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December 1 - 7, 2020

God Points in Multiple Ways to State Farm Arena
Gravity Repels Electrons, Get Over It

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Everything that Giuliani's witness (Phil Waldron) said frankly on Monday, the 30th, at the Arizona hearing, verified the things that wild-and-crazy Sidney Powell had said days earlier at the Pennsylvania hearing. There is nobody at the Arizona hearing accusing Waldron of toting a conspiracy theory, or denying evidence of Dominion-machine fraud.

The guest says that they can pin-point fraudulent ballots by the "spikes" in votes too high in numbers for the vote-house workers to process manually into the machines. Simply, if those ballots don't exists, that evidence of electronic creation of ballots, and the only blame is to the machines for allowing that capability. While the culprit of each spike may be unidentifiable, the fact is, the spikes did take place, and so the FBI has the responsibility to arrest Dominion people for falsely providing tamper-able machinery. One spike alone had almost 150,000 votes more than the machine could handle. t

The totality of the Arizona hearing indicates that the state will got to Trump. yet, even as the hearing was going on, the Arizona secretary of stare certified the election for Biden, how arrogant and stupid all-at-once can a woman get? How better to finger yourself as a disgusting, dishonest rag. Couldn't it have waited? The horns on those Democrats. The engage the conspiracy in broad daylight, expecting their own kind to come protect them. They do this fearlessly because Wray and Barr are allowing it to continue.

I've just heard that when a Georgia judge reversed his decision to block Dominion from touching its machines, Dominion deleted (wiped clean) its machines / servers in Fulton county (includes Atlanta), and only afterward did the judge reverse the second decision...i.e. to disallow (in the third decision) the wiping-out. That looks like a trick that the judge himself participated in. Dominion must answer to the FBI as to what righteous motive it had to wipe machines in the heat of a contested election. But the FBI is out to lunch because it never does anything good, for good people; it thrives on doing evil, for evil partners.

The drawback to a democracy, as compared to a monarchy, is herein made clear. If there were a good king ruling, he would ask the Dominion representative for an explanation, and after five or six seconds of his blah-blah, would order his police to jail the blah-blaher on the spot. Not so with a wicked democracy that the United States has become. I ask you, how wise was it, really, to abandon the monarchy for a free-for-all democracy where all liberties are constitutional, even tricks to gets snakes into office? What the world needs is a Good King, the Dictator from Heaven, whose iron rod will not tolerate the likes of Wray, Obama, etc., for a second. Ahh, peace and security, sunshine and gardens, roses and bees, laughter and unlocked doors all night long. That is the life we want back.

As I understand it, Lin Wood, whom I keeping tabs on to discover whether he's a mole for the snakes, was involved. He's given credit for changing the judge's mind the third time, which makes Wood look like a pro-Trumper, yet if the damage was already done by the time of the third decision, then Wood can yet be a bad-guy = mole wanting inside the Trump camp's affairs. I'm hearing that the judge has permitted the voting machine's to be seized / obtained by Wood's legal team? Is that a good thing? Very suspicious. Someone on Trump's side said last week that Wood has been a lifetime Democrat.

Where's the rest of Trump's legal team? Why did they distance Powell??? Giuliani can't do it all himself, he'll get burn-out. Where the Sekulows? Go get those Dominion machines, STUPIDS. YESTERDAY IS THE TIME. What's taking Trump so long to figure this out? I know. The president doesn't give a damn about catching Dominion right now; he's happy foremost just to disqualify Biden votes so that he gets another four years. Later, after he's declared the winner, even if its too late to make a dent, he'll be happy to investigate Dominion. Well if Trump's lawyers aren't going to save Georgia from this machine manipulation, and if Wood can't be trusted, who's going to assure that the Senate doesn't slip away with more election-machine fraud?

The plan may be to use the Dominion machines in the two federal-senate run-off elections in January, with Wood being the fake pro-Trumper assuring everyone that fraud has been eradicated for those elections. Dominion claimed that it needed to wipe the machines clean in preparation for those two elections. Where's Trump's lawyers? Are they going to lie back and allow the senate to go 50-50?

The Georgia hearing told that ballots left the count house for a central building, what should NEVER be allowed. Ballots must NEVER be allowed to leave the vote house until the election is settled. The vote house must be the count house too, and all ballots must never be allowed out. All ballots are counted by hand, and recorded with a pen on paper no machines needed. There can be no easy cheating if no ballots are allowed to leave the building. Every ballot counted must have the counter's ID, preferably from a rubber stamp, upon it so that each counter is responsible (liable to a fine for fraud) for every ballot. It is just ridiculous that each ballot should have no required identification mark indicating which counter let the ballot go forward as a legal one. Every counter gets his/her own box/container to place ballots counted as legal, and this person must sign the top of each box, for example, when closed, to assure that the box is not identified in the name of some other counter (i.e. to blame someone else for illegal ballots in the container). The boxes can be weighed individually to assure that they have the right number of ballots (each box is to have the same number of ballots). This is easy, folks. The vote tally is written on the top of the box itself, not on a piece of paper attached (i.e. detachable and replaceable by a cheat) to the box.

No vehicles must ever be allowed to leave the property until they are checked for ballots by both parties (there should be no ballots in an vehicle leaving the property.) There needs to be a way to choose monitors without tricks because Democrats will choose Democrats to pose as Republican monitors. Democrats will go out of their way to create Republican voters (with a vote record) so that they can pose as Republican monitors, wherefore the monitoring process must include above-table cameras for every count table, and cameras at the exit(s) from the property. All monitors must be allowed to take pictures freely. Only then can there me a near-full remedy for election fraud. If the count takes until 5 am, so be it.

Use of a computerized machine can be to seek and discover near-identical signatures because a person filling many faked mail-in ballots are expected to sign each one with the same signature (not their own signature, of course).

At the end of the count, all counters' totals must match a certain number of boxes. For example, if the total count is a million legal ballots, with 1,000 votes per box, there must be 1,000 boxes sitting in that building. The boxes can be piled so that a quick count is made easy. For example, 20 rows of 25 boxes each at two boxes high = 1,000 boxes. If there are 100 counters, there's roughly ten boxes each. It would be very hard for floor workers to cheat with this simple, old-fashioned system. All counters know that, should a recount be needed, they could go to jail for cheating. No one can add a box of faked ballots without someone's stamp on each ballot, and without removing a box from the pile and somehow smuggling it out the building.

The reason that a stamp makes more sense than a signature is, not only because a signature can be copied, especially if it's done in mere initials, all counters cut out a part(s) of their ink stamp so that no one can copy it exactly (so long as no one sees it). For example, Tina Hall can cut part of the 'T' from the name on her rubber stamp in case some cheat is able to get a duplicate of her stamp (that cheat won't know how Tina cut her stamp). Old-fashioned glory. It makes every counter protective against someone cheating with a copy of his/her stamp, because the cheat could land him/her in jail. In other words, no official counter will conspire with a cheat to use his/her stamp (or a copy thereof) for producing additional ballots / boxes of ballots because, if the additions are discovered as fraudulent ballots, the official counter is in trouble.

If the officials of the vote house allow boxes to be introduced in the middle of the night with no one in the building, then all ballots in the added boxes need to have someone's stamp added illegally, which is why each official counter must report, before leaving for home, how many boxes they filled. Each counter must then count the number of all boxes on the floor, when leaving for home, and record the number by phone with some outside office i.e. there will be recorded phone calls telling how many boxes there were at various times. On top of that, two counters on the floor, one from each party, are required to call in the number of boxes every 15 minutes. How can this go wrong unless every last counter conspires together with a smuggler(s) bringing in boxes / ballots from the outside?

More fraudster news. I went over to Fox and Friends Tuesday to see if they would cover the Georgia hearing properly. First up on the 6 am show was Earhardt saying EXCITEDLY that MOST Americans want the COVID vaccine, another lie from pro-vaccine Fox. Polls have been showing that Americans don't want it, and the best that polls could tell is that about half want it, yet we should realize that the polls are fraudulent in hopes of making pro-vaccine people look like the majority. Here's a headline from a globo-liberal country that should scare us: "Mandatory COVID-19 vaccine poll |" You see, they are trying to use polls to make people like me feel that we are the minority, and have no choice but to take the vaccine for something that is nothing but a mild flu.

Earhardt acting the piece of trash. Quit your job, sister, before you go on lying for your boss. You don't have the calling from Jesus to endanger peoples lives with a vaccine that could be laced intentionally with chemicals not good for us. It's moronic to say that, hey, look, no one in the tests got sick, because what the demons incarnate put in the vaccines for the tests is not the biological damage they can put in later. Globalists have been freaking out for years that people are living too long. People have been suspecting for years that they hope to alter that situation with poisonous vaccines. Earhardt says NOTHING about that, piece of trash. Do a story on that, Earhardt, if you dare.

Witness in Arizona Monday: "'[The fake ballots] were all for Biden across the board. There wasn't a single Trump vote. And none of the voters were registered. "They had to manually enter the names and addresses and the birth date of 1-1-2020, which would override the system,' the witness stated." Override the MACHINE that is. NEVER use machines for counts. This not mere cheating like in a poker game. This is treason against the elected leader of the largest country in globalism. It is IMPERATIVE that globalists secure the money bags of Americans in order to build their global cabal to an official capacity. A lot of blood, sweat and tears is on the line. Where's Barr??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Why doesn't Trump get rid of him now???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Youtube is hiding videos on the Arizona hearing, offering all sorts of other videos, wholly off-topic. There were many Arizona videos yesterday, but today, almost all gone from the suggestions list.

How can we win this war against globalists if Trump's law people don't arrest the arrest-able now that the many opportunities have arisen? Now is the time to at least try to sink their ship. There are many anti-globalist fighters all over the world. Start movements with them too. Everyone attack globalists as intruders and tax thieves NOW. Do not tolerate globalist media, find ways to punish them hard. Forget the well-being of the economy, STUPID, and get this globalist demon put down first. Put all energies toward this because it wants to swallow the world whole. The better your economy, the better for them when they get power. But if Barr is unwilling, the fight is already over, we lost, if Trump won't replace him with the right man for the job. Globalists will keep ramming at the door until they break it down and swarm into the fort, unless someone chases them away.

Okay, now we know why the Wisconsin recount took so long: there was an automatic audit done along with the recount, and this is the way it should be, unlike they did it in Georgia. The audit resulted in the following: "The Trump campaign on Tuesday filed a lawsuit in Wisconsin to challenge 221,000 ballots cast in the general election in that state." It's probably going to be decided, by the top court in Wisconsin, by week's end, and from there it may need to go to the supreme court. If Wisconsin's court rules in Trump's favor, it will be a giant scare for the leftists. Suddenly, their gleeful over-confidence will turn to more bad behavior, perfect for burying them deeper into their political graves...unless they are allowed to get away with their evil. If they end up rioting, how will that be good for their party?

The Wisconsin recount didn't change the original numbers my more than about 100, meaning that the Democrats will have little recourse for winning the state if, for example, Trump is awarded even a half of the 221,000 sued for. If, for example, the judge discards 100,000 ballots, 70-percent of which were for Bummer-Joe, then Trump would gain 40,000 (-30,000 - -70,000 = +40,000) whereas he needs only about 20,000 to defeat the bummer. In other words, it looks very good for Trump voters.

On Tuesday, TRASH-CAN Barr came out to say that the DoJ HAS NOT found wide-spread voter fraud. He just condemned himself as a criminal AGAIN. Trump put a criminal at the helm of the DoJ, and another criminal at the helm of the FBI. Good luck, America, I feel very sorry for you. You had best hold very hot fire to Trump's feet these next four years, to do a lot better with Justice than he has. Notice the timing of Barr's public comment, just perfect for hacking Trump's chances as best he can with the supreme courts. Barr is jabbing and twisting the dagger in the stomachs of every Trump voter too.

What Barr said more exactly is that the DoJ / FBI has not found enough fraud to overturn the election. Translation: criminals can conduct fraud without fear of arrest unless the ones cheated out of the election can discover and prove enough crime to overturn the election. Barr, what a super brain you have. Good luck with it.

Did Trump pick any Bushites for the supreme court? Uh-oh. Maybe Barr already knows which Republican on the court wants not to support Trump. The bigger Trump's evidence of fraud, the more pressure on any Barr-like judge to rule in Trump's favor. But Trump went and squandered Sidney Powell because Trump is folly when thinking he's magical. He never learns because the wizard is a dope. The law of God is to turn the self-proclaimed wizards into dopes.

It's now made plain why Barr came out a couple of weeks or more ago to say that he wants all DoJ people to look into election fraud, because he knew from the start he was coming out at just the right jab-in-dagger time to say, there's no fraud...just a bunch of honest mistakes.

Trump's lawyers were quick to respond to Barr's statement with the following: "With all due respect to the Attorney General, there hasn’t been any semblance of a Department of Justice investigation. We have gathered ample evidence of illegal voting in at least six states, which they have not examined" (the

Good one, Trump team, good one. There's been no investigations to speak of, who's Barr trying to fool? Here's Barr's stupidity: "'There's a growing tendency to use the criminal justice system as sort of a default fix-all, and people don't like something they want the Department of Justice to come in and "investigate,"' continued Barr." That's right Barr, because IT'S YOUR JOB, STUPID, to fix crime. There's nothing wrong with people expecting you to fix crime, nothing worthy of criticism. Especially when it involves treason.

Barr also said that he's opened a Mueller-like probe into potential FBI crimes in the Russia probe, my but guess is that the motive for this is to disallow anyone from publicizing any information for as long as the probe continues, which can explain why the Durham investigation went on for so long, as an excuse to cover crimes, not expose and prosecute them. Now that Barr has revealed his deep-state heart for all to see, that theory becomes as thick as Barr's skull. How does it feel, Barr, to have many others doing your job while you get paid for it?

The question is: will Durham become the extreme good guy once Barr's cut loose from Justice? Nobody seems to know what Durham's like. We'll see.

Trump's too much of an arse to do the right thing at this moment: call Barr into his office to demand the details on Barr's best investigations that proved no fraud. Now that Barr's trying to kill his boss, do you think the boss could muster a meeting with the killer to say, show me the goods. It's so easy and to be expected, but Trump won't do it. Don't just fire Barr, but expose his criminality; show that he did no proper investigation to back-up his claims. If his investigation was to question the Democrats / Dominion officials and only to question them, that's not a proper investigation.

Here's Lou Dobbs Tuesday telling Barr off:

Lou has become, and stayed the course as, the superstar at Fox. He fearlessly tells the truth that Barr is a "liar." Barr cannot excuse the FBI from making arrests due to too-little fraud to turn the election to Trump. It's none of his business whether there are enough fraudulent votes, but it seems that this is exactly the argument that Barr wants the supreme court to use to deny Trump's cases.

First-degree fraud was sufficiently rampant to warrant arrests at high levels. Truckloads of counterfeit ballots, with count-house officials conspiring along, constitutes first-degree treason, Mr. Barr. This treason is clearly national (not isolated) and even international. Barr's lies are not the sole problem, but rather he's lying for reasons, and therein lies the criminality, nothing short of criminality. Barr deserves jail time as a high-level fellow conspirator with the treason. If Hannity can't bring the viewer to this understanding, he's no superstar.

I was at youtube checking election-fraud news for over an hour in late afternoon, but it did not bring to my attention one video of the Michigan hearing Tuesday. I had to ask Google for some reports on that front, and it gave me leftist news saying no evidence of corruption. What a surreal world we live in suddenly, but do not fear them, for they are merely snakes. Keep your authority in Christ; you are the King's son, speak like one. he has many sons, many soldiers, many wise ones. He won't let us down. Enlist with Him today. Find your true freedom; get eternal life and be happy. Here's hours of the Michigan hearing if you're interested (where's-Bill-Barr is a short topic in the 39th minute):

For a 12-minute news segment on the Michigan hearing (with short clips of key testimonies), see from the start of this NTD show:

An Arizona Republican (Kelly Ward) petitioned a state judge last week, and the latter granted her request (Tuesday, I think) so that Republicans can inspect a whopping 100 ballots, chosen at random by -- get this -- whore-house officials. The chances are almost 100-percent that no fraudulent votes will be found in these mere-100 samples. Shame. Make a petition for rights to check ALL ballots, to expose the full fraud...a no-brainer. It is in the nation's interest to know the full extent of fraud, and the perpetrators responsible. Anything short of full audits is reckless insubordination to the country under the current circumstances.

Fortunately, on Thursday, two out of the 100 samples showed fraudulent "corrections" favoring Biden, and so, luckily, the consequences were such that there is now an order to check 2,500 ballots (or more). That's more like it, but it almost didn't happen. Even so, it's possible for tricks to occur that serve up 2,500 clean ballots for the next stage in this tussle. The fraud has no bounds. There is little fear of getting caught.

Snob Bill Barr (thinks he's too good to step in) expects the people to rectify election fraud in the CIVIL courts, is he mad? "The AP noted that Barr also stated that people were wrongly looking to the federal criminal justice system as a fix-all when it comes to election issues, adding that the proper remedy for many of these issues is often found in civil lawsuits." This is a nation-wide conspiracy from the Democrat party, not just a few workers deciding to cheat on their own initiatives. This is a treasonous move, and Barr knows it. He's trying to pass Trump off as wanting to abuse the DoJ where Barr says the DoJ has no business being involved. YES, YOU DO HAVE THE CALL, FROM THE PEOPLE, to rectify this election with many jail terms so that it never happens again in the near future.

The day after Barr's announcement, Bongino Report has this headline: "Dems Miraculously Find Enough Uncounted Ballots to Potentially Defeat GOP Challenger in NY House Race". No fear from Barr = MORE CORRUPTION YIPPEE. Further investigations by the FBI should be viewed as acts against its enemies, Trump voters. An FBI investigation is a spy program on behalf of the corrupt. "Tell us what you got, Ms. Powell, or we'll arrest you for something."

It's not a wonder that big cities are predominantly Democrat if they've been rigging elections with truckloads of counterfeit ballots for decades. Republicans asleep at the wheel, shame. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to correct this situation in every Democrat-held city, town or anthill. Correcting voter fraud must become one of the mast flags of Trump's second term. Another flag should be the saving of children from liberal education and porn. If even the church leader does not concern himself with stamping out porn, he will be judged by God and suffer loss. Porn is a scourge, a main reason for Armageddon. Churches are expected by God to keep in regular communication to speak, as a lot, to government officials concerning the dire consequences of porn, the rights of whores to do their acts for money versus society's rights not to be inundated with damaging photography and video. Porn increases sexual obsession, rape, adultery = divorce = split families = added social payments. Liberals think the right of a whore and a pimp to make money on porn has the greater authority, the greater right, because these people / judges are demented, evil.

Liberals invented voter fraud that they might spread the devil's work by political rule. I'm hoping that we have come to the end of it now that God has permitted them to expose themselves fully. I'm hoping with all of you that He's now turning the tables on the wicked once and for all. But half of me thinks that the present situation must get progressively worse until Armageddon.

Here is Trump telling, heart-felt and accurate, the fraud-exposure picture thus far:

This unconventional woman was very good at the Detroit hearing:

Trump said that the vaccines will be "free" without telling how much people will be paying through taxes per one dose. Hello? How can he not reveal the cost to the people he pretends to serve? How can he not be straight with the people, that farce? The vaccine companies want millions upon millions upon millions even though the only people needing the vaccine are, generally, the sick over 70 years. There's no way the vaccine companies will be happy with that, meaning that someone's going to need to push this money-maker on many other people. What happens if they don't want the vaccine, now that word has spread on how mild this virus is? Here's more word out telling that the virus is a nothing-burger:

It seems that, suddenly, this week, Democrats got the word from the top of their pyramid that it's okay to let kids go to school because, they think, Biden's going to be the next president. I lament kids going back to public school because every person, of any age group, is better off never entering the doors of a public school. The public school has become satan's hall under Democrat powers. Parents need to send their kids to schools with Christian principles, Christian teachers. Where's the funding, Mr. Trump???

The Rubin Report below (see 7th minute) shows how CNN is not a news organization, wherefore its rights as one should be removed by the courts once the Republicans take the opportunity (waiting zzzz.). It's a shame the Intelligence has not requested a warrant to spy on CNN conference calls, and then revealed to the people the goings-on, that Project Veritas had to find a way to do it instead. These particular conference calls below, though not horrible in nature, yet show that news providers CONSPIRE regularly with the CNN boss to FRAME the news negatively for Republicans, which of course is not news as it's expected to be:

As you may have seen, the CNN boss says that they're not going to present certain news just because Republicans want them too. Well, that's twisted. It's an poor excuse not to do the news. CNN is required to put forth news whether or not Republicans want them to. Otherwise, it's not a news organization if every event benefiting Republicans is not announced. Therefore, its rights as a news organization needs to be revoked. It must not be permitted to be called "CNN." Get a new name, such as the Democrat Infusion Network (DIN). Instead of "most trusted name in news," it should be, "best stupefying brain infusion on the market," or, "we make cult followers better than anyone." Seriously, that is their true game, and they should be jailed for it. Seriously, they ruin entire households, communities and cities. Seriously, without exaggeration. It could take generations to remedy this, yet there will be no remedy if leftist media are not wholly demolished as they operate today; it's just going to get worse, with all of the corrupt people (they're not merely naive) rising up against normal people to create the crushing, surreal divide.

"We the people" cannot rule a democrat nation if the corrupt find ways to get the majority of votes by underhanded craft. And that's what they have been working at since they conspired to replace Creation with evolution. It's the same people exactly, plus those who want their hands on the money bags of the nation. The same human species rebelling against God with evolution are those who champion leftist craft today. They think like this: "What that person just said is damaging against the Democrat party, therefore it's got to be a lie." This type of attitude is ruinous to a country, creating SURREAL. People react differently to that type of attitude; personally I just want to give them a good stiff cuff to their faces with the back of my hand, followed up with a lightning-fast second one harder than the first. Forgive me Lord, but that how they make me want to react. It's intolerable, yet we must wait on God for His backhand. The quality of my life has been ruined thanks to these leftist slobs operating like snakes in MY world. And they threaten my children, hoping to turn them against me (to some degree they have). They would make them into faggots or feminists or porn fiends and celebrate victories. Backhands to their faces is far too little.

It is even possible that, should the left start riots if Trump wins in the courts, He might cause people to fight back with violence to trounce the left. God is not opposed to the use of violence, though He demands that Christians not use it. Violence for God is self-defence, you see. If God brings an army against a nation, it's to kill the societal cancer. If the devil brings an army to a nation, it's to do evil even if it means killing / brutalizing the best people. Naturally, the best people will fight against an evil intruder. The good people do have the option of a civil war in an effort to get the nation back to normal lickety-split, but things could go bad, very bad, the risk is always there. Leftists have become so nauseating that people are starting to talk civil war on video comments. Did you buy extra food yet? Is there any toilet paper left?

The short video below is a good example of how leftists persuade themselves that they are the angels by labeling Republicans as the bad apples. The left would have less power to persuade their cult followers if it didn't don the angel-of-light uniform, and that is what they do. The cult followers are self-duped into thinking that they are the good guys, it's as simple as that, and they will go to war with that weaker attitude. It's weaker than the attitude of the good guys, meaning the good guys have the best chances of winning the battle, providing they fight. Battles are won by passion, and fighting for the ability to operate corruptly provides little passion as compared to those who want to fend off corruption...that aims to abuse and impoverish them. Leftist media participate in the war by building in their stooges the mindset that they are the ones who should be passionate for their causes.

So, attack their causes. Inform people that Democrats are militarized by faggots, porn witches, slutty youth, atheistic Hollywood whoredom, and political mobsterism, for this represents their political base i.e. it's not a false charge. Undress their angelic facades. The minorities they pander too must be made to know what they are truly made of morally...until minorities cease to give them their vote for feeling too ashamed to give it. Win minorities politically by reminding them that a vote for liberals is a vote for corruption and sin that will seek to corrupt their family members; a little financial favoritism (from Democrat promises) isn't worth the cost.

By the way, Dan Bongino has said a second time that he's in for chemo for his cancer. I've heard that cancer treatments at his young age can do more damage because cancer can regress naturally at a young age. I'm hoping that his medical team is not leftist because those people have become murderous, and Bongino is one of their biggest targets at this time. Chemo can be abused to increase illness. He had best get on a medical team that he can trust.

The political battle can be won on honesty. Whoever can expose the other side as the dishonest side will eventually win. People understand the importance of operating in honesty, and, I think, we can give credit to Jesus for the ways in which leftists are now being forced, as though they were in a trap, to expose their own dishonesty. It's like a forced confession, folks, when people can see right through them.

You might ask: how is it that Democrats got so many votes if people have seen right through leftists these past four years? They didn't get that many votes, not even close to it. Ask the truckloads of faked ballots we don't yet know about. Ask the Dominion officials who've ran for the hills who've yet to answer questions. They did a do-or-die operation in this election, and exposed themselves by being forced to perform their craft too quickly, with not enough time to plan smooth operations. Arrest them fast-and-furious, and watch them make mistakes, rat each other out. But it needs to come on fast-and-furious. The slow-motion Barr wheels have only made them emboldened, and Barr needs to be jailed for it. I would jail Barr if power to decide were in my hands. A police chief who emboldens obvious corruption should be jailed. There should be a law, that if the attorney general, or any police chief, allows corruption to operate unobstructed when power to act against them is unobstructed, that person may be arrested by congress (or even a court judge) and tried for crimes. There must be a police for the police to cut out at least half the police corruption. When corruption is handled properly with immediate punishment, suddenly, the appetite will disappear of bad apples to position themselves into political power for to abuse the system.

If the country works hard at sending illegals back to Mexico fast, they will take back to like-minded ones in Mexico the message that they lost a lot of money and time for nothing. Suddenly, the appetite of like-minded ones to enter illegally will dissipate. An illegal crossing requires not holding a full-time job for quite some time, and then low income while establishing self with a means to work illegally. If it's not worth it, not many will bother trying to squander their time a second time, and especially not a third. They will become the educators of like-minded ones, teaching not to bother crossing, rather than becoming ring-leaders of human smugglers.

I wish the world were such that borders were not used or needed, but if foreigners are going to come in and give their votes to the Mobster Party in return for a few dog biscuits from them, I wish they would get lost, legal or illegal citizens. They came only to divide and ruin. This is not a racist attitude, but one with every logical basis. Get lost foreigners, white, yellow or black, if you're going to vote for mobsters. The cure for this is to get anti-mobster police to assure that mobsters don't last long in politics, but if mobsters in high places choose the police forces, uh-oh. That's Obama-USA. Or Trudeau-Canada.

Every word I had time to digest from Trump's speech this week was true and good, yet the leftist mobsters are portraying it as a mere rant. This is the destruction of a nation when what is good and true is rejected. What mutation or monster will they replace it with? The monsters have one ambition: to stamp us out who oppose them. This is all that stands in their way. If censoring us in media didn't win the election for them, their next logical step is to silence us with other methods. When intimidation isn't enough, real harm is next. So, the question is, how far will good people allow them to push harmful policies before the good people let-rip the backs of their hands against their ugly faces? As soon as the desire becomes irresistible; when the monsters become lawless, good people are justified in defending themselves apart from use of an unwilling police force.

It may be a leftist illusion to think that the initial restraint of good people is a sign of weakness. Human restraint of good people is like pulling the bow tighter and tighter, not letting the arrow fly...until the human spirit can hold back no longer. When she flies, watch-out disillusioned mobsters. Ask Goliath what the passion of a good man feels like in his skull. Merely a menacing spirit is no match for passion driven by God, the passion seeking to save the universe, as God created it, from the destroyers. The battle really is unfair when God backs us up and causes the charging enemy to trip over a popsicle stick right before the backs of our hands. Cuff! Cuff-cuff-cuff, cuff, cuff, cuff-cuff, it feels so good, so good, to see their red faces, finally, after such a long time of tolerating their menacing lingo. Eventually, God lays down a popsicle stick, wait for it, your trophy.

Another Possible Interpretation of the Sleeping Bag

Sidney Powell is curiously teaming up with Lin Wood even though the latter is asking Republicans not to vote for the two Republican candidates for the last two senate seats. Hopefully, Powell is trying to catch Wood as an imposter, because that's what he looks like:

Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood urged Georgia Republicans at a rally on Wednesday to sit out the state’s upcoming Senate runoff elections, arguing that the two Republicans in the running first needed to back demands for a special legislative session to investigate Donald Trump’s defeat in the state.

"They have not earned your vote,” Wood said of Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. “Don't you give it to them. Why would you go back and vote in another rigged election, for god's sake! Fix it! You gotta fix it!"

..."I think I would encourage all Georgians to make it known that you will not vote at all until your vote is secure,” [Sidney] Powell said.

This is nuts. And it can explain why the Trump team distanced Ms. Powell.

First win the senate, then use other avenues to fix voter fraud. Don't throw the senate to a 50-50 tie just to turn two senators into election-fraud activists for the rest of this month. Their plate is full trying to win the election. If Lin Wood is a mole, we might expect him to attempt a supreme-court move to get hold of Dominion machines before the Trump team does, and it would shock me if the Trump team fails to request that they see the machines concurrent with, or even before, Wood's inspection of them. Where the diGenova's?

Breitbart and Washington Examiner are revealing such things as: "Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood voted for and donated to Democratic candidates for years, including to former president Barack Obama and Senator David Perdue’s (R., Ga.) 2014 opponent, according to Georgia state records reviewed by Breitbart News." That could explain his position in Georgia. This is not the time nor the place to protest. How did Powell get caught up in this mess?

Here's an in-house whore-house video with fraud caught in the act:

The speaker in the video is Jackie Pick [Ben Shapiro's youtube of December 10 calls her Jacki Deason], The video is from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta. She claims to be a volunteer lawyer for the Trump team. Either someone on the inside of this whore house got a copy of the video, or it's a product of Trump's Intelligence. The wicked will find the best way to spin this video so that it appears legit, with some help from the FBI maybe.

As State FARM Arena is a hockey rink, it can explain why God may have pointed to this whore house with my hockey games. The rink was used as the Democrat count house. That makes sense. It recalls my story of a few months ago of my playing hockey with the Kepke brothers while I drove truck for Atlas Auto Parts (about my age 20/21). Atlas was the mythical symbol of Atlanta, and State Farm Arena is in Atlanta! Bingo. The Farm surname is in the colors and format of the Keppoch surname (!!!), explaining why I was playing with the Kepke's. This is amazing, and proves to me that God set me up at Atlas Auto Parts.

Soon after, the father (Ukrainian) of the Kepke's became the COACH of the team, and as I recall that the Walsh sisters were watching the games, I think the COUCH's are being pointed to because they look linkable to the Trots/Truths, from the Trotus river at/beside WALLACHia (beside Ukraine). The Walsh's are also WALCHs, and while one Kepke brother was married to Miss Walsh, her sister was engaged to the other Kepke brother.

As I said, about the age of 22, Steve Mel(l)anson asked me to be his assistant coach in a hockey team. Melansons share the Hockey crescent, and MELANsons, traceable to Milan, may have been named by whatever mythical MELeager was named after, husband of mythical Atalantis! It looks like another bingo, but why would God use Mr. Melanson to point to the State Farm Arena? I'll chew on it. Ahh, OTTONE Visconti ruled Milan, and Ottone's are also Otto's, like the Otto variation of Auto's. Atlas AUTO Parts!!! Ding-ding. It's making the hood of the auto in the 1979 dream look like a pointer to State Farm Arena, and as that dream was on Epstein's island, note that Epsteins share the Muschat Coat!!! Was Jeffrey Epstein involved with election-fraud machines?

I was dating the Ukrainian, Diane MUSCHATov, when coaching with Melanson, you see. I've told this many times. It just so happens that Muscats (not "Muschat") share the lion heads of Farmers! Things I've talked about for years are finally starting to fall into place with God seemingly pointing to Georgia criminality. But why? What good does this do?

As I said, Kepke and I were put on my MUSTang's hood by God when Allison Bauer left me, when we all worked at Knob Hill FARMS!!! Musts are listed with Muscats above i.e. sharing the Farmer lion heads! To make this short rather than re-explaining it all, Scottish Allisons, from the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds, use a "Truth" motto term while Trots are also Truths. So, even the hood event with Kepke (we were 17/18 years old) is pointing to the State Farm Arena, and Kepke was a cheater, a great word to describe him, absolutely. (Trots/Truths have pale bars in the colors of the Tarr pale bars, begging whether Tarrs were from some Tarrat-like variation of Trots.)

Ahh, the Allison motto is, "Truth preVAILs," and Vails/Velis' use a "DOMINE" motto term!!! Excellent. And the Vail/Velis Crest is the one sharing the fitchee of Luffs/Love's who in turn share the Must/Muscat / Farmer lion head! Luffs/Love's were once said to be first found in Suffolk with Musts/Muscats (fesses in the colors of the Luff/Love fesses), but are now said to be first found in Oxfordshire with Couch's. (Though Musts/Muscats were said to be first found in Suffolk for ten years or more, I've just noticed for the first time that they're now first found in neighboring Cambridgeshire, near EPPing.)

As the two Georgia run-off elections involve KELLY LOEFFler and a Mr. Perdue, I'll add here that while Loefflers/Lufflers can be a Luff branch, Perdue's/PARTys may be pointed to by Atlas Auto PARTs. One Loeffler Coat looks to be using the goose while Goose's are listed with Couch-like Gouch's. Obama's Dunham surname is descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham, and while Singletarys have three of the two Loeffler chevrons, the Singletary Crest has the black antelope in the Muscat Crest. Then, the three Singletary chevrons are colors reversed from the three of Muschats / Epsteins. I think that's significant, because I feel sure that Obama is criminally involved with the voting machines.

I sure want to know why the suitcase video doesn't show the people who hid the suitcases under the table. The FBI is probably chastising / threatening Ms. Pick right now for not telling it about this video before releasing it publicly. The FBI, you see, starts investigations so that it can create excuses to hide all such evidence. The FBI starts investigations so that it can order people like Ms. Pick to keep mouths shut about anything to do about things that touch upon the investigation. If no further news comes of this video, the FBI is likely the cause.

If you would like to see the suitcases (on wheels), see the top-right quadrant of the video above starting at 9 minutes. Shortly after that, four suitcases, one after the other, are pulled out from underneath a table. Obviously, ballots are not supposed to be in suitcases, and so there is not any hope of the whore-house supervisor or head pimp to lay out a convincing story to explain this criminality away. Why do other black tables look like boxes right down to the floor, as though they too may have suitcases under them in case they too were needed to overcome Trump's lead?

Ms. Pick said that the table holding the four suitcases was set up at about 8 am, and, presumably, the suitcases were there from that time, but what I don't understand is why Ms. Pick didn't get / didn't show the video from early enough to expose the guilty person(s) putting the ballots under the table???? If the Trump team doesn't have it, is it at least asking for that morning part of the video? It should be easily obtainable by any state official on the Trump team, or else the state's big cheese is going to be painted as a dirty rat for not giving it up. I'm willing to bet that no one will get arrested even with this evidence, why do I feel that way I wonder? Why don't we have the names of the people in the video? How long can it take to get them?

Ms. Pick says that the blond woman put the table there in the morning, but did not say whether she also placed the suitcases under it. Why not? Was this video given up with a deal? Did the deal include for the Trump team not to reveal the guilty parties?

This suitcase crime is headed to court immediately, where further details will come out. The Sekulows said that this video was available to authorities for a couple of weeks at least, and that authorities were sitting on it, covering it up, until someone flushed it out by official request. That's obstruction of justice on a treasonous movement. It's obstruction of justice on a crime against an acting president of the country. Is this just a small thing, Mr. Barr? Are we to start thinking like you, like it's no big deal, just some political in-fighting? The Sekulows say that this particular whore house is where they claimed to have had the water-pipe burst as an excuse to stop the counting. That's a first-degree crime against a sitting president, his entire voting bloc, and the part of the Constitution that forbids what they did.

On Thursday, we heard that Perkins Coie is representing the Democrat party in its bid to get into the Georgia battle, just as Sidney Powell is asking a court to freeze all voting machines in ALL Georgia counties. Powell wants the court to allow a seizure of the machines, and so, I take it, Perkins Coie has been sicked on her advances. All the merrier in this showdown if they want to incriminate themselves.

The Pick surname (probably has the Wood tree), which shares the Wood fitchees, was pointed to in the sleeping-bag dream that also pointed to Perkin Coie. After I PICKed up the sleeping bag, in the WOODS, I walked up a hill and entered a mall PARKING lot that pointed to the Parking/Perkin surname due to as many as five pointers, in this same dream, to Hillary Clinton. The woods in this dream could be a finger of God to Lin Wood as a fraudster / mole, for he's involved in Georgia; that's where he's making news. I've been trying to figure out how my picking up the sleeping bag could possibly be a pointer to Jackie Pick above, who's hitting the news for the first time on a Georgia piece of news. That's interesting, but let me say that, in a dream from God, any item / scene of the dream can point to more than one news story. It's never before pointed to Pick and Woods, and I can't be sure it does even now. For one thing, I can't see how a sleeping bag can apply to current election-fraud stories.

Load the Pick tab so that you can load other Coats of Arms to better follow along.

The sleeping-bag dream ended with Miss Peare on a PLATform, where she had a waist symbol pointing to Waistells, who happen to share blue doves with Georgia-like George's, and I've been linking George's to Soars/Sors' (Dorset, same as George's) of the Soar river in Leicestershire, where Woods were first found. George's and Soars/Sors' have pointed to George Soros, moreover, and so I'll just give you these heraldic considerations in case you think there's something to them. Picks were first found in Kent with Sidneys and George-connectable Purchase's (possibly shares the Powell lion). I don't think Sidney Powell is the enemy. I don't know why she's siding with Wood; it could be very temporary, until she realizes how great the opposition is to Wood for his Georgia position. Sidneys use a Coie-like "Quo" motto term.

Sidneys use "fata" too, like the "Fato" of Cheneys (Buckinghamshire, same as PADDs). As I said, my falling on my SHIN PADs was a pointer to China- and Cheney-like Shins/Chinns/Chings (triple fesses in Padd-fesse colors), and as I tipped the puck into the net while it was on the goal LINE, I had looked up the Line surname to find a Scytl-like "vireSCIT" motto term. Right after that, I looked up the Lin surname, as per "Lin Wood," to find a Chinese Lin surname. The puck that stopped at the goal line was shot by Steve TARR, and the Cheney-like Ceno river is a tributary of the TARo. The Padd Coat looks linkable to that of Coomers ("DOMINabitur" motto term), and a Mr. Coomer is a director of DOMINion fraud machines.

Why might we think that the Cheney Coat looks a lot like the Sterling/Sturling Coat? There's a Gabriel Sterling involved in the election-fraud conspiracy, and he happens to be in Georgia. Sterlings/STURlings have a black-bend version of the Leslie Coat, and the STURa river is in Cuneo, a term like "Cheney."

There are only a couple of Chinese surnames, that I know of, at, the other being "Lee," and then English Lee's are also Legro-like Leghs/Lighs while the Soar river above is also the Legro. I've said several times that Legro's and Soars/Sors' share the same lion, but can now add that it's the Fulton lion too while Fulton county is where the suitcase fraud took place. The Leghs are also Leys/Leighs while Leytons/Leightons share the Soar/Sors quadrants. I fell on my legs when falling on my shin pads, and Leggs (not "Legh") were first found in Dumfries with Padyns/PADDons and McGee's. My next goal, on a pass from Steve Tarr, was scored against Jim McGee, over his right shin pad as he kicked it out to black the shot (I've told this several times before in just that way). I assume there's more to the McGee goal than I now realize.

Those are the last two goals I recall in the season, possibly my last two goals of the season. I don't remember any other goals all season (16 of them) aside from my first and second goals, both in the same game. The first saw me FLIP the puck over the goalie's head, suggesting flipped votes, and the second was a deke of the goalie. See the Deke's in the last update or two.

[Insert Friday 4th -- With so much talk of my Jeep's hood for the past few years, I'd like to jot down here that, this week, Wednesday, December 2, I left home with the hood totally unlocked at the latch. As I picked up speed, the hood came flying up and smashed instantly against the two jambs of the front windshield (no windshield damage). I pulled over, and, thankfully, the hood came down almost unscathed (a little bent here and there), and clicked once to the safety lock, allowing me to continue to town. I can probably fix it myself to near new.

I went to town that day for buckets of water only, though I did get some gasoline too. Is this a pointer to the Water surname? The Vatts/MacWATTERs and Watts use "SPECTacles" hanging possibly from the Wood / Pick tree, and the interesting thing is that SPECKs/Speaks'/Spike's share a porcupine in Crest with Sidneys, as well as sharing a double-headed eagle (different colors) with JEEPma's/Cheps. Moreover, SPECCOTs (share fret with Hoods/Hoots), linkable to the bend of Chep-like Keeps, were first found in Devon with HOODs/Hoots. That bunch of heraldry tends to convince me that God created this hood-whacking event (it scared me). Is He upset with me too? That hood just went, whack!

I went to town for buckets of water (I need town water every two or three weeks), and Buckets share the Coat of Brecons while Powells were first found in Breconshire. So, if this event is a pointer to Sidney Powell, why? The event was Wednesday (afternoon ET), the day of Wood's and Powell's Georgia rally. The "fynw" motto term of Powells (share green griffin with Fenns/Venns) is expected as code for Fenns/Venns (Devon, same as Speccots / Hoods) who happen to use a fesse-with-symbols in the colors and format of French Pine's (expected in the Speck/Spike / Sidney porcuPINE). I would suggest God is unhappy with Ms. Powell for attending that event with Wood. But it's just a suggestion.

Some member of the Georgia legislature said, to the effect, that he was disgusted how it took a month for the damning video (of the suitcases) to come into the open, and the reason for it was that nobody's been looking under the hood. Well, my hood just popped open FAST, and everything under the hood was in full view to the heavens. That is extremely interesting because I saw that video probably less than an hour after I added this insert here.

Here, I've just dug out the video; see the start of the 5th minute where he asks, "Why did it take us a month to get the video...and it wasn't even produced by an employee of the state. That's patently absurd...that video was a bombshell...We don't know what happened because we haven't lifted up the hood to look..."::

In other words, God may be telling you that He is responsible for this bombshell video, to show us what happened under the hood. I'd much rather he used your hood than mine, but, lucky me, I happen to be the writer here, so suck it up. The video was taped on Thursday, the day after my hood event.

I'll add that I plowed my driveway of snow (first time this year) immediately after getting home with the buckets of water. Plows are in the Crest of Court-colored Curtis'/Cortes'/COURTis' (SHOULDham colors). The Curtis/Courtis Crest description is a farmer with a plowshare over his SHOULDER, and so let's add that I pulled onto the shoulder when the hood slammed up. Irish Cortes'/Curtis' (Court colors) have what looks like a quill in Crest because Irish Quills/WOODs (share tree with Woods!) have a woman in blue holding an item (probably the Wood club) on her shoulder, which reminds that Parrs use a "woman with shoulders" dressed in blue too! I think that works to indicate court cases that Powell is bringing. It may mean that God's not upset with Powell at all, but that we're in for some under-the-hood observations of the whore houses. It seems to mean that God wants the credit for what's happening in Georgia to shut the mouths of the leftists, or, if they refuse to shut-up, they go down in infamy for continues resistance when the evidence of fraud is blatant.

Just noticed that the club held by the Wood "savage" has what looks like spikes, suggesting the Spike variation of Specks (share porcupine with Sidneys) who came up as per the SPECtacles of Vatts/MacWATTERs and Watts (share giant tree with Woods and Quills/Woods). The heraldry all appears Arranged (by God). The Woods with the savage and club are the ones sharing the fitchee crosses of Picks...perfect for pointing to the video that was being referred to by the member speaking about looking under the hood, for that video was released by Ms. Pick!!! Bingo, . We win.

The Pick fitchee is used also by Ratterys, and while Hoods/Hoots are said to have been at Rattery, that's in Devon with the first known SUPERs in the Rattery motto. Supers use billets while Billets are also Ballots, thus indicating a pointer to the SUPReme court. I had read that Bassets used the porcupine too, and then more billets are used by French Bassets. Rats/Rate's/Raiders can be expected in the "orate" motto term of SHOULDhams.

AHHH, I now have a great idea why the woman in the 1979 dream was first spotted at the hood. I was talking about this one day, when I abruptly quit writing on that topic, and went to town, to find that someone left a Russian medallion on the hood of my Jeep as I came out of the grocery store. That tended to show me that God was linking the hood of that dream to my Jeep's hood, and now that my slamming hood has pointed to the open-the-hood statement of the Georgian legislature, the meaning of the 1979 dream is, I think, that God is going to expose what's under the deep-state hood. I had realized that the RATTERY location of Hoods is a pointer to the RADIATOR...which is under the hood! I had reasoned that this radiator was a pointer to John Ratcliffe, the one who can now easily expose a lot of things under the deep-state hood.

I was standing waist-deep in blue-colored, ocean WATERs before seeing the woman at a lone car on a beach. As Waters share the Epstein Coat, and for other reasons, I think I was on the island of Jeffrey Epstein. This character was a part of wicked U.S. Intelligence operations that Ratcliffe can disclose. Let's hope he does. End insert]

Good morning Saturday. I don't have anything to write this morning, which is odd. So, I'm going to introduce the Loefflers as per Kelly Loeffler now running for one of the two Georgia senate seats. Loefflers/Lefflers have the Perche Coat in colors reversed while Perche-like Purchase's/Purches' are the ones with the George fesse-with-besants. Does this alone indicate that God is pointing to Loeffler of Georgia, and lumping her in with my previous discussions on the Soros people seeking to thwart Trump? As the Purchase's can also point to Sidney Powell, by what coincidence is she helping Lin Woods to spoil Loeffler's chances at a senate seat? Today, Trump will be in Georgia to stump for Loeffler and oppose Wood's message to the voters.

I didn't have anything to say of the gasoline mentioned in the insert above until coming to what looks like the goose of Loefflers, for a gosling may be in the Coat of French Gas'/Garcons/Garsons, for the latter share the Chief of Res'/Dere's who in turn share lances with Lufflers/Loefflers. How interesting, for it tends to verify that the hood-slamming event is a pointed to things in Georgia's Fulton county.

The Purchase Crest shares the Fulton lion, and so what are we to say, that God is pointing to Ms. Loeffler as being on the side of Soros and company as respects the Fulton-county election steal? The giant Fulton lion is likely the same of Masons/Massins (Kent, same as Purchase's and Lovings/Louvains) and Lovings/Louvains because the other Loefflers come up as Lufflers while Luffs are also Love's. Moreover, the latter are connectable to Muschats (and Waters) almost having the Perche Coat. (While Belgium's Louvain is also, Leuven, Italian Leuvens almost have the triple Muschat / Water chevrons.) Things like this make my head spin due to the complications in seeking a logical interpretation.

The last update had a lot to say of Newtons because they use "SHIN bones" suspect with my shin bones during the goal. They happen to be in saltire form, in the colors of the giant Loeff axes in saltire. What could this mean as respects Loeffler's pro-Trump or anti-Trump stance or influence? I had to figure out why God knocked the knees from under me when I saw the puck come to rest on the goal line. If that goal is a pointer to Trump's election win, then what does the falling on my shins represent? The enemy trying to confound the victory? What if I happened to be sliding too far from the puck to poke it in? As it turned out, I slid right past the puck, missing the post by only a foot or two (and crashing into the boards).

I wouldn't be re-visiting these questions (which may turn out to be wholly unrelated to this election battle) had I nothing else to write on this morning. Does the failure of the puck to go into the net (before I tipped it in) mean that the enemy will successfully defeat Trump's legal battles until something sneaks up from behind and taps in the victory? I should remind that this winning goal was with seconds left on the clock i.e. time was running out. The puck was on the goal LINE, and then this brought LIN Wood to topic, Lynne Cheney, the Chinese Lins as a pointer to China's part in Dominion machines / faked ballots, all three entities in opposition to Trump, and, besides, Lin Wood is talking up a storm to make Loeffler lose her race. But, then again, she has nothing to do with Trump's bid to win the election.

It should be added that Loefflers/Lefflers have quadrants colors reversed from the same of Soars/Sors, and then the latter have the Purchase / Mason / Louvain lion too. As Waters and Muschats share the Epstein Coat while Neckers and Nuse's/Newes' (indicates a noose around Epstein's neck) pointed together to the hanging of Jeffrey Epstein, note the Loeffler/Leffler write-up: "Chronicles first mention Hans Loeffler of Stuttgart in 1447." STUTTgart is on the Neckar river while the double legs of German Leuvens acts as pale bars, and they happen to be in the colors of the two pale bars of Nuse's/Newes', and in the colors of the one pale bar of Neckers. All three surnames show nothing but their pale bars, and they are in the colors of the Jeffrey pale bars, and in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of Stuteville's/STUTTville's. The latter have a saltire in colors reversed from the saltire formed by the lances of Lufflers/Loefflers.

The crossBOW of Stuteville's can go to Bows/Boughs and bow-using Bogans (Bavaria, same as Lufflers/Loefflers), the latter first found in Bavaria with same-colored Lufflers/Loefflers. The CROSSbow then looks like code for Cross'/CROCE's (have the Mason/Massin motto plus) because they share the Loeffler/Leffler (and Massey) quadrants. Besides, while ESCHYNa de Molle married Robert Croc(e), ESKINs/Erskins have the pale bars above in colors reversed. If the other Loefflers are showing a goose, we can then add that Molle's (Roxburghshire, same as Goose's/Googe's/Gouch's) share the boar head of Goose's/Googe's/Gouch's.

This all makes the Loeffs suspect with an axe-version of the Scottish Frank Coat i.e. linkable to the Pollock > Rothschild line. I told recently why Franks are from Frankfurt, home of the first Rothschild, Mayer Bauer, and to this I can add that Jeffreys, until recently, were said to be first found in Peebles with Bauer-branch Bowers (probably have the five Bow/Bough arrows). This bothers me because the Frank saltire is also the Blade saltire while I POKED the puck (on the goal line) into the net with the blade of the stick while wearing Johnny-Bower skates. Poke's are listed with Pollocks. (I made the mistake of calling him, Johnny Bauer, two updates ago.)

Johnny Bower was a star goalie for the Toronto Maple Leafs when I was a kid, and while Dominion Voting Systems has a head office in Toronto, Frankfurt is in the news these days as per an office of Skate-like Scytl there, a company (now Paragon) related to Dominion. Skits (suspect in the "vireSCIT" motto term of Line's) share the Coat of Skate's, both sharing a potent cross with Cross'/Croce's. It all bothers me because I poked the puck on goal line for the winning goal, and the last thing I understand is how this can be a victory for Rothschilds. I tend to think that Rothschilds are on the losing side, the villains. Does it mean that the goal represents a victory OVER the Rothschilds? Who's going to score the winning goal? Who did I represent when sliding past the post? Why is "Post" a motto term of Scottish Jeffreys?

On top of these coincidences, goalie-like Gollys/Gullys (Oxfordshire, same as Luffs/Love's) have pointed hard with Gulls to Rudy Giuliani. The six pale bars of Scottish Jeffreys look very connectable in this picture to the six of Gulls, but how in tarnation does Jeffrey Epstein fit into this goal? I knew I shouldn't have gotten into this, starting from the Loefflers. Gulls were first found in Kent with Sidneys, Lovings/Louvains...and the Purchase's sharing the giant lion of Welsh Jeffreys and Powells. Yeah, so? Doesn't God have any respect for my hurting brain whatsoever? Tell you what, you figure this out, I'm getting some pizza.

Okay, I'm back. I didn't want to go down all possible trails to follow because I didn't want to hurt your brain either. When seeing that Welsh Jeffreys were at GORham, Gorhams were loaded along with Gorsuch's, and that's when I added the following to the last update where the "resurGO" motto term of Lorraine's pointed to multiple, now-sitting supreme-court judges: "[Wow, I had it in my head, when writing here, that there was no Gorsuch surname, but, the week after writing here, I checked to see, and found the Gorsuch's sharing the Lorraine bend-with-eagles!! Zikers.]"

Gorhams (fetterlocks, I think) were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes' (pointer to Jeffrey Epstein) and the Bash's (version of the News/Nuces Coat) who point to Mr. Bash, an employee once of judge Scalia. My head still hurts. Hertfordshire is also where Childs were first found sharing the Gorsuch / Lorraine eagles. Hertfordshire is also where Vince's/FINCH's were first found, and while the second-last time I saw Lorraine the babe was at the FINCH bus-subway station, I saw her once again carrying a baby child when I was sitting with Paul Smith. The latter appeared in a dream of a few years ago with crutches, and While Crutch's almost have the Smith fitchee in colors reversed, the Crooch variation of Smiths looks like a branch of Cross'/Croce's. Pizza's good, but my head can't tell you what this is all about.

Paul Smith the BEARDed man on crutches followed a sickly stag which was itself led by Lawrence Kepke, and so note first how Lorraine-connectable Lawrence's (Lancashire, same as Gorsuch's) share "Ready" in their motto with Gorhams. Kepke-like Keeps share the Lorraine bend. The sickly stag pointed to Sichs/Sykes' of Scarisbrick-like Scarborough's, and Gorsuch's, I now see, were at Scarisbrick. Kepke and I both sold shoes at Scarborough Town Center (Toronto) at the same time, at McCOWAN road, and McCowans look like a branch of McGowans/Gows/McGoo's suspect in the Lorraine motto that took us (last update) to Gore-branch Gowers/Gore's. Gorsuch's were first at GosfordSICH, later renamed to Gorsuch.

If I was correct in deciphering Kepke and the sickly stag with Trump, does this mean that judge Gorsuch will turn against him in a few weeks? He's on the SUPReme court, and SUPERs share a black-on-white saltire, with white symbols upon it, with the Faiths/Faithfuls/FATHs in the Gorsuch motto. Sidneys use a "fata" motto term, and Cheneys have "Fate." Confused yet? Fate's/Feets look related to Gorhams. Lorraine had her beautiful feet symbol when she got her babe symbol.

Irish Smiths are also Gows/Gowans. Paul Smith was a bearded man who now points to Bards/Beards because they share the green griffin with Powells. As Scottish Leslie's were founded by BARTHolemew, it suggests that the green Leslie griffin head is that of Bards/Beards, and, as I've said a few times, I ran a tile store at Gorham drive a few hundred feet from Leslie avenue. What could that be about? English Tile's were first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors, George's and Lorraine-pointed Babe's, but aside from that, I don't see that Tile's apply in any special way.

Lorraine had pointed to Bill Barr, and he just came out urging the supreme court not to take the Trump case due to lack of evidence to turn the election. I don't especially like making "predictions" like this based on an heraldic interpretation of a dream. It could get a little wacky. But this looks interesting. On the other hand, what should I say to you if Gorsuch votes for Trump instead of against him? How does a sickly stag point to a good thing for Trump? Perhaps Trump the sickly stag is the puck rolling only to the goal line, with a little piece of dust in the way to make for the victory. But someone else comes in to win it who's fighting against Scytl, Dominion, the Cheneys and the Chinese.

As I said, Kepke and I learned from Rick Young that my girlfriend, Karen WHELAN, was going to go out with another guy to a restaurant in the Scarborough Town Center, where Kepke and I ate regularly when we sold shoes at that mall. So we got to the restaurant first to make her feel bad about it, I guess. We really shouldn't have done that. Without re-telling what happened when she walked in and I confronted her (no, I didn't hit her or yell), I just want to repeat that Whelans were first found in Waterford while Waterfords/Waterville's share "fountains" with Sichs/Sykes'. Then, the Trump stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford. Furthermore, the Waters with the Epstein Coat are Waterville's too. The latter were first found in Essex, where Gore's/Core's (Gorham colors) were said to be first found for a decade or more until recently. Go ahead, predict away.

Gore's/Core's are now said to have been first found in Kent with the Trips who share their crosslets (Hamburgs have them too). German Trips/Treffs, first found in Hamburg, use shoes, that's right, a pointer to our selling shoes at Scarborough Town Center. English Trips have the "scaling ladder" of Scalia's. Trump chose Neil Gorsuch to replace Scalia, believe it or not.

Ahh, I think I maybe know why I was selling tiles on Gorham. The Tillers are from the Tilurius river, also called the Cetina, where cat-using Cetins/Cattans where first found who share Saracen heads with SASSYs/Sauchys/Caucers (Arms-of-Saraca colors). I owned a cat, Sassy, at the time I was selling tiles, I kid you not. As I've said many times, Sassy habitually and regularly SUCKed the tip of her TAIL as an adult (like a baby sucking a pacifier) for minutes per session, and Tails/Tailers share the Tiller lion. I've long known this Tiller-Cetin-Sassy link that God created, and the point here is the suck-like Suchs (Lancashire, same as Gorsuch's) suspect in "GorSUCH!!! I sold tiles on Gorsuch-connectable Gorham road! That is yet another pointer to NEIL Gorsuch, especially as Saracen-liner Saraca's (share Neil fish) are to the Sharks, first found in Tyrone with Neils. Why should Sassy point to Neil Gorsuch?

[Later in this update, after reading of a Sassone character in the write-up of Italian Case's (this has to do with the Georgia ballots in suitcases, don't miss it), I found Sassy-like Sassons listed with the Saracen surname. DON'T MISS the section on the case surnames or you will be poor.]

Judge Gorsuch had joined Sam Alito in signalling that the Pennsylvania supreme court had improperly ignored the illegality of the late-coming absentee ballots. It suggests that Gorsuch is going to give Trump his win. This is confusing me.

I'll leave the mystery to you; I received Sassy (named her "myself") as a kitchen-like kitten from a woman customer whose banister I was stripping and refinishing. Banisters (Lancashire, same as Gorsuch's, Such's and Kitchens) share the water bouget with Cetin-like Kitchens/Ketchins. As I've said, I painted the album cover of CAT Stevens' "Tea for the TILLERman" on my kitchen wall when living with LOUISe Phillips and Christine Peare. I moved into that apartment at the end of my shoe-sales job (was maybe the worst year of my life in that apartment). Welsh Louis' were first found in Glamorganshire with Tillers, and French Louis' were first found in Lorraine.

Tillers have "Walter or Wat Tyler, TEGHeler...", and Tea's/Tease's are also TIGHs. Tea's/Tease's were first found in NOTTINGhamshire, and Nottings have a version of the Sassy/Sauchy/CAUCER Coat. Sassy would CHASE COOKIES on the floor like a dog, and Chaucers and Chasers (both may have the Gorsuch bend) could be a branch of Checkers, the latter first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teece's, and while the latter are suspect in the Shirt/Shard motto, the latter were HarCOURTs while Sassys are said to have received a Harcourt title. Harcourts have a version of a Hair Coat, and the murdered Madalyn O'HAIR (God's enemy, a symbol of wrath) was found buried in pieces on the cookie-like COOKSEY ranch owned by the family of Mrs. Tigh-like Teague. The Teague Coat looks linkable to the Kitchen/Ketchin Coat, what are the chances? I had to leave Sassy behind (gave her away to someone) when going to Texas to purchase property, and I ended up buying a property of Mrs. Teague above. What does all this mean, O wise ones? Help me out here. Send me a message through God.

What are the chances that while Sassy chased cookies, Cookseys have a border with the Such besants while the Cooksey bend-with-cinquefoils are reflective of the Sassy/Sauchy/Caucer bend-with-besants? What are the chances that while Mrs. Teague was born Miss Friend, the Italian Ferrands share the Checker Coat? Checkers (beside Chasers/Chacers), who share a Shield filled with checks / checkers (different colors) with Texas', were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teece's, you see. Texas' share the checks of Perdue's/Partys while Loeffler-like Luffs/Love's share the fitchee of Checks/Cheeks/Cheech's. David Perdue is the other Georgia senator looking for a senate seat along with Loeffler.

The Luff/Love fitchee is shared also by Scottish Laughlins/Loughlins ("ForTIS"), and then Irish Laughlins use a "saluTIS" motto term. It recalls my dream with my dentist laughing at the red buttons on my shirt (Shirts use "HosTIS" while sharing the Tiss/Teece chevron), perhaps a Sign from God that Joe Biden's going to be a joke. My dentist's surname (no longer my dentist) has a good reflection of the Shirt Coat.

Cookseys use a "conSPICi" motto term while the Spike's/Specks are expected in the spectacles of Vatts/McWatters' and Watts, the latter first found in Worcestershire with Cookseys.

On Huckabee this weekend, Sidney Powell said that she is not for Georgians refusing to vote for Loeffler and Perdue. She's warning that the Dominion machines to be used for these senate elections are suspect. But, I think, it would be very nervy of the Georgia whore house to set-up the machines for cheating while it's all-too possible that the vote will be inspected afterward by Republicans.

I'd like to say that vote flipping by the machines can be done safely only if the votes removed from Trump represent discarded ballots too. For example, for a vote flip of 4,600 votes, that many ballots needs to be discarded from Trump's pile, and 4,600 needs to be manufactured and added to Biden's pile, afterwhich the count house sends the machine-controlling office the green light for a 4,600 flip. In this way, the cheating can't be caught by simply recounting the ballots. To protect from this type of cheating, make it illegal to carry ballots out of the count houses until the election is resolved. Plus, never allow a count house to be controlled by Democrats; make a federal law forbidding it in all states now that this party has proven conspiratorial. Although I've yet to see one count house cheating for Republicans, don't say too loudly that leftists can fake Republican fraud.

There should be a camera on every person counting votes, and no counting can be allowed except under a camera. The video feeds go live to computers of both parties, and they can thereby have record of any / all votes counted, if needed. There are simple ways to insure election integrity, but Democrats are going to try a wiggle-out in every way because they know they will never get power back without cheating. Here is much of your victory over corruption, America, by providing federal laws that all state houses must abide by in fraud-susceptible parts of the election process.

Republicans in every state should request an audit of the vote, not to overturn the result, but to discover the extent of fraud or lack thereof. Justification for this day has arrived, what are they waiting for? Voters would be pleased to learn that little fraud took place in their state, but then even Republican officials can't be trusted, shame. Infiltration of the Republican party by enemy players is fairly rampant. Only bad guys play in this way; the good guys don't have such advantages.

Do you know what Christians are like to God? Like a beautiful ending to a beautiful song, and the final, long note cracks into a horrible sound just as God is bathing in it. Our sin just ruined the experience for God. Imagine how horrible pagans are before Him, how little pleasure they are to Him. It's time we start thinking about how we can bless God rather than saying, "God bless you." What, is God a bless machine? Is he the bless genie? Let our thoughts go to God that He may take pleasure in them in spite of our spoiler thoughts. It's better than nothing. And, we can practice our offerings to the Sweet Father in order to improve...because worship of God feels good for us too...if the Spirit's enjoying it. What am I saying, that God actually wants to enjoy something? Get out, come-on; God's too mature for that (sarcasm). Let's be decided to accept God's discipline for decades, because He's trying to perfect us who accept discipline. Poor is me if I reject it.

Let Me Save You from Fraudulent Electrons

I haven't got anything to say on this Friday morning on the news or the prediction from heraldry that Sidney Powell is going to save the day for Trump. So I'm going to show you how easily deceived you are due to peer pressure, which is a thing you need to deal with...but you won't.

I made a "great" discovery. I gave it to the world free of charge in several online treatments of my atomic-physics model. It didn't change the mind of the scientific establishment because it's incapable of admitting its many errors in its atomic model. It's a great example of how they've made fools of themselves, and you, reader, that's right, you, are prone to taking their side rather than mine. Why is that? Because I'm just one guy against an establishment. And so you have yet to understand fully that the establishment is satanic, inspired by demons, and as such it's deceived, and deceiving you. Even if you're a Christian who recognizes that scientists are toward the folly side, you still won't believe me after I present to you the evidence that I'm correct on: gravity repels electrons.

That's right, reader, you. With your pea-brain, you can't wrap your head around what I just said because all the scientists tell you it can't be true. You'll say to me, "hey, who are you calling a pea brain?" Well, if you did have a good brain, you would say, "hmm, gravity repels electrons, yeah, okay, that's possible." But you would then say, "but wait, scientists have proven that gravity force is not like the force of a magnet. Gravity can only attract electrons because gravity attracts all matter." And that's why you have a pea brain, because you betrayed your own understanding of reality with what the establishment told you, and you think it's me who has the problem.

What evidence do you have that gravity attracts electrons? You have zero. Science has zero evidence, that's right. But I can show you easily that gravity repels electrons, and I can also show you that scientists have known this, yet rejected it. In order to prove the truth, we need to make a "pool" of electrons, and then find out whether they go up away from gravity, or down toward gravity. Hmm, let's see now, how can we create a pool of electrons? What sort of high-tech machine can I offer you that you might do your own experiment?

I had figured out how to provide my own electron-making machine. It's called a 25-watt light bulb from Sylvania. That's right. I called the company (over 20 years ago) to ask whether they still make bulbs with vacuums, and they said the 25-watt bulb still had it.

Okay, so I took my electron-making machine, and covered it with molten wax. I just let the wax harden, and then plugged the "machine" into the wall plug. The light bulb glowed, and it burned a hole (i.e. melted the wax) in only one spot around the bulb. Can you guess where? Yup, you probably instinctively knew, that's right, the wax melted directly ABOVE the hot filament. Why do you think that happened? Why didn't the wax melt evenly all around the bulb? Why did 99-percent of the heat flow straight up in a vacuum incapable of forming an air draft? I can tell you this: your pea brain won't allow you to believe that electrons were forced upward by gravity. Your brain is stuck in the mud of the physics establishment. You are their stooge. Sorry.

Scientists know and accept that a light-bulb filament releases electrons. Yup, they force so many electrons to go through the thin wire (the filament) that some electrons pour out of the wire into the empty space. The electrons are not traveling in orbit around the atom at incredible speeds because that's another fantasy of the establishment, and you probably think they know what they're talking about, because you haven't get a brain good enough to inform you that its impossible for electrons to orbit atoms. You have been their fool, plain and simple. But I'm here to save you, take the rope if you know what's good for you.

If electrons were flying fast around atoms as they go through the filament, they would fly off equally in every direction in the bulb, and melt the wax evenly all around. You have no idea how a flow of electrons melts wax because scientists have never told you how it's done. They don't teach this in school, they leave you ignorant. Instead of teaching that electrons are the source of all heat, they invented a false explanation to define heat: the crash-bang motion of particles (see kinetic theory of heat).

Okay, let's entertain their theory inside the light bulb's vacuum. They teach the impossible, that atoms are always racing about in all directions equally, crash-banging into one another constantly in all directions (it's impossible because colliding objects slow one another down). They will say that we can't create a perfect vacuum, and so they will also say that there's a few atoms in the 25-watt Sylvania bulb racing about in all directions, and thus crashing against the inner glass of the bulb equally in all directions. The faster the atoms crash, the higher their temperature. That's right, that's what they teach: temperature is atomic speed.

Air atoms cannot melt wax on the bulb's glass, it is taught, unless they are moving fast enough to melt wax. They would therefore argue that the fast electrons coming out of the filament crash into the atoms, increasing the speed of atoms until they are crashing fast enough into the bulb to melt wax. But this is wrong, and they can plainly see the error, yet they continue to make a stooge of you, unashamed, and you haven't got the sense to realize their error even if you become extra-familiar with their theories. Thousands upon thousands upon millions have gotten familiar with their theories, and virtually none of them have said, "wait a minute, that can't be right." So I'm lumping you, reader, into that pile of pea-brains.

Even if I explain how they are wrong, you will still take their position because you will be sure that me-lonely can't be right against the millions of highly-intelligent scientists. You are robbed of your thinking powers by the sheer size of the establishment; you therefore go along with what they tell you to be real. You fail to realize that the establishment controls who gets to come up the ropes of the establishment. If anyone teaches that electrons are repelled by gravity, sorry, they don't get promoted or honored by the establishment. Therefore, promotion goes only those who agree with their folly, and that's why almost all of the "experts" in high and middle levels believe in evolution too.

Okay, so you envision itty-bitty electrons coming out of the filament, and although they are very small as compared to atoms, they yet have the power to speed atoms up ENORMOUSLY because, the scientists have wrongly figured, the electrons are moving so incredibly fast. Yup, that's why they envision fast electrons, in order to explain why atoms get "hot" in the presence of a filament or any other "machine" that releases electrons (from any material). Do you understand? They want to believe that air atoms are made super-fast all around the filament, hot enough to make the glass of the bulb hot, and the only explanation they will offer themselves, due to their evil, is that electrons are flying much, much faster than the atoms. There you have their lunacy in a nutshell, all because they insist that evolution is the correct explanation of the universe. EVIL. They have thus created their science death beds in Hell.

They now need to deceive you into thinking that electrons are moving fast due to being in perpetual motion around the atom. Only an idiot believes this, and that idiot is you, reader. Sorry. If you think that electrons can race around all atoms, every atom, even in liquids and solids, there is no hope for you in science, yet the highly-intelligent scientists teach this. What does this indicate to you? Anything? It indicates that humans are very willing to become very stupid. You need to understand how deep you are in deception if you respect and honor human authorities. I'm trying to shake you out of it. Slap-slap-slap, come out of it.

Let's continue entertaining their view of the goings-on inside the 25-watt bulb. The speedy electrons fly out of the metal wire, and continually accelerate the speed of atoms in the bulb until they are hot enough to melt wax. Okay, but according to the theory, which has all atoms flying and crashing in all directions equally, the atoms strike the bulb's glass EVENLY all around, and should increase the temperature of the wax evenly all around. But this is not what happens. Instead, the heat goes straight up.

Here's the key to your freedom, take it: don't allow yourself to believe that the heat goes straight up due to an air draft in the vacuum. Don't be their idiot by saying that there isn't a perfect vacuum, and therefore there can form some upward air draft. Warning lights flashing: don't do it. It's time to rebel against this idiotic establishment. They won't tell you that gravity repels electrons because it ruins their theory of cosmic evolution.

Their view of constantly-racing atoms cannot explain why upward air drafts (due to heat) exist in the first place. Did you ever think of that? Well if you didn't, they did, and they could not explain it, yet they did not scrap their view of constantly-racing atoms. That's because they're evil. They don't tend to tell you what they can't explain lest you start to think they're wrong. They're plan is to deceive you into thinking that they are mightily correct about most things. You are to view them as the lords of knowledge.

Okay, so you have a mind that can envision racing-about particles in the air, any air, whether in the light bulb or not. If we had special powers (to make this easy to explain), we could magically speed up all air atoms in a cubic foot of air. It doesn't matter how we speed them up, we just want to imagine their going faster suddenly. Why should the faster ones in a cubic foot of air go up instead of down or sideways? The evil ones have no viable answer. The atoms will just move and crash faster. There is nothing making them all move upward, yet in a real situation, hotter air does move upward. Why do you think that's so? You don't know, because the evil ones hide from you the reality of our atmosphere: it's filled with free electrons.

They never tell you that. When they spoke on vacuums as I was in school, they wanted us to envision nothing within it, when in fact a vacuum is filled with free electrons. The heat within a vacuum is the free electrons, STUPIDS. But you will never get them to admit this, because they are deceivers after having become idiots educated by idiots.

A fly cannot fly in a vacuum filled with electron particles because wings work only in particles attracted by gravity. Electrons rise toward space continually. They don't attract one another, but rather repel one another. If the bird's wings flap in nothing but atmospheric electrons, the electrons move aside with ease because there is nothing to hold them down to the earth tightly. The bird can fly only if there is work done against the particles they strike with wings, but if the particles just move over too easily with a wing flap, there will be no lift for the bird. I'll explain below why air atoms restrict wing flap.

Electrons can enter a vacuum from all sides of the container that "holds" them, and they escape out any side too. Electrons penetrate every substance known to man. You can keep a light bulb on all day, but electrons escaping the filament go right through the glass at the top, and right through some wax too, into the air outside the bulb. That is your fact of science denied you.

Electrons are continually under inter-repulsion. That's why they move in or out of a substance. If the density of electrons inside the light bulb is greater than the density of electrons in the air outside the bulb, the ones inside the bulb have greater inter-repulsion (because they are closer to one another), which is to say they are under greater pressure. They therefore push each other into the outside air. This defines heat transfer.

By "inter-repulsion," I mean nothing more complicated than the negative charge of each electron acting on all neighbors. Electrons repel one another, this is not complicated, with greater force the closer they are to one another (this is a known law). "Density" is defined as how close to one another they are. Therefore, the greater the density of electrons, the greater the temperature. Specific temperature can be defined either as the specific electron density or specific electron pressure; one creates the other.

Put a thermometer into a hotter water, and the greater electron density in the water pushes greater numbers of electrons into the fluid of the thermometer, expanding it more greatly (than if the water was cooler). The expansion of materials due to added heat is defined as the invasion of atmospheric (or free) electrons. The only electrons that are not free are those captured by atomic attraction, and the latter constitute zero heat until they become free to enter a material.

The hotter the air, the faster it rises because the hotter the air, the greater the density of electrons mixed within it. Electrons push air atoms upward as gravity pushes electrons upward. Easy enough? Be free, tell a physicist, "you idiot!, today.

The modern science demon is the one who knows from scientific facts that colliding objects slow down per collision, regardless of what direction they strike with. The science demon is the one, knowing this, who then deceives you into believing that atoms and other atomic particles are exempt from this law of collisions. So you, their idiot, believes that atoms go on crashing with one another forever, never losing any total momentum. Shame, how can you allow yourself to be treated that way? Have you no self-respect? If they know that the theory of atomic collisions is impossible, how about trying another theory? Ooo-la-la, what a great idea. The science demon would have no problem trying another idea if it didn't ruin his theory of cosmic evolution. Evolution is king in scientific circles because evolutionists have come to control it.

I can tell you exactly the only other option he has, which he realized long ago about the time of Einstein. If all atoms are not racing around forever, the only other option is that they always repel one another (unless they have formed a liquid bond). That is, all gas atoms repel one another. That's the only thing the bird needs for flight. If there were no gravity on earth, all air atoms would inter-repel into outer space. When gravity pulls air atoms down, it squeezes them close together against their will. They resist coming closer together, but gravity, the boss, makes them. Gravity holds the air as one unit to the ground as best it can, wherefore a bird can flap into this situation, and do work, finding flight possible. Let me say it again: the downward pull of gravity on air atoms means that you need to do work to push an air atom over in any direction.

Aren't you happy I came to save you from the demons? Actually, no, you're not, because you chose to remain their idiot. You are not going to take my theories as your own because you are deceived into thinking the big establishment knows better. You have yet to realize that they are demonic from the bottom up, from the time they formed the establishment to the time it became big, to the time it became bigger. From the beginning, this wayward, rebellious beast was of demons. It formed its atomic model as Godless evolution required it, not as the facts dictated.

You will be thinking: "okay, John, smartie pants, if gravity repels electrons, then what is gravity, some magnetic material in the dirt or sumthin?" Nopers. Try again. Clue 1): electrons repel electrons. Clue 2): electrons define heat. Clue 3): gravity acts as though it's at the center of the planet. Hmm, let's see here...electrons repel electrons, okay, and there are electrons in the air, uh, and they're repelled by electrons at the center of the earth, hmm, okay, and it's a really-hot thing down there, hmmmmm. I've got it! I've got it! Gravity is the hot core of the planet. Eureka, we just blew the idiots away who say that gravity cannot be an electromagnetic force. Gravity is a big, negative force, that's all she is, folks. No unique gravity force needed.

But wait. Yes, a unique gravity force IS needed, for cosmic evolution, because if atoms didn't attract one another, they could never form proto-stars. Ahhh, I get it. Evolutionist goons started to entertain that every atom has a teensy-weeny bit of gravity-attraction power, and when you put a lot of atoms together as a planet, they have a large force of atomic attraction. That works in theory, but let's back up, because gas atoms cannot attract one another, or your tires would not inflate, sorry. In other words, even if their view of gravity is correct, that atoms have a wee bit of inter-attraction, cosmic evolution doesn't work because it's impossible for atoms to inter-attract. You tires tell you so. Even if there's a wee bit of gravitational inter-attraction, there's something else going on to make atoms inter-repel. That is the FACT OF OBSERVATION.

How do tires stay inflated with air pressure? You ram a lot of atoms into the tire, and they inter-repel with greater force the closer you pack them together. They will continue to constitute pressure in the tire forever because they never lose their inter-repulsion forces. No imaginary crashy collisions needed to keep the tires inflated.

Brother, sister, don't hold it against me for using "idiot," it's a good word to use for this. An idiot is a blind follower rather then a thinker. The wicked did their best not to give you the information you needed to think for yourself on these matters. They are just like the wicked Democrats who now ask you to believe them over the facts you see with your own eyes, now that people have revealed the election-fraud facts. Gas electrons repel one another, bank on it, and stars did not form from big-bang material that inter-attracted into proto-stars.

Shake yourself free, and start with the inter-repelling gas atom, and the anti-gravity electron. It's all you'll need, to figure out what the true atom looks like: a positive core surrounded by many, non-orbiting the way the earth is wrapped in inter-repelling air atoms. Every atom has an electron atmosphere, it's as simple as that. We Creationists do not need fast electrons and ever-colliding atoms.

Scrap the entire atomic theory that has multiple protons at the core, another impossibility, and get a better theory. Like what? Duh. Like one proton per core. Duh, that was so hard to figure, how did I do it? God made every atom with a unique proton at its core. But if you want to imagine protons all formed identical by a big explosive bang at the beginning of the universe, you are the mother of all idiots.

It's easy to figure what happens when one lone atom merges with a second to form a molecule. When the electron atmosphere of one atom enters the same of another, the atmosphere of one is pulled by the protonic core of the other. No smartie pants needed. The atoms will now bond because another factor has overcome their mutual repulsion. And bonus: due to our knowing that gas atoms inter-repel, we can know that gas atoms won't bond into liquid atoms unless some external force forces atoms to merge their electron atmospheres. That's right, you can leave those air atoms in your tire till you die, they will not form a liquid. They resist coming near to one another. Once you park your car, the air atoms in the tire will settle down to zero motion at equa-distance from one another. They won't move unless an external force causes them to move.

What else, besides atomic bonding, is going to happen when two electron atmospheres merge? You can call them protonic atmospheres, or even atomic atmosphere's, same thing. When atoms merge, they release heat. They always release heat. Just by merging? Why? This is so easy once you know that heat is defined as free electrons. Clue 1): electrons captured upon protons cannot be heat because they cannot enter a material to expand it. Clue 2): electrons must be free from atoms in order to enter another material. Clue 3): all free electrons constitute heat. Okay, so what happens when two atoms merge? Easy: they release captured electrons. No smartie-pants needed, this is so simple. Yet the super-intelligent haven't figured this out??? Rebels, imposters, liars.

Why should merged atoms set free electrons? It took me a whole minute to figure this out (some 25 years ago). If the creeps can make you think that electrons orbit, you will never think up the reality. You need to rebel against their atomic model first. You need to realize that electrons just sit there upon the proton if there's nothing causing them to move; like on a windless day, the air atoms stay put, each one hovering over another. Captured electrons are hovering over the proton. Imagine two atoms like that in your head, and let them come together until they merge but a small distance. What do you see now?

You see two electron atmospheres overlapping a small distance, and, where they are overlapped, you see twice the electron density as compared to the unmerged parts of the two atmospheres. So, what happens when electrons are forced to become twice as dense? I wish this were harder to explain so that I could be recognized as a genius, but no, this is too easy for that. Electrons in the overlapping area inter-repel with greater force. No genius needed here. Where will the electrons, in the merged atmospheres, inter-repel? Outside, just like your cat when it needs to take a leak. The electrons in the merged parts leak off of both atoms, and become free as heat, outside. The deeper the atoms are merged, the greater the heat forming outside their perimeters.

If you unmerge those two atoms, they will re-capture their leaked electrons because free electrons are everywhere to be had, in the atmosphere...streaming in from the sun, everyday, every blessed day, folks, just as if God were a super-genius who knows what he's doing. Why do electrons stream from the sun? Because, they are repelled by solar gravity, boing, another no-brainer. I didn't know it could be so easy to be a genius, but thanks to the cracked pots who run science, I got to be the genius easy. You should'a beat me too it, but you were too confounded being a good idiot. Once you learn to rebel, onward toward genius you can go. Get out of the box that they put you into.

The sun's gravity power at the earth's atmosphere can't be stronger than the earth's gravity at the atmosphere, and so the only explanation for the ability of in-coming solar electrons to reach the ground (on the sunside of the earth) is that their velocities toward earth are sufficient to overcome outward repulsion force upon them from earth's gravity. If it were the case that solar electrons were not speedy enough to reach the ground, then God would have abandoned us to freezing with no crops growable. but, you see, the electrons do reach the ground.

The earth spins and releases those ground electrons slowly into the night. The electrons rise on the afternoon and evening sides of the earth, and find themselves back in space eventually. That's right, as much solar heat as enters the air must also escape, and earthly gravity is what forces the heat to escape. Doesn't that make you feel happy all over? That Someone's in control? Or would you rather have a Godless universe on the road to nowhere? Yup, that's exactly what our spiritual enemies wish for, and they wish to make our own children think so too. That's why they forced evolution into schools. So, God will kill them horribly, painfully, woe unto them, for they wished to murder God, think of it, to deprive the entire human race of His help, of His salvation, and His great glory.

Sunshine is not the same as the flow of free electrons, but sunshine as we know it consists of flowing electrons. Modern science doesn't define light in this way because they wish to keep solar electrons right out of our minds, at all costs. Wherever direct sunlight strikes, there also strike the solar electrons. Light is a wave through an electron-wave medium (the solar-wind electrons); the wave bumps free electrons into materials at the end of a wave. If sunshine is blocked by clouds, solar-wind electrons yet get through. It is a lie to suggest that "radiation belts" keep solar electrons from getting into the air. No solar electrons in the air, no solar heat, it's as simple as that.

All technological advancements involving atomic physics are in spite of the erroneous view of the atom. They don't "split" an atom by shooting high-velocity particles at it, but rather they cripple or even destroy the proton, thus permanently releasing its captured electrons...which are themselves capable of crippling / destroying neighboring atoms in uranium. Big boom, and they call this an "advancement." Forward we go to destruction.

Weekend Developments in Fraudville

When the Nevada judge's ruling came Friday: "Contestants did not prove under any standard of proof that any illegal votes were cast and counted, or legal votes were not counted at all, for any other improper or illegal reason, nor in an amount equal to or greater than 33,596, or otherwise in an amount sufficient to raise reasonable doubt as to the outcome of the election." That's odd. Perhaps the Trump team simply didn't bother showing the evidence, but merely made claims without evidence in order to expedite the case to the supreme court. Or, the judge is just wicked or under pressure to be wicked. The Trump lawyer (Jesse Binnall) doing this case was quite young, explicable if the purpose was not to win the case.

It will now be appealed to the supreme court of Nevada, with time running out, they say. Obviously, the Trump team wants the case to the U.S. supreme court for the best chances of winning with finality. My guess is that the application to the top court will be within the next 10 days, and one would think that the evidence is already being shown to that top court so that the judges can go over it well before they need to rule fast later this month.

Hannity Friday night had Giuliani on for about three minutes only, treating him like a minor-league player, which can be construed as Hannity's boss(es) not liking him on.

Sidney Powell on Friday:

Ms. Powell confirms that her fraud cases have the ability to set aside the results of elections, and it sounds as though that can happen even after certain late stages of election certifications by state actors. So, there is yet potential that she comes in late to score the winning goal(s).

This past week has been a trudging of the Trump team forward. It now appears that Trump will get Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, already enough for a second term for Trump. If the U.S. supreme court takes the issue only of whether the state legislators versus the secretaries of state should have the right to appoint so-called electors, then there's a super-duper big chance that at least five of the judges will choose the legislatures, in which case, it is said, Trump's going to get a certain victory in the order of about 28 states versus 22, give or take a couple. It can't get more painful than that, and while it will be unbecoming of us to gloat, what the heck, the bad guys deserve it.

Arizona is going to inspect Dominion machines, excellent. Everything is moving along nicely to continue the exposure of widespread fraud and those media who continue to say there is no widespread fraud. You can't get more stupidly laughable than this. Nothing like sinking your own ships, google, yahoo, twitter, facebook, keep on, keep on. What great gifts you are giving your enemies, keep on, keep on.

Friday or Saturday, a Republican whore-house manager, Gabriel Sterling, came out (video below) trying to quell / silence Georgians angry at the suitcase scandal. He not only claimed that the "suitcases" were standard (acceptable) containers for ballot storage, but said that the workers who remained behind at 10:30 pm were SURPRISED to find more ballots yet to count under than black table. Having sent everyone home by then, they had no choice but to count alone, and so they were just doing their duty. Sterling says it only looks suspicious, but is not. He also says that it wasn't illegal to count with Republican monitors there, which doesn't sound at all correct. I'll be looking for an official response to Sterling.

We were told that the ballots from the suitcases were run through the machines multiple times, yet Sterling does not address that in the video above. Also, it is a good point that ballots in appropriate containers are not expected to be under a draped table so that counters can't see them all day long. Are we to believe that nobody saw them there all day, until ten minutes after all monitors and journalists left the station? No way, that's fraud about 99.5-percent certain.

Note the lady in purple who, for five to ten minutes, goes from table to table PRETENDING to dust them off i.e. she wasn't dusting anything, but was ACTING clean-up busy (to justify her staying behind) until all people outside the room were gone away, for they could see in through the glass. As soon as they were gone, she took her seat at one of the machines.

Note too that they didn't look under other tables to make sure there weren't ballots there, for if they were truly surprised by those four suitcases, they would surely have checked under other tables too. They knew there were only those four cases, and they were loaded to the machines lickety-split. Sterling promises to show the entire video to quell suspicions, but videos can be doctored, with damning scenes deleted. We would like to see who put the cases under the table, and there should be an audit of how many of those final votes went to Biden.

Sterling claims he voted for Trump (might not be true), yet he is a manager for Voting System Implementation, working for the secretary of state himself denying any fraud in Georgia. That says it all. Sterling's just carrying out his bosses will. Sterling claims that the crew would not have committed a crime on camera, yet he also knows that camera video can be denied anyone unless someone is able to acquire it through some official avenue. These types of crimes have probably been going on under cameras for decades, and the whore houses know how to deny camera video. The secretary of state probably thought, as did thousands of cheating whore houses across the country, that the video wasn't going to be requested because no one was going to get caught in order to raise suspicions. The good news is that main media are carrying Sterling's tough talk, which will cause more liberals to see and read this story (whereas leftist media didn't want them to). More liberals will come to know that fraud did take place (whether they oppose it might be another matter). Leftists are portraying the good guys as the bad guys in this scandal; it never ends.

The Sterling/Stirling surname shares "Gang" with Drummonds while Drummonds were first found in Perthshire and neighboring Stirlingshire (at Drymen). Sturs share, essentially, the triple Drummond fesses. The Gangs/Geggs share the cinquefoils of Buckets (and Cookseys), and so without further explanation (needs some repetition of recent material), this picture goes to the trash can / DRUM barrel in a dream I had that I resolved as Bill Barr missing in action. Yup, it surely looks like trash-can Barr has been missing in action.

The interesting thing here is that, in the last update, I was convinced that the TTarrs/Tarres', first found in Somerset with the Trashers/Tresure's (this was the trash-can entity of the dream), were using the pale bars of French Sturs, a branch of the English Sturs (Hampshire, beside Trass' and Trashers) sharing the Drummond fesses. This can now identify Steve Tarr's slap shot (that didn't quite score the win) as pertaining to this Gabriel Sterling character who, the prediction is, will prevent a Trump win in Georgia...until someone slides in and tips the puck into the net. How intriguing. As I said, the goal was a TIP-IN, and Tipps/TIPPINs (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffe's) use the bull head of Ratcliffe's. Do you think that Mr. Ratcliffe might have had something to do with supplying that damning video?

[Moments after this update was finished, it occurred to me that the Terre (= "land") variation of Tarrs may have come from a Tarr merger with LANDs/Landens/Landers who share the LANGley Coat, for the Langfords have three of the Tarr pale bars. The Langford write-up even speaks of a Langford Budville Somerset, where Tarrs were first found. This picture is very traceable to Langhe of Cuneo, for the Stura river is in Cuneo, but then the trash CAN involved Tracys at Caen because Caens are also Cans, begging whether Caen was a branch of the namers of Cuneo element. Caen is also near the first-known French Sturs (almost the Langford Shield) of Turin-like Tourlaville.

As my first date with Lorraine pointed to the Lander variation of Lands/Landens while also connecting to the BRA on a laundry line, I can now add that while Langfords have a version of the LONGford Coat, English Longs (share white lion with Montforts) are sharing the giant lion of French Simons, I think, because Italian Simons (Montfort lion in colors reversed) are linkable to Simon de Montfort while Bra and Langhe are at Monforte. Montfort of Brittany is beside Rennes, the line to Raines' sharing the Long / Simon lion in both colors. I plan on glorifying God, in the next update, using my first date with Lorraine, as it points to the supreme court at this very time.

Wow, the Preux's in the Long motto were first found in Brittany's Cleuz BRAZ, no guff, near LANDERneau, no guff, itself near Braz-like Brest...which recalls when Helen's breasts, while she stood on the Landen-like stair LANDING, pointed to Brest, near to where Helens were first found at Preux-like Saint-Brieux. Helen introduced the Tenant surname into my discussions because she was my tenant, and Tenants happen to share the boar head of JUGGs/JUDds, from Jugon near Montfort, and expected from JUDicael of Rennes. I don't know what possessed Helen at that moment (she was my ladyfriend at the time), but while going down to her basement, she stopped on the landing, raised her top over her head to let her bare breasts hang out in my view, then continued down the stairs. Her breasts (average size, plump) are large enough to be considered, jugs, no kidding at all, even though I find it hard to believe that God would provide an event like that unless it becomes very important. Juggs/Judds look like a branch of JUDGE's/Juge's...we can now understand God's sense of humor. Her breasts point to Scalia, apparently. The Tenant / Jugg boar head is shared by McGee's, I wonder why.

The STAIR landing can point to judge Scalia (because stairs are scala), and to his replacement, Neil Gorsuch, because this is to whom Lorraine points, and it just so happens that Coneys were linked by God to my touch-bra event. Breasts go into bras, right? Yes, and in order for me to touch the bra on the laundry line, I had to climb a few steps onto a deck.

For what it's worth, the "QUOIque PREUX" motto phrase of Longs looks pointable to PERKins Coie, now active in Georgia in opposition to Sidney Powell. While "SIDNey" was suspect with Sedans, the latter share the cinquefoil of French Longs while Sidneys (share pheon with Coys) use a "Quo" motto term. As was said, Robert POWELL and I lobbed rocks at each other when we passed the home of Karen Whelan at the corner of Senator REESORS drive and HENRY CORSON place, and while Henrys were at Motte smack at Montfort, Corsons share the lozenges of Brests/Brix's, colors reversed from the Whelan and Brick lozenges. Bra-like Brays/Brae's use a "flax BREAKer." Reesors are suspect in the "resurGO" motto term of Lorraine's, which term also pointed to the Gorsuch bloodline. Henry of Rodez was the son of Miss ROQUEfeuil, the line of Roque's/Rocks and Rods.

The Cleuz family on this page were of Barbier, and the Barbier surname shares the Coat of Langhe-connectable Lynch's, which is a Coat form of the Fellers (share Falls trefoils) from RoqueFEUIL. Fells have the Brest/Brix Coat in colors reversed, but the Fell Coat moreover has the eight-pointed stars of Ducs/LeDucs in colors reversed, who are feasibly from Bar-le-Duc of Lorraine. End insert]

In recent weeks, I explained well why George of Hungary, known father of the Drummonds, is to the English George surname now looking like a pointer to Georgia.

I now recall the Obama dream (about two weeks after Trump became the official president) where he owned a billiard hall. That dream had three pointers to the SUITs/Suters, and it started with all of the billiard tables covered in a black sheet. In Georgia, the SUITcases were under a table draped in black! Is that a bingo? Even if the containers are not suitcases, we can call them that for the time being.

AHHH WOW, as per "suitCASE," I've just loaded English Case's (Norfolk, same as Sterling-beloved Gangs) to find three buckles on a bend, the symbol (in different colors) of Sterlings/Sturlings!!! Italian Case's/Casino's (share triple fesses in different colors with Drummonds / Sturs) are a branch of Italian Casano's/Cassandra's while English Cassane's/Cassandra's (share triple Water / Epstein chevrons) were first found in Hampshire with Sturs! Bingo. The suitcase just brought us to the Sterling bloodline in TWO ways! Not because Gabriel Sterling is innocent, but because God's fingering him as a pawn of an Obama-cheating machine. That's what this looks like. God has a mouse trap prepared for Obama, you watch and see.

OHHHHHH WOOOWWWSERS! Incredible. First, the write-up of Italian Case's: "...earliest records date back to the year 1126 in Milan, when Apollonio Casati was Imperial Vicar for Lotario il SASSONE." Sassy-like Sassons are listed with Saracens (recalling the Saracen heads of Sassy's). The Saracen crescents (colors reversed from the Hood crescents) are shared by Scottish Bauds who were pointed to by the medallion on my Jeep's hood. Jeepma's are also Cheps while Chappes'/CHEAPs were first found in STIRLINGshire with Bauds (MEDAL/Dougal kin). But the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING FIND HERE is the pitchfork in the Baud Crest, for while English Gabels are also Gabriels, I remember by heart that German Gabels use a giant pitchfork!!! Gabriel Sterling!!! We just saw a third pointer of the suitCASE to Gabriel Sterling.

Plus, mole hills are used by Shake's who in-turn share the Gabriel/Gabel chevron, and this can indicate that Mr. Sterling is a spy-mole into the Republican party. He's sometimes called, "Gabe," and Gabe's share the swords of Aude's, a branch of Ottone's (compare with French Chappes') expected from Ottone Visconti of Milan. We saw Italian Case's from Milan, and then Gabriels/Gabels were first found in Sussex with VISconti-like Vise's/Vice's. Moreover, I see Visconti's (for reasons) as a branch of Guiscards/Wisharts, first found in STIRLINGshire, that's right. Then, while the winning goal involved a puck, German Pucks can be gleaned as kin of Ottone's. If that's not enough, Aude's were probably a branch of Hoods (Ottone colors, probably have the Oddey/Hoddy saltire), and we saw the Hood-Baud connection to Stirlingshire. Oddie's/Hoddys and Odins (Otone branch) were at GISburn, and Gisburns share the lion of Italian Conti's, i.e. suspect in "VisCONTI."

Jenna Ellis, whom I think is doing a great job, shows a huge spike in Biden votes at the very time the suitcase ballots are being counted:

On Saturday, very good news I've not seen at youtube:

An elections expert alleged that the Dominion tabulating machine flipped votes from President Donald Trump to Democratic candidate Joe Biden in Ware County (Georgia). It was estimated that the percentage of mis-applied votes, if distributed across the rest of the state, would be slightly greater than Biden’s lead over Trump.

Constitution Party of Georgia Elections Director and Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VOTERGA) Co-Founder Garland Favorito was called to testify this information during the State Senate hearing this week.

Favorito obtained an email from Ware County Elections Supervisor Carlos Nelson, confirming that the audit discovered 37 votes that were incorrectly assigned to Biden instead of Trump.

...“We did find that they had flipped votes – we didn’t have to obtain the machine to figure that out. The hand count showed that they had flipped votes somewhere in that county,” he said.

[INSERT WOW, Tuesday 8th -- The Favor surname shares the Pick and Rattery Coats and adds the Trump stag head!!! Ratterys have a "VOTum" motto term. Hoods are the ones who were at Rattery. I've not been familiar with Favors, thank you Mr. Favorito!]

Favorito's people claimed that, because the flipped 37 votes is a 74+ for Biden, it amounts to .52-percent of the county's votes. You see, small vote-flips per county add up to a significant cheat-total for a state. If extrapolated state wide, it would amount to twice as much as the .26-percent that Biden reportedly beat Trump by. This suggests that Georgia needs to give up all Dominion machines to an audit, and this is besides the efforts of Sidney Powell in that state seeking the same. Pressure is mounting on the dirty rags who won't admit fraud. It begs the need to do a hand recount in all Georgia counties to check for more vote flipping i.e. they don't even need the Dominion machines...if for example, they find, in another county, 88 more votes awarded to Biden (by the Scytl count machinery) than he actually got, and 88 fewer votes reported for Trump than he actually got. This is why hand recounts are needed with honest people (not the original whores, of course) doing the recounts.

I'm not sure how the House works in the United States, but if the Republican minority is permitted to introduce a bill to outlaw Dominion machines nationwide, it should destroy the Democrat lead in the House for 2022...because anyone who votes against the bill can be purged from Congress in that year's elections.

Stop the video below at 20 seconds. This is when the woman in white walks over to the black table to take out the first case (not a suitcase, more like a typical plastic container). Ask: does she look like she's just bumped into the case accidentally, which caught her by surprise? No, not at all. Does she look like she knew the case was under that table? Yes, absolutely. This makes a crime-hiding monkey out of Sterling, for he said they found these ballots by surprise after asking everyone to leave.

The second case looks like a suitcase on wheels. It appears not to have been under the table, but at one end of it, for I think I can see one of its wheels (black thingie at the corner of the table) before she takes it away. In other words, this case wasn't hidden under the table, apparently. Ask: why was this video provided with such low quality? Did they erase the wheels when the yellow lady is taking the case to the desk? One can clearly see that frames are missing from this video. "Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee" is at the top left, suggesting that this video belongs to it. The Sun which presented this video is an anti-Trump company. I've got the speed set at 25%.

The third case looks handled as though it were a suitcase on wheels, yet when it's fully stationary on the floor, no wheels can be seen. It looks like a plastic case only. The table seems to be draped only on its back side, but when the third case is pulled out, no drapery section can be seen coming out. It can indicate that the cases were NOT HIDDEN SECRETLY under the table...unless someone had raised the drapery at the front, setting it on top of the table. Although I can see no drapery edge on the top of the table, it's possible that it was doctored out. Anything damning in this video can be expected no longer visible.

When the man in red takes out the third suitcase on wheels, one can see the drapery at the back move. He appears to be holding a handle well out in front of the case, suggesting that it's a suitcase on wheels. I've got to say that the drapery moves far more than expected as he's pulling out the case, unless some of the case was beyond the drapery (in the view of the camera), such as the wheels. That is, they erased the part of the case that was showing behind the desk because it showed wheels. But the technician didn't bother changing the amount of drapery that moved with pulling out of the case. No wheels can be seen as he pulls it out of view. There are such things as plastic containers on two back wheels only, with a handle at the front, but if that's what these are, why can't we see the wheels?

There is nothing in this particular video (very short time period), knowing no details concerning it, that would tip anyone off that fraud was taking place.

It doesn't matter if there were as few as 600 ballots per suitcase; what matters is how many times they ran the same ballots through the count machine. That's why we need the entire video, to see what they were doing at the desks. The Sun has cut out the goings-on at the desks; we can ask why. See the original video below to see a full picture of the desks.

I've watched the lady in white remove all the ballots from her case in three handfuls, suggesting that the case had only about 2,000-3,000 ballots (depending on the thickness of each one, I can only guess). One can see the last two handfuls stacked on the desk about a foot high. To prove fraud, the fewer the ballots per case the better, because if the counters recorded, say, 100,000 Biden votes (in this two-to-three hour period in which they were at work), it necessitates their putting the same few ballots through the machines multiple times.

Giuliani on Bartiromo (Sunday) said that there were 70-80,000 ballots under that black table. If that's correct (I don't think it is), then there must have been more than the four containers shown in the video. Referring to the multiple counting of some of those ballots, he says: "all of that's on tape." Ms. Pick didn't show us the multiple counting of those ballots. It's possible Giuliani is speaking from erroneous information, we shall need to wait and see.

In this original video let out to the public by the Trump team, one can see ordinary plastic containers (on top of some tables) holding the ballots, but no suitcase-like containers with handles. If you go to 3:16, the lady in purple is standing at the end of the ground-zero black table where I thought the lady in yellow pulled out the first suitcase. As the lady in purple has her hand on the table, she must be standing right beside the table's end, and thus there can be no case of any kind there at this time (9:57 am), about a half-hour before they yank the unwanted people from the hall.

At 4:46, the video changes from the scene at 9:59 pm to 10:19 pm. In the latter scene, the black thingie has appeared on the case (at the end of the black table) that the lady in yellow will pull out. The two cases that were on the floor at 9:59, neither of which are the case pulled out by the lady in white, are on top of the black table at 10:19. They will soon be gone.

At 4:55, the lady in purple is thinking to place a container lid under the black table (but we never see whether she does), and so it appears that there is no drape down to the floor on that front side of the table i.e. it's not correct to imagine that the perpetrators of this crime were hiding suitcases from view under that table. However, there is yet the question as to why cases were placed under a table at all, because it's where we can expect ballots to be set aside for a fraudulent event once all monitors are booted out.

This video, once we get past 11 pm (9th minute), is identical with the short video above where I suggested they may have erased the wheels. In other words, there's no proof, from comparing the two youtube videos, that anyone erased the wheels, yet they may have erased them before giving the video to the Trump team. There's not good proof that they are suitcases, except for the handle that's slightly visible with the man's case, as well as the back end of his case being seemingly a few inches off the floor. A handle (appears silver) is also visible at the 44-second point of the short video for the case pulled by the lady in white, yet her case doesn't appear raised off the floor as we would expect if the wheels were erased. Ordinary plastic containers such as we see strewn throughout don't have such handles.

So, yes, it appears that Ms. Pick may be correct in calling them suitcases, even if they are not strictly suitcases. It can explain why I was dazzled above as per the Suit and Case surnames, as though God is pointing to this event.

If you listen to this truck driver below, you can only ask how possibly it can be that the FBI has not engaged the crime that he was forced to commit for the Democrat party. The other option is that this man is acting, telling a falsehood for some public-manipulation purpose that the FBI is participating with...but, if you ask me, he sure looks like he's telling the truth, in which case he was just too dumb to realize that New York ballots cannot go to Pennsylvania, duh:

In the meantime, some major Democrat cities are pushing their citizens to start violent backlashes due to lockdowns, etc. The situation is conducive for "justifying" martial law. It even looks timed for vaccinations. There's no unified way for the people to fight an abusive round of martial law when Internet giants are a part of it. Best thing: have extra groceries on hand, even if it turns out to be needed only for a sense of some security.

Good news Monday (7th): "Alito moved Kelly’s case up 24 hours and wants state officials to respond by 9 a.m. on Tuesday [8th], the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. The report pointed out that the updated hearing on Dec. 8 'would give the court a few hours' to act on the information received." It seems that Alito is signalling that his partners on the top court are going to inject their decision / influence into the Pennsylvania election results. That bodes well.

Youtube Sunday

You may have noticed that if you ask youtube for a Sunday church show, you get almost no normal churches, lots of catholic masses, and even prosperity types. If I ask for protestant Sunday church, I still get mostly catholic productions. Why do you think this is the case? I had to ask youtube for "sunday church cleveland" to finally get a Baptist show, though there were lots of Presbyterian and United Church shows. Isn't the United Church the one that accepts faggot pastors? Headline: "US Presbyterian church recognizes gay marriage - BBC N" That explains it. Youtube, we are not naive, we see what you do, how you are Hell-bound, Selah, it will be nice to see your death. It seems youtube doesn't want to feed the people Baptist church services.

I then asked for "sunday church wyoming," and got a pastor of a Baptist church, a little Anglican-like, but without flare. If I were a pastor and church leader, I would refuse pay. I would not want to have a collection plate. There would be talk against 10-percent tithing, for this is no longer Required, for the Levites and the temple are no longer a part of God's Kingdom. I would change church altogether so that the congregation interacts with itself rather than sit-up to sing, listen-up to announcements, bow-head to pray, put-money in basket, try-not-to-snooze during the message. I wouldn't stand on a stage or find a place that is like my little throne when being part of the "service." A pastor is supposed to be a shepherd of the flock, right in the middle of everyone, but why should there be only one pastor per church? Suppose others wish to be pastoral too? Let them. Why do churches have the same man speaking week after week? Why should it be regarded as his church? Why is he the star of the "show"?

I wouldn't urge men to wear suit and tie. What is a tie, anyway? Decoration, that's all. I wouldn't urge ladies to doll themselves up, for this is horror to Jesus. Doll yourself up for your husband, but to for church, and not for work either. And those church dresses in designer colors, what's the point? Does anyone think that church gatherings should be toned down a little, or a lot, and that we should wear casual, not because we're slobs before God, but because we know better than to try to look impressive before the other sheep? What are we going to do, make church gatherings a best-looking contest? Does the best-looking person get all the praises and all the promotions, like they do in the world?

The spiritual giant at church who says to you that we should wear our best clothes before God is a ninny, the smallest, least-respected man before God. He hasn't even started to understand God. Does he think that God lives only in the church building? He doesn't dress up for God at home Monday to Saturday, and then says that he wants to dress up for God for entering the church building, NINNY! Put that guy in the back row, and give his front seat to the guy with the t-shirt.

The pastor should take his seat in the pews during Sunday service, otherwise, if we do what the catholic "fathers" have been doing, donning holier-than-thou robes at the pulpit-throne, then we are knocking on the door of look-at-me-the-big-cheese hypocrisy. If a pastor doesn't want to sit in the middle-row pews with everyone else, then he became a pastor because he likes the limelight at the front, all eyes on him, oo-la-la.

Here's a pastor, a Wyoming cowboy, no tie, just regular garb, I like it. He's even talking about shepherds in a ranch scene. I didn't know of this video until a minute after writing the above, how interesting (it was part of my wyoming search):

The "guy" above even has nose hairs, I love it. A gruff pastor, perfect. He's got to be just like Moses, except that Moses couldn't shower daily under a tap. Moses didn't have any deodorant for his armpits. No scissors for his beard. But God liked him. It's obvious that God likes making glorious creatures out of pure mud, but, if the guy in suit and tie thinks he's glorious already, ouch, that takes a few million years, doesn't it? I'm sure it does. One day, our faces will shine with the glory of God, the message of Moses, if we understand who God is today. If we say that God wants us looking our best when we come worship him as a congregation, I've got to wonder about that person's view of God. I'ma gonna go make me a potato-sack shirt right now, make God real happy. Im'a even gonna leave loose strands hanging down, maybe spread a little potato dirt on it for the finishing touch.

I'm of course not saying that every man in a tie and suit is a heartless hypocrite who doesn't shepherd the flock. We can't use broad brushes like that. But there are pastors who never visit their flock at their homes, or ask those with needs to lunch. There are pastors who visit people in efforts to make them long-time "members" to secure their weekly offerings. There are pastors who don't even seek to know the needs of the flock. But we can't paint them all with one brush, we just can't, especially if we don't know how we ourselves might perform as pastors.

If we ask someone at church what pastors do Monday to Saturday, we might get the answer that he's busy tending the flock. But wait. You've been at that church for two years, maybe three, but the pastor still hasn't visited you. Hmmm, maybe he doesn't visit anyone but his personal friends. Hmm, maybe we could go around asking others whether the pastor has ever visited them. No, no, no, they all say. Hmm, what's he being paid to do, then, Monday to Saturday? Good question. Is he getting $50,000 or more annually to only do 52 sermons?

Can't the church do 52 sermons for free from amongst those who know their Bibles? I've never been to a church that didn't have Bible-zealots who could learn to teach and share, if only they were given the opportunity, no Bible college necessary. Did God make shy Moses a polished speaker before calling him to shepherd the flock? The fact is, anyone doing 52 / 104 / 156 sermons annually is going to become polished; it doesn't mean they are false teachers just because they know how to talk in front of 100 or 200 eyes. But wouldn't it be better to tolerate gruff speakers who become polished over more time, than to pay a pastor's family to do the talking? Yes, because the latter option requires the obscene collection plate right before the preaching, when it appears to newcomers that the man is preaching for to pay his mortgage and the mouths of his children. If we're really serious about bringing new converts into our churches, get rid of those hideous collection plates, STUPIDS. If your church pastor indicates that the church can't evangelize without your money, shake the dust off at them from your potato sack, and get out of that church NOW. Find a poor church today and give it your heart's support.

I'm not even sure that church gatherings should be centered on a preacher's message. Everyone has their own Bible today so that everyone can be self-taught. If anyone doesn't care to be self-taught, something's wrong, and it's doubtful a preacher's message is going deep into them. Church gatherings are, I think, of primary importance for believers to get to know one another, to find opportunities for mutual assistance where needs arise, to take care of the weakest links, to safeguard against the pull of the world into its cesspool of anti-Christianity, and to build one another up in the faith by showing our own...if we are strong in it at that time.

To put it another way, get rid of church buildings altogether and save $$$ for brethren having needs. I'm confident that if Christians meet in their homes, something good is going to come of it even if there is no structure to the meetings whatsoever. If on some nights/days, the people just chat over snacks, GREAT! Don't criticize it as a mere social gathering, because God made us social creatures. It's the vatican that gave us the pulpit and the mass in stained-glass money-grubbing facilities. Take your "holy (tap) water" and...choke on it. Achem.

Some people can interact in small groups easier/better because large crowds intimidate them. It's far better to get to know people in a small group than in a church of 1,000. Hello? Being the host of a Bible study of 10 or 12 people means a little work to provide drinks, and an hour's work in doing dishes later on, but if it provides opportunities for believers to be one, that's no small service to God. Ask people to bring snacks on a rotating basis, what's the problem? If only four people show up at times, bonus. Break real flat bread and drink real wine at times, and serve meat sandwiches too. What's the problem? Take turns reading scripture passages, and everyone talks about them. This is so easy, and no shirt-and-tie appropriate.

Ratcliffe Becoming Deep-Statized

John Ratcliffe was on Bartiromo saying that China has become the biggest U.S. threat. False. No sooner did he speak on China's COVID virus as an example of that threat, that he pointed out how Democrats have exploited the virus in self-interested schemes...which is to say that Democrats are the biggest threat to the country. True. China is no threat at all aside from corrupt Americans like Biden engaging them. Why isn't he openly warning about such Americans instead??? I think he's implying it. Perhaps he's attacking China now as justification for going after Biden and others later, we hope.

He also parroted the deep-state numbers for total COVID deaths, yet it's been known for several weeks that 94-percent or more of COVID-registered deaths were instead deaths from old-age complications. Ratcliffe has become a disinformation tool already after only months in Intelligence; what will he become in years? To protect his lofty position, he might become the idiot of the idiots who teach false information as their demonic rule. That's how this world works: you either teach what the experts teach, or you lose your lofty position. This is why the demonic experts need strong media to make lies appear as popular norms not to be rebelled against.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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