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November 10 - 16, 2020

God Points to the Dominion Election-Cheat Farming
God Puts Scytl on Ice, Set to Expose Global Election-Heist Machinery

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Come January, the Senate might be in the hands of Democrats, but, even so, Democrat senator Joe Manchin said that he will NOT NOT NOT vote to stack the supreme court with a 10th, 11th, or even 12th Democrat judge, if the Democrats try to use the senate to do so. There is no other way to do so but through the senate, and they absolutely will need Manchin's vote to get it done. It appears that the Republicans will have a supreme majority for the foreseeable future. There are many things to do FAST to undo the corruption of a left-leaning court over this past generation.

Chris Christie, who I think showed his true colors in betraying Trump when the latter was diagnosed with COVID, has said there's no evidence of election fraud. He wants Biden as the next president, just like Fox news and a host of Republican stupids willing to form an alliance with corruption incarnate in the Democrat deep state. This is what's going on, very visible.

This video promises to sink the Democrat party for a long time to come, or for the next couple of elections, anyway, unless half of Americans are fine with election cheating by Democrats, which is perhaps almost the case:

The Biden "win" may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the good guys, with the potential to reveal corrupt judges, too, as they deny / ignore most election corruption. Can bad judges not be brought to the supreme court with a request to terminate them as judges? How can a nation tolerate judges who turn blind eyes to election cheating? You can't just let judges like that remain in place. In what other fields are they supporting corruption?

If I were the chief of the Democrat cheating machine, my first rule would be: count ballots last in the counties having the best track record and capabilities for cheating. Count them last in case we need to cheat. The Democrat party is a ZERO. It doesn't count. It's going to screech in pain as it goes down.

Prediction: Pennsylvania's vote count will go down for Biden, due to the discovery of fraud in ballots counted post-election day, sufficient to bring the race to within the re-count threshold, and this should identify further fraud during the re-count. One the cat is out of the bag in Pennsylvania, there's no turning back on turning over every dark rock to see what the ZERO's have done who claim to be the moral high ground for the nation. Trump will likely become the next president to their horrible screeches, and this may be why Trump fired his defense secretary this week, perhaps because he can't be trusted with the plots the Democrats have for removing Trump by force of military powers.

My question is, who is Christopher Miller whom Trump has made the acting defence chief? He doesn't seem to have anything by which I can identify him as one of the good guys. I don't like the look of his face because he looks like a liberal, but I'm just guessing, of course. Did Trump just blindly put his own enemy into the charge of his defence establishment, as he did Sessions, Wray and Barr for his federal police? Some possible good news follows, but maybe only because it could be obvious to Barr that Trump now has the edge over Biden: "Attorney General William Barr in a memo issued on Monday authorized the Justice Department (DOJ) to look into voting irregularities in the 2020 presidential election." Problem: when the FBI looks into things, it manipulates them for corruption purposes (mainly, it tells whistle-blowers to shut up, or else). It did so throughout 9-11 crimes, throughout the Trump attack and Mueller probe, and so why might it be any different now? What has since happened to give anyone confidence that Barr's police can be trusted to support the good guys? NOTHING.

If Trump doesn't fire Wray today, he's both a self-inflicting dope and a danger for the country. He just fired Esper who can't be 1-percent as bad as Wray. This is a very bad time to have your mortal enemy in charge of the FBI. If Trump doesn't get rid of him TODAY, something is very wrong with Trump. He would be gambling his voter's rights away to keep Wray in charge of voter-fraud allegations. Every local FBI office is expected to report to Wray anything having to do with voter fraud. There is ZERO doubt that the FBI will interview all whistle-blowers and witnesses of fraud, and I predict that Wray will cancel MOST of them for being non-viable / non-credible / trivial / superficial. If Trump allows Wray to oversee this, he would be a man with a sure win and turning it into a bitter loss.

The prediction is that the Democrat side will argue in court that the FBI saw little merit in the majority of cases bringing forth fraud allegations. The media will then hammer Trump's legal team as conspiracy theorists. This is the toxic, acidic irony that Trump has handed his voters by choosing Wray and Barr. Just when his voters need the DoJ firmly on-side of their president, it can't be depended upon. All deserved, deep-state punishment hangs in the balance. The deep state may be in power again this January with vengeance in its hands. It has record of all those who actively sought to bring it down.

Did you buy extra food yet?

They appear to be on-track for mandatory vaccinations. Something is very wrong if they do that. What will they do to you and me if we refuse to have a vaccination? Will they forbid us to buy food? How can we get together to fight it by starving together? I absolutely oppose in utter disgust a mandatory shot of anything from strangers I do not know nor trust, mandated by a government based in corruption-incarnate within a global cabal. COVID is NOT dangerous enough to make a vaccine mandatory, and so if they mandate it, they are loading some of the shots with body-altering chemicals, guaranteed. They would be up to something heinous with the masses. It could be as simple as our living too long for their liking, and so they would inject us with something that facilitates our dying sooner, in our 70s for example, rather than at 90.

Biden's already stressing COVID plots for his presidency, and as Cuomo (a proven murderer of the aged) is rejecting Trump's vaccines, perhaps the liberals have their specialized toxic vaccines a-coming soon to a guillotine plaza near you. Take it from a mobster: "Anthony Scaramucci...tweeted recognition to president-elect Joe Biden for developing a COVID-19 vaccination." It's by Pfizer: "Pfizer did not join Operation Warp Speed...". Instead, Pfizer jumped ship to join the Clingons. You just watch Biden cling-on to his White-House mirage like a goof ignoring the harsh realities. That is, IF Kavanaugh and Barrett choose to support the cases of Giuliani et-al, the presidency will be won there.

Note how Pfizer comes out to announce success only as Biden wins the election. Not only can the Democrats take credit for saving the nation from COVID in this way, but, as could be expected with their man in the White House, it will provide them the excuse to take off the masks, resume normal life. But as Trump has the best chance to win the White House, they will try to enlarge on their bizarre COVID theater in spite of Trump's vaccination program.

So, the Democrats are going to admit that voter fraud happens, in every election, but that this is "not widespread." That's the phrase they are hoping will carry the day for them in the courts. But of course it happens in every election, not because the count houses are deceived by sneaky voters, but because the count houses are the very whores who propagate (give birth > nurture > raise) illegitimate votes. This is the game to keep eyes on; the onus is in the Trump team to show that illegal votes were birthed in whore houses evolved over several elections with willing nymphomaniacs. This makes it SYSTEMATIC = widespread-enough-to-go-to-jail-for.

Will Barr arrest anyone, that useless wonder, to help put some teeth into Trump's legal team? How is trash of help to anything but rats? Barr oversees a rat cage with Wray the big cheese. He likes to watch Wray spin his wheel, going nowhere. Barr has made it clear enough that Wray is his pet. And this is what defines Barr. He worries about his reputation in leftist-rat media, but then doesn't seem to care that his reputation is a rat's arse with Wray in charge of his police force. He instructed Wray this week not to entertain "far-fetched" claims of election fraud, which is exactly the beautiful music Wray wants to hear. "It's all far-fetched, boss, to me."

"Exactly, whiskers. Give my back a scratch, wudja?"

Giuliani says it's unlawful for a whore house to keep Republicans from watching the ballot shuffle. When ballots are piled in stacks while watchers are not permitted to check the legality of the ballots, it's a clear job for Bill Barr to go in an arrest the madam whore. It's Barr's job because he knows his rat won't do it. If Barr won't do it, that's why he's a piece of trash. Barr should have done this by now based on the mega-weight of Giuliani's witnesses (some on video) telling that they were not permitted to watch. It warrants arrests yesterday, and further investigations tomorrow. He is required to act speedily to send the country the message that this will not be tolerated. He needs to signal the alarm, but Barr is the slowest wheel of justice because he intends not to bring the elite to justice if he can get away with it.

So he puts out a letter this week to give the people the illusion that he's working on Giuliani's cases, when he already has crimes that are provable. If you get caught in a significant crime, they don't arrest you weeks later. They arrest you right away, even if you can't go home to lock your doors at the house, or shut the windows to protect from rain. You don't get to go home to feed your dog. We saw the crimes on video, and so did Barr. None of the whores have denied the charges that are all over conservative media. So, where's the arrests? Is this particular crime not of sufficient significance? Is this not the last act of the sedition played out already for four years? Yes, and where is Barr's first arrest for any of the seditious rats? Almost two years and counting, and still not one arrest. Instead, he puts out a letter, "I'm on the job, I'm checking things out, got Wray with me."

Instead, he's virtually allowing the rats to control the White House (and it's many government arms) for the next four years. And Trump hasn't the wisdom or the courage to get rid of Barr and Wray at this critical time. Week after week, I report on this joke of a presidency, never getting better than a sick dog.

There is overwhelming PROOF that dead people voted. It means that, in many but unknown instances, SOMEBODY filled out the ballot of a dead person, and as such each and every person who did so should be arrested TODAY. If Barr is anything of a man at all, rather than a fink in a man's body, he would make a frightening example of what happens to people who fill out illegal ballots by arresting hundreds / thousands of such people and making widespread news with it. Then, task those arrested people with snitching on their bosses. Let's wait to see how many such arrests Barr will task Wray with. Any guesses on the number?

The process to get to the bottom of the fraud, if only for the purpose of re-electing Trump, will provide wide news coverage around the world to shame the cheats. The problem is, the cheats have no shame, no will to repent, and as such they must be jailed immediately to wipe the smug looks on their faces. The other problem is, I have never seen anyone with as smug a face as Wray as he supports the anti-Trump deep state. This is the man that Barr left in place to this day KNOWING that he was a deep-state man. So, do the math: 1 troll + 1 troll = 2 trolls.

Barr's top elections-fraud prosecutor resigned on Monday: "Richard Pilger, director of the elections crimes branch in the Justice Department's Public Integrity Section, told colleagues in an email that the attorney general was issuing 'an important new policy abrogating the forty-year-old Non-Interference Policy for ballot fraud investigations in the period prior to elections becoming certified and uncontested." Pilger also forwarded the memo to colleagues in his resignation letter." Ah, er, a 40-years-old policy brings it back to about the time that the Democrat fraud machine kicked into high gear. They even made a policy that would disallow the attorney general to intervene. That policy was an integral part of the machine.

Question; why did Barr tolerate this rat at the head of his elections-fraud unit until now, when the country is in the thick of election fraud that anyone could see coming, months ago, like a roaring train without brakes? Why didn't Barr prepare for this by installing a normal prosecutor for election fraud?

What Pilger wants is for Barr to wait until the entire gamut of election process runs its course, weeks from now, before investigating fraud. Ah, er, like he doesn't want the DoJ's input into any cases brought to the supreme court. That's the whore's trick of this policy: let the deep state have its way with election fraud, and don't investigate until the new president is installed thanks to the cheating. But Barr, even though I think he's a Bushite, can't sit on his butt that long without being throttled into infamy, and so I think he's just trying to make good appearances, playing both sides. My only question: how little will he do little?

[Barr's] memo [to investigate early, now] came after weeks of internal discussions among Justice officials, during which senior officials [i.e. the deep state rats] told Barr changing the policy on fraud investigations would be a bad idea, according to a person briefed on the discussions. Barr issued the memo Monday to the surprise of senior officials, including Pilger, the person briefed on the matter said (CNN).

The disgusting faggot, Rick Grenell, continues to get regular news air time, and the idea here is to make people comfortable with faggotry in the Republican party. SPIT! DISGUSTING PIGS. Spread the word: no unrepentant / practicing faggot will be permitted into the Kingdom of God. The end-times will be Sodom all over again. Do not become comfortable with Grenell the full-grown PIG who sleeps with another man. PUKE, DISGUSTING, DEMONIC. BE CAREFUL that you do not become comfortable with he and others, or God could judge you with their sins because you support their sins. Do not say it doesn't matter what happens in a bedroom. IT DOES MATTER. These animals work with others every day, and now they are in the news, in our faces, unashamed, promoting themselves, wanting to control politics. If you are comfy-nice with these dogs, you betray the thunder and lightning of Armageddon. You're going to be shaken. Be a giant, speak out against faggots today, save yourself from becoming a pillar of salt.

"Richard Grenell said that being gay made him a better Christian." What a despicable imposter. Anyone who welcomes him spits in God's face.

It is wrong to say that Trump beat all the media combined, including half of Fox, all the Internet giants combined, all the deep-state Intelligence goons combined. It is accurate to say that the normal people in the United States beat them. Had Trump been THE MAN, the country would not have been in this frightening situation. It is Trump's fault that the Democrats were able to cheat enough to almost take the election. Trump is the power base of the normal people, but he is not the reason for his election win. They are. He was willing to support them, and they trusted him, voted for him. But I think Trump is a dog who would not have supported them had he not needed them to win again. The Christian people will vote for the one who promises to protect them from the left. If some luke-warm spit like McCain or Romney tries to garner their votes, the election goes to the left. Trump knew it, and so he also knew he had to act more Christian-friendly to get them to vote in higher numbers. He promised them school choice, but has not yet delivered.

In return for four years of their loyal support, Trump refused to do the things he should have done, for them, to combat the wicked forces on the left, and he even abandoned his program to expose its election-fraud machine. He thus delivered Christians to the jaws of the shark. If the shark comes to power now, it might harshly persecute those who spoke openly against it, in favor of Trump their "protection." So, if Trump comes out the winner, have the wisdom not to give him the credit. Give the Christian people the credit. And consider whether Jesus made the difference. If Jesus did it, don't be so foolish as to give credit to Trump unless you don't mind offending your God. Trump had little choice but to depend on Christians to get re-elected, but rather than give them credit, he'll be tempted to credit his own powers. It's not Trump who served Christians, it's Christians who served Trump. He begged for their votes, they gave them to him.

The Christians, the Sekulows, are involved at the highest levels of Trump's legal cases, to the supreme court. By week's end, the Sekulows will have filed several cases in various battleground states. Let's see whether we can't pull Trump out of the shark's throat.

Two good examples of voter fraud using the computerized flipping method is shown at Tuesday's BCP, from the 15th minute through to the 20th:

One of the two cases offered by BCP is below so that you get it wholly, that while a Democrat got 560 votes added, his opponent went down exactly 560 votes simultaneously, and then the CNN camera took the numbers-switch off the air as fast as grandma sitting on her hot iron:

So, Barr can order an FBI office to go arrest the people responsible for that cheating. Waiting to hear...

The re-counts are of utmost importance...if the people re-counting care about finding the fraud while re-counting. But if the Republicans don't chose those who do the re-count, then, stupids they are. You need a strategy before going in to re-count, to look for the fraud. If the sole purpose is to get Trump re-elected, stupids they are for blowing this golden opportunity to cripple the cheat machine, and to replace it EXCLUSIVELY with good-ole fashioned hand counting. Use computerized machines only to help assure that there are no illegal ballots, and give both parties updated copies of the software so that program experts can dissect what the software is made of. Never commit the vote totals to a computer, as the only / primary record of the count, because numbers in a computer can be changed. Keep vote totals on paper, and send copies of the totals to both parties every ten minutes.

Pointers to the Supreme Court

Here's John Solomon with brazen crimes including the bribing of the whore houses by facebook:

With all the money that big tech can offer, and all that Internet cheating, they still lost this election. They used the polls to figure that they had to cheat more in this election than in any other. Biden did not get as many votes as he's reported to, and neither did Hillary in the last election. Until there's a full check of all count houses in every county, no one might ever know how many fake votes the democrats get in EVERY election. The Internet has been with us in political-influential form for less than 20 years, and so as this is a necessary part of democracy, it needs to be illegal for it to censor political talk regardless of who owns it.

As Solomon says that Mark Zuckerberg (facebook boss) gave $350 million to election-related bodies in this election, I looked up Zucker(berg)s to find the three fesses of Beaks, probably, because Zuckers have white feathers in Crest that are likely ostrich feathers while Beaks have a white ostrich in Crest. I'm going to make the case that this surname points to judge Scalia's murder. The first thing of note is that Scalia-like Scale's have five, white ostrich feathers in Crest. (Load Zucker tab now to load other surnames to better follow this discussion.)

Secondly, Zuckers use a form of the Arms of Saxony, and while German Julians were first found in Saxony, they have six pale bars in the colors of the six fessewise bars of Beak-related Babe's. From here, we take it to English Julians sharing the cross in the School/SCYALE Crest.

Next we go to the newest supreme court judge. The three Zucker / Beak fesses are above the "gold gate" in the Arms of PodeBRADY, and while Babe's trace to Podebrady by the "gold gate" in the Babel/Babwell Crest, and by the babe's sharing a hand pointing to the sun with BRADYs, judge Amy Coney BARRETT's surname was mentioned with BRETTs and BRADYs in the last update. She had worked for Scalia, you see, and she can be expected to curb big tech's political powers if the Republicans are smart enough to bring their case before the supreme court. Trump could have the credit for destroying the cheating powers of big tech by his appointment of three judges to the supreme court, yet we should be very open to the theory that this is God's work.

Amy was pointed to, in the last update, by my literally pointing to a bra hanging on a laundry line. I had my index finger outstretched to touch this bra because it was almost out of my reach, but, determined, I touched it with my finger (age nine). So, that looks like a pointer to Babe's. The latter even share the Beak leopard FACE as a possible pointer to FACEbook. The bra belonged to a cute blond, a babe, we might say, and this now needs to go to my short-term date, Lorraine, who got a babe symbol that pointed to Babe's, yes she did.

Bretts/Brits are like the Births/Berts, and, on my 24th BIRTHday, as I've said many times, I asked her out on our first date, and we met that evening at a LAUNDRomat. It goes excellently with the laundry line and bra because I discovered the Langley link to laundry-like Landens/LANDERs while discussing her pointers, for she had pointed hard as rock to Pepin of Landen. That's why Landens/Landers were a topic at all, who share the six pale bars of LANGleys while Bra is at the LANGHE theater of Coney-line Cuneo. I can see why God set things up this way, to point to Langley, Virginia, location of CIA headquarters that likely has a pact with facebook and similar others. In fact, the very development of facebook may have been done under much CIA decision-making.

Lorraine is/was a blond, like the tenant who owned the bra, and Blonds can be gleaned as kin of Babe's. Prior to Lorraine getting her babe symbol, I had claimed that Pepin of Landen was related to queen BEBBA of Bamburgh castle. This morning, Tuesday, prior to starting this section on Lorraine, the following was added to the last update: "I try to make the case that Montforts from Monforte [beside Bra] were linked to Bra liners in this update, but had forgotten that MowBRAYs of Montbray probably have a one-tailed version of the Montfort lion." In the Mowbray write-up: "The same Roger de Mowbray also held Bambrough [Bamburgh] Castle in Northumberland." That was queen Bebba's castle!!! ZIKERS. Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland.

I don't ever remember realizing that the Mowbray write-up had Bebba's castle. Note that while Apps/EPPS' are also ABBs, EPPsteins share the triple chevrons of Babenbergs.

Bamburgh castle is in BERWICKshire while Amys share the bear heads of Berwicks (and Barwicks), and moreover while Scole's/Scayle's were at Barwick, Books/Boggs were first found in Berwickshire who might somehow work out to be a pointer to faceBOOK. Here's what else was inserted into the last update this morning: "On the Tuesday after this update was out, I looked up the Scold surname, and while there wasn't one, I realized that Scole's are listed with SCAYLE's!!! I always say that she scolded me because it's just the proper word to use. She was not happy I touched her bra." The bra event had already pointed to Scalia and Barrett, you see, and now the scolding does too.

We need to appreciate here that the double-tailed Montfort lion is in the Arms of Bohemia while Podebrady is in Bohemia. Plus, Langhe is in Asti province while Astys share the Lorraine lion! It's perfect for her laundromat pointer to Langhe and Langleys. If that's not enough, the Lorraine bend-with-items is in the three colors of the Holwell bend-with-goats, which was discovered as per the Brett/Brit write-up: "Over in Dorset in the parish of Holwell, another branch of the family was found." Dorset is where Babe's were first found. In the last update, the Brett Crest was suspect with the Kavanaugh lion because of Brett Kavanaugh, the supreme-court justice appointed by trump immediately before Amy Coney Barrett (read as BRA-ett). Holwells were in Salford, same as Ratcliffe's.

When there was a report online about a possible sting plot against the election cheating, I looked up Stingers to find them listed with German Steins. They happen to share the Holwell Goat. By the way, HolWELLs are suspect as a merger of Hollys (Norfolk, same as Wells) and Wells; the latter share a double tailed lion (different colors) with Montforts, and then Bath and Wells is in Somerset, where Bretts were first found who had a branch at neighboring Holwell. This allows us to enter the other Hollys sharing the mermaid with German Babels/Babe's (the latter's has two tails). Then, Well-like Walsers have both a two-tailed mermaid and the goat. German Welsers (not "Walser), sharing the wing of Jewish Glass', have the fleur-de-lys of Scottish Glass' while Books use an hourGLASS. Glass', suspect as a variation from "WALLIS" canton, have another mermaid to go with the WALSer mermaid because Walsers were named after Wallis canton. Wallis'/Wallace's share the MowBRAY and Montfort lion, perfect.

As per Langley, VIRGINIA, it would be good if we could prove that Virginia's/Virgins have the Montfort / Mowbray lion in colors reversed. It just so happens that while Landen (Belgium) is near Ghent/Gaunt (Belgium), the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt has a so-called virgin because Virginia's/Virgins were first found in Kent with Gaunts. Moreover, I read that Montforts own the GONfanon banner (Banners were likely Bohemians, as were Montforts), and Belgian Gone's/Guenets share the Gaunt bend. It just so happens that German Banners share the Cake/CakeBREAD fleur-de-lys, which is an obvious line from Bohemia's PodeBRADY, and then the German Banner Coat is a near copy of the German Welser Coat while English Banners have a "sine" motto term for Sine's/Sions while Sion is in Wallis canton. Perfect, we just made a super link of Virginia's to Montfort-Bra liners beside Langhe, which is in Asti province, and then Astys (Lorraine lion) were first found in Lanarkshire with Sine's/Sions.

The Banner / Cakebread fleur-de-lys is shared by BAUMgartners, and, lo, that's got to be from BAMberg castle of the German Babenbergs, yet the Bamburgh castle at Berwick was owned by Bebbanburgs. Plus, Dutch Welsers even have the moline of Moline's in colors reversed, likely, because the Moline goat heads are in the colors of the Walser goat. Baumgartners share the green parrot with Peeble's/PEOPLES' while Pepins are also People's.

By the way, Moline's were first found in Devon with Births/BERTs while MumMOLIN was married to BERTHE. One of Mummolin's sons was BABON, hello? So, trace this Merovingian Babon character to the Bebbanburgs of queen Bebba, and add to this the fact the Pepins were mayors of the Merovingian palace, as was Mummolin himself. Poppo I was the founder of Bamberg's Babenbergs, and then Poppa of Valois is suspect from Wallis-canton elements that canton is also called, Valais, while the Valois surname is also "Valais."

An interesting addition here is that Baumgartners share the Sales fleur-de-lys, and while Saluzzo is suspect from Seleucus I, his son, Antiochus, is like the Antick surname with a giant parrot. SULCis in Sardinia is at Sant'ANTIOCO. The Anticks could be in the Shake motto, and then the Shake Crest has a rabbit of hare, possibly a coney rabbit.

Morning Wednesday. If the Supers point to the supreme court because they use billets while Billets are also Ballots, let's also tell that the Seleucids were from Epirus, location of Billet-like Byllis/Bullis. Bullis' are also Bulliards while French Billets are also Billiards. Why should this coincidence be the case here? Did God provide Billets to be Ballots in order to point to the supreme court's coming decision for this election's ballot dispute(s)?

I woke up today with an event of last Friday on my mind, I drank a good squirt of dish SOAP accidentally. It was enough to taste very bitter. At first I thought I was in trouble because I thought I had swallowed some harsh poison, but then I remembered a good squirt of dish soap (Sunlight) I had put into a cup to check for a propane leak at the propane tank. I came by the kitchen sink, and thirsty while seeing an inch of water at the bottom of the cup, I literally threw the entire inch down my throat without tasting it first, like one takes a shot of whisky. It burned my throat.

I did find a leak at the small valve, by the way, and I figure the propane company left it there to waste propane i.e. make more money selling it. I had to give the valve a full turn to make it tight. I was checking it (Friday) precisely because I didn't trust the propane company. Is this a pointer to some a LEAK to Trump's legal team?

Scalia Was Poisoned

I can link Swallows and Sallows to Sales' suspect from Seleucids, and so look at the timing of my telling this story, immediately after talk on Seleucid suspects, though I did not have Swallows in mind when starting to tell of the dish-soap event. I wanted to tell of this event because I realized that "soap" can be a pointer to the supreme court with Supers/SOPers. The latter's saltire can be code for Saltire's/SALTers, first found in Shropshire with Sallows, and beside the Sales' having a Salter-like Sallett variation. Avezzano's, from the upper Salto river, were first found on Sardinia, location of Sulcis / Sant'Antioco. That's pretty-darned amazing. Avezzano-branch Avesnes' share the black anchor with Sallow-like Shallows/Shelleys (whale, same as Dols). Schalls/Shalls use roundels, begging whether Scalia's were a Seleucid line before having become a Germanized form (i.e. "Sch") of Shall / Sallow / Swallow liners.

I was going to say that, perhaps my drinking "poison" was a pointer to Judge Scalia's murder, for he was likely sedated and/or poisoned to death, judging by the circumstances of his death (he felt tired (or sick) during dinner and retired early to bed). I then realized that DRINKing it can be a pointer to Leto's/Alitto's because they have a crane drinking (from a "pond"). I drank the dish soap on Friday, I know this because I was painting doors at the time, and that was Friday. Just look at this: "U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito on FRIDAY [!!!] night ordered county election boards in Pennsylvania to comply with a state directive to separate mail-in ballots received after 8 p.m. on Election Day from other ballots." Wow, God made me swallow a bitter dose for the team, folks. But at least I got a stomach clean-out.

More amazing is that Leto's/Alitto's are in Light/Lite colors while the latter were just looked up because I drank SunLIGHT brand! Zinger. Plus, the Suns are listed with Sinclairs having an engrailed cross in the colors of the engrailed Super/Soper saltire! INCREDIBLE. The Saltire's/Salters (lots of BILLETS!!!), by the way, use roundels, code for Rundels/Roundels (share Alan fesse) and their Fitz-Alan-of-Arundel branch that married Alice of Saluzzo! Arundels are the ones sharing swallows with Swallows!!! There are multiple stories being told with that one shot of soap. The Saltire's/Salters have red roundels, as do Sardinia-suspect Shirts/Shards (Cheshire, same as Sale's/Salletts). Shirts/Shards are in the colors of the Tancreds/TANKS!!! The propane tank.

Tancred was the father of the Sicilian Guiscards (probably a branch of VISconti's) whom I reckon were the reason for the rooster symbol of the Visconti's of Gallura (Sardinia). There's a rooster in both the Sun/Sinclair and Saltire/Salter Crest. It's likely the Galli / Gay rooster.

The last update had two car-jack events pointing to Jack Dorsey of SILICon valley, which is why Seleucid-like Sillicks/Sellicks came to topic. I can now add that the three Jack scallops are used by Poison-like Poissons!!! I think that's amazing because I swallowed this soap while taking a break from painting doors. Doors were in the last update as pointers to DORsey! What does this mean, that Jack Dorsey / twitter played a role in Scalia's murder?

The soap I drank is lemon-scented, and English Lemons happen to have dolphins colors reversed from the Poisson dolphin! You can't get surname links this well from a few items in a simple event in your life. It's not going to happen unless God arranges it. Lemons were at Billet-like Blything, and Bill Clinton's father was Mr. Blythe. Blythe's, whom I always link to the neighboring Jacks, are in Lemon colors and format (no small thing), and Blythe's even share the Cheek/Chick/CHECK crescents while I had CHECKED for a leak. Lemons are suspect from Le Mans, in Maine, where French Billets/Billiards were first found. We can guess that the Clinton crime ring was involved with this election's fraud, the last election's fraud in 2016, and Scalia's murder in February of 2016 so that president Clinton might replace him to the horrible detriment of all Americans not part of Democrat-mobster circles.

Oh wow, Lemons are also Limons while Ballot-like Ballets (Suffolk) are said to be from "the lands of Coddenham, held by Ralph de Limesy". Limesys/Limseys (Suffolk) have a giant eagle in the colors of the Diss eagles, and Diss happens to be just outside the Suffolk border/ The lemon-scented Diss soap at your service! Diss is amazing.

Poissons share the dolphin of Franklins, who in turn can be gleaned, from their motto, as Pero kin, and therefore expected to share the Pavia martlets. For what it's worth. As Cheneys are expected to love the Feets/Fate's (share Pavia Coat) in their motto while Cheneys were first found in Buckinghamshire with Franklins, note that the Franklin bend is a probably a different-colored version of the Cheney bend.

I recall first discovering the Pussy surname with a sun-using surname like "Pussin," but cannot recall the spelling. It's how I found Poissons. Pussys/Pussins have the triple fesses of Pasleys in colors reversed, and both surnames were first found near to one another. Then, Scottish Pasleys/Paisleys can be traced with Speers to Italian Pasi's, and judge Scalia's murdered body was transported immediately to El-PASO to be embalmed without an autopsy, which should be just as suspicious as the Democrats manufacturing ballots, for getting rid of a Republican supreme-court judge would be their expected game when desperate. For the first time in a long time, the supreme court had been making 5-4 decisions regularly in favor of Republicans, and Scalia was a fundamental part of it.

Ahh, I have found the sun-using surname as Poussins (Maine, same as Billets/Billiards). It was found because I recalled that both it and the Pussys come up as "Poussin" as per in the blue-apples mystery at Rennes-le-Chateau: "ShepherDESS no temptation that POUSSIN and TENIERS hold the key pax 681 by the cross and this horse of god I complete this guardian demon at midday blue apples." The interesting thing is that Poussins list a Fors surname while Fore's/Forez's/Forests look like a branch of Fosters/Forresters while Scalia's "buddy," Mr. Foster, convinced him to go hunting on the weekend he was killed. Foster flew to the hunting ranch with Scalia. Put that together with poison-like Poissons. Pussys/Pussins/Poussins were first found in Oxfordshire with Pero-liner Peare's and their Teniers-like Tien kin. is "ShepherDESS" code for the Deise variation of Diss'? In any case, the black Keppoch-MacDonald fitchee in the Shepherd Crest suggests that Shepherds were a Keeper/Keep branch. Keppochs are in Lemon / Blythe colors and format. The other Shepherds share the fleur-de-lys of Faux's/Fage's/Chaulnier's (Saunier kin).

There's more if English Fors'/Forcers/FOUSers use a fox in Crest instead of a wolf. As Foss' have a fox, it appears that Fors' are a Foss branch. The amazing thing about English Fors' is that their annuLETS (suspect with Lets/Late's and/or Leto's/Alitto's) are colors reversed from the Schole/SCAYLE annulet, what a Scalincidence. Plus, Fosters/Forresters ("HUNTER blow THY horn") use a "thy" motto term while Thys/Thigh's, in the motto of SUNS/Sinclairs (linkable to the Poussin suns), have a red wolf or fox, the color of the fox/wolf in the Fors Crest. There is a fox head, by the way, in the Billet/BALLOT Crest, and Ballets/Bailetts happen to share three cinquefoils (different colors) in Chief with Billets/Ballots.

Mamie, who was given a thigh symbol, pointed to the attempted murder of Steve Scalise, and Scalise's are listed with Scalia's. Mamie pointed to Scalise for a reason other than his being shot in the hip could be construed as shot in the upper thigh. Mamie could not have pointed to Scalise unless Cindy Richardson was at second base, for Scalise was shot at second base, but the point here is that Bill Richardson (Epstein-ring suspect) of New Mexico got suspect with Scalia's murder partly because El-Paso is at the New-Mexico border. But there was another reason when Cindy Richardson pointed to pizzagate pedophilia from Comet Ping Pong a week or two after she was at second base. Cindys come up as CUNTys, a thing I discovered when on the "GrandesCUNT motto term of COURTS!!!

Stick with me here because Forcer-like Force's were first found at DORdogne, at the Perigord theater, and it just so happens that Perigord is where Fauci-like Fauchy's were first found along with Beefs/Boeufs. Then, Boeuf-like Boeffs have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Foss', and to top it off, French Faux's/Fage's/CHAULNIER's were first found in Perigord too while SAULNIER's are listed with Saunier's, likewise first found in Perigord, but the thingie here is that a catholic priest with a Saunier surname is the one who surrounds mysteries at Rennes-le-CHATeau. Note the CAT in the Pussy/Pussin/POUSSIN Crest.

There is a cat in the Crest of Croms, first found in Berkshire with Pasleys (have the Pussy/Pussin/Poussin Coat in colors reversed). Boeffs (share Saunier rose) were first found in Hesse, and Hesse's share the sun of Poussins (connection guaranteed). Foss' were first found in Somerset with the Roets-BEAUForts who can be linked to Beefs/Boeufs. Roets are connectable to the boars of Tuppers/Toppers using a "force" motto term, and the Roet boar heads are shared by Gords expected in "PeriGORD." Force's are therefore discovered in the Fors surname listed with Perigord-connectable Poussins. The Hesse Coat is that of Fetters while Lights/Lite's use feathers on their swan.

Amazingly, Tuppers/Toppers are in the colors, and almost in the format, of Tabers/Tabors who in turn use a "POSSINt" motto term. Bingo. From "Taber" we can go to "Table." Poison at the dinner table! The Taber leopards look like those of Force's because Tuppers/Toppers love Force's. English Leopards (gold leopard faces), in Taber colors and format, were first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts (gold leopard face) and Courts/Coverts. English Leopards have leopard faces in the colors of the Force leopards and the SFORZa lion, suggesting that Tabers use the Sforza lion. German Leopards are in Leo colors, and Leo's are from Pierleoni of Rome, where Sforza's were first found. The Force LEOpards thus indicate that PierLeoni (named after pope Leo Benedict) had merged with Sforza's, making Leopard/LepPER variations suspect with such things as Peare's / Parsons (leopard faces both).

Tabers use a "Soles" motto term while Soles'/Solana's share the sun (different colors) with Poussins. This recalls the Solnier variation of Sole's, like the Saulnier variation of Perigord's Saunier's, and a Mr. Saunier (of the Magdalene church) was part of Rennes-le-Chateau mysteries that included "Poussins" and "blue apples." We now have evidence that the blue-apple riddle was code for surnames, as typical with Arthurian myth. The blue apples supposedly formed when sunlight struck a stained-glass window (I think the Magdalene church at Rennes-le-Chateau), and Windows/Windrows (look connectable to Halpers) have lion paws in the colors of the Taber lion heads.

It's interesting that my dish-soap "poison" was in my coffee cup because the Coffee's, using cups, share the fesse of McCabe's/McAbbe's, first found on Arran with Blue's. Andrew McCabe was the Hillary-loving deputy director of the FBI at Scalia's murder. It's now amazing that while Coffee's are Coffers to, COURTs are Coverts too while their Covert branch are also COFFERts! The dish SOAP was suggested as a pointer to Supers/SOPers > "supreme court." Perhaps my drinking the soap indicates that Scalia's poison was in his coffee cup. While German SOMERs (red fox, can link to Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' of Perigord) has a sun colors reversed from the sun of Soles'/Solana's (red wolf heads) while SOMERset is where Coffers/Coffare's were first found, English Somers have a fesse in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer / McCabe fesse.

Ahh, while Payne's/Paine's were likewise first found in Somerset with same-colored Lights/Lite's, I drank Sunlight soap that had been used to check for a proPANE leak. Pane's are listed with Panico's/Panetta's, first found on Bologna with the Poussin-connectable Pasi's (i.e. compare Poussins/Pussys with Pasleys) that I think point to El-Paso!! Pane's/Panico's/Panetta's were a branch of Pings/Pongs/Pagans and therefore of Payne's/Paine's.

We can even look at Pero's as per "PROpane" because the "flaming stars" of Pero's are the so-called "comet" of Rennes-like Reines'!!! Incredible outcome, and, to boot, the Pero stars are the hexagrams of Pagans/Payens which are called, "SPUR rowells," AMAZING because Spurrs were first found in Devon with Spurr-like Supers/Sopers!!! It's the pointer to the supreme court.

The Reines' have the PISA Coat in colors reversed so that, apparently, God arranged Reines' to point to Comet Ping Pong pizza. It's owned by James AliFANTIS, and Fantis' (Bologna), who look like they use boys, are clearly linkable to Pane's/Panico's/Panetta's (both share the "label" of Pings/Pongs (Yorkshire, same as Pinks/Pincs and Schools/Scayle's). Reines / Raines / Wren liners are suspect in naming RENfrewshire, where Pasleys/Paisleys were first found along with the Speers in the spears of Pasi's (Bologna, same as RENO river). Speers share the Roet and Gord/Gordan boar heads while Gords are expected in the makings of "PeriGord."

Maybe I was wrong. It looks like God provided the propane leak. I had been intending on checking for leaks for years, but never got around to it until last Friday. It appears that God put it into my head to check it, then made me drink "poison." What next? Leaks share the Chief-Shield colors of rulers of Montferrat, and that suggests Rennier/Rainier of Montferrat whose granddaughter married Guidi's (Guido III) of Bologna (Reno river).

I fixed the leak with a wrench, and while English Wrench's are also Rench's, German Rench's share the lone fleur-de-lys of Leaks. The latter share the bent leg with English Ayers/Eyers, and the latter add a SPUR to the leg. Then, Scottish Ayers use a "Lighter" motto term connectable to the Sunlight soap, super for proving that the soap is a pointer to Spurr-branch Supers. There is an Ayer location near Sion, and Sions/Swans/Some's share the swan with Lights/Lite's i.e. pointer to Leto's/Alitto's and judge Alito. Therefore, the PousSINs/Pussins look like they were merged with the Sine variation of Sions/Swans/Some's (Lanarkshire, beside Renfrewshire, and near Ayr of the Ayers). Ayers/Eyers (Derbyshire, same as Sola's) have a "sola" motto term while Sola's have a Solnier variation, like the Saulnier variation of Perigord's Saunier's.

When I saw that Scalia-like Schalls/Shalls have a near-copy of the Table/Tapley Coat, and after mentioning that Scalia felt sick or tired at the dinner table (according to John B. Poindexter) so that he excused himself to his room, I started to wonder whether there could be a pointer in the Schall-Table heraldry to that event. I didn't see anything, but started to wonder what Table's/Tapleys may have been a branch of/ Loading Tappers/Teppers, they looked like a branch of Dobers and Dobermans, and loading Dappers confirmed it yet Dappers throw in hunting horns to go with Scalia's weekend, at Poindexter's ranch, for the hunt.

Amazingly, there is a Dober location on the Clausula river in or beside the SELEPitanoi, the people who named Sleeps at the Sleap location in Shropshire. Scalia went to sleep from the table, you see, and Schalls/Shalls can be a branch of Sallows, first found in Shropshire, what a fantastic find because, yesterday, as I looked at Tappers and Dappers, I also found French Dappers with the Sleep Coat (minus the ermines of Sleeps)!!! BINGO. Be shocked, folks, because the Dappers and Sleeps use nothing but two fesses in the colors of the use-only three fesses (same colors!) of poison-like Poussins/Pussys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

INCREDIBLE. Plus, I looked up ranch-like Ranks this Thursday morning, and added the following to the last update on the Judge-branch Judds, the ones who pointed to the supreme court: "Judds/Jugs share the boar heads of Ranks/Rankins (Alan-suspect lance and what looks like the Zerr hatchet), perfect because Jugon is near the RANCe/Renk river." It's also beside the Dol home of Alans who moved to Shropshire, and, I kid you not, there is a Dinan location on the Rance, as well as a Dinard location further down that river. What do you see? Dinners/Diners are also Dinans! Scalia was at DINNER when he went to sleep! Rance's/Rands have a white boar head in Crest likely connectable to the white one of Judds/Juggs.

[Insert -- The Selepitanoi are placed on maps to the north side of Lissus, and then Lys'/Lisse's were first found in Ile-de-France with Dappers. The dream scene in which the woman was sleeping and rising, which pointed to Rhizon near Dober (all within Selepitanoi reaches), was resolved as a wedding scene, a pointer to Weddings and their Weed/Weedon branch which in turn has the Dapper Coat in colors reversed (this is a new find here, helping to assure that the rising/sleeping scene is partly for the Rhizon / Dober theater). The woman in the dream was Miss Hicks, and Weddings (Yorkshire, same as Hicks and Dobers/Dabbers) appear to have a red version of the Hicks Coat. Dobers and Dobermans were from Mieszko's along with Haldans, and the latter share the engrailed Super/Soper saltire.

I had ventured (I don't get many adventures anymore) to trace "Lady Fortune" of Klassens/Class' to "Clausula" (location of Dober), but now that Haldans are said to have been first found in Lady-connectable GLASgow, perfect. The Lords in the Glasgow motto are Lauds while Ladys are also Laudymans. As I've said many times, the woman in the dream was characterized as a "lady," such as when someone sees Ainsley Earhardt, for example, of Miss Hicks (they both have the lady look).

Haldans are a branch of Haddens (share scimitar with Ainsleys), and while the sleeping/rising woman of the same dream doubled as Ainsley Earhardt, she has a daughter, Hayden. Haydens share a red Chief with Haddens. The other English Haydens share the white dog in Crest with Topple's/Tapleys. End insert]

It's interesting that French Dappers are also DePAUERs while Danish Pauers/BAUERs have two bends in the colors of the two Dapper / Sleep fesses. Pauers/Bauers once showed a leopard instead of the lion now shown, and it holds a blue roundel in one PAW, the Table/Tapley / Schall/Shall symbol!!! It then gets more than interesting -- staggering -- when we go to the "pair of SCALES" that Cass'/Cash's are said to use, because Pairs are listed with German PAUERs/PAWs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Dappers/DePAUERs therefore point to the Scale's as well as to Schalls/Shalls, suggesting that God arranged this heraldry from the fact that Scalia went to sleep from feeling sick / tired at the dinner table. I have no idea why Scalia's murder should connect also to the sleeping/rising scene, but this may unveil itself. I always wonder whether someone will re-open the Scalia-death case with evidence of foul play. Note that Barretts have fessewise bars in the colors of the Sleep fesses, for a modern Bar (Tivar) location is smack where the Selepitanoi lived.

One could say that the killers were toppling the supreme court, for Tapley-like Topple's/Topleys/Topcliffs named Topcliff on the Swallow-like Swale river. He probably swallowed poison or sleeping powder in his food. The FitzAlans of Arundel, immediately after marrying Alice of Saluzzo, married the Percys, and so see the Topple/Topley write-up further: "The surname Topple was first found in Yorkshire where they are conjecturally descended from a junior branch of the Percys. Topcliff or Topclive was granted to a Norman Baron named William Percy who later became the Earl of Northumberland..." Percys shared the Louvain lion as a fact, which is also the lion of River-branch Revere's while the River and Swale Coats appear related (Swale's probably share the Dol fesse).

Topcliff-like Topps use GAUNTlets (gloves), and the Topple/Topley write-up adds: "John Swale...married Alice, daughter of Gilbert de Gaunt, and related to John of Gaunt about 1150." John had married Catherine Roet, and Roets were first found in Somerset with the Coffers/Coffare's sharing the Topple/Topley crescent. Then, Tuppers/Toppers ("force"), sharing a greyhound (different color) in Crest with Swale's, have boars in the colors of the Roet boar heads. Somers are therefore sharing, likely, the fesse of Coffers/Coffee's (cups), interesting where I had the dish soap for the proPANE leak in my regular coffee cup (why not a jar, glass, or plastic container)? Also first found in Somerset are the PAINE's/Payne's and EsPAINE's/EsPayne's, the latter sharing Tupper/Topper Shield colors.

The Tupper/Topper write-up: "The family held a family seat at Thuringe in later years." German Roets were first found in Thuringia. This is how you do surname derivations, family historians, not at all like your off-the-wall derivations based on your "expertise" knowledge on ancient words. More from the write-up: "' were employed in beating and ramming (tupant) the earth and mud, strengthened with straw, with rammers (tuppis) and great hammers. As the rams were called tups, these workmen may well have been named tuppers.'" Countless, ignorant historians pretending to be surname experts, and they rarely derive in another, similar surname. The Topp write-up: "Topp is an ancient Anglo-Saxon surname that came from the Old Norse name Toppr." Topps use a hand in Crest, and Hands are in Cup colors and format.

There's more because Scalia's killers are suspect in working with Mr. Foster, and we saw that Fosters/Forresters can be a branch of Fore's/Forez's/Forrests. The latter use a "Tout travers" motto term while, first off, Travers share white boar heads with Judds/Juggs and Ranks, yet Travers have a version of the Judge/Juge Coat too, speaking for itself on how it points to Scalia. Secondly, Touts are listed with English Tute's while Irish Tute's/Tuits share the quadrants of Dinners/Dinans. It's notable here that Diamonds/Dinans (Devon, same as Shropshire's Stewarts and Sleep-kin Darts) look linkable, by their Coat, to Sleeps. Dinan is about 15 miles from Jugon and about half that from Dol. Diamonds/Dinans are said to have been in Oxfordshire at an early time, and that's where Poussins/Pussys were first found. It's all working to confirm that Scalia was sedated and/or poisoned at the dinner table (by the food), before he was killed (by suffocation?) in his bed.

When Mamie and I were at home plate together, we were at a baseball DIAMOND. The only other person there was Cindy Richardson, and she pointed that day to Steve Scalise, and some days later, when she, with her mother and father came to have DINNER at the pizza place I was working at, she pointed to pizzagate. Yet her surname had me wondering whether Bill Richardson of New Mexico had something to do with Scalia's death. Cindys, by the way, share the double pale bars in the Arms of Ille-et-Vilaine, and Dol is in Vilaine, wherefore she's connecting to Dinan with her dinner, and therefore her being at the baseball diamond too tends to make her a pointer to both Scalise and Scalia. Richardsons use a "VirTUTE" motto term.

The point is, HOME plate suggested HUMA Abedin because Abedin-like Bedins/Bedlows almost have the Second/Segur Coat while Cindy was at second base, where Scalise was shot when he was playing baseball against the Democrat team. BEDins/Bedlows (more boar heads) were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, and Scalia was killed in his bed! Excellent pointer. I have said many times that I personally served Cindy and her parents dinner that night, and they had ordered wine likely as a pointer to Anthony WEINer, Abedin's husband. John Podesta the alleged pedophile was suspect in at least knowing of Scalia's murder (this is online), and while Podesta ran Hillary's 2016 presidential campaign, Abedin was his deputy in that capacity. Moreover, Podesta-like Puddesters are listed with Poindexters, what are the chances of such a picture?

Bedins/Bedlows share the lion of Deans/Deins, first found in Sussex with DINE's/Diens.

To this we need to add that while Reines' are the ones pointing to pizzagate at Comet Ping Pong, Rennes is in Ille-et-Vilaine near Dinan. The latter is the line of Dinners/Diners/Dinans you see, where Cindy's dinner pointed. I now know that God got me kicked out of my apartment at Rumble and Libby so that I would move into the apartment of Paul Oullette, a block from the pizza place where I got a job just for God's pointer using Miss Richardson. Raines' (not "Reines") have a motto term as code for Judicael of Rennes, and while he's suspect in the Judd variation of Juggs, his name evokes the judicial arena of judges. Perfect.

The gold scallop in the Judge/Juge Crest can betray this surname as a branch of Jacks and Joke's/Yoke's. Scottish Jacks were even first found in RENfrewshire, suspect from Rennes elements. The three gold scallops of English Jacks are in the colors of the three scallops of Poissons!!! LOOK AT THAT. And the "VoTUM" motto term of Judge's/Juge's can suggest Scalia's death as per Tume's/Tombs. As Tume's/Tombs related to Miss Peare's belly, is this indication that Scalia ingested poison into his stomach?

[Later in this update: "I've not known the Voter surname until this update, and as it's listed with Gautier's...Gauters are listed with Dutch Guts/Goters..." Tume's/Tombs, in Gut/Goter colors, would never have been part of Peare's belly pointers had God not pointed to Goods/Guts first. And here I'm finding that it may all have been partly for pointing to Scalia's death. If we view a belly as a "pot," which is a common term used for it (consider a pot-belly stove), is it a coincidence that Spanish PALOMA's -- sharing the Pero pale bar, in colors reversed from the Scalia ladder that acts as a pale bar -- show a pot??? When I first kissed Peare, we had rushed up the stairs = SCALA at the La PALOMA BAR, and Italian Paloma's were first found in Bari. Bari is in APULia, and Voters/Gautier's share the Pully/Pullen martlets.

The two Paloma pale bars are in the colors of the four pale bars of Italian Dance's/Donnas' whom I trace to king Donnus of the Cottians on the RIParia river, and this is why I thing the Tume's/Tombs have "R.I.P" on their tomb stones. The Cottian capital was at Susa, in Piedmont with both Pero's and Dance's/Donnas', and Susans are in Tume/Tomb and Gut/Goter colors. Paloma's share the dove with the Waistells to which Peare's waist pointed that connected with her belly event, and WAISTELLs can be gleaned, with Wests, from VESTALis, king Donnus' grandson, because Wests use a "vie" motto term like the Viu tributary of the Riparia. But, now, Voters/Gautier's use a "vue" motto term! Bingo. Dove's even use a DANCEtte colors reversed from the West dancette. No mistakes here is these traces from two of my events with Miss Peare (I was involved in her belly event).

Check this out. Donnus was a Cottian king, and Cotta's/Cottons were first found in Languedoc with Voters/Gautier's and French Julians. The latter share the Chief of French Alans while English Alans share the fesse of Voters/Gautier's. As Aurelia COTTA was the mother of Julius Caesar, and as Caesar formed an alliance with the royal Cottians, I think Caesar was descended from them, explaining why Julians were first found in the same place as Cotta's. This can explain why the black eagle (color of Roman eagle) of Julian-like Giuliani's, gold talons included, is in the Voter/Gautier Crest!!! Nailed it, folks.

Both Gore Coats can be linked to Alans, and the Jore variation of French Gore's is suspect in the "Jours" motto term of Wests. Gore's share the crosslets of Trips (SCALIng ladders), the latter first found in Kent, where Caesars were said to be first found until recently. CHRISTine Peare pointed with her belly to the "bello Christie" motto phrase of Bouillons, because Godfrey de Bouillon descended from GOTHelo of the Goth/Gothel surname (expected as a Good/Gut branch), and Christs have roses in two colors schemes, same as Caesars. Our first kiss at La Paloma points to Kiss'/Cush's, an obvious branch of Caesar-like Cass'/Cash's ("pair of SCALEs").

[Insert -- Almost a week after writing here, Harrs/Harridine's were found with a black-eagle version of the Irish Casey Coat, and upon the Harr/Harridine chevron are the same crescents as have German Julians, suggesting that the red Casey eagles can be the Giuliani eagle in spite of not being black. As Keller's, whom I trace to L'Aquila, share three black eagle heads with Harrs/Harridine's, it could explain why Rudy Giuliani looks like he could be my relative, or a relative of my mother's relatives, for she grew up seven miles from L'Aquila. My mother is a Grimaldi by maiden name, and while her mother was born to Mr. Masci, I used to climb the back fence of her brother's home (Mr. Grimaldi) to go see RUDY Masci of about my age. Hmmm. Rudolphs (Saxony, same as German Julians) have a reflection of the German Dominic Coat, and, I kid you not, Mr. Grimaldi above was Dominic!!! WOW! The next section shows how an old friend, Dominic, points to Dominion's vote-flipping crimes!!! This is perfect with Giuliani in the picture. In fact, about two years ago, maybe three, God pointed to Giulaini with a seaGULL, and Gullys are in Harr/Harridine colors and format. Ahh, Gullys were first found in Oxfordshire with HARcourts, that explains the Harr link to Julian liners. Ends insert]

Might God have chosen "VOTum" as a Judge/Juge motto term to point also to the fraudulent voting in this election, to be decided by judges? Voters/Gautier's do use the eagle of Giuliani's!!! Do we see now how important it is for the above to prove that Voters use the Giuliani eagle??? AMAZING, this really is AMAZING. End insert]

Part of my job at the pizza place was to tend the BAR. Make of this what you wish, but while Bill Barr's father was the principle of a Dalton SCHOOL when Jeffrey Epstein was hired there, the triple EPPstein chevrons are in colors reversed upon the Rance/Rand lion (colors reversed from the Bedin/Bedlow lion). The Apps'/EPPS', using lozenges in the colors of the SCHOOL/SCAYLE lozenges, can then point to Scalia in some way in connection to the Epstein crime / pedophile ring. Bill Richardson was accused by Virginia Giuffre of being forced by Epstein to commit a sexual event with him (Richardson). Apps'/Epps' share the SCALE scallops. Did Richardson have a role with Epstein in Scalia's death?

Daltons use ROBIN Hood, and while Robins can be gleaned as kin of Belwoods, the latter are said (Richardson write-up) to have been descendants of Richardsons. The latter have Chief-Shield colors in reverse of Vilains while Rance is just outside the Vilaine border. Dinan is on the Rance, and so it doesn't look coincidental that Abbys, with a white-lozenge version of the Apps/Epps/ABBS Coat, are using the fessewise lozenges of Diamonds/Dinans (and Diamonds/Dimonts). Cindys/Cuntys are suspect in the motto of COURTs/Coverts (Sussex, same as Deins and Diens/DINE's), who in turn almost have the six pale bars of Abb-like Babels/Babwells, first found in Middlesex with Apps'/Epps'/Abbs'.

The following is interesting as per the belly of Miss Peare pointing to Tume's/Tombs:

Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Esperís chief of staff, top Pentagon policy official Mark TOMB and other senior officials this week.

...Trumpís plans to replace Esper with Director of the National Counterterrorism Center Christopher Miller as well as the reported hiring of Ret. Army Col. Douglas Macgregor as Millerís senior adviser may indicate the president wants to ramp up the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, according to Axios(Daily Caller).

No EsPER surname comes up, but if it's a Peare branch, then Peare's belly can point to this military change. Now the belly symbol was used in the shark dream where the shark had a row of teeth around the bulldog's belly, and Trump is that bulldog. The shark has been resolved with anti-Trump forces in Ukraine, which inevitably involved globe-trotting military as a means to heist tax dollars by conflict-on-interest schemes. Aspers are also AsPERENs while Pero's/Perino's can be reckoned as a branch of Perins/Perens ("ImPAVIde") whose motto should include Ruins/ROWans because the engrailed Perin/Peren chevron is that also of Rowells/Rosewells. "Impavide" is very connectable to Pavia's, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found, and as the city was co-founded by Mark-liner Marici, note MARK Esper. Jewish Marks are also Marx's. Markhams almost have the Coat of Guerins who in turn have the Payen hexagrams that the latter call, "spur rowells."

Recall the Poussins/Fors', for English Fors'/Forcers share the Perin/Peren and Irish McGee leopard faces. Scottish McGee's were first found in Dumfries with the Rome's/Rims who love the Pungs/Pings/Pongs/Pagans in their motto, and moreover the Ruins/Rowans are Rome's too.

Here is Andrew McCabe before the senate this week acting like he a duh:

Karl Rove has apparently decided to take Fox news' position on Trump i.e. just let him go, don't fight the Biden win. Rove wrote:: "To win, Mr. Trump must prove systemic fraud, with illegal votes in the tens of thousands. There is no evidence of that so far. Unless some emerges quickly, the presidentís chances in court will decline precipitously when states start certifying results, as Georgia will on Nov. 20, followed by Pennsylvania and Michigan on Nov. 23, Arizona on Nov. 30, and Wisconsin and Nevada on Dec. 1" (wall Street Journal). Ahh, Rove isn't telling his readers about supreme-court challenging that can overturn what the states declare. Is Rove still a Bushite? Looks like.

Democrat media are putting on a theater that will better get Democrat activists furious if and when it's declared that Trump stole the election with the supreme court. Democrats are trying to make as many people as possible believe that Biden won in order to declare a theft of his win.

There is a report of a Michigan senator with others testifying that he saw election-count machines hooked up to the Internet. That's indication of how they can cheat, by someone outside the count houses flipping Trump votes into Biden votes, or by simply deleting Trump votes. It's probably safer to flip votes so that the total tally won't change to raise a red flag. John Ratcliffe should set up sting operations in the 2022 elections, if he didn't do so in this election. Actually, I don't know whether Ratcliffe has the authority to order Intelligence operations (he may be the oversight chief only). If not, he can surely suggest operations by finding the appropriate, honest players who won't snitch to the deep state.

The computer software that got caught flipping 6,000 votes in Michigan is from Dominion Voting Systems, and it's in EVERY swing state. But of course. I find it beyond belief that election systems would permit computerized counting systems. It's just absolutely STUPID, no explanation required.

Although the lower courts may be liberal, they must now consider that their election-fraud cases will be before the highest court so that the lower courts will be less likely, now, to judge corruptly as it would when if knows the highest court is likewise liberal. Trump is in good shape court-wise, but you would never know it at the Trudge Report. Sorry, I meant Fudge Report. On Wednesday, pro-Trumpers took the Michigan case to the lower court asking for an audit of the ballots as well as to temporarily deny Biden the win of the state until the ballots are gone over by hand. The court is scheduled to give a decision on Friday.

Pennsylvania is NOT beyond a hand recount, unless the federal supreme court hands the state to Trump beforehand. We don't expect Biden to ask for a re-count, but one should be done by order order of this highest court in order to discover the methods of fraud, and those responsible. We can then discover how terribly evil Barr is when he still refuses to make the key, upper-level arrests.

Lou Dobbs on Wednesday night revealed another method of cheating according to a sworn affidavit of a witness. She said that batches of 50 ballots each would be counted by a machine until, for example, the 25th one was caught with an error. The machine would then stop counting after the first 24 are counted so that a person can inspect the 25th ballot. But instead of correcting the situation, the bad ballot would be placed at the top of the same 50-ballot batch, and the stack would be run through the machine again so that it would record 49 more votes, then stop at the 50th due to its error. This process can be repeated any number of times with the majority of the 50 ballots being Biden votes, of course. So, if 35 of the 50 are Biden votes, the stack can give Biden a 35-15 vote tally repeatedly, for as many times as the pro-Biden workers can get that one stack to re-count itself without being caught by a poll watcher on the Trump side. A manual recount of all ballots would rectify that situation.

Apparently, there are cameras in the count houses, unless there's a person on an upper floor looking down:

I watched Tucker Carlson Wednesday night when there were just 106 views. The last comment on that page was still the last comment when I re-loaded the page about 45 minutes later, when there were 906 views. So, as there was not even one more comment after 800 more viewers, it's clear youtube is cutting off pro-Trump dialogue, and the shortness of the comments makes it appear that no one cares about voter fraud. This youtube machine must be dismantled in its current form. Cheats with to rule over us. It might not be so bad if they were only cheats, but they are liars and Hell-bent sinners too whom Jesus will overthrow with a breath. As surely as there is an endless sky, they will be overthrown, Selah. Let trump do nothing because he's afraid to tell Barr what to do, and let Trump abandon his own supporters after he's used them, but Jesus will not fail his own people.

Youtube on Wednesday night was hiding recent videos on election-fraud updates. The order from Death Vader has come down to all leftist media to quell the election-fraud news. If you ask google for election-fraud news, you'll get all the media telling you it's non-existent. The future will only get worse unless someone on Trump team does something.

Headline this week: "WALSH: Joe Bidenís Coronavirus Adviser Has Argued That Nobody Should Live Past 75". Yup, the liberals want to kill us when we get into our 70s, especially if we're not Democrat voters / activists, a no-brainer. They want to rob the taxes, and dish out as few as possible. They have conspired to do kill aged COVID victims, wanting to deny them the vaccines. Bill Barr, the soft-touch zero did not arrest Cuomo when he murdered the aged (a manslaughter charge was do-able). So, murder the aged they will continue to do, and they desire to ruin your joy of life in every respect, but God made life to be enjoyed in His perfect will. Do life with God, and enjoy it. It's not a right unless we exalt the one and only God. So, Christian, enjoy your life so that you can dig it right into those anti-Christs who want you depressed and in fear. Don't wait for Fox news to deliver you, not even Trump. Be happy TODAY with God, it's so simple.

Ainsley Earhardt said on Wednesday morning that she doesn't think Trump will win by all efforts to reduce Biden's leads by all his illegal votes. How can she know anything on how many illegals votes there will be? How can she think there are insufficient votes unless she's listening to leftist / Bushite / Fox news? Did she do as her Fox bosses wanted her to do, urge pro-Trumpers to give up the legal hope? One of Giuliani's cases in all battleground states is to ask the supreme court to disqualify all the voting that took place where monitors were not allowed to watch. Those crimes started when Trump was in the lead in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina. Trump can thus win in a landslide, about 300 electoral votes with those states alone.

Pennsylvania has announced, according to one news report, anyway, that it had only 10,000 late ballots, but why should we trust that number since it's being announced by the penthouse of whore houses? All tactics of these houses comes from a high level in Death Vader's kingdom; nothing is to be trusted, for they are not normal people with consciences. They are socio-pathetic, hideous of soul, monsters in humans bodies, no exaggerations. The more people they can deceive and exploit, the more they celebrate their craft. They live for it. They fight with such tactics. They don't give up until they are in jail. That is what they fear, but they have no reason to fear Trump's federal police. If Ratcliffe can't find a way to stem this tide, Death Vader will sink his teeth into all of us collectively, Canada included. BUT REMEMBER, be happy, joyful, in Jesus, for he is excited to save us from the imposter, the scrawny devil, a piece of rot. If you trust in Trump, then you have something to fear, but if in Jesus, you have POWER. Relax, enjoy, but do what you need to do when the time comes, and do it well. In the meantime, expose the kingdom of the anti-Christ, and elevate Jesus.

If I were a judge before Giuliani's main case, I would ask the count houses whether they can produce all the ballots wherein they started to favor Biden around 11 pm on election night. If the election houses cannot provide those ballots, then I would disqualify all of those ballots simply because there is no other ethical choice. The only other choice is to let the vote count stand as-is (in Biden's favor) without witnesses to ALL of the ballots. It should be a happy fact that when a crime is conducted (this was first-degree crime) and caught by a law enforcer, the one conducting does not get to have the fruit of the crime. If the crime is conducted in a count house, the entire house is the criminal because the leaders of the house are responsible for a legal count. If the leaders claim they didn't have enough eyes to watch all the counters, neither did they, by design of their own will, allow one willing and present monitor to watch. GUILTY! BIDEN LOSES BY DEFAULT, TOO BAD, BLAME IT ON THE WHORE HOUSES. It is not enough to expose the crimes; it is not enough to get Trump the win; there must also be punishment for the crimes, or they will conduct (plan and deploy, first-degree) them again in 2018.

Re-doing the election would not be an option, if I were the judge, partly because none of the Democrats or their supporters raised a voice against the fraud allegations. Plus, they will be in court trying to deny / downplay the crime. They are therefore complicit with the cheating, wherefore they do not deserve to rule over the people. I would rule Giuliani correct when asserting that there was one entity (unknown) directing all the swing-state count houses to keep Republican poll watchers away from the ballots. Trump wins those states, and Biden needs to be in prison with his son.

If a court were to order an entire re-count of a state, that's equivalent to destroying every Trump voter who stood in line to vote, and subjecting Trump and his party to the mere hope that they will take the time to stand in line once again. WRONG MOVE. The right move is to deny Biden his illegal votes, to disqualify some of his voters, but to touch not one of Trump's votes. A good move may be to ask Biden's voters, only, to come vote again, and then invite anyone else who hasn't yet voted, tin case they want to add to Trump's tally. But all votes currently in the Trump column MUST NOT be set aside to destruction, because the whore houses did not cheat on Trump's behalf.

Miss Earhardt and others need to enter into their thinking that while the Trump-team may not be able to catch sufficient illegal votes to turn sufficient states into the Trump-win column, yet the lack of sufficient evidence is precisely due to Democrat whores not allowing witnesses to see illegal ballots. Why didn't Miss Earhardt add to her comment the potential reality that the supreme court could throw out over a million ballots, in multiple states, for that reason? Why did she let her audience down? Was she trying to do so, to get on the good side of her bosses? Is her climbing the Fox pole more important than whether Trump's people win this election? That's no way for a Christian to operate, especially with an aired half-truth at best. But maybe I'm reading her statement wrongly.

I didn't know for several days that Trump's win in a Michigan county (Antrim), thanks to discovery of the 6,000 flipped votes, also gave a House seat to a Republican. OAN claimed midweek that the Dominion software responsible for the flipping has ties to the Clinton Foundation. Republicans should have seen this years ago, what in tarnation is wrong with them? Have they been this traitorous to their own voters??? SHAMEFUL! Do-nothings have given power to the Democrat machine for an unknown number of years by allowing the evolution (growth) of the cheating to continue uncontested. SICK! The software is Canadian-owned or founded, and so Trudeau may be in power thanks only to it.

Having said that, I wish a better man than Trump were the president, a man of God instead.

Giuliani has been telling news outlets that a person "inside Dominion" has provided him with a affidavit claiming that "Dominion observed the hundred-thousand phony ballots that were brought in at 4 o'clock in the morning, on November 5th, that were all Biden ballots...brought in the back door...not in the proper containers." It sure sounds like a smoking gun, but then its only in an affidavit, not on camera. So, the question is, were there not cameras outside the vote houses, and, if not, WHY NOT? Of all places that should have cameras, the count / vote house, inside and out, would be it. He says he thinks he can corroborate that story "three or four times." If the story is true, it shows that Biden ballots had been manufactured illegally prior to vote night. We should know how they did it, and why the counters didn't catch them? Or, if counters did catch them, why their complaints went "unheard."

He continues, in the video above, to claim that all 600,000 Pennsylvania ballots are illegal that were brought in after Trump had a huge lead. It's not only that the 600,000 were not seen by Republicans, but by the refusal of the vote houses to let them see them, the ballots are made illegal without question, meaning that the supreme court judges, all nine, have no choice but to claim the ballots illegal.

The Flip-Vote Farmers

We're hearing that the Dominion software / company was lobbied for by Nancy Pelosi's former chief-of-staff, interesting where Pelosi's were first found in Piedmont with Domino's. The latter are listed with Damens, possible Diamonds/Dyments / Dinans.

It recalls Dominic, whose farm I worked. His mother is/was Nancy, and his brother is Danny (that's what everyone called him) while Dannys are listed with Dance's while Italian Dance's/Donna's/Donnas' were first found in Piedmont too. [This recalls how Italian Dance's connected solidly to Voters/Gautier's in the insert I wrote above minutes ago during the spell-check I'm on now.] Spanish Dominics were first found in Navarre while Laevi Gauls, connectable to Pero's, lived at Piedmont's Novara. Plus, Higgins, sharing the black tower with Domino's/Damens, have a "PRO patria" motto while Patria's are listed with PEARtree's (share Trump stag head). Very impressive as a pointer to Dominion. They ran a farm in Gormley, and Farmers share the lion heads of English Dance's. English Farms are in Dance colors and format.

Peare's were kin of Tiens/Teans while Teneo, according to the OAN video, is/was a company affiliated with the Dominion company. "Teneo was formed in June 2011 [while Hillary was secretary of state], when Mr. Kelly, the former fund-raiser for Mrs. Clinton, joined with Mr. Band and Paul Keary... Another article: "Teneo president and co-founder Douglas Band has been raising money from the firm's clients for the Clinton Foundation and President Bill Clinton." Peare's, Tiens'/Teans, and Tennis'/Tennisons were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons. My recollection is that Hillarys were previously said to be first found in Norfolk, where Parsons were first found who share the Peare / Tennis leopard faces. It appears that God set me up with Miss Peare largely to point to Clintons.

At the end of the sleeping-bag dream, Miss Peare pointed to Hillary's email crimes, and that dream had at least four other pointers to the Clinton crime ring. The SLEEPing bag on a HILL in a FOREST itself pointed to Scalia's killers partly from the International Order of Saint Hubertus. Schole's/SCAYLE's share the annulet of Hubert-branch Hubbards. Mrs. Parsons was my PATENT agent (she got me the patent) while Patents share the Schole/Scayle Shield, a black version of the Bag Shield. Bags were at Gaywood while Gaywoods share the Howell towers. Higgins and Higginsons/HICKensons were both first found in Sligh-like Sligo, and as Slicks/Slighs use owls while Owls are also Howls, Higgins and Higginsons probably share the Howell towers. Hicks have a "bon" motto term while Italian Bons have a reflection of the German Dominic Coat.

It appears that God set me up at Dominic's farm for these pointers and more...not to mention that I later built Dominic a freezer house (about 20' x 40'), which didn't come to mind while I was on freezer / Freeze discussions lately, hmmm. It was a cold room for farm vegetables, though he may have had a freezer room in it for meat and other products for his grocery store. Note that Farmers share the lion head of Loveys/Luffs (Oxfordshire again, Poussin-linkable) who in-turn were in my dream with a walk-in freezer, and moreover Lovey Howell comes to mind, who was pointed to by Miss Hicks.

Hicks (almost the Massey crescent) share "Tout" with the Fore's/Forez's/Forests (= Scalia pointers, probably in my sleeping-bag dream), and the latter were first found in Savoy with the Gays (from king Gaia, Massena's father) expected at Gaywood, and with French Masseys sharing the Tout/Tute crescent.

Plus, Clintons share the six fitchees of Hillarys, and the latter were first found in Worcestershire with the Square's/Squirrels ("TIENS ferme"!), and with Hillary-like Hills. What are the chances, or what can be the reason, that the Hill Coat is a one-tower version of the one of Higgins who in turn brought us to Pero's and Peartree's in the first place? Higgins had come to topic only because they share a black tower with Dominion-like Domino's/Damens. The Clinton Chief-Shield colors are those of Saluzzo's, and Saluzzo is near the Stura-DEMONTe river. French Dominics share the star of Higgins-like Wiggans. [The two Troy surnames look connectable to Dannys and Demonte's, and Dannys were first found in Wiltshire, location of the Stura-like Stur river. As the Stura-Demonte is in Piedmont with Dance's/Donnus', Dannys/Dance's thereby prove to be a Cottian line. Julius Caesar is suspect in descending from Donnus' Cottians, and the Caesar Coat appears to be in use with Demonte-like Demons/Desmons/Demonts. The latter surname is said to have been in PUISeaux.]

OHHHH WOWWWIE!!! It came to mind like a ton of ballots on my head. I kid you not, Dominic, Nancy and Danny had the surname, De FILIPPis (didn't know how to spell it until now), which is almost "flip," and as he came to mind with Dominion software, ZIKERS, that topic was about FLIPPING votes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly believe it. It didn't come to mind until writing all the above! There is even a photo of Dominic online. The page says they started a farm in Uxbridge, but this was only part of the story. They also had a farm at Woodbine Avenue and the 19th sideroad in Gormley. I worked both farms. This is incredible.

Recall Domino's/Damens with a "Pro patria" motto, for the Fillips use "AMOR patriae" while Amore's were first found in Oxfordshire with Luffs/LOVE's (they look related), the ones sharing the farmer lion heads. What mystery is this? Fillips are shown properly as Phillips, and it was my good argument that Louise Phillips was on a platform with Miss Peare near the end of the sleeping-bag dream. I don't know whether God's pointer to Lovey Howell (Gilligan's Island) relates to this particular vote-flipping role to which Luffs/Loveys seem attached, but it so happens that Phelps were first found in Monmouthshire with Howells. The Howells first came to topic (above) with the white towers of Higgins and Higginsons/Hickensons, but Higgins first came to topic because their Crest shares a black tower with Domino's/Damens!!! JUST LOOK AT THAT. It's all connected heraldry, and the Dominic De Filippis link to Luffs was as per their having a walk-in freezer in common. Corroboration that cannot be denied: Welsh Louis' and Lewis' (i.e. like "Louise" Phillips) were first found in Glamorganshire (beside Monmouthshire's Phelps) with the Wilkins (share Lewis dragon) who in turn have the split Shield of Phelps and Schere's/Scherfs. The latter were pointing to by my dream in which I was riding a shopping cart, and Dominic has owned a grocery store (Richmond Hill, last I knew) for many years! The Arms of Glamorgan (Rance chevrons?) have triple chevrons in two colors schemes, one in colors reversed from the triple chevrons of Muschats (Essex, same as Freeze's and Farmers), and the other scheme is the triple Clare chevrons. I have said a few times that Luffs/Love's were, until recently, said to be first found in Suffolk, where Owls/Howls, Clare's and Muscats (not "Muschat") were first found; the Muscats, in Muschat colors, have a version of the Luff/Love Coat, both sharing the Farmer lion heads.

The WILKins are suspect with the WALKers because the latter have a Coat similar to the Schere/Scherf Coat, and this can speak to the WALK-in freezer of Mr. Luff. As I've said quite a few times, I painted the album cover of Tea for the Tillerman on a kitchen wall when I lived with Louise Phillips and Christine Peare, and Tillers were first found in Glamorganshire with Louis' and Wilkins. The two ladies appeared in my sleeping-bag dream a few years ago apparently pointing to Clinton crimes / obstruction via PLATTe River Networks. In my Obama dream of roughly that time, God pointed to Plains/PLATers (Suffolk again), a branch of Playters/Platers in turn found in the write-up of Rance's. It just so happens that the Rance lion has the Arms of Glamorgan upon itself, and it's in the Coat of Obama's ancestry in Singletarys too.

Although it's a Canadian company, I'm reading; "Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems manufactures machines [not just software] for voters to cast ballots and poll workers to count them, in addition to computer programs that track election results." Denver is the location of Platte River Networks and at least one office of Perkins Coie. The Dominion home page verifies that its American head office is in Denver; it's Canadian head office in Toronto.

Tillers were from the Tilurius river near the Player-like Pleraei (Neretva river), and so Playters/Platers may have formed from Players, especially as Playters/Platers share triple bends (different colors) with Nerets. The mouths of the Tilurius and the Neretva are near the island of Pharia, where I trace Fairs/Pheres', Fairholme's/Pharme's and therefore Farms and Farmers (almost same cat design as Keats'). The Tilurius has also been called the Cetina, and then cat-using Cetins/Cattans (Schere/Scherf fitchee?) prove that God caused me to paint Tea for the Tillerman, an album by CAT Stevens, on the wall of the Cetin-like kitchen. Farmers were first found in Essex with Freeze's/PHRESe's, you see, looking like a Fare/Pheres branch. Cetins/Cattans (Norfolk, same as Tute's/TUITs) use a "meTUIT" motto term.

So, now that it seems that God wants to link the Luff freezer to Dominic's vote-flip pointer, I can go fetch what I said recently. It turns out to be in the last update of October, BEFORE news came out of the name of Dominion software, meaning you can't say I'm making all of this story up with Dominic De Filippis. Okay, here's from the October update:

RAY Luff worked in a computer business, a software professional. I now see why there was scene in the freezer that I rarely mention, though I did mention it at least once. The walk-in freezer was an empty white room, necessary as a freezer because Freeze's have a horse version of the Ray Coat, yet this goes to Frasers now because they share the Dorsey cinquefoils, you see. I was able to see through the back wall of the freezer, into an office busy with workers at their desks i.e. no doubt on their computers (I didn't mention this much because I didn't have a clue as to what it meant). I never thought to link this to Luff's computer business, but I now see it as a pointer to twitter, etc.

Okay, that works, but isn't Dominion a software producer that could explain the office scene in a way catering to it? The scene was sudden, short, faint. For all I know, it could have been a count house for votes. There were tables and office-like commotion. I have not one vivid memory of that office or it's furniture.

By the way, just outside the home of Dominic's parents there had been long rows of strawberries that I would work and pick. Frasers use a strawberry bush.

Reuters and the New York Times are busy trying to debunk the stories on Dominion Voting Systems with lame (superficial) headlines, though there's little to debunk because the story is short and sweet: the software flipped 6,000 votes, and so the entire country needs to check whether other flips occurred. Since that first claim, new claims have been made that leftists have supposedly "debunked," but then they debunk things by quoting one of their own stupids with a nothing-argument, which instantly settles it in their minds. Desperate, it's all they have to cling to.

I now have it from God, as we saw above, that Dominion (based in Toronto) is rife with the guilt of flipping votes, or God would not have made the pointer if it were not rife = WIDESPREAD. Trump claimed today (Thursday), as I write here, that Dominion flipped 221,000 Pennsylvania votes from him to Biden, as well as deleted almost a million Trump votes (Pennsylvania). I can easily believe it. We await confirmation of these numbers and this claim. Leftists have already debunked it without looking into the source. WILD DOGS, not reporters. They sniff each others' arses, and that's where they get their "news."

On Thursday afternoon: "A Pennsylvania judge has ordered that segregated ballots should not be counted, ruling that the State Secretary Kathy Boockvar 'lacked statutory authority' to override the election law." How many votes will be disqualified, however? Ultimately, all ballots that were illegal aside from Boochvar's new rules. No one's giving the number of ballots yet. This is not a big win, YET. A bigger win is imminent at the federal supreme court where Trump is asking all ballots be tossed that were permitted for three days after election day. OR, if Trump loses that case, he's in BIG TROUBLE with a supreme court stabbing him in the back.

Here's John Superman Solomon telling that his organization is actually calling people by phone (like one-by-one folks) to discover that they didn't vote even though the whore houses registered their votes:

When John mentioned the Lincoln Project in the video above, I found that Lincolns share the Fillip/Phillip lion with gold crown around its neck, suggesting the never-Trumper Republicans at Lincoln are involved in the Dominion vote-flipping and/or its software production. Lincoln was founded by Kelly-Anne Conway's husband (in what looks like news-juice political theater). Amazingly. Conways share the Vito annulet, and Dominic De Filippis' father was Vito! It's even possible that a Vote-like surname came from Vito's.

OH WOW!!! The Conway bend is also the Antrim bend, and the first-found flipped votes were in Antrim county! That in Michigan, Romney country. Antrims were first found in Norfolk. Lincoln has terrible things it wants to hide, obviously, fearing that Trump supporters will continue to push exposures and arrests. More now than ever, because Lincoln has called Republicans to vote for the mobster, Joe Biden. Lincoln can't become more suspicious than that. These Republican goons have been seeking to make Trump fear exposure of their crimes. Lincoln failed to take Republican votes from Trump, unless it can be said that his getting some 10 million more than in 2016 is a loss of votes.

[It wasn't until the day after writing here that the Patria/Peartree Coat was loaded to see it's "vide" motto term! Vito's are also Vido's! Plus, I had forgotten that Patria's/Peartree's share the Pully/Pullen / Sabine scallop, a topic shortly below that was written yesterday. Patria's/Peartree's share the Pully/Pullen / Romney bend, and Sabine's are the ones with nearly the Coat of Sillicks, the pointers (last update) to Silicon valley. End insert]

Vito De Filippis burned his old house down, I think (it did burn down), after his new one was built a couple of hundred yards away. I figured he did it to collect insurance, and/or to make demolishing it less expensive (but I didn't say anything). Was that a symbol of Democrats and Lincoln stupids burning their nation down? Conways (MOOR head) use "amore," like the "amor" of Fillips/Phillips, more evidence that Lincoln is on-side with vote-flipping. Votters are listed with Vetters/Fetters. Voters, with the gold-legged Giuliani eagle in Crest, are listed with Gauthie's/Gothier's, not likely Vito liners, though their "SA VUE" motto phrase can be code for some variation of the Savers sharing the Vito annulet. Recall the "VOTum" motto term of Judge's/Juge's.

As Voters/Gothier's share the Pully/Pullen martlets, I think there's a case to be made here where the Saves' share the bend of Pullys/Pullens and the latter's Romney kin. All three surnames have three items on a bend all in the same three colors. This recalls that there's a Romulus location in Michigan's Wayne county, and that Romulus was founded by a Pullen family along with a Pulcifer family. As Wayne's share the pelican with Pullys/Pullens, I therefore reasoned the Romneys named Romulus. Wikipedia's Romulus article: "Solomon Whitaker, Charles and Joseph Pulcifer located in the area in 1830, and in 1833, Jenks Pullen and his six sons settled at what became known as 'Pullen's Corners'". I don't know whether Mitt Romney is part of Lincoln, but his father was the Michigan governor. Cheating in Michigan can trace to Romney.

Pulsiphers/Pullesdons share the stars of Pullen-like Palins, and Sarah Palin was the running mate for the RINO, John McCain. The latter had ties to some of Lincoln's founders, and while Lindsey Graham (not to be trusted) was in cahoots with McCain, Lincoln(shire) was named after Lindseys. The latter share the black swan with French Josephs (Maine, same as Pellicans), though the latter now show a black martlet in both colors of the same of Pullys/Pullens (pelican). To this it should be added that there is a Romula location on this map to the south of the COLAPis river (northern Croatia) while Romney-related Pullys/Pullens use a "CULPa" motto term.

Remember, be happy. Biden's puppeteers are demanding that he initiate lockdowns, which is the stupidest thing to do at this time, unless they love unpopularity in the midst of a mortal presidential struggle. They are so utterly daft, they can win only by cheat machines. It's time to discover their cheating, or they will eventually get broad powers. Don't let Trump make winning this election the only important thing. He'll need the House and Senate in 2022.

I'm hoping to discover how the cheats backdated ballots, and whether there is a way to discover which ones were backdated. Did they change the dates by crossing them out and adding their own initials? That sounds reasonable, in which case most of them can be caught in a manual recount, as long as there is one pro-trump watcher per one person counting. Take your eyes off the counting of a pro-Biden counter, and he/she will let illegal Biden votes slip through in the re-count, guaranteed.

God always has His heraldry arrangements pointing back to the line of Caiaphas, for example, and it always involves the line of QuadraTILLa Bassus (1st century) through to the Bassianus' of the 2nd and 3rd centuries. In this case, Vito's are from Julius Avitus, who married the sister of Dominic-like Domna Bassianus. Domna's father was placed in charge of some Dalmatian entity I do not know, and the Tilurius river is in Dalmatia. Domna's husband was SEVERus, explaining why Vito's share the Saver/SEVER annulet. Vito's are also "Vita's, and "Vita" is a motto term of Bellows, a branch of Billots/Ballots (fox head may be a pointer to anti-Trumpers at Fox news), all the more reason to point Vito De Filippis to flipped ballots by Dominion.

"Vita" is also a motto term of Joice's, and Obama, if I recall correctly, chaired the Joice Foundation. The Billets / Ballots can be a branch of Bils' suspect in the "bilis" motto term buried in the Joice motto.

English Dominics have a motto, "Pax," and French Packs were first found in Languedoc with French Dominics/Domine's. The latter share the star of Annas', and then Annas of Israel (killer judge of Jesus) was Caiaphas' father-in-law. I built Dominic a freezer house (can drive a fork lift into it), and Freeze's are also Pharisee-like Phreeze's. Pharia is an island off the Dalmatia coast.

Reeds, who share "Pax" with Dominics, go back with Sabine's and PULLYs/Pullens to the imperial house of Flavius Sabinus, husband of Vespasia POLLA, of Reed-like Rieti. This is the line of Flavius Josephus (Jewish historian) to French Josephs, explaining why the latter share the Pully/Pullen martlet (which we saw with Voters too). French Packs share the red bull with Sabine's, you see. French Josephs were first found in Maine with Demaine's, and the latter probably share the fleur-de-lys of Petro's (compare with Reed Coat) because Flavius Petro was Sabinus' father. The Annas-branch Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas') use the same fleur-de-lys, yes they do. But the point here is that while we saw evidence that Dominics love Packs, the farm of Vito and Dominic de Filippis is on the 19th sideroad that, within a couple of miles from the farm, turns into Gamble road. Gamble's share the Demaine Coat.

Ainsleys use "For" twice in their motto while Fore's/Forez's use "travers," while Travers were first found in Treviso with Vito's, that's right. I became a Christian while living on Demaine crescent (Richmond Hill). I had the 1979 dream about a week after my conversion, and this dream now points to Trump's woes. I wasn't allowed to see how Trump would fare while he was halfway down the shark's throat. There had been evidence, not many months ago, that Ainsley Earhardt was the alternative fulfillment of the woman of that dream. Here's a map with Demaine crescent intersecting with Beechy drive, shown because the woman in the shark dream was on a beach while Beach's come up as "Beechy." Add that to the fact the Ainsleys share the Demaine fleur-de-lys.

Part of the Ainsley motto is, "For my country," and the Country/Coutry pile is in the colors of the Beach/Beechy pile, amazing "coincidence." Why would God point to Ainsley Earhardt like this way back in 1979. If this is a correct pointer, then there's a lot yet to decipher about that shark dream. God knows I haven't tried, but, logically, no part of it can be deciphered until certain events first take place.

My first ladyfriend as a Christian was Sharon Pasco / Pascal / Pascel (can't recall the correct spelling). The significance of Pascals is their sharing the Levi lions, in the colors of the Pasco lion, while Demaine's were first found in Maine with Josephs. We met when she joined her brother (part of my group of friends) at Wasaga BEACH, and we kissed that night on a picnic table right on the edge of the beach (we dated for a couple of months). She turned out to live on Demaine crescent (I didn't move there for any reason having to do with her brother, it was pure coincidence), right around the bend of Demaine from my place. The amazing thing about this is that VesPASia Polla was suspect with the Pasi's/PASCELs (share crossed spears with Spears) because they were a branch of Pasleys/Paisleys, first found in Renfrewshire with Polla-line Pollocks and Speers. Pullys/Pullens could be from Apulia elements, and that's where Taranto is located while Tarents share the Pascal eagle.

Vespasia's son, emperor Titus (destroyer of Jerusalem), is interesting where the Titus surname was first found in Hertfordshire with Beach's/Beechys. On the old map presented above, there's a Titius river shown near the source of the Tilurius, and English Tillers with Tails/Tailors have the Pascel / Levi lions in colors reversed. Hertfordshire is where Childs were first found who have the Tarent Coat in colors reversed, and Tarents share the Pascal eagle. [Spell-check insert -- This is an excellent place to add that while German Tile's/TILLERs have the Vito annulet in colors reversed, Vito De Filippis was a tiller of the land! The giant Fillip/Phillip lion (comes with gold crown as do the Levi and Capone lions) is also the Pasco lion! Fillips/Phillips are from the Welsh and English Tillers were first found in Glamorganshire (Wales) with Louis' while I dated Louise Phillips. As I've said, I painted the album cover of "TEA for the TILLERman" on the kitchen wall of my apartment when Louise was living there with Miss Peare! Tea's are listed with Tease's, very traceable to the Ticino/Tessin river, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found, explaining why Miss Peare moved in with us. The Tea's/Tease's share the Voter/Gautier fesse, and this is the line to which Peare's belly pointed. End insert]

When the woman of the shark dream and I went RISING into the sky in a rapture event, it pointed to Rhizon (and the Pollock-connectable Risings) because it was right beside Cutter-like Kotor, home of Shark-liner Saraca's who later moved to Dalmatia's Ragusa. Note the Cutter-like Coutry/Cutry/Cootry variations of Countrys, once again suggesting that Miss Earhardt is the women in that dream. The lady in the dream was exceptionally beautiful, a lady, an actress type (I've been saying all of that for years (longer than I've known about Ainsley), including the actress part). I listened to a testimony of Miss Earhardt where she said she wanted to grow up to be an actress.

The mystery is why the woman in the dream was also CHARLOTTE HICKS. She proved to be the fulfillment years ago, there is no doubt about it. I can therefore add that while Hicks' share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys, the "bon" motto term of Hicks' can go with the "Sola bona" phrase of Archers and Larchers, both of whom share a dragon head in a red mural crown with Cutters. That's very amazing, but I can add that Sola's were first found in Derbyshire with Larchers, Hope's and Eyers/Ayers / Heyers, the latter two having been branches of EARhardts. Larchers were found early in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys. Hope's have always pointed to Hope Charlotte Hicks, who recently left Fox news (where Earhardt works) to join Trump's White-House team. I had some thin evidence recently that Hope Hicks is secretly Trump's enemy, a mole (sent back to the White House by Paul Ryan?), and I think Fox news (especially Paul Ryan) wants to make Earhardt lean that way.

The first scene of the 1979 dream was my seeing a nasty shark showing it's nasty teeth at the edge of a swimming POOL (it was out of the water for me to see). Pools are from Vespasia Polla so that this part of the dream goes with what was said above on Vespasia's line. Pools were first found in Dorset with Country- / Kotor-suspect Cutters. Once again, we seem to be at the Ainsley motto with the shark-at-pool picture (for the Sharks had lived in Kotor). Risings have the cross, in colors reversed, in the Arms of Pula/Pola (Istria, off the Dalmatian coast). Why do you think God wanted to stress the line of Vespasian and his brother, Titus?

Okay, so what are the chances that while the nasty shark was shown to me with nasty teeth, the Tooth Crest is also the red griffin in the Ryan Crest? Tooths use a "PerSEVERantia" motto suspect to emperor Severus, husband of Domna Bassianus. To clinch the Ryan-Tooth link, note that "PerseveRANTia" is part-code for the Rant variation of Rance's, for St. Malo is at the mouth of the Rance river while "Malo" is a Ryan motto term. Rance-like Rench's share the giant fleur-de-lys of Gamble's and Demaine's (the Ainsley / Hicks fleur too). The red griffin is the Arms of Pomerania, and Trumps were first found in the Pomerania theater (home of the house of Griffin) with the Deeters/TEETers (i.e. like "teeth") who love the Grape's/GRIPPs. GRIFFins are suspect from Julius AGRIPPa, uncle of Julius Bassianus, in turn the father of Domna above, and of her sister, wife of Julius Avitus = proto-Vito's. This Agrippa family was surely from the Herods of Israel, suspect to "EarHARDt." Scottish Harts share the Pollock saltire, and so Ryans may have been of the namers of RENfrew. Miss Hicks is online with a Rena middle name.

The Tooth / Ryan griffin is shared by Lauders/Leathers (compare with Leto's/Alitto's and Ali's/Aliotta's), first found in Berwickshire with Tate's/TEETs. It appears that Paul Ryan is being identified by God as a nasty shark trying to swallow (destroy) Trump. But if the woman in the dream is a partner with Ryan in that task, it completely confuses me where she and I were raptured into the sky, unless Trump is revealed as a bad guy, a fake when he seeks to support Christians. Perhaps his second term will show his true colors. Perhaps he won't get a second term, and Biden's administration will swiftly bring on the end-times i.e. the rapture too.

Be happy, cheery, even mildly boisterous, because leftists are trying to turn us into mouse-quiet zombies, their zombies. Their leftist zombies are being made into robotic goons, no exaggeration. Masked goons, a willing faceless society, chicken-hearts afraid of a flu that's not even as harsh as a typical flu. Liars are trying to control us, make us subservient, hushed of spirit, no longer sociable. Do the opposite. Be a good example by being happy, cheery, even boisterous in their presence. Make them feel that there's something wrong with them, because there is, and they want you to feel that there's something wrong with you unless you become a masked goon, giving up your humanity to become the "futuristic," leftist robot. When you get to the line at the supermarket, ask the person behind you or in front of you, "are you normal, or a mask goon." You'll find out right away. Heh-heh, don't let the goons win this, be free, show yourself free.

Why would God point to the Dominion vote flips almost five decades ago in my life? Surely, it's a message for Christians preparing for the final days. But why point to this election? Well, we have seen the Democrats as demons in human bodies, for one. I have two theories: 1) God is pointing to the vote flipping because he's going to DE-FLIP what the Dominion flipped for Biden, which can perhaps explain why the farmer is Dominic "De Filippis." That would suggest a Trump win. Or, 2) He's just pointing generally to this election, not the winner in particular, to say: start watching for the Signs in the Middle East.

The laughable leftist press is reporting that Dominion software did not cause any problems. According to who? According to Dominion, of course, or to the whore houses. Wow, how's that for investigative reporting, just taking the word of the potential crooks, end of story. Achem, why are the leftist media not addressing the vote flip of 560 votes seen on a CNN television screen, and another vote flip of about 19,000 that's also out on youtube with EVIDENCE right on a TV screen. That's right, VISUAL AND RECORDED EVIDENCE that supposed news stations are not talking about. Dominion is now the number-one suspect for such flipping, and news stations are compelled to investigate. If they just take the word of the company, or the whore houses, that's not investigation, that's complicity and potential criminal complicity.

Place your bets on whether the whore houses will accumulate never-Trumper Republicans to monitor their ballot counting. Or, just have Democrats register falsely as Republicans and then hire them as monitors, so easy to do, so expected too.

Reuters has this story claiming to debunk the 560-vote flip, but, go ahead and read the piece to see that Reuters in no way debunks the claim. It expects liberals to whole-heartedly believe the claim is false just because Reuters and the voting system said so. Here is the entire debunking statement from this article: "Reuters was unable to verify the authenticity of the footage [just ask CNN, stupids], but the claim that the clip is evidence of 'live computerized fraud' on Election Day 2020 is false [how so?]. The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has dismissed claims [oh, that's it?] that computerized fraud affected the 2020 presidential election." Laughable debunker. The article doesn't appear to mention the 19,000 flip.

As you can see, the vote flips do not concern the Trump-Biden race, but how much more do we expect flipping in that race. I suggest that polling was conducted by the left in order to predict the full number of Trump votes so that the machinery could be programmed to flip enough votes to give Biden the win. This means that Trump got a lot more than 73-million votes in this election, and I think they were estimating his getting only 68 million. I think they pre-arranged 75 for Biden because they thought Trump would get 68, and thus they polled a 10-point lead for Biden not knowing Trump would get more than 73.

Vote flipping is an ideal way to cheat, much better than simply producing votes for Biden, because it simultaneously removes votes from the opposition in a secret split-second that nobody sees...unless its captured on television.

Dominion doesn't need to be responsible for the cheating; all that's needed is for someone else to change the numbers in its software tally. Anyone can do it providing that Dominion's software allows it, and I think Dominion is likely guilty of this capability. It provides the means, and some whore-house operator goes in and changes the vote tally. How easy would that be? If Dominion were not guilty, it would not have immediately announced on its website that no flipping occurred. If it were honest, it would first take time to investigate whether flipping took place. That's how we can know that Dominion's boss needs to be jailed. They will have do-nothing trash-bag Barr to thank for not going to jail.

I'll have Dominion updates (videos / articles) at the end of this update. But see this video below now, out Friday as I write the end of this section, on a Mr. Phillips (i.e. like "flip") of Michigan who is apparently responsible for election-count corruption, and possibly in charge of Dominion vote flipping. It reminds me of a childhood friend I had, from Michigan, Michael, brother of Phillip. They lived on John Dexter Place, with a backyard on a Sherwood forest.

I am just stunned that the Republican party hasn't checked in on whore houses doing as they please in secret, but instead simply trust that they will operate fairly. I have every reason to believe that God has been very tall in this election to finally expose this corruption. Give God the credit because Dominic De Filippis is informing us that God did this. The video tells that Mr. Phillips took over a corrupt system from a mayor Kilpatrick (Detroit), who was jailed when caught stealing tax money. It just so happens that Kilpatricks have a lion with "DEXTER PAW" on the head of a dragon, and, moreover, the lion is in the colors of the Phillips/Fillip lion. Paws are listed with Pauers, and Powers are a branch of Poors who in turn share the black tower with DOMINO's/Damens. Kilpatricks use cushions as code for the line of Kiss'/Cush's, a branch of Cass'/Cash's having a "pair of scales," and Pairs are listed with Paws/Pauers. Remember, in the 1979 dream, Miss Hicks = Mrs. Kilpatrick was sleeping, and Sleeps share the double fesses of Dappers/DePAUERs. I was told to wake her up. What does that mean?

I was going to wake her up with a KISS, I get it. But instead of kissing her, my hand brushed her knee, and she woke up then, as I was leaning over to kiss her. While this may suggest a Knee link to the Kiss / Cass bloodline, yet the Leggs happen to have been first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, and the giant Legg stag head is in the colors of the giant Trump stag head. Therefore, the brush of her knee looks like an insinuation of her leg in pointing to Trump, and since the dream had a victorious event the second the knee was touched, it's cause to expect something good through Trump, apparently the removal of his head from within the shark's throat, so to speak.

I've not known the Voter surname until this update, and as it's listed with Gautier's, wow, note the "GAUDet" motto term of Leggs, and then load Gaudets/Goders as Gauders. Gauters are listed with Dutch Guts/Goters, and they're the ones sharing the white greyhound with similar Cutts/Cute's so that we appear to be back to the Cutters suspect in the variations of Ainsley-beloved Countrys. It gets us back to Kotor at Rhizon! Imagine that. Unbelievable. It appears that my touching her leg can be a pointer to this election. Voters/Gautier's even have a black eagle with gold talons, the Giuliani symbol. I've got to imagine that Ainsley Earhardt will play some key role in this flipping month. Repeat from above: "Why is the 1979 dream linking to this Dominic-ballot topic?"

Countrys are in County colors (they share the same chevron), and this perhaps points to vote COUNTs. Vote counts.

Talons/TALANTs use talons, and they are expected from that Taulantii people group to the south of the Selepitanoi. I think they go to the Talbots, who have the Coat of greyhound-connectable Greys in colors reversed. Huns/Hundts have the greyhound while Huns/Hungate's have the talbot dog, both in Grey colors. The woman while sleeping was hovering, and Hoovers use a giant talon. The Talon/Talant talon is colors reversed from the same of HICKsons. No coincidences, God set these things up.

Trump, this week, replaced his defence secretary with a Mr. Miller, and Scottish Millers were first found in Dumfries too. They happen to have a large moline in colors reversed from the same of Shark-liner Sarasins. Both molines are in use with Vallans while Valiants use the only heraldic shark I know of. The giant Miller moline is used also by Veels/Vele's/Veils/Vitals. It appears that Miller will remove Trump from the shark's mouth, or, if I'm reading that wrong, will put Trump into the shark's mouth. German Millers are listed with Muellers.

Ahh, as English Millers have blue wolf heads while Fillip-like Phelps have the blue wolf, it could be that Trump will get the election flipped to him, and that Trump employed Miller because he got his promise to help quell the rebellion across the country expected by that flipped election. Also, the Miller wolf heads are colors reversed from the Flynn wolf, and Flynn's lawyer is now working to flip Trump's election, which could see Trump employing general Flynn to quell the expected riots. Did you stock up on extra food and toilet paper yet? Flynns come up as FLINGs, and Miss Hicks and I were FLYING in the air, we could say, as soon as I touched her knee. That's a possible solving of that dream's scene as concerns Trump's shark-related woes. It sounds hopeful in combination with Dominic De Election-Filippis. Let the dominos fall.

Get ready Barr, DO YOUR JOB. Your job is not to pontificate concerning correct / incorrect legalities, but to arrest Democrats. There are thousands of activist Democrat rats to arrest, to make an example of, to quell their lawless activism. SO DO IT, or go away.

The Cup of Soap

I drank the dish soap from my regular coffee cup, and then the Coffee/Coffer Crest has a naked rider on a dolphin, a symbol in the Arms of Taranto. Dominion is headquartered in Toronto. The naked rider of Taranto is mythical Taras, and then Tarrs/Tarres' were first found in Somerset with Taranto-like Trents and Coffers/Coffare's. The latter are in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer "cups." Excellent.

[Spell-check insert 11:10 am, near noon deadline -- It's a little interesting that while Dominion tallies votes, Tallys are in Coffee/Coffer colors, but as Tallys are new to me in a spell-check, I have no time to look into how Tallys may point to the current, voter-fraud situation (I was going to say no more on this). I actually got up to make a coffee after writing that last sentence because the kettle had come to a boil. While making it, I wondered what it could mean that this was my second coffee today, which is done with a heaping spoon of COCOA (only the second one each day done that way). Loading Coke's, they happen to share the vertically-split Shield of German Dominics! And these Dominic's happen to share a white chevron with Tallys. More: Talls were first found in Thuringia with Basina, wife of king CHILDeric, and the Coke's share the CHILD eagle!!! Childs are the ones with the Tarent Coat in colors reversed!!!! Just looks at the timing of that cocoa-coffee, right after mention of Trents and Taranto as per the Coffee Crest!!! The Coke's also use the Segni/SEGURana eagle, and Segurs come up as "Second" (in the Levi motto). This cocoa-coffee is the SECOND of each day! Segni's (Genova, same as Fieschi) are in the Fessy/Face motto, and Feschs share the crossed Barrow swords while Coke's were at Barrow (Derbyshire).

Cindy Richardson was on second base as a pointer to the Scalise shooting, and Cindys/CUNTYs can be in the motto of Courts/COFFERts. I have no more time to look into these new pointers. End Insert]

I kid you not, that the paragraph above did not come to mind until a few minutes after turning my coffee cup upside-down to check out the manufacturer. It's by HomeTRENDS, and, I kid you not, I checked the Trends surname, listed with Trents, before the paragraph above was conceived. The cup's label says, "Made in China," and there is evidence that the Chinese are behind Dominion. The Chinese get special treatment in the Toronto area, especially in Markham.

My coffee cup was purchased at Walmart, named by Waltons. Waltons were likewise first found in Somerset, and as they share the swan with Walsh's, this is perfect, for the "TRANSfixus" motto term of Walsh's gets the Trans variation of Trents, I kid you not.

Two updates ago, I discussed Kim Walsh getting into my car, slamming the DOOR on Kepke, who sat on the parking-lot CURB at that minute wondering what to do next. I leaned over and kissed her on the CHEEK, and later found CURBys to at Holborn while Holborns (colors and format of Kepke-like Keppochs) share the three Cheek crescents. The Curbys share the Coffer/Coffare crescents, you see, making me wonder why the door-slam event should link to me soap-drinking event. Another interesting point is that, in the fall/winter of my 21st year, I was working about five months putting military generators into a walk-in oven that could be otherwise called a furnace, and as this was at least very close to the door-slam event, let me add that while the "Curby family lived at Kirkby in Furness," Furness' come up as "Furnace." This surname uses a giant black lab, and Kepke owned a black Lab at the time. Kepke was born, Lawrence, and Lawrence's were first found at the Furness theater.

I am also very sure that a Walton family lived directly across the street from Kepke. What's this all for? Waltons were at Gordano, and Gords/Gordans were Roet kin while Walton-related Sions/Swans once showed GAUNTlet gloves for the line of John of Gaunt (Lancashire, same as Furness and Curbys), Catherine Roet's husband. [There is another Barrow location at Furness! It's now 11:27, no time left to expound. German Roets were first found in Thuringia with Basina and Tally-like Talls.]

The Trends'/Trents are said to have had a Trent location in DORset, and, as was said, I drank the soap from the HomeTRENDs coffee cup while on a break from painting DOORs. The Trents were first found in Somerset with Payne/s/Paine's while Payens are also paint-like Paionts, and it just so happens that the Payen stars are called, "SPUR rowells," code for Super-branch Spurrs. The soap was suspect in a pointer to Supers/Sopers whose billets are code for Billets/BALLOTs, and Dominion is the ballot-flipping monster. As we saw Dominion pointed to by Dominic De Filippis, lets go back to Domino's/Damens, for they share the black tower with the Crest of Poors (Devon, same as Supers and Spurrs). Poors are suspect as a branch of Powers/Poers (likewise first found in Devon), and then while Tuppers/Toppers have boars in the colors of the Gord/Gordan / Roet boar heads, Dappers are also DePAUERs.

Having said that, I've got to go back to the "pair of SCALEs" of Cass'/Cash's, a pointer to judge Scalia along with Supers/Sopers. This is really cool because Pairs are listed with Pauers, and while the latter use peacocks, Peacocks use a "just" motto term suspect with Justine's/Justice's with SCALES of justice. Then, a thing I didn't notice until loading Coffee's/Coffers now, their cups have SQAURE cross sections and are therefore a near match with the Ginsburg containers!!! Square's/Squire's are the ones with a "Tiens FERME" motto connectable to Justine's/Justice's, but then the Curby motto is "FIRM," and Curbys (in Furness) are the ones sharing the Coffer/Coffare's crescents. Makes my head spin, but whatever the reasons to these consistent links, God had a plan with them.

Dominic married Anna (from New York), and Anne's/Hanne's (Yorkshire, same as Wigtons) are linkable to Annas'. Hanna's (Trump stag head colors reversed) were at Wigton while Wiggens (spur) have a version of the Annas Coat. I didn't know that Papa's have a good reflection of the French Dominic Coat until remembering that Poppins share the Anne/Hanne stag heads, which brought Papa's to mind. It reminds that the woman in the 1979 dream, now expected to be AINSley Earhardt, POPPED (can't think of a better adjective for that event) into my arms the second I touched her leg. The ANNAbels/Hannibals (stag) essentially have the Sleep Coat in colors reversed. I have just recalled the Popoli's having a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of French Dominics. "Populo" is a motto term of Bassets, and then French Bassets/BESANcons use billets while billets are also BALLOTS! Dominic's wife just brought us to the line of Julius Avitus, husband of Basset- / Besan-like Miss Bassianus', to whom Dominic's father points! It's as though God is telling two stories at once with Dominic's family, an historical story as well as a current-news story.

Recall how this Dominic discussion clicked over to Howells and Owls/Howls, for the latter were first found in Suffolk with Thurstons, where Loveys/Luffs (almost the double Annabel/Hannibal fesses) were said to have been first found, for God did point, in one of my Texas events with Miss Hicks, to Lovey and Thurston Howell. Thurston-like Thors have the Howell Coat in colors reversed. The Bassets, sharing three red fesses with Loveys/Luffs, are said to have been from a Thurston character in DRAYTON (Staffordshire, same as HICKsons). The scene where the woman was sleeping was loaded with surnames using talons (Hoovers, Hooters, Hicksons, and Sleep-connectable Talons/Talants), and it just so happens that Draytons, discovered not many months ago with another talon, named a location not far from Sleap of Shropshire (beside Staffordshire). The Drayton Coat thus looks related to that of Bons/Bono's in the Hicks motto. Why is the 1979 dream linking to this Dominic-ballot topic?

The split Shield of Draytons is shared by Hales' because the Market-Drayton location on the Shropshire-Staffordshire border "was formerly known as 'Drayton in Hales'." Hales' use arrows for the Arrows/Arras' (Staffordshire), and the latter share a red tower with Thors. "Drayton is recorded in the Domesday Book as a manor in the hundred of Hodnet." HODnets (Shropshire), connectable to Hoods/Hoots and talon-using Hooters, are also Higgins-like Hignets, and it was the Higgin Crest that shares the black tower with Domino's/Damens, perfect outcome here. Higgins and Higginsons/HICKensons are the ones with the white towers suspect with the Howell towers above. The woman in the dream was at the HOOD of the car before she was hovering inside of it, where she fell asleep. The Hodnet quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Hodleys ("patria," traceable to Flavius Petro of Rieti).

Repeat: "Higgins and Higginsons/HICKensons were both first found in Sligh-like Sligo, and as Slicks/Slighs use owls while Owls are also Howls..." Sligo is where Hales-like Haleys were first found who share boar heads on blue with Maple's. Market-like Markhams were at a Maplebeck location (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas' and AINSleys) while Maple's (Essex, same as Marks) share that split Shield. That Shield along with the Maple motto link to Chives' of TARVES, and Vito's were first found in TARVISium. English Marks share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys and Hicks, and while the latter were at a Leyton location, ditto for Marks.

Just as I was loading LEYtons, a song ("All My Tears") with a death-and-burial theme in Jesus, sang: "it don't matter where I LAY." Just minutes before this, I was pondering again how Miss Hicks / Earhardt being asleep was a symbol of death and resurrection, for the scene ended in a literal rapture. Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Leytons/Laytons/LEIGHtons ("Dread"), beside leg-like Leghs/Leys. I touched her leg, and she rose in a rapture. The rapture is part of the Wedding of Jesus to the Church, and Wedding-branch Weedons have the Sleep fesses in colors reversed.

The "Dread" motto term of Leytons/Leightons must be code for DRAYTon elements, for as Dragons are also Drayners, it explains the dragon in the Leyton/Leighton Crest. The Leighton Crest shares a wyvern dragon (different color) with the Denvers ("loyalte") almost having the "loyalite" motto term of Markets. Dominion Voting Systems has its American head office in Denver.

Hodleys were first found in Sussex with MARKets, suggesting that Market-Drayton was not named after a market, but after the Market variation of Margesons/Mackesys (Jeffrey-Epstein pointable). Patria's/Peartree's are from Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia, which place was co-founded by Mark-line Marici, and thus Margesons/Mackesys get identified from the Marici...explaining why Markets look like they share the Levi lion. The Drayton lion thus gets nailed as the Mark lion, especially as the split-Shield of Draytons is colors reversed from the same of German Marks.

The woman in the shark dream was on Jeffrey Epstein's island, and as he owned a few airplanes, we first go to the Sleap Airfield (airport), keeping in mind that Miss Hick's husband (Mr. Kilpatrick) said, in his obituary, that he had been a pilot. Then, his infamous plane is the Lolita Express while Lolita's/Loyola's are suspect in the "loyalite" motto term of Markets/Margesons. We just saw why Market-Drayton is linkable to Sleeps/Sleaps of Sleap. Draytons share the gold talon with Hoovers (exactly the Hooter Coat), and a whore is often called a HOOER. So, as Hicks' (Yorkshire, same as Hucks) and talon-using Hicksons can be a branch round-about of Hookers, the woman in the dream, or at least Miss Hicks (stripper in her youth), was posed by God as an Epstein hooker.

The Lolita ExPRESS. The Press' share the Chief of Neils, and Neils were first found in Tyrone with Sharks, and then the white-on-blue fish in the Arms of Saraca is in the Neil Coat. The hooker was in the dream starting with a shark. I was taken from the pool with shark, and transported to blue, ocean waters. waters share the Epstein Coat. I walked out of the water onto a beach, and saw the hooker at the hood of her car on the beach, the only car in the scene. Epstein's island has a beach, and probably only one car is on that small island.

Tyrone's share the double chevrons of Hucks (owls), you see, as well as of the Coat of Dexters (leg-liner Leicester) in the "dexter paw" (= right hand) of Kilpatricks...that's on the head of a green dragon, a near-picture of the 666 system. This is why it's important that we crossed the Traby-like Tarves' above while on the Maple-Mark connection, which got me wondering whether God might use the Marks / Markhams / Markets / etc., to point to the "mark of the beast" = the 666. Note that while human legs are used by Hose's (Leicestershire again), a hooer is also a hose(bag). Miss Hicks was probably a hosebag in her youth (she even let the doctor who gave her birth, some 32 years older than she, marry her).

"Six" was "HEX" to the Greeks. Note what looks like three 6's in this Arms of Traby, then see that the colors of the Traby horns are also the colors of Weight horns while the Dexter Crest (weight scale) is called simply, "weights." It's begging the question: will the Intelligence people who employed that disgusting Epstein also bring on the False Prophet, the one who forced the mark of the beast onto society? Tarves' were first found in Aberdeenshire with Prophets/ProFETTs, and with Foot-branch Fothes/Fette's (Pavia's share the FEET Coat).

Well it just so happens that Miss Hicks (her father was a Pentecostal pastor/preacher) would prophecy falsely (uttering words as though God is speaking them through her in the first-person), like a typical, wayward charismatic (I heard her do this twice). I touched her leg in the dream, and Prophets/PROfetts happen to use a giant human leg (with spur), but to this add that the Hickson / Hoover talons are bird legs. As Leggs seem connectable to Trumps along with Pavia-liner Patria's/Peartree's, I am compelled to think that Trump had a diabolical link to Epstein. Something is wrong, in other words, about all the Christians who adore / worship Trump. Take heed, for the False Prophet is expected to be a false Christian.

It's interesting that Prophets/Profetts are in Freeze/Phreeze colors, for the latter is the surname pointed to by the freezer in the dream with green snake-tongues that pointed to Huck-connectable Huckabee's (Asclepios snakes). It seems to be warning us not to support Trump from the heart, as do the Christians, Mike and Sarah Huckabee. I trace ASCLEpios to "Skala" on Patmos, the island where Revelation was written that has the False Prophet and the 666. Patmos also has Chora as a main city, suspect with the naming of the Lapith, Coronis, AscLEPIOS' mother. I see "Asclepios" as a Skala-Lapith combo (invented by a myth writer).

Leg-using Hose's have a Huckaby-like variation, suggesting the possibility that Hose's had been Hoke's/HOOKs, who happen to have a blue-Shield version of the Hicks Coat. It suggests that Hicks' are round-about cousins to Hookers. You have just got to be amazed here because Hookers share the double lions of Jewish Levi's, and so we can see what He's saying where the same lion is the one with dexter paw on the Kilpatrick dragon. It seems to be saying that the Levi line from the killers of Jesus will provide the 666 system, explaining why the snake-tongues were in the mouths of my old friends, the Luffs i.e. with Love variation. I showed how Luffs/Loveys are connectable to the Muschats and Waters sharing the Epstein Coat.

Repeat: "...and thus Margesons/Mackesys get identified from the Marici...explaining why Markets look like they share the Levi lion". The Markets are the ones with the "Loyalite" motto term looking like code for Loyola's/Lolita's. This is quite amazing, tending to prove more than ever that I was transported to Epstein's island in the shark dream.

Waters were first found in Essex with the Yonge's whose Scottish branch were clearly related to Leavells/LOVells/LEVELs, and Miss Hicks was hovering LEVEL when she was acting as Epstein's hooker. Essex is also where Hoffingtons/Offingtons/Ovingtons were first found who could be a branch of Hovers/Hoffers. Hoffingtons/Offingtons were found above when seeing that Epstein-pointing Markets/Margesons/Mackesys were at Offington (Sussex, same as Coverts/Cofferts). Hoffingtons/Offingtons share the bend of Cove's, yet I'm going to take this to the sleeping-bag dream, not forgetting that the hooker was herself sleeping.

After I picked up a sleeping bag, my old friend, David Morley came riding his motorbike down the hill, and he circled the sleeping bag. The dream went on to point to crimes by Hillary RODHAM Clinton, which explains why Davids and Morleys together point to the Ade's/Aides (in the Levi motto) having a version of the Rodham...and Hoffington Coats. Rodhams are said to have had a Rodden river in Shropshire, and Sleeps were at the Sleap airstrip of Shropshire. Did Epstein ever use this airstrip to pick up his British victims?

The Hoffington bend is very linkable to the same one of Rye's/Rise's (Sussex, same as Hoffingtons), perfect where the sleeping Hicks and I ended the dream while rising into the sky. Here's what breaks this part of the mystery open: "The surname Hoffington was first found in Essex at Ovington, a parish, in the union of RISbridge, hundred of Hinckford." This caused a check for a Hickford (also "Higford") surname, and, in Rising colors, it was first found in Shropshire with Sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bingo, and it's only taken me about four years of trying to solve the sleep-hover-rising scenes to find this. And I've only become half crazy so far tinkering with these mysteries. Hickfords/Higfords share the gold stag head with Hicks.

"Ears of RYE" are used by Sadducee-like Saddocks (Sussex, same as Rye's/Rise's and Hoffingtons). It now appears that Hovers/Hoffers were a branch of Coverts/Coffers, and then Coffers/Coffare's are in Hickford colors.

The Hoffington write-up again: "One of the first records of then name was Roger of Hoveden, or Howden ( fl. 1174-1201)..." of Yorkshire, where Morleys/MAULs were first found who were in the sleeping-bag dream's MALL. As it turns out, Howdens (Yorkshire, same as Morleys/Mauls), sharing the Gore crosslets, share the green dragon in Crest with Morleys/Mauls ("riGORE") and Kilpatricks, and the Howden dragon breathes flames, as does the green SEATon dragon. As the hooker, Mrs. Kilpatrick, was hovering over the car SEATs, we take Seatons to their Sedan/Seddon branch (once said to have been first found in Yorkshire), and note that Sedans/Seddons share the black cinquefoil with Rodhams. The Rodham bend is the ermined one of Rye's/Rise's and MALbanks (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) while Malls (beside Shropshire's Rodden river) have Malbancs in their write-up. Although I find it hard to resolve how Hillary Rodham fits into the sleep-hovering-rise scene, it does seem to apply, and we can even add that the Aid/Ade leopard face is shared by Hovers/Hoffers, tending to nail the Offingtons (new to me) with Hovers/Hoffers, as expected NOW.

The Morley/Maul write-up has the royal David family in Huntingdon, which married ADa of Warenne, explaining why the Ade and David Coats are similar.

Again, Markets (Sussex, same as Rye's/Rise's and Offingtons) came to topic with Market-Drayton, itself near the Sleap airstrip, and Markets of Offington are the ones with the motto term pointing to Epstein's plane. Perhaps it wasn't only Bill Clinton, but Hillary too, who was involved with Epstein's business(es). Epstein's whore manager is now in jail, and her Maxwell surname is in the "make" motto term of Kilpatricks (share Maxwell saltire).

I was wondering, just before starting this section, whether the election-fraud scandal, which might be nothing but a staged, false-flag operation, will be responsible for ushering in a skincode. No one can vote without the skincode in the right hand??? Just a thought. Then, anyone who votes for the anti-Christ / False Prophet is damned to Hell. Maybe Sleepy Biden or his replacement will be the False Prophet. Be careful, expect world-class tricks. Keep vigilant.

As Markets/Margesons were suspect with D'Arques'/Darks (share Kilpatrick / Maxwell saltire), it's interesting that Hales share the Archer / Larcher arrows. Market Drayton is at Hales, and the split Hales / Drayton Shield is connectable to the Bono Shield while Archers and Larchers use a "bona" motto term. The "PRINCipibus" motto term of Hales looks like code for Prince's in the "eastern prince" of Newtons who in turn use "shin BONES." If Malbanks were from Banks, the latter were at a Newton location in Yorkshire (same as Morleys/MAULs). Compare the Archer / Larcher Crest to that of Cutters, suspect from Kotor at Rhizon.

The Offington bend-with-black-stars has reminded me of the poison -- TURPENtine -- that my mother says I drank (as an infant) when it was in a bottle on the STAIRs. She didn't say anything more but that I was taken to the hospital i.e. she thought I had swallowed much of it. Turpens have black lion heads on a bend reflective of the Aid/Ade leopard heads on a bend, and as the Davids have a black lion on a same-colored bend, it appears that the Turpens connect to the sleeping bag circled by David Morley. When I awoke from that dream, I was sleeping under this sleeping bag. That morning, I continued to investigate the Scalia murder, and found a group photo with some 40 members of the International Order of Saint Hubertus, all wearing black robes with a red, longitudinal inner lining showing on one side only, very reflective of my sleeping bag. I'm very sure that the man to the viewer's right of the center man, the leader I assume, is John B. Poindexter, a fellow leader, the one who got Scalia to his ranch to get killed.

Repeat: "The Offington bend-with-black-stars has reminded me of the poison -- TURPENtine -- that my mother says I drank (as an infant) when it was in a bottle on the STAIRs." Stairs are "SCALA" to my Italian mother, meaning that God may have been pointing to Scalia's murder by poison from my infancy. But why then? The Turpen lion heads are in the colors of the Levi lions, making sense where Aids/Ade's are in the French Levi motto, but then there is a black passant lion in the Market Crest, same as the Levi lion; the latter is colors reversed from the passant lion in the Market Shield. And it's Markets who were at Offington while the Turpen / Aid / Rodham bends-with-items are in the three colors and format of the Offington bend-with-items.

Turpens were at Turpin Au Bois, and English Bois' were first found in Essex with Offingtons and Gore's. Offingtons are said to have included a Mr. Howden while Howdens share the Gore crosslets, which I always link to the crosslets of Trips. This is amazing, for trips were first found in Kent wish stairs, and trips use "SCALING ladders" as code for ladder-using Scalia's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW, I had no idea I would be writing that when starting out with the turpentine event. Morleys/Mauls (RiGORE"), connectable to Aids/Aids (as explained above), share the scallops of TailBOIS', suspect as Talbots (Shropshire, same as Sleeps), in turn suspect with Talons/Talants (from Taulantii beside Selepitanoi), in turn in the colors and format of Stairs. Turpens were first found in Dorset with the Stair-like Stur river, and Sturs/Stowers, what do we know, share the Coat of French Bois' exactly. I could say that I was a boy when I drank the turpentine.

English Bois' even share the lion of Tine's/Tyne's/BOTville's. TurpenTINE. Tine's were first found in Shropshire with TalBOTs and Sleeps, and with the talon-using Draytons that took us to Markets of Offington. Cool. Aren't you glad I took a swig of that poison, Mr. Scalia? Surely, God's going to do something to your killers as vengeance. Draytons almost have the Bon/Bono Coat, and Tine's/Tyne's use a "bonne" motto term. Aids/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with the Tyne river, and with ladder-like Lauder.

Easters/Sturs have a bend colors reversed from the Offington bend, and the "EASTERn prince" is in the Crest of Newtons while "PRINCipibus" is the motto of Hales at the Hales area of Market-Drayton. Again, Draytons have a version of the Bono Coat while Newtons use "shin bones," tending to explain why English Shins/Chinns/Chings share triple-red fesses with Sturs/Stowers. There are some reports that China is involved with Dominion Voting, and while the Chinns/Chings can be a pointer to some Chinese corruption, the Hales / Bono / Gates Coat is a good reflection of the German Dominic Coat.

The Gates evoke the globalist, Bill Gates, and his vaccines programs. I entertain the implementation of the mark of the beast by force, in conjunction with receiving a mandatory vaccine to make us "safe" to buy and the MARKETplace. While Markets were at Offington, the lion of Market-like Marks (Essex, same as Offingtons) is shared by Dragon-connectable Draytons and Gates'. The latter two surnames have split Shields colors reversed from one another.

It was the Bassets who were from Drayton, and the triple Basset fesses are those also of Sturs/Stowers. We arrived to Bassets (Staffordshire, beside Market-Drayton) from their motto almost having the Popoli's that look linkable to a the French Dominic Coat. The Bassets/BESANcons use only billets for a pointer to Billets/BALLOTs, you see, right down the Dominion sewer ditch. Popoli-like Pepoli's (Boulogne-like Bologna, home of Boii) share the checks of Tolles' expected at the Tollesbury location of the first-known English Mark liner, who is said to have lived under a Eustace of Boulogne.

Now, take the BESANcon surname, and take it to the Bessins who named BEASTon. Coincidence, or did God arrange it to point to the mark of the beast? Bessin-liner Basina was in Thuringia with Tolles-like Talls, very linkable to TailBOIS' (Meschins of the Bessin married Taillebois).

Read carefully the next little part, taking note of the indicators. German Bessens/BESANTs are in the besants of Purchase's. We already saw evidence that the end-time dragon / anti-Christ entity will stem from the Laevi of Pavia, and the motto of Perich-like Purchase's has two reasons to link to the Pierro's/Pero's/PERICH's of Pavia. The indicator here is that the beastly 666 purchasing system will be a Pero-Pavia entity. I'm guessing that Purchase's have the Beef/Boeuf (PERIgord) fesse.

English Besants have quadrants colors reversed from the same of Legh-connectable Leytons/Leightons (dragon in Crest). The shark dream started with a bulldog, representing Trump, walking past my LEG at knee height (it was a British bulldog, short, knee high). It jumped into, or alternatively took a fall, into the pool with shark. Some might describe Trump jumping into the swamp at first, and others would say he only fell into the swamp. Either way, he surrounded himself with swamp creatures, perhaps because he's been an actor of a long-winded theater from the swamp to get Christians agreeable to the final act of history, the 666 world.

Jumps share the Trump stag head along with Pero-liner Patria's/Peartree's. "Semper PARATus" is the Purchase motto. Sempers/St. Pierre's (Essex, same as Marks and Leavell-related Yonge's/Youngs) share double lions in pale with Levi's. The Semper lions are colors reversed from the Mark lion. These Marks are linkable to hex-like Hicks'. German Youngs/June's have a stag in the colors of the Trump stag.

Trump also went for a fall into the pool, because I did not see the dog leap any distance at all. It merely walked over the water, off the edge of the pool patio, and fell in, but it can also be viewed as taking a short jump. FALLS/Fallis' (linkable to Fell / Feller liners) are guaranteed in this picture where they share the Pool lion. Falls/Fallis, together with the Trump-connectable Leggs, as well as the Leghs and Leightons of this particular discussion, and especially with the leg-using and Pero- / Pavia-connectable Prophets/Profetts, spells: Falls Prophet. As much as I do not think Trump is the False Prophet, this picture claims that he is. This past week, Trump was shown at a Remembrance Day event, where he raised his hand toward the graves of soldiers as though he thought powers or communicative impulses were coming out of his hand to the dead. It was strange. He could secretly be a mason-type, folks. Do not trust this man.

The other theory, as opposed to Trump furnishing the False Prophet, is that the people who will provide the False Prophet are in the pool as the shark. "To my knees I will fall" (by MERCYME, song called, "I Can Only Imagine") is a songline that sang while I was working on the paragraph above. The next song, "O Holy Night," sang "fall on your knees" while I was still working on the paragraph above. Therefore, I feel compelled to tell again that I (age 12) fell on my knee pads after STEVE Tarr took a slapshot such that the puck came to rest on the goal line. There was probably less than a minute left in this semi-final match, with the score tied 2-2, and so in the pressure-cooker excitement, my knees gave way, and I slid past the net, poking the puck in for the winning goal. I was thinking that the slap SHOT can be a pointer to Shots, who look like kin of the Calls having three TRUMPets. Stevens were first found in Gloucestershire with Mercys, and Slap-like Clapton is just outside Gloucestershire, in Somerset, same as Tarrs. The team cleared the bench and piled on me. How can this event relate to Trump in a last-minute nail-biter? I have no idea. It's not as though I rule the election count houses. Who might I represent who is involved in the re-counts?

[A day or two after writing here, I was on the Skin surname, finding its "merces" motto term. The Skins use three upright swords in the colors of the three fessewise swords of Shots! I was checking Skins for any potential clues on the 666 skincode.]

I'll show below how Mark-like Mercys link to Clapton, beside Shots and Calls both of Wiltshire, where Joels/Jewels were first found whom I think are a branch of Giuliani's. Joel and I were on our way to Sekulow-like Shakell road when a gull appeared that I say pointed to Giuliani. The latter is Trump's personal lawyer along with Jay Sekulow.

I almost forgot. The hockey game was in MARKham!!! When I moved away from Markham town at age 13, I attended Mark II school in Markham township.

Or, maybe my hockey team represented my Christian readers who win the Armageddon nail-biter at the Last Trumpet, and maybe it has nothing to do with Trump. But then why did MercyMe break in with "to my knees I will fall" while writing on the Trump bulldog's fall into the pool? Ahh, I think I have this solved. I slid on my knees upon the Ice, and Ice's (Mecklenburg, same as Trumps/Tromps) not only share trefoils (different colors) with Falls'/Fallis' and Fellers, but could be using the Giuliani eagle. Giuliani is promising to win this nail-biter election in the last minute. Looks like the team's going to pile on him in celebration. The confusing thing is, though, that the Dutch Tromps, sharing a black spread eagle with Ice's and Giuliani's, have a Coat very linkable to that of German Marks. If Marks in this discussion point to the mark of the beast, why is the Trump line involved? The Mark eagle even has gold talons, as does the Giuliani eagle, and gold talons are at the sleeping-hovering-rising scenes. German Marks have a double-tipped spear held by their eagle's claw, and this spear is the symbol of SKAKEspeare's, a surname like the Shakell road that Joel and I were going to.

The very next goal that our team scored was the first one in the final match. Steve Tarr passed it to me in front of the net, and I scored on Jim McGee, my friend, the Joel-like goalie. Gulls and Gullys are branches of Giuliani-like Julians, and Gullys are goalie-like Gollys too. McGee's/MAGIE's (Dumfries, same as Net / Naught branches) share the boar head of Mea's/Mee's/MEIGH's (NOTTINGhamshire, same as Markhams) suggested in "MercyME." McGee's also share the swords of Shots. They are the boar heads also of Judds/Juggs, and the latter are a branch of Judge's/Juge's who are pointing in this update to Giuliani's court challenges. Judge's/Juge's are in the colors of Irish McGee's. Nottings were first found in Gloucestershire with Mercys. The judge topic pointed to Amy Coney Barrett as the expected hero of this election flip, and while Coneys had connected to Bra, Brae's/Brays, what can I say? Black eagle talons. Brae's/Brays (could be the Gully/Golly Shield) use a "FLAX breaker," and Flacks share the Judge/Juge scallops.

I got side-tracked from the flow through the Leytons/Leightons; their write-up: "As one would expect, Leighton in Cheshire [same as Leghs/Leys and Beastons/Bessins] was at one time held by the family. 'At the time of the Domesday Survey this place belonged to Robert de RODELent, after whose death it was given to the barons of Montalt [see Maud/Mold write-up], of whom it was held by the Leighton family.'" We keep in mind the Rodden river of Shropshire (where Leytons/Leightons and Beaston-related Meschins were first found), and then note how the Rodels are listed with Rodez's, who share the giant Mark / Drayton lion, and colors reversed from the same of Leghs/Leys. Then, we go to Hugh II of Rodez, who married Miss Roquefeuil, the proto-Rockefeller > Feller > Fallis line. Marks held lands from Eustace of Boulogne, and the Arms of Boulogne share red roundels with German Rode's. Roads share the eagle of Childs while Childeric (loved bees) was the husband of queen Basina, the line to Bessins/Beastons (bees).

I remember David Rockefeller, Democrat, threatening to cancel writers who went against the globalists. Looks like he did it, a crime against humanity, for which God will be the Judge, you just wait and see. The world belongs to Jesus, Mr. Rockefeller, not to your financial empires and tax thieves. It will be given to the poor that you have created. Jesus is faithful even while invisible, but you are crooked while working in secret. You will be revealed because the LAWYER must present evidence against you to the JUDGE prior to your sentencing.

Le Meschin, from a ruler of the Bessin, married a Mercian, a Marici > Mark suspect. Mercys/Maisie's (Gloucestershire) have a dragon head in Crest (looks linkable to Clapton Crest), and share the cinquefoils of Roddens/Rodhams who named an area in Shropshire. Meschins were first found in Shropshire. Clapton is at the border of Gloucestershire. The Clapton Crest has a wolf head split vertically in the colors of the split Shield of German Marks.

The write-up of English Marks: "There is Le Marck, or Marks Hall, in the parish of Leyton, Markís Tay (held under the Mandevilles 'from the earliest times')..." Mandeville's share the quadrants of Leytons/Leightons, in colors reversed from the same of Maisie-like Masseys (and Besants), tending to explain why Mark/Merc-like Mercys are listed with Maisie's. As Says (Shropshire) share the Leytons/Leighton quadrants, it connects the Leyton/Leighton dragon to the dragon of Seatons of Say, and so we then ask whether Seatons are also satan-like Satins for a special reason from God? Is this verifying that He is pointing to "mark of the beast" with these few, Meschin-related lines? As Le Meschin married Lucy of Bolingbroke, are Bolings using the Coat of Sadducee-like Saddocks for no reason at all?

Scytl Bugs

Less than an hour after writing the tail-end of my hockey events, I loaded BCP's Saturday show, where, near the end he gets around to the good stuff. It's about a part-military raid of a German company, Scytl, by U.S. forces, which, if I heard him right, was managing the Dominion election results and/or cheating. So, I found a Scytl-like Schittle surname listed with Sitlers/Schitners sharing the Ice trefoil, amazing because Skits are a branch of Sheets/SKATE's/Skeets, and I was on the ice with Skate's in the two events above. The timing of my finding the Scytl story is perfect for this discussion.

Plus, in my dream in Obama's billiard hall, where I actually took a SHOT on one table to prove that it was a dream from God, all the tables were covered in a black SHEET (secrecy). Then, near the end of the dream, Obama was happily on a SKATEboard (which pointed to Sheets/Skate's and Boards), yet in the very scene after the skateboard, the final scene, he was disappointed / let down by an unidentified employee of his, in the back yard of the billiard hall. The dream didn't fill me in on what the disappointment was about. As Billiards are listed with Billets while English Billets are also Ballots, the sheet over the billiard tables could suggest secret Dominion-Scytl ties, you see, and so the dream tends to be saying that Obama was involved in that cheat system, or its development, when he was the president. And he may still be involved. The Shots, by the way, come up as Schitner-like Shitts, and they link well to the SEWER shot I took on Obama's billiard table. Sewers are also Soetoro-like Suters, and Dutch Sewers suggest a branch of Schwartz's i.e. pointer to George Schwartz = George Soros.

Let's hope that this last play isn't masonic theater. If the seizure of Scytl's server is by pro-Trumpers rather than anti-Trumpers, this could be a game-changer in exposing Democrat fraud. The entire house would come crashing down, if only Democrats had the ability to be ashamed. But with ice-cold hearts, they will NEVER repent. Only jail will subdue them.

I'm reading that the Scytl CEO is/was Pere Valles. One Valles surname is listed with the Shark-connectable Vallans, which recalls the shark of Valiants who came to topic when the Quinns Valiant car was loaned to me by a friend to date Katrina Hanson. She was one of the two ICE-cream girls! She attended one of my hockey games (age 16). Due to what I said to her after the game, I remember that I scored one goal that game, which is why I just looked up Score's to find them with a saltire colors reversed from the Schutz/Shutz saltire, the latter being a surname like the Shute variation of Shots/Shitts, and therefore a branch of Skits/Skeochs, Sheets/Skate's/Skeets, and Scoots/Scougals! Zikers, just look at that "luck." The ice cream CONE I bought from Hanson had pointed to John Kerry, but the ice part is now linking with the Ice trefoil to the Schittle/Schitner trefoil, amazing, it really is.

AHHH, I ALMOST MISSED IT. The Valles'/Vallans use a "quieSCIT" motto term!!!!!! God used this surname to point to the Scytl CEO!!! THIS IS GREAT!

I purchased the ice-cream from her when she worked at Sam's Restaurant (still there, still online) in Gormley, 1.25 miles due north of Dominic De Filippis' farm. I purchased it a year after working on his farm. The Sam surname shares the giant Schittle/Schitner lion, folks.

French Valles'/Valleys (Brittany, same as Shark-like Sarasins sharing the Valles/Vallan moline) share the triple fesses of Sturs, Bois' and Bassets, for what it's worth. Bassets/Besancons use billets for linkage to Billiards and/or Ballots.

The bigger story seems to be that Trump changed his defence secretary in time, I think, for this Scytl raid, and the acting defence chief is now Mr. Miller. As we saw, Millers share the Valles/Vallan and Veel/Veil/Vital moline. It seems that God predicted Miller's appointment in this heraldry. If Miller was chosen because he could be trusted with the raid, and if the raid is for Trump rather than against, and if this is not deep-state theater to screw with the minds of the masses, and if the anti-Christ enemy is not in Trump's camp, the raid looks very good for the good guys.

It should be added that, when Miss Hicks said to me, "you can SCOOT over" when we were at the first-anniversary memorial for 9-11, that very scoot-over event pointed to Camera's/Camerons who happen to have the French Valles/Valley Coat in colors reversed. Is that dragging David Cameron into Dominion / Scytl? The scoot-over event involved the knee of Miss Hicks, or her leg, and then the Cheile's in the Cameron motto use a leg. The Scoots can be gleaned as a branch of Schutz's/Shutz's and Scotts, and moreover the scoot-over event pointed definitely (with the Sandal write-up) to Shoe's/Schugs/Schucks. This has Scytl all over it, apparently.

Scytl makes and distributes election equipment / software. NEVER USE A MACHINE TO COUNT VOTES, STUPIDS. It invites fraud by the deep-state, STUPIDS. COUNT BY HAND only, and do it with two teams, never the same people election after election. There are two Scytl youtube videos (made by / for Scytl) that I just loaded (not worth watching), neither of them having any comments even though they are four and five years old. Expect comments from this day forward, if this raid story breaks into the conservative mainstream. Just found this:

On the one hand, Dominion Voting Systems is based in Canada and Scytl, which also participates in the vote count, is managed from Spain, and the data from both companies is routed abroad by servers located in Germany.

Moreover, Scytl is linked to George Soros and the Democrats and Bill Gates also owns shares in it.

Another article claims that Scytl denied the raid, but, whatever the truth there, the heraldry above sure points to Scytl corruption, lumping it in with the shark of my 1979 dream. I am very impressed with this heraldry. Brocks ("VireSCIT") and Brocuffs/Procks (share Skit/Skeoch / Sheet/Skeet potent) are Skit kin, and Brocuffs/Procks were even first found in Silesia, where Schittle's/Schitners/Sitlers are said to be from. As Scytl is reportedly bankrupt (probably from the sales end of things), we could say it's on ice, and yet it could have some office operation still in place to assist Dominion's cheating.

The first Rothschild was born / raised in Frankfurt. "Gohmert then mentioned a tweet written in German that was published on November 8 which alleged that Scytlís headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, was raided by members of the U.S. Army."

There are a few (about five) Chinese youtube channels putting out the current Scytl-raid story. I have no idea what they are saying. Why would the Chinese be so interested? All the comments are in Chinese, and I think youtube turned even the English comments into Chinese print to keep this story from spreading. Don't click a Chinese video or youtube will give you dozens more to torment you.

This page

claims that Lin Wood is one of Trump's attorneys working on election fraud, and she sent out a public message saying that the Scytl conspiracy is reliable, mentioning also that Paragon Group bought Scytl (probably very low-key / secretly) in October of 2020, just before the election. Who do we suppose is with Paragon, and why did this change take place weeks before the election? We should like to know.

Scytl put out a November-13 (Friday the 13th, uh-oh) page claiming: "We do not tabulate, tally or count votes in the US". Okay, but where do you do it? It would be not good if you count and tabulate U.S. votes outside the United States. Scytl says: "We do not provide voting machines in the US". Okay, but the accusation is that you work with the Dominion machines that are plastered throughout the United States. Scytl says further: "We do not have servers or offices in Frankfurt". Okay, but did you in the past? We know you went belly up, so is this why you can now say you have no official office there? What might you be doing in Frankfurt?

Scytl says: "The US army has not seized anything from Scytl in Barcelona, Frankfurt or anywhere else". Right, that could be due to Scytl no longer existing officially under that name in Germany. Besides, if they did seize a server in Frankfurt with Scytl operating data upon it, that company isn't expected to be a part of Scytl. A raid was perhaps to offices of Paragon. "The technologies implemented by Scytl in the US are both hosted and managed within the US, by a local subsidiary, SOE Software, based in Tampa, Florida." Yes, okay, but what about Scytl technologies implemented outside the United States, for U.S. elections? Could you tell us about those?

"For the US General Election, Scytl provided 4 products and services to city, county, and state clients across the United States. Each of these products and services provide information created and approved by each individual client, to voters or temporary election workers." Yes, okay, approved by Democrat whore-house cheats? That's all anyone wants to know. Here's the kicker:

Election Night Reporting (ENR): ENR is a platform that provides visual representation of votes [on TV screens, I assume] that have been tabulated by local elections officials. ENR allows elections offices to provide real-time election results to citizens in a multi-lingual, mobile friendly platform. On Election Night, each election office tabulates the vote using their tabulation vendorís physical machines and uploads those results to Scytlís ENR. All Scytl ENR servers being used for the US elections are physically located in the United States. Scytl does NOT tabulate, tally or count any votes.

Yes, okay, you do not count, and no one accused you of this. But do you change the tally once it's into your computer system? You can do that from either in or out of the United States. Just because you operate a headquarters in Tampa doesn't make you innocent or safe. To which U.S. political party do you donate? Which candidates do your bosses favor? It's question like these that you should be answering. Is it possible for anyone to change the tally in your equipment before it gets out to the peoples' eyes? You didn't say anything about that, I wonder why.

Scytl trains elections workers, to make them "better" year after year, but I say, get new workers for every new election before they get good at cheating. It's like putting a one-election term limit on them all. It can't take much training to learn the difference between a legal versus illegal vote. Let all ballots pass through the hands of two voting teams on election night to assure that the tally is accurate and non-manipulated. NEVER let a machine count the ballots, STUPIDS. A salesman's craft is to look you in the face with feigned honesty on a product's exaggerated / false value. Scytl salesman: "our systems are 100-percent secure."

"In January 2012 [under Obama-Holder-Clinton], Scytl acquired 100 percent of SOE Software, the leading software provider of election management solutions in the United States. The sale garnered national attention after the popular Drudge Report spotlighted it...the new electronic voting system in Washington, D.C., was hacked" (pt news). VOTE BY HAND, COUNT BY HAND. Have cameras everywhere.

Gateway Pundit: "Microsoft co-founder Paul Allenís Vulcan Capital has invested $40 million in Scytl." Has Bill Gates been a silent supporter? same article, dated Friday night: "Tonight we learned from our source that Bill Gates also owns stock in Scytl." He can still be a silent partner / supporter (hidden money) while owning some stock.

From our source: The US government, once they determined that this Dominion server was involved in switching votes, then the intelligence community [Ratcliffe or anti-Trumpers?] began a search for the server and discovered that the server was in Germany. In order to get access to that server and have it available for use in a legal manner they had to have the State Department [Pompeo] work in tandem with the Department of Justice [Barr]. They had to request that the government of Germany cooperate in allowing this seizure of this server.

I wonder why Gateway won't name this source. Could we figure that Pompeo and Barr didn't want this information out? It continues from above: "The appropriate documents required to affect that kind of seizure were put in place, signed off on, and it appears there was also US military support in this operation. The US military was not in the lead. But this helps explain why Esper was fired and Miller and Kash Patel were put in place ó so that the military would not interfere with the operation in any way." I didn't know about Kash Patel being brought in too. Although the Kash's are listed with Scottish Caseys, Cass'/Cash's are a branch of Custs in the Cremer motto, but also a branch of Kiss'/Cush's whose red rooster is shared by Cremers and Bibo's/Bible's (Mecklenburg, same as Ice's). The ice-CREAM that Hanson sold me was a pointer to Cremers because Bibo's were kin of Hahns and Hanns, Hanson branches, I assume.

The other Cremers use a ram, and Rams (rams) were first found in Essex with Sams. Hanson sold me the ice-cream at Sam's. The "vis" motto term of Rams can be for Vise's/Vice's, suspect from Vis, also called Issa, and then the Ice-like Ise's are listed with Assi's using a fasces while "facias" is another Ram motto term. As I've said a few times, the last time I saw Miss Hanson, I was standing at the entryway to both Sam's and Ratcliff Lumber. She was coming or going to work. Can this indicate that John Ratcliffe is on the Scytl job? English Hansons are connectable to Whalleys while Ratcliffs were at a Whalley location.

Darrell Issa came to mind a few days ago (when I saw he won re-election) because the second ice-cream girl, about a year later at Knob Hill Farms, is Darrell-like Darlene Ray/Wray. Darrell share the Sforza lion highly suspect in the German Hanson Coat (very traceable to Lombardy, location of Crema). German Hansons probably use the green snake (changed to blue) of Sforza-related VISconti's, you see, and then the same Hanson Coat shares the Lombard/Limbaugh lozengy. Visconti's ruled the Lombardy capital, Milan. The Lombards/Limbaugh's were first found in Renfrewshire with Peacock-branch Pollocks, and the mascles of English Hansons are black, as is the mascle of Peacocks, and while the "just" motto term of Peacocks can be of Assi-related Justine's/Justice's, the Fears/Fiers in the Peacock motto goes well with the "VIS fieri facias" motto phrase of Cremer-beloved Rams.

Having said that, we can perhaps take this to the "So" motto term of peacock-using Comforts, for Scytl purchased SOE. Muriel told me that her Pollock-surnamed mother was a Comfort on one side. I'd also like to add that, while sliding along the ICE on my knee pads, I POKEd the PUCK into the net for the winning goal, an event that I think points to some celebrational event imminent at this time. Poke's are listed with Pollocks, and Pucks have a version of the Ottone Coat while the first Visconti ruler of Milan was Ottone, linkable to the same-colored Aude's/Oddeys/AUDETs (like ballot AUDITs now taking place) in the Pollock/Polk motto. Otone's/Oltons have quadrants colors reversed from the Comfort quadrants, and Otone's/Oltens are a branch of Odins in turn very linkable by their Coat to Bono's of Milan.

Reminder: I was on skates while Skate's/Skeets are linkable to Scytl-like surnames. It might even be mentionable that Scottish Milans/Millens share the Schittle/Schitner/Sitler lion, for the latter share the Ice trefoil. Captain Darryl Sitler comes to mind, hockey legend.

Lookie: I had a dream from God where there was a barrel-shaped piece missing from a door handle of my Jeep. The Handle's and Handels were first found in Silesia with Scytl-like Schittle's, and while Service Point Solutions (of Paragon) bought Scytl last month, it's located in Barcelona. The Barcelona surname is listed with such variations as Barro's and Barrals! Even Barrett-like Barreto's. English Doors were first found in Herefordshire with Barrels. I think that the door-handle scene is now resolvable with Scytl in view. The question is: how is Bill Barr taking this news, and another question: will Scytl be brought to Amy Coney Barrett's bench?

As I've said many times, I was holding a container after complaining to the previous owner of my jeep about the door handle. That container was resolved as three things, a trash can as a pointer to Fleming-liner Trashers/Tresure's; a bucket as a pointer to Buckets and Gangs; and a drum barrel as a pointer to Gang-loving Drummonds ("Gang" motto term). I think you will like this if you've heard me speak on this before. First, we point out that Scottish Drummonds share the Coat of Bassets while Bassets/Besancons use billets connectable to Ballots. Excellent start.

Secondly, French Billets/Billiards are a branch of Billiards/Hilliards, and the latter essentially have the Handle / Handel Coat! Excellent again, and we have only the barrel drum to thank for this in getting us to Bassets (absolutely needed to keep things on the voting theme, you see). But there is more, for Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with Pellicans, and the latter share the Barcelona/Barral tower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge.

But there is more, because Trashers/TRESURE's (share green dragon with Seatons/Sittens) are kin of the Flemings and Seatons/Sittens, both of whom share the double-TRESSURE border. For years, I have been tracing the SITler lion to that of faucets because the latter were first found in East Lothian with Sit-like Seatons/Sittens. Can you handle this? It means that Schittle's/Sitlers were a branch of Sittens!!!!!! The trash can just took us to Scytl-like Schittle's! INCREDIBLE.

Recall Steve Tarr who set up both of the goals mentioned above, for Tarrs/Tarres' were first found in Somerset with Trashers/Tresure's. They are from the Taro river, into which the Ceno flows, and then Caens/CANs can be traced to the namers of the Ceno. Trasher-like Tracys/Trasse's were at a Tracy-Bocage location beside Caen, you see, and thus the trash can was born. Tracys are said to have been in Carne, and Carne's use a giant pelican! Zinger. Carne's were first found in Glamorganshire, beside MONmouthshire, and the latter is where Howells were first found who share the Pellican / Barcelona/Barral tower!!! Flemings lived in Mons, and "mon" is a motto term of French Simons while the previous owner of the Jeep was Mr. DeSIMONE.

The reason that the Flemish Seatons apply is that the trash can caught flames after I dropped it onto a mound of sand. God was assuring that Flemings applied to that container, especially as Mounds list "Mons." Mons is the capital of Hainaut, and this gets interesting first where the Hainaut surname (lion in the Arms of Flanders) shows the giant Schittle/Schitner lion, making sense where Seatons/Sittens are known Flemings. This lion is black, as is the giant FILLIP/Phillip lion, and while we just got to the flip theme with that last surname, the Hainaut write-up speaks on one queen Philippa of Hainaut. Carnys and Carne's can thus be expected from a Carni people group on this map, near Mons-like Emona (upper Sava river in northern Croatia). The Carni are at the Austria-Croatia border region, and the Sauers, named after the Sava, were first found in Austria i.e. up that Carni way. The Sauers share the Simon/Desimone lion, more evidence that his Jeep is God's code for the Japodes of that upper-Sava area.

Looks straight south of Emona to see TARSatica. That's now Rijeka, the Arms of which shares a black, double-headed eagle with JEEPma's, and the latter's variations suggest the Japodes marked on the Colapis river near Tarsatica. That picture is part of the trash-can line in my Jeep dream. In the dream, I was holding a container, and so does the eagle in the Arms of Rijeka. Go down the Sava river a ways until you see SERVitium, asking whether God arranged to name SERVice Point Solutions in order to convince the reader further that this is His dream for His purposes. Note the "serva" motto term of Colapis-like Cole's.

Oh wow, I've talked maybe 50 times about the Russian medallion found on the hood of my Jeep, and then there is what looks like a Medullum location on the Colapis with the Japodes!!! Incredible. Medullum is shown in the land of the LATovici, and then Wixtionary says that there was an ancient Medullum in LATvium (at Rome with the Butteri). Japodes named the chief Roman God, Jupiter, though I think I'm the only one who tells this. His wife, Juno, and the chief Etruscan goddess, Ina, are from "Una," the alternative name of the Oeneus river to the south of the Colapis. Are historians daftly unable to figure this out? There is even shown a Romula location between both rivers while Romulus was a mythical founder of Romans. Hello? Anyone home at all in the noggins of historians? The trash can fell on its rim, and Rims/Rums are also Rome's.

Romneys look like they have a version of the Save Coat, suggesting that Romneys are from the namers of Romula. Mitt Romney's father was governor of Michigan, and Romulus, Michigan, may be one place heavily infested with flip-machinery, for it's at Detroit. The medallion pointed without doubt to Medals/Dougals, and Douglas' were Flemings. Italian Romans (wolf) share the horizontally-split Shield of Groce's/Greggs, and the medallion was found on my hood while returning to it with a shopping cart of GROCeries!!! I think I get it: the medallion was pointing to Japodes, Medullum, and the proto-Romans of Romula...perhaps with the news-Purpose of pointing to Mitt Romney. That's what this looks like, and to Bushites too who wanted JEB Bush in power instead of Trump!

[Insert minutes after this update was uploaded -- [Before starting this insert, I'd like to add what I learned today at Bongino, that Smartmatic voting machines sold their problematic Sequoia voting machines to Bain Capital, the latter having been co-founded by Mitt Romney.]

The Douglas Chief is shared by Verne's who in turn share the rare-colored BOCAGE tree, and we saw the trash-can liner Tracys/Trasse's at Tracy-Bocage near Caen. Ahh, I have spoken of Verne ArchiBALD a few times, my landlord and friend, and the medallion on my Jeep pointed to Bauds (share Medal/Dougal quadrants), a branch of BALDs! What could this mean? If Archibalds are using a Coat version of the Flemish Biggars (Lanarkshire, same as Flemings, and Hardys in Douglas ancestry), why? Why should Archibalds / Biggers relate to the medallion event? Biggs' (Essex, same as English Marks) share the fleured border of English Marks. Biggs's happen to share the Rim/Rum lion, and the trash can landed on its rim and caught Fleming-pointing flames. If the Arks/Arch's named Archibalds, note that Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire with the Shaws in the Fleming motto. From the first mention of Archibalds above, it seemed that they should be discovered as Flemings.

OOOHHH WOOOWWWIE! As I've said many times, Verne Archibald lived on Church street (same street as Lorraine the babe), but I don't ever recall seeing the Aglish variation listed with Church's. As it says: "Spelling variants included: Church, Churche, Churchey, Aglish (Ireland) and others." The Anglish's/English' share the Archibald Chief!!! Only God could have arranged this due to the street he lived on. This Chief shares the Handle / Handel stars, and Anglish's/English's (beloved of the Lane/Lawn "English lions") were first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

I first saw Lorraine while walking on Lorne street toward Archibald's. I cannot recall whether I went to Archibald's, but I can't think of any other reason as to why I was walking that way at that time. He and she lived near the corner of Church and Lorraine-like Lorne, and Lorne is in the write-up of Lanarks. Archibalds have a Coat reflection of the Lanarkshire Biggars. Not many days after first seeing her at Lorne, I appraoched her at her BUS stop (Lorne and Yonge, Richmond Hill), and asked her for a DATE. Bus' share the Lanark cinquefoil, and Date's/Deeds/Dade's are in the motto of Lanarkshire's Flemings!!! FUN-FUN-FUN, but WHY WHY WHY?

I remember the event well. I turned the corner of Yonge and Lorne and saw a blond about my age (early 20s) walking toward me, the sort of beautiful creature one doesn't often come across, and as she walked by, silly me, I blurted, "I'm going to marry you." Crazy me. But here I find that Marry's, first found in Norfolk with Date's/Deeds and Bus', might just have the Biggs lion. Lanarks look like they have a version of the Dog-like Dog/Doag/Dock Coat, and while the latter are suspect in the makings of the so-called talbot dog with Talbots, the Talbot Coat is a reflection of the Biggs Coat.

The Im's/Imme's could just have the Marry lion because I said, "I'M going to marry you."

She turned out to be a Jehovah's Witness, causing me to become a little cool toward her because I could not marry her unless she stopped being one of those. Jehovah's Witnesses were founded by the kook, Charles Taze RUSSELL, and I've just learned that Taze-like Tade's are listed with Date's/Deeds. I blurted the marry line at her, then asked her on a date some two weeks later, and the Marry lion is also the Russell lion, colors reversed from the Ross and Marr lions! You see, Intelligent Design: God caused me to blurt that line toward her. Ross' are said to descend from an Andrew character, and so perhaps this pionts to Andy Biggs of Arizona (where there will likely be a re-count and/or discovery of election fraud in a week or two).

A couple of weeks after our first date, or even less than that time, she was returning from her church when she got her Babe symbol. Babe's were first found in Dorset with Russells. Then, as Russells use "sara" twice, I see the Sauers as using the Russell Coat, and it just so happens, wow, that Sauer-like Sawyers use a "Cherches" motto term!!! She lived on Church street, and she was returning from church that day! There is a dog (i.e. possibly a talbot) in the Sawyer Crest. A Sawyer-like saw (in a tree) is used by Hamiltons who share the ermined cinquefoil of Bus'! It never ends. Sawyers use a "TROUveras" motto term perhapos for the True variation of Tree's expected in the tree-with-saw of Hamiltons ("Through" motto). Sauers are said to be from the Sava river, and Saws are listed with Scottish Shaws.

Lorraine's share the green lion with Lyons (Perthshire, same as Saws/Shaws), and the giant Lyon lion is colors reversed from the same of Hume's/Home's having a "True" motto term. The Lannoys, looking linkable to the True/Tree knight, have a branch sharing the Lyon lion.

Repeat: "" The Im's/Imme's could just have the Marry lion because I said, "I'M going to marry you." The Home/Hume motto, "true TO THE end," has been suspect with TOOTH's because their motto term, "obTINEbit," suggests the Tine river of the Berwickshire area, where both Home's/Hume's and Lauders/Leathers were first found who share the tooth griffin. This is really cool because Im's/Imme's were first found in London with Tooth's, and if "obtineBIT" is part-code for Bitters, they happen to share the Im/Imme fesse. The Bitter Crest has a sun in a hand, and Babe's have a hand pointing to a sun. Votters/FETTERs use a giant sun, and Tooths use FEATHERs. That looks like Intelligent Design to go with my blurt, "I'm going to marry you."

In the 1979 dream (three years before meeting Lorraine) with beautiful blond, where I thought she was going to become my future wife, God said to me, "What are you waiting for, go WAKE her up" (i.e. go take her as your wife). It just so happens that Bitters almost have the Wake Coat.

I then asked her on a date, and while Date's are Deeds too, "LET the deeds shaw" is the Fleming motto. Lets/Late's and Lauders/Leathers/LETTers can be of the Leto's/Alitto's because the latter's Coat is a reflection of the Aliotta Coat which in turn has the giant Tooth and Lauder/Leather griffin. I asked her on a date at her BUS STOP, and Stops/Stubbs (Staffordshire, same as Pipe's) have a version of the Pipe Coat while Lets/late's use "ORGAN pipes," suspect in-part with the ORKNeys, which includes Shetland. This now gets amazing because this insert started with the trash-can scene at which I YELLED, "fire." It just so happens that Yells (Shetland) come up as "Yoo," and so this must be the reason for, "I'm going to marry YOO."

"DAT gloria" is a motto phrase of Hoggs sharing black boars with Bus-like Bush's, and Glorys/Lowrys woth their LARRY/Lowry branch point to Larry Silverstein, owner of the twin Trade towers when the Bush government allowed them to come crumbling down in crime. The Saffers/Savarys, with a version of the Silver/Silverstein Coat, have a "gloriosa" (and "vita") motto term, you see.

The trash can landed on its rim, and while Rims are Rums too, "alaRUM tuaRUS" is a motto phrase of Lauders/Leathers! If that's not enough, Lauders/Leathers have a double-TRESSURE border (Fleming symbol), code for Trashers/Tresure's!!! I've always said that I dropped the trash can from a step-LADDER height, and while I don't recall seeing a ladder, Lauders sure look like they apply to a ladder. As I've said, I carried a 32-foot extension ladder from Verne Archibald's place, on my shoulder, past Lorraine's place on Church, when I moved from Verne's to Hunt street a little more than a year after being with Lorraine.

I have another story to tell. One week, my boss took me to work at lake Rosseau to help build a steel boat house for Frank (he hired my boss). It was so hot out that, whenever the crew dropped their wrenches into the water, I was very happy to climb down and retrieve them because it required a dive into the water, it just felt so good, because it was so hot. In other words, this established that it was after May, because May never gets that hot at lake Rosseau (mid-northern Ontario). I asked Lorraine on a date at the end of June. Suspense. I'm trying to figure out whether I was at Rosseau just a week or two before first seeing her at the I'm-going-to-marry-you event, because Rosseau's/Rosso's share the Russell / Marry lion.

I think I now have sufficient clues (for the first time ever while telling this Rosseau story) to prove that I was at Rosseau in the same month I met Lorraine. Things happened on Saturday in our first week at work, and my boss quit on Frank that day. I took the day off because I don't work of Saturday. He came home (to mour cottage rental), burtsing into the door to say, "Frank almost killed me." He said that Frank made him operate the backhoe to get a steel beam up high, and when it wouldn't go high enough, Frank put bags of pink insulation into the bucket (of the backhoe), to balance the steel beam on those bags (absolutely nuts) to get it a little higher, but the beam slid off the bags, came sliding down the boom toward him, and, luckily, one end of the beam hit a scaffold and stopped sliding down, otherwise, he said, it would have come down to kill him. He took off, out the door.

So, I've just looked up Hoe's (as per the backhoe), and, what do you know: it's the Russell / Marry / Rosseau lion! INCREDIBLE.

I stayed (not going home with him), but the next day, Frank turned into the devil and wanted to kill me if only he could. He was cursing me with profanity saying, "I know what you're thinking, that God caused yesterday because we worked on the sabbath..." Okay, it did cross my mind. So I walked away, but had to hitch-hike home (very important). I am sure I was living at Albert's apartment at the time, for I can faintly recall being there after getting home. I also remember taking a bus (very important) to go work with Steve elsewhere. That is, I did not have my Firebird anymore (can't remember what I did with it). I had it on my last outing with Miss Peare weeks / months before meeting Lorraine, and did not have it when riding my bike to ask her for our first date. While with Lorraine for two, three, at most four weeks, I moved out of Albert's place to Rumble avenue (Rumble's share the Bus cinquefoil). I remember Lorraine visiting me at Rumble. So, there you have it, I was at Rosseau in the summer that I was with Lorraine, for it could not have been the summer after that when I was driving a car. The summer after that is when I was married, but I was not living at Albert's during that summer.

There are thousands of lakes in northern Ontario. A quarter-century after being with Lorraine, I bought a boat and did most of my boating at lake Rosseau. What are the chances? I usually launched the boat in the town of Rosseau itself. Should I be expected the Jehovah's Witness, Lorraine, to knock on my door any day now, and ask me to marry her? If not, why does this all look like a set-up from God? What is so important about linking Rosseau's to Russells and Marrys?

My boss for the Rosseau event was Steve ANTONacci (surname listed with Italian Tonys). Recall that ladder I carried, and the ladder link to Lauders, the latter linkable to Alito-like Leto's/Aliotti's (crane drinking in the colors of the Aliotta and lauder griffin), for it could be a pointer to supreme-court justice, ANTONin Scalia, who was on the court along with justice Alito.

Tonys/Antonacci's use a "flower," and were first found in FLORence, suggesting that Flowers were Florence liners such as Flora's / Flore's. The Hoe Crest happens to share the blue Irish Barone boar, and Italian Barone's, looking connectable to Marry-line Merits/Mereys, were first found in Florence with Barone-like Bruno's while Flora's and Flore's share the fleur-de-lys of Browns ("FLOReat"). So, it seems that the backhoe applies to Antonacci liners, how about that. Irish Barone's use a "Fortuna" motto term while the Coat of Fortuna's/Fortune's (Tuscany, same as Florence) is the symbol of Canossa's out of the Florence theater. (Rollo's use another blue boar and a "Fortune" motto term.)

Aha! Irish Barone's share the saltire of German Franks, and the latter throw in the red leopard face of Antons! Steve Antonacci was hired to Frank! We wouldn't have been here had not the Antonacci's used a Flore-like Flower. Flowers share a giant and white cinquefoil with Bus', and while the latter's is the Hamilton cinquefoil, I can also report that, while no longer with my car, I took on a job with a construction company that would drive me to Hamilton each day, almost two hours without pay. When I left there soon after taking the job, I was taking a bus to meet Antonacci...until he was hired by Frank. God must have had that all arranged for me, for more than a decade later, I bought a fiberglass bulldog ($5,000, not just a toy) from Hamilton, and it clicked with the bulldog in the 1979 dream without doubt, for Hamilton Kilpatrick is in a Baytown Sun photo with Spuds MacKenzie, the bulldog mascot for Bud Light beer, and he was the husband of Miss Hicks in the 1979 dream. The year I bought the bulldog, I went to Texas to purchase land, and bought ten minutes from Miss Hicks, whom I saw in church, for the first time, later that year on Christmas day. MacKenzie's were first found in Rosso-like Ross-shire!!!

Note that the double-tressure border of Flemings is off-color red, not the same red as the chevron. The Trasher/Tresure chevron is also off-color red, as are the chaplets of Saxons. The Hick's use a chaplet! Those are the only three surnames I know of with that off-color, perhaps intended as maroon.

The bulldog was added to our other animals for decorating lawns for special occasions, usually birthdays and new-birth announcements, recalling that I met Lorraine on my birthday. The top of this insert pointed to Flemings, as did the trash can, and our main staple in that business was pink flamingos. Flamingo's/Flamings are a Fleming branch! Zikers, it never stops. It appears that I was not wayward in turning to Hamiltons from Flowers, but rather it was necessary for getting here. Doctor Hamilton Kilpatrick pulled Miss Hicks out of her mother's womb at her BIRTH. Why would God want to stress the Births/Berts? Is it because they use the Fleming / Trasher/Tresure chevron? Upon the Birth/Bert chevron there are fitchees colors reversed from the Trasher/Tresure fitchees! It works. And Trashers/Tresure's share the green dragon with Kilpatricks!!! What is this mystery for? The stag between pine trees in the Trasher/Tresure Crest seems to be covered in red drops, the color of the drops with the Kilpatrick dagger. Why is the trash can / drum barrel linking to the Kilpatrick family? While Kilpatricks use CUSHIONs, Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons/CASSANE's (drops) can be expected as a branch of Scottish Pattersons, first found in ROSS-shire with MacKenzie's. I almost missed it: MacKenzie's use a flaming rock!!!

Picture this: the British government commissioned a fiberglass bulldog for the 1967 Olympics in Montreal. When it was delivered, but did not talk, it wasn't used. So, someone in Hamilton got a hold of it, started making copies for lawn decorations, and I bought one from him, who told me that Olympics story. So, it appears that God needed that dog for this revelation, but why? You can try to dig up the Baytown-Sun article where Kilpatrick poses with Spuds MacKenzie in 1987, but the page removed all the print and may no longer tell that Mrs. Kilpatrick was the "TROPHy girl." Trope's are listed with Drops (Shield filled with drops), I kid you not.

They won a cook-out barbecue contest, and so perhaps its important that Cooks share the ostrich with Coke's. Ah, yes, Coke's use a "patiens" motto term, and Patiens'/Patents/Patients (crescents in flames!!!) were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatrick. Doctor HW Kilpatrick had patient! Hang on, I'll get you the article, below. Mrs. Kilpatrick is in the photo at the top right of the first newspaper-page offering. The print on the photo's caption was once showing for the viewer to read, and I recorded some of it somewhere in my files. Spuds is further down the page:

The Coke motto looks linkable to that of Sheaves'/Shaws, and the latter uses "patITUR," suspect with IDRis of Morocco because his wife was probably from Shawia Numidians. Idris is suspect from ITUReans. MacKenzie's use an "itur" motto term, and Idris' wife was Kenzie-like Kenza, no guff. The MacKenzie rock in flames goes to ROXolani, who lived on the Dnieper river i.e. south of Kiev. I have a fantastic Teacher, folks. Kepke's lady, while he was selling shoes, was Miss Peare, and Pero's/Perino's happen to use "flaming stars," no guff. Stems/Steins share the bend of Asters expected in the "astra" motto term of MacKenzie's. It's a red bend, same as the Keep bend, and the latter's is in both colors of the Lorraine bend (Alan colors). I say that Lorraine's, because they point to Rosso liners, were mixed hard with Roxolani Alans. Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with the Hepburns using a "Keep" motto term.

Ahhh, I bought the lawn-decor business in the first place from a Sara, and Russells use a "sara" motto term!!! It never ends. Kepke's first name, Lawrence, as a surname, is connectable to Lorraine's, and moreover Lawrence's (share ragully with Sands / Sandys) were at LONSdale (at Sands), potential Lawn/Lane / Lanark kin. I was in LAWN decor. I first saw Lorraine on Lanark-connectable Lorne avenue. Lawrence's were at YELand-Redmaine, and Redmaine's share cushions with Kilpatrick. When I first saw her, I said, "Im going to marry YOU," and Yoo's are listed with Yells, possible namers of Yeland.

I've just seen that English Barone's named Baron, "near Caen," and so recall that the trash can doubled as a drum BARRel, for trash-can Tracys had two Tracy locations near Caen. I've just recalled the Caeni peoples of trash-like Thrace (they are on the map above), and then there is a house of CANossa in the Florence area! That must explain how this insert, starting out on trash-can topics, got us here to Florence! My head is spinning.

Flore-like Fleurs share the Beach fur, and the woman in the 1979 dream was on a beach. However, as that woman doubled as Ainsley Earhardt, its interesting that Flore's share the fleur both of Ainsleys and Earhardts. The woman was on a SAND beach, and so see the Flore write-up: "The surname Flore was first found in as early as 1313 when the Florio family received the feudal territories of PERSONo and SANDionisio." She was on the sand beach with her BATHing suit, and Flore's share the Bath Coat (shares Ross lion!), which, in colors reversed, is the Rhodes Coat sharing the Russell / Rosseau / Marry lion!!! Rhodes' were, for a decade or more until recently, said to be first found in Lincolnshire, where Antons were first found!

As per Flore's of Persano, English Persons look like a branch of Poussins because they both use three suns, and then the Poussins Coat is exactly the BATHgate Coat, what are the chances? This looks like a pointer to Scalia's poison-death, thanks to Mr. Antonacci getting us here who also took me to work at lake Rosseau. I was the one who fetched the dropped wrenches, and German Rench's share the Flore fleur-de-lys. Swiss Persons happen to use a giant rose, appropriate for Rosseau/Rosso liners.

I hitch-HIKEd home from Rosseau, and Hike's are listed with Hicks-like Hykes'/Hacks, as though God wants to nail this Rosseau discussion with the woman on Epstein's beach. Hitch's are also Hyches'. Hatch's are also Hack-like. Higgins and Higginsons/Hickensons were first found in Sligo with the Keons who are probably a Hoe branch.

I have a good theory on what Flemings descend from, starting from the Wikipedia claim that ancient Trypillians burned their houses down in what it implied to be ritual fashion. I then found an article telling that Trypillia was south of Kiev (Ukraine capital). God gave me a childhood friend, Mr. Kepke, whose father was Ukrainian, and so Kepke's got suspect with the namers of Kiev. Kepke's brother went into plumbing, followed by Kepke himself. Kepke got me a job at a Plumbing Mart retail store in Richmond Hill in my early 20s (my guess about 22), and while I cannot recall where exactly it had been, my recollection is that it was across the road from Lorraine's bus stop. We have seen how Lorraine points to Flemings.

The reason for telling all this is that German Plumers are also Flaums, and so, I take it, God is trying to tell me that Flemings issued from Plumer variations. Kepke went into plumbing probably less than two years after he sold shoes, and while God had apparently arranged that because Trypillian-like Trips/Treffs use shoes, English Plumbers/Plumers share the Shoe star. It looks arranged to make the point hard. As I've said many times, Miss Peare worked at Reitman's clothing when Kepke met her, and Reitmans happen to have the Plumer hexagrams. God is making this easy for you to believe. Reitmans use a rose too, for the line of Roxolani. It has stems, and then Stems/Steins share the Peare and Parsons leopard faces, no guff. .

Although I am very impressed with all the links, I do not have a good grasp at all of the reasons for most of the links. There are so many questions. Why the link to the trash can, to the 1979 dream, to Lorraine, and what is the common denominator? I apologize for taking you so far off topic. Where were we? Oh yes, on Scytl bugs and cheats. End insert]

As I've said 25 times, the door-handle / trash-can dream opened with my riding a shopping cart as a pointer to the Scherf-Bush crime ring, for Shops have variations like the Schere's/Schare's/Schire's of Scherfs. Shops even have a SHAWland variation suggesting Sava liners. Austrian Schere's (possible branch of Sava-liner Sauers, Austria) are split vertically in the colors of Romans and Groce's! That dream is finally making sense, all three of its scenes now telling the same story.

Why was the Jeep's door handle missing a barrel-shaped piece? If the dream's barrel theme is strictly for Barcelona's/Barrals, how could one decipher a non-working door handle in relation to Scytl / Service Point Solutions? Why should a Jeep door handle have anything to do with election machines? I'm stumped. Service POINT recalls my pointing to the bra, for Bra (at Monforte) can be a Barr entity. Brays/Brae's have a flax breaker while Breakers/Brechs share hunting horns with German Barrs. Mowbrays of Montbray use the giant lion of Simon de Montfort, colors reversed from the giant lion of Italian Simons/Desimone's i.e. the surname of the previous Jeep's owner.

Breakers/Brecks recall that Brocks ("VireSCIT") and Brocuffs were Skit / Skeet kin, how amazing, right down the Scytl > Service Point hooer-hole. The Breaker/Breck hunting horns are colors reversed from the same of Rangabe-like Orange's, and Michael I Rangabe married Prokopia while Prokopps are listed with Brocuffs. The Lux's in the Brocuff motto share the bull of Cole's, by the looks of it, for Cole's are expected with Colchesters while the Arms of Colchester shares nails with PROCtors while Brocuffs are also Procks.

Jeepma's were at the Sava river with SERVitium, and then Sava's happen to be Savage's expected at/from SAVIGliano, smack beside Bra, and where Pelosi's were first found who have a Pilote-like variation. The first Drummond (Maurice) in Scotland married the sister of king Malcolm III, and Malcolms are Columns too while Pelosi's use columns. The Carnys, which we saw with the trash-can entity, share the Pilate pheon. Pilate's were with Celts/Colts of Perthshire, where Drummonds were first found who were also in the trash can as a drum barrel. Drummonds are expected to have named Kildrummy, the seat of Mars (probably named Maurice), and Scottish Mars (share brown Crest with Drummonds) come up as Maa's, which can explain "JeepMA." The Maa/Mar lions are in the colors of the Mowbray / Montfort lion.

I can now add that Scottish Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with Scytl-like Sheds sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Brocuffs, and the latter share the potent cross of English Sheds/Scheds. Having said that, Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with Brock-beloved Skits/Skeets/Skeochs who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Barrows. I can now repeat that the trash can I was holding, at the height of a step ladder, dropped out of my hands and landed on its open rim. Flames then developed around the rim, and I jumped down yelling, "fire," and proceeded to smother the flames with the sand. The dream ended there without my seeing whether the flames were put out. It tends to suggest that Sands and Sandys were Flemings, but, in any case, it just so happens that while there is a Barrow location at or beside the Sands area of Lancashire, Barrows use a "PaRUM" motto term while Rims are also Rums. Amazing, is it not? I yelled, and Yells were first found on Sheet- / Shed- like Shetland while Sheds and Sheets/Skate's/Skeets are now acting as pointers to Scytl.

English Sheds even have a version of the Chad Coat, which may reveal God's sense of humor in pointing to "hanging chads."

But there's more, for the Barr-like Parrs (Lancashire) can be gleaned in "Parum," and Parrs happen to share a black border with Furness'/Furnace's while Barrow of Lancashire is at Furness. It's as though my dream had eyes to see heraldic connections. FurNESS', along with Parrs and Ness'/NICE's/Nessans and Nissans (share Parr fesses), are from king Pharnaces of the PONTUS, husband of NYSA, suspect in naming PONTIUS Pilate. Is God a great educator or what? He feeds me the clues, then makes me work years trying to decipher them. God keeps us thinking, doesn't He, so that we might grow up big and strong. Has anyone yet figured out how God can exist without ever having been created?

By all appearances, the line of Pontius Pilate was with Pelosi's/Pilati's at Bra. Jeepma's are also Cheps while Chepmans (Cambridgeshire, same as Ponders/Ponters) love the Ponders in their motto while Ponders/PONTer have a version of the PONT/Pond Coat. Look at how close that surname is to "Point." I pointed at the bra. Service Point Solutions. The line of Pontius Pilate must have been at Bra.

From Bra, we can go back to the flax breaker of Brays, and from Breakers we can go back to Orange's, and then to Orange-Nassau. Ness-like Nassau's use billets for taking us once again to Ballots, and Orange's could point to the Orange revolution of Ukraine that had all the players in the Trump impeachment effort, including George Soros, the de-facto king of Ukraine at that time. "Orange" is suspect with "Rangabe," and as we saw the line of Rangabe's wife in the Brocuffs/Prokopps (Silesia, same as Schittle's), let's address the SPHINX of Brocuffs, for Brays were first found in Northamptonshire with SPINKs.

Now that I'm on George Soros, I recall that he's Hungarian, as are the Drummonds, and the latter were born from George, son of a Hungarian king. Wow, how did I let this slip until now: German Hungars and Huns/Hundts share the upright greyhounds of Barcelona's/BARRALS!!!! The Drummond drum barrel even links to Barcelona's/Barrals!!!! I would never have known this had Scytl not been bought by a Barcelona company! The door-handle > trash-can scenes have been deciphered in this election-cheat scandal now becoming HOT like flames around a trash can. There could be an Orange revolution coming to the USA by December.

The paragraph above was not started for making that Drummond-Barcelona link, but to go back to the Flemish Seatons/Sittons (double tressure border) who were part of the trash can via Trashers/Tresure's (share green dragon with Seatons/Sittins). As was shown, the Schittle/SITler lion connects to Sittens (via Faucets), and it's in the colors of the lion heads of George's, the latter first found in Dorset with Soros-like Soars/Sors' who in turn share the quadrants of Says while Seatons named Say locations. I even recall giving reason for identifying the George lion heads as the Faucet lion, perhaps by Saer de Quincy of Faucets. Quincys (Northamptonshire) use mascles while Mussels/Muscels are expected to have named Musselburgh, a few miles from the Fauxside castle of Faucets which de Quincy built. Quincys/Quince's are in the "quince" held by the lion of Sforza's, and Nassau's have the same lion (but so do many others).

Thus, the trash can points to George Soros, whom for the time being is being expected in some cahoots with the vote-flipping machinery. To this we can add that George's share besants on a blue fesse with the Purchase's, and the latter share the Fillip/Phillip lion too, black like the lion heads inside the George BESANTs. I can't at the moment prove its the Fillip lion, but it's a good theory in this vote-flipping discussion. The Purchase Crest shares the blue lion of Soars/Sors and Legro's, and the Soar river is also the Legro. The BASANTE tributary of the Sava gets one near the Hungarian border.

I almost missed this: Babe's (Dorset, same as George's) share the pointing finger (!) with Bradys, both pointing to the sun, and one article I read, which heraldry agrees with, said that George, father of Drummonds, married a woman of PodeBRADY. I've already shown how the gold GATE of Babels/Babwells (Giuliani eagle, including gold talons!) trace to Podebrady, and here it should be added that the mermaid of German Babels is what I call mythical Melusine, code, I think, for Melissena Rangabe, a close relative of emperor Michael and Prokopia. This can explain why Lists, first found in Silesia with Brocuffs/Prokopps (and Schittle's that go well with Giuliani), share the six pale bars of Babes/Babwells. It also makes it more compelling to see the Schittle lion in the same-colored George lion heads. The Ice's (share the Schittle trefoils) might even be with the Babel/Babwell eagle. The List Coat is also the Coat of Liss', the latter first found in Hampshire with Purchase elements. Reminder: Purchase's have a Coat much like that of the Dorset George's.

LOOKIE. There's another blue lion (same as Soars/Sors' and Purchase's) in the Coat of Chase's (Hampshire, beside George's and Soars/Sors' of Dorset), who were just looked up as per "PurCHASE." Hampshire is also where Botters/Budins and Buttons/Bidens were first found, and while the Bidens are Ukraine criminals along with Soros, Botters/Budins use an eagle standing on a Purchase-like "perch." It just so happens that the Botter/Budin eagle is red, as are the Irish Casey eagle heads, suggesting that Chase's were Caseys in marriage to Purchase's/PurKISS'. Wow, and Cass'/Cash's share the Coat of Kiss'/Cush's that I think are of the namers of the Moldova capital (Kisinov), smack beside Ukraine. Cash's recall KASH Patel whom Trump put at the leadership of his defence department this week (to quell fire-producing riots now imminent from Soros demons?). Kash's are listed with Scottish Caseys, the latter first found in Lanarkshire, home of Flemings and thus evoking the flames around the rim of the Soros trash can, so to speak.

Belgian George's even share the bend of Italian Botters and Save's (the Sava is also the Save). It's also the bend of Bissets/BIZETs, first found in Ross-shire, and I trace Ross' to king Andrew I of Hungary, father of George under discussion, father of Drummonds! Andrew's wife was a Varangian RUS, you see. Smartmatic, by the way, an election-cheating company connected to Dominion, had purchased BIZTa, which is why I've emphacized the Bizets. Bisset-like Bassets are the ones with the triple and wavy fesses of Scottish Drummonds. Basstes/Besancons (Billet/Billiard colors) are the ones with billets for a connection to Ballots. Ballot-branch Bellows love the Save-connectable Vito's who share the Saver/Sever annulet.

The vertically-split Shield of Belgian George's is colors reversed from the same of Gates', and the Arms of Podebrady uses a "gold gate," the same phrase used to describe the Babel/Babwell Crest. As Bards share the green griffin head with Scottish Leslie's (founded by BARTHolomew), I'm guessing that the red half of the Belgian George Coat has the Bardy Coat. I see Bardys as a branch of VARDys, and the latter share the moline of Fiers/Fears, first found in Middlesex with Babels/Babwells, APPS' and Players. I trace Players to the Pleraei, on the Neretva river along with VARDaei. Kuman in Fier county (Albania), where Fiers trace without doubt, is to the Comyns sharing the garbs of Waistells who in turn share blue doves with the Dorset George's. The Comyn dagger is code for the Dexaroi on the APSus river along with Fier county, and Daggers (Cumberland, same as Fare's/Fairs in Fier colors) happen to share the three scallops of Bardys and Belgian George's...not to mention the Jacks who pointed to Jack Dorsey, a fellow Internet monster with Bill Gates. The Neretva was home also to the Daorsi, possibly the proto-Dorseys. Why do Dorseys share the Biden chapeau?

We saw that the door-handle dream pointed to Simon de Montfort, ruler of Leicester thanks to marriage to Beaumonts, rulers of Leicester. It just so happens that Beaumonts were first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors' while the Soar river flows at Leicester. So, the dream does connect well to Soros pointers, and Purchase's are still to be entertained with the people who put out the 666 system of purchasing, especially as we just saw reason to links a Purchase variation to Cash's! Zinger. They will probably eradicate cash (or make its use very undesirable) to implement the 666.

As Purchase's were first found in Kent with Masons/Massins and Louvains, the lion of the latter two is probably the blue Purchase lion. Masons/Massins share the Melusine mermaid with Morays while Handle's / Handels share the Moray Coat, both with the stars of Flemish Douglas' (Moray) showing a salamander in FLAMES. Douglas' descended from Lanarkshire's Hardys. Louvain is a location in Belgium, home of the Flemings who later settled the Lanarkshire-Lothian area of Scotland. Liss' and Lists may have been from the Hungarian Leslie's, who came to Scotland with the first Drummond. I trace Leslie's to Lesce, smack beside Emona at the Sava river. Between Servitium (Sava) and Lesce was the home of the Breuci (mouth of the Colapis), and the blue lion is also that of the Bruce's who became Scottish royals that named all the king James' until James VI. James' share the salamander in flames with Douglas'. It's likely that the Douglas star is the American star.

Purchase's were first found in Kent with Romneys who share the bend of Belgian George's. How amazing. It appears that God intended Mittens to point to Mitt Romney because the Mittens are split vertically in the same colors as Belgian Goerge's! WOW! Mittens share a double-headed eagle (different colors) with Jeepma's, and the medallion on the Jeep's hood traces to the Romula area. Especially as Rims are also Rome's, we could even say, now, since even the Jeep (= Japodes / Jupiter) is from proto-Romneys, that the trash can fell on its Mitt Romney and caught fire. The flames of the rim may be fulfilled in riots yet to occur. I was riding the shopping cart in the dream, and while Ridings share the Bush boar, riot-like Ritters/Riders (Austria) almost have the Groce Shield, another apparent connector between the dream's shopping cart and mine at the medallion event (a couple of years ago).

Mitt Romney is at the charge of trying to force Trump to concede, and I expect this as a George-Soros / Obama tactic for all coups he/they tries to secure.

MEDALs/Dougals had linked to Hood-connectable Scottish Bauds, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with Drummonds and the Chappes' have a Cheap variation like the Chep of Jeepma's. French Bauds even share a Rome-like ram with Mittens, which recalls that Russells (Dorset, same as George's and Sauer-like Soars/Sors'), whom I see with the giant Sauer lion, are said to descend from BertRAM of Breuci-suspect Briquebec. Russells (same place as Palins) have a version of the Palin Chief, and the latter use the Pulsipher/Pullesdon stars in their Chief.

Bertrams may have been named by Berts/Berta's (Venice, not far from the Colapis) having a giant griffin in the colors of the Shed griffin heads. These Sheds, first found in Ayrshire with the Carricks having a "Garde" motto term, share the chevron of Gards, the latter first found in Kent with Romneys. The Gard Chief looks like a version of the Chief of Romney-related Pullys/Pullens. Lake Garda is by Brescia/Brixia, where I trace the Breuci of the Sava. Romulus (Michigan) was founded by Pullens and Pulsipher/Pullesdon liners, and Pullens were kin of Pellicans (same place as handle-connectable Billets/Billiards) sharing the Barcelona tower.

Bertrams were first found near the first-known Vito's, kin of Sava-like Savers/Severs, and then Voters share the Pully/Pullen martlets. Doesn't that look to you like a pointer to Scytl's remnants in Barcelona?

The Gard griffins are colors reversed from the griffin heads of English Gardners, and then the giant scallop of German Gardners, half in the colors of the Russell scallop, is also colors reversed from the Pully/Pullen and Romney scallop. Russells look related to Pullen-like Palins, and as Palins look like they named the Plain variation of Platers, I suggest that Platte River Networks (Hillary Clinton's Internet server), offering servers, should be checked for ties to Service Point Solutions and election cheating. Platte River Networks is in Denver with Dominion's American headquarters. The Denver surname even shares the green martlet with Gards, very interesting indeed. I say that Platte River was pointed to by Miss Peare on a PLATform, when her waist pointed to Waistells...sharing blue doves with George's.

OH wow, after writing that, I read the Denver write-up: "The surname Denver was first found in Norfolk where 'this name, taken from the town of Anvers, was born by Roland D'Anvers...of D'Anvers of Dantsey..." DANNYs/Dauntseys were therefore loaded to find: "West Lavington in Wiltshire 'was for many generations the property of the Dauntsey family...'. Through marriage the property passed to the Danvers family." Now I know why Dominic de Filippis' brother is Danny!!! God must be pointing with him to Dominion's Denver office. Dannys and Denvers share dragons (different color and style) in Crest, and Denvers share the green martlet with Grime's who in turn have martlets colors reversed from the same of GORMLEYs/Grimes'. Dominic and Danny operated (Dominic probably still does) a farm across the street from Gormley!!! AMAZING.

My high school friends, the GARDners, moved to Gormley less than a mile from that farm, and they lived across from the scrap yard where Danny once worked. It's just that Gards share the green martlet with Denvers too. I now recall Danny Snow (mentioned him several times), who worked at the Gormley gas station immediately before I worked there at age 14. Later that year, while turning 15, I worked the farm of Vito De Filippis for the summer. The point is, the Snows look linkable to Rivers (pointer to Platte River of Denver?) and Savers/Severs. The latter share the Vito annulet, and Voters share the martlets of Pullens whose Chief in turn is a version of the Gard Chief.

AHH, wow, Vito SEVERed the farm and gave a small plot to Sam, whose wife called him, Savere!!! Sam's son was named, Vito! You can check online that Sam is an anglicized version of "Saverio." Dominic built his home on the farm right next door to Sam. As the ice-cream symbol came from Sam's Restaurant right across the gas station worked by Danny Snow and I, it suggests that Sams (Essex, same as Savers/severs) closely share the lion of Schittle's/Sitlers in turn sharing the Ice trefoil, all for a super pointer to Scytl as well as to Dominion. This is unbelievable.

After ending above, I switched to the news and came to a Giuliani video telling that Dominion has re-packaged cheat machines from Smartmatic into U.S. elections. He said that Smartmatic is the system of choice for election cheating around the world. I then loaded the article below to discover that it's been in the Philippines for a decade, and it just so happens that the wife of the Jeep's previous owner is from the Philippines! The Phillips are also FILLIPs! She has a Filipino accent, and the two of them would spend long periods in the Philippines.

Giuliani also hinted about the origins of the Dominion- Voting System and the companyís alleged connection with Smartmatic, one of the most questioned automated voting companies, primarily because of the affiliation of the people behind the company to Chavez.

It's interesting that Chavez-like Chaffs (Dorset again) share the giant griffin of Patels/Battle's. Kash Patel has become the chief-of-staff for Christopher Miller (Trump's new defence chief). I did check for a Smart surname and a matic-like one that got Matticks/Matix's, the latter looking like "Mattis." Trump's defence chief in his first two years was "MAD DOG" Mattis, and the Mattick/Mattix write-up even has, "The Welsh surname Mattick is derived from the early Welsh personal name Madoc. This was also written as Madawc and MADOG..." Go figure. Did God arrange this particular detail to indicate that James Mattis has been involved with Smartomatic voting machines that the CIA could implement in countries in efforts to keep their rulers friendly to America? Isn't that cheating? Is it the "good" kind of cheating, do you think? Matticks/Mattix's look like Gates kin.

[Earlier in this spell-check, I came across Tallys (checking for a pointer to Dominion-machine tallies) when my cocoa-coffee found Coke's who happen to have the split Shield of Matticks/Mattix's. It's 11:49, yikes.]

Trump's Chief of staff during Mattis' service to him was John Kelly, and while Kellys have a different-colored version of the Abruzzo/Abreu Coat, Chavez-branch Sheaves'/Chaves'/Chiava's (linkable to Chaffs) were first found in the Abruzzo capital, L'Aquila, suspect with such surnames as Kelly-like Keele's and Cheile's. German Kelners/Keller show the Chavez / Sheaves/Chaves key in colors reversed (note the K-shape at the end of the Chavez / Chaves keys). German Kellers use black eagle heads, and the eagle in the Arms of L'Aquila is black. A lot of heraldry came out of L'Aquila. Chiava's are expected as a branch of Chives' who in turn share the Mathis moline because Cavii Illyrians lived on the north side of the Mathis river (now the Mat).

Now watch this after seeing the following from the article above: "'Dominion, he added, was owned by Smartmatic through an intermediary company named Indra. The company Giuliani referred to was Indra Sistemas S.A., a Spanish multinational company..." The Indra-like Inders share arrows on blue with Hales', and the latter have the split Shield of Draytons because Market-Drayton was once called after Hales. Both Hales and Draytons have vertically-split Shields in colors reversed from the same of Matticks/Mattix's, and the latter's Coat in full is a near match with the Drayton Coat. The split colors of Matticks/Mattix's are those also of Bono's in the motto of Archers who in turn share the Hales arrows. Unfortunately, I can't work Smarts into this, but what I can do is tell that the split colors of Matticks/Mattix's (Herefordshire, same as Doors and Barrels) are reversed from the same of Doors (compare with Gates).

Which reminds me, why would God use a door handle in need of repair with a barrel-shaped (cylindrical) part? I'm stumped after three seconds. I know when I'm whipped. One possible take-away is that Irish doors share the Mattick/Mattix lion, but that doesn't do anything to explain how a non-working (or working) door handle on a Jeep has something to do with voting machines or ballots.

I wrote all that having forgotten that German Dominic's have a vertically split Shield in the colors of the same of Matticks/Mattix's. From here we repeat: "Chiava's are expected as a branch of Chives' who in turn share the Mathis moline because Cavii Illyrians lived on the north side of the Mathis river (now the Mat)." Chives' were at Tarves while Vito were at Tarvisium. Vito was Dominic's father.

The impression I'm getting from this latest from Giuliani is that Smartmatic's Spanish connection (Indra) goes to Service Point in Barcelona. A criminal octopus. As Barcelona's/Barrals worked into the barrel-shaped piece of the door handle, it seems like extra evidence that SmartMATIC is pointed to by Door-connectable Matticks/Mattix's (Herefordshire, same as Doors and Barrels). It tends to inform us that God has a special pointer for Smarts.

The bird in the Smart Crest has, I think, a thistle in its beak. Thistle's, who share pheons (different colors) with Smarts, share a blue lion in Crest with Purchase's, and the Thistle bend-with-pheons are in the colors of the Purchase and George fesse-with-besants. George's were first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors sharing the Purchase / Thistle lion, but Dorset is also where Chaffs were first found sharing the giant griffin of Patels/Battle's. KASH Patel could indicate the Cash's that link to PurCHASE's/PurKISS's. Chaffens (Dorset, same as Chaffs) are like the Coffins/Chafens sharing the Purchase / George besants. This paragraph seems to be fixed by God for His pointer to smart purchasing i.e. electronic purchasing. Will they develop a skincode with hidden 666 imbedded for voting? Is this election crisis just a hoax, a theater to create the excuse for forcing people to wear a number in the hand with the promise of no-cheat voting?

Fauchs show only thistles, and Tony Fauci could be at the head of a COVID or neo-COVID scheme for ushering a skincode form of purchasing intended to verify our not carrying the virus "thanks" to our taking a mandatory vaccine (effectively mandatory because you can't buy in a store without the skincode to prove that you are virus-free).

Aside from the Smart cinquefoil, the Smart Coat is colors reversed from the Coy Coat. If the Cards (share blue lion with Purchase's) shared the Coy pheons, I could say that this is a pointer to smartcards. Instead, it's the Cardine's that have the Coy pheons, and by some coincidence or not, Cardine's are said to derive in "Cardon = thistle." As heraldic ermines look to me to have ink spots and a form of a pheon arrowhead, it came to mind that pheons are secretly a printing or tattoo instrument, because no one ever saw arrowheads like heraldic pheons. The thing looks like it has a cartridge (above a pointed instrument) to be filled with a liquid such as ink. The Paeoni/Paioni peoples may be at the root of "pheon," and Peans/Payens/Paions have a paint-like Paiont variation. The mark of the beast has a tattoo theme, you see, so that, maybe, our coming to Coys and Cardine's through Smarts may indicate smart electronic deduction. Note that Carts (Somerset, beside Carters) use PALM trees as if a pointer to the hand's palm.

Payen-branch Page's share black pheons with Smarts, and while Paeoni had the city of Stobi, Stubbs have pheons in the colors of the Coy / Cardine pheons. Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire with the Arrows who probably turned the pheon into an arrowhead where it wasn't one prior to that. I think that Paeoni were Poeni = Phoenicians. The Greek form of that place is, Phoinike, but I had found a way to spell it ("Phoenikia") to give a 666 when all the letters were counted using the Greek-alphabet numerical system. Ph = 500; o = 70; e = 5; n = 50; i = 10; k = 20; i = 10; a = 1. Total = 666. Mythical Phoenix was made the father or brother of Europa. "Europia" would equal 666 except that the o is an omega = 800 rather than the omicron = 70.

Tafts/Tuffs' share the Knee / Phoenix/Fenwick phoenix, and Taphians were from mythical Daphne, herself named after a Daphne location smack beside Phoenicia's Phoenix-like Panias. Neighboring Laish was renamed, "Dan," perhaps a corruption from "Daphne." Daphne was placed into the Ladon river, and while the mythical Ladon dragon was given 100 heads, a Lotan dragon of Syria had seven heads, which is what Revelation is apparently pegging with it's seven-headed dragon that relates directly to chapter 13's 666. In Revelation 17, a wicked woman is taken away on the back of the seven-headed dragon, to be raped ultimately, and in Greek myth, Europa was carried away on the back of the Zeus bull, and raped (by Zeus).

In the shark dream, I TOUCHED the knee of the woman, and Touch's/Tuffs are a branch of Knee-connectable Tafts/Tuffs'. When she hovered level, she was a pointer to Leavells, and then I trace Laevi Gauls to Jonathan, the pagan Levite priest in Laish. "Hicks" is probably from the Hyksos who named hex = 6, or, at least, they were in love with "hex" and so named themselves. She married Mr. KilPATrick, making that surname suspect from Patmos. She represented hookers on Epstein's island, and the woman in Revelation 17 is described as a murderous hooker. Not a pretty picture. It seems as though there are multiple ways to interpret God's dreams. Her first name, Charlotte, is like "harlot." I'm not at all suggesting that she is the disgusting thing in Revelation.

In the Smartmatic video with Giuliani, he tells that the Smartmatic chairman is "a very close associate of none other than George Soros."

Learn to hack an election machine pre-built for being hacked:

DO NOT USE MACHINES TO COUNT VOTES ANYWHERE EVER. The corrupt will buy and abuse them. These are not machines made of hardware only, but software than can change true-vote numbers EASY. It's even possible that the makers of the machine charge a "fee" to go in and raise the votes artificially, maybe a million dollars per 5,000 votes. The corrupt WILL DO THIS, and corrupt politicians WILL PAY FOR IT because they have eyes on bigger tax dollars once elected. The owners of the machines can arrange a tight race in order to get higher dollars, late in the count night, per fake vote. Maybe that's what took all the time to count these final votes: negotiations on how much the price tag would be per vote.

Cheating is against the law, meaning that Barr's going to arrest Democrats left and right this coming week. Right? Right? Well, yes, of course, because mobsters are electing their own. It's just that Barr was too busy, last week, to make any arrests. But he will this week. Right? Right?

Let's face it. Democrats didn't start cheating late in the evening. For example, they were cheating from the get-go in Pennsylvania, but even so, Trump took a 15-percent lead. Imagine how big his win would have been without the cheating to that point. How much money did the Biden campaign pay to get the Pennsylvania tally to tilt Biden in a crash-storm of last-minute faked votes?

At, it shows that it's pushing online voting. CRAZY. NUTSO. Anyone's vote can be stolen with electronic voting. STUPIDS. How can the authorities allow this unless they desire cheating? Scytl salesman; "trust us, we don't cheat."

Scytl: "We are not owned by George Soros and have never been connected to him". Yes, but he's a hot potato, so any company who works with him doesn't likely do it directly. "We are not tied to Smartmatic, SGO, Dominion or Indra." Yes, you may not have official business links to Dominion, but that doesn't necessarily mean you can't work in concert at times. If Dominion counts the votes while Scytl shows the vote tally to the public, then one feeds the numbers to the other i.e. there's a connection between systems. I think it's either imperative, or at least safer to self, that the two companies acknowledge together their various cheat events. If Scytl decides to change vote tallies illegally, shouldn't it inform Dominion so that the latter can make the same change in order that both systems show and record the same tallies at the same time? Doesn't that suggest electronic (quiet) coordination since the people on both sides don't want to be shouting out loud, "hey Charley, take 4,080 votes off Trump at 4:05 am. I'll getcha more in five minutes."

Scytl's system records all vote-tally changes whether conducted by self illegally or by Dominion legally or illegally. If the flips are done while the tallies are on public screens, then Scytl may be directly responsible for those risky flips. If Dominion decides to do the flips, it's safer, I think, because it alters the tallies and only afterward feeds the numbers to Scytl; the latter doesn't necessarily know that the changes were made. It would like a butcher filling the meat grinder with meat, and at times using a flour paste mixed in (cheating), but the one grinding the meat sees nothing, says nothing, wink-wink.

The 666 SkeneCode

I was looking for more heraldic pointers to 666, and, as I use "skincode" as my short-form for "mark of the beast," I looked up Skins/Skene's, and was able to put together an interesting set of points. Their Schim/Schein branch share the Mole and GOOGE boar, and I have resolved that GOG will be the anti-Christ. Gog's partner, Rosh, is to Roxburghshire's namers, and that's where Mole's and Googe's were first found.

[Insert - I hadn't realized while writing here that Skins use a "merces" motto term that can me of the Mark bloodline. Wikipedia's article on Richard D'Avranches, son of Hugh Lupus, shows his white-on-red wolfhead, the colors of the Robertson wolf heads, and then we read of Robertsons ("merces") in the Skin/Skene write-up: "Legend has it that the first bearer of the name was second son of Struan Robertson, who saved king Malcolm II (circa 1014) by slaying a wolf with his 'sgian,' or 'skene,' (Scottish dagger) in Stocket Forest. which meant 'a dagger.' It is said that he was rewarded with the lands of Skene and henceforth used the name Skene." That's just a fanciful story; it doesn't mean that Skene's derived from a "dagger." Robertsons are listed with MacDonnachie's because they were a branch of Duncans / Donkeys. King Duncan's family had married Meschins from Ranulph le Meschin, who took over Chester's earldom from Richard D'Avranches above.

As Robertsons/MacDonnachie's were first found in Atholl while Atholls were first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Docks, it's likely that Duncans share the Dog/Doag cinquefoil, which should explain how Meschin-related Talbots got the talbot-dog symbol. Le Meschin's son was de German, and Gernons share the Robert / Proper/Robert/Robin lion, suggesting that Robertsons were a Robert branch. End insert]

I noticed that Skins share the Welf boar heads, in Brunswick colors. I'm sure I've read that Barrs of Brunswick were Welfs, and as the Brunswick Coat is shared by Gernons while Ranulph de Gernon was the earl of Chester three earls after Hugh Lupus was, it's a good bet that Hugh Lupus's line was of the Brunswick Welfs, for Welfs were first found in Cheshire with Chester. Hugh was of Varangi-like Avranches, and Varangians were Rosh-line Rus. What I'm trying to do here is jump from "Brunswick" to BRYNEICH," the latter being the country of Bernicians (at Roxburghshire) ruled by queen Bebba and her Bebbanburgs. My hunch is that chevrons were anciently a symbol for the 6, for your keyboard has a chevron above the 6. Triple chevrons, such as use Babenbergs, can therefore be a secret symbol of 666.

As was said, the three strings on the horns in the Arms of Traby look like 666. Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf while Scarfs share three wolf heads with Welfs/Lupus', yet the three of Scarfs are in the white-on-blue color of the personal wolf head of Hugh Lupus. "Hugh" can itself be from "Gog." Hugo's share the mermaid with Bebba-like Babels/Babe's. Babe Lorraine pointed to Barrs of Bar-le-Duc, and to Pepin of Landen, suspect with Poppo I founder of Babenbergs. Lorraine also pointed to Berthe (on my 24th BIRThday), mother of Babon.

Pepins are suspect from the Hyksos king, Apepi/Apophis, and Hyksos are suspect in carrying the six, magic, evil. The ones who called him Apophis could have named Poppo, and those calling him Apepi could have been a tribe that came to name Pepins. From Mole's, who by the way use a 666-suspect Phoenix, we can take their Mow variation and to Mowbrays: "The same Roger de Mowbray also held Bambrough Castle in Northumberland." That's Bebba's castle. As Babon likely descended from Pepins, "Babon" might be a Pepin variation, it's that simple. Papens/Pape's are listed with Babenberg-like Papenburgs.

When I consider "SkinCODE" further, the Cotesii come to mind because they were on the Buzau river with the Roxolani that named Roxburgh. The Cotys', though listed with Archdeacons, use another set of triple chevrons, and they are black, as are the three of Levi's. Jewish Levi's share the double lions of Hyksos-possible Hookers. Like Brunswicks suspect at Berwick, Jewish Levi's use two lions in pale. I suspect that Deacons and Decans are from Decani over by KOSovo, and Merovingians, who came to be ruled by Pepins, were from whatever named mythical Merops of KOS.

The triple Levi chevrons were used (both colors) by counts of Hainaut, where the capital is MONs, and then Monmouth is where Owl-like Howells were first found who may have gotten their surname from someone who loved the Kos owl cult of Edom. The HICKenson branch of Higgins use a black tower in Crest, and then there's a black castle (with black towers) in the Crest of Code's. SkinCODE. Hickensons and Higgins were first found in Slick-like Sligo, and Slicks (potential Seleucids) happen to use owls probably because Higgins and Hickensons share the Howell towers. Looking good, right on track.

Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with triple-chevron Clare's, whom I trace to Clarus in the vicinity of Ephesus. The mythical son of Merops of Kos was PANdareus, king of Ephesus. It seems that a myth writer invented "Pandareus" to indicate some Anatolian aspect of the Pan cult known to have been at Panias, the Phoenix-suspect city right beside the pagan Levite of Laish. When Hyksos were booted out of Egypt, they may have formed the Phoenix cult.

Esau was ruler of Edom, and, according to his goat-hair arms in the account of Isaac's blessing, Esau's tribe may have adopted a goat symbol leading to Pan. We read: "Amaltheia is sometimes represented as the goat who nurtured the infant-god [Zeus] in a cave in Cretan Mount Aigaion ('Goat Mountain')..." Compare "Aigaion" to "Agenor," mythical father of Phoenix and Europa. The latter was transported by the Zeus bull to Crete, you see, and then the Cretan, AMALtheia (quote above) was probably a myth writer's invention to depict what everyone in those days knew, that AMALekites were in Crete. Amalek is a son of Esau's son, you see. It is very possible that Moloch/Molech was named by the despicable Amalekites that God wanted wiped out. Moloch was a sickening, terrible, child-sacrifice bull "god" of the champions of the stupids living in Phoenicia. Might lovers of Moloch have named the proto-Mole's. Edom's symbol in the non-Inspired Book of Enoch was a black boar. Mole's use the boar in Gog colors.

Agenor was made a close family member with Belas, the mythical father of the Greek Danaans, whom I think posed as a tribe of Israelite Dan, and invaded Laish brutally, renaming it, Dan, and making Jonathan the Levite priest their own priest. It explains why Agenor's son, Phoenix, was named after Panias. The people of the latter named the Peneus river of Elis, beside the Ladon, but probably not before they passed through Ephesus as Pandareus. Pan's father, Hermes, was the Armenian entity which named the Hermus river of nearby Lydia. The Peneus / Ladon passes near Arcadia, and Greeks gave Pan his very own birthplace in Arcadia. Pelops of Lydia was moved by myth writers to Elis, where he was made the husband of an Amazon princess, daughter of mythical OENomaus, no doubt play on mythical Oeneus of neighboring Calydon (home of Daphne-like Taphians, and of Seir-like Sirens). I see the tribe of Jonathan naming "Oeneus." I assume that this group moved things to the Oeneus river of proto-Croatia, to form the Jonathan-like Juno part of the Romans. And Jupiter her husband was viewed (by Romans) as an integral aspect of the Cretan Zeus, though through the proto-Roman Trojans.

As I know for a near fact that Jupiter was named after Japodes from Jabesh-Gilead of Israel, I claim that the 600 Benjamites if Rome-like Rimmon who married 400 woman of Jabesh-Gilead were proto-Romans. As these Benjamites almost got wiped out by Israel for raping and killing a woman, I think they got labeled with a rape symbol or rape legend that later produced a myth writer's rape of Europa by Zeus. In other words, the Benjamites were depicted either by Europa or Zeus, and as Zeus out of Phoenicia (Tyre = TYRUS) was a Taurus bull, he's suspect from Moloch. So, that leaves Europa as the Benjamite-Jabesh peoples, and as she was made the brother of Phoenix = Panias, note that the latter was also, Banias, like "Benya(min)."

I suggest that Europa was named by Romans first as EVRopa, with "opa" being the suffix so that the root was "EBR = Hebrew i.e. the Benjamite Hebrews. The Greeks then changed it to "Europa." I think this is the line to the demented ruler of the end times who won't hesitate to implement their 666 due to their hatred of Jesus so much, for they would rather rule the universe themselves. Trump wants to land men on Mars (joke).

The people who give derivations of mythical characters at Wikipedia are among the stupidest people I have ever read. It's part of the widespread anti-education of the last days, the lowering and dimming of the human spirit with lies everywhere by those who consider themselves superior in intelligence.

Let's take this back to the Jeep's door handle with the understanding that Jeepma's are from the Japodes and therefore from the Benjamite-Jabesh line to Japodes. The dream ended with flames as code for Flemings, and then the Benjamin Crest has flames too. This Benjamin surname was from the Rimna river (Romania) beside the Buzau, begging whether "Jabesh" lost its capital to become, "Buz." Note that the mouth of the Buzau on the Seir-like Siret is near Galati, for that looks like it can be from Jabesh of Gilead.


Here's Giuliani on some fraud updates, Tuesday, looking promising for an easy Trump win of all the states he was leading in prior to midnight on cheat night:

After loading a Rumble video at youtube, I scrolled down the suggestions list to find another Rumble video, and so I clicked on it too. I then scrolled down again finding a third Rumble video, but after clicking it, youtube stopped suggesting Rumble videos, not even one. Had I clicked three CNN videos in a row, youtube wouldn't stop feeding me CNN videos for weeks. So, youtube has programmed its computers to suppress Rumble videos. I watch BCP regularly to get updates I may have missed, but youtube ALMOST NEVER (maybe once per month) feeds me a BCP video. Dastardly. The supreme court can now fix this dastardly game that google is playing on the entire world. Proper, innocent, and truthful education should not be suppressed by the Internet governors.

Here's what happened. Google and its fellow globalists decided to suppress hundreds / thousands of little guys like me, especially Christians, until they were loving it unopposed. But when they got the nerve and the need to do the same to bigger names, they got caught and exposed the point now that there is a revolt. Yup, it's called self-destruction, self-inflicted pain. When google needs the people, the people won't be there for it. Like a bastard without a mother or father, google will become the rat's arse. It's cute little homepage pictures will become the symbol of its systematic deception, it's complicity with leftist whores who allow rampant porn for the kids, against the wishes of their parents, and for this there is Armageddon. The likes of disgusting, toxic, acidic pornographers are cutting off Christians. You will see this exposed, no exaggeration.

Leftist hypocrites everywhere causing trouble because they don't want people to be happy:

See Bongino 4th minute for some new details on Dominion:

Turley on Friday (start at 1.5 minutes) says Michigan and Pennsylvania are about to be flipped for Trump in a good assessment:

In the 7th minute of Turley, he shows that six additional Dominion "glitches" (in four different states) were found, and the piece tells further that the glitched votes all went from Trump to Biden, no coincidence. It may not be possible to find them all aside from a hand recount. One of the six is 19,958 in Pennsylvania, which looks like the one featured in the BCP video above. The list of six has yet another one in Pennsylvania, at over 32,600 votes. The two Pennsylvania glitches alone flip the state back to Trump (pending further alterations that can give him more). That's why the left is going to accuse Trump of committing to a coup attempt against Biden, har-har.

Two of the glitches amount to about 24,000 in Wisconsin, where Trump was down about 20,500. Not anymore. That looks like a flip to me, and they're only in the first week of seeking Dominion cheating. This situation could sink the media too as the people will accuse them of misleading them into a false hope. It looks like dominos falling, one Democrat whore house after one Democrat pimp house after one Democrat sewer station.

I just saw Dick Morris on Newsmax, Friday night, using "domino effect," minutes after writing the above. He's referring to a domino effect of re-counts after the Georgia re-count is started.

Morris claims that the Republican (RINO) in charge of Georgia's recount is attempting to do a sham re-count. The video image he shows of people behind some yellow tape is, not of the original count on election night, but of the re-count now under way. There is a sign on the yellow tape, "Public Observation," which doesn't necessarily mean that pro-Trump monitors are required to be behind the tape. I think Morris is suggesting that all the monitors are behind the tape. He could be right. If you watch him on a short clip with Sean Spicer below, note how neither he nor the female speaker address that yellow-tape image after Morris points it out:

Spicer seems completely unconcerned. Morris says that the video was taken by a "Republican inspector" (ballot monitor) who was himself made to stand behind the yellow tape. It is so unreal that Spicer cuts in on Morris and changes the subject. It's as though he knows what the event is, some kind of a staged theater that the Trump team has agreed to. That's the impression I get. This whore house, according to Morris, will not allow signature verifications. Plus, the whore house wanted to be finished the count by the next day, meaning they are not going to look at the ballots much at all, just rifle them through. A drastic changing of a topic unexpectedly like that is usually demanded by the boss in the ear-pieces of the hosts. But this is Newsmax, not Fox. What's going on?

Hannity says there's just one Republican monitor per ten count tables in this Georgia re-count, though he says nothing about the yellow-tape situation. If one-per-ten is true, even if they are allowed to see ballots up close, the Trump team is either stupid to let this go forward, or there's something of a hoax being played out here, with Trump one of the actors, because this is not the reality to be expected by his voters. The whore house will slip many illegal votes through, guaranteed.

Hannity did not make the one-per-ten an issue when McEnany came on to say that her Trump team thinks it's good enough protection of the re-count. WHAT? One-per-ten means that at least 90-percent of the ballots will not be viewed. Are they kidding? Is this a joke? It would be fine if 90-percent of all counters were pro-Trump, but that's not going to happen. McEnany didn't give the details for her assurances that everything is fine, even though she knew viewers wanted the details. Is this a hoax? This is not reality, surely. There needs to be one Trumper per one counter because it's easy to do, and costs very little. There is no excuse, but we did not so much as hear of a conflict between the two sides on how the count will be monitored. If not for Morris' video, we wouldn't know about the monitors being held back. Hannity and McEnany seem to be hiding it...unless Morris is wrongly describing the yellow-tape situation.

One theory is that the Trump team has decided it needs a fast recount in Georgia, and is willing to keep monitors away from the tables in order to get it. In this theory, the Trump team feels that they will get the win even with a fast, unmonitored count. Does that seem like reality to you? There's so much on the line, and Trump's team doesn't even make sure that all ballots are legal in such a close race??? Sorry, but I see fakery when I see it. I think I now have reason to view this entire election as pre-planned theater. It explains the nutty Biden approach to the election. Just theater. I think the two sides are working together to rape the country in various ways. I can't think of any better motive to put on a theater like this.

I have seen no video of the Wisconsin re-count, fully expected if this is all theater.

Fox is doing more to cover up the deep state than to expose it. Or, at best, 50-50. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Fox is middle-political, where the mud puddle stinks from swamp waters seeping through the dirt. It doesn't want to go to one side; instead, a little token-tease here for the right, a little token-tease there for the left, it's courting both sides. LUKEWARM. SPIT! As more conservatives abandon it, it will go a little more left-teasy in seeking to make up the lost dollars. But competition is fierce in leftist news and commentary, so Fox will beg back conservatives, yet it will never be the same again as when it had conservatives eating happily out of its hand.

Tease = pretending, but my use of "tease" here is a little different. It's like the captain of a ship throwing a rope to a conservative in the waters, and reeling him up the side of the ship to the top, then throwing him back in because he sees a Democrat in the waters that needs the rope instead. Fox's heart is not for conservatives, but Fox throws them the rope because this was the foundational method for making its money, to give the public an alternative to leftism. So, yes, it feigns conservatism, even while servicing it in a tangible way. If it were not feigning, it would not have hired Paul Ryan to execute things. No one I've read or seen has revealed what exactly Ryan does or decides at Fox. And that's the killer: none of your prime-timers at Fox has come out to talk about Ryan, and so they are protecting him on behalf of keeping their jobs, I must assume. Dobbs through Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham keep well to the conservative side, and not one of the four seems to be feigning it. But these people partook in false-flag operations for the sake of retaining their jobs; they are far from heroes or game changers.

Half-and-half is the most potent way to destroy a society, a nation. Half-and-half is a schism. America has been made a half-and-half by leftist media brainwashing about half the county, and when Fox came to the rescue of those who refused leftist education, it took them under its wings only to soon-after become a half-and-half itself. Half-and-half is defined as "in-fighting." The best way to live in this half-and-half is to hold your happy Christian head high knowing that you, with the education of Jesus, tower above others in your midst. If the education of Jesus doesn't make us better than those with worldly education, then it's an insult to Jesus.

Don't let the half-and-half in-fighting rob you of your good face. We are possessed by the Power-When-Needed. Now that people keep masks on all the way to their cars to ruin your day if you oppose masks, ouch, grim has turned to goonery. It's hopeless, but hey, keep that face working for you. We reap what we sow, and my bad face reaps no nice faces from others, raise your hands if you've learned that too. When your face is shining, faces shine your way. But this goonery has made things difficult for me everytime I go shopping. I am reminded that the people of my town are chicken-hearted. Just hope the Russians don't invade now, there's not one man of courage to be found anywhere who dares shop without a mask...oh, except one I saw, a young man, barely 20. I went to him to speak with him. That grocery store allows people not to wear masks, yet I saw only one person not wearing a mask the last three times I was there.

As of Saturday night, this New-York-Post bombshell youtube video on Biden corruption only has 301,710 views after five months of availability, proving that youtube has suppressed it, which is further evidence that youtube is an accomplice of high-level criminality, and proving again that Bill Barr is trash, allowing the nation to go to the wolves [On the 17th, three days later, it had a total of 418,000 views (40,000 per day), meaning that youtube was cencoring it until, perhaps, the New York Post complained lately]:

Can you name one game-changer arrest by Bill Barr in his last 1.75 years as top cop? Month after month goes by, and he does NOTHING but arrest low-level criminals, except that he personally was assisting in the prosecution of general Flynn.

Here's Bongino's show on the 16th concerning Scytl, Dominion:

[Got this update loaded at 12:01 noon, would have been 12:00 if I didn't write this sentence.]


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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