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September 22 - 28, 2020

Amy Rabbit Barrett
It's a Gogi Shetland Pony, Not a Horse

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Some are calling Trump a big man for speaking nicey-nicey on Ginsburg. I say Trump's being a chicken heart. I know that we're not supposed to speak evil of people at their deaths, but when it comes to this woman, dare we talk in high honors for her as Trump did? She's was a satanic witch, pure and simple. When fact-checking a certain accusation made against Ginsburg, google brings up a slew of articles with unconvincing gibberish claiming that Ginsburg did not promote pedophilia. But here's a webpage that cuts out the gibberish:
This book, co-authored by Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginburg, recommends decriminalizing pedophilia by changing existing laws so that anyone age 12-16 may engage in sexual acts with anyone else over the age of 12.

From Page 102:

18 U.S.C. §2032 — Eliminate the phrase "carnal knowledge [= sexual act] of any female, not his wife who has not attained the age of sixteen years" and substitute a Federal, sex-neutral definition of the offense patterned after S. 1400 §1633: A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person, not his spouse, and (1) compels the other person to participate: (A) by force or (B) by threatening or placing the other person in fear that any person will imminently be subjected to death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping; (2) has substantially impaired the other person's power to appraise or control the conduct by administering or employing a drug or intoxicant without the knowledge or against the will of such other person, or by other means; or (3) the other person is, in fact, less than 12 years old.

Did they make a mistake with "12", or was it intended? Why wasn't it corrected if it was a mistake? None of the gibberish from articles protecting her say that it was a mistake. None of those articles tell that Ginsburg herself said it was a mistake. So, how else are we to interpret the last sentence of that book's quote? "A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person, not his spouse, and... the other person is, in fact, less than 12 years old." This was the book's recommendations for replacing someone else's prior statement, "carnal knowledge of any female, not his wife who has not attained the age of sixteen years." The latter was an acceptable statement, but Ginsburg and co-author suggested bringing it down to 12 years of age. There you have it explained without false gibberish.

Some of her supporters say that the words above were not hers, but the webpage above has the quote from her book (some of her supporters are expected to be liars, no surprise). Also online: "'The age of consent for sexual acts must be lowered to age 12 years old,' reads the quote attributed to 'Ruth Traitor Ginsburg' in 1977." Her supporters are saying she did not make that claim. Maybe she did and the evidence is being hidden. Why should we trust SNOPES or other liberal fact-checkers? "The claim is an old one, raised back in 1993 during Ginsburg’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Susan Hirschmann, executive director of the conservative Eagle Forum, then said that among Ginsburg’s 'extremist feminist concepts' was the belief that 'the age of consent for sexual acts must be lowered to 12 years old.'" Susan has it in quotation marks? Was Susan just fabricating that sentence? Not likely. Judging from the quote in Ginsburg's book (1977), we can believe that Ginsburg also made that statement to the Judiciary Committee in 1993.

What the liberal fact-checkers seem to be saying is that the book's statement with the "less than 12 years old" was not her statement, but then the fact-checkers don't say whose statement it was...probably because it was the statement of she and her co-author. Here's an example of the gibberish: "The words [in the book] weren’t Ginsburg’s, and they weren’t used to express support for the proposal — the purpose was to demonstrate gender-neutral language." Achem, I can read plain English; the words DO speak directly and clearly for the idea that it should be illegal to have sex with a person under 12 years old. There is no other way to interpret it; the 12-part has nothing too do with gender-neutral. The only gender-neutral part of the statement is that it uses "person" under 12 years old instead of "female/woman".

Just as Trump is announcing troop withdrawals from Iraqi, we hear this week that 600 more military people are going to Syria. Does that not look like Trump's deception on the voters? Where else might others from Iraq be going instead of home to America? Earlier this month: "The military is downsizing its presence in Iraq from 5,000 to 3,200 troops, as the local military takes over security operations against remnants." You can't trust Trump, the political animal. He lies to his voters liberally anything that helps his re-election. This is how Trump is, admit it. He doesn't lie always, but he lies or frames liberally where he thinks it can get votes.

There's some benefits to the deep state prolonging the Flynn case, because his lawyer brought out new documents showing how some FBI people felt about it and Crossfire Hurricane. I assume that the FBI or DoJ released these documents, though I don't yet know who or which, or whether it was willingly. In one case, speaking on whether one of them wants Flynn prosecuted, we find, " [redacted] was silent though, so who knows what he will want.'" This is likely a guilty person, or his/her name would not have been redacted. Who at the department is covering for a guilty person? Why cover for a guilty person?

Newly produced notes of Peter Strzok show that Strzok met with {deputy assistant attorney general} Bruce Swartz, Lisa, and George at DOJ on March 28, 2017, where he noted Flynn Intel Group “satisfied the registration obligation” and “no evidence of any willfulness.” Nonetheless, “Bruce” decided to issue subpoenas to Flynn Intel Group “and more.”

Whose George? Was he under Bruce Ohr? The agents who showed some objections to Flynn's treatment did NOT blow the whistle. Do we think the FBI is evil only at the top? How many good-guy cops would remain silent for fear of losing a good job? Money buys evil. Principle is the opposite of money. Jesus is Principle Incarnate.

On Fox this Monday, Trump said that he's mulling the supreme-court pick of Ms. Lagoa because she's from Florida and Hispanic i.e. because it can get him a few extra Hispanic voters. He admitted that this is a good political move. But, DOPE, are you unashamed of showing that, instead of choosing the right person, you're choosing someone for a lifetime seat on a court JUST FOR A FEW EXTRA VOTES? This is why he's repeating that all his potential picks are great choices, because he then gets to pick someone of his best political advantage. A man with principles doesn't do that. The people should decide this person. What's Lagoa's abortion position? The people have a right to know. Democrats had stacked the courts with baby killers, and so it's necessary to turn that around as a priority.

"Lagoa breezed through her Senate confirmation by a vote of 80 to 15, including 27 Democrats." Does this sound like the right person for a Democrat-hijacked court? Yet Trump made it sound, last week, as though his pick will definitely be Lagoa. A day or two earlier, he made it sound as though his pick would definitely be Cruz. So, he's maybe trying to shore up Hispanic and evangelical support by showing he's at least willing to choose those people when he knows already that he won't. Isn't that trickery? "One key sticking point for Lagoa with Republicans could be abortion; during her confirmation hearing for the 11th Circuit, she told the Senate she believes Roe v. Wade is 'binding precedent of the Supreme Court' and 'settled law.' " Apparently, Trump could care less whether he picks the right person if he's willing to pick Lagoa.

The right person is a representative for Protestant, fundamentalist Christians, since the court should be representative of the American society. Stop saying "God bless America" if you oppose Christians in power, HYPOCRITES. Ahh, but they have catholics to bring to power who are often hypocrites like themselves. Republican wolves use Christians for their votes only, but minimize them. It's the wolves in the party who make Christians hesitant in becoming politically active, and when they do become political, they are fraught with pressure from wolves to do and say things unbecoming to Jesus.

Meanwhile, Catholics are calling themselves "Christians" to disguise themselves as non-catholics (what does that tell you?). Anyone in love with popery has a problematic side. If a believer in Jesus can't even glean that popery is unGodly, something is way wrong with that person, guaranteed. Popery has historically been fleshiness in disguise.

When a Christian reads the New Testament with the heart, as though it means everything, like the new-found treasure worth forsaking worldliness for, he/she comes to understand the sinfulness / trickery of religious leaders in Israel, and this allows us to spot that popes and cardinals are exactly the thing Jesus condemned in priests of His day. He said, do what they say, just don't do what they do. Vaticanites tolerate child molestation amongst priests, yet preach a good bundle when in a public audience. If you have known this unprincipled thing, yet continue to be proud of your catholic belonging, something is very wrong with your perspective / understanding of Jesus.

To put this another way, the world power structures will be permitted by God to go to the damned and the sinful in the end times, as a way to expose God's righteous judgment of them, which well explains why America is going to catholics. The democrat party, all throughout the time of its spiritual fall this past generation, was supported largely by catholics. What is it that a catholic is unable to see about this sinfulness? What kind of a church-going fraud votes Democrat? The vatican did not call catholics out of the Democrat camp throughout the trending of Democrat leaders toward anti-Christian society. Only when they went so raw-left as to become unpopular did catholics start stacking the power structures of the Republican party. It's not coincidental that catholics are now the majority on the supreme court. Is this always a good thing?

The best we can hope for is that catholics in power have a drastic change in attitude, but until the future is known in this regard, I suggest not trusting them. I suggest you watch how catholics treat up-coming-to-power evangelicals, because I predict that the vatican is secretly at war with them, hoping to secure a monopoly of power over America's largest group. I also suggest that Trump is in at least a loose alliance with the vatican, if not a rigid one secretly.

This week we hear that at least half of catholics are pro-Biden. What a smack to sanity, that they would not only support a spiritually-demented party, but a man on the ropes with dementia. "Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden holds a 12-point lead over President Trump among likely voters who identify as Catholic, according to a poll released Monday." Assuming that this poll is rigged falsely, we could say that at least half of catholics are going to vote Biden (a catholic). These numbers are roughly those under Hillary in 2016 i.e. catholics are not leaving the Democrat camp in droves.

What will the Republican party become with moralist catholics voting Trump? What could this result in if it sticks until the tribulation period? Will catholics in power be our friends on our critical issues of trib endurance? Or will they side with anti-Christs against us?

Even after Democrats have shut catholic churches down for all to see, still, half of catholics are voting Democrat. WHY? What's in the Democrat party for them? Is it that they want a free-swinging liberal lifestyle that puts off obedience to God? Are all their friends fleshy liberals, party-goers, casino goers, sex chasers? Trump is the perfect man to bring fleshites into the Republican party, and they will drown evangelical Christians. Yes, instead of saving the nation from the swamp, Trump is apt to pouring swamp waters into the cup of the Republican party. He's calling all voters to break communion bread with him, and he seems to be posing himself a lot like their object of worship.

A good number of catholics are Hispanic, and we can probably figure rightly that they vote Democrat because they believe the Democrat illusion that Republican whites hate them, or that they are more apt to government assistance under Democrat powers. So, after seeing the true colors of Democrats all 2020-long, they are still not willing to tell pollsters that they are definitely abandoning the party, if only for the 2020 election. The American melting pot has froze. The inter-hatred is ice-cold. "Woke" is an iron bar over your head (it will wake you up, alright).

On Thursday: "Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano said the 2020 presidential election presents Americans with a 'biblical' challenge 'against the demonic forces of the deep state and against the New World Order'" (Washington Times). The archbishop isn't rooting for Democrats, is he? He's saying that God brought Trump to the White House as a righteous thing, as "the greatest defender of the supreme values of Christian civilization...". Usually, people kiss the hands of popes, but here we have a demi-pope kissing Trump's arse with shameless exaggeration. "the GREATEST defender"? Plays right up Trump's ego, so, yes, I see him stooping over for the kiss, gladly taken i.e. might Trump be courting vatacanites for his power-building plans? Makes sense.

Why do I paddle up-river? Because, knowing the Bible well, I know what is good for a nation, and I hope for that good to materialize, but Trump is a sorry disappointment. I fear that, even if there were no deep-state in his way, the country would become nothing but flesh. I tend to think that the deep state, and his rejection by half of catholics, forces him to empower some evangelicals. Democrats and Republican anti-Christs have beaten up evangelicals and left them for dead, and Trump, I predict, would pass on by and leave them for dead, if he didn't need their votes. I pray that he'll surprise me, but I have less faith in him everytime I hear him brag like the devil. I don't download videos to listen to his speeches. I'm forced to hear what he says by Trump-supporting news channels that I watch to keep up on news that matters to me. It's completely corrosive because they also force me to watch what leading Democrats are saying. I do a lot of fast-forwarding on videos.

"Trump could further court Catholics if he opts to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the Supreme Court seat..." (same The Hill article as quotes above). Trump's attitude years ago was such that he practically promised the seat to Barrett. There is just no evangelical woman who could interpret law as good as Barrett, right? WRONG. But having the Christian vote tied around his finger, he has less need to chose a non-Catholic at this time.

Some good news is that due to the riots making Democrats less attractive for the election, they might not riot due to the supreme-court pick. Wishful thinking? Once they lose the election, all rioting can be back on the table, or anything to take away the joy of the winners. Democrat poor-sports are joy-robbers, meaning: enjoy their defeat with gusto, it's good for the world. Do to Babylon as she would have done to you; leave her mercilessly for dead. Pay her back twice as much as the pain she caused us. Great pain is in her forecast. Did she mock God with great glee on late-night television? Great pain is in her forecast. Does she conspire to atheist-ize the world? The worms of Hell are inevitably in her forecast.

Democrats are up to some trick, we may theorize, with Biden. They know they have the weakest candidate ever, and they aren't even trying to make him look better because it's risky. There's one backfire after another. Obama lowers his head between his hands, "what have I wrought?"?

So, what back-up plan do they have? One possibility is to murder Biden, then replace him with Harris, or even someone else. I don't think this is out of the realm of possibility because the election means much, much more to them than merely Biden's remaining life. I can imagine the Clintons behind his murder. In return for doing it, Hillary would want to become the presidential candidate...which can explain why Harris was chosen in the first place, for Democrats largely disliked her, and would not be bothered much to have her replaced by Hillary. They've got to do something fast with Biden. What will it be? Are they depending wholly on election cheating? Won't they get caught?

I caught stinky wind this week that Rick Grenell was front-and-center in the capture of Julian Assange from the embassy in London. It makes me wonder whether, as his reward, he was made the interim chief of National Intelligence. It's time for the supreme court to defame faggots and their rising up in pride. A faggot deserves no special rights, and gives up the right to be valued by his disgusting faggotry. God will lay faggots down in a bed of Hell, spread the word, for fear of this fate is Intended to curb their illness. Instead, liberal courts have honored them. Some think that Grenell is a toast to the Republican party (he's burnt toast, alright). The problem is, there are MANY faggot priests, bishops and cardinals. They attract other faggots into the priestly cast, it's that simple. Therefore, I don't expect the catholic supreme court to condemn faggotry even though God warned that the last days will be like Sodom. No matter, catholics will stick to American freedoms of expression, I predict, and there will be many pillars of salt who weep for the final destruction of this world.

Even now, with America sick to the spiritual bone, Republicans continue to repeat the greatness of America. BCP repeats that "the beloved president" gives "peace and prosperity," which I view as pearls on a pig. Yes, a prosperous nation steeped in sin is pearls on a pig. BCP doesn't stress end-times; I don't know what his position is on end-times; I don't know whether he's got any expectations that we could be nearing Armageddon due to the sinful conditions of liberals.

Woe is me if I don't tell it like Jesus told it. I am part of the world cure because I tell it like Jesus told it. Feel good today: tell it like Jesus told it. Be a winner. This is the glory of the saints, that while they will be urinated upon by the world-class power structures and street thugs alike, they get Top Spot in the end.

Woe is me, because I am unable to be as principled as Jesus. Jesus is the Principled One. No one will enter the Kingdom proud of their performance, yet Jesus will give them a super welcome, anyway, devoid of any frowning upon them for their sins. They will be welcome like kings and queens, and the Father will take great pleasure in them, the lowly, the rejected, the fearful, the poor, the sick. This is PURE GLORY. Smile, Bible baby, for your devotion to the Bible will pave your lighted way. As you struggle here, you are merely in an incubator. But when Jesus comes, we exit the womb, and the Father takes us with joy like a first-born. If it were not so, Jesus would not have said that we are blessed who receive eternal life. If God will remain upset at us for our poor performance, how can that be a blessed thing?

Part of our poor performance is forgiving others only half-cleanly for one action, as compared to God's ability to forgive ALL of us CLEANLY for much bigger loads. Don't ask me why He's happy to put off all of that weight of disappointment just because we believe in Jesus, but it's His pleasure. Jesus said that the Father is pleased to give us the Kingdom. Poor performance doesn't show up as a mid-term report card from God, but as a bad conscience at the time of the poor performance. If we know the Word, we will get a bad conscience for breaking it, but if atheists resist the word, they're like their own house on fire for lack of an alarm system. Eventually, the last flicker of flame goes out, at death, and there is no more house left to find comforts in. Get out of that vatican, pope, because your palace is on fire.

I predict that Space Force will produce the "fire from the sky" of the 2nd beast of Revelation 13, though I don't think that Trump is that second beast...unless perhaps, Israel goes to the leftist government and Trump agrees to attack it. Is that in any way contradictory to any prophecy? Who might be the first beast (anti-Christ) of Revelation 13 under such a scenario? How can the first beast be of Gog? I don't think that scenario works, because I know of no nation fitting the description of Gog who would attack the leftist government in favor of the rightist. Not now, anyway. But if Democrats weasel their way into the White House in 2020, then we need to watch for an invasion of rightist Israel by leftist USA. It could happen.

Jesus compared the end times to the days before the Flood. Back in Genesis, the reason for the Flood is said to be violence. Until this year, we may have thought that violence wouldn't come to the West, that it was a Middle-East or African specialty. Suddenly, we need to ask whether violence is going to escalate throughout the West based on animosities between leftists and conservatives. Blacks are leading the charge based on their desires for vengeance, and so add that ingredient into the mix. I was not fully correct to say, in the last update, that it "will be as-usual up until destruction i.e. Armageddon befalls the world". What I meant was, Jesus' words on people buying and selling, getting married, etc., as usual. However, we need to mix into this scenario the lawlessness, suggesting evil and, of course, violence.

I used to say that the United States has not to worry about an invasion by Russia or China, that the main enemy is the Obama and Bush camps. But suddenly, I see potential option for radical Democrats to invite Russia / or China to invade for to split the spoils. I think leftists are wicked enough, if a coup attempt fails, to ruin the country with a foreign invader while the U.S. military is split roughly 50-50 for and against the coup plotters. Hopefully, this is just my imagination running away on me. If the coup plotters get too strong, arresting them will backfire, exactly why Trump should have started making arrests four years ago while the enemy was only loosely organized and unsure of its level of underhanded power. By giving them time to organize and discover who's on-side and who's not, etc., they can make for a better attack. Their Plan A is to win the election. Pray that, if their Plan B is a coup attempt by military force, that it fails with a wholesale crumbling of the deep state.

The death of Ginsburg at this time may be God's lure to make the deep state attack, not realizing that it will fail with bitter losses. I'm hoping.

Continued, Amy Coney Barrett

Here's a highlight from my last update:

Without going over all the details again, my touch-bra event at age nine was a potential pointer to Scalia's murder because the event first came to mind a few years ago while mulling over John Podesta's role in Scalia's murder. I was laying on my bed going to sleep at the time, and, if I recall correctly, it was exactly the night of the sleeping-bag dream that itself pointed to the International Order of Saint Hubertus, 30-plus members of which were hunting with Scalia when he was murdered...

[Almost missed it, but on the eve of the uploading of this update, I recalled that the Hubard branch of Huberts share the School/SCAYLE annulet. The International Order of Saint Hubert! It looks Arranged by God to connect a Scalia-like surname to the Order. The Order's head lives in Mexico, and Scalia's dead body was brought to El-Paso on the Mexican border.]

I didn't have a fetish for going around the neighborhood touching bras on laundry lines...

I had proposed months ago that the laundry line, and some other laundry themes, were pointers to the laundering of money. This should be of an international scope, and so note what (the CFR) I think God pointed to with my touch-bra event as the quote continues:

So, I was touching the bra because Jerry PETERSON was my friend at the time [i.e. I was in his back yard], just a year older than I. Many months went by after first reflecting on this event before discovering that Peter PETERSON (former chairman of the Council on Foreign Policy) married Mrs. COONEY, founder of the CHILDREN's show, Sesame Street, very suspicious, is it not?...The point is, on the night that the touch-bra event came to mind, and due to the white rabbits under the laundry deck, I recalled that there is a Bra location in Cuneo, and by that time I had been tracing Coneys -- who use white rabbits -- to "Cuneo." Yet now the discussion is on Amy CONEY Barrett. Why? Will she become the next supreme court judge? If not, why is this discussion so compelling? By what coincidence do Ginsburg-linkable Gins'/Gwinns have a sword version of the Coney Coat???

I had neglected to say the following, even though I looked up the Amy surname and mentioned that they use the Berwick bear heads. If I had spent more time on the Amy page, I would stumbled upon it last week: "'In the thirteenth century Richard Amy held from Henry de la Pomeray in Cornwall.'" The natural thing to do, in checking to see whether God arranged something with Amy's, is to load the Pomeray surname, and there in the crest is either a pine CONE or a fur CONE!!! So, it appears that God is pointing to Amy Coney. [Load Amy link now to have access to other surnames that I bring up.]

In fact, Barretts share barry (multiple BARS) in the colors of the Crispin barry, and French Crispins use the POMEgranate," looking like it can link to Pomerays/Pomeroys.

Cone's share the antlers of Conte's/Counts, and as political counts were also called, "comes," it doesn't look coincidental that "comes" is an Amy motto code while Amys are the ones with the cone. The Comes surname (Parler Shield in colors reversed) happens to come up as "Coones." So, by what coincidence did the Amy surname, centuries ago, make a link to Coney-like bloodlines. And why are Crispins from Lorraine involved in this while Lorraine, an old girlfriend, a pointer to Bra-like Barrs in Lorraine, had a laundromat theme? Was Bill Barr involved in international money laundering? From the days of the first president Bush? Bush's/Buschs named Busca in Cuneo.

Recently, by way of the Botter/Budin "PERCH," I was able to link Italian Botters well to to Butts/Bute's/Boets (almost the Pierro/PERICH Coat), the latter being a branch of Buttons/BIDENs (Hampshire, same as Joe's/Joseph's and Botters/Budins). Therefore, let's go back to the Amy write-up with what looks like a Botter branch of "BOTReaux." However, that term could be understood as "Bot-Reaux," and then German Bots are listed with Butts/Bute's/Boets. The question is whether God is pointing Amy Coney to Biden's crimes: "'In the thirteenth century Richard Amy held from Henry de la Pomeray in Cornwall. His descendants were to be found there till the middle of last century. Mr. Amy, Sheriff of the county in 1714, inherited Botreaux Castle from his uncle Sir John Cotton, and was the father of Cotton Amy..."

It's interesting that, about a week ago, we got wind that "Trump Adds Ted Cruz, Tom COTTON to List of Potential Supreme Court Picks" Cotton promised to remove abortion from the land, and so he might not allow the senate to confirm him for that one statement alone.

The first thing I'd like to say is that Cottons can be from the Cotesii people group on the Buzau river along with ROXolani, and Roxburgh is near, or even beside BERWICKshire while Amys share the Berwick bear heads. The saltire of Lamys/L'Amys happens to be in colors reversed from the saltire of Roxburghs, and so the "caSUS" motto term of Lamys/L'Amys looks like part-code for "Susa." The royal Cottians had a capital at Susa. While the Lamy/L'Amy motto is shared by Caesar-like CASSeys, Mr. CAESar, father of Julius Caesar, married Miss Cotta. Does this look like bingo-bango to you?

Caesars are now said to have been first found at CROYdon (Sussex), and Croys/Greys have the Coat of Talbots in colors reversed while Amy-connectable Pomeroys have a black-lion version of the Talbot Coat. Both Talbot Coats are linkable to both Scott Coats, and Scoots and Scoots (GREYhound) are from lake Scodra, smack beside Bar, and near the Cavii who named Chivasso on the BAUTica river. The "vi' motto term of Chives' (cats) is suspect for the Viu tributary of the Riparia, and Susa is on the Riparia.

This recalls my cat, Susa-like Sassy, which sucked its tail as an adult like a baby sucks its thumb. If I went to remove the tail from her mouth, she'd claw me. She was definitely a pointer of God to Tails/Tailers and Tillers (likely branch of TALbots) from the TILURius river, also called the Cetina; Cetins/Cattans use the cat. I've never thought to compare her tail sucking to a child's thumb before, but since then I've mentioned thumb-like Tombs'/Tume's a few times and suggested that their "R.I.P" (upon a tombstone) is code for Rippers/Ripleys and/or the Riparia river. That can not only explain why God moved us to name her, Sassy, but why suck-like Suchs/Souch's like "Susa."

My head is starting to spin again because Suchs were at ORMSkirk, and then Scottish Orms share the lozengy Shield of Schools/Scayle's and Patents, two brief but important topics of the last update. Schools/Scayle's share the annulet of Benjamins, and Benjamites were at the Buzau river with Cotesii. Schools/Scayle's even share the Julian cross while Julius Caesar was a Cotta on his mother's side. Why should a cat sucking its tail be a pointer to Scalia and/or his killers and/or to some details thereof?

Scale's (not "Scayle") share the five, white ostrich feathers of Irish Clare's, and Crispins were a direct off-shoot of Clare's. John Bash of Western Texas was mentioned in the last update as a possible investigator of the Scalia murder, and while Bash and Amy Coney both worked for Scalia, Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's...a pretty wild coincidence if not Arranged by Intelligent Design.

Scale's share the scallops of Caiaphas-suspect Caps/Capes', and the latter's Chief-Shield colors are those of Caesars, and then the double-gold chevrons of Scottish Orms are those also of CHAPlains and Joe's/Josephs (share Waistell garbs) who in turn look like kin of Caplans (Hampshire, same as Joe's/Josephs and Bidens/Buttons). Bidens/Buttons use the "CHAPeau" cap of Caplan-like Capelli's; the latter were first found in Ferrara with the CLARo's having a Charo variation that's in the Joe/Joseph motto. Hello?

To the south of the Buzau were the Sensii, and Sans' share the eagle of English Orms'. The latter were first found in Lancashire with Susa-suspect Suchs/Souch's, and, yes, Cottians at Susa thus trace excellently to the Cotesii on the Buzau river.

Susa is near the BAUTica river, and near also the Pierro's/Perichs (share roses of Caesars), and near also Bra of Cuneo. The latter is in Piedmont, and Piedmont is where Pero's/Perichs were first found, a branch of Peare's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with barry-using Crispins. French Crispins (POMEgranate, linkable to Pomeroys) share the bend of Italian Botters (once showed as a straight bend).

The "fortuna" motto term of Pomerays is excellent because Fortuna's are not only linkable to Croys/Greys via the greyHOUND and the two Hun surnames (one uses talbot dogs, the other a greyhound like the Fortuna dog), but the Fortuna dog is a virtual copy of the Arms of Canossa. That house was from Lucca, where Botters were first found suspect in the BOTreaux castle of Amys (of Pomeray). Botters were kin of Cato's/Chattans, and Clan Chattan (cat) has a "bot" motto term. Note "TalBOT," for Pomerays are suspect with the Talbot Coat.

At this point, due to the "Semper" motto term of Scottish Line's, and the fact that Sempers are also Pierre's/St. Peere's, it should be added that Line's, looked up as per a laundry line, were first found in AYRSHIRE with Barrs. Was I pointing to Bill Barr when touching the bra on the laundry line? Sempers have two red lions in pale connectable to the three red lions in pale of Comes/Coones', and some of the latter's variation can be branches of Comey variations. Comeys use a cat, linkable to Italian Botters. German Line's share the white horse with Cottian-liner Waistells and French Barretts, the latter obvious kin of Carricks (AYRSHIRE).

I'd like to go back to the headless-horseman figurine of two updates ago, though, for a all I know, it could be a woman's head. As I had it on by shelf with the ancient spikes, I just glued a bean to its shoulders to act as the head. Beans are a Clan-Chattan member, but then there's also the "bien" motto term of Barretts (WHITE HORSE, same as the figurine). Here's from two updates ago: "Amazingly, the bulldog [Trump] was in a KIDNEY-shaped pool, and the head of this horseman is now a red kidney bean! Plus, Ares is the god of war!!! It appears that God put it into my head to glue this bean to the figurine in order to point to Frank MacKenzie and/or other military people of Central Command." The thing coming to mind is this election's coup my military plotters, where the election issue will likely make it to the supreme court, and where Amy BARRETT can save the day for Trump's side.

(By the way, a closer look at the figurine seems to use a Shetland pony, for what it could be worth. The rider has a kilt-like piece, as if part of a robe covering the chest too, draped upon the legs; there are pants on the one visible leg. It's interesting that Darlene's use a "female FIGURE" in a "robe.")

I was floored to discover (or rediscover) that Amy Coney had clerked for judge Scalia. Who more than she would wish to discover the truth behind Scalia's death, if she finds herself on the supreme court? I had read an article that google may have buried well; it gave some quotes from John B. Poindexter, owner of the ranch where Scalia was murdered. Poindexter said that, when he was in Washington, he personally invited Scalia to hunt at the ranch. When Scalia turned the offer down, Mr. Foster (Scalia's friend), standing there with them, urged Scalia to go, and so Scalia changed his mind. It's known that Foster flew down to Houston with Scalia, and likely he urged Scalia to leave his body guard(s) at Houston while the two went to Poindexter's remote ranch.

The point is, the Reaux's suspect in "BotREAUX" were first found in Forez while Forez's are also Forests while Fosters are also Forresters. This "coincidence" comes with Botreaux, where the Pomeray Amys had a castle. Pomerays are also PomerROYs, and Roys could be a branch of Royals and Reals/Riels, the latter listed with Reaux's. Lamys/L'Amys use a "vaRIOS" motto term, and Rios'/Rio's look like royalty. Royals are also Royls/Rialls.

Back to the barry of Barretts and POMEgranate Crispins, for here's from the Pomeray write-up: "The surname Pomeray was first found in Devon where 'the ancient family of Pomeray founded by the Norman continued to possess the Barony of BERRY..." What a berrincidence, for Amys share the muzzled bears of Berwicks (similar to Barwicks), and Devon happens to be where bear-using Beers and barry-using Berrys were first found, along with Molsons/Moltons. The latter can be a branch of Mole's, first found in Roxburghshire, and we saw Roxburghs with the Lamy/L'Amy saltire in colors reversed.

So, the 1960-s-1970's Molson Export beer I dug up from the soil about a decade ago, with its cap still tight and the beer still in it, could someone be a description of raising Scalia's death issue i.e. to check out if any fowl-play (pun intended) can be found (he was murdered while hunting fowl). The partly-rotted beer's label still has "PORT" from it's "EXPORT" name, and French Ports/Porters were first found in Berry, what are the chances??? English Ports (Hampshire, same as Joe's/Josephs, BUTTons/Bidens and Caplans) share the Butt/Bute estoiles. Lots of fodder for thought here.

The Chief of Lamys/L'Amys ("Per") has no distinct color, as doesn't the similar Joe/Joseph Chief, and the two surnames were first found beside one another. The Lamy/L'Amy saltire is colors reversed from the same of German Nails/NEILs, and English Berrys "use "Nihil" for the NEILs/Nihills.

It can be shown that the nail putty I was using on September 11 points to Port liners because I purchased the Elmers putty at Home DEPOT. The Depots/Pots/Pauts were first found in Berry with Ports/Porters (Depot/Pot colors), and English Ports / Porters/PAWTERs were first found in Hampshire with POTTERs.

Cibolo Creek Ranch owner John Poindexter and C. Allen Foster, a prominent Washington lawyer who traveled to the ranch with Scalia by private plane, hold leadership positions within the Order. It is unclear what, if any, official association Scalia had with the group.

There is nothing I can add to your observation that among my many guests at Cibolo Creek Ranch over the years some members of the International Order of St. Hubertus have been numbered,” Poindexter said in an email. “I am aware of no connection between that organization and Justice Scalia.”

...[The Order's] U.S. chapter launched in 1966 at the famous Bohemian Club in San Francisco, which is associated with the all-male Bohemian Grove — one of the most well-known secret societies in the country."

...Poindexter told The Washington Post that Scalia traveled to Houston with his friend and U.S. marshals, who provide security for Supreme Court justices. The Post obtained a Presidio County Sheriff’s Office report that named Foster as Scalia’s close friend on the trip.

Yet, someone online has Scalia wearing a robe of that Order, probably a faked photo. Scalia did not bring his security detail to the ranch. Why not? It should be obvious. "From Houston, Scalia and Foster chartered a plane without the marshals to the Cibolo Creek Ranch airstrip." They blame this on Scalia's decision, of course, but he's not here to verify this accusation.

Gog is in the Pony

I had the following in the section above:

(By the way, a closer look at the figurine seems to use a Shetland pony, for what it could be worth. The rider has a kilt-like piece, as if part of a robe covering the chest too, draped upon the legs; there are pants on the one visible leg. It's interesting that Darlene's use a "female FIGURE" in a "robe.")

I moved the quote into this new section because, later on the day after writing it, I gave the figurine a closer inspection to assure that it was a Shetland Pony, and then gave it more thought, coming to some realizations that look like a message of God. I think you will be impressed with this.

This is the 2-inch tall figurine without a head, for which I glued a kidney been as its head using Gorilla glue. I had read that Beans/Bains/VAINs were a sept of Mackays along with Fane's/VANS, which makes sense because Mackay-like Maceys share gauntlet gloves with Fane's/Vans, and the latter are pony-like Phone's too. That grabbed my attention. But there was more.

Mackays are from king Maccus of the Isle of Man, and Man is in the Scottish islands in the neighborhood of Rothesay. I had read that the raven-depicted vikings of Shetland conquered Rothesay, you see, and while the Arms of Shetland use both a Shetland pony and a raven, the raven is shared by the Arms of the Isle of Man. The Arms of Shetland has a white unicorn with a mane emphasized as code for Man, and the unicorn is the only symbol showing for the Heads. The figurine comes without the rider's head.

Christine's, first found on Man, have a white unicorn head, which shares a collar and a gold horn with the Shetland unicorn. The Christine unicorn is "erased" at the neck, code, I think, for the Eros-like Eras variation of RASmussens (mythical Eros was son of Ares). As Ras' are listed with Rose's, RasMUSens look like they are from king Rusa of Mus = Lake Van. Maceys are from the Moschi (Meshech) mountains of Gog between Lake VAN and lake SeVAN. I tend to trace the Chatti of Hesse (where Rasmussens were first found) to the Hatti on the Halys river, smack beside Sinope, location of the military base of the scythians who had conquered Rusa. I identify the Hatti capital, HATTUSa," with the Chatti-like CADUSii Armenians depicted my mythical CadMUS.

Christine's share the gold and covered cup with LEIRs, and the Shetland-Arms page says that "The raven is taken from the crest of the Burgh of Lerwick." It's an area in Shetland, and is also called, LEIRwick. Scale's, suspect in the "skal" motto term in the Arms of Shetland, share five, white ostrich feathers with Irish Clare's, and Claro-line Sinclairs feasibly had jurisdiction over Shetland when they ruled Orkney. I see the "ORGAN pipes" of Lets/Late's as part-code for ORKNey, and Late's are suspect in the "RepulluLAT" motto of Leir-like Larrys/Laurie's/Lowrys (giant cup connectable to Leir cup). The Pipe's share the Pepin Coat with parts colors reversed from the Rasmussen Coat, and Pepin of Landen is suspect in the Landen surname that comes up as "Land." The Shetland Arms uses the phrase, "skal LAND." French Liers/Leirs (Dol) share white scallops with Scale's.

I read Ezekiel 38 as indicating that Meshech is the chief of Gog, and as the Rosh are lumped into Gog's federation, it's notable that Googe's/Gouch's, a branch of Welsh Gough's, were first found in ROXburghshire with MAXwells (Maccus liners), the latter being from king Maccus too. Gough's look like the Cough variation of Cuffs/Cuffie's, and from here I'll take us to Coffee's/Coffers, first because they share a naked rider on a dolphin with the Arms of TARANto, that place suspect with Taran at Lake Van. The Arms of Shetland have dolphins very-likely code for the Dolfins/Dolphins having dolphins in the colors of the Dol whale, and this pertains to the Alans of Dol who descend from Caucasia's Alania, and who merged with Rosh to create the Roxolani Alans, the proto-Roxburghs (white horse head).

So, this is an excellent place to repeat the quote below, from the 1st update of this month, having the Coffer-like Cafferys (Coffer/Coffee colors) with a rider on a white horse:

Then, on Saturday morning, I had a dream with Quinn in it, and Quinns have a giant horse in the colors of the giant horse with rider of Caffers/Caffertys. I had noted the off-white color of the horse-with-rider ornament, and was thinking to self that it's roughly tan. It's therefore a little amazing that tans share PINE cones with Quinn-connectable Maschi's, and that a porcuPINE is used by Spike's! Quinn handed me an ice-cream CONE. That works. Darlene also handed me an ice-cream cone, and while Darlene's use a "female FIGURE," the proper name of the headless rider is a FIGURine!!! I get it. I'll need to contemplate on that one a little more. Why should Darlene Ray link to that horse-and-rider, or to Quinns?

Well, Maschi's are from the Moschi mountains, and they were first found in Rimini, beside Fano of the PHONE's/Fane's/Vans -- the PONY line of this discussion -- and the RIMNa river is beside the Buzau of the Roxolani, and thus we could expect some Roxolani at the Rimna too. Tanners share the Chief-Shield colors of Vilains, and Dol is in Ille-et-Vilaine. Darlene's can be gleaned as kin of Cnut's, and the latter use a white unicorn head to go with the same of Heads. The ice-cream has been identified partly with Cremers, like "Crimea," home of Cimmerians that were thought to have been the Gomer part of the Gog confederation. Cimmerians had conquered king RUSa of Lake Van, and they were stationed at SINope at that time, suspect with Sine's/Sions/Sweyne's, from Sweyn Forkbeard, father of king Cnut. Sine's/Sions/Sweyne's were first found in Lanarkshire with Biggars, and "byggja" is a motto term in the Arms of Shetland (for years until now, I thought the motto term was "byggar," my big mistake, sorry about that).

The Ice surname was first found in the same Germanic area as Dols, but as Assi's, first found in Shetland, are also Ise's, what a ponyincidence. I trace Assi's/Ise's to ancient Assi/Asi peoples smack at the Moschi-mountain theater. Some thing the Assi (or "Azzi") named Azov, a sea off of the Crimea. On-shore of the Azov sea is the TAMAN peninsula, and "AniMUS tamen" is a motto phrase of Coughs/Cuffs, a good reason to view that latter as a Gog line. Gough's were first found in Wales, as with the Phone's/Fane's/Vans, and, they say, the Welsh had been Cimmerians. GRIMaldi's share the lozengy Shield of Gog- / Cauc(asia)-like Cocks. "Caucasia" is thought to include the Assi namers of Asia.

It's known that the Alans of Dol and Shropshire had moved up to Renfrew and Lanarkshire en-route to becoming the royal Stewarts, and, when these Alans did get onto the throne, they immediately seized Bute to themselves, the island that was previously Rothesay and having Shetland's vikings upon it. The Alans of Alania were called, Irons, and there is an Iron surname, from AIRAINES, which, because it's near ABBEville, is traceable to "ARRAN" (island beside Bute), and where the McABBE's were first found whose fesse is in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer fesse. This can identify the Shetland dolphin with the Coffee/Coffer dolphin, especially as McAbbe's share a white and wavy fesse with Dols. As Glass', expected in the naming of Glasgow at Renfrewshire, were first found on Bute, let's go back to the 1st update of this month:

A day or two later (Thursday, I think), I walked over to the pile of glass a few feet away from where those finds were made, to inspect the glass. It was in all sorts of colors, and I could make out the top of a small, decorative bottle. I then saw the rider-on-a-horse ornament (looks made of fired clay) that I had thrown on the glass pile years earlier. It's missing the head of the rider (measure two inches tall). I took this piece into the house, and set it on the small shelf with the FIVE varnished, square spikes I use for ornaments...that were all dug up from that same soil. One of those five spikes is the very type used to hammer down train tracks, by the way,

Trains and Trents (ROSEs and eagle), along with Tarents, can be from Taran of Lake Van. Tarents had a RUSHton location expected with king Rusa liners. Spike's share the red eagle with Tarrents and Knee's, and, as was said, the spike and the nail was found while pulling weeds on my knees. Knee's share the PHOENix with Phoenix's/FENwicks, an obvious branch of pony-depicted Phone's/Fane's/Vans.

Plus, the broken glass (usually 1/2" - 1" wide) was dumped as TRASH, then covered with soil until I came through with my excavator to bring it to the surface, and perhaps that's how it all got broken into fragments. The naked rider on the dolphin of TARANTo is called, TARAS (a mythical son of Poseidon). It just so happens that Tarrs' and Trashers/Tresure's were first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's (Coffee/Coffer colors). The Maccus-line Maxwells / Maxtons trace to the double-headed eagle of Rijeka, which is at ancient TARSatica. "Taras" looks like a Tyrus entity of Phoenicians, which was given the myth code, "Taurus," and applied to Poseidon's brother, Zeus. This Taurus took the sister of CadMUS to Crete i.e. follow Mus of lake Van to Minoan Cretans. Mythical Minos' was even given PASIphas as a wife, who was code for Phasis Colchians elements near/at the Moschi mountains.

As Trents (Somerset now) were, for a decade or more prior to this year, said to be first found in neighboring Devon with DARlene's and Berts/Births; suddenly the Darlene's may be thus discovered as a TARas liner. Darlene's share the fitchees of the Somerset Bretts/Brits.

The porCUPine" could be more clever than we at-first realize, for Pullys/Pullens have a motto term linking to Cups/Cope's/Culps, and Porcius Cato owned land in Sabina, where Pullys/Pullens trace. The English Cope's have this: "Another source claims 'Staffordshire is the home of the Copes, who are most numerous in the district of Stoke - on - TRENT". Murena's, from TERENTia Murena, share a giant tower with Pellicans in the Pully/Pullen Crest. Trents were first found in Devon with Pine's expected in "porcupine," and with Darlene's.

Ahh, just found Darlene's/Darlings/Derlings (share the book with Somerset's Roets, from Sabina's Rieti) coming up as "Tarline/Tarling/Terling." That's a good insight to have. It explains why Darlene's share the red fitchee with Trashers/Tresure's (FLEMing kin). It recalls that Bill BARR was suspect in one of my dreams as a trash can in FLAMES. Devon is where Barwick-connectable Beers and Berrys were first found, and Bari happens to be in Apulia with Taranto! Zinger. The trash can in flames came with my YELLing "fire," and while Yells were first found in Shetland, Fire's share the white unicorn with the Arms of Shetland. Collars, in the collar of the Shetland unicorn, share the Moor heads of Murena-like Morano's. Bari is opposite the Adriatic from Bar of Scodra.

Darlingtons, with a version of the Darlene Coat, share the red crosslets of Tufts/Tuffs', a branch of Touch's/Tuffs in the "Touch" motto term of Beans. Tufts/Tuffs share the Knee PHOENix!!! The pony figurine with a bean head!!! The figurine does link to the "figure" of Darlene's. It's as simple as tracing Darlene's to the Dardanian founders of Tros. Dardanians were maritally involved in the Ardiaei peoples who put forth Pine-liner Pinnes.

After writing on the mouse-catch earlier in this update, the Tufts/Tuffs' came up, last night, the same night that I re-inspected the figurine to check whether it was a Shetland pony. It is. Tufts/Tuffs' came up as Toste's, a surname I was looking up because the rash of mice I've been catching this past month were all put into a jar that once had TOSTitos salsa. After three or four mice went into the small jar, I'd dump it into a plastic bag I'd leave open (for the purpose) in my TRASH CAN, can we believe this? I leave a bag open because the mice never stop coming day after day. Mouse-like Mus was at Taran of Lake Van!

Salsa-like Sals'/Sales' (Cheshire, same as Touch's/Tuffs and Tufts/Tuffs'), with a PHEON, share the bend-with-fleur of Coughs/Cuffs/Cuffie's, the ones linkable with Coffers/Coffee's to Taranto. It should be added that this salsa jar once belonged to a Mexican tenant, Mr. Lara. The Lara surname uses pots filled with green snakes. He's the guy who left GREEN ice-cream in my freezer, and Greens/GREME's/Greams look like they can be a branch of CREMers, suspect from "Crimea." We could expect some bulls from a Taurus entity, and Lars' and Larsons do use a giant bull head. Mr. Lara lived here a few months only during the time that my upper-floor tenant was here whose surname starts with "Lars."

Ahh, LARino (MOLise) is just outside the Apulia border, and Taranto is in Apulia. Mole's (Roxburghshire, same as Googe's/Gouch's) share the boar head of Googe's/Gouch's, perfect for suggesting a Lara / Lars trace to Larino elements. Apulia-like Pullys/Pullens were kin of red-bull Sabine's, and Lars' / Larsons use a red bull head. Lars' are said to be of Lawrence elements, and while Lawrence's were at RedMAINE, Pellicans (Redmaine colors) in the Pully/Pullen pelican were first found in Maine. Reds/Reeds (Northumberland, same as Darams/Darene's) were from Rieti, home of Vespasia POLLa and her husband, SABINus. It can suggest that Miss Polla was an Apulia element. LARins/Lerins share the scallops of Scale's, and the Arms of Shetland use a "skal" motto term.

AHH, beautiful: the Molise-like Molis'/Molisons (Aberdeenshire, same as Reeds) share the fitchees of Darlene's (Devon, same as MOLine's of DARTington!); Darlingtons were first found in DURham (beside Northumberland), and Durhams share the dolphin with the Arms of Taranto. We just saw Darlene's as TARline's. Durhams ("fert" likely for Ferte-MACE) even share "aniMUS" with Coughs/Cuffs/Cuffie's. Devon is the location of the Ass-like Axe river; Wears, said to have been on the Axe, named the Wear river at Durham, and Wears ("FuiMUS"!) share the red crosslets of Darlingtons. Can this get any easier to figure?

The "gloria" motto term of Molis'/Molisons (red antler) is excellent because Glorys/Lowrys share the giant cup of LARRys/Laurie's/Lowrys who in turn use an Apulia-line motto code, "RePULLulat"!! Larrys/Laurie's are said to be from Lawrence's too, thus tending to prove that Lars and Larsons were from Larino's namers. The "HONEStae" motto term of Molis'/Molisons should be for the Hones'/HOWENs sharing the double-wavy fesses with Leirs, and LEIRwick is in Shetland. OWENs share the giant lion of Liers. Pullys/Pullens have a "CULPa" motto term, and Lure's (share the Leir star), with a Coat reflective of the Cup/CULP / Cope and Eugene/EWIN Coats, share the flag (Flags/Flecks, sharing the Leir/Lier scallops, are Rieti liners) with the Eugene's/Ewins expected in the "AGENdo" motto term of Lure's, and the Eugene/Ewin flag shares the saltire in the oval "pendant" hanging from the unicorn's collar in the Arms of Shetland. Two motto terms of Cope's are shared by pendant-like Pennants, and as the latter's gold lion can be expected in the Pendant/Pender Crest, it's notable that the latter's lion heads are in the colors of the giant lion of Polla-line Poole's (share lion of Rieti-like Rita's), for while Cowes is a location off of the coast of Poole, Cowes'/Coo's use "pennants." As Scottish Larins/CLARens have two of the triple Clare chevrons, let's repeat:

...LEIRwick. Scale's, suspect in the "skal" motto term in the Arms of Shetland, share five, white ostrich feathers with Irish Clare's, and Claro-line Sinclairs feasibly had jurisdiction over Shetland when they ruled Orkney. I see the "ORGAN pipes" of Lets/Late's as part-code for ORKNey, and Late's are suspect in the "RepulluLAT" motto of Leir-like Larrys/Laurie's/Lowrys (giant cup connectable to Leir cup).

Reeds use "Pax copia" as part code for Cups/Cope's (Aberdeenshire, same as Reeds), and French Packs (Languedoc, same as Laurels) have another red bull, the symbol also of Claro's/Charo's and Lars'. So, Clarens have a Larin variation likely for Claro's bumping into Larino liners. English Packs look like they use the Dure / SALUZZo Shield, and SALYES Ligures lived in Provence, where Larins/Lerins were first found.

DARlene's, with the Durham fesse in colors reversed, were first found in Devon with Darts/Dards/Tarts, from DARdanians, making the latter suspect with "Taras" of Taranto, perfect because Dardanians had been mythically the founders of Troy, also called, TROS. Taras' father, Poseidon, was likely from Troy-like Tyre/TYRUS, home of mythical Phoenix. It's amazing how much a 2-inch figurine can teach us that daft historians / heraldry "experts" won't. The link of Lake Van (at Mus) to Phoenicians / Tyrians was made anciently with mythical CadMUS of the mythical-Phoenix line, and Phoenicians can trace to Paeonia because Greeks called Phoenicians as, Poeni.

DURham is where Maschi-related Conte's were first found. Note the "DURat" motto term of Geds, for while the latter have three pike fish in the colors and format of the three Dolphin/Dolfin dolphins, we could conjecture that we need to find Shark-line Saraca's in this discussion, as per the kidney bean used as the head of the rider on the Shetland pony, for the 1979 dream started with a shark in a kidney-shaped pool. The Kidneys/GEDneys happen to have fish colors reversed from the Ged pikes, so prepare to be astonished.

The rider on pony was found in the dirt with the SQUARE spikes and two SQUARE NAILs to date. When was the last time you found a square nail? The first nail found, years ago, is rectagonal (with rectagonal head too), and measures just under 5.5" long, which is a spike. Dolphins/Dolfins use a motto, "FIRMum in vita NIHIL," and while Square's use "Tiens FERME," Fermo was the home of Azzo (founder of Este), which reminds of Shetland's Assi's/Ise's. The Tiens' were kin of Peare's while the latter share the gold leopard FACE with Darlingtons.

Christine Peare lived in UNIONville with Darlene the ice-cream girl, when I knew them both, and Christine's, first found on the Isle of Man, have a white unicorn head with gold horn, the colors of the unicorn of the Shetland Arms. Face's/Fessys were from the Fieschi, and Assi's/Ise's use a fasces. Assi's/Ise's were kin of the line of Justine of PICenum, the line likely to pike fish of Geds. While I trace Sine's/Swans/Sweyne's to lake "Sevan" of the Gogi, here's from the Union write-up: "It is generally believed that he built Port Eynon castle near Swansea..." Unions use mill RINDs while Rinds were first found in Perthshire with Justine's (from Justine of Picenum). "Enyon" looks like "Annan," and Adam Kilconquhar, probably the line to Adams of Annandale (his wife remarried Bruce's of Annandale) was father to Thomas RANDolph while Rands are a Rind branch.

Picenum-like Picenze had a patron saint, Felice, and while Felice's likely use the Moray stars because Thomas Randolph ruled Moray, Felix's were first found in Sussex with Unions, both surnames using mill rinds. The center of the Felix mill rind is a rare SQUARE (instead of the ordinary mascle used by other mill rinds). Kilconquhar's wife is about to come to topic with the Dolfin-related Hammers (Sussex, same as Felix's).

"Nihil" is used by English Vere's while Scottish Vere's/Weirs have part of the Durham Coat (includes double dolphins). Most-importantly, the "nihil" motto term of Dolfins is for Nihills/Neils, first found in Tyrone with Sharks, and the Arms of Saraca shares the white-on-blue fish with Geds (in the colors of the Dolfin dolphins), and the two fish of Kidneys/Gedneys form a saltire in the colors of the Neil/NAIL saltire, completely staggering. It's as though the Saraca bloodline should link to the headless pony rider due to its kidney-bean head. "Nihil sine" is used by English Berrys (same place as Darlene's/Tarline's).

I could have used a pinto bean, but it was a red kidney bean. I glued it on, and there is a Glue surname listed with Glove-like Cloughs/Cluffs. The latter share "SINE macula" with Seneca's/Seneschals, and both surnames use mascles on blue. Sine/Sions/Swans use gloves. Recall the Scale's, and ask about "SeneSCHAL." Shetland's Arms translates "shall" as "skal," and Shalls are also Schals. It just so happens that Sene's and Senes' (perhaps as per "SENEschal") are listed with SinCLAIRs while Scale's share the Crest of Irish Clare's. While Scottish Conans share the Sene/Sinclair cross, Sheins/Shine's share the fleur of Irish Conans, but the Sheins/SHINE's (Switzerland, same as SION/SITten) have it giantly in the colors of the same of Cake's whom I trace to SITric CAECH, grandfather of king Maccus. The raven-depicted vikings of Shetland were named, Stout, and Stouts/Stows were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cake's.

Why do we think that Dol liners got named, DolFIN's? Well, while Irish Kennedys (Tipperary, same as Conans) use the dolphin, Scottish Kennedy's use a "fin" motto term. Plus, Fiens are listed with Phone's/Fane's/Vans. Scottish Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire with MARGaret Carrick and Margys/MACKEYs i.e. the latter can be gleaned as a king-Maccus line due to their raven. [Almost missed it: SHETland uses a raven, and Margys/Mackeys were first found in Ayrshire with SHEDs. The Arms of Shetland use dolphins.] Carricks use a "bien" motto term that can be for a branch of Mackay-related Beans/Bains/Vains. Lake Van's ancient BIAINi peoples look like proto-Bains / Biens. When was the last time that God caused you to glue a bean to a figurine? What is God's message in this, that Gog the anti-Christ is soon upon us, to be revealed from his dirt?

The other founder of Troy was Batia, mythical wife of mythical Dardanus, suspect from the Caucasian Bat peoples in the northern edge of the Moschi mountains. The Somerset Baths link to the bats of Randolphs, from Thomas Randolph, son of Margaret Carrick. Batia's father was Teucer, like the TOGARmite allies of Gog in Ezekiel 38.

Right now, and from the start, the figurine is immediately beside an antique tack hammer (measures about eight inches long) that may have been found in the same dirt, though I can't recall where I got it. Hammers (dolphins) were first found in Sussex with same colors Hams, and the latter share the "salmon" of McAbbe's/McCabe's. Tacks ("NOBilitas") are in Nob and Coffee/Coffer colors. The single Tack arrow is also the arrow in pale of Scottish Adams, suspect from Adam Kilconquhar, first husband of Margaret Carrick and father of Thomas Randolph. Adam's mother was Miss Comyn(s), and Comyns share the gold garb with Tacks.

The end of the tack hammer is bolted to a leather strap (about two inches long) that happens to be CRACKed at the bolt. The other end of the strap is bolted to a hook like the kind that hooks a leash / chain to a dog collar. It's for hooking the hammer to a loop in the pants at the BELT line. The belt surname is like the Bellet variation of Billet-branch Bellows, and see again the "NoBILITas" motto term of Tacks. Coincidence? I don't think so, for Leathers/Letters were first found in Berwickshire with Billet-like Blythe's, and while Bill Clinton (married Miss Rodham) was born to Mr. Blythe, Leathers/Letters share the brown tree stump with Rodhams.

The other Leathers/Letters ("tuaRUS") share the Rutherford goose on a ROCK while neighboring Goose's (ROXburghshire, same as Rodham-related Rutherfords) are listed with Googe's/Gouch's. Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were first found in Moray with Scottish Randolph (from Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray). French Billets/Billiards and English Billiards/HILLARds (Yorkshire, same as Carrick-like Cracks/Cricks and Craggs) probably use the Moray stars. The leather strap is CRACKed on one side of the belt-like bolt, and while English Bolts share a giant griffin (different colors) with Leathers/Letters, German Bolts show nothing but a single arrow in pale, ditto with Scottish Adams suspect from the father of Thomas Randolph.

So, if the tack hammer points to the Clintons, what could the headless ponyman mean? Scythians cut heads off of victims and use the skulls as drinking cups, and the Leathers/Letters (from Lauder) share "Repullulat" with Larrys/Lowrys having a giant cup. The other Leathers/Letters use "aLARum" as probably part-code for Larrys. I'm not suggesting that Larrys/Lowrys use cups for Scythian drinking cups, but that, perhaps, this heraldic situation may have been arranged by God to have the tack hammer's leather strap indicate Scythians at Lauder(dale) of the Berwickshire area, specifically because Blyth is a location at Lauderdale. Revelation 20 says that the anti-Christ -- who is most-definitely Gog -- will cut heads off of Christians (makes me hope that Revelation is not Inspired).

The Mr. Kepke I knew was born Lawrence, = Larry. He was a womanizer, same as Bill Blythe-Clinton. Blythe's look linkable to Keppochs, traceable to Kepoi in Caucasia's Taman peninsula...which bears repeating that "AniMUS TAMEN" is a motto phrase of Gog-connectable Coughs/Cuffs. Tame's/Thames' were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons. Clints/Clents share the Blythe garb, which is red in colors reversed, the color of the Keppoch garb. The dancette of Coughs/Cuffs suggests Dance's, and so compare the latter to Keppochs, asking why Dance's share the lion head of Scythian-connectable Sodans. Clints/Clents were at Ripley, and Rippers/Ripleys are suspect with the Cottians on the Riparia river, one of which was Donnus, whom I trace to Italian Dance's/Donnas' (Piedmont, same as the Riparia).

Pullys/Pullens (Yorkshire, same as Billiards/Hilliards, Dance's, Keppochs, Ripleys and Clints/Clents) suspect in "RePULLulat," share the martlets of Josephs (Owl/Howl colors and format), first found in Maine with Billiards/Billets and the Pellicans in the Pully/Pullen Crest. Pellicans share the tower of Owl-like Howells.

Donnus was a Cottian from the Cotesii of Minor Scythia. The Beans/Bains/Vains almost have the motto of Clan Chattan, but substitute "glove" for "targe." I think I can glean this to be code for the Target surname (ROSS-shire, same as pelican-line Pattersons) listed with a batch of variations, such as Taggart/Tuggarts, like the TOGARmah tribe of the Gog confederation. Togarmah was a son of Gomer i.e. Cimmerian suspect, and brother of Meshech, and Togarmah is suspect in naming the Tocharians who lived throughout Scythia (now RUSsia). Targets/Taggarts use owls while Howells were first found in Monmouthshire (Wales, home of Cimmerians) with glove-using PHONE's/Fane's/Vans. The Shetland PONy has a rider with a bean head.

German Gomers are listed with Gumms while the Arms of Shetland uses a "loGUM" motto term. I see Lodge's/LOGE's connectable to Leathers/Letters.

Targets/Taggarts share the Chives motto, which includes "vi," suspect with the Viu tributary of the Riparia. Recalling how Suchs/Souch's can be a Susa line, note that Souch-like Touch's (in the Bean/Bain/Vain motto), listed with a branch of Phoenix-using Tuffs', share the green lion with Ripleys/Rippers. The "tufts of grass" of Bosco's traces to things out of Piedmont's Cuneo, at BUSca, and then Astys, sharing the Ripley/Ripper lion in both colors, can be from Piedmont's Asti, like the Paeonian city of AstiBUS.

I'll now go back to my CAT, Sassy, which sucked its tail, which is how Suchs/Souch's came to topic. Beans are a member of cat-using Clan Chattan, and I received Sassy, as I've said many times, from a woman whose BANister I was stripping and re-finishing. Beans are also Bains!!! That's new.

I almost missed it (didn't realize until next paragraph was written). The "foVEAN" motto term of Cetins/Cattans must be for the Vean variation of Beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like God gave me Sassy with the intention of linking it decades later to my kidney-bean head.

The GEDNey variation of Kidneys is a little like "CETINa," and Saraca's of Ragusa were not far from the Cetina. As the shark was in a kidney-shaped pool, it's interesting that the giant Pool lion is in the colors of the giant lion head of Bratts/Bradds, for Brattia is an island off the mouth of the Cetina, and Bratts/Bradds were first found in Midlothian, location of the ROSlin Sinclairs. Bradys use a sun while Sinclairs are also Suns. The latter's engrailed cross is on a gold background with the Rats (Nairnshire, same as Geddes') expected in the "DuRAT" motto term of Geds. The Rat Crest shares the anchor with German Bratts. Grails expected in "engrail" are a branch of Neils/Neels while Neils/Nihills can be linked to Sharks. Neels/Neilds use a lion connectable to the Bradd/Bratt lion, for the latter surname was first found in Midlothian with the Mens expected in the "NoMEN" motto term of Neels. While I expect Saraca elements at Saracena, it's beside Moor-head Morano while one quadrant of Grails/Neils/Neels (at BARRa) shares the Moor / Morgan Coat. It's the Asty lion in colors reversed while Asti is beside Bratt-like Bra. Grails/Neils use a "Vincere" motto term suspect with Vinkovci elements, and I trace the gold border, shared by German Bratts, to Vinkovci elements.

I just want to add one more thing because the bulldog went for a fall into the pool with shark, and while Fells / Falls can be linked to ROCKefellers, Grails/Neils use a rock as well as a "vel" motto term while Vels are listed with Falls/VALATs, recalling that Vallans/Vallets share the moline of Sarasins. Sharks (Tyrone, same as Neils/Nihills) share trefoils with Rocks, and rock-using Roach's share fish with the Arms of Saraca, Neils/Nihills, Geds and Geddes'. It appears that Grails (named after Crails?) are an important part of the Saraca line.

I did not name Sassy after Sassy the cat of HOMEward Bound, though that movie came out at almost the same time I received Sassy. Home's/Hume's (Berwickshire again) have the Touch/Tuff lion in colors reversed. Cat-using Cetins/Cattans (share Saracen head with Sassys) love the Cautes variation of Cotta's/Cottons, perfect verification that we are on the royal Cottians. The CETINa/Tilurius river was in the ballpark of queen Teuta / TriTEUTA, and Tute's/Tuits are therefore probably in the "meTUIT" motto term of Cetins/Cattans. The latter's fitchee is in the colors of the Tarves fitchee, and the latter use six black ones in the pattern of the same of Clintons / Hillarys. Who arranged that? Why are we back to Clintons?

My old camera works, but I can't get photos onto my computer with the old software, and so I can't offer you a photo of this pony. I tried getting a software update, but it didn't work. Scythians invented pants, they say. The pony rider wears pants under his robe-like top that looks like a dress tied around the hip with a Sassy-like sash (a belt), and this sash is tied in a KNOT at the right hip. Darlene's, with a "female FIGURE" in a "robe," share the drop-filled Shield of Cnuts/KNOTs, believe it or not. Beans and Clan Chattan uses a "not" motto term, and the Sassy Coat happens to be a version of the Notting Coat!!! Amazing. The rider's clothing is similar to this image.

It strikes me here that while Clintons are suspect in the gang who killed Scalia, "SKAL" is a motto term in the Arms of Shetland. Once again, we could construe this is as a pointer of the headless ponyman to the Clinton crime ring. Kidney/Gedneys, first found in Lanarkshire with the Biggars suspect in the "byggja" motto term of the Shetland Arms, share the brown tree stump with Rodhams and Leathers/Letters/LAUDERs while Blythe's were at Lauder. The red kidney-bean head speaks. Lanarkshire is also where glove-using Sions/Swans were first found, as well as Astys. Beside my antique tack hammer is another tack hammer that I bought last year from HOME HARDware, and Hardys were first found in Lanarkshire too.

I kid you not, that after finding the 2.5-inch square nail earlier this month, I set it on top of the Home-Hardware hammer, and then, yesterday, when I brought the 5.5-inch square nail in from the car port, I set that one too on top of the same hammer. The Kidneys/Gedneys use two fish in saltire in the colors of the Nail saltire!!! Relieve it or not. The Kidneys/Gedney fish are almost-certainly those of Saraca, and Sassys / Cetins/Cattans use the Saracen head. This is the shark of the 1979 dream, now pointing to Clintons. But of course.

The hammer has a bottle opener at the far end used thus far only for Mr. Lara's beer bottles. Beers are Berwickshire liners, and while Blythe's were first found in Berwickshire, I found the Molson beer bottle in the same dirt as the square nails. The label is about 3/4s rotted away so that, aside from a small sliver of the 'P," all that remains of "Export" is "Ort." The Orts, with a Horde location a couple of miles from Berwick, share three white fish in pale with GEDS. This is connectable to Kidneys/Gedneys. The Ports were shown as a Depot/Pot branch, and Lara's use pots!!! Bingo. Might Lara's have been a Larry/Lowry branch?

The lion of German Orts/Ordemanns is that also of Beans/Bains, and here it's necessary to go to the Rose-related Ged-line Geddes' (share pikes with Geds), first found in NAIRNshire with Rose's who in turn share the black "water bouget" with BANisters. Sassy my cat made Banisters suspect with Beans/Bains/Vains/Veans from the Biaini peoples at Lake Van, and the latter was home to the ancient NAIRI i.e. like "NAIRN." Nairnshire is beside Rusa-like Ross-shire, and Rusa was king at Lake Van. Gog SCYTHians moved things over to SCOTland, didn't they?

It should be repeated here that Banisters were first found in Lancashire with the Ketch-like Kitchens/Ketchins who share the Banister bouget in both colors. As I was given the cat when refinishing a BANISter, it seems that God created this heraldry because Catch's/Ketchers use a cat. Then, the Bugs use a bouget too while Nairi-like Neuri were on the Bug river of Scythia. Herodotus suggested that Neuri were wolf worshipers, and a wolf head is used by English BAINes'/BANES' along with the same crescent as Sassys. German Banes' share the triple chevrons of English Cassane's/Cassandra's (and Epsteins) while Pattersons/Cassane's share the scallops of Catch's/Ketchers.

If English Baines' use a dagger (looks like one), that's the symbol of Comyns (Norfolk, same as Catch's/Ketchers) who trace excellently to Kuman in Albania's Fier county not far down-river from Patterson origins at AntiPATRia. The latter is where dagger-like Dexaroi lived, and it's on the APSus river while Apps/Epps' look like a branch of EPPsteins i.e. sharing the Coat of German Banes'. That works excellently, very conspicuous where Bill Clinton loved Jeffrey Epstein. The proto-Chives Cavii were not far from the Apsus, and Chives' use the cat too, in the colors of the Tiller / Tailer lions). Chives' were at Tarves while Tarves' (Aberdeenshire, same as Beans/Bains) share the Cetin/Cattan fitchee. The Cetina is also the TILURius river.

Another cat appears to be in the Crest of Bottle's/Bootells/BuTILLs (Lancashire, same as Banisters / Kitchens/Ketch's), who are in TILLer- / Tailer-lion colors, and this can be pointed to by the bottle-opener tack hammer from Home Hardware. Home's/Hume's share "true" with Rose's. Mr. Lara drank Corona beer. He lived here until January, when we first got wind of the coronavirus, and I assume that Clintonites abused this infection to ruin Trump. It's Lara's salsa jar I'm using now to store mice until they get transferred into the trash can (two mice were put into the jar for last night's catch; they haven't stopped coming).

Lara is from Mexico, like "Mazaca" (Cappadocia), suspect with the Meshech. Mexico was home to Mayans, likely given the codename, Maia, daughter of Atlas, founder of Atlantis. "Atlas" (son of POSEIDon) was code for Attaleia of the PISIDians, who named Pisa, home of Meshech-line Amazons. Kids on Sesame Street could figure this out, why haven't the "experts"?

The Picenze-like Picts are well-suspect in forming some of the American natives, and Picenze is in Abruzzo, where a mythical Maja was created as code for mount Maiella. This is grade-three stuff, folks, give the historians a slap on the head for me. "Attaleia" looks like it named Italians. My mother, a Masci, was born in Picenze, and like natives, I don't have hair on my chest. Has it occurred to anyone that the natives were to some extent Italian liners?

I almost missed the Gog-importance of the Shetland pony. I was able to identify the Biblical Gog as the so-called Royal Scythians, who lived in western Ukraine, to the West of the Cimmerians who went south to conquer Lake Van shortly before the lifetime of Ezekiel. The Royal Scythians themselves came south, about the same time, first to invade Media, and then parts of Anatolia. Well, compare "Scyth" to the Skits, a branch of Skate's/SHEETs, and first found in Ayrshire with SHEDs/Sheddens (share cinquefoils of ROSco's). The SHETland pony, you see. God is a genius. He planted the rider on a Shetland pony in my yard's dirt, and arranged my purchase of a mini-excavator, that I would dig up this figurine for His pointer to Gog. I find this funny, but it's got to be seriously important too.

Skits and Skate's/Sheets share the black border with SEATon-branch SEDans. It tends to mean that the tribe naming Switzerland's Sitten was a Scythian people-group. The None's/Noons/Nunns (Norfolk, same as Skate's/Sheets) in the Sedan motto share the Schutz/Shutz saltire. I've just learned that "Sodes" is listed with Sowdens/Sodens (Devon, same as Stewarts) sharing the Shed/Shedden scallop, and having a wavy fesse colors reversed from the same of Dols. I link Sowdens/Sodens (and Sodhan-liner Pattersons/Cassane's) to Cassano's/Cassandra's of MODena, which should go with the "modo" motto term of None's/Noons/Nunns.

As I trace Schutz-connectable Scotts and Scoots to Scodra," beside Bar, note that Barrs (Ayrshire, same as Skits and Sheds/Sheddens) share the lion head of the Sowden/Soden/Sodes Crest. Oh wow, I didn't realize, when on the SNOWDONs and Snowdonia (Wales) in the 2nd update of this month, that they have a red-scallop version of the SOWDEN/SODEN/Sodes Coat. Snows have a fesse colors reversed from the latter's fesse. Scottish Pattersons were first found in ROSS-shire. "Sodes" is like a SODUCena location at lake Sevan, which is marked "Lychnis" on this map, and then the Patterson PELICAN is suspect from Pelagonia (Paeonia) smack beside lake LYCHnidus.

The Wedding Scene

I have just come across some extra information, starting with the Cope's, that adds to what I'm now calling the wedding scene of a 1979 dream that started with a nasty shark in a pool showing its nasty teeth. This shark was resolved as the Cup-like COUP attempt against Trump, and the teeth pointed specifically to Stefan Halper's role with James Comey. The pool pointed to Poole, on-shore from Cowes, and Cowes'/COO's suggest the coup, you see. While looking at the Cup-branch Cope's, it dawned on me that "Cowes'" could have formed from "Copes." We have a story to chase here, let's do it, for while the woman in the wedding scene is now doubling as Ainsley Earhardt, Earhardt's share the fleur-de-lys of Cope's.

The Weddings can be gleaned by their Shield and Crest to be a branch of Weeds/Weedins, and it just so happens that while Cope's were first found in Northamptonshire with Weeds/Weedins, COPElands/COUPlands (!) share the double fesses of Weeds/Weedins...which are colors reversed from the double fesses of Sleeps, important because, in the dream, I was told to wake up this woman. That is, it seems that God provided verification, with her sleeping, that the next scene, having a marital-like embrace with her, is indeed a pointer to the Wedding bloodline, especially as Wake's (point to Nelly Ohr) share double-red fesses with Weeds/Weedins. It's important when we consider the sleeping Church just before the rapture and Wedding of the Church, for it predicts that God will use my pre-trib book and other writings to wake the Church up at the proper time, that we may escape the fate that God has for the weeds.

We now have the Cups and Cope's to help us understand this dream more thoroughly, especially as Copelands were at Wedding-like Whittington, is that not amazing? To help assure that Ainsley Earhardt of Fox news, a Christian, is in the dream, we go first to the Weed/Weedin write-up: "Today Weedon is a village and also a civil parish within AYLESbury Vale district to the north of Aylesbury and south of HARDWICK in Buckinghamshire." Now the Cope write-up: "The surname Cope was first found in Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire...The[y] held family seats at HARDWICK and HANwell, both in the neighborhood of Banbury." The Hans/Hands, with a reflection of the Cup / Cope Coats, relate to my hand touching EarHARDt's leg, which woke her up for the wedding / rapture scene. I'm keeping in mind how I'm supposed to wake her up.

While she was asleep, a voice, God, said to me, "WHAT ARE you WAITING For, it's you she loves, go wake HER up." I've treated the terms in this sentence before and will not go over them all now; suffice to say: 1) Whats/WHADcotts connectable to the Waddington location of Weddings; 2) Are's are listed with Ayers ("air" motto term), a branch of Ear-like Eyers/AIRs, and Earhardt's are also AIRharts, suspect thereby with Hardwicks/Hartwicks; 3) Wedding like "waiting" looks like code for the Wait/Weight / White / Whittington bloodline; 4) Scottish White's share the quatrefoil with Ayers/Are's and Eyers/Airs (they use a leg; I touched Earhardt' leg).

White's and Whittingtons happen to use leopard FACE's, and Face's/Fessys were first found in Northamptonshire with Weeds/Weedins and Cope's, it's that amazing, folks. Plus, as I've said many times, I was at a distance from this woman, upon a BEACH, and could not see her face, but just then a close-up of her FACE was shown to me. Beach's/Bechs are going to be important shortly, aside from the Weedon Beck location of Weeds/Weedins.

The Cowes'/COO's were on the Isle of WIGHT, where they named Cowes. Can you dig it? English White's, with the leopard faces, were first found in Gloucestershire with Wettins/WETTINGs, and it's where Halps/Helps were said to be first found until now. Halps/Helps are now said to have been first found in Lincolnshire, excellent, because Lincolnshire is where BRACEbridge's were first found who were pointed to in the emBRACE of the wedding scene. Bracebridge was the scene of a real event set up by God that pointed to Medals/DOUGALs, and while DOUGLAS' are said to be from Hardys, the latter's cross is in the colors of the Hardwick/Hartwick saltire, and the Hardwick/Hartwick Chief is a version of the Douglas Chief. It's the Weeds and coup-pointing Cope's who were at Hardwick, and Halps/Helps/HALFs are a branch of Halpers/HALFpennys. COUPers have a not-bad reflection of the Hardwick Coat probably because Hard liners were from "Herod," son of Couper-like Cypros.

Copeland belonged to the Meschins, who included Ranulph de Gernon of Montfitchet. The "Cavendo tutus" motto of Cavendish's is shared by Hardwicks, and the Cavendish write-up has: "The surname Cavendish was first found in Suffolk, when Gernon de Montfichet was granted the lands of Cavendish by Duke William of Normandy..." This Gernon predated Meschin-Gernon, but suggests that Meschins were somehow related to the Cavendish-Gernon line, tending to explain why Earhardts (share green snake with Cavendish's) share the Masci fleur-de-lys. There we have a great explanation as to why I was holding Miss Earhardt.

Ear-like Eyers/Airs were first found in Derbyshire, and the Cavendish-Gernons are said to have had a branch in Derbyshire's Bakewell. The Couper Crest is the leopard/cat of Caven-like Chives' and Mosca's, and Copelands are also Couplands. Bakewells are also Bankwells while Banks were first found in Craven with the Meschin-Skiptons. Banks could have a version of the Ainsley Coat because Anne's/Hanne's, first found in Yorkshire with Craven, share three stag heads with Bakewells/Bankwells. I touched Ainsley's leg with my hand, and Hands/HANS' were first found in Cheshire (beside Derbyshire), where the Meschins and de Gernon-Meschin ruled. Halper's partner in coup-crime was/is James BAKEr.

The leg/knee of the dream pointed to Miss Hicks at a corner store at the NUECES Canyon road, and so it's interesting that Canyons/Cannings share "TUTus" with Cavendish's and Hardwicks. Hicks (share Ainsley / Leak/Leakey fleur-de-lys) use a "Tout" motto term while Touts are also Tute's. Canyons/Cannings were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes'/NUCE's, what are the chances? This is a new discovery right here, unless I've forgotten about it. Caens/Canns happen to share the fretty Shield of CAVE's/Caveys/Caives', thus identifying Cavendish's as Cavii-like Cave's.

As I've said, I think the last time I saw Miss Hicks was while driving by her front gate, when Mr. Casey was at the gate who had been at my home earlier that day. The gate is on the Nueces Canyon road, and I TOOTed my HORN as a I drove by, for I listed Mr. Casey that morning as my real-state agent to sell my property. He told me, otherwise I would not have known, that Miss Hicks's home was listed with him for sale at that time. Had I not known, I would not have known that she moved to within 10 miles of John Ratcliffe, but I think God wanted me to know that, and so I came to discover it. Toots are listed with Touts, and Caen is at the Orne river of the Orne's/HORNs. I tooted the horn, and Caens'/Canns look linkable to Cavendish's with a "Tutus" motto term. How do connections like this continually work out in heraldry? The Casey eagle heads are colors reversed from the one of Dutch Camps.

As the event at the corner store of CAMP Wood (on the Leakey road) was on the night of the 9-11 memorial (September 11, 2002), what could the CHAMPagne-Avesnes partnership below allude to as per 9-11, since English Camps are also CHAMPs. Dutch Camps share a white eagle head with Banks, and Banks came to topic with the Bakehouse of Cavendish's.

The Halps/Helps came to topic initially upon loading the Whittingtons, from the Whittington location of Copelands, because the rare, hourglass-shape of Halps/Helps is shared (same colors) with Whittingtons. The hourglass shape (different colors) is used by News/Nuces' while Nuse's/Newes'/Nuce's were first found in Hertfordshire with Beach's (share Clapper Shield) and Bash's/Baesh's. The Beach and Clapper Shield is in black with Scottish Champagne's (leg-line Leicestershire), and it just so happens that while the Champagne Shield is shared by Bracebridge's, nobles of Champagne married nobles of Avesnes on the HELPE river. Avesnes-like Avezzano's share the potent-crutch pattern with French Champagne's...tending to assure that Stefan Halper is being pointed to James Clapper, head over Obama's 17 Intelligence organizations.

The mystery is: why are these deep state criminals being pointed to with my rapturous embrace with the woman? Are we just about at the rapture with Obama's reckless wickedness? That mouse needs a Ratcliffe trap to come down upon his neck. Or put it this way: as Miss Hicks is totally out of my life, and not likely reading because she was not an Internet person when I knew her, it leaves me to think that Miss Earhardt might possibly get wind of these writings from someone, and that God has said something in these writings to trigger her into doing something(s) key. Remember, the WHITTINGton location of Copelands/Couplands is like "Wedding."

We saw reasons to link Earhardts to CavenDISH's, and here i could add that while Eye is a location beside Diss, i.e. the line to Diss'/DISH's, Eyes' are listed with Earhardt-connectable Eyers/Airs. The Cavendish's brought us to Banks (at NEWton), and the Bank cross is colors reversed from the saltire of Bank-like Benjamins while Copeland/Couplands have a "Benigno" motto term. Copelands were first found in Lancashire with Cope-branch Copps (still on the Earhardt fleur-de-lys here) while Dan Bongino was a cop. Hmmm. I've seen Bongino on Fox and Friends. Bongino's producer, Joe ARMacost, can not only link to the dream's embrace because Brace's/Brass' use arms, but he can be a pointer to Armys/Armine's having a version of the Cowen Coat that itself shares the Leak/Leakey Chief.

Perhaps Armacost will convince Bongino to begin exposing 9-11 criminals such as Silverstein and Mueller, for Bongino (and Fox) won't to-date touch the 9-11 inside job. The best way to fill Trump's fighters with passion against the coup plotters is to start attacking 9-11 criminals. The now-sleeping truthers (Trump's inaction put them to sleep) will wake up and start fighting like never before because the nation went to rot with 9-11. Trump has been a fine slime-bucket to let those criminals go free, he's not to be forgiven for this.

Armys/Armine's share the Annan and Cowen Chief and saltire, and Annan-connectable Ainsleys share the Cowan fleur-de-lys. The Rabys suspect in the Annan motto share the cross of Bash's/Baesh's. Rabe's may be sharing the raven with the Bakewells/Bankwells who took us to Banks. Rabys (Durham) share blue-vair fur with the White's first found in Durham, and these English White's (there are two of them) almost have the Silverstein Coat. Coincidence? English Bakers were first found in Durham too, and as they are in Brace colors, it's a little interesting that a consonant reversal of "Brace" is like "Baker." Bush's defense department was under Donald RUMSfeld, and Rums/Rims were at ANNAN(dale).

Zikers, Rums/Rims are in the colors of, and almost the format, of Weddings/Waddingtons. Let's not forget that Weeds/Weedins share the double fesses of Copelands (Whittington). There is a Rumsfeld surname sharing a white unicorn head with cup-using Christine's, and as this pertains to the bloodline of Sitric CAECH > Maccus of Man, note that Waddings (Yorkshire, same as Weddings/Waddingtons), expected from the Weddings of Waddington, share the fleur-de-lys of CAKE's, first found in Cambridgeshire with RUMillys (and News'/Nuces'). Note "RuMILLEY," for Trump's Joint Chiefs of Staff is run at this time by Mr. Milley. The material in this paragraph is new, a brand new pointer to Rumsfeld (covered for the 9-11 crimes), by the looks of it.

English Smiths (Durham, beside Yorkshire) share "Benigno numine" with Copelands, as well as the fleur-de-lys of Weddings. Scottish Smiths use an anvil, and Anville's/Hanville's/Handville's look connectable to Yorkshire's Anne's/Hanne's, not forgetting that Hands/Hans' are in Cup / Cope / Copp colors and format. Anvills/Hanville's have patee crosses colors reversed from the same of Waddings. Irish Smiths ("exPELLIT") are listed with Gowans/Gows, and Pellits (Sussex, same as Coopers/Coupers!) essentially share the cup-using Coat of Christine's, except that the latter's chevron is couped (shortened), same as the chevron of Scottish Coopers/Coupers. "couped...(heraldry) cut off smoothly, as distinguished from erased; -- used especially for the head or limb of an animal." It tends to mean, shortened by a cutting off.

The coup-crimes against Trump are miniature as compared to the 9-11 crimes and the forthcoming invasions of the Middle East, and the pillaging of tax dollars thereby that continued under Obama's military policies. It is certain in my mind that the coup attempt is precisely to bring back the days of pillaging military tax dollars by war hawks. It's obvious. Ask John McCain, John Bolton, John Kelly, James Mattis, and the Cheneys.

The Costello's and Costels/Castello's (an ARM in Crest) were looked up as per "ArmaCOST." The "Ne" motto term of Costello's, because Knee's are also Nee's, can be of the knee of the woman in the emBRACE scene which pointed to the knees of Miss Hicks at the corner store on Leakey road on the night of the 9-11 memorial. Costels/Castello's use a bee in Crest, and "Be" is a motto term of BRACEbridge's. It's up to you to decide whether these are God's pointers. My impression is that Stefan Halper and his buddy, James Baker of ONA (military), both of whom are treated regularly by Bongino, were seeking to cover 9-11 crimes conducted by the military.

Bongino got me feeling emotional when telling, this week, about the 3-inch lump in his neck that may or may not be cancerous. My Masci grandmother had a lump that size at the front of her throat, and her daughter (my mother) had a non-cancerous lump removed from behind her ear. The location of Bongino's lump looks easy and safe to remove.

Let me re-stress that because Copelands are COUPlands, they can point to the coup facilitated by Halper, which is why it was so interesting to find that Whitting(ton)s share the Halp/Help Shield (shares the gold fitchee with Halpers). Yet, the Halp/Help / Whitting Shield is shared (same colors) by Kerrys. It is all-too likely that John Kerry, likely having corrupt-financial interests in Ukraine, was rooting for Halper's demise of Trump.

We have stumbled upon the Soros-associated weeds here, who are waiting for military money into the Ukraine, and Sorrys happen to use a fasces for the Face/Fessy bloodline. I touched her leg after seeing her FACE in a close-up, and the Soars/Sors' share the lion of LEGro's. The Soar/Legro river is in Leicestershire, where WOODs were first found. Soars/Sors' were first found in Dorset with BEAUTYs/BoWOODs, and I exclaimed, "SHE's BEAUTiful" when seeing her close-up. SHEE's, first found in County KERRY (surprise!), happen to share the Earhardt / Cope / MontGOMERy fleur-de-lys! It's a little confusing as to what Miss Earhardt's part might be in all of this, but it's as ominous as the look on Obama's shrinking face lately, especially as Kerrys were first found in Montgomeryshire.

Ainsleys share the fleur-e-lys of leg-using Leaks/Leakeys and Cowens, and the dream's touch-leg scene pointed to a real event at the Get'n GO corner store at the corner of Camp WOOD's Leakey road and NUECES road. It looks like the Woods of LEICester can verify this event as an act of God pertaining to the wedding scene's touch-leg event. Go-like Gows are also Cowen-like Gowens, yet this Get'n Go is going to become suspect with John Kerry, as per the following.

John Kerry was born with the Jewish surname of, Cohn. Noting how Cohn/Coen / Cohn/Cohen variations can suggest a branch of Cowens (share Chief of leg-using Leaks/Leakeys), note that Owens were first found Montgomeryshire with Kerrys. Who arranged that, way before John Kerry's birth? Owens share the lion of Keons/Owens (hands), and the latter were kin of Shark-related Neils (hands). John Kerry is a part of the coup-shark in the kidney-shaped pool, right? The Kidneys/Gedneys share the Keon/Owen / Neil / Arms-of-Saraca fish, and the Kidney/Gedney fish make a saltire in the colors of the Neil/Nail/NAGLE saltire. It is John NAGL who is calling general Milley to physically remove Trump from the White House even if he wins the election to begin with.

The Neil estoiles are shared by Colchesters while the Arms of Colchester has nails in is RAGully cross, tending to assure that Neils were a Neil/Nail/Nagle branch. RAGGs' are suspect with "Ragusa," home of Shark-line Saraca's. Colchesters were from the COLAPis/KUPa river, explaining the COLP variation of Cups/Cope's. The Colapis is near Rijeka, where I trace Maxwells of Maxton, and Maxtons share the Colchester chevron.

With Kerrys now being lumped in with the Get'n Go corner store in CAMP Wood, let's go to Heinz's, almost having Camp colors and format. Heinz's share the Bank fleur-de-lys. John Kerry married the Heinz-ketchup family. The Heynz variation of Heinz's starts to suggest the Annas / Ainsley line where the Heyns' almost have the giant star of Annas' (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys of Annaslegh).

Ennas' are listed with Kinneys, and Miss Earhardt's first husband was Mr. McKinney. The Ennas'/McKinneys look connectable to McCabe's, but even more to the cup-using Coffee's/Coffers. The other McKinneys share the cinquefoils of Hardwicks, which keeps us on the Weeding / Weedin line.

The reason that Ennas' look arranged by God to point to Miss Earhardt is the dream I was given (for you) not long ago in which the Luffs (my old friends, married couple) each had a green snake for a tongue, the colors of the Earhardt snakes. That dream had me leaving the table, when I saw those snake-tongue's, at which point, instead of going out the front door, I walked into a walk-in-freezer instead (one of the Luffs was Ray, and Rays have a version of the Frey/FREEZE Coat). It just so happens that freezer-like Frasers share the McKinney / Hardwick cinquefoils, and then while Mrs. Luff is Valery, "Valore" is a motto term of Ennes'/Ennis' (not "Ennas"), who apparently share a white-chief version of the Annas Coat.

[Days after writing here, Mike Huckabee was on Fox and Friends (10th minute) saying that Amy Barrett is a welcome "Christian," blah-blah no distinction between Christians and catholics, and it just so happens that the snake tongues pointed to Huckabee's. Yes, Earhardt is on this Monday-morning show. Perhaps it applies that Revelation 13 has the False Prophet looking like a Lamb, as I interpret it, but SPEAKING like a dragon = snake. I was sitting at the TABLE with the Luffs when their tongues appeared as snakes, and Huckabee's (probably a Huck branch) named HuxTABLE in East BUCKland. Rayburns use a roeBUCK. Table's/TARplows were first found in Devon with Huckabee's/Huxtable's and Darlene's/TARline's, and while the latter share the Cnut Shield, Table's/Tarplows were at KNUTsford. Knuts have a bend-with-besant version of the BUCKings (Oxfordshire, same as Luffs). End insert]

As Luffs are also Love's/Loveys, this had been pointed to Mr. Lovinger, a military whistle-blower persecuted by Halper and Baker. I don't know if anyone in the military went to Lovinger's assistance. What's wrong with the military, do you think? Moreover, while Shee's share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys, God told me to wake Earhardt up pertly with the phrase, "it's YOU SHE LOVES." I'm thinking that "you" can be a pointer to John Yoo, for he's involved at the Hoover Institution while the woman was HOVERing when I woke her. Yoo worked in a high-level position for the attorney general of George Bush Jr., and as such could prove to be influential as a stool pigeon on Bush's crimes, for Yoo now supports Trump.

YOO's/Yells (Shetland) use a "Numine" motto term, which recalls mythical Numenor of JJ Tolkien, his secret code for the island of Arran, where McCabe's were first found. Copelands/Couplands use "Benigno Numine," and share double-red fesses with Wake's. The latter are kin of Orrs/Ore's, and both surnames share red roundels with Nellys i.e. that's how waking her up pointed to Nelly Ohr, part of the coup attempt. Nelly was taking HAM radio lessons during her part in framing Trump with the Steele dossier, and Hams share the white-on-green salmon of McCabe's, the latter's Coat looking linkable to Ennas'/McKinneys (a white fish of some sort).

"It's YOO she loves," so to speak, and while Yoo's/Yells have a "Numine" motto term, Newmans/Numans happen to have an "amor" motto term, wowie. "It's yoo she amores." What could that mean? Can we believe it, that while Luffs/Love's were said, for years and years, to be first found in Suffolk, they are now said to be first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's/ARMers!!!

Just as I was loading the Luffs upon ending that sentence, MercyMe (on Saturday) was singing on my speakers the following line, "I surrender to Your LOVE." It was followed almost immediately by the line, "suddenly I'm lost within your BEAUTY," itself followed immediately by, "CAUGHT UP in the wonder of Your TOUCH." As soon as I touched the BEAUTiful woman, we were caught up in a rise into the sky, and we were in love, in a loving embrace. Moreover, Beautys/Bowoods were first found in Dorset with Newmans/Numans. The song is titled, "HERE with ME," and Here's/Hers / Heyers/Here's are a branch of Eyers/Airs and HARTzogs, you see, pointing to Miss Earhardt in particular, not to Miss Hicks. And then Mee's/Meigh's are also the My's in the Ainsley motto. "'s you she loves, GO wake HER up," God said. GOWs/McGoo's use an "arma" motto term.

Plus, God pointed to Lovinger when Miss Hicks was personifying, in my mind, Lovey Howell on Gilligan's Island, who played the wife of Thurston Howell, James Backus in real life. I took that as a pointer to James Baker, persecutor of Lovinger, you see, but the point here is that the cartoon character, Mr. Magoo, was voiced by James Backus. Mrs. Howell played "a rich, spoiled socialite." In real life, Lovey was Natalie Schafer, and Schiffs/Schifers can play here because Adam Schiff was behind the impeachment attempt by American officials in Ukrainian whom Yoo opposed. Lovey's maiden name was Wentworth, and Wentworths (Yorkshire, same as Touts and Hicks) share "tout" with Hicks. The "Dieu" motto term of Wentworths can be for Dee's/Die's having a "HIC" motto term. That works.

When I google John Yoo, he's in stories with colonel Vindman, the Russia-born goof amongst the impeachment goons whom the Ukrainians wanted to use as their method of steeling American military tax dollars. Although no Vindman surname comes up, Windmans/Windhams (look linkable to Windows), potentially a branch of Wentworths, share "bon" with Hicks. Winders use a "culpa" motto term for coup-like Cups/Cope's/Culps. Windmans/Windhams can be linked to Fiens/Finis', a branch of Fiens/Fane's/Vans ("Ne") who in turn share a white bull head with Winders. Fiens/Fane's put pellets on their bull head while Pellets (Sussex, same as Coopers/Coupers) use cups.

The Droits in the Windman motto share the fleur-de-lys of English Smiths, who in turn have the colors and format of Van-like Vaughns, and then Irish Smiths/Gows have an "exPELLIT et HOSTes" motto phrase while Hosts have another white bull head...probably related to the white bull head of Aubins/Albins expected in Mr. d'Albini of the Windman write-up. My old friend, Paul Smith, lived in Vaughn county when I knew him. Droits are DREWetts too, and Drews are Dreux's while Dreux is in Eure, where Aubins/Albins are said to derive. The Hicks use a Eure-suspect "bon heure" motto phrase. Windmans use Aubin-like "Au bon." It does appear that God is using Windmans to point to colonel Vindman. But why are Smiths included? Miss Hicks was given a knee symbol at the Get'n GOW, so to speak. Smiths/Gows? If so, why?

Hicks use a "buck," and Buckle's are beloved of Wedding-like Wettins/Wettings. Buckle's are said to have named Buckley while Buckleys share the white bull head with Aubins/Albins/Albans' probably because Buckley is in St. Albans (Hertfordshire, same as Beach's/Bechs). Bech- / Buckle-like Beckle's (Wettin/Wetting colors) were first found in Suffolk with Buckle's. Luffs/Love's were said to have been first found in Suffolk too, and they share red lion heads with Beckle's while the weeding scene included Luffs/Love's. This is new material right here. Mr. Luff was Ray, and while Rays show stags, Rayburns use a "roeBUCK." French Rays use an escarBUNCLE, and Buncle's use buckles in the format of the Wettin/Wetting buckles. Amazing. Beach's/Becks are a branch of English Beckers/Bechers while German Beckers look like a Steele branch. Steele's share the lion head of Luffs/Love's. Baker's buddy, Halper, supported the Steele dossier, and Dutch Beckers are listed with Bakers. The Bene variation of Beans are in the motto of English Beckers along with "Bis," and Biss' have two snakes "respecting each other," similar to the double snakes of Earhardts.

Having said that, John Yoo didn't launch any attack against Vindman. I'm not sure why the dream's phrase would point to Yoo, as good as that theory just looked to be. Yoo's'/Yells even share an EAR of wheat, and the gold garb (wheat sheaf), with Wheats...while Wheats can be a Wedding / Weed/Weddin / Wettin/Wetting branch. "WHAT are you waiting for, it's you she loves..." Whats/Whadcotts are in Wheat colors, and may have been Ennas/McKinney kin by the looks of their Coat.

No matter how many times I go over these things, I falter at seeing what possibly Miss Earhardt can do to advance God's program against the deep state. She's merely a news commentator. She doesn't make news, does she? Maybe she does. Maybe Trump's calling her at home trying to swing what he craves from attractive women, and maybe she's giving him political advice instead.

It's Saturday night. Trump has chosen Amy Coney Barrett. But it's not certain that Kavanaugh would strike down abortion "rights." The best way to find out: hurry up and get an abortion challenge before the supreme court. Woman have no right before God to murder their own children, hideous, absolutely hideous. Population-control freaks want women to murder them rather than to birth them for adoptive parents. HIDEOUS! This is human butchery without conscience.

It's interesting that while Mrs. Barrett opposes Roe v Wade, we just crossed the ROEbuck of Rayburns as well as Wade-like Whats/Whadcocks. The latter have a chevron in the colors of the Ray stags (they could be roebucks). English Wade's share the Earhardt fleur.

Mrs. Barrett CLERKed for justice Scalia, and so it's interesting that while two Clerk surnames are listed with French Clairs, Irish Clairs share the Crest of Scale's. Her first name is Amy, and while Amys use the Berwick bear heads, almost the Barwick bear heads, Schole's/SCAYLE's were first found in Yorkshire's Barwick. How amazing is that? "The surname School was first found in Yorkshire where the name is associated with the village of Scholes in the parish of Barwick..." I'm pretty sure the Berwick Crest has ears of wheat!


On Wednesday, the Senate released its probe on the Bidens, revealing some of the laundering of money through mobster individuals / organizations:

The committees stated that they received records that Hunter Biden “sent thousands of dollars” to individuals who have “either been involved in transactions consistent with possible human trafficking; an association with the adult entertainment industry; or potential association with prostitution.”

“Some recipients of those funds are Ukrainian or Russian citizens,” the report states, adding that “the records note that it is a documented fact that Hunter Biden has sent funds to non-resident alien women in the United States who are citizens of Russia and Ukraine and who have subsequently wired funds they have received from Hunter Biden to individuals located in Russia and Ukraine.”

“The records also note that some of these transactions are linked to what ‘appears to be an Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring,’” the report stated.

Meanwhile, the report states that Senate investigators found millions of dollars in “questionable financial transactions” between Hunter Biden and his associates and foreign individuals, including the wife of the former mayor of Moscow as well as individuals with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

According to the report, an investment firm co-founded by Hunter Biden, Rosemont Seneca Thornton, “received $3.5 million in a wire transfer” from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of the Russian capital.

The report goes further and alleges that not just Hunter Biden but other members of the Biden family “were involved in a vast financial network that connected them to foreign nationals and foreign governments across the globe.”

So, Burisma pays the Bidens handsomely for doing nothing but protecting Burism's corruption from prosecution, and then the Bidens funnel some of that money (and keep the rest) to corrupt people in support of, or in partnership with, Burisma and/or its owners. The ground-zero source of the money? Probably Obama's treasury department. That's theft of tax dollars with imprisonment for the American guilty being the only option. Why did Bill Barr tell the people he's not interested in looking into Biden / Obama crimes? Lookie at the fact that this prostitution theme could involve Jeffrey Epstein's contacts (Bill Clinton comes to mind) or even Epstein's ring directly.

While I do think that the timing of this release appears political, it's also a justified release because Biden is running for the presidency. Mitt Romney opposes this release precisely because Biden is running for office. People like Romney make it sound as though the holy-cow principle is whether there is a political purpose / advantage in exposing corruption, and, if there is, it's not right to expose it. Screw-loose maketh screw-loose, and they inevitably screw things up. Now we know why the Republicans ran Romney against Obama, because the only option for a president would then become a screw-loose, deep-state supporter / partner. It's time to put the nut-jobs in prison because they are causing great harm...but Barr didn't want to know about Ukraine's criminality, just like a man who has a few screws loose. And braggart Trump, the single-most man closest to Godliness, picked three screwballs in a row to run the federal prosecution field. It's hard to keep from laughing at you, Mr. Trump, but then I remember that this is no laughing matter precisely because you've failed at taking the mobsters off of the streets.

There are reports that Bill Clinton likes to murder people by making it look like suicide. The solution: arrest / jail Clinton, notify him that he's under surveillance, start probes into some people previously suicided, and the killing should stop taking place "suicide," "plane crash," or otherwise. But Trump choose a fourth screwball in Dan Coats to run Intelligence. Where does Trump hide his own loose screws? Doesn't he interview the people he hires to clean swamp? Is he an eeny-meeny-miny-moe appointer? Does he just roll the dice and hope for the best?

See Mitt Romney's potential connection to Burisma (very brief mention) in Lou Dobbs (about one and a half minutes in) of Wednesday night:

I thought I was going to be very happy to see that Fox and Friends presenting a vaccine story on Thursday morning, with three moms (one works for Fox, spit!) on the show, but all three mothers said they would give the COVID vaccines to their children. It's a rigged show, therefore. This segment is hosted by Ainsley Earhardt, making her look like a willing accomplice for doing the will of the Fox boss(es) having money stakes in vaccines. She could have said, I don't want to do this show unless I get to mention the dangers.

I forget the details of the Fox boss(es) having financial interest in vaccines, but you're not going to hear it from Fox. What stinks about this is that children absolutely do not need a vaccine for COVID because this infection goes very easy on them, and yet the Fox mom portrays vaccines like kid candy, no problem at all because it's all-so wonderful. Fox is a diabolical news organization at the top. It needs to be replaced by a better lot. There was no talk on the show of kids becoming severely ill from previous vaccines. SHAME.

The open email at the link above concerns this: "Mr Rupert Murdoch [Fox boss] and Mr Lachlan Murdoch, would you not agree your failure to 'tell all sides of the story' in regards to the bloated and conflicted vaccination schedule contravenes News Corp's own Editorial Code of Conduct?...In my presentation I refer to your media group's influence on vaccination policy, noting that you have not clearly disclosed your conflict of interest in this matter, i.e. the Murdoch family's association with the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, which is involved in industry-funded vaccine research and development, supported by News Corp and Foxtel."

I understand that Miss Earhardt maybe doesn't want to jeopardize her job by revealing Murdoch's vaccine interests, but on the other hand she's playing hazardous (perhaps she feels forced by Murdoch) without a proper warning in the promotion of a newly-developed injection of a newly-discovered virus, and whatever else it comes with that's mainly a secret, into the veins of children. That's appalling. Vaccines have in the past destroyed the minds of children. May Murdoch (and Trump) lose his head instead; at least he's lived most his life.

Miss Earhardt needs to watch Ms. Ingraham of Thursday night to see that people 0-19 years of age have a 99.997-percent chance of survival from COVID, and most get a very mild illness to boot. If Earhardt can't muster a statement like that on a vaccination discussion that even touches upon mandatory vaccinations for school children as a happy thing, she should just go jump off a cliff as a hypocrite. I'm that angry about this. The medical establishment is owning the children with its drugs, Murdoch's trying to capitalize, and Earhardt's acting as his willing tool. Thank you, Laura, for your courage and steadfast reporting on COVID myths.

The Fox-and-Friends discussion was on children vaccinations, not the aged who really need it. And Murdoch is apparently financially involved in childrens' vaccinations.

This week: "Researchers found 0.23 percent of students had confirmed or suspected cases of the virus, while the rate among educators was 0.51 percent. The rates for confirmed cases were lower at 0.076 for students and 0.15 for teachers." Wow, .076 percent is one student per 1,310. And Earhardt allows talk on mandatory vaccinations just so that she doesn't offend her boss. I think I'll take it back: she's not so beautiful after all. It was her duty to pipe up to argue that vaccinations are not necessary where a very low number of children carry this infection to the point of dangerous. This article gives her every excuse to make that argument the next time her show has a vaccination discussion:

This is a good place to add that I was in a store a couple of days ago, and had my mask off at the counter because there was no one in the store, and because the woman at the counter had no mask on. Then, suddenly the manager starts screaming at me from his office, when a worker in the store, who had no mask on, snitched on me. The manager hurled obscenities at me like a tyrant losing control, but he wasn't wearing a mask either. I was thinking, "this guy's nuts." I then walked over to three other employees standing together, asking them, jokingly, "hey where's your masks" (none were wearing masks), and the manager rushes at me like he was going to ram me. I put up my hands to signal his stop sign, and as his rush failed to frighten me, he stopped within a couple of feet. Toying with him, I said, "Hey, look, you're within COVID distance." I then asked whether he wears a mask at home, and he said, no. Ahh, you hypocrite, I told him, you could give your wife COVID. "Don't forget to wear your mask at home, hypocrite," I told him, when walking away. It's a way to silence self-appointed COVID police. They holy-pretend to care about strangers and customers, but don't wear masks at home with loved ones.

See this video to see that, perhaps, those who have been testing for and detecting COVID infections may be detecting something else that's being blamed as COVID. The question is: do the top medical people know this, or, is it being done deliberately by criminal goons:

Fewer people dying in summer from COVID makes sense where people get lots of sun = vitamin D. But the "experts" did not tell people to get sunlight in their yards during the lockdowns, or with a walk down the street alone...because they wanted people sick. They wanted them locked up in tight, mainly-sunless houses, the worst-possible conditions for spreading the disease. Plus, they didn't tell people to get zinc:

"Lower zinc levels at admission correlate with higher inflammation in the course of infection and poorer outcome," said a team led by Dr. Roberto Guerri-Fernandez of the Hospital Del Mar in Barcelona.

...However, among those who died of COVID-19, blood levels of zinc were much lower, averaging just 43 mcg/dL, the researchers reported. In contrast, blood levels among those who survived the illness averaged 63 mcg/dL.

Why is this small study coming way-late now when doctors were signalling the benefits of zinc months ago? Why didn't Trump's task force order such a study inside the United States? How many deaths does Trump want to be responsible for? He can't wash his hands clean of the blood. He's the boss, he failed COVID patients. He allowed liberal doctors to kill the aged liberally. It's on his head. It was his responsibility. He didn't even try to force doctors to offer hydroxychloroquine and zinc. DIDN'T EVEN TRY. He just let them die. For four years he allowed the slaughter of viable babies. He didn't even try to get a key abortion case to the supreme court where a doctor slaughtered a born baby, or a baby partially out of the womb. DIDN'T EVEN TRY.

Here's blaring evidence that murder is the COVID game:

If you would like to see what a government-tool nut-job looks like, who belongs in a psych ward, wait until 1:45:

Governments now know that the average risk of death for Americans under 69 years of age is 1 per 5,000 ((99.98-percent survival rate) infections, and that's with the inflated death numbers in the United States (only 6-percent of the recorded deaths are from COVID infection alone). THIS IS NOT A PANDEMIC. The mortality rate is even lower in a country setting / village. Liberal fascists are losing their popularity, time to celebrate. They are foolishly ruining their own reputations. They are exposing themselves, and they want to punish us who resist or mock them. That's what this is about, punishing the sane and treating them like cattle. "Social distancing" = less people power. Wearing masks in public serves anti-humanity and goonery. Stay sane and composed, don't give them an inch. Spray them with the facts; know your facts. Only 1 per 33,000 infected people (99.997-percent) under 20 years of age dies from COVID. We knew it all along, but the liberal press tried to feign a pandemic, and will probably do so again as soon as cold weather arrives.

The latest on the Flynn case is damning for Mueller and Comey, yet it's now roundly known that Obama and Biden were at the top of Flynn's persecution, yet Barr has permitted Biden to run for the White House. What if he wins, Mr. Barr, will you commit suicide for sinking the nation into an abyss? It will be on your head:

If Barr makes the many arrests he's supposed to, the deep state will launch fires. That's why the deep state has launched these riots, to send Barr a message that, should be arrest high-level operators, more fire and vandalism. There's only one solution: arrest the leaders of the riots all at once, show strength, and then arrest Comey, Clinton, Mueller, all at once. Let a week go by, then arrest McCabe, etc., let a week go by, and, while they are scrambling, arrest a few more. Quell the riots as they happen, show strength. Give the governors an elbow to the face, move in and arrest the rioters. Totally ignore the press. Don't even read it to see what they are saying. Just do the right thing, DO YOUR JOB. If you lose, at least you DID YOUR JOB. Go into the future with dignity, not as a disgusting, intimidated zero. Muster your federal forces, make a plan to quell the streets, and then make the arrests fast, too fast for the deep-state lot to muster a sound retaliation.

Once you've arrested 20, the remaining 80 will run with tails between legs. You won't likely lose the cases with another conservative on the supreme court. Your time to shine has come, Mr. Barr, but if you wait until after the election, they might defeat you if you just let them be. It is useless to make one key arrest now, another key arrest two months from now. They will retaliate too hard if you go that slow-motion route. Arrest Bloomberg now, before the election. Arrest Soros. Show strength, send in the troops to quell riots, give the mayors your elbow to the face. Move over, mayor, or you'll be arrested for endangering your people. Don't watch the liberal news, just do it. The liberal news is intended to scare you into non-action. The United States needs a Sheriff with a fast gun, not a snail on a log. Arrest Wray for facilitating the deep state, send other in-house traitors a message today, DOPE. What a disappointment you have been.

If the deep state proves to be too strong, you will at least have done your job. And, of course, do everything right as God would have you do; tell Him you are about to do right as He sees right, and ask him to be your rear-guard. If the deep state is starting to frighten you, say, "Lord! I'm afraid. Help us to do what's right without fear." DO THE RIGHT THINGS with God on your flag?

New: "Federal investigators have discovered discarded military mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania, all of which were made out in favor of President Trump, a U.S. attorney said Thursday." It's Trump's fault, because he abandoned his quest to discover election fraud a few years ago. So the cheaters were encouraged, and they devised bigger ways to cheat. Your inaction bites you on your behind at every turn. You can't make any move without being jumped by the demons you allowed to fester.

Imagine how many Republican votes will be discarded that are not discovered. This is on Trump's head for not discovering fraud in the last two elections, and for not punishing it. Trump is the father who lets his rotten kids continue to do rotten things to his good kids. He complains about the rotten kids, but doesn't discipline them. They mock him. He mocks back. They throw a rock through his window and hit a good son in the head, he then tweets against the rock thrower.

Speedy arrests of good-guy political enemies are what mobster-dictators do. Does this mean that attorney generals can't make speedy arrests of mobsters for fear of looking like a mobster-dictator? Isn't that apples and oranges? Look at how harsh the deep state made arrests of innocent political enemies, yet Barr is afraid to arrest those responsible. What mush. Forget it, let's go home and make the best of a totalitarian society, Barr's a big goofball. Give up your rights and make the best of it, Trump's been a big goofball. One goof will lead another goof into the ditch. Prepare for calamity.

As soon as Biden got into more hot water with his overseas crimes due to some document releases, he started to act all drugged up and stupid again, worse than ever now. Although some thought it was an act to keep the DoJ from arresting him, I'd suggest that his team drugged him up badly, deliberately, in case some media starts to ask him questions on the new releases. If he per chance goofs up and tells some self-incriminating truth, his team can say that he was drugged too much that day, and didn't know what he was saying. His management took him to his basement as soon as these new releases were out. The Democrat party has become a laughing stock, but it's only just beginning. Assume that these sinners are entering a period of well-deserved torment.

To Trump's great credit, though four years late and looking like it's self-serving lip service to Christian voters: "President Donald Trump today announced an executive order doing something Democrats in Congress refused more than 80 times to do: provide medical care for babies who survive abortions." Let me get this straight. He could have given this order four years ago, and so that makes him responsible for all the slaughters of all the babies born alive over the past four years. Is that a fact? I think it is. And what about the babies killed in the womb late enough to be saved by an early birth? No executive order for that? Do mothers get to murder their own children even though giving them an early birth could save them? Are unborn children children only if the mother wants them? Woe to liberals who brought the world this demonism.

What nut-job would dare take Trump's executive Order to court, arguing that, "it's my baby, if I want IT killed, then the doctor must kill IT." It's an "it" if the mother doesn't want him/her, and a him or her if she wants him/her. The law must provide right to life for the unborn.

Here's international election interference via ballot fraud caught on tape by Project Veritas:

O'Keefe asks: what's Bill Barr going to do about this voter fraud caught on tape?


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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