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January 19 - 25, 2021

The Trump Tease and the Trump Coward
King Bela and Helena of Angusta; Why There?
No Happy News This Week
But Check Out My Winning Goal Still Pending God's Promising Handiwork, By Looks of It

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

The following, indented section was late in this update, but I found it compelling enough to move it to the top:

Let me repeat what I've stressed over the last few weeks. At age 12, I fell on my SHIN pads and slid toward the goal with the puck resting on the goal-line. I TIPPED it into the net for the winning goal of the semi-championship match, with a minute or less to go in the game. We went on to win the championship. As I said, the Shin surname is listed with China-evoking Chinns/Chings, and there's even a Chinese flag you can click at the Ching page for the Chinese Chings.

Then, as the puck was a TIP-IN, I had showed that Tipps/TIPPINs (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffe's) show the same bull head (exact design and color) of Ratcliffe's. If that hockey event (the only one in the game I remember) is not a coincidence, but God's will, then I think we can expect some sort of victory with the China / deep-state data that Ratcliffe put out in the second week of January. It may reveal that China elected Biden unlawfully. But where can a victory, as the hockey game suggests, emerge unless some Republicans perform it? (Load Shin link now to access other Coats of Arms to follow the discussion much better).

I had called Devin Nunes a "raider" shooting fire-TIPPED arrows into the heart of Robert Mueller. I fell on my shin pads, and Padds use mill rinds as code for Millers, and German Millers are also Muellers in the colors of the Padd mill rinds. I don't remember including Devin Nunes in this tip-in goal before, but it's a good guess that he's looked over much of what Ratcliffe released. What winning thing is he going to do with it?

Raiders are listed with Ratcliffe-like Rats, who can be in the "PerfoRATus" motto term of Boards. As I said, I banged into the BOARDs as I tipped in that winning goal. I got up to celebrate the goal, and the whole team was attacking me, piling onto my body, happy kids. Will Nunes and Ratcliffe get us that kind of win by God's assistance, at the last minute? But when's the last minute? The election has passed already. "PerforaTUS" may also be part code for Tous' who describe their Coat as a man with shirt and BUTTONs, and then Buttons list Bidens.

It wasn't but a few minutes after writing, "I FELL on my shin pads," that I stumbled upon Fello's to find the Patients/PADyns in their "Patientia" motto term, how amazing already, but there's more because Patients/Padyns share the gold tower with SCUTE's while Nunes-like Noons/Nuns share the Schutz saltire!!! That's incredible. It's new here. If that's a coincidence, I'll eat my computer. Is this paragraph signalling patience from God? This paragraph gives me hope. I really want to see God doing a fantastic thing, sheer love for His people. But are we lovable, that's the question? The Skate's and Skits/Skeets use a Patent-like "potent" cross, and while Patients are also Patents, English Patents share the green griffin with Powells. Sidney Powell?

Lookie at the Fello write-up: "The surname Fello [or it variation] was first found in Huntingdon. However another branch of the family was later found at SHOTESham in Norfolk." The Shots are listed with Scute-like Scute's/Shute's, can we believe it? Tarr took a slap SHOT, setting up the goal. While skating fast over the blue line, I fell to my knees out of sheer I-can't-believe-my-eyes when the puck rolled to the net with nobody there, an open net because the goalie was sprawled on the ice from the force of the slap shot. I just sailed in on my knees to poke in the puck.

Does Nunes still have some work to do? Or has he already fulfilled this thing? I slid on the ice with my shin pads, and Ice's share the treFOIL (probably in honor of the Feller / Fello line) of SCHITTs (Scytl-like Schittle variation) while Schute's/Shute's are also Shitts. Ahh, Schits (one 't'), new to me, are listed with Schoots/Shoots/Schuts, and as they share the Pile/Pilot Coat (almost the Powell Coat). I was piled on after the goal.

The "culpa" motto term of English Patents suggests the Culps/Cups, and cups are used by Pilotte's/Pillows. Mike Lindell of "My Pillow" is interesting first where KilPATricks (Dumfries, same as Patients/Padyns) use cushions, but also where Lindells share the log with Poulos'. The latter surname, first found in Burgundy with cushion-like Cussons, belongs to the founder of Dominion Voting, which company works in conjunction with Scytl to produce election cheating. The Poulos-like Pullys share the full Patent motto, amazingly enough. And Pilate's/Pilots (same variation as Pile's) have the Sidney pheon almost in colors reversed so that Mike Lindell and Sidney Powell -- who both have been looking into Dominion / Scytl corruption -- seem to be a part of this tip-in goal.

Another curiosity is that LIN Wood and Mike LINDell had both been (and may still be) working closely with Miss Powell. The puck was resting on the goal LINE for John Ratcliffe, so to speak, to tip it into the net, and Line's list "Lin" and "Lind." Another coincidence? Or is Wood and/or Lindell going to use Ratcliffe's Intelligence to nail the Bidens? Note that while "China" is indicated by a "sino" prefix, Sidney-like Sedans use a "NONE sino" motto phrase that can be for Nunes too. Plus, amazingly, the Biden corruption with China involve their company, SimoHAWK, and Hawks list "Hawkey," like the Hockeys.

Do they have more to do, or has God used them already to reveal the election corruption so as to amount to a God-ordained score? There could very well be more revelations to come, for this hockey game was only the semi-final match, and we won the following championship match with me getting the first goal on the goalie, Jim McGee. McGee's share the boar head of Judds/Juge's, and as Judge's are also Juge's, it could predict that someone's supreme-court case will be God's doing as a big victory. However, Miss Powell just dropped two of her cases (Georgia and Michigan) to the supreme court, I have no idea why she did that.

I had caught 16 squirrels in my attic (years ago) with one RAT trap. The 17th and last one got away, and formed a new family. Ratcliffe became the chief of 16 spy agencies, his own (NI) being the 17th. But there was more evidence to show that the 17th squirrel was Ratcliffe, and this latter evidence, which I won't repeat here, predicted that Ratcliffe would replace Dan Coats in NI, and that's what happened.

I'll add the following for your consideration, starting with the reported origin (or maybe not) of the Board surname: "...Andrew Borde or Boorde (1490?-1549), English 'traveller and physician, ‘Andreas Parforutus’ as he jocosely calls himself,...'" The Andreas surname shares the Nunes lion, and this was found after pointing to Mr. Nunes with that motto term. Moreover, the Noons/Nunns' have the Ratcliffe bull-head design, though not in the same color. The Noon/Nunns saltire is colors reversed from the Rat/Raider cross. Scottish Anders/Andrews have a "VICTRix" motto term looking like "victor(y)." This would be a compelling paragraph if there were just one more interesting link, but I can't find one.

Ahh, while Keiths almost have the pale bars of Coats/Cotes, Keiths were of the Catti tribe naming Caithness, where Anders/Andrews were first found. The Keith-branch Kettle's have a good reflection of the Fello Coat, and the Anders were taken from the Fello write-up. As Fello's were obtained initially as "Fally," note that Falls/Fallis' (share Feller trefoils) were first found in Midlothian, beside Keiths of East Lothian. I fell on my knees and slid past the post when tipping in the goal, and Posts share the Falls/Fallis Coat.

There is a compelling point, because when falling on my shin pads, it was also a fall on my shin BONES, and Kettle's love the Bono's in their motto. The "shin bones" of Newtons ("non") can indicate a Shin/Chinn/Ching relationship with a Bone surname, and it just so happens that English Bone's were first found in Sussex with Boards and Vise's/Vice's, the latter sharing the black stag head of Knee's. But that's not the compelling part. Sussex is where Downs were first found, and I DROPPED DOWN to my knees while Knee's and Irish Prays were both first found in County DOWN. The compelling part is that Irish Prays share the six pale bars of Coats/Cotes while Ratcliffe replaced Dan Coats as the director of National Intelligence, and the Pray Chief is also that of DROPs/Trope's!!! DROP DOWN to our knees and PRAY! Drops/Trope's were first found in Norfolk with Noons/Nunns'.

Plus, the puck came to rest on the goal line from a slap shot from Steve Tarr while Tarrs have ten pale bars in the colors of the six (three and three) of Prays and Coats/Cotes'. I tipped the puck into the net, and it just so happens that Tippits (share "non" with Newtons) are in Tibb/Tibbit colors while Newtons have a "tibi" motto term. Tibbs/Tibbits use cats probably for the Keith / Kettle Catti (the Keith Chief almost has the three-and-three pale bars of Coats/Cotes'). The "bon" motto term of Hicks can apply because Newtons use a "Huic" motto term.

Ahh, Needhams, sharing the Knee Coat, have a "NUNc AUT NUNquam" motto, go figure. AUTO's/Otto's share the black bull head with Ratcliffs. "NunQUAM" can get us back to Shins/Chinns/Chings because they share the Kemmis Coat while Kemmis' were first found in Gloucestershire with Cams expected in "nunQUAM," for Cambridge's, on the Cam river, use "quam." To prove that "aut" of Needhams is from/to Auto's/Otto's, Ottone's/Otto's are suspect with Ottone VISconti, and Knee's with Needhams share the VISE stag head. The Needham motto is translated, "Now or never."

I was tossing out a pot of food scraps (I do this regularly) out the back patio door this week, but noticed that no squirrels have come this year. I haven't seen one squirrel this winter, and the one that was here two winters ago, and likely last year with a mate, was the so-called 17 squirrel that I identified as John Ratcliffe. So, just when Ratcliffe is gone from the charge of Intelligence, there's no squirrels here. I need to assume that, if God put him in his high position, he has accomplished already what He wanted done. For example, Ratcliffe bucked against the deep-state Intelligence operators and, against their will, put out the data that China interfered in the election.

Shots/Scute's/Shitts have an armored arm holding a sword, and Teesdale's, sharing the blue pheon with Sidneys, have an armored hand -- usually called a GAUNTlet -- holding a sword. The Teesdale's use a Teesdale-like thistle while Thistle's/Thissels have the Sidney pheon in colors reversed. To put it another way, Thistle's and Tipps/Tippins (Ratcliffe bull head) share the gold pheon, and Tipps/Tippins do it as a version of the Ghent Chief, and while Ghents (named Gaunt) were first found in Hampshire with Tees'/Tease's having a Thissel-like Tiss variation, Sidneys were first found in Kent with GAUNTs. That all works. But is it suggesting that Miss Powell has become a tease to first promise the kraken, only to drop her cases now? Can't she re-do those cases in a different format?

The Kilpatrick cushions may also be for Cushings/Cussins who almost have the Tees/Tiss/Tease Coat. In my 1979 dream that I say Ratcliffe was in, I was told to wake up Mrs. Kilpatrick (didn't see her first until 1994), so I was going to KISS her away, but while leaning over to do so, my hand touched her KNEE, and she woke up. The Kiss'/CUSH's can be linked via their Cust branch to Cussons who in turn have the giant eagle of CUSTers/Custance's with a "RATioni" motto term. That's not the only reason to see Ratcliffe in that dream's scene.

While Schitts are Scytl-like Schittle's too, Schits/Scute's, sharing the Pile Coat and almost the Powell Coat, come up as "Schoutes," i.e. like "SCOTUS" (= supreme court of the US). As I've said, the Scotts/Scouts' share the Coat of Tarres' while Tarrs are also Tarres', and then Steve Tarr is the one whose shot landed the puck on the goal line for my tip-in. One Scott/Scout Coat shares the Hockey crescents, and the other Scott/Scouts Coat shares the demi-black Hockey crescent.

Plus, I kid you not, German Terras' use rooks while Rook-branch Rookbys (more rooks) were at TEESDALE!!! It's a pointer to Miss Powell, seemingly, but why? Incredible coincidences, if that's all they are. German Terrah's are also Derrs, and then "deer" are used by Scute's (share Patient/Padyn tower). Rooks share the gold garb with Derrs. Doesn't it appear that I have finally explained why Tarr was in that goal (a thing that eluded me for years)?

As I've said many times, I remember only one event in the next game, even though we won the championship. I don't recall celebrating at the end of the game, probably because it was a 6-2 game, not climactic. Tarr got four goals, but I don't remember seeing one. All I remember of the game is Tarr at the corner of the BOARDs trying to get around a defenseman, and then passing it to me in front of the net for the first goal, over McGee's PAD while he kicked it out to block the shot. I'm repeating this because Boards use the so-called eSCUTcheon, as do Scute's.

I'm assuming that my crashing into the boards in the tip-in goal is, therefore, another pointer to maybe the Powell team needs to crash the front doors of the supreme court, and break them (so to speak) down to get a hearing. In other words, keep trying, with more force, to get the judges to do the right thing, to look at the election-fraud evidence.

[On Tuesday, I added some very compelling things to the above, and will have it at the top of the next update.]

Isaiah 3:11-15 was spoken against Israel's leaders, a common denunciation, but it can apply to any wicked government:

Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their labor. Woe to the wicked; disaster is upon them! For they will be repaid with what their hands have done. Youths oppress My people, and women rule over them. O My people, your guides mislead you; they turn you from your paths. The LORD arises to contend; He stands to judge the people. The LORD brings this charge against the elders and leaders of His people: 'You have devoured the vineyard [= the nation]; the plunder of the poor is in your houses. Why do you crush My people and grind the faces of the poor?' declares the Lord GOD of Hosts.

See how Trump failed the people with too-little-too-late, starting at the end of the 7th minute of Lou Dobbs, January 18:

Trump voters are so clueless on how their "hero" failed them, so terribly, he really doesn't deserve four more years. He played a game with the voters, and he deserves to be jailed for not jailing the enemies of the American people. Sorry, but that's the truth. It was in his hand to punish the wicked, but he allowed them to operate freely, how dare you call this man a man of God?

We learn from the video above that, not until January 19 will Trump unleash some Intelligence papers, but that, according to Solomon, not all will be released, no doubt, some of Trump's "advisors" and enemies have convinced him not to. He always listens to the wicked, you see, after deciding to do the right thing. He then changes his mind and sides with the corrupt (maybe because they are the rich, and he has no desire to be part with poor people). This is not the definition of a man of God.

It's clear now that he colluded with Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions even while he offended them publicly for not releasing truths concerning the wicked in government. Every ruler wants loyalty, but Trump did not use it on the people he was elected to serve. Election fraud must be eradicated in spite of the Trump traitor. It is not necessary nor wise to start a new party to combat the establishment / Bushite Republicans. It is necessary only to run candidates against them to defeat them, to replace them.

Last night, I realized why my Jeep was used in a dream that started with my riding a shopping cart. The cart, via the Shop surname, had pointed to the wickedry of the two president Bush's. The next scene was my complaining to the previous owner of my Jeep that a barrel-shaped part was missing from the door handle of the vehicle.

I had to figure out why God used the Barrel surname to point to Bill Barr, for it seemed a perfect explanation that the missing part referred to Bill Barr missing in action against the deep-state government. Why didn't God just say, in the dream, that a bar-shaped part was missing, if He wanted to point to Barr? I'll give you my answer to date below, but first, here's what happened as I was pondering this dream while going to sleep last night (Monday).

I was talking to the Lord, asking why the Jeep should be used in a dream that starts off pointing to the Bush's (they ran the CIA). I noted that "Jeep" is like "Jeb," yet was wondering why God wouldn't put a more-obvious pointer in that scene to Jeb Bush if this is what he means by using the Jeep. A few seconds later, I recalled the Jabesh-like Jabach variation of Jeepma's, almost "Jeb Bush." And I laughed. I had been shown, back in 2012, that Romans, who owned the two-headed eagle, were from the 600 Benjamites of RIMMon who married 400 woman from Jabesh (Jordan river area), and Jeepma's/Jabachs use a giant two-headed eagle along with the hexagram on the Israeli flag in colors reversed. The namers of Jabesh are suspect with the Amorites and JEBUSites of Old-Testament Jerusalem. (Load Jeepma tab now to load other surnames to follow the discussion much better.)

Trump beat the daylights out of Jeb Bush in the election, explaining why Bushites ganged up on Trump in this election. The dream ended with flames from a barrel, indicating that Bill Barr's missing in action would allow fires (we saw the fires in the streets), and it just so happens that Barr was the attorney general for president Bush I. This dream was a few years ago, before the fires, before Barr became Trump's attorney general, head of the dog-like DoJ. The Barrel surname uses a dog head on the Shield of Saluzzo's, and BUSCa is right beside Saluzzo while Bush's are also Buschs. Plus, while the barrel-shaped part was from a DOOR handle, Doors were first found in Herefordshire with Barrels, perhaps one of the reasons that God use a barrel-shaped part instead of a bar-shaped one.

The Barrel Coat is even a version of the Segni/Segurana Coat while the latter substitutes the Barr eagle for the Barrel dog head. So, that tends to prove that Barrels were a Barr branch.

While in bed last night, I was asking why I was complaining to the previous owner of the Jeep about the missing part. God could have provided the missing-part scene without that owner in the scene at all. But as his surname is DeSimone, we note that while that surname shares a giant red lion with Dutch Bos/Bush's/Boschs, the DeSimone motto uses "UnguiBUS." The emphasis of that dream is thus very hard upon the Bush crime ring. DeSimone's were first found at TRAPani, and Trapps/Trappers us a BUStard while Bustards have a version on the English Bush/Busch Coat when the latter uses a red fesse (houseofnames once showed it with a red fesse).

The Bush's/Buschs share the boars of Ridings/Readings, which explains why I was riding the shopping cart. Shops are listed with Shorelands/Sherlands, of the Schere/Scherf and Sheer/Shere bloodline, and the latter share the dog of CARRICKs while my Jeep is a Grand CHEROKee. The last update showed how Andrea Fabian, who lived on SHOREham drive, pointed to Fabian socialists under Cecil RHODES, and, as was said many times, the dream had me riding the shopping cart down a ROAD.

Ridings/Readings use a "defende" motto term while Woods of Leicestershire use "Defend" as the entire motto. Leicestershire was ruled by Simon de Montfort, and the giant DeSimone/Simon lion is a colors-reversed version of the giant Montfort/MONfort and MOWbray lions (French Simons have a "mon" motto term). It just so happens that MOWs/Mole's share the Handle / Handell Coat, tipping us off as to why the barrel-shaped part was chosen by God for the door handle. If God is indicating a mole-spy in the Trump camp by the door handle, who might that mole be if not Bill Barr? but Mike Pence can be worked into this because Pens/Pence's (plates) almost share pellets with Bustards.

Barrels use the Saluzzo Coat, and Del Vasto rulers of Saluzzo were a branch of Montfort-like Montferrat/MonFERRAT while Monforte is a village beside Bra. In the last update, I showed my the bra event at my age nine can point to Mike Pence and to a former leader of the Council on Foreign Relations. Ferrats and their Vair/Fers branch share the checks of French Marks and Jewish Marx's, but also of the Cohens and Hohens while Jewish Cohens (Handle / Handel stars) come up as "Kagan," the name of Khazar kings. Khazars/Kabars made up a third of the founders of Hungary, and while they lived in KABARDINo (Caucasia), Leslie-branch Hungarians came to live first in ABERDEENshire (Scotland).

As Drummonds were Hungarians too, it can explain why Cohens/Kagans share the sun with Bradys and Babe's. Bohemia was in CZECHoslovakia, which can explain the Cohen / Hohen checks. Moravia made up the other half of Czechoslovakia, and Scotland's Moray was also Moravia while the Handel / Handel Coat is exactly the Moray/Murray Coat. I thing the Mures/Maros river of Romania applies here, even to MAURICE Drummond, the first Drummond, whose family settled at / near Moray. Maurice's and Morris' almost have the Montfort lion, and may be from Amorites moving along Europe with the Jabeshites, for Amorites (see king Sihon) lived in the Jabesh area while Jebusites lived at Sihon-like Zion.

Maurice was the grandson of king Andrew I of Hungary, and ANDREA Fabian can apply to that line. The Andrea's and Andersons share a red saltire with one of the two German Frank surnames, and, as I've said quite a few times, I went in for a kiss and/or of hug with Andrea in a back yard directly across the street from my friend, Frank. She and I were doing this at the corner of SHOREham drive and Hullmar drive (Toronto) at the time roughly that God gave me the miracle marble shot against Tony (see last update for that story). Tonys were first found in Leicestershire.

Simon de Montfort came to rule Leicester due to a Montfort marriage to the Beaumont earls of Leicester, and Beaumonts were first found in Dorset with the George's and Babe's (compare with Bradys), both of whom were from Bohemia's Podebrady, where the father of the Drummonds, George of Hungary, married a wife. It explains why Montforts share the double-tailed lion of Bohemia. German Franks (Bohemia) share the column with Pelosi's, the latter first found at SAVIGliano, smack beside Monforte and Bra.

Well it just so happens that the barrel-like bucket I was holding in the dream, immediately after the door-handle scene, doubled as a barrel DRUM as a pointer to the "Gang" motto term of Drummonds because Gangs share the Bucket cinquefoils. This bucket was dropped by me on its RIM, and flames appeared all around the rim, which indicated the fires set off by antifa-like gangs, you see.

The RIMs are listed with Rome's, and when I first discovered that Benjamites of RIMMON, with women of Jabesh, founded Romans (and their JUPITer god), I did not yet know of the RIMNa river of ROMANia, beside the BUZau river, where I can trace Benjamins (Norfolk, same as BUS's), for the Benjamin Coat is a version of the Walsh/WALCH Coat (ROXburghshire) while the Rimna and Buzau rivers, land of ROXolani scythians, is at WALACHia. And the Bush's who adopted the first president Bush were also WALKers, you see? Rims/Rome's were first found in Dumfries with Walks/Wachs. You have never had a history class like this, give God a high five.

It's important that while the Jabesh line in the Benjamites named Jupiter, his wife was made, Juno, code, I think, for some variation of the Una/Oeneus river, for the Jupiter-like Japodes (see map) lived to the north side of this river, where we find an old Romula location too, explaining why mythical Romulus (= wolf-worshiping entity) was made the founder of Rome. And here we can go to the "jeune" motto term of English Youngs (wolf) because Scottish Youngs share the three piles of Leavells (Roxburghshire, same as Walchs), as well as the annulets of Benjamins, but, moreover, German Youngs/June's/Jungs can be gleaned in the "UNGuiBUS" motto term of DeSimone's.

The TROTus tributary of the Siret is north of the Buzau tributary of the Siret, and while Youngs use a "PRAEstat" motto term, Irish Prays share the six pale bars of Trots and Coats/COTES' while Cotesii lived on the Buzau river.

Recall that the rim of the bucket caught flames, for while English Buckets use three piles too (different colors), the Benjamin Crest shows flames. Benjamites were to the north side of the BUZau river around the RIMna river. google makes it hard to find the Rimna river, but it's on my atlas (as "Rimna") to the south of FOCSani. It just so happens that while the Rim/Rome lion is in both colors of the Desimone lion, Jewish Simons use a FOX. Now we have a much-better idea as to why Mr. DeSimone had to be in the dream with the rim-in-flames of the container. I think the Rimna is Wikipedia's Ramna. As the Ramna is in VRANCea county, it's interesting that Rance's/Rands (Norfolk, same as Benjamins) share the giant red lion with DeSimone's.

[Insert the day after writing here -- OH WOW! Mr. Desimone always complained about his leg, but last I saw him, while in the midst of purchasing his Jeep, his leg was very bad, and this was, as is usual, in the upper leg i.e. thigh / hip area. It's just that Jewish Simons use a FOX while Irish Fox's share the DeSimone lion, while Thigh's share the red animal (could be a wolf rather than a fox) in the Jewish Fox Coat!!! WOW. It suggests the possibility that Jabeshites, as per his Jeep, were at Focsani, and this is smack in Benjamite territory!!! It may also give hint that Tisza-river Hungarians were at Focsani. The Bellows with the BUS cinquefoils use a fox head! The BUZau river, right near the Rimna.

OOOHHHH WOW! As per "Ramna," Ramone's were loaded, noting first that they share the tower of Scute's while I traced (can't remember the reason) the Scute CRANE to "Ukraine," near the Ramna and Putna rivers. But it was after that realization that I recalled the gold tower also in the Putin/Patent Crest!!! Can we believe it? So now we know where Ramone's were from or to, and so the Rimna seems to have named Romanians. They also use the portcullis gate owned by Yates' and Ports. Shots/Shute's come up as Schute's.

Ramondo's were first found at Cremona, smack beside Placentia in the Rim/Room write-up! English Raymonds (can be traced to Gellone's and Raymond of Roquefeuil = Roxolani line) share the fleur-de-lys of Irish Lane's while Italian Lane's were first found in Brescia, near Cremona. The "Garde" motto term of English Lane's is for lake Garda, beside Brescia. Gellone's, from William Gellone, count of Toulouse (where French Raymonds were first found), look like they are from the Herodotus' so-called Geloni of Gelonus, in the Dnieper-theater home of Roxolani. End insert]

I'm not familiar with the PUTNa river into which the Rimna flows, but I am very familiar with the PUTIN/Patent/Padyn surname, using flames(!), and first found in Dumfries with Rims/Rooms of Annan(dale)!!! Zowie. Why didn't I ever get that stuck in my head? Perhaps I haven't been to the Ramna article before. There we have it, [Ramone-like] Romanians moved to Scotland all around Annan(dale) [from Placentia's Ananes Gauls]. Putnams/Puttenhams (wolf) use a crane [Scute symbol!], code for the Ceraunii Illyrians who can be traced to the Una/Oeneus theater of the Youngs. The Siret surname is also the Siron while mythical Sirens were in the Calydonian land of mythical Oeneus.

Puttens/PutTOCKs (Tick/Tock/Touque colors) have besants in the colors of the similar Benjamin / Walsh / Young annulets, good stuff (Benjamins share flames with Putins/Patents). Dutch Puttons share the Annas Chief-Shield colors, and Annas' will become a Siret-theater topic later in this update.

Ahh, the Patiens variation of Putins/Patents is the motto of Dove's who in turn use a dancette while Dance's/Donnas' are from king Donnus of the Cottians i.e. from the Cotesii on the Buzau river (but why wouldn't they have been on the nearby Rimna and Putna too?). Feasibly, the dove-using Pansys/Pantzers, first found in Westphalia with Camps who likewise have a dancette, were Patent liners. These German Camps share the Coat of Keppoch-connectable Kiplings (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs). Westphalia is also where Ducks were first found who gave Bar-le-Duc its pansy, and then Barrs (share lion head of Yorkshire Dance's) share the stars of Kipling-like Kibble's/Keeble's.

Kiev-like Keevers/Eure's share the Vere quadrants (includes Annas / Tease star) and the Vere/Weir boar, wherefore Vere's become suspect from VARangians of Kiev. But Eure was home to Eburovices of Evreux, the Abreu/Abruzzo line, tending to explain the Vere boar, for Ebro's use the boar. I trace the Brusi/Bruce's of Annandale to "Abrussi," the name of Abruzzo's people. Abrussi (the namers, not everyone who lives there) are highly suspect from Amorite Hebrews at the Euphrates river's Amorite capital, Mari, likely the namers of Abruzzo's Marsi, and Pavia's Marici. I once read that Eburovices were at Brescia. Apparently, the Laevi Gauls at Pavia relate to these Hebrews, making more sense as per Amorites from Jerusalem after the arrival of Moses' Levite children.

MEROVingian king, CHILDeric, the line to Childs in the Lorraine eagles, was very-likely of the Marsi, for they lived in MARUVium (Abruzzo). Lorraine, my girlfriend, got a grass stain on her PANTs right about the hour that I got caught up in a dance with Mamie. I'm not making this up, I've told it before. She was entertaining guests, so I went to a party with my male friends, and it was at Mamie's place. She came walking round the FOYER's corner into the LIVING ROOM, and raising her hands toward me, we danced a slow dance, that's what we did. It was our first encounter (not too typical, a little miraculous). Rooms are Rims/Rome's too, and while I rarely bring Kibble's to topic, their Chief is a version of the Living/LEVIN Chief. I've never called it the foyer before, but rather the hall (or kitchen), and Foyer's happen to be listed with Foix's while the Rimna is at FOCSani!!! Zikers.

She was in the kitchen, and as she walked out into the foyer (front door area), there is an abrupt turn into the living room. Kitchens (and Bouchier's) use water BOUGETs, which i say are owned by Bouchard II, founder of MontMorency, and Morencys were first found in Ile-de-France with Foyer's/Foix's and Caiaphas-like Chappes'! Scottish Chappes' are also Cheaps i.e. like the Chep variation of Jeepma's! The Jabeshites and Benjamites at the Rimna! Oh wow, Bouchier's share the party checks!

The very next time I ever saw Mamie, after the dance, was a few weeks later in the back of a pick-up truck with Barry, and this Barry shared a double driveway with the neighbor, Michael BOUCHER. I kissed his girlfriend (don't remember her name), before they were a couple, in the kitchen of a party thrown by Steve Melanson (I've told that story before a few times). MELANsons can be traced to Crema (near Ramondo's of Cremona) via the motto of Scottish Milans/Millens. Milan is the Lombardy capital, and Crema is in Lombardy on a SERio river in the Car/CURR motto. Milans/Millens (Lane stars?) use a motto phrase, "MiSERis sucCURRere."

The Lums/Lambs, from the Lombards, are in the Kettle motto, and have the Kettle cinquefoils in colors reversed. Likewise in the Kettle motto are the Bono's of Milan.

Oh wow, the "SUCCERrere" term can be partly for Suckers/Suchs, recalling that my cat, Sassy, SUCKed her tail regularly as an adult. It all pointed hard to the TILURius/CETINa river, for Sassys share the Saracen head with cat-using Cetins/Cattans. This Kitchen-like kitten was given to me by a lady whose banister I was stripping and re-finishing, and Banisters (Lancashire, same as Kitchens and Suckers/Suchs) share the Kitchen water bouget. The Tilurius river must have been where Tillers and their TAIL/Tailer branch were from, explaining why Sassy sucked her tail. Then, as I've said a few times in relation to this story, I painted the album cover, "Tea for the TILLERman," by CAT Stevens, on my full KITCHEN wall when sharing an apartment (on ELLEsmere rd.) with Louise and Christine Peare. Welsh Louis' and Lewis' were first found in Glamorganshire with Tillers, believe this or not. It was Kepke's album cover I copied and painted. Tea's are listed with Tease's/Tyes', whom Mamie would point to on the same night that she was in the truck with Barry.

After the dance with Mamie, I promptly left to go see Lorraine (about 10 pm), and when getting there she was out for a walk with the husband of her dinner guest, but when Lorraine returned, there was this grass streak on the butt of her white pants. Butts/Bute's and Barrs were both Este kin. As Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine, this pointed to Pansys/Pantzers, first found in Westphalia with VELINs (ducks) and Velens (once showed ducks, now show the martlets of Alans who married royal Bruce's), from mont VELINO in Maruvium, smack uphill from Avezzano. Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia with Amorite-like Amori's (share Vere star). We can glean that Velins named Whelans because they have the lozenges of Bricks, a branch of Brix's/Brests from Brescia. Bricks share the fleur-de-lys of Masseys/Maceys who in-turn share the Vere / Keever/Eure quadrants. My Abruzzo mother is a Masci on one side, and this Masci DANCED with Mamie while Dance's/Donnas' were first found in Piedmont with Masci's.

Dance's/Donnas' were from the BUZau river. On my first date with Lorraine, after I asked her for the date at her BUS stop, we met at LEVENdale plaza at the corner of Yonge street (Richmond Hill). Yonge's were kin of ROXburghshire's Leavells, and ROXolani ALANs were on the BUZau too. English Dance's share the Alan fesse. A few days after that first date, I moved to RUMble avenue, and Rumble's share the Bus cinquefoil upon their chevron in the colors of the Kibble/Keeble chevron. Rumble's use "VirtuTIS," and Tiss' are also Teace's (very linkable to Laevi Gauls), sharing a red chevron with Rumble's. Lorraine's beautiful feet on the PAVEment of Yonge street pointed to Pavia's (share Feet Coat), and Pavers share the checks of Partys (Shropshire, same as Alans), explaining, I think, why the dance in the living room took place at Mamie's party.

The Roman/Romania surname has a wolf too, and a Shield in Bongino colors. The latter's Coat looks like a version of the Loop Coat (a wolf is a lupo), and then Loupe's share the Coat of Jung-like Junks. I have seen the Vis-de-lou location of red-wolf Fiddle's as "Vis-de-LOOP, and the Putnam/Puttenham wolf is red too. Compare Loops (white greyhound) with Jore's/Gore's (red greyhound to go with red wolves) because Gore's/Core's and Gowers/Gore's share the white wolf with Romans/Romania's. Gore's/Core's, until recently, were said to be first found in Essex with English Youngs (probably a Junk line) and Ramna-like Rams with a "Quod" motto term that could be for a Cotesii liners...maybe the Code's in Walsh/Walch colors and format, for the other Walsh's/Walchs share the annulet of Scottish Youngs.

Gore's/Core's share the Trip crosslets probably because TRYPillians were on the Siret river. The same crosslets are used by Wrench's/Rench's (Vrancea liners?), first found in Cambridgeshire with the Jeune's and June's in the motto of English Youngs. The Walsh's whom the Kepke's were involved with lived on Wooten Way, and it just so happens that Wootens/Wotens share the black saltire with Walsh's and Benjamins. Woodens/Wodens were first found in Essex and share three roses with them (different colors), code for the Roxolani that named Roxburghshire i.e. where Walsh's/Walchs were first found.

While we saw Ramons and Ramondo's were the Rimna river, it's interesting that French Raymonds (Languedoc, same as Cotta's and Julians), with nearly the Julian Chief, are in Bongino colors while sharing the Loop crescent and nearly the Loop star.

This reminds of the dream I've much-deciphered where two channel WRENCHes appeared with Joe OULlette in a dream that had snow slush. As another dream with the same Mr. Oullette, that centered on a BUCKET of snow, revealed that his surname was of the Owls/Howls (Lope colors), it's notable that while Howells share the tower of Sirets/Sirons, Vrancea is on the west side of the Siret. Snows (Loop colors) use anteLOPE's. Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with a CHEPstow location, and Jeepma's/Jabach's are also Cheps. Monmouthshire is also where Fane's/Vans were first found while the Arms of Fanano share the fesse of Snows.

As was said, the dream opened with my standing on snow between two fingers of a flooding river, and it then turned to slush. The Rivers share the nebuly fesse on a blue Shield with Snows, and the Snow fesse is also the Dol fesse while Alans of Dol (very near the Vrancea-like Rance river) moved to Shropshire, where slush-like Sallows were first found who are from the Alan marriage to slush-like Saluzzo's. The point here is that Rivers were a branch of Revere's who in turn share the lion of Neems/NEAMs/Name's, suspect from Piatra-NEAMT further north on the Siret from Vrancea. Piatra-Neamt is at a Roman location.

I think Numidians were named after Neamt because the Numidian capital, Cirta, is like "Siret," but moreover the Cards/Certs share the blue lion head with Neems/Neams/Name's, you see, and the giant Revere lion is that also of Masons/Massins who are definitely from king Massena of Numidians. The Siret was anciently the AGARus, and then HAGARs share the Jeepma/Jabach hexagram, and while Jebusites were in Jerusalem with Amorites, Abraham, whose concubine was Hagar, lived in Hebron with Amorite associates.

It was the FitzAlans of ARUN / Arundel (Sallow-like swallows), in particular, who married Alice of Saluzzo, and then Aarons/ARENs use clouds while McLeods/CLOUDs/Lutts are a branch of Lute's/Lutts who in turn have nearly the Neam/Neem/Name Coat exactly. The latter throw in a fesse that could be the River fesse in colors reversed. Saluzzo was ruled by the Fast-like Vasto's, explaining why Fasts (Norfolk, same as Benjamins), in the McLeod/Lutt motto, share the quadrants of Neems/Neams and Lute's/Lutts. Why does God repeatedly point to Benjamites of Romania? Do they control Washington Masonry? Are they the end-time enemy, the global pigs seeking to revive the Roman empire? Looks like a good theory.

The anti-Christ is a revival of the seven Roman emperors in Revelation 17, the 6th one being DOMITIAN, son of Vespasia Polla. Note Mr. Poulos, founder of DOMINion voting machines. Can we prove that "Domitian" led to Dominics? English Dominics use a motto, "Pax," and Packs share the Paisley/Pasley anchor while the latter share the chevron of German Dominics. I happen to see "VesPASia" named after the Paisley-branch Pasi's. "Pax" is a motto term of Reeds, from Rieti, home of Vespasia Polla. It recalls the Ridings/Readings.

I've had evidence that Lawrence Kepke and Christine Peare were from Trypillians, and so I'm going to go back to the belly event with Peare that was a substantial topic in the last update, but, first, note that Lawrence's were at REDmaine while DeMaine's share the giant fleur-de-lys of German Rench's i.e. suspect now from Vrancea, location of the Rimna river. Rims/Rome's were first found in Dumfries with Belly-like Bells, what are the chances, and why is this the case? Kepke visited me last while I lived on Demaine crescent (Richmond Hill), the street that had my girlfriend. Sharon Pasco / Pascel / Pascal (I can't recall the spelling, but one of those). The Pasi's are also Pascels, you see. He was working in Plumbing at the time, and had been in plumbing since he was with Peare, though he met Peare when he was selling shoes.

He invited Peare to a bar, and invited me to come along as the third wheel. While he got up from the table, I took Peare out the door and we kissed and became a couple for a few weeks, until she left me for Kepke, I know not why. The belly event took place shortly after she went to him, and it involved my waking up while sleeping in the same bed with her, with the PALM (like "plumbing") of my hand pressing her belly (see last update). She wasn't fighting it at all, but out of instinct, I removed my hand from her body out of respect, and went back to sleep.

We were not a couple at the time; she needed to sleep at my place that night for some reason I can't recall. Her friend was in the bed with us by the name of Louise PHILLIPs, and while I have never before been able to understand what her surname points too, I'm now pointing it to the vote FLIPPing by Dominion voting machines, for Phillips are also Filips. As I explained not too many weeks ago, I worked at the farm of DOMINIC De FILIPPis at age 15. His FARM is at Woodbine avenue and the 19th sideroad, and the latter, as it goes through Richmond Hill not far off, is called the Gamble road. Gamble's happen to share the giant Demaine / Rench fleur-de-lys, in the colors of the fleur of Leaks. To cheat with Dominion machine's at the State FARM Arena (Detroit), the Democrats pretended that there was a pipe leak, you see, in order to send home the Republican monitors (they were there to assure no cheating).

Okay, so we now go to German Plummers/Plumbers sharing the palm branch with Palms as well as sharing the Shoe stars. As I said, Kepke sold shoes when meeting Peare, and then went into plumbing because his brother was working in it. His brother was married to Miss Walsh, and we saw Walsh's/Walch's as Benjamin kin from Wallachia at Vrancea, what a hoot this all is. Kepke left Peare and became engaged to Miss Walsh's sister, you see, as if God wants badly to point to Benjamites of Vrancea. Kepke's father is Ukrainian, and i read that TRYPillia is south of Ukraine's Kepke-like Kiev. What are the chances that German Trips use shoes? What a hoot, folks. What a hoot, have you ever seen a history class like this?

What are the chances that Plummers/Plumbers share the lion heads of Neems/Neams/Name's suspect from Neamt? Across the Carpathian mountains from Vrancea and Neamt is an ALUTus river (now the OLT), where I trace McLeods/Lutts ("HOLD" motto term) and Lute's/Lutts, the latter having nearly the Neem/Neam/Name Coat. We can see what God is getting at by placing both I and Kepke in shoe sales at the same time. God treats me as a Masci liner, and while Neamt named Numidians, I believe, Massena's have a version of the Masci Coat. French Masseys/Masse's once showed the same boots as German Trips, but now show a tree, a Shoe symbol too.

Okay, so God created the belly event to point out the Plummer-branch Palms, and, as I said, I first kissed Peare at the La PALOMa bar (Scarborough, Toronto, no longer there, apparently). Palms share the Massey fleur-de-lys, you see. But we then find palm trees with Cirt-like Carts, you see, and Cirta was the Numidian capital. God nailed this hands down. I'm not sure, but a palm branch may be used by Neem-like Nons/Noms/Nevins.

I don't know of too many wavy chevrons, only three, and Plummers/Plumbers share one with Pierce's/PIERs. The first president Bush (born George Herbert Scherff Jr., Nazi family) was adopted by the Bush family of Barbara Pierce (married Prescott Walker Bush, Nazi supporter). Now, recall the SHOPping CART (zowie, this is the first time anyone will read this), for Shops are Sherlands too, a branch of Shere's and Schere's/SCHERFs, can you believe this? I watched Vince Pearce (or Pierce) punch Kepke in the mouth on Rick Young's driveway, what could that mean? Pearce's/Piers were first found in Somerset with PERCivals and the Cary castle of Leavells (said to be from Percivals), and Scottish Leavells/Lovells share the three Young piles, amazing is it not? But here's the amazing thing from the Cart write-up, not forgetting that Carts use PALM trees: "The surname Cart was first found in Somerset. 'The ancient and distinguished Somersetshire and Devonshire families of Cart apparently, in most cases, hailed from the Carys of Castle Cary, a knightly Somersetshire family..." Astounding. Roets of Somerset use a "veRUM" motto term while Rims/Rome's are also Rums.

So, recall discussions above that related to FitzAlans of Arundel, for if I recall correctly, the very family that married Alice of Saluzzo produced a marriage with Percival-like Percys (Yorkshire, same as Palms) who are known to have used the Louvain/Loving lion, which is the Mason/Massin / Revere lion too in the colors of the Lute/Lutt / Neem/Neam lion heads, and while Arundels were named by Arun, in Sussex with the first-known Keeps, Aarons/Arens use the cloud in honor of the Lutt bloodline. Alice's use a FIR tree, and vair FUR is used by Palms. Keeps are in the motto of Hebrons, and Amorites were in Hebron (near Jerusalem).

Here's how it happened. Peare and I, shortly after the kiss at la Paloma, were standing in my bedroom hugging, when Kepke, sitting with Miss Phillips in the living room, hollered loudly in a complaint: "he [me] doesn't love her, he's only using her.' So she looked up at me (only 17 years old) as if to ask whether it was true, and with my taking too long to respond (uh, er, I've only known you a couple of weeks), she flew out of my arms and went to sit in the living room with Kepke. I went out and slammed the LIVING room WINDOW, breaking the glass. Livings/Levins are probably a branch of Louvains/Lovings.

Okay, this sets up the paragraph below, but first: Kepke first cheated me by lying about my intentions, and later cheated Peare by sleeping with both she and Miss Walsh on the same day, bragging about it to me. Where have we seen cheaters before? Oh yeah, Dominion fraud. He didn't get Peare as might a gentleman, by just asking her on a date, but played his favorite game, strip poker, to win a lone-time with Peare in my bedroom, and there they became a couple in that way through a sexual event (it was horrible for me) that she enjoyed.

Note that the Palm Chief is also the Chief of Quints (Essex, same as Youngs), for it can be gleaned that Windows are a Quint branch. Palms have the Glass / Massey fleur-de-lys in colors reversed, and while Masseys/Masse's once showed BOOTs, Glass', sharing the Masons/Massin mermaid, were first found in BUTEshire. Saer de QUINCy ruled Winchester, where Cart-like Carters were first found, and we just saw the Cart palm trees. The Windows (share gold fitchee with Quints and Winchesters) have lion paws in the colors of the Neem/Neam / Lute/Lute lion heads, but we can add the giant Sforza lion here too, in colors reversed from the giant Masons/Massin and Louvain/Loving lion, holds a quince (flower). It appears that God slammed that window hard, through me, to make these pointers as per the bloodline of Quintus Caepio. The Austins look WINDow / QUINT-related, and Bush Jr. is in Austin, isn't he?

Okay, so if you contemplate on the above, you can glean a Cart link to Lutts from the Alutus / Olt river, which flows in the CARPathian mountains of Romania, near the Tizsa/Tisa river in neighboring Hungary. I have a load of evidence that the line of Hungarian king, Andrew I, was connected to the Ticino river, but can now add that the Tizsa-like Tease's/Tess'/Tecks were first found in Switzerland with the Ticino canton that named the Ticino/Tessin river, itself home of the Leavell-based Laevi Gauls, who founded Pavia, where Pierro's/PERO's were first found, with Marx-like Marici. I pressed Peare's BELLY with my Palm, very soon after the broken-glass event, and king Bela was Andrew's brother, believe it or not. Bellys were first found in Moray, and I trace that place to the Mures river (Romania) near the Tisza and Olt.

Recall ANDRea Fabian, a pointer to Fabian Marxism, for Andrea's share a red saltire with Andrew-like Andersons, and the latter's is also the Palm saltire in both colors, colors reversed from the Tease/Tess saltire (comes with LEAVES, we get it). Andrew's other brother was LEVANte. Earlier in Hungarian ancestry was prince TAKSONy (or Taxis), like "Tessin." We can spell that as "TakSONY" because Miss Peare worked for Sony electronics (in Toronto, birthplace of Dominion voting) while she was still with Kepke (she was with him two years at most). Did Sony provide some things for Dominion?

[Insert -- I bumped into a LEVENTina location, in the Ticino canton, late this week, that I've never known about. It appears that Andrew's brother named it, and so Peare's belly symbol looks like it traces to Bela liners at the Ticino theater, for Bela was Levante's brother. Amazing.

The Arms of Leventina uses two fingers pointing, as does the Podebrady-related Babe's. Podebrady was married by Hungarians. Bradys use one finger pointing to a sun in the colors of Prays/Praters/PRATO's (share white wolf heads with Pratts), relevant as per a Prato Leventina location (in Leventina). The Arms of Prato Leventina have two, upright, white greyhounds, a symbol also of Hungars! The latter were first found in Hesse while Hesse's share the sun with Babe's and Bradys. There you have excellent evidence that Levante-family Hungarians were in the Ticino (or Tessin) canton.

The Sinclairs/Suns can apply to those suns because they share the Chain cross while the Hungar greyhound has a chain. WOW, after that was found the same cross with Welsh Bellins, not forgetting that Italian Bellino's (Verona, same as BELLI's/Bellins) share bear legs with Powys' of Wales. The reason Bellins were looked up (I'm not familiar with them) was as per Bellinzona (giant white snake), capital of the Ticino canton! Zinger. As Magyar-like Majors/Magors have a greyhound, note lake Maggiore at the Ticino area (Hungarians had stemmed from Magyars). Magars/Magre's/MaGRAYs were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's.

This insert tends to support my claim that Pierro's/Pero's/Pietro's (Ticino) were from Flavius Petro of Rieti. Prato was found when seeking surnames from Epirotes (named after pirates?) of Epirus. End Insert]

The Coat of Sony-like Sonnys (this looks like a wow) is virtually that of Rinds but with so-called COTISed bendlets suspect with the Cotesii of the Buzau river just outside of VRANCea. The Rance's/Rands/Runds are suspect in the Rind motto! Rinds were first found in Perthshire with Hungarian Drummonds (directly from king Andrew). Sony-like Sonnys use a version of the Leslie Coat, they being from Hungarians too. Perthshire is also where Justine's/Justus' were first found expected in the "justus" motto term of Palms.

Recall the palm on her belly, for the Bell / Bellamy fesses are colors reversed from the Weaver fesse, and she was with Keep-like Kepke at the time, and Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle." Bellamys were from Perche, and Perichs are listed with Pero's and Pierro's/Pero's. ShuttleWORTHs have a weaver's shuttle too, and Worths share the double-headed and black eagle with Jeepma's/CHEPs. The latter are from the Jupiter cult of Japodes at Rijeka, and the Arms of Rijeka have a double-headed, black eagle. Rijeka is also Rika, the line definitely to/from Ricks, recalling that Vince Pearce punched Kepke in the mouth on Rick Young's driveway.

There is a Tax/Taxony location in Hungary, near Bute-like BudaPEST, and Tax's/Dacks could be of the Teck variation of Tease's. Tiss'/Teace's (same place as Flys) were first found in Hampshire with Potters in the flower pot of Rinds, and beside Keeps (Sussex, same as Mascals), but also beside Weaver-branch Webbers (share Fly / Mascal fleur-de-lys). Weavers share the fesse of French Pots, and Keeps use a "weavers's shuttle." We saw evidence that the Buzau was named by Bush / Bus elements, and Dutch Bos'/Bush's/Buschs, sharing the Rance/Rand lion, have nearly the Coat of Pest-like Pastors. Budapest was named after Buda and Pest, twin cities. Pesters/Pistols share the red stag head with Perthshire's Colts and with the nearby Cotesii-like Coutes' (probably have the Drummond eagle), first found in Aberdeenshire with red-stag Reeds and the Leslie's suspect as kin of Sonnys. Readings/Ridings share the Bush boar.

Hungarians trace themselves to a mythical stag, and Drummond-like Trumps use the stag. In my sleeping-bag dream, Miss Peare appeared on a stage while Stage's/Staggs use stags. I have a feeling that Trump was part of the staging of many psychological operations by those who handled him.

Taxis-like Texas' share the Arms of Meulan, and the Beaumonts of Meulan and Leicester married the family of Waleran de Percival de Leavell. The Pesters/Pistols (in the Hopkin pistols) are said to derive from Leicester elements, as with Podebrady liners, the Montforts. The Mars of KilDRUMMy, expected from Maurice Drummond, son of a woman from Podebrady, have lions in the colors of the Montfort / Bohemia lion, as does the Ross clan descended from an Andrew character very suspect from king Andrew (has a Rus wife from Kiev). German Franks (Bohemia) share the column with Pelosi's, beside Monforte, and then Drummonds married the sister of king Malcolm III while Malcolms (more red stag heads) are also Columns.

The other German Franks (Bohemia too) share the red saltire with Palms, and my palm on Peare's belly thus points to king Bela, Andrew's brother, but as the first German Franks with column also have an armored arm, the red Army/Armine saltire looks to apply.

The Progress to January 19: Gleanings, Trump is a Fink

Here's proof of psy-ops where the deep state creates faked videos probably after the January-6 event. The guy with buffalo horns pretended to be a pro-Trumper lunatic, yet note how they all act like Christians to give us a bad name. Congress was a willing part of this, no doubt about it:

Youtube won't let normal Christians organize their political reactions to election fraud, but will allow these "Christians" to give us a bad name. This is the persecution we get for becoming political, our right, and for giving Democrats a hard time at fulfilling their anti-Christ projects. That's all our brothers and sisters need be "guilty" of: voting in Republicans to weaken the power bases of anti-Christs.

The way forward for our enemies is to stage some acts like the breaking of windows at the Capitol, and then get the media to proclaim the sky is falling in order to justify a reaction against us. It is now important that Trump assisted with that sky-is-falling choreography by giving the okie-dokie to 25,000 military people. This is way over the top, and can now be claimed as trump's betrayal of his voters, a thing I'm seriously entertaining as his DELIBERATE act, part of a script he's been playing to for a loooong time.

Yes, Trump looks complicit with the January-6 staging, but not before he teased his voters with the likelihood that he was about to use the military to take Biden out. Recall Miss Peare on a stage with Miss Phillips, for Peare was Kepke's girl, and, as I've said many times, Trump's famous hair reminded me of Kepke's blond hair from the start of Trump's appearance on the presidential stage. I'll show you below how Peare's belly symbol plays to the Tease surname. I think this is a thing God badly wishes to reveal about Trump.

In the SLEEPING-Bag dream (where did we see another sleeping bag?) of a few years ago, I walked into a mall and saw two women on a stage (rough-wooden platform) whose faces I did not see. In the next scene, I was on a stage beside their stage, and then Peare appeared on this stage with me, and as I went to pull her toward me by her waist, it felt so good just like the belly event, but the dream abruptly ended there before her body even reached me. The other woman had to be Miss Phillips -- code, I think, for vote-machine flipping, because she was in the bed with us during the belly event. Plus, the last time I saw her, she said she was going into "choreography," her word, which is stage productions. Trump's use nothing but a giant STAG head, and Stage's/Staggs, because they use stags, are likely the owners of the heraldic stag.

Miss Phillips was Louise by first name, and French Louis' were first found in Lorraine with Bar-le-Duc, which shares the fish, in it's Arms, of Barrs/Baars once in Brunswick. The double lions in pale of Brunswicks are almost the double lions in pale of Scottish Mars, and the earls of Mar (Scotland) were in Angus with Gardens/Jardens and Jardins, very important below because Trumps/Tromps are from Val Trompia, beside lake Garda. As I said, earls of Mar were at Drummond-like Kildrummy castle. Bar-le-Duc also uses a Pence-like pansy.

Louise worked for PENNington clothing (pointer to Pence?) when I first knew her (during the belly event), and you can see that Penningtons were related / linkable both to French Louis' and Phillips. You can spot the Patria's/PEARtree's in the Pennington and Phillips/Filip motto, and Patria's/Peartree's happen to share the Trump stag head, what are the chances???

The Patria/Peartree Crest is similar to the Brady and Babe Crests, but with a brown eagle pointing to the sun, the colors of the Drummond eagle for obvious Podebrady reasons. The Patria/Peartree fitchees are shared by Sewers/Suters, the latter first found in Angus with KilDrummy castle and Garda liners. Isn't this even more amazing when we go to Suter-like Shute's, kin of trumpet-using Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire, same as Shute's/Chewte's and Laps/LABBS'). Podebrady is on the LABE river, and so it seems that Mamie was plopped on my lap / legs by God to point to Podebrady's Trump line. I'll get to Mamie soon.

Therefore, Miss Peare together with Kepke represent president Trump, and the appearance of these ladies together on a stage are telling us, I think, that Trump has been a master deceiver, part of the deep-stage choreography unto some nasty agenda coming soon your rock and a hard place.

The "amore" motto term of Penningtons, and the "amor" of Phillips'/Filips, are for Amore's, first found Oxfordshire with Peare's and the Damorys/Amori's, the latter almost sharing triple-wavy fesses, symbol of both Drummond surnames. What are the chances? Italian Amori's share the stars of Jardins, making a Drummond trace to Val Trompia look good. I was sleeping with Louise when she was at Penningtons, and Penningtons share the lozenges of BAGleys, the latter first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. These lozenges are in the colors of the Bag cinquefoils, and colors reversed from the cinquefoils of Drummond-beloved Gangs. I'll show how this very picture connects with things-Mamie below as she depicts things-Trump.

Plus, I think I can prove that Mamie represents Trump's teasing too. I don't recall being able to track the Tease surname to Hungary's Tisza river before, until it was done above. Trump's were first found near the Hamburg area where German, Trump-like Drummonds (Trump colors) were first found, and Drummonds were royal Hungarians. You need to keep in mind here, VERY IMPORTANT, that in the Jeep dream, the drum barrel, leading to a fire I tried to smother, represented both Barr and Drummonds. That is, was that barrel God's clue for a Trump-Barr partnership in deception upon Republicans?

We can add that Gardners and Sessions' both use gold griffin heads, and that the Sessions have them in both colors of the Jew/Chew griffin heads. Jews/Chews have a Shute/Chewte branch who were in turn kin of trumpet-liner Calls/Calles'. Sessions' are horizontally split in the colors of the vertically-split Dutch Tromp Coat. Is this a clue from God that Trump used Sessions deliberately to keep the deep state safe from prosecutions?

The Italian Cale's share the upright GREYhound of Hungars, and the Bohemian / Grey lion is likely with Czech Hungars. That's further evidence that Trumps were Hungarian Drummonds. Compare with the two Hun Coats to understand what the greyHOUND stands for. Greys were kin of JOPlins, perhaps of a Jeepma variation.

While the RIM of the barrel caught fire, Rims were first found in Dumfries with the Leggs almost having the giant Trump stage head. On the night Mamie sat on my lap, I recall only three things:

1) she in the back of a pick-up with Barr-like Barry; I saw them in there when someone opened the HATCH of the truck, and Hatch's happen to share the Brunswick Coat, suggesting that Mamie was in there with Bill Barr. Who does Mamie represent?

2) her plopping herself on my LEGs later in the evening with the Drummond-connectable GANG around the camp FIRE; Leggs represent Trump. She sat on my lap, and Laps (Wiltshire, beside Babe's) share the mermaid with Babe's/Babels while both English Babe's and Babels/Babwells were from Podebrady, where a woman lived that birthed the first Drummond, Maurice. Maurice's and Morris' have lions in Brunswick-lion colors.

3) the tease event in her SLEEPING BAG with my arms draped over her waist that pointed above to an army, especially the very-teasy National GUARD army in Washington, for Camps share the Gardner and Gard griffin, and the Jardin Chief is the Washington Chief in colors reversed. Bags (Norfolk, same as Gangs), with an "est" motto term for linkage to Barrs, have the cinquefoils of Gangs in colors reversed. I'll show you another reason as to why this Gard picture applies to the tease, a new thing occurring to me only now.

The Bags (Norfolk, same as Benjamins and Bus' from the Siret) were at Gaywood while Gaywoods share the Siret tower, yet Sirets (share "Spes" with Bags) even have the Bagley lozenges.

Helena of Angusta

Again, the Tisza river is in Hungary, and so it's time now to repeat a quote I saw in which the Hungarian king, Bela, was said to have married the daughter of count Vrm of Angusta. You will probably not find anything on Angusta online, but I found it on a map in the theater of Piatra-Neamt. We therefore appeal to heraldry to see whether it's true that Bela married Angusta? Well, first off, Piatra-Neamt is off the Siret, as is the RIMna river, and while Angusta is expected from "Augusta," we find that Rims/Rome's (same place as Leggs share the fesse of Augusts who in turn have a bird LEG. Coincidence?

German Belli's use a beacon while Beacons are listed with Bacau-like Bacons while the Bistrita river through Neamt flows to Bacau at the Siret river. The major Siret tributary south of the Bistrita is the Trotus, and Italian Belli's have nearly the six pale bars of Trots. It's good reason to see a Bela marriage to Angusta. French Bacons share the BUS cinquefoil while the Bacau-like Buzau is yet another Siret tributary. I trace Bela's brother, Andrew, to the Ross clan that named Ross-shire, where BISTrita-like Bissets were first found.

I'd like to go back to the Ramna version of "Rimna," asking if Rams were Ramna liners. Cotesii were likely on the Rimna, and the Code's might be in the "Quod" motto term of Rams. Coddens/Cottons can be of the Cotton variation of Cotta's. Code's share the raven with ROOKbys, and the latter were at TEESdale, named after the Tees river. Tees' are listed with Tiss'/Teace's (share Code chevron), Rooks and Rookbys, and rook-using Rocks, are from Roxolani, and so we have here a potential Tisza-river connection to wherever Roxolani were (they were south of Kiev too on the Dnieper river). Rooks use suns and Sinclairs/Suns of ROSlin share the black saltire with Walsh's and Benjamins. Roxolani were also on the Dnieper-like Naparis river (beside the Buzau), and Napier's/PEERless' ("TACHE") have the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire in colors reversed.

Teesdale's have a thistle and look like they could have formed the Thistle surname which itself has a bend-with-pheons in the colors of the Worm bend-with-dragon.

One could ponder German Youngs/June's here because their stag is in the colors of the Trump stag head, and thus Youngs may have crossed paths with Drummond Hungarians, and so maybe also with Tisza-river Hungarians. The Young annuLETs can be part-code for Lets/Late's sharing the stars of Tease-linkable Peare's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Rooks. As Lets/Late's share the Chief-Shield colors of ANNas', ANNulets can be part-code for Annas', kin of Tea's/Tease's/Tyes'. That works. Wiggins have a three-star version of the Annas Coat, and Wigton is where Hannas' ("Per") were first found having the Trump stag head in colors reversed. Anne's/Hanne's of Ticino-possible TICKhill use stag heads too.

Both the Hannas' and Trump stag heads are "erased" at the neck (not a straight line), which I think is code for the Eras variation of RASmussens. Ras' are listed with Roxolani-line Rose's, and Trumps were first found in the ROStock ballpark.

Rims/Rome's were at Annan(dale), and the Jardins (Angus) share the Annas and Angus star. The Jardins use three such stars in their Chief, and ANGUS' use two such stars in their Chief, making Annas', first found in Nottinghamshire with TEASE's/TYES' (share Annas star) look like they are connectable to ANGUSta. Angus' even have a "ForTIS" motto term likely for Tiss'/Teace's. There we have the reason that God gave Mamie a tease symbol the night before her thigh symbol at her Jardin-connectable garden. It's very obvious now.

Mamie's tease event looks like a pointer to a Tizsa/Tisa-river merger with something in Angusta that ended up at lake Garda too. Her tease symbol was when I draped my arm around her waist to go to sleep, as was my arm when I pressed Peare's BELLY during our sleep. BELA is said to have married Helena, daughter of Vrm of Angusta, and the WAISTells were from the Cotesii; I'll show you how below.

I find these "coincidences" amazing, for not only does the heraldry click aside from the Peare and Mamie events, but those events play right into these heraldic connections, for arm-like Armys even share the Chief-saltire of Annan(dale)s (share Lennox saltire). Lake Garda is beside Brescia, and the Arms of Brescia shares the blue lion with Bruce's of York, and then Scottish Bruce's (version of Annan(dale) Coat) lived at Annandale just before they made it to the Scottish throne as ROBERT Bruce I. Roberts and Propers/Roberts/Robins share the Brunswick lion, in case this applies.

[Insert -- His grandson, Robert Bruce III, married AnnaBEL Drummond (Hungarian) from a ruler of Lennox (her father), and Annabels/HANNibals/HoneyBELLs share the stag (Hungarian symbol) with Anne's/Hanne's, Hannas' and Hands/Hanns. It looks like Bela's line to royal Drummonds. Annabel birthed Mary, ruler of Angus, which might explain why Marys share the red lion with Angus'. My bet is that the Angus lion is the Mar lion in colors reversed, and Mars together with Marys can trace to the Angitia snake goddess of the Marsi (Abruzzo, where I trace Bruce's) because "Angitia" may have formed from some Angusta / Angus/Anguish variation.

Watch this. Mari, goddess of Basques, was married to the snake god, Sugaar, while snakes are used by Seagers/SUGARS (could have the Genova wing), and then while the latter share the moline cross (in colors reversed) of Segni's/SEGURana's (their Este eagle can go with "est" motto term of Angus'). Segni's/Segurana's were first found in Genova with the Fieschi. The Feschs can be gleaned as a branch of Fix's/FECKs, and then the mother of Annabel Drummond was MARY MontiFEX while Fix's/Fecks have a wavy-blue fesse that can be of the wavy-Drummond fesses! Zinger folks, that's new. For a decade previous to recently, Seagars/Sugars were said to be first found in Norfolk, and that's where Marys were first found. One of the Seagar/Sugar wings is gold, the color of the Portuguese Abreu wing, and as Italian Abreu's are with Abruzzo's, perhaps the Basques of the Portugal/Spain theater derived from Abruzzo.

Where's Montifex? I'm reading: "...Mary Montifex, co-heiress of Montefichet..." It explains why Feschs are FECHTers too. Montfichets are listed with Muschats, and they with Muscats were kin of Love's/Luffs. You will see Love's/Luffs crop up with Helen. The "fasque" motto term of Laws could apply.

The Feschs share the crossed swords of Barrows, and WOODhouse's (Leicestershire, same as Woods) were at Barrow-upon-Soar. The "segno" motto term of Woodhouse's is for Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genoa with Fieschi (see their Wikipedia article). Francis Woodhouse was the "apostle" for American when Henry Drummond (nutcase), owner of the New Apostolic Church, had 12 Apostles over Europe. End insert]

Brescia/BRIXia is the line to Brix's/Brests (lozenges), and God gave HELEN, my tenant, a breast symbol, as He gave Mamie. Bela married HELENa. Helens (near Brieux) were first found near Brest of Brittany, and as Lane's/Lano's were first found in Brescia, the Launay location near Brest applies to Lane liners. The other two Lane's share the Robert / Brunswick lion too. The Launay lozenges are colors reversed from those of Penningtons, and the Louis' of Lorraine share the Brick lozenges. Go ahead and check how close Brescia is to Placentia, for the latter is in the Rim/Room motto, and while the latter were in ANNANdale, ANANES Gauls were at Placentia.

The Roberts are VERY IMPORTANT here because so-called Robertians royals (Capetians) descended from Vrm-like Worms. That's right, another count-Vrm trace to Brescia, at your service. The Worm bend is shared by Scottish Scotts (stag) while English Scotts are said to descend from a royal Baliol family while Baliols were a branch of Belly-like Baileys!! There we go, some very exceptional proof that Worms are from "Vrm," and that Miss Peare's belly symbol is Intended to point to him. Bellys were at Moray while Morays share the stars of Bailys ("patria"). A Moray-entity trace to Angusta well explains my long-standing claim that Morays are from the Mures river, for it has a source just over the CARPathian peaks from Angusta. Carpenters love the Bellys of Moray.

BALAS'/Bayles' (share large ermine spots with Brittany's Balls) are in Worm colors, and as Scotts were definitely related to Alexanders, king Alexander Balas of the Seleucids comes to mind, who may have been the son of Antiochus VI whose in the run-up to the anti-Christ in Daniel 11. Is this why God seems to be stressing Bela? Was his brother, Anders, named after an AlexANDER in his family? Wikipedia once reported that Seleucids had descended from Epirus elements in association with Thesprotians, and so as Epirus has a Balas-like Bullis (also "Byllis") location, note that, WOW, Bullis'/Bulliards share the Annas / Angus star! Incredible. Bulliard-like Billiards, a branch of Billiards/Hillards that share the Baily stars (!!!), are also Byllis-like Billets! Bill Clinton's biological father, Mr. Blythe, can we believe this? It's all reliable info in this paragraph. Why did God make Obama the owner of a billiard hall?

English Balls have a "FULcrum" motto term while Fullers (Carpenter colors) share the beacon with German Belli's. Italian Belli's have the six pale bars of Carpenters in colors reversed while the Bellino branch of Italian Belli's has a bear leg colors reversed from the same of Powys'/ The latter named Powys in Wales, right near Glamorganshire, where Balas'/Bailes' were first found. Belenus (same as bel) was a Welsh cult looking like it's from the Maccabee line of Alexander Balas (after the latter started an alliance with Jonathan Maccabee, Maccabees had Alexanders in their bloodline, right up to the time of Jesus.

Jonathans/Jones' have rooster heads that, in colors reversed, can be the gold one in the Moke/Mogg Crest, which is pointed out, not only because Moke's/Moggs share large ermine spots with Balas'/Bayles', but because Nimo's/NemMOKE's share the crescents of Tillers, the latter first found in Glamorganshire with Balas'/Bayles'. That's purdy good. Plus, the style of rooster heads used by Jonathans/Jones' is shared by Blue's/GORMs, linkable to "Worms" because "gorm" means "worm" to Nordics. Blue's/Gorms were first found in Arran with Maccabee-like MacAbee's. The latter are also MacABBE's, and Baliols with Baileys are said to be from near ABBEville.

Blue's/Gorms were said to have been at Arran's Knapdale, and then Knaps are also Napps, possibly from Napiers and thus from the Naparis river of the Roxolani Alans. Alans lived in Alania (Caucasia), also called, Iron, and Orions/IRONs were at Arran-like Airaines, near ABBEville. Can't argue with the facts or their stark implications. The Roxolani were on the DNieper, as well as on the DANube at the mouths of the Naparis and Buzau rivers, and Danes (of Denmark, yes) had a mythical king Gorm. Tanais, home of Alan associates, is what I trace Greek Danaans to.

They say that "Maccabee" means "hammer," and while I do not think they were named after a hammer, yet the Hammer surname is in Ham colors while Hams share the fish of MacAbee's/MacAbbe's, tending to reveal that these bloodlines knew themselves to be from a Maccabee line. MacAbbe's share the fesse of Coffee's who in turn love Victoria's in their motto who in turn share the stars of Salome's while Salome Boethus was a Maccabee-Herod line. "Salome' is like the "salmon" used by MacAbbe's. Note that how Coffee-like Cuffee's "ANIMus") and Coughs share the SALES bend-with-fleur-de-lys, and then compare the latter surname with "Seleuc(id)." I trace "Boethus" to Greece's Boeotia, home of mythical Orion, and then Orions/Irons/Hyrams were at the Abbeville area with Baliols and Baileys. That explains why Balas'/Bayles' share, roughly, the cross of Orions/Irons. This puts a new twist on king Bela, the entry of a Seleucid line into that of Magog-like Magyars = Hungarians.

The Salome stars are shared by Pelosi's/Pilati's, a line suspect from Pontius Pilate. They were first found in SAVIGliano, and SAVAGE's us a "PRO TE" motto phrase, and Wikipedia did say that Seleucids were from ThesPROTians, named after "Epirotes," the name of people of Epirus. As Molossians were from Epirus while Abruzzo is beside MOLISE (line to Mole's/MOWs?), but also because the former Abruzzo capital was APRUTium, it seems certain that Abruzzo was named by Epirotes. "Pro te" can be a clever way of getting Epirotes in there along with Pero's and Tee's/Tease's.

The MOWbrays, suspect with Brays/Brae's from Bra, beside Savigliano, have a giant lion half in the colors of the Abreu/Abruzzo lion, and as Monforte is beside Bra, Mowbrays are likely with the Montfort lion. It tends to prove that Mole's (ROXburghshire, kin of Gog-like Googe's) were from Molise / Molossians. Montfort is a location smack near RENNES while Orions/Irons are from AiRAINES. Rennes is near Dol, and the Dol ALANs are from Aulon/AVLONA, smack beside Bullis of Epirus. So, the royal Bruce-Stewarts, from Alans, look like Seleucids through Abruzzo, which province includes Avezzano, smack near Avlona-like mont Velino. Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia with Seleucus-like Sulcis, which is at Sant-ANTIOCO, named, obviously, after Syria's Antioch because it was itself named after king Antiochus, son of Seleucus i.e. founders of Seleucids.

Avezzano liners named Avesnes (the one on Helpe river), and one noble of Avesnes married Champagne, where Sauvage's were first found. Just to assure that Mole's/Mows do apply to Mowbrays (at Montbrai), they were at St. Lo while Lows share the wolf heads of Schim-branch Skene's while Schims share the Mole/Mow and Googe boar. Laws can thus be gleaned with the Salome Coat, and, so, if Laws are indeed a pointer to martial law (more on this in a section below), we might now imagine that this is from the anti-Christ system arising. I've always said that Stewarts seized the American military, and infiltrators have an obsession with ruling. They want to be God. If MontFORTs were Forts, note that French Marts/Martaults share the Fort castle.

The other, nearby Avesnes (in Pas-de-Calais) shares the red bull with Beards, first found in Brittany with Balls, and Pas-de-CALAIS is where Bellows (BILLET branch, Bullis-important) trace with their CALLOUville location, for Belows (one 'l') use a chalice for Chalice's/CHALES'. The latter's write-up: "The family was originally from Eschailles, in Pas de Calais..." The Compo motto term, "ESCAILLon," comes to mind, recalling that Mamie was sitting on my legs (as a pointer to Trump) around the camp fire while Camps are also Comps, and while Chales-like Calles' use trumpets. So, Trump liners were merged with Belly liners, we may take-away from this, expected from the Balas Seleucids.

So also, we have good evidence here that Angusta's Helena bloodline with king Bela was at the Garda / Brescia / Trompia / Placentia area. Helens can be gleaned as kin of English Este's, and while Barrs share the giant eagle of Italian Este's because Este's had a branch in Brunswick. Este is near the Adige river flowing past Garda. Angusta is in the CARPathian mountains, and CARPenters share the Belly motto ("PER acuta belli") as well as the pale bars of Italian Belli's, the latter first found in Verona, on the Adige river some 20 miles from the shores of lake Garda. You see, I'm not crazy, I really do know how to make heraldry talk. Bellys share the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs, part of Bar-le-Duc, and these stars are in colors reversed with the Fells sharing the Brick lozenges, colors reversed from the Brix/Brest lozenges.

As I said, and I kid you not, that I took Helen out for DUCK dinner when I wore BROWN PANTs, the color of Brunswick, and so that event points to Bar-le-DUC as related to Helena of Angusta. Ducs/LeDucs (I haven't known them more than a few months) were first found in Brittany with Helens! There's therefore question as to whether CarPENTERs are of the Pantzer variation of Pansys in the pansy of the Arms of Bar-le-Duc. Panthers/Panters were first found in Angusta-like Angus. As the Mures/Maros river flows into the Tizsa, we note that Bellys were first found in Moray, near the first-known Drummonds, from MAURICE, like "Maros."

The Maros/Marrot surname shares triple fesses (different colors) with Drummonds and the Podebrady-liner Beaks. The Maros/Marrot Coat uses their fesses in the colors of the one Carrick fesse, and while both surnames share the same black dog, Marjory Carrick married a Bruce of Annandale.

Why do I remember inviting Helen up for TEA in my first get-together with her. Tea's are listed with Tease's/Tyes, and so this may be evidence of a Tisza-river link to Helena of Angusta. She moved into the basement on December 1, and by mid month she put a Christmas CARD for me into my mailbox saying, "I LOVE you." That was fast. The first point is: Cards/CERTs are Siret-cousin suspects, from the Numidian capital, Cirta, and Numidians are suspect from "Neamt," smack at the Angusta theater. Isn't that wild? Plus, Love's/Luffs share the triple fesses of Fullers who share a beacon with German Belli's! Zinger, it's suggesting she didn't love me at all, but rather God made her write that for this purpose of tracing Love's/Luffs to Bela and Helena.

Cards/Carts share the blue lion with Louvains/LOVINGs (Kent, same as Masons/Massins having the same lion)! She put the card in the MAILbox, and Mails (Cheshire, same as Malls) have a reflection of the Putin/Patents Coat. Mails were at Wirral, and the Hungarian Drummonds use a "Gang WARILY" motto. Wirrals may be using chalice's, the known symbol of Belows! Chalice's share triple chevrons (different colors) with Drummonds and Love's/Luffs. Drummonds married Bohemian, founded by Boii of BONonia, and Malls are MarlyBONE's too.

Gangs are Geggs/Giggs too, and Googe's/Goose's could be in the Loeffler Coat if that's a goose (otherwise it's a white duck). Googe's/Goose's were first found in Roxburghshire, and Roxolani were on the Buzau. Googe's are also Gouge's while Couch's look like kin of Trots and Coats/Cotes'. Cotesii were on the Buzau, and the Trotus is a river between the Putna and Neamt. A "COUCHant" lion is used by Tints while "royal tents" are used by Tintons, and Mamie gave me the tease in a tent (wasn't my tent), making me go to sleep with my arm draped around her WAIST. Waistells are from "Vestalis, son of king Cottius of the Cottians.

The last time I spoke on Helen's Christmas card, it was said that my friend, RAY Luff, would use the side door (at the driveway) when he called on me, and that was Helen's "front" door. We saw Ray-like Ramons, Ramondo's and Raymonds all trackable to the namers of the Rimna river. Rays use stags, the Hungarian symbol. Bela was a Hungarian king. LOEFFlers have double chevrons in colors reversed from the same of Perche's, and Bellamys lived at Perche. So, yes, it appears that Love's/Luffs were Bela-Helena liners, how about that. LUFFkins share the chevron-with-stars of Peare's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs.

Ray Luff was born, Raymond, from his father, Raymond, and so note how mythical Hellen could have been from the Geloni in the Dnieper-river area of Roxolani Alans. English Raymonds share the fleur-de-lys of Gellone's, from William Gellone, count of Toulouse, where French Raymonds were first found. Making sense? That's why Ray used the side door, I assume, to make this point. Geloni lived with BUDINi, and Buttons/Bidens share a red fesse with Helen-like Alans. The Helpe river above is of the Helps/Halfs, a branch of Halpers/Halfpennys who in turn have what looks like a part of the English Raymond Chief. As Avezzano liners were on the Helpe, we might ask of "Gellone / Geloni" is a version of "Velino." Half-like Have's/Haafs share ducks with Velins. This could identify mythical Avalon with the Herodotus' Geloni.

As I said, immediately after asking Louise to leave my apartment, I dated Karen Whelan, and Whelans/FAILins (Velino-like) share the Brick Coat and Crest, and the FELL lozenges. With no connection to Kepke, Miss Whelan lived on his street (Henry CORSON Place, Markham), and with Kepke being a pointer to Trump, we then find that Whelans were first found in Waterford while the Arms of County Waterford uses both (one or the other, not both) the Trump and the Legg stag head. If that's not enough, while Corsens/CARsons (CARpenter kin?) have the Whelan lozenges in colors reversed, Corrys/Currys, first found in Waterford with Whelans, share the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire.

Note Henry Corson PLACE, for Place's, expected from Placentia, are probably in the motto of Rims/Rooms, the latter first found in Dumfries with Corsons/Carsons and BELLS!!! I get it now, for Corsons/Carsons share the Bell and Bellamy fesse!!! Corsons/Carsons share the triple-Brix/Brest lozenges for a count-Vrm / Helena trace to Brescia again. Kepke, whose surname is expected with TRYPillians from the Siret-river area, lived on Henry Corson Place!!! Kepke (shoe salesman) is expected as a pointer to Trumps, and Trips (shoes) were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds (Trump colors). Henrys were first found in Brittany with Helens. Bela married Helena.

This is why Helen, when she was in my presence, going downstairs to her apartment, lifted her top over her head, and exposed her bare breasts to me (I didn't yet know she was slutty, but I was about to discover it). It was a pointer of God to the Vrm > Helena line in Brescia.

Worms share the green dragon of Formans who in turn show the Brunswick / Robert lion. Robertians descended from Worms, Germany. Worms look like they use the Worm-like Over Coat, and both surnames have a bend colors reversed from the BRUNo bend, we get it, a Robertian-Brunswick relationship. Formans (Yorkshire, same as Mars almost with the Brunswick Coat) have two wavy fesses looking connectable to German Drummonds. Minus the anchors, the Forman Chief is also the Army/Armine Chief, and the latter shares the Annan(dale) Chief-saltire combo, perfect, for Annans are from Ananes Gauls near, or even in, Brescia. The latter is where Italian Lane's where first found while the other Lane surnames share the Robert / Brunswick lion.

All this time, I have neglected to load Lane's, but when finally doing so, I saw again their "Garde" motto term, the motto term also of Bruce-related Carricks! The Lane's with "Garde," along with the Sessions', have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Tromp Shield. Val Trompia at lake Garda. The split Lane Shield looks like that of Groce's/Graggs while Carricks were from Craigs, that explains it.

Lane's come up as "Lones" while LONSdale and SANDS is where Penningtons and Lawrence's were first found. Lawrence Kepke sold shoes when Louise worked at Penningtons, and while Keeps share the bend of Irish Lane's/Lones', English Lane's/Lones' share the Shoe star. What do you think this is all about? As Penns/Pence's use a "claRUM recTUM" motto term while Peare's belly = gut pointed with Goods/Guts to tummy-like TUME's/Tombs, can this indicate that "it felt so good" points to Michael Pence? Why should that be? Why do Michaels use a PEN? As "it felt so good" was also in the waist event upon a stage, Mike Pence staged the January-6 fall of Trump, didn't he? Pence knew all along what the script was, didn't he? Note how Rums in the Pen/Pence motto are listed with Rims, for the drum barrel caught fire at the rim when I dropped it on a mound of SAND.

Let's not forget the dream I had a few years ago with Kepke (haven't seen him in almost 40 years) walking up my driveway followed by a sick stag. Isn't that Trump right now? The stag was followed by Paul Smith on crutches, and he owned a RED Jeep some 35 years ago, the color of my Jeep now. The new and interesting thing now is that while English Pauls/Paules' can be of French Paules', the latter were first found in Burgundy with Poulos', and that could indicate that Trump is a sick stag now due to Mr. Poulos' fraudulent voting machines.

Ahhh, wow, Pullys/Pullens (from Vespasia Polla) caused a check of Paullys, listed with Pale's (in such things as the Belli pale BARs), and they were first found in Yorkshire with Pullys/Pullens and Pauls/Paules'. The thing is, the Paullys/Pale's share the Worm bend!!! It's suggesting that Kepke's and/or Pauls and/or Jeepma's/Cheps were in Angusta, I can feel it in my sick bones. Keppochs share the August fesse. Paul's Jeep was totalled in an accident, and so he came to purchase my Nissan pick-up at that time, when HELEN lived as a tenant in my basement! Helena of Angusta! Helen was there only about six or seven months.

I had noted that the Crutch/Crouch fitchee is essentially that of English Smiths, and one of them is called a FORMee cross, possibly for Formans, linkable to count Vrm of Angusta. Paul Smith on crutches.

Ahhh, tending to nail the dream with Mr. Poulos of Dominion, Keeps use a GALLEY (ship) while French Paules' share the Galli rooster, and Galli's share the Chief of Paulos'/Polo's (not "Paules")!!! The dream was short, with only Keep-like Kepke, the sickly-looking stag, and Paul on crutches, dream over. Plus, as per the RED Jeeps, the Reds/Reeds happen to share a "Pax" motto term with English Dominics!

Reds/Reeds are from Rieti, as are BistRITA-suspect Rita's, and that was home to Vespasia Polla (Angusta was at least near the Bistrita). That's why Paul had a RED Jeep, and Chep liners are expected in her family from Joseph Caiaphas, son-in-law of Angus-like Annas/Ananus.

WOWWIE! If Paulos' use a chalice (it looks like one), that's the symbol of Belly-like Belows (Yorkshire, same as Pauls/Paules', Paullys/Pale's and Pullys/Pullens), and it just so happens that German Belows (Pomerania, same as Trumps!) have the giant, two-headed JEEPma eagle!!! Can we believe it? The Chalice surname has variations like the TRUMpet-using Calls/Calles', and so this all fits the dream if Paul is following Trump as the sickly stag. I dare say, that the Jebusites suspect at Jabesh were in Angusta, in the veins of Vrm and Helena.

Repeat: "The Siret was anciently the AGARus, and then HAGARs [Perthshire, same as Drummonds] share the Jeepma/Jabach hexagram, and while Jebusites were in Jerusalem with Amorites, Abraham, whose concubine was Hagar, lived in Hebron with Amorite associates." That's a good reason to see my Jeep as God's pointer to Jebusites, but let's repeat here that its a Grand CHEROKee, like "Carrick," and then Irish Lane's share the Keep bend while Jeepma's are also Cheps while Keeps are in the Hebron/Hepburn motto. How can it be coincidental that Abram-like Bramtons have the Brunswick Coat in colors reversed while the Brunswick lion is on the Lane bend?

Irish Lane's share red fleur-de-lys with English Fabians while Italian Fabians share the Shield of Grimaldi's (and Bags), and the Grimaldi's of Monaco are to the Moine's said to be of the Ower variation of Overs (the ones sharing the Worm bend). So, it could appear that Vrm's line went to Monaco with Lane's and Fabians, especially as Monaco's share the Jeepma hexagram, in the colors of the English stars. The English Lane's with triple lions in pale call them, "English lions." This recalls God's use of ANDRea Fabian, and here we can add that Andrea's have the Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's, and then the Annandale saltire is even used by Andersons.

English English's, first found in Herefordshire with Barrels and Doors, share the Handle / Handel stars. We are now upon the door handle missing the barrel-shaped part that preceded the drum-barrel scene. The Handle / Handel Coat is the Moray Coat exactly, and Bellys were first found in Moray. Barrel-branch Barrs share the Este eagle, and Scottish English's (same Coat as English English's) use a "NobiLIS est" motto phrase while English Liss', sharing the pale bars of Babe's/Babels and Liss-like Lists (Silesia, same as Handle's / Handels), were first found in Hampshire with Fabians and TISS'/Teese's!!! That's got to be the Tisza/Tisa-river connection to the Lane's of Brescia.

Can this reveal that Trump's tease against his voters is from Fabian-brand Marxists? Yup, exactly. The Rhodian globalists. In the sleeping bag dream, I walked across a Rhodes-like road into a mall PARKING lot, and, zowie, this is a new revelation, because Parkings/Perkins have the Fabian fleur-de-lys in both colors! I then walked into the front door of the mall, and saw the two ladies on a stage, all ending with the waist scene with Peare that links to the sleeping bag with Mamie. Bags share the lozengy Shield of Italian Fabians! Zinger, that's why God put Miss Fabian into my life, to point to Fabian communists.

The road I crossed before entering the parking lot was also a pointer to Hillary RODham Clinton, for she hired Perkins Coie to undo Trump. Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar. Nobody becomes one unless chosen, and it's all about globalism Cecil-Rhodes style, though the agenda has likely changed much since his lifetime. Obama (a devoted socialist = deceiver = fakes love for the people) employed Rhodian Scholars in his government.

google has obliterated means to find one article on Angusta (not to be confused with Praetoria Augusta), Helena, or count Vrm, and Wikipedia doesn't give Helena as a wife of Bela.

google brings up porn sites often when you include "tribwatch" in your searches, just so you know. Do not click on the DEMONIC porn sites. God's fury at Armageddon is for this reason. If you care to check, " chocolate Helen tribwatch " will verify that Helen's previous mate left a chocolate treat on her DOOR knob, which is a door handle, the item in the dream with Jeep. To help verify that it was God's event to go with her breast symbol, we find that "chocoLATE" suggests the Lets/Late's (share Peare stars) sharing the saltire formed by the arrows in the Knob Coat. Knobs (Bavaria, same as Rothschilds/Roddensteins) share the Rothschild/RODDENstein arrow, and the sleeping-bag dream, a pointer to RODHAM Clinton, had me walking into the front DOORs of a mall after David Morley in that dream verified that malls applied to the dream's clues. The chocolate was left by David. I entered the mall to be with Peare.

I trace Doors to the Daorsi people on the NERETva river, and as the mythical NEREIDs had Doris as their mother, we can see that they depicted Daorsi. You're going to like this, so follow. Doris was the same entity (probably the Greek Dorians) as the male, mythical Dorus, brother of HELLEN, and so we get the impression that God emphasized the door with Helen for this reason. But what, exactly, is the reason? Note first that Dorus other brother, Aeolus, was given an Neretva-like wife, Enarete.

Helen's door opens on the LANDING where she got her breast symbol for the Brescia/Brixia (home of Lane's) line to Brest and Alan-line Launay, near the BRIEUC area where Helens were first found, and the BREUCI lived opposite the Sava river from the Japodes i.e. the line of Benjamin-related Jabeshites that are suspect with Jeepma's. What this is telling me is that Benjamites were at Angusta with Helena along with Dorians. The LANDING is a pointer to Landers/Landens, from Pepin of Landen, the line to the Pipe's (share Pepin Coat, share Helen horse heads, we gather) in the "organ pipes" of Lets/Late's, thus the reason for the chocolate on the door handle of the landing. To the near south of the Japodes is Romula ((see map), the line from Israel's Rimmon, home of Benjamites when they married wives from Jabesh. Not far south of Romula is the Neretva river.

The reason that Alans are mentioned with Launay is that mythical Hellen is suspect from the Alans. Myth had a Helenus of Troy, who wanted to marry Helen "of Troy", we get it. "Helenus prophesied Aeneas' founding of Rome when he and his followers stopped at Buthrotum..." There was a reason that the myth writer made Hellen liners fundamental with founding of Romans, RIGHT? Rims/Rome's share the red fesse with Ellens/Alans.

Helenus settled Epirus, location of Aulon/Avlona, right beside the Ceraunii mountains, and then the sources of the Neretva (home of Daorsi i.e. Helen's door) are where the Ceraunii people group are stamped. Helenus went to Epirus with Neoptolemus, whom myth writer's made the father of Molossians (Epirus), the line suspect to Moles', first found in ROXburghshire, itself founded by Roxolani Alans who had lived at the Buzau theater with Benjamites.

As I've said, Paul Smith had ruined his red Jeep, and he came over while Helen lived at my place to buy my pick-up truck because I was in the midst of buying a new vehicle about a week after Helen moved in. She said to me that Paul's "ugly," which I thought was insulting of her. But I now see that God breathed the term through her because the ugly symbol was that of Gorgons, as well as mythical Hephaestus (Lemnos, near Troy), the metal SMITH. Paul SMITH. "Hephaestus was born to Hera, but was unsightly and had a deformity that made him lame..." He walked with a limp, recalling Paul Smith (in my dream) on crutches following Jeep-connectable Mr. Kepke.

As I've said, the last time I talked to Paul, he said he was making DOORs. I kid you not. After not seeing him for a long time, I called him by PHONE at that time, and Phone's/Fane's/Vans were at Fano, near RIMINi, and moreover the Phone-like Paeoni peoples are to heraldic pheons used both by Helms and Stops/STUBBs (from Stobi of the Paeonians), the latter surname being obvious kin of Pipe's. The organ-pipe Late's were on Helen's door knob, right? Yes, and Helms/Helions are in the Helen write-up: "Hellen is a place-name from in Devon [where Alan-line Stewarts were first found]. Hillion, near Saint-Brieux, was the birthplace of Herve d'HELIOn..." Helms/Helions were first found in Surrey with the James' sharing the triple lions of Chocks. CHOCoLATE on the door knob.

German Helms share the white-on-blue helmet with Paeoni-suspect Panthers/Panters (share "spur rowells" with Payens), first found in Angusta-like Angus, can you believe this helencidence? Hectors were first found in Angus too, and Helenus was the brother of king Hector. Panthers/Panters share the fesse of Fenns/Venns, and Phone-like Phoenix's are also FENwicks. this recalls my being at Paul Smith's home seeing the a storm knocked the TV ANTENna down onto the FENCE. The Fens variation of Fenns/Venns can apply, for that home was in Van-like Vaughn county (Richmond Hill). This can suggest that Hephaestus was from mythical Antenor, a Trojan who was made the founder of PAPHlagonian (proto-Pepins/People's?) Heneti, the line to VENeti. Heneti lived on the Parthenius river, in the area of the Halybes metal makers / smiths. See the Antenor-like term in the Hector write-up: "According to Arthurian legend, Sir Ector (sometimes Hector, Antor, or Ectorius) was the father of Sir Kay and the foster father of King Arthur."

Hephaestus must have been a Gorgon. Gorgons lived at Parion/PARIUM, where I trace mythical Paris and his father, PRIAM, father also of Helenus above. Paris had abducted Helen "of Troy" (a Spartan), code for the Hellespont at Parion/Parium. So, figure on Alan Huns having settled the Hellespont, and Sparta too, with Dorians from mythical Dorus (= sea-farers), brother of Hellen.

Now watch this. Hephaestus is at times given a LIMP because he was born lame on LEMnos. Not only are Lame's (Lemans/Lemon fesse colors reversed) listed with LIMBs/Lambys, they share a gold crozier (a type of crutch) with LIMBs/Lums/Lombs. Paul Smith was on crutches in the dream, and Crutch's/Crooch's (almost the Smith fitchee) were a branch of Crozier-like Croce's. How can we explain these coincidences unless God arranged the dream and the heraldry?

I've always said that Smith followed a SICKLy stag (always used "sickly") when he was on crutches, and a Gorgon is at the center of the Arms of SICily, named after sickly-like Sicils, how impressive. Snuck'er-up on ya. Mythical BUTES (of Athens) was at Trapani/Drepanum, and "drepani" is the Greek (looks named after Gorgons) for a SICKLE. Helenus (a Gorgon line, right?) was made the founder of BUTHrotum. The previous owner of my red Jeep is Mr. DeSimone, and his surname is said that have been first found at Trapani. Paul Smith owned a red Jeep, and God gave us a dream with the Jeep's DOOR handle. Mr. DeSimone had a limp last time I saw him, when I purchased his Jeep.

Paul Smith got his carpentry licence, and Carpenters are Belly kin suspect from Bela and Helena. OH WOW! Carpenters share the Paul crosslets!!! The line of limpy Hephaestus must be to the Bela-Helena line. Paul was an avid fisherman, and while Smiths use the fish, mythical Doris' children were depicted as fish. Dorians lived in Macedonia, and king Cassander of Macedonia was feasibly named after mythical Cassandra, sister of Helenus. Wikipedia says that Nissan-like queen Nysa of Cappadocia was descended from this king Cassander. Paul bought my Nissan pick-up when Helen called him, ugly. Impossible, you say?

Italian Cassandra's/Casano's can be connected to Irish Pattersons/CASSANE's, the latter said to be from Sodhans, explaining why the Patterson/Cassane scallops are colors reversed from those of Sodans (Devon, same as Fens'/Venns), and in the colors of the Fens/Venn scallops. The latter share the blue fesses with Italian Cassandra's/Casano's, the latter first found in Modena with FANano. PATTERsons are related to king AntiPATER, father of king Cassander above. The Patterson/Cassane scallops are shared by Swedish Anders (probably the LaBell crescent round-about) while Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire while the Ross clan descends from an Andrew....who I say was king Andrew, Bela's brother. The pelicans of Scottish Pattersons are for Pelagonia of northern Macedonia. (It suggests Pelagonia's Macedonians / Paeonians in Maine with Pellicans and Bullis-suspect Billiards/Billets.

Pattersons/Cassane's are said to have included Kissane's, who share a red stag with the Crolls who in turn have a fence. Croll-like Crawls/Crowells (could have the Kiss/Cush rooster in colors reversed) share a camel head in Crest with Pattersons/Cassane's. Crawls/Crowells have a Coat version of the Crows, the latter first found in Norfolk with the Fountains of the Kiss/Cush and Cass/Cash "fountains." These fountains look Drummundish, and share the wavy-blue fesse with Sodans.

Helenus was associated with Molossians, and while Molise is beside Abruzzo, the latter had a capital, APRUTium, like "APHRODite," the official wife of Hephaestus. She was Veneti-like Venus to Romans. The ANTENna fell on Smith's Fens-like fence. A fence is used by BAUMgartners, and the bomb-like "fireball" of Balas-like Balls may have developed as play from the bomb of Boms. Boms are Bohemians, from the Boii, and then a Boius region is on the map at the sources of the Apsus river (northern reaches of Macedonia), river through Antipatria.

The chief Nereid in myth, daughter of Nereus and Doris, was Thetis, who birthed Epirotes. Nereids can be gleaned from the Neretva / Naro river, which leads to the Blacks for reasons. Black were first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's/KILLs and Cheile's/CHELES" while the Thetis line to Epirotes is though her disgusting son, ACHILLes (child-sacrifice cult). The "crux" motto term of Blacks is linkable to Smith's crutches, for Crutch's/Crouch's have a version of the Crux and Crack/Crick Coats. Crux's with Cracks/Cricks share the one pale bar of Blake's. Carrick-like Cracks/Cricks were first found in Yorkshire with the Crags who share the Carrick dog.

Blaze's look like Black kin at least, and they are said to have named "Blay, 3 miles north east of Le Molay..." Molossians? Note that while Achilles had a heal symbol, there is a spur above the Cheile/Cheles heal, for Spurrs were first found in Devon (beside Bleys) with Billets (branch of Bellets/Bellows), English Blays, and with Spurr-like Supers sharing the Black and Blaze saltire. Supers throw in billets that are connectable to the Byllis version of Epirus' Bullis. French Bleys are listed with Billet-like Bleds. The English Bleys share the Label/LaBELL crescents so that "Bley" may be a Belly variation. This makes Blaze's look like they are from Alexander Balas.

This recalls the day I wore a certain blazer to church for the first time, when I wore a tie for the first and last time with a TREBLE-CLEF pattern. The point here is that while Treble's were first found in Devon too, Cleffs/Cliffs were at MORETON-Say (Shropshire) while Bellets/Bellows were at nearby Wirral, where Mails/Meoles' were first found who look like a branch of Molossia- / Molise-like Mueles (Devon, same as Molsons/Moltons). The latter have a roundel-version of the Washington Coat, and the Washington Chief is the Black Chief too while the other Blacks share the Blaze(r) saltire.

On the day I wore that blazer and tie, the pastor asked the people to go stand with someone to pray, and Mrs. Kilpatrick came to pray with me while Blazers look like kin of Kilpatricks (probably the Levi lion). While Prato's got suspect with "Epirotes," Prays/Prato's were first found in Lincolnshire with Achilles-like Keele's/Kills and Cheile's/Cheles' and Blacks. Prays/Prato's even have three wolf heads in colors reversed from the three of Cleffs/Cliffs ("cruce", like the "crux" of Blacks), who in turn happen to share the fesse of English Tie's. Purdy good stuff. Prato is in the Tie-connectable Ticino canton, and German Tie's are listed with Thigh's/Thy's.

This recalls my TAXi event on highway SEVEN, a couple of hundred yards from Keele street. Wowie, Sevens/SEVERins use a "PRAEstantior" motto term, and when Helen first moved into the basement apartment, I was in the process of purchasing a new SAFARi. Saffers/Savarys (Sava-river suspects along with Savage's/Sava's) share a Bellet/Bellows motto term. The Sevens have a Coat version of Rowells (Lincolnshire, same as Keele's and Cheile's) which is in several "spur rowells," and we saw the Keele-branch Cheile's/Cheles' with a spur. That's purdy good. As I said, I fell asleep in the taxi at that location, and officer NORM Miles woke me up. As I said, the treble-clef tie was a birthday present from NORMa! As I said, the Norma's/Normans (billets) have an "AuXILLiam" motto term. AHHH, German Norma's/Normans (Hamburg) have a savage, unbelievable!! Norma was the friend of my landlady, Miss Abreu!!! Abruzzo is beside Molise!!! Incredible.

The Nigers in the Black write-up were first found in Cheshire with Cleffs/Cliffs, Savage's and Mails/Meoles'. Wikipedia on Molossians: "Together with the Chaonians and the ThesPROTians, [Molossians] formed the main tribal groupings of the northwestern Greek group." Savage's/Sava's use a "pro te" phrase that could be from Epirotes. Proto's/Rhydderch's share the Savage lion. If Savage's named Savigliano in Cuneo, note that Chaonians may have named Cuneo. Was Thetis (Achilles' mother), granddaughter of Thethys (mother of Doris), named after the thing naming THESprotians? Dorians lived in THESSaly. Thetis was also mother of Nero-like Oneiros, looking like code for something on the Naro / Neretva river.

Mike Pence the Diabolical Imposter

The belly event took place on a major road in Toronto to the south of the Scarborough Town Center, where Peare and I both worked. I sold shoes, and Lane's/Lones' share the Shoe star. Although I was driving a car at the time, I recall that we took the BUS to that mall one afternoon while we were seeing each other. As I was not far from the mall, I am pretty sure that I was living on Lawrence avenue. Lawrence's are the ones at LONSdale. So, now, the Lawrence-like Laws, which pointed to martial law in the last update, even have a good reflection of the Irish Lane/Lones Coat, how about that.

The "COMPOsiTUM" motto term of laws can point to the belly event!!! Zikers, this is the first time I've tried to remember what street I was on at that time, and I'm sure it was Lawrence! It's that bus event that made me sure, but in the past I just didn't think my address would matter. It does! The motto term above goes to her tummy. Plus, Comps/Comps share the GARDner griffin heads, and Mamie at her garden had the thigh symbol to go along with her tease symbol.

Peare and I took the bus from Lawrence and McCowan road, straight up to the mall on McCowan, and McCowans happen to share the Chief-saltire combo of Armys / Jardins / Annans, all linkable to Pero-Tease liners. AND ZOWIE I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT: McCowans have an "alTUM" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are in Toronto here, where Dominion voting was founded, and moreover we are in Scarborough (of Toronto) while some group from Scarborough is in the Sich/Sykes write-up. "Sic" is a McCowan motto term, and the Sichs/Sykes' are whom the sickly-looking stag pointed to that was following Kepke! Scarborough's (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs/Kippax's) look related to Keppochs/KipPAX's, and English Dominics use a "PAX" motto. The mall, Scarborough Town Center, may now be called, Scarborough City Center.

The Sichs/Sykes share the "fountains" of Waterfords, and the Trump stag head is in the Arms of Waterford County. The Whelans were first found in Waterford, and I last saw Karen Whelan, who lived on Kepke's street, when I was Kepke at the Scarborough Town Center (almost 10 miles from her home). Corrys/Currys were first found in Waterford who share the Tease/Tess saltire, and this is colors reversed from the McCowan saltire, you see.

As you can see at the map on link above, the mall is flanked on one side by Brimley road, and BRIMleys happen to share a gold scallop in Crest with McCowans, but also with Cabots. The latter (fish) are in the motto of Geddes (gold fish heads), a branch of Geds (fish) who in turn used the fish of Turbots (gold fish heads), the latter being in the turbot tail of the Lawrence Crest!!! Bingity-bing-bing-bong. She and I took the bus from Lawrence up McCowan. Plus. Brimley-like Brims/Breams have more fish, and their "defender" motto is like the "defend" of Lennox's/LEVENax's, who share the McCowan / Army / Annan saltire. That's really wild, and all new right here. "God" in the Brim/bream motto can be for Goods/Guts.

As a reminder, Sinclairs use "THY" while sharing the Compo cross, but we can now add that the Compo Chief (it's the Kilpatrick Chief too) uses a so-called "label" while Labels are also LaBELLs. Apparently, the Bela > Helena line goes to Laws, and to Lawrence's of Redmaine. Redmaine's share cushions with the other Kilpatricks (Dumfries, same as Rims/Rome's, Annandale, and BELLs). That works. And Campanio's use bells. The previous owner of my Jeep was from Campania, Italy. As I've said, his wife is a Filipino, and so, suddenly, vote flipping comes to mind.

Ahh, Laws share the red rooster with German Hanns while English Hanns are listed with Hands. My hand was on her tummy. As per a tummy being a gut too, note that Gut-like Gautier's (share Pullen/Pully martlets) come up as "Voter." Spanish Guts (Pansy/PANTZER and TUMe/Tomb colors) are also Gutier's, and they share the white greyhound with Gut-like Cute's/Cutts apparently in the "PER aCUTa belli" motto of Bellys (and CarPENTERs)! So, you see, her belly points to the Bela-Helena bloodline even through the Guts/Goods in "it felt so GOOD." This looks like paydirt where Penns/Pence's use "recTUM" while their Coat is almost the Cute/Cutt Coat. Can the "tum" buried in the Law motto indicate that Pence was behind the military build-up in Washington to signal to the people that the country is going to become a military-state?

The Caillon's (a cloud, I think) suspect in the Compo motto term, "Escaillon," were first found at Maine's Le MANS. Caillons are probably of the Chalons/Chalants from Chalons-sur-Marne. One Chalon surname (Camp/Comp and GARDner colors and format) shares cherubs with one Saint surname while the Sinclairs/Saints share the engrailed Compo cross. Ahh, folks, sometimes I really get right what looks like a guess: the above was said before checking Putnams/Puttenhams, to find them first found in Hertfordshire with Scale's. That's purdy good. The cherub is used by Tacks too, said to be a Tankerville branch, and the latter share the Bus cinquefoil for a potential Tack trace to the Buzau.

Caillons look related to both Joseph surnames, with the English branch first found near the first-known Calls/Calles (trumpets). The Caillons must be using quails as play-on-words, and quails are used by Quails, first found on the Isle of Man with Christine's! Good one. Apparently, the Isle of Man was related to the namers of Maine / Le Mans. If we add the Campo label to this picture, for a trace to king Bela's line out of Siret-river theater, that's where the Putna river is, to the Putins/Patents, but then English Patents share the Schole/SCAYLE Coat (share the Benjamin / Walsh annulet) while the Compo motto term can be read as, "ESCAILlon." English Patents were even first found in Essex with Youngs (roses for Roxolani) while Scottish Youngs share the Benjamin annulets.

Le Mans is where Ballens (share giant lion of Balls) are said to derive, and I've taken them from the Ballendan area of Scottish Scotts (share Worm bend), while English Scotts were related to the Baliol-Baily line.

The Scale's (not "Scayle") share the Jardin scallops for a possible Putna-river trace of Scale liners to lake Garda. I see English Gards with a version of the Pullen/Pully Coat, and the latter surnames has the motto of English Patents in full. Camps/COMPS share the GARDner griffin heads.

[Insert -- The Mackays, from king Maccus of the Isle of Man, use "wreaths," yet they are the same as heraldic chaplets, and, zowie, the Caiaphas-suspect Chaplets are the ones using the black-on-gold swan, symbol that French Josephs (MAINE!) once showed! Therefore, the line of Flavius Josephus looks to have been on Man as well as in Maine.

Now lookie here. The Le-Mans-like Lemans'/Lemons were at Blything, and both are in the colors and format of Caiaphas-like Keppochs/Kippax's. The CHAPmans/CHEPmans share the crescent of Blythe's!!! Kepke was with CHRISTINE Peare, and while Bill Clinton's true father was Mr. Blythe, Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons while Christine's were first found in the Isle of Man.

Kepke left Peare for Miss Walsh, and she's the one I kissed on the cheek at La Paloma while Cheeks/Checks/Chicks share the three crescents of Blythe's, suspect from Billiards/BILLETS, first found in Maine! Keeps use a galley SHIP, and Ships (Oxfordshire again!) love the Billet-related Bellows, a pointer from my palm on Peare's belly, which is suddenly pointing to Bill Clinton even as her related waist symbol pointed to Hillary Clinton. Irish Walsh's have a near-copy of the Maine Coat, and they both share the black pheons of English Page's (Devon, same as Maine's and Billets!) who in turn have doves in the colors of the one of Italian Paloma's. I kissed both Peare and Walsh in the PARKING lot of La Paloma, and Perkins Coie can be of the Coys sharing the down-pointing pheon of English NICHOLs ("CUI"!), which is colors reversed from the Maine / Walsh / Page pheon, and then Miss Walsh's sister, who married Kepke's brother, is Nikki, probably born, "Nicole"!!! Astounding. What does it all mean?

Perkins Coie is the corrupt legal services helping out the Clintons. Now I know why I kissed them both in a parking lot, and the kiss on the CHEEK had to happen to point to Blythe's, you see. Blythe's happen to share the Clint garbs, which, in colors reversed, are red like the Keppoch/KipPAX garbs. The Blythe and Cheek/Check crescents are used also by Filippis', and "Pax" is a motto term of Dominic's. Paloma-like Palms share the Polish PACK fleur-de-lys, and Palmers could figure into the fessewise bars of English Dominics. This insert was written after finding the Staple's connectable to Manns below, suggesting that this insert may have led to Filippis' and Dominics as a pointer to Dominion-Staple. What commonality do Perkins Coie and Dominion have? They both have offices in Denver with Hillary's server, Platte River Networks.

Oh wow, after writing that, I read the Nichol write-up: "The surname Nichol was first found in Cheshire, where Nicholas D'Albini..." The Albins/Aubins (Devon again) were at Devon's BarnSTAPLE!!!! The Barnstaple bend-with-items is connectable to the same of Stevensons, the latter first found in Northumberland and sharing each other's bend.

Kepke's brother was into plumbing while Kepke sold shoes and Peare sold clothes at Reitmans, and then English Plumers/Plumbers share the Shoe star while German Plumers/FLAUMs share the hexagram of Jewish Reitmans and Jewish Rotens. Rodhams are also Roddens, you see, for yet another pointer to the Clintons. Pero's/Perino's use a Flaum-like "flaming star." End insert]

The dragon design of Worms and Formans is shared by Manns ("Per" and "stabiLIS"), who in turn have the Penn/Pence fesse-with-roundels in colors reversed. This goes to Mamie's tease symbol because she pointed to Mamesfelde of MANfields (Nottinghamshire, same as Tease's/Tyes' and Annas'). Formans were once said to be first found in Midlothian, where Mens'/MAME's were first found. Beautiful, I almost missed that for this Tisza-to-Vrm connection under discussion. The reason I looked up Manns is because I know they have a version of the Dragon/DRAINer Coat, and the latter are from the DRIN river, home of the PENEStae peoples, the line to PENdragons and also to Pennys/PENES'. So, the Penns/Pence's do apply to this line. In myth, Pendragon committed adultery with the wife of GorLOIS to birth king Arthur, explaining the "ardua" motto term of Manns (share blue roundels = hurts with Arthurs). Expect the Louis' / Lewis bloodline in "GorLOIS."

Oh Wow, English Stable's/STAPLErs suspect in the Mann motto share the Jardin Coat and Annas / Tease/Tyes stars, and throw in acorns, a symbol of Dutch Tromps!!! Val Trompia at lake Jardin-line Garda! Perfect. It's exactly where I predicted Tisza-river liners to be. Plus, Dominion Voting was purchased by Stable-like Staple Street Capitol. It's important that we got here by following the belly-event clues because Louise Phillips must be a pointer to Dominion's flipping machines. God flipped Peare from me to Kepke, or maybe He flipped her from him to me, for he asked her on a date first, but I got her first on their first date. He was so beside himself (you should have seen him) when he came out to see us kissing that he asked the bouncer to kick us off the property. He flipped out, we could say.

I ended up with Louise (reluctantly, I should have known better) a few weeks after the belly event. If my Masci bloodline applies here to her Filips line, note that Meschins are also Machine's. I've shown how Guts get us to Voters. Flipping voter machines. The Staple's even share the Masci fleur-de-lys, as do Compo's. The Filips' love the Patria's/PEARtree's with Trump stag heads. The Patria-like KilPATRICKs (probably the Levi lion) share the Staple fleur-de-lys too, and use another green dragon along with drops on their dagger. There are drops from the hand in the mouth of the green Lewis dragon. Their Louis branch uses a "Patriae" motto term.

French Louis' were at Nancy, and here we can add that Nancy's share the Compo / Sinclair cross roughly. I have mentioned Nancy De Filippis before, the mother of Dominion-like Dominic. I lived at their place while working on their farm over one summer. His brother is Danny, and Dannys/Dance's share the Lewis dragon head while Pero's/Perino's share the pale bar of Italian Dance's and Spanish Paloma's. I kissed her at the La Paloma bar when Kepke flipped out. Nancy's husband and the father of both boys was Vito, and while Vito's are Vido's too, "Vide" is a motto term of Patria's/Peartree's.

But I'm not able to glean why Peare's belly event should point to Michael Pence unless it too is to be deemed a tease event, which is to say that Pence was a deceiver, and indeed he was, all along. What a complete loser to act like he was pro-Trump when all along he was a traitor to the voters. Imagine what reward he has from the God he pretends to serve.

When I woke up to find my hand on her belly, I immediately removed it because I was there uninvited. It was a sexual thing, not just a hand that happened to be touching her belly. I was loving it, palm flat on her, pressing gently, lovingly. I can't be sure that she was awake at the time, but I assumed she was. She was not resisting, not even moving, and she said nothing as I went back to sleep. Does that rate as a tease, since we had been kissing and hugging as little as a couple of weeks earlier? I dunno, but it felt so good, and as she was somewhat excited to spend the night in my bed, it was disappointing that she didn't show some green light. I suppose it was a tease in the sense that there was no continuation or fulfillment. Tease's are from the Ticino river, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found. What say ye?

Pierro's/Pero's have a version of the Bute/Butt/BOET Coat, sharing the Biden/BUTTon fesse. What say ye now? The Sadducees, which included Annas/Ananus their chief priest, were of the house of BOETHus. Yes, Joe Biden is from that line. Pence supported Biden over Trump. While Salome Boethus (wife of a Herod) was from the Sadducees, Laws share the pierced stars on a bend with Salome's.

Plus, as Tease's/Tyes' share the Annas star, note that English Hands (stag) are also Hans'/Hanns. My hand on her belly. Then, the Hanna's have the Trump stag head in colors reversed. The Hahns (branch of German Hanns) were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps. What say ye now? What doth it mean?

Louise was beside me too at that time, and while Welsh Louis' were first found in Glamorganshire with Lewis', the latter share the green dragon with Worms and Formans. Does count Vrm trace to Louis' too? There is a hand in the mouth of the Lewis dragon.

Okay, the above has plenty of reason to see the Tease surname in connection with Val Trompia, which was the main thrust of my delving into all of that heraldry, to show that God is calling Trump a deceptive tease, an imposter, beloved by Christians yet secretly hating Christians. I think God's message is, forget Trump, look to Jesus as you did before worthless Trump came along. Watch for his Return, don't get worldly now.

Miss Peare loved to dance with Kepke'. They danced at every bar they went to; if it didn't have a dance floor, they wouldn't go. So, we now return to the bus she and I took to the mall that one day only, for Cotesii were at the BUZau river, and king Donnus of the Cottians is suspect with Italian Dance's/Donnas', kin of Pero's (Piedmont, same as Dance's/Donnas' and the Cottian capital, Susa). The Cottian capital is on the RIParia river, and so I hope you haven't forgotten the "tum" motto terms that cropped up with that bus-ride discussion, for Tume's/Tombs use an R.I.P. code likely for Riparia liners such as Ripleys/Rippers.

Dannys/Dance's were first found in Wiltshire with Shute's and their kin, trumpet-using Calls/Calles', and the Danny griffin is in the colors of the Jew/Chew griffin heads while Shute's (beside Jews/Chewte's) come up as "CHEWte." Reminder: Wiltshire is where Laps were first found, and teaser Mamie sat on my lap and on my Trump-pointing legs. What can we glean in this paragraph that points to Dominion cheat machines if God intended Danny De Filippis to do so? The three Jew/Chew symbols form a single pale bar in the colors of the Pero/Perino pale bar, and the Italian Dance's (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's and Masci's) have multiple of these pale bars, as do Paloma's. Piedmont is also where DOMINO's were first found. Pause.

The Sichs/Sykes' got suspect with the McCowan motto, where we found "alTUM" too. As Kiss'/Cush's (version of the Sich/Sykes Coat) can be traced from the mother of Lupus LAEVILLus while Laevi Gauls lived at Pavia, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found, it explains why God cause Peare and I to kiss at La Paloma. We stepped out the front doors and kissed in its parking lot, and Parkings/Perkins share the lion of Jewish Levi's. Kiss'/CUSH's are related to the cushions of Patria-like Kilpatricks (share Masci fleur-de-lys as alternative to cushions), and Kilpatricks (share drops with Jews/Chews) share the Levi lion too. LEVers/Lovers (Lancashire, same as Lever-like LAWRence's) probably have the Sinclair rooster on a trumpet. Lavers might have the Lawrence cross.

As I said, I kissed Kepke next lady, Miss Walsh, on the CHEEK at La Paloma, and Cheeks/Checks share the crescents of De Filippis'. The latter share the now-illegal gold in contact with silver with English Dance's, the latter first found in Yorkshire with what looks like their kin, Keppochs/Kippax's. Kiplings (Yorkshire) show only a DANCEtte.

In the sleeping-bag dream with Peare, I stepped off a ROAD into a parking lot, and so it should be added that Roets (Rieti liners) own the Catherine wheels of Jews/Chews (Somerset, same as Roets). Bags were at Gaywood, while Gays share the gold rooster with Levers/Lovers and French Galli's. Keeps use a "galley," from king Gaia/Gala of Numidia, father of Massena. Massena's have a version of the Masci Coat, and Kepke looks just like the Numidian king, Syphax, as he's on a coin showing (or once shown) at his Wikipedia article. Syphax-like Spicks/Specks share a double-headed eagle (different colors) with Jeepma's/CHEPs.

In order to get from Numidians to Trumps, just keep in mind that (proto)Numidians are suspect in Neamt, for Neamt is at a Roman location while Italian Romans have split colors in the split colors of Dutch Tromps. Note too that Syphax-like Spice's/Spicers can be in the motto of Wallachia-based Walsh's/Walchs.

The "ALTum" motto term of McCowans might just relate to the "loyALTE" of Denvers. The latter were looked up because Dominion's U.S. headquarters was placed in Denver, where also PLATTE River Networks operates from that Hillary used as her private email service at the time of her email scandal. One of the offices of PERKINs Coie, that being the legal services Hillary used to ruin Trump, has an office in Denver too, and if you care to go back to the map above of the Scarborough Town Center, ELLESmere road is on its south side. Hillary's personal lawyer at Perkins Coie was Marc ELIAS!!! Denvers share the green martlet with English Gards, for what it's worth.

Zowie, folks, the mall in the dream with Peare must have been the Scarborough Town Center. As I said, I walked across a RODham-like road that can depict Rhodes Scholars too, such as Bill Clinton, who married Hillary Rodham. I walked across the road into a mall parking lot, and Perkins are also Parkings. I then walked into the front doors of the mall, and saw two ladies on wooden PLATforms that doubled as stages. I deciphered them as platforms as a pointer to PLATTe River, you see. I wish I could prove that the Platte chevron is very close to the same chevron of German Dominics, but I can't.

Before crossing the road, David Morley (old friend who I saw last with a motorbike) rode a motorbike down the road, then circled the sleeping bag on a bank (= a Hillary-like hill) off the road, then drove back down the road. What was he put in the dream for? He was put there to prove that God was pointing to Rodhams, for one, for Davids (probably the Levi lion) have a Coat version of the Aids/Ade's (in the Levi motto) who in-turn share the special leopard face of English Morleys, and moreover the Aid/Ade Coat is a version of the Rodham Coat. But, now, that special leopard face is used by Staple's too, how-Dominion-interesting, for Staple Street bought Dominion.

David Morley was put into that dream for another reason, to prove that it was from God, for while Scottish Morleys are also Mauls (Yorkshire, same as Banks), Malls/Marlybone's (Cheshire, same as Davids) have the MalBANCs while he rode his bike down a bank off the road. Banks share the fleur-de-lys of Morley-branch Morlands. So, God proved thereby that it was a mall parking lot, even as I instinctively knew it while having the dream. As Malls/Marlybone's were at MOTTRam, I suppose that's why God arranged for David to own a MOTORbike, then to ride it up to my pace to say, hello, with his new wife, Carol. I never saw him again. Why do Malls/Marlybone's share the Soar/SORS quadrants?

Watch how we get to Jeffrey Epstein's death (or feigned hanging) by following Denvers, for God may have set this up to reveal that the Clintons got him freed from jail. Or, they may have killed him to protect Bill Clinton's role with Epstein. Repeat: "The "ALTum" motto term of McCowans might just relate to the "loyALTE" of Denvers." "Loyalte" is like the "LOYALite" of Mackesys/MARGesons, and the latter look like a branch of Margys/Mackeys who have ravens HANGING from an arrow. We have arrived to the hanging theme of Epstein because his plane, which Clinton rode often, was called the Lolita Express while Loyal-like Loyola's are listed with Lolita's. It just so happens that Loyals were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, and Loyals show nothing but double bends while Rivers (Buckinghamshire, beside Oxfordshire) show nothing but double fesses in the same colors. Platte RIVER?

Next, we go back to the Denver motto term, "loyALTE," for Alte's have a single pale bar in the colors of the same of NECKers. Epstein was reportedly hung by the neck by the noose of a "rope" he fashioned, and Nuse's/Nuce's have two pale bars in the colors of the Alte / Necker pale bar. That's it, we're done, a neat-little package.

But we're not done, for Penns/Pence's were first found in Buckinghamshire with Rivers, and Penns/Pence's use Platte-like plates! Lin Wood claims that Pence has had sex with under-aged boys, but might he be part with the Epstein "empire". Platte's are also Plate's, but then there was a paper PLANE that I made in a dream with my taking a billiard shot in Obama's billiard hall. That pointed to the Plains/Plat(t)ers and other Platers without doubt, and so that paper plane is now looking like Epstein's Lolita. OH wow, as that's a new idea here, it's astonishing that Plate's/Platte's have a scallop version of the Billiard/Billet and Billiard/Hillard Coats!!! I think I get it now.

I was taking a shot on Obama's snooker table, but the CUE ball was a white page on the table that could not be shoot, so I turned it into a paper plane, and rifled it toward a red ball at the corner pocket. The plane went straight into the pocket, striking no balls, for a SEWER shot. The Sewers are also Soetoro-like Suters, and SOTTERley is in the write-up of Platters, the latter from Suffolk along with PLAINs/Platters. Obama was once Barry Soetoro, you see. God knew what he was doing in that dream.

I shot the plane with a POOl CUE, what looks like a pointer to Perkins COIE, with an office in Denver along with Platte River and Dominion Voting. Rivers have two fesses in the colors of the four of French Page's and LePage's, and the latter two add the same lion as POOLS. That works, but why are French Page's in this?

English Page's share the white-on-red dove with Italian Paloma's while Spanish Paloma's have two pale bars in the colors of the four of Dance's/Donnas', and the latter's four are in the colors of the four Page / LePage fesses. Are we back to dance-loving Miss Peare whose been pointing to Dominion fraud? In the dream, immediately after my sewer shot, Obama was DANCING on a stage. It looks like proof that Dance's/Donnas' apply to Page's.

Pero's use a "flaming star" that is the "comet" of Reines' while Reines' have the PISA Coat in colors reversed. COMET PING PONG PIZZA is said to be a pedophile hole with other nasty satanic things involved. English Page's are in the colors and format of Childs. It works further because Pings/Pongs share the label in the chief of Fantis' (looks like they use boys) while Comet Ping Pong is owned by Mr. AleFANTIS.

The Pings/Pongs have a Page-like Pagan variation, and share triple-blue bends with Platters, what are the chances? The page on the table took us to Plains/Platters, you see. And French Page's were first found in Dauphine with Pagans/Payens. Pings/Pongs were first found in Yorkshire with Pincs/Pinks (share lozenges of Reines-like Reno's), a branch of PANICO's/Pane's, the latter first found in Bologna with Fantis' and sharing their Chief. Panico's were at the Setta valley draining into the Reno river. We got here from Miss Peare's Pero line. Compare Pinks to Sewers/Suters, noting that Sewers/Suters share the PEARtree fitchees.

The Ping/Pong Crest has the brown Drummond eagle while the triple Platter bends are wavy, in colors reversed from the three, wavy Drummond fesses. What are the Drummonds doing here? Drummond-suspect Trump is depicted by Kepke, and he and I played lots of ping-pong in his basement. What could that mean? Why do Peartree's share the Trump stag head? What was Trump doing when he knew Epstein personally? I recall that Trump tweeted neither good nor bad when Epstein was reported killed. How can that be? It seemed to me that Trump and Barr were working to get him dead or free, lest he talk.

We just saw labels for Labels/LaBells, and then while Rivers use two of the Bell / Bellamy fesses, Rivers were at WORMinghall. King Bela was married to Helena, daughter of VRM. Heraldry bears this out time and again.

Well, I don't know if I presented evidence for a Miss-Peare pointer to Mike Pence, but as pence's use plates, I would like to just add that Obama, in the dream, had an unknown partner in ownership of the billiard hall, which I gleaned (correctly, I hope) with Loretta Lynch. Pennys/Penes' share the lynx with Lynch's. The latter share the BOTHwell Coat, and I read that Bothwells (use a "boy") were from Bute. Bothwells were first found in Lanarkshire, beside GLASgow.

As Pence betrayed the nation on the day antifa gangs broke the window GLASS at the Capitol Building, it recalls Peare flying out of my arms at the sound of Kepke's cheatful statement, which made me go out and slam the window so as to break glass. Glass' were first found in BUTEshire while Bute's/Butts/Boets have a version of the Pierro/Pero Coat. Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with their kin, the Butt-like Abotts (pears, "patria") who love Peartree's that loved Trumps. Loyals, first found in Oxfordshire too, are in Pero/Perino colors. Trump picked Pence, didn't he? What were the two up to together, do we think?

The Loyola's/Lolita's use what I think is a pot while Potters were first found in Hampshire with Botters/BUDINs, BUTTons/BIDENs, and PORTs. Joe Biden is a little-girl lover. Botters/Budins have an eagle standing on a PERCH, and Pero's/Perino's and Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's are also PERICHs. Bellamys, from PERCHE, have a fesse in the colors of the Pero/Perino pale bars. I PRESSed the BELLy of Miss Peare while sleeping, and Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Bellamys. Press' share estoiles in their Chief with Ports, and the Port estoiles are those of English Bute's/Butts. The Hampshire Porters use bells. French Porters share the Worm bend, how about that. You just saw another Bela-Vrm connection. French Porters were first found in Berry with Pots having the Bell / Bellamy fesse in colors reversed, and English Pots have two of the Bell / Bellamy fesses as well as a bend colors reversed from the Worm bend.

Ahh, the English Pots share the double River fesses, and Rivers were at Worminghall. Got it.

Ah, the belly-press even "FELT so good," and while Jewish Feltmans have a version of the German CAPlan Coat, Bells do too, even the Chief-Shield colors of Capes'. English Feltmans ("PORTanti") are the ones with a "palmi" motto term. Yup, God made me press her belly while I was sleeping. He wanted to reveal the line of Bela and Vrm's daughter. The line from the killers of Jesus must have been in that family. They descended from the Laevi at Pavia, who were in turn descended from Levi and Moses, though not a blessed Levite line.

The Templars were from a merger of Godfrey III, son of Good-like Gothelo, with the PIERleoni Jews of Rome who were vatican involved. Godfrey III was the grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon, first ruler of Templar Jerusalem, and the one to which Peare's belly symbol points hard, as well as her stage symbol, for Stage's/Staggs are a branch of Staceys and Eustace's, the latter from Eustace II, father of Godfrey de Bouillon. The Bouillons ("bello Christi") have the Felt cross in colors reversed.

Here we can add that the Felts share the flory cross of Birds while there is said to be a "bird" in the "green tree" of laBEL-using Panico's/Pane's. Tree's/True's were first found in Warwickshire with Benedicts. PierLEOni were named partly after pope Leo Benedict, and Italian Leo's share the fesse of French Payne's. Hugh de Payens became the first leader of the Templars. Bellamys share the crescents of Seatons while Panico's were at the Setta valley. Seatons share the green dragon with Worms and Formans (Yorkshire, same as Panico-branch Pings/Pongs/Pagans), and the wavy bars of Formans are linkable to the same of Seaton-branch Sutys (Perthshire, same as wavy-fesse Drummonds).

Benedicts share the Robert / Forman / Lane lion, and Lane's share "roy" with Benedicts and Bennets. Perthshire is where Lannoy-branch Lyons/Lune's were first found, and the Lannoys share the feathered knight with Tree's/True's, the latter beloved in the motto of Hume's/Home's who in turn have the Lyon/Lune and Lannoy lions in colors reversed. The family of Eustace II were Flemings, and Pero's/Perino's use "FLAMING stars," we get it. It doubles as a comet, and Comets are in the colors and format of Comyns/Comine's who named Comines near the Boulogne home of Eustace II.

God must have put me together with Miss Bennet (my age 23) because she lived on Bathurst while Bathursts share the double fesses of English Feltmans. As soon as she and I split, Miss Peare called me up, and we spent the weekend together (no sex). I never saw her again. Kepke had married (common-law) a woman whom I do not know by then.

So, Miss Peare descended from the heart of the Jewish, Levi-related Pierleoni, and while Catherine Roet was the daughter of Payne Roet, Jews/Chews share the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet. Roets were first found in Somerset with Cary castle of Leavells, and Care's/Quare's (share Carrot lion) in the Roet (and MASters) motto have nearly the Massi/Mattis Coat which in turn shares the checks in the Arms of Massa-CARRara. Carrara's use the wheel, and are a Carrick / Carrot branch. Carrots ("J'esPERE") look linkable to both Levi surnames.

The Carrot motto term above looks partly for Jaspers (Cornwall, same as carrots), and Jaspers share the Tailbois/Tailboy Chief while Carricks use a talbot dog. The Tailbois Chief has the Meschin scallops on red because Le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois. I recall feeding the rabbit some food, likely some carrot, and this was the rabbit in the touch-bra event that pointed to Coneys sharing a rabbit version of the Meschin Coat. Mike Pence's family owns/owned a white rabbit, and they have it in pictures online. Pence's, like the Pansys in the Coney Crest, share plates with Meschin-branch Mussels/Muscels (Lincolnshire, same as Lucy Taillebois and the Coneys). Carrot-branch Care's/Quare's share the Shield of Ferrats while Bra is at the Montferrat theater. It looks like I was pointing to Mike Pence when pointing to that bra. Why a bra? Does he like wearing bras and lady PANTIES? There are grown men who do that. Pansys are also Pantzers (Westphalia, same as Duck liners to Bar-le-Duc).

Martial Law Under the Anti-Christ's Democrats?

Good morning Thursday. I wasn't able to pray well over the last couple of days, nor much this morning, feeling very down over what's been transpiring, as it seems God is allowing the cheaters to have rule. I've been wondering how to get God to do something, but nothing comes out. I can't beg Him to do something if it's not His will. But I did realize a few heraldic things before getting out of bed, and one is that a Pence trace to Bra is also to neighboring Pelosi's/PILAti's, you see, a Plate-like surname to which the Pence plates may apply. I had missed this in the paragraph above, and so note that it was the last thing said last night. I didn't know it was the last thing said when the Pence plates looked connectable to Pilati's this morning, so this paragraph goes perfectly right here.

While in bed, I was asking whose two stars are on top of, one each, the two Pelosi/Pilati columns, and right-away I thought the Sutherland stars, for the Malcolms/COLUMNs are from Scottish kings in Moray while Mackays, first found in Sutherland, were at Moray (the Sutherland write-up says they use the Moray stars, though not in the colors that Morays use their stars). That's when it hit me that the Malcolm/Column saltire is that also of Marshalls while the stars on the Pelosi/Pilati columns are those also of Laws. Is this a pointer of martial law under Pelosi?

Laws have a motto term for Compo's while Compo's have a motto term for quail-using Caillons while Quails were first found on the Isle of Man. Mackays are from king Maccus of the Isle of Man, he being from the Maceys / Masseys, kin of Piedmont's Masci's, and thus connectable to Coney rabbits, where I'm connecting Mike Pence. Did Pence hand the military to Biden for his calling martial law in order to take guns from the people in order to make them cease from even thinking to assassinate the stealers of the election? Sober thought. Laws were taken seriously because their "animi" motto term looks like code for Nimo's/NewMARSH's, and hence, martial law. When?

Plus, Christine's, first found on Man, and they use a couped chevron, as do Scottish COUPers, while Marshalls use a couped saltire while Malcolms and Marshalls share the blue saltire with English Coupers. Didn't this election amount to a COUP on Trump? Absolutely.

Laws look like they loved Compo's who in turn have the Sinclair cross while Sinclairs share the gold rooster in Crest with MOKE's/Moggs. Nimo's/Newmarsh's are also Newmarch's and NemMOKE's while both Moke's/Moggs and English March's share their crescents. The interesting thing here is where large ermine spots of Moke's/Moggs are the symbol of ARMY's/Ermine's. Coincidence, or did God arrange Nimo's to be a signal for coming war in the United States? We saw large ermine spots also with Balas' and French Balls when on the Seleucid line to anti-Christ, and the lion of English Balls holds a "fireball," like a bomb, appropriate symbol for riots.

Their Nemo variation is used by Poindexters, and John B. Poindexter is/was, I think, a leader in the International Order of St. Hubertus. What do those black-robed guys do in the political fields? Why was judge Scalia (of SCOTUS) murdered at Poindexter's ranch when the Hubertus gang was hunting there? As a fist is a symbol of tyranny, note that Poindexter's use the Fist/Faust fist. Why do tyrant-like Terras' share the Coat of SCOTUS-like Scottes'.

One of the groups that can be suspect with performing a false-flag in order to justify Biden's crack-down is COWboys for Trump. The founder/leader of this group is COUY Griffin, and COWes' have a coup-like Coo variation. But even if Mr. Griffin a true pro-Trumper, it's notable that Pence-like pennants are used by Cowes'/Coo's. Cows are listed with Cough's/Cuffee's, and Couys are listed with Coffee's. Who arranged that heraldry to fit Couy Griffin so much? If God, why? I heard Couy was arrested prior to January 6 because he promised blood there. Mackays are also McCAWs.

Coffee's love the Victors/Victoria's having the Pelosi/PILATi / Sutherland stars. What are the chances that Cows/Cuffee's share the fleur-de-lys of PLATers/Plains? The latter were on the POOL table of Obama. English Pools were first found in Dorset with a Poole location at the seashore, and out to sea is the Isle of Wight with a Cowes location. What are the chances? The Lice's/Lees' I expect in the motto of Irish Mackays share the leopard heads of Newports, and they named Newport on the Isle of Wight.

I was thinking about that Obama dream while still in bed because I rifled a shot into the corner pocket as a depiction of Obama's sewer rats. Was that hard SHOT a prediction of Obama getting shot? The Shots/Shoots/SHUTE's are like the SHUTer variation of Sewers. We just saw the same stars as SUTHERlands have on top of the Pelosi/PILATi columns. And Sutherns/Sotherns are in Rodham colors and format, the latter first found in Northumberland with Sewer-like Siward of Northumberland, the line to Swords/SWARTs who share the Shot/Shute swords. George Soros was born, George SCHWARTz, like "Swart." Poole is in Dorset with the first-known George's and Soars/SORS'. Coincidences? Will someone shoot Soros? Siward's army defeated king McBeth (Moray), helping Malcolm III to kill MacBeth some three years later. Isn't that the line to the Pelosi/Pilati columns?

Obama is descended from Randolphs (share Bath cross), and they too were at Moray, as with Bath-like MacBeths. Randolphs use a bat, and so do the Batons/Bastons in the baton of Cows/Cuffee's (= Seleucid suspects). Thomas Randolph, the first earl of Moray, is thought to have been a son of Marjory Carrick and Adam Kilconquhar. Scottish Adams/CAWS share the Pelosi/Pilati / Sutherland star, and Mackays/McCaws (of Moray) were first found in SUTHERland, like the Suter variation of Sewers/Suits. Carrick-branch Carrots can apply to the white rabbit at the bra-event, and Carrots have the Jaspers in their motto, both first found in Cornwall with Batons/Bastons (tends to explain the Randolph bat). Also, Irish Hands/Glavins are like the "Clavin" synonym of Swords (see Sword write-up), and the Hands/Glavins share the lozenges shown for Thomas Randolph at his Wikipedia article. Irish Carrs use a "Clavo" motto term. Clavers have a version of white-rabbit Coneys.

Oh wow, I didn't know until writing the above that English Cuffs, a Cow/Cuffee branch, were first found in Wiltshire with Shots/Shute's. I find that pretty amazing. Wiltshire is near Bath, and Baths can be gleaned with Bat-using Batons/Bastons in the Cow/Cuffee Crest because bat-using Randolphs share the Bath cross. Beside Wiltshire, in Somerset, were the first-known Coffers/Coffare's, in the colors of Coffee's/Coffers.

Make no mistake about it: Joe Biden was elected by Dominion-Staple. And Sidney Powell is being forced out of the boxing ring. She's already dropped her Michigan and Georgia cases (against Dominion) to SCOTUS. Why? Not because she wants to. Mobsters are thriving now, thanks a lot, Trump fink. Stay away from the Trump rat. He undermined the country, left it to demons. Do you want more of the same?

The reason Biden's people are threatening to take guns away is because they fear assassinations. One could very well happen now thanks to Biden's election by Dominion. The purpose in threatening to take guns is to keep anyone from shooting someone responsible for the faked elections, because Republican militia do not want a civil war. Their beef is not with people on the street. Their beef is with the leaders who allowed the theft of the election. So, if even one assassination happens, Biden's team will go after the guns of all Republicans, or even all citizens, and the RINO's in the senate will possibly give them the law to do so because they too are possible targets now. But might Biden just call martial law to take the guns? What happens then. If there is a war, the donkeys started it, followed by president Donkey.

Why did Trump drop his case(s) to the SCOTUS? I assume he dropped it/them, because Giuliani said he's not speaking with Trump any longer. The person with the best chances of getting Dominion before SCOTUS is Trump, yet he did not fight for that right in the first days of January, so what kind of a rat is this? THE PEOPLE DESERVE A RULING by the supreme court. The judges cannot shrug their responsibilities.

It is imperative that Dominion be ruined in order to assure fair future elections. Trump left Dominion powerful. STINKING RAT! Stick a sock into his ruinous mouth. Blab-blab-blab, and then, when it counts, he does nothing but to bow out for the safety of his own skin. He doesn't even have many years to go, the least he could have done was something heroic, do or die. Instead, he wanted a peaceful retreat while others suffer.

Trump the Cowardly Mouse

I have an alternative view of the mouse I spoke of in the last update. It works much better now that Trump has left like a dead man walking. A mouse took the peanut-butter bait in a mouse trap in my basement. We might even say that peanut BUTTer is a pointer to Buttons/Bidens. Both legs of the mouse got caught under the steel wire when the trap snapped, and as Leggs almost have the Trump stag head, I'm going to identify this mouse as Trump.

It used its free front legs to drag the trap, and tried to slip under a floor joist, but as the path it took happened to be where the bottom of the joist is less than an inch from the natural-rock floor, the trap got stuck between the joist and the rock, and so the mouse was itself trapped. I don't know how long it was trapped just awaiting it's fate. It didn't have the intelligence to back up, to go the other way.

I read that Obama's mother worked for ROCKefellers. The floor of my basement is solid rock, and so it's also the FOUNDATION of the house, we could say, because all basement walls sit on the rock. The joist can therefore be a pointer of God to the Joice Foundation, for Obama was on its board. I don't know much about this leftist foundation, but a quick read at an article told me that it's for gun-control, the very thing that Bidenites are concerned with NOW, like before anyone one on the left gets shot and starts a shooting spree across the nation.

[Insert -- At the end of the day when writing here in the morning, I loaded Rooks and saw their motto term, "EfFLOREscent," and it just so happens that Rooks share rooks with Rocks. My basement FLOOR is natural ROCK. Did God prepare that motto term for this discussion because He wants to mesh Obama rats with Rockefeller rats? Looks like.

Let them go out in full confidence, let them rejoice and prosper, and be at ease, because their pain will be greater on the day the trap of God comes round to them. Trapps/Trappers use a Bustard, as do Bustards that can be gleaned as a Bush branch (English Bush's once showed a red fesse like the one of Bustards). What do we suppose that Bustards use in place of the three bush Boars? Three pellets, that's right. End insert]

It can be added that the Mors in the Joice motto use pellets, while Pellets share the Pilatte Coat. The Mors pellets are roundels colors reversed from the Pence "plates" (white roundels), and so we can take this picture to the Plains/Platers to which my pool shot on Obama's table points. I rifled that paper plane straight down Obama's sewage-filled throat, you see. I've never had that picture in mind before, but maybe it applies.

After I shot the plane into the CORNER pocket, the scene changed to the back YARD of the billiard hall. Corners/Garners, sharing the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's, are said to be GARDners, and Gards can be a Yard branch. English Bush's share the black Garden/Jardin boar, what are the chances? Get out the Bush trap, oh Lord. Gardens/Jardens love the GUNTers in their motto, who use the GAUNTlet (glove), and while Gaunt is also Ghent, Ghents share the eagles of English Bush's, tending to prove that Bush's and Gardens (and French Jarrets/Jarre's) share black boars for a related reason. English Jarrets have the lion in the Arms of Gaunt/Ghent, and the Jarret lion is almost-certainly that of proto-Rothschild Rothes'/Wraths (once said to be first found in Shropshire with Jarrets). This Arms of Rothschild shares the Yardley quadrants.

Recall how Dunns pointed nefariously at Obama, for two Dunn surnames were first found in Angus with Gardens / Jardins.

There was an employee of Obama stooped down in the yard, maybe tending the garden. Obama was disappointed in this employee, and that's how the dream ended. If he was the gardener, note that German Gardners (Bavaria, same as German Rothes'/Rothchilds), have a white scallop that looks much like the central item in the Arms of Rothschilds. English Rothes'/Wraths are now said to be first found in Kent, which is where Petts were first found while the Yardley Coat is also the Petty Coat. Another Petty Coat uses the compass needle, and while the first Rothschild gave birth to Nathan Rothschild, Nathans/NATIONs use compasses. The flat page on the billiard table was a piece of paper, and Papers use "carNATIONs," making the paper plane look like it's about something-Rothschild.

Back to the Trapp/Trapper bustard, which came to topic with the mouse trap. I found the trap with dead mouse at the pool (which is how I got to Obama's pool hall) when going in to turn on the WATER PUMP, and while Pumps are listed with Pape's/Pope's, they say Rothschilds keep pact with Vatican rulers. Papers are also PAPwells. German Pape's have the three Hall dog heads in colors reversed. The pool HALL. Pape's/Pope's could have named EPPsteins, who share the Water Coat.

Yards are in BusTARD colors and nearly in Bustard format, and then Yards were first found in Devon with TARDS/Darts and dart-using Maine's; the latter are in Yard colors and format. Maine's share the black pheons of Page's, the latter first found in Devon too, you see, and the paper plane started as a flat page on the billiard table. Billiards/Billets were first found in Maine. So, these connections tend to prove that God is the author of the dream, watch out rats because He doesn't waste time or do something for nothing.

Okay, so the Trump mouse got caught and stuck, thanks to Obama's shadow government which Trump left in good shape, thinking himself mighty, able to defeat it again. It then rained out while the mouse was stuck (when it rains, it pours). I have a downpipe from one part of the roof going through the block wall, allowing rain water to pour into a natural basin in the rock (in the basement). I built a wood floor above that pool, and put a sump pump in the pool. The mouse got stuck at the first floor joist it came to, at the edge of the pool, what amounts to the rim of the pool. The water rarely gets as high as where that mouse was stuck.

I don't let the pump work automatically, because it's a very old pump, and they are expensive to replace. If I let it work automatically, it would start very often, but as the pool is 22 feet long and, on average, three feet wide, I let it fill up to a couple of inches below the floor joists, when it's about a foot in depth. So, I go down to check the water level when I think I need to, and plug the pump in, letting it start only once to remove all that water. In fact, when the outlet pipe to the outdoors is not frozen, I only start the pump for one minute to fill the outlet pipe, because the entire pool drains out by itself by suction action (it siphons out). It's a good set up.

So, after we had rain, I went down to turn on the pump, and on my way back out the door, there I saw the mouse trapped, and drowned under the water by an inch, maybe less. Maybe this means that Trump tried to use pump-like Pompeo to get him out of his political jam, but it all failed because the pump was shut off, i.e. Pompeo wasn't interested, he's never once railed against the deep state. So, Trump drowned in misery, the Republican waters rising above his head, in unison with the leftist gun-control advocates, and Obama, and the Biden freaks too.

Dragons/Drainers (Pendragon colors) share the helmet of PENdragons because PENEStae peoples were on the Drain-like Drin river, and so here we are on the PENES/Penny surname sharing a lynx with Lynch's (version of Feller Coat). In the billiard dream, I instinctively knew (or was told by God) that Obama had an unknown partner in owning the hall, and as I saw all the tables arranged in an L-shape, I guessed (after the dream) that his partner was Loretta Lynch, his attorney general, partner in crime. But I've never before come to Lynch's by the route you just saw via the drowning of the mouse.

The Drain/Drown Chief is the Washington Chief (did God arrange that?), and colors reversed from the GUN Chief. Is that a pointer to gun control by Obama / Biden, or to a gunshot to their heads, so to speak? Lynch's were first found in Galway with Teague's/Teegers, who, in the last update, pointed to Trump's (or Pence's) military build-up in Washington. We still don't know who was responsible for that army, or where it goes next. Are we waiting for a false-flag or two to steer it around the country?

Trump was drowned by Dominion, and English Dominics, sharing the eight-pointed Millet and Teeger star, gold like the eight-pointed Rothschild/Roddenstein star, share "Pax" in their motto with Guns. The Millets pointed to the military, though they were not alone in doing so, and here we now have the Guns to boot. Rothes castle was built by the Pollocks out of Paisley and Renfrewshire, and while Guns share the Renfrew ship, Pax-like Packs share the anchor of Paisley/Pasleys, a branch of Pasi's/Pascels while the Nathan/Nation comPASS can be for Pass'/Pascals. I trace Renfrews to Rains/Raines', and the mouse drowned due to rain. Rennes is near Dol, and while the latter is where French Jarrets/Jarre's were first found, English Jarrets share the Raines / Rothes lion.

Gunwell's (cross comparable to Marshall Coat) are new to me thanks to the Gunville location of torrent-like Tarrens/Tarrents...who share the red-on-white eagle with Joice's. That pool under the joists may have been filled by a torrential downpour. There is a Torren/Torrent surname (Stirlingshire, same as Chappes and NIMO's/NewMARSH's), probably with paddles because Paddle's use an "ANIMO" motto term. However, oar-like Orrs were first found in Renfrew and may love the Bono's of Milan in their motto. The Ottone's/Otto's are suspect with Auto's/Otto's (roughly share Chappes chevron) expected in the "aut" motto terms of Guns (Renfrew ship = Rain liners). Guns are in Gunville / Ottone/Otto colors, and Ottone VisCONTI (Milan) can be suspect from Conte's, and therefore of Guns as per the Gunwell write-up: "The surname Gunwell was first found in Normandy where "Gunwell, Gonville or Conteville, descended from Herluin, Lord of Conteville by his first marriage..." Hugh Lupus, Herluin's grandson, had a wolf head in Gunwell colors. Guns share the CANTon/GANTon Chief, and the latter's Coat is that of Washingtons (Durham, same as Conte's) in colors reversed.

Guns share "pax" with English Dominics, and Italian Dominics look linkable to Bono's, first found in Milan with Ottone Visconti. Torrents use a "saved" motto term while Save's (share snake with Visconti's) were first found in Burgundy with the Poulos' who have a saltire in the colors of the saltire formed by the Torrent paddles / oars. To drown Trump, was there a torrential downpour of rain that represented Dominion voting (run by Mr. Poulos), or is this heraldic conclusion a little stretchy? Reines' (not Raines") use a comet while Conte's are COMITissa's and Comites', and this line was a branch of from Gunwells. Domino's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's using the Reines comet design.

I've just inserted the following to the last update where I was talking about Mamie and I emBRACing while wading in a lake at the CAMP site: "I came across the Lums with a LIMB variation, and realized that they share a sideways crozier with BRACEbridge's. The night before we were wading in the lake, she sat on my limbs, and Lums/Limbs share the eagle head of Dutch Camps!! This is a new idea right here. Just go ahead and compare Scottish Crozier's to Wade's." Scottish CHAMPagne's share the Bracebridge Shield. Compare the Amber variation of Lamberts (share lamb with Lums/Lambs) to "EMBRace." Lambs/Limbs are also Lombs, suggesting Lombardy, where Milan was its capital.

To this we can add that Mamie got her thigh symbol, on the day we were in the lake, at her garden while Gardens/Jarden love the Gunwell-connectable GUNTers, and while Jardins share the Canton/GANTON Chief. Remarkable. Is someone represented by the medallion going to cause a lot of maiming with guns? Gunwell variations suggest a Nordic Gunhilda whose line bumped into the Conteville's. GUNdolph of Podebrady is said to be the father of Agatha, wife of George of Hungary, father of Drummonds (Gunwell colors) making the Gunwell Coat look like an upright version of the Scottish flag, "Andrew's Cross." Conteville's birthed Hugh Lupus, and his wolf head was in Gun / Gunwell colors, hmmm.

Bracebridge was the location where someone left a Russian medallion on my Jeep, and this pointed to Scottish Bauds (Stirlingshire, same as Chappes'/Cheaps, like the Chep variation of Jeepma's). Bauds and Balds were the line of king Baldwin, de-Bouillon's brother. I've said those things before, but can now add that Bauds and their Bald branch share the Gun ship while the Balds nearly have the Gun Chief in colors reversed. I can now add that French Bauds (Gun colors) were first found in Auvergne with French Crozier' well as the "bello"-using Bouillons. So, Mamie's embrace is pointing to this Bracebridge thing, I wonder why.

Bauds were pointed to due to the MEDALlion's suggesting for the Medal variation of Dougals, and here we can add that the Dougal lion is that also of Italian Crosio's/Croce's. Douglas' (not "Dougal") were first found in Moray with Bellys. I don't have a good theory as to what the medallion pertains to, in Russia. The future may reveal. A bald Russian?

The Rothschild/RODDENstein arrow is the Rodden/Rodham and Stevenson bend. Stevensons are a branch of English Steins (share Peare / Parson leopard faces), while Dutch Steins have the Rothschild/Roddenstein star in colors reversed, and German Steins share the white goat with rifle-like Riffels (and Bush's). Stevensons were related to Valentins, from Valentinian I, husband of Justine, daughter of Justus, and then Justine's/Justus'/Justice's (pointer to SCOTUS?) share a gold border with Riffels.

What to make of all this. What was my rifle shot into the sewer pocket a symbol of? Why do martial-like Martals/Martels (hammer) share the crown of CORNer-like Corons and Corona's? That's new right here. Doesn't it appear that the ones spreading the corona-virus scheme are also those prepared to give us martial law (not for the peoples' sake)? Obama was born from Miss DUNham, and Scottish Dunns share the sword design (rare at houseofnames) with Corners! No small additional point.

Martals/Martels and Marts/Martaults were first found in Gascony with the LaBels in the Compo label, and both Labels and Martals/Martels share the same crescent while Compo's came from the Law motto, purdy good stuff.

The same sword is shared by French Mochs while NemMOKE's/NemMOCKs are listed with the Nimo's/NewMARSH's expected in the Law motto. Moke's/Moggs/Mocks share "Cura" with Dunham-like Denhams (share Car/Curr chevron). Irish Carrs suggest a branch of Corona-like Karens (Corona and Corson/Carson colors), who share the hexagram of German Mocks. Lows share the wolf heads of Skene's (Shot/Shoot swords), a branch of Schims/Schiens suspect in the SCIMitar of Corsons/Carsons. Plus, unbelievably, Irish Dunns have a giant eagle in the colors of the five of Spanish Corona's. If God arranged this, Obama's shadow government is part of the corona-virus scheme.

See it this way, as "NEMmoke," for Neems/Name's were suspect with Neamt and therefore Numidians, and Nimo's/Nemo's seem to apply. Carr-line Carians lived beside Lydians, and Lydia had a Hermus river that we could trace to Armys/Ermine's in the large ermine spots of Moke's/Mocks. I had traced Mochs to Mokissos at the top of the Halys river, land of Attis/Attys, mythical father of Lydians. Mokissos was a station of mythical Muksus/Mopsus (false-prophecy cult), and he was also at CLARus on the Lydia-Caria border region. That explains why Moke's/Mocks ("SUNT") share the rooster of Claro-line Sinclairs/SAINTs.

Note that Shots/Shute's are kin of Calls/Calles' with TRUMPets looking connectable to the Skene swords. Could this suggest that some pro-Trumper will shoot Obama in some way? Only if Corners are a pointer to the Tromp acorn, but there's not evidence for that. I'm a Masci liner from Epirus-line Abruzzo, and as I took the shot, note that Masci's named Dunham-Masci. The Maschi's of Rimna-like Rimini are expected in the "DIScRIMINa" motto term of HAMons, who in turn use so-called "pean" ermines, as do Moke's/Moggs ("DIIS") sharing the large ermine spot with Balas', Balls and ARMYs/Ermine's. Hamon-like Hams share the salmon of Maccabee-like MacAbee's who were shown linked to Seleucid liners such as Baliols / Baileys. Balas'/Balyes' are also Bailiffs, perhaps a pointer to tyrannical / martial-law abuse / persecutions.

Scottish Mochs (almost the Washington Coat) use another scimitar, and share the Chief of Schims/Schiens and Washingtons. The Schim / Moles boar head is now suspect from the Hebrews of Epirus, including the Moles-like Molossians. The Mules' (Devon), believe it or not, have a roundel version of the Washington Coat. Molossians in Devon? Where Alan-line Stewarts were first found? Yup, from Aulon of Epirus, at the Corona-like Ceraunii mountains. We can now add that while Aulon is near Bullis, Balas'/Bayles' share the estoiles of Irish Carrs. See Bullis and Aulon on map:

The Ceraunii Illyrians named the Cornovii namers of Cornwall, and Cornwall is where the TINTONs were first found who are from the ATINTANes that you see in Epirus, beside the Ceraunii mountains. Cornwall is also where Carrots were first found, and I happen to be eating a big carrot all by itself as I write! It's almost gone, and was started before getting to this Cornwall topic. The Carrots are a branch of Carr-like Quare's/Carre's in the motto of Roets, the latter first found in Somerset with Tints. I got up before writing this paragraph, feeling like snacking, even though I was full, and wasn't hungry for anything I could think of, until a carrot came to mind. I like it when things like this happen.

Now as Tintons use "royal tents," I felt that I should seek why I was made to sleep in Mamie's tent on tease night. I immediately realized that Sleeps have the double-Mules chevrons in colors reversed, but wasn't too excited about that alone. Like, so what? But then I saw the "QuaDARTi" motto term of Quare's/Carre's, and recalled that the double-Sleep fesses are ermined, as is the same-colored fesse of Darts (Devon, same as Mules'). Now that's purdy-good stuff because it's not easy to get "coincidences" like that by happen-chance. After that was realized, I tried to remember where I saw the Quarre/Carre and Carrot lions recently, and when it was remembered that it's the Napp lion, BINGO!!! Sleeping = napping. God has a sense of humor, because NAPiers are also PEERless', from Pero's of the Ticino/TESSin river, the tease river you see, and Napier's/Peerless' have the Tease/TESS/Teck saltire in colors reversed!!!

I'm laughing; this is hilarious for the way it rolled out after seeing nothing to say about Mamie and the tent (as regards Epirotes). This would not have happened had not the Moke's/Mocks had the "cura" motto term of Denhams just as I was on the Dunham-like Dunns. That's what brought in the Cars/Currs so that the Carrot liners could be figured in. And it just so happens that the Tease/Tess saltire is shared by Currys/Corrys and even the Gospatricks in the DUNbar write-up.

So what does it all mean, since tease night started with Mamie in a truck with Barry? DunBARs were named partly after Barrs. The Cars/Currs are linkable to Sere's and Sears and therefore, I think, also to Zerrs/Zehrers using HATCHets. Mamie was in the hatch of the pick-up with Barry. The "aequales" motto term of Quare's/Carre's could be for a line out of/into L'Aquila, the Abruzzo capital, and Hatch's have double lions in the colors of the double Abreu/Abruzzo lions, how about that. Marjory Carrick married Abruzzo-liner Bruce's and birthed ROBERT Bruce while Roberts share the Hatch lion. There's a hatch location in Wiltshire, home of Evreux-liner Salisburys. I can glean that Hatch's were a branch of Hicks, for the latter use an "heure" motto term probably for Abreu liners in Eure / Evreux. The Eburovices/Ebroicum of Evreux named York (where Hicks and Bruce's were first found) as "Eboracum."

I can't glean a thing from all this as to any event / scheme pertaining to Obama. Maybe you can.

I went off-topic from the mouse story, sorry. Like a mouse (coward, opposite of a hero), Trump drowned at my basement's pool when I went down to DRAIN the water. He didn't drain the swamp, and so the swamp drowned him in the swamp. It fits, for Trump walked away from his responsibilities, thinking about himself, a coward, as he was all four years long. The mouse story needs to overlap with Obama's billiard hall, and with Mamie the tease after she was with Barry. If Mamie represents trump the tease, then she with Barry under the cover of the pick-up's box looks like he was talking in secret with Barry Soetoro. Note that a mouse with two legs in a trap is MAIMed.

Mamie was in her BATHing SUIT when she got the thigh symbol (I was so impressed by her thighs, the best a man ever saw, I can see them to this day, which is why they became a topic as I suspected God created that event). As was shown, her thighs were fundamental to her tease symbol, and Obama was in his business SUIT in two scenes after I sewered on his table. Sewers are listed with Suits, and SIWARd of Northumberland defeated Bath-like MacBETH of Moray while we saw Baths as Randolph-of-Moray kin, the line to Obama (English Randolphs even share the Dunham Coat). She was in a bathing suit because we were WADing in a LAKE earlier in the day, and while Wade's share the fleur-de-lys of Beths, the Betts share the bend of Lake's. Hmm, okay, wunderbar, but does any of this spell Obama's doom (oh goodie I hope so)? No, the two suit scenes (dancing and skating) predicted a happy Obama, that he would stay free under Trump, and this has indeed transpired under Trump the tease, promising to drain the swamp but never doing it. The Obama dream took place two or three weeks after Trump took Office in the White House.

Drowns/Drains have two brown-tone lions, as do Ramps (near Drowns/Drains), and Obama's second suit scene, tending to reveal that he would "skate" (be free of prosecution), had Obama on a skateboard going up a ramp. In his first suit scene, he was dancing on a stage, like in a nightclub, and stages represent false-flag, staged events.

Repeat from above:

The chief Nereid in myth, daughter of Nereus and Doris, was Thetis, who birthed Epirotes. Nereids can be gleaned from the Neretva / Naro river, which leads to the Blacks for reasons. Black were first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's/KILLs and CHEILE's while the Thetis line to Epirotes is though her disgusting son, ACHILLes (child-sacrifice cult). The "crux" motto term of Blacks is linkable to Smith's crutches, for Crutch's/Crouch's have a version of the Crux and Crack/Crick Coats. Crux's with Cracks/Cricks share the one pale bar of Blake's. Carrick-like Cracks/Cricks were first found in Yorkshire with the Crags who share the Carrick dog.

The Crest of Scottish Blacks share's the orange demi-lion of Drowns/Drains (same place as Crags). They are identical at this time. And English Blacks share the Drown/Drain Chief. It's unbelievable how well that quote works into this mouse discussion. The mouse got caught in the trap directly in front of the furnace, which I would not have mentioned had I not just loaded the Coward surname for the first time in years, to find that it was at Furness (Lancashire, same as Cars/Currs in the Denham motto). Furness'/Furnace's can be Carrick / Crag kin, all three using a black dog, from the Talbots, or Taillebois' of Lincolnshire, where Blacks were first found. The Tailbois' have a scallop-version of the Black / Drown/Drain Chiefs.

Cowards (two of the one Carrick fesse), who likewise look like Carrick kin, substitute the black dog with a black and courant greyhound. Dunhams and Carricks both use a DANCEtte, though of different kinds, and Carricks with Craigie's were first found in Ayrshire with the Hairs having a version of the Dunham Coat, and with CORANTs/McCOWans (Leak Chief). The COURANT greyhound of Cowan-like Cowards is part-code for Correns/Corrants (Waterford, same as Currys/Corrys). The same courant greyhound is in use with Penes'/Pennys (lynx, shared by Lynch's), very interesting where "pennants" are used by COWes'/Coo's (Coward branch?). Trump was defeated by the staged event on January 6, and for all we know, he may have agreed to step down (play along) due to threats perceived or real.

It just so happens that while the mouse dragged the trap as a pointer to DRAGons/DRAINers, I trace Carricks and their Craig ancestors to ACRAGas (now Agrigento), where there is a DRAGO river, I kid you not, making it look absolutely correct to enter the Cowards into this discussion. Carrots and Carricks both use "Garde," and Trompia is at lake Garda. Trump the coward.

Plus, the mouse dragged the trap along the rock floor, and "carrick" means "rock"! I'm laughing again, because I'm thrill-shocked. We have heard of a crag in rock. Crags were first found in Yorkshire with Drowns/Drains, and Dragons/DRAINers can be traced to the DRIN river too, home of PENEStae Illyrians expected to the Penes'/Pennys sharing the Coward greyhound. The Penestae upon the Drin were near the Apsus river, and the Drago was also the Hypsas river.

Okay, all of that works purdy good. And, I've just recalled the "calTROP" or "galtrop" used by Kerricks!!! Can we believe it??? Is is a trap? Yes, and Carricks come up as "Kerrick" too. Wikipedia: "A caltrop (also known as caltrap, galtrop, cheval trap, galtrap, galtrap, calthrop, jackrock or crow's foot) is an area denial weapon made up of two or more sharp nails or spines arranged in such a manner that one of them always points upward from a stable base (for example, a tetrahedron)." Whatever, the mouse was caught in a trap. Note that it's called a crow's foot too, for the mouse was force to crawl while dragging the trap, and Crawls/Crowells are an obvious Crow branch. See " caltrop tribwatch " to verify that Kerricks use one.

The Carrick write-up: "...Carrick in Ayrshire. This place name comes from the Gaelic 'carraig,' meaning 'rock.'" No, houseofnames is out to lunch on many such simpleton guesses that it states as facts. Carricks are from "ACRAGus."

The Trops are listed with Troops, perhaps another pointer to martial law, for the Corants/McCowans ("Sic") we saw above have a version of Army/Armine Coat. Here's the Trop/Troop write-up: "One record shows that Troup of that Ilk ended in an heiress who married a son of Keith, Earl Marischall (MARSHALL)." Drops/Trope's almost have the Army/Armine Chief. The Drop/Trope Chief is shared by Irish Prays, first found in County Down, and then Downs/Douns (linkable to Dunhams) have a stag in Trump stag-head colors. Downs were first found in Sussex with Vice's/Vise's (stag head) and their Acorn kin (stag head), and Dutch Tromps use the acorn and the Giuliani eagle.

As Kerricks were at PRESTbury while PRIESTlys once showed a caltrop, I'm thinking that the namers of Prestbury named Prestwick in Ayrshire (same as Carricks). Prestwicks share the mermaid with Laps/LABBS, suspect from the Labe (Elbe) river through PodeBRADy, and then Priestly were in BRADford (Yorkshire, same as Abruzzo-based Eburovices). Mamie sat on my lap = legs as a pointer to Trump the tease, and Trumps are suspect as Drummonds, from Podebrady. The first Drummond was the steward of Lennox. So, as this discussion is about Carricks, apparent kin of Cowards, that works to reveal the mouse legs in the trap as a picture of Trump's demise. Bradfords even use a "Fier" motto term (as do Ramp-like Rams), and Fier county is on the Hypsas-like Apsus river mentioned above. The Hypsas is the Drago at ACRAGas, and while Drake's use a red wyvern dragon (no front legs), it's a version of the red Priestly "cockatrice" (no front legs). It works because Priestlys have two Abruzzo symbols while the "Aquila" motto term of Drake's is for the Abruzzo capital.

The only thing I remembered of the day before Mamie plopped herself on my lap was my disappointment at seeing she alone with Barry in the back of a pick-up truck. While I assured myself that it was a pointer to Bill Barr, yet there was considered whether it also pointed to Barry Soetoro in the pool shot to the corner POCKET. I now have the evidence for that theory, look-out.

One day, Barry called to invite me camping, and when I turned the offer down, he lured me by saying Mamie's going to be there. We had never talked about Mamie before, but Barry had been at her party sitting in the living room when she and I danced there. So, I went camping, and do not recall driving up. I remember only asking someone, upon arriving, where Barry was, and this guy beside promptly opens the hatch of a PICK-up, and there she was way at the back with Barry beside her. I looked away disappointed. The next thing I recall, she just sat on my lap uninvited while I sat at a PICnic table. We were in the WOODs; we have lots of woods, and we never camp outside of woods in Ontario. Woods share the PICK fitchees, explaining Barry in the PICK-up truck.

But there's more, for Woods share "defend" with Lennox's/LEVENax's, and Mamie danced with me in her living room while Livings are listed with Levins. Lennox's/Levenax's were at WOODhead, explaining the sharing of motto terms, and moreover, while Mamie got her tease symbol in the third and last event I remember that day, when we went to SLEEP, the Lennox/Levenax Coat is much like that of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks. If you just load Levens (Shropshire, same as Sleeps), you will be amazed to see a version of the Tease/Tyes Coat. I didn't make that heraldry happen. I didn't make the three events of that night, and the dance a few weeks earlier, happen in order to fit this heraldry. Apparently, I guessed correctly that God gave Mamie the tease symbol, how about that, no small thing.

You have never read things like this before. Believe in God, believe in Jesus. Ask Him to live in you, repeatedly as a Christian, to protect yourself from wayward thoughts due to demonic spirits everywhere. When your faith is low, try not to be disappointed or upset or flustered or confused. Just ask God gently to live in you, welcome Him into your soul, that's the mark of a true Christian. I usually get personal / intimate with God in bed, when all my daily cares vanish. You might be able to do it during the day, fine. Just do it, save your soul.

Okay, we now go to the Woodhead Coat because Lennox's/Levenax's were at Woodhead, and moreover Lennox's/Levenax's of Woodhead were at CAMPsie, while God had Mamie sit on my legs at the camp fire. Okay, so we now recall my sewer shot into the corner POCKET, for Pockets share a giant, red cinquefoil with Woodheads, and while the scene changed from the sewer shot to the billiard hall's back YARD, the Woodhead quadrants are colors reversed from the Yardley quadrants. The SEWER shot was to point to BARRY SOETORo, you see, so that Barry in the pick-up with Mamie is starting to look like a Trump-Obama love-fest or something. Like, maybe they had an understanding, a deal, and his part was to hire FBI and DoJ people that would lay off of his people.

The Yardley quadrants are in the Arms of Rothschilds shown above, which shows the five, bunched Rothchild arrows, and while the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer, the Bauers, Bowers (five, bunched arrows) and Burleys/Bourleys all use green Shields. We now go to the Woodhead write-up: "The surname Woodhead was first found in West Yorkshire likely at BURLEY Woodhead, a hamlet now in the City of Bradford." That's right, it proves that God changed the sewer-shot scene to a yard scene as a pointer to Rothschilds.

The Pettys (Warwickshire, same as Tree's in the Wood Coat) share the Yardley Coat in full, and one Petty Coat shares the green parrot with Peeble's while Bowers were first found in Peebles-shire. It's extra evidence of a Yardley-Rothschild link, and God is pasting Obama to this picture.

I danced with Mamie on my last night with Lorraine. On my first date with Lorraine, I asked her to meet me at a laundromat at LEVENdale plaza, and so it's notable that Lorraine's are in Leven colors. I was living on Levendale avenue at the time, sharing the apartment of Albert OOSTEYN, and then Austins can be gleaned as a branch of Quints sharing the Leven chevron. I asked Lorraine on that first date at her BUS STOP, and Stops/Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire with Yardleys.

My last night with Lorraine was due to her coming home (while I was there waiting) with a grass STAIN on the butt / rear-thigh her pants, which we can assume was from a YARD. Stains married YARborough's, and the latter's YEARby variation justifies a peek at Years, first found in Stirlingshire with Woodhead of the LEVENax's I kid you not. That's why God arranged our first date out of Levendale. Lorraine's share the eagles of Childs who may have formed "RothsCHILD." I see a version of the Lorraine bend-with-eagle with the Fasts (Norfolk, same as BUS' and Porchers) who in turn share the Yardley / Petty quadrants, colors reversed from the quadrants of Woodheads (Pocket cinquefoil). The Bauer wing design is that also of Woodheads, and I always see the communist fist (downward) between those wings.

Yarborough's/Yearbys use an "est" motto term while Este is near Garda. Bars share the Este eagle, and Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine, where Chaplets were first found who can be in chaplets (not sure if that's what they are called) of Yarborough's/Yearbys. The Duc-like Duke's have a version of the Yarborough/Yearby Coat, with chaplets too, and while English Grasse's were first found in Lincolnshire with Yarborough's/Yearbys (can you believe it?), French Grace's/Grasse's (Provence, near Grasse) have three of the Yarborough/Yearby chevrons. This is partly why God set up Lorraine's GRASS STAIN, to make the Yarborough-Grass link. Why?

The Yarborough/Yearby Coat looks related to the Coats of Ottone's (Perusia, same as GRAZio's) as well as that of Chaplet-like French Chappes (share Moor head with Stirlings), and it just so happens that Chappes/Cheaps were first found in Stirling with Years and Levenax's. The latter were first found beside the Napier's/Peerless' (Perthshire) sharing the saltire of Levenax's (KNAPdale), and the Drummonds (Perthshire) share the triple Stur fesses while Stirlings are also STURlings. Camerons, with the triple Stur fesses in colors reversed, share the five, bunched arrows of Rothschilds, Bowers, and ROET-related Bows/Bough's.

Pockets were first found in Lincolnshire with Yard-like Yarborough's/Yearbys, and the sewer shot into the corner pocket was followed by scenes in the yard with what I think was the gardener. Pockets are listed with Pouchers while Porchers have the giant Pocket/Poucher cinquefoil in colors reversed. The Porcher Crest has the triple Stur fesses, while Stirlings/Sturlings have the STOP/Stubbs bend-with-buckles in colors reversed. Did you ever see anything like this? I asked Lorraine for an outing at her BUS STOP, and Bus's share the giant Porcher cinquefoil. Stops/Stubbs (Staffordshire, same as Yardleys and Pipe's) have a version of the Pipe and Pepin Coats, and Pepin's (Este horse heads) share "est" with Yarborough's.

If ideas came to your mind as you read any of all that, then, even though you don't hear harps at the time, and all's quiet as though they are your own thoughts, they could be God-implanted thoughts. I'm not sure why my remember-able experiences with Lorraine and Mamie are linking to the Obama dream, but I know it's about Obama. Why was Obama upset with the gardener at the end of the dream? Why was he on a skateboard, going up a ramp, in the scene before he was upset with the gardener.

Asking that question just made me recall the Gardner brothers, my pals from high school. After we were out of high school, they moved up to GORMley, where I was living, and they rented a place directly across the street from the JUNK YARD. I've told this before, just google " "gardener brothers" tribwatch " to prove it, maybe.

I see that google only brings up a couple of my pages with that phrase, even though I have it in eight updates. google just wipes out many of my pages so that many never come up, I must assume.

Here's what I said in the 4th update of December, 2019: "Gardens love gauntlet-liner Gunters in their "JUNGunter" motto term, and the Gardner brothers, my friends in my teens, moved to my village of Gormley directly across the JUNK yard. Gormleys/GRIMES' share red martlets with Birds, and colors reversed from the martlets of Grimms who in turn share the green martlet with Gards." Okay, the GORMley junk yard and the Gardner brothers, Rob and Rod. Roberts were from Worms, and Worms may have named Gorms. Rods are from the marriage of Hugh II of Rodez to a daughter of Roquefeuil = proto-Rockefellers, the line probably to Cecil Rhodes. Globalist junk. God will toss a bolt into their machinery, and turn it to junk. God will not break out into a sweat to destroy this arrogant, globalist STUPID. Demons make them stupid. If you could only hear their thoughts, STUPID, demonically-inspired. You can't argue with lunatics. That's what we are up against, and we are going to see more danger from these lunatics because they can no longer think straight. They think that they are angels, convinced that we are the problem.

We saw Lorraine pointing to Yards with her grass stain. The Junks share the towers of Chatans, and Chatans share the bend-with-roses of Balcons/BalCOME's, which recalls that I was waiting on her BALCONy for her to return from her walk, with a married man, when she returned with the grass stain. Google " balcony Lorraine tribwatch " to prove I'm not making up this story.

Okay, so the gardener in the Obama dream, if that's what he was, just led us to Come's/Comeys (Perthshire) because they share the motto of Clan Chattan, and Chatans above have a version of the Chattan/Cato Coat. That looks like the gardener is James Comey, maybe, I can't be sure, or his lawyer, James Baker (chief FBI lawyer under Comey). Whoever the man was who was crouching in the yard, his BACK was toward me and thus emphasized. The dream ended with my noting his back toward me. I have been guessing, until now, that the back refers to James Baker of ONA in the military, the buddy of Stefan Halper, the latter being used as a MOLE in the Trump camp by the FBI. I left room for the crouching man to be the FBI James Baker too. I've never before considered that man as a gardener until today, and you just witnessed how it arrived to James Baker of the FBI. Are we to be still waiting for this gardener to disappoint Obama?

The "bot" motto term of Clan Chattan is for Botter liners because Italian Botters have a version of the Chatan / Balcon/Balcome Coats. Until now, I thought Come's/Comeys had a toothed cat, but on closer inspection, it's a boar, probably the Porcia boar round-about as per Porcius CATO. I should have been more careful.

It appears that Balcome's were named after a Bal-like line. Is this the Bullis > Balas line? Wikipedia's Porcius-Cato article once said that he grew up in Abruzzo, then Wikipedia removed it and added that he owned land in Sabina (just north of Abruzzo). Okay, Bullis was in Epirus, and Epirotes named Abruzzo. Abreu's/Abruzzo's use another white tower. The Molossian Epirotes are to the boar-using Moles', I feel sure, who share the Bailey stars. Eschyna de Molle's married the Alan family that promptly married the Bruce's, from Abruzzo. Look at how many new things God reveals through my life, yet google hides this work because I love Jesus and hate the rulers of google. Be very careful, Christ haters, for God will let demons control you to your miseries. Abreu's are to Eure's/Ivers/Evers, who have the Weir/Vere boar.

The Prato I Never Knew Until This Week

The Arms of Rieti (in Sabina) has a "paratus" motto term while Pratts can be gleaned as kin of Flys, and the latter have: "The surname Fly is derived from 'Flageum,' a French village named for Flavius..." So, there you have the line of Rieti's imperial Flavians to the Flys. The point is: are Pratts from "EPIROTes."

The following is a worthwhile exercise. Galts can be suspect from the namers of Galati, near the mouth of the BUZau with the Siret, land of Benjamites. BUStards share the bustard with TRAPPs/Trappers. GalTRAP. Trapps may have been a line of Trypillians (on the Siret), and German Trips were first found in Hamburg with German Galts (Worm bend?), who share the Coat of German Hamburgs which shares the bend of Leslie's "Grip"). English Hamburgs (share Siret tower) share the crosslets of English Trips, and the Hamburg drops are for Drops/TROPE's (Norfolk, same as Benjamins). GalTROP. French Benjamins share the bear with English Galts, and bears are used by Berwicks and Barwicks (share Sarah motto), and by Berwickshire, from Bernicians, whom I trace to Bernice AGRIPPa, tending to explain why Sarah's ("Bear") share the GRIPP fesse (Benjamin colors), which can be gleaned with Velis' in the motto of Gripp-like Griffins (may have had a Griphin-like surname).

WOW, I can now repeat (it's in my files a few times) that Nora GRAFF lived almost across the street from me in GORMley!!! I'm sure that Gormleys apply to Worms liners. Graffs/Graffins were first found in Switzerland with Tease's/Tess' and Prato. Italian Prato's/Pra's have a diagonally-split Shield like that of Trevors/TREFors, and German Trips are also Treffs (Hamburg). Prato is in Ticino canton, for while Prays/Praters come up as Prato's, English Hamburgs use "PRAEfero." Bingo. FERRO's (Ferrari colors) were first found in Sicily with Prato's/Pra's, and Ferrari's share the Graff lion. I've been suggesting that Anchors, in the Graff Coat, are related to the Arms of Agrigento (Sicily), at the Drago river, and a dragon is used by Worms (Hamburg / Galt bend?).

Trevors/Trefors use a cockaTRICE while Trice's/Trysts (in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons) use a "TREPidum" motto term tending to reveal Trevors/Trefors as the reason for the Treff variation of Trips. I read that Trypillia was south of Keep-like Kiev. Keevers are listed with Eure's, and Drago-line Drake's are in the colors of Dreux's while Dreux is in Eure. Drake's loved the Pratt-connectable Flys.

This recalls when Kepke (had a Ukrainian father) chased me with a spider dangling from a strand of web with Karen Graff (our age, daughter of Nora) watching on. He was humiliating me (and loving it) because he knew I had a fear of spiders. I spoke recently (last update) of my dream with a spider on a strand of web about to get a fly trapped in the web, and so that spider (in the dream) might just represent some Ukrainian thing. As was said, the web was at the CEILing, a pointer to Seals because they share the fesse of Webber-branch Weavers. Wow, it just so happens that Kepke-like Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle"! Surprise. The Seal Crest shares the white wolf head with Prays/Prato's, adding drops for Trope's. Seals were first found in Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons, and the Biblical Hagar, traceable to the AGARus = Siret river, probably lived in Hebron with the Anaki. The Anchors/Annackers are in the Graff Coat. I wonder if Karens apply to this picture?

Lookie from the last update while on the spider-fly dream: "To help prove that the spider-web dream is to include German NORmans, they were first found in Hamburg..." NORA Graff! Norway may have been named by Neuri of Ukraine on the bug river. Spiders and Flies = bugs. Bugs (Webber / Fly colors) were first found near the first-known Webbers (share Fly fleur-de-lys) and Flys. Webbers were first found in Somerset with Karen-related Roets. Karen Graff at the spider event.

English Hamburgs were first found in Oxfordshire with Pray-like Peare's while Pero's were on the Ticino river. Perrys use a pear and a Parry-connectable "hind." Irish Prays share the pale bars of Trots and Coats/Cotes, both traceable to the Siret...which recalls the time I went to get my COAT back from Rod Gardner while driving to my parents' place with both Peare and Louise Phillips. It was the last time I saw Gardner, who was shortly before living in Gormley. Angusta was near the Trotus tributary of the Siret.

Perrys look to be with a version of the Eure Coat and the Arms-of-Brescia lion, for Parrys have the Brick lozenges, colors reversed from the Brix/Brest lozenges. Bricks share the Massey fleur-de-lys while Perrys and Eure's share the Massey quadrants. Masci's share the gold wing of Portuguese Abreu's while Italian Abreu's/Abruzzo's share the white tower of Hamburgs ("HonesTUM") and Sirets. French Masseys/Masse's once showed the boots of German Trips; the latter use shoes while I sold shoes when I met Miss Peare.


People at Fox news are expected to change their tune, to sound anti-Biden in order to bring back Republican voters as viewers, even though the same Fox people consciously assisted to get Biden into the White House by neglecting the needs of Trump voters to defeat election fraud. Great shame, Fox, and greater shame for those who tune in regularly. You are being used, your mind played with, by snakes.

Only 10 senate Republicans votes against Biden's new pick to replace John Ratcliffe. It's one of the first things deep-state wanted to do. This senate vote is a disgrace. The senate has not been a good thing for a long time, but has been the house of satan for a very long time. Most Republican senators now don't mind to openly show themselves in Biden's swamp. It's been hopeless all along. They were feigning good guys all along. They took Republican votes but didn't tell them they hate Republican voters. They infiltrated the senate for the devil. They all deceive when they run for office, Trump included. I hope that Biden is the False Prophet. Let's get this over with. There is news out now that CNN and others are glorifying this dink of a president as someone lofty. It's insane, not so much the brainwashing of the people, but the willingness of the left to be brainwashed. The country is a ruin, a broken heart, a limp mass.

Youtube offers me half leftist-news media, forcing me to check out bitchute, but the latter has nasty language and nasty minds, the product of free speech, not free at all because there's a big price to pay when a generation has so many rotten people speaking and seeking to make money on expression. I don't wish to cover news under Biden. I'll keep it light, I think. Leftists may regret badly they ever rejoiced to see Biden in the White House.

An Epoch-Times production says that Bill Gates owns more farmland (242,000 acres) than anyone else. How's that going to bode when Christians need wilderness land? Is he wanting to keep us from buying it, or to raise prices when he severs parcels because he knows people will head into the wilderness due to the COVID "crisis"? The Hell-bound use a crisis to make more money they don't need that they might grow in power to control us more. He's even into "food safety," and that's the way they plan to keep us from sharing food with one another that we grow all on our own (we could spread germies, folks, so globalists want a law to forbid us). Biden's going to empower Monsanto.

It's almost evening on the 19th, and Trump has not used the military build-up in Washington for any military order to stop the scum of the planet from ruling the United States for the next four years. Some voices are saying that Trump is leaving his voters to the executioners.

In the Rekieta Law video below, we find that, at the threat of Dominion's law suit against Mike Lindell, he's not retracting anything he's accused the company of doing. My question is why Lindell and Trump don't just take Dominion to court (why wait for Dominion to start a case?) to force the company to give up the machines unaltered from their election-night conditions. I assume that part of Trump's law suit in SCOTUS will address this thing. Last I heard, there was to be some SCOTUS activity with the Trump case on the 19th.

What do you make of it where Poulos' and Lindells both use logs while Dominion was founded by Mr. Poulos? Loge's and Poulos' were first found in Burgundy with the Pilate's/Pilots while English Pilotte's come up as "Pillows," and Mike Lindell owns My Pillow. Poulos- and Pillows-like Pelosi's are also Pilati's. What do we make of this? The team piled on me with the winning goal, and French Pile's are with Pilots while Pilate's/Pilots have the Sidney pheon in colors reversed. Why does Lindell speak Chinese?

Why did Lin Wood make the same claim to Dominion as Lindell made, which was: go ahead and sue Sidney Powell, I dare you. Lins are also LINDs, and Woods use a savage for the line of Savigliano, where Pelosi's were first found. The winning goal was a tip-in with the puck at rest on the goal LINE. Lins are also Line's, and of the very-very-few Chinese surnames, one is with Lins (click the Chinese flag at the Lin page).

Like I said in the last update, Lindell is in a video on a plane saying he's headed out to see Powell, Flynn and Trump, and don't worry, he said, Trump will be the prez four more years. That was on or about January 8. We didn't hear back until major media came out with the unbelievable story that an anti-Trump reporter caught sight, with camera, of Lindell's notes while he was in the White House. On those notes were measures on how to execute martial law. As I find it unbelievable that Lindell would be showing such notes in view of a reporter's camera, it can suggest that Lindell is involved in a deep-state script to mess with Christian heads. I hope not, but that was one crazy story.

On top of this, Wade McKinney at Bitchute, claiming to be a pastor, came out with a very convincing claim (I believed him), said to be from his sources, that Trump would call martial law by the 15th. To this day on the 19th [make it the 24th], McKinney has not put up a video to give an update or apology or explanation, and so what do we make of this? Who's out there playing with our heads, and WHY? If they think they are real-good for getting us to swallow lies, it's only because we are good enough to trust people. It's the deceivers who have the problem. We laugh at them, not they at us. We beat them hands down. McKinney said, NO DOUBT, plan on martial law.

It just so happens that McKinneys are a Kim branch and linkable to Kemmis'/Kenys who share the Shin/Chinn/Ching Coat exactly. How can this be? What is this? Is my shin-pad slide pointing to fakes whom God will defeat, or has defeated already by exposing voter fraud? Wade's have a saltire in the colors of the Poulos saltire. WADE McKinney. Probably a coincidence. The youtube channel, Jim Higgins, has a spoof (fake, make-fun of video) on McKinney this week, and Higgins happen to share the black tower with Domino's.

I've been showing heraldic arguments, lately, especially in the last update, tending to show that military action and even martial law is in the cards. While no one has any other explanation for the 20-30,000 troops said to be in Washington, other than Trump ordered them, do we really think these are to help pro-Trumpers? On the 20th, Biden gets to use them as he wishes. But, Washington is 80-percent liberal, not too many Christians there. We shall soon see what takes place. I don't think this military group's leaders can arrest Biden after the 20th for anything.

There is a long-term prospect of a Biden impeachment coupled with a SCOTUS decision that orders the election of Biden void due to substantial fraud. The last update talked on a lightning strike on my chimney, the flash of which seemed to hit my pillow before reflecting onto my forehead. Why did I think the light bounced on my pillow? I've been saying this for years, long before I knew of Mike Lindell. What might the lightning strike mean in regards to Lindell? Good or bad for him?

There was a rapture scene in a 1979 dream I had, as soon as I touched the knee (and leg) of Mrs. Kilpatrick. Lighting happens at the rapture of the Church. Kilpatricks happen to use "cushions," as do Scottish Johnsons and Redmaine's, in case they apply to my lightning-on-pillow event. Christine's almost use the Pillow/Pilotte Coat (both share cups with Lawrence-connectable Laurys/Larrys and Lowrys), and there were two it-felt-so-good events with Christine Peare, one involving her belly while Redmaine's share the "beacon" with German Belli's. What could that be about? She was with Lawrence Kepke when the belly event took place, and Lawrence's are the ones who were at Yealand-Redmaine. The Culp variation of Cups is beloved by Pillow-like Pullys/Pullens.

I still have a headache from trying to guess what it can all mean, if anything. I'm not enjoying this.

On the 19th, Trump gave his farewell speech. I didn't both to listen to it. He did not fight anywhere near as hard as he should have, and is probably compromised in some way(s), making him powerless to fight. But he should not have ordered all of this military; the Washington police could have secured the White House, and the capital police the Capital Building. So why has Trump made this military spectacle on behalf of those who stole the election from the people? Who's he kissing up to, and why? I say he's kissing up to Mystery Babylon.

Don't think for a minute that civil war has been averted with this show. Terrorism can crop up at any time seeking to murder bad political apples. Reactions are unpredictable. Stay well stocked with food and gasoline, etc., and get good at it. Don't hoard later; stock up slow now.

On the 19th, the Head of the National Guard Bureau said that arming the 25,000 troops is the decision of the "lead law-enforcement agency." What's that? Later in the video, he says "lead FEDERAL agency." Sounds like the FBI. Oh great, the satanic deep state. Thanks Trump, imposter. See the video below, out on the 19th, right on cue, with "Cowboys for Trump," promising blood. Are the fake pro-Trumpers about to stage a false-flag uprising? Could be. The group is led by Couy Griffin.

The next four years will seek to re-write history with Biden coming out looking like roses, and pro-Trumpers looking like the devils. Here we go. If you're a Christian, you know to ignore it, not let it get to you, and put your hope in the FINAL Solution with Jesus. Some of us will be killed, as they think they are doing a service to the world. Don't click leftist news at youtube or you'll never stop getting it, madness. Be at peace with Jesus, not with this world. DO NOT BE AT PEACE WITH THIS WORLD. Love your enemy does not mean comfy-comfy oh-what-fun with this world. DESPISE THIS WORLD, reject it, rebuke its leaders, stand up for the right, know the right, and don't be intimidated by their false accusations, for they are playing a mind game to get us to believe the "truth" they have latched onto. No election fraud is their truth. All Christians are slimes is their truth.

Someone writes: "The Establishment, which Trump promised to take on, is stronger than it has ever been. Whatever his intentions, Trump affected no lasting change, and The Right is now in the worst position it has ever been. Trump was too naive and lacked the backbone needed to really make the decisions we needed." My sentiments exactly. I would add that Trump wasn't necessarily spineless, but an imposter from the start, never intending to solve the deep-state problems of us mere poor people...but he took their votes. Someone else: "Trump & co. literally snatched defeat from the jaws of an easy victory!" Well said. Translation: Trump is a fraud; he let it happen against all odds.

Here's Lindell's latest message on January 19. Does he always show his neck-hung cross on the outside of his shirt, or is he doing it just for this video? He claims he has 100-percent proof that China was behind the Dominion-machine fraud. What do you think? Is he trying to incite Christians to start throwing bricks, firing bullets, in order to set the stage for their persecution? He's being interviewed by a pro-Trump catholic organization:

The idea may be to get people to "condemn" themselves by saying online that they will start a civil war. Let me be included amongst those who say that Americans have a right to bear arms against a corrupt government having obtained the White House illegally. If the deep state faked the election fraud in order to set up a sting operation, my statement still stands, that the people have a right to take-out, even to KILL, those who participated in stealing the White House, until such time that the deep state confesses that it was just a faked event. So long as the people were made to believe that the White House was stolen, they have a right to remove by force, to kill if necessary, those who took the White House. No judge can condemn me for saying this. It's in the American constitution, and, if the corrupt government persecutes an innocent group for whatever reason, especially for opposing it, then the people have the moral authority, above the constitution, to react in self-defence, TO KILL IF NECESSARY, those who would wrongly harm / jail / kill them.

But, on top of these rights, we must consider what God would have us do, how many miles we must walk if the enemy demands for us to carry their bags, and how many cheeks to turn for that we give to God our right of vengeance and salvation. It could become a very tough call. You have the right to kill the police or the military soldier who threatens to jail you as part of a corrupt government-sting operation, but is it wise? Will it do more harm than good? How bad is the government? How threatening? What if the corrupt government will do you more harm tomorrow if you act peacefully today? If we do nothing, we could become Cuba EU-style.

If you have the right to protect yourself from a thief invading your home with a gun, how much more from a government officer who, having the choice to quit his/her job, nevertheless comes to do you much more harm than someone wanting merely your jewelry? If you depend on your gun to hunt food, and the officer demands it anyway, he works for a corrupt government. You'll have not much choice, but those are the facts, and the other fact is: God will KILL them. Any judge who supports them: God will KILL him/her. It is right to kill the corrupt, to rid the earth of them; that is our Christian position; we must not deny it in the face of a corrupt judge. Mr. judge, God is coming to kill all those who support corruption; you have the choice of being a judge for a corrupt government, or of quitting your job. Be wise, Mr. judge. We have the right to kill the corrupt, but Jesus said: give up your rights, and be patient, waiting for God's vengeance, because it will go better for you that way, for you are the minority. When your body dies, you will become free. When their bodies die, they will be enslaved and finally tossed into death from which there is no return. That's called KILLING, Mr. judge.

Mr. Lindell sounds genuine, but he's protecting a very-guilty Trump. The latter could have seized those machines, yet he did not. Trump could have used the military or the FBI to seize the machines, but he did not. At 16 minutes of his video above, Lindell says he speaks with Sidney Powell about twice daily, and that she is working hard to expose Dominion fraud, devoted to that end. We need a hat trick, Sidney. At 26 minutes, he says Powell has five cases before SCOTUS "right now." Okay, there's a thing to look forward to.

The following video tells of events in Italy about the time that Maria Zack was predicting news from Italy that Obama and Renzi were guilty of pulling off some Dominion-machine fraud. In this short video, you will see that Renzi pulled the rug out from the current Italian leader, perhaps because the latter was allowing the fraud news to become publicized, just a guess from its timing:

If CNN et-al had low ratings under a never-dull-moment Trump presidency, imagine how low the ratings with ever-be-dull Biden. On the other hand, Biden's persecution of political enemies will spicen things up. We may now have no choice but to see how Democrats, from low to high, condemn themselves by spewing blasphemous quips, they are just so clever. So, after they condemn themselves, God will be proven Righteous for their destruction. That's His project; we have no worries in trying to convince Him to do it. It will be His pleasure when they have fully condemned themselves in wickedness. We will tell them so, and they will not listen. The more we tell them so, the more they will hate us.

Even on the night of the 19th, Christian videos are saying that Trump will arrest Biden by morning. Who are these people? Are they truly with us, or are they feigning to give us a bad name? They won't even be honest when accusing us, but will use false accusations. This is such heavy-duty sin that you won't feel sorry for them for their destruction once you experience being on the end of their wrath. They are intolerable, get ready for it. The pagans of old who love killing are here. Satanism has succeeded in turning a decent generation into a killer generation in just 60 years. Those who laugh now will gnash their teeth, guaranteed. With late-night shows and alcohol, they will have the times of their lives, and then, in a moment, destruction appears. Don't even think to go over to their side to find relief.

Lin Wood said, on the 18th, that Trump won't let Biden become the president, but Wood has too much faith in president Fraud. The only hope now is what Ratcliffe revealed about China's election influence, coupled with the machine-fraud evidence that Powell, Wood, Lindell, Byrne, Pulitzer, etc. have against China. We are hearing that the evidence is solid and abundant. Perhaps the Republicans on SCOTUS will frown on the Biden presidency once the latter shows a tyrannical rule, and those judges may then blame themselves for allowing his presidency, and therefore go against him, finally, with Powell's court cases. But if that happens, we are probably not near the last seven years. Which do you prefer? Seven years now, or later? I prefer later if it can weaken the deep state, because, as it is now, it's too strong.

It's possible -- POSSIBLE -- that the ruler of the military force in Washington will arrest Biden after the 20th if Trump has the power to empower that military ruler as the acting president in a martial-law situation due to Biden crimes against the nation. It's POSSIBLE. But frankly I don't know how such procedures work. In order for this operation to work, Trump needs to step aside as president. And he's doing that on the 20th. Biden will say he's the chief of the military on the 20th, but the military may have coup powers, legally, if the president is guilty of treason, for example. The problem with this theory is that Trump could have stepped aside a week ago to have the military arrest Biden. Why wait till the 20th?

Giuliani said, on the 19th, that he's had his last talk with Trump. How can that be when there are supposed to be cases going before the supreme court? Doesn't Trump care about proving voter fraud? No, because he's a fraud. If he can't be the president, where he's a worship object, he cares nothing for future voter fraud. Sorry, he deceived Christians.

Here's one election-fraud update:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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