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January 12 - 18, 2021

Is Trump Prepping for Martial Law This Week?
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But Hardly Anyone Believes Her Italy-Did-It Story
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If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

On January 11th, days after Pelosi's computer was stolen, she's was missing for two days as the House Speaker. That was three days after Mike Pence wore a blue tie (Democrat color) while standing beside Pelosi. Pence was openly showing solidarity with the Democrats just two days after he betrayed Trump, and as he was standing beside Pelosi at the time, I'd like to remind that the Pence family have/had a pet white rabbit (it has some black markings, but it's white). It just so happens that Lin Wood spoke against Pence when he betrayed Trump to the point that some forces tried, successfully I think, to silence him. As one LINE surname is also "Lin," I'm going to remind of what I've told many times, that at age nine I was standing on a laundry deck with white rabbit in a cage beneath the deck. I fed that rabbit and so I recall it being white, the colors of the Conn / CONEY rabbit. (Load Line link now to load other surnames below.)

As I stood on the deck, I reached out to touch a bra hanging on the laundry LINE, you see, because there was a cute tenant in the basement of that house, which belonged to my friend, Jerry Peterson. This event has already pointed to by Peter Peterson, former chief of the untouchable Council of Foreign Relations, because he married Mrs. COONEY, founder of the children's show, Sesame Street, very suspicious because the white rabbit is online with Alex Podesta in pedophile imagery. Lin Wood just recently accused Mike Pence of having sex with boys 15 years old or younger.

If the only heraldic coincidence here was the Lin surname looking connectable with the laundry LINE, I wouldn't be mentioning this. But there's more, because Woods use a SAVAGE while SAVIGliano, smack beside a Bra location in Coney-like Cuneo province, is where Pelosi's were first found. See?

We may assume that the council on Foreign Relations is persecuting Trump along with it globalist fellows. As the Peterson lion is in the Pence Crest, might Pence belong to that group along with other Bushite war hawks? "Peterson was a CFR member for forty-seven years and a member of the Board of Directors for thirty-four years...During his twenty-two-year tenure as Chairman of the Board -- the longest in the Councilís history..." I think we can see why God wanted to point to Peterson (a Republican) with Jerry Peterson's bra event.

Cooneys (Tyrone, same as Neils/NIHILLs) have a "Nihil" motto term for Neils/Nihills, and Tyrone's, believe it or not -- as though God arranged this heraldry -- have the BRASwell Coat in colors reversed. I touched a bra on the laundry line, and Braswells use a "girdle," what are the chances? Wikipedia says that Donna Brazile descended from Braswells.

Thanks to Lin Wood now connecting to my bra event, Tyrone's evoke Tyrone WOODs, the NAVY SEAL who was murdered in the Benghazi crime. Bengs share the Peterson lion, by the way, and while Navy's were first found in Angus (beside first-known Petersons) with Neve's, the latter's cross is a colors-reversed version of the Peterson cross.

Want more coincidences? Petersons share the swan with English Peters who in turn share the Masculine-like mascles of Scottish Michaels. MICHAEL Pence. Scottish Michaels use a so-called "pen" while Pence's are listed with Penns. Voila. Pence's/Penns share "plates" with Mussels/Muscels, the latter being an obvious branch of Meschins/Masculine's (compare Coats), and so compare the Scottish Michael Coat to that of Meschins, Coneys and Conns (Aberdeenshire, same as Petersons). The other English Peters share the lion heads of Neams/Neems expected in the "teNEAM" motto term of Pence's/Penns...which really makes Pence look like he was involved with Peterson's CFR. ???

The Coney Crest has the Pence-like pansy (or pansies), and, at one time, the pansies were showing as black roundels...normally called plate-like "pellets." We can glean that white roundels (plates) and black roundels (pellets) were named after the same bloodline, and here we can add the while Pellets share the Pilotte Coat, Pelosi's are also Pilati's. Pilotte's were first found in Lincolnshire with Coneys and Neams/Neems.

As Scottish Michaels have a "SUPERo" motto term, I think this discussion points also to Amy CONEY Barrett now on the U.S. SUPReme court. Apparently, she's one of the bad guys, whereas I thought she was going to be one of the good guys. She and the other Republicans on the court have apparently sided with the Pence-side Republicans, despising the Christian supporters of Trump. As Pence and those SCOTUS Republicans are all Catholics, and while the pope now is Francis, compare one Francis Coat to the Pense (not "Pence") Coat.

Rejoice for this reason: google knows it can't defeat us ideologically unless it cheats. FACT. Leftists know they can't defeat us politically unless they cheat. FACT. We are the winners. They lose even before they cheat, and then become bigger losers by cheating. FACT. Make you feel better? They will be aborted from the eternal universe. No more. Gone. Forever. Breath of fresh air. Start rejoicing now, because they don't just cheat, but they cheat in order to set themselves up as God. Otherwise, they would not deserve eternal death. They are guilty of the murder of the eternal God.

Early this week on Monday, more playing with our heads. It was reported at Pompeo's state department that Trump's presidency ends at 7:40 pm January 11, and that Pence's ends at 7:41. Shortly afterward:

The US Department of State website was changed Monday to say that Donald Trump's term as US president "ended" on Jan. 11 at 7:40 p.m. ET, which is incorrect. BuzzFeed News reported that the notation might have been done deliberately by a "disgruntled employee," and others reported it could have been a site bug, since something similar has happened before on the site.

That made it appear as though the government was placed into the hands of the military at 7:40 pm. Is this like when Trump made Sidney Powell a special council, then didn't even bother to get back to her when changing his mind? Actually, if he didn't personally fire her, she is still a special council, isn't she? Hmm, what games are these? On who are they being played? Morning Invest (leftist) says Pence was slated to quit the vice-presidency, but also become the president, at 7:41, and that military helicopters were flying over his house. What? Mind games?

I suppose it's possible that Trump did quit at 7:40 pm, and that anti-Trumpers removed the notice when they realized it meant martial law. We'll see. It was reported that Trump met with Pence today, the 11th, maybe to tell him, "you're fired."

I hope you have the wisdom to reject all stories of violence at the Capitol last week as faked events. Nobody died. I think they are making new videos everyday that they falsely claim to have been made on the 6th. They are hyping the event as the worst in American history. First of all, the "invasion" into the building was powder-puff, not violent at all, explaining why they are releasing new videos to make it seem worse than it was. How can it possibly be true that while 399,980 pro-Trumpers (so to speak) were all good and peaceful, the 20 or so agitators were all at the front they got there early in the morning to assure a front spot...because they were anti-Trumpers in a false-flag disturbance. A no-brainer.

Media bosses should be arrested for supporting the coup because they did not check out who the agitators were before claiming they were pro-Trumpers. They blamed Trump in the midst of a coup attempt in order to better-assure the coup. A no-brainer. No matter how bad it was, it was not Trump's fault. Nobody who calls for a legal demonstration / protest / gathering is responsible for what happens there. NOBODY. The media is guilty for blaming Trump by association even if the violent ones were pro-Trumpers. The Senate had no right to persecute Trump for what the few did, even if they were pro-Trumpers. The idea is to make Trump feel so bad about the deaths that he feels incapable of trying anything more to save the country for his side.

The FBI is probably out arresting pro-Trumpers all over the country. It announced that militia are planning to gather at the state capitals of all 50 states, which is likely a slanderous accusation to compliment the DC news still going out early this week. Also, the FBI may be trying to encourage militia to assemble fighters because they can get easily caught when they communicate with one another. It would play into Biden's hand, who announced late last week that he's after the guns. The spy machines must be burning hot at this time, spying on, not China, but Americans. Way to go, devils. Continue on exposing yourselves, because that's how you become losers. The more you act dictatorially, the more you lose favor.

Why won't CNN show this video proving that the woman did not get shot because she was a part of the fakery:

Someone in the comments says: "...And John Sullivan who filmed it was set free without any charges. What a WONDER! This means, the left ruled authorities give Antifa legal cover." I didn't know, when showing the faked murder scene in the last update, that Sullivan (shown in the video) was the one doing the camerawork. The faked murder scene is at the 31st minute of this video:"target="_blank">

Giuliani looks like such a scrooge or a dink to be putting commercials in a video having such importance. He's got an idiot side, that's for sure.

Trump signed a short-term emergency declaration, for Washington DC only, that leftist media were loving, at first. Maybe not anymore. It's supposedly to protect Biden's entry into the White House. Okay, so the question is: why would Trump declare an emergency if he's leaving peaceably while Biden's coming into the White House in a Democrat-stronghold city? Nobody expects an emergency with Biden coming in. We do expect an emergency if Trump comes in for four more years.

The law suits are still going forward, we may assume, to SCOTUS, and, perhaps, Trump has decided not to use the military because it can lead to what SCOTUS fears, a civil war. Rich people like judges and congressmen do not want life to become uncomfortable, and so this explains the real reason, I think, that Trump's friends abandoned him. Soros and other coup plotters know this method of causing a president's team to abandon him, and so they foment riots in the streets to show they mean business if the president tries to hang on to power. He's given the choice of stepping down or being responsible for national chaos. That's what's happening now. We implore Trump to use the military in spite of any leftist riots because the alternative is worse. Being ruled by those who would stage riots in order to rule is far worse, obviously. The very left accusing Trump of an insurrection due merely to a few broken windows are ignoring that their side would have true, prolonged terrorist riots overnight unless they get Biden.

The poorer voters have less to lose, but, in any case, if the military is solidly on Trump's side, it can quell riots fast, I think, if the leaders are arrested fast. You can't quell them very fast if all you do is go into the streets to check them. If the military shoots bullets, the president gets blamed for killing his own people. So, the rioters will continue if the military won't shoot bullets, it's as simple as that. You need to have Intelligence on your side to discover the communications of the riot leaders. I don't think Trump has that unless John Ratciffe has made the arrangements. It would be asking a lot from Ratcliffe, and he may not have it in him to risk any backlashes whether the effort succeeds or fails. It's a time for heroes and self-sacrifice, but, one might say, "you go first."

The CIA is not required here because its emphasis is foreign spying. There are many domestic spy agencies that Trump can use, but as he's not fired Wray yet, how can anyone even start to suggest that he's planning a military option? You could really use an FBI that's on your side at that time, instead of one that allows damaging staged events to go unchecked and even counter-productive. Already the FBI is making Trump supporters look like terrorists, which is all on Trump's head for not putting the FBI onto the side of his voters years ago. Sorry, the sad fact: it was Trump who betrayed you, America.

The only good thing is that we have discovered traitorous, sickening FBI corruption that will not be forgotten. People on the right, if the FBI comes for their guns, may decide that the only choice is: may as well start using them now. That's where this is going under Biden, by the looks of it, and SCOTUS needs to consider that too. What does SCOTUS prefer, riots by the left to keep the dastardly left in power, or terrorism by the right to keep the better, law-abiding people in power? It's a no-brainer to answer for a court that's supposed to love law and order. If it's okay to defend your home with a gun from an invasion of one leftist, why isn't it permissible to defend the Congress with guns from leftist boars? The Constitution allowed this, that's why the right arms itself.

Trump's military option allows the seizing of the known riot leaders, as well as the computers of coup plotters / accomplices in congress, election-fraud mayors and secretaries of state. Once that's done, the left proceeds with riots at a great risk to itself, you see. Trump would get the upper hand fast, once he shows he means jail business. But this is where he failed the country, fearing the backlash to himself. Not a hero, but a two-faced flake at best.

Never mind whether you are under the Constitution, but rather be under God himself whom the Constitution claims to derive in. How would God handle the situation at hand? Is he unable to stamp out the gross sin of this country? Did he allow this gross sin, for a generation, because He's powerless to intervene? Why is He allowing His faithful to weaken in their faith by not intervening immediately? Why is He making appearances that He's not there at all? Is this evidence that we are near Armageddon, that God must allow the wicked to rule to expose his Righteous judgment of them? That's logical. If guns against the wicked is what he wants, He will start popping them in an organized way that succeeds. But if He wants no guns, but rather that we simply bear-out our enemies in heroic patience, then what choice do we have?

I'm not suggesting that Trump should break any possible rule of God at this time. If God wants no guns used, then Trump can yet appeal to martial law because it doesn't call for guns. Guns would be called for if the enemy starts using guns in rebellion to his martial law, and self-defense is permissible by God, we can safely assume. If God then wishes to organize an armed counter-attack against the leftist rebels, then the mobsters in high places will need to bear that out, woe unto them, for they become the first targets. The left started this chaos, and the left deserves its just fruits, but if God says "no" for a while longer, then "no not yet" it will need to be. Patience.

At least one bank, Signature Bank, that Trump deals with has closed his accounts and called for his resignation. But why would a bank do this a week before he's slated to step out of the White House unless there are serious reports that he's trying to stay in power? Or, perhaps they are only serious but groundless fears, with the left taking no chances. This shows you how despicable the left is that wants to rule the world. Watch out world, their anti-Christ leader is coming. He gets a measly 3.5 years of power, and then your liberal world will go up in volcanic smoke.

Sorry, comfortable fat cats, and robbers of the poor, God is going to make His response when your guilt has come to the rim of his Cup of Wrath. That's right, UGLY DESTRUCTIVE INCOMPREHENSIBLE FURY like an insurrection you never saw before. Read your prophecy, available to all. Come Insurrectionist, come quickly. Destabilize the powers, rock their world, attack, for they rejected us, hated us without cause, the ones pointing to the Light of the Earth. And we see prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes, as all nations hate us. Look at what lawless things anti-Christs do to get power over us, and without shame or conscience, they don't mind whatsoever to rule after obtaining power brazenly by criminal means. We have just learned a lot about the condition of the political turf. We see how badly these satanic goons need to be crippled for our sakes.

What happens when the banks are urged to thwart all people so that they cannot operate with a bank account unless they take a vaccine, or unless they take a mark on the right hand to make purchases? That's right, the 666 commercial system will be our hope, the time for raising heads to Heaven, even if we must suffer for a while. It means their end has come, no more abortions, no more government mobsters, no more stock market maximizing prices, no more cargo ships for fat cats, no more obscene materialism. That's right, you can actually be happy if you didn't have 4,000 pairs of shoes to choose from. The more there are, the more shoes cost. When running shoes went up to $100, it was so obscene. GREED.

Here's Trump looking good when approached by media or the first time in days:

As you can see, he holds out hope by saying that big tech is making a "catastrophic mistake" that can backfire. Frankly, I don't see how "catastrophic" can overtake big tech (at this time or under Biden) unless he means a martial-law situation. Perhaps this is big tech's final warning, and, thanks to the two banks thus far having cut off his accounts as the last straw, he might just decide to use a military solution. He can justify it when he sees the leftists ruining the country enough, for he is in fact the guardian of the country. I say he MUST act with military as a last resort, even if it's on the morning of the 20th, because he's the guardian of the country. I say God would expect it of him, but I could be wrong if, for example, God has decided to thwart a Biden presidency with calamity after calamity, or to let it lead to the anti-Christ invasion of Israel.

There is no way to interpret what Trump said today but that he was giving his voters hope. But if it was yet another bout of false hope, cringe. He even seems to be promising a "countermove" to big tech, though he may have been referring to some future countermove. He should not have used that word today if he is not planning to cause the countermove himself. That's dishing out a tease heartlessly, prolonging the fantasy his voters want to see come true. If he's planning to step aside, I can understand the discomfort he'd feel to tell the voters, but he's obligated to do so as early as he can, no prolonging the false hopes.

Trump was flying from the White House to Texas (Alamo) when the reporters caught him at the runway. Texas is a big military state with lots of zealous conservatives, and this too raises the hopes of his voters. They're asking if he's in Texas to give the reigns of power to the military. Texas is probably a safe place for him to be in case he decides for martial law, though he's in southern Texas, where Democrat Mexicans abound. The move to impeach him again may cause him to act militarily before the Senate comes to a vote. I've heard the earliest the senate can vote on impeachment is January 19/20.

As Obama is anti-Israeli, this potential Biden presidency can explain how it could possibly come about that Israel is invaded with the United States standing down. Biden is expected to side with the Palestinians, and the Egyptian president may fall again due to a Soros-type coup plot against it in league with Obama.

Alamo Heraldry

I looked up the Alamo surname, checking to see if God had anything to point to using heraldry. I especially wanted to know whether the heraldry would indicate a military act by Trump. Recently, it seemed that God was pointing to such a military act when the Ticks/Tocks/Touque's came up with a "MILITia" motto term. I put it this way in the 4th update of December: "One can even use the German Teegers (MILTon colors), because they share the giant, eight-pointed star of French MILLETs, to get us to the TICKs/TOCKs, for the latter, with a "MILITia" motto term, have a version of the Irish Teague/TEEGER Coat." (Load the Tick link to access other Coats of Arms to follow this discussion much better.)

All that really says is that the Tick motto term is code for the Millets or one of their branches. It doesn't point to the military necessarily, but I find it interesting because I purchased my Texas property from the Teague's, who were militia minded in the sense of being anti-government intrusion into Texas freedoms. I was wholly on their side because I understood that liberals wanted to intrude.

I kid you not, after looking at several surnames, starting with the Alamo's that already convinced me to share the heraldry with you, and only AFTER going through it all (you'll see it below), I decided to check the Hidalgo surname because Alamo is in Hidalgo county. And BINGO! The Hidalgo Coat has the giant Millet / Teeger star too. That really caught my attention. Was Trump in Texas speaking with military people?

During Trump's visit to Alamo, military soldiers were building in Washington DC. The Democrats of Washington are not complaining about this build-up, and seem content that Trump is playing no trick on them. If Biden gets the White House, what will he do with this military? Is the country going to become a police state under Biden? No doubt at all. If even the Supreme Court does the deep-state bidding, so will cops on the street, even the "good" cops. Is Trump going to leave the country to that situation without an attempt to stop it? He can actually try to do something about it after January 20 too, because Biden is impeachable, and because Trump won the election fair and square. However, due to the latter fact, he should try to salvage the situation before January 20, whatever it takes.

The Alamo surname shares the giant flory cross of Spanish Petro's, whom I think are from Flavius Petro of Rieti, the bloodline from the seven heads of Revelation to the anti-Christ, and to the Pollock surname. Flavius Petro was the grandfather of emperor Titus, the co-destroyer of Jerusalem in 70 AD. The Titus surname shares the Moor head with Hidalgo's. I've already shown a few times why Tertulla, wife of Flavius Petro, traces back to Julia TYCHE of the Galatians. Does the military build-up we're now seeing have to do with the arrival of the anti-Christ system?

Follow this if you've already read most of it before. There is good evidence that VesPASia Polla, Titus' mother and the line to Pollocks, was named partly by the bloodline that formed the Pasi's/Pascels (share crossed spears with Speers), which is the line to Paisleys/Pasleys (Renfrewshire, same as Speers and Pollocks). It's going to be important that Paisleys/Pasleys share the roses of Bellys (Moray, home of the first Pollock, PETER Pollock i.e. like "Petro"). The reason I'm repeating all this is that English Pasleys have the triple fesses of Alamo-like Lamo's in colors reversed. Bellys use more MOOR heads, the Moors thus suspect with the namers of Moray. Mars/More's -- Burgundy, same as Millets -- even share the scallops of Lamo's.

Lamo's were first found in Asturius with Hidalgo's, but because Alamo's are listed with ALARcons, I suggest that houseofnames made a mistake in listing them there, and should have listed them with Lamo's. One of the first Pollocks of Moray was Muriel, and the Muriel surname happens to share the fleur-de-lys of Morinis' while Morano's (Modena, same as Morinis') have the Moor heads of Morano down in southern Italy. Okay, we get it, that Moray was named by a branch or line of Morano. So, now, I kid you not, that I had looked up (years ago) the symbol of Spanish Muriels/Muro's: they use WALLS!!!! Trump is in Alamo today checking out his border wall!!! "Muro" means "wall" in Spanish! ZINGER. The triple Lamo / Pasley fesses are even linkable to Asturius-like Sturs.

Alamo is at the RIO Grande river, and "vaRIOS" is a motto term of Lamo-like Lame's, hmmm. The Rio/Rios surname, with almost the Murena tower, was first found in Asturias with Lamo's. That works, yet the namers of the Rio Grande were not thinking of heraldic connections, but maybe God arranged this. How possibly can we explain the "variis" and "varius" motto terms of French Grande's/Gronde's while Lame's use "varios"?? The namers of the Rio Grande didn't have this in mind, did they?

French Grande's were first found in Burgundy with Mars/More's, and "Amor" is a motto term of Grounds/Crannys. The Amore's and their Damory/Amori branch look linkable to the Drummond fesses, and the latter share triple red-on-gold fesses with Sturs, branch of ASTURs. Scottish Drummonds were first found beside STIRlingshire while Stirlings/STURlings share the Moor head with Hidalgo's of ASTURius. Stirlingshire is also where NewMARSH's were first found. Mars of Scotland ruled at KilDRUMMy. Expect the Alan Huns of Spain, around 400 AD, to play into these Spain-Scotland connections, for the one Alan fesse is in the colors of the triple Drummond fesses (Marines colors). The first Drummond was HUNgarian, and Trumps are suspect as a Drummond branch.

Drummonds were founded by MAURICE, into which play the Mares' and Marines' (share Morency cross). Trump has sent the Marines to Washington. Drummonds love the Gangs in their motto who share the Bucket fleur-de-lys, and Buckets can be linked to Bouchard II, founder of Mares-related MontMORENCY. Is this a pointer to antifa-type gangs and their riot fires?

But there's more, as though arranged by God, for English Walls, sharing the Muriel / Morinis fleur-de-lys, have this: "Wales is a parish, in the...wapentake of Strafforth and TICKhill in the West Riding of Yorkshire." Zowie, we just saw the Ticks/Touque's with the military-like motto term. The border wall was built with money having been allotted by congress to the military. If this is all coincidence, it would be staggering. Perhaps God is pointing to a military plot / presence that's only just beginning this week.

I don't wish to go over everything about Miss Peare's belly and waist symbols, so just trust when I say the heraldry checked out extremely well. The belly and waist events involved stages in a mall, for one, as well as choreography (plays on stages). What might that represent? Looks like staged events to me, and we just saw one on January 6, the very event that "justified," or called for, the military presence now in Washington.

Another waist event took place on the night big-breasted Mamie sat on my lap, on the night she got her tease symbol that pointed to the Tease's/Tyes'/TIGHs (like "Teague"), first found in Nottinghamshire with Mamie-like Mamesfelde (said to be named after breasts) of the Mansfields. The latter share the maunch sleeve with Tickhills, I kid you not. Tease's/Tighs share the stars of Italian Amori's, and Tease's/Tess'/Tecks share the saltire (virtually) of English Mares', first found in Kent with Marsh's (recalls Newmarsh's of Stirlingshire). martial-like Marshalls

Mamie's waist and tease symbol happened when she let me sleep in her sleeping bag, but rejected my trying to hug her. She turned away from me, and so I draped my ARM over her waist, on my best behavior, and we went to sleep like that. The ARMY saltire is colors reversed from that of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks! I've never had cause to mention or emphasize that until now! Could it indicate that this army build-up is a tease from Trump? When she sat on my lap, she was on my legs as a possible pointer to Trumps via Leggs. The day after this tease night, she got a thigh symbol to verify the pointer to Tease's/Tyes', but then the thigh involves the LEG. She got her thigh symbol (as I've said 20 times at least) at her Garden, and Gardens/Jardens are a branch of Jardins who in turn share the Army saltire and Amori stars while Amore's come up as "Armers."

The "JUNGunter" motto term of Gardens/Jardens must be partly for Jungs/Youngs with a stag in Trump-stag colors, explaining, apparently, why God gave her the thigh symbol at her garden. Gards have a version of the Ghent Chief, and the GUNTers in "JunGUNTER" use GAUNTlet gloves while Gaunt of Belgium is also, Ghent.

Miss Peare was sleeping in my bed along with Louise (no sex). I awoke in the middle of the night with my arm draped around Peare's waist. I didn't reach consciousness until realizing that my hand was pressing on her belly toward me (it felt so good, but I had to let go, and went back to sleep), while she was facing away from me. This was a few years before being in the same position with Mamie. Both this belly event, along with Peare's waist event decades later in my dream, involved my phrase, "it FELT so GOOD," which proved to be inspired by God, I thought, because while Bouillons (from Gothelo, father of Godfrey III, a Good / Goth bloodline) use a "BELLO CHRISTi," motto phrase, the giant Bouillon flory is the FELT flory in colors reversed. Miss Peare is CHRISTine, you see, and Christs use roses while the Scottish Rose clan was first found beside Moray i.e. beside the first-known Bellys.

The reason I'm repeating this here is that the giant Petro and Alamo flory crosses can be of the Bouillon / Felt florys. It has now caused me to ask whether "it felt so good" is God's pronouncement that something good is about to come from Trump's visit to Alamo.

During the belly event, Peare worked at REITman's clothing, and the stars of both Reitmans Coats can be seen in the Jewish Feltman Coat. Flavius Petro of RIETi, you see. A flory cross in colors reversed is used by Carlisle's, and their motto is, "HuMILITate." Amazing coincidence. If we read that as "HumiliTATE," we note that English Tate's share the Belly roses, and that Scottish Tate's/Teets share the ARMY Chief-saltire combination (same colors). Her Reitman's store was maybe four stores down the mall hall from where I was selling shoes, and the Shoe surname has a "WALL"!!! I kid you not. Suddenly, my meeting Peare is pointing to Trump's Alamo-wall visit. As Teague's/Teegers link to "MILITia," note that they are said to be related to Tate-like "Taidh."

Tate's/Teets were first found in Berwickshire with Hume's/Home's expected in "HUMilitate." Hume's/Home's love the True's/Tree's in their motto, and there is a tree upon the Shoe wall. The motto, "True TO THE end," looks like part-code for FEATHER-using and Tate-like Tooths (linkable to Lauders/Letters of Berwickshire). Tattons share the quadrants of Tooth-like Tute's/Tuits to show that Tate's may have been a Tooth branch. The Carlisle pen is a feather pen, probably part-code for Penns/PENCE's. The Tooths and Teets were suspect with the shark's teeth (my 1979 dream) wrapped around Trump's BELLY, when the head of Trump (the bulldog of the dream) was in the shark's mouth. We could say that Trump entered the shark's mouth with Pence's betrayal. The bulldog jumped into the pool with shark, and Jumps, with the trump stag head, share the Belly / Tate roses.

Plus, I was pressing her belly with my PALM, and then, as per "it felt so food, English Feltmans/Felthams (share gold leopard faces with Peare's) have a "palmi" motto term as well as the double fesses of PALMers in colors reversed. It tends to prove that "it felt so good" was God-inspired. A few weeks before the belly event (she had left me for Kepke at that time), and just days after I first saw Peare, my first kiss with her was at La PALOMa (a bar), and the Spanish Paloma's have two of the Pero pale bars. These Paloma's use a pot, and are in Potts'/Pot colors, who are in turn linkable to Potters, Porters and Ports.

Later, you'll see why Flavius JOSEPHus -- adopted by the family of Flavius Petro -- traces to Josephs, first found in Hampshire with the Ports (version of Joseph Chief) suspect in the "PORTanti" motto term of Feltmans/Felthams. At that time, you will see that these Flavians trace to Felt-like Fletts, Fleets and Flags/Flecks, the latter sharing the double fesses of Palmers, do you see what God is up to with Ms. Peter-like Peare?

Peare's waist symbol proved to be for Waistells (share dove with Paloma's), who happen to share the garbs in the Chief of English Josephs (share double chevrons of Chaplains). My palm was PRESSing her belly, and Press' share three estoiles in Crest with Ports. The latter were first found in Hampshire with Porters using belly-like bells. Can you do all this with one of your belly events? Likewise first found in Hampshire were English Caplans having a version of the Port Coat, and then German Caplans have a near-copy of the Jewish Feltman Coat, both sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Press'. Stunning. You might think I'm just making the belly event up to be agreeable with so much heraldry, but, no, I am not making it up that story.

German Caplans and Tease's/Tess'/Tecks were first found in Switzerland with Lex's, and while the latter can be in the "multipLEX" motto term of Ticks/Touque's, Lex's use a BOTTONY cross while Bottons/Buttons/Bidens (CHAPeau) were first found in Hampshire with English Caplans. JOSEPH Biden.

The day after I slept with Mamie in the tease-and-waist event, she got a thigh symbol at her garden, which recalls the Tyes variation of Tease's/Tighs, and the latter's stars are shared by Jardins, the latter first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens. German GARDners happen to share the split Shield of Jewish Feltmans, which are colors reversed from the split Shield of German Caplans while English Caplans share gold griffin heads with English Caplans. Tease's/Tighs (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas') share the stars of both Jardins ("Cave") and Annas', and then while CAPlan-like Joseph CAIAPHas (like "Cave") was the son-in-law of Jesus-killer Annas/ANANus, Jardins share the Chief-Shield of both ANANNs and ARMys. I had my ARM draped around the waists of both ladies. Expect the basis of these surnames to form the Illuminati.

I was SLEEPing in the same bed with Peare when she got her belly symbol. Sleeps have two of the three fesses (almost the same Coat overall) of Lamo's. It could be a coincidence, not related to Trump's Alamo visit. Sleeps were first found in Shropshire, home of FULbert, father of Pollocks, the Rieti line. Lamo's share the triple fesses of FULLers, and the latter share a "beacon" with German Belli's. What are the chances? I suppose this explains why the belly event had to be while we were sleeping, but to assure we engaged in no sex while God was setting the event up, Louise needed to stay the night too (only one bed in the place), and, besides, Peare had left me for Kepke soon earlier.

The first Pollock (son of Fulbert) was at Moray's Rothes castle, on the Spey river, named likely by the Speyer variation of Speers (same place as Paisleys) in the spear of the Feltman/Feltham Crest. The crossed Speyer/Spear spears are with Pasi's/Pascels, the line to Scottish Pasleys sharing the Belly roses.

There we see a good reason to see Lamo's as an Alamo branch, not forgetting that the Lamo / Fuller Coat is colors reversed from the same of English Pasleys, the line from Pasi's/PASCELs. While Lamo's are Lamas' too, English Lamas' and Pascals (not "Pascel") share the lamb, as do L'Eveque's (share the Moray star), and Pont-l'Eveque (on the Touques river) is where Ticks/Touque's were descended. If correct that God is using the Tick motto to point to some military plot, might the lambs in this picture indicate the lamb-like False Prophet (Revelation 13), who makes fire come from the sky undoubtedly from military machines?

It wasn't until discovering some of those interesting things above that Hidalgo's were looked up to find the giant Teager / Millet star for a pointer to the Tick/Touque motto. English Lamas' were first found in Norfolk with the Bus' sharing the Coat of English Millets. Is this evidence that Trump in Alamo is starting a military solution to his troubles? Or, is this lending our enemies a pathway to some military-state that Obamaites will now foist upon us?

The Arms of Hidalgo has a lone star in the colors of the L'Eveque star, and as that is the star of Texas, compare "TEXas" with "Tick / Teague." Teague's/Teegers were first found in Galway, and Galways (bridge) share the cross of Crystals. As I said, God brought me to Crystal City (not far from Alamo) en-route to finding Mrs. Teague's property to purchase.

Teague's/Teegers are said to derive in "McTAIDH," and while that's not necessarily true just because error-prone houseofnames says so, it's interesting that Taids/Dade's/McDavids share the Chief-Shield color combination of MILES', for it recalls when I fell ASLEEP in my Texas-like taxi (told this story many times before). A police officer, Norman MILES, whom I hadn't seen since our grade-8 class, woke me up at the side of the road. The Millets, sharing the giant Teeger / Hidalgo star, are also Milez's, you see. That's really interesting. Is this pointing to a police-state?

Miles and I had been school mates at MARK II school in UNIONville (Ontario), and although the Marks and Marx's don't have checks in the colors of the Texas checks, English Marks share the fleur-de-lys of Petro's (share Alamo flory).

Union's/Onions (spear) happen to share the mill rind with Miles', suggesting that God set me up at Mark II school with Norman Miles (I went to school there two months only). Christine Peare lived in Unionville when she had the sleep-belly event (saw her last some two years before the taxi event). Unions/Onions/ANIONs have an ermined chevron in the colors of the double, ermined fesses of Sleeps. The latter were first found in Shropshire with Hunts/Hunters, and I got the taxi job when sharing a room on Hunt street with a taxi dispatcher.

Union-like Uniaks are listed with Irish Gards sharing the brown wolf with Teague's/Teegers, explaining, likely, why English Gards, sharing the black griffin with Ticks/Touque's, were first found in Kent with Ticks/Touque's. The further coincidence, or not, is where the English Scottes', like "SCOTUS," were likewise first found in Kent and have yet another black griffin. Might we be pointing both to the military and to the supreme court? Hidalgo County is on the RIO GRANDE while "GRANDescunt" is a motto term of COURTs/Coverts.

It's very interesting that while heraldic / mythical griffins have eagle heads and eagle legs, the Scottes griffin is black with gold legs, as is the Giuliani eagle. Isn't Giuliani taking Trump's election fraud to SCOTUS? If this turns out to be another heraldic coincidence because the SCOTUS never wins anything for Trump, then I'm lost. Perhaps God is pointing to SCOTUS corruption / lawlessness / hypocrisy.

Spanish Rio's were first found in ASTURius, of all places in Spain, with Hidalgo's and Alamo's. Asturs are a branch of Sturs while the latter share the triple-red fesses of English Normans (linkable to the triple fesses of Lamo's), how possibly could that coincidence have happened? The police officer I first met as a young teen in Unionville is NORMAN Miles, and we have another Templar lamb in the Crest of Scottish Normans. It may mean that Unions/Onions share the chevron of Lamberts (more lambs).

It's just incredible, furthermore, that while Scottish Normans share the Bush/Bos billets, French Billets/Billiards, with a version of the French Lambert Coat (share Moray stars with English Billiards/Hillards), were first found in Maine with the Pellicans sharing the Rio tower, and with the DeMaine's sharing the fleur-de-lys of the Petro's who in turn have the Alamo cross. My first girlfriend (my age 22) as a Christian was Miss Pasco / Pascel / Pascal, I'm not sure which, when we both lived on Demaine crescent. Vespasia Polla is definitely the line to Pullens/Pullys using a pelican, and her surname is the one suspect with the stock of Pasi's/Pascels.

I caught wind that Trump's first landing in Texas, before going to Alamo, was in Harlingen, and so I checked Harlingens to find a Coat like that of Velis'/Vails in the motto of Griffins. If you want to see yet more shocking material, let's first quote from the last update: "On this page, Maria Zack is "Maria Fe Z. PARKER of Nation[s] in ACTION"..." The Parker stag head happens to be in the Harlingen Coat, and Actions/Actons have a "VAILlance aVANCE" motto phrase while Velis' are also Vails who probably use the Giuliani eagle because Velis'/Vails also share the Julian / Gully cross. Vance-branch Vaux's share the Texas Coat, and Texas-like Teague's/Teegers share the Julian / Gully (and School) cross. "VailLANCE" thus looks connectable to the lances of Res'/Dere's sharing the Chief of French Julians.

Parkers use a "merces" motto term very linkable to the Marici line that I see in Marks. German Marks/Merks (spear), I almost forgot, share another black eagle with gold legs with Giuliani's, what are the chances, and the German Mark/Merk Coat looks like a version of the Dutch Tromp Coat, how about that. Does this mean that election fraud in Italy will be tackled by the Trump-Giuliani team soon with the help of Ms. Zack Parker?

On the other hand, why do Zacks share the Mark/Marx checks and possibly the Mark lion? Hmm, why do Fake's come up as FaZACKERley? Is Maria Zack a fake? Is her Italy story fake? Is she part of the Marxist psychological operations upon the people? Why is nobody in the Trump camp taking her colossal Italy claims seriously? Or, for all we know, they have been taken seriously, and the Giuliani team is secretly in the midst of investigating them.

Marici lived at Pavia, on the Tick-like Ticino river, and Pierro's/PERO's, expected in the "Per" motto terms of Harlingens, were first found in Pavia. Lamo's even share the Pavia scallop, amazing because Trump's landing at Harlingen and Alamo knows no heraldry. The Julian / Gully cross is shared also by coup-like Coo's/Cowes', and the latter use Pence-like pennants. The "AeQUO" motto term of Pennants (could be the Zack lion closely) suggests code for Coo's, and while "Quo" is a motto term of Sidneys (Kent, same as Time's/Timms and Ticks) while Sidney Powell has recently been general Flynn's lawyer, I say that Flynns were a branch of Flints while Pennants were first found in Flintshire. Plus, while Trump's defense chief is Mr. Miller, English Millers have wolf heads colors reversed from the Flynn wolf, and Scottish Millers use "opTIMa," like the "optem" of the Teague's/Teegers whom I'm pointing to the military. "Quo" is a motto term also of Ellis-branch Elias', and Jenna Ellis is on the Giuliani legal team.

WOW, almost missed it. English Marks share the giant Leonardo lion, and Leonardo's were first found in Novara, where Wikipedia places the Laevi Gauls, the co-founders of Pavia along with the Marici!!! It's just that Leonardo is a military company being fingered by Alfio D'Urso and Maria Zack as the one that conducted the election fraud on Trump! We would not have arrived to this heraldry had it not been for my attending Mark II school at age 13. I went there only for May and June after my parents moved away from Markham to Gormley, and Gormleys/Grimes' have the Pavia martlets in colors reversed, amazingly enough, while Grime's/Grimms have the English Pavia/Pavey Coat three times. That's incredible now that Leonardo's connect with this Pavia picture. Markhams even have an "auDAX" motto term while Dax's are listed with taxi-like Tax's. Is this discussion placing Zack into whatever the Trump-Alamo picture means?

OH WOOOWWW! Tax-like Texas' share the checks of Pavers! It could be that Trump was contemplating Zack's message to him on the day he went to Alamo.

Markhams, with the English Mark lion in colors reversed, were first found in Nottinghamshire with Nations/Nathans (who in turn look linkable to Cords/McCOURTs). Is this a pointer to Zack's organization, Nations in Action? German Marks look linkable to Tarves' (share Clinton and Hillary fitchees exactly) and their Maple kin, and here it can be added that while German Marks/Merks have the double-tipped Shakespeare spear, the Shakespeare Coat shares the bend of jail- and goal-like Jalls/Jells/Gells (at Hopton) and Harlingens. Hoptons share the English Mark lion. Unfortunately, there is no Jail or Goal/Goalie surname coming up, but as Norman Miles was/is a police officer, could that be due to jail terms that God is arranging?

The Gullys are goalie-like Gollys too, and for my championship hockey match at age 12 (we won the game and trophy), I scored the first goal against the goalie, my friend, Jim McGee. McGee's share the boar head of Juggs/Judds expected in the "juga" motto term of Harlingens, and then while Scottish Scotts share the Hockey crescent, Juggs/Judds must be a branch of JUDGE's/Juge's as a pointer to the judges of SCOTUS (= Supreme Court of the United States). Judge's/Juge's have a chevron colors reversed from the same of one English Parker Coat while the other English Parkers are the ones with a "MERCes" motto term. Maria Zack apparently married a Mr. Parker, and Parks share the checks-on-fesse of French Marks.

Irish Judge's/Juge's (share Meschin scallops) have a "proviDENTia" motto term while Dents have a "ConCORDia" motto term while Cords are also McCOURTs. Supreme Court. Who arranged for that coincidence? The latter share the Conn / Coney fesse, and Amy CONEY Barrett is on the U.S. Conns / Coneys have a version of the Meschin Coat. If "CONcordia" is code for the Cone bloodline (in the "pine cones" of Meschin-branch Maschi's), by what coincidence do Cone's share the Conte antler while Mr. Conte is the current prime minister of Italy? If I recall correctly, Maria Zack thinks Conte was part of the election-fraud crime. HAMON de Masci can be gleaned in the Hamon surname (antlers) using a "PER TOT" motto phrase while "TOTum" is a motto term of Irish Judge's/Juge's.

If that's not enough, my hat trick was with my friend, MARIA, watching, who lived in BUTTONville as what looks like a pointer to Joe Biden. So, does all of this indicate a great victory for us as per Trump's landing in Harlingen and Alamo?

This is a good place to add that Harlingen, Texas, is in Cameron county while Camerons have the triple Norman / STUR fesses in colors reversed. The Cheile's (share the ASTUR bend) in the Cameron motto use a leg, and Leggs (Dumfries, same as McGee's and PADyns) almost have the Trump stag head. As I've said many times, my goal against McGee was over his knee PAD i.e. over his LEG as he kicked it out to block the shot. In case "OVER his pad" relates to Overs, note that the latter look like kin of the SCOTUS-like Scotts sharing the Hockey crescents. Does this predict that Trump wins when finally his case gets to SCOTUS? What will SCOTUS do about Biden in the White House at the time?

I scored on Jim McGee into the NET, and Nets/Knights/Knaughts share the Zack / Marx lion while McGee's with Leggs were first found in Dumfries with the Nitts/Naughts who in turn share the checks of French Marks. English Knights use a spur for the Spurrs, first found in Devon with their Super branch that I point to "SUPReme court."

As said several times, I drove Miss Naughten (knew her from school) home in my taxi when she lived on the Gamble sideroad, though I don't know why I remember this or how it can apply. Gamble's share the fleur-de-lys of English Marks. Again, the latter's giant lion is also that of Leonardo's. Markhams were at MAPLEbeck, and people were saying that Marla MAPLES, Trump's former wife, was on the phone call with Maria Zack as she explained the election fraud from Italy's Leonardo military company. Incredible coincidence if it's only a coincidence. McGee and I lived in Markham, and Markhams were first found in Nottinghamshire (location of Maplebeck) with Naughten-like Nations/Nathans. Natts/Nathans look linkable to Nitts/Naughts.

English Marks (probably the lion of Marici-like Maurice's and Morris') were at TOLLESbury, and then the Tull/Tolle checks are in the colors of the Mark checks (Tolles' use checks too). The Tulls/Tolle's share the lion of Tools and Scottish Mars, suggesting that Marks were Mar cousins. As I've said many times, the Tools and Tulls/Tolle's share the lion of trophy-like Trope's/Drops (Norfolk, same as Marys with lion in colors reversed).

French Mars (Burgundy, same as Millets) share the scallops of Lamo's. Tulls/Tolle's share the pyramid with BattiSTELLI's, and Stelli's share the eight-pointed star of Millets / Teegers / Hidalgo's. How do coincidences like these all string up with so many other coincidences if God is not in them? Tolles' share the checks of English Steels, and German Steele's share the pale bar of Tulls/Tulia's. The same eight-pointed star is used by English Dominics who definitely pointed to Dominion's vote flipping crimes because I worked on the farm of Dominic De FILIPpis at age 14/15.

Pyramid-using Fiscs/Fisks share the Zack / Mark and Hohen checks, and Hohen-like Cohens have the checks of Italian FERRANDs while TULLia of Lyon married in Clermont-FERRAND, explaining why Tulia-like Tulls/Tolle's use another pyramid. Irish Cohens happen to share the green sea-horse of Harlingens and Merk-like Meriks, for what it's worth, and Jewish Cohens/Kagans have more Lambert stars. Mrs. Teague above was born Miss Ferrand-like Friend, and the Friends, in the colors and format of English Lamberts, share the ermined chevron of Unions/Onions.

One of our arch enemies, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, was found murdered, cut into pieces, and buried on the hunting ranch of Mrs. Teague's brother, Mr. Friend. I was still living in Texas (half the year) at the time. What could God be pointing to with this? A slaughter of Obamaites and Clintonites? Note that Hairs/Hare's, with a version of the Dunham Coat, could have named Harlingens? Scottish Hairs/Hare's were first found in AYRshire with Ayers (another leg), and Bill Ayers, the terrorist Marxist, was, and may still be, Obama's buddy. Bill Ayers ran the terrorist organization, WEATHER UnderGROUND, and Weathers/Withers use a HARE, what are the chances? English Grounds (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes') have a version of the Rhodes Coat, and Cecil Rhodes (for whom Rhodes scholarships pertain) was part of Fabian communism.

Headline at this time: "CBS 4 News Rio Grande Valley - President Trump arrives to Harlingen." Just so you know. Harlingen is on the Rio Grande too at the very southern tip of Texas. It's in Cameron county while Camerons love the leg-using Cheile's, first found in Lincolnshire with Cheile-like Keele's/KILLs and Miles'. As I've said many times, Norman Miles woke me up, when I dozed off in my taxi, about 100-200 yards from the intersection of highway 7 and KEELE street, in ConCORD, Ontario. Cords are listed with McCOURTs. "CONCORDia" is a motto term in the Arms of Rothschild, and this Arms shares five, bunched arrows with the Cameron Crest, what are the chances?

In Unionville, our hockey team (year of my hat trick) was behind by a goal in a match that would end our season. It was do or die. The coach at the bench was wondering who to put on in the final minute or two of the game, and with some of us volunteering, I insisted the most, and got picked to go on. But we did not score, not even close to a goal, and I felt so bad. What loss could that point to?

I now need to go to a dream I had (may have been during Trump's term) of a spider on a STRAND of web about to attack a fly stuck on the web, but I raised a piece of cardboard between the spider and the fly to save the fly. I then felt the spider wiggling nastily in my armpit, and became frightened when I could not move to do anything about it after a few attempts. I then woke up. The main reason that I'm repeating this is that while Flys (Hampshire, beside Webbers) share the fleur-de-lys of Webbers (share black bend with Harlingens), the latter have wavy bars in the colors of the wavy bend of Harlingens. In this picture, the fly is Trump.

Moreover, the Strands (wavy bar called a strand-like stream) have the giant savage with club of German Normans (both stand on green ground and have a blue Shield), and it just so happens that English Normans share the triple fesses of Sturs, first found in Hampshire with Flys. We have a story that apparently links to Norman Miles and the taxi event. (As Webbers are a Weaver branch, I see heraldic waves as code for the Weaver / Webber bloodline.) I've got it recorded: "The Webber description: "Black shield with three gold wavy bars..."

[See next update for Nora Graff and Kepke's inclusion with this spider.]

To help prove that the spider-web dream is to include German Normans, they were first found in Hamburg with triple-wavy-fesse Drummonds while Scottish Drummonds have three wavy fesses in the colors of the three fesses of English Normans and Sturs. This is pretty-good stuff, suddenly, suggesting that the dream was not decipherable until Trump landed in Harlingen. He then went to Hidalgo county, location of Alamo, and while Hidalgo's and Lamo's were both first found in ASTURia, Asturs/Easters are a Stur branch.

Moreover, I told that the web was at the corner of the ceiling, where it meets the WALL!!! It was not in the corner of the room, just where the wall meets the ceiling above my bed. I had a Seely mattress at the time, and ceiling-like Sealys/Shallows share an anchor (different color) with the Hoods/Hoots in turn having a "ZEALous" motto. English Sealys/Ceileys were first found in Somerset with Webbers. Seals/ZEALs happen to share the Weaver fesse, but there's more, for the Sea's, said to have been lords of Seal in Kent, share the triple-wavy fesses of German Drummonds. This tends to prove that God was the author of the spider dream.

The white anchor is shared between Hoods/Hoots, Harlingens and Irish Cales'/Cahills, linkable to Trumps in the Call/Calles Trumpets, and the Cales'/Cahills (whale) have a version of the Sealy/Shallow Coat (whale). The "Domino" motto term of Cales'/Cahills could therefore be a pointer to Dominion election fraud. It's pretty incredible that while Harlingens are also Harlings, Dutch Harings/Haringens share the black anchor with Sealys/Shallows. Harlingen in Texas is said to be named after Harlingen of Holland. English Herrings/herrings share the Maria / Hatrick lion. "Domine" is a motto term of the Velis'/Vails (wavy bendlets, Webber / Fly colors) expected in the Action/Acton motto, and thus this paragraph is a good pointer to Nation in Action's present struggle to unveil Dominion corruption in Italy.

ZOWIE LOOK! As the savage-with-club of stream-using Strands is shared by Scottish Woods, it's first notable that the Wood and D'Urso/Orso/Dorso trees are both on blue Shields. French D'Urso's/Hours share the chevron of Urso-like Arthurs, the latter first found in bear-depicted Berwickshire. Italian D'Urso's/Orso's/Dorso's use the bear. A myth writer wrote, "Le MORTE D'ARTHur," as play on words on the Morte's/Motts sharing the crescents of Deaths/Darths...but they are also the ELIA's/Elias' ("quoMODO") crescents, can you believe it?!!! Alfio D'Urso is ARTURo D'Elia's lawyer!!!! Impossible heraldry, unless God arranged it.

The myth places king Arthur's death on Avalon = Bute, where Kims were first found who share the cinquefoils of D'urso/Dorso-like Dorseys. French D'Urso's were first found in Auvergne with Bute-like Bauds, as well as the Bouillons who are a part of the Stage/Stagg bloodline. The stags of Stage's/Staggs are in the stag colors of stream- and Stand-like Strams/Strauns. This can link Alfio D'Urso fantastically to the strand of web.

Irish Arthurs, by the way, are in the colors and format of Unions/Onions. The latter are also Einions, and, for what it's worth, Yales "claim descent from ELLIS, second son of Griffith Ap EINION, Lord of Yale." Yale's share the chapeau with Dorseys, and Ellis' share the Elia/Elias Coat. The Yale saltire is that also of Barane's/Barone's who in turn have an "auDACES" motto term while Daces' are listed with Dorseys.

The Stram/Straun motto includes "TIMEo sed," and while "sed" is for the Sidney bloodline, Sidneys and Time's/Timms (both in Stram/Straun colors) were both first found in Kent. The Timeo's share the Muriel / Morinis / Wall fleur-de-lys for a return to the border-wall theme, and then the Morinis' are in the write-up of Deerings, likewise first found in Kent. To boot, Elia's/Elias' use "QUO sed," and Sidneys use "Quo," while Perkins COIE was run for Hillary's crimes by Marc Elias. If that's not enough coincidence for you, Perkins share the white goat head of Time's/Timms, and red fleur-de-lys with Urso-like Arso's (Spanish). It can be added that Board-like Beards/Bards ("DOMINus") share the green griffin with Powells.

The Boards expected in the cardBOARD of the spider dream can be appealed to for pointing to Norman Miles' taxi event because Boards (Fort colors) have a "perFORATus" motto while English Forts have a motto, "Fortis et auDAX." We're back to taxi-like Tax's/Dax's sharing the crossed Border/BOARDer swords, and Trump is in Texas to see the BORDER wall, are you not impressed with this heraldry? Boards are in the split colors of German Dominics, and then while English Dominic's (share Teeger Crest) have a "Pax" motto, English Packs (Paisley/Pasley kin) were first found in Sussex with Boards. German Dominic's share the chevron of Friends while Mrs. Teague was born Miss Friend. Suddenly, the cardboard may be related to Dominion's spider web i.e. the Internet spider it uses to commit fraud. (It could have been a thin board rather than cardboard; it was short but much longer than wide.)

[Insert -- A few hours after writing here, I think I discovered why it was CARDboard, as a pointer to Damiano CARDiello, Arturo D'Elia's other lawyer. See below.]

Boarders were first found beside the Shots/Shute's, both having the same-colored swords, yet the three of Shots/Shute's are fessewise, ditto with the three Trumpets of Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire, same as Shots/Shute's). Italian Cales' may have the Giuliani eagle with gold legs. Is that not looking like a taxi-event pointer to Trump at the border wall? The sling SHOT in the Arms of DACHau probably relates to all this because Tax's/Dax's are also Dachs.

Deke's share the lion of Irish Cauleys, and the axe in Crest with English Cauleys/Caleys in turn sharing the Keele/Kill quadrants, tending to lump the Call/Calles trumpets in with my sleeping-taxi event near Keele street. Scottish Cauleys share the Mark fesse-with-checks, and I got woken by a police officer I met at Mark II school. These checks are those of Zacks, and the Check surname has the Filippis Coat, recalling that Dominic De Filippis pointed to Dominion vote flipping.

[OH ZOWIE! I didn't re-realize until after writing the this paragraph in full that the white wolf head of Seals is in the Crest of English Walls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The latter are the ones with the fleur-de-lys of Marine-like Muriels and Morinis' (Spanish Muriels/Muro's use "walls)]. As Sea's share the wavy fesses/bars of Seamans, and as Sea's were first found in Kent with the Ticks/Touque's with the military-like motto term, I note that Marines' were first found in Kent too. If this looks like a pointer to Trump using the Marines sector of the military, and yet if he doesn't do so to stay in Office, then, wow, what another huge coincidence. Spanish Marina's, first found in Castile with Alamo's sharing a similar border, have the wavy fesses of German Drummonds in colors reversed, is that not very impressive?

It tends to nail the wall of the dream with Trump going down to Harlingen and Alamo to see the border wall. The "PerforaTUS" motto of Boards can be partly for the Tous' sharing the eight-pointed star of Hidalgo's / Millets, what are the chances? The Tous' have a man with red shirt said to have BUTTONs, that's right. Buttons/Bidens were first found in Hampshire with same-colored Tiss'/Teece's expected in the "ForTIS" motto term of Forts. "PERforatus" must be partly for Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia because that place is on the Tiss-like Tessin (Ticino) river.

The Tax's/Dax's and recall my goal by a DEKE, the second goal of the hat trick, when I went into the BOARDS after scoring. Deke's (Norfolk, same as Marys) share the Hatrick/Ettrick / Edrich / Mary lion, and while Mary was watching that hat-trick game, Marine's might just be using the Deke / Deacon cross. She was likely born Maria, and then Spanish Maria's (Castile, same as Marina's) have fleur-de-lys colors reversed from the same of wall-connectable Muriels, and Morinis'. This can be a pointer to Maria Zack. Deke's and Deacons share the axe in Crest with Tuckers (share sea-horse with Seamans and Harlingens) who in turn share the wavy bars of Sea's and Seamans.

The spider web at the ceiling. Repeat: "Irish Cohens happen to share the green sea-horse of Harlingens and Merk-like Meriks..." Maurice-like Meriks have a wavy fesse colors reversed from the fesse of English Weavers ("esto"), and the Merik stars are in the colors of the same of German Weavers/Webbers (love the Segne's/Segurana's with the Este / Barr eagle). Drummonds were founded by Maurice Drummond, suspect in naming the Kildrummy castle of the Mars. English Seelys/Ceileys share the Coat of French Maurice's, both looking like kin of Marine-like Mars/More's, with a Coat similar to that of Billiards/Hillards, the latter first found in Yorkshire with the Scarfs sharing the white wolf head with Seals/Zeals and Walls. Seelys/Ceileys use a tiger, perhaps for a Teeger branch, which bears repeating that German Teegers share the giant Millet / Hidalgo star while Teague's/Teegers have a perchevron (solid chevron) colors reversed from the same of Ticks/Touque's.

The hockey deke now gets important where Deke's and Deacons share the Maria and Haring/Haringen lion while Haring/Haringens share the Action/Acton fesse. It's a perfect pointer to Maria Zack of Nations in ACTION, especially as Actons had an AXton location in Kent while Deke's and Deacons use axes in Crest. There's a good chance that this picture points to Trump in Harlingen. "L'homme" is a motto term shared by Actions/Actons and Humphreys, the latter looking like they are from Humphrey de Vieilles, from the HARcourts. His surname could have named at least one Wall surname, but, in any case, "VAILlance" is an Action/Acton motto term while Velis'/Vails have a "domine" motto term, and a version of the Harlingen Coat! Zinger.

I can even go back to the Action/Acton motto term, "aVANCE," for "Avancez" is the full motto of Hills while spider-like Spitzers use so-called "hills" have a so-called "tunnel." Trump might even know Eliot Spitzer of New York. I can't prove that the spider was code for Eliot Spitzer, though it's very interesting that while the spider was at the wall, Spitzer's wife is Silda Wall, how about that. Spitzer was the New York governor shortly after Giuliani was the New York mayor. The spider was at the corner of the wall and ceiling, and Corners share the acorn with Dutch Tromps.

The Flys were first found in Hampshire with Checkers (share the Cohen checks), Bidens/Buttons, and English Josephs while French Josephs and VOTERs/Gautier's (share red fesse with Bidens/Buttons) have the Fly martlet in colors reversed. Checks/CHACKs/Chicks/Cheeks share the Coat of Filippis', looking like a pointer to voter flipping, for Voters/Gautier's have a "CHACun" motto term.

Although Tim Pool is unreliable as per the events of January 6 (he didn't admit that anti-Trumpers did it), note what he says in the first three minutes, that Democrats are fearing that the 25,000 soldiers in Washington might be pro-Trumpers for an insurrection reason...unless this is going to be a false-flag event to turn rabidly on Republican militia:

Tim says that the FBI is checking out all the Washington soldiers to see if they are all pro-Trumpers. I hope so. They were given power to shoot people to defend themselves. Tim also reveals that the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in opposition to Trump, are freaking out at the Washington build-up; see the 11th minute. The Joint Chiefs are led by Mr. Milley, now revealing who's side he's on. The Milley/Mulloy Coat is a greyhound-version of two Lamo quadrants. I'm no military expert, but isn't it risky to attempt a military take-out of Bidenites, at this time, if the Joint Chiefs oppose? It's possible that military-brass elements are faking opposition to this build-up in order to appear detached from what's about to happen against pro-Trumpers.

I apologize that the video above is from bitchute, where nasty language and nasty people go, but youtube is apparently not carrying this video, at least not yet (it's only an hour old as of Monday the 18th).

I can't find proof that Marines are in Washington...until, in a video from the morning of the 18th, "MCI" (Marine Corps Institute) is seen on a vehicle at 46 seconds of this video:

Then, smoke appeared near the Capital Building on Monday about noon. From a live Ruptly video:"BREAKING: The US Capitol was put under lockdown after a reported 'external security threat' and smoke seen rising from the area, as the rehearsal for Joe Biden's inauguration was underway." False-flag to blame it on pro-Trumpers? If not, I can understand why Biden doesn't want to go near this military bastion for his inauguration. Another video showed the fire under a road bridge right beside train tracks.

I'm hearing that Trump's Secret Service is leading this military presence, and that this Service is loyal to Trump. Would Trump do the bidding of Bidenites, to stack the capital like this for Biden's entry into the White House? Isn't that a betrayal of the voters?

Insert, After Writing Some of the Above on the 13th

I went to add, in the section beneath this insert, to the fantastic find (on the 12th) about Alfio D'Urso, Arturo D'Elia's lawyer (don't miss the D'Urso find immediately after this insert). I came across an article trying to prove that D'Urso is a fraud, which article brought me to D'Elia's other / previous lawyer, Damiano CARDiello. I naturally loaded the Cardiello surname to see if, possibly, the CARDboard in the spider dream could apply to him. No Cardiello/Cardiell surname came up, but there is a Cardell surname sharing the giant fret of Blake's/Caddells, likely a branch of Cattle's/Cattels (another giant fret). It was then interesting that the other Blake's (Pavia martlets?) share a single, black-on-white pale bar with German Walls, for the spider was at the corner where the wall meets the ceiling.

The next thing done was to load Cards, who have a "letter" (not a card) in Crest held by a hand coming from a cloud. I realized that the blue Card lion head is likely the blue lion of Lutts/Lute's because McLeods/CLOUDs come up as Lutts too. Then it struck me: McLeods/Clouds use a FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's huge because Flys are said to have named Flagi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You see, God is the author of that spider-fly dream. I put the cardboard between the spider and the fly!!!

WOW, I'm shocked and happy all at once, happy because I need comfort when claiming dreams to be from God. It's so risky, this work I do with heraldry; many readers think I'm nuts, even my sons. I don't blame them. I never have.

Lute's/Lutts share the quadrants of FASTs/Fastoffs and Falstaffs, and then McLeods/Clouds/Lutts use a "Hold FAST" motto to prove that Lute's/Lutts are a McLeod branch. It just so happens that Fasts and Falstaffs were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks/Flacks (and Cattle's/Cattels). Lute's/Lutts were first found in Worcestershire with the Squirrels, who are in the squirrel of the Hold Crest. The Lute/Lutt Coat is almost that of Neams/Neems expected in the Pence motto.

One CARTer Coat has the gold Lute/Lutt lion, and the other carters share a green chevron with Italian Damian(o)s, which looks like a great way for God to point to Damiano CARDiello. Carters (no doubt the Sforza lion) were first found in Winchester, and Winchesters (Hampshire, same as Flys) use a blue lion in Crest that can be the Card lion. Sforza's have a lion holding a "quince," and Saer de Quincy was a ruler of Winchester. Carders look like Meschin kin. Boards in the cardBOARD are kin of Sforza-like Forts, I think.

Okay, so what could it mean that God stuck D'Elia's lawyer (or former lawyer), Mr. Cardiello, between the spider and the fly when the spider was attacking the fly? Well, since my mother is a Masci on one side, the first thing to say is that Meschins share the Flag/Fleck scallops, but then so do Irish Judge's/Juge's. I will therefore repeat from above in case the spider is the thing affecting the SCOTUS at this time, keeping it shut down:

Irish Judge's/Juge's (share Meschin scallops) have a "proviDENTia" motto term while Dents have a "ConCORDia" motto term while Cords are also McCOURTs. Who arranged for that coincidence? Cords/McCourts share the Conn / Coney fesse, and Amy CONEY Barrett is on the U.S. Supreme Court. Conns / Coneys have a version of the Meschin Coat. If "CONcordia" is code for the Cone bloodline (in the "pine cones" of Meschin-branch Maschi's), by what coincidence do Cone's share the Conte antler while Mr. Conte is the current prime minister of Italy? If I recall correctly, Maria Zack thinks Conte was part of the election-fraud crime. HAMON de Masci can be gleaned in the Hamon surname (antlers) using a "PER TOT" motto phrase while "TOTum" is a motto term of Irish Judge's/Juge's.

The amazing thing here is that Maschi's were first found in Rimini while Rimmons/Crimmons were first found on the isle of Skye and Lewis with Flag-loving McLeods/Clouds!!! Astounding coincidence. Hamons use a "discRIMINa" motto term that looks like code for Rimmons/Crimmons and Rimini all at once, explain Hamon de Masci. But, what's more, Rimini is near CATTOLica, where Cattle's/Cattels may derive! They use their fret (includes a saltire with MASCLE at center as code for the Meschin/MASCULine line) in the colors of the Black (and Blaze) saltire, while the Blake's, with the Wall pale bar, have a Caddell branch sharing the giant fret (same colors) as Cardiello-like Cardells! Bingo, folks.

The spider looks like it's trying to trap and eat, so to speak, the supreme court's pro-Trump judges. They might be fearing for their lives, but, if I have all of this deciphered right, something's going to stop the spider, soon we hope, and the thing that looks like the stopper is the Dominion fraud from Italy. That makes so much sense, because SCOTUS cannot refuse court evidence from an Italian court. Sooo, Maria, what are you waiting for, go get the court evidence and get it to the SCOTUS somehow. Just carry a big gun and a bullet-proof breast plate.

Might Sidney Powell get the Italian story to SCOTUS? Yes, because Powells use a "fynw" motto term for the Fenns/Venns (share green griffin with Powells), and then while Fane's/Vans (share Macey/Mace gloves) have a "fano" motto term, Fano is a location some 20 miles south of Cattolica, believeth thou thiseth? Cattolica is above ten miles south of Rimini, and Hamon de Masci is also Hamon de Massey while Masseys are also Maceys. I have a relative with a Masci surname who sent me the video of D'urso speaking his affidavit, which you can see below (sorry to spoil the surprise). English Maceys/Mace's (Cheshire, same as Weavers) share the Weaver/Webber stars, that's right.

Sidneys use a porcuPINE, and Maschi's use pine cones. Sidneys were first found in Kent with the Masons/Massins sharing the Lute/Lutt lion that was connectable to the Card lion.

Ahh, what do we know??? The Masons/Massins share the mermaid with Byrne's, and the Byrne motto has "CERTavi" while, believe it or not, Certs are listed with Cards!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, this paragraph comes while, and because of, viewing Patrick Byrne on a Rubin Report podcast (Jan 13) not more than an hour after writing the paragraph above! Amazing is it not, since the paragraph above was the last one in this insert at the time. Patrick Byrne is the one who educated Sidney Powell on Dominion machinery. The Byrne Coat is in the colors and format of the Wayne's who in turn share gauntlet gloves with what look like their branch, the Fane's/Vans/Veynes' of Fano, a branch of Fenns/Venns in the Powell motto!

[Update February 27 -- I happened to load FLANagans, in Flint/FLAN colors, seeing their "Certavi" motto term, which made the FLY look like a depiction of general FLYnn. It turned out that the Flanagan and Byrne mottoes are identical. It appears that this is the correct interpretation, that the spider represents the Mueller side attacking a helpless Flynn, and that something, perhaps God, saved him at the last second. I'm going to share this in the 4th update in February, and may add to it. End update]

Plus, the Cards/Certs use a HAND coming from a cloud, and Byrne's show hands! These hands can be traced via the "vici" motto term of Byrne's to the same hands of English Pucks, for German Pucks look like kin of VISconti's while Vice's are also "Vise's. Hands (use more hands) were first found in Cheshire.

Plus, unbelievable, the Byrne-like Brains/Brayne's share a single, red pale bar with Tulls/Tullia's who in turn put butterFLIES on their pale bar!!! The heraldic butterfly is indication that Flys and Buttons/Bidens (both first found in Hampshire) were related, and that Buttons put out the Butters/Bitars. Brain-like Barane's/Barone's use an audax-like "auDACES" motto term, and Daces'/Dorseys/Darcys share the Biden chapeau. The chapeau is a cap, and so the "captat muscas" (= fly-catcher) motto phrase of Drake's (Hampshire, same as Flys) suggests a round-about Drake relationship with the Button/Biden chapeau.

Amazingly, as the Capelli's own this chapeau, it can point this spider-fly dream to Nancy Pelosi's because "pelosi" means "hairy" while "capelli" means "hair, and Pelosi's (share bull with Daces/Dorseys) were first found smack beside Bra (Piedmont, same as Masci's), where I trace Brayne-like Brays/Brae's. The Hairs even have a version of the Dunham Coat. Recall that Pelosi was caught on video not wearing a MASK at her hair dresser's place.

Hamon de Masci lived in Dunham-Massey (Cheshire), and English Randolphs, sharing the Dunham Coat, are from RANOLPH le Meschin, earl in Cheshire. We are on the Dunham > Obama bloodline here, for one can check to see that Randolphs are in the ancestry of Obama's mother's Dunham surname. This recalls the time when my browser was loading a news page slowly (I had slow, dial-up Internet at the time) from the top down; the page stopped loading on the center of a black object on the forehead of Obama. It looked like a bullet hole, but when the page continued to load, it turned out to be a house fly! I've always suspected Obama behind false-FLAG operations, and Flys named Flagi.

Flys (Hampshire, same as Drake's) are in the "muscas" motto term of Drake's, which is translated at "fly." The motto uses a phrase translated as "fly-catcher," explaining why the cat in the Catch/Catcher Crest is in the design of the Muscas/Mosca leopard. It's just incredible that Catchers share the scallops of Powell-related Fenns/Venns (but also of the Lamo's), for it again suggests that Sidney Powell is part of the spider-fly dream. My Masci-line mother was born seven miles from L'Aquila, and "Aquila" is a Drake motto term.

For your information, the Sidney pheon is the blue one of Celts/Colts, first found in PERTHshire, a place I trace to the PERDrix peak of Mont Pilat (France). That's why Pilate's use the blue pheon in colors reversed. The Pilate's were first found in Burgundy with the Mars/More's sharing the Fenn/Venn / Catcher scallops, you see, and Pelosi's are also Pilati's.

Pelosi's use a white-on-black bull, and so the black bull of Daces'/Dorseys can apply as one in colors reversed. Recalling that the flags of McLeods/Clouds fit perfectly into the spider-fly dream. The McLeod flags show a white bull head between the flags, but at the houseofnames page where they have/had a list of McLeod septs (houseofnames no longer shows a link to its sept pages so far as I could find), the McLeod bull head is black, as is the Mieske/Mesech bull head.

McLeods/Lutts were first found on Skye, and this recalls my miraculous marble shot directly across the street from Skye Court (Toronto). I put the marble on my index finger, and FLICKed it with the thumb. Flicks are listed with Flags, you see. That miracle shot is now linkable to whatever the spider-fly-cardboard dream means. We called our marbles, alleys, McLeod-branch Lute's/Lutts were first found in Worcestershire with English Alleys.

As I said, Andrea Fabian (in my grade-5 class) came to my 11th birthday party very near the time of my playing alleys at that Skye court location, and soon-after I got her gifts for her birthday party, and so to prove that God is using that miracle-marble shot, the Crest of English Fabians has two flags in the pattern used by the two McLeod flags, and it just so happens that Fabians were first found in Hampshire with the Flys who named Flagi. The amazing thing here is, that while McLeods/Clouds worked into the spider-fly-cardBOARD dream, one of the two gifts I gave her, as I've said many times, was a GAME BOARD (I can't remember the name), Game's are also Cams, and Fabians are said to be from "Fabianus of Cam." What mystery is this here?

The other gift (at the same time) was a TARZan BOOK, and it just so happens that while socialist / illuminati Fabian societies involved Cecil-RHODES globalism, ROETs (Somerset, same as TARRS' and Fly-related Webbers) use a book, as do Reeds, and it also just so happens that while Roets and Reeds are from "Rieti," that's where the imperial Flavians ruled who obviously named Flagi, because it was from "Flavius." Here's from the Fly write-up: "The surname Fly is derived from 'Flageum,' a French village named for Flavius, the owner of an estate in the region. This village eventually became known as 'Flagi'"

The Reed book is held by a hand coming from a CLOUD, I kid you not. The "Pax" motto term of the other Reeds (compare with Petro's) is for the Pasi line that named VesPASia, wife of Flavius Sabinus (son of Flavius Petro), for the Paisleys/Pasleys share the English Pack anchor. Polish Packs can thus be gleaned with the Fabian and Perkin fleur-de-lys, for Perkins are from Plancia Magna (she was a Herod member), wife of Tertullus, explaining, I claim, why Tertulla was the wife of Flavius Petro. The Fulks of Anjou are said to descend from a Tertullus, and Fulke's (share Pack fleur-de-lys) were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks, we get it. This is a story that God is telling with Andrea Fabian, a story from the dragon of Revelation: the Roman emperors from this Flavian family. Note the 666-like tail of Fly-loving Drake's. The Simple's in the Perkin motto were first found in Renfrewshire with Paisleys/Pasleys and Polla-line Pollocks.

German Peters, sharing the Fulk wing and the bend of English Peters (from Peter Pollock), have a colors-reversed version of the Italian D'Urso Coat. Arso's might therefore have the Perkin / Fabian fleur-de-lys.

The English Fabian Coat shares the border of the Scott Coat that has the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet, you see, and while God got her that TARZan book, Tarrs are Tarres'/Terres (MacDonald colors)' too while the other Scotts share the Coat of MacDonald-related Terras'. The reason that Flys were kin of both Joseph surnames is that Flavius Josephus betrayed the Israeli army and went over to emperor Vespasian's side, and thus Josephus adopted the Flavius name. No body in this world can tell you this story, but God just did. French Josephs once showed a giant swan in the colors of the giant martlet they now show, and swans of those colors are used by Chaplets, suggesting that the Crest of English Fabians is a chaplet. I see Joseph CAIAPHas (high priest, killer of Jesus) in this because Flavius Josephus claimed to descend from Israeli priests.

The "rien" motto term of Peters can be for the Rinds (near Rothes castle), because Leslie's, earls of Rothes due to marrying Pollocks, have a reflection of the Rind Coat. Caiaphas married the daughter of the high priest, Annas/ANANus, and Unions/Onions/ANIONs use the mill rind. Jesus was tried in the kangaroo court of Annas, with Annas as the judge. Chaplets are used by Saxons while the father of the first Pollock was known only as Fulbert, "the Saxon." His mother was likely a Saxon, and he was likely from Fulbert of Falaise, for Falls'/Fallis' share the Pool and Rita lion (i.e. from "Rieti"). Rita's have "pieces of WOOD" while Roet-related bills use "WOODbills," and it was Bill with his father who took me to buy Andrea's book.

If the Scotts are a pointer to the SCOTUS, then, perhaps, God is pointing to those nine judges because they are illuminati material, not the good guys. It just so happens that wavy-bar Harlingens (Webber / Fly colors) use both a "juga" motto term suspect with Judge's/Juge's (share Flag/Fleck scallops) and a "FLUVIUS" motto term, how about that, folks! The Harlingen Crest has an anchor while Anchors are Anger kin while Fulks of Anjou were at Angers. Hangers/Angers (share escarbuncle with Angers) were first found in Hampshire with Flys and Josephs. "Pot hangers" are used for Danish Canute's while English Cnuts share the Shield of book-using Darlene's (the woman holds a book). I bought Andrea Fabian a book, and she lived on Shoreham drive while Shore's were first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts.

The "Per juga" motto phrase of Harlingens looks like code for Pere's (share leopard faces with Peare's) because they were fist found in Warwickshire with English Judge's/Juge's (cotised bends in Pere colors). These Judge's/Juge's can be linked to Fulke's and Flags/Flecks via the "FLUCtu" and "FLATu" motto terms of Parkers (chevron colors reversed from Judge/Juge chevron) because the other English Parkers share the Harlingen stag head. Let's not forget that while this is the Fly bloodline, the cardBOARD is expected with Cards/Certs (Peter lion head?) in the "certa" motto term of Parkers, and with the board game to Andrea. Flatts/Fletts, Fleets and Floats (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flecks, Fulke's and Palmers) can be linked to the Flag/Fleck kin of Palmers, and then Palms share the fleur-de-lys of Fulke's. I first kissed Miss Peare at La PALOMA in a pointer to SCOTUS judge, Antonin Scalia.

Almost missed this: Parkers use a motto phrase, "Fideli certa,' and often "FideLIS" is uses while Liss' (Hampshire, same as Flys) share the three pale bars (same Coat exactly) of Game's/Cams. That's wild, for it tends to assure that God bought her that game board to link to the cardboard that saved the fly.

Just realized: Boards were first found in Sussex with MASCALs, the latter sharing the Fly and Webber fleur-de-lys, and Webbers use "teLIS." Mascals have the escutcheon of Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks (Sussex again), and Boards have the escutcheon of Saddock-like Chaddocks and Chadwicks. PERFECT, because the Numidian capital, Cirta, is near MASCULa. There we have one meaning that God impregnated into the cardboard, for it was I, a Masci and a Grimaldi on both my mother's sides, who held the cardboard, and Grimaldi's share the Fabian Coat while cards are also Cirta-like Certs. The spider and fly were at the corner of the ceiling, which pointed to Seals (Weaver fesse), who happen to share the white wolf head with the Prays expected in the "PRAElucent" motto term of Webbers. I've just realized why the spider was in my armpit after I blocked it with the cardboard; tell you below.

With Parkers and Parks working into this heraldry, let's add my dream (few years ago) with Michael in a PARKING lot with his white VOLKswagen beetle. Fulke's are also Volks, and Parkings are listed with Perkins (Fulke / Palm / Pack fleur-de-lys in colors reversed). Michael's look like kin of Peters, probably were kin of James', the latter sharing the Warwick lions. There was much more to the dream that won't be revisited here, except to say that it had my need to go to the BATHroom while baths have the Rhodes cross-with-lions in colors reversed. Andrea Fabian, who lived on SHOREham drive, pointed above to the Rhodian / Fabian Illuminati, and Shores ("PERimus") were at MICKLEover. Is that why Michael owned the Volkswagen? Was it a beetle because Beetle's and Bedwells almost have the Fabian lozengy? As was said, Parks share the Mark checks-on-fesse, and while Jewish Marks/MARX's have a fesse with checks too, MARXism was at the root of Fabian societies! Zinger. Parks even share red stag heads with book-using Reeds.

That's MickleOVER, and Owers/Overs/Offers happen to be in the write-up of Monaco-branch Moine's while Italian Fabians share the Coat of the Monaco Grimaldi's. The Moine's can be gleaned with the saltire of Supers (Devon, same as Monks and moons), the ones I point to "SUPReme court." Owers/Overs share the bend of Scotts while the other Scotts, Roet kin, share the red-on-white border of Fabians.

Repeat from the paragraph having the Sadducee-like Saddocks: "The spider and fly were at the corner of the ceiling, which pointed to Seals (Weaver fesse), who happen to share the white wolf head with the Prays expected in the "PRAElucent" motto term of Webbers. I've just realized why the spider was in my armpit after I blocked it with the cardboard; tell you below." Webbers use ARMs, and Pits share the besants of Trebys, from the Trebia river, home of the ANANes Gauls that I say named Annas/ANANus the high priest. Ananes got suspect with the naming of HANNibal, from Card-like CARTHage, beside Numidia, because he attacked Romans in the Battle of Trebia. He used elephants in the attack, and Saddock-related Mascals (from Numidia), with the Fly / Webber fleur-de-lys, have an elephant in Crest. From here, I can glean that God wants to go to ARMys/Ermine's, for they share the Chief-Shield of ANANNs. Cool, though I don't like my armpit being used to point to the killer of Jesus.

With Andrea acting as a pointer to Marxists along with the Marks that became a topic before she was introduced, by what coincidence do Pits share the checks-on-fesse of French Marks? ARMPIT spider. It was vibrating hard in there, it was terrible, a satanic feeling. The Trabys/Sadowski's (Saddock branch?) use a "scarf" while Scarfs share white wolf heads with Seals and Prays. The other Prays are linkable via the Coats/Cotes' to the pale bars of Keiths/Masculs, is that not amazing? The armpit brought us back to Numidians.

Spider-like Spitzers share the MOTley/MedliCOTE quadrants, and so watch how an arm-using surname connects with a Motley branch to match the spider in the armpit. Motleys were first found in Shropshire with the Alans who soon became the Stewarts sharing the checked fesse of Pits. Satanic spider in the armpit. The Alans had lived in Dol, beside Cotes-d'ARMor, and Armors use arms. Cotes-d'Armor was previously Cotes-du-Nord, where MOTley-like Motts are said to have lived. There you go, tending to verify that the spider is a pointer to Spitzers. But why?

Spitzers use "hills" while the Hill motto is for Vance's/Vaux's (East Lothian, same as Keiths/Mascals) sharing the Coat of Salome's, suspect from Salome of the house of Boethus, the house of Sadducees.

Obama's mother was the daughter of Stanley Armour DUNHAM, you see, and Motleys (Spitzer quadrants!) share "cura" and "dat' with DENHAMs!!! Bingo, Obama the scary spider, made to be squished mercilessly. Yes, for Denhams, in the colors and format of Unions/Onions/ANIONs, look like they share the stork with Pits (and Petts/Perts using MASCLes). Denhams love the Victoria's sharing the Vance/Vaux / Salome stars.

Pits use an "ardua" motto term while Irish Arthurs, sharing the blue roundel with the ARMs of Webbers (!), are in the colors and format of DENhams and Unions/Onions/Anions, do you see this? Years ago, I thought Obama was the fly, but he turns out to be the spider. I was sleeping during this dream, and while Sleeps (compare with crocodile DENE's) were first found in Shropshire with Motleys, they are from the Selepitanoi at the southern theater of the Ardiaei theater. Pits have the "ardua" motto term. It's the motto term also of Malcolms/Columns who in turn use "PETit," and it just so happens that Petits were first found in Kent with Pit-branch Petts/Perts.

Malcolm-branch Callams are said to have been a branch of Fly-connectable McLeods. Malcolms and Callams share the red stag head with Parks, the latter sharing the Pit / Mark / Stewart and RIGHT/Wright fesse-with-checks. The spider was under my RIGHT armpit. English Rights share the leopard faces of RESTons and Doors, and Arthurs use "rests" while being from the Neretva river, home also of Door-like Daorsi. King Arthur was given a round table symbol as code for Table's (share blue "hurts" of Arthurs) and Rounds (SLEEPing lion), and then the Round Table was the name of a Fabian organization in relation to Cecil Rhodes. Rhodes' were from the island of Rhodes off of CARia, and the "Cura" motto term of Denhams was resolved for Cars/Currs. In myth, the Greek DANaans were in Rhodes.

Back to Alleys with the Rita / Pool lion. Irish Alleys/CAULEYs (CALLUM liners per-chance?) have hands as well as the Hatrick/Ettrick and Edrich / Deke lion. I'm going to go back, below, to my hat-trick game that included a deke-out goal when I went brushing up against the BOARDs (on a sharp turn with the skates). The third goal of that game was through my legs, and while Leggs are being treated as a pointer to Trumps, note that "Cauley" is like the Calles surname using trumpets. Scottish Alleys/Cauleys share the Marx fesse-with-checks.

If Trump does not use the military, or if the military never steps in to normalize the country soon, then I'll have no choice but to think that the Millets and the "Militia" motto term of Ticks, and the entry into that topic of the Marine's, was pure coincidence. On the other hand, we are seeing this very week that Trump is sending thousands of military men to Washington, and so if this turns out to be a measure opposing Trump voters, then we should start to view Trump as a master deceiver, an imposter.

I can add to that topic here just in case God wants me to. First, I'd like to say that the list of McLeod septs I saw many times had the Teague's/Teegers (Tick branch) as septs, and that Tiss'/Teece's were first found in Hampshire with Flys of Flagi. The late Mrs. Teague, a Christian conservative (post-tribber) and opposed to government intrusions, was born Miss Friend, and Friends (Somerset, beside Flys, and where Fly-related Webbers were first found) are in the colors and format of Byrne's. Teague's/Teegers were first found in Galway with Daces/DORSEYs (in the motto of Byrne-like Barane's/Barone's), perhaps an ominous pointer of God to Jack Dorsey, CEO of twitter.

In the third, hat-trick goal, the DEFENSEman took a slap shot from inside the blue line, from the typical spot they do so, at the CORNER of the blue line and the boards. Corners use the acorn, a symbol of Dutch Tromps. Could this indicate that Trump will use the defense department? For or against Christians? Will he conduct false flags to help or harm Christians? What do I represent as part of this goal?

If LIN WOOD is not an imposter, and is truly a pro-Trumper, the blue line can indicate him because Lins are listed with one Line surname. Then, as a defenseman is a DEFENDer, Scottish Woods use a motto, "DEFEND." Scottish Woods also share the savage-with-club of Strands, and the latter came to topic because the spider was on a strand of web. Pelosi's, whose bull can be that of Fly-connectable McLeods, were first found in SAVIGliano, and Savage's were first found in Cheshire with Masci liners from the Savigliano area. We saw the Masci's highly involved with the Cards/CERTs in the Byrne motto, and it just so happens that king Massena was a Numidian while the Numidian capital was, Cirta. Massena's have a version of the Masci Coat, and Masons/Massins share the mermaid with Byrne's, and the blue lion with Cards/Certs.

SHOTs/Shute's are kin of TRUMPET-using Calls/Calles'. The slap SHOT from the defenseman was going WIDE along the ice to my left, and Wide's happen to be listed with the Scottish Woods with the "defend" motto term. The goalie was likely moving leftward while following the puck to my left, and so I deflected the Byrne-connectable PUCK off my STICK (while having my back to the goalie) between my legs into the right side of the net for the goal. I've never before realized that the deFLECtion can be a pointer to Flags/Flecks, another reason to see the flick alley shot as pertaining to whatever this goal / game pertains to.

The Lins/Line's, you see, share a "vireSCIT" motto term with Brocks/Broke's, the latter first found in Essex with the Brooks who use the STICK Coat exactly. While Scytl was involved with Dominion-machine fraud, the Ice's share the trefoil of Scytl-like Schittle's/SCHITTS/Sitlers, said to be from Silesia, where BROCuffs were first found who share the Chief-Shield colors of Brocks/Broke's. The Brocuffs even share the potent cross with Skits/Skeets, a branch of Skate's/Sheets. The Shots/Shute's are also Schitt-like Shitts. If all that is wholly coincidental, I'd be shocked into a depression, Lord.

On top of those things, Lin Wood was/is closely working with Sidney Powell while the Hatricks/Ettricks share the Edrick/Edrich lion while "Edrych" is a Powell motto term. Mike LINDell said late last week that he was meeting with Ms. Powell to steal the election from Bidenites, and then Lins/Line's are also LINDs.

OH WOW! Repeat: "I've never before realized that the deFLECtion can be a pointer to Flags/Flecks, another reason to see the flick alley shot as pertaining to whatever this goal / game pertains to." I've just checked to find which surname has a motto, "I'll defend," and it turns out to be the Lennox's/Levenax's of WOODhead, perfect because Woods use "Defend" alone. So, the thing to do was to load the I'll surname, a thing I don't think I've ever done, and I'lls happen to be listed with English Alleys!!! The latter's lion is also that of Falls'/Fallis', which could be a pointer to "FALSE flag" operations to justify Christian / right-wing persecution, expected to have started already.

Maurice Drummond, the first Drummond, was made the ruler of Lennox.

AHHH, wow, after writing the paragraph below, I recalled the deflect-like "FLECTes" motto term of Gore's/Gowers. I probably wouldn't have mentioned this except that, while the Gore's/Gowers almost share the Stur/STYRE Coat, it came to mind that the deFLECTion was a STEERing of the puck, for it was not a deflection I didn't see, but rather I saw the shot all the way, and planned to steer it where I did. That's when I recalled that BACKs/BACHs use a steer!!! My back was to the goalie!!! English Backs were first found in Somerset with the Stour river. Flynns (from Antrim) are suspect with Flints/Flans who named Flint, beside Denbighshire, where Welsh BACHs were first found.

AHHH more. I've just recalled that the Gore/Gower motto is very much like the one of Monans (share the black flory cross of Gore's/Gowers). Monans use "FLECTi," as well as sharing the Hatrick / Edrich / Deke / Mary lion!!! It tends to prove that God caused the deflection in order to enter these items from Gowers and Monans. AHHHHHHH, the Arms of Flintshire has a black flory cross!!!! It's defined as a cross with fleur-de-lys at the ends. There is no heraldic reason, that we can see above, for a Gower / Monan link to Flintshire, and yet I mentioned that place before finding the Arms of Flintshire due to Bachs being first found beside it.

I have just realized that Flynns share the white wolf with both Gore's/Gowers and Gore's/Core's, tending to prove that Flynns were a Flint branch. A Flynn-wolf trace to the blue wolf of Placentia (Trebia river) is evidence that Flynns share the besants of Trebys, the latter first found in Devon with Monks and Moons, probably a branch of the Moonan variation of Monans.

If I was correct in pointing the SUPReme court from Supers (Devon, same as Moons), note that the engrailed Super saltire is shared by Moine's/Moyne's (Dorset, same as Stour river). As Supers (same place as Maine's) use billets while Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with Demaine's, the Demoine variation of Moine's/Moyne's speaks for itself. Monk-like Monaco's share the hexagrams of Billets/Billiards, and Dorset is where Poole and Pools were first found who share the Monaco lion. My 1979 dream, with shark in pool, took place on Demaine crescent (Richmond Hill).

D'Urso/Dorso-like Dorset is also where Russells were first found whose motto can be proven to be for Sarah's, and the latter's motto, "BEAR and forBEAR," is shared by Barwicks sharing the bear with D'Urso's/Dorso's. Sarah's share the cinquefoil of Stone's in the so-called "flint stones" of Flints/Flans. The Sarah and Low bends are in the colors of the Harlingen bend, and the Judge's/Juge's, sharing the Russell scallops, are expected in the "juga" motto term of Harlingens. The reason Lows ("SPERo") are in this discussion is because Super-related Moine's named Moion near St. Lo, and then spero-like Supers with their Spurr branch point to nine cowardly and corrupt judges, right? The Sarah / Low bends-with-items are reflective of the same of jail-like Jalls/Jells. Here's to hoping. Jall-like Yale's are said to have had a seat in Flintshire.

The puck was steered between my legs, and human legs are used by Hose's, because they were first found in Leicestershire, location of the Legro (or Soar) river. Woods were first found in Leicestershire. Soars/Sors' (like "Soros") share the lion of Legro's, both in the colors of the Mason/Massin / Lute/Lutt lion, and the latter's quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Woodheads. Soars/Sors' (Dorset, same as George's) share the quadrants of Says and Leightons/Leytons while Leighs/Leys (Cheshire) are also Leghs. Says named Mortone-Say of the Cliffs/Cleffs who in turn married Stick-branch Styche's of Cheshire.

Just as an aside here, Monaco is near Grasse while the GRIMaldi royals of Monaco are expected with Gris'/Griims. French Gris'/Legris' share gold Monaco lion. GRIShams use the grasshopper. And so see this from the Moine write-up: "The family of Moygnes, Moynes, or de MONACHO, held OWRE Moyne, or Moyne-OGRES, very early after the Conquest." "Ogres" look like a Grass / Grasse element, and as Moine's held the manor of Ower, it seems that Owers/Overs/Offers (and possibly Hovers/Hoffers) were named after this Ogres/Owne manor. Grishams have a Coat reflection of the Masci-related Hamon Coat, and Grimaldi's of Monaco now include baron Massy. My mother is a Grimaldi on her father's side, and a Masci on her mother's side. Moons (from king Monunius of Dardanians whose daughter married king GENTius of the Ardiaei) are related to Darts/Dards and Pine's (from king Pinnes of the proto-Arthur Ardiaei) while Masci's use pine cones. The Ardiaei were also called, Vardaei, the line to Vardys/Vertys, barons of FERTE-Mace, home of Maceys/Mace's and Masseys/Maceys (both from Cheshire, same as FRET-using Owers/Overs/offers). Maceys/Mace's use the gauntlet (glove) as code for Gaunt/Ghent liners, making them suspect from king Gentius. Hamons were first found in Kent with Gaunts.

You may find it interesting that while the Ardiaei were as far south as the land of SELEPitanoi, the line to Sleeps, the latter share the double fesses of Cantons/GANTons, you see, and the Canton/Ganton Coat as a whole is the Washington Coat in colors reversed while proto-Washington Wassa's use a so-called "canton" square. Candle's/Kentwells, sharing the Barane/Barone annulets, use a canton too.

As Lows were first found in Worcestershire with Low-like Alleys, note that the Low Crest shares a gold griffin with Marble's (Cheshire)! The latter have the giant griffin of Irish Griffins. Macey-related Fane's/Vans share "Ne vile" with Griffins, and the latter add "velis" while Velis'/Vails (Webber / Fly colors) have wavy bendlets in Low-bend and Jall-bend colors! Excellent.

Someone online said that a Mr. Grimaldus married Crispina, daughter of king Rollo. Crispina probably named Crispins, for they share the pomegranate with Grass-like Grazio's. Crispins were first found in Lorraine with Louis'/LOYs, and Lows have a Loy variation too. The "fortune" motto of Rollo's (Perthshire, beside Lennox's/Levenax's) is linkable to the "Fortuna" of Barone/Barone's (Waterford, near the barons Massy of the Dublin area). Barane's/Barone's share the saltire of Yale's and Lennox's/Levenax's, and Yale's (share chapeau with Bidens) share the blue boar in Crest with the Barane/Barone Crest, the color of the Rollo boars. It just so happens that Italian Barone's were first found in Florence with the Bruno's having a bend colors reversed from the Ower/Over/Offer bend, the latter being in the write-up of Monaco-liner Moine's. The Barane-like Brains share the white leopard face with the Hover/Hoffer Crest. English Brain-like Brians were first found in Denbighshire with Yale's.

Brians named Briancon in the land of Salyes Ligures (Liguria included Monaco), and the Saluvii Ligures are to the Sullivans who share the black boar with Rollo's and Bush's/Buschs, and moreover the Sullivan stag is almost that of Monaco-like Munichs. Busca is beside Salyes-like Saluzzo in interior Liguria. Over-like Hoovers use a LEG, and Leghs/Lighs share the lion of Sullivans.

I have a headache. I'm not going to predict any future events with all of this interesting heraldry, but if any of the natural / expected predictions come to pass, I'll be revisiting the heraldry in future updates. End insert]

Back to the News, or, The D'Urso Affidavit
(written before the insert above)

Here's Trump's first public words in Alamo, calling for HEALING (ouch, that hurts his supporters), which cannot, on the face of it, predict a military solution:

He may be in Alamo to stir the public to resist the Bidenite will to take down the wall. You see, if he doesn't do what it takes to keep the White House, all/most of his achievements will be demolished, including the Jerusalem embassy. So, he's betraying himself by not using martial law, sticking himself in the back. What do we call a man like that, who thinks that peace and healing at this time is more important than the final disaster, long-term, under leftists? It looks like a traitor of the people to me, unless he knows he's got a good shot with SCOTUS. The wall won't keep Mexicans out under Bidenites. The latter will leave holes in the walls, and let them in at border crossings. It will turn Texas into a Democrat state soon.

WOW WOW WOW. Here is Alfio D'Urso on video speaking the affidavit shared in my last update, WOW WOW WOW:

I doubt very much that this is a faked video, with someone besides D'Urso speaking. It means that Obama is guilty of treason, and that Trump knows it. In any case, this is raw evidence that the election was stolen, and is Trump going to fold even with this? Impossible. This evidence must be brought to SCOTUS for jailing the Democrats who conducted the election-fraud coup. The evidence is all in an Italian court, with a sworn statement from a guilty person. See the top of my last update (link top corner of this page) for this story if you have not heard it, it's amazing.

Why wasn't that video out from a week ago??? It wasn't out until the 9th. So far, there's only 15-16,000 viewers when I got to it, and everyone is wondering what's been happening with this story. See also the following where Maria Zack says the Italian judge overseeing the D'Elia case is "missing" (maybe he's hiding):

In the video above (dated Jan. 11th), Miss Zack says that an American Intelligence official has written an affidavit too who confirms D'Elia's story as an eye-witness. Dominion is a possible dead duck in prison if trump sticks this out, and we now know why it sued Sidney Powell a few days ago for a tremendous amount ($1.3B), to scare her off of this story. Gooooooo Sidney, you have court documents to prove Dominion's demonism. Just watch your back, for Soros looks to me like a murderer. Share the videos above, as well as this original one by Ms. Zack.

Maria said, in the video above, that she shared the D'Urso affidavit back on Christmas eve with Donald Trump. She handed it to him, and spoke with him about it. He eventually owes the people an explanation as to what he's doing about this story, if he's doing nothing. If he's doing nothing, may his name go down in infamy as a traitor to his country. Nobody will accept the excuse that he could do nothing about it. He should be sounding this story off before the country, and it would listen intently, and become furious, but if he says nothing, because he wants peace instead of fury, shame, Benedict Arnold. It's time for fury.

I will be left dumb-founded if Fox news or Newsmax do not carry this story. It's a story. Just call the man by phone and verify or discredit it. What's wrong with Fox?

The talk now will be whether the man in the video is really D'Urso. Maybe he should go on OAN. I've been loading OAN daily for over a week, and so far, it does not have this story, not even to shoot it down if it's a fraud. This is just impossible. How can this be?

Some comments are telling that facebook is hiding this D'Urso story. Youtube is still showing it, a video dated on the 10th and having only 6,000 views as of 8:30 pm on the 12th, which is equivalent to hiding it. It has 20 times as many likes versus dislikes (119 - 6). It has only one comment at this time, impossible. Twenty-four hours later, it had almost 6,600 views, and still only one comment, IMPOSSIBLE. Youtube is hiding the posts, possibly shrinking the views, and deleting the posts to make it appear as though no-one is interested. The people cannot tolerate this. FURY NOW. Get out the torches. Trump will go, but the True Church marches on. Love your enemies because it pours God's hot coals upon their heads. That's not the same as making peace with them.

On the evening of the 13th, I asked youtube for "alfio d'urso," and it gave several other channels showing his voiced affidavit, but it did not bring up the video above, you see. Youtube has programmed it not to come up in a search, simple as that (I may have found it at a google search). How many voices are being suppressed in order to create a leftist-pig world upon us? No unity allowed with this demonic movement. Rebuke it, shun it, speak out against it, call down God's curses, but do not be at peace with it.

How can it be true that no channel (as of the 13th that come up in a search), with a high number of subscribers, is showing this D'Urso video? The Cherry's Reviews channel has only 707 subscribers (13th), and here we find 92 comments so far. But imagine if this video were taken on by people with 300,000 subscribers. There are plenty of them in pro-Trump youtube, and we fully expect them to discuss this video. The last four comments in a row are all claiming the video is faked, and so you can see that the Obamaite trolls finally got to the page to trounce it, because all previous comments are in excited favor of the video.

youtube can arrange to spread out the trolls in the comments body. If there are three or four in a row, it's usually the same person under three or four names, for I often see three or four in a row when most of the rest or counter.

In a long-version video at Rumble, he reads the affidavit in Italian too, and then tells a man sitting with him that this is a one-time gift only. Thank you. Mr. D'Urso, the leftist media were hoping you would not do this. If the man claiming to be D'Urso turns out to be a fraud, he can be charged with spreading slanderous disinformation. How can the networks not take this seriously, therefore? The only way for this to be fraudulent is if the deep state (safe from arrest) is spreading the story, having fun with pro-Trumpers, in which case Nations in Action is suspect as a fake election-fraud org that is in fact pro-fraud (does that sound credible?), like when Soros orgs pose as anti-corruption while pushing their own corruption. Shadow-government organizations have been posing as humanitarian / charitable foundations for 100 years, ever since the Fabian socialists.

Oh wow, only after writing that did I realize that Italian Fabians almost share the checkered Coat of Zacks. Is this a fat coincidence?

On the evening of the 13th, google brought me to a prove-you're-not-a-robot page when I asked for "alfio D'Urso." Can you believe this? I asked for it again, and again it took me to the robot page. Google may have my computer number on its black list just because I'm enquiring about this video two nights in a row.

[On the 15th, I entered "Sullivan arrested," and again i was forced to tell I'm not a robot. Google is telling me it doesn't like my political position: "Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network [yeah, I load anti-leftist material day after day]. This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot." Poor google, condemning itself in this way. Refusing to check the robot page off, I loaded another tab, asked google for "CNN" instead, and no robot page came up, I got the google page no problem. I then entered "Sullivan arrest" and got the google results this time. None of the leftist biggies -- CNN CBS ABC NBC MSNBC WPost Reuters Yahoo CBC -- had the Sullivan-arrest story in the first two pages of a google search. ABC and Yahoo had it on the third page, but google knows not many readers go as far as the third page. You see, when the politics opposes the left on a big story such as this, google hides it. Poor trashy insignificants who run google, we will not forget, and we will remind people always of this devil-horned behavior. google will not get away with all of this without suffering a bad reputation.]

Bitchute has the D'Urso video since the 9th with 16,150 views so far. At the top of the google-results page is an article claiming that D'Urso is not who the video claims him to be, a lawyer for the court, and yet the debunker's evidence is that he/she could not find corroboration. Uhhh, just because you can't find your head doesn't mean you don't have one. Look some more, and you might be surprised. But, really, he/she doesn't want to find out that this story is true.

He/she writes: "Prof. Alfio DíUrso is supposedly Arturo DíEliaís lawyer. The reality is that he is not. In the Reuters article I linked previously, his lawyer was named Damiano Cardiello." Uhhh, maybe there was more than one lawyer. Cardiello was the lawyer for D'Elia when he was charged for hacking Leonardo's system, but that was perhaps a different case from election-fraud manipulation in the U.S.

To be sure, Maria Zack (or someone) should get more evidence on who D'Urso is, and the court filings for the case, etc. It seems to me that for this to be an elaborate hoax would be counter-productive for Nations in Action, as well as consisting of multiple criminal offenses by Maria Zack. You can't slander people like this on an elaborate hoax. Snopes has no rebuttal, yet anyway.

Although the youtube video above has his full name in the title, youtube doesn't bring it up when asking for "alfio d'urso". But it does bring his video up at Ms. Zack's "Nations in Action" youtube account. It's dated January 11, yet has only 234 views as of 8:40 pm on the 12th. How can that be since we expect half the viewers to share it on a compounding basis?

Youtube has the same video (January 10) titled, "Prof Alfio DíUrso affidavit of Arturo D'Elia's hack of the US Elections in Italy (with transcripts)," yet youtube did not bring this up when I searched "alfio d'urso". Youtube = scum. It has over 3,700 views, 26 times as many likes versus dislikes, and 24 comments, yet half the comments showing are by anti-Trumpers, as if arranged that way by youtube. Leftists are trying to find guess-work ways to phrase their comments to make this video look like fraud even though they have no evidence to reject it as real. It's not real that there would be only 24 comments with that many viewers on an explosive topic such as this at a deadline time in which abused / ripped-off Trump voters are so passionate.

Twenty-four hours later, it had only 4,500 views and only 35 comments. A story like this should explode. We can guarantee that youtube has employed a special team to keep this message from getting out. If the numbers get too high, Obama can ask for it's complete ban.

One of Trump's voters cries out: "President Trump please donít leave us in this nightmare. Sign something!" Trump's response: time to heal with the communist take-over. Be at peace. Maybe he's trying to pacify the enemy before he gives the signal for military arrests. How many days longer should we give him before giving up all hope?

Not only was Nancy Pelosi missing from her House chamber on the 11th, but people are saying she wasn't at the impeachment hearings on the 12th? Is this a psy-op too? It's possible that she was arrested while the left has decided not to reveal it because, for one, it hopes it's only a temporary arrest by the military. Something on her "lost" computer may be the reason for Trump's sending in some military youngsters to "protect" the Capital Building. She was on 60 Minutes, January 11, but that was probably taped on an earlier day, or in the morning. This is getting funny:

Beyond the Noise verifies that Pelosi has been missing for two days, and adds that Parler will be back up in about a week on another engine. Christians, delete your twitter / facebook account and find a better way to communicate, because they're spy organizations. I don't use any of those platforms. If they demand your information just to play, don't sign up. Instead, start a website to do your talking, and don't tell anyone who you are.

Well, well, bad news from SCOTUS, no cases on Trump's woes to be heard before January 20th:

It's "impossible" that the top court in the land would not take cases immediately involving the sitting president about to be robbed by election fraud. This is just the most surreal thing I've seen so far. I was hoping that the five Republicans judges were just using a ruse or something, to be rectified in January, but look, it's true, they are burning Trump alive. UNBELIEVABLE. Trump, throw all nine into jail and never let them out again. Replace them with nine Bible-loving Christians. This will heal the country within a decade.

On the 13th, after the House passed a vote to re-impeach Trump, Mitch McConnell urged senators to impeach him too, and the passion with which McConnell is proceeding may suggest that Trump is unwilling to concede. This impeachment drive may be an all-out effort to get Trump to concede, we hope, meaning that he might not because he plans to fight. That's what I want to see. I don't know if it's what God wants to see, but I relish the crippling of our enemies at this time. As soon as Trump starts to fight, if he does, the enemy will pull the trigger on its plots, and nobody knows whether the left will succeed. It opens the chance for utter failure. Opportunity knocks. All day on the 13th, till dinner time, no word on what Trump may have decided.

I reiterate: the COVID lockdowns are being enforced harshly now, which can suggest a plot afoot to arrest pro-Trumpers easily, if people are always at home or at work. I do not trust Trump; for all I know he might call martial law to let our enemies gobble up those with media platforms who spoke most harshly against the deep state. I'm not adamant about this theory, but it comes to mind from time to time. Once martial law starts, if it does, we may not be able to communicate at all. The sitting ducks will be sitting ducks, not knowing what is taking place. Putting the lights out on big media might be big media's plan, not Trump's, for a month or two, who knows how long? All I know is that these lockdowns seem suspicious to me. Maybe we should buy lots of books to read, get out the board games. Learn to enjoy twiddling your thumbs, or do some crafts. Back to good-ole days, no problem...unless you live alone.

If Trump's people keep control, there should be food etc., and I think he will keep control by putting out the eyes and mouths of the leftist media, it's as simple as that. With no lies spouted off, the nation comes to healing, to a proper understanding of the realities, but, the trouble is, the leftist foot soldiers will not change, not become good, but will seethe. If the good guys let the leftist media make a come-back, it will be turmoil and impish division all over again. SICKENING. That's why martial law is better than a peaceful transition to Bidenites. Without bad media, the real issues can be the main staple of free speech rather than exploiting it in fighting for political power.

If this does begin, we could very well see some Chinese support for Bidenites. What might that lead to? What if Russia joins China? Well, hopefully, they will kill the heads of the CIA dragon first. That could be a breath of fresh air.

Here's Trump on the evening of the 13th (unless it was pre-recorded before leaving for Texas) telling the people not to fight against law enforcement. Does this indicate that law enforcement is about to round up militia groups or their guns? He did not advise his voters to peacefully accept president Biden. He ended by telling the media that they are acting "dangerously," perhaps his justification for using military force to alter their operations with new bosses.

Pelosi was back on the open prowl Wednesday.

We still have not heard back from Mike Lindell after he held out hope, as a devout Christian, that he with Flynn and Powell were about to meet to keep Trump in office. It sounded as though Trump was a part of the meeting(s). That was late last week, when Lindell said he'd have updates within the next four days, though I think it's not smart to air any updates, with the left checking every such move that Trump may make.

But, later in the week, Lindell appeared in a January-17 video below at Bitchute, but before seeing that, get the digest version from Werff:

As you can see, Lindell was given the same treatment as had been given to Powell, and I think Trump could have been behind them both because he's a fraud. It makes no sense that Trump should treat Lindell in that way, leaving him alone in the White House to be repulsed by staff. I'm thinking Trump told his people to get rid of him. This is a position I would take more seriously if Trump doesn't try anything else to win it. Why does it seem he's giving up? Here's the late-week Lindell interview (not explosive) from Bitchute if the video above is removed by youtube:

Well, if you want to scratch your head, see a claim about Lindell and martial law in the opening message in this short video:

The video says that the deep-state media, Washington Post, reported that Lindell was at the White House this week discussing martial law with Trump, and here's the article:

By what fat chance would an anti-Trump reporter catch glimpse of Lindell's paperwork having martial law upon it while he's in the White House? Is Lindell part of a false-flag operation that turns against Christians? My head hurts. How possibly could he have been flashing his martial-law plans to a reporter?

The video also says that Trump has sent the Marines to Washington. Now watch how we naturally get to the Marines surname from the following heraldry. The Lin/Line/LIND motto is shared fully by Scottish Marshalls, whom I looked up as per "martial law." Lin Wood's been after such a thing, though no Martial surname is coming up. The Marshall saltire comes with the same leaf design as LINDells (a log, I think), and he too wants martial law, I believe, as a last resort. The log-like Loge's (Burgundy, same as MARS/More's) share a blue saltire with Marshalls. The interesting thing is the "aNIMI" motto term of Laws, because Nimo's are also NewMARSH's. Was that Arranged? Neither the Marshall saltire, nor the Lame saltire, makes contact with the edges of their Shields, and both saltires are colors reversed from one another. Lame's were looking connectable above to Lamo's / Alamo's.

The Marshalls are also MAREScals, and when we load English Mares', we find: "Geoffrey de Marisco, Mariscius, Mareys, or Mares (d. 1245)...His ancestor is believed to be Hervey Mount-Maurice ( fl. 1169)...whose name appears variously as Monte Mauricii, Monte Marisco...MontMORENCi..." It just so happens that the Morencys, first found in Ile-de-France with the Vires'/Verona's suspect in the "VIREScit" motto term of Lins/Line's/Linds and Marshalls, share the Marines and Marine cross. Amazing. Likewise first found in Ile-de-France were French Chappes' while Scottish Chappes' were first found in Stirlingshire with Nimo's/NewMARSH's, and the latter's saltire is in the colors of the Marines / Marine / Morency cross. English Mares' were first found in Kent with Marines', Marsh's, and the Ticks with a "MILITIA" motto term.

The Morency write-up lumps its lords in with "Counts de LOGny...". Recall how my ARMs around Mamie's waist in the tease event pointed to Armys, for the Loge saltire is colors reversed from the same of Wade's, and Mamie and I, when we woke up from the sleep in her sleeping bag (i.e. the tease event), went wading in a lake (we were at a camp ground with a gang). We embraced in the lake (told this many times, not making it up here), and while Lake's have a version of the Brace/Bras Coat, the latter use armored arms!!! There's no other way to explain it: we walked into the lake about belly deep, and I went in for the embrace. She let me. We did not dive in for a swim. I don't remember anything else except being at her home later that day, when she got her thigh symbol at her Army-connectable garden (i.e. Armys almost share the Jardin Coat).

"Maim" and "lame" are related terms, hmmm, often to describe what military people endure.

[Insert, the week after this update -- I came across the Lums with a LIMB variation, and realized that they share a sideways crozier with BRACEbridge's. The night before we were wading in the lake, she sat on my limbs, and Lums/Limbs share the eagle head of Dutch Camps!! This is a new idea right here. Just go ahead and compare Scottish Crozier's to Wade's. Lums were taken from the BELLum motto term of Guns, and Bells were first found in Dumfries with Leggs. End insert]

Oh wow, we were at a CAMP site, and Laws use a "COMPOsitum" motto term while Camps are also Comps. Then, Compo's/Campeau's share the engrailed saltire of Sinclairs who in turn have a "THY" motto term!!! Thighs are also Thy's!!! The Compso's have never before been linked to this camp-site event because I needed the Laws in the picture to decipher the event in this way. If martial LAW is not called, then, how depressing, yet another mere coincidence.

By the way, Compo's/Campeau's have a CamPAUX variation while Pots/Paux's/Potes' (pointer to POTUS?) share the fesse of Italian Campo's, in colors reversed from the Bell and Bellamy fesse. Pots/Paux's (Porter colors) were first found in Berry with French Porters (compare with Potts'), and English Porters share bells with Campanio's (Padua, near the first-known Campo's/Campeau's).

Amazingly, while I had my miracle marble shot against Tony (friend of same age), Tony Campania was my boss in my first job, three years later at age 14, PUMPing gas. The game of marbles we played was called, POTSies!!! Wow. It's just that Marble's have a giant griffin in the colors of the griffin heads of Camps/Comps! Hmmm, what could all that mean? As was said, the marble shot was across from Skye Court, and I flicked the shot so as to point to the Flags/Flicks in the flags of McLeods/CLOUDs (first found on Skye island), and here I can add that clouds are used by Aarons/Arens over quadrants in colors reversed from the Campanio quadrants. Hmmm, why is the marble shot linking to Tony Campania in Gormley? Ahh, as was said, he ran a BP station directly across from Sam's Restaurant (still there), and Samsons (share Flag/Flick scallops) use a "flag" motto term buried in their motto. There must be more to this.

As was said, Italian Tonys use a "flower" while Flowers share the POTTer cinquefoil, just as though the potsies event with Tony had eyes to see heraldry. The English Tonys (Toeni's) use the maunch (= sleeve) of TICKhills in colors reversed, which can suggest that the marble game points to some militia entity as per the Tick/TOUQUE's motto. Toeni's were from Les Andelys at the Touques-river area, explaining why there is an ARM with sleeve in the Tickhill Crest. In colors reversed, the Marble griffin is black, the color of the Tick/Touque griffin head. Tease's/Tess' are also Tecks, and have the Army saltire in colors reversed. Mamie represented Mamesfelde of the Mansfields (Nottinghamshire, same as Tease's/Tyes'/Tighs who use the maunch too. Mansfields are in the colors and format of Brays/Brae's (LEGs, Tonys were at the LEGro river), and Brays/Brae's use a "FLAX breaker" suspect with the Flack/Flag variation of Flicks. Breakers/Brecks use an ANTELope, suspect with "ANDELys."

Mamie SAT on my lap the evening before because she could find no other place to sit around the camp fire, and so note "CompoSITum." That's why it turned out to be such a tease in the tent later that evening. How do we imagine a teased martial law? Exactly as it seems this week in Washington? But what if Trump goes through with it? If he doesn't go through with it, and Biden gets to use the military, then that's a good reason for God to point to this event as something His people must beware.

Laws share the gold griffin with Camps/Comps/CHAMPs and English GARDNERs!!! Almost missed it. CHAMPions share the Jardin / Army saltire, colors reversed from the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire. You see, it seems God set me up with Mamie at the camp site to be teased. I had met her only once before, briefly, for a dance in her living room during her party, and a DANCEtte is the only thing showing for German Camps. Can we say the army is camped in Washington? Yes. Are they guards? Yes. Gards have the Camp/Comp / Gardner (and Marble) griffin in colors reversed. The National Gard, so to speak.

Val Trompia is beside lake Garda. Trumps are also Tromps. It's all beside Bras-like Brescia, the line to Brix's/Bres' and Bricks. Repeat: "The "JUNGunter" motto term of Gardens/Jardens must be partly for Jungs/Youngs with a stag in Trump-stag colors, explaining, apparently, why God gave her the thigh symbol at her garden. Gards have a version of the Ghent Chief, and the GUNTers in "JunGUNTER" use GAUNTlet gloves while Gaunt of Belgium is also, Ghent." Gardens could be a Gordan branch from the Gords, for both surnames use boar heads.

Note how the Bras variation of Brace's can indicate the Bra > Brae/Bray line suspect to Mowbrays of MontBray at St. LO, for Laws may be a Low branch. Lows share the wolf heads of Skene's/Skins, a branch of the Schims/Schiens in turn sharing the boar head of Mole's/MOWS. MOWbray. Schims, sharing a giant boar head (different colors) with Gardens/Jardens (Angus, beside Schims and Skene's), have the Chief of Jardins (Angus) in colors reversed, and the "comite" motto term of Schims is like the "Commit" of Sinclairs. AHHH, almost missed it: the Schim Chief is also the WASHINGTON Chief!

She sat on my knees, and Knee's share the red phoenix with Mole's/Mows, no kidding at all.

Low-like Logs are not only used by Lindells, but by Poulos', the latter first found in Burgundy with Loge's and their Loches/DeLoge branch. Then, believe it or not, English Lodge's/Loge's share the Mowbray lion. Mr. Poulos happens to be the founder of Dominion Voting, the reason that martial law is now justified. The saltire made by the Poulos logs is in the colors of the Wade saltire, and colors reversed from the saltire of French Loge's.

Another thing coming to mind is my story, told many times, that when lightning struck the chimney of our home at my age 11, the brightness of the blast (it was terrifying) felt like it bounced off my PILLOW onto my forehead. I've told that quite a few times, and am repeating it here because Mike Lindell is the owner of My Pillow. If that turns out to be a coincidence, then I suppose I can't trust some heraldic connections to be of God no matter how impressive they seem to me. Plus, the chimney bricks were scattered on the roof, and Bricks share five lozenges in a bendwise string with English Marshals. If that lightning bolt does point to Lindell, why?

From the 1st update in December, 2017:

Four years later, at age 11, I was waking up with my head going from side to side. I heard myself saying, "No, I don't believe in you, God, I don't believe in you...". At the tail end of the second repeat, loud thunder occurred, and lightning flashed outside my bedroom window. It felt as though the bright energy bounced off my pillow and onto my forehead, it was so bright. I heard a noise in the ceiling outside the bedroom door, like something electrical rolling through the attic. No one in the house realized what had happened until a neighbor knocked on the door to say that broken bricks from the chimney were scattered on the roof. That was the noise I heard in the ceiling, bricks rolling down the asphalt shingles.

Now as the bricks were strewn on the roof, it doesn't appear coincidental that Roofs share ravens with the Code's expected in the "Quod" motto term of Pillow-like Plows (Pillow/Pilotte/Pellet colors), for the Code's share the Chimney chevron. Dancettes, used by Plows, are from king Donnus of the Code-like Cottians, and as Code-like Coats/Cotes' look like a Keith branch, note that Marshalls (Brick kin, I assume) are said to be Keith kin. Cottians were in Piedmont, where Pillows-like Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found who share the stars of Vaux's/Vance's, the latter first found in East Lothian with Keiths and Scottish Marshalls. Having come to this, without planning the following, is it not amazing that Vance's/Vaux's share three stars on a bend, all in the same colors, as Laws? Marshal law, so to speak. But, if this turns out to be coincidental (no martial law called), then I'll be lost for words.

The Cottian capital was on the RIParia river, and R.I.P. is in the Coat of Tume's/Tombs while "ComposiTUM" is a motto term of Laws.

Zack Update

It's January 17 as I write. Do I really think Trump has put wheels into motion for partial martial law, or that he will call such a thing in the next three days? Surprise me. Make of it what you will. God was very upset with me, but then maybe that BOLT was to point to something way in my future. One Bolt surname (Lancashire, same as Boltons) shares the black griffin head with Ticks/Touque's, how about that. The talk on the Zack story late this week (video below) is that neo-cons who want Middle East war to resume were involved in flipping votes from Trump to Biden, and one such neo-con is John Bolton.

Okay, in roughly the 23rd minute, Maria says, if I'm not mistaken, that Alfio D'Urso was not D'Elia's lawyer, but is rather a lawyer who was able to go to the courthouse to see the court transcripts of D'Elia's testimony, and from that D'Urso created his affidavit. If D'Urso is the high-level man he's claimed to be, it's doubtful he's dishing out false information to make a fool of Zack. Zack says she's catholic, just for the record.

I'd like to add that the vote switching, if it was from Italy, was not necessarily only from Italy. In the 35th minute, Ms. Bradford (former CBS / Fox journalist) suggests a corrupt Rothschild-of-Frankfurt connection to the vatican. Also in the 35th minute, we learn that Flynn and Powell, and Lin Wood, were not zealous for this story when Zack informed them, as in they thought it was unlikely true. She thinks that Giuliani is on-side with her, though she says that he put the onus on her to go get the "key" = the evidence. One would figure that Powell would be VERY interested.

At 1:10 hr, she says 10 Leonardo employees were arrested a few nights ago, which was about the time Pompeo was in Italy. This is cause to possibly give Pompeo credit for something, though I'm loath to say what it is because I hate to put words in God's mouth any further at this late stage in the Trump presidency. But here goes, for what it could be worth.

I told some months ago that, when going into my "basement" to turn on the sump PUMP (like "POMPeo"), I found a dead mouse caught with both its rear legs in a mouse trap. Having survived the trap, it dragged it with its front legs to a floor JOIST. This wood floor is built over a natural pool in the rock which collects rain water. The mouse tried to drag the trap under the joist, but as bottom of the joist was very close to the rock, the trap got stuck between the two items, and when the rain came, the mouse was drowned.

As Obama was a board member for the JOICE Foundation, and because I had reason to depict Obama with a mouse in the past, I identified this dead mouse as God's wrath on Obama. As Leggs almost have the Trump stag head, the fact that both its LEGs were caught in the trap suggested the Trump could be responsible for Obama's undoing. Yet, now, pump-like Pompeo in Italy, just as Leonardo people have been arrested, could come to secure Obama's demise. Trump may have sent Pompeo to Italy. Let's hope. The interesting thing is, the Pump surname is listed with Pope's/Pape's, perhaps a pointer to pope Francis' involvement. The Drown/Drain surname (Yorkshire, beside Washingtons) shares the Washington Chief. Ms. Zack did not say that the Leonardo arrests pertained to election fraud, but it could be true because Italy may feel a sense of responsibility not to look complicit with a coup on Trump.

See next update for an alternative view of this mouse event, where the mouse caught with two legs represents Trump, dorwed to death, and the Pump represents Pompeo, where they both get defeated by the Joice Foundation, which stressed gun-control.


Note how the FBI is in the news consistently on arresting the bad actors in the Capitol-Building ruckus (this was bubble-gum "violence"), and yet we heard nothing when the bad actors were stealing the election from more than half the nation. Is this a time to be at peace with this thing? We are being abused by a long psychological operation -- consisting of many individual psy-op events -- to make us feel helpless who are law-abiding, making us feel helpless against lawlessness. This is activist wickedry. We could ignore it if it didn't threaten to abuse us further in the future. Trump's wall will keep Americans inside the country even if they need to escape to Mexico to avoid what the future may hold.

Here's from an article on John Sullivan, a Black-Lives-Matter lover who was in the Capitol Building with his gang on the 6th: "But Rebellion Baby also pointed to Sullivanís brother, James Sullivan, a Trump diehard who founded the conservative political organization Civilized Awakening. The group, they alleged, has 'strong ties to Proud Boys ó even having spoken at a Proud Boy rally.'" It could be that these brothers work for the same false-flag creators, one brother's group to riot, and the other's to counter-riot, if they would like to make news to hide what's already in the news, or whatever they have in mind. This Sullivan guy was the one right beside the so-called murdered woman, and, I think, he may have been the cameraman. Expect that all the men yelling their heads off after she got shot were on Sullivan's team. This was a massive crime to commit treason against Trump throughout the leftist media, yet I've heard that Sullivan was already released from custody. It sounds like he's being charged with trespassing and not much more.

By Friday of this week, putting it lightly, we heard that Wray is monitoring social-media chatter that could disturb Biden's presidency. You see, for many previous years, they have been putting people on a black list who spoke against the Obama's FBI, etc., and these are on a list for possible persecution. Wray is essentially trying to shut our mouths instead of arresting the criminals. Instead of exposing the election fraud, he's supporting it. And so ask yourself why Trump has kept this man in his position? How possibly can Trump be on our side if he won't even humiliate this enemy? Why has Giuliani stopped talking about the election-fraud cases?

Here's another way that cheaters cheat. For example, they allow homeless people the right to use addresses of homeless shelters for the purpose of voting, and then the crooks create many fake people having that address to produce many fake ballots voting Democrat. This is how lawlessness can get absolute power to give confidence to looters and other pirates.

Will Ainsley Earhardt of Fox share the following story, since she loves COVID vaccines so much. A doctor dies after taking the vaccine. What could have been in that shot? Why him and not someone else? Was he a doctor tending to cry out against the political COVID scheme?

I suggest a law, that every vaccine dose comes with 10-percent more vaccine than needed for the dose, and the person receiving it gets to take home 10-percent of it in case there are health problems, to check whether there are toxins / poisons in the vaccine. Simple. Sometimes, the doctors / hospitals can add the toxins to the vaccine, perhaps, when loading it into a needle.

I rarely watch Fox anymore; gone to the dogs, just want your money. They are all going rotten, even Lou Dobbs now. The bosses are clamping down more with each passing month, a sort of slow kill switch. Fox ratings way down, good, very good. We can punish them if they punish us. Just don't give them your business. We should soon all go offline, return to in-person socializing again, which can explain why they don't want us to socialize now, because we talk when we do, and they don't want us talking against them, for the majority of people are not like the freaks you see on CNN, etc., who are the same freaks running google, etc.

So, COVID is a scheme to make us socially distant, you see? And that's why I talk to people friendly-like, and tell them that masks are making us less-sociable goons. I said to one man who opposed me, "Look, you look like an ape." I was having fun because there wasn't a person in the store taking my side. They all got rebuked for being cowards. They gave me a pulpit in that store that day. Don't mess with me. Masks are an evil upon us, make no mistake about it. Those who are bewitched by wearing masks even outdoors do not wear them at home, HYPOCRITES. They are afraid of being dishonored, but you Christian, get dishonored today, and love it. With flint face, carry the cross of Jesus.

When you see a person at a microphone, 20 feet away from the nearest person, that person is already sick, no COVID needed. They are trying to make you sick, in the mental faculties, just like them. Be a man, stand up for yourself, take off your mask at a mic, show your face when you speak, have dignity, and if anyone objects, say, "I'll put on my mask if you put your mask on when you're home with your own family. I don't want to be a hypocrite like you, if you don't mind. If you don't care about making your own family members sick with COVID, why do you pretend to care about the people in this much-larger room who are not your family members? Do you sleep with a mask when with your spouse? Do you sleep in separate beds? If not, why do you wear a mask when you're 20 feet from others? Does it make you feel holy, apeman? Do you like hiding your ugly face? What's your problem, afraid of a mild flu? Afraid that a mask goon might see you and disapprove?" Uh, ya, hit it on the head. Who cares what a mask goon thinks?

The fact is, even though people wear masks, COVID is still spreading. The solution: let's hurry up and get the infection, and be done with it. Keep distance to better assure we get light 'doses,' and, for most of us, the light dose will be a free vaccine that allows a mild "illness." I've had regular flus that felt like I was going to die for as long as two days, and I did not die. COVID is less painful than that regular flu.

Debunkers try to debunk the CDC numbers for COVID death rates, and in the meantime they hide the numbers, as does google. CDC came out with it, eventually, saying that, if one is under 20, the chances of survival is 99.997-percent, or about 1 death per 33,300 infections. The same CDC numbers had a 99.5-percent survival rate for people 50-69, which looks like 1 death per 200, and yet this is false, because the CDC also revealed, in a separate publishing, that only 6-percent of COVID deaths were due to people having only COVID and no other complication.

That is, 94-percent of the recorded COVID deaths had, on average, 2.6 other complications, and so the complications were the true causes of death, though for some of them (not all), COVID put them over the top. It means that less than 1 person per 200 succumbed due to COVID, and while I can't give the exact number without more information, I'll bet that more people of the 50-69 age bracket die of the regular flu than of COVID. I'll even bet, judging on the tricks being played to ramp up the dangers falsely, that COVID deaths are being deliberately confused with regular-flu deaths.

Here's some possible COVID euthanasia in Norway via the Pfizer vaccines, which could be coming to me and you when we are 75 years old or younger:

Beware the headline: "Fla. opens vaccine sites in partnership with churches". Beware the vaccines, Christians. Did you hear that the Canadian prime minister and his buddies got caught using COVID money corruptly? It's got to be happening all over the world.

By Thursday, Twitter stock went down by 12-percent, like a gaping hole in the hull of a ship, after Trump was banned. I won't be happy until it's down 52-percent. Keep those torpedoes firing, quit twitter today, scare the shareholders right off the ship. Dorsey came out begging on Thursday for mercy, but we should fire the torpedo right into his mouth, gag him forever. Wherever he goes in life, the torpedo will be stuck in his mouth for all to see.

Here's Dorsey caught by Project Veritas saying he's going to silence a lot more than Trump for an unknown period of weeks, and after that, who knows, maybe he'll find he likes it and do even more FOREVER:

Under the cover of keeping the people safe, Dorsey's going to silence only Republicans. Sure, that will keep the peace, but I have a better idea: shove a torpedo in the mouths of all Democrats, and light the fuse, because that will keep the peace too. FURY NOW! Don't take this lying down. If Trump or his advisors tell you to be at peace, leave him behind. Keep spewing the truth with indignation. Open the hatch, FIRE FIRE FIRE your torpedoes. Make America Furious. And timid Canadian Christians, stand up and start exercising, you are way out of shape. Trudeau and the major Canadian media plan to spread EU globalism over your dead bodies like a blanket. Speak out for your children, be the bosses of this country, for GREAT is our God, and powerful. Give God a reason to act. You are putting Him to sleep. Dark demonism is everywhere, and you churches sound like it doesn't exist.

Gather together in churches to discuss what can be done to fix your country from the ruinous policies of a leftist generation. But if churches want only the influx of money, count me out. If churches are goody-goody to government expectations for fear of repercussions, not addressing political problems affecting us and our children, count me out. It is better we meet in homes to discuss what can be done, than to meet in buildings for to pay a pastor's family for his survival whose afraid to address the problems for fear of losing his church income. Pastors often want their membership to be nicey-nicey to the community in order to have them build more members, and so making the members upset or angry about the realities doesn't suit that program.

It should be permissible in churches to say: our national leader is an anti-Christian, and what are we going to do to pull out his teeth? We need to put space between God's people and those of the devil. Make a clear distinction so that people in the middle don't get confused on which side to take. Unless we address the particular evils of the devil's sons, a person in the middle could believe the angelic words they speak through their angelic / expert masks. They point the finger at us to accuse us of being crazy and even dangerous in order to take the people in the middle to their side, and your children are inevitably going to be in or near the middle if you don't combat those detestable human beings...such as Pierre Trudeau II (so to speak).

Prime minister Pierre Trudeau (prime minister Justin's father) was a "Former board member of the Humanist Fellowship of Montreal", and humanists say that Christianity is a cancer. Trudeau stacked the supreme court with liberal, pro-porn scum, and so they struck down the abortion laws with Henry Morgantaler's case before them, he being "a founder and long-time president of the Humanist Association of Canada." What are we going to do about it, churches? Pass around the offering plates and say, all's well??? My, you look perfect this morning, pastor, with your tie knot done just perfect, not a hair out of place. You ooze respect. What for? Who are you trying to impress? Why are you trying to impress? Try dressing down, Mr. Perfect, be a better example of how Jesus lived amongst us. Do you really think that Jesus would wear a tie to church? Achem. Are you trying to run a business, or something?

Dorsey and his ilk see that our speaking out on social media threatens the anti-Christ agenda, So, here's one idea: GET YOURSELVES ONLINE, CHURCH PASTORS AND PEW SITTERS, AND DO YOUR PARTS. For when merely that Dorsey twit cancels your voice, God can take note and ordain Dorsey's payday to consist of a hurt equal to the hurt he gives you. Add up all those hurts. Nothing will go unpunished. The sons of demons will scream in Hell for the pains they endure in return for the laying of pains (and globalist blankets) on the undeserving peoples whose messages are for Jesus' sake.

John Sullivan, antifa-type leader in the Capital Building, has been arrested by the FBI, probably not because Wray wanted it, but due to congressional pressures. His camera shots of the violence have been released with him saying that he's disguised as a pro-Trumper journalist before:

The video above (don't miss it) has John Solomon telling that, FINALLY, Trump has declassified a hunk-a-hunk of burning documents. However, they are coming from the Senate Judiciary Committee, and so Lindsey Graham had to give this move the okie-dokie. Wasn't he a traitor to Trump just ten days ago? Did Trump promise to leave in return for this release? Or was Graham planning to release these only now that the Bidenites are going to assure NO ARRESTS? I assume that John Ratcliffe gave them up, and/or John Durham, at an earlier time, to the Senate, perhaps assuring that Graham had no choice but to release them after making Senate-based redactions.

Solomon is the kind of "safe" journalist who reports "truth" as he reads it in government documents, a hazardous way to do things because government documents, from corrupt actors, are expected in many cases to be faked truths for self-protection on corrupt adventures. So, Solomon repeats the false evidence: Hillary got Perkin Coie, Fusion GPS, and Christ Steele to start Russiagate to take media attention off of her email scandal, which makes Russiagate far less than a treasonous act. The truth is, Russiagate had the motive, first to prevent Trump from winning the election, and, after he won, to commit treason by outing him on false charges. Get a little smarter, Mr. Solomon and others, because it can't be slander to suggest to viewers that, maybe, this is a faked report to minimize the crime level, because it's certainly possible that the motive was to ruin Trump. Don't push the fabrications you read in official documents if they don't pass the smell test.

We expect zillions of pro-Trump voices putting out this story, but, google has buried them all. And that's the way it will probably go until Someone punishes this wild jack-ass. They we released Friday afternoon.

Thursday saw a ramping up of soldiers in Washington. Fox is saying 20,000 troops, which is waaaay more than needed for a Biden transition. Trump voters are generally family people. They don't go blowing their guns out in a crowd of mixed people. The FBI is maybe working to support some false-flag operations which disguise as pro-Trump militia shooting guns, for, once again, the FBI came out, Thursday, to say pro-Trumpers could get violent soon.

Gag-gag Hannity pretends to be for free speech, but he gags the people that his bosses want gagged. Where's your invite to Sidney Powell, Hannity, so that Trump voters might have an update on her stories to tell? Where's your two-cents on the Leonardo story? You gagging that story too? How many stories you putting the gag on? You said you never been told by your bosses what you can talk about, but why're you not inviting Trump on? I'm sure he's got a thing to say. There's lots of people wanting martial law, but you're not inviting them on to tell how they feel??? I don't watch you anymore because you amount to cheap and controlled yap-yap. Pass the football, Hannity, you're good at that.

...For several weeks starting in November, the Trump-associated lawyers were an almost-daily presence on Fox shows, arguing that the president had been robbed of a second term by a fraudulent process that they claimed they would soon have the evidence to reveal.

But Giuliani and Powell have not appeared on any Fox cable news show in more than a month...Giulianiís last appearance was Dec. 12 and Powellís was Dec. 10 on 'Lou Dobbs Tonight,' a show that was once a regular vehicle for both her and Giuliani

I see. Don't you? Fox is trying to make you a Bushite again, or something similar, maybe more catholic. It's no doubt using the excuse that Dominion et-al have threatened to sue Fox due to false claims by Powell et-al, and so we will never get the best news for fears like this. As long as the claims have been verified, why not push the stories that Powell has been pushing? Instead of gagging the Fox team, go out and discover the truth, deplorable Fox bosses. Not everything she's saying can be false. This is reverse slander against Powell and Byrne, by Fox news. So, I don't watch it anymore, like many others.

I've been much healthier spiritually having abandoned my routine of checking Drudge. I also shun patriot news more now when they show disrespect to Jesus. It makes it harder to find the pertinent news, but it's worth it. It's time to show God we mean business in staying clean with Internet trash. Stay away from porn. Expect google's leaders to have a special place in Hell for permitting porn. Don't fool with the test of God we are now in to see if we have love for Sodom. As soon as you reach a spot in a video that offends God, shut it down, get it off your screen. Do sacrifice for God; be bored rather than disappointing your God.

knows this the guy waving-in the crowd is already inside the barricade, at the bottom of the stairs up to the Congress, and he cannot, therefore, be part of the Trump crowd, but is part with the congressmen or police presence. He clearly is not afraid of the police seeing him waving-in the crowd, and there were hundreds of congresspeople in a very-important session at the time (deciding who would be the next president), yet the police just let them walk in. THINK. The police were told by their boss to let them in. It was planned. They guys breaking in were there early in the morning to assure they would get the place at the steps. They were not pro-Trumpers, though some pro-Trumpers were coaxed to come-on in. They guys who did the disturbing things were, obviously, the anti-Trumpers. The media knows it, but they are a part of the bad press on Trump. That's how it works in Washington.

Physics Class

In the 5th update of this part December, I made a b-boo-boo. In the past, I viewed a water molecule as an O8H, but proposed, in December, that it could be an O8H2. The later doesn't work. I really need to watch my head in my 60s, it's not too swift. I'm going to talk again, below, on the FACT that gas atoms repel one another (inter-repulsion), a thing that anti-Christ scientists knew but blocked from the minds of their students in favor of evolution. They needed all atoms to attract in order for stars to form from the big bang, but they are out of luck, they err big time.

One of my tasks after realizing the look of the truer atomic model (there's is not even close to true) is to explain why combustion always involves oxygen. What makes oxygen atoms different than other atoms? Why won't hydrogen burn in nitrogen? My best guess is that nitrogen gas consists of nitrogen molecules that, due to being merged already, won't accept merger with hydrogen atoms in the presence of a flame. If I were an expert chemist, I could venture a better guess, but I do know that combustion is always the merger of the so-called "combustible" material with oxygen atoms. That's why I prefer to see oxygen gas as lone atoms, not pre-merged as O2 molecules, which is how modern physics views the gas. If oxygen is O2, then I can't see why it should be the activator of combustion.

While merged, the atoms of molecules or liquids attract each other's electrons, which forms an atomic bond even though all gas atoms/molecules repel. I'm viewing the repulsion as the key for explaining combustion. Gas atoms/molecules will not come together in a merger unless forced to do so. Once in merger, they can, at cool-enough temperatures, remain merged. Above their so-called "critical temperatures," they refuse to remain merged. A substance disintegrates into a gas instantly (much faster than evaporation) above its specific critical temperature. So, heat separates molecules, and once fully apart, they shoot away from one another, causing combustion.

It's a fact that adding heat to molecules tends to separate them. That is, it first spreads them more apart while still merged (this is called expansion of materials), and can eventually, with added heat, separate them completely into lone gas atoms or gas molecules. So, my reasoning is that the H2 molecule, in the presence of a spark or flame, separates into lone H atoms, and as a result they repel strongly, bombarding the environment. If there are oxygen atoms in the environment, they merge with them. Atoms in merger always release heat. Atoms undergoing total separation always absorb heat i.e. heat is lost from the environment, gobbled up by atoms.

SO, if the amount of heat created by the merger of H and O atoms is greater than the amount of heat lost by the separation of H2 molecules, then a chain reaction sets in: the separation of other H2 molecules continually, as long as there are O atoms in the environment to keep feeding it heat. That chain reaction is the combustion process, explosive in the case of hydrogen.

The fact that hydrogen gas burns via a mere spark of heat suggests that H2 atoms are not very deeply merged, which in turn predicts a low amount of heat absorbed, for in my atomic model, the deeper the merger, the greater the heat output, and, in reverse, the more deeply atoms are when fully separated, the greater they absorb heat. Atoms always reload with heat, defined as free electrons in the air, when separated even slightly while still merged.

If you would like to know for sure that heat is made up of a material, just ask the vacuum, for it betrays the modern kinetic theory of heat. I'll explain below. It is very obvious to modern science that heat consists of electrons in space, any space, even atomic spaces, but they fear revealing this as the simple fact because it ruins their big-bang theory. Today's establishment physicists are no more honest than the Democrats who lie about election fraud, as just one of countless examples, because their greatest dream has been, for more than a century, to rise to political power, to thereby control educational channels, and to thereby murder God in all of our minds and spirits.

Here is how I see the water molecule, from a quote in the 5th update of December:

The known reality is that a volume of oxygen gas weighs 16 times as much as hydrogen gas, which tells me that there are 16 times as many O atoms, per equal volume, than H atoms. So, as two volumes of hydrogen with one of oxygen gets two of water, the water molecule must be O8H. They tell us that the result of the three-volume gas mix makes two volumes of water.

I'm not convinced that oxygen gas has diatomic oxygen molecules i.e. O2, and prefer, at this time, so see them all as individual atoms. In this picture, where oxygen gas weighs 16 times as much, it seems accurate that for every H2 molecule in a hydrogen gas, there are 32 oxygen atoms in the same volume of oxygen gas, 16 O atoms per one H atom. And so when two volumes of H2 gas is mixed with one of O gas to make water, there result eight O atoms per one of hydrogen, and so water looks like O8H.

Another way to put it is that a half-volume of oxygen mixes with one of hydrogen to make one of water. Where the one volume of hydrogen gas weighs one, the half volume of oxygen weighs 16/2 = 8, wherefore each volume of water weighs 1 + 8 = 9. That is, one volume of water gas weighs nine times as much as an equal volume of hydrogen gas where their temperatures are the same. (If that's not true, then the scientists are not being honest with the amount of H mixed with O to produce steam.) The prediction from O8H (or O8H1) is that a water molecule weighs nine times as much as a hydrogen atom, and so it seems that my water molecule is correct.

I had been sloppy when on this particular topic, and so that's why I'm going back to it here, to correct the two errors I had made then (I apologize for suggesting, in the last two updates, that the water molecule can be an O8H2). I went online, at that time, to discover whether it's true that steam weighs nine times as much as hydrogen gas, but could not find the weight of hydrogen gas at 100 C, which is necessary (for the comparison) because the weight of steam is given at that temperature. If it is correct that steam weighs nine times as much as hydrogen at the same pressure and temperature, then, wow, my O8H is absolutely perfect.

We read: "At 100 C and atmospheric pressure...the density of steam is 0.6 kg/m3." As there are 1000 liters per cubic meter, that weight of .6 kg per cubic meter = .6 grams per liter. The density of the same volume of hydrogen, at O C and atmospheric pressure, is .08988 grams per liter. So, we just do the math (.6 / .08988) with those numbers to find that steam at 100 C weighs 6.675 times as much as hydrogen at 0 C. We are within striking distance of 9. That is, as hydrogen gas becomes lighter with increased temperature, it could end up being 9 times lighter than steam when hydrogen is at 100 C.

Ahh, I have found a calculator telling that the density (weight) of hydrogen at 100C is .0649 g/l. So, the math now is .6 / .0649 = 9.24!!! You see, I am correct: all atom weighs the same, and a water molecule is an O8H combination weighing about 9 times as much as hydrogen gas!

I would never have been able to discover that the water molecule is an O8H had I not made the discovery, with solid explanation, that all individual atoms weigh the same. This in turn proves that my view of gravity, the negative repulsion of the earth's heat source (= a pool of free electrons in the earth's core) is correct. My explanation on negatively-charged gravity is given thoroughly in the first update of December.

The discovery that all atoms weight the same came when I was tinkering with the mystery of why all objects fall to gravity at the same acceleration. The answer is so easy that scientists must have realized it, yet they rejected it for secret reasons, and gave us a fantasy instead: all atoms have different weights. They need this fantasy because they need to view every type of atom as a multiple of one proton. They are so stupid (as in wicked = foolish) it's incredible. Nobody's going to believe little-ole me when I say they are stupid fools lying their dragon guts at us. But that's the truth.

Go ahead, you explain why metal atoms fall to gravity at the same speed (regardless of which metal) as wood atoms, or as plastic atoms, or as rock atoms. Go ahead, try. If all of these atoms have different weights, then, because weight is defined as the specific pull of gravity, heavier atoms should fall to gravity faster, even as a stronger magnet pulls a nail faster. Hello? Scientists know this, but their stupidity comes in when they foolishly reject the obvious because they love evolution more than truth. They do have smarts, but they use it stupidly to deceive.

You might ask, as I did: how possibly could every atom weigh the same when all atoms are different? It didn't take long to realize that gravity was responsible in making all atoms weigh the same, otherwise all-atoms-weigh-the-same would be a colossal coincidence that I could not believe as true. The only question was: how could gravity arrange to have all atoms weighing the same? Once asked, the answer came fast...because I had already realized that gravity is made of electrons in the heat of the planet, for by that time I had realized that heat is defined as electron substance.

So, the answer is: the negative energy of gravity, which can be call G level (or x, if you prefer), blows all electrons off of every atom that is held to the proton by a force less than G. Right? Yes, if the proton holds an electron with more force than gravity has to blow it off, then the electron stays on the atom. The result is that, at the perimeter of every atom, the proton-captured electrons are being held on with roughly G-negative force, and consequently every atom is forced to emit the same net-positive force, equal to G-positive, toward the gravity source. So, as gravity attracts the positive force of atoms, all atoms weigh the same because all are pulled by G-positive force.

A cannonball with a zillion atoms falls at the same speed as a pin with far fewer atoms because gravity is pulling each atom individually. Whether the atoms are attached in a solid or free as gas atoms, they would fall to gravity at the same speed. The only reason that gravity doesn't cause gas atoms to fall to the ground is that gas atoms inter-repel. Yes, if all atoms emit the same charge, whether all negative, or all positive, they will inter-repel.

Okay, we are now ready to make stupid fools of modern physicists in yet another way, for they do not wish to view heat as a substance all its own, but chose, long ago, before the electron was known, to view heat as the MOTION of atoms...even though the stupids could plainly see in the vacuum jar that they were lying to themselves. They see heat as the crash-bang force of atoms in motion, and they explain gas atoms not falling to gravity by their being endlessly in motion. The more crash-bang the gas atoms have in a jar, the more heat they have. That's what they say. The higher the temperature of the gas, the faster and more powerful the crash-bang, yet the theory falls apart when they double the number of gas atoms in the jar, doubling the crash-bang, yet the temperature nowhere nearly doubles.

So, they will try to suggest that it's the SPEED of the atoms that determines the temperature, and that doubling the NUMBER of atoms (at the same speed) only doubles the gas pressure, not the temperature. Achem. This contradicts what they argue, that the heat energy in the jar is due to the energy of the atoms, and so energy goes up both with more mass AND faster speed of atoms, achem, because energy is mass x velocity.

They trick you. For example, with a jar and its gas at the same temperature, they will say that, regardless of the number of atoms in the jar, they will not increase the velocity of vibrations in the atoms of the glass, because all glass atoms and all gas atoms have the same average speeds if they are at the same temperature. So, if we double the gas in the jar, pumping it in at the same temperature, the gas atoms will strike the glass atoms twice as OFTEN (doubling only the pressure), but they are colliding twice as often at the same speed, which, they say, is not expected to increase the speed of glass atoms...and thus the glass does not increase in temperature. It's a trick.

To show their error, we pump in a hot gas into a cold jar. They argue that if a faster atom strikes a slower one, the slower one will picks up speed. Logical. Okay, that's the same as their saying that a "hotter" atom" striking a "colder" atom makes the latter hotter. Okay, but if there are twice as many faster-hotter atoms in the jar striking the slower-colder ones in the glass, we expect the glass to speed-up / warm-up warm up twice as fast, yet this is not what happens if we first measure the time it takes to warm the glass at 14 psi as compared to the time it takes at 28 psi. The reason this doesn't work for them is that heat is not the motion of atoms, but the number of FREE electrons (not those captured by atoms) in the jar.

To expose the frauds best, just take their vacuum. They can pump 99.9 percent of the atoms out of a jar, yet it barely gets colder even though their theory of heat predicts that the jar should go to nearly absolute zero (-270ish C). You can put a fly into a vacuum, and remove enough air to make it unable to fly, but it walks and jumps around just as fast as normal because the vacuum is still practically just as warm (it has a minor heat loss).

You can hang a thimble of water in a jar, remove 99.9-percent of the air, and the water will not freeze. The thimble is hanging by a thin thread, yet if the jar is put into a freezer in vacuum, the water will freeze. How does the heat escape from the water in a space having almost zero atoms to strike? Not through the string, that's for sure. How do the vibratory velocities of the water molecules slow down if there's almost no gas atoms in the jar to slow them down. In order to slow the vibrations, in their eyes, the water molecules need to be struck by colder-slower atoms. That's how they view heat transfer from one material to another.

My view of heat transfer is the penetration of free electrons through the atomic pores of all substances. The reason that science establishments did not teach that a vacuum is filled with free electrons, when I was back in school, is now obvious to me: they didn't want us to catch on that electrons define heat. The clues are everywhere in their labs, but they didn't want us to know this, because they are wicked fools.

I was once perplexed as to why a vacuum doesn't get ice cold the minute it's formed. I could explain the entry of heat into a jar through the walls of the jar, yet it seemed to me that this would take some time, and that the vacuum should be ice cold at the beginning, for we know that heat goes though glass slowly. I didn't think at that time, however, on two things: 1) it could take an average of ten minutes or more to create a vacuum, allowing that much time for heat entry through the container, and; 2) the motor and its vacuum-forming tool / wheel likely gets hot so that the pump is, possibly, constantly adding heated space into the container even while gas and heat together are being removed from another part of the tool / wheel. See 2nd minute for the heat of a vacuum pump, and third minute for wheel operation:

All atoms store heat even if they are lone atoms. That is, all atoms are compressed all around by the free electrons (= heat particles). Therefore, these heat particles force their way into the atmosphere of an atom, defined as the atom's proton-captured electrons (they hover above the protonic surface due to their inter-repulsion). The invading free electrons become quasi-captured, thus becoming the atom's stored heat that will not be released until the temperatures in the atomic spaces cool back down (defined as a lower density and pressure of free electrons). Now you know the truth...though it's a very good bet that God has included other things in the atomic situation, for particular services, some of which have not yet been discovered.

The new thing to consider now is that while the earth's hot core is what attracts the moon's atoms, yet the moon's core heat repels the earth's core heat so that it's easier to keep the moon circling the planet. Negative-to-negative force is like grease where the two meet. The new discovery here is that Newton and others are wrong to view orbital mechanics based on inter-attraction of planetary bodies alone. They are absolutely wrong to guess the specific masses of planets and moons based on those erroneous orbital mechanics. The inter-repulsion of two bodies makes the orbiting body lighter in the strictest / truest sense. Gravity repels all negative charges, and when gravity repels anything, it's anti-weight, making it lighter. Electrons weigh zero. Anything repelled by gravity more than attracted will weigh zero.

The moon's weight is exactly the earth's negative attraction of the moon's atoms minus the earth's negative repulsion of the moon's heat pool. A third function that can be considered an additional part of lunar weight is the moon's negative heat pool attracting the earth's atoms, though someone might argue that this should not be regarded as part of lunar weight.

The erroneous theory that the moon has 1/6th the gravity of earth is based on particulars of the lunar orbit in combination with the erroneous theory that gravity is an effect of some as-yet undiscovered gravity particle within all atoms. Based on how much inter-attraction exists between the earth and moon to explain the lunar orbit's particulars, that's how they "discover" the mass of the moon. They think the latter is fundamental to the specific lunar gravity force, because they think mass is proportional to gravity force. How do your make a buzzer sound? ENNNK. Wrong way, abandon, try again.

When trying to figure the mass of the moon, I assume they already "know" the mass of the earth based on its solar-orbit particulars. It's all bogus, all put out of wack by wrongly defining gravity force. So, it's not true that the moon has 1/6th the earth's gravity, and their being on the moon didn't prove it because they did not go to the moon. It was impossible to land a craft on the moon in the way they pretended to do it. Get smart. They have never created a craft like that for earth because it's too dangerous. It will spin out of control easily. They don't make them even for unmanned flight because it's too dangerous as per what they might crash onto when coming down to the ground. SpaceX did not land rockets on earth; they are just the take-off videos played backward; all deceit.

When they got away with the faked moon landings, they started to fake all sorts of events. We are being toyed with. But if that were the worst of it, we could take it. We are being abused now by false-flag operations. They wish to take away all our powers, all our abilities to educate in opposition to them. They want monopolies. The day could come when you would rejoice to see Russia come destroy the American power that holds you locked in perpetual hopelessness. The way to feel hopeless is to watch media that daily puts out news stories on Nancy Pelosi and AOC's every move. Thanks, conservative media, for bashing the people over their heads daily with this tormenting drip-drip. It's your low-down way of making money, we know.

Watch this 40-pound metal wheel loose most of it's weight, literally:

How do you explain that when the wheel is spinning fast, it doesn't get pulled to the ground by gravity? It's possibly the weight of the metal rod that causes some of the slight downward motion. We can't say that there is upward torque to explain it because there is an equal amount of downward torque. As they cancel each other out, we expect gravity to pull the wheel to the ground as it normally would. UNLESS something's happening in the atoms, and I think I know what it is.

But before getting to that, see the continuation of the video, below, where the same man shows himself standing on a weight scale while holding the spinning wheel, where the weight scale shows that all of the weight of the wheel is being registered on the scale.

That's impossible, it's a trick. I don't know why they are lying, but it's a trick. To prove the trick, just watch the entire act as he circles his head with the wheel, always keeping in mind that he's claiming 40 pounds transferred to his one hand at all times. If you know weights, you know this guy is not strong enough to do this. Even the old man did it. Poppycock. Note how little effort he used with his left hand, at 10 seconds, to launch the wheel from his hip area to a soar above his head, impossible if the wheel weighs 40 pounds. I lift 30-pounds weights regularly, one per hand; I know what it's like, they are quite heavy. There is no way this average man (weighs about 155 pounds) can do what we see here if 40 pounds is at his one hand at all times. This has got to be a falsifying trick.

Maybe the evolutionists put him up to it. Maybe they don't want people to know that gravity can be overcome in this way because it destroys their graviton-particle theory. That's right, this does destroy their view of gravity. They would have no explanation as to why any object should lose weight just because it's spinning.

Put is this way: he can't say on the one hand that it feels much lighter (in the first video), and then "prove" that all 40 pounds are coming through his hand. Impossible. If he can't hold the end of the bar with one hand when the wheel's not spinning, but he can hold it while spinning, it's clear that there's a big weight difference. The only alternative is that the spinning wheel is transferring most of its weight to the other end of the rod, but this defies explanation. At 3:47 of the first video, the bar is horizontal over his head, and so it should be clear that, if the wheel weighs 40 pounds, gravity will pull the it down and lower the one end of the bar with it. It defies explanation to say that the weight of the wheel is traversing the bar to his hand so that the wheel weighs little while the bar in his hand has adopted most of the wheel's weight.

Back up to 3:33, and watch from there. As he lifts the bar higher, the wheel goes higher (bar stays horizontal all the while). There are only two explanations: 1) the weight of the wheel is transferring through the rod to the hand (defies explanation); 2) the wheel weighs in the ballpark of five pounds, maybe ten. What we expect if the wheel weighs 40 pounds is that, as he lifts his hand, the hand end of the rod should go higher, but not the wheel end. If the wheel end is rising as he raises the hand, it can only be due to a wheel weighing very little.

Here's my explanation. The spinning causes the electrons to bunch on one side of the atoms, all wheel atoms. The atoms become negatively charged on their electron-bunched halves, and positively charged on their opposite halves. One half, probably the bottom half, of the wheel will therefore have a predominance of negatively charged sides facing gravity, but when they spin around to become the other half of the wheel, the positively charged sides of all atoms face gravity. The two sides of the wheel cancel each other out to eliminate the pull of gravity i.e. because the side with negativity facing down is being repelled by gravity while the other side is affected by roughly an equal pull of gravity. Got a better idea? I'll show evidence below that normal electricity causes metal to defy gravity, which cannot be understood except where gravity is an electric force. At slower spin speeds, the two sides of the wheel won't perfectly balance each other out.

In the video below, the guy goes through some psychological gymnastics that I do not comprehend when explaining that a gravity-defying wheel is undergoing torque versus angular-momentum...that he probably learned from evolutionist gibberish.

Actually, the man never says the wheel is defying gravity, but that's what it looks like to me; see a good shot at 3:13. In other words, forget his angular momentum, and just view the wheel as temporarily defying gravity, because that's the only thing needed to explain this picture. If you fast-forward to the 6th minute in this video, there's an old man swinging a 60-pound spinning wheel over his head, c'mon it can't weigh that much at his hand and arm, let's face it:

Even when he catches the 60 pounds, as it comes back down to his left hand, it doesn't weigh 60 pounds, no way, for this man couldn't catch 60 pounds that easily. As you can see, if you got to the 11th minute, madman's "machine" defied gravity due to two spinning wheels at high speeds.

I believe that machine circles as a whole due to the effect of the spinning wheels, which you can see circling counter-clockwise in videos below, tending to suggest that gravity force is involved, otherwise why doesn't the circling go clockwise at times? This reminds us of the water direction of a drain's whirlpool which goes in one direction always in the northern hemisphere of the earth, and in the opposite direction only in the other hemisphere.

I'll bet the same spinning wheel on bar will not work when the wheel is horizontal and bar vertical, which, if I'm correct, will prove that a spinning wheel does not become lighter due to any explanation they have. My prediction is that a wheel spinning horizontally will not create an upward gravity force because electrons forced to one side of all atoms are not facing downward to gravity in half the wheel. At 1:40 of the video below, another example of a spinning wheel defying gravity:

Below is a metal "flying saucer" defying gravity, but only because the man has electrical wire connected to it, which makes me think he's using electrical flow to make the captured electrons go to the bottom of atoms:

Here's another piece of aluminum rising with a small electrical flow, but I don't think the wire (triangular-shaped) is touching the aluminum:

The man thinks he's creating a "gravity field" above the metal ring that's attracting it from above, but that's not correct because a floating field cannot attract weight upward if it itself is not connected to anything. I suggest it's just an electrical field repelling atomic electrons to the bottom of aluminum atoms.

By now, you may be thinking, John, maybe you're right: gravity is a negative force acting on atomic electrons. Yup, the electrons of all atoms are the "air balloons" of atoms, and more so if someone can find a way to turn protonic force down (with a dial?). If someone can arrange for atomic electrons to face gravity to the point where there is more negative force emitted downward than there is protonic energy going downward, it seems that this can create more upward repulsion than downward attraction. (Electrons don't orbit protonic cores, don't be a modern atomic-physics nut.)

By the way, while explaining light as a pure wave, not a photon particle, I neglected to mention that light behaves like a particle because light waves move only forward. Scientists cannot conceive of a wave moving only forward because they reject the electron ether as the light-wave medium. They don't reject it because they don't think it exists, but, rather, they know it exists but avoid it like a plague on their evolution theory.

A wave is a simple thing. It's a domino effect of motive (kinetic) energy through particles. One particle strikes the other forward, and so the wave "moves" through the medium. Sound waves are not fast enough to move only forward, and, besides, light waves move through an ether medium not attracted by gravity, not held down to anything. That explains why the so-called "speed of light" is very fast, for electrons in space are very easy to move, nothing much restricts their motion.

The domino effect through the light medium is not at the speed of light, but rather only the reaching effect of light is at the speed of light. For example, if we had a row of inter-repelling particles from earth to moon that could not come nearer to one another when pushing one particle into a second, the entire row of particles would jab the moon as instantly as the first particle is moved toward the moon, even if its pushed at one mile per hour. The row of electrons is like a solid stick poking the moon as instantly as the stick is pushed into it, if particles did not come closer to one another when pushed.

But, as the speed of light is not instant, free electrons that make up the light medium do come a little closer to one another when pushed by a light wave. A light wave is always started by the motion of one electron into the ether. Why does it move only straight ahead?

It's the same principle as the inability of magnetic force to move a steal object when, for example, a magnetic bullet flies FAST past a metal thimble hanging on a thread. Even if the bullet flies as close to the thimble as 1/8", the magnetic force in the bullet won't move the thimble sideways because the TIME involved in the bullet's flight past the thimble is too small to effect more than about zero force. Magnetic force takes time to move a thing. So, if electrons that cause visible light are moving fast enough, they will not affect a sideways transfer of their repulsion energy as they pass electrons to their sides. They will only push electrons to their front. It's a very good explanation for the forward-only movement of light waves. Yours truly discovered this, yes, only me, yet I think that this occurred to others long ago when they studied waves.

Solar-wind electrons are moving much faster than a bullet, and so its seems that electrons ejected from the sun, into the solar-wind light medium, are not going to cause a sideways wave motion. I predict that, when electrons are ejected slowly from a light bulb, they will cause some sideways wave, but this would define light in the invisible infra-red zone. All visible light has forward-only motion.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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