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September 15 - 21, 2020

The Convertible Auto is Danish
Julian Assange's Father Makes it to Topic
God Points to Bongino's Rumble and Parler

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Late in the last update, I started to look up surnames as per the items used in my wood-putty event on September 11. I was very impressed with that investigation. Here are some highlights:
The reason I acquired the courage or justification for writing this is due to the Q-tip I was using to stain the nail holes (to match the stain in the wood). It reminded of Q-Anon's storm of arrests that we're all waiting for, or stopped waiting for. The people behind Mueller's Russia-collusion hoax may include a whack of 9-11 accomplices. The Q-like Cue's share the garbs of Fittons, and Tom Fitton (Judicial Watch's president) announced this Mueller-phone story on September 11 [Robert Mueller was made Bush's FBI director just six days before 9-11, 2001].

[Insert -- It wasn't until the morning of the 13th that I finally got round to loading Tipps', to find them first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs and sharing the Ratcliff bull head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In both surnames, the black bullhead looks slightly to the side, neither directly frontward nor directly sideways. This Q-TIP pointer to Tipps' fits very well with my expectations that John Ratcliffe will be responsible for pay-back to deep-state operatives.

Nor did I remember, until the 13th, that a Q-shaped "scarf" is used by Trabys/Sadowski's, suspect with the Quade's because they share wolf heads with Scarfs. The obvious point is that Scarfs are like "Scherff"!!! The Q-tip speaks a double whammy here. End insert]

...That Q-tip pointer to John Ratcliffe is really flooring me. I was applying stain with the Q-tip, and the two Stain surnames together look connectable to the double bends of Ratcliffs...I was mixing the colors of "Sun Bleached" and "Gunstock."...I didn't have anything more to say on these colors until reading that one of the first Mr. Stocks was reportedly born in Aylesford, and AYLesfords/Allfords share the Chief-Shield colors of Elmers/AYLmers! I was staining the Elmers brand putty!

What this part of the last update doesn't tell is that Tipps' and Ratcliffs (share the same bull head) were both first found in Lancashire. Moreover, the last update was shortly after I emphasized Larry Silverstein, who purchased the Trade Towers shortly before 9-11 because he was a criminal element of that inside job. I had shown that Silversteins use a lion-version of the Saffer/SAVARy Coat, and here I can move over to the SAVARd variation of Salfords because Ratcliffs were first found in Salford. It was pointed out that Guns, as per "Gunstock," share "aut" twice in their motto, ditto for Saffers/Savarys. Auto's/Otto's have a black bull head. (Load Tipps link to help yourself in loading other surnames for better following along.)

It was also pointed out that the "gloriosa" motto term of Saffers/Savarys can be for the Glory variation of Lowrys who share essentially the Larry/Lowry Coat, and thus this looks like an Arranged pointer of God to Larry Silverstein.

[Insert -- I didn't see this video with Liz Wheeler of TIPPING Point until September 18, yet it's dated September 11. Tipps' are actually shown properly as Tippings. Wheelers are listed with Whalers while Ratcliffs were at Whalley. Liz says she's quitting Tipping Point for a new job she'll announce soon, which sounds like it will be a similar job in exposing the deep state. Does this possibly relate to the Q-tip? The Tipps/Tipping pheons are code for Paioni, and it just so happens that Payens/Paions are also paint-like Paionts. We could say that I was applying paint with the Q-tip, for the Point surname is much like "Paiont." Tipping Point! Wow, it just so happens that while Saffers/Savarys use a "Vita" motto term, Wheelers/Whalers use "Avito," code for the line of Julius Avitus, husband of Domna Bassianus' sister. End insert]

Salfords/Savards share the black-on-white wolf with Quade's, from QUADratilla Bassus. I've seen her surname as "Bassianus," and it just so happens that Saffers/Savarys can be traced without doubt to emperor Septimius SEVERus, who married Domna Bassianus. It was very important, in the last update, that the Q-like "scarf" of Trabys/Sadowski's can be gleaned as code for Quade's (because they share wolf heads with Scarfs), for "Scarf" is like the Scherff surname that I claims was the birth surname of the president Bush's i.e. Bush Scherff Jr. was a criminal part of the 9-11 inside job.

It gets Earhardt-important where Scherfs are listed with a Schere surname, for the other Schere surname uses a stick entwined by a green snake, and the double-green snake of Earhardts forms another Q-like symbol. As was said, the Sticks are likely from the Astikas' whom the Polish Traby family married, and here we can even add that Wikipedia's Traby-Coat-of-Arms article says that the Arms is also called, "Brzezina," and is shared by Zbigniew Brzezinski, an early American player in the quest to take the Middle East for the United States. Brzezinski was especially relevant where he formed an alliance with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, the first Middle-east country that Bush Scherff attacked in 2003.

The Traby page tells that the Coat of Arms is used also by Astikas' and RADZiwills, the latter connectable to RATcliffs by way of Cliffs sharing the three Quade wolf heads, but also where the Cliff write-up has Cliffs in marriage with Styche's. Sticks, Stychs and Brooks share the same Coat, and Brooks were first found in Essex with the Brocks (branch of PROCKs) sharing the giant fleur-de-lys of Earhardts. Ainsley Earhardt married Mr. PROCtor, and Proctors happen to show only NAILS. I was filling nail holes on this past September 11.

I'll show below how Ainsley Earhardt links to Leighs / Leggs / Leaks/Leakeys (share Ainsley fleur-de-lys), and so note that the Brock lion is missing a leg likely as code for something like the Leigh's / Leggs / Legro's. It's very connectable to Legro's and therefore to Soros-pointing Soars/Sors', for the latter share the LEIGHton quadrants.

Here's more from the last update, keeping in mind that Aylesfords are like the Ayler variation of Elmers, but also like the surname of Fox's old boss, Roger Ailes [I missed here, until Sunday morning, that the triple Ailes pale bars are in the colors of the triple NAILs in pale of Proctors, excellent pointer to Fox news]:

Irish Elmers/Aylmers have the same black bird in Crest as English Allisons, the latter calling it a "black bird" suspect for Blacks. Scottish Allisons share the dog of Halls while Irish Elmers/Aylmers use a "HALLelujah" motto. As Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with Halls and Aylesfords/AYLfords, it appears that even Allisons had been of the Aylesford bloodline. If nothing more, this delving into the stain colors tends to affirm that God wanted me to go to Elmers [share Chief-Shield colors of Shops] in the first place to point out the Shops as a means to confirm that president Bush's were born Scherffs.

That paragraph was very important for linking my 9-11 event to a shopping-cart event in Bracebridge, but the point here is that the Coat of Scottish Allisons is a colors-reversed reflection of the ALways Coat, and "always" is a motto term of Ainsleys. It therefore appears that these things surrounding the Q-tip are a pointer to Ainsley Earhardt of Fox news. The motto of Scottish Allisons, "TRUTH prevails," can even be a Message that Truthers will prevail on the 9-11 crimes.

In case you missed it, it can seem that the Always surname was an Allison / Aylesford / Hall branch, and while Allisons share the Hall /Holly dog, Halls come up as "Hole." The NAIL HOLES were filled with Elmers putty.

After sanding the putty, I mixed two colors of stain in one of the lids of the stain cans, with a Q-tip cotton SWAB. I did not think to load Cottons or Swabs in the last update, and here it can be added that Swabs/Schwabs (Franconia) share a unicorn on red with Saffers/Savarys, though it would have been more exciting had Swabs shared the Silverstein lions instead. The Swab/Schwab unicorn is shared by Rasmussens/ASSMANs, whom I trace to AKMONia (Phrygia theater), home of SEVERus, father of the Bassus', and ancestor of Quadratilla Bassus. Moreover, while the Saffers/Savarys and Silverstein share the same blue "vair fur," Furs/Fire's share the giant Swab/Schawb unicorn too.

English Cottons happen to use an "utraQUE" motto term looking complementary to the Q-tip. "UTRaque" looks like code also for the Others/Otters (and Uther Pendragon), first found in Huntingdonshire with Cottons. "Cotton" may have formed from a Cotta line merged with that of OTTONE Visconti, for Ottone's/Otto's have a chevron in the colors of the Cotton chevron. Others/Otters are from Lombardy, where Ottone Visconti ruled. Cotta's come up as "Cotton" and "Cotys." John Ratcliffe took over the job held by Dan COATS, and the Coats'/Cotes' share the six pale bars of Truths/Trots in the motto of Always-connectable Allisons.

It's Earhardt-important here that Ainsleys are the ones with an "always" motto term, but also a "country" motto term while the single pile of Countrys is shared by Beach's. There was an auto on a sandy beach, in my 1979 dream, and Ainsley Earhardt became suspect with the woman at that auto. I first saw her walking around the fender of the car, and Fenders (otter) were first found in Huntingdonshire with Ottone-connectable Otters/Others. The Auto's/Otto's can be a branch of Ottone's/Otto's, you see.

[Insert, same time as Liz-Wheeler insert -- The Ainsley motto uses "for" twice while Fore's/Forez' share the Wheeler/Whaler fesse. Just wondering whether Ms. Wheeler is going to Fox. It's interesting that while this insert happens to come just before the hand-touch event below, Touch's share a green lion with Wheelers/Whalers. Touch's apply because I touched her knee while Knee's share the phoenix of Touch-branch Tufts. Touch's were lords of AUDley, and Auto-like Aude's were first found in Savoy with Fore's/Forez's.

The Liz-Wheeler insert above led from the Tipping pheons to the Paioni, whom I see in the Phoenix surname (shares the Knee phoenix in gold). The Phoenix motto has "touJOURS, and Wheelers/Whalers use "jure." I am suddenly starting to think that the blond woman in the dream can even include Ms. Wheeler. Or, to put it another way, the scene with woman includes the efforts of Wheeler, Earhardt, Ratcliffe, and their organizations in concert, against the deep state. The hand touch to leg, instead of to the knee in particular, points especially to Ms. Earhardt. The touch to the knee points in particular to Miss Hicks on the Leakey road on the night she and I sat together at the 9-11 memorial on September 11, 2002. Wheeler put out her video on September 11 last week, on the day I used the Q-tip to paint the putty. What think ye of all this?

Tipping Point is a show by the OAN network, where Kara McKinney works. Miss Earhardt's first husband was Mr. McKinney. End insert]

In this dream, having multiple interpretations all of which can be correct, I was told to wake the woman up (there was only one woman), and did so by inadvertently touching her LEG with my HAND, which seemingly points to Hans'/Hands, a surname like "Annas." Ains' are listed with Annan-like Hains while Scottish Hains were first found in Dumfries with ANONs/Annans having a saltire in the colors of the Ainsley cross. This was some of the best evidence to help prove that Miss Earhardt was in the dream along with Miss Hicks. As my hand touched her LEG, here's from the 1st update of last month:

Plus, wow, I just loaded the Hicks to be reminded of what I had forgotten this past month while on the Ainsleys (brackets not mine): "'The chancel {of Low Leyton in Essex} contains some elegant monuments of the family of Hickes.'" Leytons are with the LEIGHtons, and the Ainsley write-up has: "For it is there in 1273, the Hundredorum Rolls listed Johannes de AnnesLEGH" Leghs are also Leys/Leighs!!! That might explain why Hicks and Ainsleys (scimitar) share the same fleur-de-lys.

It was starting to convince me that the woman could be viewed either as Miss Hicks or Miss Earhardt. The purpose of Miss Hicks was, I gathered, to point to John Ratcliffe because she moved to about 10 miles from Mr. Ratcliffe when she moved away from my area of Texas. The purpose of Miss Earhardt is, I gather, to signal Fox's news people for uncovering / pushing the revelations of deep-state crimes.

Note that there is even a fourth blond who can apply to a Legh-Anon scenario, in Trump's press secretary, KayLEIGH McENANy. The "HONESta" motto term of Kayleigh's (probably a Keele/Kill branch) looks like code for the Hain-like Hones'/Hoins/Hoans' who have double-wavy fesses in the colors of the wavy pale bars within the crescents of Ains'/Hains. The double wavy fesses are shared by Leirs/LAYERs/Leyers/Leiers, a possible Leigh branch. Leggs, first found in Dumfries with Scottish Hains, have a giant stag head in the colors of the giant Trump stag head, and colors reversed from the stag heads of Hanna's (Wigton, beside Dumfries). It recalls that Hann-branch Hahns (Trump colors and format) were first found in the Mecklenburg with Trumps.

The "CALLide" motto term of Kayleigh's looks like Intelligent Design because Calls use TRUMPets.

See a section below devoted to showing, with new evidence, that Miss Earhardt was in the car.

Cottrels look like Meschin-related kin of Bessins, yet it can be added that the Meschin / Cottrel / Biss scallops are shared by the Hykes'/Hacks whose quadrants look connectable to the Kayleigh / Keele quadrants. Keele's were first found in Lincolnshire with le-Meschin's wife, Mrs. Taillebois, explaining the talbot dog head in the Cottrel Crest. The Bessin-like Bissins share the "horns" (same design, different color) of German Bracks (same fesse as Meschins, probably another talbot dog) while hunting HORNs are used by English Brechs/Bracks. The Bessin, origin of Ranulph le Meschin (son of BRIQUESsart), is the location of the Horn-related Orne river. Hands/Hanns of Cottrel were first found in Cheshire with le Meschin. It explains why the hand in the dream was mine, for my mother was probably of Meschin stock.

A thing I don't think I've realized yet is from the Hand/Hann write-up: "The surname Hann was first found in Cheshire where the name first appeared as a forename in the Assize Rolls of 1288, Honde COTTRell." As soon as I touched her leg, she popped into my arms, and we began RISING into the sky, a definite pointer to RHIZON, beside KOTOR (i.e. like "Cottrel"). I recall the rising scene when her hands seemed to me to be loving hands, but that was decades before learning heraldry links. So, I now know that my hand, and her hands, were pointers to Hann liners.

I claimed that God provided a newspaper event in Texas to point to Miss Hicks (details not repeated here), which ended up pointing to DoJ man, John Bash, amazingly well. On the day of the newspaper event, I slept in Crystal City. Bongino's been lately addressing an ex-general McCrystal using orange-revolution tactics, from military people in Syria and Iraq, against Trump's COVID position. This is surreal. The (Mc)Crystal surname happens to share the thistle to Fauci-like Fauchs.

The steps-with-cross of McCrystals is that of Moses/MOYs in colors reversed, and I have suggested in the past that Moys point to Igor KoloMOIsky, a corrupt Ukrainian likely in cahoots with George Soros. Well, McCrystal's scheme above is the sort of thing that Soros' people specialize in for de-stabilizing power groups.

The Crystal and Moses/Moy cross type is used in Moses/Moy cross colors by Bash's, and some of you may know why John Bash, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas, can apply to my Crystal-City event of 1994...which pointed to Rockefellers. What are Rockefellers doing these days, anyway? I won't repeat the reasons; suffice to say that Bash has been appointed to look into deep-state crimes, and probably to report to John Durham.

Bongino has been addressing a Washington-Post article telling that McCrystal's scheme includes the paying of big social-media channels to put out bad press against Trump. This needs to be illegal because paying people to hold a position they might not otherwise proclaim or agree with violates the spirit of democracy. It's bad enough already that the biggest money has the "democratic" edge due to bigger power in getting messages out. It's bad enough already that liberals seek to control education / media channels for political-power purposes. This violates the spirit of fairness demanded by God. In a nutshell, Jesus is Fairness Incarnate, we could say.

That's why I oppose American constitutionalism that allows satan to have as much voice as Christians, for satan doesn't play fair. The Constitution, if it wants to be God's mouthpiece, must make it illegal to cheat or speak falsifications in the name of free speech. You can't of course punish everyone who lies, but if the law exists, then big media bosses can be arrested for falsifying "news." That would clean things up enormously.

By "fairness," I don't mean giving evil as much sway as righteousness, but rather the opposite of cheating. Play fair in human interactions. Think about other people, of the affects our deeds have on others. At all costs, don't desire to get rich, because we can easily lose our souls that way while convincing ourselves it's not going to happen.

Fox news walks on one leg because it's either afraid to delve into some important topics, or is complicit with liberals / RINO's who don't want certain things exposed. See Gingrich get reprimanded on Fox, this week, when he brings up Soros:

Imagine that, where Soros is funding the riots, Fox news wants not to talk about it. Image that, folks, imagine that. Fox, traitor of the country, traitor of the voters it seeks to make profit from, can we believe it? HYPOCRITE. Making money is Fox's game even as the nation burns. Fox bosses are to be lumped in with the weeds. Call out Paul Ryan, ask what he's hoping to do with Fox, politically.

See O'Reilly's follow-up on the Gingrich moment:

I disagree with O'Reilly stating that Fox's ladies shut Gingrich up solely for not wanting the station to appear anti-Jewish. There are all sorts of Jews in scandalous news who are not forbidden on Fox. It seems to me to be more likely that Fox bosses want to ruin Trump in spite of their being unable to wholly shut-up the prime-timers with their pro-Trump shows. Fox will fail financially without pro-Trump shows.

Attorney General William Barr disclosed Tuesday [this is old news] that he has directed John Bash, the U.S. attorney for the Western District of Texas, to investigate the “unmasking” of former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

...Bash, an Austin resident whose office is headquartered in San Antonio, is the top federal prosecutor for a vast region that extends from Austin to El Paso.

He is a former special assistant to Trump and associate White House counsel.

A former clerk to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Bash was sworn in and first took office in December 2017 but was formally sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in Austin in April 2018, according to the San Antonio Express News. Bash had clerked for Kavanaugh when he was an appellate judge.

I would be greatly surprised if Bash doesn't turn out to be very key if high-level arrests are ever to take place. If Barr has decided to be a part of the Mueller-and-company, then he may have made a big mistake in appointing Bash. It is possible that Bash and Kavanaugh wish to look into Scalia's murder, and we may be surprised at what comes of this.

Mueller's case against Flynn started in December of 2017 i.e. the month that Bash was sworn in. Is there a reason for this coincidence? Is Bash a part of the destiny-making machine? Is his job to protect Mueller? Is Bash a Bushite? Or what? Why REALLY did Flynn plead guilty (December, 2017) to a crime he did not commit? News juice? Is Flynn the ground-zero for producing the illusion of a two-tiered justice system for whatever the purposes may be in making the people outraged / discontent / disillusioned or unprepared for what is yet to come?

I Think the Car Was a Convertible

In the 1979 dream, I saw the woman hovering over the seats of the lone car after she was standing in front of the hood. Either my head was inside the car a foot from her body, or the car had no roof. As I saw her entire body hovering, my head could not have been under the roof. So, I used to tell readers that the car may have been a CONVERTible.

That's why I looked up the Converts/Conyers again, for that reason, only this time I got a story out of it. But before getting to that, let's be reminded that the car was an auto as a pointer to Ottone VisCONTE, for English Conte's, kin of CONE's, were first found in Durham with CONverts/Conyers. It's a perfect start for proving that the auto was a convertible. I was never able to make that realization before because I didn't know the car was to be viewed as an auto until recently.

Cone's and Conte's use ANTLers, a code I trace to Les ANDELys, home of the Tonys (or Toeni's) sharing a giant sleeve/maunch (different colors) with Converts/Conyers. As I can glean that we are now on Masci / Meschin liners while Maschi's use pine CONES, "antLER might be code also for the Liers/Leirs sharing the Meschin scallops. The Lere's/Lure's can be in the Gwinne motto term, "repelLERE," and Gwinns have a version of the Meschin and Coney / Conn Coats. The father of earl Meschin married a CONTEville. Conans share the Sinclair cross while the Comites / Comitissa variations of Conte's are in the Sinclair motto.

Conteville's are listed with Gunwells/GUNILDs (Gun colors) and share an engrailed cross (different color) with Sinclairs. Queen Gunhild (apparently an alternative for "Swietoslawa") was the wife of Sweyn Forkbeard, and "fork" is a motto term of CUNNinghams (Ayrshire, same as Forkers and the LERE's/Lure's possibly in "antler"). Of interest here is that the woman was HOVERing OVER the seats, and "Over fork over" is the Cunningham motto. The seats can be a pointer to Seatons/SITTENs who named Sitten/Sion, and Sions are also Sweyns! It looks like a bingo. Sions/Sweyns were first found beside Renfrewshire, and Renfrews share the giant ship of Guns.

OH WOW, the Guns are the ones with two "aut" motto terms!!! The car was an AUTO!!! I can barely believe this. That dream is now pointing to the royal Danes who married Mieszko's daughter (Gunhild). But why? Ahh, the woman was hovering as Sleeping Beauty, and Beautys/Bowds share the black bull with Mieske's/Mesechs, the latter using just the black head, as with Auto's/Otto's. That makes sense. My Masci mother must be a Mieszko-Piast liner, because I was at the auto. Another Gunhild was the daughter of EMMA (wife of Cnut, son of the Gunhild above), and then earl Meschin was the grandson of Emma de Conteville.

Sions/Sweyns once showed GAUNTlet gloves, and the Gaunt-branch Gone's/Guenets are like the Gunnet/Gonnel variations of Conteville's/Gunilds. Maceys of FERTE-Mace use gauntlet gloves, and Hoods/Hoots use the FRET in Conteville/Gunhild colors. Overs use another fret. This recalls the "Sun Bleached" and "Gunstock" stains in the last update, and while Suns are listed with Sinclairs, Bleach's are listed with Blake's who themselves have a giant fret.

Cunninghams share the white unicorn head with Cnuts, tending to confirm that the Cunningham motto is for Forkbeard's line, for Forkbeard was Cnut's father. Danish Cnuts share the red flag with McLeods, but another flag is with Lere's/Lure's because they were a McLeod sept. Cheshire's use lures. McLeods use their bull head in black or white, and white is the bull head of Haughts (Cheshire, same earl Meschin) whom I trace to Swietoslawa's alternative name, Sigrid "the HAUGHTy." She was daughter to Mieszko I. So, we have just found that McLeods were of the royal Danes at least in marriage at one point. Flags/Flecks share the Leir/Lier / Meschin scallops. The woman was at the hood of the auto, and Haughts were at Cheshire's HOOTen. Hoods are also Hoots! This is new right here, and I get it.

Ahh, as Haughts are also Haughtons, pronounced "hofton," the woman must have been hovering because Hovers are also HOFFers, and, besides, Hovers have bull horns that must be connectable to the Mieske/Mesech bull head. Overs, first found in Cheshire with Haughts, are also Offers. All of these new things are coming out now due to "convertible."

When I woke Sleeping Beauty up, we were emBRACEd, and rising into the SKY. McLeods were first found on Skye. It just so happens that Brace's/Brass' share the armored arm (same colors even) with Mieske's/Mesechs!!! Zinger. I had said that "EMBRace" looks like the Amber variation of Lamberts, whom I trace to Mieszko II Lambert, but at that time I had no idea of these excellent Sleeping-Beauty / auto links to Mieszko's.

The Mieske/Mesech Crest thus looks connectable to the Crests of Bistone's and Bessins (Meschins were from the Bessin). This is excellent confirmation that the embrace is code for Brace's. As Bistone's / Bessins (Cheshire again) use bees, by what coincidence do Bracebridge's have a "Be" motto term?

Cheshire's use the lure in purple, likely for the Meschin marriage to purple-lion Skiptons. As Lace's/Lacys share the Skipton lion, while Skipper was the captain of the ship on Gilligan's island, I'll remind here of last update's topic on the latest dream I had, where I was tying my shoe laces as Dennis Quinn handed me an ice-cream. Quinns/Gwinns share the winged Gilligan horse, and, as was said, this Quinn character had lived in Bracebridge, is that not cool?

Quinns/Gwinns look like a branch of the Guiana variation of Guns... using a SHIP, suspect with Ships having a Skipton-like Shipton variation. The Gun ship is also of Bauds and Balds to which the Russian medallion, found by me on my Jeep's HOOD in Bracebridge, pointed. This pointer was as per the Medal/Dougal surname (share Holey quadrants), and here I'd like to say that while Dougal like Douglas' descended from Hardys (Lanarkshire, same as Sions/Sweyns), the engrailed Hardy cross is the same, in colors reversed, as the Conteville/GUNild cross. Amazing. Dennis' happen to be listed with Danish's.

So, the hood in the Sleeping-Beauty dream does link to the hood in Bracebridge, and so let me remind that I found the medallion on the hood two or three hours after leaving off my updates writing on the hood of that dream.

As was said some weeks ago when it dawned on me: our embrace and rapture was a wedding scene for the Church because the beautiful woman was previously asleep, like when Jesus said the virgins would fall asleep prior to be awakened at the signs of His Coming. The Weddings are a branch of Weeds/Weddins (they share same fesse and almost the same martlet), and as Weeds/Weedins have the double Sleep fesses in colors reversed, it speaks to me of the separation of the weeds and wheat at His Coming. This is being repeated because we just crossed the Hardy > Douglas line, and Weeds have this in their write-up: "Today Weedon is a village and also a civil parish within Aylesbury Vale district to the north of Aylesbury and south of HARDWICK in Buckinghamshire."

Hardwicks, with a version of the Douglas Chief, can be gleaned with a saltire-cross version of the Hardy Cross, and this line was suspect to Earhardts/Airharts. That was another reason that Ainsley Earhardt was suspect as the woman in this dream. The Weed write-up's Aylesbury only inadvertently brings us to the Aylesford entity that was a topic earlier in the update. As it turns out, the giant Aylesbury cross is colors reversed from the near-same of Hardys (bang-on-topic here), and in the same colors as the near-same of Conteville's/GUNhilds!!! STUNNING, because the Aylesfords had meshed above with Elmers/Aylmers due to the GUNstock color of Elmers putty!!! UNBELIEVABLE. It was the Stocks, as per "GunSTOCK," that brought us Aylesfords!!! INTELLIGENT DESIGN!

Again, the putty was put into punched-in NAIL holes on September 11, and while Miss Earhardt married Mr. Proctor, Ailes'/Ayles' have a Coat linkable to the three Proctor nails which are themselves in the HEART of Logans. Amazing. Hey Ainsley, do you own a convertible?

As it's clear now that the convertible i.e. Converts/Conyers were Visconti liners, or proto-Visconti's, I'll remind that the original Visconti snake was green, the color of the Earhardt snakes.

The mention of virgins above reminded that the dream with Sleeping Beauty was resolved at the island of Jeffrey Epstein in the Virgin Islands. Note that Islands are listed with HOSTlers, while Shirts have a "HOSTis" motto term, for I had no shirt on as I was on the beach. The Islands/Hostlers have 16 fessewise wavy bars and a vertical fish, and the SEA's have three wavy fesses in the same colors with a vertical fish too. As was said, I was instantly transported from the pool with shark into a blue body of water i.e. a SEA. I then walked onto the island without a shirt. The key here may be that Haydens have 12 fessewise bars in the same colors, and while the "Ferme en" motto term of Haydens suggests the Fermans/Formans (Coat somewhat similar to Hayden Coat), they too have wavy fesses in the same colors. How ever this might be interpreted, it again suggests inclusion of Ainsley Earhardt, or perhaps Mr. Proctor, father of Hayden.

Later in this update, I move to heraldic pointers to Dan Bongino, whose producer is Joe ARMacost. When I googled the latter, a photo comes up where he appears to be in a convertible, perhaps his own. The emBRACE has pointed to Brace's who use ARMS, and so that seems interesting. My head always spins when fantastic links take place involving people, because it's often too difficult for me to figure out why those people are being pointed to, or what exactly about them is being inferred. For example, why should God lump Joe Armacost into the convertible of the 1979 dream? The Costs use a giant bell, and there are Army/Armine and Armor surnames that may give further clues.

Armys/Armine's (Bracebridge!) share the Chief-saltire combination of Anons/Annans, a surname connectable to Ainsleys. Armys/Armine's and Anons/Annas' have a saltire in the colors of the similar cross of Ainsleys. But there is also the fact that the Chief-Shield colors of Ainsley-branch Annas' are shared by Aylesfords (pears), the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's! The medallion in Bracebridge was found on my hood when returning to it with a SHOPping cart of groceries, and Shops have a Chief-Shield colors in reverse from those of Aylesfords and Annas'. It looks Arranged, but why is Ainsley Earhardt being linked to one of my grocery stores in connection to a Russian medallion? Like I said, makes my head spin. The Crozier's in the Bracebridge Crest have crosslets in the colors of the Hardwick cross. Aylesfords share the black boar with Hardys. Armors (armored arms) share the Douglas stars.

(For the record: as FERMANs/Formans have the same lion in Chief as Armys/ARMINe's/ERMINe's, it's possible that one surname is a variation of the other.)

Back to the convertible. Converts/Conyers share the maunch / sleeve with the neighboring Tickle's/Tickhills of Yorkshire. The Convert/Conyer write-up: "HUTTON-Conyers in the wapentake of Allertonshire in the North Riding of Yorkshire is another ancient family seat." Huttons may have been Hood/Hoot / Haught liners, you see. Huttons share gold stag heads with Yorkshire's Ainsley-like Anne's/Hanne's, the latter first found at Tickhill castle.

Plus, there is a good possibility that the gold fleur-de-lys in the Tickle/Tickhill Crest is that also of Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire) and Hicks (Yorkshire), for the Tickle/Tickhill write-up speaks of: "Roger de Bully who held estates in Nottingham and Yorkshire, and he built a castle at Tickhill, four miles to the northwest of the Honour of Blyth in Nottingham." Nottinghamshire was the home of fictitious Robin HOOD (his name was likely code for surnames). So, can it be possible that God arranged the convertible car in order to point with one stroke to both Miss Hicks and Miss Earhardt? Let's go on.

We saw above that Hutton-Conyers is in Allertonshire, and Allertons are in the colors and format of maunch-using Mansfields, first found in Nottinghamshire. They are also in the colors and format of Lees', important momentarily. Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick, and I'm sure that Kilpatricks, first found in Dumfries with Bullys and the Ainsley-like Hains who share their mascles, were a Gospatrick branch. So, here's the Convert/Conyers write-up: "Hence, conjecturally, the surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Allerton, held by Earl Gospatrick..." The Gospatrick saltire is colors reversed from the same of Anons/ANNans (Dumfries). See a pattern?

The Lees' are important because AinsLEYs, in their write-up, look like an Annas branch merged with Leghs/Leigh's/Leys/Lee's, and I did touch the woman's leg while she was hovering in the convertible. And Hicks' were at Low LEIGHton. Plus, Huttons were first found in LEYland (Lancashire), while Leylands share the Hutton chevron. At this point, I recalled that Ainsley Earhardt has one child, Hayden, like "Hutton." While one Hayden surname comes up as "Haden," Haddens (Halden branch) happen to share the scimitar with Ainsleys, and a red Chief with the other Haydens who in turn share the black bull with Auto's/Otto's.

I've covered some of these things before, but not with the convertible at issue. It led us fast and abundantly to evidence that God arranged the heraldry to point to both Miss Hicks and Miss Earhardt. But why? I didn't know my touching of the woman's knee was also a touching of her leg as a pointer to Miss Earhardt until weeks ago.

There's more, for Hays share the red escutcheon with Allers, and we just saw ALLERton of the Converts/Conyers. There would be no reason to bring Hays into the discussion had not Miss Earhardt had a daughter, Hayden. So, the convertible points more to she than Miss Hicks. For what it could be worth, Hays use a "juGUM" motto term while English Gumms share a red Chief with Haddens and Haydens (and Anons/Annans). By what coincidence are two Foy surnames also Foix's while "foy" is a Hayden motto term?

I've talked lots about a Miss Covert, who lived a few miles from Hayden lake in Idaho, former headquarters for Aryan Nations. "Covert" is like "Convert." She was married to Mr. Maness at the time she was emailing with me, and I can glean two reasons for linking the Hayden Chief to the Chief of Manner-branch Mens' (beside Haldens). Maness' are listed with Manners. This is the first time that the car of the dream has possibly linked to the Nazi themes that I think God attached to Miss Covert. This is an interesting new addition to the dream's mysteries as they touch upon deep-state items, and it just so happens that while God used the Shops to point to president George Scherff, Shops share a dancette in their Chief (different colors) with one of the Hayden surnames!!! Wow, the importance now of having Miss Earhardt as the woman in that convertible!

Oh wow, it explains why Haydens share a "ferme" motto term with Square's/Squire's/Squirrels!!! The latter have variations like those of Shops and Schere's/Schere's/Scherfs! Amazing "coincidence," for "Hayden" is even like the Hiedler variation of Hitlers. The sea horse of Shops and Sea-branch Seamans links to Ducks/Duckers and Tuckers (sea horses), and so compare the fesses / bars of the latter three surnames to the bars of the Haydens with the dancette. Is this a pointer to Tucker Carlson at Foix news, so to speak? The Carlson surname doesn't do anything to make the link so far as I can see.

As soon as I touched her leg, were became embraced in rapture, or, we could say, we were holding each other, for Holdings/Holdens not only share the red escutcheon with Hays and ALLERs, but use so-called ALLERions (beakless eagles). We were rising into the sky, and Skye is where McLeods/Clouds were first found who have a "HOLD fast" motto. Miss Hicks, or her surnames, did not ever point to Holdings/Holdens in this way that involves the name of her daughter and the convertible combined. Holdens could be a branch of Haldans who in turn share "Suffer" as a motto with Haddens.

Plus, Ottone's/Otto's were first found in UMBRia while "umbra" is an Aller motto term. I GRAZEd her knee with my hand, and Grazio's, first found in Perusia with Ottone's/Otto's, share the black rooster with German Gumms. It's the Hays who led us to Gumms initially. The Visconti's of Sardinia used a rooster, and I had no shirt on when I grazed her leg while Shirts/Shards (Cheshire, same as Hands/Hans') are suspect from Sardinia.

There's more, for while Ainsleys use "my" twice in their motto, I always link My's/Mea's/Meighs to Juggs/Judds now suspect in the "JUGum" motto term of Hays. I trace Mea's to the Meu river that flows near JUGon (Brittany), tending to explain why Juggs/Judds share the boar head of My's/Mea's/Meigh's; the latter's cross is colors reversed from the Ainsley cross.

Ainsleys use "my COUNTry," and while Countrys use so-called COUNTERchanged colors, Counters are listed with Conte's i.e. the Cone-related ones first found in Durham with Converts/Conyers!!! We came full circle to the convertible. I and the car were on the beach, and Beak-like Beach's/Bechs share the single pile of Countrys.

Allers use "umbra," and the Holding allerions have no beaks, explaining why UMBERs/Humbers share the triple fesses of Beaks. The fesses are colors reversed from the triple fesses of Haughtons (Cheshire again) said to have named Hood-connectable Hooten/Hotone.

It should be repeated that Miss Hicks pointed to heraldic legs, for while the woman was HOVERing in the car, Hoovers share the bird leg (same colors) of Hooters, and Hixons/Hicksons have bird legs too. It tends to prove that God was the author of having Miss Hicks first at the hood before she was hovering. Hotts (Knee colors) have red eagles that can be the Knee phoenix, but, in any case, the Holding/Holden allerions are red eagles.

Beaks were obvious kin of English Babe's (Dorset, same as Beaks) and Blonds, and, for what it could be worth, McEnanys share the mermaid with German Babe's/Babels.

Back to the McLeods/CLOUDs of Skye, who share a white bull head with Haughtons. There is a cloud in the Crest of Tible's, whom I looked up in case God had arranged something with them as per "converTIBLE." I kid you not that while Babe's and Points share two fingers POINTing, Tible's just came up as TIPle's, recalling Tipping Point's blond, LIZ Wheeler, who likewise seemed to be portrayed by the woman in the car. Liz-like Lise's share the six pale bars of English Babe's/Babwells (!), can we believe this? We now have four blond babes in that one car...but maybe it can seat five, you just never know. English Lease's/Leesons use another cloud, and share the sun with Babe's, Blonds, and Babe- / Babel-related Bradys (you can see the Babel "gold gate" and the triple Beak chevrons above the "gold gate" in the Arms of PodeBRADY).

Amazingly, God showed me without doubt that Babe's and Blonds pertained to a beautiful blond I dated for a couple of weeks, Lorraine, and it just so happens that Wheelers/Whalers share the Lorraine lion. She was beautiful like Ainsley, i.e. with a similar look. We split up when she came home (to her place) from a walk with a married man and a grass stain on the butt area, yet the long grass streak (maybe eight inches long) did come down her leg. I GRAZEd the leg of the "babe" in the dream, and Lorraine in real life had a GRASS stain on her leg just days after God gave her a babe symbol. Hmm, if there's a connection, why? I already know that the grass stain points to Bill Barr and George Bush, not a good combination for exposing the deep state, but more like covering for it.

It made sense, because I first conversed with her at a BUS STOP, that her grass stain was a pointer to the "TUFTs of grass" of Bush-liner Bosco's, but I was making that claim long before learning that Tufts/Tuffs (Touch/Tuffs branch) share the Knee phoenix. Pheons are the symbol of Stops/Stubbs, and while the Phoenix Crest is a gold eagle with flames at the tail, Stops/Stubbs have a gold eagle in Crest too! This Stop-Phoenix link is new because the Phoenix surname is new to me in recent months, yet I've been tracing Stops/Stubbs for many years to Stobi, a city of the pheon-like Paioni. Payens/PAIONs happen to use so-called "spur rowells," and the Panthers/PANTers, can we believe it, call their Chief stars, "spur rowells." It very-much appears that God moved me to ride my bike up to Lorraine, and ask her for our first date at her bus stop.

The next amazing thing is that the Hixon/Hicksons bird legs form a saltire in the colors of the Benjamin saltire, and I trace the 600 Benjamites of Rimmon to the area between the Rimna and BUZau rivers. Benjamins and Bus' were both first found in Norfolk, and while the Rimna and Buzau rivers are in WALLACHia, Walk- / Walker-like the Walsh's/WALCHs use a form of the Benjamin saltire, the point being that Bus like Bush Jr. married Miss Walsh. So, God seems to have used the bus stop to point to president Bush Jr., and while tuft-of-grass Bosco's are in the Rose write-up, Rose's can be expected from ROXolani, for I saw them stamped on a map upon the Buzau river, and Walsh's/Walchs were first found in ROXburghshire. Benjamins use red flames in Crest possibly linkable to the red flames at the tail of the Tuft phoenix.

It just so happens that streak-like Strake's/STRIKE's share the giant lion of Dutch Bos'/Bush's/Bosco's, though this would have been much better had the surname come up as "Streak." English Grass' have that lion in colors reversed, and the cinquefoils of those Grass' happen to be shared by Nimo's who in turn love the Bosco-branch Boasts/Bois' in their motto.

"Strike" is the motto of Hawks who share "PILgrim staves" with Pilgrims (Norfolk, same as Bus'), and the tufts of grass of Bosco's are on PILLers. A stave is a staff, and Staffs named Staffordshire, where Stops/Stubbs were first found. If the Hixons/Hicksons use eagle legs, they would be gold in colors reversed, and while Hixons/HICKSons were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs, I trace both HYKSos and mythical Phoenix to Lake Van, origin of Phoenix's/FENwicks and Phone's/Vans.

It appears that God was able to manage this pointer too, using the leg of the woman in the dream, but Lorraine too is involved in the pointer, and Lorraine's use spread eagles that, in colors reversed, would be red.

What the PHOENix (and the Phone branch of Phoenix's) makes me wonder is whether it's a pointer to Mueller's PHONE scandal, because Mueller was hired by Bush to cover for 9-11 crimes while the knee of the dream did play a role at the 9-11 memorial.

Although I wasn't on the walk with Lorraine, it's feasible that she and he slipped behind a BUSH on someone's lawn to make a little love, and when he slid her pants down, she got the grass stain on her pants. I was waiting on her BALCONy for her with the husband's wife, for I arrived there while she was out on the Walker-like walk. President Bush was a Walker on one side. BALCONs have endings like variations of Comey variations, and after Mueller's 12 years as FBI chief, the job went to James Comey. The bend of Balcons (share Chatan bend-with-roses) looks like a version of the Botter bend (it once showed as a straight bend), and while Botters were Clan-Chattan kin, the latter share the cat with Comeys. Clan Chattan even uses a "glove" motto term while Phone's use gloves. Her grass streak started at the bottom of her BUTT.

The pants pointed to Pansys/Pantzers, first found in Westphalia with DUCKs, and this pointed to Bill Barr, the attorney general of George Herbert Walker Bush. The Arms of Bar-le-DUC, you see, a location in France's Lorraine, use a pansy. Her name is Lorraine. It works like a criminal scandal the filth of which has yet to be revealed. When she got home, I actually POINTed at her grass stain (bright-white pants), accusing her. The married couple were dinner guests, assuring that the grass stain was not on the pants during their dinner (the walk was after 10 pm). You can't get a grass streak by simply sitting on a freshly-cut lawn. The pants need to be slid on the grass.

Miss Hicks' knee at the memorial pointed to Julian Assange's WikiLEAKs, and my bet is that the WikiLeaks release of Middle-East war crimes (military-video footage leaked of Americans shooting civilians from aircraft) is what God arranged to go with that knee event.

Bongino Investigation

This brings me to another new investigation that seems to point to Dan Bongino's new company, Rumble (it's new to Bongino because he just bought into half of it). It should be added that Bongino's, first found in Tuscany with Botters, share a curved bar with Botters.

Unfortunately, I can't remember for certain whether I lived at Rumble avenue (Richmond Hill, Ontario) when asking Lorraine out on our first date at the BUS stop, but of the five times I recall being with her, one of them was at the deck of my apartment at Rumble, and Rumble's happen to share the BUS cinquefoil. Bongino-like Benjamites lived at the BUZau river. It appears that God arranged this, perhaps as a pointer to Bongino's work against Mueller and company, for Bongino said, a few weeks ago or less, that he met his wife a week before September 11, 2001, and Mueller was made Bush's FBI Chief six days before that disastrous day.

I moved to Rumble from LEVENdale, and Levens happen to be in the colors and format of Rumble's. When I asked her on our first date, I suggested we meet at my laundromat (definitely an act of God for reasons not repeated here), which happened to be at the corner of Levendale and Yonge. I trace the elephant heads of Levens to the Elaphiti islands beside Ragusa, which was also called, Laus, and "laus" happens to be a Rumble motto term. Ragusa-like Raggs' share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's and Bosco's.

It gets amazing because Rumble's share a leopard face in a canton square with Babe's, and God gave Lorraine a babe symbol on one of those five occasions I can recall being with her. In another one of the five occasions, we were out for a walk in her neighborhood, when she suddenly sat down on the grass of someone's home. I think that this is a pointer to Lawns, for they were not only first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs, but Lawns share triple lions in pale (heraldic term meaning vertically positioned) upon a red Shield with Parlers. I think that's a huge deal because Bongino bought into the company, Parler, only months ago. In both cases, with Parler and Rumble, he's trying to ruin the social-media monopoly of Twitter / Facebook.

What are the chances that the Rumble leopard face is in the colors of the same of Parler-like PARsons and Peare's? The Parler stars are colors reversed from the stars of Peare's. Mrs. Parsons was my patent agent for a fence-post product temporarily called (for market-testing purposes), Pillar-Post. Is this somehow a pointer to the Bosco pillars? If so, I can't see why. The Pillars happen to share the Lier Coat, and Parlers are also ParLIERs, looking like a Pear-Lier / Par(e)-Lier merger.

God created a belly event for Miss Peare that pointed her to Bouillons (almost the BIRD cross), first found in Auvergne with Pare's. Belly-like Bellows share the Rumble / Bus cinquefoils. "Bellows" (hand fans) are used by Ships/SHIPTONs (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's and Julian-branch Gullys), and so let's add that John Shipton is Julian Assange's father. I last saw Miss Peare for the last time (we were together for the weekend, no sex) as little as a month before dating Lorraine. I still had my FireBIRD at the time, but no longer had it with Lorraine (explains why we went on walks).

French Liers (Dol) happen to share the scallops of Meschins while Pare's look like they use wolverines as part-code for Meschin-related Wolvers. The latter have a wolf-head version of the Meschin Coat, but then pansy-using CONYs have a version of the Meschin / Wolver Coats too, and Lorraine's pants pointed to Pansys/Pantzers. Plus, we can take this to the CONVERTible because Converts are also CONYers. The only problem is that the convertible is stacked with four babes and me i.e. there's no room left for hefty Bongino. Sorry Dan. Maybe next dream.

The entry of Julian Assange's father above, with Peare's belly event, intrigued me because it included the Pare's connectable to Bongino's Parler company. His new stake in RUMble recalls the RUMillys (Cambridgeshire, same as Julians!), who were SKIPtons married by Lier-related Meschins. Shiptons look like a Skipton branch. Mr. Shipton is JULIAN's father. Parlers were first found in Wiltshire with Julian-like Jewels/Joels. The Ships/Shiptons can be in the ship of Scottish Bauds because French Bauts/Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons / Pare's. While Balds share the Baut ship, German Bauds/Baults share a "bello" motto term with Bouillons. While Bellows share the Rumble cinquefoils, Rumble's are also RumBALDs.

The problem is, Bongino (a regular Fox guest) has some qualms about rubbing the wrong way on Fox-News policies, and Fox doesn't want to talk about Assange unless it's for his jailing. Even Trump betrayed Assange, making it harder for Bongino to support Assange. In that case, why are Bongino's stakes in the two Internet companies above seemingly pointing to Assange? Bongino won't even admit that 9-11 was an inside job.

German Belli's share the beacon with Fullers while Fullertons may have wolverine heads. If so, let's repeat that it's the Pare's (same place as Bouillons) looking like they have wolverines. While Beacons are listed with Bacons, French Bacons share the Bus / Rumble cinquefoil. How did that happen? Bongino traces to Benjamites of RIMmon removed to the Rimna and Buzau rivers, right? Yes, and the 600 Benjamites in the book of Judges married 400 women from Jabesh; I trace the latter to variations of Jeepma's, who happen to share the double-headed eagle of German Bello's/Belows. Note JEB Bush, son of Laura Walsh. English Bellows (Cheshire, same as Wolver-related Meschins) are the other ones sharing the Bus / Rumble cinquefoils. Rums/Rome's are also Rimna-like Rims, and Meschin-branch Maschi's were first found at RIMINi. Why do we suppose that Bellows have a FOX head in Crest? A fox is used by Fez's, first found in Auvergne with Bellow-like Bouillons.

The Chep variation of Jeepma's may indicate a merger with Chapmans/Chepmans (Cambridgeshire, same as Rumillys and Julians) whose crescent can be the one of Foix-connectable Foys (Irish) who in turn share the eel with Ships/Shiptons. Kinda makes a head spin, especially as Foix's/Foys were first found in Auvergne who use "pellets" while Pillers/Pilotte's (not "Pillar") are sharing the Pellet Coat. The other French Foix's are said to have been of Foix-Candale while Candida's/Candi's have a giant eagle in the colors of the Jeepma / Bello/Below eagle. The Ponders in the Chapman/Chepman motto are a branch of Ponds/Ponts (share black boars with Bush's), from the Pontus along with Parler-connectable Parrs, and suspect with the naming of Pontius Pilate.

Plus, the Below / Jeepma eagle is in the colors of the bird / eagle / hawk legs of Hixons/Hicksons, and the latter's legs make a saltire in the colors of the Benjamin saltire. The Hawks share PILgrims staves with Spanish Bello's, and the latter have two of them in the colors and positions of the Bosco pillars. I'm getting the impression that the two staves of Bello's are a pointer of God to the twin Trade Towers because Trade's/Trotte's, who share the Bush and Bosco fleur-de-lys, look like they are from the Trotus tributary of the Siret river. The Rimna and Buzau rivers are likewise Siret tributaries. I trace Bacons to Buzau-like Bacau, a region along the Trotus river. Truths/Trots look like God's pointers to 9-11 "truthers," and they share the bear with French Benjamins while the six pale bars of Truths/Trots are shared by the Coats/Cotes' because Cotesii lived on the Buzau river. Dan Coats was protecting Bush's secrets, as was the Washington Free BEACON.

The six pale bars of Truths/Trots and Coats/Cotes' are shared by Irish Prays while English Prays/Praters share the three wolf heads of Wolvers. It all fits like fangs in Trump's arse, but I expect Trump to continue boasting even when he's down the shark's throat. Boasting is his number-one "quality," more like an addiction. This week he bragged that he doesn't look as old as most men his age, right in front of thousands live, with millions more bound to see it. Contain your animal, old man, you're going to lose it all very very soon. Instead of bragging, humble thyself before God, and beg that your soul may be forgiven your many faults and sins, your secret ugly side. Otherwise you will die eternally in your sins. Horrible fate. A man is a nobody until he gets his sins canceled and his name written in the Book of Life.

Okay, so having said all of that, I'm not so sure that my moving from Levendale Road to the corner of Rumble and Libby was an actual pointer to Bongino's joining Rumble (alternative to youtube), yet I do have other coincidences, or not, to add to that as per sharing the apartment of Albert OoSTEYN (Dutch background) at Levendale, and as German Alberts (Austria, same as German Steins/Steyns) share an eight-pointed star (different colors) with Dutch Steins/Steyns, it seems we're justified in going to English Steins/Steyns with the leopard face (same colors) of Rumble's and Parsons. It can be gleaned that Steins are a branch of Stevensons/STINsons, and while Stevensons come up as "Stave," Pilgrims (Norfolk, same as Steins, Bus' and Parsons) and Bello's share pilgrim staves while Rumble's share the Bellows / Bus cinquefoils. If God created those coincidences from Albert's surname, why are those surnames in particular involved.

Albert became the symbol of whistle-blowers partly due to his spending the winter working at Whistler mountain (ski resort), and asking me (a year or more after moving out of Rumble) to move back into his apartment to keep it reserved for his return from the mountain. It just so happens that the passant lions of Parlers are used by Whistle's/Whistlers, and while it's the lion also of Baths (Somerset, same as Whistle's/Whistlers, Bath's share the cross of Face's/Fessys in the leopard "faces" of Rumble's, Peare's and Parsons. BATTi's/Botti's even share the red eight-pointed star with Dutch Steins/Steyns (Battistelli's share the pyramid with Tulls/Tolle's who in turn share the Bath / Whistler / Parler lion). Battins/Badens (Somerset, same as Baths and two Axe rivers) share the battle-axe with Albert-like Halberts/Halperts.

Decades later, in my sleeping-bag dream of a few years ago, Miss Peare appeared and got her waist symbol to compliment (definitely linked to) her belly symbol (when we were teens), and the waist symbol pointed without doubt to Wessels/WAISTells, a surname like the Wissels/Whistle's/Whistlers. So, this is exciting since it's suggesting a special whistle-blower via things-Bongino, and this theme goes well with WikiLeaks. There is a Bath location (Somerset) right beside Wiltshire, and Wiltshire is where Parlers were first found!!! How did I miss this until now?

It can be added that while the bowed Bongino fesse is suspect with the Bows/Boughs who share the motto of Somerset's ROETs, Baths use (in colors reversed) the cross-with-four-lions of RHODES', the latter first found in Yorkshire. That identical motto happens to include "veRUM"! Let's rumble.

I can tell you with certainty that I was living at Albert's apartment when, or just before, Miss Peare called me out of the blue (hadn't seen her in a couple of years or more). Having left Mr. Kepke by then, she and I spent the weekend together, with my mulling whether to become serious with her (I decided not to). If I was not at Albert's then, I was fresh at Rumble. Peare's share the Rumble / Parson / Stein leopard face, you see. Parsons (Norfolk, same as Drops/Trope's) have an axe with drops, and the Drop/Trope lion is the passant one of Parlers; I had missed this when earlier on the Parler-like Parsons (Pare colors and format). Parlers share a black bend with Partons. I also missed the fact that while Pare's were first found in Auvergne with Clermont-Ferrand, The Drop/Trope and Tool lion is very suspect with Tulls/Tolle's (share Italian Ferrand Shield) because I trace them to Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand.

But I'm trying to figure out why my living at Albert's, and dating Peare and Lorraine at that time, should justify a pointer to Bongino. Well, Bongino's were first found in Tuscany with the Taddei's sharing the flory cross of the Bouillons (Auvergne) to which Peare's belly even pointed, and the Taddei's have two white crosses in Chief, as do English Ferrands (share Parton Chief), and the latter even share a gold axe in Crest with Parsons.

Recall how Julian Assange worked into these things via John Shipton, for while it's Shiptons (same place as Peare's) who use "bellows," Shipton-like Skiptons are in the write-up of English Ferrands (Yorkshire, same as Rumilly-Skiptons): "The surname Ferrand was first found in Yorkshire where they were granted lands by William the Conqueror and appointed to the Wardenship of Skipton Castle, for the Cliffords..." That should explain why Cliffords ("SemPER PARATus") have almost the Shield of Italian Ferrands and Tulls/Tolle's (Pare's are also PARATs). The Bongino Chief share's the three stars of the French Julian Chief, a thing I missed earlier when crossing this topic. I trace "Tolle" to "Dol," and the French Liers, suspect in the ParLIER variation of Parlers, were first found at Dol. Alans of Dol are likely of French Alans, who share the Chief of French Julians...yet I can't understand why God would mesh Julian Assange in with Bongino unless there is something special (or a revelation / discussion) coming in the future through Rumble and/or Parler.

Plus, AMAZING, the French Julian Chief is also that of French Galli's who in turn share the rooster of Paula's. Bongino married Paula!

I met Kepke when I lived at Senator Reesors drive, and Reesors share the vaired patee cross of English Ferrands. He later almost married Miss Peare, and while the Peare leopard face is with Rumble's, the latter, in Keep colors, were first found in Sussex with Kepke-like Keeps. It just so happens that Keeps use a ship that can link to Shiptons, yet it's called a GALLEY ship! Hence, a Galli-line link to Skiptons is implied, for Kepke-like Keppochs were first found in Yorkshire with Skiptons, and the MacDonalds, who likewise use a "galley," had a Keppoch branch. Note that while Shiptons lived in Craven, Cravens, who share the red fitchee with MacDonalds, have a reflection of the Keppoch Coat.

Welsh Reesors/Rice's were first found beside the Glamorgan location of Drops/Trope's (TROPoje is not far from Rhizon): "Drope is a hamlet in the valley of the River ELY in Vale of Glamorgan, southeast Wales". Elys can be in code with the eel of Shiptons, and it just so happens that Elys were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Julians who share the crosslet of Galli-like Gullys/Gollys (Oxfordshire, same as Shiptons and Peare's). The Ely link to the Shipton eel seems certain because Skiptons were in Yorkshire's Craven while Cravens (Yorkshire) have a version of the Ely Coat that is a better match than that of Keppochs!!! My head is spinning, wanting to understand the reasons behind these links to things-Bongino.

Plus, the "actione" motto term of Cravens (Acton/AXton fesse colors reversed) is like the "actio" of Rumble's. Cravens use "Virtus" and Rumble's "Virtutis." There you have another implied Shipton-Skipton link. Ship-like Shepherds (share gold axe with Parsons and Yorkshire Ferrands) share the red Chief with Partons (Lancashire, beside Yorkshire) and the Yorkshire Ferrands, and the black MacDonald fitchee-with-hand in the Shepherd Crest is the color of the fitchee used by the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds.

So, I've just searched "assange" in the Rumble video website, and up came two videos on the topic from John Solomon, who was pointed to by my picking up the sleeping bag in the sleeping-bag dream. Here's one of Solomon's videos:

As you can see, a wildly-unexpected thing happened when the parents of Seth Rich went to the courts to request testimony from Julian Assange on whether the DNC was hacked by Seth Rich after all, and this case can blow Guccifer 2.0 apart on the Democrats. Suddenly, Assange will become useful in defeating Biden in the election, yet I have not heard a peep of what this case has led to, or even whether Assange has testified. Bill Barr (or others in his DoJ) may even be trying to block this testimony, for all we know.

The parents of Seth Rich, because this issue involves their civil suit against Fox news (probably against Sean Hannity especially), apparently wish to prove that Assange was not being truthful when implying, on Sean Hannity, that Seth Rich was the one who gave the DNC files to WikiLeaks. Assange can be pressured by the British to not give the truth, you see, and this is what is likely happening. But it can all backfire. Unfortunately, Trump and Barr may think they don't need Assange badly enough, in this case, to beat Biden.

The last scene in the sleeping-bag dream was on Miss Peare's waist. While she was still with Kepke, I was on her white horse, and it took me for a gallop, we might say, even if it was technically a trot instead of a gallop (I don't know which it was). The sleeping bag was circled by DAVID Morley because the David surname was very applicable to that dream's clues, and the Davids have a version of the Gallop Coat while the WAISTells use a white horse "on a gallop." Plus, Waistells were first found in Cumberland, which included WestMORLAND, and Morlands (Westmorland) have a version of the Morley Coat. WESTmorland may have been named by Wests because I can show them to be a branch of WAISTells. Wests use a "Jour" motto term, and I can show the Bongino Coat to be a version of the Gore/JORE Coat.

The murder of Seth Rich was being investigated by Rod WHEELER (hired by Rich's parents, if I recall correctly), and it just so happens that Wheelers/Whalers use a "jure" motto term.

Wests use the DOVE/Dow dancette, we can glean, because Waistells use doves. In the Waistell Crest, there is an arm with a CUFFed sleeve holding a blue dove, and Irish Cuffs/Coughs use a blue sleeve in Crest (no cuff) holding a baton, which recalls how Baths and Battins/Badens had linked to Parlers (also PERlers) of neighboring Wiltshire. It just so happens that Wiltshire is where English Cuffs were first found, and they do have a cuffed sleeve in Crest! The George's, first found in Dorset (beside Wiltshire), share the blue dove with Waistells, a good indication that the neighboring Wissels/Whistle's (share Parler lion) were a Waistell branch. If not mistaken, a baton is in the Crest of Libbys (with another sleeved arm), and I moved to the corner of Rumble and Libby.

I have told before, that on Saturday night, on the first day of my last weekend with Peare, she showed me, in her apartment, a photo (just one) of herself in a BATHing suit running on a beach. Although she may have been egging me to sleep with her, I, as a new Christian at the time, I opted to sleep alone on the COUCH, recalling the "COUCHant" lion of Tints (Somerset, same as Whistle's), in the colors of the Parler / Whistle lions!!! Ding-ding-ding-ding, let's rumble. I now understand why that night happened that way! It was intended to point to things-Bongino. I don't remember anything else in her apartment that night but seeing the photo (she was 21, blooming gorgeous with a Dolly-Parton body) and sleeping on the couch. Note that the couchant lion is in the position of a sphinx (part lion).

The next morning, I recall only being in her BATHroom. I took her to church (she was gracious to come along), a Presbyterian church, in case that means anything, where my friend, the Kendrys, attended. Hmm, Kendrys use Cupid while Cupids/Cubits (Norfolk again) have a giant lion head in the colors of the giant Libby lion. There are two hands (no arms shown) holding scimitars in the Cupid/Cubit Crest, and while Hands/Hans' have a version of the CUP/Cope Coat, Christine's use cups. Christine Peare. Cuff-like Coffeys/Coffers use "cups." Were Cuffs/Coughs a Cup branch? Cofferts/Coverts (Sussex, same as Keeps and COOPers/COPPers) happen to share the Peare / Parson leopard face!

Coffers/Coffare's were first found in Somerset with Baths, Tints, etc., and then Tints have this: "Traditionally they are descended from the noble house of Arundel...", which was from Arun in Sussex, and Arens/Aarons happen to share two hands coming from two clouds with Cupids/Cubits. It therefore seems that my one and only appearance at the Presbyterian church attended by Mrs. Kendry was arranged by God for helping to prove that the weekend with Peare was arranged by God.

It just so happens that the cuffed sleeve / arm of English Cuffs holds a gold battle-axe, symbol of Parsons (Norfolk). As the latter share the Peare leopard face, note the "TAMEN" motto term of Irish Cuffs, for Tame's/Thame's (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's and all-important Shiptons) share the Peare stars-on-chevrons. Plus, while Miss Peare left me to go be with Kepke, Kepoi is a location on Caucasia's TAMAN peninsula. I found Kepoi in the first place because I was at a Wikipedia article on Phanagoria, a location beside Kepoi, that showed a female sphinx having a face reminding me of the face of Miss Peare. I was floored by that find, and here we are at a "tamen" motto term.

Cuffs share the fleur-de-lys of Cabbage's having Cubit-like Cubaud/Cubald variations evoking the Bauds and Balds. The Baud quadrants are colors reversed from the same of German Arens, and the Chief-Shield colors of Balds are shared by sphinx-using Procks/Brocuffs. Suddenly, that appearance with Miss Peare at the church of the Kendrys is working still-more importantly. Sphinx-like Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with the Cabbage's, and with Quince's having mascles in colors reversed from the Tame/Thames mascles, an inexplicable thing unless God arranged the face of the sphinx to look to me like an aged Miss Peare. The "angustis" motto term of Cabbage's must be for an Angusta location up by the Trotus tributary of the Siret, not far from Benjamites of the Rimna and Buzau rivers.

Cabbage's even have a "ReBUS" motto term that can go with the Bus cinquefoil in the Rumble/RumBALD Coat, making Rumble's look like a Rim/Rum/Rome branch married to Bald liners. Balds look like they have a Coat version of the SCHIMs (Aberdeenshire, same as Cups/Cope's), we saw the Cupid/Cubit SCIMitars. I trace "Aberdeen" to the Kabars of Kabardino, not far from Phanagoria / Kepoi.

Sphinx-like Spinks (mascles) share the eagle of German Arens, the latter with roughly the quadrants of Lutts/Lute's (and the Norfolk Fasts), kin of McLeods/Lutts/CLOUDs ("Hold fast"), and this should explain the clouds of Jewish Arens/Aarons and Kendry-beloved Cupids/Cubits. Lookie-lookie: McLeods were first found on Skye with RIMMONs, begging whether Benjamites of Rimmon went through PhanaGORia (had the female sphinx), for the Bongino's use a Coat linkable to Gore's/Jore's. The Benjamites of Rimmon married 400 women from Jabesh, and Jeepma's/Jabbe's/Jabachs come up as CHEPs looking linkable to "Kepoi." How about that!

In the last scene of the sleeping-bag dream, I was pulling Miss Peare toward me by her waist (she never arrived to my body because the dream got suddenly cut off). My hands were upon her hips, in other words, and the Hips'/Hipkins (Norfolk, same as Parsons) share a gold sphinx with Procks/Brocuffs (Chief-Shied colors of Batons). The Hips/Hipkin Coat even looks like a version of the Phoenix Coat, but, in any case, I link the Hips/Hipkin Coat to that of Decks/Daggers who in-turn share the red squirrel of Square's/Squirrels, and the latter use a "Tiens" motto term while Tiens are listed with Tame's/Thames', you just need to be amazed at this. Square's/Squirrels were early in Hanbury while Hanburys/Handburys were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Tiens'/Tame's.

As I've said many times, the last scene of the dream was pulling Peare toward me after she came from her DECK beside me onto my DECK, kid you not. The Decks/Daggers, kin of Square's/Squirrels. The Hips'/Hipkin / Deck/Dagger Coat is even like that of Christs, and while Miss Peare is CHRISTine, her belly event with me pointed to the "bello CHRISTi" motto phase of Bouillons. English Daggers were first found in Cumberland with Waistells.

But I now have another amazing thing because Mrs. Parsons was my patent agent for a fence-post design that she did secure a Canadian patent for (I allowed it to lapse). I had taken the fence post to a fencing trade show in New Orleans, and I was pointing that event to Donna LEASE Brazile, even though I didn't know why, for she lived in New Orleans, for one, and there were other indications that she was to be pointed to (especially the Pillar link to Jeffreys and Lease's). But I can now solve that mystery because Donna Brazile was made the chair of the DNC immediately after Seth Rich's murder, and indirectly on account of his murder, and she even wrote a book about that time on Guccifer 2.0 and Seth Rich!!! Bingo. If not for Bongino's Parler and Rumble affiliations, this solution would not have happened! I'm impressed.

Be amazed some more, for while Wikipedia's article on Donna Brazile says that she descends (some generations back) from the Braswell surname, the Braswells have the double chevrons of Dexters/DECKsters in colors reversed! I get it now.

In the sleeping-bag dream, after it pointed to Hillary Clinton's crimes against Trump, I walked into the mall (this assured that Morleys/Mauls apply to that dream), and the only thing taking place in the mall was Peare and another woman on a wooden deck, and me on an adjacent wooden deck. I saw these platforms made of rough wooden framing, add Woods, pointed to already by the sleeping bag lying in the woods, were first found in Leicestershire with Dexters/Decksters. David Morley (an old friend of mine in my early-to-mid 20s) rode his motor bike down the HILL and circled the area in the woods where the sleeping bag was PICKed up by me. It was the only think involving that bag, and so I reasoned that it was to point to the fact that Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of Woods/ Plus, while Scottish Picks/Pike's share the Salome/SOLOMON stars, John Solomon worked for The HILL news at the time. That must have been why the bag was picked up on the steepish hill I was on.

Wiltshire is also where MORtons were first found i.e. with Parlers. For the life of me, I don't understand why I took Miss Peare to the home of Jeffrey MOORE on that last weekend I spent with her. That's why I'm looking at the Moor surnames now, knowing already that Irish Moors share the lion of Morgans while GlaMORGAN (earlier called, Morgannwg) is where Drops/Trope's had a location who share the passant Parler lion. Drops/Trope's (Shield filled with drops) are in the drops of Parsons, the latter first found in Norfolk with Drops/Trope's, Bags and Gangs/Geggs; the latter share the cinquefoils of English Moors (Leicestershire, same as Dexters/DECKsters) who happen to have one of the two Dexter/Deckster chevrons. The Moor cinquefoils, upon the chevron, are colors reversed from the Bag cinquefoils. The sleeping bag seems to apply to this situation because it was circled by Mr. MORley.

When we go to German Moors (partly in Rhineland with Salome's/Solomons), they essentially share the Coat of Morano's, expected from Morano upon the Sybaris river along with Saracena, and while Saraca's lived at Ragusa, also called, Laus, the peoples of Sybaris founded / conquered another Laus location, near Saracena, and then "laus" is a Rumble motto term. The Bay of Laus was the location of Pix-like Pyxus (otherwise known as Buxentum). As I picked up the bag that Morley circled, it appears that we are to trace that picture to Morano and nearby Pyxus.

I started this section skeptical that Rumble's could begin a significant pointer to things-Bongino. Boy, was I wrong.

In the first update of this month, I talk about a rusty square nail found (that week) in my dirt in roughly the same hour that I found a rusty square spike (same lawn) about 8 inches long and almost an inch square. I think I was able to link the nail to the PROCtor nails, and here it can be repeated that sphinx-using Brocuffs are PROCKs too. Wow, it just so happens that "TouJOURS" is a Proctor motto term, and thus I'm seeing the Gore/JORE link to Bongino's. I opened this paragraph to say that Spike's are also Speaks while "Parler" was named after the French, "to speak." Spike's/Speaks even share a double-headed eagle (different colors) with Jeepma's/Cheps.

Recalling the NAIL holes filled with Elmers putty on September 11, I may not have mentioned that the three Proctor nails make three pale bars in the colors of the three pale bars of Ailes'/AYLes'. Elmers are also AYLmers.

Let's bring back to topic the "couchant" lion of Tints, for the Tints almost have the Gore/Core crosslets. Gore's/Core's were, for a decade or more until recently, said to be first found in Essex, where Yonge's/Youngs were first found who use another "TouJOURs" motto term. It tends to assure that it's part code for Gore's/Jore's (definitely trace to Croatia's Gorski region, suggesting PhanaGoria elements in Croatia). I could add that Quince-like Quints, likewise first found in Essex, share the chevron of Rumble's (and Levens, same place as FitzAlans of Arundel). But, the point of this paragraph was mythical GORlois of TINTagel. See how nice that works? Repeat from above:

The Ely link to the Shipton eel seems certain because Skiptons were in Yorkshire's Craven while Cravens (Yorkshire) have a version of the Ely Coat that is a better match than that of Keppochs!!! My head is spinning, wanting to understand the reasons behind these links to things-Bongino. Plus, the "actione" motto term of Cravens (Acton/AXton fesse colors reversed) is like the "actio" of Rumble's. Cravens use "Virtus" and Rumble's "Virtutis."

Well, CRAVens, with almost the Tint crosslets in colors reversed, are from the KRVati, another name of Croatians. The Ricks use the Craven Coat in colors reversed, making the Tint crosslets suspect with the crosslets of RICKs, (Somerset, same as Tints), and then Croatia's Rika/Rijeka has a two-headed eagle in black, the colors of the two-headed Jeepma/Chep eagle, a good way to link the namers of Phanagoria to Croatia's Gorski, then take things to mythical GORlois / Tintagel of CORNwall, where Cornwall was named by the Ceraunii Illyrians suspect as proto-Croatians, for "Ceraun(ii)" easily modifies to "Craven." It explains why Crauns/Crane's have a version of the Gore/Core Coat. The latter surname is now said to have been first found in Kent, same as the Axton location of Actons suspect in the Craven motto. The Tints were probably from ATINTanes at the Ceraunii mountains of Epirus.

As Rimini is beside Fano, the line to Phone's/Fane's/Vans, it's begging whether PHANagoria was a proto-Fane element from Lake Van. Phone's and Phoenix's are suspect through the Paioni, who lived on the Axius river, which can explain the Axton location of Actons, as well as the axes we've been seeing. Therefore, Phanagoria looks to be from the Pan cult at Panias, the Phoenician city I expect to have named mythical Phoenix. Panias was also "Banias," like "Benyamin."

The Acton write-up: "The parish of Acton-Round in Shropshire was another ancient family seat." Rounds use the couchant Tint lion but call it a "sleeping lion." King Arthur, made born in Tintagel, was given a ROUND Table symbol. This is child's play once people get over trying to find the historical king Arthur who did not exist. He was invented to glorify the Arthur surname / bloodline. As many as all Arthurian myth characters / places are code for surnames, places, etc.

Ginsburg Heraldry

It's interesting that while Amy CONEY (married Mr. Barrett) is a high contender for filling Ruth GINSburg's seat on the U.S. supreme court, the Gins/Gwinn surname has a sword version of the Coney Coat. Coneys are the ones with pansies linking to the pansy/pansies in the Arms of BAR-le-Duc, and while heraldic bars are called, "barry," it's the only symbol in the Barrett Shield. The Barrett barry is in the colors of the barry of English Crispins (Oxfordshire), and then French Crispins happen to have been first found in Lorraine, location also of Bar-le-Duc.

But we're not done because the Ginsburgs (Vase/Fesse/Face colors) may be showing vases, and, if so, it suggests their kinship with the Vase variation of Fessys/Face's, from the FIESCHi of Genova. It just so happens that the FESCH swords are in the colors of the Gins/Gwinn swords. The latter's "LICEt" motto term suggests the Lice's/Lees', with leopard FACES. Compare the Fesch swords to those of BARRows ("PaRUM", probably indicates a Parr merger with Rims/Rums), first found in Lancashire with Parrs.

This recalls Lorraine's GRASS STREAK on her pants, the thing pointing to Pansys/Pantzers. French Crispins share the pomegranate with GRAZio's, you see, and the streak became suspect with the Strike's in the motto of Hawks/Hauks (pilgrim's staves).

Then, when we go to the Barrett write-up: "By example, 'the manor of Ashton, or Ashtorre Barrett, in...belonged for many generations to the ancient family of Barrett; but on failure of male issue it passed with an heiress in 1707 to the family of PRESTwood.'" It just so happens that Prestwoods share a black griffin in Crest with Scotts. The latter are from lake Scodra, right beside a modern BAR location to which I happen to trace Barrs, Barrys and Barrets.

Amazingly, Larry Barrett, whom I have mentioned a few times before, was on my high-school BUS, and he lived at the corner of the Gormley sideroad and Leslie avenue. Gormleys are GRIMes' too, and the Fieschi were politically partnered (may have been blood related too) with GRIMaldi's. As I've said, his girlfriend, Laura, can be a pointer to the "Lauro" variation of Lorraine's. A few years after last seeing him, I asked Lorraine for our first date at her BUS stop at the corner of LORNE and Yonge streets. Barrett was on my SCHOOL bus, and Schools/Schole's/Scale's share a Shield filled with lozengy (different color) with Grimaldi's.

My head is starting to spin again at this because the Schools/Schole lozengy is exactly that of patents, bringing to mind Mrs. Parson, my patent agent. Parsons, first found in Norfolk with Bus' and PilGRIMs, have more leopard faces, in the colors of the same of Peare's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Crispins. I saw Miss Peare last for a weekend as little as a month before asking Lorraine on our first date.

Ruth Ginsburg died just as I was starting the Bongino-Parler-Rumble section above. Benjamites were at the BUZau river with ROXolani, and my girlfriend of six months immediately before the last outing with Peare was ROXanne Bennet. Bennets are from PIERleoni, where I trace LEOpards. Amazingly, the Scayle variation of Schools/Schole's (share Benjamin annulet!) evokes supreme-court justice, Antonin Scalia! So, for some reason, Amy Coney Barrett is pointing to Scalia (do I have this right?), as did my first kiss with Miss Peare (before she went to Kepke)? Will Trump choose Mrs. Barrett to replace Ginsburg?

Amy's share the three bears of Berwicks, the latter having a different-colors version of the BARwick Coat. Coincidence?

AHHHH, the Patent Crest shares the Leslie griffin with Leslie's!!! LARRY Barrett lived at the corner of Leslie avenue!!! That's impossible. Larrys/Lowrys (share laurel with Lorraine's) use a giant cup, code for the Cups/Cope's/CULPs in the "culpa" motto term of Patents. Cups/Cope's/CULPs were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's and Coney-branch Conns. The Patent motto is shared in full by Pullys/Pullens suspect in the "RePULLulat" motto of Larrys/Lowrys. But there's more, for Gins'/Gwinns use "rePELLERe" while Pellers (share pelican with Pullys/Pullens) are listed with the Pelles', who look like they can link to the "PALLEScere" motto term of Patents and Pullys/Pullens. Palles' are listed with Pauls ("Pro"), and Dan Bongino married Paula.

Bus' were first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs and Bags, and the latter share the Grimaldi Shield. If we now take this to the sleeping bag symbol, we note that proto-Sleep Selepitanoi Illyrians lived smack at Bar off of Scodra, what are the chances? It's where Barrets trace.

But there's more, because the Abri Illyrians on the south side of the Selepitanoi were likely also in Bar, and Abri are suspect with Abruzzo, the capital (L'Aquila) of which uses a black eagle. The black Prestwood / Scott griffin has the head of an eagle. On the south side of the Abri were the Cavii, the line to Chives' who share a "vi" motto term with Gins'/Gwinns. Let me repeat that Barrets had married PRESTwoods, for PRIESTlys/Presleys use two symbols of Abruzzo's/Abreu's, and Portuguese Abreu's show nothing but gold wings that can now be expected behind the Prestwood griffin head.

One question coming to mind is: why do PATENTs use a "pallaSCERE" motto term? The SQUARE's/Squire's/Squirrels ("Tiens") were first found in Worcestershire with Prestwoods, and Tiens/Tame's/Thames' share Shield parts of the Peare's, a branch of Parsons. Mrs. Parson was my PATENT attorney. But, more importantly now, the Schare's/Schire's/Schere's/SCHERFs point to president George Scherff, and Bush-branch Bosco's use "pillars." What a coincidence, for my patent was for the Pillar Post. When we put this together with LARRY Barrett (his Leslie-avenue home, and his SCHOOL bus, linked us to Patents), Larry Silverstein comes to mind along with Bill Barr, the attorney general for George Herbert Walker Scherff.

Pillars/Pilots look linkable to Pillers/Pilotte's (Lincolnshire, same as Coneys), and the latter share the cup with Larrys/Lowrys.

When we go to the Scalia-like Scayle variation of Schools, we can now ask whether Scalia was secretly a 9-11 truther whose murder in Texas had both the backing of Bushites and Democrats. The latter's riots at present are almost-certainly due to their quest to stack the supreme court with their ilk. It's why they hated Trump's election win so badly. Silversteins were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes and the Bash's who are linkable to News'/Nuces'. John Bash is a DoJ man covering Western Texas, which is where Scalia was murdered. Aside from the solid chevron of Bash's, they have the Gormley/Grimes Coat, what are the chances? Larry Barrett lived in Gormley.

Without going over all the details again, my touch-bra event at age nine was a potential pointer to Scalia's murder because the event first came to mind a few years ago while mulling over John Podesta's role in Scalia's murder. I was laying on my bed going to sleep at the time, and, if I recall correctly, it was exactly the night of the sleeping-bag dream that itself pointed to the International Order of Saint Hubertus, 30-plus members of which were hunting with Scalia when he was murdered in his sleep. I proposed, as per the sleeping BAG, that he was suffocated to death with a bag over his head after he was sedated / poisoned at dinner (it caused him to go to bed early, as John Poindexter, owner of the hunting ranch, and a Hubertus member, reported).

[Almost missed it, but on the eve of the uploading of this update, I recalled that the Hubard branch of Huberts share the School/Scayle annulet. The International Order of Saint Hubert! It looks Arranged by God to connect a Scalia-like surname to the Order. The Order's head lives in Mexico, and Scalia's dead body was brought to El-Paso on the Mexican border.]

I didn't have a fetish for going around the neighborhood touching bras on laundry lines, but on this one occasion, because the blond tenant in the basement of the Peterson home was pretty, and because her bra was bright white, just for fun, I climbed the stairs = scala to a small DECK made for hanging laundry, and reaching out, I was able to reach and touch this bra. I was a virgin at this. The tenant saw me through a window because she came out to scold me. Caught in the act.

So, while reflecting on this event while going to sleep (in 2016, maybe 2017), I recalled that under the deck, there were white rabbits in a cage, but it would be some time into the future before realizing that an Alex Podesta is online wearing white-rabbit suit and posing like a pedophile. John Podesta (Hillary's campaign manager at the time of the murder) is thought to be a pedophile.

I climbed the stairs of the deck to touch the bra. Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with Square's/Squirrels, and the latter (already a pointer to Schare's/Scherfs) were first found in Worcestershire with Bash's, but also with Childs sharing the Lorraine eagles. "Child" is an apt term for God to point to pedophiles, and one convicted pedophile in Hillary's camp is Anthony Weiner, husband of Huma Abedin; the latter was deputy campaign manager for Hillary's 2016 run. In other words, Abedin and Podesta were together in seeking to elect Clinton, and it just so happens that Childs are said to have been at Wanstead while Wansteads are listed with Weiners/Winners.

Then, while Ruth Ginsburg is online reportedly favoring the lowering of the "jail-bait" age (on legal sexual consent for minors), the Gins'/Gwinns (have Wins/Wyns in their write-up) could possibly be a branch of Winners. Ancient makers of heraldry alone can't make these links to modern criminals; it all needs some Intelligent Design behind it.

So, I was touching the bra because Jerry PETERSON was my friend at the time, just a year older than I. Many months went by after first reflecting on this event before discovering that Peter PETERSON (former chairman of the Council on Foreign Policy) married Mrs. COONEY, founder of the CHILDREN's show, Sesame Street, very suspicious, is it not? What went on behind the scenes of that show? Child abductions somehow? The point is, on the night that the touch-bra event came to mind, and due to the white rabbits under the laundry deck, I recalled that there is a Bra location in Cuneo, and by that time I had been tracing Coneys -- who use white rabbits -- to "Cuneo." Yet now the discussion is on Amy CONEY Barrett. Why? Will she become the next supreme court judge? If not, why is this discussion so compelling? By what coincidence do Ginsburg-linkable Gins'/Gwinns have a sword version of the Coney Coat???

Back to the mild / small point made above, that Pillers/Pilotte's were first found in Lincolnshire with Coneys. It becomes heavier where a white rabbit is used by CHRISTmas'/ChristMUS', and Christine's essentially share the Piller/Pilotte Coat! Plus, until this paragraph was born, I had forgotten that another white rabbit is used by Square-like Esquers/Esquille's suspect in the "esquire's helmet" in the Poindexter Crest! The latter us huge because the rabbit cage was under the deck floor while Decks/Daggers are Square/Squire/Squirrel kin, and moreover Decks/Daggers are also Deckers, looking linkable to the Dexters/DECKsters in "PionDEXTER." The ancient makers of heraldry can't point to modern criminals with heraldic clues; it needs Intelligent Design by Someone knowing the future.

Plus, I was stretching out my index finger to touch the bra. I specifically remember that event, because I could barely reach it, and I'm a tenacious person when I want to accomplish something. So, I was actually POINTing at the bra, suggesting Mr. POINDexter. I do recall that I was touching it with my right = dexter finger.

On my first date with Lorraine, on the eve of asking her for the date at her bus stop, we met first at my LAUNDRomat. The bra was on a laundry line. While Coneys share the Conn Coat, Connors have the giant tree, minus the acorns, of Laundrys/Landrys. Stops/Stubbs can be gleaned as kin of Pipe's (Staffordshire, same as Stops/Stubbs) and Pepins, a pointer to Pepin of Landen (wife from Lorraine) because Landens are also LANDERs. Pepin married Ita of METZ, and I met Lorraine at a laundroMAT. Landens/Landers share the six pale bars of Langleys, and Bra is at/beside Langhe. The ancient makers of heraldry can't point to modern criminals...

CIA headquarters is at Langley, and laundry themes can be God's pointer to money-laundering by CIA agents / employees, when they take tax dollars assigned to various international projects. The CIA fabricates world, and now home-turf, monsters to keep the tax dollars coming their way. Put a lid on the CIA today.

On Sunday, the day that this section was written, Trump said he'll chose a woman, indicating that his number-one choice at this point is an Hispanic woman. It looks self-serving to increase votes from women and Hispanics. That's not the way to chose a supreme court judge. The way to chose is to have a debate amongst Trump voters, so that the judge is to their benefit, not his. Miss Coney is a catholic, albeit pro-life. If Trump picks her, the nation could become still closer to a civil war.

Wow, I thought I was finished this section, but in the evening I was watching the video below, and the guy says (9th minute) that Amy Coney Barrett once worked for Scalia! If I had known that in the past, I had forgotten it.

My prediction: Trump will abandon the American people that count, the Biblically-minded, to a vaticanized supreme court that may very possibly oppose Christian endurance of the final years. Trump may be thinking that he would rather have the vatican favor him than oppose him. Or, he may be merely doing the will of his catholic wife, such a shame if true.

There are half as many catholics in the United States as Protestants, and catholics are by-and-large spiritual mutations, fakes, and/or just plain luke-warm / worldly. The number of Catholics who are deeply religious are far fewer than the list of catholics listed in vatican books. If you're born to catholic parents, you're deemed a catholic by the vatican. The reality is, like Jews, practicing catholics in the United States are a tiny minority. Yet those two groups rule the supreme court...because evil rules the United States.

Even some deeply-religious catholics adhere to extra-Biblical traditions of men. "Priests" (wrong term to use, unbiblical) are so distant from Jesus that they ignore Jesus' directive not to be called, "father." If they think this is a small thing, they likely ignore Jesus in big things too. The Pharisees loved to be honored my men, and religious leaders allowing people to kiss their hand are fakes and fools. A pope ("big father") wearing a crown-like hat on his head is a spiritual idiot. If he also wears robes that make him look a little royale, it proves the point. Jesus did not dress that way, did not live like popes do, in a glorious palace...which, by the way, is filled with pagan statues. Abandon catholicism today; stick with Jesus alone in your heart. Have faith in His goodness, because when you need someone most, at your death bed, the pope won't be there, but Jesus will...if you've pleased Him to that point.

Jesus is not a buddy like all other buddies. His job is to make us acceptable to God in the way we think and act. If you're looking to Jesus to fulfill the things you want most, it's likely that God did not appoint Him to do it for you, but it doesn't mean that, in every case, He can't grant them to you. Jesus' rule is: seek to please God with your life, and God will decide what things you will have in this life. You will not be disappointed if you please God. A great nation is made up of people like that, but American leaders minimize Bible-minded Christians. America is evil at the power structures, and Americans now know it like never before.

It's not liberal grass roots that make the nation great, but Christians who follow Jesus. Poor, wretched America, with its masonic rulers, allowing evil to flourish. What good is there in a casino? Who is the thieving fool who opts to run casinos? What's wrong with the country that this is the best it can do for a president? Even while he was being elected, he was talking about how he'd like to screw married women. And he then said that he has nothing to repent for before God.

Take the Hint: Be Ready, Be Wise

American freedom is the antithesis of the fair / truthful play ordered by Jesus. Can we imagine Jesus saying: "you have the right under God to say anything you wish, no matter how mistaken or false. You have the right to pursue and obtain happiness in My nation regardless of how evil you are." It's a recipe for disaster, and we are seeing that disaster now. The only wonder is why it didn't happen sooner.

Fortunately, better-to-good people were the majority, when evil people had to operate under-the-table, until the 1970s. Not anymore. The social engineers did global operations that toppled Biblical values, and here we are at the brink of societal destruction because it's not certain that the good guys will win. It's a lot like the apostasy predicted in the Bible, the lawlessness, and rise of the anti-Christ system. It's bucking heavily to set itself up as we speak. We knew from the 1980s it was coming, but look at how it's behaving now. Pure demonics, yet it's still not as bad as it can get.

Jesus said that, when it starts to happen, it will transpire quickly. The problem is, we never know when it might approach fulfillment; even when it looks like it has arrived, it may fail for decades longer. How can we know when it arrives for real, before their hammer comes down hard upon us? Daniel 11:21-31 is our answer. Pre-tribulationists started to teach wrongly that those 11 verses speak of ancient times. Not so. Post-tribulationists chimed in so that Christians by-and-large do not view those 11 verses as end-time ones. Both sides are in rough agreement on what the 11 verses say: the "king of the north," while still a small power, will successfully invade Egypt BEFORE he successfully invades Jerusalem to set up the abomination of desolation.

Is that a small piece of knowledge that pre-tribulationists have robbed from the churches by relegating it to the ancient past? No, it is huge, because even now, there are Christians wrongly calling churches out to abandon society because, they say, the last seven years are virtually upon us. Don't jump the gun. I say, not until we see a man fitting the description of the anti-Christ, successfully invading Egypt, should we start, as a lot, to consider abandoning city society for forming a country society. Obama tried, but failed to get Egypt into anti-Israeli hands. It was perhaps our heads-up moment when he tried. It could signal that someone soon will try it again. Obamaites facilitated a coup against the pro-Israeli administration in Egypt by urging unrelenting street unrest. Now it's in the United States from the same rats.

I say that Daniel 11:21-31 is for our benefit in revealing the correct timing of the approach of the last 3.5 years. In fact, we can glean that the invasion of Egypt is a few years before the anti-Christ gets his 3.5 years of lawlessness, when God removes Himself out of satan's way, to give him his last "dark hour." Pre-tribulationists are your worst enemies as this time arrives, if Revelation 13 pertains to a global system of purchasing. For, they continue to teach that God's taking himself out of Satan's way is the wholesale rapture of the Church i.e. no need to flee into the wilderness to live out the last 3.5 years. You can see how colossally dangerous that teaching can be if the mandatory 666 system of purchasing comes to your area.

There are obvious clues in Scripture telling that the rapture is at the one-and-only coming of Jesus at the brink of the end of the 3.5 years. But even if they are dunces (not likely) who can't see the obvious truths, pre-tribulationists have no justification to present such a teaching to the Christian masses because the Bible in no way teaches a double coming of Jesus, one for the Church, and one years later at Armageddon. The Bible clearly lays out the Coming at Armageddon. So, that is what we should teach. You need to be reckless to teach otherwise, and the churches are filled with pastors given to pre-tribulationism in the same was fool Trump takes the popular (for lack of a better term) position that Arabs attacked the Trade towers. Some are passionate for their foolishness, how do we explain it?

One theory is that they get comfortable with their worldly lot, and greatly dislike the idea of fending for self in a wilderness situation. Or, they claim that God would not be so cruel against Christians as to force them into wilderness survival, but that view presupposes that God will not prepare wilderness places for them. It pre-supposes that the world will be much more terrible in the last 3.5 years than the reality. Pre-tribbers have all made the last 3.5 years look horrific as a means to combat the post-tribulation position, yet Jesus said that all will be as-usual up until destruction i.e. Armageddon befalls the world. The only differences, if we can trust Revelation as the Word of God, is that some people: 1) will be denied the power to make purchases apart from a mark on the hand or head, and; 2) will be slandered and persecuted by the popular "crusade" of the anti-Christ man. The rest of the world will be as usual, but with a steady up-tick in natural disasters and violence.

My book is based on the book of Revelation, but there's no solid evidence that it was written by God. When we first become Christians, we are naive to the numbers of fake gospels that exist. Who wrote them, why, and might the same lot have written Revelation? One could write a book, with pros and cons, seeking to answer that one question. One thing I know, Jesus was the Son of God who died for our sins, and the human writer of Revelation was a sincere believer of that Good News, and devoted to His Return as the bitter-sweet solution for mankind. It stretches my mind to think that a sincere believer would pen a faked prophetic book. Therefore, for that reason and others, I think Revelation was likely a book dictated by God to John.

If we see Daniel 11:21-31 fulfilled, and if a year or two passes after the fulfillment of verse 31 (successful invasion of Jerusalem) without a mark-on-the-hand system of purchasing, then we can be relieved of the absolute need for wilderness survival. But at this time, it is unwise to teach that we will definitely not need to endure that system. Consider how the world has moved, in just the last two or three decades -- simultaneous with an increase in anti-Christ powers -- to a purchasing system that caters to a number-in-the-hand system. Did John just luck out when predicting it 1,900 years ago?

Who in his right mind would predict such a strange thing in his day if we imagine it to be a God-less, purely-human prediction? No false prophet wishing to be glorified for predicting true events goes too-far out on a limb into the highly unlikely. We don't know of any ancient society that used a mark in the skin as a prerequisite for buying our needs. Where did John get the idea if he was just a false prophet?

For decades now, and especially as we speak, progressively more Christians have been working partially toward wilderness preparations on their own lands. Globalists have shown signs that they would like to curb or ruin such movements, but they are happening more than ever thanks to this COVID crisis scaring the peoples into some action. It's not COVID that scares us, but the behavior of the anti-Christs who use the disease to practice their totalitarian regimes. As we are called not to fight against them with the weapons of this world, our only choice is to retreat to places where we can grow our own foods, when they deny us the ability to use grocery stores. It will be our perfectly normal and lawful reaction to their unjust schemes.

We can glean that they would be more than willing to deny us food unless we wear masks in grocery stores. So, their attitude frightens us. Many of us are looking at food-prep and land-prep videos; there's no shortage of either at far. The time should arrive when youtube will proclaim war on homesteading videos. If you can find a working youtube converter (I failed last time I tried), save many of those videos to a device other than your hard drive, because the best videos may be hard to find soon.

There's a lot of homesteaders using youtube as a means to make some money, bonus. So take advantage. Educate yourselves on food-prep, just in case the end is in your lifetime. I didn't learn until this week that we can have cream cheese from powdered milk. Powdered milk never even entered my mind because I've never bought it. It lasts many years, what a bonus. We can even make butter from powdered milk. We can now live like kings in a tribulation-wilderness setting...especially if I can use a toaster.

Bread and cream cheese every four days, and quiche every four days, I can handle it. Yes, there's even powdered eggs and powdered scrambled eggs. Technology is spoiling the globalist plan to spoil us. Pasta with butter and spices every four days, and pizza with cheese every four days, it's all doable with long-lasting stored foods. Start drying out your pepperoni slices today. Dry your own, thin-sliced potatoes, and have super-crispy potato chips every four days. We can do this...if we don't get trapped by pre-tribulation teaching. You'll be left behind, alright, in the dismal cities destined for shaking and crumbling.

If we learned anything from this manufactured crisis, it's that goons will steal the food that preppers have saved for themselves in wisdom and hard work, if a crisis ever keeps the thugs from buying food at all. A gun might not be helpful for us if multiple thieves gang up per one-house break in. Hide the food? Where? Mr. NiceGuy today might be Mr. GiveMeYerFoodOrElse tomorrow. Hopefully, that will never happen...probably because most people will take the mark, and the majority that won't will not likely steal your food. Be wise, do the right thing, prepare a few months of foods rather than watching television, and learn how to do it.

Here's a prepper rightly agitated at the false accusation that preppers caused the shortages of supplies this past spring:

Once you're prepped for 6-12 months on most needs, you can stop prepping. Just buy normal after that. It's not hoarding if you buy a few extra items per week for a year. It's good for businesses, and it's better for everyone else who didn't prepare if ever they are caught by surprise again by a globalist "pandemic." Do not trust the rulers of the United States, western Europe, and Canada. Globalists hate the people because the people hate them. They wish to rob us of our joys in life, and they can get massively murderous imminently...which they may have started to do with the COVID facade. Is it a coincidence that the vast majority who die are the non-partakers of the economic society while needing much government money to keep them alive in countries where government pays for health care?

I saw a video telling that dementia patients are apt to die from COVID, though I can't see a logical connection for a disease attacking the lungs harsher just because a person has lost memory power. I can, however, see "logic" in governments wanting to remove demented people from government assistance, especially as the aged are living longer now, often into the 90s. This must be a critical issue in secret government discussions that the public is not privy to, but, of course, murdering the aged is an option only for spiritually-demented liberals. We pro-lifers are to be the activist salt of the earth. Jesus is an activist, an Empowered free radical.

Headline this week: "Fauci to speak at festival alongside Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, Black Lives Matter founder". Fox news has kept it a secret that Fauci loves Hillary Clinton. Ditto for Trump. Here's a video showing proof that Fauci is tripping on vitamin D:

Fauci, according to his own words, is taking 10 times the recommended daily dose of vitamin D, and he's a pip-squeak. This same video producer put out a video a couple of weeks ago (fast-forward to 10th minute) telling that COVID patients who had even a normal amount of vitamin D in their bodies did much better with the disease than people low on Vitamin D. If I recall correctly, no one on vitamin D went into the respirator stage. There was the headline: "Vitamin D deficiency raises COVID-19 infection risk by 77%, study finds"

So, the video producer (a doctor) is showing the email exchange with Fauci's admission to 6,000 IUs daily of D, not without reason. He doesn't want to say so in words that Fauci's being a criminal-grade hypocrite, but it seems to be his message. There's been more than enough time for Fauci to publicly chime-in on / applaud the results of the vitamin-D study, but if Fauci had done so, this video producer would have, on Fauci's behalf, said so. The fact that the doctor does not credit Fauci for any such thing tends to expose Fauci as a killer, one who wants people to die of COVID infection for personal gain. What the doctor or Fox won't say, I will, and I just did. The "bonus" in killing the aged is that COVID can be advertised as a killer, and thus there is big money to be made in fighting the disease with Remdesivir and vaccines.

Question: is it logical that, when governments conspire to murder the aged, after a generation of murdering unborn children, that we are ripe for Armageddon? No, not yet. They must yet murder Christians of all ages.

In the 12th minute of the first video, the doctor repeats a statement in which a mask may give the wearer a greater chance of getting a light, non-symptomatic COVID infection, but he does not state the obvious: a mask can also give you a more dreadful time because a person re-breathes the viruses that get caught on the inner side of the mask.

Put it this way, that no study needs be done, beyond proving that a mask can capture some viruses, to make the proclamation that masks reduce the initial viral load. So, if you breath in a viral load while wearing a mask, it's going to end up being a lighter infection as compared to not wearing a mask. But then there is the reverse situation in which the infected person breathes viruses to the inner side of a mask. Once captured there, the viruses can be breathed in again during the coarse of the day while wearing the mask. Is that a good thing? No, it is not, yet no one is mentioning this part because there is a conspiracy to have people infected in higher numbers for the sake of political advancement against Trump. It's bonus-bonus-bonus for those advancing this virus. The mobsters are not letting this crisis go to waste.

But if they want people sicker, why would they go for mandated masks? Exactly, it hits the nail on the head. They must have realized that people wearing masks get sicker. The hypocrites mandate masks for grocery stores and factories with 20-foot ceilings and air circulation systems (brings in fresh air, blows out the inner), knowing that people are likely to catch the disease when not wearing masks indoors of the eight-foot ceilings at home. If they force them to don masks while at work for eight hours, the infected will get sicker than if they were not wearing masks. But even so, this disease isn't mighty enough to kill youth. By and large, I think they want to prolong this disease for making vaccine money. If they just let it fly by without masks, they wouldn't be justified in dishing out vaccines. If we were not wearing masks, the disease would fly by in a year or less.

On Wednesday night, Trump started to look like a mobster selling dope. He's rushing his vaccine "immediately" to those who need it most, the aged, but he keeps repeating that the military is "ready" for distribution. What does the military have to do with delivering a vaccine to old people / ailing people? Is he worried that Democrats might try to intercept the shipments, and hi-jack them? If not, why is the military doing the deliveries? Is this normal procedure for vaccines? Isn't the military the organization that created COVID in the first place, putting the blame on China? I say YES, definitely, YES.

How did the military get Trump on board with this dope? What's in it for da-boss Trump? Is his only concern to get the economy back to high-power as soon as possible? Look at the passion / gusto / spunk by which Trump wants to distribute the vaccines as soon as possible while everyone else thinks he's nuts for rushing. Why didn't he have that sort of alarm for distribution of hydroxychloroquine? Why doesn't he have that sort of passion for vitamin D? Why couldn't he show equal passion for all three? Instead, it's just the vaccine alone he wants to go round in his country. Is there more than one type of vaccine each with a different purpose? Questions questions questions that his voters are not asking him, because they love and trust him. Do not trust this man.

Solomon is tracking COVID news, and has another good-news article claiming that about 90 percent of all those whom have been numbered as COVID patients may not be infected at all. For example: "The New York Times said last month that a review of the cycle thresholds of positive cases in Nevada, New York and Massachusetts indicated that 'up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus.'" Well-well, it was to be expected that the numbers pumpers were over-counting the infected cases, but no one expected them to be blowing the bull-roar balloon that big. Hoping the balloon explodes in their faces and spatters the feces they deserve.

On or about the 20th of this month, Britain claimed 25 COVID deaths (can the figure be trusted?) with some 9,500 testing positive with symptoms for the same day. That's a fatality rate of almost .25 percent, or one death per 250 symptomatic cases. However, said: "As Many as 80 Percent of People with COVID-19 Aren’t Aware They Have the Virus." While this high figure is used to justify wearing masks by pro-maskers, it has a downside for them in that it drastically lowers the fatality rate (not what goons wish to see). Using 80-percent, it means we change the 9500 figure above to four times as much, which is the same as dividing the .25 figure by four, and that gives one death per about 1,000 infections. Does that sound like a pandemic to you? Plus, it's now being realized that mild infections are not very transferable, if at all. Wisdom has always been to not shut down workplaces, and keep the aged and severely ill well away from people; give them good ventilation in the house / nursing home.

The good news is, Democrats have shot themselves in the foot with their pro-mask, freak-out attitudes, hurrah!!! Their defeat, and our smiles, are good for the world. Don't let them rob you of your joy. They hate seeing happy people at Trump rallies, and they are trending toward the murderous. But keep on smiling, though not because of Trump.

If we wear masks for the next two years until just one person has the infection, and if we take masks off at that time, the infections will start up again just as they did from one person to begin with. So, wisdom: says wear no masks, take your chances, welcome the increase in infections because that's how to get over the virus fast. It is asinine for Drudge and others to put out headlines; "Oh no, COVID cases on the rise." Of course they are on the rise, as they should be.

I doubt very much that COVID cases went down in the last couple of months, as reported (the goons give the impression that wearing masks is working). Instead, infections went milder due to milder temperatures, and due to also to people being outdoors instead of locked up together in homes. With milder infections, fewer people needed to report sick to a doctor. That's not the same as fewer infections, just fewer reports.

So, in cooler months, there could be a 50-50 ratio of symptomatic versus asymptomatic, and, in summer, more like 20-80. Had the people not been wearing masks, I feel that, according to the numbers, this disease would have been all but gone (not quite) by January. But due to wearing masks, we may need to wait until the spring or even summer.


Here's another revelation of corruption from Obama's government, now concerning John Kerry. Note that this news doesn't come from Barr, Pompeo, Wray, or Trump (the latter never reveals a thing, acts like he knows no more than you are I do from the news), but from John Solomon.

Headline this week: "President Trump Says Coronavirus Vaccine Could Be Approved 'in a Matter of Weeks'". What doesn't Trump understand about rushing a vaccine for a disease that is NOT dangerous to society? Why isn't Trump's task force pushing the cures (chloroquine and vitamin D) of this disease rather than potentially-dangerous vaccines?

I tend to agree with Tucker's guest claiming that the COVID 19 virus was manufactured by man, not obtained from nature. But Tucker is being dishonest with his viewers because he's failing to mention the two American labs that were working with Wuhan while he pins the blame for the virus on Wuhan i.e. the Chinese alone:

I say it's absolutely logical that anti-Trump Americans framed China for this disease, then used it to smash Trump's political surge, for one. It wouldn't have been logical 25-30 years ago, but since then, the United States has become a very sick nation at the political level. It's been mobster tactics since Clinton's people, and the Bush presidencies have corrupted things too. There is so much conflict-of-interest money to be had in printing trillions, the Obamaites learned, that we can understand why they would go to such extremes as to start a COVID disease that can ruin Trump's progress and, "bonus," reduce populations.

Twenty-five years ago, even two years ago, you would not believe it if we told you that Democrats would call for the obliteration of police forces. This is the extreme they went to this year in hopes of keeping the Black vote from going to Trump. They hoped that, with Democrats feigning their love of Blacks to the point of raising fires in the streets, it would fill Blacks with passion to remain Democrat. But it back-fired when the dopes called for an assault on entire police forces. It was a bad mistake. The right thing to do when seeking a dictatorship is to have the police on your side, for a dictatorship requires a police state, where police officers (and military people) do your authoritarian evil in return for keeping a job in the unstable situation that you inevitably create for justifying a heightened police presence. Democrats had used the COVID crisis to justify a heightened police presence in the streets, but simultaneously assaulted / offended whole police forces and the people who value them. It appears that the Soros scheme is what ruined Democrats for this election in spite of the Democrat machine having the cheating media willing to go where no cheating media has gone before.

Republicans have a choice: arrest media bosses for cheating schemes, correct them, or risk civil war. If Trump wins, Democrats would be willing to get nastier, to murder key people. That's all it takes to start a tit-for-tat situation escalating into war. If Democrats win, Republican fighters may start the civil war due to their rightly not tolerating an evil government that came to power via massive cheating methods. The solution is easy: a stiff prison sentence of no less than a year for media bosses (google, facebook, etc., included) when their media start a false narrative without evidence for political advancement. Five years for using "false-flag" operations (stagged events) for political-news purposes. Keep the media from inciting hatred based on manufactured news, and things will calm down.

Trump said that Biden's lie against him recently permits him (Trump) from getting "vicious" against Biden. While I think that fighting back against bully tactics is necessary to clear your name, I think that there needs to be some courts set up for election seasons where one side can instantly (the next day or two) appear in court with swift results. If Trump could simply sue Biden in such a court and get results before election day, that could work to keep Democrats from using manufactured news and slander even if Republicans win only half the cases. Democrats then risk a 50-50 chance of suffering both judicial and election punishment for creating fake news, and they won't likely take that chance in most cases. But tolerating liberals to freely advance falsified stories risks civil war when the stakes are high enough, and the stakes are high now because liberals want absolute, unchecked power in a mentally-deranged and spiritually-poisoned condition.

This past week, Trump sounded the hypocrite by saying that he would give Iran 1,000 times repayment if Iranians killed an American diplomat. But Trump had earlier argued that repayment to Iran must be more like pound per pound. Why would Trump even believe the CIA when it comes out to say that it caught Iran seeking to assassinate a Trumpite diplomat? Don't we expect manufactured fake news from the CIA? So, let me get this straight: when the CIA comes out with a story opposing Trump, Trumpites call it out as faked, but when the CIA comes out swinging against Russia, China or Iran, Trumpites eat it up as pure truth. What's wrong with that picture?

If the CIA is a known war hawk, and as the CIA is apt to raking up billions in allotted war moneys, shouldn't we expect the CIA to trick Trump into going to war by manufacturing false-flag events? Duh. The Iranian story came out this week just as MacKenzie was announcing a total withdrawal of Iraqi troops by springtime. Duh, do ya think the CIA could be making the Iran story up from a scintilla of evidence, in the same way it made up the story of Russians plotting assassinations of military people in Afghanistan a few months ago? MacKenzie himself announced that the Russia accusation was false.

With Ratcliffe as the overseer of Intelligence, we could see a lot fewer false-flag events, because those who perform them could now get caught. They never know when Ratcliffe could be investigation or keeping a close eye on things. So, I expect far fewer faked terrorist attacks within the United States. Note that chemical-weapons attacks faked against Assad (Syrian president) have vanished due to Trump not biting. There are global conspirators wanting the war drums back. The American diplomats in Ukraine wanted more war money, and went to the extreme of impeaching Trump in order to get it. So, yes, the COVID scheme being an American-produced scheme is not out of the realm of possibility, because it came immediately after the impeachment failed. Duh.

The Senate Homeland Security Committee voted only 8-6 to subpoena people involved in Russia collusion and unmaskings. Not on the list are Hillary Clinton and Glenn Simpson, the root of Russia collusion, nor Obama, the root of Flynn unmaskings. What's wrong with that picture? This is a good time to give Obama the shivers because he's probably supporting election interference for fear of getting arrested should Trump win again. Ditto for Hillary. But do-nothing Republicans in the Senate are not up to the challenge, and neither is Barr up to the challenge of frightening those rags. So, the rags are gearing up for a free-for-all wipe-out of the orthodox election process. About the only ones arrested are those at the scenes of the disturbances / crimes, not the bosses of the movements. By now, a good sheriff would have made some of the underlings talk as to who paid them, and then he'd have gone up the ladder to the big boys. Not Barr. He must be too busy fighting off indigestion.

Lindsey Graham admitted in front of a Fox-news audience that he's been "negotiating" with the deep-state rats he's called to testify. He showed his favor for negotiating rather than issuing subpoenas (the right way to do it). What's wrong with that picture? It's the basic problem with Lindsey Graham, allowing the rats to demand that certain things not be asked in the hearing, otherwise they will refuse to appear. It's equivalent to staging the hearings, where the rat knows beforehand what questions will be asked, or, at least, which turf is off-limits. To make the stage production look tough, the rats are told that they will get asked the key questions Trump voters want asked, but the rats are then permitted to refuse to answer, or dodge because the questioner will not press for a better response. I've seen it happen repeatedly in the senate, that when the rats dodge, the Republican senator doesn't dig in and force an incriminating answer.

So, when we hear that the guiltiest rats such as Brennan and Comey are willing to testify, Graham comes on Fox looking like he's really worthy of praise for getting this done, when the reality is that those fat rats have agreed to come willingly because they have pre-arranged assurances from Graham that they'll come out unscathed. That's what negotiating is all about. The rat wants light treatment.

Ron Johnson, on the other hand, has sent subpoenas to about 40 Obamaites, and so that's the thing to watch because the massive number of rats suggests he's playing serious hardball. Yes, it is at the wrong time because it appears to be a political move, but Barr is to blame since he's not done the job of revealing the crimes in time for the election, a necessary ingredient for a fair election. Johnson is inadvertently creating pressure on Barr / Durham to deliver something imminently, and it appears that he/they will.

If nothing of a whole-sale disaster comes of the on-going coup attempt, the hardships over it all may be worth the price because, in the meantime, many Democrat voters have seen the true colors of the party they have long been voting for. Hence, a military-coup attempt can backfire politically because some Democrat voters do half a half brain to see realities. Indeed, we can say that they have half a brain only because they haven't yet seen, what's been their problem?

The problem is, evil has been their problem, for anyone who remains a Democrat voter while Democrat leaders openly resist Biblical values...that's exactly the kind of person the Republican party doesn't need. The influx of such liberals into the Republican camp assures that Christian values will become more minor (politically trivial) than the Republican establishment has made it. So, the RINO establishment will embrace such voters because they do not care for a pro-Bible or Christian-catering society. It gets worse, because the "God" that pro-Trumpers lump in with the Constitution is not the Biblical God. Don't be deceived, know God. The framers of the Constitution / Declaration of Independence did not know the Biblical God, but were offering lip service to Christian masses in hopes of keeping them content with a witch's brew in a melting pot. A melting pot is identical to a masonic structure of pluralism (all religions accepted and embraced), and they want Biblical Christians in that pot i.e. not resisting the witch's brew. It's been this way from the start, and pro-Trumpers are playing to this table as we speak. The table of God must not be comfortable with the table of satan. The test is on, and you could lose your soul, American, if you sit at both tables under a banner of patriotism.

I understand what "patriot" means to pro-Trumpers: resisting and toppling socialist liberals. However, it doesn't always mean resisting their atheism. In Trump's patriot camp, atheists are welcome. Trump welcomes the vote of the devil himself. Republican patriots welcome to vote of the devil himself if it will defeat socialist liberals. How do we see Trump's elegant table of rotten bones as something healthy or vibrant for the nation? Are we going crazy? Loyalty to God alone is the way to health. His peace and prosperity is the only final solution. Trump's peace and prosperity is a bag of bones because he's incapable of going forward with the principles of Jesus as his boot straps. Instead, he wades in the swamp with Christians glued to his boot straps. Following him will only get us drowned in a spiritual cesspool. He doesn't have the powers to fend off the wicked who want to have him for lunch. That honor is reserved for Jesus. Doesn't that make you smile?

We see Christians engaging a serious battle with the forces of evil. They are hoping to get Trump four more years to stave off Christian persecution. They see it coming fast now. The drama attracts a heavenly audience. The angels are on the edge of their seats, though not in suspense because they know the Final Outcome. It would be fine with me to be intrigued with how this war will pan out, if I was an onlooker from the clouds above the din. But being on the battlefield, how do I enjoy what is to come? Should I go to a Trump rally and whoop things up, trusting in Savior Trump? Is this a good time for popping open the champagne, while Trump has the decisive edge over Biden? Or should we rather hunker down and prepare for calamity?

The CIA deceives. No sooner that Trump announces withdrawals that we get the news: "Al-Shabab, an al-Qaida offshoot based in Somalia, is growing more emboldened in targeting U.S. troops, according to U.S. Africa Command’s director of intelligence Navy Rear Adm. Heidi Berg" This allows Trump to shift soldiers in the Middle east to the Somalia theater, for example, if they can convince Trump to do it. In that way, getting them back into the Middle East, when war hawks get the White House back, will be simpler. But Trump has promised to bring the troops "home." That doesn't sound like Somalia to me. Let's wait and see where the troops end up, because Trump can't be trusted. His language is one alone; election-win speak. He's had four years to bring them all home, and yet only now at election time is he promising a massive home-coming.

I haven't heard Barr comment yet on the phone scandal. Do we detect a little guilty conscience? Yes, it's bound to be, because he must have known about those phones, yet he made no arrests. Barr looks like an accomplice of high-level mobsterism. I want to hear his excuse for not making those arrests. But pro-Trumpers go soft on him, as though he were some sacred piece of trash, and so I don't know if they will ever get around to asking him, "Hey Mr. Barr, what did you know about those deleted phones, and when?"

Here's a Solomon headline: "Barr tells prosecutors they could file sedition charges against violent protesters: report." Achem, so he thinks it expedient to arrest nobodys on the street for sedition, but lets high-level coup plotters off the hook, isn't that just like a piece of trash? Arrest the leaders, thou buffoon. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Arrest them; it doesn't matter whether you win the court cases. Just arrest them, and the fires will die down. Did you grow up without an education, Mr. Barr. How imbecilic are you? Are you a swamp Brontosaurus with a pea brain in human clothing? Do your job or step down. Strike up some fear into the conspirators. Your slow wheels of justice are allowing them to tear the nation apart on a fast track. Turn up your speed, DOPE. Put your foot to the floor. Overdrive now. Hurry it up already. Or get out of town.

O goodie: "An explosive detailed report from the Senate Homeland Security Committee, is expected to be released on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukraine gas company Burisma ‘within days,’ Sen. Ron Johnson told this reporter Friday" (Sara Carter). It looks like another explosive balloon filled with feces. Is it a mirage? Will we get nothing but what's already known?

Ginsburg died on Friday. What a shame that she gave her soul to high wickedness. How can a person be so foolish? What a shame and a horror. Once a person dies, I believe they enter a sleep. Just as you don't feel your sleep, so a person that dies without Christ wakes up as soon as they die, for they do not feel the sleep, even if it's thousands of years long. So, on Friday, Ginsburg both died and woke up, we could say, to The Judgment of God. I suppose that God will abort her soul to a merciless death. I wish it were not so. God wishes it were not so, but she had more than enough time to change her ways, yet to her dying days she (probably) remained a stiff-necked tool of the far left. Woe is me if I speak nicey-nicey words about her life's accomplishments when eternal punishment is her harsh reality.

I very much hope that eternal punishment is, not an eternity of punishment, but a death from which one can never return. The death is forever, not forever, if you see what I mean. There are two ways to define "forever" in this regard. One can forever lose their life, and my hope is that this is what "eternal punishment" means, for to be tormented forever seems too great a price to pay even for Hitler. I do tend to believe, however, that there could be torment for 1,000 years, until the New Heaven and New Earth, at which time all souls in Hell will simply disappear with the old universe. It makes sense that there should be some punishment, not simply an instant, eternally-long death event. The good news of Jesus has always been that the one who trusts in Him will be forgiven by the Father, resulting in eternal life. Just look at the contrast between those two scenarios.

If you don't know that a God created us, then you are the fool. Hurry it up already, and become wise. Just say, "Okay, God, what do I need to do to be forgiven." Then go read Jesus' words. He explains it all.

Or, you can be a big-shot piece of trash like Ginsburg was, get praised by all others like herself, and then die alone, get punished alone, FOOL. Instead, come to the eternal party of God. If God has something better in the next Kingdom, then you can bet that you yourself will become something better too. But you'll never know what it is unless you get there. Are you coming or not?

It's time for Trump to appoint a Bible-minded fundamentalist to the supreme court, seeing that it's stacked with catholics and Jews. Will he? I doubt it. He's had two chances already, but snubbed Christians even though they desire to have a voice on that court, even though they arose to become political mainly to keep that court from going more liberal.

With Ginsburg off the court, it's far less likely that the supreme court will vote 5-4 in favor of the liberals. Thus, if the election count is so close that it requires a decision from the supreme court, and if it's a 4-4 tie, what then? A google entry says: "If the supreme court is deadlocked 4-4, the lower court's decision in the case is upheld..."

Right off the bat, Trump is saying he wants to nominate the Southern-Baptist, Ted Cruz. But this is three days after Cruz said he doesn't want the job. So, is Trump faking evangelical support with this, a mere stunt? Solomon on this topic: "Trump has many options to choose from: women, Catholics, minorities, young jurists and experienced judges among them." Wait, something's missing. Solomon, are you an anti-Christ? Are you?

News recently that 30-odd phones had been wiped of their data in the Mueller probe was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. It's just too unreal to believe as a true event. It gives the impression that there was no Mueller probe, there was no spying on Trump, it's all a big scripted hoax, with both political sides on the same team, to divide the people in anger and outrage while corrupt, in-the-know politicians go on printing money, worse than in Obama's years and raking a lot of it to themselves and their supporters / friends.

How possibly did David Horowitz not discover these phones in his probe of Mueller and the FBI? Why is a senator asking Horowitz to look into these phones rather than asking how Horowitz didn't already discover it, and why he didn't reveal it? The proper question is not being asked: when did Durham and Barr discover this, and what have they done about it to date? If nothing, then it tends to prove that this is all a sham, explaining why no is getting arrested, because no one committed the crimes that the script is reporting. Nothing of these crimes is real. It's all a big "joke" on the voters, and not everyone in the media is privy to it. As could be expected if this theory is correct, some media people, including social-news channels, are knowingly pushing this joke on both sides with the core purpose of dividing the voters in bitterness, but also to make money on it because it's new juice to keep people tuning in. Lots of books are being written. In this theory, there is a secret destiny-creating group which decides what scandal next hits the news, and when. This phone scandal doesn't strike me as reality; they went too far this time and exposed themselves.

If we assume the theory to be wrong, then we expect Barr to arrest the people who deleted their phones. If the theory is correct, we can assume that, in the secret script, Trump is slated to lose the election so that Barr won't be able to make the arrests. In this theory, Trump knows he's part of the script, and his job is to get Republicans around his little finger to control them, make them outraged for the injustices of the DoJ.

As we go forward from here, I'm keeping this theory closer in mind. I can make the prediction that Barr will neglect to make arrests while saying to Republicans the same-old: he's looking into the matter with careful (i.e. very-slow wheels of) justice. In this theory, the deep state is making a list of all anti-deep-state activists for their future persecution.

This theory can explain why the head of the FISA court was chosen -- by pure chance they say -- to judge the only person whose suffered an "indictment." There was no need for an indictment because he pled guilty...for a crime partially against the FISA court. He'll get off serving no time. So, we can assume that the leader of the FISA court is privy to this scripted, destiny-creating scam...if the theory is correct. If it is correct, then the whole lot of the conspirators are demented, SPIRITUALLY SICK.

It wasn't by pure chance that the head of the FISA court was elected to oversee the court case; it's evidence that there was no crime so that one privy to the DEMENTED JOKE needs to be appointed over his case. It's begging the question on whether the outrageous and impossible Flynn saga is just another part of the DEMENTED JOKE. The jokers want to know how far they can go to deceive us. If this theory is correct, then the deep state has been using a destiny-creating machine for a long time, long before 2016. They invented FISA as part of their control-over-the-people program. At any time, they can bring a serious calamity over the masses...if God permits.

Having said that, I have no choice but to continue covering this deep-state saga as though it's all real; no destiny-creating, news-juice machine involved. I will continue to say that Barr and Trump are shams, whether or not they are a part of a script, until they actually do the expected things. If they are not part of a script, they are acting as though they were. They might be doing the deep-state will due to being afraid of pushing ahead with arrests, but shams they thus are. Quit your jobs if you're afraid to do what needs to be done, SHAMS. A nation's foundations cannot keep the house from crumbling with this outrageous state of the justice system.

See Polly talk about the coup attempt that the liberal press has put out in public. Ask, why would the liberal press leak a coup attempt when it works best to spring it by surprise? Well, it could be a call to get all liberal fighters on the streets to plan disobedience in efforts to make Republican leaders cave and demand that Trump step down for the good of the country. That's how the Soros machine works, but if Trump gives in to this, it's like giving an abductor his ransom i.e. he'll do it again. Instead of Trump stepping down, the Republicans who wish to give the liberals their ransom should step down as traitors. Soros is a rich jerk, and Obama is a stupid man hoping to weaken the nation that he might have power over it, or glory in ruining it. They are bound to make big mistakes when the going gets tough. May they pay the appropriate penalties...but Fox doesn't want to talk about this.

I think I can now understand why the polls have been making Biden look like the front-runner for so long: so that Democrats, when Biden loses, will be woefully disillusioned, angered, and willing to believe that Trump rigged the election...with more of Russia's help even. What the liberals want, as is obvious already, is crimes in the streets until Trump steps down, or, if they can muster it, forcing him out with the military brass. Do you think it's a good idea to save enough foods in the next two months to last you until spring? Go shopping every couple of days at different grocery stores if you must, because it's not a waste of money, and the food industry can handle some extra loads.

The good news is, Biden is so weak that Trump is bound to win so decisively that the military will have a hard time justifying Trump's removal. The bad news, a civil-war threat or reality will not feel well if you have no extra food, and you could suffer badly if control of the country slips away.

Bill Barr will go down in infamy for not exposing Biden at this time. Barr = stupid man. Barr knows that Biden is a criminal man, yet Barr is permitting him to be voted upon, by the nation, without revealing his crimes. Trump = extra-stupid man who brags in his golden touch, like a bad accident waiting to happen. He failed to arrest Biden and Obama because he's a farce. He didn't even try to get them arrested. So, here we go, biting our fingers to the bone for how this election will pan out.

If you missed the 23rd and 24th minutes of Polly's video, it's about a couple of former military men requesting, in an open letter (i.e. loyalist / hardcore Democrats on the streets will get the hint), that current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staffs (Mark Milley) should remove Trump by force on January 20, 2021. It's a crime to incite such a coup, but do we think that Barr will arrest these men? Barr = weakling, makes us wonder, makes us afraid.

The liberals may already have gotten the nod from the military brass for this coup, we'll need to wait and see. Into who's favor will such a coup split the military and the power structures of the nation?

How badly has Trump placed the nation at risk for not arresting Obama and the others who can now bite him back hard? Was Trump too stupid to see this coming? No, but he has been a fool, trusting on his talents to get him out of this jam. Would you, as his advisor, have given him such advice, not to make the necessary arrests for fear that his enemies would bite back? Fool Trump, they are going to bite regardless of whether or not you make the arrests, but had you made them, you would have weakened them, and you would have filled your supporters with strength and courage. As it is, you disillusioned your own supporters. You Trump, you are to blame.

Liberals are hoping to have Hispanics and Blacks on-side for this disturbance. Will they be agreeable? Or will they turn on the Democrats for fear of what the end-result might be for their lives?

Here's a thing that should scare you. Trump nominated Mark Milley to be the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; he started the job in September, 2019, shortly before we heard word of the Wuhan virus. If you understand that globalists are for climate change while Trump is not, ask whether Trump chose the wrong man for this job (i.e. on whose side will he be in a coup attempt?):

After Milley was nominated [December 2018], he headed a commission with other American military officials that were responsible for designing a report on the country's impending near-term impacts from climate change [this was a bogus challenge and in Trump's face]. The report, which was released in August 2019, stated that the country and its military would experience a total collapse within the next two decades due to collapses in the country's aging power grid and food supply, as well as the increased risk of infectious disease outbreaks globally

I and others have been suggesting that the military wishes to perform an inside-job power-grid shut down (maybe blame it on a foreign missile attack) for some horrible agenda in population control and revamping American society, and there you can glean it in the quote above if you understand that military brass is infested with demons now. The military is already creating excuses for massive power failures, in other words, and we just saw their infectious-disease prediction come to pass in case you think I'm wrongly reading between the lines of the quote above. Fauci had predicted the same. The American military almost-certainly started / advanced COVID to get rid of Trump, and so do we think he stands much of a chance in a military-led coup attempt?

I have no idea as to how such an attempt might go, and neither do you, but the military has zero justification for it, and I think more than half the nation will oppose it, created complications for the attempt. Will they go through with it? Their COVID scheme has apparently failed to ruin his election chances. It seems they are down to one last choice: manufacturing an acceptable reason for a coup attempt.

If even the ruin of freezer foods is their goal for a "short"-term power failure, to make the people frightened and therefore more manageable for their agenda, plenty of canned and dried goods seems a way to protect oneself from such a thing. But the main goal of power failures may be to urge people into buying expensive solar power. The people who bring us climate change are also those who've been waiting to make lots of money on green energy. That's what their assault on fossil fuels is all about, isn't it?


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