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January 4 - 11, 2021

The Affidavit From Italy
I Can't Stop Insulting Trump, Maybe I'm Addicted, Maybe He Asks For It
Ratcliffe's Report Is Out
My Atomic Model, Continued, With Mysteries from Helium

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

[Before reading the following and spending time with the story, I want to warn that there's a substantial problem thus far that I did not discover until near the end of my covering it. The story hinges on an affidavit of Alfia D'Ursa whom the subject of the story, Maria Zack, has perhaps not checked out. I fully expect her to have spoken with the man, or to have obtained something of a near-equivalent piece of corroboration, before putting our her accusations. I did not find anything to suggest she had contacted him. Maria is with an election-fraud organization, and so one assumes that the person claiming to write and sign the affidavit sent it to her, or that a "reliable source" sent it to her, but I was unable to find where Maria got the piece of suspect paper. It would boggle my mind if she simply received it, and ran with it without first checking authenticity. End insert]

[ATTENTION WORLD! On Tuesday (12th) of the week after this update was put out, I was sent the video below on Rumble showing Mr. D'Ursa speaking the very words on the affidavit!!! It means that the election cheating was indeed conducted from Italy!!! How can Trump ignore this? If he ignores this, call him out as a fraudster.

More in the next update. End insert]

I'm going to start this update by quoting an entire article in case it's taken down from the Internet. This story comes in combination from a leaked phone, of almost an hour in length, with various Christians on a conference call, which I will share after this article is quoted. I'm going to lump his too-short paragraphs together so that this story doesn't take up as much space on my page:

The latest article published on this blog has explained the hacking scheme which involves Italy’s government. A former CIA agent and chief of one of the intelligence agency stations, Bradley Johnson, revealed how Italy had a crucial role in what could be defined an international coup d’etat against Donald Trump. Basically, the main actor of this attack was Leonardo, which is an Italian government company leader in the defense and aerospace sectors.

Now there’s another person who has completely confirmed the role of Italy in this fraud and it is Maria Zack. Mrs. Zack is the chairman of the association “Nations in Action ” and in an audio file leaked two days [who leaked it?] ago she explains how the fraud would have occurred. According to Mrs. Zack, the operation center which coordinated the attack was effectively the US embassy in Rome. This version completely matches Mr. Johnson’s story, but Mrs. Zack gives more important details about it.

The operation would have been coordinated by the Italian General Claudio Graziano on the second floor of the embassy, assisted by a former Italian secret service agent, Claudio Serafini. General Graziano is an important character in this story. The Italian military leader is presently the president of the military committee of the European Union [this is thick, EU control over American electionS plural]. The General is an ardent supporter of an “European army solution” and in one of his recent conferences clearly said that there’s nothing beyond the EU and NATO.

Therefore, Graziano could be considered a deep state operative and a member of the military lobbies that are fiercely opposing President Trump’s foreign policy, which is based not upon military interventionism but rather on the respect of other countries’ sovereignty. However, the Italian military would have been the director of this operation which would have used Leonardo’s technology.

As Mr. Johnson said, the Italian governmental company provided its technology to run the hacking attack. Maria Zack confirms that a “Leonardo satellite was used to load the software and change the votes from Trump to Biden” [perfect fodder for getting Christians to rise up in arms].

Originally, the plot to switch votes from Trump to Biden didn’t start in Rome, rather in Frankfurt, wherein a CIA station hosts Dominion’s servers. Apparently, everything was working fine until the hackers in Frankfurt had realized that what they were doing wasn’t enough to finally deliver the “victory” to Biden. At that moment, the hackers called Rome for help. Then in the US Embassy the operation was recalibrated by creating new algorithms. Trump was basically taking too many votes and it was necessary to re-elaborate the attack. The votes were then sent from a military satellite operated by Leonardo to the US and downloaded back into Dominion’s servers [makes Christians see red].

Most importantly, a former Leonardo consultant , Arturo D’Elia, came forward and admitted in a sworn testimony his participation in this crime [huge if all true, for anyone with ears to hear]. Mr. D’Elia claims that the votes from Trump to Biden had been switched through “a military satellite of Fucino Tower”. The former Leonardo consultant has also stated that he had acted “under instructions and directions of US persons working from the US embassy in Rome”.

At the moment, D’Elia is held in custody by the Italian authorities for other cybercrimes allegedly committed against Leonardo itself [sounds like they are punishing him for signing the affidavit]. However, it seems very unlikely that this plan took place without the US ambassador in Rome, Lewis Eisenberg, knowing what was happening in his own embassy. Lewis Eisenberg was appointed by Trump in 2017 and he was a contributor to his first campaign but, at the same time, he’s very close to the Zionist neocon lobbies which do oppose Trump’s military disengagement.

The political level of the operation: Renzi and Obama

What was described so far is mainly the military and secret service level of the operation orchestrated by unfaithful and subversive members of the US and Italian deep state, but Mrs. Zack’s following revelations are even more shocking. The political level of the plan would have been basically conceived by Barack Obama who was allegedly helped by his Italian counterpart, so to speak, Matteo Renzi, the former Italian Prime Minister.

The Chairman of Nations in Actions [Maria Zack] claims that what happened was “a really brilliant plan orchestrated by Obama with the help of Renzi.” The relationship between Renzi and Obama is simply fundamental in order to figure out both the first coup attempt against Trump, namely the Spygate, and the second ongoing coup against the US President, which is the electoral fraud.

[A few short paragraphs removed here because they only talk about spygate against Trump, all of which we know about.]

At the same, the Spygate couldn’t took place without the decisive part of Italy [mere opinion of fact?]. When Obama had chosen to authorize the illegal espionage operation, he would have asked the help of the former Italian Prime Minister, Renzi. The timing is very important in this matter. A month after Obama-Brennan’s meeting, the then Italian PM paid a visit to the White House [this was mid October, 2016, three weeks before the election, and in the thick of the initial Obamaite assaults on Trump].

If Mrs. Zack’s version is right, it was in that occasion that Obama ordered Renzi to take part in the plan [all conjecture, so far, without evidence, but logical, viable]. Renzi would have agreed by involving the Italian secret services in the espionage. The Italian secret services would have conceived a plan to set up Giulio Occhionero, an Italian nuclear engineer, who had been used as way to falsely associate Trump to the Kremlin. Basically, the Italian intelligence would have tried to plant Hillary Clinton’s emails on Occhionero’s US company, Westlands Inc. Apparently, Occhionero was chosen as a patsy [all conjecture, so far, without evidence] because he’s quite close to the American conservative circles that endorsed Trump campaign.

Globalism has been using the Italian deep state against Trump

However, the most surprising thing that ties this scandal with the electoral fraud is the relation between Obama and Renzi. Even after both of them left office, they kept working together in order to orchestrate a sort of permanent coup d’état against Donald Trump. There’s a red thread that connects Spygate and the US electoral fraud and this red thread is the axis between the Italian and the US deep state, represented in this case by Obama and Renzi. This subversive plan would have never stopped and would have continued until November 2020 when both sides, the US and the Italian operatives, conspired to overthrow Trump [all theory without proof, and assumed to be from Ms. Zack].

In other words, globalism has certainly used members of the Democratic party as Obama to coordinate the coup, but even more crucial would have been the subversive power of the Italian deep state deeply infiltrated in Italy’s public institutions. The current Italian PM, Giuseppe Conte, would have been perfectly informed of this operation as “he is very engaged and involved” claims Zack. And frankly, if this version is proven right, it is hard to think the contrary.

Leonardo is a government company whose 30.2% of shares are in the hands of the Italian ministry of Economy, who’s Mr. Roberto Gualtieri, a EU loyalist. The present CEO of Leonardo, Mr. Profumo, was appointed in his role in April 2020 by Conte who basically confirmed the choice of his predecessor, Paolo Gentiloni, former Italian PM in 2017 and also apparently involved in the Spygate. According to Zack, the black funds to run this plot would have been provided by Iran, which would have financed Obama with 400 million dollar to direct the operation [where have we heard that money-figure recently?].

This version partially confirms the role played by Obama since 2017 onwards. The former US president ran an organization in Washington DC, which could be considered a sort of shadow government to thwart Trump presidency. According to other sources, Obama’s financiers would have been Soros ONGs. However, the former Democratic President had been simply essential to coordinate the whole scheme and Italy had provided its technology and its government operatives to perpetrate this plot [not beyond the realm of possibility, but if Ms. Zack is conjuring this up from pure imagination, it's not good enough].

The story of the US election fraud has basically been an international coup d’état conceived by the Washington deep state and acted through the participation of several countries and globalist governments, such as Canada, Germany, China, Spain and Italy. In other words, the globalist power has recurred to the governments that are serving the New World Order agenda to overthrow Trump.

The relationship between Salvini and Renzi

Meanwhile, in Italy the media are silent both on the spygate and Conte’s involvement in this scandal [it's going to be hard to prove much without the Italians backing it up]. The leader of the Italian opposition, Salvini, is not denouncing neither of them. After the fall of his government, apparently Salvini has formed a sort of axis with Renzi to pave the way to another technocratic government led most probably by Mario Draghi. The system in Italy has been silencing those scandals because they see the participation in them of both the majority and the opposition.

However, as it was told in the previous article, Italy is essential to solve the crime of the US election fraud. If someone wants to really understand what happened in this elaborated international coup, it must look at Rome.

As a Christian, when you hear the phone call below ( led by Maria Zack, you will likely find it to be anything but a faked scheme, and I tend to agree because, if it's all faked script, then she's slandering quite a few high-level people. The call was on January 5 of this week, and her claim that things in Italy are about to be released in the news are happening:

The video claims that Italian Intelligence is revealing the fraud to the CIA. Achem, that's counter-productive, and well explains why globalist factions in Italy would inform the CIA. But how would she know that the Italian government, which opposes her team, would tell the CIA, which is likewise expected to oppose her team? Who at the CIA would have told someone on her team?

Ms. Zack says that Mark Meadows is involved / informed with the privy details of the coming onslaught against Obama and Renzi. It seems unbelievable that such a sting operation is going to be shared with people in high places who need not know, and you certainly don't tell anyone in the leaky White House about it, yet she even says that Chris Miller (Trump's acting defence secretary) was notified. I suppose her team trusts Miller and Meadows, but the big question is, what is Obama and Dominion doing RIGHT NOW to sabotage this story? Was the staged "riot" on the 6th done by Obama in hopes that it could get Trump to fold before Italian news ruins the cheats? How long might it take for this news to need getting shot-down by leftist media (right now, it's ignoring the story, hoping it goes away)?

It is difficult to ferret out the realities here, but I'm game on giving Maria's team an ear if more comes out on this. Here's an Italian headline from January 6: "Renzi and Obama against Trump for the US elections: the latest hoax of the ultra-right conspiracy theorists who calls Italy into question".

By Thursday night, this video below was found that begins (see about the middle of first minute) talking about an IT chief (Arturo D'Elia), from the Italian military's Leonardo company. He's in an Italian court room, on January 5, admitting that he was part of U.S. election fraud conducted from Pescara, Italy (I was in Pescara a few times as a child). The IT man says Leonardo helped Dominion win the U.S. elections!!! ZOWIE. It's TRUE, it really is, unless the news article is a pure fabrication, which is doubtful (no media in Italy is going to falsify such a thing).

[Insert -- At 10 am January 8, youtube removed the video above, putting "Private video" on the screen instead. They removed this video the day after I loaded because the story is potentially true, and incriminates Obama. The next time I tried to load it, it had "Private video, Sign in if you've been granted access to this video." This must be youtube's way of disguising censorship, by making it appear that the owner of the channel made it private. The owner is Phantom Entertainment, a small channel with less than 7K subscribers at this time. End insert]

In the third minute, aside from quoting that the Pescara project et-al got a billion dollars from the U.S. government (which part of the government? Did Trump know?) for the project, the Italian article he quotes from says the CIA raided Frankfurt's servers to destroy the evidence. Now we know why Mark Meadows locked-out Sidney Powell from the White House last week, while he and/or others convinced Trump to get rid of her. Trump was an inch away from having her investigate this thing, deciding to abandon this evidence, like a moron who maybe wanted to save Obama in order not to make media waves. He was happy to be re-elected while leaving Obama unscathed; that's what it looks like to me. But now that he's on the edge of defeat, he might get this story out on his own initiative. If he doesn't, he's a traitor to his voters.

Think about it. There are court-room transcripts with this man's confession, with detail upon detail about the fraud, and while Ms. Powell was involved with this very "conspiracy theory" out of Frankfurt, Trump may have snubbed her due to those in his midst trying to cover for the crime. No matter, I'd suggest Powell is still involved, keeping tabs, filling pages of notes to be used against Dominion. Maria Zack's organization enters the video in the 4th minute. This DOES look like the kraken, suddenly.

The 11th minutes ropes the Swiss operation of Scytl into this Dominion crime.

Back to a Wee-Bit of Heraldry

I didn't want to get back into heraldry, but somehow I find myself to it again. I've got the video above paused at 13:51, because I had predicted that Sidney Powell will win the election for Trump, or, if not quite that way, will win something for Trump. This prediction is mentioned through some of my December updates, where I mentioned the "Fata" motto term of the Sidney surname. At 13:51 of the video, I am copying the following (from the article below having a few spelling mistakes in key places, including "Scylt" instead of "Scytl"):

Sicilian born Ignazio Moncada, CEO at FATA SpA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leonardo SpA, is believed to be a BRIDGE between some secret services and the Italian Beijing Business association, the Italian Iran Business Association...

(same article here, with links).

Aside from the FATA coincidence, it's just that a BRIDGE theme was connected to Sidney Powell. I thought I had best jot this down in case God is signalling to me (with "bridge") that this pertains to her, especially as the bridge theme had pointed, by way of the CRABs in the Bridge surname, to Christopher KREBS, the former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security (Homeland Security), whom Trump fired because Krebs claimed there was no fraud in the election. Krebs got a consulting job with SolarWinds this week. (Click the Bridge link to load the Sidney surname and others to follow better.)

What follows is what I added later in this update, a few minutes after writing the above. I added it to the first sentence below, which had already been written:

As you can see, even Mulvaney quit today [on Trump], not wanting to be part with a "loser" anymore. The Mulvaney surname is a version of the Neil Coat, both using the fish in the Arms of SARACA, and Saraca-like SHARKs were first found in Tyrone with Neils, suggesting that God may have arranged the heraldry to point out that Mulvaney has been a part of the deep state shark predicted to swallow Trump. The same fish is used in giant form by Pescara's, said to be from Veneto (land of Venice). The video above, where we saw the Leonardo location in Pescara, pointed out: "...the manipulated data was transmitted from Frankfurt to Rome via the US Embassy in via VENETO..." Venice is where D'Elia's were first found. This heraldry is making sense. Why are Scottish Elia's listed with Elias', evoking Marc Elias of Perkins Coie, a kingpin for Trump persecution?

It just so happens that MulVANEys look like a branch of Fenns/Venns in the Powell motto! Moreover, the Fane's/Vane's, with a Venice-like Vanes variation, have a "fano" motto term, expected as code for a Fano location between Veneto and Pescara! Zinger, look at those coincidences.

I can add that the Elia/Elias motto shares "quo" with Sidneys, and while Rudy Giuliani is working closely with Jenna Ellis, the Ellis' share a version of the Elia/Elias Coat. The Sidneys, who share a "sed" motto term with Elia's/Elias' (coincidence, or God-made?), are expected as a branch of Sedans/Siddens and Seatons/Sitten which named Sine-line "Sion/Sitten (Switzerland), and the "sino" motto term of Sedans/Siddens (black eagles likely of the Julius-Caesar bloodline) is a near-match with the "sine" motto term of Julian-branch Gollys/Gullys and Gulls. Julian-like Giuliani's use the black eagle too. "Sino" is often used in language to signify China.

We read from the article above: "Senior US Embassy personnel in Italy reportedly gave the order to act, coordinating the hacking and developing 'new algorithms', states a key witness of the fraud..." If the U.S. embassy in Italy was controlling the decision and monitoring the situation, we should probably include Lewis M. Eisenberg in this discussion, Trump's ambassador to Italy since October of 2017. As I was pointing the Scytl company to Skate's/Sheets, Skits/Skeets and English Sheds/Scheds, just go ahead and compare the Shed/Sched Coat to the Jewish Eisenberg Coat. The Skate's/Sheets and Skits/Skeets were part of my Obama dream in the first half of February, 2017.

The Scytl-like Schittle's/SCHITners/SITlers, sharing the ICE trefoils, are even linkable to SIDneys / Sedans/Siddens / Seatons/Sittens / Sutys. My prediction was that Sidney Powell would have something to do with a Trump victory due to my hat-trick hockey goal (on ICE skates) at my age 16, and so check out the three hats in the German Eisenberg Coat. Interesting indeed. A hat trick got its name when a player gets three goals in a game with the fans throwing their hats onto the ice to celebrate. The hat trick goal was off my stick, deflected intentionally between my LEGs, and the giant Legg stag head is in the colors of the giant Trump/Tromp stag head. As Ice's were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps/Tromps, the eagle of Ice's (Giuliani eagle?) looks like that of Dutch Tromps.

Plus, in the Obama dream, the Skates/Sheets had come up twice, first because all of Obama's billiard tables were covered in a black sheet, and secondly when he was on a skateBOARD in the back yard of his billiard hall. The BOARDers happen to share crossed, white-on-red swords with the Eisenbergs having a version of Shed/Sched Coat, and these swords are in the colors of the Shute/Shitt swords. The Obama dream pointed to Obama's Soetoro surname by the Sewers/SHUTers/Suits (version of BOARD Coat), and the Shute's/Shitts were first found in Wiltshire with the Calls having a three-TRUMPet version of the three Shute/Shitt swords. It doesn't look coincidental. As was said in December, and many times prior, my second goal of the hat trick had me brushing along the BOARDs (behind the net) after the goal.

As I said many times, MARY Nigro, an Italian friend, was watching the hat-trick game, and she was likely born, MARIA. To emphasize that God wanted her name as part of that evening, Marys share the Hatrick/Ettrick and Edrich/Edrick lion, and the latter surname is in the Sidney motto term, "Edrych." Believe it or not. So, she may have been used by God that night to point to Maria Zack (I assume the latter term is her married surname). At the time that I was friends with Mary, she lived in BUTTONville (Ontario), and Buttons are listed with Bidens.

Youtube must have done a fine job hiding the video below from Trump voters, such a sad state of affairs, may God punish youtube be it ever so severely. It's dated December 19, and has Bradley Johnson (former CIA) talking about the Dominion scandal in Italy from way back then. The only reason I found this is that I bumped into the video above, by Phantom Entertainment, on January 7, the day it was released, and so I assume it was released before the youtube computer could begin to hide it [proved to be true]. This video below is from a link at the article above:

In the 9th minute, the speaker (Brad Johnson) says that the Trump administration was rejecting this line of investigation a couple of weeks ago. UNBELIEVABLE. If it were only the word of Miss Zack, that would be one thing, but there's court evidence against the ones who stole the election from Trump, and he doesn't want to look at it??? Is he that mesmerized by his own "advisors"? Incredible. He must be over-worked, causing him to make bad decisions. He should have sent a team to investigate. There's no shortage of loyalists. Where's that Pompeo louse? Hey Pompeo, you traitor, go check this out. Talk to Eisenberg, since you're his boss, put the hot water up to his neck.

John Ratcliffe could be very useful here because he's got access to CIA records for Italy. That's where the motherload of evidence for treason will be, with CIA employees involved with this. Trump seems to be too dopey to just go meet privately with Ratcliffe (don't tell Meadows) to ask him to look into this with absolute loyalists (don't risk sharing this with a potential traitor). What Ratcliffe should do is find a trusted CIA man who knows how to dig up the right files. Copy the files, deliver them to Trump. The president then exposes the files before January 20, and orders military arrests of a few key people, including Obama and Biden if necessary, and to Hell with what the media screams. Let them scream and let's enjoy it, because if they scream while ignoring high crimes, let them scream till they drop dead. Trump's voters will scream back even louder. Let the enemy start the window-breaking; let them be blamed for it, but do not give Obama this election, whatever it takes.

google was trying to hide the following affidavit, from professor Alfio D'Ursa, that swears under oath that Mr. D'Elia is guilty of affecting the U.S. election, on November 4, via manipulation of Leonardo equipment:

It could be that the government of Italy is charging D'Elia in order to protect Leonardo of complicity in the voter-machine manipulation. In other words, D'Elia may be the fall-guy for the company he worked for. Why was D'Elia prosecuted (in December) in Naples? Why should Naples be the proper jurisdiction for the crime(s). D'Elia confessed that he was working in the Pescara branch, and that he "utilized military grade cyber warfare encryption capabilities to transmit switched (flipped] votes via military tower at Fucino tower to Frankfurt Germany." You can't exonerate Sidney Powell any more than that. Will Tucker Carlson apologize to her? Is he big enough? No, because Fox news would more than snarl at him for providing Trump a real break at this time. Nobody at Fox is expected to provide this story, unless it gets big enough that ignoring it does more money-harm (to Fox) than good.

The quote above continues where I left off: "[D'Elia] has stated that he is willing to testify to [against] all individuals and entities involved in the switching of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden when he shall be in total protection to his family." Sounds like he got a plea deal. These sworn statements by D'Ursa are dated January 6, I kid you not, though Trump may not have known that they were coming out at all. How fortuitous for the president and his voters that this came out at this time. Is this God acting? Could be...and no one can stop God, Mr. Soros. Look at how close you are to your final breath, and here you are trying to do what? I am so disgusted with you. If only you were a wise man. Here is D'Ursa's page untranslated:

Note how all the Democrats are so noble in person, so up-standing in human quality, so exemplary of human divine, that not one of them is sharing this story. Scumbugs they all are, the dirt of the planet, the fuel for Armageddon, the reason for the end of the world. Soon, their leaders may need to give the Democrat marching orders on how to deny this story, and they all will be such perfect human specimens as to rally around their king dragons, to do their bidding to the death.

I would suggest that D'Elia seems prepared to expose his fellow workers. The curiosity is why the Italian government is not forcing him to be something like a dead man instead of alive and ratting out? If he were in the USA, he'd more like a dead man. Italy must have some morality left in it, unlike the Bidenites, Obamaites, and Clintonites.

Wow, minutes after saying what I did about Tucker Carlson, I found a reddit thread showing D'Ursa's affidavit sponsored by what looks like Tucker Carlson. I am so sorry, Tucker, for saying what I did, but, then again, on the other hand, are you going to do a story on Fox about this crime? (The affidavit may not be there when you get to it if reddit objects):

About two-thirds the way down Tucker's reddit page (below), he has the video of the Capitol Police allowing anti-Trump rioters (disguises as pro-Trumpers) to get through the barricade in the early afternoon of January 6. The D'Ursa document is on this page too:

General Flynn found the Italy story (webpage below), and so wouldn't Trump have seen it? On January 7th, Flynn tweets: "'We must stand up for truth and call for a full investigation' Another piece of the foreign interference puzzle. The viability of our constitution & our country are at risk. Italy did it - Arturo D'Elia Admits to stealing election on via @YouTube" Clicking that link, youtube says the video was removed for violations. You see, Obama did do it, ABSOLUTELY. If there was no merit, youtube would not be watching every minute. The Obama's spies are working hard RIGHT NOW to keep this story from exploding.

After Flynn's tweet, twitter inserts: "This claim of election fraud is disputed, and this Tweet can’t be replied to, Retweeted, or liked due to a risk of violence"

One mocking person (typical liberal scum) claims that D'Ursa's affidavit is a fake because it's not on a government-made page, but is upon a plain piece of paper. To this, we could suggest that it could be fully legal to sign your own piece of paper, and to file it with a court through a lawyer, all legitimate, especially if a lawyer presents it that way to a court. The bigger point, if Obamaites don't want to make it, is that D'Ursa has not come out to denounce this as a fake. If he does, that would be fine, but if he doesn't, we could add that no one expects him to make this claim against powerful people on a hoax basis. It's possible that D'Ursa" will retract his affidavit due to threats, to be half-expected if he has family. Besides, D'Elia's court transcripts would be accessible by the public, it is to be assumed.

Interestingly, the French D'Ursa surname is in Hicks colors, and includes an Hours variation, like the "heure" motto term of Hicks. This recalls Miss Hicks, who appeared in my 1979 dream with the shark having Trump down its throat.

Yahoo had an article going back to December 11 (2020), a real eye-opener, folks, if it perchance involves rigging the 2016 election against Trump:

Computers hacked at Italian defence group Leonardo between 2015 and 2017 belonged to a unit that makes components for both commercial and military aircraft, including C27J and ATR turboprop, a police officer working on the case told Reuters.

The officer, who asked not to be identified by name, said police were now looking into the hard disks and laptops seized from one of the people arrested to check what kind of information was stolen and why.

...On Dec. 5 [2020] Italian police arrested two people who had worked at Leonardo over their alleged role in hacking 94 computers, 33 of which were at the group's plant in Pomigliano d'Arco, near Naples [Remember, D'Elia was in court in Naples even though he worked at Pescara].

One of the two people under arrest is Arturo D'Elia, who at the time of the hacking was part of the Leonardo team handling cybersecurity incidents.

In a statement issued on Dec. 5, prosecutors said that 10 gigabyte of data exfiltrated from computers at the Pomigliano plant contained information relating to "accounting management, human resources... and the design of components for civil and military aircraft".

...He has not been charged, prosecutors said.

It appears that D'Elia got caught on matters unrelated to election fraud, but then, later, did get caught in election fraud, or, if that's not correct, he volunteered to rat the project out in return for leniency in the matter's above. The original charges against D'Elia were caused by Leonardo, and, perhaps, Leonardo was not part of the election fraud i.e. D'Elia and others may have been using Leonardo's system apart from its knowledge. It adds:

The investigation started in 2017 when Leonardo reported abnormal network traffic to police.

According to LinkedIn, D'Elia served as IT security consultant at NATO's Communication and Information Agency in Rome between 2010 and 2015.

Leonardo has a cybersecurity division that counts NATO among its customers.

(Reporting by Francesca Landini, editing by Louise Heavens)

Here is Maria Strollo Zack (Italian, it appears) on video (it's a youtube video, unfortunately), upon a news show (America Can We Talk):

The speaker (host Debbie Georgatos) in the video says that Maria delivered an affidavit "today" (January 6 about midday) to a couple of congressmen, and to Mark Meadows. The latter is REQUIRED to give it to Trump. If Meadows does not give it to Trump, it would seem that Meadows is blackmailed by the deep state for something he wants to hide from the public. Maria says she shared the affidavit with Devin Nunes and is about to share it with Louis Gohmert too. Maria was still trusting Pence on January 6, perhaps not knowing yet that he betrayed Trump that day. Pence: "I will not stop until every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote thrown out". BALD-FACE LIAR.

It's questionable as to whether these people want to be publicly revealed as having it, but Maria is perhaps doing the right think to protect herself, because a death risk is her's if she keeps the story to her small circle, yet now that she's revealed it far and wide, conducting a terror act against her is counter-productive i.e. makes her story look true.

A disclaimer below the video: "Editors Note: This report exists on the basis of four events, A)...and D) the existence of a single unverified document – said to be a sworn affidavit from Attorney Prof Alfio d’ Urso..." "Unverified" means that D'Ursa hasn't confirmed that he wrote it, yet for all we know he may have released it without confirming it, for a reason. The affidavit (signed on the day of this video) should be a part of the court proceedings, if it's authentic. The court should be able to verify it, or any Italian reporter should be able to do so in the coming days unless the judge ordered all court documents sealed.

The video also has: (square brackets always mine)

Items to call in question and should require more scrutiny:

Zack states the attorney “Prof Alfio d’ Urso,” who provided the affidavit is a “top lawyer” in Italy, however, typical searches reveal little information on his name [good point].

The affidavit contains no typical markings, stamps or notarization [fair point, not conclusive].

The affidavit contains no physical address of any kind [yes it does].

The affidavit eludes to the concern of safety for the individual, who is often referenced in the interview as ‘this person’ while fully named in the affidavit [not a good point].

The claimed witness and provocateur, Arturo D’Elia, is one of two persons whom were arrested in December 2020 for an incident involving data theft at Leonardo, over alleged roles in hacking computers located at one of the defense contractors plants [I don't see the point].

The affidavit gives this address: ""Prof. Alfio D'Ursa, Avvocato, di Via Vittorio Emanuele, Catania 9513I, Italia."

In the 23rd minute, Maria claims that D'Elia was "troubled" at the election fraud he found in the Leonardo system, suggesting that he's not the culprit, but rather Leonardo demanded the hacking from him, which is ridiculous in my mind. D'Elia would put forth this fake story to save his own skin, and Leonardo will deny guilt too.

The video lets everyone down by not asking about the veracity of the D'Ursa affidavit. The questions should have been asked: what court is the affidavit in? How can anyone access it there to prove it's authentic? Where did you (Maria) get it from? Should the lawyer's letterhead be on it? It's all quite the omission, and so the video amounts to gab-gab-hype, I'm very disappointed. It would be not a wonder if Giuliani is pooh-poohing this affidavit at first sight if there is no way to contact D'Ursa. Here's the affidavit in English with no Italian version shown beside it (why not?):

Ms. Georgatos and her show is out of Dallas, home, roughly, of John Ratcliffe.

Here's a non-translated page as proof that Mr. D'Ursa exists, but aside from this, I can't find anything:

Here's the translated page that I can't get to work for me because google won't allow the links to work. google could be suppressing all articles about him. It's a no-brainer that, if this story is true, the Obamaites would have been on the phone with google. Mr. Ratcliffe can listen in on those calls and others to be expected.

Maria wrote: "The theft of the election was orchestrated in the Rome embassy ... by an employee, Stefan Serafini, foreign service officer of over 20 years." It sounds as though Serafini is an American of the U.S. embassy in Rome, not of the Italians. In any case, we are waiting for this man to report my some method that he's not involved in this. So far, I've seen no such statement as of mid-Friday afternoon. Ditto from Mr. D'Elia. Ditto from Obama. Ditto Renzi. If the situation doesn't change by about Monday, we must conclude that all of these men like to see their names slandered globally. We realize that Maria stands to be sued harshly, don't we? Or worse. I hope she's not naive and gullible, and that she has proof of the authenticity of the affidavit.

Are we to conclude that Maria is making all these names up, that none of the people exist? Is she an Obama plant trying to lure Trump into making a public, bogus claim on election fraud so that nobody ever seeks the truth from China again, or listens to Sidney Powell? That might be possible if her organization is a spy organization. But there's less evidence for that than the evidence said to be lacking in her story. Nobody I've read trying to debunk her does, aside from pointing out the suspect affidavit.

We are waiting for Leonardo to issue a small statement saying there's no truth to her accusations, and no Claudio Graziano is or was on Leonardo's board.

On an Italian, translated page, it begins with: "Dear Stilumcuriali, we receive from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano and we are happy to publish this message relating to the presidential elections in the United States, which contains revelations of considerable interest also concerning our country. Happy reading and good listening." It goes into the D'Ursa story. On this page, Maria Zack is "Maria Fe Z. Parker of Nation in Action", and google has blocked the link from working which is offered by the archbishop.

Usually, if a story has no merit, the tech giants won't block it unless the story gets big legs, but it's so soon that the story is not at all big yet, though the tech giants are already, from day one, trying to hide this story's details.

Part of this translated page says: "On Christmas Eve Maria Fe Z. Parker was at Trump's party in Florida, in Mar-a-Lago, and at that juncture she had time to talk to Trump and anticipated that she would receive an affidavit from a person who would have given all the proofs of this affair involving Italy. He [She] told Trump that [s]he would give every possible proof, even of the informant who signed the affidavit and that he is the one who has finished uploading all the data into the Leonardo satellite. After that, she met two more times with Trump, who was dumbfounded and took notes on a piece of paper about the names Maria was giving." Do we think Maria would be lying about this on her conference call to other Christians?

If that Christmas meeting didn't happen, then Trump owes his voters a message denying it.

As you can see, the Italian article gives Maria a Parker surname too, perhaps from her other husband. The giant Parker stag head is colors reversed from the same of Acorns, and Dutch Tromps use acorns.

Parkers use a "certa" motto term while Kilpatricks use "Ceart." Miss Hicks is also Mrs. Kilpatrick, and, as I've said many times, I first saw her on Christmas day, 1994, 15 years after she appeared in my dream with her knee emphasized. Was that first meeting a pointer to Maria's meeting with Trump at Christmas? The Knee's were first found in County Down, and while Obama was born to Miss Dunham, Downs/Douns, probably a branch of Dunhams/Downhams, use a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head, and then Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with Vise's/Vise's and Acorns, the latter two sharing the same stag head, colors reversed from the Parker stag head. Miss Hick's knee is on her leg, and Leggs, first found in Dumfries with Scottish Kilpatricks, use another giant stag head, in the colors of the giant one of Trumps/Tromps. What maketh thee of these coincidences? Her husband, Mr. Kilpatrick, died of Parkinson's disease, and while Parker-like Parkinsons are listed with Perkens, the Perkins share the Kilpatrick lion.

The D'Elia's even share the fesse of French Payne's while Obama's mother, if I recall correctly (may have been her grandmother), was Miss Payne. If you like, just ignore this heraldry, if you think it's nutty of me to use it.

Someone writes: "Tiffany Trump helping, got them in Mara Lago on Christmas Eve. Tiffany assisted in getting them connected with trump to speak about the affidavits from the person who committed the crime..." Same page; "34:00 [minute] Marla Maples [Trump's old wife] is on the call listening. Just spoke up after the prayers." How on earth did Trump's former wife get involved with this? Is this not strange? Is it really her, or is someone giving us the gears?

If the only thing Maria did was to put out the affidavit, I wouldn't have had much hope of this being true. She is claiming that Italy's various media is about to verify the story, working in tandem with her people, and so all we can do is wait. The possibility to consider is that D'Ursa wrote the affidavit we see, not for the court, but for Trumpers specifically. D'Ursa may have submitted another affidavit for the court, and then a less formal one for Trumpers.

Trump owes Maria a message if his team finds the affidavit to be false, and I think Trump owes the voters some response on this story. But I keep Trump in mind as a possible deep-state actor who is part of a long, drawn-out plot to enslave the nation while promising his voters freedom. It was two weeks after she gave it to him that she hit the news with it, which he could have prevented if he knew the story to be false. If we hear nothing more from this story, consider it an "operation" of some kind. I think Maria made a big mistake asking for donations (for her organization) while telling the story.

The debunkers have made it to an article in USA Today, but there is no debunking in these articles. There's only two lines of debunking, for example: "the [Zack] theory relies on the notion that votes were changed via satellite, software or the internet. But hand recounts of paper ballots have confirmed election results in at least one contested state and locality." Oh wow, so hand recounts by the cheaters "proved" that no fraud took place, oh wow, that's really-big and unassailable evidence against Ms. Zack. No, it is not. They rebutted nothing. They did not say that the D'Elia court case does not exist. They did not prove D'Ursa is a fraud. They did not do any such thing or even get close to it. They only said that the cheaters verified that no fraud took place, wherefore Ms. Zack is wrong.

USA Today: "Leonardo and Graziano have not responded to requests from USA TODAY for comment." Okay, maybe they haven't had the time yet, but, if they do not respond next week, then, for one, they are in no mood to put the "theory" to rest, and, two, its appears as though their lawyers told them not to talk to the media. Hello USA TODAY??? Possibility there, do you think?

On the 8th, we heard that Dominion, freaking out, filed a $1.3B law suit against Sidney Powell, to scare her away, we may assume. Her risk in continuing the assault on Dominion, even if she's telling the absolute truth, is where the lower / middle courts can half be expected to be liberal, but, now, the SCOTUS has signalled that the good people may not be able to depend upon it, what a horror show this is becoming. This is the fault of the Republicans on the court.

A comment on one of the videos I was watching:

Jovan Pulitzer caught someone in China hacking into GA Dominion machine in real time. The person used a TCL Smart TV's Wifi [= wireless] that was a few feet away from the Dominion machine. This all happening as people voted for the GA runoff election. TCL is a Chinese company and remember that all customer data must be shared with the CCP by law. This would include IP addresses of the network the TV is hooked up to.

Okay, so it sounds as though Dominion machines do have wireless capability, and that the election-house pimps were told to put a Chinese TV near the Dominion machines. Or, this is another deep-state put-out to urge Christian militia to start firing bullets. Beware the trick to take away your guns. You need them to hunt food.

On Saturday, Mike Lindell promises some surprises this coming week that might have to do with Zack's story:

On the 8th, he tweeted: "This will go down as one of the biggest foreign attacks on our country ever! The evidence will be seen by all and everyone will agree @realDonaldTrump won by a historical landslide!" Okay, he's speaking after Trump's quasi-concession, and he has confidence Trump can use what he knows to win this war. What could it be? If it's just the D'Ursa affidavit, this is probably a nothing-burger surprise. Lindell says he appeared on an OANN show, midday on the 9th, to voice his good news, but, if the video above is a clip from that show, he's not giving details, apparently.

At the start of the video (January 9), he says that he's flying out to meet with Flynn and Kraken Powell, and that the election thereby will be over-turned for Trump. He says that, God-willing, he'll give updates (and maybe photo evidence) over the next four days [Monday evening, the 11th, now word I've seen yet]. If we hear nothing more of this, maybe we should start considering that there is some mind-tinkering CRAP being dished out, for us to swallow, by the enemy dressed as the friend. I will be watching Trump all week to make an assessment as to whether he's been a fake all along, toying with his voters.

[Update Monday 11th -- See at least first three minutes of this video on the Insurrection Act with a man wearing a "SUSEJ" t-shirt who has PROOF (if he's telling the truth) that the Act has been signed by Trump:

I suggest you treat this man (has new youtube channel, could be deep state) as a fake Christian, until proof comes out for his claim, and do NOT do what he asks you to do with your phone because it will identify you as one of the deep state's enemies.]


Here's Lin Wood delivering, from early this week, the mother of all shocks (lots is heavy-duty horror sure to spoil your day if it's any good), begging why he hasn't revealed the videos he claims to have the key to:

It doesn't strike me as reality that Wood would have the key to the films/videos and yet not get at least one of them to the public. I am therefore taking him as a fraud. Prove me wrong, and I'll be "delighted," but for now this looks more like a stunt than a true claim. The truth could be that Mr. Wood is compromised and being forced to release those shockers as falsifications that help to kill Trump's chances at re-election. Look at the timing. But Wood is not so close to Trump that he can do him much damage. Wood may be releasing this to scare all potential Trump supporters and politically-pressured Republicans, those under blackmail, not to betray the blackmailers now.

Or, we have been under one huge psychological operation from globalists, to destroy our hopes, and Wood is just another part of that operation targeting. A psy-op doesn't work if people know a psy-op is going on. A psy-op needs the people to think that all shocks or unexpected/surreal situations are realities.

As you may have heard in Shaun's video above, Julian Assange won the first court battle on extradition, but this may be a rigged decision because the powers know that, if Trump remains in the White House, his next attorney general may pardon / free Assange. Trump may have a new approach in his second term, more-fully teaming up with his real supporters, not with his lip-service supporters. After the court's ruling:

The United States said it would continue to seek the extradition of Australian-born Assange and U.S. prosecutors are set to appeal Monday’s decision to London’s High Court.

Hmm, who in the DoJ made that decision now that Barr is gone? It must be none other than Jeff Rosen, whom Trump temporarily replaced Barr with. Or worse, Rosen might not be the real leader of the DoJ even though he's the acting leader.

On Monday of this week, Pence practically promised a Georgia crowd that he WILL, after all, challenge the slate of electors in the battleground states. HOWEVER, he didn't make this promise until Nancy Pelosi was re-elected as the house Speaker, for she has already promised to railroad the pro-Trump effort that Pence is required to launch. Pence can only launch it, then the House and the Senate gather to decide (or pretend to decide for many of them) whether the election cheating was sufficient to nullify the Democrat slate of electors. Even if this does not work for Trump, there can be good if the debates are made public, thus exposing evidence of fraud as well as exposing the itch-to-cheat of anti-Trumper apes.

On Wednesday, Pence has the option of reading the Republican slate or the Democrat slate, or neither. If he does neither, then it appears that he's a traitor to Trump, regardless of the excuse he uses. Lou Dobbs Monday says Lindsey Graham could not find it within himself to contest the election results going forward from here, probably his secret sentiments all along. Paul Ryan has opposed the election challenge too, on-par with the new faces of old faces at Fox news.

I think Trump is a fraud too for not sending in some federal police to simply take the suspect ballots in every county where their is sufficient evidence to do so. Those ballots belong to the people, not to the state / county. It just doesn't seem real that Trump would gripe and complain while not using his powers, for the people, to just grab the evidence of fraud, then jail the culprits. This fiasco is on Trump's head, no other explanation. He acts like he's powerless while abused.

Why is there no update on the Pennsylvania case to SCOTUS? How can the Trump team not have the right to have this case treated as a emergency? It should be settled by now, and so does this curiosity not add to the surreal-ity? How can so much be going wrong all over the place to the point that it looks like a sick joke / psy-op with Trump involved?

What we are seeing is, not just division between the two political parties, but division in the Republican party perhaps because, as a solid bloc, that party is very strong against the deep state. And so the deep state seems to be working out a deliberate schism in the party to weaken both factions, that they might not be able to act together against the deep state. And those Republican leaders of the divide happen to be the ones suspect in supporting the deep state. The Republican schism is justified and good, for separating the weeds, but sad to see because it reduces the political powers that can be used to destabilize / cripple the tyrannical deep state.

See the start of the 7th minute for one NEW reason alone that SCOTUS has no choice but to give Trump the win in Pennsylvania:

It is not only extremely surprising that a SCOTUS with a 6-3 Republican majority is refusing to salvage the democratic system at this time, which is just so surreal. SCOTUS is allowing January 6 to arrive without passing its judgment on the endless fraud claims, as if doing so is somehow wrongly becoming involved in politics. Well it's the job of SCOTUS, too, to deal with political issues and crimes, what's wrong with those PIGS? If they are trying to salvage their reputations, SPIT, they are ruining it instead. It depends on who we ask, of course, by these Republicans are handing power to Democrats. How can we explain this unless SCOTUS' Republican judges have gone with the anti-Trump Republican schism? There you have the fruit of catholic Republicans, turning a blind eye to election fraud on behalf of supporting a political faction. The blind will lead the blind into the ditch.

All hope of using SCOTUS is not yet lost, but something needs to change, forcing the Republican judges to do their jobs properly. A call for a military solution by Trump, could change their tune by morning, because a military-handled sweep on corruption can also go after judges. Otherwise, they are safe under the current circumstances. It could be that SCOTUS has decided to give January 6 a shot at resolving it, but, if it doesn't, it will step in quickly. For the sake of sanity, I hope this present SCOTUS stall is only that, and yet there is no sign that SCOTUS has scheduled to hear any case immediately after Jan 6.

Once January 6 gives the win to Biden, I don't see how Ratcliffe's late election report will be able to quiet the Democrat storm if Trump's team persists in keeping the White House. SCOTUS will know that for it to step in at that point, it will be causing a Democrat tide to arise. But it's necessary to oppose a cheating Biden win, because a nation cannot lie down under these circumstances until all possible efforts have been made to correct them. Pro-Trump legislators are asking Pence to delay the central purpose of January 6 until the best fraud evidence can be laid down on the table properly. That seems fair, since the fraud is so abundant, more time is needed.

By Tuesday (January 5), the people caught wind that the anti-Trump, disgusting mayor of Washington DC, asked Trump's acting defence chief, Mr. Miller, to put up a national guard for the pro-Trump demonstrations in DC on January 6. Miller agreed. What do you make of that? Suppose Trump asked Miller to show up with some troops in DC to protect his people from violent Democrats? What would Miller have said? We know that the DC mayor isn't worried about helping pro-Trump people who might get violated. So, what's going on? Did Miller ask Trump's permission to show up? Trump is his boss, after all? Does this signal that Miller is taking the Democrat side? The Bushite side?

On Wednesday, on Bannon's "war Room," a speaker (Maggie) there said that Pence asked Miller to send in the national guard, not Trump. Pence is thought, now, to be involved in a coup against Trump.

On Tuesday, we heard that Pennsylvania's senate asked Mitch McConnell to delay the proceedings going forward with Democrat electoral votes until such time that SCOTUS can review the decision of the Pennsylvania supreme court that slapped trump in the face without seeing the fraud evidence. It's a ??? as to what McConnell will decide, but after he announced that Biden is the president-elect about a couple of weeks ago, the traitor started to change his tune a little due to Republican pressures upon him. The Pennsylvania senate is applying pressure on McConnell to support Pennsylvania's Republican electors against his will. Trump's team can win this election with three states even aside from Pennsylvania.

There is also pressure, from multiple battleground states, on Pence to give a 10-day delay in this January-6 process in order to put the more fraud on the table for scrutiny than can be done on January 6 alone.

On January 6, as I write, Pence freely permitted, without showing disappointment, the Senate and the House to object to Arizona's Democrat electoral votes (11 of them), and ordered the two bodies to meet to discuss the matter further. As only about a dozen Republicans were courageous enough to show objection prior to January 6, I don't see how the senate will allow the Republican electoral votes to count instead, as ironic as that sounds. Once in meeting, Ted Cruz implored his fellow lawmakers to postpone the decision for 10 days.

Some unruly demonstrators caused the congress to be shut down, midday, extending the susPENCE of it all. Here's what Pence had said that day: "It is my considered judgment that my oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not." No, devil, the fact is, the Constitution requires you, and you alone, UNILATERALLY, to decide the issue set before you when it arises. You chose to betray your own president. There's no trying to hide behind the Constitution or faked morality.

It doesn't strike me as real that an officer of the law would shoot a lady in the neck at this time, though, yes, on the other hand, it's not too surprising if coming from a crackpot Democrat. What if a bunch of Democrats wearing MAGA hats start crunching / shooting people in a false flag? Who's going to get blamed in all the leftist media? It's time to jail media heads BEFORE they are allowed to pass some wicked schemes such as that. Don't be surprised if some evil groups try to start civil-war disobedience; they're prone if they see Biden's presidency slipping away, and they do see that happening even today. Fox is working hard to put out the news of pro-Trumpers STORMING the congress, even though the vast majority were just walking casually. What comes to your mind when someone says "storming," and then shows pictures of tear-gas smoke, in the crowds, no doubt shot off by anti-Trump police?

Who, really, were the demonstrators who entered the Capital Building? The deplorable media is making a big deal of this nothing-burger, using a double-standard, a standard not used against Democrat rioters months ago. This lawyer puts it right:

Pro-Trumpers all over social media turned on Pence today. As it turned out, Pence made his naked betrayal of Trump seen by all. He couldn't hide it. He said that he doesn't want to be the one who decides the election, which is his excusing himself from allowing legislatures to make the decisions on which electors should be chosen. He has the power from today to send the issues back to the legislatures to make their final decision, but he doesn't want to do it because he knows that legislators from more than three states will pick the Republican electors, and Trump only needs three states to remain in the White House. That's what Pence means by not wanting to be the one to chose the election i.e. he doesn't want to be the one who makes Trump the winner. PENCE SLIME. TRUMP DOPE. It's hopeless.

This can explain why Pence chose another option, when objections from Arizona later took place. In the option chosen by Pence, with the help of those who stood up, I assume, he sent the issue for a vote in the two houses of congress, where it's almost certain that pro-Bidenites will prevail. We shall see.

Before checking out who really was behind the fisticuffs on the steps, Pence blamed Trump voters, and rebuked them harshly, telling them they will be arrested, even. Does it not make all the sense in the world that Democrats would start such things seeing that the goings-on inside the building are turning away from Biden? Even Lou Dobbs called them Trump supporters who stormed the building. Not one suggestion on Lou Dobbs on the possibility that anti-Trumpers went into the building, permitted to do so by the anti-Trump police. Shame Lou, great shame.

In the 7th minute of the video below, the police can be seen allowing a crowd to pass through barricade, to the Capitol-Hill steps. Someone standing on the steps took this picture and leaked it, no doubt a pro-Trumper...unless this was a false-flag intended for mass release, having the purpose of angering Trump supporters nationwide to make them start violent uprisings:

They are said to be Capitol Police (I see about five officers, plus one plain-clothed man at the bottom of the steps waving them in), whose job specifically is to protect the lawmakers inside. Therefore, there you witness with your own eyes, if youtube hasn't removed the video, of the police allowing the "storming" of the building, proof-positive that police are indeed involved in false-flag operations as either psychological operations, or to affect some political agenda(s). This is not the first time the police has been ordered to do false flags. If Trump does not mention this event, he's a willing accomplice / part of it. This act you see here is a horror, a feeding of the news of a false story with the leaders of the city at the lead. This is people manipulation, mind control, abuse, twisting your reality, playing with your head, screwing with your head, treating you inconsequentially. These people are Hell-bound demonic, make no mistake about it. Those officers are committing a crime either happily, or just to keep their jobs. Lawlessness.

Having seen that, watch Pence blame pro-Trumpers, by reading from a script he was given. Who gave it to him, do you think? Why did he read it?

NBC has a video asking why Capitol Police aren't making arrests? Because, they and the protestors are one scam together. This may be God's next revelation, folks, proof-positive again and again, that law and order is winking with and supporting false-flag, staged events which even include false shootings, and false deaths by false shootings. These people are monsters.

In another video seen everywhere (see 55 seconds below), we see that, as soon as the people got to the top of the steps, they started to fight with the police. It could be that the person shooting the camera here is the same one who filmed the police and people coming past the baracade seen (in the video above) at the bottom of the stairs. The one who filmed the latter was an insider, for he/she was inside the barricade at the time. He/she had clearance to be in there. Why would the insiders want to reveal that the police are a part of this faked operation? Does it make us more afraid of the police to see them act in this way? Are they not losers, and even admitting to being losers? Should we fear losers? Are they proud to deceive? If so, LOSERS.

We then heard that the inside of the Capital Building wasn't secured HOURS later when there wasn't anyone dangerous in there, but I think the liberal devils could be trying to set up some terrible shooting in there to procure an agenda. The only person said to be shot so far (8 pm), by police, was the women reportedly shot in the neck, and she was shot IN the building...where a faked event can easily transpire. When you see the "pro-Trumpers" fighting with the police on the news, you now know it's an act by both sides. I doubt that anyone at Fox or Newsmax is permitted to tell you this, sad state of affairs.

By morning, I was reading of four deaths total, FAKERY. The senate resumed in the evening, and as the objection, by a House member, of two battleground states was not followed up by an objection from one Senator, Biden got the win officially. WHY did the senators cave? What tricks were played? Why is there no televised youtube video of the proceedings coming up on this Thursday morning?

Giuliani says Georgia's cheating machine has been caught in yet another way by fabricating votes from a database list of voters who didn't come out to vote with ballots. So, they put some of those names into the machines as Biden votes:

The Victory Channel on youtube loves the Copeland ministries (false-Christian movement), and urges Christians to become politically involved by taking politics over from the enemy. What do you think about that? Did Jesus call us to run nations? It's a very good couple of questions, and I don't know the full answer. I suppose it's okay to be a lawmaker, a judge, and police chief, a governor, and also a Christian. Should Christians form political-activist organizations where the goal is to take back government from the devil as much as possible? In some respects, I think, it's necessary, but boy does it ever make me nervous to envision all Christians in all nations vying for power structures. It's not what we see in the New Testament. I don't know of any command forbidding political involvement, nor do we see any politician asked to step down who becomes a Christian while a politician.

Which Christian "persuasions" will end up running the strongest Christian power structures? Will it all cause a mix of Christians in compromise with non-Christians and false-Christian ministries? Yes, absolutely. If Christians don't give sway to their beliefs, and refuse to break New-Testament doctrine in efforts to grab power, I doubt they will make it to the high levels, where evil abounds. If they do make it up there, what will they become? If Jesus prefers we not seek to grab power, then I suppose that God will make things tolerable for us with no political power at all for our own sakes.

But with the enemy seeking to rob our childrens' minds using the power structures, maybe the time has come to attack them on those fronts, call them out as fakes, liars, imposters, hurtful and selfish, force them to at least put on a fake face of goodness, force them to do some good, to relent in their evil, to lay off of our children. Pro-abortionists are accomplices to barbaric demons. Repeat that enough, and it will improve the situation. That's why we need media, to put out our education. The Gospel will be preached in the whole world as a testimony against it, and then the end will come. All nations will hate you for supporting Jesus. Beware Christians in political power who join with unclean things to operate and proliferate in power. Don't become lamb-like while speaking like a dragon, and don't uphold that type of Christian. We need wisdom here.

Theoretically, the people could trounce the military and the police together, send them running, if the people all took up arms together at one time, but, NOT if they also have about half the countrymen to fight in Democrats. That's why the deep state enjoys a political field close to a 50-50 split, so that it can use one party or the other to fight (or at least intimidate/threaten) the enemy on its behalf. It could be the deep state plan to start this war, to reduce the population; I think I am beginning to see it now. I suspected something of a facilitator to that effect for January 6. There could be paid operatives on all the social media comments sections urging both sides to take up arms. I know that the pro-Trump youtube videos are FILLED with a call to arms as of January 6. Don't fall for it. The fact that Trump said to go home in peace is a good sign, actually.

On the other hand, without an armed fight, there's subservience to tyranny from mobsters. That's why you should have months of extra food on hand to make yourself feel secure in case something breaks out. The deep state can arrange to make many starve to death, using the war as an excuse. They can knock out grocery-chain production in various ways, after they get a year's supply of food for themselves.

But wait. God has the last say. God can give them their Big Backfire.

Some of the militia's may turn into "terrorists," shooting the RINO's dead on their front porches, etc., and so it can go bad for the RINOs and Democrat leaders together, one after the other, until they can't sleep nights. They will change their tunes publicly, but even then they can't be trusted. They would realize, better the corruptocrats shot, than lowly people versus lowly people. The corruptocrats are the problem, plain and simple.

I suggest that, if you're going to join a war, scare them. You don't need to shoot them, just scare them, make them think they have one more chance only if they don't tidy up their act. If you shoot them to kill, their side will shoot back to kill. If Wray won't scare them, then the people have the right to do it, but, the problem is, some people will have enough passion to be lethal. It's just the way it is in the wild west, good guys shoot the bad guys, no mercy, and bad guys shoot the good guys, no conscience.

The prediction is, peace-loving terrorists will arise. That's why Obama wanted to label them terrorists, because he knew they could become such if he tried to install a tyrannical government. The sad fact is, there will be terrorists from the other side, and arrests made of innocent people just because they are ideologically on the "wrong" side. It will be country conservatives versus city liberals, if such a thing begins. The conservatives will have all the passion, because the liberals know they cheated, they started this, they lied. It's hard to have passion when your cause is with a morally-defective bunch of comrades. But, liberals can be crazier and craftier, to their possible advantage in a war. Passion versus craft.

Trump is probably worried that violence from his supporters will be blamed on him, exactly the typical, scaredy-act, do-nothing Republican. By Thursday morning, Trump sounded like he was giving up the fight just because the House gave Biden a win after the susPENCE move, YET THIS VOTE FOR BIDEN WAS EXPECTED ALL ALONG. Trump is expected to fight-on because no court has heard the fraud evidence. If Trump caves now, it's proof he's been a fraud all along. If he was afraid of being blamed merely for the light-weight fakery on January 6, we don't expect him to get the military involved, or to feed the militia groups signalling that they are ready to fight for this cause. So, it has come down to the SCOTUS, if Trump wants to force it to act.

If I were the president in this situation, I would not leave the White House until SCOTUS saw the fraud evidence, with the judges either supported me, or condemned themselves by ignoring it. I would not leave the White House because it belongs to my voters, and I would order the military to unveil the fraud in military courts, and other related things. If the military refuses, fine, but I would owe the voters that much.

The Obamaite game is still on to take guns from Republicans according to globalist will. That will be the agenda in coordination with schemes to force subservience, and a hatred for Whites.

Thursday (7th) brings us to the Soros play: get the remaining anti-Trump Republicans to force him to give up now. Here's Bill Barr and Lindsey Graham coming out against Trump on Thursday (but Trump knew things like this were coming):

As you can see, even Mulvaney quit today [on Trump], not wanting to be part with a "loser" anymore. The Mulvaney surname is a version of the Neil Coat, both using the fish in the Arms of SARACA, and SHARKs were first found in Tyrone with Neils, suggesting that Mulvaney has been a part of the deep state shark predicted to swallow Trump. The same fish is used in giant form by Pescara's, said to be from Veneto (land of Venice). The video presented at the top section of this update, where we saw the Leonardo location in Pescara, said that there was interaction between Via Veneto in Rome and Frankfurt. This heraldry is making sense.

It just so happens that MulVANEys look like a branch of Fenns/Venns in the Powell motto! Moreover, the Fane's/Vane's, with a Venice-like Vanes variation, have a "fano" motto term, expected as code for a Fano location between Veneto and Pescara! Zinger, look at those coincidences.

Watch how Fox Thursday gladly puts on fake pro-Trumpers causing violence, and airs "four killed," but does not put on the video showing the guilt of the Capital Police:

I didn't know until watching the video above that one of the senators who backed down on objecting to battleground-state fraud was Kelly Loeffler herself, what a stinger, as though someone wrote a script to sting pro-Trumpers. She blamed the "riots," perfectly to script, right? This is ridiculous, anyway, because Loeffler is not the only senator who could object. Why didn't another senator stand up to object? IT'S A SATANIC SCRIPT. It's got to be, the purpose of which is to make Christians believe that there's hope AND reason to fight. They want us to see red, to fight; they want us to shoot bullets.

Just look at how these worms are a-okay with systematic voter fraud, making good people feel hopeless. It's demoralizing, but if it's only a script, and we realize it, we can walk away unscathed. Just turn away and pay it no attention. I think Washington is a coven of satanists disguised as Christians and other moralists, I really do. I think they are on Fox news too. Doesn't it seem as though Trump was part of the script to promise the voters something huge on January 6, only to have this quick slashing of hopes? Doesn't that seem satanic to you?

You maybe didn't know yesterday that Pence was on-side with the deep state, and now you do. IT'S SATANIC. He was never loyal to you, this Christian fraud. He was probably chosen as the vice president to lure Christians to this moment. And Trump let January 6 come to pass without a response, exactly what we could expect if he's part of the script: pretend he can do nothing about it.

NBC: "'Deeply troubled' by Capitol riot, [Chao] resigns". Elaine Chao is McConnell's wife. Stephanie Grisham also resigned, but she exposed herself as an anti-Trumper months ago. This looks like a script, folks, pure and simple, pre-planned. They have no qualms about looking like traitors. "Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said the rioting 'has deeply troubled me in a way that I simply cannot set aside' and she would be resigning." Laughable. It wasn't Trump's fault that a few of the people got rowdy. Trump may have agreed with the script writers to allow it to play this way to make his exit appear beyond his will. With so many Republicans under the thumb of leftist media, and/or satan himself, the next four years is something to watch closely for Christian persecution.

Now that Trump is down, God can act to get the credit for acting, if He will act at all. I'm not on the band-wagon of other Christians who promise God's acting to save Trump. I have heard no sure word on what He's doing here. I heard one patriot (or fake patriot) promise a sure Trump response while quoting the self-proclaimed (probably false) prophet, Mark Taylor. [On Monday, a new youtube channel (BlaBla Podcast) has the headline from a patriot: "NAVY SEALCONFIRMS POPE ARRESTED AND INSURRECTION ACT SIGNED" Who are these patriots with stories like this? Are they crazies, or are they deep state actors playing with our heads and giving us a bad name?

Another BlaBla production, by a serious face, on Monday: "TRUMP SIGNS INSURRECTION ACT GENERAL FLYNN TO BE APPOINTED VICE PRESIDENT". Four minutes in, and he still hasn't talked about that title. In the fifth minute, he says that he can assure us that an Italian court has called for the arrest of the Italian prime minister as per the Leonardo story, and so it could seem that the people putting that story out are one and the same putting out the insurrection-act stories. The BlaBla Podcast has a purple logo, and perhaps pyramids on a table behind the speaker. In the 6th minute, he says the president signed the Insurrection Act "last night" (10th), but no evidence is presented, and when he moved swiftly to the next topic, I deemed the headline as click bait, and stopped watching. Beware this type of "patriot" perhaps wanting Christians to happily spread false rumors.

Even if Trump does sign such a thing, beware that it's not a trap for Christians. Assume that the enemy wanted Christians to get violent at the Capitol. Assume that, because they did not get violent, some other plot will be hatched as Plan B.

It's important to keep in mind that the riots had nothing to do with causing the Trump loss in the U.S. senate. That vote was scripted too, and Trump wasn't going to win it there from the script of the deep state. They only had to figure a way to END it at that point in the fight, by preventing the decision to go back to state legislatures. Wild-Joker Pence was the trump card for this prevention. We await what the legislatures have to say about it now.

The riots provided the excuse for RINO actors to refuse voting-in the Republican electors. If the whole election fight goes down on merely a faked event at the Congress, how hard that is to swallow? It makes us see red, right? Exactly.

The constitution demands that legislatures chose the electors, and so Pence hid behind the fact that the Democrat electors of two battleground states were not objected to. That's not good enough, because the Democrat electors that Pence "ordained" were not chosen by the state legislatures, and Pence knows it. He knowingly violated the law without fear because he knows there's no one to prosecute. How does he know that?

He knows the constitution did not allow those Democrat electors to stand as official ones, and so we cannot suggest that Pence gave Biden the win for not having another option. The only other alternative is that things were determined beforehand how Pence should proceed, with him in agreement, and thus it was scripted, for that's the definition of scripted: to decide beforehand how things will pan out, giving only appearances that they are a natural outflow.

It is not against the American law for the people to rise in arms against a government. The government may wish to view it as treason, but the constitution is the law that allows people to bear arms against a corrupt government. The problem is, the constitution is just a piece of paper, and the people who wrote it are not with the freedom fighters today, so pray-tell me how the constitution is going to help anyone if the corrupt just ignore it? Hello? That's why the people need Jesus as their rearguard, because He lives. But having depended on constitutional patriots to this point, might Jesus have been offended by Christians? Having made Trump their chief freedom fighter, might Jesus have been offended? When the backlash comes, will we be protected by Jesus?

Technically, the constitution gives the people the right to enter the Capital Building to arrest all those lawmakers who allowed criminals to seize the White House. But Jesus would prescribe a better way; trust in Me. So, that's what we will do, for even while mobsters rule, God has their fate in His hands. They are willingly walking into Hell as we speak.

In this video on the 8th, Pence was wearing a blue tie, often the color of Democrat ties, standing next to Pelosi. It seems he received some kind of pence into his hand. It's a gold medal, with chain, I think.

Antifa / Black Lives Matter Did It

The video condemning the Capital Police was, according to the Brian Craig video from which I showed it above, from Tim Pool. While the latter may not be permitted to air it on youtube, I'm now watching his Thursday show to see if he'll even mention the video. He may not, for fear of government repercussions.

In the 11th minute of Pool's Thursday show, he doesn't even side with those who claim that the rioters were anti-Trumpers. Instead, he says they were pro-Trumpers. The latter did enter the building, but they were peaceful. Of the half-million or more people there, they were peaceful, lawful.

In the 17th minute, Pool asks why the intruders were not arrested while they were in the building. The answer is obvious, but Pool doesn't give the obvious answer because he will not admit that those people had the actors amongst them. Pool wants to be a big-time journalist, you see. He wants success, and is therefore lying. He argues that those intruders were not antifa because they were not wearing masks. Uhhhhh, but wait. As they were actors plotting with the police, they need no masks to assure they don't get arrested.

At the start of 5 minutes in the David Zhang (Beyond the Noise) video below, he apparently says he saw the video of people being allowed to get past the barricade at the Capitol Building steps. When Zhang says, "there was a guy going like this," I think he is referring to the man waving the protesters in toward the steps:

Zhang says (5th minute) he talked with some man or woman at the event who said, "I have the recording of her," confusing wording. I think he means that he/she had her video showing the police allowing people to break the barricade? How could the person possess that video if it belonged to another person's camera? Why is Zhang not asking how the woman who filmed the video, or how the wife and husband he talks about, were in behind the barricade in the first place? Zhang shows the husband with a red face, supposedly pepper-sprayed, yet this man was behind the barricade in the first place??? Is he one of the actors? What are the chances that this Oriental (Chinese, I think) youtube man (Zhang), who is a Trump follower, would arrive to experience what he's claiming here?

What's Trump's legal teams doing now? Quitting or going forward? Isn't it time yet to announce a special counsel who has the evidence of fraud crimes already? Doesn't Trump owe this to the voters? Will he listen instead to his useless advisors who keep him hamstrung? Look at what they did for him? Who's original idea was it to call for a DC demonstration on January 6? Was it his enemy? Did he walk into that trap? I'd say Trump's talking his options with his legal teams today.

Okay, caution if you can get the Thursday War-Room video below, because some Trump enemy (start in the 3rd minute) in a wacko voice is claiming that, on January 6, Trump, Giuliani and others called for the Insurrection Act, and for this reason his enemies are calling for his arrest. Note at 4:50 the fake photo of actors fighting police for a barricade. Caution, because this accusation against Trump may be part of a script to get his supporters to arise with arms in his support. Already, the authorities have arrested dozens of pro-Trumpers for doing less than antifa and BLM did months ago:

Right now, they are trying to scare Trump's legal team into inaction. That's the plan now until he caves on TV. Can anyone imagine the vengeance of Peter Strzok? He's ready to bite flesh with his bare teeth. How many Strzok loons are out there? If you argue that it would have been worse for the Trump team now had Trump's DoJ made the 100s of arrests that should have been made against high-level mobsters, then you are arguing that the Trump team should gang into armies all across the land. Because, there is no other way forward as long as the new rulers have vengeance in mind, and in their hands. There is only a way backward, subservience to mobsters, if they don't go forward. It's going to be subservience to iron-fisted mobsters who accuse Trump of being iron fisted. But if they raise arms, the risk is a backlash with greater vengeance. Which do you think is the right way?

I say the right way is the Jesus way: trust in Him. But, is His will to raise arms at this time? I don't know. God has a right to Script the future of the goons, wait for it.

See the 28-29th minute, and then starting at the 34th minute too, of the War-Room video above for excellent evidence that the storming of the congress was by anti-Trumpers. Ahh, in the 39th minute, the video of Capitol Police allowing people past a barricade is mentioned. Then, Steve Bannon, a journalist and a politician who wants to remain safe and "reputable," tries to give a chicken-hearted version of the video: the police didn't want to let the people pass the barricade, but, having no choice, they threw their hands in the air and let them pass. CRAP! Bannon just stabbed Trump in the back.

That's the problem with this world; media are too afraid / unwilling to go against the police / military / iron-fisted government. I understand their fears, but then why bother to have shows pretending like you want to fix things when the things that need to be done to fix things aren't done for fears? If risks are not taken today, risks will be less manageable tomorrow.

If the evidence comes out in video form that condemns the police, and media are too afraid to show it because of backlashes, then watching even conservative media is a waste of time, just as it's a waste of time watching Fox. It amounts to nothing but tease because it's nothing but vanilla jello that they will air. Bannon didn't even show the video. SPIT! He's not leader material, he's in it for selfish reasons. In the 51st minute, the lady brings up the same scene, now mentioning the man waving in the crowd in toward the steps, and Bannon says she's getting conspiracy-theorist! SPIT! He doesn't let her continue. SPIT! The other guy goes only as far as saying the police were "incompetent" with barricading the place.

So, when the Capitol Police issues its version of events, youtube will cut-off anyone having an opposite view because it will be deemed falsifying information. This is only one cost of subservience to the iron first. It facilitates the reinforcement of the future iron fist. The iron fist gets stronger the more it can control the media narrative. Do you want to live under that system as ruled by anti-Christs who make up any convenient truth they need at the moment? If they need a special truth to jail you under false charges, they can make that truth up on the spur of the moment. They have lots of practice. It will drive you sick and insane to live under such a world. Do we really want to go there lying down? Do we really think that, if we are just good citizens, all will be well under their stronger rule? No, this is what they have been waiting for, unlimited powers to do as they please. For decades, Christians have checked them to a good degree, but that time seems to be ended now due to the media, the corrupt police, and the corrupt Intelligence orgs. We're cooked if they want to come after us.

We had a four-year, eye-opening exposure of our enemies, their real nature. They were hiding that nature until Obama's last year. Obama was their leader in mask-wearing hypocrisy. He thinks he's very smart, as do all wicked men until God traps them dead. That's right, they will live no longer, EVER. But we shall arise, who put our trust and affections in Jesus. We have the Promise of that victory. Don't squander it for political ambitions. Don't lose your soul to win the world. The devil tried that, but the day is coming soon when he will never again be free to roam the earth.

By Thursday evening:

A prominent member of ‘Insurrection USA,’ which is reportedly aligned with ‘Black Lives Matter,’ was found to have been among the protesters who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday.

John Sullivan of Utah admitted he was inside the Capitol following its takeover, but he claimed he was only “reporting” from the scene.

Okay, we know he's lying. So, there you have it. But why isn't the White-House press secretary mentioning this and similar things? Such as this tweet from Mo Brooks: "Congressman told me he was warned on TUESDAY by Capitol Police officer that intelligence suggested fascist ANTIFA was going to try to infiltrate the Trump rally by dressing like Trump supporters." Okay, some Capital-Police good guys learned by some method, possibly from talk spilled-out amongst the bad actors in his own police force, that bad boys were coming to make Trumpers look bad. That's not on a high, conspiracy-theory level. It's to be expected.


Many Trump supporters who gathered on the steps shared videos of these events as they unfolded. They yelled, “no Antifa!” at the people trying to break in through windows. Others jumped in to stop some of the violators.

...Gaetz went on to bring up reports stating a facial recognition company used their software to identify two Philadelphia-based Antifa members in the crowd.

“I don’t know if the reports are true, but The Washington Times just reported some compelling evidence from a facial recognition company showing that some of the people who breached the Capitol today were not Trump supporters,” he explained. “They were masquerading as Trump supporters and, in fact, were members of the violent terrorist group Antifa.”

The roller-coaster ride goes on, but, maybe, Trump has had enough roller-coaster. He may want off. Okay, get off, but let your people fight on. Declassify government documents because there's nothing anyone can arrest you for if there is crime in the documents you expose. But Trump did ZERO of that. He covered-up for the deep state four-years long, and he stung his supporters this week after filling them with hope. That is a very bad way to exit.

At least initially, Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov, an Epoch-Times man, did not lay blame on anybody but Trump supporters for the disturbances. You see, when it really matters, big-time media can be useless. The rest of us are ignored by big media who won't see things as we do, as though somehow they have better eyes than we do. No, it's that they have bigger self-preservation needs than we small fries do. The Epoch Times and Sound of Hope are connected with a Chinese religious cult, Falon Gong, I learned this week.

On Saturday (9th), a video came out with Patrick Byrne (speaking on the 5th) talking new evidence of election fraud from ballots printed in China, and urging Trump to use the military to declare "foreign interference" (to put it mildly) as the basis to do a full recount of the ballots:

Make no mistake about it: this election loss has been a victory, for just look at what it revealed about the now-vulnerable method of giving the Democrat party their power, via election cheating. If only Trump would trounce that cheating now, as well as those who led the crime, the political party would never arise again. If it can't cheat, neither can it rule, but Trump is allowing the cheats to rule, with less chance of ruining their cheat machine to boot. This is Trump's sin, because he does have the option of making arrests via the military. It seems the script was to install an anti-Trump FBI chief to give Trump the excuse of being unable to make arrests. That's what it seems like to me.

If, and I think there's a good possibility, that Trump is part of the script, his job was, and still is, to make us see red due to election fraud. The fraud was set up in such a way as be clearly evident so that we would know it, and even if the fraud was scripted, it doesn't take away the evil accusation I use against the writers and players in the script, for it only underscores the accusation. It's not necessary that Trump is a part of every deep-state script (he genuinely seems to want the White House for another four years), but that he at times knowingly plays the part of one which the deep state wishes him to play, hoping for some reward such as less persecution against his family. The part they wish him to play now is to bow out while complimenting the Congress and criticizing the "rioters." He is so-far playing that part very well.

If election fraud doesn't make us shoot bullets, they might take away our voices online to urge us all the more to shoot. If that looks like a failure on their part, they will get false-flag operations going that falsely claim Christians in violent attacks. It's very expected. We are going to be framed, starting with what happened at the Capital Building. Here's a sound video on what transpired there:

Pompeo the Christian tweets: "Lawlessness and rioting is always unacceptable. Law and order, not mob action, is how American democracy is sustained. I hope to see the criminals, who engaged in this rioting, brought to justice swiftly." Okay, but where's his additional input telling that it wasn't Trump supporters? Who's this zero blaming? He then tweeted: "Four Capitol riot suspects, including man seen in Pelosi's office, face federal charges." Okay, but if they are framed falsely as Christians, then what, Pompeo? Does that bother you at all?

It's like Nero blaming the burning of Rome on Christians, and Pompeo denouncing it while asking Paul's churches to worship the Roman Senate. The latter couldn't possibly have been as corrupt as the U.S. Congress. Pompeo SCUM of the end-time Romans. Pompeo and pompous Trump, out-of-touch carriers of satanic messages. Popularity rating of Congress by Americans themselves: and 12-percent. Whooosh, that went right over Pompeo's head. The Democrat senators threatened, as a lot, Pompeo's own boss and president for four years, are willing to jail him as soon as January 21, and Pompeo he has the diabolical audacity to call them respectful??? What kind of a baboon are you, er, sir?

He also tweeted, in the same way that the Trump fart came from his mouth as hot air: "In a banana republic, mob violence determines the exercise of power. In the United States, law enforcement officials quash mob violence so that the people’s representatives can exercise power in accordance with the rule of law and constitutional government." Oh, so the mobsterite and lawless representatives are being portrayed as sacred, not to be countered even under the current circumstances in which they engage in a coup??? Pompeo, give you soul to satan why don't you, even while you quote Scripture at Twitter, what a horrible man you are. As you can see from the last tweet, he thinks the mob consisted of pro-Trumpers, for if he thought it was a false-flag operation, he would not have used those words. So, he's just making himself look politically "correct" for the sake of his own political skin, and he's asking you, Christian, to adore the Congress. Therein is a good example in the danger of joining Jesus to satanic politics. Even if some of the policies of the congress are good, the men who operate there are mainly demonic, able to put good spins / faces on part-evil projects.

My Christian position: Christians have the right to fight with weapons against their mortal enemies, yet Jesus says don't, I'll look after it. God's people are not the mob if God permits us to fight, and when Jesus comes to destroy Washington's rulers, Mr. Pompeo, he is not the lawless mob, wacko, and chances are you're not going up in the rapture, because you love and respect the congress more than Him. What do you say, Pompeo, about Jesus coming to destroy the nations? Is that part of your theology? A Christian on one leg topples. Sorry.

Melania Trump on the 11th said that she abhors the violence, and called for healing between the two parties, which is a Judas-Iscariot moment for her too, not against her husband if he feels the same way, but against his voters. After four years of constant barrage, she wants Trump's voters to make peace and have a love-fest with the enemy???

The vatican, by the way, is now pro-China, and so a vatican alliance with election fraud is not out of the realm of possibility. Something to contemplate, because it can explain why the catholic U.S. supreme court denied Trump his rightful election win. Politico wrote that the details of the vatican-China deal are secret, how do you like them hot potatoes? Francis is a walking skeleton, a freak show. Might the deal have been less persecution by China on Chinese Catholic churches in return for vatican helping China remove Trump?

Reflections as the Trump Machine Grinds to a Halt

Trump is like the hot air out the backside of his arse. On the 8th, in what seemed like his quasi-concession speech, he said that the demonstrators at the Capitol desecrated the holy halls of democracy (my words)...even while 2/3 or more of the leaders who inhabit that haunt are thrilled / content / unsettled with stealing a federal election and much of the money in the Treasury to boot. TRUMP FARCE. If you want respect, try speaking truth. The Capital is a bastion of mobsters and witches (not everyone). You want your voters to respect them? SPIT!

It's maybe better for this man to go, Christians, he's been deceiving you all along. The man with the power refused to use it on your behalf. It's maybe better to put up with the Biden skunk you know to resist, than to be repeatedly heart-broken by the fake president you put your hopes on in vain. Trump is leaving you to the wolves. Let the old man go home in peace. It's time for you to go home in peace, Trump. Get out your rocking chair, and smile at the nice plants in your gold-clad sunroom. Thanks a lot.

He leaves leaving the FBI as our enemies, just as when he took power. The FBI is not there to quell crime, but to shore up its own crime. The crime it fights is only a front. The little guys do that, while the big guys work for a corrupt president, to support his schemes and the schemes of his partners. They all consolidate to protect one another. Trump had four years to change that situation, he did NOTHING but leave his base naked before them. We await to see what Biden's FBI does to get vengeance over the FBI's mortal enemies. May Trump be the first to be jailed by the FBI boss he chose and kept.

I fear the worst, readers, going forward from here. We are protected in our souls. It's all we have. Our souls they cannot kill even if they try, but a false master is vinegar and acid to the soul. The fake shepherd jumps the fence and runs when the wolves come. The worthless shepherd, Trump. But Jesus, faithful, to our deaths he will go with us. He will be there to raise us up. Wait for the wink. He will wink, and will not fail us.

If Biden's worst crime will be to steel a few million more dollars, and sniff some more hair, we shall be fortunate. But it's predictable that he will choose some of our harshest enemies to run his boat. Big Tech will want in. If you simply behave before the leftist tyranny, it will be content, but the world will go to the wolves worse than before, and your children will be indoctrinated, their minds twisted. If to resist means to simply ignore them, they will grow over us anyway, like weeds spreading out, ruining our sunshine. If you knew it was just for a few years, you could hack it. You have big decisions to make, America. Anti-globalists outnumber the tyrannical powers, but the latter have the big guns now because Trump did not shore them up on your behalf. He did not put your people in charge of the military, or the police. He left you powerless with high hopes. He poured acid down your throat.

If the best you have is Fox to fight for you, I pity you. It will use you, tease you into thinking it will change the country for you, to get you to watch nightly. Pathetic. Don't become pathetic. Hate Fox. If you are watching it, hate Fox while you watch. They are grabbing your attention only, experts at reeling you in to watch regularly. Do not trust or love them. We will need to wait for the Tyrant in the Sky, who will shut the mouths of tyrants forever, what they deserve.

Don't get me wrong. I don't wake up angry. I don't go to sleep angry. I don't go to town angry. But for your sakes, my brethren, when I think of what you are being treated like, I get angry. If only I had the power of God, CRACK THE HEAVENs I would right now, making the sky fall. And as much as our prayers should be to spoil our enemies today with the Coming, we need to remember that we are saved only because God waited longer. Only because he put off the last day for the sake of more people yet to be saved. The mockers don't realize that this is why God tarries. Don't be angry for long, it is vinegar to your soul. Crack the spiritual whip only when the mocking enemy is within range of it; let him have it, with the authority you have in Jesus. The power you have in Jesus is in the words you speak against the enemy, a mix of warnings and the food they need for their repentance.

If you've been buying extra food for the first time ever, as in months of extra, I'll bet you're happy you did just for the little peace of mind. I've got a few months of extra, but should get more because I'd like to be able to get past the mandatory vaccines that are being planned possibly with punishment for refusing it. I'm viewing COVID vaccines as potential poisons. Each company may have their own types of poison, but they are not predicted to put the harsh poisons in every dose. Something is just not right with mandatory vaccines at this time, especially at this time. I could see these coming a decade ago, and here we are.

I'm all for population control by killing those who want to enforce murderous population control. That would be fair and just. You go first, who espouse killing people for a "better" world. How can there be a better world when you have murderers at the top? It's not a coincidence that a new strain of COVID has been announced in Britain, Canada and the United States. It's an obvious part of globalist schemes.

God has His Population Control program too, and when He decides who dies eternally, the ones being killed will be guilty of supporting murder on earth, so they will have nothing to say to change His mind. The lashes Jesus received to his back will be the guilt of those who hate him even today. There's only two mountains for any soul to chose, the one with Jesus, or the one split open to Hell who murdered Him.

Here's a report you won't see on Fox, of a doctor who got a bad reaction from the COVID vaccine. If she dies, perhaps she was one of the "wrong" doctors not following the COVID scheme, and so her enemies ordered for her to get the poison dose:

Here's a similar short video with healthcare workers wary. Half the healthcare workers even in Los Angeles refused the vaccines:

God may be using COVID to get Christians to re-locate out from the liberal cities into Bible-belt regions to shore those regions up all-the-more. I didn't know liberals could be so stupid as to lose popularity due to the shut-downs, and to then continue the shut downs. It's staggering their stupidity, but it's working for the good guys while the bad guys try to shake-out their wicked scheme, whatever it is.

It's a no-brainer that this scheme includes the making of the people more into robots. Go to work, don't talk too much, do your work, pay taxes, don't learn anything but what we teach you, don't crowd the vacation resorts, don't socialize, there's too many restaurants, too many people enjoying things. People, you voted in your political leaders to become your bosses, and now the hypocrites want to become your owners.

There are millions of Americans right now trying to decide if there's a possibility of starting a war. Chances are, they won't. But there is a chance. If on the first firing of a bullet, they all decide to fight, there the war will gush. Get some extra food.

It's not easy to be mistreated and no nothing, taking it. The human cries out for a fight, to hurt those who hurt. But Jesus said turn the other cheek, let God repay in His time. Yet if war breaks out and you need to protect yourself from leftist swine, then shoot them dead if they come causing trouble at your house. Feed them to the pigs. You have a right to defend yourself and your family if they come knocking at your door. I think I'm settled on that. But if the leftist police come, be smart, don't shoot, even if they are acting like evil Roman soldiers. Better to go to jail in peace than as a cop killer.

Someone writes: "Why can’t Trump just send over the army and confiscate the machines NOW?" Because, he was never on your side. He used you for his own purposes, got you excited for him like a faithless lover, and doesn't want to risk more harm to himself now, because he doesn't think he can beat the system even if he asks the military to help him. He neglected to put your like-minded ones in charge of the military because he never had a plan to use it for you, in case it was needed. He made you vulnerable in trusting him, while he got you excited for him, and now you need to fend for yourselves. Go home quietly, he said, after asking you to come out excited. Don't make anymore trouble for me with noise. He now needs to hide low, hope he's not jailed.

Mr. Trump was not all bad, as perhaps you think I portray him. He did oppose global warming and a host of other globalist schemes. He was good for Christians in that way. But he had one foot in the swamp at the time. And the gator came along, clamped its beastly mouth round his leg, took him under, and did the death spiral.

It's possible he will reconsider, come out to fight one last time, but only if he thinks he can win. He doesn't have many friends left, you see. He didn't put your kind in charge of his government because he didn't like you. He used you, and wanted to play with the big players only, because you're nothing but the small people. The big people he danced with ruined him, and now he wants you to leave him alone, because he doesn't need your votes anymore. The faithless shepherd. Instead of putting our kind on the supreme court, whom he knew would support him, he put up what now looks like faithless, powerless catholics. There is the stinger he stung us with stinging him hard in his own soul. He didn't think he would need SCOTUS as he does right now.

Will Maria Zack's movement give Trump one last breath of hope? I hope so, but not for his sake. Will Powell and others, after January 20th, prove that the election was stolen? If so, then what? Can't SCOTUS vote Biden out of the White House after he's moved in. YES, it can, because justice is its job. Yes it can, because crime cannot be permitted to win.

Ahh, Giuliani has a video on the 8th telling what really happened at the Capitol. Do we think he has the guts to say they were not pro-Trumpers? Let's see. Well, he turns out to be normal, to speak vocally normal, but we don't discover it until the end of the 7th minute:

Within about an hour, the video had almost 200,000 views. In the 31st minute, the faked shooting is shown. Rudy is hard-pressed and cannot admit it's faked. We can know it's faked because someone just happens to have a camera view of the gun pointing out a door, followed by the camera having a clear shot of the shot woman falling to the floor, and it just so happens that a person was told beforehand to stand between the woman's neck and the camera to first make sure she's ready for the camera shot, and that's how it went. The person got out of the way when the actress on the floor gave the signal, and the camera then had a clear shot of her. Then they showed fake blood at her neck.

She did not die because there was no reason to shoot her. It was staged to blame Trump for deaths due to his inciting his voters (their accusation, not mine) into bad behavior. Listen to the crowd shouting constantly, which could be sound effects, because if a woman was truly shot, it's likely people would stop shouting, totally concerned for her. But the directors of this play wanted ROWDY / OUT-OF-CONTROL to be the message.

If someone could slow that video enough, I don't think the bullet will be seen coming from the gun. I have it half speed. The blood smear was not at her mouth, but when the camera is shooting above her head just before 4:00, she's getting blood on her mouth and chin, which we see only as the camera comes back down to show her face again. So, the cameraman knew he had not to shoot her face while she was getting the facial stain...we are dealing with sick people.

Just before the camera goes away from her face, she has her head bent, with chin as close as possible to her chest, to allow the red liquid to come out her mouth, I assume. Anyone knows that a person shot in the neck is to be turned on the belly, to let the blood run out of the throat. We don't see that, of course. She may have bit a capsule of fake blood. They provided something under her head to allow her to hold her bent neck more comfortably. Just as the camera starts to go up away from her face, they had a man come in front of the camera to insure nothing could be seen at her face. No body is seen trying to stop the bleeding, as would be expected in a real situation.

Back up to where we see the gun. The women is far from the trained man holding the gun, and we see no reason to shoot her. Period. It's a farce. She was not trying to shoot him some ten feet away. Expect the other reported deaths to be fakes, therefore, to give the event more gravity. The man holding the gun is not part of the people, but a security guard for the building or a police guard for the building's occupants. See this video to prove the farce further.

You may have heard about liberalized Christians today, a problem not getting better. Below is Mike Winger on the topic, if you have some time (because he takes a lot of time to make a point, because he makes lots of shows). I think he has a healthy-doctrinal Christianity:

I strongly suggest that all of us who have a good grasp and appreciation of proper doctrine get a website of our own, even if we get only a dozen daily listeners on average, because, if the devil's sons are going to suppress our websites, then we should go for large volume. People sticking up for Jesus online in opposition to the Christian bashing is a thing God will not despise. If you have a dozen people that read you daily, wow, that's a lot. Think about it. It's not world changing, but with God, it's about the soul's fight to hold onto faith. If God knows this world must come to ruin soon, do you think He'll waste your time trying to fix it now? The one who decides to get into politics takes the risk of doing so without God's help.

Generally speaking, liberalism of the anti-Christ kind is an all-inclusive cult-like movement. You go to a party, have some dope, some liquor mixed in, and you accept everyone there, half of whom would take your spouse. Everyone is your friend, no matter what they're into, and they are into evil things they may not admit to because all pick up demons as they go. Then they look at us Christians, and view us as weird / stupid / mindless, etc., because the most-outspoken people of their cult have the job of warning the gang that, whatever you do, don't become a Christian. They don't recognize that they are part of a cult when they regularly watch liberal late-night shows, or liberal comedy shows, where demonic conditioning proliferates.

Mike Winger is the type of teacher who's soft on our enemies, who would show them respect for their views, or, like typical Americanism, gives people the right to speak and think as they please with respect. But just take a look at Jesus' harsh attitude against the religious leaders of his day, who were not anywhere near as blasphemous as liberals today.

If there is a spiritual / carnal pig we are forced to work with, we need to be uncomfortable / horrified with his private life, and we must not do him/her any harm according to the command to love your enemy. I'm not suggesting that we need to ruin our own days if forced to work / live with such enemies, or that we can't take up defence tactics to keep our own days pleasant in spite of pigs in our midst. There's many ways to deal with it. We can ignore / shun them, go on with our own things. We can get another job.

If a spiritual pig (such as Nancy Pelosi) at your workplace is an activist whose open purpose is to spread anti-Christian ideas with sinful talk, then we need to denounce him/her openly in some way. We should not allow them to operate freely without being contested, for this is what last-days Sodom wants of us. If it comes to an open rebuke, fine, feel good about it. We can turn things on their head, make them miserable instead, by talking openly about how much we love God, and how much God hates debauchery. Just say to an irritating faggot who's asking for it, to his face: "do you know Jesus hates the disgusting things that you do? Jesus is here right now, listening to us, looking at your thoughts, seeing how much you hate me when it's you who is the pig." You can then walk away, or continue firing, your choice, you've done good by giving him a little more conscience. If your boss at work takes his side instead of yours, you have a problem.

I'm not contrasting "love your enemy" with rebuke your enemy because the rebuke is more love than saying nothing. Stay on top, because you are favored, you belong to the King. But if you are comfortable and budsy-budsy with the faggot as you are with others, then you are in danger of becoming a liberal Christian, a luke-warm spit from God's mouth. You're going to do the same with adulterers and other thieves, we can assume. Be loyal to Jesus; know the enemy, and keep distance from the demons in his/her mind. Sure, spray the Light of God into their faces if you're good at doing that, but, as James said, watch you don't get stained with their clothing. It's risky business to befriend a demonized soul.

Keep your small children from the home of a friend whose parents are expected to be demonic. If the child wears an ear ring at six years old, there's a 95-percent chance at least one parent is a demonic, liberal pig. They wear such things as open signs of their liberality. When Christian ladies start to wear nose-rings, it's not because Jesus moved them to do it.

My tenant wears a nose ring and a Mohawk hair cut. She's middle aged and still into Gothic. She's got demons, and I'm loving her pretty good in hopes she'll turn it around. She does yoga too, but I treat her like gold around here. And I pray for her. But I don't eat with her, don't spend time with her, because she indicated she didn't want to with me. I think it's better this way. She snubbed me when we got into a Creationist disagreement, but I worked things out such that we now talk and feel good about sharing a home together; neither of us poisons the home atmosphere, and she's got some good qualities I think I'm bringing out. She calls herself a Christian, perhaps of an Anglican background. Knowing she won't accept my forceful sharing of the true Jesus, all I can hope is that she sees my conscious efforts to treat her well, with the respect she deserves as a tenant and a person sharing my home, and that the lies she's learned about Christians are removed from her mind.

She doesn't try to spiritually stink up my home, but if she did -- if her demons got the better part of her -- I wouldn't be happy with it for long because I'm not made of steel. I'd probably ask her to leave. It's easy to get along with a tenant if the tenant doesn't cause problems. Treating people well minimizes potential problems from their demons. If she were to start having repeated drunken bashes, I would start to rebel. She'd make me go ugly, just like Christians going ugly against the liberal, political swine we see in the news daily. They ruin life, and we are unable to take it lying down. I don't think we should take it lying down, but you may think differently. Turn the other cheek, okay, but if the slaps just keep coming, I'm not made of steel, I'm going to come back with punches or a baseball bat, so to speak.

I don't go around rebuking every sinner I see, because I don't know who the sinners are, first off, because I don't gather with them. But when I see something amiss, I often speak up, it's just the way I am. I don't always; it all depends. Every situation is different. Sometimes a little delicate surgery is called for; sometimes a little gentle correction is good. I tend to think that society is MY society. I have a right to order it in the ways of God. The fools think society belongs to them, and they would punish us until we do it their way. We can't just let the fools take over without our salt in their wounds. The New Testament suggests the use of gentleness because the apostles didn't want the Greeks getting physical in disputes. Keep it to words alone; don't be triggered for meanness, and especially don't like being mean, but if something grieves you, gentle Christian, let it rip and roar, it's okay, if you're in control of yourself.

The direction that Christians were being taken, with many going, with pro-Trumpers, was not good. It was toward the spit factor, which is missing the "ri". With Trump politics not on the forefront anymore, Christians can revert back to fighting the spiritual battles more exclusively. Mixing spirituality and politics seems a dangerous game these days. If any American leader just says, "Jesus," half the flock of believers follows. This is not good.

The prayers of Christians everywhere should be, and probably are, that God will crush our enemies such as to never allow them to arise again. We know this is God's will for our prayers because He has revealed in prophecy that He will answer that prayer in every iota. But if "Christians" think that crushing the enemy is harsh, and if they abhor such a thing, as do our enemies, then what kind of Christian is that? A liberal one, in the camp of our enemies with a different Jesus than the real one.

Pelosi (and the people behind her, propelling her) has been caught asking the military not to carry out any directive that Trump may ask of it. That could get her jailed. The Pentagon military apparently snitched on her, a good sign. Headline: "Pelosi Pressed Pentagon on Safeguards to Prevent Trump From Ordering Military Action" (New York Times). Most media are crazily saying that she asked the Pentagon not to let Trump fire nuclear weapons, but that's smoke and mirrors to hide what she really asked. It's obvious what she really asked for: a military coup. It looks like a news-juice comedy; the only thing missing is Nancy's big, red, plastic nose.

Ratcliffe-Sanctioned Report Is Out

I didn't know until late Saturday, because I saw it nowhere in the news until seeing it at Front Page (youtube), that John Ratcliffe, on January 7, gave a 14-page Intelligence report on international interference in the election to the a U.S. senate body. The Washington Examiner has a copy of the report. google wouldn't give me any article on the topic by searching "Washington examiner Ratcliffe," but it coughed it up when requesting "Washington examiner 14 page report Ratcliffe". google must be punished. It wants to rule over the world unelected. It wants to sink our work in order to promote the work of criminals. No exaggeration. It can sell a strangle-hold on the world to the highest bidder, but, in reality, it itself will hold the highest level of powers as it learns how.

The report states, in effect, that Intelligence officials acted like the FBI in opposition to Trump: ignoring Intelligence that could support Trump politically. That's a shadow government. It jail-worthy, but Trump didn't think to put a loyalist in control of the CIA, because he's either a dope or a farce. In his three-page letter concerning the report, Ratcliffe said that certain Intelligence people pressured anyone who did the right thing to oppose the corrupt actors acting politically. Yup, a shadow government trying to run / control the presidency if possible, or to ruin it if necessary. The Intelligence people wanted to blame Russia because it falls on Trump's head, and not to blame China because it falls on Biden's head. That's the crux.

The article, furthermore, is written by a not-too-swift writer who seems not very pro-Trump, if at all. If the reporter were a decent person, we might have had more dirt on Intelligence than he's letting out. The reporter happily says that the report does not touch on Dominion fraud, such a shame if true, especially if Ratcliffe caved to pressure not to have it included. Ratcliffe said: "we are missing China’s influence in the U.S. and that Chinese actions ARE intended to affect the election." Could we get the specifics? Is the reporter hiding them for as long as possible?

Get this: "The ombudsman [who wrote the report] said that 'ultimately the DNI [Ratcliffe] insisted in putting material on China in[to the report], and was aware analysts [shadow-government anti-Trumpers] disagreed,' and 'as a result, the final published NICA, analysts felt, was an outrageous misrepresentation of their analysis.'" Good one, Mr. Ratcliffe. Outrage them till they burn, and then expose them. Why didn't you get them charged for treason?

If not for Ratcliffe, the "truth" today would have been that Russia is a bogeyman, what the CIA always does to Russia. It seems that CIA people, and those behind them, are seeking, and may have been netting in the past, crooked Chinese money. "The analytic ombudsman says Ratcliffe wasn’t being political — he was being honest that China intelligence was being suppressed for political reasons..." Do you see how good things go when Trump puts the right man in for the job? Trump sabotaged the nation in every other appointment in shadow-government fields. He has essentially destroyed the country either by his stupidity, or by compromising with the shadow government. Everything happening this week is the fruit of his stupidity, or call it what you will. That fruit hasn't even grown full yet. You have ten days left to rectify it all, Mr. Dope.

Ratcliffe (= straight-shooter) complains yet again of attempts by the shadow government to railroad his view of Intelligence: "Ratcliffe contended that 'the majority [shadow-government] view expressed in this ICA [assessment] with regard to China’s actions to influence the election fall short of the mark' and that 'alternative viewpoints on China’s election interference efforts have not been appropriately tolerated.'" Translation: they were mad dogs at Ratcliffe's alternative perspectives.

I disagree with Mr. Ratcliffe where he says China is the greatest threat. The greatest threat is the "majority" he speaks of in Intelligence. That's what's ruining the country, and likely making dark deals with China with the peoples' money, and perhaps even their security.

Lindell may be referring to Ratcliffe's report, not Zack's Italian accusations. If the report has nothing on Italy, we might expect it because that part would be the most-protected by shadow-government tactics, if there is truth in an Obama-Italy connection to steal the election.

Vision Times headline: "US Spy Agencies Ignored Chinese Interference in 2020 Elections to Avoid Supporting Trump: Report." It says: "Officers who specialized in analyzing Russian threats to the election claimed that they had strong evidence to prove interference from Moscow. However, the Intelligence Community management apparently did not want to include China-related information in the final report, which the analysts believe is suppression of intelligence." Not just that, but it's treason, the lending of support to the criminality within Biden's supporters generally, and especially those involved in Chinese crimes with the Biden family. That's what this is, the kind of falsification routine from the CIA, and who knows how many other Intelligence agencies infiltrated by the political mob. Ratcliffe is a good man. He passed Trump the football within sight of the goal line, though we don't know whether Trump will run with it.

It's a no-brainer that the Bidenites / Clintonites / Obamaites in Intelligence would have shunned any evidence that China was involved in machine-voting fraud, though there may have been more-honest elements that did make notes on that thing. Yet, Ratcliffe has not been helpful, as far as we know, about that thing.

As was said many times, I pegged Miss Hicks as the woman in my 1979 dream, where I touched her knee and leg. I met her for the first time in 2002 (though she came to stand in front of me in a church in 1994). I pegged John Ratcliffe, with fair evidence (not strong) as part of that dream's touch-knee scene. I showed above how the Knee's and Leggs point to Trump, but did not include mention again of the Touch/Tuff branch of Tufts/Tuffs', which share a phoenix with Knee's (and Phoenix's/Fenwicks). I TOUCHed her knee. The Phoenix/Fenwick bloodline is in the Powell motto (the Fenns/Venns, that is). The "TOUJours" motto term of Phoenix's/Fenwicks can be partly for a Touch/TOUGH/Tuff branch. "TouJORES" is expected as part-code for Jore's/Gore's sharing a bottom half like the bottom half of the Phoenix/Fenwick Shield, for Jore's/Gore's share the Chief of French Alans (Clinton Shield?) who in-turn share the triple martlets in the bottom half of the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat. These martlets are shared by Birds/Burds (Cheshire, same as Touch's/Tuffs and Tufts/Tuffs').

A few years after meeting her in 2002, Miss Hicks moved to within ten miles of John Ratcliffe. As soon as I touched her knee, she came into my arms, and we rose embraced into the sky in a literal rapture. What might that all mean, and could it be just some wild coincidences that I've been passing off to readers? I hope not.

Just to assure that these heraldic connections are all correct, the Bird/Burd motto term, "mea," is traceable, through the Mea's of the Meu river (location of Mott(e)), to the French Henrys at Mott (near Montfort) who share the Bird / Alan martlets. The Meu is near Dol, home of the Alans above, and while they moved to Shropshire, that's where Welsh MOTleys (probably the Pool and Montfort lions) were first found who probably have the gold phoenix of Phoenix's/Fenwicks. We read in the Motley write-up: "...'The Medlycott family of VEN House, Milborne Port, Somerset, originally came from Shropshire.'" The Fenns/Venns in the Powell motto share the green griffin with Powells (and the Leslie's who took over the Rothes castle of Pool-line Pollocks, servants at first of the Dol Alans.)

It's really interesting that Fenns/Venns share the scallops of French Mars/More's (Rothes castle is at MORay), whom I expect to be from the Marsi of lake Fucino, where the tower is located from which D'Elia reportedly flipped Trump's votes to Biden. Lake Fucino (now filled in) is right near Mont Velino, where I trace the Alans above, I kid you not.

I can add that while the 1979 dream had a pool holding the shark, Powell-like Pools were first found in Dorset (beside Powell-beloved Fenns/Venns) with Beautys/Bowds, and, as was said many times, the woman (Miss Hicks) of that dream was playing Sleeping BEAUTY when I touched her Venn-related knee, a pointer to Beautys/Bowds (share black bull with Ratcliffe's) as well as the Sleeps who named Sleap in Shropshire. In this picture, the pool of the dream may depict Miss Powell, so as to say that Trump gets swallowed by the shark as he's allied with Sidney Powell. The British bulldog (Trump) came walking past my LEG, at KNEE height, and fell or JUMPed into the pool. Jumps share the Trump stag head.

It would take too much writing to go over all I've said again about that dream, which I say started with Trump half way into the mouth of a shark. There is so much in that dream "predicting" (lightly, humanly, not I as a prophet) that, if it's from God, Ratcliffe to continue on in Intelligence well past this month (a president Biden won't likely let that happen). It had suggested that Trump would win this election...yet that rapture intrigues me if it's indicating the Church's rapture soon after Trump's presidency. There is so much to expose in Intelligence, so many to jail, so much to clean up, and so I say Trump deserves at this time to be gulped down by the deep-state shark.

Using this information thus far as I see it, the dream seems to be telling what God's input will be as a result of Trump's demise, which in the least is: an exposure to His people of the deep state / shadow government. While we know that God will destroy the earth's nations nearing the rapture, yet I'm hoping that the shadow government gets walloped at this time to lessen its capabilities for Church persecutions. If it happens, don't you dare give Trump the glory instead of giving it to Jesus.

Ask: are church pastors everywhere talking about this situation today, or totally ignoring it? That's how you can know if they are "state church's," so to speak, afraid of the state, if they are not warning in Sunday church the risks we now face, and planning possible strategies to overcome what might be coming. If church's are concerned only for the money rake-in, thereby not going against the anti-Christ state's wishes, that looks like a spit-from-God's-mouth to me.

. .

Helium is a Trickster

This week, I tackled the helium particle again, a thing I've always failed to explain to my satisfaction. I have a lot to go on, a lot of clues, but on this one I'm stumped with the knowledge I have of the situation. See the last update's atomic sections if at any time you want to see my radical opposition to the modern atomic model.

Here's the logic, one step at a time. Helium has a lowest boiling point, a little lower than hydrogen. For this discussion, the boiling point is to be viewed as the point at which all the gas in a container becomes a liquid as the temperature in the container is reduced. So, for example, if we reduce the temperature of a container of steam to 100 C (or 99.5), all the steam in the container turns to a liquid aside from some evaporation in the space above the liquid. This is how I'm going to view hydrogen at its boiling point, and helium at its boiling point.

The logic is that neither the He(lium) particle nor the H2 molecule, when the temperature is ABOVE the boiling point, cannot be pulled by gravity to form a liquid body at the bottom of a container. The wee heat in the container keeps the particles from being pulled down to the bottom of the container by gravity, because all gas particles, whether lone atoms or molecules, inter-repel, resisting the pull of gravity to a degree. It is my proposed discovery that, at every substance's boiling point, all particles that constitute the substance's gas inter-repel with just a tick less force than the gravity force upon them. The liquid is kept together as a unit predominantly due to the pull of gravity on all atoms, as their inter-repulsion forces become weaker per decreased liquid temperature.

It is a good idea to mention here that, while gravity blows captured electrons from all atoms so that all atoms become net-positive in relation to the negative force of gravity (no, I'm not a nut, it's the experts who are nuts with demonic inspiration), the heat particles (= free electrons) surrounding all atoms inter-repel in all directions, thus pushing / forcing atoms further apart with increasing temperature. I can view the free electrons between atoms as part of the atoms' borrowed negative forces, and thus call the atoms net-negative in relation to one another even while they remain net-positive toward gravity. The atoms are not really net-negative, I don't think, but act as though they were.

Probably, the best way to view it is to just see free electrons in the midst of atoms pushing the latter apart as the electrons seek to get away from each another. It seems wrong to say that the atoms are in very fact net-negative toward one another when in reality they are net-positive, yet the electrons between all atoms cause the atoms to behave as though each atom is a repulsive magnet of its own. So, I think, atoms inter-repel both by their net-positive charges thanks to gravity making them positive, and by the out-spreading of free electrons in their midst. See my last update for an explanation on why gravity pulls all atoms by its negative charge.

Doubling the heat in a container of gas doubles what science calls the atomic pressure (on the walls of the container), but I suggest that the pressure is, in reality, directly due to the inter-repulsion of the heat-forming electrons. Free electrons alone can be viewed as out-spreading of "gas" particles but having zero weight. The out-spreading causes all atomic substances in the midst of heat to expand (spread-out) in size with increased temperature.

The boiling point is when sufficient heat has been taken from the midst of gas atoms to allow gravity to pull them into contact as liquid form. As the temperature is dropped lower, gravity gets more power over the atoms, squishing them tighter in their liquid form. To prove that atoms create an inter-attraction force of their own when they are in liquid form, the freezing point is to be defined as: gravity can no longer move atoms due to the atoms having achieved a bond strength greater than the pull of gravity upon them. The inter-attraction of bonded atoms is not to suggest that they do not simultaneously inter-repel thanks to heat in the atomic spaces.

Both the attractive bond and the outspreading force exists in a liquid or solid. The out-spreading force of heat is what allows gravity to have the ability to move solid atoms. Without heat, atoms bond solid to an unmoving condition. With increasing heat to a frozen substance, it melts at the freezing/melting point because gravity starts to move the bonded atoms, pulling them downward if there is a downward path. Anyone can grasp what I'm saying here. It's logical, and it works.

Okay, so, H2 molecules are accumulated at the bottom of the container as liquid at an extremely low temperature only because H2 atoms receive more outspreading push from heat particles. They not only get the most lift from rising electrons in the open atmosphere, but they get the most out-spreading force because H atoms are the largest atoms. I see no other explanation. The bigger they are, the more out-spreading force they will be subjected to...explaining why hydrogen has almost the lowest boiling temperature, second only to helium.

As was said in the last update, the biggest atoms get the biggest push-around because all atoms weigh the same, regardless of type. It is not a cosmic coincidence that all atoms weigh the same; gravity pulls all atoms with exactly the force, and that pull defines atomic weight i.e. that's why they all weigh the same. It is not a cosmic coincidence that gravity pulls all atoms with the same force, because gravity arranges it naturally. See the last update on how gravity arranges it. In short, gravity's negative power blows captured electrons off of every atom until it can no longer do so due to the electrons being too close (= too attracted) to its protonic core. Every atom (at the same distance from gravity) therefore has the same amount of positive force radiating out from its perimeter.

At the boiling temperature of hydrogen, helium particles (not sure if they are atoms or molecules) are still floating in space. It's not cold enough yet to pull them down to the bottom of the container they're in, suggesting, on the one hand, that He particles get more lift from heat than H2 molecules. However, there is something wrong. It doesn't work. I cannot explain what the He particle looks like if that statement were to be true.

[[[See those triple brackets? If at anytime you want to skip my following guesses on what the helium particle looks like, scroll down to the next triple-square brackets, and read after them for my continuation from the paragraph above.

Helium gas weighs twice as much as H2 gas (all gas conditions being equal), quite the "coincidence." It means that there are twice as many atoms in a volume of helium gas as opposed to a volume of hydrogen gas. How should we view helium particles in that scenario? It's a scenario preventing the He particle from being as large as an H2 molecule, for if they were identical in size, the helium gas would get twice as much pressure as the hydrogen gas, because there's twice the particles (where H2 is viewed as one particle). Yet, we are working with gases here at STP = identical gas pressures, and so the He particle must be smaller than the H2 particle. How much smaller?

If we imagine He being the size of a lone H atom, that could be just about right, because we just saw that the He particle gets more lift than the H2 molecule (this is not identical/related to helium-balloon lift versus hydrogen-balloon lift). If the He particle is a lone atom about the size of an H atom, then, due to being smaller than the H2 (= two H atoms merged), it gets less lift on that factor, yet on the other hand, due to being a lone particle at half the weight of H2, it gets greater lift on that factor. It could result in helium having a slightly-lower boiling point = a slightly-stronger lift.

Might the He particle be simply a lone H atom? You might say, no, because hydrogen burns and helium does not. True, but I showed that hydrogen burns due logically to its being a diatomic molecule i.e. an H2 molecule. When the two H atoms (of H2) are unmerged by heat, they fly from one another under their repulsion forces and collide/bond with O atoms to release plenty of heat = flames. Okay, so far so not-too-shabby.

But there's a problem with viewing the He particle as a lone atom about the size of an H atom, for He particles won't merge with any other atoms or molecules. We should expect it to be already merged therefore, and so we can now conjecture that the He molecule is about the size of a hydrogen atom, and therefore it looks like hydrogen has the largest atom after all. Earlier in this update, I had been wondering whether helium might consist of the largest atom.

But wait. I haven't yet painted the proper picture, because, if helium is a molecule, we've got to make some other considerations. I would rule out a helium molecule made of four atoms (twice the weight of H2) because we are then forced to conclude that the number of He4 molecules in a gas equals the number of H2 molecules in a gas, because that would net a helium gas twice as heavy as hydrogen gas, which is the reality. However, with an identical number of the two, per gas, I would be forced to see the twice-as-heavy He4 molecule as roughly the same size as the H2 molecule, yet that does not work because the helium particle, in reality, gets more lift than does H2, yet with He4 and H2 being the same size (= equal lift), but with He4 being twice as heavy, He4 is NOT going to get more lift.

You can see how I'm reasoning, because I have stable reasons for doing so. If we then try He2 as the possible reality for the helium molecule, I'm forced to see twice as many He2 molecules per volume of gas than H2 molecules, and as such the He2 must be smaller in size, which amounts to less lift on the size factor, and equal lift on the weight factor, yet that makes He2 net less lift than H2. No good, trash He2.

There's still He3 left to try. As He4 was the same size as H2 while He2 was smaller, He3 will be smaller than H2 too, for less lift by that factor. Then, as hydrogen gas is twice as light, the density variation will be four He3 molecules (atomic weight = 12) per three H2 (atomic weight = 6). This means that, per one H2 molecule, there will be one and one-third He3 molecules. It means that there's more He3 weight than H2, giving H2 the better lift on the weight factor. Scrap H3 too. It means we went the wrong way when going from He4 to He3 to He2. We need to go the other way, toward He5.

Let's try an He8 molecule, four times heavier than H2. Again, as H gas is half the weight of He gas, we need to conclude that there will be one He8 molecule (total atomic weight = 8) per two H2 molecules (total atomic weight = 4), and therefore the He8 will be larger than H2, but judging on the small density variation (only twice as many H2), not so large as to make up for being four times heavier. Scrap He8.

Let's try He12, six times heavier than H2, and requiring a density variation of one He12 molecule per three H2 molecules (total atomic weight = 6, half of He12). I don't see any way for He12 to be so large as to get six times more lift by that route to make up for the six times less lift by the weight factor. Scrap He12. I'm not willing to try something like He18 or He24, but with God, anything is possible in His creation.]]]

Repeat from before the triple-square brackets: "At the boiling temperature of hydrogen, helium particles are still floating in space. It's not cold enough yet to pull them down to the bottom of the container they're in, suggesting, on the one hand, that He particles get more lift from heat than H2 molecules. However, there is something wrong. It doesn't work. I cannot explain what the He particle looks like if that statement were to be true."

In my attempt the discover the looks of the He particle, I assumed that the relative size of the particle determines its inter-repulsion force. I am quite sure of that statement because atomic "inter-repulsion" is the out-spreading force due to heat, and this works on the plywood principle: the bigger the piece of plywood, the more force by which the wind blows it around. I'll never get famous in science with "plywood principle," but at least I'm not hitting you with jargon you can't easily grasp just to make myself look more "expert."

When we are dealing with gases in confined containers, it is not correct to call the electron effect upon them as "lift," for electrons rise so slowly in a container that the lift factor can be ignored. It's better called the all-directional "out-spreading," no Greek word needed. It means up, down and sideways. Scientists know that if they put a gas at one end of a tube, it spreads to the other end. We assume that gas atoms seek equal distances from one another.

Okay, I have a possible solution as to why the what-in-tarnation-is-helium? investigation didn't pan out. I didn't include the positive-to-positive inter-repulsion that all atoms have...which resists the force of gravity as it attempts to pull gas atoms together into a liquid form. If the He particle consists of more atoms than the H2 molecule, it can have more atomic inter-repulsion than the H2 molecule. This suggests that He is NOT a lone atom. Whatever the He molecule is, whether H4 or H5 or H6, it's going to exert more positive-force inter-repulsion, which can explain why helium gas has the lower boiling point. It has the lowest-of-all boiling point because it is both on the large side (as compared to all other atoms), and heavier than hydrogen-gas molecules.

Wikipedia says that a sealed hot-air balloon with hydrogen gas, though twice as light as helium gas, gets only 8-percent more lift than a helium-filled balloon. This is explained by a differing number of heat particles per balloon. It is to be assumed that, for both cases, the size of the two balloons is equal, the balloons are identical in fabric, etc., and the pressure and temperature within them is equal too. The only difference I can see is that the hydrogen allows more heat particles then the helium gas, which may be as simple to explain as: the helium molecule is much smaller in size/volume, allowing for the gas to make up for its twice-as-heavy weight by having almost twice as many heat particles.

That's right, for if one heat particle grants x amount of lift, then twice the lift requires twice the number of heat particles. In order for there to be almost twice the number of heat particles in helium gas, the helium molecule must be very small indeed, as compared to a hydrogen atom. It begins to suggest that helium consists of He8, or in that ballpark. If He8, there would be two H2 molecules per one helium molecule (per respective gas).

Back to the boiling point of hydrogen, where H2 atoms begin to liquefy, yet He molecules are still suspended as a gas. How can this be if the He molecule is much smaller? Gravity needs to overcome fewer out-spreading heat particles the smaller the molecule happens to be. Gravity should be pulling those helium molecules to the bottom of the container long before its gets cold enough to pull H2 atoms to the bottom. UNLESS the helium particle consists of so many atoms that it has a strong inter-repulsion "engine" built-in.

According to data for the formation of molecules, the weights of atoms do not change after chemical reactions form new molecules. Whatever the weights were of the substances involved chemical reactions, they weigh the same after the chemical reactions. Two gallons of hydrogen gas reacting with one gallon of oxygen gas weighs the same as the water product which it forms. Therefore, although the atomic structure has changed, gravity force pulls them identically.

Therefore, if Helium consists of He8, gravity pulls its eight atoms (not to be viewed as helium atoms) with what we could call "eight atoms of weight." That's street-language jargon, at your service. Or, if you wish, I could make up a fancy name you'd never remember, if I wanted to come across like an expert. In the meantime that gravity pulls the helium molecule with eight atoms of weight, for example, the helium particles resist one another with eight atoms of repulsion. It's a tug of war. With water molecules, gravity gets the upper hand over them at 100C degrees (loads of heat particles in the midst), but with helium, gravity doesn't get the upper hand until about 4C degrees above what they call "absolute zero." Ouch, that's cold. Don't stick your tongue on it.

The last update showed why a water molecule is not an H2O even though two volumes of hydrogen mixed with one of oxygen makes water. In short, the experts are crackers for claiming that every equal volume of gas has an equal number of particles. Not even a drunken gambler is that daft or reckless. My years-long suggestion was that the water molecule is in fact an O8H, eight O atoms merged/bonded with one H atom. If correct, and I think it is, then the inter-repulsion engine of water, being a force of ten atoms of repulsion, should be close to the inter-repulsion engine of the eight atoms proposed for making up the He molecule.

With water having a much higher boiling point than helium, I would need to suggest that the He molecule is much larger than the water molecule so as to get much more out-spreading force from heat. But as the O8H (water molecule) is predicted to be almost as large as an H2 molecule, that picture suggests that the He molecule is roughly as large, or larger, than the H2 molecule. Can we have that? Plus, there is such little heat at helium's boiling point that it's tough to see its molecules getting much out-spreading force at all. I think this argument makes me want to go back to He12 or He16 as the reality (extremely large size), giving helium particles more atomic inter-repulsion (and thinning the density of helium molecules to one per four H2 molecules, in the case of He16).

Helium's Wikipedia article: "The density of liquid helium-4 at its boiling point and a pressure of one atmosphere (101.3 kilopascals) is...about 1/8th the density of liquid water." Okay, it's very cold, and so we expect tight liquid atoms almost devoid of the expansion effect of heat, yet there are eight times fewer atoms in a glass of helium as compared to a glass of water. Part of my explanation: helium has a high inter-repulsion engine due to its positive forces, and the way to get a big engine, I'm postulating, is to have lots of atoms per molecule.

Also, not only can the helium molecule be less-deeply merged than are the parts of the water molecule, but helium molecules may be merged more deeply in their liquid condition as compared to the mergers of water molecules in their liquid. Both of these factors can predict water having the most density between the two.

The dopes say: "The temperature required to produce liquid helium is low because of the weakness of the attractions between the helium atoms." No, dopes, helium atoms repel, not attract. Gravity turns helium into a liquid, not atomic attraction.

The article goes on: "These interatomic forces in helium are weak to begin with because helium is a noble gas..." Smoke and mirrors to fool you. They are saying that helium won't bond with anything else JUST BECAUSE it has weak attraction. But it bonds to itself, eventually, why shouldn't it allow other atoms to bond with it? I mean, in their view, other atoms have strong attraction forces, and yet they don't pull helium to themselves for a bond. That's because, first off, atoms don't bond by their inter-attraction forces, and, secondly, helium is already a molecule that resists further bonding. I have no idea why molecules get "full" and no longer bond once bonded already. There must be something going on yet a mystery.

Wikipedia says that scientists appeal to quantum mechanics (= kook theory) to explain why helium does what it does in ways their atomic model can't logically explain. That is, they appeal to nonsense that they create for themselves.

There are two possible reasons that helium will not freeze when temperatures are reduced below its boiling point: 1) they can't get it cold enough; 2) helium molecules inter-repel too strongly to freeze regardless of how low they get the temperature, even if absolute zero is not in reality the coldest temperature (they have limits on how cold they can make things).

At about 2C degrees above absolute zero, helium, instead of going more toward a tight atomic bond as compared to 4C above absolute zero, goes "superfluid." Oh-boy, it really throws a monkey wrench at the evolutionist apes. Here's what helium's superfluidity does:

The liquid helium is in the superfluid phase. A thin invisible film creeps up the inside wall of the bowl and down on the outside. A drop forms [at the bottom of the bowl]. It will fall off into the liquid helium below [on the table]. This will repeat until the cup is empty -- provided the liquid remains superfluid.

The article above has lots of garbage which you cannot understand, because it's garbage. You will understand it only if you allow your mind to be twisted by related garbage.

Okay, so what shall we say? Shall we be stupid like them and say that helium molecules creep UPWARD along a glass surface because helium particles have a weak attraction? That has zero logic. Can you come up with a better theory? Oh wow, I never would have guessed (sarcasm): helium particles inter-repel more strongly than other atomic particles, wowwie-zowwie. Now you know why they're worse than apes, for, seeing the truth before their eyes, they deny it and hide it with kookery. They then force all their students to think likewise.

The helium liquid doesn't have the power to inter-repel upwards into the air, or it would become a gas. It needs a surface in order to climb, and so we learn that the atoms of some surfaces facilitate its upward locomotion. Helium molecules do merge slightly with the atomic make-up of the surface they are climbing. The surface atoms are capturing/trapping the helium molecules slightly (an attractive effect) as they climb, keeping the helium from sliding back down even though the helium increases in accumulative weight the higher it climbs. (An atomic/droplet merger with surface atoms is common, but this is not a merger by chemical reaction.)

A superfluid is a state of matter in which matter behaves like a fluid with zero viscosity. The substance, which looks like a normal liquid, flows without friction past any surface, which allows it to continue to circulate over obstructions and through pores in containers which hold it, subject only to its own inertia.

The statement makes it sound as though other materials, besides helium, have this property, as though it's not unusual, making me suspect that they have a problem explaining it that they aren't wanting us to know. A material which travels over another with zero resistance is a substance that repels the surface. It's essentially hovering, is it not? It's not enough to see it as lightly attractive, for that would result in light friction. One substance skimming over another is a rubbing of their mutual captured-electron perimeters, and the more-deeply their perimeters are merged at the time, the more friction one can predict. But if even one of the substances has a strong repulsion to the other, it can lessen merger-depth to the point of little or zero friction.

There is still less friction, if free electrons (heat) are not a part of the skimming, and still less friction if the substance (the helium) has molecules that are barely merged into one another. Superfluidity of helium occurs just two degrees lower than when helium liquid is first formed, and so helium molecules are barely infringing upon one another at the time. Held in contact only by the slimmest of gravity force, they are like ball-bearings as they roll around in liquid motion upon their mutually-repelling electrons.

In conclusion: helium is a MOLECULE of unknown atomic make-up with an unusual high number of atoms.

I often read that hydrogen is the smallest atom because it gets through some material better than others. For example, I read some days ago that some fabrics are not very good for hydrogen-filled balloons because hydrogen gets through it too easily. The assumption is that hydrogen is a smallest atom, but I say this is not correct. I strongly assert that hydrogen is the largest atom, unless helium has it. I think it's dumb to say that hydrogen gets through a fabric while oxygen does not due to the size of the fabric's holes. Just try to imagine how small an oxygen atom is. Are we to think that the fabric has holes too small for O atoms but not too small for H atoms? Imagine the small difference in sizes of those holes if that claim is true. Can any fabric be made all with holes too small for oxygen but big enough for hydrogen? That's nuts. But, their problem is, oxygen actually has the smaller they are wrong AGAIN.

Is there something else at play when gases penetrate materials? Ahhh, if hydrogen has a stronger inter-repulsion, it will squeeze through holes better than the smaller oxygen atom. But of course, for an atom is like jelly with a large sphere of captured electrons hovering over the protonic surface. These electrons can be squeezed, therefore, to smaller spheres. Or, they can come off while a atom squeezes through a hole, and then the atom can re-load with them after going through the hole. The atom is a solid bitty only where captured electrons are held very tightly near the protonic surface. I conclude that while the solid portions of hydrogen and helium atoms are larger than those of other gases, yet they get through holes in materials better than other due to their stronger inter-repulsion forces.

Besides, it's daft to suggest that hydrogen is going through the PORES OF A FABRIC when those pores do not permit other gases to get through. In that case, the pores are so small that we may as well recognize them as atomic pores. Yes, the spaces between atoms. Can some gases get though the spaces between atoms? Yes, and they know it: "For these reasons and the small size of helium monatomic molecules, helium diffuses through solids at a rate three times that of air and around 65% that of hydrogen" (Wikipedia's article on helium). Wow, they know that gases get through solids. How can that happen? The atoms must become long worm-shaped as they worm through atomic pores.

Yes, atoms can change shape due to their outer electrons being movable pushovers. Atoms can even shed their electrons as they pass through atomic pores, in which case they become super-positive in charge, and repel away the atoms of the solid, making their passage through the solid easier. When they come out the solid, they re-load with their electrons because electrons are everywhere in the air.

As I tentatively see helium as having more inter-repulsion than hydrogen, then, if correct that helium passes slower, only 65-percent as well, through a solid (all solids?) as compared to hydrogen, I would guess the explanation to be: helium molecules are larger than the H2 molecule. Helium is a stronger worm, but a bigger worm.

There are some special effects with atoms that reveal their special mechanics. For example, while most material become smaller (contract) with steadily reduced temperatures, water, at a few degrees above it freezing point, grows larger with decreasing temperature, and, I think, continues to grow larger even as ice (I don't know if it ever stops growing larger with ever-decreasing temperatures). My explanation is that while the regular contracting effect stays in effect at those temperatures, yet something else is going on as well that causes the atoms to unmerge. I see contraction defined as atoms merging more deeply due to heat particles in the atomic pores.

As water is just O8H, what could be causing the growth of water near its freezing point? Well, I suggest that the O atoms, all around the perimeter of one H atom, are sinking deeper into it with reduced temperatures, yet the H atoms start to force O atoms outward by their mutual inter-repulsion (positive) forces once the heat in the outer environment is reduced to a certain density a few degrees above freezing. So, two separate things are taking place at all times to a molecule: 1) the contraction due to reduced heat; 2) the battle between whether the interior atom (H in this case) will push the exterior atom OUTWARD, over whether the heat around the molecule will push the exterior atoms INWARD into the interior atom.

Hydrogen is a big guy, and therefore has a relatively high outward push, we may assume, perhaps the highest push of all atoms, but it can't push the O atoms outward if the heat from the other direction is pushing the O atom inward.

The helium article again: "Helium has a negative Joule–Thomson coefficient at normal ambient temperatures, meaning it heats up when allowed to freely expand. Only below its Joule–Thomson inversion temperature (of about 32 to 50 K at 1 atmosphere) does it cool upon free expansion." In other words, a "NEGATIVE Joule–Thomson coefficient" is jargon for "the-other-way effect," or in reverse from what normally happens to substances when they absorb heat with expansion (like when it gets colder on and above your skin as water expands/evaporates from it). Helium can create heat when expanding, as it expands due to increased temperature in its midst. To understand this, we need to know that heat in the midst of gas atoms is being squeezed upon atoms whether they like it or not.

This is simplicity. The inter-repelling electrons between gas atoms all push themselves into the electron atmospheres of atoms, adding to the number of electrons in the atomic sphere. It's essentially making the atom less positively charged, or more negatively charged while remaining net-positive, take your pick, both are true. In short, atoms store heat within their electrons spheres. If you open the doors to your house in winter, making the air very cold, more heat will rush out the walls and furniture then can fit in their atomic pores, because there's also some heat squished around their atoms too...that can also be released if the atomic pores get cold enough. Yes, temperatures in atomic pores does go up and down, defined, as with the definition in the outside air, as the density of free electrons.

When we allow a gallon of gas to expand suddenly to two gallons by sliding a piston, the temperature in the gas will not go to half the temperature (measured on the K scale). Instead, the gas atoms release their stored heat (this is my discovery, it's not what they teach), keeping the gas temperature warm after the gas is expanded to twice its volume. It is a little colder, but not much. In reverse, a gas compressed to half its volume will get a little hotter, but not twice as hot, because much of the heat in the open space is being pushed into the atomic spheres, where it is no longer heat, because the free electrons become captured by protonic attraction. If its captured, it cannot be heat, because heat is heat only when electrons enter a substance. To get heat from your pencil, you need to rub it to get the captured electrons to be free of atoms, into your finger. Electrons are not heat until you release it from the atoms.

Okay, so helium works in reverse in the ballpark of 40K degrees (= -233C), which is 40C above absolute zero, well above the boiling point of helium. If we allow helium gas to expand in a container by drawing back a piston, the space between gas atoms gets hotter, not colder, suggesting that helium is able to store a lot of electrons, more than normal substances. Why do we think that is? At first guess, it could be nothing more complicated than: helium is made of a LOT of atoms.

Plus, the indications above were: helium atoms, per molecule, are not merged very deeply. If correct, it means that the atoms constituting the helium molecule can absorb more heat because most of each atom is in contact with the space rather than being tucked away in merger. So, it's time for a rebellion in science, those scientists who want the truth versus the goonball evolutionists going to their deaths at mortal enmity with God. It will be very bitter for these types. Be wise, repent today, honor your Creator.

If for example, helium is a He16 molecule, it could have more than one type of atom. It can even have one or two, large central atom(s) surrounded by many small atoms. Why does helium gas not get hotter when expanded above 32K? Why should it get hotter at all when its expanded between 50 K and 32K? I think this is a potential solution to better knowing what the He molecule truly is. Every clue welcome. It's suggesting to me that the helium molecule is made up of at least two different kinds of atoms, at least one of which is causing the above, abnormal effect.

With mechanical (piston) pressure applied, the coldest helium liquid can be turned to a "solid," though "It is often hard to distinguish solid from liquid helium...The solid has a sharp melting point and has a crystalline structure, but it is highly compressible; applying pressure in a laboratory can decrease its volume by more than 30%." That sounds like helium jelly, not a solid, and so, the question is: why won't helium go to a normal solid with more mechanical pressure? The answer: it's got mighty inter-repelling atoms, that's why, but they don't want to admit this -- to their death beds at enmity with God -- because they do not want anyone to start fooling with the idea that gas atoms repel instead of attracting. They prefer to go to Hell than to have you go to God's Kingdom. WACKOS in loyalty to satan!

"At room temperature, [solidifying helium] requires about 114,000 atm." That's about 1.6 million pounds per square inch, folks. One mighty push-back gas is helium. Or put it this way, that if we take a gallon of helium at atmospheric pressure, the volume would need to be compressed in half some 13 times before helium succumbs to forming a jelly. If the gallon is eight inches tall to begin with, it would be .0001 inches tall after 13 compressions to half the volume. See any problems?

Another piece of evidence that helium has more than one type of atom is that it both boils and contracts from -269C to -271C, yet does not boil and expands from -271 to -273C. Disregarding the boiling process, the fact that it contracts from its first formation as a liquid, but, then, two degrees lower, it starts to expand with reduced temperatures, signals that there's not merely one type of atom in the He particle. If scientists can't wrap their head around that, it's because they're too committed to passing off lies that they cannot correct without a total revamping of their atomic model, and thus looking like liars over the past century-plus. It is very important to evolutionists that they have the masses respect them as highly intelligent and, above all else, correct in their teachings. Otherwise, they lose the power to deceive.

Next: "Due to its high thermal conductivity, when it boils, [helium colder than -271C] does not bubble but rather evaporates directly from its surface." This means that I've got to explain why bubbles form when liquids boil, oh goodie. There are three things keeping liquid atoms squished. Let the experts use a Greek word, but I shall use, squished. The air pressure above the liquid squishes liquid molecules closer. The gravity force squishes them closer, and the bond of the liquid atoms tends to keep them squished. This latter bond is where one proton attracts the other atom's electrons, and vice-versa, when two or more liquid atoms are merged.

Okay, so we now go to the bottom of the pot, where there is heat going through the pot and into the liquid. This heat is zillions of streams of free electrons worming their way through the atomic pores of the pot. Once they eject into the liquid, they need to worm their way up through it, because the three squish factors above are all in play. As they rise, under the propulsion force of gravity's pushing them up, they bump into liquid atoms. They bump liquid atoms generally in the upward direction, and each bump therefore alleviates / reduces the air pressure pressing down on the liquid. The liquid grows in size due to this upward bumping, but also because the electrons take space within the liquid, and also because they cause the liquid molecules to 'expand" move apart a little more.

In short, when the upward flow of heat has overcome -- not eradicated, but exactly countered -- the three squish factors of the liquid, there is ZERO RESTRICTION in the passage of heat through the liquid, meaning that x amount of heat will go out the top of the liquid while x amount of heat enters the liquid at the heat source. The temperature of the liquid can no longer rise, even if the heat source is increased, because the amount of heat entering instantly leaves, and so this is the boiling point: when heat substance finds zero restriction in passing through the liquid.

The bubbles in the boiling process are very important because that's where most of the heat jettisons through the liquid. Them bubbles are made by the heat particles predominantly, though the gumbas say that they are filled with water vapor only. That's because their gumbas. The bubbles get bigger with increasing liquid temperatures because the squish factors are constantly overcome with increasing temperature. When the bubbles pass through the liquid fast enough, and dense enough with heat, the liquid temperature can no longer increase.

However, it is wrong to call the boiling point the evaporation point, for even visible evaporation begins long before that point. A boiling liquid does not disintegrate. It still has the liquid atoms bonded by a small amount because not all the liquid has had its squish factors fully countered: only the parts of the liquid with the bubbles has been fully countered because the bubbles have a super energy from gravity's upward thrust. They are not rising as fast as you see them rise in a pot of boiling water just because they are steam-filled bubbles. Instead, they are packed with upward-thrust electrons. Be smart, ridicule an evolutionist today.

Okay, we are ready to tackle the curiosity as to why helium two degrees of lower than its boiling point has no boil bubbles, though it does have boil bubbles above that temperature. It seems only that the transition between no bubbles and bubbles is fairly instant with increasing temperature. The helium at that temperature has the squish factor of atmospheric pressure, as well as the gravity pull-down factor, through the bond strength (merger depth) of liquid helium molecules is predicted to be slight as compared with such things like water, or the mud on the evolutionist's face.

The heat density that's applied to helium at those low temperatures is ever-so-faint. There's barely any heat at all, barely any upward force at all, and yet I predict that gravity will attract helium molecules with more force than it attracts water molecules. How, then, can helium boil at such low temperatures when the gravity squish factor is greater for it, while the atmospheric squish factor is equal to that of water? What we are learning here is that the molecule-to-molecule bond is a significant, if not the most significant, squish factor, the helium having almost none. Or, in combination with the latter assessment, very little heat is needed to traverse helium liquid because the inter-repulsion of He molecules is countering some of the gravity pull and/or some of the atmospheric pressures. It's as though helium molecules are skating on one another as they are held down by gravity in spite of the great weight of the helium molecule.

Reminder: although the helium molecule can be larger than the water molecule, the helium gas is 4.5 times lighter than water gas, meaning the helium molecules are more sparse in their gas.


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