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October 27 - November 2, 2020

Mamie at the Camp Site Was for Chris Heinz Too
John Kerry is the Ice-Cream Cone!
Compulsory: My Honk makes a Naughty Case Against Mr. Ho of Hong Kong
God Points To Twitter's Ruin with Carpenter Glue
Five Curbs Predict God's Forceful Intervention on Jack Dorsey

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Bill Barr is singly RESPONSIBLE for arresting Joe Biden before he wins the election. If I were the top cop in the United States, I would have NO CHOICE because, otherwise, Biden could become the president.

Lindsey Graham, as well as at least one House committee, has the responsibility to call Biden in, to ask under oath: are you the "big guy." If he lies, he WILL be arrested. This is a zero-tolerance case.

One of the heaviest weights upon the seared consciences of liberals EVER is the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett (she worked for judge Scalia). This is a crushing whammy simultaneous with the humiliating downing of the "hopeful" Joe Biden at the last minute, just as pollsters gave liberals "hope" all the way to the wire. So, their hope in winning the election to stack the supreme court with a few more liberals looks dim.

However, if Biden wins, we really need to ask the question: if Jesus were to come during the presidency of Biden, wouldn't you rather have Biden win this election? Could that be our Silver Lining in a Trump loss? There will be excitement when the Sure-Signs arrive for lifting our heads up. But four more years of Trump, and his prosperity agenda, ho-hum, it means almost nothing to people waiting for Jesus. But, I prefer a Trump win if the end is not during Biden's presidency.

How amazing would it be if the court with Barrett were to accept a court case looking into the suspicious death of Scalia? The problem may be, Democrats may turn out a huge voter crowd, not for Biden, but just to undo the conservative supreme court. Biden's out and about now promising to deal with that court every day now.

Chris Wray has not come out to deny the news story that he dropped the Biden laptop story, and so we assume it's true. Neither did he tell of it to anyone else, however, very damning. He wasn't allowed to keep it to himself alone, but surely shared it with Barr. HEY BARR, where in tarnation are you??? You've been pip-squeak quiet lately. Come out come out wherever you are, tell the people about Wray's handling of this computer. We want to see whether you blame him, or not, and whether you were behind the decision.

The scoop is that Wray and/or Barr are making an excuse as to why they ignored the laptop, saying that they didn't believe the shop owner to the effect that they thought the laptop was phony or unreliable or something. It's like a kid so transparent when caught with hands in the cookie jar. NOBODY BELIEVES THIS EXCUSE, BARR, NOBODY. Put Barr's head in a vice, squeeze it slow and tight until he admits his crimes, then toss his body to the sewer rats to finish him off. Barr, friend of crack-head pornocrats who steal tens / hundreds of millions in tax dollars to support their sinful pleasures and unearned luxuries.

I have a concise way to interpret the dream not many months ago starting with my sitting at a table with the Luffs, Valery and Ray, old friends. When I saw their tongues waving (making as you might imagine S-shaped sound-wave lines) as green snakes, I got up from the table to leave, but instead of going out the front door, I walked into an all-white room that I knew to be a walk-in freezer. Upon waking, I determined that the freezer was a necessary part, added by God, to assure me/you that He's the author of the dream, for Freeze's/Phreeze's are in Ray colors and format. The Rays are important to click us over to Wrays/Wreys, for Valerys ("wave" in Chief) have the Chief-Shield colors of Wrays/Wreys in colors reversed, while Valois'/VALOURs, if they had a gold Chief, would have a good reflection of the entire Wray/Wrey Coat. The Freeze's/Phreeze's share the Coat of Wray-like Frays/Freys (load the Freeze link now to create your own tab for loading other Coats of Arms, to follow better).

As I said a few times, I came out of the all-white room, and exited a door a couple of feet beside it, finding it be the front door out of the place. End of dream. I therefore reasoned that the white room was a walk-in coat, because we expect such a thing near the front door. I eventually discovered that Valois'/Valours almost have the Capote Coat, and "coat" in Italian is a "cappotto." The Phreeze's are like "Pharisee," and the Chappus variation of Capote's is like "Caiaphas," killer of Jesus. We can thus see why God would give the dream, if only for that reason alone, yet the green snake tongues suggest Chris Wray, don't they?

The Capote-like Caputo's/Capua's are new to me right now, having a version of the Capone/Capua Coat, both with the lion head, with gold crown, of the Jewish Levi lions, as could be expected if we are on the line of Caiaphas. Is God trying to say that Caiaphas' descendants are now in charge of the American shadow government?

Here's the Caputo/Capua write-up, taking us back to the birth-time of Caiaphas in about 25 BC: "At this time Corrado Caputo, nephew of the Emperor Frederick II [Hohenstaufen], was Prince of ANTIOCHia and general vicar of Sicily. Gaius Ateius Capito was a tribune of the plebs in 55 BC and Gaius Fonteius Capito was a consul of the Roman Empire in 59, succeeding Nero." The end-time anti-Christ is somehow to be related to Antiochus I (so of Seleucus I), namer of Antioch, which I assume is in the quote above, though there is also a Sant'Antioco location at Seleucus-like Sulcis in Sardinia, beside Sicily. The anti-Christ will also be a resurrection of sorts of seven Roman emperors (= seven heads of the Revelation dragon) that includes Nero as the 3rd.

The Freeze and Fray/Frey Coats are in Hume/Home colors, and then there are the HUMphreys (read also as "HumPHREY") with a "vrai" motto term, like the "vray" of Wrays. If you check what a bottony cross is online, you will find it similar/identical to the Humphrey cross, and it just so happens that Wrays were at a Wray-with Botton location, what are the chances? Was God trying to suggest (with the dream) that Wray will protect Joe Biden, since Bidens are listed with Buttons/Bottons? They were first found in Hampshire with bottony-cross Rich's, the latter suspect in the ostRICH code in the Wray Crest.

So why was the freezer / walk-in closet all white. One possibility: English White's use the vaired chevron of Nero's/Neretti's. The latter were first found in Lucca with Botters, while English Botters, with a Button/Biden-like Budin variation, were first found in Hampshire too. There are tangents for me to go off on with English White's, including the Loyola/LOLITA surname with their "Loyal" motto term, and to the Silversteins with the look of their Coat.

The "death" motto term of English White's reminds that Deaths and their Morte/Mott kin share the crescent of Alexanders, whom I trace back to the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas (topic of my last update). "Le MORTE d'ARTHUR" was a myth placing king Arthur's death on Avalon, and Arthurs are from the Ardiaei on the NERETva/Naro river, where we can trace Nero's/Neretti's. It tends to convince me that the white room is for this picture, yet the Rooms/Rims were first found in Dumfries with CLOSEburn, where I trace Close's who look linkable to Walks (Dumfries), and thus, the WALK-in CLOSEt.

We now take the "placit" motto term of Rooms/Rims to Ananes Gauls at PLACentia, and that's the line of Annas/Ananas, Caiaphas' father-in-law. Placentia is on the Trebia river, and we can glean that Wrays were Treby / Treble kin from this: "The Domesday Book lists the name Wray (spelled Werei) as land held by Godwine in Devon [same place as Were's]...And it is in Devon that Robert le Wrey who lived in the second year of King Stephen (1136-1137) and whose son was seated at Wrey, in parish of MORETon-Hamstead claimed their origins." The Morte-like Morets, first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and French Levi's, are totally amazing with a version of the Wray and Valiant Coats. But in this paragraph I want to go on to the sentence immediately after the quote above: "The manor of Trebicen or TREBIGH, St. Ive, Cornwall was passed to the "Wreys..." Cornwall is beside Devon, and both Trebys and Treble's were first found in Devon with the Were's who were a Wrey branch.

The Sharks apply with the freezer because God gave me back-to-back girlfriends, both of whom sold me ice-creams in exactly the same way, the second of which was Darlene Ray/Wray. The first was Katrina HANSon. I asked both of them out on a date while they handed me my ice-creams, which they had taken from a freezer. My first date with Hanson was in a red Valiant car, and Valiants look very connectable to the Valerys / Valois'/Valours we saw earlier as per the freezer dream.

Valiants use a shark, and that's the line of Saraca's (from Sicily's Saracens), and then we go to the Valiant-like Vallans who share the white SARASIN moline, yet the Vallan moline is in two color schemes, the other providing a red moline, the color of the moline in the Moret Chief! The Morets have a version of the Wray Coat, but throw in a giant eagle so that the Coat is better-yet a version of the Valiant Coat. A Vallan variation is the name of a major city on Malta of the Sicily theater. I trace Malta's to "Melita," an island near Ragusa (Dalmatia, same as the Neretva river), home of Saraca's.

English Vallans/Vallence's share red martlets with German Velens, and the latter show just three in the colors of the three martlets in the Wray Chief! Bingo, the Valiant led us to Wray for the second time. The Velins (with an 'i') use ducks, and were first found in Westphalia with Ducks (share the Vallan/Valence BARs) and Velens, as well as with Pansys, and the Arms of Bar-le-DUC uses the pansy. So, we have just found Bill Barr with Wray's shark.

One of my purposes in going to the Wray-Were link was to point out that Were's share the Bruce motto while Bruce's are from Brescia, near Placentia. My purpose in going to Brescia (or "Brixia") is to point out the BRESTs/Brix's, and from this to go to big-breasted Mamie, who pointed to the MAMESfelde location of Mansfields. "Mames" is like the word for "breast" that named "mammal." Mansfields were first found in Nottinghamshire with TEASE's/Tyes', and the latter's red fesse can be traced to Buttons/Bidens. As I said a hundred times, Mamie got her TEASE symbol as little as an hour after she sat on TOP of my LAP. I am now wondering whether that's a pointer to Hunter Biden's LAPTOP.

The way to trace Tease's/Tyes' to Bidens is to first know that Tease's/Tess' (Switzerland) can be gleaned with the Ticino/Tessin river out of Switzerland. The Ticino is where the Pierro's/Pero's were first found who share a good Coat reflection of Tease's/Tyes', the latter likely using the Annas star upon their fesse, which is also the star of Were-branch Vere's. Tease'/Tyes' were also at an Annas-like Enys location in Cornwall, where Wrays had their connection with Treby-like Trebigh. Ananes of the Trebia river likely named Annas' and Enys.

The main point was: the Pierro/Pero Coat is a good reflection of the Bute/BUTT/BOET Coat sharing a red fesse with Buttons/Bidens. Mamie sat her BUTT on TOP of my LAP. I do not recall ever speaking to her before she did that. I do not recall speaking to her at the time she did it. I do not recall speaking to her when we got into the sleeping bag a little later, when she teased me, wouldn't even give me a hug. She literally jerked me away, but she became my ladyfriend after that, and got a THIGH symbol the next day, which is how I know God pointed her both to Mamesfelde and to Tease's/TYES'. Mansfields share the sleeve/maunch with Tickhills, and Anne's/Hanne's were at Tickhill; we can see where God wants us to go with that, suggesting that Anne's/Hanne's were an Annas branch.

To link this picture to Joe Biden yet again, we take the "perch" of English Botters/Budins, and see it as code for the Perich variation of Pierro's/Pero's and Pero's/Perino's. As these lines are linkable to PEAR-using Parrots, note that Anticks, who look like an Anne-Tick(hill) merger, use a giant parrot.

Now, recall VALERY Luff, or the Valour variation of Valois', for "valore" is a motto term of the English Enys'/Ennis' (Cornwall) who in turn share the red Annas Shield, yet the Enys'/Ennis' share the Chief-Shield colors of Parrots! Bango. Irish Enys'/Ennis are suspect with the Bruce / Arms-of-Brescia lion because Bruce's lived in Annandale (Dumfries, same as Rooms/Rims of Annandale), the line from the Ananes Gauls.

Always treat the write-ups at houseofnames lightly, for they talk like they know what they're talking about because they are in business to make money i.e. to convince the reader like they really know the ancestry of your favorite surname. In reality, the write-ups are laced with crap when it comes to derivations. Mansfields did not name Mamesfelde after "breast," but more likely after the Mame variation of Mens'. Yet God can use the Mansfield write-up to make a link to Mamie's large breasts in order for me to fish out the story you just read concerning the lines of Annas/Ananus (Jesus was tried at his home the "day" (during the wee hours of darkness) He was crucified).

"Avalon," code for the line of Velins / Velens / Vallans, is the island of Bute, and here we can start with Butts/Bute's sharing the estoile of Irish Enys'/Ennis' in colors reversed. Mamie sat her BUTT on my lap, and Laps (Wiltshire, same as Morte- / Moret-like Mortons) use the Melusine mermaid whom Nicholas de Vere, the witch prince (dreamer), claimed was on Avalon. Let's not forget "Le MORTE d'Arthur," about Arthur's death on Avalon at the hands of fictional MORDred. In Arthurian myth code, the chief witch of Avalon was Morgan le Fay, and it just so happens that the Morgan lion is in the colors of the lion heads of Ennis- / Annas-like Ennas', yet the latter (look like Coffee/Coffer kin) are listed with McKinneys.

Now hold on to your extra-large ice chest, because Scottish McKinneys share the freeze(r)-like Fraser/Frase Coat, and they both share the Coat of Kinney-like Kims, the latter first found on Bute! The Frase-like Frays'/Freys were first found in Wiltshire with Laps!!! Melusine (she's usually in green) was at first given a snake's tail, and later a fish tail. The green snakes in the freezer dream thus speak.

We have successfully traced, thanks to Mamie's butt on my lap, the line of Annas, chief priest of Israel, to the witch cult of Morgan le Fay. And, I'm starting to think, God figured out a way to also point to the Biden laptop by that same Button-like butt. Hee-hee. The Button/Biden Crest is the Capelli "CHAPeau." This is not hard to decipher. The "prest" motto term of McKinneys and Frasers is like "Brest," and the Bruce lion was used by Rory MacDonald of Bute (see Rorys). Prests/Press' share the ESToile (different colors) with Este-related Butts/Bute's, and Morte's/Motts.

The Melusine mermaid is green in the Crest of Glass', first found on Bute. Bude (Butt/Bute colors) is a location in Cornwall with the tent-using TINTons, and Mamie gave me her tease when we slept in a tent the same night she sat on my lap. King Arthur's birth was made at Cornwall's TINTagel, we get it.

The Frays/Frey Crest is a Saracen's head, I think, and then Saracena is on the Sybaris river with Moor-head Morano. MORgans share the giant Moor lion. Chappes' have a Moor head.

The reason that Texas is a close race is that the Mexican Americans in southern Texas are giving whole counties to Biden, DISGRACEFUL. If this is Latino catholicism, SPIT! Take your fake religiosity and shove it. It makes Americans regret allowing Mexicans into the country when they vote for Hollywood porn and faggotry, abortion, government handouts, man-hating feminism, legal drug abuse, and for Joe Biden the catholic corruptocrat. GREAT SHAME.

It's the Democrat Latino's and Blacks who are the racists, denying the Republicans a vote because it's the party of American heritage. Democrat supporters would rather change that heritage by force. PUKE. Get out of the country, liars. You promised to melt into the melting pot of heritage when you took your oath of citizenship, but here you are supporting the party that wants a non-American, globalist demonism. You finks have become my enemies, and those of my brothers and sisters. Woe to you.

Heraldic Cushions and Israeli Pieces Deals

After writing that, I went to youtube news, and, as has been my habit since Ainsley Earhardt became a topic, I've been watching Fox and Friends about once per week. On this day, the 26th, the show had JARED KUSHNer talking about the Trump administrations's roll of Middle-East peace deals (three to date), which reminded me about the JARRETs and Gardens/JARDens sharing a black boar head. Jareds are listed with Jarretts (two t's).

"Kushner" looks like if could be from surnames in-code with the heraldic cushion, and so, because Mamie got her thigh symbol at her garden, with the Garden/Jarden and Jardin surnames thereby becoming a regular topic, I tried to figure a way in which Mamie could point to an heraldic cushion (used by Kilpatricks, Johnsons, Redmaine's and Bibo's). As I've said many times, I gave her a new Bible, and I've suggested the Bible variation of Bibo's for that event! Zinger.

My giving her a Bible is about the first thing I remember after her garden event. But she promptly went on a trip, and said she left the Bible under a bed while there (I don't remember where she went). I was not pleased about that, and wondered whether she left it behind deliberately, or, worse, whether she just trashed it or gave it away. Assuming that she told the truth, what could that symbolism mean in regards to Jared Kushner? As he's largely in charge of the peace deals, could it mean that the Trump administration is ignoring or trashing God with these peace deals? That's a very super way to look at it, because it's correct: God does not want His Israel making deals with Arab nations.

So, if you are a professing follower of Jesus, and you rejoice over these peace deals, I have news for you: SHAME. You put Trump above Jesus, and so if you continue along these lines, you maybe should prepare to be a foolish virgin and a supporter of the False Prophet.

The Jareds/Jarretts share the giant lion of Rita's, for example, who in-turn use "PIECES of wood." Whatever "pieces" is code for, it could be for a Peace branch. Peacincidence?

The other English Jarrets share a giant white lion, wearing a gold crown, with Jareds/Jarretts, and because the Jarrets were first found in Shropshire with the Alans of Dol, we can link the Jareds/Jarrets to Pollocks, for they were from Rieti's Vespasia Polla, the line to Rita's and Pools (share the same giant lion in both colors). Plus, the first Pollock, builder of ROTHES castle, was a son of Fulbert "the Saxon," a vassal of the Dol Alans according to Wikipedia's Clan Pollock article. The Shropshire Jarrets happen to have their lion in the colors of the Rothes lions, and the latter were, for ten years or more before this last one, said to be first found in Shropshire. Perfect.

Vespasia Polla was the mother of emperor Vespasian (conqueror of Jerusalem in 70 AD), the 4th head of the Revelation dragon. Revelation 17 tells that one of the seven heads, the 6th, was ruling at the time that Revelation was given to John, and most think it was written 90-95 AD, during the rule of Vespasian's son, Domitian, who was indeed the 6th, for Vespasian's son, Titus, ruled immediately before Domitian. So, Mamie's thigh symbol at her garden got us to what you've just read, but we couldn't have arrived here had Jareds/Jarretts not shared the Rita / Pool lion while the Shropshire Jarrets shares the Rothes lion.

I've said it before, that the Jardins, first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens, share the Tease/Tyes stars, and the Tyes' are pointed to by Mamie's thigh symbol at her garden. The Jardins have the Tease/Tyes and Annas star upon the Annan(dale) Coat, you see, so that there can be no mistake. Plus, the Coat of Annas-like Angus' shares the same stars, two in chief, almost the three in Chief of Jardins. NO MISTAKE. The Tease's/Tess', from the Ticino, home of the Laevi Gauls, have the Jardin / Annan(dale) saltire in colors reversed. The Bruce's/Bruys' of Annandale can be expected in the Jardin write-up as Robert de Bruys.

Fear God all you Trump admirers, and distance yourselves from his make-America-great programs. Become less worldly, concentrating on your personality instead. Jesus gave us the Spirit to train our inners, our personalities. Whatever you think of "personality," it means the way in which we behave. Spirituality is to do right. True religion is to do right. That's the polar opposite of worldly cares. Let Trump look after worldly cares, since his heart seems to be set on them, but you, Christian, be trained by the Word of God living in your inners. Learn the Word first, and there will come a time when you have it tightly packed into your heart, where no one can rob you of it. Don't learn the words only, like a walking computer, but understand what they mean in the big picture of life. Use the teachings to change the way you behave. That's what a Christian is, if one is loyal to Jesus' words to the end of life. Shun the fast lane with its pitfalls and painful reapings; enjoy the slow lane with God's sure rewards. Die as Jesus died, committing your soul to the Father.

Mamie went on a TRIP and abandoned her Bible. German Trips were first found in Hamburg, beside Mecklenburg, the latter being where Bible's/Bibo's and their HAHN kin were first found. Hahns are a branch of German Hanns/Hawns/Hohns (share red rooster with Bible's/Bibo's). Do we get it? Hamburg is where German Drummonds were first found, and two of their wavy fesses are used, in colors reversed, by Howens/Hone's (Hampshire).

I think the bed she left the Bible under is a pointer to Bedins/Beddows/Bedlows (Shropshire, same as Jarrets) because they share the black boar head of Gardens/Jardens. Bedins/Bedlows share the Second/Segur Shield, and Seconds are in the Levi motto with Aids/Ade's, the latter suspect in the "ADsum" motto term of Jardins.

Bedins are suspect from Badon, grandson of Mummolin, because Mummolin's son, Babon, is expected to the Babon/Bavent surname sharing the black boar in Crest with Bedins. BABcocks/BADcocks share the red rooster with Bible's/Bibo's. Cocks share the Bag Shield and throw in another red rooster. Mamie and I slept in her sleeping BAG (nothing happened, we just went to sleep). Sleeps were first found in Shropshire. See a pattern? Babon's son was Grimo, and Grimaldi's share the Bag / Cock Shield, probably related to the Shield of Hohens i.e. like the Hohn variation of Bibo-connectable Hanns.

Mamie's thigh is on her leg, and Leggs have a giant stag head in the colors of the Trump stag head. Jared Kushner married Trump's daughter, Ivanka (whom I do not like as per her attitude toward Jesus). We saw how Trumps link closely to Hahns, is that not amazing? The Hanna's, with the Trump stag head on colors reversed, were first found at WIGton, near the cushion-using Kilpatricks, first found in Dumfries with Annandale and the first-known Leggs!! Mrs. Kilpatrick, who has long legs, wore a WIG when I was in her church, and Wiggins happen to have a three-star version of the Annas Coat! Click-click-click. The pastor of the church was Mr. Johnson, and Scottish Johnsons have a version of the Kilpatrick Coat with cushions too!

Are KUSHNers related to the namers of KISHENev (Moldavian capital). It recalls the news last week that the Bidens have some corruption in Moldova. The Moldova river is a tributary of the Siret, as is the Buzau, home of Rock-liner Roxolani, and then I had found red buttons in the KITCHEN sink of my TRAILER while tearing it down. It was only very recent when I realized that Traylers/TRAYERs have a version of the Feller/FellTRAGER Coat, and so compare the Kitchen surname to "Kishenev." Rocco's have a version of a Trager Coat, and Fellers share trefoils with Rocks and Falls'/Fallis' while the latter share the Jared/Jarrett / Pool lion. The Trump bulldog FELL into the Pool with the shark.

Kitchens share the "water BOUGet" with Bugs, suspect from Ukraine's Bug river(s), the southern river near the Moldova. Bugs were, for many years, said to have been first found in Nottinghamshire with Mamesfelde, and we saw Mamie pointing to Kushner's first name. Bugs are now said to have been first in Dorset, same as Pools/Pole's and Poole. As the latter are kin of Rita's, I'd like to go back to the "pieces of wood" (of Rita's), for I've just found a Piekes surname listed with Pfeils (in Feller/Felltrager colors), like the ending on RoqueFEUIL." Piekes'/Pfeils, first found in Bavaria with the Rothes'/Rothchilds sharing the raven with German Bugs, share the Feller chevron, and add an arrow, symbol of Rothschilds. Fellers share the Falls/Fallis treFOILs, which can be read as TREFoils because Trips/Treffs are expected from Trypillians who lived as far west as the Moldova river. Mamie went on a TRIP and left her Bible.

It wasn't more than about ten updates ago when I started to claim that Rockefellers descend from Picenze elements.

Italian Falls'/Fallis (share the Coat of Scottish Falls'/Fallis') were first found in Venice with Piekes-like Pesce's (Rita colors) who happen to show a giant fish in the colors of the fish at the base of the Verona/Vair Coat, the latter's being almost the Feller/Felltrager Coat aside from the fish.

When I was in Italy as a child, we went to the beach in Pescara, and Pesce's come up as "Pescara." It's a location at roughly the southern boundary of PICENum, and so "pieces" looks like code for Picenum / Pike / Picken elements. There is a pike fish used by Geddes' (kin of bouget-using Rose's expected from Roxolani) and Geds (early on Nith river with Kilpatrick castle) expected with the fish of Kidneys/GEDneys, amazing suddenly because the bulldog and shark were in a KIDNEY-shaped pool in a dream that later had Mrs. Kilpatrick. Rita's are Pool kin! The shark has been deciphered as the anti-Trumpers of the Ukraine.

Bugs, sharing the bouget with Rose's (Nairnshire, same as Geddes), share the bat with the Randolphs of Moray, location of Rothes castle of the Pool-line Pollocks. Justine's/Justus', from Justine and Justus of Picenum, were first found in neighboring Perthshire.

Roxolani were at least beside the RIMNa river while Rimini is at least near the northern Picenum border, and beside Pescara-like Pesaro. Rome's/Rims use a "placit" motto term while Galla PLACIDia "was regent to Valentinian III..." This was at the time of "Justina (c. 340 – c. 388) was the second wife of the Roman Emperor Valentinian I (reigned 364–375) and the mother of Valentinian II (reigned 375–392), Galla, Grata and Justa...Justina was a daughter of Justus, governor of Picenum under Constantius II." The latter character can be to the cushion-like CUSSON surname sharing the Constance/Custer / Ferte eagle while CONSTANTs are listed with French Constance's (pine tree, linkable to pine cones of Rimini's Maschi's). Fano, beside Rimini, named Fane's/Vans sharing the gauntlets of Maschi-branch Maceys from FERTE-Mace. Cushion-using Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with Rome's/RIMs.

Cushions are used also by REDmaine's, and Reds/Reids were from Rieti, home of emperor Flavius Titus suspect in the "AppeTITUS" motto term of English Constance's/CUSTers. The latter also use "paREAT" as code for Rieti > Red/Reat/Reid liners, apparently, having a version of the Pike/PICKEN Coat, perfect. Custs share the fountains of cushion-linkable Kiss'/Cush's.

Flavius Titus was the son of Vespasia POLLa, the line to Pullys/Pullings (share the martlet of French Josephs) who use the pelican as code for Pellicans, the latter first found in MAINE with French Josephs who are in turn highly suspect with the Israeli traitor, Flavius Josephus, who abandoned Israel and joined the household of Flavius Titus, adopting his family name. Josephus was an Israeli general in Galilee, fighting against Titus' father there, and claimed to be from Israel's priests.

Constance's/Custers, apparently from the family of Constantine "the great," use a "raTIONI" motto term that can be partly for Rats/Raids (Bug colors), first found in Nairnshire with bouget-using Rose's and pike-using Geddes'. The Tonys, as "Toeni's, were in upper-level positions of Leicester, where Woods were first found who are in the "pieces of wood" now linking to Picenum elements. Woods share a tree showing ROOTs with Roots/Routs/ROUETs, whole Roets (tree) share the book with Scottish Reeds. As the Roet tree shows no roots, the tree with roots likely came about after the Roets were established, by a forthcoming branch of Roets (Somerset, beside Buttons/Bidens), that is. Roets use "veRUM," and Rome's/Rims are also Rums.

So, when the RED buttons (they weren't my buttons) dropped out of the kitchen cupboards, and into the kitchen sink, while I was destroying my trailer, could that symbolism mean that Kushner's family will destroy Biden? If not, could it mean that Kishenev will destroy Biden? There's a 2011 headline: "Remarks by Vice President Joe Biden in Chisinau [Kishenev], Moldova". What was he really in Kishenev for?

Below is a quote from two updates ago, while on the claims of Alan Howell Parrot that Joe Biden was involved in the faked killing of Osama bin Laden. Ladons/Ladds, sharing the Bug fesse, were first found in Somerset with Roets, and Bugs share the bouget with Kishenev-like Kitchens: "Mr. Parrot changed his name, and one of them, Singh, can be pointed to by Sings because they share the Good/Gut Coat. Plus, red BUTTONs FELL from my kitchen cupboard into a SINK while I was demolishing my old trailer (Traylers/Treys are a FELLER branch)." Hmm, just realized: TREY GOWDY, with a Good-like surname. Gowdys/Goodie's share green trefoils with Rocks. Trey Gowdie supported both Mueller and the FBI when everyone else was screaming fire upon them, and so note too that the Gowdys/Goodie's share the chevron of Shake's with the MOLE hills, for an Intelligence mole is someone who pretends to be on the team, but is in fact a spy. Hmm.

Shake's named Shakerley at Greater MANchester while Mens'/MAME's were first found in Midlothian with Falls/Fallis' and Gowdys/Goddie's. Hmm. I'm not familiar with Manchesters (vair-filled Shield), said to have been anciently, MAMucium > Mamecestre. I suggest that Mamucium elements named the Isle of Man (raven), where Christine's were first found. I pressed Christine's belly while she slept beside me looking away from me (no sex). it was her belly (at that event, see two updates ago for details) that pointed to Goods/GUTS!!! Astounding. By age 21, she had voluptuous breasts. I woke from sleep to find my arm draped over her waist (and pressing her belly toward me), which is exactly how I went to sleep with big-breasted Mamie (not pressing her toward me) when she jerked me away in the sleeping bag. Mamie was facing away from me too at that time. The "HONEStas" motto of Gowdys/Goodie's can be for the Hones'/HOWENs (same place as Buttons/Bidens), linkable to Hann variations, kin of Bible's/Bibo's to whom Mamie pointed.

Mamie was a pointer to Babon, son of Mummolin, and while the latter was count of SOISsons, note the "SUIS prest" motto phrase of Frasers and McKinneys, for Press'/Prests share the O'Neill Chief while a Mr. O'Neill came out to falsely claim that he personally shot and killed bin Laden. It was important that I PRESSed the belly of Christine PEARE because Parrots use PEARs while Peare's are also Pears. But here if find that my sleeping-BAG event with Mamie can be pointing to the same crimes that Parrot intends to report, and so we may have further clues in that latter event. Bags, for example, share the Shield of GRIMaldi's while Babon's son was Grimo(n).

Prior to the Gowdys/Goodie's coming to topic, my point was that, if the kitchen sink can trace to revelations about Biden that Mr. Parrot has promised to soon unleash, then perhaps Kitchens can indicate Biden's Kishenev plots, for while the Bidens have partnered in Ukraine plots with John Kerry's Heinz-KETCHup family, Kitchens are also KETCHins.

I should add here that my sleeping-bag dream pointed expressly to the murder of Scalia by Poindexter's Hubertus cult of hunters. The two red buttons (one large, one small for the shirt collar) were still in the original BAG that one gets with the purchase of a new shirt. I don't remember which came first, the red buttons in the sink, or the dream with my DENTist laughing at the red buttons on my shirt, but Dents have a version of the Sink Coat, so I think that dream applies to the sink's buttons, especially as I can link Bidens to the red shirt with buttons of Tous'/Tosini's, a potential branch of the Tosni variation of Toeni's from Les Andelys over by the Touques river. The Kitchens have a reflection of the Tick/TOUQUE Coat, you see, just as if God really wants to drive this home (or into the sewer). The dentist laughed at my buttons after we played a game of golf, what do you suppose that could mean?

I'd like to record here that while the Moldavian president is Igor DODON, the German Dodons have what could be the makings of the Stoll Coat (Somerset, same as Doddings). Might my stool pigeon relate to Biden's Moldavian plots? Dodons were first found in Hamburg (beside Trumps) with Drummonds and Nissans, and the latter have the double fesses of Dons in colors reversed while Dons/DOUNe's were at DUDDON. Doddings use HUNTING horns, and Buttons/Bidens use "horns."

I link Nissans to Parrs expected in the Manner/Maness motto. Downs/Douns have a stag in Trump stag-head colors. The double fesses of Dons/Doune's are in the colors of the triple fesses of the Hamburg Drummonds. Dodds (Cheshire, same as Dons/Doune's...and Moldova-like MOLDs roughly sharing the MONmouth Coat), in MANfield colors and format, have a Coat like that of OMANs who are in turn suspect in the "OMNia" motto term of Dons/Doune's. Doddings say: "Duddingston Loch is a loch located in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh," and Edinburghshire is where Bradds/Breads were first found suspect from PodeBRADY, where the father of Drummonds got his wife. CakeBREADs are suspect from Sitric Caech, father of Harald, king on the Isle of Man. Edinburgh is in Midlothian with the first-known Mens'/Mame's, and the latter's elements at GLENlyon remind that Glenns and Glennys share the Oman / Dodd martlets. At this point, due to Mansfields sharing the sleeve-MAUNCH (expected as code for the Manx people on the Isle of Man) with Tickhills, it should be repeated that Kitchens look linkable to Ticks/Tucks/Tooks/Touque's.

If we include the kitchen sink, I find that Sinks (Cambridgeshire, same as CakeBREADs) have a version of the Sale Coat which in turn shares the fleur-de-lys of Cakebreads (Drummond-line suspects). The Sink write-up: "The surname Sink was first found in Cambridgeshire, where William le Sinoker was listed in the Assize Rolls of 1260." It may be that Sinks were a branch of Snooks/Snake's, therefore, who are in German Drummond colors and share the brown eagle in Crest of the Scottish Drummond Crest. "Sinoker" looks like "snooker," reminding of my SEWER shot on Obama's snooker table. I shot a paper plane that, for the first time in this update, pointed to the Interjet airline company of Mr. Magnani, who was suspect in plotting the murder of Scalia with the leader of the Order of Saint Hubertus, and here I can add that Sinks and Sale's have a version of the Hubert Coat. Huberts were first found in Cheshire with the Marleys sharing three white dolphins on a black bend with Sinks, and earls of Marley-like Mar were at KilDRUMMy.

"MAGNAni" looks like he can be from Plancia Magna, and while she was in Perkin-like Perga, Perkins/Parkings share the fleur-de-lys of Snooks/Snake's, a point I missed while on the snooker shot earlier in this update. My snooker cue pointed to Perkins Coie. Plancia magna was related through her husband to Mr. Simplex (Lucius Julius Marinus Caecilius Simplex), and "simplex" is a Perkins/Parking motto term.

In the first update of August of this year, where Mr. Simplex is mentioned, I added: "...Plancia Magna's Galatian ancestry is suspect from Julia Polla [Galatian], which one webpage makes the daughter of Julia Tyche and granddaughter of Amyntes. However, this webpage has another Julia Polla as the wife of Titus FLAVIUS Apellas while Vespasia Polla was wife to Flavius Sabinus of the Sabines." That was said to imply a blood link between Julia Polla to Vespasia Polla, wife of Flavius Sabinus, son of Tertulla, like the Tertullus name of Plancia Magna's husband. A Miss Tertullus married Mr. Simplex. The point is that, while Polla's are to Pools, my POOL cue!!! It can be a snooker cue too, for a pointer to the Snooks sharing the red-on-white Perkins fleur! That's how God operates when He wants to nail something. And, here, this picture is linking to the RED (i.e. code for Rieti Flavians?) buttons in the kitchen sink while, as was said, the Kitchen Coat is like the TICK Coat. We just saw Julia TYCHE!!!

We can also add that while Snooks/Snake's share the Spink eagles, Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with Cabbage's in the PLANQUE cabbages.

I'd like to record here that while Scalia was killed at the ranch of John B. Poindexter, the Poindexters share the FAUST/Fist fist while Faustia was the wife of Constantius II; Their daughter was named FLAVia, an indicator, perhaps, that Constantine I descended from Rieti's Flavians. Constantius II died in Mopsuestia, Cilicia, reminding of mythical Mopsus of neighboring areas.

So, now, nobody can accuse me of having everything here but the kitchen sink. With this sink now linking to Obama's billiard hall, let me repeat that I instinctively knew, in the dream, that Obama owned it with a partner not identified to me by named. But as I saw all the tables, from a top view, laid out in the shape of an 'L', I guessed that his partner might be his attorney general Loretta Lynch. The Lynch's (almost the Feller/Felltrager / Verona Coat) were first found in Galway with Teague's who in turn have a version of the Tick Coat (!) i.e. itself a colors reversed reflection of the Kitchen/Ketch Coat!

"Snake" is like the Seneca's, pointable to Rosemont Seneca, the company of Heinz, Biden et-al. We now know that the part-Chinese company of the Bidens, SINOhawk, was named partly after Beau Biden's favorite bird. I've emphasized "Sino" as per the "Sine" motto term of Seneca's. If that's not enough, by what extra coincidence do Seneca's share the mascles of Traylers?

Kepke and Caiaphas

After writing the above, I wrote the following insert into the last update:

[Insert Tuesday, after this insert was uploaded -- Back to the Keeple-Kopple similarity, for while Keeps share the weavers shuttle with Shuttlewords, the latter could be a Schutz/Shutz branch, in which case I would trace the Shuttle's to lake Scodra, and then there is a Clausula river nearby with its waters draining into Scodra, and the Clausula is the location of Kopple-like Koplik, otherwise called, Cupionich, a lot like "Caepionis / Capone." So, Keeps may have named Koplik. Copple's (Quint chevron?), new to me now, even have a version of the News/Nuce Coat while the latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with English Capone's.

Copple's were first found in Lancashire with Settle's/Suttle's and Shuttlewords/Shettleworths, the latter being first found in Bury with Ratcliffs, which possibly John-Ratcliffe-important because Copple's and News'/NUCES' have a reflection of the Bash Coat. I re-explain John Bash late in this update. Miss Hicks moved from the NUECES river to the outskirts of Dallas about 10 miles from the home of John Ratcliffe, and the "dulce" motto term of Shuttlewords has been suspect, for several years, with the Dulles variation of Dallas'! I don't know what else "dulce" might be code for.

The unexpected CURTpeil variation listed with Copple's can indicate the Curt variation of Courts/COVERTs, first found in Sussex with Keeps. The amazing thing here is my newspaper-and-coffee purchase in Texas was an hour or two after passing an address listed for Mr. Maness, husband of a Miss COVERT that emailed with me lots on the topic of my post-trib book / heraldry work. Coffee's are Coffers too while Coverts are Cofferts too. This newspaper-coffee plot thickens now with Copple's and Kepke suspects in the picture. The newspaper purchase was for the purpose of finding a piece of property, and I landed on the Nueces river 10 minutes from Miss Hicks' home on the Nueces. End insert

I'd like to add to those things with the Caiaphas-like Cavii Illyrians in mind to the near south of Koplik. The Shuttlewords are also ShuttleWORTHs/Shettleworths while Worths share a giant and black, double-headed eagle with Jeepma's/CHEPs, a line I expect with Keep liners. Jeepma variations are suspect from the Japodes on the Colapis river at Rijeka, and I trace the Maxwell eagle, identical to the Worth eagle, to the Arms of Rijeka. LOSINJ is a Croatian area near Rijeka, and Settle's/Suttle's show nothing but LOZENGes.

As I've said a few times, Miss Covert's daughter, and possibly herself too, work(ed) in bead sales, which is why I've just looked up Beads/Beadle's to find the same scallops of Caiaphas-like Capes' and Scalia-like Scale's (Hertfordshire, same as Bash's and Nuse's/Newes'). John Bash worked for judge Scalia, and the Bash / Copple / News/Nuces Coats all look very linkable to the Beadle-like Beatle and Bedwell Coats!!! I think that's huge, and the latter two even share lozengy (different color) with Schools/SCAYLE's.

This insert comes the day after Amy Barrett's confirmation, and she too worked for Scalia. French Barretts share "Pour" with Manners'/Maness'. Barrett is now on the high COURT, recalling that Courts/Coverts came to topic with the Kurtpiel variation of Copple's. Miss Covert called herself Mrs. Maness when she emailed me!!! But I don't understand why they should point to Amy or the supreme court. Maybe something will occur to me.

Amy may become the single-most reason that Trump wins this election, if there's a dispute, and he may not have realized how important to the election Ratcliffe's role was about a week ago when he came out to check the Biden-team effort to falsely Russianize the Biden laptop. The Manner/Maness motto phrase, "Pour y" suggested the Purys/BUREYs, and Bury is where Ratcliffe's were first found while Burys are also Burisma-like Buris'. Purys/Bureys share the martlets of Glenns while Manner-branch Mens'/MAME's were at GLENlyon. MAMie sat on TOP of my LAP as a possible pointer to the LAPTOP of Burisma's Hunter Biden.

The newspaper-and-coffee purchase was later in the day of my mugging in Galveston, an event that I point to James LeDuc of Galveston National Laboratory. He worked, and may still work, with a part of the Wuhan lab blamed for the COVID outbreak, but I think I know better: that Americans in relation to the Galveston and/or Fort Detrick lab unleashed it with multiple and carefully-crafted goals. Note that COVITs/Cove's, in Covert/Coffert colors, were first found in Suffolk with Manner-like Manerds (new to me right here) having a Maness-like "Manus" motto if God wants to nail my day through Galveston and Markham (where Mr. Maness had an address) with the COVID scheme.

Mamie had pointed to Bible's/Bibo's, kin of Hans' who in turn share the rooster of Cobble-like Kopple's/Coppels.

At about 4 pm I had an OMEN (I've told this about 25 times), a feeling of impending doom, and at 1 am that night, I was woken from sleep in the back of my pick-up, in Galveston, by a would-be mugger who made me think he had a gun. Omen-like Omans (Suffolk, same as new-to-me Manerds!!!) share the Pury/Burey Coat minus the stars!!! Coincidence? No way. Does it make sense that rats in support of the Biden circle masterminded the COVID scheme to ruin Trump? Yes. Biden's job, from the start, was to blame Trump for the COVID disaster, and that's what he's been trying to do. Biden loves China, folks, put two-and-two together. Look for China-connected Americans in order to find the ones responsible for COVID.

Another interesting thing is that while English Charles' were first found in Suffolk yet again, French Charles'/Charlotte's share the three Covert/Coffert martlets. Charlie's/Chorleys use Beatle-like bottles, and share the chevron of Manerds while the latter are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Beads/Beadle's. It's all clicking along, and it's meant to tell a story or two. Maynerds (red hands likely for red-hand Hands/HANNS') are even in the colors and format of Copple-like Cobbels/Copeldyke's, and then the Hanns-branch Hahns' share the rooster of Kopple's/Coppels. Perfecto.

When Mamie sat on my lap, she sat on my knees, and Knee's share the red phoenix in Crest with Tufts who in turn have a black-chevron version of the Cobble/Copeldyke Coat.

The Covert/Coffert martlets are colors reversed from those of Bash's, and while I slept the night in Crystal City the day that I passed Markham and Victoria, Crystals, with a "Mens' motto term (can we believe it?), have the same-style cross as Bash's in colors reversed. Crystals even share the thistle with Fauci-like Fauchs. The steps with cross of Crystals is called, "calvary," and I've just found a Calvery surname (lived in Morley) with an owl-version Coat of Saddocks (Sussex, same as Kurts/Courts/Coverts, Coverts/Cofferts and Keeps).

Ahh, PRESTs/Press' were first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's and Scale's. The Mens'/MAME's are in the Crystal motto while Crystals are said to have been not uncommon in Prestwick of Ayrshire. It recalls that Laps share the giant mermaid with PRESTwicks, and so Prestwicks were just re-loaded to see that they had a Prestwich Greater Manchester, which is where Bury is found. So, checking Wikipedia's article on Prestwich, it happens to be in Bury! Mamie's lap event points feasibly to the laptop of Biden of BURIsma, and Burys are Buris' too.

I was just struggling to understand why Mamie should be linking to my drive through John Bash's territory. And then this hit me: the big cheese of Burisma was Igor KoloMOIsky, whose surname has the root term, "Moi," and it just so happens that the Bash cross is that of MOYs/MOI's/Moses', and the latter even shares the calvary symbol of Crystals in colors reversed! Amazing, absolutely amazing. As Ratcliffs were first found in Bury, should John Ratcliffe be calling up John Bash to team up on cracking open a few nasty crimes?

[Insert after two paragraphs below were already written. This insert comes as I went to watch Bobulinski on Tucker's show after writing the above. When Tony Bobulinski was on the phone with the Biden-family lawyer (Rob Walker), threatening to go public if the Russia-disinformation garbage was not retracted by Adam Schiff, the lawyer cautioned, "Tony you're just going to BURY all of us, MAN." Tonys' share the maunch with Mansfields! Next up, we await trash-can Bill Barr to give us his excuse for doing nothing. (Sounds like Walker has a guilty conscience.)

Bobulinski said of the Bidens, "These guys had been doing extensive work in places like OMAN..." Didn't we just see the Omans with the Pury/Burey Coat? Yes, we did. Bobulinski also said the Bidens did extensive work in Romania. He says that he was in Monaco waiting for Hunter to arrive to be with him, though Hunter says he got tied up doing work with Zlochevsky, owner of Burisma. Zlochevsky, if I recall correctly, has a home in Monaco.

Note that "Bobulinski" is like the Babel/Bobel/Babe surname sharing the mermaid with Laps, for one of the first laptop stories to leak, if not the first, was Hunter's email / text to Babulinski. That's just amazing. He was on Tucker, saying these things, only last night, as though this section of my work was timed for it. I did not begin this section with Bobulinski in mind. I therefore declare: Mamie sat on top of my lap as a pointer to the Babulinski-Biden affair, and no doubt for more reason. End insert]

I've told many times that the only thing I can remember before Mamie sat on my lap was my arrival to the campsite and asking where Bury-like Barry was...when someone took a step or two in haste, lifted the hatch of a pick-up, and there was seen Barry and Mamie alone in the back. Mamie (she didn't know I was coming) promptly started to put a top on over her head, giving me the impression that she may have been down to her bra, or maybe over her bathing suit, or maybe she was down to bare breasts, an emphasis on her breasts = pointer to Mamesfelde of the MANSfields. It was too dark in the pick-up for me to tell whether she had anything on. The only reason I came to the camp sight was as per Barry convincing me to go because she'd be there. She and I had met only once before.

If she had her bathing top on, note that three other bathing-SUIT events have pointed to Sewers/Suits/Suters, first found in Angus with the Gardens/Jardens that she would point to on the day after the lap event. If she was BARE breasted, so is the mermaid under discussion, and Bare's are listed with Barrs. As BARRy was in the hatch while Hatch's share the Brunswick Coat while Barrs were Welf-kin at Brunswick, I assumed that Barry is a pointer to Bill Barr. German Barrs use HUNTER's horns. Scottish Barrs use the Este eagle, and were first found in Ayrshire with Prestwicks while Prests/Press' use ESToiles.

If God used Mamie and Barry is some sexual context to describe Bill Barr, note that Lorraine, when she pointed to Barr, was out on a walk with her own friend's husband when I arrived to her place late in the evening. When she came home with a grass streak on the side of her butt (bright-white pants) where it meats the leg (back of her thigh), I pointed to it and accused her. So, she probably asked me to leave, and that was that. I had a spontaneous dance with Mamie, not planned, about an hour earlier at her party in her home. Could we say that Barr's an adulterer of sorts, betraying most Republicans to fornicate with the deep-state elements of the Bush family? Is this why Barr says he won't arrest a Biden, because the Bush circle was also acting corruptly in Ukraine / China / etc.? Was Lorraine's butt a pointer to Buttons/Bidens?

Good morning, Wednesday. I woke up interested in looking at the suggestion that Covits/Cove's point to a COVID scheme produced by Trump's enemies. I wanted more evidence. The first thing coming to mind was that the disease was blamed on bats from Cove-like CAVE's, though we expect that it was man-made, modified from manipulating COVID in bats.

While on Press'/Prests in the last update, the Presleys/Priestly were brought in, which recalled that I gave a speech at a wedding, a few years ago, where the bride was from Moldova. I mentioned Elvis Presley's sideburns looking like BAT wings, and then added that bats stay up all night long listening to Gypsy music i.e. there was emphasis on bats. So, I looked up the Elvis surname to boot, which was while showing reasons that "Kepke" should have been from the namers of Kiev. That's the Ukraine capital not far from Moldova, near Trypillia, and Trips use shoes. I showed that I sang a stanza from an Elvis song (at the wedding) that had "blue suede SHOES," you see, linking it to Kepke's shoe-sales job. Well, it just so happens that COVID was blamed on horseSHOE bats. Did God move me to use an Elvis theme for that wedding for these points now being made? (I've always been sure that God frowned on Elvis' performance style.)

Bugs, once said to have been first found in Nottinghamshire with Elvis', use a bat, how about that, and the Bug river is in Ukraine, how about that. It's also where Trump's darkness-loving coup plotters were hanging out, all upside-down. Scottish Randolphs use horseshoes and a bat, very suspicious; what could that mean or point to? Obama's Dunham surname shares the Coat of English Randolphs, and the shoe store of Burisma's owner had caused me to find the Dunham-like Denhams [at a Bury location]. Just wait till you see what I've found now.

But first, let me say that, right away upon the Elvis surname, I had said, "That's why I checked the Elvis surname (not familiar with it at all), which happens to share the Weaver fesse, and then a "weaver's shuttle" is used by Keeps." I don't know how I missed it, but I now see that the Elvis/Elwis Coat shares the Keep bend! Zowie, and it's very important that Keeps were first found both where Coverts/Cofferts (Cove/COVIT colors) and English Deans/DEINs were first found. As I've said a hundred times, Miss Covert had married Mr. DEIN, but the Deans are going to come up Elvis-big momentarily, this is stunning.

News this week: "Bobulinski told reporters he was approached by James Gillier in 2015 about joining him in a deal with the Chinese-state-owned CFC China". Gillier's/Gilles'/Jilly's (Gellone colors) happen to share the Keep bend, and though that goes to the Kiev theater (instead of China), I thought it should be mentioned that Gillier's look like a line from the Geloni neighbors of the Button-like Budini. Keeps were first found beside Joe's, Buttons/Bidens, and Botters/Budins. Joe Biden's wife is Jilly-like Jill.

Kepke and I both worked for Knob Hill Farms. Our manager, we called "Gill" by pronunciation, though his name may have been, "Gilles," a Gillier variation. The point is, Gilliers were first found Languedoc with William de Gellone's monastery, at or beside Narbonne, and it just so happens that Narbonne's are listed with Denardo's while my girlfriend, a cashier at Knob Hill Farms, left me for Mike Denardo (fellow stockboy at Knob Hill Farms) while Kepke and I sat on my hood watching. Gill fired me soon after because God wanted Kepke and I in shoe sales for this revelation. Both Kepke and Knob Hill Farms were in Markham township, though Knob Hill Farms was also in BUTTONville. Markhams happen to use most of the Guerin Coat, and Guerin of Provence is thought to have been the son of William de Gellone. It appears that God is tracing Ukraine's Geloni to Languedoc, right next to Roxolani-line Roquefeuil (near Gellone-like Quillan).

When discovering that Mr. Zlochevsky (Burisma owner) had a little spot selling crocodile-leather shoes on the Dnieper river (goes through Kiev, and probably the home of the Budini), my files were looked up for the surname having a crocodile, and it was found with the Irish Dene's/Deans sharing the full motto of English Deans/Deins. Comforts were loaded a few minutes ago to see their "dea ne" motto term that I've expected as code for Deans, and this is why I've shifted to the Dean surnames. The reason that COMFORTs were loaded is that, as you can see in the last update, I changed the words in Elvis stanza, changing "blue suede shoes" to "blue COMFORTer"!!! INCREDIBLE. Just look at that.

"Dea NE" is framed so as to be a possible code for the Nee variation of Knee's, and Shoe's don't describe their Coat with a "knight issuing at the knees" for nothing.

By the way, the Chinese blamed the COVID pandemic on the Fort Detrick lab in the United States, and it just so happens that Detricks (horse head) share water bougets with Bugs. I therefore tend to believe that the Chinese are correct, that the Americans with access to the Wuhan lab framed the Chinese for this global freak-show. Dr. Judy Mikovits was working at Fort Detrick, if I recall correctly, when Tony Fauci stole her boss's virus invention. She claims that Fauci and his partner got the patent for it. Comforts share the white dog with Detrick-like Deters, by the way.

Another point to prove that God is in this Presley-related heraldry is the "nihil" motto term of Deans/Deins / Dene's/Deans, for Nihills are listed with SHARK-related O'Neills who share the Press/Prest Chief. Igor Kolomoisky, the big cheese on Burisma's board of directors, owns a shark tank. Even the Wall Street Journal said: "Notable for having a massive shark aquarium in his office, Mr. Kolomoisky has arrived..." So, link the shark of my 1979 dream to Kolomoisky, and view the bulldog in the shark's mouth as Trump. You can bet that Kolomoisky was aiding and abetting the Ukrainian diplomats seeking to impeach Trump.

Next, we go to the Comerford variation of Comforts (Cimmerian suspects) because I've known that they are a branch of Camelfords/Comerfords (roses, trace to king Rusa, a Cimmerian vassal). The latter surname shares the cross of Bat-like Baths, which is the cross also of bat-and-horseshoe-using Randolphs.

Back to the "dea ne" motto phrase of Comforts, which gave us "knight issuing from the knees." I identify "issuing" with the island of Issa, not far from the Elvis-like Elaphiti islands smack beside Ragusa, home of Shark-line Saraca's (Tyrone's same as O'Neills and Cooneys). The point here is that Elvis' have five arrows in Crest while Arrows (Staffordshire, same as Camelfords/Comerfords) share the fleur-de-lys of Mascals who in turn have an Elaphiti-like elephant. Mascals were first found in Sussex with the Deans/Deins using "nihil," and with the Vise's/VICE's sharing the Knee stag head! Issa is also called, "Vis!!!

Those exclamation marks are partly for what I've told several times, that I happened to have a pair of VICE-grip pliers with me when I parked the pick-up on a quiet street in Galveston. I used the vice-grips (clamped down on the latch) from the inside to lock the hatch in case some bad guy came along as I slept, and a bad guy did come along, trying to steal the entire truck with wallet. It didn't work out for him; he got away with only my keys. God obviously moved me to use the vice-GRIPs. Gripps/Grape's can be traced well, with the house of Gripp-like Griffin (Pomerania), to the grape-using Deters (Pomerania), a surname like Fort DETRick! I get it.

As I've said several times, I threw my keys into my RUNNING SHOES, and went to sleep (probably in a sleeping bag). Runnings/Ronnys happen to share the Peacock / Covert fesse. There are peacocks in the Comfort and Camelford/Comerford Crests, and while Manners/Maness' have a peacock in Crest too, Miss Covert was with Mr. Maness after divorcing with Mr. Dein. Manner-like Manerd with a Maness-like "manus" motto term use a "justa" motto term while Peacocks use "just." It's all connecting, so keep in mind that Manner liners to be understood with Mamie's pointer to Hunter's laptop. Manerds were first found in Suffolk with Cove's/COVITs, and the elements here had pointed hard to James LeDuc of Wuhan connections. Google will probably give you a hard time finding all the articles telling that LeDuc's Galveston lab set up research facilities in the Wuhan lab, but it's out there from reliable sources.

I'm not accusing LeDuc, but am suggesting that someone in his circle, and working with anti-Trumpers, could have planted COVID near the Wuhan lab, or even in it, so that it spread. It makes sense that the same people planted the infection in America too to begin the home-turf war against Trump right-away, i.e. no waiting for it to arrive from China. In an article with title, "The Galveston National Lab and Wuhan Institute of Virology," "Wuhan" is mentioned only once more in the article, as if the writer doesn't want to stress the link, though it does say: "The relationship with Wuhan Institute of Virology and the GNL [Galveston lab] dates back to 2013 [Obama-Biden era) and has been facilitated through an ongoing dialogue co-sponsored by the Chinese Academies of Science and U.S. National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, with cooperation from the Chinese CDC and others." The article is very short and shy on the strong links between the two labs. Or, see this nicey-nicey article, Galveston bio lab explains connections to Wuhan if you need evidence of the link.

It's now interesting that Comerford variations are like Comey variations, for while Comey ran Obama's FBI, his FBI deputy was Andrew McCabe at the time. McCabe's were first found in Arran with Blue's. The "blue comforter." Comforts even have a HUNTING horn for a potential pointer to Hunter Biden (on the Burisma board with Kolomoisky), and so it's interesting that Huntings/Huntingdons (hunting horns) share the fesse of impeachment-like Peach's, PEACocks (!!), and Coverts/Cofferts (while McCabe's share the Coffee/Coffer fesse). It just made the Comfort peacock (and Manner/Maness peacock too?) look like a pointer to imPEACHment!

Peaks (Staffordshire, same as Arrows and Camelford/Comerfords) even share the fleur-de-lys of Arrows, Mascals, Heinz's and Banks, and while the Peach Coat looks like that of Cravens, Banks were in Craven. Cravens love the Actons in their motto, and Actons share the Peach fesse. Heinz's share the Camp chevron while Camps (Campbell colors) were first found in Yorkshire with Campbells/Cammells while Camelfords are also Campbellfords. Having made that potential link to Mr. Heinz, Hunter Biden's partner, and as Heinz was the step-son of John Kerry, what about the bee HIVE in the Kerry Crest? Isn't AIDS from HIV??? Yes, and Kerrys were even first found in MontGOMERy (i.e. like COMER liners) while Montgomerys share the Bury/BURIS fleur de lys. The Finger of God. The writing is on the wall.

Ahh, Peaks share the white wing and the patee cross of Diens/Dives', first found in Sussex with Deans/Deins and Coverts/Cofferts. So, we just make an impeachment-troll link to Zlochevsky's crocodile shoes, expected.

If I recall correctly, Fauci stole from Mikovits' boss an AIDS virus, or, in any case, Judy accused Fauci and company of killing and harming many with AIDS vaccines, and it just so happens that I trace Aids/Ade's to Ada of Huntingdonshire. Plus, Aids/Ade's, with a version of the Rodham Coat, share the Cove/COVIT bend! If that's not enough, the Camelford/Comerford Coat is much like that of AITons (Berwickshire, same as Aids/Ade's).

I can't figure out (tried for years) what the first part of the Comfort motto could be code for; "So ho ho dea ne." It sounds Chinese, doesn't it?

When the mugger arrived, he SHOOK the pick-up (by lifting it at the bumper or fender) to wake me up quietly (I was at the curb in front of houses). I've told this part several times, but didn't need to link the mugging event to the things you're reading here. Incredibly, Shooks are listed with Shoe's! As soon as he woke me, saying, "What the f, don't you know someone could blow you away?" They were the first words out of his mouth to make me believe he had a gun.

So, I got my PANTs on first thing, terrified and trying to cope mentally with this sudden disturbance with my mind half asleep. I knew I had to get out of the truck. It was a COVERED pick-up, by the way, like "Covert." The pants remind that Lorraine's pants pointed to Bar-le-DUC -- whammie!!! -- because Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with Ducks while the Arms of Bar-le-Duc uses the pansy, and so there you have a pointer to James LeDuc!!! INCREDIBLE.

As soon as the pants were on (no need for a shirt), I saw two headlights coming toward us, perfect. So, I removed the vice-grips from the latch, opened the hatch, and got out with this car passing us i.e. he couldn't attack me at that time. The next thing I did was to reach into the hatch to retrieve the keys in the running shoes, and, looking back while doing so to see if he was pulling a gun, he had his hand in his back pocket. But, whew, he came out with a pack of cigarettes instead, and offered one to me. He then got stupid and said that we should go into business together...I have no idea what his game was with that, maybe he thought I was reaching in for a gun or other weapon.

I don't think I took the time to get the running shoes on. I was shirtless and BAREfoot, and Lorraine was barefoot when she got her foot/feet symbol along with her babe symbol (at the same time, within a couple of seconds), what could be a pointer to Babels/Babe's.

I was working fast to give him less time to think and plan anything. I took the keys to the passenger door because the keys didn't work in my driver keyhole, and as I sprawled over the seats to unlock the driver door from the inside, he lunged at me, knocking my head against the rear-view MIRROR, and knocking it right off the windshield GLASS. (I didn't know it yet, but he also knocked the keys from my hand to the floor.) The Glass surname uses a mermaid with MIRROR, and so I think this is a pointer to the mermaid-using Laps and Babels/Babe's/Bobels i.e. to Tony Bobulinski and the laptop.

By what coincidence is Bar a location at the coast from lake SCODra (near BUTua) while SCOOTs and SCOTTs share the red border on white Shield with Glass'??? Bar-le-Duc > James LeDuc. Scoots (hunting horn) are also SCOUGals while Shoe's are also Schugs. IMPRESSIVE STUFF, courtesy of just another bump on my head.

Barrs/Bare's share the giant Este eagle because Barrs of Brunswicks were Este-related Welfs, and the Bute's/Butts (ESToiles) show the black horse head once showing in the Crest of English Este's while Glass' were first found in Buteshire. Buttons/Bidens (share horn with German Barrs) relate to this line. I had locked the hatch, and Hatch's/HACCHs share the Brunswick (and Gernon) Coat, and Scoots use a "HAEC" motto term. Haeks are also Hacke's/Haacks. Butua is beside Kotor, original home of the Ragusa Saraca's, and Hatchets/Hackets have fish in the white-on-blue colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish.

I've read that BOTHwells were from Bute, and Bothwells share the Coat of Lynch's/Linskys (LYNX in Crest). We just saw BobuLINSKI linking to the Glass mermaid, and then the Glass motto, "LUCtor," could be partly for the Lux's/Luchs who have: "...deriving from the German word 'Luchs,' meaning 'lynx.'" It could have been the other way around, that a Lynch branch carrying the lynx symbol opted to change the surname to "Luchs."

As soon as he knocked my head into the mirror, he put both his hands around my throat (he was hefty), saying sternly, "Give 'em over, give 'em over." He wanted the keys. The wallet was in the back, not in my pants. I could smell alcohol on his breath; he was a Negro. When I wouldn't give him the keys, he raised his right hand high, and started to plunge toward my body. Thinking is was a knife, I raised my knee to block the shot, and it worked. It popped out of his hand, and he started looking for it with his one free hand, with his other hand still at my throat (I was half laying back on the passenger seat, half sitting). I used my hand to try to find it first, and did. I grabbed it, and then said, "In the name of Jesus, get off!." And taken by surprise, he got weak, and I pushed him out, got up on my feet in front of him, at the curb, but, for some reason(s), having an instant to decide what to do, I opted to run up the driveway to go knock on a front door.

Bad luck. There was a gate at the top of the driveway between me and the front door. So I dove over it, literally dove, and here this may be a pointer to Bill Gates because he's working on COVID vaccines. Note: "In the NAME of Jesus, GET off." English Name's/Neme's have lion heads in the colors of the Gates lion.

[Insert, I think I can prove that the dive over the gate is to point to Gates'. The next thing I did was to KNOCK on the door, and while Knocks ("proficiOR") were first found in Renfrewshire with Orrs/Ore's, the latter use a motto, "Bonis OMNia bona." Bonis' are listed with Bona's having a white-lion version of the Gates Coat. Moreover, the "omnia" motto term of other surnames has in the past been pointed to be the OMEN I had earlier on the day of the mugging, which was God's warning that something bad was about to happen i.e. the mugging. The border used by Knocks is probably an "orle" border which I know to be in use by Rutherfords and Rutlands. It's probably code for Orrels because they share red roundels with Orrs/Ore's.

The event just before the dive over the gate (I had adrenalin) was my standing at the curb with the thief, and that spot can be construed as a shoulder of the road because Shouldhams ("ORate") share the gold and rising bird of Knocks. The weapon that I dove over the gate with was just a plastic piece for a typical remote-control unit, very possibly for a video recorder, popular in that year (1994) for watching movies. The "Moveo" motto term of Knocks could play to that piece of plastic; if for nothing more, the motto term could be God's verifying that this is His heraldic arrangement to align with His event in Galveston through poor me. If the Knock / Shouldham birds are said to be rising (many heraldic birds in that position are so said), note that Risings were first found in Norfolk with Shouldhams while Rhizon was near lake SCODra while Shouldhams are also SCHULTz-like Shoultz's.

Omen-like "Omnia" is a motto term of Dons too, who have double fesses colors reversed from the same of Parrs, and the Parr Crest is said to have a woman with "shoulders." Parrs are beloved of Maness' (double fesses), and the day of my mugging, I drove past Markham, where Mr. Maness had an address. Why did the omen just point to Mr. Maness? Maness' have a "pour y" motto phrase while Purys/Bureys (Barr fesse-with-stars?) essentially have the omen-like Oman Coat. I think I get it. Maness' use "parVENIR," possible for Parrs and Venners together, for the latter share red fitchees with Orrs/Ore's.

I was in a NISSan pick-up truck when mugged, and Ness'/Nessans are from queen Nysa, whose husband, Pharnaces', is to the Furness' and Parrs, both first found in Lancashire and sharing a black border. This can explain why Orrs/Ore's use a "BoNIS" term, as part code for Nissan-like Niss'. The Nissan was very important because Nissans share the double-Parr fesses, in colors reversed from the same of Dons (Cheshire, same as Venners) having another "OMNia" motto term (as with Ore's/Orrs). As JUNia CaepioNIS (i.e. like "Nysa") was a granddaughter of a QUINTus CAEPIO, note that NYSA's daughter, another Nysa, was queen of CAPPAdocia while June's and Jeune's were both first found in Cambridgeshire with Caepionis-like Capone's, suggesting strongly that Niss' (Rhineland, same as Salome's) are using the Jeune fleur-de-lys around the QUINT chevron. Is that not amazing material, all thanks to the omen in the Nissan? The thief had his hands around my Ness-like neck.

Scottish Yonge's/Youngs share three piles with Orrs/Ore's while "jeune" is a motto term of English Yonge's/Youngs. While I trace Youngs and June's to the Una river (Croatia), it's where I trace UNIcorns, like the CORNucopia in the Orr/Ore Crest. "Corn" is code for the Ceraunii Croatians, to whom Cravens trace who share the fitchee of Orrs/Ore's. The cornuCOPia traces with Cups/Cope's/COLPs to the KUPa/COLAPis river beside the Una, suggesting that Cappadocian elements named the Kupa. COPElands share the double fesses of Ness'/Nessans/Nice's, tending to identify which Cappadocians were there.

I probably haven't exhausted these pointers with the Galveston event, for there were many things I can recall taking place due to the mugging. Late in this update, I come back to the curb in the mugging with the Curbys surname, at which time I'll add that Curbys are to be linked to mugging-like Muggens for pointing to Jack Dorsey, CEO of twitter. Suffice it to say here that Muggens are reflective of the Coffee/Coffer Coat while I bought a coffee an hour or two after passing Markham that acted as a pointer to things deep state. Below, you will see the downing of my maple tree point to twitter, and so let me add here that Markhams were at Maplebeck, so amazing.

Although Coffee's/Coffers look like they use mugs (they may have called them that once for the Muggens), they are called "cups" at a webpage no longer available to me. Cups are also Cope's and expected in the Orr/Ore cornuCOPia. Why would God want the Orrs in this Galveston event so badly? This insert was written during the spell-check at the last minute. End insert.]

It was shown above how "Luctor" can link to Luchs > Lynch liners, and so this is a great place to tell that Loretta Lynch, Obama's attorney general, was replaced by Sally Yates while Yates' use gates.

It should be added here that Get-like Gette's were first found in Anjou, where code-writers had their Melusine mermaid. She usually comes with a mirror as code for Anjou's Mire's/MIREUX's. He KNOCKed my head into the mirrOR, and Orrs with Knocks were first found in the same place with Glasgow. The giant Glass fleur is colors reversed from the same of Fulke's/Volks, recalling Kurt Volker, "the former US special envoy for Ukraine who was the first witness to testify in the House impeachment inquiry..." Gette's are more-properly shown as JETTINs, for example, like the Kidney/GEDNey surname that shares a blue saltire with them. The Ukraine-pointing shark in my dream was in a kidney-shaped swimming pool.

As Fulk I of Anjou married Miss Loches while Loches' can be gleaned with Loges', the latter can be gleaned with the Gette/Jettin and Messey Coats. Messeys, Loges' and Loches' were all first found in Burgundy with mirror-using Primo's/Primeau's. The "LUCtor" motto term of Glass' could apply to a Loches branch. The mugger knocked the mirror off the GLASS with my head, and Heads/Heeds, first found in Norfolk with Fulke's/Volks, LUCE's and Aste's/Haste's, have a Coat reflecting that of English ESTE's. Luce's may be in the Glass motto, "Luctor." Italian Este's have a giant eagle almost in the colors of the giant bird (possibly an eagle) of Knocks and Shouldhams. As Glass' were first found at Buteshire, note that Gates-like Geddes', sharing pike fish with Luce's, use fish heads in the colors of the Bute/Butt/Boet fish.

I took a dive over the gate probably because I didn't know whether the thief was running behind me. The Diens are also DIVEs', and the other Dive's/DIVA's share a dancette-fesse with Dove's. Deans/Deins (Sussex, same as Diens/Dives') have a gold and round-tailed lion, same as Gates' (but on different-colored Shields). So, the dive seems to apply to this heraldic picture, especially as Chester was called, Diva, while Diens/Dives' probably have the white Masci wing while Masci-line Meschins ruled Chester. Meschins were from the Bessin, location of the Dives river.

Massena's, who share the Pech/Pek/Peck patee, trace to Patti in Messina, and Diens/Dives' share the PEAK patee. PEACocks use MASCLEs while Meschins are also MASCULine's. The white Masci wings are even in the colors of the giant wings of Jewish Glass' while the Scottish Glass' have a fleur colors reversed from the same of English Masseys. The Chief of French Masseys looks linkable to the Chief of Deans/Deins (same place as Diens/Dives'), and so the dive over the gate may be pointing with crocodile Dene's to Zlochevsky's shoes, especially as French Masseys once showed the very same three boots (like "Bute") of German Trips who now show three shoes.

French Masseys now show a tree, and Tree's were first found in Warwickshire with the Dile's/Dills in "crocoDILE," for Dile's/Dills share the giant Dean/Dein the colors of the Gate lion. I almost missed it: Crocs (share the Dean/Dein crescent) almost have the Covert/Coffert Coat!!! Miss Covert married Mr. Dein!

No-one would answer my knock to the front door. It was after 1 am. I then looked at the item I had picked up on the floor of the truck, and because it wasn't a knife, but just half the black cover of a long, remote-control unit, I ran back to the truck, jumped the privacy fence, and saw the driver door wide open with no thief in sight. Hmm, what happened while I was gone. Where were the keys? Not in my hand. I looked for them where he had attacked me, but they could not be found. But, for this trip, God prepared me, because I happened to put a spare truck key under the mat. I never put a spare key under the mat, why this time?

So, the key was put into the ignition, but the engine wouldn't turn over. Oh no, it hadn't done that before. I tried again, oh no, it wouldn't start. But on the third try, whew, happy time. I then realized that God caused the truck not to start when the thief had tried it, so he fled before I got back. This truck never again failed to start like that. Miracle in Galveston, at your service. Tell us what you know, Mr. LeDuc, tell us what you know.

After writing here, I went out to collect fire-starter twigs till dusk, and in the evening, I was watching Bongino's Wednesday show, in the 16th minute, where Hunter Biden is being recorded and taking about " representation of the -- literally -- Dr. Patrick HO, the spy chief of China who started the company that my partner, who is worth $323 billion, founded and is now missing." This find comes on the same day that I said, "I can't figure out what the first part of the Comfort motto could be code for; "So ho ho dea ne." It sounds Chinese, doesn't it?" Patrick HO. The Comforts entered the discussion by my changing Elvis' "blue suede SHOES" to "blue comforter," and the "dea ne" phrase in that same motto is suspect with crocodile Dene's/Deans.

The DoJ arrested Ho, but not one of the Bidens:

Federal investigators obtained a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant against one of Hunter Biden’s Chinese business associates, named Patrick Ho Chi Ping, suggesting that Patrick Ho Chi Ping was suspected of acting as a covert agent of a foreign government.

Patrick Ho Chi Ping was charged on Dec. 18, 2017 with conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and money laundering related to CEFC China Energy contracts in Uganda and Chad. Ho had been an executive at the multi-billion dollar Chinese energy company CEFC before his arrest.

So, the DoJ has known since at least 2017/18 about the Biden family corruption with China, and Barr followed in Sessions' footsteps doing nothing, covering for it instead. Barr is a profane character, a fake, a zero. "...Patrick Ho, the former Secretary for Home Affairs in HONG Kong." The Hongs/Hungarians/Hongarens (Petty et-al quadrants) are like the Hungers sharing the greyhound of Huns/Hundts while Comforts ("HO" motto term!!!), in Gate colors, have a dog in the same colors as the greyhounds, and in the colors of the Huns/HunGATE dog, I kid you not! I HONKed my horn at Mr. Casey and Miss Hicks while passing her GATE, and Comforts use the horn!

This is suggesting that whatever crimes are being committed with the Chinese, Bill Gates can be involved as per his globalist take-over bid. One headline: "Our Work in China - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation". Hungars (not "Hunger") are probably with the lion of greyHOUND-connectable Greys. George Soros is Hungarian.

Note the HonGAREN variation of Hongs, for Kongs/Kings share the lion of Gerens/Garene's and Garins/Gorings. It appears that God set this heraldry up to point to Ho's crime ring as per Hong Kong. I honked / TOOTed in my Safari van, and Saffers love the Vito's who in turn share the annulet of Gorings and Savers/Severs. But why were Mr. Casey and Miss Hicks at the gate? Another mystery to tackle. Hicks use a "Tout" motto term, and while she is also Mrs. Kilpatrick. Kilpatrick had a castle on the Nith river, the line suspect to Nights having lion heads in the colors of the Hong / Geren / Goring lions. I point to Gowers/Gore's from Miss Hicks' knee event at the GLASS door of the Get'n Go, and Glass-like Class'/Klassens use "Lady Fortune" while Fortune's/Fortuna's share the Hun/Hungate / Comfort dog in the upright position of the Hunger / Hun/Hundt greyhound. Mystery not solved by any means, yet.

AHHHHH, the Nights ("duRUM") are also Knaughts, and the Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries, same as Rums and the Nith river) use a "fortunae" motto term!!! I didn't know this until the paragraph above was fully written! The "Omnia fortunae" phrase looks linkable to my Galveston-related omen, and my Galveston event pointed hard with James LeDuc to the Wuhan lab in China! Zinger, lookie at all that.

OHHHH WOOOWWWIE, I have it recorded that the Volens/Velens expected in the "volenti" motto term of Nights once used DUCKS!!! Volens/Velens were first found in Westphalia with Ducks and duck-using Velins! James LeDUC of the Galveston National Laboratory is being pointed to right here while on the topic of Ho's Honk Kong. Something stinks.

Watch how Mr. Casey can work into the above heraldry, who was at the shoulder of the NUECES-Canyon road when I honked. There is a ditch along that road while Ditch's are listed with Dike's while Diss'/Dice's are suspect in the "DIStantia" motto term of Case's. The buckles of Case's can be of the buck head of Hicks'. In any case, Case's were at Swaffham while Swaffhams have a version of the News'/NUCES (Like "Nueces") and Bash Coats, the Bash's share the Volen/Velen martlets. I think this heraldry needs to be pointed to John Bash of Texas, who was looking into Obama / Biden crimes not long ago. No one knows what he discovered but Barr, Durum, and other insiders. Note the "durum" motto term of Nights/Naughts.

John Bash was replaced by Mr. Sofer, suspect with Supers/Sopers who in turn have a saltire linkable to the Kilpatrick saltire, for Kilpatrick castle is at Closeburn while Close's and English Knights share the spur while Spurrs were first found in Devon with Spurr-like Supers (in the Rattery motto). If the English Knights are with a version of the Carpenter pale bars, note that while Carpenters were first recorded in Cambridgeshire with Rench's, they both share the same gold crosslets (different background color) while German Rench's share the Hicks and Leakey fleur-de-lys. The Kilpatricks owned a RANCH, and Miss Hicks got her knee symbol at the corner of Nueces-Canyon rd. and the Ranch Leakey.

Just realized: Canyons were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes' and the Bash's with a version of the News/NUCES Coat!!! We lived in the Nuces Canyon, and she and I both had Nueces-riverfront properties. News'/Nuces use a newsPAPER while Papers use carNATIONs while Nations/Nathans and NATTs/Nathans are connectable to Nitts/Naughts. That's right, it all looks like Intelligent Design. And not for nothing either. I usually say that I tooted my horn, and "TUTus" is a Canyon motto term. This time, however, as per Mr. Ho of Hong Kong, I've changed it to a honk, and it's got us all the above material between here and the Honks.

Ahhh, I get it. The Canyon motto is translated with "safe," and while I honked in the Safari, code for Saffers (Devon, same as Sofer-suspect Sopers), Swafftons (version of Bash Coat!!!) come up as Swaffers. Hee-hee, Case's were at a Saffer-related location, explaining why I honked at Mr. Casey, but, as we can see, it's a pointer to Bash and Sofer, both men appointed by Bill Barr to oversee Western Texas' DoJ business, which region includes the Nuces Canyon, as well as Victoria, where I bought the newspaper and coffee, the latter being a pointer to Coffee's ("victoria") with a Sofer-like Coffer variation. Sopers were first found beside the first-known Coffers/Coffare's.

It therefore seems that Mr. Casey, who had been at my home earlier in the day when I honked at him, is a pointer to Case's. The latter's two bendlets are in the colors of the double bends of Ratcliffs, and Mr. Casey told me that morning that he listed the Kilpatrick property for sale. The Kilpatricks sold and moved to within ten miles of John Ratcliffe. That looks like something God would arrange to tell us. Something's cooking from God like a pot of wrath. I suppose that this is partly why the heraldry above pointed so hard the Kilpatrick castle on the Nith, but we can even add the TESTERton location of Case's, for Testers share the giant HOE lion. And while Case's were at Swaffham too, Swaffhams share the Dee/Die and DEAN/Dein lion (in the colors of the Test/Testini lion head) while Comforts use "So HO ho DEA NE." (Tests/Testoni's look linkable to the Capote mule.)

Giuliani suggests that Ho's company (owned partly by the Biden family) may have been an Intelligence front, using the Bidens to spy on America. Giuliani calls one of the three Chinese partners, "Stanley" Ho, perhaps a mistake, or Patrick Ho's relative. The three official Biden partners (says Giuliani) are Hunter, James Biden (Joe's brother) and his wife. Joe Biden stays off the paperwork, yet is the silent chief of the Biden side. The paperwork gave Joe ("big guy") 10-percent of the profits only, but then we'd expect that the other Bidens were required, by an off-paper deal, to give much of their 20-percent each to Joe. See about 10th minute if interested in details (don't miss the 29-30th minute, good job, Rudy):

Let's not forget that this was the man Obama chose for his vice-president, the same Obama who chose the mobster, Eric Holder, to be the attorney general. You may be disgusted along with me that all the ones reporting on these Biden affairs are refusing to throw bombs at Barr. But Barr becomes the biggest criminal of all for sending the message to all other corruptocrats that they have nothing to fear, keep on sucking tax dollars to yourselves, suggesting that Barr's been one of them.

Corruptocrat: "I didn't become a politician to expend my life for the lousy people, are you nuts?" And then there's Louis Gohmert, calling on Barr to investigate the Bidens. Did you notice how Barr would come out to make a statement with urgency at times? But where's Barr's urgency now? Where's this trash can hiding these days? Make a statement to the country to the effect that people should not give this mobster their vote. Come out to say that these news stories on the Biden family are not disinformation. Barr has been as silent as the pro-Biden media on this story.

This short Tucker clip below suggests that someone at Fox wants Tucker to drop his Bobulinski story:

Tucker (video below) claims that "confidential documents" on Biden scandals, sent to Fox's New-York office, went missing during their shipping from New York to California. It sounds bogus, because we expect that the documents sent to Fox were not the originals, unless the one sending them made copies. Tucker seems to be saying that the documents are gone forever, but, as it turned out, Tucker said he has his own copies. There is a possibility that Fox bosses arranged that the package, shipped from the Fox office, would be captured by anti-Trumpers in the courier process. This document-theft news comes the day after Tucker aired the Bobulinski interview above, and we can imagine great pressure on Fox bosses, the next day, to stop it. However, Tucker did continue to push the Bobulinski story on Wednesday night:

On Thursday: "According to The Blaze, Glenn Zaccara, the Corporate Media Relations Director for UPS, came forward and admitted to the media that the Carlson's 'package was reported with missing contents as it moved within our network.'" Okay, nothing left to do but air what that damning bunch of paperwork says.

Here's Tucker, not happy with UPS, on Thursday night:


[Before starting this section, written yesterday as I add this insert here, I'd like to repeat an event that took place between the lap event and the thigh-garden event the next day. As I was behaving well when Mamie jerked me in the sleeping bag, her way of saying, "no," we ended up going to the BEACH the next day, about NOON, and into the LAKE water we went, at the CAMP site. This sections happens upon the BEACHams with "None" motto term for the None's/NOONS, and the Beachams/BeauCHAMPs came to topic with the Champ variation of Camps, you see, and so add to this that Mamie's lap event pointed to the laptop of BEAU's brother. That's why BEAUchamps came up. Is that not amazing that even Mamie's beach event with me applies to Biden crimes? The way I know that there was a beach is that I looked at some people on the beach, over her shoulder while holding her. I remember it.

The Lake's are said to have been at BIDEford, and under Mamie-lap circumstances now, we should ask whether Bidefords/Bedfords (share black border with Sedans/Seddons), namers of BEDANford/Bedford, were offshoots of Bidens. Bedfordshire is where Beauchamps/Beachams were first found.

She pointed to MUMmolin elements at her garden, and while Gardens share the black boar head of Bedins, "AniMUM" is a Bideford/Bedford motto term. Bedins were first found in Shropshire with early Lake's. Soon after, she left my Bible gift to her under a BED. Bede's (Brittany) look like kin of Dols while Dol's Alans lived in Shropshire. Bede's use oak seeds (acorns), Alans use oak leaves, Dol's Alans ruled Okehampton, and: "'The Lakes [surname] of Devonshire may take their name from a hamlet near Okehampton. In the 17th century the name was established in Bideford."

Dol is beside Cotes-d'Armor, and Armors share armored arms with Brace's...who in turn have a Coat like that of Lake's, which I've mentioned before because Mamie and I emBRACED that day in the lake. We hugged that is, and Hugo's share the mermaid with Laps and Babels/Bobels/Babe's. I think this is the single-most reason that I started this insert; it took some time to get here.

This section also gets into the Romans/Romania's and Quillans, and, to my surprise here, it just so happens that Romans/Romania's have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of Hugo's. Lake's and Brace's share the bend of Antrims, who come up from the Routes area in the Quillan write-up. The reason that Romans/Romania's (wolf or fox?) and Quillans (wolf or fox) come to topic is as per the question on whether Thigh's/Thy's use a wolf or fox. Mamie got her thigh symbol on the day we embraced / hugged in the water, after we got home to her place from the camp site. Amazing.

I can remember NOTHING at all between embracing her in the lake and getting a glimpse of her beautiful thighs at her garden, like the most-beautiful thighs (I wasn't staring) a man ever did see. She was in her bathing suit again, but probably dressed heavier for the drive home. Why can't I remember the drive home? Why can't I remember what we did after we left the water? Why only those two events? Why can't I remember what else we did at her place that night? It could have been the labor-day weekend, because my gang always went camping on that weekend. I kid you not, I deleted the last sentence because Labors didn't do anything for the topic, but a few minutes later, I recalled the Labbs variation of Laps!!!! AMAZING!

The timeline was like this: I had my first date with Lorraine on my birthday, and was with her not less than two weeks into mid-to-late July. I met Mamie at her party on my last night with Lorraine, and went camping weeks later to see Mamie there. So, it could have been Labor DAY, and probably was. Days have a variation like the Dee's in turn using a "labor" motto term!!! Dee's share the lion of Deans/Deins, and thus the "dea ne" motto phrase of Comforts can be for both surnames. Dea's are listed with Days!!! INCREDIBLE. I usually say that I went to the camp site two or three weeks after meeting her, but that's just been an off-the-wall guess.

Here's a better time line after giving things more thought. I had moved out of Rumble, into the apartment of Mr. Oullette, and as I got the call from Barry, to invite me to the camp site, from Oullette's place (I remember that call and where I was), it looks like the camp-site events were after September 1, for I probably moved out of Rumble at the end of the month (logical). The apartment had been at the corner of Rumble and Labe-like LIBBY (Richmond Hill). Libbys are also Lebbys. There's a Labbys/L'Abbe surname (may have decided that the "talbot" dog should be a Lab species) with a "Sine labe" motto, and possibly with the Andrew saltire because Drummonds were directly from king Andrew I. The Libby Crest has what I think is a baton, and Batons are also Basset-like BASTons. Oullette's were at Ouilly-le-Basset while Bassets have the triple, wavy chevrons of Scottish Drummonds (from Podebrady). Cool.

The LABE/Elbe river flows at PodeBRADY, if I recall correctly, and Bradys are Babe kin, I kid you not. There's a Labe surname with a horizontally-split Shield sharing a blue half on the bottom with the split-Shield of Hugo's. We hugged the morning after the lap event, amazing stuff, folks.

The reason that I moved out of Rumble is that I had invited a Christian friend over, and because we were in the landlady's POOL without permission (I didn't think she'd mind), a neighbor complained to the landlady, and she asked me to move out. Pools and Poole were first found in Dorset with Babe's! Zinger, I get it (you can find that story in the 1st update of March, 2019, and others). The friend was Annette, like the Ant river of AntRIMs. This river is in Norfolk, where Bus' were first found who share the Rumble cinquefoils, and then RIMS are also Rums. Annette's are round-about linkable to the Tease-related Annas'.

Nothing happened between us, we were just friends. She was the sister of Dianne, and Diane's are listed with Deans/Deins. Dianne was the wife of Joe Oullette, the brother of the one (Paul) into whose apartment I moved into. While I was still at Rumble, Dianne and Joe invited me to see an old friend, and we took the BUS. When getting off it at the bus-subway depot at Finch avenue, ten miles from where we started, I got off the bus, and there was Lorraine (this is a big city, Toronto), the first in line to get on the bus. What are the chances? We had split up as little as a week earlier. We eyed each other, but I walked past without saying anything.

This is more amazing yet because Lorraine had gotten her BABE symbol when a third brother, Mike Oullette, blurted, "what a babe," in my hearing, when he first saw her, and that was when she had her foot/feet symbol that linked via the Blond's (foot on a sun) to the Babe's (sun).

But I'm not done, because Oullette's share double-bar gemel with Labors. Gemels share the chain with Labe's. At least one of the Oullette's would have been at the CAMP site, and Camps were first found in Yorkshire with same-colored Campbells/CAMMELLs and Gamble's/Gamals. Clickety-click, it never ends. There are three sets of bars gemel with Oullette's so as to form three fesses in the colors of the three of Babe-related, Beach-like Beaks! I tell later how Beaks link to Drummond blood out of Podebrady; suffice it to repeat here that Oullette's were at Ouilly-le-Basset while Bassets have the triple, wavy chevrons of Scottish Drummonds. So, it appears that God set me up with Lorraine when I was also involved with Oullette's for these reasons. It was Mr. Oullette to say, "what a babe," and so when we link the Coats of Oullette's and Beaks, we can grasp an indirect Oullette-Coat link to that of Babe's.

Rumble's are RUMbolds too, possibly of the Rum variation of Scottish Rome's/Rims/Roens. English Roens/Rome's/Rowans have (almost) the Campbell/Cammell gyronny. End insert]

Recall Mamie sitting on my lap as a pointer to the Biden scandals, then getting her tease symbol on the same night, then her thigh symbol the next day, for the Thigh surname may be using a fox, for houseofnames at times uses the same design for a fox and wolf. Will Fox news tease with Bobulinski (pointed to by the Lap mermaid) only to go silent on this story? Or, can we say that Fox is a tease on a gamut of deep state news? The heraldic fox is most-often red, the colors of the Thigh fox/wolf. German and Jewish Fox's use the red fox, we can assume, and it's identical to the Thigh animal.

Mamie was SITTING on my lap, and Sitten is the alternative name of Sion while Irish Fox's are listed with SIONnachs: "The surname Fox originally appeared in Gaelic as O Sionnaigh, derived from the word 'sionnach,' which means 'fox.'" Was God pointing with Mamie to this very story out this week? If Mamie represents the bad guys, note that when I first arrived to the camp site, she was under cover, we could say, in the dark back of a closed pick-up's box cover...with Barr-like Barry in there with her who could even depict Barry Soetoro (Obama) secondarily. She was in the back like making love to Barry, we could say, and so we could decipher that event with Bill Barr's silence at this crucial time. Who or what might Mamie depict in this scandal?

In the dream with missing, BARRel-shaped door handle of the Jeep, the Jeep was owned by Mr. DeSIMONE, and then while Desimone's/Simons share the giant lion of Irish Fox's, Jewish Simons share a red fox (different design) with Jewish Fox's/Sionnachs, indicating that the latter family of variations were named after Simon de Montfort, not after "fox." The Simon-line probably developed a Sionnach variation only as it married a Fox-family line.

The family of Simon de Montfort (may have been himself, I forget) married Beau-like Beaumonts of Meulan, and the Arms of Meulan shares the Ukrainian Baby/Babenko/Bobko Coat (I rarely mention this one), I kid you not, that being a surname like the German Babels/Bobels/Babe's. Plus, English Babe's were first found in Dorset with Beaumonts! English Babe's even share the sun with Beau's!!! The "Sionnach aBOO" motto of Irish Fox's could be a pointer to BEAU Biden!!! INCREDIBLE. The Shinnock variation of Irish Fox's looks a lot like "Sinohawk." The Shinns are also China-like Chinns/Chings, and Bobulinski said that "SINO" refers to the Chinese side of the deal that formed the company. "Sino" is a motto term of Sedans/Seddons, very identifiable by that motto term as a branch of the Seaton variation of Sittens. Mamie was SITTING on my lap at the CAMP fire, and so while Camps are also Champs, perhaps BEAUchamps (share swan with Sions/Swans) apply in some way to Beau Biden.

[The day after this update was out, I found the red Luff/Lovey fitchee in the Crest of Valery-like Velis'/Vails/Valleys. Slipping this insert here at Wallis/Valais canton is good, not only because Valois'/Valours are also Valais', but because Velis'/Vails/Valleys have a swan head with their two fitchee crosses. Beauchamps have a swan head too, in Crest.]

Sions/Swans are Sine's too, and Sion is in Wallis canton while Wallis'/Wallace's (share Beaumont lion) share the Montfort lion (almost), though the main point is that Wallis-canton Walsers have a two-tailed mermaid, same as Babels/Bobels/Babe's. The Montfort lion has two tails too. Wallis'/Wallace's were first found in Ayrshire with Ayr while there is an Ayer location in Wallis canton smack beside Sion. Mamie was SITING on my legs when she sat on my lap, and Ayers use the leg. Ayer is in the district of Sierre while Sedans/Seddons share "sed" with the Car motto that itself has "Sero" and "serio." There's another sun in the Car Crest, and DENhams (share Car chevron) have the Curr variation of Cars (Lancashire, same as Seats) in their "Cura" motto term.

As the Car motto looks like code for Sere (share Car chevron and stars) and Sears (share Car stars), I have the sense that the car on the beach is a symbol of money laundering because I put a dead squirrel through my SEARs laundry machine not knowing it had died in the pocket of a pair of BLACK shorts. Not only do Scottish Blacks share "sed" with Cars, but English Blacks share the Car and Sear star. Blacks have three of those stars in Chief versus two in the Sear Chief, and this insight is either spanking new here, as concerns Blacks, or has been mentioned rarely, maybe only once before. It's intriguing me now. Sears even share the black spread eagle with gold talons with Giuliani's, and Rudy Giuliani is the foremost man by far to be discovering and exposing Biden money laundering. This Sear-Giuliani is new too because I only got it firmly in my head that Giuliani's have gold talons a few updates ago.

There's a Serio/Sere river at Lombardy's Crema to which my ice-cream symbols pointed, and here we can jot down that the Ice Coat looks linkable to the Giuliani Coat. What might "ice-cream" represent in that criminal picture? Cremers share the Bury/Buris fleur-de-lys, and have a Crest linkable to Bible's/Bibo's, first found in Mecklenburg with Ice's. The Eggs/Edge's, with a similar Coat, were first found in Cheshire with the Hands/Hanns', who can be a branch of the German Hanns'/Hohns (sharing the red Cramer rooster), kin of Hahns'.

Online: "Sable, a leopard's head {or face} argent, JESSANT [caps mine] a fleur-de-lis or -- MORLEY, Hants, &c." In other words, the Hants/Hands/HANNS' used a jessant fleur-de-lys, and the Jessant surname shares the red rooster with Hahns.

It's interesting only that John Kerry was born with a Hohn-like Cohn surname, but it then gets compelling where German Cohns are also Cone's. Ice-cream CONE. Both girls sold me an ice-cream cone, WOW! The first girl was Katrina HANSon! The second was Darlene Ray/Wray (about a year later) who worked the snack bar at Knob Hill Farms. Compare the Coats of Knobs to that of Sere-like Zerrs/Zehrers with a Khazar-like Zarr variation. Cohns share the sun with Jewish Cohns/Cohens/KAGANs (and Beau's), and as Khazars had kagan kings, let's remind that while Khazar-like Cass'/Cash's were a Kiss'/Cush branch, the latter are connectable to Bible's/Bibo's and Cremers. The latter share the Masci and Burisma-like Buris fleur-de-lys, and Maschi's use "pine CONES." Masci's even share the gold wing of German Cohns/Cone's! Zinger.

My mother's a Masci on her mother's side (direct connection), and a Grimaldi by maiden name, and while I have the sense that Burisma's owner may be close to prince Grimaldi, the point is that the first ice-cream cone was in Gormley while Gormleys/Grimes' (i.e. like "GRIMaldi") share the Wray martlets. I was still living in Gormley when Miss Ray/Wray sold me the ice-cream. Wrays share the Chief-Shield colors of Valiants, and the latter, with a giant shark, was pointed to be the Valiant CAR that my Quinn friend loaned me to take Miss Hanson out on our first date, which I secured while she was handing me the ice-cream! AMAZING, though I've told this paragraph before.

I think I see what more God's trying to tell me/us, that while the Serio/Sere flows into the Adda about 20 miles north of PIACENZa, my mother was born in PICENZE. The Adda-like Atha's share the checkered Shield of Hohn-like Hohens (Hohns are with Hanson-like Hanns!), very much like the lozengy Shield of Grimaldi's, and Atha's / Hohens have a red version of the German Cohens/COHNs! Nailed it. It took me this long, years, to complete the ice-cream mystery to this point, but there's bound to be more as relates the deep-state in John Kerry's circles.

Atha's have a "Duci" motto term while Ducys/Doocys/Duce's have the Hatch Coat in colors reversed! Incredible coincidence. The hatch of the pick-up with Barry and Mamie inside could be a pointer to Obama, and then we just link the hatch to the Zerr/Zehrer/Zarr hatchets, and away we go to a pointer to an Obama-Kerry crime partnership. In fact, when Mamie was at her garden with her bathing SUIT, we can repeat that gardens were first found in Angus with Sewers/SUITs having a Soetoro-like Suter variation. Obama was once "Barry Soetoro"! God must have been indicating an Obama partnership with whatever Mamie represented inside that hatch. There's several options in trying to discover what/who she represents, and for the moment, I'm stumped; maybe just a temporary blind spot.

However, as the Hatch's share the Brunswick Coat so as to be linkable to Barrs, let me repeat that I had found an article of Baars / Barrs of Brunswick who had a gold-fish version of the white-fish (sometimes use it in gold) Arms of Bar-le-DUC, explaining why Duce's have the Brunswick Coat in colors reversed. If that fish is a BARaCUDa as play on Barrs, note that German Barrs are in the colors of the Cuthbert-branch CUDDs. It appears that the pick-up's hatch points both to Obama and Bill Barr. Picks/Pickens/Pike's were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Barrs, and Picks/Pix's use a tree with roots while Roots/Routes' share the BAGley Coat. You can run, Mr. Barr, but you can't hide in a hatch, because as soon as I asked where you were, someone opened the hatch to reveal your fornication with the Obama-team enemy. That's how I'm seeing the hatch event.

The Cudd and Cuthbert darts go to the dart held by the Brock lion, and thus the Cudds / Cuthberts (KirkCUDbrightshire) look like a branch of Cutters sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Brocks. Darts/Dards (probably in the BROCuff/Prock/Prokopp Crest) are very linkable to Sleeps, and the latter were from the Selepitanoi living smack at modern Bar. Bar is to the near north of the mouth of the Drin river, where I trace Dragons/DRAINers likely in the dragon heads of Cutters (Dorset, beside dragon-using Drake's).

The first time Obama was in his suit in the Obama-billiard dream, he was dancing by kicking up his entire leg (with thigh) toward me until it was fully horizontal. He then turned 180 degrees, took a step or two, to kick again in the opposite direction...very happily because Trump's attorney generals allowed him to "skate." In the next scene, Obama was in his suit again, on a SKATEboard, going up a ramp, very happy-happy. And we can see why. But things may change suddenly, as I think they will (predicts a Trump victory next week). I don't recall ever looking up the Kicks/Kecks in relation to Obama's dance, but here I find them with a crescent-version of the Bury/BURIS Coat, perfectly expected.

For what it could be worth, Bonnie's/Bonnets share the Bury/Buris Coat. Dunhams, first found in Norfolk with Skate's/Sheets, have a DANCEtte. As Dunham-like Denhams love a Car variation, it doesn't look like a coincidence that Cars are now pointing to things-Kerry.

I almost forgot to say that crocodile Dene's (like "Denham") have double fesses colors reversed from the same of Sleeps, and Mamie allowed me to sleep in her sleeping bag as little as an hour after she sat on my lap as a pointer to the Hunter-Biden laptop. Biden was hired by crocodile-shoe (and boots) Zlochevsky to commit obstruction crimes on his behalf. It's interesting that while Zlock-like Slocks/Slake's share the blue star with Shoe's, there's a bridge in the Slock/Slake Crest while the Bridge's use crabs, the symbol of the Cancer constellation. Beau Biden died of cancer. Beau was Hunter's brother.

Ahh, Beauchamps/BEACHams have a gold-version PEACH Coat, though I have yet to clinch Peach's as a pointer to impeachment. This gets us closer. Camps/Champs share the Heinz chevron. Mamie and I slept in a tent, and while Tintons use tents, Tints share the six crosslets of Peach's. Peckers have a Coat linkable to the Stoll/Stowell, Bath and Whistle/Wissel Coats, the latter three first found in Somerset with Tints. Peckers happen to share the Bogger/Bolgy rose.

Bag-like Bigs share eight fleur-de-lys in their border in the colors of the same of Peach-like Peaks. The big guy? We slept in a sleeping BAG while the Bag Chief has three cinquefoils in the colors of the three trefoils in the Bulger/Bolger Chief. James Bulger was a partner with Chris Heinz. Giuliani: "'Isn't it a coincidence that China sends $1.5 billion to a private equity fund? There were only three owners: Biden’s son, Kerry's son, and Whitey Bulger’s nephew.' James Bulger and Chris Heinz, Kerry’s stepson, were [Hunter] Biden’s partners in the deal."

Bolger-like Boggers/Bogie's/BOLGys are in the colors and format of the other English Bridge Coat! These are the colors and format also of Car-connectable Sere's, and they all share the Denham chevron. This makes Mr. Bolger doubly suspect with the car in the shark dream, for Bulgers link by their motto to Auto's/Otto's. I'll get to this momentarily. The car was parked on the beach.

Denhams have this: "Denham, Suffolk is near BURY St EDMUNDs..." Incredible. I had missed the Bury part when mentioning Denhams earlier in this update, and consequently I missed the fact that Edmonds share the Heinz fleur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's as though heraldry had eyes to see and blow the whistle on the Biden crime family. BURleys share the white boar head with Boggers/Bolgys.

Next, Boggers/Bolgy's share the white boar head (both colors) of Bogg-like Juggs/Judds, the latter suspect with JUDicael of Rennes, near JUGon, itself near/on the Meu river to which I trace Mea's/Mee's/Meighs because they share the Jugg/Judd boar head. It just so happens that "mea" is a motto term of Hatch-like Hatchets/Hackets in the so-called hatchets of Sere-like Zerrs/Zehrers/Zarrs, whom I figure were from Zahringers of Baden, whom I happen to trace the Badens/Battins (share axe with Zerr/Zehrer/Zarr Crest), first found in Somerset with the Baths sharing the Mea/Meigh cross, and with Burleys.

[Insert, sorry -- The woman in the shark dream was hovering over the seats, and the Seats/Cedes' share the double pale bars in the Arms of Ille-et-Vilaine, the province having Rennes. At least two Judicaels ruled Rennes, one being Judicael Berenger, a possible Barr liner. Both Judicaels were involved with Alans of Brittany. English Berengers (Norfolk, same as Fasts) are obviously showing as Fast kin (who I trace to Vasto's of Saluzzo, where Alans of Vilaine married), and they happen to share three fleur-de-lys (different colors) with Burys/Buris', how about that. It appears that BERengers were Bury liners, and that we can now entertain Judicael liners (probably in the Raines motto) as pointers to things-Burisma. English Berengers have a tree with roots in Crest.

BARings/Bearings/Beckerings are Berenger-interesting. I've just loaded BARRingtons, after not seeing them for years, to find the triple Epstein chevrons, which should be very interesting for those of you who have read my Barr-Epstein linking material recently. My dream with the purchase of carpenter glue to act as wheel grease for by car's wheel bearings comes to mind. I'll need to contemplate on that, and report back if I find anything. For starters, compare the eight pale bars in the Barrington Crest to the six of Carpenters ("Per acuta BELLI"), both in the same colors. Why do Belli's/Bellys share the eight-pointed star of Barr-linkable Ducs/LeDucs?

AND WOW, Glue's ("SINE macula") share most of the SENECA motto, and it points to SINOhawk (I couldn't have known this when I first tackled the dream). Glue's share the mascles of Spinks, and Spinks share the eagles of Seneca-like Snake's/Snooks, and then Seneca's share mascles on blue with Glue's and Spinks. Amazing. I had not deciphered the carpenter-glue dream fully / properly because I was missing the Barringtons/BEARINGtons. I had been using the Bearings/Barings instead. Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with the Quince's having seven of the nine mascles of ROHANs/Rouens, and then Glue's have this: "'The Cloughs of Plas Clough {Denbighshire} claim a Norman origin, from the Seigneurs de ROHAN,...'" It just so happens that Rohans/Rouens and Seneca's both use nine gold mascles. That helps to understand why Glue's and Seneca's almost have the same motto.

Ah, at the start of the dream, the car was in a parking lot on four JACK STANDs, and while Stands married Yarborough's (Swan/Sine/Sion colors) sharing "sine" with Glue's, and have a Coat like that of Duc-like Duke's! Scottish Jacks use Holly, and Hollys/CULLens/COLLins (MERMAID!!!) are linkable to the Cula's/Coole's in the "Sine MaCULA" motto of Glue's!!! Zikers, the dream thus works. Mamie pointed to Mansfields and Tease's/Tyes' of Nottinghamshire, and that's where Barings/Bearings were first found who share the Ukrainian Baby/Babenko Shield, recalling that Mamie pointed to the Lap mermaid (Biden's laptop) used also by Babels/Babe's. Cula-like Cullays/Coolens/Cowleys (jessant fleur) share the Heinz fleur-de-lys!

Plus, all FOUR wheels were on jack stands while English Jacks have this: "Further to the south in the parish of St. Just, Cornwall, the barton called TREVERES or Treverys, a family called Jack formerly had a seat.'" "Travers" is a motto term of four-like Fore's/Forez's (German Barr colors), perfect. French Jacques', looking like kin of Crabs (Cambridgeshire, same as Barringtons), or even kin of Aude's (Savoy, same as Fore's/Forez's), are said to have been at a D'Acq Pas-de-Calais, where Peare's belly points, and then D'Acks are listed with English Ducks while Belli's/Belly's share the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs! Amazing.

I've always suspected that God gave the dreams way too early for me to decipher in relation to future news events, so that the reader could have proof that I didn't invent the dreams to fit the news.

OHHHH WOW. Cools/Culls/Cowls (book or Bible) have three spurs in Chief, each made of stars in the colors of the three estoiles in the Press/Prest (and O'Neill) Chief, and I pressed Peare's belly when she got her belly symbol. The estoiles are red, same as the ones of COLchesters, meaning that Cools were a Colchester branch, and then while Ducks are listed also with nail-using Logans, the Arms of Colchester has a cross with nails.

When the car was on stands, all wheels were off so that axles could be seen. I think I understand this as per Axelrods listed with HAUKEswells of HAWKeswell. SinoHAWK! Bingo, I win.

There's no Grease / Greece surname, but Gris', Grishams (share grasshopper with Fauchys), Griswells or Grisleys/GRIESElys might apply. The latter share the Shield of Beach's and Clappers (similar to GRIMaldi / Bag Shield), and then while the beach in the shark dream was resolved with Epstein's island, the BEARINGtons share the Epstein Coat. The question then is: why would God use a car parked in a PARKING lot to point to things-Epstein?

German Gris'/GRIIMs remind that Hawks share the pilgrim staves of PilGRIMs (Norfolk, same as Bags). Boggers/Bolgys look linkable to the book in the Cool/Cull Crest (if it is a book, for Books/Bogs). To refresh your memory, the Sedans below use a "sino" motto term. End insert]

Before writing the Beauchamp paragraph above, I loaded the None's in the Sedan/Seddon motto, noting that they share the Schutz/Shutz saltire, and then remembered that Bulgers have a white bull head in the design of the part-white bull head in the None Crest. Then, loading Bulgers again (they had been loaded a few hours ago to re-see their Chief like the Bag Chief), there I saw a "Haec" motto term shared by Schutz-branch Scoots/Scougals. The latter are suspect with Shoe variations.

[Insert (this shorter one was a day or more before the insert above.) -- As per the paragraph that follows this insert, let's add that the Beauchamp write-up suggests that the Some variation of Sions/Sine's/Swans named the Somme river in Picardy, near the Sine-like Seine: "The geographical roots of the name, however, were established prior to the family's presence in Britain, and stem from the Old French Beauchamps, which refers to towns of that name in Manche and Somme." The Beauchamp Crest is a swan head.

Beauchamps were first found early in Hertfordshire, where Beach's/Bechs were first found. This can indicate that Beau Biden is in the beach of the shark dream. Ahh, Beachs'/Bechs share a vaired Shield (different color) with Scottish CHAMPagne's, and the latter's is in the black color of the same of BRACEbridge's, which recalls the emBRACE of Mamie and I in a lake off a beach, at the CAMP site, the day after the pointer to the Biden laptop. There was an embrace also in a beach scene of the shark dream.

I get the distinct impression that a main purpose of God's inclusion of Camp liners is to point to Christ Heinz, and though the Heinz and Camp Coats are similar, I don't know how to make the link between the two surnames. Ahh, it was only a minute after writing that, that I recalled the Banks sharing the Heinz fleur, and because Banks were first found in Yorkshire with Camps, the Camp-Heinz link is made feasible. But I also instantly recalled that Banks were in Craven while the Craven Coat is quite similar to the Beauchamp Coat. I then loaded Banks to see the white eagle head of Dutch Camps!!! The Peach Coat is more linkable to the Beauchamp Coat thanks to Peach's sharing the fesse of Actons in the Craven motto, but it's also the fesse of German Camps (almost) and PEACocks, and meanwhile Peaks also share the Bank / Heinz fleur. Makes my head spin.

Actually, surnames don't need to be related in order to make pointers. Matches / similarities of Coats is all that's needed to make pointers. We can even add that Chris', sharing the same star as Zlochevsky-like Slocks, share the swan with Beauchamps, and Swans/Sions (swan, share heart with Peaks) have variations pointable to SINOhawk. End insert]

And by the way, Bulgaria and Romania share a border in the theater of the Sensii people group that may have named Sion (Switzerland), for Senns' were first found in Switzerland. Isn't it now amazing that while Heinz and the Bidens were hooked up together in ROSEmont Seneca, the Seneca's are also Sensii-like SENESchals!!! Wow, we have inside information. The Sensii are on maps to the immediate south of the Buzau river, the river upon which I've seen the rose-line ROXolani stamped.

The "otio" motto term of Bulgers suggests Auto's/Otto's sharing a giant bull head (different colors) with them. This can add Mr. Bulger to the auto scene in the 1979 shark dream. The auto was parked on a BEACH. While Beach's are Bechs, Beaks/Beke's (Dorset, same as Babe's) have a Coat like that of Babe's. Beaks/Beke's use an ostRICH, and Rich's (same place as Buttons/Bottons/Bidens, beside Dorset) use BOTTONy crosses. Wrays were at a Botton location, and use a Coat like that of shark-using Valiants.

Beaks use three wavy fesses, the Drummond symbol, but in the colors of the three fesses in the Arms of Trebizond empire, a good reason to trace "DRUMmond" to "THERModon," the river to/near Trabzon. English Babels/Babwells (look linkable to German Drummonds) share the gold gate in the Arms of PodeBRADY while Bradys share fingers pointing to the sun with Babe's, and then above PodeBrady gate are the triple fesses of Trebizond (to be assumed). It's all good reason for judging the one writer correct (probably didn't know this heraldry) who claims that the mother of the first Drummond was a woman at Podebrady. It's in Bohemia while the double-tailed lion of Bohemia is that also of Montforts...who married Beaumonts of Meulan. So, even the Beach-like Beaks bring us to Beau pointers. Brady-like Bradds/Breads were first found in Midlothian with SUNs/Sinclairs, and Beau's use a giant sun now suspect with the Brady / Babe sun.

Good morning Thursday. The animal design of Jewish Fox's and Thigh's is shared by Quillans, German Flemings, and Italian Romans/Romania's. I'll show below why these Romania's can be from Flemings. Quillan is a location near Roquefeuil, in the province of Aude smack beside the province of Foix. One of the French Foix surnames (listed with Foys) was first found in Auvergne with fox-using Fes'/Fez'/Fays. Keep in mind that Roque's and Roquefeuils are from the Roxolani who were both on the Dnieper at/near Trypillia (I don't know where the latter is aside from south of Kiev), and on the Buz-like Buzau, because we're going to bump into an "ut" motto term like "Uts," brother of Buz, sons of Nahor whose Neuri tribe was on the Bug river of Ukraine at/near Lviv. The motto I'm referring to is "VIVe ut VIVas," looking like code for the tribe of Uts through LVIV.

Quillans have a fox/wolf version of the Annas Coat, and Annans named Annandale, where Rome's/Rim's were whose motto included elements from Placentia at the Trebia. We read: "Specifically, 'The MacQuillans were lords of the territory of the Routes, in co. Antrim,...'" Routes'/Reuters are diagonally split in the two colors of the horizontally-split Roman/Romania Coat. Routes'/Roots, like the Rudes' of Shropshire, share the lozenges of Bagleys (Shropshire, same as Sleeps), which are in the colors of the Bag and Bulger Chiefs, and Bulgaria shares the Danube river as a border with Romania. The reason that God may have stressed the SLEEPing bag is that Bags share the Grimaldi lozengy while crocodile-shoe Zlochevsky, with a shoe outlet on the Dnieper, lives/lived in Monaco with the royal Grimaldi's having a suspicious purple throne.

The Rudes' share the engrailed cross of both Rhodes' and Sinclairs (lived at ROSlin), and the latter have a "thy" motto term while Thy's are listed with the Thighs having the same fox/wolf design as Romans/Romania's, Flemings and Quillans (from "Geloni" of the Budini?). Mamie's thigh pointed to Tease's/Tyes', kin of Annas', and the Quillans of Routes have a version of the Annas Coat. We can now, once again, why God gave her a thigh symbol, for Tease's/Tyes' were from the Ticino/Tessin river, home of Laevi having the blood in the veins of chief-priest Annas/Ananus. The Ticino was also home to Pierro's/PERo's, and "Per" is a motto term of Routes'/Reuters. So, the Thigh's/Thy's were from the Ticino, isn't that right?

I've read that Rudes- / Rootes-like Rothschilds own Reuters news, and here it can be added that this Arms of Rothschild has a white feather between two blue ones, which are colors reversed from the three feathers in the German Fleming Crest. Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild") not only share an upright horse with Routes'/Reuters, but a white bend with Antrims (Routes is a location in Antrim, where Flynns were first found, by the way). When something is in relation to the Shield's left side (not viewer's left), as is the rare heraldic direction in which the Rothchild horse faces, or the Rothschild bend rises, it's called, SINISter, perhaps code for the Sensii at the Bulgaria border with the Roxolani. Or, perhaps code for the Seneschal variation of Biden-connectable Seneca's who named ROSEmont-Seneca. Jewish Rothchilds add roses to their sinister bend.

Hmm, Flynns were first found at Tuit-like Tuitre, now Antrim, and Tuits are a pointer to twitter. Does twitter spy on such special cases as general Flynn? Twitter-like Twitch's have the Totten dancette in colors reversed while Tuits are listed with Toot-connectable Tute's. The Flynn Crest shares a green snake with the Curby Crest. Obama crimes against Flynn were investigated by John Bash.

If you think that any of this heraldry is Biden-connectable by God, note how "big guy" can be in the Antrim write-up: "At the time of the taking of the Domesday Book by William the Conqueror in 1086 the Manor of Antingham was held by Turstin FitzGuy, under tenant, from Chief tenant Roger BIGod..." We can add that Scottish Flemings were first found in Lanarkshire with Sinohawk-pointable Sions, and BIGGars. "[The Fleming] residence was BOGhall Castle near Biggar..." Bogs are listed with Books in the Roet/ROUET motto. It's got the Routes' all over it. Boghs are listed with Bows/Bough's sharing the Roet motto, which includes "veRUM" while Rome's/Rims are also Rums. One Bigot Coat looks like a tortoise-version of the Roet Coat. Wikipedia showed the Trypillian goddess as an hourglass shape, and Bogs/Books (share the stag head of book-using Reeds) have an hourGLASS. GLASgow is beside Lanarkshire.

I've just added an insert into the last update after saying: "Flints, namers of Flintshire (beside Cheshire), are Flanns too, and Flynns have a wolf in Roman/Romania-wolf colors, which might indicate that general Flynn is being persecuted on behalf of Biden's Romanian interests (just a guess)." Floods/Floyds are in Flint/Flann colors. Today, I added:

[Insert -- We can assume that Flynn was persecuted by the same Ukrainian elements that worked Trump over unto impeachment. As Flynns share the Chief of Trebys, I assume, more than one Roman surname could be from Trypillians of Romania, especially as the Rim variation of Rome's (traceable to the Trebia river) is suspect with Romania's Rimna river. Trypillians, said Wikipedia, would burn their houses down ritually (perhaps when they were moving to new areas in lots), and while Flame's share the Treby besants in both colors, Flame-like Flemings were from Flint-like Flanders. I'll have more to say on this in the next update.]

"Vive ut vivas" is the motto of proto-Carrick Craigs, and Romans/Romania's happen to have the split Shield of Groce's/GREGGS/GRAGGs.

Enter Jack Dorsey, Biden's Twitt

Although the Dorseys are listed with Darcys, does it seem coincidental that they share the Biden-Crest chapeau? After seeing this, I realized that the Dorsey cinquefoils are half in the colors of the Bag cinquefoils while Bulgers/Bolgers have the latter's in both colors as trefoils. Bull-using Bulgers/Bolgers had linked by their motto to Otto's/Auto's, and the latter share the black bull with the Dorsey Crest. Jack Dorsey is Twitter's CEO, the cheat, the one who would rule politics with google and facebook.

Repeat: Plus, all FOUR wheels [of the AUTO] were on JACK stands while English Jacks have this: "Further to the south in the parish of St. Just, Cornwall, the barton called TREVERES or Treverys, a family called Jack formerly had a seat.' 'Travers' is a motto term of four-like Fore's/Forez's (German Barr colors), perfect." JACK Dorsey! The car on jack stands can be pointing to him, looking like a broken-down car with me about to put glue to its wheels, wow, look at that symbolism!!! We need glue to Twitter's corruption machine, NOW.

The full Fore/Forez motto is "TOUT travers," and while Touts/Tute's can be a branch of Irish Tute's/TUITs (Norfolk, same as Bags), the latter "held a family seat as Lords of the Manor of THWAITE near Erpingham in that shire"!!! Hang on to your bearings, because, judging by how many times God has set up heraldry to point to bad guys, I can now add that Twitter-like Twitts (Norfolk, same as Tute's/Tuits) are also Thwaits!!! BANG, God is going to deal with Twitter be it ever so harshly for warring against Christian writers. NOTHING IS MORE PREDICTABLE.

Thwaite is near ERPINGham, and Irvings share holly with Jacks! I wonder why Scottish Irvings (Dumfries) share the Poindexter motto.

I must now repeat the story of my dead hardwood tree. It could have been a maple because I've only got two hardwood species predominantly around the house, and it wasn't one of the others. It just so happens that Maple's (share Tarves split colors and part of the Chives motto) can be gleaned as Chives-of-Tarves kin, and Tarves' can be traced to Travis'/Travers i.e. like "Treviso"!!! Just look at that, linking to the Jack write-up and to the Fore/Forez motto that itself got us to Twitts. And my story on the tree led to the Twig variation of Twitt-like Twitch's back in my 2nd update of march, 2017.

I'll give the story shortly below, but first to the Maple motto: "Non VI sed virTUTE"!!! Isn't that wild? The "vi" can be for the Vio variation of Vito's, first found in Treviso!!! More wild. Here's my story from 2017:

Just as I finished the paragraph above, a strong wing came in and caused some branches to hit the house's front door area. I had been praying just a few days ago, "Lord, please take that tree down." Yes, I meant by the wind, and I meant only the top part of it, for even the top 10-15 feet would be enough. It wasn't the first time I asked him. It's a dead tree on the front lawn, and I've been afraid of cutting it down for three years because it's tall enough to get near the windows, and would likely hit the garage roof. The only way to avoid it is to get up on a tall ladder and cut it about 12 feet up, dangerous. It leans toward the garage, and trying to make it fall the other way risks having it fall to the front where windows could be broken. This wind just blew twigs against my front door, and when I saw and heard them, it confused me, because I don't see how twigs could be on the roof above the door. But when I looked out, there on the ground, and pointing straight to the front door, was half the dead tree! I'm telling you, the trunk on the ground points about 7 inches to one side of dead-center of the front door, and therefore straight at me. No windows were damaged. No damage at all. There are twigs on the front porch, and, I kid you not, Twitch's have a Twig variation! He arranged for these twigs to "knock" at my front door, otherwise the tree could have fallen without me knowing about it at this moment. Most of the wind-blown twigs are gathered within two feet of the door. It seems He made this take place deliberately while I was writing on end-time, anti-Christ prophecy. This part of the update is being written on Wednesday, after spending the morning, deeper in this update, on the Twitch bloodline. I sensed overnight that I was to enlarge on the Twitch bloodline...

I had a persistent twitch at the bottom of my shoulder where it meets the arm. I had said that the tree trunk laying on the ground pointed right to my computer chair (I mean smack-on), which now makes sense if the tree represents God's destructive wind against Twitter. After the tree was half downed by the wind, I took a chain saw to its base, but left a stub about a foot high for "decoration" because I plan on having a bush-flower garden there one day. It's in memory of God's miracle, which wasn't done for me, apparently, but for you. I was reading just yesterday that Twitter stocks dropped 20-percent for the third quarter. The winds may be starting to blow.

I'd show a photo of the stump but I don't use a cell phone. My camera works but there's been a glitch with the software that won't let me load the picture's to the computer. You'll need to trust me. None of the twigs at the front door were more than about a 1/2" wide, meaning that they are not to be called, "branches." They were all the tips of branches. When the top of the tree slammed down on the snow (on the driveway), the branches stayed on the driveway (mostly still attached to the trunk), but the weakest tips of branches snapped off and went flying because the gust of wind was still blowing. Knock-knock on my door, it's God answering your prayer.

I'm going to the Luff-freezer dream because Frasers share the Dorsey cinquefoils, but before that, I'd like to clinch Maple's with Touts/Tute's and Tute's/Tuit's...and also repeat the tooting of my horn at the GATE of Miss Hicks, for Hicks' use a "Tout" motto term. With Mr. Dorsey in mind, that looks like a pointer to Bill Gates of the Microsoft spy organization. In fact, Bills can be gleaned as Roet kin, and Roets share the boar heads of Maple's and SPIRE's/SPEERs. I'm going to go to Speers, but first we mention the "Dum SPIRo SPERO" motto of Snowdens. Note that the maple falling in the snow can thus be God's pointer to Edward Snowden, the one who made a lot of journalists into "conspiracy theorists." Snowden's act was a first, good-whack against the shadow government leading to the rampant revelations now known.

Okay, so ask whether this paragraph is coincidental, or, on the other hand, Arranged for a purpose(s). Maple's, Roets and Speers share boar heads, and Speers share the Tout/Tute and Spree crescents with Tattons who in turn have the Tute/Tuit quadrants in colors reversed. You really need to scratch your head here, for the Coat of Scottish Tate's/Teets looks linkable to that of Twitt-like Tweeds/Twiddys (bull head). Spree's love the Simple's, first found in Renfrewshire with Speers. Spree's also love Sage's, who use a RAINbow probably for the Rain/Raines line of Rennes to "RENfrew." The Bows/Boughs share the Roet motto, perfect. Spree's share the hourglass shape of German Balds (and Skate's/Sheets) while Scottish Balds share the Renfrew ship, perfecter. And, I kid thee not, the Chief/Shield colors of Scottish Balds is shared by Twitch's/Twigs, perfectest! Go ahead, look at all of those Coats, and contemplate with the whacked and fallen maple tree in mind.

[I didn't see that Frasers, sharing the Dorsey cinquefoils, are said to have been at TWEEDdale until many paragraphs below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are the chances? There's no necessary reason that Dorseys should link to a Twitt-like surname, unless God arranged it.]

A dead trunk has no leaves. When the wind blows on it, there is not much pressure due to lack of leaves. This HARDwood tree had been dead only three years, afterwhich the trunk was still very strong. It still had its bark on, though loosened up considerably, and "bark" can be a pointer to BARACK Obama, for the twitch under my ARM pointed to Stanley Armour Dunham, Obama's father-in-law. I remember the bark because I was peeling it off late in the year just before the March whack job by the wind. Imagine how strong a wind was needed to crack the 40-foot trunk (twigs may have reached 50 feet) at about 20-feet high roughly ten inches in diameter. No other tree was downed by that gust. It was aimed for that tree.

The wind came from the south because my front door faces south. The South's share the double fesses of crocodile Dene's/Deans, potential Denhams, and Southerns (Coat could be related to Rodhams) are like the Suter variation of Sewers/Suits which pointed to Barry SOETORo. The Sewers/Suits have fitchee crosses in the colors of the DORsey crosslets, and the twigs hit my front DOOR. I was standing on a beach at the DOOR of the car when seeing Miss Hicks hover in the car, and Denhams love the Curr variation of Cars. Might that door have represented Dorsey? I'll contemplate on that one, checking for evidence.

When I said above that the twigs said to me, "knock-knock," I didn't have the Knocks in mind, who were first found in Renfrewshire with Spire's/Speers in the Snowden motto. But I came across the gold Knock bird a few minutes later with the Shoultz's/SHOULDhams because I had the twitch at my shoulder as code for Twitch's/TWIGs. I actually made a mistake in coming across the sharing of the same bird between Shoultz's and Knocks because I was intending to load Schultz's/Shultz's (with the 'c'), because I've been tracing heraldic shoulders to them, and they were being loaded to see whether they use the quadrants of Drive's exactly, or whether in colors reversed (it's the latter). The tree fell down on the snow on the DRIVEway, and the twigs came to knock on my door. It's a tidy little package, isn't it?

As I probably said years ago, the twitch was at the lower arm, and Armours share the blue, armoured arm of Schultz's/Shultz's, you see, arguing for my claim that I received the twitch (very bothersome) for an important reason. And now I know it's for sounding God's alarm on Dorsey of Twitter. Straighten out, or die. Stop your deception, GOON.

The twitch has been coming and going since, and I still feel a small bit of it (90-percent better). It's not a muscle-twitch proper, I realized, but occurs on every fourth heart beat, roughly, and feels like a twitch.

I didn't know until now that the Chief-Shield colors of Balds (share Renfrew ship) and Twitch's/Twigs is shared by Speers (Renfrewshire), and the Speer Chief even has the star in the Bald Chief. It's not to be a surprise, but it does clinch Speers with Spree's (share German-Bald Shield) and other things. The Speers are in Shoultz/Shouldham colors, and while the latter's "oRATE" motto term is likely for "Orrs (Renfrewshire), the Rate's/Rats use a "Spero meliORa" motto.

Note that the Maple / Speer boar heads are half in the colors of the google-like Googe boars.

Okay, so I called a real-estate agent to my Texas property one day, Mr. Casey, like the "Cassis" motto term of Armours, and I listed my house for sale that day. As his wife of the aunt of Miss Hicks, he told me that day that he had listed the home of Miss Hicks for sale too. had he not told me, I wouldn't have known that she moved away to within 10 miles of John Ratcliff, though there were other things informing me of that, but Mr. Casey's tip was absolutely necessary. I feel it's important that God has pointed to Mr. Ratcliffe via the dream with Miss Hicks hovering in the car, and here it may apply that the Dorsey Crest has a black bull to go with the black bull head in the Ratcliff Crest, for I was transported to the DOOR of the car when she was hovering level in the air.

After Mr. Casey left that day, I drive to town, and, on the way home, I spotted him on the streets SHOULDER in front of the closed gate into Hicks' ranch. And then I saw her walking toward the gate. I honked the horn as I DROVE by, but as Hicks' use a "Tout" motto term, I say I tooted the horn. The Armour motto has a "Cassis TUTissima" phrase, you see, and while he was at the shoulder, the Schoultz's/Shultz's share the armored arm of Armours, and have the Drive/DROVE quadrants in colors reversed. If that gave you a little twitch, I can understand it. Drive's/Drove's were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teece's suspect in the "tuTISSima," and sharing the chevron of Irish Caseys.

Scottish Caseys (crow heads) were first found in Lanarkshire with Tweeds/Twiddys (almost the Tate/Teet Coat), and the other Tate's have the raven species of crow, or perhaps they are called crows too. In any case, "Teet" became suspect with the teeth of the shark in the dream where Miss Hicks hovered in the car. Lanarkshire is where Roys were first found while Dorseys, who are also D'ARCys, use a "roi" motto term. Note "LanARK" therefore, then read as "LANark," for "roy" is a motto term of LANE's/Lawns (Carrick kin) sharing the Shield of Carrick-connectable Groce's/Greggs/Graggs. MARGaret (or Marjory) Carrick is suspect with Margys/Mackeys and Mackesy/Margesons; the latter are suggested to be of "D'ARGenson," perhaps indication of a D'Arcy merger with Miss Carrick's line. Dargen-like Darkens/Darks are from D'Arques'.

As the event happened at a gate suspect with Bill Gates, it reminds that the Gates Coat is almost that of Bono's/Bons while the Hicks motto has a "Tout BON" phrase. She was at the auto in the dream, and while Auto's are also Otto's, Otto's/Ottone's can be traced to Ottone Visconti of Milan, where Bono's/Bons were first found who share the Odin lion and Otone/Olten colors. English Bons/Bonns and Bone's share the Gates lion. In this way, Bill Gates is in the auto of the car while Dorsey is in the door of the car. She was hovering, and the Hover Crest shares a white leopard face with Scottish Doors. No big deal, but what would be the chances that the vertically-split Gates and Bono Shields are in colors reversed from the same of English Doors? That's right, it's a big deal now. And, to top it off, the Gates lion is also the one of Irish Doors...and Rollings (see below).

Irish Doors were first found in Galway with CROCodile Dene's/Deans, and Eschyna de Molle married Mr. Croc while Molle's (Roxburghshire, same as Googe's) share the Googe/Gouch boar, once again making a google link to this twitter discussion. It reminds that Mr. Gouch inspected by septic/sewer/stool tank used by God for a stool pigeon. I can't wait to decipher that event fully, but now have reason to see google's demise in the picture. The stool pigeon took off from the ground above the tank, and flew almost perfectly in line with my DRIVEway (before it left my sight behind the trees).

Lookie. Galway is also where Teague's/CAIGE's were first found while Cage's have a saltire-version of the Gates Coat. I purchased the Texas property from Mrs. Teague, and Mr. Casey sold it. The Teague Coat has five-symbol evidence of marrying a line of Catch's/Cachers, and that seems to square with the Cudge variation of Cage's.

The reason that Rollings were looked up is partly as per Rollo's, who have boar heads colors reversed from those of Spears / Maple's / Roets, and the latter were kin of Bills (Somerset, same as Roets). I would not have found Rollings at this time had I not rolled a rock yesterday (way to heavy to lift an inch off the ground) to a spot at my driveway where I was preparing some extra room to plow SNOW. There may be something to this, I'll give it time.

The Rollo's were going to come to topic, anyway, with the Luff-freezer dream that pointed to Valerys and Valois'/Valours, for king Rollo had married Poppa of Valois. The Luff-freezer dream started when I saw snakes for tongues in the mouths of both Luffs (one being Valery), old friends of mine. I got up from the table, and walked into a walk-in freezer. There was nothing in the room, but I knew it to be a freezer. The Tongue's/Tongs, by the way, have a good reflection of the Bon/Bonn and Bone Coats, and this may turn out to be a key for deciphering things better. We can guess that snake-tongue's have to do with deception, but these tongue's were wagging, like snakes who mock the people that oppose them.

OH WOW!!! I almost forgot. While extending the new plow spot yesterday (extending a spot at the driveway), I lifted an existing rock (forming the edge of the driveway) to find two, small garter snakes, and Tongue's/Tongs have a rock in Crest! The snakes were cold, unable to slither away, so I set them on my SHOVEL's blade, and took them to a rock in the sun (I'm a heart even to snakes). Shovels/Shoulers almost have the Dutch Bone Coat, in case this applies to a mystery.

We could ask why God didn't have me slice the snakes with the shovel, for they were not found until after I pressed the shovel in the hole (under the rock), to remove some gravel. The snakes were lucky not to be injured, why? I took them safely to a large rock outcrop, where it meets the lawn's grass. Maybe they FROZE, not having any home any longer to cuddle into, for last night (Oct 30) was cold, -10 C (coldest day of this fall so far), and this was an event around 4 pm, an hour before sun-down, and less than an hour before the trees robbed them of sun. The walk-in freezer!!! Is God going to freeze twitter's snakes? I hope so. I don't have a heart for them. Who has the power to put a chill on twitter?

[Insert -- I still had not found Frasers at Tweedale while writing here. Note the froze-like Forez's who came up with the four jacks under my car. Jack Dorsey! Hee-hee. OH WOW! Garters have a very rare Coat, first because it became illegal to use gold in contact with silver, and as soon as I saw their Coat, I recalled that Tweets/Tweedale's likewise have gold and silver in contact, but I did not recall (by heart) that Tweets were first found in Peebles-shire....with Frasers!!!!!! They share the Dorsey cinquefoils!!!!! ASTOUNDING. I did not know this paragraph yet when mentioning the freezing of the snakes!

This is so funny; if you were me, you'd understand better. As God is my witness, and on my life, I did find and move two GARTER snakes yesterday. Under a rock they were conspiring. It's amazing how God put it into my head to extend the driveway without my knowing (it was Him). The stool pigeon had flown right over this spot, which recalls that, a few days after that first-ever pigeon was found at my place, three pigeons whirled around and upward, one chasing the other, a living MAPLE tree beside the septic tank. The dead maple, fallen by the wind, was a pointer to Twitter-like Twitch's/Twigs blown against my front DOOR.

I put the snakes down on a thick layer (was already there) of pine NEEDLES over the LAWN. Lane's/Lawns above have a garter-like "Garde" motto term, and Needle's are like snake-using Nettle's (two snakes), and I had a dream this morning with the Nettle's in it!!!! I kid you not, I forgot about that dream until mentioning needles here. The Needle's share the Beau Coat. The Nettle snakes are the two "respecting each other" of Biss', and the latter can be traced to Switzerland's Bissone (use the Visconti snake), and then the Swiss'/Schweitzers are suspect in the "suis" motto term of Frasers. Senns' were first found in Switzerland who link well to the SENESchal variation of Snake-like Seneca's. Mr. Heinz was of Rosemont Seneca, and Heinz's share the Barrow fleur-de-lys.

I had my WHEEL BARROW out because I was bringing rocks over to bury in the soil (to keep my tires from sinking in the new patch). Recall the WHEEL BEARINGs, how they pointed to Jack Dorsey and the Barrow-like Barringtons/Bearingtons. Pretty amazing stuff. Jacks have Treveres, and Fore/Forez-beloved Travis'/Travers share the Biss scallops. End insert]

[Insert after the insert -- I neglected to consider Pine's as per the pine needles. I know without checking that French Pine's have the Fraser / Dorsey cinquefoils! Those two snakes were a representation of Jack Dorsey, for one. Who's the second one? I pile a bed of pine needles all around the outcroppings of bedrock to make it easier to mow the lawn. AND, the pine needles are 95-percent from WHITE pine trees. Whitey Bulger is straight ahead in the snake-tongue dream. End insert].

[Insert after the insert after the insert -- I added an insert above a minute ago telling that Velis'/Vails/Valleys, apparently a Valery and Valais/Valour branch, share the Luff fitchee (same style and color). The reason that I looked up "Valley" was to check whether God had a pointer to "Silicon Valley." So, I first looked up silicon-like Sillicks, followed by Valleys, and so this insert is here due to the computer business that Valery's husband was in. Jack Dorsey is of Silicon Valley!!! End insert]

RAY Luff worked in a computer business, a software professional. I now see why there was scene in the freezer that I rarely mention, though I did mention it at least once. The walk-in freezer was an empty white room, necessary as a freezer because Freeze's have a horse version of the Ray Coat, yet this goes to Frasers now because they share the Dorsey cinquefoils, you see. I was able to see through the back wall of the freezer, into an office busy with workers at their desks i.e. no doubt on their computers (I didn't mention this much because I didn't have a clue as to what it meant). I never thought to link this to Luff's computer business, but I now see it as a pointer to twitter, etc.

I now see that the Chief-Shield colors of Valois'/Valours is shared by Twitch's/Twigs and Speers! Zinger, much needed. The Speer boar heads are colors reversed from the same of Rollo's! There is a Spy on the spies, folks, never give up hope. The worms shall not prevail but to torment these deceivers in their eternal deaths. They are not fit to live in God's creation. They refuse to repent of their wickedness.

Now to the Manningham location of Tongue/'s/Tongs, for Manninghams share the peacock with Manners/Maness', a branch of Mens'/MAME's. Mamie pointed to MANSfields, and Tongue's/Tongs had a branch at MANchester's Salford (where Ratcliffs were first found). Mamie pointed to the Lap mermaid, and while Prestwicks use the mermaid too, "Tonge is also a township, in the parish of PRESTWICHcum-Oldham, union of Oldham, hundred of Salford in the historical county of Lancashire." Mamie pointed to Mummolin's son, Babon, and Mummolin was the brother of Gondulphus of TONGeren. There are many heraldic tongues. The interesting thing is where Oldhams share the owl with Hucks (Yorkshire, same as Tongue's/Tongs) while the Luff snake-tongues pointed to the owl-connectable Asclepios rods of Huckabee's. I was wondering whether God was warning believers not to become as politically-involved as Mike Huckabee is at this time, for it can lead to becoming a foolish virgin.

The Tongue/Tong Coat is like the one of English Mountains while French Mountains share the white-on-blue bull with Bulls/Bule's. A white bull head is use by BULgers. The walk-in freezer was just a white room, nothing in it, suggesting, perhaps Mr. Bolger's uncle, WHITEY Bulger, a crime boss. Oh wow, Whiteys/Wittys share the stars-on-chevron of Armours. Hmm. The snake-tongues formed a wave because "a wave" is used by Valerys, but then perhaps God arranged the rare, wavy sword blade of Whiteys/Wittys for a pointer He wanted with the snake-tongues. The latter were first found in Berwickshire with Armours...and with Artemia-like Artems/Aitons. Artemia was mother to Mummolin and Gondulphus of TONGerin. That works. The Whitey chevron is in the colors of the two of Hucks.

Back to the Bulls/Bule's with the BEVAN annulets, for while Mummolin's son, Babon, is likely to Babons/BAVENTs, Bevan Cooney (stool pigeon) is a convicted partner of Hunter Biden. [Insert while I was on the kiss to Miss Walch's cheek below: it just so happens that Babons/Bavents share the double fesses of Wake's while Walkins are shown properly as Wakelyns. It means that Wake's are a Walch/Walch branch from Wallachia elements. Walks are also Wachs. The song line, "I can't even WALK without You holding my hand" is playing on my speakers right now!]

I've never thought to look up Walkins as per "walk-in," and so here's extra verification, from the Walkin write-up, that God arranged the dream: "Walkelin or WALCHelin (d. 1098) was Bishop of Winchester...'He was probably one of the clergy of the cathedral church of ROUEN, for MAURILius (d. 1067) knew him well and spoke highly of him, and he was one of William's clerks.'" Maurilion was Mummolin's father-in-law, and Italian Maurels were first found in Milan with Gates-linkable Bono's, and king Rollo's capital was at Rouen. Rollings, who share the Beaumont lion, were first found in Brittany with French Maurels. Morello's were first found in Florence, like the Florentinus name of Artemia's father. Morells look linkable to Lane's/Lawns.

Scottish Milans/Mellents can be from Mellent/Meulan, home of Beaumonts who married Waleran de Leavell i.e. kin of Leavells/LEVEL, which is why Hicks was hovering level, for she was Sleeping BEAUty at the time, and Beautys/BoWOODs (Dorset, same as BEAUmonts) share the black bull with Walerans (and Dorseys). Woods were first found in Leicestershire, ruled by the Beaumonts of Meulan. The Arms of Meulan shares the Baby/Babenko Coat while Babe's were first found in Dorset too.

Plus, Italian Maurels can be traced well to Maurilion (father-in-law of Mummolin), the family to which Mamie pointed who sat on my lap as a pointer to Laps/LABBS', and here I can add the "labi" motto term of French Maurels. The Labbs' are no doubt from the Labe/Elbe river at Podebrady, where Babe's and George's trace; the latter might just have the Millan/Mellent lion.

It was after writing here, while doing something above, that Frasers were loaded to see their Tweedale location (Peebles-shire). After adding the Fraser inserts above, I now recall loading them due to Kim Walsh, for while Kims share the Fraser / Dorsey cinquefoils, the Scottish Walsh's/Walchs can be gleaned with the Walkins, for they have similar Coats. Scottish Walsh's/Walch's were first found in ROXburghshire with Googe's, and as Tongue's/Tongs use the ROCK, I think the WALK-IN freezer links to everything in this paragraph, pointers to both google and Dorsey of twitter.

But there's more, for Frasers are said to be kin of Keiths whose pale bars are those of Coats'/Cotes' while the walk-in freezer doubled a s a COAT CLOSEt. Close's look linkable to walks, the latter first found in Dumfries with CLOSEburn. God gave me a dead-mouse event beside a rat trap to indicate the "death' of Dan Coats when being replaced by John Ratcliffe. I'll go fetch that story to prove that the mouse was first spotted under the fridge i.e. freezer / chill theme. This is a short version of the story:

Here's a story from the 3rd of July, 2018:
Roughly the day after I had found [the mystery mouse] dead in the attic, I opened the COAT-closet DOOR [caps mine now], and smelled a smell I had not smelled there before. On the floor I saw pieces of tissue torn apart. The mouse had done it. Immediately after tiling the floor, I had stuffed paper tissue into a hole in the tile floor to keep the foul air in the damp basement (natural-rock floor) from coming up. The hole was prepared for the safety-overflow hose in the tankless water heater that hung in that closet. The mouse...chewed [the tissue] up and went through the hole, onto the main floor, was [first] seen under the fridge, then returned to the attic via this hole, and was promptly killed in the trap...

...If the 17th squirrel is a symbol of National Intelligence, then the death of this young mouse this week could be a symbol of Dan Coats in the news this week, which is to say that I maybe should be predicting his political death sometime soon. And wow, I didn't realize until after writing the last sentence that the hole in the floor is in one of the two COAT closets! DAN COATS is the current chief of National Intelligence.

If that's not enough, a couple visited me yesterday as I write here. The male amongst the couple is DAN! And he was in that closet, asking about that heater hanging on the wall. Amazing.

"Amazing" is an under-statement. It was colossal. How many Dans are into your coat closet asking about a heater that had to do with the entry of a mouse pointing to Dan Coats? Trump managed to replace Mr, Coats with Ratcliffe. So, put this together with the Frasers, kin of Coats-related Keiths.

This Morning's Dream

This dream, like many others, were longer than what I remember of them. I woke up solid immediately after the dream, but didn't remember it until I was at the toilet a couple of minutes later. But I can't remember it now, except for the Nettle's. There was some unexpected term in connection with, or as an alternative of "nettle," and I can't be sure whether it was the Nettle surname, but I think it was. "Nettle" was the loudest thing in my head as I awoke. Perhaps that's all I'm to remember, and perhaps the toilet-like Tollets/Tulls/Tolle's apply, the ancestry of Mummolin from Tulia of Lyon. Mummolin's grandmother, Artemia above, was from Lyon, and so we saw how Mummolin's brother was a ruler in TONGeren. So, it appears that God gave the dream to connect with the two garter snakes I dropped off on the pine NEEDLEs. I suppose God wants to assure that the garter snakes apply to the Luff snake-tongues. It wasn't until late today that the garter snakes came to mind.

Tullia married Rusticus of Clermont-FERRAND, explaining why Italian Ferrands share the checkered Shield of Tollets/Toole's. But it's also the Cohen/Cohn Shield, a possible pointer to John Cohn aka John Kerry (family changed the surname to "Kerry" for a reason they aren't revealing). The Carys of Leavell have a rose-version of the Dent Coat, and "PruDENTia" is a Tollet/Tolle/Tull motto term. PRUDe's/Prats were first found in Auvergne with Clermont-Ferrand. Pratts (two 't's) can be gleaned as Fly kin while Tullia's/Tulls use butterflies.

"Prudent" is a motto term of Scottish Yonge's in turn sharing the triple piles of Scottish Leavells. English Yonge's love the Jeune's, first found in Auvergne with Clermont-Ferrand. The Coat of English Yonge's is just three roses in the red colors of the three in the quadrants of Ivo's/Ivers, and Kerrys use a bee HIVE. Bee's share the quadrants and bend of Eure's/Ivers. Having nailed Kerrys with Ivo's/Ivers, we find them sharing the black boar head with Babons/Bavents.

I had been wondering why I had to BUY the carpenter glue for the wheel bearings. Why didn't the carpenter glue just appear in my hands, in the dream? Why did I walk into the corner store, on the lot where my car was up on four stands (car was frozen, useless), and BUY the carpenter glue (that won't help). Buys are listed with Bee's (Berwickshire, same as Home's/Hume's). What could that mean? Well, if the jack stands point to Jack Dorsey with little doubt, maybe the Buys/Bee's point to the Kerry bee hive. The car was on stands at the edge of the parking lot, right next to the road i.e. right next to the CURB. Perkins/Parkings share the fleur-de-lys of Snake's. The two snakes were under my rock curb. Dorseys share the chapeau cap of Bidens, and Kerrys were first found in Montgomeryshire while Montgomerys share the Buris fleur.

I kid you not, after the paragraph was done above, I looked up Bee's, and finding them first found in Berwickshire, I added that to the brackets above, and just as I was writing it in the brackets, a song by David Dunn was singing, "lead me HOME," which is why I added Home's/Hume's too, for their giant lion is colors reversed from the same of Lyons. Mummolin descended from Lyons, and Tongue's/Tongs (expected from Mummolin's brother) are the ones suspect in their motto with Steads having a version of the BERWICK Coat.

Florents, possibly the line of Florentinus, Mummolin's grandfather, were first found in Lorraine while Lorraine's share the green lion with Lyons and Lannoys (Lane/Lawn branch?). Bar-le-Duc of Lorraine can be to line to Berwicks / Barwicks. Mummolin ruled in Chalons on the outskirts of Lorraine, and here we can add that while Lorraine's share the Child eagles, Mummolin was very-possible descended from king CHILDeric I, who had gold bees in his tomb / coffin. It can explain why bees are uses by Talls, first found in Thuringia, home of Basina, Childeric's wife. Basina-like Bessins uses bees too.

The Luffs haven't yet worked into this new view of the Luff snake-tongue's, but one thing is that Lufkins are in the colors and format of Camps/Champs and Welsh Chalons. All three share the Heinz chevron, and Heinz's had linked solidly round-about to Camps/Champs.

It's funny how things work. I looked for a Heinz-like surname, and came to the Hains by entering "Henes." Seeing their crescents, I recalled that I wanted to check Cheeks, because I kissed Kim Walsh on the cheek. This was back when Walkins revealed their being a Walsh/Walch branch. And there in the Cheek Crest was the red fitchee in the Luff Crest. Walkins came to topic as per the walk-in freezer of the Luff dream. Pretty darned amazing. "The surname Check was first found in the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 which included: Walter Chike, Oxfordshire." That's where Luffs were first found. "When you kiss your little baby" just sang over my speakers (Song, "Mary Did You Know").

The Henes/Hain Coat is used almost by Oldens/Aldons/Audens (possible Dalton branch), recalling the Prestwich-OLDHAM location of Tongue's/Tongs. Therefore, if Cheeks can be nailed to Luffs/Love's, the Tongue's help to assure that Cheeks/Chicks don't have a colors-reversed version of the Henes/Hain Coat by unrelated chance. [I didn't realize until later that CHICKsand is in the Henes/Hain write-up.]

Kim Walsh was one beautiful young woman at 20. She was having a spat with Kepke outside my car, so she opened the passenger door, got in, and slammed the door. And having had a few drinks (before I was a Christian) to maybe explain it, I leaned over to kiss her a love-tap (she didn't say anything or seem to mind, but I didn't push it by saying anything). If I intruded on her in bad timing, then I suggest you blame God, because it looks necessary. But I think there's more to discover with Cheeks/Chicks/Checks than I've been able.

[In the next update, I was onto heraldic pointers to the U.S. supreme court, when I looked up Kavanaghs/KEEVans sharing two of the three Cheek/Chick crescents. That explains my kiss to Kim.]

If Cheek-related Luffs use a "bird" in Crest, let's add that I was in a FireBIRD when Miss Walch got in. If a "FIRE" is in the Crest of Walsh-related Benjamins, that would floor me.

I have mentioned in the past that Miss Walsh lived on Wooten Way (Markham), and that Wootens (Kent, same as Rusts/Roosts) share the saltire of Rusticus-like Rusts/Roosts. We saw how Yonge's are all about the line of Rusticus of Clermont-Ferrand (ancestor of Rusticus of Lyon), and then the Yonge's share the annulets of Scottish Welsh's, the ones with the saltire. Those annulet-using Yonge's share the triple piles of Leavells, the latter first found in Roxburghshire with annulet-using Walsh's/Walchs.

Ahh, watch this. The Walsh's share the saltire-with-besants of BENJamins because they were both from Wallachia (Romania). Then, the BANKs have a cross colors reversed from the similar Benjamin saltire, and Banks, while sharing the eagle head of Dutch Camps, were first found in Yorkshire with same-colored WALKers and Camps/Champs; the latter share the Heinz chevron while Banks share the Heinz fleur.

Here's what was just found and inserted above, just before my first-ever introduction of Walkins: "Insert while I was on the kiss to Miss Walch's cheek below: it just so happens that Babons/Bavents share the double fesses of Wake's while Walkins are shown properly as Wakelyns. It means that Wake's are a Walch/Walch branch from Wallachia elements. Walks are also Wachs. The song line, "I can't even WALK without You holding my hand" is playing on my speakers right now!" Walkins share five gold symbols on their black cross in the colors of the five gold symbols on the black Walsh/Walch / Benjamin saltire.

The song line above is sung by Cody Johnson, and Scottish Johnsons (share Kilpatrick cushions) share the spur with Kilpatrick- and Walk-connectable Close's, the latter being the ones I see with the walk-in CLOSEt at the Luffs. Is that not amazing? The Johnson cushions link exactly to the KISS/Cush bloodline. I kissed Walsh on the cheek!

Recall that Luffs/Love's related to Cheeks/CHICKs. I gave Miss Walsh a love-tap on her cheek, to make us both feel better. Luffs/Love's were previously said to be first found in Suffolk, where CHICKens were first found, and Chickens happen to use a wyvern dragon (only two legs) in colors reversed from the same of Walk-like WILKens (share split Shield of Walker-connectable Scherfs). Wilkens even use "prudentes," almost the motto term of Walsh-related Yonge's. Chickens share the chevron of Shechemite Shake's/SHICKs...which tells us why the kiss on the cheek was necessary, though I couldn't have gotten to the Shechemites without Luffs/Loves in the picture. I wonder why?

[Insert -- Well, the Shechemites are suspect with traveling from Israel with the line of Johnson-like Jonathan, the pagan Levite PRIEST, to the Laevi Gauls. So, note that Leavells -- from LAEVIllus of Cilicia, home also of Kenite-like Kennati PRIESTS -- also also Love-like Lovells. Kenites were in Israel too at the time as the Shechemites, and as Kenites married Moses the Levite, you get it. The kiss was necessary because Kiss'/Cush's were related with Bibo's (share cushion with Johnsons), suspect from the Vibius family to which Vibia, Laevillus' mother, belonged. About two years earlier, I had kissed Miss Peare at the same place as where I kissed Kim Walsh, and Peare's are from Pierro's/Pero's, first found at Pavia, founded by the Laevi Gauls.

The kisses were at the La PALOMa bar, and I think we are to take this to Mosca's at PALMA di Montechiaro, beside Acragas, where I trace the Craig ancestors of Carricks, though they were from CHARAX Proculus, son of Laevillus above. That's right, which explains why Carricks were first found in Ayrshire with Kennati-like Kennedys who use the Arms-of-Carrick chevron. But, also first found in Ayrshire were the Cunninghams ("fork" motto term) who use as so-called SHAKEfork...we can't possibly miss the Shechemites there. Acragas is at the Drago river to Drake's who have the Muscas variation of Mosca's (first found beside Massa-CARRara) in their motto, and Drake's share the wyvern dragon (different color) with CHICKens, the ones that had linked to Luffs/Love's. Did we miss anything? We can even repeat here that Luffs/Love's share three red fesses with the Fountains in the Kiss/Cush "fountains." Laevillus' wife was from the Quadratus bloodline to Quade's/Wade's who probably share the LOVat wolves.

Shake's/Shicks were at Shakerley at Manchester's Wigan, and Wigans (version of Annas Coat) share the spur between wings with Scottish Johnsons! Cody Johnson's "I Can't Even Walk," at our service. Kim Walsh must be a pointer to Kims sharing the Fraser cinquefoils. The walk-in Fraser, so to speak, linking right to the Luff dream, explaining again why Cheeks share the red fitchee with Luffs (it looks Arranged to make the Kim-Walsh link to the dream). I've just changed the playlist, and the very first line of the very first song is, "I want to be CLOSE, close to Your side...", a song by Phillips, CRAIG (!) and Dean! The Walk-in CLOSEt. Walks were first found in Dumfries with Johnsons! I'll bet the latter were from Jonathan the priest somehow.

"I Can't EVEN Walk." I'm not sure that the Levi-like "lefan" term to which Evens/Avons are said to derive in is correct, but it becomes Johnson-connectable where it claims that "Lefan" "is a cognate of the personal name John." Hmm. We saw Wigans with the Annas Coat, essentially, and then Jonathans/Jonas' have rooster heads in the colors of the giant rooster of Bibo-related Hanns'/Hahns' (share Kiss/Cush and Bibo rooster). That works to identify Annas of Israel (had father in Syria, beside Cilicia) to the Hahns and Hanns'/Hahns'.

Jonathans/Jonas' were first found in FREIENwald, connectable to Freys/Freeze's (Chicken colors) having a Pharisee-like Phreeze variation, for Freiens are listed with Freyens/Vreyens (Ile-de-France, same as Levi's and Chappes'). Freiens (roses) have a Coat like that of Rosco's, and the latter share the Rush/Rich fesse while Rush's/Rish's share three white, courant horses (different color) with Freys/Freeze's/Phreeze's. Excellent find on the stumble. Rush's/Rish's were first found in Suffolk with Chickens (share Shake chevron).

Rush's/Rish's have their full motto in the motto of Dorseys who in turn share a Fraser quadrant. The latter's Swiss-like "suis" term may suggest Swiss'/Switzers are related to Dorsey-like Dorks, listed with DEETERicks, and first found in Switzerland. Deeters/Teeters were first found in Pomerania, near Schwerin, and the Schwerins have the horizontally-split Shield of Dorks/Deetericks. Was Jack Dorsey helping the Fort-Detrick lab to promote the COVID crisis?

SchWERIN is in the land of the Varni/WARNI (Warnow river), the proto-Varangians (= Rush-like Rus) that I see as namers of Frisia's Wieringen. Fraser-like Frisians are suspect with mythical Frey / Frigg. The Swiss/Switzer bear is likely of Switzerland's Berne, founded by Zahringers, kin of VERINGers, we get it. ROStock, at the end of the Warnow river, is where Ice's were first found who have a horizontally-split Shield looking linkable to the Swiss/Switzer Shield.

The write-up Kim-branch McKinneys/McKimmie's is worth noting: "The surname McKinney was first found in Tweedale in Peebles-shire. They are said to descend from a Norman family from Anjou, in the Seigneurie of La Frezeliere, where their name was Frezell, they were one of the many Norman families invited north by King David of Scotland, and were granted lands at Keith in East Lothian in 1160." End insert]

The Walkin Crest shares a red rose on stem with German Walkers, the latter being the Scherf-connectable ones. Scherfs are listed with Schwerin-like Schere's. Isn't it amazing that this find comes just after Luff kin led us to Scherf-connectable Wilkens? It suggests again that the walk-in closet / freezer of the Luff dream is a pointer to Walkins from a WALCH-like term. In the shark dream, when I was at the passenger door of the auto, I was told by God, "What are you waiting for, it's you she LOVES, go WAKE her up." And so I went to kiss her awake, and then there had been my kiss of Miss Wake-connectable Walsh, who led to Luff/Love kin, who slammed my passenger door on Mr. Kepke (is there more meaning in that?). Walkins are listed with WAKElins.

Oh wow, WAKEfields share the green wyvern with Wilkins! It's not really a big surprise, but welcome just the same for your sakes. Wilkins are related to Lewis'.

It's amazing that "Free to Be Me" (third song on the new playlist) was singing, "got a couple of DENTS in my FENDER," while I was looking at the Walkin Coat. The song was almost over before I remembered that Fenders (otter) were first found in Huntingdonshire with Otters/Others...and Walkins! Okay, yes, it's Saturday again, when I usually get songline help from God in this way. "PruDENTES" is used by Wilkins, I kid thee not. God's amazing.

Free's are listed with Freeze's/Phreeze's! "FREE to Be Me," a song by Francesca Battistelli, whose surname, along with related Steels, is very linkable to the line of Tollets/Tolle's ("Prudentia"!!! NO GUFF!). Note that Lewis' (Glamorganshire, same as Wilkins) use the Wilkin dragon with DROPs, for Drops/Trope's share the Tollet/Tolle Chief. And, ha, the latter's Shield shares the black anchor with Welks! Too much. Lawrence Welk had the same first name as Kepke, and Lawrence's were at Redmaine while Redmaine's use more cushions, the Johnson symbol! Redmaine's have just got to be a Bibo / Jonathan thing.

When God's helping, we are able. Pity the one who brags on himself when its God who makes him successful. The "ADversis" motto term of Tollets must be partly for Ada of Huntingdon. My heraldry started this morning as soon as I was awake, at the TOILET. Nettle. We are just mud, folks. But God intended it that way so that we would look to His help, for he just wants to be helpful, involved with us, loved by us in return for His help. It's a good way to live. Say to him, "Okay, Lord, you will be my everything, and i will receive your help." Then try not to forget that you said it. Say it every night until it sticks and brings fruit. We have a long time to get this right. You do understand that when God helps us, he's submitting to us. A loyal helper is a foundation to success. A woman neglecting her husband and doing her own thing is not a wife. Liberals have made it hard for women to be wives, as they like it.

Ahh, just found this from the write-up of Heinz-like Henes'/Hains: "Hugh de Haynes witnessed a charter of Payen de BeauCHAMP, founding CHICKsand Priory, 12th century". I hadn't read the write-up earlier when clicking from the Henes/Hain Coat to the Cheeks/CHICKs (the latter two essentially have the same Coats in colors reversed from one another). So, maybe I got lucky when finding a Henes surname (sure looks like another Annas line). Maybe it is a Heinz branch due to BeauCHAMPs feasibly in the Camp-Heinz relationship. Beauchamps have a version of the Peach Coat while Peach's have a Coat reflection of Cravens while Banks were at Craven.

It reminds that Miss Hicks and I were together at the 9-11 memorial in CAMP WOOD. Woods were first found in leg-line Leicestershire, and Camp Wood is on the road to Leakey while Leaks/Leakeys use a leg in Crest. She got her knee symbol at the DOOR of the Get'n Go gas bar (Camp Wood) on the Leakey road, and Leak(ey)s share the engrailed Knee bend, now begging whether the door is a pointer to Jack Dorsey of twitter. It may be coincidental, or maybe God wants the link made, where the Fender sword is used also by French Jacques'. Jack Dorsey was pointed to by the jack stands holding up my auto. Hmm.

In the shark dream, I first saw her walking around the fender of the AUTO (to the front of the car), and we saw Fenders above with the otter as code for Otters/Otters (from lords of Lombardy), i.e. linkable to Auto's/Otto's but also to Ottone's/Otto's (suspect with Ottone Visconti of Lombardy). Fenders could be in the "DeFEND" motto of Woods. The songline: "got a COUPLE of dents in my FENDER," and then the Copple's list COUPLES' having a version of the News/NUCES Coat while Camp Wood is on the NUECES Canyon road. It's also a version of the Bash Coat; can we see that Miss Walsh bashed the door shut?

Hmm, recall that I had to buy the carpenter glue, and let's add that Glue's are in Jacques colors, for doesn't a purchase involve a vendor? Yes, and Vendors are listed with Fenders, how about that? I kid you not, that when Miss Walsh got into by car, it was parked facing the building, and she left Kepke outside, sitting on the curb! I saw him sitting on the parking-lot curb at the front of the car, which means he was beside the fender!

So, as Kims share the Fraser and Dorsey Coat while Kim Walsh links to Luff's walk-in freezer, we could say that Kim in my car slammed the door on Kepke, putting him on ice for the moment. What could that represent in the deep-state world? God putting Jack Dorsey in the deep freeze? I hope so. Carpenter glue as grease in the wheel bearings will bring wheels to a smoking hiss, folks. It's backward, stupid and embarrassing, all of which combined are not as bad as Dorsey's Hell-bent, deplorable attitude in steering twitter.

Luffs were said to be first found in Suffolk with their Muscat kin, and then the neighboring Muschats/MontFITCHets (Essex, same as Jung-related Yonge's) share the triple chevrons of BEARINGtons ("Ung"), in the colors of the triple Luff fesses. The Bearington Crest almost has the "hermit" in the Shed Crest, and Sheds share red FITCHees with Luffs. For your information, Hermits/Armits share the Helm helmet, colors reversed from the Doby helmet while Dobys share the Shed fitchees. Here's from my 5th of March, 2018:

[Kepke] then left her and went for Miss. Walsh, and while we were at La Paloma, she and he were having a spat. So while he sat down on the curb of the parking lot, next to me in my Firebird, she got into the passenger's seat and slammed the door on him. Something compelled me to lean over and give her a kiss on the cheek.

This is going to blow your mind, don't miss a word. I knew I had eventually found the Curbys, but it wasn't until the first update in May, 2018, more than a month after the quote above. I had said:

Curbys were not only first found in Lancashire with Shicks/Shake's, but share their colors. The Curby fesse probably has the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's, first found in Somerset with [Kim-connectable] Shins/Chine's. Mr. Kepke sat on the curb, and while he was born, Lawrence, Lawrence's were first found in Lancashire too.

...I would suggest that Curbys/Kerwicks are a branch from a variation of Kerns/Keirans (Irish), for they use a chevron colors reversed from the Shick/Shake chevron. German Kerns are linkable to Roets, first found in the same place as Coffers/Coffare's. Wow, recall that coffee I had in Victoria that was code for Coffee's/Coffers ("victoria" motto term), for Woodbine and Major MacKenzie is 1.25 miles south of downtown Victoria Square! "The modern community of Victoria Square is bounded by 19th Avenue, Warden Avenue, Woodbine Avenue and Major MacKenzie Drive." I was turning north into Victoria Square on Cheech-and-Chong night. I drove through it, but can't remember where I was headed.

The reason that Curbys came up in that update was not due to Kepke sitting on a curb, but initially because, on the night I had been to see Cheek-like Cheech and Chong, I drove into the intersection at Woodbine and Major-MacKenzie, turning left too sharply so as to be driving directly to the curb at the meridian under the traffic lights (I stopped just in time). Here's earlier in the 3rd of may:

In fact, I have told several times that Miss Walsh, when having a spat with her boyfriend (Mr. Kepke), abruptly got into the passenger seat of the Firebird, closing the door on Kepke just outside, as he sat down on the curb. I leaned over from the driver's seat and gave her a kiss on the CHEEK, I have no idea what prompted me to do this, except that Cheeks are listed with Cheech's/Checks. That explains [why I almost drove into the curb while driving somewhere after seeing Cheech-and-Chong until midnight or later]. But why Kim Walsh? It just so happens that Kims share the cinquefoils of Thomas', suspect with Tommy Chong.

In fact, I've just looked him up to find that he was born, Thomas B. KIN Chong! I kid you not, the Kims show a M'Kin variation, and come up as "Kin," and I've already explained why Kims are a Shechemite suspect. We begin with Schims/Shands/Schiens, a branch of Skene's...and then Shins/Chine's share the Coat of Kemmis'/Kenys' (Gloucestershire, beside the Shins), apparently a branch of Kims/Kins. The latter's Coat is in the Shimmie/Kimmie/Kynnie/Cammie Coat. So, it just floors me that God would be pointing to Cheech and Chong also with Kim Walsh.

Cheech's are listed with Cheeks/Chicks, but there's more for this mind-blowing part. The Fenders/FENTers justify looking up Fentons, and the Scottish Branch shares the Cheek/Cheech Coat!!! INCREDIBLE, explaining why Kepke was left sitting at my fender curbside!!! Hilarious. It was beside the FIREbird, and so note how FIRmens come up.

Plus, the Holburns happen to share the triple Cheek / Denton crescents around a red fesse so that the entirety of the Holburn Coat is in the colors and format of the Keppock Coat! Zinger, that's why Kepke was made by God to sit beside the fender on the curb. Holburns come up from the Curby write-up itself: "'John de Kirkeby, [was] Bishop of Ely in 1286, and founder of Ely Palace, Holborn.'" Isn't that wild? I don't think this has come to my attention until now.

The Holburns (compare with Ely Coat) are also HOburns, perhaps in the "So ho ho dea ne" motto of Comforts (entered the discussion with Elvis' blue suede SHOES), but, in any case, Hoe's/Hoys share the Holburn/Hoburn crescent. As Keppoch MacDonalds were related to Allisons, note that Allisons share the HOLLY dog, suggesting that HOLburns had been Hollys / Hole's/Halls / Hulls. Yup, just found Irish Auleys/Cawleys, thanks to the Aule variation of Hole's/Halls, with a near-copy of the Holburn/Hoburn Coat. The Elys look like kin of both Cravens and Keppochs, both first found in Yorkshire.

As Peach's have a version of the Craven Coat, it's possible that KepPOCHs/KipPAX's were Kiev-liners in merger with Pek-river elements. The Cuppae location off the Pek comes to mind. The Pek is in Moesia, where Mustan-branch Moesens are expected to originate.

Keeps share the weaver's shuttle with Shuttlewords, and then the latter share a "dulce" motto term of Scottish Auleys/Cawleys. It appears that God thus put Kepke on my Mustang's hood, at Knob Hill Farms, when Allison left me for Mr. Denardo. In fact, I'm not making this up: Kepke and I were both sitting on the fender!!! Of course, for no one sits on a hood at the front (it's hard not to slide off). We were on the side of the hood looking toward the building. No mistake, it's burned in my head. Allison had slipped into the car of Denardo closer to the building than we were. She didn't know I was looking her way. Hoods share the bird design of Allisons, and Hoods can be linked to Budini-like Bauds.

Mustang-like Mustans are in the colors, and almost the format, of Keppochs (Yorkshire, same as Mustans and Scarborough's). Mustangs look like kin of Scarborough's, and Kepke and I both left Knob Hill Farms at roughly the same time to go sell shoes, both of us, in the same mall at Scarborough Town Center. I sold the Mustang when I quit selling shoes.

"Kepke" has been suspect from the namers of Kiev, and while blond Budini were from the Kiev area, the Budini-like Boyds (Shropshire, same as Mustan-branch Moses'/Moys/MOESen), said to be named after "blond" (though I reject that derivation), share the checkered fesse of Scottish Auleys/Cawleys! Nailed it, folks, nailed it. That's another reason that Kepke was on my car that day. God has intended that I should link Allisons to Auleys, but I've missed it until today, on the same day that I've found the Keppoch kin of Holburns from the curb discussion.

Lookie: the Curby motto is "Firm," and while Curbys share the anchor with FIRMens, the latter share the lion heads of Cheek-related Luff/Love's (Oxfordshire, same as Cheeks/Cheech's). Incredible. A few years before the curb event with Kepke, he and I worked at Knob Hill FARMs, on Woodbine just 2.5 miles from the intersection I almost rammed the curb of. Farmers share the Firmen lion heads while anchors are used by Pharme's/Ferme's ("Firme") and Formans/Fermans (the latter were once said to be first found in Midlothian with Pharme's/Ferme's). Although the red fitchee of Firmens is not in the style of the red Cheek / Luff fitchees, they are all red nevertheless, obviously important for making the Luff link to Cheeks all-the-more.

Note the green Forman/Ferman dragon, traceable with Pendragon-connectable Dragons/DRAINers to the DRIN river's Penestae, the proto-Pendragons. Then, Fentons are said to have been related / associated with lords of Dirleton while Dirletons/DRILtons (East Lothian, same as green-dragon Seatons), sharing the Pendragon chevron, must be from the DRILon river, which was the old name of the Drin. This is a super paragraph for proving where Pendragon's originate, especially as mythical pendragon birthed mythical king Arthur while Fentons use an "Ardua" motto term.

Okay, I have a third curb that relates. I wish I could show a photo. The spot where my driveway starts to turn into a LOOP (circular drive) is where I set some rocks to act as a curb between the driveway and the lawn one step lower down. This is the rock curb I was removing this week so that I could drive the snow past it onto a piece of the lawn. The two garter snakes were found under one of those rocks. There is a green snake in the Curby Crest. What think ye? As the garter snakes pointed to Jack Dorsey, it's interesting that Curbys (beside Yorkshire) have a not-bad Coat reflection of English Jacks (Yorkshire). I'm just wondering why God didn't just nail this by giving Curbys (share Coffer / Rohan / Heffer crescents) the gold Jack scallops. Maybe I'll figure it out.

Reminder: the two snakes under a rock, symbolism of the deep state, were already half frozen, but I crashed into, and took them out from, that "warm" hide-out, and set them outside an hour before sundown on a clear night that went down to -10C. Ouch, that put a little freeze on their scales, wouldn't you say? And, "to curb" means, "to force a change." Stop censoring God, Dorsey, who do you think you are? As I said, I put them in the sun (not yet knowing that they represented deep-state snakes), on a bed of pine needles, and Needle's use a giant sun while French Pine's share the Dorsey / Fraser / Kim cinquefoils.

The two snakes were found where the loop begins, and Loops share a sleeping crescent on blue, as well as the same hexagrams, with Irish Kerns. I showed earlier why Curbys/Kerwicks can be expected as a Kern branch.

Well, well, an hour or so after writing on the loop snakes, Martina McBride's Independence Day song came on my speakers. I found myself singing it, when I came to the line, "roll the stone away, let the guilty pay, it's Independence Day." As the snakes represent Jack Dorsey et-al who are the guilty parties seeking to undo American independence in favor of globalist controls, let me remind that, earlier this week, I rolled a very heavy stone about 40 feet over to the area of the snakes to help form a new curb. I hurt my back, and some three days later, it still hurts as I write. It was a triangular-shaped rock, however, suggesting masonic USA / masonic patriotism. Do not touch, it's poisonous. Still, maybe this is a Hint from God that the globalists won't win this election. LET THE GUILTY PAY for the troubles they have caused the country, a heap as high as the sky.

I was mucking around trying to find whether God showed evidence that Martina McBride's name might apply to the song line above. At first, no links were made, until finding that Stone's share the McBride cinquefoil. Roll the stone. Stone's have a version of the Gates Coat. Bill Gates must pay for his sins against his own people. He decided that, due to his great wealth, he should become a sort of, king or guardian of the earth. Like, uh, the earth belongs to he and his buddies.

The snake-tongues brought us to Tongue's/Tongs at a Manningham, and it just so happens that the McBride / Stone cinquefoil is shared by Mannings too. German Rolls have a lion in Breed/Bread/Bradd lion-head colors while Scottish Bride's (not " McBride") are also Breeddie's.

As you saw, God intervened in my writings with Battistelli's, "got a COUPLE of DENTS in my FENDER" songline, and here we can add that while Seatons were a branch of Sedans/Seddons ("sed" motto term), the latter were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with the SEDbergh location of DENTS. Then, the Copple's/COUPLES' can be from Koplik (Cupionich), a location to the near north of the Drin river. Dober is right beside Koplik while Dobys ("sed magno") share the helmet with Pendragons and Dragons/Drainers (colors and format of Keppoch-related Allisons).

This has been a fun day. Good food, good work, good fun. We don't need to have lucre to enjoy our days. Stop being fools, rich guys wanting more riches. Enjoy life NOW without chasing money. You're wasting your wax. You will burn the flame for only so long. Why burn out your days too busy to enjoy your own light? Is it because you are absent the understanding that Jesus' words produce? Read the story of Jesus afresh in a new way at the link at the bottom of this page. I've added my own comments between Bible verses to help out the newcomer to the Gospels. I share all four Gospels in one story without doubling / tripling up the events. It reduces reading time, but do be sure to read the Gospels alone too.

I thought this section had been finished, but during the spell check, another curb was come across in this: "I used my hand to try to find [the weapon] first, and did. I grabbed it, and then said, 'In the name of Jesus, get off!' And taken by surprise, he got weak, and I pushed him out, got up on my feet in front of him, at the CURB, but, for some reason(s), having an instant to decide what to do, I opted to run up the driveway to go knock on a front door." The Dorsey-like DOOR. Curbs have been pointing to Jack Dorsey. But my main point is that I purchased a coffee and newspaper later on that day of the mugging, as per the will of God for making many pointers, and while Coffee's are also Coffers, the Coffers/Coffare's share the crescents of Curbys. I find that amazing.

[The paragraph above was written late Sunday night, and the spell check was continued on Monday morning as I write here, at which time an insert was added way above when I captured a fuller understanding / key from the curb at the mugging. But I reserved that key for down here. To set this up, let me repeat one paragraph from that insert:

I probably haven't exhausted these pointers with the Galveston event, for there were many things I can recall taking place due to the mugging. Late in this update, I come back to the curb in the mugging with the Curbys surname, at which time I'll add that Curbys are to be linked to mugging-like Muggens for pointing to Jack Dorsey, CEO of twitter. Suffice it to say here that Muggens are reflective of the Coffee/Coffer Coat while I bought a coffee an hour or two after passing Markham that acted as a pointer to things deep state. Below, you will see the downing of my maple tree point to twitter, and so let me add here that Markhams were at Maplebeck, so amazing.

The Muggens share gold scallops with Jacks! Bingo. The Muggen scallops are in both colors of the Curby/Kerwood crescents, and the Muggen chevron happens to be the Kern chevron too!!! So, as the Muggens are even in all three colors, and almost in the format, of Coffee's/Coffers while Coffers/Coffare's share the Curby crescents, it appears very much that the curbs in this update are a pointer to Jack Dorsey, thanks to jacks sharing the gold scallop with Muggens. I was mugged (the actual attack) while the thief stood on the curb.

The same insert as had the quote above also had this: "Maness' use "parVENIR," possible for Parrs and Venners together, for the latter share red fitchees with Orrs/Ore's." As we saw a curb beside a fender when Fenders/Vendors came to topic, it's pretty amazing that Venners are also Fennors. I can find no other venir-like surname aside from Venners.

The insert mentioned that Mr. Maness had an address at Markham while Markhams were at Maplebeck, recalling that the maple tree fell with twigs pointing to twitter and Dorsey. So, I'm going to now shift to an angry God when he struck the chimney of our home with a terrifying lightning bolt, when I first moved to Markham, Ontario. The symbol of German Venners/Fenners had been called a lightning bolt in one article I had read, and it's used by Dutch Reeds. English Reeds happen to use a "copia" motto term while Orrs/Ore's, who were a major part of the insert under discussion, use a cornuCOPia.

"Got a COUPLE of dents in my FENDER." Copple's/Couples' are like the Kopple's who in turn trace well to "Koplik," which location on the CLAUSula river was also called, Cupionich, like "Caepionis," which was itself a central part of the Nissan-related (from queen Nysa) parts of the insert under discussion. It just so happens that CLAUS' share the black border with Nysa-line Furness' and Parrs (the latter in "PARvenir)." The Claus' even share the Markham lion while Marks are expected from the Marici co-founders of Pavia with the Laevi. English Marks (Peak border?) have the Markham / Claus lion in colors reversed. The Clausula is beside Rhizon, and we saw the RISING bird of Orr-related SHOULDhams. Parrs use a woman with her "shoulders" mentioned, and I was mugged on the curb = shoulder.

The line to Joseph "CAIAPHUS" has been suspect from Quintus Caepio's surname, and here I can add that Markhams have a reflection of the Capote/CHAPPUS Coat while Italian Capote's are also Caepionis-like Capone's. I can understand a lightning bolt in this picture. Capote's/Capone's use a mule while Mules' not only share the double fesses of Ness'/Nessans/Nice's (from Cappadocia's queen Nysa, where "CaepioNIS" is suspect), but have a white-Shield version of the Wake Coat that itself points to their Orr/Ore kin. I had best finish the spell-check, as I'm out of time.]

Devin Nunes

In the 3rd update of December, 2017, I made a statement that I would latter claim to be Inspired by God, the italics in this quote:

Look at the timing of Nunes being declared innocent of charges filed by Hillary supporters several months ago. Why has the House cleared him now, to allow his being like a flying RAIDER on horseback with flame-tipped arrows aimed at Mueller's heart?

In the first month of two of 2018, just weeks after that statement, Nunes led the revelation of the deep state's use of government Intelligence machinery to ruin several Trumpers, including Trump, and eventually to make Mueller like a toothless tiger or a just a plain fool. Mueller will have nothing to be proud of at his death bed; it will be a sad state of affairs for him, coming soon, very soon. Woe, Mr. Mueller.

The Raider surname is listed with Rats/Rate's, who came up earlier in this update like so: "The Speers are in Shoultz/Shouldham colors, and while the latter's "oRATE" motto term is likely for "Orrs (Renfrewshire), the Rate's/Rats use a "Spero meliORa" motto." Keep you eye on the Shoultz-like Schultz's/Shultz's, because Nunes-like None's/Noons share the Schutz/Shutz saltire. I'll work my way back to the latter soon.

The same motto as Raiders is shared by the Scottish Sandals sharing the Knee bend and likely the eagle of Knee-branch Needhams with a "NUNquam" motto term. It look like Nunes could apply. Knees'/MacNess' use a "NON" motto term. Needs are listed with Noon-like Name's/Neme's. English Sandals share a giant green cross with Irish Noons/Nuane's. The Sandal cross is colors reversed from the giant one of Risings, and this seems like a key, yet it's a key for a mystery I can't yet solve. In the shark dream, the woman was hovering, and as soon as I touched her KNEE, she and I were rising together as a definite, provable pointer to Risings.

Then, 23 years after the shark dream, I was sitting beside Miss Hicks at the first anniversary memorial for the 9-11 tragedy, when, as I've said 15-20 times, pointed to Schutz-branch Scoots in the very event that involved her SANDALs, without doubt, and then, later on the same evening, she got her knee symbol. I faint from going over all the details again to prove that these pointers are correct. The mystery is that Devin Nunes seems to apply with all this, yet he's not a 9-11 truther, unless he's become one since last I heard him talk on that topic. Schutz's share the saltire of None's/Noons expected in the "None" motto term of Sedans/Seddons, a branch of SEATons, and the Scoots and Sandals were pointed to as I was asking whether anyone is SEATed beside her. I ended up sitting there against all odds. How does Nunes possibly enter that picture?

The "sed" motto term of Sedans/Sedons can be for the Sede variation of Seats, or even the Said variation of Saddle's, for the latter share the Nanny Coat. We could even say that Mamie saddled herself, or took her seat, on my knee and lap while Laps (Wiltshire, same Saids/Saddle's) share the mermaid of Masons/Massins who in turn share the Said/Saddle and Nanny Coat and the "spero" motto term of Raiders and Knee-connectable Sandals. The lousy thing is that we've changed focus on Miss Hicks and moved it over the Mamie where there's a wide range of confusing. The Nons'/Nens'/Nevins use "SPERAnDUM" instead of the "Dum spiro spero" by Masons/Massins.

If I'm not wholly wrong about Devin Nunes being involved in these Nunes-like terms, then, assuming I'm reading God correctly in making something obvious to me concerning the Spanish Nunes Coat, my guess is that it's using the Rye/RISE bend, as well as the lion of Reesors/REESONs (..e. like "Rising") because Welsh Reesors are listed with Rise-like Rice's/Rhys' who in turn have a "meliorRIS" motto term to go with the "meliora" motto term of Raiders and Sandals.

Here's the sentence again I claim to have been Inspired without my knowing it: " a FLYING RAIDER on horseback with FLAME-TIPPed ARROWS aimed at Mueller's HEART?" Raiders and Arrows share a fat, black cross, and the Raider/Rat cross is colors reversed from the similar saltire of Noons/Nuns and Schutz's. Scottish Hearts have a saltire in the colors of the similar, fat Rising Cross. "Flying"-like Flings are listed with Flynns. I link the Flynn Chief to the Treby Chief (for reasons), and the latter's has besants in FLAME-besant colors. It was Mueller who went against Flynn in a most-deplorable way that Nunes is greatly concerned with. Tipps' (Lancashire, same as Traby-connectable RATcliffs) share the Ratcliff bull head. I'm seeing a Nunes-Ratcliffe team-up to make some blood pour. Does this mean that Trump must win the election?

Arrows/Arras' are of the Artois capital, the line of king Arthur. The Raider/Rat cross is in colors reversed with English Gravels, and the latter's cross and Crest makes them look like kin of Schutz's. These Graville's of Gloucester are said to have used the Arms of Grenville, and Gloucestershire is where Grieve's/Grave's were first found. Just as I was looking at the Grieve/Grave Coat, wondering whether the red eagle with gold wings is the red and gold phoenix of Knee's and their Needham branch, a song ("Here With ME") sang, "I fall down on my knees." The song is by MercyMe, and while Mee's are listed with Mea's, it just so happens that "mea" in the Grieve'/Grave motto. Amazing.

[From the next update: "The Drilon drains from lake Lychnidus, and Licks/Lochs ["non" again] and Lochs/Lokens use the swan too, probably because lake Sevan was also, Lychnis. Licks/Locks look linkable to Rats/Raids. The Drilon ends near lake SCODra, and the Lick/Lock saltire is colors reversed from the SCHUTZ saltire. That works."]

As the giant Grieve's/Grave eagle is gold, same as the one in the Needham Crest, I think I have just discovered, for the first time, with HELP, why Miss Hicks, when she was first seen hovering, had distress on her face. She was GRIEVING! I'm sure I understand this, because she then fell asleep, and I had to wake her up, symbol of the Church falling asleep just before the Signs of the end times. As soon as I touched her knee, we went into a literal rapture into the sky! That can explain the GRAVE variation of Grieve's, for the rapture is the raising of the saints from their graves! I get it.

Ah, what are the chances that the Mee/Mea cross is shared by Dutch Grave's/Greve's/Gravels? It's also the Bath cross, and Miss Hicks had her bathing suit at the car. Bath in Somerset is right-near Gloucestershire. Dutch Grave's have Brock-like endings on their variations, and Brocks use a dart for Dardanians, whom you'll see below with Grenville's.

This is amazing because her knee symbol was obtained at the Get'n Go gas bar, and that place was pointable to McGee's, for one, who were also McGeths. They happen to share the Mee/Mea boar heads! I thought that the "go" part should point to Gows/McGoo's, but then I had found reason to include Gowers/Gore's. Now watch how Gravels of Grenvilles bring up, in the twinkling of an eye, the Gowers/Gore's.

Grenville's/Grandville's/Greenfields (Nunes-like "non") show the Arthur "rests," sometimes called, or substituted with, "clarions," as the Hicks called their symbol when they married Arthurs of Clapton at the Gloucestershire border (Gravels of Grenville's were in Gloucester). King Arthur was from the Ardiaei Illyrians who married the Dardanian daughter of Monunius II, whom I trace to Moons and Moonans/Monans (share Gower/Gore flory cross) for good reasons. Monans share a version of the Grenville motto, and the latter's is the full motto of Gowers/Gore's. And there we are, lickety-split.

As the motto includes "FranGAS," I make the Get'n GO GAS bar a pointer to Gowers/Gore's (share white wolf with Gore's/Core's), and that's where Miss Hicks got her knee symbol on the eve of 9-11 memorial (but why, why, why?). This story in the works is still missing pieces...and I dislike it. Patience, but no one likes to stress patience.

So, I loaded the Lutons because I recalled that they share the Grieve/Grave eagle in both colors, and the song playing at that time was, "I Need Thee," by Selah, seemingly confirming that the Grieve/Grave and Luton eagle is the one in the Needham Crest.

I almost didn't load Needhams, but now, to see their "NUNc aut NUNquam" motto term, the "aut" suggesting the auto in which Hicks was grieving and sleeping. It sure looks like it like the Nunes bloodline, and so recall how Nunes' share the Rye/Rise bend and the Reesors/Reason lion. What are we going to do with Devin Nunes in a rapture scene. Ahh, I think God has different stories going on with the same symbolism, and so we need another way to see the woman rising, as concerns the deep state. We maybe should be praying for a deep-state grave. For example, Needham Dyke is in the Halper write-up, and Stefan Halper still needs to be arrested and jailed.

The Halper-branch Halps/Halfs share the hourglass shape of Kerrys, and John Kerry still needs to be arrested and jailed.

Nine songs after "I Need Thee," Selah sang "Before the Throne of God," at which time I had just finished entering the Dutch Grave's above. In this song, the woman sang, "my name is GRAVEN on His hand," and mistakenly typing in, "Greven," it brought up Dutch Grave's/Gravels. Then, I found Gravens listed with Cravens. Hmm, what to do with that? Prior to loading Grevens and Gravens, I had looked at Hells as per the grave of anti-Christs, to find Hells using the Crab Coat, but having nothing to say, I said nothing. But then here's the Greven/Craven write-up: "The Irish McRaven variant is actually an Anglicization of the Irish name Mac CRABhain and was found chiefly in Louth-Monaghan." An Irish name Anglicized doesn't mean that the name originated in an Irish name because the Irish name may have been Irish-ized from an English name at an earlier time. The Graven/Craven fitchees are shared by Firmens (both first found in Yorkshire).

Cravens (compare with Gore's) had been Croatians, from crow-line Garebites from Gareb of Jerusalem, and their raven-line Rephaite cousins (at the Rephaite valley of Jerusalem). They were not Israelites. The Gorski area of Croatia named the Gore's / Gowers/Gore's we saw above in the GRENville paragraph, and Grenville liners are from the Craven-like Ceraunii of Croatia, who look like proto-Croatians. The mythical Greek crow was Ceraunii-like Coronis i.e. she was named on behalf of Ceraunii liners. "Crab" is much like "Gareb," so, I'm correct, "GRABhain" was not the original name.

The to near-west of ancient Jerusalem (home of Amorites) were the Amorite-related Anaki, whom I trace to Anchors/Annackers in the Firmen Coat, which can explain why Firmens share the Craven fitchees.


Judge for yourself whether Trump got a small taste of the Holy Spirit in this short clip (my take, it's possible):

But, it comes about a half-month before the election, and, so, it may have been planned for vote collecting. Still, he said it, gave Jesus glory, and not everyone can. He may have accidentally (not planning for it) enjoyed it, because God would, I think, take every opportunity to use such an event, in anyone long-lost, to move a person closer to Him with a little zap of his Love, with a clear, heart-felt indication that He's willing to forgive everything when one gives the glory to Jesus. Trump's problem is, he's old = set in his ways, and has a character ingrained with sinfulness, lots for him to overcome on the practical level with too-short a time. But even the thief on the cross was saved at the last hour with a zap of God's inner manifestation. It's what made him say what he did. When you taste God, you feel truly special.

But e By the way, I dislike it when a woman wears black nail polish, as Earhardt is wearing on Monday. It always gives me the impression of a witch. It tends to reveal something wrong on the inside. For Christian ladies, how about no nail polish, and lower heels? When ladies do the worldly thing, it's like they don't understand the most-basic calling of Jesus. Ainsley would probably do well to quit Fox. She doesn't need anymore money. Working the political beat is not conducive to Spiritual treasures.

Someone will say, "c'mon John, Christianity is not about the outside, but about the inside." Yes, but what we choose for the outside is a condition of our insides. If we continue to wear a Muslim head-dress after we become a Christian, it reveals something wrong on the inside. If we continue to wear green hair after becoming a Christian, it shows we still have affiliations with punk rock, Gothic satanism, or something similar. Looking good in clothes is okay; overdoing it by matching the sexy / seedy styles of non-Christians is probably a disappointment to God. We harm ourselves when we disappoint God. Lower the height of your heels, STUPID. The man who invests solely on the beautiful looks of a woman is investing in a depreciating commodity / convenience. God probably makes us uglier in old age that we might concentrate on the inners before death. Yet even an "ugly" face can don inner beauty.

Make-up on a woman is like fools' gold; the man who's fooled by it is fooled by a mere child yet to grow up. The evidence is caked upon her face that there's something wrong on the inside. Stop painting your faces, fakes, and get real. Trump's press secretary, who claims to be a Christian, isn't ashamed to wear half-inch eyelashes. She's not physically appealing under all that make-up, but then neither should she try to be appealing by painting her face; it's just not the Christian thing to do. This is so basic for Christianity.

Beware Trump-team "Christians" calling the Republican base to a catch-all "faith" identity that's also Trump-Republican-faithful, because this is going to veer more to what's been described as "one-world religion," for lack of a better phrase. I use "masonic" to define faiths of all types lumped into Americanism. The melting pot of religions, we could say. It asks us to put less emphasis on our personal religions, and more emphasis on unifying the whole lot under one "patriot" banner. This is not hard to understand; just don't let it fool you. We like it when someone confesses God in politics, something we won't get as much from liberals (none at all in Canada), but they cannot push Jesus-only, and especially cannot stress His religion, on a Republican-wide turf. So, if patriotism is going to override Jesus in a Christian church, or set of "patriot churches," avoid and proclaim that idol. It's what I've been doing because I could see it coming. The "founding fathers" knew they could not have Jesus-only in a federal government where not all people are believers nation-wide, and so make a clear distinction between country and Kingdom of God. Be patriotic to the Kingdom of God, for Americanism is, at best, a washed out Jesus where even His face can't be made out. In that case, America will reap the reward from God for wiping Jesus away from its affairs. It's not enough to say, "God bless America." Ask not what God can do for America, but what America can do for God. And stay away from Marilyn Munroe, or you might get shot in the head without God's protection.

I applaud the recovery of Christians and Christian values in the streets and even in government, after a generation of Christian suppression by liberals. People trusted liberals, until they exposed themselves recently with their true colors. Before that, they were wearing an angelic facade when trying to refashion good as evil and evil as good. It would be better for our inner conditions, ultimately, to fall to persecution than to become watered-down masonic heretics under the banner of Lady Liberty.

Nobody ever equates her with Jesus. She attracts the ambitious, and Trump has been all about the ambitious. Can you see why "ambition" is a dirty word in our Bible? Can you grasp it? Here's a google definition: "a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work." It consumes the soul; it takes up our time, it's like an obsession, success or bust. Jesus called it being weighed down by the cares of the world, or the headaches that come with it. He said, "My burden is light," because he had no worldly ambition. That's the way to be. Don't get entangled in the weeds that choke out your inner progress.

Mr. Trump, slow the economy down. Spew less chimney smoke, give the workers a break, more time off from work, and make it unlawful for towns to reduce lots for residential housing into tiny pieces of nothing just so that local governments might make more profit on property taxes. But, no, Trump ran on a roaring economy, and so he might just try to keep his promise, forcing the workers to work harder, and to count their blessings while working harder. Don't be deceived. This machine runs on sinful ambitions of bosses everywhere, most of whom maximize their profits rather than slow their profits. It's hideous, people, the scroogey-devil incarnate. Don't be a proud piece of their machinery. Count yourself a victim caught in their machinery, and find your joy in the One who lives in you. You can't drive down the road without driving through the Spirit. Whenever your mouth says, "Jesus, I love you," there is the Spirit right with you.

Perhaps the "pandemic" was God happy to slow down Trump's machinery (I of course can't know one way or the other), and putting out of business many crooked business owners. We can't know all the details. But I did complain that there are too many businesses selling any one product, which raises prices for all buyers. Two shoe stores selling to a population of 10,000 can charge a lot less money than 20 shoes stores all trying to put food on their tables with 10,000 people. Ambition makes more business owners, and prices go up. Governments love higher prices because they rake in a percentage of most-everything sold. It's rigged against the buyer, and even the seller is a buyer. It would be good if prices fall drastically in time for our preparation for enduring the 666 system. If Christians were to retreat from the economic machine today, would Trump get angry with us? Would he chase us back into the machinery?

I read that Tucker Carlson had Bobulinski on his entire October-27 show. It's a bombshell show. Here is at least some of the show for the 27th (some of it was aired on the 28th):

John Solomon has another COVID-tracker article out on the 25th where he first tells that the CDC has record of flu infections down by a whopping 88-percent for week 42 of this year (mid-October). The article then says: "World Health Organization global flu surveillance shows a severe dropoff in flu cases starting in early April..." Uh, it means that the COVID schemers have been counting flu infections and deaths as COVID infections / deaths, as we should have guessed months ago. They have found a way to identify COVID in such a way that people with ordinary flus also test positive for COVID, there we have a part of their trick.

If you vehemently oppose the Intelligence deep state, you will soak this up:

You will like this (it's a free three-minute laugh):

On Friday night (Lou Dobbs), Scott Rasmussen predicted a Biden victory due to mail-in ballots being heavily in favor of Democrats (he said they are polling about 50-percent more than Trump). It looks like Kavanaugh has come round to bite Trump in the backside, for he joined the three leftist judges to give them a victory on counting mail-in ballots days after election day. I'm not sure whether that applies to Pennsylvania alone, or to any other state that utilizes the same method. Rasmussen, Sunday, even has a Biden win in Florida, which no one else can believe, so what's with Rasmussen?

But, Sunday, CNN said Trump leads in only two battlegrounds states, yet we know CNN always exaggerates in favor of Biden so that Trump may be ahead in six battleground states. There's about eight battleground states of significance. The polls have Biden pulling ahead in four battleground states over the past month, and there's not even a small blip after the nation discovered Biden's criminal activities with Hunter. It tends to mean that the polls are pure fabrication, only what the Democrat pollsters want voters to believe as per what pollsters think is best to get them out to vote.

So, because Biden was always unpopular, pollsters had him 10-15 points ahead for years, to give Democrats the impression that Biden was more popular than it seems. Then, as the election drew near, the pollsters tightened the race, but kept Biden ahead, because too-wide a lead makes voters slack in getting out to vote. A little worry is the way they hope to get out the vote. So, the entire polling tactic is just that, a tactic, not the real picture. Does Rasmussen want a Biden win? Or is Rasmussen trying to make Republicans get out the vote harder by predicting a Biden winner this weekend?

If the mail-in votes are split evenly, then, as they say, Trump should win because election day has more Republican turn-out aside from this election's new situation in which they fear their mail-in ballots will be trashed by the system. Rasmussen says that Biden has the large edge in mail-ins, suggesting that the cheating machine has been criminally-active or bust.

Why don't the democrat pollsters fake that Biden is losing by a couple of points to get more democrat votes? Because, I think, Democrats can't stomach giving Republicans fodder for celebrating at any time, or feeling good, let alone early before election day. That's another reason they had Biden ahead as much as 15 points, to turn joy into nail-biting, if possible. Fox news has no problem advertising Democrat pollsters, and this may be why Trump won last time, because it urged more Trump supporters to line up and vote i.e. the cheating ways of pollsters are backfiring on them. Goodie-goodie if true.

Biden could win this election on the mail-in votes of young people who know next-to-nothing about political games, those too naive to know truth, and easily swayed by sinful media, late-night trolls, and hollywood radicals. The Trump administration didn't send shivers up the spines of cheaters, and so they are having a heyday at this time even though almost nobody cares for Biden. The Republicans need to learn that they cannot lay down passive against the cheats. They've got to team-up and punch out their lights. It's now apparent that Democrats have weaseled into the election process to manipulate much of it for themselves. Republicans need to monitor the process with more care.

Start a new Fox news, bigger and necessarily better; don't advertise with leftist companies who hold you hostage. If news media win the bulk of voters by their slants on the news, start news media with Republican bosses, take business away from liberal media, break their backs over a decade or less. There have got to be people willing to do it. Leftist sins are a long, long list, ruinous in every way, how can that be coincidental? It's not, it by demonic influences. Once demons have the high-road power, things will get compoundingly worse. It's why empires fail suddenly, why wars persist.

The Western world should not become libertarian, or liberty groupies, because that requires a respect for leftism's voice, in the name of liberty. But if people despise leftism, then they ought to consider themselves moralists, not liberty junkies. Yet Trumpers continue to make the mistake of basing themselves on liberty. It's your morality that leftists wish to destroy in you. Keep society under the laws of God, because leftists wish to have an anti-God society. Understand what you stand for, if you're a Christian, and call yourself, not a libertarian, but a slave of God (so to speak) for the sake of freedom in a God-abiding society. Make God's laws your bedrock, not libertarianism, because the latter doesn't need God at all. Don't join libertarianism, a no-brainer.

We hire governments to check evil, but libertarianism gives evil free reign. We hire governments to CONTROL things that do evil in our shared communities; we do not hire governments to control our every thought and act (social engineering), however, which is what evil people do when they get government power. Make a distinction between the two different kinds of control. Do you control your car? It doesn't make you a control freak.

Here's a story on a pro-life whistle blower whose "ministry" with Project Veritas (the neo-WikiLeaks) is mushrooming:

My sentiments exactly. But we need Help. Yet the Helper has allowed the abortionists to win to date, as an exposure on the wicked. When He calls off their victory, it will end, and they will be ashamed and pained. They won't have anything to argue on the day God aborts them from eternal life, because it will be His CHOICE. So, God will use their "free-choice" argument against them. God will use their own words against them.

Anna Khait update:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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