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December 15 - 21, 2020

Pointers to a Hairy (Pelosi) Chinese Snake in San-Francisco
HIV in Australian Vaccine Not Revealed Until Revealed -- BIG MEDIA COVER-UP

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

...We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results. The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors. The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication. The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail. This leads to voter or election fraud.

Who could have asked for more? This is exactly why Trump is the retard of retards for not seizing all machines earlier. He's been a train wreck for his voters. It's as though he has a mental-retardation disease; one crisis after another he just leaves to his enemies to control instead of pouncing on them himself.

I strongly recommend you load the page above to read the results, where you will find that John Ratcliffe's election report is due imminently, some time this week. Is youtube going to censor this too? Are the leftists going to frame the investigators as politically-biased frauds? The report protects all parties who might be guilty of the fraud by first saying that all machine-related records prior to some time on the day after the election are vanished, and that there's no record of who conducted the scrutiny (adjudication) of ballots that the machines purposely spit out as invalid (on a programmed, invalid excuse in order to allow the count-house whores to flip Trump votes to Biden).

It looks like these investigators are protecting the names of the guilty from public dissemination. Is no one going to be arrested for this crime? Did Trump fire Barr on the same day (14th) that this report came out in order to protect the guilty? Is Trump so afraid of making arrests that he just lets the guilty go free, time and time again? That's what it looks like. "President Donald Trump announced on Monday that William Barr will no longer be serving as Attorney General....'Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen, an outstanding person, will become Acting Attorney General." Oh boy, another do-nothing?

The FBI needs only go to the whore-house chiefs and ask who the adjudicators were. He then needs only ask the adjudicators if the chiefs sanctioned the fraud. It's that easy, folks. But if Wray won't do it, this crime is on Trump's head. If he doesn't arrange the arrests, may God deal with him be it ever so severely. It's long overdue for some thunder and lightning to give the voters hope and relief from the wicked doing as they please.

Hours after this story hit the news, and ten hours after a judge permitted the report to go public, searching google shows not one story from CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, but it does show local-news stories telling that Michigan's officials are putting thumbs down on the report. Just look at this wicked judge: "Voters will have a chance to review a report generated by a recent examination of Antrim County’s voting machines, after a judge vacated his order requiring the results be kept private." The judge actually denied the public this report. It makes me see red.

Both sides are going to stick to their sides of the story, and, I predict, there will be zero arrests of the big turkeys. The big media don't yet know how to present their views as of 9 pm Monday, and it's to be expected that they will come out with identical approaches and strategies to bat this investigation down as best they can, but if they come out in full accusation mode, then they stand another good chance at being proven part of the conspiracy. It's going to sink them even deeper into their deny-the-truth cesspool. I don't see how any investigators in their right minds would put out a story of such HUGE FRAUD, claiming INTENTIONAL fraud, without basis to do so, with the sole purpose of helping Trump.

It seems that the judge should have ordered a manual recount of the entire state to certify the fraud. It seems that Trump's lawyers are expected to order such a recount irrespective of whether it allows Trump to win the election, on the merits of transparency concerning these machines. Trump personally has enough cash on hand to do that recount. If nothing of that sort happens, consider this Trump's mental-retard syndrome striking another painful jab into his voters.

Russell Ramsland, the writer of the report, is from Dallas, near John Ratcliffe in case the two wish to talk. His report claimed a 68-percent "error" rate, via human manipulation, in the voting for Antrim county alone. There's no details yet on the specific type of errors, but the claim is that the machine creates the errors expressly for vote-manipulation opportunities. That is, 68-percent of the ballots entered into the machines are spit out so that humans can "legally" access them, review them, and change them if they like. It's not a wonder Dominion people have high-tailed it out of town. So, the question is, what were the different types of errors to "justify" the red flags on the rejected ballots? Can this be known? Yes, by seizing other machines in places where Dominion's criminals don't expect it, where they haven't wiped clean their records.

Another article: "The audit revealed that 'of the 15,676 (lines or events) there were a total of 10,667 critical errors/warnings or a 68.05% error rate.'" The further claim is that someone tried to hack into the system to delete this evidence (but failed), though other stored information has vanished. The longer Trump's team takes to seize the machines, the longer the fiends have for deleting evidence. It's just the way Trump's skull works, to let the mobsters get away with things like this. Why do you think that is?

Michigan's secretary of state, accusing the investigation and report to be fraudulent (no evidence given), said: "If the Trump campaign had any actual evidence of wrongdoing – or genuine suspicion thereof – they could have requested a hand recount of every ballot in the state. They did not, instead choosing to allow shadowy organizations claiming expertise to throw around baseless claims of fraud..." Do you see how thick-skull Trump always manages to have the mobsters come round to bite his arse for lack of doing the right things? Why didn't he do the ballot audit for the entire state to expose the mobsters in this golden opportunity? What's his knuckle-head problem? His voters languish, stunned at the prospect that Biden is very able to get into the White House after so much fraud "elected" him. Do the audits, moron! Pay for them yourself, Mr. Multi-Billionaire. You can't take it with you, and your children have enough money already. Serve your country with it, moron. Are you going to your grave leaving the country in a mobster's stranglehold?

The issue is simple: did the Dominion machine(s) in Antrim county reject 68-percent of the ballots, yes or no? That's the claim, and so the onus is now on the state to prove otherwise, or to explain how that many ballots (or even 50-percent) could possibly be rejected by the machine. This is so simple to resolve. Get a second opinion, moron! Get a third opinion, moron. Get a fourth opinion, moron, and have them swear affidavits even. Seize other machines now, and investigate them too. The country stands in the balance, and expects this of you, their leader.

In Trump's tweet concerning Barr's resignation letter, he said that Barr "has done an outstanding job." TRUMP = MENTALLY-RETARDED MORON!!! Barr deserves jail and humiliation, and here you are being "proper"? He conspired with deep-state goons and even assisted in this election fraud, and you have the stupidity to compliment him?

Trump's voters portray his do-nothing as great patience or five-level chess moves. Hardy-har-har. He's one move from checkmate, mate, because no one's afraid of him. They stand at all the gates of the city, ready to burn it down with the people inside, because he allowed them to operate unopposed.

Okay, so what's the situation on the ground now? Mr. Rosen is the new attorney general for the interim, and Trump is his boss, his real, bona fide boss. So, how does a boss behave? Does he let the attorney general do nothing while the enemy is at the main gate with torches on-the-ready? Is the boss afraid to tell the AG to go do this, or go do that, for the benefit of the country, to do it fast and do it good? Or is this president going to wait weeks and months to see how Rosen pans out only to discover that he's another deep-state flake? I feel sorry for you, brothers and sisters in America, terribly bad. Barr chose Rosen to be his deputy. Trump is therefore responsible for the RosenZero period too.

I was watching Lou Dobbs Monday night where Mo Brooks (House Republican) was on, saying he's got a legal strategy to deny Biden the election on January 6th's submissions by state electors. I knew that the Brooks surname share the garbs of Songs, which recalled when God conveyed to me the message, "you shall have a song," in my first year of Christianity. I wasn't going to tell this without some corroboration that it applies to Mo Brooks. Then I remembered that the Brooks share the Coat of German Goods/Guts, who were pointed to by the phrase I claim to be from God: "it felt so good." I still wasn't going to mention MO Brooks, but it had me interested enough to load the Moe surname, to find it in the colors and format of English Goods. Hmmm. That got me to jot this down. I suppose there's nothing more to say until we see what comes of Mo Brook's law suit(s). If nothing, I won't say anything.

Load the Song tab now for access to other Coats of Arms to follow the discussion better.

Wait, more. The Moe's (listed with Moens) share the ice trefoils, and God had used ice cream to point to certain things, including John Ratcliffe, who put out, early this month, some China reports. In the third update of last month, I was impressed by the meaning of falling on my SHIN pads while scoring on a TIP IN. The Shins/Chine's/Chings pointed to China, and TIPPINs (Lancashire) share the Ratcliff bull head. Then two or three weeks after first mentioning this shin-pad theory, John Ratcliffe came out to share Intelligence reports publicly, telling (if only by implications) that China's badly worming into high-level positions through Democrat circles. If he has shown Congress and the Trump team that China is involved in voter-machine fraud within the United States, that would match my falling on my shins to score. Sidney Powell may be presenting court evidence that China is involved.

But, if Trump doesn't win this election, then I can't see why the tip-in is goal should point to anything in this election, in spite of the Shins and Tippins looking like they point to the current situation. In this way, I'm apparently predicting Trump's last-minute win...because the goal was a winning goal in the last minute of the game.

Moe's share the Ice trefoils. What might this mean? I claim that God set me up with an ice cream handed to me by Katrina Hanson when she worked at Sam's Restaurant. I linked the lozenge of English Hansons to Whalleys, noting that while Whalley-like Walerans share the black bull head with Ratcliffs, the latter are said to have been at Whalley. Walerans were first found in Devon with Moen-like Moons, and here it's interesting that while I see the Moon Coat as a version of the Italian Pavia Coat, English Pavia's have a Coat three times in the Coat of Grimms. Their martlets are colors reversed from the same of Gormleys, and Sam's Restaurant is in Gormley (Ontario). Let's add that while MO Brooks was born, Morris, Irish Morris' share the giant Sam lion while Sam's were first found in Essex with Brooks!!! WOW!

Plus, Brocks, likewise first found in Essex, have a lion in Crest said to be holding a dart, and Darts/Dards (Devon, same as Moons and DARlene's) are from the DARDanian king, MONunius. So, Moe's/Moens are suspect from that king along with Moons. As I've said, the last time I saw Miss Hanson, I was at the shared entryway into Ratcliff Lumber and Sam's Restaurant.

The next amazing thing is that there was another ice-cream sold to me, in the same manner as happened with Miss Hanson, from Darlene Ray/Wray, less than a year later. While I've pointed out several times that Wrays share the Gormley martlets, Rays happen to share the courant Song horse!!! Songs share the garbs of Brooks! "You shall have a song".

Darlene and I worked at KNOB Hill Farms, and "NOBiscum" is a motto term of Irish Morris'. There is a Nob surname in Song colors, and the Nob Crest shares a blue eagle head with Paxtons!! Surprise. Ken Paxton is the Texas attorney general who launched an election-fraud court case a couple of weeks ago that the U.S. supreme court swatted down. However, even a failed case of this caliber (was joined by over 100 House members and 17 states) can have sway in making the judges re-think their foul rulings. There was vitriol hurled at the supreme court, and rightly so, for that decision.

The Morris motto in full suggests that they use the lion of Italian Conte's, and this looks relevant where German Hansons can be gleaned from VisCONTI's in as many as three ways (Lombard Coat, Visconti snake, Sforza lion). It just so happens that the ancient and green Visconti snake is called a "biscione," while the Biss' suspect in "NoBIScum" share the two snakes, likely, in the Arms of Bissone (Ticino canton, has a river flowing to Pavia). To explain why Morris' look Visconti-linkable, the other Morris' can be gleaned as a Maurice branch while Maurs/Maurels were first found in Milan with Visconti's. Milan is the Lombardy capital while CREMa is in Lombardy too. French Maurels share the Cremer / Hanson fleur-de-lys.

There is only a slim chance that Mo Brook's law suit will obtain the election victory, and so if this heraldry seems to be clicking well, we've maybe got to view it as coincidental if nothing comes of his efforts.

The ice-CREAM had pointed to Cremers who share the red rooster with Hanson-like Hanns/Hahns, and so note how the Cramer rooster (on a green mound) reflects the red rooster (on a green cushion) of BIBLE's/Bibo's, for the latter are said to be related to Hahns (enter "Hann" to get the red rooster; enter "Hahn" to get a black rooster in Morris colors). It just so happens that Hahns were first found in Mecklenburg with Ice's (Brooks share the Ice trefoils). The point is, when God gave the message, "you shall have a song," I was pointing a finger to the BIBLE. I'll explain below, but for here, note that the Bible/Bibo rooster is on a green CUSHion while Kiss'/CUSH's, sharing the red Bible/Bibo rooster, share the chevron-with-fountains of the Custs expected in the "CUSTodet" motto term of Cremers. Moreover, it's interesting that German Cremers use a ram, for the Dominion-fraud story above was reported by Mr. RAMSland.

To set up the following, let's add that while Crema is on a Serio river, "SED serio" is a motto term of Cars/KERRs while the ice-cream CONE had pointed to John Kerry, born with a Cohn surname. Cone's/Comitissa's were first found in Durham with Sidney-like SEDans/Siddens, who likewise use a "sed" motto term. Then, because the Side-branch Sutys share the Morris lion, the "SI DEus" motto phrase of the same Morris' looks like part-code for their Side ancestors. It's now possible to glean that "Deus" is code for the Days'/Dea's who have two erect, green snakes very linkable to the two, blue and erect ones in the Arms of Bissone. The full Morris/Maurice motto is, "Si Deus noBIScum qui CONTra nos." It may be possible to find a pointer to Sidney Powell in all of this.

In my 1979 dream, a week after my conversion to Jesus, there was a car that was resolved as an auto as a pointer to Auto's/Otto's sharing the black bull with Ratcliffs, for example. Without repeating all of that, the only point to add now is that Ottone's are Otto's too while Ottone Visconti was the first Visconti ruler of Milan. Having said that, my job at Atlas AUTO Parts has been a recent topic as a pointer to Atlanta's State Farm Arena, location of the suitcase fraud by use of Dominion voting machines. It is to be assumed that the machines caused many intentional errors so that the counters could re-count the same ballots multiple times for Biden's benefit. Rudy Giuliani said that the on-site security video (which we haven't seen much of) showed the recounting of the same ballots multiple times.

The Car/Kerr chevron is colors reversed from the Arms of Carrick. The latter is solely a chevron, and Cars/Kerrs almost use nothing but a chevron. Then, the Irish Morris'/Maurice's, who've played all along this Morris-Brooks investigation, happen to share the dancette-fesse of Carricks. The CARRots/Carews (Carrick colors), sharing "bien" in their motto with Carricks, have lions in the colors of the Suty / Morris/Maurice lion, yet the Carrot/Carew lions are in a passant position, same as the same-colored Side lion. Carrots/Carews are said to descend from Windsors, and the Ottone-connectable Others/Otters are said to be Windsor ancestors via lords of Lombardy (tends to nail Morris'/Maurice's with Milan's Maurs/Maurels). It just so happens that the Other/Otter crescents are colors reversed from the same of Sedan-branch and Seatons/Sittens who in turn share "hazard" with Sutys (share Morris/Maurice lion).

In my first update of April, 2010, as just one of several examples, I told this story: "When I saw the new me just before seeing Jesus' face, I thought I looked like a singer. But I couldn't sing at all at that time, never even tried, with anyone or any group. A year or so later, I was thinking about that vision, and so I opened the Bible and placed my finger on whatever page it happened to be, as new converts sometimes do to see whether God will give a sign, and when I began reading at my finger, it said, I kid you not, 'You shall have a song.'" That's in Isaiah. I was asking God whether I'd be involved in music.

I never got involved in music, but I did teach myself to sing, and I sang, and sang and sang. In my opinion, the finger-pointing event came true for my love of singing, but when I started to link heraldry to my life's events, I started to suspect that, "you shall have a song," would point to something else, something happy, besides my personal singing.

There seems to be a strong pointer of Morris Brooks to the ice-cream. The ice-cream in both cases came with a cone, and Cone's share the CONTE/Comitissa antlers while Morris' share the Conte/CONTI lion. As was said, my first date with Katrina Hanson was in a car owned by the Quinns. VisCONTI-related Sforza's have a lion holding a Quinn-like "quince," and Saer de Quincy is in the write-up of Faucets (share Morris/Maurice lion) of FoxSIDE castle. Interesting here is that I have two bathtub faucets by Moen. The points are: 1) one Quinn Coat uses snakes, a Visconti symbol while the other Quinns (both Irish) have a horse in the colors of the Song horse; 2) the Quinn snake design is shared by Shall-like Shells..."You SHALL have a SONG." Shalls almost have the Coat of TIPleys/Tapleys/Table's (Devon).

Did we see a fox with Faucets (East Lothian, same as Vaux's)? Is it a coincidence that Faux's have the Hanson mascle in colors reversed? And the Shell-like Shields/Sheills share the Coat of Fox's/SHINnocks while Shins/Chinns/Chings share blue vair fur with Quints. The latter, in a different color, share the lion paw with English Moens (Domino tower?) who in turn share "vincit" with Songs and English Shields/Shiels (and Keiths of East Lothian), VERY POWERFUL as a pointer to Mo Brooks, for it's Brooks sharing the garbs, or wheat sheaves by another name, of Songs. The Shields/Shiels share the motto of Shaws/Sheaves'. So, perhaps, we are to see Mo Brooks in my shin-pad slide for the winning goal.

From the last update: "Irish Alleys/Aulays share the Irish Fox/SHINnoch Coat, making an alley-shot pointer to the BALLOT/Bellow Crest." Aulays may have been a branch of Halls/HOLE's (share the Holly dog).

The shin-pad slide for the winning goal was for the semi-final match. I remember nothing in that game but looking at the clock, with some two minutes to go, while I was on the bench, and the goal shortly afterward. It took us to the championship game, the only thing of which I remember is the first goal, scored my me. In both goals, Steve Tarr got the assist. The last update brought "SCOTUS" (= supreme court of U.S.) to mind just as I was mentioning the Terras' having a Scott/Scouts Coat, which, I think, finally explained why Tarr was in both goals, for Tarrs are also Terres'/Tarres'.

Scottish Jacks show only holly, and my alley game of POTsies, which pointed in the last update to Ken Paxton, use a holly-like hole (in the ground) for the pot. I showed how Pots are PAXton-linkable by the Paux variation of Pots. I also showed how Pots/Paux's can be of the Potters through Porters. Mo Brook's middle name, "Jackson," was also his father's middle name, though his father went by "Jack." It just so happens that English Jacksons, sharing the Potter cinquefoil, have red drops on a white and courant horse while Irish Morris'/Maurice's have red DROPs on a white lion head. White lion heads happen to be in use by Moyne's/Monks (Devon, same as Moons and drop-using Darlene's) while Moens also list Moyne's, how about that. The Moyne/Monk lion heads are in the colors of the DROP/Trope lion! You just saw a MOE/Moen link to Morris'. The Pike's (Devon again) share the Moe/Moen trefoils.

While English Dominics have a "PAX" motto, German Dominics share the chevron of Pike's while Domino's share the black tower with Moens/Moyne's.

Another consideration is that, "it felt so good," now pointing to the English Goods, in the colors and format of Moe's/Moens, originated from the BELLY symbol of Miss Peare. Keep in mind that German Goods/Guts (a gut is a belly) share the Brooks Coat for an excellent belly pointer to Mo Brooks. It's just that the Dominion-fraud claims out this week (as reported by Mr. Ramsland) were from a law suit of Mr. Bailey while Baileys share the Moray stars. Bellys were first found in Moray. Baileys were a Baliol branch, and it just so happens that ALEXANDER, the brother of king Baliol, is in a Scott/Scouts write-up for a Mr.-Bailey pointer to SCOTUS. Alexanders were first found in Kintyre, beside ARRAN (where McABBE's were first found), the latter from "AIRAINES" near ABBEville. The Bailey and Baliol write-ups trace the family to "Bailleul-En-Vimeu which is about six miles south of Abbeville."

At the start of November, I wrote: "Ginsburg-connectable Gins', with a version of the Coney Coat, use a "Vim" motto term listed with Bien-like Beans/Beine's/Vans." It recalls that Moray-like Morris' share the dancetty-fesse of Bien-loving Carricks. Vims/Beans are also the Bene's in the "bene" motto term of Baileys, suggesting strongly that Vims named Vimeu above. The Gins' happen to share the Baliol swords, perfect.

As the same swords are used by BARRows, is God saying that He removed Ginsburg (from the SCOTUS) so that she can be replaced by Coney-BARRETT, and will the latter come around to giving Trump the election by outside pressures? Will SCOTUS pass this election controversy to Mo Brooks so that the House can decide the election on a House vote? Ginsburgs may be using vases while Vase's/Fesse's are from the Fieschi, suspect with the Feschs/Fechters sharing the crossed swords of Barrows ("suFICIT") who are in turn obvious kin of Fix's/Ficks.

I didn't find any substantial evidence that Sidney Powell has been pointed to by all of the above starting with Mo Brooks.

From last week: "[Judge] Elsenheimer last week granted Bailey's request to take forensic images of 22 tabulators and review those along with flash drives, software and a 'master tabulator' that the county said does not exist. Bailey and members of the Allied Securities Operation Group spent about eight hours on Sunday at county offices obtaining the material." Wow, look at how fast a mere Antrim-county resident found all of that fraud, then got it exposed to the world, but Trump's team couldn't do it???

Those of you who know about Peare's it-feels-so-good belly and waist events know that they involved Louise Phillips. In the last update, the Phillips got suspect as a pointer to vote flipping. I've never before had reason for such a pointer by Miss Phillips. The same detroitnews article with the quote above says:

Allied Security Operations Group's Russell Ramsland, Jr. was listed in a lawsuit filed by lawyer Sidney Powell last month in Michigan seeking to overturn Democratic President-elect Joe Biden's 154,000-vote win in Michigan over Republican President Donald Trump. Ramsland raised concerns about spikes in votes tallied for Biden after 2 a.m. the day after the election.

Okay, so Powell has been working with, and getting some/most of her machine information from, the same man who wrote Bailey's report. Looking good. It feels so good.

Timcast has this story. At about the 5th minute, he says that Republicans in Michigan are taking the Bailey audit to the SCOTUS for a decision. But this is for one county only for all the nation. If Trump had seized other machines a month ago, this would have been a slam-dunk case that SCOTUS could not reject. Sidney Powell has been emphasizing Dominion machines, and her input from other people in conjunction with the Bailey finds can now become a very heavy batter for a home-run possibility...or a last-minute slide to the net to tap in the winner. The suspense is killing:

Pelosi and Zuckerberg of China

At the 8th minute of the video below, there's evidence that China has a handle on Dominion voting, but that it's hiding the evidence. Lin Wood says China bought Dominion for $400M, but if that's correct, there can't be such a transaction in open, public view. China pays big dollars for Dominion; Dominion gets Biden elected; China gets its money back from pal-Biden's grubby hands on the Treasury.

Put short in the NTD story above, Dominion's parent company, Staple Street Capital (New York), raised fast money ($400M), just weeks BEFORE the election, thought to be a one-timer gift from China to pay for election fraud. However, I'm not sure whether this claim is solely from Lin Wood, who says he's yet to verify it, or whether NDT has additional information to verify it. NTD says that the $400M was obtained by Staple Street from a New-York operated UBS Securities (bank), but with the latter having two Chinese men on its board who were wiped off of public paperwork once their names hit the news from NTD. The same two Chinese men work in high-level positions with the only other UBS facility -- in China -- said to be 49-percent owned by the Chinese government. This really does stink of the Bidens, it really does. Talk about foreign, election interference if true.

Note that the Staple surname has the bend-with-fleur of Buris/Bury surname, for I've been pointing the latter surname to BURISma, the Ukraine company that took Hunter Biden onto its board for corrupt purposes. The news out recently that Hunter didn't pay taxes on $400,000 was as per payments (or one payment) from Burisma. Did God arrange the Buris Coat to be used by Staple's to make a Burisma connection to Dominion? Are China and Ukraine working together to get Biden elected? Ukraine and Soros go hand-in-glove. The Staple Coat even shares the fleur-de-lys of Snake's, like "Seneca." Hunter and friends were involved with Rosemont Seneca. It was Hunter's buddy at Rosemont Seneca that wrote him an email to say, you still owe taxes on Burisma's $400,000.

The amazing thing now is, firstly, that I always link the Snake eagle to the Spink eagle because Spinks share mascles on blue with Seneca's, but then these are also the eagles of the Sans' having a Seneca-like Sanchez variation, and "Sans" is like the SENESchal variation of Seneca's. Having done that, I always go to the Senns' too because they were first found in Switzerland with the Sine's in the Seneca motto, and, THE AMAZING POINT IS: "The New York-based subsidiary of SWISS [caps mine!] bank UBS sent $400 million to Dominion’s parent company Staple Street Capital III, L.P. on Oct. 8, 2020" (NTD article below). Boy does that ever look like it's got Intelligent Design behind it. UBS = United Bank of Switzerland.

SINOhawk, a Biden-family venture with China, was named partly after China. That is, "Sino" refers to China, according to Biden's former partner, Tony Bobulinski. The Seneca motto seems to be snitching on Biden, doesn't it?

Spinks are expected in the sphinx of Brocuffs (Silesia, same as Scytl-like Schittle's/Schitners sharing the ICE/Ecke trefoil), and the latter share the Chief-Shield colors of SCHIMs. I fell down on my shin pads, but lucked out and scored anyway while SKIMMing along the ICE. Schims are also Schiens, a branch of Shin-like Skins/Skene's. Having said that, I've set you up for this: Kims, a Chinese surname too, use a Swiss-like "suis" motto term, what a Swissincidence. I've now got to repeat that Shins/Chinns/Chings share the Coat of Kim-like Kemmis'/Kenys', while Kims are also M'Shimmie's, for example. And it just so happens that French Dominics (pointer to Dominion Voting) share the horizontally-split Shield of Swiss'/Switzers/Schweitzers, both having a single, white symbol on their upper half. Swiss' add the Berne bear, and while Berne is in northern Switzerland, Senns' are said to be first found in northern Switzerland. Plus, unbelievably, Berne's share the bend of Irish Shins/Shannons; if not for the bear on the Berne bend, the two Coats are identical. AMAZING. Schims/Schiens are also Shannon-like Shands.

[Insert -- BEHOLD: Kims share the motto (with "suis") and Coat of Scottish McKinneys/McKimmie's/MacShimmie's/MacCammie's while Irish McKinneys, I kid thee not, share the Francisco fesse. SAN Francisco is, at this time in the news, the hub of Chinese infiltration into willing Democrat camps, namely into the camp of Eric Swalwell, a House Representative for a California district just outside of San Francisco. That works excellently, thanks to the Sans having worked into this discussion. We seem to be onto something.

Nancy Pelosi is embroiled in this scandal, and she's been a House representative in San Francisco. As has been said for weeks, her former chief-of-staff (Nadeam Elshami) was employed by Dominion Voting! Zikers. U.S. Intelligence is EXPECTED to be all over this Dominion-China threat, except that Trump hasn't got the right people overseeing the CIA. What a lump of pork lard this president is. What a disaster he's been to the nation for dereliction of duty. He's caused me repeated pains for four long years. He should have fired Barr, Wray and Haspel before the election so that he would have election-related leverage over the troublesome RINO's in the Senate for when he replaces the three rats with people who'll do the right things (whom the RINO's are expected to oppose). It's bad enough Democrats set all sorts of "minorities" against long-time Americans, they now want to form an alliance with China against the Republican party? What if the average Democrat voter subscribes to this strategy? What would China ask in return from Biden for getting him elected?

Francisco's are listed with Spanish Franca's, in the colors of Scottish Franks, and sharing the fesse also of Italian Franks, the latter first found in Piedmont, same as Domino's and Pelosi's. Get ready: Pelosi's share the column with German Franks!!! Doesn't it seem that God created this heraldry as a pointer to Pelosi of San Francisco? The other German Franks (Bohemia, same as the other German Franks) have a leopard-face version of the Peerless/Napier Coat, and the latter have a "SANS" motto term!!! ZOWIE.

It just so happens that the Frank leopard face is shared by English Antonys while the same Franks share a red saltire with French Andrea's and Scottish Andersons. It recalls (last update) the birthday gift of Tony (probably born, Antonio) to ANDRea Fabian on SHOREham drive, for Shore's/Sure's are in the "sure" motto term of Scottish ANDERsons. Austrian Anthonys happen to use a rose-version of the Shin/Shanahan Coat, and Austria is where Sauers were first found who share the lion of Shore-like Sorrys/Sawreys. The latter share "simplex" with Perkins who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Peers/Napier's. That all works preliminarily well, but I'm not done.

Perkins share the fleur-de-lys of English Fabians. Sorrys/Sawreys were suspect (months/years ago) with Andrea Fabian because I bought her a game board for her birthday, and though I can't remember what game it was, I liked the game of Sorry, when I was a kid, and so I may have bought it for her because Sorrys use a "fasces" while Fieschi are said, by Wikipedia, to have been partners with Grimaldi's of Genoa while Italian Fabians share the Grimaldi Shield. So, maybe, the board game points to George Soros, a Hungarian, for English George's, first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors', are from the Hungarian, George, son of king Andrew I of Hungary!!! Perfect, and Andrew was Andrea-like Anders! It appears that the board game points to Soros. Sorrels/Sorwells (probably the lion of Andrew-based Ross') share the Coat of Scottish Mars while earls of Mar (Scotland) were at KilDRUMMy.

As was said in the last update, I bought her a book along with the board game, and, suddenly, wow, FACEbook comes to mind with that book because Face's/Fesse's are traceable to "Fieschi" in that Segni's/Segurana's (Genoa, same as Fieschi) are expected in the Face/Fessy motto term, "signo." Recall the leopard FACES of Franks.

The English Francis' happen to have the Coat of Toronto-like Tarents. Dominion started in Toronto. This insert happened after writing about a dozen paragraphs below. Look at how well and importantly it fits into the discussion. End insert]

Two updates ago, I stated that the Padds have a version of the Coomer Coat while Eric Coomer is Dominion's CEO. That's why "DOMINabitur" is a Coomer motto term, because God apparently arranged it. I fell on my SHIN PADs, folks. God must have arranged that too. God forbid that my goal represents China's victory over the United States, but, you know, now that I think of it, God might actually favor China over the United States. The Chinese don't like porn, for example, and Jesus apparently comes to fight the anti-Christ, in Israel, with Orientals. Something to think about. However, a China win in this post-election scenario is also a win for anti-Christ Americans, and I don't think God would use my goal to portray that.

There's more, for the horizontally-split Shield of Swiss'/Switzers is shared by Schwerins (Mecklenburg), who named Schwerin in Mecklenburg, smack at the area where Ice's/Ecke's were first found. I always link the Ecke's to Eggs who happen to have another horizontally-split Shield, and it happens to share the Swiss/Switzer eagle! AMAZING, is it not? My falling to my knees on the ice must have been a pointer to this Chinese-UBS link / scandal that touches upon election fraud on behalf of the Biden family.

The Ice/Ecke and Schittle trefoil is shared by Moe's/Moens who came up as per Mo Brooks, and while Brooks share the sheaves of Songs/SINGERs, Schittle's were first found in Silesia, where the inhabitants were SchleSINGERs. German Singers use a bear. The great thing about Songs/Singers is that they share the courant horse of Freeze's while Frasers share the Kim Coat. Oh wow, Freeze's are Freys too while Don Frey, whom I've mentioned a few times as a professor at Toronto's Seneca college (!), had a father from Switzerland! There's got to be something to that if only verification of what's being said here.

There is actually more to this because the English Charles' ("AUGet") have another horizontally-split Shield sharing the top half of the Swiss/Switzer Coat. As Charles' look potentially to be a branch of Carlyle's, see this:

Before nominated as ambassador to the EU by Barack Obama in 2009, Kennard was managing director of the Carlyle Group (2001-2009) where he led investments in the telecommunications and media sectors.

Staple Street Capital’s co-founders and Board members of Dominion Voting, Stephen D. Owens was a managing director of the Carlyle Group (1998 – 2009), Hootan Yaghoobzadeh worked for the Carlyle Group (2002 – 2003), Cerberus Capital Management (2003 – 2009).

Having said that, let's go to the 1979 dream with CHARLotte Hicks, for Charlotte's are listed with French Charles'. She appeared in the dream in front of the hood of a CAR, and Hoods happen to be HOOTs, thus looking like a pointer to HOOTen Yaghoobzadeh, one of Staple's co-founders. God can make several different pointers with any one symbol or group of symbols. The Carlyle Group had for a president, Frank Carlucci, and Carlucci's are listed with what looks like a Carl / Charles branch. In fact, wow, Carlucci's were first found in Milan, where Ottone Visconti ruled, and the car of that dream was an auto as a pointer to Ottone's/Otto's! Plus, Hicks use a "bon" motto term while Bons/Bono's (Milan!) have a version of the Carlucci Coat!!! ZOWIE. Compare Bons/Bono's to Odins (Yorkshire, same as Hicks') and Otone's/Oltens (Cheshire, same as HOOTENs). This is very remarkable stuff. It's got to be the best-ever pointer of the hood scene that I've come up with. The Charles / Swiss eagle is colors reversed from the same of Hotts.

Look: Carls share the pomegranate with Grazio's, the latter first found in Perugia with Ottone's/Otto's!!! Now we know why she was named, Charlotte. It can maybe explain why my hand GRAZEd her knee while she was hovering. She's has a Rena middle name according to at least one listing I saw for her, and then the Reines' look connectable to the Carlucci Coat, keeping in mind that Reines' point via their comet and their Pisa-like Coat to Comet Ping Pong pizza.

I've got to try to remember this: Charlotte Hicks at the hood is a pointer to the Carlyle Group and to Staple's co-founder, Hooten YagHOOBzadeh. After she was at the hood, she was HOVERing over the seat, and Hooters share the Hoover/HOOBer talon/leg!!! As I've said, eagle legs are shared between Hoovers, Hooters and HICKsons. Wow, the hover scene is a pointer to Yaghoobzadeh. Is that Iranian? Hoovers/Hoobers share the gold wing with Poulos'.

Carlucci (his father was part Swiss) was in the highest positions of American Intelligence and Defense through the time when nazified Americans were penetrating both via the Bush's. Carlucci died with Parkinson's disease, same as the husband of Charlotte Hicks. Carlucci was the secretary of defence (under Reagan), replaced by Dick Cheney as soon as George Bush Sr. became the president. Recall Don Frey, for while his father was a Baptist pastor in Switzerland, Pastors share the Coat, almost, of Dutch Bush's/Boschs while Scottish Boschs have "TUFTs of grass" linkable to Grazio's (share pomegranate with CARLs, probably a Carlucci branch). It just so happens that Carlucci's deputy secretary of defence was William Taft.

Gaze in wonder: Tafts/TUFTS happen to share the Knee phoenix, and, as I've said, I not only grazed her knee with my hand, but TOUCHed it because Tafts/Tufts/Tuffs' were first found in Cheshire with Touch's/Tuffs!!! SPECTACULAR, even the touch-knee is now pointing to Carlucci's job in Defence, but apparently aiming at the Bush-Scherff Nazi's no doubt a part of this election-fraud battle. Don't mobsters put their dirty money in Swiss banks? Charles' share the Swiss eagle. The Touch/Tuff Coat is colors reversed from the Hume Coat while "HUMiliTATE" is the Carlyle motto. Hume's were first found in Berwickshire with TATE's/Teets.

Carlucci became the defence secretary in 1987 under Reagan, and the "REGNi" motto term of Irish Charles' must, I assume, be code for Regans/Reagans. That has more good potential for making "Charlotte" look like a pointer to "Carlucci."

For four years I've been trying to understand / decipher the Hicks-at-car scenes, but not until this election has there been a major breakthrough. I had best add here that Miss Hicks and her husband are in a Baytown-Sun article having won a cook-out contest in 1987, the year Carlucci started to run Defence. SPUDs MacKenzie, a mascot bulldog, was brought in for the celebrations and photos, and Spuds appears in the Baytown-Sun article with Miss Hicks' husband.

If Spuds is a pointer to the Spade surname, it's interesting that Dominion Voting had/has a Toronto location on Spadina road. Spade's share the Bully mascle, you see, and Spuds is a BULL terrier. MacKenzie's have a LUCeo" motto term that can indicate the same family forming "CarLUCCi." Lucci's/Luciano's (share the Massi/Mattis Chief) share the fish, roughly, of Luce's. Lucca is at MASSA-CARRara. That works. MacKenzie's share the rock with the Roach's in turn sharing the lower Lucci/Luciano Shield.

Plus, Bullys (share flames with the MacKenzie rock) and Leggs were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks and Rums, and while I touched her leg when touching her knee as she hovered, and while Hoovers/Hoobers and Hooters use bird legs, the Legg Coat is almost the MacKenzie Coat. I think that works more on the marvel side than on the coincidence side. I lumped Rums into that picture because: " 1948, Carlucci attended Princeton University, where he roomed with Donald Rumsfeld." Much later, Carlucci would take Rumsfeld job as the director for Office of Economic Opportunity, and Carlucci's job was taken by Mr. Sanchez. Rumsfeld then became the defence chief for George Bush Jr. Rums/Rome's share the fesse of Augusts who in turn use another bird leg.

Spuds MacKenzie is a MASCot for BUD Light beer, and Buds/Bude's can be of the Botters of Lucca, right beside the MOSCa's of Pisa and the Massi's/Mattis' of Massa-Carrara (rulers shared the checkered Coat of Massi's/Mattis'). Bude's share bows and arrows with the Roet-related Bows/Boughs (lords of STREATham) while Carrara's share the wheel with Roets and Streats/Streets. Buds/Bude's share the dancetty-fesse (different colors) with Carrara-traceable Carricks. Why all of these coincidences landing on the same set of families? The Carrick dancette is the fesse of Bugs who are in turn in the colors of the Bogan bow.

Miss Hicks is pointing to the rapers and destroyers of the United States. The sooner Americans (both parties) gang up on these monsters who conducted 9-11, the better it can go for the country. If they haven't the guts, so bad for the country, stay slaves and enjoy it the best you can as vultures eat your brains out with versions of the truth intended only to protect their dirty tricks on you.

News came out Wednesday that the facebook CEO had donated $250M to election causes, including election machines, training, and other interference in the elections. But the story says that he (Zuckerberg) gave more, and then committed still more until the sum reached $400M. Where did we see that number before? Oh, yea, that's the amount given to Staple. Here's from the Independent a week after the election: "The contribution brings the total funding for the election from Zuckerberg and [his wife] Chan to $400 million..." Miss Chan is...Chinese. Wowie. It could be that the money was laundered through Staple en route to Zuckerberg, and no one questions his "gift" because he makes that much money in one minute.

Think of it: with all that money and the cheating of all the Internet giants, Democrats still lost the election by a huge margin (neglect all the cheated votes). FRINGE PARTY. DESTROY THEM, because cheats want to rule over us by craft and by force. Destroy them, but Trump doesn't care to try. He laments, and he screams, and he blows hot wind, but that's all he does. For this monster, he needs to use Intelligence against it. Intelligence is for exposing and destroying enemies of the state, especially when they have grown into monsters. Intelligence goes hand-in-hand with the DoJ, but Trump put in Jeff Rosen, and still won't remove Wray. BLUSTERING DO-NOTHING. Why not give the job to Devin Nunes??? Imagine what he could do there in just two months alone. But, TRUMP IS A FAKE.

I've got some interesting heraldry starting with the CHANtrans location (Burgundy, same as Pilate's) of Pilotte's/Pillows. Judge for yourself whether you think this is God's pointer to Zuckerberg and Chan, but first let me tell that Pilotte's came up as "Pillows" because it's a Pelosi-like term while Pelosi's are themselves showing variations such as "Pilati." I couldn't get a Chantran(s) surname to come up, but Chanters share Pilate-like billets (different colors) with Bassets/BESANCONs while Chantrans is in the Doubs area of Besancon. Bassets/Besancons were first found in Forez very near mont Pilat. After Chanters, Canters were loaded, shocking because I had the Zucker-like Sucker variation of Suchs on my mind, and the latter have a Shield filled with the besants-on-red that are heavily in the Canter Coat. (I didn't know until now that the Arms of Doubs has the Nassau/Naso Coat with billet background.)

Behold the Terrets/TERENTs in the "terret" motto term of Canters, for TRENTs come up as "Trans," looking like a pointer to "ChanTRANS"!!! That makes "Chan" the root term, as an apparent pointer to Miss Chan, Zuckerberg's wife! It wouldn't be a compelling pointer had not Canters shared the besants of Suckers.

Plus, I rode the horse of Christine Peare once that I say was God's pointer to Gallops, Trots and Canters. It just so happens that while her surname (Oxfordshire, same as Canters) traces to Piedmont, where Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found, Pilotte's/Pillows' essentially have the Christine Coat. Gallops were pointed to when her waist symbol pointed to the horse "on a gallop" of Waistells. The latter's quadrants are in the colors of the split Pelosi Shield, and the Pelosi bull is in the colors of the Waistell horse.

It was Peare's waist symbol that gave birth to the phrase, "it FELT so GOOD," in a pointer to the family of Gothelo > Eustace II of Boulogne. The Arms of Boulogne share red roundels with Canters. The leaves in the Canter Crest betray that the Canter bars are those of Leavells. Felts (Bouillon cross in colors reversed) played a role in the phrase for proving that it and the waist event was a set-up by God. Felthams have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Pelosi's. (By the way, I don't think the courant Waistell horse is on a technical gallop, but the description says so probably as code for the Gallop ancestors of Waistells.)

So, now that Zuckerberg is potentially pointed to by Suchs/Suckers, we load Orms' too because Suchs/Zuckers were at Ormskirk. And the Orms share the spread eagle of Sans'/Sanchez's and Seneca-like Snake's i.e. potentially suggesting that facebook's CEO is part of Rosemont-Seneca, and/or connected to the Demo-Chinese elements in Pelosi-circle SAN Francisco.

I'm going to let the Snook variation of Snake's take us to my snooker shot on Obama's snooker table that I took, in my dream where Obama owned a BILLIARD hall. Perkins COIE, which has an office in Denver along with Dominion Voting, was suspect in the CUE I took the shot with, and Perkins Coie is now involved in protecting voter-fraud elements. Perkins are the ones sharing the fleur-de-lys of Snake's/Snooks. Billiards/Billets are going to link both to Billet-branch BALLOTs and the billets of Besancons/Bassets.

Having said that, we go to Obama on his skateBOARD two scenes after I took the SEWER shot on his snooker table. With the clue now that the billiard hall points to fraudulent ballots, we consider the possibility that the SKATEboard is a pointer to the board of directors of SCYTl. The chairman of that board is Pere Valles, and then -- new right here -- the Spanish Valles Coat is much like the Board and Sewer Coats. The "PERforatus" motto of Boards may even point to PERE Valles. Spanish Valles' even have a cue-like "que" motto term (as well as "como"). And behold: Italian Valles' have a "quieSCIT" motto term. French Valles' even share the Basset Coat.

Behold some more, for the Kwisa river, also called the QUEIS, is in Silesia, and then while we just saw a SCYTL- / SCHIT-like term buried in "QUIEScit," the SCHITTLE's/SCHITners/Sitlers have this: "The surname was originally seated in Gorlitz, a very ancient village in Silesia, rebuilt in the fire of 1131." Apparently, that motto term of Valles' indicates ancestry in Schitners of Silesia. It makes it appear that God provided Scytl with Mr. Valles as its chairman (or else arranged some heraldry centuries ago to fit his name) in order for God to point to this company, now, and not because Scytl's a great and honest company.

Why might God want to point the Lins/Line's to Scytl via their "vireSCIT" motto term? is it a pointer to Mu Lina? Who's that? You'll see. Apparently, she's not to be found. Again, "Virescit" is a motto term of Brocks while their Brocuff branch was first found in Silesia too. Brocuffs use a sphinx, and so that gets us back to the Spink / Snake/Snook / Sans/Sanchez / Orms eagle (Suckers were at Ormskirk).

I knew instinctively that Obama had a partner in the ownership of the billiard hall, and because the lay-out of all tables was in the shape of an L (as seen from the ceiling), I chose Loretta Lynch as his partner. Lynch's share the Coat, almost of FELLers while FELix's/FEELicks have a rare-side square at the center of their mill rind, as do Lorine's (most mill rinds have a diamond shape at the center). Lorine's (look like a Lorraine branch) were looked up because Loretta's mother is/was, Lorine. Loretta's father is/was Lorenzo Lynch. They liked the 'L'. Ahh, Lorenzo's/RENZo's (Florence, same as Pisa) share the hexagram ("comet") of Reines' (Pisa Coat in colors reversed), begging whether Lorraine's and their branches were originally Renzo's / Reines'. Lorenzo's share the tree on red with Panico's/Panetta's, the Panico's having been at the Setta valley, a tributary of the RENO. Lorine's share the engrailed, red bend of Laws, the latter first found in Northumberland with red-bend Lorraine's.

Panico's/Panetta's were kin of FANTIS' (boys), and James AleFANTIS (thought to be a pedophile) owns Comet PING PONG PIZZA, which the "comet" of PISA-related Reines' points to. Panico-like Pincs/Pinks (share Reno lozenges) were first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pongs sharing the Panico/Panetta and Fantis label. We got here by following Obama's attorney general.

Make whatever you wish of it, but there's a LinWOOD surname (version of Wade/Wide Coat) looking like it has a version of the Poulos Coat (share gold Masci wing). Mr. Poulos is the founder of Dominion Voting. Linwoods share the Masci and Staple fleur-de-lys, and Staple Street now owns Dominion Voting. The Linwood and Poulos saltire can be gleaned as that of French Messeys/MESSIER's, and while Masseys were a Masci branch, English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with Linwoods.

Is this suggesting that Lin Wood is a fraud, a Democrat / Dominion mole in the Trump camp? Lin Wood apparently would not say how he knows of the $400M "purchase" of Dominion back in early October of this year, less than a month before the election. Perhaps he has a Democrat friend in high places who told him, for he was a Democrat until recently. I don't know who's side Wood's on, but as he's calling on Trump to call for martial law, is he trying to sink Trump in that way, knowing that the military will turn on Trump instead? A limited martial-law situation to jail the wicked leaders of the left would greatly inspire (fire-up) many pro-Trumpers, as long as it doesn't back-fire, but Trump's not the arresting kind.

Going off-topic a bit here for an interesting addition to the Poulos-Masci connection, we first see that Linwoods are LINGwoods too while German Lings share crossed spears with both Lins/Line's and Pasi's, the latter whom I trace to "VesPASia Polla," the line to Poulos-like Pools. Vespasia lived in Rieti down-river on the Salto from the Marsi, the line to French Mars, first found in Burgundy with Poulos' and Messeys. The latter's Coat is the flag of Marsi-like Mercia. The Masci-liner, earl Ranulph le Meschin, married a Mercian of Lincolnshire...where Linwoods/Lingwoods were first found. English Lings are in Mar and Feller colors and format, and the Feller Coat is almost the Linch/Lynch Coat. If Poulos' use logs, as I think they do, the Vespasia Polla line to Poulos' goes also to Loches'/DeLOGes' (Burgundy), and thus to Miss Loches, wife of Fulk I; the latter's legendary ancestor (= code for a bloodline), Tertullus, thus gets pegged with the line of Tertulla, mother-in-law of Vespasia Polla. To show Loches/DeLoges connection to Poulos', compare the Poulos saltire to the saltire of Loge's/Loges' (Burgundy).

Back in the 3rd update of November, while talking about my shin-pad slide for the winning goal, I was onto the Scytl voting-machine company that works in conjunction with Dominion and others to report election-night counts. And as "Scytl" is like the Skate surname, I worked it into my hockey game, and then came to this:

...if you look up "scytl" at youtube [back when it first made the news], there are oodles of Chinese videos [with Chinese text] talking about it? How can this be? I have no idea, but I did see one Lin surname, a Chinese one with Chinese print on the page. I didn't think anything of it, wasn't planning to make a link to Lin Wood. But then I recalled my theory recently that the Shin/Chinn/CHING surname could point to Biden's Chinese corruption. What do you see? Look closely. Come on, look closer and think about every item in the event where I poked in the puck while it was on the goal LINE [i.e. like "Lin"]. Clue: I had dropped to my knees and was sliding past the goal. Need another clue? What does one drop on when dropping on knees? SHIN pads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so excited, as you can see. That's how the theory was born that the goal refers to election-fraud, and a last-minute victory by the Trump team. I didn't know about the China-Dominion story above until late Tuesday (as I write), December 15. If China is involved with Dominion, Trump can, by authority of his Executive Order, seize all voting machines. And that might be just the beginning.

[New: while the Newtons use "shin bones" and an "EASTERn prince" in Crest, Esterlys/Easterleys (ESToiles), said to be of East Newton (Lincolnshire), share both a gold bend, and a dog in Crest, with Irish Shins/Shanahans. English Shins/Chinn/Chings share three, red fesses with Easter-branch Sturs. The next update uses this paragraph to show how the military can be in the shin-pad slide, but I'll feel really dumb if the military is not used for the election win.]

The Seneca's share the lozenges of Haliburtons, and the latter are connectable to Cheneys while the quote above from November came to LYNNE Cheney (wife of Dick Cheney once of Haliburton energy) like so: "Ahh, I crashed into the boards [after scoring the shin-pad goal], and Broads share the lozenge of Dents in the "pruDENTia" motto term of Cheneys! It could be that God wants to point to the anti-Trump Cheney family too, for Dick Cheney's wife is LYNNE!!!..."

I really liked that. The Haliburton bend-with-lozenges is even reflective of the Staple / Buris bends. So, one theory is that the goal line was a representation of Trump's enemies, including Lin Wood, who keep him from winning the game. At the 10th minute of the NDT video above, one of UBS' board members is shown as Mu LINa, listed directly beneath two Chinese names. Here's the NDT article saying: "Mu Lina was a board member with China TransInfo, a major surveillance camera producer in China. It provides big data and artificial intelligence to Chinese authorities. Its chairman is a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) member...In an unusual move, Beijing’s UBS changed 12 of 14 board members right after the U.S. 2020 election. NTD’s analysts believe UBS may be trying to cover up its ties to the regime.." Makes sense, folks, makes sense.

Late in this update, there's a link to a scaaary Epoch-Times documentary (scary, annihilistic music) that has this China story enlarged into what looks like China's plots to conquer the United States, but I am also aware that the CIA can cause such a story to circulate falsely. So, I just never really know what the truth is. I leave such plots to God. The video tells that George Soros was a "limited partner" of the Carlyle Group in the 1990s (doesn't say whether he's still with the company).

I suggest that China is now on the defensive because it didn't think it would be caught cheating for Biden. However, China's adversary is only the bumbling Trump, who picks his own enemies to run his own country. The Chinese must be laughing at him. Will Trump launch an offensive against this election scourge? We haven't seen it yet. I haven't nurtured much hope in this man to fight his enemies in his own country. He's roughly on the zero line of hope for me. He's been hopeless, still alive politically only because his Obamaite enemies are fools, unconcerned with exposing themselves as fools.

Here's the owner of Conservative Voice, who thinks the best way to seize the voting machines is for Trump to appoint Sidney Powell as a special counsel, and thus she gets the right to do more than seize machines. This should have been done weeks ago:

Leftist media is portraying Powell's visit to the White House, late this week, in horrible terms because it realizes what a threat it is to Biden. Let the leftist media blow its hot gas all it wants; just let Trump do what needs to be done, and when he does, the hot gas will explode into flames like a fire that burns the left to ashes. Let the left burn, let it scream, for that's the way to let it self-destruct. As it screams, better people can expose its duplicity.

Mr. Dominion Shows Up

On Tuesday, the Dominion chief was dragged into the Michigan legislature after skipping Dodge City. Rather than being hanged on a tree, he promised to show up in this peoples court. Before I listened to any word he said, I knew he said, Dominion doesn't do fraud. Yup, that's his testimony, what do we expect? Representatives from two other voting-machine companies refused to appear. The posse still hasn't tracked them down. It's a three-hour video if you're interested in hearing, Dominion don't do any fraud:

Sure, Dominion machines are capable of running correctly, but it's been discovered that they can be altered to cheat. So, it's useless for Dominion to provide an example of a machine that won't cheat because the recorded numbers tell otherwise. Another thing that tells otherwise is the missing numbers, deleted to hide the crimes. He says that, once the machines are sold to an election count house, it's their responsibility what they do with them, and so, yes, okay, he's covering Dominion's butt. But, the question he must answer is: can someone insert a different software to make the machine do less-than-perfect counts? To put it another way: shut up, Mr. Dominion with your faked indignation, and get to the crux of the matter.

If you wish to skip his say-nothing opening, I think it ends at about 33 minutes. He goes long-winded with an air of disgust, and then even tells what election officials do in the count process, but this is in vain because he can have no idea whether officials do the right or wrong things (unless they happen to inform him). There's no use telling of the angelic nature of the official process or machine manual because the machines have been given secret access to the devil through a back door. I dare him to deny that. If no legislator asks him concerning that question, then Mr. Dominion made an agreement with this "kangaroo court" before coming in to answer questions.

I didn't watch the entire thing. The obvious question to ask, since he's under oath: "Do you know of any way for an election count house to cheat using your system?" It's such an easy question, and if he says he's not aware, then he's under oath. But if there are ways to cheat, then he has no right to claim that no cheating went on, because he wasn't there to see whether it did or not. Chances are, he sold them as cheat machines, but even if that can't be proven at this sitting, he's got to admit that, yes, someone in-the-know can rig the machines to cheat. If no one asks him that question, then the entire meeting was rigged.

Ahh, in the 41st minute, he admits that a memory card can be pulled from the machine, after he admits that the memory cards are solely committed to the counties. So, ah, err, if the states want to change the program in that card, or even replace it was some creation of their own, or if you, Mr. Dominion, sell them a cheating memory card under the table, can they do it? Mr. Dominator, why didn't you have the memory card inside the machine, in a concrete box, where it can't be removed, achem? Those are my questions, but the legislators ought to be asking them sooner or later.

Mr. Dominator's voice gets less domineering as he's taking about the "memory cards." THREE memory cards per machine, and he thinks he's safe by saying that they are "locked" and under a seal until after the election. Achem, are you kidding me? Are you saying the election house can pull them out after the election?? In that case, why can't they pull them out during the election but not tell anyone??? Mr. Dominator, you sold them machines that can be tampered with, you devil. They can even pull them out and replace them, BEFORE the count starts, with memory-cards-plus, the "plus" part being a special program catered to their cheating. They can even fix them for cheating before the election so that there's no need to unlock them for to pull them out during the counting. You need to come clean and admit that these machines can be tampered with. He says "I don't THINK so." Not too sure about it, is he?

He says that the removable memory card is "designed not to come out of the machine until the polls close." Achem, how is that assured? Is there a timer connected to the card that prevents it's removal until after a time point? Does he mean that the officials are told in the manual not to pull the card until after the election? Is this the only thing preventing fraud, the goodness in the hearts of the voting-house whores who are being paid good money to screw with ballots?

So, he admits that the whore house is allowed to pull out the card having a record of the counting, for transfer to another property who the pimps, and so we now need to know whether this card can be plugged into any ordinary computer for viewing its data contents, or, shudder, changing the numbers? If they didn't let Republicans watch the whores stack the machines with ballots, they surely won't let Republicans watch what happens to the memory card on transport to another property.

He says (44th) that the machine won't operate if a card is removed, but he doesn't say whether it will start again once the card, or another card, is convenient for him to skip that part. He's trying to make it appear that it's game over for the election house if a card is removed before the full count is done, but I'm not satisfied with his answer. The one questioning him did not do justice on that line of questioning; he let Dominator go just when getting his hands round his throat.

He's then asked what assurances he can give that the software isn't altered by fraudsters. His answer is that, in case of suspected fraud, they count the ballots by hand. Oh, genius, but what if no one suspects fraud? Well, the fraudsters then get away with it. To put it in another way, when questioned, he didn't say it's impossible to alter the software, he said that, to remedy such a case, just count the ballots by hand. GUILTY! Throw the bum in jail. He sold tamperable machines to whore houses, and admits he doesn't get involved personally to see if they screw with the machines, GUILTY.

So, the best way to cheat with machines is to assure the win is by such a large margin that the loser doesn't demand a hand count. That can explain why Biden was ahead by about ten-percentage points in the pre-election polls, because they had planned to make him win something like 74 million to 67 million, but when Trump was found climbing toward 75 million, yikes, they stopped the counting, and screwed all night long with the machines to get Biden a couple of million more, and then rob Trump of about as many just to make sure, and they still only eked out the win. Dirty, dirty detestable pimps. And Barr put his palms over his eyes, saying: I see nothing.

In the 54th minute, the Republican questioner gets Dominator to admit that there was no Dominion support staff in any other Michigan county but Wayne county. "Support staff" my foot. Dominator looks like he's shrinking in his seat when he asked if the support staff reported to him or the company concerning the fraud allegations. In other words, NO, they did not fill out an official report...because they were not there to report fraud, but to facilitate it, simple conclusion.

In the 56th minute, he's asked whether there's any built-in system to detect fraud, or whether a hand count is the only solution? If you understand anything about computers, or how things work in Democrat whore houses, his answer is: no, there's nothing built in to catch fraud. He's grasping at straws to say that third (implies independent) parties and the the state itself scrutinizes the programming before the election, because any two-bit mobster in training can figure out that the third party and the state need to be in on the corruption. The whole idea is to sell these machines to corrupt states, and their democrat officials know exactly where the "independent" third party works in order to "verify" that all is on the up-and-up.

The end game here is that the states and/or counties own these machines, and as such, they can pull them apart, change them in any way they wish, and Mr. Dominator is not on-site to assure they didn't do that. He doesn't check in during elections to assure no one's tampered with the machines, and so for him to point to the state / country officials as the ones who assure no fraud is laughable. Conclusion: NEVER USE A COMPUTERIZED MACHINE to count votes, NEVER-EVER. Throw the bum in jail for facilitating treason.

About 1:22:00 hr. into the video, Dominator says that its best if Dominion doesn't play a part in post-election processes...OBVIOUSLY, because that's like being an accomplice to a major crime. Thank you for that clarification, we couldn't have figured it out without your pointing it out. So, he says, third parties must be chosen for post-election cheating, if the states / counties want to cheat. We have learned that cheating takes place in counties only if the state officials are a part of the crime. It's safest that way, and counties are risk-dumb to try cheating apart from the nod from on-high.

Not long after 1:23:00, he's asked what happened to the data that the Bailey-Ramsland investigation claimed as vanished, but Mr. Denominator, for the record, didn't answer the question because the bottom line here is that he turns into Mr. Terminated if dares answer it. That's what it looks like. The questioner, Ed McBroom (R), did not re-ask him the question seeing that he evaded it. We are left to believe that there was no data recorded that could have vanished. But Mr. Terminated didn't say that; he just didn't speak to that part of the question. How could McBroom let that item slip by since the explosive news of the Bailey-Ramsland investigation is only a day old during this hearing?

At 1:27 hr, Mr. Dominion says no adjudication takes place at a polling place, how perfect for cheating, thank you for that. So, if programmed for it, his machines spit out ballots pretending to be problematic and unrecordable as votes, and then humans get to look at those ballots, but not on-sight where there could be honest people who might see the HUGE stack of problematic ballots and ask, "hmm, I wonder what's going on over there. Let me go take a little look." McBroom is really not a good man to be asking questions because he didn't nail down what was meant by, "not at the polling places." Why didn't McBroom ask, "where then"? Are the whores are instructed to take the ballots to a hide-out where pimps are on the watch while ballot-screwing takes place? There's big money in this.

We are now about an hour into the questioning, but no one has pressed him directly on the claims made by the Bailey investigation.

At 1:33 hr, he stresses that, should election-floor people be committing fraud, the remedy is a hand count i.e. he didn't build anything into the systems to catch fraud! CLEAR AS DAY. He could have built-in an electronic alarm to go off, when someone tries to cheat, that goes wirelessly to instruments carried on-site by watchers from both parties. There's a myriad of ways to build-in methods for catching fraud, but he provided NONE. Do a hand count he says. Okay, but as we can see, Michigan doesn't want Republicans to see the ballots. Also at about 1:33 hr, he doesn't at all address the hacking possibilities of his machines, because, if he were to admit that they can be hacked, he would be out of business, Terminated. So, he says, there have been such-and-such reports of system hacking, but none that he thinks are credible, yeah, of course.

At 1:44 hr, a new questioner, still a Republican, asks what the machine would do if someone tries to stick in a ballot that is slightly different (in text, coloration, etc.) than the machine is programmed to receive. She's asking if the vote would be recorded correctly. It's an excellent point because it unveils a possible cheating method: just program the machine to give Trump votes to Biden for all ballots having a certain feature. The program gets the machine to look for this feature (maybe just a dark line in a certain place), and if it finds it on a Trump vote, gives it to Biden. The cheating won't be discovered unless a manual recount is done by honest people, and so this is why whore houses control even the recounts, because the upper-level pimps assure such a situation. This is what we call a conspiracy to do evil. BARR put both hands over his face: I see nothing, nothing.

Or, by having a certain feature on a ballot, which can be added by the whores when they are opening them, the machine can be programmed to spit it out as a problem requiring adjudication. That would be very easy to do, and Dominion would not be wholly responsible. What Mr. Dominion needs to answer is whether alteration of a ballot to any significant degree by a count-house worker can cause the ballot to be rejected for human intervention. Dominion would be partially responsible for permitting such a situation in the first place without warning the masses of the possibility should fraudsters arrange for it.

There's an interesting question at 1:57 hr: how exactly is the ballot counted. Terminator's answer is simply that "everything of course is logged and saved." Achem, yes, but if the machine records a flipped vote, then, yes, the illegal vote is logged and saved as a legal one; no one would know the difference aside from doing a manual, visual inspection. The question, therefore, needs to be asked whether someone can stick in a memory card that does vote flipping. The same questioner asks (1:58 hr) whether someone could change the vote count locally or remotely, and, then, at 1:59, asks whether someone could stick in a USB stick not intended with the system. Terminator says, no way, but even if someone could, it would be detected? That is, the machine would detect it. Achem, detected by what or whom? How would it be detected? Would flashing lights go off so that everyone in the building sees them? Or is it just an internal notification that no one sees but the head pimp after the election? Ah, er, the head pimp who sees no evil. The cheats can just re-programs the machine not to tattle on anyone when they go in and change the count number, easy as pie. No matter how squeaky clean the machines come when delivered, the fact always remains, the programs can be changed, and he himself may be a part-owner of the cheat programs; there's a big chance that he's exploiting the machines in just that illegal way to line his pockets with BIG $$$.

This questioner is hopeless, allowing Terminator to get away at the end of 1:59 when asking what assurances are there that a voter can't vote twice. Terminator DID NOT ANSWER the question. The questioner didn't re-ask. LAME. One of the big-three ways to cheat with this machine is to run the same ballots more than once, but as you can witness yourself, Terminator DOES NOT SAY that the machine is built to catch such a thing. He could have said so, but, I must assume, he'd be lying under oath.

Note how Terminator says, "not I don't THINK that's possible," meaning that he's lying but framing it as a mere opinion so that he can't be charged with perjury as easily.

McBroom, at 2:01 hr asks Terminator to explain how the machine indicates that someone is tampering with it. Terminator's answer is such that we glean no flashing lights, not even a little light, no sound, no indicator whatsoever for the people at or near the machine. Yup, instead, it's the job of an outside inspector to go into the machine's data to check whether there's a record of tampering. Yup, the head pimp simply never checks the machine for whether it has been tampered with because he knows he tampered with it. Yup, this is Terminator's assurances that these machines are safe to run elections. He can't incriminate himself any better.

At 2:03, he's asked whether a light goes off, or if the machine turns off, if it finds a tampering event, and when Terminator says, yes, the machine turns off, the questioner, LAME, doesn't press for details. So maybe the whores on the floor are told to ignore a machine turning off, and to just hit the start button again to continue. There needs to be a cheat siren so that everyone within 100 feet can hear it. It's not good enough to indicate only to the machine operator that tampering occurred. BESIDES, the fact that he's got the machine rigged to turn off automatically admits that tampering can, and does, take place.

To this point in the video, no one has asked him to give his explanation for the Bailey conclusions. No one has challenged him on any Bailey claim or conclusion. That's very suspicious. It seems he made them a deal with this legislature beforehand that Bailey should not be brought up because he has no answer that can be made public, by the advice of his lawyers.

Ahh, in Antrim county, the machine flipped 6,000 votes roughly, and, at 2:12 hr, Terminator's caught, where he has to admit the machine didn't shut down at that event! So, the machines can be tampered with zero indication to people on the floor! Exactly to be expected of a cheat machine. As the questioner changed topic abruptly just as he had Terminator in this stranglehold, I suggest that there's someone in that room indicating in some way to questioners: you can't pursue that question, move on. There's nothing so sick as a legislative hearing that's rigged on behalf of a guilty party.

Finally, at 2:18, he's asked point-blanc whether a stack of ballots can be run through (counted) multiple times. However, the questioner ruined his question by asked whether a rejected ballot is counted or not, tantamount to letting the crook get away with murder. The rejected ballot is not counted, obviously, and the question should be whether that rejected ballot creates the opportunity to recount a stack of ballots a second time? Terminator answered the question nonetheless, by saying that, if someone does count a stack more than once, it can be discovered in a manual recount. Achem, if the pimps allow a bona fide recount, that is.

At 2:46 hr, he says his machines are NOT connected to the Internet, but are connected locally to computers. He's not fooling anyone, because any one of those computers may be online at any time. Besides, Dominion feeds its count tallies to Scytl, and Scytl is definitely online by nature of its work in transferring the tallies to media outlets or state officials. So, the Internet bone is connected to Scytl bone is connected to the Dominion bone. Electron waves can therefore get through from anyone on the Internet to the Dominion tabulator. Terminator himself said, earlier in the video, that Dominion reports tallies to media and the secretary of state. So, if the media receive minute-by-minute updates, it means Dominion is ALWAYS online. Yet he says his system is not at all online.

To hide Internet connection from people in the count houses, Dominion machines would use wireless. Terminator even admitted that his machines have a modem. Oh? What for, darling? A modem sends waves, darling, electron waves that can get online easy as pie, darling. Yet later in the video, he says his machines have no wireless potential...because, if he were to admit that they do, he's be whipping his own back. It's a no-brainer that his machine's tallies go online one way or the other, and for this a modem is needed.

Below is a short video where a questioner tells him that affidavits have been signed with testimonies of both wire and wireless capabilities of the machines to communicate with outside systems. When he responds that the machines are not equipped with wireless, he does not deny that they are equipped with a wire port, and he himself admits (at some other point in the hearing) that there IS a wire port so that the machine can communicate (or relay data) with outside systems. So, someone can plug a wire into the machine's port/jack, and go to someone else's wireless system that then sends invisible, cheated votes to the media...which no one will detect if no one, or no honest group, does a manual recount. The pimps could even open the machines and stick a wireless modem inside the casing. And when they get caught, they will just deny that the accusations are credible because one of the pimp-friendly judges refused to hear or look at the accusations.

The woman asking about Internet connection possibility is either daft or just a part of the rigged hearing because she doesn't bother to ask why the machines are connected to local machines, or what he means by "local," whether in the building alone. She doesn't ask anything about Dominion's known connection to Scytl or how the Dominion count gets to the media. This hearing has wasted my time, and I have wasted yours with it, for the most part. They let the crook get away.

At 2:45 hr, he says that he can say, under oath, that Staple Street did not receive $400 million. However, the only way for him to "know" that is to ask someone at Staple, and, of course, no one at Staple would tell him, yes we got the money. So, he can just repeat the lie that Staple lied to him, which is evidence of nothing.

If I were the builder of the machine for cheating purposes, I would make sure to record, on the machine's internal data, the number of ballots counted more than that the pimp-house pimp could order from Mr. Mobster as many "funny ballots" as needed. If the machine detected 5,000 duplicated ballots, he would order 50,000 to be printed. When no one's looking, the pimp-house whores would be asked to slip those faked / manufactured ballots into the pool of ballots so that, should someone do a hand recount, the tally would match the falsified tally in the machines.

At 2:55 hr, he's asked whether the machines do digital imaging of ballots, which, I assume, is tantamount to a "photograph." If the machines do this, then a count house can't get away with using funny ballots if someone requests both a manual audit and the photographs. However, Mr. Terminator answers the question by say, "all machines CAN be recorded on all of our paper scanners." He doesn't say that they are all recorded as a rule without choice, but seems to imply that the whore house has the OPTION of doing so, and, of course, if it intended to cheat, it would not use that capability. Or, if there was no choice but to use the capability, then the whore house would simply run the funny ballots through the machines rather than add votes electronically.

He goes on to say that digital imaging is "a county-by-county decision," which is the very same thing as his incriminating himself, throw the bum in jail. It is a no-brainer that all machines should create a photo of all ballots without giving a cheat house the option not to. He even says with straight face that no digital imaging was done in Antrim county i.e. where 6,000 flipped votes were found.

I'm done, it was torturous. I called Mr. Poulos the Terminator because he's in the business of terminating political offices. Don't be fooled by headlines saying concocted things like, "No, Chavez does not own Dominion." As the story goes from Giuliani, for example, Smartmatic, with Venezuelan owners / founders, evolved into Sequoia while Dominion adopted Sequoia, in ways not yet fully understood, under a new name = Dominion. Mr. Poulos this week said that there's no truth of a military raid on Dominion (in Frankfurt), but the raid was claimed for Scytl, not Dominion. So, they phrase things in legal truth in seeking to deceive. I can say with legal truth: "I did not walk into the front door of that bank and rob it," because, I robbed it from going through the side door. These are leftist tricks all over the media, beware of them, nothing new, even kids know that craft.

If you watch just the first three minutes of the video below, you will discover Dominion fraud at the government level within Homeland Security. This is the shadow government folks, seeking to cheat in every election forever more:

HIV Thingie in COVID Vaccines

I didn't learn until the 20th that, around December 10th, Australia canceled its domestic COVID vaccine program (vaccines had already been ordered for use) because some who received it were showing "false positive testing." Hmm, what, in reality, could that mean? How possibly could a vaccine produce a false test? Isn't that suspicious? First off, if a vaccine can cause a false positive, might all the positive testing be subject to errors? But wait. If there are some COVID viruses in the vaccine, then might they be lying about "false"? Yes, indeed. The reality would then be that the vaccine is giving people a stronger case of COVID, but instead of telling the people this -- because it's a hellish counter-productive failure -- they say it's just a false positive.

AND, it may be the very plan of the schemers to create a real COVID infection whereas there is none now. What they are calling COVID now may be just some other weak that their plots are to create a REAL COVID crisis (with a wholly new virus created in the lab) in order to justify more / ongoing vaccinations. Don't doubt it, because these are perilous times. The wicked are becoming totally wicked. You will know their wickedness when you hear the MANDATORY word. The video below, however, has the man saying "false-negative" as well as the HIV word (yikes):

The video above, when one week old, only had little more than 10,000 views, suggesting that youtube is suppressing this important information. I did not see this vaccine-fail story in any news until December the 20th! This is horrible. Google and youtube are involved in poisoning the masses. The man says: "now we find that [the vaccine's] coming from HIV and people are getting false negative responses..." What in tarnation does this mean, that they are injecting the HIV virus into Australians??? Is he saying that there are false-negative tests being done for HIV? Does this mean they are secretly giving people HIV? Is this some kind of a sick joke? All the comments in the video are opposed to this vaccine, but few mention the HIV part, as though it went over their heads. Maybe I'm misreading it.

Read the comments to get the real news that mainline media are hiding. Governments are forcing this thing that the people don't want, and to do this, expect false poll numbers to make it appear that most people are fine with it. TRUMP and PENCE = FRAUDS. They want the nation vaccinated even though they have no idea what they will pump into the peoples veins. They have heard the reports of African murders of children by Bill Gates.

There is no need to fight COVID whatsoever. Just let it run its course, but Trump is a FRAUD on behalf of his political skin. The problem is, things get far worse with Biden in power. But at least acknowledge that Trump has represented a useless piece of trash aside from sparing the country the dictators under Biden's umbrella. That's all he's good for. He's not interested in fighting for you, but pretends he cares in order to get your vote. In this way, he's the stereotype politician, don't kid yourself.

Reuters and others have come to the rescue with "fact checking," saying that the Australian vaccine has no HIV...which is exactly what we expect to hear if we ask the Australian government of those who produce the vaccines. "The speaker [in the video]...alleges that a trial of a new COVID-19 vaccine 'made everybody positive for HIV'. However, researchers explained that while antibodies generated by the vaccine were found to lead to some false positive HIV test results, follow up tests showed no HIV virus was present."

But wait. The man above said "false negative." New York Times headline: "Australia Scraps Covid-19 Vaccine That Produced H.I.V. False POSITIVES". Well is it a false positive or a false negative? If it's a false positive, it means there's no HIV. But if it's in reality false negatives they had a problem with, that's why the schemers would prefer to tell us "false positive." They're lying, aren't they? "A false negative is a test result that says a person does not have HIV when, in fact, they do." But wait. There's nothing to fear with a false positive. They are not going to scrap the entire program due to false positives. They would scrap it for false negatives without doubt, however. We are being played, with potential serious illnesses. We are just their cattle, aren't we.

Here's from early, December 11 in an Australian publication: › news › aussie-covid-vaccine-trials-canc...

Aussie COVID vaccine trials canceled in major setback ...

Dec 11, 2020 — The trial of Australia's homegrown COVID-19 vaccine has
been abruptly halted after patients returned false negative test results for HIV.

Health ...

(Queensland Times).

It was false NEGATIVES folks. The Times is lying. Don't expect Fox to make this an issue, my fellow moo-moos. No major media in the U.S. is shown covering this story at the google search, " australia "false negative" covid HIV ", at the link above. Only the Queensland Times article came up, though it did not come up with a google search for, " australia "false negative" HIV " (outer quotation marks not included in my search).

Below is the Reuters rubber-hits-the-road piece (article above) admitting that some HIV component was in the vaccines, but, do realize, that they may be phrasing things to minimize the HIV danger, and they may be giving a false reason as to why it was in the vaccine:

She said: “As we know, there was a Vaccine trial stopped in Australia because the vaccine made everybody positive for HIV. So, either it had RNA for HIV or it had HIV proteins. But these are not false positives. This means that everyone who got this vaccine was positive for HIV.”

This is a reference to trials of a vaccine being developed by the biotech company CSL and The University of Queensland which used a fragment of a HIV virus protein as a component to stabilise the vaccine (here). Production was halted after trials showed that antibodies generated in response to the protein fragment could lead to false positives on some HIV tests (here) [this could be Reuters' disinformation].

CSL told Reuters [oh, well that settles it then] through email that the “vaccine candidate does not contain the HIV virus and there is no possibility that it could cause HIV. Follow up tests have confirmed a false positive reading in all phase 1 clinical trial participants, who demonstrated a reactive result in certain HIV tests.”

Did the vaccine makers notify the government that the vaccine came with "a fragment of a HIV virus protein"? Did the government notify the people? Did the vaccine producers notify the peoples? Of course not. No. Not. No way. Then why should we believe Reuters' use of "fragment." Isn't that a term used to minimize the real threat? Who told Reuters "a fragment"? Why is this not global news? You know why.

I wonder what they plan / hope to put into Trump's personal vaccine? It appears that they're trying to give some people HIV so that it spreads...for another round of vaccines two or three years down the road, or earlier. If this is true, people need to arise with guns blaring, no mercy, murders in the streets of the vaccine pushers, totally justified if governments are behind a scenario without hope of arresting the criminals. I'd say this before a judge's face. If it is true...they must be killed before they jeopardize the health of the masses. They are unworthy of life, CLEARLY, even if they try unsuccessfully. I'm hearing that the body cannot fight off HIV even with a vaccine effort.

What we just read at Reuters is NOT in some videos regarding this story, meaning that some videos are hiding the HIV part. Note how far down the Reuters article the HIV part is, and that the minor story (on heavy-use masks) is at the top. Here's Reuters fact check: "The World Health Organisation told Reuters that this claim was untrue." Oh, well, if WHO said so, then it must be true...which goes to show how lethally dangerous mainline media are if they are going to just believe what they are told by "scientists," without investigations to the contrary. WHO is telling the world that barely anyone has had COVID in order to justify sticking the masses with vaccines, IT'S AS PLAIN AS THE DEVIL'S HORNS ON THEIR HEADS.

ABC News has a video, and the "small fragment" of HIV is in it too, just like when all leftist media get their 4-am marching orders to use the same phrase. You can see this at about 30 seconds in, followed by "false positive results" at 34 seconds. False positive results of what, COVID or HIV? Why don't they say or explain??? Just after 40 seconds: "...everyone who had the vaccine came up with the false positive." False positive of what, COVID or HIV??? Why didn't it say? If it's a false positive COVID, it means no COVID was found, and that's no reason to lament to vaccine. If it's a false positive of HIV, even better. So why are they lamenting; why was the vaccine a failure...unless they are lying with "positive" when it should be "negative."

As you can see, they don't identify the problem until we get to "risk," at 1:40, and this is after another mention of "false positive." The lady at 1:40 says: "I knew that they were using a modified part of the HIV virus, but the actual possibility of getting HIV was impossible." Um, who is this lady? She's not said to be a doctor. How would she know that there was ZERO risk? And is she getting paid to say "I knew they were using...," to give the false impression that the team notified all test patients that there was some HIV thingie in the drug?

This is all very suspicious, and it gets downright frightening to see American media turning the story on its head hoping nobody realizes what being said. The truth seems to be that the vaccine team tested all patients in such a way as they knew there would be no sign of HIV. They tested negative for HIV, that is, but the tests were bogus. When someone outside the team discovered that the test patients did have HIV in the body, they were forced to scrap the vaccinations. There's no other logical explanation for quitting this vaccine program, and it explains why we don't hear, in the ABC video, why a "false positive" is bad? Go ahead, try to explain why a false positive is bad, and then explain why HIV has anything to do with it? You can't say they tested false positive for COVID because the root problem is the HIV thingie. Therefore, we can't say they tested false positive for HIV because that's good news. There's just one logical alternative: they didn't tell anyone about the HIV thingie, and someone discovered it by doing a test. The team then had to make up some excuse to end the program, and from that point, the explanations got muddled for press releases.

ABC has its comments turned off so that the world doesn't hear the most people don't want the vaccine. Next, we go to a video below dated December 10, which says, "false positives for HIV" (55 seconds). But it doesn't tell us why a false positive is problematic. It just wants to listener to be confused, to think it's a problem.

Don't trust the U.S. senate, because it wants vaccines. There's a lot of money speaking in this movement. May Jesus thwart these greedy pig-heads to ease our fears, and to expose their wickedness further.


I don't yet know how the phone call below, between Julian Assange and Hillary's government office, came to be leaked, or why it's coming out so late in his persecution, but it shows Assange intent on remaining within the law as concerns the release of classified documents (the leak looks like it's from his friends):

From the looks of it at face value, SCOTUS doesn't think it's valid or important enough for it to force citizens to show ID when voting, even when the country is immersed in this election-fraud scandal: "On Monday, the Supreme Court denied Kansas' request (in Schwab v. Fish) to hear an appeal from the 10th Circuit, which ruled earlier this year that the state could not require proof of citizenship to register to vote." Unbelievable. Apparently, there's at least one Republican (besides Roberts) on that court who doesn't care if illegals vote Democrat. How does this story bode for Trump's re-election?

Giuliani not only got to have the last laugh, after he was rejected by Republicans for exposing the Bidens, by leading the election-fraud crusade, but as the Bidens are sinking again in their scandals this week, Giuliani can now run his sword into the hearts of his media enemies too by contributing to the sinking of the Biden family. On Wednesday of this week, he put out a video on Biden crimes (mainly a repeat of his former Biden videos).

Giuliani has vanished from youtube's daily-news videos, but not because youtube has blocked most election-fraud a crook obstructs justice on his own behalf. youtube wants everyone to think no one cares anymore about election fraud, let's move on. And the SCOTUS seems to be siding with the cheaters, though perhaps it has a good explanation. Where will Christians go live to escape the insanity? Who wants to play ball under the rulership of the likes of youtube's leaders, where truth and Truth is thrown to the ground just because we use it to throw them to the ground? There will be a price to pay for fighting them, when they get power, but if Christians didn't become politically active the last two or three decades, the anti-Christs would have had us for lunch by now. So long as we fight honorably before God, we're good.

What we need is to do is move to states and provinces where our own kind rule and ignore the rest of the world, to do as we think best without outside intrusions, to consolidate powers there, because if we can't depend on the supreme court of a country, the federal liberals will force as many miserable intrusions as possible, because liberals are miserable people unless they are making us miserable. "Susan Rice warns COVID-19 'is not the big one,' future pandemic could be worse." Be miserable, in other words, stay fearful. They get happy only when they are winning the battles to do us harm. That's because demons control their minds. Once in the mind, the heart and soul is next. Already, Britain is announcing a new COVID strain because the COVID freaks are wanting us to wear masks and be restricted for a loooong time. I was never so happy as when I got a 10-acre piece of property in a Christian-led Texas region, far from my mad world, and that was only at the mad-levels of 25 years ago.

The Texas-hill locals are adamant about not letting liberal federals into their lives. They are pro-gun partly because they know what schemes the federalists have to control their lives, but, the problem is, they can't use their guns against the federal government because they will ruin their political advantages in short order. They cannot win a gun war in this age of technology. Using guns will only give the federalists the excuse they want to come in a persecute harshly...unless, perhaps, there is a national outcry / militia movement of such giant order that the federalists need to respect it. It's risky. The federalists might decide not to respect it. They might go in, region by region, to take control.

The alternative is to let them walk on our backs, which I would be more than willing to do if I knew that Jesus were returning in a few years. I'd even go to jail "gladly" (lots of hope) to wait it out there. But if it's for a long haul so that my children and their children need to be abused, that's a different story. The hateful cripplers of hope and life, the modern Amalekites that need to be wiped out. I know exactly how the Christian militia feel. I know how God hates them, and why He hates them.

I have seen how they think and operate, how they love beating us down with abortion and porn rights, etc., and they wish to bring more sin upon the world, legal drug use and child sex, because it makes them happy to see us unhappy. They love to slap God in the face over and over again, and so God will blow their heads off. If He chooses to do it with militia, I am in favor. But, Jesus said, when we see the signs of His return, don't use weapons. Be patient and hopeful with head held high, wait it out and bring as little persecution against our fellow brothers and sisters as possible. Do not conform to the thinking that they are trying to conform us to. You are free to think as you please because you are pro-peace-of-God, pro-right-of-God, and pro-justice-of-God. You are truly free if you breath Jesus, even if you are in jail.

Good news possible: Ratcliffe announced mid-week that he can't meet the 45-day deadline to hand in his Intelligence report on election interference because more details have cropped up last-minute that must be included. Or, it's bad news if some in the agencies are simply delaying their assessments so as not to give Trump ammunition for his White-House drive. It feels good to have Ratcliffe at the helm as compared to Dan Coats. Mr. Ratcliffe is the best thing Trump has done for the country, if only he gets another four years.

Here's a video quoting an article concluding that COVID is not a virus at all, but part of the human gene system (I could believe it):

Google is hiding that article (in video above) from me, "COVID 19 Evidence of a Global Fraud," by Iain Davis. I can find it only at beforeitsnews. It's all-too possible that a COVID diagnosis by visible symptoms is just some other type of flu or virus. We are hearing of false-positive tests (for COVID), and it was known from the start that COVID testing was unreliable. It's been known from the start that the COVID virus has never been isolated to see what it really is. We are in wicked times. Trump's not interested in anything but vaccinating everyone so that he might boast, "I saved the world." "I was born as God's instrument to save the world." "Look at me, has there ever been a man like me before?"

Let's entertain the idea that there's no COVID virus. What, then, are they sticking into people as a vaccine? Have they revealed the ingredients? Are they expecting people to receive chemicals they know nothing about? Yes. Does that sound right? Is it wise to receive it? Of course it's not wise. What if they create a pandemic with the vaccine so that other vaccines are needed...forever more? Is the risk worth it? They gave you the freak-out mask-goon treatment to make you happy that vaccines are here to rid the world of masks...but Democrats have learned that masks can win them elections. We might have vaccines and masks forever together, or we don't get to eat. Will there be enough "rebels" to stop their insanity? Or will the majority succumb to their demands? That's what the goons want to know. So far, they are winning hands down because too few are rebelling against masks. Do they have a breaking point at all? The test is on.

Mitch McConnell's wife is making news now because she's Chinese with family ties to China's Communism, but also due to McConnell's giving up on Trump and officially affirming Biden's presidency. McConnell may have been hoping for a Biden win all along, but without showing it so that he could win re-election. His wife, Elaine Chao, was Trump's pick for Transportation chief, and her deputy in that capacity was Jeff Rosen, the man now the acting attorney general to fill the boots of Bill Barr. Is this some kind of a sick joke? Are the people being played for fools by both parties? Is Trump a madman?

If Chao is in on Chinese plots in America, the last man that Trump should pick as the acting attorney general is Rosen. The fact that Barr took her deputy to be his deputy attorney general (May 2019) can expose that Barr, Rosen and other Republicans have been purchased by Chinese money in some way, or, in some cases, by Chinese blackmail (the work of Epstein's blackmail services?). Trump is your torture-demon, America.

The news out this week that Russians hacked SolarWinds comes just when China-associated groups in America would like it to come to take news emphasis off of China. The CIA is able to attack its own country while making it appear to be a Russia hack. In this case, it would have the purpose of getting Trump to shift his emphasis from China to Russia. This story can be used against Trump, don't worry the leftists will find a way.

There is evidence that Dominion had some relationship/contact with SolarWinds, and so the CIA (the nation's "black pope"), or some other Intelligence agency, or non-Intelligence, may have performed the SolarWinds hacking to hide incriminating-to-self data.

This hack attack may be the first of more to come from the CIA if Trump doesn't step down. The CIA can attack systems that he depends on, or that his supporters depend on, blaming it on Russia. It is foolhardy not to expect such an inside scheme because it's the natural thing for the shadow government to plan out, in case it's needed. It's just a no-brainer that the shadow government would have ways to attack its enemies in its own country, a thing Trump has been loath to do in return, great shame.

The world should all agree to abandon computerized operations and go back to paper and elbow grease. I doubt very much that computers will continue in the Kingdom of Jesus. They just are not necessary.

Solomon on Thursday evening promised a Friday story from FOIA information on Dominion machines, oh goodie.

I spoke too soon: "The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the U.S. agency that manages the nation’s stockpile of nuclear weapons, is the latest in federal agencies hacked, according to a new report on Thursday. Officials close to the matter told Politico..." Ahh, it's just Politico, the CIA News. Just ignore this scare story, folks, this is not Russia. It's more hideous than Russia, however; it's the black organization that thinks it has rights of rulership over the most powerful country in the world. This is the desperation of the shadow government. It's coming just when one would expect it, just as Trump is needing special methods to defeat the shadow government seeking to rob his White House. Did you buy extra food yet?

The mistake Trump made is obvious: he didn't put his own people in the CIA. That's because he's a reckless dunce. It's hopeless, America, if God doesn't bail out this goof-ball. His voters are trusting that he knows what he's doing. He's a not your genius, he's just an average bloke. He needs your help, not you need his. He's down right now, way down. Jump into the water, see if you can pull him out of the shark's mouth.

If Ratcliffe is fooled by CIA reports that arrive to his desk, then he becomes their unwitted pawn. But if he's wise, he'll discover CIA tricks and whose playing them. There's lots of food-for-thought in this video that reads like a spy thriller:

I think I'm reading Ratcliffe as granting Trump his opportunity / option to use something like martial law to keep Biden from controlling the White House, for Biden is exactly the national traitor the deep state accused Trump of in 2016-onward. I expect CIA people to thwart Ratcliffe's move to the best of their ability. The video above said that Pentagon computers were all shut down this week, with the looming threat of their being hacked / crippled, and so who do we suppose did that? The Russians? No. Someone inside the country, apparently, is trying to threaten / warn Trump not to use the military to take out Bidenites, Obamaites, Clintonites, and other government parasites, or else. Ratcliffe has his work cut out for him, watch your back, sirs. Imagine attacking Russia for something it did not do. Even if the hack came from Russia or nearby, it doesn't mean it was the Russians. More likely, a Soros goon.

Replace Haspel, Mr. Trump, your enemy. Replace Pompeo, for he was not your friend when he ran the CIA. He was happy to let the parasites suck the nation's blood more dry than it already had. Don't you understand the most basic things about wielding power? Did you think the mobsters were going to play nicey-nicey with you in 2020? Did you think you were too good for them, too smart for them? If Trump acts with what special powers he happens to have...did you buy extra food yet? There will be some price to pay, a backlash(es), and maybe a backfire. The thing he tried to avoid for four years, making waves with the deep state, is now an incoming tidal wave before him not of his own doing. He tried not to make waves, but they had a shark-infested ocean prepared for his drowning. The SolarWinds hacks promises to shut his government agencies down.

The best thing to do now may be to forget use of the military, too risky. Instead, eke out the election win in the court, and then destroy the shadow government until 2024, without fail this time around. If the White-House bid fails with the court, however, I think some special action is a must (before January 20) because Biden's a traitor, a criminal, with ditto hanging from all his limbs. He'll give the power structures of the nation to horrible people bent on crime, many of whom were left in place by goodie-goodie Trump. I think the good people are willing to take a considerable risk to prevent that. The whole Trump team needs to be a team. Put out the best players for the last couple of minutes, and hope for a miracle break.

I think Trump has the goods on Zuckerberg to jail him for illegal election interference. There are many key people in high positions who can be jailed for election fraud. I don't know whether the military can be used for that aside from martial law, but what's got to be done has got to be done, so long as Trump can be trusted with martial law. The enemy needs to be sent running for cover so that it can't operate freely. Ratcliffe needs to spy on the spies and report them to the jailers immediately. Whistle-blowers everywhere need to have confidence that they will not be punished (by the deep state) for blowing. It's got to be winner takes all, the wholesale crippling of the shadow government for 20 years at least, or it will arise too soon with vengeance still seething. If the media and tech giants cannot be silenced without martial law, and this situation gets variously critical in January, I think Trump will choose martial law.

You might skip the first few minutes of this video until the martial-law education arrives:

I always keep a theory that Trump is part of the theater (an actor playing his role), and may call martial law to harm his own voters on behalf of the deep state, in a celebrated surprise! move. I don't trust him. In this conspiracy picture, Biden didn't expend himself to campaign because the script was to feign high and obvious election fraud that would be discovered by the public in order to divide the country and allow Trump to seize power (from Biden) by martial law, with those who normally oppose it (people like me) being for it. Then comes the back-stabbing surprise, people (like me) get persecuted. In this theory, videos like the one above are a part of the script to urge us to favor martial law. I'm hoping this theory is out to lunch. But, why is Trump using military to distribute the COVID vaccines at this very time, and then allowing (or commanding) that the military units remain for months in the states where they deliver = all 50 states we can assume??? He's spreading military all over the country. Good or bad?

What if all this talk of Chinese infiltration has been faked to help make martial law a welcome thing by his voters? What if the steady and mounting leaks of Biden-Chinese alliances is faked, part of the script, to help martial law happen? Shudder. But even then, we look to Jesus for our solutions. We are not alone nor abandoned if we are close to Him. The deep state is but an aggravating fly to be swatted dead...when He says so.

I regress. The theory above doesn't jibe with my hopes that the winning hockey goals, and other similar events I've been stressing, suggest victories by the Ratcliffe-Trump team via his legal teams and the supreme court. To date, this scenario appears to be coming to pass. On the other hand, I may be reading those events wrongly, or I may not be correct in appealing to them in the first place for the Trump-situation at this time. I have no choice but to take this day by day. So far this week, if it were not for the inroads into Dominion machines, it would have been a lousy week for Trump. By next week, super news in regards to Dominion's criminality may materialize.

Friday: "A new meta-analysis published in JAMA by researchers in the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Florida, Gainesville, and the Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, found that the secondary attack rate from symptomatic carriers of SARS-CoV-2 is nearly 26 times greater than from asymptomatic carriers." By "secondary attack," I think they mean simply, the spread to others. As we can't trust the media-fronted experts, we need to do our own thinking. Doesn't it appear, from that statement, that people without symptoms could have some minor virus that is not at all COVID, misdiagnosed as COVID? Isn't it to be expected, by political leftists desirous (= advantaged at the polls) of the COVID scare, that all flus are being misdiagnosed and/or reported as COVID illnesses?

The good news is that asymptomatic carriers are so lightly affected/infected that they can't do anything to others but give them either nothing, or just another asymptomatic "illness." The other good news means that many more people than is being reported have been infected with their free "vaccine" i.e. the naturally-occurring infection itself. The bad news is, Trump's going to allow the vaccine people to make a lot of money even though he knows vaccines are needed only for the critically ill. Mike Pence is showing now, by publicly receiving the vaccine, that he was a vaccine goon all along while he ran the COVID program. Something stinks.

The Blaze article goes on: "Also, keep in mind that this low rate of secondary attack among asymptomatic carriers of the virus is taken from household transmission, which is much more prevalent than attack rates in stores or businesses. This means that your chances of being infected and dying from someone who is asymptomatic by simply passing them in a restaurant or store (much less outdoors) is so infinitesimal, it's well below the risk we assume in taking every step in life." That's all you need to know. You have eight-foot ceilings in homes, and up to 25-foot ceilings in stores. Stores, moreover, have ventilation systems. Mandatory masks are a violation of our bodies. Stand up for yourself, because if the goons see the masses as pliable, something worse can be enforced upon us in some other scheme. For now, our fight is against the vaccines. The sharks are going into frenzy mode, thanks to Trump paying for the vaccines on your behalf. There is no pandemic. The chances of dying of COVID is 1 per 300,000; it's established science that leftists media is hiding from us.

See the short video below to see that it's an unwritten rule of the goons to list all sorts of deaths as COVID deaths when they are not, then extrapolate that situation nation-wide:

Another short video says regular flus or other/minor COVID infections are being registered as the scaaary COVID-19, what we should have known many months ago:

See the third minute of Turley for perhaps a correct inside scoop on the caving-in of the SCOTUS Republicans, as per Paxton's case, just because Roberts opposed them:

I don't know whether Roberts alone can refuse to hear a case, just because he's the Chief Justice, based on such things as "no standing." If Roberts alone made the decision with all five Republicans opposed, then there is a huge hope for a Biden defeat, for Sidney Powell's suits are coming to this top court. Dominion attacked her outright late this week, demanding that she retract her wrongful accusations.

In the 6-7th minute of Front Page below, the speaker says that, as per December 15, SCOTUS will review the Kelly case which SCOTUS refused to accept days earlier. I have not seen that story anywhere else, and google won't cough it up if it has it.

See 3rd and 4th minutes:

As things are shaping up Friday evening, the military may be leaning Trump-ward thanks to Biden's China ties. For this potential Trump win, whom do we have to thank? John Ratcliffe. Had Dan Coats been in Ratcliffe's seat at this time, he would not have come out to expose China, at this time. Military rats would have a hard time holding most military elements on their side if it means assisting a Biden-China presidency. It was Giuliani who started to stress and expose the Biden-China alliance, but the biggest turn of events was Hunter's laptop (which Giuliani possessed and exposed), so wonderful because the whole Biden family can beat Hunter to a pulp for that goof-up, as they all cry the blues together, we hope, before January 20.

While Roberts may be using the excuse that the Republicans judges are risking low-level rioters in the streets, if they give Trump the win, the Republican judges can now argue against Roberts that, unless they give Trump the win, there's going to be a martial-law threat for a civil war on top of riots.

How to Stay Sane

Societal unrest and the fears that come with it are hard on human inners. When the wicked cause strife and division, hatred follows, and even good people start to adopt those feelings of animosity toward others. When it's hard to make a living in rat-eat-rat, people tend to not do unto others as they would have them to unto themselves. The entire definition of doing good and right is to do unto others, to think about others too, to play fairball in business. I don't think Jesus borrowed that phrase from anyone, but made it up Himself. Capitalism does not necessarily abide by that rule, and greed abides large in capitalism. The better alternative is not father-government give us this day our daily bread.

The best way to operate is fairball capitalism where every person responsibly plays fairball, where companies don't over-charge for products and services, and workers are loyal to bosses because bosses are mindful of the workers' plights to put food on the table and save some hard money for their futures. Everyone should be able to own a small home by the time they are 30, and, God forbid, no one should go into retirement and old-age deterioration needing to rent a room in someone else's home. Please, leaders, get this right.

It is so wrong for governments to allow the price of land to increase. Consider the dirt the property of God, and do not allow home prices to rise because houses are a necessity. Everyone should be able to own a home, even if it's just 500 square feet, by holding a low-paying job. It is evil for a 500-square foot house, with $20,000 of building materials, to cost a half-million dollars, as they do now. The governments are guilty of allowing home prices to soar in order to be able to charge higher taxes. EVIL. Our leaders have been evil. They have not clamped down on capitalism to restrain greed. Even when governments regulate the price of energy, they are too generous to the energy companies. There is an unwritten rule that a big company has a right to $many-million profits annually? Why? Why can't it be capped at one million annually, and if you don't like it, you have the option of not growing your business.

That's right. You hear the argument from pro-capitalists that regulating the amount of money a company can make will cause the owners not to grow. Tough bitties, why should we feel sorry for a company that makes a million dollars each year? Poor babies. If you regulate business profits, the economy does not fall apart. That's a myth that capitalists might pass around. If you limit a company to a million dollars annually, the result is that others will get to partake in the products and services that it provides. If you let Walmart do a quarter of all department-store sales, that means Mr. Walton becomes filthy rich. Wouldn't it be better to have 1,000 other companies all making a million dollars annually as opposed to Mr. Walton making a billion? Hello?

Boy-oh-boy, we could even expand on that system because anyone making $1M annually is far-more rich than they need to be. Their increase is someone else's decrease. That's just the way it is. So, when we start on that understanding, we have within our sights a way to make life more fair for all. We can start to eradicate the poor. But no one has ever done it because rulers favor the rich. Rulers are usually the rich. They are not going to make a law restricting their own income levels, because they have been corrupted by their money. Jesus is not such a ruler, and money makes people incapable of doing as Jesus would. If only we could bring the rich to the table to talk, to make them see the light.

To remove the anxieties of life, the filthy rich need to be outlawed. But we can't be like the Democrats who speak in those terms when in reality they want to rob the rich that the Democrat party might consolidate socialist governments and abuse society unto their own greedy ends. Democrats hate the rich only because they want to rob them that they might be rich instead. Such people must not be permitted to rule. Instead, what Jesus would do is to limit the in-flow $$$ to the rich, so that others might have more $$$. Makes sense. It's not robbery. I don't see any other way. It's still capitalism, but you can't abuse your capital to make too much. In this system, rat-eat-rat tends to disappear, but not quite totally. Something more is needed.

To make everyone feel healthy and good all over every day, companies must pay shares to workers, and the stock market must be eradicated. No one gets to run a big company without the workers getting a percentage of the profits before taxes. If you don't like it, you have the choice of selling the business and becoming a worker. I'm sure you'll be very happy, under that option, to be making $.5M annually. EVERY YEAR. Isn't that enough to fulfill your cravings, you greedy kooks? Come down to earth, greedy sickos.

Without the stock market, it's going to be impossible to start a company on the dimes of many people together. Instead, you've got to put in your own capital, or from a loan. This assures that companies start small, and take many years of healthy elbow grease to become big. Overnight-big has got to stop, because it creates monopolies. Share the wealth, stupids. This situation plays havoc on how the general population thinks. It works to destroy fairball society. It nurtures greed in small-business owners. They want to become super-big too, as temptation sets in. They abuse their workers, and their customers, to become super-big super-fast. What do you think their input on society will be once they reach the obscene top? Stop the insanity, outlaw the stock market today. Define a good economy not on how much money the richest are making, but on how much the poorest are making. Hello? You are a contributor to an evil spoke in the wheel if you celebrate the rich getting richer. You make their world go round but are a hook into the poor, the drag that restrains fairplay.

You can pontificate on the glories of capitalism only while being an ignoramus. It's not enough that capitalism is better than greedy socialism. Something better than greedy capitalism needs to be implemented, but none of the pro-capitalists have been calling for it in their education channels. They say, "capitalism is the best we've got." No, it is not the best we have. Unrestrained, stock-market capital makes monsters that gobble you up, stupid. If you like this system, it's only because you wish to be one of the monsters one day. If you tolerate it, it's only because you know how difficult it will be to topple it. But that's not going to stop me from calling Jesus into the picture. Why are not other Christians lamenting modern capitalism? Why have some Christians been lulled into proclaiming the glories of capitalism USA? SHAME, brothers and sisters.

We can't eradicate capitalism. It's just the way life is. You use capital to build for yourself, if you have any capital. And that's the problem. Capitalism requires board rules because the game of life is not a pretend-game of life. There must not be permitted too many businesses selling the same thing. If we fixed (arranged) capitalism so that every worker had enough money to start a small business after 10 or 15 years of ordinary work, and if everyone was selling something, I think we'd eradicate all the benefits of fixing the system so that everyone could have some capital. The more the numbers, per capita, of people selling bread, the higher the cost of bread out of sheer need to feed the families of so many bread sellers.

So, do you think we could tolerate a capitalist rule (law) here so that prices are kept down for all buyers? Are we going to call it foul play, a violation of someone's rights, to correct a bad situation, or do you think we can agree that, for the sake of the whole community, we could limit the number of businesses? How does one do this? Easy, prevent prices from soaring NEEDlessly. That's right, you get into a business selling bread with the understanding that you can't increase the price of bread except by the amount of your business-costs increases. If everyone else must play by this rule, your business costs will not increase, because costs increase when your suppliers increase their prices...because someone increased their supply costs, etc., and on and on this goes because some companies raise prices just because they want more money, not out of NEED.

When coffee jumped from 25 cents to a dollar, it became a gold mine to run a coffee shop. Three times as many coffee shops sprang up so that, in the end, the ones who raised their prices were no better off. They got three times as much per cup, but ended up selling three times less coffee. The ones who thought they were going into gold-mine coffee sales learned they didn't get rich because others had the same idea. In the meantime, everyone was forced to pay a dollar for a coffee. Extrapolate that situation across every product known to man.

If prices remain stable, there's not going to be incentive for people to start more businesses. It works naturally, without need to police the number of businesses per capita. But a rule is necessary: you can't increase prices just-because, and that includes raising prices just because another business sprang up to take some of your sales. If a competitor springs up, you need to roll with the punches, at the risk of being put out of business, otherwise, without that rule, with everyone wanting to be in business, prices soar when all companies fix their prices higher.

Our free-market world is therefore working on a maximized-price system. Free-for-all business has maxed out prices on everything thanks to the greedy who get "what the market will bear." Therein is the capitalist monster. They increase prices to the point where it maximizes total income (prices too high, and total income starts to drop). If you superimpose this situation onto the Bible, what does it look like? It's a monster. It's the devil in humans. It's wrong. They don't raise prices out of need only, for they will raise prices even when they make more than they need. They create "needs" for themselves by buying other homes, big-shot boats, etc. Dentists then sabotage your teeth to pay for it. Who hasn't been the victim of corruption on an on-going basis? Where's the referee? Not even on the playing field. He's out buying stocks. Remember these things if Trump gets another four years. Remember Jesus and fairplay, because it's half the reason for Armageddon, because the world of leaders won't respect do unto others.

The United States is still alive thanks to God's people living within it; otherwise God would have left it to the fate of demons, and they always cause self-destruction. People allow their demons to take over their souls because they like it. Demons ruin those people, for they make many enemies until subdued by them. The wicked now sounding their trumpets for war will, like all other rebels, come to self-destruction. Yes, the tech companies and other media have declared war. Now you know why huge monopolies should never be allowed. Humans can't do the right things with all that money, especially big babies like Zuckerberg.

To stay sane as the world goes off insane, always keep Jesus close, by thinking about others as a whole. We are a whole lot. In spite of people abandoning Him, we are to keep THE LAW, being fair in our dealings with others. Do this, and Jesus will keep you mentally healthy. Be repeatedly kind when you have the opportunity, and God's Light will shine on you. His Light is Real Life, not just life from the blood. His Life is your energy to perform and to excel. Be real with God, which is what Jesus meant by saying that God seeks those who worship Him in "spirit and in truth." God likes to mingle His Spirit with ours, and we can readily see that this is our health, our protection, our power to excel in the things of Jesus. Refuel with God when you are empty.

For a 1.5-hour documentary on the election-fraud saga, see below. The 46th minute starts the $400M payment to Dominion's parent company, and other Chinese concerns:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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