose bumps. There was a gentle power penetrating the skin to the insides, from my legs to my torso, a little here, a little there, shifting around a bit. It was mainly floating under the skin, or along the skin line, like millions of little sensors going off at once, much wave-like, and often right in my "heart." It's a non-threatening, healthy-feeling, accepting-loving sensation without any evil or dark nature whatsoever. I dare say it: it feels HOLY. And it's got to be a SPIRIT, right? It's making contact with some sensors in the skin area. It usually comes on as I'm thinking something about God, just as though God is showing me his pleasure in my thoughts, not necessarily meaning that my thoughts are lovely, but sometimes I'm just having a struggle with my sinful nature, and trying to deal with it, and He wants me to know, "I like it."

So, if you don't talk much to God in the right way, it could explain why you don't have this sensation. If you slap Him in the face repeatedly, STUPID miss out.

Someone writes: "Whenever Iím worshiping in the Spirit, it literally feels like a river is flowing out of my bellyĖa river flowing with life. Some people might find that description unsettling, but itís really the most comforting and freeing sensation imaginable." That's not how it feels for me, geographically. It's not from my stomach in particular, and it does feel like it's flowing outward, but rather hovering / stationary. Someone else puts it more like what I sense: "Some may feel his warmth enveloping them, some a powerful presence enfolding them, some a tingling sensation, or a gentle vibration." That's pretty close. Not a vibration, but like a million sensors being activated at once that has somewhat like the sense of "tingling." But it's not my skin, I'm sure of it. It's especially not at the top of the skin. It is definitely like a warmth enveloping me -- within the skin, below the skin -- not heat, but acceptance / love / appreciation / hopefulness. What a relief it is, with fear taking flight. It's the touch of God keeping us, to keep us going. Sometimes it comes on more powerfully, to the point of amazing. I'm too respectful to ask Him to do it again. I don't want to treat it like a high for my pleasure's sake. I'm content with what he offers. I rest in peace. "My peace I shall give to you."

But, humanist, if you chose to rail against this, to view it as our imaginations, or some trick of the body, you just go right ahead and do what you do best: think stupid. Do us a favor, go throughout the earth, take all the stupids to your side, go way over yonder to Korah's rebellion, and fall into hell together so that this beautiful earth will be rid of you. Or, get smart. But be sure of this, your earth will be ours. You will rule it for a short time only, just to expose your hypocrisies, and then the end will come.

I've found these quotes at google by requesting: "what does the holy spirit feel like". Sure enough, near the top of the first page, Quora has an offering from someone who makes sure to say he's a Mormon, and then he lies and says that Mormons experience what we Christians experience when they read the book of mormon. He's a liar, absolutely, and we expect this from Mormons, let's not be naive. We should expect such tricks also from atheists who will claim the same sensations in order to "prove" it's not God.

We can also expect that demons will try to mimic such sensations when they read them from us, and, yes, this is a troubling thought. Each of us will need to deal with this problem as we think best. One thing occurring to me is why the type of sensation is roughly always the same (though of different intensities), and never coming with a voice. Perhaps, for example, if the sensations were drastically different, we might start to wonder whether evil spirits are effecting them, each spirit doing its own thing. I just don't know. I can only guess. It's God's job to convince us that He's behind our living waters, and don't you let anyone rob you of this who claims the same sensations who are not Christians, or who hate Jesus. Expect humanists (anti-Christs) to play such tricks.

Perhaps God grants such sensations to the weak of faith, and so we have nothing to boast for being spiritually superior to those who don't experience them. Let's not pat ourselves on the back if we experience more than others do. As you can imagine, God could have various reasons for these offerings.

Someone write: "I want to preface by saying to those who haven't felt it donít let it bother you. We walk by faith not sight, not feelings. Feelings are fun and mushy but God wants us to first believe his word not feelings... It's not a feeling. It's the Spirit's movement that happens to give us feelings like peace and hope and well-being. I don't seek the "sensation," if that's a proper description, but if God offers it to us, let's not give the impression, as the statement above tends to, that it's cheap or oh-well. It's priceless. It's what makes us grow toward Him, the Water of Life. Expect it when you are dry. When the humanist comes to his senses, and gets cut to the heart for his folly, God will be right there to answer, acting as though He never saw any of his folly.

Little bits at a time are better than a constant flow. My experience is that it requires talking to God, seeking to please Him, making a real effort to acknowledge His goodness, because, to make the point hard, the humanist who preaches that God is cruel will never partake at this table. He is a cracked pot that will never hold the Water, and his root will die without a change of mind. Expect these types to pose as Christians in comments sections, and even to make their own articles / videos with a thumbs-down on God and Christians alike, and expect their most-crafty fakers to use the Christian jargon to make you believe they are not imposters.

When the flesh seeks to have distance between us and the Father, that's the time to say, woe horses, don't do it, get back into the Vine. My testimony is that I did not have these sensations before allowing the Spirit to enter me, after begging God to grant the Spirit to me, but afterward I was getting these sensations abundantly, several monthly. Four decades later, still happening. The good news today is, Jesus has not abandoned us because he is Faithful. There is such a thing as goose bumps or semi-goose bumps. I do not get goose bumps. Don't let wacky scientists (in an evolutionary brotherhood, most of them) deceive you with their "superior" knowledge, explaining away the Spirit of God as some biological function.

See what a globalist looks like here in less than 45 seconds:

The leftists empower these globalist pigs. They are complaining about people heating their homes. The people who heat homes are violators if they keep their temperature higher than the global governors want it to be. They want us to get used to (accept) having our wills, for our own homes, violated by them. They love this game, because they have the power. The good-ole police who Bongino loves so much will enforce the globalist will, good-ole police, doing whatever he's told, to put meat (uh, make that veggie-burgers) on his table, even if it means betraying his neighbor. Who's his neighbor? EVERYONE whose abused by globalists. The cops are about to abuse us all, and are already collecting big bucks by giving out multi-hundred-dollar tickets to nice people not wearing masks. Good-ole police PIG, he earns that name, doesn't he?

The pigs are going to gloat in wielding unusual powers over the helpless motorists and residents, so much fun to step on their toes, flick their noses, make them upset, then ticket / arrest them for getting upset. For every action there is a reaction; if cops want to hate their jobs, then they should be pigs. The momentary joy of abusing people will be repaid by a society that hates their guts. When they go into a coffee shop, they will see the hate toward them on everyone's faces, as all faces turn away, and they will become lonely pigs. The pretty ladies won't smile on their uniforms anymore, the worst thing of all, so unbearable for that sort of cop.

We might appeal to the police chief, but he's been installed by the globalists with an understanding. They are to make us miserable until we break and do as they say. That defines a police state. That's why I complain when it's my turn to complain, to make life NOT JOYFUL for those who are abusive. I can make them miserable in return, it's just the way I'm built. My voice into their heads will resound at their bedtime, and that's the way we should speak to pig-cops, make them miserable if they dare do the globalist will. If we all did it, it will make them back off to some degree. To one officer who gave me a ticket for not having a seat belt on when going from the grocery store to the library, I said loudly into his head that, on his deathbed, he can think about all the money he stole from his own people. I injected God into his abusive ticket. Inject God into abusive people today. Give them a conscience, for globalists want them to forget that God exists. Be outraged at their outrageous behavior; don't let it slide without a peep. Just don't get tossed off of a bridge.

If you're afraid to show outrage, say, JESUS IS WATCHING YOU, sir, RIGHT THIS MINUTE. You just made Jesus a part of the situation, and He's got stun guns a pig never fathomed. If you meet a police officer who's a pleasure to be with, who, instead of ticketing you for some minor thing lets you off with a word, tell him what a pleasure it was. One of the best-ever officers I was pulled over by was in Texas. He was so good, I mistook him for my brother. Can police officers be like brothers? Not if they work for globalist pigs. Pigs beget pigs, what a surprise.

If only it were just the police, your odd encounter, but the pigs are all over the media in charge of leading societal change, in charge of getting to our nerve centers, EVERY DAY (don't watch, don't watch). The rape of morality never ends. They leave it bloodied on the street, and their fellow Pharisees pass by on the other side, uncaring of its fate. You can scream at these media pigs day and night, but they only get more abusive, because they know that media is where one takes all. Securing the kingdoms of the world hinges on media power, where packs of wild boars roam and ram.

If you care to investigate the claims of this short video, and if the first image of George Floyd was one that the media released in his death news, then this video is hard evidence that the death was staged...probably to "justify" the antifa riots in an effort to coax voters to turn from Trump in order to get back a peaceful country (spare yourselves the f-words in the comments). Inconsistencies in the news like this, for false-flag operations, are probably for court purposes to prove that the event was staged, not a real killing by the police.

The GateWay Pundit claims that a location in Detroit housing the election count for the White House had actually given up some security videos, giving them to Gateway, just because Gateway requested them. The video(s) shows a van dumping two loads of boxes, which Gateway claims to be boxes of ballots (how can that be known for sure?), in the middle of the night on election night. Does that seem real? Does it seem real that such a video would be given up? Not if the videos were controlled by Democrats. Maybe they weren't, but if they were, why did they give the videos up?

There is only one solution; an unbiased supreme court to decide whether the evidence is false, but there is no such thing as that kind of court at this time. The video above says that SCOTUS scheduled a conference for Sidney Powell's Michigan case for February 19, yet Rekieta Law said a couple of weeks ago that she dropped her Michigan case. Hmm, maybe she had more than one. Also scheduled for the 19th is a conference (between court and lawyers) that packs together the Pennsylvania case and Lin Wood's Georgia case, but then the trials will be, in my bet, months afterward.

Why is the following article making news everywhere in social circles? Why is there an admission now, by a leftist media, that there was a cabal that stole the election? Could it be that these forces want pro-Trumpers to start some physical rebellion, and, if nothing happens, they will provide the false-flags to give appearances that such a rebellion is beginning. Those videos that were given up to the gateway Pundit: were those part of an effort to make pro-Trumpers angry so that some uprising might be coaxed out of them:

You may have heard from the WVW video above that Mr. Wiebe thinks terrorists attacked on 9-11, but this is so wrong. Someone has put together a new video, and you might just fast-forward to the 5th minute to read the witness testimonies that the mainstream media did not let the people see way back in 2001. As you can see, the testimonies were in 2001, BEFORE anyone in the general population even conceived the notion that this was an inside job:

So, if it was a terrorist attack, the things you read and heard from people at the scene could not explain it. Some people did testify that they saw planes, or even that they saw a plane hit the building, but we are not so naive as to not realize that the insiders prepared false witnesses. No planes hit the buildings, because they made the mistake of carving out holes from wing-tip to wing-tip, but a plane's wing spars cannot handle smashing into that many columns, about 40 per wing, without bending back and reducing the entry hole to about half the full wing span. So, the blew out the holes from the inside to give the false impression that planes rammed through.

Look it. Make up your mind now, because if this were a surprise terror attack, there would not have been -- NOT ONE -- explosion in the lower parts of the building prior to the fall of the buildings. Just make up you mind, believe that nasty, demonic forces were controlling the New York and federal government at that time. We are seeing similar things now, people who care not for the lives of the smelly poor. That's all this is, nothing harder to grasp than that. They DO NOT CARE FOR YOUR LIFE LIVED ON A FAIR PLAYING FIELD. They are not playing fair with the masses, they are sociopathic "rapists." By every appearance, those Republicans who engaged in the 9-11 crime did not trust Trump to keep the secret, even though he indicated he was keeping it, and so they needed to side with Democrats to get rid of him. That's my best explanation as to why they are willing to wait four more years before they MIGHT (or might not) get a crack at the White House.

Giuliani is a topic in the that video starting at the 21st minute. He's shown confessing on the news, as if to rat-out on the insiders, that someone told him the trade tower was about to collapse. yet, Giuliani played along with the insiders' game, never exposing it. He still has time to correct that situation.

The question to ponder is; why did the leftist media side with the insiders even when the crime was conducted under the Bush government? What cabal was behind it? Obviously, not a purely Republican one. But I think it stands to reason that the same people taking out Trump were behind 9-11. They did not trust him because his voter base was colossally of the Truther vein. Trump did everything possible to send the cabals the message that he would keep their secrets, but they did not want to chance it for one week, though it took them four years to remove him. Of course, the cabals were guilty of more than 9-11, and then the Obama cabal worked with Bushites, to remove Trump. The two unified under Mueller, a Bushite, and Wray with Barr were added to the team, by Trump willingly, to send them the message that he would keep their secrets. Trump thought he could win the election in spite of the Bushite rebellion against him. And he did win it by lying to Christians and the other voters, making them think he loved them.

The unified cabals suffered a huge, mutual gash, wide enough for us to peer into, to see the dragon guts. It suffered carnage, and the misery is probably not yet over for the democrat cabal, because God might like to give it its worse injuries while it's in power.

About 41 minutes, you can hear a worker in the south tower tell that the authorities shut off all power to the top half of the tower, three days before 9-11 (the 11th), for 36 hours (brings them to the 10th), proof that the workers of the cabal needed to work up there. Easy to figure. The insiders let them save all their data before shutting them down, yet the insiders knew they were going to destroy their machines, their everything, and even some of their employees. DEMONS. The news stations failed the public with such news, complicit with the crime, and God's not going to let them get away with it. Misery lasts a long time. Misery is by nature long lasting. Misery to these human demons who lie to us to this day, without repentance.

Here's a follow-up video with a witness the media did not entertain. This in-a-pickle (a joker, a liar) Black man (his wife worked for the FBI but didn't want it known) was paid off in the beginning to say a plane swooped down close to his car, knocking a light pole(s) down, but afterward recanted and went against the 9-11 insiders to save his own skin from a legal threat for being obviously complicit (he looks complicit if he maintains a plane swooped down yet there were no plane parts at the crash scene):

Here's the rest of the in-a-pickle liar, important because it shows that insiders used false witnesses prepared before the event to "corroborate" their staged events (it tells us how they operate, usually very sloppily too). It's important also to show that Rumsfeld's Pentagon was complicit with the staging; a thing you may not have been able to swallow as late as ten years ago, but may now be able to agree with. When did they stage it? Who took down the light poles who hasn't come forward to tell of it? Who put the hole in the Pentagon wall who hasn't come out to snitch yet? Imagine the many people needed to stage 9-11, and yet there are so few snitches to date. Reason? They could be ruined, jailed, or worse.

In the video above, we learn that another paid man (pain by insiders) took pictures of the pickle-guy's car, and of the lamp posts, and probably a lot more, and he's even willing to give the reporter a few of his pictures, maybe trying to act innocent, like a regular Joe, because he's supposed to have acted like a bystander from the start. This second man probably got to know pickle-man to keep tabs on him, make sure he didn't need to get killed to keep him from talking. That's my guess, because pickle-man says he didn't know the other man prior to 9-11.

This video above is almost surreal in that the guilty pickle-man is allowing the "police" to see his car, take pictures of his crime, just inexplicable, unless he thinks he wants to play along thinking it's better than looking guilty by telling the reporter to go away. He's a nobody player in 9-11, but he did take a payment to tell what the insiders wanted him to tell. He's abundant proof that the insiders staged this event, and that's huge, because more people thus become truthers, knowing that the angelic faces in government are facades. Once the people know and accept the truth to sufficient numbers, the big-boy fat cats start to get resistance, and they will be in some trouble, even if they own the police, and especially if they own the police, because, surely, terrorists will arise to shoot the fat cats, slowly but surely, to take their country back. Once sufficient numbers realize how they have been had, look out.

He's a small player, but he's a big criminal for not reporting the frauds. He got himself in deep, and he owes it to a corrupt government that he's not in jail. His wife may have been the initial accomplice. An FBI team tasked with staging the event probably asked her if the hubby would like to partake? He agreed. Robert Mueller ran the FBI operation since September 6. It seems clear pickle-man was told, probably by the FBI, to tell the public that he was next to the Pentagon, not where his car is in the pictures (not official pictures) he's now seeing for the first time (maybe). That's because the FBI-et-al realized the problem with the downed light poles not being along the plane's path, the plane that the insiders (probably not the FBI) sent across this area to fake the plane crash (it rose up and flew away). So, realizing the problem, the FBI decided to make the pickle-man hold to the story that his car was right under where the plane was seen flying, meaning the pickle-man is still aiding the criminals rather than leaning to admission and repentance.

My bet is that the insiders took control of his car, paying him for it. They smashed it, drove it to the scene by night, and then asked him to be there for the 9-11 event. This was going to be their prime evidence of a crash. They took days to get large plane parts to the Pentagon lawn, quite the mystery. Perhaps the parts were held up, but whatever the reason, the Pentagon lawn was pristine at the initial time of the smoke in the hole in the pentagon. yet the media covered for them. Didn't you realize this? C'mon, really? You actually fell for this hoax even though your own eyes were telling you no plane landed at the Pentagon? If that was your position, you are guilty only in trusting the government. You thought they could never try something like this. You were wrong. Time to square up with reality, as painful as it is. Life in America is not what you thought it was.

The problem is, the people who took the government side were so proud of themselves, and they despised truthers so much while participating in their blackballing, that the conversion of sufficient people to the truth has been slowed. Translation: ignoramuses are the problem, ignoramus' give the brazen deep state cover and power. By "brazen," I mean they operate carelessly, in our faces, exposing themselves, setting themselves up for a fall in their pride.

We can't say that the pictures pickle-man's being shown were fakes in order to create a counter-story to the government story, to make the government look like a liar, because the government indicated no other poles down but these. Pickle-man admits one downed pole was beside his car, and in his car. So, he's lying. The reporter goes way too nauseating long arguing with a man who's not being honest, give it up.

I do have the question on whether Giuliani actually betrayed Trump by telling him there was nothing he could do to get cases to SCOTUS after SCOTUS put a Pennsylvania case off to a late date. I have multiple theories because any of them could be correct. There's insufficient information to go on to know what really took place. Giuliani's attitude at this time, since the start of January, has been suspect. Until then, he seemed sincere for Trump, but perhaps that was his game, since he didn't mind playing a game at $20,000 daily. But his main secret job may have been to sabotage Trump's reaching SCOTUS in time for Biden's inauguration. There was no fight to get to SCOTUS, no fight to get a lower-court case before a pro-Trump judge. Those lower judges can't all be pro-Biden.

Antifa people have moved into DC this week perhaps pretending to be against the city governor. The police are getting a little physical with the group to make them look real scary, but we should not be surprised if some faked pro-Trumpers appear to start a street war. John Sullivan, a Black-Lives-Matter lover, was a part of the DC "riot" on January 6, but did you know that Sullivan's brother is the leader of a similar group, but on Trump's side: Quote: "But Rebellion Baby also pointed to Sullivanís brother, James Sullivan, a Trump diehard who founded the conservative political organization Civilized Awakening. The group, they alleged, has 'strong ties to Proud Boys ó even having spoken at a Proud Boy rally.'" That can't be coincidental. It looks like the two brothers are working together to create staged conflict.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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