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October 6 - 12, 2020

Trump Wrongly Given Steroids Early -- Suspicious
Mamie's Pointer to Trump -- Why Her, Why Him
A New Dream Points to Tony Fauci and Bill Gates

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

President Donald Trump is working to declassify documents related to the Russia investigation while he recovers from coronavirus at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, his chief of staff said Monday.

“This morning we’ve already had a couple of discussions on items that he wants to get done,” Mark Meadows, the chief of staff, said in an interview on “Fox & Friends.”

It turns out that he was being interviewed by Ainsley Earhardt, and when Meadows told the country LIVE that Trump wants him to declassify things that Nunes and similar others have been requesting, shocker, Earhardt changed the subject right away to a trivial matter on Trump's condition. I assume she wears an ear piece, and that a Fox monitor of the show told her not to dig into that topic.

[Two days later, on Wednesday, Meadows was back on Fox and Friends, and this was after Trump himself appeared to give the green light to declassify all documents UNREDACTED, yet Fox and Friends didn't ask Meadows to talk about that. Instead, to make a good show of things, he was asked only about Ratcliffe's declassification. At the end of this Meadows interview, Miss Earhardt said that it's too bad that leftist media aren't covering Ratcliffe's exposure, but this looks like an pitiful ploy to make herself, and Fox and Friends, or even the Fox boss, look better than she looked Monday...yet this interview itself totally ignored the huge Trump tweet on declassification. There was nothing asked of Meadows in addition to what he had said Monday.

So, it appears that someone at Fox doesn't want to talk about Trump's tweet at 7:41 pm on Tuesday: "I have fully authorized the total Declassification of any & all documents pertaining to the single greatest political CRIME in American History, the Russia Hoax. Likewise, the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal. No redactions!" WOW. But wait, this is nothing but a tease. I'm writing this insert after asking whether Trump's been deliberately teasing his voters, fraudulently, in this regard of declassification, and here we find evidence of a tease, for an hour later, his twitter account had this: "All Russia Hoax Scandal information was Declassified by me long ago. Unfortunately for our Country, people have acted very slowly, especially since it is perhaps the biggest political crime in the history of our Country. Act!!!" Apparently, he's not giving any green light at this time to declassify things unredacted. He's merely saying that he gave Barr the green light long ago.

Trump is just a dirt-ball, face it. He's dirty, he really is. He probably made these tweets to explain Meadows' comments on Monday, making it appear that Meadows had misspoke. Perhaps Trump just changed his mind (this week) on declassifying, and so he tweeted to say that he meant he had declassified long ago, as if to suggest: "don't expect anything DIRECTLY from me." We'll see, but this doesn't look good. End insert]

I'm wondering whether Meadows revealed what Trump was wanting him to do (declassify) without the president's permission. Was Meadows snitching to certain guilty parties that Trump's about to get tough? Or, for another theory, when Meadows' special task was discovered by Fox, they egged him to tell of it on the air so that Trump's enemies could get a head-up, but the show's monitor didn't allow the hot topic anything more but to be chilled.

Consider first that Trump removed Pompeo as the CIA chief after he did NOTHING to expose the deep state. Not one declassification came from Pompeo, not one word, so far as I heard. There is no story I've come across telling of Pompeo's contributions to declassification of crimes, not even when Sessions was being the most hard-nosed no-nothing hypocrite. So, ask, how can it be that Trump chose Pompeo and Sessions, both of whom declassified nothing on behalf of Republican-led committees hard at work seeking to uncover the crimes. HOW DO WE EXPLAIN THIS?

Then, on top of choosing anti-declassification Wray, he chose anti-declassification Haspel to replace Pompeo at the CIA. So, below is the new scoop, and we can ask why we didn't get this scoop emphasized years ago:

What is most interesting is the timing of Gina Haspel's last tour as London Station Chief [before she was made CIA chief] -- from 2014 to early 2017. That is the same timeframe (specifically, the late summer of 2016) when the FBI approached foreign policy academic and "utility government operative" Stefan Halper...

The CIA Station Chief is the top intelligence official in any given country. The FBI must inform the Station Chief of what they planned to do and get Station Chief approval. The FBI hates that, but those are the rules. Because the various intelligence agencies are sensitive, they do not use the word "approved." Instead, they use the word "coordinated." Jargon aside, nothing would have happened without Haspel's okay.

Obama's FBI was working with Haspel. She was the Intelligence queen in Britain (why wasn't this a story years ago?) while Britain's government was working hand-in-glove with Obamaites to ruin Trump. And this is the one that Trump made the CIA Chief, HOW DO WE EXPLAIN THIS? Easy: Trump is a hypocritical farce, pretending that he wants the deep state in deep trouble. The truth is, he's happy just to get his enemies off of his back, but he doesn't want to punish them, because, probably, he's afraid of repercussions. Yet his choosing all the wrong people for what his voters desired (punishment, justice, cleansed law-enforcement agencies) is his betrayal of his voters.

It's horrible, folks, and pro-Trump guys like Bongino are dishonest and reckless not to have brought this out years ago, for the better game plan would have been to hold Trump's feet to the fire until he did the right things -- punishment -- because it's the right thing to do. So, pro-Trumpers in the main betrayed the voters in concert with Trump. It could be too late now. The cusp is upon the nation.

Didn't Trump ask Haspel for Intelligence on his enemies? Is Trump that useless, or was it his will, above all, to keep a tight check on leaks? That's what it looks like to me. Trump has been your enemy, voters, Trump has been your demon, your frustration, that's why the Intelligence deep state got away. By the time that he chose Haspel, Trump knew that the attack against him involved the British. he knew that Haspel was in charge of the British end of American Intelligence under Obama. How could he chose her if he really wanted to punish his enemies. Instead, he handed them their wishes on a silver platter time and time again...until Ratcliffe. I suggest that he learned his lesson the hard way, that giving the deep state their wishes didn't create peace between he and they. STUPID!

I suggest the possibility that it's Trump who wants to publicize his late efforts to release classified data, because he knows he's looking very bad with the Haspel news, looking like he's the lid for the deep state, and so by releasing data now, he maybe wants to appear angry with Haspel. I'm not buying it. He should be very embarrassed and ashamed with this news.

From Friday through to Monday, Trump's oxygen-blood levels were normal, aside from two instances where it dropped to the point that Trump's physician recommended the oxygen machine. Trump indicated to him that he didn't want the machine, but his doctor gave him an hour's worth anyway, very suspicious. I frankly do not think that his oxygen levels dropped at all, because I had suspicions prior to his infection that oxygen tanks were being used to make people sicker as a form of euthanasia. So, there is a chance that someone in this hospital was adamant in putting him on an oxygen tank, either to make him too sick to campaign further, or even in hopes of killing him...with additional viruses, for example, pumped into his lungs from the "special" oxygen tank.

It could be that Trump was stern to the doctors in refusing more oxygen, and then rebuked them, telling them that he wanted to leave immediately. Conley's attitude on Monday was very nicey-nicey toward Trump, perhaps due to a mild altercation with him. I'm not even sure he has the infection, because the test may have been deliberately bogus. Trump has himself chosen enemies to surround him, traitors. Word has just come out that there was a female mole in Melania's affairs.

So, the two drops in blood sugar were nothing blip-blip burgers, even if they happened, yet Meadows went out to tell the public that it happened, though the doctor at first wasn't revealing it (there are two opposing options, as reasons, for that), and then the doctor had to fesse-up that it did happen, thanks to Meadows acting unilaterally (not necessarily acting alone). Doesn't that make Meadows suspicious? Maybe not. Maybe he was just being honest and helpful. Um, er, Trump might need an inhalator already (shudder), I'm just being honest and helpful, folks. The liberal media is just talking more about Meadows' statement than anything else, so, yes, it was helpful, we could say.

Conley said that the sugar level was "below 94-percent, it wasn't down into the low 80s or anything." He said that it was low for a couple of hours, and then rose back to normal, and that was that, just a blip, if anything. I just don't think it happened. I think there's some funny-business going on. But what could it be? A mistake is not funny-business. There's a big-stakes election early next month, and so I'd rather think they were trying to artificially give him low blood sugar. The question is not, why, but: why else?

I'd like to know how high his fever was, and how long it lasted., because I think it's faked. It's been decades since I've had a fever, but as I remember it, it always lasted more than one day, and if it reached 102 F, I'd be couch-ridden. Was Trump like that? The doc said Trump had a fever "Friday morning." Wow, maybe it lasted as long as his coffee. Why didn't he say he had a fever on Friday, period? Did the doctor make it up? Was it a trick, and was the trick called off for some reason? Which doctor "found" the fever?

The good news is that there's about 10 pro-Trump Republicans (zero Democrats) who tested positive late last week, and so when they get better, too-soon for Democrat happiness, without complications, leftists will be left wondering what went "wrong." They allowed themselves to believe that this is a killer disease.

The next time you see a leftist psycho-sicko looking ugly at you for not wearing a mask, and looking happy too, ask him/her: what is the typical / average age for a COVID death? Isn't it 75-80 years of age? Yes, but isn't that also roughly the age at which people die with or without COVID? Ahhh, so, if people died in their 70s, 80s or 90s, and they happen to have COVID, they're are marked down as a COVID death when in fact it was far-more likely that it was a death by some other factor. Sooo, we are being lied to by the numbers pumpers. Thanks to Tucker Carlson on Monday night for launch of this paragraph.

In the USA, there are about 15 million annual deaths (all causes) for ages 75-84. So, the COVID numbers pumpers have thus far been able to find a mere 200,000 people of roughly that age bracket who died with COVID, not necessarily because of COVID. Now we know their trick.

They have found 1 per 60 (15 million / 200,000 = 60) Americans, amongst those who died, who died WITH COVID. Then, the CDC said that only six-percent of the 200,000 who died had only COVID (no other visible or known complications / threats). So, to do this math, we first do 6% / 94% = .064. We then multiply 200,000 by .064 = 12,800 deaths so far who've had COVID alone. Shame, dirty leftist slimes, shame numbers pumpers, shame Trump task force for not making light of this non-pandemic number, lower than typical flu deaths.

The last update seemed to indicate (I could have been reading it wrong), through heraldic clues (I know it sounds crazy), that Chris Christie is part of a team that infected Trump and others hoping to ruin him at this important time. If I'm correct, it can explain this:

Chris Christie is spending his sixth day in a New Jersey hospital battling COVID-19, according to multiple reports.

...Christie’s condition remains unclear.

He has not discussed his health or treatment online, nor have his doctors, though people he has spoken to have told The Post that the one-time presidential candidate has been upbeat and doing well (I didn't record where this is from).

If he's faking his illness in hospital to make COVID look dire, I'd expect him to give the public no update in case the storyline needs to change later. It doesn't seem real that he shouldn't have some updates to share publicly on his condition. My bet: they are still debating what message to send out, but by having him in the hospital this long, it's a message contradicting the message from Trump's speedy recovery (what recovery?): COVID is harmless to almost all healthy people.

He was released on the seventh day, and there was no illness to speak of, begging why he didn't tell the public that he was fine. I can find no story on the condition / progress of Hope Hicks', who's suspect (by me) with Christie in seeking to sabotage Trump's White House. A suspect is innocent until proven guilty.

Trump says he wants to send Regeneron to "everybody" for "free." Okay, so the patients get it free, but doesn't the government pay for it? Doesn't that mean someone makes money on this? Was Trump doing a commercial for Regeneron, claiming that it was miraculous "cure" even though he wasn't sick at all? Having a short-term fever is not "sick" yet. There is ZERO evidence that the drug saved him from becoming sick. So why is the president making that hyped claim?

I'm not saying the drug didn't work at all, or that it didn't save him from illness. If it did save him, perhaps the people who shipped in that drug, when a special request was made for it from the hospital (it's not commercially available yet), were not privy to (or involved with) the conspiracy to make him sick. I've heard from youtube's Dr. John Campbell that the steroids (dexamethasone) given to Trump "may reduce immune response" when given early. Campbell was therefore scratching his head on why Trump was given this drug immediately, at the start of the positive testing. Was someone giving him the steroids hoping that the immune system wouldn't make him better?

Regeneron mimics the immune-system's production of antibodies so that, if the body is slow to produce them due to early steroids, the patient may still fight off the virus.

Hmm, is this how the conspirators are making people sick, by giving this steroid too early? Dr. Celine Grounder: "'It's an old drug, it's cheap,' she said. 'Of all the drugs we're using for COVID, it's the one that we have the most experience with.'" Sounds like the bread-and-butter of COVID relief. Same article: "Dexamethasone helps these patients by tamping down the body's immune response" ( That is, LATER in the illness, when the body's immune system is attacking the body due to getting out-of-whack, the steroid is used to turn down the immune system, explaining why this drug should NEVER be given at the start of the illness, unless the object is to make the patient more sick. There we have evidence that someone on Trump's medical team was trying to make Trump more sick (it must have gone right over Campbell's head.) same article:

The Infectious Diseases Society of America now recommends giving 6 milligrams of the [dexamethasone] drug for 10 days to critically ill COVID-19 patients on ventilators and those requiring oxygen support. But it recommends not using the drug on people with mild illness who do not require supplemental oxygen.

Wow, how about that. The article admits that doctors shouldn't administer this steroid early in the infection, but does not make a pointed issue of Trump's doctor(s) doing so with him. How can we explain this absence of concern, or blatant omission? Why isn't any pro-Trumper talking about this to the point of going viral? It looks like at least one on Trump's team was trying to turn down the gas pedal on his immune that, apparently, yes, the Regeneron assisted him in avoiding a worsening illness.

Behold, ABC makes the same omission:

Among patients with COVID-19 who did not require respiratory support, there was no benefit from treatment with dexamethasone....

Dr Brian Garibaldi said Mr Trump was given the steroid in response to "transient low oxygen levels".

The President received his first dose on Saturday and his doctors plan is to continue the treatment for now.

AHHHHH, I get it. They first faked a diagnosis that he has a couple of short bursts of low blood sugar, and this was to "justify" the steroids! That's what they did. I cannot discover who chose to give Trump the steroids, but the above quote could suggest Garibaldi, who was suspect in my last update as the one trying to make him sicker.

ABC is deceptive above because it implies that there's no problem in administering the steroid for non-sick, infected people. It only says that there's no benefit. Still, it tells us that it was wrong to give it to Trump about a day after he tested positive, and that's why they needed justification. I'd really like to know who it was that ordered the Regeneron. "The drug is only useful for patients with difficulty breathing and needing some assistance either through ventilation in a hospital or from oxygen therapy." This is why you will hear that Trump had a little difficulty breathing, yet Trump said he had no difficulty breathing. The death rate is drastically reduced when patients are given this steroid at the right time. Has Pence's task force emphasized this? If not, why not?

ABC claims this quote from Trump: "'I went into the hospital a week ago, I was VERY SICK and I took this medicine and it was incredible, I could have walked out the following day,' he said." If Trump said that, he was exaggerating to the point of lying, for he also said that he only felt a little tired. "Very sick" looks like it's part of his "commercial" for Regeneron. This is such a dumb move at this time for him. "In a radio interview conducted after his doctor said Mr Trump had completed his course of therapy, the President said he was still taking the [steroid] drug" (ABC). What? They gave it to him for DAYS (???) even though he wasn't near the stage requiring an oxygen feed!!! WHY ISN'T THIS A HUGE STORY from republicans?

A lot of leftist media outlets are trying to use the steroids to defame / discredit Trump in some way, but it's only bringing out details of the steroid plot against him. State News:

To treat his Covid-19, President Trump has started receiving dexamethasone, a common steroid that has been shown to be helpful in people with severe cases of the disease but that doctors warn should not be used early in the course of the illness.

The announcement from Trump’s medical team Sunday morning that the president is on dexamethasone is sure to increase speculation [as leftists wish] about the president’s illness and was at odds with the generally upbeat description of his condition provided by his physicians. His doctors said Trump had not had a fever since Friday morning and did not have any shortness of breath.

So, you see, the drug is for late-term patients in the throes of a mortal lung battle, and so how do we explain that Trump's medical team would be so "stupid" as to publicly announce its use on merely day 2 of his positive testing? One theory: the team, or at least one person on it, wanted to convey to some fellow conspirator, "mission accomplished," and yet the team also had to confess publicly that Trump was doing well at that point. An additional theory: by the announcement, they wanted to give the public impression that Trump was is some risky waters because they were planning a severe illness, but things went wrong when somebody not on the hit-team insisted on Regeneron.

Same article: "'Our plan is to continue that for the time being,' Brian Garibaldi, another of Trump’s doctors, said about the dexamethasone." Ahh, Garibaldi again looks like the steroid administrator.

The issue is an issue: "Weiss said that Trump's medical team had 'an impossible job,' but that 'you can't say he’s fine and he's going home tomorrow and by the way he's getting dexamethasone, which was shown in {a clinical trial} to be helpful in only the sickest patients.'" Yeah, okay, and so the only thing to do is to ask the medical team why they administered the steroid. "'You don’t want to give it to a patient too early,' Nahid Bhadelia, the medical director of Boston Medical Center’s Special Pathogens Unit, told STAT Friday about dexamethasone. 'It's a blunt instrument, so it may suppress a good immune response as well as a bad one.'"

I attended a funeral this week. When the lady from the funeral home piped up asking everyone to wear masks, I interjected and said quite a few things, including how bonkers it is to wear masks outdoors, especially as there was a good wind out (it was sunny even). Almost everyone complied yes-ma'amishly with wearing their mask except one, an American, good for her. I attended a social gathering in a home immediately afterward having some of the same people, but not one person wore a mask there. There were nine or ten adults in one living room, as well as three children under five years old. No one gave COVID a mention, and probably no one gave COVID a thought. So why didn't they speak up with me, or show proper like-mindedness? Why did they allow themselves to be ridiculous, willing to be the toy soldiers of the control freaks? The lady to whom I piped up claimed that a house beside the burial grounds would call the police if people there saw us unmasked, but I didn't believe her.

Headline this week: "Researchers surprised: 20% of Chicagoans in blood-test study came up positive for coronavirus antibodies". If city people had no lock-downs, and if people didn't wear masks in summer, that number would be about 50-percent, which is just about the point at which the disease is defeated once and for all. Count on fake news reports to say that people can re-catch the disease, if Trump wins the election. The cheating goons had put out a story that only about 10-percent of the population has been infected.

"The Average Person Who Died of Coronavirus in U.K. Is 82.4 Years Old" (headline, Bongino Report).

New Dream

Initially on Tuesday morning, as I write here, I didn't remember the dream I had shortly before waking, but after sanding and preparing two shelves for their final coat of varathane, I was adding cream to my coffee, wondering what I'd be writing this morning. The Mamie-Trump topic of the last update was on my mind, because I added to it, yesterday, the italics below that some readers may have missed:

Watch: Pistols were first found in Leicestershire (beside Staffordshire) with the Toeni's in the write-up of Staffs (Staffordshire), and Tonys (Leicestershire) happen to share the maunch-sleeve with Mansfields and Mangels/Mansells. How can that be coincidental? It's a new twist to Mamie's pointers, now to Trump's COVID infection. I almost forget. She got her thigh symbol at her garden, and the Gardens use a "JUNGuntur" motto term while Jungs have a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head!!! Zowie! That was a good time to remember the motto term, just after proposing her pointer to Trump. An hour or two before we were spreading out the sleeping bag, she sat on my LAP uninvited (around the campfire with the gang), and Laps were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles'. I had only met her once before she sat on my knees...or LEGs...WOW, I had almost missed that: Leggs almost have the Trump stag head! ZIKERS! She was a pointer to Trump, I can hardly believe it.

[Load Mansfield link above in order to load other surnames for following along much better.]

I had intended to add just the lap part, but as I was telling that I had only met her once before, the legs came to mind and with that also the Leggs. Spectacular. I'm going to ponder some of the things I recall the next morning that happened between us, to check if they, too, point to the COVID scheme.

I'd like to say here that my dream today had to do with Beefs, who are from a Boofima cult. The Imperi of Boofima sacrificed humans and goats (Baphomet has a goat head). I had read that their Imperi priests wore leopard claws as gloves while conducting sacrifices. Anthonys have a goat in Crest, and a giant leopard face (traces to Legro-like Liguria, location of Imperia) in the colors of the giant Tony maunch, and so as Mansfields use a maunch too, I'd like to add that heraldic GAUNTlets (gloves) became suspect as code for the gloves worn by the Imperi because Boofima traces to Roets, and John of Gaunt married Roets. The Gunters use gauntlet glove, now exposing an importance of having Mamie's thigh symbol at a garden.

Gardens share the black boar with Bush's (from Busca in interior Liguria) who in turn share a white goat head in Crest with Anthonys. Gaunt is also Ghent, and English Ghents share the eagles of Bush's. Why should things-Mamie link to Bush's = Nazified goons? Imperia is also Oneglia, home of Doria's whose eagle is colors reversed from the same of Ghents / Bush's. Mamie brought Mr. Fix to topic, and so I'll add here that Fix's/Ficks, traceable to Genova, where Doria's were first found, look like they can be using the Doria eagle and wavy Gaunt fesse. Fix's/Ficks share the Bush fleur-de-lys.

Mamie pointed to MumMOLIN with her garden event, and it just so happens that MOLINE's use goat heads. Why is Mamie pointing to things-Boofima? The Moline goat heads are in the colors of the Walser goat, and the latter surname is from Wallis canton, location of Sion, and then Sions/Swans use falconers gloves, though they once showed gauntlets. Wallis canton is also Valais, and the Valais surname is also "Valois" while king Rollo married Poppa of Valois. Rollo's not only use another black boar, but boar heads in colors reversed from the same of Roets. Tonys (and Anthonys, I assume) descended from Malahule of More, Rollo's uncle. It's online that a Mr. Grimaldus married the daughter of Rollo. Grimaldi's (Genova) are expected from Grimo, a grandson of Mummolin. The leopard FACE of Anthonys is very linkable to Grimaldi's of Genova. Grimaldi's of MONACO are expected to Monks, first found in Devon with Moline's.

Poppa can be of the Poppins/Pophams who love the Mens' (and perhaps the Mansfields too) in their motto, and the latter were first found in Midlothian, location of ROSLIN, suspect from RUSSELLs, and the latter use another goat. Sinclairs lived in Roslin, and Sinclairs use a "THY" motto term. Mamie had a thigh symbol linkable to Thigh's/Thys and Tease's/Tyes'.

The interesting thing is that while Mame's/Meme's are listed with Manner-Branch Mens', we can play that first-letter game also with Name's, assuming that they were a Mame branch, for Irish Name's, first-off, are also Nannys (m-to-n switch). Then, secondly, if we enter "Need" we get one of the two English Name's/Neme's, and, zowie, can we believe it, NEEDhams share the KNEE Coat!!! Mamie on my knees!!! God knew what He was doing. This is new right here, I don't know how I've missed it for years, for I've known that Name's come up as "Need/Nede" for years...though I've only known Needhams for several months. It appears that Mame liners of a N kind were related to Knee-branch Needs.

It can be added that Downs, who probably named County Down, where Knee's were first found, have a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head. She already pointed to Trump by sitting on my Leggs, so to speak.

Also, I first met Mamie at her party, and Partys share the checks of Pavia-like Pavers. Pavers share the three lozenges of Caiaphas-like Chaffs (and Fellers). BAGleys (same place as Sleeps and Partys) shave blue lozenges. Partys can be gleaned as kin of Marks suspect from the Marici co-founders of Pavia along with the Laevi. I had a girlfriend when I first met Mamie, but, I now see, God arranged for her to have dinner guests so that I'd go be with my old friends at Mamie's party that night (I don't remember who invited me). I have no idea how my gang got mixed up with Mamie. As Manners'/Maness' love the Parrs, I'm guessing that Partys, shown properly as Pardee's and similar terms, were a Parr line. Oh wow, just realized: Parr branch Parrys share the Pavia lozenges! God must be indicating that Mens'/Mame's were very close Pavia's "Levites" who had formed the chief priests of Israel in time for Jesus.

Plus, while Poppins/Pophams use a "Mens " and "MANSit" motto term, as well as sharing the Mens/Mame's/Meme Chief, the stag heads in the Poppin/Popham Chief are gold, ditto with the Name/Nanny stag heads. Crsytals have a POPlar tree, and another "Mens" motto term. The Poppin/Popham stag heads are shared by Anne's/Hanne's of Tickhill, and Tickhills share the maunch/sleeve with MANSfields of Mamesfelde. The latter were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes' (share Annas star), AINSleys and ANNES', both like "Anne." Is that not incredible? Poppins/Pophams were first found in Hampshire with the Tiss'/Teece's sharing the chevron of Name's/Nannys. Annas/Ananus was Caiaphas' father-in-law (for readers new at this, they both conspired to murder Jesus).

TickHILLs must be from the TICino river through Pavia. Compare Hills with Tessels, for Tease'/Tess' are from the Ticino.

The dream this morning was simply that someone left the thermostat for a fridge at it's lowest setting, which I discovered after going into the freezer and finding the beef thawed. It was beef in particular, and this is amazing, for there is a Beef surname, first found in Perigord with Fauci-like Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/CHALNES'. But there's more, for Perigord is also where Saunier's/SAULNIER's were first found, who can be gleaned as a soft version of "Chalnes." The latter is like "Chalons," the location of Mummolin, the one to which Mamie pointed!

We saw how Anthonys can be from Boofima, and so what about doctor ANTHONY Fauci? Just asking.

[I'm going to propose here, during the spell-check late in this week, that God knew I'd seek a vaccine-like surname for this part of the discussion, to come up with the Wakins listed with Wakemans. I immediately recognized that Wakins have the split-Shield of GATE-using, Gate-branch Yates' in colors reversed. Isn't that a pointer to Bill Gates' global vaccination programs? Wakins were first found in Devon with Moline's i.e. suspect in "MumMOLIN," and the Wakins/Wakeman doves (a symbol shared by Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes') are in the colors and format of HECKENs/Hackers who share the goat head with Moline's!!! Kent HECKENlively wrote a book (I haven't read it), "Plague of Corruption, that I'm sure aims right at both Fauci and Gates. It's amazing for the heraldry in this paragraph to be seemingly pointing to that picture.

[Later in this update, I get into the Heckens/Haacks/Hackers when I also bring up the Hatch's/HACCH's due to Mamie being in the hatch of a pick-up truck on the night of the sleeping bag. You've got to admit, the Wakins do seem to be a part of this picture, but there's more, for just look at the timing of this insert, immediately before the first mention, in this update, of Babon. Wake's share the double fesses of Babons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't have this in mind when starting this insert moments ago.

As Yates' share the PORTcullis gate with Porters, note how Wakefields have a Coat looking linkable to that of Ports (Hampshire, same as Porters and Josephs) while the Wakefield Chief is shared by Josephs. It tends to assure that Wakins/Wakemans (have HarroGATE in their write-up) do share the split Yates Shield. Wake's can be linked to Orrs and Nellys, suggesting Nelly Ohr's involvement with Obama's Sally Yates (his last attorney general). End insert]

Mummolin's son, Babon, is expect to the Babon and Babcock/BADcock surnames, and while the Babons share the Garden boar head, German Babels/Babe's share the mermaid with Laps, and English Babe's (Dorset) were first found beside the Laps. Babcocks are Badcock probably due to Badon, Mummolin's grandson, for while Babon's son was Grimo, Grimaldi's share the lozengy Shield of Cocks while BabCOCKs/BadCocks share the red rooster with Cocks. To top it off, Bags also have the Grimaldi / Cock Shield, and she and I slept in her sleeping bag that night she sat on my lap, and the day before the garden event. I recall nothing else done at her home that afternoon/evening, or even whether we went out. It's all a blank aside from recalling that she had the most-beautiful thighs, and it's vivid in my mind that she was at her garden, probably watering it with a hose (her mother was away for days), because Hose's (Leicestershire) use legs...with thighs. Is that not wild?

Saunier's/Salnier's happen to share the roses of Jumps who in turn share the Trump stag head. It's a notable point, especially as Beefs are Boeufs while the same rose is used by Boeffs/Buffs/Boffs (probably from "Boofima"). The Boofima human-sacrifice cult was officiated by an ImPERI peoples, like "PERigord," and then Imperia (home of Doria's sharing the Tromp eagle) is in Liguria, beside Monaco. Doria's were first found in Genova, however, and half their giant eagle is in the colors of the same of Fix's/Ficks.

It's by pure chance, so far as I'm concerned (but perhaps not as far as God is concerned) that Parrs and Parrys worked into things immediately before my introducing the beef. Beefs share the Parr / Parry / Nagle fesse. I'm thinking that Parrs and Parrys (Perry branch) were from the Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia. Makes sense. Parry's have the Hind Coat in colors reversed, and Perrys use a "hind." The Purys suspect in the Mens/Mame motto were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and some pear-using surnames. Compare Purrys with TESSels, for Tease's/Tess' (leaves) are from the Ticino river through Pavia. But compare Purrys also with the Glenns / Glennys gleanable in the Mens/Mame write-up.

Who named Babar the elephant? For Bebers are also Babers while the Arms of Oxford has an elephant as well as a beaver.

Parrs are from Pharnaces, husband of queen Nysa (of the Pontus), and Ness'/Nice's look like they named Nice, near Imperia. Pontus-like Ponders were first found in Cambridgeshire with Babers. I've read that Nysa's daughter (another Nysa) was descended from king Cassander, son of Antipater, and the latter is highly suspect to Kilpatricks. Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick. Beavers/Bebers share the fesse of Casano's/Cassandra's, and Patrick-branch Pattersons are also Cassane's while English Cassane's are also Cassandra's. The latter use three chevrons in the colors of the one of Tiss'/Teece's (Hampshire, same as Cassane's/Cassandra's), and the Tiss'/Teece's show just a chevron, same as Babers and FORNeys. Parrs share the black border with PHARNces-like FurNESS". This makes a strong case for linking the Baber chevron to the Forney chevron.

Babon was father of ErmenGUNDE, and the GUNTers expected in the Garden motto use GAUNTlet gloves, indicating their being from John of Gaunt, husband of Catherine Roet-Beaufort. I see the Beefs/Boeufs/Boeuffarts as a branch of the Beauforts = Roets. As I have viewed English Beauforts as a Balfour branch, I've just checked for Belforts, finding them sharing a blue fesse with Beefs/Boeuffarts. Dutch Gaunts have a white-on-blue wavy fesse. super.

Balfours share the chevron of BABers, and Beavers/BEBERs share a blue fesse with Beav-like Beefs. It appears that Bavaria-like Beavers were Beef liners. It appears that Babon above, father of Grimo, can thus trace to Grimoald, duke of of Bavaria. Those blue-on-white lozenges we saw with Imperi-connectable Parrys are the colors of the Bavarian-Arms lozengy.

Belforts have a wavy-blue fesse on black, same as Fix's/Ficks. My last night with Mamie was at the restaurant of Joe Fix! I've told that many times before. We dated for a couple of months, then broke it off (probably because she didn't want to become a Christian), but after I started to drive taxi, I was dispatched to pick her up once, and we talked as I drove her home. Shortly afterward, I was dispatched to pick her up again, and this time I asked her on a date; we went to Fix's place to see some live music. Musics are listed with Mousys/Musys that almost have the Fix/Fick eagle. If Trump's TAX returns become a major election issue threatening to ruin his chances, the taxi could be a pointer to that.

Belforts were first found in Northumberland with Sword-liner Siward of Northumberland, and with Baliols having swords in the colors of the Fesch swords. It just so happens that Barrows share crossed swords, in the same colors, with Feschs'/Fechts, and Barrows throw in the fleur-de-lys of Fix's/Ficks...thus making an indirect Fix-Fesch link. The "PARum" motto term of Barrows is super, because Barrow is a location in Lancashire, where PARRs were first found who share the double fesses of German Munichs. Parrs are said to have been first found in Prescot, which looks like God's pointer to Prescott Bush was a Nazi ally who took in George Herbert Scherff Jr. (son of a Nazi) who, according to Otto Skorzeny, as the reports of some go, became George Herbert Walk Bush = president Bush Sr.

I'd say that Prescotts (Lancashire) are using a leopard-FACE version of English Ghents, and then the Face's/Fessys are from the Fesch-like Fieschi. I need to repeat that taxi-like Tax's/Dachs are traceable via the Shot/Shute swords (in the colors of the Tax/Dach swords) to Dachau, concentration-camp headquarters for Hitler's Bavarian realm. The Arms of Dachau has a sling SHOT, you see. The leg-connectable Lech river (location of leg-using Fussen, Fieschi-connectable) flows toward Munich, the Bavarian capital that's like "Monaco," home of royal Grimaldi's. German Munich's have a Shield filled with checks in the colors of the similar lozengy filling the Grimaldi Shield. And Munichs add two fesses in the colors of the Beef/Boeuffart fesse. The Munich Shield is shared by Fieschi-like Fisks/FISCs ("Sic," and "ad" for the Ade's/Aids), and Horowitz-like Horwitz's (the FISA court is called, FISC) (which is almost the Shield of Ukrainian Baby's/Babenko's).

Tax's/Dach's share crossed white swords with Fix/Fick-like Feschs/Fechts (share black Shield with Fix's/Ficks), suspect from the Fieschi of Genova, where other Grimaldi's lived who were political associates of Fieschi, and then the last update's doctor found Genova to be where Garibaldi's were first found, expected from duke Garibald of Bavaria (about the time of Mummolin), not long before duke GRIMOALD of Bavaria (ruled from 715 AD, prior to Grimo's life). Was my taxi job a pointer to Nazified American stooges working against Trump? And what exactly does Mamie represent, good or bad, as she points to Trump?

Doctor Garibaldi is a doctor from Johns Hopkins who was sent to give Trump his COVID medication. Who sent him? Why him? I heard that he was in charge of Trump's therapeutics i.e. things he's to ingest. Poison-like Poissons happen to share the three scallops of Bardys, first found in Perigord!!! With Fauchys!!! Bardys share the Daggers/Dacker Coat! Tax's/Dachs are also Dacks!!! WOW, was/is Garibaldi's job to poison Trump? His fifth and last dose of Remdesivir is scheduled today, Tuesday. They may have missed their opportunity when Trump demanded immediate release for Monday, against their will, and before they could go ahead with the plot.

[Insert during spell-check -- Or perhaps the "poison" was intended as the DEXAmethasone (!!!) steroid apparently given by Garibaldi, pointable to by the Tax/Dach surname. Unfortunately, no Dex surname comes up to verify this pointer. Dechs/Dakins are a branch of Deakins (Suffolk, same as Babons/BEVents and CLARE's) who in turn have an "uTRUMque" motto term. As per "dexaMETHasone," I'll add here that there's an online article telling that Meads married Arthurs in Clapton who in turn shared CLARion TRUMPets with Hicks that married Arthurs in Clapton. Meads were once said to have been first found in Sussex with Medleys while the Medley Coat is a version of the METHley, and Methleys come up as "Methes," like "dexaMETHESone." Did God arrange this heraldry to point to Trump's steroid use?

See also Meaths/MEAThams (Earhardt fleur?) of Howden, for Meads are also Meats. Interesting: "Roger of Hoveden or Howden (d. 1201?)...'in the East Riding of Yorkshire, and very possibly a brother of a William of Hoveden, who was chaplain of Hugh de PUISET, bishop of Durham.'" Poison-like Poissons (Howden colors) are also Poissonets, corruptible to "Puiset." That's interesting because the dexamethasone was suspect as the "poison." Howdens share the Gore/Core crosslets while Gowers/Gore's (share white wolf with Gore's/Core's) share the full motto of Ripons while vaccine-pointable Wakins/Wakemans have this: "The Wakeman of Ripon, Yorkshire...the horn on the Arms of Ripon and again appearing on the HarroGATE borough coat of arms." That makes an indirect Wakin/Wakeman link to Meaths/Meathams suspect in "dexaMETHESone." You decide, because many say that Bill-Gates vaccines contained poison (killed many children) for a population-control measures. Look it up.

Rippers/Ripleys and Methleys were likewise first found in Yorkshire, and while the Monan motto is linkable to the Howden motto, I trace Monans/Moonans to king Monunius of Dardania, over by Kosovo where there is a DECANi area (White Drin river). Decans are listed with Dechs/Dakins. Moons were first found in Devon with Dardanian-line Dards/Darts/Tarts (flames, possibly called "fire"), Wakins/Wakemans and the Darlington-branch Darlene's/Tarline's. Darlingtons (Durham, same as Puiset-associated Howdens) have the Howden crosslets in colors reversed.

Howdens ("FERio") probably use fire in the mouth of their dragon as code for Fire's/Furs in the fur tree of Alis' having "muzzled" bears as code for the Mussel namers of Musselburgh in Howden-like Haddington. The Fire-like Fiers/Fears can be traced well to Fier county on the Apsus river with the DEXAroi, a term now pointable to "DEXAmethesone." Formans/FERmens (share green dragon with Howdens), once said to be first found in Midlothian with Mens'/Mame's, have the Howden-Chief lion in colors reversed. Formans/Fermans (now Yorkshire, same as Howdens) are connectable to the anchors of Fare's (Cumberland, same as Dexaroi-line Daggers/Dackers) and German Hope's, and English Hope's were first found in Derbyshire with Darlene-related Cnuts. It might appear that Dexaroi named Decani liners.

Fiers/Fears were first found in Middlesex with Babels/Babwells and the Players sharing drops with Darlene's, Drops are expected as code for Drops/Trope's from "Tropoje," a location near Decani. The "ServiTUTE CLARior" motto of Players is likely partly for queen TriTEUTa of the Dardanians, who married the Ardiaei; the latter were on the Neretva river along with the Player-like Pleraei, and while the Ardiaei were also called, Vardaei, Vardys share the Fier/Fear moline while Bardys (Perigord) share the Dagger/Dacker Coat. The Drop/Trope Chief looks like a version of the Very and Forman/Ferman Chiefs.

Fier county is one major river south of the Genusus river; the map at the link above doesn't show an Arnissa location on the Genusus...tending to explain why the Chief-Shield colors of Fier-like Verys (Vere colors) are those of Annas'/ARNISS' (Fiers/Fears are a Vere branch). I assume that, because the Caiaphas-like Cavii were to the near-north of the Genusus, the line of the high priest, Annas, had married Cavii elements from Arnissa, explaining why Caiaphas married Annas' daughter. The way to get Illyrians to Israel is through Roman implantations of armies in far-off places during the Roman conquest of the world. Note GABULeum in the land of the Cavii (between the Mathis and Drilon rivers), for Syria, location of Annas' father, had an el-GABAL cult.

Roman rulers in Syria were placed in charge of Israel after the latter was conquered. Gabuleum is at the mouth of the White Drin, itself the location of Decani. Howdens have the Very Chief-Shield colors in reverse. As Howdens share the Gore/Core crosslets, it can explain why the cross of Gowers/Gore's is almost that of Mathis' and Cavii-line Chives'. The El-Gabal cult was officiated by proto-Masseys (share Vere quadrants), suspect from the Maccabees who put forth Sadducees and Pharisees, and the lone Annas/Arniss star is thus looking like the lone Vere star. To the near south of Emesa, home of the El-Gabal cult, was Massyas (now Lebanon), and that country is suspect (by me) as putting forth Maccabees, or vice versa. A high priest of El-Gabal, Julius Bassianus, had a daughter, Julia MAESA. The Maezaei Illyrians were in Croatia with its Gorski region, where I trace Gore's, and emperor Caracalla (brother-in-law of Julia Maesa) gave Mr. Bassianus above a political position in Croatia's Dalmatia (named after the Mathis river?).

Howdens share green dragon with Seatons/Sittens, and the latter's "yet" motto term has been suspect with the Yates' (now expected to share the Wakin/Wakeman Shield). There is a modern HAS location on the most-northerly part of the Black Drin (marked the "Drilon" on map), which should explain the "HAZard" motto term of Seatons/Sittens. And that's why "hazARD" should also be for something of the Ardiaei. I'm pretty sure I recall that there is "fire" from the Seaton/Sitten dragon. Howdens can be from the so-called "Heslington HOWE" of Siward of Northumberland, especially as Heslingtons are a HAZel branch. Howe's share the wolf heads of Quade's traceable to proto-Bassianus, Quadratilla Bassus. The Hazelwoods sharing the Heslington Coat were once said to be first found in Shropshire, where Sleeps were first found who are from the Selepitanoi (not shown) near/at the mouth of the Drilon. The Seaton / Howden dragon is no doubt code for the Dragons/DRAINers traceable to "Drin" thanks to their sharing the helmet of PENdragons, the latter from the Penestae upon the Drilon. That's why mythical Pendragon was made the father of Ardiaei-line Arthurs (Howden colors and format).

The Hawden variation of Howdens may indicate Haddens (share "Suffer" with Haldans), for the Haldans were, until recently, said to have been first found in East Lothian, where Seatons/Sittens were first found who share the green dragon with fire of Howdens. Howdens thus look like a pointer to Ainsley Earhardt, especially as AINSleys (same place as Annas') are an Annas branch. Hadden connectable Haddingtons (East Lothian) share the Ainsley, Dech/Dakin and Deakin cross. Ainsley Earhardt works with Brian KilMEADe on Fox and Friends. Meads are now said to have been first found in Somerset with Clapton, beside the Babe's of Dorset who almost have the triple Methley/Methes fesses. The latter's are in the colors of the triple chevrons of ArchDEACONs, and Deakins are also Deacons (axe for the Axe river of Somerset having a mouth at Seaton). Plus, PORTishead is at Clapton, recalling the Yates-Port insert above that was written during this spell-check I'm on (11 am Monday, one hour before my deadline).

As Archdeacons come up as "Cotys," compare French Cotys'/Cotta's to Grimaldi's, but then note how Cotta's/Cotys' are in the motto of Vilers having a version of the Ainsley Coat, which is traceable to Haddens / Haddingtons, and then Cotys-connectable Keiths (Coats/Cotes branch) lived in Haddington. The surnames here are linkable to Mens'/MAME's (MidLOTHIAN, share Hadden Chief). End insert]

The royal-Grimaldi symbol is a sword under the frock of a MONK, because Monks (Beaufort lion?) are a Monaco branch. There's even a Ukrainian Munich surname, shark-tank conspicuous. Igor KoloMOISky reportedly owns a shark tank, and Musics are also Musys. Mamie and I went on our last date to hear live music, and while she points to things-Grimaldi, Igor's associate, Mr. Zlochevsky, is online said to be well acquainted with Monaco. For example, "Zlochevsky's event has featured such speakers as Prince Albert [Grimaldi] II of Monaco..." Here's an interesting tidbit: "The Prince of Monaco is worth $1 billion and rules over one of the richest nations in the world: 32% of the population is made up of millionaires."

Why is the Grimaldi throne purple. Why is my Masci mother a Grimaldi by her maiden name? Why did baron Massy enter the Grimaldi family when Grace Kelly married price Grimaldi? Why do Kellys use a different-colored version of the Abruzzo/Abreu Coat? My mother was born in Abruzzo. One baron Masci of Monaco married Miss Quintana, and Quintana's use three dice each showing a 6. Is that code for 666? Is it God's pointer to Trump's casinos?

My task is to figure out why the beef was thawing in a freezer. What does it mean? After seeing it, I was cooking at the stove, when someone behind me surprised me by speaking, because I didn't know he was there. I don't remember what he said to me, nor what I was cooking. I don't remember anything else of that dream. Then, after waking, I was sanding the two shelves for the tenant's floor above me, in my garage, when the tenant spoke to me from behind me (on my floor), surprising me because I didn't know anyone was there.

Beefs have a Tournebulle variation, and then Turnbulls/TRUMBells (Trump kin?) share the Ratcliff bull head. Might John Ratcliffe be in the thawed beef, somehow? Is Ratcliffe about to toss out some red meat, finally, taking it out of the deep freeze, so to speak? Is this now a new day, time to get cookin'? This dream's discussion started out on the Beauforts linkable to BalFOURs ("FORward"), and I had made a case, starting over a year ago, that those latter two are linkable for FORneys/FOURnier's. The latter entered the discussion as per the home in Forney (Texas) of Miss Hicks (the one in the shark dream). She moved to that address (hours from the area where she and I had lived) just ten miles roughly from the home of John Ratcliffe. I thought that was meaningful because Ratcliffs can be pointed to by the shark dream itself.

Forneys show only a chevron, ditto with Babers, and the chevrons are colors reversed from one another, while the Baber chevron is that of Beauforts and Balfours too. Hicks use BUCK heads, and Forneys share the chevron of Buckleys/BULkellys. The latter's white-on-black bull heads can connect to the same-colored one of TurnBULLs. German Bucks have a giant lion colors reversed from the same of German Beauforts. Buckley-branch Buckle's (wreaths, I think they call them) may have had annulets, the Hick symbol that's around the NECK of their buck. "Nec" is a motto term of Buckleys and Buckle's. FORNeys may have been a branch of FORANs/Forhams, and Formans almost have the wavy bars of Sutys. The wavy Forman bars are in both colors of the wavy fesse of Balfour- / Beaufort-like Belforts. Sutys share "hazard" with Seatons/Sittens, and the latter share "forward" with Balfours. Formans share a green dragon with Seatons/Sittens as well as the Nothings in the Suty motto.

Buck seem to love the Forts in their motto, and Forts may explain "Beaufort," for Roets share the Bow/bough motto and thus Beauforts may have been a Bow-Fort merger. Forans/Forhams share the motto of Irish FORDs (includes "Christi"), and the two have similar Coats. English Forts (share Grimm quadrants) use "ForTIS et auDAX," partly for Tax's/Dachs, it can be assumed, because the latter share white swords with Aude's. Tiss' are also Tease-like Teece's (show just a chevron, ditto with Forneys).

I'm starting to get the impression that Mamie's tease symbol was for Trump, the tease. He's been nothing but a tease on declassification, and his actions against the deep state don't match his big words against it. TEASER.

Tiss'/Teece's were first found in Hampshire with the Hone's/Hones' sharing the double-wavy fesses of Formans. Parrs (Lancashire, same as Furness'), having double fesses in the same colors, share a black border with their FURNess cousins, and the latter (cousins of Ness'/NICE's) look connectable to "FORNey." Seaton-branch Sedans have another black border. Nice is near Imperia and Monaco.

There is a Thaw surname listed with Thaw/Taws surname, though I have nothing to say about its Coat. However, I now recall that taxi-like Tacks, like the Dack variation of Tax's/Dachs, share the cherub with Chalons while Chalons-sur-Marne is where Mummolin operated from (Mamie points to Mummolin lines). Links like these, through events in dreams, are needed to verify that God is the author of the dream. I was cooking in this latest dream, and Cooks with Coke's (both use ostriches) can be branches of Grimaldi-connectable Cocks, you see. God can be verifying, with this latest dream, that the Mamie-Trump connection of the last update, and the Garibaldi discussion, are from Him. I was cooking at a stove, and Stove's are listed with Stave's/Stevensons. PilGRIMs use "staves." So much is pointing to Grimaldi liners, there's got to be an important reason that only the future can reveal. Pilgrims were first found in Norfolk with COCkers/Cockets, and with the Bags sharing the Grimaldi / Cock Shield.

Mamie and I, in the sleeping bag, oh goodie, but she wouldn't give me a hug, just cold as ice...until the next morning. Did she thaw? We went to the lake, walked in to about waist deep, and we emBRACEd. The Brace's share the bend of Lake's, and both Coats are all in the same colors. We can say that we were WADing in the water, because neither of us went in for a swim. Wade's -- probably the Masci / Saunier fleur because the Wade saltire is also the Messey saltire -- have a good reflection of the Scottish Crozier Coat (both share the Saunier/Saulnier fleur-de-lys), and BRACEbridge's use a crozier, what are the chances? The Scottish Crozier Coat is the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne (Yes, Mummolin's home), now called Chalons-en-Champagne, and Scottish Champagne's (leg-liner Leicestershire) share the Shield of Bracebridge's, what are the chances? It's got Intelligent Design all over it.

"Mum" is buried twice in the motto of crozier-using Kirks. One of the motto terms is "PRIMum," and Prime's use a giant human leg. Lecks use "PRAEMium". If the Kirk crozier was a sword, the Kirks would share the crossed swords of Tax's/Dachs. I don't know what to add about Kirks aside from captain Kirk on Star Trek, but keep in mind that Trump loves Star-Trek themes, one for his Space Force expected with the "fire from the sky" of the False Prophet. His other Star-Trek theme is "Warp Speed," for his COVID-vaccine program. Can't we expect this to link to Dr. Fauci? The Kirk Chief has a thistle, and Fauchs show nothing but thistles. Reminder: Fauchy's (not "Fauch") were first found in Perigord with Chalons-like Chalnes'/Faux's/Fage's, as though Dr. Fauci can have ancestry in Mummolin.

The reason why I can entertain captain Kirk is because his sidekick was DOCTOR Spock. In this morning's dream, a man SPOKE to me from behind. Or, we could say, he was SPEAKing to me. I don't remember the words, I didn't see his face. There was nothing of value in that scene aside from his speaking. Speaks/Spoke's are listed with Spocks. Was God pointing to Trump's programs with my cooking at the stove while that man spoke to me? Was I cooking the thawed beef? Beefs were first found in Perigord with Fauchys. The Beef fesse is in the colors of the fessewise bars of Speaks/Spoke's/Spocks.

Speaks/Spoke's are said to have been at Brampton Speke (Devon, same as Speccots), which place "he held from Robert FitzROY." Tent-like Tintons (Cornwall, beside Devon) use "ROYal tents." FitzRoys/Fillerys share the vaired fesse of Baghs, no guff (this is new right here). Baghs (share seated Furness dog) share the stars of TEASE's/Tyes'!!! Her tease symbol was as per the bag in the tent!!! I couldn't have made this connection apart from FitzRoys (new to me), thanks to the man speaking to me in this morning's dream. I had brought up Royals and Roys before, as per the royal tents, but neither did for that night's event what the new-found FitzRoys have done.

Irish Weirs share the Grimaldi / Bag Shield bendwise, same as the Bavarian lozengy. Scottish Weirs/Vere's look connectable to the Beef fesse, and while Vere's ruled Oxford for centuries, the Arms of Oxford has a Beef-connectable beaver. Vere's are also VAIRs, the root of vair fur (i.e. used by Baghs), we can assume. French Vairs look very connectable to Grimaldi's / Bags / Fisks. Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire (beside Beavers/Bebers of Berkshire) while a Mr. Grimaldus reportedly married Crispina, daughter of ROLLo. German Rolls/Reals/Rhials, a potential Royal branch, share the Roy (and Monaco) lion.

FitzRoys share the patee crosses of Corona-connectable Crauns/Crane's, making it interesting that while Fauchs use thistles, Thistle's/THISsels might have been a Tiss/Teece branch. Tissels/Twizells share the white dolphin with Poissons. Repeat: "Poison-like Poissons happen to share the three scallops of Bardys, first found in Perigord!!! With Fauchys!!! Bardys share the Daggers/Dacker Coat! Tax's/Dachs are also Dacks!!!" I was wondering whether there was an attempt to poison Trump with some tainted COVID medication. Sharks use a crane.

The white dolphin is shared with Marleys of Morlaix (Brittany, same as French Roys), who look like Morleys. It was David Morley the BIKER who circled the sleeping bag (on his motor bike), and Dutch Bikers share the Tease/Tyes, and Bikers show just a fesse in their quadrant, ditto for Belgian Tassels (not very familiar with them), the latter first found in Hainaut!!! The counts / county of Hainaut are the only thing I know of sharing the triple Levi chevrons! It's a perfect link that is made by the biker of the dream, a new discovery right here after years of poking around to discover what the bike was code for.

The other quadrants of Bikers show what look like golf tees. Tease's/Tyes' are also Tee's/Tees'...though golf tees are not capable of being an ancient symbol. If they are not tees, then what are they? Even if they're not tees, might God have caused the family to use a tee-like symbol to make the Morley link to Tease's? It's important because Davids and Morleys link to Levi-beloved Aids/Ade's, and Laevi Gauls were from the Ticino/Tessin river.

I would not have known that Morley owned a bike had he not visited me with it the very last time I saw him. I was living on Marlin court at the time, and Marlins/MARKlands can be from the MARICi co-founders of Pavia with its Laevi founders. The Marlin/Markland Coat looks linkable to the Grimms having the Feet / Pavia Coat three times, but also to the fesse-with-items of Tessels and English Tassels.

Davids (Cheshire, same as Marleys) must be from king David I of Scotland, for his grandson (HENRY) married ADa of Warenne. Her husband was in Huntingdon, where Otters/Others were first found who are in the Tissel/Twizel (and Balfour) otter. The Tissel/Twizel chevron is colors reversed from the Balfour chevron. French Henrys were at Mott (Brittany), and Motts share the crescent of Tessels.

Oh wow. Tessels (share English tassel Coat) happen to share the fesse-with-crescents of Craigs whom I trace to "ACRAGas" (now Agrigento), location of the Drago river, that being to Drake's, first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teece's. Oh wow some more: I have told the following many times, where I recall nothing at the camp fire when Mamie was on my lap. The next thing I recall was spreading out the sleeping bag with her. I recall nothing after than but being in the bag and going in for a hug, when she gave me a repulsive quiver (for lack of a better word). So, I behaved, and the last thing I remember was hanging my arm around her waist or HIP as we went to sleep with she facing away from me. The Drago is also the HYPSas river! Zinger, that works because we just saw the Tessel-Craig relationship leading to Tiss'/Teece's!

Scottish Roys use a tent-like "TENDis" motto term possible partly for Diss/DEISE's, and English Roys share some Tease/Tyes stars (some verification that God set up the teaser in the tent, and intended to point to royal-tent Tintons).

Tints named TintaGEL (Cornwall) with Gale's (Nagle kin), and the nightinGALE-using Nagle's were from ONEGLia, otherwise called, Imperia (the Boofima-connectable Imperia mentioned above).

I recall three events only on the evening of the tent. The first was seeing Mamie in the back of a PICK-UP truck when someone opened the hatch for me, and so this is a good place to add that Hatch's/Haachs use the Brampton Coat in colors reversed. Brampton Speke.

Ahh, Hackers/Hatchers look like (judging from their Coats) a branch of Catch's/Catchers, and the latter's Ketcher variation looks linkable to Kitchens/Ketchins. I assume that I was cooking thawed beef in the kitchen, and the Kitchen Coat is a version of a Turnbull Coat while Beefs show Turnbull-like variations! Amazing. Plus, Kitchens use "water BOUGETs," known to be water containers and thus are equivalent to buckets. French Buckets/Boquets have the Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed! Zinger. The hatch on the pick-up just brought us to Bag kin.

LOOKIE: I was cooking in the kitchen. Cookseys ("PROdesse") share the cinquefoils of Gangs (Norfolk, same as Bags and Catchers), and colors reversed from the Bag / Bucket cinquefoils!!! I didn't have this Bag-Gang link in mind when telling readers several times that Mamie sat on my lap while the "gang" was around the fire. I always used, "gang." After seeing her in the hatch, the only thing I remember next is she not having anywhere to sit, so she plopped herself on my lap as though we were good friends. In the next event of that night, she ended up being a mere tease. "ProDESSe" can be part code for Tess-like Dess'/Dash's sharing the Beef fesse. Tass' (more cinquefoils) are also Tash's.

Secondly, in the sleeping-bag dream, there was only one event with it: I PICKED it UP. There's no other way to say it. I picked it up, like "pick-up" truck. I slept in a sleeping bag on the night I saw Mamie in a pick-up truck. We were in the woods, and the sleeping bag was in the woods in the sleeping-bag dream. Scottish Woods (Leicestershire) share the Pick/Pix fitchees. Woods (share giant tree with Roets) are now linkable to Routs/Roots, and Roets are all over the Beaufort topic.

She was in the back of the pick-up, and Baghs are also Bachs.

I don't remember anything else at the camp site / lake / beach, not even driving home with Mamie, but I do recall her at her mummy's garden that day. I use "mummy" because it's like "MUMmolin," and Mummys were just checked to find them listed curiously with MontBrays/MowBRAYs; the latter share the giant lion of MontFORTs and BeauFORTs. Monforte is a small location beside Bra, like the Brae variation of Brays (bird LEGs). Beaufort-like Beaumonts ruled Leicester, and so did Simon de Montfort when his family married Beaumonts.

Tacks happen to use a "NobiliTAS" motto term while Tass' can be easily a branch of TEASE's/Tess'/Tecks, first found in Switzerland with the Fix-branch Feschs. Perfect, for my last date with her was with the Taxi to Mr. Fix's. And while she teased me by first sitting on my lap, then allowing me to slip into her sleeping bag, bags share the Cock / Grimaldi Shield. So, there seems to be a pointer of God to Burisma's boss (Zlochevsky), for he has/had a home in Monaco. Tass' share the red scallop with Tack-branch Tancreds, but Tass' also share the scallop of Perigord's Bardys, and with Daggers/Dackers. That makes it appear that the thawing beef was intended to bounce us the Taws' to Tass'.

Tacks use a "sola" motto term while Sola's are also Saulnier-like Solnier's. We're back to Perigord elements that started with the Beefs i.e. the beef-THAW dream! Bingo. The Thaws took us back to Perigord, by the looks of it. Tease's/TESS'/Tecks were first found in Switzerland with the Ticino canton that named the Ticino/TESSin river, and the Pierro's/PERO's were first found on the Ticino. PERIgord. Roets, whom are highly suspect with the Boeuffart variation of Beefs, share the Gord boar head. PeriGORD. Compare the Pero/Peri Coat to the Beef Coat.

Tacks are also Thackerys while Thatchers/Thackers/THAXsters (reflects Annas Coat) share the grassHOPPER with Perigord's Fauchy's!!! Zikers, I almost missed that. Mamie and the taxi, and Mamie's tease-and-thigh symbols too, are pointing to Dr. Fauci, apparently (English Tyes' are listed with Tease's too). Sola's were first found in Derbyshire with Hopper-like Hope's. The Thatcher scimitar is code for thing from Schimatari, and Greece's TANAGRa, the liner to TANCRed- and Tack-branch TANKERville's.

We saw Barrows linking above to Fix's/Ficks and Feschs/Fechts together, and now's a good time to add that Coke's first found at Derbyshire's Barrow location, in Shardlow, where there is a Morley location, and the sleeping-bag dream had David Morley (old friend of mine) pointing to the Aids/Ade's in the Levi motto. Laevi Gauls were on the Ticino, and founders there of Pavia, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found. As the Pavia Coat looks like a version of the Coke Coat while Coke's share the ostrich with Cooks, I suppose that's one reason that I was cooking after seeing the thawed beef.

But why was the beef in a freezer rather than somewhere else? Well, I think that Laevi were a line from very-ancient Levites of Israel, though paganized, and I think they somehow made their way back to Israel in time to become the Sadducees and Pharisees. The Freeze surname is also, PHREEZE. I think I get it: God's telling us that Pharisee liners are to Beefs and other things in PERIgord.

Tacks share the single, erect arrow (in Freeze/Phreeze colors) of Scottish Adams while English Adams can be gleaned with Annans/Annandale's, exactly where we can expect Pharisee liners (i.e. from ANANus, chief priest of Israel who condemned Jesus to death). In colors reversed, the Adam / Tack arrow is used by PROfetts, and as English Pavia's share the FEET Coat (see it three times with the Grimaldi-like Grimms), it seems that ProFETTs are a Pero-Feet combo.

I find God amusing, now with the thawing beef. Too much.

Inside the Hatch

Rather than saying that Mamie pointed to Trump generally, in the last update, I said she pointed to his COVID, though I don't remember how that was. It was emphasized that a sickly stag, of a dream I had a few years ago, depicted Trump getting COVID. But, to my surprise, Trump didn't get sick. I proposed that there are people trying to make him sick, and they might yet succeed, we'll need to wait and see. Earlier this week, I realized that "Mamie" is like "maim," which got me wondering whether she's a prediction of someone who gets maimed. After the sickly stag passed, a bearded man followed the stag on crutches, and so we can assume that his LEG was maimed in some way. I've never thought, until now, to mention that the man on crutches probably points to Leggs.

In fact, I didn't load the Leggs in the last update when saying that Mamie sat on my legs. I'm not familiar enough with Leggs to know off-hand that they have a "TENTamine" motto term!!! The next thing I recall after she sat on my legs was being in the tent with her! So, yes, it appears very much that her sitting DOWN on my knees is a pointer to the Trump stag, for while Knee's were first found in County Down, Downs have a stag in the colors of the Down and Jung stags.

Moreover, "tentMINE" looks partly for the Mine's/MENNE's/Menys, and the latter happen to look like a branch of Mens/Mame's/Meme's. If that's not enough, Mine's/Menne's show only a dancette, code likely for a Dance/Danse line, and the reason she felt comfortable sitting on my lap, when we had only met once before, is that we danced at her party. I don't remember ending the dance. I don't remember whether I spoke a word with her after the dance, but I do recall leaving her home shortly after the dance. I wasn't desiring her until then (I already had a girlfriend), but as she walked past me in the living room, we just clutched gently and started a slow dance in front of everyone (no one else was dancing, there was no dance floor). I don't remember which one of us motioned for the dance first, but she was willing so I'm going to blame it on her. I do recall, during the dance, wowowowow, what a body. But I left early to go be with my girlfriend, Lorraine, the one who pointed to Bill Barr and George Bush.

I recall being on the Legg motto before and telling all of this, but I had forgotten about it until loading Leggs again as I write here. There's more, because there are six pale bars inside the Mine/Menne dancette that are the six exactly of English Babels/BABwells, a most-excellent addition to this discussion, first because German Babels/Babe's share the mermaid with Laps, I kid you not. This had been a good reason for my claim that she pointed to BABon with her garden event the next day.

Babons were first found in Suffolk with COVITs/Cove's. I wouldn't have know that had I not looked for a COVID-like surname moments ago, which started when seeing Cupid in the Kendry Crest. The reason that Kendrys were looked up is that I met RICK Legge at a Bible study at the Kendry residence. Kendrys/KendRICKs might just be a branch of Kenneths/MacKenzie who happen to almost have the Legg Coat! I get it. And Spuds MacKenzie was a bulldog that pointed without doubt to the bulldog in my dream, the bulldog that I've identified as Trump! Bingo. The giant Kent lion is in the colors of the giant Kenneth/MacKenzie stag head.

Cupids are also Cubits, much like "COVID." Plus, while Mummolin was at Chalons, a Chalons surname uses a cherub, a possible play on Cupid. Kendrys and Kenneths are good for the mention of KENT HECKENlively that was planned from the choosing of the title ("Inside the HATCH") of this section, for Heckens came up as Hackers at my mention of Hackers/Hatchers above. It just so happens that Heckens/Hackers share goat heads (different colors) with MumMOLIN-suspect Moline's.

Mr. Heckenlively co-authored a book with Judy Mikovits in which they attack Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates as criminally corrupt, and it just so happens that a "gold gate" is in the Babel/Babwell Crest. Hackers/Hatchers were first found in Sussex with COVERTs, and Mamie was inside the hatch of a COVERED pick-up truck. "Covert" in the case of Heckenlively's accusations against the Bill-Gates vaccines is a perfect term to describe their secret operations. Coverts are in Cove/Covit colors. Courts/Coverts (Sussex too) almost have the six Babel / Mine/Menne pale bars. It appears that Coverts are definitely in this God-arranged picture.

As "HeckenLIVELY looks like a merger with Lively's, we first ask why Lively's share a string of bendwise lozenges, on a red Shield, with Whistle's/Whistlers? For Judy Mikovits was blowing the whistle on what Fauci had done to her boss. Judy claims that Fauci and others stole her bosses virus invention. She (and probably Heckenlively too) accuse Fauci / Gates of an HIV / AIDs scam that killed / sickened many people, and so ask: did God provide Lively's to be listed with HIVelys because He's pointing to Heckenlively's claims? is God behind Heckenlively?

Aids/Ade's are in the motto of Lively-like Levi's/Livi's. Aids/Ade's were in my sleeping-bag dream along with Picks/Pix's. The hatch of the covered PICK-UP truck. I PICKED UP the sleeping bag, and the next scene pointed to Aids/Ade's. The latter happen to share the bend of Cove's/Covits. I slept in a sleeping bag with Mamie on the night she was in the hatch.

The last night I was with Mamie, I took her to Mr. Fix's restaurant, and the Fix eagle is also the Babel/Babwell eagle in case this applies. As I've said, we went there because Mr. Fix, for the first time I knew of, had LIVE music that evening, otherwise I wouldn't have been there with her. We then went back to "my" apartment, which I was keeping for Mr. Oosteyn, who was so sick with MS (probably using a walker by then) that he couldn't find a job easily, though he managed to get a winter-long job at the WHISTLER-Mountain ski resort across the country (British Columbia). That's where he was when I was keeping his apartment for him, when Mamie was over. Was his job, along with the LIVE music that night, pointing to Whistler-linkable HeckenLIVEly and the Hiveleys/Lively's?

Mamie and I spent the evening on Oosteyn's couch, and a "COUCHant lion," in the colors of the lion of Whistle's/Whistler's (Somerset, same as Tints), is used by tent-like Tints (near the royal-tent Tintons). Tints can be traced excellently to the Atintanes people group at the Ceraunii mountains (Epirus), and that spells "CORONAvirus" (= COVID for short)! I get it. Mamie is pointing to global-class COVID crimes. One day, when sharing his apartment a year or two earlier, I came across Mr. Oosteyn's male-porn magazine, realizing he had been a queer. Not anymore. Did he get HIV so that his immune system was compromised, leading to his MS disease in his early 20s? He had a hellish time until he died some 20 years later.

By what coincidence do English Steyns/STEINs share a bend with three leopard heads with Aids/Ade's? Mr. OoSTEYN!!! It's Intelligent Design. English Stevensons/STEINsons likewise share a bend with three leopard faces, and it's the Aid/Ade / Cove/Covit bend too. The Steyn/Stein leopard face is gold, same as the Covert leopard face. The latter is in a Crest, ditto with the gold leopard face in the Aid/Ade Crest.

I think I can understand why Mr. OOSteyn was chosen, for the Atintanes were on the AOUS river to the north side of the Ceraunii mountains. The Hose's/Ose's/Ouse's use LEGS. Oos'/Os'/Oz's share the white bull head with Hosts/Osts (Somerset, same as Whistle's and Tints), and with Bulls/Bule's (Somerset, same as Bills'), and then Bullis/Byllis was on the Aous river too. Bullis'/Bulliards were first found in Wiltshire with Laps.

Barry became a good friend. I was at his place lots just before becoming a Christian, and we always had small parties there. After I became a Christian, which he didn't object to, he so-much wanted me to keep hanging around his gang that, when I declined going to a camp site, he said, "Mamie's going to be there." This was a few weeks after she and I danced in her LIVING room, in the presence of Barry and others. As my girlfriend (Lorraine) was no more, I went to the camp site. Upon arriving, I asked where Barry was. I was standing at the right place because someone beside me took a couple of steps, opened the HATCH to a covered pick-up truck, and there at the front (way back in) of the compartment was Barry sitting with Mamie alone. I'm not sure what was going on, but I didn't stay. I left instead...not too happy.

The point is, the "LEGi" motto term of Scottish Barrys! We just can't get away from the Leggs! The next thing I remember, she was sitting on my legs. Intelligent Design is apparent once again. But there's more, including the "fideLIS" motto term of the same Barrys, for Liss' share the six pale bars of Babels/Babwells and Mine's/Menne's, and the latter are in the Legg motto!!! How can God prove any better that this is His set-up?

The full Barry motto might even point to Rick Legge: "REGI LEGi fidelis." The last time I saw Rick Legge was a few months before being with Mamie. RECKs/Rich's/Richess' (from Lorraine's Richeza) were first found in Hampshire with Liss'. Ricks, from Reka (Rijeka), and sharing the Covert fesse, look related to the Tints. The Leggs are suspect with the Trump stag head, and Trumps were from Val Trompia, beside lake GARDa, and "Garde" is a Reck/Rich motto term. GARDens (and Jardins) were first found in Angus with the Barrys under discussion, no guff.

Oh wow. Mine's/Menne's share the fesse-dancette with "Garde"-using Carricks (Ayrshire, same as Barry-like Barrs), and French Barrys not only share "bien" with the Carrick motto, but share the black dog with Carricks. This tends to drag Bill Barr into the picture, who was pointed to by Lorraine. The Hatch's share the Brunswick Coat, and the Barrs of Brunswick were the namers of Bar-le-DUC in Lorraine. It's an excellent pointer to James LeDUC of the Galveston National Laboratory, who was overseeing / building parts of the Wuhan lab that gave the world COVID!!! I get it. It's indicating something nefarious about LeDuc, or why point to him? I was mugged in my PICK-UP truck in Galveston at 1 am, on the very day (the following daylight) I purchased the newspaper and coffee in Victoria. Something is really-really bad about the Galveston lab. The people there are suspect in providing the COVID scheme to unseat Trump, and may also have had a plot with like-minded globalists to promote the scheme globally.

The Hatch/Haach Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Doocy/DUCy Coat, and this assures that Barrs of Bar-le-DUC apply.

As I said, Miss Covert was Mrs. Maness when she was emailing me. When she suddenly stopped emailing for a long while, after indicting that someone was hacking into hers and my computer system, I was worried, looking up her address to call / mail her, and that's when I came across an address of her Mr. Maness in the BAY City area of Texas. I passed right through there on the day I was mugged, en route to Victoria. What does this mean? The Maness/Manner Coat even shares the double fesses of BAYs, and "pour" is a motto term shared between French Barrys and Maness'/Manners (branch of Mens'/Mame's/Mames'). It's making my head spin. French Barrys are also Barretts, in case this discussion cascades over to Amy Coney Barrett.

Coverts entered the Mamie discussion in the COVERED pick-up she was in, and I got mugged on the side of a quiet Galveston road while sleeping inside my covered pick-up. It was April (1994), and so I might even have been in a sleeping bag. I remember being under a blanket of some sort that night, and a sleeping bag for that purpose makes a lot of sense. It seems absolutely correct to claim that Mamie points to COVID themes.

Next, I'll take us to the Crutch/Crooch surname as per the dream having a man in crutches (who was following the sickly stag). Carricks share the black dog with Craggs, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Cracks/Cricks/CRITCH's who in turn nearly have the Crutch/Crooch Coat. What could this mean? Is it simply God's verification (by heraldry) that Trump is in the broken leg of the man in crutches, since Carricks love something from lake Garda? Or is there more to this picture? Of course, there must be.

Crooch-like Crooks look definitely to be an Aids/Ade's branch!!! Wow. Crooks/Croks were first found in Westmorland with the Morlands sharing the specialized symbol of Morleys and Ade's/Aids!!! It therefore does indeed appear that the man in crutches, and the sickly stag, point to LeDuc's involvement in promoting the COVID crime. CROOKS! As it was David Morley who rode around the sleeping bag when I picked it up, and as Davids brought us to Aids/Ade's, I'd like to add here that his father was on a dialysis machine due to a severe case of diabetes, perhaps a disease that was spread by sick globalists destroying immune systems. I never heard much of diabetes in my youth, it suddenly sprang up big-time since. The three escutcheons on a bend of Crooks/Croks looks linkable to the three fitchees on a pale bar of Crutch's/Crooch's. ESCHYNa de Molle married Robert Croc(e), and Eskins/Erskins share the single pale bar of Cracks/Critch' and Crutch's/Crooch's, apparently.

OH WOW!!! Crooks/Croks share three black escutcheons with Corona-like Correns!!! The latter were first found in Waterford while the Trump stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford!!! The Crooks/Croks even share a gold fleur-de-lys in Crest with Aids/Ade's. The escutCHEON is part-code for Keons (branch of escutcheon-using Keens/Keins), kin of Shark-related Neils. The SCUTE's in "eSCUTcheon" use escutcheons while sharing the crane with Sharks (same place as Neils), and cranes are code for the Corona-like Ceraunii Illyrians. Ceraunii-depicting crowns are shared by Corone's/Corons and Corona's while the Courts/COVERTs love the crown-using Grands/Grants.

A crane holding a ROCK in its foot, part-code for Rockefeller liners, is used by CRONKites from CROCiatonum (also called, CRONCiaconnum). It was beside old Alauna, from Aulon/Avlona down by the Ceraunii mountains.

The bulldog FELL into the pool with a nasty shark, and Fells have the eight-pointed stars of Ducs/LeDucs in colors reversed.

Hatch's are also Hacchs, an apparent pointer of God to Mr. Heckenlively. Hatch's share the Coat of Gernons, and the Gernon motto, "Nid cyFOETH," suggests Foetes (Leck river). Lecks use "praeMIUM." The Arms of Foetes uses legs, and so there we are again with more legs. Foots/Foods (Cheshire, same as Ranulph de Gernon) share the chevron of Fothes'/Fette's/FIDO's, the latter possibly in the "FIDElis" motto term of all-important Scottish Barrys. Barry was inside the hatch with Mamie, and probably due to seeing my disappointed face at that moment, she came to sit on my legs at the camp fire. She took her chances; for all she knew, I might have jerked my knee to get her off, but I instead put my hand on her waist to make her feel welcome. God knows who I like. The Fette variation of Fido's is expected with the ProFETTs/Prophets, who use a giant leg. It can explain why God used a hatch.

The Hatch write-up mentions a Hatch location in Wiltshire i.e. where Laps were first found, and also a Hatch location in Bedfordshire, where Legg-beloved Mine's/Menne's were first found.

I've always had a problem discovering what the "Nid" motto term of Gernons is for, but just now the Nide's were found listed with Needs/Name's/Neme's, potential Mame/Meme branches. As Needhams share the Knee Coat, we again point out that Mamie sat on my knees after I saw her in the hatch. Hatch's share the Gernon Coat.

I think I've just realized more as to why Rick Legge worked into this picture. Shortly after meeting him at the Kendry residence, I took a job building a DECK (at Verne Archibald's), and Legge helped me on that project. German Decks are Daggers too, and English Daggers (Acre branch) come up as Hacker-like D'Ackers. Ackers/Acorns share acorns with Dutch Tromps, and Legge's are suspect with the Trump stag head. Rick Legge lived in OAK Ridges (Ontario), and Oaks (Somerset, same as Ricks) use acorns too. In fact, Oaks (tree with ROOTs) use a "patria" motto term while Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag heads!!! I didn't know half of these things when starting this paragraph. Daggers are from the Dexaroi on the Apsus river (location of Fier country), and that river named the Apps', first found in Middlesex (near Bedfordshire) with Babels/BABwells, and with the Fiers using a moline cross, suspect from MumMOLINE, father of BABon.

Gard Trump

John Solomon was pointed to by the sleeping bag in my dream of a few years ago (that was a topic of the last update), and he happens to have a story out today on crimes from Obama's Ukrainian diplomats seeking to help Hunter Biden, of Burisma, get away with his crimes. Solomon is not willing to point to Pompeo openly, but his story at the link above surely identifies Pompeo as one of the cover-uppers of the Biden-family crimes.

State Department officials [Pompeo oversees them and may be included in that term] under Trump openly worried a year before the 2020 election that the emerging storyline that Vice President Joe Biden may have engaged in a conflict of interest by presiding over Ukraine policy while his son worked for a corrupt Ukrainian gas company might prove to be "the mother load [sic] and main thread to play out, possibly thru Nov. 2020."

That is one black splotch against Pompeo. It's all just ridiculous. It's time for the firing squad, no mercy, no tears, just shoot the entire lot. It will clear the air for decades to come. If officials are afraid to uncover past crimes of their predecessors, for fear of repercussions, or because they don't want to be known as snitches, the alternative is to encourage the bad guys i.e. to hand government after government to corruption.

The illegal monitoring was, in fact, ordered specifically to counter that narrative as well as another storyline that involved the liberal megadonor George Soros, the newly unredacted passages of the emails show.

...After a protracted legal fight, the State Department released memos to [Judicial watch] last month confirming the embassy did in fact monitor the accounts of 13 Americans, including Fox News personalities Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Lou Dobbs, the president's son Don Jr., his lawyer Rudy Giuliani as well as this reporter [Solomon], whose articles in The Hill first shined a light on the Bidens' possible conflict of interests in Ukraine.

Only when Ukraine corruption touched on him personally did Trump declassify a document (his phone call to the Ukrainian president). But when others on his team get swept up by this same ring of dragons, Trump's ho-hum.

Fox has a very good article on the Ratcliffe disclosures on Obama's CIA chief. Revealed is Brennan's hand-written notes condemning Hillary Clinton of foisting a bogus-Russia scheme against Trump, BUT, just because Brennan forwarded that message to Comey's department doesn't mean that Brennan wanted Hillary indicted or exposed. Brennan probably figured that, in order for himself to remain out of legal trouble, he'd best alert Comey's FBI about it, or at least have written notes telling as much. But with these bad boys, written notes can mean either a good or evil thing. Brennan did not ever admit to the world the things these notes admit to, meaning he's a rat. He's been covering for his fellow rats since Trump took office.

It is imperative that the good guys snitch on these rats, or the nation will be ransacked by them as they add power broker to power broker to build ever-stronger. The longer this goes on, the harder to demolish their empire. Trump wasted four years. Wasted. Bow your head in shame, Mr. President. Here's the article on Ratcliffe's move:

Now that Ratcliffe has revealed that Brennan alerted the FBI of a Hillary scam, the FBI is guilty of promoting the scam all the way into Trump's presidency, but also guilty of facilitating the attack on Flynn.

I think Brennan deliberately downplayed Hillary's motives while he was alerting the FBI. His notes said that Hillary was merely trying to create a distraction from her own email scandal. But common sense tells us that she was trying to ruin Trump for her election bid. Then, several others joined that scheme for their own personal reasons. But as the election approached, Comey seemed to decide that he'd prefer to appear pro-Trump, but for personal reasons only...probably because he thought Trump would win (he wanted to keep his job with president Trump).

On Tuesday: "Trump authorizes declassification of all Russia collusion, Hillary Clinton email probe documents". Wow-wow-wow-owwww, this is too good to be true. Oh boy oh boy, is this for real? On second thought, is there anything left to declassify after four years of scrubbing the guilt-ridden documents? I've become Trump pest-amist.[I'm pretty sure I obtained the Fox headline above from the Bongino Report, but a few hours later, it was not on the Bongino Report. It appears that Trump has been teasing indeed, maybe having fun with his base who wants to see jailings.]

This Fox article shows the two Trump tweets together, the second one "clarifying" -- or better yet, massacring -- the first, BUT let me tell you, "Meadows" doesn't even appear on the page! Why is Fox ignoring what Meadows said on Monday's Fox and Friends"? It's gone under the carpet as though it never happened, which comes soon after another Fox show refused to let Gingrich talk about George Soros. If you vote Trump, you're a sucker. If Biden wins, you're a dead sucker. Those are your choices in Wicked America Today.

Here's what Meadows said: "'This morning we’ve [president and I] already had a couple of discussions on items that [the president] wants to get done,' Mark Meadows, the chief of staff, said in an interview on 'Fox & Friends.' 'Candidly, he’s already tasked me with getting declassification rolling in a follow up to some of the requests that Devin Nunes and others have made.'" That's huge, yet Fox is ignoring it (?????), not even airing clarification as to what Trump / Meadows meant???? Did Trump want to declass directly, ignoring Barr's resistance, and then did someone change his mind, AGAIN? Or is this man just a dirt-ball. The Fox-and-Friends video snippet with Meadows is here (unless it disappears):

The Fox article above submits: "Today, at the direction of President Trump, I declassified additional documents relevant to ongoing Congressional oversight and investigative activities,' Ratcliffe said in a statement to Fox News Tuesday." Okay, credit goes to Trump, but there's not much added in this release that wasn't already in Ratcliffe's release of last week at the request of Lindsey Graham. Therefore, is Trump asking Ratcliffe to re-release the story he had already released so that Trump can appear to be declassifying things? Is this a dirt-ball into the face of his voters? Let's see what else president Bluff declassifies. Waiting...

I do appreciate Mr. Ratcliffe releasing the paper-stuff behind last week's revelations, though I fear that he may be listening to / influenced by voices merely acting like his friends. Everyone has a political or apolitical position. The timing of the release was just as Comey was questioned by the senate, tending to show that there is some proper activism to save the country from corruption. But a lot of work remains outstanding.

Trump's tweets did NOT order anyone to declassify unredacted documents. He merely worded it that way to begin with. Instead, the tweet was couched as his asking everyone else to declassify, a generality only, which they may or may not hearken to. I expect Ratcliffe to be only too happy to comply, however. Then, by weeks end, it looks like someone twisted Pompeo's arm. Here's Pompeo on Fox, looking embarrassed when saying that Hillary's lost emails are going to be publicized. WHAT? Did we hear that correctly?

Possibly, Ratcliffe found the lost emails in Intelligence computers. This is the time for Trump (and Ratcliffe) to guard his family and himself. The faster and more-fully the information gets out, the less reason the Clinton crime ring has to risk killing someone as a scare tactic. And it's not only the Clintons who may be worried. The question is, did Intelligence purge from their system all incriminating evidence against Hillary, Obama, and the rest? It looks like we might see the better half of the data before the election.

This could be gusher time, or this could be a Trump-team trick to give mere appearances (a leak here, a piddle there) of satisfying voters who want justice done, because Barr's announcement to show no justice before the election is turning off a lot of voters. They might not take the trouble to vote for a bark-bark-Trump with no teeth. Is it only now, at the finish line, that he's demanding the document release??? I say: self-serving, not genuine, not righteous, not caring, reckless, horrible. Pompeo on Newsmax (Friday) makes it appear that there's nothing more to show from Hillary's emails than what his department has already publicized, so don't expect much, to spare yourself another disappointment. Here's Trump on Thursday, the day before Pompeo's embarrassing appearance:

"[The Clinton emails are] in the State Department, but Mike Pompeo has been unable to get them out, which is very sad, actually," Trump said. "I’m not happy about him for that reason. He was unable to get them out. I don’t know why. You’re running the State Department, you get them out" (The Hill).

How did the emails get into the State Department if they had been on her private server? Ah, all the people she emailed in that department would have all the things she had said to them by email. Why didn't Trump just pick up the phone, call Pompeo two years ago, and order him to show him personally what corruptocrats ran the country under Obama? Trump could have called Pompeo the CIA chief to get all of Hillarys emails on her own system. Didn't he do it? Was he that lousy of a man? What game was he playing?

Joe Biden's lack-luster performance is forcing social-media giants to increase their abuse of political opponents, which in the long run is a good thing for ruining them. Their ruin must come, one way or another. They are unworthy to control social media. Every action has a reaction, but when leftists go so far as to expose themselves as friends of corruptocrats, it's something to celebrate, on the one hand, and something to to help expose on the other. Just think of how super it is for leftists and their enemies TOGETHER to be exposing leftists. Only leftists can be this stupid. Hey look, everybody, look; here's my inner workings, here's my bags of tricks, here's my hypocrisy, for all to see.

New York: "Hey, look at me, I'm stupid." "We have a couple of tough weeks ahead," Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a news conference Wednesday morning. "We have to all work together." He made the assessment as he announced closures of non-essential businesses for "at least 14 days" in areas of the city starting on Thursday. The rules affect hundreds of thousands of residents." Ahh, he's a prophet, knowing that there's only a couple of weeks of tough times, just until the election. Hey, look at me everyone, I'm the kind of guy who'll take your livelihood away just to force voters to vote Biden, or else you'll get more lockdowns, is my threat. I'm worse than stupid, I'm a demoniac. I can even make easy money with this, and make you go ballistic: "De Blasio also announced increased fines for non-compliance of COVID-19 rules. Fines for mass gatherings in the affected areas will be up to $15,000. The fines for not social distancing or refusing to wear a mask will be up to $1,000." Hey, look at me, I wanna be the worst nightmare in all of the US of A. It's the only thing I'm good at.

New York "The city reported 512 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday with a 1.39% positivity rate." Peanuts. For a city of several million, that's peanuts, and 512 out of 512 will survive almost-all without any more discomfort than a regular flu, and most not even that. The city will report a COVID death or two, but that's more often than not from an aged person near death to begin with. Here's the reported death total for New York i.e. the pandemic has long been over:

De Blasio: COVID deaths are down 300 times since May, but fines for not wearing masks are way-way up because I'm accursed. I may as well enjoy it.

Christ Christie has been in the hospital four days. What's his condition? Why is he hospitalized? Is he being over-cautious?

Youtube refuses now to give me BCP's latest video. Until now, asking youtube for "BCP" would instantly get me his latest videos, but now youtube only brings up BCP's one page. One clicks on that link, and a few of BCP's videos are presented to chose from. Only, tonight, Wednesday, they are all a year old. His latest are not there in the list. This is youtube telling half the world, "I'm stupid, I'm dishonest, and I don't mind showing you, so long as I can cheat and get Trump out of the White House." Okay, youtube, good luck with that. May God give you your well-deserved reward. I now need to write out, "black conservative patriot" to get BCP's latest. The election is almost here, youtubey, you had best cheat more deeply, because your Biden's a loser who's going to hand you what you deserve, we can see it even now. As soon as there's a viable alternative to youtube, we'll fly away.

I don't like BCP's constant begging nor his identical spiels video after video. Give your viewers a break, BCP, make things a little different for a change, because the same over the same over the same is like the drip-drip-drip Chinese torture. I keep sane with the fast-forward "button." I appreciate his staying right on top of deep-state news, and he's a good guy. He works hard, and makes his living on telling the news he gathers from others, but, God forbid that some people should watch a video without his begging for money. I don't think he can handle such a missed opportunity; sort of reminds me of the banker on Beverly Hillbillies. Show some character, BCP. Do a show without your pitches, three or four or five times per week. You can do it if you try, and it probably won't cost you a dime. BCP has such huge hands that I'm sure he's a midget giant.

I put thumbs down on BCP for his recent video in which he showed a clip having catholics praying to Jesus' mother, and so BCP (partly Latino) thus looks like a catholic, though he may have been doing it for his Latino wife. Praying to Mary is SICKNESS, and BCP should be ashamed of himself for promoting it.

BCP's show this week informed me of what I haven't heard elsewhere, that John Bash resigned from the DoJ...a big shot against my expectations. I predicted that he would make some major revelations / discoveries. Maybe he did make some. He announced his resignation on October 5. He's going back to private life. Perhaps he was forced out by a deep-state threat after making some key discoveries now in Durham's safe box.

"Shortly after news of [Bash's] departure, Barr named Gregg Sofer as Bash’s successor. Sofer was a counselor to Barr and worked in the Western District of Texas office for 12 years. He was also a trial attorney in the National Security Division at Main Justice and worked in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office" (Texas Tribune).

Note the Coffer-like Sofer surname by which Bash has been replaced. I pegged Bash as becoming instrumental because he linked to the newspaper and coffee I purchased when passing through VICTORIA, Texas (Bash's DoJ turf), en route to buying property on the NUECES river. Coffee's/Coffers use a "victoria" motto term, and Bash's (Hertfordshire, same as Nuse's/Newes') have a version of the newspaper-using News/Nuces surname. As I've said for years (long before knowing of John Bash since a few months ago), I slept in CRYSTAL City on the night of the newspaper and coffee purchase in Victoria, and Bash's share the cross style, and in colors reversed, of Crystals. These things seemed like potent proofs that God was pointing to Bash, and now, suddenly, he's quitting the Trump team.

My immediate reaction is to say that God is pointing by the coffee to Mr. Sofer just because the pointers to Bash were strong. Unfortunately, no Sofer / Soffer surnames are coming up.

[Insert -- This will be in the next update: "As I heard it, the unmasking case was closed with (because of) Bash's resignation. Apparently, a Mr. Sofer, who's replacing Bash, is not going to take the case any further. The last update showed how Sofers should be connectable to Coffers, and then while Coffers/Coffee's are in the colors of German Barrs, the Coffer/Coffee Crest is used as the Arms of Taranto. Bari is in Apulia with Taranto, and while the rider on Taranto's dolphin is mythical Taras, the Tarrs/Tarres' were first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's (in the colors of the German-Barr Shield)." End insert]

There are two leads to follow: 1) Sofer-like Saffers; 2) the "Suffer" motto of Haldans and Haddens (there's no Suffer surname coming up). Saffers share the vaired fesse of Baghs, and the Crystal poplar tree [it's a fir tree] shows roots while Routs/Roots (important, new topic in the last update) share the Bagley lozenges. Crystals use a "Mens" motto term while Men's/MAME's point to Mamie and her sleeping bag. Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Bagleys. Haldans were, until recently, said to be first found in East Lothian, beside Midlothian's Mens'/Mame's, and the "mois" motto term of Saffers could be for the Moses' who share the cross of Bash's (including same colors), and moreover the Moses', in colors reversed, have the steps-and-cross (called "Calvary") of Crystals.

[Update Oct. 2021 -- For a while now, I've been saying that Crystals use a poplar tree for connection to surnames like "Popham." It turns out, thanks to Hall of Names, to be a fir tree, but this is even better for linking to Pepins and Pipe's because the two can be gleaned using part of the Rasmussen Coat while Rasmussens and Firs/Fire's share the same giant unicorn. Pepins and Pophams share "Mens" in their motto with Crystals. Pepins and Pophams share "Mens" in their motto with Crystals. I claim that Biblical Moses was named by the daughter of a Hyksos-Egyptian king, Khyan, whom I've seen on the throne immediately before king APEPI/Apophis. Those who know their history will "know" that the Exodus was well after the Hyksos ruled Egypt, but I say the evolutionist Egyptologists have got too many Egyptian kings in their historical schemes in hopes of stretching history back before the Flood, and so they thereby put their dating a little out of whack, too far back in the range of 1500 BC. I say the Hyksos ruled during the Exodus. As it's the Shake's who use a poplar tree while CUNNinghams (Ayrshire, same as KENNedys) use a "SHAKEfork," might Cunn- / Kenn-like surnames have developed after "Khyan"? End update]

Saffers are also Savarys while Savards are listed with Salfords while Ratcliffe's were first found in Salford (Lancashire). Does that look good for a Sofer connection to Ratcliffe's work in uncovering the corruption? Savers share the annulet of Vita's in the Saffer motto.

Ahh, Sofer-like Sopers (Devon, same as Saffers) are listed with Supers having the same saltire as Haldans, suggesting the latter's "Suffer" motto should prove to be code for a Super branch such as "Supher." No Supher surnames comes up, not necessarily meaning there isn't one. Ratcliffe-connectable Ratterys love Supers in their motto. The Billets in the Soper/Super billets were first found in Devon with Soper/Supers and a Rattery location, and the Billet Chief is red, as with the Mens/Mame and Hadden Chief. If you're interested in seeing how Haddens point to Ainsley Earhardt, see "Hadden" last update.

So, while at first it was disconcerting to see Bash's resignation, what are the chances that he would be replaced by a Coffer-liker Sofer? We could ask, why didn't God make Sofers a listed Coffer/Coffee variation? Perhaps God wanted to make a link of Mr. Sofer to Hoods (Devon, same as Sopers/Supers), for they are said to have been at Rattery, a term like "radiator." In the 1979 shark dream, Miss Hicks (and Earhardt) was at the hood when I first saw her, and therefore at the radiator. God proved that He pointed to the Hoods/Hoots by then having her hover over the car while Hoovers share bird legs with Hooters and HICKsons, the latter's saltire being in the colors of the Rat/Raid cross.

Plus, there is a Coffer/Coffare surname, first found beside Rattery-beloved Sopers/Supers of Devon. Coffers/Coffare's are excellent here because they share the crescents of Irish Hephers, looking like a branch of the Hoffer variation of Hovers. So, while my newspaper purchase in Victoria led me to finding a property on the Nueces river with Miss Hicks, we were just ten minutes from one another upon that river. She then moved from the Nueces to about ten miles from John Ratcliffe.

Hephers even have the Soar/Sors lion for a pointer to Soros. It's in the colors of the Legro lion because the Legro river is also the Soar. Hence, the bird legs. Soars/Sors' were first found Dorset, beside the first-known Coffers/Coffare's.

More. Look at "CofFARE," for Scottish Fare's have the giant Hope/HOOD anchor in colors reversed. Fare's are also Pharisee-like "Phares," and Hoods/Hoots have an anchor too, white like the Heidler anchor, and Heidlers (possible Hadden /Halden branch) share the bend of Irish Fare's. New: the CofFERY variation can indicate Freys/FREEZE's, with a Pharisee-like PHREEZE variation, because they share a green Shield with Coffers/Coffare's! Wow, that's a new clue to the freezer themes lately. The thawed beef in a freezer linked to Roets by Beefs, and Rothschild-connectable Roets were first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's. Freys/Freeze's were first found in Essex with Saffer-branch Savers/Severs. Freys/Freeze's are in the colors and format of Bauer-connectable Bourlys, first found in Somerset and sharing a green Shield with Coffers/Coffare's. It makes Rothschilds look like a Pharisee line.

Leggs (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks) probably have the Trump stag so that Mrs. Kilpatrick's hovering scene can include Trump. I'll show you how by taking us back to Mamie at her garden. My last date with Mamie pointed to Dachau, Hitler's concentration-camp headquarters, and Coffer-like Miss Covert lived a few miles from the headquarters of Aryan NATION, at HAYDEN Lake. Hiedlers (not "Heidler") are listed with Hitlers. Ainsley Earhardt had one child, Hayden, and here it's interesting that while Mamie pointed to Mamesfelde of Nottinghamshire, Nottinghamshire is where Ainsleys and NATIONs/Nathans were first found.

Earhardts/AirHARTs can be in the heart of Nations/Nathans (share the arrow with German Rothchilds/Rottensteins and Heids). Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') share the bend of Heidlers while Hiedlers/Hitlers share the stars of proto-Rothschild Bauers. The latter share blue wings with EARhardt-connectable Here's and Herzogs/HARTzogs. Why should Miss Earhardt point to Nazifiers?

Okay, so Mamie got her thigh symbol at her garden, and when we think of thighs, we can also bring in the Leggs, for Mamie is now discovered as a pointer to Trump by, for example, sitting on my legs the day before being at her garden with me. I'll show you how Gardens link to Trumps. She was in her bathing SUIT at the time, important because Suits/Suters/SEWERs share the fitchees of Patria's/Peartree's who in turn have the Trump stag head. Isn't that already impressive and clever on God's part? But it gets better.

Suits/Sewers were first found in Angus with Gardens (and Jardins), but it gets better yet. Swiss Sewers share a giant rose on a black Shield with Sewer-like Schwartz's, and George Soros was born, George Schwartz. I always point Legro / leg-liners to him, though I don't know what a pointer to both Trump and Soros means here. One thing we know, Soros is spending millions trying to ruin Trump, and Fox news doesn't want to talk about this.

It gets better because I feel sure that God caused the writer of the Mansfields to derive their Mamesfelde location in "breasts," because Mamie has large breasts. Or, God may have given Mamie larger-than-average breasts in order to link her to Mansfields. It's important because LANE's/Lano's were first found in BREScia/BRIXia while Lane-connectable Launays (lozenges) named Launay, beside BREST. Brests/BRIX's use lozenges too, looking linkable to those of Fells, the latter first found in Angus with Gardens and Jardins, the latter sharing the scallop of Gardners. Brescia/Brixia is beside Val TROMPia, and Trumps are also Tromps, but Val Trompia is also beside lake GARDa, you see, and she got her LEGG-pointable thigh symbol at her GARDen. It's obvious that God put me with Mamie to point to Trump.

He always sneaks the lines of Caiaphas and Annas into things; in this case, we can see the Ananes Gauls (near, or even in, Brescia) to Annandale in the Jardin Coat. Ananes (on the Taro) were probably on the Ceno tributary of the Taro, and the Ceno line to Caens can be gleaned with Caiaphas'-like Cave's/Caive's in the Jardin motto.

Launay and Brest are in Brittany, where Jarre's/JARRETs were first found who share the giant and black boar head of Gardens/JARDens (same Coat overall). Gardens use a "JUNGuntur" motto term while Jungs have a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head, tending to prove that Trumps are from/of Val Trompia and merged with lake-Garda kin. As Carricks (Greg colors) are said to descend from Craigs, GREG Jarret (anti deep-state commentator) could be pointed to by Mamie's garden because Carricks use "Garde." It's possible that English Gregorys (double Maness/Manner fesses) have the passant, blue lion in the Arms of Brescia, for Marjory Carrick married Mr. Bruce of Annandale. Gregorys (Fife, near Angus) even share the black boar with Gardens/Jardens and Jarre's/Jarrets. Jardins (not "Jarden") were first found in Angus too, and they have the Chief-Shield colors of Annan(dale)s, and even have the Annas and Angus stars in their Chief. Angus' and Jardins almost have the same Chief.

If the "Vil" motto term of Men's/Mame's is for Vilers, it's interesting that they were first found in Leicestershire with Parrs (i.e. beloved by Maness/Manners) and Gregorys (share double-blue fesses with Parrs). Mamie pointed to Mamesfelde, in Nottinghamshire with the first-known Ainsleys, and the latter have a version of the Viler Coat. In the shark dream, I was told to WAKE up Ainsley Earhardt, and while Wake's use a "VIGILa" motto term like the "VIGILanter" of Gregorys, Wake's share the double fesses of Babons (share black boar in Crest with Gregorys). In colors reversed, the double Babon / Wake fesses are those of Harcourts (share the Manner/Maness peacock), and Harcourts included Humphrey de Vieilles, suspect to Vilers, and ancestry of the Leicester Beaumonts. Harcourts and Hairs are linkable to Earhardts.

[I didn't know yet, while writing here, that Wake-like Wakins/Wakemans would point to COVID vaccines, or just Tony-Fauci / Bill-Gates vaccines in general. Wakefields happen to share the split Tarves Shield.]

The "Cave" variation of Jardins can link to the Cavii-line Chives (like "Caiaphas"), first found in Tarves. Tarves' have the split Shield colors of Dutch Tromps. Annandale's were from the Ananes Gauls at/beside Placentia, itself near Brescia. Caiaphas was the son-in-law of chief priest, ANANus.

Bruce's of Annandale share the blue lion with the Arms of Brescia, and if I recall correctly, the latter uses the lion in a passant position, the position of the Heffer lion. Heffers share the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's, the latter first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Taro's. Ananes Gauls were on the Taro river. The Heffer lion is shared by Soars/Sors, first found in Dorset with the Caiaphas-like Chaffs/CHAFFEE's ("like "Coffee") who in turn have the three Brest/Brix lozenges in colors reversed. It appears that Coffers were Chaffee liners round-about.

While Chaffs/Chaffee's share the lozenges of Parr-branch Parrys (linkable to Pero's of Pavia, perfect), the Parr-related Manners/Maness' (share red Chief with Mens'/MAME's) share the peacock in the Chaff/Chaffee Crest. Miss Coffer-like Covert, living a few miles from Hayden Lake and otherwise very much a pointer to Nazified elements, was also Mrs. Maness when she was emailing with me. Coverts/Cofferts share the Peare leopard face, I assume. Chaffens (Dorset, same as Chaffs) share the giant black dog with Parr-kin Furness'. Coffins have a "PRAEMia" motto term while Prime's have a giant leg. Lecks use "PRAEMium."

Watch "The Coming Coup" until Michael Anton comes on showing that the military brass refused to comply with Trump's invoking the Insurrection Act to quell riots. Why do we think that Trump backed down? What could the military do in the coming election? Should you buy extra food NOW to get through the coming winter? The country is dangerously close to a no-return from a wicked powerhouse willing to cheat, lie and kill to stack the power structures in their favor.

See Anton interviewed by Bongino this week at the approach to the 29th minute, and take heed:

The best thing Trump can do now, to see, before the election, what level of loyalty the military has toward him, is to order the military to go in and arrest antifa goons as terrorists. He can then fire his Defence chief, a thing he should have done by now, if he refuses to act. Then put in an acting leader who's loyal to himself BEFORE the election. It is risky to keep his current Defense chief until the election. People guilty of sedition should have been arrested long ago to force his enemies to act, so that he could see what stuff they are made of. I think it's time for a banana, because Trump didn't show strength or wisdom in the leaders he chose.


Here's a reason to hold out hope with the Durham investigation: "John Ratcliffe provides 1,000 pages of materials in response to John Durham documents request". It means that there is a good reason to prolong the finish of the Durham probe. However, if this is the first request by Durham of Ratcliffe, what took him so long? Only 1,000 pages? The conspiracy is so big, why only 1,000 pages? Did Durham make a request upon only a narrow / small thing? Still, it's reason for hope, but only if Trump wins the election. Social media and big media are doing all they possibly can to assure that Trump wins big, unless the majority of the political middle has become corrupt with them. It could be.

On second thought, Durham perhaps requested the documents because he wants to know how much he needs to change his report, in case the documents contradict what he's already committed to the report. Perhaps this news alone has already called for changes, if Barr and Durham are plotting a get-out-of-jail-free card for Mueller, Brennan, and Comey.

Ratcliffe was forced to publicize this release because some anonymous person first leaked it to Axios (it figures). The fact that there has been no other similar leak suggests that Durham has been getting as few as zero documents from Intelligence, in all of the aeons since starting his investigation. Not hopeful. Is Durham going to look like a clown show when his investigation ends? Hopefully, working with Ratcliffe will make Durham look good. Mr. Ratcliffe has shown a perfect attitude in this key regard, I praise it very much. It's a breath of fresh air, because I've done nothing but complain about others (not because I like complaining).

See this video (Ratcliffe story) till at least the end of 3rd minute as per no investigator ever seeing the data before:

I suppose that Durham requested data on this issue of Brennan admitting that Hillary fabricated the Russia-Trump story. Brennan's charging Ratcliffe as guilty for acting political, if you can believe that. Never mind that Brennan didn't come out with this truth one else is allowed to reveal it either. Brennan, bag of dead man's bones. Hillary: rotting bones. Gowdy's suggestion in the first half of the 5th minute is excellent.

It behooves Ratcliffe to publicize the reason that Dan Coats sat on this and similar Intelligence. All of Coats' files are in Ratcliffe's drawer right now. He needs only open the drawer and take a look. When Nunes and others asked for documents, why did Coats or Haspel ignore those cries? Did they have good reasons? They must have recorded their reasons. Both were Trump picks, and so why did they refuse to come to his aid even though they knew that Trump was persecuted by criminal delinquents? Is Haspel one of those delinquents? I say, yes.

More hope: Trump appointed Tom Fitton to a commission overseeing DC judges. Trump's going in the right direction now. If he wins 2020, he'll get another crack at putting in a do-something FBI director. Trump even said this week, on Limbaugh, that Barr's been disgraceful. But, Mr. Trump, didn't you talk to the man before choosing him? Didn't you make sure he'd make the arrests? Even after you failed with Sessions and Wray, you still didn't assure you'd get the right man? Hang your head in shame, Mr. Trump, hang your head in shame.

Trump's got all the right words on Limbaugh, yet he himself had every opportunity to order Barr to make the arrests, and even to declassify things Barr may not have wanted declassified (because they would behoove him to make the arrests). If I have Barr pegged correctly, he would NOT make the arrests if Trump ordered him to do so, in which case he should be fired, and then jailed for aiding criminals. It would give Trump one more chance at making a fool of himself (in choosing the next attorney general).

Having said that, it's a good thing that the president is throwing in his lot with normal Americans of justice at the expense of losing avid Bushites in high places. People of justice and do-just are on all levels. But his spotty hold on military leaders isn't making him more comfortable. The military doesn't need to act to wield power. The mere raising of an eyebrow, or a frown, is itself a powerful rudder to steer a president...especially when some leaders are Bushites, now declaring war on Trump.

Trump should have cultivated a Defence minister of like mind. Instead, he chose a war hawk in Mattis, a total waste of time for cultivation purposes. It is folly to become a president only to choose leaders of unlike mind hoping to bring them over to your political camp. A president is responsible for forming a TEAM that WORKs to fulfill pre-election promises, not to choose Bushite leaders, for example, in hopes of bringing Bushites to vote for him in the next election. That's not only risky and wasteful, but self-serving.

Solomon has a story this week involving Ciaramella and a newly-released, and unredacted document that had been redacted unnecessarily to give appearances of Trump-Russia collusion. Solomon's gist: "The group applauded O’Brien's decision to release the document Friday without redactions, saying it helped the public understand that a meeting portrayed as nefarious during the Russia collusion controversy was, in fact, perfectly appropriate and routine." Solomon doesn't miss anything, and at times makes the news.

Mr. Solomon is pressing Barr's buttons:

The many letters and subpoenas [by the good guys to Wray, Pompeo and Barr] demanding these documents are attached below. Here is the list of unreleased documents:
1. Documents showing all the requests made by Obama administration officials to unmask the overseas phone calls of Trump campaign, transition and family members from the beginning of the 2016 election through Inauguration Day 2017. These records have been declassified by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe but have been awaiting Attorney General William Barr's permission for release, officials told Just the News.

Ratcliffe's right on it, but Barr's possibly unwilling because it harms his plans to prosecute the guilty, or, if he has no plans, because it harms the guilty. We have yet to see whether Barr turns out to be the hero or the villain. But we're getting close. I assume that Ratcliffe didn't want to publicize the documents himself because it's appropriate for Barr to second the motion. This creates a huge problem, because the deep state needs only to rule the DoJ to keep Intelligence blunders / crimes under the carpet. The DoJ needs only to feign an official investigation to have the excuse of keeping all documents unreleased...until the better part of public anger has fizzled out. All the more reason to be angered. It looks like the onus for publicizing is on Trump himself if Barr doesn't want to do it properly.

The pressure is on Barr not to redact anything that merits no redactions. This is one good reason that Trump's lawyers should have seen all the documentation so that the deep state could not easily redact what isn't justified. However, nobody's going to fool me (and I'm not a lawyer) into ignorance of the hard reality: Trump's lawyers were responsible to getting those documents themselves, to clear him of wrong-doing, and the only solution to that riddle is that Trump directed his lawyers either to not request the documents, or to keep it secret if they did get some. Trump = FARCE.

Go ahead, Hannity, ask Trump's legal team why it didn't seek documents that could clear Trump's name over these past four years? We heard not one peep from his legal team, and Trump released nothing of what he saw and heard from his lawyers, pretending instead that he knows only as much as you or I by watching the news. If you believe that...

Trump puts his head into a shark's mouth. "Hey look at me, I can do anything and win-win-win everytime." Gulp. If Trump wins 2020, it's only because the Democrat candidate is worse even than Hillary.

It's possible that Durham doesn't want to give a pre-election report in order to hide what he's up to in order to better indict the guilty. It's possible. There's nothing to do but wait and see.

The video below has the popular COVID argument that no one's been arguing, we could say, ironically. A fantastic point is made in the 8th minute. The man says that, if the world tries to stave off the infection, "herd immunity" will take longer to achieve, and therefore there will be more time to infect the vulnerable. So, in nursing homes, there will be one person infected followed by another followed by another over two or three years, at the rate we're going now with mask wearing. But if, for example, all we younger, non-vulnerable folks went out and got the infection tomorrow, the disease could be past us in two or three weeks (my rendition of his words), relieving the vulnerable once and for all because the chances of their getting infected would thereafter be several times smaller. Let's get back to the old normal today.

Headline Bongino Report: "Pelosis Take a Big Stake in CrowdStrike, Democrat-Connected Linchpin of Russia Probe". This could be laundered U.S. tax dollars finding their way to Crowdstrike as their reward for continuing to Guccifer-2.0 hoax. Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder of Crowdstrike, happens to be a Russian-American, what are the chances by pure chance?

The vice-presidential debate had a USA-Today moderator throwing red meat to Kamala Harris from the get-go, allowing her to blame COVID on Trump even though it started going gang-busters in liberal-run cities that wouldn't even allow his input / support. In other words, the liberals made COVID bad, because they intended to blame it on Trump, and here we are.

The moderator's second "question," directed at Pence, was an accusation against him for allowing the country to be infected worse than other countries, per capita. You see, half the Democrats create a crisis, and the other half blame it on Republicans. That's how this diabolical machinery works. Pence was awful in his response, with utmost respect. He should have attacked the moderator for making that accusation. "Moderator," he should have said, "it's mainly liberals to which you hearken who allowed COVID to spread. Were you for or against hydroxychloroquine, Ms. Moderator." You see, he should have turned things back on her lap, he should have exposed her mindless approach, or the ignorance prevalent in her "question." Liberals = blackballers.

Never let a question come against you by treating it with respect when it's loaded to destroy your character, ESPECIALLY in high-powered debates. Attack the moderator's character for attacking your character. It should help you in how forthcoming questions are phrased and toned. Recall Wallace with Trump, phrasing a "question" that accused white supremacist, pro-Trumpers of being behind the riots, the purpose being to make Trump look bad. Trump tried to defend himself when what he should have done is to attack the moderator.

"Mr. Wallace, are you unaware that Black racists are behind the riots? What planet do you live on, may I ask respectfully (sarcasm)." Turn it back on his lap, make him embarrassed to ask the question, because liberals always talk as though they own respectfulness, a total facade that's a major part of their game. Never consider them with respect, and that's why Trump won the debate. He mocked both Wallace and Biden, not because Trump's a mocker, but because their attitudes rightly requires what amounts inevitably to ridicule. A stupid question should find the speaker out to be a stupid, and if the moderator asks a stupid question, don't attack the political opponent in response, attack the moderator. Don't treat the question as though God spoke it and you're not allowed to be upset with it. A liberal moderator is buffoonery dressed as honorable.

It's coming to light that the Democrat machine has long infiltrated key parts of the election process, we could have guessed it, to manipulate results. It's also apparent that the debate commission is controlled by Democrats, because, so far, they score 3-0 for Democrat-biased moderators.

If interested: "School-based data from other sources show similarly low rates. Texas reported 1,490 cases among students for the week ending on September 27, with 1,080,317 students estimated at school—a rate of about 0.14 percent. The staff rate was lower, about 0.10 percent."

Those Texas numbers are less than 1 infection per 700 students, and far-far-far less than one death per 700. CDC numbers suggest less than 1 student death per 33,000 infections. That's not a pandemic, that's a reason to threaten fright spreaders with punishment if they continue to reek havoc on the peoples. Is Barr so useless that he can't command control? What a horrible man to leave Wray in place throughout all of this havoc. Barr, what a shameful man. Trump, such a jerk, leaving Wray in place through all of this.

It's hard to believe how the Republican party has been so asleep at the wheel, not even providing the proof yet as to leftist pollsters screw with realities. When the House was Republican, it was able to make a law forcing political pollsters to lay all the details per poll, and to make them available to the public. A political poll is integral to a democratic process, and there's nothing more important than fairness. You can't allow pollsters to cheat for the purpose of distorting the public's view of the realities. Just just can't allow it. Wake up. It's not enough to know that leftist pollsters are full of crap, because not everyone knows it. Protect the masses from leftist tricks and lies, for God's sake. Don't just let it roll on perpetually as though nothing can be done about it.

How can it be that the debate commission is stacked with leftists? Is the Republican party so powerless to correct such situations? I honestly don't get it. Is there no rule in that committee to assure fairness, a 50-50 share for both parties in the people who control debates? Why didn't the Republican House correct it when it had opportunity? Are there insufficient rules / checks to protect the integrity of polling stations? The situation is out of control. Where is the law? Trump, fool, fire Wray now and put a temporary good guy in there. FOOL! Start arresting. Get control.

Was there an investigation into why so many House Republicans quit in 2018? Were they threatened? Doesn't the party care? How can the party govern without the House? How can the country heal with a leftist House? It's an error to say left and right. The typical Republican is normal, not to the right. The so-called political center is slightly left, and the typical left is extreme left (at the fringe) while the extreme left is as far as the loony moon, way past the earth's horizon. That's the way to look at it.

Here's Biden at his very best:

google, facebook, twitter, youtube, have all chosen to stand behind Biden, you can't get be a bigger loser than that. Unfortunately, there are some 40 percent of Americans, mainly in large cities, who will vote democrat for wrong reasons, much of them about keeping sinful lifestyles as the status quo. So, even with Biden, one can't predict who'll win the election, for there's cheating going on, and who knows what-more tricks the DNC has up its sleave to tarnish / ruin Trump at the last hour. But if Trump wins, relish the joy of seeing google and the rest go down in history as the laughing stock of all history, due to a self-inflicted, crushing disaster that they could see coming between their dopey, crossed eyes like a thundering locomotive. They're risking it, standing in the center of the tracks like complete suicidal laughing stocks, waiting for masked Biden to come save them...from in his golf cart as it's pushed along by his sweating, disheveled wife. Google, make our day, stay with Biden to the very end.

Hope for it, hope it hurts like hell, for google deserves it, worse than we can imagine, for if google were to get into political power, the raving demons would be in charge, and nobody should live under that sort of regime. They are going to push child pornography (visuals for audiences) in their efforts to resurrect Sodom. Sooner or later, I'm afraid it's going to happen.

Trump criticized Fox on Carl Levin, but the latter essentially asked Trump not to because he has a show on Fox. But Trump continued by saying that he thinks Fox went bad with Paul Ryan coming on board, and then Carl just forced the topic to Pelosi, anything but criticizing Fox. So, you see, he's become compromised, he won't speak of the devil at Fox because he prefers to keep his job there. Ditto for the "guests" you see at Fox, who get paid to appear regularly. Well, then, who's going to torch Fox's feet in order to get rid of Ryan? Bongino won't. I don't think there's a social-media, Republican giant who can successfully get rid of Ryan. What do you think about such a situation? It's bad enough that you can't count large leftist outlets on your fingers and toes, must Fox now become half leftist too with the Republican half powerless to do anything about it? This is not a democracy, it's a pirate ship.

Trump will soon be responsible for increasing the number of catholics of the supreme court from three to six. Here's a taste of what America could become under vatican powers:

It's not Muslims sleeper cells that need be feared, nor a N. Korean missile attack, but a slithering vatican snake wearing the imagery of a saint.

They have found the real Bigfoot:

This story came out after this update was uploaded; you never heard a story like this before, but I believe it as told, Obama going down in murderous infamy:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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