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September 29 - October 5, 2020

Miss Peare's Belly Symbol Fulfilled with Chris Christie
Trump Might Be Fulfilling Sickly-Stag Dream
Ainsley Earhardt is Cool
Warning: Trump's Doctor from Johns Hopkins

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I'm going to take a piece of a segment of the last update and expound:
With Kerrys now being lumped in with the Get'n Go corner store in CAMP Wood, let's go to Heinz's, almost having Camp colors and format. Heinz's share the Bank fleur-de-lys. John Kerry married the Heinz-ketchup family. The Heynz variation of Heinz's starts to suggest the Annas / Ainsley line where the Heyns' almost have the giant star of Annas' (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys of Annaslegh).

Ennas' are listed with Kinneys, and Miss Earhardt's first husband was Mr. McKinney. The Ennas'/McKinneys look connectable to McCabe's, but even more to the cup-using Coffee's/Coffers. The other McKinneys share the cinquefoils of Hardwicks, which keeps us on the Weeding / Weedin line. [Load Ennas link now to have access to other surnames for better following along.]

The reason that Ennas' look arranged by God to point to Miss Earhardt is the dream I was given (for you) not long ago in which the Luffs (my old friends, married couple) each had a green snake for a tongue, the colors of the Earhardt snakes. That dream had me leaving the table, when I saw those snake-tongue's, at which point, instead of going out the front door, I walked into a walk-in-freezer instead (one of the Luffs was Ray, and Rays have a version of the Frey/FREEZE Coat). It just so happens that freezer-like Frasers share the McKinney / Hardwick cinquefoils, and then while Mrs. Luff is Valery (or Valerie), "Valore" is a motto term of Ennes'/Ennis' (not "Ennas"), who apparently share a white-chief version of the Annas Coat.

Tongue/Tongs look like they can be a branch of Tonks (Ainsley colors), the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys. The lone Tonk estoile is in the colors of the lone Heynes star, itself giant and half in the colors of the giant Annas star. Why are the snake tongues pointing to or involving Ainsley Earhardt? Tonkins/TonKYNE's have a "KENsol" motto term that could have been McKinney / Kenny elements. It just so happens that the "kensol" works out to be part code for Kens because they share the crescent of Tonks (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys). Tonks and Tonkins have never before been a part of snake-tongue discussions. What is this, suddenly?

The Tonkin/TonKEYNE motto term, "TonKEIN," can reveal their relationship to Keins/Keens/Keyne's, and here the latter's CLOSkey variation can explain why the freezer doubled as a walk-in-CLOSet. Keins/Keens not only share estoiles with Tonks, but the Kein/Keen Chief shares three of them (different colors) with the Chief of Nail-connectable Neils/Nihills! How do we interpret this? The door into this closet/freezer was a foot or two beside the front door out of the place, which I walked out of after being in the closet. It was only due to its location beside the front door, and it's small size, that I interpreted it as a coat closet. There was nothing in the closet, just a small, white room, no food, no shelving, nothing at all, but I instinctively knew (while in the dream) that it was a walk-in freezer (turned out to have key heraldic value for pointing to Rays and Frasers).

[On Friday, a few days after writing here, while on Hope Hicks' link to Miss Hicks = Mrs. Kilpatrick, I discover:

Tonkins share the gold griffin head with Haldans, which are a branch of Hayden-like Haddens (share scimitar with Ainsleys). Ainsley's only child (with Mr. Proctor) is Hayden, and Haydens come up as Hadens (not "Hadden"), what are the chances, if God didn't arrange it? Aha, Close's are also Clovse's while Clovis'/Clovile's (share nails with Proctors!) share the double chevrons of English Kyne's/Kins! It tends to nail ClosKEYs to Close's/Clovse's, and the latter were from Closeburn, I feel sure, home of Kilpatricks. Key-using Kays have a Kyne-like motto term. Oh wow, Vilers, possibly the reason for "CloVILE," have a scallop version of the Ainsley Coat! End insert]

[Insert, some days after writing here, but before Friday -- Mike Huckabee was on Fox and Friends (10th minute) saying that Amy Barrett is a welcome "Christian," blah-blah no distinction between Christians and catholics, and it just so happens that the snake tongues pointed to Huckabee's. Earhardt is interviewing him on this Monday-morning segment. Perhaps it applies that Revelation 13 has the False Prophet looking like a lamb (Christ-like, as I interpret it), but SPEAKING like a dragon = snake. I was sitting at the TABLE with the Luffs when their tongues appeared as snakes, and Huckabee's (probably a Huck branch) named HuxTABLE in East BUCKland. Rayburns use a roeBUCK. Table's/TARplows were first found in Devon with Huckabee's/Huxtable's and with Darlene's/TARline's, and while the latter share the Cnut Shield, Table's/Tarplows were at KNUTsford. Knuts have a bend-with-besant version of the BUCKings (Oxfordshire, same as Luffs). End insert]

It got me wondering whether Christians like Huckabee (and Earhardt?) are going to support the False Prophet that I see as an American president or leader of some type, perhaps a military chief. I didn't want to do this, but changed my mind. It's very important here that while the same woman in the 1979 dream can be Miss Earhardt or Miss Hicks, Hicks use the head of a BUCK. Plus, while Huckabee's and Hucks share blue chevrons, Hucks were said to be first found in Yorkshire with Hicks (Hucks are now said to be first found in Lincolnshire). This is a key as to what changed my mind, for Miss Hicks, in my presence twice, started to give false prophecies so that she pointed to the Prophet/Profett surname.

Let me tell you why the Prophet surname (Freeze colors) and Miss Hicks goes together, for in the dream, I touched her leg, which also points to Ainsleys of AnnasLEGH. The Prophets use a giant leg with spur, and spurs are shared by Close's while Kilpatricks were at CLOSEburn. Miss Hicks is also Mrs. Kilpatrick. Closeburn is in DumFRIES along with the first known Walks, and I was in a WALK-in-freezer pointing partly to Fries-like Freeze's. Plus, the Prophets use their leg upright, in colors and the position of the upright/erect arrow of Scottish Adams (Annandale, in Dumfries), and there happens to be an upright arrow on the Prophet Crest too, perfect because English Adams (ANNANdale) use a star-version of the Ainsley have just got to be amazed with all of this if you have captured it all.

As I said from the outset of the dream, the walk-in-freezer was also a walk-in CLOSEt, and now we know why. Miss Hicks married a doctor, and while the mythical doctor was Asclepius, Huckabee's use Asclepius rods (a rod with a coiled snake). Therefore, the green tongues do seem to figure well as a symbol of the False Prophet, especially as the Luffs were Bible-based Christians (not charismatics)...though Mr. Luff was always talking money-matters to the point of addiction.

Miss Hicks would utter words in church in the first-Person, using "I" or "me" as if God were speaking straight through her. And so she now becomes suspect as doing so as a pointer to the False Prophet. Mike Huckabee got suspect, in the quote above, as a symbol of Christians in support of the False Prophet. It's not easy to guess what sort of Christians might support him if I'm correct in pegging him as a false-Christian leader, but I would never have included Christians like Huckabee. Instead, I tended to think that worldly catholics would do so who don't really follow the Bible, yet the video above shows Huckabee totally in bed with catholics as his brothers and sisters. I really do think that this looks important.

Scottish Adams were at KYNEmund, perhaps named by a Kinney bloodline. It just so happens that Kyne's are listed with Irish Cohens/Coens while the last-update quote above starts with John Kerry (married Heinz), born with a Jewish Cohn surname. German Adams even share the sun of German Cohens and German Cohns.

The fact that Huckabee was caught giving his catholic-love spiel while interviewed by Ainsley Earhardt is what really got me to write all of this out. I wouldn't have been justified otherwise, for she has lately, only in the last few months, been discovered as an alternative women in the shark dream, and it is Miss Hicks who thinks she's a prophet while linking in key ways to Huckabee's...including the 666 of Patmos (see below).

The Sharks were first found in Tyrone, and Tyrone's share the double chevrons of Hucks (owls), you see. Moreover, Sharks share the green trefoil with Rods while Huckabee's use Asclepius RODs. Mythical Asclepios was anciently given an owl symbol. Rods are Rock / Rockefeller kin, and while the bulldog in the shark pool fell (or went for a fall) into the pool, the false-like Falls'/Fallis' share the Pool lion. It could be that the bulldog (which I identify as Trump) went for a fall to point to the False Prophet. What could we make of that? I don't see how Trump can be the False Prophet because I don't see anyone looking like the anti-Christ in his prophesied Middle-East program. (For what it's worth, Falls'/Fallis probably use the Bratt/Bradd lion.)

As I've said many times, the bulldog could alternatively have jumped into the pool because Jumps (Yorkshire, same as Hicks, Hucks, Keys and Kays) share the Trump stag head. But Jumps also share the roses of German Adams. Between the two Adam stars is the Cohen sun, and Suns are listed with Sinclairs, who lived at Midlothian, where Falls'/Fallis (and Bratts/Bradds) were first found. Roslins use BUCKles. German Cohens share the checks of Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries, same as Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle at Closeburn).

Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Neils while German Neils are also Nails while Miss Earhardt married Mr. Proctor too while Proctors use the nails in the HEART of Logens. The Annas-connectable Ennes' ("valore") have a saltire in the colors of the Neil/Nail saltire. Irish Adams have the Logan heart in colors reversed. I can go further in making heraldic links to her. For example, while the Prophets led us to Adams, German Adams have "quies" motto term as likely code for Keyes' / Keys / Kays. The Kays with a key in Crest have a "kynn" motto term linkable to Adams of Kynemund, and Kims/M'KINs share the McKINNEY and FRASER cinquefoils. It seems that the freezer in the snake-tongue dream has some pointability to Miss Earhardt. Why? English Kyne's/Kins were first found in Lincolnshire with Hucks, and both surnames show two chevrons (different color). The "qui ASSIduus" motto phrase of Sichs/Sykes applies to this picture.

Plus, the Prime's ("NIL" motto term!) have a different-colored version of the Prophet Coat, and the Prime Crest actually shares the owl with Hucks. The Greek word for owl is "ascalaphus," and so I can glean that Asclepius was named after the Kos owl cult of Adam-like Edom. I can also glean that "ASCALaphus" would have been dear to a myth writer because the island of Patmos has both a Chora and a SKALA location. Myth writers like to play word games when inventing their characters, and so while mythical Coronis (a LAPith) was (in my opinion) named after Chora's namers, that's why her son was made, AscLEPius. That's important in this discussion for three reasons: 1) Revelation, which has the False Prophet and his 666, was written on Patmos; 2) the Greek six, "hexa," is like "Hicks / Huck / Ixion" while Coronis was Ixion's sister; 3) Patmos may be the line to Patricks while Miss Hicks married a doctor, Mr. Kilpatrick.

The Dumfries Kilpatricks use cushions suspect with such Kos-like surnames as Cussons / Cousins/Cosins / Kos'/KOSINskys. It's worth a mention that Cousins/Cosins were at Norfolk's Hardington while Harding(ton)s have half the saltire of Hardwicks who in turn share the McKinney cinquefoils. Hardings look linkable to Craggs (Carrick branch) and Tongue's (rock), both of Yorkshire.

Cussons were first found in Burgundy with Prime-like Primo's/Primeau's...and the Mars/Mere's (share scallops of Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons) that, due to using Asclepios-like escallops, trace well to mythical MERops (proto-Merovingians) of Kos. Mars/Mere's share while scallops with Scale's...and with the Apps' from the Apsus river, where I trace (Kil)Patricks and Pattersons. Both Kos and Patmos are islands off the Carian coast. More scallops are used by Hykes'/Hacks.

I trace the Kilpatrick DAGGER to the DEXARoii on the Apsus, and while Irish Kilpatricks are said to have a "DEXTER paw" on the head of a green dragon, Dexters/Decksters happen to share the double chevrons of Hucks (share owl with Prime's).

I trace "Skala" of PATmos to the Sicel (named after "six") namers of Sicily, and mythical Scylla was the PATTi part of Sicily. Sichs/Sykes' were first found in Cumberland with Daggers. PatMOS could have been named by a Mos bloodline to Mose's/Moss' using a PATEE cross. Pattys/Pati's look connectable to Nitts/Naughts and Nathans. Sickle's share sickles with German Here's/Hers, and the Sickle Coat is in the colors and format of Howell Coat. Sichs/Sykes use "fountains" while Fountains were first found in Norfolk with Howell-connectable Howers/Howards (and Cousins/Cosins). English Here's (share blue wings with German Here's/Hers) are said to use two DEXTER wings.

Chora-like Gore's/Core's share the crosslets of Trips who in turn use the SCALing ladder, probably code for ladder-using Scalia's/Scalise's. Chora-like Corrys/Currys share the saltire of COSpatricks, a real give-away to reveal a Kos-island link to Patmos elements. Corrys/Currys were first found in Waterford while Waterfords/Waterville's share the Sich/Sykes fountain.

Cospatricks share the white saltire with Irish Kilpatricks, and the latter substitute their cushions for fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Earhardt fleur-de-lys which are in turn surrounded by two green snakes that I trace to the MARSi snake goddess. The Arms of Sicily use three human legs similar to the Arms of Fussen on the LECH river. Leaks, sharing the Ainsley / Hick fleur, use the human leg too. And, can we believe it, Fussen is also called, FOETes, while leg-using Prophets are also ProFETTs (Aberdeenshire, same as Fothes'/Fette's/Fittes'). We get it.

Waters/Waterville's (Essex, same as Gore's/Core's) share the triple chevrons of Muschats (Essex), and while it was the Luff couple having snakes for tongues, Luffs (share Muscat fesses) were said, for a decade or more, to have been first found in Suffolk with Muscats/MontFITCHets (and Owls/Howls). Luffs share triple-red fesses with Fountains, in the colors of the triple-red chevrons of Muschats and Waters/WaterVILLE's. MONTfitchetts may have been named by Mountain liners, interesting where French Mountains were first found in LANGUEdoc with Fountain-related Hugs and VILLE's/FONT-de-Ville's, and then English Mountains have almost the Tongue Coat. "Langue" means, "tongue." At Ray's burial plot, I was the only one to give Valery a HUG, hmm.

Note that while Scottish Mars (Yorkshire) have two lions fessewise in the colors of the two fesses of Sleeps, the latter, part of the hovering-woman scene, are from the SELEPitanoi, possibly a corruption from "(A)SCLEPius." We can understand how the Marsi snake goddess (Angitia) was an Asclepios line. The Selepitanoi were beside the Abreu-like Abri, and Abreu's are listed with Abruzzo's/Brusi's (share Howell tower) while Marsi lived in Abruzzo. It makes Abruzzo suspect from Esau-line Hebrews, especially if an Esau tribe named the Assi i.e. which could explain "ASclepios." Sichs/Sykes ("ASSIduus") have one of the double chevrons of Esse's/Ash's and English Kyne's (Lincolnshire, same as double-chevron Hucks). The double chevrons of the latter two are colors reversed from the same of German Sanders. Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Hmm, the Labels/La Bells in the "label" of German Sanders look connectable to the Valois'/VALOIRs (chevron colors reversed from VALERY/Vallier chevron).

Cospatricks were in the Hutton area of Yorkshire, and while the woman of the dream was at the hood of a car, Hooters and Hixons/Hicksons share bird LEGS. Hooter-like Hoosers/House's (Prophet colors) share the white anchor with Hoods/Hoots. Hose's (LEICestershire, same as Kilpatrick-beloved Dexters) share the human leg with Prime's, Prophets, and Earhardt-connectable Ayers / Eyers/Airs, and Hose's are Huckaby-like Hosabys too.

(For the record: Irish Ennes'/Hennis' have an anchor too while the ANNACKer variation of Anchors looks like it can reveal Annas' and "Ainsleys from the Anaki of Hebron. Scottish Ennes'/Innes' have a "Traist" motto term, like the "Tryst" of Hebrons/Hepburns. German Hoods (giant anchor) are listed with Hep-like Hope's...which behooves a check for a HEPE surname, which happens to be a good reflection of the Keppoch Coat, important where "KEEP Tryst" is the full Hepburn motto. Hepe's share the arm-with-erect-sword with the Brace/Bras Crest, and Bracebridge's share the "Be" with Ennes/Innes'. Swords are from Siward of Northumberland, and Hepburns/Hebrons were first found in Northumberland.)

Hoosers/House's are also Hows', and they were first found in Berkshire with Howe's who in turn have a wolf-head version of the Carrick Coat. We saw the Adam link to Prophets, and here we can add that Margaret Carrick married ADAM Kilconquhar, the line to Adams, and Adam's mother was Miss Comyn(s) while Comyns share the dagger with Kilpatricks. The Kilpatrick write-up suggests a Kilpatrick link to Bruce's, and Margaret's second husband was Mr. Bruce of Annandale. It's important Annas-line Ainsleys share the cross of English Adams because it's in the colors of the Annan(dale) saltire. Annas of Israel was also ANANus, very important in this False-Prophet discussion, wouldn't you say?

I now understand why Hooters share the Hoover Coat i.e. because Hoovers were Howe liners. So, when the woman was HOVERing in the car immediately after she was at the hood, it can involve House liners for one, and/or car-like Carricks i.e. potential Carians of Patmos / Kos. Kilpatricks, Pattersons and Irish Adams share drops with Drops/TROPE's (Norfolk, same as Cousins, Hykes'/Hake's and HOWERs/Howards), and TROPoje is at the KOSovo theater. Miss Hicks was the "TROPHy girl" at barbecue event with bulldog...proving that she was the woman in the bulldog-shark dream (same dream as the hovering woman).

Howers/Howards (dukes of Norfolk) are said to have named castle Howard in Wales, and Wales is where Owl-like Howells (Hower/Howard colors) were first found. CARlisle (Cumberland, same as Daggers) is near Annandale, and, I'm reading, "The 1st Earl of Carlisle, Charles Howard (1629-1685) was the great grandson of Lord William Howard (1563-1640), the youngest son of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk..." The Carlisle Coat is just a giant cross in the colors of the Ainsley cross, and the latter throws in the same fleur-de-lys as have the Hicks.

I've not said that Huckabee, Hicks or Earhardt are necessarily bound to support the False Prophet, for God may have used them purely for their names as pointers to the things just pointed to, including Christians who will support the False Prophet. It's questionable whether all Christian supporters of the False Prophet will also "worship" the anti-Christ, but we can begin to guess that those supporters will become the unprepared foolish virgins. That's why I regularly warn against becoming political to the point of forgetting Jesus' Program for this world. That's why I always warn against loving sinful America. Love of sinful country is adultery in the eyes of Jesus. Stick to One Country, the Israel of God, because your life depends upon it. For some, appreciation for Trump has become adoration already, and this has got to be similar with "worship" for the anti-Christ. They will worship him for his military might, for one, and the False Prophet's fire from the sky has got to be identifiable now as Trump's Space Force...not necessarily meaning that Trump is the False Prophet, or that fulfillment will come while he's the president.

Don't we find it amazing that the Ainsley-branch Annas' can be from Israel's chief priest, Annas, the one before Jesus was tried with false witnesses on the night he was condemned to capital punishment? The scoundrels didn't even give Jesus his last meal. They didn't even give Him a day to prepare for his death. How surreal that descendants of Annas should become the foolish virgins who fail to keep their lamps burning, which we can interpret as Christians no longer staying close to Jesus, but rather showing love for the world. The salt-pillars to-be. It's a crying, very-sad shame.

What I find mentionable about the Huckaby appearance on Fox and Friends with Earhardt as the interviewer is a possible insinuation that some political-activist Christians are becoming foolish virgins. Huckabee's daughter was Trump's press secretary, and as such she was paid to frame all realities in Trump's favor i.e. forsake principles / truth if it called for it. His daughter married Mr. Sanders, and the shark dream had a sandy beach. Sand is a topic of Jesus to portray foolish builders who do not build on the Rock. So, when trouble comes, God is not going to help them. Fend for yourselves, because they did not hold Jesus close enough to please God. They let the weeds choke them out. They chased the American dream in the end times. Mr. Luff was playing the stock market. He died in a car accident i.e. is there a reason that God didn't save him? Repeat from the paragraph with Ainsley-connectable Ennes' ("valore"): "It seems that the freezer in the snake-tongue dream has some pointability to Miss Earhardt. Why?" Could a freezer be a symbol of hypocrisy/ coldness?

But then if Earhardt was in the rapturous event of the shark dream with me, doesn't it suggest that she's a symbol of the wise virgins? I'm confused. Perhaps it's her Fraser-connectable ex-husband who's the foolish virgin. Perhaps I shouldn't even be on this discussion. It's interesting that English WISE's have three of the double chevrons of German Sanders. English Wise's were first found in Devon with the Esau-suspect Esse's/Ash's having double chevrons linkable to the three of Wise's. As per wise versus foolish, the Fullers/Fullo's/Fullos' share the triple fesses of Luffs. However, there's a beacon (a lamp) in the Fuller/Fullos Crest, suggesting those who keep their light shining, the very symbol of the wise virgins (they stored oil for their lamps, the foolish ones didn't).

Amazingly, Beacons/Bacons share the Chief-Shield colors of English Ennes' while Fullers/Fullo's share the single star of Heyns'. English Ennes' have a white boar head, and Beacon/Bacons have a white boar! Make of it what you will -- if only a general pointer of God to the dire warning of the 10-virgins parable -- but the Ennes saltire is colors reversed from the LAMP saltire. It could be a pointer also to the lamb-like False Prophet (supported by foolish virgins, right?) because Lamps are also Lambys...and L'Amys. Amys happen to share the bear heads of Berwicks who in turn share the motto of Sarah's! Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Zikers, what is this? Amys and L'Amys were a topic just in the last update with the catholic, Amy Coney Barrett. Lambs/Lums share the cinquefoils of French Bacons, and Lumbers/Lambs have the double stars of Beacons/Bacons!!

As the Ennes boar is shot through with an arrow, the Pollock / Bole symbol too, note FULbert, father of Pollocks. Beacons/Bacons (share white boar with Bole's) trace themselves to GRIMbald, and Griims/Gris' have the giant Annas star, half in the colors of the giant Heyns star. Fulbert of Pollock was about one generation from Fulbert "the tanner" of Falaise. Is that not amazing, since the false- / Fullos-like Falls'/Fallis' are suggested as Falaise liners. Bole's share the Molle boar head, and Moline's were tied to Falaise too. "Falaise" is much like the Valais variation of Valois'/VALOIRs, and the latter's chevron is colors reversed from the same of boar-head Rollo's (Perthshire) because Poppa of Valois was the wife of king Rollo. The Passe's/Pascals in the Rollo motto use a lamb, no guff. Rollo was the ancestor of William the Conqueror, and the latter married the daughter of the "tanner" of Falaise. Rollo agreed to convert the pagan ancestry of his people to catholicism (phony conversion) -- made a pact with the vatican -- in return for a chunk of France.

Repeat: "Hmm, the Labels/La Bells in the "label" of German Sanders look connectable to the Valois'/VALOIRs (chevron colors reversed from VALERY/Vallier chevron)." German Sanders are the ones with the double chevrons of Kinney-like Kyne's in colors reversed, and McKinneys with Kims/M'Kins share the Fraser cinquefoils. Plus, the snake-tongue's were waggling (for lack of a better term) in an S-like wave, and the Valery/Vallier Chief is called a "wave."

[Insert -- As Mr. Huckaby is pointing to, or acting as, the False Prophet, let's repeat here that while Rollo married the line producing that Valoir surname, the Valerys have a Chief with a wave in the colors of the Asclepios rods in the Huckaby Chief. At the bottom of the Valery Chief is a thin fesse bar in the colors of the Weaver fesse, and "wave" is suspect as code for Weaver liners, explaining why Webbers have wavy bars. The Valery chevron is in the colors of the Huckaby chevron. These things are why the wavy snake tongue of Valery pointed to Huckabee's. Webbers look related to Poppa-like Pepins.

Then, the world, "false," is like the La Falaise location beside Eure-et-LOIR, perhaps the reason for the VaLOIR surname. The Arms of Eure-et-Loir are the triple-red chevrons of Muschats while Luffs were kin of the Muscats (no 'h'). This can explain why the Valois/Valoir surname lists Falaise-like "Valais." The Loir river is a tributary of the Sarthe while Lizarts/SARDE's can be linked to English Liss' while French Lys'/Liss' were first found in Ile-de-France with La Falaise. FRESnay-sur-Sarthe (i.e. on the Sarthe), new to me right here, looks like it can relate to the Frey/FREEZE surname, first found in Essex with Muschats. Suddenly, we have verification that VaLOIRs are to be pointed to by Valery Luff. Fresnays share a green Shield with Rays! Ray Luff, more verification that God gave this dream.

Chew on this: as Pavia's share the Feet/Fate Coat while Pierro's/PERO's were first found in Pavia, it seems that PROfetts were a Pero-Feet merger. Rays, in Prophet/Profett colors, use a "PROmpTUS" motto term, and Tous'/Tosini's, using a "MAN" with a SHIRT, look like Tosni's of Les AndeLYS i.e. in Eure. Tosni's were otherwise the Toeni's of leg-line Leicester, and Tonys share the maunch-sleeve with Asti-like Hastings.

Asti is on the TANARo river, where I suspect "the tanner" to be secretly from (my theory is that the royal Normans and/or their historians didn't want to reveal their Italian roots / connections, so it came to be told falsely that Fulbert was a tanner). Masci's, the line to the False Prophet, I predict, were first found in the Tanaro area, and German Tans share pine cones with Maschi's. The latter's Rimini location is in the motto of Hamons due to Hamon de Masci of Dunham-Massey, and, "discRIMINa," the term used by Hamons, is almost used by Traylers (mascles) who come up as "Trayer," like the Tragers linkable to Fellers/FellTRAGERs (compare Rocco's to Tragers).

This Trayer-Trager relationship is new right here, so far as I can recall, and I'll expound on this in the News section below, as it may touch on the train wreck that is Joe Biden.

Rollo's treaty with France, "St-Clair-sur-Epte," means Sinclairs/Claro's on the Epte river, which happens to be in Eure. English Clare's have triple-red chevrons too. As Hicks use "heure," might not Hucks and Huckabys be of Eure elements too? While Rollo's use a "passe" motto term, the Arms of Eure use two PASSant lions in the colors of the two "rampant" lions of Abreu's/Abruzzo's, and then La Falaise is in the department of YVELINEs, a term like Mont Velino in Abruzzo.

"PasSANT" can be gleaned as code for the Saint variation of Sine-like Sinclairs. "Sinclair" may not have been named after "St. Clair," as everyone supposes, but after Claro's on the Seine river (passes through Yvelines).

Dol is in Ille-et-VILAINE, and Vilains share the Chief-Shield colors of Tanners expected from "the tanner" of Falaise. Fulbert, father of Pollocks, was a vassal of the Dol Alans, and Fulbert was the name also of "the tanner." I trace Fulbert to Fullers/Fullo's sharing the triple fesses of Luffs. The great thing is, the Arms of Yvelines has two WAVY bends colors reversed from the two WAVY pale bars in the Arms of Ille-et-Vilaine, perfect connectability to the wavy tongues of the Luffs. I compelled to say that Revelation 13 and 19 has the Falaise Prophet.

Yvelines is in Ile-de-France, where Levi's were first found while Tanners and Vilains share the Chief-Shield colors of Levi-like Levins. Jewish Levi's/Levins share double lions in pale (different colors) with the Arms of Eure (Eure-et-Loir has triple-red chevrons in the colors of the triple fesses of Fullers). I trace Bruce's to Abruzzo's/Brussi's, and Bruz (new to me) is a location on the Vilaine river, more confirmation that Dol's Alans were the namers of Mont Velino. The Arms of Bruz has a sinister-rising wave, and sinister is an heraldic feature owned by Masci / Massena / RasMussen liners, and shared by Jewish Rothchilds.

Note the Fuller Brush company, for Brush's ("FuiMUS") are Bruce's. I can't recall whether the Tous/Tosini tell that their man is WEARing a shirt, but, if so, note the "Fuimus" motto of Wears.

Ile-de-France is where Verona's were first found who have a different-color version of the Feller Coat. The Trump bulldog FELL into the pool, and got half-way swallowed by the shark. Pools share the lion of false-like Falls'/Fallis', and the latter share the trefoils of Fellers (Valois/VALAIS/Valoir chevron?). "The Epte is a river in Seine-Maritime and Eure...", and then "Seine" is like the Sine variation of Sions while Sion is in the canton of VALAIS. It was recently when I started to claim that Rockefellers were from Abruzzo's capital region, and here we have some further evidence.

Sharks share the green trefoil with Rocks and Rods, of the Roquefeuil marriage to Hugh of RODez. Hugh was related to the Henrys of Rodez, and French Henrys were in Ille-et-Villain along with a Redon location the Arms of which has a giant ship in the colors of the RENfrew ship, tending to prove that Renfrew was named by elements of Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine). Redons have three pale bars looking connectable to the Fuller-Belli-Carpenter trio, and Belli's, first found in Verona, are suspect with the bulldog's belly, for the shark's teeth were ringed around its belly. Scottish Belly's/Belli's, first found in Moray with Peter Pollock's Rothes castle, share the roses of Jumps. I JUMPed into the pool to save the bulldog, and Jump's (Yorkshire, same as Hicks and Hucks) share the Trump stag head.

It appears that Rollo was either descended from Abruzzo elements from some generations back, or that he was related to them by marriage to Poppa of Valois. Pope's/Pape's were first found in Caithness, which faces out to Orkney, the area ruled by Sinclairs of Roslin, and the Mens', first found in the Roslin area (Midlothian), share the Chief of Poppins/Pophams ("Mens" and "manSIT" motto terms) and of the Caithness-related Keiths (share brown stag head with Poppins/Pophams). Keiths were first found in East Lothian with Seatons/SITTENs, and Sion in Valais is also called, Sitten.

I've added this insert while covering the Hope-Hicks COVID story, which looks like a scandal, and so see my heraldry piece in the News section below as it can link Hicks to Joe Biden's farce. End insert]

The Chief-Shield color combo of Valois'/Valoirs is shared by Cutters, perhaps from Kotor, where I trace Keturah, the second wife of Abraham of Hebron (he was associated with the Anaki). His first wife was Sarah! Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The Shark-line Saraca's of Kotor moved to Ragusa, beside the ELAPHiti islands that I trace to elephant heads, used by Irish Sanders! Sands use a RAGully pattern. Esau's son was ELIPHas. When the woman and I were RISING into the sky, it definitely pointed to RHIZON, just a giant's piddle from Kotor.

Risings have a cross linkable to the Pollock saltire, and the first Pollock, son of Fulbert, was at Moray, where Ennes'/Innis' were first found. Neighboring Perthshire had the Dogs/Docks sharing the cinquefoil of French Bacons. Innis-like Inch's (branch of Ince's) were first found in Perthshire too, and Ince's/inch's were first found in Cheshire with Polesdons/Pulesdons having the Beacon/Bacon stars in colors reversed. Lambs/Lums have a "PULvere" motto term.

This is amazing: the Valery chevron is shared by Rollo's who in turn have the Spear/Speyer boar heads in colors reversed. The Spears/Speyers share crossed spears with Pasi's/Pascels, while the Passe's/Pascals (lamb) are in the Rollo motto. I've told that before; we're not to the amazing part yet. Spears/Speyers were first found in Renfrewshire with Pasi-line Paisleys/PASLEYs, Pollocks, and the Hamiltons sharing the Bacon cinquefoils. The amazing part: English Pasleys (Berkshire, near Luffs of Oxfordshire) share the triple fesses of Luffs (see Pussys)! Valery Luff with the snake tongue, at our service, pointing to Rollo's Lamb-connectable kin. Passe's/Pascals were first found in Essex with Luff-connectable Muschats/Montfitchets. Gernon of Montfitchet take us to Gernons, sharing the Coat of Passe- / Paisley-like Base's/Baise's.

The "cyFOETH" motto term of Gernons (Masci colors) suggests the Foets/Voets, in Prophet/ProFETT colors, and so we are back to the leg-using Prophets connectable to the legs in the Arms of Fussen/FOETes. I started on the Prophets as per a pointer to the False Prophet. It therefore appears arranged by God that Bessins are also BEASTons. They named Beaston in Cheshire, where Ranulph de Gernon-Meschin ruled, and his father was from the Base-like Bessin. Repeat: Base-like Passe's/Pascals (lamb to point to the False Prophet) were first found in Essex with Muschats/Montfitchets. I predicted about seven or more years ago that the False Prophet and/or anti-Christ would be a Meschin / Massey / Masci liner.

Masseys are from the Meshwesh/Mazyes' of Cyrene, home also of ancient Bistones. The Bessins/Beastons share a version of the Bistone Coat having an erect sword. The Bistones peoples, I had read, used an erect sword for their sanctuary, in worship of Ares. I suggest that the erect arrow of Prophets/Profetts applies to that bloodline. Bessins are from Bassianus', who were married by Julius Avitus (husband of Miss Maesa), the line to Vito's/Vita's in the "invita" motto term of Prime's sharing the Prophet/Profett leg (different colors). This Bassianus family had officiated over the El-Gabal cult of Emesa, birthplace of Julia Maesa Bassianus. Emesa is now Homs while Homes'/Hume's and Home's/Hume's have a reflection of the Prophet/Profett Coat.

The interesting thing now is that Homes' are traced to an Alan de Hone while German Hone's are also Hains/Haynes', evoking the Heynes' with almost the Annas Coat. Wait for the punch line. The Scottish Hains come up as "Homs," and the father of Annas (chief priest of Israel) was from Syria! It appears that his line went through the Bassianus cult of Emesa.

Ains'/Hains/Haynes' share wavy-blue with English Hone's, and the Crest of German Hone's/Hains/Haynes' has a wavy blade, otherwise it's the arm-with-sword of Bessins/Beastons (but see also Mieske's) The Amys pile looks linkable to Hagels and Hagens while Ains'/Hains are traced to "Hagenus," suggesting that Amys were an Ains' / Ainsley branch from Annas the killer of Jesus. Hagans were first found in Tyrone with the Keons who come up as "Hone."

The Childs are from Childeric (loved bees), husband of Bassianus-line Basina, and while Childs are said to have been at Wanstead, Wansteads/Weiners (Massey fleur-de-lys) share the horizontally-split Shield of Hone's/Hains/Haynes'. Julia Maesa Bassianus was born in Emesa/Homs, is that not telling? You might not find anyone telling that queen Basina (Thuringia, same as bee-using Talls) descended from Bassianus' because it's my discovery. Bassianus' officiated over a Gabal cult, and German Gable's were first found in Silesia with Hone's/Hains/Haynes.

Having just nailed Gable's to El-Gabal (concurrent with Jesus), let's go to Gable-like Cable's with an "ImpaVIDE" motto likely for the Vido variation of Vito's (Treviso, same as Travis sharing the Biss scallops). Cable's are in Prophet / Homes colors, and share the arm-with-erect-sword of Bistone/BISSons. As Biss' share the scallops of the Bessin's Meschins, it speaks for itself. The same scallops are used by Flags/Flecks, first found in Norfolk with English Homes'/Hume's. The latter have Alan de Hone of Worcester in their write-up, and Bistone's/Bissons (bees) were first found in Worcestershire. Bee's/Beas' share the Massey Shield. Brace's/Bras' (Biss colors) share the Bistone/Bisson Crest, and Bracebridge's (Herefordshire, beside Worcester) use a "Be as" motto phrase that can be for the Bee's/Beas'.

Seleucid Background of Anti-Christ

I've just realized a way to make an heraldic piece of evidence showing that Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king, traces from Bullis on the Aous river of Epirus. Wikipedia once told, then removed it, that Seleucids originated with their Thesprotian associates of Epirus, and my theory is that Balas was named after Bullis, or vice-versa.

I was looking at the Bee Coat noting that they use the Sales bend-with-fleur, as well as the LEIGHton/LEYton quadrants in colors reversed. The latter surname was first found in Shropshire, beside the first-known LEIGH/LIGHs/Leys and Sales' of Cheshire. Shropshire is where Alans lived who were from Aulon, marked near Bullis on the map at link the Aous above. It's logical to trace Lighs and Sales' to the Salyes LIGures, right? Yes, and they are suspect in forming the Salassi peoples of Aous-like Aosta. That's the piece of evidence I'm referring to, the similarity between "Aosta" and Aous." Plus, off the coast from Liguria is Seleucus-like Sulcis, in southern Sardinia, and SHARDs/Shirts were first found in Cheshire too.

If that's not enough, Aulon was also, AVLONa, and a similar mount VELINo is off the Salto river while Sales' are also Salletts. Avezzano is on/off the Salto very near Velino, and Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia! Zinger. "Salto" could have named Saluzzo (Interior Liguria) even as Salts' are also Salz's. Plus, wow, the Salts'/Salz's (Austria, same as bird-leg Hooters) have a bird LEG in Crest, perfect! It's black, and can be the eagle of Abruzzo's capital, L'Aquila. Hooters (exactly the Hoover Coat) were first found in Bavaria with German Bullis'/Bullings. The latter have a giant plow looking linkable to the Coat of Hoover-like Overs, and Plows were first found in Shropshire, beside the Overs of Cheshire. German Bullis' share gold wings in Crest with Aosta-like Hosts/Osts expected in the "Hostis" motto term of Cheshire's Shirts/Shards (Sardinia suspects) who in turn share red roundels with English Bullis'/Bulliards. It makes Sulcis of Sardinia very suspect from king Seleucus, especially as Sulcis is at Sant'Antioco while Seleucus' first son was Antiochus. Hello? Any experts listening?

Hosts/Osts share the white-on-blue bull head with Bulls/Bule's (Somerset, same as Hosts/Osts). Aosta's Bautica river comes down by bull-using Turin, like "Turano," the latter being the name of a river beside the Salto. Hello? Ding-dong, hello? Massey-branch Masci's, who have the gold wing too, as do Portuguese Abreu's, were first found in/near Turin, and Italian Abreu's are Abruzzo liners.

Bird legs are used by Hixons/Hicksons and Hoovers, and while Hoover-like Overs were first found in Cheshire too, Hicks' (were at Low LEYTON) happen to use an "HEURE" motto term while the upper Salto river, with Velino and Avezzano, are in Abruzzo, the line to Evreux in EURE. Amazing stuff, it really is. And while we got here starting with Bee's, Bracebridge's helped Bee's to become a topic while the Bras variation of Brace's could be a line to Bra of Cuneo, for Saluzzo is in Cuneo, and then Brae's/Brays, I kid you not, use black bird legs!!!

We might appreciate that Soros-like Soars/Sors' and their Legro kin are of LEICester's Legro/Soar river, a topic I've been addressing George Soros with. Anyone as evil as Soros could make an anti-Christ fulfillment. He seems to be leading the charge to an anti-Christian America. Soars/Sors' share the Leighton/Leyton quadrants.

The bird legs of Hooters, Hoovers, Hicksons and Brae's/Brays are all "erased" at their tops, code, I believe, for the Eras variation of Rasmussens who share the giant uniCORN of Fire's expected in the "fireball" of Cheshire's, Balas-like Balls! Bingo. "UNIcorn" has been resolved with the CORN-like Ceraunii Illyrians beside the UNA (Oeneus) river, who are expected to have named the Ceraunii mountains to the immediate south of the Aous river and Bullis. Proto-Massey Maezaei lived between the Una and the Ceraunii, and Bessin-related Bee's share the Massey quadrants, thus making a Massey-line link to the line of Alexander Balas, the bloodline that could potentially go to the anti-Christ.

The "Durante" motto term of CORNwalls (named by a Cornovii peoples who were also in Cheshire) is code, obviously, for the Durance river, home of the Salyes Ligures. English Durants not only have a fesse in the colors of the Salts/Salz fesse, but share the fleur-de-lys of Sales'/Salletts. I expect "Durance" to be from "Turano," a river flowing beside the Salto. Cornwalls may be using the giant Leigh/Ligh/Ley lion, the latter being in both colors of the same of Turano-like Trane's/Trains.

More: the Breakers in the "flax breaker" of Brae's/Brays are listed with the Brechs, first found in Shropshire with the Leightons/Leytons. The Breaker/Brech hunting horn is colors reversed from the one of Orange's, and Orange is a location near the Durance. Plus, flax-like Flags/Flacks (Meschin scallops) reminds of the Syrian Baathists, co-founded by Mr. AFLAQ. Some years before engaging heraldry for the first time, I proposed that the Seleucid kingdom of the anti-Christ would translate in the end-times to the Baathists of Iraq and Syria. (Daniel 8 and 11 prophesies a link of Seleucids to the end-time anti-Christ.)

The Baths share the cross of Fessys, and the latter, first found in Northamptonshire with Brae's/Brays, are from/of the Fieschi of Liguria.

Speaking of snakes for tongues, the Tongue's are also Tongs, and so see: "The surname Durant was first found in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, and Shropshire at TONG, a parish, in the union of Shiffnall, Shiffnall division of the hundred of Brimstree. 'Tong Castle, the seat of the family of Durant,'...And yet another branch of the family was found in Cornwall. The Cornwall branch married such that their inheritance went to Arundels, who had been FitzALANs of Shropshire! No guff, the FitzAlans of Arundel, who lived in Shropshire's Clun, had married Alice of Saluzzo, explaining why Cluns share the Saluzzo Coat! It provides good evidence that Alans are from Aulon/Avlona (like "Avalon") by the Ceraunii mountains. Plus, the Clun and Saluzzo Coats are identical to the one of Durance-like Dure's, tending to suggest that Saluzzo was named by the Salyes Ligures.

Plus, the ATINTanes of the Aous river (they could have been on the neighboring Ceraunii mountains) named Cornwall's Tintagel, birthplace of king Arthur, and he was made to die in Avlona-like Avalon, we get it.

It's important that the English Durants were at Worcestershire too, location of the Clent hills, for Clun-like Clents/Clints (Yorkshire, near Blyth's) share the garbs of BLYTH's while Bullis was also "BYLLIS. It is just amazing, therefore, that while BILL Clinton was born as Mr. Blythe, Clintons and BILLS' (!!!) share the Chief-Shield colors of Cluns, Saluzzo's, and Dure's. The six Clinton and Hillary fitchees are in the pattern of the six Arundel swallows, and in the colors of the Swallows swallows. Sallows' were first found in Shropshire, and thus Swallows' with Sallows' look like Saluzzo = Seleucid branches.

Shropshire was also Saluzzo-like Salop, and it's the location of Sleap. If I'm correct in tracing Sleaps/Sleeps (Shropshire) to "Selepitanoi," might the latter have been framed as SELE-PITANo, partly from "Seleucus," and partly from a Pitano-like entity? By what coincidence do Pitts (Dorset, same as Soars/Sors sharing the quadrants of Shropshire's Leigtons/Leytons) share the checkered fesse of Alan-line Stewarts? Pitts share the stork with Petts/Perts (stork in BULrushes), and the latter surname has the mascles of Bullis-like Bullys. How about that. Bullis'/Bulliards (roundels = code for Arundel liners) were first found in Kent and Wiltshire, the latter being beside Dorset's Pitts. Petts/Perts were first found in Kent with the Petits in the Malcolm motto along with "ardua," a Pitt motto term too.

SALESburys (Wiltshire) share the Abruzzo/Abreu lion, tending to assure that Sales' are from Abruzzo's Salto river. When's the last time you heard from the expert historians that the line of king Seleucus was on the Salto river?

Wiltshire is where one branch of MORTons was first found while the other branch was first found in Cheshire with the slew of Seleucid suspects. The Motts come up as Morte's, and they were put into Arthurian-myth code as the book, "Le Morte d'Arthur," concerning king Arthur's DEATH in Avalon, which was secretly the island of Bute, beside Arran, the latter being where Alexanders were first found who share the crescent of Motts/Morte's and Deaths/Darths. ALEXANDER Balas.

Flaad, father of the first-known Alan, lived in Brittany, and Brittany is where French Balls were first found who share large ermine spots with the BALAS/Bayliss/Bailiff surname (Glamorganshire, same as Tilurius-liner Tillers i.e. traceable to the proto-Arthur Ardiaei Illyrians). Balas'/Bayliss' share estoiles on blue with Bute's. Ermine spots are framed usually with three black ROUNDELs otherwise called, pellets, which are on the Tiller lions. Pellets and their Pilotte branch can be gleaned with Pilate's who in turn have pheon arrow heads, and the ermine spot is made of an arrow head too while Arrows/Arras' are from the Artois capital. Ermine's/Armine's/Armys essentially share the Annandale Shield, and Motts/Morte's were first found in Cotes d-ARMOR. La Motte is a location in that theater, all near Dol.

Alans ascended the Scottish throne (as Stewarts) by marriage to Annandale Bruce's, whom I trace to the Abruzzo/Brussi surname, good evidence that Alans of Avlona named mont Velino. Abruzzo's/Brussi's share the tower of Pellicans, the latter first found in Maine with Byllis-like Billets/Billiards and Lance's. The latter apply where the Durant line to Arundels was in Launcell (Cornwall). English Lance's/Launce's have a fesse colors reversed from the same of Rundels/Roundels and Alans, and Lance's/Launce's were first found in Norfolk with a batch of early, Lance-like Alans. Bra is at the Langhe theater, and while German Langs share the pelican with Stewarts, English and Scottish Langs share the fesse of Durants and Salts'/Salz's, we get it. Royal Stewarts were Seleucid liners, weren't they? Seleucids came to rule Britain.

The Alan write-up: "The parish of Mileham, NORFOLK is of early significance to the family. 'This place, at the time of the Conquest, was given to Alan, son of Flaald, and ancestor of the Fitz-Alans, earls of Arundel..."

Repeat: "...the giant Leigh/Ligh/Ley lion, the latter being in both colors of the same of Turano-like Trane's/Trains". Here's from the Trane/Train write-up, begging whether Baliols, a branch of Bailys (share Billiard / Billet/Billiard stars), were Alexander-Balas liners: "The surname Train was first found in Northumberland and Durham where they held a family seat from very ancient times, Lords of the manor of Streatlam, Stewards of Richmondshire (now Yorkshire and Durham,) and were closely associated with the ancient Percies, Earls of Northumberland, and the Royal Balliol family." The Scott write-up tells that Alexander was the name of king Baliol's brother. Richmondshire was granted (by the Norman king) to Alans of Brittany, and Percies/Percys married the FitzALAN-Saluzzo family. Percys used the Louvain lion in particular, which is blue like the Bruce lion, yet in both colors of the Legro / Soar/Sors lion.

As I said in the last update, fable-writer, JJ Tolkien, had a Numenor code for the island of Arran (where Alexanders were first found), as code for Newmans/Numans. Here we can add that the Newman/Numan and Baily mottoes share "Ubi" and "ibi," suspect for some part(s) of the McCabe/MacABEE bloodline, for the latter surname was first found in Arran too. It's known that Jonathan Maccabee, ruler of Israel, formed a strong alliance with Alexander Balas, and thereafter Maccabees got "Alexander" for their names, suggesting intermarriage between Maccabees and the line of Balas. So, it could appear that McCabe's (Cable colors) formed a MacABEE variation in honor of their Maccabee roots. Yes, for while they say that "maccabee" means "hammer" in Jewish, the Hams, in the colors of Hammers (Sussex, same as Hams), share the salmon of McCabe's/MacAbee's. It appears that a Ham line formed a Hammer variation in honor of their Maccabee ancestry. I do not think that "Maccabee" was a translation from "hammer," but rather think that Maccabees (properly, Maccabeus) were named after the proto-Maceys/Mace's. Hammers use Dol-line dolphins.

King Maccus ruled the isles about Arran. His line was to Mackays, and the latter had the sept of Beans/Bene's/Vains in the "bene" motto term of Bailys. Mackays use a "dagger" as code for the Dexaroi near, or even in, Bullis.

Arran is related to Irons/Hirams/Orions of "Airaines" because it's near ABBEville. Balliols and Bailys named "...Bailleul-En-Vimeu which is about six miles south of Abbeyville." Irons/Hirams/Orions have a cross partly in the colors of the Balas/Bayliss cross. The latter's Bailiff variation may be secretly in the fictitious character of Freemasonry, Hiram Abiff.

Mont Velino is traceable to Velins / Velens, first found in Westphalia with Shells/Schells and Sellers/Sells/Sellens (Silk/Silcox colors). If Shells/Schells or Sells are from Sellicks while Sellicks were SELEUCids, then a host of Schal- / Shell-like terms become suspect from Seleucids. Scalia's. Shiels/Shields. Sheldons, Sheltons, Skeltons, Skulls, Scale's, Scayle's, Shalls, and Sellers.

Shells/Schells share the fleur-de-LYS of Lys'/Lisse's and Masseys/Maceys, and there is a Lys tributary of the Bautica river in Aosta i.e. making Shells suspect from the Salassi founders of Aosta. The Bautica flows past the Artois-related Arduinici (of Ivrea) to Chivasso, named by the Cavii of LISSus, and Artois has a Lys river too. Note the BayLISS variation of Balas', and then know that a Lille location near the Lys river of Artois shares the Lys/Lisse fleur-de-lys, explaining why the fleur-de-lys is a lily, but, moreover, the Lille Coat (swallow in Crest?) shares the Balas/Bayliss cross, can you believe this? Lille's use an "HONESta" motto term while Hone's/Hones' were first found in Hampshire with same-colored LISS'. The latter share the Coat of Lists, first found in Salassi-like Silesia and LAUSitz. I trace the fleur-de-lys to "Laus," the alternative name of Croatian Ragusa (I see Laus named by peoples of Lissus).

Schell-like SCHLESingers/Schlesins, named after Silesia, share the Salts'/Salz fesse, how about that! Schlesingers/Schlesins share gold wings in Crest with Bull-related Aosta-like Hosts/Osts.


Perhaps the biggest story of John Ratcliffe's release of information this week is that he released it. His letter starts off with what seems to me a contradiction foisted upon him by anti-Trumpers (not good news).

"In late July 2016, U.S. intelligence agencies obtained insight into Russian intelligence analysis alleging that U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians' hacking of the Democratic National Committee. The IC [Intelligence Community] does not know the accuracy of this allegation [against Hillary] or the extend to which the Russian intelligence analysis may reflect exaggeration or fabrication.

The first sentence, stating that Intelligence has information to deduce some illegal election interference, looks like it's from unbiased professionals who caught the Clinton crime ring, but the second sentence, claiming that the Intelligence Community knows NOTHING, looks like it's from the cover-uppers demanding their input into Ratcliffe's release. That is, the pro-Clintonites wanted Ratcliffe to say: it could be exaggeration. I don't think Ratcliffe would have chosen "exaggeration" himself, for he knows the conspiracy exists, and nobody in 2016's Intelligence community would have exaggerated an anti-trump effort.

It would have been much helpful if Mr. Ratcliffe released the data that created the allegations. Otherwise, this letter is much a teaser, allowing leftists to disregard it as baloney. The recipient of the letter (Lindsey Graham) is welcome to go get more on the matter from Ratcliffe, but why didn't Ratcliffe just give the entire package along with this letter? Maybe he did, but this is all Lindsey released. How long can it take Graham to get the stuff of this issue? A week? Do you think Graham wants to release more? I don't, but surprise me. The release continues with a damning mark on Brennan:

"According to handwritten notes, former Central Intelligence Agency Director Brennan subsequently briefed President Obama and other senior national security officials on the intelligence, including the 'alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on July 26, 2016 of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.'

Okay, so Brennan discovers that there are Intelligence people willing to expose Clinton, and we are led to think that Brennan sends Obama a heads-up i.e. so that Obama can deal with them. But there may be another motive to send this to Obama, in order to create a paper trail with "evidence" that Hillary's not guilty of hatching the plot. Instead, Brennan blames the "foreign policy advisor" (Steele?) for hatching it, and Hillary's guilty only of giving the okay (she can thus act ignorant of what's going on). So, the Clinton team hires Steele to get Trump dirt, and then Brennan portrays her as a nobody to the plot. He sends Obama the info, as if Obama had not known of this before, even though Obama already knew of the plot. Remember, Obama does things "by the book" i.e. leaves a paper trail to give an angelic impression of his illegalities.

Then, in relation to information in which Hillary approved the plot (which tends to go beyond merely giving it an initial green light), Ratcliffe adds what looks like another helpful piece of "evidence," for Hillary, from her accomplices:

On 07 September 2016, U.S. intelligence officials [not necessarily the good guys] forwarded an investigative referral to FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Peter Strzok regarding 'U.S. President candidate Hillary Clinton's approval of a plan concerning U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering U.S. elections as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server."

The bad guys may have provided this paper "evidence" on Hillary's behalf, just in case she got caught by the wrong people (such as Durham), in order to grant her a false motive, not to topple Trump's election chances, but merely to distract from her email scandal. It could be that Ratcliffe got hoodwinked into releasing these things that assist Hillary's case in case Durham's thinking of arresting her or her accomplices, or even if the Clinton loyalists think that some of their fellows are ratting out on them.

So, Mr. Ratcliffe, who were those Intelligence people who tried to alert Obama of Hillary's crime? Why didn't they blow the whistle on this crime when Obama did nothing to stop it? Were they in on the crime to begin with, and were they pretending that they caught Hillary when in fact they were only recording on paper that there was possibly nothing to the allegations? Were they pretending there wasn't enough evidence as their excuse not to go forward with an investigation against her? Or, were they legitimate good guys that Obama ordered to stand down = a jail-able offense?

Durham looks like half a rat for not yet arresting Obama, though we have word from Barr himself that he's the BIG RAT who doesn't want Obama arrested, EVEN IF HE'S GUILTY of facilitating a large conspiratorial body conducting what amounts to SEDITION. It's not a wonder the Durham report has not yet come out, because a steady drip of hard-core releases of information, from others besides the DoJ, are probably necessitating changes to the too-soft report (padded with protection on behalf of the guiltiest parties).

Plus, with the promise of more releases, Barr's probably afraid to let the report come out lest it's later discovered to be deliberately fraudulent in parts (that's a crime, Mr. Barr).

Ratcliffe's letter ends with: "...Attorney General Barr has advised that the disclosure of this information will not interfere with ongoing Department of Justice investigations. Additional declassification and public disclosure of related intelligence remains under consideration." Why won't it interfere? Is it because Barr intends to arrest neither Obama nor Clinton nor Brennan? What did Barr convince Ratcliffe to leave out? Did Barr inject the "exaggeration or fabrication" into the letter? Does Barr now own Ratcliffe due to having an ongoing investigation? Will Barr prolong the investigation perpetually to keep ownership of Ratcliffe, to prevent him from becoming free? Be free, Mr. Ratcliffe, the way you were before taking the DNI job. If you make enemies, that's to be expected; if Barr's a trash can, don't let him own you, because you don't want to become trash.

Well, if Mr. Ratcliffe is sending Lindsey Graham material, all the good guys in congress must start requesting material from Ratcliffe. Ratcliff has access to all of Hillary's emails, doesn't he? Here's a public-related outcome of Ratcliffe not providing enough stuff in his release of information: "When pressed again, Mr. Comey doubled down on his refusal to address the Ratcliffe letter. 'I donít understand Mr. Ratcliffeís letter well enough to comment,' Mr. Comey continued. 'Itís confusing and contains within it a statement that its unverified information. So I really donít know what heís doing'" (Washington Examiner). Mr. Ratcliffe, you were too vague with this release. Have you something with more teeth? Comey's flubbing his nose at you.

How can the following Part 2 of Project Veritas take place unless the FBI gives the wink:

Where else did the Obama FBI turn a blind eye in election fraud so that Obama won an election again in 2012? Why didn't Trump work to discover that fraud? Why does it take Project Veritas to bring this corruption to the people? The nation is very, very sick with crooks, the sorts of people who open casinos.

In the first debate, Trump repeatedly broke the interruption rules, but I don't blame him. Trump had every right to interrupt against Wallace's complaints, not only because moderator Wallace tried to keep him in a straight-jacket, but because Biden launched one slanderous lie after another. No debater should need to spend his entire allotted time merely correcting his opponent's lies. The clear loser of this debate was the moderator for showing his pro-Biden bias, but Fox anchors and commentators are not expected to criticize Wallace. Is that the right way to play this, expose your own self-interest over the news you're supposed to carry? Wallace claimed at the debate's outset that he formed all questions himself, and so Fox people have no one to blame but him for making it appear that White supremacists, or Trump's alleged support thereof, has a place in this debate. The Fox boss and/or management badly wants Trump to lose, a frightening scenario.

Biden pointed out decreased jobs due to COVID, and increased crime proliferated by Democrat connivers, and then blamed it all on Trump. That's the Soros way. Half of Democrats deliberately produce the ruin of the nation, and the other half of Democrats blame it on Trump (or any other Republican president) while promising to be the angels to fix the ruin. They ruin the nation, then promise to fix it. Detestable. They cause inter-racial divisions, then blame it on Trump. Even Wallace used the democrat argument of blaming this summer's violence on Trump, I kid you not.

Having said that, Trump is to blame for the ruin of the nation by not having the proper people in law enforcement to build fear in the ones who conducted the technicalities of the ruin. Also, while he needed to interrupt Biden to protect himself, he didn't do it with class, but more like a juvenile, at least in the beginning. He's allowed being off his game because he does work hard, and weakness is expected at times.

Biden: "Under this president, we've become weaker, sicker, poorer, more divided and more violent". True, as stated, but it's stated to blame Trump, and that's incorrect. Shame on Biden, a man of zero principles, a liar, a fake. Trump misbehaved, but Biden was peppering him with slander, justifying Trump's outbursts. The latter's alternative was to remain quiet, just allow the lies to appear factual to naive viewers, exactly what Wallace preferred. Wallace didn't like Trump correcting Biden.

Wallace (tightly controlled the topics) wouldn't allow discussion on the Biden crimes in Ukraine / China / Russia when Trump brought it up. Wallace, at one point, said that the people could care less about that criminal issue, exposing that, in Wallace's mind, the liberals are THE PEOPLE. What Wallace did was to limit the answers to two minutes WITHOUT allowing conversation between the two, because Biden was able to polish his statements beforehand on the issues, but is not polished should a spontaneous back-and-forth take place. Wallace did exactly what Biden's backers desired.

Biden did better than I thought he would, mentally/verbally, but now that Trump's gotten over his first bar, Biden's going to get creamed worse in the second debate, if he sticks to his guns. Trump was not over-confident, and even appeared slightly afraid / awkward out of the gate, which is a good way to see him humbled for a change. You need guns against liberals, because they're brute blockheads. They have got to be walloped because they don't take correction. They have got to be bashed, because they resist correction. They have got to be destroyed because you cannot talk them back to sanity, for they are bent on destruction of opponents, and must be destroyed. Make America Speak Out, the necessity to defeating liberal activists.

In Canada, conservatives and Christians are like dead men, proud of never complaining or being vocal / boisterous "like those Americans." Canadians pride themselves in being peaceful, exactly the way liberals want them, quiet and accepting of their media brainwashings. SPEAK OUT STUPIDS. Complain about liberal tactics to control society, or you'll be engulfed by them.

In this election, Trump has an easier time than he did against Hillary, for Biden's got major problems. This is why we should expect some immediate surprises from Biden's backers, some last-ditch effort to take this election with extraordinary means. Really, assassination may be their final solution. They can blame it on a free antifa radical. They are begging them to do it by portraying Trump as a supporter of racists.

Nunes is saying that Trump's pick for CIA director is refusing to declassify key documents that Nunes wants publicized:

I agree with Nunes that it would be a horror should Trump lose the election by one point whereas the issuing of the Durham report BEFORE the election might have given Trump the victory. Barr is risking that situation, looking like he's playing for a Democrat win. How else can we explain his silence at this time, and that of the CIA director?

Tucker's guest in the video below says that Trump's CIA director (Gina Haspel) was Brennan's British liaison during the scandalous 2016 election season. That tends to explain why she doesn't want to release anything. She may have been speaking with Steele himself in order to relay updates to Brennan. The question is: why did Trump chose Haspel? Was he just a jerk or an idiot of some deep-state advisor who urged him to choose her, or has Trump been repeatedly and knowingly handing the deep state it's get-out-of-jail-free card?

Why hasn't Barr revealed that Haspel refuses to give over documents because she's seeking to protect herself and/or her old boss? Why hasn't Trump revealed this, since he has briefings with Haspel herself at times, and regularly with her spokespeople? TRUMP FARCE, that's what this is. He acts as though he's not in charge of the CIA. He'll act worse than if his hands are tied to alter Haspel's course: he won't even mention it, hoping no one asks him about it. There's no mention of Haspel at his twitter account as of almost midnight, October 1.

I still have not heard Trump advertise the great benefits of vitamin D for fighting COVID. The doctor below, who trusts the authorities way too much, and who probably calls COVID a "pandemic" to this day to hype more viewers of his videos, is on the vitamin-D case again:

As you can see in just the 6th minute, vitamin D can reduce chances of going into intensive care (with COVID) by 25 times. WOW-WOW-WOW, the amazing thing here is that Trump's task force is not crying out this wonderful information. It means that Trump's task force is corrupt, for there is no other explanation. That task force has heard this D news, but is hiding it, we must assume, because its players hope to make big money on vaccine distribution. What other explanation is there? Trump's transferring money to the military to distribute vaccines, and money to the military is the dictionary definition of government corruption. Trump must be involved, for he's not promoting vitamin D. You just watch him on that front, a big, fat silence. Buy your D before prices sky-rocket.

Searching "covid vitamin d" at Google fails to bring up articles from the main American media. Canada's liberal CBC has no article either, but Canada's CTV, and Britain's BBC, do have an article. Silence on this issue is murder, and when word does start to get out of D's benefits, expect an "expert" review / study, in a liberal media, to say that there's no evidence that D helps against COVID. This world has become such a shame for its disrespect of human life. Woe to Trump and Pence if they don't start promoting this vitamin. Woe to them both.

Read the comments at the video above. For example: "Didnít realise that one of the signs of low vitamin D is lower back pain. Have been taking vitamin D in a higher dose now for a couple of weeks and my lower back pain has virtually disappeared after a decade from when I had the worst bout of flu ever. It seems the drug companies donít want you to know the benefits of vitamin D..." Another comment:

Within the last week, in the British Parliament, the Health Secretary, Mathew Hancock, was asked a question by Rupe Huq a Labour M.P. I happened to watch this live. She asked: in view of evidence that Vitamin D was shown to help covid patients would the Health Secretary consider it being widely prescribeable? He replied to my astonishment: I had ordered a trial that showed vitamin D did not 'appear to have any impact'.

However this article has appeared in The Times newspaper today: Hancock wrong to say government scientists ran coronavirus trial on vitamin D. Ministers are to reconsider vitamin D as a potential weapon against Covid-19 after Matt Hancock wrongly claimed that government scientists had run unsuccessful tests.

The health secretary told the Commons last week that he had ordered a trial that showed vitamin D did not ďappear to have any impactĒ. Officials now admit that no trials took place.

As you can see, government people desirous of a COVID pandemic are liars and killers. There is no question about it: the world is undergoing a mass-murder process as we speak, and Trump has been doing nothing to keep them from killing. Go ahead and win the election, but woe is unto you, Trump and Pence, woe is unto you both.

Finally? I have been trying since my brother was hospitalized at Beth Israel in Boston to get his VITAMIN D level tested in early April. They refused to even test him. He held on for 7 weeks at which point a spokesperson for the Hospital said to me they wanted my support to take him off all meds bc, she said they tried everything (pause) except VITAMIN D. My brother "died" about 4 days later. It is criminal for hospitals not to be administering high doses of VITAMIN D to Covid-19 patients. With all the information available why has this not been established? NO KICKBACKS?

There is a conspiracy to kill, plain and simple, the doctors and hospital chiefs know their role in this, as though a spirit of murder holds them all in sync. They just know what it is, and they do their part, just as though they might have been murderers in the past, long before COVID became a problem.

Is it possible that the medical establishment scared us out of the sun, by exaggerating the possibilities of catchin skin cancer, because it wanted us to be low on vitamin D so that an assortment of our illnesses make the establishment more money?

Fauci killer: "Fauci has been taking 6000 IU of D and 1000mg of C. In an interview with the Washingtonian during the flu season of 2006 he said he optimizes his D level and takes vitamin C to avoid getting the flu and other viruses and encouraged others to do the same. Yet during this pandemic there is no mention of this." Fauci killer, we knew it all along.

Hope Hicks Looks Suspicious

On the evening of Thursday, October 1, news came out that Hope Hicks has COVID. I think that pro-Trumpers are going to ask some serious questions about Miss Hicks, coming from Fox news, Trump's enemy, back into the White House earlier this year.

"In February 2020, it was announced that Hicks would return to the White House Office as an aide to Jared Kushner and counselor to President Donald Trump." Why would Trump need a politically-green, but attractive, young and unmarried lady, as his counselor? Smells like an attempt at adultery to me. Why is there no news about her at Fox? Note that she returned to the White House just as the COVID scheme was in its infancy. Was it planned long ago that she would be used to give Trump the infection at the most-unwelcome time? The disease can be transferred in a number of ways. Is this perhaps an assassination attempt? Did they give him the lethal type?

According to what I'm hearing, Bloomberg news revealed her infection publicly on Thursday, and Trump was then forced to confirm it, as if he wanted to hide it until then. Who told Bloomberg news, Trump's enemy? Is Hicks an enemy in the White House? Did they do a fake test on her? Might she not even have the infection? Why was she on Trump's plane back from Trump's rally in Minnesota (Wednesday)? This is the thing that is forcing Trump to isolate tonight. If she had not been on his plane, Trump might not have been tested on Thursday, but by her testing positive, it became imperative that Trump be tested, and, voila, he tests positive too. Was his a faked test too? I've always suspected that they have ways to test people positive when in fact they don't have the infection, because this inflates the numbers for the COVID scheme.

Is this Trump going into the throat of the shark, predicted by the 1979 dream that had Charlotte Hicks of Texas? Hope's middle name is Charlotte.

MSNBC says that she tested negative the day before the Minnesota rally, which excuses her for not telling anyone on the plane. That could look like part of a scheme. It's imperative that she test negative before boarding the plane, if she's the enemy, because if she tested positive beforehand, it would have been her responsibility not to be on the plane. What are the chances that she first tests positive while on the plane??? Looks very suspicious.

MSNBC goes on, she started feeling symptoms "right about the time of the rally," and that's the part that causes me to nail her as Trump's enemy, part of a staged event. It was necessary that she feel sick, you see. She needed to complain about it in order to signal to her team player to do the fake test. There was another Trump enemy on that plane, the person(s) in charge of the testing. can a person go from testing negative one day to feeling symptoms the next? If Trump had the infection, he and his team would probably not have told anyone at this critical election time, and so his enemies needed to force his test with a public audience, and Hope Hicks indirectly provided that public audience through the Bloomberg leak.

Trump was tested without doubt on Tuesday night, the night of the debate. The Minnesota rally was Wednesday night (September 30). It takes days to test positive after becoming initially infected. So, if we say that Trump really is infected, then he was infected days before the debate; his infection would have nothing to do with Hope Hicks in the plane, unless he gave it to her e.g. by being sensual with her. We hear of no one else on the plane who tested positive (they would have tested everyone on that flight).

Can this infection be dropped into Trump's drink or food? Was Hicks the person slated to do it?

My suggestion: forbid Trump to take hydroxychloroquine and vitamin D, and let him go at this disease without help from those chemicals, because he denied them to millions, thousands of whom died who didn't need to. If Trump dies a horrible death on a ventilator, it will only be deserved. I'm hoping the best for him, but if God wills it, Trump will die from this.

Word's out that Trump, Hicks, Steven Miller, Chris Christie, and others were in a "small room" on Tuesday preparing for the debate, and Christie has snitched that no one was wearing masks. Why was Christie there? "'Hope seemed completely fine,' Christie said. 'I didn't see any symptoms from either of them'" (The Hill). Sure, but Christie probably knew that Hicks was slated to be on a plane with the Trump team the next day, so, if this was a set-up, it's imperative that they clear her name for being on that plane. She simply didn't know she had the infection, is her excuse. Was she not tested Tuesday or early Wednesday? Did she test negative on Wednesday before the plane ride to Minnesota, and then positive on Wednesday night on the plane out of Minnesota? Wouldn't that seem suspicious?

I'd like to add that, while writing here, I inserted some information in the first section concerning La Falaise, including this: "Ile-de-France is where Verona's were first found who have a different-color version of the Feller Coat. The Trump bulldog FELL into the pool, and got half-way swallowed by the shark. Pools share the lion of false-like Falls'/Fallis', and the latter share the trefoils of Fellers (Valois/VALAIS/Valoir chevron?)." There's two ways to interpret this: 1) Trump is the False Prophet and a Rockefeller agent; 2) the shark is the Rockefeller agent leading to the False Prophet. I JUMPed into the pool to save the bulldog while it was already half down the throat, and Jump's (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) share the Trump stag head.

The point is: when loading the Feller Coat, I saw again their FellTRAGER variation. I then realized that "Trager" can make "Trayer," and then found that Trayers have a version of the Feller Coat. I had previously known Trayers as Traylers/Trails from the time of finding a bag of red buttons in my TRAILER. Before going on: I had shown years ago that Rocco's share a version of the German Trager Coat as evidence that Fellers were Rockefeller elements. English Tragers share the raven with Verone's (not "Verona"), and it gets interesting here where Verona's are in Hope colors and format while the Verona Coat throws in the same fish I normally trace to the Arms of Saraca i.e. the Shark line.

I'm asking myself anew now: why did I find the little bag of red buttons (in their original bag) in my trailer when tearing it down? I didn't know that the buttons were in this trailer (I bought it used) until wrecking the kitchen cupboards, which caused the buttons to fall out from a cupboard shelf into the kitchen sink. There was one large button, and a smaller one used for shirt collars i.e. these were shirt buttons, and the Tous surname is said to have a "man" wearing a shirt with buttons. The Tous shirt is red.

Shirts/SHARDs may have named the Sarthe river, in Perche, and an eagle standing on a "perch" is used by Botters/Budins, first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens and the Liss' sharing the pale bars of Lizarts/SARDE's. French Liss' are listed with Lys', first found in Ile-de-France, beside the department of Sarthe. Perche's use two of the triple chevrons of Eure-et-Loir, and while Bell-branch Bellamys (married Maceys/Mace's) were at Perche, Labels/La Bells can apply as per the label in the Arms of Eure-et-Loir. "Loir" had become suspect in the insert with the Valoirs and Valerys of the False-Prophet discussion (Valery was given a snake for a tongue = False Prophet speaks like a dragon).

As Buttons are also Bidens, that's what I'm thinking, you know the thing. Was my tearing down the trailer a Sign that God is about to tear down the insidious Rockefeller empire as it props up the Biden card for president? Are deep-state Rockefellers this stupid? Trayers/Traylers and Hope's have similar Shields.

Now behold, for the shark dream had a Bell-like belly symbol. Let me go fetch another piece from the insert above: "Redons have three pale bars looking connectable to the Fuller-Belli-Carpenter trio, and Belli's, first found in Verona, are suspect with the bulldog's belly, for the shark's teeth were ringed around its belly. Scottish Belly's/Belli's, first found in Moray with Peter Pollock's Rothes castle, share the roses of Jumps. I JUMPed into the pool to save the bulldog, and Jump's (Yorkshire, same as Hicks and Hucks) share the Trump stag head." First of all, Verona's are the one's with a version of the Feller Coat, and thus linkable to Traylers, and the Verona fish can be the Arms-of-Saraca fish. But there's more.

Amazingly, and as I've told many times, CHRISTine Peare had a belly symbol given to her when we were teens. I've told that story so many times I HATE to re-tell it. Her belly pointed without doubt (for multiple reasons I hate to re-tell) to the "bello CHRISTI" motto phrase of Bouillons; I've told that many times, and here we find Chris CHRISTIE involved with the Hope-Hicks COVID story (or scandal)!!! Can we believe it? It convinces me that this is a scandal, that Christie is Trump's enemy.

The Christie surname even has a sick-like "Sic" motto term!!! It recalls the dream with Mr. Kepke, Peare's boyfriend, coming up my driveway followed by a sickly-looking stag suspect as the Trump stag!!! WOW! I've told that sickly-stag dream many times. Sicks/Sykes' share the fountains of Waterfords, and the Arms of County Waterford share the Trump stag head.

OHHHH WOOOOWWWIE! Waterford is at Deise, explaining the "deise" motto term in the Arms of Waterford, and "DIScrimine" is a motto term of Traylers!!! ZING-ZING-ZINGER! Deise's are listed with Diss'/Dice's, and Trump was a dice man, we could say, at his casinos. Christie's even share the stars of Hamons who in turn have a "discrimina" motto term!!! Unbelievable. Christie's were first found in Edinburghshire, and ROSlin is just six miles from Edinburgh while Christs/Criss' have ROSes.

On Friday: "Earlier Friday, President Donald Trumpís physician, Commander Sean P. Conley, said...that the president received a single 8 gram dose of Regeneronís polyclonal antibody cocktail as well as zinc, Vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin, and a daily aspirin" Regeneron? What's that? Why has no one heard of this type of COVID fighter before? He should not have entered the hospital, for they can kill him there. It's not Republican turf.

Regeneron has no track record, and is merely "promising." Besides, CNN's Jen Christensen was praising this drug a few days ago, on September 29, just before Trump got the positive test, very suspicious. On the other hand, hydroxychloroquine, which CNN demonized, has been proven to work when taken early. I think I can tell you why this president is not taking hydroxychloroquine: because his task force effectively denounced it by no longer pushing it. It could make him feel hypocritical if he now took it himself. And why didn't the task force push zinc when all sorts of studies were praising it? There is something very stinking-terrible with Trump's task force.

Why would Trump's doctor be risking (i.e. wasting time with) a drug having no track record? Aren't Trump's supporters even going to ask? Is there a good answer to that question? No, I see none, unless Trump has a stake in this drug...which can explain why he betrayed hydroxychloroquine. If this is correct, then Trump allowed thousands to be killed for the sake of a future investment in this alternative drug.

Trump's doctor in this COVID case is Mr. Conley, a surname I've not been familiar with. Conleys use the spur, which can be traced to Spurrs, first found in Devon with spur-like Supers, and the latter share the same saltire as Christie's. I can make a link to two Hope surnames here, though not as directly / cleanly as I'd like. First, Supers are in the Rattery motto, a Rattery of Devon is where Hoods/Hoots were first found who share the anchor with German Hoods/HOPE's.

Next, I can use the Christie saltire to connect with the Haldans having the same saltire, for, until now, Haldans were said to be first found in East Lothian i.e. right beside the first-known Christie's of Midlothian. Haldans share the "Suffer" motto with Haddens, and the latter share the roses of Christs/Criss'. Haldans can be traced to Miss Haldensleben, wife of Mieszko I, and the latter's daughter, Sigrid "the haughty" (could be a mistranslation), is the line to Hadden-like HAUGHTons of Cheshire's HOOTon. That looks connectable to Hoods/Hoots. I can show evidence for the trace of Haldens to Oda of Haldensleben, but it's best I do so after I've made the main points.

Haddens (HADDINgton colors) share the red Chief with Midlothian's Mens' and with East Lothian's Keiths of Haddington. It explains why Haldens were said to be first found in East Lothian.

Having said that, follow me, because this is not clean-cut, yet there's something here. We could venture a theoretical link, to start with, between the Conley spur and that of Close's, especially as the Conleys use two things used also by Maxtons while the latter's Maxwell branch shares the Christie / Halden saltire. Maxwells "owned" the Pollocks as a sept, and Mieszko was a Pole = Polock. Haldens are now said to have been first found in Renfrewshire, where Pollocks were first found. You may have realized here that a good link between Conleys and Christie's makes Trump's doctor look sinister too.

Next, let's compare the "Sic viresco" motto of Christie's and the "Reviresco" motto of Maxwells. We know thereby that the two surnames are using the same saltire for being blood-related at some point, and then we go to the "MAKE" motto term of Kilpatricks, which you can glean to be code for Maxwells/MAKESwells, explaining why Kilpatricks share the Maxwell (and Christie) saltire. So, I now take you to Kilpatrick castle at CLOSEburn, for Close's (share green Crest with Kilpatricks) are the ones sharing the spur with Conleys. That was a long-about route, but we got there. And Miss Hicks married DOCTOR Kilpatrick, which looks like an apparent pointer to doctor Conley.

Closeburn is in Dumfries with the first-known Walks (bringing back to mind the walk-in closet and the CLOSkeys at the top of this update). The Walks are said to be from an ancient Robert de WaucHOPE, wowie. So, if you think that Christie's were related round-about to Kilpatricks, and if you think I am justified in bringing you to Walks (their Coat reflects that of Close's), let's now go to Charlotte Hicks of my 1979 shark-and-bulldog dream, for she married Mr. Kilpatrick. I had been saying for years that I expect her to point to Hope Charlotte Hicks, though I never knew the reason. It seems to me that we now know the reason. In the dream, I first spotted her at the HOOD of a car.

Mieszko I had two wives, Miss Haldensleben and Miss DOBRowa, and then you can glean that DOBERs and DOBERmans link to Jewish Pollocks, and, besides, the griffin head of Dobers is shared by Haldans. Plus, Dobys were first found in Renfrewshire with Haldens and Pollocks, and the Doby motto term, "magno," is just about the "magna" in the motto of English WALKers, what a hoot. Note how "Dober" is like the D'Over variation of Dovers, for Hovers/Hoffers have bull horns now-possibly linkable to the Mieske/Mesech bull.

I'm pretty sure that Mieszko was the duke of Masovia, and while those dukes use the red wyvern dragon, and while the Kilpatricks have a green dragon too (not a wyvern), we find a green wyvern with WILKins who in turn have the Split-Shield of Walker-related Schere's/Scherfs. I am pretty sure (aren't you?) that the Bush-Scherff family, which brought Hope Hicks to politics, is seeking to ruin Trump more than ever RIGHT NOW. How much does Trump want to bet that the Welks/Wilkins' share a giant and vertical anchor (different colors) with HOPE's/Hoods/HooperBUSCHs!? That can explain why God put Miss Hicks at the hood of the car, to bring out, at the proper time, with one surname, the Bush-Walker-Scherff family along with Hope Hicks. In 2002, Bush made Christie the top cop of New Jersey.

A green wyvern in what could be the Mieszko "mouse tower" is in the Crest of D'OVERs/Dovers. Hope's/Hoods/Hooperbuschs have a Hover/Hoffer-like Hopfer variation, and Overs/Offers share the fret with Hoods/Hoots. Overs/Offers were first found in Cheshire with Haughts/Haughtons of Hooten, and then the Hoogh variation of Hope's/Hoods is like Hough variation of Hoffs/Huffs, first found in Cheshire. Hoods/Hoots use a "Cornish CHOUGH," and Coughs/Cuffs share the Hough's/Huff bend.

"Hicks traveled with Trump to Ohio for the debate on Tuesday and to Minnesota for a rally on Wednesday." But Ohio and Minnesota are not New Jersey. Why was Christie of New Jersey prepping Trump for an Ohio debate? Of all people, why him? Flight 93, which was used to fake a crash on 9-11, took off from New Jersey. Was Christie involved with 9-11? Is that why Bush rewarded him in January of 2002 with the Attorney for New Jersey position?

OH WOW, that plane crash was faked in a smoking hole in Shanksville, and Shanks (bird leg) were first found in Midlothian with Christie's!!!

OH WOW, the "viRESCO" motto term of Christie's can be expected as part-code for Rosco's/Risco's, who share the fesse of Shanks, and the two Coats have cinquefoils colors reversed from one another!!! The Shank cinquefoil is shared by Bush-like Bus'. (ROSco's can thus be Roslin liners.) The Shank cinquefoil is shared by Hamiltons, first found in Renfrewshire with the Haldens (early in East Lothian) sharing the Christie saltire.

OH WOW, the red buttons in the trailer I was demolishing fell into the kitchen SINK, and Sankys, looked up just now because Shanks come up as "Shankey," have a version of the Sink Coat! The buttons are expected as a pointer to Joe Biden. Red is the color of Communism. Sankys have a "clavis" motto term while king Clovis can be traced to Clubs/Clobbes', the latter once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire, where sinks were first found. Close's are also CLOVSE's.

If I assume that neither Christie nor Hicks were seeking to harm Trump, then these apparent heraldic pointers to them are for the purpose of pointing to Trump's COVID illness as something key for ruining him i.e. getting him down the shark's throat.

Repeat from the top of this update when on the snake-tongue / freezer topic, and going from Tongue's/Tongs to Tonks and Tonkins:

Tongue/Tongs look like they can be a branch of Tonks (Ainsley colors), the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys. The lone Tonk estoile is in the colors of the lone Heynes star, itself giant and half in the colors of the giant Annas star. Why are the snake tongues pointing to or involving Ainsley Earhardt? Tonkins/TonKYNE's have a "KENsol" motto term that could have been McKinney / Kenny elements. It just so happens that the "kensol" works out to be part code for Kens because they share the crescent of Tonks (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys). Tonks and Tonkins have never before been a part of snake-tongue discussions. What is this, suddenly?

The Tonkin/TonKEYNE motto term, "TonKEIN," can reveal their relationship to Keins/Keens/Keyne's, and here the latter's CLOSkey variation can explain why the freezer doubled as a walk-in-CLOSet. Keins/Keens not only share estoiles with Tonks, but the Kein/Keen Chief shares three of them (different colors) with the Chief of Nail-connectable Neils/Nihills! How do we interpret this?

Tonkins share the gold griffin head with Haldans, which are a branch of Hayden-like Haddens (share scimitar with Ainsleys). Ainsley's only child (with Mr. Proctor) is Hayden, and Haydens come up as Hadens (not "Hadden"), what are the chances, if God didn't arrange it? Aha, Close's are also Clovse's while Clovis'/Clovile's (share nails with Proctors!) share the double chevrons of English Kyne's/Kins! It tends to nail ClosKEYs with Close's/Clovse's, and the latter were from Closeburn, I feel sure, home of Kilpatricks. Key-using Kays have a Kyne-like motto term. Oh wow, Vilers, possibly the reason for "CloVILE," have a scallop version of the Ainsley Coat!

The Arms of COLchester has nails in its cross, and then the Viler motto term, "cotiCULA," seems to be part code for Cula's/COLLs/Coole's, for "coeli" is a motto term of Sankys can apply to Vilers because they are in the Sanky write-up. Cula's/Colls look like they share the Cusson / Constance / MacDonald eagle. Colchesters share the Neil/Nihill estoiles for obvious reason. If I recall correctly, the Arms of Colchester used a cross colors reversed from the same type used by Vilers; the only difference is that the Colchester cross is in ragully, suspect with Ragusa elements. Donalds were kin of Randle-like Ronalds (Kintyre, same as Alexanders, beside Tolkien's NUMENor).

With Sankys sharing white fish with the Arms of Saraca, and because Saraca's of Ragusa were beside the ELAPHiti island, note the Sanky write-up: "Later, William de Sankey was rector of the church of St. ELPHin..." Later in the write-up we find Randle Sankey, and so we load Randle's ("NIL" and "NUMerum") to find the Newman/Numan Coat, suspect with the three lions of Randle-connectable Raines'. Newmans/Numans were first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors, and Vilers were first found at/near the Soar river. George Soros has been lumped deeply into the shark tank of the 1979 dream.

Did you spot the Rums/Rims in the "numeRUM" motto term of Randle's? Never a dull moment. Rums/Rims have a "pungit" motto term for the Pung variation of Pings/Pongs/PAGANs. Rums/Rims (Dumfries, same as ANNANdale) have an "Placit" motto term too, code for someone from Placentia, home of ANANes Gauls. Wikipedia's article on Placentia/Piacenza once showed the blue wolf in that city's Arms, which is also in the Randle Crest, but Wikipedia obliterated that blue wolf into oblivion, I wonder why. The Randle wolf stands on an object having the ragully pattern. Rands/RANCE's probably named Rance, near Raines-line Rennes.

Ananes Gauls were between the Trebia and TARo rivers, and more scimiTARs are used by the Exters/Exeters (Devon, between Randle's and Tarrs/Tara's/Tarres') suspect in the "Nil extra" motto phrase of Randle's. Ronalds use a "terras" motto term.

The Viler Templars

Vilers look linkable by their write-up to Pagans/Payens and Pains/Payne's, and Pagans/Payens use "spur rowells," amazing because Rowells/Roswells share the double chevrons of Kyne's and Clovis'/Clovile's. The spur is used by Conleys.

Vilers had been found, in the first place, as per the Sanky write-up: "'The manor of Little Sankey was granted by Pain de Vilers, lord of Warrington, to Gerard de Sankey the carpenter...'" To put it another way, the Sankys were looking like a Chris-Christie link to the false-flag crash in Shanksville, and Vilers are pointing in multiple ways to Miss Earhardt and/or to whatever the closet means? But why? The Earhardt connection to the dream with snake-tongue and closet is now pointing to her interview with Mike Huckabee this week, and that was looking like a pointer to the False Prophet, and, so, perhaps, the a VILE tongue of the False Prophet is at issue with Vilers.

[Insert -- As Huckabee's were pointed to be the freezer in the snake-tongue dream, and as it pointed also to Miss Earhardt, note how Ainsleys have a version of the Viler Coat while the Viler motto led to Coole's. A freezer is cool. There is a Cool/Cull/Cowles surname (book or Bible in Crest), using more spurs (i.e. Close symbol) to go with the CLOSEt!!! Wow! The Cools/Culls have a "Cole" motto term, and Cole's come up as Colds! I get it. God had provided the closet to act as a freezer too for pointing to Cool liners, thus reinforcing the link to Earhardt. But why?

Coolers/Goolers/Kuchlers could have the KENNeth/MacKenzie stag (almost the Trump stag head), recalling that Miss Hicks won a COOK-out contest where Spuds MacKenzie showed up for the celebration, the bulldog mascot proving that she was in the dream with shark and bulldog. It's just that "Cook" is like the KUCHler-and-similar variations of Coolers. COOKseys share cinquefoils on blue with Kenneth-like McKinneys and freezer-like Frasers, how about that. I purchased my Texas property from Miss FRIEND at a Cooksey Ranch. Fox and FRIENDs! Miss Friend was a post-tribulationist, and she told me she had six freezers filled with food!!! UNBELIEVABLE.

Miss Friend invited me to her church, where I first saw Miss Hicks at my first appearance there. She stood out because she was sexy / tall and shapely, too-sexy for church in her stylish, above-the-knee black dress. End insert]

OH WOW, almost missed it: "COTicula" is a Vilers motto term, and the dream had a COAT closet, a potential pointer to Dan Coats! YES-YES, for the Vilers cross can now be gleaned as the Haddington cross because the three-and-three pale bars of Coats'/Cotes' are in the colors of the three pale bars in the Chief of the Haddington Keiths!!! We saw Earhardt's daughter, Hayden, pointed to Haddington-branch Haddens!!! INCREDIBLE. Haydens/Hadens look like they share a DANcette-version of the Keith Chief. The Vilers Coat has five scallops on a cross all in the same colors and pattern of the five fleur-de-lys on the Ainsley cross. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? John Ratcliffe replaced Dan Coats, and Ratcliffe's share the black bull with Haydens/Hadens.

Note PAIN de Vilers of Sankey. The walk-in-closet was just a white, empty room, perhaps indicative of quarantine. Trump's quarantine? English Pains/Payne's happen to share the fesse of Rosco's/Risco's, the latter suspect in the Christie motto. The "Malo" motto term of English Pains/Payne's, though not translated as such, means "sick" in some Latin languages, and the Christie motto is, "SIC viresco." That's amazing. By coincidence or not, Sichs/Sykes' use fountains while Fountains have three fesses in the colors of the one of French Pains/Payne's.

The Sankeys brought us to Randle Sankey, bringing this to topic: "Rands/RANCE's probably named Rance, near Raines-line Rennes." Rance is beside St. MALO. French Mallets/Malo's can get us to English Mallets sharing the scallops of Rinds, and then Rands can be gleaned in the Rind motto. I trace Mallets to the namers of Melita, an island beside the Elaphiti islands, and we just saw: "William de Sankey was rector of the church of St. ELPHin."

Let's now go to TONY Rezco, as per "viRESCO." Mr. Rezco purchased property with, and beside, Obama's purchase of property. There was a scandal in this, but of course the leftist media ignored it. If I recall correctly, it was Obama's grandfather (Stanley Dunham) who married Miss Payne. Coincidence? Tonys were first found in Leicestershire with Vilers (coincidence?), and Leicester elements are pointers to George Soros. That makes sense. We now go to the Viler write-up for this: "Pagan de Villiers, who obtained the barony of Warrington in Lancashire..." What are the chances that Warringtons share the Soars and Legro lion? That's right, the Soar/Legro river is in Leicester. Plus, the Leicesters/Lesters share the swan with Chris'/Christmans. CHRIS Christie!

The Patria's/Peartree's expected in the "patria" motto term of Leicesters/Lesters share the Trump stag head, also in the Arms of County Waterford, and Waterfords/Waterville's share the fountains of Sichs/Sykes' expected in the Christie motto. Trump is now in hospital quarantine after meeting with Mr. Christie on Tuesday night, in the presence of Hope Hicks. The Sichs/Sykes' were at CUMBERLAND's Sykes-DIKE, and Dice's are listed with Deise's in the motto of the Arms of Country Waterford. Dyke's share the red squirrel with Daggers/Deckers, and Daggers/Dackers (Cumberland) share the Viler scallops.

The Pagan/Payen Coat's "spur rowells" are with Guerins/Garens who easily modify to "Warren," or to the "Warrington" of Pagan of Villiers. Guerins/Garins have a hospital in their write-up, we could say: "This distinguished family were Grand Masters of the Order of St. Jean [Hospitalers] of Jerusalem in 1231." Payens/Pagans are in the colors and format of Vilers...and Hope's. The "FeDEI" motto term of Vilers can be partly for Dee's/Die's having a "Hic" motto term. The spur is used by Conleys, and doctor Conley admitted Trump to the hospital. Repeat: "And Miss Hicks married DOCTOR Kilpatrick, which looks like an apparent pointer to doctor Conley." You can verify online that Dr. H.W. Kilpatrick III is the late husband of Charlotte Kilpatrick. He stands in an online photo with Spuds MacKenzie in a Baytown-Sun article of the 1980s.

Irish Kilpatricks, sharing the Earhardt fleur-de-lys, were first found in OsSARY, and, whether of not this pertains to the Sary variation of Sorrys ("DICtis."), it can yet act as a pointer to Legro-river liners, for in the 1979 dream, I touched her leg when she was in some distress. In particular, I touched her knee, and the Knee / Needham Crests can be using the gold eagle in the Warrington Crest. Wow, the Warrington eagle comes from a crown, and crowns are the symbol of Corons and Corona's! The coronaVIRUS!!! The "Sic VIRESco" motto of Christie's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. The Viler lion has a crown.

Note the Sic-like Sec entity in the Warrington write-up: "Roger gave Warrington to Paganus de Vilars, a Norman Lord of Villieres le Sec in Calvados, Normandy." I trace crowns to the Ceraunii Illyrians, on the URBANus river, and the Urban Coat is almost also the Willer/Wiler Coat!!! They both share the Pagan/Payen stars. It means that Vilers were probably a branch of Willers/Wilers. Wills and Randle's were first found in CORNwall, founded by Ceraunii-liner Cornovii. The Will besants are shared by Devon's Trebys, and we saw why Randle's trace to Placentia i.e. at the Trebia river. The Treby lion is even the one of Randle's.

Tonkins were first found in Cornwall too, and their Crest has the gold griffin head in the Crest of Willards/Viliards, perfect, for Griffins have this gold griffin in the colors of the Tonkin eagle, and Griffins have a "Ne VILE Velis" motto. Scottish Wills (more griffins) are Velis' too, and the Tonkin eagle is colors reversed in the Coat of English Velis'/Vale's. The latter's Crest looks like the swan head with drops of Leicesters/Lesters, and behind the Velis/Vale swan head are two red fitchees, shared by the Luffs i.e. the ones pointed to by the snake-tongues that brought us to Tonkins in the first place. Vilers were first found in Leicester with it's ruling Beaumonts, the latter known to be descended from Humphrey de VIEILLes.

Plus, the Willard/Viliard Crest is also that of Haldans who in-turn are suspect with the Christie saltire, very telling if God created that pointer. AND WOW, Willards/Viliards were first found in Kent with the Rusts/Roosts having a fitchee-version of the Christie Coat! I'll let you decide how to interpret this thing, because I'm too busy writing. If Willards/Viliards use chalices, then they look like a branch of Billiards/Billets because Belows/Bello's do use the chalice.

The Warrings/Wearings (compare with fretty of Viler-like Willerbys/Willowbys) share a version of the Pape/Pope/PUMP bend with checks (in the colors of the Warren checks). Warrings/Wearings were first found in Devon with the Wears sharing the crosslets of the Tufts/Tuffs who in turn have the Knee phoenix (or eagle). I touched her Knee, and Touch's/Tuffs' were first found in Cheshire with Tufts/Tuffs'. Cool stuff. The thing is, if the woman whose knee I touched was a symbol of Hope Hicks, why did things work out beautifully upon touching the knee? Why were we in rapture at that instant? Pape's/Pope's/Pumps (in Keith-line Caithness) share the gold scallop with Vilers and Rinds.

Warrings/Wearings have a link to Guerins: "The patriarch of the family was MILES Sire de Guerin, who came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066." This recalls that Miles' came up unexpectedly as Minnesota-like Minnes' when I was covering the Minnesota riots, yet here we are talking about a coronavirus that Trump tested positive with when returning from his Minnesota rally. Miles'/Minnes' share the mill rind with Warrings/Wearings. Warenne's were out of Surrey, where Lamberts were first found, and while Mieszko II Lambert was, I think without checking, the duke of Masovia, dukes of Masovia used a red wyvern dragon, the color of the dragon (not a wyvern) upon the Warring/Wearing mill rind. That mill rind shares an unusual square mascle at center with Felix's, the latter first found in Sussex with Warrens (white wyvern).

"English Lamberts (Surrey, same as Ada of Warenne/Varenne) share the lamb at the center of the Passe/Pascal cross, which looks like the cross of Vilers (Leicester) because the Passe's/Pascals have this: 'The surname Passe was first found in Essex but the family were originally from Pasci in Eure, Normandy and were granted lands in Essex by Henry, Duke of Normandy through Robert, Earl of LEICESTER, at Much and Great Baddow.'" English Pace's are said to be from Pacy-sur-Eure, and Much's/Muschats (Essex, same as Passe's/Pascals) share the triple chevrons in the Arms of Eure-et-Loir.

Now that the Vilers have become such a large topic for making numerous pointers, watch this spectacular thing. I had a short dream. Mr. Kepke (almost married Christine, who pointed to a "Christi" motto term) came walking up my driveway. As he walked past my sight alone, I then saw a SICKly stag following from behind. I always called it "sickly" from the start, apparently Inspired by God for this pointer now to the "Sic" motto term of Christie's. The Staggs/Stage's can be gleaned with the Eustace's and Staceys, and my belly event with Christine (while she was newly with Kepke) pointed to the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons. It's just amazing because Eustace II was the father of Godfrey de Bouillon, the latter being the first king of Templar Jerusalem.

But we're not yet at the spectacular thing. I'll get there. First, let me repeat that I always described the belly event with, "it felt so good," before realizing that it was a phrase Inpsired by God, for while Felts have the Bouillon flory in colors reversed, Goods can be expected with the Goths/Gothels, from Gothelo, father of GODfrey III, father in turn of Eustace II. Goods are also Guths and Guts. A belly is a gut. But we're still not at the spectacular thing. The Templar cross of Jerusalem, said to be owned by Bouillon's family, used a potent cross, symbol also of Felix's.

Near the time of the sickly-stag dream (a few years ago), I had a sleeping-bag dream, the last scene of which was my pulling Christine toward me by her waist (or belly). The sensual feeling (it's created by God, isn't it?) I experienced in that scene was exactly like the feeling I had when pressing her belly toward me more than 40 years ago. The thing is, in the dream, I was pulling her toward me on a wooden platform that can be regarded as a STAGe. The Stage's share stags with Eustace's and their Stacy branch. But I'm still not at the spectacular part.

After the sickly stag passed by my view, a BEARDed man came following the stag, and he was on crutches, harmonizing with the sick (and skinny) stag. Godfrey III above is called, "the Bearded." The bearded man looked like an old friend of mine, Paul Smith, and this checks out where Smiths use a fitchee cross like that of Crutch's/Crooch's (compare with the patees of Crux's/Crucks'), in colors reversed from one another. A potent cross is used by Crooch-like Croce's. The fitchee style of Smiths, and in the black color of the Crutch/Crooch fitchee, is in the Crux/Crucks Crest, and the spectacular part is that "crux" is a motto term of Vilers. We can add that to the long list of important pointed by Vilers, one of which was to the Guerin-family Templars. Guerins are the ones sharing the spur rowells of Payens/Pagans, and Hugh de Payens was the first Templar grandmaster. Pains/Payne's and Payens/Pagans are visible in the Viler write-up.

The Verona's (Pagan/Payen colors and format) come up as virus-like "Vires" suspect in the "viresco" motto term of Christie's, and so what are the chances, by flukiness, that Bello's/Belli's were first found in Verona?! I almost missed that one. It's the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons, at our service, and it even includes, "Vero." Vere's were at the Vire river of Manche. Manche is where Mowbrays were, and so watch us get back to the Bouillon family with the Warring factor of Vilers. Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes, and Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with Verona's/Vires'. God can chew gum and walk at the same time, pointing to both the Templars, and to the Christie news out this week, with the same symbolism.

Warrings/Wearings share the hunting horns of Breakers/Brechs, and while Brae's/Brays use a "flax breaker," Bra is in Cuneo, where I'd trace spur-using Conleys. MOWbrays can be connected to Mows/Mole's from ESCHYNa de Molle, wife of Mr. CROCE. Her line looks very linkable, via Blacks ("crux"), Blake's, ESKINs and Crux's (the latter three share the same single pale bar), to Jacques de Molay, Templar grandmaster near the time of Eschyna de Molle. It just so happens that English Jacks/Jacques' share the Viler scallops (but see also Ingrahams). French Jacques' were in Pas-de-Calais with the home of Eustace II (I assume de-Bouillon lived there for some time). The Trumpet-using Calls/Calles', the chalice-using, "bello"-like Belows (Yorkshire, same as Jacks/Jacques'), and the Callouville of Bellows, can be linked to Pas-de-Calais (see Chalice write-up). And here we are, it feels so goodie. "Tout" is shared between Belows and Hicks.

German Belows were first found in Pomerania with Trumps, you see, tending to verify that the Call/Calles trumpets are code for Trumps. The shark's teeth were ringed around the bulldog's belly, a thing I'm expecting to take place due to Trump's virus infection. German Belows share the giant, two-headed Jeepma/CHEP eagle, and while Scottish Chappes' are also Cheaps, Mackay-branch Maxwells likewise have a giant, black and double-headed eagle. Mackays share "manu" with Calls/Calles'. Watch. Geds gave their swords to Mackays, and the Trump bulldog fell / jumped into the kidney-shaped pool. KIDneys/GEDneys have a fish-formed saltire in the colors of the Great saltire, and Geds have fish colors reversed from the Kidney/Gedney fish. Then, Trump-loving Calls/Calles' have a "GRATa manu" motto suggesting the Greats because they share a gold border with Spanish Belows (still on the Belly line, right?). Is that not incredible.

Keep watching. The Trump bulldog FELL into the pool, and Fells (Dundee, same as Kidney-like KIDs; recalls my fake-store dream with kids JUMPing on a yellow mattress) have eight-pointed stars in colors reversed from the same of Ducs/LeDucs, and then James LeDuc runs the Galveston National Laboratory that had, and still has, ongoing business with the Wuhan lab that brought the world COVID. Yes, the two labs are closely working together, but neither the leftist media or Fox, nor Trump's supporters, wants to ask questions about that, shame on the double-minded hypocrites.

Don't Trump supporters want to know whether Americans unleashed COVID on the world partly/mainly/specifically to ruin Trump? Don't they want to uncover that crime? There's little hope for a world run by political animals who close their eyes to crimes for fear of being attacked by the opposing party that commits them. A system like this will devolve like waters down a sinkhole. Trump has one foot in that sinkhole, because he's just such a political animal. A sinkhole is similar to the inner side of a shark's throat. It's dark in there, with little chance of getting out.

BUT, I have the sense that God is using this deep-state crime to turn the tables on it, to weaken the backbone of this colossal organization in time for the end-time persecution.

Now, let's go to the Fell-like Fellers having a white-trefoil version of the Vires/Verona Coat, keeping in mind that Christie's are suspect in their motto with the Vires'. The Feller trefoils are shared by Falls'/Fallis' while Fells are also Fells'. And, again, the Falls'/Fallis have the Pool lion too. The fish at the base of the Vires/Verona Coat, in the colors of the Ged / Saraca fish, is shared by Pesci's in giant form. While "pesce" means "fish" in Italian, a pool is called a "piscina." It's a subtle indication that Rockefellers can apply to the bulldog's fall. I actually assisted (attended regularly for a while) with the ROCk Cafe, an outreach my Mr. Pesci to street kids! Wow.

Pesci's and Pools are in Pasi/Pascel colors, and the latter (not far from first-known Pesci's of Venice) can be linked excellently to POLLocks. Geds share pike fish with Luce's/Lucys, and the latter were at Passeis. Pollocks are suspect from Mieszko Poles, and so let's repeat: "English Lamberts (Surrey, same as Ada of Warenne/Varenne) share the lamb at the center of the Passe/Pascal cross, which looks like the cross of Vilers (Leicester) because the Passe's/Pascals have this: 'The surname Passe was first found in Essex but the family were originally from Pasci in Eure, Normandy and were granted lands in Essex by Henry, Duke of Normandy through Robert, Earl of LEICESTER, at Much and Great Baddow.'" English Pace's are said to be from Pacy-sur-Eure, and Much's/Muschats (Essex, same as Passe's/Pascals) share the triple chevrons in the Arms of Eure-et-Loir. Note how "Varenne" is like "Verona."

I recall linking the three fessewise Call trumpets to three fesses of Pasleys (Pasi's/Pascels are to Paisleys/Pasleys). The Call trumpets are in the colors of the three fish fessewise of Lucy-branch Luciano's and the rock-using Roach's, a Rockefeller line. The Trump bulldog fell into the pool. As I've said many times, Roach's were pointed to when I slept in CRYSTal City (oh wow, like "Christie"), and here it can be added that Crystals share the steps with cross (different colors) with the Keins/Keens/Closkeys (expected in the Tonkin motto) who in turn share the Verona / Pesci fish that's very linkable to Sharks.

Pasi's/Pascels/Pays come up as the Pays' in the Humphrey motto. The latter's cross looks like a Button-loving version of the Bouillon cross. De PAYens married Miss Chappes, and Buttons/Bidens use a CHAPeau.

Okay, so Trump is in the shark's mouth up to his spoiled belly, and I'm trying to help him, but God decides to transport me to a beach scene, with a beautiful woman, before I could see whether I was able to pull him out. The dog had walked past my leg before falling into the pool, and while this woman was Sleeping Beauty for that waking moment, the beautiful BEAUmonts of the LEGro river were first found in Dorset with Beautys/Bowds and Pools. The thing missing when she and I were raptured into the sky was a God's trumpet call, but it's interesting that trumpet-using Calls were first found right beside Dorset.

The woman was Miss Hicks, and then "claRION" trumpets were used anciently in the marriage of Juliana Arthur to Mr. Hicks. Rions/Riolle's are in Hicks colors, and in Arthur colors and format. Arthurs have one of the triple chevrons of Clare's, we get it. It appears that Trumps had been ancestral to the Hicks-Arthur marriage. Riolle-like Rolls/Roils have the same lion as Pools.

That picture tends to predict that the rapture of the beautiful Bride of Jesus is shortly after Trump's ruin. It appears that leftists will be crazy enough soon to bring on the end of the world, for they are all possessed of demons in ways we can't even imagine. You can't reason with this sort of "animal." They will misconstrue everything we say, like unreasoning animals, and will view humans as a threat to them. They will hate humans. By Trump's ruin, I don't mean necessarily that his infection will make him desperately sick, for it could also be that his quarantine session could cost him the election. If that doesn't happen, and he does not come to some substantial ruin, then I'm not explaining things correctly here. Nothing to do but wait and see.


This insert got so long I've made it an entire section. I wanted to locate this insert after the mention of the Belows, but decided not to interrupt the flow at that point. This insert comes after writing below on what looks like a Democrat attempt to infect Amy Coney Barrett with COVID. Spanish Belows share the gold-on-blue border with German CHRISTmas'/Christmans and English Chris'/Christmans. English Christmas', if they had a black Shield, would have a near-copy of the Coney Coat, begging whether this is a pointer of Chris Christie to Amy Coney Barrett?

Just remembered: the first day I saw Miss Hicks (pointer to Hope Hicks' COVID?) was on Christmas day, 1994. The first time I heard her sing was at a church's Christmas show in 2001, about two weeks after I first started attending that church (didn't know she was there until attending). I remember arriving to Texas that year on December 9. I first spoke with her in 2002. I kid you not, that I was led to this church when the pastor dropped into a friend of mine while I was there getting the broken-off LEG of my wood stove welded to the stove! Plus, Stove's are listed with STAVE's/Stevensons, and Spanish Belows use staves! I did not have the wood stove in mind when starting this paragraph.

I loaded Welders, noting that they probably share the Tall stars, but as I had nothing to say about it, that could tie with the above, I shut the computer down for the night. While waiting for water to heat on the stove before bed, I started to think about this insert, recalling that Coneys use a pansy in Crest, and that Pansys/Pantzers can be a branch of Panters/Panthers, and what occurred to me next blew me away. But before getting to that, recall James LeDuc above, for the Arms of Bar-le-Duc use pansies, and Ducks were first found in Westphalia with Pansys/Pantzers, is that not amazing? This insert is on COVID too, isn't it?

The six-pointed stars of Welders are those of Payens/Pagans, and I've read the official descriptions of both Payens/Pagans and Panters/Panthers: they both use "spur rowells" even though their design is different from one another. So, if you're listening closely, you can see that God set me up with the welder to fix the broken leg in order to prove that Coneys were Intended to go with my meeting Miss Hicks on Christmas day.

While waiting for the water to heat, I also recalled that there is a blond woman in a blue dress, holding the world above her head, in the Crest of Welders (Hope colors). The reason that this was recalled is that there is a world in the Hope Crest too!!!!!!!! Is that not the wildest thing!? Payens/Pagans are even in Hope colors and format. SO, the Texas welder and Miss Charlotte Hicks is pointing to Hope Charlotte Hicks in the same insert that seems to have Chris Christie pointing to Coney BARRett. This is incredible. It's got to be Intelligent Design.

I'm pretty sure I recall reading that the Hope world is "broken." The Hope motto is translated, "Yet my hope is unbroken." The broken leg on my wood stove is what led us to the Hope's!!! Coneys first came to regular topic with the Bra location in Cuneo, and Brae's/Brays use a "flax BREAKER" and some bird LEGs!!!

Repeat: "there is a blond woman in a blue dress, holding the world above her head, in the Crest of Welders." In that first year that I went to Hick's church, she often wore a blue dress (with her blond hair).

This insert started with Spanish Belows. I know that English Belows (share "Tout" with Hicks) use a "chalice," and while the Wirrals use what looks like the same thing, I don't recall what their description had said (no longer online for me to check). There is no World surname coming up, and so I might assume that the Hope world is code for Wirrals (Cheshire, beside Hope's).

By the way, the Welder's name is Bill, and Bills (expected as a branch of Billets/Billiards, could be part of Below stock as per "bello Christi") use "wood bills." The WOOD stove. Bills can be gleaned as Roet kin, and Roets (Somerset, beside Beautys/BoWOODs) share the motto of Bows while Beautys are also BOWds. Sleeping Beauty's leg points to Leicester-things, right? As Woods were first found in Leicestershire with Vilers, Welders could be a branch of Willards/Viliards.

In 1999, after a four-year absence from Texas, I started attending the church that I had seen Miss Hicks at on Christmas of 1994, where I saw her alone, without a man. In 1999, I learned that her old husband (more than 30 years older than she) was attending that church without her. I heard that she was unwelcome there due to the way she prophesied in the first-Person. In 2002, I spoke with Miss Hicks, when she said that I should try out going to a CRYSTal City church, indicating that this is where she had been going when not allowed at the other church.

WOWWWIE, GET A LOAD OF THIS!!! That's all I intended to say in that paragraph, a subtle pointer to "Christie / Christmas," with "Crystal," but it dawned on me, after writing it, that the Crystal Coat has steps while STEPhen-like Stepps have a fleur-de-lys colors reversed from the same of Stephensons/Stove's/Stave's!!! The reason that this was so amazing is that BILL STEPien, Trump's campaign manager, tested positive on Friday (the day after Trump). BUT it was only after he came to mind in that way that I recalled: heraldic staves are staffs. Chief of STAFF. Trump's chief of staff, Mark Meadows, is in the news as I write, reportedly contradicting Trump's message that he's fine.

[OH WOW, hours after writing here, Mark Meadows was looked up for a reason, discovering is middle name, Randall. Randle's/Randalls are suspect with a ragully STAFF!!!!!!!! Randle's are new to me in this update, and here we are finding them as a pointer to Meadows, Chief of Staff!!!!

I've got it recorded in the 1st update of October, 2019: "...Crains having 'a black crane STANDing on a green STAFF RAGully in base'" Although it's not in the design of the Randle object, both are green. Mounts have a red wolf (or fox) holding a staff ragully (same design as Crains), and Randle's have a wolf standing on their ragully object. The Crains share the black Shark crane.

It can be gleaned that Toeni-related Staffs share the Leicester/Lester swan, and here we might feel justified in considering a link to the Christman / Chris swan as per Chris Christie. Swan-using Swans/SINE's are in the "sine" motto terms of Gullys and Gulls expected in "raGULLY." Gullys and Randle's share "Nil," expected with Shark-related Neils/Nihills. The Crystal motto has the Men's, first found in Midlothian with Christie's. The crossed keys of Gullys make a black saltire, the color of the Christie saltire, but see also the saltire of Gully-branch Julians.

The other Mounts (not with a ragully staff) share the giant lion of Colleys, like the Golley variation of Gullys (recalls Cooleys / Cools / Coolers/Goolers).

Crystals share steps with Moses/MOYs, and I've heard (in a video) that a shark tank is owned by Ukraine's Igor KoloMOIsky ("Moi" is the root term), a corruptocrat and silent owner of Burisma Holdings. The Bidens are drowning in that tank as we speak, yet it's Trump who gets bitten by the shark. Might Meadows become responsible for it? Will he be forced to betray Trump?

Meadows was reportedly telling the media that Trump's in more serious condition than he's letting on, which can be construed as a back-stabbing toss of red meat to the leftists. I came to mistrust Mark Meadows when, as a congressman a few years ago, he looked like he was protecting the anti-Trump deep state. He was meanly telling off two whistle-blowers who came forward on Trump's behalf (I can't recall what their story was). Meadows could be compromised (or threaten-able for compromise).

"Pilgrim's staves" are used by Hawks, Pilgrims, and apparently Spanish Belows. It then becomes important / relevant that Hixons/Hicksons, first found in STAFFordshire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) can have hawk legs (they're black) because Hawks use a gold fleur, the color of the Hick fleur, upon their black hawk. Reminder: English Belows share "Tout" with Hicks, and the giant, double-headed bird of German Belows/Bello's, in the colors of the Hixon/Hickson bird legs, could be a hawk. Or, even if it was an eagle initially, it could have become a hawk when Belows married a Hawk liner.

The stave-using Belows are likewise Bello's, and their double-erect staves are in the colors of the three, erect Busca pillars, important because German Bush's/Buschs share the Stepp Coat. The same, lone fleur-de-lys is used by Trade's, which caused me to see the twin staves of Belows as God's pointer to the twin TRADE towed that were downed under the presidency of Bush. I've now got to repeat things I hate to repeat because I've done so many, many times.

Four days after Miss Hicks suggested I go to the Crystal-City church, we ended up sitting beside one another on September 11, 2002, when our church put on the first-anniversary memorial for 9-11. When she arrived, I offered to set up her video camera, and upon returning to her at her seat, I more-or-less asked if I could sit beside her, and when she agreed I needed to pass by her feet. Looking down to make sure I didn't STEP on her TOES, I noticed that she had an unusual pale-GREEN TOE POLISH. I'll tell you why this was of heraldic importance, but first, have yourself a great laugh because Stepps are also StepTOE's!!! Can you believe this? Stepps share the Bush Coat, and here her toes were important on a 9-11 memorial, what are the chances by pure flukery?

Later that night, she got her knee symbol in my presence on the LEAKEY road, and Leaks/Leakeys share the lone fleur-de-lys of Hicks, gold like the Stepp / Bush fleur. The Leaks (have a LEG bent at the knee) share the engrailed bend of Knee's, and here I should add that Knee-branch Needhams (in the Halper write-up) use the spread Knee phoenix / eagle (both have flames at the tail) in gold, the color of the spread eagle (no flames) of the German Belows/Bello's having also a giant black bird in the colors of the Hixon/Hickson bird LEGs. The point here is that Bosco's use "tufts of grass" upon their pillars, and Tufts/Tuffs' share the red phoenix (with flames at tail) of Knee's (you have just got to be amazed with this), and, to boot (get out your best laugh because God is nailing Bush to the wall here), Tufts/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with Touch's/TUFFs/TOWS while Stepps/Steptoe's are also StepTOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I TOUCHed her knee (on her LEG) in the 1979 dream, almost 16 years before I first saw her on Christmas day (there was abundant proof that she was in that dream).

Back to passing by her and seeing her green toe polish, for I wouldn't have seen them had she not been wearing sandals. That's why I looked up the Sandal surnames, many years later in about 2017. Scottish Sandals have a bend in Knee-bend colors, and another gold spread eagle, the color of the spread phoenix of Knee-branch Needhams. English Sandals have this character: CAMERArius SCOCie. As was said, I set up her video CAMERA, and ten seconds later I was back beside her, when I spotted the empty seat next to her, asking if it was reserved for someone. She said that it was for her daughter, and that, in any case, if she arrives, she said, "you can SCOOT over." In other words, yes, you can sit there, just move over if my daughter arrives. She never did.

As "scoot OVER" pertained to a seat, with it recalls that, in the 1979 dream, she was HOVERing over car seats. Hoovers share the bird leg with Hixons/Hicksons, you see, and I touched her knee while she was hovering. So, the dream connected to this 9-11 memorial, especially as she got her knee symbol later that night at the DOOR of a store, for I was standing beside the door of the car when seeing her hover. One Door surname shares a white leopard face with Hovers/Hoffers. Overs/Offers (Cheshire, same as Tufts/Tuffs' and Touch's/Tuffs/Tows) share the fret with Hoods/Hoots, and Hoovers share the Hooter Coat. Sorry for the repetition, but God likely wants this said here.

As the 9-11 memorial was a church event, it's interesting that Church's, sharing the black greyhound with Scoots, are in the colors and format of English Bush's, first found in Yorkshire with the Hicks, a possible branch of the Haeks/Hake's suspect in the "Haec" motto term of Scoots, for Hykes' are also Hake's.

She said, "you can SCOOT over," and while sandals are shoes, Scoots are listed with SCOUGals, like the Schugh variation of Shoe's using a "knight ISSuing from the knees," you have just got to be amazed at this, though not because Issa is an island also called, Vis," while Vise's/Vice's share the black stag head of Knee's. It's amazing because the step-toe / sandal event points to the Knee's too. Shoe's are also SCHUCKs/Shooks, like Camerarius SCOCie. Shook-like Shake's are in Sandal colors, and while Shake's use mole hills, Mole's ("FOENus") share the red Knee PHOENix, what are the chances? She didn't know she had to wear sandals that night in order to point to Knee's. She knew nothing about the Scoot / Shoe surnames.

Speaking about Vice's, I used vice-grip pliers at about midnight to lock myself into the back of my pick-up to go to sleep on the side of the road in Galveston, Texas, location of the Galveston National Laboratory. That same day, the day after midnight, I arrived to Crystal City for my first time, and slept there. That morning, I had purchased a newspaper to check out properties for sale, and then newspaper-using News' are also NUCES' while I ended up buying, seven months later, on the Nueces river ten minutes upriver from Miss Hicks (also on the Nueces). What are the chances? I hadn't yet seen or met her when purchasing my property about a month before I first saw her on Christmas day. Note the "foeNUS" motto term of Mole's, and then let's repeat that Stefan Halper, who'll work into this discussion shortly, was an FBI mole into the Trump team.

In fact, as it thus seems that my newspaper purchase points to Halper (a new thing because the "nus" ending on the Mole motto term never occurred to me until now), let's add that the hourglass design of Halper-branch Halps is shared (different colors) with News'/Nuces'.

Miss Hicks hovered in a car on a SANDY beach, and Sandals are SANDIlands too. Beach's/Bechs have a red version of the Becker Shield, and while German Beckers share the checkered bend of Steele's, Halper's job as a mole was to promote the Steele-dossier plot. The Steele / Becker checks are shared by Halpers, no guff (and the Halper Chief is apparently in the Bill Chief).

There is a Dossier/D'Hosier surname possibly related to the Dos/DOSER surname (solid chevron) sharing the swan with Christmas' and Chris'/Christmans. It just so happens that while Mark Meadows is Trump's chief of STAFF at this time, the Hick-connectable Meadows use a "DOS" motto term. In one video,

There is an article or two online telling that Hicks' married Arthurs of CLAPton; it says that the same Arthurs of Clapton also married the Meads, i.e. a branch of Meadows. It just so happens that CLAPs/Clappers share the Beach Shield, and it's in black with Champagne's/CAMPAIGNs while Bill STEPien is Trump's CAMPAIGN manager. Stepp-connectable and Stepien-like Stephens have a solid chevron in colors reversed from the same of Halps. The latter are now being said to be first found in Lincolnshire with the Bracebridge's sharing the vaired Shield of Campaigns!!! The latter were first found in Leicestershire with leg-using surnames, and Miss Hicks got her knee symbol in CAMP Wood on the so-called Leakey road while Leakeys use a leg. OH WOW, Campaigns were first found in Leicestershire with Woods. CAMP WOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her knee symbol was in Camp Wood, as was the 9-11 memorial! Why should those events point to Bill Stepien?

The Traby discussion below was kicked off by the ragully STAFF of Randle's, and while Sands use ragully, Sandys were first found in Worcestershire with the Halpers who had a Needham location. Sandals share the bend of Needham-branch Knee's. While the staff can point to a chief of staff, Mr. STEPien is Stepp-connectable to STEFAN Halper, you see. Halpers/HALFpennys share the gold fitchee with Halps/HALFs, you see, and the latter's Coat looks like it has a colors-reversed version of the solid chevron of STEPHENs, DO YOU SEE? Stephens were first found in Gloucestershire, where Halps/Halfs were said to be first found until recently (sometime this year). (Italian Stefans use a comet, in case you know how the Reines comet points to Ping-Pong Comet pizza).

I've found the following from my 4th update of January, 2020: "The Sc[h]ore's put "ivy" around their column, and Ivy's have a ragully staff in Crest." It's not the green object of Randle's, though both are green. I didn't have "ragully staff" in quotation marks, and so I perhaps only assumed that they use one, but then as it doesn't even look like it has a ragully pattern, why did I call it a ragully staff? Perhaps houseofnames changed the design since then. Ivys were first found in Oxfordshire with GULLYs expected in "raGULLY."

Schore's use "columns" in the colors of the similar Bosco pillars, and thus Schore's are suspect with the Schere's / Scherfs below. While Bosco's use "tufts of grass," a GRASShopper is used by Fauchys, first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's, linkable to the fox head in the Bellow Crest. Doctor Fauci (devout Hillary supporter) is an anti-Trump pusher of the COVID scheme, though he needs to do so carefully / tactfully (not doing a very good job at that). Fauchs (not "Fauchy") share the thistle with Crystals, for whatever that could mean.

The Beach Coat is a red version of the English Becker Coat while these Beckers (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) have the black Knee / Needham / Vise/Vice stag head on gold and therefore in the colors of the Hixon/Hickson bird legs.

Next, Wikipedia, at its Clan Pollock article, may still be showing the green-on-gold saltire of Pollocks, which is the colors of the cross in the Arms of Pula/Pola (Istria). The point is, the green Pula/Pola cross is also the one, albeit on a different background, of Sandals. Pollocks come up as "Polish," and I saw her GREEN toe POLISH, another proof that God is in that event. Polish-like Polsons share the Mole boar head, and Eschyna de Molle's daughter married Robert Pollock.

Next, this is a good place to mention the RAGULLY fesse of Sands who have a version of the Sandy Coat. I know that a surname uses a "ragully STAFF," which is what came to mind when writing above: "The Randle wolf stands on an object having the ragully pattern." The interesting thing here is that the Randle wolf is colors reversed from the Flynn wolf, and these wolves are linkable to the Trabys/Sadowskys (Polish) having a Q-shaped "scarf," i.e. looking like a pointer to the late president George Herbert Walker Scherff-Bush. It just so happens that the Randle lions are in the colors of the TREBY lion.

Will general Flynn, or the court case against him, reveal 9-11 secrets by God's will? The judge causing all of Flynn's pain is Mr. Sullivan, and Sullivans share the black boar with English Bush's while Busca is beside Saluzzo, suspect from the Salyes Ligurians that may have been the SALUVii Ligurians i.e. the ones suspect in "Sullivan." Ligurians are suspect to the Leghs/Lighs/Lee's, and Mike Lee is another Trumper who was tested positive, on the same day as Trump.

Plus, the giant LEGH/Ligh/Lee lion is also the lion of Strike's in the Hawk motto, and while Hixons/Hicksons may have hawk LEGs, Hicks were at Low LEIGHton while Leightons have a Leyton variation like the Ley of Leghs/Lee's. Leggs have a giant stag head in the colors of the giant Trump stag head so that my touching her leg at the knee could pertain to Trump. Something good happened when I touched her leg, though I can't say whether or not it is good for Trump.

It's now incredible that the Leighton quadrants are in the colors of the Say quadrants, because Cliffs/Cleffs were at Morton-Say of Shropshire, where Leightons and Says were first found. It's incredible because Trebys were first found in Devon with Treble's, recalling my treble-CLEF event (2005/6) with Miss Hicks that pointed to Cliffs/Cleffs (married Traby-related Styche's) sharing the wolf heads of the Quade's expected in the Q-shaped Traby scarf. Scherfs are listed with one Schere surname while the other Schere's use a Styche-like "stick" encoiled by a green snake, the colors of the two Earhardt snakes that might be fashioned deliberately as the Traby Q. Miss Hicks is a singer while Singers share the garbs of Sticks and Stichs, the latter first found in Cheshire with Cliffs/Cleffs, Leghs/Lee's/Lys', Tufts/Tuffs' and Touch's/Tuffs/Tows.

If you followed my squirrel saga, where I caught 16 squirrels in my attic over a period of about a month, let me repeat that about five survived the RAT TRAP alive that later pointed to John RATcliffe. Note "RatCLIFFE," for I took the five squirrels to a brook to release them (into the wild far from my home), and Brooks share the Stick garbs too. rats/raids are suspect with the RADZiwills-ASTIKas' (there's the STICK line) married by Polish Traby, you see. Traby-like Trapps/Trappers use a BUStard, and Bustards can be gleaned with the Bush Coat while Schere's/Scherfs are also Schare's and Schire's, like the Square/Squire variations of Squirrels. One of the 17 squirrels survived without going for the rat trap, and that was figured as John Ratcliffe because, a few years later, he became the director of an NI spy agency that overlooks 16 others i.e. 17 in total. Claps/Clappers use a square (otherwise called a canton), and James Clapper directed the NI spy agency under Obama.

Claps/Clappers share a pike fish with Geds ("DuRAT"), and Geds connect to the shark in the kidney-shaped pool. That looks Arranged. Rats/Raids/Raiders were first found in Nairnshire with Ged-line Geddes' (pike heads), and with Bosco-related Rose's. I don't think God could get much more clear than this, except to spell out what's going to happen to the people pointed to. God seems to be pointing the spy organizations to the Bush-Scherf Nazi's, and George Herbert Walker Scherff was a CIA director. The mallets of Dutch Clappers can trace to Melita, near Ragusa, home of Shark-liner Saraca's. Do you dig?

The interesting, but confusing thing is, Aryan Nations had headquarters at Hayden Lake (Idaho), and Ainsley Earhardt's child is Hayden. Coincidence, or is there something to this? Why do Haydens share a dancette (different colors) in Chief with the Shops/SHERlands/SHORElands/SHIRlands/SCHAWlands that have already been pointed to the Scherfs? Schaws are listed with Shore-like Schorrs, and the Schore's mentioned above with columns ((and roses) are likewise Schorrs. It was the Nazi, Otto SKORzeny who reportedly admitted, on his death bed, that George Herbert Scherff Jr. became president George Herbert Walker Bush. Skorzeny also claimed that Hitler escaped to Montana...which happens to be beside Hayden Lake.

It's begging the question on whether the car of the 1979 dream, which had Ainsley Earhardt in it, and now known to be an auto too for the Auto/OTTO surname, is also a pointer to OTTO Skorzeny. An Israel newspaper writes: "Otto Skorzeny, one of the Mossadís most valuable assets, was a former lieutenant colonel in Nazi Germanyís Waffen-SS and one of Adolf Hitlerís favorites" (Haaretz). He became an Israeli spy? Might his lot (or even some family members) have conducted 9-11?

There's so much happening here that I get confused as to what sort of storyline I should be promoting suggestively. Score's (no 'h'), first found in Cornwall with Treby-linkable Randle's, have another gold, spread eagle in Crest (linkable to the Needham Crest), as well as a saltire in the colors of the Hixon/Hickson saltire, and in the colors of the similar Rat/Raid cross. Or, we can say that the Score saltire is colors reversed from the same of Scoot-branch Schutz's/Shutz's and NUNs/Noons, and I claimed some three years ago that God inspired (through a sentence of mine) a pointer of the Raider variation of Rats/Raids to Devin NUNes. I get confused when heraldry points to both pro- and anti-Trumpers. It doesn't tell me who's going to get who in trouble, or who's going to win their mortal struggles.

Hayden Lake came to my attention first of all due to a long-time emailer who lived in Post Falls, a few miles from Hayden Lake. Her ex-husband had a sister who married Mr. SCHERIFF. These siblings had a mother (Miss Abbott) with an address on Long Island's Babylon area, right beside Patchogue, home of William Hitler, Adolf's nephew (I can't recall whether Mr. Scheriff was himself from Babylon). It's as though God was verifying that Adolf Hitler escaped to Montana / Idaho with the blessing of the president at that time. There was evidence for this blessing when he (Franklin Roosevelt) founded a naval base conspicuously and illogically merely at a lake (rather than on the ocean), not far north of Hayden Lake, which looks as though he was opening military tax dollars that could go be slipped corruptly to Hitler's family and friends hiding out in that region. William Hitler joined the U.S. navy, you see, after 1945. And Aryan nations was supported for a time by Charles Mangels of Polson, Montana, who looks like he could be related to Hitler's Joseph Mengele.

As Bosco's use pillars, my fence-post invention, the Pillar-POST, may apply here with POST Falls. In fact, the Falls/Fallis' share the Pool(e) lion, but it happens to be the lion of Posts too, and Posts were first found near Poole, part of the shark entity (of the 1979 dream). An interpretation here is that Trump will fall to a Nazi-related shark.

Oh wow, as was said not many updates ago (my guess in August, but repeated in the 3rd update of September, two weeks ago), my patent agent for the Pillar-Post was Mrs. Parsons, and Parsons share the gold leopard face of Coverts. It was Miss Covert of Post Falls who was the long-time emailer! She had married again to Mr. SURbrooke, and Sure's/Shore's (linkable through the Kilpatrick motto and Sheera variation to Schere-branch Shere's/Sheers) have a "PERImus" motto term while Peri-branch Peare's share the Parsons leopard faces for obvious reason. So, among other gleanings, it tends to prove that God was using Miss Covert to link with the Pillar-Post as a pointer to Post Falls and neighboring Hayden Lake.

You're going to be amazed, if you haven't heard the following from me before. Sure's/Shore's are in the "I MAKE SURE" motto of Kilpatricks, and Kilpatricks share the Maxwell/MAKESwell saltire. Maxwells share holly with Sure's/Shore's, yet Maxwells have a "holly BUSH"!!! Zikers, is God funny or what? He just nailed Bush to the wall again. We await only the whiplashings.

Surbrooke-like SHURbrooks happen to share the vaired Shield of Beckers who in turn share, in their SQUARE, the black stag head with Knee's, and the Knee Crest has the Phoenix's/FENwicks while the best surname I can find to match a FENCE post is the FENS'/Venns surname! That works. I released the five, surviving squirrels beside a BROOK. Miss Covert, a pointer to the Hitlerites who put the president Bushes on the political map of the United States, married Mr. SurBROOKe. It works because Squirrels/Square's/Squire's look like a Schere/Schare/Squire/Scherf branch, and Miss Covert had also married Mr. Dein i.e. whose sister married Mr. Scheriff. It doesn't matter whether Covert, Dein, Surbrooke or related others were neo-Nazi's, it's the pointers that matter. My own bloodline points to all sorts of nasty, anti-Christ things, but that doesn't make me associated with those things.

Post Falls. The Falls'/Fallis' were first found in Midlothian, beside the Coats-branch Keiths of HADDINGton, and then Haddingtons share the cross of Vilers and Ainsleys while Haddens are a branch of Haldans previously said to be first found in East Lothian with Keiths. As Haydens/HADENs are pointed to by Ainsley's daughter, what can we make of this? Is Ainsley secretly a nazified puppet of the deep state? Or what? Is the boss of Fox news a puppet of that deep state? Fox is a war hawk. It doesn't expose 9-11. It doesn't attack Bush as a criminal. It has Karl Rove as a regular speaker. Something serious is demented about Fox news, we can all feel it in our bones. It's compromised and in bed with elite snakes.

Haddens (roses, Bosco kin) share the Shield of Mens', first found in Midlothian with Falls'/Fallis'. New: Mens' use a "Vil" motto term while Vilers have a version of the Ainsley Coat! The "I zal" motto phrase of Men's has been suspect for the Islips, and Mr. Scheriff may have been from Babylon at West Islip, but as a certainty West Islip is where the mother of his wife had an address. I kid you not. What do you think it could mean, as a message from God, if the Islips ("holly tree") have a version of the Maxwell Crest??? Hum? Weren't Maxwells from the Isle of Man? Everytime you see links like these, ask: why? What's God trying to say? Did the creators of the Maxwell holly BUSH know that Bush's were related to Scheriffs of West Islip? No. Then who did know it? The One who moved Miss Covert to emailing me, right?

Mens' (share red Chief with Manners/Maness') are said to be a Manner branch, and while Miss Covert was going as Mrs. Maness when she was emailing me, English Manners come up as "Maness." I can glean that Manners/Maness' are Parr kin, and that brings us back to my patent agents, Miss Parsons, for Parsons share the gold leopard face with Coverts. POST Falls is where Miss Covert (her birth name) lived when she was emailing me as Mrs. Maness. It convinces me that Pillar-Post is a pointer to Bush-line Bosco's, and from there it takes us to the touch-knee event of the beautiful woman in the shark dream, who was Miss Hicks but also Miss Earhardt. From there, it takes us to the knee event on the night of the 9-11 memorial.

Watch how Fox and FRIENDs gets us to the bloodline of Fens'/Venns, first found in Somerset with Friends. The latter shares the ermined chevron of Wayne's who share gauntlet gloves with Fane's/Vans/Veyne's, and voila, we made it so fast. The Pillar-Post Fens post, we might say. Fane's/Vans come up as "Phone," and PHOENix's are also FENwicks.

I almost forgot. Parsons are a branch of Peare's and PIERRO's/Pero's, and, zowie, the woman mentioned earlier who married Mr. Scheriff of Long Island is Miss Abbott. Abbotts not only share PEARS with Parrots, but were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's (why do they have a Pearl variation?). Abbotts even have a "patria" motto term for the Patria's/PEARtree's (why might they have the Trump stag head?). Miss Abbott's brother lived in Post Falls, and she may have lived there too. The Trump bulldog went for a FALL into the shark pool.

Back now to the "holly bush" of Maxwells, who are from king Maccus of MAN. One Holly surname is listed with Cullens, and they are linkable to the Cula's/Colls (said to have named Cullen) that came up with the "cotiCULA" motto term of Ainsley-related Vilers. Vilers share the Dagger and Jack scallops, and the other Jacks use holly while German Daggers/Deckers share the Squirrel squirrel. Can things get any clearer for a pointer to the Nazified puppets of the Intelligence deep state?

[Trump this week is said to have had low blood-oxygen, and so it's interesting that Bloods/Bluds share a lodged (lying down), brown stag with Maxwells, for Trump got pegged as the sickly stag.]

"COTicula" is suspect with Dan Coats, the director of National Intelligence immediately after Becker-connectable Clapper. Cotta's (probably from Miss Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar) were first found in Languedoc with French Julians (GULL / GULLY branch i.e. like "Cula/Coll"), and with Constance's ("RATioni PAReat") who in turn share the giant Cula/Coll eagle. It tends to reveal the double-headed Maxwell eagle as the Roman-empire eagle.

Cula's/Colls are Coole's too, and Cooleys are also COWleys [as are Cools/Culls that linked to the freezer/closet, pointable to Dan Coats, Trump's Intelligence enemy] while the Julian and Gully cross is shared by Cowes'/COO's. As Cowes is off the coast from Poole, are Coo's a pointer to the Trump COUP? Cowes is beside Newport, and Newports (share leopard faces with Cooleys/Cowleys) are in Gully colors and format. Newports happen to share the white unicorn with gold horn with CHRISTine's, who not only have coup-like Cups, but a couped (shortened) chevron. COOPers/COUPers (holly in Crest) were first found in Sussex with Coverts and Deins! Zinger. Christine's are from the Isle of Man, where we can trace Manners/Maness', and Mr. Maness was yet another husband of Miss Covert along with Mr. Dein (son of Miss Abbott, herself having had an address in West Islip, Long Island). Why do we think that Newports emphasize the MANE of their unicorn?

The leopard faces of Coopers/Coupers wearing crowns recalls the three gold crowns of Grands in the motto of Courts/Coverts (Sussex, same as Coverts/Cofferts and Coopers/Coupers). What do you suppose I'm preparing to say now? English Corons/Corona's (branch of Italian Corona's) have three gold crowns too, in the colors of the Cooper/COUPer crowns. Are we not in the midst of a coup-by-coronavirus at this time?

Online definition: "couped...(heraldry) cut off smoothly, as distinguished from erased; -- used especially for the head or limb of an animal." It tends to mean, shortened by a cutting off. Might a political coup have derived from the cutting off of a leader? Scottish Coopers/Coupers have a chevron cut off short so that "couped" must be heraldic code for Coopers. So, Christine's, with cups and a shortened chevron reveal that Cups/Cope's were a Cooper branch.

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Ron Johnson, one of the best deep-state enemies at this time, tested positive shortly after Trump did. It seems that the deep state could be involved right now in a machine-gunning-down of key Republican actors using this infection. Even Kellyanne Conway was tested positive shortly after Trump. The bright side is that animals make lots of mistakes.

I've just learned, late Saturday night, that Mr. Christie has tested positive, though I don't think I'm going to believe it. Back on Friday, "Donald Trumpís campaign manager (Stepien) has tested positive for Covid-19, dealing another blow [yay-yay] to his reelection effort [yay-yay]..." The Democrats are getting a big bounce out of this. I can't believe that these key people would test positive all at once, within about 24-36 hours, unless there was some secret way of infecting them at about the same time. Same article by Politico: "RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announced earlier Friday that she, too, is infected."

Trump's popularity numbers went down from this story. But if none of these people suffer illnesses to speak of, the mask goons will have their legs cut out from under them. All this fuss about masks and hampering livelihoods, and no one's getting very sick, with the chance of dying being 1 per 5,000 for people under 69. Let the people be maskless, let us all catch the disease now, before winter, and let's get past this. But, no, there's a strain of bonkers liberals wanting this "frightening" disease because they are psychotic goons. We do not want these control freaks in power over us. Rebuke the hypocrites at every opportunity, especially when they act like the holy carers of strangers in your workplace while they themselves don't wear their masks with close family at their own homes. Hypocrites.

Good news. Most people do not want a vaccine now. The reason to continue the fright is that people want to make billions on vaccines. The truth is leaking out, that this infection is not even as bad as the flu. I've had flus that were like near-death experiences, but if the Trump team suffers almost nothing, the results can be used to normalize things faster. The yays of our enemies will turn to groans. We don't make them our enemies; they do. They want harm for others that they might somehow come out ahead. It's tribalism. Animals. We need to yell at them to scare them away. Rebuke them in front of people. I do when they don't listen.

Here's what I'm going to tell the next stupid I talk to who gives away that they're a pro-mask goon. I'm going to take off my mask and tell them that it's covered on the inside with COVID viruses. Here, would you like to wear it?

When he/she looks at me funny, I'm going to continue by saying: "If you caught the virus three or four days ago, the inside of your own mask is covered in viruses by now, even if you started to use a new mask this morning. You would be safer putting on my mask covered with covid than to be breathing your own viruses onto your own mask, because you would then have viruses in both your mask and in your lungs." Although the stupid ones will refuse to hear this, because they have an agenda to conspire with like-minded mask goons, those words will find their way into them sooner or later. They will realize that I'm right. So, rebuke and educate the stupids, and feel good about your charity even if they refuse it.

I asked one lady yesterday if she wears a mask at home, and she lied, saying that she does. The reason she lied is that she had attacked me first for wearing my mask below my nose. We were in a building with 25-foot ceilings, and sparsely populated. She's one of the goons, and they need to be told. If we allow them to win, they will become addicted control freaks all the more. She lied because she realized all on her own that I just made a hypocrite out of her, I didn't need to tell her, and I didn't. "Do you really wear a mask at home, all the time," I asked. "No," she confessed. But she continued to insist that I put my mask over my nose, even though she could see that I was anti-mask i.e. she was rubbing against my will. So, she's drunk on controlling people in the way of the broad conspiracy that's been foisted upon us all.

Do the world a favor today, wear your mask below you nose to lure the psychotic toward you. Then, when they open their mouths against you, spray the truth back at them because they don't wear masks at home with the ones closest to them. "You pretend like you care about strangers in this tall building, and then you go maskless with your own spouse / children in a tiny home environment even when the windows are all shut." What are they going to say in response? (Before saying something like the above, make sure you discover first whether they live alone or not.)

You might say, John, be nice with these people, because they're just deceived by the news. I'd say, no, they watch those deceptive news shows because they have chosen to be demented enemies of truth. That's what's going on in our midst, people willing to bend toward insanity on behalf of liberal engineering. Push them down with the truth, because they refuse to be picked up to the truth. As they prefer to be Frankesteins, knock them down to keep them from operating efficiently. Give them a bad conscience for the aberrations they carry.

It is better that more people catch the infection lightly than fewer people catching it more seriously. Wearing masks makes the latter scenario, but the former scenario gets us faster past masks, for good, good-riddance. Be smart, don't be a mask goon. Show your face, show wisdom.

According to the video below, with words from his doctors, Trump is getting better already after having merely a cough (not much to speak of, by the sounds of it) and nasal stuffiness on Thursday. That doesn't sound like a flu to me.

He's taking Remdesivir (the expensive, military-founded drug for COVID), but there's no word on is taking hydroxychloroquine. How can the first drug administered to the president be tested if he's also got Remdesivir in his veins? Oh well, the military hospital wanted to advertise Remdesivir, didn't it?

Republican senator, Mike Lee, after testing negative one day, announced on Friday that he too was found positive on Thursday (same day as Trump). That same Friday, a fellow member with him on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the one that will deal with Comey Barrett's nomination, also tested positive. Lee had a meet with Barrett on Tuesday, and so my guess is that he caught (or was instilled with) the infection about Sunday or Monday. It seems that, desperate, the deep-state stupids are making their mistakes in trying to machine-gun down the major players of the Trump team. It's logical that they were trying to get this infection into Comey Barrett herself via these senators, to postpone her senate hearing. How long have they been planning this, and how are they infecting people artificially??

On Sunday night, I heard Dr. Conley tell that he offered Trump the oxygen machine (on Sunday, I think, or perhaps Saturday evening), the thing I suspect that's being used to kill some "useless" aged people off. The doctor told the public a new story, that Trump "experienced two episodes" of low oxygen-blood levels, exactly what I would tell a patient falsely if I was trying to make him more sick with a toxicity-loaded oxygen tank.

Also, we're now hearing that Trump's fever went "high," yet how can this be correct when they also agreed on Sunday to let him out of the hospital the next day? Are they trying to make him believe that he's sick when he's not so that he'll agree to certain "remedies" that only make him sicker? The doctors are telling the public that they hope to release him Monday, but maybe they're just fibbing to act as though they are not the making him sicker.

According to Meadows on Friday, Trump's oxygen-levels had dropped i.e. either on Friday or Thursday, yet the doctors did not agree to tell that publicly until about Sunday? Were they lying to Trump a lie they didn't want to spew to a public audience? When storylines get this contradictory, something could be fishy.

The Garibald dukedom of Bavaria was followed by the father of Grimoald, and then by Grimoald himself at about the time of Grimo, grandson of Mummolin. I haven't known the Garibaldi surname until now thanks to one of Trump's doctors by that name. As it turns out, Garibaldi's were first found in Genova with Grimaldi's. This recalls that Burisma's boss, Mr. Zlochevsky, is acquainted (or more than acquainted) with the "royal" Grimaldi's of Monaco.

We can expect George Soros to be in close cahoots with Zlochevsky. The latter is a close friend of the Bidens, you see. Zlochevsky's crocodile-leather shoes pointed to Deins, who might be in the "d'en" motto term of Belows i.e. the ones pointing to the shark's teeth around Trump's belly (it recalls how the Below chalice connects to trumpet-using Calls/Calles'). Burisma's board has Igor Kolomoisky (he's in hiding), the one with the shark tank. So, perhaps, God may have arranged Garibaldi to be one of Trump's doctors to reveal that the Ukraine shark is trying to ruin / kill Trump at this time in favor of a Biden presidency. Or, the Ukraine shark tank may have sent Garibaldi in to do the dirty deed. He's from Johns Hopkins (coronavirus center). The Hopkin surname uses pistols, just saying. Garibaldi is the one applying a five-day Remdesivir program.

I'm now reminded that I slept in a sleeping BAG with Mamie as an act of God for various pointers. We had no sex at all, not even a kiss. Bag's share the Grimaldi Shield. The very next day, Mamie got her thigh symbol at her garden as a pointer to Babon, son of Mummolin, because Babons share the Garden boar head. Can we believe it? Babon was the father of the Grimo mentioned above.

Freak-out: Polish-like Polis' use what looks like a chalice, and they too were first found in Genova!!! I stumbled upon Polis' (many variant variations), not familiar with them. Mamie's thigh and tease symbols pointed to Tease's/Thys', first found in Nottinghamshire with Mamie-like Mamesfelde of the Mansfields, and because she had extra-large breasts while Mamesfelde is said to be named after breasts (it's incorrect, but I accept the link from God), I claimed that she was a pointer to Mansfields too, for the Mans-like Mens' are also Mame's.

Well, it just so happens that Mansfields share the Coat of Mangles/Mansells, which brought Charles Mangels of POLSon to mind, and so I loaded Polsons, followed by Poles', and finally came to the Polis' of Genova with the chalice (I assume it's a chalice). I just think that's amazing, because her tease symbol came when she wouldn't even give me a hug in the sleeping BAG, the thing that connects to Grimaldi's. Apollo's/Polloni's have variations like some in the Polis list, and Apollo's/Polloni's share a giant tree with Genova's Garibaldi's.

The Mens-branch Manners/Maness' have a "pour" motto term while the Below chalice pours out water. Maxwells, from the Isle of Man, are traceable to Rijeka, near the COLAPis/Kupa river to which the Cups/Colps trace who are in the Coat if Christine's, first found on the Isle of Man. Maxwells share the black, double-headed eagle with chalice-using Belows, and then there is a double-headed, black eagle in the Arms of Rijeka, and it's pouring water out of a container, a vase, I guess, as code for the Vase variation of Face's/Fessys, from the Fieschi of Genova who were politically active there with Grimaldi's. So says Wikipedia.

Watch: Hopkins use pistols, and Pistols share the chevron of STAFFs while "pilgrim's staves (staffs)" are used by PilGRIMs, first found in Norfolk with the Bags sharing the GRIMaldi Shield. Garibaldi's were first found in Genova with Grimaldi's. Dr. Garibaldi is from Johns Hopkins. How about that. STAFFordshire is where GrimBALDs/Grimalds were first found (we had seen a Grimbald character in Beacon/Bacon ancestry, or that last sentence wouldn't be here). GariBALDi's come up as Grimbald-like Gribalds.

Watch: Pistols were first found in Leicestershire (beside Staffordshire) with the Toeni's in the write-up of Staffs (Staffordshire), and Tonys (Leicestershire) happen to share the maunch-sleeve with Mansfields and Mangels/Mansells. How can that be coincidental? It's a new twist to Mamie's pointers, now to Trump's COVID infection. I almost forget. She got her thigh symbol at her garden, and the Gardens use a "JUNGuntur" motto term while Jungs have a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head!!! Zowie! That was a good time to remember the motto term, just after proposing her pointer to Trump. An hour or two before we were spreading out the sleeping bag, she sat on my LAP uninvited (around the campfire with the gang), and Laps were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles'. I had only met her once before she sat on my knees...or legs...WOW, I had almost missed that: Leggs almost have the Trump stag head! ZIKERS! She was a pointer to Trump, I can hardly believe it.

The Bus' of Norfolk share the lone, ermined cinquefoil in the Arms of Leicester along with the Tony sleeve, and cinquefoils of these colors are shared by Below-like Bellows (familiar turf). The latter are in the "bellows" of Shiptons, and the latter were first found in Oxfordshire with Hopkins.

About a year before being with Mamie, I was working on a lumber-mill machine that routered out picture FRAMES, where my foreman was Gunter (not sure of the spelling). I'm therefore wondering whether "junGUNTUR" applies to Trump and his team, as per being framed with COVID, for election purposes, to make them look irresponsible / uncaring. The place was (might still be) on Industrial Road (Richmond Hill, Ontario), and the Arms of Rothschild use an "Industria" motto term. Trump himself is Mr. Industry. "Router"-like Reuters use the Rothchild (no 's') horse, I would assume.

Wow, Routs share the BAGley Shield, and Bagleys were first found in Shropshire with the Rudes/Rudge's that I trace to Rudesheim, location of ASSMANNShausen, and then the horse of Jewish Rothchilds is in the colors of the Assmann/Rasmussen unicorn. Ras'/Rose's are in the roses of Jewish Rothchilds. Bagleys are said to have named Bagley WOODs, and Routs share the Wood-Crest tree. Both trees (not oaks) show the roots, probably due to the Root variation of Routs! That's a new find right here (though the oak tree in the Wood Shield does not show roots). This discussion is a good addition to the sleeping-bag mystery, for Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Bagleys.

Garibaldi's have the root on their tree too!

Woods are said to descend from Vosco's / Bosco's. It figures. Oaks use the non-oak tree with roots showing! Oaks have LEAVES and a "patria" term indicating the Laevi founders of Pavia. Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag head!!! The "unDIS" motto term of Woods can be for the Diss/DEISE's, and "Deise" is a motto term in the Arms of County Waterford itself having the Trump stag head too!!! Zikers.

As I said, the sleeping bag in the sleeping-bag dream was PICKed up by me in the Woods! I've already shown that the PICK/Pix fitchees are those of Woods, but I've just never known the Routs/Roots (Kent, same as Picks/Pix's and English Rothes!!) enough to realize this new addition to that picture. Picks/Pix's have the same tree, with ROOTS. I've just never known that the roots were there as code for Routs.

English Rothes', for ten years or more prior to about a year ago, were said to be first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, Bagleys and Rudes'/Rudge's (probably a Rhodes branch). Their change to Kent is very helpful. Just look at what my job on the routing mill has turned up. The sleeping bag is now pointing to Rothschild liners. I'll no doubt be able to add to this picture, but I'm out of time for this week.

The man (David Morley) who circled the sleeping bag, after I picked it up, pointed to Ade's/Ade's, and "ad" is a motto term of German Hammers whose Coat is similar to that of Reuters. "Ad" is a motto term of Bauer-branch Bowers sharing the Arms of Rothschild. The Bows/Bough's, sharing the ROET motto, share the five, bunched arrows of Bowers. Ade's have a version of the RODham/Rodden bend, and the sleeping-bag dream did point to crimes of Hillary Rodham Clinton in multiple ways, including her Steele-dossier coup attempt. (For what it might be worth, the lys-specialized Morley / Ade leopard face is shared by Cooleys/Cowleys.)

The fleur-de-lys on the Rasmussen bend are shared by June-branch Jeune's, and, zikers, that works, because Jungs are June's/Youngs too while Yonge's/Youngs use a "jeune" motto term! So, we went from "JUNGuntur" to Rasmussens as per Gunter on Industrial road, and then back to Jung liners with the Rasmussen bend. Yonge's/Youngs even use the German Rose Coat.

Both Jewish Rothchilds and Rasmussens use sinister-directed features, including the horse facing sinister (i.e. the Shield's left side (viewer's right). Mythical Mucius, ancient code for the Mucianus surname (i.e. like "Mussen"), lost his right hand, leaving him with a left hand only. It explains the left-rising bends (unlike most other bends) of Masci's, Massena's and Rasmussens, yet shared by Jewish Rothchilds.

The AssMANN variation looks formed when Muse / Rasmussen elements married Isle-of-Man elements because Christine's of Man use a white uniCORN head. It's part code for the corona-like Ceraunii, and Corons/Corona's were first found in Cheshire with a slew of Massey / Macey liners. Maccus of Man formed an alliance with Saxons of Cheshire, home of the CORNovii, and, by the way, while Corons/Corona's use crowns, we find one in the Garibaldi Coat. Rothes' put crowns on the heads of their lion, as do Garibaldi's.

Actually, "ASSmann" appears formed apart from Muse / Mussen liners, when the Assi/Ass surname merged with Man liners, for Assi's use a fasces as likely code for the Fieschi of Genova (i.e. where Garibaldi's were first found). The Genova's themselves have the wing design of proto-Rothschild Bauers. Assi's were first found on Shetland, home of the raven-depicted vikings that invaded ROTHESay, explaining why German Rothes' (Bavaria, same as Bavaria-like Bauers) use a giant raven, which is a crow too, the symbol of mythical Coronis of Greece. Garibaldi's are highly suspect from Garibald, duke of Bavaria, and while the Arms of Bavaria have blue lozengy, blue lozenges are shared by Bagleys and Routs. (Muse's can be linked to Itta of Metz, wife of Pepin of Landen, explaining why Rasmussens/Assmanns can be connected by their symbols to Pepins.)

PLUS, Trump as the sickly stag was followed by Paul Smith on crutches, and Paul gave me his very own-built WOODen BOX built for holding his router!! I kid you not. Woods share the Rout tree! So, it does appear that the sickly stag is a pointer to Trump's COVID fiasco. There's a Wooden/Woodham surname with stag head in Crest (the only thing, it's just not wearing a mask). Oh no, Box's, first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles', have a bomb / fireball in Crest. Stay home more, Mr. Trump, wear some led.

I'm not buying Dr. Conley's words out on Sunday, that Trump had lung problems (low blood-oxygen is caused by malfunctioning lungs, I assume) back on Friday, and a high fever on Friday "morning" too. He didn't test positive until Wednesday-Thursday, and already the president had lung problems on Friday? Doubtful. Conley said that he put Trump on the oxygen machine "for about an hour" after Trump "adamantly" didn't want any. It seems that he approached Trump to tell him falsely, oops, your blood levels low, here take some oxygen to see if it helps. Trump took a little, and the doctor then patted him on the head, saying, "good boy, the blood's better; will you now roll over and play dead for me, good boy, good little bulldog."

Perhaps Conley is signalling to the enemy, on the Sunday news conference, that the machine had been applied. Of course, I can't know for sure that they're trying to make him sicker with the oxygen tank; it's just a theory I can share that big media cannot.

Garibaldi is an outsider, a potential enemy (40-percent of Democrats have been found to be happy about Trump's infection; how happy do you think they might be?):

A Johns Hopkins Hospital doctor has joined the team of physicians treating President Donald Trump for the coronavirus.

Dr. Brian Garibaldi, director of the biocontainment unit at the Baltimore hospital, is consulting with White House doctors and the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda to develop a treatment plan for the president, a Hopkins spokeswoman said (Baltimore Sun).

Happy enough to make him very sick so as to lose the election. Of course, that's their game at this time, and, of course, some Democrats are doctors too, and, of course, we expect them at Johns Hopkins.

[See the next update's section, "The Plot to Make Trump COVID Sick," to see how they may have planned to make Trump sick.}


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