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December 8 - 14, 2020

Dream With Obama's Billiard Hall Points to Wasserman-Schultz
Still Checking Out Heraldic Pointers to Election-Fraud Court Cases

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I'd like to highlight the following quote from the last update because it's spectacular for me. You need to appreciate my concerns about self, over years and years of my talking in such ways, with heraldry, that often makes me wonder whether I'm just nuts, to be humiliated in the end when none of the dreams or events I emphasize have any proof of being from God. So, take a look at this quote because I'd like to add to it:
Here's an in-house whore-house video with fraud caught in the act:

The speaker in the video is Jackie Pick, and the video is from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta. She claims to be a volunteer lawyer for the Trump team. Either someone on the inside of this whore house got a copy of the video, or it's a product of Trump's Intelligence. The wicked will find the best way to spin this video so that it appears legit, with some help from the FBI maybe.

As State FARM Arena is a hockey rink, it can explain why God may have pointed to this whore house with my hockey games. The rink was used as the Democrat count house. That makes sense. It recalls my story of a few months ago of my playing hockey with the Kepke brothers while I drove truck for Atlas Auto Parts (about my age 20/21). Atlas was the mythical symbol of Atlanta, and State Farm Arena is in Atlanta! Bingo. The Farm surname is in the colors and format of the Keppoch surname (!!!), explaining why I was playing with the Kepke's. This is amazing, and proves to me that God set me up at Atlas Auto Parts. (Load Farm tab now to have it on hand for seeing others surnames, to follow the heraldic points much better.)

Soon after, the father (Ukrainian) of the Kepke's became the COACH of the team, and as I recall that the Walsh sisters were watching the games, I think the COUCH's are being pointed to because they look linkable to the Trots/Truths, from the Trotus river at/beside WALLACHia (beside Ukraine). The Walsh's are also WALCHs, and while one Kepke brother was married to Miss Walsh, her sister was engaged to the other Kepke brother.

As I said, about the age of 22, Steve Mel(l)anson asked me to be his assistant coach in a hockey team. Melansons share the Hockey crescent, and MELANsons, traceable to Milan, may have been named by whatever mythical MELeager was named after, husband of mythical Atalantis! It looks like another bingo, but why would God use Mr. Melanson to point to the State Farm Arena? I'll chew on it. Ahh, OTTONE Visconti ruled Milan, and Ottone's are also Otto's, like the Otto variation of Auto's. Atlas AUTO Parts!!! Ding-ding. It's making the hood of the auto in the 1979 dream look like a pointer to State Farm Arena, and as that dream was on Epstein's island, note that Eppsteins share the Muschat Coat!!! Was Jeffrey Epstein involved with election-fraud machines?

I was dating the Ukrainian, Diane MUSCHATov, when coaching with Melanson, you see. I've told this many times. It just so happens that Muscats (not "Muschat") share the lion heads of Farmers! Things I've talked about for years are finally starting to fall into place with God seemingly pointing to Georgia criminality. But why? What good does this do?

As I said, Kepke and I were put on my MUSTang's hood by God when Allison Bauer left me, when we all worked at Knob Hill FARMS!!! Musts are listed with Muscats above i.e. sharing the Farmer lion heads! To make this short rather than re-explaining it all, Scottish Allisons, from the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds, use a "Truth" motto term while Trots are also Truths. So, even the hood event with Kepke (we were 17/18 years old) is pointing to the State Farm Arena, and Kepke was a cheater, a great word to describe him, absolutely. (Trots/Truths have pale bars in the colors of the Tarr pale bars, begging whether Tarrs were from some Tarrat-like variation of Trots.)

Ahh, the Allison motto is, "Truth preVAILs," and Vails/Velis' use a "DOMINE" motto term!!! Excellent. And the Vail/Velis Crest is the one sharing the fitchee of Luffs/Love's who in turn share the Must/Muscat / Farmer lion head! Luffs/Love's were once said to be first found in Suffolk with Musts/Muscats (fesses in the colors of the Luff/Love fesses), but are now said to be first found in Oxfordshire with Couch's. (Though Musts/Muscats were said to be first found in Suffolk for ten years or more, I've just noticed for the first time that they're now first found in neighboring Cambridgeshire, near EPPing.)

As the two Georgia run-off elections involve KELLY LOEFFler, I'll add here that one Loeffler Coat looks to be using the goose while Goose's are listed with Couch-like Gouch's. Obama's Dunham surname is descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham, and while Singletarys have three of the two Loeffler chevrons, the Singletary Crest has the black antelope in the Muscat Crest. Then, the three Singletary chevrons are colors reversed from the three of Muschats / Eppsteins. I think that's significant, because I feel sure that Obama is criminally involved with the voting machines.

I'm in suspense now to see what shakes out from this Georgia situation. I have theories on why God has been using me in this unique way, one of which is to send the message that He is behind what we're seeing in order to stave off Christian persecution. Or, if that's not correct, then He wants us to be alerted to what's going on behind the scenes of this election fraud, very sinister things that could begin Christian persecution.

I think you are going to like what more I've got to say on the quote above. As I've said a few times, the second-last time I saw Diane MUSCHATov was 20 years before seeing her when shopping in a grocery store. Almost 20 years after that, God put this Russian medallion on the hood of my Jeep, when returning to it with a shopping cart of groceries. As you can see, only four links to the chain remain on that medallion, suggesting that it hung around someone's NECK. The Neckers and Nuse's/Newes' together pointed to the noose around the neck of Jeffrey Epstein, and then there are four links to the chain at the neck of the MUSCHAT antelope. It appears that God set Miss Muschatov up in my grocery store for reasons, including her link to this medallion. The Muschats are the ones sharing the Eppstein Coat.

The Muscats/MUSTs were pointed to when Kepke and I were sitting on the HOOD of my MUSTang at Knob Hill FARMs, and while Irish Farmers have a coat much like the Muscat/Must Coat, if we put the red fesse of English Farms/Farmers into the Farmer Coat, and then English farms/farmers share red stag heads with Dutch Necks/Neckers. It now looks important that the gold leopard in the Farm/Farmer Crest can be the gold leopard head in the Coomer/COMBer Crest because Eric Coomer is a Dominion official on the run. Coomers/combers share a red fesse with Farms. Farmers were first found in Essex with Muschats and their Water kin.

Amazingly, while Muscats/Musts are said to be first found in Cambridgeshire while their Luff kin were first found in Oxfordshire, see the Coomer/Comber write-up: "...the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 listed: Richard le Cumbere in Cambridgeshire; and John le Cumbur in Oxfordshire." It gives appearances that God used Diane Muschatov to point to Dominion's Coomer.

Having said that, lookie at the Muscat/Must write-up: "...John Musket was Lord of HecceCOMB, Somersetshire, in 1316..." It just so happens that Combs/Coomes'/Cummers have three lions in pale, in the colors of the Muscat/Must / Farmer lion heads, and it looks linkable to the three chevrons, in the same colors, of Muschats / Eppsteins. Then, while Coomers/Combers have a "DOMINabitur" motto term, the Muscat/Must write-up goes to DOMINus William Muschett. Domino's were first found in Piedmont with Masci's and Bra / Cuneo. Domino's share the black tower with Higgins who in turn have a three-tower version of the Hill Coat, in case this is the reason for the Knob HILL Farms grocery store. The Hill Coat looks linkable to Allisons who came to topic with Allison Bauer of Knob Hill Farms, who was spotted my me, while I was on the hood of my MUSTang, getting into the car of her new boyfriend (until then, she was my girl; until then, I didn't know she was with him).

I didn't speak with Miss Muschatov long in the grocery store. She was some ten miles from where she lived when we were dating. She said she was there because she worked in that town's COURT house. What do you think that could mean? I was Helen at the time, and this Helen was in the last update upon a stair landing as a potential pointer to three supreme court judge's, Scalia, Gorsuch and Coney-Barrett.

Now that all the farms in this picture are pointing to State Farm Arena, let me repeat from a few updates ago my summer job on a farm belonging to Mr. De FILIPPis for that surname pointed to vote-FLIPPing by Dominion because my friend's named, of my age (14/15), was DOMINic De Filippis (the farmer's son). Is that not amazing. To prove I wasn't making this story up, I found and showed a photo of Dominic at his grocery store (it's all in the 2nd update of last month). I recognize his wife in one of the photos.

As was said, his brother is Danny, but I had no reason to say, a few weeks ago, that Dannys (Wiltshire, near first-known Alleys) share the Atlas / Alley lion. Plus, now that Atlas Auto Parts has made it to topic, let's add that Dominic got his auto mechanic's license. Wow, just realized: I purchased my SAFARi van from the car dealer where Dominic was working as a mechanic at the time. The Saffers use an "AUT vita" motto phrase suggesting God's pointer to his AUTO-mechanic job because, as was said, his father was, Vito De Filippis. Vito's are listed with Vita's, and then BALLOTs/Billets have another "Vita" motto term, can thouest believeth this? Now I know why I bought the Safari there, or why I bought a Safari at all: God made me do it.

The interesting thing is that the Joice/Choice motto has both "aut" and "vita" too, and Obama was a board member or official (can't recall which) of the Joice Foundation (pro-Democrat front). That's the organization that came to mind when a mouse in my basement got both legs trapped in a mouse trap. God showed me that Obama is represented by a mouse, and the MOUSquette variation of Muschats tends to prove it. The mouse dragged the trap along the solid rock (the natural floor of my basement), with its front legs, until it tried to get under a JOIST situated about a half-inch over the solid rock. The trap got trapped in that small space under the joist, and it then rained. I pipe a small portion of the roof's rain water into a natural depression in the rock of this basement, and above the pool in this depression is where I have a wood floor i.e. made of 2 x 6" joists. It rained and filled up the depression, and so I found the mouse drowned that was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I figured that this could be a Sign that Obama was going to get trapped, then need to hide, and then get trapped again while trying to escape and hide.

It's now interesting that Muschats/Mousquette's (Essex, same as Waters) share the triple chevrons of Waters (colors reversed from the same of Obama-line Singletarys). The water drowned the mouse. Plus, I had a hood event last week that's in the last update, where my hood went flying against my windshield. I said:

I went to town that day for buckets of water only, though I did get some gasoline too. Is this a pointer to the Water surname? The Vatts/MacWATTERs and Watts use "SPECTacles" hanging possibly from the Wood / Pick tree, and the interesting thing is that SPECKs/Speaks'/Spike's share a porcupine in Crest with Sidneys, as well as sharing a double-headed eagle (different colors) with JEEPma's/Cheps. Moreover, SPECCOTs (share fret with Hoods/Hoots), linkable to the bend of Chep-like Keeps, were first found in Devon with HOODs/Hoots. That bunch of heraldry tends to convince me that God created this hood-whacking event (it scared me).

The double-headed eagle of Specks/Spike's is in both colors of the same of Joice's/Choice's. Hmm, what could this mean? I guessed, last week, that the hood flying open is a sign that God's about to reveal what's under the hood of the Georgia / Atlanta fraud. Search for "Insert Friday 4th" if you would like to read more of that. It shows a member of the legislature telling that he thinks everyone should look under the hood for more election corruption, and he was referring specifically to the suitcase video released by Ms. Pick, which is why you see, suggested above, that the Vatt/MacWatters tree might be the Wood and Pick tree. I can add here that the "honoraBILIS" motto term of Joice's/Choice's can be for the Bills', who use so-called "WOOD bills."

It didn't occur to me in the last update that the Spike variation might be a pointer to the spike in Biden votes during the suitcase crime.

Joice's/Choice's were first found in Glamorganshire, and, wow, the Arms of Glamorganshire has the triple Singletary chevrons! That snuck up on me.

Enter Pakistan

The office of the secretary of state for Nevada was caught sending election-related information to a Pakistani company. The anti-fraud group that caught this potential crime is True The Vote. Google may be blocking this story from, because when I tried to load this page on Monday, it came up as a 404 error. The email was to Waqas Butt, CEO of Kavtech Solutions Ltd. See the story here:

A voter rights group was stunned to discover that a Pakistani tech company was privileged to the voter registration information for every voter in the State of Nevada.

...True the Vote, an American voter rights group, reported to the US Department of Justice [oh no, lemon-zero Barr] on December 3, 2020, that a link exists between the State of Nevada’s election email system and a Pakistani company named Kavtech Solutions Ltd

My Bet: the secretary of state will say that it was just a mistake to cc Mr. Butt of Pakistan while sending the voter list by email to True The Vote. Yeah, sure, like explain with a straight face how that mistake was made. Since when does Nevada have Butt's email laying around on the front desk, so to speak, and why is Nevada communicating with Pakistan in the first place? This is a job for John Ratcliffe, because Wray's not going to do it unless he gets a stiff kick to the butt from Barr, but then Barr's just as much a fat arse these days as Wray.

In my Obama dream, where I was shooting snooker in Obama's billiard hall, I sewered the only shot I took, and Sewers are listed with Suits, pointable to the suitCASEs. English Case's have a red-bend version of the Sterling/STURling and Leslie Coats, and while Leslie's were Hungarians along with Stur-related Drummonds (Stirlingshire), "Stur" is like the SUTER variation of Suits, which pointed to "Soetoro," Obama's surname when, I think, he was in Pakistan. Just look at how Case's can link to Suits above, for while the Pakistani email is in Nevada, home of casinos, Italian Case's are also Casino's. What a casincidence. Plus, wow, Jungs/Youngs use a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head, and while Trump is a casino owner, "JUNGit" is a motto term of English Case's.

Moreover, Suit-like Shute's (Wiltshire, same as Calls) have a version of the Call Coat, the latter using TRUMPets. The Calles variation of Calls has linked to the "chalice' of Belows (see Chalice variations) and therefore to the Callouville location of BALLOTs/Bellows (share Billet Coat), just look at that, because French Billiards are Billets too!!! The English Billiards come up as Hillary-like Hillards, and English Packs have an anchor-version of the Clinton Coat. I'm not suggesting that Packs or Pickers/Peckers/Packers are Pakistani surnames, just potential pointers to this Pakistan topic as it touches upon voter fraud.

Peckers/Packers share the Moor head with Sterlings/Sturlings, a possible pointer to Gabriel Sterling (trying to cover for the suitcase criminals). It's highly likely that the Sterling Moor head is that of French Chappes' (because Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps were first found in Stirlingshire), and Chappes can be from the namers of Cuppae, near the PEK river to which Peckers/Packers and Peks/Pecks are expected. Cuppae is the "city of doves," you see, right down this pigeon topic.

There are conspiracy theories online (most probably buried by now) about Obama's falsified reasons for being in Pakistan as a youth. Some think he was CIA there. Then, there was the congressional scandal (in Obama's second term) involving a Pakistani IT criminal, stealing high-level American secrets and sending them to Pakistan, that was never resolved, with Obama suspect at its root. That Pakistani, if I recall correctly, was working directly under Debbie WASSERman Schultz. Wassermans/WATERmans use water, for one, but happen to share a savage with Woods (share Pick fitchees). French Packs share a tree with Woods and Picks.

Having said that, we can now move to the stool pigeon that God sent to my stool / septic / sewer tank. That event brought readers to the Stolls sharing the lozenges cross of Pick-like Pickers/Peckers/PACKers i.e. a potential pointer to "Pakistan." Those lozenges are connectable to the same-colored ones of Whistle's (Somerset, same as Stolls and Payne's), and Whistle's share the Payne lions while Obama's mother was, if I recall correctly, Miss Payne. Obama's mother had married Mr. Soetoro. Payens/Pagans and Lepage's/Pageons are suspect with Pigeons. This stool pigeon made me think that someone's going to rat-out on Obama and George Soros (Hungarian). Whistle's are also Wissels while Wessels/Waistells share the blue dove with George's (Drummond-Hungarian line, in Leslie-buckle colors).

Just to make sure, God provided (I reckon) a dove in the Stoll Crest to assure that the pigeon points to stool-like Stolls, and the latter are shown properly as "STOWell," like the Stower variation of Sturs. Perfect for this discussion, making Stolls linkable to the George doves. As I said, a few days after the first-ever pigeon appeared at my place, and walked over the septic tank, three pigeons WHIRLed upward around the near-by maple tree (one chasing the other). "Whirled" is the term I used (wasn't thinking about Drummonds at the time), and so note the "warily" motto term of Drummonds. Maple's share the Shield of Tarves', and the latter's six fitchees are those also of Clintons and Hillarys, what are the chances? Makes me think the stool pigeon(s) is going to rat-out the Clintons too.

Oh wow, I wrote two paragraphs below before going back to the Ballot/Bellow page to read this: "The surname Ballot was first found in Cheshire where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor of Moreton in the WIRRAL Peninsula"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible, for I can't think of another surname that fits the "warily" code of Drummonds. I think it's amazing that the whirling pigeons, and the stool pigeon, now seem clinched as pointers to ballot fraud, especially as pigeons are doves pointable to George's and therefore to George Soros.

It can even be gleaned that the Stoll / Picker/Packer cross belongs to Bat-like Baths (Somerset, share Whistle / Payne lion), and then the Bath cross is used by bat-using Scottish Randolphs while Obama's Singletary-Dunham ancestral line goes through Randolphs (English Randolphs even share the Dunham Coat). Hairy stuff.

Back to the Atlas surname now pointing to the suitcase criminals, for the Atlas Crest has two brown lion heads while Ramps show just two brown lions. I have yet to solve the mystery of why Obama, in the billiard-hall dream, appeared, in his dark SUIT, riding a skateboard up and down as curved ramp. The dream started with all billiard tables covered in a single, black sheet, a little like the suitcase scene where the tables were draped in black cloth. The scene immediately after my sewer shot was Obama dancing in his dark suit (verifies that God was pointing to Sewers/Suits), followed immediately by Obama in the same suit on a SKATEboard. Skate's happen to be listed with Sheets, and can be a pointer to Scytl voting machines because Skate's/Sheets share the Coat of Skits/Skeets'. However, the meaning of the ramp eludes me, aside from showing that Obama was happy, both dancing and skating, tending to show that he was happy to be free from prosecutorial scrutiny, as indeed he has been for four years and counting, under Trump.

But, the last scene in the billiard-hall dream, the one immediately after the skateboard scene, had Obama disappointed with an employee, and we yet need to see what that entails. The only clue I had to his identity is that his back was to Obama, and to myself as I watched, and that he was crouched low and looking over his shoulder as Obama was chewing him out. The Crouch variation of Crutch's can apply, for that's the line that created the potent cross (ends made of crutches), which Skits and Skate's happen to use. The latter can be gleaned as a branch of Sheds having a version of the Chad Coat, both using more potent crosses, only now the Chads share the patee crosses of Peks/Pecks, from the Pek river i.e. near Cuppae, the "city of doves." This should be God's confirmation that He pointed to Stolls (with the pigeon) because they share the lozenges cross of Peckers/Packers. It just so happens that CHADwicks and Chaddocks have half the Coat of Boards in "skateboard," so I think we are on the right track here.

Plus, the fitchee of Crouch's/Crutch's can be gleans in the Crux Crest, and Crux's share the pale bar of Board-like Broads/Brode's (bearded savage in Crest). It looks like we are making good sense of the skateboard scene. It can point us to the bearded man, Paul Smith, on crutches (see last update). Irish Smiths are listed with the Magoo-like Gows/Gowans, and then McGoo's are listed with Scottish Gows/Gowans with a "JUNCta" motto term, surname. The reason I mention this is that the employee's back was suspect with Jim Baker of the military's ONA, for Dutch Bakers share the Pigeon chevron.

I almost missed it from the Pek/Peck write-up: "The Pek family lived in Denbighshire." That's where Back-like Bachs/Baghs were first found.

Ahhh wow, I think I get it. The employee was looking back over his shoulder. I always decipher heraldic shoulders with the Schultz / Shoultz/Shouldham surname, and so as Debbie Wasserman Schultz was paying the Pakistani, wow! Let me go fetch that story's gist...:

Awan and four of his associates, including family members, worked as IT specialists for dozens of Democratic lawmakers on the Hill until they were banned from the computer network in February 2017, having been accused of violating House security rules. Wasserman Schultz kept him on the payroll long after other lawmakers let him go.

Trump — who has tweeted repeatedly about Awan, calling him the “Pakistani mystery man” — has continued to link him to the hacking of the Democratic National Committee server in the 2016 election, a breach intelligence agencies have concluded was directed by Russia.

I think the whole Pakistani family were being paid "generous" sums of money to spy on congressional computers, and I think Obama was behind it with a murderous crime ring. I think I am prepared now to view the billiard-hall dream as pertaining to this Pakistani scandal that can include Mr. Butt of Pakistan, as he touches upon Nevada's election whore house. German Butts/Boets happen to share a gold fish with Wassermans/Watermans. Plus, while Morells ("Bono") have a rare lion looking back over the shoulder, Italian Maurels (Milan, same as Bono's) have a version of the Bute/Butt Coat.

Oh wow, I've been tracing Italian Maurels (share BODE fesse) to Maurilion, father of Berthe, and the Berta's/Berts have a giant white griffin, symbol also in the Shoultz/Shouldham Crest. Berthe was the mother of BODEgisel, and Bude's have a seven-pointed star in the colors of the eight-pointed stars of Italian Maurels. Bute's/Butts have the black horse head once shown by Este's, and "esto" is a motto term of Morells. Keeps, sharing the Morell bend, use a weaver's shuttle while Weavers share "esto" with Morells. Ahhh, French Maurels/Morels (linkable to Brocks and Brocuffs) have a "NeSCIT" motto term as a pointer to Scytl. Brocuffs (potent cross) were first found in Silesia, home of SCHITTLE's/SCHITners, and Brocks (share Maurel/Morel fleur-de-lys) use "VireSCIT."

German Drummonds have three fesses in the colors of the one of Italian Maurels, and the latter's Maur/Mauric variations, for example, suggest Maurice Drummond, the first Scottish Drummond, son of Hungarian George. Earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy, and Scottish Mars almost have the Brunswick Coat, the latter using their lions in the colors of the Maurice lion, and the latter's is looking back over the shoulders! Zinger. The Mar and Toole lion is in the Chief of Tolle's/Tollets, that being from Tullia of Lyon, daughter of Gallia (= the ancestry of Bodegisel), explaining why Gallia's (look Drummond linkable) were first found in Milan with Maurels/Maurics.

Lookie. Keeps and MacDONalds use a "GALLEY" ship, and DONs ("dona"), who pointed to Donna LEASE Brazile in multiple ways, have two fesses in the colors of the three of German Drummonds. Donna Brazile took over the DNC after Wasserman-Schultz stepped down (in humiliation thanks to WikiLeaks)!! Is that not amazing, BECAUSE, I kid you not, Scottish Lease's/Liss' (Perthshire, same as Drummonds) use, I kid you not, a third lion looking back over its shoulder!!! I don't know a fourth such lion. It seems that the employee looking over Obama's shoulder indeed pertains to crime from the circle of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and that not only included the murder of Seth Rich, but, some think, of a lawyer (can't recall name) who washed up on an ocean beach in the county of Wasserman Schultz.

God's pointing to Donna Lease Brazile, a sick individual who's for abortion in late stages. Scottish Lease's and Clarens/Larins are kin of Clare's, who named Clermont-Ferrand, home of Tullia of Lyon. The lion looking over its shoulder must be the Lyon / Lannoy bloodline. Lane's/Lawns have the Brunswick / Robert lion.

The entry of the BRUNswicks here is perhaps helpful for deciphering Ramps, for while Brunswick were likely named by Bruno's, Ramps use brown lions, the color of the leopard in the Mar Crest. Bruno's were at Asti, and Astys share the green lion with Lyons (Perthshire, same as Scottish Drummonds and Lease's). But this doesn't tell me why Obama was on a ramp with his skateboard, though Julian Assange was shown on his skateboard, on a small ramp (not curved), in his embassy prison. Drummonds have a brown Crest too.

There's another brown leopard in the Sewer/Suit Crest, how interesting suddenly. He wore a suit when on the ramp with a skateBOARD, and Boards have a reflection of the Sewer/Suit Coat. Ramps were first found in CUMBERland, and Coomers/COMBERs ("DOMINabitur") might just have the Mar leopard closely, for French Mars share the scallops of STRISS'/Strass' suspect in the "aSTRIS" motto term of Coomers/Cumbers. This could be pointing Obama's employee to Eric Coomer of Dominion Voting. In fact, Strauss' and Struthers were suspect with the ostrich symbol, because an ostrich is a "struthios" in Greek, and it just so happens that Cumbers use an ostrich, as do Beaks sharing the HUMBER Coat. Beaks and Humbers use the triple fesses in the Arms of Podebrady, and the mother of the Drummonds was said by one writer to have been from Podebrady. Heraldry wildly verifies a Drummond trace to Podebrady.

The Humber Crest shares the white griffin with the Shoultz/Shouldham Crest. Just look at that, because Ramps, in the scene immediately before the employee looking over his shoulder, took us to Cumbers. Striss'/Strass' have both the Brunswick and Mar / Tolle lion. The Tollet variation of Tolle's may be a pointer to the claim, made last week, that the pipe burst at State Farm Arena was just a toilet problem. It was then changed to a urinal overflow. The Cumber cross is also the Bath cross, and the Bath Coat is highly suspect as a version of Stoll and Packer Coats. It just so happens that State's/Stathams have lozenges colors reversed from the same of Stolls and Packers. The Beak- and Peck-like Peaks share the red heart with Butters/Bitars (Perthshire again) possibly in the "dominaBITUR" motto term of Coomers/Combers.

My Alley Miracle Was About State Farm

I told recently of God's set-up where I saw Lorraine at the Finch subway-bus STATION, and State's come up as Stations. This is cool, first because Peaks were first found Staffordshire with the Stops/Stubbs pointed to by Lorraine's bus STOP. Stops/Stubbs were kin of Pipe's (Staffordshire) in the pipe-burst excuse by the State-Farm criminals. State's/Stations were first found in Cheshire with Ballots and Marble's (Peak colors). Marble's have this: "...Robert of Stockport. This is most likely the earliest scion of the Marple family name. He sold the estate to Sir George Vernon, known as 'The King of the PEAK' Chief..." The Atlas' pointed to State Farm Arena for more reason than it's being in Atlanta, and this recalls that Atlas' share the Alley Coat while allees/alleys are marbles!!! THIS IS GREAT, for I know what this must pertain to; the day, at about age 11, when I prayed to God for a miracle marble shot, and got it.

Oh wow, Scottish Alleys/Aulays share the buckles of Case's! The suitCASE crime! It recalls that Astys, sharing the LORRAINE lion, were first found in LORNE-connectable Lanarkshire with Casseys!!! I first asked Lorraine on a date at her bus stop at LORNE avenue and Yonge street, and while Yonge's are Youngs too, so are the German Jungs/June's expected in the "JUNGit" motto term of Case's!!! Just gawk at that. Lanarks are also LURNacks, and I think that LANarks are thus of the Lannoy branch of Lyons/Lune's, for the latter two share the green lion with Astys and Lorraine's. The mystery now is why Lorraine's subway station is pointing to State-farm crime.

My last night with Lorraine as my girlfriend, a couple of weeks before seeing her at the subway station, saw her coming home with a grass stain on her BUTT!!! I've said this so many times, and here it looks like a pointer to Mr. Butt of Pakistan! Zikers. Again, he's involved with Nevada, the casino state, and Italian Case's are also Casino's.

While Lorraine's grass stain was definitely a pointer to Stands/Stains, the "DIStantia" motto term of Case's can be gleaned partly with Stands/Stains, and partly with Diss'/Deise's in the motto of the Arms of County Waterford that itself has the Trump stag head, tending to prove that the Jungs/Youngs in the motto of the same Case's have the Trump stag. Diss'/Deise's are also Dice's!!! Dice are in casinos!

Diss'/Deise's are in Arthur colors and format, and Arthurs use an "obSTANTIA" motto term. The last time I saw Lorraine, she was carrying an infant child, and while Childs share the Lorraine eagles, the Child Coat is a colors-reversed version of the TARANT Coat. The latter is a red-eagle version of the Diss/Deise Coat. She walked by Paul Smith and I when we were having coffee, and the Coffee/Coffer Crest shares a naked rider on a dolphin with the Arms of TARANTo. God really knows his stuff.

As the Diss' suspect in the Case motto are linkable to Childs via a Diss-Tarent merger, it can explain why Childers share buckles with Case's. CHILtons share the Tarent chevron, and Childs are also Chills. Chiltons happen to share the Coat of Diss-like Tiss'/Tease's, excellent point, and Chiltons were first found in Northumberland with Child-related Lorraine's (another excellent point) and the CHILLingham location of Hebrons/Hepburns (share Child/Chill chevron). Hebrons/Hepburns use a "Keep" motto term while Keeps share the Lorraine bend, excellent stuff. Childrens share eagles on a bend with Lorraine's, though the bend color is different, probably the blue Scott bend because English Scotts were first found in Kent with Childrens, and the Kent location of Scotts was at CHILham castle (Kent, same as Roots sharing Roet tree). Scotts use the Roet wheel while German Roets were first found in Thuringia with Basina, wife of king CHILDeric I. Catherine Roet and her Beaufort branch descended from the Croy/Groy branch of Greys (Northumberland, same as other Child liners), explaining why the Grey lion is also the Beaufort lion.

As was said, Stops/Stubbs use the pheon as code for the Paeoni peoples at STOBi and ASTIbus. That's AstiBUS. You see, God knows his history pretty good. I think one can compare Fasts (in the motto of Leslie's suspect with the Case Coat), first found in Norfolk with Bus', to the Lorraine and Gorsuch bend-with-eagles, recalling that I sold tiles at Gorham and Leslie avenue. Then, compare those bend-with-items to the bend-with-arrows of Dons (Cheshire, same as Marble's), for Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs and Pipe's while sharing the Peak fleur-de-lys. Marble's were related to Peaks. Those Don arrows are in the colors of the Alley/Aulay arrows, you see, but also in the colors of the Burst arrows! The pipe-burst excuse at State Farm Arena in Atlas-pointed Atlanta!!! Zikers, what a mouthful.

I should add that the urinal overflow was pointed to by my urinating on Pino, a topic I'll cover later in this update. What I want to repeat here is that I honked my HORN at Mr. Casey on the day I listed my Texas house for sale with him (real-estate agent). I was driving back home from town when I spotted him at the front gate of Miss Hicks. My urinating on Pino taught me that mythical Orion and Orion-like Uranus (god of rain = his urine) had a urine symbol. I was able to show that the true-world entity that named Orion is to the HORN/Orne / Heron surnames (Smiths use the heron). I honked my horn at him and at Miss Hicks as she was walking out to greet him at the gate.

It just so happens that I would not have known that Miss Hicks moved away from that property had not Mr. Casey told me that morning that he had her place listed too. But God informed me of this, you see, because God wanted me to learn where she moved to, which I discovered many years ago in a story not to be repeated here. The point is, she moved to about 10 miles from the home of John Ratcliffe, and Ratcliffe's share the double-black bends of Case's. So, I think my honking at Mr. Casey that day is verification that God wants Mr. Ratcliffe in the 1979 dream having Miss Hicks.

Hicks use a "Tout en BON" motto phrase, and Touts are also Toots. I tooted my horn at her that day at her gate, and the Gate's have a version of the Bon/Bono Coat. The latter, first found in Milan with OTTONE Visconti, essentially have the Coat of Ottone-like Odins (Yorkshire, same as Hicks), and then Ottone's are also Otto's, as are Auto's. Miss Hicks, in the 1979 dream, came inseparably with an auto (it was a 1950's model, a thing yet to be deciphered).

The miracle marble shot was at Hullmar drive (Toronto), where my father got a job as a real-estate agent for a company called, Eves (or Eaves). It just so happens that the Eves surname is in the colors and format of ALLisons who in turn use the HULL / HALL dogs, and then Alleys/Auleys (share Case buckles) look like a branch of Hall liners. Allisons were first found in Lanarkshire with Caseys, all pretty compelling as a pointer / set-up of God. Halls were even first found in Lincolnshire while Eves were first found at Lincoln.

But what does the miracle shot represent? I took an alley upon my index finger, and prayed to God, then flicked it with the thumb eight-to-ten feet (as I remember it, it was far) to the opponent's marble on the ground, and my alley smacked the other dead-on. I never prayed like that before. Boy-o-boy was I a happy kid for a minute. It was like a prayer inspired by God. We were playing potsies.

Note that my father was in Real eSTATE, for Allison Bauer was a cashier at Knob HILL FARMs while Hills (Allison fesse in colors reversed) are said to be of Halls. Is my marble shot, therefore, a pointer to STATE FARM Arena? I hope so. Mr. Casey, another real-estate agent, and then cashier-like Cassers/Casse's/Cassons (probably the Meschin scallops) look like a branch of Case's/Casino's. Cassers/Casse's/Cassons share the triple fesses of Haughts (Cheshire, same as Marble's and Buckle-branch Buckleys) who in turn share the white bull head with McLeods and Buckleys. English Case's use buckles.

OHHH, wow, the Haughts have a "MALGRE" motto term while English Majors/Maugers, sharing the red greyhound head in Crest with State's/Stations (Cheshire, same as Haughts), are said to be related to "Malger." Amazing statincidence. It appears that God set the marble shot up to point to State Farm along with Alleys and Atlas'. I'm impressed. I wonder what kind of miracle shot He's got prepared to lay the State-Farm criminals into their jail cells? Loupe-like Loops use a greyhound too.

Insert -- I didn't realize until later in this update that French Majors have the FARMer lion heads. I then realized, a day or two after that, that the "Malger" term in the Major write-up is like "Meleager," husband of mythical Atalanta! ZINGER, just look at that.]

Allisons were at Loupe, and Loupe's (share Junk Coat) happen to have towers in the colors of the castle (with towers) of McLeods (share "fast" with Case-related Leslie's). Irish Caseys even look like a branch of Scottish Cassels while German Cassels share the McLeod castle. Excellent, because, as I've said a few times, the alley shot took place across Hullmar from the entry into SKYE court, and it just so happens that McLeods, of Skye island, use flags while Flags are listed with Flicks/Flacks/Flecks. I flicked the marble. I don't know any other term to use for that flick. It was a flick. I've seen the McLeod bull head in black, the colors of the Ratcliffe bull head, but I don't think I've scratched the surface yet for the meaning of that shot.

Oh wow, the Arens/Aarons just came to mind because they use clouds while McLeods are also Clouds. As soon as Arens came to mind, so did the ARENa's as per State Farm Arena. The tenant left the house today, which is why I turned on my music, and just as the Arena Coat loaded, having nothing to say about it, the song playing sang "sun," which is one of the Arena symbols. So I stared at the Coat a little more until remembering that Solana have red wolf heads and a red sun. The Arena's show only a red sun and a red wolf (or perhaps a fox). Then, the same song (Bless the Lord Oh My Soul) sang "oh my SOUL," and Solana's are also Sols. I'm not sure what to make of this.

[Insert -- Hmm, the Stolts, in State colors, have a State-like Stoetzel variation, and they show only billets for a link to Ballots (= Billet branch) having the Bus cinquefoils. The NATO chief is Jens STOLTenberg, and he could be very schmoozy with Javier Solana, or at least with his EU circle of globalist connivers. Lorraine pointed to sun-using Babe's and Blonds. My bumping into her at the bus station can, therefore, indicate that elite EU leftists are behind the Frankfurt location of the cheating machines. German Franks were first found in Bohemia with Podebrady to which Babe's and Bradys trace.

Lorraine lived on the second floor of an apartment building (or large home), on Church street, directly across the street from Elgin BARRow ARENA. Arena's share the red Solana sun. In the official description of Stoltenbergs (though it's not what they now show), they share the arrow-pierced heart of Nations/Nathans, and Nathan Rothschild was the first son of the first Rothschild (Mayer Bauer) of Frankfurt. Rothschilds are behind the EU (EU flag shares Bauer stars). Barrs of Bar-le-Duc were at Brunswick, where RothsCHILDs/Roddensteins were first found who have a bend formed out of an arrow in the colors of the bend of RODDENs/Rodhams (Northumberland, same as CHILD-linkable Lorraine's).

Recall the pipe-BURST excuse at State farm Arena, for while Stops/Stubbs are Pipe kin, Bauer-like Bursts (Dutch) share the Rothschild arrow bendwise, and the three Burst arrows themselves form a bend rising in the sinister direction, same as the same-colored bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild"). Just compare the German Rasmussens (sinister-rising bend) to Pipe's, and then know that while Rasmussens were first found in Hesse, where the first Rothschild was budsy-budsy with a prince William of Hesse-Cassel, Hesse's use a giant sun.

Rothschilds descend from Pollocks of Moray, and the Elgins (could be the Rush / Rosco fesse), first found at Morayshire, were beside the Rose's/RAS'. RASmussens. Jewish Rothchilds use roses. Elgins have a couple of wolves (I think) in the colors of the two Brunswick lions. ELGIN BARRow Arena. It's where I first kissed Lorraine on our first date, the day of the bus stop and the laundromat. Rosco's have the Bus / Ballot cinquefoils in colors reversed. End Insert]

Here's Eric Coomer telling, like a fool on camera, that Dominion machines can be manipulated manually (the machine has no way to tell if the person manipulating it is a good guy or a criminal Democrat):

I walked into the kitchen this morning and thought I heard a gentle voice say, "Thank you for having me." I thought it was Jesus. But even if it was my brain playing tricks on me, I wholly imagine Jesus being so humble as to say to us, "thank you for having me." What a big and fantastic God that he would say such a thing to us when it should be the other way around, Jesus, thank you for having me.

My father moved from Hullmar to Markham, and he with his real-estate partner, bought new side-by-side houses. That other real-estate agent was Bruno. As Bruno's are said to have been in ASTI right beside Bra, the latter may have been named by the Barone's, first found in Tuscany with Bruno's. Lorraine (my ladyfriend) pointed to the bra on the laundry line, and ASTYs share the Lorraine lion. My father and Bruno lived on Senator REESORs drive, and "RESURgo" is a motto term of Lorraine's, can we believe this? I'm pretty sure that this is the first time I've put this set of heraldry together. It seems that God is tracing Bruno's to Brunswick via their Asti post, which recalls that I traced Alans of Langhe (at Bra / Asti) to Brunswick-LUNEburg long before i started to emphasize Bra. German Langs were first found in Luneburg, and Lorraine's share the green lion with Lyons/LUNE's. That works. It kills me to think that God caused my father to be with Bruno in those ways just to make this heraldic lesson for us. There's got to be more to it, right?

Mr. Casey was a real-estate agent in my life, and Scottish Caseys were first found in LANarkshire with Astys. Bra-like Barwicks share muzzled bear heads with Lannays/Lennie's, first found in Perthshire with Lyons/Lune's who in turn share the lion of Lannoys. The bra on the laundry line had to do with breasts, and Brest is near Launay because Italian Lane's/Lano's were first found in BREScia/BRIXia. Brests are Brix's too. It's like God knows what he's doing. As I said, laundry-like Landers share the six pale bars on LANGleys. Lane's/Lannays and Lane's/Lawns share the Brunswick lion, that's right. I assume Lorraine got the grass stain on her butt on a lawn. What else. "On the first grass" just sang the very second I finished the last sentence, from the song, "Morning has Broken." Broke's/Brocks share the fleur-de-lys of English Lannoys. Grass' / Grasse's could have the Brunswick lion too.

So, her butt stain needs to be investigated for pointing to Mr. Butt of Pakistan. At this time, I don't see how, but, perhaps, more news on that story could reveal how-so. Wait. I've just looked up Balcons again because I was waiting on her BACLONy for her to get home from an evening stroll. It recalls that Balcons have a rose-version of the BOTTer Coat! Botters (north of Rome) were likely from the BUTTeri cowboys north and south of Rome. AMAZING. The Balcon / Botter bend is in the colors of the English Grasse bend!!! INCREDIBLE. However, while this indicates that God had the grass stain on her butt by design, for a purpose, it doesn't yet point to Mr. Butt. German Butts/Boets share red roses with Balcons.

Mr. Butt's office is in Pakistan's Lahore. There is a Lahore surname (dove) listed with Lochore's/Laughers, and their Crest has the same design as the Ballot/Bellow Crest (I know the latter to have a fox head). It's interesting that Balcons are also BalCOLMs, linkable to Coomers/Combers. Eric Coomer is into ballot-counting machines. That works. Perhaps Eric Coomer is involved with Butt. German Eriks/Ericsons (Brunswick) use a giant red rose. Coomers/Combers use a "dominaBITUR" motto term, and Butters/Bitars with Lahore's/Laughers were first found in Fife with Balcons. That's pretty good. Irish Alleys/Aulays share the Irish Fox/SHINnoch Coat, making an alley-shot pointer to the Ballot/Bellow Crest.

The Shinnoch-like Shins/Chinns/Chings, if they do indeed point to the Chinese, can lump Chinese elements together with Pakistani elements making inroads into Democrat circles by the will of corrupt Democrats.

Ahh, Lahore's/Laughers have three piles to a point in colors reversed from the same of Latters/Lawtie's, and the latter's fesse-with-crescents is in the colors of the fesse-with-a-fish (gold fish) of Butts/Boets! You see, it looks like God prepared this to point also to Mrs. Wasserman Schultz, as per the gold fish of Wassermans, for she (may still be) doing treasonous crimes with a Pakistani organization, and you just saw God linking Lahore's to the Butt fesse (that's how I'm seeing it, anyway).

Pakistan-like Packs use anchors, the symbol of Irish Laughlins/Loughlins (i.e. like the Laugher variation of Lahore's). Scottish Laughlins/Lachlans, wow, share green water with Wassermans, what are the chances? Scottish Laughlins/Lachlans stick a white fish on their green water, suggesting the same-colored fish of McCabe's/MacABBE's. The latter, wow-wow, were first found in Arran (beside BUTE!), which traces to "Airaines" because it's in Picardy with ABBEville, and the other wow-part is that KAVE's/Cavetts were first found in Picardy while Mr. Butt of Pakistan is the CEO of KAVtech! I think that's a bingo.

The Laughlins/Lachlans can have the galley ship of Keeps because the latter were first found in Sussex with the Hams sharing the Laughlin/Lachlan / McAbbe fish. Keeps are thus suspect with "Ceva," at the Cavett-like Cevetta river. Keep in mind here that Andrew McCabe was the deputy director of the FBI director, James COMEY, whom I thought was in the Balcon/Balcomb bloodline because Comeys (another galley ship) are also Combs/Come's. The latter use the Clan-Chattan motto that includes "bot" for the Botter bloodline. Again, Botters (share Chattan / Chatan bend) have a Coat version of the Balcons/Balcombs. The latter share red roses with Butts/Bute's/Boets, and the latter share a gold fish with Wassermans. How does all of that happen unless it's Arranged?

It just so happens that the Comey/Come Crest has a cat with spots, suggesting that it's a version of the Coomer/Comber leopard. It's probably the Chives cat, and leopard of Mosca's (Pisa, beside Botters of Lucca). Chives variations are like some Kave/Cavett variations.

My mother is a Grimaldi by maiden name, and a Masci on her mother's side. As I think God called me to emphasize prophecy, I became interested in the purple throne of Grimaldi's, for this was found after I began to predict that the False Prophet and/or anti-Christ will be a Masci liner. About the time of discovering that purple throne, I learned that "baron Massy" entered the family of a prince Grimaldi of Monaco, when he married the actress, Grace Kelly (Kellys probably shared the Monaco lion from long before that marriage). Barons Massy of Ireland were partly at Dublin, near to where Kellys were first found, and while my mother was born and raised in Abruzzo, it's interesting that the Kelly Coat is a different-colored version of the Abruzzo Coat.

My second girlfriend as a Christian was Kelly (don't recall her surname), and the next one was Miss MUSCHATov, probably a Mosca liner.

I was just over at Wikipedia's Ceva article to make sure I had spelled "Cevetta" correctly, when I saw, for the first time, that there developed a Ceva-Grimaldi surname. So I clicked to the latter's page to read: "The Ceva Grimaldi family's new coat of arms incorporated both the Ceva's (six alternating horizontal gold and black stripes) and the Grimaldi's (alternating vermilion and silver lozenges)." Clicking "vermilion," it says that the color was "scarlet," the color of the revelation dragon = the anti-Christ. Purple is the color of the robe worn by the whore that rides the back of this dragon. What think ye? The Grimaldi lozenges must be done in scarlet.

This gets more interesting where the six bars above of Ceva are those also of Blonds. I've just verified this my multiple methods, including the six fitchees of Blondville's, in the colors of the six fitchees of Tarves'. Chives' were first found in Tarves. The latter's are exactly the six fitchees of Clintons who in turn share the Saluzzo Shield.

It's known that Blondville's / Blundville's were from the Meschin earls of Cheshire, and Meschins were Masci's, but these earls go way back to the 12th century, long before my mother's birth. I had already predicted that Luis of Ceva and/or her daughter, Alice of Saluzzo, were Masci's (Piedmont, same as Ceva and Saluzzo), because, for one, the Meschins named their daughter(s), Alice, for example Alice Meschin-Skipton / Alice Rumilly-Skipton (Skiptons have a purple lion thus linkable to the purple Grimaldi throne). French Blonds were first found in Picardy with Cevetta-like Kave's/Cavetts.

French Picards (Picardy) share the other Monaco lion, and it could be the Mason/Massin lion in colors reversed because the Mason/Massin Crest shares the mermaid with German Babels/Babe's while English Babe's have been determined as Blond kin. French Blonds appear to use gates, the symbol of English Babels/Babwells. Morays, with the Mason/Massin mermaid, have stars in the colors of the Monaco stars. Morays are suspect from Rollo of More, and a Mr. Grimaldi online claims that a Mr. Grimaldus married Crispina, Rollo's daughter...which goes back to the 10th century.

Meschins descended from Malahule of More, Rollo's father's brother. Scottish Picards were first found in Moray, and use GYRONNy, suspect with earl Ranulph Meschin de GERNON, father of Hugh KEVelioc, father in turn of earl Ranulph de Blundville. This family uses SHEAVES of wheat, and Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's (like "Chives'/Shewas") were first found in Abruzzo. It's evident here that Ceva was named by a branch of Shawia Numidians, probably from king Massena (of Numidia). Gyronny is used also by Fortune's in the Rollo motto. r

Kave's/Cavetts have four fesses of the double Parr fesses while Rollo's have a "par" motto term. Parrs were first found in Lancashire with Caves' (Kave/Cavett colors), and also the Specks/Spike's who almost have the four Kave/Cavett fesses, but, instead, Specks/Spike's have eight bars, four-and-four, as do English Crispins (though in a different color). Speccots were first found in Devon with Monaco-suspect Monks. Caves' share the Shield of Caens, from the Bessin, home of the first Meschin (de Gernon's father). Why are Bessins (Cheshire, same as Meschin earls) also BEASTons??? Did God arrange that? Pace's (Cheshire) have a purple Shield.

Duke Grimoald of Bavaria is likely where Grimaldi's descended, for Grimaldi's use a red version of the Arms-of-Bavaria lozengy. The latter is blue, much like the Caves / Caen Shields. I claim that there was a proto-Grimaldi connection also to Grimo, son of BABon, son of MumMOLIN. Chives' share the black MOLINE with Moline's/Moulins' (Devon, same as Mules'). French Moulins' (look like Sewer/Suit / Board kin) are in the colors of Mole's who in-turn share the Moray stars. Belgian Moulins' share the Meschin / Mussel/Muscel fesse.

The Taffs/Tufts (from the Dublin area), clearly kin of Fesse's/Face's, have the Cave / Caen fretty in colors reversed. I'm certain that Fesse's were from the Fieschi of Genoa, where Grimaldi's merged with the Ceva line (according to Wikipedia's Ceva-Grimaldi article). We read: "In 1545, Francesco Ceva Grimaldi's son, Cristofaro, transferred the family's seat to Naples to pursue his business affairs." That should explain why the Aquila's, first found at the Naples area, share the eagle in the Chief of Segni's/Segurana's (Genoa) who are in the Taff/Tuft / Fessy/Face motto. Segni's/Segurana's share the Saluzzo Shield. Aquila's could have named Abruzzo-related Kellys, for L'Aquila is the Abruzzo capital.

The Sheaves'/Chiava's of Abruzzo can now explain, I think, why sheaves of wheat are at times called, "garbs," for Grimoald of Bavaria came shortly after duke GARIBald of Bavaria.

So, did God call me to write / tackle this long project because the False Prophet / anti-Christ are part of my bloodline? Will he be a close family member? By now you may have figured that, if I'm right about all that God is doing through these writings, He's going to use them, one day, and maybe already has, for some important projects through His people. But don't jump the gun on your flesh powers. Whatever he has destined you for, it will get done. In the meantime, do good as opportunities permit, create opportunities even, and thereby build treasures for the Next Phase of life. If you do anything politically, let it be something that God approves of. Call the political world to the Constitution of God. Helping others when there's nothing in it for us gets the greatest numbers of coins from God's slot machines, for if we do it for a return, it's a gamble as to whether God will give us anything for it.

Poor Pino

The Georgia pimps who run the hooer house at State Farm Arena said late last week that the ballots placed under the black table were put there because the shop was closing up for the night. Okay, sounds reasonable, right? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It's election night at only 10:30, and the shop is closing up instead of counting the remaining few ballots???? The people need to wait until the next day to hear the final tally??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Who's going to believe that version of this story?

The fact is, they were closing shop as an excuse to get rid of the enemy, planning to count manufactured ballots for Biden because the alarm went off from the head pimps telling the whores to start fornicating with the ballots in the tens of thousands immediately. We have them naked on camera. They were counting votes, and the pimps don't deny it. The number of ballots counted at the time, for Biden versus Trump, are known (I'm still waiting to get the number).

I think I now know why God urinated into the mouth of little Pino when he and I were four or five years old. I realize that some of us do not view God as being so mean as to do something like this, but then you don't know what Pino grew up to be. You maybe don't like to think about how upset God is with this world through the long period of His patience, when he permits evil to continue, century after century, on behalf of the relative few yet to come to salvation. It's a tough, heartbreaking job.

I have already been convinced that my urinating on Pino was an act of God for reasons explained (having to do with mythical Orion with the urine symbol), but I now have an addition to those reasons because the so-called pipe burst and flood that was used as an excuse to close down the Atlanta (State Farm) count house turned out to be merely an overflow from a urinal. That's what brought Pino back to mind, and it just so happens that Porch's share the Ballot cinquefoil.

I don't ever recall urinating in the yard as a child, but one day, while standing on the PORCH railing, and hanging on with one hand or shoulder to the corner post, Pino came walking along the front of the porch, then turned the corner into my urine. When he felt "water" on his head, he looked up with mouth open to get it straight down the mouth, yuck. He was my neighbor.

The Porch Crest is now expected with the triple fesses of English Bassets because French Bassets/Besancons show nothing but 11 billets while Billets share the Coat of Ballots/Bellows. There you see how the Porch's point to the ballot fraud of the Atlanta whore house. As I've said in the last update or two, I had read that Bassets used a porcuPINE, and Pino's are likely a branch of Pine's. There you have incredible evidence that God used Pino for this pointer. Plus, the PORCH's must by in "PORCupine." Are you impressed? I'm flattened. Look at how many of the mysteries I've been long talking about, trying to decipher, now pointing to election fraud. There must be more to this than election fraud. God must be after the disgusting power seekers behind it for their other disgusting crimes.

They said that it was a PIPE burst, and Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with Bassets, how about that. Pipe's share a Coat version of the STOPs/Stubbs (Staffordshire), and this goes to Lorraine's BUS stop, for Ballots/Bellows, sharing the Bus / Porch cinquefoil, were first found in Norfolk with Bus'. Plus, Arrows/Arras' were likewise first found in Staffordshire, explaining the pheon arrow heads of Stops/Stubbs, and then Burley/Bourly-like Bursts/Borsts (as per pipe burst) show nothing but three arrows that I can decipher as the Rothschild / Knob arrow. Note that the Burst arrows rise diagonally from the Shield's right to left bend-wise, for it's in the colors of the right-to-left rising bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild"). Burleys share the green Shield with arrow-using Bowers, proto-Rothschild Bauers, and proto-Rothschild Pollock/POKE's.

I talked about my own "pipe burst" at least twice in the past year, though it was a slow leak that leaked for weeks without my knowing about it. The water came along the top of the living-room beam, then down the inner side of the cladding for a post. The point it, this is the post on which I once hung by shorts to dry, to find that I had put a dead squirrel through the laundry machine that had died in the POCKET of those shorts. The Poke-like Pockets/Pouchers have a giant cinquefoil colors reversed from the same of Porch's/Porchers. It looks like Pocket bloodline took on a Porcher-like Poucher surname because the two lines married (marriage allows both families to share symbols).

So, it seems that God first caused the squirrel to die in the pocket (what could this mean?), and then caused the leak to come down that post as a pointer to the pipe-burst excuse used by the Atlanta count house. The Post surname (Hampshire, same as Portis-like Ports / Porters) even shares the giant lion of Atlas' (mythical Atlas named Atlantis), in the colors of the Pinner/Penner lion heads. Shorts (share blue wings with Bauers) were first found in Dorset with Pools sharing the giant Atlas / Post lion, perfect corroboration that God is in this, for Georgia-like George's were first found in Dorset too (besides Posts). Dorset is the location of the Stur river while the triple Basset / Porch fesses are also those of Sturs. The Stur river begins near PORTIShead, and because I leaked on Pino's HEAD, the event pointed to PortisHEAD because Porch's come up as "Portis." Ports share the Short estoiles, no kidding.

At four or five years of age, I wasn't able to stand on the porch railing taking a leak without holding something with one hand or leaning on it with my shoulder, and I specifically recall the location right beside the POST that held the roof of the porch. There's another post.

The reason that I was on the railing is that I would jump repeatedly off of it, over a short steel fence on the side of the walkway about three feet from the railing. I did this lots, and, I remember the lady of that property throwing a rock, or threatened to throw it, at me to get me out of her GARDEN. I may have told this part of the story only once, years ago, because I did not become familiar with Gardens until about two years ago. They share the black boar with PORCia's, the apparent makings of Porch's. It looks like confirmation from God that he created my fence-jumping events.

I jumped over the fence from standing on the railing, and Jumps share the Trump stag head. The only heraldic fence I know of is used by German Baumgartners/BaumGARDENs, what are the chances? AND WOOOWWWIE, Jewish Baumgartners have the horizontally-split Shield of Powells (share green griffin with Fens'/Venns) whose "fynw" motto term is code for fence-like Fens'/Venns!!! That is amazing. Is it a pointer to Sidney Powell? The same split Shield is used by Yates' who share the PORTcullis gate with Porters, and Yates' were first found in Gloucestershire, right beside Portishead. Amazing.

Also amazing is that Gloucestershire is where Alito-like Letts/Late's were first found who use "organ PIPES," and just as (to the very second) I was wondering whether to add the Alito part of that sentence, Jay Sekulow came back after his commercial break to say, "LATE last night, justice Samuel Alito issued an order..." (it's at the 28th minute of this video). The Letts/LATE's! They almost have the PINion Chief. Plus, Letts/Late's are expected in the "letho" motto term of Sam-like Samsons (Gloucestershire)!

I now recall that the dead squirrel in my shorts pocket pointed to Heather SAMUELson (Clinton crime ring), partly because Samuels/Samuelsons use squirrels. But, suddenly, it can be a pointer to Samuel Alito too in the sense that he with his partners on the court will rule in favor of Sidney Powell. The Samuel squirrel is CRACKing a nut, and Carricks use a "GARDe" motto term.

The other motto term of Powells pointed to Edrichs and Hatricks/Ettricks, as per the hat-trick goal I deflected through my legs. Leggs share the Trump stag head (almost), which recalls my story of walking on the top of Diane Muschatov's fence when Rick Legge was with me!!! What could this all mean? From my 4th update in April, 2017: "...this recalls that I walked the FENCE at the house of my girlfriend, Diane Muschatov, with a Rick Legge present."

Fens/Venn-like Fane's/Vans ("fano"), first found in MonMOUTHshire (near Portishead), share gauntlet gloves with Maceys/Mace's. Macey-branch Maschi's (first found near Fano) use PINE cones, symbol of Spanish Pino's. English Cone's, first found in Kent with SIDNeys, share the antlers of English Conte's, and the latter were first found in Durham wish SEDANs. It looks like the jumping over the fence is a pointer to Sidney Powell's defence of Trump (the lady threatened me with a rock = Rockefellers?), and the urine leak into Pino's mouth looks like the humiliating of the State-Farm whore house by Ms. Powell.

Ahh, I think I now understand why she threatened me with the rock (she had one mean face at that moment, but I can't remember what I was doing in her garden). It's got to be a connection to Robert Powell and I lobbing rocks at one another (in a game of chicken). So, I take it, that lady was the Rockefeller-Obama enemy that Sidney Powell is taking on. I don't know if I'm reading those clues right, but that's my present guess. Open your mouth, Mys. Babylon, we have a surprise for you.

The Jeep's Door Handle Points to Election Fraud

As of Tuesday, the entire state of Texas is taking four other states to the U.S. supreme court directly on the voter-fraud issues because, I assume, a state can skirt going first to its state's supreme court. I suppose that any state can sue another state's whore houses because it involves a federal election that robs votes from all states when one accepts and includes cheated votes.

The attorney general of Texas (Ken Paxton) has initiating this case...because the attorney general of the Unites States is a slime bucket who thinks it's wrong to use his office to stand up for a wronged politician, especially the president. What a goof Mr. Barr has become. He certainly didn't bring out the best for last, or, maybe he was never good at all, and he's been a charade from the start.

On the same day, according to Lou Dobbs and others, the U.S. supreme court denied to hear a request to cancel Pennsylvania's illegal ballots, without explanation. While this decision seems lamentable, the bigger reason for not hearing the case is likely that it could be mute because the court did agree to hear the Texas case which itself includes a torpedo against Pennsylvania's election fraud. In other words, the supreme court doesn't want to be overworked with several cases all seeking the same, that can be solved more easily in just one swooping, sweeping case. So swoop, Texas, like an eagle, and claw those election pimps to death that the country of good people might rejoice, that cheaters might not prosper. Please, let there be pain to them to assure they don't do it again.

OH BUT WAIT. Someone says: "The Supreme Court did NOT decline to hear the Pennsylvania case: they denied the request for a court order overturning PA election BEFORE HEARING the case. BIG difference." Hmm, maybe that's true, but even so, the case might be put on the back burner until after the Texas case is decided, making all similar cases unnecessary. Louisiana has joined the Texas case, today, Tuesday. The more the merrier.

Wow, he's a voice recording of Sidney Powell in court (attacking Dominion machines) against what sounds like a stiff-necked, obstinate, hopeless Democrat judge trying to find any excuse to deny her causes:

Ah, she tells the judge that Biden got a spike of 120,000 votes during the suitcase crime, and she continues by claiming evidence indeed of the whores screwing the same ballots through the machines multiple times. She has such a simple and compelling request, but the judge continually seeks to make her choke on his gnat while he's got camels thrown at him by her super arguments. In the end, the judge ruled out the case for mere nothing, with empty excuses, with deaf ears to all the fraud, and sheer bias for Biden's voters. So, shake the dust off thine sandals in his face, Sidney, and maybe this will go to the U.S. supreme court. She gave it her best shot, helped to expose to the people what corruption looks like in the courts. This judge tied his own self up in ropes because he's expected to argue, in the future, in the same stiff-necked, I-don't-want-to-hear-it way, when a Democrat begs him to consider a case.

I've just added the following to the last update: "[INSERT WOW, Tuesday 8th -- The Favor surname shares the Pick and Rattery Coats and adds the Trump stag head!!! Ratterys have a "VOTum" motto term. Hoods are the ones who were at Rattery. I've not been familiar with Favors, thank you Mr. Favorito!]" He's the one in the video above who found the 37 flipped votes. Once Ms. Powell mentioned him, I looked for a Favorito surname, but, not finding it, Favors came up. Picks were first found in Kent with Sidneys, and "SIDera" is a Rattery motto term.

Ratterys are the ones with the "Super" motto term pointing to a resolution at the SUPReme court concerning voter fraud. I'm suggesting that due to the "VOTum" motto term of Ratterys. We need to look under the hood, and Sidney is asking to do exactly that.

Ratterys are said to have named Rattray Point at BUCHAN, and the latter was from BUXENtum, also called, PYXus (southern Italy), explaining the Pyx variation of Picks. Palins/Pawleys have a lion in the colors of the Buchan lions, black like the BUCHANan lion, and while Palins/Pawleys are from PALINurus, smack at Buxentum, Palins/Pawleys share the Powell lion, I kid thee not, probably because they are branches of one another. The Buchanan lion is in both colors of the Side lion (not upright), and "SIDera" looks like code for Side's. The latter's Suty branch shares the upright, Buchanan lion. As Sutys share "hazard" with Seatons/Sittens, we take it to their Sedan/Seddon branch, a term like "SIDNey." Sutys were first found in Perthshire with Ratterys, and with Celts/Colts sharing a blue pheon with Sidneys.

Favorito's look like a branch of some variation of Italian Fabers/Fabretto's/Favrets (Modena), sharing the fesse in the Arms of FANano (Modena), suspect with the fesse of FENNs/Venns (share Powell griffin) who are in turn expected in the Powell motto. How about that. The Fenn/Venn fesse is in the colors of the same of German Fabers.

I think I've just expanded on the meaning of the door handle missing a barrel-shaped part. This was in my dream that predicted Bill Barr out to lunch, the dream that I say called him a trash can who allows the country to go up in flames. It's worked out exactly that way, though we will probably see more fires-by-riot soon. In the dream, I complained to the previous owner of my Jeep that the door handle was missing a barrel-shaped part i.e. Barr missing in action. I have yet to decipher why a door handle was used for this, but the Rattery motto term, "SiDERA," just helped to find the probably answer, or part of it. The Dera-like Dere's come up as "Res," and the Dero's are listed with Ros' sharing the double-headed JEEPma/Chep eagle. "Dero" is almost "Door," and the Dero/Ros eagle is in the colors of the DORia eagle.

Plus, Dero's/Ros' might be of the Rosseau's. As said not long ago, lake Rosseau is the primary lake that I took my boat to. I didn't mention the brand of the boat at that time, but it is a Doral, and Dorals' share the Door lion. Cool. Barrels were first found in Herefordshire with English Doors.

Oh wow, the Dorals and Rosseau's both have red crowns on their giant lion, both have red tongue and claws, and the lions are colors reversed from one another, how's that as evidence that God moved me to buy the Doral boat. OH WOOWWWIE! I bought it at GEORGIAN Bay Marina (Parry Sound), a potential pointer to Georgia's voter fraud! AHH WOW some more, for Italian Rosso's share the Russell lion while Russells have a white goat (gold horns) in Crest to match the white goat head (gold horns) in the Doral Crest!!! Proof positive that the Doral boat was Designed by God to go into lake Rosseau. Freak-out. Russells were first found in DORset with GEORGE's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It never ends.

Another white goat head with gold horns is with Bus-like Bush's, and the Lorraine I met at the bus stop turned out to be a Jehovah's Witness = a Russellite. Lorraine's were kin of Gorsuch's, and I can trace Gormans ("ulTIMi") to Moray by the "Deum TIME" motto of a Moray Coat once shown at Gorhams use a "bello" motto term while Bellys were first found in Moray. Gorhams (not "Gorman") use fetterlocks, the symbol of the Morays no longer showing at houseofnames.

I lost a lot of money on that boat, so God had best make it all worthwhile with these writings. Don't worry, He will. Another point is that while Handels have the Moray Coat, Moray is beside Ross-shire, and Ross' have the Rosso / Russell lion in colors reversed. The Rose clan was beside Ross-shire, in Nairnshire, where Rattery-like Rats/RAIDs were first found, and then RADs share the six-pointed star of Jeepma's. That works, especially as Dero's/Ros' came to topic with the Rattery motto. I trace Ross' to the Varangian-RUS wife of king Andrew I, father of George, father of Drummonds. I trace VARANgians to the Varni people group (Mecklenburg), and so note that Varns have a Coat like that of Sarah's expected in the "sara" motto of Russells. Sarah variations are like the Sauers sharing the giant Russell / Rosso lion.

I kid you not, that while I was renovating the bathroom of the Jeep's previous owner -- with a FILIPino wife suggesting vote flipping -- there were two Filipino ladies living in the house with visas to work in a local coffee shop. I felt bad for the way they were living and asked if they'd like to go out in the boat. So I took it there one day. I didn't have the Jeep yet. I had made a deal with him to purchase the Jeep for $3,000, and in the meantime he contracted me to renovate the bathroom at $35 per hour. By the time I was done, it cost him $4,000, and so, you see, I got the Jeep as soon as the job was finished, and it involved the Doral boat and flip-like Filipinos. Later, I had the dream about the door handle. So, it seems that this dream too points to voter fraud now at issue in the news.

He is Mr. Desimone, from Benevento, and I came across Benevento above, where Aquila's were first found. I mentioned Aquila's as per their eagle in use by Segni's/Segurana's, and the latter, if we ignore the cross, have a near-copy of the Barrel Coat, and were first found in Genoa with Doria's!!! Bingo. Scottish Doors even have leopard FACES, and Fesse's/Face's -- who share the BATH cross -- are the ones with the Segni's in their motto. The BATHroom renovation. So, amazingly, God tailored the dream to fit his being from Benevento, amazing. I took Mr. Desimone and his Filipino wife out on the boat one time only, and it was at lake Rosseau. (There's no Boat surname coming up, but Bote's are listed with Butts/Boets, a Biden branch.)

Just so you know I'm not making up his Filipino wife, here's from my 2nd update of May, 2018: "The Jeep was purchased used from a landlord of the Italian Simon bloodline. He was from Benevento. I wonder if that was a Set-up too...It get's interesting where Italian [should be French, sorry] Simons were first found in Lorraine with Louis', whom I am to link to Phillips, and then the landlord above, Joseph by first name, married a FiliPINO i.e. from the Philippines. Hmm." OH WOW, I KID YOU NOT, that they had started an EGG business in the Philippines, and Eggs share the eagle (colors reversed) with Ice's/Ecke's, the latter sharing the Schittle/Schitner trefoil. Eggertons (Cheshire, same as Eggs) share the giant Rosso / Russell lion!!! Incredible. Ice's/Ecke's were first found at Rostock, on the Warnow river of the Varni, hee-hee, that's why you saw Russells above linking round-about to Varns. So, God went out of His way to get them to start an egg business just for this heraldry. What will this accomplish?

Ahh, I have been tracing the Edge variation of Eggs (GARDner colors) to the Adige river (lake GARDa) partly because it flows near Este while Este's share a white spread eagle with Eggs. The Este eagle is in both colors of the Aquila eagle!!! He was from Benevento, same as Aquila's, and he started an egg "factory"!!! Incredible. See also the Eggleton eagle, probably the Arms of L'Aquila eagle. He had been a welder by trade, and so it's interesting that Welders almost have the Handel Coat. The Welder Crest has Sidney Powell holding up the world, with chili on her forehead. I'm just giving you the beans. It's actually Chile.

He would tell me about his CHICKen operation run by his Filipino partners, which recalls that Cheeks/CHICKs have the Olden Coat in colors reversed while Oldenburg is where Jeepma's were first found. Plus, it just so happens that the crown in the Olden Crest is split in the colors of the split Shield of Eggs. Heh-heh. He had his own chickens on his own property too. Might FiliPINO be a pointer to poor Pino, whose urine symbol pointed to the urinal overflow in cheatsville Atlanta? It fits. Atlas' and Alleys even share the lion of Chicks. Eggs share the eagle of Gorsuch's.

Ahh, Egglestone's, with probably the Ice/Ecke eagle, have purple talons that can be of the purple lion of Flippins/Philipons, for Eggs and Eggertons were of the Masseys, a branch of Meschins who married purple-lion Skiptons. Just look at that, because it was found as per the egg factory in the Philippines (i.e. it wouldn't have been at topic if not for the EGGleston talons).

I assume that the dream said, "barrel-shaped," because the next scene had the drum barrel / trash can. I don't think I've deciphered the door HANDLE fully because I don't see why Handle's / Handels should apply to voter fraud. They were in Silesia with Schittle's/Schitners, yet there's got to be more to it, if I know by now how God works these things out. Ahh, the Handel stars are those of Billiards/Hilliards, in the colors of the Billiard/BILLET stars, and English Billets share the BALLOT/BELLOW Coat! AND ZIKERS, it was only while coming to the end of that last sentence that I recalled the Bellow-like Belows sharing the double-headed Jeepma / Dero/Ros eagle!!! ASTOUNDING!!! The Jeepma's even have the six-pointed Billiard/Billet star! I thought this was going to take months to finish up, and there it is in a flash. The door-handle scene was not decipherable until the ballot-fraud issue hit the news. Why does this election aftermath mean so much to God that He's done so much to point to it in so many ways?

Ah, perhaps for verification, or perhaps for more than that, the Ice's (black eagle) sharing the trefoil of Schittle's/Schitners were first found in Mecklenburg, beside Pomerania, the latter being where the first-known Belows were first found who have the Jeepma / Dero/Ros eagle (same colors, all three giant). Ice's were first at ROSTock, and Dero's/Ros' are also ROSETe's, in case that applies.

The Jeep is a GRAND Cherokee, and "GRANDescunt" is a motto term of COURTs/Coverts who in turn have a one-headed eagle in the colors of the Jeepma eagle. Cool, a pointer to the courts, apparently.

Jordan Sekulow is on right now telling that the supreme court has demanded from the four whore houses a response to the Texas case. So far, looking GREAT.

The Court/Covert eagle is, I think, the Doria eagle because the six pale bars of Courts/Coverts are in the colors of the six fessewise bars of Dora's/Dorado's (not "Doria"). If that's correct, and it sure looks correct, it goes to the Jeep's DOOR handle, super. These things from the door-handle scene were not decipherable until this election-fraud saga hit the news, and so look at how it's all come together suddenly.

LOOKIE: the fessewise bars of Dora's/Dorado's are COUNTERchanged (heraldic term), as are the fessewise bars of Barretts. The Counts/Conte's/COUNTERs are likely a branch of CUNTys in the "GrandesCUNT" motto term of Courts/Coverts. Cool. The Change's in "counterCHANGE" have the six fessewise bars of Dora's/Dorado's. That is just so cool. The fraud is because of the twisted COUNTing.

The Doria eagle is probably that of CANDi's/Candida's (Naples, near Benevento). The latter's eagle (gold talons) is a good matching with the Giuliani eagle (gold talons), and while the Giuliani Coat is a decent match with the Ice/Ecke Coat, the latter were first found in Pomerania with Cants. Ahh, Cantells/Cantilupe's share the giant Door / Doral lion. Dora's/Dorado's were first found in Venice with the Ferrari's sharing the giant Door / Doral Cantell lion. Este's were political partners of Ferrara.

Candi's/Candida's are also Candels, and then CANDELabra are used by Toensing-like Tonsings. The diGenova's can be linkable to Genova's Doria's. Joe diGenova and his wife, Victoria Toensing, have joined the Giuliani legal team against voter fraud, though I know not what the couple is doing. My guess is that the Genova's/Geneva's use the eagle wings of the Segni / Aquila / Este / Barr eagle. Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with the Kyle's using CANDLEsticks. Does this suggest that Barr will eventually get off his duff? I hope not, or Trump might keep him on for a second term just for him to go back to bed slippers and warm apple pie.

Cantells/Cantilupe's use what some (the Cuthberts and/or Maine's) call a dart, and while the Brock-Crest lion holds a dart, Brocks were first found in Essex with the Brooks who happen to share the Stick Coat. The Kyle candleSTICKs.

The pimps had a plan. They would get the wrong state officials (governors or secretaries of state) to change the voting rules, and they planned to implement this plot at the last hour. They were not worried about the fact that it's not governors or secretaries of state who can change election rules because they had secured the majority in the U.S. supreme court in case anyone challenged the new rules. But then Ginsburg died, to be replaced successfully and in-time by Coney-Barrett, and that, I think, is going to nail the pimps to their public posts of humiliation. Coney-Barrett came on so late in the game, the pimps didn't have time to get state legislatures to change the rules even if they were willing.

Larry and Laura

Good morning Wednesday. I awoke this morning with two jobs: 1) the Jeep's plow; 2) Larry Barret(t). As I've said, I use the Jeep to plow the driveway. In fact, I bought the Jeep for two reasons, both because it was a 4-wheel drive (the Safari isn't). I knew I'd need a plow when selling the excavator, and the roads are dangerous around here with two-wheel drive in winter. The plow sits on the Jeep right now, and WOW, I GET IT, Plows/Plough's are in the FARMer holding a plowshare (or ploughshare) "over his shoulder" in the Curtis/COURTis Coat!!! BANG! Curtis'/Courtis' and Plows/Plough's are in Court/Covert colors! God arranged the Jeep for me in order to point to the ballot-fraud court cases now underway, and the farmer suggests State Farm Arena.

It even seems that God arranged a "plowSHARE" because Share's were kin of CARRICKs who in turn share a dancette-fesse (different colors) with Plows and Courts. The Jeep's a Grand CHEROKEE, and we saw Grands in the Court/Covert motto. The other amazing thing is that, while I was still in bed thinking about the things I had to say about Larry Barret and his girl, Laura, and also about the plow that you've just read, the fact that my Jeep is a Grand Cherokee LAREDO was NOT on my mind. I now find French Laredo's (Picardy) listed with Lore's/Laurs/Laureys, amazing, because Scottish Laurie's (share laurel with Lorraine's) are also Larrys.

OH WOW, Laredo in Texas is on the Rio GRANDE river!!! OH WOW, I kid you not, that I bought my Mexican-clay tiles (for the house floor) cheap on the Mexican side of Laredo!!! I remember driving south from Uvalde through Crystal City, and that means the only border town possible on that route was Laredo, no mistake. I'll tell you in a minute as to why this is amazing.

The reason for my going back to Larry Barret was to ask why God put him in my life with such few things. We were not friends. We talked almost nothing together, but he was on my SCHOOL BUS, and besides his high-school girl being Laura, there's nothing more I can say about him but that he lived at the corner lot on the Gormley side road and Leslie avenue. I didn't have Laredo on my mind until after this writing started, and if one goes north on Leslie avenue, ones comes to Gorham. I sold TILES near the corner of Gorham and Leslie!!!

[A couple of hours after writing here, I was at my notes and saw "gorings share vito / saver annulet." It's the Tile/Tiller annulet in colors reversed. It recalls that VITO De Filippis was a farmer = tiller of the land.]

From the last update: "I ran a tile store at Gorham drive a few hundred feet from Leslie avenue. What could that be about? English Tile's were first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors, George's and Lorraine-pointed Babe's, but aside from that, I don't see that Tile's apply in any special way." Shocker! It's to be connected to Laredo Texas, but why?

From the thoughts while I was still in bed, I wanted to say that Bus' share the BALLOT/Bellow cinquefoil, while the Lorraine motto, "Lauro resurGO," is now a major pointer to judges on the supreme court. The SCHOOL surname is also Scalia-like "Scayle," and so I'm wondering why God might want to point to Scalia, since he's been dead since early 2016 (just in time for president Clinton). Were Scalia's killers in Laredo?

"Resurgo" goes to Gows/Gowans/McGoo's, to Gowers/Gore's, and to Gorham-like Gorsuch's who share the Lorraine bend-with-eagles. Just look at that, because Trump picked Gorsuch to replace Scalia. I had read that Trump wanted to pick Amy Coney BARRET as his second choice, but decided to hold off. Do you see why God put Larry Barret in my life on a school bus? French Laredo's/Laurs share the upright and black boar with Porcia's, and Porch's (Norfolk, same as Bus') share the giant Bus cinquefoil, looking like God's verification that He set us up in a bus. AND WOW, I didn't realize until a few seconds after writing the last sentence that Irish Barretts have 10 fessewise bars in the colors of the eight fessewise bars of Porch's (!), and both use the bars in the same counterchanged fashion!! INCREDIBLE PROOF that God caused my parent's to sell their home on Senator REESORS drive (Lorraine's use "RESURgo"), with a move to Gormley, in order for me to be on Larry Barret's bus some four months later! I even recall a man named, Lawrence/Laurence, who lived on our street in Gormley.

I can add that while Larry Barret was likely born, Lawrence/Laurence, the Lawrence's/Laurence's share a "ready" motto term with GORMley-like Gorhams. How about that. Gorhams were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs in the Gorsuch bend, and with Scalia-like Scale's. How about that. Just look at those "coincidences." It's compelling me to reason that the killer(s) of Scalia was involved at the Laredo area.

Scalia's use the ladder while Latters/Lawters have the fesse-with-crescents of Tile-linkable Tillers in colors reversed. I bought the floor tiles in Laredo! Incredible tilincidence. Gorhams use locks while Latters have the triple piles of Lahore's/LOCHers/Laughers in colors reversed. Locks and Lochs/Lokens use swans. Might "LAUGHER" betray that this was a LAURence branch? Laurence's and Gorhams love READys, who in turn share the white-on-blue swan with Spanish Laredo's (Were LaREDo's a Reed branch that eventually named Laurence's and similar others?). The latter share the fleur-de-lys of Flore's and Flora's. I bought my FLOOR tiles in Laredo!!! Give praise to God because He's doing something, and when He does it, He does it good. FLORence is where Scalia's were first found, and by now I'm hearing Scalia crying out from his grave for vengeance.

The Scalia ladder forms a pale bar in the colors of the Court/Covert pale bars (looks Arranged), and between the ladder's rungs (rectangular boxes) there may secretly be billets...which would point to the Ballot bloodline. The rectangles (I don't know whether they have an official name) between the Scalia rungs are in the colors of the billets filling the Nassau/Naso Coat, and then Italian Naso's (mill stones) were first found in Florence with Scalia's

I told of the day I carried a ladder on my shoulder from Church and Lorne (where I was living a year after being with Lorraine) to HUNT street (Richmond Hill), when I was moving to Hunt. I had to pass Lorraine's apartment at that time, near Lorne and Church. Her bus stop was at Lorne and Yonge. Scottish Yonge's/Youngs have three piles in the colors of the three piles of Laughers/Lochors i.e. kin of Latters. Aside from anything in this paragraph, I had suspected that the heraldic ladder was code for elements from LOTHARingia, which was also called, Lorraine.

What are the chances that Scottish Lauders/Letters share the "RepulluLAT" motto of Larrys/Laurie's??? The chances are good with Lauders/Letters were Lotheringia = Lorraine elements? The Lauder/Letter Coat is reflective of the Leto/Alitto Coat, and shares the Aliotta Coat. Why do you think that is? Was God making things happen, hundreds of years ago, just to point to today's supreme court issues? Just? Or is this super-important? If so, how so?

The Lauder location (near Lanarkshire) that formed Lauders/Letters might apply. Wikipedia's Lauder article can suggest that the Lawtie variation of Latters applies: "In the earliest sources Lauder appears as Lawedder and Loweder." The Arms of Lauder show the VIRGIN Mary with CHILD (= Lorraine kin), but don't be deceived because it's snake-code for the Virgin surname, for the Virgins (Kent, same as Gaunts) are in the so-called virgin in the Arms of Gaunt, and the Gaunt virgin comes with the same lion used by Lawters/Latterhans/Letterams. This is a new find right here. German Lauters/Lauts use the same lion.

God took away my vehicle when I was with Lorraine, I now figure, causing me to walk past her home with the extension ladder. I assume he wanted me to drive taxi when getting to Hunt, because a taxi dispatcher living there got me the job, which gave me a full-time vehicle. Hunts were first found in Shropshire, where Rothes' were said to be first found who use the Virgin / Lawter lion, I figure, because Rothes' are now said to have been first in Kent, with Virgins.

The Ready-beloved Swans/Sions were first found in Lanarkshire, and you can find a Lorne location in the Lanark/LURNach write-up. I kid you not, I almost missed this, but wanting to check on the spelling of "Lorne" above, I needed to load Lanarks, and there were cinquefoils (which I had forgotten about) in the colors of the Bus / Porch cinquefoils, no guff at all, folks. It seems that the Laredo Jeep was necessary to get us here because the Porch's came to topic with the black boar of Laredo's/Laurs.

I think I can explain, thanks to voter-fraud being the key ingredient to all this, why I got the Jeep from Mr. Desimone, for that surname has been traced well to Simon de Montfort, from Monforte smack beside Bra, and Bra always points to Coney Barrett because, at age nine, I was standing over a rabbit cage with at least one white rabbit (I had fed it) when reaching out to touch a bra hanging on a laundry line. Bra is in Cuneo, which term sounds like the Italian word for, "rabbit," and Coneys and Conns even use a coney rabbit.

As was said, my last event with Lorraine, while she was my girl, was her coming home with a grass stain/streak on the butt of her white pants, and this pointed to the Pansy/Pantzer surname because the Arms of Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine uses the pansy while Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with German Ducks. The Coney rabbit is said to hold a pansy, no kidding at all. If the German Duck fesses were in red, the Coat would almost be the Barrett / Porch Coat.

I have told of asking Laura on a date in Victoria Square while I was at my baseball game. She turned me down (maybe she was with Barret at the time?). Square's/Squirrels are very linkable to Share's in the Courtis plowshare, and while its a FARMer that has the plow, "ferme" is a Square/Squirrel motto term. Ferme's ("firme" likely for Firmens) are listed with Fairholms/PHARME's. It thus seems that God caused me to like Laura for a minute at Victoria Square, in order to point to State Farm Arena. I recall finding myself alone with her at some spot under the baseball bleachers, or beside them. It was a very short encounter.

The Ferme's/Fermo's happen to share the Lanark/Lurnach heart in a form that reflects the Gleason Coat, and Gleasons share the Glass stars while GlasGOW is right beside Lanarkshire. "Let" is a motto term of Glasgows, and Lets/Late's, with the Chief-Shield colors in reversed from the same of English Ducks (share VICTORIA stars!!!), share the stars of Tiens expected in the "Tiens ferme" motto of Square's/Squirrels. Scottish Ducks/Logans (pierced heart) were first found in Ayrshire (near Glasgow) with the Cords/McCOURTs who in turn have the same heart as Ducks/Logans. The latter have a "MAJORum" motto term while English Majors (share Chief/Shield colors of Lets/Late's) are the ones sharing the red greyhound head in Crest with STATE's/Stations. STATE FARM Arena! My moment with Laura at VICTORIA SQUARE is pointing to State Farm Arena! The baseball diamond was less than a mile from the FARM I worked at (a year earlier) of DOMINic De FILIPPis (pointer to Dominion vote flipping).

Ahh, French Majors, first found in Provence with Larins/LAURens (can we believe this?) even share the Farmer lion heads! Amazing. Larins/Laurens share the SCALE scallops!!! The Ducks/Logans have thus gotten us to a Scalia line while clicking with the Lorraine-related Gorsuch's. Lorraine's are shown also as Lorens. What are the chances that Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs sharing the Gorsuch / Lorraine eagles? That's right. And Finch's were first found in Hertfordshire too while I saw Lorraine at her Finch BUS STATION (clear pointer to State Farm Arena along with Ballots sharing Bus cinquefoil) a week or two after we split. Then, a couple of years later, when I was sitting with Paul Smith, who owned a red Jeep at the time, I saw her one last time when she walked three feet from us, carrying an infant CHILD. My Jeep is red too; I get it now as to why Paul had a red Jeep, to make a Lorraine link to Larry Barret, for one. Irish Smiths are also Gows i.e. the line expected in the Lorraine motto. Repeat; Ballots are listed with bellows while Belows share the JEEPma eagle. a

I don't think I've ever realized before that Lorraine's have beak-less eagles, as do Holdens (share red escutcheons with ALLERs). I can prove that Lorraine's have beakless eagles, which Holdens call, ALLERions, because Allers have a "Gloria" motto term while Glorys/Lowrys share the giant cup of Larrys/Laurie's/Lowrys (share laurel with Lorraine's). This is right down the Larry-Barret-and-Laura alley, and we got here from the Lorraine eagle, how amazing. Holden-like Oldens could have named Oldenburg, where Jeepma's were first found. That works.

The Allers -- first found in Westphalia with Pansys/Pantzer, right-on topic -- even have an "UMBRa" motto term while Umbers/Humbers share the triple fesses of Beaks (they are in the Arms of Podebrady), explaining the beak-less eagle. Beaks can be gleaned as kin of Babe's, and God pointed Lorraine to Babe's at the same time he gave her a Feet symbol. Babe's share the hand pointing to a sun with Bradys because Babe's were related to PodeBRADY, and about the time I was with Lorraine, I met LAURIE Brady (his obituary is online with a Florida address). The Feet/Fate Coat is three times in the Grimm Coat, and their martlets are colors reversed from the same of GORMLEYs/GRIMES'. Larry Barret lived in Gormley, and he points to Lorraine's.

One day, just as I was telling about Lorraine's beautiful feet, and while seeking Lawrence links to Lorraine's, I remarked that Lawrence Kepke and Lorraine both have "SUN-bright" blond hair. I didn't choose that phrase for any particular reason, but God must have breathed it through me because I looked up Blonds at that time to find them sharing a sun with Babe's, and to my shock, when looking up the Blond-Coat description (website no longer available to me), they have a "foot" in/on their sun!!!

BEHOLD. The killer here is that while I learned in this update, for the first time, that Blonds / Blundville's are of the Ceva-GRIMaldi family, we just saw Grimes' and Grimms. That's not quite the killer part, but we're getting there. We read above that the Ceva side of the Ceva-Grimaldi merger used the six pale bars of Blonds, but then there are six pale bars in those gold-black colors in the Clay chevron, and I floored my Texas home with Mexican-CLAY tiles from Laredo. Why would God want to point to Laredo at the Rio Grande?

As I see Ceva from the Cavii that named Caiaphas, note that Cristofaro Ceva-Grimaldi moved things to Naples, where one daughter married the Capua's, and another married the Capece's. His two other daughters married the Carafa's, whom at their Wikipedia page (triple chevrons, almost those of Scottish Drummonds), in combination with the Craff/Craft, Crave/Graves (Croatians?) and Cavett Coats, look like Drummonds, perfect because Drummonds were mothered from Podebrady, and from that line there was the Babe / Blond lines. Luis of Ceva was a daughter of George, and then George, father of Drummonds, probably married a woman in Podebrady. It therefore seems that George of Ceva was of the Drummonds; the latter were first found in Perthshire with Dure's and Cluns, both of whom share the Saluzzo Coat (Luis of Ceva was daughter of Alice of Saluzzo). English Graves'/Grieves' are split in the colors of the Cavett-like Capets. English Graves'/Grieves' were at MICKLEton, and Micks/Mikula's have the three fesses shown for the Carafa family at Wikipedia. German Michaels (i.e. like "Mikula") were first found in Bohemia with Podebrady. Note that Carafa-like Carvers are also Calvers, for a "calvary" symbol is used by Crystals.

I happened to drive through Crystal City that day, and God used Crystal City years earlier to point to ROCKfellers / Roach's in-part with cockROACHes in my Crystal-City motel room. The Clays (trefoils) are also Klees', and then German Klees', I now discover, share the ROCK trefoil (Fellers / Falls' use trefoils too). The Crystal surname has a "MENS CONScia" motto phrase that I can trace to Cons/Conns (share Coney Coat without the pansy). The rulers of Montferrat (near Monforte and Bra) in Coney-like Cuneo used a White shield having nothing but a red Chief, as you can see with the Mens' in "Mens CONScia."

Having said that, the bra on the laundry line was expected to point to Scalia's murder along with related factors touching upon John Podesta and John B. Poindexter of Texas. The Klees variation of Clays was found because one of my partners in a fence-post invention was Mr. Klees. His partner, who joined us in the post product, was Chuck, and Chucks are listed with the Suchs, first found in Lancashire with GorSUCH's. Trump chose Neil Gorsuch to replace the murdered Scalia, are you not impressed by this? I am, especially as this is new material thanks to the leads in this update to Laredo.

In the last update while approaching the Gorham / Gorsuch topic, I mentioned Sassy my cat that SUCKed her TAIL as an adult, and I showed why God arranged that thing pointing to Sassys/SAUCers, SUCHs Tails/Tailers and TILLers (share Tail/Tailer lion), you see, and I while I sold TILES at Gorham and Leslie, German Tile's are Tillers too. Therefore, it seems, this tends to clinch the link of Klees and Chuck to my purchase of tiles in Laredo. In fact, wow, this is incredible: I only-now found Suchers/Sackers, and their having a bull-head version of the Porci Coat. It was the French Laredo's/Laurs who share the black and upright boar with Porcia's! Incredible. I lost more money on that post invention than I did on my Doral boat, so God better make this all worthwhile. Don't worry, He will.

I mentioned a temporary tenant at my place last winter, a Mexican (still had accent) with a Lara surname, like the Lares variation of Spanish Laredo's. Lara's use pots filled with green snakes. I was able to trace Lara's to Lanarks. Scalia went hunting for the last time with a group of hunters from the International Order of Saint Hubertus; the owner of the hunting ranch, John B. Poindexter, the one who invited Scalia to the hunt that weekend, was in the inner circle of Hubertus along with its leader living in Mexico. It tends to explain why Scalia's body was taken to El-Paso for post-murder trickery (where they denied him an autopsy), another Mexican border Laredo.

I didn't load "Bleacher" to see if a surname would come up until hours after mentioning the baseball bleachers above. Bleachers share a vertically split Shield, with stemmed roses on its left side, with SCHARE's/SCHIRE's/SCHERE's/Scherfs (compare with Walkers), who are like the Square's/Squire's/Squirrels! Bingo, that's why I asked LAURA on a date under the bleachers in Victoria SQUARE, for while I've been claiming that the Nazi Scherff family birthed the first president Bush, English Bush's share the black boar with Laredo's/LAURs. That looks like God's verification that president Bush was indeed born George Herbert Scherff Jr.

In fact, the dream with the Jeep's door handle started with my RIDING a SHOPping cart down the hill of a paved road, and while Ridings/READings share black boars with Bush's, Shops (probably have the fesse of Share/Shire/Shere-branch Carricks) are listed with SHARlands/SHIRlands/SHERlands. I was instantly convinced by this that the Bush's were from the Nazi's, and that they installed their Nazi elements into the CIA.

The Reading variation of Ridings recalls the Readys in the LAURence and Gorham mottoes, perfect where the black-on-white boar is shared between Laredo's/LAURs and Ridings/Readings. Laurence's were from Yealand-REDmaine, and the Maine write-up may suggest that Maine's were kin of the Zouch variation of Suchs i.e. the latter were kin of GorSUCH's. Plus, Demaine's share the fleur-de-lys of Porci's while it's Porcia's who share the black and upright boar of Laredo's/Laurs. If we ask what in Maine the Maine's were from, we would ask the Porc-like Perche's who share the double fesses of Maine's, suggesting a union between something in Maine and the neighboring Perche hills. The "PROjeci" motto of Maine's suggest the Perich variation of PERO's/Perino's and Pierro's/Pero's.

As Maine is where Billiards/Billets were first found, the Ballot line, might Maine's be able to take us to English Billets, first found in Devon with Maine's, Page's and billet-using Supers? Note how the latter's Coat is much like the Faith/Faithful Coat, for Gorhams have the motto, "Ready and faithful." It's the Page's who are key here for pointing to voter fraud, for they share the chevron of English Lamberts, and have Lambert Page in their write-up. Then, French Lamberts have a two-chevron version of the Billiard/Billet Coat. And there we are, for Page's share the pheons of Maine's.

To prove that Page's were round-about Super king, Payens/Pagans (Dauphine, same as French Page's/LePage's and Lamberts) use SPUR rowells while Spurrs were first found in Devon with their Super branch (if you load "Lepage" instead of "Page," you get the ones first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes'). Wikipedia's article on Donna Brazile says that she descends from Braswells, and I think it's very interesting that Braswells share the double chevrons of French Lamberts while the bra on the laundry line pointed to Scalia.

God is Pointing to Scalia's Murder

I'm now going to go to my first kiss with Christine Peare to point both to Scalia and to Donna Brazile. There are two stories interwoven in Scalia pointers in this update, one pointing to his replacement by Gorsuch, and therefore to election fraud, and another to his murder four months before the murder of Seth Rich. Donna Brazile was chosen to lead the DNC (Democrat National Committee) in order to help hide the murder of Seth Rich. The people who killed Scalia may have killed Rich because they were both motivated by Clinton's re-election.

Peare and I went up the stairs = scala to kiss outside the La Paloma BAR. Italian Paloma's (Bari) have a dove in the colors of the English Page doves, while Spanish Paloma's have two pale bars in the colors of the one of Peare-like Pero's, and in the colors of the four pale bars of Dance's/DONNa's (Piedmont, same as Pero's). Spanish Paloma's throw in a pot between their two pale bars, while English Pots have two fesses in the colors of the Paloma pale bars (begs whether Pale's/Palys were a Paloma branch). That's great because Page's/LePage's have four fesses in the same colors. All in the family. The one Pero pale bar is colors reversed from the one pale bar formed by the Scalia ladder, and the ladder might have billets between the rungs. French Pots (in Bari-like Berry) have one fesse in the colors of the Scalia ladder; neither surname shows anything else.

So, we saw an inkling there that Donna Brazile might have known of, or even helped to plan, Scalia's murder. Braswells share the double chevrons of Billet-connectable Lamberts, the latter first found in Dauphine with Page's/Lepage's, the latter's four fesses being connectable to the four pale bars of Dance's/DONNA's. The Rich's are said to be from Lorraine, and it checks out as per RICHEZA of LOTHARingia (= Lorraine), because Rich's come up as "Richess." Lotharingia liners are suspect with the heraldic ladder. What are the chances" Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with Rodhams and Lease's, and then English Billiards, sharing the three stars of Braswell-connectable Lamberts, are also Hillary-like Hillards. Rodhams share the tree stump of Lauders/Letters. It looks like a pointer to Donna LEASE Brazile and Hillary RODHAM Clinton as plotters / directors of Scalia's murder.

Scalia was killed while hunting, and so let's go back to my carrying the ladder to Hunt street, for Hunt have a split Shield in the colors of the split-Shield of Yates' who in turn share the PORTcullis gate with Porters. Sally Yates (Obama appointed) took over the attorney-general job of LORETTa Lynch. she has a Laredo-like surname, and we saw that Scalia's murder seemed to be pointing to Laredo, Texas, or Laredo, Mexico. Did God send me Mr. Lara from Mexico to be a pointer to this thing? Lara's share the pot with Paloma's, and Spanish Lares' are listed with Laredo's.

Loretts/Laretts (Suffolk) don't show a Coat, drats, but Clare's, first found in Suffolk, named the Clarens/LARINs who share the double chevrons of LEASE's/Liss, what are the chances? French Larins/Laurens share the SCALE scallops, what are the chances??? It's a good time to start scratching your chin.

I kissed Miss Peare at La Paloma on the first night that LAWRENCE Kepke invited her out. He made the mistake of inviting me too, and I scrammed up the stairs with her when he left the table. He later reclaimed her with a lie, but, I think, God caused all that to take place because Lawrence's/Laurence's (at Redmaine) use a "ready" motto term while Readys share the Lares/Laredo swan.

The Page's/Lepage's put a lion over their four fesses in the colors of the Atlas / Alley lion, but I'm a far cry from proving a close Page-Alley link. But wait. I was playing the game of POTsies with my alleys when I had the miracle shot in answer to prayer. The POTSie-like Posts, first found in Hampshire with Potters, Ports and Porters/Pawters, look like they can apply because they (Posts) share the giant Alley lion. French Porters were even first found in Berry with Pots, and both have versions of one another's Coats, both looking connectable to Scalia's.

Someone needs to resurrect the death of Scalia and bring the murder suspects to the supreme court. They have the lucky rabbit already. I think one suspect is going to link to pointers from Lawrence Kepke in some way, because he was with Peare for a couple of years. He left her for Miss Walsh, and we saw Walsh's with the black Page / Maine pheon.

I was standing on a laundry platform with a white rabbit in the cage beneath my feet. I had to reach out as far as I could to touch that brilliant-white bra hanging there, which belonged to a cute young lady in the basement of the house. I can remember needing to stretch out my index finger while leaning as far as I could without falling, and, got it! She saw this through a window and came out to scold me, but, for a bored kid, it was worth it. The point is, I was essentially POINTing with my right finger, my right hand, the DEXTER hand with finger, and PoinDEXTERS, which can be read also as POINDexters, use a right hand in their Coat. It's not pointing because it's intended as a fist, code for the Fists/Fausts who use the same fist. Kepke was selling shoes, and so was I, when he met Miss Peare, when we were at La Paloma that night of the steal, and Shoe's use a lone star in the colors of the lone Poindexter star.

If you can believe it, Dexters show nothing but two chevrons in colors reversed from the nothing-but-two-chevrons of Brazile-line BRAswells. That's incredible if those things are mere coincidences rather than a set-up by God. If you're not quite convinced, check out the white rabbit of ESQUERs, a surname I found when reading that the Poindexter Crest as an ESQUIRE's helmet. It's looking pretty squirrelly to me because Squire's/Squirrels use a "Tiens" motto term while Tiens' (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's and Tennis') share the Peare chevron-with-stars, and Tennis' share the Peare and Parson leopard faces.

Recall Victoria Square, for Squire's are listed with Square's. Victoria square is where I asked Laura on a date, where I played organized baseball. I was the Center fielder, and one center Coat shares the Peare / Parsons leopard faces. There had to be a reason that I was the center fielder, right, if God set me up there with Laura. The other Centers are listed with Sanders, and Seth Rich was a Bernie-Sanders supporter. I'm very familiar with Fields, but I don't recall knowing Fielders (green cinquefoils, Gow/McGoo symbol) until now. They happen to share the quadrants of Faust-like Fasts for what looks like a pointer to Mr. Poindexter.

Well, it just so happens that I called a patent agent, Mrs. Parsons, and she got me a Canadian patent for my fence-post invention, afterwhich I took it to a fencing trade show in New Orleans, where Donna Brazile was born and raised. I called it, temporarily, the Pillar-POST. The Pillers (not "Pillar") essentially have the Christine Coat. She is Christine Peare.

I cannot believe what just came to mind, like lightning, no word of a lie either. I will never forget the pop fly I caught playing center field. I had to run back, back, looking over my shoulder for the ball's trajectory, running as fast as I can, then half-diving back at the last opportunity to get an extra foot or two of distance, and with the arm stretched as far as possible, into-the-glove it went with my body rolling over on the ground. I got up and showed the team the ball in the glove, yup, what a thrill. I kid you not, that pop fly was from the bat of Larry Barret!!! I remember that now. He was so disappointed, it was a home-run ball otherwise. I had totally forgotten that he was on one of the teams we played against, explaining Laura at that baseball diamond.

Plus, Batters/Betters show nothing but a chevron in the colors of the Pot fesse, the Porter bend, and the Scalia ladder. All four Coats have only one item each, all looking related, therefore. Larry BARRET. You can find online that Coney Barret had worked for Scalia. That's what this event must point to, because Larry has been pointing to the Texas-Mexico border, place of Scalia's murder. Again Larrys/Lawrie's share the motto of ladder-like Lauders, and Scalia's use a ladder. Larry was dating Laura, and Laurs are listed with Laredo's, is that not remarkable?

The Larry / Lauder motto, "RePULLulat." Pully is a location at LAUSanne, and Laus' are lister with Lauers/Laurers, no guff. Pully is near Morges while Morgans have a giant lion colors reversed from the Lorraine / Asti lion. Pullys/Pullens share the martlets of Voters/Gauthie's (Giuliani eagle, both with gold talons). In the Voter/Gauthie write-up we find: "The Gauthier of SAVIGnac family was granted..." Bra is right beside SAVIGliano, and the "sa vue" motto phrase of Voters/Gauthie's suggests the Save variation of Savage's. Langhe is partly in Cuneo, and partly in Asti, and then while there is evidence, in the pelican of German Langs, that Langs were Alans, because Stewarts use the pelican too, the Voters/Gauthie's (share Joseph martlets) happen to share the Alan fesse. Plus, Pellicans (Maine, same as Billiards/Billets and Josephs), are in the Pully/Pullen Crest. Billiards/Billets share the hexagram of Gauthie-like Goths/Gothels, but also of Jeepma's sharing the double-headed eagle of bellow-like Belows.

The Vue" motto term of Voters/Gauthie's suggests the Viu tributary of the Riparia. Lorraine pointed to Bra, partly because Lorraine's share the Asty lion, but it's also the lion of Riparia-like Rippers/Ripleys. There's a question here on whether "Gaut" came from the COTTians at the Riparia. It recalls the Goods/Guths/GUTs that Miss Peare's belly pointed to, for the other Guts are in the colors of the Tummy-like Tume's having tombstone's with Ripley-like "R.I.P." upon them. The Voter/Gauthie fesse is in the colors of the Pierro/PERO fesse. Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont, same as Dance's/Donnas' and the Riparia) share the pale bar of Dance's/Donnas', expected from king Donnus of the Cottians.

Goods/Guts have garbs often called sheaves of wheat. The Sheaves/Shaves surname is a branch of Chavez's, and Hugo Chavez is said to be behind the voter-fraud machinery. A former chief-of-staff (Nadeam Elshami) of Nancy Pelosi is said to have been a Dominion employee, and Pelosi's were first found in Savigliano, a place now linking to the Voter/Gauthie write-up! Zinger, it can thus appear that Peare's belly symbol, which she got while with me just weeks after our stair event pointed to Scalia, looks like yet another pointer to voter-fraud scandals.

I think I know what that catch on Barret's fly ball means. It took me a while to figure it out when looking over the Catch/Ketcher Coat (one of the double Braswell chevrons). It's linkable to the Kitchen/Ketchin surname that itself shares the water bouget of banisters. It goes to Sassy my cat because the lady whose banister I was stripping and refinishing gave me Sassy as a Kitchen-like Kitten. See the last update also the "Tea for the TILLERman" that I painted on a full kitchen wall. The TILURius river is also the CETINa, and Cetins/Cattans, who share the Saracen head with Sassys, share the cat with Catch's/Ketchers. Sassy sucked her TAIL, and Tillers share the Tail/Tailer lion. What do you see?

With the Tillers (Wales), I see the TILES I went to buy on the Mexican side of Laredo, the city that Larry Barret had pointed to ever since mentioning it. The fly-ball catch was from the bat of Barret, amazing, because I remembered this catch while in the midst of exposing God's evidence for the murder of Scalia, and Laredo was suspect with having something to do with it. German Tile's/Tillers have an arrow in the colors of the Don arrows, and while Don's use a "dona" motto term, they have double fesses in the colors of the double Braswell chevrons? How did that happen?

Plus, as was said, one of my partners in the Pillar-Post was Chuck, and Chucks are listed with Suchs. His partner was Mr. Klees, and he too came on-board the Pillar Post. Klees' are listed with Clays, and I went to buy clay tiles in Laredo! Only after they became partners (papers signed), to put in the finances, did I go alone to the trade show in New Orleans. It was a bomb. I wasn't introducing it properly to fencers. I was describing it as a no-dig, no-concrete wood fence post, but should have described it as a small-dig, no-concrete post. It would have gone better that way.

The ball went into the glove, and gauntlet gloves are used by Masci-line Maceys and Masci-related Fane's/VANs. The Glove surname is in VAUGHN colors and format, and Vaughns were first found in Shropshire with Coney-related Meschins, with Coney-connectable Savage's, and with the Slow-like Sallows while Slows share the Glove crescents. Glove's share the gold wing with Masci's. The Slow unicorn can be traced to Demonte's of Cuneo, and French Demonte's share the Maschi lion though looking related to Brunswicks...expected from Bruno's of Asti. Into the glove the BALL went, and English Balls were first found in Cheshire with Maceys, where Coney-related Meschins ruled.

I rolled over after catching the ball, which can be deemed a FLIP because I was diving back while running straight back i.e. it wasn't a sideways roll, but a flip. Does this indicate that Coney Barret will participate in giving Trump the victory for flipped votes? Flippins/Philipons share the purple lion with the Skiptons who married by Meschins, and Skipton-like Shiptons use "bellows" (fans) while Bellows are the Ballots (Cheshire, same as Balls). Poindexters, whom I think my touch-bra event pointed to, use a "LACESsit" motto term while purple-lion Lacys/Laces' had an English branch (purple fret-not) first found in Yorkshire with Skiptons. The early Lacy family is said to have had spoils in Asti-like Hastings, and while Asti is beside Savigliano, the six Lacy pellets are in the colors and format of the six Savage lions.

Texas is leading the first charge to the supreme court, though it's not suing for flipped votes, but rather for the illegality of mailed-in ballots. Ballots/Bellows and Mails were first found in Cheshire with the savage's expected in the Voter motto. Ballots/Bellows share the Bus cinquefoil, and Larry Barret was on my school bus. Schools are also SCAYLE's. It's more than remarkable.

The Paxton Law Suit

The attorney general of Texas, Mr. Paxton, is bringing the case to the top court, and Paxtons happen to have a blue eagle head in Crest, as do French Pots/PAUX's. That looks like a hit, exposing PAXtons as a Paux branch. Does my miracle marble shot in potsies point to this court case? [No, later in the week, the Paxton case was rejected by the court; see a new marble theory late in the update as it points to Sidney Powell]. In any case, Paxton-like PAStons could be a branch of, or a pointer to, the namers of El-Paso, where Scalia's body was taken before being flown to his family. Pastons happen to share the Child Coat having the Gorsuch eagles. Neil Gorsuch replaced Antonin Scalia.

As I said, Tony gave cute Andrea (all three of us 11 years old) a jewel for her birthday, but I gave her a board game and a Tarzan book (not as impressive). I don't think I saw Tony ever again after hearing that he gave her a jewel (I moved away about that time). It checks out because Jewels/Joels (now said to be first found in Devon with Flowers) use gillieFLOWERs while Italian Tonys/ANTONYs have a "flower" (no species mentioned in the description I saw). The Flowers happen to share the Potter cinquefoil, you see, but if Tony (probably born Antony) represented Antonin Scalia, I'd need more than just this to be convinced. What could a board game and a Tarzan book point to? Can Jewels point to "Giuliani." If the marble shot represents the supreme court in fraud cases now before, why point to a deceased Scalia? It's not making much sense. Or, will Paxton look into Scalia's murder? Fat chance.

As I said, Bill's father drove Bill and I to the store, for me to buy Andrea's gifts. Bills (probably the Roet Shield), who probably have a billet in Chief, were first found in Somerset with TARRs and Roets. Roets use a book, perfect evidence that God set up my giving her those gifts, but why should this be a pointer to Tarrs? Steve Tarr? He was traded to our team at my age 12 not long after the Tarzan book, and he was responsible for our winning the championship that year. Books/Boggs were first found in Berwickshire with PAXtons, and, zowie, you are not going to believe this: English Reeds use a "PAX" motto term, and Scottish Reeds use another book!!! WOW! WOW! WOW! If you don't believe this story, google "tarzan Andrea tribwatch" to see I've told it in the past. SUDDENLY, the Tarzan book to Andrea is pointing to Ken Paxton!

[Must be a big coincidence because the Paxton case wasn't even heard. If I ask why God would point to a nothing-burger Paxton case, it could explain why I felt embarrassed for giving Andrea a lousy board game and book when learning that Tony gave her a jewel(s). Might this mean that the law-suit goods will be delivered by Giuliani instead of Paxton? We are on-track for such a scenario. The Gillie's in the Jewel gillieflowers have a fitchee in the colors of the BIRTH/Bert fitchee, and the gifts were Andrea's birthday. Trashers have the fitchee in colors reversed. But if Tony's gift represents Giuliani's win at the supreme court, while my gift represents a nothing-burger court case, why was my miracle-marble shot against his? Maybe I'm just wasting your time with this, sorry. Or, the lashings that the court is already taking for refusing Paxton's case may cause the court to hear Giuliani's case whereas they were planning to refuse it. The three Trump-picked judges would like to see a Trump win, but they don't want their careers "tarnished" with what the left would portray (who cares what they say?) as a bogus/cheap ruling due to political bias.]

Andrea's surname is Fabian. She wasn't Italian nor French, so she must have been of English Fabians. They happen to use two flags in the style used for them by McLeods/CLOUDs, and then BIRTHs/Berts use a cloud in Crest. Andrea even came to my 11th BIRTHday party. Her birthday was after mine, later that summer, and so we moved away from that street suddenly after I got her the gifts. The McLeods were first found on SKYE and Lewis, and as was said, the miracle marble shot was across the street from the entry into Skye court. Achem, Skye COURT.

The interesting thing is that Births/Berts share the black hunting horn with Patch's who are said to be from the same "paecc" term as Pastons and Paxtons. That looks like the Pasi/Pace bloodline, they being the kin of Speers (Renfrewshire, same as PASleys) in the Roet boar heads. Roets share the tree with Woods (tree with roots) and Roots, and Bills use crossed "wood bills". That tends to verify that God chose Bill's father to drive me to get the book. Pasi's and Speers use crossed spears. Board-like BOARDers (Somerset, same as Roets, Bills and Tarrs) use cross swords. I got her a board game too. Game's are listed with Cams.

I'll come back to Roots, but first, the Pasleys, for they have the Pussy/POUSSIN Coat in colors reversed, and this topic, along with the poison-like Poissons, was suspect in Scalia's murder. The Pussys/Poussins have three fesses connectable to the three TRUMPets of Calls/Calles', the latter first found in Wiltshire, where Jewels were said to be first found for years until about this year. The SHOTs/Shute's (Wiltshire) have a Coat like that of Calls/Calles', and perhaps this plays to the marble SHOT. It's important here that the Calles-like chalice of Belows goes excellently with the Chalice surname with the "Bellot of Callouville" in the write-up of BALLOTs/Bellows (Oxfordshire, same as Pussys/Poussins).

Rudy Giuliani warrants a look at the Rudy Coat, which share's fretty (different colors) with chalice-using Belows and Thwaits. The latter two surnames use the fretty in the same colors while Thwaits are a branch of Irish Tute's/Tuits, and then English Tute's share the crescent-in-canton of Rudys. That's already remarkable, but we also have the "Tout" motto term of chalice-using Belows while English Tute's are also Touts.

Having said that, look at how the Jewel write-up gets us to a Tout-like term: "'This family derived probably from Juel or Judael de Mayennc, Baron of Totness and Barnstaple..." Then, as "Judael" is like the Jude/JUDGE/JUGE surname, by what coincidence is "TOTum" in the Jude/Judge motto? The Albins/Aubins of Barnstaple share the blue fitchee of Mea's/Meigh's who in turn share the boar heads of JUDDs/JUGGs. The Jude's/Judge's are in the colors and format of Raines' who in turn have a motto code for Judael-like Judicael of Rennes (near the first-known Judds/Juggs). This tends to cancel my theory that Jewels/Joels were Julian liners.

The Arms of DACHau (I always see this as a Nazi pointer) uses a sling SHOT, and the Tax's/DACHs share the crossed swords (different design showing) of Borders/BOARDers (Somerset, beside Wiltshire) while Shots/Shute's have swords in the same colors but positioned like the three trumpets. Might the board game with the help of Bill's father have been an allusion to Boarders (Somerset, same as Bills)?

Roots (Sidney colors) were first found in Kent with Sidneys, and the "Qua" motto term of Sidneys can thus be gleaned in the "QUAerere" of Roets (and Book-like Boughs). It looks like a pointer to Sidney Powell's ballot-fraud cases. In fact, along with a billet in Chief, Bills have pelican heads, and Pellicans were first found in Maine with Billiards/Billets. English Billets were first found in Devon with Maine's and Births/Berts (in Maine colors and format). Recall REDmaine (of the Lawrence's), for one Reed surname is also "Red."

The Apeman

It entered my head that maybe I should look up the Ape / Apeman surname as per Tarzan. After all, why would God use a book on Tarzan. No Apeman surname comes up, but Ape's/IMPs/Amps share the Nemo and Seaton/SITTen crescents while Poindexters have an "NEMO me IMPune lacesSIT" motto. Amazing coincidences. Why might God point Tarzan to John B. Poindexter, suspect in the murder of judge Scalia?

Kens have the Ape/Imp crescents in colors reversed. If Kens were Caens/Cans, note that Caen is near Tracy while Tracys are also Tarzan-like Trasse's. Trashers share the Seaton/Sitten dragon, we can assume. Kens were first found partially in Somerset with Tarrs/Tarres', Trashers/TRESURE's and BORDERS/Boarders (= the board game to Andrea), and partially in Devon with a Seaton location. Seatons use a double-TRESSURe BORDER, and, again, the Seaton crescents are also the Ape crescents!!!!! You never saw anything so amazing. Tarzan the apeman has just pointed to Trashers/Tresure's. Seaton is in Devon with the first-known Trace's/Trasse's.

Nemo's use a "not" motto term while Lacys/LACES", expected in "LACESsit," use a "fret-KNOT." "NOTHing" is a motto term of Sutys sharing a Seaton/Sitten motto term. Sutys are said to be from Sideys, yet Sideys are listed with Side's. Tarzan swings on vines while Vine's share the tiger in Crest with Side's. Medleys, with another tiger in Crest, were first found in Sussex with Ape's/Imps. Nothings/Northens (share green dragon with Seatons/Sittens) are in Knot/Nott colors and format, and Knots/Notts were first found in Derbyshire while the three Derby garbs (or sheaves) are colors reversed from the same of Vine's. Cool stuff. The bendy of Italian Andrea's is like the triple bends of Merits suspect in the "Meritas" motto term of Irish Lacys/Laces', how cool is that?

"MeriTAS" looks like part-code for Trash- / Trasse-like Tass'/Tashe's (Suffolk, same as Tigers) who happen to share the Nemo cinquefoil, but, also, Tass'/Tashe's share a red scallop with Jane's/Jeans. Tarzan and Jane? Jane's/Jeans (Worcestershire, same as Alleys!) have the giant Alley lion in colors reversed (!!!), what are the chances? AND WOW, just realized: Alleys and Atlas' are said to be from Lee's, and then LICE's/Lees', who share the black leopard face with the Crest of Ape's/Imps (!!!), can be in the "LICitis" motto term of trash-can Caens/Cans!!! INCREDIBLE. Andrea lived on SHOREham drive (Toronto), and Shore's share the Caen motto!!! It seems that Poindexters are central to all of these links; the links couldn't have happened without the Poindexter motto, and I think this is huge for a pointer to Scalia's murder.

Shore's and Caens use "PERImus LiciTIS," and Tiss/Teece's are expected from the Ticino's PERO's, explaining why Caens have the Peare leopard face.

As Hillarys were first found in Worcestershire with Alleys, I'm compelled to add that TARves' share the six fitchees, in the same manner, as Hillarys and Clintons. Hillarys were first found in the same place as Hills, and while Halls are in the latter's write-up, let's add that the miracle alley shot was on Hullmar drive. Halls (share Hull Coat roughly) are also Hole's (share Holly dog), like the Hollys in the holly of the Shore Coat. Andrea lived one block (maybe five homes) from Hullmar on Shoreham. I gave her a hug once at the corner of Hullmar and Shoreham, and this could be a pointer to embrace-like Brace's/Bras' because they are in the colors and format of Hollys. That works very well, and helps to assure that my embrace of the woman on Epstein's beach is a pointer to Brace's/Bras'. Beach's almost have the Bracebridge Shield. A beach is on a SHORE!!! ZIKERS! This is an invaluable find, I hope I can remember it all. The Hollys/Cullens share the mermaid with hug-like Hugo's. This has got to be why I hugged Andrea and Shoreham and Hullmar. The car on the beach is pointing to things-Bra too.

Perhaps the marble pot, just a little HOLE in the ground, is to be a pointer to Hole's/Halls / Hulls, for they have three dog heads in the colors and format of the Prays. I didn't pray as a kid. I barely ever thought about God. But totally out of character, I prayed like a serious prayer for that marble shot. I don't even remember thanking God for it, just being amazed. It didn't work on the next shot, but I did try to pray again. Sorry, God's power isn't available for our every whim.

Hmm, the only other kid I can remember who played marbles at Hullmar with me is Jacky (he lived on Hullmar too, directly across the street from Bill). I never knew his last name. Scottish Jacks happen to use holly, and then Dutch Hole's/Halls, I kid you not, share triple-red chevrons with Eppsteins while Maxwells use more holly (i.e. Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein's partner). Dutch Hole's/Halls also share the Poindexter star. Hmm. How many things can the marbles point to? There are three blue stars at the tips of the three Hole/Hall chevrons, and then Paxtons, whom were already pointed to by the alleys, likewise have three blue stars at the tips of (two) chevrons. I wonder, as Ken Paxton is the Texas attorney general, will he look at Scalia's Texas murder? "Pax" is a motto of English Dominics while the horizontally-split Shield of French Dominics is colors reversed from the same of German Hole's/Halls.

If we think that Scalia has nothing to do with Epstein, not so fast, and keep in mind that Bill Barr is the trash can. Beach's were first found in Hertfordshire with Scale's who in turn share the Apps'/EPPS scallops. It's also where Bash's were first found, and a Mr. Bash, lawyer/prosecutor, until recently in charge of the DoJ's District of West Texas, once worked for Scalia. Bash's have a version of the News/Nuces Coat while Nuse's/Newes, first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's and Scale's, pointed to Epstein's noose.

Beach's speak on Gosfrid le Beche (or "Bec) holding the villages of ALDENham and Langley, and we saw why Lorraine's pointer to Langleys was to Langhe at Bra. Lorraine grass stain (suspect in a sexual event) also pointed to Barrs. Alden-like Altens (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's) are listed with Daltons!!! Bill Barr's father was the principal of a Dalton school when Epstein was hired there. Irish Daltons even share the giant Alley / Atlas lion. I've been over the fact before that Altens/Daltons use Robin HOOD to go with the woman at the hood on Epstein's island (1979 dream).

Was Epstein involved with neo-Fabian secret societies? The bra event pointed to the Council on Foreign Relations, but there is also a globalist Atlantic Council that corrupt Democrats have been engaged with, that the Atlas surname can point to. "The Atlantic Council is a nonpartisan organization that galvanizes US global leadership and engagement in partnership with allies and partners." Just like any typical end-time advertisement, that's in benign colors to cover the satanism behind it. Hi. I'm satan, your friend. "The Atlantic Council creates a meeting place for heads of state, military leaders, and international leaders from both sides of the Atlantic." I'm sure it's all about love for the world, right, total, selfless charity, right? Oh, yeah, they expend their time on their time off because they have deep cravings to help the unfortunate ones of the far-off world. Right?

Perhaps Alleys point to corrupt globalism while Marble's point to something else.

Aldens/Eldens/Oldens might be a branch of Elders with a "Duce" motto term for Bar-le-Duc liners. Eltons (Cheshire, beside Longfords of Derbyshire) share the six pale bars of Langley-linkable Longfords, and while Lorraine's bus stop was involved with the pointer to Langleys, Eltons use "ArtiBUS," almost the Astibus location of Paeonians. Artois-related Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with Paeonian Stops/Stubbs. The Elton fesse and Crest, along with its "ARMis" motto term, looks linkable to arm-using Brace's/Bras'. The latter were first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels. This is all a very good bra-event pointer to Bill Barr with the Langley CIA looking applicable.

Langfords share the six pale bars of Irish Prays, and I prayed for the miracle shot. Prays might just be a branch of Bra-line Brays for a pointer to Coney Barret, who worked for Scalia. In fact, just realized: I flicked the marble, and Flicks are also Flags, like the "flax breaker" of Brays! Brays use legs perhaps for Leggs using a version of the Trump Coat.

Scottish and English Langs (reflective of the Coney Coat) look like Potter kin, and while the alley pot is a hole too, Hole's/Halls are in the colors and format of Prays/Praters (share the Pratt wolf head). Amys share black bear heads with Langdons/Landons and Berwicks / Barwicks, and Scottish Langs (letters) were first found in Berwickshire with Letters/Lauders, perhaps the surname behind the Scalia ladder. Langtons, with the Lolita-connectable motto, share the triple Eppstein chevrons in both colors. Langtons were in first in LINColnshire, and then there's LinkLETTERs of organ-like Orkney. "Organ pipes" are used my Lets/Late's suspect in the Letter/Lauder motto.

I might add that Jeans/Jane's appeared on Epstein's island. The thing convincing that I was on his island was my being in the blue water to start that segment of the dream off. Waters, who are in the water of Italian Tonys, share the EPPStein Coat. Tony is the one whose alley I struck in a fat-chance shot, and Apps'/EPPs' share the lozenges of Schools/SCAYLE's. We just saw Daltons (green dragon) with the Alley lion, amazing; and English Tonys share the sleeve of Asti-like Hastings. Again, Bill Barr's father was the principal of a school when Epstein was hired there as a teacher, and lookie: Teach's/Teachers are listed with Tass'/Tashe's!!! (That snuck up on me, I wasn't planning it from the time that Tass' were mentioned above.). As I walked out of the water onto a beach, I saw myself (as an on-looker) with no shirt on, just jeans.

If we view "Eppstien" as an Epps-Tein combo, it's interesting that Teins (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons) have a good reflection of the Teach/Tass Coat, in Tea/Tease/Tyes colors. The latter are from the Ticino/Tesson river, where Peare-like Pierro's/Pero's were first found while Teins are obvious kin of Peare's.

It's even possible that the Ape variation of Imps/Amps can reveal connection to Apps'/Epps', for Medleys (same place as Ape's/Imps) can be expected to have named the Medlicott location of Motleys who in turn share the Alley / Atlas lion. Atlas' were first found in Kent with Motley Hill (see Scottish Motley write-up). Motley Hill is in Rainham, probably explaining why Raines' share the lion of Rothes' (Kent, but previously said to be first found in Shropshire, with Medlicott above). As Sidneys were first found in Kent too, by what coincidence do Rainhams/Ranghams share the Flynn Chief?! This deserves some investigation. I even told why the Flynn Chief should be that of Trebys (because Flynns trace to the Trebia river), and Trebys latter share the Raines / Rothes lion.

Immediately after seeing myself in jeans upon that beach, I saw a woman in the distance walking in front of the hood of a car. Hoods were at Rattery of Devon, where Trebys and Supers were first found, and Rainhams/Ranghams have a "SUPERata" motto term that can be read as "supeRATa" too because Ratterys have a "Super" motto term! Zinger, this puts the Sidney-Powell legal case for Flynn at the hood of the car, making Flynn's persecution look like it's from the Epstein-circle rats. I tell you, Bill Barr wanted to prosecute Flynn, as his gift to Mueller, but had to give up when evidence was coughed up to show that the case was a sham.

Meullers (not "Mueller") use "a pair of snips" (in Sidney colors) while Snipe's (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons) have a portcullis-version of the Clinton Coat. It's well established that the Clinton crime ring was partnered with Epstein. Portcullis-using Porters share bells with EXeter's (Devon) suspect in the "EX superata" motto phrase of Rainhams/Ranghams. A bell is used by Ringers (Suffolk, same as Medleys) while Rings come up as Rangs. Ringers were first found in the same place as Ape's/Imps, and the three Ringer fleur-de-lys are colors reversed from the three of English Fabians.

Next, in just following the flow, I see that Fabians share the red and engrailed border, on white Shield, with English Scotts (Kent, same as Motley Hill of Rainham), and while I trace Scotts to lake Scodra by Bar, the Scotts share the black Catherine wheel (of Catherine Roet) with German Muellers. Amazing, for the other Scotts share the Terras Coat!!! Roets have the book as per my Tarzan book to Andrea Fabian. C'mon Jane, let's And Roet-branch Roots (Kent again, Sidney colors) are kin of Woods in turn sharing the Rattery fitchees. They all love trees like Tarzan does. Roots (share Bagley Coat) look connectable to Bagley Woods in Shropshire, location of Medlicott of the Motleys.

[Insert -- A day or two after writing here, it occurred to me that the Scouts variation of Scotts is like "SCOTUS" (Supreme Court of the United States). I wouldn't have had any reason to mention it had not the Tarrs been Terras-like Tarres' too, for the goal I scored on Steve Tarr's slap shot was pointing to election-fraud law suits...assumed to go all the way up to the supreme court. This new point finally makes sense of the reason for Tarr as part of the goal. Until now, I didn't really have a good reason. In the meantime, this potential, indirect Tarras link to Fabians explains the Tarzan book.

She lived at the corner of Shoreham and Bamford (map), and while Fabians were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/BIDENs, the latter show nothing but a red-on-white fesse in their Shield, ditto with English Bamfords. The courts cases involve Joe Biden. Coincidence? The other end of Bamford is two or three houses from the miracle-marble shot. To help establish the BAMford-BUTTon link, the Baums share the fesse black horse head of English BUTTs/Bute's while German of Butts/Bute's share the Bamford and Button fesse. Plus, the same Baums have a bend in the colors of the Scouts / Terras bend.

Note that Tarr's slap shot didn't go into the net. Close but no cigar. Does this mean that the SCOTUS won't deliver for Trump, at least not until something else happens to tip home the victory? The Tippins (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs) share the Ratcliff bull head. If John Ratcliffe steps in to unveil Biden complicity with Chinese military, Trump will have the moral right to pose martial law on the Biden team, denying it the White House. It might not be pretty, but the alternative is to hand the country to a traitorous team. End insert]

After seeing the woman at the hood, she was suddenly HOVERing over the SEATs, begging whether that's a symbol of the Seatons sharing the Ape/Imp crescent. As it happens, the black leopard face is shared between Ape's/Imps and Hovers!!! NEW RIGHT HERE. As Ape's are also Amps, perhaps the Lame's/L'Amys apply who use a crozier, for Crozzier's/Crozets share the Warren Coat while Ada of Warenne is to the Ade's/Aids sharing the black leopard face.

Loookie. Lame's/L'AMYs share a sideways crozier with BRACEbridge's and then the hovering woman (Miss HICKS) came into my arms emBRACEd as we rose together into the sky (recalls the miracle-alley shot at SKYE COURT). Brace's/Bras' look like Bra liners, and while Brae's/Brays share black eagle legs with Hixons/Hicksons, AMY Coney Barret is pointed to by Bra!!! So, the waking of Miss Hicks, and our rising in some victory scene, looks like a pointer to Amy Coney Barret, especially as Hover-like Hoovers, and Hood-like Hooters, likewise use bird legs.

I've been unsure recently what type legs Hixons use, but here's from my 4th update of November, 2012: "The Eagle Crest is a 'A lion's paw grasping an eagle's leg,' and it just so happens that the Hixon/Hicksons use 'two crossed eagles legs.' The six Eagle lions are in the pattern, and colors reversed from, the six lions of Savage's (another lion paw), and Savage's are expected at Savigliano, beside Bra. That works. Tarzan is a savage in the woods, and Woods (leg-line Leicestershire) use a savage. The Shore / Caen motto looks partly for Lice's/LEES', and Savage's were first found in Cheshire with Leghs/Lighs/LEE's. Ligurians were at Savigliano.

Brae's/Brays were first found in NorthAMPton, and the Amp variation of Ape's (Sussex, beside Hampshire) probably suggests the namers of HAMPshire / Ampton, beside Somerset. Ape's/Amps were even first found in Sussex with Paxton-like Packs who have an anchor-version of the Roet Chief, and Roets (Somerset) are the Bill-related ones with the book!!! French Packs share the tree with Roets. Polish Packs, linkable to Brocuffs/PROKOPPs (Poland theater), share the fleur-de-lys of Ringers who came up with Rings/RANGs, and Michael I RANGabe was husband to Prokopia.

Repeat from when the Teachers/Tass'/Tashe's were come across as per Epstein's teaching job: "Shore's and Caens use "PERImus liciTIS," and Tiss/Teece's are expected from the Ticino's PERo's, explaining why Caens have the Peare leopard face." Tiss'/Teece's were first found in HAMPshire, and my being without a shirt on Epstein's island can be a trace both to Jeans/Jane's and the Shirt ("HosTIS") sharing the Tiss/Teece chevron. Shore's were at Michael-linkable MickleOVER, and Hover-like Overs were first found in Cheshire with Shirts.

I lived beside Rick and Jane once, and while Ricks were definitely from Rijeka/Rika, that's TARSatica. Now I know why it was important to trace Maxwells to Rijeka's double-headed eagle, which is pouring WATER out from a container. Waters share the Eppstein Coat, and Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein's partner in crime. Ricks share the Dalton fesse, and repeat: Bill Barr's father was the principal of a Dalton school when Epstein was hired there. Ricks (Somerset, same as Trashers) trace to Rijeka (Croatia, named by KRVati) thanks to Croatian-line CRAVens who in turn share the Trasher fitchee.

The Rijeka eagle (stands on what could be an island) may be pouring water from the Ginsburg container (vases?). Amy Coney Barrett replaced judge Ginsburg, a spiritual slob of a woman. Gins, with a "LICEt" motto term suggesting Lice's/Lees', are in Coney colors and near-format. Trash-can Caens/Cans use "LICitis.

Croatians are KRVATi in their land, and: "The name ["cravat" = tie] stems from Croatian mercenaries. ... Over time, the cravat - a wider piece of cloth, more resembling a shawl..." It's interesting that English Tie's/Die's/Dye's were first found in Yorkshire with Craven. It could be that Die liners bumped into Croatians to form a Tie variation. Tie's/Die's even have a version of the Medley / Methley Coats, and Methleys were first found in Yorkshire too. Tie's/Die's are said to have been near Wakefield, and Wakefields share the split Shield of TARves' who in-turn have the six fitchees of Clintons and Hillarys.

Bill Barr the Bushite Mole

Okay, so let's assume that the Tarzan book points to Trashers (but not to Steve Tarr), who pointed to Bill Barr's ineffectiveness / irresponsibility / indifference / evil. Why should my gifting Andrea point to that? I did buy the book with Bill. How is Bill Barr like Tarzan? The only thing they have in common is underwear. If my gift to Andrea represented the failed court case of Texas, note that Barr did a very suspicious thing when he publicly announced no wide-spread fraud. Per chance, do the three Trump picks on the top court know that Barr belongs to their Bushite as to take the hint from Barr that his leader, their leaders (for lack of a better term), don't want a Trump win?

Italian Andrea's are Dreas'/Drei's too while Drays/Drees'/Drei's use DUCKs for a pointer to Bar-le-Duc, apparently. The five ducks are in the colors of the five birds (falcons, I think) of French Saffers, for what that might be worth. Ahh, English Falcons are in the colors and format of share English Drays/Drie's/Drys (and French Pigeons). It recalls how the Paloma's (Page-linkable) linked to Pots/Paux's and Scalia's, and so let's add that French Page's are also Pigeon-like Pageons. The earliest English Pigeon was at Norfolk, where English Drays/Drie's were first found, perdy good stuff.

Amptons are linkable to Lords/Lauds in the Glasgow motto, and while Paisley is at/beside Glasgow, Paisleys/Pasleys share the Pack anchor, suggesting that Packs are a Pasi/Pace > Pasley bloodline. The Ports and Packs look linkable to the Chief of Josephs and Caplans (both in Hampshire), and then Josephs share the double-gold chevrons of Chaplains, which are on the neck of the Paxton-Crest eagle. Glass' share the fleur-de-lys of Polish Packs, I gather.

Packs have a version of the Port Chief, and Ports (Pot kin) were first found in Hampshire with the Potters sharing the Flower cinquefoil. Italian Tonys and Joels/Jewels both use flowers. Sussex is the location of Hastings, and Hastings share the Tony sleeve. Dover is beside Hastings, and Dovers have the giant Flower cinquefoil in colors reversed. Hasting-like Asty share the lion of Trace-like Tracks/Tricks. The TRACHeitis river at Cetis is near the Taurus mountains that named TARSus, and things from this Tyrian entity may have named Tarsatica. Tracks/Tricks and/or Drigs use darts for Dardanians, named after DarDANia, suspect from proto-Danaans at Adana, at Tarsus.

Here's the start of the kicker: Dovers (share green dragon with Trashers) and German Barrs share the hunting horn on green, and then Dover-like Dowers are listed with Doors, suspect from the Daorsi/Daversi. Davers share the Ken chevron. Bill Barr missing in action was pointed to by the DOOR handle missing a barrel-shaped part, and that scene was followed immediately by the trash-can scene! Zikers, but, for the life of me, I can't understand why the Tarzan book, or a gift to Andrea Fabian, would point to Bill Barr the traitorous do-nothing. Daorsi operated as far south as Bar (Adriatic coast west of lake Scodra). Daver-like Davie's share the French Bucket cinquefoils, and the trash can tripled as a bucket. English Buckets come up as Puckets.

"Fabian" refers to socialism too. Suppose, therefore, that because Bill came to buy Andrea's gifts with me, this was a picture of Bill Barr gifting the socialists at this time, with the tarzan book having the main purpose of pointing to Trashers. It can explain, as I've told multiple times, why I throw a tomato at a window while with Bill in his backyard. It was my last night on that street, the movers were filling the moving van, and I just up and took a tomato from her mother's garden, and, out of character for me, whipped it at a neighbor's window. That was really weird when I think of it, but could it describe the riots we've been seeing, and may yet see? I did in fact point the flaming trash can to the riots, and I did blame it on Bill Barr's do-nothing.

For new readers, I was holding a container in my hands immediately after complaining about the door handle having a missing barrel-shaped part. The container did work out, heraldry-wise, as a drum barrel in a pointer to Drummonds (their "Gang" motto term is how it pointed to Buckets, sharing the Gang cinquefoils). But it was also a trash can as per Tracys/Trasse's at Caen. The container dropped out of my hands when I was up high, landed on its open rim, and the rim caught flames all around, I had to JUMP down, yell "fire," and smother the flames with sand. Jumps share the Trump stag head, and Trump is responsible for Barr. Trump's Barr's boss. I deciphered the scene, rightly or wrongly, as the riots from antifa GANGs.

Of further interest is that Bags (Norfolk, same as Gangs) have the Gang cinquefoils in colors reversed, and then Bags share the lozengy Shield of Italian Fabians. It could once again suggest that Andrea Fabian is code for socialists. Baggets share the motto of Shake's, and the latter came up curiously as "Seve," which term was loaded when reading at the Ceva-Grimaldi article that Ceva's became Seva's too. It just so happens that Grimaldi's share the Bag / Fabian Shield. I assume, therefore, that the Ceva-Grimaldi family merged with Shake's, especially as the Bagget motto indicates that Baggets were a Bag branch.

Bagleys, first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, share the lozenges of Wood-related Roots while Woods share the fitchees of Favers/Fabre's having the Trump stag. In this picture, the sleeping bag (in the sleeping-bag dream) can indicate Bill Barr asleep at the wheel, for Sleeps are from the Selepitanoi smack at Bar (near lake Scodra). In fact, it was Miss Hicks asleep in a car (1979 dream) that taught me the Selepitanoi-line to Sleeps, for when I touched her knee/leg, she awoke, and we together started RISING into the sky. Rhizon (north of lake Scodra) may have had Selepitanoi, but the point here is that Rhizon is beside Kotor, where Saraca's lived who were in the shark at the start of that 1979 dream. Sharks were first found in Tyrone, and Baggets share the Tyrone Coat.

The fact that Knee's share the red phoenix with the Mole's can indicate that Bill Barr is a Bushite mole in the Trump camp. For Shake's/Seve's use mole hills, and the sleeping bag was found on a hill in the woods = a bush. Andrea Fabian lived on SHOREham drive (google it with "tribwatch shoreham" if you don't believe me), and Shore's (share Caen/Can motto) can be of the Shops/Shorlands/Sharlands/Shirlands i.e. the Scherff bloodline. Shore's happen to share holly with English Buckets, and while the father of bill Barr probably had some authority in hiring Jeffrey Epstein as a teacher of a kid's school, Maxwells use a "holly BUSH." Reminder: Bill Barr was the attorney general for president George Herbert Scherff-Bush.

The sleeping bag in the dream was circled by David Morley on his motorbike; he looked like a World-War-2 Nazi cop to me. David Morley pointed in two ways to the Aids/Ade's, traceable to Ada of Warenne, wife of Henry Huntingdon (descended from king David I). And so see the Mole write-up's Molesworth in Huntingdon. Worths share the eagle of Maxwell eagle suggesting that Bill Barr favors Ghislaine Maxwell too. Recall that the Nuse/Newes surname points to Jeffrey Epstein's noose, for Mole's use "foeNUS." I trace Maxwells and Roxburghs to Rijeka/Rika, anciently TARSatica, the possible proto-Trasher.

Plus, the "fuNERA" motto term of Mole's can indicate the Naro river, home of Door-like Daorsi! It's perfect because Mole's share the three stars of Handle's /Handels!!! The door handle with Barr missing is thus indicating that Barr is a mole, a spy in the Trump camp!!!

The daughter (Isabel) of Eschyna de Molle married the second Pollock, Robert, brother of Peter, and the latter built Rothes castle at Moray while Morays share the Handle / Handel Coat exactly. The Mole's have it too, but throw in the boar of Googe's/Gouch's (Roxburghshire, same as Mole's and Maxwells), and Googe's might be of the Gegg/Gigg variations of Bag-related Gangs. Suddenly, for the first time ever that I recall, the sleeping bag is Bill Barr. It recalls Mamie in the back of a covered truck with BARRY, the night I slept in her sleeping bag (Selepitanoi at Bar).

As was said, she may have been putting on her BRA at the time, I can't be sure, or perhaps God made it appear that way as a Barr pointer to Bra. I arrived to the Camp site, asking where Barry was, and someone promptly opened the HATCH of a pick-up truck's COVER, and there he was in with Mamie. She was facing me, with her back at the very back of the truck's cover, and she was in the process of putting a piece of clothing on over her head. It was too dark for me to see whether she was down to her bra, or bare breasted, or in a bathing suit, but I think this rates for a pointer to Bra, for it's beside the Bruno's of Asti while HATCH's share the BRUNswick Coat. Reminder, as per Brunswick-LUNEburg, Lyons/Lune's share a giant, green lion with Astys (Lanarkshire, near Barrs of Ayrshire).

I came across Packets/Pagetts when finding the Buckets above as "Pucket." The Packet/Pagett Coat is a good reflection of the Peterson Coat, and while my touch-bra event was at the Peterson residence, Peters, from Peter Pollock, share the swan with Petersons. Plus, while Peter built Rothes castle, that's why Petersons share the Rothes lion head. As Mrs. Cooney (founder of Sesame Street) married Peter Peterson, former director of the secretive Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), I figured that God was pointing my touch-bra event to that picture. But, now, I think the bra is Bill Barr himself, I wonder how he connects to CFR (globalist pigs).

It just so happens that Packets/Pagetts use a "CONtrario" motto term to indicate Coneys / Conns, the surname with the white rabbit pointing to the touch-bra event. Remember, Bill Barr is in the trash-can BUCKET, and English Buckets are also Puckets. "CONTrario" might be code more specifically for Conte's sharing the Cone antlers. Italian Conti's share the Peter lion, and Ottone VisCONTI is suspect from Ottone's having a version of the Puck Coat, I poked the PUCK into the net from Steve Tarr's slap shot, and Poke's are listed with Pollocks, who lived at Paisley, and as Paisleys share the PACK anchor, it tends to explain why Packets/Paggets have a version of the Peterson Coat. Poke-like Pockets/Pouchers come to mind, who were pointed to by the squirrel in my shorts POCKET HANGING on a post, and "Post" is a motto term of Pollock-related Mole's now pointing to Bill Barr. Hangers (beside Shorts) probably have the Short griffin.

Amazingly, the Packets/Paggets, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's/PERLE's, have a Perle-like "Per il" motto phrase, and it just so happens the Richard Perle was married to Leslie Joan BARR. "A key advisor to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in the Bush administration, Perle was an architect of the Iraq War." Perle was a defence chief for Ronald Reagan i.e. under the vice-presidency of George Herbert Scherff. The latter was high up in the CIA from the murder of J.F. Kennedy. It seems unthinkable, or at least unlikely, that Mr. Scherff would chose Bill Barr as his attorney general if he wasn't privy to the nazified plots on America.

L A long-time emailer at one time, Miss Covert, married the son of a Miss Abbott, and Abbotts (pears) were first found in Oxfordshire with Pears/Perle's. "After receiving his degree from Princeton in 1967, Richard Perle went to work for Sen. Henry 'Scoop' Jackson, chair of the Senate subcommittee that oversaw the CIA's 'BLACK BUDGET' for COVERT operations [all caps mine]." Coverts/Cofferts share the gold leopard face with Peare's/Perle's. Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with Budgets, and the latter are listed with Buckets/Puckets (with a Pocket-like Bocket variation), what are the chances?!?

"In 1997, Perle and Bill Kristol co-founded the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), a neoconservative thinktank formed 'to make the case and rally support for American global leadership'." You see, there is Democrat globalism with oneness leftists, and there is peace-through-military Bushite / CFR globalism. "In 2001, Pres. George Bush picked Perle to chair the Defense Policy Board, which advises the Department of Defense."

The "PER il" Packets/Pagetts share the Levi lion, excellent because Pierro's/PERO's were first found in Pavia, home of Laevi Gauls. That is the best evidence ever that Jewish Levi's are from the Laevi.

Packets/Paggets: "MICKLEover, Derbyshire was an early homestead of the family." Peters share the lozenges of the Mickle-like Michaels having a not-bad reflection of the Coney / Meschin Coats. Michaels are also MITCHells while Mitch's happen to be listed with Muschats sharing the Eppstein Coat. The Packet/Pagget write-up goes on to say that they had LITTLEover too, and Mickle's (spur) were at LIDDESdale (Roxburghshire, same as Maxwells, mother trunk of Pollocks), where Little's and spur-using Liddle's were from, which recalls the day that the LID to my trash can popped off, when I suspected it with Bill Barr's trash-can symbol. My trash can was empty at the time; I had wondering whether the event meant that God was going to expose Barr's do-nothing.

Oh wow, lucky I looked "Mickleover" up in my files, because it's where Shore's were from, and Andrea Fabian was on Shoreham drive! She's been pointing to Barr's trash can symbol!!! Can you believe it? Her Tarzan book pointed to Trashers. I once lived beside Rick and Jane, and Ricks can be traced excellently to Rijeka = TARSatica.

The Peter / Michael lozenges are in the colors of Cheneys who in turn share "major" with Peters. Majors share the red greyhound head with State's/Stations, and, ZOWIE, Cuneo and ASTI (at Bra) was the home of STATielli Ligures!!! I bumped into Lorraine (pointer to Bill Barr) at the bus/subway station!!! Lorraine's share the Asty lion!!! WOW. Asti has got to be from AstiBUS Paionians. She pointed by the laundromat to the bra hanging on a laundry line at the Peterson residence!!! Bingo everywhere. The Majors are expected in the "Malgre " motto term of Haughts, and the latter even use "tort" while TORTona was another home of the Statielli! Bingo-bingo-bango. She was at the BUS station, and BUSca, home of BUSH's/Buschs, is in Cuneo! My last night with her was when she came home with a grass stain on her pants, and Bosco's use "tufts of Grass." Tufts share the Mole phoenix!!! Barr is the mole, the spy.

At the bus stop, I was with fast-beating heart because I spontaneously rode up to babe Lorraine (she was magnet for a young guy having leisure time) on my bicycle, whom I had never been with before. When she agreed to meet with me somewhere, I had to make a date and place, and as I had my laundry to do that night, I suggested we meet at my laundromat. Why was that on my brain at all at roughly noontime, and how often does a laundromat come between you and your first date? But God had this planned out because laundry-like Landers share the LANGley Coat, and Bra is at Langhe. However, Langley, Virginia, is CIA headquarters, see? I see it loud and clear: George Herbert Scherff-Bush, director of the CIA, partner in New World Order with Bill Barr. I am very impressed with this interpretation of things.

And Trump has one foot into this swamp in the mouth of a crocodile seeking to drown him for lunch. Or, Trump is secretly, willingly in this Bushite swamp seeking to make an unwritten deal with it so that it won't eat him alive. He probably tried to placate Bushites by choosing Barr for top cop, assuring no arrest of Mueller (= Bush Jr's FBI boss).

I'll bet that the Peterson / Rothes lion head is the white-on-black one with the virgin in the Arms of Gaunt, for Gaunts were first found in Kent with Virgin(ia)s and Rothes'. Gaunt is also Ghent, and Ghents share the Bush eagles! Perfect. Virginia's cannot only point of Langley, Virginia, but to the Virgin Islands, amongst which is LITTLE Saint James, Epstein's island. We just saw the Little's in the Littleover location of Peterson-related Packetts/Paggetts!!! Epstein is believed to work for corrupt Intelligence, and Peter Peterson's CFR might just be it.

Little-branch Liddle's share the fleur-de-lys of Litts, the latter first found in Silesia, partly in Poland, and then Polish Packs use the same fleur-de-lys, as verification that Packets/Paggets apply to Packs and Pasi > Pasley liners. Packets/Paggets were at MICKLEover too, and Mickle's (Liddesdale) should be of the Micks (Silesia) because the latter have Coat of English Pasleys in colors reversed. But Micks also have the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs! It's like heraldry has eyes to see. PAStors (billets) share the Coat, almost, of Dutch Bush's/Boschs/Bos'.

Crossing Silesia here, where Brocuffs/PROKOPPs were first found, necessitates a mention of Prokopia, wife of Michael I of Byzantium, because I believe God showed us that Michaels are from him. The "ORIENte" motto term of Brocuffs/Prokopps is like the "rien" of Peters, and as Peter Pollock had lived in Renfrewshire, where Orrs were first found, it can explain "ORiente." With MickleOVER and LittleOVER in this picture that traces to the Selepitanoi, note that Miss Hicks was sleeping while HOVERing. Brocks use a dart in Crest, and Brocuffs/Prokopps have the Dart/Dard fesse in Crest, and that's from Dardanians near the Selepitanoi. Peter Pollock's father was a vassal of the Dol Alans who lived in the area of, if not in, Sleap (Shropshire). The Alans of Dol and Shropshire became the Stewarts sharing the Brock motto.

Langleys share six pale bars (different colors) with Langfords and Longfords. The latter were first found in Derbyshire, location of Mickleover, explaining why Packets/Paggets (of Mickleover) have a version of the Slow Coat, for Packet-related Rothes' were once said to be first found in Shropshire with Slow-like Sallows (and Dol's Arundel-Alans). Longfords were introduced above because they share the six pale bars (same colors) of Sallows. Longs share the Rothes lion, I gather. Longford castle is near SALISbury (Wiltshire, where Longs were first found), and Sallows are also Salis'. The Sallow / Longford pale bars look connectable to the fesses of Micks, and the latter's fleur-de-lys are also those of Dole's. Sallows can be gleaned as a branch of Swallows because Arundels, expected from FitzAlans of Arundel, share swallows with Swallows.

I'm guessing that the Slow Crest has the Demonte unicorn, from the Demonte-Stura river in Cuneo. Slows and Packets/Paggets are in Coney colors. There's no surprise if, in this discussion, we cross more pointers to ballot-fraud cases before the supreme court. For example, Irish Dole's have a double-billet border for a pointer to ballots, and English Dole's have a version of the COURTis and Plow Coats because Dole's and Plows share the same fleur-de-lys. We can even say that DOLfins/Dolphins point to voter-machine fraud because they show dolphins in the colors of the Dol whale, and dolphins have FLIPPers. The Stewarts (red lion) were on the Scottish throne and thus had right to the Scotland symbol (includes double-tressure border) that you see in the London Coat (has the red lion of Scotland), but another London Coat shares the black tower with Dominion-like Domino's (Piedmont, same as Cuneo).

Packets/Paggetts (shows evidence of Cuneo roots) and Slows are in the colors of Scottish and English Langs, and as the latter have most of the Potter Coat, both sharing the Flower cinquefoil, it seems to point to my marble game of potsies with Tony, for Tonys use a flower. The best marbles are called, "beauties," and the 1979 dream connected Sleeping Beauty to the Ratcliff bull head, in the colors of the Beauty/Bowd bulls. I was probably down on one knee when taking that shot because it's better to be low with a far-off flick-shot. I woke Sleeping Beauty when brushing against her knee.

Landens/Landers are connectable to Landons/Langdons who in turn share black bear heads with Berwicks and BARwicks while Scottish Langs were first found in Berwickshire. I think the family of Pepin of Landen was related to Bebba of proto-Berwickshire. Bebba was a Bebbanburg of Bamburgh castle while Babenbergs of Bamberg (Germany) share the Eppstein Coat. I've reasoned that six PALE bars belong to the line of Pepin of Landen because Pepins and Pale's share the camel. Langfords share the six pale bars of Coats/Cotes', and that must be a merger of some family in Langhe with the line of royal Cottians. Helpful here is where Langhe is partially in Asti province, for Astys share the lion if Ripple's/Ripleys/RIPPERs, the latter expected from the Riparia river of the royal Cottians.

Now that the bra on the laundry line is suspect as a pointer to Bill Barr, though I'm not convinced of it, why does it also point to Amy Coney BARRett? Did God arrange for her to marry Mr. Barrett so that she and Barr could be connected? Will she not vote for Trump in election fraud, as Bill Barr would urge her? Is there something going on between she and Bushites? Am I dumb to even venture out on this limb? Why do Amys share the strapped Barwick bear heads?

I see Cottians linked to Laevi at Pavia, which was also Papia, and Lame's/L'Amys have a "Per" motto term, and also a "caSUS," suspect with Susa, the Cottian capital. Lame's/L'Amys, first found in Northumberland with Amis', Barwicks and Lorraine's, share the motto of Irish Caseys, and French Caseys show leaves. Scottish Caseys were first found in Lanarkshire with Astys sharing the Ripper / Lorraine lion. Lorraine the Bebba-connectable babe who pointed to Pepin of Landen pointed to the bra on the laundry line, as well as pointing to BAR-le-Duc. What's going on? Alis' call those strapped bear heads, "muzzled," code for Mussels/Muscels with a version of the Coney Coat. Lorraine was a Russellite, and Russells love the Sarah's (I'm sure) sharing the Barwick motto.

As the mother of Julius CAESar was Aurelia Cotta, it could appear the Caseys were Caesar liners from Royal Cottians, for Cotta's are Cotys', much like the Coats/Cotes' having the Langford pale bars. "Casus" (Casey motto term) looks like Casey liners in merger with something at Susa.

Majors show as kin of Anchors/ANNACKers, and have a version of the ANNAS Coat. The latter share the Coat of Annas-like Angus', and the Arms of Angus have the bend-with-buckles of English Case's. Keep in mind, as I go on, that Eagles, beloved of Irish Caseys, are from the Achelous river at the ancient Calydon theater.

Wholly aside from the Major-Anchor link, I claimed that the Anchors have the Chief-Shield of the Arms of Agrigento, a location in Sicily where mythical AENEAS was placed for some time. It just so happens that Aeneas-like Oeneus was a mythical king of Calydon along with Meleager (husband at Atlas-line Atalanta), the latter being like the Malger variation of ancient Majors. Calydon is the location of Atlas-like Aetolia.

Mythical Aeneus was made the founder of Romans, yet the chief Roman gods, Jupiter and Juno, were from the Japodes at the Una river (near Romulus-like Romula), also called the Oeneus. That explains why JOPlins (Northumberland, same as Greys) share the Grey lion, for the Greys in the Major greyhound love the Anchors in their motto.

This is new here: Poindexters were first found in the Channel Islands with Majors, and the Poindexter star is that also of Joplins while Poindexters use the Fist/FAUST fist while the Grey motto is "Anchor FAST anchor." The Fast bend-with-items is in the colors of the same of Lorraine's (Northumberland, same as Joplins and Greys). Another anchor is used by Sire's/Sirons/Sirets, and the mythical Sirens, pirates, were from Calydon.

Lou Doubs

Lou Dobbs is bending backward to give Sidney Powell airtime to share her evidence of voter fraud. He even mentions "the Lord" often, and so I've been wondering why I've see no heraldic pointer to the Dobbs surname. But I've just been shocked at the timing of what was just remembered, because I might have remembered it at another time when Sidney isn't the topic. I have just remembered that there is a Doubs region on my atlas at Besancon. In fact, Besancon is on the Doubs river. As I said, I had read that Bassets use a porcupine, the symbol in the Sidney Crest, and Besancons are listed with French Bassets. Besancons/Bassets use billets in the colors of Billiards/Billets, and so this is the Ballot bloodline. [From the next update: "I didn't know until now that the Arms of Doubs has the Nassau/Naso Coat with billet background."

Besancon is not far from the Cottian capital, and so it's probably related that the triple Basset fesses are in the colors of the there-and-three Coats/Cotes pale bars. Those Bassets (English) even share the white unicorn head with Dobbs.

Lou was born, Louis, and French Louis' were first found in Lorraine while Lorraine's share the Ripple/Ripper / Asty lion too. Lorraine is as little as 50 miles north of Besancon. Lorraine the babe was at her BUS STOP, and Stops/Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire with English Bassets. Ballots share the Bus cinquefoil. Asti is suspect from Astibus of the Paeonians because Stops/Stubbs use a pheon, the only symbol in the Sidney Shield. The latter can be traced to the Pilate pheon, and mont Pilat is at St. Etienne while Etienne's have the same billets as Besancons/Bassets. Mont Pilate is off the Forez mountains, and Besancons/Bassets were first found in Forez.

Bruno's had a branch at Asti suspect to the naming of Brunswick, and Lou's share the Brunswick and Forman/Ferman lion. The latter surname shares the anchor with Firmens, and Firminy is right-near Mont Pilat.

It appears that God has honored Lou Dobbs in a specific pointer to him in regards to Sidney Powell, for Powells (green griffin) were first found beside Welsh Louis' (green dragon). The latter were first found in GlaMORGANshire, anciently, Morgannwg, and it just so happens that Morgans (share one lion of Ripple's/Rippers) have the Lorraine / Asty lion in colors reversed. I trace mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon to Morges and Vevey (because Veys are also Vivians), two location on the northern coast of lake Geneva, just 50 miles south of Besancon and the Doubs river. Pully is a location between Morges and Vevey, which could explain the "poPULo" motto term of English Bassets. Pullys share the Bisset bend.

[After writing many paragraphs below, Sidneys were reloaded to see that their founder (from Anjou) was buried at the LEWES Priory.] DUCKs/Logans share the three nails of PROCtors who could be in the "PROXimi" motto term of Dobbs. That motto term looks like it's partly for Kims who happen to share the McKinney cinquefoils. Ainsley Earhardt married both Mr. McKinney and Mr. Procter. OH WOW, recalling the "proximi" motto term of Grounds/Crannys (Herod colors), it turns out they were first found at Jura of the Scottish Hebrides islands, yet there is a Jura region smack beside Doubs (France)!!! Double whammy (expect peoples from the Geneva / Doubs area, especially the line of Herod Archelaus, in the Hebrides). Note that Forez' share the Herod/Harald fesse. The latter bloodline may have named EarHARDts.

McKinneys share the fish of McCabe's, the latter first found beside Kims of Bute, and also beside Alexanders of Kintyre who are in turn in Dobbs colors and near-format, but compare also with the Travers in the Forez motto.

English Grounds/Grundys were at Newton-like Neuton while the Newton SHIN bones are linkable to Kim / McKinney variations. I think that my shin bones in a hockey game pointed to a score by Sidney Powell, but if not that goal, the HAT TRICK goal did, and that was the game with a DEKE used for the second goal. Deke's have a version of the Ground/Grundy Coat, you see, and Forez's (Trick colors) use a "Tout" motto term with Tout-branch Tute's/Tuits share the quadrants of Hats. The giant Trick lion is colors reversed from the same of Morgans, and Morges is on the north shore of lake Geneva i.e. not far from Jura. Geneva's/Genova's share the SECOND/Segur lion, and SEQUANi Gauls were between Morges and Jura. Seconds are in the Levi motto while Pavia's share the Ground/Grundy martlets.

Good morning Saturday. The section was written about Thursday, but then I was sidetracked. This morning, I awoke with something to say on a marble theory, not having this section on my mind at all, nor having Lou Dobbs on my mind at all, yet it led me to the Louis surname while centering on Sidney Powell. I planned on putting this new marble idea late in this update, and when scrolling down, here near the end I found the Lou Dobbs section very short, and perfect for this addition. Hmm.

Okay, this starts with the Marble surname's gold-on-black griffin. I was wondering whether the Alley surname does not apply to the miracle marble shot, that perhaps I should be looking for clues with some kin of Marble's. I know without looking that Gards use griffin in colors reversed from the Marble griffins while the latter's are in the colors of the English Gardner griffin heads. To help prove that Gardners are from lake Garda, its where the ADIGE river flows while Edge's/Eggs (Cheshire, same as Marble's) have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of German Gardners. On the opposite side of lake Garda is Val Trompia, and while Dutch Tromps share the eagle of Egg-like Ice's/Ecke's, German Tromps are Trumps, appropriate for Sidney Powell's court cases that could be beneficial to Trump.

While in bed, I was thinking that I was probably on one KNEE when taking the shot, because it was a thumb-flick i.e. I needed to be low to the ground to make the aim. The lower to the ground, the less distance to the opponent's marble. The Knee PHOENix jibes with the Sidney PHEON, but this alone wouldn't have had me pointing the shot to Sidney Powell. The Powell Crest loves the Fenns/Venns while Fane's/Vans are also PHONE's. We have a story.

The flick shot happened across from Sky court, and the McLeods of Skye and LEWIS use flags for the Flag/FLICK surname. Welsh Lewis', with a green dragon to go well with the green griffin of Powells (Wales), were first found in Glamorganshire with Welsh Louis', and the latter share the Powell lion. When we go to French Louis'/Lews' (just blue lozenges), that almost have the Root Coat (just blue lozenges), and the Root lozenges are in both colors of the PENNington lozenges, recalling that LOUISe Phillips, a ladyfriend of my youth, worked for Pennington's clothing when I met her. Roots (Sidney colors) were first found in Kent with Sidneys.

While I was still in bed, I recalled a Coat (forgot the surname, but now know it's the Favors/Fabre's) having the Trump stag head along with the fitchees of Root-related Woods, surname. I highlighted "Pennington" because I think that the Paeonians in the giant Sidney pheon were a branch of the namers of the Penestae peoples to the west side of Paeonia/PAIONia, and the three Root lozenges along with the three Favor fitchees are in the colors and format of the Payen/PAION "SPUR rowells." Spurs were first found in Devon with the Supers in the motto of Ratterys who in turn share the Root / Favor fitchees.

That's all that I can recall on my mind while in bed. Now to add to it. First, let's repeat: "The only other kid I can remember who played marbles with me is Jacky. I never knew his last name." The suitcase scandal was introduced by "Jackie Pick," and Picks share the Rattery / Favor fitchees. I thought that was interesting.

The Penestae-like Penes' are also Pennys, allowing Penningtons to apply because the Penes/Penny lynx goes to the Paeonian area of Lyncestis (map), on the upper Axius river that flows into Stobi. Lorraine's bus stop pointed to Stobi, and French Louis'/Lews' were first found in Lorraine.

Moreover, Louis'/Lews' are said to have been at Lorraine's NANCY location, which recalls my telling, a few times, that although I thought Andrea was the cutest girl in my grade-five class, I danced with Nancy when the teacher threw a late-year party in the classroom, urging us to get a partner to dance (she must have been a liberal, but what did we know?). More recently, I mentioned Nancy De FILIPPIS, a Philip branch we may assume, mother of Danny and DOMINic, a pointer to Dominion's vote-FLIPPING machines that are at the core of Sidney Powell's cases. The Danny's, sharing a gold griffin with Marble's, are also Dance's, what are the chances? It appears that God got me to dance with Nancy (that's the only contact we ever had) in order to get this discussion to point to Sidney Powell. Italian Dance's were first found in Piedmont with Domino's.

Ahh wow, Dannys/Dance's share the Alley lion, and show a green dragon head in Crest. The Lewis dragon head is green!!! So there you can glean a Lewis > Louis/Lews pointer to Lorraine's Nancy because Nancy was Danny's mother. we can now glean the reason for Louise Phillips, a pointer to vote flipping. In fact, While Sidney Powell is general Flynn's lawyer, Phelps have a wolf colors reversed from the Flynn wolf.

Just remembered that the Phelps have the split Shield of Schere's/SCHERFs and Wilkins, and the latter, wow, not only share the Lewis dragon, but were first found in Glamorganshire with Lewis! That is one hefty pointer to Sidney Powell thanks to her Flynn client that took us to the flipping Phelps. The great thing is, the "pruDENTes" motto term of Wilkens gets us to Dance-linkable Dents of Yorkshire, where SIDNey-like Sedans/Siddens ("sed") were once said to be first found; it all looks Arranged by God as a pointer to Sidney Powell!!! I know very well how difficult / impossible it is to manufacture links this well by happen-chance amongst 30,000 surnames. It looks like Intelligent Design.

Sedans/Siddens share black cinquefoils with DENTons who in turn have the Giuliani / Voter/Gauthie eagle! Zinger.

Phelps were first found at Monmouthshire (Wales, same as Powells) with the Fane's/PHONE's, a branch of Powell-beloved Fenns/Venns, and while Gards were first found in Kent with tree-using Roots and PHEON-using Sidneys, the Fens variation of Fenns/Venns is suspect with the fence of BaumGARDens (the fence surrounds someone's tree, perhaps the Root tree). Gards and Gardens are suspect with the Marble griffin, and Phelps share a Shield of fitchees (different colors) with Marble's, remarkable. That is another good pointer of the miracle-marble shot to Sidney Powell.

Cheshire's Wolfleys, sharing the blue wolf with Phelps, use so-called FLAUNches, which I was able to link to the CHES surname too (when read as "flaunCHES"), and while Flints (named Flintshire, beside CHEShire) are also FLANs, the surname looks like a Flynn branch. Wolfleys/Wooleys and Wools (Sussex, same as Packs) use "wool PACKS," and "Pax" is a motto term of English Dominics. Dominic De Filippis was (may still be) a FARMER, and here we can get to STATE FARM Arena by the "VINCit" motto term of Penningtons, for while the latter are connectable to Louis'/Lews of Lorraine, God arranged for me to see Lorraine at the FINCH bus station. Stations are listed with State's, and Finch's with VINCE's. Lorraine pointed to Paeonians (suggesting there were Paeonians in Lorraine), and Penningtons were likely Penestae-branch Paeonians, the line to PENdragons.

Lorraine got her grass stain, as a pointer to Bar-le-Duc, on a LAWN, and Launays/LAWNays (could share a cat with Penningtons) probably have the Pennington lozenges in colors reversed, for Penningtons were at LONSdale, where Lorraine-connectable Lawrence's/Laurence's were first found. Lonsdale's share gyronny (different colors) with Scottish LONdons (see Lundays too) while Launays/Lawnays were first found in London, and then, wow, the Londons share the black tower with Domino's! English Dominics have an eight-pointed star colors reversed from those of Ducs/LeDucs, and the Phillips "DUCit" motto term looks like code for Bar-le-Duc liners because the Phillips motto is linkable to the Louis/Lews and Pennington motto. Launays are from Lane's/Lano's of Brest-line Brescia, beside Val Trompia and lake Garda. We were playing marbles on a lawn, and Marble's share the Gardner / Gard griffin. Gards share chevron of German Dominics.

I have it recorded: "the Gard Crest that uses laurel leaves". Lorraine's use laurel, and the Leaves'/Leve's/Leafs (more leaves) share the Gard chevron. Lorraine got the grass stain on a lawn. The alley pot was a hole in the grass (no dirt in front of residential houses, just grass), and English Grasse's share the Alley lion. It therefore seems that Alleys / Atlas' are to be a part of that potsies event.

Louise Phillips now suspect in vote-flipping. For years, I haven't understood why she was involved with me, but let me repeat here that while she lived in my apartment with Peartree-related Miss Peare, I painted an album cover from CAT Stevens on the kitchen wall, and Penningtons use a cat. She was working at Penningtons at the time. Powells share both the Phillip and Louis lion, and the Powell, Pennington and Louis mottoes even jibe, all of them in love with the Patria's/Peartree's sharing the Trump / Favor stag head!!! Just look at that.

As per the Fenns/Venns in the Powell motto, it strikes me that "Venn" or the Venns/Venes/Venus surname (Kent, same as Sidneys) might be a pointer to "Venezuela," where Dominion voting machines started their evolution. As I said a few times in the past, Andrea and I were alone in a back yard at the corner of Shorehams and Hullmar, and I went in for a kiss, but whether I kissed her or not I cannot remember, but we did a little hug, real short, I just wasn't sure what to do. So what I'm going to say is HUGo Chavez of Venezuela because French Mars feasibly in "Hullmar" share the scallops of Venns.

Note that Mars are also More's while using a version of the French Maurice/Morise Coat, the latter having a version of the Billiard/Hillard / Billiard/Billet Coat for a link to Ballots. The Maurice/Morise Coat has the Moray / Handel Coat included, and it just so happens that Welsh Maurice's were first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels so that we have the door handle here that's missing the barrel-shaped part.

Ahh, for this part of the discussion, it's important that Fane's/Vans/Phone's share a "Ne vile" motto phrase with Irish Griffins who in turn share the giant Marble griffin (they use it in white and gold, both on black)! I should have realized this from the top of this discussion where "Phone" was compared with the Sidney pheon. Irish Griffins share the dog head (different color) with Hulls/Hole's / Halls/Hole's, and if I was on one knee making the marble shot, not the "Ne" motto term, for Knee's are also Nee's.

Ahhh, I almost missed it. The Velis'/Vale's, in the "Ne vile velis" motto of Griffins, use a Dominion-like "Domine" motto term!!! Just look at how that panned out.

[Insert Dec. 22 -- I didn't realize when writing here that English Pots probably have the Bruno bend, which I discovered thanks to my father being in real-estate with Bruno at the time I was playing potsies. Bruno's were first found in Florence with Pot-like Botters and Mosca's, while Potters (share BOSwell cinquefoils) were first found in Hampshire with English Botters. English Pots ("ASTutus") share the leopard with Mosca's. Bruno's are said to have been at ASTi, traceable to AstiBUS, and Bus' share the white cinquefoil with Boswells (look like they use the Bush/Busch fesse) who come up as Powell-like Bowells. Boswells/Bowells share the Potter fesse. The Dutch Bos/Bush/Bosch lion is colors reversed from the BRUNswick lion. French Bruns were first found at POITou. Bush-related BUStards share pellets with the Foys in the Boswell motto. Although I don't know what more to say about this, or whether Bowells are a pointer to Ms. Powell, it looks like confirmation that God arranged the potsies game for a link to Bruno, and by that route to the presidential Bush family.

The potsies game was against Tony, and Antonys share a white goat head in Crest with Bush's/Buschs. Busca is in the land of the Saluvii Ligures, and Saluvii-like Sullivans not only share the black boar with Bush'/Buschs, but the Bos/Bush/Bosch lion. And, can we believe it, English Tonys use a Saluvii-like SLEEVE (sometimes called a maunch). I'm convinced; God set that alley game up to point to Bush crimes. The vertically-split Sullivan Shield (the one with the boar) is also that of French Foys/Foix's, and the other French Foys/Foix's (with pellets) come up as "Fois," explaining the "LAMh FOIStenach" motto phrase of Sullivans. Scottish Lam(b)s (share Bus cinquefoil) have a red-Shield version of the English Lam(b) Coat, both versions of the Potter Coat, that's right. The Tony sleeve is in the Arms of Leicester, that place being on the Ligure-like Legro river.

Judge Sullivan is the one who terribly persecuted general Flynn.

More, starting from the write-up of Scottish Lam(b)s: "The earliest record of this name in Scotland appears to be of Adam Lamb of SYMPERing, who witnessed a charter of lands in GRAYDEN in c. 1288." Sympers/Sempers have the BRUNswick Coat in colors reversed. Graydens have either a crocodile or an ALLIgator as a possible code for Alleys (Atlas' have BROWN lion heads). The alligator can be part-code for a Gates branch, and the gate is used by English Porters while French Porters (Bruno Coat in colors reversed) share the bend of Thistle's. The latter share the pheons of Graydens/GRADens (Gardens use the black boar). French Robins use pheons too while English Robins use thistles while the Sullivan Crest is called a robin. I see "Brunswick" as a version of "BRYNeich," now Berwickshire, where Graydens were first found. Queen Bebba of Bryneich is expected to the Babe's sharing the hand pointing to a sun with Bradys/GRADYs. Lam(b)s were first found in Northumberland with Grays. End insert]


On Wednesday, youtube announced that it would void all videos talking about election fraud. The cry babies want to rule the world. You can't fix these types. They want to be the school principal with us the mere students who obey them no matter what, which would be fine if they weren't Hell bound filled with lies and telling lies, to their deaths. Horned goats shall not be revered by the sheep. We shall prevail.

You would think youtube and the others would have learned that, due to the cheating, Republicans got more votes. In spite of their cheating, they lost the election for Democrats. All the leftist media together couldn't win the election; they needed ballot cheating on top. Ha-ha-ha, google and the rest, you very stupid people, because you're now prepared to censor your opponents even more. Persecution brings us zeal, stupids, and our zeal will ruin you if you abuse us. It'll take time, but good guys always win, because the universe is ruled by a good Creator. STUPIDS. We won't feel sorry for you when you burst out in tears over your losses. THE BIG LOSS can be as early as next week.

By forcing special-media channels to talk about something besides election fraud, they're talking more about Biden crimes, and so now the goons wants to censor those discussions too. Plus, the news / opinion / commentary people are taking this opportunity to fire at youtube itself, exposing it as a hypocrite in so many available ways. Excellent.

Bill Barr has been poked by the Wall Street Journal. Barr is accused of knowing about Hunter Biden for a long time. Solomon reports that, upon Hunter's laptop, Hunter was sent an email from his "business colleague" (Eric Schwerin) telling him he had outstanding taxes to pay from a whoopee-doo amount of free cash from...wait for it...Burisma gas! Hunter's income for that year of 2014 was over a 1.2 million dollars. Oh boy-o-boy, Hunter's humiliated, but I'm not mentioning this concerning him, but concerning Barr, for he made a public statement saying he's not interested in looking at Biden-family crime. There's the really-big criminal, Bill Barr. Biden's just a small-fry mobster in comparison. Barr's covering for them all, the biggest of the biggest, plain and simple. Barr is Humpty Dumpty on a great fall. Yeah-yeah, sure, there's now a federal investigation on Biden's tax problem, but isn't that just a way to cover for him until Joe Biden gets into the White House? Solomon story here:

By Wednesday night, 17 states were backing Texas on the Paxton suit. But on Friday evening, the court rejected the case based on a technicality, saying that Texas doesn't have the constitutional right to butt its nose into the affairs of other states. I disagree. I agree with Texas. I suppose that Trump's team will need to take the case to the top court, therefore. Why hasn't the Trump team done so yet? It needs to go one court level at a time, but it will get there soon.

Giuliani's COVID infection isn't hurting him. By the sounds of the reports, it wasn't even as potent as a typical flu, and Giuliani is 76 years old, in the high-risk zone, they say. Relax, the scare-freaks are wacko; there's nothing to fear with this infection unless someone sneezes on you. Hope you get a small whiff of the virus, because you can then click your happy heels and be done with it, no need for a vaccine, no need for a mask. Giuliani was well enough on Friday to do his regular video show. Devin Nunes reports this week that he had the virus and didn't even know about it.

The logical thing to do is for the federal government to take the fours states to court which violated the constitution. The federal government is Bill Barr. Achem. He has no excuse because the states broke the law. So, with Trump being so foolish as to make Barr the federal prosecutor, ouch, it's biting him right where he deserves, and thus Trump has let his entire team down. After all the hurdles his voters did for him, he squandered it ALL.

I wholly disagree with the top court. this is an easy decision. If one state breaks the constitution in such a way as to disenfranchise another states votes, then of course the state has a right to bring the offending state to court. There is no other court, but the U.S. supreme court, that has jurisdiction over such a complaint. So, the supreme court is foul on this decision. But, it now allows us to see what Barr is made of, trash. Yup, for if he was going to bring the case, he would have by now. Something might change his mind, but not Trump.

In my opinion, the foul scent of satan is already stinking from the five catholic judges on the court. I'm wondering whether they swatted the Texas case away due to Ted Cruz (Baptist) being the one slated to argue the case. They wouldn't do that, would they? Whatever the reason, we see that this court is not exactly reliable for what needs badly to be done. Instead of ending this crisis now, it's dragging it on.

On Paxton by a writer mocking him: "With the exception of the fraud indictments against him, Paxton is a pillar of his community, a fundamentalist who wears his Christianity on his sleeve." These charges seem bogus because there are evil forces (including militant catholics) who do not want Bible-based protestant believers as attorney generals. Perhaps the catholic SCOTUS was simply turned off by a Paxton-Crux partnership in their court winning the day for Trump and going down in history as the heroes. It's very possible. Do not trust catholics, because if they were reliable, they would not remain with the vatican. There is something deeply flawed in Christians who go forward in vatican halls. I say they become deeper the hypocrites the longer they honor popery and "father" and "cardinals" SPIT! Take off those ridiculous robes of royalty, pompous stooges. You love being honored by men. Did you not hear Jesus on what he said to your kind?

Giuliani on Hannity this week implied, and others are saying the same, that seven of the nine SCOTUS judges denied Texas' case, including all three Trump picks I've been stressing. That's scary. It might have been their intolerance for seeing Protestants at Trump's victory scene?

The first amendment of the U.S. constitution: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Interpretation: congress shall be a spiritual eunuch, without desire for God, a looser, a good-for-nothing, neither for nor against God, neither receiving the help of God when governing but receiving His wrath. The constitution is a recipe to see satan walk in and take power, STUPIDS. Those who point Christians to the constitution as something from God are being deceptive. What good is the protection of churches in a country when government pays no respect to God except for some lip service to garner Christian votes? A congress tolerating or even honoring all religions alike only surrounds the churches with devils on every side.

The disgusting faggot, Grenell, is now being mentioned on the Sekulow show. BCP continues to mention him, as if the country can't go forward quoting others, it needs to include disgusting pigs too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me. It's those who accept Grenell as just another average person who are sick. That's right, BCP is going sick-ward, and he will pay the price, because spiritual illness has a price. If you, Christian, do not despise faggotry in our faces, you are sick. Be healthy like me, and don't let wicked leftists make you feel like you are hateful for despising open faggotry. If Grenell's not ashamed of himself, sick-sick-sick is he.

Arizona's Republicans have filed a suit Friday with the U.S. supreme court against Arizona election offenses. I don't see how this case cannot be heard. If the plaintiff wins, then one would think that it's going to stand as precedent to effect the same ruling in other states having committed the same offenses. In that picture, the supreme court has a responsibility to expedite the Arizona case.

The Wisconsin supreme court heard a Trump case on Saturday, but it was officiated by another Democrat judge who, instead of judging the mail-in ballots illegal, said that the state handled them appropriately, in his interpretation of the law. But his interpretation is NOT that the state's "appropriate" move was illegal. So he's saying that, in his interpretation of the law, the law was not broken because they acted appropriately, without malice. Achem. The judge was prepared with that ruling because he ruled the second that all talk was over by both sides i.e. he cared to hear nothing, his mind was already made up before the arguments were put forward.

The judge wore a mask the whole time even though all speakers were in their own homes / offices, what a joke of a judge. They love to make us miserable, so laugh the mask goons off, and call them chicken-hearted mask goons to their faces at every opportunity. Three other people on camera wore masks for the entire taping of this court case, almost two hours long. Then, as soon as the "show" was over, why, of course, the hypocrites took their masks off.

Look at this brazen demon:

Ontario's Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Williams told reporters on Thursday that Ontarians may be required to be vaccinated before entering long term care homes or hospitals without PPE.

"We can't force someone to take a vaccine, that's clear... We want to make sure we have all the information they need, as well as all the safety information.

"What we can do is to say sometimes for access or to ease in getting into certain settings, if you don't have vaccinations you're not allowed into that setting without certain protection materials," said Williams.

HYPOCRITAL CURSED FIEND. They're going to slowly kill off the aged with whatever they put in the vaccine shot, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Then, later, if you want to eat, you need a vaccine to get into a grocery store. We can now start fearing that globalists have another virus coming if they can't force vaccinations with COVID-19. God, please, kill these globalist types dead before they kill others. Canada is a globalist puppet, so slam these falsifying traitors where it counts. Jesus, please.

"Dr. Anthony Fauci stressed that well over a majority of Americans will need to get vaccinated in order to create a proper 'umbrella of immunity over us,' making the remarks during New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) Monday’s press conference." Those two men together are toxic venom. Put them out of their misery. I wonder what Trump's position will be on vaccinations, whether people have a no-punishment choice of rejecting it. Obama's the type of globalist who says he won't force people to do anything, but will rob them of their needs if they don't do as he says. Way to go, hypocrite.

On Fox (Christ Wallace) this weekend, someone (Moncef Slaoui) representing the vaccines says he wants to see 80-percent of the population vaccinated willingly, which just goes to show the greed or worse behind this move. This virus' potential is almost finished even now due to the large number of people who've already had it. The leaders are not telling the fact on the true number of people; I think I've heard that 50 million Americans have already had it, but it's got to be more than double that. They are not to be trusted. How much is the Trump government paying these thieves for their "free" vaccines? If Biden gets the White House, the deep state would love to test and improve its powers of dictatorial control with mandatory vaccines, though it may not be politically expedient for them because 2022 elections cometh fast.

Here's a Rumble channel you might like:

Rumble has the big problem of not dating its videos, usually, and of forcing you to give private information if you merely want to read comments. SPIT! It's totally wrong. Don't do it, because they must have a bad reason for wanting your information. They are looking after self, not you, explaining why they don't date videos. They're even willing to disable ads for you if you just create an account; sounds like they badly want to know how someone can contact you.

I had a lousy dream this morning. Someone had dug out my driveway with a big machine without my permission, and the next scene has a man on either side of my bed, with me lying in it, trying to tie my hands to the bed posts. It wasn't sexual, but gave me the impression that my property was being violated by others, something we might imagine with cruel socialism not under good law. We should consider ourself lucky that Barr has exposed himself as a fiend allowing even the Bidens to rule the country, because it's better we know the true score than to walk into this game unaware of the evil sweeping over us. It is real evil, and God's trying to inform us. Not trying to ruin your day, but we need to be close to God collectively.

I'm not wholly happy with general Flynn's message on the weekend where he mixed a catholic Jesus with the constitution. The constitution won't save anyone where evil powers don't care about it. The constitution has no soul, no power, but Jesus has both. Choose this day between constitution or laws of Jesus; make a distinction. Just do the right of Jesus, and demand it, because when peoples do that, God acts on their behalf, even if its during a frightful experience in which your hands are being tied to bedposts, so to speak.

Flynn said that "individual rights" trumps collective rights. I'm not in-the-know with what he means by that. In my mind, all the laws of God are for a society, for collective living. We are to get along without one person alone standing up to say, "screw you and your society, I have rights to do as I please." It's that very attitude that brought us rebellious leftists now wanting to eat us for lunch and take what we own to reinforce their power bases over us. They were quietly working on it from decades before my birth, with an angelic mask, taking over educational channels, slowly educating with "enlightenment" not of Jesus, and they can now enforce lawlessness in our faces, thinking they can get away with it. Never mind individual rights. Instead, cry out for the laws of Jesus.

When you are before your enemy seeking to do you harm, always let them know that Jesus is watching, and that you are his child. Let Him be your protection. But if you ignore Jesus until the day of evil comes upon you, America, why should God come running to save you? Why haven't the churches collectively banded together against porn? Why have Westerners enjoyed the good life while evil swept over the power structures? This could be payday from God, but let's hope not. On behalf of the few concerned Christians, God may restrain the powers for a while longer. He's asking us to "watch," not to enjoy the good life as evil looms. Let's not say, "eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die." It's not the time for parties. But, please, don't lose your confident face. The Power be with you, think and live accordingly, do no harm.

It was a strange weekend, with military helicopters flying over Flynn's head as he spoke to the cheers. He told them to fight the spiritual fight, yet I'm worried that he and others may be preparing Trump supporters to fight in a civil war. I'm fine with martial law under Trump if it's sincerely to quell and arrest the lawless without infringing on the peoples in any way, unless they riot and pillage, but from what I see of Trump, I don't trust him. He still has not replaced Barr, Wray or Haspel. I'm not convinced that Trump is on the good side. He complains about Barr, but does nothing about it. It's all very surreal. He's an inch from handing his voters over to the wicked who'd like badly to persecute them, and yet he won't replace Barr, Wray or Haspel at this critical point with anyone who can be trusted to oppose the deep state. He's more apt to replacing them with more deep-state agents, if we go by his track record.

There are youtube comments on the fast rise, at pro-Trump videos, urging the use of guns against antifa. Militia are not going to defeat the government with Democrats in control of it. If you try to fight them, they will have all the excuse they need to move in harder, take guns by force, tie you to your bedposts...and so deep-state leaders have every reason to stage street riots to get things to a chaotic tipping point, if Biden gets in. Don't be their suckers. In the least, hope the country doesn't see a spontaneous, unplanned, over-confident military reaction from mere gun owners.

There is nothing more I'd love to see than a HIGHLY-SUCCESSFUL military take-over of law-and-order for to arrest and jail the obviously guilty, the persecutors in both the Obama and Bush camps. That's what the country needs. Yet the risk is super-high.

There's a Sun video out this weekend (12th) showing a car plowing through an antifa crowd, with two or three people hit at the sides of the car, and falling back to the street hurt, which could be a staged production, especially if it's plastered and hyped on leftist media. The car hits an object in the middle of the road that's not in the scene at the time, and when the camera goes to it, the frames are made very fuzzy to keep us from see what it is, red flag. Finally, we see something sliding to a stop on the road (11-12 seconds), and it's not a person . At 24-25 seconds, the object can be made out as a bicycle at the right side of the picture. The injured person you see on the street at that time is not there throughout the 11th second (put it on slow speed) as the bicycle slides along. The camera is not on the spot where this person shows until 15 seconds, and there he is now lying there, making it appear that this person, and the people surrounding him, are actors The camera person is likely a part of the show:

Comments in the video below of a New-York shooting this weekend suggest good reasons to see this as a staged shooting. No victims were reported:

In another report on the shooting above, the "killer" had a Bible in his bag, ha-ha, sure-sure. The government of New York is in on this staging. At two minutes, the guy says no one in the crowd was hit by a bullet (makes no sense):

Instead of using church platforms to educate God's people on the evil forces overtaking our societies, they pick some off-the-wall piece of scripture and elaborate on it, whether it's useful at the time to the people listening. Why not address the times instead, and give scriptures that relate? Why not address the evils of our schools, how anti-Christs there are trying to destroy the thinking of our children? Why why talk about the wonders of home schooling, or how the churches can unite and demand school choice by tax dollars? That would put a huge spear through the body of public schools, bonus, exactly why they oppose school choice. But if not even the churches are talking about it, why should politicians deliver it to them? Are the churches traitors? Are they do-nothings too?

Rampant porn for our children that gets them addicted. Why don't churches agree to talk about that? Why talk about king David in his caves? How relevant is that? Or why talk about Moses striking the rock? How relevant is that to our plight today? God is very concerned about the wickedness, the liars, the ones who wish to rule over our homes in Godlessness. This is a sick, living death coming over us. Is this to be ignored from the pulpits? Shame, churches, if you do.

If you don't stand up against it, it will come over you. Teach the people to resist this dark blanket, this dark spirit, this fake goodness they cling to. They justify their evil by spinning a good cause to it, ignoring half the ingredients. They kill babies for the good cause of women who don't want the inconvenience of giving birth? They ignore the baby ingredient. They are advocating barbarism and yet turn a blind eye to that half of the picture. They teach others to be blind. They move society down a killer path that will become uglier with each passing year. And the churches want to talk about other things when they gather to meet?

If Christians are not going to correct the evil, or at least make the attempts, God's going to be ashamed of us if non-Christians need to do it. He's going to drop us, and take in the non-Christians instead. He's going to make believers out of them who do the right things, and drop you, pastor, like a led balloon, who are too afraid to ruffle the feathers of your local anti-Christs.

I understand Christian activists. I admire them. They have hearts for the right things. "activism" means do-something, speak out and remind people of all that matters. There is nothing that God was concerned with in the Old Testament but a righteous Israel society, having righteous leaders. But I feel bad for Christian activists if they are meshing with nationalism in nations that do not permit theocracies, who govern by secularism, as demands the U.S. constitution. It does not call the nation to a society under God; it gives everyone freedom to do as they please. This is not going to produce a good end-result. It's going to fail. Get ready for it, unless pastors and congregations everywhere speak out against evil, report evil people, and elect righteous leaders to punish and oppose them.

If Sunday morning is too pristine to talk about these topics, then gather at some other times. Speak up against porn, or God will frown upon you, and you will have no power to overcome the demons. Assign some to send well-thought-out letters to the authorities so that they are repeatedly reminded of wide opposition to it. If just ten percent of all churches sent letters regularly, it would make a difference. The only problem with that picture is the 90-percent not sending letters.

Demand school choice to save your own children; otherwise you are abandoning your own children to the spiritual whores who screw with their minds. Make your life a crusade against the powers who tricked us; make them pay for their deception. Humiliate them, cast them down with your words, and uplift Jesus instead over them. Then He'll come running to help you. But if you ignore them, they won't go away, but will tie your hands to your own bedposts. And mine to my bedposts. You will betray both yourself and me. No-nothings like Bill Barr are abandoning us, but woe to him because power is in his hands to act. When demons get firm control of the United States through their human players, so will go Canada, Britain, Germany, and the rest.

My greatest wish right now is that I could replace Bill Barr. What a great day I'd have of it. There must be thousands like me, but Trump won't pick any of us. What is wrong with him? Just give me a month to make 100 arrests if only to scare their pants off and their urine out. Do a collective suit against all DoJ conspirators together, and get it to the supreme court. Request from Ratcliffe all incriminating information on any Intelligence people, and bring them as a lot to the supreme court on treason charges. Whoopee. Win or loose, that's how it's got to be done. And if we lose, it exposes corrupt judges in the meantime. Put their names up for all to see. Humiliate them. Throw tomatoes at their cars. While they're driving them. When their windows are down. Big tomatoes. Extra-ripe ones packed with slime. There's no limit to the celebratory fun we can have pounding these losers into the dust-bowl of history, if only the federal police were on the right side.

Christians are going to talk about the shepherds, again, this Christmas season, again. AGAIN. The pastors are going to look oblivious to the evil hands gripping around their necks as we speak. The pastors are going to expound on all the things we might learn from the shepherds, again. I hope you understand my point. Pastors need to get relevant with the lives of their sheep. Wolves want the White House against us. They live to oppose us. We have seen it coming for decades. When is the time to stress those wolves from Sunday church? When is it a good time to take off those pristine Sunday clothes, and wear some militant clothing instead? When is it a good time to offend Democrat voters in the churches? Yesterdecade was a good day. It's starting to look like it's too late now.

With churches getting together to talk about the politics that matter to Christians, the few Democrats will be shed from their midst (unless they are a majority). They won't be able to stand the talk because it will be predominantly against the Democrat party. That's our chief enemy, after all. But if church leaders would rather have Democrat members for their money, woe, woe, woe. Democrat voters are highly likely to be moles amongst us, in the massive civil conflict now arising. We could say that the end-time church will fall asleep due to pastors ignoring what matters. But church rigor doesn't help, especially when pastors specialize themselves in fancy, colorful robes that put them a few rungs higher than the common folk in the pews. I wish I knew how to spell the snore sound, but there's no letters for it.

It wouldn't be so sad if we were merely asleep, but to put heads in the sand while falling asleep, yikes.

Last night, a new thing occurred to me, something you might like to try. I said, "Lord, receive my spirit. I'm always asking you for your Spirit, but why shouldn't I give my spirit to you." So I got the idea that maybe we can transfer our spirits into Him by offering it, and meshing spirits that way, as opposed to asking God for Him to turn on His spirit within us. Yes, we get a healing sensation with His Spirit in us, but maybe he enjoys our spirit in Him, hmm. Why didn't that occur to me before? Just offering our spirits to Him might (probably will) bring Him pleasure. Us bless God for a change, instead of God bless us. Hurt with God over the condition of this world, and for what's to come to His people. Blessed is the one who hurts with God, for God will sing and dance with that one, or hundred, or millions.

It's awesome to think that each one of us can have a small finger of the Spirit, one each, our own personal Spirit of God. Willing Contact.

Here's a late-week sit-down with Sidney Powell in the video below. If you make it to the end, she tells that Trump already has an aging Executive Order from which he or others are permitted to seize voting machines if there's foreign interference with them. Go ahead and answer this question: why hasn't Trump ordered the FBI to seize all voting machines in every state used? You have no answer. Trump has no answer. Trump seems to be his fiendish self in this, looking like he cares only to win this election for himself, SCREW everyone else in all future elections.

NOW is the time to seize the machines, not after Dominion wipes them clean. Look at how late Trump is already on this responsibility. What answer can you give me for this irresponsibility? It's worse than that, it's dereliction of duty. Trump's a fraud, a sinister monster who lies to his voters, makes them believe he loves them. SPIT! He never does the right thing when things go critical; he makes his voters suffer, acting like he's powerless to help. Who cares if he looks self-interested when seizing the machines? Who cares what the political enemy will say? Seize the machines on behalf of the country, NOW STUPID. But he's a self-interested idiot, don't trust him. Ms. Powell, on the other hand, DOES care for the people, and she does want to expose the machinery. My bet is that Trump asked his legal team to distance themselves from her. He had no pressing need to expose the machines by the legal plan he was decided on.

Trump said Monday the 14th that he intends to receive a vaccine shot, which bodes terribly because he's already had the virus. So, he's sending the message that people should or must be vaccinated even if they are past the virus. TRAITOR! Trump can never talk about the vaccines without boasting on how fast HE got the vaccines to them. The self-praising dodo bird. The fact must be, he allowed the vaccines to be produced fast because it's in the interest of his economic recovery, and dangers-of-vaccines be damned. Fox viewers wholly resent the vaccines, so there's only one thing to do: give it first, without choice, to Rupert Murdoch and Ainsley Earhardt. After all, they love this vaccine and would want you to have it.

All of the people who profit from the vaccines will now go onto media everywhere to coerce governments to force it upon the people on the basis of better safe than sorry. But there is not much coercing needed for liberal demons in government; they love to make the people miserable. They love being control freaks; we have witnessed it. They wore masks all this time (on camera, not in their homes) exactly for this control-freak moment. So, let the new battle begin. They could refuse us food if we resist. Did you buy extra food yet? You have a few months, probably, to buy enough food slowly to get you through to the next winter. By then, any mandatory status may be removed from the people, though don't be surprised if they introduce a new virus scare. The people who make vaccines can also make viruses. That's where we are now.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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