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October 13 - 19, 2020

Almost Nobody Wants to Talk About Alan Howell Parrot, But I Will
Osama Bin Laden Makes it to Peare's Belly Press and Waist Pull
I'm Getting Hot with the Stool Pigeon on Biden's Back
Jeffrey Epstein Pointers Everywhere

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If you didn't catch
this BCP video at the end of the last update, make sure you see it, because it speaks on Intelligence that reveals the faked kill of Osama bin Laden, and the guilt of the Clintons and others for killing SEAL team-6 (the video below might be better for you to watch). It takes a couple of hours for BCP's video to get to youtube, but even after I watched it, Drudge did not have the story, yet. Leftists are going to resist this story, but it will only make them look like accomplices of the military demon under Obama.

Does BCP ever sleep?

Googling "seal team 6" does not bring up this story as of 2 pm Tuesday, 18 hours after Gary Franchi had the story out there:

It appears that this story comes from Christian people, including the CIA whistle-blower. [Franchi removed the video by Monday the 19th, but he should give a reason. See at least some of it below, where corrosive, demonic Intelligence trolls are all over the comments to make you think this is fake news (each troll has a dozen accounts in different names, so the same person can lay down mutliple comments in this video's comments section):

The lady in the video is Anna Khait. Here's from her twitter account:

Noe in the video at the twitter page above is a whistle-blower; he's doing it apart from CIA / military permission.

Oh wow, those of you who know about the medallion found on my hood a few years ago, with "SAINT PETERSBURG RUSSIA" stamped on it in both English and Russian, might be interested in this: "Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Anna moved to New York when she was 4 years old. Having grown up in the city that never sleeps, Anna became fascinated with New York architecture. Thus, her first job at the age of 15 was working as a secretary for a real estate company." Her photo is on the page, and it's the same woman as per the pages above.

The medallion pointed to the Medal/Dougal ("Buaidh" motto term) and Scottish Baud surnames, both of which share a ship with NOE's/Nauds/Naults. That's interesting. She was a gambler, might she know Trump personally? After all, she's a real-estate agent in New York. The big question: why was she privy to this bombshell revelation on Osama? "Anna Khait, going by the name 'Jennifer Williams,' infiltrated the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America in late summer of this year, according to multiple sources. Khait is a Russian-born rightwing media personality and fervent Trump supporter; formerly a pro poker player and contestant on the 2016 season of the CBS show Survivor." Echo: why was she privy to this bombshell revelation on Osama? She doesn't seem to be a "somebody" at all. "Anna Khait was born in the Soviet Union. She is a born-again Christian conservative, an outspoken anti-communist, political commentator, and public speaker."

Here she is interviewing the father (Charles Strange) of one of the dead Seals (youtube indicates that this video, at 6:35 pm ET my time, was out "2 hours ago":

One problem with the video directly above: Mr. Strange talks NOTHING about Khait's claims as she insists that the information is about to come out "viral." In fact, she said it's already viral. So why isn't he asking a few questions about it? Where is it viral? Not even Fox is picking this up, though it can be explained by Fox's boss being a military stooge. That is, the military would compel Fox not to carry this story. If Bongino and other Fox guests say nothing about it, it's probably because they don't want to lose their Fox jobs. If this is some kind of trick/hoax, then someone like Bongino would be expected to say so. I don't think someone (a group) organizes and plays a hoax like this apart from government sanction.

She says she'll be interviewing the CIA whistle-blower, Alan HOWELL Parrot, "very shortly." Elsewhere, she said that "documents and audio" will be revealed this week. She says: "I’m hearing someone very close to President Trump is being briefed right NOW."

I frankly believe this story. It's always been my position that the military killed the navy SEALs in that downed helicopter to hide the truth about the bin Laden assassination. I with many others believed that they did not kill him. It was faked, obviously, judging from the "burial" they chose to publicize. Khait claims that Obama didn't want to go ahead with it, but rather that is was Hillary and Leon Panetta who wanted Osama dead. But what would have been their motive(s)? It's Obama who stood to profit politically from the killing. I suggest that the Clintons and Panetta were after laundered money from Iran that came with the package of killing Osama.

Oh wow, a little more digging claimed that Trump tweeted about this, and so I went to the president's twitter page, finding this:

RT @The171111: Hiden Biden and Obama may have had Seal Team 6 killed! EXPLOSIVE: CIA Whistleblower Exposes Biden’s Alleged Role with the De…

Trump doesn't do all of his tweets, and so he may order this sensitive one deleted, we'll see. However, the time of the tweet is 5:37am (Tuesday, October 13), and I don't think his tweet writers start work that early. So, it could be from Trump himself. He needs this story against the Bidenites. He might help it along. It's what the country needs, to know the facts about the military demon. It should put Hillary in jail, and Obama too, if Barr (= sickening creature of the lagoon) can be forced to act.

As Fox pays people to watch Trump's tweets, how do we explain that Fox has not mentioned this tweet from Trump, nor the story behind it, all day long? Fox has had all day (I'm writing at 11pm Tuesday night). Again, Fox doesn't wish to disappoint the military, and so there's no will at upper-level Fox to uncover the military demon. The military brass under Obama (included Panetta) was complicit with the murder of the SEALs, and so Fox news people cannot ignore this story if there's evidence for it. Too bad Murdoch, too bad Ryan.

Hmm, if the Seal surname applies here, note that I have made a good case for seeing Seals/Zeals in-code with the "ZEALous" motto of Hoods/Hoots (at RATTERY). We can then ask whether the hood in my 1979 shark dream points to this SEAL story. What's under the hood? It's a Ratcliffe-pointable RADIATOR. "ZeaLOUS" can also be code for the Lous variation of Loo's/Lou's because their lone, Chief lion is in the Forman/Ferman Chief while the latter adds anchors in their Chief colors reversed from the Hood/Hope anchor. Hoods/Hoots have an anchor too. Formans/Fermans, as of this year only, said to have been first found in Yorkshire; ditto for Seal-branch Sailors and Scarfs (see them below). (Load the Seal link now (you won't lose this page) to get access to view other Coats of Arms as I mention more surnames.)

The military did claim to have dropped bin Laden's body into the sea from a ship of sailors. The Russian medallion (now pointing to Miss Khait) pointed to Bauds (Hood/Hoot crescents in colors reversed) and Medals/Dougals, both of whom use the ship as well as the HODley / Oddey/Hode quadrants. In case Project Veritas comes to assist in the evidence against Obama, let's add here the "Veritas" motto term of Hodleys. The "patria" motto term of Hodleys can point to Alan Parrot because Parrots use pears while Patria's/Petrie's are also PEARtree's (Trump stag head). English Pettys have the Hodley-et-al quadrants in colors reversed, and Scottish Pettys use parrots. Irish Pettys share the hexagram of Pero's/Perino's. English Pettys were first found in Warwickshire with Tree's. PearTREE. This paragraph makes me comfortable with a medallion pointer to Anna Khait.

"Patria" can also point to general Petraeus because he replaced Panetta as CIA director a few months after the bin Laden hoax (May 1, high "holy" day of witchcraft in honor of Bel). Panico's/Panetta's use a "green TREE" that could explain PearTREE's. Petraeus could become a stool pigeon if questioned by congress, or Trump's FBI under its next director.

Okay, so we have a theory, that the Hood-motto Seals/Zeals point to the murder of the navy Seals. It permits a peak at Navys and their Neve branch, both first found in Angus with Sewers/Suits/Suters sharing the Peartree fitchees. Neve's happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Sale's/SAILs, and Seals/Zeals can be gleaned as a Sailor branch. How about that. Sewers were part of my Obama dream where someone snitches on him, and one of the candidates for the snitch was Michael Morell, who was the CIA deputy director both during the bin Laden hoax and when Petraeus' he the CIA director. The snitch in the dream was looking over his shoulder at Obama, and I had noted that Morells have a rare lion that looks back over its shoulder. Morells and Seals/Zeals were first found in Northumberland with SIWARd of Northumberland, and Sewers are suspect from him. Nimo's, first found with Bauds in Stirlingshire (beside Peartree's of Perthshire), share the Seaton/Sitten crescents, and are expected in the "aNIMO ESTO" motto phrase of Morells.

Sailors use a "HAS" motto term, like the "HAZard" of Seatons/Sittens/SATINs (BELLamy crescents). The latter are a branch of Sutys almost sharing the wavy bars of Formans/Fermans. The latter were previously said to be first found in Midlothian, beside Seatons of East Lothian, yet there is a Seaton location in Devon along with Rattery i.e. where Hoods/Hoots were first Devon, where HAZels were first found. Seals/Zeals share the fesse of Hazels, and the latter were, until very recent, said to be first found in Cheshire with the Weavers sharing the Hazel fesse, and then WAVy features are suspect as code for Weavers (share "esto" with Morells) because their Webber branch use the wavy feature. Webbers were first found in Somerset with LADENs, and the latter happen to have a wavy fesse in the colors of the wavy, fessewise bars of Webbers, how about that. The Sailors and Seals/Zeals together took us to an appropriate pointer to Osama bin Laden.

It appears that there's a Snitch in the Sky that the Clintons can't threaten, whom Soros cannot topple. Mr. Soros was born George SCWARTz, and Scwartz's share a giant rose on black with Swiss SEWERs.

[LOOONG Insert, sorry but this should be up-front; I'll return to Khait news after the insert. Later in this update, I wondered whether Sams point to "OSAMa," and afterward recalled Samsons having scallops very linkable to those of Ladens, for while Ladens have a colors reversed (almost) version of the Meschin Coat, the latter share the Samson scallops. Meschins married Taillebois, suspect with the so-called talbot dog of heraldry expected in the Carrick Coat, and Carricks are in Laden colors and format. Talbots were first found in Shropshire with Meschins and SAMfords. Samsons were first found in Gloucestershire with the Lets/Late's expected in the "letho" motto term of Samsons, and then Ladens are also Late-like Lade's/Ladds, is that not amazing, as though God arranged this heraldry to point to Osama bin Laden. Later I even realize that the "bien" motto term of Carricks could have been Arranged to point to BIN Laden. But why would this pointer be here? To what in bin Laden's story does it point?

Bin Laden was a Sunni like the Iraqi Baathists, and Baths were first found in Somerset with Ladens, and a Bath location there is even very near Wiltshire, where Saids/Saddle's were first found. Osama's son is Sa'ad/Saad, and, yesterday, Friday, I was looking at "Sa'ad" in an article, and then recalled the Saids/Saddle's when, at that very moment, someone in a video said, "said," and so I looked up the Saids/Saddle's to see again their lion, same one as Massins/Masons...expected with Meschins from Sicily's Messina, where at least roughly the Saracen ruler, Samsam, was from. Samsam joined the Guiscard Normans militarily with another Saracen ruler, TIMnah, and Timms/Time's were first found in Kent with Massins/Masons. Samfords use a "TIMede" motto term, and Mede's/Meads were first found in Somerset too. TiMEDE at our service. Mede's/Meads are in colors reversed from, and almost in the format of, Ladens (probably share the Leader/Leeder fesse). It just so happens that while Morays/Murrays share "pret" with Mede's/Meads, one Moray Coat no longer showing at houseofnames uses "Deum TIME" for a motto.

SAYDs (share tiger with Mede-branch Medleys), in Laden colors, are listed with Side's, a branch of Sutys who in turn share a Seaton/Sitten motto term. Seatons/Sittens/SAYTons were at Say and Saytown, and Sayd-like Says were first found in Shropshire with Talbots / Meschins / Samfords. Says named Mortone-Say of Shropshire, and English Mortons were first found in Wiltshire with Saids, though Scottish Mortons were first found in Cheshire with the Meschin earls. This picture can play to my long-standing prediction that Meschin-Gog elements will furnish the anti-Christ who then sides with Sunni Baathists in the invasion of Israel. Seaton is a location at the mouth of the Axe (river starts in Somerset near Bath), and Biens show nothing but axes.

The Suty Chief is almost the Parrot Chief, and Sutys were first found in Perthshire with Ratterys having a "SIDEra" motto term. This is a pointer to the navy SEALs because Angels share "Super" with Ratterys. Just chew on that. You'll see shortly why Angels point to the Navy SEALs, so let me remind that Hoods/Hoots of Rattery have a "ZEALous" motto term.

Soars/Sors (Dorset, beside both Somerset and Wiltshire) share the Say quadrants and the Said/Saddle lion! In my 1979 dream, the beautiful woman was considered (by me) to be a "LADy," a potential pointer, NOW, to bin Laden, for I first saw her in front of a hood i.e. the pointer to the navy SEALs under discussion. As I said, it was a dream beginning with a shark that pointed to Saracen-liner Saraca's at the end of the dream. Later in the update, I come across the 1979 date as the founding of CIA headquarters at Tora Bora (Afghanistan), where the American military decided to let bin Laden go free instead of capturing him. With the lady of the dream pointing to the Middle East like this, it can explain why she and I partook in a rapture into the sky at dream's end. The Cheshire Mortons use buckles while Buckle's are a branch of Buckleys (Cheshire) who in turn share the fill Samford motto. The Buckle and Buckley Coats look linkable to that to Timmons, suggesting that ruler Timnah is to Timmons. The "nil" motto term of Buckle's suggests Shark-related Neils, and it just so happens that the deep state (the CIA was probably in this) chose a navy SEAL, Robert O'Neill, to falsely claim publicly that he killed bin Laden.

Timmons share plates with Meschin-branch Mussels/Muscels who named Musselburgh in East Lothian, where Fawcetts were from (share giant Sam lion), interesting where Farrah Fawcett starred on Charlie's Angels with Cheryl LADD. Fawcetts tell of Saer de Quincy as builder of their FoxSIDE castle (East Lothian, same as Side-branch Seatons/Sittens), and Quincy's were first found in Northamptonshire with Ladd-like Ladys/Laudymans. English Angels, believe it or not, have the lozenges of Angers (Essex, same as Sams) in colors reversed, and Angers have a version of the Anchor Coat that is itself a version of the Lady/Laudyman Coat!

Hoods were at Rattery (Devon, same as Supers) while Ratterys share "super" with Angels, but the latter even use "STARE super" while this update points to the Safari Intelligence agency with my sitting on some stairs. This insert is written days after mention of those stairs. Stairs (share the Coat of Quince-like Quints of Essex and Dorset) have STARs in colors reversed from those of Letts/Late's, and Stare-like Stars (Wiltshire, same as Saids/Saddle's) share the lozenges of Saddle-like Settle's. There is even a white, winged horse in the Angel Crest, symbol of Navys. All coincidences? God provided a stair event also when I first kissed Miss Peare, and Stairs have the Peare/Pearl stars in colors reversed.

English Angels/AneGAL's (see Gale's) are connectable to Irish Nagle's (nightinGALE) who named the German Neils/Nails, but then why would God use Charlie's Angels to point to O'Neill's circle of imposters? Charlie's/Chorleys (Lancashire, same as Angels/Angeles, Bottle's/Bootels, Boltons and Bolts) of the Chor river use bottles, and Bottle's/Bootells mention "BOLTELai" (location) while BOLTons share the Charley/Chorley chevron. Bolts share the black griffin head of Bottle's/Bootle's.

Is this a pointer to John Bolton, war hawk? Boltons share the Silverstein lions, and Silversteins share a Coat version of the Safari-like Saffers/Savarys, suspect with the Savard variation of Salfords (Lancashire) because French Savards are Savarys too. Saffers/Savarys were first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots, and Savards/Savarys share the Hope Coat while German Hope's are also Hoods. The 1979 dream had a hood now pointing to the Navy SEALs. Hope's/Hoods use a giant anchor while Anchors are an Anger branch suspect with the Angel/Anegal lozenges. For the first time that I've seen, English Hope's are now said to be first found in Shropshire, same as Bagleys sharing the Angel lozenges.

Saffers are from "Severus," father of emperor CARACalla, and Carricks are in Laden colors and format. Bin Laden was blamed falsely for bombing Silverstein's towers. The "vita" motto term of Saffers is for the line of Julius Avitus, husband of Caracalla's mother's sister, Julia MAESa Bassianus. The DuMAS' of Le Mas have BESANTs expected as code for Bassianus', and then besants are used also by Savards/Savarys (and Skippers).

I would find it incredible if the Savard/Savary Coat is connectable to the similar Skipper Coat, for Skipper was the captain of the SS Minnow on Gilligan's Island. German Angels (quadrants of Samfords in colors reversed) have a lamb/sheep in the colors of the lamb/sheep of Schafers, who become a topic below with Natalie Schafer because she played Lovey Howell on Gilligan's Island. Gilligans share the white, winged horse with Quince-like Quinns, Navys and Angels. Lovey Howell comes to topic with Alan Howell Parrot. Just chew on that for a minute.

"Bien" (Carrick motto term) is shared by Carews/Carrots, in Carrick colors. Then, from the Parrot write-up: "The surname Parrot was first found in Pembrokeshire where they were granted the lands of Ystington, Haroldston, and CAREW Castle in that shire by King William for their assistance at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D." Leavells were at CARY castle in Somerset, where Ladens were first found who look like Carrick kin. Mr. Parrot is pointing to Osama Bien Laden. Mr. Parrot has joined up with Mr. Weldon to get his bin-Laden message out, and Weldons use "BENE FACTum," looking partly as code for Quincy-related Fawcetts/Faucets, for Weldons were first found in Northamptonshire with Quincys/Quince's and LADys. Compare "facTUM" with the "voTUM" motto term of Ratterys, for Christine Peare was given a belly symbol pointing with "tummy" to TUME's/Tombs; the latter's horsehead (compare with Gilligans) looks connectable to the Christine unicorn head. Tume's/Tombs were first found in Worcestershire with the Tien-loving Squirrels.

Weldon-like Welders/Welters (the Hope world?) have the Chief-Shield colors of Ladys. Ladenincidence? I think not, for the Chief-Shield colors of Parrots are in reverse. The Peare-related Thames'/Tiens (Oxfordshire) have mascles colors reversed from the Quincy/Quince mascles, and the same stars as Lets/Late's who are in the SAMson motto. Osamson Bien Laten. Yes, for Latens/Leydons (Aberdeenshire, same as Pavia-and-Feet-connectable Fette's) happen to have the Weldon lion. What are the chances? Lets/Late's share the crescent of Fette-branch Foots, and the latter's is on a flag while Flags/Flacks (pointable with Mr. Aflaq to Baathists) are in the Samson motto with Lets/Late's.

I always said that Peare and I "RUSHed" up the stairs (to get away from Kepke) for our first kiss, and here I can add that Rush's are in Laten/Leydon colors and format while Stairs have stars colors reversed from the Peare / Let/Late / Thames/Tien stars.

Welders/Welters share the hexagrams of Pero's/Perino's, and the latter are very linkable to the Parrot pears, likely code for Peare's/Pears/Pearls, first found in Oxfordshire with Clinton-related Snape's. The Parrot write-up: "Thorp Parrot Hall is a large 18th-century country house standing in an estate on the northern edge of SNAPE village." This allows us to use Miss Peare in any number of new pointers to Mr. Parrot's story. Thames'/Tiens (in the Squirrel/Square motto) have the martlets of Pavia's, and Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia.

I didn't know about Safari Intelligence until Mr. Parrot mentioned it, and so let's add that while Parrots are connectable to Peare's/Pears/Pearls, the latter share the stars of the Lets/Late's expected in the Samson motto. Richard Perle was the first Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs under Reagan, when George Bush Sr., previously the CIA director, was vice-president. "The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs, or ASD(GSA), is a position in the Office of the Secretary of Defense that develops policy for the Secretary on countering weapons of mass destruction, nuclear forces and missile defense, cyber security and space issues." Sounds very connectable to the False Prophet's fire from the sky.

Later, when I speak about my sitting on the stairs, I tell of a related event pointing to Brests/Brix's using the Brick / Whelan lozenges in colors reversed. As "Stare" is a motto term of Angels, it's notable that the Angel Coat looks linkable to that of Brests/Brix's and bricks. Seven years after moving away from Senator Reesors drive, I dated Miss Whelan living at the time at the corner of Henry Corson Place and Senator Reesors Drive. Corsons/Carsons, a possible Charlie/Chorley branch, share the Brest/Brix lozenges while Whelans share the Brick Coats. Whelans were first found in Waterford with Corrys/Currys and Correns.

My dating her looks Arranged, especially as Corrys/Currys have a saltire in the colors of the Randolph / Bath Cross who will shortly link my lightning-bolt event to Obama. Nine years before I dated Whelan, which was nine years before I knew of her, a lightning BOLT (Armageddon symbolism) struck our chimney on Senator Reesors drive, sending BRICKs scattering on the roof's SHINGLEs, which I pointed to Single's/Singletarys.

Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary, who changed his surname to Dunham, the surname of Obama's mother. Singletarys were first found in Lancashire with Bottle's, Boltons and Bolts. The line of Jonathan Singletary-Dunham married Randolphs, and then Dunhams and English Randolphs happen to have a Coat version of the Bottle-like Butlers. Connect that lightning bolt to Obama, right? God taunts the end-time stupids, for Jesus will be the bright and morning star, ruler of the nations, whom Obama hates.

Scottish Randolphs share the bat with Bastons/BATONs, and Angels/Anegals happen to use a "baton" (though they changed the design to look like a cane). Scottish Randolphs can thus be gleaned with the cross of Baths, a pointer to Sunni Baathists whom Obama likely courted for his plots to destroy Israel. It is to be expected that Obama did not kill bin Laden, and that Obama with his demonic anti-Israelites rose ISIS to power to replace bin Laden. The first we heard of the ISIS powerhouse saw it conquer Mosul with Iraqi Baathists.

If the Angel baton showing as a cane is code for Spanish Cane's/Cano's, compare them to Singletarys, and to Loveys/Luffs and their Muschat kin. Cane's/Cano's share the Coat of Pussys, first found in Oxfordshire with Loveys/Luffs. The Muscats (not "Muschat") share the black antelope of Singletarys, and the latter's triple chevrons are colors reversed from the same of Muschats...and Waterford-connectable Waters/Waterville's. The chimney bricks were scattered over the Singletary-pointing shingles, and Chimneys, sharing the Bolton chevron, have an antelope head in Crest that I think was once showing in black.

It's important to go back now to the fact that Boltons share the lions of Silversteins who in-turn have a version of the Saffer Coat, for English Shins/Chinns/CHINGs (Somerset) have the triple fesses of Loveys/Luffs in the midst of the blue-vair fur shared between Silversteins and Saffers. Chimneys and Chinns could be a pointer to Dick Cheney's part in the Middle-East heist. (Might Chinns/Chings be a pointer to Biden's corruption in CHINa?)

While I lived at Senator Reesors, I was in the home of the Powells (same street), and the only thing I can remember in his house (I've told this story several times) was asking my Powell friend to re-play the song, SILVERbird (about a passenger plane), which looks like a pointer to the fake planes (on video only) that were crashed into Silverstein's Trade towers (he owned them). Later. Colin Powell was part of Bush's Middle-East heist. As per "SilverBIRD," Birds (share martlets of different colors with Cheneys) are also Burds, like BURTons, the makings of "HaliBURTON."

By what coincidence do Burtons use a "vitae" motto term, like the "vita" of Silverstein-related Saffers (Silver-Saffer could be variations that I call branches)? Is that not astounding already? "Vita" is shared by Bellows in the "bellows" of SHIPs/Shiptons, who are like Skipper-connectable Skiptons, and then a SHEEP is likely the Schafer symbol. Vito's are also Vido's (share annulet of Sivers/Savers/Severs) while Cave's use "VIDet," and then Tora Bora is known for its caves while Hale's share the Cave fretty, relevant here because Skipper was played by Alan Hale.

The Silverbird song was sung (1973, I think) by Mark LINDSEY of Paul REVERE and the Raiders, and Revere's happen to share the Said/Saddle Coat (pointer to Bin Laden's son). Ahh, I've found a 1973 Silverbird album, with a Silver Bird song (not the one I heard), by Leo Sayer!!!! The Saids/Saddle's were bunched up in a paragraph with Says, Sayds and Saytons! That's looking like verification that God set up my Powell event. LINDSEYs share a black swan in Crest with the Natalys/Natlys who come up below as per Natalie Schafer i.e. Lovey Howell...and zikers, Powells are said to have been Howells!!!!! I don't agree, but I do allow a merger of Palins/Pawleys with Howells to form "Powell." Powells were first found beside Parrots, and both use the same lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That snuck up on me, and I almost missed it. Powells probably have the Howell-related Fiens/Fane's/Vans (Monmouthshire, same as Howells) in their Welsh motto term, "fynw."

Powells share the giant lion of Palins/Pawleys, the latter first found in Dorset with the Soars/Sors' sharing the Said/Saddle and Revere lion! Then while Sayers (share BARwick motto) come up as "Sarah," Sarah Palin (!!) was the vice-presidential candidate for John McCAIN (Middle-East war hawk, raiders of the Middle-East), good buddy of LINDSEY Graham!!! Tora's are linkable to Barwicks.

One way to figure that this Powell-Siverbird event points to Colin Powell (Bush Jr.'s defence secretary) is where French Colins share the triple fesses of Loveys/Luffs (pointed to by NATALIE Schafer), the latter first found in Oxfordshire, near the first-known Cheneys having the martlets-on-bend of English Colins in colors reversed! BINGO, just as though heraldry is my friend or crystal ball (said jokingly) for uncovering criminals. I hate to spoil the surprise below here, but it's important to add that NATALYs/Natlys (Hampshire, beside Dorset and the Quince's of Northamptonshire) share the Quinn snake while the other Quinns share the winged Gilligan horse, very important for proving that God arranged heraldry to point to things on Gilligan's Island. The Quinn-like Quints (Dorset, same as Palins/PAWleys) have a lion PAW in the black color of the Palin/Pawley lion.

Haliburtons, sharing the black boar with Bush's, use a "majores" motto term, like the "major" of Cheneys, you see, as though God arranged it because Dick Cheney was CEO of Haliburton, which company was used in the Middle-East heist...though we should view the war as a heist of American tax dollars to be funneled partly and secretly (criminally) in the Middle-East for personal profits of various players.

Haliburtons have mascles in the colors of the Anger / Nagle lozenges, and while Angers are a branch of Anchors, Majors can be gleaned as Anchor kin. We saw a cane with Anger-kin Angels, and then we saw CANE's/Cano's sharing the Coat of Pussys, first found beside Buckinghamshire, where Cheneys/CHAINeys were first found. The Cheney martlets are in the colors of the Mino/Mineau martlets, the closest surname I can get to the SS MINNOW on Gilligan's Island (Mino/Mineau variations suggest a branch of Mynetts/Minute's.) Gilligans are in the colors of English Gills (share black boar in Crest with Haliburton Crest), the latter first found in Yorkshire with the Fate's/Feets suspect in the "Fato" motto term of Cheneys, for both surnames have gold martlets. Spanish Gills happen to have lions in the colors of the Silver/Silverstein lions, as well as crescents in the colors of the giant crescent of German Silvers.

Just a thought; Jeffrey Epstein was a science-professor type, and Gilligan's Island had the science-minded professor along with a sex-minded actress, Ginger. In fact, here's something new: Gilligan was played by Bob DENVER, and Denvers use a "loyalte" motto term that can point to Epstein's plane, the Lolita Express. I'll show again how this pointer works later in this update when on the topic of Rupert Murdoch, but for those who don't make it that far: the Lolita surname lists Loyola's. That is amazing. Gilligan's Island must be God's symbol of Epstein's island (Little Saint James, for one).

I'd like to go back to the Nataly/Natly swan. Swans are listed with Sions, and Switzerland's Sion is also Sitten, of the Seatons/Sittens/Saytons whom link via Says to Soars/SORS'. George Soros was born a Schwartz (giant rose), and Gilligan's Island was created by SHERwood Schwartz. Sherwoods share roses on stems with Shere-branch SCHERE's/Scherfs. As Scherfs point to the presidential Bush family, what can we make of the white roses on stems shared between Sherwoods and Leaders/Leeders, both first found in Durham? Leaders/Leeders look, by their Coat, like a Laden branch. Some say that the Bush oil family had some business deal(s) with Osama bin Laden.

Bin Laden was at Tora BORA, and Bora's share the Coat of RIDINGs/Readings (both share the black boar with Haliburtons and Bush's), which recalls my dream that started with me RIDING a SHOPping cart as a pointer to Schere's/Scherfs, for Shops have variations linkable to Shere / Schere liners. Bora's share the green snake with Austrian Schere's and with this Mackesy Coat, and then Mackesys/Margesons have a "Loyalite" variation that's my standard pointer to Lolita's/Loyola's.

The third scene of the shopping-cart dream pointed with a trash can to Caens/Cans, who happen to share the Cave Shield. Any article on Tora Bora mentions its caves. I trace Caens/Cans to the Ceno tributary of the Tora-like Taro river, pretty good stuff. The TRASH can was first realized with Tracys/Trasse's of Caen, but also with the Trashers/Tresure's first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Tara's (and Ladens), pretty good stuff, eh? The trash can (large BUCKET) doubled as a drum (barrel) as a pointer to Drummonds...having a "Gang" motto term, and Gangs/Geggs are listed with Gingers (share Bucket cinquefoils). Pretty good stuff, indeed. Shops use a dancette in the colors of the Carrick dancette, and Carricks are in Laden colors and format. Caen is in the Bessin, named by the line of Bassianus' (included CARACalla), and then German Biens (expected in the Carrick / Carew motto) share the bee with Bessins.

The Schere snake is coiled around a "stick," and Sticks are from Astikas' whom Traby (of Poland) married. Then, a Scherf-like scarf is used by Polish Trabys/Sadowski's. The Traby Coat of Arms was shared by the Brzezinski family, and Zbigniew Brzezinski (Obama's foreign-policy advisor) was possibly at Tora Bora when he made al-Qaeda an American partner against the Russians. Brzezinski was the National-Security advisor for Jimmy CARTer. Is this why I was riding a shopping CART?

BRZezinski-like Breeze's (Bruce branch) share the Chief-Shield colors of Lets/Late's. Bruce's were at Annandale, and it's known that Scottish Bruce's use the Annandale Coat on a gold Shield. Bruce's were from the namers of Brescia, near the mouth of the TREbia river, and it just so happens that Wikipedia's article on the Traby Coat of Arms says that it belongs also to Brzezinski's. I once owned a LADA, and that's how I know it was made by Fiat. Can you believe that "Fiat" is a Breeze motto term. Chew on that. It means that God arranged me to buy a Lada to point to the bin-Laden relationship with Brzezinski.

"Justitia" is a motto term shared between Breeze's and Sire's (Burgundy, same as Fiots/Fiauts'), and the latter's lozenges are in colors reversed with Fiat-like Fiots/Fiauts', can thouest believeth this? The three Sire lozenges are those of Angels ("Stare SUPER"), and while Ratterys love Supers in their motto, Hoods/Hoots (at Rattery) have the Foot crescent in colors reversed so as to be linkable to this Fiat-Lada curiosity, yet my main point is the white, winged horse in the Angel Crest, shared by Navys while Seals are expected in the Hood/Hoots motto. Zinger.

The Angel lozenges are colors reversed with the same of Anchor-branch Angers, and Hoods/Hoots have an anchor. I read that Angels have a baton, which is the symbol in the Cough/Cuffey Crest, and Hoods/Hoots have a "Cornish CHOUGH." Cornwall is where English Batons/Bastons were first found who share the black bat with the Randolphs of Moray, where Breeze's were first found...NO GUFF.

I rushed up the stairs with Miss Peare to kiss her; I wanted her so bad I stole her from Kepke that night, before he had kissed her. She was his "date" that night (he invited her to a bar, but made the mistake of inviting me too). But he took her from me two or three weeks later, and I had to settle with Peare's friend, Louise. I wasn't going to mention this, but decided to tack it on because the first photo of Ginger Grant (Gilligan's Island) at the Wikipedia article on Tina LOUISE has the look of Miss Peare (not a perfect match) in the thick hair and the facial expression. Ginger was played by Tina Louise (born with Blacker surname), and Miss Peare became pointable to Mr. Parrot's story on bin-Laden apart from this paragraph.

Welsh Louis' have a "Patriae" motto term likely for Patria's/PEARtree's, and while my Louise was Miss Phillips, the Welsh Phillips' (giant Louis lion in colors reversed) use "AMOR patriae." Miss Phillips worked at Pennington clothing when I met her, and French Louis' share blue lozenges with Penningtons ("amore patria").

As Tiny was born with a Blacker surname, while Kepke had a dog at the time, Blacky, let's add that Blackers/Blakers have a blue horse head while Gale's, once showing an all-blue unicorn head, are now said to have been first found in Yorkshire with Blackys and Kepke-like Keppochs. Gale's were previously said to be first found in Cornwall with a TintaGEL location which they named. Tints, first found Somerset with Blackers/Blakers, still show a blue unicorn, and while Miss Peare is Christine, so we find a unicorn head in the Christine Crest. Blackys share a green dragon in Crest with English Blake's (share Pavia / Feet Thames/Tien martlets), and then Louis-branch Lewis' likewise use a green dragon head.

As I said, I moved into an apartment with Miss Peare and Louise in the days we had freshly met, and I painted the album cover, Tea for the Tillerman, on a full kitchen wall in that apartment. Tillers were first found in Glamorgan with Lewis' and Louis', and Tea's were connectable to Pierro's/Pero's (this could be a pointer to Rex Tillerson's secret Middle-East functions). Proof that God caused me to paint the album (its music not my cup of tea, but the cover was appropriate for a kitchen) was sung by CAT Stevens while CETIN/Cattans use a cat while the CETINa river is also the TILURius, where Tillers and Tailers trace. Tailers share the single Blake pale bar, what are the chances? There's another cat in the Pennington Crest, and the Pennington Coat is almost that of Angels (Lancashire, same as Penningtons). As Angels (share "super" with Ratterys) point to the navy SEALs with the "ZeaLOUS" motto of Hoods/Hoots of Rattery, could Lous'/Lou's be a Louis branch? Compare Lous'/Lou's to Formans (Anchor kin), and Formans to Sutys, the latter first found in Perthshire with the Ratterys have the neighboring Side's in their motto.

Checking the Dobbs', as per LOU Dobbs, it's interesting that they share "PROximi" with Grounds/Crannys, as well as a white unicorn head with Christine's. But it's the "AMOR proximi" motto of Grounds/Cranny that recalls the "amor / amore" of Phillips and Penningtons in the discussion of Lous-like Louis'. Lous' are also Lou's, you see, though if this is God's pointer to Lou Dobbs (born Louis), it's not necessarily the only pointer He intends with the Lous'/Lou's. Mr. Dobbs tends to want to cover stories like the one Parrot is claiming, so, we shall see. The Dobbs' share the split Shield of Hunters and Alexanders ("Per"). I've just discovered that he married Debi Lee Roth-Segura, and there is a Spanish Segura/Segurana surname. Dobbs is preoccupied this week with Wray's Hunter-Biden cover-up, and related matters.

Her Belly and Waist (still part of the week-end insert)

Repeat: "Compare "facTUM" with the "voTUM" motto term of Ratterys, for Christine Peare was given a belly symbol pointing with "tummy" to TUME's/Tombs; the latter's horsehead (compare with Gilligans) looks connectable to the Christine unicorn head." She got her belly symbol when I slept the night in one bed between she and Louise (no sex, neither girl was mine at the time, Peare was in the process of going over to Kepke).

I awoke in the middle of sleep PRESSing my hand on Peare's belly, pressing her against me (she was facing away from me). I wished she'd turn around and kiss me, but she said nothing, so I stopped and went back to sleep...because I'm a gentleman with ladies (she picked the wrong guy). The point is, the Press Chief is also the O'Neill Chief. Mr. O'Neill claims he killed bin-Laden, but he's lying for Obama's sake, for Hillary's sake.

(A year or so later, after she was screwed a million times by Kepke, she and I were alone in an elevator, when she blurted at my shoulder, "it's you I really wanted." I thought I might cry, or respond, "too late," but I said nothing, rejecting her with the silence. Kepke then left her for Miss Walsh, and one day, while engaged to Walsh, he said to his friend in my presence, "I [screwed] them both on the same day." Then he called the wedding off, and went back to Peare. Then he left her too. Ouch. Like I said, she picked the wrong guy. Kepke was no longer my friend after that statement.)

Next, Pullys/Pullings use a "culpa" motto term for the Culp/Colp variations of Cups/Cope's, and Christine's use cups. Pullys/Pullings share the scallops, and the bend, of PEARtree's. Pullys/Pullings share the Colin martlets, and we can say that my pressing Christine's belly toward me was PULLING her. Let's try it. The "NULLa palleSCERE" motto phrase of Pullys/Pullings is excellent here because Nulls share the O'Neill lion and red hand. Is that not amazing? Why would God point to O'Neill if he really did kill bin Laden? What would be the point? But Christine Peare is a pointer to Alan Howell Parrot, right? What does this tell us? FAKERY / LIES / FALSE FLAGS by the U.S. military demon. SCHERE's have a "stick," and the Stick Coat is shared by Goods/Guts, the ones pointed to by Peare's belly AND waist symbols ("it felt so good").

Repeat: "One way to figure that this Powell-Siverbird event points to Colin Powell (Bush Jr.'s defence secretary) is where French Colins share the triple fesses of Loveys/Luffs, the latter first found in Oxfordshire, near the first-known Cheneys having the martlets-on-bend of English Colins in colors reversed!" The Meads/Mede's share the pelican, and the martlets, of Pullys/Pullings, and then the "pret" motto term of Meads/Mede's can be of the Prest variation of Press'. That works, especially as the Press/Prest martlet is black, ditto with the Pully/Pulling martlet. Plus, Moray's use "pret" while Bellys ("Per") were first found in Moray! That's funny.

[Almost missed it, but the day after writing here, I was on the Naples location of Giuffre's, when "navel" came to mind because I was pressing my hand on Peare's NAVEl. NAVY SEALs!!! Plus, Virginia Giuffre (Epstein crime ring) is in a photo with prince Andrew in which her navel shows!!! ZOWZERS. What's Epstein got to do with the naval SEALs?]

Lookie: French Colins were first found in Ile-de-France with the Verona's who in turn share the base of the O'Neill Coat. Compare Colins to Italian Belli's in the Belly motto, for Belli's (and Bellino's) were first found in Verona!!!! I've been working on this belly event for years, but it wasn't decipherable until Mr. Parrot hit the news this week. Bellino's have the bear leg of Powys' in colors reversed, and so what are the chances that Powells were first found in Powys?!!!! The fun never ends. I'm seeing Iraqi truckloads of weapons of mass destruction invented by the circle of Richard Perle, first Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs.

Powys' share the scepter with Mead-related Godfreys, and Peare's belly, and later her waist symbol, pointed in several ways to the "bello CHRISTi" motto phrase of Bouillons, from Godfrey de Bouillon.

Does it make sense that Beacons/Bacons should have a version of the Parrot Coat while German Belli's use a "beacon." No, it doesn't really make sense, unless we enter the belly of Parrot-related Miss Peare. Then, Fullers use another "beacon," as well as the triple fesses of Colins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, that just snuck up on me, it wasn't in the plans when this paragraph was started!

PLUS, I almost missed it, Pellicans (Maine, same as Josephs having the Pully/Pulling martlet) have one of the three towers of Powell-connectable Howells!!! Lovey Howell at your service. Prets/Prettys share the Weldon lion, pretty good stuff, eh? The French Josephs (Maine) once showed a black swan, the Nataly/Natly symbol!!! Natalie Schafer at your service!

I almost missed it. The father of TYRONE Woods has been supporting Parrot's claims this past week, and O'Neills were first found in Tyrone!!! Tyrone's were first found in Leicestershire with Woods, and with the Dexters/Decksters sharing the Tyrone Coat. The Snitch in the Sky has some unfinished business. The bear LEG we saw above (called a "GAMB" by Powys') is likely code for Leicestershire elements. GAMBino's use legs.

Wikipedia's article on Richard Perle: "Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell announced that Perle was 'making remarks as if he were an official inside the U.S. government.'...Perle argued that what he referred to as terrorist Abu Nidal's 'sanctuary' in Saddam Hussein's Iraq was justification for the U.S. military invasion of Iraq." Powell made the same argument.

Now that the Press'/Prests have pointed to Robert O'Neill, I can consider Presleys/Priestlys (probably the Abreu tower and lion), who use a cockaTIEL. Tiels (Hesse, same as Silvers), have a duck in the colors of the Thor and Trade hearts, and Silverstein owned the Trade towers. That's cute. He's the stupid guy that said Building 7 had to be pulled, admitted the fraud that 9-11 was. The way to know that the Tiel duck links to the Trade heart is by way of the Swedish Thor Crest because it has the red-white elephant trunks also in the Tiel Crest, and it's the hearts of Swedish Thors that are in the colors of the Trade heart. Is that not amazing, since German Thors were first found in Tyrol while Tyrols are listed with Tyrone's!!! Armageddon shall knock city buildings down, when the wicked have become completely wicked.

[DO NOT MISS the next update's addition to the O'Neill-belly dicussion].

Presleys have lions inside towers in the colors of the Silver/Silverstein lions, and the Presley towers are also the Pellican / Howell towers. How can God spell it out any clearer? Presleys use "grappling irons," but also call them, "grappling hooks." Iran, according to Parrot, had bin Laden under house arrest, and here we find that Irans are listed with Irons.

The "finem" motto term of Presley is much like the Powell motto term suggesting Fiens/Fane's. Fine's are listed with Fiens/Finis'. They named Pas-de-Calais, where the father of Godfrey de Bouillon ruled as a count. That's the family to which Peare's belly pointed. Larrys use "RePULLuLAT," and Peare left me for Larry Kepke. Lets/LATE's share the Peare/Perle stars, hello? "Lately" was a lyric over my speakers while I was in the two-second process of changing "Late" from small letters to caps! Verification from the Master Snitch. He writes everything down, keeps records of everything; I feel so embarrassed for my life, I feel so naked, but at least I didn't kill thousands tearing down buildings without notice to anyone. And neither did bin Laden's men. The Shaker is about to make Jesus the Frightening Judge with a secret name (shudder, take cover, hide in the caves, prefer the rocks to fall on you instead, Silverstein).

Oh wow, "lately" was from Francesca Battistelli's song, "This is the STUFF." Stuff/Stiffs were first found in Gloucestershire with Lets/Late's! Unbelievable. Stuffs/STIFFs use a black-Shield version of the STEPHens (Gloucestershire), and Stephens use falcons, right down Mr. Parrot's love-of-his-life. English Steins are a Stephenson branch, and then German Silvers share the Falcon crescent. SilverSTEIN. Batti's and Stelli's share eight-pointed stars with Dutch Steins. BattiStelli sang, This is the Stuff (fun song). STANfords, sharing the white goat with German Steins, were first found in STAFFordshire. Staffs/Staffords share the chevron of Colchesters, who in turn use the O'Neill estoiles (because Neil-branch Nails are in the Arms of Colchester). Stuffs/Stiffs have more estoiles, in the white color of the eight-pointed estoile of Motts/Morts/Morters (Essex, same as Colchester). Bins use a "mortar" (cannon).

The Beacon/Bacon write-up can be gleaned with ancestry from Monaco's Grimaldi's, recalling the "staves" (staffs) of PilGRIMs.

Tony BLAIR attacked the Middle-East with George Bush Jr., and so see the Rattery write-up: "BLAIRgowrie and Rattray is a town and twin burgh in Perth and Kinross." Blairs use a version of the Super Coat, and while the Blair saltire and lodged stag are those of Maxwells, the latter put their stag beneath a "holly BUSH," just as though heraldry had eyes to see the Bush-Blair attack on Iraq. Blairs share "Amo" with Parrots, and have mascles colors reversed from the giant mascle of Faucet-connectable Faux's.

Rattery-connectable Ratcliffs (Lancashire) were at Whalley (Lancashire), and Whalleys "PROfundis") share the Blair mascles, tending to clinch Ratcliffs as a Rattery branch, very important for my shark-dream discussions. Again, the shark dream had a Beauty-related lady at the hood, and therefore at the Rattery-like radiator. Beautys share the black bull with Walerans (Whalley colors and format) and Ratcliffs. "Beauty" just sang on my speakers, and I sang along with it, just as the last sentence ended; it's a song about the Beauty of God. Next, we go to Peare's waist symbol for a super surprise that's going to intrigue me. Some repetition is necessary for newer readers. My sleeping-bag dream pointed to Hillary's crimes up until I entered a mall and saw a wooden deck or platform. I then saw two women on platform; if I recall correctly, I didn't spot the faces of either woman. The next and final scene had Miss Peare, whom I had not seen or spoken to since my age 23 (almost four decades before the dream), on a neighboring platform with me, and I was PULLING her toward me with my hands on her waist, and it felt so good, just like when I pressed her belly toward me some 40 years earlier. The dream ended with my pulling her toward me, before our bodies made contact, to be expected of God's dream.

At first, I viewed the wooden decks as PLATforms as code for Platte River Networks, where Hillary had her email server as a carry-over after she was caught with her home-based server used for her government business. She wasn't going to hire Platte River to manage her email crime that no doubt had evidence (in the emails) of other crimes without knowing beforhand that the company could be trusted. Platte River is in Denver, where there is an office for Perkins Coie, the lawyer's firm that she hired to invent Trump's Russia-collusion hoax. This recalls Bob Denver, who played Gilligan, by the way. Denvers are the ones with the Epstein-pointable "LOYalte" motto term. This is new: Loys are listed with French Louis', and because the waist scene needs to be tied to the belly event, when Louise was sleeping beside me in the same bed, I reasoned that she was the second woman on the platform.

I have already told that, the last time I saw Louise, when we were no longer a couple, she said she was going into choreography i.e. STAGE productions. And this tied the belly event to the waist scene perfectly because the belly event, as well as my phrase to describe it, "it FELT so GOOD," pointed to the family of Godfrey de Bouillon. The Felt flory cross can be linked to the flory Bouillon cross, and he was the great-grandson of Gothelo, the line i assume to Gothels/Goths, and thus linkable to German GOODs/Guths/GUTS (share Stick / Brook Coat). A gut is a belly. God's a genius.

Mr. Parrot changed his name, and one of them, Singh, can be pointed to by Sings because they share the Good/Gut Coat. Plus, red BUTTONs FELL from my kitchen cupboard into a SINK while I was demolishing my old trailer (Traylers/Treys are a FELLER branch). We could say that this crumbling trailer had, "No Malarkey" written across it, a symbol of Biden's failing campaign. I'm assuming the Rockefellers, co-founders of trade deals (Trilateral Commission, included Brzezinski) with the Orient, are leading Biden's campaign. The Brzezinski family happens to share the Arms of Traby, and Traby married Astikas' = the Sticks sharing the Sing garbs! Why do I feel a hot breeze? Oh yeah, the "Fiat" motto term of BREEZE's points with my Lada to the Bin-Laden-BRZezinski deals. Soon, when the Western globe trodders totally screw things up, the Orient will invade the Middle-East...when God provides a Hot Wind for The Finish.

So, the platforms doubled as stages because STAGE's/Staggs share a cross between antlers with STACy-branch Eustace's, and Godfrey de Bouillon was the son of count Eustace II and GODa. We can now know that God was indeed using Louise to point to Denver's Platte River Networks, this is really cool...all because of the Denver motto points to Loys/Louis', first found in Lorraine with Bar-le-Duc (this is the new part, so far as I can recall).

Then, WOW, more new: as Bill Barr's father was the principle of a Dalton school when Jeffrey Epstein was hired there, note that English Daltons/ALTons (Robin HOOD in Crest), sharing the fesse of Italian Alda's, are being pointed to, by God, in the "loyALTE" motto term of Denvers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, incredible, and Scottish Alda's/Aulds were even first found in Ayrshire with Barrs!!! God has nailed this. He can't be pointing to Bill Barr here for nothing. As I said, I was with Lorraine as little as a month after I last saw Miss Peare, and the last time I saw Peare, we were at a small BAR. Lorraine pointed to Bar-le-Duc!!!

The small bar was in Markham, and Markhams are important here because they almost have the Guerin Coat, itself having the three Payen/Pagan stars shared by Pero's/Perino's. But the Payens/Pagans are going to click us over to a stool pigeon that looks like Mr. Parrot. Hang in there, I'm getting there. When de-Bouillon's army conquered Jerusalem for the first time on behalf of quasi-vatican elements expected, by me, in the PIERleoni Jews of Rome (they were rescued by Godfrey III, de-Bouillon's grandfather), who were would-be popes, the first grandmaster of Jerusalem's Normans was Hugh de Payens. We can see here why God chose to use Miss Pier-like Peare for this stage / platform event, for He points to multiple things at once with one scene / event.

Italian Alda's are also Audi's, and "AUDax" is a motto term both of Forts and Markhams. Denvers use "FORTE en LoyALTE." Therefore, God must have put it into my head to go to this tiny BAR in Markham (which I had been to with Kepke years before, as a non-Christian) on Sunday evening, when Miss Peare and I were together for the weekend, for Markhams have just connected us back to Denvers. It's then going to be important that the Markham (and Guerin) Chief shares a demi-lion (different colors) with the Parrot Chief. As parrots were first found in tiny Wales with Welsh Louis' ("Patriae," connectable to Peare's), note that these Louis' have a lion colors reversed from the Parrot-Chief lion.

Now, to the "goodies." Louis' and LEWIS" were first found in Glamorganshire with Lysons, who use a sun behind two clouds, and then Lease's/Leesons have the sun behind one cloud while McLeods/CLOUDs were first found on Skye and LEWIS! It has just informed us that Louis' formed the Lease's and Lysons, both of whom share the Chief-Shield colors of Parrots. This is a wild find for multiple reasons. (Gowrie's/Gorys, possibly in "Blairgowrie," were first found on Skye).

For example, I had an omen while driving toward Galveston. It was feeling of impending doom when seeing the sun behind a tiny cloud in an otherwise blue sky, and a few hours later, in Galveston, I was mugged fearfully...God's event, it turned out to be (he saved my vehicle and my money by a miracle). Many years later, my first heraldic find of a sun behind a cloud was with Scottish Jeffreys, and so I've got to reason here that the Galveston mugging, and the related events of the next day, when I passed through Markham, Texas (no guff), relate to Jeffrey Epstein in some way.

I was mugged after midnight, and that morning, I stopped off in Victoria (a little ways past Markham) to buy a newspaper which God intended as a pointer to the newspaper-using News'/Nuces' (I won't repeat here all the evidence that this was God's event for heraldic pointers). First, let me say that, until now, Scottish Jeffreys (now Aberdeen) were said to be first found in Peebles-shire (I have this recorded in several updates), and the Peeble's surname use the PARROT!!! INCREDIBLE. A year or two after finding the Jeffrey sun behind a cloud, I found the Lease sun behind a cloud, and it's Lease's and their Lyson branch that shares the Parrot Chief-Shield colors. Parrots have a single half-lion in their Chief, ditto with Markhams. So, why is Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Barr connecting to Alan Howell Parrot?

Epstein was reportedly hanged to death by a make-shift NOOSE, and Bill Barr did his criminal part by letting the murderers walk. Why? The NUCE variation of News' seems to apply as a pointer to "noose," and then there's the NUSE/Newes surname having two pale bars in the colors of the one pale bar of German NECKers. Epstein reportedly tied a noose around his NECK. So, it appears that God caused me to stop in Victoria, for a newspaper, as a pointer to Epstein's reported death. These white-on-black pale bars are the colors of the six pale bars of cloud-over-sun Jeffreys. Convinced? (I had purchased the newspaper for to seek a property to buy, and ended up buying a NUECES riverfront property.)

If the above was not enough to convince you that God was the author of my drive through Galveston, how can it be a further coincidence that ALTE's share a pale bar, in the same colors, with Neckers? "LoyALTE," a motto term of Denvers. Loys show lozenges only in colors reversed from the same (only) of Brests/BRIX's/BRIS', and then "teneBRIS" is a motto term of cloud-over-sun Lease's/Leesons. Very impressive. And Peare's are obvious kin of Tiens! TENEbris! Epstein liked TEENs. Tennis' share the Buckle motto, "NIL temere," suspect partly with Neils/O'Neills! Bingo, for Peare already point to Mr. parrot, who partnered this past week with Tyrone Woods with a story contradicting that of O'Neill the navy SEAL. In fact, those WOODen platforms might even be for a pointer to Tyrone Woods. Woodens share a stag head (different color) in Crest with Stage's/Staggs.

"Wood bills" are used by Bills who might be in the "Post NuBILLia" motto phrase of cloud-over-sun Jeffreys. My fence-post patent was for a WOOD fence post, and I called it, Pillar-Post. The last three letters of the Jeffrey motto are, "bus," and Bush-branch Bosco's use pillars. It's very possible that Welsh Jeffreys share the black lion of Parrots (Pembrokeshire). In any case, "ReBUS" is a Pembroke motto term (Pembroke's use the black lion too, common in Wales), and "REBus" ought to be for Rebs/Reeps (Norfolk, same as Bus'), who share triple chevrons (different colors) with Clare's who ruled in Pembroke. The red triple Clare chevrons are connectable to the red ones of Epsteins. Rebs/Reeps were at Bastwick while Bastwicks are also Bosticks/Boasts (share tree trunk with Italian Bosco's) while Bois'/Boasts are said to have been Bosco's too. The Bus cinquefoil is shared by Bill-connectable Bellows/Bello's and Billets, and then "bello" is a motto term of Bastards, like the Bustard branch of Bush's. Bastards share the Batter Coat, both sharing the Pigeon chevron.

One day, Kepke and Peare were playing tennis, and I was there for some reason. That event stuck in my memory, and so I had looked up the TENNis surname (Oxfordshire, same as Tiens and Peare's) to find the three leopard faces of Peare's...and Parsons. Mrs. Parsons was my patent agent for a fence-post design, and "Post" happens to be a motto term of cloud-over-sun Jeffreys (there might be more to this than my post). I was pulling Peare toward me, and Pullys/Pullings share the motto of Patents. Amazing, is it not? Tennis' share the style of leopard faces used by Aids/Ade's and Morleys, both of the sleeping-bag dream along with my pulling Peare by the waist. The sleeping bag pointed to Scalia's murder, and Patents share the School/SCAYLE Shield, both sharing lozengy (different colors) from those of Bags. Aids are in the Levi motto along with Seconds while Seconds are also in the motto of Epstein-connectable Murdochs, a topic that will arise later in this update.

No fence surname comes up at houseofnames, but the Fens'/Venns share the green griffin head in Crest with the Patent Crest, are you shocked? Powells have a green griffin in Crest, as well as a motto term suspect with the Fiens/Fane's/Vans...tending to assure the Fens-Patent relationship. I "wasted" $20,000 on that product, which failed, and yet God is using it for heraldic pointers??? The punch line had best be worth $20,000 plus all my efforts...lots and lots of work and thought. I trust HIM.

If the Schools/Scayle's are a pointer to the Dalton School, it might explain why Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with noose-like Nuse's/Newes and the Bash's having a form of the News/Nuces Coat. But do we really want to entertain that Epstein's circle killed Scalia, or tried to kill Scalise? Scale's share the scallops of Apps'/EPPS, the makings of EPPsteins, we might assume. Schools/Scayle's, sharing the lozenges of Apps'/Epps', happen to share a black canton square with Welsh Jeffreys, and to prove the two surnames were closely related, another black canton is used by BINGleys while BENJamins share the annulet in the School/Scayle canton. Plus, Scottish Jeffreys have the six pale bars (in colors reversed) of German Julians, we can assume, because the School/Scayle Crest has the so-called "Julian cross" of English Julians, first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces. It's pointing to Julian Assange due to connection with my Texas newspaper, for he was pointed to at the Get'n Go corner store (Camp WOOD) on the NUECES Canyon Rd.

We seem to be banking over from Mr. Parrot and Charles Wood (Tyrone's father) to Jeffrey Epstein. I wonder why.

The cloud-over-sun omen took place in my Nissan (while driving) a couple of hours after crossing over into Texas from LOUISiana, and I had taken the fence post, a few years earlier, to a trade show in Louisiana's New Orleans, where Donna LEASE Brazile (a disgusting Democrat leader) was born and raised. Coincidences? It was her middle name that caused me to find the cloud-over-sun Lease's.

Wikipedia says that Brazile descends from Braswells, and it's notable here that Braswells have the Tyrone Coat in colors reversed. She was chosen to run the Democrat national Convention immediately after the Seth-Rich scandal that forwarded DNC emails to Julian Assange. After buying the newspaper in Victoria, the first vacant property I went to see was up highway 83 to LEAKey, and then another road to Leakey would later point to Julian Assange's "imprisonment" in the Ecuadorian embassy. I didn't get as far as Leakey, but I do remember seeing a political sign up that was, with a Mr. Moreno running for a local office. Not only did a Moreno date Louise mentioned above, but Julian Assange was fine in the embassy (London) until president Moreno of Ecuador caused him trouble, and finally handed him over to British police. What's this got to do with Epstein's Intelligence operations? Did Seth Rich hand WikiLEAKs (i.e. like the Leak/Leakey surname) some damning things about Epstein's empire, and was WikiLeaks unable to publish them so long as Assange was in a virtual prison (it would bring swifter, harsher punishment against him)?

The Daltons/Altons (clear pointer to the Barr-Epstein relationship) use a "fideLIS" motto term, and it just so happens that Scottish Liss', who come up as "Lease" too, share the double chevrons of Clarens/Larins expected in the "Clarior" motto term of cloud-over-sun Lease's/Leesons (Northumberland). They are the Clare chevrons too, and Suns are listed with the Claro-line Sinclairs. Clare's share triple-red chevrons with Epsteins, how could God make this any clearer? Strongbow Clare was ruler in Pembrokeshire, where Parrots were first found. English Liss' share six pale bars (different color) with cloud-over-sun Jeffreys. So, you just saw the omen, a pointer to Epstein, pointed to by a paragraph starting with Daltons. Epstein was a teacher at Barr's Dalton school. The New York Times:

In the mid-1970s, students at one of New York’s most esteemed prep schools were surprised to encounter a new teacher who pushed the limits on the school’s strict dress code, wandering the halls in a fur coat, gold chains and an open shirt that exposed his chest.

The teacher, Jeffrey Epstein, would decades later face allegations that he coerced and trafficked teenagers for sex. At the Dalton School on the Upper East Side, some students saw Mr. Epstein as an unusual and unsettling figure, willing to violate the norms in his encounters with girls.

Wikipedia on Bill Barr's father (Wikipedia is not to be trusted with scandals, usually siding with the Democrats i.e. the criminals, and calling truth a "conspiracy theory"): "Donald Barr (August 8, 1921 – February 5, 2004) was an Office of Strategic Services (OSS) agent, an American educator, and a writer. He was an administrator at Columbia University before serving as headmaster at the Dalton School in New York City and the Hackley School in Tarrytown..."

Okay, so we can now go back to the stage in Peare's waist scene, but first, let me say that the Peebles/Peoples' surname is suspect, thanks to its parrot, with the Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia, for this location was also, Papia. Stage's/Staggs share the Pigeon chevron, which why it was important to make the connection between Eustace II and Hugh de Payens, for Pigeons and their variation look like variations of Payens/Pagans/Paions / French Page's / Lepage's. French Page's were first found in Dauphine with Pagans/Paions, and the LePage's (same Coat as Page's) were first found in Ile-de-France with Lys'/Lisse's, probably the root of Lysons and Lease's/Leesons. Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes, and Chappes' (probably from the Cavii of LISSus) were first found in Ile-de-France too.

Ile-de-France is also where Levi's were first found while doves (same as pigeons) in Crest are shared by Leafs/Leve's and STOLLs (no Stool surname comes up). God had sent the first pigeon at my place (several years after I moved here) when it walked over the ground above my septic tank = STOOL tank, and so I called it a stool pigeon. I'm waiting to decipher it with a person in the news. I had been amazed to find that English Stolls/Stowells (Somerset, same as Whistle's, Payen-branch Payne's, and Baths) share the lozenges of Whistle's while Whistle's share the lions of Payne's and Baths. A stool pigeons is roughly a whistle-blower.

Obama's mother was a Payne on her grandmother's (if I recall correctly) side, and there should be a hundred whistle blowers coming against Obama, but someone's covering them all up i.e. expect Barr to be doing this in concert with Trump (don't arrest Hillary, Obama, Biden, etc., Trump had probably instructed Barr, Wray and Sessions). Obama's Dunham-Payne line descended from Randolphs sharing the Bath cross. Stools/Stowells form a cross with their lozenges in the colors of the Bath Cross.

So, the original point was: the stage-and-WAIST scene took us to Pigeons, and the stool pigeon took us to Whistle's/WISSELs, and it just so happens that Wessels are also WAISTells. That's why Peare was on a stage when I PULLED her from her waist. We saw Pullys/Pullings pointing with Press'/Prests to O'Neill the navy SEAL. Is there a special reason that Romneys share a part of the Pully/Pulling Coat?

The waist-on-stage dream started with my PICKing up a sleeping bag in the WOODS, and while Woods share the PICK/Pix fitchees, we can add that Stolls/Stowells share the lozengy-cross of Packers/PICKers/Peckers (version of the Bath Cross) who happen to share the WOODEN roses!!! Zinger. The stage was a wooden one, made of rough lumber, no fancy bells and whistles, not even any carpet to sweep secrets under. On the last week-end that I saw Miss Peare, on Saturday night (in her apartment), she proudly showed me a photo of herself in a BATHing SUIT (I think she was running toward the camera on a beach), and Suits/SUTERs are listed with SEWERs. The stool pigeon walked over my sewer, and then flew off down along the DRIVEway and across the street to the property of my neighbors having a Sewer / Schwartz-like surname. What are the chances that Suits/Suters share the fitchees of Patria's/PEARtree's?

What if German Suters shares gold-on-black hexagrams with German Stolls? Yup, that's absolutely right. It can't be a coincidence. The stool pigeon is linking to her bathing suit [Bathers found shortly below even share the Pigeon / Stage chevron.] There's got to be a good reason for this. Mr. Parrot looks like an apt snitcher, as parrots often are against their owners. Definition of stool pigeon: someone who snitches on their "owner." Parrot is snitching against Hillary's and Panetta's bin-Laden crimes, and Russian media even reported that Hillary got her head injuries (this was in the news) in a plane crash at an Iranian airport (her secret mission there was not covered by Western press). Did Obama try to kill her, a high-risk radical to his presidency? She quit Obama at about that time.

Bannon-Costello Insert in the Loooong Insert

[I've always wondered what the driveway might point to, now suspect with Biden's hard DRIVE. Drive's were first found in Hampshire with Bidens. English Hards/HarDRESS' (probably share the DRESSer lion) share the double-tailed lion of Montforts, and Montforts were first found in Warwickshire with Tree's in "Peartree." It's suggesting that the stool pigeon is against Biden's hard drive, yet we saw the stool pigeon connecting to Peare's picture, and while Picture's are PicTALLs too, Talls were first found in Thuringia with Dressers!!! So, the porny pictures on the hard drive are going to damn the Biden family, aren't they? It's then interesting that Camera's love the Keele-branch Cheile's while Keele's share the Drive quadrants.

The reason that God may not have made a direct Hard link to Drive's is that Montforts married BEAUmonts, and the hard drive has sticker with, "Beau Biden Foundation." Plus, Montforts married Beaumonts of leg-line Leicester, elements of which point to George Soros (defacto ruler of Ukraine under Obama and Biden). Hose's (share the human leg with Cheile's) were first found in Leicestershire while Dossier's/D'HOSier's have the split Shield of Dressers in colors reversed.

Not far below, I find that the photo is to be regarded as a picture as per the Picture surname, and so I'd like to enter here that Picture's are in the format of, but colors reversed from, Irish Bannons, and Bannons have the Wooden Coat exactly in colors reversed. Steve Bannon is the one who informed the New York Post this week about the Hunter-Biden computer, and we have yet to see what else there is on that monster (I've heard 25,000 pics). But if the Stage's are to be lumped with Pigeons, and I think they are, should we now be seeking a fundamental stool pigeon for this computer? Bannon, or someone else? It's not certain that Biden himself delivered this computer to the shop. Perhaps someone stole it, then brought it to a repair shop hoping the owner would turn it in.

Bannon says that the shop owner gave the hard drive to Mr. Costello (Giuliani's lawyer), and Costello's (falcon) almost have the French Loy/Louis Coat while Louise was one of the two ladies on the wooden stage. Louise was responsible for interpreting the platforms as stages. That's very interesting.

The Costello write-up tells of Costello ancestry in "Nangles, or de Angulos", which must have been Nagle's (they were Angulo's too) because the Nagle lozenges are colors reversed from the Costello lozenges. The "Ne" motto term of Costello's suggests Knee's/Nee's who in-turn share the phoenix with Phoenix's/FENwicks, and to this it appears necessary to go to Fens'/Venns because they share the PLATT scallops, a pointer to Platt River Networks, what I use the PLATforms to point to. It's perfect because that company is (or was) in Denver, and Denvers have "LOYalte," likely for Loys/Louis'! Bingo. Plus, Italian Costello's share the giant castle of the Forts in the Denver motto! Zinger.

It appears that the final scenes of the sleeping-bag dream is a distinct pointer to the computer of Hunter Biden hitting the news now. Does this mean that the stool pigeon at my sewer is Costello? Or is it someone else, perhaps someone who got the shop owner to turn it into Costello. The stool pigeon pointed to Sewers/Suits/Suters and a Schwartz-like neighbor, and George Soros is heaping a lot of money into Biden's campaign because they both have corrupt interests in Ukraine and beyond. So, a snitch on Hunter Biden makes sense for fulfilling my stool pigeon.

The shop is The Mac Shop, and the owner is John Paul Mac Isaac. The owner says that the computer had the name attached, "Beau Biden Foundation," and so while the Costello / Fort castle is shared by German Cassels (has the triple Clare chevrons too), Cassel was at Hesse while the Hesse Coat is exactly the giant sun of Beau's. Epstein's, first found at Hesse-Nassau, share the triple Clare chevrons. If it's God's will to connect Biden here with Epstein, can this explain the pedophilia on Biden's computer? Sure it can.

Beau's were first found in Poitou, the line to Potters first found in Hampshire with same-colors Porters and Bidens/Buttons. Porters share the bell with Costs, and Costello's have an "extra" motto term while Exters/Exeters (Devon, same as Fens'/Venns) have more bells. It's not a direct Costello link to Buttons/Bidens, though it should be added that Buttons are said to have had vatican officials in Somerset's Bath, a thing I forget until now, right in the middle of the bathing-suit section!

So, while Peare's waist scene points to Biden's computer, her press-belly event pointed to the bin-Laden crime. For what it's worth, English Bannons have a gold-scallop version of the Flag/Fleck/Flack Coat, and Flacks with Aflacks and Bitars/Butters, especially when Baths are involved, can be a pointer to Middle-East Baathists, founded by Aflaq and Bitar.)

The Costello falcon may be in the Peartree Crest, and, later I concentrate on the Costello surname, pointing the Sivers that I see in their motto, who are connectable to Silversteins i.e. 9-11 theme. End insert]

Looong, Weekend Insert continued

So, God caused Peare to possess, and then show me > us, the bathing-suit photo. I slept that night on her couch (without her), and a "COUCHant" lion is used by Tints (Somerset, same as Stolls, Whistle's, Baths) in the colors of the Bath lion. Tintons use "royal tents," and I slept in Mamie's sleeping bag in a tent. In the dream with Peare, I PICKed-up a sleeping bag that pointed, on the morning of the dream, to the murder of judge Scalia by the International Order of Saint Hubertus.

It's also possible that rushing up the stairs was a pointer to the shooting of Steve Scalise in the hip, for while Scalise's are listed with Scalia's, I was pulling Peare by her hips when pulling her by her waist. In fact, Cindy, my pastor's daughter, pointed to Scalia's shooting when she was on second base (I was at home plate with Mamie at the time), for Scalise got shot while playing baseball at second base. Cindy and her parents then walked into my PIZZA restaurant, as little as a week after she was on second base, and that was the only night I can recall being asked to serve tables. I served them their dinner that night, and because they ordered WINE, I pointed the event to Anthony Weiner the convicted pedophile. Mamie and I were at HOME plate, and HUMA ABEDIN is Weiner's wife. English BEDINs almost have the Second/Segur Coat! Mamie was in her bathing suit at her garden as little as days before we were at home plate. Gardens share the black boar head in Crest with Bedins. The boar heads are the only difference between the Bedin and Second/Segur Coat.

Huma was the deputy chairman of Hillary's 2016 campaign, and the chairman at the time was the reported pedophile, John Podesta. How can this be coincidental? Scalia got killed at the ranch of John B. Poindexter (Hubertus member), and Poindexters are also Podesta-like Puddesters. The Cindy surname has two pale bars in the colors of the Scalia/Scalise pale bar (by ladder). The SeCONDs are listed with Segurs, and Cindys are also CONDys, suggesting a Segur / Seagar / Segurana merger with Condys.

Should we expect another stool pigeon pointed to by Peare's / Mamie's bathing suit, against pedophilia criminals? Bath-like Batters share the Pigeon / Stage chevron, and batters stand at home plate. Bathers, for what it could be worth, share the Scarf Coat.

[The week after this update was out, I came to an article telling that Hunter Biden helped the former wife of the Moscow mayor launder money, in return for stuffing his own pockets with her money. Her name, Elena BATURina. Compare "Abedin" with "Biden," and "Batter" with "Baturina," suggesting that my being at home plate with Mamie can be a double-play, on Abedin as well as Biden. Joe Biden is himself on youtube videos looking like he craves little girls, and we now know that Hunter's a pedohphile. End insert]

Seconds/Segurs were first found in Limousin with French Clairs while English Clairs/Clare's (Suffolk, same as English Loose's, and black-boar-head Babons linkable to Mamie's garden event) are the ones expected with the Epstein chevrons. Irish Clare's (almost the Segurana eagle) share the five feathers in the SCALE Crest. Mamie's garden event was where she got her thigh symbol, and Thighs/Thys can be in the "thy" motto of Clare-line Sinclairs (almost the Loose saltire). The Sinclair motto has "God," suspect with the Goods. Miss Peare's belly pointed to German Goods/Guts. English Goods (Clare chevron in colors reversed) share the Bath lion, and Mamie was in her bathing suit when she got her thigh symbol.

Cindy's Richardson surname was suspect as a pointer to Bill Richardson of New Mexico, where Epstein has/had a Zorro ranch. Plus, El-Paso, where Scalia's dead body was taken after the murder, is at the Texas-Mexico border with New-Mexico, and Mexico is where the leader of the Order of Saint Hubertus lives. El-Paso may be pointed to by Pasi's, first found in Bologna with Ping-Pong elements. Headline: "Bill Richardson Accused of Involvement in Jeffrey Epstein Sex Ring". Virginia Giuffre claims that she was forced into sex with Richardson, and Giuffre's not only share a white unicorn with Christine's, but a star in Pero/Perino star colors. I slept on Peare's COUCH after she showed me her bathing-suit photo, and Giuffre's are of Gough / Gopher/Gofer colors while Goughs/Gofs share the Coat of Couch-like Gouch's, and the septic system that the stool pigeon walked over was inspected by Mr. Gouch!!! I kid you not.

Hugh Hefner Insert in the Loooong Insert

[So, while the stool pigeon can be against the Biden-Soros circle of things, according to the Bannon-Costello insert above, maybe it's to touch on Giuffre too. Isn't she acting as a stool pigeon? Yes. The SCHIMs/Schiens share the Mole boar head, and two SCIMitars are in the Crest of Exters/Exeters (share bells with Costs) expected in the "Extra" motto term of Costello's. Plus, Hope Charlotte Hicks dated Rob Porter when she quit Trump's White House, probably because Porter was fired by Trump, and Porters use bells too. Gophers/Gofers share the saltire of Hood-connectable Oddie's, and then the Hood/Hoot fret is itself a saltire in these same colors, suggesting that Giuffre can be pointed to by the women at the hood, for I claim that she, Charlotte Rena Hicks, was on Epstein's island. A couple of scenes before seeing her at the hood of the Oddie-connectable auto, I was in a blue body of water (ocean), and Waters share the Epstein Coat.

The lady at the hood was in a bathing suit, and while the stool pigeon is to link to Peare's bathing-suit picture, she's pointable to the Trump stag heads of Peartree's because they share the Sewer/Suit/Suter fitchees. She was running on a beach in the photo, and Beach's were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes' who point to Epstein's noose. Hoods were at Rattery, and the "voTUM" motto term of Ratterys must be a tummy pointer i.e. to Peare's belly because TUME's/Tombs almost have the Christine unicorn head. The Crest of Tume's/Tombs (Dutch Gut colors) is a white horse head between white wings, and while Epstein's island is now suspect with Gilligan's Island, Gilligans have a white, winged horse...perhaps linkable to Caffers/Caffertys, in Coffee/Coffer colors.

In fact, she showed me the photo at her COFFEE table, and I bought a coffee with the newspaper, which is all I did in Victoria, only to discover, many years later, that "victoria" is a Coffee/Coffer motto term. Coffers/Coffare's were first found in SOMERset with Baths, Whistle's, Stolls, COUCHant Tints, etc. (the things her photo involves), and the Coffee/Coffer fesse is shared by English SOMERs. In her photo, she was voluptuous, shapely, beautiful all over, like a Playboy centerfold (no exaggeration), which I'm saying because Coffers/Coffare's share the crescents of HEFFERs while the shapely, beautiful woman at the hood was hovering in the next scene while Hovers'/HOFFERs share the leopard face (different colors) with Peare's, Parsons and Coffer-like Cofferts/Coverts.

The interesting thing now is that while I pressed her navel, Navals/Navelys are a branch of Neville's who were in-turn related to Rabys who in turn share the Bash cross...which is the cross type of Eustace's, and the latter being the family pointed to by her belly that I pressed. Then, Bill Barr just replaced Mr. Bash with Coffer-like Mr. Sofer, and a recent update seemed to tell that Sofers are a branch of the Soper variation of Supers, and so by what coincidence do Ratterys use "super," as well as, "VoTUM"? I wonder why Bash's share the Wray martlets? She had a two-piece bathing suit in the photo i.e. her navel was showing. The day that I bought the newspaper and coffee was the day I stayed the night (pointed to Rockefellers) at CRYSTAL City, a Christine-like term, and Crystals happen to have the Bash / Raby cross in colors reversed. Lookie now at the Crystal write-up: "Scotland was another homeland for the family and in this case, 'it is certainly a diminutive or pet form of Christopher [treat lightly]. The first form was an old surname in Foveran and it was not uncommon in PRESTwick, Ayrshire, in the fifteenth century'."" I pressed her belly and navel, and Press' are also Prests!!! The latter were first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's and the related Nuse's/Newes!!!

It tends to reveal that Press'/Prests named Prestwicks (mermaid). Prestwick is in Ayrshire with the first-known Kerricks/Carricks (suspect as Laden kin) and NONs/Nevins, and then English Kerricks (Press/Prest colors) were at Cheshire's Prestbury while Prestwicks ("speRAVI") speak on a Prestwich of Cheshire. English Kerricks use "NON PARATus," and then Mr. Parrot says Obama didn't kill bin-Laden. The so-called "caltrap/galtrap" of Kerricks was showing once in the PRESley/PRIESTly Coat, though the latter didn't call it such. It now appears that the belly / tummy press links to her picture at the Sofer-pointing coffee table. Bash was appointed by Barr to find Obama's unmasking crimes on general Flynn.

Flynns share the wolves of Scarfs and Cheshire's Hugh D'Avranches (the latter's Wikipedia article has/had his white-on-blue wolf head). The Flynn Chief is expected to be the Treby Chief because Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf. Parats, who may be in the "paratus" motto term of Kerricks, use what look like wolverines, and Wolvers (version of Meschin Coat) share three white wolf heads with Scarfs. Hugh D'Avranches' son was his heir as earl in Cheshire, followed by Ranulph le Meschin (Hugh's nephew). Le Meschin married Mrs. Taillebois, and the talbot dog is used by Carricks/Kerricks while Ladens have a version of the Meschin Coat.

The point with mention of Heffers is that English Heffers (Somerset) are also Heffners, suggesting Hugh Hefner of Playboy. Miss Hicks is tall and shapely, exactly what one would expect from a Playboy model, and then on the day I found her husband's obituary, I told readers that he died at 89 along with Hugh Hefner. His obituary said that he was a pilot, as was Hugh Hefner. He had married a 20-year-old Miss Hicks when he was 31 years older...i.e. for sex, I assume. She had been a stripper prior to marriage. He was Mr. Kilpatrick, and Irish Kilpatricks share a "laidir" motto term with Brians who in turn use the three lions in pale of Heffer/Heffners, no guff, because the latter use a "LYDEIRnon" motto term. This theme works with Playboy porn, in other words, and Hunter Biden's computer nails him with porn, perhaps the porn industry. Both Kilpatricks even share the Hunter saltire.

Loading Hugh's to see whether we can connect them to Heffers, Hugh's were first found in Wales with the Parrots (right down Peare alley) whose lion they share. Hughs were likely from earl Hugh D'Avranches of neighboring Cheshire, and as his earldom was continued by Ranulph de Gernon, it explains why Hefners use three lions in pale in the colors of the two lions in pale of Gernons. So, we just made a Hugh connection to Heffers/HEFFNERs, suggesting that Epstein was in the porn industry. I find pornographers to be worthy of cruel death. Western governments are worthy of cruel death for not seeking to rid the Internet of porn.

There is a German Hefner (one 'f') surname with Hafner/Haafner variations suggesting Have's/Haafs and Halper-branch Halfs/Halps. The key here is that the latter's hourglass-like Shield is shared in the same colors with Kerrys while Johns Kerry is involved in Ukraine corruption with the Bidens, especially his Heinz relative. (Have's/Haafs share ducks with Devons, perhaps a pointer to Devon Archer, Biden's partner in Burisma. Archers use "bono.") Stefan Halper had been pointed to by the shark's teeth being HALF-way across the body of the bulldog (Trump) when it was in the shark's mouth. The shark's teeth circled the BELLY of the dog, and so while Miss Peare's belly is pointing to bin-Laden (actually, to O'Neill's military friends in high places), enter this into the shark dream, for Peartree's share the Trump stag.

Stefan Halper was involved with James Baker of the ONA branch of the military, and while the dream had Epstein's beach, Beach's are a Becker branch while Dutch Bakers are also Beckers. German Beckers share the checkered bend of Steele's, and those checks are in the colors of the Halper checks.

In the dream with Hicks, there was a CLOSE-up PICTURE of her face prior to my seeing her hover, and Close's are expected from Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle. But as Miss Hicks of the dream can now be substituted with Peare, note that Face's/Fessys are in the Peare "leopard faces" (it's their official name). The Picture's/Pictalls had lightly linked to Bannons in the Costello insert, and Biden's computer was given to Mr. Costello. Although I can't be sure what "laidir" is code for, "LYDeirnon" of the Heffners looks like possible code for Lyddel-branch LIDDels because they share the spur with Close's while Spurrs were first found in Devon with Spurr-like Supers sharing the Kilpatrick saltire. Lydells/Little's (share gold leopard face with Peare's) had a location in/beside Dumfries, and while Peare's are from Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia, home of the Laevi Gauls, the Jewish-Levi lion is also in a Kilpatrick Crest.

OH WOW. Scottish Hunters use "PERficio," and were first found in Ayrshire with the Nons/Nevins expected in the "LydeirNON" of Heffners. The wow part comes in "perFICio," for Fix's/Ficks (linkable to Face's) have a wavy fesse colors reversed from the same of Dols, and English Hunters were first found in Shropshire, home of the Dol Alans. Then, wowie, the Fix/Fick eagle is that also of Giuliani's, and while many surnames use that eagle, it just so happens that Fix's/Ficks (share Heinz fleur) were first found in Saxony with Heinz's and the Giuliani-like Julians!!!! The latter's six pale bars are colors reversed from the same as cloud-over-sun Jeffreys, and I had my cloud-over-sun omen an hour or so before reaching Baytown, where the Kilpatrick couple under discussion had lived as early as a month before I passed through (April 1994).

The Giuliani spread eagle is black with gold talons, same as the eagle in the Cornish Crest, and as the Cornish chevron is also the Heinz chevron, Giuliani and/or the Kerry-Heinz family can be linking to the Cornish chough of Hoods/Hoots. Red spread eagles with gold talons are used by Hotts, and the gold talon alone is used by Hover-like Hoovers and Hooters while the lady at the hood was then hovering in the air. HICKsons use the talon black on gold; there's no mistake, Miss Hicks was the dream's lady. I don't know whether they are officially called, talons, but Talons/Talents use gold talons too, and they are suspect from the Taulantii people group beside the SELEPitanoi to which the sleeping segment of the hovering woman pointed. (This was Cavii territory, explaining why God would point us there.)

The addition of Talons/Talants in this Heinz way is new to my mention of Hoovers and Hooters, and so let's add that while they share the Cornish chevron, they were both first found in Cornwall. Plus, Talons/Talants are nearly in both Heinz colors and format, very important, is it not, where the Shropshire Hunters share both Kilpatrick saltires? It's known that Hunter Biden was involved in Ukraine corruption with the Heinz family. The Sleeps were first found in Shropshire too! Bingo, we have deciphered to hood and hover scenes like never before, with Biden and Kerry corruption at the core, and probably involving Stefan Halper.

The Shropshire Hunters are also Hunts, and I've told this story before, that when I moved to Hunt street (Richmond Hill), a taxi dispatcher lived there who got me a job driving cab. I was dispatched to pick Mamie up twice in that taxi (I had no control over it), about a year after we had split up, and due to the second occasion, we had our last date, at the restaurant of Mr. Fix!!!!! I've told this story 15 times or more, I'm not making it up. Mr. Fix was an Israeli, with Israeli accent, and I even started to build his dance hall. A few years later, when my Lada needed repairs, I took it to the nearest Lada dealer, and there was Mr. Fix working at that dealership. He's the one who looked after my repair. I think this Lada must be a pointer to bin-LADen, but why would Mr. Fix point to him? Will Giuliani also uncover American crimes using bin-Laden as a bogus monster for money-laundering of military money? I hope so. End insert]

Looong Weekend Insert continued (will it ever end?)

As I said, a few days after the stool pigeon was over the septic tank, a MOLE digging tunnels, until then beside the septic tank, raised some dirt over the septic tank (i.e. made a mole hill), and Gouch's (Roxburghshire, same as Mole's) share the Mole boar!!! THE FACT IS: God is INTERESTED in the crime rings, watch-out. And this stool-pigeon picture is pointing to Epstein's political-bomber hookers. The killer Sirens.

Just wondering: why do cloud-over-sun Jeffreys share "post" with Mole's? Did Epstein's blackmail business involve professional Intelligence moles? I'll bet. Mole's share the Knee and Needham phoenix, and a Needham location is in the Halper write-up while Stefan Halper was a mole into the Trump team.

This is where my insert above came to mind: "...I was on the Naples location of Giuffre's, when "navel" came to mind because I was pressing my hand on Peare's NAVEl. NAVY SEALs!!! Plus, Virginia Giuffre (Epstein crime ring) is in a photo with prince Andrew in which her navel shows!!! ZOWZERS. What's Epstein got to do with the navy SEALs?" I've found a Naval/Navely surname sharing a white saltire (its the Neville saltire) with Gophers/Gofers, in case it can apply somehow. Navals/Navelys were first found in Nottinghamshire with same-colored Daltons/Altons.

Pero's/Perino's have the "comet" of the Reines', though Pero's/Perino's describe it as "flaming stars." Reines-like Reno's share the lozenges of PINKs, red lozenges like those of Pickings/PINKleys/Pinkie's. Reigns throw in the PISA Coat in colors reversed, a pointer to Comet Ping Pong PIZZA, home of pizzagate pedophilia. The pizza place was/is owned by James AleFANTIS, and Fantis' (boys) share a Coat version of the Pink-related Panico/PANETTA/Pane Coat (both surnames first found in Bologna, the name also for the French home of Eustace II). Both surnames share the "label" of Pings/Pongs/Pagans (you can't argue with these exposed facts), first found in Yorkshire with Pinks. Panico's/PANE's (i.e. like "Payen / Payne) were on a Setta tributary of the Reno river, and Star-connectable Settle's use lozenges too. Pero's use "flaming STARs" for their comet.

Pickings/PINKie's (probably from PINCum at the PEK river), new to me, happen to show only lozenges, same as Packers/Pickers/Peckers (Pek/Peck colors). Cuppae, the so-called "city of doves," is off the Pek river, and so this explain the dove of Stolls/Stowells. Plus, Cuppae-like cups are used by Christine's. Christine Peare! Pullys/Pulling have a "culpa" motto term for the Culp/Colp variations of Cups (Aberdeenshire, same as cloud-over-sun Jeffreys!!!), expected from the COLAPis river, also called the Kupa, suspect from "Cuppae." Peare's belly pointed to "bello Christi" of Bouillons, and then Bello's/Bellows have a PECtore" motto term. "Bellows" are used by Shiptons (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's).

If we regard Peare's photo as a picture, it's first of all interesting that PICture's/Pictalls, sharing the Pek/Peck chevron, share crossed and upward-pointing spears with Pasi's, the latter first found in BOLOGNA with Pek-river liners (Panico's, PINKS, Pings, and more). It then gets compelling to see the photo as a picture because Baths have a version of the Rhodes Coat (Yorkshire, same as Pings, Pinks, and Pinkley-like Binkleys/Bingleys), while the Rhodes lion is also the Picture/Pictall lion. I think that rises at warp speed to a wow. German Rhodes/Rhods, whose Road/Rode / Rodhams branches were in the sleeping-bag dream, share the red roundel with the Arms of BOULOGNE, and the latter location was home of Eustace II to which the waist-on-STAGE event points.

Plus, aside from the color, the Rhodes-Crest leopard is in the Sewer/SUIT/Suter Crest for a clincher for viewing the bathing-SUIT photo as a PICTURE, how about that (tends to assure that the Bath Coat is the Rhodes Coat). I recall that she was in a definite run toward the camera, and Runnings/Ronnys share the fesse of Daltons/Altons / Alda's / Rush's (and Rosco's). She was 21 at the time, so the photo doesn't rate as something Epstein would have of teens, yet Peare's are kin of TENNis' and Tiens. She was 17 when I first kissed her, but I was 19, not 39.

The Sewer/Suit/Suter Coat is even a version of the Pink/Pinkie Coat (not to be confused with the Pickings/Pinkie's). The stool pigeon was over my sewer tank, and the Stolls are STOWells too while Stows/Stouts share the fitchee design, in the same colors, with Pinks/Pinkie's. Stows/Stouts have been linked to the Changers in the motto of Stanleys (Cambridgeshire, same as Stows/Stouts), and Changers were a pointer to Loose Change, a major break-through video that uncovered the 9-11 crime. Might Louise on the stage be a pointer to Loose Change? German Loose's/Loese's share the Morgan lion while Louis' were first found in Morgannwg! Stanleys had pointed to Morgan Stanley's part in the downing of the Trade towers, suspect by me due to the company having several floors, in one of the towers, adjacent to the two maintenance floors (places for prepping the building for demolition by explosive detonations).

If the PicTALL variation of Picture's is partly for Talls, they happen to share the Pero/Perino hexagrams.

Repeat; "The Sinclair motto has "God," suspect with the Goods. Miss Peare's belly pointed to German Goods/Guts. English Goods (Clare chevron in colors reversed) share the Bath lion, and Mamie was in her bathing suit when she got her thigh symbol." Here we can add that English Goods almost have the Picture Coat in colors reversed! Amazing. The two bathing suits are related, and then the lady of the 1979 dream was in her bathing suit, on Epstein's island, in front of the hood. Robin Hood in on the Dalton/Alton Coat. Bill Barr can run, but he can't hide. Miss Peare was running on a beach, as i recall the photo, and there was a beach in the 1979 dream upon which there was just one car parked (no people, just she and the car). Epstein's island has a sandy beach, and probably just one car. There is a road from the house to the beach.

The car in the dream was a refurbished 1950s classic model, but I've never yet deciphered the meaning of that detail. The car was recently understood as an auto for the line of Auto's/Otto's, and here we can add that Alda's are also AUDi's. The latter have the vertically-split Shield of Bono's (possibly from Bononia = Bologna), first found in Milan with OTTONE Visconti (Ottone's are Otto's too). Compare Bono's with Odins and Otone's/Oltens, and then click to see Odin-branch Oddie's with the same saltire as Gophers/Gofers i.e. linkable to Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein's teen hookers. Oddie's have Hood-like variations, perfect for an auto with a lady at the hood, especially as that lady is Miss Hicks while Hick's have a "bon" motto term.

Oddeys/Hode's (not "Oddie") have essentially the Hodley Coat ("patria"). The Stoll/Stowell dove with branch is in the Oddey and Hodley Crest. Can you figure out who the stool pigeon is by these clues? I can't, but I'm too busy writing frantically because things to say never end.

Perhaps the "patria" motto term is a key, since Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag head. Trump should be included in the candidates for stool pigeons, though to date he may have been afraid to snitch all of what he knows on Epstein. Hicks were married to Arthurs of Clapton, and they shared claRION trumpets. This week we learned that OAN reporter, Chanel RION, has seen Hunter Biden's pedophilic photos on the hard drive turned in last week by Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. Rions/Riollets are in Arthur colors and format. OH WOW, CHANELs/Connells use a "Ciall" motto term while Calls (Wiltshire, near Clapton) use trumpets!!! Blow them-thar trumpets from the rooftops, y'all, start the exposure war in spite of the Barr-Wray cover-up.

The Oddey / Hodley pelicans are traceable to things-Clapton, and Clapps/Clappers share the Beach Shield. That's easy to figure as an Epstein-Clapper partnership. This section of the insert started pointing to Mr. Parrot, and then turned hard to things-Epstein. Is this logical? Yes, with demonic Intelligence as the common denominator. In case Project Veritas has a major breakthrough on things-Epstein, I'll jot down that Oddeys and Hodleys use a "Veritas" motto term.

I kid you not, I've said it a few times before, I took Miss Peare to the home of JEFFREY Moore (I may have called him "Jeff Moore" in previous updates) before driving to her place on Saturday night to see her photo!!! WOW, I get it: a pointer to Epstein. Moore's share the Morgan lion while Glamorgan (Wales) was earlier called, Morgannwg. It's where Louis' and Lewis' were first found who look connectable to the giant lion if Welsh Jeffreys/Jeffs'. The lion of Mackesys/Margesons ("LOYalite," like the "loyalte" under discussion) is also that of Tillers, first found in Glamorganshire, and Loys are listed with French Louis'. Tillers are a Tail/Tailer branch, and Talls were mentioned not far above as a possible namer of the Pictall variation of Picture's. "PicTURE" may be by the same entity (Thors/Tors/Tours?) in-code with the "pecTORE" motto term of Bello's/Bellows.

(For my records, Welsh Jeffreys/Jeffs' share the black canton square with Whalleys and Binkleys/Bingleys. The latter two look related with that canton, and then Walerans were at Bradfield while Bingleys were at Bradford. It helps to assure that Walerans are a Whalley branch, especially as Bradfords share the wolf head of Quade's, that being from Quadratilla, wife of Lupus Laevillus, the line to Waleran of Leavell.)

And, freak me out, I've said the following a dozen times or more: I first kissed Miss Peare at the La PALOMa BAR (Toronto), and Italian Paloma's share the white-on-red dove with English Page's while Spanish Paloma's have two pale bars in the colors of the one of Pero's/Perino's. As I said, we rushed up the stairs, and Rush's happen to share the Daltons/Alton / Alda fesse. So, here's from the Stoll/Stowell write-up: "West Stowell in Wiltshire is now known as ALTON-PRIORs." Hee-hee. What could it mean that there will be a stool pigeon / whistle-blower in relation to something at the Dalton school?

Look at what Priors do for this. First, their "Speriamo" motto is translated, "We HOPE," Hope's/Hoods share the anchor with Hoods/Hoots while Daltons/Altons (Nottinghamshire, same as Robin Hood) have Robin HOOD in Crest. Is that not a mind-blower coming from Alton-Priors in the write-up of stool-like Stolls? As Charlotte Rena Hicks was at the hood of the car, might Hope Charlotte Hicks (back on Trump's team) be a stool pigeon one day? How? What did she learn while working at Fox, after she quit the Trump team? Why did she quit Fox to go back to the Trump team? Was she under the Rena-like RINO, Paul Ryan, hating him? Ryans (share motto of Pane-like Payne's) have griffin heads in the colors of the Alda/Auld griffins, and we saw Alda's/Aude's connecting to the auto and hood where Charlotte Rena Hicks was standing. Ryans have griffin heads in the format and colors of the three lozenges of Pane-connectable Reno's.

Recall the Clarens/LARINs sharing the double chevrons of Lease's/Leesons and connectable by Clare's to Epsteins. Recall how Markhams have the Guerin Coat without the Payen stars. Priors share the Coat of French Larins/Lorrens, first found in Provence with Guerin of Provence. The same scallops are shared by Scalia-like SCALE's and Chappes-like Capes', and the latter happen to share the Chief-Shield colors of Lysons / Lease's and Parrots. When we rushed up the stairs, we were rushing up the Scalia-like scala (stairs in Italian), and Scalia's use a ladder = scala as a pale bar in colors reversed from the Pero/Perino pale bar, indicating that our first kiss was a part-pointer to the murder of judge Scalia (four months before the murder of Seth Rich).

I was pulling her toward me, and Pullys/Pullings share the motto (with "CULPa") of Patents (Essex, same as Colchester = COLAPis liner) who in-turn share the School/SCAYLE Shield.

Everything you saw above on the Lysons / Lease's/Leesons and related topics was due to my seeing the following this morning, in the Stoll/Stowell write-up: "Lysons, when speaking of Penhallam, supposes that it came into the family of Sir John Stawell."

End LOOOONG insert]

Continued from Before the Insert Early in the Week, sorry

Jumps (Yorkshire again), sharing the Peartree / Trump stag head, use what could be a weaved cross in honor of Weavers. Scottish Liss' have another rare lion looking over the shoulder, and Weavers use a "fideLIS" motto term. English Liss' are a branch of Lists while I had a dream about kids JUMPing on a yellow MATTRESS that started with a SALESman in a fake-front retail store handing me a LIST. There are two Kid(d) surnames that might be a pointer to Miss Khait, for Kaits are listed with Kitts (Kite branch). As Kaits/Kitts use tulips, it became notable that Tulips/Tewlops have a Coat like that of mattress-like Mattres'/Maistre's. The latter were first found in Ile-de-France with French LISS'/Lys', and the Maistre-like Masters/MOSTers share the griffin heads of Sailors ("MOST" motto term).

English Prays/Prater share wolf heads (different colors) with Seals/Zeals and Sailors, and "PRAElucent" is a Webber motto term. Irish Prays share the Coat of Coats'/Cotes', and John Ratcliffe took the job of Dan Coats. Coats'/Cotes' are probably a branch of Keith's (East Lothian again), and while John Ratcliffe was the mayor of HEATH, and while he still lives in Heath, Keiths are also KEATHs. If there is merit in this fresh-out bin Laden news (I think it came out on the 11th), then John Ratcliffe should be willing to dig up damning data on that crime.

Seals/Zeals share black wolf heads with Cliffs. Mr. RatCLIFFE. Prays/Praters and the Seal/Zeal Crest share the white wolf head with Scarfs (Yorkshire), and a "scarf" in a Q shape is used by Trabys/Sadowski's. A black wolf is used by Seal-like SALfords, and Ratcliffs were first found in Salford. Sale's/Sallys (Cheshire, same as Mortons and Cliffs) are also Sails. Cliffs were at Mortone-Say while Sailors are also SAYlors...suggesting, if Seals/Zeals had first been Says, that Hoods may have descended from the namers of the Say / Saytown locations of Seatons/Sittens/Saytons.

Petraeus was not working out for Obama's team, and so he (maybe too honest) was fast replaced as CIA director by Brennan. We could say that Brennan kept the bin Laden secret nice and tight, thus incriminating himself. Flynn may have known the secret. Flynns (expected with the Treby Chief) happen to have a wolf in the colors of the wolf heads of Traby-related Scarfs.

BCP's first show on Wednesday mentioned Trump's tweet on bin Laden, but as BCP didn't share anything on the topic from Fox, it's doubtful that any Fox show has mentioned this story to this point nearing 1 pm. Bongino has not a word at the Bongino Report, but his viewers, most of them, want to know what he thinks about this. Okay, he has a lot of visibility as a Fox guest, I get it, but if he doesn't even mention this story, then something's way wrong with him. If he says absolutely nothing, then no one's debunked the story, for if it's been debunked, Bongino would have no problem mentioning it. But if he's totally silent, then he's being someone's stooge on this matter, just as he's someone's 9-11 stooge. If he ignores the biggest Middle-East stories just because Fox leads the way in ignoring them, then Bongino tends toward hot air with all of his deep-state speak. I didn't watch his entire Tuesday show.

BCP lately forces his viewers to watch political junk before he gets to the best part of his title. On Wednesday, Trump's tweet is the first part of his title, but the story is way at the end. He seems to be worried that, if he puts it at the start, some of his viewers won't bother watching all of the Democrat junk he presents daily (available at all Fox shows). BCP says that he couldn't find Trump's tweet on bin Laden, and suggests that it may have been deleted. Sure enough, it's been deleted. It was a re-tweet, by the way, not in Trump's own words. Trump is either listening to his advisors in deleting it, or he himself chose to ask his tweet writer(s) to delete it. What should we make of this? It's too early to tell.

Checking the comments on Bongino's Wednesday video reveals that there's no story on the Khait claims. It's very convenient for Fox to have guests on its show who are influential, because it broadens Fox's control over what does and doesn't air. Bongino seems to be obedient to Fox's wishes on what does or does not air.

He always claims to have an explosive / don't-go-away / don't-miss-this start to his show, but often there's mere used firecrackers (repeat material), for the bulk of a section, on both sides of a tidbit of the latest news-based revelation. Sometimes (not always), using repeat material, he'll stretch a 30-minute show into an hour in order to make the money he wants on his ads. I don't think his family is short on money, so this attitude needs to be figured in for understanding Bongino's secret room. He is a dedicated Republican, but there is something wrong with him, perhaps having to do with loyalty to some group(s) he's not revealing. Otherwise, he would have mentioned this Khait story; I've been watching him long enough to know his game. People on Wednesday have mentioned the Khait story in his comments, expecting Bongino to contribute. It's part of his bag.

If Bongino ignores a single mention of this story even on Thursday, then I will put him into my suspicious list. If he wants to wait until the Khait evidence comes out, before latching onto the story, fine, but a passing mention is TO BE EXPECTED on his show, because his underlying topics are often the same things as the people and deeds behind Khait story.

I've seen this TOTAL SILENCE before on explosive stories, not even a mention by the big boys when you expect them to say something, anything. If Khait's claims are an inside joke or hoax, then Bongino must know it, but he's not telling about it. Again, if he knows it's a false story, then he should just say so, paying it at least a minute or two of time. But silence means either that he knows it's a faked story by a certain group that conducts them regularly, or Khait's story is absolutely true yet there's some very powerful people demanding TOTAL SILENCE. If the Khait story is fake, then it deserves a story to discover why it's been faked, and who's behind it. But if Bongino doesn't want to talk about it, maybe he knows some of the criminals behind it, and maybe those criminals are close to some of his important circle of friends. All I can do is guess. Trump's total silence on Ghislaine's arrest made him look guilty with the Epstein ring.

The Khait story is brought to us initially all by non-Catholic Christians, and so, yes, this could be a joke being played on evangelicals, especially if the evidence never materializes. There is something very wrong here, readers.

On Wednesday afternoon, Miss Khait tweets: "These are much more documents and files. God is in control." That's the entire tweet. Here's one of her video releases from Wednesday morning, of a taped interview between Alan Parrot and Brian Ettinger. Alan accuses Hillary and Panetta, but does not tell of evidence against them.

I noted that Bill Richardson was mentioned in that video, but I don't know what his part is. Alan Parrot claims that Obama continued the policy of George Bush as per treatment of bin Laden. The telephone discussion was on January 6, 2011, a few months before the bin Laden operation that reportedly killed him. Parrot says that he met bin Laden a half dozen times inside Iraq, but that Obama ignored him when he notified American authorities, evidence that the U.S. policy was to allow bin Laden to live...probably as an excuse to remain in the Middle East.

Parrot says that documentation he's seen, or in his possession, verifies that George Bush orchestrated bin Laden's "house-arrest" in Iran. If this is true, then Bush lied to the people when giving them the impression that his military was seeking bin Laden. Parrot implies that he didn't push these things into the inner circles or public sphere because "we will have tremendous opposition"...i.e. from Obamaites and the media. There is nothing here about the navy SEALs because they hadn't been murdered yet.

The video above is Part 2, but in Part 1 below, we hear Parrot threatening to go public if Obama makes excuses for not having Iran give bin Laden up to the United States when Iran may be willing. This is the second video having U.S. senator Susan Collins, one of the staunchest RINO's who will likely not vote for Amy Barrett. Collins, in other words, knew that bin Laden was not with his troops in Afghanistan:

We hear in this video that "Brian [Ettinger] is Biden's closest friend." In other words, Parrot and the others in-the-know wanted to go to Biden to override the will of Hillary Clinton, then the director of the State Department, and thus in charge of foreign policy directly under Obama. I suppose they were hoping that Biden could help. As it turns out, Biden's in a heap of trouble over this, which could explain why this information is coming out now.

So why isn't Fox touching it? Why is Solomon hands-off? Why are they treating this as though it's a mere conspiracy theory? Did they all know this truth too? Ahh, that could be it. If they report on it as though they are upset about it, they will be condemning themselves for knowing but not telling. Like, Fox and Bongino, and trump, know full-well that 9-11 was an inside job. So how can they report that thing when the fact comes into the open, without condemning themselves for staying stone-faced shut? Ignorant slobs. Bongino, ignorant slob. Pretends he loves America.

On Wednesday's Bongino, he said he loves America, saying that he wants it to be the light for the world (sounds like Bush's points of light), and prosperous, a leader in prosperity. IDIOT. Prosperity and freedom don't go together unless you want the corrupt government that is the United States now. Is that the shining-light example for the world??? Money attracts sinners, the greedy, the corrupt, the violent, STUPID. America is a banana republic with lots of money. If you give the wicked absolute freedoms within a nation, by constitutional law, the nation will become the lawlessness we now see in Washington. But Bongino says, "I love America." Sure, he loves America without the corruption, but then that's not America, but a figment of his imagination. The only America that can be exported to other nations is Washington, corruption incarnate. George Bush Jr. wanted to export American democracy to the Middle East, such a farce. The bush is now a tree, and the Axe (Jesus) is at the base of the tree. Is this the time to say, "I love America"? Forget America; join the Israel of God today.

Part 1 had congressman Curt Weldon (Pennsylvania), I believe, trying to reveal the bin Laden truth. It never got revealed. Bongino's not interested in talking about it, never mind revealing it. Why not? In his book, published 2005, Weldon said that Iran was hiding Osama bin Laden. "The book also said that Iran was hiding Osama bin Laden" (Weldon's Wikipedia article).

Okay, wunderbar, but where's Khait's promised evidence on the murder of the SEALs?

Miss Khait's twitter account had this: "BREAKING: ALLEN HARROW Parrot (CIA whistleblower) tells Charles Woods..." She then corrected the spelling on the 12th: "#Breaking Part 1 of CIA whistleblower ALAN HOWELL Parrot with Congressman Weldon and Joe Biden's attorney." Okay, honest mistake, we may assume, but it shows she's new to this CIA guy. So, why is she in charge of disseminating this material? Who placed her in charge? Why her? Do we think that google / twitter / et-al are going to allow her to release the damning goods on Clinton et-al, the murder of the SEALs?

His Howell name reminds of my event pointing to Mrs. Howell on Gilligan's Island. I don't want to repeat that entire thing, but will say that it pointed to a corrupt James Baker of the military's Office of Net Assessment. I can now add that Gilligans share a white, winged horse with the Navy Crest, very interesting. Mrs. Howell was played by Natalie Schafer, and then Schafers are not only in Scarf colors, but the two surnames are almost alike. Seals/Zeals share the white wolf head with Scarfs. Navy SEALs!! The heraldry shortly above had included Scottish Bauds, and here we can add that French Bauds almost have the Schafer Coat.

Schafers were first found in Hesse with Epsteins, recalling the "has" motto term of Sailors (share blue fesse with Seals/Zeals), for Hazels (share Seal/Zeal fesse) are also Hessels, a variation of Hesse's too. While Mrs. Howell was Lovey by first name, Loveys/Luffs are kin of Muscats and Muschats sharing the triple Epstein chevrons. Epstein had an island where some of the young hookers were stranded, we may assume. Muscats come up as "Must," and "most" is a motto term of Sailors. The crew on Gilligan's Island had sailed to their island. "Skipper," the captain of the ship, can suggest a look at the Skipper surname, first found in Essex with the Waters and Muschats, both sharing the Epstein Coat.

[Insert -- Later in this update, I come back to Natalie Schafer along with a mention of Christmas and the Noels/Noe's, which caused me to find the Nataly/Natly surname. Quinns have nothing to do with Gilligan's Island, yet while one Irish Quinn Coat shares the winged Gilligan horse, the other Irish Quinns have a rare snake design that's shared, in the same colors, by Natalys/Natlys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PROOF that God did point me/us to Lovey Howell to expose what looks like this Arranged heraldry. Why?

English Christmas' share the martlet of French Josephs, though the latter once showed a giant swan in the colors of the Owl/Howl owls. German Christmas'/Christmans and Nataly/Natlys use the swan too. The swan design once showing for French Josephs is the design now showing in the Crest of Natalys/Natlys, and both swans are black (new, good stuff for tracking Caiaphas lines). Natalys/Natlys were first found in Hampshire with English Josephs (from Flavius Josephus). Natalys/Natlys are said to be from Hugh de Port while Ports (Hampshire) look linkable to English Josephs. Porters (Hampshire) share the Cost bell, which is in colors reversed with the Scottish Bells of ANNANdale. The Bell Chief-Shield colors are reversed from the same of Annas', the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with Nations/Nathans. Natts/Nathans are expected with the Nitt/Naught escutcheon.

Nataly-like Nettle's show nothing but snakes. Needle's share the Hesse Coat. As per "ChristMAS," it's interesting that Maas' are listed with Scottish Mars almost having the Coat of Gernons in-turn linkable to Muschats/Montfitchets. End insert].

The "Marte" motto term of Navys gets French Martins/Marte's sharing the castle of Cassels, and Hesse named Hesse-Cassel. Hassels, first found in Cheshire, where Hazels/Hessels were said to be first found, look like a Cassel branch. German Cassels share triple-red chevrons with English Clare's, first found in Suffolk with Howell-like Owls/Howls, Thurstons, Muscats/Musts, and where Loveys/Luffs were said to be first found until this year. Waters, Muschats and Epsteins likewise have triple-red chevrons. Loveys/Luffs are now said to have been first found in Oxfordshire with Ships/Shiptons, a possible branch of Skipper-like Skiptons.

Here's some extra video clips with long-bearded Parrot wearing a nanny's dress (looks like he's got the Afghani look), where he clearly shows the guilt of Obama:

Parrot says (above) that he verged on finalizing a deal with Iran, unilaterally i.e. without Panetta / Clinton, to hand bin Laden to Bill Richardson, but I say that Richardson snitched on Parrot to Obama. Plus, Iran must have been laughing at Parrot all along the deal-making (didn't take it seriously) because it had a deal instead with Obama, who didn't want bin Laden arrested by the USA. Parrot wasn't able to give the sort of money that Obama could, and did, to Iran.

Alan Howell Parrot has a facebook page. It says that his alternative name is Hari Har Singh Khalsa. "Alan Parrot received two letters of commendation from Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources for his expertise facilitating the arrests and convictions of 300+ falcon smugglers in OPERATION FALCON (1984)...With Parrot facing a five year sentence for political reasons, German Ambassador Jurgen Elias finally located and rescued Parrot who was being constantly moved and relocated by the GOM. Through the advocacy of a trusted friend and General Hugh Overholt, Senator Jesse Helms intervened and got Parrot out of prison." It's hard to write fakery on all of that and not be caught by seasoned journalists, but the page has a lot more.

He might be a Canadian, yet I'm reading: "Alan Howell Parrot, born in New England [USA}, had changed his religion to Sikhism at the age of 22, changed his name to Hari Har Singh Khalsa".

The entire post is on falcons, and here I'd like to record that English Falcons have a version of a Pigeon Coat, both sharing the Dutch Baker chevron, all in Seal/Zeal colors. James Baker of the ONA was working with Stefan Halper to ruin Trump through the Steele dossier, and they persecuted whistle-blower, Mr. Lovinger (Lovey-like). Halpers share the checks of Spanish Falcons and the Cheshire Steele's, with the latter sharing the lion head of Loveys/Luffs. Lovey Howell's husband, Thurston, was played by James Backus, which is why I pointed her to James Baker. As I've said, THURstons suggest Thors who in-turn have the Howell Coat in colors reversed.

This Khait-Parrot scoop includes news on TYRONe Woods, murdered by his own military in Benghazi (when Obama / Clinton killed the ambassador). Tyrone's are also Tyrols (Essex, same as Owls/Howls), and German Thors were first found in Tyrol. James Baker really needs to be looked at for these military crimes, for the military demons are the ones behind the attacks on Trump lest he discover these things and uncover them.

He looks Canadian: "I lobbied the Canadian government and through Jim McDonald's influence under his boss Prime Minister Trudeau, received permission to catch and deliver to President Shaikh Zayed the world's finest, wild-caught Gyrfalcons for falconry hunts in Pakistan and Afghanistan." But Parrot claims that Panetta said to him, ""focus on North Korea only" [and] "do not pursue bin Laden in Iran." So how does a Canadian falcon buddy get mixed up with Obama's CIA chief? Well, the CIA employs all sorts of international locals / players if they can offer some key assistance. A document on page 4 at the webpage below shoes that congressman Weldon escorted Parrot deeper into the bin-Laden scandal:

I'll have a little more on this story in the "news" section later in this update.

Safari-Brand CIA

Weldons share the giant cinquefoil of Pockets, recalling the dead squirrel that I put through my laundry machine, in the pocket of my shorts (it died in there). The Shorts share the griffin head of Sailors, what a sealincidence. SHORts were first found in Dorset with Soars/SORs'. The latter share the lion of Lovinger-like Lovings/Louvains and the Masons/Massins, both first found in Kent with the Masters sharing the Short / Sailer griffin head.

Moreover, English Alberts, sharing the giant Short griffin, were likewise first found in Kent. These Alberts use a savage with a sledge hammer over the shoulder, and Sledge's/Sleys (Essex again) use OWLs, yes they do, as well as a lion holding a gold fitchee, the Halper symbol too! Zinger, the squirrel in my shorts pocket just brought us back to the Halper-Lovinger story, and this squirrel was launched by Weldons.

As I said many times, the squirrel died in my SAFARI van! One of the videos I saw had Mr. Parrot mentioning a CIA-alternative organization named "Safari." One webpage has, "Part 5: Brzezinski's Safari Club 'Friends' Did the Dirty Work Behind the Scenes." It just so happens that the Traby horn is shared by the Brzezinski family (see Wikipedia's Traby horn article), and the Scarfs (sharing the white wolf head with Seals/Zeals) are in the scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's. Brzezinski was Obama's foreign-affairs advisor. Same page: "Entrance of the Safari Club; a ‘supranational’ intelligence agency formed in 1976 by France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Morocco to create a ‘second CIA’ to operate covertly when Congress limited the activities of the CIA." The shadow government at work, ever at work, criminally, as though it owned the planet, and the future of the planet. It must be destroyed. It eats tax dollars, and creates foreign monsters to increase the tax intake into its bottomless belly. It's the global laundry machine, folks. Money leaves the U.S. and is thereby easily refunneled (nobody checks up on it) into the pockets of the corrupt Americans who arranged the "foreign policy."

The DEAD squirrel went through my laundry machine after it died in the Safari of cold / thirst / hunger (it snuggled into the pocket to keep warm; it was early November, 2014). I didn't go back into the van for a week or more after I left it in there, because I was working at home. I had caught it in a RAT TRAP that was a pointer (several years ago) to the RADZiwill family that married trap-like Traby!!! Can thouest believeth it? Plus, Trapps/Trappers use a BUStard while Bustards (the surname) can be gleaned as using the English Bush Coat when it uses a red fesse!!! Bingo, it's the Bush-Obama configuration of the Middle-East. Plus, the giant BUS cinquefoil is colors reversed from the same of Pockets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I've seen the Bush Coat with a red fesse).

When my tenant moved in, I extended the copper piping to the SHOWER to finish the shower, and Showers are listed with Sewer-connectable Sewards and Sewer-connectable Swords/SWARTs...i.e. like "SCHWARTz = pointer to George Soros. I've told this story before because, in doing the plumbing, I left a slow leak in the pipe that I didn't discover for about two months. The water ran along the living-room beam to the post where I had hung the shorts to dry that had the dead squirrel. The water came down the inside of the cladding on this post (I couldn't see the water), and then ran under my wood floor boards. After several weeks, my floor boards warped enough for my feet or eyes to notice it, and that's when I suspected the leak. I did find it. Could we call this Parrot leak a SLOW LEAK? Yes, we could.

In my Obama dream in which he owned a billiard hall, I SEWERed a shot on one of his tables. Immediately after my shot, he was dancing happily in his SUIT, and the next scene had him happy on a skateBOARD in his SUIT. Suits are listed with Sewers/Suters using a version of the BOARD/Bord Coat, and the leak went under my floor BOARDS. Skate's/Sheets were at the start of this dream when all the billiard tables were covered in a giant, black sheet (secrecy, I assume). Something tells me that I haven't yet deciphered the Boards/Bords fully as per God's intentions with them.

The squirrel survived the rat trap, and so I took it in a bucket to release it at a BROOK (just a two-foot wide "river" with a ten-foot gutter), but instead of going out the door, it went up into the heater duct, and would not come out, so I drove it home. The Brooks, I kid you not, share the Stick Coat, and Sticks are from the Astikas', who were the Radziwills I mentioned above that married Traby. See for yourself here:ąby_coat_of_arms

Brooks were first found in Essex with Brocks, and the latter's "VireSCIT" motto term is suspect partly with Skits sharing the Skate/Sheet Coat, what are the chances? To prove that the Brock motto term is for Skits/Skeets, Brock-branch Brocuffs share the potent cross with Skits/Skeets and Skate's/Sheets. So, we have Obama being pointed to by a dream that points also to Traby-Brzezinski and Soros elements, not because God loves them. Brocks are also Broke's while there's a broken spear in the Heater Crest. Squirrel-connectable Carricks (Ayrshire, same as Skits/Skeets) have another broken spear.

The red squirrel went up the HEATER duct, and this I pointed to HEATHER Samuelson because Samuelsons (Cornwall, beside Heaters of Devon) share the red squirrel with Squirrels/Squire's/Square's, the latter being likely a branch of Schare's/Schere's with a Scarf-like Scherf variation, i.e. a pointer to the George Bush's and their nazified CIA. Heather Samuelson assisted Hillary Clinton in criminally purging her emails that would tell a really-big story on her foreign corruption while incriminating Obama too, that little piece of mouse rot, good as dead. He has Barr trash to thank for still being a free man.

It's interesting that Samuelsons are also SAMways, for as Ways/Weigh's were first found in Devon (beside Ladens and Sticks) with Heaters (and Scarrs/Skeritts), it's likely that Samuelsons were a Sam-Way merger, and Sams were first found in Essex with Brooks, perfect. Plus, there's OSAMa bin Laden that God may be playing to with the heater's pointer to Heather Samuelson. Heathers are listed with Heaths, and John RATcliffe lives in Heath (Texas). Cliffs (share Seal/Zeal and Quade wolf heads) married Stick-branch Stychs. Devon is the location of Rattery, and Rats/Raids (Nairnshire, beside Ratterys) are highly suspect with the white Hood/Hoot anchor because Hoods/Hoots (Devon) were first found in Rattery. Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with the Dogs/Docks having cinquefoils in colors reversed from the Pocket cinquefoil. The neighboring Innis' have the Rad hexagram in colors reversed.

Ratterys share the Woods fitchees, and here we may be pointing to Tyrone Woods. I've just learned that Tyrone's parents and sisters are born-again Christians. It makes me wonder whether Tyrone was killed just because he's a Christian, a sacrifice to satan. Hillary is a witch. Behold: Tyrone's/Tyrols share the double chevrons of Dexters/Decksters, first found in Leicestershire with Woods! Decks/Deckers use the red squirrel of Squirrels!!! AMAZING. Bus-like Bussys (dog) and the Soar river were first found in Leicestershire too while Bushers were first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors'.

As I've said, I caught 16 squirrels in all in about a month with one rat trap, and a 17th got away that I've identified as John Ratcliffe because he's in charge of 17 Intelligence agencies, his own plus the 16 others which his oversees. I won't repeat here the interesting events that had me conclude how the 17th squirrel represents Ratcliffe's replacing Dan Coats. I had noticed "17" coming up on a couple of other matters, such as Mueller's 17 lawyers, but now there's also "Extortion 17": "On 6 August 2011, a U.S. CH-47D Chinook military helicopter operating with the call sign Extortion 17 (pronounced "one-seven") was shot down..." with all of the SEALs who had been at the bin-Laden-kill operation. "Conspiracy theory" should never be defined as any claim not of the official storyline. Instead, consider the official storyline guilty until proven innocent.

If you're interested, the earliest I can find the heater-duct event is in my 4th update of October, 2017. That update has: "...Satan [= the squirrel in the heater duct] is now restrained. But for how long? Tomorrow, I'll drive him to a creek, where I let two of his kids go a few weeks ago..." This satan was the eighth one caught, and he got away from me twice. I share the quote above to show that I did drive it to a brook. If we call it a creek, then we can go to the Cracks/Cricks/Creeks (Yorkshire, same as Carrick-branch Craggs), for many heraldic squirrels are said to be CRACKing a nut as code for Carrick liners, or Cracks/Creeks in particular. The Arms of Carrick is simply a red-on-white chevron, the symbol of GilBERTs (Devon, same as Berts) who have a red squirrel in Crest.

Repeat: "These Alberts use a savage with a sledge hammer over the shoulder, and Sledge's/Sleys (Essex again) use OWLs, yes they do, as well as a lion holding a GOLD FITCHEE, the Halper symbol too! Zinger, the squirrel in my shorts pocket just brought us back to the Halper-Lovinger story, and this squirrel was launched by Weldons." The Sledge lion is white, and so is the one in the Crack/Creek Crest that itself holds another gold fitchee, amazing, is it not? Who arranged that? Only Someone who sees the future, and creates events and dreams in my life to indicate what He plans to do to the wicked.

The earliest I can find mention of the Safari is in the 5th of December, 2016: "How else can I explain a dead squirrel in the pocket but that it was satan dying in the vehicle, a SAFARi van, by the way, like "Saffer." The Saffer Coat is a version of the SILVERSTEIN Coat, and Larry Silverstein was the owner of the Trade Towers when they came down. Larrys/Laurie's use a "RePULLulat" motto term while Larry Silverstein infamously said, "pull it," when confessing mindlessly that 9-11 was an inside job (he could have been doped up the night before). Larrys/Laurie's are a branch of Glorys/Lowrys, and "gloriosa" is a Saffer motto term.

Same December update: "The other squirrels had gone for this peanut butter one after the other, multiple squirrels per one day at times. But one of the squirrels learned to trip the trap first, without getting caught, and then eat the peanut butter. But on the third try (in roughly 20 minutes), it got caught. This was the squirrel that got away from me twice, what no other squirrel had done, whom I called, satan." This update was during the week when Obama set general Flynn up to speak with the Russian ambassador (Kislyak) in an effort to frame him with a criminal offense. Bill Barr sees nothing wrong with that crime, and so it seems he wants his eternal lot in Hell (the human-trash heap) with Obama. Flynns can be well-connected to Scarfs. Does general Flynn know Safari-club secrets?

"The Safari club represented the true essence of what CIA Director Allen Dulles had intended when setting up the Central Intelligence Agency following World War II; an autonomous covert action organization with global reach, beyond the jurisdiction of American democracy and responsible to no one." It's the globe trodders enjoying their hoopla, ever sucking money out of nations, ever seeking to rule the universe, drunk on the blood of their victims, and soon the blood of the saints.

"As soon as the [bucket] lid was off, out [satan] popped like jack-in-the-box, and ran to the passenger door. A sleeping BAG on and spread over the seat didn't allow me to see what he was doing down on the floor at that spot, where he remained until arriving to the creek. I opened the passenger door, but he would not come out. It had run up into the dash, into a small spot behind the heater ducts, and would not come out. I could not get him out. I could not believe my luck." The Bag cinquefoils are colors reversed from the same of Gangs/Geggs (Norfolk, same as Bags and cinquefoil-using Bus') and French BUCKETs. The Bus' have the giant Pocket cinquefoil in colors reversed. The event appears arranged by God to fit this heraldry. Weldons are said to descend from Bus-like Bucys, tending to explain why Weldons share the Pocket cinquefoil. Bucys/Bussys/Bushee's have a version of the Bush Coat when it has a red fesse.

See also English Bussys/Bushe's (of Tickhill) having three of the black Bush fesses. This Bussy/Bushe Coat happens to be the Arms of Trebizond (TRABzon) Empire, and the rat trap was a pointer to Traby elements of the Trapp/Trapper kind (they use the bustard). God knew what he was doing with the rat trap, didn't He?

Safari and 9-11

It's worth a mention (the much-below was not in my head yet) that the Coat of BAGleys (Shropshire, same as Sleeps and Hunters), in Bag-cinquefoil colors, is shared by Costello's, which is mentioned because the news story out this week on Hunter Biden's computer tells that a copy of his hard drive was given to Robert Costello, Rudy Giuliani' lawyer (why did he take this long to reveal the data?). (The "extra" motto term of Costello's can be gleaned with Exters/Exeters because the latter share the bell with Costs.)

It's now amazingly right-on-Safari topic that there is a "quaeSIVERis" motto term of Costello's, for English Sivers/Savers/Severs (Essex again) share the annulet of the Vito's in turn in the Saffer motto! What are the chances? Plus, German Sivers/Siefers have a reflection of the Hazel Coat, recalling the Siver-like German Silvers have a giant crescent in the colors of the same of Krume's while modern Krume is on the Drin river not far up-stream from Has (where I trace Hazels). The Silver / Krume crescent is shared by Labels/LaBELLs, as though God wants to link Larry Silverstein to Giuliani's lawyer. Both Siver surnames have a fesse is in the colors of the Sailor fesse, blue like the fesse of Seals/Zeals and Hazels.

Reminder: Saffers have a version of the Silver/Silverstein Coat, and so this can indicate that 9-11, which was conducted under the mayorship of Rudy Giuliani, was an operation of the Safari Intelligence group. WOW! How much sense does that make? Recall that Hesse's share the Hessel variation of Hazels, for German Silvers were first found in Hesse. Ahh, we saw earlier the Schafers were first found in Hesse, and thus they must have been Saffers! Schafers came up with Natalie Schafer who played Lovey Howell!!!! It was Alan HOWELL Parrot who tipped me off on Safari Intelligence!!! WOW! Italian Costello's even share the Cassel castle. Always ask if the things I'm showing are Arranged by God, or merely coincidental.

"Natalie" is like the word for Christmas in some Latin languages (Italians use "Natale"). The first I saw Miss Hicks was on Christmas day, 1994, in a church on the Leakey road, and she was the one used in the 9-11 memorial I attended that God used as pointers to several things, including WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who revealed classified videos of Middle-East crimes (murders of civilians) conducted by the U.S. military. Miss Hicks was given a knee symbol that night in the Get'n-Go (on the LEAKey road) event that pointed to Assange in four ways, and "Ne" is a motto term of the Costello's who gave this discussion the Sivers. Knee's are also Nee's, and then French Noels are also Noe's, reminding that a Nick Noe made the Khait-Parrot news this week. Nick tells that Hillary didn't call any military support, because, he implies (without words to that effect), she and Obama were wanting to murder the Libyan ambassador and/or his team mates. Noels/Noe's basically have the three Label/LaBell crescents.

OHHHH WOW!!!! Just realized that the Costello Crest probably has a FALCON because French Falcons, sharing the Silver / LaBell / Noel/Noe crescent, were first found in Languedoc with the bell-using Costs!!!!! Mr. Parrot is a falconer!!!! The Costello Crest has the same bird as English Falcons ("fier"). Noels/Noe's have the Falcon chevron in colors reversed. I'll share a video below with Nick Noe showing the Parrot video going around.

The Cotel variation of Costs suggests marriage to Cotta's (Languedoc), and it just so happens that while JULIUS Caesar's mother was Aurelia Cotta, French Julians were first found in Languedoc too. Rudy JULIANI, so to speak, comes to mind here, because Costello is his lawyer. Rudys happen to share a Shield of fretty (different colors) with Cotta's.

For years, I said that French Saffers have five eagles, until shown wrong by getting access to the official description. However, I can't remember whether they use falcons of hawks, though it's one or the other for sure. Falcons are used in heraldry more than hawks, and if Saffers use falcons, it tends to prove that God is pointing the Safari mention of Mr. Parrot. The position of the Saffer bird is often called, "rising," and the "quaesiveRIS" motto term of Costello's having the Sivers looks like it also has the Rise's. In the 1979 shark dream, Miss Hicks and I were rising after I touched her knee, and Knee's/Nee's can be in the Costello motto too. English Rise's/Rye's were first found in Sussex with Costels, and with the Vise's/Vice's sharing the Knee stag head. Vise's are suspect in the "Vis" motto term of English Falcons...a mouthful for you to chew over.

The only hawks I know of (off-hand) with certainty are those of Habs'/Hobs and Hawks. Both use the same bird design, and both are rising, though this design is not used for Saffers, suggesting that Saffers have falcons.

The heraldic kite, used by Kaits/Kitts and Kite's, is a hawk or falcons, can we believe it? Anna KHAIT. So, if there's no truth to Parrot's claims, why does the relevant heraldry appear to point to him, even here by starting on Mr. Costello?

Rudy Giuliani was pointed to by a sea gull in a special event involving a VOLKswagen, and the Volks/Fulke's can be a falcon branch. The gull was walking exactly to the clicking of the Volkswagen's BLINKers. The car was owned by Joel, and Joels/Jewels and Gulls / Gullys (two Julian branches) are like "Giuliani". It pointed to Tony Blinken of the Ukraine group of shameless corruptocrats seeking to impeach Trump for doing nothing wrong. While Giuliani (with Costello?) sought to clear Trump of wrong-doing, and while Giuliani has gathered criminal evidence against Biden, it doesn't let him off the hook for his participation in 9-11.

The gull was walking to the sound of the blinkers in an empty PARKING lot in the township of PARRY Sound, and Parkings/Perkins can point to Hillary's criminal lawyer at Perkins Coie. It gets more interesting where Parrys share three blue lozenges with Costello's (I didn't know that Robert Costello was Giuliani's lawyer until this week). I have already told that while Mr. Perry was Trump's energy minister i.e. touching upon Ukraine gas that might touch upon Burisma gas, Perrys (not "Parry") use a "hind" while the Hind Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Parry Coat. The Hill had a story on Wednesday (yesterday) telling the Tony Blinken is on Biden's list for a high cabinet position, it figures (Biden's wanting to shore up protection in his Burisma crimes). Blinken was the deputy Secretary of State under John Kerry at the time of the Perkins-Coie attacks on candidate Trump.

The Costello Coat shares the Pennington lozenges while the Patria's/PEARtree's (Perry-connectable) are in the Pennington motto. Sivers/Severs share the Pero/Perino hexagram, and I expect Dana Perino to know the truth of 9-11 and Middle-East crimes under Bush.

I think that the stool pigeon God sent to my sewer system a couple of years ago could very well be Mr. Parrot. The reasoning here is where Pigeons, Bakers, and English Falcons share chevrons. Bakers were pointed to by Thurston Howell.

Here's proof that Alan Howell Parrot is a falconer:

You won't be able to miss the new news on Hunter Biden's high-level involvement with a Chinese energy firm, and so I won't expound here. This news was found on his hard drive, thank you so much, Hunter, for forgetting it. In one photo of Hunter released by the New York post on Thursday, where he wears a salmon-colored shirt, he looks like Paul Smith aside from his beard not being long enough. Is Paul Smith on crutches a pointer to Hunter? Were/are the Bidens-and-company behind the entire Ukraine effort to impeach Trump?

I used to laugh-off conspiracy theorists warning that China is about to attack the United States, but I hadn't considered that this could happen with the red carpet laid down (i.e. invitation to China) of the Democrat party to come uproot a Republican-led nation. This started with Obama, who allowed Biden to partner with China.

Leftist media are claiming that the Hunter-computer data has been manufactured and turned into a fake-news program to ruin Biden, but this is not a possibility because the story comes with the claim that the FBI has a copy of this hard drive. The FBI could therefore charge Giuliani for manufacturing a fake story i.e. interfering with an election, for one, if indeed it's a fake story. So far, the FBI has not come out to say that it does NOT have Biden's computer, but we expect it to do so on DAY ONE of the story hitting the news. If it does not immediately come out to admit that it has the computer, then this is another piece of evidence that Wray is a political animal in opposition of Trump. The problem is, Wray is under fire for not revealing this computer until now. Wray can be charged with being an accomplice of Biden-crime-ring crimes. Do you think Barr will stick-up for the wee people, ever? Did you buy extra food yet? It's getting very late, because something like a civil war can be in the works before December/January.

Jack DORSEY, co-founder and CEO of Twitter, is now in the news for election interference on this Biden story. The Dorsey Crest shares the chapeau of Buttons/Bidens, no guff. Dorseys are listed with Darcys sharing the Fraser (and McKinney) cinquefoils.

An interesting thing happened. I had loaded Twitts and Tweets to see if they connect with Dorseys, but after finding nothing, I stared at the Dorsey symbols. I was watching Bongino's show at the time, and he said "hat-tip" at the very time that I was looking at the chapeau hat in the Dorsey Crest. I therefore recalled that Tipps'/Tippens have the black bull of Dorseys, and the latter's bull in on/over the chapeau. Plus, the bull head of Tipps' (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs) is in the Ratcliff Crest. (Bongino did not mention the Parrot story in his Thursday show.)

The real possibility is that John Ratcliff will punish Twitter for what's it's now doing in efforts to protect the Biden crimes. But what I found amazing when Hats were loaded is that their quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Twitt-branch Tuits/Tute's! Bingo. It appears that God arranged some Dorsey-pointing heraldry with John Ratcliffe in the picture. It recalls that Mr. Ratcliffe could be gleaned when I was standing at the DOOR of an auto in the 1979 dream. Auto's/Otto's share a black bull head with Ratcliffs, and so the door might now be a pointer to Jack Dorsey. As I've said a million times, the woman of this dream became Sleeping Beauty when I was standing at the door, and Beautys, with more black bulls, were first found in Dorsey-like Dorset with Hats! It appears that God has long-ago included Bongino's "hat-tip" phrase (he uses it a lot) for this particular revelation and pointer to Jack Dorsey.

Sleeping Beauty was hovering LEVEL, over the car's seats, and Levels are listed with Leavells, from Waleran de Leavell, and Walerans (Devon, same as Hoods/Hoots) use more black bull heads. Ratcliffe's are said to have been at Whalley, we get it, for Whalleys are in Waleran colors and format.

The Waleran write-up: "The surname Waleran was first found in Devon where the name is believed to be descended from Waleran, the great Baron of Essex, Count of Meulan in Normandy." That's Waleran de Leavell, who married Miss Beaumont of Meulan, and it just so happens that Ottone'/OTTO's are expected from Ottone Visconti of Meulan-like Milan. "Meulan" was also "Mellent," and Scottish Milans/Millens are also Mellents. Sooo, that's why there's a auto with Sleeping Beauty. God is suggesting with that scene that Walerans were related to Auto's/Otto's as well as Ottone's/Otto's.

If you'd like to hear Nick Noe, start at 22 minutes:

Murdoch and Barr

On Friday morning, as I write, Drudge couldn't refuse a story on Trump's re-tweet on the bin-Laden story, a good reason that his tweet writers should NOT have removed the tweet. They can now nail him for trying to pass off a conspiracy theory:

Earlier this week, former SEAL Team 6 member and Trump supporter Robert O’Neil swatted down the conspiracy theory after the president retweeted a QAnon believer who has been pushing the claim. During Trump’s intense town hall with Savannah Guthrie, the NBC anchor brought this up and asked him: “Why would you send a lie like that to your followers?”

“That was a retweet,” Trump answered. “That was an opinion of somebody and that was a retweet. I’ll put it out there, people can decide for themselves.”

“You’re the president!” Guthrie interjected. “You’re not someone’s crazy uncle who can retweet whatever” (

If it's a lie, then at least show the world how and why, but no major press has even mentioned the story. Or, if one or two have, Google's suppressing them. Sure, it's a "lie" just like the Biden-laptop story is a lie. I'm now waiting to see whether Bongino makes mention of this Trump-tweet story that was slipped out to a national audience Thursday night. Total-silence from Bongino is going to make me wonder what's wrong with him. The story says that $2B was passed into the United States by Iran that was to silence people who knew the bin-Laden-death truth. Does Bongino know some of those people? Is he protecting friends? How many at Fox were paid off? Murdoch too?

Let's study "MurDOCH" to see whether God pointed to it. The first thing of importance, coming to mind, is that Scottish Docks/Dogs have the Pocket and Weldon cinquefoil in colors reversed while the squirrel found in my pant pocket went through the laundry machine first. So, it looks like God is saying that laundered money went into someones' pockets. Weldons came up with congressman Weldon who's pushing the Parrot conspiracy theory. The red squirrel of Squirrels/Square's is shared by German Decks/Deckers/Daggers, and English Daggers were first found in Cumberland with DOCKers/DockWRAYs, and Barr-connectable German Ducks/Duckers come up as Dockers too. Might we be getting the impression that God's pointing to MurDOCH?

There's more, for the first Pollock. Peter, is suspect to the Pettys who happen to use the parrot. Pockets look like a variation of the Poke/Polk variation of Pollocks ("AuDACter"), and Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with the Speers/SPEYer in the spears of Dockers/Dockwrays ("Semper" is for Pierre liners). The first Pollock built Rothes castle on the SPEY river, a river originating in/near Perthshire, the latter being where Docks/Dogs were first found. All three Peter surnames at houseofnames can be traced back to Peter Pollock at Rothes', and Murdochs share the raven with one Peter surname, and with German Rothes'. English Rothes were, for years prior to the last, said to be first found in Shropshire, where Peter Pollock's father (Fulbert) lived who was a vassal of the proto-Stewart Alans.

I've read the write-up of Margys/Mackeys, said to have ravens "hanging" on an arrow, which pointed to the hanging of Jeffrey Epstein (whether or not it really happened, God can point to it as a story alone), I'll show you how. Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with English Docks/Doxeys/DORKseys (like "Dorsey"), perfect for this discussion, and Dorseys/Darcys share white cinquefoils with Docks/Dogs!! Excellent. And English Docks/Dorkseys share the Bruce lion likely because Margaret Carrick married Mr. Bruce.

We can keep in mind that the Carrick Coat (not the Arms of Carrick) are in the colors and format of Ladens. Then, the "BIEN" motto term of Carricks looks like God's arrangement for pointing to BIN-Laden! French Biens share the split Shield of red-squirrel Daggers/Deckers. [Biens were first found in Gascony with Murs; wait till you see Murs again below for a big surprise in bringing us to Murdochs.]

Murdochs are suspect with a Murray- / Muriel-Dock merger because Rothes is in Moray, where Muriel Pollock had Peter's titles. Murdochs put the two ravens hanging on an arrow on top of the Stewart fesse, and MARGys/Mackeys were first found in Ayrshire with MARGaret Carrick, the Barrs, and the Murdochs, how about that, for the father of Bill Barr was a principle of a Dalton school (for kids/teens) when Jeffrey Epstein was hired there as a teacher. What are the chances that the red lion head in the Barr Crest should be in the Murdoch Crest? It's used by Steele's too, and Christopher Steele has been a rogue / radical Intelligence man helpful to Obama's FBI.

Mackays ("Manu") were from the Isle of Man, out to sea from Ayrshire, and a raven is used in the Arms of the Isle of Man. The curiosity of Margys being listed with Mackay-like Mackeys comes up again when "Mackesy" brings up Margesons. The Mackesy/Margeson motto, "loyalite," looks like code for the Lolita/Loyola surname (shares black wolves with Irish Mackays), and Epstein's plane of sin is the Lolita Express. It seems that God is pointing Bill Barr and Rupert Murdoch to Epstein's criminal circle that many say was joined to shadow-government Intelligence as a blackmail-gathering operation. To the Safari club?

I almost missed the "loyalte" motto term of English Daggers/Dackers! How many coincidences can we stand before breaking down and admitting that God is in this?

Lookie: Saffers/SAVARys are like the Savard variation of Salfords, and the latter share the black-on-white wolf with Lolita's/Loyola's!!! Incredible "coincidence." John Ratcliffe, descended likely from Ratcliffe's of Salford and Radcliffe, is now in a great position to check up on Safari's activities as they meshed and communicated with American spy agencies. I recall sitting on the stairs of my LANDING, asking my tenant (Helen) if she would like to come with me to chose the color of my new Safari van (had not yet brought it home, might not yet have paid for it). I've told this story before, because she later provided an event on that landing which brought Landens/LANDERs to mind. LAUNDRy. It's suggesting that Safari Intelligence is in the business of laundering money. Again, I didn't know about this Safari organization until this week. The event on the landing proved, via heraldry, that God was involved with the event.

German Barrs and Pollocks have hunting horns, and Hunts/HUNTERs were first found in Shropshire with the father of Peter Pollock. Now that the squirrel in my Pollock-connectable pocket looks like God's pointer to Biden money laundering, those Barr-beloved Hunts/Hunter's sure do look like they point to Hunter Biden. Bill Barr wants NOTHING to do with looking into Biden laundering crimes, in the news now for a year or more.

This recalls my first date with Lorraine. We agreed to meet at a laundromat, and my last night with her pointed to Bar-le-Duc (uses pansies in its Arms) in Lorraine, France, who were from the Ducks/Dockers, first found in Westphalia with Pansys. How did we get back to Dockers with that girl I met at a laundromat to kick off our first date. I asked her on our first date at her BUS STOP (I've told this story a hundred times), and the giant Bus cinquefoil, in the colors of the Dock/Dog cinquefoil, is colors reversed from the giant Pocket / Dorsey cinquefoil, can we believe this? That event was Intended to point to money laundering. The STOPs/Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire with Docks!!!

She pointed to Pepin of Landen in multiple ways, with zero doubt. For example, Pepin-branch Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs, and they use versions of one another's Coats. The Landens are also Laundry-like Landers, you see, and then I happened to find that Langleys share the six pale bars of Landens/Landrys!!! The CIA has headquarters in Langley (Virginia)!!! Perfect, I now get it.

I had traced Langleys (and Langfords / Longfords) to Langhe of Cuneo because Coneys use a coney rabbit holding a pansy. Langhe is at/beside Barr-like Bra. Bra is beside ASTI province, and Astys (in the colors of the split German-Barr Shield) share the Lorraine lion. Stops/Stubbs are from Stobi, a Paionian city along with ASTIbus, which can be read as AstiBUS because I first met her at her BUS STOP. Wild. Lorraine's throw in the CHILD eagles, and she was carrying an infant child the last time I saw her, when I was sitting with Paul Smith having a coffee (this latter part will one day become a key find, but not yet, even though Hunter Biden's photo reminded me of Paul Smith yesterday. I need more proof that Smith points to Hunter Biden).

As I said, "The event on the landing proved, via heraldry, that God was involved with the event." She was my ladyfriend by that time, and while she was going down to her apartment, she lifted up her top above her head, let her breasts hang out for me to see, then put her top back down and proceeded down to her basement. She was having fun, though, yes, she turned out to be promiscuous, and anti-Christ too, which ended the relationship soon enough.

Would God cause her to do that act? I'll let you decide. Brests/Brix's are from Brescia/Brixia, where Bruce's got their lion now suspect with the Dock/Dorksey lion. Her name is Helen, and Helens are said to be from St. Brieuc, near Brest, and we can glean that Bruce liners likely named Brieuc. Her breast event happened on a landing, and the Helen horseheads are easily gleaned as those of Pepins / Pipe's, and the Este's in the Pepin motto. So, God is in this because of Pepin of Landen, who was pointed to by Lorraine, though she also pointed to Barrs, and the Ayrshire Barrs are known to be from Este's, and even share the giant Este eagle.

That breast event is clearly important, seeking to prove to the reader that God set up the earlier event, when she was standing on the landing (it's less than four-feet square) when I was sitting on the three steps up to my kitchen, asking if she'd like to help me pick the color of my Safari (it was December, 1998). She hadn't known me much yet, and turned the offer down.

Was Bill Barr, as the attorney general of George Bush Sr., privy to the challenges and corruption of Safari? It was this Bush who kicked off the invasion of Iraq.

Brescia is where Land-like Lane's/Lano's were first found, and Launay is near Brest, suggesting that Landens/Landers may have been Lane liners. Landons (with the 'o') share black bear heads with BARwicks / Berwicks. Repeat: "Brests/Brix's are from Brescia/Brixia, where Bruce's got their lion now suspect with the Dock/Dorksey lion." The latter were first found in Staffordshire with English Lane's/LAWNs, I kid you not, and Lorraine -- who likewise pointed to Landens/Landers, pointed to Dock-connectable Bar-le-Duc because she got a grass stain on her pants. A grass stain takes place on a lawn!!! Amazing. Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks, and the latter share "Garde" with English Lane's/Lawns. Marjory Carrick married Mr. Bruce, suspect to the Docks/Dorkseys.

The chevron that is fully the Arms of Carrick is used by Gilberts who show a red squirrel CRACKing a nut, and the 17th squirrel in my attic had jumped out in fright when I reached my hand into its nest. After bouncing off of a roof rafter as it came forth from the nest in the rafters, it did a one-timer onto my chest, and that's when I first sought a Breast surname, finding instead the Brests/Brix's. A couple of months later, now in my trailer, a squirrel, probably the same one, jumped out of its nest in the ceiling of the trailer (the rain was ruining this old trailer), did a frantic one-timer bounce off of the wall and onto my chest, then to the floor, then up onto the kitchen counter, over the sink, and out a hole it had chewed through the window screen. This squirrel didn't like tree nests, apparently. I don't think there was an 18th squirrel at my place that summer, after getting rid of 16.

Later, when demolishing this trailer, red buttons (of a previous owner of the trailer) I didn't know to be in the kitchen cupboards, FELL out and into the kitchen sink. I picked them up and wrote about them, suspect with the Buttons/Bidens. Two updates ago, I realized for the first time that trailer-like Traylers come up as "Trayer," like the Tragers (compare with Rocco's) linkable to FELLers/FellTRAGERs (it spells Rockefellers). Traylers/Trayers (almost the Feller Coat) share the trefoil of Fellers and Fallis'/Falls', and, can you believe it, the Fells have the Brest/Brix lozenges in colors reversed! Fells share the Brick lozenges.

The Fallis'/Falls share the lion of Lane-beloved Roys. The Trayler/Trayer mascles (hollow lozenges) are in the colors of the similar lozenges of Launays/LAWNys/Lune's, can you believe it? It tends to prove that God had the squirrel bounce off my breast as a pointer to the Lane/Lano-of-Brescia line to Launay, beside Brest! I think this is the first time I've made these sets of links which includes Fells and Falls', for I didn't know that Traylers were Feller kin until this month. Joe Biden must be supported by Rockefellers.

The Roys in the Lane/Lawn motto were first found in Lane-like Lanarkshire with the Lorraine-connectable Astys, and with the Hardys, ancestors of DOUGlas', who are like the Docks/Dogs sharing the cinquefoil of Bush-liner Bus'. Docks/Dogs have a version of the Duncan / Donkey Coat, and Carricks have a royal-Bruce-liner, Duncan de Carrick in their write-up. Bush-branch Busch's use "tufts of grass." I was sitting on the steps when talking about the Safari purchase, and Stepps share the giant fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs. What is it that we can't understand about this work of God? Saffers/Savarys are linkable to Larry Silverstein. Isn't it very likely that Safari was a Bushite-Intelligence product...of the "international coalition" in Iraq?

The Douglas Chief is shared by English's (share the Roy lion), and so-called "English lions" are in the canton square of English Lane's/Lawns. English's share "est' with Pepins. This recalls the event God formed at my age 4/5, when I was urinating while standing on a porch railing of a Pepin Taff. Tufts are also Tuffs.

I accidentally peed on the HEAD of my next-door neighbor in that porch event, and reasoned that God was pointing to PortisHEAD, at Clapton, for while Arthurs were at Clapton, Arthurs descended from the Ardiaei Illyrians who had a boy king, PINNES. I peed on the head of a child my age, named PINO, as he walked around the corner of the porch while the urine was already dropping. So, as the event happened at the Taff residence, I suggest a pointer here to Bosco-beloved Tufts/Tuffs. Is it time for pro-Trumpers to urinate on Barr's head yet?

That event discovered mythical Orion having a urine symbol, but it also caused me to load Porch's (Norfolk, same as Bus'). Later, Porch's came up as "Portis," and I had noted repeatedly that they have the giant Bus cinquefoil, and then while Pockets have it in colors reversed, they are also Pouchers, like the Porcher variation of Porch's. The latter share the eight BARs (called barry) of English Crispins, and French Crispins (share pomegranate with Grass-like Grazio's) were first found in Lorraine with Bar-le-Duc. English Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with the LOVEYs/Luffs who almost have their bars, and sharing the Barr / Murdoch lion head.

[Repeat: "Mr. Parrot changed his name, and one of them, Singh, can be pointed to by Sings because they share the Good/Gut Coat. Plus, red BUTTONs FELL from my kitchen cupboard into a SINK while I was demolishing my old trailer..." Sings share the courant horse of Freeze's/Phreeze's, which can go with "Phares" below, but then Freeze's bring back to mind the recent freezer / snake-tongue dream having my old friends, the Luffs. It might apply here with Biden crimes (in relation to Bin-Laden?).]

As Lovey Howell is now pointing to Alan Howell Parrot, note that Grazio's were first found in PERUSia while Crispins were first found in PARES, for Phares/Pharia is an island beside Vis (Issa). King Pinnes' family was on Vis, and while Vice's/Vise's share the Knee stag head, the Knee Crest phoenix is the Tuft/Tuff Crest. English Pares'/Paris (Lincolnshire, same as Pockets) happen to share the three Saffer unicorn heads!!! Bingo. The Heads (Norfolk, same as Porch's!) use three unicorn heads in the colors of the three horse heads of Pepins!! I peed on Pino's HEAD at the home of Pepin Taff!!! I win the bingo casino. Helen on the Pepin-related landing was all about my Safari, and Helens have horse heads colors reversed from the Pepin horse heads! Canest thouest believeth thiseth? It's impossibleth without God's arrangements.

Belgian Paris': red squirrels. Landen (home of Pepin) is in Belgium. The squirrel died in my shorts pocket. Shorts (Dorset) were first found beside Hangers/Angers ("ARTES"), and they share giant, gold griffins. The Murdoch ravens HANG on an arrow, and Arrows/Arras' are said to be from the ARTOIS capital. Ardons/ARTES'/Artois' are suspect with the red eagle of Botters/Bodins, first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens, Hangers/Angers, Potters...and the Porters who may have named Portishead (Danish Cnuts use "POT hangers"). If there's a saw in the mouth of the red Ardon/Artois eagle, that's the symbol of Hamiltons (Renfrewshire) sharing the ermined cinquefoil of Bus'.

I should add, in case you are a wise-ole owl who can decipher it, that Pino looked up to see where the "water" was coming from that landed on his head, and, mouth wide open in surprise, the urine went straight into his mouth (code for queer boxes and their "golden showers" of urine?). As I've said many times, Pino was my friend for a while, but I cannot remember anything at his home aside from the time that I was at his garage, when a man showed me a rifle from inside the garage. It was a HUNTING rifle, we may glean, because Orion was the mythical Hunter. It's a pointer to Hunter Biden, right? What if I were now to tell you that Scottish Hunters, first found in Ayrshire with Barrs, share hunting horns, in German-Barr Shield colors, with German Barrs? The Fosters who played to Scalia's murder look linkable to this heraldic picture.

Hunting horns, a clever heraldic phrase because Horns are also Orne's while Orion was a hunter. Horns/Orne's (herons) are a branch of Herons, and Smiths use the heron. Paul Smith came over to my place when I was with Helen (for less than two months) to purchase my Nissan, because I had bought the Safari. He had totalled his red Jeep. What could these vehicles point to in relation to Safari Intelligence?

As an aside, the Cords/McCOURTs share the Coney fesse, and while Amy Coney BARRett is about to make it to the top COURT, Cords/McCourts were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs. English Barretts, first found in Lincolnshire with Coneys, use a 10-bar version of the English Crispin Coat (eight bars), and French Crispins were first found in Lorraine, location of Bar-le-Duc. It appears that God arranged heraldry to point to Mrs. Barrett. As per Tora Bora, I checked the Tora surname to find it listed with Trade-like Terrade's. Trade's share the Bush / Bosch fleur-de-lys, and thus I thought (starting a months ago) that Trade's point to George Bush's part in the 9-11 Trade TOWERs, for Bosco's use "pillars." Note how the Tower / Tour surnames (that use towers) are like "Tora." Thors/Tors have three towers colors reversed from the three Howell towers. Alan Howell Parrot. Swedish Thors share the red-on-blue (rare colors) heart of Trade's. Does this all look arranged by God?

Tora's/Terrade's happen to share the giant Barr eagle, what do we make of this? Bill Barr's not an idiot, he knows 9-11 was an inside job. Trade's have a Trotte variation, and Trotts/TRUTHs essentially share the Coat/Cotes pale bars (was Dan Coats a 9-11-privy Bushite?). I'm what one would call a TRUTHer, a term that, I think, originated with those who doubted the official story of 9-11. I've told my hood story involving Allison Bauer, and while "Truth" is an Allison motto term, Hoods are the ones expected with the Seals/Zeals in their motto. Allison Bauer left me for Mike Denardo while I was sitting on my Mustang's hood, and Denardo's/Nordi's (North branch) share the Tour tower. All three of us worked (1974) for Knob Hill Farms (grocers) in BUTTONville township.

The base at Tora Bora was developed as a CIA-financed complex built for the Mujahideen following the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and has been described by the western media as an "impregnable cave fortress" housing 2,000 men complete with a hospital, a hydroelectric power plant, offices, a hotel, arms and ammunition stores, roads large enough to drive a tank into, and sophisticated tunnel, and ventilation systems.

During the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, the cave complex was one of the strongholds of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, according to United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. It was the location of the December 2001 Battle of Tora Bora, and suspected hideout of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden (Wikipedia).

Did Safari have anything important to do with the Tora-Bora Intelligence "city"? It was built in 1979, the year of my shark dream that had the woman at the hood. Hoods/Hoots ("ZEALous") are the ones suspect with the Zeal variation of Seals. Obama has secretly been in neighboring Pakistan in his high-school years, and some say he was recruited by the CIA. Safari? Later, when ISIS captured Tora Bora, there was the way in which ISIS could work with U.S. Intelligence (Safari?) in order to continue the excuse of remaining in the Middle East.

Again, Helen my tenant was on the landing when I asked her if she would like to come help me pick the colors of my Safari (I had already decided the turquoise one rather than the green ones, but I was trying to get her out with me). Helens can be gleaned as Pepin and Este kin, and Italian Este's share the giant eagle of Tora's. Amazing, suddenly. Bora's/Borhams share black boars with English Bush's. Compare the Coats of Bora's/BORHAms, Berwicks, Barwicks and BARRhams/BRAhams, for Scottish Barrs share the Este / Tora Coat. Compare also with Allison-like Alis'.

Recall that Barrs and MURdochs share the same lion in Crest, for French Murs/Murats (Gascony, same as Marte's/Martins and Martels) share a Shield of lozengy (different colors) with Grimaldi's, the latter from Genova with the Segni's/Segurana's who share the Barr / Este / Tora/Terrade eagle. Segni's/SEGURana's have the moline cross of SEAGARs in colors reversed, and the Seagar Crest shares the green snake with the Bora/Borham Crest. What are the chances that MURdochs use a "secundo" motto term while Seconds are listed with SEGURS!!!???


This week, a copy of Hunter Biden's hard drive made the news, showing that Joe Biden did meet a Burisma man (Vadym Pozharskyi). This man asked Hunter to get his father to yield some influence to save Burisma from legal woes. It happened just that way, but Bill Barr sees nothing wrong with this. "The FBI reportedly seized the computer and hard drive in December 2019. The shop owner, though, said he made a copy of the hard drive and later gave it to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer, Robert Costello." So, FBI director Wray is guilty here of yet another cover-up, for there is no way that this hard drive could not have made its way right to the top boss at the FBI. Poor Bill Barr, the one who's name is going down in infamy as we speak. The more he covers-up, the more that comes out to expose his cover-ups.

The next day, Biden's China corruption started to flow out, making Barr want to hide, no doubt, that stinking piece of trash who says he's not interested in arresting Biden or Obama. I'll ever continue to repeat that statement from him, because he treats those miniscule "big guys" like sacred cows.

With most everyone else talking about Twitter censorship, Gorka decided to emphasize the guilt of the FBI and Barr (nobody in Trump-land speaks well of Barr anymore; he's already in infamy):

Gorka says that the FBI "seized" Biden's laptop from the repair shop. Barr might know that the military is about to oust Trump if the election does not. However, give God the last playing card. Even if we are almost upon the last seven years with a Democrat take-over, God plays the last card. Did God call for the death of Ginsburg to help hand the coming election chaos to a Trump win? Will there even be election chaos? Not if Trump gets a big win that cannot be contested.

Gorka says that the Bash investigation, coming up empty, was the last straw; Barr fell from grace with Gorka. But I'd like to know what the Bash investigation found, whether Barr got rid of Bash because he found too much that Barr didn't want revealed. Who forced Barr to make the announcement (on bash's non-findings) just before the election? Who's pulling his strings? This announcement could have waited another four weeks, right?

After many comments that bash Barr, someone asks: "How is Trump supposed to save America when he can't even hire the right people for the job?" Ahh, now we're on it. Gorka's not there yet.

Here is an announcement by Bill Barr, on Tuesday, just after John Bash handed in his resignation last week, saying that neither Obama nor anyone else will be charged in the criminal unmasking scandal. This can explain why Bash quit, i.e. because Barr wanted no arrests, and/or because Bash suggested arrests. Or, Bash himself was threatened and therefore didn't suggest arrests, and Barr was only too happy to comply. Barr knew he'd be despised for making this announcement (the unmaskings were clearly criminal), and he did it anyway, a very bad sign i.e. he's willing to ruin his reputation to protect villains even in the opposing party. He needs to be fired for not doing his job. Trump needs to hang his head in shame (he doesn't know how). This is going to trigger a civil war when conservatives start fighting back on the streets.

As I heard it, the unmasking case was closed with (because of) Bash's resignation. Apparently, a Mr. Sofer, who's replacing Bash, is not going to take the case any further. The last update showed how Sofers should be connectable to Coffers, and then while Coffers/Coffee's are in the colors of German Barrs, the Coffer/Coffee Crest is used as the Arms of Taranto. Bari is in Apulia with Taranto, and while the rider on Taranto's dolphin is mythical Taras, the Tarrs/Tarres' were first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's (in the colors of the German-Barr Shield).

One of the comments at the video: "FACT - BARRS FATHER WAS MILITARY INTELLIGENCE WITH TIES TO JEFFREY EPSTEIN. BARR IS CIA." Maybe I did, but I don't recall reading that Barr's father was with in Intelligence. Epstein was, and Bill Barr allowed Epstein either to escape jail on a ruse, or allowed him to be killed in an inside job without arrests. The story now is no longer about the Mueller deep state, but about Bill Barr's shadow government. His lid has been blown off, everyone now knows what he is: the masked Zero. He's not working alone. We are waiting, any minute now, for Barr to announce an investigation into the Bidens-and-friends, right? Video comments everywhere are heaping bitterness, mockery and worse at Barr, how can he stand it?

On Thursday, Drudge didn't have one Biden story, in the midst of the revelations, aside from one that portrays Giuliani as a liar on the matter of Biden's laptop. Drudge = demon on human clothing.

Why is Trump still saying that there have been over 200,000 American, COVID deaths, even though the facts have come out to say that only 6-percent of the deaths are from COVID alone? I suggest that Trump has a financial stake in the coming vaccines. I can't think of another explanation for his failure to mock the 200,000+ number. The average age of COVID deaths, amongst the 200,000+, is 84, meaning that they are dying of old age. But Trump can't stop talking about his vaccines to be "distributed" by the military. Huh? What's that? Gun-point vaccines? Lot's of money in this? Is this liquid gold? Delivery by Brinks trucks with a military convoy following behind???

He never fails to say delivery by the military. What's he trying to engrain in our heads? Is he making a deal with the military to not conduct a coup in return for allowing it to do its vaccine / Remdesivir programs?

Hope Hicks is traveling with Trump again, and Chris Christie came out with negative comments against Trump, though subtle. I think Melania needs to watch her husband with Hicks. It's to be assumed that Hicks didn't get sick.

In the 9th minute of the video below, more undeniable proof that vitamin D fights COVID infections. I still don't know whether Fauci has publicly made such an announcement. He's the criminal goon who was taking six times the daily-recommended dosage of vitamin D during the height of the spring-time pandemic, but did not tell the world to do the same in all of those appearances he made on television. He needs to be jailed.

On Friday, Dan Bongino announced that he's got "treatable" lymphoma cancer. and then bravely continued with his show. He covets our prayers. He didn't say what stage it's at, but did say that a viewer of his video alerted him to the lump in his neck while he was shaving on camera. Bongino may owe his life to that viewer. The lump in his neck was removed recently. "Stage III-IV lymphomas are common, still very treatable, and often curable, depending on the NHL subtype." Perhaps as pay-back to God for a healing, he can come clean on his covering up for 9-11. It's the people who conducted that crime who are in concert with those ruining the United States to this day. His Monday show has some good stuff on the deep state's woe's in the latter half of the show:

Bongino's Friday show had at least two clips on Trump's NBC interview, and even though it had Trump asked about his bin-Laden re-tweet, Bongino said not a word about it. Bongino did not say that Parrot or Weldon cannot be trusted. He didn't say this story has been debunked. He said nothing, meaning that this story is true. Isn't that right?

Here's from a leftist fact-checker that uses the wrong name, Alan Harrow Parrot, but we know that such websites are formed to protect lies with fine-sounding arguments, if they can muster them. If they can't even get the name right, why should we believe anything they say on this page. Why should we believe that they actually called Parrot:

In the video played at AMP Fest, however, Parrot claims he has “documents” to prove that the SEALs had not actually killed bin Laden during the 2011 raid — and that the Obama administration paid $152 billion to Iran to cover it up.

When we reached Parrot by phone, he said that he would provide us with a document he described as “a Rosetta Stone of dates, facts.” Instead, he sent a link to a DropBox file with a seven-page paper dated Oct. 13, 2020, that largely repeats the unsubstantiated claims made in the video. It also included a recording purported to be a phone call with a lobbyist and a former congressman that included a discussion of rumors that bin Laden was in Iran.

Well, maybe Parrot changed his mind after the call, deciding not to send this slimeball organization anything. Makes sense. Or, maybe the phone call didn't happen. Someone should fact-check the fact-checker, no? The fact-checker announced that Parrot's claims are false before seeing what Parrot has in his documents, that's how I'm justified in saying, SLIMEBALL. This fact-checker says that Parrot denied being a CIA agent or belonging to any other organization, but why should we believe the devil?

Bongino's only a little better in that he hasn't said anything, but I do see some mold starting to grow. Shouldn't we wait for the documents Parrot claims to have? If they never come, we can then suggest that he may be a fake, and then we can ask, why did he fake this? Really, why would anyone fake this in pure fakery? Makes no sense. Let's entertain it. Is this an Intelligence operation to discover more personal data of Christians? Do these operations give signals to people, such as Bongino, congresspeople, and Fox, indicating not to bother with the story because it's an Intelligence-gathering exercise? Is Bongino connected, and loyal, to some Intelligence group, therefore? Is it a vatican-Intelligence agency gathering data on non-catholic Christians? If none of the above, then why else would Parrot fake this story?

Some navy SEAL came forth (years ago) to claim that he killed bin-Laden, the real one, not a double, and of course we're supposed to believe this (just because Intelligence doesn't deny it) even though, in reality, the true shooter of bin-Laden would never identify himself...unless he wants to risk being hunted and killed by Laden's loyalists. Therefore, the one (Robert O'Neill) claiming to be the killer of bin Laden is a fake, a paid fake. The fact-checker has just been checkmated. is another organization based on lies to cover for leftist lies. It gives this background to the story before smashing it with toy, plastic hammer:

The claim seems to have originated from AmpFest 2020, a conservative conference hosted by American Priority and held in Miami during October 8-11. Charles Woods, the father of a victim of the 2014 Benghazi attacks, and Nick Noe, a conservative activist who has repeatedly pushed Benghazi conspiracy theories, gave a presentation featuring an interview with “whistleblower” Alan Howell Parrot, who claims to have worked for U.S. intelligence. Parrot alleges that the Obama administration made a $152 billion payout to Iran to cover up the truth about hiding bin Laden and the killing of SEAL Team 6 members. Similar conspiracy theories have circulated regarding the attacks and the Iran nuclear deal, and Trump even referenced some during the 2016 campaign. But all have been debunked.

Yeah, like everything surrounding the Bidens has been debunked too, according to these leftist fact-checkers. How can this story be debunked when it's brand new this month while no media are talking about it? How can it be debunked before Parrot's evidence comes out?

Leftists are trying to make this story appear rooted in Q-Anon crazies or right-wing / Christian crazies, but, chances are, this has roots in more-than-disgruntled SEALs who want vengeance against their military and government. Newsmax:

Trump on Tuesday retweeted an article...

...The president later retweeted about the conspiracy again, sharing a tweet from a video posted by another QAnon-linked account in which Alan Howell Parrot, a falcon trainer, claims Hillary Clinton and Biden colluded with Iran to arrange for bin Laden to be transferred to Pakistan for “Obama’s trophy kill.”

I think it's meaningful / significant if a second tweet at Trump's account appeared. The above is phrased as though there was a second one. I think Trump may have gotten the goods. But, then again, Trump is a tease, especially toward Christians. I can't find a second tweet at his twitter account.

Miss Khait's pages at twitter often don't load unless one re-loads it with the re-load button on the browser. Clicking twitter's "try Again" doesn't usually work. If anything substantial comes of this, shouldn't we expect twitter to black it out? Khait says, on Friday: "Like I said before, it’s out of my hands. Parrot is sitting on terabytes of further documentation and proof. And it’s extremely damning. I am praying it gets released soon! I’m just as anxious."

Here's Giuliani in his own video this week on the Biden crime family; this is Giuliani's come-back-kid moment, his vengeance upon the leftist media...and Trump's humiliation because he ignored Giuliani earlier, when the media was maligning him, even while Giuliani was being helpful to the president by being the foremost revelator on the Biden crime family. However, Trump doesn't know humiliation; he doesn't know how to confess his wrongs. Say you're sorry, Mr. president, come down to humanity:

A couple of years ago, roughly, Trump had Hope Hicks come to a mic to say a few words, and when she came up, she said nothing. It got me wondering whether she was a mole-spy unable to stomach feigning loyalty to a sea of Trump fans. Well, see here what happens as Trump gets her up to the mic this week:

Maybe she does have stage fright, or maybe she just can't stand Trump's voters. There is so little said about her anywhere, it's hard to know what she's about.

With Ratcliffe at the helm of Intelligence, the nation can be healed on faked Intelligence leaks for to manipulate the country's treasury and politics. On the 19th, he quickly stepped out to say that the leftist claim is false where it accuses Costello and Giuliani of faking the Biden-laptop story i.e. it's not really Biden's laptop. Laughable? No, the leftist media going that far is sickening.

“It’s funny that some of the people who complain the most about intelligence being politicized are the ones politicizing the intelligence,” Ratcliffe said. “Unfortunately, it is Adam Schiff who said the intelligence community believes the Hunter Biden laptop and emails on it are part of a Russian disinformation campaign.” He added: “Let me be clear: the intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that. And we have shared no intelligence with Adam Schiff, or any member of Congress.”

...“The FBI has had possession of this,” he said. “Without commenting on any investigation that they may or may not have, their investigation is not centered around Russian disinformation and the intelligence community is not playing any role with respect to that.” He added: “The intelligence community has not been involved in Hunter Biden’s laptop.” (Fox).

Beautifully put, like spikes to a coffin. Had a leftist been in control of Intelligence, this story would have had wings. Ratcliffe is the best thing Trump has done for his nation, but it's only a start. Trump is woefully slow in firing Wray this past week, SHAME. Just bring Wray into your office, Mr. Trump, and ask him point-blank, "Did you do anything with the Biden laptop besides hiding it? Did you? DID YOU?" Take him by the collar: "Answer me!"

So, Wray did not share the laptop issue with Intelligence, Ratcliffe implies, suggesting that Wray ordered the issue his own coffin. Ratcliffe is on video below, and he doesn't seem to have evolved into a swamp creature after his first few months at NI:

He's a game-changer. Instead of having the Monday Fox story above, Drudge has the Monday headline: "FOXNEWS Passed on Hunter Biden Laptop Story Over Credibility Concerns..." Fake news, lots and lots of it at Drudge, like a disposable-waste site. Fake news wants to win elections; it's a deplorable human condition when democracy has come to such dirty tactics. Humanity has fallen. It might not rise again to Christian levels. We may be in a slippery slide into the bottomless abyss.

See the first minute or two of this:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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