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December 22 - 28, 2020

Channel Plyers Predict McConnell's / Zuckerberg's Vice
Trump's Military Option Looking Predictable
Chili-Bean Sauce for George Papadopoulos
Border Guards of ICE Almost Killed Me

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I apologize for the many links that have not been working going back to September. This could be a browser error hampering me, or it could be a virus sent by big tech. What happens is that, when I copy an URL to paste it to my pages for making your links to click, only part of the URL gets copied, and consequently only part of the URL gets pasted. Unless I copy and paste the entire URL, the link won't work for you. I've fixed most of these links back to September, sorry.

In the last update, I talked about four American leaders now embroiled with Chinese spies, including Eric Swalwell and Mitch McConnell. Late this week, I remembered my river-flood dream and found something interesting enough to put at the top of this update. The dream (earlier this year) started with my standing on slushy snow, and a river forking off so that it flowed on both sides of the snow bank I was standing on. As the Snows share the fesse of SWALE's, both using nebuly fesses on blue, as do Rivers, and as Swale's can be proven to be part of the dream by other consideration, it all looked like a message from God. But this was before SWALwell made the Chinese-spy news. Looking good now. (Load Swale tab now to have access to other Coats of Arms, to follow better.)

As was said, there was a scene in the same dream with two blue CHANNEL plyers. I therefore loaded Channels this morning (27th), and read this: "The Cannell variant is 'a name peculiar to the Isle of Man, is from the Celtic MacConaill.'" AMAZING, explaining why Channels list Connells. Miss Chao, the wife of Mitch McCONNELL, had a family close to Chinese Communists, or so goes the news at this time. Mr. McConnell just betrayed Trump last week on China-Biden's behalf, drawing severe attention to himself. I didn't know that Mitch McConnell was married to a Chinese wife until the last update.

Maxwells and Maxtons were from king Maccus of the Isle of Man, explaining why McConnells share the Maxton fitchee. Maxtons happen to share "esto" with Swale's. That's purdy good. One quadrant of the McConnell Coat is split vertically in the colors of the vertically-split anteLOPE in the Snow Crest, and Loops are split horizontally in the same white-blue colors. Snows share the nebuly fesse of Swale's while the latter share a white and courant greyhound with Loops. It can appear that God is pointing to both Swalwell and McConnell with the same scene. The common denominator between the two is Chinese elements.

[Insert -- The NASHville explosion, outside of an AT&T building this week, reportedly took out electronics of AT&T, making it look like a terror event from Democrats in alliance with the Chinese. The NASH Crest shares the white Swale / Loop greyhound, you see. The message of the explosion may be a warning that larger explosions can be arranged if the Trump government goes after Democrats allied with Chinese. This is sheer terrorism if I have this correctly pegged. The vertically-split Shield in the fourth quadrant of the McConnell Coat is colors reversed from the same of German Warners, and they are saying that a Anthony Warner is the one who caused the Nashville exposion. That's quite suspicious or coincidental, take your pick.]

Another one of the four China-related people I talked about was Mark Zuckerberg (twitter CEO), for his wife, Miss CHAN, is Chinese. Did the channel plyers indicate her too? Zuckerberg is suspect in my eyes for passing around $400M (or more) of Chinese money for election fraud to get Biden elected and thus to make Biden a Chinese tool.

I re-told this river-flood dream in the 1st update of last month, and introduced it in the 4th update of last June:

I'm writing this insert on the morning (Wednesday) of a dream where I was walking in a river[bed] that was about to FLOOD. This dream also had two wrenches...They were for Joe Oullette, an old friend, to repair someone's something, a vague scene, but the twin, blue channel pliers / wrenches (similar to pipe wrenches) are bright in my mind even now. There were two flood scenes, one having ice on the streets under about ten inches of moving water. I walked to safety on that very-slippery ice.

Hmm, ice. Later in this update, you will see God pointing to Homeland Security's ICE. As I went from one scene upon the slush to the ice-covered ROAD, I reasoned that this was a pointer to the Roddens/Rodhams that named the Rodden river in Shropshire, for while the Dol Alans lived in Shropshire, Dols have a fesse in Swale- and Snow-fesse colors. Plus, the Dol Alans, as FitzAlans of ARUNDEL, married Alice of slush-like Saluzzo. Arundels happen to use Swale-like swallows, the Swallow symbol too, and Clintons share the Saluzzo Chief-Shield. Thus, especially as slush-like Sallows'/Salis' were first found in Shropshire too, this dream is largely a pointer to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

[Later in this update, written yesterday as I right here, I told how Robert RHODES of ICE almost killed Ms. Zhao (she's Chinese). I was wondering whether Mr. Rhodes was one of the officers who tried to jail / kill me. That story is later in this update, and so my walking up the ice of the ROAD looks like a pointer of God to the corrupt gang around Mr. Rhodes. It doesn't necessarily exclude other pointers by the same scene.]

Note my use of "slippery" back in June when first telling of the dream: "I walked to safety on that very-slippery ice." I didn't have the Slippers/Sleeps on my mind at the time, who named Sleap in Shropshire.

As was said, the river forked off and went by me on both sides. Connell-like Cunninghams use a "shakeFORK," as well as a "fork" motto term, and were first found in Ayrshire with McConnells (and Forkers). That explains the fork, to assure that God is pointing to that disgusting RINO. "Chao," his wife's surname, is, as with the Italian "ciao," the Japanese word for "greet(ings)," and so it's interesting that Greets/Greats share the saltire of Norwegian Eriks, which might be some additional support for a pointer to Eric Swalwell and Miss Chan. It just so happens that Swallow- / Sallow-like Slows (Buckinghamshire, same as Cheneys) have a cross colors reversed from the same of Chan-like Chains/Cheyne's. Beside the Erik saltire is a giant fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the same of German Bush's. It just so happens that Buckinghams have a Coat nearly like that of Sassys/SAUCERS, whom God linked to Zucker-like Suchs/SUCKERs, to go with the Chan-like Cheneys of Buckinghamshire, very remarkable.

AHHHH, lookie: the Chain cross is also the Twitt cross. Zuckerberg has just committed a huge and treasonous crime using Twitter money!!! Jail him today. Put Intelligence on his case to see if his $500M for election fraud came from China.

AHHHH, lookie some more: I had said, from the first day of telling the dream, that there were twin wrenches, and Twins share two estoiles above a fesse (different colors) with Tweets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get it now. The twin channel wrenches were impossible to decipher until Zuckerberg's and his Chinese wife became a topic. As gemel is double bars, it seems to explain why the twin wrenches were coupled with gemel-using Oullette's. We are on it. Tweets use a pelican while Pellicans (same place as French Josephs) share the Howell tower while Oullette's were Owl/Howl liners. The wrenches were with Joe Oullette, born Joseph, and then English Joe's/Josephs were first found in Hampshire with Twins! Bingo.

God is pointing to Zuckerberg without a doubt; he's cooked. That baby is going to trip over a popsicle stick to his demise if he tries to attack those who come after him. Go get him today. He knows so much crime his own "pals" might kill him to keep him quiet. Twitts share the fretty of Belows while Bellows are also Ballots. You see, it seems that God used Twitts to point to ballot fraud. Belows (Yorkshire, same as Touts/Tute's) use a "Tout" motto term, and Touts are Tute's, as are TUITs (Norfolk, same as Twitts/Thwaite's), a Twitt branch. You can run, Zuckerberg, but you're cooked. God has your number. He knows where you live. He knows what you say, what you do. Norfolk is also where Bus' were first found who share the cinquefoil of Bellows/Ballots.

Perhaps we should be pointing to judge Sullivan of the Flynn-persecute team. Saluzzo was probably named by a branch of Saluvii Ligures, traceable to Sullivans. It's just that the Sullivan stag is almost the Channel/Connell stag. Flynns share the white wolf with Floods/Floyds, and we might say that the flood was coming down the river channel.

The river-flood dream ended with my walking up the icy and flooded road to a corner of the intersection, where I was under the roof of a PORCH (a storefront, I think), bending down into a tool box. End of dream. The tool box jibes with the wrenches, or channel PLYERs as I call them, and Players use drops while Drop's/Trope's (drops) share the Tool lion. Cool. Porch's (Norfolk, same as Bus') share the giant and ERMINEd cinquefoil of Bus', and Ermine's have a version of the Tweed and Tate/Teet Coats. The latter surname was at or near the Tweed river. Tweets were at the Teviot-river area that flows toward the Tweed.

If, when armed with these new pointers, we ask why the channel wrenches were with Joe (Joseph) Oullette, it can be added that the three sets of fesses gemel of Oullette's are in the colors of the three Zucker(berg) fesses. That's pretty amazing since Zuckerberg's wife is Chan. However, there are plenty of surnames with a perfect match with the Zucker fesses; why chose Oullette's to make the link? I don't know (yet), but wait: as Oullette's have bars gemel (twin bars), we might view Gemels as a clue because they too were first found in Ayrshire with Forkers who in turn share the Oullette lion. Gemels use a chain, and the Chain cross is colors reversed from the same of Sallow-like Slows. Is McConnell into some crime(s) along with the Cheney family?

OHHH WOW!!! Gamals/Gamble's share the giant fleur-de-lys of German Rench's!!! The channel wrenches!!! So, that's why God chose Mr. Oullette for the wrenches in the dream, to stress Gemels / Gamals, apparently, adding to the evidence that the forked river was Intended as a pointer to Forkers. This recalls the pitchFORK of Gamble-like Gable's, perfect. English Gable's (Cable/Cabel colors) even have the Shake chevron while Cunninghams call their symbol a SHAKEfork (used by Spanish Gable's too). The Gable / Shake chevron is even colors reversed from the Flood/Floyd chevron, and the forks in the river were taking place as the river started to flood. Gable's could have been out of Gabuleum on the east side of the Cavii territory.

I think I can make another observation. As I was in the middle of the forking river, one could say that I was on a bank (higher than the riverbeds for the forks. The Banks were at a Newton location while Newtons are in Flood colors. Banks share the fleur-de-lys of Fix's, and in this dream, Joe Oullette was to fix something with a car, though I can't recall what. OOOHHHH WOW, this is great: it recalls Joe Fix whom I saw at a Lada dealer when I went to get my Lada repaired. I've said before; the Lada dealer was at the corner of Gamble sideroad and Yonge street in Richmond Hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible.

Someone online says: "There used to be Lada dealership in Richmond Hill on Yonge street. I think it's a Subartu or a Suzuki dealership now." The Subartu dealer is at 11645 Yonge Street, about 1500 feet north of Gamble. But I recall the Lada dealer on the other side of Yonge. Close enough. It means that the double-wrench scene is to include Mr. Fix, an Israeli whose cook points to George Papadopoulos, a topic re-visited later in this update.

Here's from the 5th update of last July:

I found the Subartu dealer on this map, and while it's just a couple of blocks north of the Gamble sideroad (marked road 29), the problem is, I recall the Lada dealer on the opposite side of Yonge (no mistake here, I knew Richmond Hill very well, driving cab there). The map shows a LEXus dealer on the corner of Yonge and Gamble, and when I loaded the Lex surname to see whether God might have a clue to something, I not only found Lex's first found in Switzerland with Fix-connectable Feschs (share white swords in saltire with taxi-like Tax's/Dachs), but the Lex mascle is in the colors of the Seneca/SENESchal mascles while SENS' were first found in Switzerland too. What are the chances?

The Lex cross is a bottony cross in honor of the Bottons/Buttons/BIDENs.

Richmonds (Yorkshire, same as Banks), from Alans in relation to Alans of Dol, use bars gemel, increasing the evidence that God was pointing to Mr. Fix of Richmond Hill, especially as Fix's have a wavy fesse in colors reversed from the Dol fesse. I'm writing this section days after writing the Papadopoulos section below, and the latter gets us from Mr. Fix's tomato sauce to the Sassys/Saucers (Sucker branch) to Heinz ketchup. The latter married John Kerry, but for the purposes here, it just so happens that Banks and Fix's share the Heinz fleur-de-lys too. Fix's and Heinz's were first found in Saxony, and the Arms of Saxony is the Zucker(berg) Coat. Can we say that Mark Zuckerberg is guilty of FIXing the election? Absolutely. Jail this man today, send a loud message. He and his pals wish to control the world, very dangerous, a loud message must be sent.

The river-flood dream had water, and Waters share the Coat of Mitch's/Muschats/Montfichets (Essex, same as Waters). Mitch was born Addison Mitchell McConnell, and Addisons have gold leopard heads from the giant leopard of Muschat-like Mosca's/Moscats (this could be a clue to McConnell's Moscow corruption). MusCATs / MusCHATs and MosCATs can be traced very well to the Chattan-Botter relationship, and I've just found triple bends, in Botter- / Chattan-bend colors, with Cado's, important because Chattans are also Cato's, and dream-relevant because "cado" is in the Forker motto while the forked river got us to Forkers (Ayrshire with McConnells).

Both the Clintons and the Cado's have the Saluzzo Chief-Shield, and Alice of Saluzzo was the daughter of Luis of Ceva, a place suspect with the Chives' (cats) sharing the Mosca/Moscat leopard (compare the Clinton Coat to the Tarves Coat because Chives' were first found in Tarves). The Chives' with their Mathis kin are from the Cavii Illyrians between the Sleep-line Selepitanoi and the Mathis (modern Mat) river. Chives' and Mathis' share the black moline cross with Moline's, and here it can be added that both Moline's and Oullette's were from the house of Falaise.

Cado's have three wavy bends in the colors of the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds. Scottish Drummonds have three wavy fesses in the colors of the fesses in the Porch fesse. Porch's and their Bus' kin were first found in Norfolk with the Gangs in the Scottish Drummond motto, and Gangs share the Bucket cinquefoils. Joe filled a bucket of snow. Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with the DOGs/Doags sharing the Porch / Bus cinquefoil, and I'm pretty sure that McConnells share the lion and quadrants of Medals/DOUGals.

The McConnell quadrant colors are those also of Medals/Dougals, and the first McConnell quadrant likely has the Medal/Dougal lion, therefore. The Medals had been pointed to by the Russian medallion that someone left on my vehicle, which had "Saint-Petersburg Russia" on it in Russian. Could Mitch McConnell relate to that in some way? Isn't Edward Snowden still in Russia?

Thus far, I haven't explained why Snows should apply to the dream's pointers, aside from nailing the Swale's to the dream's pointers, and from that gleaning a pointer to Eric Swalwell.

I have told of another dream where the same Joe Oullette was putting SNOW into a bucket at the rear bumper of his van, after he asked me to get a container. I got it from the home of a man with big-owl eyes to indicate that OULlette's were Owl/Howl liners, and this worked because Howells were first found in Monmouthshire while Monmouths (compare with Mauds) share black-on-white gemel fesses with Oullette's. Plus, if you can believe it, Monmouthshire is where Fane's/VANs were first found. I'm not making the dream up; he was putting snow, from upon the rear bumper of his VAN, into the bucket. Why the bumper?

Let me take a guess. Bumps were kin of Tooths who in turn share the Ryan-Crest griffin. Ryans share griffin heads (different colors) with Box's, and while I STOOPed down to the tool box, Stoops/Stubbs can be gleaned with a version of the STURling Coat. The tool box was under the porch, and the Stur fesses are highly likely in the Crest of Porch's because Porch's come up as Portis' while Portishead is near the source of the Stur river. For the moment, I assume the tool box is for Dol-like Tolle's sharing the Tool lion, for Box's have it on a blue Shield. Box's were first found in Wiltshire (near Portishead), and the Stur has its source in Wiltshire. Dols come up as Tolls.

Paul Ryan, a despicable RINO, was the speaker of the House on the Republican side, and during his last two years as such (Trump's first two years), he ruined the House and thus passed the Speakership to Nancy Pelosi, she being the fourth person I mentioned in the last update having China ties. Her China ties are looking very much like those of Swalwell's. Pelosi's were first found near the STURa river of Cuneo.

I've been calling the Stour of Wiltshire-to-Somerset the "Stur" for years, only to find now that google doesn't recognize that spelling. There's no Stour surname coming up, but the Stur surname was first found beside Somerset, you see. As I said, the tool box was under the porch of what seemed to be a STOREfront, and now I know why. The Sturs, Stormys (Wiltshire) and Easters should, apparently, be viewed as fundamental with Shins/Chinns/Chings. Stormys/Esturmys (Store/Stury colors) look like they have the Tool / Box lion but in a black Shield. What could a tool box represent/depict as a pointer to American corruption with Chinese elements? Why would God use a tool box? Was it only to get us to the Shins, or is there something more?

Is God going to use the military through Trump? Repeat from last update: "New: while the Newtons use "shin bones" and an "EASTERn prince" in Crest, Esterlys/Easterleys (ESToiles), said to be of East Newton (Lincolnshire), share both a gold bend, and a dog in Crest, with Irish Shins/Shanahans. English, China-pointing Shins/Chinn/Chings [Somerset, same as Stur river] share three, red fesses with Easter-branch Sturs." There's a Sturminster Newton location, on the Stur (Wikipedia calls it the Stour), near the Wiltshire border with Dorset (Box's were first in Wiltshire). Why do Stoops/Stubbs use an army-like "arma" motto term?

Repeat: "The tool box jibes with the wrenches, or channel PLYERs as I call them, and Players use drops while Drop's/Trope's (drops) share the Tool lion. Cool." There's also a Trope-like TROOP surname. Military hint? We read: "Drope is a hamlet in the valley of the River Ely..." Elys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Wrench's. Ely's look like kin of German Bute's/Butts/Boets. As Drops/Trope's share a single lion on a red Chief with Armys/Ermine's, might this paragraph signal army butes on the ground, so to speak? Should we be preparing for war? English Bute's/Butts are said to have lived in Antrim, and Antrims were first found in Norfolk with Porch's/Portis', and with the earliest-mentioned But family (in the Bute/Butt write-up). Does the contested Antrim county in Michigan have something to do with any predictions to be made by this set of heraldry?

Armys/Ermine's were first found in Lincolnshire with the East Newton location of Esterleys/Easterlys. By what coincidence do military-like Millets share the Porch/PORTis cinquefoil (minus the ERMINEs that Porch's/Portis' have)? ESTerleys and PORTs (Hampshire, same as Sturs) share gold ESToiles with Este-related English Bute's/Butts who in turn have a version of the Italian Maurel Coat. The latter, sharing the eight-pointed star of French MILLETs, were first found in Milton-like Milan with Bone-like Bons/Bono's, who in turn have a version of the Stone and MILTon Coats, with the Stone's sharing the white dog (same position) in Crest with Esterleys. It tends to verify that Newtons use "shin BONES" because they have a Bone line in their ancestry.

The paragraph above was born when I searched whether the U.S. MILITary was being pointed to, and so I loaded Millets and Miltons (which gave the paragraph above), begging whether my shin-pad slide for the winning goal (see last update) involves the military. Bone-branch Bonns (Milton eagle in colors reversed) were first found in Oxfordshire with Miltons and with the Oyle's suspect in the estOILEs above. The shin-pad goal was scored off of the slap shot of Steve Tarr, and Tarrs (Somerset, same as Stur river) look like Stur kin, sharing the pale bars of French Sturs to a degree. Is Trump going to win the election with a military solution? Or are these things coincidences that happen to come up by pure chance? Is Tarr's slap shot a last-minute plunge to win the game by the Trump team? It took place with a minute or less to go in the tie game. The puck came to rest on the goal line, and I slid past the net on my shin bones to tip it in.

It was the winning goal of the semi-final match. Our team's next goal was the first in the final, championship match, and Tarr passed it out to me from the corner; I backhanded it over the knee pad of my friend, the goalie, Jim McGee, for the goal. I'm repeating this, sorry, because I've just read that "[Antrim] county was formed in 1840 as Meegisee County". So I loaded "Megees" to find that Scottish McGee's do come up!!! Zikers. Is that possibly just a wild coincidence by chance? The vote flipping found in Antrim county was probably the reason that an all-out assault, by the Trump team, poured out on the bulk of election fraud.

McGee kicked his knee pad out to block the shot, but the puck went over the pad, for which reason, as well as due to the knee-pad slide, I've always kept the Padd surname in mind in case it would ever come to mean anything. McGee's were first found in Dumfries with PADyns/Putins (Antrim bend in colors reversed), and with KilPATricks (share Patrick saltire), and then Patricks were first found in Norfolk with Antrims (half a Kilpatrick saltire). Padds use a MILL rind while English Millets were from Buckinghamshire, where Padds were first found; can this possibly mean that the McGee goal is another pointer to a military option used by Trump? I hope so. Our enemies need to be weakened very badly. They are powerful enough now to do the nation of decent people some horrible harm. A military option without bloodshed would be super. Just arrests in massive numbers as a future deterrent.

Milton are said to descend from CAMville's, and it just so happens that Cams/Game's were first found in Gloucestershire with Kemmis'/Kenys' sharing the Coat of Shins/Chinns/Chings. That is further evidence of a Millet / Milton link round-about to the Newton shin bones.

Aha, a thing I didn't know until writing all the above: Milts were first found in Mecklenburg with the Ice's, while Milleys have trefoils colors reversed from Ice's! I slid along the ICE with on my shin pads! Now we really have something here, because it's making a stronger Millet / Milton = military pointer to the winning goal. And Mark Milley happens to be Trump's pick for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (= military brass), though I know nothing about his political / moral positions. Recall the Padd "mill RIND," for Rinds (Perthshire, same as Shaws) share the scallops of English Mallets (probably Shaw kin) while French Mallets/Malo's are expected in the "Malo" motto term of Milleys. In case it turns out that Milley or some military element goes after Zuckerberg, I'll add that Milts and Zuckerbergs share the same triple fesses.

I almost missed it: mallets are hammers or, in Latin, martels/martellos, a martial-like term.

youtube and similar others are hiding pro-Trump media seeking to galvanize the election-fraud crusade at this time in hopes that the spirits of pro-Trumpers will give up the fight. But this could be a good thing. The best thing that can happen now is if the supreme court refuses to hear election-fraud cases so that Trump has no choice but to: 1) do martial law wisely; 2) foolishly and cowardly shy away from doing martial law. It could be a 50-50 chance, but, if he chooses martial law, it can lead to instant arrests of dozens and dozens, if not hundreds of bad actors / criminals in government, and in big tech too while he's at it, and, bonus, the SCOTUS can then chime in to support Trump once it sees the great fruit of that move. IMAGINE. In one swell swoop, our enemies can be clobbered, and all because of the situation that our enemies have created; they will have no one to blame but themselves. It's a nice dream. Maybe it'll come true. Justice Roberts can take credit for the martial law because he seeks to convince the whole court to turn down Trump case(s). Go for it, Roberts, now is the time.

One can even use the German Teegers (Milton colors), because they share the giant, eight-pointed star of French Millets, to get us to the TICKs/TOCKs, for the latter, with a "MILITia" motto term, have a version of the Irish Teague/TEEGER Coat. It tends to verify that the Tick/Tock motto term is indeed code for Millets. It may be pointing to China's Tik Tok now in the news as China's spy-on-West machinery. Ticks/Tocks share griffin heads (different colors) with Box's, the latter first found in Wiltshire, beside Bath, relevant because Baths have a Coat form of the Mea/Meighs Coat in the Tick/Tock motto. The Bath lions may even be the Tool lion round-about so that the tool box keeps the river-flood dream once again points to China elements imposing themselves in such things as the U.S. elections.

The Mea's/Meighs' share the McGee/Megees boar heads, and the latter had pointed potentially to the Antrim voting machines, but also to a military option. Bathers (Denbighshire) happen to be traceable to the Flynn wolf (via Flints from beside Denbighshire), and have a "viVAS" motto term while Mea's/Meighs' can be gleaned with the VASE/Face/Fessy cross in the Taffy motto. I had shown that the Flynn wolf was that of Scarfs, but did not know until this update that Bathers share the Scarf Coat. General Flynn was egging Trump on to a military solution.

Oh good stuff: the Floods/Floyds, sharing three white wolf heads with Bathers, show a "Vis" motto term while the Vas', potentially in the Bather motto, are listed with Vise's/Vice's. This does not mean that the Vase variation of Fessys cannot apply, for Taffy-like Tufts/Tuffs' share the Knee phoenix while Knee's share the Vas/Vise/Vice stag head. The flood on the road was up to my shins or knees.

Imagine if Trump wins with the electors alone, because SCOTUS refused to hear the cases, when Biden then takes the case to the SCOTUS, where the latter then decides to hear his case, HYPOCRITES! That can happen. Trump would then have the military option alone, with the alternative being to allow criminals to rule, who obtained the election "win" with sheer criminality. Trump would go down in infamy to let the leftist mafia, without a military fight, rule the country. I don't think Trump would let that happen.

Some army representative, on the weekend (19-20th), said that there's no military role for determining the election (see Eye Opener with Michael Lewis. Achem, you treasonous pawn of the mob, nobody's asking the military brass to decide who wins. The only thing asked of the military is to maintain law by arresting criminals, and to seize the devises and vices the criminals used to break election laws. If you don't want to do this, army chieftains, quit or get fired. You don't get to chose whether laws were broken. If you don't want to seize the criminals, quit your job, and let someone else do it. Just put it this way: if the army chiefs don't see election criminality to this point, they're fired! They should be, immediately.

My understanding is that the president doesn't get to use martial law unilaterally; he needs the courts to give him permission on how to utilize it. He needs to provide evidence of criminality, and I think he also needs to get permission on how to proceed to remedy the situation. The coming days may clarify these things from those who know much better. Note that the country is head-to-head with this possibility just as the masses are being urged / forced to stay home, making it easier to make pointed arrests. Homeland Security should be jailed, no kidding at all. This organization has been the mob from the start. This is the organization that plotted to make America fear for the purpose of government controls, with all sorts of evil plots in the name of security.

With all the talk from his supporters on the possibility of martial law, the media inevitably brought the topic out, forcing Trump to say he has not been considering it. I absolutely forgive him if he's lying on this; it's acceptable if he plans to use it. I suggest that the military fraction (or faction) which conducted 9-11 is Trump's worst enemy at this time. Flynn may have spoiled what Trump had in mind by appearing publicly talking about the potential use of military starting last week (prior to the 18th), yet Trump did invite Flynn to a meeting on the 18th anyway...which is what got Trump in trouble on this issue. I say, who cares what the left says, or the RINO's.

Apparently, some mole in the Trump camp snitched to CNN about this meeting, and so they are watching his every move. I say he should meet with his team elsewhere, not in the White House. They should all watch their backs, and not float around outdoors often for the next few weeks. According to CNN, Mark Meadows opposed Sidney Powell, says Eye Opener, but, whatever the truth on that matter, she appeared somewhat with Flynn at the White House on the 18th. I have seen ZERO of Meadows in support of Trump's post-election woes, and so, yes, he must despise Powell because she's in a good position with Flynn to do damage to Bushites.

Giuliani is now becoming like Trump: "Rudy Giuliani Calls [on Twitter] For Dominion Voting Machine Audit". You can call till you're blue in the face, and you'll get exactly zero done, just as Trump got zero done after four years of Twitter entertainment. Get out and bag the machines yourself, Rudy. They're not going to come running to you like chickens at the morning feed just because you're hollering. Apply to SCOTUS to get the machines NOW, because it's late. SCOTUS can't turn you down again and again, or it will appear politically inclined against you. Get the machines, then make the arrests by demanding them from Wray, then bring the evidence to SCOTUS that it cannot resist. Instead, you failed in this thing. You failed to do the right-obvious thing. How to explain this?

In my opinion, Trump has powers to put off January 20th by many days, if the machines show significant fraud. It's just a no-brainer that, even if the machines are judged by SCOTUS to be fraudulent on January 30th, the court can order Biden out of the White House. If that can't be done, then what good are the courts? If Biden got in by fraud, he was NEVER the president, even though he was sworn in. It's a no-brainer.

Miracle-Marble Shot Points to Bushites

Over the past few updates, I've been claiming that God set up a miracle-marble shot against my friend, Tony, at our ages 11. Here's from the 2nd update of this month, where I added the insert today; see if you can figure out what God's pointing to:

[Insert Dec. 22 -- I didn't realize when writing here that English Pots probably have the Bruno bend, which I discovered thanks to my father being in real-estate with Bruno at the time I was playing POTsies [with alleys/marbles by digging a pot/hole in the ground]. Bruno's were first found in Florence with Pot-like Botters and Mosca's, while Potters (share BOSwell cinquefoils) were first found in Hampshire with English Botters. English Pots ("ASTutus") share the leopard with Mosca's. Bruno's are said to have been at ASTi, traceable to AstiBUS, and Bus' share the white cinquefoil with Boswells (look like they use the Bush/Busch fesse) who come up as Powell-like Bowells. Boswells/Bowells share the Potter fesse. The Dutch Bos/Bush/Bosch lion is colors reversed from the BRUNswick lion. French Bruns were first found at POITou. Bush-related BUStards share pellets with the Foys in the Boswell motto. Although I don't know what more to say about this, or whether Bowells are a pointer to Ms. Powell, it looks like confirmation that God arranged the potsies game for a link to Bruno, and by that route to the presidential Bush family.

The potsies game was against Tony, and Antonys share a white goat head in Crest with Bush's/Buschs. Busca is in the land of the Saluvii Ligures, and Saluvii-like Sullivans not only share the black boar with Bush'/Buschs, but the Bos/Bush/Bosch lion. And, can we believe it, English Tonys use a Saluvii-like SLEEVE (sometimes called a maunch). I'm convinced; God set that alley game up to point to Bush crimes. The vertically-split Sullivan Shield (the one with the boar) is also that of French Foys/Foix's, and the other French Foys/Foix's (with pellets) come up as "Fois," explaining the "LAMh FOIStenach" motto phrase of Sullivans. Scottish Lam(b)s (share Bus cinquefoil) have a red-Shield version of the English Lam(b) Coat, both versions of the Potter Coat, that's right. The Tony sleeve is in the Arms of Leicester, that place being on the Ligure-like Legro river.

Judge Sullivan is the one who terribly persecuted general Flynn.

More, starting from the write-up of Scottish Lam(b)s: "The earliest record of this name in Scotland appears to be of Adam Lamb of SYMPERing, who witnessed a charter of lands in GRAYDEN in c. 1288." Sympers/Sempers have the BRUNswick Coat in colors reversed. Graydens have either a crocodile or an ALLIgator as a possible code for Alleys (Atlas' have BROWN lion heads). The alligator can be part-code for a Gates branch, and the gate is used by English Porters while French Porters (Bruno Coat in colors reversed) share the bend of Thistle's. The latter share the pheons of Graydens/GRADens (Gardens use the black boar). French Robins use pheons too while English Robins use thistles while the Sullivan Crest is called a robin. I see "Brunswick" as a version of "BRYNeich," now Berwickshire, where Graydens were first found. Queen Bebba of Bryneich is expected to the Babe's sharing the hand pointing to a sun with Bradys/GRADYs. Lam(b)s were first found in Northumberland with Grays. End insert]

Thistle's are in the colors and format of Rinds who in turn use gillyflowers and a "flower POT" because Flowers share the Potter cinquefoils. Rinds are arguably a branch of Rants/Rance's who likely named the Rance river near Jugon, and the latter can be traced to Juggs/Judds who in turn share the boar heads of Baddeleys (Cheshire, same as Marble's and Prayers), for the miracle shot took place after I prayed to make the shot (I rarely prayed as a child). Prayers are said to have had their seat at Baddeley. Plus, Baddelys are in Byrne colors and format while the quote above included BRYNeich while French Brians were first found in Brittany, location of Jugon.

Moreover, English Brians/Bryne's share the black hunting horn with Burns and Bernice's/Burness', the latter two first found in Cumberland with the Daggers in turn sharing the Prayer Coat. Prays/Praters share the black, winged horse with Bernice's/Burness' (Cumberland, same as Bruno-connectable Browns), who happen to share the Pot fesse. What could this Prayer link to Brian / Burn liners be for? Reminder: the marble shot took us to Lam(b)s of Grayden as per their sharing the Potter cinquefoil, and Irish Brians use a "Lamh" motto term. As was said, one of the friends that I played alleys with was Jacky, and English Jacks happen to share the Prayer scallops (this could be mere verification that God set up the marble-shot event, or it can also point to a Jack character).

By the way, Bruno's of Asti were beside or in Bra, and Prayer-like Brayers have a version of a Brown Coat. Brayers are in Mar colors and format in case Marble's were Mar liners. Irish Prays share the pale bars of Langfords, suspect from Langhe of the Bra theater (Piedmont, same as Masci's). Dominion-like Domino's were first found in Piedmont, and German Dominics share the Brayer chevron. Brays/Brae's use a "FLAX breaker" while Flacks are listed with Flicks. I flicked the marble to do the miracle shot. Brayers share the Masci / KilPatrick fleur-de-lys, while the Massey branch share the winged horse (different colors) with Bernice's and Prays/Praters.

I think it's Patrick-Byrne important that while Langleys share the six pale bars of Lands/Landens, Patricks were at La Lande. Landons (not "Landen") share bear heads with Berwicks and Barwicks. I therefore think God is pointing to Patrick Byrne with the marble shot. He's the computer expert in-the-know about Dominion machines, who schooled Sidney Powell about them. Patrick Byrne is essentially a freelance part of Trump's and Powell's legal teams for election fraud, and so it's repeatable that the Grayden pheon is colors reversed from the one of Sidneys (Kent, same as Brayers). Patrick Byrne was in the White-House meeting last Friday on the day Powell and Flynn met with Trump.

Shortly after the miracle alley shot, my parents (my mother is a Masci) moved to Senator REESORS drive, buying a new house right beside Bruno's new house. The Reesors/Reasons (Rice branch) can be traced to Rhizon, right beside KOTOR, home of fish-using Saraca's. Kotor-like Catters/CATHERs (fish) come up as "Gators/Gaters," whom were loaded as per the Grayden alligator (fish in mouth). While the other Irish Brians come up as Bryne's, the Byrne's (Irish) are said to be from CATHAIR Mor. That's would be more amazing should the ALLIgator be part-code for Alleys.

Mrs. KilPATRICK of my 1979 dream, who pointed to Saraca's of Kotor in her hovering scene, was HOVERing OVER the seats while OVERstock is Patrick Byrne's company. This Hicks-Byrne picture is getting interesting, for Overs share the bend of Thistle's (share Grayden pheons). Kilpatrick castle was at CloseBURN, perhaps named by Byrne's / Burn liners. She was born Miss Hicks, and Hicks had married the same Arthurs of Clapton who married Meadows-branch Meads. Byrne made important news this week concerning Mark Meadows. The Kilpatrick motto term, "Ceart," looks connectable to the "CERTavi" motto term of Byrne's, wow.

Cutters/Gutters (not "Catter") were first found in Dorset with Babe's, and Babwells/Babels (share the "gold GATE" in the Arms of PodeBRADY), the ones sharing the mermaid with alligator Graydens, happen to share the six pale bars of Cams/Game's expected in the "esCAM" motto term of Graydens/Gradens. BABons share the black boar head of Graden-like Gardens. The Game variation of Cams recalls that while Tony got Andrea a jewel for her 11th birthday, I gave her a board GAME.

Mamie got a garden symbol the day after she sat on my lap, and Laps/LABBS', possibly from the Labe river through Podebrady, share the mermaid with German Babe's/Babels. Babwells/Babels share the Giuliani eagle while Tony got Andrea a Giuliani-like jewel. Jewels (Wiltshire, same as Laps/Labbs') use gillieflowers in the colors of the "flower" of Italian Tonys. The line of Podebrady is to George's (Dorset, same as Babe's, beside Wiltshire), and they happen to share the Flynn besants.

In the Byrne Shield are three hands in the colors of the same of English Pucks. The hands of one Alley/Aulay Coat are colors reversed while the other Alley/Aulays have BUCKLEs while the Pucks above are also Puckle's. The first Alleys/Aulays share the Hatrick/Ettrick lion, which is also that of Ettrick-like Edricks/Edrichs in the Powell motto. My hat-trick goal (16 years of age), which I've predicted to be Sidney Powell's win on Trump's behalf, involved a puck. So, we just went from the alley shot to the hat-trick goal consisting of a deflection of the puck off my stick and between my legs. Leggs may have the Trump stag head.

German Pucks look related to Ottone's, and Ottone Visconti can be to the Vise's/VICE's possibly in the "VICi" motto term of Byrne's. That's very interesting for connecting to Mrs. Kilpatrick in the Ottone-connectable auto of the 1979 dream, for I touched her knee while Knee's (County DOWN) share the stag head of Vise's/Vice's, the latter first found in Sussex, same as Pucks/Puckle's and DOWNs/Douns, the latter possibly having the Trump stag. Her knee is on her leg, and Leggs (same place as Kilpatricks) have a stag head in the colors of the Down stag. She was at the hood, and Hoods/Hoots can be of the Hottun location of Huttons while Hutton (Yorkshire) was the home of Gospatricks.

The leading of Byrne's to Pucks begs whether Mr. Byrne is to be viewed in one of my two goals, at age 12, that I've been pointing to election fraud. Two of those goals involved assists from Steve TARR, and while "uachTAR" is a motto term of Irish Brians/Brions (the ones sharing "laidir" with Kilpatricks), "UACHtar" can be expected with the Walks/Wachs because they were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. As was said, as the first goal from Tarr's assist was with less than a minute to go, with the score tied at 2-2 (semi-final match), the team cleared the bench and PILEd on top of me to celebrate the win. Pile's have three piles colors reversed from the three of English Brians/Bryne's.

As I said, I slammed into the boards with my BACK!!! I slid by the net, poked the puck in, and hit the boards with my back. The Welsh Bachs were first found in Denbighshire with English Brians/Bryne's WOW! I'm not making it up, I did crash with my back. Here's from the 3rd update of last month: "...Thistle's/Thissels have pheons in colors reversed from the Sidney pheon. Propers/Robins/Roberts (Cheshire) can apply to my shin-pad slide into the boards with my BACK, because they were at Newton..." (Newtons, Cheshire, use "shin bones").

The "tyrANNIS" motto term of Propers/Robins/Roberts can be for the Tarrs and Annas'/Annis together because Bachs share the Annas/Annis star! French Roberts, sharing the lion of Propers/Robins/Roberts (it's the Irish-Brian lion too), share blue vair fur with Bachs. Welsh Roberts were first found in Denbighshire with Bachs and Brians/Bryne's, and have the Powell Coat in colors reversed, what are the chances? The shin-pad slide itself was postulated as a symbol of Trump's enemies seeking to spoil the goal, and so, perhaps, the Propers/Robins/Roberts can be a pointer to SCOTUS' chief justice, Roberts.

In the next update, the 4th of November, I said: "I can't say that the goal was God's design to point to Sidney Powell and Patrick Byrne, but if that's the case, we expect some victory here...I recall crashing into the boards with my BACK, and Welsh Bachs/Baghs were first found in Denbighshire with Bryne's/Brians, how interesting." I didn't have more to say on that until this update had the large Byrne section you're now reading. Denbighshire is beside Flint (near Cheshire), and Flints/Flans (Newton colors) could be a Flynn branch, especially as the Flynn wolf is in the colors of the wolf heads of Bathers (Denbighshire). The latter part of the last sentence is brand new here. Flints use "flint stones," and so let's repeat from above: "...Stone's sharing the white dog (same position) in Crest with Esterleys." "Newtons have "An EASTERn Prince with a gold crown."

Plus, while Propers/Robins/Roberts "held estates at Oldcastle and Newton", Oldcastle's share the giant and black tower of Domino's. The Oldcastle's may be emphasizing a gold gate for a Podebrady reason, for while the "gold gate" in the Arms of Podebrady is beneath the triple fesses of Bach-like Beaks, the latter share the ostrich with Propers/Robins/Roberts.

My second goal from Tarr's assist was on the goalie, Jim McGee, and Scottish McGee's were first found in Dumfries too. This was in the championship match in which we won 6-2 thanks to four goals from Tarr. Amazingly, Irish McGee's, sharing white leopard heads with Brian-connectable Brains, were in County Antrim (Ireland), and Mr. Byrne may already been involved in some way with the Dominion machines in Michigan's Antrim county.

The McGee boar heads are used also by Baddeleys while it's the Prayers who were at BADDELey. Battle's (Berwickshire) share a giant and gold griffin with Marble's (Cheshire, same as Baddeley).

If the idea earlier, in the Brian-Sullivan link, was to point to judge Sullivan, let's add that it was Sidney Powell who essentially defeated him. Trump hammered home the victory by pardoning Flynn, and now Flynn and Powell are planning something, apparently, with Trump. The Grayden pheons are colors reversed from those of SIDNeys (doesn't look coincidental), and then while Sedans/SIDDENs (share black cinquefoil with DENTONs) were said to be first found in Yorkshire with SEDbergh, the latter being the location of Dentdale of the Dents, let's go back to the Lam(b) write-up:

The surname Lam was first found in Northumberland, where they were Lords of the manor of West DENTON. The earliest record of this name in Scotland appears to be of Adam Lamb of SYMPERing, who witnessed a charter of lands in GRAYDEN in c. 1288.

The Denton Crest even has the Giuliani eagle again (includes gold legs). Dentons, with the Lam(b) / Potter cinquefoils in colors reversed, were kin of Rodhams...for what it's worth in this judge-Sullivan picture. Rodhams had a Rodden Shropshire, where Hunters (and Sallows/Salis') were first found who share the vertically-split Shield of Sullivans. Hunters (Hunter Biden, right?) add the two Kilpatrick saltires, and while Kilpatricks (share Brown fleur) share "laidir" with Irish Brians, the latter share "Lamh" with Sullivans. The double Denton fesses are colors reversed from the same of Sleeps (Shropshire). The same Kilpatricks have "a boo," like the "abu" of Sullivans. Irish Brians/Brions have three passant lions in pale half in the colors of the two in pale of Brunswicks (Symper Coat in colors reversed).

Apparently, Brians/Brions had been Brun(o) liners, and then while the Saluvii may have been the Salyes by another name, the latter lived on the Durance river, location of BRIANcon. French Brians share the saltire of Graden-like Greats/Greetans who were in turn first found in Northumberland with Lambs of Grayden, and with the first-known GosPATRICKs. English Lam(b)s are also Lombardy-like Lumbers, and then Great-connectable Grazio's were first found in Perusia with Ottone's while Ottone Visconti ruled Lombardy. Perusia is in UMBRia, while NorthUMBERland is beside Berwickshire.

Byrne claims that Mark Meadows and his buddy were behind the leak to CNN in an effort to thwart Trump. We can assume that Meadows has been a mole (for the Bushites) all this time that he's been in charge of the White House. Here's some of the story this week from Byrne:

Election-Fraud News

Whatever happened to the recount of 2,500 Arizona ballots after a 100-ballot recount found a three-percent cheat on behalf of Biden? Paul Gosar, on Steve Bannon's War Room (Dec. 21), said that "they stopped counting" after finding some problems, but, Gosar stopped there without elaborating. I've seen no news updates, but that doesn't mean there haven't been any. Why do google's first- and second-results pages, when searching " arizona 2500 ballots ", bring up many articles on the judge's order to recount the 2,500, but no articles on what happened with that recount? If the recount was a good thing for Biden, google wouldn't be hiding the story. If correct that they stopped counting, the cheat side may have convinced a judge to order stoppage, and, of course, that's a good reason for google cheats not to carry the story.

Things are moving well, according to Andy Biggs Monday evening, toward a vote by the congress to install president Trump for January 20. In order for this pathway to victory to be successful, it is advantageous, if not essential under the dire circumstances, that there be glaring / rich evidence for fraud, because the less there is, the louder the left will scream bloody murder. So, the tasks of Giuliani, Powell, Eastman, the Sekulows, and other Trump legal advocates supporters, should not be slackened just because the plan may be not to depend on the courts. Ditto for a military solution: the bigger and better the evidence, the bigger and better the support. I think Ms. Powell will come through with voter-machine fraud, a really big deal.

The reason that Mark Meadows has not made the election-fraud news is, apparently, revealed by a report Monday that he's urging White House staff to betray Trump, as he himself has. Meadows is Trump's chief of White House staff. It means that Meadows is acting as a mole for the Bushites within the White House, and Trump the goofball has not yet removed him from that position this deep into the post-election war. There is something deeply disturbing about this president.

Barr went out this week re-asserting that there was no need to investigate election fraud. This is not a minor bow-out, for he's giving the enemy the media and judicial use of the attorney general's "expert" opinion. He stabbed Trump a second time in the back, but, in my opinion, Barr's going down in infamy, as the evidence he denies continues to roll out, and be verified.

The video below from 10:00 to 11:40 is a must from James O'Keefe on FBI corruption:

Tucker Carlson is someone I've not watched for weeks. Everytime youtube offers a segment of his shows, it's NEVER about election fraud. Has Carlson become a Murdoch / Ryan stooge? What's his problem? Is he more into his job than saving the country from what's at stake? Lou Dobbs goes full throttle against the Bidenites, no fear of Murdoch at all. Why won't Tucker do the same? Election-fraud is the most-important story at this time, and Tucker, for one at Fox, is ignoring it for the most part, which is tantamount to giving the mob the election win without fighting. Tucker has suddenly become a disappointment, ever since he attacked Sidney Powell. What's going on? We all know he's adamantly opposed to Biden.

In my opinion, Lin Wood is trying too hard to get into Trump's inner circle. He blew it by trying to ruin the Republican-held senate. The fact that he's trying so hard with hyped messages, and lots of them, is what one could expect from a would-be mole in Trump's camp. I don't trust him. He's making news daily, looking desperate to become some sort of star in this fight. Polls show both senate Republicans winning in Georgia, and I see nothing that could change that picture aside from voter fraud.

It's Tuesday, and there's no talk yet about legal cases from other states, besides Pennsylvania, going on a fast-track to SCOTUS. This is strange. What might be the strategy? It costs little to file a law suit and appear once to be turned down automatically by lower courts, so why not file, file, file, already, up the chain of state and federal-circuit courts to the SCOTUS? I don't get it. Why isn't Powell complaining about the SCOTUS putting her law suit(s) off until it's too late for election purposes? This is a travesty of justice from the SCOTUS. This top court doesn't have the convenience of rejecting an important case just because terrorists threaten to use terror. In that case, the United States is only the Mexican government, too afraid of the mob to do the right thing.

It's a laughable testament to rotten humanity that leftist media is calling Sidney Powell a "conspiracy theorist." Soon, conspiracy theorists will be the heroes, the ones who dared launch the attack on government corruption. The movement has grown by leaps and bounds, and here we have the opportunity to pounce hard on rat-humanity, if only Trump retains the iron nerve. His executive order to seize the machines is appropriate and much-needed for court purposes FAST. It would be dumb to gamble the entire drive on the electors. What if some turn out to be back-stabbers at the last minute? With McConnell being pro-Biden now, how will the senate give Trump a majority vote for his electors? That's not going to work, I don't think. The Trump team had best do it at SCOTUS to overturn Biden's electoral lead. If that lead can be trimmed down far enough, then the elector route will be more possible. If going into January 6, Biden's electoral lead is, for example, only something like 275-263, then I don't see how even McConnell himself can vote against Trump for the few remaining electors.

If Trump is permitted to name a person as a special counsel in order to have powers to seize evidence, WHAT IN TARNATION IS HE WAITING FOR? If the courts deny him a look at all the evidence, then Trump will have EVERY RIGHT to appeal to military courts, and so the more evidence he gathers by that time, the better. Leftist media are reporting that their anonymous witnesses (they may not exist) of Friday's White-House meeting had Giuliani thumbs-down on the military option. If Giuliani is taking that position now because he'd prefer to be the lone hero of this drive, then, if his drive loses, there may be the military option as a last resort, not to be shunned just because it's an extraordinary move, for the wide-spread election fraud, and all the evil that comes with it, was an extraordinary move itself, well-deserving harsh treatment and punishment. Thus far, the Trump team has been gentlemanly, which can pay off in the end by justifying a bold pouncing. Pounce away, please.

If the alley miracle shot points to Atlanta's / Georgia's election fraud, as was theorized in recent updates, then perhaps there will be some miracle taking place in conjunction with voter fraud in Georgia's Senate races there.

"U.S. President Donald Trump's campaign legal team sent a memo to dozens of staffers Saturday [19th] instructing them to preserve all documents related to Dominion Voting Systems and Sidney Powell in anticipation of potential litigation by the company against the pro-Trump attorney" (CTV, usually an anti-Trump parrot-media in Canada). It's a bluff. Dominion's not going to enter a court only to be revealed for its crimes. Leftist media wants to air this story to make Dominion look like the dominator. I don't think anything can stop Powell from exposing Dominion, not even Trump's election loss. She's in it for the country.

If the Giuliani team is going to reject a military option when it's the last option, isn't that a traitorous move? What's the military for if not to protect from the enemy within? The people who defrauded the president are internal criminals acting with treason. The military was justified as of November 4th. The Trump team has been gentlemanly because it hopes to take this thing with the courts, BUT, if nothing is done against the criminals, FOOL IS YOU. You will be leaving the nation open to another attack, bigger and more-concerted than the last one.

Unless that movement is fragmented and put to flight now, it will come back in concert with more powers than before, even if you get the White House for four more years. It will be a demon nipping at your body for the entire four years. The thing to do, therefore, is to cripple it now so that it can be taken apart, piece by piece, over the next four years. This is the only plan that should be under consideration. Get it started now. Hope to use the military no matter what happens in the courts / legislature. Cripple the seditious NOW. However, if using the military proves to backfire too hard, then it's got to be abandoned. But try. How hard is too hard a backfire? Let the voters decide when that time comes.

I do understand the danger of a military attempt to keep the country for "the people" because the military is expected to be a deep-state bastion. By definition, the deep state is opposed to the people. It abuses the people and hopes to make decisions in spite of popular opinions by dividing the country in half, and always using one half against the opposing half. In that way, half the nation foolishly supports the deep state, and, as we can see, that foolish half now is the party of the anti-Christs.

Karl Rove has publicly denounced the plans of Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn, probably due to their plans being vigorous, unlike the no-nothing Rove's accustomed to. BE VIGOROUS, with all options in the works simultaneously; mesmerize / frighten the opponent. Move move move. Go go go. You can't win if you don't play. Stay together, talk talk talk, decide decide decide. You can't win with indecision. Tired? Get more players, fresh players. There's no shortage.

I wonder why it's taken so long for me to come across a snippet only of the re-counting of the same ballots (illegally) in the suitcase crime. Why are we given only this small segment rather than the entire two hours of that night?

I wonder why Trump has yet to declassify as-yet-unknown, incriminating material on Biden, now that Barr's out the door. It's another reason to suspect Trump as a fraud. Intelligence has all of his phone calls abroad, and Ratcliffe should have been asked, months ago, by Trump, to look through those calls, to stack all which support conflict-of-interest projects. It's just not reality that Trump, if he were normal, didn't do this. If he hasn't, then he becomes the criminal for covering for Biden-family criminality. He's then just another Bill Barr, don't you get it? Why are his supporters so quick to condemn Barr but not himself for doing the near-same as Barr? Barr proclaimed months ago he's not investigating Biden, and that moment represented the signal, when a caring president should have asked his aides to gather incriminating evidence to be publicized. Trump is therefore a fraud, to pretend he can only know what I know through daily news. I have never changed my mind about this: Trump has been A BIG FAT FRAUD, a PIECE OF TRASH just like Barr and Sessions and Wray. Whatever the reason(s), it's been a fact, and remains a fact to this day.

His voters are being teased and brought through wringers, and he's been part of this churned-out product. The Baloney Man in the White House has been using his voters, cares nothing for them. He needs them. He doesn't want to expose election fraud except to get four more years. He still hasn't seized the Dominion machines, and it's just 15 days from January 6. He still hasn't replaced Wray with someone who will go make the arrests of those who abused the election, because he's a piece of trash. He cares nothing for the people under the terrible weight of the greatest election fraud organization ever. The Pretender.

If you were the president, wouldn't you have used your powers long ago to declassify the guilt of the nation's government rats? If not, then you would be a BIG FAT FAKE and criminal too. Have the sense not to respect this president, people of Jesus. There is something wrong. The good news is, he needs his voters. He'll do what they want when he's in a crisis needing them. Perhaps God created all of the traps he's step foot in, to make him do what the voters want; otherwise he would have been aloof from them. The situation now is such that he needs to do something drastic against the enemy to get another four years. The prediction is that the voting machines will get exposed and canceled for future elections, a big blow to our enemies because they can't win elections without fraud. This is why he should have seized the machines weeks ago, and, because he didn't, why he doesn't care about his voters for future election purposes. He'll pretend he does because he's The Pretender.

State senators in Arizona are ramping up their challenge against election fraud in the state. On Tuesday, state Senate Republicans filed a lawsuit against election officials in Maricopa County.

The lawmakers are requesting full compliance with their subpoenas, which are demanding the release of copies of all counted mail-in ballots. The effort is led by state Senate President Karen Fann (R) and state Sen. Eddie Farnsworth (R).

The lawsuit also demands state lawmakers be allowed to conduct their own audit of this year’s elections, including into Dominion voting machines.

This may be going to the SCOTUS because the lower courts may be anti-Trump enough not to judge the case properly. What happens if all such cases get to SCOTUS after January 20, and the Trump side wins them all, proving he did win the election? It underscores why this type of case needed to go toward the SCOTUS, weeks ago, for all the battleground states. Instead of embracing Powell, she was distanced, weeks ago. There has been something wrong with Trump's legal teams. And Trump may be THE problem behind the scenes. Trump didn't need to wait for Arizona to take the machines to court; he could have done it himself because the election in any battleground state affects his rightful fortunes.

Here's a video where a frustrated Trump supporter echoes many others saying that Trump's not acting as-expected lately:

It's not that nothing has been done, but that things which should have been done, to lessen the chances of defeat, have not been done. WHY NOT? Why is this only a 50-50 situation at this time when the fraud is blatant? The energy that gripped the voters with hope has dissipated over the past two weeks. Why should that energy fly away just because Giuliani had COVID? Are there no back-up lawyers who can keep the pressure on, the cases moving faster? However, it's possible, and smart, that Trump may be working secretly now, doing more than we know.

Did Trump fail to get rid of Meadows when first discovering that he was a traitor because the president didn't want the people to know that he, once again, picked his own enemy to lead a part of his government? Probably. Why is he keeping Meadows on now, if he's a mole for the other side? Doesn't that tell you again all you need to know that Trump's an accident waiting to happen, and/or a fraud?

Trump vetoed a defence bill this week over one key section that protects big tech from the prosecution that other media are liable for. This is a good move because the House will have fewer votes soon, probably insufficient votes to override the veto. The Senate should have stalled this bill, but instead voted for it, shame McConnell, great shame. It is imperative to suppress the powers of those who suppress our speech.

By Wednesday evening, a positive turn, with Georgia's legislators on the verge of de-certifying the election, with official notification of extensive fraud. If that means simply taking the electors from Biden but not giving them to Trump, it's not good enough. Trump's voters won that state handily, and deserve the electors. If this state de-certifies, it could start a trend so that SCOTUS will be more-hard-pressed to tell Roberts to jump off a cliff.

More good news Wednesday as a judge told the Arizona legislators that they can seize the Dominion machines without a court's order. However, this may be the court's game to stall the seizure because, if the court ordered it, the pimp house could be charged with contempt for disobeying. The legislators should demand to have the court order too with the word, "IMMEDIATE" hand-over. If the machines are found with criminality, that's why Trump needs to order Wray to send in pro-Trump FBI officers to make the arrests. Trump can tell Wray what to do if Wray fails to do his job, it's that simple, yet Trump has been a fraud until now on such issues. "Fraud" is the perfect term to use, for he speaks a blustering story that his actions don't confirm.

Wisconsin has been on the verge of capitulating Biden's "win" but is slow-walking the inevitable after the state's supreme court essentially wiped out more than enough votes to give the win to Trump. There needs only to be a viewing, by pro-Trumpers, of some 200,000 mail-in ballots to determine which were illegal, but this requires a good lot of time to assure by various methods that the voters were ineligible for mail-in ballots. We have not heard what the Trump team is doing to speed this process. I would consider it irresponsible of Giuliani / Sekulow if the Pennsylvania case was heard by SCOTUS before the Wisconsin situation is all-but-secured (for Trump), because SCOTUS is more hard-pressed to give Trump's Pennsylvania case a finer ear if other states are already in his win column (even if not officially) due to the establishment and acknowledgement of wide-spread voter fraud elsewhere. Things still look good for a Trump win, which begs the question as to why things have been moving slow this week and the past week.

Generally, when there is destruction of evidence, judges treat the destroyers of evidence as guilty of what they are expected to have hidden from the courts. So, whether the machines are coughed up or not, the five conservative judges on the SCOTUS can rule in Trump's favor. This would go far better if the Trump team put in an effort to seize the machines that the state legislators are being denied. If the judges ask Giuliani, why didn't you try to seize the machines, what a dope he might look like. The leftist side of SCOTUS will seek to use any twisted argument possible to thwart the conservative side. They might argue that since Trump didn't seek to seize the machines, they must not be pertinent enough to become of part of their case(s).

It's Wednesday, December 23 after 10 pm. Today is the day that Mike Pence was to accept or reject the Biden win. If he accepts, he betrays Trump. If he refuses to make the choice, he betrays Trump. Why hasn't this choice been the news of the day on youtube or Fox? I haven't heard a peep on what Pence decided today? Apparently, as there is no news yet, he's about to be exposed as a fraud. A fraud for a fraud looks good on Trump. A fraud he is, and so are his right-hand men. A man reaps what he sows.

Pence spoke yesterday, publicly, saying he's with Trump, but, so far as I've heard, he didn't say what his big decision would be that's due today. He must be feigning support for Trump, therefore, or he would have told the world that he rejects the illegal electors. It was his golden opportunity, but he did NOT take it, apparently. Pompeo may be feigning support too. I truly do not grasp these things, how Republicans could turn a blind eye to the vast election fraud just to jostle their arses into better political standing on the morrow. Pence needs Trump's win to run as president in 2024, but Pence doesn't want to lose all of his Republican friends / partners who've turned on Trump. I think that's a fair assessment of his dilemma at this time. If he's a Christian, he's required by God to do the right thing: reject the illegal electors.

Below is on the so-called "Pence Card" as concerns his decision for December 23. The speaker thinks that the document, "Memorandum for the President," is proof that Pence has made the decision on Trump's behalf. I'm not so convinced, as I don't know where this White House document comes from, or whether it presents the case before Pence but not yet signed by him, or whether it represents Pence's decision a done-deal with his signature:

Here's Trump on the 23rd urging Pence to do the Pence Card, but it's the late evening of the 24th as I write, and nobody has yet celebrating the Pence Card as a done deal:

The Trump team asked SCOTUS to respond by December 24 to the going-forward of its Pennsylvania case, but at 10 pm on the 24th, I see nothing on that decision. SCOTUS looks spineless on the Republican side, but I suggest that one or more of the five wants to do the Bushite will: betray Trump. Imagine that, a top judge ignoring the laws just to push a political group. We thought that only the leftist judges did things like that.

See the near-start of the 8th minute below, and watch just a couple of minutes, asking: why didn't Trump help this man who refused to accept the vote count in Detroit? Why did Trump's team allow this man to be so frightened that he changed his mind and certified the results? How many Republicans are treated in this way nation-wide without help from Trump's FBI. Don't you just want to cuff Trump in the face? A few times? Don't you think Trump should be jailed for leaving the policing of the federal state in the hands of Wray? I do. If I were a judge, Trump would be in jail.

On Thursday, the first day after Barr's departure, Trump announced on twitter the immediate need for a special counsel for election fraud, but this is more of the same Mr. Fraud from himself. You don't announce on twitter, like a beggar, to have the new attorney general start a special investigation. You TELL him. You call him and tell him to do it. In fact, you don't hire him unless you first assure that he'll do it. Then you announce that he's starting the investigation. You are being played a fool, Trump supporter. If Trump did not interview Rosen, or screen him to see if he's the right man for the deep-state job, give your president, one each of you, a good stiff cuff with the back of your hand, to his sorry face, because that's what he neglected with Sessions, Wray, and Barr, and now again?

By suggesting a special counsel on twitter, making it appear that he's doing more of the same, he's in fact announcing to the killers, don't kill me or a family member, I'm not really going to do an investigation, don't worry. And that's why is a fake, for if he's afraid, he needs to be straight with the voter about it, rather than feeding them the false impression of himself. That's like crapping on your own self, Trump, you won't get away with it because God has a law that we all shall pay for all misdeeds. For your part, you even lost this election due to your no-nothing duplicity, Mr. Pretender, from the fraud of your opponents. For the sake of some of you voters, God might give you the win on a squeaker at the last hour, we'll soon know.

I wonder what Giuliani thinks of Powell's meeting with the president? This is the same Giuliani, though reportedly charging Trump's team $20,000 daily, smokes cigars on all of his social-media shows because he's concerned with making a couple of hundred extra bucks on cigar commercials. Everytime I see this cheapness from him, on extremely-important issues facing the county, he looks like a money-grubbing delinquent. It's like he won't do the videos unless he can make a few hundred dollars weekly from them. Is he that hard-up for cash? Does his soul not permit him to do work without money in return? Does he exemplify the "American way," to seize money-making opportunities in every-which way and count them all as moral? Does the American way include money-grubbing self-characterizations. Isn't that the masonic way? Just think of how much I and other would respect him much more if he just did his videos for free, even if only one per couple of weeks. Why would some pocket money mean more to him that "buying" respect for himself and his messages? If you're a Christian, learn to do things for free, or, if it's a fairly large job, for low pricing.

As it turns out, Giuliani was on television voicing what sounded like disgust for the idea that Sidney Powell should become a special counsel for Trump. This is a horrible, horrible attitude on his part. At the rate he's going, and with this game not at all clinched, every bit of help should be welcome. A special counsel has the ability to collect evidence by subpoena powers. What could be wrong with that, Mr. Giuliani? Something is so wrong with all of this. Some are reporting that Powell came to the White House on the 21st, but Meadows wouldn't let her in, yet Trump keeps Meadows as this White House chief??? This is all so surreal. She's an outsider, not trained as an insider stooge, making her dangerous. The establishment cannot have freelancers; it must have submissive muppets only. Meadows is a control freak, even mean. Below is a fairly-new comer to youtube who shows a rude Giuliani as he attacks Powell without giving reasons (a no-no):

Here's a Christmas-day article where Trump looks like a tease and a creep all at once:

In an interview on Thursday, Powell said she’s heard nothing from the President since their meeting last week. In that meeting, she claimed he offered her the position of Special Counsel to investigate fraud in the 2020 election.

...However, Powell said each time she’s tried to contact the President since making his initial offer last week, she has been unable to reach him. She couldn’t get in contact with him when she visited the White House on Sunday, either.

...On Monday, officials said [Trump] would not be appointing her as Special Counsel.

Apparently, Giuliani was a part of this decision to simply snub Miss Powell. Melania, give Donald a cuff to the side of the face for me, thank you. He owes Miss Powell a word on why he changed his mind. If this is Trump just trying to give appearances, to his voters, that he's doing what they want, then this is another example of his deceptive teases. He pretends that he wants to do what the voters want, but then gives the excuse that others won't let him. He never walks over the threshold to making arrests.

The best thing to do, if division is threatening the entire work, is to give each team their separate tasks so that they don't step on each others' toes. In the end, as they need each others' results to win the game, they will join. The end is only around the corner; may as well start joining now. Miss Powell has been seen three times at the White House over the past week. My guess is that she with Flynn wish to prove foreign interference in the election so that a military option is opened up, and of course we can understand why this might scare people, for it risks a civil war.

BUT, if there's no other way to win this election, I think the risk must be taken though minimized as much as possible. Perhaps a call to all Trump voters NOT to use violence is a way to keep a civil war from breaking out; then allow the military and federal police to arrest leftist rioters; get rid of Wray and have the FBI make key arrests of the big boys who send out the street fighters. The great benefit of starting a military process is that guilty people can be arrested, whereas Giuliani and Trump may wish only to win the election by getting de-certifications, and that's all, no arrests, no punishments, same-old same-old goes forward to wreck havoc on another day. Powell has said that she's thinking beyond a Trump win to an all-out assault on election fraud for future considerations. Good for her, and Giuliani should be praising her, helping her.

I don't see why the Trump campaign couldn't take multiple battleground states all at once, as did the Texas case, to SCOTUS. Do you? Why hasn't one of Trump's lawyers done this? If Texas didn't have standing, surely the Trump campaign does. Why is Giuliani going to the SCOTUS at this late time with just one battleground state? Doesn't he want to win? Why didn't he suggest to Trump that he get more lawyers to get the other states to SCOTUS faster? It's necessary to bring all the battleground states to SCOTUS because the Biden camp probably will if the Trump side wins states individually apart from the use of SCOTUS.

Papadopoulos Pardoned

I'd like to show how George Papadopoulos can be in the car scene of the 1979 dream. Keep in mind that God is able to make symbolism of any dream point to varied things without it being a contradiction on my part. Although I've said that the hood and hovering scenes point to John Ratcliffe (it is debatable, however), I can show how they point to Papadopoulos. Prepare for a whack of "coincidences."

I'll start with my CAT Sassy, which sucked its tail regularly as an adult to pacify herself. The Sassys are also SAUCErs, and so that's why I told of the time when I was in the restaurant KITCHEN of Joseph Fix, where the cook was Steve PAPP. I was surprised to see him put sugar into the red sauce he was cooking up, and in the past I've identified that sauce as chili. I've never forgotten that event. I think I know why.

First, the Papps are also shown as Papadopoli's, very-much looking like the Papadopoulos bloodline. The Papps have the only lion I know of with its tail at its mouth. The tip of the tail rests on the tongue just outside the mouth. It's got Sassy all over it, and so I figured that God was using Sassy and the sauce event to point to George Papadopoulos. But why?

I've said many times that Sassy was given to me as a KITTEN by a lady whose stair banister I was stripping and re-finishing, and so I had noted that Banisters (Lancashire, same as Kitchens/Ketchins) share the "WATER bouget" with kitten-like Kitchens/Ketchins. Papp worked as a cook in a kitchen. How remarkable, but we're just getting started. We expect water bougets (water containers) to be part-code for Waters, who share the triple chevrons of French BANES' and Langtons, and so see the Banister/BANESter write-up: "The surname Banester was first found in Lancashire, at Walton-le-Dale...'The manor was granted by the first Henry de Lacy, probably about 1130, to Robert Banastre, from whose family it passed in marriage to the LANGTONs.'"

Note how Banisters (said to be from "BAINster") can be the Bean/BAIN/Beanes bloodline, for chili uses beans. And Beans/Bains/Beanes', part of Clan Chattan, use a cat you see, no coincidence. It just so happens that Cattans (not "Chattan") share Saracen heads with Sassys/Saucers. Impressed yet? You will be when I ask you to figure out how it can be the case that Beans are also Veans while Cattans use a "foVEAN" motto term (it may also be intended as "FOVean" as part-code for a Fava/Favano / Fawn / Vaughn branch. FOWleys/Foulis'/Vowells were first found in Aberdeenshire with Beans/Veans). How could Cattans be Bean kin when Beans entered the discussion only as per Papp's bean SAUCE that moreover pointed to Cattan-related Saucers? Mr. Papp wasn't responsible for this clickety-click heraldry. But Someone was.

[Insert, the day after writing here. The Clan Chattan motto is usually, "Touch not the cat bot [with] a glove." The Beans changed it to, "Touch not the catt bot a TARGE." I knew this yesterday, but it's being pointed out now because I loaded a Papadopoulos video today telling that George wrote a book, "Deep State TARGEt"!!! UNBELIEVABLE. The chili beans do indeed point to George. Plus, yesterday, I came a cross a video with TRACY Beans telling that her house was set on fire probably by leftists trying to shut her up. I don't know whether that applies to the Papps' chili, but it recalls the trash can on fire because the trash can was born from Tracys near Caen.

Fava/Favara-like Favors share the RATTery fitchees. The "Ratione" motto term of Targets/Taggarts is mentioned below as a motto term of Smile's/Smalls. Targets/Taggarts (and FOWlers) use the owl, and then Owls/Howls can be a branch of Howells, the latter first found in Monmouthshire with Fane's/Vans (Fown-like Phone variation), a branch of Beans, how about that. End insert]

Cattans ("Cautes" motto term) were first found in Norfolk with cat-sharing Catch's/Ketch's, and the latter become important shortly for a pointer to the Obama team. The Cautes'/Cotta's were first found in Languedoc with French Banes'; the latter share the Epstein Coat while the dream's car scene was on Jeffrey Epstein's island.

The BANESter-like English Banes'/Baines' even share the Sassy/Saucer crescent. The Banes/Baines wolf head is colors reversed from the wolf of Phelps/Philps, and then there are the PhilBEANs. Phelps/Philps were first found in Monmouthshire with Fane's/Vans/Veynes' while Beans are also Vans/Vains (this is from the ancient Biaini peoples of Lake Van). It's relevant that Clan Chattan was related to Italian Botters at Lucca, beside Mosca's, and that Lucca's use a cat.

I had noted that a cat is used by Kitchen-like Catch's/Ketchers. I had read the Catch description; it's called a cat even though it looks like a leopard. In the same way, the Chives' (Aberdeenshire, same as Beans/Bains) use mountain "cats", you see, and the Chives Crest cat is in the same design as the Catch/Ketch cat. The Chives cat is in the design of the Mosca "leopard," very connectable to the leopards of Tails/Tailers. Tarves-like Travis'/Travers share white scallops with Catch's/Ketch's, Tailbois', and the latter's Meschin kin.

The following blew my mind this morning, a thing I've never yet realized, I don't think. The Papps/Papadopoli's are also PapaFAVA's, and "fava" means "bean"!!! Steve Papp was making a bean sauce!!! In a search, none of my files shows "Papafava," and so I don't think I've ever realized this "coincidence." Fava's/Favan's were even first found in Treviso (old TARVISium), where I trace Tarves' (share Cattan fitchee), and Chives' were first found in Tarves (Aberdeenshire, same as Beans/Bains).

This is stunning for this other reason, because another tomato sauce with sugar is KETCHup, and John Kerry married the Heinz ketchup family. It appears that the Sassy link to Kitchens/Ketchins and Catch's/Ketch's is pointing to the Heinz-ketchup family. But why? That's easy: it's known that this Heinz family is now embroiled in Hunter Biden's Ukrainian corruption, and so this is where Igor KoloMOISKy (like the Mosca surname) comes in, a Ukrainian corruptocrat who's on the board of Burisma. Papadopoulos was caught up in Russia scandals, framed by the FBI, and so we glean that Obama's FBI was protecting Kolomoisky's arse on behalf of Obamaites involved in similar schemes, which requires the re-mention of Kolomoisky SHARK tank (reported by media), for the Sassy and Cattan SARACen heads are from the Shark/Sharkey bloodline. Therefore, God was using Sassy my cat to point to this Ukraine corruption, what a staggering thing this should be to me, but I'm now used to such things, ho-hum. I'll celebrate when they're in jail.

As I've said a few times, the Fix's/Ficks happen to share the Heinz fleur-de-lys, is that not staggering? God has been watching you, finks in the Obama camp. From my early years, God has been plotting to point to these wretched losers, and we have yet to see the outcome, soon I hope. Mercy to those who repent sincerely before they get caught; jail to the unrepentant, even eternal jail, sorry, but you'll earn it all if you go there.

As I said, the 1979 dream, about a week after my conversion, started with a nasty shark in a KIDNEY-shaped residential swimming pool, and the Kidney/GEDney surname was definitely pointed to, because the Arms of Saraca shares the Ged fish. The shark in the pool first pointed to FBI characters, included Jim Comey and Stefan Halper, but later pointed also to Kolomoisky's tank once I discovered it. It is therefore intriguing that I glued a red KIDNEY bean to a figurine I found in the dirt of my front lawn. The figurine (no more than three inches tall) is a rider on a horse, but it's missing the rider's head, and so I glued a bean to the shoulders to act as the head, and it now sits on a shelf with five massive spikes (8-12 inches long) that were dug up from that same dirt. Whatever this might mean or point to, I think I can see why the pool was kidney shaped, so as to link the shark of that pool to the chili sauce and kitchen of Steve Papp.

For what it could be worth, I'll repeat that Papp was a Czech (no accent), and that while Podebrady is in Czechoslovakia, that's where George's and Beaks trace while Beaks share the ostrich with Cooks and Coke's. Papp was Mr. Fix's cook, and, perhaps, the Coke's point to a drug trade of the Ukraine corruptocrats. Coke's are split vertically in the colors of the horizontally-split Cattans. The Patiens'/Patents in the Coke motto share the gold eSCUTcheon with SCUTE's and Beans, can we believe it? The escutCHEON can be gleaned as part-code for Keons because Keens have an escutcheon too, and Keons were first found in Tyrone with Sharks/Sharkeys, how about that.

I didn't know Joseph Fix's surname until some two or three years after the Papp-chili event, when I took my Lada into the Lada dealer, and there, as an employee of that place, he handed me his business card with the name, "Joe Fix" (I assumed he had gone out of business with his restaurant). Ladas are RUSSIAN cars, you see.

The Kidneys/GEDneys have fish colors reversed from the Ged fish, and Geds were proto-Geddes', the latter using more fish and first found in Nairnshire with Rats/Raids. As the Kidneys must link now to the kidney beans in Papp's chili sauce, it's remarkable that Papps/Papadopoli's/Papafava's are also PapaRATTi's/PapaRATo's. If that's not enough, we can take the PapaFAVA's to the Favar variation of Fava's/Favano's to the Favors (Trump stag head) sharing the RATTery fitchees.

And this gets us to the Rattery-like radiator at the hood scene i.e. when the women in the shark dream was seen standing at the hood of the car. Hoods were first found in Rattery, and so I'm seeing a Papadopoulos pointer with this car scene, for after she was standing at the hood, she was HOVERing OVER the SEATs while the Over bend is in the colors of the Sassy/Saucer bend. Here's the Sassy/Saucer write-up for a relatively new point: "They are descended from two knights who were at the Battle of Hastings, Osberne de Salceid and Randolph de SalCEID." The Seats are also Cedes! That picture's been mentioned only once before. The Seats/Cedes' not only share the besants-on-blue with Sassys/Saucers, but the Cattans share Saracen heads with Sassys/Saucers come up as CETins (from the Cetina river). Seats/Cedes were first found in Lancashire with Cars, RATcliffs, Banisters and Kitchens.

Here's from the 2nd update in March, 2019: "We can move to the Cetis- / Geddes-like Cedes'/Seats by the Sassy write-up's ancestry in Mr. SalCEID, for the Cedes'/Seats share besants on blue with Sassys." There you have a Geddes-Cedes reason to link the kidney-shaped pool to the kidney beans in Papp's chili.

The Cetina was the TILURius, and Tillers share the lion of TAILs/Tailers expected in the Papa/Papadopoli tail-in-mouth, for Sassy sucked her tail. (Queen Teuta or TriTEUTA, of the Tilurius-river theater, can be gleaned in the "meTUIT" motto term of Cattans (Norfolk, same as Tute's/TUITs).

Note OSBERNE de Salceid, for Deerings are said to descend from VITALis FitzOsbert while English Vitals/Vele's share the Sarasin and Valle moline, and are thus suspect as a branch of shark-using Valiants. The Carrick TALbot is with Spanish Vitals/Vidales', and Talbots are expected from TAILbois'. Osberts/Osborns (Kent, same as Deerings) are said to be from Sarum, a possible Saracen establishment. "Vel" is twice in the Banes motto.

My Near-Death Experience at the Bridge

I don't know whether the seats of the car point to Sidneys for a pointer to Sidney Powell, but what I do want to go to here is Robert Powell, a sort-of, short-term friend at my age 13. I moved away from his street when I was 13, and never heard from him again except through the grape vine saying that he was tossed off of a bridge when he was selling drugs. The only thing I remember about being in his house was my asking him to re-play the song, Silver Bird (or Silverbird), by Paul Revere and the Raiders, about a passenger PLANE. I don't know whether there was a river under that bridge, but Revere's are known to be a River branch.

Why do Welsh Roberts share the Powell Coat in colors reversed? Robert Powell. Powells share the lion of plane-like Palins while the Palin Chief can be gleaned as a version of the PLAIN/Plater Chief. The motto of Powells (Breconshire, near the Fane's/Vans of Monmouthshire) is very-like code partly for the Fenns/Venns, getting us back to the Bean bloodline.

About a week after the 1979 dream, I had another dream, very vivid like the other. It started with me tumbling lower and lower in a dark body of water. The second scene was my seeing a passenger jet swoop down to the water surface in a city scene at night with the city lit up and bustling. There may have been a long bridge in that scene cutting across the foreground; I tend to remember something straight cutting across between myself and the city further back. The third (or fourth) scene had me on board this plane, without passengers, and no pilots either; it was empty of people. The fourth (or third) scene was my seeing three brick buildings one after the other, one taller than the other, and the plane flying an upward curve now (from over the water), going over these buildings. The fifth scene saw me dropping from the plane to the top of the third building. I then scaled down its walls, jumped safely to the ground while still at a significant height, and saw a man nearby that I think was myself in the future. We watched the plane disappear into the distant sky, and I said to him, "did you see that?" And I knew it was God.

Decades later, I was abused by an office of Homeland Security at a border crossing. Roughly a half-dozen officers pounced on me, took me to the floor, and then pushed me into a jail cell. I had done absolutely nothing illegal. Some seven hours later, I was told that I was being arrested for assaulting the officers, and three of them signed an affidavit accusing me of things I did not do. So they chained my feet together, and cuffed my hands, put me in the back of a small hatchback, not a police car, to drive me to the city jailhouse, for trial the next morning at the courthouse. That's three buildings in all, and I was released from the courthouse the next morning with no assault charges. I was strong and vociferous before the judge, and angry at what was being done to me, just like the Spiderman / Superman I was when scaling down the third building.

On the way to the city jailhouse, the two officers in the front of the hatchback, neither of them in police uniforms, stopped on the crest of the high bridge over the Niagara river. They parked right beside the bridge's railing, and it was early evening (dark out), with the city bustling, just like in the dream. They had me seated on the passenger side, in the back seat, and I thought they were going to toss me over the bridge, for when I asked why they were stopping, they said they needed to wait for a third man to arrive. They remained parked for about 20 minutes, but when the third man didn't arrive, the driver up and took off to the jailhouse. Whew.

Repeat from the mention of Silver Bird by Paul REVERE and the Raiders: "I don't know whether there was a river under that bridge {that Powell was tossed from), but Revere's are known to be a River branch." Compare "Paul" to "Powell."

I reasons that I was tumbling lower and lower in the dark water, in the dream, because these men were seriously destined to throw me over into the Niagara river, a thing I can't understand, because it's just so wicked, hear me reader. I did nothing to deserve such treatment aside from sticking up for myself with my mouth. Hear me reader, for I was learning how wicked the American government was to be able to pull something like this off without fear. The entire house must have been ruled by like-minded rats, and we are witnesses, these past four years, and especially in the past few months, that the entire government is filled with such rats who will arrest people for nothing, even kill them for being opposed to them.

My point is that Trump recently fired Christopher KREBS, director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security in the department of Homeland Security, because he claimed there was no fraud in the election. Thus, Krebs is just one of those many rats. The point is, the Krebs/Crebs surname uses a crayfish crab, and then there are crabs in the Coat of one Bridge surname. See? God was pointing to Mr. Krebs with my drowning dream as it touches upon my ordeal on the Niagara bridge. God's going to repay those rats back for the way in which they have run their share of the government. I feel so loved. God's justice is slow, but the slower it is, the harder it comes, for if he gives them time to repent when they only get worse with time, ouch, the hammer falls harder upon them.

The other English Bridge's are in the colors and format of Byrne's, and while the latter were looking like a Brian branch, Briancon happens to have been BRIGantium, a term that can easily form the Bridge's. Brigan-like BRECONshire is where Powells were first found, you see, and the Brigans/Brighams are in the colors and near-format of crab-using Bridge's. Plus, while ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement = border officers) is the part of Homeland Security that parked me on the bridge, wow, it appears that God is nailing "my" dream to Krebs because Ice's, first found in the near-same region as Krebs/Crebs, have three trefoils in colors reversed from the same of Brigans/Brighams!!! That's new and inspiring. The vengeance of God is coming, fear not. Woe to those officers who brought serious trumped charges against me.

The reason that a crayFISH can be used by Krebs/Crebs instead of a crab is that the Crabs essentially have the Fish (and Vaughn) Coat with a blue Shield. Scottish Crays are also Rays while "gardeRAY" is a Bridge motto term. That explains the crayfish. Crabs are also Crails, potentially from a Cray branch. If "Cray" formed from "McRay," then their Craith variation can be of the Wraith variation of Rats/Raids/RAIDERs. Paul Revere and the Raiders.

The following is new so far as I can recall. As I said, I was FALLing from the plane onto the roof of the third building. I had theorized that this building represented the COURT house that freed me to the chagrin of the arresting officers, but can now show evidence for that idea: the Falls with Paul-like Phaul variation, in Rat/Raider colors, share the fesse of Cords/McCOURTs!!! Bingo. WOW! More amazing is that Cords/McCourts share the three pheons of Tipps'/Tippins (Lancashire, same as RATcliffs), who in turn share the Ratcliff bull head!

But there's more. Although I don't recall the names of the arresting officers, I recall the name of the judge, Mr. Scott, and one Scott Crest has a black griffin which comes with an eagle head to match the black eagle head of Falls/Phauls Crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE.

The black eagle head of Falls/Phauls is that also of Bride's while the demi-griffin in the Scott Crest is in the Bright Crest. The Bright star is also that of Scottish Scotts! BINGO-BANGO, no coincidences. It can be gleaned that Brights and Bride's were branches of Bridge's, and the latter have griffin heads in the colors of the Leather/Lauder griffin! As I said, after scaling down the third building, I saw a man (much older than me) in a black leather jacket with longish, dark hair, which was exactly me when I was in Texas, for I still wore my hair a little long at that time, and I had purchased a black leather jacket (lamb skin) a couple of years before the bridge-court event.

The amazing thing now is that the 1979 dream with the woman had her fashioned as my BRIDE. I kid you not. I'm writing this on Christmas eve, and I first saw that woman on Christmas day, 1994 (though I didn't speak to her that year). The last time I recall seeing her at that time, in early 1995, she sat in front of me at church, and at the end of the service she turned around and smiled pretty big at me (we still did not speak), which is being repeated due to the "RATione" motto term of Smile's/Smalls who have a not-bad reflection of the Ice Coat. When my wife started to indicate she wanted to separate about a year later, I recalled the Texas woman's smile, the very thing that made me start realizing that she was the woman of the 1979 dream. It turned out to be correct...except that she didn't become my real bride. It now seems that the dream had her posing as my bride as a pointer to Bride's for proving that God gave the drowning dream...about a week after the bride dream. It's making some sense now.

More. I almost missed this. The three martlets of Bride's are in the colors of the three Roof ravens, and I was dropped upon the roof of the third building, the courthouse, I assume. One could say I went for a fall to the roof, or that I fell to it, because all three buildings were red-BRICK buildings (I know my building materials), and Bricks share the Fell lozenges! See also the Brix's. It's perfect verification again that this was God's dream. Bricks even share the Coat and Crest of Whelans/Failins whose variations in turn are like Fall variations!!! Double whammy. Ahhh, triple whammy, because the woman is Miss Hicks while Bricks share the gold buck head of Hicks!

The Brick-like Briggs were first found in Yorkshire with Palms and Hicks. Palms, with nearly the Hicks fleur-de-lys, share the Brick fleur-de-lys, as a well as the blue vair of Briggs. There you can glean that Bridge liners were Brick liners. Palms share a "palma" motto term with Scottish Lambs (Northumberland, near Lauder), and I bought a lamb-skin leather jacket (or coat) while Lauders named Leathers. Lambs are in Lambert colors while Lamberts are in the colors and format of Bridge's (griffin heads in the colors of the Lauder/Leather griffin). Purdy-good stuff. Lambs almost have the Brigg cinquefoil, and McBRIDE's do have the Brigg cinquefoil!!! Dang, that's real purdy-purdy. Why is Miss Hicks linking to my near-death bridge event? I think I know the answer: she caused it.

Judge Scott is/was one of the rats, because he wouldn't let me free unless I promised not to bring a criminal or civil suit against the arresting officers. He had seen people framed before, obviously. Woe to police officers who make arrests, knowing that the arrestee is being framed, but say nothing just so they can keep their jobs. Woe to officers who sign affidavits falsely to jail the innocent.

The woman in the dream, in real life 23 years after the dream, said to me, "you can SCOOT OVER," when I was taking my seat beside her at the first anniversary of 9-11. Scoots share the red border of one Scott surname while the other Scotts share the Over bend. You just saw this woman point to judge Scott, whom I was standing before the day after the near-death bridge event. I never saw her again after that event, though I did write her a letter five years afterward to tell her of this dream, and that I had put myself in her path slightly (not heavily) because I thought she was to become my wife after her very-aged husband (some 32 years older than she) passed away. I thought she was a widow at the time of the letter, but she was not for another four years. Bride-connectable Lauders/Leathers are also Letters. In the dream, she was sleeping, which pointed definitely to the Sleeps that named Shropshire's Sleap, where Cox's were first found. It's just that Christopher Krebs has a Cox middle name. Sleap is such a small location that, finding it anywhere in heraldic write-ups should be near impossible. Therefore, finding it here the Cox write-up seems to be a sure pointer to Mr. Krebs of ICE affiliations, even as this same woman is pointing to my bad experience with ICE that itself includes the crab-using Bridge's.

The following is brand new right here because I've never before had reason to involve the Cox surname into the scoot-over event, for Mr. Krebs has never before been part of my situations / dreams. Irish Cox's/Quillys happen to share the triple fesses of Changers, and while "Sans changer" is the motto of Stanleys, a certain Stanley (don't know his surname) took my seat beside her at that 9-11 memorial (when I got up from the seat).

Follow. I ask her if anyone's sitting beside her in the empty seat. She says its reserved for my daughter, but if she arrives I can scoot over. Meaning: yes, go ahead and sit beside me. I later got up to speak to the pastor, and when returning to my seat beside her, I decided not to sit there so as not to make bad appearances before the people, for she is an attractive women. I've told about this Stanley character on that night 20 or more times. He sat beside her after I decided not to sit there, and it seemed to me that he was just waiting all evening long for me to get up; there's just no other way to understand this, for I had seen him sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with her twice before, in church, when her husband was not there. Maybe she wasn't relating with him, maybe he was trying, I don't know for sure what the truth was.

The next point is, Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs! I think I now get it. It's adding to the evidence for a pointer to Mr. Krebs. But why? In the past, I pointed Stanley to Morgan-Stanley bankers, because the company had offices in one Trade tower, on several floors immediately beneath two maintenance floors i.e. where the criminals hung out and worked to prepare the building for demolition. (The Cox's listed with Quillys can be explained by a comparison of the Quill Coat to the Cocker/Cocket Coat.)

After Stanley left his seat beside her, and went to the stage to hold the American flag, I asked the scoot-over woman whether Stanley was her "buddy," and she knew what I meant. Yup, she took it as an accusation. Perhaps fearing that I might reveal her adultery with him (they were together a fourth time, that I saw, a few nights later at a football stadium), she may have called the border people to say something terrible about me, for, a few years later, about an hour before I was brought before judge Scott, my state-appointed lawyer came to me (in my jail cell), for the first time, and asked, "Are you the pedophile."

I said, "what?"

And she said something to the effect of, "oh, maybe I have the wrong person." I now think she was trying to decide whether the pedophile accusation on my ICE record was true versus falsified. The judge let me go, whew, and this female lawyer was helping me to get free too. But due to Scotts being linkable to "scoot over," I think God breathed those words out of Miss Hicks to reveal to me that I was before judge Scott due to her blackening my border file with a hideous accusation.

Miss Hicks ended up moving to within 10 miles of John Ratcliffe's home in Heath about the very time that I was before judge Scott (within months, anyway). There's a lot going on in this set of heraldry.

Before going on, I'd like to record that while McBride's were first found on Arden-like Arran, which was at least beside the mythical Avalon of mythical king Arthur, Ardens share the McBride cinquefoil. Hicks (McBride colors) married Arthurs of Clapton. I've been claiming that Avalon was Bute, and the Fraser-related Kims (cinquefoils) were first found on Bute.

As was said, I scaled down the third building like Spiderman, then, while still a quarter of the way up, I JUMPed down no problem, landing on all fours. The Jumps share the Trump stag head, and while this can point to Trump as being a part of the dream, it doesn't necessarily make Trump the hero of the victory scene i.e. my being tossed out (in a rescue mission) to the building's roof. That was God's doing. The interesting thing here is that Briggs share the besant border of English Fabers (Bride fesse?) while Favors/LeFABRE's share the Jump / Trump stag head.

The Faber / Bride fesse is also that of Bilds/BILDER fesse, not discovered until after the two paragraph below were finished. Bilds/Bilders, with a building-like Bilden variation, were first found in Hamburg with Trips/TREFFS whom I see in "TREFoil." But "treFOIL" is also part-code for RoqueFEUIL (Languedoc, same as Roque's/Rocks), the proto-Rockefellers.

The falling down to the roof recalls that Robert Powell and I started to play a game of chicken just after we walked past the home that would, years later, be occupied by my girlfriend, Karen Whelan. As was said, Brick-related Whelans are also Fall-like Failins. Be amazed, for I've told this story before many times, but now see exactly why, for it links to the brick building. The story is short: he and I were lobbing rocks at each other as we walked along (Senator Reesors drive) separated by about 50 feet. English Rocks share the trefoil with Fellers and Falls/Fallis' because its a Rockefeller line, and so I suggest that my falling to the roof of the BRICK building was God versus Rockefeller control-freaks who probably have sway at BILDerberg meets. I fell to the BUILDing's roof, and Roofs share the green trefoil with Rocks!!! It's as plain as the plane that saved me that Mr. Powell's bridge event points to my bridge event. More: English Rocks use rooks while Rooks share the raven with Roofs and English Tragers. Fellers are also FellTRAGERs, and then English Tragers are in Bride colors and format, what a hoot. On top of this, Krebs'/Crebs' show nothing but a BENDwise crayfish in the colors of the nothing-shown but a bend of German Tragers!!! EXCELLENT, just EXCELLENT. German Tragers were first found in Bavaria with raven-using Rothes'/Rothchilds and proto-Rothschild Bauers.

It suggests that Rockefeller creeps "own" Homeland Security, ICE, and/or Mr. Krebs' security apparatus. It suggests that Rockefeller types were hoping to toss me off a bridge...partly because, I assume, they found my anti-globalist material on my computer (they went through it while I was in their jail seven hours). German Tragers share an embattled bend (different colors) with Rocco's, and the Rocco nothing-shown-but-a-bend is in the colors of the Grape/Gripp/Grabben bend i.e. a surname like the Crab surname!!! Note the Leslie motto, "GRIP FAST," for Fasts/Fastoffs are a branch of FALstaffs (both share the quadrants in this Arms of Rothschild. French LeVINE's came to use a grape vine.

Bilds/Bilders are also BILLERbecks, and so let's add that Billers/Billiers/Bellers (Cambridgeshire, same as Bridge-beloved Crabs) can be with the gold-crowned lion of English Rothes', for Rothes is in Moray with the first-known Bellys while Billiards share the Moray stars. Apparently, Billiards were a Belly branch. Bellys even share the roses of Jumps (Yorkshire, same as Billiards) while Rose's were first found beside Moray. I jumped DOWN from the building, and Downs have a stag in the colors of the Jump / Trump stag head. This recalls that the paper plane on Obama's BILLIARD table (in my dream) pointed to Plains/Platers, who are in the colors and near-format of Crab-like Crapp(er)s; if the latter use pigeons instead of doves, note that French Pigeons share the Belly chevron, for God sent a "stool pigeon" to my place when it walked over the septic tank = the tank filled with stool = CRAP. The white griffin in the English Pigeon Crest is given gold feet, as is the white martlet in the Crapp(er) Crest!

Suddenly, the plane that swooped down to save me from ICE is pointing to Plains/PLATERs. English LeVine's/Levins are in Plain/Plater colors and near-format, and the Levine/Levin Chief (the part that reflects the Plain/Plater Chief) shares the white martlet with the Crapp(er) Crest. It explains why German Platers/Plate's use a grape vine likely for Grape's/Gripps/Grabners, but then Vine's/Veyns/Veins (Gloucestershire, near first-known Fane's/Veynes'/Vains) share the garbs of Fields/Felds (potential Fellers) whose earliest-mentioned member was in Gloucestershire. The Vinn variation of Vine's/Veyns can be gleaned with Winns/Wine's because they share the eagle of Gravers/Grieves' (Gloucestershire again) who look connectable to Grape/Gripp variations such as "Craver." (Billers above have a vertically-split Shield colors reversed from the same of Jewish Felds.)

I've now got to say that God's plane rescue of me is a prophecy against Obamaites; watch out you nervy rats. The paper plain on Obama's billiard / POOL table started as a flat PAGE lying on the table (which I made into a plane), and English Page's/PIDGE's use doves so that Pigeons look like a branch of French Page's/PAGEONs (share the POOL / Falls lion). I'm going to guess that Papers were from Poppo I of GRABfeld.

AHHH WOW. Like I said, I made the page into a PAPER plane, and Papers (Gloucestershire again) not only share the Pigeon chevron, but the Paper carNATIONs suggest code for Nations/Nathans sharing the Cord/McCOURT fesse and heart!!! The plane dropped me off on the third building expected to be the courthouse to which I was sent when framed by ICE. But as was said, I was falling from beneath the plane to the roof, and Falls/Phauls share the Cord/McCourt fesse! Zinger, more evidence that the third building was the courthouse. And that fesse is in colors reversed from the fesse of English LePAGE's/LaPIDGE's. Page-like Packers share the lozengy cross of stool-like Stolls (dove in Crest), the latter first found in Somerset with Payne's, and beside English Page's/Pidge's.

I can get page liners to Ice by a comparison of the Page/Pidge pheon arrows heads to the "pike heads" (arrow heads) of Pidge-like Piggots/Picots, likely code for Pike's (Devon, same as Page's/Pidge's) who happen to share the Ice trefoils, as well as sharing a blue chevron with Pigeons/Pigeons.

The "FOYS" motto term of Piggots/Picots (Cheshire, same as Masseys) recalls the "LAMh FOIStenach" motto phrase (of Sullivans) because Page's/Pidge's, in Lambert colors and format, have a Lambert Page in their write-up. One French Foy/Foix surname (Ile-de-France, same as Lepage's), share the vertically-split shield of Sullivans, you see, and the latter put a black boar on it, the symbol also of Piggot-like Piggs/Picgs. Picton-like Pistons/Pastons are in Page/Pidge / Lambert colors and format, and while the Piast, Mieszko II Lambert, married Richeza of Lorraine, Lorraine's share the PISTon/Paston eagle, which is also the PIAST eagle, indicating that Pistons/Pastons, Pictons, Pigcs, Picots, Pike's, Pagans, Payne's, Packers/Pickers, Packs, Pasi's and Page's were of the bloodline that provided Polish Piasts.

I've just figured how to get the Krebs surname from the Mieszko's. We first note that Packers/Pickers and Stolls (dove) share the lozenges of Wissels (Somerset, same as Stolls and Payne's) who in turn share the Payne lions. Next, while English Wessels/Waistells share the dove with Page's/Pidge's, German Wessels have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Pike's, justifying a link of the Wessel antler to the red one of Casimirs, especially as Wessels were first found in Prussia with Mieske's. As VERINGers used a red antler, while Casimir of Poland married a VARANGian of Kiev, Casimirs can be tracked to Casimir of Poland, son of Mieszko II and Richeza of Lorraine. From here we note that the Casimir antler is bendwise, the only symbol on the Shield, in the colors of the bendwise Krebs/Crebs crayfish, the only symbol on its Shield too. Plus, these bendwise items are in the colors of the Lorraine bend, but also in the colors of the bend of Kiev-like Keeps.

I recall from years ago that a crayfish (Krebs symbol) is used in the Arms of Spree-Neisse. Piast-like Pasi's/Pascels were kin of Speers while Speers (same place as Paisleys) share the SPREE crescents. Passe's/Pascals (not "Pascel") have the Piast eagle in colors reversed. The Wikipedia description (not official) for the Arms of Spree-Neisse includes: "...The crayfish in the topleft symbolizes Cottbus-Land, and is also present in the coat of arms of the city of Cottbus [= vague, not very specific]...The deer antler in the bottomright symbolizes Forst, and was taken from the coat of arms of the Lords of Biberstein." Yes, but this Biberstein antler is exactly the Casimir antler. So, indeed, the Krebs crayfish is related to the Casimir antler.

It's interesting that they parked me at the CREST of the BRIDGE, the term I've always used, and here I find that French Crays are also Crests, having three bends in colors reversed from the Brian piles. It's just that Brians are expected from Briancon, also called, BRIGantium. These Brians were first found in Denbighshire with Bachs/Baghs, and I was in the back seat of the car at the time. Bachs/Baghs share the blue-vaired fesse of Silversteins and Saffers/Savarys. I was in a small HATCHback, and Hatch's share the Silverstein / Brian lions! This is all new material right here. The Brians with the lions are the ones with a "Lamh" motto term (shared by Sullivans) linkable to Mieszko Lambert.

As I SCALED down (no other word for it) the third building suspect with the courthouse, the scale-down event can be a pointer to judge SCALia because Scalia's use a ladder while Brians use a "Lamh LAIDIR" motto phrase. Lorraine (home of Mieszko's wife) had been called, LOTHARingia. After I jumped down to the ground, I saw, and went over to, a man in a leather jacket, and while Jackets/Jaycocks have the crescent of German Silvers in colors reversed, Leathers are Lothar-like Lauders with a griffin in the colors of the Bridge griffin heads. That is all sufficient to suggest that other parts of the dream may have clues to the killers of Scalia. (I'm going to repeat this paragraph below in a section all it's own that seemingly points to Scalia's murder).

German Backs/Bachs use a bull but call it a steer. The Steers (look linkable to Billers) have a "cede" motto term suspect with the Cedes variation of Seats. I was in the BACK SEAT on the crest of that bridge in the Zahringer-linkable hatchBACK. Steers were first found in Surrey with Lamberts, and the Surrich variation of Surreys is suspect with Zurich, right in the Zahringer-Veringer theater. The Arms of Zurich (too lazy to check it) is at least like the Biber Coat, and Bibersteins share the Casimir / Forst antler.

Repeat: "I was in a small HATCHback, and Hatch's share the Silverstein lions!" The Zahringer-like Zehrs use HATCHets!!! I assume that I was on the Rainbow bridge (Niagara Falls), unless there is another as large or as high in that area (I don't think there is). The only heraldic BUFFALO I know of, for a surname, is with the Pohls/Pohlands, and I regard this to be the Mieske bull head by another name, for the red eagle of Zahringers must have become the white-on-red eagle of the Mieszko Piasts. I don't know whether the courthouse was in BUFFALO, or Niagara Falls, but I do know that the ICE officer (I think he was a supervisor) responsible for ganging up the half-dozen officers on me at Niagara Falls was from the Buffalo office.

Therefore, its seems that the veering of this discussion to Zahringers from hatchet-using Zehrs is exactly a pointer to my frightful night in the hatchback, ordered by the Buffalo officer. Not only did they park me on the bridge, but they were arresting me for a major thing I did not do. I was reeling, looking at some jail time without possibility of bail.

[I almost missed it, but many paragraphs below, I got round to loading Spree's (as per Spree-Neisse) to see their "sage" motto term, and knew by heart that German Sage's have a rainbow!!! The Simple's in the Spree motto were first found in the same place as Speers/SPEYers (share Spree crescents). While Rothes castle is on the SPEY river, Rothes' share the RAIN lion. Hence, the RAINbow. Rothes-like Roets, who share the Speer/Speyer boar heads, share the BOW motto. The rainBOW. Therefore, the coming to Spree-Neisse jibes with my rainbow-bridge event. We couldn't have come to Spree-Neisse without the Krebs crayfish.]

COTTbus recalls that Wessels/WAISTELLs can be traced with Wests to Vestalis of the COTTians. The Vistula river through Poland may have been named by this line. The four fesses of Page's/Pageons and French LePage's are in the colors of the three bends of French Crays, and in the colors of the four pale bars of Dance's/DONNAS' (Piedmont, same as Cottian capital), expected from king Donnus of the Cottians, Vestalis' grandfather. Wests use a DANCEtte connectable to the same of Dove's.

Cotta's/Cautes' (Languedoc, same as Constans) in the Cattan motto share the fretty of BRIGdons ("Constans"), and Brigantium is just over the Cottian peaks from the Cottian capital (Susa). The Constans' share the Bright / Bride stars, and the Bride's were first found in Savoy with Brigantium. The Cuffs (DANCEtty bend) can be traced to Brigantium, and Cuffs share the fleur-de-lys of Plains/Platers. I was cuffed in the hatchback on the bridge.

So, as Mr. Krebs was pointed to by the plane that rescued me from drowning, we can repeat that the paper plane in the Obama dream started as a PAGE on the billiard table. The Billiards/Billets and Billiards/Hillards have a one-chevron version of the French Lambert Coat. Billiards/Billets were first found in Maine while Maine's (Devon, same as Page's/Pidge's) share black pheons with Page's/Pidge's. As English Billets (Devon too) share the Coat of Ballots, it begs the question on whether Mr. Krebs made his woeful and backfiring public statement -- that no ballot fraud took place -- due to his being a kingpin for election-fraud programs. It can explain why Trump promptly fired him for making that statement i.e. because the president knew Krebs to be guilty of more than making the statement. French Ballots/Balls even share nearly the Coat of Piggots/Picots, the latter first found in Cheshire with English Balls and Ballots. The "pike heads" of Piggots/Picots goes to Ice's via Pike's (Devon again).

I now recall that Zahringers (blue antlers), kin of red-antler Veringers, used buffalo horns, and so the horn in the German Wessel Coat is probably that horn. I was jailed in BUFFALO, New York, and attended a court the next morning in Buffalo!!! Amazing. "The Markgraves of Baden are descendents of the Zahringer dynasty...The original arms of the Zahringer dynasty was a red eagle on gold. Whether the Counts of Baden have used this eagle is not clear. In any case, from the beginning of the 13th century the red bend is used as the arms of Baden. The meaning or origin of this bend is not known. As crest two buffalo horns are used." That red Baden bend is alone on the Shield, in the colors of the Krebs / Casimir / Lorraine / Keep bend. English Badens/Battins were first found in Somerset with the Baths sharing the Wissel / Payne lion.

Crays/Rays (look Luff linkable) are said to have been close to the Fraser clan, and Rays are in the colors and format of Fraser-like Freeze's. In the past few months, I have been stressing my dream, with freezer, at the home of RAY Luff. Might that walk-in freezer now relate to Homeland Security's ICE department? It doubled as a walk-in coat closet for a pointer to the Coats/Cotes', kin of Keiths, and then Frasers were kin of Keiths too. Was that a pointer to Dan Coats (Chief of US security), expected to work with Krebs at times? Dan Coats was replaced by John Ratcliffe, you see. And then some of you may have read that Darlene RAY (or Wray) was one of the two ICE-cream girls, how interesting for this discussion. The first ice-cream girl, Katrina Hanson, pointed in at least two ways to Ratcliffs.

I think God wants us to view Homeland Security as the enemy of the American people, the ones who will not allow unhappy / intimidated / threatened Americans to leave the country when the a federal government commits extraordinary recklessness for to control it.

The additional, amazing thing here is that while Crabs share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/Buschs, Boschs, and Trade's, Larry Silverstein, criminal owner of the Trade towers at 9-11, is suspect with the song, Silver Bird, for the 9-11 insider plot used video-faked passenger planes crashing into the Trade towers. Silversteins share the lion of Roberts, and Silver Bird was a song I heard at ROBERT Powell's place. His home backed up on SHERWOOD Forest (now called Sherwood Estates Park; map bottom of page), and Sherwoods are a branch of Schere's/Scherfs. The president Bush's were born Nazi Scherffs. ROBIN Hood lived in a Sherwood Forest, and Propers/Robins/ROBERTs share the Robert / Silverstein lion. The Sherwoods happen to be in the colors and format of the crab-using Bridge's!

So, there seems to be an ICE / Krebs connection to 9-11 plotters. George Bush Jr. created Homeland Security, you see, to spy out and punish (even kill?) those who were too vocal about 9-11 truth.

What's a crayFISH code for? The Fish's share a very-rare wavy chevron, in the same colors, with Pierce's (Somerset, same as both Bridge surnames and Saffens), and Pierce's share the gold unicorn head with Silverstein-related Saffers/Savarys (both in Brigg colors while sharing blue-vair fur). It's then interesting that while Ratcliffs were first found at Salford, Salfords are also Savards, and in the colors and format of English Bush's/Buschs (French Savards are Savarys too). My hope with this set of heraldry is that John Ratcliffe will catch some of the Bush-circle rats responsible for 9-11, at which time Trump should be shamed for not seeking to discover those plotters. GREAT SHAME Mr. Pretender.

One can even appeal to Saffens (Somerset, same as Bridge's) because they share the triple stars of Bridge-like Brights. Scottish Bride's, sharing the black griffin in Crest with Brights, share the fesse of the other English Bridge's. French Bride's not only share the three Bright / Saffen stars, but are in the colors and format of French Savards/Savarys.

The Third Building Has Scalia's Murder

As I SCALED down the third building suspect with the Buffalo courthouse, the scale-down event can be a pointer to judge SCALia because Scalia's use a ladder while Brians use a "Lamh LAIDIR" motto phrase. Lorraine (home of Mieszko's wife) had been called, LOTHARingia. After I jumped down to the ground, I saw, and went over to, a man in a leather jacket, and while Jackets/Jaycocks have the crescent of German Silvers in colors reversed, Leathers are Lothar-like Lauders with a griffin in the colors of the Bridge griffin heads. That is all sufficient to suggest that other parts of the dream may have clues to the killers of Scalia.

A suspect in Scalia's killing was the Mr. Foster, who went to the hunting camp with the judge, and who convinced Scalia to go in the first place. Fosters (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's!) are also Forrests/FORSTers, and that looks pointable to by Forst (the Casimir and Veringer antler is in the Arms of Forst). I landed on all FOUR limbs when jumping to the ground, immediately after scaling down most of the way, and FORE's are also Forests! Zinger. We might have something here. I'm not making it up; I've told before that I landed on all fours. English Forests were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's, clinching Forests with Fosters/Forsters.

This has me intrigued. Why would God lump Scalia's murder in with my bridge-to-court events? In one of the affidavits of the three ICE officers who accused me falsely, it was said that I raised my FIST at an officer, which I did not. Poindexter's share the Fist/Faust fist!!! The Fasts are a branch of FALstaffs, and the bridge is in Niagara FALLs.

John B. Poindexter told the public that, when he was in Washington DC, he asked Scalia to come hunting on his ranch. He added that when Scalia was turning the offer down, Mr. Foster, standing right there, changed Scalia's mind. Scalia was murdered on Poindexter's ranch, and his dead body was taken immediately to El-PASO while Pasi's share crossed spears with Speers, kin of Spree's, and then FORST is the capital of Spree-Neisse!!! INCREDIBLE. Speers were first found in Renfrewshire with Pasi-branch Paisleys, and the latter share the Jump roses!!! I scaled down, then JUMPed to land on all fours!

The judge in my court case was Mr. Scott. The Scotts share Catherine wheels with Wheelwrights, and Mieszko's were from mythical Piast the Wheelwright (just code for Wheelwrights). The Catherine wheel was owned by Catherine Roet, and Spears share the Roet boar heads, in colors reversed from the boar heads of Rollo's who in turn use a "PASSE" motto term. The other Scotts share the crescent of German Roets, first found in THURINgia, beside GRABfeld, the latter having been home to Poppo I. Rollo married Poppa. Poppers/POPPELs share a bull head with Mieske's, and in the myth, Piast the Wheelwright took power over the Goplo Tower from POPIEL. THURINs/Turins (near first-known Rollo's), sharing gold boar heads with Roets, can be of the Thors who share elephant trunks with Poppers/Poppels. Thurins/Turins share the bend of Lorraine's, and the bend that is the Arms of Baden (home of Zahringers and Veringers), and moreover Thurins/Turins use "fortuna" while Rollo's use "fortune." Basina was from Thuringia too, and she married king CHILDeric, explaining why the Lorraine / Piston/Paston and Piast eagle is that also of Childs. Grabfeld is in Bavaria with the first-known Forsters (share black hunting horns with Fosters).

BEHOLD what God must have done in ancient heraldry to finger Poindexter as part of the murderers. One of the Foster Coats shares the gold-striped, black hunting horns of Weights, and the weight SCALE in the DEXTER Crest is called, simply, "weights." Amazingly, this fingers Mr. PoinDEXTER, doesn't it? It also fingers Mr. Foster simultaneously. I dare say what this looks like: the officer who lied about my raising a fist was being moved by God (to tell that particular lie) in order to finger Poindexter. This would be ironic for him if even one of the set of officers who pounced on me was privy to Scalia's murder years later. El-Paso is a border city i.e. it has ICE agents.

Fists/Fausts (version of Lorraine bend) can be a branch of Fasts in the "Grip fast" motto of Leslie's, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with Thurins/Turins. Leslie's were founded in Scotland from BARTholomew, and Barts have a boar in the colors of the Thurin/Turin boar heads. As Aberdeenshire is where CHIVES' were first found, let's take this to CHIVASso, near TURIN, and then repeat that Chives' were first found in Tarves while Tarves' have the six fitchees of Clintons and Hillarys. Why did the fist take us to the Clintons? Who arranged for that heraldry? Scalia was being removed in-time for president Hillary Clinton, who desires to change the country into more of a radical rag than it is already after decades of Democrat rule.

Compare the Treff variation of German Trips to "TARVes," for Trips/Treffs use shoes while Shoe's share the lone star of Poindexters. English Trips (share the crosslet of Hamburgs), use SCALING ladders, the Scalia symbol, obviously. Who arranged for that heraldry? I was scaling down the court BUILDING, and Bildens were first found in Hamburg too. Trips/Treffs once showed the very same boots as French Masseys, the latter first found in Savoy with Fore's/Forests.

By the way, Dexter-like Vesters/Vests have a man/woman in blue, as do Parrs who have a Coat nearly like the Dexter Coat. Plus, Dexters share the red canton square with Tute's/TOUTs while "passe PAR TOUT" is a Rollo motto phrase. I don't know how this can contribute to a facet of Scalia's killing.

If Parrs were a Peartree branch, the latter use the Trump stag head along with the Jumps who came up on my jump to the ground on all FOURS. The Fore's/Forests (definitely part of the pointers to Scalia) have a "Tout" motto term too, and throw in Tarves-like "travers" (Travers are also Travis') that can go from Tarves' to Trips/Treffs with the shoes, then to Trips with the scaling ladder. I was selling shoes when I first saw Miss PEARE, and her surname is a part of the Peartree line. My first kiss with Miss Peare (I was still selling shoes) had pointed to Scalia, and the other English Weights//Wights share gold leopard faces with Peare's. The "Pro" motto term of Weights is expected for Pero's.

But why is Trump working into this picture? While German Trumps (Mecklenburg, same as Ice's) are also Tromps, Dutch Tromps are vertically split in colors reversed from the same of Tarves'. The Weights in the Dexter Crest share the hunting horn, not only of Fosters, but in this Arms of Traby. Traby (Tarves-like term) is a location in Poland at least near to the VISTula river, perhaps related to Vesters / Dexters. Miss Peare had pointed to Waistells/Wessells. The hunting horns above are in the colors of the Pohl/POHLAND buffalo head, and the latter's Crest shares feathers (different colors) with the Crest in the Arms of Traby.

WOW-OW! Hatchets had a Haket > Hacket line in Niton of the Isle of Wight. I therefore loaded Niton to see that they share the green dragon head of Weights/Wights!!! Had I not loaded Weights/Wights, I would have missed this very-important find, for the buffalo-using Zahringers are suspect in the hatchet-using Zehrs. I was in the HATCHback due to the officer from Buffalo, and for all I remember, they may have been driving me to Buffalo. It was a HatchBACK, and Weights/Wights share a blue-vair fesse with Bachs/Baghs (near the Lewis' having another green dragon head). The Hatchet/Hacket Chief, by the way, shares the Rock trefoil.

Now watch how Nitons get us smoothly to Bill Clinton. Nitons (Worcestershire) are also Knightons/Nightons having named Knighton in Worcestershire, location also of the Clent Hills. Clents/CLINTs share the garbs of Blythe's, and Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe, like the Bild surname with a building-like Bilden variation. I was scaling down the building at NIGHT. If my scaling down the building is a pointer to president Bill Blythe, I suppose it fingers him with Scalia. Clintons were first found in the same place as Peare's, and Miss Peare pointed to Scalia.

The Shoe's (Bavaria, same as Zehrs), with the lone Poindexter star, have a KNIGHT. Someone's poinding the finger at Poindexter, it looks like. The Shoe knight holds the axe (or hatchet) seen in the Zehr Crest. Enlargening the Zehr Crest to see the items going up diagonally from the man's shirt, they look like the Ankle Coat. I had chains on my ankles, or I wouldn't have known the Ankle Coat at this time.

Knighton is on the Teame river while Teans/Thames' (Peare kin) were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons. The latter share the Saluzzo Chief-Shield, and the Saluzzo Coat is exactly that of Clint-like Clune's. The FitzAlans of Clun (Shropshire) married Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of Luis of CEVA at the Cevetta river, explaining why the eight bars of Cavetts are colors reversed from the same of Nitons/Knightons. Luis of Ceva (Lewis / Louis line?) is suspect in mythical GorLOIS along with the Gore's sharing white wolves with Clune's.

Mythical PENdragon was made to mate with Gorlois' wife, and PENNants are used by Cowes' who named Cowes on the Isle of Wight. The Ceva-like Chives' were at TARVes, and Pennants share the TREVor/TREFor Coat (looks like the Powell Coat but with the Night lion). Trips (share Gore / Hamburg crosslets) use the scaling ladder, and Trips/TREFFs were first found in Hamburg with Bilds/Bildens. I scaled down the Bilden, so to speak. Hopefully, the "durum" motto term of Nights is telling that John Durham will finally start to jail some dirty rats who've jailed innocent people. Let those rats be first to be jailed, Mr. Durham. Dure's share the Clune / Saluzzo Coat.

The "Deus" motto term of Morris, in the last update, showed good evidence for being code for the Days'/Dea's (probably a Dee branch). English Days'/Dea's (Somerset, same as Bridge's) look potentially like kin of Brights and Bride's = Bridge branches. Irish Days' even have a hand holding a sword, as do Irish Brians who in turn have lions in the colors of the Dee lion. Keep Brians on the brain here. Briancon = BRIGantium is on the DURANCE river (Dure liners?) of the Salyes Ligures suspect in naming Saluzzo. Sales' (share DURANT fleur) were first found in Cheshire with Brights and a Dee river (so far so good), and then the Cuffs (beside Days'/Dea's), with a version of the Sales Coat, can be a pointer to the cuffs on my hands while I sat in the hatchback, for Hatchets (Kilkenny, same as Cuffs and the other Irish Brians!!!) use another "Deus" motto term!!! ZINGER, it looks like Intelligent Design. Hatch's even have two of the three Brian lions in pale!!! You can hide, rats, but you can't hide. It would go better for you if Trade tower's concrete floors fall all on your heads than to meet up with God's eternal wrath.

Scottish Durants share the black hunting horn with English Brians (look like Brecon/Brichan kin), nailing Durants with Brians from the Durance river. This river is in Savoy, where Bride's, Fore's/Forests and Trip-related Masseys/Masse's were first found. Scottish Bride's were first found in Angus with Brecons/Brichans. Cuffs share the besants of Briggs (share McBride cinquefoils). I was cuffed on the bridge.

It's probably important/relevant to the courthouse that the Mea's in the Hatchet motto are from the Meu river near Jugon, the line to Juggs/Judds suspect with the Judge's/Juge's. God swooped down with his passenger plane while I was drowning in the Niagara river, and he rose up and dropped me off onto a courthouse having a kind judge who let me go free. Or, at least, God made him kind that day for me. He even said how lucky I was because, due to not being an American citizen, I might not have been eligible for bail. The lawyer for ICE didn't bring a video to court to prove that I had committed assault, so the judge believed my story over ICE's accusation.

Days'/Dea's are in the colors of the English Brians, and the latter share the striped Weight / Foster hunting horn. English Brians were first found in Denbighshire with Bachs, and, as I've said a few times, the ICE officers at the Niagara falls location kept me cuffed with hands behind my back (I think this is illegal) for all seven hours while I was in their jail cell. Two days earlier, I had been at the Buffalo location seeking to enter the United States to retrieve my clothes and my tools because I had sold the Texas property. When the ICE officer wouldn't let me cross, I got cross, and, in front of all his buddies, I said, loudly, "You're nothing but an immigration officer, and that's all you'll ever be."

Poor baby couldn't take it, because, two days later, this same man walked in the doors, in front of me, at the Niagara Falls crossing point, and he set-up the other officers to pounce on me, to push me into the jail, with cuffs behind my back. It was excruciatingly painful because blood was being cut off at my shoulders. After all of that, two big guys walk in and tell me I'm being arrested for assaulting the officers. I was not doing anything illegal by trying to cross at Niagara Falls; a Detroit ICE officer told me that I was allowed to try because I wasn't given any papers (in Buffalo) forbidding me to try.

Now that the Zehr hatchets have become extremely linkable to my ordeal, I'm going to dazzle you some more. Zehrs first became a topic in my discussions as Zerrs, when seeking branches of Sere's and Sears at the time that I was tracing God's ICE-CREAM symbols to the Serio river at CREMA!!! Is that not astounding? God gave me two ice-cream events, virtually identical with one another, at 16 and 17 years of age, to point to this ordeal of mine with ICE. I just didn't know it until now.

Cars/Kerrs use a motto, "Sero SED Serio," and then the Sedans/Siddens ("sed") are almost-surely from Sedbergh, where Dents were first found who must be in the "proviDENTia" motto term of Judge's/Juge's. Early Cars/Kerrs are said to have lived "near JEDburgh." The Jedburghs were early JETharts, perhaps a pointer to the passenger Jet that God flew over the courthouse, for we read, in the Jedburgh write-up: "'Jethart Justice' was a form of lynch law which hanged a man, and tried him afterwards." Kinda like ICE was doing to me when planning to toss me over the bridge on the way to court. The Jedburghs even had a Jed location at the "Jed Water." See the Denhams ("Cura") of Jedburgh, apparently married to the Curr variation of Cars/Kerrs (share Denham chevron).

Sedans/Siddens, first found in Durance-like Durham, probably have the McBride / Brigg cinquefoil in colors reversed. It's the Brigans/Brighams (Yorkshire, same as Sedans/Siddens, beside Durham) who have the three Ice trefoils in colors reversed. So, you see, we have an ice-cream link between Cars (share Sere chevrons) and Sedans, and I suppose a hatchback is also a sedan. Sedans ("sino") were a branch of Seaton/Sittens who named Sion/Sitten, near Sera-like Sierre. Ayer is a location at Sierre while Ayers have gold quatrefoils in colors reversed from the Sedan cinquefoils (this is a good example of what clues historians are missing out on if they don't know their heraldry). The Thans in the motto of Scottish Ayers (Ayrshire) share black eagles with the Sedan Crest (includes a gold cinquefoil).

Cuffs share the fleur-de-lys of PLAINs/PLATers. The Invisible PILOT in the passenger PLANE saved me from the goons on the bridge. PLATers may have been a Pilot / Pilate branch. Pilots/Pilate's (Brig- / Brigan-like BURGUNdy) are linkable to Sidneys / Celts, and Pillars/Pilots/PILE's share the Powell lion, hmm. Is Sidney Powell going to interrupt / intercept corruption in ICE? English Pile's look linkable to English Brians, right down the Bridge alley. While Brians share the Robert / Proper/Robert lion, Robert Powell was reportedly thrown over a bridge in a drug deal gone bad.

Repeat: "Cotta's/Cautes' (Languedoc, same as Constans) in the Cattan motto share the fretty of BRIGdons ("Constans"), and Brigantium is just over the Cottian peaks from the Cottian capital (Susa). The Constans' share the Bright / Bride stars, and the Bride's were first found in Savoy with Brigantium. The Cuffs (DANCEtty bend) can be traced to Brigantium, and Cuffs share the fleur-de-lys of Plains/Platers. I was cuffed in the hatchback on the bridge." Watch. Constans' (PINE tree can connect to Sidneys porcuPINE), first found in Languedoc with Sere's/Serre's, are a branch of English Constance's/CUSTers, and the latter use a giant eagle in the colors used for it by Zehr-like Zahringers. "CUSTodet" happens to be a motto term of CREMers/Cramers in the ice-CREAM symbol for Crema at the Serio river. Fabulous stuff, it really is. Zerrs/Zehrs look linkable to the Serio river.

I was very happy to get out of the over-night jailhouse. That was one rat-infested, frightening place. I remember thinking how horrible it would be to be forced to spend even a year with the half-insane criminals in that place. The next morning, in a cell at the courthouse, I was much better. I started to do PUSH-ups on the floor, going restless. I'm noting that Push's are listed with German Bush's. I'll add that there were chains to my ankles when I was on the bridge, for Chains share the Brugg/Bruges cross, and Bruggs/Bruges' happen to have been first found in Buckinghamshire with Chain-like Cheneys (Brugg/Bruges colors). Bush and Cheney? Cheneys use a "Fato" motto term (Sidneys have "fata"). The Fate's/FEETs, you see, share gold martlets with Cheneys, and they had chains at my FEET. That works.

[The day after this section was done, I wrote the Swale-Swallow-Sallow section at the top of this update, where those terms pertained to the snow slush I was on between two forks of a river. The next scene had me walking up an ICE-covered road pointing to Rodham Clinton. I was walking on the ice upon the road about 30 feet from an intersection, and the road was a significant incline toward me so that I found myself walking uphill on the ice, against all odds, no problem, with a foot of flood water (covering the road) rushing down upon by legs to boot. So, we could say that this scene was me/God verses ICE, no problem, we win. The point was: Sallow-like Slows, with the Chain cross in colors reversed, were first found in Buckinghamshire too.]

Did we deviate from Scalia's murder when going to the Cars/Kerrs and the ice-cream entity? Maybe not. His death is registered at Wikipedia at the ghost town of Shafter, named after a general Shafter. No Shafter surname comes up, by Shafts have a blue-star version of the Car/Kerr Coat. This is brand new here, and it just so happens that while Shafter is at least near Poindexter's ranch (Scalia died at this ranch), Poindexters share the Shaft star!!! Bingo.

As Rhodes was off the Caria coast while Caria was home to the eternal sleeper, lover of the moon goddess, I see the Roet motto as part-code for Carians such as the Karens/Kerns. Irish and Scottish myth traces proto-Scotts to Caria's Miletus, and so not that while One Scott surname uses the Roet wheel, the other Scotts, aside from sharing the crescent of German Roets, have a version of the Karen/Kern Coat that itself shares the sleeping moon of Roets. The Cars/Kerrs love things at the Serio river, where there is some ICE-cream, and it just so happens that Karens/Kerns were first found in Silesia, home of Schittle's/SITlers who share the Ice trefoil.

Irish Kerns (Connacht, same as Irish Carrs/Kerrs) share the white chevrons with Cars/Kerrs and Irish Carrs/Kerrs/KERRANe's (i.e. like the Karen variation of German Kerns). This is going to blow you away, totally new right here. Irish Kerns share the red leopard face with English Antons, and Scalia's first name is, Antonin. But wait, that only lights the fuse. Shown Scalia variations are, curiously, Scicolone, Scicli, Scichilone, and Scicchitano, like the Shick variation of Shake's (Lancashire, same as Cars/Kerrs), and the Shake chevron happens to be colors reversed from the same of Irish Kerns. BOOM! How can that "coincidence" be, unless Arranged? I'll bet you that those two guys in the front seat of the hatchback, and the third guy who never came, were paid killers maybe involved with killing Scalia. They're paid killers on-hire privately by ICE goons, even while working for ICE or something connected.

I've already shown that the Scalia variations above look linkable to Shoe variations such as "Shook / Schuck," for Shoe's share the lone star of Poindexters.

Let's now go to KAREN Whelan for another pointer to Scalia. Whelans were first found in Waterford with Corrys/Currys in Car/Kerr/Curr colors. She lived at Henry CORson Place when I dated her, and Corsons/CARson have the Whelan lozenges in colors reversed. Scalia went hunting with a slew of men from the International Order of Saint HUBERTus, and Poindexter was at the near-top of its leadership. Huberts (look related to Sales / Cuffs) have a Corson-like surname in their ancestry, what are the chances? This might not be so great a point had we not just seen Irish Kerns pointing to Antonin Scalia. "The Hibberts of Marples and Birtles in Cheshire claim descent from Hubert of CURZON in Calvados..." We saw that the Cuffs should point to my handcuffs, a symbol of ICE corruption, and it just so happens that Cuffs and Herberts together share an arm with blue sleeve.

The English Cuffs holds the same-type axe/hatchet we see with Shoe's (and Zehrs), can you believe this? I missed that when telling earlier that Irish Cuffs were first found in Kilkenny with Hatchets. So, I now know why her first name is, Karen.

Carr-related Denhams use a "VICTORium" motto term, connectable to the "providentia sed victoria" phrase of COFFEE's/Coffers because Cuffs are Cuffeys too. We saw "NON providentia" above like so: "Cars/Kerrs use a motto, "Sero SED Serio," and then the Sedans/Siddens ("sed") are almost-surely from Sedbergh, where Dents were first found who must be in the "proviDENTia" motto term of Judge's/Juge's." Boy, does it ever look like God despises the killers of Scalia. Sedans use "NONE."

There's another axe head in the fasces of Assi's. The latter come up as Ice-like "Ise," and it just so happens that Assi's/Ise's were kin of Justine's/JUSTICE's having SCALES of justice.

The ICE agent who was in charge on my interview when they jailed me was in a news article (might still be out there) as the one who sent a fellow officer, Mr. RHODES, to inspect / arrest Ms. Zhao. Rhodes beat the face of Ms. Zhao into the concrete (this story is online). She finally won her suit against Rhodes (he's an animal, with excuses of course), but it wasn't easy, because courts are corrupt and tend to support corrupt officers with their excuses. I would therefore like to repeat: "As Rhodes was off the Caria coast while Caria was home to the eternal sleeper, lover of the moon goddess, I see the Roet motto as part-code for Carians such as the Karens/Kerns. Irish and Scottish myth traces proto-Scotts to Caria's Miletus, and so not that while One Scott surname uses the Roet wheel, the other Scotts, aside from sharing the crescent of German Roets, have a version of the Karen/Kern Coat that itself shares the sleeping moon of Roets." Scotts' are an appropriate pointer to Scalia's SCOTUS.

After writing that, I kid you not, I found myself singing to a song (O Holy Night) by Martina McBRIDE. I was looking at the Rhodes motto at the time, the "Deus" term now suspect with the Days'...having a reflection of the Bright and Bride Coats! Pretty cool. It seems that God just pointed to the bridge. Why? Was Rhodes one of the officers who gave me a false affidavit? (I've got well over a 100 songs in my four playlists, just two my Martina McBride.)

Other News

Starting at the 2-minute point, the video below tells that Mitch McConnell's Chinese wife did not disclose her Chinese connections when Trump made her the Transportation secretary:

Trump is said to be for the people instead of for the establishment, yet he has not quelled the fears of his voters and others by telling them he would outlaw mandatory vaccines. Instead, his team has ordered enough vaccines already to do the entire country, even though half the country has signalled they don't want a vaccine. Trump has done nothing to quell COVID fright-stories coming from the left, thus giving the left the victory in this regard.

Secondly, he knows that trillions of dollars for supposed COVID-relief money has been printed, yet he doesn't tell his voters this, nor argue on their behalf: nobody needs to pay back printed money. Yet the total money printed has been added to the national debt. This is exploitation. Mobsters run the Treasury. Much within the multiple packages of COVID expenditures have been "pork" for conflict-of-interest schemes, much of it in foreign nations to prop up liberal globalism. I don't care what supporters he loses in big-money world, if he sounds the trumpets on the mobsters by announcing their long-standing conspiracy to charge the people for printed money. Do the right: abandon a few rich thieves, gain millions of poor voters, by snitching publicly on the rich thieves.

Below is a video telling that some Chinese peoples, given a Chinse vaccine, are still getting COVID. It begs the question on whether anyone is being helped by the vaccine. The Chinese government, just like the leftists in the United States, simply won't hear these reports, denying them. So, we can expect the same vaccine trick from leftist powers, giving vaccines that don't help so that the virus continues amongst the that more vaccines can be sold.

Tom Fitton said Wednesday eve that seven presidents have unilaterally created special counsels to seek out criminality, meaning that Trump can do so over Wray's head. Trump's lawyers know this, and likely they've suggested it to him, but, my guess: he's turned them down. There's your number-one enemy, pro-Trumpers, Trump himself. He's the louse whose lousing up the country. He thought he could get four more years in spite of the deep state's tricks. And here you are fighting for this fraud, how does it feel? Not good, and I genuinely feel for you. It's a sick situation, sorry, on the cusp of decades-long ruin.

With Fitton on Lou Dobbs (still on Wednesday), Gregg Jarrett revealed that Trump has signed the okie-dokie for John Durham to reveal incriminating and classified documents to a grand jury, after Wray refused to allow Durham to do so, with Barr obviously on Wray's side. So, on the verge of losing his presidency, President Buffoon finally does the right thing. It took him this long and this broken to do so. But this is not good enough, because grand-jury investigations take forever. The right thing to do is to order Wray to make certain arrests, but not to have charge of the arrests, because this will shame Wray when he refuses. He'll quit instead. His name must go down in infamy along with Barr; the two should be jailed for using their government offices as accomplices of crimes and facilitators of treason.

Trump needs to find a military solution for this, a military body willing and eager to carry it out. Let the left burn in anger, and let their rebels be arrested the moment they foment riots. The people are heart-broken with Trump's scaaardy-cat approach to government mobsters. Trump will need to protect his family more than ever when he starts such a thing, but start he must, for he took the White House promising this thing but has yet to deliver. If he's afraid because he's received death threats, he needs to make it known to Intelligence and to all the public, and he needs to make the CIA loyal to his voters. He's the CIA boss, he really is, if he wants to be. Instead, he left the CIA in enemy hands, what torture for you, my brothers and sister, what terrible acid he has poured into your souls. This Pretender is your tormentor.

There was talk that the CIA was behind voter fraud and even Dominion machinery. What happened to that talk? It's a complete no-brainer that the CIA, the most-despicable organization in the world, would use voter fraud, for the CIA is deception incarnate, the master of intrigue.

The good thing about these vaccinations is that they are being deployed now for the most vulnerable, the aged and the sick-and-aged. Whatever risks the vaccines pose to them are not as meaningful if the virus can be kept from them as the trade off. I do not think there can be any foul play with the aged, because, unless death rates go way down in their category, the vaccines can be deemed a colossal failure. Then what? The prediction is, COVID deaths will go way-way down in the 70-plus age category, but, to keep the scare going, suddenly the globalist goons will invent a new strain / excuse that kills younger people. That's a fair-to-good prediction.

To put this another way, if the numbers-crunchers are honest so that there are very few reported deaths from now on, it's hard to see how they can mandate vaccines, but, the point is, since mandatory / widespread vaccination is the goal, they have got to find a way to show plenty of deaths, or, at least, plenty of severe illnesses. How will they do it? By the looks of it, they are introducing new strains, and the stories on that will evolve as their needs dictate. This is a sick world, don't cry the blues to see it crumble and evaporate at the Coming of Jesus. The very best thing that can happen to this world is its destruction and re-construction with the Good One in charge. Peace. Joys will return, happy days, soft faces, gentle people, cheer.

Stay aware that God will allow demons to run the minds of people everywhere, even in our own families, and that we ourselves are susceptible to demonic influences even though we know the Word well. Half of our work should be to fend off evil thoughts, and the best way to do this is to have warm communion with Jesus' Spirit, available everywhere. Love is warm. Hate is cold. If you seek Jesus in warm words long enough, He will reach the point where He's moved by you, and He'll move in you. Some say it tingles, I've gotten that many times, countless, but tingles are only the beginning. As the Spirit gets stronger, in the torso or on the head, wow, it's beautiful, so healthy a sensation, so full of life itself, so accepting of us, so regenerating, comforting, so much all at once you won't want it to stop. But it's not cheap. You really need to stick it out with Jesus through the hard times, to pass the tests, to not stray into sinful lifestyles again, to ask forgiveness. Get to know Him, and make up your mind that He's number one, all you need, all that's worth having. Keep on knocking until you break through to Him. When you say the right things, you will move Him. A Christian isn't a full Christian until that connection is made.

Proof of demons is in the video below where the man wakes up from a coma with a skill he never had before, which he could not have learned, with the only explanation being: a demon entered his mind while he was in a coma, and it locked itself in:

As you can see, the "experts" labeled him with a "foreign-language syndrome," such dopes are the modern "wisemen." Anything but to reveal the truth. Doesn't it dawn on the experts that a man cannot speak fluid French having never learned? Therefore, is it not obvious that some living thing entered his mind which could speak French? OBVIOUS. The moral of this story: hope you don't go into a medically-induced coma, or you might wake up someone else. Similarly, stay away from mind-altering drugs, or the demons will try to get in and lock in. They will screw with your personality because they change it, explaining why many kids on drugs become rebellious to parents, evil, no longer talk-to-able. It happened to me, and the first thing I asked Jesus to do for me, at my conversion, was to heal my mind.

Fight the demons with love of Jesus, and with the truth He reveals, and they will flee from you. They just can't stand it when you communicate closely with Him. They are powerless to infect you, at least deeply. One day, they will be gone from the earth, tied in "chains." Humans will then excel in righteous understanding. Ahhh, normal. The "new normal" is FEAR. So, don't fear, stay normal. The love of Jesus is pure health, the opposite of fear because it drives out fear.

Rush Limbaugh is, as of this week, finished with radio due to progressive cancer. Imagine if he had made Jesus the core of his messages all of his career. Imagine what a welcome he would have received at his death. But as he goes toward his death now, he's getting praise from patriots and conservatives...and then, he dies. He breathes his last. Over. No more praise enters his ears. He may rise to everlasting life (I hope he does), but what praise can Jesus have for him when his messages were about other things? Take heed. The man who once said that he was God: "'I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,' [Rush] said. 'It is of immense value, strength, confidence. That’s why I’m able to remain fully committed to the idea that what is supposed to happen will happen when it’s meant to'" (October 2020). I hope he didn't turn to Jesus only after he had cancer, but, if so, at least he did. I hope he gives his soul passionately to Jesus the Great. There is a new t-shirt out there: Make America Godly Again. Now that's MAGA.

One thing that might work for post-tribbers is the city people now paying big dollars to move into the country. I say "big dollars" because the country is going to run out of properties for sale so that landowners will severe properties, but not for cheap. Then, later, if these people go back to the city when things settle down (the COVID scheme is failing, people are getting wise to it), there could be many properties not used for living so that prices go way down just when our brothers and sisters need them.

The first minute of the video below shows a scene with what sounds like a Democrat, Black woman telling people to evacuate the area where the Nashville bomb went off this week, BEFORE the bomb went off. If Trump doesn't mention this curiosity as the tell-all of the event, then it's just another example of his playing the dope in staying silent before deep-state terrorism. What good is a president who allows the Democrat deep state to behave in this way? Why does he not yet have an FBI director who is open / happy to do his will? What kind of a bonehead is this president? If he's not a bonehead, then he's a fake. If you wish to be fooled by this imposter, go ahead, but not me.

The Newsmax speaker in the video is a product of the dopes because he's thankful the FBI has taken over the investigation. But of course it has, because it also took over 9-11 in order to cover for the criminals. Of course. Major media and politicians MUST go along with the CIA / FBI / police versions of such stories, or they risk ruin by supporters of the deep state for promoting anti-government conspiracy theories. Newsmax is just like another useless organization, like Fox, for the bigger they get, the more money they risk, the less they're apt to go against the CIA / FBI / police versions of terror plots. If they do oppose, they will never again get exclusive stories from those organizations. The deep state "buys" media support by feeding them cutting-edge, news-juice stories. It's a sad situation. The country is in a worm-filled quagmire, and Trump has been helpless and even unwilling to change it.

Here's other ways that Democrats cheat, as recounted by brave people (this was released late this week):

Near the end of the video, just after 1 hr., the shredding-truck crime is shown in progress with the female witness calling the police. The fraud was so rampant and in-your-face in this election that I keep a theory, knowing how evil / authoritative American governments have become. The fraud would not have been possible had they not implemented "social distancing" first. The theory: people in both parties, but mainly Democrats, agreed to introduce obvious and rampant fraud to divide the people, bring them to the brink of civil war in order to clamp down in martial law or something similar. After that, they have pre-planned agendas.

It can explain why the DoJ has done nothing, and why so many governments and Republican lawmakers / governors are not screaming at the fraud. It can explain Biden not campaigning. I cover this news daily. I'm very familiar with it. It's been surreal. Things are not going as they should, and Trump pretends there's nothing he can do. He then teased his people by making Sidney Powell his special investigator, then snubbed her callously. Why has he waited so long to appoint his own investigator, seeing that Wray and Barr were doing nothing? Is he interested in wiping out voting machines altogether, or will he leave them in place if he becomes the next president? My advice, don't fight with weapons of war if some Republican militia's start to go there.

But, if you happen to be in a riot zone started by Democrats, and you see someone doing something dangerous to innocent people, and if it's safe to do so, pound the living daylights out of that person(s); put him into the hospital to teach him a lesson, to make it more likely he won't do it again. In a country without active law officers, we have the right to enforce law in whatever ways we are able. Don't report your beating to the police; get away without having anyone know who you are. The alternative is to do nothing while gangsters harm others. You are in the right to beat that gangster's living daylights out until he stops resisting a citizen's arrest; make it hurt bad, make him afraid of being killed if he persists. If you see someone flashing a gun in a riotous situation, you have the right to shoot that person. That's my advice, which may not be supported by my liberal government because it tends to support wrong thinking, because my government has leaders infected by demons.

Anyone who says of Barr at this time that he's not all bad because he spoke out against domestic terrorism is like taking someone who just stabbed a man, Mr. Election, in the heart with a dagger, and then saying that he's not all bad because he helped an old lady cross the street last week. Yeah, it was his mother, but still, he's not all bad.

Below, Edward Snowden re-tells his story fresh, this week, of Intelligence criminality, yet no one has ever been punished in Intelligence for their spy crimes, their desires to control the masses. Anyone who wants to praise America must first grapple with the sad fact, the sad performance, wherein, so far as I know, only Snowden himself risked revealing the dragon of Intelligence. How can a nation so willing to allow such infringements of rights, for fear of repercussions from the damned, be called the world's finest example of freedoms? SPIT! Melania, please spit into Trump's face for me, thank you.

In the 51st minute, Snowden says that the spies actually go out of their way to sell phones to the public that have encryption-unraveling potential. And we can imagine that such phones / computers have other spy-on-you capabilities. Not on me, because I don't use a cell, but, sorry, it spies on you. And if you are ever in trouble with the government, or if you are innocent but the government wants to punish you for some good thing that you did, anything you have said can and will be used against you.

That's why mass surveillance is so wrong, because it violates the logic behind "you have the right to remain silent." The government can and will twist anything you said to make you look guilty, if it wants to punish you for tattling on the government. And so this is war, government versus the people, but this generation of naive youth do not understand this. They think, thanks to news organizations like Fox, that the government is good for people, made of good people. Fox has become a snake. Useless. Sure, there's good people even in the CIA, but they are in "closets," as Snowden says, and will never get up the chain to the upper levels. Ditto with government agencies and politics; fields of evolutionary science, and so much more. Snakes climb to the top faster and more-assuredly. Fox is a friendly snake, because it makes money being friendly. Fox friendly would never say, "Melania, please slap your husband silly for me until he does the right things."


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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