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October 20 - 26, 2020

The Cooney Stool Pigeon Isn't the Only One This Week
Joe Burns
My New Football Dream
I Rode a Shopping Cart This Week
My Paper Plane Looks Like a Pointer to Biden's Mexico Connections and Scalia's Murder

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Word's out this week that one of Hunter Biden's partners is in jail already while another Biden partner, Devon Archer, is awaiting sentencing. Why have we not heard about this until now? Was the FBI hiding this to protect Hunter from suffering the same fate? Is Biden immune from law just because Barr says so? Barr, crime boss.
BREAKING: Hunter Biden's former business partner Bevan Cooney has flipped. He was jailed over a bond scheme, and has connected with journalists @MatthewTyrmand and @PeterSchweizer. Turned over access to his Gmail account.

In an exclusive report, Breitbart revealed that Hunter Biden, and his associates, used Biden's top Obama administration connections to make connections and "arrange private meetings for potential foreign clients at the highest levels in the White House." The emails shows that Chinese investors and CCP officials "managed to secure a private, off-the-books meeting with then Vice President Joe Biden."

This information was gleaned from correspondence given to Peter Schweizer of Breitbart by Cooney, who had been involved in business dealings with both Hunter Biden and Devon Archer.

This is corroboration of what's on Hunter's laptop. Cooneys were first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Neills whose lion they share. Bevan Cooney's first name comes up as "Bevent, as do Babons. "CONStans" is a motto term of Bevans/Bevents, and Cons'/Cons are a branch of Cooney-like Coneys. German Cons'/Cohens share the checkered Shield of Italian Ferrands and Tolle's/Tulls (the other Tulls are also Tullia's), and Babon, son on Mummolin, descended from Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand. (Load Cooney link now to load other Coats of Arms on a separate tab.)

Schweizers are listed with Swiss', and probably use the bear of Berne's (from Berne of Switzerland). The Schweizer/Swiss bear is in the colors of the Barwick bear heads. Zahringers, founders of Berne, used the antler symbol, which belong also to Con-like Cone's and Conte's, and then due to French Conte's and Constans' (both first found in Languedoc with Falcons/Falconte's) sharing the FalCON/FalCONTE crescent, I'd guess that the Bevan/Bevent Crest is the falcon of Falcons. Hold on to your chair for what comes next.

The bird design of Bevans/Bevents is that of French Falcons, the difference being that the Bevan/Bevent bird is about to rise. The falcon of English Falcons is shared by Costello's, and the Hunter-Biden laptop was given to Mr. Costello, lawyer of Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani's use a black spread eagle with gold talons (key topic of the last update), symbol of Spanish falcons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE. And French Julians (Languedoc) even have the Constans Chief. This heraldry (started with the "constans" motto term on Cooneys) is arranged by God to point to Biden crimes, not just Hunter, but Joe. This is worth repeating from the last update:

OH WOW. Scottish Hunters use "PERficio," and...The wow part comes in "perFICio," for Fix's/Ficks (linkable to Face's) have a wavy fesse colors reversed from the same of Dols, and English Hunters were first found in Shropshire, home of the Dol Alans. Then, wowie, the Fix/Fick eagle is that also of Giuliani's, and while many surnames use that eagle, it just so happens that Fix's/Ficks (share Heinz fleur) were first found in Saxony with Heinz's [John Kerry's family] and the Giuliani-like Julians!!!! [It makes an heraldic link between Giuliani's and Rudy Giuliani's present enemies, the Biden-Kerry corruption crew.]...

The Giuliani spread eagle is black with gold talons, same as the eagle in the Cornish Crest, and as the Cornish chevron is also the Heinz chevron, Giuliani and/or the Kerry-Heinz family can be linking to the Cornish chough of Hoods/Hoots. Red spread eagles with gold talons are used by Hotts, and the gold talon alone is used by Hover-like Hoovers and Hooters while the lady at the hood was then hovering in the air. HICKsons use the talon black on gold; there's no mistake, Miss Hicks was the dream's lady. I don't know whether they are officially called, talons, but Talons/Talents use gold talons too, and they are suspect from the Taulantii people group beside the SELEPitanoi to which the sleeping segment of the hovering woman pointed. (This was Cavii territory, explaining why God would point us there.)

Miss Hicks appeared in a God-given dream (mine) way back in 1979, and the first scene was a nasty shark in a residential swimming pool. The Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Cooneys. I've been saying for months now that this shark represents Ukrainian elements ganging up on Trump. In this dream, the shark got a bulldog into its mouth, and that is Trump. The Bulls/Bule's happen to share the annulets of Bevans/Bevents, and the topic here is Bevan Cooney. This is very remarkable because I had read that Igor Kolomoisky, a board member of Burisma energy along with Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, owns a shark tank. As I write, I don't know how Bevan Cooney was Hunter's partner, but I aim to find out.

Kepke and I met Miss Peare when he and I sold shoes in the same mall but at different stores. She left me for him, and his father happens to be Ukrainian. The owner of Burisma, Mr. Zlochesvsy, has a shoe store on the Dnieper river in the Kiev area of Ukraine, and "KEPke" looks like it was named by something related to the namers of Kiev.

All I know now is that Cooney has given permission to Mr. Schweizer to gather incriminating evidence, from Cooney's email box, against Joe Biden. If God is in this to spoil a Biden election victory, then we must assume that Biden was slated to win apart from these revelations against him. Biden's a joke, but the cheating going on all over the election process can give him the victory just because 40 percent of the nation are committed Democrat sinners. Sinners without regard to Jesus. Open / flagrant / happy-go-lucky sinners.

As Schweizers are also Swiss', I'll jot here that "suis" is a motto term of Frasers. The last update had an amazing pointer, of my PRESSing Miss Peare's belly and NAVEL, to Robert O'Neill, the NAVAL SEAL who falsely claimed to kill Osama bin Laden. That pointer used the Press'/Prests (share O'Neill Chief), and so let's show the entire Fraser and McKINNEY motto: "Je suis PREST." The last update made a case for seeing Miss Peare as an alternative women in the shark dream, but Ainsley Earhardt has already been resolved as an alternative woman for that dream. Miss Earhardt was Mrs. McKinney, you see. Her Fox-and-Friends show of last Friday interviewed Giuliani on the matter of Biden's laptop. However, I could glean that a Fox boss(es) wanted to downplay Giuliani's new-found excitement, or, at least, assure that Fox wouldn't get beat up for anything too-wild that Giuliani claimed.

Although we at first may think there's no connection between the faked killing of bin-Laden and the Bidens, think again. Alan Howell Parrot has promised to release evidence showing that Obama's $152B gift to Iran was payment for Iran's allowing the Navy Seals to kill a bin-Laden double. Parrot claims that $2B ($2,000, million, lots of money) was part of the deal in which Iran would send the money to a private American party for pocketing. Obama had put Joe Biden in charge of Iraq.

Note Alan HOWELL Parrot, for Howells share the tower of PRESleys/PRIESTlys. It was a part of the clinchers that her belly pointed to O'Neill.

Miss Peare's bathing-suit picture was a key topic of the last update, and the woman in the shark dream was standing at the hood of a car with a bathing suit. Hoods/Hoots suggest the navy SEALs with their "ZEALous" motto, for Zeals are also Seals, and, besides, the dream had me go from the pool with shark into an ocean = sea, and Sea's are said to have included Seals. Hoods/Hoots are the ones with a Cornish chough (bird) i.e. linking to the Heinz surname. John Kerry married the Heinz ketchup family. Sea's and their Seaman branch can be gleaned as Tucker / Duck/Ducker kin, and so maybe Tucker Carlson can apply on the side of the deep-state exposers.

Hmm, Swedish Carlsons use a Shield filled with triangles, though they may be called, piles, the symbol in the square of Beach's. The Carlson-like car was parked on a beach, and Beach's happen to use a pile in the colors of the Carlson triangles / piles! Plus, Beach's were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes', and Tucker's a news man. I was wondering whether "ocean" is code for SEAN Hannity, but I can see nothing in the two Hannity Coats to link to that dream.

Not only did Miss Peare's belly / naval symbol point to Robert O'Neill, but also her waist symbol. As was said, Miss Peare's belly and waist symbols pointed to the family of count Eustace II, and her waist symbol upon a stage pointed to Stage's/STAGGs sharing a cross between antlers with Eustace's (STACy branch), but then the Vise's/Vice's have the black Eustace cross (between antlers) between their own stag head, and the latter's is the black one in the square of Beachers who in turn share the Beach Shield! So, wow, the woman in the dream can also be Miss Peare...for the purposes of making additional heraldry-based pointers, I assume. The Beacher stag head is in a canton or square as an alternative symbol for the Beach pile.

In the dream, I GRAZEd the woman's knee with my hand, which brought about a rapture-like victory scene (i.e. credit goes to God for this victory) that I contrast with Trump in the shark's mouth, and while the black Knee stag head is that Beacher stag head, Grazio's share the pomegranate with Carls. This latter surname could be a pointer both to Tucker Carlson (because Swedish Carlsons look linkable to Beach's) and to CHARLotte Hicks, the first woman to be identified (and clinched) in this dream.

Beach's and Beachers, and one Becker Coat too, use "vair" (an heraldic fur), and French Vairs have a Shield similar enough to that of Beach's and Beachers. The Vair Coat is almost that of Beckerings/Bechings, first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys and their Annas branch, and Annas' share the lone star of English Vere's/VAIRs. Ainsley Earhardt works for Fox, as does Laura Ingraham coming on after Hannity and Carlson. Ingrahams share the JACK Coat (Yorkshire, same as Stands), which recalls the dream I've told several times, where I had my car up on four JACK stands, in a parking lot of a gas station, with all four wheels off. I went into the store at that property to buy carpenter glue for greasing the bearings (ha-ha). The Beckerings/Beckings are also Barings/Bearings.

The reason that I'm repeating this dream is that I had linked it to Montacute's/Montague's for a reason I can't recall. Oh, yes, it was from the "acuta" motto term of Carpenters: MontaCUTE. The point was: I've just found the following in the Ingraham write-up: "Hyngelramus de MONTE ACUTo was a witness in Dumbarton, 1271." The full Carpenter motto, "PER aCUTa BELLI," is shared by Bellys!!! WOW! Miss PEARE's belly, at our service here. She first of all linked to the beach-with-bathing-suit scene, and from that we took up the Beckerings/Bearings, and here we are as per the bearings dream with a pointer to her belly event even though this was not on my mind when starting this paragraph (hadn't yet re-loaded Carpenters).

Note that Cute's/Cutts share the white greyhound head with belly-connectable Guts/Guters (Spanish). Then, as per "Baring," Bare's/Barrs share the Este eagle while Ingrahams use an "esto" motto term. Cutts/Cute's were first found in Lincolnshire with the Hannitys who share the greyhound (different color) with Cutts/Cute's and Guts. As Peare's are a Pero/PERINO branch, I traced her gut to Greg Gutfeld, who sits on The Five beside Dana Perino.

The last time I saw Cute's/Cutts, and for years prior, they were said to be first found in Cambridgeshire, which is where Ketch's were first found who share the black border on white Shield with MontaCute's. I wouldn't have spotted this link had I not loaded ketchup-like Ketch's when on the Heinz-ketchup family above. I can't think of a reason as to why John Kerry should be pointed to by the car on jack stands, or the carpenter glue that I was going to apply to the wheel bearings. Perhaps Barings bankers have something to do with money laundering from Ukraine's crime rings. Oh wow, after that suggestion, I recalled the bank fleur-de-lys, in the colors of the Heinz fleur! Catch's share the scallop of Platte's while Hillary's private email server, with which she committed a crime, was Platte River Networks. After she quite Obama's state department, John Kerry took it over.

The Banks were pointed to when I rode Peare's white horse to a bank in the field (she was with Kepke at the time; we three spent a lot of time together). Her waist symbol pointed to Waistells, who have a white horse said to be on a gallop. This pointer was verified because her waist symbol came on a stage / PLATform (pointer to Platte River Networks) inside of a mall while Malls have MalBANCs in their write-up. I had walked through the PARKING lot of the mall before going in the front door, and I had entered the parking lot after walking across a ROAD. Hillary RODham Clinton had hired PERKINs Coie to destroy Trump, and Parkings are listed with Perkins. As I walked across the road, David Morley, an old friend, rode away down the road on his motorbike, and the reason for this turned out to be the Morleys/MAULs (Yorkshire, same as Banks). What are the chances that Malbanks, first found in Northumberland with Rodhams, share the Rodham bend? That's right.

Therefore, it now seems that my dream above (it's the sleeping-bag dream) points both to Hillary and John Kerry by way of a Mall pointer to the Bank-Heinz link. Although the latter two merely share fleur-de-lys, it's the way in which it was found that convinces me of a link to point to money laundering. The Fix surname shares the same fleur, and "fixing" is a corruption term. I'm reading that Nick Leeson drove Barings bank into bankruptcy in over-spending scandals.

Note "GutFELD," for I had described the belly and waist events a few times by saying they both "FELT so GOOD," BEFORE checking the Felts and Goods to find Felts with the flory cross of Bouillons ("BELLO CHRISTi") in colors reversed, and the Goods listed with Guts/GUTHs. Miss Peare is CHRISTine, and GODfrey de Bouillon was a son of Eustace II and GODa, the latter having Gothelo for a grandfather, and GOTHs/Gothels almost have the Pero/Perino hexagram.

A thing I don't think I've noticed before is the BALDERiz/BALTeriz variation of Guts/Guters, astounding because king BALDwin of Jerusalem (unholy kingdom) was de-Bouillon's brother! Can you believe it? Balders use a motto, "Constance et FERME," and while Constance's are also the Constans' in the Bevan/Bevent motto, "ferme" is a motto term in "Tiens ferme" motto of Squirrels, kin of German DECKs/Deckers/Daggers (see "Teck" below). While English Daggers/Dackers share the Ingraham / Jack scallops, Tiens are obvious kin of Peare's.

Plus, Balders share the Conan cross while Bevans came to topic with Bevan Cooney. Cooneys were first found in Tyrone with O'Neills. Alan Parrot came to the news a week or so ago with Charles Woods, father of the murdered navy SEAL, TYRONE Woods. Bevans/Bevents use a "Semper" motto term while Sempers are Pierre's too, wherefore keep an eye out for Pierro's, but let's also recall how Constans' and Conte's were first found in Languedoc, because it's where Pierre's were first found. Pierro's/Pero's were at Pavia, and while I trace Pavia's to Peebles/Peoples', Peebles is where Balds were first found who are from the Baltea/BAUTica river, near the Laevi of Novara, itself near Pavia. Scottish BAUTs share the Bald ship, and French Bauts were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons.

I'll even add that Balds share a reflection of the Brock Coat while Brocks were first found in Essex with the Brooks sharing the Good/Gut Coat. In fact, these Chief-Shield colors are shared by Brocuffs/Procks who in turn share the sphinx with Hips' (look like kin of Decks/Daggers and the Christs in the Bouillon motto), and when I was pulling Miss Peare's waist toward me in a felt-so-good moment, I was pulling her by her hips! Right? Her navel was right there, folks. German Balds share the hourglass shape in the colors for it of Skits/Skeets and Skate's/Sheets, both of whom share the potent cross with Brocuffs/Procks. The potent cross is known to be a symbol of Godfrey de Bouillon, and of the flag of Templar Jerusalem ruled by his brother.

The face of a female sphinx in Wikipedia's Phanagoria article looked to me like an aged Miss Peare, and I then found a KEPoi location beside Phanagoria (Caucasia). What say ye? It appears that I pulled her by the Hips to prove (to me, anyway) that Peare's were from something in or near Kepoi.

Hold on to your tummies. Recalling "Je SUIS PREST" (i.e. pointing to my PRESSing her belly toward me, which felt so good), it's notable that SWISS'/Schweizers can apply to the Goods/Guts, first found in Switzerland with Tease's/Tess'/Tecks, the latter being from Switzerland's Ticino canton that named the Ticino/TESSin river flowing to Pavia, where Pierro's/PERO's were first found, WOW! It's more confirmation that God arranged the belly press with Peare. Plus, hold on to your tummies: I was pressing her navel, a new idea brought up only in the last update, which is when I found the Naval/Navelly variation of Neville's, and they both share the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire!!!!!!!

That's one of the best heraldic pointers ever. To assure that Navals are sharing the Tease saltire closely, Navals were first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas' and TEASE's/Tea's/Thys' (share Annas star), and even with Beckerings/Bearings. The latter have the checks of Pavia-suspect Pavers. The Laevi founders of Pavia lived also at NOVara, perhaps the makings of the Nova surname, and later the Newes', News' of Neve's', the latter first found in Angus with NAVY's!!!!!!!

It was important (last update) that Goods/Guts share the SING Coat, for the last update introduced Alan Parrot, a Peare liner, who changed his name to Hari Har SINGH Khalsa. It really clinched the pointer of her belly to O'Neill because Parrot claims to know the true story surrounding the reported killing of bin-Laden (he wasn't killed by O'Neill). In this update, we came back to Frasers with "Je suis prest," thanks to the Cooney-Schweizer story, but it just so happens that Sings share the courant horse of Fraser-like Freeze's/Phreeze's (Gut/Guter colors), like "Pharisee". I'm impressed.

Varangian Rush of Kiev

I'd like to go back to the potent cross of Templar Jerusalem, for the potent cross was formed from the top section of crutches while Paul Smith came up my driveway, in another dream, following a SICKly-looking stag. I always called it a sickly stag, and so here I'd like to compare the Sichs/Sykes' to "Sikh," for Mr. Parrot changed his name when he converted to the Sikh religion. As the sickly stag was following Mr. Kepke (my ancient friend since age 12), I'd like to repeat: "Kepke and I met Miss Peare when he and I sold shoes in the same mall but at different stores. She left me for him, and his father happens to be Ukrainian. The owner of Burisma, Mr. Zlochesvsy, has a shoe store on the Dnieper river in the Kiev area of Ukraine, and "KEPke" looks like it was named by something related to the namers of Kiev."

I'd like to tackle that mystery with Keevers, for the German branch are also KIEFers. Scottish Keevers/Ivers/Eure's are using the Vere/VAIR Shield, and the Vere/Weir boar, and then VARangians conquered Kiev. Plus, look at the Keever/Eure motto term, "obliviSCAR," for "SCARborough" is in the Sich/Sykes write-up while Kepke and I both sold shoes at the Scarborough Town Center (Toronto). Note "ObLIVIScar," for Livi's/Livis' are listed with Levi's, the line likely from Peare-connectable Laevi Gauls.

[There's a Kiever surname sharing the red antler with Casimir's, and Casimir of Poland married Maria of Kiev! Bingo. This was found immediately after writing on the Cass/Cash surname later in this update.]

At age 12, Kepke and I would get up almost every Saturday / Sunday morning in summer, at th break of dawn, to go pillage golf balls in the streams of three adjacent golf courses along the 9th line of Markham (all the way down to Steeles Avenue). We would sell them back to the golfers when they started to show up around 8 or 9 am. Then, near to the dream above with Kepke above, I had a dream where golf balls were popping up everywhere in the white ground, which I think was sand. I suggested that "golf" should be rendered as the Guelphs, who were also Welfs, and it just so happens that Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus' were first found in Cheshire, where Hugh LUPUS D'Avranches ruled who uses a wolf head in the colors of the same of SCARs, the latter first found in Yorkshire with SCARBorough's. Fancy that, for "AVRANCHes" looks like "VARANGi." It appears that God set up my golf-ball hunt with Kepke to show that his name is from Kiev's Varangian.

This would be a good place to add that while I pressed Miss Peare's belly during the time after she left me (not many days) but before Kepke nailed her in my bed (ouch, that hurt bad), the PRESleys/Priestlys share two symbols of Abreu's, the namers of Evreux in EURE. We just saw Keevers listed with Eure's. The last time Kepke was at my place was when he showed up with his future wife, when Kelly, my ladyfriend was over. Kellys have a different-colored version of the Abreu Coat.

It's interesting that Elvis Presley was a SINGer, for the Press/Prest theme points to Hari Har Singh Khalsa. That's why I checked the Elvis surname (not familiar with it at all), which happens to share the Weaver fesse, and then a "weaver's shuttle" is used by Keeps. Weavers happen to use "FIDELis," and Fiddle's/Fidelows share three wolf heads with Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus'. [I missed it: the Elvis Coat has the Keep bend. See the next update for a mind-blowing continuation on Elvis.]

OH WOW, almost missed it: Fiddle's/Fidelows are aid to have been at Fidelow, also called, VIS-de-lou. ElVIS!!! Vise's/Vice's were first found in Sussex with Keeps!!! INCREDIBLE. OH WOW, Fido's are listed with Fothes'/Fette's sharing the chevron of Foots!!! Shoe's go on feet, and Pavia's have the Feet/Fate Coat!!! The Fothes / Foot chevron is in the colors of the Levi/Livi chevrons! Zinger, too much. The same chevron is used by Cabbage's while "cabbage leaves" are used by French House's sharing the leaf design of Weaver-related Hazels. The "angustis" motto term of Cabbage's is for an Angusta location up by the Trotus and Moldava rivers in the historical Ukraine theater.

FideLOW. Lows have more wolf heads, and perhaps the Lous'/Lou's suspect in the "ZeaLOUS" motto of Hoods/Hoots applies, especially as the last event I recall with Kepke, when we worked at Knob Hill Farms, was him sitting with me on my hood...when we spotted my girlfriend, Allison BAUER, getting into the car of a fellow, male worker. I got off the hood, walked to her while she was in the seat, but she wouldn't come out. So I left and went back to the hood with Kepke. The next thing that happened is that Kepke got a shoe sales job, and while visiting him there, I went upstairs and asked another shoe store if they were hiring, and was hired on the spot! Miracle for a reason. Bauers share a green Shield with Bowers (Peebles) who in turn share five, bunched arrows with the Elvis Crest!!!

For another bomb, let me repeat that Scottish Allisons are from the KEPPOCH branch of MacDonalds, explaining why KEPKe was on the hood with me. These Allisons use a "Truth" motto term while Truths are listed with Trots i.e. from the Trotus river!!! Incredible. English Allisons use a "blackbird," which is in the design of the black "Cornish chough" of Hoods/Hoots. God caused me to lose Allison, and I was fired for almost nothing about the same time, because it was time to move on to a kiss with Peare. Kepke lost his job / quit (I can't recall the reason) about the same time. I was selling shoes at the time of out first kiss, and Shoe's use "a knight ISSuing at the knees." "Issuing" is suspect with the island of Issa, also called, Vis, believe it or not. As the island of ELAPHiti is not far off, compare with "Elvis" (may have been an Elph-like term to begin with).

While eastern Moldova is beside the Kiev area, I gave a speech at a wedding with a Moldavian bride, where I wrote new lyrics to a stanza of an Elvis Presley song, and I sang these lyrics at the wedding as part of the speech. I even included Elvis' sideburns in the speech, saying they looked like bat wings, because I was linking his corny capes to count Dracula (Romania, includes the Moldava river). The theme of the speech was to "be playful" in marriage, so I had fun with it. I said that bats in Moldava stay up all night long listening to Gypsy music, and that all those girls screaming (and scratching their faces off) at the sight of Elvis were all Moldavian girls.

I had said that, "Unless you become like little kittens, you will certainly not enter the Kingdom of God," and I think I also said that this "scripture" was in the book of Romanians. The Elvis song I chose was: "Well, it's one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go, but don't you, step on my blue suede SHOES, you can do anything but lay off of my blue suede SHOES.'!!! Amazing, is it not? I changed the lyrics to, "Well, its one kick to my honey [groom], two to let go, three to hold steady, now pull kitten pull, but don't you [groom] steal my blue comforter, you can do anything but lay off of my blue comforter." This tune came after I was giving the bride and groom marital advice on turf wars in the home, like when the husband steals the blanket on a cold night all to himself while asleep. How to handle it? Start with one kick to my honey...hey give my half back.

Issa/Vis is on this map right beside Pharia, also called Pharos and Allison-like Lesina. It was time to move on from Allison to the shoe-sales job, because God had prepared Miss Peare's kiss. Kepke had left the table, and as Peare and I were talking alone there, all I can remember is saying was: "wanna go outside"? She got up, followed me to the stairs, and I rushed up with her rushing behind. The Varangians were Rus, I get it! The Danes were Rus too, and the Danube flows through Romania. Ukrainian Romans use ROSES.

Rush's not only share the Waistell horse, but the three Rush horses are essentially those of Fraser-like Freeze'/PHRESE's/Phreeze's, a term like "Pharos." Frasers (the ones with "Je suis PREST") share the cinquefoils of Kims, and after Peare left me for Kepke, Kepke left Peare for Kim. Waistells were first found in Cumberland with Fare's/PHARES'. French Phares'/Viers'/Vers'/Fers' were first found in Burgundy with Vairs/Fers'/FEUERs = Varangian suspects, you see. Recall the Welfs/Wolfs of the Varangi-like Avranches', for there's a wolf head in the Rush Crest while the Rush horse is in the colors of the giant unicorn of Fire's/FURs/FEUERs (explains the heraldic "vair fur"). Compare the Phares'/Viers'/Vers' with Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild").

Pharia is Lesina to Italians, and Allison-like Alis' use a FUR tree, no guff at all. Peare and I rushed up the Stairs, and Stairs share the stars of Peare's and their Tien kin, and then "TENEbris" is a motto term of Lesina-like Leesons/Lease's. I had to settle for Louise when Peare left me, and French Louis' show only three lozenges in colors reversed from the three lozenges only of BRIS/Brix's/Brests suspect in "teneBRIS." Welsh Louis' use "patraei" while Patria's are also PEARtree's, and Welsh Louis' were first found in Glamorganshire with Tillers (lion in the colors of Louis lion), they being from the Tilurius river marked on the map at the shore from Issa and Pharia/Lesina.

So, it appears that Allison leaving me was for my being called to rush up the stairs with Miss Peare, for thee reasons under discussion, but there's more, for the Tilurius is beside the Naro/NERETva which I trace to NARbonne's/DeNARDo's, and when Allison left me for a fellow worker, it was for Mike Denardo. Plus, he proto-Varangian Varni worshiped Nerthus, like "NERETva." The Angles likewise worshiped Nerthus, and the lozenges we just saw are almost the lozenges of Angels/Angle's who have a "STARE" motto term, can you believe it? The Angle-like Angers and Anchors likewise use lozenges, and then a giant anchor is used by Fare's/PHARES', can you dig it?

Allison, Denardo, Kepke and I worked for Knob Hill FARMs, and Fairholme's/Ferme's (in the "TIENs ferme" motto of Squirrels) are Farme's/Pharme's too, and they even share the giant Fare/Phares anchor in colors reversed, making the Farme/Pharme anchor that of Hope's/Hoods.

Rush's use the horse, and Mr. Stavros, owner of Knob Hill Farms, owned a horse farm, and bred race horses. That's right, she and I raced up those stairs...before Kepke could catch us, and judging by how fast and furious he barged out the front doors to stop our kissing (he sicked the bouncer on us, asking him to kick us off the property for kissing in public, hee-hee, he wasn't in control), he must have raced up those stairs too. Is Kepke's surname from a Rush bloodline too? Vere-related Masseys/Maceys use a winged horse in Rush- / Waistell-horse colors (Ross colors too), and another horse is used by Dutch Mackays/Macks/Make's. Scottish Macks have a version of the Masci bend, but with the Macey stars. I'm a Masci liner on one side, and while Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's, they are from the Meshech (Mushki), who are in Ezekiel 38 along with Rush-like Rosh, that's right. They must have named the horse, which the Nordics call, hross. Waistells share the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire, and English Masseys / Maceys were first found in Cheshire.

I claim that Rosh named the Rusa kings at Lake Van (Maceys/Mace's share the gauntlets of Fane's/VANs), who were conquered by Cimmerians, and they say Cimmerians founded the Welsh. Kepke left Peare for Miss Walsh.

Now you know why God set up that exciting kiss with Peare, but that's all He planned between us. It must have to do with the Kiss/Cush surname, right? After writing that, I went to the fridge and snapped open a PERRier-brand drink, "Strawberry and Kiwi," which in French is, "FRAISE et Kiwi." Frasers happen to use a strawberry plant/bush. Perrier's (Launay colors) are said to be from the Launay area of Brittany, which is near Brest, and we saw the Brests shortly above in the "tenebris" motto of Leasons/Lease's, a surname like "Lesina," the Italian name of Fraser-connectable Pharia. Varangian roots are expected in Wieringen, in fraise-like Frisia. Freeze's/Phreeze' look to apply with that place. Frisians were a branch of the Angles.

Perrots, said to have married Navy- / Naval-like Navers', were likewise first found at Launay. It just so happens that Nevers'/Neve's were first found in Angus with Navys (Perrot colors)! Is this a pointer to ALAN Parrot? Were Perrots, Parrots, Peare's, Perrier's, etc., from variations of "Pharia," and ultimately from Pharia itself? It's off the coast from the Ardiaei while "Arte" is a Navy motto tern. The Sola's (English-Neve fish?) in the Nevers/Neve motto were involved as vatican clergy at Avranche" i.e. a Varangi-like term. Does Pharia go back under that name to the founding period of Pharisees? Did the Ardiaei, through king Artemidoros (ancestor of LAEVIllus' son), bring Pharisees to Israel? The line of Artemidoros married the line of Tigranes VI, king of Armenia, at Ardahan, where Ardiaei had been from to begin with.

Compare Perrier's (counts of Quintin) with the Salters/Saltire's (Shropshire, home of Dol Alans), but compare also with the Lessins/Leystons I loaded earlier upon learning of "Lesina." Lessons (with an 'o') are listed with Lysons, a Leeson branch. Perrier's are in the colors of NERETs (Dol, Brittany), and while the Angle Germanics worshiped NERTHus, Angels/Angle's (share winged horse with Masseys) use lozenges colors reversed from the same of Launays. Ardiaei were on the NERETva river with the Daorsi that I can trace well through Doors (faces) and Doria's (Genova, same as Face liners) to "ArtemiDORos."

Perrier's use billets, as do Supers in the "Stare super" motto phrase of Angels/Angle's. The latter's lozenges are in the colors of same of Shropshire's Bagleys. It just so happens that Billets share the Coat of BELLO's/Bellows while Peare had a belly symbol that pointed to the family of Gothelo, and Goths/Gothels share the hexagram of French Billets/Billiards! That's new. It was my last can of Perrier.

It's now interesting that while German Rothes'/Rothchilds use a giant raven, there's a raven in the Chief of Schiffs whose Chief-Shield colors are those also of Leesons/Lease's and Lysons. The latter two share the cloud-over-sun with Jeffreys, the latter first found in Peebles-shire with proto-Rothschild Bowers. Pollocks (share green Shield with Bowers and Bauers) of Rothes castle were proto-Rothschilds. It's online that the first Rothschild, Mayer Bauer, lived at a home he called, "Green Shield." Another green Shield, with a giant parrot, is used by the Anticks, whom I just looked up (AFTER writing to this point in the paragraph) as per the "antiquas" motto term of Angels/Angle's. It just so happens that Peeble's use the parrot, and, moreover, Perrier-like Parrots share the Chief-Shield colors of Leesons /Lysons / Schiffs.

I was sidetracked by the Perrier drink after bringing up the Kiss/Kysh/Cush surname, which is like "Kishenev," the Moldavian capital near Kiev.. Then, when at the La Paloma (where I kissed Peare) with Kepke a couple of years later, his new lady, Miss Walsh, was upset with him, so she got into the front seat of my car, and slammed the door on him. I leaned over, having had enough alcohol to want to do it, or maybe I can't explain what possessed me to do it, but I kissed her on the cheek. Did God act in me even when I was a little drunk? Walsh's/Walchs are from Wallachia, part of historical Moldova. So, those kisses at La Paloma (why there?), of both ladies of Kiev-pointable Kepke, must be God's pointer to the ancient city that is now the Moldavian capital.

Ahh, just realized: the Cass/Cash branch of Kiss'/Cush's use a "pair of SCALES"!!! Peare and I rushed up the stairs = scala!

Today, as I write here on Tuesday, Mark Meadows said that Biden crimes were in the very three countries he was involved with officially, Moldova, Ukraine and China. I don't think I've ever heard, before now, that Biden was in charge of Moldova! Wow! If God is moving me to write this today, I have no special sense that He's been doing it. God is able to be with us without our knowing it. The greatest power in the universe, that made the universe, cannot be felt even when it's living in us. When you drive down the road, you drive through God. You need to get that straight in your head.

Stop confusing Americanism with Christianity, a sinful thing that will hurt you. God is God, and America is sinful, you cannot make it a holy thing. That's my message, and I think it's God's message. Vote for Republicans wanting to fight the anti-Christ spirit, but don't get engrossed in politics. Don't be loyal (patriotic) to a nation governed in secularism, be loyal to Jesus. You will not be disappointed, and you will shine with Him. Give your heart to Americanism, to the spirit of "the founding fathers," and you will wilt and die, guaranteed. Fight for the principles of Jesus, because of Jesus, or you will become the house on sand, the wilting tree, the fool. Become familiar with the words of Jesus, let them sink into your heart, and God will train you even though you can't feel it happening. You don't need discipleship classes; God is your trainer if you let the words of Jesus be your treasure. Value your resurrection, there's nothing on earth that can compare.

The Gangs/Geggs/GINGERs (Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed) had pointed to Romania, and so it's interesting that Gilligans use a giant horse potentially for Rus liners, and that Gills share a Shield of lozengy with Bags and GRIMaldi's. Irish Weirs have the Bag Shield bendwise, as does the Arms of Bavaria in blue. Garibald and GRIMoald, two old dukes of Bavaria (where Rothes'/Rothchilds, Bauers and Knobs were first found) , are in this line, and Garibaldi's (Genoa, same as Grimaldi's) use a tree with roots while Reuters ("Per") have another giant horse, and Roots/Routs (tree with roots) share the BLUE lozenges of Angels/Angle's (share white, winged horse with Gilligans), in both colors of the blue-on-white lozenges of Bagleys. The latter were first found in Shropshire with Rudes'/Rudge's (where Rothes were once said to be first found). Roots/Routs were first found in Kent with Rothes', and the Arms of Kent has a horse in the colors of the Rush, RASmussen/ASSMAN, and Jewish Rothchild horse. These are the colors of horsehead-using Hebrons/Hepburns ("Keep", roses, same lion as Russells, colors reversed from Ross lion) and RODhams, both first found in Northumberland. Rudes' are expected from Rudesheim (Hesse, near the first Rothschild), at ASSMANNShausen. Ras' are listed with Scottish Rose's (at Rothes) in the Jewish Rothchild and Ukrainian Roman (Romanians?) Coats.

There's a lot of red here that can be for Red Rus, also called, Red Ruthenia. Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were first found at Moray with Rothes and Rhodes-linkable Randolphs (share cross of Rhodes-related Baths). Red Rus (named after the Kiev Varangians) touches upon Poland (home of Polock people group), and Peter Pollock built the castle at Rothes. Peter was named after a Pollok location in the area of the first known HAMELtons, whom I trace to Kemuel, son of Nahor, and the latter's tribe is suspect with the Nerthus-like Neuri on the Bug Red Rus. Rose's were first found in NAIRn. Neuri worshiped wolves, right down the Welf line, and while Norrys use the wolf, Norths share a part of the DENARDO/NORDi/NARbonne Coat, the latter now suspect with the Nerthus-like Neretva/Naro river i.e. making Nahorites suspect on that river.

Scottish Rose's share the water BOUGet with English Bugs, and ravens are shared between German Rothes' and German Bugs. Nahor's first son, Uts, may have named the Jutes, suspect by historians with the Eudoses mentioned by Tacitus in his list of Nerthus-worshiping Germanics...which included the proto-Varangian Varni, you see. So, Varni named Red Rus. "It FELT so GOOD" points to Goths/Gothels, and Jutes are thought to have become Goths. Hamiltons were first found in Renfrewshire while Renfrews share the ship of BALDs i.e. connectable to king Baldwin I, husband of Gothelo's granddaughter. Baldwin was the brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, and the Bouillon flory cross is in colors reversed with Felts. Hamiltons were also in Lothian with Balders (cross in Baldwin-saltire colors).

If Baldwins were from Baldwin de Moeles in the Baldwin write-up, then due to Mules' being first found in Devon with Supers (in the "STARE super" motto phrase of Angels/Angle's), it would appear that Baldwins share the Super saltire. The Mules Chief even shares red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne (home of Eustace II, father of king Baldwin I). That's new.

Mules' almost have the Wake Coat, and Wake's with Orrs and Nellys share red roundels too, a suspected pointer to Nelly Ohr, a criminal who should be prosecuted by now along with her husband (Bruce, he quit the DoJ recently to avoid an internal investigation into his Russia-collusion crimes). Orrs were first found in Renfrewshire with Hamiltons, and Renfrews share the ship of Balds. The latter have a version of the Schim/Schien Coat that itself shares the giant boar head of Mole's!!! Baldwin of Moeles!

The interesting thing is that the Schim/Schien Crest is also the dove (might even be a pigeon) in the Stoll Crest, and my stool pigeon walked over my septic sewer some three days before the mole under my GRAVEL formed a mole hill over the septic TANK (the sewer). Stolls can be gleaned with the Bath cross done with the Whistle lozenges, and one Gravel Coat is the Bath Coat. The Sewer and pigeon together pointed to George Schwartz (Soros) and the Sword/Swart surname, and the latter have the motto, "Paratus," while Parats were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons and Bald-branch Bauds. The latter were first found in Stirlingshire with Guiscards who use the three Orr/Ore piles in colors reversed. Roger Guiscard, king of Sicily, was the son of Tancred!!! Tanks/Tancreds are a branch of TANKERville's, whom I trace to TANAGRa, at or beside SCHIMATARi! Pretty amazing.

Bologna/Bononia was home to Boii, and Tanagra / Schimatari are in BOIOtia. Eustace II lived at Boulogne, also called, Bononia, and the latter term is likely in-code in the Orr/Ore motto. Plus, the Guido's of Bologna/Bononia (Italy) are also GUIScard-like Guis' who share the hourglass shape, in colors reversed, with German Balds! The latter's hourglass shape is use by Skits/Skeets' (Ayrshire, same as Sheds) and Skate's/Sheets, both of whom use the potent cross owned by the family of Godfrey-de-Bouillon (used in the flag of Templar Jerusalem).

Listen closely. Scottish Sheds have the Tankerville, Hamilton and Bus cinquefoils in colors reversed, and English Sheds/Scheds have a version of the potent-cross Coat of Chads (Norfolk, same as Skate's/Sheets and Bus'). Then, Chadwicks and Chaddocks have a red version of the Sadducee-like Saddock/Sedgewick Coat, and Caiaphas was a Sadducee, which at his lifetime had a house of Boethus, like the Boeotia version of "Boiotia." The Skits/Skeets' and Skate's/Sheets share the fleur-de-lys of Mascals (Sussex, same as Saddocks), who in turn have the Saddock eSCUTcheon in colors reversed. Italian Capone's have a lion head with crown all in the colors of the Levi lion with crown. Sheds/Scheds have the split-Shield of Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire, same as Sheds/Scheds), and English Morleys have the leopard-face-with-fleur of Aids/Ade's in the Levi motto. French Chappes' use a MOOR head, and Scottish Chappes' were first found in Stirlingshire with Bauds and Guiscards. The Skit / Skate / Mascal fleur-de-lys are also those of Banks suspect in the Malbancs of the Mall/Marlybone write-up.

Compare "Caiaphas" with the Keepes variation of Keeps (Sussex, same as Saddocks), with the Kipax variation of Keppochs (Yorkshire, same as Sheds/Scheds), and then with "Kepke." The Sched- / Skeets-like Schutz's/Shutz's were first found in Rhineland with Salome's suspect from Salome of Boethus, a Sadducee family. Then, while Kepke sold shoes, the Skits/Skeets' are shown properly as Skeochs/Skeach's, like the Schuch/Schugs/Shook variations of Shoe's, and finally we take this to the Shake's/Shicks having "mole hills" connectable to Schims/Schiens from SCHIMatari, where I trace Israel's ancient, Shake-like SHECHEMites. The Cunninghams (Ayrshire, same as Skits/Skeets'/Skeochs) use a "SHAKE fork).

We can expect this line from Schimatari to have been in the Laevi upon the Ticino, and that's where the "Antiquum" motto term of Shake's can come in, for the Anticks/EnTICKs (Peer colors) use a giant PARROT on a green Shield, the colors of the Shake and PEER Shields. Anticks/Enticks have "napp" endings that can indicate merger with Napps (Levi lion?) or Napiers, especially as the latter come up as "PEERless." The latter have the saltire of Ticino-river Tease's/Tess'/TECKs (LEAVES) in colors reversed, and even add a "tache" motto term probably of the Tankerville-branch Tacks (share cherub head with Chalants/Chalons). Tache's share the red scallop with Tanks/Tancreds, and the red cinquefoil with Scottish Sheds. "AnTICK" looks like the Anne's/Hanne's from TICKhill, suspect with Annas, Caiaphas' father-in-law.

The Napiers are like the Naparis river to the south side of the Buzau, and the SENSii, likely on the Naparis, can be in the "SANS tache" motto of Napier's/Peerless'. Tache-like Thackers/Thicks, with a Theaker variation like the Teaser of Tease's/Thys', use bulRUSHes, and Rush's with Rosco's (share Shed cinquefoil both colors) are suspect from the Roxolani of that Naparis theater. Miss Peare and I RUSHED up the stairs to kiss, and while Kiss' are a Cass branch, the red eagle heads of Casseys ("PER") could be on the Thacker/Thick fesse. French Caseys show LEAVES.

Wikipedia's article on the Iolamita (anciently the Naparis) says it's "north of Moroeni," and then the Marone's share the Mole / Schim/Schien / Googe/Goose boar head. As per Peerless' being listed with Napiers, it makes sense that "IOLAmita" is to the Yells (SHETland) and Yellows, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's.

The Ukrainian Romans get Kepke-interesting where Italian Romans/Romania's (Naples, same as Capone's/Capua's) share the white wolf with the Arms of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches (Cheshire, same as Welfs/Lupus' who share the wolf heads of Schim-branch Skene's/Skins), where Kepke's golf balls point. Flints, namers of Flintshire (beside Cheshire), are Flanns too, and Flynns have a wolf in Roman/Romania-wolf colors, which might indicate that general Flynn is being persecuted on behalf of Biden's Romanian interests (just a guess).

[Insert -- We can assume that Flynn was percecuted by the same Ukrainian elements that worked Trump over unto impeachment. As Flynns share the Chief of Trebys, I assume, more than one Roman surname could be from Trypillians of Romania, especially as the Rim variation of Rome's (traceable to the Trebia river) is suspect with Romania's Rimna river. Trypillians, said Wikipedia, would burn their houses down ritually (perhaps when they were moving to new areas in lots), and while Flame's share the Treby besants in both colors, Flame-like Flemings were from Flint-like Flanders. I'll have more to say on this in the next update.]

It just so happens that a mule is used by Italian Capote's/Capone's (not the Capone's above) while Romans/Romania's were first found in Naples with Capone's/Capua's (Capua, near Naples, was ruled by the Drengot Normans, likely related to the Guiscards). French Capote's/CHAPPUS' (Caiaphas-like), with a rose-version of the Wray Coat, share RED ROSEs in Chief with Ukrainian Romans. Red Rus and the Bug rivers are in Ukraine. Casimir of Poland may have ruled Red Rus.

When Kepke barged out the front door of La Paloma, he was ANGRY because Peare and I were in a passionate kiss. So, this kiss may have been necessary for indicating a Kepoi / Kiev link to the Anger / Angel/Angle the Anglos. Nagle's (share the three Anger lozenges) were part of this line. Rothes is at Moray while Moray-branch Irish Murrays have a motto, "Imperio." Nagle's named Oneglia, otherwise called, Imperia, and while Irish Nagle's look connectable to the Weir/Vere Coat, the latter share the Moray DOUGlas stars while Dogs/Doags/Docks share the Hamelton / Bus cinquefoil. I can now go from the Dose swan to the swan of Sions/Swans (share heart with Douglas'), first found in Lanarkshire with the proto-Douglas Hardys, which may indicate that Douglas' and their branches are from Dose-like "EUDOSes." It only needed a Dose modification to "Doke," for example, and so if Eudoses were Jutes, Douglas' and Dogs/Doags/Docks can be from Uts, first-listed (in Genesis 22) son of Nahor. His second-listed son was Bus-like Buz, and his third listed was Hamel-like Kemuel. Hamiltons and Bus share the same cinquefoil.

The male given name, Eudes, is often rendered, Odo, and so Otto's might apply to Jutes. One of the first-known Varangians, if not the first, was Inger, and his daughter was, EUDOKia. Her part-Khazar mother (Melissena RANGABE) descended from Prokopia, like the Prokopp variation of Brocuffs. The Brocuff Chief has what looks like the potent flag of Georgia (Caucasia), and the "oriente" motto term of Brucuffs might be play to the Eastern Roman empire, for Prokopia was a Byzantine empress. Georgia supported the Jerusalem crusades. Proto-Varangian Varni were at least near the Pomeranian house of Griffin in the Brocuff Crest. The first crusader ruler of Jerusalem was Godfrey de Bouillon, and while his family used the potent cross, the Bouillons use it as a flory, in white, like the flory that is the Arms of Rangabe (see it in Wikipedia's article on emperor Michael I).

HAGARs (Perthshire, near Rothes / Moray) share the hexagram star of Goths/Gothels, in the colors of the Moray / Douglas stars, and hexagrams in colors reversed are used by Moray's Innis'. The point is, the Moldova river, not very far from the Bug, is a tributary of the Siret, once called the AGARus. Sire's/Sirets ("justitia"), kin of Perthshire's Justine's (Hagar colors), share the lozenges of Angels/Angle's...yada-yada). Sire's/Sirets (ANCHOR, yada-yada...) share the green snake with Innis' of Moray, and the Moray Crest has the mermaid with mirror while the Sire/Siret snake is look at itself in a mirror. It's a good bet that the SCALES of justice of Sire's/Sirets and Justine's were linked by blood to the CASS/Cash scales. Sions/Swans (traceable hard to Sweyne Forkbeard who married Mieszko's of Poland) are also "Sine" in the "NON sine CAUSa" motto of Justine's. Nons, with a fesse colors reversed from the Nagle fesse, are in the Nagle motto.

Oneglia was the home of Arduinici, who married DORia's there, and Arduinici with Doria's are from the Ardiaei and the Daorsi, both on the Nerthus-like Neretva river. The Nagle fesse is shared by Beefs of Imperia-like PERIgord, where the Bardys were first found, a possible branch of Vardys whom I trace to "Vardaei," an alternative form of "Ardiaei." Bardys share the Dagger/Dacker Coat, and Dexaroi were on the Apsus river with Fier county, and it just so happens that Fiers/Fears (in the Peacock motto), who were Varangian-connectable Vere's, share the Vardy moline. Daggers/Dackers were first found in Cumberland with DOCKers i.e. Eudoses suspects! Dockers use spears, and Spears were first found in Renfrewshire with Jute-connectable Hameltons. There's a TRUSESTi location in what could be Moldova today (I haven't checked what country it's in, could be in Romania).

Peacocks use a "JUST" motto term, and thus it does appear that Cass'/Cash's are in the Justine motto, especially as a peacock is used by Paws/Pairs while a "pair of scales" of Cash's/Cash's. "Peare and I rushed up the stairs = scala!" Peacocks share the fesse of Rush's (and Rosco's), isn't that just crazy. The Peacock peacock has a red rose in mouth, yup. Justine of Picenum, daughter of Justus, the line to Justine's, married Valentinian of VINKovci, explaining why Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire with Justine's, and then wings are in the Crest of Peaks, like the Peas variation of Peacocks.

To make a long story short, I'll just state my facts without explaining the reasons. Maxwells, who have Pollocks as a sept while Peacocks were a Pollock sept, were at Rijeka/Rika with Roxolani, and while Ricks are Rijeka liners, they have the Craven Coat in colors reversed while Craven is where Banks were first found who share the Peak fleur-de-lys. I rode Peare's white horse to a bank in a field when Kepke and she were there. Peaks can be gleaned with Peks/Pecks. Cuppae, near the source of the Pek river, is likely the line to the Christine cups, and Christine's were first found on Man, where the family of Maccus was who's to the Maxwells/Makeswells. I pulled Christine's waist in the sleeping-bag dream, and Pullys/Pullings love the Culp variation of Cups in their motto, from the Kupa/Colapis river beside Rijeka. Hold on to your hips.

Banks (Benjamin colors) are suspect from Benjamites at the Rimna tributary of the Siret, and Roxolani were right there, for I saw them on a map centered on the BUZau tributary of the Siret. Bus' were first found in Norfolk with Walsh-related Benjamins, and Walsh's were first found in ROXburghshire too. The Cotesii were also on the Buzau, and they trace to royal Cottians, which included VESTALis, the line to WAISTells!!! Zinger. That's why there was a bank in the field on my ride upon her horse (Waistells have a white horse "on a gallop"). I kissed both Peare and Walsh at La Paloma while Walsh's/Walchs were from Wallachia, which included the Rimna / Buzau areas.

Paloma's use doves, and Cuppae is said to be the city of doves. Dove's/Dows share a white dancette of waist-like Wests, and while royal Cottians were on the Riparia river, suspect with the "R.I.P." on the TUME tombstones, the Viu is a Riparia tributary while "vie" is a West motto term. La Paloma had a dance floor, and Vestalis was the grandson of king Donnus, the line to Dance's/Donnas', first found in Piedmont with the Cottian capital (Susa), and with Pero's/Perino's having one of the four Dance/Donnas pale bars. Spanish Paloma's have two of them (same colors). Wests were at Acton, and Actons are in the Craven motto. Not surprisingly, the Rush / Rosco fesse is that also of Actons and Ricks. Wests have this: "Another reference states "the noble family (Earl Delawarr)..." Delaware is Biden turf? Let's repeat that Banks share the Heinz fleur-de-lys. Rick-like Rich's, first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bottons/Bidens, use the BOTTONy cross. The "l'homme" motto term of Actons is shared by HumPHREYs ("vrai") who look like they have a bottony-cross version of the Bouillon flory cross. It FELT so good.

English FELTmans (Middlesex, same as Fiers/Fears) have a "PALMa" motto term, and so they can be close to the Peare leopard faces. German Feltmans share both stars of both Reitman surnames, and Christine Peare sold clothes for Reitmans when I kissed her at La PALOMa. Jewish Reitmans (RED ROSE) share the hexagram of German PLUMers (and Rotens). Kepke eventually got into the plumbing career, starting a year or so after he left Peare for good, and he stayed in plumbing for decades. English Plumbers/Plumers (almost the Pollock motto term), in Christine colors and format, share the Shoe star. Plumbers/Plumers share the rare wavy chevron with Pierce's/PIERs, and the latter share the unicorn head (different colors) with Christine's, amazing is it not? The makers of this bit of heraldry didn't know Christine Peare, or where she worked in the 1970s.

The Rose-line Roxolani were on the Agarus as well as on the Dnieper of the Kiev area. Weirs/Vere's were in ROXburghshire, and Roxburghs share the horse head with Keep-loving Hebrons/Hepburns. The Trysts in the Hebron/Hepburn motto use the ROSE, and share "Nec" twice in their motto with Rodhams (Northumberland, same as Hebrons/Hepburns) and with Rother-like Rutherfords (Roxburghshire).

The Biden-Kerry corruption schemes involve ROSEmont Capital, owner of Rosemont Seneca, and co-founded by Devon Archer, and Christopher Heinz (John Kerry's step-son), with Hunter Biden as a partner, begging what secret part Kerry / Heinz had with Burisma. The interesting thing here is that Seneca's are also SENESchals, feasible a surname from the SENSii people group on the southern side of the Buzau river i.e. at least beside the Roxolani expected in Rosemonts/Rosmans. The latter have double fesses in the colors of the Biden fesse. I link Seneca's/Seneschals to the Spinks partly due to Seneca-like Snake's/Snooks and Senes(chal)-like Sans' sharing the Spink eagles. Brocuffs/Prokopps use the sphinx.

Ahh, just realized, Tacitus (1st century) said that Nerthus (mother-earth goddess) was worshiped by Varni, Angles, Eudoses and LOMBARDs, and it just so happens that Scottish Lombards are also Limbaugh's. RUSH Limbaugh? Why would God want to point to him? There must, at times, be coincidences in heraldic links, not of God's doing, but on this one I can't say either way. Rush is an Americanism pusher. It's a cult, a masonic cult. On the other hand, he single-handedly rallied Republicans to power to end the Democrat, anti-Christ monopoly. I disliked him when he called himself, "God," but he's changed since then. He was a boastful man at the time. He's nearing his death at this time (has advanced cancer); will he go there without Jesus? Confess Jesus, Mr. Limbaugh. He wasn't just a poor teacher in worn-out sandals. He said that you'd get stuck in the eye of a needle if you don't renounce your great wealth. Rothschild-connectable Needle's share the giant sun with Rus-connectable Hesse's.

Vardys/Vertys were barons of Ferte-Mace, and Ferte's share the giant eagle of cushion-like Cussons who are linkable to the Kiss'/Cush's. Mace elements named king Maccus of Man, where Christine's were first found. I, a Massey/Macey liner, kissed Christine Peare after we both rushed up the stairs. "Cusson" is a little like the name of the MOLDdova capital. Molds share the Coat, almost, of Monmouths, and Fane's/VANs, first found in Monmouth, share the gauntlets of Maceys/Mace's. Neuri are suspect from the Nairi of Lake VAN, home of the Rusa kings, making the Rusa family look like the ancestral root of Roxolani (Rus-Alans).

Nagle's were first found in Pembrokeshire with Parrots. I missed this in the last update when on the topic of Alan Parrot and Robert O'Neill. It just so happens that German Nagle's are Neils too! Zinger! Nagle's/Neils have a saltire colors reversed from the Gopher/Gofer, Oddie's/Hoddys/ODO's and Hood/Hoot saltire!!! Hoods/Hoots are the ones with a "ZEALous" motto while Zeals are also Seals!!! O'Neill is/was part on the SEALs. Gophers/Gofers are expected to be a branch of Goffs/Goughs and Googe's i.e. Gog suspects that go well with Rosh and Meshech.

OTTONE Visconti was in Lombardy (named by Lombards) while Ottone's are also Odo-like Otto's, and then the Others/Otters are said to be from the Lombards, but also said to be proto-Windsors who in turn share the Naval/Navely saltire!!! The Naval SEALs! That snuck up on me, it wasn't intended when starting this paragraph. I pressed Peare's belly and navel, and a belly is a tum in the "voTUM" motto term of Irish Nagle's. "The Nagle surname arrived Cork, where Gilbert D'Angulo accompanied Strongbow [ruler of Pembroke] into Ireland in 1172." Clare's were the ancestry of Crispins, and French Crispins share the pomegranate with Grazio's, the latter first found in Perusia with Ottone's/Otto's. Wowie, how did that happen.

Irish Clare's, with a good reflection of the Irish Nagle Coat, share five, white feathers in crest with Scale's. She and I rushed up the scala to kiss, and Kiss-branch Cass'/Cash's use a "PAIR of scales"! Parrots use PEARs. This kiss, if indeed it's pointing to the Moldova capital, can be pointing to unknown Biden crimes in Moldova. Mark Meadows (Trump's chief of staff) said today that news about Biden's Moldavian involvement is about to break. Note the CASH surname, for cash is a choice form of securing / storing corrupt money. But it requires banks willing to put out big cash payments without informing governments.

Recall the "constans" motto term of Bevans/Bevants, a surname to topic from Bevan Cooney, a partner of Hunter Biden. The Constans/Constance's share the eagle of cushion-like Cussons/Cussance's, and a red rooster on a CUSHion in the Bibo Coat is expected as the red rooster of Kiss'/CUSH's.

I don't know what caused me to look for a Kiever surname at this time, but it caused me to write, above: "There's a Kiever surname sharing the red antler with CASimir's, and Casimir of Poland married Maria of Kiev! Bingo. This was found immediately after writing on the Cass/Cash surname later in this update." It helps to indicate that Kiss' were from the namers of the Moldova capital. The red antler was used also by Varangian-like Veringers, kin of Zahringers (blue antler) mentioned earlier in this update. The red antler is possibly of the red Necker/Neck stag head (red antlers), for Veringers were in Baden with the Neckar river. Antlers are suspect from Les Andelys, home of Tonys (Leicestershire, same as Kiss'/Cush's) in Necker/Neck / Antony colors.

STUTTgart on the Neckar goes to Stouts/Stows, first found in Cambridgeshire with Cass'/Cash's! Stouts/Stows look like kin of Holts (Salford, same as Ratcliffe's), and the Olt river is, I think, in Romania (western Moldova is in Romania). RUSidava was/is on the Olt (the Alutus on map above). The Olt river may have been part of Red Rus, named, I gather, by Kiev's Varangian Rus.

Lookie at what I had said: "I rushed up with her rushing behind me. The Varangians were Rus, I get it! The Danes were Rus too, and the Danube flows through Romania. Ukrainian Romans use ROSES." The Ukrainian Romans share the Chief-Shield colors of Miles expected in the "huMILE" motto term of Holts!!! Zinger, it feels so good. Miles' were once aid to be first found in Hampshire with Mile's/Mills, which is where Bidens were first found. The "Ex" motto term of Mile's/Mills can be for rose-using Ecks/Eckers, or the Ecke variation of Ice's, first found in ROStock.

whirling doves

Joe Biden and the Flintstones

Upon learning that Joe Biden is holed up in his basement in Wilmington, I loaded Wilmingtons, seeing that they have a version of the Pendergrass Coat. I noted from the Penders that: "The variant Pounder was used interchangeably with Pinder." Loading Pounds (version of the Pond Coat), I recalled that they were first found in Hampshire with Ponds and Buttons/Bidens, all three Coats sharing the same fesse. I realized a few other things that I might get to, but first, I want to say that, upon studying the Wilmington surname, trying to figure out its root term, I recalled Wilma FLINTstone. I had noted that Flints are like "Flanders," home of Flemings who called themselves, Vlaams, like "Wilma." Wilma Flintstone was given red hair and a white dress, the colors of Scottish Flemings.

The Flint surname uses "flint stones," though they are arrow heads likely as code for Arrows/Arras, from Artois, which I think over-lapped with southern Flanders. Plus, Wilma's daughter, Pebbles, is like "Peebles," the area of Scotland in the thick of where Flemings of Flanders moved. So, it seemed that Hanna-Barbera, the producers of Flintstones, had Flemings on their mind. Flintshire is beside Denbighshire, where Bachs/Baghs were first found who share blue vair with WILMingtons, you see. Yes, it was exciting to see Wilma-like Wilmingtons sharing the vair fur of Irish Flemings.

In the Chief of Irish Flemings are the checks of English Vaux's, and then Scottish Vaux's were first found in Lothian (beside Peebles or even including it), a hub of Flemish migrants such as the Seatons sharing the dragon with Pounds. Everything I've written thus far in the section, aside from Wilmingtons, I've known previously, but it floored me to load Wilms/Welmans, finding them sharing the bend-with-stars of Scottish Vaux's and Salome's. It floored me because the same stars are shared by pounds while Wilms/Welmans are said to be from POUNDSford park. That tends to assure that Wilmingtons have a version of the Pendergrass Coat, not by chance, but due to a marital link.

It floored me because, before finding the Wilms/Welmans, I had planned to tell that the Salome's, suspect from Salome BOETHus (a clan of the Israeli Sadducees) share the Pound stars while Pounds share the fesse of Bidens and Butes/Butts/BOETs. I had planned to say that Pounds and Bute's/Boets use gold on their identical fesses. And then I found Wilms sharing the Salome stars and living at a Pound-named location. CAIAPhas was a Sadducee, and CHAPmans love the Ponders (Cambridgeshire, same as Chapmans) in their motto, an obvious branch of Ponds (share the Bute/Boet fesse too).

For my records, Wilms/Welmans (also "Welham") are said to have had a Welham location in Harborough, and a Shirt/Shard member is said to have become the earl of Harborough...reminding that Biden can be linked to the "shirt with buttons" of Tous'/Tosini's/TONSo's, where Cabyle was an ancient location on the TONZus river (Thrace). Buttons/Bidens, first found in Hampshire with CAPLans, use the chapeau cap of Cabyle-like CAPELLi's, you see, and while "capelli" means hair (or hat), Biden likes to sniff the hair of females. It just so happens that the Shirt/Shard Crest is a peacock, ditto for the Crest of HARcourts who in turn share the double chevrons of HAIRs, believe it or not. Shirts/Shards have an "HosTIS" motto tern while sharing the chevron of Tiss'/Teece's (Hampshire, same as Buttons/Bidens).

Sniffs, heh-heh, are listed with Sneyds who married TONZus-like Tunstalls/Tonstalls. Although I don't know what the latter use for sure, it looks like they have HAIR combs, the type worn by women that stays in the hair. If they are hair combs, wow, what a sniffincidence. Plus, Comeys are also Combs. Comforts/COMBerfords use the peacock too.

Football Dream

I remembered the end of a dream this morning, very vivid, though the first parts I can't recall the details of. There was a Black football player, in a black uniform, who was tackled. He fell sliding, and then I saw others players sliding, all in sandy dirt forever, like 30-foot slides, in slow motion, past my vision, with their right hands stretched out to their fronts and sailing through the sand-like dirt. I woke up realizing that Foots, Balls and Hands were all first found in Cheshire, with Sands to neighboring Lancashire.

[However, the Hand write-up suggests that the first-known Mr. Hand was in Bedfordshire; a Hunt-like Honde COTTrell of Cheshire was listed a few years later. Cottrells, in Bessin colors and format, happen to have the Meschin scallops in colors reversed. Honds/Houndakers/Hondsacre's (ROOKs) were first found in neighboring Derbyshire, and Hands/Hanns share the chevron of Rooks (rooks), suspect from Roxolani near/in Kiev, but also on the Buzau, home of COTTrell-suspect Cotesii. In fact, this Massey/Macey-line picture can explain why Cotta's/COTARALLs -- like the COTTAREL variation of Cottrells, great find -- use FRETTy, suspect with Ferte-Mace.]

By the time I was dressed, I was asking why this dream should point to Alexander Balas, to whom I trace Balls. He was a Seleucid king, and the prophet Daniel has the anti-Christ following in the footsteps of the Seleucid kings for a reason left to the reader to figure out. I have predicted that the anti-Christ, whom I view as Ezekiel's Gog, will be a Meschin / Massey liner, though that prediction was made for other reasons aside from their being from the Meshech.

As soon as I got to the computer, I loaded a few surnames, Blundville's, Kevels, Flots and Flatts, in that order, and was amazed. It involved Alexanders, as well as the Flacks that I say point to Middle-East Baathists, suspect for years (just my guess) as the neo-Seleucid kingdom of the anti-Christ.

Here's how it works. The Foots and Fothes'/Fette's are expected in the "cyFOETH" motto term of Gernons, and earl Ranulph de Gernon-Meschin was ancestor (grandfather, I think) to the Blundville's (probably share the Masci wing), who were at Cheshire's Beeston, named after the Bessin, where Meschins came from when settling England. Meschin, and his uncle, Hugh Lupus, descended from Richard Goz (Hugh's father), and then Goz's/Gosse's look like the Goose variation of Gog-like Googe's (branch of Goughs), the latter in the colors of the wolf head of Hugh Lupus. "Hugh" itself could have been a variation from "Gug," noting that Gough-like Houghs (wolf head) were first found in Cheshire with Hugh Lupus.

Kevels/Keevels (Kiev liners?) were looked up because Ranulph de Blundville was son of Hugh de Kivelioc/Kevilioc (called "of CYfeilog," like "CYfoeth."). Hugh Lupus was from Avranches, the Varangi like term, and Varangians were in Kiev from a couple of centuries earlier. A few years ago, Kepke and Lorraine together came to topic together, when their "SUN-bright" (the descriptive term I used) blond hair caused me to look up the Blonds, whom I was not familiar with. I was discussing, just before looking up Blonds, that Lorraine had been given a babe symbol at the moment she got her foot / feet symbol, I kid you not, it's all recorded in my updates several times. The Blonds not only turned out with six fessewise bars half in the colors of the same of Babe's, but both surnames shared the SUN (i.e. goes with sun-bright), and inside the Blonde sun there is a foot!!! It's called a foot for the Foots.

It's notable that "via" is shared between Blonds and Wests, for we read this in the Blundville write-up: "'[Ranulph's] surname, like his father's, was derived from his birthplace, "Blundevill" being identified by Dugdale with OsWESTry.'" Suddenly, the line of Vestalis, and the Waistells, looks to have named Oswestry, especially as Waistells use the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire and in the Arms of Hugh Kevelioc ! Zinger, Kepke's girl had the waist symbol pointing to Waistells, and the last time I saw Miss Peare was as little as a much before I dated Lorraine.

[The day after writing here, Keevel-like Keeple's/Kibble's/Kebbels were found, with a different-colored version of the Kevel/Keevel Coat, which reminded of Kiplings (Yorkshire, same as Keppocks) using nothing but a dancette, same as Waistell-branch Wests! Incredible. This must be why God put Kepke together with Peare, suggesting that Kepke ancestry was at the Buzau river with the proto-Cottian Cotesii.]

It's going to be important, below, that the Dol Alans were in Oswestry in particular while Alans descended from Flaad, like the Flaith(e) "nickname" that Hugh Lupus was once given in his Wikipedia article, removed after I linked it to "Flaad." Wikipedia also removed his wolf head that I linked to the Scarf wolf head, and here it needs to be repeated that Trabys/Sadowski's use a "scarf" while Traby of Poland married Astikas' of VILNius, traceable to Brittany's Ille-et-Vilaine province, where Dol is located.

So, with Kepke in the sun-bright-blond picture, note that my football dream, leading instantly to Blundville's, led also to Kevil-like Kevels/Keevels the day after I wrote the Kepke-Kiev section above! That is amazing. And my first-ever focus in seeking the dragon bloodline (back around 2005) to the anti-Christ was on the Varangian RUS i.e. from Rosh. The Varangian-suspect Vere's even share the Massey quadrants. The Vere star is in colors reversed in the Kevel Chief, and the Kevel chevron is colors reversed from the Foot chevron.

Okay, I've written a lot already as per Blundville's and Kevels. The third one I looked up first-thing this morning was the Flots/Floats followed by Flaad-like Flatts, because I know they were branches, and Flots were looked up because a quote in the Blundville write-up seems to link them to "Flotman." This instantly brought to mind the Sunday morning when my van got a FLAT TIRE while I was in church, the morning that Miss Hicks came over to me to take both my HANDs in hers, for to PRAY for/with me (at the pastor's direction that everyone do the same with somebody). Can you spot why the tire is Alexander important? Hang on, I'll explain.

But first, Prays share the wolf heads of Wolvers, first found in Cheshire. Plus, I work with three houseofnames tabs at one time, and I loaded the Blundville's this morning on the tab that still had the Wolvers showing from when they were loaded in the last update, as per this: "Parats, who may be in the "paratus" motto term of Kerricks, use what look like wolverines, and Wolvers (version of Meschin Coat) share three white wolf heads with Scarfs." The Prays are also Parat-like Praters, is that not wild!? She prayed with me while my Safari's tire was losing its air.

Remember, the footBALL dream was suspect in pointing to Alexander Balas, and it can be added, now, that French Balls (share large ermine spots with Balas') were first found in Brittany with the Alans of Dol, and so as these Alans settled Oswestry = Blundville, that's why the FOOTball applies, for Foots are in the motto of Meschins of Gernon who birthed Ranulph of Blundville. The ermine spots are part-code for ARMys/Ermine's (large ermine spot), and the football players had their arms stretched out straight ahead of them trying to break their falls (natural reaction) as they slid along on their chests (Brests/Bris in view?), with the sandy-like dirt being pushed ahead and splashed/scattered from the palms of their hands.

Palms (Yorkshire, same as Meschin-Skiptons) share the Massey fleur-de-lys. Palmers, kin of Meschin-related FLAGs/Flacks (Foots use the flag, I think), share the trefoils of Flots/Floats and Flatts in colors reversed, which once again ties this football dream to the day of the flat tire, especially as Miss Hicks (probably to be viewed as Mrs. Kilpatrick for these purposes) took both my palms in hers.

[This is a good place for this insert the day after writing here. As the Kevel Coat shares the Heinz chevron, it made me wonder how the Heinz's could fit into this discussion in case God was pointing, with this dream, also to the Biden-Heinz partnership. The first two things I realized is the similarity between "Hand" and "Heinz," and then recalled that BUDINI were south of Kiev (probably on the Dnieper river with the shoe "store" of Burisma's owner). BUTTONs/Bidens!!! The Botters/BUDINs were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens! Amazing.

Herodotus said that Budini lived with Geloni, and then Galans/Galants share the Peare / Parson leopard faces. Keeps ("GALLey" ship) have a bend colors reversed from Galant-like Chalants, and Kepke once said to me, "be nonCHALANT" (I've told that story many times). French Galleys are Gallets and similar variations, suggesting the Galati location near the mouth of the Buzau. German Gallus' share the rooster of Heinz-like Hahns, and of Keeple-like Kopple's! Gallus Anonymous wrote mythology on Kopple-like Goplo, making Kepke liners suspect with that mythology. Let me chew on that for a while before getting back to it. Gallons are listed with Italian Gallus'.

Keep in mind here that Banks and Heinz's share fleur-de-lys while Banks came up as per my riding Peare's horse to a bank. Banks are expected to link to Peare's waist symbol, and to WESTs, and are from Benjamites at the Buzau theater so that, in fact, Banks could have been related closely to the Waistell branch of Cottians. The football players were sliding on their bellies, and Peare's waist symbol goes with her belly symbol for certain purposes, one of which was to point to Tume's/Tombs with tombstones suspect with the Riparia river, home of royal Cottians.

I then loaded Keeple's and Kiplings, finding the following in the Keeple/Kibel/Kebbel write-up: "In the 13th century, Kibel, Kibbel, and Kebbel were names found in the adjacent counties of Cambridge and HUNTs..." Well, Hunts/Hunters were first found in Shropshire with OsWESTry = Blundville (Miss Peare had "dirty-blond" hair), and I've yet to address that the football players were sliding on their bellies in SLOW motion. It recalls my suggestion that Slows are a branch of Sallows / Swallows, of Shropshire!!! Alans of Shropshire married Arundels, and the latter use the Swallow swallows while Sallows (share tree with roots with Swallows) are said th be first found in Shropshire! Arundels are named after their Arun location in Sussex, where Keeps (Keeple/Kebbel colors) were first found! English Alans and Rundels/Roundels (Kent, same as tree-root Roots/Routs/ROOTES') are in the colors of the Keeple/Kebbel chevron. Roots/Rootes' share the Coat of Shropshire's Bagleys, and RUDES'/Rudge's were first found in Shropshire too who happen to share the Slow cross! Bingo! And Benjamin-like Bengs/Bings, who come up as Bank-like Bangs, were first found in Kent too.

Recall the Biden link to Cabyle elements, for Keeple's have a Kebbel variation; how interesting if Kepke's ancestry should be the namers of Cabyle and mythical Cybele/Kybele, mother goddess of the Hatti. The latter was represented by mythical Attis, Cybele's son and husband (the incestuous symbolism wasn't given for nothing), and Attis is at times made the son of Cotesii-like Cotys!!! Mythical Cotys, the female, was a witch cult of Thrace, and Cabyle is in Thrace.

Here's the map showing Cabyle on the Tonzus river, near Sub Radice. Note the similarity between the Cable and Radice Coats, then compare cable's to Cotta's/Cottons who come up as "Cotys!!! The mouth of the Tonzus is at the home of the Benjamin-like Benni peoples. Thrace is beside the Rudes-like Rhodope mountains, and Rhodes is beside Kos. Sub Radice is by the Serdica that trace to Swords, and the latter share "Paratus" with Deacons/DOCKings while ArchDeacons come up as "Cotys! The latter's triple fesses are colors reversed from the same of English Wise's, and Pero's/Perino's share the Wise/Weis hexagrams. I had DOCKers leather shoes on when Miss Hicks took my palms to pray, and the other Prays share the six Coats/Cotes' pale bars!!! Astounding "coincidence."

Previously, Deacons/Dockers were said to be first found in Rudes-like Rutland. Rutlands share the "ORLE" border with Rutherfords, and AURELia Cotta (mother of Julius Caesar) is suspect with the Cotys/Cotta's (Languedoc, same as French Julians), Cottian suspects linkable to Peare's waist.

Is their a Motion surname? I haven't checked yet, but I just saw "Rugge" in the Rudes/Rudge write-up, and rugger is a form of football!!! Rugge's are in the colors and format of Slow-like Sleys with a slide-like variation of "Sleith." As Sleys use owls, while Kos was an owl cult, OSwestry may have been named after a Kos-Westry merger. Sleys were first found in Essex with Quints, and while the latter were also first found in Dorset with their Palin/Pawley kin, note that Keeple's/Kebbels (Suffolk, same as Owls/Howls) share the Quint chevron and the Palin Chief.

As I've said several times, I smelled Miss Hick's dusty hair the morning she was holding both my hands. She was cuddled up that close to me between the pews. Zero shampoo odor was in her hair, and so her beautiful, sun-bright BLOND hair must have been a wig. Fifteen years later, I got the impression that the event should be a pointer to Joe Biden sniffing the hair of ladies young and old. Here's from the 3rd of January, 2020:

OH WOW, the Walks have an "InDUSTRia" motto term that comes up huge shortly below in a pointer to Joe Biden's suspected crimes in Romania. This has got to make us giggle a little because Smells have an "Industria" motto term too. What do you think of when we put Smells together with Joe Biden? Smells come up below because Mrs. Kilpatrick's hair, when she was praying for me in the flat-tire day, smelled like DUST, and I say that Dusters are in "Industria." I now know that God intended the Walks to be a part of the blazer / smell-hair event due to being from Wallachia elements...Muntenia covers most of Wallachia, and Smells (BUCKle) have a version of the English Mountain Coat.

Joe Biden is the "big guy" this week in crack-pot criminal news, and Guys share the buckle with Smells. Roxolani lived in Muntenia, and then the Smell/Smile and Smollet Coats reflect that of English Mountains; compare also with Biggars (Lanarkshire, same as Sane's/Same's/Sions who may have named the shamrock). French Mountains were at least near to Roque's/Rocks (Languedoc), namers of Languedoc's Roquefeuil.

There is no Motion surname coming up, but Motons/Mittens/Moutons/Myrtons share the ram head in Crest with Shropshire's Bagleys. SLOW MOTION. As Slows looked like Shropshire elements in relation to the Dol Alans, it's notable that Motte of the Motts/MOTTINs/MORTe's (like the MYRTon variation of Motons) is a location not far from Dol. Says were first found in Shropshire with their Mortone-Say location French Balls were first found in Brittany with Motte, and Mortons in Cheshire with Foots. SLOW MOTION FOOTBALL players, sliding along the turf, at our service. French Balls show only large ermine spots (rife in Brittany), and then a mammal ermine, wearing a scarf, is, if I recall correctly, in the Arms of St. Malo, beside Dol. That's in Vilnius-like Vilaine.

Cliffs/Cleffs (Cheshire) are said to have been were at Mortone-Say while I wore a tie with treble-clefs upon it when Miss Hicks took my palms to pray. Cliffs/Cleffs share the Coat of Quade's who are in turn in the Q-shaped scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's, and Treble's were first found in Devon with Treebys and Alan-line Stewarts. The latter use a "ragully" pattern suspect partly with Raggs' who in turn have a reflection of the Smell Coat! I smeller her hair while she held my hands. Zinger. So, blame the treble-clef tie on God, for as I never would have bought it, someone gave it to me for a birthday gift, and I wore it only one time. God had that all planned out, didn't He? What do you think the Tie's were from?

In the Moton write-up: "'Aighton {in Lancashire}, under the name of Halghton, was granted by Ilbert de Lacy, prior to 1102, with other lands, to a family who is supposed to have taken the surname of Mitton.'" Lacys share the purple lion with Skiptons of Craven, and Banks were from Craven. The latter likely have the Aighton-like Actons in their motto. Aightons, like the Eytons of Shropshire (same place as Sleeps and BAGleys), are listed with the Artems/Aitons/Aytons (Berwickshire, same as Aids in the sleeping-BAG dream with Peare's waist), and Artems/Aitons have a rose version of the Rhodes, Deacon / Decan Coats. Decani is on the White Drin over in/by KOSovo. Moreover, believe it or not, ArchDEACONs come up as "Cotys"! Slow Motion just took us back to the Cotys > Cotesii line, and Deacons ("PARATus", same term as Swords from Serdica, near Cabyle) were first found in Suffolk with Keeple's/KEBBELs! Mythical Cotys was made the father of KYBELE's husband.

Parats have wolverines (I think), and Wolvers (version of Meschin Coat) share three white wolf heads with Scarfs, the latter's being the wolf head of le-Meschin's uncle, Hugh Lupus D'Avranches'. This line produced Kebbel-like Hugh of Kevilioc. End insert]

As the first football player had black skin, note that the Chief of English Blacks is also the Kevel Chief, can we believe it? The Black chevron is also the Blundville chevron. Kepke the sun-bright blond had a dog, Blacky, all of our teenage years. We became friends when collecting golf balls in the streams of golf courses, and our third-best prize was balls by Gary PLAYER (Kepke had the best balls all worked out, Titleist number one, Executive number two). Guelph-line Welfs were first found in Cheshire, and share the wolf heads of Skene's/SKINs, a branch of Schims/Schiens who in turn share the boar of GOOGE's/GOOSE's, suspect with Richard Goz, father of Hugh Lupus. The football player had black SKIN. And the Schim/Schien Chief is also the Kevel / Black Chief!!!! WOW.

For the first time ever, I'm seeing a Kepke-line link close to Cheshire's Meschins, thanks to Hugh Kevilioc and the Kevels. It's explaining why God chose Kepke as my teenage buddy (we were very close). The "comite" motto term of Schims/Schiens is for Conte's/Comite's (share white antler with Masci-line Hamons), and Richard Goz married Emma de CONTEville. "SHIN bones" are used by Newtons (Cheshire), and the Blundville's have: "Thomas de Blundeville...'was the son of Robert de Blunville of NEWTON; Flotman, Norfolk..." Hamons are suspect with Rimmons/Crimmons in their motto, or, at least, the Rimini location of Italy that I see from the Rimna river beside the Buzau.

As I said many times, I wore a small-checked BLAZER, with TREBLE-CLEFF tie (right down the Traby and wolf-head alley), to church the day Miss Hicks took my hands to pray. It was the first time I wore a tie to her church after a few years of attending. She wasn't accustomed to my getting dressed up, as I was doing that year, and so I'm assuming that God put it into my head to get some new clothes to lure her in to pray (she's the salon-type woman, "classy" if you want to put it that way). It was the day of the FLAT tire, and Flatts were first found in Orkney with Linkletters, the latter using black-and-green checks, the colors of the tiny checks (about an 1/8" square) in my blazer.

As the Black football player had s black shirt, let's talk Shirts/Shards, first found in Cheshire, sharing the Blundville chevron while Blundville's share trefoils (different color) with Flots/Floats, Flatts and Palmers. Then, Blacks (almost the Blazer and Kilpatrick Coats) were first found in Lincolnshire with Prays/Praters and with Lucy Taillebois, wife of the first Meschin earl. I told that Blazers look linkable to Kilpatricks and Blacks, and that Blake's/Blaiks' are linkable to Blazers (at Blay) by certain arguments having to do with Bleds/Bles'/BLEYs, and while Blazers are said to have been at Blay, beside Molay, Mole's share the boar head of Googe's (ROXburghshire, same as Mole's) and Schims/Schiens. Roxburgh liners own trefoils from Roquefeuil > Rockefeller liners.

[I almost missed it, but while on the spell-check, I realized that the Blaze variation of Blazers can be from "Balas." Blaze's even share the Alexander crescent. While the English Balls use a "fireball," the Patents/Patiens' (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks) have the Blaze / Alexander crescent in flames or perhaps on fire. French Balls share large ermines with Balas'/Bayliss'/Bayliffs.]

The football player was tackled, and Tackle's have trefoils like no others I've seen at houseofnames, what are ordinarily called Irish shamROCKs. Coincidence? I don't know whether Tackle's call their trefoils shamrocks, but Dutch Seys' do, and Rocks share the trefoil with Seys'. Now you know (partly, anyway) how a trefoil became a shamrock, though the "sham" part may need a solution too. Here's from the 3rd update in February, 2014, revealing that Seys' have the same chevron as Keeple's/Kebbels: "The question then is whether Dutch Seyss' ("shamrocks") are using the Quint chevron. After all, Seyssel is only about 15 miles from Annecy." The Shropshire Says share the quadrants of Keevers/Eure's! That works. There's a good chance that Tackle's were mixed with Ticino-river Laevi.

"Shamrock" can partly be for a variation of the Sane/Some variation of Sions/Swans, for Sion is in Switzerland near lake Geneva, and Seysell is at the other end of that lake. Senns, like the Sensii peoples beside or even at the Buzau, were first found in Switzerland. Sion is also, Sitten, and Seatons/Sittens were at Say(town) locations.

The next paragraph says: "About a half-dozen miles downstream from Seyssel, a RUFFieux location promises to be a Rephaite entity. There is also a Ruffieu location about the same distance west of Seyssel. There is a Ruffie/Ruffy/Ruffin Coat sharing a red chevron with Seyss...The Ruffie Crest is an "archer." Can this be a pointer to Devon Archer?" Should we be watching for Signals that this dream points to Biden crimes now in the news? In the future? Isn't this dream about the coming anti-Christ? Ruffs/Rolphs (ravens) even share the trefoil with Seys'.

Okay, back to early this morning when I was floored by the following. I had loaded Flots/Floats, followed by Flatts having a version of the Flot/Float Coat, and in Hamon colors and format, all linkable to the Coat of Foot-branch Fothes'/Fette's (Aberdeenshire, same as Skene's/Skins and Schims/Schiens). The Flot/Float stag head has white antlers (same as Cone's in the Maschi "pine cones"), as does the Crest of Hamons (has the Rimini location of Maschi's in their motto), and the part that really hit home was that Hamons call their antlers, "the ATTIREs of a stag"!!! The Flatt TIRE!!! KinTYRE, where Alexanders, suspect from Alexander Balas, were first found!!! You see, the footBALL dream is a pointer to the Seleucid line of Balas. It took me a long time to get here, but I saw this only a couple of minutes after viewing the first few coats this morning.

This now reminds that while the founder of Seleucids, king Seleucus I, named Antioch (Syria) after his son, and then Seleucus-like Sulcis is at SARDinia's Sant'Antioco area. Shirts/SHARDS! That's why the Black football player was given a black shirt too, so that I would notice it for to include the Shirts/Shards for this revelation. If the jersey was any other color, I wouldn't have had reason to include the Shirts/Shards.

When on the golf BALLS that Kepke and I collected, I had missed the possibility that this could be God's pointer to Alexander Balas. This recalls the dream having golf balls popping out of white ground everywhere. That was all I could remember of the dream upon waking, and assuming the white ground was sand, let's repeat that the footBALL field was splashing up dirt from the palms of the sliders, as if it were SANDY dirt. I think I know why, starting with Kepke's first name, Lawrence, for Lawrence's were at Lonsdale South of Sands, and Lawrence share the ragully patterns with Sands. Lonsdale's/LONDsdale's share gyronny (different colors) with LONDons.

Tunstalls (hair combs?) were at Tunstall at Lonsdale South of Sands, and Combs are in Sand / Sandy colors but with a dancette instead of the ragully. Tunstalls had married the Sniffs (a sickle, unless there's another name for it), suspect with Biden sniffing hair of ladies, trying to get himself a little sexual turn-on. he once said publicly that little kids liked touching his HAIRy legs, and a human leg is used by Prime's suspect in the "opPRIMi" motto term of Sniffs.

Sandys (version of Sand Coat) have a KEVERne entity in their write-up, and Kevers/Keevers are listed with Eure's/Ivers while Eves': "were originally from the Department of Eure in Normandy, and were anciently styled d'Evers or d'Evere." So, it thus seems that Kiev could have been named by Eure = Abruzzo branches from the Eburovices of Evreux (Eure). Blundeville is near Pont l'EVEque (pig-Latin for "Kiev/Qiev"?), where Sinclairs were first found who share the Chain/SHANE cross, in case Shane's pertain to the Seys shamrock.

[Insert Tuesday, after this insert was uploaded -- Back to the Keeple-Kopple similarity, for while Keeps share the weavers shuttle with Shuttlewords, the latter could be a Schutz/Shutz branch, in which case I would trace the Shuttle's to lake Scodra, and then there is a Clausula river nearby with its waters draining into Scodra, and the Clausula is the location of Kopple-like Koplik, otherwise called, Cupionich, a lot like "Caepionis / Capone." So, Keeps may have named Koplik. Copple's (Quint chevron?), new to me now, even have a version of the News/Nuce Coat while the latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with English Capone's.

Copple's were first found in Lancashire with Settle's/Suttle's and Shuttlewords/Shettleworths, the latter being first found in Bury with Ratcliffs, which possibly John-Ratcliffe-important because Copple's and News'/NUCES' have a reflection of the Bash Coat. I re-explain John Bash late in this update. Miss Hicks moved from the NUECES river to the outskirts of Dallas about 10 miles from the home of John Ratcliffe, and the "dulce" motto term of Shuttlewords has been suspect, for several years, with the Dulles variation of Dallas'! I don't know what else "dulce" might be code for.

The unexpected CURTpeil variation listed with Copple's can indicate the Curt variation of Courts/COVERTs, first found in Sussex with Keeps. The amazing thing here is my newspaper-and-coffee purchase in Texas was an hour or two after passing an address listed for Mr. Maness, husband of a Miss COVERT that emailed with me lots on the topic of my post-trib book / heraldry work. Coffee's are Coffers too while Coverts are Cofferts too. This newspaper-coffee plot thickens now with Copple's and Kepke suspects in the picture. The newspaper purchase was for the purpose of finding a piece of property, and I landed on the Nueces river 10 minutes from Miss Hicks' home on the Nueces.

There was also the CURTsy that Miss Hicks did toward me on the day she held my hands to pray (there is a Curtsy surname). Copple's were at Chorley, and Chorleys came up in the last update as "Charlie," like the Charlotte name of Miss Hicks. I may revisit this insert in the next update. End insert]

I Rode a Shopping Cart Today

I was standing inside the doors of a grocery store today (Friday), with a shopping cart filled with groceries, because it was pouring rain out. About three others were standing behind me. I didn't have my mask on, while everyone else kept their masks on (some of them even wear them to and into the vehicles because they like to advertise the scaaaary "pandemic"). So, a man walks past me, sees the rain, and decided to stay in, and he asks my I wasn't wearing a mask. I was happy until then. Seeing where he was going by his tone, to a lecture on how dangerous the virus is, I asked him, "do you wear a mask at home, with your loved ones?" He shook his head, negative. And as he began his lecture, I raised my voice louder than his, very stern to shut him up, and I gave it to this guy, my anger came out. After about 30 seconds of chewing him out, I said, "get-along, get-along, and just shut up, hypocrite!" What I meant was, don't pipe up next time you see someone choosing not to wear a mask (maybe now he won't because I cut him down for trying, and he may not want such a discomforting repeat).

He left at my "get-along," and as I looked out, the rain had turned to drizzle, so I went out too, but midway to the Jeep, it started to pour again. I started to run to keep the paper cartons as dry as possible, but suddenly my shoes were in an inch of water, and so I instinctively jumped onto the back frame of the shopping cart, and rode it to shallower water. It wasn't long before the shopping-cart dream came to mind, where I was riding a shopping cart down the hill of a paved ROAD. I already know what I'm going to say, which is why I've emphasized the road, for the Catherine wheel of Chews/Jews is a symbol owned by Catherine ROET. I CHEWed this guy out, it's the best-possible description of what disgust came out of me (we can't let these control-freaks rule our fellow citizens, everyone speak out, rebuke them). But this discussion will go to wheel-using Carrara's, begging whether they became the Carts as per the shopping cart. Carters (beside Roets) use the wheel too.

Shops are listed with Shawlands/Sherlands/Shorelands, all variations that can be from a Sewer-like surname. The shopping-cart dream pointed to the president George Herbert walker Bush Sr., whom I say was born, George Herbert SCHERFF Jr,. son of a Nazi (there is material online about this topic). Ridings/Readings share black boars with Bush's, you see. I was riding the shopping cart in the dream, and also today in rain SHOWER, which will point to the same English Bush's.

Are you with me? Shawlands/Sherlands Shorelands can be a Shower/Siward branch. The latter have the leopard design of Mosca's, who were from Chiaramonte, a place related Palma di Montechiaro, near ACRAGas (Agrigento), the line to proto-Carrick Craigs, and the Shop dancette is in the colors of the Carrick dancette. If I recall correctly, the Arms of Agrigento (i.e. Acragas) has a red Shield, ditto with Shops/SHAWlands, and then Shawia Numidians were to the south of Sicily while Agrigento is on Sicily's south side. "In the 13th century the marriage of Manfredi Chiaramonte to Isabella Mosca..."

So, it stands to reason that Carrick liners were the namers of Carrara, beside Pisa, where Mosca's were first found, but also beside Massa. Carricks are also Kerricks while English Kerricks (Cheshire, same as Masci / Masseys liners) use a calTRAP, and so we take this to Trapps/Trappers sharing a bustard with Bush-branch Bush's, and here we are. As I was chewing a guy out on this COVID matter / scheme, I'm now asking whether even the shopping cart in the dream is a pointer to the ones who started this "pandemic" for to benefit criminally in any way possible, but also to ruin Trump. Some high-level Bushites are even publicizing their voting for Biden.

Carricks and Craigie's were first found in Ayrshire with the Kyle's who use candleSTICKs, and then the Arms of Ayrshire has a 'shaw" motto term while Shaws are said to descend from Stick-like "Sithech." Sticks are from Trapp-like Trabys in marriage with ASTIKas', and while Scherfs are also Sherland-like Schere's, the other Schere's use a STICK. To top it off, Shere's, who share the black dog with Carricks and Craggs, share the Schere/Scherf fitchee. At times, the Arms of Carrick comes with fitchees.

Agrigento is at the DRAGo river, and as Mosca's/Muscas' were of that area, so we find "muscas" in the DRAKE motto. But as the Drago is also the HYPsas, "HYPocrite" came to mind before I started to tell of today's event, in which was the last word out of my mouth was, "hypocrite." I then asked what surname is like "hypoCRITE," and the Critch's came to mind, who are listed with the Carrick-like Cracks, first found in Yorkshire with Craggs!!! Can you believe it? It appears that God blew that guy right out of the grocery store (not Food Basics) in shame through my chew-out.

Hips' have a version of the Deck/Dagger Coat that itself uses a squirrel that's often said to be "CRACKing a nut." The Arms of East Ayrshire has a squirrel. Squirrels are also Square's/Squire's, like Shop and Schere/Schare variations. It appears that God has labeled the pandemic goons, hypocrites. They love to wear Mosca- / Masci-like masks to expose their hypocritical goonery. Blast a mask-hypocrite today! Lure them in by not wearing masks, and just ask, calmly, "do you wear a mask at home." When they say, "no," you have every green light to pounce, all-the-better if his fellow goons are standing around listening to you, and better yet if those who despise wearing masks are wearing them due to local laws. Make your like-minded ones happy today, by showing backbone today. We are in the right.

I said to this guy today, "You pretend to be so holy, like you care about perfect strangers in this grocery store [25-foot ceilings, large air mass], yet you take the mask off at home [small air mass] with loved ones." They'll have nothing to say in return. If they try to change the subject, raise your voice above there's and repeat what you said, and add: "don't you care if you kill your wife or father of child"? Heh-heh, they will feel wee-wee size, with their own arguments, made against us, coming down upon their own heads...all-the-better if there's a crowd around. Be an educator today; develop your correction muscle (not every situation deserves a blasting rebuke, gentleness is good for some).

Massa-like Mazzo's have a version of the Pembroke Coat. Parrots, sharing a red Shield with Shops / Agrigento, were first found in Pembrokeshire, and were at Carew castle, it seems from their write-up. Carews/Carrots share "bien" with Carricks. Massars/Massai's were first found at Lucca, beside Massa-Carrara, and Mazara's (now Sardinia) were once said to be first found in Sicily with Agrigento.

Cracks/Craggs, Bush's, Palms (from Palma di Montechiaro?) and Walkers were all first found in Yorkshire, and as this shopping cart ride today is a pointer, I think, to Walker Bush, note that English Walkers use a "magna" motto term, for I see the line of Plancia Magna, of PERGa, in the PERKins/PARKINGs. The shopping-cart ride today was in a parking lot. Lots share the brown dog with Lothians (Perthshire, same as Shaws), and Lothians have a hunting horn in the colors for it by the Arms of Traby. Ask if the latter's three horn strings are deliberately a 666?

The Lothian horn is hanging from a tree, and MARGys/Mackeys, first found in Ayrshire with MARGaret Carrick, have ravens said to be "hanging" on an arrow. Hangers/Angers, who may be using the griffin of Chews/Jews (Somerset, beside hangers/Angers), share the eSCARbuncle with Angers, and the latter's Anchor branch is one I've traced for years to the Arms of Agrigento. I was ANGRY today when chewing out the HYPSoCRITCH, so to speak, and Hangers/Angers were first found in Hampshire with the Drake's from the Hypsas river. Heraldic squirrels often have a "squirrel cracking a NUT," and Danish CNUTs have "pot HANGERs." King Cnut invaded England by way of Hampshire. If not mistaken, English Cnuts share the Craigie crescents (I can't get online at the moment to check).

I rode the shopping cart at the GROCEry store, and while Carricks (said to be from Craigs) are in Gregg colors, Groce's are also Graggs and Grachs.

I trace Shots/Shute's (share swords of Tax's/DACHS) to the sling shot in the Arms of Dachau, headquarters for Hitler's concentration camps, and Chews/Jews are like the Chewte variation of Shots/Shute's (Wiltshire, beside Jews/Chews). So, my claim from all of this is that nazified Intelligence / military people are the origins of the COVID disease and multiple of the schemes to arise from it. Shute-like Suters are Shower-like Sewers too, and I rode the shopping cart while there was a shower out. Shots/Shute's share the swords of Shower-line Swords/Swarts, like the Schwartz surname that George Soros was born with. Soros admitted to helping the Nazi's against his own Jewish peoples. Here's from the last update:

When my tenant moved in, I extended the copper piping to the SHOWER to finish the shower, and Showers are listed with Sewer-connectable Sewards, and Sewer-connectable Swords/SWARTs...i.e. like "SCHWARTz = pointer to George Soros. I've told this story before because, in doing the plumbing, I left a slow leak in the pipe that I didn't discover for about two months. The water ran along the living-room beam to the post where I had hung the shorts to dry that had the dead squirrel.

I had put the squirrel, dead in my pocket, through the LAUNDRY machine before realizing it was in the pocket. The Swart- / Schwartz-like Shorts (Dorset, same as Soars/SORS'), if I recall correctly, share the Chew/Jew griffin. How interesting. The pointer here, apparently is to Soros' money laundering. As per the Dachau sling shot, Slings use the vulture, an Armageddon symbol. Will Soros' friends lead an army against Israel with leftist Americans? Will it happen under president Joe Biden? Is the "horn" of Buttons/Bidens the Traby horn somehow?

Short-like Shirts with a Swart-like Shard variation are loved by Tous' ("shirt with buttons") who might just be in the "ParaTUS" motto of Swords/Swarts. Parrots were first found in Pembrokeshire while Pembroke's (dragon, linkable to the Drago river) have a version of the Mazza Coat. The Meschins who married Skiptons having Lucca-like Lacys as kin also married Clare's of Tonbridge, while MonteCHIARO's Mosca's/Muscas' look like a branch of Chiaro's/Charo's/CLARO's (Ferrara, same as the Capelli's (sniff-sniff) who own the Biden chapeau). Charo's are in the motto of Josephs, first found in Hampshire with Muscas-loving Drake's and Buttons/Bidens. Le Meschin married LUCY of BolingBROKE, the line apparently to PemBROKE's. Brocks/Broke's are a branch of Brooks (share Stick Coat) and the Brocuffs sharing a sphinx with the Hypsas-suspect Hips'. I see the latter as the kin of Dachau-like Decks/Deckers/Daggers.

This entire section was written during the first black-out of this year, from a thunder storm, perhaps because God wanted me to write it rather than checking up on the news tonight. Maybe this is a very-important part of God's message to His people. My computer's battery has only 21-percent of it's power left, and so, good night.

It's morning. Good thing I still have a few solar batteries and a system all ready to go. It wasn't cheap $11,000), and after ten years of use, I lost $5,000 as compared to what it would have cost me on the grid (because I used so little power living alone). But for tribulation purposes, solar panels are a must unless you want to be gritty bottom line. The Democrats may do us a favor, granting large government subsidies for solar-power systems, just when the Church needs them. Not that it's right, however, unless the government prints to money for these hand-outs.

Okay, last night I thought of more to say on the football dream, but I've got to remember what it was. Oh yes, the RAIN shower. The following has potential to link the dream to the rain shower.

We saw how the slow-motion slides on their bellies brought up the Shropshire-like, Slow-like Sallows and Swallows, kin of the Dol Alans who lived near Moton-connectable Motte. Well, even the Bellys can apply here because Rain-line Rennes is at least roughly between Dol and Motte / Motte-Henry. I'll explain, but first let me make the Motte-Alan link. French Henrys, sharing the red martlets of French Alans, are said to have been at Motte-Henry, "to the west of Rennes", and the Enrico's (Latinized "Henry") share the fretty of Modens/Modeys, who are like the Mottin variation of Motts/Morte's said to be from "Mott a town in Cotes du Nord," beside the Dol / Rennes. It's interesting that Henry-like Hands/Hanns are in the format, and almost in the colors, of French Henrys.

The amazing thing here (not on my mind when starting the paragraph above) is that while the football players had their ARMs stretched out with dirt kicking up from their HANDs, Cotes-du-Nord is now Cotes-d'Armor, and Armors use Arms as well as the Moray stars!!! Belly's were first found in Moray, WOW, the dream is linking to the rain shower.

I was going to say, Moray is the location of Rothes castle, built by Peter Pollock, son of Fulbert, the latter having been a vassal of the Dol Alans. Peter Pollock had settled Polok in Rennes-line Renfrewshire, you see, and Rains/Raines' share the Rothes lion while Peters share the Rothes raven. If you check the Rain/Raines motto, you wee see a code for Judicial (may have the spelling wrong), duke of Rennes, and yet the term is translated "Judah." The Jews were named after Judah, and we saw the Jews/Chews in relation to the rain shower (I chewed the guy out during the rainfall).

Then, we saw that the shopping cart connected via the Shops to Carricks and Massa-Carrara, and the Reines' (not "Raines") happen to have the Pisa Coat in colors reversed while Pisa is smack at Massa-Carrara! Rothes' were, for many years, said to be first found in Shropshire, but are now said to have been first in Kent, where Massins/Masons were first found who may share the Pisa lion because Mosca's were first found in Pisa. The Carts have a lion head in the colors of the Pisa / Reines lion, and I rode the shopping cart in the rain. I jumped up on the cart, and Jumps share the Belly roses.

As Carricks are from the HYPSas river, it's notable that French Alans share the Hips martlets while Hips' share the sphinx with Brock-branch Brocuffs while Brocks share the full motto of Alan-line Stewarts. Carricks have a "Garde" motto term while Trumps/Tromps are expected from Val Trompia, beside lake Garda. Dutch Tromps might just be using a one-headed version of the Jeepma/Chep Coat.

It appears that God arranged the heraldry centuries ago planning to do the chew-out event yesterday, on October 23, at least roughly the date I and many others see for Armageddon, during the Feast of Trumpets. The football dream, which I think was on Thursday, Wednesday at the earliest, seems a pointer to the Seleucids, and thus to the devil who gets Knocked Out Cold at Armageddon, when Jesus does a Touch-Down. Obama's father was Stanley Armour Dunham (I think Armour was Stanley's mother's surname).

I can now go to the shopping-cart dream (a few years ago). I was riding the cart from the side frame, down a paved road on a hill, and saw a driveway or road cutting into this road up ahead maybe 100 feet. The next scene had my Jeep parked, which I assume was on the driveway /road I saw (a driveway makes more sense as per the Drive surname because we already have a road in the one I was on). Ridings/Readings and road-like Roets both use boars. I complained to the previous owner of my Jeep that the door handing was missing a "BARREL" shaped part. Why barrel shaped?

The third scene then had me holding a container from a height of about a step-ladder. It looked like a giant bucket of about ten gallons. It was bucket shaped, and a barrel has the same shape. As French Buckets share the cinquefoils of Gangs/Geggs/Gingers while "Gang warily" is the motto of Scottish Drummonds, it seems that the container I was holding was a DRUM barrel. But we could also call it a keg as per the Geggs.

Now German Drummonds, in the colors of Drum-like Trumps, were first found in Hamburg, near the first-known Trumps of Mecklenburg and Pomerania, and there is a Drave-like river (something like "Trave") in that area. There's clouds out today so I've turned off my Internet due to lack of power, but this river is, I think, without checking, between Hamburg and Mecklenburg, while the Drive's are also Drave's. Or, as Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Shaws, the Drava river beside the Shaw-like Sava can apply to the driveway upon which the Jeep was parked. Jeepma's are also Cheps while Chappes'/CHEAPs were first found in Stirlingshire, right beside Perthshire, and where Drummonds had a Drymen location.

Plus, I trace Jeepma variations to the Japodes on the Colapis river, a Sava tributary, how about that. The Colapis is near Rijeka, where I trace the black, double-headed eagle of Maxwells ("holly BUSH"). The Colapis is the Kupa, the line to Cups/Cope's/Colps in the cups of Shaws, a good reason to see Shawia Numidians as the namers of the Sava. Jeepma's have a black, double-headed eagle, as do Belly-connectable Belows who in turn use a "chalice" pouring out water, like the container (don't know what it's called) pouring out water held by the eagle in the Arms of Rijeka. Cool stuff. I wasn't pouring out water with my drum barrel, but it seems that it can apply to the Below chalice, especially as TRUMPets are used by Calls/CALLES' i.e. like the Chalice surname. That's the second reason to see the drum barrel as a pointer to Trump, but there's a third.

The Drava is at the Hungary theater, and as Hungarians traced their ancestry to a mythical stag, I'm fingering the giant Trump stag as evidence that Trumps were Drummonds = Hungarians. Stag heads are used by Malcolms, and the first Drummond proper (grandson of a Hungarian king) married the sister of king Malcolm III.

No sooner was I holding the container that it fell out of my hands, and flipped over as it fell so as to land on its open rim upon a circular, light-shaded piece of ground (lighter than its surrounding ground) that may have been a mound (I saw it from the top view, hard to tell if it was a mound), for Mounds/Mounts are also Mons', and Mons is in Flanders, home of flame-like Flemings. When it landed on its rim, the rim caught flames all around, you see, and, besides, French Simons use a "mon" motto term while the previous Jeep was owned by Mr. DeSIMONE, of the Italian Simons expected with the MONTfort lion in colors reversed, because of Simon de Montfort. MONmouth is the location of CHEPstow (and Jeepma's are also Cheps).

I use his Jeep to plow my DRIVEway to this day! Plows share the Dole fleur-de-lys. He was my landLORD, and Lords share the Pilate and Carny pheons while Plow-like Pillows are, I think, listed with a Pilate branch using cups. The Carni people group is on the map above at the very-upper Sava (beside the Drava/Dravus) due north of Rijeka (at TARSatica), and it just so happens that Carni is beside Mon-like Emona. This must be why the Jeep in the dream was on a driveway. Emona is beside LESce, and the first Drummond proper came to Scotland with the Hungarian LESlie's who married Pollocks and thus became earls of Rothes (location of Rothes castle).

In other of my dreams, Kepke was leading a sickly stag up my driveway, and Andrew I, king of stag-line Hungary, and father of Drummonds, was in exile in Kiev (where Kepke traces!) before he became the king. The sickly stag was suspect with president Trump. The Drava borders Hungary! Perfect, I get it! [Later I'll show how the Jump stag head can be linked to two Pomeranian families.]

Driveways are thus code for the Drava river, and the stool pigeon flew a straight line down along my driveway. Pigeons (suspect as a Payen / Page branch) share the chevron of French Henrys, colors reversed from the Payen chevron. Stolls/Stowells (brings ChepSTOW to mind) are linkable to the Payne's via Whistle's. A few days after the stool pigeon flew off, three pigeons WHIRLed (chasing each other) around a MAPLE tree beside the septic system, and Drummonds use a Wirral-like motto term, "warily." Maple's are linkable to Chives' of Tarves, and while the Tarves is split in the colors of the split-Maple colors, ditto with Dutch Tromps.

There is a Montfort location smack beside Rennes, and the Henry write-up says that Motte-Henry is in the barony of Gael-Montfort. Rains/Raines' use a "legi" motto term probably for the Leghs/Lighs (Cheshire, same as Hands/Hanns) sharing the Mound/Mons lion, and, besides, Simon de Montfort ruled leg-line Leicester.

When seeing the flames, I JUMPed down to smother them with the sand. In my mind, it was sand, and so the light-colored mound must have been sand, an indicator, I think, that Sands / Sandys were related to Flemings of Flanders. In any case, Jumps share the Trump stag head as well as the roses of Below-like Bellys of Moray. In the shark dream, the shark's teeth had Trump by the belly, and Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Irish Henrys. Sands use "ragully," suspect with Raggs', in turn suspect with "Ragusa," home of Shark-liner Saraca's. The Arms of Saraca have a blue-on-gold fesse, the colors of French Henrys, and all three colors of the Saraca Arms is used by Balas'/Bayliffs.

Oh wow, although I'm not very familiar with the Smothers surname, I had the recollection that they might share the eagle of Irish Henrys. Checking my files, I found Smothers' (must have the 's' on the end to come up) in the 1st update in January, 2020, where I was discussing the smothering of the flames at the bucket's rim: "I smothered the flames, and Smothers/Smither Coat is one of the Henry Coats..." They have the same giant eagle, because that's all the Irish Henry Coat shows. In another update (2nd of April, 2019), while discussing that dream, I told that the Wests were at Smithersfield while Smothers'/Smithers were at Smithers (Yorkshire, same as Pauls). Paul SMITH followed the sickly stag, above, on crutches, and Crutch's (almost the Smith fitchee) have got to be a branch of fitchee-using Critch's/CRACKs (back to Carricks from lake Garda elements).

The "rege" motto term of Pauls could indicate Ragusa elements (perhaps through Reggio of Calabria, location also of Saracena). Pole's/Pools were in the dream with shark in a kidney-shaped swimming pool, and Pauls have "Pole" in their write-up, Kidneys/Gedneys have the Saraca fish (round-about) in a saltire in the colors of the Nagle/Neil/Nail saltire, and Pauls have a reflection of the Irish Nagle Coat. The Pollets ("loyaulte," pointer to Epstein's industry) in the Pole/Pool motto are also PAULets. They look like Pollock branches to me, and kin of Aude's in the Pollock motto.

Pauls share large ermine spots with Paul-like Balls and Balas'. Pauls are in Balas / Henry colors, important where French Balls (large ermine spots) were first found in Brittany with Henrys. When I jumped to smother the flames, I yelled, "fire," and English Balls use a "fireball" (or fire ball). Crutches formed the potent cross (no Potent surname comes up), and Scottish Patents/Patiens' use crescents in flames or on fire. The Paul write-up has an historic suggestion that Pauls were Flemings.

Reminder: the rim caught flames in a dream starting with a shopping-cart ride, and Carricks were pointed to by my shopping-cart ride this week at a GROCery store while Groce's, split horizontally in the split colors of Dutch Tromps, are also Craig-like Graggs and Crack-like Grachs.

But there's another reason that the drum barrel can depict Trump, because of the barrel-shaped part missing from the door handle. The symbolism here is something I don't think I've grasped fully. The door handle could have been said to be in the shape of any other cylindrical object, so why a BARRel? Bill Barr comes to mind, who, in partnership with Trump, allowed American cities to burn. They were too afraid of the political fall-out to send in the military to arrest the rioters, who were in the act of sheer terrorism. There is no other name for it, because it was a political ploy to ruin Trump, and that's the very definition of "terrorism." Trump failed to declare the riots to be acts of terror; he only threatened to do so. Not only did he pick apple-pie Barr, loser extraordinaire, but he himself was too afraid to attack the deep state with "war papers" (i.e. declassified docs). He laid the job of declassification on Barr, and when he saw Barr doing nothing, Trump did nothing too, and the deep state had a hurrah-time of it, rioting freely without fear.

So, where will this situation go at election time? More fires? Could be, unless Biden wins, for terrorism is used to force people to vote for the bad guys, or else there will be more disturbances and lock-downs. Many people are corrupt enough to vote for the bad guys just to get things back to normal. The bad guys then loot their tax dollars and do nothing for them but small-token make-good-appearances.

There is logic in assuming that the Levi-surname and its cherished bloodlines had much interest in Templar Zionism at and beside the mount of Olives, and then also later with Rothschild Zionism, which will culminate in end-time wicked Israel which Jesus comes to partially destroy and fully uproot, as He sets his feet down on the MOUNT of Olives. Hmm, when I jumped down onto the sand mound, was that a picture of Armageddon fire? Will Trump and Barr be responsible for Armageddon? The only thing I've ever found sharing the triple Levi chevrons is the Arms of the counts of Hainaut, and Mons, pointed to by the sand mound, is the Hainaut capital. Flemings were central to the Templars when the Flemish family of Eustace II and de-Bouillon first ruled Jerusalem.

The container that caught flames was a bucket, and then the other Buckets, if I recall correctly, have the triple piles, in one color, of Guiscards/WISharts, first found in Stirlingshire with the Jeepma-connectable Chappes'/Cheaps. Elizabeth Chappes was married by Hugh de Payens, the first Templar grandmaster at the Jerusalem temple, and French Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with triple-chevron Levi's. Bellys use a "Per" motto term linkable to Pero's/Pierro's at the Ticino river of Laevi Gauls. The reason that "WIShart" is highlighted is that Vise's/Vice's are connectable to the Eustace's, while VISconti's can be shown to be a Guiscard branch.

God's events and dreams in me always come around to Caiaphas / Annas/Ananus liners, one way or the other. Rims were at ANNANdale. The bucket rim caught flames as a pointer to Levi in the counts of Mons. Rims use a "placit" motto term for Placentia, and Annan(dale)s are from Ananes Gauls at the Trebia river of Placentia. Ananes lived between the Taro and Trebia, and Tarrs/Tarres' were first found in Somerset (beside Trebys and Treble's of Devon) with TRASHers/Tresure's who are in code with the double-tressure border of Flemings, shared by the Flemish Seatons/Sittens from Sion. This is partly why the bucket / barrel drum was also a TRASH CAN, for Traceys/Trasse's were at Tracy near Caen while Caens are also Cans. It appears that God is calling Trump and Barr trash cans, along with the line of Annas.

Trumps Were Hahn Kin, Hanna's Down

Here's a segment from the last update:

...Cindy, my pastor's daughter, pointed to Scalia's shooting when she was on second base (I was at home plate with Mamie at the time), for Scalise got shot while playing baseball at second base. Cindy and her parents then walked into my PIZZA restaurant, as little as a week after she was on second base, and that was the only night I can recall being asked to serve tables. I served them their dinner that night, and because they ordered WINE, I pointed the event to Anthony Weiner the convicted pedophile. Mamie and I were at HOME plate, and HUMA ABEDIN is Weiner's wife. English BEDINs almost have the Second/Segur Coat! Mamie was in her bathing suit at her garden as little as days before we were at home plate. Gardens [same place as Suits] share the black boar head in Crest with Bedins. The boar heads are the only difference between the Bedin and Second/Segur Coat.

[The week after this update was out, I came to an article telling that Hunter Biden helped the former wife of the Moscow mayor launder money, in return for stuffing his own pockets with her money. Her name, Elena BATURina. Compare "Abedin" with "Biden," and "Batter" with "Baturina," suggesting that my being at home plate with Mamie can be a double-play, on Abedin as well as Biden. Joe Biden is himself on youtube videos looking like he craves little girls, and we now know that Hunter's a pedophile. End insert]

I had checked the Bigs and the Guys as per the "big guy" (Biden) who made the mobster news those week, and Bigs share the red leopard head with Plate's/Platte's. There are two Guy surnames in case they can be made to apply. Might Hillary have chosen Platte River Networks because they were reliable with Biden-circle communications?

By the way, the Guys with buckle's are probably from Guy of SPOLETo, and buckles are used by SPOLTons/Spauldings who juts came up as SPOTtons, and due to the latter's "Hinc" motto term I have just discovered, for the first time ever, what ermine SPOTs are code for, because Ermine's/Armys share the Chief-Shield of Hinks! That is spot-on.

Here's the story on Baturina thanks to a stool pigeon:

I neglected to mention that a grape vine = wine-to-be is used by German Plate's. Heraldic plates are roundels and therefore need to link to the Dol Alans, which can explain why another grape vine is used by German Dole's.

I was kissing Mamie (not passionately) at home plate when I thought there wasn't anyone looking, but, looking over Mamie's shoulder, there was Cindy at second base looking at us. The rest of the BIBLE-study group was somewhere nearby, but I can't recall where (we had an outdoor meet that night). Bible's/Bibo's share the red Kiss/Cush rooster because the Bible'/Bibo rooster stands on a cushion. Bibo's and their Hahn kin (branch of red-rooster Hanns) were of Mecklenburg, beside Pomerania, the latter being where grape-bunch Deeters were first found. Grape's/Gripps are, I think, of the Griffins, who had a Pomeranian house. Fast-forward more than 20 years after I was with Mamie, and I became close with Mandy, a Christian divorced from her non-Christian husband, Mr. Deeter (Houston). He lived at the WINE CUP ranch. Cups/Coups use the colors and format of English Hanns/Hands, what are the chances? And what could this mean? As Trumps are in Hahn colors and format, and first found in the same place as Hahns, note that Hanna's have the Trump stag head in colors reversed.

Trumpet-using Calls/Calles' (rooster head) have a "Grata" motto term likely for the Gratt variation of Greats whose Greep variation allows us to make connection to Crispins/CREPins because they share the pomegranate with Gratt-like Grazio's sharing the black rooster with Hahns. That's a neat-little package, new right here. Hahns use wings for Vinkovci, home of Gratian, the line to Gratts/Greats. The latter share the gold border with Justine's, first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks and Trump-suspect Drummonds. Justine was Gratian's daughter-in-law. English Crispins use red-and-white barry, ditto for the Arms of Hungary. Hungers and Huns/Hundts have a version of the Fortuna/Fortune Coat, and "Fortune" is a motto term of Call-connectable Shots/Shute's/Chewte's. "Fortuna" is used by Scottish Anders, and Drummonds descended from king Anders I.

Danish Anders/Andersons share the blue wolf with an Arms of Placentia, home of the Ananes Gauls. Hugh Kevilioc birthed Maud of Cheshire, and Mauds (Cheshire) are also Molds and thus perhaps Moldova elements. That goes well with a Kiev line for "Kevilioc." Mauds/Molds were at HAWARDen, and Hawards/Haywards (one of the double Ratcliffe bends) were early found in Salford with Traby-connectable RatCLIFFs. Hawards/Haywards (probably the Vilain Chief-Shield) were in Heap (of Salford), and Heaps (Keppoch colors) happen to have a chevron in colors reversed from the same of Keep-loving HEPburns. This paragraph looks like a pointer to Biden's BURISma, for Heap is in Bury (where Ratcliffe's were first found) while Burys are also Buris'. Hawardens/Haywards even share the Heinz fleur-de-lys. John Ratcliffe just spoke out (days ago) the truth in opposition to those who wish to protect Hunter Biden.

As Hawards/Haywards almost have the bend-with-fleur of Sale's (Cheshire, near Salford), note "SALford." I trace Sale's to Saluzzo, beside Busca, and English Bush's/Busch's share the Haward/Hayward fleur (both were first found in Yorkshire). Bush's/Buschs share the Ghent eagles, and Ghents share the Chief-Shield colors of Hawards/Haywards.

As Hahns are in the Bibo write-up as their kin, I trace this picture to Bibo-suspect Vibia, mother of Lupus Laevillus, whose father, Vibius, can be from "Lviv" or its namers. Lviv is in the Ukraine within the sphere of Varangian RUS, as was the Moldova capital (it wasn't Moldova yet) suspect with the Kiss'/Cush's sharing the red Bibo rooster. Lviv is at the two Bug rivers, at least one of which had the wolf-worshiping Neuri (it can explain "Lupus") suspect with "Nerthus," the goddess of proto-Varangian Varni at Mecklenburg.

I don't think I've ever realized before that Jumps (roses for Rosh), because they share the Trump stag head, can be traced to Hahns by way of the Jump-like Gump variation of Gumms/Gomers because the latter share a black rooster with Hahns. Thus, Jumps can be connected to Hahn-colored Trumps, both first found at the Pomerania area with the House of Griffin expected in the giant griffin of Tooths. I say that God showed me how Tooths and Bumps are related to Gumms.

In Greek myth, the tooth was a symbol of the Gorgon / Graeae hags, and Gorgons are suspect with the Georgian area of Gog. It was the land of Ardahan, traceable to the Ardiaei (on the Nerthus-like Neretva) whose queen Teuta or Triteuta are traceable to Tooth-like Toots. As Gog was from Magog, note that while Trumps are suspect from Hungarians (= 1/3 Khazars), the latter were previously MAGYars (in Ukraine), a term, because a 'y' was convertible from a similar 'g', could have been from "Magog." Magyars were allies of Cass-like Khazars, and Kiss'/Cush's share the Cass/Cash and Cust symbol, the latter being in the motto of Cremers (share Kiss/Cush rooster) who look like they could have been from the Ukraine's Crimea, home of Gomer-suspect Cimmerians who were also at Lake Van.

I've read that Magyars had the Finno-Ugric language, and Finn-like Fiens/Fane's/Vans are traceable to Lake Van, land of the Nairi. Finland may have evolved from Van elements, therefore, such as the Biaini of that place suspect to the Beans/Vains, a branch of Fiens/Fane's/Vans (both were septs of Mackays). Russia, whose Meshech- / Mushki-like capital was founded by Varangian RUS of Kiev, appears named after the king Rusa's of Lake Van. At least one king Rusa was a vassal (servant) of the Cimmerians at Van. I say that the anti-Christ must be from these elements because Ezekiel 38 and 39 clearly spells out that Gog will form the nation of the anti-Christ (I don't capitalize his title because he doesn't deserve a capital).

The house of Griffin was connected to Polish Mieszko's (suspect to the Mieske/MESECH surname in Hahn colors) from the mythical mouse tower at Kopple-like Goplo, and Kopple's share the Hahn rooster in both colors. Kopple's, whose rooster stands upon a green item, as does the Hahn (and Cremer) rooster, were first found at Neuri-like Nuremberg. I showed Keeple's/Kebbels earlier, but have just found the Kepple's/Cappels (probably explains why CAPLans have griffins) sharing the giant lion of Gallus', expected with "Gallus Anonymous," the writer of Goplo mythology (code-words for surnames / families). Mythical SiemoMYSL of the mouse tower was code for the mouse-using Misl surname, and SiemoWIT is suspect with Witkovo.

It's new and interesting that the gold GALLUS lion can be in the Call/CALLES Crest!!! It would make a close link between Trumps and the mouse tower. The Misl Crest has a gold lion too. Trumps are expected as Drummonds, and it just so happens that the Gallus lion is also (almost) that of Welsh Maurice's (Herefordshire, same as Morris', and Barrels recalling the barrel drums), expected from Maurice Drummond, the first Drummond proper. French Maurice's, in Mar/More/Mere colors and format, share the Moray stars. Mars/More's/Mere's share the scallops of Swedish Anders, and I trace king Andrew I (Maurice's grandfather) to the Ross clan, beside Moray, said to descend from one Andrew (or Anders).

Caplans were first found in Hampshire, beside the Downs (Sussex, same as Keeps) having a stag in Trump-stag colors. Caplans, Chaplains, and Capelli's are the ones linkable to Joe's and Bidens, and the latter share the fesse of Keppochs, who in turn were first found in Yorkshire with Wheelwrights expected from mythical Piast the Wheelwright of the mouse tower. Why is Trump working into this thing? Wheelwrights were first found in Yorkshire with POPLeys, and Piast took power after POPIEL of the mouse tower. Poppins share the stag heads of Hanna-like Anne's/Hanne's (Yorkshire again). Poppins (Pepin-linkable) share the Chief-Shield colors of Pepin-linkable Sleds while Sichs/Sykes' were at SledMERE, in Yorkshire, same as Keppochs and the Mars/Mare's (share brown Crest with Drummonds) linkable to Mars/Maurs/More's/MERE's.

When I spent the summer in Italy with my mother, she stayed at her mother's home where there was a child of about my age (11), MAURo. On the outer wall of that home was a fountain made of a cherub boy naked, with water coming out his penis. It's just that heraldic fountains have three wavy fesses colors reversed from the same of German Drummonds, and cherubs are used by Welsh Chalants/Chalons while French Chalants/Chalons were first found in Burgundy with Mars/MAURs/Mere's. Pretty darned amazing.

I've found it in the 1st update of May, 2018: "Now just outside the house in Picenze where my mother grew up there was/is a drinking fountain beside a statue of a naked little boy or infant. The water comes out his penis."

I saw Kepke first at 11 years of age (less than a year after being at that fountain) while at my newspaper station (I delivered newspapers only at age 11). A young lady greeted me at that fountain (like she was excited to know me i.e. because I was her relative), an event I remember, and she (Maria) was, I've been pretty sure, Mauro's mother (there was no other young lady around to be his mother that I can recall). Italian Maria's have nebuly "waves" in the colors of the same of Clements, and Welsh CHALANTs were first found in Powys with CLEMENTs. That's pretty incredible, and all new (though I've mentioned the fountain before, and also Mauro). It's good for God to be the I Be.

The Chalants are like the Galant variation of Scottish Galans, and then German Galans were first found in Hamburg with Drummonds, using two fesses only (no other Shield symbols, reflective of Drummond Shield) in colors reversed from the three Drummond fesses. It recalls the suggestion above that Gallus' (their also Galoni's) were a Call/Calles branch. "Galan" is like "Gelonus," a location Herodotus had near the Budini, south of Kiev, and then one article said that TRYPillia was south of Kiev, and it just so happens that Trips were first found in Hamburg too. Perfect, making Calls/Calles' look like Gelonus elements, and explaining (partly, anyway) why I've had the sense that God has pointed Kepke to president Trump. Scottish Galans/Galants (Essex same as BLONDville's and the related Quints) even share the Peare leopard faces, as if to drive the point home. Herodotus said that Budini were blond. Buttons/Bidens share the Keppoch fesse, and Bidens use a horn traceable to mythical Orion of BOEOTia.

The Drinks look like the Drengot Normans of the Naples / Capua area, and my mother has an Italian book telling that peoples (founders, I think) of Picenze were from Naples. The DRINKing fountain. The Drinks/Drengs share the lion of Dreux's/Drews, and the latter named Dreux, in Eure, the line from Abruzzo. Picenze is in Abruzzo. Picenze-like Pense's are suspect from the Penestae peoples on the Drink-like Drin river. I trace Dragons/Drainers (dragons) to the Drin with PENdragons (share helmet with Dragons/Drainers), and the Dreux's/Drews are in the colors of the Drake dragon.

Popleys share the black eagles of Leeds (share Keppock fesse), and Keppochs named Kippax at Leeds. That's excellent for tracing Keeple's with Kopple's to "Goplo." Kepke kept a pet, white rat in his basement, and Popiel was eaten my mice in the Goplo mouse tower. French Gobels can be gleaned with Masci's, explaining why God placed me with Kepke as my buddy. Another Gobel surname shares the camel with Pepins (Sled horse heads in colors reversed). So, when Kepke led the sickly stag, the items involved must have touched upon SledMERE, for Mere's/MARE's (in the MacDonald / Connell motto) share the galley ship with MacDonalds / Connells / Keeps. Plus, English Mare's/Mars (Yorkshire with Sledmere) can be linked to Maurice Drummond at the Kildrummy castle of the earls of Mar.

Sleds are also Slade's while Slate's share the chevron of Keeple's/Kebbels. Slate's share the full motto of Chapmans/CHEPmans.

Popleys are in the colors and near-format of bee-using Bessins, and "Be" is a motto term twice of Gallus-like Gallops, the latter using a gold-bend version of the David Coat. Oh wow, the Gallops share the bend of Call-like CHALants/Chalons, in colors reversed from the Keep bend, and Kepke said to me, "BE nonCHALANT," when we were in a restaurant at the mall where he and I sold shoes!!! He said this to suggest I be nonchalant when getting up to go talk with Miss Whelan (she lived on his street, Henry CORSon Place), and Whelans were first found in Waterford (with CORRys and CORRens) while the Arms of Country Waterford have the Trump stag head!!! Zinger, I get it. Kepke is a pointer to Trump, just as I suggested years ago because his hair was like that of Trump's. I gleaned that detail correctly, and while a SICKly stag followed Kepke as he walked up my driveway, Sichs/Sykes share the "fountains" (have the triple Drummond fesses in colors reversed!) of Waterfords/Waterville's, and while the abbey of Scarborough's was related to the Sykes' (in the Sich/Sykes write-up), we sold shoes at the Scarborough Town Center! That's incredible, and I'm not yet done with Gallops.

Anders use "sapientia" while Sichs/Sykes' use "Sapiens." The Piast Poles did have relationships with Hungarians, and the latter got mixed up with the family of Malcolm III, whose son was king David (brother of AlexANDER), the line to English Davids having a version of the Misl bend-with-mouse. I took Peare's horse on a gallop or trot, with Kepke present, when he sold shoes, and Trots/TRUTH's (Gallop colors) are from the Trotus river of TRYPillians while Trips, first found in Hamburg with Drummonds (married sister of Malcolm III), use shoes. Trypillians can be in the "trepidum" motto term of Trysts in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hepburns. "Truth" is a motto term of the Keppoch-related Allisons. "[Allisons] were descended from Angus Mor MacDonnell, Lord of the Isles," from the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds, as you can learn by reading the Donnell write-up.

Ahh, Donnells (two "Per" motto terms, we get it) share the giant Cusson eagle, and a "CUSHION" is used by the Kiss/Cush kin of Bibo's/Bible's. That must be why I had to kiss Miss Peare before she went to Kepke, even while she was out on a first date with Kepke (why did he invite me on a date with her?). My girlfriend a couple of months before I kissed Peare was Allison.

Peare left me while we were hugging (she was convinced by Kepke that I didn't love her), and Hugs can be gleaned as Fountain kin. Between the kiss and that last hug, the only event I can recall with her was she and I being in my apartment, and then taking a BUS together to the mall where we worked, which, I think, is a pointer to the Buzau river near the Trotus. The ROXolani were at the Buzau, and there's a rock in the Connell Crest upon which there is a Rothes-linkable raven. The Terras' (Bavaria, same as Rothes) in the Donnell motto use ROOKs in the colors and format of English Rothes'. Allison's surname, Bauer, was the proto-Rothschild surname. German Rothes' come up as "Rothchild."

The Teran variation of Terres' may indicate elements from Taran at Lake Van, for Tarans/Tarents share the red, spread eagle with Donnels / MacDonalds. The Don river has a mouth not far from Kepoi (Taman peninsula). Roxolani (Rus-Alans) must have been from the Rusa's of Lake Van. King DONNus of the Cottians was from the Cotesii on the Buzau. The Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow could be on the Keep bend in the Don Coat. Peare worked at REITmans, and I worked for FREDelle's shoes, interesting where Ferte's share the Donnell eagle.

Welsh Davis' (Hebron colors), sharing the David symbol, have a couple of "heb" motto terms likely for the Keep-loving Hebrons/Hepburns (David's mother was in exile in Kiev!), first found in Northamptonshire with same-colored Rodhams having a version of the Aids/Ade's Coat, and the latter have a leopard-face-version of the David / Davis Coats. From here, we can take the Aids to the French-Levi motto with a good result because Jewish Levi's share the David / Davis lion. I was able to trace the Hungarian family of Andrew I to the Ticino river.

Gallops were first found in Dorset (beside Calls/Calles') with the Babe's sharing fingers pointing at the sun with Bradys, and the father of the Drummonds i.e. George, son of Andrew I married a woman in PodeBRADY (you probably won't find this on Google). Babe's were first found in Dorset with the George's who happen to share the blue dove with Waistells, the latter having a white horse "on a gallop." The "wyse" motto term of Gallops must be for the Wise's/Weis' sharing the two hexagrams of Pero's/Perino's (the latter call them "FLAMING stars").

The "digon" motto term of Davis' can be for something of the Decans / Deacons, noting first that the Archdeacons share three black chevrons with French Levi's. The three of Archdeacons are colors reversed from the three of English Wise's ("SaPERE") expected in the Gallop motto. Then, the Decan / Deacon Coats are a Coat version of the AITons, first found in Berwickshire with Aids/Ade's. Compare also with Baths said to be from "Atha," for Aids come up as "Attey."

Caplans (version of Roet Coat) share the griffin heads of Jews/Chews (Somerset, same as Roets) who in turn share the Catherine wheel with Wheelwrights (dancette). English Siemo-like Simons (Cold/Cole / Mieske/Mesech colors) share a six-sectioned Coat with Wheelwrights, and mythical Wheelwright's name is "Piast KOLODziej" (part-code for Siegs / Siegers?), tending to explain why Simons were first found in Devon and Cornwall, the latter being where Kolod-like Colds/Cole's were first found. The eSCUTcheon of Wheelwrights can indicate Scute's because Shute's/Schute's are also CHEWte's. The latter have a sword-version form of the three Call/Calles trumpets (Wiltshire, same as Shute's/Schute's). Devon is also where Deweys were first found suspect in the Davis motto.


One of my most-cherished dreams, if we can put it that way, has long been to overturn Roe v Wade, and this can now become a possibility if the supreme court has five judges willing to restrict abortions in favor of adoption. Yes, some ladies may be forced to give birth in order to avoid abortions, but the barbaric act of abortion is simply not an option, people, it's just not an option.

The thing to do is to re-educate women into being agreeable to the "sacrifice" of giving birth for the sake of giving the precious gift of life to her own child. That's doable, but until now, women have been largely educated by population-control freaks, and money-grubbing abortion providers, to simply cancel the unborn baby without qualms. For me, this is the single-most thing that makes me sick to my soul, when I think about it. We have been witnesses, for an entire generation, that half the population on this planet is worthy of being aborted from eternal life. Let people fear God, not insisting on abortion "rights" any longer, if they have in the past. Weep for this sin, and the sin of rampant fornication that creates unwanted pregnancies. Democrats are akin to the Chinese in this abortion regard.

Woe be to youtube:

Biden's a criminal idiot. In the debate this week, he said that his proposal to gut out millions of homes / businesses to make them lose a wee-bit more energy (who's paying for this?) will create more jobs than Trump's method of creating jobs. Oh ya? Well I can create twice as many jobs as Biden thinks he can by mandating that every house gets a luxurious sun room. But who's going to pay for it, Joe? The government, right? Yes, and that's the peoples' money, wherefore you create jobs on the backs of others. Idiot, you take money away from Jane to gut out Tom's house, and then simultaneously take Tom's money to gut out Jane's house, IDIOT. This is the Democrat thinking pattern because they're crooks; the entire party has been infiltrated by mobsters. Global warming is a scam partly to use tax dollars for fine-sounding projects so that money can be skimmed off and pocketed by those overseeing the work. But's that's only half the scam.

So, if Jane doesn't want to pay for her own gutted house, too bad, Biden's going to force her to do it so that he can boast he created jobs, and then get a 10-percent pay-back from the construction worker he gave the job to. Ditto for Tom. Brilliant, Joe, brilliant, just like a knucklehead mobster.

Drudge horror-headline: "Europe's daily corona cases double in 10 days!" Thank God, Europe's that much closer to getting past it. Keep it up, Europe, keep it up. The average age of "COVID" deaths is over 80 years. They're not dying of COVID, but of old age. The COVID magicians are playing tricks on us. If you have 100 people in a grocery store and 20 of them with COVID infections, the disease will spread faster than if only two out of 100 people had the infection. Therefore, let's hurry up and get to 50 per 100, and be done with it, hurray! It's a disease, but it's milder than the regular flu; don't believe the trick-news stories that dribble out continually from pollution-brain Drudge. Even the stories that talk about the drastic decline in deaths and severe illnesses are lying / framing statements to keep portray the severity and numbers higher than is the reality (judging by the more-honest reports). If the story is from an avid-leftist author / media, expect trickery. That's how easy it is to spot trickery; know the source.

Or, it works in reverse: know the tricks, and you will guess the source. Headline: "Are aliens watching us? Many exoplanets may be able to see life on Earth". The source is a liberal nutcase who likes to spread exciting garbage.

Two back-to-back Drudge headlines on Thursday:

"Man arrested in NC with van full of guns and explosives, researched killing Joe...

Gun-Toting 'Guards' at Polls Say Hired By Trump Campaign..."

The problem isn't always that Democrats are too stupid to realize a ridiculous / unfounded, politically-motivated lie / false accusation, but that, when they hear and see it, they know it's their cue to join in and promote the lie, so much fun. This is what Democrats rejoice in, what they live for: to promote lies. Demons have been their trainers. I didn't bother to click to read the stories above, it looks like a false-flag event where Democrats disguise themselves as pro-Trumpers to do a terrible thing, and, of course, they get caught so that the story appears on Drudge and other lunatic media. The plan may be to give leftist media something else to talk about so that they won't be frowned upon (by potential Biden voters) for not talking about the Biden scandals.

I say that there's a long list of false-flag operations ready to go at any time, each with different purposes. The teams rehearse each one. It's been an industry greatly enlarged under Obama. Recall that unashamed faggot, Smollet, who got caught doing a false-flag for the Obama's a couple of years ago.

Biden's woes grow this week:

The FBI, under pressure from Ron Johnson and others to explain it's role in the hard-drive story, claims that it started a money-laundering investigation as the reason for seizing Hunter Biden's computer. Okay, I think I get it. The shop owner informs the FBI that he's got Hunter Biden's computer, and when this information gets to anti-Trumpers in the FBI, they create a justification for seizing it, because they have no right to take it unless they think there's such things as proof of crimes on the computer. But, if they take it for Biden's crimes as the reason for seizing it, they would be expected to show movement toward investigating the Bidens. Instead, as goes my theory, they started a money-laundering investigation on someone else as a mere excuse to seize the computer in order to put it in their safe keeping.

Plus, having started an investigation, they use THEIR OWN policy of not talking about it even when congresspeople come asking about it. That's how they protect their own, like-minded mobsters in high places, having no intention of arresting anyone in the faked or half-baked investigation.

The good news: the FBI committed a crime with this computer, not knowing that the shop owner recorded the entire drive, not knowing that he's a pro-Trumper. Uh-oh, the smug look on Wray's face has vanished. On Sunday night late in the week, someone at Barr's DoJ said that the FBI dropped the case for no good reason. Don't worry, my little-puppy Bidens, daddy Barr's looking after you.

See also Hunter's now-revealed appeals to his father for special treatment on an Obama-government level:

Obama has incriminated himself by campaigning this week for Biden. If this was planned prior to the hard-drive story, then, poor Obama, it slammed right into his face. But if Obama had decided to campaign for Biden due directly to the hard-drive's release into the public pool, then I'd say he's kissing Biden's arse to help protect him from anything incriminating to Obama on that computer. Obama has no idea -- unless the FBI revealed it to him -- what's on that computer, but we in-the-know know that the Bidens didn't commit their money crimes apart from Obama's wink, if not his participation in sharing of the tax money. Obama was happy just to increase the powers of anti-American nations, but, while at it, why not also hand out money to foreign governments in return for a little reward into his own pockets? Cash, I assume, or transfer into a Swiss bank or its equivalent in another nation.

Hunter's hard-drive has PROOF that $10M of Chinese money was to be saved by Hunter for the "big guy," and so we assume that Hunter's not going to hold money for anyone but his father who fits that phrase. The Chinese are not Santa Claus; they weren't giving this money to the Obama administration for nothing. Biden has no power to give China anything unless it's okayed by Obama and/or others working under Obama, especially Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Obama knows that Biden needs to win this election, or it's guillotine time for his head. The $10M is peanuts as compared to other secret deals that Joe Biden worked out.

Here's new material with Joe Biden communicating with Hunter (signed off, "Love dad") on a legal entanglement with one of Hunter's Chinese deals. Hunter writes to his dad the following, and I suggest you ignore what I've placed in brackets because it's his intentional smoke on the real reason a law suit would create problems:

Eric is holding without any right my checks from investments that somehow went to his address until I agree to give him 100% equity in a business that I own 100% of and fired him from 2.5 years ago. No kidding- he knows that i can’t sue him (because I can’t wait that long for the money) without creating much bigger problems.

Yeah, if Hunter sues Eric, and all the details of this investment will become court-public knowledge, and so yes, dad understands the dangers to himself and responds, "Can I help with Eric. I have absolutely no hesitancy. Let me help if you think i can. Love dad". Oh boy, Biden needs the leftist press behind him now more than ever, and the leftist press is going to look even worse now than ever before if it shoves this story under the rug. Imagine, a leftist press ignoring a massive conflict-of-interest scheme, seeking to elect the one guilty of it to the presidency? MADNESS. This comes after lowly even Democrat voters ignore Clinton conflict-of-interest. People have become crazy for demonic attitudes.

Here's a half-minute Biden joke:

Here's a better Biden joke that's less than 30 seconds:

A huge stool pigeon on the Bidens came out this week on public camera. He's Tony Bobulinski. He told that the Bidens were planning a global-business rampage with the Chinese, which could come to pass much "better" (more successfully) if Biden wins the election. Imagine how many other corruptocrats would be hanging on to Biden's pants in such ventures. New ventures could then be undertaken, with no end, with Biden in the White House. Imagine. Here's Bobulinski's public (and dramatic) statement:

Bobulinski seems like a straight-shooter. He may have just delivered the fatal blow to Google's head, I sure hope so. If Biden looses this election with Google et-al cheating wildly on his behalf, what a stunning, painful, and most-excellent reward that beast's leaders will receive. May it hurt hurt hurt until they learn that fairness and honesty must be the playing field for elections. Google is ruining the entire world, ruining minds, moving people to accept, and fight for, lies and corruption. GREAT SHAME GOOGLE. The tail end of the video has a Biden-supporting journalist complaining to Bobulinski that he came at all before the cameras, rather than hearkening to his warnings.

By Saturday night, youtube was swamped with Bobulinski videos, but the best are being hidden because most of them, at the top, are shorties. Bongino interviewed Giuliani this week:

On Sunday morning at Drudge, not one story of the Biden scandals, showing that Drudge is not a news page, but a pro-Biden activist page.

Compliments of BCP's Sunday show: Lauren Witzke, a current candidate for the senate for Delaware (Biden turf), said that Chris Coons' daughter, along with seven other under-aged girls, are in Hunter Biden's laptop. Coons is the current senator for Delaware. It reminds me of my bra-on-laundry-line event at age nine (see my 4th update of September) that involved Coons-like Conys, but also touched upon a laundromat with Lauren-like Lorraine. Hmm.

Pedophiles should be killed. They have given up their right to life. Good-bye and good riddance.

The Flynn case, if you've been following it, is a good example of how anti-Christs can persecute Christians in the tribulation period when any judge's superiors are on the same political / activist page. They can do whatever they want, whether or not it follows law or ethics. And they are prepared to do it, we are now learning. Take heed with the evil you now see, because prophecy claims that the end-times will be when the wicked have become totally wicked. For some of us, there will be bitter times or horrors to endure.

I find myself needing to correct BCP again (I don't think he reveals his name), this time for his saying that we are all children of God because He created us. Biblically, this is not a correct piece of doctrine. Some people who believe in God but reject Jesus are apt to agree with BCP precisely because they despise Jesus. We can't lay Jesus aside just because we're doing business, and especially not when we're doing business.

On Monday morning, yet another thing that will make Bill Barr go down in infamy (for ignoring Biden's laptop):

Magnani, the grandson of a former Mexican President and son of one of Mexico’s richest men, is the CEO of Mexican airline Interjet.

In an email dated February 24, 2016, Robert “Hunter” Biden contacted Magnani, appearing to lament being ignored by a man he claimed to have given White House access to.

...“I really appreciate you letting me stay at your resort villa… I have brought every single person you have ever asked me to bring to the F’ing WHite House and the Vice President’s house and the inauguration.” – Hunter Biden

See the full letter at link above to see that the Bidens were dealing corruptly through the use of government platforms to create personal $$$. Hunter says to Magnani: "We have been talking about business deals and partnerships for 7 years." That dates back to Obama first year, Joe Biden's first year as vice-president. But Barr buried this and all the other Biden crimes, then told the people he wouldn't be arresting Joe Biden or Obama so that the two could take comfort. SPIT!

The letter states that the Bidens will be arriving by Joe Biden's government plane "tonight" to see Magnani. The letter is dated about 11 days after the murder of judge Scalia. I think judge Scalia was murdered by someone in the International Order of Saint Hubertus, the leader of which lived in Mexico at the time (he may still live there). Wasn't Scalia's murder -- and it's aftermath cover-up -- important enough to the Obama administration to warrant such a meeting? I'm only guessing that Scalia was the reason for this flight, but it's worth a mention and some additional consideration, though I'm out of time for this week's update.

The Order of Saint Hubertus is a HUNTING club. HUNTER Biden. Did Hunter and his dad help arrange the murder? There is a Magnani surname, first found in Bologna with Panetta's/Panico's and PASI's. Scalia's body was flown to El-PASO (Mexico border town) immediately after he was "found" dead.

I have no comment on the Magnani Coat at this time, though, if the surname is from Plancia Magna, I link her to the Perkins/Parking surname pointable to Perkins Coie (Hillary's legal firm in the Coo-like COUP plot against Trump). If Coie's are a branch of the Coe variation of Cowes'/Coo's, note that the latter share the crosslet of Schole's with a Scalia-like Scayle variation.

Plus, Hubert-branch Hubbards'/Hubberts share the annulet on Schole's/Scayle's!!! Unbelievable unless this heraldry was Arranged by God.

Perkins Coie got suspect with my POOL CUE in a dream where I was talking a sewer shot on a table in Obama's billiard hall. Pools were at Poole, directly inland from Cowes on the Isle of Wight. "Plancia" can be to Planks (Wiltshire, beside Palins of Dorset) with feasibly the lion of Palins in colors reversed, who can in turn be gleaned as the Plain variation of Platters (Palin colors and format). The cue ball on Obama's billiard table was a flat piece of paper that I could not shoot, so I made it into a paper PLANE that pointed to Plains/Platters because the other English Platters are said to have been at SOTTERley while Sewers/Suits are listed with SUTERs. Immediately after my sewer shot, Obama appeared in a SUIT, dancing merrily. I shot the paper PLANE to hit a red ball into a corner pocket, but rifled the shot straight into the pocket for a sewer. The paper plane might now be a pointer to Magnani's Mexican airline Interjet. That works.

Plus, Perkins Coie has an office in Denver with Hillary's Platter-like Platte River Networks. The paper plane and the pool cue point to both of those organizations.

It's also mentionable that Sale's, sharing the fleur-de-lys of Plains/Platters (Palin colors and format), use a pheon that could be the COY pheon in colors reversed because Coys have the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire, where Sale's and Huberts were first found who look related judging by their Coats. The Order of St. HUBERT! Hubert's substitute the Sale fleur-de-lys with crescents in the colors of the Morte / Death crescents, how-be-about that, hombre? One MORTon surname was first found in Cheshire too.

Huberts can be gleaned as kin of Coughs/Cuffeys (almost the Sale Coat), Cuffs and Hoffs. The Cuffs, with the Cough/Cuffey Coat, were first found in Wiltshire with the other MORTons, and with Planks, nailing Huberts with the Morte and Death crescents, important because it looks like a pointer to the killing of Scalia by the Hubertus Order: one member (John B. Poindexter) owned the ranch where Scalia was murdered, and this Poindexter admitted to inviting Scalia to the ranch. Many other men from the Hubertus hunting club were present that weekend. The "Animus" motto term of Cuffs can be for the Nimo's/Nemo's in the Poindexter motto! One link after the other to the suspect criminals. Note that Cuff and Coughs/Cuffee's use two bendlets in the colors of the three bends of Platters.

Concerning Scalia's death, someone asks: "Did Antonin Scalia forget to use his breathing machine? ... His smoking habit had been blamed for a history of shortness of breath and COUGH, ..." No, he didn't die for lack of his machine.

Poindexter's place is the CIBOLO Ranch, and while Planque's/Plants (definitely from Plancia Magna, I can prove it) use cabbages, the Cabbage's have variations such as Cubbel/Cobell, very Magnani-interesting. The Cabbage Chief even shares the fleur-de-lys in the Plain/Platter Chief, and the Plains got suspect above with Magnani's airliner company! Zikers. The "ANGUStis" motto term of Cabbage's can relate to Sewers/Suters, first found in Angus, for the paper plane was sewered. Cabbage's use holly, and Hollys have a reflection of the Plancia-line Plunkett Coat! Zinger-zinger!!

"COLENdo" is a Hubert motto term while the Irish Hollys are listed with Colens!!! Incredible pointer, apparently affirming that MAGHNani was working with the killers of Scalia.

Cuffie's remind that my coffee and newspaper in Texas pointed to John Bash, who worked for Scalia. My sense is that Barr recently forced John Bash to leave the DOJ while Bash was looking into Obama's unmasking crimes against general Flynn. Bash had DoJ territory (Western Texas) covering the place (Victoria) where I bought the coffee and newspaper, and also the area where Scalia was murdered. Bash was replaced by Barr with Mr. Sofer, like the Coffer variation of Coffee's ("victoria" motto term). Bash's, first found in Hertfordshire with SCALE's and Nuse's/Newes', have a Coat like the newspaper-using News'/Nuce's. Scale's share the scallops of Caiaphas-like Capes', the latter first found in London with Plantagenets and Plants/Plantagenets.

Planque's/Plants are from Geoffrey Plantagenet of Anjou, and Anjou is where Jetts were first found. InterJET. Fulks are from a mythical Tertullus because Plancia Magna was married to a real Tertullus. This line is highly suspect (by me) to Tertulla, mother of Flavius Sabinus, husband in turn to Vespasia Polla, the line to Pools at Poole. This family was in Rieti, the line to REDs/Reids, and while I was shooting the paper plane at a RED BALL, Balls share large ermines with Pauls, and the latter are traced to a Mr. Pole while Pools are also Pole's! Zinger, the paper plane just linked to the Jetts! Pollocks were from Vespasia Polla, and Pollock-like Plocks are said to be from a Plancia- / Plunkett like entity.

The father of all Angou Fulks was INGelger (like from the Anglo people group), whom I suspect with INGer the Varangian (from the Anglo-associated Varni). The Ingers are listed with Inter-like Inders/Henters. INTERjet, owned by a Magnani, suspect from the Plancia-Magna line to Fulks.

Ingers/Inders share three arrows (nothing else showing) with Archers (nothing else showing), both on blue Shields. Devon Archer, partner of Hunter Biden.

I am extremely impressed by this batch of new heraldry.

Look at these old guys with a youthful-sounding praise song:

I took a lot of time, years ago, trying to put all the Biblical events in chronological order, and thought I had lost the work, but it's been online all this time. Here's Chapter 1 if interested in a look-see:

See the first minute or two of this:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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