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November 3 - 9, 2020

Big Tech To Be Fried To a Crisp
God's Amazing Pointer to Roy Moore Looks Like the Reason For Trump's Election Loss

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

For those of you who missed two of my Tuesday-of-this-week inserts into the last update concerning the Valleys, I'm going to repeat the topic here for a mind blower. The inserts could not have come at a better time because Valery and Ray Luff were stressed in the last update along with Jack Dorsey of twitter. I even had reasons to connect the snake-tongues in the mouths of the Luffs to Dorsey.

I think it was around Monday when I checked Sillicks and Valleys to see whether God was pointing to "Silicon Valley" in some way. But I left the topic on the back burner for a couple of days when writing on my river-flood dream below. On Tuesday morning, I got around to going back in my files to where I first reported the river-flood dream, and found it in the 4th update of June of this year, where I read: "The reason that I'm repeating this here is that the check-valve can go with the check-out at Walmart, for the red fitchee in the Check Crest is also the one in the Lovey/Luff and VALE/Vail Crests. " (Load Sillick link now to get a new tab for loading other surnames, to follow my discussions better.)

Amazingly, the Checks were stressed in the last update as Cheeks/Chicks/Cheech's exactly due to sharing the Luff fitchee, but I had forgotten, in the last update, and Valery-like Vale's/Vails also use the Luff fitchee. And the Vails are the Valleys too!!! This became the most-excellent addition to the last update with the paragraph below in square brackets. The paragraph beneath the square brackets was already a part of last week's discussions:

[I added an insert above a minute ago telling that Velis'/Vails/Valleys, apparently a Valery and Valais/Valour branch, share the Luff fitchee (same style and color). The reason that I looked up "Valley" was to check whether God had a pointer to "Silicon Valley." So, I first looked up silicon-like Sillicks, followed by Valleys, and so this insert is here due to the computer business that Valery's husband was in. Jack Dorsey is of Silicon Valley!!! End insert]

RAY Luff worked in a computer business, a software professional. I now see why there was scene in the freezer that I rarely mention, though I did mention it at least once. The walk-in freezer was an empty white room, necessary as a freezer because Freeze's have a horse version of the Ray Coat, yet this goes to Frasers now because they share the Dorsey cinquefoils, you see. I was able to see through the back wall of the freezer, into an office busy with workers at their desks i.e. no doubt on their computers (I didn't mention this much because I didn't have a clue as to what it meant). I never thought to link this to Luff's computer business, but I now see it as a pointer to twitter, etc.

That is four-square WWWWIIIILLLLDDDD!!!! I am impressed! These are the Internet goons one can expect to put out the "image of the beast" that talks. In Revelation, "image" is "ikon," a picture, not a statue. A talking picture, probably of a man, the anti-Christ, propagandizing his agenda. If people don't subscribe to his agenda, persecution results. God forbids us to subscribe to him, or to receive his 666. "As you know, Jack Dorsey co-founded Twitter and also Square, the payment processing solution that you can find in Apple stores and festivals everywhere." Will Square become part of the 666 system of purchasing? "Sellick" looks like "Seleucus," and Daniel prophecy has the forerunner of the anti-Christ in the line of Seleucus I. Did God arrange these things now being said?

OHHH WWWOOOWWW, Sillicks (usually call them Sellicks) were first found in Herefordshire with Doors!!! (The last update had some doors suspect as a pointer to Dorsey.)

Jack Dorsey appeared looking like an Amish man when before congress some ten days ago. Ted Cruz even said he looked Amish. Therefore, let me go back to the reason that you saw "check-out" in the quote above from last June. I had walked into Walmart one cool day, and as soon as I went through the front DOORs, there was Miss Hicks at the check-out stand, putting items on the counter and looking at me simultaneously. Then I saw a man, an Amish man, whom I had seen only once before, recently, and we said hello to one another. He pointed to his wife (dressed in Amish garb) standing in the check-out line, immediately behind Miss Hicks, I kid you not, this happened. I didn't tell this man that I knew Miss Hicks.

I was there returning a pair of brown pants, the only thing in my SHOPping cart at this time. WARNING, this is dynamite, take cover. Shops/Sherlands/Sharlands/Shirlands have variations linkable to Schere's/Schare's/Schire's/Scherfs, like the variations of SQUARE's/Squire's/Squirrels, can you believe this? I didn't know about Dorsey's Square method of purchasing until this Tuesday morning, and Miss Hicks was at the check-out counter purchasing items!!! BOOM!!! Right behind an Amish woman as a pointer to Jack Dorsey's long beard! Incredible. It appears that God is warning us about Square.

This reminds of the 16 squirrels caught in my attic with one rat trap. The rat trap pointed to the Traby marriage to the Astikas-RADziwills (see Wikipedia's Traby-Arms article), and Astikas' are to/from the line of Sticks. I took the few surviving squirrels to a brook / creek, and while Brooks share the Stick Coat (!), the other Schere's use a green snake around a "stick." The Luff tongues were green snakes, and the snakes of the last update seemed to point to Dorsey.

Plus, when we go to Creeks, they are listed with Cracks, first found in Yorkshire with the Craggs who share the black dog of Crack-like Carricks and Schere-branch Shere's/Share's/Shire's!!! The latter share the fitchee of Schere's/Schare's/Schire's/Scherfs!!! We get it. I have seen multiple "squirrels CRACKing a nut" in heraldry! Bingo bango, folks, the Message is clear as day. The Creeks/Cracks even use the fitchee style of Vale's/Valleys and Luffs. Spread this info to other believers, because it appears unassailable.

There was a dream I had with a bearded man walking up my driveway in crutches, and because he looked like Paul Smith, I learned thereby that English Smiths virtually have the Crutch fitchee in colors reversed. I kid you not, that while Dorsey had a long beard very reflective of Smith's beard, Crutch's show nothing but three fitchees on a pale bar colors reversed from the very same of Creeks/Cracks! MORE VERIFICATION that God is speaking to us of Dorsey's Square company.

The Smith fitchee is of the style used by Creeks/Cracks and Luffs. Hold on to the jambs while reading the following that appears at least twice in my writings: "The last time speaking with Paul, he was building doors"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the same update (1st of October, 2017), a few paragraphs later: "I've said before that the last time I saw Paul Smith was in the basement of our friend, Ray [Luff]. Rays use three stags courant in the colors of the three horses courant of Freys/Phreeze's. The last time I talked to him [Paul] was by phone."

The very-next thing said after the sentence above: "The Doorey variation of Doors made me recall TERRY MacADOREY, who hung himself to death as a teen after his sister did too. Their mother was a witch. I was in their home at least twice, at least once with the Gardner brothers, and he (Terry) was in my garage once, boxing with me. I'm just sure this was another Set-up for something." It was only yesterday that the Box surname came up, which I had planned to look into, but I can't recall why. A box is a square. The Box Crest may have the "fireball" of Balls in turn suspect with the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas. Alexanders are in the colors and format of English Smiths.

OH I REMEMBER. There was a tool BOX in river-flood dream, and it was precisely because I couldn't remember the details of that box that I went to check my files for the original telling of that dream, which is when I found the Walmart check-in quote above! Is that not WILD! Yes, it is. The quote is in the update with the river-flood dream like so:

I'm writing this insert on the morning (Wednesday) of a dream where I was walking in a river that was about to FLOOD. This dream also had two wrenches, I kid you not, and English Rench's come up as Wrench's too. In fact, I wrote on the Rench's above without remembering the wrenches in the dream. They were for Joe Oullette, an old friend, to repair someone's something, a vague scene, but the twin, blue channel pliers / wrenches (similar to pipe wrenches) are bright in my mind even now. There were two flood scenes, one having ice on the streets under about ten inches of moving water. I walked to safety on that very-slippery ice. The other flood scene had me on snow on either side of moving water, and I thought I had better get off before the water rose to wash the snow along.

Just before starting this insert, I recalled coming across Miss Hicks while I was walking into the front door of Walmart to return some brown pants (they were in a shopping cart at the time), and she saw me and looked my way, but there was no greeting on her face because we had a major "fight" 2.5 years earlier, about a month after the knee event at Get'n Go.

There is nothing written between those two paragraphs. I went from introducing the dream to the check-out at Walmart. The tool box must have been in the scene with the wrenches. Some have pointed out that various Walmart stores have been prepared for some sort of national emergency, all wrapped up in conspiracy theories.

Yesterday, as I write here, I looked up Max's for a Max character in the news whose full name I can't recall. In any case, I saw that Max's share the three Cheek/Check crescents, and I did nothing more with Max's, until now, reading: "The first record of the family was found here in the original Latin form, SUEIN de Makesia in the Pipe Rolls of 1185. The next record of the family was found over one hundred years later in Cornwall when Nicholas de MAKESEYE was mentioned in 1297." The Suein line is likely that of Swans/Sweyne's/Sions because the share the swan with the Vale/Valley Crest that also adds the Cheek/Check and Luff fitchees. The wild thing now is that while the Luffs had green snakes for tongue's, see the green snake in this MACKESY Coat!

River-Flood Dream

I'm going to repeat a dream here from earlier in this year, as a possible pointer to general Flynn as well as Edward Snowden, two Intelligence people. It started with me standing in the SNOW between two fingers of a wilderness RIVER flowing with water i.e. not frozen. I was at the spot where the river FORKed off into the two fingers, which you will understand momentarily. There was nothing more to this scene.

A scene that followed had me standing at the intersection in a town/city, in flowing water roughly to my knees. It speaks of a flood caused by a springtime thawing of snow. That is, it seems to relate to the previous scene. I was standing in a hill of a road that was steep starting from the intersection, and so there's only two surname choices for that scene, either the Hills or Downs. The latter works excellently because Downs were first found in Sussex with Vise's/Vice's while "Vis" is a motto term of Floods, and, besides, Knee's, sharing the Vise/Vice stag head, were first found in County Down, explaining the knee-deep flood. You can see that God proves himself the author of this dream. I was walking up the flooded hill easily, by the way.

Floods use a "Vis UNITa" motto phrase that can be discovered as part-code for the Knee-like Neets or one of their branches, for Neets are in colors reversed, and almost in the format of, Floods. Neet-like Needs/Name's can be a branch of Needhams sharing the Knee Coat. This is where the fork in the river comes in because Cunninghams use a "fork" motto term and a "shakeFORK" shaped as a Y, the symbol (though in a different colors) of Spanish Gable's. The reason this works to show God as the author of the dream is that German Gable's show a pitchFORK while English Gable's (Sussex, same as Vise's/Vice's suspect in the Flood motto) share the chevron of Floods but also of Shake's in the Cunningham SHAKEfork.

English Gable's are in Cable and Radice colors while Sub Radice was near Cable-like Cabyle (all in Thrace). The amazing thing here is that while there's at times an attic inside of a gable roof, Cabyle-like Cybele was the mythical wife of attic-like Attis, the latter thought to have named Attica in Greece, right beside Boeotia, in turn the location of proto-Shake Schimatari! This material is obviously Arranged because God wants to reveal it. In the meantime, Flynns share the white wolf with Floods while the Flood Coat is a version of the Flint Coat while the latter have a Flynn-like Flann variation.

I was on a HILL in the road while the knee-level flood was coming down at me, and Shake's use mole HILLs while Mole's share the SCHIM/Schien/Shand boar head, very necessary to prove that Shake's were from SCHIMatari. God didn't leave this pointer shy of needs. The pagan Levites of Israel can be gleaned here with the SHECHEMites at SCHIMatari because I was standing on a PAVEd road when the flood waters came down, and while Laevi were co-founders of PAVia, "ImPAVIde" is the Cable motto. Cable's have a green-Shield version of the Caen/Cann Coat, a surname from the Ceno tributary of the TARo river, making the namers of the Taro river suspect with the namers of SchimaTARi, especially as Tarrs/Tara's were first found in Somerset with Cable's and English Pavia's/Payvers.

Cable's and Caens share the red fesse with Scottish LEAVells. Caens use a "PERImus" motto term while Pierro's/Pero's were first found at Pavia. I was on the hill of a paved road, and Hills have a motto, "AVANCEz," and it just so happens that Vance's/Vaux's are a branch of English Vaux's who in turn share the checks of Pavers. Vance's/Vaux's almost have the Salome Coat, that suspect from Salome BOETHus, of the Sadducees of Israel (i.e. expected by me from the Laevi of Pavia), and expected from BOEOTians in Israel. Saddocks were first found in Sussex with Gable's. Vance's/Vaux's have a scale in Crest while Scale's (share the five feathers in the Caen/Cann Crest) share the scallops of Caiaphas-like Capes' and even one of the scallops of Italian Pavia's.

As the Hill motto is translated, "Advance," I suppose that my walking up the hill easily through the waters can be reckoned as advancing up the hill. Vance's/Vaux's use a motto, "Be faithful," but this has nothing to do with Jesus; it's partly for the Faithfuls/Faiths having variations like the Fate's/Feets who in turn share the Coat of English Pavia's. ("Advance" is a Speer motto term, but at this time I don't see how that surname applies to the dream.)

Back to the two fingers of water that forked off while I stood in the snow between the fingers. There is a FINger surname, and Fiens are listed with Phone's/Fane's/VANs, like the vans variation of Vance's/Vaux's. I didn't know this when I called them fingers of a river. "Finger" was not heard in the dream; it's just a word I used from the start to describe the branching river. The Phone variation is like the Phoenix variation of Fane-like FENwicks, and the Knee's with Needhams happen to share the Phoenix/Fenwick phoenix (flames at the tail).

Why was I on a paved hill coming from an intersection? Are Corners/Garners to be applied? If so, I don't know why. The Roads were first found in Rhineland with Salome's (with the Coat of Vance's in the Hill motto).

Next, we go back to the river because Rivers have a Coat much like the Snow Coat. I was standing on the snow between two branches of a river. Ahh, Snowdens share the Speer stars. Snowdens share the peacock in Crest with the Manners/Maness' who in turn share the double fesses of Rivers (minus the nebuly pattern of Rivers and Snows). AHHH WOW, when one loads Snowdens, the first Coat to come up has no motto, but if one clicks the second Snowden Coat, the motto shows as "Dum SPIRO SPERO"!!!! I didn't yet know it when seeing that the Spire's/Speers share the Snowden stars. While writing on my advancing up the hill, I recalled the "Advance" motto of Speers, but had no idea that I'd be in this paragraph minutes later. Amazing, for it tends to assure that the first scene of the dream is a pointer to Snowdens via the snow.

Did God make Edward Snowden do what he did to unveil Intelligence corruption? Looks like. English Edwards are in Snow colors and share the Snowden stars. I don't think it's coincidental that Welsh Edwards were first found in Denbighshire, beside Snowdonia. The Edward stag head is essentially that of Leggs too, and they can be of the Legro river at Leicester, location of Rutland, where Snows were first found. The "Dum" motto term of Snowdens can be for elements from Dumfries, where Leggs were first found. There is a Dume/Dome surname (from on the Rhine) with a giant crane while the Crane/Craun Crest is a hind or deer (no antlers) in the gold color of the stag in the Dume/Dome Crest. Hinds share the fesse of Snows (minus the nebuly pattern).

Having said that, let's add that while Flints/Flanns (Suffolk, same as Crane's/Crauns) are in the colors and format of Floods, Flintshire is beside Denbighshire. Flints/Flanns share the "Sine macula" motto of Glue's, the latter first found in Denbighshire. General Flynn's lawyer is Sidney Powell, and Powells, first found near Denbighshire and Snowdonia, share a lion very connectable to that of Edwards. However, this is all the evidence that this dream has, thus far, produced toward Flynn, which isn't much evidence, and while the dream points hard to Edward Snowden, I don't see how he can be connected to Flynn. The latter disliked Snowden.

Yet, after what Flynn's gone through, he might just like whistle blowers more. On the other hand, Snowden's a liberal, maybe even a humanistic Biden supporter. Could the fork in the river suggest a schism? The political schism? Was the flooded ROAD a symbol of Rodham's effect on society? When I originally explained the dream, it had pointed to George Floyd of Minnesota, the one who started the riots. So, yes, it could have been a Clinton-camp scheme. Floyds are listed with Floods, and rioters did flood the streets of the city in which he was reportedly killed with someone's knee on his neck.

The last update did a fantastic section on Patrick Ho of Hong Kong, lately in the news. I dealt with the Hong/Hungarian and Kong/King surnames, and here's it's interesting that the Hongs/Hungarians share the quadrants of English Name's/Neme's, first found in Lincolnshire with the Needs/Name's at the top of this section, expected as a line with the "unita" term in the Flood motto. Floods came up as per the flood on the road after seeing the river split into fingers, and Rivers are a branch of Revere's in turn having a giant lion in the colors of the lion head of English Name's/Neme's. The Giant revere lion is that of Masons/Massins too, and the latter share "Dum spiro spero" with Snowdens, what a coinquidink. The Dume's/Dome's share a gold stag with Irish Name's/Nannys, the latter looking linkable to the Annans of DUMfries.

As was said, the gold Dume stag can be of the gold hind / deer of Crane's/Crauns because Dume's use a crane, but what fascinates me here is that while the Crane/Craun crown (like "Craun") is indication that crown-using GREENwalds are Ceraunii liners along with Crane's/Crauns, Edward Snowden leaked documents to Glenn Greenwald. What floors me is that Mr. Casey was HONKed at (by me), an event that was important to the Hong-Kong section of the last update, and so while the part-red eagle head of Greenwalds can be the red Casey eagle head, read this online quote: "Edward Snowden used his position as a contractor for the NSA to gain access to secret data about their work. He exfiltrated the information. With help from Wikileaks, he then went to HONG KONG in late May 2013 from where he leaked his cache of documents, or a part thereof, to Glenn Greenwald et al." Scottish Caseys use the crow as evidence of their being at least hooked up with Ceraunii elements. Flynn was the head of military Intelligence at the time of the Snowden leakage.

My horn honk at Casey and Hicks led, in the last update, decidedly to John Ratcliffe, now the overseer over all of American Intelligence. The honk came in the presence of Miss Hicks who was part of the knee event on the LEAKey road that actually pointed to Julian Assange's imprisonment in the Ecuadorian embassy. Greenwald-like Greewalds are listed with the Grenville's, a discussion of the last update that went to the Get'n Go gas bar, where Miss Hicks got her knee symbol. Grenville's look, by their Shield and Crest, like a branch of Schutz's while Miss Hicks said to me, "you can SCOOT over," words from God, two or three hours before she got her knee symbol. Scoots (a horn) share the black greyHOUND with Schutz's and Greewalds/Grenville's, and the Hong/Hungarian surname was all over greyhound-related surnames. Go take a look.

There was a final scene in the river-flood dream. I was at the top of the hill where streets intersected, on the far-right corner, at a building's roof overhang, like a porch roof, and I was bending over into what I recall to be a tool box. That ended the dream. Tools share the lion in the Tollet/Tolle Chief. What to make of that? I don't know.

Here's from the 1st update in July of this year:

The last update deciphered much of the latest dream (of last week), which had four or five scenes of importance, one being my standing on a strip of snow between two fingers of a river passing me on both sides. The next scene was me walking up an incline on a road with solid ice upon it, and flooded with a foot of quick moving waters. I now realize (not until writing to this point) that God set that dream up to go with this squirrel story, for I've just looked up Ravers as per the Raverty variation of Rafters, and that got the Rivers. The Rivers share nebuly fesses with Swale's and Snows (RUTland!), you see, and Swale's were part of the snow-slush. Swale's are slush-like Saluzzo liners who married Alans...

Ahh, something I forgot until now is that the snow between the rivers was soft, slush. The Alans above were of Arundel, and Arundels share the Swale-like swallows of Swallows. Sallows were first found in Shropshire with the Arundel Alans. So, the snow slush pointed to the Snow / Swale / Swallow / Sallow relationship, if for nothing more, a verification that God Arranged the snow-slush scene. It's of obvious importance that God proves a dream to be from Him, using heraldic connections, so that the core messages of a dream can be relied on by me first (or I wouldn't spend time trying to decipher it), and finally by readers. There are SIX Arundel swallows in the pattern of the SIX Hillary and Clinton fitchees.

Now see this: "Dorsey discussed his history and talked a bit about the founding of companies, saying that...he considers Keith Rabois to be a founder of Square, as well." No Rabois surname comes up, but Raver-like Rabes'/Rabers have a raven, as do Roofs/Rove's, likely a branch of Rovers. The river-flood dream ended when I was under a roof! Bingo, for Rivers are also Ravers. The rafters came to topic when the 17th squirrel, the only survivor, jumped out of its nest, onto a roof rafter, then bounced off my chest and fell 20 feet to the ground, safe. It started a family around the house but not before, later that warm season, a squirrel jumped out from it's nest in the roof of my old trailer, bounced off the wall (Walmart code?) and then off of my chest. It escaped out the hole it had chewed through the window screen.

I reasoned that the two were the same squirrel because I was at the roof rafter, in the first place, installing soffits. Once done, no squirrels could get into the attic, so, I reasoned, the 17th squirrel built a new nest in the roof of the trailer (shortly before I destroyed it). The roof was at that time crumbling from rain water, and the squirrel found an entry into the roof by way of a crumbling piece of ceiling in the TOILET room. Hmm, the tool box at the roof overhang in the river-flood dream can be a pointer to Tools in the Chief of toilet-like Tollets/Tolle's. That works to connect the river-flood dream to the 17th squirrel, which pointed to John Ratcliffe taking over from Can Coats.

Okay, so I now know what more I've got to say, keeping in mind that the snake-tongues of the Luffs refers to the lies from twitter et-al at Silicon Valley. I got up from the table when seeing the snake-tongues, and walked into the walk-in CLOSET. Well, when I first saw the Amish man mentioned above, a pointer to Dorsey of twitter and Square (pointed to by the 16 squirrels infesting my attic, right?), he showed me around the house he and his father were building at the time (almost finished). It was beautiful, all built extremely slow and well. I remember that he even opened a DOOR to show me the closet, proud of it. If I recall correctly, he was showing that they even paneled the interior of the closets with fine wood, but, I kid you not, it's burned into my memory: the back wall of that closet was the rafter-roof line!!! I kid you not!

I have four closets in my home, all 15 feet long and five feet wide, that have the roof rafters as their back walls. The 17th squirrel had its nest at the ceiling of one of those four closets. And it's urine stunk bad, I mean bad. These closets were in what I called my attic (the floor is now an apartment). The whole scene goes with my visit to that Amish man's home, though I can't recall why I was there. My best guess is that I was over to PURCHASE something from him, from an ad he had put out, because he was a stranger to me when I met him. I saw him just one more time, the day his wife was at the check-out line behind Miss Hicks in the process of making her purchases.

In the same year as that check-out event, and soon after, I was at the check-out when I spotted Miss Hicks at the returns counter! Amazing, I kid you not. I remember it: I was at the check-out, with the cashier working on my things, while she was standing at the returns counter with yellow pants. I was headed exactly to that returns counter with my brown pants when I saw her at the check-out counter!

I was returning the pants because the interior-whites of the pockets were showing (that's what you get for buying Walmart), which reminds of the dead squirrel in the pocket of my shorts. It was the eighth squirrel that I caught, and I named him, satan, because I thought that God was using it to point to the eighth head of the Revelation dragon. It's the squirrel that went up the van's heater duct when I was trying to set it free at the brook/creek. It later died when snuggling up in the pocket of the shorts in the van. Hopefully, this is a Sign of things to come concerning Square.

By the way, I have it recorded in may of 2019: "It can be gleaned that Canute's/Cnuts/Notts and their Nutt branch (Hazel colors) are in the "squirrel cracking a nut" in the Hazel Crest, for the Canute/Cnut/Nott crescents are colors reversed from the Hazel crescents." Gilberts, sharing the Arms-of-Carrick chevron, likewise have "a squirrel cracking a nut."

I recall bending over into a tool box at the end of the river-flood dream, while standing under a roof overhang that could have been INTENDED as a PORCH roof of a storefront, and so compare Porch's/Porchers to Pockets/Pouchers, with the same giant cinquefoil, though in colors reversed. I was under this porch at the top of the icy, flooded HILL, and Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Square's/Squirrels. Take head. Plus, the Hill Coat has, for years, seemed to me to be linkable to the Coat of proto-Carrick Craigs, though I had found no evidence. Yet, I now realize, Craigie's (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) share the Hazel and Cnut crescents! Bingo.

Why was I walking up the road on ice? Was this a pointer to the freezer them, the Frasers sharing the Dorsey cinquefoils?

AHHH, immediately after writing that, it entered my head that the water was shin-level. I had said it was a foot deep, which is exactly shin level, and while Irish Shins share the black dog with Carricks, Craggs and Square-connectable Shere's/Share's/Shire's (hee-hee), English Shins/Chinns/Chings share the Coat of Kemmis'/Kenys', probably branches of the Kims/M'Shimmie's/M'Kins sharing the Fraser / Dorsey Coats!!! STUPENDOUS work, O LORD, I get it.

The Portis Pee Shot Shoots twitter in the Mouth

Now see how God may have arranged a pointer to Bill gates from the "Je" motto term of Frasers and Kims, if it's code for Jays, first found in Herefordshire with Silicon-like Sillicks and Doors. It's interesting that while the 666 prohibits buying and selling, Buys share bees on blue with Doors while "sell" is like the Sellick variation of Sillicks. The Sell/Seller surname happens to use the illegal gold-with-silver colors of Twitts! The vertically-split Shield of English Doors, in conjunction with the lion of Irish Doors, looks connectable to the Gates Coat. Then, the POITvins, sharing gold stars in their Chief with Sillicks, use a jay, and were first found in Poitou, at Poitiers, the line, I think, to Porter-branch (or Porter-kin) Potters (Hampshire, same as same-colored Porters/Pawters). It just so happens that Porters use gates, and that PORTis' are listed with Porch's/Porchers. What are the chances? Jays use a griffin while Griffins have a "velis" motto term while Velis' are the Valleys who go with Sillicks in pointing to "Silicon Valley."

Also interesting is that while there is no Buyer surname coming up, Baiers/Bayers use a bear in the colors of the Barwich bear heads, the latter's being a version of the Berwick Coat, and Buys were first found in Berwickshire.

Now this: "Dorsey discussed his history and talked a bit about the founding of companies, saying that 'Companies have multiple founding moments,' and considers Dick Costolo, current CEO of Twitter, to be a founding member." Costolo-like Costs happen to share the bell of gate-using Porters who in turn use a "virTUTE" motto term while Tute's/TUITs are a branch of Twitt- / Tweet-like Thwaite's. The Costolo's/Costello's are interesting for their "Ne te" motto phrase, looking like a pointer to the Knee/Nee relationship to Neets / Needs/Name's. We got the Knee-Neat pair from Flood/Floyd motto.

Recall Keith Rabois, co-founder of Square. Rabys, suspect in the motto of Annandale's essentially sharing the Tate/Teet Coat, were kin of Nevills/Nevile's suspect in the "NE VILE velis" motto of Griffins. Needs/Name's (Lincolnshire, same as Neets...and Pockets) use the griffin.

I had been wondering whether Fessys/Face's could somehow be made to point to facebook, and I've just realized one way to get it. The only surnames i know off-hand with fretty within their crosses are the Taffs/Taffys and Thwaite's. One can see that if the 'w' were a 'v', Thwaite's would look much like "Taffaite." The point is, Taffs/Taffys have part of the Fessy/Face motto, and their cross too! It's a Twitt-like line pointer to Face's. Now if I can find a way to get the Books/Bogs involved, who were first found in Berwickshire with the Treed river, and with Tute-connectable Tate's/Teets having a version of the Tweed Coat! The Tweed river is sourced around Peebles, and that's where Tweets/Tweedale's were first found.

Taffs recall that God created a urine event with me urinating (five years old or less) while standing on the PORCH railing of Mr. Taff!!! It hit little Pino on the head as he walked around the corner of the porch, and French Pine's are the ones with the Dorsey / Fraser / Kim / McKinney cinquefoils. As I urinated on his HEAD (could suggest God disgusted with an enemy), and then in his MOUTH when he looked to see where the "water" was coming form, I pointed the event to PortisHEAD, near MonMOUTH, because Portis' are listed with Porch's. So, open wide your mouth, twitter and facebook, because God has a shower of hot coals in store for you, leaders of the anti-Christ kingdom.

See WALTON Bay beside Portishead, also beside Clapton, on this map. Waltons are said to have been first found at Walton Bay, at Gordano of Somerset, and as Roets, first found in Somerset, use the Gord/Gordan boar heads, it reveals that Gord liners named Gordano. The spear in the Walton Crest is for Speers because they share the Roet / Gord boar heads, and then, zikers, look-out facebook, because Roets use a BOOK! And Books/Bogs were first found in Berwickshire with Gords/Gordans. The Walton spear is the double-tipped SHAKEspeare spear. Shake's/Shicks are expected as a branch of Cheeks/Chicks, and a cheek is the essence of a face.

The Costolo's/Costello's share the BAGley Coat, which may begin to sound the alarm on God's sleeping bags as pointers to dirty thingies in Silicon Valley. Note the ValliBUS variation of Vance's/Vaux's who came up from the Hill motto, translated as "Advance," which is the Spear motto in full. The Bus' (Norfolk, same as Pockets/Pouchers and Bags), share the Pocket/Poucher cinquefoil, very suspect with the Portis/Porcher cinquefoil, and then the Bags were first found in Norfolk with the Gangs/Geggs/Giggs (potential Googe elements as pointers to google), and share the Dorsey / Fraser / Kim / McKinney / Pine cinquefoil; some of those elements are pointable to the flood waters at my SHINs while I was walking up the icy HILL.

The Gangs link to Bags because they have cinquefoils colors reversed from one another. The Bag cinquefoils are in the colors of the Bagley and Costolo lozenges, and Dorsey thinks Costolo was a twitter founder. Costs share the bell of Porters.

Bags were at GAYwood while Gaywoods (Norfolk) share the towers of Howells, first found in Monmouthshire. Pino took my "golden shower," code for dirty-disgusting "gay" men, into his mouth, as a possible pointer to Monmouth. Gays share the rooster of Galli's (ancient Galli priests of Cybele were transvestites) who are in turn linkable (by their Coats) to Poitvins, in turn seen above related to Silicon-Valley / Bill-Gates pointers. Poitvins use a jay while Jays were at Gay-like Gai.

Portishead is near the Gloucestershire border, and then while Costs share the Porter bell, Costers, first found in Gloucestershire, near the first-known Sillicks, have two besants in Chief in the colors of the two Sillick stars? Siliconincidence? Dutch Costers share a giant and gold griffin with Griffins having a "velis" motto term for the Valley surname. So, Dick Costolo of Twitter just got us to "Sillick Valley."

It's then interesting that while Sillicks are Sellicks too, Sells/Sellers share gold annulets with the Dutch, Dick-like Dyke's who throw in the red Square squirrel. The "NE VILE velis" motto of Griffins asks us to include Nevile's to this discussion, who share the TECH saltire, a possible pointer to "big tech." While Techs are also Tecks, German Decks/DAGGERs share the same squirrel as well as the fleur-de-lys of another Dyke Coat, and, to top if off, English Daggers/Dackers were first found in Cumberland with Dockers and Dicks/Ditch's. Dick Costolo. Sells/Sellers were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers/Dockers.

Dickers/Deckers/Ditchers (share Gilbert chevron) use what looks like the Arms of Carrick (not the Carrick Coat of houseofnames) when it comes with the three black Kennedy fitchees. It recalls that Gilberts and Hazels (both first found in Devon) have a squirrel "CRACKing a nut." Having said that, we add that Dickers/Deckers/Ditchers add ravens while Nevills were rulers at RABY. Rabe's/Rabers/Rave's and Rove's use the raven too, and then Rabys were first found in Durum with the Sedans/Seddons sharing the Dick/Ditch cinquefoil. Doesn't it seem that Square's co-founder, Mr. Rabois, fits perfectly into this picture formed by Dick Costolo? Rabens (Gloucestershire) have another raven.

English Tate's (share Dutch Dick roses) use more ravens as well as a motto like that of Tweeds who in turn have a Coat version of the Tate's/Teets, the latter first found in Berwickshire with the Tweed river and with the Battle's sharing the Coster Coat. The Battle griffin is probably that of Wills/Velis' expected in the Griffin motto. Coster-like Cospatricks/Gospatricks share the Neville saltire so that, perhaps, Cost liners were of Goz/Gos / Kos/Kosinski / Cousin / Cusson liners. Tate's are linkable (theoretically) to Tweet-like Tuits via the latter's Coat comparison with the Tatton Coat. The swan heads of Dutch Dicks can therefore be from the giant swan of Totts. The Totten dancette can be of the Twitch/Twigg dancette. All of this is to make a strong case that God arranged the heraldry so that DICK Costolo of twitter (I won't capitalize that company) links to twitter-like surnames.

A mouth is inside one's cheeks, and Cheeks share the crescents of Pino's, what looks like more evidence that God arranged the in-mouth event on poor Pino, my next-door neighbor of about the same age. In return for their lying snake-tongues, God will urinate in their mouths, so to speak. That's what the event looks like to me. This is the event that caused me to discover the urine symbol of mythical Orion at SCHIMatari, and Schims/Schiens are Shin-like while sharing the GOOGE boar head! Watch out, google bosses. You will be fried to a crisp by the Almighty unless you change your course and stop censoring God's people. WATCH OUT.

I was going to change "fried to a crisp" to "made into burnt toast" because I recalled that "Toste" gets the Tuffs/Tufts while the urine event was at the home of Taffs. Instead, I thought I'd load and check-out the Crisps (not familiar with them at all) to see whether God inspired that term, and, voila, a SCIMITAR in the Crisp Crest! Hahaha. The Crisp chevron is also the green one of Shake's (different-colored background), from Schimatari! Shake's use MOLE HILLS while Mole's (same place as Googe's) share the Schim and Googe boar!!! I did NOT use "fried to a crisp" with any surname in mind.

Crisps list Crispins, and were first found in Oxfordshire with Crispins/Crepins. AHH, the latter are the ones sharing the eight pale bars of Portis/Porch's!!! Can you believe it? French Crisps/Crispins (not familiar to me), who don't come up when loading "Crispin," have a four-fesse version of the Crispin/Crepin Coat, and French Crispins/Crepins share the pomegranate with Grass-like Grazio's while "tufts of grass" are used by Bosco's, indication of a close Tuft/TOSTE link to Crisp liners. Is it not God's work, therefore, that I was thinking to change "fried to a crisp" to a phrase with "burnt toast"? The Fried/Freedman surname is probably a Free/Freeze / Fry/Free branch. The latter were first found in Wiltshire, near Portishead, and they use horses in the colors of the Crisp horseshoes.

If Trump wins big tonight, it will be like urine down the throats of "big tech." Never would a big dope feel so small and powerless after rubbing his hands hot in fiendish plots.

The River From satan's Mouth

Well, we have a pee into the mouth of satan, and Revelation 13 says that satan will try to keep the Church from escaping into the wilderness, when the 666 system is unleashed, with a river spewed from his mouth. Was my river-flood dream pertaining to that picture, I wonder. Is that why I was afraid when the river split in two on both sides of me, as the snow was getting slushy from the river water seeping in? Does this reveal that the 666 system comes in the spring, the best-possible time for people needing to grow crops to survive?

If the dream was about that, why was I then in a city walking up an icy incline in water to roughly my knees? Does it mean that satan's river (not a real river, but some action portrayed as one) overtook city people?

Repeat: "This reminds of the 16 squirrels caught in my attic with one rat trap. The rat trap pointed to the Traby marriage to the Astikas-RADziwills." Here's the Arms of Traby from Wikipedia. Note how the three strings of the HORN each look like a 6. I think I understand this, whether the Traby family intended for a 666 or not, because the Horns/Orne and Herons are from mythical Orion, the one with the urine symbol! Zikers, and a heron is used in the Smith Coat while we saw Paul Smith on crutches linkable to Jack Dorsey. The last time I talked to Paul, he said he was building DOORS (homemade).

English Doors (same place as Sillicks/SELLicks) share bees with Buys, and we saw how Buys link to Buyer-like Baiers/Bayers. Bees are used also by Bessins/BEASTons (did God provide that too?), and the Bessin is along the Orne river. Orne's are also Horns.

The river-flood dream pointed to Snowdens, first found in Berwickshire with Baier/Bayer and Buy liners, and the Snowden fesse-with-stars is in the colors of the PURCHASE fesse-with-besants, I kid you not, and besants are from the family that named the Bessin, from queen Basina of Thuringia, where bee-using Talls were first found whose six-pointed hexagram stars are in the colors of the Snowden stars. The astounding thing about the Purchase surname is its Purches/Purkiss variations, like the Porch/Porcher surname to which the Pino-urine event pointed.

I didn't realize until now that the Purchase motto shares "Semper" with Scottish Smiths (another heron). Smiths are said to be from Clan Chattan, and while Chattans (beside Berwickshire) are also Cato's, they trace very well to PORCius Cato; Porcius' must be the root of Purchase's and Porch's! Porcius Cato had land in Sabina, land also of the imperial Flavians that make up the 4th, 5th and 6th heads of the revelation Dragon (from Flavius Vespasian through to his son, Domitian).

In fact, WOW, GET A LOAD OF THIS: Flavius Sabinus and his wife, Vespasia POLLa were parents of emperor Vespasian, explaining why Pullys/Pullens share the red scallops of Sabine's, yet (hee-heeee) they are also the scallops of Snowdens!!!!! The dream is thus linking to the Revelation dragon!!! Just go ahead and load Sabine's, because they have a black Chief with two pierced stars, as do Sillicks!!! You just have got to be stunned. The only difference is their star colors. God must be revealing that the coming anti-Christ system is at Silicon Valley even now. It's trying to elect Biden tonight; it's 8:17 pm as I write on election night.

Another Chief with double, pierced stars in that of Clintons, and then the Clent hills are near the first known Sillicks. Clents/Clints share the garbs of Blythe's (Berwickshire again), and as Mr. Blythe was Bill Clinton's biological father, it appears that God Arranged this heraldry, especially as Hillarys share the six Clinton fitchees. It's important here that the Clinton Chief-Shield is definitely from slush-line Saluzzo's. After I was in the slush, I was on a Hillary-like hill on a Rodham-like road, and Hills were first found in Worcestershire with the Clent hills. yet, the Hill motto described by advance up the icy road, I suppose by God's power to maintain stability on the treacherous route. Keep that symbolism in mind, and do note how the Clinton crime rings plays well to that dream.

I don't recall Hillarys said to be first found in Worcestershire, but they are now so said! I recall them being first in Norfolk. If I am interpreting this part of the dream correctly, then it suggests that the final years are within the lifetime of at least one of the Clintons.

At the top of the hill, I ended up under a roof, perhaps God's code for shelter. I was going into a tool box, perhaps God's code for make-do, make-shift survival, for a little while until all crime rings are brought to the dust.

Plus wow some more, for English Sabina's (not "Sabine"), though no longer loading under that name, were loading for several years, listed with Saffins/Savins, fully expected because the Sabines people group (at Sabina) were also called, Safini. The point is....hang on to your slush shoes....Sabina's/Saffins, first found in Somerset with Portishead, share the Snowden stars while French Sabina's/Savards share the Purchase/Purches besants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

French Sabina's/Savards were first found in Poitou with the Poitvins who pointed to Sellicks / Jays / Porters / Gates.

So, it appears that the river-flood dream is primarily about the coming 666 purchasing system, probably by electronic deduction in a way that the people won't want. Edward Snowden was hoping to reveal big tech's electronic spy game on the masses that seek to know everything about us for their future freak-control plots. The masses will be forced to purchase with a mark / number in the hand or head, just like they wore masks against their will...aside from the willing stupids who trust their liberal rulers, deceivers. Revelation 13 says that deception will be their game. God says, watch out, don't slip down the slippery slope of liberalism. Conquer it even while the satanic river flows.

The dream with shopping cart had a scene with a DOOR handle missing a barrel-shaped part (the dream said "barrel"), and here I can add that while Doors were first found in Herefordshire with Sillicks and Barrels, the latter share the Chief-Shield colors of slush-liner Saluzzo's, and the Saluzzo Coat is exactly that of Door/Dore-like Dure's. "Saluzzo" became suspect with "Seleucus," same as "Sellick/Sillick." Saluzzo is in the domain of the SALYES Ligures (near Sardinia's Sulcis) and their branches, which look like they included the Salassi and the Sullivan-like Saluvii. Judge Sullivan's court is an excellent example of the sorts of lawless, kangaroo courts we can expect in the anti-Christ takeover. Right now, Sullivan is the one raking general Flynn over the coals, and Flynn was lightly suspect in the river-flood dream.

The Edwards (Wiltshire, beside Portishead and Somerset) share the Snowden stars, but also the stars of the neighboring Sabina's/Saffins. The flood was up my leg while Edwards share the Legg stag head, and then the Legro river of Leicestershire is suspect with Ligures, and is at Rutland, where Snows (Edward colors) were first found. The Legro and Soar are names for the same river, and it points to George Soros, perhaps the most despicable anti-Christ of them all.

Understand that liberals are so daft they actually believe their lies. This is the most dangerous type of human when, if we don't follow their demands, they will LOVE to hurt us. But Revelation 13 says that the earth will swallow the river from satan's mouth. That's not very specific, but I take it to mean that the earth will open its mouth to provide food for us in miraculous form, because the river intends to keep us from eating that we might instead choose to abide by the 666 system. Don't do it. Conquer by resisting it. Find a place to get by; prepare it beforehand, but get the timing right. For all we know, land prices in the country will go way down just when we need low prices.

Recall how God breathed, "fried to a crisp," for Crisps/Crispins and Crispins/Crepons were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, and with the Tiens in the Square/Squirrel motto. It's just the Frieds use a lamb, a potential pointer to the False Prophet who, in Revelation 13, has two HORNs like a lamb.

There was a peculiar and vague scene in the river-flood dream, where I was in a mechanic's garage, and a car needed fixing. As I recall it, Joe Oullette, an old friend, wasn't happy about fixing it, but I urged him to work. I saw twin, blue channel-plyers, the only vivid part of that scene. I wonder, might we not be able to secure our food and other needs by fixing cars, etc., cheap, in the final 3.5 years? I don't see why not? We can work under the table, of course, because the powers that be will be sinning against us by forcing us to work under the table, not for money, but for foods and other needs. Are we allowed to use the people having the mark in that way? It's your decision. I'll work that out when I get there.

Plyer-like Players are interesting for their drops, for the Drop/Trope Chief is shared by Tollets/Tolle's, both of which us the Tool lion! Along with those plyers, there was at least one tool box in that dream. But what is it about the Player surname that God would point to? Is the "ServiTUTE" motto term a pointer to twitter and facebook via Tute's/Tuits? I trace Players to the Pleraei on the Neretva river with Door-liner Daorsi, first off, explaining why German Dorrs have the Tute/Tuit quadrants. The Neretva is also the river of the Ardiaei who had a queen Teuta and a queen TriTEUTa, either of which can be to the Tute surnames. The Neretva is near SERVitium (on the Sava river of the Serb theater), where I would trace, "SERVitute."

Ardiaei were called, Vardaei, too (on this map), and Vardys share the Fier moline while Fier's were first found in Middlesex with Players. So, the channel plyers look like a pointer to Jack DORsey of twitter, and then Servitium elements are in the motto of Gore's/Core's while Al Gore claimed that he invented the Internet.

OH WOW!!! The Gore's/Core's share the crosslets of Wrench's/Rench's!!! The channel plyers are wrenches too, UNBELIEVABLE!!! It means that the plyers are indeed a pointer to Players to get us this far. I'm seeing things, like hanging chads, tonight. At 10 pm, the election looks like a toss-up.

The "FranGOR" motto term of Scottish Moors/Muirs is interesting, not just because Gowers/Gore's use "FRANGas," but because the Moors/Muirs share the Snowden fesse-with-stars. The "DuRIS" term can be partly for Rise's, for Ardiaei were at Rhizon, and partly for Dure's sharing the Saluzzo Coat = the slush factor in the snow. Gowers/Gore's and Moors/Muirs both use "non" while Nons/Nevins (Ayrshire, same as Moors/Muirs) have a fesse colors reversed from the Moor/Muir / Snowden fesse. I'm not sure what to make of this, though Irish Moors share the MORgan lion while Morgan le Fay was an Arthurian-myth character on Avalon, where Arthur was killed by MORdred. Gore's are the secret reason for mythical GORlois, whose wife was Arthur's mother. English Moors have cinquefoils half in the colors of the same of Kims, the latter first found on Bute = Avalon.

What logic is there in mail-in ballots consistently favoring Biden but that some of them were manufactured, illegal? What logic is there in Democrats choosing to mail-in ballots consistently more than Republicans? If someone says that this has simply been the historical pattern, then one needs to counter by suggesting that it's been the historical way because cheating has been going on for a long time.

The Neretva is so close to the Urbanus river (shown along with Servitium near its mouth) that the city scene in the river-flood dream may have been an URBAN scene as a pointer to Urbans, who share the bend-with-hexagrams of Talls and Massena's because the Maezaei are shown near the Urbanus. The Talls were first found in Thuringia with the family of queen Basina, explaining why Massey-related Meschins were from the Bessin, and why Bessins/Beastons share bees with Talls and with the tomb of Basina's husband (Childeric I). I was on the ROAD in the urban scene, and German Roets were first found in Thuringia. The evidence builds for this developing, new, Urban(us) picture. Ahhh, Bessens (not "Bessin"), first found in Middlesex with Players (!!!), share the Massey quadrants. So, you see, the dream added the channel pliers for at least these reasons, yet I can get the Call trumpets into this from the "Ciall" motto term of Channels. The channel plyers. Something to think about.

I showed, in a section written yesterday but situated below, that the Arthur / Greenwald "organ rest" was once a clarion trumpet by some sort of confusion, which symbol was suggested by some to be a supporter for lances. I don't agree, though I think writers must have had reason to link Clare's (in "clarion") to the Lance surname, which can explain why Players, with a "clarior" motto term, appear to have a broken LANCE in Crest.

The Davers, due to their being in Arthur colors and format, are expected from the Daversi, another name for the Daorsi of Neretva. Davers share gold hexagrams with Urbans, Massena's and Talls. While this line went to Basina, wife of CHILDeric, note that while the Child Coat is a colors reversed version of the Tarent Coat, the Diss'/Dice's, in Arthur colors and format again, and from Diss (near first-known Davers), have a gold-eagle version of the Tarent Coat. The Dice variation is like the Dicks and Dyke's. Having said that, Davers use a jay in the blue color of the Jay Crest. Davers were first found in Suffolk with Clare's, and Gays share the gold rooster with Sinclairs.

The Blazer and the Flat Tire

The last update had Jack Dorsey pointed to by my dream where my car was up on four jack stands. Another jack was in play on the day Miss Hicks took my hands to pray, on the day she and I both wore green. It was the first and last time I wore my blazer, and though I've said many times that it had black-and-green checks (small, about 1/8"), it just dawned on me that the green part is HUNTER green, but, if not quite, the over-all look of the JACKet (a blazer is a jacket), in combination with the black checks, is a hunter-green color. So, as Blazers were at Blay, I was able to trace them to Bleds/Bleys who happen to have a "tous" motto term while Tous' have a man wearing a shirt with "buttons" mentioned as part of the description! Hunter Biden! Whammo.

The Bleds/Bleys have the Coat of English Clare's in colors reversed, and the latter were first found in Suffolk with Jackets/Jaycocks.

After church, I found a tire FLAT on my Safari van, and so I needed to get out the jack to put on the spare tire. Flatts were first found in the Orkneys with the Linkletters, and the latter is the only surname I know of having black-and-green checks. Tire's use an "ARDUa" motto term while there is an Arddu entity at Snowdonia. What to make of that? Snowdens use a "spero" motto term than can perhaps go with my SPARE tire. The Spare's share a giant red stag head, with red antlers, with Couts/Cootes'/Coots, and a blazer / jacket is also a coat. This doesn't look coincidental because the Cootes'/Coots' (don't load "Couts") share ducks with Linkletters. The latter share the ship of Tire's. This heraldry is obviously Arranged to fit my events on that Sunday morning.

As I've said several times, I smelled her dusty-smelling hair that morning (to discover she likely wore a wig) while Dust / Duster liners are expected in the "inDUSTRia" motto term of Smells. Or, perhaps the Sniffs apply too, who are listed with Snowden-like Sneyds. That's impressive, but why would Edward Snowden be in this picture? I'm stumped. The Sniff/Sneyd Crest could be the Side/Scythes lion because Sniffs/Sneyds use a scythe. Then, because Side's/Scythes' are a branch to Sutys sharing a motto term of Seatons/Sittens (from Sitten/Sion), that being "hazARD," note that Arddu is at Snowdonia, suggesting that "Snow" may be a line from Sions/Sine's as per the snow-like "sino" motto term of Sedans/Seddons. Snowdens are also Sneddens, like the Sneed variation of Sniffs/Sneyds. I sniffed her HAIR, and Hers/Here's use smaller-type scythes. The English and Scottish Hairs/Hare's/Hehrs (AYRshire) were a branch of Harcourts sharing the peacock in Crest with Snowdens. This paragraph is a mystery in terms of what it's pointing to. There's a Hare-like Ayer location near Sion/Sitten.

The Sine variation of Sions/Swans is in the motto of Seine-like Seneca's, and Seneca-like Snake's/Snooks (Snow colors) are also snow-like SNOUke's/SNOWke's. It could be that Snows developed from a Snook-line family.

As I said quite a few times, Miss Hicks took both my hands to pray that morning, when the pastor asked everyone to go pray with someone, anyone. So Miss Hicks came to me because God wanted me to say, now, that Prays share the Coat/Cotes Coat. And the other Prays/Praters share white wolf heads with Floods. As the Flood topic above seemed to point vaguely to general Flynn, while his lawyer is SYDNEY Powell, it's interesting that the Sydney Coat has a giant and blue pheon (arrow head), the colors of the Couts/Cootes arrow head. The latter's Coat is a version of Cult/Colt Coat while the latter does show a blue pheon. Cults/Colts share the dart-in-hand of Coot-like Cudds (pheon) and Cuthberts.

It's quite amazing that the Alters, expected in the motto of FLEETwoods (white wolf), are listed with COLTers. That tends to nail the Flatts/Fletts as God's design in this picture. But why? Fleetwoods have a "hoc" motto term while Hocks/Yoke's share the swan of Swans/Sions, the latter first found in Lanarkshire with the Alters/Colters sharing their chevron. The Hocks/Yoke's have an item between antlers, ditto for Cults/colts and Couts'/Cootes'. The English Yoke's, can we believe it, are listed with Joke's sharing a black-fesse version of the Jack Coat, and I had to jack up the vehicle to fix the flat. Heh-heh.

I'll show below why Flatts/Fletts were Fleck/Flack kin, and so note here that the Jake/Jackman Coat is a fair reflection of the Flake Coat. The Jake/Jackman Coat is also much like the Dirlton/Drilton Coat, and Dirlton is where Fentons were first found who share "ardua" with Tire's. Heh-heh again, the flat tire is immortal. But what's it saying? The Fentons together with Driltons show to be a line from the Penestae peoples, on the DRILon river, to the Pendragons, whom myth goons made the father of king Arthur, mere code for the Arthur surname. The Drilon drains from lake Lychnidus, and Licks/Lochs and Lochs/Lokens use the swan too, probably because lake Sevan was also, Lychnis. Licks/Locks look linkable to Rats/Raids.

The Drilon ends near lake SCODra, and the Lick/Lock saltire is colors reversed from the SCHUTZ saltire. That works.

As I wore a tie that morning, the first and last time I wore the tie anywhere, let me say again that it had treble clefs upon it while Cleffs/Cliffs have wolf heads colors reversed from the same of Prays/Praters. It appears that God had to dress me up to get Hicks to come on over, but it was for a pointer to John RatCLIFFe, wasn't it? Ratcliffs were first found in Salford, and Salfords share the black wolf with Cleffs/Cliffs (very linkable to Trebys and Treble's via the Stichs).

Why did I notice that she was wearing a green dress that day, a dress I had never seen on her before. I don't think I saw her in green ever before? Why did I remember that detail more than ten years later when first writing on it? I see nothing to say from Greens, Greenwich's, Greenwalds or Greenwoods, but Greenville's/Grenville's (in the last update) share the Arthur symbol while Hicks' married Arthurs and may have adopted this symbol thereby. I don't know any other surnames using this symbol, which Arthurs call "rests." The Arthur-Hicks marriage caused both families to use "clarions." "This rather strange charge, uniquely English, is of unknown origin and uncertain name. It is commonly called clarion or rest...'... the old coat of Granville (afterwards Earls of Bath) which is blazoned as: Gules three clarions or; sometimes as rests, or organ-rests, otherwise as sufflues or clarichords, etc.'...the Granvilles held the lordship of Neath." Is that the Neats/Neets?

It looks like a piano from the top view, and as such an organ. The "ORGAN pipes" of Lets/Late's can be code for a family of "ORKNey" and we saw Flatts and Linkletters first found in Orkney, where Henry Sinclair ruled whose surname is known to be from Clare-like Claro's. That explains "CLARion." Although a clarion is thought to be a trumpet while the organ rest does not look like a trumpet, I suggest that the Clare-line user of the rest once used a trumpet, for while the Sinclair Crest is a gold rooster, there is a gold rooster "STANDing on a trumpet" in the Lever Crest, and then the "obSTANTia" motto term of Arthurs looks like code for Stants/Stands. The latter happen to share the double fesses of Flecks/Flacks and Fleets/Flete's. Granville's were rulers in Bath, and Bath is near the first-known Calls/Calles' using trumpets.

The Flatts/Fletts can be gleaned as kin of Flecks suspect in the "flectes" motto term of Greenville's/Granville's. Thus, this explains well why we both wore green. To see how Flatts/Fletts were kin of Flecks, see the Fleet/Flete Coat, a near-match of the Fleck Coat. Miss Hicks took my PALMs to pray, and Palmers, kin of Flecks, can be gleaned (by their Coats) as kin of Flatts/Fletts and Flote's/Floats.

So, the big question: why did God set up that prayer and flat tire? Why did he give this abundant evidence that He was behind that Sunday morning?

Judge Moore's God-Ordered Backlash (I think)

I was wondering whether I had the bra event (age nine) as a pointer to the supreme court with Amy Coney Barrett, in particular in relation to this election fight. In order for this to be true, there needs to be some heraldic evidence, links of certain surnames that can point to her / it. Early into a look-see, I was very impressed by what the Ballot surname turned up.

The first thing noted was that Ginsburg-connectable Gins' have a Coat in the color, and almost in the format of, Coneys. Amy Coney Barrett took over from judge Ginsburg. Soon, I found that Judge's share the Meschin scallops while Meschins are very linkable to Coneys where they stem from Piedmont's "Cuneo," for Masci-branch Meschins were first found in Piedmont.

Judge's/Juge's look like a branch of Judds/Juggs, which I trace to Jugon (near Mott), who share the boar heads of Mea's/Mee's expected from the Meu river near Jugon, and flowing past Mott(e) and Montfort. The bra event, because I was standing over a cage with at least one white rabbit, when I touched the bra (on the laundry line), taught me that God wants Coneys linked to Cuneo's Bra location, which happens to be right beside Montfort-like Monforte. So, it seems a fact that the Judge's/Juge's are exactly linkable to the Coney and Gins Coats, very remarkable at merely the onset of my investigation. Judds/Jugs share the boar heads of Ranks/Rankins (Alan-suspect lance and what looks like the Zerr hatchet), perfect pecause Jugon is near the RANCe/Renk river.

If Ginsburgs use vases, we can add that Vase's/Fesse's, first found in Northamptonshire with Bra-like Brae's/Brays, are connectable to the Mea/Meigh/Mee cross (as per details of Taffs that show both surnames). That seems to work in verifying that the bra points to the supreme court. [I try to make the case that Montforts from Monforte were linked to Bra liners in this update, but had forgotten that MowBRAYs of Montbray probably have a one-tailed version of the Montfort lion.]

I had been wondering whether Nancy Pelosi would become a part of this election-court battle, because Pelosi's were first found at SAVIGliano, right beside Bra. SAVAGE's were first found in Cheshire with earl Meschin and a Dunham-Masci location ruled by Hamon de Masci. Hamons use a "tot" motto term, like the "TOTum" of Judge's/Juggs.

I then considered whether there might be a Supreme surname, and while one isn't coming up, I recalled that Supers use ballot-like billets. The Ballot surname was therefore loaded to find it listed with Billet-branch Bellows (share the Billet Coat). Wow. I can link the Bellot location of CALLouville to the Calls/Calles' using TRUMPets, where Belows (one 'l') use a chalice while Chalice's have Calles-like variations. Is that not amazing that we should get from Ballots/Bellows so directly to a Trumpet-related line?

By the way, while "Tout" is a motto term of chalice-using Belows, Tute's/Tuits (Norfolk, same as Thwaite's) are a branch of Thwaite's sharing the Below fretty. The other English Thwaite's (Norfolk) share the fleur-de-lys of Snake's/Snooks, which reminds of my dream in Obama's BILLIARD hall where I was taking a shot in a SNOOKer game. French Billiards come up as "Billet." Was the Obama dream pointable in some way to a court battle for this election fight? Something to keep in mind.

The "Vita" motto term of Ballots/Bellows is for the Vita's/VIDO's, the latter suspect in the "proVIDEntia" motto term of Judge's/Juggs. This works because Vita's/Vide's were first found in TREVISo/TARVISium while the Judge's/Juge's have a version of the TRAVIS Coat. Travis' share the Judge/Juge / Meschin scallops, but throw in a white boar head, the color of the Judd/Jugg boar head. In other words, not only do Coneys link to Judge's, but Judge's link to the kin of Ballots.

Also, Bra-like Brae's/Brays use a "FLAX breaker" while Flacks/Flecks (Norfolk) share the Judge / Meschin / Travis scallop. We can even go back to the Ginsburg-connectable Gins', for they share a "vi" motto term with Chives', the latter first found in TARVES. Chives' named Chivasso in Piedmont, near the Cottian capital, itself near the vi-like Viu tributary of the Riparia (Piedmont). The Cottian capital was on the RIParia while Tume's/Tombs use "R.I.P.", and then Judge's/Juggs use a "ToTUM" motto term suspect with Tume's.

The touch-bra event happened at the house of Jerry Peterson, on Maple Leaf avenue near Jay street (Toronto). I lived on Jay at the time. Maple's (boar heads) can be gleaned as kin of Tarves' and Chives', and while they can be linked to Judds/Juggs, the latter were first found in Herefordshire with Jays. I think this is a meaningful verification that I'm on the right track with these pointers to judges.

When I was seven years old, I was running across my lawn toward home when a voice came out of nowhere, "Will you LIVE FOR ME." I've told this many times, I'm not making it up here. It was Jesus. I said, "no, I want to have fun instead." Perhaps I shouldn't be viewing those five words as heraldic pointers, but Lawns/Lane's have a "roy" motto term, and the lawn I was on is impressed upon my memory. Note the Mea's/Meigh's/MEE's and the Live-like Leve's/Leafs to which "Maple Leaf" can point, for Chives' are expected from Caiaphas with other Levite liners. Mea's/Mee's are the ones sharing the Judd/Jugg boar head. I was running when the words were heard (why do I remember that I was running?), and Runnings/Ronnys (probably Saluzzo-related Arundels) share the Judd/Jugg fesse (almost the same). Jugon is not far from Dol, and Runnings/Ronnys share a wavy and white fesse with Arundel-line Dols. The Fore's/Forez'/Forrests are linkable to Fosters/Forresters, and judge Scalia's murder involved Mr. Foster, his supposed buddy.

When I saw Trump's woes due to election corruption, I recalled how angry I was with him when election fraud stole the senate bid of judge Roy Moore. I said that God might come round to bite him in the arse with a similar situation for neglecting a Christian who was very outspoken for God's values in politics, exactly why the deep-state framed him as a pedophile. It's therefore interesting that the giant lion of Irish Moore ("CONlan") is colors reversed from the same of Astys while Bra is beside Asti county. However, neither Roy surname showed what I could see as a pointer to Roy Moore, though I know nothing much about him...aside from his wearing vests, and Vests are suspect with Wests ("vie") who are very traceable to VESTalis, son of king Cottius of the Cottians!

Hmm, let's look at that, for Wests were in Devon with Supers, but also at SMITTERfield while Smothers'/Smithers share the giant eagle of Irish Henrys while French Henry were at Motte along the Meu river near Montfort. Smiths share the fleur-de-lys of Snake's/Snooks, the latter now suspect in creating Snows, and then Scottish Moore's share the Snowden fesse-with-stars. On the map below, note how close slush-line Saluzzo is to Savigliano, for I was on slushy snow in the river-flood dream. The same Smiths are in Judge/Juge colors and format.

If Saluzzo was named from some form of "Seleucus / Sellick/Sillick," note that Silks/Sheedys could have the Montfort lion (Vasto rulers of Saluzzo were from Montferrat). Might Sheedys reveal that Skeets', Sheds and Sheets were Seleucid lines? Is the Montfort lion in the Slick/Sleigh Crest? Skeets, Sheds, Chads and Sheets (all look related to Peaks and Peks) share the potent cross while the potent-crutch pattern is used by Avezzano's, first found in Sardinia with Sulcis, and from the Saluzzo-like Salto river. Sales'/Sails/Salletts share the pheon (different color) with Silks/Sheedys, which is an arrow head similar to the Balas ermines. Bullis' share red roundels with Sardinia-like Shards, and while English Cars have stars colors reversed from those of Bullis', Irish Cars share the Balas estoiles. The Salto flows through Sabina while the Sabine Coat is almost the Sellick/Sillick Coat. Scottish Sheds have the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors in reverse.

Asti and Bra are beside Monforte. Is this a connection of Mr. Moore's vest to my bra event? Monforte is styled, "d'Alba," for the Alba region of Cuneo, and while Italian Alba's use a swan, Sions/Swans were first found in Lanarkshire with Astys! Perfect. And an hour after writing here, I remembered that Scottish ROY's were first found in Lanarkshire too!!!!!!!!!! Here's a map of the Asti area. Zoom out to see Asti about 15 miles from Alba, and the latter right beside Bra. Chivasso is about 25 miles north of Asti. Smiths even share the fleur-de-lys of German Alba's, which tends to nail the vest of Roy Moore to this Bra-area picture.

That sure looks like a bra connection to Moore's vest, but there's more, because Wests were at Smitterfield in Warwickshire while Tree's were first found in Warwickshire who share the feathered helmet with Lannoys (branch of Lyons), and then the other Lanoys (and Lyons) share the green lion with Astys. It's just that "alba" means, "tree." The True variation of Tree's is in the motto of Home's/Hume's who have the Lannoy / Lyon lion in colors reversed. All interesting. But there's more, for the bra event took place at my friend's place, JERRy Peterson, and while there's no Jerry surname coming up, Jarrys/Hare's have a giant green lion too, same as Astys / Lyons / Lannoys, and the Jarry Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Home/Hume Coat. We can also say that, because I TOUCHed the bra, the Jarrys apply to "Jerry" because they share the Touch/Tuff lion.

Plus, the Riparia-like Rippers/Ripleys have both the Asty and Moore lions. Is that not amazing? As Tume's/Tombs/TOOMbs' use "R.I.P.," this would be a good place to say that Republican "Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, whose state is a key battleground in the presidential election, said 'There’s simply no evidence anyone has shown me of any widespread corruption or fraud.'" They don't need widespread fraud, but only in the last few percent of the vote counts, and it looks like they really do have the evidence. Toomeys are listed with Tume-like Tumeys, and Tooms are listed with Towns, the latter first found in Linlithgowshire with Tenants. The bra belonged to the TENANT. Pat Toomey's not a RINO, but may be a Bushite.

Miss Peare's belly symbol pointed to Goods/GUTs and to tum/tummy-like Tume's (in the colors of Spanish Guts), yet now we can ask whether it was a pointer to Mr. Toomey's participation in election corruption? I don't yet see how, but it's worth mentioning. My first kiss with Peare did point to judge Scalia very well when we ran up the stairs = scala to kiss at La Paloma. Kiss'/Cush's share the Coat of Cass'/Cash's, and the latter use a "pair of SCALEs," with Pairs possibly a Peare branch. Paloma's share the Pero/Perino pale bar.

OH WOW! Pennsylvania was named by William Penn, and Penns/Pence's use "recTUM"!!! Perfect for a pointer to Toomey! The "CLARum" motto term of Penns/Pence's can go to the wife of Strongbow Clare (see Kavanaugh write-up), who belonged to the Kavanaugh family sharing the Toomey lion. OH WOW SOME MORE: compare Penns to Gut-like Cutts sharing the white greyhound head with Spanish Guts!!! Hee-heeeee. It looks like her belly symbol is a pointer to Pat Toomey. Bellys/Belli's, with a Cutt-suspect "acuta" motto term, were first found in Moray while Morays/Murrays are like the Moroughs/Morrows who formed the Kavanaugh's.

I have more. I have said at least a half-dozen times that the last time I saw Miss Peare, I took her over to a friend's place, Jeff Moore. I've said that I have no idea, no recollection, as to why we were there. We then spent that Saturday night in her apartment, but I didn't want to sleep with her, partly because I was wondering whether I wanted to hook up with her again, after she left me for Kepke. I was hesitant also because she wasn't a Christian. So I slept on her couch, and took her to church the next morning. But on Sunday evening, we went to a small pub, thinking it would be quiet, and that she would like it, but it turned out to have an active dance floor. We were there just five minutes when some guy sat beside her, eying her like he wanted sex, and when he asked her for a dance, up she went with him. So I got up and left out the back door (but she saw me and came running).

The point is that Wests use a DANCEette, suspect with the Italian Dance's/DONNAS' (Piedmont, same as the Cottian capital), and VESTalis was the grandson of king DONNUS, explaining the West dancette. Some four decades later, I had a sleeping-bag dream ending at a scene in which I was pulling Miss Peare toward me by her WAIST. To make a long story shorter, this was a pointer to VESTALis-like Waistells. So, because that scene and the dance has brought us back to the topic above while on Roy Moore, that visit with Peare to Jeff Moore's seems a pointer to the shameful treatment of Roy Moore by the Republican establishment, and Trump.

As was said, I took her out that last Sunday night in a FIREbird, and cannot recall what happened to it almost immediately afterward. The Waistells/Wessels were first found in Cumberland with Fier-connectable Fare's and Daggers, and while COMYNs/Comine's (DAGGER in Crest) share the garbs of Waistells/Wessels (as does the Arms of Cheshire). KUMAN is in ALBAnia's FIER county, if that starts to look like Alba was named by Albanians. Peare's are from Pero's/Perino's, first found in Piedmont with Dance's/Donnas'. And FIRE's share a giant unicorn with Demonte's (Piedmont) expected from the Stura-Demonte river into Cuneo. French Demonte's probably have the Maschi lion, and as TANNERs/Tans share the pine cone with Maschi's, it tends to explain why the Stura drains into the Tanaro, the latter being the location of Asti, Alba, and Bra.

There is even an Sant'Albana Stura location on the Stura while the Albano Coat looks very linkable to the one of Scottish Moore's, and as slush-line Saluzzo is less than 20 miles away, note that Moore's have the Snowden fesse-with-stars, for I was on slushy snow in the river-flood dream.

After writing to this point, I went to home Depot to pick up a quart of white paint to paint, which, by the way, happened to be for some DOORs on my upper floor. The Doors and Dorseys have been a major topic since last week. As I rolled out of Home depot's parking lot, I got a red light, and started to think again on the Roy-Moore bit above, when ROY TANNER came to mind whom I've mentioned a few times. I suppose he came to mind due to the Tanners/Tans and the Tanaro river above, but his first name is also that of Moore's. As Tanner was not a buddy of mine, but rather was a buddy of my two friends, Jim McGee and Greg Fisher, note that McGee's share the boar heads of Judge-like Judds/Juge's. I was very impressed with that thing. I never mention Tanner without Jim McGee. That was true, for example, in the 4th update in April, 2017, when I shared this story:

Eventually, when we all got to grade 7, the gang was led by Roy Tanner. Tanners share the gold talbot with Welsh Reesors [I'll come back to this]. Roy was standing around a gang of his smoking cigarettes outside the school grounds, when he said to me, "You don't rate." I'll never forget that; I don't recall one other thing that Tanner ever said to me, but German Tanners share pine cones with Maschi's, and I'm a Masci in one of my four bloodlines...Rate's share the Sinclair cross, I assume, and Sinclairs are from "the tanner." You see, God spoke through Roy to convince me and the readers that He was active in countless events in my life for to give the world a due time. God apparently wishes to convince readers that he's going to speak through me something of grave importance. Rate's (Nairnshire, same as Bosco's from Busca near the Tanaro river) are the rat-trap bloodline, and what Roy said to me convinces me that Sinclairs were Masci's / Taddei's (based on other considerations too) from the Tanaro river.

Okay, there's a lot there to expound upon, starting first with "the tanner" of Falaise. I do not think that Fulbert "the tanner" refers to his being a tanner, but rather it was a concocted idea to conceal his Italian blood from the Tanaro river. The first thing to note is that Roys share the giant lion of Falaise-like Fallis'/Falls, the latter first found in Midlothian with Sinclairs of Roslin. HENRY Sinclair was awarded Roslin, and French Henrys were first found at Motte along the Meu river near Montfort!!! Right on topic.

Irish McGee's almost have the Coat of Scottish Doors, and the boar heads of Scottish McGee's go to the Judds/Juggs that I trace to the Meu-river theater which has Montfort, traceable to Monforte at Bra! This is what Roy Moore had pointed to.

Repeat: "Tanners share the gold talbot with Welsh Reesors". The Talbots are from Lucy Taillebois, wife of le Meschin, and we saw Meschins all over the Bra topic. The Talbot Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Grey Coat, and Greys share the Monfort lion. The talbot dog is used by Huns/Hungate's (Montfort colors), and branch of Huns/Hundts (share greyhound in Montfort colors with Hungers), explaining the heraldic greyHOUND as expressing a Grey-Hun(ger) relationship. The Chief/Shield colors of English Tanners (the ones with the talbot) is shared by VILAINs, and Montfort is in Ille-et-VILAINE. I think we have proven here that

Another talbot dog is in the Crest of Williams (Welsh surname), both sharing gold dogs with Welsh Reesors/Rhys' while English Reesors, first found in Lincolnshire with Lucy Taillebois (and Barretts), share the giant gold lion (different background color) with Williams. The latter were feasibly from William the Conqueror, whose mother was the daughter of "the tanner" of Falaise. She had married secondly to Mr. Conteville, the great-grandfather of le Meschin. Wales was home to Sinclair-connectable Strongbow Clare. Welsh Reesors ("melioRIS"), a Rice branch, almost have the "meliora" motto term of Rate's/Rats. Scottish Moore's use "DuRIS."

Having said all that, I can't believe I had forgotten that English Tanners use MOOR heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, Roy Tanner is a pointer to judge Roy Moore, I can barely believe it. Why would God use Roy Tanner for this?

Note that Rate's/Rats share an engrailed black cross with Sinclairs while supreme-like Supers, first found in Devon with Tanners, use an engrailed saltire in both colors of the Sinclair cross. Devon is also where Falaise-related Moline's were first found who have a moline cross in the colors of the Rate/Rat cross! Ratterys have the Supers in their motto! It makes the Hoods of Rattery, first found in Devon, and sharing a white anchor with Rate's/Rats, capable of bringing the hood scene of my 1979 dream into this supreme-court picture. Supers are to be pointing to Amy Coney of the supreme court, yet even the Tanner discussion, pointing to judge Moore, pointed to the Bra area where Coneys trace. What's going on?

Why did God point to Amy Coney with the bra? Will she save Trump, or, will she stick the election knife deeper into his heart? It's a good question. She worked for judge Scalia, and I've suggested several times that the bra event can point to Scalia too, for I had to climb a few steps (= scala) to get to the laundry deck, and then there was a rabbit cage under this deck. The deck is where I reached out from, to touch the bra (barely) with an outstretched index finger, like one POINTING. I recall having to try hard to touch it (just goofing around with nothing better to do). The POINDexters have an "ESQUIRE's helmet" in Crest, and while Decks share the SQUIRE squirrel, esquire-like Esquers use a white rabbit (being killed, I assume). Scalia was murdered on the ranch of John B. Poindexter. The latter is the one who invited Scalia to come hunting on his ranch.

Repeat: my first kiss with Peare pointed to Scalia, and her belly event soon after pointed to Tume's/Tombes', the latter first found in Worcestershire with Squire's/Square's. The latter's "Tiens ferme" motto includes the Peare kin of Tiens'/Thames'.

[Insert the day after writing here -- The containers in the Ginsburg Coat have a central black line indicating that they have a SQUARE cross-section. As Squire's are also Square's, and if the containers are square as code for Square's, then Ginsburg becomes suspect with the murder of Scalia in spite of her supposedly being his friend. Perhaps she acted like a friend to make her part in the murder more covert. She was an avid activist even before she was a justice. OH WOW, I can't believe I forgot to check the Justice/Justine surname!!! I always link it to the "ferme" motto term of Squire's/Square's!!! INCREDIBLE! I didn't have Justice's in mind when starting this insert/paragraph.

OH WOOOOWIE! Justice's/Justine's have SCALES of justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did God arrange that to point to Scalia's murder? I always link Justine's to Assi's, and then Azzo of FERMo was the founder of Este. Fermo is at the southern end of Picenum, and Justine's are from Justine, daughter of Justus of Picenum! Zinger. I kid you not, supreme court judges are appropriately called, "justices"!

Repeat: " My first kiss with Peare did point to judge Scalia very well when we ran up the stairs = scala to kiss at La Paloma. Kiss'/Cush's share the Coat of Cass'/Cash's, and the latter use a "pair of SCALEs," with Pairs possibly a Peare branch. Paloma's share the Pero/Perino pale bar." Pairs/Paws use the peacock, and Peacocks use a "just" motto term feasibly for Justine of Picenum. Squire's/Square's may be using a bear "PAW" officially, and ditto for BELLI-branch Bellino's! Just look at that. Why would God want to point to Scalia with my first event with Miss Peare??? Such a mystery. Scayle's/Schools were at Barwick (Yorkshire), and the Barwicks with Berwicks share the muzzled / strapped bear heads of Amys, a potential pointer to Amy Coney Barrett, who worked for Scalia! That works.

Amy's even share a single pile, in colors reversed, with Wings/Winks (Perthshire, same as Justice's/Justine's), from VINKovci, home of Justine's husband, and his name, Valentinian, is expected with squirrel-using Valentins. And wow, to top it off, Wings/Winks (MOOR heads) share the black Scayle/School crosslet and even have a Shield of billets resembling the Scayle/School Coat! Incredible. The Wing/Wink billets are colors reversed from the ones of Supers, the ones pointing to "supreme court." Supers are in the motto of Ratterys, first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks!!! And Scale's (not Scayle's) were first found in Hertfordshire with Wink-like Vince's.

It's not easy to get heraldic links this well that remain on topic from surname to surname...unless God arranges them. It appears that God pointed to Scalia with Peare, and then arranged a link to Amy Barrett from the Scayle write-up.

I suggest that, due to Scalia's murder, God not only forbade Obama and Hillary to replace him with one of their own worms, but allowed Republicans to seat three in a row to really dig into His mortal enemies. If this is correct, I doubt that He will allow them to stack the supreme court with the unethical plot they have in mind if they win the senate.

Assi's not only share scales of justice with Justice's/Justine's, but the Justice/Justine sword, and the latter is in a saltire with a FASCES while Fesse's/FACE's/Vase's are from the FIESCHi's of Genova. Peare's use the leopard FACE. The Fessy/Face/Vase motto term, "signo," is code for the Segni's/Segurana's (Genova) having the Este eagle! You see, it's as though God made sure this heraldry all clicks. As I've said 20 times, Vinkovci was also called, CIBALae, explaining why Sibals (Fife, near Perthshire) behave a "Justitia" motto while sharing the moline of Segni's/Segurana's. Why do we think there's a white square at the center of the Sibal cross? A white square is also in the Arms of Picenum-connectable Piacenza. PICards look connectable to Sibal-related Londons / Lundys. Gold borders, with yet another one in the Picard Crest, belong to the line of Valentinian and Justine.

Did God arrange "JusTITia" to link to the bra that has itself pointed to the supreme court? "Justitia" is a motto term of Sire's/Sirets who likewise have scales of justice.

Fiesch-like Feschs share a white, eight-pointed ESToile with the Judd-connectable Motts (crescent colors reversed from Tenant crescent). Why do we think the Fesch/Fechter sword is shared by Gins' and Barrows? Don't Barrs share the Este eagle? It can be gleaned that Fechter liners are a branch of Victoria's, and so keep eyes peeled for Victoria Toensing. Her husband still has faith in Bill Barr.

The Azzo surname (not familiar with it) was first found in Fermo, and has the split Shield of Groce's/Greggs/Graggs / Lawns/Lane's with perhaps the Giuliani eagle with two heads, for those are the split colors of the Viterbo flag while Giuliani's were first found in Viterbo. Graggs suggest Carrick-liner Craigs / Greggs / Craggs even more now with this Azzo find because Lawns/Lane's use "Garde le ROY," and Carricks use "Garde" too. Recall that Roy Tanner was the buddy of GREG Fisher and Jim McGee, for the Tanaro river has a source near Genova. McGee's share the boar head of TENants (Tanaro liner?), the latter first found in West Lothian with TOWNs/Tooms, and then Joe DiGENOVA (works with Giuliani, I believe) is the husband of Victoria TOENsing, what say ye about that?

Tonsings use "candelabra," and Italian Candels/Candida's have the Giuliani / Azzo / Doria eagle, by the looks of things. It's perfect, because Miss Toensing and Rudy Giuliani were probably working together. He's about to take his election-fraud cases to Amy BARRETT, and German BRETTs (compare with Dutch Tromps) have the same eagle too. "Candida" is a motto term of Amy-like Amis', how about that. German Tromps/Trumps (suspect as Drummonds married to Miss PodeBRADY) trace well to same-colored Bradds/Breads. Amis' were first found in Northumberland with Sitric Caech and L'Amys/Lambie's. If the latter's "casus" motto term (shared by Caseys) is for Cass'/Cash's (Cambridgeshire, same as Cake's suspect from Sitric "Caech"), they are the ones with SCALEs.

Bradys share a hand pointing with the Millers in turn sharing the red Sibal moline. The Miller motto term, "optima," is almost the "optem" of Teague's, the latter first found in Galway with Bradys. The latter's Grady variation thus becomes suspect from the line of Gratian, Justine's father-in-law, to Greats; the latter share the gold border with Justice's/Justine's, and thus we have remained on the justice/judge theme with the proposed Barrett link to Bradys.

See the eagle colors of the Doria's (Genova), and compare with Giuliani's and Ice's too, for Assi's/Ass' come up as "Ise." The Chief-Shield color combo of Tenants (mast and SAIL) is from the rulers of Montferrat at the Tanaro river. Sails/Sales' look like Saluzzo liners thereby. BRETT Kavanaugh appears to be pointed to here because the Crest of English Bretts shares the Kavanaugh lion. Will Kavanaugh and Barrett dare vote against Giuliani? Will they be afraid to be lumped in with him due to the bad press he gets from leftist media? Bill Barr likes to appear on leftist news because, I gather, he actually cares what leftists think of him. He wants a good reputation with anti-Trumpers.

English Bretts share the lion of Ligurian-suspect LEGHs/Lighs while Leggs have a giant stag head in the colors of the near-same of Tromps/Trumps. Sails/Sales' (suspect from Salyes Ligures at Saluzzo) share the fleur-de-lys of Cake's/CakeBREADs. "KAVanaugh" could be from Luis of CEVa, mother of Alice of Saluzzo, and Alice's use a "muzzled" bear head, as Amys apparently use. Hains/AIMs even have the Kavanaugh crescents in colors reversed. The arrow in the Hain/Aim Crest tends to assure the accuracy of the write-up where it speaks of their Haisne location in Artois with the first known Luis-like Lois'.

Giuliani was first pointed to while I was on a drive with Joel, when his blinkers were clicking exactly to the walk of a sea GULL out my window. I don't want to re-visit all the heraldry surrounding that event. Suffice it to say here that Gullys and Giuliani-like Julians share the crosslets of Velis'/Valleys/VOLLEYs while the latter share the Doria / Azzo eagle, and that Joel told me on the drive that he was going to see VOLLEYball championships in Europe next week. Joels are listed with Giuliani-like Jewels. Scottish Volleys/Wills/Velis' have a "As" motto term likely for Assi's/Ass'. Fieschi-like Fisks/Fiscs (ESToile) share the Victoria pale bar.

Candels/Candida's were first found in Naples with the Aquila's sharing (owning) the giant Este / Barr eagle. Bill Barr has a big decision to make, for he will be forced to side with the good guys if this election goes to Trump. Barrels (talbot dog) share the Chief-Shield of Saluzzo's and Segni's/Segurana's (share Barr eagle), and the dream with shopping cart had a door handle (of my Jeep) with missing barrel-shaped part indicating Bill Barr out to lunch with Bushites instead of doing his job. The DOOR-handle must be a pointer also to Doria's of this very picture you are reading. Some of the eagles we are discussing, including the Doria eagle, are colors reversed from the Bush/BUSCH eagles, I wonder why. Barrels trace by their Chief-Shield colors to Saluzzo, right beside Busca. Isn't God revealing that Bill Barr is a treacherous Bushite?

With Bushites trying to ruin Trump at this critical moment, Trump's going to depend wholly on his anti-crime fighters, finally, which will finally force him to break off with Bushites in his second term, should God give it to him. Barr at this time is a troll hiding under a dark bridge, ashamed to come out into the daylight. He knows he's betrayed Trump, and has become one of the Republican factors urging other Republican orgs to stay out of Trump's POLITICAL fight, as if helping him at this time is against the law of honor.

The Azzo eagle is that of JEEPma's/Cheps, which recalls that the Groce/Graig surname first arose when God put someone's Russian medallion on the hood of my Jeep at the GROCEry store when I returned to it with a shopping cart of groceries. There was a shopping cart in a dream with my Jeep's door handle (the two scenes were back-to-back in this dream). I don't want to go back, here, to all the heraldry related to that event and that dream, because I have enough to say without it. Suffice it to say that God had also pointed to Giuliani's Ukrainian investigations, which later came to include the Biden bribe from the wife of a Moscow mayor. Back to Poindexters. End insert]

Poindexters share the Fist/Faust fist. I trace Fausts and Fasts to Vasto's of Cuneo, a branch of Monforte-like Monferrats. Monforte is right beside Montferrat. Here we are right back to the Bra theater by following the Poindexter motto, and Vasto's may even have been in Bra for all I know about them. They centered around Saluzzo / Busca near the city of Cuneo. Bosco-liner Boasts/Bois' are in the "boast" motto term of Nemo's who are in turn in the Poindexter motto. Did you notice that shopping-cart-pointing Bushites sided with Democrats in this election for fear of getting caught for their crimes by a Trump team. Good thing they have Barr and Wray on their side.

Fox practically got rid of DiGenova and Toensing when they became too vocal against the deep state, perhaps because they were assisting Giuliani's finds. On behalf of Bushites / war hawks / Middle-East intruders / nation-builder police, Fox deeply insulted Giuliani's criminal finds, you see, and this can egg Giuliani into betraying Bushite crimes. Giuliani is like a straight-shooter at this time, but I know he knows that 9-11 was a Bushite fraud on the country that he participated in without revealing that hard fact. Come clean, Mr. Giuliani, at the expense of your worldly reputation, and become a giant before God. You need to leave this world soon, so why not get bigger with God, since you are to be before His court soon? Do it, mayor; suffer the wrath of your enemies, but then take God's compliments as your take-away trophy.

Biden is calling for unity between parties, as the presumptuous winner, because he knows the Bushites / RINO's have a partnership (and maybe a deal) with Democrats. This is a means to identify the Republican side of the anti-Christ system. Pro-Trumpers are, I think, by-and-large, opposed to electronic globalism and similar "progress." This election, and ones before it going back decades, has largely been God's-country folk versus technology-warped city slickers. God has in mind to shake down city buildings, and now we can see why.

The Alans of Vilaine (Dol) married the daughter of Thomas of Saluzzo and Luis(a) of Chives-line Ceva. One Welsh Thomas Coat (shares cinquefoils of Dure-like Dorseys) shares the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's, and of the Dure's expected in the "DuRIS" motto term of Moore's, and it just so happens that the other Welsh Thomas', sharing the Reesors/RHYS and Rice Coat, were first found in Breconshire with Ginsburg-like Gins'! Bingo, for I included Thomas' in this discussion as per Clarence Thomas of the supreme court, who's on the Alito-Coney side. But why is Judge Moore apparently in this picture too? He's not been on the supreme court.

If I recall correctly, the senate challenge against Clarence Thomas, which included sexual-abuse allegations, was officiated by Joe Biden. Pretty soon, Amy Coney may decide Biden's election fate. How sweet if she hands him a crushing blow.

I almost missed it. Recall the Tenant-connectable Tume's/Toombes', for they are also Thomas-like Tomes'.

The touch-bra event happened at the house of Jerry Peterson, and while Petersons have a "Nihil" motto term likely for the Nihill variation of Neils, the latter were first found in Tyrone with Coney-like Cooneys. I had discovered that Peter Peterson, chairman once of the Council on Foreign Relations (secretive globalists, likely tax thieves / manipulators), married Mrs. Cooney, founder of Sesame Street, a kids show that may have involved some pedophiles. There's a lot of pointing going on with my pointing to that bra.

My impression is that God is pointing to Roy Moore because He's upset with Republicans for not going to Moore's defence when the Democrats cheated him out of a senate seat. Mitch McConnell was trying to ruin Moore in favor of some other Republican candidate, and here the McCONNells (Ayrshire, same as CUNNinghams, Moore's, and beside Roys) share the Roy lion. Coneys share the CONN Coat. Scottish Conans share the Sinclair cross (probably Rate cross), and Irish Conans have a Coat reflection of the Yells/YOU's (Shetland). "YOO don't RATE." Another Henry Sinclair of Roslin had ruled the Orkneys, which includes Shetland! Shetland is where Assi's were first found who share the scales of justice with Justice's.

While Irish Moore's have a "Conlan" motto term, Conlans ("uTRUMque") are also CONNELLans. Coincidence?

Ow-wow, the "ORGAN pipes" of LETs/Late's are traceable to "ORKNey," and Let's can be a branch of Leto's/Lette'/ALITTO's!!! Supreme-court judge SAM(UEL) Alito!!! Unbelievable corroboration of what's under discussion. SAMson's (share JUDGE/Judd scallops) have a "letho" motto term suspect with Let's/Late's because they were first found in Gloucestershire with Lets/Late's...and English Thomas'. Zinger.

It looks like Alito's first name, as a surname, gets a pointer to the bra event. Samuels/Samways share red squirrels with Decks, and so, maybe, my standing on the laundry-line deck is a picture of Trump's stacking the supreme-court deck, so to speak, after Scalia's murder, with three straight supreme-court judges (Amy Coney was the third one). I recall feeding the white rabbit some carrot, and while Carrots are listed with Carrick-branch Carews, the Samuel Crest has a squirrel with nut, probably one of the heraldic squirrels said to be "CRACKing a nut" as code for Carrick liners. There's plenty of evidence with one of the English Thomas Coats (share Mott crescent) that Thomas' were related to Carricks and Craigs.

Carrots/Carews and Carricks share "bien" while Carricks share "Garde" with Lawns/Lane's while the latter use "Garde le ROY," go figure. The three lions in pale of Lawns/Lane's are called "English lions," and English's share the Roy lion. Ginsburg-connectable Gins', with a version of the Coney Coat, use a 'Vim" motto term listed with Bien-like Beans/Beine's/Vans. Gins' were first found in Wales near the first-known Fane's/Vans. Lawns/Lane's share the Poindexter star.

The triple Lane/Lawn lions in pale are shared by PLENE's/Plants/PlantaGENETs suspect in the "Plena" motto term of Tanaro-suspect Tenants. The Ginsburgs, possible Genova liners, may be using "PLANTers" as their vases, for Genova's naming is suspect from king GENTius of the Ardiaei, for the latter were on the same river as Doria-like Daorsi. Ghents (share English Bush/Busch eagles) have eagles colors reversed from the Doria eagle. The Gins' share the swords of Fieschi-like Feschs/Fechters, and so see a Doria-linkable eagle with Fix's/Ficks. The Fesch/FECHTer swords are in saltire, as with the same colored swords of Barrows ("suFICIT"), and the latter's fleur-de-lys are those also of English Bush's/Buschs, a good reason to keep in mind that Barrels share the Saluzzo Shield.

German Thomas' (duck) look linkable to Barretts and Duck/Ducker/DUGGer-liner Bar-le-Duc, and then Welsh Thomas' look linkable to the Douglas / Hardwick Chief (suddenly, with the Dugger variation, Hardy-line Douglas' look like Duck kin). As Lorraine (old girlfriend) pointed to Bar-le-Duc (in Lorraine), note that the Lorraine bend-with-eagles is used by Gorsuch's, for Neil Gorsuch is the judge Trump chose to replace Scalia. I can even link Luis to Gorsuch-like Gore's. Luis of Ceva could be in the Louis surname, first found in Lorraine, and so note the "CAVENdo" motto term of the Hardwicks sharing the Thomas Chief, for Luis married Thomas of Saluzzo. Hardwicks almost have the cross of Hardys, the latter first found in Lane-like LANarkshire with Roys (latter in the Lane motto). Lorraine's share the Asty lion while Bra is beside Asti!!! Cling-cling. The Asty lion is the Moore lion in colors reversed. Cling-cling.

As I kissed Kim's cheek, here's what was just added to the last update in case you missed it: "In the next update, I was onto heraldic pointers to the supreme court, when I looked up Kavanaugh's/KEEVans sharing two of the three Cheek/Chick crescents. That explains my kiss to Kim." Is it not amazing that Kims share the Thomas cinquefoils while we just saw "CAVENdo" with those very Thomas', like the KAVANaugh/KEEVAN surname??? Amazing. Kim was Kepke's girl when I kissed her, and his surname got suspect with the namers of Keevan-like Kiev. Kims share the DORsey cinquefoils, and I kissed Kim the second she slammed my car DOOR on Kepke, leaving him out the door on the curb. Judge Kavanaugh, appointed (successfully) to the supreme court by Trump immediately after Gorsuch's appointment, had to endure fabricated sexual charges against him from Democrats, and while the entire Trump team went to Kavanaugh's defence, they left Roy Moore to be eaten alive by buzzards.

So, because the Trump team loves the Catholic judges on the supreme court (Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Coney all catholics) but despised the evangelical Moore, I think God has a dead bone to pick with the Trump team. If Trump loses this election, I will celebrate the loss for the happiness of my God, Jesus Christ. But if God ekes out the win for Trump after much punishment to his soul, I will more than fine with that too.

Judge Moore may have had some women hang-ups when younger, but these things are to be over-looked after he became a Christian. The Republican establishment, including Hannity, Gregg Jarret, and similar others, gave Moore no mercy, no benefit of the doubt, even when there appeared solid evidence that his female accuser was framing him with the Democrats. If I recall correctly, his accuser said he tried to grab her breasts in his car, and this is what my touching the bra might be pointing to. Here's her quote: "Moore reached over and began groping me and put his hand on my breast. I tried to get out and he reached over and locked (the door) and I yelled..." It could be pure fabrication, because Moore was running for a senate seat at the time.

If the bra is supposed to point to Amy Coney, can it also to involve Moore? Yes, if God is handing Trump his defeat at this time to cheaters, for Trump, who claimed to be actively opposed to election fraud at the time, did not take the golden opportunity to expose it when it happened to Moore. Neither did other Republicans, and they lost the House in 2018 in a wallop, interestingly enough, probably due to much cheating. Nancy Pelosi consequently became Speaker of the House, and Pelosi's were first found smack beside Bra. The Nancy/Trengoff surname essentially shares the Sinclair cross, in case this applies somehow.

The Nancy Crest shares an eight-pointed estoile (different color) with Motts, and the latter are from the Mott region in Cotes-du-Nord, location of Jugon! Wow, that's where I trace Judge-branch Judds/JUGGs. Bras are for (milk) "jugs," as some call them! I get it, hah-hah.

By some chance, the owner of the bra (attractive basement tenant) saw me touch it because she came out to scold me for it. What might she have represented? Liberals? Feminists? The only thing she can point to, for starters, is the Blonds and Tenants, and, lo, Tenants share the Judd/Jugg / Mea/Meigh boar heads!!! WOW! That snuck up on me! [On the Tuesday after this update was out, I looked up the Scold surname, and while there wasn't one, I realized that Scole's are listed with SCAYLE's!!! I always say that she scolded me because it's just the proper word to use. She was not happy I touched her bra.]

Oh wow. She was a cute blond about 20 years old, which is the only reason I wanted to touch her sparkling-white bra on that sunny summer day. Tenants have an "amor" motto term while Amore's (dog head) almost have the Blond Coat while Blonds use a "mea" motto term, what are the chances!!!??? Blonds almost share the six pale bars of Neys/Nie's possibly in the "ne" motto term of Amore's. Ahhh, I almost missed it: Amore's are also AMOORE"S!!! ZIKERS would you just look at that! Roy Moore!!! The Amore/Amoore barry (bars) is in the colors of the Barrett barry! The "cede? motto term of Amore's/Amoore's can be for the Cedes variation of Seats who share the double pale bars in the Arms of Ille-et-Vilaine.

As per Clarence Thomas, the Clarence's/Clarens/LARINs share the chevrons of English Clare's while Irish Clare's share the five feathers of Scalia-like Scale's while Scale's share the scallops of French Larins. Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs in turn sharing the eagles of Larin-like Lorraine's/Lorens who in turn share the Gorsuch Coat. Amazing "coincidences." If GORsuch's were a Gore-Such merger, it's notable that Gore's/Core's were using in mythical GorLOIS, possibly a line from Luis of Ceva, for the Gore/Core crosslets are shared by Gainys while "Gainey" is listed with Kavanaugh-like KEVENeys. Lois' use a giant ostrich while the five Scale feathers are likely the Arms-of-Traby ostrich feathers, and then the Gore / Gainy crosslets are shared by English Trips who in turn use the Scalia "scaling ladder." Trips were first found in Kent with the Peach's having a white version of the Gainy Coat. Double scaling ladders are used by English Bennets in turn having a "roy" motto term, what are the chances? Bennets use "servir" while Gore's use "servire," what are the chances?

Mr. Trump had best give Roy Moore a public apology. If not, then not, the bouncing ball of God will bounce on. I have no fear of a Biden presidency because God can use it to shame his enemies further. I lament a Biden win because it makes me puke that mobsters should be in charge, but we should not fear president Bumbler. Pro-Trumpers fear the ruin of American at the hands of Biden's appointees, but then pro-Trumpers put Trump before Jesus, very bad, a losing methodology. Political animals never learn that it's got to be God's way, win or lose the moment, if they eventually want to win in the end. But if they choose the winning hand for the now-moment, in spite of it's not being to God's liking, the end will be a loss. So, go ahead, pick another non-Christian for the supreme court, and suffer more losses, USA.

Go ahead, insult your God, but prepare to pay the heavy price. Pick another non-Christian president, Republicans, but suffer-suffer-suffer a mirage. You will never get the prize you cherish in your dreams. "God bless America" is your lip-service. The bouncing ball is going to cling-cling against your pipe dreams, sorry. You should have chosen Moore in spite of left-wing clamor against him and you, for while you may have suffered a momentary loss due to leftist backlash, God would have supported your case afterward. Empower God's people, suffer for it with the backlash, but win and celebrate later, STUPIDS.

Prominent Republicans such as John McCain, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell called for Moore to drop out of the race after the allegations were reported...

President Donald Trump, however, endorsed Moore and accepted his denials. Alabama Republicans largely defended Moore. The Republican National Committee initially cut ties with Moore after the allegations were reported but later restored funding to his campaign.

...On November 9, 2017, The Washington Post reported that Leigh Corfman alleged that Moore had initiated a sexual encounter with her in 1979, when she was 14 and he was 32 years old. Corfman said that Moore had met her and her mother when they were on business at the county courthouse (Wikipedia doesn't give all the information).

Corfmans are listed with KAUFmans (white anchor, linkable to "Cornish CHOUGH" of white-anchor Hoods), and Coverts/Cofferts are a branch of COURTs/Coverts. It could appear that God arranged Corfmans to point to judge Moore of the courts. Why? Because Moore's guilty of her accusations? Unless it was Kavanaugh's accuser I'm confusing her with, I recall that, when she was wiping the tears from her eyes, during her televised testimony, she wiped the outer corner(s)of her eye(s), and there were no tears visible. Tears develop on the inside corners of the eyes, however. I reckon that someone told her to wipe the tears at her eyes, but she screwed up by going for the outer corner(s).

Corfs are listed with Koerfers/Coevers (Westphalia) who share the Rench/RENTs Coat. Perhaps the blond renter in the home of the bra event applies here. The Renter surname happens to have a lion on an escutcheon all in colors reversed from the same of Roys. Coverts/Cofferts have a leopard FACE while Face's are listed with the Vase's possibly in the Ginsburg Coat.

My Step-By-Step Coverage of the Election Cheating

With Trump winning Pennsylvania at midnight (Eastern Time), the state announced delay tricks only because, it's thought, Trump looks like he's going to win it unless something is done about Philadelphia. With 68-percent reporting (according to Fox) at midnight, Biden gets credit for 2,051,000 votes to Trump's 2,259,000. Add those numbers up together (4,310,000), and multiply by 1.3 to figure the total voters as 5,600,000. That means there are still roughly 1,200,000 votes yet to be counted with Trump winning by about 208,000. If Trump gets only 42-percent of the 1,200,000 remaining, he ends up tied. That's why the deep state needs to delay the count until something can be done to give Biden the win. That's why the election process must be inspected and cleaned out of cheaters.

At some point before 1:30 am, Fox changed the numbers in Pennsylvania, with only 64 percent of the votes counted instead of the previous 68, (gives the impression that someone "found" more ballots). But, now, Trump has a 15-percent lead with 2,706,000 versus 2,043,000 on Biden's score card. As you can see, Biden's vote tally actually went down in that 1.5-hour period. Was someone caught cheating prior to that count?

At 2:10 am, Fox has the total count still at 64-percent, but Trump ahead only by 14 percent. Biden now has 2,153,150, and Trump 2,859,140, and yet the total count has remained at 64-percent with all of those added votes. It's what one could expect if new ballots are being added to the pile, from crime bosses with counterfeit-ballot machines in their basements.

Biden came out to speak to his people after midnight, when he said, "It's going to take time to count Pennsylvania, and we're going to win Pennsylvania." Is he dreaming? Or did he get word from his fellow crime bosses that the plan is going forward?

At midnight, Trump was leading in the swing-state of Wisconsin by five-percent after 70-percent of the vote count. At 1:45 am, Fox has Trump up by four-percent with 88-percent counted, yet Fox still refused to give this state to Trump.

If Trump wins both states, and because he's been given a win in Georgia (by Newsmax) with 86-percent counted (yet Fox refuses to declare a Trump win there as of 1:50 am), he needs only Michigan (Trump leads by nine-percent with 66-percent counted, though Michigan has the liberal city of Detroit that can come big for Biden with the remaining votes), or North Carolina where Trump leads by only 1.4 percent but with 94-percent counted. I don't think there's a heavy-Democrat area in North Carolina to put Biden ahead with the remaining 6-percent of the votes.

At 2 am, North Carolina has 2,732,100 votes for Trump, and 2,665,400 for Biden (94-percent counted). Fox has not changed the numbers at all in North Carolina for over an hour, because it was 94-percent counted even at 1 am or earlier. Does Fox want to help Democrats "find" more ballots to put the state into Biden's column before continuing the count. If Trump wins this state, he's the next president, you see, judging by the over-all map. On the other hand, the vote count may have stopped because the rest are mail-in votes to be counted tomorrow. We shall see.

At 1 am on Newsmax, after 93-percent counted in Georgia, Trump was ahead by six-percent with 2,243,700 votes, yet Fox, at 2:30 am, with a reported 93-percent counted (same number), Trump is ahead by only 1.6-percent with 2,366,200. How could Trump have gotten that many more votes while the total tally remained at 93-percent during that 1.5 hours? Newsmax had 1,987,000 for Biden at 1 am, and Fox gave him 2,248,000 at 2:30 am, yet in both cases, there are 93-percent though Fox is counting on more ballots magically appearing (i.e. explaining why Fox doesn't want to increase the 93 to a higher number). At 2:20 am, Newsmax says that the New York Times (who trusts them?) reports 91-percent. It looks like a scam. I hope the Trump team sees this.

Newsmax had 99-percent counted at 2 am in Georgia, with Trump ahead by three-percent, with 2,365,850 to 2,248,000 in Trump's favor. They are the same vote numbers that Fox gave for 2:30 am, but Newsmax changed the 93 to 99, as it should be. Why didn't Fox change the 93? To permit more votes than there should legally be later in the day? However, the speakers at Newsmax say that 91 percent has been counted even though there's a 99 on the screen. And they are saying that the state is now tilting Biden. This looks like cheating going on. Who put the 99 on the screen, which seems like the correct figure? Nobody just imagines "99"? Someone from the voting place reported that number to Newsmax, then changed it to 91. And who told the speaker only 91 percent an hour after Fox itself had it at 93? Why is the number of reported votes going DOWN with time forward???

At 11 am, Fox has the number at 94, but an article at about that time claims that a software problem in Georgia, as well as a pipe burst problem elsewhere, stopped the counting. Just when the race is so tight with Trump in a 2-percent lead, the count stops? Sure-sure.

Texas had Trump in the lead by 5-percent with 82-percent counted, yet Fox had it at 83 percent an hour later with Trump ahead by 6 percent. How does he gain a full percentage point, yet the number counted remained almost the same?

So, the liberal press had Biden winning swing states by about five-percent in pre-election polls, when in fact it's Trump ahead by about that much. They do nothing but lie.

Trump came out to complain around 3 am that the country just stopped counting while he was on his way to a win, and he threatened to use measures to keep ballots from magically appearing overnight.

At 10:30 am, Trump's lead in Pennsylvania was cut to less than 10 points, but the vote count remained at 64-percent, as it was at 1:30 am. That looks WRONG. Plus, Biden pulled ahead in Michigan and Wisconsin by that time, with both states showing 95-percent reporting, not much more than at 1:30 am. An article out before 10:30 has a message from the Pennsylvania governor that the count is more like 82-percent. Plus, get a load of what Kavanaugh allowed, this: "In addition to whatever ballots have come in on Election Day, Pennsylvania poll workers will be able to count mail-in ballots that arrive in the next three days — even if there is not a clear postmark and even if the signature on the ballot does not match voter rolls." Does that seem fair to you when Democrats are weasels in the electoral system? Should votes be counted if signatures don't match? Should a population be allowed to vote after they see official results on election day? Won't the cheaters be cheating more during these three days? Of course.

The numbers on the Fox map (10:30 am) are those showing at the Google page for Pennsylvania, for it too shows 64-percent counted, suggesting corruption, for even the mayor said there are "over one million" votes yet to count (Trump's ahead by 1/2 million), and Brietbart said that more than three-quarters has been counted. So, the corruptocrats are trying to add votes, OBVIOUSLY. Why would anyone limit this attitude to Pennsylvania only? Trump's not lost yet, but these numbers give Biden the edge, though in a hanging-chad scenario. Everything happened overnight, as could be expected, for eking Biden the win, with only as much cheating as necessary.

Here's a way to cheat. You get the voting offices to steal from the pile, say 100,000 Republican votes. It already makes it harder for Republicans to win. Then, nearing the finish-line count on election night, if Democrats still need 10,000 votes to win, the cheats somehow produce 110,000 Democrat ballots, and mix them into the 100,000 Republican ballots, then "find" them and count them. I'm sure we saw evidence of this in the 2018 elections, with more ballots "found." I don't think they can "find" all-Democrat ballots in a bunch, as that's an obvious red flag. If they "find" more ballots, they need to be mixed for both sides in order to appear authentic.

Giuliani said that, at 3 am in Wisconsin, 120,000 ballots appeared, but that Republicans have not been able to investigate them, not even to see them counted. I suppose if the entire count house is made of cheats, they don't need to add any Republican ballots to their stack of 120,000. However you might envision that they do the count, don't necessarily envision a fair / upright system. Instead, expect the opposite.

Trump should have combatted election corruption long before post-election. He should have put in place, by executive orders, any measures to minimize corruption. The supreme court would have been hard-pressed to counter his Orders if the measures within them were fair and good all-around. Now's a bit late, but he does now have, or maybe not, the 5-4 majority on the court, if the court is needed.

Another way to cheat is to use the excuse that big cities are the last to tally-in, because big cities often have a Democrat majority, or at least a 50-50 situation. That way, with the election process handled by Democrat people, cheating can take place at the last minute, if needed, and adding extra Democrat ballots won't appear as suspicious. That's why they stopped counting in Detroit (Michigan), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), and Atlanta (Georgia), to give time for an unlawful / irregular strategy, all hopes hung on mail-in / absentee ballots.

By early evening Wednesday, Trump's big lead in Pennsylvania was whittled to just four-percent with 83-percent reported counts. By 9 pm, the lead was cut to three percent, or about 191,000 votes (NYT, shows no count percentage, WHY NOT?), with 89 percent reporting (Fox). That's why the Dems always want their regions to be counted last. These numbers are on track for a slight Democrat win, as if they are manufacturing just enough votes to get over the crest. It was exactly that way in both Wisconsin and Michigan, and will likely go that way in Georgia and Carolina too, if they think they need those states, and they do because there'll be a re-count in Wisconsin. The trick for the Trump team is to catch them on how they are cheating. They should have set up teams to catch them in action. Giuliani, on Wednesday, said that he / Trump sent out a team to check-out counting stations in states of greatest concern. See Giuliani speak harshly (warranted) here:

On Thursday evening, Fox had Trump only up by one percent, losing two over that day, even though the count total remained at 89 percent all that time from the previous day!

There is a lot of opportunity to catch the big-time cheating in this election, precisely because it's a close race. Usually, the thing to do with anyone cheating is to disqualify them, especially as it's expected that, for every case in which cheating is discovered, there are 10 or 20 times as many cheating cases undiscovered. Multiply that all across the country, because Democrats have been evolving their cheating ways for decades; they didn't start in this election. We saw their true colors these past four and five years; they didn't get that way suddenly in 2016. There was open cheating from big tech, and there was a mail-in advantage stolen by Democrats based on a COVID scam that came from their hands in the first place.

In fact, Trump looks like he will lose based on this COVID-related advantage. Take away all of those mail-in votes from the COVID excuse, and Trump wins a landslide. The law has always been, come vote in person...because a mail-in system is not to be trusted. They historically made mail-in legal only for special cases, but this election was stolen based on supreme courts granting Democrats the COVID advantage. That's it in a nutshell, but there was also much help from cheating on many levels, lies from the media, black-outs on pertinent news. Without these measures, Democrats own a fringe party. Pity the Republicans for not dealing sufficiently with the massive cheating machine. Trump was to blame too because he thought he could win even if they cheated.

On Wednesday, Fox maps stopped showing the vote tally, and for Wisconsin and Michigan it only said that Biden won, without showing the vote tally. Why do you think Fox switched to this system? Are they trying to get Biden a bigger win than one-percent so that Trump has no legal recourse for a re-count? Looks like. Fox doesn't even tell what the margin of victory was in Michigan aside from one-percent i.e. rounded off. THAT's NUTS. New York Times reports that Biden won by 1.3 percent, just as though the cheaters made sure to get Biden above the re-count line.

I would like to emphasize the graphs at the 36th and 37th minutes of BCP, showing how the cheating looks so obvious:

This post-election period is a good time for Trump to go to the supreme court to freeze big tech's election interferences. Republicans are not permitted to communicate with each other as other people normally can. This cannot stand. It can be argued that Trump would have won all the battleground states of importance on Wednesday had big tech not interfered with Republican messaging for years (not mere months) prior to the election. Plus, while denying full Republican messaging, big tech helped Democrat messaging.

Kevin McCarthy said that Pennsylvania courts would not permit Republican watchers at the election booths, a clear violation of common-law fairness. The supreme court could award Trump that state based on things like that if they were prevalent throughout the state. Ditto for any other state. If there were no Republican eyes in voting stations, how can that rate as a fair election? How long have such things been going on? How long have sleepy Republicans allowed the Democrats to evolve their cheating unobstructed. I can't believe this.

At 10 pm Wednesday, there are four states left for Trump to win. If he gets them all, he gets a total of 270 electoral votes, the magic number for the election win. If he wins Georgia, where he's reported ahead by about one percent with 98-percent counted, then, the entire race can come down (ignoring the Wisconsin recount) to North Carolina, where the vote count has held at 94-percent for a very long time, as though the Dems are anticipating / fearing a Trump win in the three states so that something drastic needs to be done with the remaining six percent (in N. Carolina). It explains why they are not committing to any further counting by a fair process, in case they need to cheat there.

When the news says that 80 percent of Black men voted for Biden, why do we trust it? Can that number be checked / verified? Just think of how great is the false reporting when it concerns elections? Why would the dems cheat on just some things but not on others? It's more logical that they would cheat on everything they can get away with.

Ahh here's a photo of dems blocking sight into the vote-count station in Detroit, where we can expect a lot of cheating to keep Biden over the crest with his thus-far 1.3-percent win...after he was down in that state by a landslide margin: "Absentee ballot counting in Detroit descended into chaos on Wednesday when hundreds of unofficial Republican observers concerned about fraud converged on the counting location." If there were Republicans in the count house, the dems may have chosen Bushites / RINO's / never-Trumpers, and so they wouldn't have wanted their pictures taken under that circumstance.

“President Trump’s campaign has not been provided with meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process, as guaranteed by Michigan law,” Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said in a statement. “We have filed suit today in the Michigan Court of Claims to halt counting until meaningful access has been granted. We also demand to review those ballots which were opened and counted while we did not have meaningful access. President Trump is committed to ensuring that all legal votes are counted in Michigan and everywhere else.”

This could turn up a few rats, or snakes under rocks. I wonder why Barr's been so quiet. Was his HUGE DoJ unable to find one infraction all country-wide? Hmm. Doesn't Barr want to win this election? A crime is a crime regardless who's political turf an arrest affects. It can never be a political move to arrest someone guilty of a crime. It is a political move, by a DoJ, to arrest someone innocent of a crime. Is there not one case of cheating that Barr might like to prosecute, make an example of, start correcting the cheat machine with some pain and fear? Poor fool Barr, he's afraid of giving political-activist appearances on his part even when activist dems cheat in a federal election. STUPID BARR, he thinks he's on a moral high-ground for staying out of it, as though nothing's his turf if it involves the election. STUPID BARR. It looks like Trump must create his own police squad (Giuliani et-al) while Barr sits at home on his comfy couch the shape of his rotunda.

Late Wednesday:

Ballot tally errors [Michigan] in two counties put Biden ahead of Trump, but alleged discrepancies have been reported that have altered those results.

Executive Editor & Publisher of Gongwer Michigan, Zach Gorchow tweeted that he had spoke to Michigan's Antrim county clerk's office who reported that they are reviewing vote numbers due to what they call "discrepancies" [like, uh, maybe they are afraid of getting caught by the Trump police].

Gorchow mentioned it seems likely the vote totals were transposed [uh, like cheating, and covering for it with smoke and mirrors?]. This means Donald Trump and John James (Republican candidate for US Senate) will gain roughly six-thousand votes statewide once this is corrected.

Additionally, errors in another county were reported. Biden's massive increase in Michigan's poll numbers was also because Shiawassee county noted 153,710 for Biden, when their number should have been 15,371.

Wow, there's a fast-easy way to get 135,000 votes that didn't occur to me, just report the wrong number. WOW, this can happen all over the place. Is there nothing to safeguard against it??? It then says: "With those numbers adjusted, Decision Desk HQ puts Biden at 49.51 percent, and Trump at 48.93 percent." It's within the re-count threshold, allowing Trump into the door to see what really happened in the first count. Why stop at Michigan, go check out other states. Barr? Barr? By the way, what's "transpose" mean when it comes to ballots?

Joe DiGenova and others talk about 100,000 ballots delivered to Detroit without one Trump ballot. He also said that Arizona admitted giving Bidens tens (or hundreds) of thousands of votes by computer "glitches." This is on Wednesday evening, the day after election day, making things look a lot brighter for Trump after the cheating took away his day. However, with Arizona now in the bag for Trump, if it stays that way, it's of no value to him unless he also wins Michigan, and that's the other state that he seems on-track to be winning due to fraud (he needs Michigan and Arizona together only if he fails to win Nevada and N. Carolina, but he can still win both of them too).

Google isn't bringing up anyone with the Arizona-fraud story as of midnight Thursday morning. Perhaps the link of twitter to a freezer, in the last update, means that big tech will put a big freeze on all pro-Trump news so that its lies can better prosper. This freeze or partial-freeze is a reality at this time.

Update Georgia, late Wednesday night: with Trump in the lead about 40,000 votes, there's about 120,000 yet to be counted on Thursday. This is going to a re-count unless Trump gets a win by about 55,000 or more votes. If Biden wins, it'll be a re-count, another opportunity to discover voter shame the leftist media yet more. Sky News says that Georgia will have final results by 3am ET Thursday, maybe running scared, not wanting to stretch it out for fraud purposes. The deep-state has all night now to figure out how to take the remaining three states by Thursday eve, and how to raise the lead in Michigan too, but with Trump's legal team (includes Jay Sekulow) threatening a big magnifying glass on all tight situations, the devil might be restrained in all. I expect delays past Thursday night if Trump is awarded Georgia.

At 2 am, Fox changed Trump's Georgia lead from .8 percent to .5, and Google had it at .4, but both kept the 98-percent reporting identical to what it was prior to the change. This doesn't look reliable. It's as though the number will never reach 100 until Biden is in the lead. It appears that Georgia has decided to get the race to a tie by the time the count is 99-percent. That allows enough votes to give Biden the win. Still, it'll go to a recount. There's no reason why they can't provide the reporting number accurately because they know by now how many mail-in / absentee ballots there are. The number cannot remain at 98 when Trump's lead is cut in half; one expects that it should go to at least 99 by that time. But that can't give Biden a win, at least not by more than about .01-percent.

Ah, the New York Times apparently got its marching orders to drop the Georgia number to 95-percent, which data came out at about 2:16 am. In this show, Trump has a .5-percent lead, but the whopping 5-percent yet to be counted can give Biden the win beyond re-count capability. To put it another way, Trump is ahead by 23,000, yet the number yet to be counted (as per the 95 figure) is a whopping 433,000. The reason that this drop to 95 may have been done is because it's known that the remaining votes include Republican regions where Biden can't make up ground, and so they need the extra manufacture of votes to get Biden the win. How can it be possible that big Georgia population centers were unable to do that count last night, or earlier this morning, for the few remaining ballots? It appears that they delayed in order to work out a fine-looking strategy. Who's making the decisions? This change comes just in time for the daily 4-am run-down to the leftist media outlets, of their collective marching orders, from the deep-state that controls their political messages.

I went to bed at 2:30, and found the Georgia count at 99 percent by morning, with Trump in the lead by .3-percent. By Thursday evening, Trump's lead was just .1 percent, as could be expected with cheating, but the count remained at 99-percent, as could be expected in a cheating process.

I hope that John Ratcliff is watching them for to destroy their machine once and for all. How would he get the right to do it? Can't Trump give them the order? Isn't Trump the official boss of all 17 Intelligence agencies? Yes, he is. Now's more than a good time to use Intelligence for the sake of the country.

I've yet to hear from the Biden side that 100,000 ballots were fabricated for Trump, or that someone made a math mistake that gave Trump 130,000 free votes. I wonder why? Because Republicans are more honest. Someone writes: "Cook county IL has 1.5 million registered voters avg voter turnout over last 20 years is less than 50% yet this election 1.7 million votes counted and its shows only 97.9% reported, summin smells fishy." It appears that I was wrong when saying that half of Americans are irreparable, unrepentant defecation. It's more like 25 percent because the other 25 percent is just fake votes.

When we read something like the following, why do we believe it to be true that errors will be caught, since the cheaters would publish such statements to make us think the process is upright? "Numbers may get transposed or keyed in incorrectly; these errors will be caught. In the unlikely event of a counting process error, states generally have clear procedures for quickly rectifying the error and ensuring all results posted are accurate." It sounds so professionally above-board. Exactly.

A new law is in order where the mail-in votes, and early-vote votes, must be counted before the count of election-night votes so that the mail-in votes can't be exploited illegally. Why can't mail-in votes be counted the night before election night. Too easy? The statement that Democrats vote more by mail-in may be explained by the tossing of Republican mail-in ballots by cheats. What if Democrats create another COVID scheme in 2022 / 2024 in order to get the legal right again for massive mail-in voting? Is this why liberals have been saying that this "new normal" isn't going away? Probably. They want all elections in the foreseeable future. Expect new COVID strains that current vaccines are helpless to eradicate.

By Thursday night, neither North Carolina nor Georgia nor Arizona nor Nevada nor Alaska reported any further counting. VERY WEIRD. Michigan raised Biden's lead to three-percent to protect itself from a recount. Newsmax said that Pennsylvania's counters are mixing mail-in ballots with the in-person ballots so that it might become impossible, later, to know the difference...exactly to be expected if there's cheating with mail-in ballots. I think someone could appeal to the supreme court to re-do the election in every close state Trump has lost, with mandatory Republican watchers in all count stations, because the bulk of all fraud seems conducted by Democrats. There's enough suspicion in too many stations. Hard evidence isn't needed if there is a reasonable suspicion due to curiosities / irregularities / excuses on top of the several instances of obvious fraud. Here's some fraud examples in Arizona:

Google is an arm of the democratic party, and still they can't pull off a win without cheating in the election count too. Shame google, supporter of the fringe goon party. On Thursday evening, NBC reported Biden 50.4, Trump 48.3, in Arizona, with 89-percent reporting, yet Fox still won't retract the Biden win for that state. The difference between scores is just 2.1 percent, yet there's about 11-percent to be counted. Trump needs only 6.5 percent to pull off a tie, but even if he doesn't quite get it, Fox should have retracted the call. You don't call a state early on election night that ends up a near tie. Fox refused to alter the call even after it was discovered that a loyal Democrat (Arnon Mishkin) at Fox made the call, shame Fox.

Youtube won't share Lou Dobbs on Thursday night. Expect more silencing everywhere as big tech buries itself deeper.

How can it be true that, as soon as the counting stopped, Trumps lead was diminished in every case thereafter (in the battleground states), with a slim Biden win in every case seemingly the goal?

In mid-evening (Thursday), Georgia's secretary of state reported only 16,105 ballots yet to be counted, with Trump leading by almost 3,500. Trump should win it, except that they're counting mail-in ballots at this time, which seemingly, illogically, usually favor Democrats. The good news, it'll be another recount either way. Georgia could not, apparently, get Biden beyond the recount threshold, but every indication is that it tried hard to do it. I predict they will get Biden an eke-win in Georgia. I might know momentarily.

The next word out from Georgia, minutes later, is a Trump lead whittled to only 2,500 votes, as to be expected. Who is the Georgia orchestra trying to kid? In this batch of about 1,300 ballots, Bided was awarded 1,154 to Trump's just 165. Does that seem like reality to you? Is Georgia Washington DC? Word is that Georgia is going to delay some of the rest of the count (or it's disclosure) for a day or two more. Why? Perhaps to figure a way to get Biden above a one-percent win.

Pennsylvania gave an update about three minutes after that last word from Georgia, just as though this were music from an orchestra of cheaters. Yup, Trump's lead went down again, now to about 50,650 votes, then down to under 49,000 less than an hour later. Did Pennsylvania install Trump monitors into the count room? I don't know. Why are there still about 70,000 ballots yet to be counted in Philadelphia county, where voters lean Democrat? Why is that area being left for last to count? It's what we expect from cheaters. There are also a good number of unreported ballots in Democrat-leaning Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), exactly to be expected if cheaters were holding back on places where they could justify some extra, illegal votes if needed, and they are indeed very-much needed.

Georgia had another piddle-update, about 9:30 pm Thursday, bringing Trump's lead down to 1900. At about the same time, Pennsylvania gave a lower Trump lead, now just 42,140. This was due to mail-in votes. What else? When did they come in? Today? Maybe. They're allowed to receive mail-in ballots for a few days after the election in Pennsylvania. Lots of wiggle-room for cheating.

By 10 pm, the Georgia lead was lowered still more to 1800. How can it be true that Trump never goes up as these announcements are made in both Georgia and Pennsylvania? Mail-in ballots, you guessed it. And the liberals will brainwash you with, "Democrats tend to vote more in mail-in," but I think this is a lie. I think mail-in tactics, combined with manufactured ballots, have been their number-one cheating method to take tight races.

Someone from the Pittsburgh Gazette said that there are 190,000 ballots remaining in Pennsylvania at the time that Trump was ahead by 42,000. Biden would need 116,000 to tie Trump. By midnight, after another state announcement, Trump's Pennsylvania lead was down to 22,400. Down...down...down...never up. Liberals have no shame even when they know their corruption is in naked view. By morning, Biden pulled ahead by .1-percent with 98-precent counting. Does this look like reality to you? By Friday eve, Biden leading by .3 but still with 98-percent reporting. It looks like they'll keep it at 98 until Biden gets a lead bigger than .5 percent. That's the re-count threshold in Pennsylvania. It looks like they are counting at a whopping rate of one ballot per hour because they need to allow some time for the counterfeit-ballot ink to dry.

CNN's map has Biden up .3 percent at 9:30 pm ET, but with only 95-reporting. It seems they created more ballots out of nowhere. There are now enough ballots yet to be counted to get Biden easily over the .5 threshold even if the remaining legal ballots were in Trump's favor. Fox has the .3-percent lead but with 98-percent counted, at 9:30 pm.

If every mail-in ballot had a number corresponding to an address, that would make checking easy (using a machine that reads the numbers) to see if any ballots were discarded. They could catch addresses having unlawful multiple ballots too.

What's the worst place (for Trump) in Georgia for absentee / mail-in ballots? Atlanta. And so we find Thursday night: "Roughly 80% of the 14,097 outstanding absentee ballots are in metro Atlanta counties, according to the most recent update from the Secretary of State’s office." So, people outside of Atlanta don't vote absentee? Or was this rigged? Of course it was. Atlanta is a big city, and Democrats have infiltrated the election houses of big cities. They can play their games much better when the leader of the house is on the cheating side. That's what infiltration is, to get into leadership positions. Biden's getting huge margins on Trump in these late votes, but of course, and liberal media have brainwashed the masses for decades to think that this is normal, natural, not suspicious.

By Friday morning, Georgia was in Biden's column by a sliver (1,000 votes) with 99-percent reporting, another "miracle." By mid-evening, the lead was up to 4,000, though that's less than a .1-percent lead. Georgia has plenty of military ballots yet to be counted (as of Friday), but as the state is taking its sweet time to report their count, expect evil plots in the making, like their trying to figure out how to get Biden above the re-count threshold.

As Georgia announced a re-count on top of Wisconsin's, the deep state needs to assure that Biden gets enough to win without either of those states. That must be the plan, and it REQUIRES Pennsylvania in the Biden column above the re-count threshold. Trump can win this election with those two recounts alone (doesn't need Pennsylvania) if he wins Nevada, Arizona and North Carolina. Even if he loses Nevada in that same scenario, he can still tie with a win in Alaska. The Trump team had best watch the Alaska count station too.

On Saturday morning, what do you know? Biden's been awarded Pennsylvania with a .5 lead and 99-percent reporting. Yup, it happened just that way, just as though Democrats let everyone see their cheating orchestra through a clear pane of glass. I think they kept Biden in the basement to show they could beat Trump lying down. The Democrat trick now is to cool Trump fervor. With an official Biden victory of the election, it allows the George Soros machine to kick in to get Republicans urging the president to step down for the sake of the country, and it would help if they started disobedience / riots too, though Democrats in the House of Representatives may not tolerate more riots...after the bashing they received in this election due to prior riots. The cheating is so transparent that it gives the impression the cheaters are brazen, no FEAR of getting caught, or at least crazy enough for power to get caught while "winning."

I suggest that all mail-in ballots have a set of digits on an outer envelope, each put through a machine before anyone can see what the vote is, to record the full number (amount) of all mail-in envelopes, as well as to record their digits that identifies the names of the people voting. If the number of ballots at count time doesn't match the full number of ballots recorded by the machine, something's wrong. But this works only if the machine has no program to alter the number counted.

Here's what a typical news media writes when speaking on why it's taking Arizona so long to tally the vote: "Chalk it up to the state's various options for voting, high turnout and a robust history of early voting that often leads to late results." Achem, what logic is there in counting early ballots last? Only one thing: Democrats need them to cheat. Otherwise, logic says that early ballots would be counted first to make the tally on election night come sooner. Yup, that's logical, no doubt about it, and the sooner the better over in the West. "In Maricopa County [Arizona], about 175,000 early ballots were dropped off Tuesday, county Recorder Adrian Fontes said." That was on election day, but why not count them the day before? Is Monday a holiday? These Maricopa ballots are the ones being counted last this week. WHY do you think? How many manufactured ballots were mixed into those dropped-off ballots one way or the other?

Big question: Why did it take so long to count the earl ballots this week in Arizona? The article I quoted from above doesn't say. It says: "In Yavapai County, Recorder Leslie Hoffman said 80% of the county's voters are on the permanent early voting list." Republicans had best change these rules, because it's obvious Democrats want to make everyone an early voter. Count early ballots Monday night; make a federal law for all states to count them Monday night. Leave Democrats nothing to count past election night.

It also says: "In Pima County, Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez said her office is busy processing both early and late-early ballots, and calling voters to do signature checks. These tasks take time, but are essential to getting the count right." Achem, other states were able to do their tallies a lot earlier, yet wee-wee Arizona takes longer? Of course they are taking longer, because they knew Trump would take the state if cheating were not implemented.

Arizona has a new tally on Thursday evening, but, finally, Trump made some ground this time, cutting Biden's lead to 46,000, with Biden ahead by 1.5-percent, almost to a recount threshold. Someone suggests that total count is 95-percent, but if the cheated ballots are removed from that race, Trump wins without a recount possible. So, Trump needs decent judges in the courts, and maybe this is why God blew out Ginsburg's candle just in time, just a theory.

The "funny" thing now is that the Arizona vote count earlier in the day was reported at 89-percent (with 285,000 ballots remaining according to secretary of state), and yet it's been raised to 95 even though the report that brought Biden down to 46,000 counted only about (68,000) a quarter of the remaining votes, which is to say that we expect a total count of 92-percent, not 95. Perhaps this is evidence that counters removed (obliterated) Trump ballots to the tune of 2.5-percent of the total vote (or about 25-percent of the 285,000). As you can see, with about 200,000 ballets remaining, Trump's not likely going to win the state while behind 46,000. If they obliterated many of his ballots today alone, then it can explain why the Trump team predicted (yesterday) a Trump win by 30,000. Governor DeSantis (Florida) says (Ingraham, Thursday) that there are over 300,000 yet to count with Trump leading at 46,000, and so, perhaps, the cheats obliterated 100,000 ballots (from both parties) where Trump had the bigger piece of that pie.

Arizona decided not to report any more numbers Thursday evening, after dishing out a small piddle. Can we guess why? Lack of manpower? No. Lack of time? No. Too cold? No. Too hot? No. The Super Bowl is on tonight? No. Hmm, what could it be? They announced the next update (another piddle?) 11 am ET Friday.

Are there cameras in the count rooms? Lookie here: "A Georgia state court denied the Trump campaign’s lawsuit challenging mail-in ballots in Chatham County, Georgia, Thursday, saying the Trump campaign had 'no evidence' to support its claims alleging that late-arriving mail-in ballots were improperly included among votes to be counted." Okay, Georgia is Republican politically, but lookie at that judge pretending not to see.

No evidence, hmm? Well here's Trump's evidence: "A Republican poll watcher alleged that an election worker combined late-arriving ballots with ballots that arrived on time and were set to be tabulated, testifying in an affidavit that they witnessed 53 late-arriving 'additional ballots' placed on a table, which were then gone when the poll watcher returned a short while later. An election worker then told the poll watcher that the ballots had been placed in a crate and transported with ballots that arrived on time..." Someone took and mixed a stack of potentially-illegal late arrivals in with legal arrivals, and so if the judge has no evidence of this, then we must assume there are no cameras in the count rooms. Isn't that the dumbest thing you ever heard? Wake up Republicans, and get cameras in the count rooms.

How many other stacks of illegal votes -- country wide -- were mixed in with legal votes, and how will anyone ever find them if they're all mixed in? But of course they are going to mix them in if they are cheating. OF COURSE. So, a slow recount should be able to find-out such tactics. In an election year with unusual numbers of mail-in ballots, the supreme court should hand the Trump team the option of a recount even if the win was as high as three percent. But in order to get it, the Trump team needs to ask the court.

So, if a poll watcher's affidavit is not "evidence" for a judge, what kind of evidence will he accept? Poll watchers have no legal avenues to take the ballots to the court to show the judge. Are there any other options? Yes, if the leaders of the count stations admit fraud. But if there's any fraud to speak of in any station, the leader will likely be overseeing it. There is another option, but we assume Democrats have fought tooth-and-nail to avoid it: all vote counting must take place on tables each have its own camera overhead to see EVERY ballot clearly, and to record every vote on camera, with LIVE FEEDS going to both parties instantly. All corrections must be done under a camera, with explanations. There must be a camera set aside for reporting fraud, or the appearance of fraud, by anyone in a count station. How easy is that?

Oh wow, a new cheating tactic, the mandatory-marker method; see Laura Ingraham Thursday night at Fox if youtube removes this video by the time you get it:

According to a few neighbors who went into an Arizona voting station, they were forced to use markers even though the electoral people asked voters not to use them because their votes might be obliterated thereby. The lady speaking says that people at the stations gave Democrat voters regular pens, on the other hand. She also says that her vote, and those of her neighbors, was indeed obliterated. Worse, her voter registration was taken away from her without informing her. So, it looks like a rigggggged cheating system from the station chief on-down. Where else was this tactic being used?

Early Friday evening, more evidence of cheating, and how they do it: "An election-software glitch in Michigan's Antrim County that had incorrectly directed Democratic votes to presidential candidate Joe Biden was fixed Friday, putting thousands of votes correctly into President Trump's totals." Another "glitch." It turns out that the software where this error was found is used in about half of Michigan's counties, though the one who reported this didn't say how many counties nationwide were potentially abusing this system. This one, discovered problem is sufficient to justify a manual recount in half of Michigan's counties, oh goodie. You understand that, if Democrats get caught cheating massively, they will have destroyed some of their election capabilities for future elections.

The glitch above gave Democrats 6,000 Republican votes in one swoop, in a split-second of time. No one saw it. No one could see it, and so if this glitch changes 1,000 votes here, 850 votes there, etc., etc., it's hard to discover each and every "glitch" event. How many swoops were there nation-wide? This is a job for Barr's DoJ, a priority, because this is how the leftist mob seeks to procure a lasting dictatorship. Trump's re-counts should be able to catch this tactic, which can explain why Michigan has arranged a Biden win too big for a re-count. But Barr can go in and do a re-count for the benefit of the nation. Once Michigan is caught guilty, they can do other battleground states, check their computerized systems. What crime could be more important to correct?

It wouldn't take too many 8000-vote glitch-events get Biden as far ahead as he's being reported Friday eve (about 146,000 lead). Hannity, Friday night, said, as per a tip that came in during his show, that the Michigan glitch machine may have been used in as many as 30 other states. Glitchgate arising?

How else did they get Biden a lead in Michigan? "The FBI is investigating allegations of election fraud in Detroit after a city worker stepped forward and claimed election workers were asked to backdate ballots that had come in after the election deadline had passed, multiple officials said." It's a crying shame that the FBI is looking into this, because it's the expert cover-upperer. Too bad Trump left Wray in there for this election fraud, because Trump is an idiot. He's sees that there's going to be fraud, but he leaves his enemy at the top of the FBI. IDIOT. There's no better word for that situation. Like someone who sticks razor blades into his own skin.

Another headline Friday: "Fixed computer glitch turns losing Republican into a winner in Oakland County". Just look at this, shocking: "A Democrat city clerk supervised a vote count that wrongly gave victory to a Democrat, after which a Democratic county clerk's staff caught the error and requested a correction from the Republican city clerk, handing the win to a Republican." Can you believe it? No, you can't, because I gave you an erroneous quote on purpose. The quote actually reads: "A REPUBLICAN city clerk supervised a vote count that wrongly gave victory to a Democrat, after which a Democratic county clerk's staff caught the error..." How many cheating incidence's went unnoticed? Wouldn't we like to know the real count? As it is, the ballots can be counted correctly by people only to provide a wrong vote tally by manipulating the computer files. This is why machines should not be used for the tally. Use paper and pen only, the reliable way.

Someone snitched on a corrupt-Republican election-fraud scheme to Project Veritas. Watch it below. But, first, I lied. It's another corrupt-Democrat scheme:

By Friday night, Trump was behind by only 1.25-percent in Arizona, which can explain why the COVID freak-out flag is being raised there with this headline: "Arizona reports nearly 2,000 COVID-19 cases, 22 deaths". Back to faulty 1-death-per-100-cases scenario...because Democrats feel that the COVID scare makes the people lean Democrat. Like, uh, support Joe or you'll be suffering more COVID calamities.

Some of these stories courtesy of Bongino Report.

There is the issue of judge Kavanaugh voting to help Biden win Pennsylvania. What will he vote when this election gets to the supreme court? How could Kavanaugh be so demented as to allow unsigned ballots in a pivotal state? Has he been compromised by blackmail? Or, maybe, by some wild-west strategy, Kavanaugh and his four supreme-court buddies gave Pennsylvania the right to count unsigned ballots so that Pennsylvania would condemn itself for breaking the law. Whatever Kavanaugh's motive, his giving licence to Democrats to break the law is now like a bulldog's teeth deeply in the flesh of their arses.

In a Wisconsin case before the supreme court in late October, Kavanaugh went the other way, for Trump: "Justice Brett Kavanaugh echoed President Trump’s rhetoric that ballots postmarked by Election Day but arriving afterward — which are legally required to be counted in at least 18 states [but not Wisconsin] — could lead to perceptions of voting malfeasance and signaled he might be prepared to throw out such ballots in any post-election dispute." If Kavanaugh wanted see what "perceptions of voting malfeasance" looks like, he just saw it in Pennsylvania. So, it looks like Trump has the edge for winning this election thanks to Amy Comey Barrett, if she comes through and Kavanaugh votes sane with her. Maybe John Poindexter wants to invite Kavanaugh for a weekend of hunting sometime soon.

There will be recounts, but the question is whether they go to the supreme court to nail done some rules for the recount. For one, ask the judges to appoint no counters involved in the previous counts. Get fresh counters who don't know what happened in the first count, and forbid them to speak with anyone who was privy to the first count. There's going to be a continued conspiracy in the second counts, OBVIOUSLY, if they are given the opportunities. Watch all counters closely. Ask the judges for the use of camera's on all count tables, even fake cameras if only to keep the counters honest. It will work. Make sure there's a little picture of a man in a jail uniform on each camera. It will work.

The conspiracy will be discovered in a closely-watched re-count...unless the conspirators found ways to trash Trump ballots, to smuggle them out from the count houses into some secret places for destruction. Surely, the law must be that all ballots must remain in the count houses, no transporting them anywhere allowed. Surely. Surely, some set of federal rules, that all states must abide by, can be put in place for fairness' sake.

By 9 pm Friday, Fox reports Biden with just a 1.2-percent lead in Arizona, and on this same page, Fox still has Arizona shaded in deep blue for the Biden win even though there are 10-percent yet to be counted. It can only mean one thing: a conspiracy is in the works, that Fox bosses know of, to get Joe the win in spite of his dropping so low thus far. This is an orchestra, folks, the control-freak masons are taking the country for a ride. They will never control the masses, though they think they can and do. No, they do not control them as much as they would like to. They are getting caught left and right, and this is destruction to their power structures. I think God has this in mind, to cripple their power structures that they might not be able to harm His people as badly as they wish.

Someone says: "EXPOSED Vote software in MI[chigan] run by Avid Technology Inc, Richard C Blum holds 60% ownership; Husband of Dianne Feinstein". Things like this would have been known long ago by the Republican party, but it just allows the orchestra to play out at every election without raising a scream. Some say Trump is screaming almost alone in his party.

On Friday, judge Alito ordered that the Pennsylvania tallies, as reported by media for the presidential race, may NOT include ballots received after the election deadline on election day. This means that Biden leads must go down due to this order because both the count houses and the media have been reporting votes from the late-arrival ballots thus far, we must assume. There are ways that the count houses may yet cheat on Alito's order, but, in any case, I would imagine that the cheaters are busy trying to dispose of late-arrival ballots that show evidence of fraud, because Alito ordered them to set aside all late-arrival ballots.

It's a no-brainer that they will not set aside ballots tampered with illegally, if they can help it, and so the questions is, what will they do with the ballots? Leave them mixed up with the ones that arrived on-time? Why is Alito's order coming so late in the week, after many of the ballots could be mixed up and very hard to find? He didn't specifically order them to find all of them. His words could perhaps be taken that the count houses should separate only the ballots that are counted as of (or after) the time of his order. The good news here is that someone on the supreme court is showing interest. It bodes well for Trump.

Mr. Ratcliffe, are you tapped into the phones of these mobsters as they try to cheat their way forward from here, or to hide their tracks? Mr. Ratcliffe, don't let the decent people down.

Jay Sekulow is on Hannity's Friday show to explain Alito's order, and he says that the Pennsylvania counties need to "respond" to Alito by 2 pm Saturday. I'm not sure what response he's requiring.

You may have noticed with Fox shows at youtube that youtube, in conjunction with democrat schemers, provide Fox news shows, pretending to be pro-Trumpers, in order to cut out (from view) the things most damaging to Democrats. That's why the full shows are never being offered anymore at youtube, even if they promise full shows. These are rats, folks, just rats, to be stepped on. Advance, because they are nothings but with the reigns of power. Enjoy demolishing their power structures by removing the respect they absolutely require to win the minds of the masses. Expose their crimes to reduce the respect they need. Humiliate them at every opportunity with truth. Stay honest, fight honest, play honest, or you will become a mere card, like them. People who abide on a diet of lies can't keep their minds straight, they become laughable cards. Live by truth, and you will be substance incarnate. A giant. Eat truth, be a builder. Eat lies, be a destroyer. Christians should be the biggest builders of all. But we should build what Jesus builds; everything else will be abandoned and/or destroyed.

Mark Levin passes on the message that Alito may be hinting to make illegal all the votes from all counties which permitted late ballots. Why? Because the COVID excuse was insufficient to set aside the constitutional mandate to have all votes declared illegal if they come in after election day. This explains why one count house was caught demanding from all its workers to change the dates on ballots to a legal date. The command from the top likely went out to all cheat houses" get those dates changed on all manufactured ballots. That's right, if they manufacture ballots, they can include any allowable date they wish.

They are expected to manufacture late-arrival ballots for obvious reason: they don't know for sure which states will need manufactured ballots (probably pre-manufactured, ready to go on election night) until election night. They're expected to dump upon the count tables their late-arrival ballots last of all, with as many manufactured ones as needed to win the state. If they need more, they get more, and hope no one checks to see that they're doubling up on voters, or perhaps entering false names. But it's so much easier and safer to commit to computer "glitches." It's the software's fault, they can say. "Glitches" could be the way in which they win Democrat-strong states in the first place, and when they lose a Republican state like Texas after using glitch technology, it could be due to limits on using it lest they get caught using too much. That's how they got caught in Michigan; someone got suspicious when a Republican area went too Democratic to be real.

Expect much last-minute glitch technology in all battleground states this year, and perhaps what they did was to rack up a certain number of glitch votes (count Republican votes as Democrat ones), but reporting them as late- or mail-in ballots that don't exist. A manual re-count would catch that if the count house is not permitted to slip in manufactured ballots to account for all of those votes after a re-count is announced. It's probably a good idea for Republicans to guard the count houses, with paid "security guards," 24 hours daily with cameras as their defence weapons.

Jim Jordan (Hannity, Friday) said that Pennsylvania reported 100,000 late ballots. The supreme court can thus take about 20,000 Biden votes away from him if, for example, the cheat house awarded Biden with 60,000 of them (Trump gets 40,000). But the bonanza would come if fraud is detected in those ballots, which could lead, by supreme-court suggestion, to some drastic, criminal action to punish the cheat houses. If there's no punishment, there will be no curbing the criminal behavior. It's not good enough to waltz away happy with a Trump election win by supreme-court order. The beast will come again if its agents are not put down, fearful of getting more punishment if caught again. The punishment needs to be sufficient to match the temptation to commit crime. If the crimes are the easy stealing of millions of dollars of government money, the lure is big, and so the punishment must be big too. The Democrat party is all about bigger taxes for pocketing bigger dollars.

I noticed that after Hannity's guests spoke with passion, Hannity answered calmly, as if to quell the passion, which may have to do with his knowledge that Fox bosses don't want passion because, to liberals, it seems corrosive to their ears, and Fox bosses hearken unto liberals (Fox is a schizoid news channel). Fox is thus practically (i.e. down-and-gritty) useless for mounting the fight that's needed. Fox only makes viewers mad at the deep state, which keeps them watching, but nothing ever mounts as passions are quelled. I sometimes think that Fox is guilty of tormenting viewers with endless tease. When guests began to get militant in the Russia-collusion / impeachment scandal, Fox and/or Hannity replaced them with "level-headed" guests like Lindsey Graham, the actor-traitor, and with Carl Rove. It's a news organization, after all, not an activist platform...meaning: watch Fox only of you're willing to tolerate the tease opera.

With tease from both Fox and Trump together the last four years, I've come to regret covering American news all that time. I'm now trapped watching the outcome of this election, hoping only that something will finally get done if Trump wins. The better part of me expects that Trump's exciting election-eve language will dissipate now that he doesn't need to win another election. He should take a long vacation because he over-worked himself campaigning, and now has another fight on his hands. This is not good for his mental / nerve-related health. Take a break, Donald, take a break, and come back with a refreshed mind. I think a long vacation for him is about a day and a half. Obama lived for presidential vacations, the hedonist.

You might like this technical dialogue on Pennsylvania's pre-Alito situation as concerns "cured" ballots, a Democrat baby for sure:

Sara Carter had this headline: "‘Domain for warfare’: DOJ seizes 27 Iranian websites during election". Barr, dope, the election enemy is not Iran, it's Americans operating under your fat nose, and you're party of them. This headline comes soon after the DoJ charged some Russians for some wackiness that I can't remember, the same DoJ that's failed to arrest one American for crimes conducted under Barr's fat nose. Barr's not doing his job, he's lounging on a couch like a fat pig, wanting honor for his high position, but out to lunch 24 hours of the day pretending he sees no deep-state crimes worthy of arrests. I'm being kind with these words of disrespect, because, the naked truth is, Barr is a criminal, and a supporter of the worst kind of criminals.

Definition of SLOB: 1) someone who doesn't clean up the dirt in his environment; 2) someone tolerating in a hell hole; 3) someone who wipes the arses of scoundrels for making his friends. Here's a job for Barr: "However, according to a report from the 'Dan O’Donnell Show,' sources claim that 'clerks and vote counters' in the state [Wisconsin] wrote in the witness signatures themselves. Furthermore, the report claims that the election workers chose to write in the addresses because they were illegally advised to do so by the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC)." The entire Wisconsin results are to be canceled if this is true. Barr has the power to break into the offices of the Wisconsin vote houses to investigate. Get off your fat...

Trump should have little problem going to the supreme court with all of his team's arguments, but, the question is, will Amy Coney participate on his behalf? Will Kavanaugh side with the Democrats? The charges of fraud are heavy enough, I think, to prevent Kavanaugh from siding with the cheaters. It gives Coney the green light to argue on behalf of law rather than appearing like Trump's political pawn. Pennsylvania results are easily assailable; ditto with Wisconsin. This could remove Biden's win overnight.

Scroll forward to the testimony of the poll watchers (about the 30th minute) in this video, who come on after Giuliani's weekend appearance:

We could celebrate this Trump loss if it exposes the Democrat cheat machine, and makes solid changes to kill it. Giuliani might lose his case against Pennsylvania, because the cheating goes up into the courts. Expose expose expose. If Democrats cannot provide a way to pick out all of the ballots that were unseen by the Republican monitors -- and the Democrats went to pains to mix them up, we may assume -- it can work against them now by the tossing out of ALL ballots that were not shown to Republicans from the time that Trump had a large margin of victory. If I were a judge, that's how I would judge this. Make the cheats pay hard. Giuliani's doing a good job. It should have been done years ago to prevent the fraud from happening now.

The video above is by Right Side Broadcasting Network, with 1.3 million views already. Asking youtube for "trump press conference November 7", it firstly brings up NTD with only 175,000 views at the same time as the 1.3 million above. It secondly brings up News 8 WROC with only 886 views at the same time (10:30 pm). It thirdly brings up Rappler with just 13,200 views. And that's all. Apparently, the youtube people are suppressing Right Side Broadcasting Network, and the youtube computer may have missed that it's doing so well in views, and so that video may be persecuted later by the thought-police. This is why God has in store to punish google and youtube.

Here's a good run-down on cheating methods from an expert:

Here's a good watch from BCP Sunday showing why the head cheaters are starting to squirm:

Trumpers are furious with Fox news for more reason than the early Arizona call. Fox news is in a pickle because, as soon as it fires its pro-Trumpers, they will be picked up my Newsmax or OAN, Fox's competitors.

Drudge's poison-page (every day) on Monday morning has not one story on Giuliani's court battles, and plenty of articles on president Biden going forward. It predicts that he's helping to score another major disappointment to liberals. There is a good chance that Trump will remain the president after the cases are decided by the supreme court, unless I'm reading Amy Barrett's appointment wrong.


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