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November 24 - 30, 2020

One Lorraine Motto Term Points to Three Supreme-Court Judges
The McCOURTs Have the Tippin Pheons!
Everything Looks Like a Trump Win This Week

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Tucker Carlson's impatience (could be too-mild a term) with Sidney Powell last week had, in-part, a comment that Trump's legal people were unaware of Powell's evidence against election-machine fraud. Later in the week, the Trump team announced that Powell was not an OFFICIAL part of Trump's legal team, and so that explains it. This is actually a good thing because if Trump's lawyers knew her evidence, it may have been snitched to the rats by now. She should share (and probably has) her evidence with others, and announce it publicly, to protect herself from harm to keep her quiet.

Some are saying Monday that Giuliani is distancing Powell from the team. If she's not an official part, then, perhaps, her court cases may not get priority in time for the need. Trump's team gets its cases expedited, but if Powell's cases don't, it's a big problem if the Trump team fails on its evidences. Giuliani says that his court game is to whack the election process in ways not relevant to election machines, but, surely, Powell's whacking the machines is very helpful to the overall case of fraud. The two should go hand-in-hand, which is why, we must assume, Powell was a part of Giuliani's news conference in the first place.

If Trump doesn't hire Powell officially if it's helpful to his fight, could we consider this yet another reckless gamble on his part? If he looses in court without her evidence, what should his voters have to say about that? This is not a fight just for himself, but it's a fight against the wicked on the nation, which is what the bulk of Trump's voters want. Powell's evidence alone can cause Trump to win by simply discovering the votes that were flipped from Trump to Biden...though this could take too much time, we shall see what she says. On the other hand, if Powell has sufficient evidence already that the machines can be "played" with, that alone can toss out the elections of all / some of the states using those machines extensively. By shouldn't Giuliani use that argument?

The last update had a lot of heraldic pointers tending to verify Powell's as-yet unknown material as dynamite. I have more heraldry here. On a John Bachman Now show aired by Fox last week, he had Michael Steel, a spokesman for the terrified Dominion company, come on TV to say its ridiculous to suggest that Dominion is engaging in election fraud, because the machines cannot be rigged for fraud. We shall see, because Powell is saying the very opposite on multiple counts. Lou Dobbs revealed Monday that Steel worked for as the senior advisor to Jeb Bush's presidential run against Trump! And Steel was also the press secretary for Paul Ryan (now at Fox's executive offices) when running as a vice-president! It can explain why Steel appeared on Fox playing the goodie-goodie, trust-me Republican. Aside from being a spokesman at this time, we wonder what else Steel has done with Dominion. Reminder: it was the Bush administration that started toying with these election machines for to make them cheat for fixing foreign elections on behalf of US-friendly candidates...after Bush said he didn't want to nation build.

Note the Steel surname, because I came across the Dominion-like "Dominus" motto term of Bert-like Bards in the last update, and Bards happen to share the green griffin with though God's trying to catch our attention by arranging a Sidney-Powell link to Dominion. (Load Bard tab now to better follow the discussion by loading other surnames yourself.)

Well, it just so happens that German Steels share the griffin of Berts/Berta's while Bard-like Barts are not only in Bert/Berta colors, but share a gold border with them. There you have a decent link of Michael Steel to potential / logical branches of Bards. The Barts use an old man with a big BEARD, and then Bards (the ones with "Dominus" are also Beards. Excellent. Perhaps God wants all other surnames in this mix for making additional links for additional revelations.

In the last update, it was shown why my slide-in-, tip-in, winning goal pertained to election-fraud voting machines that Powell is exposing. It predicted her victory along with the same of Victoria Toensing diGenova. I can now add that the "Dominus FECIT" motto of Bards/Beards can be partly for the Fechter variation VICTORs/Victoria's...which is completely amazing because, as I was writing that, the Victory/Nebo/Nabo surname came to mind, which I know without looking has old men with beards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible.

There's even more "coincidence" where Swiss Fechters (version of Fesch/Fechter Coat) have the blue-vaired Shield of Beach-branch and "Fechter"-like Beckers, suggesting that a Beach line appears to have formed a Fechter-like variation by marriage to a Fechter liner. In any case, German Beckers -- ZOWZERS FOLKS -- share's the checkered bend of English Steels!!! What we did there was go off to kin of Bards (Fechters), expected in the Bard motto, to return to Steels suspect earlier as Bard kin. It's like we checked the math to find it correct. Plus, Feschs/Fechters are from the Fieschi of Genova, and Victoria Toensing married Mr. DiGenova.

As was said, in the winning goal, I went sliding into the Bard-like Boards. Fechters/Victors share a single, black pale bar with Board-like Broads, and it's colors reversed from the pale bars of NUSE's/Newes' feasibly in the "DomiNUS FECIT" motto of Bards/Beards that also has the FECTers, we may assume. Just look at that, as if God has arranged it well enough for us to bank on. The Fechters/Victors even share the star of BOARDers, and Boarders even have the crossed, white swords of both German Feschs/Fechters and Swiss Fechters, is that not amazing? How did I miss this in the last update? Fechters didn't come to mind with "fecit." Instead, Faucets did who are suspect with the lion of Scytl-like Schittle's having a Skate-like Schit (Skits share the Skate Coat) are variation and sharing the Ice trefoils. It's got that hockey game all over it.

If the Nuse's/Newes are in the Bard/Beard motto, then, wow, I also claim that God set up my coffee in Victoria, Texas, where I bought a newspaper that pointed without doubt to the News'/Nuces'. Later, this proved to point to the Bash's (Hertfordshire, same as Nuse's/Newes') having a version of the News/Nuces Coat. It was pointing to John Bash of Western Texas, in my strong opinion, though I know not why, as yet. I went bashing into the boards as I tipped in the winning goal. Coffee's use a "Victoria" motto term, and we just saw Fechters/Victoria's work into the winning goal. John Bash is a lawyer who was commissioned by Bill Barr to look into the masking crimes of Obama against general Flynn, Sidney Powell's present client. The plot thickens? My suspicions are that Barr relieved Bash of his duties into that task because Barr has become a shameful creature of the darkness. He has yet to make a major arrest of the election cheats, not even a low-level arrest that could work his way to the top of things. SPIT!

It strikes me here that the BOWRder variation of Boarders could be a Bower / Bauer variation because the crossed swords are in the colors of the crossed arrows of Knobs, first found in Bavaria with Bauers and Rothes'/Rothchilds, and looking like the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow (the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer, and Rothschilds share the five, bunched arrows of Bowers). I had Bauer skates when I bashed into the boards. If RothsCHILDs were named after a Rothes-Child merger, let's add that Childs/Chills were first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's.

The winning goal was from a slap SHOT from Steve Tarr (came to rest on the goal line), and Tarrs were first found in Somerset with the Boarders/BOWRders, BOURleys (share green Shield with Bauers and Bowers), Rothschild-branch Roets, and Roet-related Jews/CHEWs. Borders/Bowrders share the Shot/Shute/CHEWte's (Wiltshire, beside Somerset) who in turn have a version of the three TRUMPets of Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire). Mayer Bauer lived on Jew street (Frankfurt). What story would you like to predict with that set of heraldry? The Jews/Chews may even have the Berta / Steel griffin.

We can even go to Caddells (Banffshire, same as Troups/Troops), first found beside Celts/Colts and sharing their red stag head. It's the Celts/Colts who share the blue Sidney pheon!!! Bingo. It appears that God mad the slap shot, and/or the puck to the goal line, point to Sidney Powell. Caddells share the white-on-red eSCUTcheon (shield) with Caddel-like Chadwicks and Chaddocks, and the Caddell Coat is a good Coat reflection also of the Shot-like Scoots sharing black greyhound with Schutz's/Shutz's. Shots are also Shute's, and then Scute's likewise have the escutcheon.

In the last update, Conrad Black (Trump supporter) entered the symbolism of the winning goal, and so we've got to add here that while Irish Blake's show a Caddell variation, English Blake's share the single pale bar of Broads and Fechters/Victors. As was said in the last update, the first thing I remember on the ice, as per the goal, was Tarr receiving a pass to give us a two-on-one break. Shots/CHEWte's share "fortune" with Rollo's (Perthshire, same as Celts/Colts) who in turn have a "passe" motto term for the Pass/Pascal surname. Colt-like Colters, sharing the Catherine-Roet wheel with Jews/CHEWs, were first found in Lanarkshire with Dominion-pointing Bards/Beards, and beside GLASgow while I see the Black star as that of Glass'. The Blacks sharing an orange-like Crest with Twizels/Twists love the Crux's in their motto while Crux's share the single pale bar of Blake's of Twizel castle.

Now that Dominion is being pointed to by Bards/BEARDs, it recalls the sickly stag in my dream that came walking up my driveway followed by a bearded man on crutches. The Crutch's can be gleaned as a branch of the Crux's in the Black motto, for whatever that could be worth, but, in any case, the sickly (skinny-bones) stag, for good heraldic reasons, was interpreted as a symbol of president Trump for a reason I didn't yet understand. I don't want to explain why else the Blacks apply to that dream's picture, though I should say that it may not be for Conrad Black (I just don't really know). Kepke was in the dream first, and the sickly stag followed him, and Kepke (my old friend) had a dog, Blacky. Blackys share the green dragon head of Blake's, begging whether the green bard/Beard griffin head applies.

Kepke once said to me, "be nonCHALANT," when God breathed it through him concerning Miss Whelan, and Blake's with the Twizel Crest look linkable to Chalants/Chalons and Collins, the latter from the city of Chalons, home of Mummolin, husband of Berthe, the line to Berts/Berta's! That's the Bard/Beard line that was in the dream with bearded man on crutches! Whelans were first found in Waterford, and the Arms of County Waterford has the Trump stag head. It can explain why Blake's were first found in Devon with English Berts/Burts. There's more in the last update on Blake's, Blackys and Blacks, if you're interested.

It appears that the dream with Kepke and the sickly stag is about this election loss for Trump, as taken away by the crooks he refused to punish over the last four years. STUPID TRUMP, the braggart, set himself up for this fall. Now his fighters, likely with God's help, need to save him, afterwhich he'll take the credit (because he's a fanatical nut for self-glorification). My hope is that he'll drop to his knees in heart-felt honor for Jesus.

I used "crooks" because Crooks/Croks (probably the Pollock bend) share three black escutcheons with Corona-like Correns, the latter first found in Waterford too. Kepke and Whelan lived on Henry CORson Place. As ESCHYNa de-Molle married Robert CROC, that's probably why Blake's share the single pale bar of ESKINs/ErSKINs, and why Skin-branch Schims/Schiens ("fortuna"), sharing the Molle boar head, share the Black Chief. As Spoons likewise have that boar head, I'm going to add that another friend of mine, from Michigan, Michael WitherSPOON, lived nearly behind Kepke. This could relate to some election-fraud case in Michigan. Oh, as per "WITHERspoon," Withers/Weathers are in the colors and format of English Berts/Burts. Withers/Weathers had previously pointed to Obama's ties to Weather Underground, a socialist American-grown terror group run by Bill Ayers. The Eyer-like "EARs of wheat" in the mouth of the Ayer-like hare in the Withers Crest suggested Bill Ayers, for Eyers are listed with English Ayers while Scottish Ayers were first found in AYRshire with Hare's/Hairs. One Hare/Hair Coat, minus its double fesses, is the Coat of Dunhams, you see, the surname of Obama's mother.

I kid you not, that while writing the sentence above with the Eyers in it, the power went out i.e. a BLACK-out. Power came back on after writing the last sentence of the paragraph above. Power then went off again after writing the first sentence of this paragraph. So, as Bert- / Bart-connectable Bards (power just came back on) are the Dominion-pointing ones, while Withers are in Bert/Burt colors and format, is this suggesting that the Antifa / BLACK Lives Matter terror groups are from Obama? Nothing makes more sense. My dream with trash-can rim on fire pointed to the riots, and that trash-can pointed to Trashers/Tresure's (Somerset, same as Tarrs/Tarres' and Bretts, and beside Berts) with the Bert/Burt fitchee in colors reversed. Trashers/Tresure's share the red fitchee with Bert-like Bretts. Trashers/Tresure's (Black chevron?) even share the green dragon head with Blake's and Blackys. We can call the rioters the trashers of cities.

Whoever employed the rioters, they must be feeling extremely hellish, because the riots are blamed for the near-loss of the House to Republicans, but the riots also caused Biden to do so badly in the election that cheaters were forced to expose themselves. All praise to the rioters for ruining the liberals all-the-more, hip-hip-hooray! It's been another backfire into Obama's face, who lost the senate and the house in only his second year! Hip-hip-hooray!

As the motto of Bards/Beards (share Powell griffin) is being entertained partly for Dominion and partly for Trump's legal teams, it's hard to know whether the bearded man on crutches should be viewed as Dominion of the legal teams. Certainly, the crutches suggest a defeat similar to the one suffered by the sick stag. There is some heraldic evidence that Kavanaugh will vote against Trump when the cases get to the supreme court, but then how can the team be victorious?

I'm now worried that Giuliani's distancing of Powell, which could be by Trump's order in case she embarrasses the team with over-hyped evidence, will cause the team to lose the court battles needed to win the election. Is this why, on the one hand, there was a winning goal in opposition to the voting machines, while, on the other hand, there is a sickly Trump followed by a bearded man representing Dominion? I dunno. I'm stumped. Perhaps Giuliani's team will lose with the supreme court while Powell's case(s) slides in at the last second and wins it. The Tarr Coat gives nothing of a clue whatsoever that I can see; it's just ten pale bars, five-and-five. The only thing I've linked those pale bars to, that I can recall, is the Arms of Aragon, and the Arms of Roussillon. Note how "Aragon" is like "Paragon." Paragon bought Scytl just last month in October. Why would that take place just before the election? Who's at Paragon? Here's from the last update:

The next speaker (Lin Wood) in the video says that the Scytl affiliate, Paragon, has a sketchy nature, "could be China, could be George Soros." My slide on SHIN pads pointed to [Shins/]Chinns/Chings, and that took place while looking up the Lins (listed with Line's/Linds) as per the puck on the goal LINE, to find Chinese Lins as well, but then evoking Lin Wood simultaneously.

This week, someone informed us that Lin Wood has always been a registered Democrat, and that he could be a Democrat mole in the Trump campaign. Hmmm, something to think about. That could put him into the China / Lynne-Cheney camp. Note how Mole's share the boar head of Shin/Chinn-connectable Schims/Schiens/Shands/Chands. Ouch, Lin Wood looks like a spy-mole. If he's a mole, then his failed legal case last week should be held up as an excuse for its not climbing toward the supreme court. Giuliani has not mentioned Wood, and Wikipedia may be lying when it says that Wood is Trump's lawyer.

A curiosity is that while Flynns are also Lynns while sharing the besants of Paragon-like Purchase's/Purkess' (share Powell lion), the latter (Purchase's) were first found in Kent with Wood-beloved Roots (Sidney colors) and Sidneys.

I can't remember (it's been years) why the Tarr bars got linked to Aragon, but it looks a lot like a pointer to Paragon now. The Arms of Aragon has eight (four-and-four) pale bars in the red-gold colors of the Tarr bars. Tarrs were first found beside Roussillon-like Russells (Dorset), both in the area of the Stur river. French Sturs use three red-on-gold pale bars. See the Tarr Coat almost in that of Spanish Cortes' (Aragon). English Cortes'/Curtis' are also COURTis'.

Trump / Giuliani may have put the chill on Powell because she spoke out on the Frankfurt raid. Trump hasn't mentioned it. On the past weekend, she also spoke out against Barr, Wray and Haspel (CIA chief), all reflecting badly on Trump. She said exactly what many of Trump's supporters say. This can cause a rift in Trumpism, with Trump to blame, obviously, for keeping those horrible, deep-state puppets in their jobs. Powell is crying out that, on the brink, Trump needs to get rid of those three people. Mr. Ratcliffe, where are you? What are you doing? The brink is here. It's promising to swallow the nation whole.

Patrick Bryne at the Goal Line

A new interpretation of the pool with shark (my 1979 dream) could be the Poulos/Poule surname (probably the Messey saltire and Masci wings) instead of / in combination with the Pools (Dorset). John Poulos has been (may still be) Dominion's CEO and president. The video below (6th minute) tells that Dominion's representative admitted that one of Dominion's "programmable logistic devices" is obtained, by a Silicon-Valley company, from "a factory in China"... which permits foul play between all three. The person testifying that piece is Tom BURT, like the Barts / Berts/Burts we just encountered above that pointed to Dominion. I didn't know about Dominion's Mr. Burt, or this video, until writing way down here. At first, Burt tries to testify (to Lofgren of California (D)) that China produces only the plastic of the machines, but when pressed, he admits otherwise, LIAR. What else is he hiding?:

Can this mean that the shark in the pool, which had Trump half swallowed, includes Dominion? Looks like. The tree parts that form the Poulos saltire must be logs as code for Loches'/Locks/DeLoges' and Loges' (both first found in Burgundy with Messeys and Poulos'), for Loges' have the Messey saltire in colors reversed. It was a kidney-shaped pool partly because Kidneys/Gedneys and Geds are using the fish in the Arms of SARACA, and that's the line to Sharks. Kidneys/Gedneys, I now see, share a blue saltire (formed by their two fish) with Loges'.

Both the Messey and Loges saltires are in use with Brokens/Brogans. The Brooks (Essex, same as Brocks) tell of their being from Broc of Anjou, and then Burt-like Birds/Burds, along with Bartons, are said to have been from Cheshire, English home of Masseys. Brocks use a "VireSCIT" motto term, as do Line's/Linds, and the Vire river is at Manche, Normandy home of Masseys.

Oh, I think you will like this BCP of Monday, where he does an interview with someone close to Sidney Powell, a man (Patrick Byrne) whom Tucker Carlson turned down (if at any time you want that story fast, see 12th minute):

The first think coming to mind is that the Byrne/Powell team wants to get their story out through social media, to like-minded ones, explaining why they contacted BCP. Bryne's are listed with English Brians, one of the surnames in the last update with piles, mentioned when the team cleared the bench and PILED on top of me for merely tapping in the winning goal (but with seconds left on the clock). I can't say that the goal was God's design to point to Sidney Powell and Patrick Bryne, but if that's the case, we expect some victory here. Apparently, Powell's court evidence belongs in large part to Bryne. I recall crashing into the boards with my BACK, and Welsh Bachs/Baghs were first found in Denbighshire with Bryne's/Brians, how interesting. This view seems so correct that I'd like to say; perhaps bashing into the boards was not about John Bash, after all.

Here's the Bryne/Brian write-up: "'Of this family was the chivalrous Sir Guy Bryan, Lord Bryan, K.G. temp. Edward III., and standard bearer at the celebrated battle of Calais.'" "Calais" is like the Call/Calles surname (Wiltshire, beside Tarrs) showing just TRUMPets. The freaky thing is, the three trumpets make three fesses in the colors of the three fesses of Moise's/Moisens (Burgundy again, as with Messeys/Messier's and Poulos') while Moses'/Moys have the Bash cross (same type, same colors). Those surnames had pointed to Igor KoloMOISky (Ukrainian impeach-Trump team), owner of a shark tank, and on the board of the corrupt Burisma energy company.

On the day I got the newspaper and coffee in Victoria, in the West-Texas district that John Bash worked (until Barr let him go?), I slept the night in Crystal City, and Crystals have the Bash / Moses cross in colors reversed. And the Crystals even have the cross up three steps, same as Moses'. As was said, the Bash's (version of News/Nuces Coat) were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes and Scale's, and Bash had worked for the murdered judge Scalia.

Hmm, I wonder whether BCP in somewhere in that goal. Problem is, he doesn't give his name.

Pale bars are often called, pallets, and the Pallet/Palley surname has boar heads in the colors of the Porcia boars while Porcius Cato lived in Sabina with Vespasia Polla, the line to Poulos'/Poule's, we may gather, for she married the son of Tertulla, expected to mythical Tertullus, ancestor of the Anjou Fulks. Fulk I of Anjou married Miss Loches, and we just saw Loches'/DeLOGES and Loges' linking to the logs of Poulos'/Poule's (all three surnames in Burgundy), what a lucky strike here. Therefore, the pale bars of Tarrs can signify John Poulos of Dominion.

In fact, the first play I recall of the goal is Tarr receiving the pass at the center line, and while Centers/Sanders share a red bull with Sabine's, the latter share the scallop of Polla-like Pullys/Pullens because they are both from Vespasia Polla and her husband, Flavius Sabinus. On top of this, I see "VesPASia" as from the Pasi's/Pascels while Rollo's (Spear boar heads colors reversed), sharing the black boar with Pallets, have a "Passe" motto term for Pass'/Passe's/Pascals, what an incredible "stroke of luck" since Tarr received the pass at center ice. Pasi's/Pascels share crossed spears with Speers and the Line's/Linds to which the center LINE may point. When I tipped the puck across the goal line, I actually speared it, because, as I said, it was like a POOL-cue shot but with only one hand holding the stick!!! Both Spears and Pools are from Vespasia Polla. Anjou's Brooks (beaver) share the Stick Coat!

At one time, the Saffins came up as "Sabine," and they were first found in Somerset with Tarrs, how about that. Sabina was named by the Safini, otherwise called, Sabines. Their Samnite tribe suggest strongly that Sabines went on to name the Suebi/Suevi and their Semnones tribe i.e. the Swedes and possibly the Swiss too. As Suebi were on the Elbe/LABE river, note "LABora" of Sabina-connectable Patricks. As Podebrady/PodeBrody is on the Elbe, note that Bert-connectable Bretts, and BOARDers were first found in Somerset, and that Broads are also Brode's. Bradds can be with the Pool lion, for Poole (and Pools) is in Dorset (beside Somerset) with the Babe's sharing the hand pointing to the sun with Bradys. Also beside Somerset were the first known Laps/Labbs' (share mermaid with Babels/Babe's). Babwells/Babels share the "gold gate" in the official description of the Arms of Podebrady.

Patricks, first found in Norfolk with Sabina's, have a rose-version of the Sabina Chief, and here it's interesting that Sabinus' father was Patrick-like Petro. Patricks (share Kilpatrick saltire) have an "Ora et labORA" motto while Orrs/Ore's were first found in Renfrewshire with Spears and Polla-line Pollocks. Orrs/Ore's share three piles to a point with Bryne's/Brians, make of this as you wish as per Patrick Bryne. Steve Tarr received the pass while at the right-side boards, as was said in the last update i.e. before including the Polla line / Pallets/Palleys here to that very center-line situation. Tarrs use pale bars, and Pale's/Palys share the camel in Crest with Patrick-branch Pattersons/Cassane's, and with the Pepins. Pepin of Landen is suspect to Lands/Landens/Landers, and Patricks were at La Lande. Clickety-click-click. La Lande is near Caen along with a couple of Tracy locations while Tracys are also Trasse's i.e. like "Tarr/Tarres / Trasher/Tresure." Why should Patrick Bryne connect to the line of John Poulos? Could it be due to Bryne investigating Poulos' Dominion company? Looks like.

Mandeville's (Wiltshire) can be expected from Mandeville-en-Bessin (Vire river at Manche border) because Vere's and Masseys from Manche both have with Mandeville quadrants in colors reversed. La Lande is at Mandeville-en-Bessin, a few miles from Tracy-sur-Mer. Mandeville is near Blay, where Blaze's/Blazers (version of Kilpatrick Coat) were who share the Patrick saltire. If one looks to that area's heraldry, the Tarr pale bars might pop up in another surname / location. The Tarr pale bars can be of the pale bars of French Sturs (Manche), a branch of Asters/Easter (Manche). Pallets/Palleys were first found in Champagne with French Gobels while Italian Gobels share the camel with Pale's/Palys. French Gobels share the wing of Poulos'/Poule's, a good reason to see Pallets/Palleys and Pale's/Palys from Vespasia Polla's family.

[BIG INSERT -- Shortly below, I find a big-cheese of Dominion with a Coomer/Comber surname, with a "DOMINAbitur" motto term! The Coomer/Comber motto also has "ASTRis," likely for Asters/STURs, first found in Manche's TOURlaville with French Sturs above. "AstRIS" looks like part-code for the Rye's/Rise's because their bend is in colors reversed from the same of Asters/Sturs. Coomers/Combers have one fesse in the colors of the three of English Sturs (three fesses in the colors of the three pale bars of French Sturs). The "EASTERN prince" said to be in the Crest of shin-bone Newtons (very important in the last update) can be for the Easter variation of Asters/Sturs. Tour / Tower liners enter the discussion below. German Rise's (Bohemia) share a curved and solid chevron (different color with Gumms/Gomers/GUMMERs, like the Cummer variation of Coomers/Combers. End insert]

German Gobels (share fish of Arms of Saraca) look linkable to the Geds on the Nith river with Kilpatricks, and therefore to the kidney-shaped POOL having the Saraca-line Shark.

Palins/Pawleys (Dorset with Poole and Pools) have a version of the Plain/PLATter coat, making both Platter surnames suspect with PALLET liners, especially as Palins/Pawleys share the Sabine stars. This is the 666 dragon from emperors Vespasian, Titus and DOMitian. Dome's, who share the crane with Sharks, were first found in Rhineland with the Centers/Sanders sharing the red bull with Sabine's. Amazingly, Irish Sanders use "Nil" while Neils (Arms-of-Saraca fish) were first found in Tyrone with Sharks.

Irish Sanders use the full motto of Pollock-like Bullocks sharing the white bull head with Centers/Sanders, and moreover it's the motto of Vince's, first found in Hertfordshire with Titus'. Vince's can be expected from Vinkovci (Cibalae), home of Gratian and Valentinian I, the line of which uses the gold BORDER (why a border?) seen also with Titus-like Title's. The latter use "rays of the sun" while Suns/Sinclairs/Saints, a branch of Claro's/Charo's sharing the Center/Sander bull, were at Roslin (beside the first-known Title's), six miles from Edinburgh. The Arms of Edinburgh shares "Dominus" with Bards/Beards. The Arms of Edinburgh even has a black castle with black towers, and it's the Domino's who have the black tower!

Lookie: the Claro/Charo/CHIARO bull should be from Turin because Chieri is on the outskirts of Turin. The Scottish Turins were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's who share the green griffin head of Bards/Beards who in turn share the Turin boars, explaining why French Beards/Bearts have another red bull! Palin-connectable Powells have a green griffin in Crest too. Powells were just recently traced to "Pavia," where Peare's and Parsons come from, and the latter two share the Center/Sainter leopard faces.

[I didn't realize until re-loading Dominic's later in this update that their "Pax" motto can be for French Packs sharing the Beard/Beart bull! That makes the Bard/Beard motto linkable to Dominics, opening up possible new revelations on this hockey discussion.]

I've been wondering whether Steve Tarr's slap shot represents the Trump Team that brings this election fiasco, having great power, to the goal line only, failing to score, when Sidney Powell's team with Patrick Bryne taps in the victory after the Trump-team fail. The tip-in goal won the semi-final match, and while Tarr and I got the first goal of the final match (he scored four goals that game), we went on to win the TITLE. It just so happens that Title's have an "OcCULTus" motto term while Cults/Colts share the Sidney pheon. If, however, things don't pan out with the Trump law suits as suggested here, I'm going to feel like I'm wasting everyone's time banging away at this heraldry. Read at your own risk, heh-heh.

I've mentioned how I think the lion of Scytl-like Schittle's/SITlers should be that of Faucets. The latter were first found in East Lothian with Title's (crescents of East Lothians Seatons/SITTens in colors reversed). Scytl had worked into the goal LINE (where the puck came to rest) for the winning TIP-IN goal, but we can call it a tap-in too, for taps are also faucets. The case can be made by the green head in the Tipps/TIPPIN Crest, along with it's black Chief and bull head, that Tippins were Sabina and Beard kin. Goal-like Gollys share the English-Julian cross while German Julians have the Title crescents, suggesting the involvement of Rudy Giuliani. The Title Crest is essentially a sun behind a cloud, symbol of Scottish Jeffreys (Aberdeenshire again) who in turn share the German Julian Coat in colors reversed, but also throwing in stars colors reversed from the Palin / Sabine stars. Welsh Jeffreys share the Palin / Powell lion.

I showed (last update) how the Powell motto is for the line of Fenns/Venns and Fane's/Vans. The latter were first found in MONmouth (near first-known Welsh Jeffreys) while "mon" is a motto term of French Simons sharing the bottom half of the Powell Coat. The "Edrych" motto term of Powells can be expected for Edrichs who happen to share the giant lion of Italian Simons, expected from Simon de MONTfort, for Mons' are listed with Monts (share giant red lion with Italian Simons), first found in Peebles-shire, where Scottish Jeffreys were said to be first found until about a month ago. However, as Pownalls us a patee cross on their black lion, the white half of the half-black Powell lion could be the Patty/Paddie lion. I might say, I fell on my shin paddies

The Edricks in the Powell motto allowed me to claim (last update) that my hat trick goal (age 16) was a goal score by Sidney Powell on Trump's behalf because Hatricks are also Ettricks, both sharing the same lion with Marrys. Mary Nigro was at my game with this hat trick, a thing I would probably not have remembered had I not said to my girlfriend (Katrina Hanson) something to the effect of, "ha, I scored three goals when Mary was watching, but only one with you watching." Mary, being Italian, was probably born, Maria, and you can check for yourself that Italian Maria's link to Marina's and Clampetts/Clements/Clermonts', the latter first found in Breconshire with Powells.

Brecon is in POWys, and the Powys surname has a bear's "gamb" -- a LEG -- code for leg-using Gambino's. I faintly recall Leuven/Lively's using bear lags / paws, one of which is the Crest of Pownalls sharing the Powell lion. Newtons of Pownall seem to be playing on this leg them with their shin bones; the prince in the Newton Crest is on one knee, or shin. The defenceman took a slap shot, which came along the ice to my stick, and with by back to the goalie, the puck deflected off the stick and between my LEGS for the hat-trick goal. Leggs probably have the Trump stag head round-about. This is why Sidney Powell is expected in both goals, this one as well as the tip-in. The second goal of the hat trick was a DEKE on the goalie and a near-crash into the boards after scoring. Why do I remember the careening off the boards more than I remember the goal? Deke's/Decans (share Docking Coat) share the Edrich / Hatrick/Ettrick / Mary lion.

There's probably more to add from the surnames already pegged in that hat-trick game, but as yet I don't know how. Perhaps the "Gaudet" motto term of Leggs is for the Gaudet branch Gauds/Galters in the colors of Colters/Alters, the latter first found in Lanarkshire with Board-like Bards/Beards, and linkable to Colts sharing the Sidney pheon. Perhaps God took us by this route back to Sidneys due to the "alteri" motto term of Rodhams. Bards/Beards are the ones suspect with Fechters/Victors in their motto, who share the Border/BOARDer star. Bards/Beards have the "Dominus" motto term in the Arms of Edinburgh, and that term seemed like code for tower-using Domino's, first found in Piedmont with BARTols, and the latter's fesse is in colors reversed from the same of Gauds/Galters. This is working, and it was Barts who share the old man with white beard with Victorys/Nebo's. This Piedmont-area tower could belong to Turin liners (Piedmont) for more reason that Bards/Beards sharing the Turin boar. Tours and Towers have towers, and Gauds/Galters share the Coat of Beefs/TOURNebulls while Turnbulls share the bull with the Arms of Turin.

One Turnbull bull head is that also of Tipps/Tippins and Ratcliffe's (both from Lancashire), a promising picture i.e. hopefully promising that John Ratcliffe will be a part of the tip-in victory party. Yet this part of the discussion is on the hat trick goal through the Leggs, and the latter's "Gaudet" motto term brought us here via a feasible Colter/Alter link to Gauds/Galters. Turnbulls even look like they have the black-on-gold bull of Colt-like Cole's/COLDs (but with wings added).

Turnbulls are said to descend from Rollo-like Rule's, and Rollo's love the Passe's. As Bartols share the banner of the Passe/Pascal lamb, and as the latter surname shares the red eagle of Tarents, the red Bartol tower must be that of Murena's, as per Terentia Murena. In fact, the Banner surname was resolved from the Panaro river, especially from Marano's on of Panaro. Terentia's line must be to Marano's too, first found in Modena with Morinis' who might just be sharing the fleur of German Rule's, for the latter share the hexagram of Casano's/Cassandra's (Modena).

Casano's/Cassandra's trace to Sodan because the latter are like the Sodhans in the write-up of Pattersons/CASSANE's. The latter share the scallops of the Fenns/Venns in the Powell motto, it's notable that Tarr's slap shot hit the goalie, bounced off his upper body over his head, and, hitting the ice behind him it rolled, we could say, to the goal lie. I don't remember if it actually rolled at any time, but it works for this heraldry.

The Fenns/Venns, sharing the Beef/Tournebull, Bartol, Sodan and Gale fesse, were first found in Devon with Sodans. Sodans have a Coat version of the neighboring Gale's, whom I always link to Tints, and then while Tintons have "royal tents," Leggs have a "TENTamine" motto term, and royal-like Roys (Lanarkshire, same as all-important Bards/Beards) have a "QUA TENDis" motto that might relate to the "Quo" motto term of Sidneys. I'll let you grapple with all of that; I'm too busy getting a headache writing it all.

(I've just realized here that while "SEMINa" is a Gale motto term, Gale's, Sodans and Gale-related Nagle's (nightinGALE) are kin of George's, from George, father of Drummonds, for the Drummond fesses are used by Semans/Seamans and their Sea branch. It's a super way to prove that English George's are from Hungarian George above, said by one to have married Miss Podebrady. As George and his son came to Scotland with Bart(ol)-like Bartholomew, founder of the Hungarian Leslie's, it tends to explain why Bards share the Leslie griffin, yet Bartholomew looks like he can be named after PodeBRADy elements).

See the short video below on Eric Coomer, Denver resident, supposedly having Antifa and Dominion ties that are not unrelated. There are larger stories online about this claim by Mr. Oltmann.

What are the chances that Coomers use a "DOMINAbitur" motto term? I suppose we should ask what the "Dominus" term of Bards/Beards is for? We have the options of Domino's, Dominics, and Dome's.

According to the Conservative Daily Podcast host Joe Oltmann, Dominion Voting Systems co-owner and inventor, Dr. Eric Coomer has made social media posts in the past directly connecting him to Antifa. Dominion Voting is based in Denver, Colorado. Coomer...began working in the elections industry in 2005 with a company called Sequoia Voting Systems as their Chief Software Architect. In 2008, after Sequoia was acquired by Dominion, Coomer took the position as the Vice-President of US Engineering, overseeing development in the Denver, Colorado office.

It appears that God arranged Coomer heraldry to point to Dominion, for, certainly, Mr. Coomer himself could not have. Giuliani has come out to support the Eric-Coomer story by Mr. Oltmann. The latter claims in an affidavit(s) that the pro-antifa tweets were made by Coomer, but since deleted. This is a job for Intelligence to verify. Trump can pick up the phone, and ask Ratcliffe to find those tweets. Will He? I don't know, because the man is stupid. He should have done this by now. I'm sure if you or I were the president, we would have done so by now, but with Trump, we can't know whether he did, or will, because he's either stupid or he's doing some sort of dance with the deep state, a tango yet to be uncovered.

These trash cans may be the reason that, maybe, we should view Tarr's slap shot as the potent Trump legal cases, but not enough to win. As I said, I was surprised that Tarr, instead of passing to me (view me as Powell) while I was getting into the clear, decided to go it alone with a slap shot (maybe wanting the glory to himself) having little chance of scoring. It plowed "through" the goalie, but in the end it didn't go in. So, maybe the predicted Message is that Trump won't win without some key addition to his cases by Ms. Powell. Clearly, the supreme court can be made sympathetic to Trump if it can be convinced that the Smartmatic machines created unknown and undiscoverable havoc in two dozen or more states. All the evidence points to the machines having a bias for Biden, and that alone can convince the court to hear Trump's cases at all.

Let's go back to my falling on my shin PADS because Shins/Chinns/Chings pointed to China, as did the goal line. It seems to work that the goal line represented China because I first came across the goal Line with Chinese Lins and Lynne Cheney, the anti-Trumper Republican with a surname like the Chinn variation of Shins. So, we view the goal line as trump's obstacles. The puck could not cross it in spite of all the might of Tarr the super-star player trying to ram it in. I have just looked up Padds, you see, to find a fesse in the colors of the Coomer/Comber fesse. That's interesting. Newtons use "shin bones" and were at Newton and Pownall while Pownalls share the Powell lion, making it seem that my shin-bone slide to the winning goal is Sidney Powell versus Smartmatic because the "non" motto term of Newtons can be for Nons/Neffens, looking like a pointer to Smartmatic's chairman, PETER Neffenger. Peters share the Staple motto, and Staple Street Capital owns Dominion. I wonder whether the Toronto-Dominion bank owns Dominion Voting.

AP news has reported what I've not yet heard: "Dominion, for one, is not a Canadian company. It has been majority owned since 2018 by Staple Street Capital, a New York private equity firm." Yes, but Dominion has a head office in Canada, so why would AP leave that part out in its article? Because it's a leftist deceit machine. Can't Staple own a Canadian company? Does Dominion become American just because it's owned by a company with a New York office? Achem. Lou Dobbs says that Poulos, a Canadian, owns 12-percent of Dominion while Staple owns 75-percent. But who owned Dominion prior to Staple buying it 1.5 years ago? Why did Dominion sell after the 2018 elections?

Another article: "NEW YORK, July 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Dominion Voting Systems ('Dominion Voting') announces that it has been acquired by its management team and Staple Street Capital, a leading New York-based, middle-market private equity firm...Staple Street Capital co-founder and Managing Director Hootan Yaghoobzadeh..." That wasn't too long ago. Hmm, BarnSTAPLE is in Devon with the first-known Hoots.

AHA! The Staple write-up: "The surname Staple was first found in Kent at Staple-next-Wingham, a parish, in the union of EASTRY, hundred of Downhamford..." Downhams are listed with the surname of Obama's mother, no small pointer, and Easter-like Eastrys (Kent, same as Staple's) share the giant griffin of Steels and Berts/Berta's, the ones connectable to Dominion-pointing Bards/Beards!!! WOW! Mr. Steel was Dominion's self-incriminating spokesman last week on Fox news. I can trace Staple's to Peter Pollock at Rothes castle in multiple ways, but won't here because I don't see it as pertinent to voter fraud (the traces include Peters, Rothes', Tauntons, Leslie's, Perts/Petts, Bulls and Bole's). Obama's Randolph line was in Moray, location of Rothes (and castle).

BarnSTAPLE's share the trefoils of Italian Albino's (Modena), and then English Albins/Aubins (white bull head expected for Taurin elements) were first found in Barnstaple, yet are said to be from Turin-like St. Taurin. While Beards/Bearts share the bull with Turin, Turins share the Bard/Beard boar, and "DOMINabitur" is a Bard/Beard motto term, thus making a Dominion link to Staple Street Capital via heraldry, is that not ARRANGED? Barnstaple's, NO GUFF, share the green griffin head of Bards/Beards!!! BANG! And while Mr. Burt is a Dominion man, Barnstaple's and Albins/Aubins were first found in Devon with Berts/Burts, GOOD STUFF because Berta's/Berts share the Eastry griffin while the Chief-Shield color combo of Albino's is shared by Eastrys to which Staple's apparently attached (via Barnstaple's). We just made a link between both Bert surnames, and they both link to both Beard surnames. And we also showed why St. Taurin should be from a noble family of Turin. Turin is very Dominion-relevant because a giant tower is used by Domino's, first found in Piedmont with Turin.

I suggest that English Barns/BERNYS' formed Barnstaple's because the Barn/Bernys' Chief is the chief of DEVON's Trebys. Moreover, Burns and Bernice's share the black hunting horn with Berts/Burts. The Burns tell of a BERNYS location in Renfrew, where Peter Pollock settled who built Rothes castle, explaining why Staple's and Peters share a motto.

By the way, I trace Berta's to Berthe, wife of MumMOLIN, and Moline's were first found in Devon too.

The "rien" motto term of Staple's / Peters could be for Ryans, and thus a pointer to Paul Ryan. The "Malo" motto term of Ryans tends to betray their being a branch of Rands/Rance's / Rinds, and thus linkable to the Mallets/Malo's who share buckles (different colors) with Leslie's, earls of Rothes. Ahh, the Staple's (probably the Leslie bend) are said to have formed a relationship with Payne's, the surname of Obama's grandmother (!), and Payne's (Somerset) share the motto of Ryans!! That is AMAZING. The Staple write-up: "Staple-Fitzpaine is a parish, in the union of Taunton, hundred of Abdick and BULstone, W. division of Somerset." As Eastrys share the Chief-Shield colors of Brocuffs, I suggest that Ryans share the Brocuff griffin. I trace Pollocks to Pola/Pula on Eastry-like Istria because Pola/Pula has a cross linkable to the Pollock saltire. I had suggested above that Tarrs were related to Sturs / Easters/Sturs, and, ZIKERS WOW, TARSatica was a location on the northern edge of Istria!!! Tarsatica is now Rijeka, where I trace Maxwells (own Pollocks as a sept), and Maxwells share a lodged stag with the Eastry Crest! Bingo. I'm writing this Staple material Tuesday evening an hour after seeing Lou Dobbs, just look at the timing.

Tarsatica is not far south from Leslie-suspect Lesce, and while Leslie's were Hungarians, as were Drummonds, the English Sturs share triple fesses in the same colors with Scottish DRUMmonds. The latter were connected to the dream's trash can, as a barrel DRUM, and the trash can itself was as per the Trashers/Tresure line that probably includes Tarrs/Tarres'! Wow. The "Gang" motto term of Drummonds is assumed as code for Gangs sharing the cinquefoils of French Buckets (Leslie's use buckles), and the trash can looked like a big bucket to me, though the dream also indicated that it doubled as a barrel. I was able to discover, later, that it tripled as a trash can partly for Caens/Cans (near Tracy of the Trasse's) whom I trace to the Ceno tributary of the TARO. English Buckets share holly with the Maxwells i.e. whom I trace to Rijeka.

Lou Dobbs Tuesday has a Tuesday statement from Paul Ryan saying that the voting machines were not cheating. There we have it, all that was predictable. Lou is unafraid to toss acid on Ryan's face on the air waves. If only other Fox hosts would do the same, especially now that he came out to reveal where he stands in this fight. I suggest that the Biden side is getting scared that Trump could pull this off, and so Ryan felt he needed to help out, but look at the cost, by incriminating himself amidst all the evidence that any news man should know. He does know the cheating went on, and by denying it publicly, he's throwing in his lot with the CRIMINALS. They are not mere cheats, they are CRIMINALS...just like Bill Barr.

Dana Perino, a Bush product, is giving viewers the belief that it's over for Trump, and she's also a supporter of the cheating machines. She's a good example of a Fox-boss lap dog. Perino needs to hearken unto messages like this:

Perino has always, on The Five, shown signs of being a little liberal-sympathetic. She could be more than she let on. As Perino and other news people can see, Dominion is trying to hide, OBVIOUSLY, all of its work-station and employee tentacles.

Question of the Supreme Court

It seems that my tip-in goal is going to smack-shock Obama to his core. The last-minute win, the most payneful way to lose. Consider the hat-trick goal, with a puck sliding a long way to the net, when, at the last second, the puck was re-directed in the other way to score. The shot (from blue line) was muffed, came in weaker than the shooter intended, and was going to miss the net to my left. So, I'm thinking that this long-winded victory party by Obamaites (gearing up to take power as we speak) is going to go the other way, suddenly, like an arrow to the heart, due to a legal team that gets, as it were, a big-night hat trick. Three big cases won in a row? The goalie couldn't see the puck because my body was in his way. Does the goalie represent Giuliani, with Powell coming in big with three big things against his wishes?

When Tarr knocked the goalie down with a blast, was that Giuliani's failing while Powell slid in to knock in the victory? It feels stupid of me to even ask, but I'm in this theorizing deep, over my head. I may as well take it to the details.

As the question is whether the supreme COURT will cater to the Trump team, let's load the Courts and Cords/McCourts to see if they tell a story that seems Arranged. For what it's worth, Cords/McCourts, sharing the fesse of English TURNbulls, share the three hearts of Turnbull-descended Rule's, and we could say that judges give rulings. Turnbulls are in the colors and format of Rolls/Rowles' sharing the roll with Rulings.

The thing here is that Scottish Turnbulls (black Ratcliff bull head) share the white bull head of Albins/Aubins (of Turn-like Taurin) of BarnSTAPLE, and we saw that discussion Arranged to point to the Dominion-Staple relationship. That is purty amazing. On top of this, the Cord/McCourt fesses has the three pheons of the Tipps/Tippin Chief, and while the latter likewise share the Ratcliff bull head, they are expected with my tip-in winning goal!!! Doesn't that, in a nutshell, predict that Trump's lawyers will be tipping the scales of justice in their favor at the courts?

The tip-in goal was into the NET while Nathans/NATTs are likely a branch of Nathans/Nations sharing the Cord/McCourt heart and the Cord/McCourt fesse!!! I see Nathans from Rothschilds, who were founded in Frankfurt. Perhaps the meaning here is that the victory is against the Rothschilds still in FRANKfurt, and controlling the vote machinery there. English and Scottish FRANKs use a "NATi" motto term. Netherfields share the column with German Franks.

If we think the Net motto has the Volens/Velens/FALENs, they're the ones who once showed ducks (along with Velins) for a link to Barrs of Bar-le-Duc, and yet they now show the Wray martlets!!! I think Barr and Wray are deep-state agents. Wrays (at a BOTTON location for a link to Bidens) share the Chief-Shield colors of shark-using and Velen-like Valiants!!! Bingo, tending to prove the goal relates to Wray. The victory's going to happen in spite of my Falen down on my shins. I remember the event like it was today. I did not choose to fall on my knees; it just took me overwhelmingly; I had no choice. It was the easiest goal in all of hockey history. Like getting a winning goal while lying down on the job. Like a gift from God.

Recall my story (last update) of Robert POWELL and I throwing ROCKs at each other when passing by the home of the Whelans (on Senator REESORS drive), for Whelans are also Failins. It's the RockeFailins, so to speak. The rich control freaks are going to fail.

LOOK AT THIS. The Tipps/Tipping Crest shares the antelope with the Breck/BREAKER Crest while Brecks/Breakers (share Bucket/Buchard piles) share the hunting horn of French Courts. The Cord/McCourt fesse is colors reversed from the same of Coneys, and while God showed me that Coneys are to be linked to Bra of Cuneo, I trace Bra to Brays/Brae's having a so-called "flax BREAKER"!!! We apparently just scored a victory here through Amy Coney BARRett because French Courts add the same stars at Fechters/Victor(ia)s, the ones who point to the diGenova's! Recall the "DomiNUS FECIT" of Bards/Beards, for Nathans/Nations are also NUSans.

I do recall that my father was not at the game where I tipped in the goal. I remember it because I felt bad that he couldn't be there to see it. I also remember that, about that very time, I had asked Janice Netherfield to go skating with me. She was in my grade seven class, so I was 12 at the time. I recall walking home after a hockey game, with the heavy equipment on my back, feeling bad because I knew I was too tired to get back to the rink for the skate with Netherfield (she didn't speak to me again for not showing up). To the best of my ability to remember, that was the tip-in-goal game, and that's why Netherfields got to topic above. I was walking home because my father was not there that day.

Repeat: "I suggest that English Barns/BERNYS' formed Barnstaple's because the Barn/Bernys' Chief is the chief of DEVON's Trebys." They share besants on black, that is, symbol also of the English Rolls above, said to have been lords of Burn-like Bourn. German Rolls/Raels (same lion as Roys), sharing the Ruling chevron, suggest that they are a branch of Roys and Royals. Scottish Roys were first found in Lanarkshire with heart-liners and Bards/Beards. This bit can go to the "royal tents" of Tintons (Cornwall, same as Cole's/Colds essentially sharing Turnbull bull), and it just so happens that Rowles-like Rowells/Rosswells/ROTHwells (Rothes is beside Ross-shire) have two of the Tinton chevrons, and add the Treby / Barn / Roll/Rowles besants. The Rolls/Rowles (Yorkshire, same as Kingston-on-Hull) probably add the lion of Kings / Kingstons because Scottish Turnbulls have a motto, "I saved Trump," ah, er, I mean, "I saved the King."

It wouldn't surprise us if one Barrett surname were a Bart branch, and Barts (Bert/Berta colors) are the ones sharing the old man with BEARD with Victorys/Nebo's!!! That looks purdy good again. However, it should be said that bar-using Barretts are an obvious branch of Barrys ("legi" could be for Leggs), but I don't trace Barrys to "Berthe." Barretts with the horse could be of Bartols because they were first found in Piedmont with Cuneo and Turin, as though, perhaps, God is pointing to Coneys. I have mentioned Larry Barret(t) (on my high-school bus) quite a few times, who lived at the corner of Gormley sideroad and Leslie Avenue! Leslie's share the Bard/Beard griffin head!!! That is amazing. As Bartols look like Turin liners, the Bartol tower looks linkable, via TURNers, to Thors/Tours (Devon, same as Berts/Burts) and Howells.

As Larry's high-school girl was Laura, and as he and I took the bus together, it reminds that I asked Lorraine for our first date at her BUS stop on by 24th BIRTHday. Births are listed with Berts/Burts! Lorraine's use "LAURel"! Laurie's are listed with Larrys (more laurel), a branch of GLORYs, and the "REPULlulat" motto of Laurie's/Larrys could be partly for Ripple's/Rippers/Ripleys who happen to share the Lorraine lion. Plus, Susa is at the RIPURia river while Bartols are said to have been in Susa! Lorraine's bus STOP pointed to Stops/Stubbs, kin of Pipe's, and then Late's, suspect in "RepulluLAT," use "organ pipes."

Zikers, does this mean that Lorraine also points to the supreme court? As I've said 30 or more times, my last night with her, she got a pant symbol that pointed to Pansys/Pantzers (Westphalia, same as DUCKS), and the Coney Crest is a coney rabbit said to be holding a pansy! The Arms of Bar-le-DUC (Lorraine) uses the pansy. This is what makes Bra at Cuneo suspect with Barrett-like Barrs. The thing is, her pant symbol had nothing to do with victory, but more like adultery. However, English Ducks share the Fechter/Victoria stars, and Fechters are suspect with the "fecit" motto term of Bards/Beards. The Barretts with ten bars (in the colors of the Barry bars) are very reflective of the five fesses (can be construed as 11 bars) of the Westphalia Ducks.

The five Duck fesses are colors reversed from the five of Valence's/Vallants because Velins (ducks) and Velens were first found in Westphalia too. Velens share the martlets of Gormleys, and my first date with Gormley's Katrina Hanson (I was still on the bus with Barret at the time) was in a Valiant car, like the Vallant variation of Valence's. There's a Valence location near Lyon, and Lorraine's share the green lion with Lyons.

The Supers use billets while Billets are also Ballots while the Super-like supreme court is about to accept cases having to do with fraudulent ballots.

I have a new set of links from Lorraine that I have never realized until loading Lorraine's again now (I rarely load Lorraine's). The Lorraine motto, translated with "rise," tends to reveal that the motto's "RESURgo" motto term is for Welsh Reesors/Rhys'/Rees' ("melioRIS"). English Reesors/Reasons, you see, can be sharing the English Grass/Grace and Irish Grasse lion while English Grasse's/Grese's were first found in Lincolnshire with Reesors/Reasons. Our relationship ended when she came home with a grass stain on her pants (at her butt) while walking alone with her friend's husband. While she was out with him, I arrived to her place and met the wife on the BALCONy, where we waited for the two to return. Balcons share the bend of English Grasse's. We got here by following the Lorraine motto.

The last time I saw her, as I've said many times, was when she walked by holding an infant child, some two years after the grass-stain night. I was sitting in a restaurant with Paul Smith while she walked right by us. The Lorraine motto term, "resurGO," thus looks like part-code for the Irish Smiths/GOWs/Gavins...who happen to have a "TeneBRAS" motto term, WOW! Coneys had been lumped with Bra!!! This is all new and SURPISING.

Smiths/Gows were first found in Cavan, and Cavans list Kavanaugh's!!! I don't trust supreme-court judge Kavanaugh (nominated by Trump immediately before he nominated Coney-Barrett), but surprise me. GOWers/GORE's share the white wolf of Gore's/Core's, and Trump's first supreme-court nominee was Mr. GORsuch. Suddenly, Lorraine's walking by Smith and I seems to be pointing to the supreme court expected for this election. I assume she had a child with her so that God might verify the event from Him because Lorraine's share the Child eagle.

[Wow, I had it in my head, when writing here, that there was no Gorsuch surname, but, the week after writing here, I checked to see, and found the Gorsuch's sharing the Lorraine bend-with-eagles!! Zikers.]

The second-last time I saw her, a week or two after the grass-stain event, was a total freak-chance sighting at the FINCH (and Yonge) bus-and-subway station some seven miles from where we lived in Richmond Hill. I hadn't been there in years until then, and was there only because I was without a vehicle temporarily. The point is, Vince's/FINCH's, in the colors and near-format of Bus-like Bush's, were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs. God needs to verify His events, through me, through heraldry, and that's a good example of how He does it (how else?). Bush's are also Buschs while Busca is in Coney-like Cuneo while the Vince/Finch motto includes "CONscire," the "scire" part linkable to Schire's/Schere's/Scherfs. Busca-like Bosco's use "tufts of GRASS" on their pillars. Pillar-like Pillers/Pilatte's share the Coat of Pellits suspect in the "TeneBRAS exPILLET" motto phrase of Gows/Smiths. Is that not a wonder?

The Vince/Finch motto is shared by BULLocks (Roxburghshire, same as TurnBULLs), and the Bullocks are in Child colors and format while one writer says that Bullock-like Pollocks descended from king Clovis = son of CHILDeric. Lorraine's bus STOP pointed to STOBI with Stops/Stubbs, and Stobi is on the Axius river that I trace to the Axe river (Somerset-Devon) expected in the Lockerbie axes of Bullocks. Stobi was a Paeonian city along with ASTIbus, and Asti is smack beside Bra. The Astys (Lanarkshire, same as Bards/BEARDs, share the Lorraine lion. Paul Smith (same guy at the restaurant with Lorraine) was the BEARDED man on crutches in my dream with sickly stag. Smiths almost have the Crutch/Crooch fitchee. God seems to have verified my events with Lorraine real-good.

Scottish GOWs/McGoo's/Gavins, partly in Lorraine-lion colors, share the cinquefoils of Lockerbie-like Loches'/DeLoges'/Locks (Burgundy, not far from Lorraine). The Lorraine motto: "Lauro resurGO." Lanarkshire had Rhys-like Roys and Lorraine-like Lorne's as well as the Hardys in the Rice motto and highly expected in the Cord/McCourt hearts. Smiths are listed with Irish Gows/Gavins. "RESURgo" is expected with Reesors'/Rhys' and/or Reesors/RESONs while Rhizon is beside BUTua (now Budva), and she got the grass stain / streak on her BUTT. The "JUNCta" motto term of Gows/McGoo's/Gavins looks like code for the Junks/Junckers showing only Turin- / Domino-connectable towers.

Cords/McCourts look like they named Gower-like Cowards (and Courts/Coverts) because they share the same fesse, but then the double Coward fesses look like a version of the Fleck fesses while Coward-like Gowers/Gore's/Gowards use a "flectes" motto term. This tends to make Gowers/Gore's a pointer to both the court in general and to GORsuch in particular. Is he going to be a coward? Will any of the six Republican justices feel that giving Trump the victory will tarnish their reputations as "political hacks"? Could they be that stupid? In these days, yes. But if the hockey goals I speak of represent victory, doesn't that need five of the six judges? Everyone thinks that judge Roberts is going to vote with the Bidenite viruses on the court, but then we might ask, why are Welsh Roberts' (Denbighshire) with the Powell Coat in colors reversed?

I could even go to the Roberts-beloved Lane's/Lawns here sharing "Garde" with kraken-like Carricks. Powell is going to use kraken, she says, to defeat the cheats. The Cracks can be gleaned as a branch of Crutch's/Crooch's, yet I don't view Smith on crutches as a victory party. I suppose it's possible that Ms. Powell will yet be reduced to a crutches-status operator. I fell on my knees scoring that winning goal, i.e. like one without good legs. Crackens (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) are listed with Craigie's sharing the Hockey crescents. Carricks share the dancetty-fesse of Turnbulls, the ones linkable to Cords/McCourts.

Let's say it's correct that Lorraine pointed to all three of Trump's supreme-court picks? What are we to make of it? Pay-back by God to the O-mobsters for the murder of Scalia? Just to summarize: all three supreme-court picks came up with Paul Smith (his surname was the key) sitting with me when Lorraine walked by. It therefore argues for the bearded man on crutches to pertain to this election-fraud battle, which was the theory earlier in this update aside from Lorraine in the picture.

The Crooch-like Crooks are from Robert Croc(e), whose daughter-in-law married Robert Pollock, tending to explain why Crooks share the Pollock bend. Yet I can verify that Crooks share a version of the Aid/Ade bend where Shevingtons/Sheffingtons have an "ad" motto term. Crooks were at Lancashire's Shevington, yet this location is not mentioned by Shevingtons/Sheffingtons even though they share the bull heads of Ratcliffs and Tipps'/Tippins, both first found in Lancashire. This is evidence I haven't had before (or can't remember) that the hovering woman (my 1979 dream) is a pointer to John Ratcliffe. Rather than re-explaining why Ratcliffe was seen in her hood and hovering scene's, I'll just repeat that Hoovers and Hooters share the same talon (or perhaps called a "leg" as code for Leggs), adding now that Augusts expected in the "ad augusta" motto phrase of Shevingtons/Sheffingtons share the black talon with Hixons/Hicksons (Miss Hicks was the hovering woman). Black talons or legs are shared by Brays/Brae's i.e. connectable to Coneys. Leggs can be from the Legro river of Leicestershire, and there is a Skeffington parish in Leicestershire, where Shevingtons/Sheffingtons were first found.

The Crook-like Croce's (probably the Massey quadrants) share the Mason/Massin motto but throw in a "Cruce" term, like the "crux" of Blacks (Lincolnshire, same as Croce's and Lucy BOLINGbroke, wife of le Meschin). Blacks are suspect with the Glass star, and Glass', Masons/Massins, Morays (I'm thinking Pollock at Rothes of Moray), and Shevingtons/Sheffingtons all have the mermaid. Boling-like Bole's (Lincolnshire, same as Bolingbroke) share the arrow-shot boar with Pollocks, and Bulls/Bule's (more bull heads) are said to be from Bole's while Bullys were first found in Dumfries with Leggs, and near Lockerbie beloved of bull-head Bullocks. The Bole's even share the boar head of Molle's while Eschyna de Molle married Robert Croc(e) above. The Croce stork can be the one of Petts/Perts in BULrushes.

CROCKets (Lanarkshire), looking like they have a blue-version Black Coat, were first found at the GLASgow area. Crockets (Carrick / Cragg dog?) even use a "tent" motto term to go with the "tendis" of Roys (Lanarkshire). Crockers/Croke's (share ravens with Peters and Rothes') have an Alito-like "alit eos" motto phrase. Crockets look linkable to Hardys (Lanarkshire, same as Crockets) and their Douglas descendants. Hardys are in the motto of Rice's almost having the Crocket Coat. Lorraine's Rice branches in their motto, and I asked Lorraine for our first date on my BIRTHday. Crockers/Croke's (Devon, same as Berts/Burts/Births) are in Bert/Burt/BIRTH colors and format. The Lorraine motto term with Reesors/Reasons / Reesors/Ryse's is the "resurGO" term that already pointed to three supreme-court Republicans, Alito being a fourth!!! WOW, I just didn't know these traces about Lorraine until now.

Ask: why might God wish to point to Sam Alito with Crockers/Croke's or other things in this set of heraldry? Didn't Alito take the lead in the election-fraud struggle when he came out to show support for the Trump side? Was that his message indicating that five Republicans are likely on his side, no worries? (Cracks are also Crocks/Cricks (Rothes lion?) and share the pale bar with Eschyna-like Eskins/Erskins (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks)).

OH WOW! Another supreme-court Republican, Clarence Thomas, caused a re-loading of Thomas', and the first one to pop up is the Welsh branch sharing the Rice Coat!!! Unbelievable. But only after writing that was the "PatRIIS virtutiBUS" motto of English Clements (Oxfordshire, same as Patria-related Peare's)! Plus, Clarence's are listed with Clarens/LARINs (like Lorraine variations) having two of the three Clare chevrons, and "Clermonts" is listed with the other English Clements (share Clair Chief), first found in Breconshire with Thomas'!

OH WOW. The victory party, when my team PILED on top of me, can be in the three piles to a point of Brecons. Powells were first found in Breconshire too! Earlier, the three piles to a point of Orrs/Ore's came to topic, and they have roundels in their Chief colors reversed from the roundels in the Chief of Brecon's Clements. New: Italian Clements have a Chimney-like variation while Chimneys share the antelope with Brecon-like Brecks/Breakers! The latter are suspect with Brays/Brae's as per their "FLAX breakers," and so this gets us back to the bra on the laundry line, the pointer to Coneys!!! Amazing. Flax-like Flacks share the double fesses of Clements/Clermonts!!! Excellent.

Repeat: "Brecks/Breakers share the hunting horn of French Courts". Coneys have the Cord/McCourt fesse in colors reversed. Irish CURTis' can be gleaned, by their dolphin (symbol of Dauphine) with having the checkered fesse of galleys because French Galli's were first found in Dauphine. The eight, fessewise bars of Curtis (in the colors of the six pale bars of Courts/Coverts) can thus be gleaned in connection to the four, same-colored fesses of Lepage's (Dauphine) and French Page's (both have the same Coat). English Lepage's share the gold Galli rooster, and share the Coney fesse while Galleys look like they have a version of the Coney Coat too. The CURTsys share the fesse of Dols while the checkered fesse above, highly suspect with Alans of Dol as they became Stewarts, comes with a dolphin, likely for the DOLfins/Dolphins (Dol colors).

The Ratcliffe-related Shevingtons/Sheffingtons/Skeffingtons (Leicestershire) could be a branch either of Shiffs/Schiffs, Sheffs/Schafers or Sheaves'. Shefields were first found in Rutland, which I assume is the RUTland (could have named Ratcliffs) at Leicester, and the Shefield Coat is the closest I've seen to the Keppoch Coat. It reminds of Kepke's pet RAT. IN FACT WOW, I often mention his pet rat, in his basement, when telling that we played lots of PING-PONG in his baseMENT, and Pings/Pongs (linkable to Ments/Mants) pointed to Comet Ping Pong PIZZA with the comet-using Reines' because the latter have the PISA Coat in colors reversed. Not only is the Reines comet the same "flaming star" of Pero's while Kepke almost married Miss Peare in those days, and not only do Shevingtons use a "Per" motto term, but WOW: "COMITer" is a Shefield motto term!!!!! INCREDIBLE. The Shefield write-up speaks to the Sheaf river (Yorkshire-Derbyshire) that would be in heraldic sheaves of wheat, used by Keppochs / Shefields, how amazing. ShefFIELDs look named after the Fields/Felds (compare with Derbys) because they have the same Coat in different colors).

AHH, Miss Peare got a belly symbol when early with Kepke (or just before being with him), and that symbol connected with "it FELT so GOOD." The Goods/Guts share wheat sheaves (or garbs as they are at times called) on a black Shield with Felt-like Fields/Felds!!! Wow. It just so happens that the Good/Gut Coat is shared by Sticks / Stichs whom Cliffs of RatCliffs married! Incredible piece of work. Some 40 years after her belly event, I had a dream pulling Miss Peare toward me by her waist, and "it felt so good," the phase I used to describe it, just like it felt when pressing her belly (in the belly event). It was a freak event where she and her friend slept in my bed; neither was my girl at the time, and I awoke from sleep pressing her belly, then let go and went back to sleep when realizing what I was doing. The point is, the pull-waist event pointed, with evidence, to Waistells, who use more wheat sheaves, I kid you not. The Waistell sheaves are the same (colors) as used by Comyns/Comines' (very connectable to Eustace II to which her belly pointed), who are in Comet colors and format! I don't see what the point(s) of all of this is, however, from God, except perhaps that John Ratcliffe's going to catch some Comet-Ping-Pong criminality. Crooks/Croks (Rodham-connectable) were at Ratcliff-related Shevington.

John Ratcliffe oversees 16/17 Intelligence agencies, and yet with all that power of spying, Bill Barr has not yet made one arrest of the election-fraud hooers. Kind of makes the heart sink to think that mobsters rule much of the country with eyes on total / perpetual control, and Barr's twiddling his thumbs, the pig-head. But what can Ratcliffe do to make the Intelligence agencies do their jobs against the will of half of them just because they are Bidenite viruses? This is where Trump can come in to fire any of them, to purge Intelligence of Democrats, send a message to others to do their jobs, or else. If the good guys are afraid to show strength just because leftists portray them as iron-fisted dictators, this is wrong thinking because you can never be a dictator in the bad sense of the word if you are removing the corruption that desires to become dictatorial. Fight dictators with a solid iron rod to their heads. Knock them out, Mr. Trump, don't just tweet against them, STUPID.

It is the primary job of both Ratcliffe and Barr to protect the American people from crime, and if mobsters attack the president, it is even more their duty to attack (without mercy or relenting) the mobsters. But if the top cops use the excuse that helping the president from mobsters is a political-junkie operation and therefore taboo, that's why I use "pig-head." It is Barr's job description to protect his president when crime is thrown at him, but if Barr imagines this particular crime to be trivial just because it's part of the political struggle, a pig he is unworthy of his job.

Trump, Barr's boss and Ratlciffe's too (there's no separation of powers here), is expected to order them to catch the criminals, to punish them, but Trump won't do it, for fear, he claims, of looking like he's using the system to protect himself. That's what the system is for, STUPID. If crime comes your way, you have the right to act self-interested by asking the police to protect you, to get the criminals. You are RESPONSIBLE for calling the police when crime comes your way, because criminals won't stop at harming you, but are dangerous to others at large too. So, on behalf of the country, Trump has been responsible, for four years, to ruin the deep state, but he has failed miserably as though he doesn't want to ruin it. Whether it's for fear or repercussions, of because he's doing a two-step with its corruption, I don't know. Either way, he's been an idiot.

That's not all, folks. I've got some Bugs Bunny news too. The English Bugs Coat shares the Cord/McCourt fesse, and I'm wondering why, or whether this can be an act of God to point to Amy Coney Barrett, because Coneys use rabbits. The Bugs fesse is colors reversed from the Coney fesse. The Bugs are said to have been large and early in Nottinghamshire, home of Robin Hood, for one, but also where the Nathans/Nations were first found who share the heart with Cords/McCourts. It seems that German Bogans/BOGERs, first found in Bavaria with German Buckers, use Robin HOOD. I'm sure that Robin Hood was named partly after the Hood/Hoot surname, which was first found at Rattery, in Devon, where Supers were first found who are in the Rattery motto. Supers use billets, I'm thinking, because Billets are also Ballots, that God is making Supers a pointer to the supreme court for this ballot-fraud event now underway.

German Buckers happen to share the tree with ROOTs with Rat-like Roots and WOODs, yup, that's right, it looks like we've just proven that Robin Hood was named after Woods. Ratterys share the Wood and Pick fitchees while Picks show the tree with roots, as do Oaks suspect with Mr. Alan of Oakhampton. Oaks sharing oak branches with PICHers/Pitchers (BUCKINGhamshire, near Oxford), and a "salus" motto term with Alan-related Gore's who in turn have a version of the Oakhampton Coat (probably the Macey stars on a red, Massey-colored Shield, for Alan of Oakhampton's daughter married Mr. Avranches of Ferte-Mace). The Oxenham variation of Oakhamptons may have named Oxenford/Oxford, home of Massey-related Vere's.

Bogans share the bow with Bows/Boughs (share motto of Root-like Roets, that's right, doc), and Beautys, first found in Dorset with Bugs', are BoWOODs too, what's up with that, doc? Bugs Bunny liked carrots, and Carrots/Carews (Bug colors) are a branch of Carricks (share Bugs fesse), just as if the people who made the Bugs-Bunny cartoon knew heraldry. DOCKs/Dogs/Doags (in the colors of French Robins), first found in Perthshire with Ratterys, share the thistle of English Robins. Roots share the Coat of Bagleys (Shropshire, same as Rudes' and Brecks/Breakers) who named Bagley WOOD. Bags have the cinquefoils of bouget-line Buckets in colors reversed, and this is a key Coney link because English Buckets share the three piles of Brecons while Brechs/Breakers can be expected in the Bray/Brae flax breaker. Brays/Brae's happen to be in Rabbit colors and format, tending to prove that there had been a Bra link to Coneys (or Conns).

Rabbits were first found in Suffolk with English Buckers/Bockets who in turn share the estoile of Colchesters, and Colchester is in Essex with the first-know Waters who likely named the water bouget (said to be a water container, such as a bucket). Essex is where Bouchier's/BOWsers were first found who use water bougets. Essex is where Brocks/Broke's were first found, tending to explain the Brocket variation of Buckers/Bockets (I see a Bug-line marriage with Brocks).

Bugs share the water bouget with Rose's, the latter first found in Nairnshire with Rats/Raids having a cross in the colors of the BOGET/Bocket cross (Bug colors). Bogets/Bockets were first found in Hertfordshire with the Nuse's/Newes/Nuce's. The latter have two pale bars in the colors of the one of German Neckers while Dutch Necks/Neckers share the stag (of perhaps a buck) with crown with the Boget/Bocket Crest (stag/buck has crown around the neck). The Boget/Bocket stag is black like that of Vise's/Vice's, the latter first found in Sussex with stag-using Downs while Brokens/Brogens (linkable to Broc of Anjou) are said to descend from a Brocan character whose brother was ancestral to the Downs'. Newes-like Knee's, sharing the Vise/Vice stag head, were first found in County Down.

Banisters use the water bouget too, and are said to have been seated at BILLISborrow / Billisworth. The Bills' are Roet kin and use "WOOD bills," recalling the Root-Wood relationship. Yet the Billis surname is listed with Bellys/Belli's sharing the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs, recalling that Bar-le-DUC uses pansies, a Coney symbol too. While Coneys / Conns are linkable to Brecks/Breakers, BreCONshire holds Powys while the Powys bear leg is in colors reversed with Bellino's, first found in Verona with Italian Belli's. Banisters married Langtons traceable to Langhe at Bra with the Longfords / Langfords who have the Belli pale bars, I assume. Verona's were first found in Ile-de-France with Cords/McCourts, and Courts/Coverts have six pale bars too. Bellys/Belli's share the Mota roses while Motts/Morte's can be in the "mort" motto term of Langtons. Portuguese Mota's (Langton-Crest colors) can be with a version of the Banister Coat.

BANESters were at Langton while Langtons and French BANES' share the triple chevrons of Waters, that's right, but also with the Arms of Eure-et-Loir, the area of the MontMorencys who were founded by Bouchard II (i.e. he's the water-bouget line). Evreux at Eure is from Abruzzo, the capital of which, L'Aquila, has an "imMOTA" motto term. Morencys (probably explains the Belly/Belli Moor heads, from Morano's) were first found in Ile-de-France. The Langton eagle is green, like that of Irish Henrys, while French Henrys were at Motte, as were Motts/Morte's. Mortons are suspect from Marano's/Mauritano's / Murena's/Moratins.

The Water Coat is that of Muschats while Luffs/Love's were kin of Muscats. I was at the home of Ray Luff once when he took me to his basement bathroom, showing me female panties on the floor with some other items, I think a bra and high heels, I kid you not, that his MALE tenant would put on. Consider that Coneys use a pansy while Pansys (same place as Duc-like Ducks/DOCKers) are also panty-like Pantzers. Add to that the Coney link to Bra. Why would Coney-BARRett point to what looks like sexual perverts or buggers? What up, DOC? She's probably very opposed to such perverts, and we should add here that Waters and Langtons share the triple chevrons of Epsteins (flew the Lolita express). The LOYOLA's are also Lolita's while "Loyal" is a motto term of Langtons, how about that. Is God going to land perverts and criminals of the Epstein circle in jail via the supreme court?

I'm starting to wonder whether Bill Barr is/was a pervert. He protected the Epstein crime ring, IT WAS SO OBVIOUS. Maxwells share a lodged stag with Bogets/Bockets, and holly with Buckets. It recalls the dream with BARREL-shaped container that acted also as a bucket. I pointed the barrel-shaped part, missing from the door handle, to Bill Barr, and started to call him a trash can at that time. He has played the part of trash since then, after portraying himself as a good guy. Why has no one in all of his DoJ made one arrest yet of whore-house cheats? We haven't even heard of one investigation since he ordered the DoJ to do them. Did they all catch wind that he was just pretending?

Super-loving Ratterys were at BLAIRgowrie, and Blairs have a version of the Super Coat likely with the Maxwell saltire, for the Blair Crest looks like the lodged stag of Maxwells. Recall how Smiths/Gows / GOWERs/Gore's pointed to the supreme court, for you just saw Supers linking to BlairGOWRie.

Why was the pervert's female attire in the BATHroom rather than in his bedroom? Bugs happen to share the bat with the Scottish Randolphs (Moray, same as Bellys/Billis') who in-turn share the Bath cross. English Randolphs share the coat of Dunhams/DOWNhams, suspect with the Downs descended from the Broken/Brogen family. Taffys share the Bath / Randolph cross, and Taffys can be from Taphians who I say named mythical Daphne in the Ladon river. The Bugs happen to share the fesse of neighboring Ladons/Ladds (Somerset, same as Baths). The Ladon is beside the Peneus, named by PHOENICia's Panias smack beside a Daphne location, and then Taffs'/Tufts happen to share the Phoenix phoenix.

Obama Dunham is a pervert, and we don't know for sure who his real father was. Trump decided not to get Obama's real birth certificate, like he didn't want to cause waves in order to catch deep-state crime. It's probably why he installed lame top-cops in the DoJ, no coincidence. Trump is an imposter, a pretender, pretending there's nothing he can do about Sessions' / Wrays' / Barr's / Haspels' / Pompeo's inaction.

A Lady's Dream Looks Conformed

I was, and still am, the type of Christian who generally passes on Christians telling of their dreams from God, because they do so without confirmation. I didn't know that I would be stressing my own dreams after feeling that way for decades. It's so easy to fool oneself that a dream is from God for a special message that we then merely imagine. So, I feel correct to play this on the safe side. I'm lucky because I have a unique way to test whether a dream is from God: the heraldry needs to show evidence. If God played me this way, then I feel it's for an important reason, because it took much time for me to learn heraldic links, and a "lot" of work (as I judge lots of work) for God to prepare them.

I've only watched to the third minute of the video below, where the woman convinces me that her dream is from God. She could be making the evidence up, and I do expect imposters to use this tactic in youtube videos, because every trick under the sun will be brought to youtube. Here's the video, let's watch it together, and I'll give you my comments as I continue to watch from start of the third minute onward:

Okay, I'm at the 9th minute. She's told her dream, very simple to follow, no complications, and she sounds absolutely sincere, not making it up. But it's so anti-climactic, because she said God verified the dream with a blue truck. God went out of His way to put the prayer into her mind, about a blue truck, just as He was sending the blue truck to her window. And the only message of the dream was to take shelter from the storm in a flimsy tent on a dangerous cliff. Whoa, I wouldn't get in there. And that's the kicker: why was the tent on a cliff? Storms can blow tents over lickety-split.

I've noted that the dream was on a beach. The cliff was high up from an ocean beach, and there was a wedding, similar to my 1979 dream with beach and Church-wedding scene, in case it applies. Okay, I'm now going to go listen to her explanation of the dream.

Okay, at the end of the 16th minute, the scripture reading has all the sounds of tribulation living, in the wilderness, just before the rapture that is a part of the wedding of Christ. It makes perfect sense. Of note is that the wedding of her friend is this January, about the time that we can expect chaos as per who sits in the White House. Perhaps God is sending the message to prepare in the wilderness. Perhaps a beach setting is a good one for acquiring food, but, usually, ocean beaches are on private land, not governmental, not open to the public. So why is there a beach in the scene? Ocean-front properties are expensive, coveted by the rich. I'm having trouble with this?

In the 19th minute, she expresses my message exactly: not to place our trust in politicians henceforth, but purely on Jesus, the ROCK, for all storms. You can survive the storm even in a flimsy tent if it's planted on the Rock. I get that. God can give similar dreams to many of His children when the time arrives, that they may all share them and come to some common solutions on the way forward, into the wilderness, in time for the 666. The blue tent, the blue truck, may confirm that Revelation is the Word of God, the book having not only the 666, but the blue throne room of God.

If the last 3.5 years are soon, then we should be hoping that the wicked in government are weakened substantially before then, and that they should be made afraid to persecute Christians harshly, or arrest them on trumped charges. That's my hope, and I think it could be dreadful for us if the Obamaites got power this January, for they can then consolidate their powers for the elections to follow, making the outlook more threatening than is the case now. Now you know why I am so upset with Trump's inaction against the deep state. That's right, and I am right. It appears that God's going to need to weaken the deep state in spite of this president. If only Christians in Canada were as outspoken and backboned as American Christians. But with speaking out, there will be a harsher price in the dark hour.

Still, how can we not speak out against the likes of those who spit in God's face? Like thumb-in-mouth Trudeau, supporter of barbaric abortionists, amoral dopers and anti-male, house-wrecking feminists. Not even with age does he change. He would love an Obamaite victory at this time, which says it all. I don't talk about him because there's nothing to talk about him. I treat him as Jesus treated Herod with silence, as horrible destruction from God looms over his head. If he starts to persecute Christians, then we can start to point it out to argue our cases. He'll be gone from power in a few years.

Fraudster News

Here's concise evidence that Sidney Powell is not exaggerating:

I think it's clear that Trump got way more than 73 million votes, which is why the cheaters got caught, thinking they could get away with a massive cheat-treatment at the last hours of the count.

Here's the Wednesday short case for Rudy's take-over of Pennsylvania:

The cheating whore houses shot themselves in the foot by requiring a signature of each voter only on the outer envelope, and not on the ballot itself. Thus, if the cheaters threw the envelopes away, into the trash forever, having not allowed Republicans to check the signatures in the first place, the votes can never be confirmed again, giving the courts no choice but to toss 100s of 1000s of Biden votes...if it can be proven that Republicans did not see the ballots due to Bidenite whore houses forbidding them.

If you would like to see Giuliani's first 15-minute torpedo at the Pennsylvania legislature:

I assume Giuliani's court cases will be identical to that 15 minutes, but with much evidence placed before the judges. Trump can lose Pennsylvania only if two of the five Republican justices on the top court act wickedly, closing eyes to the corruption. Some say justice Roberts will side with Democrats, but frankly if any of the nine judges ignore Giuliani's case, they'll be deemed batty out of hell.

Youtube is freezing-up Steve Turley's show again. This week, it took a couple of hours for me to load his 2-minute video, "HUGE Win for Trump in NV as Republicans Set to Control Congress for Next DECADE!!!" That title explains why youtube is being a BIG CWY BABY. Hope it hurts, google, that with all you might, you lost a roughly a dozen House seats. Looks good on a rat. I was watching other youtube videos normally (no freezing) on another tab while Turley's show loaded very slowly. There's no other explanation but that youtube allowed the video to play about ten seconds, then caused it to freeze the load for a minute, repeatedly. This problem can't be at Turley's end.

The problem is, Giuliani's paid by the Trump team, and the task is to get Trump re-elected, not to fix the cheating system, explaining why there are no re-counts taking place with the specific task of catching the fixers criminally. This is classic Trump, serving self and leaving the rest of nation to the whores, pimps and mobsters. To catch the voting-machine cheats, there needs to be recounts fully monitored, and this can be done at any time in the new year by Trump's DoJ, once Barr is replaced with one who cares to fix the election process. There's no lack of money to do full and proper recount-audits NOW in a couple of states that could be the launch to recounting others until the entire rig is dismantled. I can't get a proper update story on the Wisconsin recount because google has stacked its result pages with leftist renditions. The Pennsylvania legislature, the thing that decides the state's election winner, has a Democrat majority.

See the 2nd minute of this Monday video for certain fraud "thanks" to the New York Times:

Trump's pardoning of Flynn this week frees Sidney Powell to concentrate more on her fight for the people. She filed cases this week against Georgia and Michigan with roughly the same arguments as the Trump team, and I assume she's asking for an expedited ruling. However, as the trump team is allowing leftists to say that it "fired" her, the courts could just slow-walk her cases, snub their noses at her, with little bad press for doing so. I don't find it at all likely, therefore, that she's going to score big for the Trump team, but the possibility is now there. One Powell-winning scenario is, for example, where the Trump team secures Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona, not quite enough to win the election, and then Powell wins Georgia for them at the last minute. In case this happens, I'd like to say that Flynns share the besants of Georgia-like George's.

No sooner had Powell uploaded the details of her court cases to twitter that the latter blocked her. After failing to win the election by censoring the opposition, twitter is unrepentant, adding to its guilt by the preposterous.

If you're interested in a 40-minute Epoch Times production, where a woman practically begs (strong emphasis) the Trump team to re-count Georgia after the unsatisfactory re-count, because she wants to expose the corruption i.e. not merely to get Trump the state win:

It's not enough to look only at parts of the ballot pool, because, by now, the whores may have removed all the troublesome ballots so that they will not be found in a mere audit of a partial-ballots pool. It is necessary to re-view (see again) EVERY ballot while counting, and then to create a stack of questionable ballots to be scrutinized by a team of experts with monitors for both parties. In the meantime, the re-count is to check whether whores destroyed some ballots. It's no more complicated than that. If there's a half-million less ballots in the re-count than in the original count, some may have been destroyed, and others may never have existed at all except by pure creation of added votes (no ballots) through the manipulation of election machines. If Trump's team won't pay for this, something's wrong. Raise money from the voters, get the money, and do it right. Put everything on cameras. Allow monitors to take pictures. It is very disturbing that cameras are not permitted in the count houses.

Below is over three hours of the Pennsylvania hearing, or, see the video below that for a few witnesses only:

If you've already seen Giuliani's intro, just fast-forward to the middle of the 4th minute:

In the fourth minute of the video below, Powell writes in her law suit that American Intelligence learned how to hack Dominion machines in foreign governments, and so, we realize, there was a natural partnership between Intelligence and pro-Biden cheaters in this election, perhaps even a conspiratorial invitation by Dominion to Intel into a back door of its machines to change the numbers during election night. It's just so expected. When we learned that the vote count by Scytl leaves the country before reporting to the American public, it's not by plane or boat. It's by the Internet i.e. the count machines were hooked up to the Internet -- let's not be naive to outside tampering. NEVER should an election-count machine be hooked up to the Internet. NEVER should there be a machine of any computerized kind to count votes and store tallies, Internet or no Internet. Numbers can be changed in a computerized system, duh. Never should votes or tallies be stored on a thumb drive, duh.

The world has always been filled with people, that's been the problem. Some of us have become mindful of our Creator, but others grow to be like God, as we now see with Internet companies. They want to control without morals. They want to use their money to consolidate their powers of control that they might rule forever, IDIOTS who must soon pass on from this life, leaving their "fortunes" (the thing that sent them to Hell) to others. There you have a terrible fruit of Americanism's "glory," the rags-to-riches story. Decent people in rags go to riches and become like the devil wanting to be God. We are witnesses of this. They pretend to be angels, but are bottomless guts of wonder, now trying to silence Christians because their God-ness doesn't want even the True Creator to interfere with their rulership. They have their own ideas on how the world should become, and it includes their own glory to rule, to be honored as rulers, and that necessitates their consolidating their powers with like-minded ones whom they will eventually fight against. The pursuit of money = endless wars. Ruling necessitates evil behavior in seeking to increase power lest some competitor robs them of it. The vocal opposition must be silenced, including the message of Jesus against them; poor slobs at google and twitter are their own nightmares. They set their own traps for a terrible ending. Am I vocally rising up against them. Yup. Woe is me if I don't give Jesus my support against them.

Americanism started out as a coup against the king of England. The latter was greedy and wanted to possess even the land far across the Atlantic. The coup plotters took the strategy of "we the people," which is to say, "we the soldiers," to consolidate their powers with the masses, calling them to form their own country in rebellion to the king. Yup, Americanism started as an angel-depicted rebellion, and it then had to pay the peoples back with "freedoms," and these freedoms became CHAOS. Adding to the inevitable ominous fate of the nation was the good climate and the great size of the territory which it governed, assuring great wealth > evil behavior > control-freak powers. And here we are. Instead of viewing the great wealth as their ruin, people like Trump continue to foment the chasing after even greater wealth.

When there are many varieties of people in a nation, you can call it a melting pot, but God sees it as slime covering Hid Body. The only solution is to have a nation bonded under one God, with his system as the glue, the fellowship between the peoples, SAFE FELLOWSHIP because they all want the same thing, submission to the KING. But when there are mobsters in power, and when even the non-Christians deplore their corrupt leaders, it's not the time to boast of the nation or to call people to patriotism.

Patriotic to what? If the real America is ruled by mobsters, what is there to honor? Patriotic to a dream? Patriotic to a concept? Okay, but neither of those are the real situation on the ground. Patriotic to the old America before it was ruled by mobsters? But that old thing is exactly what brought on the rule-by-mobsters. You can't go forward in America-the-great and best-richest-country-ever, to expect anything more than more mobsters trying to rule the masses. Where there is a lot of money, there the buzzards will gather. Money > conflict > death. Jesus warned us so. War to the end, finalized by the mother of all wars, STUPID. This is not the time to extol America's great wealth, but to learn a lesson on how not to form a country. Liberty is to be sanctioned for people who honor the good and right, but in America, sins that oppose the law of God are tolerated in the name of liberties. I expect liberals to honor excess liberties, but not conservatives. Be careful, because God is not playing a game with us. Continue to honor American freedoms at your own peril.

Thanksgiving Day? What's that? Oh, it's the day people come together to thank God. What? Once-a-year thanks? This a joke? If we go by BCP's perspectives, America is a chick warmly under the wings of God. No other nation is as beloved by Jesus, judging by the way BCP speaks of his country. I've never had this view. It's heretical. It's the most corrupt country in the world. It has more money than any other to do evil abroad. And that's what it does. BCP talks always about the corruption, then has the audacity to portray God in love with America. This is very concerning to me. Everything, and worse, is rampant in the United States that was judged by God in ancient Israel. Not even the religious leaders that Jesus condemned were as bad as half the people in the United States. Amongst the other half, there are people at least as ungodly / hypocritical. The country does NOT rate as beloved of God, and especially not His favorite. To say "God bless America" when it's mainly under his worst wrath ever is not the Christian thing to do. Is BCP oblivious to the wrath of God? What's wrong with his thinking? Is he incapable of understanding? Or is he a part of the end-time "Christian" lumped into the foolish virgins? Something to think about.

It's not longer safe before God to say that one loves America. Does anyone wish to risk being turned into a pillar of salt i.e. suffering the wrath of God? Cut yourselves off from love for a country steeped in sin. Sure, try to save it from evil, but make the Kingdom of God your country, play it wise and safe.

Is BCP a Kingdom-Now advocate who doesn't believe in Armageddon or the "physical" Return of Jesus? There are a lot of American Christians who feel they need to set up the kingdom of God on earth by their own political efforts and powers, who believe that God will be with them in setting it up. I think BCP owes his Christian viewers an admission if he's a Kingdom-Now type, or if he does not believe in a coming anti-Christ, or the visible return of Jesus. I've never heard him mention the end-times nor anything about them. Perhaps all Christian youtuber channels should be asked by subscribers for their doctrinal positions.

I dislike Canadians hating Americans, and vice-versa. I prefer that both countries be friends. As a Christian, I see no borders. I dislike Americans who praise their own country as "great," because it's obscene for anyone to brag on their own nation. Only spiritually-challenged people do that. Americans are no better than Europeans or Russians or whatever. Christians are better, however, but they are better in all nations. It's STUPID to think that American Christians are the best in all the world. Therefore, how is America greater than another country? Is America 10 times greater than a nation with 10 times fewer people just because America wins 10 times the Olympic medals? Duh. Is America better because it has three times the gross domestic product as opposed to a country with three times fewer people? Duh. I found it obscene when Canadians were extolling themselves as the best with, "I Am Canadian." PUKE. Do you go around bragging about your own children, making everyone sick? My kids are the best. My countrymen are the best. I belong to the best country. That's how spiritual retards Trump when he brags about himself.

Americans are friendlier, more-smiley...because they have better weather. Duh. You don't see Eskimos smiling a lot. Nor Mexicans...because it's too hot down there to move facial muscles without experiencing pain. Put a New Yorker in the jungle and give him only a spear to survive, and he'll look and behave like a jungle-bunny in one year flat. It doesn't take a million years for a jungle savage or cave dweller to become a New Yorker. More like ten years.

The problem besetting America now is Trumpist America-first versus sell-out-to-globalism betrayal by Democrats. I side with Trumpism in that battle, but I do not go for the Trump mirage of "make America great again." I see nothing to get excited about in a call to making great slime. A slime is what you get when you mix colors hap-hazard. MUD. Trumpism is based on secularism, Christians mixed with everyone else as long as they give Trump their vote to defeat the globalist traitors. That's what this is, promising nothing of great value at all, but rather temporary salvation from the global anti-Christs. Conflict between Trumpists will follow if ever it destroys the Democrat enemy that bonds Trumpers conveniently at this time. You cannot have greatness with conflict. Plus, secularists define "great" not as Jesus does. What "great" is their desire? It's the secularists who gave America the Democrat party. Anti-God liberty made slime; they enjoy rubbing it into our faces. Therefore, God's going to make them eat it.

General Mattis came out Tuesday to take a swipe at Trump, to show solidarity with Biden. Is this part of a call to anti-Trump military people to gather their courage for some kind of coup attempt should Trump win the election-fraud court case(s)? Republicans were horrible in their first two years of Trump's term, when they held the House, for not allotting $$$ to monitor country-wide election frauds in 2018, to catch it criminally, to jail fraudsters and frighten all their foot soldiers into repentance. So, Republicans lost the House, and now look at the horrible threat from both the Republican and Democrat deep states. The irresponsibility of the Republicans is shameful.

The Republican establishment, supported by the likes of Mattis, is slime, but better people are calling for a moral America. I side with that part of Trumpism, the Right-Way America, but even so, there is no hope in it because mud-loving pigs will inevitably trample it. There is no protection in the American constitution from anti-Christ mud-slinging, and Trump just allows the porkers to prosper without punishing them. The beasts are free to eat Christians alive. That's ultimately because the founding fathers were such Christian imposters that they gave as much power to the devil as they gave to Jesus. "In God We Trust" doesn't impress God. He doesn't come running to save the country just because they say, "God bless America." Rather, the slogan God wants to hear is, "the people bless God." There is no greater servant than God, and he doesn't win in this by just a little bit. Even Democrats can say, "God bless America." Sure, they covert God's power to support their causes. Sure. But they won't get it with lip service.

I think it's good for Christians to become mayors / congresspeople, etc., and they can do the country's business as part of their jobs even if the issues dealt with have nothing to do with Jesus. Whether to paint the YMCA walls red or yellow has nothing to do with Jesus, which is exactly why I don't think Christians in general (not mayors, etc.) should be over-political, concerned about every worldly issue rather than thinking about the prospering of the Kingdom of Jesus. The trick to borrowing God's power is to be concerned about His concerns. You can't borrow His power to do as you please with it; you just let God lend it to you as He pleases, and he's pleased to give to you your blessings because you concerned yourself with blessing His heart. We bless God because He serves us. That's the work of Jesus, God's Servant, Our Servant (he's very busy).

Okay, so Trump did wrong over his first four years by letting the Demosnake slither unopposed, but might he use his second term to crush its head? I don't know, because he's been stupid until now. He betrayed the voters after getting elected promising to drain the swamp, then did nothing about it himself when the powers were in his hand to do so. That is no small sin, and he's taking advantage of the voters he betrayed because they voted for him again for fear of the demosnake. Trump knows he can get Christian votes for their fear of that snake. That's a vile attitude on the part of Trump, and he will pay for it as surely as the Law of God is still active.

Someone at Johns Hopkins University put up a bombshell article but deleting it the next day, saying that total deaths in the U.S. had not gone up during the "pandemic." In short: "Briand found that 'the total decrease in deaths by other causes almost exactly equals the increase in deaths by COVID-19,' according to the original JHU newsletter." This release from the experts comes just as many think Biden will be the next president, including pro-Trumpers such as Conrad Black (he just did an interview with Epoch Times). So, the people bringing on the virus scheme are going to be divided, some wanting to get rid of it now that Democrats have taken over, and others who want to use it again for 2018's mail-in ballots. They lied to us until now. Johns Hopkins could have revealed those numbers/facts, as could other organizations who realized the truth, months ago. Why now?

"Several days after removing the article, Johns Hopkins University tweeted that the article, 'A closer look at U.S. deaths to COVID-19,' was deleted because "the article was being used to support false and dangerous inaccuracies about the impact of the pandemic.'" There you see people choosing to continue the lie if only because they don't want to be labeled the frauds they know they are. Someone like John Solomon could probably verify that the original article was correct. The total number of a nation's annual / monthly deaths must be recorded for easy access by any journalist, no?

The CDC admitted that, at the end of September, there were 53 million U.S. infections. That could easily become 100 million two months later i.e. right now because infection rates are not constantly one infection per one unit time. Eventually, it will be two, then five, then ten, infections per one unit time. Once the number of infections is 100 million, the so-called herd-immunity climax will be achieved fast, faster if people took off their masks and risked a mild flu, because that's all this is, milder than the average flu. The world has been deceived. Democrats plow forward persecuting their own voters with lock-downs and unnecessary precautions because leftists are completely insane to the realities of their dark deeds. Demons in their souls are turning them insane, something to fear, actually. The murderous madman is now multiplying two, five, then ten times per unit time. If someone tells them, "hey stupid, your lockdowns cost the election for your area," they will become MAD, wanting vengeance, and so they will plow ahead insane expecting a "better" result if only they scream madly enough.

Mr. Black did his interview before the positive Pennsylvania hearing that showed pessimists (like Black) how great the fraud evidence is. I too was worried at that time, after last week, when things were not shaping up court-wise very well. This week was much better. We could see what the divide is, as early as next week, on the top court. I say that judges (especially Roberts) are under pressure to show disgust for the cheating. Any judge who hears the evidence we saw Thursday, yet rejects it, is going to pour tar-and-feathers on his/her own record and body. It's incredible the lack of shame of Democrat political animals these days. They actually think the media is going to cover for them with such totality that no one's going to spot their duplicity / corruption. Talk about showing their full moons in broad daylight without giving them a wipe. They probably think we're all as stupid as the Democrats they fool easily. Behold: big tech is the king of fools which they make into fools. Not much to be proud of, folks. The pillars of their kingdom are fools. Their best generals are fools. Their Intelligence people are fools. Their king is a fool. Laughable, folks, absolutely laughable. They are hoping to make us pay for: laughing at them. Seriously, these guys are sociopathic psychos who wish to hurt us for exposing them. If they "win" this election, they will feel proud of themselves and do it all over again, bigger, next time.

We expect Tucker to do a show on Sidney Powell's evidence next week, right? After all, he's in a hurry to apologize to her, right? And speaking of apologies, the Trump legal team that thought it wise to tell that Powell is not an official part of the team owes her a public comment to say that they are not distancing her. Trump owes her a public comment saying that he did not "fire" her, because leftists are portraying things in those ways. It is insulting to her to first invite her to make some comments in the Thursday press conference, only to shame her because some things she talked too much about too liberally.

Or, if that's not the reason, then, as some are saying, Giuliani isn't happy that she won't disclose her evidence to the rest of the team. Her reasons could be in wisdom, because the team could have moles that would disclose her ammunition too soon to the enemy. Or, this could be little more than who's going to get the glory to exposing the machine fraud. Just when things were going great, a schism seems to have cracked.

Here's some evidence that Tucker needs for his apology to Powell: "NEW ANALYSIS OF MICHIGAN VOTER DATA REVEALS HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MAIL-IN BALLOTS FLAGGED AS POTENTIALLY FRAUDULENT, LEADING STATISTICIANS TO POSIT 'STRONG EVIDENCE' EXISTS THAT RESULTS WERE 'MANIPULATED BY A COMPUTER ALGORITHM'" ( Oh boy, machine fraud on something as heavy as the White-House chair. Who could be that dastardly-nervy? Obama. Clinton. Biden. Democrat Intelligence. Those reporting this fraud are calling for an "audited recount," but of course, and it's while Wray sits on the trash can held tightly to his arse by DoJ suction force. That's right, the open end of the can is tightly fitted at his arse, and he's filling it with gases that will soon explode in flames, into the open air, for all to see.

For recent Senate disclosures on Biden ties to Chinese money, start at the second minute here:

Barr said it would not be proper (he was wrong) to make arrests of the deep state before the people voted, but it's now almost a month later, and yet the people who framed Flynn have yet to be arrested. The Flynn framing is very scarlet in color, very satanic, but Barr has no appetite to punish the Obama team for that sin. It's animals like Barr for which a nation languishes under the weight of corruption. Trump is very comfortable with Barr, which means that Trump supporters are to blame for the corruption for not demanding that Trump act. They should be telling Trump to shut-up already with the anti-deep-state comments, and to start exposing the crimes on his own through his lawyers. For four years we saw none of that, and when Giuliani started to expose Biden on his own initiatives, Trump distanced himself from him. This is such a crying shame, so sick. Trump = PUKE.

Another explanation of the divide between Trump teamers and Powell is that she's going after military and Intelligence powers in cahoots with the Chinese to undermine America-First powers and policies. The explanation may be as simple as Trump / Giuliani not wanting to make targets of themselves, as Powell is, for some nasty end. Think of how sorry-assed Trump is at this moment for not having his ally at the helm of the CIA. Think of how dangerous is his situation as this battle is almost in the hands of the Bidenites / Obamaites / Clintonites. If all else fails, there's always assassination to ponder. Once the shark gets the taste of blood, it's hard to unlock its jaws from the victim, especially when he doesn't have Barr to join his fight. The reason that the Obamaites are declaring Biden the next resident is to make it more dangerous for Trump's team to win, even if by the 5-4 decision of the supreme court, for the shark will not acknowledge that win, but will rather label the court as acting with political interests.

This victory needs the massive exposure of the cheaters so that a solid majority (say 70-percent) of the masses agree that the election was stolen. That's what will sufficiently weaken any deep-state / military forces now having drastic action on its table. It's exactly why Sidney Powell's cases should not be abandoned by the Trump team, and why Trump should offer her security. Make the enemy worry about jail time, but Trump went and picked trash-can Barr. Trump takes turns wearing the trash can on his arse with Wray.

This is no way for me to speak to the president? This is no way for a president to behave, by leaving do-nothing top cops in charge. Swamp creatures are abiding on the White-House lawn, but Trump has no federal police to assist him. He chose Mueller's friend to be in charge over the FBI, JOKE, when it was already directed by Wray, SICK JOKE. Trump walks out the White House door each day, naked, with a trash can stuck to his arse. And none of his supporters is trying to pull it off for him because they can't figure out why he doesn't take it off himself. They're thinking he likes to walk around like that, or something. We're now starting to hear that some of Trump's chosen judges are not siding with him i.e. they could be more Bushites. The home run you all thought Trump was going to hit turns out to be the swing of the trash can from his arse, nothing but a big noise and a ground-out to first base. Look at the emperor run to first base, naked, with that dented trash can boinging from his hips. SHAME TRUMP, great shame.

Although the election-fraud court cases now underway, and those yet to be launched, can't land anyone in jail directly, all the stuff of every case won on the merits of proving criminal corruption can be handed to the FBI for prosecution of the guilty elements. But that's the kicker: you need a willing FBI to get that necessary job done. Now is the time to replace Wray with a stand-in director who will make a few arrests immediately to straighten out the faces of the bad actors. Start by making arrests with even small charges, promising more to come, against election officials / governors. But if Trump's only concern is to get re-elected, it's human, not the stuff of a hero.

A Wisconsin count house has coughed up a couple of thousand votes all having the same MLW signature...amounting to an easy way for Barr to make a safe arrest(s) that cannot be criticized, if he's worried about media criticism:

Now we know why the whore houses don't wish to recount ballots by checking signatures. But the recounts gave opportunities for the whore houses to separate all ballots with known, faked signatures. Apparently, the thousands having the MLW were found together, as I can't see how else they were identified. I assume they were found together (in a hiding place) after being separated from the count piles in case a thorough signature-checking count takes place.

If you would like to see the technicalities behind the imminent Trump win over Pennsylvania, or if you're a depressed Trump voter wanting a pumped-up rush, see the first half of this:

With the cheating machines now expected to have given Biden as many as 20 million votes, Trump probably got more like 90M. Trump got the big win because Republicans hate what they saw of the left over the past four years. The left became Frankenstein, even causing an abundance of newly-enlisted Republicans to line up and vote. Don't let Trump get the credit for this win. Give credit to the people who stand for fairness, righteousness and all-around decency who didn't previously see the purpose in voting because both sides were roughly the same establishment porkers. We knew the decent people were the majority, but this proves it. I was wrong to say that half the nation is corrupt. It's only one-quarter of the nation. The other quarter lumped in with them is a mere figment in faked polls and faked voters.

The problem has been: the corrupt ones were the aggressive ones, the activists, the seizers of educative channels for to turn them into their power pillars. Decent people don't behave that way...unless it's to combat the wicked to take the channels from them. There's a long way to go, but Trump isn't being very helpful. Winning the election is not taking back the channels yet. He hasn't even jailed their main players. IMPOSTER Trump has been a parasite, feeding off the voters which he does not help. All he's done is brag in their faces to get the cheers of the naive, those who don't realize he's thus-far left them to the sharks, who have the illusion that he's going to fight for them. Let's see if he fights for them in his second term, now that he's a seasoned player in the field. For four years, all he's done is scream and complain from the sidelines against the foes, as though he were not the captain on the field, as though he was powerless to defeat them.

If only all the fair people were Christians too, but they are not. Many people hold to some Christian values from their upbringing, yet they are unconnected to the Vine. The Democrats wish to take those people far from what they were brought up with, and have succeeded far too much with the youth, the vulnerable youth. The demons are despicable. I don't know exactly how to interpret foolish virgins, whether they are professing Christians or just people with a Christian upbringing without a Biblical understanding. Jesus defined them as those who don't do good deeds for others in need. The country is in need of wiping out the corruption, and Trump has only Ratcliffe and the supreme court chalked up in that endeavor, though we have yet to see whether he chose three judges willing to overturn the butchering of living people-to-be. As you realize, neither Ratcliffe nor the supreme court can jail the wicked to send shock waves throughout the camp of corruption.

Giuliani's been with Trump for quite some time, but he apparently didn't get Trump to release the "war papers," as I call them, the documents that expose deep-state crimes. The evidence suggests that Giuliani wanted the documents exposed, but that Trump denied him. I don't know what the Sekulows counseled Trump with, but they seem to me to be the type wanting documents exposed. TRUMP REFUSED. He kicked the ball to Barr, and Barr refused. Look at how Dominion ran away with tails between legs once their crimes were exposed. That's how to handle the wicked, for they fear jail greatly, where they cannot have their hedonist lifestyles. Giuliani knows that when you go after mobsters, they turn on each other for fear of jail time.

I opposed Giuliani at first, not trusting him. I thought he was a Bushite mole. Maybe he started that way, but he certainly doesn't look it now. Perhaps his uncovering Ukraine corruption made him fervent in support for Trump whereas prior to that he wasn't sure which side to be loyal to. He could still be acting as such a mole if Trump slights him. The sad truth is, humans are prone to nasty disputes, especially when it comes to ruling. Look at how I dispute Trump's record on the things that concern me.

The left has now arrived to the point where it cannot go forward leaving its supporters naive about Trump's viable chances of winning. Until now, it urged supporters to simply celebrate Biden's win, but the time came this week when they've got to get the supporters acting militant again because Trump is coming back up the mountain (unfortunately, he's not bringing a loaded cannon with him unless it's merely his mouth). This looks like the start to The Deserved Pain. The check-in with reality. The harder they laugh, the harder they fall. Where the mouth hits the dust. Hopefully, the naive youth will realize that their media overlords were deceiving them all along in the blue mirage.

The time for law suits against the media is NOW, for to get them before the supreme court. Destroy the way leftist media operate in intentional, political-fueled falsehoods. Create laws to curb baseless news with punishments against it. Create a board that monitors media for the express purpose of punishing them in court for violations (a great use of taxes), for such a board can be depended upon more than half the time to protect the people and the naive children (i.e. unless it's been temporarily infiltrated by the corrupt, in which case it'll need purging). Without media corruption / tricks, the corrupt have little way to win the White House, especially if Republicans subdue vote-fixing. Where is the ability of parents to send their kids to a tax-paid school that doesn't have leftist rule? This is a priority. This is not a political issue only, but one that concerns Jesus. Corrupt education includes evolution of species, one of the pillars of the anti-Christs.

If you know you're not a superstar Christian, then devote yourself to the forgiveness of Jesus with all your might. That's what I do. Trust in his mercy, and know that nobody, almost, get's the final call to the Ballooning Kingdom as a superstar. The Kingdom of Jesus will balloon suddenly upon the earth. Rejected as the least of all kingdoms by end-time Sodom, it will become the greatest, The Pain The Pain. But woe to the president of the United States who, after being put into the White House by the massive turn out of Christians, leaves them to the wolves, who serves the money-glory of the country but does not pull the teeth and claws of the wolves thriving on the money-glory. The Dentist is Coming.

Here's Trump on Bartiromo suggesting that he's not in touch with Barr or Wray, what a sham president this is:

Maria asks Trump where the DoJ is on this fraud issue, and he says he's heard from others that maybe they are on the case, but that he doesn't know for sure. This is a president who doesn't use the federal police to do the needs of the people, pure and simple, an imposter. Definition of "imposter": to impose yourself as something you are not. He's a pretender president, without teeth. If he's all worn out and decrepit, it's because he didn't sweep away his enemies, but instead made them the top cops. The braggart is a fool. If you can't see Trump's duplicity in that short clip, then you must be BCP, in blind love for The Flake President. Jesus will be no flake when he comes with his Iron Rod. He's got it just right the size to fit the mouths of the wolves sideways against their teeth.

Here's Trump being asked by Bartiromo whether he'll personally appoint a special council against the wolves, but Trump skirts talk about it, instead attacking the wolves verbally, only verbally. It's blah-blah poor-is-me for a straight three minutes, and all of his lovers cheer:

Here is what you or I would do if we were the president, after firing Wray and Barr. We would ask various men whether they would, as the FBI and DoJ chiefs, conduct the arrests of the various wolves whose crimes are known. And we would chose them based on that criteria, but Trump did not do that even though the wolves were at his legs. It could be because he has crimes to hide that he knows the wolves would publicize if he dares to lay a finger on them. Whatever the reason(s), he's leaving the wolves hungry for power, and when they do get it back, woe is all those who despised them and called for their collapse. The very ones who spoke out and praised Trump for his opposition to the wolves will be the first ones eaten by the wolves that Trump left in good health.

If Trump repents in his second term, he can be forgiven. The more he repents, the greater the praise we can give him. If you want to watch the entire Bartiromo interview with Trump, go ahead and see that Trump doesn't say anything that's not already known my myself, or anyone else who gets information from the news. He doesn't enter one new bit of information that he may have obtained from the FBI, DoJ or Intelligence, even though he has the absolute right to have daily briefings from those organizations. Don't try to tell me that Trump is not having briefings from those organizations where he asks them about more details than are in the news, because, either way, whether he is or is not, get deserves a SPAT in the FACE. For example, why does he never say that he was talking to Intelligence which told him such-and-such? Why doesn't he tell us that he called Wray into his office to ask him point-blank what he's planning to do to correct this disaster? What kind of a blasted fraud is this president? He comes onto to Bartiromo only to tell us what we already knew??? Doesn't that make you flustered at all? Don't you just want to shove a pie into his face, kick him in the butt, and send him away the goof that he is?

In the 24th minute, Bartiromo asks him whether he's had briefings with cyber-security. He doesn't answer. He says he's taking with Ratcliffe, and then he goes way off-topic to fill the time with blah-blah. If he's not having the briefings, why not??? In the 26th minute, he goes into Comey and the Russia hoax rather than talking about what he wants Wray to do in election fraud. He's deflecting from her question, and we are left to assume it's because he's an irresponsible president who won't use his law-enforcement powers to assist the country on this issue. He's trying to blame dark forces in the FBI when he is in fact the FBI boss RIGHT NOW who can change those forces but has not done so. He's a RAT. TRUMP = FAT RAT. I once gave him the benefit of the doubt, thinking that he doesn't want to let on publicly that he and Barr were investigating things quietly, but that theory has long been dead. There is no sign of any meaningful investigation, or else the opposing powers would have discovered one by now, and cried out about it to their generals, captains and foot soldiers everywhere.

Barr and Wray together are smug, hypocritical bwa-ha-ha criminals unashamed of the many fingers being pointed at them by Trump voters everywhere. Trump sits in the middle like a crotch on the fence, the full might of his throne. Biden is now sitting on half that throne, asking Trump to move over. With all the people on his side, Trump only has only half a throne on the rough rail of a fence pressing painfully into his crotch due to the weight of leftist baboons on his back, all his own doing. As things will likely turn out, the most he has to brag about is the death of judge Ginsburg in his nick of time. He did work hard electioneering; he did rally the voters to the polls, but he almost squandered it by winking at his top cops, indicating to them that he's perfectly happy if they do nothing. There hasn't been even one stirring from Barr to indicate that he's afraid of losing his job by doing nothing at this time. All we heard was his loud snore signalling that he's maybe about to get up soon to see what the noise is all about. Oh, it's just a bunch of merciless baboons on his shoulders, nothing new, go back to sleep. Does any of this ring like reality to you?

Here's Front Page in a detailed analysis of Ms. Powell's Georgia lawsuit, and some insights on Dominion's foreign ties:

Powell's suing both the Georgia governor and the Georgia secretary of state for criminal activity. She's doing Barr's job, ha-ha, go back to sleep, trash can. Powell was able to put together a 100-page court battle against Georgia in a couple of weeks, but Barr has yet to put together a one-page case against any deep-state monster.

We can see here that if the supreme court of the United States has any qualms against supporting Powell's case due to it's ability to place jail terms hanging over the heads of Georgia's governor and secretary of state, we will then discover that even the Republicans on the top court can act corruptly to safeguard elite politicians. Powell would then lose her case at the top court if its unwilling to jeopardize the elite. But it would be hard for the Republicans to regain their reputations if they went against Powell's case. They would not be welcome at dinner tables around the country, for example. They would become lonely unless they learned to schmooze with Democrats, like Roberts has decided to do. So, we are about to see what the supreme court decides, whether to condemn criminality by various state officials, and if they do, it will kick the football right to Barr. Yup, Barr will then have the choice to arrest people due to weighty supreme-court condemnation of criminal conduct, though the judges might compromisingly render decisions tagged with no evidence of willful criminal conduct. The people are about to witness what the Republican side of the top court is made of. Hopefully, all will decide with utmost justice, scoring praise. It would be a start back on the right track.

The video above tends to serve evidence that the Obama government was working with China to take the United States out of the hands of Americans, and into the hands of foreign powers hostile to it. Obama was been trying to ruin the White hold on the country, and he needs communist entities to assist him with it. It's that simple. But don't slander China for walking the red carpet put out for it by Obama. Attack Obamaites instead. Yet Barr has said, he's not going to arrest Obama, because Barr is a corroptocrat's best friend. Even when Barr saw the Biden-China connection, Barr said he's not going to arrest Biden. Neither did Barr arrest the Obamaite, Andrew McCabe. This is to you, American, from Trump, who has shown no rush to correct this lethal situation. One thing missing from all this is Russian participation.

The video enters new information, that the Obama government, with Eric Holder and Robert Mueller as main players, gave Dominion a lioness' share of election-rigging while it was controlled by elements in Serbia, of all places. Why Serbia? How intriguing. Soros is Hungarian, but being forbidden to operate in Hungary, perhaps he chose neighboring Serbia, to hide his footprints from American investigators there. Just a thought.

The original purpose of a US-China relationship was no doubt to lure China away from a China-Russia alliance, but with socialist Obama, his timing was concurrent with the fight against capitalist USA and the toppling of White America that held capitalist USA. It's not capitalism that's the problem, it's the unbridled liberties that capitalists (= humans, evil hearts) are given in a so-called "free-market" system.

I dislike the ending of the video above where it enters God, Flynn, and high-tech scenes simultaneously. God is opposed to high-tech, a no brainer. Resist Trump's alliance with NASA and Space Force; stay away from Christians who espouse those things. It is foolish to rattle swords with super-powers. Attack not China, STUPID; attack the globalist deep-state within your own country that would use China to alter the political field and create many means of sucking tax dollars into their own pockets.

Checking, it turns out that Dominion's ties to Serbia have been known. But the accusation that Biden set up hackers in Serbia to hack Dominion machinery is intriguing. This could be why Wray has been so smug, knowing that Dominion would save him from being fired by Trump. Not so fast, Wray. There's a little wrinkle in that plan. Here's the Serbia story in print, supposedly from Democrat whistle-blowers that leftist media can't ignore as whimsically as it ignores Republicans:

Dana Jill Simpson and her husband Jim are election integrity and technology experts who have worked for Tides Foundation insiders (the Tides Canada Foundation shares office space in Toronto with Dominion Voting Systemsí headquarters). They are both anti-war progressives in the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat Party. Dana Jill Simpson has been investigating Dominion for years, and she brought her concerns about voter fraud to the FBI in 2016 ó including information about Dominion ó but the FBI ignored her pleas for help.

How did Eric Holder have the right, as the DoJ boss, to force the sale of election-machine rights to Dominion? Since when does a federal justice system get involved in business deals? I suppose only by criminally vilifying the company to be robbed.

Have you bought extra food yet? It might be too late soon. Visit more than one grocery store weekly to stock up on food, just in case, because riots can become the norm in many places as a means to coerce the people to capitulate to the Biden side. Without a federal police force, Trump is naked. The trash can on his arse won't stop bullets from flying. If the army won't come to his aide, Soros-type disturbances could predominate. Sirens. Here's from a Serbian article:

The Chairman of Smartmatic is Mark Malloch Brown, member of the British House of Lords and former Vice-President of the World Bank. He was also United Nations Deputy Secretary-General in 2006 and UK Minister (2007Ė2009).

However, the most interesting thing about Malloch Brown is the fact that he is one of more important officials of Sorosís network. Cooperation between these two goes way back, even since the war in the former Yugoslav Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1993-1994). Malloch Brown was the Vice-President of the most important Sorosís organizations Ė the Quantum Fund and the Open Society Foundations and now he is a member of the Global Board. He is also one of the people most responsible for the creating of the infamous International Crisis Group and he is a member of its Executive Committee and Co-Chair of the Board of Trustees

The article claims that David Petraeus works for Soros, is this for real?

Dominion softwareís external network is configured to the Serbian IP address. The internet network being used by that IP address is SBB. The IP address leads us to a location in Belgrade, Zoran Djindjic Boulevard. In the building located at the aforementioned address we can find multiple companies Ė Opportunity Bank Serbia, internet provider EUnet, but also the headquarters of the leading Serbian cable and internet provider SBB. SBB is owned by an American fund called KKR and George Soros. The chairman of KKR is David Petraeus, former Head of CIA. Petraeus began working for Soros in 2000, at the time when he was stationed within IFOR forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was also the director of Sorosís organization called MoveOn. He was the director of CIA during Presidential administration of one Barrack Obama, from 2008 to 2010. SBB owns the television channel called N1 which is a branch of CNN for Balkans and the television channel Nova S. SBB also acquired the license for the television channel Newsmax Adria. Even though this channel in the US is inclined towards President Trump, in Serbia it follows the lead of other Sorosís media. Its editor-in-chief is one of the most active Bidenís supporters on Twitter Slobodan Georgiev. Minority partners in SBB are Dragan Solak, who manages the field work of the company and Dragan Djilas, a politician from opposition and former Mayor of Belgrade.

...All of Serbian governments in the last 20 years are directly subordinated to George Soros. He appoints them and he dissolves them.

Hmm, Newsmax is pro-Trump for American purposes but pro-Soros in Serbia? What's that? Is this all theater to conduct some globalist outcome upon the masses, to weaken them by causing in-fighting between them? Some think so. They've been saying so. The writer of the article claims to be a Serb politician / whistle-blower. The writer has more confidence in the U.S. military to solve this coup attempt than I do. Perhaps now is the time that Obama himself goes into hiding. I've been expecting it. The writer blames president Clinton for subjecting Serbia to George Soros. I had always wondered why Clinton was so involved in the Serbian theater.

I had traced such terms as "Gareb" to the naming of Serbs, and so note that Trump fired a Mr. Crebs last week, chief of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure (Homeland Security).

In the last update, I spoke on the hat-trick night in hockey, the second goal being a deke that I pointed to the Deke surname (shares Hatrick lion), part of the Decan surname that I've long traced to a Decani area of Kosovo. This area was a part of Serbia until 2008. The hat trick pointed to Sidney Powell, who is at the charge of committing Dominion to U.S. courts. The hat trick suggested that Powell and Trump would win this election-fraud battle like tic-tac-toe. We shall see.

As was said, the George's, traceable to Hungary's prince George, were first found in Dorset with Soros-like Soars/Soros. That topic pointed to George Soros since about a year ago, at which time I began to link such things as Leggs to Soros because the Soar river of Leicester is also the Legro while the Legro surname shares the lion of Soars/Sors'. However, it's also interesting that Leggs share the Trump stag head, I think. So, as the third goal of the hat trick was deflected off my stick, between my legs and into the net, it made sense to point the goal to a Trump victory, and yet the Leggs can also point to Soros, and here we are on a Soros discussion about Serbia's Dominion contacts.

Furthermore, George's share three besants on a fesse (all in the same colors) with Purchase's, and the latter add the same lion as Powells while Purchase's were first found in Kent with Sidneys.

There is more. As was said, MARY Nigro (a friend) watched my hat trick game, and Marys (Norfolk, same as Deke's/Decans) share the Hatrick / Deke/Decan lion too, which is the Edrich lion too while Powells have an "Edrych" motto term. Marys must be a branch of French Merits/Merys because they almost have the Coat of Kosovo-like Kos'/Kosinski's.

I don't know where this Serb writer gets her information, but she even claims to know the address of the origin of the COVID infection: "The virus was released from Sorosís lab WuXi AppTec located at the address 666 Goaxin Road East Lake High-tech Development Zone Wuhan 430075, China which I was the first to publish back in March." I've not read that Soros had ownership of that lab from anyone else.

It's notable that the Covit surname shares an arm holding the battle-axe with Deke's/Decans. The Covits are listed with Cove's who named Cove, "a village in the parish of Nigg in Aberdeenshire." Mary's surname is Nigg-like "Nigro." It's listed with Negro's, feasibly from Montenegro (beside Serbia), at the Kotor / BUTUa theater. Mary lived in Butua-like BUTTONville (Ontario) at the time, and Bidens are listed with Buttons. Is that not looking as though God arranged Mary to be at the hockey game in order to point to the Serbian theater? Nigro's/Negro's (Garb/Garp colors) even use ears of wheat, very connectable to Gareb-like garbs (sheaves of wheat). (Montenegro's are listed with English Mountains).

Kotor-like Cutters were first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors' and George's. Prince George of Hungary was father to the Drummond clan, and while earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy, Mars share the Coat of Soar-like Sorrels.

Some fact-checker admits: "George Soros has invested in WuXi in the past, but he does not own it". Okay, that gets Soros tied to the Wuhan lab. Why did he invest there? Did he want to control it in some way? Was he paying it off for someone's services there? Let's repeat that the Fort DETRICK lab in the U.S. was suspect (by me) in working with the Galveston National Lab in forming the COVID virus. First, the Galves lion is also the one of Detrick-like Edricks and Hatricks. "DETRick" is like the Deeter/Teeter surname married by a Miss Simpson that I talked about in the last update, and it just so happens that Deeters/Teeters (use grapes) were first found in Pomerania with Grape-like Crebs'. The whistle-blower in regards to the Serbian links of Dominion is Dana JILL SIMPSON, and while Jills/Gills use a "DOMINE" motto term (!!!), Jells/Gells (Yorkshire, same as Jills/Gills) share the Grape/Gripp/Grabben bend. Had I not been mugged in Galveston, I would not have met Miss Simpson (my ladyfriend for one-to-two years).

A general McInerney has claimed (Sunday the 29th) that "the Kraken" is a nickname for the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion (Fort Huachuca, Arizona). As I understand it, this unit is the one that raided the servers in Frankfurt. The general goes further to claim his belief that men from that unit were killed by the CIA in Frankfurt who were holding the fort for the servers. However, this sounds too Hollywood. Is Sidney Powell being made to "step in it," that she might make bold claims later to be revealed as disinformation? It's possible. Is McInerney part of the people trying to make Powell look foolish. Better to be safe than sorry.

Are we to believe that there was a shoot-out in Frankfurt, between the CIA and pro-Trump military men, and nobody reported this to the world at large? I find this hard to swallow. At least, if there was no shoot-out, and if the raid took place with Germany's blessing, then it could become more like a reality tune in my ears. But the claim that the place seized was a CIA operation, that could start to sound make-believe again. Let's give this more time. An article insists: "The CIA Hammer & Scorecard system was used to change the vote count in swing state and the results were sent to Scytl servers associated with the CIA, in Frankfurt Germany, to avoid detection." Okay, but do the CIA people there have men with machine guns too? Achem. Others have defined "kraken" differently.

Someone Saturday night: "Wow! Sidney Powell just filed an emergency motion to seize every voting machine in the state of Georgia." It could happen. This video tells that the next battle is to seize the machines while the whores seek to empty the machines (that's got to be illegal under the circumstances) of their current information; see the middle of the 3rd minute:

IF the supreme court gives Giuliani the win based only on the illegal votes due to Pennsylvania's whore house not allowing monitors to witness the ballots, then the same judges are expected to do the same in some five or six other states, handing Trump the landslide on that basis alone. There is just a very good chance that the court will grant this to Giuliani, unless, perhaps, if God forbids it.

Everyone is wondering what defense Flynn is contributing to the coup attempt. After what he's been through, he might have "hiccups" or some hesitations in speaking out, but he'll get into the groove soon. Had Trump pardoned him earlier, he could have been more comfortable in revealing to Trump some Intelligence secrets that he knows. But, apparently, Trump wasn't interested in knowing. Why am I not surprised? I say, bite Trump's head off, deep state, so that, finally, he'll want to destroy you. He's got a very hard head, like a blockhead.

Why did Trump say on Fox that he "probably can't get a case" before the supreme court? Is he in-the-know that it's not going to happen? All of his supporters are at this time excited about Giuliani's applying to the top court as early as today, and today Trump says the above like a total pessimist, not in character even with himself. Strange. Maybe he's had an omen from God. Or maybe he's been part of a shadow-government script all along. I'm very open to that due to his strange / unnatural / unexpected behavior. Is the shadow government's news-making office taking the news on a roller-coaster deliberately, first good news for one party, followed by bad, over and over ad-nauseum? I often wonder. Sow abuse, reap abuse from God, that's all there is to it. We get the last laugh, and they weep forever.

Another thing smacking of news-juice from the shadow government is that no one at all is talking about who's the likely winner of the two senate run-offs in Georgia. I haven't heard one poll about those two races, but this is just not reality. Who's the favorites? No one is saying. It's just not the story. The fact that the score at the Senate is 50-48 at this time in favor of Republicans, with those two races up in the air, looks to me like the makings of mere news juice, a suspense-filled script being played out with the outcome known by insiders.

At the Arizona hearing Monday, 30th, we find that Dominion doesn't sell their equipment to the states, but leases them, thus giving Dominion the excuse to go in and repair them if some trick is necessary, for example as just happened in Georgia after 88-percent of the recount took place, the machines broke down, is the report. Dominion "repairmen" were then sent in. Also, by leasing the equipment, Dominion can gather it all up after the election is done, to hide evidence of cheating. In Arizona, Dominion people came in, after the election, to prove to the count houses that their equipment can't be abused for cheating purposes, which creates the opportunity to remove any plug-in cheat software, replacing it with non-cheat software. Duh. On top of this, Dominion lays claim to ownership of the vote data i.e. not the count houses, how convenient, yet the count houses are responsible for this crime because they know better than to give their state's vote data (including the counting) to Dominion to own. The vote houses / state officials need to go to the courts to acquire the rights to inspect machines they suspect of cheating, how convenient for the cheats and the winking state officials / hooer houses together.

All evidence of cheating by removing a plug-in software device to replace it with another is in the off-shore / off-property servers, not in the machines themselves, a precaution that Dominion would have assured for itself. That's what makes it necessary to seize the servers. Perhaps John Ratcliffe directed his agency to watch the Dominion Internet pipe to Frankfurt, I wouldn't be surprised. There had to be some evidence of fraud before they could seize the servers in someone else's country.

From what I've watched of the below, Arizona has verified that Frankfurt was involved. Here's the Arizona hearing, featuring Giuliani:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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