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November 17 - 23, 2020

Snitching Has Become Divine -- Thank You Sidney Powell
ALL Trump Senior Lawyers in Heraldic Pointers From Snitch in the Sky
My Knee-Slide Goal Predicts Defeat / Humiliation of China-Biden-Scytl Alliance
God Points to Murdochs of Fox So Excellent

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Something is wrong. Wisconsin is by now deep into its re-count, yet not one picture has been shown publicly of the count house with monitors watching the counting. Is this some kind of joke? Is the re-count a hoax? Are both sides playing the masses with some kind of theater? The public has become unable to trust the voting process, and now they can't even have regular video from inside the whore houses on a re-count? How possibly can there be no pictures of what's going on? How possibly can there be no news that the whore house won't allow pictures? Ditto for the Georgia re-count, there has been no pictures aside from the one Dick Morris speaks on showing from a leaked video the monitors behind yellow tape way to far from the count tables to see anything. Something is wrong with the United States, much more wrong than Republicans are being let-on.

Okay, on Wednesday, it was finally made clear. Georgia is doing a re-count as its own initiative, not ordered by Trump. When this re-count is done by midnight Wednesday, Trump can then request his re-count. But, this self-initialized re-count can be used to remove cheated ballots so that the whore house doesn't get caught, and to fix other cheated ballots to make it appear less likely to get caught. This is bad, Trump's team has been foolish not to monitor this count. Trump just tweets out that Georgia is corrupt, but is doing nothing to demand his monitors at the re-count. No pictures, no nothing. It looks like theater from Trump's side too. It seems to me he's not interested in catching the cheating, but only in winning the election by some sweeping court move.

Jay Sekulow makes the point that if whore-house workers just take home the thumb drives that hold the records of the votes, those votes can be gone forever. So, they can do accurate recounts of what ballots they have, but there may be many ballots canceled besides, obviously from the Trump side. So, there needs to be asked whether the count process itself was open to cheating from merely the workers taking home thumb drives in their pockets. Are there alternative records of the votes (besides those on drives)? The best way to do this is to ask the supreme court to toss out all the regular workers, and get new ones for the recounts and audits, because the seasoned ones are seasoned at cheating, and chosen by the pimps in the first place because they possess proof of cheating qualities.

Monday has passed, and with growing PROOF that whore-house leaders have broken the law by forbidding monitors of votes, Barr has yet to make a key arrest, even though he has about ten different battleground states, each with many whore houses, to choose from. SHAME BARR SHAME.

Here's from an article from late 2006 in the Wall Street Journal; "Voting-machine company Smartmatic Corp. said it would sell its U.S. subsidiary to end a review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. into whether Smartmatic is partially owned by the Venezuelan government." Translation: in order not to get caught pushing its cheat machine, and in order to keep Chavez safe, Smartmatic made a deal with the potential prosecutor (or punishing rod) to just bow out with at least one of its American tentacles. Where's the FBI law? Turning a blind eye, to this day. But Republicans thought Trump handed them a savior in Bill Barr. Trump, the piece of crap. He can't get it right for the people. He leaves the people at the mercy of the mobsters, is that not plain to Republicans yet? Only now does he want to catch cheaters because it affects him, but for everyone else, who cares, let the rats eat them alive.

Since 2006 these election-cheating machines have been in the news from time to time, and now, all of a sudden, the same news people who cried out against them are protecting them. Mobsters. Rats. Criminals everywhere, and Barr has yet to make an arrest to show strength and righteous indignation, that the nation is not going to put up with it. No shivers of fear for the rats, just let them infest deeper.

The picture of election cheating is just like what a few called the Illuminati 20 and more years ago. There is a wide base that reports, like into a funnel, to the inner circle that unleashes the future on the country as it deems best (for itself, of course). The best way to control society by the satanic powers is to rig elections, for that gets their puppets into power everywhere. But, I feel sure, God has used this election to begin exposing that Illuminati's dirty underwear. Give God praise, folks, not to Trump. Don't anger God by giving glory to that stupid man who can't even get good leaders for the federal police. The nation flounders, thanks to Trump. He had his golden opportunities to clean things up, but he decided to just let the rats be so long as he could get re-elected. That is what he did, but God didn't make it happen so that election fraud could be exposed. It's like a double-edged sword from God, one slash to Trump's gut, and the other slash into the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati. Nice piece of work, Oh Lord.

False prophets are starting to appear on youtube telling viewers what their itching ears want to hear. Why does one do that? To make money. Telling people what they want to hear is for making money, the thing that makes them false prophets. Okay, that's easy to figure. There's money to be made on youtube, and those who claim to be working for Jesus on youtube are being watched by the All-Seeing Eye of Jesus as per whether they are trying to make more money than they need to operate the channel. Let's try to keep on the poor side, shall we, as Jesus did when he served the Father as our example. Or, accumulate as much money as possible in America, land of golden opportunity, and then suffer the foot of God in your face in the end. Okay, go for it, it's your decision. God has a million options on how to kick Christians in the face who live the hypocrites. If that's what you want, it's your decision.

Okay, someone has decided to get involved in politics; it's his full-time occupation, wherefore he can treat it like a business, to put food on the table, and so he does not need to serve Jesus with it, since it's purpose is to push Americanism. It's just a job like any other job that doesn't touch on Jesus one way or the other. By calling it a job, the sky's the limit on making money. Okay, so what do you think God would say about that sort of thinking? Well, it's not a job like any other job. It's not like making toys or tools or floors or windows where it has nothing to do with Jesus. His job is only partly to report the news; the other part is to shape the country, to shape viewpoints, like a TEACHER, yes, a teacher, that's what he is. He uses the news partly to put food on the table and partly as an opportunity to teach. Ditto for Bongino and a host of others.

As teachers of minds, doesn't that place a responsibility on us, since Jesus is involved in shaping minds too? If Jesus is not teaching people to live life according to a national constitution, etc., should we do it when it doesn't meet the standards of Jesus? What is better, to live by the constitution written by men who didn't make Jesus central to it, or to live by the Living Words of Jesus? Which is the better of the two for a nation's well-being? Does the freedom represented by the American flag match freedoms in Jesus? One doesn't need to depend on the constitution to defeat socialists / dictators / mobsters seeking to rule the country, because the Word of God can do it much better, because when people admonish / teach it, God Himself can get involved to kick the mobsters in the face...if sufficient numbers of the people receive the Words.

It's not necessary, nor should it be, for any nation to appeal to a constitution for honest elections. It's necessary only to appeal to honesty, a requirement of God. You don't need a constitution, you need the Ways of God that all good people know to be right, healthy for society.

Okay, I get it, the framers of the American constitution couldn't make Jesus central to it because they knew many citizens cared not for Jesus whatsoever, so they needed to cater to all sorts of Americans with one watered-down constitution (that God may feel isn't worth the paper it was written on). But do we as Christians take that same approach? Are we crazy? Are we wanting God's foot into our face? Drop your Americanism, BCP, and teach the priceless things of Jesus for the health of the nation. Ahh, but he'll lose half or more of his viewers = $$$, and then won't be able to buy all of those clothes or fly around the country meeting his viewers. He'll sacrifice the patriot glue that keeps the bond for the wide spectrum of his viewers. In the meantime, Jesus doesn't care about that.

Losing his non-Christian viewers, he might need to get a part-time job to put food on the table. Okay, that sounds like a great plan. Find a job making doors or windows or toys or tools, and then, in his left-over time, make political videos like a sweet aroma to Jesus. Then he will have great reward from Jesus that no one will take from him. Ahh, that is true freedom, folks, true gold.

You cannot feel the pleasure of heat or cold or food or sleep if you have heat, cold, food, or sleep all the time. When you need heat due to being cold, ahh, it feels good. When you are tired, ahh, sleep feels good. But if you try to enjoy sleeping all day, you are deceiving yourself, punishing yourself with too much. So, don't listen to the porno-liberal stupids who urge sex every two days, or you will spoil the greatest bouts of pleasure, stupid. Go without until it hurts a little, and, ooh-ahh, it will feel so good. Okay, freely I have given to you a piece of wisdom, and I feel rich. I feeeel good. If you want to be a teacher for some outcome, teach not for money, or your teaching will make you into a mutation of some kind, and in then end, you will be walking around with a foot on your face that cannot be removed. Not even with plastic surgery.

There's nothing God likes to do more than kill murderous rats because it clears the societal air. God likes fresh air, especially when He goes without it for a long time. Ahh, the pleasure. We Christians all badly NEED the pleasure of fresh societal air because it's become polluted all generation long.

Pleasure happens when a NEED is fulfilled. When you're too hot for too long, ahh, the cool feel so good. When the din has oppressed for a long time, peace and quiet feels so good. Too much peace and quiet, and you could go mad. Talking out loud to yourself is your defence mechanism if you spend too much time alone in a quiet setting. We need noise at times. When you've gone long without a touch from God, it feels so good when He starts the gentlemanly flow / ray of Life. But it won't come unless you dwell on Him, think on Him, welcome His ways sincerely. Atheists want proof of God before they give their hearts to Him, and because they feel nothing but empty, cold space, they proclaim: there is no God. Blessed are the adults whom have become children before the Great One.

Not all change feels good. Not all change is good / healthy. A foot to my butt is not a good feel even though I've gone without it for ten years; a foot to my face can be healthy, however. Pain never gives pleasure, but pain can turn us around, make us better. Put your finger into a flame, and you will immediately get better when you pull it out. If God boots you in the face, stop doing what caused it, and you will get better, ahh, it will feel so good. But if you don't stop, then that's what I mean by "not all change is good and healthy." If God invades your life with painful change, make a change to remove it. Whenever you experience a painful change, ask whether it's God or not. It may not be. Don't assume that a loss of something is to be regarded as pain. A loss of something might be freedom from what's bad for us.

Here's a kick to Smartmatic, a development like no other, to date, in the election-fraud news:

The Trump team was seeking to unveil election fraud, and then announced that it would quit on the excuse, as I recall it, that there's just no use, it's too hard to prosecute. But why didn't that effort at least report the prior accusations made against Smartmatic / Dominion? The Trump team hoodwinked the people. It let the corruption skate. Only now that it's kicking Trump out of the White House does his team come out swinging. The nation either defeats the mob in government, or it subjects to it. Trump chose to have the people subjected. He didn't hire an attorney general that agreed to fight this thing. He didn't hire an FBI boss that agreed to fight this thing. He didn't at first hire a DNI Intelligence boss that would fight this thing. TRUMP IS GUILTY while he acts like the victim. He walks around now with a shoe for his nose. Everyone's going to see this. This election-fraud battle is his fault.

If he didn't put in the proper Intelligence chiefs who would inform him of what Sidney Powell just informed the country, then Trump is responsible for allowing the whore-house machines to create the situation now before the country. Biden is the madam, and the ones who control the machines are the pimps. Trump is the cop who turned a blind eye even though he knew the whores were going to be used against him. Can anyone get more stupid / reckless / liable than that? It's not a wonder he bought casinos, he's stupid, reckless and dangerous to the people. A casino owner cares nothing about the people. A casino owner is a mobster. Chavez, too, can tell the people with a straight face that he loves and cares for the people. We saw Obama do it regularly.

I have some Sidney-Powell heraldry. I first noted that Sidneys and Smarts (as per "Smartmatic") share pheons. No big deal, but then the Powells were loaded to find an "Edrych" motto term. I did find an Edrick surname, and remembered that it has the Hatrick and Mary lion!!!! WOW, wait till you hear the rest. The Marys are the Marrys who were big in an insert of the last update that was added yesterday (Monday) afternoon-to-evening, in case you missed it. It was a fantastic insert. Seek and find "Insert minutes" to get to that insert, if interested. (Load Edrick tab now to have access to other surnames, to much-better follow along.)

Okay, the reason that I knew the Edrick lion to be the same of Edrick-like Hatricks/Ettricks is because the latter surname came up with my hockey hat trick (three goals in one game for you Americans who don't know what hockey is) when MARY Nigro (a friend) was watching. As I've said, the third goal was from a slap shot at the blue line, along the ice. I was screening the goalie with my back to him, when the puck came right to my stick, and so I deflected it between my LEGS, and into the net it went. The Leggs use a giant stag head in the colors of the Trump stag head, suggesting that the hat trick, a major victory symbol, predicts that the Trump team will kick the mobsters to their faces. Yes, we should hope for a Trump victory because the mobsters are monsters. What Trump is we have yet to see, but at least it should be a lot better to have slow and wimpy Republicans in the White House than fast-lane pimps, whores and cockroaches.

Mary lived in BUTTONville at the time, and the whore-house madam is Joe Biden, of the Button/Biden surname. That's the only reason I can think of for her being present at the hat trick. It works if the goal above is about Trump's win over the cheat machines.

The slap shot came along the ICE to between my legs. The Ice surname, first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps, share the trefoil of SCHITTLE's, and the Scytl company is at the top of the cheat-machine evolution, for it reports to the public all the tallies from Smartmatic counting / recording / cheating machines.

I was dating Katrina Hanson at the time of this goal, and she was the ICE-cream girl!!! Amazing, it's all coming together now. The second ice-cream girl was Darlene Ray/Wray of about a year later. We both worked at Knob Hill Farms (Buttonville), and I'm sure that I started working there due to Mary's suggestion that I apply (she was a cashier there).

So, everything I've just said is thanks to the motto of Powells, suggesting that Trump's victory party will be due thanks much to Sidney Powell's work as Trump's lawyer.

By the way, Dominion has a head office in Toronto while the great Darryl SITLER was the captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Schittle's are listed with Sitlers/SCHITners, looking very linkable to Skits/Skeets and Skate's/Skeets. In an Obama dream I was given about two weeks after Trump took Office, Obama was on a SKATEboard in his business / president's SUIT, and this was after my pool SHOT on his billiard table. I sewered the SHOT as a pointer to Obama's Soetoro surname, because Sewers are listed with SUITs/Suters, and that surname has a reflection of the Board Coat to which the skateBOARD points. Shots are also Suter-like Shute's as well as Schit-like Shitts. I'm repeating this because, as said earlier this year, the second goal of the hat trick involved the boards. I can still remember the scene at the boards. After deking the goalie, I was about to crash into the boards, but managed to turn sharp enough to only rub against them. I can't remember the first goal.

The Sidney motto has a cue-like "Quo" motto term so that my shot with the pool cue could be deemed a shot by Sidney Powell to unveil Obama's part in this election scam. If we regard Obama's billiard table as a POOL table, note that Pools were first found on the Dorset coast from Cowes, while Cowes' are quo-like Coo's too.

The Boards, first found in Sussex with Saddocks/Sedgewicks, share the Chaddock / Chadwick Coat, essentially, both of which are red forms of the Saddock/Sedgewick Coat. This is excellent for linking Boards to Skate liners because Skits/Skeets (Ayrshire, same as Scottish Sheds) and Skate's/Skeets (Norfolk, same as Chads) share the same Coats while English Sheds have a version of the Chad Coat. So, not only were Boards related closely to Suits/Suters, but to Skate liners, what looks like God's arrangement for proving that He gave us the Obama dream for Scytl reasons. Is Obama behind the American implantation of Scytl? It could very well be. The Skits/Skeets (shown properly as Skeochs) were first found in Ayrshire with Nons/Nevins who came up this morning as Neffens when I read the following from the Sidney-Powell article:

Dobbs then pointed to Smartmatic board of directors chairman Peter NEFFENger, a retired vice admiral of the US Coast Guard. Powell later noted that Neffenger is on the 'very presumptuous and immediately failing' Biden-Harris transition team.

We could bet a million dollars that the Biden team will distance Neffenger from this point on. But, we can also bet a million dollars that the Biden team feels it owes Smartmatic / Dominion some pay-back for getting it elected...almost.

Revelations From Sidney Heraldry

I'm waiting for a surname to pop up that goes with Neffens/Nevins to tell a story in God's heraldic crystal ball (for lack of a better term, tolerate). I wonder why the Harris Crest shares a porcupine with the Sidney Crest. I had read that the porcupine was a symbol also of Bassets, and then Bassets/BESANcons use billets for a potential pointer to Billets/BALLOTs. Note BesanCON, for that could be indication of a Bessin merger with Meschin-related Cons/Coneys (version of Meschin Coat) Cone's / Conte's, for Meschins of the Bessin descended from Emma de CONTEville. The Cone's share antlers with Conte's, and the latter are COUNTs too, so that when Besancons point to Ballots, we have BALLOT COUNT.

In the Obama dream, he owned the entire billiard hall, and Billiards are also Billets. They are in the colors of the Basset/Besancon billets. Suddenly, that dream seems to be about the count of ballots.

Meschins were a branch of Maschi's, and the latter use "pine CONES" that go with porcuPINEs. Maschi's (Massey/Macey branch) were first found in RIMINI, and "REMINISci" is a motto term of porcupine-using Harris' (Mackay colors and format). You have got to be impressed by the further fact that the Maschi lion is used by Matticks/Mattix's, who were looked up (and discussed) in the last update as per "SmartMATIC." Note that Mattix-like Mattis' come up as "Massi," and that Massi's/Mattis' they share the checkered Shield of German CONs/Cohens (BesanCON colors). That's pretty incredible. It's been a ballot con rather than ballot count. Sidneys use "voCANT" while Cants, because they have a reflection of the Bessin Coat, look like a Conte/Count branch.

In one of the photos of Sidney that I saw this morning, she suddenly looked a lot like Miss Peare if she had been Sidney's age. The Boards, with a "PERforatus" motto term, suggest Peare liners, and "perFORATus" suggests English Forts because they are in Board colors. Those Forts have an "auDAX" motto term while Dax's/Tax's share crossed swords (same colors) with BORDers, suggesting that Boards are Border kin. As Borders were first found in Somerset with Trashers/TRESURE's (and Dax's/Ducks), they are probably in code with the heraldic "double-tressure border." If Miss Peare is a pointer to Sidney Powell, wow, there's a lot I could gather from that. Miss Peare is the it-feels-so-good lady.

The Fort quadrants are colors reversed from the PAVlich quadrants, and the blue Pavlich quadrants almost have the pale bar and double hexagrams of Pero's/Perino's, suggesting that Pavlich's (Pavia colors) are a Pavia branch. Then, a new discovery, so far as I can recall: Palins and Powells are Pavia liners! This comes from the Pavlich-like Pavelli's that Palins/Pawlins are said to derive in, and the latter share the Powell lion!!! I do not agree with the Powell write-up's derivation in Howells. So, perhaps this is why that one expression from Miss Powell reminded me of Miss Peare.

As Miss Peare almost married Kepke with a Ukrainian background, it had best be added that Pavlich's (horseSHOE) are a Ukrainian surname. I have crossed Pavlich's before, but am not familiar with them. They happen to have a dove in the colors of the Paloma dove, and Spanish Paloma's have two pale bars in the colors of the one Pero/Perino pale bar. Repeat from the last update: "When I first kissed Peare, we had rushed up the stairs = SCALA at the La PALOMA BAR, and Italian Paloma's were first found in Bari. Bari is in APULia, and Voters/Gautier's share the Pully/Pullen martlets." It could seem that Pullens and their Pool kin were also Apulia liners.

Pierro's/Pero's were first found at Pavia, and English Pavia's share the Feet/FATE Coat while "fata" is a Sidney motto term. Isn't that a wow? If SIDNeys are from the Sedons/Seddons, a branch of Seatons/Sittens, then they are also Schittle's/Schitners/Sitlers, in my opinion, the pointer to Scytl. OH WOW, the Schit-like Schutz's/Shutz's and NONE's/Noons have a saltire colors reversed from the same of SCORE's, and Sedans, with a "None" motto term, share the gold cinquefoil on the Score saltire, and I SCORED the hat trick goal through my legs, from the slap shutz, as a pointer to Powell motto!!! That's right, because Shots are also Shutz-like Shute's.

I can add to that because Score's can be sharing the gold eagle of NEEDhams while Needs are listed with Name's/NEEMs while Score's share gold cinquefoils on a saltire (different color) with NEMO's/Nimo's while None's/Noons/Nuns can be of the Nons/Noms/NEFFENs that point to Neffenger of Smartmatic!!! Just look at that, and Nimo's/Nemo's even share the Seaton/Sitten crescents. Plus, Smart-like Simarts (billets, points to Ballots) share the lion heads of the other English Name's/Neems, is that possibly just a bunch of coincidences? This paragraph can be pointing the Devin Nunes too.

Here's evidence that Sidneys are a Sedan / Sitten branch. We saw Score's linkable to the cinquefoil in the Sedan/Seddon Crest, and the Score cinquefoils are even colors reversed from the same in the Sedan/Seddon Shield. This is what makes the hat-trick goal point doubley to Sidney Powell. We saw Score's (Sedan/Seddon colors) sharing a version of the Nimo/Nemo saltire with the latter throwing in the Seaton/Sitten crescents. Then, the Boasts/Bois' (Bush of Bosco liners) in the Nimo/Nemo motto have a reflection of the Cheney Coat while Cheneys use a "FATO pruDENTia" motto phrase to go excellently with the "fata" of Sidneys, because Dents were first found in Yorkshire's SEDbergh while Sedans/Seddons ("sed" motto term) were once said to have been first found in Yorkshire. Dents even share the tiger with the Crest with Sidney-like Side's. In other words, whether Bush's or Cheneys are Intended in this batch of heraldry or not, the SIDNeys look like a Sedan/Seddon branch.

Someone this week claimed that the cheat election machines were developed under Bush-administration oversight for cheating in enemy countries, and that Obama developed them for in-home use i.e. for use against the Republican party.

Dents can be gleaned as kin of Rothes because they share two motto terms in the Arms of Rothschild. One of those motto terms is ConCORDia, suspect partly with Cons/Coneys because the latter have a fesse colors reversed from the Cord/McCOURT fesse. Cords/McCourts share the heart and fesse of Nations/Nathans, explaining why Dents share the Rothschild motto term, and it can be gleaned that the cotised fesse of Nations/Nathans is of the Cons/Coneys too. The COURTs/Coverts have a "GrandesCUNT" motto term while Cone-branch Conte's/COUNTs are also CUNTys.

[I went crashing into the boards after the TIP-IN goal that will be a topic later in this update, where I bring in the Tipps'/Tippins, and so it should be said here that they share the Cord/McCourt pheons, how impressive since that goal will point to Rothschilds as though by the express will of God. In that revelation, the Bohemian Franks are included suspect from Drummond ancestry in Podebrady, and Drummonds are the drum-barrel entity identical to the trash can. The Broad-like Boards are also Brode's suspect from the PodeBRODY variation of "Podebrady." You'll see in the next paragraph while Broads are Rothschild-connectable as per the Dent motto. End insert]

I went into the boards in the second goal of the hat trick, and I crashed into the boards with the winning goal from a slap shot from Trasher-branch Tarr [this one was in the last update, but it's the tip-in goal explained later in this update.] The Board-like Broads/Brode's happen to share the Dent lozenge, and Dent-like Denets have "Pro" and "PROviDENTiam" motto terms suggesting Dent-Pero links. Repeat: "The Boards, with a "PERforatus" motto term, suggest Peare liners, and "perFORATus" suggests English Forts because they are in Board colors. Those Forts have an "auDAX" motto term while Dax's/Tax's share crossed swords (same colors) with BORDers, suggesting that Boards are Border kin. As Borders were first found in Somerset with Trashers/TRESURE's (and Dax's/Ducks), they are probably in code with the heraldic "double-tressure border." The "ForTIS" motto term of Forts suggests the Tiss'/Teece's from the Ticino/Tessin, location of Pavia, and Pavia's have Fort colors too.

Forts happen to use a ROCK, perfect for what I had realized last night before coming to this Powell section. I have told the story a few times of Robert Powell and I walking past the house that would later be the home of Karen Whelan, my ladyfriend at my age 19/20. Powell and I suddenly started lobbing ROCKs at each other, from a distance of about 50 feet, in a game of chicken. Rocks and Roque's are from the Roxolani, who were at the Naparis and Buzau rivers, and as Forts use a rock too, note their "AUDax" motto term, for ROQUEfeuil (Languedoc, same as Roque's) is in France's Aude province. The Naparis looks like it went to Napier's/Nappers, who happen to come up as PEERless' ("tache"), with the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire in colors reversed. Napier's/Peerless', probably with the Rothchild (no 's') roses in honor of their Roxolani ancestry, have a version of a German Frank Coat, and with the latter suspect from Drummond elements in Podebrady, it's notable that Napier's/Peerless' were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds.

Rothschilds descend from Rothes castle, where LESlie's were made earls whom I see from Lesce, not far from the Roxolani in Rijeka. "PeerLESS" looks like it applies to Leslie's (married family of PETER Pollock), therefore. Less' have a boar head colors reversed from the Bard boar, and Bards share the green Leslie griffin used also by Fenns expected in the Powell motto. That's why Powells have a green griffin, suggesting that Powells were Pool / Pollock liners somehow in merger with the line of Flavius PETRO (of RIETI) when naming the Pierro's/Pero's (roses for Roxolani) and Pierleoni (Rome, same as Pool-related RITA's) to which I trace Peerless'. As you can see here, Powells can be of a "Pavia" branch but named in reflection to a line of Vespasia Polla (married Flavians of Rieti) to Pools / Pollocks/Poke's. Rieti is at Sabina, and while Wikipedia says that PORCIus Cato had land in Sabina, Sidneys use the PORCupine.

I almost missed the "DOMINus fecit" motto of Bards, looking like a Sidney-Powell pointer to Dominion Voting Systems. Bulgers (pointer to Whitey Bulger) use "fecit" too, and I see the FAUCET lion as the one of Scytl-like Schittle/SITlers! That looks very good as a pointer arranged by God to Ms. Powell's legal cases now pending against Dominion's affiliates. (The Naparis river is at just off the Bulgaria theater.)

The Naparis river was home to the SENSii, tending to explain the "SANS tache" motto of Napier's/Peerless', and why Sens' were first found in Switzerland with the Ticino canton, and with the Sion/Sitten location that had the tribe putting forth the Seatons/Sittins, Side's, Sutys, and now suspect with Sidneys. When you add to this picture that Powells use the Palin/Pawley lion while Palins look like a Pavlich branch, it makes a Sitten link to Pavia elements. Pavlich's are even Ukrainian, as are a Roman branch with roses suggesting Roxolani in Romania. To really nail this thing, Napier's/Peerless' have a fleur-de-lys colors reversed from the one's of SNAKE's/Snooks (Drummond eagle?), who in turn share the SANS/Sanchez eagle, and then SENECA's are also SENESchals. Many heraldic snakes are going to connect and trace to this thing, therefore, but let's add that the Snake/Snook chevron is that also of Simarts while one Walsh/WALCH Coat shares the Smart pheons! I don't know whether the Sensii were technically in WALLACHia, but very close if not.

Oh wow, the "Quo" motto term of Sidneys (pheon, same as Coys) can be for the pool cue in Obama's billiard hall, because I was shooting at the red ball, and saw other red balls i.e. it was a SNOOker game!!! I get it. The Snake's/Snooks share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins, nailing the claim of years ago that the pool cue was a pointer to Perkins COIE!!! WOW!

This is a good place to tell that the Sidney-Crest porcupine is brown, as is the same bird in the Crests of Snake's/Snooks and Drummonds, for I had read that Bassets ("Pro"), sharing the Drummond Coat, used a porcupine. The Basset / Drummond fesses are in the colors of the Pierro/Pero/PERICH fesses while PURCHASe's (Kent, same as Snake's/Snooks) share the fesse-with-besants of George's, from George, father of the first Scottish Drummond. Purchase's, first found in Kent with FILLIPs/Phillips, share the Fillip/Phillip and Powell lion. Both the Fillip/Philip and Powell mottoes link to Pero / Pavia liners, as does the Sidney motto.

Soon after (one-to-three months) spending my last time with Miss Peare, I dated Lorraine, who got her FEET symbol on the PAVEment of YONGE street, and as Scottish Yonge's/Youngs share the three piles of Leavells (Roxburghshire, same as Scottish Walsh's/Walchs), it tends to identify Leavells with Laevi of Pavia. Sidneys are the ones with a "Fata" motto term suggesting the Feets/Fate's (Yorkshire, same as PAVErs) who share a Pavia Coat. It was as though God made her feet appear extremely beautiful to me at that one second of time. I remember the event, with Mr. Oullette quietly blurting, "what a babe" (at that very event) as he passed me at the curb area and seeing Lorraine (for the first time) a few feet from us. Babe's (share Brady finger-and-sun) are from Podebrady, Drummond ancestry. Aside from these pointers to the killer-bloodline of Jesus, did Lorraine's feet suggest a good / victorious news in current events, as when the Bible says, "beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news"?

Wow, Whelans have lozenges in the colors of the Paver lozenges!!! Zikers, I can scarcely believe it. Pavers share checks (different colors) with Marks whom I trace to the Marici of Pavia. As I've said many times, Whelan lived at Henry Corson Place, and while Corsons/Carsons have the Whelan lozenges in colors reversed, it can now be added that Corsons/CARsons share the Pavlich crescent. As Cars share "sed" with Sedans/Seddons, might the car in the 1979 dream, which had a victory scene with a woman hovering over the car SEATS, be a symbol of Sidney Powell? The car had a pointer to John Ratcliffe, and Giuliani said this week that he cannot comment on whether he's speaking to U.S. Intelligence people i.e. yes he is.

There's a woman with Pavlich surname who appears at times on The Five, who's a real driver for the Trump cause. Peare's belly, along with "it FELT so good," seemed to point to Dana Perino and Greg GUTfeld (or GutFELD) of The Five. The show is pro-Trump but with a Fox-boss axe hanging over their heads. I happen to trace Five's/Fifys, Fife's and Vivians to Lviv in the Ukraine. The Arms of that place uses a motto, "Semper," probably code for Sempers/St. Pierre's/St. Peere's having lions in the colors of the Five/Fify ("oPERA") and Five lions. Perino's are listed with Pero's. The lions are all red, ditto with that of Rims/Rums.

The Buzau river is at WALLACHia (Romania, where Ukrainian Romans with roses are expected), and so I think that the rock-throwing of Powell and I, past Whelan's home, was indication that Whelans were a Walsh/Walch / Walser branch, for the latter two are from Wallachians. Wallachia also had the Rimini-like Rimna river, right beside the Buzau (beside Ukraine), explaining the Rome variation of Rims/Rums. Mr. Kepke (Ukrainian) left Miss Peare after being with her about two years, and got engaged to Miss Walsh, the sister of his brother's wife. It appears arranged by God for these pointers at hand. It's suggesting that Kepke liners were in Wallachia, but as we just saw reasons for Miss Peare's ancestry at Lviv, proto-Kepke's may have been there too, suspect for reasons, including his dog, with the Neuri (worshiped the wolf, maybe the dog too) on the Bug river. His dog was Blacky, and Blackys (for obvious Naro = black reasons) can be sharing the vaired Nero/Neretti chevron, and I trace Neuri-like Nero's/Neretti's to Narbonne's/Denardo's. Kepke was on my hood with me, catching Allison Bauer getting into Mike Denardo's car. Hoods/Hoots are linkable to Aude's/Ode's, and Narbonne is in Aude with Roxolani-liner Roquefeuil. Can you make heraldry sing like this with your hood event?

Karen Whelan's sister was dating Rick Young when I was dating Karen, and Young was Kepke's next-door neighbor. Youngs use roses, appropriate for Roxolani liners. Sidneys happen to share the blue pheon with Celts/Colts who in turn have a version of the COUTES Coat that replaces the pheon with a different type of arrow head, yet still blue. The COTESII lived on the Buzau with the Roxolani!!! So, you just take the Sensii on the Naparis river with Roxolani, and trace to SION, which was renamed, Sitten, by a local tribe of roughly that name (can't recall the spelling), or vice-versa (Sitten named the tribe). I've just realized that google makes it difficult to find Cotesii; you can see them at top-right of this dark map along with the Sensii:

Celts/Colts have a "Transfigum" motto, like the first term in the "Transfixus SED NON" motto phrase of the particular Walsh's/Walchs sharing black pheons with Smarts!!! It's a possible Smartmatic pointer in the midst of discussing Sidneys and Powells. The same Walch's/Walchs use a "non" motto term, and Nons/Nevins are the Neffens too, looked up earlier as per the BOARD director of Smartmatic!!!!!!!!!! Robert Powell and I (13 years of age) tossed Roxolani's at each other, so to speak, and Sidneys just linked to the same river as lived the Roxolani. Why would God use Robert Powell to point to Sidney Powell?

The Whelans (Waterford, same as Walsh's/Walchs, CORRys, and the Trump stag head), looking related to CORsons, lived on the same street as Kepke and Young: one at 6 Henry CORSON Place, one at 29, and the other at 31, for a total of 66. Kepke's house backs up on a street called, John DEXTER, where my friends (Witherspoons) lived from Michigan (now in election-fraud chaos). Dax like Dexters are suspect in the 666 entity. Traby (Poland), suspect with a 666 in the strings of their horns, can be from TRYPillians, who had locations in Ukraine and in historical Moldova, the latter being the location of the Buzau river, more or less. Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf, and Scarfs have wolf heads in the colors of the Flynn wolf. Miss Powell is general Flynn's lawyer. Placentia is on the TREBia river, and Flynns should share the Trebia Chief because the Arms of Placentia used a blue-on-white wolf (colors reversed from the Flynn wolf). Not necessarily having to do with Mr. Flynn, the Flynn besants are in the colors of the Purchase besants, and Purchase's (Powell lion?) were a 666-purchase topic in the last update.

OH WOW, just realized: Purchase's (Kent, same as Powells) share the Powell lion, and Purchase's share the Flynn besants!!! It looks like God's pointer to Sidney Powell.

Just realized; the Arms of Placentia with the wolf was split vertically with the wolf on the viewer's right, and a white-on-red square on the left, making the split Shield of that Arms into the colors of the vertically-split Shed/SCHED and Chad Shields (pointers to SCYTL), and then Scottish SHEDs were first found in Ayrshire with NONs/Neffens while the Walsh/Walch motto is, "Transfixus SED NON mortuus." Ahh, I think I get it. Nons/Neffans share the Corson crescent, and we just saw Miss Whelan, whose surname is suspect with Walsh liners, living at Henry Corson when I was dating her. Whelans have lozenges colors reversed from the Corson lozenges. However, I don't immediately see why a Whelan-Corson link to Mr. Neffenger of Smartmatic is useful.

Ah, the last time I saw Miss Whelan, when she was leaving me for her new man, Kepke said to me, "be NONchalant," when I was getting up from the table to go speak with her (as she walked into the restaurant with her new date)! I've told this story many times (try googling "non-chalant tribwatch" to verify), I'm not making it up. It absolutely seems that God wants to connect Miss Whelan to Neffenger.

Whelans share the Brick Coat and Crest, and God splattered the bricks of my home's chimney all over the roof with a lightning bolt, at my age 11, not many houses away from Miss Whelan's home at the corner of Henry Corson and Senator Reesors drive. My home was on the latter street, but I moved away from there at 13, and didn't know of Miss Whelan until dating her at 19-20, only because my friend, Rick Young, was dating her sister. It looks like God set that up as a pointer to Neffenger. Is he a 666 man?

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, it was not many weeks ago when, for the first time that I recall, the Nons/Neffans were found as Noms, and then Smarts use a "NUMmis" motto term that can surely be for a Nom branch! Unbelievable. I can't find one surname using "Nummis," but I have just found a Smart-like Simart/Simard surname using what looks like billets for a pointer to Ballots! For what it's worth, the Non/Neffen motto, along with its Nome variation and the Mason/Massin motto, tends to reveal that Nome's are a Name/Neme branch i.e. Nevins/Neffens look like a Neve-Name merger.

Back to the Biden-Harris team, or to Sidneys sharing the porcupine with Harris', for it's a good bet that Obama's whores chose Harris for replacing Biden in some sly way, to make Harris the president. Hairs/Hare's have the Dunham Shield, and Obama's mother was Miss Dunham. After looking up Harrs, I added the explosive quote below to the last update where Cass'/Cash's (share "fountains" with Waterfords) were proposed as a Caesar branch:

"Insert -- Almost a week after writing here, Harrs/Harridine's were found with a black-eagle version of the Irish Casey Coat, and upon the Harr/Harridine chevron are the same crescents as have German Julians, suggesting that the red Casey eagles can be the Giuliani eagle in spite of not being black. As Keller's, whom I trace to L'Aquila, share three black eagle heads with Harrs/Harridine's, it could explain why Rudy Giuliani looks like he could be my relative, or a relative of my mother's relatives, for she grew up seven miles from L'Aquila. My mother is a Grimaldi by maiden name, and while her mother was born to Mr. Masci, I used to climb the back fence of her brother's home (Mr. Grimaldi) to go see RUDY Masci of about my age. Hmmm. Rudolphs (Saxony, same as German Julians) have a reflection of the German Dominic Coat, and, I kid you not, Mr. Grimaldi above was Dominic!!! WOW! The next section shows how an old friend, Dominic, points to Dominion's vote-flipping crimes!!! This is perfect with Giuliani in the picture. In fact, about two years ago, maybe three, God pointed to Giuliani with a seaGULL, and Gullys are in Harr/Harridine colors and format. Ahh, Gullys were first found in Oxfordshire with HARcourts, that explains the Harr link to Julian liners.

Harcourts share the double fesses of English Hairs/Hare's, and so what might it mean that Harris' share the Dominic and Simarts chevron? It appears that God is pointing vice-presidential candidate Harris to election-cheating machines.

I'll show below how Hare liners trace to Sion/Sitten of Switzerland, and so we ask whether Sidneys are a branch of Sitten-branch Side's. Harris' use HEDGEhogs while Hedge's share the swan of Sions/Swans. That works. And Egde's are listed with Eggs suspect as a branch of Ice's who share the Schittle trefoil. Edge's/Eggs were first found in Cheshire with Eggertons in turn sharing the Edrick / Hatrick / Marry lion. Edricks were highly expected in the Powell motto.

Sidney Powell and Giuliani are working in tandem to pour gravel down the throats of the whores, and with a little cement from the Sekulows, we could really rock-em up (heh-heh, sorry for my Japanese version of "lock-em up"). As was said in the last update while discussing my game-winning hockey goal (what victory did that point to?) from Tarr's slap shot (not the slap shot above): "...beside Shots and Calls both of Wiltshire, where Joels/Jewels were first found whom I think are a branch of Giuliani's. Joel and I were on our way to Sekulow-like Shakell road when a gull appeared that I say pointed to Giuliani. The latter is Trump's personal lawyer along with Jay Sekulow." Joels/Joels use gillieflowers.

I can glean that German Hare's are a branch of HARveys and Garveys from the ARVE river at lake Geneva, all linkable to Bellamys of Perche who share the Seaton/Sitten crescents. The latter named Sitten near Ayer, explaining Hares/Hairs of AYRshire, location of Ayr. Perche's share the double chevrons of Garveys, and the Garbs/Garps (garb) expected in the motto of Irish Hare's/Jarrys have a version of a Harvey Coat. Geneva's/Genova's share white wings with Garbs/Garps. The person who told me that the FBI was at the side of the road, in the story below, was Mrs. Deeter, and so note that Deeters use Garp-like grapes for a close link to Hare liners. The Veys (Cornwall, same as mythical Gorlois of Morgan le Fay) suspect in "HarVEY / GarVEY" are traceable to Morges and VEVey, both on the north shore of lake Geneva, that being the line to mythical satanism as represented by Morgan le Fay of Avalon.

Now, as Sidneys and HARRis share the porcupine, we can take this to the Seaton-branch and SIDney-like Side's, for the Seaton crescents are colors reversed from the same of German Julians. I know what horrible wrath of God this points to because the cross of English Julians is shared by Teague's/TEEGERs while there's a TIGER in the Side Crest. I'm already seeing the wrath of God, worse than a foot to the face, in this pointer. I purchased my Texas property from Mrs. Teague, the previous owner, in late 1994. When leaving Texas the following spring, I was unable to get back to Texas until 1999. As I arrived, I saw a crew on the SIDE of the road at the home of Mrs. Teague. Within a couple of hours, I met someone who told me that it was the FBI seeking the dead body of Madalyn O'HAIR. Did we not just see the Harr-Julian link followed by the Julian-Teague link along with a Side-tiger combination?

What might it mean that O'Hair's body was found cut into pieces, later, on the Cooksey Ranch of the Teague family, as relates to Giuliani's and Powell's election-fraud investigations? O'Hair got prayer tossed out of U.S schools back in 1960s because she hated God. She would have fared much better with a stiff boot to her face as a warning. Instead, she has gone down in history as God's example to the utterly wicked.

Her first name, MADALyn, evokes the Russian medallion on the HOOD of my Jeep found a few years ago at the GROCEry store, and it just so happen that the Gillys/Gillie's, taken from the gillieflowers of Giuliani- / Julian-like Joels/Jewells, share the horizontally-split GROCE Shield, in the colors of the MEDAL/Dougal / HODley quadrants. The JEEPma's use a black, double-headed eagle, symbol of Rome, Caesar's empire. Gillys/Gillie's (Lothian) are good for connecting to Side's where Seatons/Sittens (share "hazard" with Side-branch Sutys) were first found in East Lothian. The "not" motto term of Gillys/Gillie's can be of the Nothings (share green dragon with Seatons/Sittens) in the Suty motto. So, we even have what looks like a Gillie link to the Side's who in turn took us to Mrs. Teague and Madalyn O'Hair.

But there's more, for Giuliani- / Julian-linkable Kellers have eagle heads in the colors of the Jeepma eagle, and from Kellers we maybe could address the Killer variation of McKilWRATHs. Look at how that evokes the murder of O'Hair, which, I think, was done by her "friends." What could that suggest if not rat-on-rat destruction? Killers, sharing the dolphin with Caesars, have the black fitchee of the KEPPOCH-branch MacDonalds, which recalls Kepke and I (age 18) sitting on the HOOD of my Mustang when Allison Bauer, my girlfriend at the time, was spotted by one of us getting into the car of Mike Denardo. She wouldn't come out when I went over. Scottish Allisons (Lanarkshire, beside Killers of Ayrshire) are from the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds. Denardo's/NORDi's share the lion of Norths, and the Suty-beloved Nothings are shown properly as Northens. It's the lion also of Matticks/Mattix's, the potential pointer to SmartMATIC, the baby of Side-like Sidney Powell. Kepke met Peare two or three months after he and I were on the hood that day, and Killers use "Per" twice.

Ahh, the black Killer fitchee is used by Kennedys (Ayrshire, same as Killers), and while both use the dolphin (different color), Kennedys are in Gully / Harr/Harridine colors and format! It tends to identify Kellers (share black Harr/Harridine eagle heads) as a Killer branch.

After writing here, I went above to add the following paragraph after the one with Neffenger of Smartmatic: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, it was not many weeks ago when, for the first time that I recall, the Nons/Neffans were found as Noms, and then Smarts use a "NUMmis" motto term that can surely be for a Nom branch! Unbelievable. For what it's worth, the Non/Neffen motto, along with its Nome variation and the Mason/Massin motto, tends to reveal that Nome's are a Name/Neme branch i.e. Nevins/Neffens look like a Neve-Name merger." I was referring to English Name's/Neme's, but when I saw the illegal colors of Irish Name's/Nannys, I asked self, where did I just see that? Oh yes, the surname with the dolphins, but it took me some time to remember that it was with Killers, first found in Ayrshire with Nons/Neffens! Bingo. And While Hairs/Hare's were first found in Ayrshire too, Harrs/Harridine's (eagle heads) have crescents on their chevron all in the three colors of the eagle head on the Name/Nanny chevron.

Repeat: "And Egde's are listed with Eggs suspect as a branch of Ice's who share the Schittle trefoil. Edge's/Eggs were first found in Cheshire with Eggertons in turn sharing the Edrick / Hatrick / Marry lion. Edricks were highly expected in the Powell motto." Eggertons share the Smart pheons and add another "non" motto term! Smartmatic works with Scytl to produce cheating results! The "arMIS" motto term of Eggertons may be partly for whatever the "numMIS" motto term of Smarts is for. Mise's are listed with Misls (mouse).

Ahhhh, I get it. Mise's/Misls are in mythical SiemoMYSL of the mythical mouse tower of the Mieszko bloodline, and Smarts got the SIMarts/Simards that can go with "SIEMomysl" and his relative, Siemowit. This was Piast-family mythology (just private code for surnames), and then Edge's/Eggs use an eagle in the colors of the eagle that is the Arms of Piast. It tends to prove that the Smarts and Eggertons are sharing one anothers' pheons, closely. It then tends to agree that my hat trick goal is a pointer to Smartmatic as now being exposed by Miss Powell. The goal came from a SLAP shot with puck coming along the ICE (not in the air), and Siemens/Siems/Siemmsons use a slap-like "slab." Piast-like Pistols/Pistors were first found in slab- / slap-like Salop (Shropshire). Piasts had branches in Pomerania, beside the first-known Ice's, and where Deeters were first found.

Ahh, the Deeter quadrants are also those of McKinneys, and as the latter are said to be from a Simon line while sharing the Coat of Keith-related Frasers, it stands to reason that McKinnie's were from the Simms, first found in East Lothian with Keiths. The Egg eagle can be in the Coat of Swiss' suspect with the "suis" motto term of McKinneys.

The Siemmson motto reminds that the woman who told me about Madalyn O'Hair was born Amanda Sim(p)son, though everyone called her, Mandy. She married the DEETER bloodline while Ettrick-like DETRicks were first found in Derbyshire with Mandy's/Mundays. Cool. It appears arranged. What does it mean? Mandys/Mundays have bird talons and purple lozenges, and though purple is a rare heraldic color, Egglestons (share eagle with Eggs) have purple talons on their giant eagle while purple-Shield Pace's were first found in Cheshire with Edge's/Eggs and Eggertons. It could be expected that Egglestons were an Eggerton branch from the latter sharing the Ettrick / Hatrick lion, if Detricks apply to Ettricks. Heraldic grapes are not always purple, but the Deeters do use them in purple.

I arrived to a motel room, and came out near the street, and when a woman passed in a truck, hmm, she's cute. She pulled into the restaurant across the road, and soon she was pulling out just as I was crossing. So, God must have given me the impetus to flag her down, and ask her for coffee. It was Mandy. That's when she told me about the FBI. We had coffee the next morning after she checked with Mrs. Teague to see whether I was safe to be with. Teague's and Mandys both use a wolf head in Crest. I'm repeating this because Coffee's/Coffers are like the Hoffingtons/Offingtons whose RISbridge location was suspect in the last update with Hovers/Hoffers due to the woman in the 1979 dream hovering before she pointed to Rhizon and the Risings. Mandys happen to have talons colors reversed from the same of Hoovers and Hooters. Risbridge's/Rushbricks are in Talon colors. Mandys and the Offington-branch Howdens use flames, and the Risbridge's, having a "FLUMENis" motto term, are in Flame/Flamin colors.

As little as a week after our first coffee, I went to her church, and soon learned that she took a regular seat directly behind the husband of Miss Hicks, the hovering woman. Miss Hicks had been banned from that semi-charismatic church for prophesying too radically and/or speaking in tongues, and so I didn't see her for another 2.5 years.

It was resolved that Mandys/Mundays are from king Amyntes of Derbe and Galatia, whose son (Artemidoros) is said to have been the father of Julia TYCHE, explaining why Teague/Teegers have a Coat like that of Ticks/Tooks/Tucks. I met Mandy that day, and, due to the way I approached her cold, felt compelled to ask her to call Mrs. Teague to make sure I'm safe. Now I know why. Amyntes' descendant, Quadratus Bassus, married the line of TIGRanes VI, husband of OPgalli (Galatian) who's probably in the "OPtem" motto term of Teague's/TEEGERs. Tigranes was the king of Armenia, which may have included RIZE on the Pontus. Previously, a king of the Pontus was Pharnaces, husband of NYSa, and so see that "FlumeNIS" motto term again of RISbridge's (Suffolk, same as Tigers and Owls/Howels). TAGARts/Tegerts use the owl.

I walked off the lot of the MOTEL, and asked Mandy for coffee. We had coffee the next morning, and while the Coffee/Coffer Crest has the Arms of Taranto (different colors), it just so happens that Motels (Mota branch) were from Taranto. Motels have a winged horse with an armored arm (Armour symbol) in its mouth, and probably the Alan Chief because Motts were from Cotes-d'Armor near the Dol Alans. Mandy married the Deeter/TEETer bloodline, and Teets/Tate's, first found in Berwickshire with Armours, share the Chief-Shield of Arms/Armine's/ERMINE's. Do you see how God works? Simple events; my job is to find why the props in the events link heraldically. St. Malo is between Dol and Mott, and the Arms of St. Malo has an ERMINE mammal wearing a SCARF because Trabys/Sadowskys, using a scarf, married the Vilnius Astikas' who named Vilaine, location of Dol. French Malo's/Mallets are in the mallets of MORTels/Martels, aren't they, because Motts are also Morte's.

Mandys have a black wolf head probably because the Q-shaped Traby scarf is code for Quade's with black wolf heads. Quade's are from QUADratus, ancestor of Mandy-line Amyntes. The latter may have ruled as far as lake Tatta, explaining why Mandy married the Teeter line suspect with Teets/TATE's). "QuadRATus" is suspect with an ancient Rat entity to the Radziwills whom Traby married when it married Astikas'. Cliffs share the Quade wolf heads, and they named RATcliffs/Radcliffs. "RATione" is the motto term of Tigranes-connectable Taggarts/Tegerts. Rize in Tigranes' theater is to Rice's who share the raven with two Tate surnames, one of which (Suffolk, same as Tigers and Taggart-beloved Owls/Howls) shares the roses of Motel-branch Mota's. These Suffolk Tate's share the roses of Jumps, suggesting that they are a branch of Gumps/Gumms/GOMERS, for Gomer was the father of Taggart--like Togarmah.

Gomer and Togarmah in Ezekiel 38 is an ally of Gog the anti-Christ. Can the fools at GOGgle give God praise for this work He's been doing for centuries? Will they bow the knee and repent, and snitch on those who will not repent? Ahh, you bet, God knows how to make traitors of the wicked. They haven't got a clue what's coming to them, bitter-bitter ever-so-bitter. Just read the end-time prophecies. Ezekiel 38-39 has the anti-Christ's army being dropped (defeated, killed, horrible sight) in Edom, which is the "lake of fire" of Revelation, the Edomite area that Isaiah predicts to become a place of perpetual burning pitch, in the Edomite land of Sodom and GOMORrah. God is about to "censor" the censors and punishers of His people.

The last update showed why I think God taught me that Flemings were from TRYPillians and the namers of the Trebia river. This is repeated here because Flame's/FLAMINs share the Treby besants. We saw "FLUMENis" in the RISbridge motto, and it just so happens that Rize is beside TRABzon. Whether God prepared some of this heraldry, or men because they knew from where they derived, is a question I don't concern myself with. When heraldic connection point to news events, we should assume that it's from God's arrangements, because people didn't know our today or tomorrow from centuries ago.

Lookie. The SLAP shot. Matt SCHLAP: "chairman of the American Conservative Union..." He's out and about revealing voter fraud in this election. The slap shot at my hat trick pointed hard to Sidney Powell from the Powell motto, "Edrych i fynw," and though the first term was used above to get Hatrick-branch Edricks, I haven't yet addressed "fynw," which I think is pronounced, "fenoo." Fenns/Venns have a green griffin head to go with the green griffin of Powells, and Fane's/Vans are also pheon-like Phone's, and Sidneys have a giant pheon, making it seem that God arranged heraldry to point to Sidney Powell. Fane's named Fano, near the first-known Maschi's having PINE cones to go with the porcuPINE of Sidneys.

Powells were first found in Breconshire, beside Glamorganshire's Matts/Matthews using a "fyn" motto term! MATT Schlap!!! Both surnames have a giant, black lion, but the Matts/Matthews (in the colors of German Matts/Matters) have it in both colors of the Schittle/Schitner/Sitler lion. The latter are said to have been first found in Prussia, ditto with Matts/Matters (could be Heinz kin).

As was said, Slap like Salop is where Sleeps/Sleaps were first found who have a semblance of the Shote/Shute/SHITT (like "SITler/SCHITner) Coat, and Sleeps are from the Selepitanoi Illyrians to the north of, or even upon, the Mat river. Mattincidence? I've been saying for years that the Schitler/Sitler lion is that of FAUCETs, and it may have been largely due to Scottish Mathie's using a "FAC et" motto phrase as well as the Faucet lion very potentially.

In the 1979 dream, Miss HICKS was sleeping in an auto as Sleeping Beauty, part-pointer to the Beautys having bulls colors reversed from the Bulger bull head, and Bulgers have a "HAEC OTIO FECIT" motto phrase looking partly for Auto's/Otto's with a black bull head. It appears that Miss Hicks Napping at the auto is a pointer to Whitey Bulger (mobster), and/or his son's involvement with John Kerry, for while the auto is a car too, Carrs are Kerrs too. It can also be added that Bulgers are in RISbridge colors because Miss Hicks was made to rise into the SKY as she was sleeping, and McLeods/Clouds of SKYE share the white bull head with Bulgers. Plus, Bulgaria has a border right near the NAPaRIS river, and that may reveal God's cleverness in putting Miss Hicks asleep i.e. having a NAP! It could indicate that Rize elements named "Naparis," for Rize elements had been suspect with the Rosh of king Rusa that named the Roxolani who were in turn on the Naparis! RISbridge's are also shown as RUSHbricks/Rushbrooks, and Rush's are also Rish's. Napps share the Side lion, connectable to that of Faucets possibly in the "fecit" motto term of Bulgers.

Miss Whelan lived on Senator REESORS drive, and Reesors are a Rice branch. Whelans are Failins too, feasibly of the RoqueFEUILs > RockeFELLERs / Fellers / Fells, for the latter share the lozenges of Whelans/Failins, and the latter have the Coat of Bricks feasibly in RushBRICKs. Fellers share treFOILs with Bulgers. Reminder: "DOMINus fecit" is a motto term of Bards.

Vote Shaves

The diGenova's have been added to Trump's legal team for his election-fraud vindication.

Last week, I was led to believe that Georgia had started to re-count, but this week an article says: "The Secretary of State's Office [Georgia] has set a deadline of midnight Wednesday for counties to submit their audit results." An audit is not a re-count. The Trump team demanded an audit before the re-count in order to seek evidence of fraud. This can perhaps explain why Dick Morris found no Republican monitors watching the re-count, if it has yet to begin. On the other hand, I'm hearing that the audit includes re-counts, yet no video feed has been made available to the public -- for a count open to the public -- of that process to verify that there are proper monitors, who they are, etc. Why is the Trump team allowing Georgia to go to Biden??? That's what it looks like one night before the "audit" deadline.

Sixteen years ago: "Caracas, January 24, 2004.- Smartmatic, the technological solutions' provider; Bizta, the Venezuelan software consulting firm, and CANTV, the largest private telecommunications company of Venezuela, formalized the SBC Consortium for the automation of the electoral processes in Venezuela." When Smartmatic's reputation went trashy for garnering U.S. sales, it was tossed into Canada, to Dominion Voting Systems, who opened an American office in lefto-nutso Colorado, even in Denver with Hillary's refuge, Platte River Networks, and Hillary's shield, Perkins Coie.

"According to the terms of the alliance, Smartmatic will provide its hardware and software platform for the automation of the elections, in addition to a work team with experience in over 60 electoral processes all over the world. Bizta, in turn, will carry out the software customization for Venezuelan case." What does that last line mean? Does it mean that Bizta will add the Chavez-grin ingredient to all of Smartmatic's global field? Tuesday has passed, and Bill Barr has not yet arrested one whore-house leader who is in cahoots with thousands of sea-to-sea actors trying to create a dictatorship. The election has passed, and Barr has yet to permit Durham to arrest one Muellerite, Comeyite, or Clintonite. There's no federal police in the country to be seen.

On BCP's Tuesday youtube show, he reported on a page where Scytl says it set up an "emergency backup center in Frankfurt," which contradicts Scytl's declaration days earlier saying it does not have an office or operations in Frankfurt. It looks like SCYTL is deceiving because it's no longer an official business, and can therefore say, "truthfully," that is has nothing in Frankfort i.e. right now. So I googled and found the quote:

The only reference to the Scytl server in Frankfurt is in the highlight of his election night reporting for the 2019 European Parliament elections. To achieve that Scytl can do it without a hitch, the company said it “set up a data collection center in Barcelona, as well as an emergency backup center in Frankfurt.” Although it appears that a backup data center was set up for the European Parliament elections, the server has not been mentioned by Scytl since then. It makes sense that the server is still around or temporary and Scytl has parted with it.

That article was, according to google, only three hours old when I got to it at 12:10 am Wednesday morning. Google offered nothing more at my request of scytl "emergency backup center". I had to click several times on the google link to get the page to load, as if google was resisting my loading the page (looks translated from another language). The "emergency backup center" quote comes from Scytl's page below. Note that the accusations / gripes, by pro-Trumpers, that the election whores sent the "live" vote tallies outside the country, to Barcelona (Spain), before reporting the numbers to media feeders (CNN and other loose tramps), seems absolutely true, for Scytl admits it:

To handle this demanding challenge, Scytl’s election and technology experts deployed Scytl Election Night Reporting. After our partner Kantar gathered the results from each country, they were securely transmitted to the data center housed by Scytl in Barcelona. Then, our team processed the data and uploaded them to a cloud-based infrastructure where they were made available for review by European Parliament officials. Once given the go-ahead, the results were published on the Official European Union Election Results Website, hosted by Scytl, at both national and European levels. At this time, we were also able to automatically send updates through the European Union’s social network channels.

To guarantee the success of this project, Scytl’s team began preparing nine months in advance. Over this time, we conducted 3 separate trial runs, 5 user acceptance tests, and we set up the data collection center in Barcelona, as well as an emergency back-up center in Frankfurt....

So, Scytl, this past week, lied / deceived when it said it had nothing in Frankfurt. My question, is Scytl a Rothchilian beast? Is the Frankfurt "emergency center" just a way for the Rothchilian monster to observe, contemplate and finally to give the okay on the level of cheating before the numbers get out to the public? Is the Frankfurt location an exposure that Rothschilds are at the top of this election pyramid? The all-seeing eye on election fraud? The means to control the world?

It's my strong belief, because I trace proto-Rothschilds to Pollocks at Rothes castle, that English and Scottish Franks, who share the Pollock saltire, are from Frankfurt's proto-Rothschilds. The first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer of Frankfurt, and he named his first son, Nathan, probably because the name was in the family at earlier times, for the Nations/Nathans use arrows, the Rothschild symbol. The motto of English / Scottish Franks uses "nati," and Natts are likewise listed with Nathans. The Arms of Rothschild, five bunched arrows, is used by Scottish Bowers, sharing a green Shield with German Bauers, and the home of Mayer Bauer, on Jew street of Frankfurt, was called, Green Shield. Some say it was also called, Red Shield, and thus, "Roth-schild" was born. But German Rothes' were first found in Bavaria with Bauers, and while Peter Pollock built Rothes castle, one Peter surname uses the raven too, suggesting the "Rothschild" was named after the Rothes bloodline, not after "red shield." The latter idea is just a piece of deflection for public consumption, I reckon.

I was a hockey fan in my youth. At age 12, I played my first year of organized hockey. Johnny Bower was everyone's hero in my Toronto area, which is why I remember that my new skates were Johnny Bower brand. Let me tell you why repeating this story is bang-on topic with the Frank surnames. At my winning goal at the end of that first year, Steve Tarr and I had a two-on-one break. He was carrying the puck along the right-wing boards a little ahead of me, and I was playing center ice. I recall being excited about having a two man break, so that I picked up speed to get into a clear position for the pass. But Tarr maybe didn't know that I was coming up behind him, and he opted to take a slap shot just inside the blue line. The puck hit the goalie, knocked him down way out of the net, and went over his head, bouncing to the net, coming to a stop on the goal line. By that time I was half way between the blue line and the net, and seeing the puck just sitting there with no one in all the universe to prevent me from putting it into the net (there were just seconds left in the game with a 2-2- tie in the semi-final match), my knees gave out in the excitement. I was moving fast because I went sliding past the goal post into the boards, and, the point is, I POKed the puck into the net with the tip of the stick's BLADE while wearing Bower skates. There is no better word to use when you're on your knees knocking the puck forward but "poke."

It was not knocked in with the side of the blade, but the tip, and that's a poke. If it was with the side of the blade, it would be a swipe or a smack. The puck was near the left post. I was sliding in on the left side about a foot from the post. I play with a left-handed stick, and so I hold the top of the stick with my right hand. In that situation, I could not swipe / smack the puck in, as I could have if I was right-handed. I had to POKE it in, holding the stick with one hand, and it was poked with the so-called BLADE.

It just so happens that while English Franks share the gold-on-green POKE/Pollock saltire, Scottish Franks (with the same motto) use a white-on-green saltire, the BLADE Coat!!! You see, God was pointing to Rothschilds with that goal, which can only mean that he's going to destroy them, because the whole team piled off the bench and piled on my body to celebrate that last-minute goal. My victory cannot be the victory of Rothschilds, because they are the mobsters of this planet, the founders of wicked, end-time Israel, the hijackers of Jews toward globalism, and they want to rule the world. It's not cheap to set-up and run a global government; they need to steal our money continually, forever and ever, or make it legal to steal it. That is not my buddy, folks, and that goal was not my goal, but God's goal, do you get it?

Here's from the Blade write-up: "The family claim descent from Drago de BEWERE, a Danish nobleman who settled at a place called Blades in north England around 1016." Beware > Bower > Bauer. The Blade Coat is also in the colors of the Burley/BOURly Coat. We then read: "The variant Burseblades emerged through a compounding of the names of the founder and the estate." The Burse's/Bourseys were first found in Somerset with Burleys/Bourleys. I poked the puck in with the TIP of the blade, or we can say I did a tip-in, because Tipps'/Tippins share pheons with Blade's (though not in the same colors). As Tipps/Tippins (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs) share the Ratcliffe bull head, perhaps the victory against the Rothschilds will begin with John Ratcliffe imminently.

The Rothschilds of England, founded by Nathan Rothschild, son of Mayer Bauer, conspired with the British government, namely with Arthur Balfour, to take Israel to itself. We read in the Burley/Bourly write-up that Burleigh Castle "was held by the Balfours from 1446." How about that. It just so happens that one can see a good similarity between the Balfour and Beaufort/Belfou variations, and while the two surnames even share the same chevron, it just so happens that Beauforts were Rothes-like Roets, first found in Somerset with Burleys/Bourleys. Plus, French Beauforts were first found in Savoy with Fore's/Forez's expected in the "FORward" motto of BalFOURs. I'll bet that Nathan Rothschild was related to the satanist, Arthur Balfour. Their connection to Cecil-Rhodes globalism formed the Round Table group, in honor of the Arthurian cult (satanist, self-involved, blood-lust families), tending to explain ARTHUR Balfour.

Fore's/Forez's use another green Shield, just a fesse in both colors of the Poke/Pollock / Frank saltire.

The write-up of Beauforts/Belfou's: "In the days of John of Gaunt [the Trenwith manor] became the property of his son John de Beauford..." Gaunt was also Ghent, and the Chief of English Ghents is an eagle version of the Tipps/Tippin Chief, not a word of a lie. That is a new revelation never told before as concerns the tip-in goal. It's amazing. John of Gaunt had married Catherine Roet.

More. Both the Ghent and Tipps/Tippin Chiefs are in the colors of the Beaufort patees, and Pattys/Pati's share the lion of English Rothes, I therefore figure, because the Patty/Pati escutcheon is in the colors of the Natt/Nathan escutcheon. It's a white escutcheon (heraldic name for a shield), the color of the Burse/Boursey and Rudes/Rudge escutcheons too. Rudes'/Rudge's are said to have been at Shropshire's PATTingham, it figures. Why do we think that Rudes'/Rudge's have the cross-on-quadrants of Mandys? How were Rothschilds from king Amyntes?

One can glean that Patty's/Pati's are kin of Natt-like NITTs/Naughts, first found in Dumfries with the Nith river, and the latter was home to the castle of Patty-like Kilpatricks. I link Nitts to the Nights/NETs, and I poked the puck into the net. My very next goal that year was the next goal of the team, the first goal of the final match, and this goal was from a pass from Steve Tarr. I scored on Jim McGee, and McGee's, sharing white boar heads with Burleys/Bourleys, were first found in Dumfries too. Why would God involved McGee's in Rothschilian globalism?

I don't think I have yet deciphered why Tarr was involved in both goals. I can't remember anything in the final match but that one goal. I do remember knowing (from after the game) that Tarr got four goals that game. FOUR, as in BalFOUR. Tarrs were first found in Somerset with Roets, Burleys, and Burse's, yet I feel that there has got to be more to Tarr's part in those goals. Like a special link to Rothschilds in these end times. Does Mr. Ratcliff know a Mr. Tarr?

The goal on McGee was over his knee PAD as he kicked it out to block the backhand. Pattys are also Padys, and Pade's/Petts/Perts (stork in the BULrushes) share the lozenges of Bullys (recalls BULger-RUSHbrick discussion), first found in Dumfries with McGee's. It seems that God's message is, partly anyway, that McGee's and Pade's/Petts were related to KilPatricks. The Bullys (share heart in Crest with Nations/Nathans) recall that Hamilton Kilpatrick is in a photo with Spuds MacKenzie, the bulldog, at the time that his wife was the trophy girl for a barbecue contest. God-with-me, with the winning goal in the semi-final match, won the trophy that year, but only after Tarr's four goals. I recall the score, a 6-2 win. I have the recollection that I got two goals that game, but as I can't remember it, who knows for sure. I find is amazing that I can't remember even one of Tarr's goals. It must have been a boring game.

Ah, I recall counting my goals that year for a total of 16. The 16 squirrels caught in my attic, some years ago, with one RAT trap, pointed to the 16 Intelligence agencies that John Ratcliff's National Intelligence oversees! I get it. And Pattys/Pati's were first found in Worcestershire with Squirrels!!! I get it. As I said (years before I knew of John Ratcliffe), the few squirrels that survived were taken to a brook, and Brooks share the STICK Coat while Sticks (I scored with a stick) are from the Astikas' said at Wikipedia's Traby article to be of the RADziwills. The latter married TRABy. The RAT TRAP at your service. The Radziwill-Astikas' is the line to RatCLIFFs because Cliffs/Cleffs are said to have married the Stick-branch Stichs! Amazing, is it not?

As I said, the year I sold my Texas property, the Kilpatricks had their house up for sale too. They moved hours away (to Forney) to within ten miles of the home of John Ratcliffe!!! That's why God must have arranged my two goals from Tarr's assists to point to things in Dumfries, especially the Kilpatricks. Those goals had John Ratcliffe as the most-important factor, suggesting his scoring a great, God-ordained victory of some kind. That's my "prophecy," and I'm stickin to it.

I tipped the puck in, and Tipps/Tippins share the Ratcliff BULL head. In the 1979 dream with Mrs. Kilpatrick, the thing that convinced me that Ratcliffe was in the hovering-LEVEL scene is where she was turned by God into Sleeping Beauty at that time, where Beautys shared black bulls with Level-related Walerans, yet Walerans use bull heads only, in the color of the Ratcliff bull head. And the amazing thing here is that Beautys (Dorset, beside Roets) are listed with Bowds while Roets share the motto of Bower-like Bows/Boughs who in turn happen to share five bunched arrows with Bowers and the Arms of Rothschild. WOOOoooooowwwwWWW! My hockey at age 12 links to the Kilpatricks whom God put in the 1979 dream nine years later. Why in 1979? I can't wait for God to answer that one. Patience. Bows/Boughs and Roets use "veRUM" while Rims/Rums were first found in Dumfries.

Ahh, I get it. I've said many times that Kepke and I (we became friends at age 12, and he played goal that same year for another team in my league) played lots of PING-PONG in his basement, where he kept a pet RAT at the time, pure white. This is too much. Rims/Rums are the ones with a "pungit" motto term for the Pung variation of Pings/Pongs!!! We have just come to John RATcliffe again, have we not? And the same Rims'/Rums (in ANNANdale) use a "PLACit" motto term for Placentia, because the ANANEs Gauls lived there, at the TREBia river. The RAT TRAP at our service again, now at the Trebia river!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE, because Wikipedia says that Ananes lived between the Trebia and the TARo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If not for Sleeping Beauty, we would not have come to Kepke's rat, and as was just said, she's the reason that John Ratcliffe is expected at the hovering scene...after there was Hood-of-Rattery evidence for him when she had previously been at the hood / radiator of the car. Beautys/Bowds got us to Bows/Bowers, a perfect match with the Bauer / Bower topic before that, and the Bow/Bough motto ("veRUM") bounced us to ping-pong and the rat. Miss Hicks in the hood / hover scenes doubled as Ainsley Earhardt, and the Bows/Bough's have a "VERum" motto term probably for Vere's too who share the lone star of AINSley-branch Annas', to be linked to Annandale of the Rims/Rums. The talons of Hoovers / Hooters / Hicksons in the hover scene trace to the Taulantii people centered on the Genusus river, location of Arnissa (on dark map above), and Annas' are also Arniss'. I tend to not identify Annas' from "Arniss," however, but suspect that proto-Annas were merged with Arniss' liners, for example the Aarons/Arens using hands while Hands are also Annas-like Hanns'.

Well, what can I say, this has been fun, but it's almost 3 am, and I'm signing out for this Tuesday night. Talk to you in the morning. No wait, before I forget, the above seems to imply, if I've learned anything of how God works things out, that the Ukrainian proto-Kepke's were on the Trebia, from Trypillia south of Kiev. His rat is suggesting that Kepke / Kiev liners were in Placentia. Also before I forget, ask yourself: can the chief of all American Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, use Intelligence to set rat traps for the wicked who destroy nations? Snap rhymes with nap, good-night.

Coffee tastes good this morning. Boy, was I ever impressed with the Tarr hockey games last night, and I told God so. They have never pointed to Ratcliffe before, but it now makes so much sense. A thing just came to mind, that while Tarr got the so-called "assists" for both goals that God has stressed, I was made the assistant captain of the team (before Tarr was traded to us with six or seven games left in the season). We could not have won the trophy without him. The guy was an absolute star. To Assisi came to mind with "Assist," and it was really amazing, because a minute earlier, I had the Atrebates of Hampshire on my mind, who named Atrecht in Artois, now called, Arras. The arrows seen above, included those of Bows/Boughs, are code for Arrows/Arras of Arras, and I trace 'Arras" to "Arezzo" because it was earlier called Arretium, like "Artois." Well I had traced this place to "Arethusa" because it was the early home of the El-Gabal sun god of a family descended from its priest, AZIZus, like "Assisi, and Arezzo is near Assisi. Is that not amazing that Tarr's assists should come to mind just as I'm tracking the arrows above to Arras, wondering why they go there?

Oh wow, the Arms of Arezzo has a horse facing the left side of the Shield (the viewer's right), which is a rare (reserved for Massey liners) direction for heraldry, and the Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild") likewise have a left-facing horse!!! Beautiful. I haven't been familiar concerning this Arezzo link. Tarr just discovered it for us! While Assmannshausen is at Roet-connectable Ruedesheim, German Assmans/RasMUSSENs (Massey branch) have a giant unicorn in the colors of the Rothchild horse, and both surnames use a rare, left-rising bend. Incredible. The first Rothschild got involved with a prince William of Hesse-Cassel, begging whether the giant Hesse horse can be code for the El-Gabal sun god...and so, the theory is, Sinclairs merged with his line and thereby took a Sun variation. Aha, Sinclairs/Suns share the cross of Arrows/Arras', and the latter put fleur-de-lys upon it in colors reversed from the same that are on the bend of German ASSisi-connectable ASSmanns/Rasmussens!!! The Tarr assists have just brought us to an understanding of "ASSmannshausen"! It helps to fulfill the expectation of last night, that Tarrs should be integral with Rothschild history.

A high priest of El-Gabal was Julius Bassianus, whom I mention plenty. His daughter was Julia MAESa. There you go, the proto-Rasmussen, apparently, which should explain why Mr. Rasmussen was the previous NATO chief while the current one, Mr. Stoltenberg, has a surname that shares an arrow piercing a heart with Nations/Nathans. You see, Rothchilds were Massey liners too, and Masseys share the quadrants of the Vere's we saw in the Bow/Bough motto, while the Bow/Bough Crest shares five, bunched arrows with the Arms of Rothschild. So, Rothschilds control NATO, perfect for their destruction at Armageddon, when God cancels the trade of the rich, and distributes wealth to His own people. It will be socialism under Jesus, the right kind of socialism with no greedy people at the top. It will be a capitalist society, the system in place from the beginning, but no one will be urged / enabled / permitted to become Rothchild-rich...because this system creates the struggling poor.

More bunched arrows, six this time, are in the Sheaves/Shaw/Shave Crest, and so we might ask whether this connects Rothschilds to the cheat machines from Hugo Chavez, for the Chavez Coat is a version of the Italian Sheaves/Shave/Chaves Coat. Did God provide the "Shave" variation to indicate machines that shave votes from the enemy? Amazingly, I found the Tipps'/Tippins in the first place from the Pendragon motto, which is a version of the motto of Irish Shaws/Shave's (Tipps/Tippin colors). The key phrase is, "Te Ipsum. No Tipp surname comes up, but that motto phrase suggested a crack at "Tipps," and Tippins came up. Shaws/Shave's probably us the eagle in the Arms of L'Aquila.

Repeat: "Why do we think that Rudes'/Rudge's (cross colors reversed from Artem cross) have the cross-on-quadrants of Mandys? How were Rothschilds from king Amyntes?" He was the father of ARTEMidoros, and because Wikipedia claimed not to know his father, I got suspicious, thinking that Caiaphas was from that family. Artemidoros' grandfather, said Wikipedia, was Severus of Asman-like Akmonia, and he was father to Julius Bassus, which name I have seen as "Bassianus." Mr. Bassus was father to QUADratus, which tends to explain why Severus-like Saffers are also Savarys while Salfords/Savarys share the black-on-white wolf with QUADE's. BUT ZOWIE, I had forgotten to mention that earlier, and should have because RATcliffs are said to have been first found in Salford!!! QuadRATus!!! Emperor Severus (not the Severus above) married the sister of Julia Maesa (Bassianus by birth).

Mandys have a black wolf head too, and while the Mandy Coat is almost bang-on the Rudes Shield, Assmannshausen is at RUDESheim. I met Mandy while crossing the ROAD. I asked her for a coffee while she was stopped right on the road out the parking lot of a restaurant! Oh wow, Arthurs, first found in Berwickshire with Artems, use so called RESTS. RESTauarant!!!! Mandys are from Artemidoros' father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get it, wow.

More. Plancia Magna's father was Galatian, and while Amyntes was a Galatian king, his father was the high priest of Cybele, suspect from Cabyle in Thrace, near Sub RADICE, like "QuadRATUS. The simplex" motto term of Perkins/PARKINGs betrays their being from Perga, where Plancia's mother was high priestess of ARTEMis. I asked her for coffee as she pulled out of a PARKING lot!!! Zinger. Plancia descended from the Galatian, Opgalli, and the latter is in the motto of Teague's while I said to her, while talking on the road (slow traffic in this small town) that she can call Mrs. Teague to ask about me. Incredible, for God arranged it all for pointers of Amyntes' family. Yes, for Amyntes' father (conquered DERBE) was BROGITarus, who traces to Froggits, first found in DERBYshire with Mandys.

Brogitarus appears to have been named by Brigians = Phrygians, and Cybele was the Phrygian slut-goddess, married to the Phrygian sun god that likely named Helios of RHODES. Cybele's disgusting Galli priests used a snake COILED around a rod as symbol, forming a Helios-like helix, but then "helios" happened to be the name for a sun, and so that's how he may have become a god of the sun, as play on words. Rhodes has the city of Helios-like Ialysos, like the "Halys" river of the Phrygian / Galatian theater. Lake Tatta is near the upper Halys, and Mandy married the Deeter/Teeter bloodline while Scottish Tate's (Berwickshire too) are also Teets.

Ahh, while I think Talbots were from the Taulantii, the latter were centered at ARNissa, which goes well with the fact that the Deeter/Teeter quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Jewish AARONs/Arens, for Deeters/Teeters show a dog often called a "talbot." The Deeter/Teeter grapes can be for Grape's/Gripps, suspect from Julius Agrippa, uncle of Julius Bassianus. He was priest of El-GABAL, a term like "Cybele / Cabyle." German Arens almost have the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild above, which Arms can be linked very well to the quadrants of Pettys, who are like the Pett variation of Pade's/PERTS, and it just so happens that PERTa was a location on the coast of lake Tatta! Derbe was not far off. The same quadrants are used by Fasts/Fastoffs (and Falstaffs) while Leslie's, earls of Rothes, use a "grip FAST" motto.

The Petits, first found in Kent with Petts/Pade's/Perts, are in the Malcolm/COLUMN motto phrase, "ARDua petit," and then while we saw English and Scottish Franks linking to Rothschild ancestry, German Franks (red Shield) have a giant column. The other German Franks share the Tate/Teet saltire. As Bowers were first found in Peebles-shire while Pettys share the green parrot with Peeble's/Peoples', the Petit-loving Malcolms/Columns may have the Bauer stars. The compasses of Nations/Nathans (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas' / Ainsleys) connect to the compass "needle" of Pettys, and Needle's/NADlers (Shropshire, same as Rudes'/Rudge's) share the giant Hesse sun. German Nadlers (Bohemia, same as both German Franks) were first found in Hesse.

Although no Captain surname comes up, I have the feeling that my becoming the assistant CAPtain pertains to the Caiaphas line issuing forth from a family of the El-Gabal cult. God is limited with his pointers by our language limitations. There's no such thing as an assistant caiaphas, and so "assistant captain" had to do, is the theory. Massyas was a region in Lebanon (from 100ish BC, right on target for Caiaphas' birth) to the immediate south of Emesa, the latter having been the second home of El-Gabal (after in Arethusa). Caiaphas became Israel's high priest by marrying the daughter of Annas (or ANANus). Apparently, God is trying to show that Rothschilds were from the most-disgusting things...which wouldn't matter if they become followers of Jesus. But if they do as the disgusting Sadducees did, even killing Jesus, then their future is Judgment.

To follow Jesus means to do like Jesus, but one can't do much like him in this world (which trains the masses to offend / ignore / reject Jesus) unless one reads His words to see the contrast with modern educators. To assist students into forgetting / ignoring Jesus, his Lord's Prayer was removed from the schools by the atheist leader, Madalyn O'Hair. The quadrants of Medals/Douglas and their Baud kin are colors reversed from the Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants. Medals/Dougals were first found in Galloway with Hanna's.

Note that SOMERs (FRANConia, and Bavaria same as Bauers) share the sun with Hesse's while having a fesse in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer fesse, for Mandy told me about the FBI looking for Madalyn's body when I flagged her down on the ROAD asking her to join me for coffee. Is God going to cut Rothschilds into pieces? Schisms of inner-circle betrayals? Will his own friend betray and bury Rothschild? SOMERset is where Coffers/Coffare's were first found. The Medal/Dougal write-up: "...they were descended from Dugall eldest son of SOMERled, first Lord of the Isles, and his son Duncan who received the lands of Lorn." Lorn reminds of my first seeing Lorraine on Lorne avenue.

Dougal-like Douglas' share a heart with Nations/Nathans and French Sauvage's, the latter first found in Champagne with the NOE's/Nauds/Naults (now-illegal, reserved gold-on-silver) expected in the "no" motto term of Medals/Dougals (share ship with Noe's). Savage's could have named Savigliano, where Pelosi's were first found who share the column with Franks, and the Pelosi columns are topped with the stars of Naud-like Nadlers.

You can check a google map if you wish, or just trust me. Lorne avenue turns into Arnold in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and I met her at the corner of Lorne where it was Arnold street across the road. Her bus STOP was at the Arnold side, and Stops/Stubbs share downward-pointing pheons with Arnolds. Here it can be added that Arnold's share the ermined chevron of Friends (SOMERset) while Madalyn's body was found on the ranch of Mr. Friend, Mrs. Teague's brother (she was born Miss Friend). The Stops/Stubbs are obvious kin of Pipe's, both first found in Staffordshire with the Rothschild-beloved Arrows/Arras'. The latter's fleur-de-lys are colors reversed from the same of Arrows/Arras' as Rothschild-related Rasmussens. In fact, the Rasmussen bend-with-fleur is that of Pipe's and Pepins in colors reversed, very important for this paragraph because Arnold (Arnulf) of Metz was related to Itta of Metz, wife of Pepin of Landen. If it seems that God set up my asking Lorraine on our first date at her bus stop, ask why ARNolds (or Arnulfs) look like potential Aarons/Arens / Arens.

Lorraine taught me that Landens/Landers were related to Langleys, Langfords and Longfords, from Langhe, at Bra, smack beside Savigliano. Bra and Langhe is the area of Monforte, and Montforts share the lion of Malta's who in-turn have the column of German Franks, the latter first found in Bohemia. The Arms of Bohemia share's the double-tailed lion of Montforts. Pelosi's of Savigliano use two columns. So there we have Lorraine at Lorne / Arnold pointing to the Rothschild-Frank connection, but as Franks were Poke/Pollock kin, my bet is that Medals/Dougals of Lorn use the Pool lion.

Mandy told me about MADAlyn expected at the Cooksey ranch of the woman from whom I purchased my Texas property, or I would never have known about it. And so while Medals were at Lorn, which then got me onto Lorraine at Lorne / Arnold, lookie at what I've just found: "Around this time, Amand [like "Mandy"] established contact with the family of Pepin of Landen and helped Gertrude of Nivelles and her mother Itta establishing the famous monastery of Nivelles." Mandy was born, AMANDa Sim(p)son. I neglect to mention that the "NUTRior" motto term of Simpsons can be for Nutter/Knutt liners, and thus may even link to Natts/Nathans, Nitts/Naughts, Nets/Nights, etc., Mandys were first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts/Notts (in Nutter/Knut colors)...who do you think arranged this further "coincidence"?

You need to appreciate my craziness as a young man. With Lorraine, because she was the most gorgeous girl in town hands-down -- but, if the truth be told, it was because God gave me the impetus -- I rode merely on my bicycle to her bus stop, and said hello. I had never had a conversation with her before, and before a minute was up, I offered myself on a sacrificial altar, asking if she would like to go out with me. It's a little like jumping off a cliff thinking I could fly, because the chances of her saying, "get lost," are as high as a tall cliff. With my heart a-thumping, she said, okay. Whatever the magic ingredient is that works with a woman (no man really knows), it was there at that moment (I got turned down lots too). I did the same with Mandy, Miss Hanson, and Miss Ray/Wray. Each of those ladies was a set-up by God, but I had no idea. God can move us to do things, and we don't know it. It really is a thing we need to be educated on. God is there, even though you can't feel Him. You can feel Him only if he makes Himself felt. LEARN STUPID ATHEISTS. The reason he doesn't allow Himself to be felt by you is because you hate him, STUPID.

Who named Amanda Simpson, really? Was it really her parents? Or did God name her without the parents knowing? The reason that the Simpson motto should be code for Nutters/Knuts is that they share three besants on a blue fesse with Buckings, and Simpsons were first found in Buckinghamshire. One way or the other, God arranged this. But why? Just for fun?

Okay, so Simpsons were related to king Cnut, and while they are in Burley/Bourly / Blade colors, Nations/Nathans were first found in NOTTINGhamshire, named after Cnut. At my jump-off-cliff event with Miss Simpson, seeing that she was worried about that sort of approach by an outsider (I don't have the Texas talk), I asked her to check me out with Miss Friend. Friends are in the colors and format of Simson-like Simms, the latter first found in East Lothian with MUSSELburgh, and while Alis' are said to use the "MUZZLED" bear head, Simpsons (green Chief) have a motto, "Alis nutrior." Simms (share raven with Rothes') use a "Fortuna" motto term, and while Miss Simpson married Mr. Deeter, Deeters/Teeters share an upright, white dog with Fortuna's. The hexagram star of Simms (red Shield) is in the colors of the eight-pointed star of Siemens (red Shield) and Rothschilds/Roddensteins (red shield)!!! That snuck up on me, which reminds of the Roten hexagram, on a red Shield.

Mandys/Mundays probably descended from Munderic, father of Mummolin, both descended from rulers of Clermont-FERRAND. See the Friends? Lorraine pointed to Pepin of Landen, mayor of the Merovingian palace, ditto for Mummolin. Because I asked her on the first date on my BIRTHday, she pointed to Berthe, Mummolin's wife. See a pattern? It suggests that Munderic (about 100 years before Pepin) descended from Amyntes of Galatia. Amyntes' son, ARTEMidoros. Munderic's wife, ARTEMia of Lyon. Lorraine's share the Lyon Lion, I think, and the Child / ROAD eagle. take Artemia to Artems/AITons and there AID kin, then to Aid-related Roddens/Rodhams.

I asked Miss Simson for a coffee, and the Simson Crescents are in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer cups. The Coffers/Coffare's (and Heffers) share crescents on green with Simsons. Go ahead and ask someone out for coffee, and see if the heraldry clicks with your event's particulars as this heraldry with Mandy's particulars clicks all over the place as though a Master Designer were behind it.

I had forgotten that I approached ALLISon (or maybe it was ALISon) Bauer of KNOB Hill Farms cold, asking her out without ever having talked to her before. I had done the same with Darlene Ray/Wray immediately before I was with Allison, and she too worked at KNOB Hill farms. By what coincidence do Knobs share the arrow of Rothschilds/Roddensteins, while Allison is a Jewish Bauer? Rays are in the colors of the Simson crescents, and Darlene's, no word of a lie, have a version of the Cnut/Nott Coat! Incredible. Plus, behold, for Danish Cnuts have "pot hangers" while Hangers/Angers share the escarbuncle with French Rays and Angers (she must have been Darlene Ray, not Wray). You can find any of these topics as many as four years ago in my updates by searching any word or phrase along with "tribwatch." If you think I'm making these events up at this time. Google often doesn't bring up all my pertinent pages unless one goes to the bottom of the google page to click the link for seeing my other pages.

God has his all-seeing eye on the Rothschilds, look out. The young lady I kissed immediately after Miss Bauer was Miss Peare of REITmans, and Reitmans share the Roten hexagram. The Rothschild/RODDENstein arrow acts as the Rodden/Rodham bend. Look out Miss Rodham, you piece of rotting flesh. Your years are almost up, but you show no evidence of having repented of your crimes. You asked the American people for a date with your "destiny," but they rejected you, so go take a flying leap off a cliff to see if you can fly. Even with all the cheating machines in your favor, you lost...big time. You live a lie, you pretend to be popular, and CNN has gone down with you. Crash! Bang! OUCH! But your pain is only just beginning...unless you get right with God, Jesus, and change.

Did you catch the Siemen link to Rothschilds/Roddensteins? Siemens are of the Siemomysl mouse, the Polish (or Polock) mouse-tower liners that I predict to bring forth the False Prophet and/or the pitiful anti-Christ with power in his hands from God. Why will God empower him? To be the magnet pulling all sinners to the side of Korah's rebellion, in time for the earth to swallow them whole. God has already commanded the end-time quake that shakes the planet. It will come on-time, not a second later or earlier. The stomp from the boot of God is coming, after the wicked deride and offend and mistreat God's people sufficient to warrant Judgment. They are gearing up right now to harm us, if only they can see their golden opportunity, if only their hero will come crying over the air waves to stomp us out. If stomping is what the treader wants, then trodden upon by God he will be. Like an idiot, the anti-Christ will plant his own fields for his own destruction. Madalyn did the same for her life, and God dug her up from her "grave" that the world might know how her end had been. Isaiah said that the anti-Christ won't even get a grave.

Brian Trascher Who?

I've just gone to the news, coming across Brian Trascher, with a Trasher-like surname, part of the vocal Trump team as concerns the re-counts. Just wondering whether he applies to the trash can in flames that I tried to put out. Although no Trascher surname comes up, it may have been God's "trick" to cause me to find Traschs, because they use a reflection of the Hatrick/Ettrick Coat, and thus as Tarrs are also Tarres', first found in Somerset with Trashers, I think we can glean here why Steve Tarr was used: to point to the trash-can scene. The hooks in the Trasch Chief can easily be for a Hockey/Hockley branch. It's even possible that the Thirsk variation of Traschs is related to the Tricks/Tracks, wow, who could be pointed to by "hat TRICK." I really like this paragraph. Hatricks/Ettricks were first found in Selkirk while Selkirks have a salamander in FLAMES, hmmm.

I have not known of Mr. Trascher until seeing him today in a video. Trascher is saying today, without Trump-team corroboration, that Scytl's servers were seized in FRANKfurt...home of the first Rothschild. Is this why Tarr et-al is bringing us to Mayer Rothchild in this update??? Is God verifying by this update that the server was seized? By the good guys or bad guys? If by the good guys, I can see this as a major score, a winning goal that sends Obama into hiding.

I should also re-tell of my first-ever goal in organized hockey, age 12, before Tarr came on board. I skated with a clear path to the goalie from the right side of the rink, and as he was way out of his net, I got the idea to get the puck over his head, and got it up just as I was falling down toward him (I think I was tripped from behind). I know hockey, and that, for a 12-year old, was a really nice goal, which is why I remember it. The point is, it's called a FLIP shot. I'm seeing flipped votes.

The FILLIPs/Phillips share the Powell lion, and the Phelps have a wolf colors reversed from the Flynn wolf. Does that look like a pointer to Sydney Powell?

Ahh, I had a second goal that day, which was a deke, no other way to describe it. It recalls the deke goal in the hat trick too, and Deke's/Decans happen to share the Edrick / Hatrick/Ettrick / Trasch lion!!! Amazing. The Deke/Decan Coat is shared by Deacons, and I happen to trace them to Decani on the White Drin over by TROPoje, where I trace Drops/Trope's!!! The latter share a Shield of drops with Traschs! Trope's point to the trophy we won thanks to Tarr. I think Traschs were from Tarrs/Tarres'.

Oh wow, while Terras' (not "Tarres") share the Scottish Scott Coat, English Scotts share a black and demi-griffin with Hockeys! As Terras' are in the MacDonald motto, it's notable that Tarrs/Tarres' are in MacDonald colors. It appears that God arranged this heraldry to go with the hockey super-star (I don't think he played in the NHL). Hockeys use the Scottish Scott crescents. Lake SCODra is near the Tropoje river. (English Scotts were first found in Kent with Purchase's in turn having a version of the Hockey fesse-with-items.)

The black and erect battle-axe held in a hand in the Deacon Crest is in the Crest of Melansons, and Melansons share the Hockey crescents, a thing I've long known because I've told that Steve Melanson asked me to be his ASSIStant coach for an organized hockey team of 13-year olds, at my age 22. If God arranged this to go with my position as assistant captain, recall how "Assisi" was suggested along with Arretium/Arezzo, for Deke's/Decans and Deacons have a lion-version of the Artem Coat while Artems were first found in Berwickshire with the Arthurs who named Artois, location of Arras. Plus, there is an axe head in the fasces of the Assi/Ise Coat, how about that. Incredible. Melansons look like they have a version of the Hook Coat, recalling the Trasch hook. He has the same first name as Steve Tarr. Stevensons have a version of the Aid Coat who are in turn expected as a branch of the Artems/AITons. Nothing eventful happened in that hockey year that comes to mind for heraldic purposes.

Melansons can be traced to "Milan" thanks to the Italian Maurel Coat. French Maurels/Morells share the Hook fleur-de-lys, and have a "NeSCIT" motto term that could be a pointer to Scytl.

Amazingly, BRIAN Trascher looks like he's pointed to by Steve Tarr where "uachTAR" is a motto term of Irish Brians. Also interesting is that while the trash can tripled as a bucket, English Buckets share three piles to a point upon a gold Shield with English Brians. Is God wanting to prove that the Scytl seizure is a big deal before it comes out in the news as verified fact?

BEHOLD BEHOLD BEHOLD. Aude's/AUDETs have three swords coming to a point like those piles above, suggesting the audits now going on seeking Scytl corruption. Aude's are a branch of the namers of OTTONE VisCONTI, the latter surname suspect with Conte's/COUNTS!!! The audits are looking for corrupt election counts! Brians have a saltire in colors reversed from the same of Oddie's (Aude/Audet/ODDEY and Ottone colors!), and VISconti's are from Guiscards/WISharts who have three piles to a point!!! My team mates piled on me after I poked the puck into the net, and Ottone's have a near-match Coat with German PUCKs!!!!!! Incredible.

HOT-DOGGIE! The puck came to a stop on the goal LINE, and Scottish Line's/Linds use a "vireSCIT" motto term, give God praise! These Line's were first found in Ayrshire with SKITs/Skeets/Skeochs, a branch of SKATE's/Skeets. You have never seen anything like what God is doing here, such a "strange" work, WHAT IS HE UP TO, I'm in suspense. Line's/Linds come up as "Lin," and one of Trump's lawyers, LIN Wood, helped to break the Scytl story concerning the Frankfurt seizure. German Line's/Linds were first found in Prussia with Schittle's/Schitners, though I see no heraldic links between the two surnames. (Pucks can be from the Peuse area of the Pucini/Peucini in SCYTHia.)

Oh wow (my phrase of choice to give you an alert), if you look up "scytl" at youtube, there are oodles of Chinese videos talking about it? How can this be? I have no idea, but I did see one Lin surname, a Chinese one with Chinese print on the page. I didn't think anything of it, wasn't planning to make a link to Lin Wood. But then I recalled my theory recently that the Shin/Chinn/CHING surname could point to Biden's Chinese corruption. What do you see? Look closely. Come on, look closer and think about every item in the event where I poked in the puck while it was on the goal LINE. Clue: I had dropped to my knees and was sliding past the goal. Need another clue? What does one drop on when dropping on knees? SHIN pads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it? All these years, I've been wondering why God would stress the Knee surname with the Tarr slap shot, or the goal, and could never come up with the reason. No wonder, it was for my shins, not my knees! It was not decipherable until Lin Wood came to mind. It caused me to see the Chinese Lins, and that's how it happened. It's suggesting that Scytl has some Chinese connection. Might God have revealed it in some other prop of the slide event? Couldn't we imagine the Bidens involved here? The Chinese were wanting the Bidens to win, right? Badly.

Houseofnames even has a page for a Chinese Ching/Chins surname. The Shins/Chinns/Chings were first found in Somerset with Tarrs and Trashers, but, unfortunately, I see no heraldic links between the latter two and the Shins/Chings. Shims/Chinns share the Coat of Kemmis'/Kenys', and are probably a branch of Kims and McKinneys. The latter two share the Fraser Coat, and while Frasers were Kin of Keiths, Keiths were kin of Marshalls who in turn share the French Brian saltire. I'm not sure why Brians are working into this, but thus far they seem to be a pointer to Brian Trascher.

Ahhh, more corroboration. I had written, Newtons, with so-called "shin bones," use an "eastern prince." That sentence was a candidate for deletion due to not having anything else to go with it, but just as I was thinking for the second time to delete it, the Blade Coat came to mind because it has a saltire in the colors of the saltire formed by the shin bones, but it took a couple of seconds longer to make the link to the blade of my stick by which the puck was tipped into the net on my shin-bone slide!!! That tends to corroborate that God intended the shins to be the reason for my fall, and all these years He did not tell me, psst, it's not your knees, try something else.

I had lumped the sentence above, with "eastern prince," at the end of the paragraph above with McKinneys / Kims / Frasers, not realizing then that Prince's (not yet loaded at the time) share pineapples with English Pine's while French Pine's share the McKinney / Kim / Fraser cinquefoil. It's suggesting that Kims, shown also as Shimmie's, were a Shin branch.

Ahh, I crashed into the boards, and Broads share the lozenge of Dents in the "pruDENTia" motto term of Cheneys! It could be that God wants to point to the anti-Trump Cheney family too, for Dick Cheney's wife is LYNNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't know I'd come to Lynn Cheney when starting the paragraph above, not until I was writing "anti-Trump" did I recall Lynne's egging Republicans to vote for Biden!!! INCREDIBLE. Boards use "PerforaTUS," and Tous' describe their Coat as having a "man" with shirt and BUTTONs. Bidens are listed with Buttons.

I have a memory that I crashed into the boards a little hard on my BACK. I can only be about half sure, but it works because Welsh Bachs have a good reflection of the Shin/Chinn Coat, and moreover Bachs were first found in Denbighshire with English Brians. The latter have a HUNTing HORN in Crest, a potential pointer to Hunter Biden because the Biden Crest is described as a "horns" (no species). Chinn-like Cheneys use a "bull's scalp" with horns, and the Biden horns do look like bull horns. So, I'll let you grapple with whether you think my falling in my shins was a pointer to a Biden-China relationship.

Chains/Shains have Cheney-like variations, and Shiners/Scheins are split diagonally into the colors of the vertically-split Hunter Shield. If God intended a Hunter-Shiner link, it could be due to the giant Shiner fleur-de-lys being the symbol of the neighboring Sales'/Salletts who share the black pheon with Smarts. I almost missed it: Sales'/Salletts were first found in Cheshire with shin-bone Newtons. Sales' are expected with Salyes Ligures, who lived on the Durance, location of BRIANcon.

Perhaps the Bull's scalp is to suggest Mr. Bulger, for Bulgers use the bull, and he was a part of Hunter Biden's corruption. This looks relevant because the all-important Newtons have a "Huic" motto term while Bulger's share "Haec" with Scoots/Scougals (Skate-connectable) who in-turn share a black hunting horn with English Brians (same place as Bachs). And by the way, the Risbridge's in the Bulger discussion along with the napping and rising of Miss Hicks, have "brook" endings while Brooks (beaver) were first found in Essex with the Brocks who in turn share "VireSCIT" with Line's/Linds. Bulgers use a trefoil-version of the Bag Chief while Bachs are also Baghs. The "non" motto term of Newtons can be a pointer to Neffenger, a chairman for Smartmatic, is now on the Biden team in some capacity. The Bulger bull head is in the colors of the Pelosi bull, and they say that Pelosi's former chief-of-staff (Nadeam Elshami) was a lobbyist for Dominion. BBC says, "...Nadeam Elshami, being hired by Dominion..." It appears that Newtons were a key to these pointers. Shin-like even suggest Shine's/Shinnocks with the Edrych / Hatrick lion. The Shin-connectable Simms share a feathered pen with Scoots/Scougals.

Mr. Bulger was involved in Ukraine (and Chinese?) corruption with Mr. Heinz, the son of John Kerry's wife, and the Heinz surname shares fleur-de-lys of Banks who were in turn at a BankNewton location. I think I can now claim with certainty that God arranged the following: "...the manor belonged to James Bancks, a descendant of the Bankes, of BankNewton, in Craven; in whose family the property continued until about 1731, when, by marriage with the heiress of William Bankes, it passed to the family of HOLME, who eventually changed their name to Bankes." With so few chapeau's in heraldry, what would be the chances that Holms have the chapeau that's between the horns in the Biden Crest?

Repeat from above: "Ahh, the Deeter quadrants are also those of McKinneys, and as the latter are said to be from a Simon line while sharing the Coat of Keith-related Frasers, it stands to reason that McKinnie's were from the Simms, first found in East Lothian with Keiths." That sentence was after the paragraph with Smarts, SIMarts, Siemomysl, and Siemens. Plus, the Scytl-pointing Schittle's/Sitlers are suspect with Seatons/Sittons, first found in East Lothian too. So, this Chinese-Smartmatic / Chinese-Scytl discussion here looks to be linking via the Shin-connectable McKinneys to Smartmatic. The Bulgers use a "fecit" motto term while Faucets (East Lothian) are suspect with the Schittle/Schitner/Sitler lion. Siemens (Simms branch) use a slap-like slab.

AHA! Faucets can be in the "Facet" motto phrase of Scottish Mathie's/Manns/Maghans (scimiTAR!!!) while Irish Maghans/Manns look related to the Irish Brians in turn having a "UachTAR" motto term. I poked the puck, placed on the goal line by TARR's slab shot (so to speak), into the net while sliding on my SHINS! Note the Mathie SCIMitar, for Schims/Shands come up as Schiens while Scheins are listed with SHINERs!!! The Simms share "fortuna" with Schims/Schiens/Shands/Chands; the latter's variations recalls Chains/Shains...sharing the cross of Lothian's SINclairs who almost use the "comite" motto term of Schims/Schiens! Zikers, that's code for Conte/COUNT liners. The Schim-related Mole's share the KNEE phoenix, which, after all, does bring the Knee's into the fall on my knees. AHH, the VisCONTE's can be of the Vise's/Vice's sharing the Knee stag!!! Bingo. The team piled on me, and Visconti's are expected as Guiscards/Wisharts use piles.

Let's put it this way: the team piled on me after I hit the boards, and Borders/Boarders, kin round-about of double-tressure-border Trashers/Tresure's, were first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Tarres' and Trashers/Tresure's. Borders/Boarders share the swords of the neighboring Shots/Shute's, who are like the Scoots sharing "fortuna" with Schims suspect in "scimiTAR." The same swords are used by Schim-branch Skins/Skene's (Aberdeenshire, same as Schims/Schiens). The McBee's/Beatons and Baits/Beeths share both "fortuna" and the Skin/Skene sword, and then the Beetons/McBeths are in the colors and format of BURTons (BORDon colors). [Dont miss Berts/Burts in the nex update].

I faintly recall reading that the Nons/Nevins/NEFFENs have a palm branch, which surprised me because it looks like a feather. So I looked up my files just now and found this amazing thing: "The items in the Neel Crest are, I think, the item in the Nom/Non Crest." I used "Nom" because Neels/Neilds (Nom/Non/Neffen colors), like the Nee variation of Knee's, use a "NOMen" motto term (Neels/Neilds also use "FACTis"). The "ViVIS" motto term of Noms/Nons/Neffens, WOW, connects to Knee's via the Vise/Vice stag head! Amazing. Falling on my knees can now point to Neffenger of Smartmatic, especially as Smart-like Simarts can be of Simms (same place as factis-like Faucets and Keiths), first found beside the Mens' of Midlothian suspect in "NoMEN."

Kness', likewise in Nom/Non/Neffen colors, use an "ANIMo non" motto phrase that can be for Nimo's/Nemo's/NewMARSH's (Marshalls = Keith kin), first found in Stirlingshire (beside Kness') with VISconti-connectable Guiscards/Wisharts. The colors of the key surnames here are those of Ottone's and their Puck kin; compare the letter two with French Chappes', for Scottish Chappes' were first found in Stirlingshire. The amazing thing is that the Kness Coat looks like a take from the Mole Coat while Mole's ("FOENus") share the red PHOENix of Knee's. So, if God arranged the Knee's and Shins both to apply to that tip-in goal, note that shin-bones Newtons use a prince in Crest while Prince's share the saltire of Nimo's suspect in the Kness motto.

I'm going to go now to FAUXside castle of Faucets, to be read also as FauxSIDE because the Side's (Fife, beside Neve's/Nevers' of Angus) have a lion in Faucet-lion colors. The Faucet lion is upright, however, as is the lion of Side-branch Sutys (Perthshire, same as Kness' and the Celts sharing the blue pheon with Sidneys). I showed a good argument for connecting the Sidney pheon to the similar arrowhead of Celt-branch Coutes', and the latter become important here for using what I think is a falcon, for English Falcons use a "Vis" motto term while Spanish Falcons have what looks like a falcon-version of the Giuliani eagle. You just saw why "Vis" can be Puck-relevant. This is a good find here because the English Falcons can be proven to have the Courage's (Comyn-beloved) in their motto, who happen to share the Snake/Snook fleur-de-lys, and the argument for tracking Sidneys from the Coutes-like Cotesii involved the Snake's/Snooks / Seneca's/SENESchals earlier in this update. The Cotesii were in the Rimna area of Benjamites, Bongino-important shortly below.

Now look at how the all-important Newtons point to Sidney Powell, can you believe this? "The surname Newton was first found in Cheshire at WilmSLOW, a parish, in the union of ALTRincham, hundred of Macclesfield". This explains why Macclesfields share the cross of Prince's in the Newton Crest. Heraldic designs are not whims or by-chance fancies; they are code for people/families that a person/family married in the past. Alters are listed with Colters, and we just saw the Celts, who are also Colts and Cults, sharing the Sidney pheon. Sidneys (giant pheon) use a "Quo" motto term, and while Coys share the giant pheon of Nichols (Cheshire," the Nichol motto has "cui" while Cue's (Sidney colors) have the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire. Here's the Nichols write-up tracing to the Kew variation of Cue's: "Some of the family were anciently found in the parish of St. Kew..." Recalling that Sidneys are suspect with Sedans/Seddons, the latter share "sed" with Nichols. Cue's have a gold lion holding a blue garb, colors reversed from the blue lion holding a gold garb in this Arms of Macclesfield. And there you have it, a strong Sidney link to the area in which Newtons were first found.

Nichols share the raven with Mea's/Mee's who in turn share the Macclesfield cross. Mea's/Mee's share the fitchee of Albins/Aubins, who are in the Nichols write-up: "The surname Nichol was first found in Cheshire, where Nicholas D'Albini, who was of the junior line of the Dukes of D'Albini in Normandy, settled in 1054, and his successor William became Baron of Malpas." Malpas' have more pheons. Mea's/Mee's can be expected in the "Loyalite me" motto phrase of MARGesons/MACKESys expected as a branch of MARGYs/MACKEYs (Ayrshire, same as Murdochs) who in turn share the ravens hanging on an arrow of Murdochs. "Loyalite" points to Jeffrey Epstein's plane with the Loyola's/Lolita's, and as Epstein reportedly got hung, that explains the ravens said to be "hanging" from an arrow. I think God is snitching on Murdoch with this heraldry. Murdock comes up in the next section with Macclesfield-connectable Maxwells/MAKESwells.

By the way, Malpas' were at Wrexham, and REX's/RICKs, linkable to proto-Maxwells of Rijeka/REKa/RIKa, have: "Rixon is a village near Sturminster NEWTON in Dorset." There is a Newton location in Craven (see Bank write-up) while Cravens have the Rex/Rick Coat in colors reversed. The Malpas' are easily of the MalBANCs in the write-up of Cheshire's Malls/MarlyBONE'S (evokes Newton "shin bones"). The Rex griffin is orange (not official heraldic color, rare, probably reserved), and I've only just noticed the red-orange colors (not official color) of the Nichols raven because I had noted the red-orange colors of the beak and talons of Maxwells. The Giuliani eagle is similar but with gold beak and talons.

[Insert -- Malpas' have a version of the French Robin Coat; the other Robins share the thistle with Fauchs while Thistle's/Thissels have pheons in colors reversed from the Sidney pheon. Propers/Robins/Roberts (Cheshire) can apply to my shin-pad slide into the boards with my BACK, because they were at Newton: "...the [Proper/Robin/Robert] family held estates at Oldcastle and NEWTON. From MALPAS they were a strong influence in West Cheshire..." Propers/Robins/Roberts share the lion of French Roberts. Go ahead and load Welsh Roberts -- Denbighshire, same as BACHs/Baghs sharing blue vair with French Roberts -- to see that they use the counterchanged Powell lion in colors reversed. It sure looks like Sidney Powell is in that slide for the winning goal.

Now look at this: Propers/Robins, sharing the Biden/Button/Botton fesse, are said to be descended from a king of Gwent while Ghents were first found in Hampshire with Bidens/Buttons/Bottons, with Murdoch-beloved Hangers, and with the RICH's using bottony crosses. Propers/Robins (ostRICH) share "haec" with Bag-connectable Bulgers, and Ghents share the gold-on-black eagle with Proper- and Rupert-like Ropers/Rupers. Bulgers share the bull with the Hosts/Osts suspect in "OSTrich," and the Host/Ost wings are those of BORDels. Clairs, sharing the Clampett/CLERmonts Chief, were partly in BORDELais. It could appear that my slide into the boards is for that Bordel entity. I looked up Clampetts as per Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies, a topic introduced later in this update when learning that Rupert Murdoch's son bought the Beverly-Hillbillies mansion. Beverlys have a white bull head in both colors of the BULger bull. As Murdochs love Seconds/SEGURs, apparently, note that both Seager surnames cam link to the Host/Ost and Bordel wings. End insert]

But now we go to Jenna Ellis, another senior lawyer on Trump's election-fraud cases; Jenna (pulls no punches) was in Thursday's most-excellent most-hopeful news conference with Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani. We just saw Newtons first found in WilmSLOW, and Slows happen to share the Ellis crescents. Purty good start. Why might we think that Wilms/Welmans (as per "WILMslow") share the Solomon bend-with-stars? The "proviDENTia" motto term of Wilms/Welmans is like a motto term of Dent-related Denets, and Dents were at SEDbergh, named by some Sedan/Seddon branch. Could we view this as a pointer to John Solomon but with added evidence that Ms. Powell is being pointed to? The Seaton/Sitten branch of Sedans were first found in East Lothian with the Wells-related Vaux's/VALLibus (linkable to "WELman") who share the Wilm/Welman bend-with-stars. Wells have a giant lion in the colors of the FAUCet lion, and while Faucets were first found in East Lothian to, it's easy to spot them as a Vaux/Vallibus branch. Humphrey de Vieilles is suspect with Wells / Vallibus, and he was a Harcourt.

Fife's and Five's/Fifys can be connected to VIVians/Veys, to be expected in the "VIVis" motto term of Neve-like Nons/Nevins/Neffens. That was the motto term to be read also as "ViVIS." Neve's/Nevers (Angus, same as Navys/Neve's) have a reflection of the Ellis Coat but with the fleur-de-lys of June's, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's having a Jenna-like Jenne variation. Cool. French Jenne's/Gennes' (Biden fesse?) of Anjou were a branch of Jeune's/Jenne's in turn said to be from "a Norman of ANJOU, from whom was descended Ettiennes de Gennes, Lord of Le MOTTE de Geenes in 1144..."; it just so happens that Motts share the Ellis crescents!!! What are the chances? It appears that God either named Jenna's first name to go with this heraldry, or instead arranged the heraldry so that Jenne's link smack to Ellis'.

The Sidney write-up: "The founder of this family in England was Sir William Sydney, Chamberlain of King Henry II., who came from ANJOU with that monarch, and was buried at Lewes Priory, East Sussex in 1188." Wow, what a sidincidence. The Faux- / Faucet-like Fulks were counts of Anjou, making Sidneys look all-the-more like Seaton/Sitten liners, and this is found while on the Jenne line from Anjou, quite the remarkable thing.

Neve's/Nevers' share the cross of Chains/Shains while "Chenn" is a Jeune/Jenne variation, and moreover the latter share martlets on black with Cheneys. By what coincidence do Cheneys' use "Fato" while "fata" is a Sidney motto term? It appears that Dick Cheney and or Lynne Cheney need to be probed for links to this election-fraud enterprise. The puck on the goal line tells me so.

[Insert -- Last night, while writing on the Newtons, I saw the "Newtons of Newton and Pownall" in the Newton write-up. So, Pownalls were loaded to see whether they were listed with Powells, but, with my plate full at another tab, I went back to it without seeing whether a Pownall surname comes up, intending on getting back to the Pownall tab later. I forgot about it completely, but found in here tonight while on my way to load Candels as per the candelabra of Toensing-like Tonsings. Pownalls (Cheshire, same as Newtons) share the giant Powell lion, suggesting to me that, because the Newtons are pointed to by my slide past the net, Sidney Powell is at that winning goal as well as the hat-trick goal. Recalling how the shin pads took us from Chinns/Chings to Chains/Shains, I had best record that the Pownall Crest has four links to a chain attached to the ring of a key.

I wanted to check Candels/Candida's to see whether their eagle had the gold talons of the black Giuliani eagle, and, sure enough. Although Joe diGenova and his wife, Miss Toensing, were standing with Giuliani, Powell and Ellis at last night's news conference, I did not see either couple speak in any video I was offered by youtube. The point here is that the candelabra of Tonsings appears set-up by God to point to the diGenova's part in the election-fraud legal battles. This is so exciting I sure hope they don't lose in court after all is said and done. Another black and spread eagle is used by Fix's/Ficks possibly in the "OfFICium" motto term of Pownalls (could be a Paw in crest for Pawleys/Palins sharing Pownall lion). Fix's/Ficks are very linkable to Feschs/Fechters, from Fieschi of GENOVA. That's right. Compare "Fechters" to Vechters/VICTORIA's -- hee-hee-hooo-wee -- because "Victoria" is Miss Toensing's first name!!! The surname includes Victors for victory, we hope. GO TEAM! Pownalls look like they have the Este's in their motto, and Este's share the eagle of Segni's/Segurana's (in the Fessy motto), first found in Genova.

English CANDels/Cundels can be gleaned as a Conte/Cunty/COUNT branch because Conteville's derived from John de Burgo while Candels share the Berk/Burgh cross. The amazing thing is the "voCANT" motto term of Sidneys!!! ZINGER!!! End insert]

The team piled on me, and piles are used by Scottish Yonge's/Youngs while English Yonge's/Youngs have a "jeune" motto term. This goes to Bongino's because they look like kin of Gore's/JORE's (expected in the "TouJOURs jeune motto of English Yonge's/Youngs), and then English Gore's/Core's were, until this year, said to have been first found in Essex with English Yonge's/Youngs (share wolf with Gore's/Core's). having said that, the annulets of Scottish Yonge's (Roxburghshire, same as Walsh's/Walchs) are those of Scottish Walsh's/Walchs and Bongino-like Benjamins. Gore's/Core's share "Sola" with Neve's/Nevers'.

The gold border of Jeune's/Jenne's, by the way, is likely of Wing-related Justine's (Perthshire, beside Neve's/Nevers and Navys's/Neve's), tending to explain the winged horse of NAVYs/Neve's. This is a good place to recall how earls of Mar (Angus, near Troups/Troops of Banffshire) are expected from Scottish Mars who share the lion of Troop-like Drops/Trope's. American troops and the navy soon needed to quell riots? Are Mars a branch of Marines' and Marine's? Troups/Troops come to topic below with Trovers who in-turn come to topic with the "treasure trove" of Kayleigh McEnany (Trump team), and it just so happens that while Trovers share a version of the Tarent Coat, the surname is from Terentia MURENA, i.e. looking connectable to Marine's / Marines' (both in Murena colors). We just saw Jenna Ellis connectable to Motts/MOTTINs, and Modena is where Murena-like Marano's, Morinis' and Morano's were first found. Modena-like Modens were first found in BERKshire, suspect from the Berks/Burghs sharing the Marine / Marines cross.

Skins/Skene's ("merces") were earls of Mar. Schims/Schiens share the boar head of Irish Marone's. Morano's are expected from Morano (Murunum on map below) at the Calabria theater, where Italian Marone's were first found. I resolved the mythical exCALIBER sword (otherwise the Caliburnus sword) with Calabrians at the Alburnus mountain, and Skins/Skene's have swords. The Alburnus area is beside the Hales river, and Haleys share the Marone boar heads. Buxentum, beside the Hales, is to Buchan, in Aberdeenshire with the first-known Skins/Skene's and Schims/Schiens. Buxentum is on the Malpas-like Melpes river.

I think I will also take the FAUXside castle of faucets to English Faux's first, whose mascle could be at the center of the Miles mill rind. Irish Miles' have yet another "Sola" motto term, and the Solnier variation of Sola's is like the Saulnier of Saunier's, the latter first found in Perigord with their kin, the Faux's/Fage's/Chaulnes'. The reason I'm here is that Fauchy's were first found in Perigord too, and Fauch's share the thistle with the Smart Crest. Tony Fauci gives the impression of being in bed with global imposters seeking control over the United States. This could be their mortal conflict leading to THEIR Armageddon, good riddance. God will show they deserve it. This planet badly needs Jesus the KING, sorry American constitution, move over and let a monarch rule who forbids lies and hypocritical half-truths in the name of freedom of speech.

Can we say that the slap shot knocking the goalie down, with puck bouncing to the net over his sprawling body, is the Trump campaign rolling over the Biden campaign, doing everything but going into the net? Can we say that the puck coming to rest on the line, with seconds to go in the game, in a 2-2 tie, is a picture of this close-call post-election period? I suppose.

An interesting thing is that Milleys have the Ice / Schittle/Schitner trefoil in colors reversed while sharing the Powell lion. There's no proof I see that it's the Powell lion in particular, but it's the Powell motto that leads to Hatricks, and my hat trick from a puck slid upon the ice that bodes well for Trump's woes at this time. Mark Milley, Trumps chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, just gave a veteran's day speech in which he upheld the constitution passionately, the thing that the Biden side tends to reject or abuse in favor of a dictatorship. Milley bodes well to help Trump against any Democrat-led coup attempt, therefore, and let's add here that the hat trick was in the Unionville arena while Unions use mill rinds, incredibly enough. The "Malo" motto term of Milleys goes to St. Malo at the Rance river, and Rance's/Rands are a branch of Rinds sharing the scallops of Mallots, and then while Mile / Miller liners at times use mill RINDs, French Mallets are also Malo's. In consideration, therefore, that Milleys apply to Mallet liners, I trace Mallets to Melita, an island near Ice-like Issa/VIS.

However, unlike my goals from Tarr's assists, the trash-can scene has no celebration, no sign of victory, yet I did try to put out the flames, though the outcome was not shown. Will Mr. Trascher get the victory in some big way? He's claiming today that Trump will win this election, yet most-everything I've seen since last Friday, after a week of rising hope, looks like it's going swampy for Trump on the battleground-state fields. It seems the team is trudging through mud, but this can be expected due to the Democrat blockers at the lower-court levels and the heavy-set rammers in the whore houses.

The trash can caught flames at its rim, and Rims/Rums, who were in ANNANdale, share the lion of McENANys. The latter share three lions in pale (different colors) with the "uachTAR" Brians. Mrs. McEnany is the most vocal pro-Trumper at this time, and on Tuesday of this week (yesterday as this is being written), she said that there would be a "treasure trove" of election-fraud wins. Trashers are also Treasure's. No Trove surname comes up, but Trovers look like Tarent kin, and Trashers/Treasure's could be a Tarent branch. How about that. Trovers (don't think I've ever seen them before) have the Tarent Coat but with two-headed eagles instead. Both surnames share the Trasher/Treasure chevron! Tarents were largely in Dorset, beside Trashers/Treasure's! It seems that God breathed an heraldic and news-worthy clue through McEnany, as though He wants to be known for his involvement in current cheat-news.

The SPEAK/SPIKE's share the double-headed eagle of Trovers, and add a porcupine in Crest, the Sidney symbol, how about that. OHHH wow, Tarents are from Terentia Murena, and I had been wondering, above, why the Crest of Sidney-like Sedans/Seddons have two black birds (look like eagles) facing one another, akin to the two black eagles of Murena's looking away from one another. Usually, when here are multiple animals on a Shield, they face the same direction. McEnany is Trump's press secretary, as was Sean Spicer, and Spike-like Spice's/Spicers (Devon, same as Speak-like Speccots) share the tower (different colors) with Murena's!!! Wow. The symbols of Specotts have been changed. I've been claiming that they use frets, but they now look like mill rinds!!! This comes just after the mill rinds in the Milley paragraph. Yay, it looks like the Trump team's going to pull this off. There's like a flaming bomb in the Spicer Crest. Toss it, toss it.

My hat-trick goal was through my legs while Leggs (Dumfries, same Rims/Rums) probably have the Trump stag head. "The surname Legg was first found in Dumfriesshire (Gaelic: Siorrachd Dhùn Phris), a Southern area, bordering on England that today forms part of the Dumfries and Galloway Council Area." That puts them near the Hanna's of Wigton (Galloway) who have the Trump stag heads in colors reversed.

By the way, the deflection through my legs was planned, not a mere deflection off my stick without my playing any part of it. I saw the puck coming and knew before it got to the stick that I was going to fool the goalie. The puck came so perfect to the stick that I was already half-celebrating as the puck was going under my legs. I turned around, and, sure enough, it was in the net (the impact on me makes me remember it). In other words, I should be predicting that the Trump team is going to get some perfect help that allows it to frame a victory, not just a happen-chance ricochet. The defenseman was trying to get a solid slap shot i.e. into the air, but it's one of those muffed shots that sends the puck along the ice, and this is what we may consider to be God's part, the perfect pass set-up, with the knowledge of how to re-direct it as it's developing. The goalie didn't know what was about to happen. SURPRISE Democrats. I'm hoping I've got this goal read right.

Traschs (Chief in the colors of the Drop/Trope Chief) appear to use purple drops, recalling the Drops/TROPE's sharing a Shield of drops with Traschs (lions colors reversed from the one of Drops/Drope's). The TROPHy was by our team thanks to Tarrs coming onto our team late in the season. Will God send a savior to save Trump? Is it Trascher? Will he get the equivalence of a hat trick? Let's not forget that my hat trick pointed to Sidney Powell in the "Edrych" motto term of Powells. Plus, McEnany's "treasure trove" found the Trope-like Trovers. By the way, Drops/Trope's likely have the Mar lion because earls of Mar were at Banffshire theater of the Troups/Troops. The Mars use two passant lions in pale in the colors of the left-half of the three lions in pale of Brians. There sure seems to be a lot of Brian-evidence that Brian Trascher is being pointed to. Brian who?

I wonder. Did God breath "trove" through McEnany to get us to Troups/Troops to indicate that Trump might need the military soon to fend off riots? Is Milley on-board with such an idea? Trump just chose Milley-like Miller to replace his department-of-defence chief.

The interesting thing now is that the three lions in pale of Brians (share white sword with McGee's) are in the colors of the three leopard faces in pale of Brains, and perhaps the "EnGHIEn" motto term of Brains is code for McGee's, for their Irish branch has three white leopard faces too, while Scottish McGee's (Brain colors) have two swords to a point. It's just that the second goal with Tarr's assist was on Jim McGee. It was a BACKhand shot, and Bachs were first found in Denbighshire with English Brians (three piles to a point). McGee's are suspect (by me) with Geds on the Nith river, and the Geddes' which they became.

Ahh, I was 16 years old when scoring the hat trick, and I scored 16 goals four years earlier when with Tarr. That number was a pointer to Ratcliffe. I was dating Miss Hanson when scoring the hat-trick, and she pointed to Ratcliffe in two ways. German Hansons are from Visconti's of Milan, and so Maurels of Milan come back to mind. I see Visconti's as Guiscards/Wisharts who happen to share three red piles to a point with Buckets. We have now crossed three surname with piles to go with my team mates piling on me (it was dangerous under them all, I remember the weight, but they got off quick enough). Piles use three piles (not to a point) in colors reversed from the Brian piles. Points use piles too.

Rupert Murdock at Center Ice; Conrad Black in My Slide

Friday night, an addition to the Tarr goal. I was watching Bongino's report on the Tucker-vs-Powell controversy of last night, and for some reason I don't remember at about his 11th minute, I was trying to recall the first scene that I can remember of the Tarr goal. Backing up, I remember being on the bench looking up at the clock with little more than two minutes to go. I don't remember anything else until Tarr got a pass at the center line against the boards, with me a little distance behind him in the middle of the rink (middle from left-to-right). I don't know how much time passed between those two situations. In pee-wee hockey, I don't think the clock stops even when players are doing a change. Tarr and I had to get out on the ice, then do a face-off, and then get to that center-line pass. We could be talking 30 seconds left when I saw Tarr with the puck, or less, which could explain the bench clearing to pile on, because the less time left at a winning goal, the more glorious the victory.

I've just looked up the Center surname, two of them, as per seeing him at the center line. German Centers are listed with Sanders, and they use bull heads, and a full bull in Crest. A bull in ancient myth was a Taurus, like the Tarres variation of Tarrs. I think we have a story. This find of the Center/Sander bull heads was not more than about 15 minutes after checking the Beverly surname after watching a Newsmax video on Tucker's accusations against Sidney Powell (same topic as Bongino video). At the end of the Newsmax video, the speaker went to Rupert Murdock, and showed his luxury home, which, he said, was the estate used for the TV show, Beverly Hillbillies. That's why I checked Beverlys, though I could see no connection between it and Murdochs. But when loading the Centers/Sanders, it was seen that they share the Beverly bull head. It turns out that it was Murdoch's son which bought it, but who knows for sure who paid for it.

By that time, less than an hour before seeing the Newsmax video, I had made my own comments, in the News section below, on the Tucker-vs-Powell dispute, and I suggested that Carlson was doing what he knew his bosses wanted him to do, which is exactly the message I saw on the Newsmax show. I suggest that Tucker's attitude (see BCP's video below) is due to his knowing how badly Murdoch doesn't want anyone at Fox extolling the Giuliani-Powell news conference that Tucker was attacking, calling Powell's claims lies, essentially. This is so out of character for Tucker that it's got to be from his boss(es).

So, I'm thinking that the Center/Sander, of Center/Sainter, surname pertains to Rupert Murdock, as though my goal from Tarr's assist goes especially in opposition to him. I have evidence, because Murdochs use a "secundo" motto term while Seconds/Segurs were first found in Limousin with Clairs (Clare branch)s, and it just so happens that the red and upright bull in the Center/Sander Crest is used by CLARO's/Charo's. Is that not FANTASTIC, or what? There is no necessary / visible logic for a Murdoch link to Center / Clare liners. Then, the Sinclairs, known to be from "Claro," are also Saints, which tends to explain the SAINTER variation of English Centers (share Peare / Parson leopard faces). Clairs were between the Lemovices Gauls of Limousin and the Santones Gauls who named Sainte.

This is purty amazing because Seconds are in the Levi motto while the "patria" motto term of Beverlys connects with Laevi of Pavia, and then the Beverly Chief has a bull-version of the Levin Coat. "Leven in the East Riding of Yorkshire is another ancient family seat [of Beverlys]." So Murdochs were related to Seconds who were related to Levins who were related to Beverlys, and Rupert Murdock bought the mansion where Hollywood shot Beverly Hillbillies? What could this mean? The Patria's/Peartree's ("sed") have a sun feasibly for the Sun variation of Sinclairs/Saints, and Murdochs came to topic with Beverlys sharing the Center/Sander bull head (it's also the Bulger bull head).

As Seconds are listed with Segurs, I trace their lion to the same one of Genova's/Geneva's because Segurana's were first found in Genova. I think this is a good pointer to the diGenova's for obvious reason, though it's curious that they're pointed to by the Murdoch motto. Apparently, the diGenova's were only present (on camera) during the Giuliani-Powell-Ellis conference, as an advertised honor to them because they only just joined the legal team. I think victory is in their hands, and perhaps the diGenova's, who were essentially booted off of Fox, to be replaced by lemmings instead, might expose Murdoch for his wicked betrayal of the majority of Republicans (it's wicked because he's supporting the Biden team simultaneously).

The Genova lines above were related to Fessys/Face's who share the cross of Macclesfields, and the latter named MAKESlesfield, what looks like a Maxwell/Makeswell line. We saw how Sidney Powell linked to Newtons of Macclesfield. We were on the Coys at the time, linked purty hard to the Sidney motto, and so let's add here that the Coy Crest has a hand from clouds, the Aaron/Aren symbol too while Ruperts share the quadrants of Aarons/Arens. Having said that, lookie here: Aren-like Arun is a location in Sussex with the first known Margesons/Mackesys/Markets, and the latter are the ones who pointed Rupert Murdock to Jeffrey Epstein. Recall the Mackesy Coat above with green snake, for there's another one held by the hand in the Coy Crest. Ask whether Perkins Coie is part of the Epstein crime ring, for Perkins share the fleur-de-lys of Snake's/SNOOKs, and a pool CUE goes with a snooker table.

If you look closely behind the Coy hand-and-clouds, there are rays of the sun, which makes sense because French Rays/Rays' share the escarBUNCLE with Hangers and Angers!!! The Murdoch and Margy/Mackey ravens are HANGING on an arrow!!! Buncle's use buckles and Buckle-branch Buckleys (Cheshire, familiar place) have the Beverly bull heads too. Miss Peare had a belly symbol, and while Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag head with Jumps, Jumps share the roses of Scottish Bellys ("Per"). BILLIES' are listed with German Belli's having a beacon (and the horizontally-split Shield of Groce's). Beverly Hillbillies.

I've just looked up two surnames said to have rays of the sun: "...the Title Crest description: 'The rays of the sun ISSuing from behind a cloud.'" (2nd update January, 2017). In the write-up of Title's (Seaton/Sitten crescents in colors reversed), just perfect for linking to Sidney liners: "'The Scottish family of this [Tytler] name are stated to be a younger branch of the noble house of Seton." It explains why Title's (gold border) were first found in East Lothian, in Haddingtonshire to be exact, and Haddingtons have the Macclesfield cross in colors reversed probably because Macclesfields were related to the Mussel/Muscel namers of Musselburgh, in Haddington. FauxSIDE castle (of Faucets) is a few miles only from Musselburgh (near the Roslin of Sinclairs/Saints/SUNs).

Having said that, wow, the white bull head that began this section with Beverlys and Centers/Sanders, is shared by McLeods/CLOUDS! The McLeod/Cloud castle is in the Cassel Coat along with the triple chevrons of Clare's i.e. part of Centers/Sanders and Centers/Sainters. The triple Clare chevrons are red, ditto for the three of Epsteins.

Plus, wow, the "OcCULTus" motto term of Title's can be for Celts/Cults sharing the Sidney pheon. It's SIDney-important because Side's share the tiger with Blackhalls who are in my 2nd of February, 2015, like so: "Here's what looks like some [German] Julian bars in the Coat of tiger-using BlackHALLs...: 'A silver tiger's head erased issuing from the rays of the sun.'" We can even point that to Giuliani from the German Julians; the latter share the crescents of Title's. The Blackhalls actually use just a tiger head, symbol of Dents of SEDbergh, wowwwie! As expected of Side / Sidney / Sedan liners. (The Julian crescent is gold, as is the one on the black eagle of Ice's.)

Behold: German Julians have the six pale bars of Jeffreys in colors reversed, and these Jeffreys have a sun behind a cloud! It proves that Blackhalls have a gold-bar version of the German Julian Coat. These Jeffrey, a pointer to Jeffrey Epstein, it seems, use a "Post" motto term, and I went sliding past the post in the tip-in winning goal!!! If you click over to Welsh Jeffreys, you'll see thee Powell lion, but it's got to be the Palin lion too because Palins have the Jeffrey stars in colors reversed.

Amazingly, while Jed Clampett was a star of Beverly Hillbillies, Clampetts are listed with Clements while German Clements, with fesses in the colors of the pale bars of German Julians, were first found in Saxony with Julians. The gusher comes where the Clampett/Clement/CLERmonts Chief is also the Blackhall Chief, as well as the Chief of the Clairs (Limousin, same as Murdoch-beloved Seconds). The Clair leopard is colors reversed from the Peare / Parson leopard faces, and in the colors of the Claro/Charo bull.

The "Post" motto term of Jeffreys pointed to my Pillar-Post invention because the Jeffrey sun-behind-cloud was exactly a picture of an omen God gave us an hour or two after I crossed the Texas border from Louisiana. Lease's have the sun behind a cloud too, and Donna Lease Brazile was born and raised in New Orleans (Louisiana), where I took the Pillar Post when a fencing trade show happened there. Murdoch, I assume, hired Brazile for some Fox appearances, SHAME SHAME SHAME. Why was she put onto the Fox team? Is it telling, therefore, that while Murdoch came to be at the center line with Tarr, English Centers/Sainters share the three leopard faces of Parsons while my patent agent for Pillar Post was Mrs. Parsons? (I've told this several times in the past few months alone.) The same leopard faces are those of Peare's while Patria's/Peartree's are in the Beverly motto while a BEAVER is in the Arms of Oxford, where Peare's were first found.

Brian Trascher (linkable to Tarrs / Tarsatica ) happens to be from Louisiana. Just realized: Scottish Lease's/Liss' share the double chevrons of Blackhall-like Blackys, in the colors of the three chevrons of Bles'/Bleys/Bleds. The latter are coming your way shortly below.

The omen (bad feeling when seeing a tiny cloud covering the sun) was as per my being mugged that night in GALVESton, and Galves' share the Trasch lion. Murdoch is financially into vaccines, and Galveston pointed recently to the Galveston National Laboratory, which has been in close cahoots with the Wuhan lad. As I said, both the Galveston lab and the one at Fort DETRick were suspect (by me and China) in foisting COVID upon the world, and I think China is correct in this case. I think the American deep-state framed China for this global crime, which can explain why Tucker Carlson did some scathing shows to make the people believe that the virus was China's fault. It seems now that Murdoch wants COVID to be a terrible scare-tactic for the vaccine money, you see. And maybe Trump's vaccine program can leave Murdoch out of the money loop, which can explain why Murdock wants Trump out of the White House.

Detricks (D'Ettricks?) are like the Edricks / Hatricks/Ettricks, you see, and both the latter share the Galves / Trasch lion. That's purty stunning stuff. I kid you not, the Detrick-like Deeters (Mecklenburg, same as Ice's) have the Rupert / Aaron/Aren quadrants in colors reversed.

Clairs, whom we saw with the Clampett/Clement/CLERmonts Chief, were partly in Perigord and BORDelais, in case Bordels can be linked to Tarr at the boards at Center ice. Fauchys were first found in Perigord, and Rupert Murdoch has vaccine investment(s) that can certainly dovetail with vaccines that Tony Fauci would like to make money on. At least that's the theory of those in the business, including Judy Mikovits, Fauci's outspoken accuser. She once worked at Fort Detrick, and, if I recall correctly, Fauci exploited his high position to steal the vaccine or virus of her boss at Fort Detrick. Sinclairs were in the vaccine-like Vexin (at Rouen). Fauchys use a grassHOPPER while Hoppers were once put into my head by CLEM KadiddleHOPPER (played by Red Skelton). Clems are listed with Clampetts/Clemets, what a coincidence. Hoppers even share the Hill tower, possibly, for a pointer to Beverly Hillbillies. Jed Clampett (the oil-rich hillbilly) "owned" the estate now owned by Murdoch.

Sinclairs are said to be from Vexin-like Pont-l'EVEQUE, and I kid you not that I have only just looked up Levecks/Leveque's now, AFTER writing above of Tarr's "center-line pass." The Pass/Pascal surname (share Levi lion) shares the lamb (both colors) of Levecks/Leveque's!!! That is amazing. Rollo Sinclair ruled at Rouen, and Rollo's use a "passe" motto term for the Passe variation of Pass'/Pascals!!! ZING-ZING-ZINGER-WOW!

Tarr was at the center LINE, and Line's share crossed spears with Pasi's/Pascels and Speers! Speers share blue boar heads with Rollo's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could God have proven to us any better that He was in that event. Pasco's share the banner held by the Pass/Pascal and Leveck/Leveque lamb.

When I saw Tarr at the center line, I was a little ways behind him at the center (between left and right) of the rink. I have that memory burned in my head. I was excited about our having a two-on-one break, and I did what is standard in that situation: took off to catch up and get into position for his pass to form a break-away. But as soon as he crossed the BLUE line, ouch, he took a slap shot (fat chance for it going in from there). He maybe thought there wasn't time to make a play and decided to shoot. But I think I now know why he shot from the blue line, for the Blue's have a black eagle head in Crest with a brown beak. You may think a brown beak is natural/normal, but that's only on a kid's drawing. In heraldry, a brown beak is not a mere fancy. There's a reason. Most black eagle heads are all black, beaks included.

So I loaded the Giuliani Coat, and there was a gold beak (almost brown), and so you should load Giuliani's and Ice's together to see the similarity of their Coats, though the Ice eagle is all black. Also, the Blue's -- only ROOSTer heads -- are in Sidney colors, and Ice's were first found in ROSTock. Hmm. Rostock is in the Denmark theater, and Danes are traced in myth to a mythical Gorm. Blue's are listed with Gorms. Purdy good stuff. I lived in GORMley when the Dane, Miss Hanson, sold me the ICE-cream. She was working at Sam's Restaurant (in Gormley), which had the best HAMburgers anywhere (it's still there). It was always filled with passers-by pulling in for hamBURGERs. Hams, can you believe this, share the salmon of McCabe's, the latter first found in Arran with Blue's/Gorms. There's a new mystery to chase on the Hanson ice-cream. Dutch Burgers were once showing the triple Clare chevrons, but you can see a version with German Bergers. I wonder why Miss Hanson lived on Warden avenue.

[The day after writing here, Lachlans were loaded to find the Ham / McCabe fish. Prior to this. Murdochs had been found at the center line through the Center-Beverly link, and Lachlan bought the estate used for the Beverly Hillbillies show.]

Arundels of Arun (Sussex, same as Hams and Hammers) use a motto term looking feasible like code for Irons/Hirams because the latter's Airaines location traces excellently to Arun-like Arran. We saw Ruperts sharing the Aaron/Aren quadrants. What to make of that, as regards Murdoch? Do we point to him with Tarr at the blue line too (as well as the center line)? Arran is beside KinTYRE. Tarr played RIGHT wing, and Rights share the checkered fesse of Murdochs and the Stewarts who descended from FitzAlans of Arundel. I played center. Ahh, just found Blackhalls, I think, in the Right write-up: "...Thomas le Whright of Blakenhall in Lanarkshire, 1362. In the same year, Robert Wryhyt, a carpenter of Berwick, was employed on the roof of the chapel and hall called 'la Blakhalle' of the Castle of Berwick." It tends to reveal that the Blacks share the Glass star because Glasgow is beside Lanarkshire. And Wrights/Rights share the checkered Murdock fesse.

I'm seeing Conrad Black (previous media owner) of Montegu in all this for a couple of reasons involving the MontaCUTE's/Montague's and Carpenters ("aCUTa" belli"). Mr. Black owned the Jerusalem POST, and "Post" is a motto term of the Jeffreys who look linkable to Blackhalls. Until the last week or two, Jeffreys were first said to be first found in Peebles, smart to the other side of Lanarkshire. Conrad Black was jailed unlawfully, he claims, by enemies, and so he just might snitch on an enemy or two when the time is right. He lives in Toronto with Dominion's head office. Or, maybe he'll expose Murdoch, for while Murdochs have a "secundo" motto term, we read this; "...owing to a legal dispute with then-Canadian Prime Minister Jean CHRETIEN, [Black] was forced to give up his Canadian citizenship in order to accept the title." Levi's use a "second Chretien" motto phrase. Is that a hint? With Seconds/Segurs (same place as Clairs) in their motto, it tends to reveal that the triple Levi chevrons are a black version of the red ones of Clare's. French Borgia's/Burgs (Languedoc, same as the Conte's from the Burgo > Conteville line) and Irish Berks/Burghs both have crosses in the colors of the cross of Arran-connectable Irons/Hirams (from AiRAINES).

As per the Nons/NOMs/Neffens (Ayrshire, same as Murdochs), see the Levi write-up: "The Levi family originally derived its surname from the name of the place in Levy Saint NOM in ile-de-France." Name's/Neme's share the Chretien lion heads. As NEEDs/Name's/Neme's were first found in Lincolnshire with Name's/Neme's and Blacks, and as Needhams share the Knee Coat, is my falling on my knees, for the tip-in victory, to include Conrad Black? Is he a pro-Trumper? You bet: "Black wrote a flattering biography of Donald Trump. In 2019, Trump granted him a full presidential pardon." Dutch Burgers once showing the triple Clare chevrons now, as "Berger," show three red lozenges, the colors of the Montague/Montacute lozenges, and the latter surname has an "actioNUM" motto term. I claim that Numans/Newmans were on Arran as kin of McCabe's. Reno's likewise have three red lozenges, and Raines' share the Newman lions.

This is amazing, for while I SKIMmed along on my knees / shims to tip in the puck, SCHIMs ("POST" motto term!!!!) share the Black Chief!!! I did not have this in mind when asking above whether Conrad Black is in my fall-to-knees event. I only loaded Blacks now to see it (I knew by heart that they use red stars), and to this we can add that Schims share the Mole boar head while Mole's share the red Knee phoenix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. Blacks share the Blaze saltire while Blaze's are said to have named Blay at le MOLay. I didn't recall until now that Blacks have a "Non" motto term. Nons/Noms/Neffens (same place as Blackwoods) even share the crescent of Blackwoods (share Conrad stars) and Kness' (another "non"). The latter have a Coat like that of Mole's. Black also have an . The same Blacks (orange-like lion) have yet another "sed" motto term.

Ahhh, the Jeffreys, with another "Post" motto term, are now said to have been first found in Aberdeenshire, same as Schims and their Skin/Skene branch. Mr. Black also managed / owned National Post.

Ahhhh, the Blackys share the vaired Nero/Neretti chevron, and the Neretva was also the Naro, suggesting that Blacks were from Naro- / Nero- liners, and here we can add the "fuNERA" motto term of Schims!!! Too much. This is so intriguing. So spectacular. Like I have my own Intelligence Agency. Conrad Black??? How can he be in my knee slide to victory? How many people are in that slide?

Recall Robert Powell and I tossing rocks at one another, on Senator Reesors Drive in Markham. Ontario, for he lived on that street in a home backing up on Sherwood Forest. I've said that many times. Sherwoods are Bush-Scherf linkable, and have a good reflection of the Black Coat. The only thing I remember in his house was asking him to play the 1973 song, Silverbird (or Silver Bird) on his record player. It suggested Silvers/Silversteins, and thus pointed to the made-for-TV (fake) planes that hit Larry Silverstein's Trade towers when Giuliani was the city's mayor. Just compare French Roberts to Silvers/Silverstein's. ROBERT Powell. Note that Silvers/Silversteins share the vaired fesse of Bachs/Baghs (who might be pointed to by my hitting the boards with my back = cost of winning, no problem, didn't feel a thing in the euphoria). Repeat: "Go ahead and load Welsh Roberts (Denbighshire, same as Bachs/Baghs) to see that they use the counterchanged Powell lion in colors reversed." Compare the Scherf roses on stems to that of Robert-like Ruperts. Uh-oh.

The thing is, when mentioning Robert Powell earlier in this update, I was able to link the topic to Sidneys. How can Robert Powell point to both Rupert Murdoch and Sidney Powell? Someone told me that Robert Powell was tossed off a bridge around his age 20, on a drug deal gone bad.

I told my story about being framed by Homeland Security on an assault charge (claiming I wanted to strike one or more of their officers) that could have sent me to jail for some time. I told that they chained me up to bring me to a jailhouse for the night for a court appearance the next morning, where I discovered that three officers swore affidavits against me, totally false. They put me in a small private car instead of a police car, with two men in ordinary clothing. They stopped at the crest of the bridge over the Niagara river (very high bridge), and told me they had to wait for a third officer to arrive. It made no sense, of course, unless they wanted a third man to assure that they could toss me over the bridge without a problem. After some 20 minutes, when the third man did not arrive, they driver looked at his watch, said, "well," started the car, and proceeded to the jailhouse. I was free the next day because I requested (threatened) to get a video of the so-called assault, which the HS lawyer did not bring to court (because there was no evidence of an assault). The judge indicated that he knew I had been framed (he probably saw such things regularly) because he made me promise not to bring a criminal or civil suit against Homeland Security as a condition of letting me go.

The point is, a week after my 1979 dream, I had another vivid dream, starting with my tumbling down down down in a dark body of water. I then saw a passenger plane swoop down toward me at the body of water; it was after dark in bustling, lit, city scene. I was then in the plane, with no pilot, no passengers. I then saw myself drop from the plane safely onto the top of a city building, afterwhich I scaled down the side of the building, jumped to the ground, and watched the plane fly away until it disappeared. And I knew it was God. After the bridge event on the false assault charge, I contemplated upon that dream, suggesting to me that, had God not intervened, they would have tossed me over into the river, maybe because they had spent seven hours going through my computer to find my post-trib book, and my anti-globalist writings (there was nothing else on that computer). My reasoning was that God was going to treat that event as a horrible murder (even though it didn't happen), and punish the corrupt deep-staters at Homeland Security as though they murdered me. Finally, he would have me write about, as I am now, to indicate to readers that He wants to punish. Do you think that Ms. Powell will have anything to do with this, and maybe even general Flynn if Trump gives him some special office?

I now find that Trump fired a Mr. Crebs this week, chief of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure at Homeland Security, because he publicly stated that no election fraud took place. He's admitting that he's a fraud, a criminal, supporting mobsters and globalists. Checking the Crebs surname, it has a giant crab-like CREYfish (probably due to their variations such as "Krew"). I know without looking that one Bridge Coat uses crabs! Just look at that. Is it evidence that God is going to punish deep staters for what they've done to me and many others with false charges? Like Flynn? Do we even need the evidence to know that the Judge will punish? No. Will Crebs' replacement punish the rats of the organization? I hope so. I suggest that the Crebs' (Pomerania) are of the Deeter grapes, a branch of Grape's/Gripps/Grabbens.

A CREYfish is in the Arms of Spree-Neisse (Lusatia), the line to Spree's and Speers expected in the Line/Lind Coat. Neise's are listed with Ness' having the Sleep Coat in colors reversed while I touched the Neise-like knee of Miss Hicks to wake her up from sleep. Neise-like Kness'/Neice's/Ness' come to mind. Hicks love the Touts sharing the Spree / Speer crescent. Touts are expected from queen Teuta / Triteuta of the Ardiaei, and they lived on the Neretva while Nerets share the triple bends of CREYs/Craits/Crests. The Doarsi lived on the Neretva too while I was brought to the DOOR of her car when seeing her asleep. Doarsi were named as per mythical Doris, mother of Neret-like NEREIDs, who were depicted in myth as fish. CreyFISH.

What if I could link Clare's to a Blue-like surname, would that be expected/natural/logical without God making the link, or would you think that it's more evidence that God set up Tarr's hockey play to make that link? This is amazing, watch. The Bless/Blois/Bleys surname has a "VirTUS" motto term, and Bles'/Bleys/BLEDs have a "Tous" motto term, and the English Clare Coat in colors reversed. I trace the Bled variation to a Bled location on the Sava river due north of TARSatica, and the amazing thing about this is that Tarsatica is now Rijeka, where I trace Maxwells, who have a spread eagle with orange-red talons and beak, much like that of the Giuliani eagle. Keep following this. The lodged stag in the Maxwell Crest is shared by Bled-like Bluds/Bloods, and so we are really able to prove here (with more below) that the blue line from which Tarr took his shot is tracing to TARSatica.

Maxwells share the black saltire with ROOSTs/Rusts, like "ROSTock" above, and the Blue rooster heads. Another black saltire is used by Blacks and yet another by Blaze's (Roost colors and format), and the Blaze's named Blay, tending to reveal that Blaze's are of the Bless/Blois / Bles/Bley/Bled bloodline. It's important for a couple of more reasons because: 1) these saltires are in the colors of the similar Sinclair cross; 2) Black-like Blackys have two of the three Bles/Bley/Bled chevrons.

Sinclairs were at Roslin; Roslins share buckles with Leslie's; the latter are suspect from Lesce, smack beside Bled; Terras' are very linkable to Leslie's, and Tarrs are also Terres'. The Arms of Rijeka use a black two-headed eagle on a ROCK; German Terras' use ROOKs; Maxwells, with a black, two-headed eagle, were first found in ROXburghshire.

Okay, so Tarr at the blue line seems to trace us to Tarsatica with lots of proof. And then while I proposed that the Giuliani eagle is in the Blue Crest, the Gullys/Gollys, like "goalie," share the cross of Giuliani-like Julians. Tarr's puck knocked over the goalie, and in this case we can view the goalie as the Roman Empire, the globalists, as per Julius Caesar, whose line I think owned the black, Roman eagle (later came with two heads). I think it's fair to say that Trump's battle has been against globalists, even against Bushite globalists. Maxwells use a "holly bush."

Why a Police Officer?

At age 25, I pulled over to the shoulder near highway 7 and Keele street due to becoming too sleepy to drive. I dozed off until a police officer knocked on my windshield. It turned out to be NORMAN MILES whom I hadn't seen since grade 8 a dozen years earlier. He recognized me. I've already gone over the heraldry of that event, which caused me to think that Mr. Miles pointed to a good thing, the arrest of deep-state goons. But here I'd like to say that Miles' were first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's/KILLs, and then Scottish Normans have an "AuXILLium" motto term as though God wants us to know this event to be from him.

One English Norman Coat (tens to reveal that Clare's were Basset kin) has essentially the triple fesses of Bassets and Drummonds, tending to explain why German Normans were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds, and then Bassets/Besancons share billets with Scottish Normans. It's a possible pointer to Ballots. The other English Normans: "They claim descent from "a branch of Basset of Normandy..." The triple Norman fesses are in colors reversed with Camerons (share five Arms-of-Rothschild arrows) who in turn love the Cheile branch of Keele's/Kills in their motto.

As I was sleeping at Keele and Highway 7, I've just looked up Sevens/Severins to see that they share a gold cinquefoil with Sidney-like Sedans/Seddons. The same gold cinquefoil is in a chevron of Smarts that resembles the same-colored chevrons-with-besants of Sevens/Severins/SEFFERins. Unionville is where the puck went through my legs as a pointer to Sidney Powell winning things for Trump like one-two-three.

Out of 1,000 Coats chosen at random, you're not going to find many, if any, with a blue-vaired fesse, yet here we find English Saffers/Savarys sharing it with Bachs/Baghs. If the latter were Intended by my going into he boards with my back, does this mean that the winning, tip-in goal is also a pointer to Sidney Powell? Saffers/Savarys are the ones with two "aut" motto terms possibly for the Ottone's/Otto's because Auto's are listed with Otto's. Ottone's/Otto's are the ones with nearly the Puck Coat, puckincidence? Ottone's and their branches connect to Hoods/Hoots and therefore HodNETS. I tipped the puck into the net.

Now watch how we get to Hodnet of Shropshire, near Sleap, by falling asleep for Miles to wake me up. I knew Norm Miles for two months only in a MARK II school of Unionville, and Unions use MILL rinds, a clue that God was in the wake-up event. Unionville is in the center of MARKham township, and so here's from the last update on Shropshire's MARKET-Drayton: "Drayton is recorded in the Domesday Book as a manor in the hundred of Hodnet." Markets (pointer to Epstein's plane) were first found in Sussex with Unions and Hodnet-branch Hodleys ("patria"), more evidence that God set up the Miles event. Unions have an ermined chevron in the colors of the ermined fesses of Sleeps/Sleaps. The heraldry seems fixed for something, and so we should follow it one more step where we see that Hodnet of Drayton is in North Bradford, for Bradfords, firstly, have a "Fier" motto term while Fiers use a moline cross, symbol also of Mills/MYLLES' / Millers.

Market-Drayton is at the HALES area, explaining why Hales' have a version of the Drayton Coat, but the point here is that Murdoch took over the management of Fox cable news after Roger AILES was let go. It should be repeated that Draytons share the gold talon with Hood-connectable Hooters and hovering-like Hoovers. "In 2016, [Ailes] became an adviser to the Donald Trump campaign, where he assisted with debate preparation...On July 21, 2016, Ailes resigned from Fox News..." due to a string of ramped-up sexual allegations...perhaps due to the deep state wanting to hurt Trump's election chances. Murdoch, who replaced Ailes, is now proving to be a deep-state, anti-Trump goon.

This picture goes to the hovering and sleeping woman at the hood of an AUTO that I talk often about, but I don't want to get more side-tracked by going back deeply into that here. I was told by God to WAKE her up, and while the double-Wake fesses can be those of Sleeps in a colors-reversed situation, the Wake Chief is a colors reversed version of the Clampett / Clere Chief. Could this point again to the Murdocks of the Beverly Hills mansion. The woman was on Epstein's island, and here in this discussion we are on the suspected ties between Murdoch and Epstein (suspect solely with heraldic "evidence").

The hovering woman (in my dream) was Mrs. Kilpatrick in real life, and she's a classy city lady (Houston) that had moved to the hills of the Nueces Canyon, i.e. with plenty of hillbillies. She always looked out of place. Mrs. Kilpatrick was at times stingy / big on money (married a doctor 32 years older for his money, we may assume), and the stingy, money-nuts banker in the Beverly Hillbillies show was Mr. DRYSdale, looking like a branch of DRAYtons. Drysdale's, no guff, not looked up until writing the last sentence, share the Kilpatrick saltire and were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks!!! That's even more important if indeed Draytons were close to Sleeps.

"...Lockerbie falls within the civil parish of Dryfesdale..." Lockerbie's are in the colors and format of Unions, and the latter shares the ermined chevron with Bullocks who in turn have "lockerbie axes" (might have the spelling a little wrong) and share white bull heads with Beverlys. Lock liners are suspect from lake Lychnidus at pelican-like Pelagonia, and that lake drains into the Drin river, which is to the Drayton-like Drainer/Dragon surname itself linkable to Potters, first found in Hampshire with Drake's (dragon), Josephs, Porters and Ports. The Drysdale Chief (estoiles) is shared by Ports and looks linkable to Josephs. The father of Bullock-like Pollocks was in Shropshire with Sleeps. Pullys/Pullens (Yorkshire, same as Beverlys) use "Nulla palleSCERE" phrase while "Nil conSCIRE" is a phrase of Bullocks. Pullys/Pullens use the pelican while Pellicans were first found in Maine with the Josephs (once showed a Lock-connectable swan) sharing the Pully/Pullen martlet. Bullys were first found in Dumfries with Lockerbie's, and with Annan(dale)-like Hains sharing the Bully lozenges. The Joseph swan is in the colors of the Chaplet swans. If there is a chaplet in the Drysdale Crest (with thistle), it's in the Hicks Crest too.

If HodNETs were named by Nets/Nights, that can point to Nitts/Naughts (share MARK checks) of the Nith river, where Kilpatricks (same lion as Mark-connectable Levi's) were first found who married the woman above at the auto's Hodnet-like hood. Kilpatricks were from the Fier-county area, and we just saw Fiers with Bradfords. A Naught-like "wake-KNOT" is used by Wake's, suggesting that God asked me to wake up Mrs. Kilpatrick (born Hicks) as part-pointer to a wake link to the Kilpatricks on the Nith. As Miles woke me up while I fell asleep in my taxi, I can now repeat the memory of driving Miss NAUGHTen home, in my taxi, who lived on the Gamble sideroad. Gamble's happen to share the Hicks fleur-de-lys.

Bradfords share the green snake with this Mackesy Coat while Markets come up as "Mackesy." The latter are the ones connectable to Murdochs, and, zikers, Murdochs are the ones who love Seconds/SEGURS (see exclamation marks below). Markets/Mackesys/MARGesons are the ones expected of Margys/Mackeys sharing the Murdoch Coat, and then the Loyola's/Lolita's expected in the Market/Mackesy/Margeson motto share the black wolf with Bradfords, and with Salfords sharing a Savary variation of Saffers that came up with my falling asleep at highway 7. The "sage" motto term of Bradfords suggests Seagers/Sugars (i.e. like the Segurs of Seconds!!!), who likewise share a green snake with Bradfords, and it's code for the Sugaar snake god, husband of Mari, obviously from the Marsi of Abruzzo who had a snake goddess (Angitia). We can glean here that the Mark-terms of this picture are from the Marsi-like Marici of Pavia.

I've got to repeat that Marsi lived at the Fucino area near Avalon-like Mont Velino, for the myth writers had king Arthur killed in Avalon by MORDred, very possibly code for MURDocks, for they were first found in Ayrshire, on the coast looking out toward Avalon, the island of ROTHESAY. The German Rothes' share the raven with Murdochs, you see, and the Arms of Rothschild shares "Industria" with Mills/Mylles'. The raven is used also by the Isle of Man, where the Mackey-like Mackays trace.

Millers/MUELLERs can be pointed to with Mr. Miles waking me up because I DOZed off. Dozers are listed with Dossier's, and the humiliated Robert Mueller was criminally hoping to score the ruin of Trump using the Perkins-Coie > Steele dossier. The Hoods are Hoots, and the Hotts were first found in Doz-like D'Oust. D'Ousts/Dusts are expected in the "InDUSTria" motto term (shared by Mills/Mylles") in the Arms of Rothschild (have Hodnet / Hodley quadrants in colors reversed). The Rothschild Arms also has "CONCORDia," and if you would like, you can look up Concord, Ontario, because it's at highway 7 and Keele, where Miles woke me up.

A big score. Lachlan Murdoch bought the Beverly Hills mansion, and Lachlans share the fitchee of Luffs/Loveys, first found in Oxfordshire with the Arms of Oxford beaver. To show that God had Lachlan in his heraldic sights, here's from the 4th update in December, 2011: "I now find that the Laffy/LAUGHer/Locher Crest is a fox!!!" Lachlans are also LAUGHlins. Another fox head is used by Bellows in the "bellows" of Oxfordshire's Ships/Shiptons, and Lachlans even show a ship, making it appear that Lachlan liners were connectable to the Oxford beaver as code for Beverly liners. English Beavers, sharing the Lachlan lion (!!!), were first found in Berkshire, near Oxford. No doubt about it, God pointed to the Murdochs of Fox, not likely because they are of the good guys.

Laffys/Laughers/Lochers have three piles to a point in colors reversed from the same of Lawtys/Latters, first found in Ayrshire with Murdochs and MURE's/More's, as well as the Nons/NOMs/NEFFENs in the "non" motto term of Mure's/More's (and Newtons). As Smarts use a "NUMmis" motto term while Neffenger is with Smartmatic, and as Murdoch's Fox news appears to be part-and-parcel with stealing Trump's election win, might Murdoch have claims to some Smartmatic schemes / investments?

Drago de BEWERE (reckon a Beaver liner) built SKIPsea castle in Yorkshire, and Skiptons of Yorkshire look like "Shipton." It reminds of Skipper, captain of the ship on Gilligan's Island, for God pointed to LOVEY Howell of Gilligan's Island, the spoiled, money-nuts wife of a millionaire. We just saw the Lovey fitchee with Lachlans, and Murdocks look just as though they are money-nuts. The banker in the Beverly Hillbillies was money-buts too, and Banks were at Newton of Craven while Skiptons lived in Craven. If Ruperts are connectable to Propers/Robins/Roberts (Cheshire, same as Robin-related Malpas'), it's interesting that French Robins have nearly the Skipsea Coat while Skiptons had married Meschins of Cheshire.

German Beavers were first found in BAVARia with BAUERs. I was wearing Bower-brand skates at the two-on-one break. English Beavers have a fesse colors reversed from the Burton fesse, and Burtons (BORDon colors) have Drago de Bewere (or Drogo de la Bouerer) in their write-up, who's also in the Blade write-up, and Blade's (share green Shield with Bauers, Bowers and Bourleys) are in Bourly colors. Drago was a Fleming and can thus link to the red fitchee (color of the Lachlan fitchee) that comes with the dragon of Trashers/Tresure's (Somerset, same as Burton-like Borders/Boarders, Bourlys, and the Bursys expected in the Burseblade branch of Blade's). [Dont miss Berts/Burts in the nex update.]

AHHH, I think I get it. The Lockers, like the Locher variation of Lachlan-connectable Laughers, look like they use the TIPs of the BLADEs of swords, and as Lockers are in the colors and format of Board-like and Bewere-related BURTons (Bordon colors), it appears that my tip-in-goal, before crashing into the boards, with the tip of my stick's blade, is God's defeat against Rupert Murdoch!! Kyle's, first found in Ayrshire with Murdochs, use candleSTICKs, and Sticks were first found in Somerset too, with Lockers, Boarders, and Burse's of BurseBLADE's.

Repeat from above with the "FORTis" motto term of Lachlans and Forts in mind: "Borders/Boarders share the swords of the neighboring Shots/Shute's, who are like the Scoots sharing "FORTuna" with Schims suspect in "scimiTAR." The same swords are used by Schim-branch Skins/Skene's (Aberdeenshire, same as Schims/Schiens). The McBee's/Beatons (on Skye with Clouds) and Baits/Beeths share both "fortuna" and the sword of Skins/Skene's (cloud), and then the Beetons/McBeths are in the colors and format of BURTons (BORDon colors)." It makes the Berton variation of Burtons look like play on "Beeton." If McBee's are of the McAbee variation of McCabe's, they have the Lachlan fish. I SCHIMed (so to speak) along the ice on my SHIN, and crashed into the boards. The whole team then piled on me, laughing / grinning, while piles are used by Lachlan-connectable LAUGHers.

Murdochs first entered the Tarr play when someone gave him a PASS at center ice, and Rollo's, with a "passe" motto term, also use "fortune," and share the black boar with "fortuna"-using Baits/Beeths and Beatons/Bedins (Bethin colors and format). WOW! I didn't know that English BEDins, with more black boars, would come to mind when starting this paragraph, but I remember by heart their use of the SECOND/Segur Coat, and Murdochs use "secundo"!!! WOW WOW! That's no coincidence, no way.


If the news media chooses to fight the fraud evidence, and if that evidence is overwhelming, the media people are going to club themselves over their heads. They will lose credibility even further with leftist viewers. I think we now understand why they went fast-speed ahead on the wackiest, most-reckless programs: because they thought they could win with cheating machines in spite of. Despicable.

In the second minute of this video, Trascher gets the credit for verifying that Frankfurt was raided by American law people, but why Trascher???

On November 18, as he speaks above, Trascher makes it sound as though the Trump team has the Frankfurt servers, and is going through them as we speak. Was he given authority from the top of the Trump team to publicize this news? If so, and he's accurate in this news, can we see a winning goal here?

The next speaker (Lin Wood) in the video says that the Scytl affiliate, Paragon, has a sketchy nature, "could be China, could be George Soros." My slide on SHIN pads pointed to Chinns/Chings, and that took place while looking up the Lins (listed with Line's/Linds) as per the puck on the goal LINE, to find Chinese Lins as well, but then evoking Lin Wood simultaneously.

Today we discover that the Trump team won't do a full recount in Wisconsin because it costs too much ($8M). Without a full re-count, the full extent of Dominion cheating cannot be discovered, and that's a very important thing for future elections, and for jailing the crime bosses of this totalitarian effort. Trump has enough money all his own to pay for it. Had he done so, God would have noticed. It looks like he just wants to get re-elected, and who cares about voter fraud after that?

On Wednesday, Rudy Giuliani put out a video to say that Dominion doesn't count the votes, and that its Smartmatic affiliate (or whatever it is) sends vote tallies to Frankfort or Barcelona. Therefore, he, too, as with Trascher, is keeping the Frankfurt story alive into Wednesday:

Giuliani announced Wednesday that he lost his case in the Pennsylvania supreme court 5-2 down party lines, and therefore will take that case to Amy Coney Barrett, alright. The Pennsylvania court rebuked Giuliani because he dared asked the court to disenfranchise many votes. Ah, er, yes, but judge, if the Democrat whore house cheating on behalf of Biden, then the whore house is responsible for disenfranchising Democrat votes, ah, er, that's just the way it works in a normal world, but, ah, er, I can see you have a major hang up called a biased frame of mind that defines you as a mock judge, an ape, ah, er, your honor. If you can dig out the illegal votes versus the legal votes, then we can county every vote, sure, but if the whore house has made it impossible to dig out the illegal votes for Biden, then, ah er, the fair thing to do is toss out the entire pile. If you don't know fairness, ah, er, ape, sir, it's because you have a bias. I wish I could help you, but you're beyond repair if you're unable to figure that out on your own.

I've never asked or clicked on even one of the false-Christian-prophet videos that youtube keeps feeding me, and it won't stop feeding them to me, and so we seem to be on the cusp of a new, deviant form of deep-state tricks to mess with the minds of Republicans.

Below is proof that Obama is responsible for the cheating machines. However, when you hear the man tell that the cheating machines were designed for foreign countries under Bush, have the wisdom to realize that it was a smokescreen to hide the real intent: to perfect it under the guise of foreign use when in fact it was to establish a U.S. dictatorship by the Bush circle. Unfortunately, the Bushites fronted loser McCain and loser Romney, and, possible scenario: not even the cheat machines could put them over the top with Obama. In that picture, Americans can count themselves fortunate that the Bushites lost their bid to seize the county, and only had to put up with stupid Obama, who lost the senate and house in just his first two years quack-quack. It would be interesting to know whether Dominion was in use in the 2008 and 2012 elections.

I wonder whether the Bushites are seeking to support a military coup against Trump if Amy Coney Barrett gives him the victory. Then again, should we be asking whether Kavanaugh and/or Barrett is a Bushite? Did Trump put in a Bushite or two? Would he be that stupid? Oh-no. Fox is a Bushite operation at this time, it's now clear. It's job is to condition the masses to drop Trump. We need to discover whether the supreme court is eager to take up the Pennsylvania case. The decision will come fast, but if it's too slow, it could mean it's prepared to drop Trump with a theatrical court case where the judges decide (amongst themselves) the Trump-fatal outcome before procedures begin.

See the 18th minute of BCP for a Georgia whore-house worker (on the phone) admitting that, even though the re-count was done, the whore-house is going to ignore those numbers, and report the initial count, anyway, in going forward to the end of the entire process.

It just doesn't strike me as wise (or real) that Trump's legal team did not demand from the court to have monitors on the whore-house's re-count. On Friday, Georgia said the counting was done, and Biden won. Giuliani will argue in court that the re-count was not legal, but the re-count may have hidden much of the damning evidence, such as the late / mail-in ballots. How will Giuliani now get the totality of those ballots? One might need to go through all ballots all over again to find them. Who's going to do that now? It was to be done during the re-count. Giuliani says he sent the whore house a letter, telling them their method of re-count was not lawful, but why didn't he order a court to stop the re-count until Trump people could get in the place to see every ballot, and put aside all suspect ballots? This doesn't smack to me as reality. In the end, the supreme court may agree that Georgia did the re-count unlawfully, but, the question is, what will be its remedy? The obvious answer is: another re-count.

Just the News reports that they contacted 1,706 voters, 556 of which said they did not ask for a ballot, suggesting they were all potential Biden voters i.e. the whore houses were hoping they would send in their ballots, and these ones did. Of the 1,137 who did request ballots, a whopping 453 said the whore houses did not register / acknowledge their votes i.e. assumed to be Trump voters. So, out of the 1,137, assuming Trump got 75-percent of the vote, he got 843 votes minus as many as 453. Of the remaining 25-percent, or roughly 300 votes for Biden, he gets as many as 556 more, due to ballots sent out to those not asking for them. It just another way to cheat by sending ballots to prospective Biden voters who didn't care to ask for them, and, making it easy for them to vote by mail, the trick worked to a large degree. If the whore houses are run by Democrats to this extent, what in tarnation is wrong with Republicans asleep at the wheel. The time has come when stopping the liberals / leftists / globalists / anti-Christs is the most important thing for EVERY country. They will gang-up together in EVERY country and perform the same programs globally, shoulder-to-shoulder.

youtube is still cheating. If I ask for "lou dobbs," it gives me only the short-version Fox shows for the 19th, and all the rest are old videos, some years old, as if youtube isn't intelligent enough to know what I want. If, after I write-in "lou dobbs," and I click youtube's down-box that appears, where it suggests "Lou Dobbs tonight 11/19/20" for me, the results are even worse, no long-version show for that night comes up. I need to enter "lou dobbs nov 19" in order to get the long version from someone, and, usually, Democrats (or even deep-state employees) are offering these Fox shows so that they can clip out what they don't want the world to see and hear. So, after two recent appearances before congress, big tech goes away unafraid, because Trump is a president without a police force. It's his fault, but I don't repeat this ad-nauseum for nothing, because unless his voters hold him to blame for it, the country will go down to the dictators. I'm doing my part, a teensy-weeny part, a little speck. Trump needs to use his police to send shock waves, but he refuses. He wants to be big-shot president four more years, brag in all his glory for dis-and-dat and dat-and-dis, then leave his voters to the buzzards when he walks off in 2025.

This is the same Trump who swept Giuliani under the rug when he was being persecuted by the media for going after the Bidens. Now that he needs Giuliani for his own skin, Trump sings a different tune. Trump will do nothing to make good all of Giuliani's work against the Bidens. Trump is Barr's boss, but Trump will not call that slime-bug into his office to DEMAND that he fire Wray and arrest Hunter Biden and all others who broke laws in the Obama sphere. Trump wanted the Bidens in trouble only to help him win the election, but the accumulated toll that all the deep state has on the country is not of his concern because he's a piece of trash. Maybe he'll change, but after four years without a police force at his disposal, he's become a detriment to the county. Go ahead and enjoy his rallies and his anti-media roar, but you do so with your head in the lion's mouth, giddy pro-Trumper, of the dastardly Romans, global dictators wanna-bees. He fired Esper FAST, but won't do the same to Wray.

In my opinion, if not for God, the Colosseum lions would be eating Trump supporters alive starting now, especially Christians. God has shown us the true face of our enemies, that we might prepare for the last "dark hour" under their power structures. There's probably no time to re-do America, or to "make it great again." It's enough if we fend off the lions and die more respectably, if some of us must die to justify Armageddon.

You might say, "John, you sound like a pretty iron-fisted kind of guy." Ah, er, when the iron fist is necessary yes. If it were merely justified, that's something else, but right now, swift punishment is needed, ever-so-swift. And hard, as close to the top of the pyramid, without relenting at their threats. When they threaten, arrest more. Make them run and hide, put them in disarray, arrest more as they run, stab them in the backs as they run, for these types will never repent. There's going to be a price to pay, but the longer this waits, the stronger they become. They don't want ordinary lives like you and me; they want easy tax money in the millions. That's why they want power. And they want to distort society that they might control it easier.

Sidney Powell says that Dominion is trying to hide, and that it's Toronto office was shared with a Soros person. Don't miss this video if you want the many options for cheating using the Smartmatic equipment; she calling on Barr to investigate this company / election, but shouldn't that person be Trump? Yes. Will Barr accuse Trump of being self-interested even though the cheating is 100-proof?

See also Giuliani give plenty of new details Thursday; you will like this if you're not in a rush:

In the 6th minute, we see the final development of a cheat method where the voter signs the outer envelope, where his/her address is found too, but then there is no such things also on the ballot itself. The envelope is discarded, because the cheats need to do it in order to cheat. They can now add many illegal ballots and claim they came in envelopes when in fact they did not. Why not have the signature and address on the ballot too (a no-brainer), and especially on the ballot? Because it doesn't allow cheating. Who's fault is this? The sleeping, do-thing Republicans, we could say. Trump's team was looking into election fraud years ago, and didn't bother to correct this system. You should be enraged, America. You boasted of having the best democratic system anywhere, but no one was correcting the evolution of the system to the whims of mobster-class politicians.

Suddenly, you wake up and discover that you have the worst democratic system, with thousands upon thousands of election workers doing criminal acts as their pimps and whore's direct them. And Trump refuses to replace Wray at this critical time, as though the president is part of a sick comedy. Woe is me to merely criticize. This is more than passing judgment. You had best demand from Trump, until he does it promptly (not in January), that he replace Wray and Barr with people who are willing to risk death to repair what's now terribly broke.

In the 24th minute, Giuliani says that whore-house worker can put the same ballot into the count machine more than once, meaning the system allows it by not having personal information of the voter on each ballot. Can you believe that? And Republicans allowed this system to go on? Are they complete, hopeless morons? Or is this a sick comedy? A machine that records only a Biden vote or a Trump vote but does not record the voter's name??? Can such a machine actually exist? I suppose that this applies only to mail-in ballots.

Now that Giuliani's reported to the public the great cases he has for fraud, the devils will increase their efforts to thwart him, and this means he should hire more body guards.

In the 28th minute, he says that his team has been doing audits in Wisconsin that has thus-far produced 100,000 illegal ballots. He seems to imply that the bulk of these were Biden votes, and that de-counting those ballots gives Trump the victory over the state.

He says that there will be a court case filed in Georgia Friday, and says he's going to do a court case also in Arizona. I think we can be sure that all nine supreme-court judges are watching this news conference Thursday. I think Mrs. Barrett will be convinced by this to give the presidency to Trump simply because the whores tossed out the envelopes so that there's no proof of validity of the mail-in votes. What's a judge to do? Toss out the ballots, the only correct option.

According to two youtube videos I saw, Tucker Carlson Friday gave Sidney Powell's claims at the conference a mere, passing mention, just as if he knows his bosses don't want him to publicize further what the Trump legal team has, and just as if Tucker is obeying his bosses even if they didn't ask him to. Tucker essentially said, on Thursday night, exactly hat his bosses would have wanted him to say. You see, as the news story gets extremely good for Trump, Fox bosses get extremely tougher on their news anchors. To be expected. Hannity likes to repeat that his Fox bosses never tell him what or what not to say, though he hasn't said how many things he's left unsaid willingly that he knows his bosses don't want stressed. That's a wishy-washy news man, at best, with the potential of abandoning his own party in a critical event to save his own job.

Here's hugsy-bear BCP gr-gr-g-roaring at Fox and showing the Tucker controversy from the latter's Thursday show:

Tucker either over-looked the obvious fact that Ms. Powell isn't foolish enough to feed her main-course evidence to her enemies on television. Or, he said what he knew his Fox bosses wanted him to say, which, first off, is to say nothing glorious about the Giuliani news conference. So, maybe Tucker just picked a bone with one of the lawyers, and made that the figurehead piece for his "coverage", in order to maneuver through his jamb created by Fox upper levels. The latter were freaking at the contents of the conference, because it's very promising for Trump, and so you can bet that Fox bosses immediately sent out the alarm throughout the entire building. There's no other explanation...unless this pertains to some kind of a sick theater intended to rock the nation back and forth for sinister reasons. We shall soon see. Powell's evidence will be before the courts soon.

Tucker must know of the evidence already on youtube of flipped votes. If Fox ruins even Tucker, ouch. He has the choice of quitting Fox. Why stay at a company to save a job while throwing the party you claim to work daily and stand for to the wolves? What glory is in there with that?

Dominion in hiding? Running? BCP above addresses this in the middle of his video. Dominion bailed from giving it's side of the election story, in a sit-down with inquirerors. So, Dominion is afraid to incriminate itself by talking. Dominion was prepared for the sit-down, until it learned from Powell how much she knows about the several methods of conducting fraud with the machines, and so, I get it: Dominion doesn't want to sit down and answer questions to that effect. It could even be that Fox bosses demanded from Tucker that he get Powell's key evidence against Dominion so that Fox could pass it along to Dominion. Would Tucker stoop that low? Just to save his job? Tucker has made Powell look like a liar in the only thing that can save Trump's party at this time. On international television, no small sin when he doesn't know what she has.

Don't necessarily think that Newsmax has all the pro-Trumpers now, because if any of those anchors lose their job to work instead for a leftist media, they can turn into a leftist propagandist overnight. They're job, if they wish to succeed, and it's what they are being paid for, is to win your heart with passion to their pitches, that you might become addicted / enslaved to their shows...because they talk the way you want them to talk, and so they become your hope and savior against the other party that wants to ruin you. But some have got to be sincere, one way or the other, never betraying their own values, and a lot of those types might not have a media job at this time as a result. Which goes to say: those who do have jobs could be amongst the most two-faced.

Prior to Thursday's news conference, Dominion may have believed that oversight enquiries didn't know what to zero in on to discover fraud, but Powell said enough to send Dominion the message that the cheating methods are largely known. Dominion's change of heart is GOOD NEWS, because it looks guilty. Did Tucker address this on Friday? Not a chance. He and others had best state their cases against the Fox bosses who wish to be twitter-censorship 2.0.

Lou Dobbs seems to buck well against Fox bosses, and he even brought up the Frankfurt raid. Ms. Powell now says that the raid is confirmed, though this may be theater from the deep state, i.e. perhaps untrue. She says that the American government seized the Frankfurt servers, but that can mean either the good guys or bad guys. The latter always keep Trump out of the loop, in the dark, and feed him disinformation as means, for example, to lure him into a bad-publicity trap. Perhaps this Frankfurt story is just a propped-up ghost for getting Powell some bad publicity after she commits a few times to saying that it's confirmed. But if she says it's confirmed according to such-and-such, she's off the hook, no problems, and the one confirming it is put on the hook.

There was a Wisconsin shooting Friday night that could very well be a false-flag event to fill the news time so that going free of voter-fraud news can be justified by the local media.

Maybe we now know what the Obama shadow government was doing for the last four years, setting up the rigged voting systems, and propping up a Biden who would agree to form a government filled with Obama-loyal puppets who could be manipulated to follow the orders of the shadow government. This is classic "Illuminati," especially with the likes of Obama unafraid to slander Jesus in public.

Here's a good laugh:

This is one massive event (by Trump lawyers / media reporters ) to expose the illness that has infected the United States:

It's Thursday night. No use pointing the finger at the dead man, Wray, but it's Barr's who is the criminal scoundrel for not yet making an election-fraud arrest in order to instantly straighten out the cheating ways of all hooer houses. Barr, friend of criminals, no doubt about it, yet nobody on the Trump team wants to accuse him publicly, because, I think, it will make Barr more hard-hearted than he is now, which is exactly how we can know that he's a despicable creature of darkness. Trump voters are holding their breath waiting for Barr to act. When's he going to act, AFTER the election fight is over, after the cheaters have stolen the election for a mobster?

On the weekend, Sidney Powell said that she's got the goods to embarrass Homeland Security, the FBI and Bill Barr, none of which are doing their jobs. But if even one of the five Republican supreme-court judges can be persuaded to vote against her in favor of those establishment charades, I don't know what happens then. The only thing I know is that I'll need to retract my goal-line, winning-goal scenario. Because I don't know how else to interpret it if she and Giuliani lose the electoral battle. Okay folks, I see that there's just a little over two minutes on the clock...The coaches are just about to say, change 'em up with our best line for the last play of the game. See this, you'll like the way he puts it:

I say, replace Trump with Ms. Powell, immediately. Trump is the one who brought this situation to the edge. He put Haspel in the CIA because he's a total jerk. When will Republicans understand this? He squandered these past four years. She's been shining his own shoes, grooming his own hair, inflating his own reputation, and all along he's been ONE BIG JERK. He's brought this sick comedy upon his nation, and still won't send Wray packing, still won't fire Haspel so that Ratcliffe has a good guy to work with at the top of the CIA. This Trump is your nightmare, Trump voters / supporters. But if you say he's not a jerk, then he's worse than your nightmare; he then becomes your tormentor.

When Ms. Powell says that the American government has the Frankfurt servers, then shouldn't Trump himself have TOP AUTHORITY over them? Or will he just leave it all in Haspel's hands, or some deep-state military office, to ruin the damning evidence against the global election cheats? After all, he's been just that sort of jerk or two-faced piece of trash, we have yet to see which of those two he's been, but there's no other viable choices. I want Trump to win, but not because of Trump. Maybe he'll change, but, to date, he's his own liability, bringing his entire voter base to the edge of a globo-socialist disaster.

How can we explain that, after four years of being top-dog, he can't depend on the CIA, the FBI or the Department of Justice, and now not even Homeland Security, to help out his voters for this win against the tentacles seeking to enslave all peoples? Is he just a bumbler, or part of a sick comedy? Is he paving the way for mandatory vaccines? Looks like. But surprise me. If mandatory, you can bet it's not to save the world from COVID, because this virus is no more threatening than a mild flu. Ask: WHY MANDATORY? The devil's in the answer. Hopefully, Trump just wants the vaccine to get past the lockdowns. There's a good chance of that, but if he has delivered the world to the globalists, look out now that they have exposed themselves as evil, and have prevailed. May God bring the end upon them speedily. My wish: let's wait another four years, weaken our enemies much in the meantime, and only then give them their dark hour. But God can respond, "don't worry, I can give them power today, and weaken them in four days like you want done in four years."

It is necessary to expose their evil so that, when people side with them in order to have things go easier for them, God can then claim they knew better, they joined the evil powers knowing they were evil, knowing they hurt innocent, decent people who opposed their evil, who suffered choosingly (I like coining words long overdue), willingly, for opposing their evil. Those are the priceless ones God wants to pull to Himself from The Test. Don't fail the test. Speak out again the evil, but keep clear of harsh persecution due to speaking too harsh at the wrong time. Don't use guns against the evil authorities. Don't even flash them. Let them do evil, not you. In the final few years, there is no use fighting for the future of the country, is there? Let them have the country in their final few years. Don't be deceived by the "patriots" who would have you fight for the country at that time. Every bullet you let fly at them could amount to two or three bullets of the deep state to the body of your Christian brother / sister. Do you get it?

This week, the Trump farce speaks again: "President Trump has ordered the Pentagon to withdraw 2,500 troops by the middle of January...This will represent a total reduction of troops from 4,500 to 2,500 and from 3,000 to 2,500 in Afghanistan and Iraq, respectively." Farce. It's been four years, and still there's thousands of troops over there? Farce.

See the first couple of minutes of this video for some stark and heavy, instant election cheating not known publicly last week:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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