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September 8 - 14, 2020

Gog of Snowdonia
General Frank Spuds MacKenzie Might Get Throttled by a Shark
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If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Many men have come claiming to be God on earth in some inexplicable way. They liked playing that egotistical game. Perhaps they had some bad inferiority complex needing some help, so they swung to the other extreme and viewed themselves as perfect, better than all others. Jesus said something I don't think any other has said: " me is the Father, and I in the Father." What other man has even known the concept of being in God? It's unmistakable; Jesus was saying that He and God are the same Person.

I am watching Bongino on Monday (7th), talking about the military involvement of the "coming coup" against Trump using election-day results. I then recalled an event that turned out to point to George Soros, which is a character Bongino mentions multiple times on this show. Then, while I was writing the first sentence above, Bongino told that his grandmother is Mrs. / Miss Sadler (about 45 minutes in). So, I loaded Sadlers (Wiltshire, beside Soars/Sors') to find the Soar/SORS / Legro lion, which was exactly what I was going to talk about. It appears that God is in this.

I was watching Bongino while thinking the things I'm about to tell you. About five days ago, one of my two mouse traps disappeared from the garage port, probably dragged away by a mouse that got only partially trapped. Today, a couple of hours ago, I went to the wood stack out back to put a tarp over it because we're expecting rain for consecutive days. After I was done, I turned back toward the door, when I had one of those something-made-me-stop-and-think moments that we all get at times. I was asking self if that mouse trap might be out this way, and, sure enough, as I scanned the grass just a second or two, it was seen right beside the wood stack...with a mouse almost rotted away it was so skinny. It had a leg trapped.

In the past, mouse legs, or other legs, are a symbol of George Soros because the Soars/SORS are expected at the Soar river, also called the Legro river and depicted by some surnames with a leg symbol. As was said above, Soars/Sors share the blue-on-gold lion of Legro's. So, as Woods were first found in Leicestershire with the Soar river, it was interesting that this mouse was beside the wood stack. But this alone would not have had me tell you this story. I challenged God for more before I would tell it. I then loaded Stacks as per "wood stack," and there was an ermined lion in the colors of the two ermined lions of Sorrels. In the past, I was convinced that my "wood sorrel" weeds were a pointer to Soros and company. The fasces, used by Sorrys, was an old Roman symbol of zero-tolerance / dictatorship. (Load Soar/Sors link to help yourself in loading other surnames for better following along.)

However, I was till hesitant to tell this mouse story...until I remembered that, after letting the rotted mouse drop from the trap, I took the trap to the front HOSE to spray the bacteria off of it. The Hose's use LEGS, and were first found in Leicestershire!!! I then opened a new page on the HTML system to begin a new update, to tell this to readers, when Bongino mentioned Mrs. / Miss Sadler. Amazing.

So, the apparent message is that George Soros is about to get caught in a trap, and will then rot away. Note that I put a trap-like tarp over the stack of wood. And by the way, the last mouse that I had found caught by the legs seemed to be a pointer to Obama and the Joyce Foundation he oversaw, and so let's add that this stack of wood I covered is unusual as compared to all the rest in that the wood still has BARK upon it. BARACK Obama?

Behind the Sorry Crest there is an armored arm with bendwise arrow in hand, and then Orts/Ordemanns have a red lion holding a bendwise arrow, hmmm. The Sorry Shield even has red lions. The Sorry motto has "simpLEX," tending to assure that they are a branch of the namers of the Soar / Legro. Lex's have a bottony-ended cross, and, wow, surprise, Botens/Bodens, said to have named Bodin, share the Snow fesse while French Bodins (Perigord) share the Snowdon stars. I had planned, before starting this update, to investigate Snowdons links to Orts, and will get to that soon.

The Molson Beer Won't Stop Yapping

I add the following italics to the last update: "After this update was out, I recalled that Pride's/Prude's share three fish in pale with Orts, and because Pride's/Prude's called them "LAMpreys," I recalled Lums/Lambs [Scottish] who come up as Lams, first found in Northumberland with Horde of the Orts. Lamps are listed with Lambys/L'Amys." This is excellent for linking to Port liners because English Lams/Lambs (Northumberland) have a black Shield version of the Scottish Lum/Lamb Coat, and so the Lam/Lamb Coat is a near copy of the POTTER Coat, in the colors of the Porters/PAWTERs, both of which were first found in Hampshire with Ports. As was said in the last two updates, the old beer bottle (1970s or earlier) I dug up out of the ground has a "Molson Export" label that reads "ORT" instead of "EXPORT," due to the label having partially rotted away, yet a sliver of the 'P' is showing so that it can also read, "PORT." I have already shown proof that God arranged this beer bottle, and this paragraph adds to the evidence.

Just to tip you off, the following discussion, for a few paragraphs, is pretty-good stuff. I've become familiar with the identical-colored fesses of Rosco's/Risco's and Rush's/Rish's only recently, and so we need to add here that they are also the fesses of Lums/Lambs, Lams/Lambs, and Lums/Lombs (all in Lambert colors). The same fesse is used also by Norrys, and as the latter have a wolf head, I trace them to the Neuri of the Ukraine because Herodotus tipped us off on their wolf deity. There is a very good chance that Neuri were amongst the so-called Hyperboreans ("far northerners") that worshiped the Apollo-and-Artemis wolf cult.

The point is, I had been saying that Neuri and ROXolani were affiliated, if not related, and so this find that Norrys share the RUSH and ROSco fesse is good for that theory. At the time that I was first linking Neuri to Roxolani, I don't think I had yet seen the map where the latter were stamped on the BUZau river, important not only because it's an AGARus tributary, but because Bus was Nahor's second-listed son. It's evidence that Neuri were a tribe from Nahor, Abraham's brother, no small find, folks. I've already told that HAGAR, Abraham's concubine, probably named the Agarus river, now the Siret, that has a source not far from the Bug river, where the Neuri lived. A major river of that Ukraine area is the PRUT (near the Bug), and we just saw the Pride's/PRUDE's linkable by way of Orts to Lums/Lambs sharing the Rush / Rosco / Norry fesse. What are the chances, unless there was a blood relationship, that Lums/Lambs share the cinquefoil of Buz-like Bus', which is colors reversed on the Rosco fesse?

It stands to reason that the Potters use that same cinquefoil, though on the black Shield of Lams/Lambs. We might then ask why the Lam/lamb fesse with two stars is colors reversed from the same of Bars, for Orts of Horde were a couple of miles from BARwick-related Berwick, and so we start to realize what God is doing with the "PORT" and "ORT" on the Berwick-like BEER bottle, especially as Beers share the bear with Barwicks and Berwicks. He's pointing to the bloodline of Nahor and Buz. Way back in about 2005, I claimed that He directed me to leave the garden, go into the house, get on the computer, and find the Buzites. I haven't stopped heraldic studies since. I slowly began to realize that God was directing these studies. Both Bars and Lams/Lambs have a red lion in Crest, as do German Orts/Ordemanns (probably Jewish).

We might even imagine that Neuri liners arranged for the Dog variation of Doags/Docks as per their wolf symbol, for Dogs/Doags/Docks share the Bus / Lamb cinquefoil too, and then Ducks/Duckers/DOCKers can be expected in the ducks of German Lamberts. One Mieszko II Lambert of Poland, near the Bug river, had a son, Casimir, who married the RUS of Kiev, and that place is at the Dnieper river, another home of the Roxolani (proto-Rus). The Ukraine had a HROS people group, and while "hross" came to mean "horse," Rush's and Horse-like Horde's use the horse.

Herodotus mentioned the Budini, who lived south of Kiev and therefore expected on the Dnieper. It's the river having the "shoe store" of Mikola Zlochevsky, official owner of Burisma energy, the company behind Ukraine corruption at the highest levels. Herodotus said the Budini were associated with the Geloni from Greece, and while there is a chance that a Buz branch named Budini, I can feel it in my bones that Budini were related to Greece's Boeotians that I trace to Butua (Budva), near, and related to, Bar (Adriatic coast at Scodra). The Budini-like Budins are listed with Potter-like Botters, and bother were first found in Hampshire with BUTTons/Bidens whose fesse is shared by the Butts/BOETs, and their fesse happens to be colors reversed from the Lum/Lamb Rush / Rosco / Norry fesse.

To no surprise, now, the Horse-like Horde's share the white horse head with ROXburghs. Horse's were first found in Northumberland with Horde, Lums/Lambs, Lams/Lambs, and Siward of Northumberland, the line to Swords who happen to use a motto, "Paratus," like ancient names of the Prut river. So, as Pride's/Prude's have a LAMPrey version of the Ort Coat, let's go to the Lamps/Lamby/L'Amys, for they have a small saltire colors reversed from the same of Roxburghs.

The "FIDELis" motto term of Roxburghs can be expected for Fiddle's (wolf heads) of Fidelow/Vis-de-Lou, first found in Surrey with English Lamberts. Mieszko II Lambert was a Piast, and the Piasts used a white-on-red eagle, the colors of the eagle heads of Lums/Lombs. Lamps/Lambys share the motto of Caseys who have three eagle heads colors reversed from the same of Lums/Lombs.

Caseys are in the colors and format of Shirts/Shards, and the latter have an "hoNORI" motto term, which was the original reason that Norrys were looked up and mentioned at the start of this discussion. Shirts/Shards share the Tiss/Tease chevron, tending to explain the "HosTIS" motto term of Shirts/Shards. As Tiss'/Tease's are of the Ticino/Tessin river, where Boet-related Pierro's/PERO's were first found, note the "Per" motto term of Lums/Lombs and Caseys.

[A day after writing here, I took to challenge the GELONi at the Budini theater, and looked first at the Gellon surnames. The first to load were the French Gallens (PicARDY), sharing the Peare and PARson leopard heads on a version of the Irish Arthur Coat. But when German Gallens (Hamburg) were loaded, I saw that they use the double fesses of PARRs and Hone's, amazing because of the "HONori" motto term above of Shirts. Plus, this tends to verify that Parrs were Pero / Peare liners. It just so happens that Hone's were first found in Hampshire with the Tiss" expected on "HosTIS."

Scottish Gallens, sharing the Coat of French Gallens, are also Gallants, recalling the "be nonCHALANT" phrase used my Mr. Kepke, who was with Miss Peare at the time. He used the phrase with me, when I was getting up to speak with my girlfriend, Miss. Whelan, for the last time. Compare "Whelan" to "Gallen," making it appear that God spoke that phrase through Kepke, whose father is Ukrainian (!!!), to indicate that Whelans are from the Gelloni. "KEPka" seems to be a term linkable to the namers of Kiev, and Keeps have a bend colors reversed from the Chalant/Chalon bend.

As I've said many times, Kepke and I discovered where my girlfriend was meeting her new man on their first date, and so we got there before them to give her a big surprise. Yup, that's what we did, and they happened to meet, of all places, at a restaurant approximately 10 miles from her home (I haven't measured), in the Scarborough Town Center, where Kepke and I both sold shoes! I think he was still selling shoes there at the time, and I had worked for another shoe store in that mall about a year before dating Miss Whalen. We were teens when getting those jobs. Gallens were first found in Hamburg with SHOE-using Trips! Zinger.

It's making Whelan-like Velins / Velens / Avalon / etc. look like Gelloni liners.

While working there, I dated Louise, who was working in that mall's Penningtons clothing, a potential Pendragon branch. It was shortly after a break-up with Louise that I was with Whelan, and Penningtons share four blue lozenges in a string with Whelans. Plus, French Louis' show only lozenges in both colors of the Whelan lozenges. What could this mean if arranged by God?

Her surname is Phillips, and Phillips love the Patria's/PEARtree's in their motto along with Penningtons. The Patria's/Peartree's happen to share the Shirt and Snowden scallops, and have a "DUCit" motto term suggesting Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine, for Louis' were first found in Lorraine. Bar-le-Duc (used the pansy) was related to Westphalia's Ducks (same place as Pansys), kin of duck-using, Whelan-like Velins. I GET IT. It seems that Aulon/Avlona was a Gelloni line in Epirus, beside the Aous river that may have named Hose's/Ous' suspect in the Shirt motto term, "Hostis."

Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag head along with the Arms of County Waterford, and Whelans were first found in Waterford. Ahhh, I think I get it: Duce's share the Coat of ABRAHAM- / ABRAM-like BRAMtons! It's right down Nahor alley, and Peare liners are expected to have married Budini-like Butts/Boets. Whalens share the Brick Coat, and while the Bramton Coat is in colors reversed from that of Gernons, Ranulph de BRIQUEsSART (like "Shard") was the grandfather of Ranulph de Gernon, who was earl in Cheshire, where Shirts/Shards were first found. Waterford is at Deise, and Deise's are listed with Tiss-like Diss'.

I'd like to remind here that George Soros, defacto king of Obama's Ukraine, was born Mr. Shard-like Schwartz. Swarts are listed with Swords, and the latter's "ParaTUS" can be partly for Tous' said to have a man wearing a SHIRT with BUTTONs! Budini-like Buttons/Bidens were first found in Hampshire with Hone's suspect in the Shirt motto. "PARATus" can also be for Pratt liners that include the Pride's/Prude's almost having the Ort Coat, and then Sword's were from Siward...of Northumberland, where Orts (Swart/Sward colors) were first found.

Bramtons even share a dog head with the Amore's in the Phillips and Pennington mottoes. Amore's were first found in Oxfordshire with Damorys/Amori's (and Peare's), and then Italian Amori's were first found on SARDinia, where I trace Shirts/Shards. But if Trumps are Intended in all of this, why? Gallens were first found in Hamburg with Trump-like Drummonds. End insert

Shirts came up because I was looking at the Snowdon Coat, because a Snowdon peak at Snowdonia is in the land of the old ORDOvices (Wales). Snowdons, first found in Berwickshire i.e. beside HORDE of Orts, share the three red scallops of Tancreds (Danes), and I normally link the Tancred Coat to Shirts/Shards (Harcourt Danes). Snowdons use a peacock (Harcourt symbol), and Shirts/Shards (of HARborough) have the feathers of a peacock. The Feathers are in the colors and format of English Lamberts, and share the antelope with Snows. Tancreds are a branch of TANKERville's, whom I trace to TANAGRa of Boeotia, and it just so happens that Tankerville's use the Bus / Lum/Lamb cinquefoil too.

As Tacks are said to be Tankerville elements, and as Tass'/Taque's have a red scallop too, one gets the impression that Tanagra liners merged with Tess'/Tecks = Ticino liners. The English Botters with Budini-like variation use an eagle standing on a PERCH, suspect with the Perich variation of Boet-related Pierro's/Pero's of the Ticino. It appears that Boeotians could have been on the Ticino, at Pavia, home of the Laevi Gauls.

It's important here that Pullys/Pullens and Sabine's share these Tancred scallops, for the two surnames are from Vespasia POLLa and her husband, Flavius Sabinus, in Rieti. The Arms of Rieti uses a "pratus" motto term, much like the Sword motto, and the Arms of Rieti, at Wikipedia, once showed fish in the colors of the Pride/PRUDE lamPREYs. English Prays have wolf heads, and Irish Prays share the Coats/Cotes Coat while Cotesii were on the Buzau river with Roxolani.

I've just added the following italics to an insert in the last update, as per the God-arranged dream I had a couple of days ago in which Mr. Quinn handed me an ice cream while I was kneeling, tying a shoe's laces: "Quinns were first found in Longford, and while LONGfords have a version of the Irish Pray Coat, the latter were first found in County Down with Knee's. If that's not enough, one may kneel while praying, and Neels were first found in Wiltshire with Longs."

The Snowdons, from the ORDovices theater, and first found near HORDE, have a star-version of the Nagle fesse, and I trace "Nagle" to Oneglia, home of ARDUinici, and it just so happens that the Ordovices region had an Arddu location! Bango. Lookie: "Yr Arddu is a large hill in Snowdonia, Wales..."!!! I never expected that.

[Insert -- There is a Rhos location at the north side of the Ordovices, and Wikipedia's schmuck writer(s), daft as often happens proves to be the case, says: "Rhos means 'moor' or 'moorland' in Welsh." It then says: "The most famous monarch was perhaps Cynlas Goch..." Well, Welsh Gochs (RadNORshire) share the boars of ROXburghshire's Gooch's/Googe's, so maybe Roxolani > Roxburgh elements are a better explanation for the formation of "Rhos." Moor heads are used by Morano's while Marone's share the Goch / Googe boar as a head only. Plus, ROZala of Ivrea can apply because Arduinici were in Ivrea, and then Leavells of Ivrea-like Yvery had a branch in Roxburghshire. The Welsh are thought to be from Cimmerians, and ancient historians reckoned them to be from Gomer, a fellow tribe with Rosh and Googe-like Gog (see Ezekiel 38). It might explain why the Meshech-like Meschins were chosen by the Norman king to keep a check on the Welsh.

Dutch Gochs use two fesses in Snowdon-fesse colors, and as they are the double Parr fesses, let me repeat that Parrs are from king Parnassus of the Pontus, smack at the Moschi-to-Sinope stretch of the Meshech / Gog / Cimmerians (the latter conquered king Rusa's Lake Van and ruled out of Snow-like Sinope). Between Sinope and the Moschi mountains is Rize, explaining why Rice's are Welsh. The Reesors/Reason branch of Rice's, with the Ort/Ordemann lion in colors reversed, were first found in Lincolnshire with Hros-suspect Horde's (raven, Nordic / Rothes symbol) and le-Meschin's wife, as well as the halls whose dog heads are colors reversed from the dog of Pharnaces-liner Furness' (Lancashire, same as Parrs).

Rus-like Rush's and Rosco's are connectable to Scottish Lams/Lambs having a "sine" motto term feasibly from "Sinope." Sine's/Swans can be traced to lake SEVAN, named after Lake Van, home of king Rusa. That works.

Meschin's wife was Lucy of Bolingbroke, and Bolings happen to share the Coat of Soducena-like Saddocks while English Bole's (Lincolnshire), inside of what could be the Shaw cups, have white-on-blue boar heads, the colors of the Goch / Googe boars, how about that!

Soducena was at lake SeVAN (Gog lake) along with GOGarene/Gugar, all beside the Moschi mountains and ARDahan. Bolingbroke's (Snow fesse, colors reversed from Snowdon fesse) happen to share the Fien/Finis lions, in the colors and format of Fiens/Fane's/Vans...from Lake Van, that's right. Feins share the triple fesses of the Arms of Trebizond Empire, and Trebizond is at the Pontus, that's right, near the Moschi mountains and Rize. Feins share the red border with Talbots (Shropshire, same as Meschins) while Lucy Bolingbroke firstly married Mr. Taillebois.

It just so happens that while Meshech became Amazons of the Trabzon / Rize / Thermodon area, the CALYDonian boar of ARTemis (Amazon goddess) can be traced back to the KHALDi of the Trabzon / THEMIScyra theater. Read also as "ArTEMIS." In myth, the Calydonian royals shot the boar with an arrow, and the Bole's do put an arrow into their boar, a clever / coincidental thing because Arrows/Arras' are from the ARTois capital.

It just so happens that Arrows/Arras' share the fleur-de-lys of Mascals (Sussex, same as Saddocks) having the escutcheon of Soducena-like Saddocks in colors reversed. Mascals named Mascula in Numidia, origin of the Shawia line to Shaws, the latter first found in Perthshire near the Pollocks of Rothes, important because Bole's, sharing a boar (different color) with an arrow with Pollocks, have the Gog-line boars in the same cups as Shaws (and in Fien/Fane/VAN colors and format). Plus, the tower of Arrows/Arras' is that of Marone- / Morano-like Murena's/Moreno's.

The question is, where were Gog's and Soducena's namers when Rice elements migrated to name Rhizon of the Ardiaei theater? Doesn't it make sense that Sadducees developed from Cavii relations? Cavii are somehow expected with Shawia Numidians, and the Massin/Mason Numidians share the lion of Saids/Saddle's/Sadlers ("saPERE") and Levi-like Louvains (Kent, beside the Saddocks of Sussex). Stars, beloved of Pero's, and in Pere colors, share the Chives/Shewas cat and the Settle lozenges, and were first found in Wiltshire with Settle-like Saids/Saddle's/Sadlers. I wish I could answer the question better, but I add that Satters/SatterTHWAITs have a ROSE-version of the Levin Coat while Thwaits were a branch of Tute's/Tuits expected from an Ardiaei queen, Teuta or Triteuta. End insert]

German Nagle's are listed with Nails/Neils, and they were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/DOCKers (recalls Dogs/Docks), and with the Valens/Volens' (once showed ducks) in the Feather motto. Feathers are in the colors and format of Dogs/Docks and English Lamberts while German Lamberts show ducks. We can plainly see a Mieszko-Lambert link to Dogs/Doags, first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks and Justine's, two lines from Valentinian (brother of Valens) and his wife, Justine. The Feathers use a motto, "Valens et volens," and if one enters "Valens" (WINGs) instead of "Valen," one will see the five Duck/Docker fesses in colors reversed.

Spanish Valens' use the gold border owned by the Valentinian-Justine line. Valentinian was the son of GRATian, and Greats share the gold border with Justine's, yet Greats also share the saltire of Nagle's/Nails (same place as Valens/Volans' and Ducks/Dockers), which is in small form upon the Roxburgh and Lamp/Lamby Coats. See a pattern here? Hear an echo? Oneglia, the Arduinici line to Snowdon's Arddu, what a great find. We can now know that my Molson beer label with "ORT" is a pointer to Arduinici, from the Ardiaei Illyrians. I almost missed it: Greats were first found in Northumberland with Horde, etc.

I had found some ways to show that Mieszko's were related to Siward of Northumberland, and so let's add that the Sword sword is in the Dog/Doag Coat. DOUGlas' share the stars of French Lamberts.

Back to the Pride/Prude lamPREYs, for French Preys were first found in Auvergne with same-colored Bauts, from the Bautica river, location of Ivrea, home of the Arduinici who had the Oneglia branch! It explains why the lamprey fish are in the colors and format of the Ort fish! Bingo. And it had the added benefit of proving that Bauts were from the Bautica. It's where I ventured to trace Italian Botters, and they happen to share the bend of Preys! On top of that, Preys add a hunting horn, symbol of Orion the hunter of Tanagra, BOEOTia! Beautiful, for this helps to trace Botters to Butts/Boets (fish, suspect from Kotor, beside Butua/Budva).

Pierced stars in heraldry are often called, "mullets," and, to no surprise, Mullets use pierced stars. The Mullet stars are exactly the so-called "SPUR ROWELLs" of Payens/PAGans, and the latter were treated with Caiaphas-liner Chappes', in the last update, who were first found in Ile-de-France with LePAGE's. The point here is the Mullets, first found in Auvergne with Preys, share the hunting horn (same colors) of Preys.

But there is a further point where SPURRs/SpurWAYs (share Prey bend) and their Super branch were first found in Devon with Mullet-like Moline's/Moulins (and Ways), for Devon is also where Ash's were first found who share the double fesses of Rowells/Rothwells/ROSEwells. Spurrs happen to have a five-pointed mullet in the color of the six-pointed Mullet / Payen mullet, explaining why Payens call them spur Rowells. Payne's were first found in neighboring Somerset with Roth-connectable Roets, who descended from Payne Roet.

We then note that Ash's and Rowells/Rothwells have two black chevrons, approaching the three black ones of Levi's/Livis', the latter first found in Ile-de-France too. Then, English Wise's, with a Super- and Pero-suspect "SaPERE AUDE" motto, were first found in Devon too, and they have three black chevrons in both colors of the two of Ash's / Rowells/Rothwells/ROSEwells. Aude's had a location at Pithiviers, near Ile-de-France. Keeping in mind that ROXolani-liner Roquefeuil, the proto-Rockefeller location, is in France's Aude province, we now go to German Wise's/Weis' to find the same hexagrams as Mullets / Payens and Pero's. So, you see, I am able to teach the world how to correctly decipher heraldry, a thing the heraldry "experts" badly wish to keep in the black holes of their rotten skulls.

Hugh de Payens was a chief grandmaster of Templars min connection to the bloodline of Caiaphas, and the Arms of Aude looks like a Templar cross. "Aude is a department in Southern France, located in the Occitanie region [which I trace to "JOKTAN", son of Eber, in Abraham's ancestry] and named after the river Aude. The departmental council also calls it 'Cathar Country' (French: Pays cathare) after a group of religious dissidents active in the 12th century." Was the Cathar cult from Keturah lines? As Kotor had the fish symbol, by what coincidence do Catters/Cathers use the colors of the Ort / Pride/Prut fish??

The article goes on to claim that Aude was named by an Oda (duchess of Occitania-like Aquitaine in 7th century), mother of St. Hubertus, the character after which the International Order of St. Hubertus was named (this is new to me). Hubertus, son of Bertram (Oda's husband), was duke of Aquitaine for a short time. I'd like to jot down here that Bertrands happen to share the rare-colored bend (Payne colors) of Grazio's, first found in Umbria with Ottone's/Otto's!!! Zikers, this could be linking Hubertus -- and the modern cult named after him -- to the auto in my 1979 dream. I will definitely ponder on that one. Grazio-like Grace's/Grasse's (Provence, same as Bertrands) have three of the double Lambert chevrons.

Bertrams were first found in Provence with Guerin of Provence, and Guerins, said to be of the Jerusalem Templars, share the three spur rowells of Payens! There was also a Bertrand of Toulouse (count of Toulouse as per the first Jerusalem crusade), where William Gellone was count whom some say was the father of Guerin of Provence.

Let me repeat from the last update. Keturah, the other wife of Abraham (brother of Nahor), had a son, Medan, whose tribe I trace to mythical Medon of Athens (beside Boeotia) because his father, KODRos, is like "Keturah" and "Kotor." So, the myth writers were giving names to people who did not exist as codes for real people groups in their storylines. Kodros is online (unless google buried it) said to have had both a fish and boar symbol.

Some online had written that Cadmus and his Ares-line (Hros > Rus-line) wife were turned into fish when they were in Illyrium, the thing tipping me off that Butua was named by Boeotians. In Greek myth, the couple were turned into snakes when they founded Illyrium (myth writer's generality), code for the two-snake caduceus of Hermes that was itself code for Cadusii Armenians. That's why Cadmus' wife was Armenia- / Hermes-like Harmonia, and so we can see that Cadusii were the reason that the myth writer invented, "CADmus" (Mus was in Armenia), and it just so happens that Cadmus was the Phoenician who settled Boeotia. The Cadusii are very traceable to the Botter-related Chatans / Cato's/Chattans, and the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel.

Cadmus married the daughter of proto-Rus Ares, the horse-depicted god of war, father of Hros-like Eros. The latter was the son of Aphrodite, the thing that named Aprutium, the old Abruzzo capital. "APHRODite" She was invented by a myth writer to describe Hebrews at the EUPHRATes river, location of Mari, the Amorite capital, explaining why Ares turned into Mars in Rome, and why Marsi live in Abruzzo. Hebron, home of Abraham, had Amorites/ Abraham's / Nahor's Hebrew family had been on the Euphrates. The Hebros river, location of the Arda river, was also the Maritsa. Can you spot a trace from the namers of Arda to Arddu of the Ordovices? The Arda meets the Hebros at ORESTia, which should explain why Arthurs use so-called, rests. Note Ares-like Arsus on the Hebros, but then there is an Aras river flowing by Ardahan in Armenia hint-hint.

There is a Lissae location shown in the land of the Bessi, up-river from Arsus, that traces well to Lissus and Bassania of the Cavii i.e. beside the Ardiaei. The Serdi shown beside Lissae were probably the proto-Schwartz / Sword/Swerd/Swart bloodline. Bessi were said to be priests of SATRae Thracians, and Satters (Sward/Swart colors) happen to share the rose on black with Schwartz's. Rus are expected from Ares. Wikipedia wrote that the erect sword acted as an Ares sanctuary for the Bistones of ancient Cyrene (Meshwesh Amazons lived there), and so Bistones became suspect (by me) from the Bessi. Swords/Swerds/Swarts use erect swords. The Bistone surname, branch of Meschin-related Bessins, has an erect sword, and Meschins were from the Dane Rus. These Norman families loved their pagan past, didn't they, while giving lip service to the vatican. "Cyrene" is highly suspect with the Ceraunii beside the Maezaei Illyrians, and Meshwesh were also called, Mazyes'. Mythical Cyrene ("Coronis" alternative) was made the mate of Apollo (Artemis' brother) probably due to Apollonia near the Ceraunii mountains. Numidians had Mazyes-like tribes.

The writer who invented KING Arthur apparently liked making the Arthur surname supreme. A writer made him die at Avalon because Arthurs and/or their kin had named mont Velino in the Marsi area of Abruzzo. It's possible that proto-proto-proto-Arthurs were in "Urartu/Ararat" (Armenia).

The Cimmerians at Sinope conquered king Rusa in Armenia's Mus region, where Nairi once lived and ruled suspect with Neuri. By some coincidence or not, Rose's were first found in Nairi-like Nairnshire. Compare "SINOPe" to "Snow." As we saw a solid Snowden connection to Orts, by what coincidence do PORTers share the portcullis gate with Sinope-like Snape's/Snipe's? The latter may have been a branch of Snope's (no Coat comes up at houseofnames, but there is a Snopes surname). As Phone's/Fane's/VANs are from Lake Van, the territory of king Rusa, it doesn't look coincidental that Fans/Venns (Devon, same as Molsons and Beers) share the fesse of Snowdons, in colors reversed from the fesse of Snows and of the Arms of Fanano.

One would think that information like this would be front-page on Christians magazines everywhere. "Nobody-Writer Find Bloodlines of Abraham's Family." But, I suppose, that's the problem, I'm a nobody.

Why should Shirts/Shards have a motto term, if in fact they do, for Nahorites? Well, I say that they are from the Sardis elements who named Sardinia. Sardis is on the Hermus river named by the Hermes cult, it's in Lydia, which was made the mythical son of Attis, and the latter was code for the Hatti at Cadusii-line Hattusa. At times. Attis was made the father of Cotys, which I learned, only in the last update, was the myth code for Cotyora, like "Keturah." Cotys was also a witch cult of Thrace, and the Cotesii were on the Buzau river expected from Nahorites. On the map above, Cabyle is north of Arda on the Tonzus tributary of the Hebros. I can trace Cabyle to Buttons/Bidens, but the original point here is that mythical Cybele was Attis' wife. And a similar term is, Cibalae, home of Valentinian and Gratian.

It's now interesting that Button-branch Butts/Boets have a fish linkable to the Geddes pike fish, and Geddes' were first found in Nairi-like Nairnshire along with Rose's, the latter suspect along with the neighboring Ross' from Varangian Rus at Kiev (old home of BUDINi), and earlier still from king Rusa of the Nairi theater. It just so happens that the Hermus became the Geddes-like Gediz.

When I came across the L'Amy variation of Lamps/Lambys, I checked the Amys/L'Amys to find them as "Lords of the BOTIENNE Castle". Amys/L'Amys share the three bear heads of Berwicks, gold straps included. This recalls the Butua link to Bar that can be made through Butts/Bute's, and so let's go to the three Boten surnames, one of which has a Button variation. Scottish Botens/Bodens/Boldens share the Barr Chief, and have quadrants colors reversed from the same of German Ottens/Otins. English Ottens/Oats'/Otins (red straps, same as Alis' who call them a muzzle), first found in Cornwall, beside Beers and Molsons, happen to share the giant Beer bear, linkable to Barwicks. This is very good with Boet-connectable Botens in the picture, because Molsons share the stars of Salome's, suspect from Salome BOETHus.

Ottens/Otins are also OTTENGers, first found in Bavaria with Oettingen-Oettingen (stork symbol). As the latter share a white saltire with Odin-related Oddie's (STORKhouse and GISburn), and as Odins share the lion of Milan's Bono's, I'm confident that German Ottens/Otins were related to, or descended from, Ottone VISconti. Odins share the lion also of Otone's/Oltons, the latter first found in Cheshire with Scottish Botens/Bodens above.

Valentinian's line goes to Assi's who share the fasces, a rare symbol, with Soros-pointing Sorrys. We saw earlier that the Sorry fasces comes with an arm holding a bendwise arrow, and a red lion, while the red lion of Orts/Ordemanns holds a bendwise arrow. It begins to ask whether the beer label points to Soros and company. Repeat: "The Sorry motto has "simpLEX," tending to assure that they are a branch of the namers of the Soar / Legro. Lex's have a bottony-ended cross, and, wow, surprise, Botens/Bodens, said to have named Bodin, share the Snow fesse while French Bodins (Perigord) share the Snowdon stars." It just so happens that Belgian Ottens/Odens (rare symbol I've never seen) were first found in LIEGE. English Botters are also "Bodins/Botts."

Lex's, who are also Lecks, are said to have been first found in VAUD, location of Pully, and Pullys share the Snowdon scallops. Pullys share the pelican with LECHs and DeVAUDs/DeVAUX's, and Vaux's are a Faux branch while French Faux's were first found in Perigord with the Boeufs sharing the Snowdon fesse. The Lech river of Bavaria goes through Fussen, and the Arms of Fussen share the bent legs of Leicester's Hose's who in turn share the red lion head of the Scottish Botens sharing the quadrant's of Bavaria's Ottens/Ottingers. The Vevey location beside Pully may be from Lviv at the Bug rivers. Bugs were once said to have been first found in Nottinghamshire with the Nations/Nathans whose fesse they share. Nations/Nathans share the bendwise arrow with Orts/Ordemanns, the latter first found in Bavaria with the Lech river.

So, the Sorry motto has brought us all of these links and potential pointers to Rothschilds, and no one would be especially surprised to find that George Soros is a Rothschild tool. Pullys have a Coat like that of ROMneys, and while Butteri cowboys were on both sides of Rome, the Pully / Romney bend is shared by Italian Botters.

Fussen is about 50 miles from lake BODENsee. The Po river, with a source near its Bautica tributary, was also the BODENcus. Ort-line Arduinici were on the Bautica.

As the Otten/Oats/Otis bear looks linkable to the Beer bear, let's add that while Beers are BARwick liners, the Barr Crest has the red lion head in the Crests of Hose's and of the Botens sharing the Otten/Ottinger quadrants. Plus, the Shirts/Shards suspect with the Neuri of the Bug river in their motto, have a "HOStis" motto term possibly for Hose's. Recall the mousetrap washed with the hose.

French Bodins are even in Port colors and near-format, recalling that the label has both "ORT" and "PORT." Plus, wow, the Shield of French Bodins has a giant Catherine wheel, the symbol of some Mueller Coats, and Meullers (not "Mueller") have a "pair of snips" while Snipe's/Snape's have a good reflection of the Port / Bodin Coats but with portcullis gates, the Porter symbol. It's begging whether the beer label is pointing to Robert Mueller, the Clintons, and Soros, because Snipe's/Snape's were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons who have a Chief like that of Snipe's/Snape's. In fact, Clintons have two stars in their Chief in the colors of the three stars in the Bodin Chief, and three similar estoiles of the same colors are in the Port Chief. Did God arrange Hillarys to share the six Clinton fitchees? Looks like.

The wheel is in the Arms of Main, and Orts/Ordemanns were in Main. The first Rothschild lived on the Main river. The Arms of Mainz uses wheels. Mainz is the capital of Rhineland, where SCHUTz's were first found along with German Nathans using an eSCUTcheon. The first Rothschild named his first son, Nathan, and then English Nations/Nathans share the bendwise arrow with Orts/Ordemanns and Rothschilds/Roddensteins. The latter use their arrow in the colors of the RODHAM/Rodden bend, and it just so happens Rodhams/Roddens were first found in Northumberland with Horde of the Orts while Horde's share the raven with Rothes'/Rothchilds (Bavaria, same as Muellers). We have a deep-state picture developing from the beer label, now, and it just so happens that log-using Olsons, who are on the "OLSON" remaining on the label, share red hearts with Nations/Nathans. The Olson log must be for Logans/Logins'/Ducks who share a pierced heart with Nations/Nathans.

Did God arrange Bills, as per "Bill Clinton," to use "WOOD bills" as a pointer to Woods of Leicestershire, where I point my wood sorrel weeds (been trying to eradicate them since last year)? French Bodins were first found in PeriGORD with Boeufs, and Gords share the Boar heads of Roets/BEAUForts who own the Catherine wheel in the Bodin Coat. Boeufs happen to share the fesse of Snowdens. Roets were first found in Somerset with Bills, and they have a version of the Bill, Bodin, Port, and Clinton Chiefs.

This would be a good place to mention that the Beaufort lion is also that of Lodge's/Loge's, and that I have thought the LODge/Loge lion to be a version of the LAUDer/Letter griffin due to similarity of terms. Snowdons had a Snawden location in Lauderdale, you see, and while Bill Clinton was born from Mr. Blythe, "Blyth was an old barony in the lordship of Lauderdale." Roets share the BOW/Bough motto, and Scottish Bodins are said to have named BOWden of Roxburghshire (near Horde and Lauder).

It's interesting that while Fauci-like Fauchs share the thistle with English Bodens (Staffordshire, same as Arrows/Arras'), Fauchys were first found in Perigord with French Bodins/Botens (share Otten quadrants) and Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes'. The "AUDENtur" motto term of English Bodins recalls that Ottens were linking to Botens. Roxburghs use a motto code for Aude, and we just saw Bodin/Bowdens of Roxburghshire...which recalls that BUDINi were south of Kiev, location of the Dnieper river, upon which river Wikipedia has the Roxolani! Bingo. The Audins/Oldens/Aldans are said to have named a castle at "Dalden...for two centuries a favourite seat of the family of Bowes." They must have been a branch of bow-using Daltons/Altons...who, along with Alda's, share the Rosco / Rush fesse. Daltons/Altons were first found in Northumberland and Staffordshire.

I've got to repeat now that Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton's buddy, was signed up to work at a Dalton school while the father of Bill Barr was the principal there. Irish Daltons/Altons share the lion of Ale's/Alleys, and while the beer label still has "ALE" written on it, Beers are Barwick kin while sharing the upright black bear with English Ottens/Oats'/Otis'. When there are links all over the place, like this, it gets complicated to follow, but the gists are there to see. Beers named Beer-Hacket in Dorset, and Soars/Soars were first found in Dorset with Ports. The three Hacket fish in pale are in the white colors of the same of Orts of Horde. Hackets are also Hatchets while Zerrs/ZEHRers use hatchets while ZAHRingers founded bear-using Switzerland, where Lex's (suspect in the Sorry motto) were first found, the ones with the bottony cross.

This section, since the mention of Botens, has made my head spin, though it convincingly makes a Budini link to the Sadducee House of Boethus. I finally got round (just now) to checking the motto of French Bodins, wow: "Celestes METALUM et fortunam virtutes superniTENT," translated "Divine METAL gives heavenly virtue." "Virtutes" is a double code for Ardiaei elements linkable to the "royal tents" of Tintons. Note "metaLUM," and then view it as "METALum," for Metals/Dougals share the quadrants of Bodin-like Bauds. The latter were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes/CHEAPs, linkable, as per the below, to the Chep variation of JEEPma's.

The mythical metal smith, whose wife committed adultery with Ares to produce Rus lines, was the ruler of a Kabeiri cult that had a major presence in Boeotia (i.e. proto-Butua), and as Kabeiri can be traced to the Khabur/HABUR tributary of the EUPHRATes, we are back to APHRODite, the metal smith's wife who loved Ares. Keturah was probably from HEBRon. Aphrodite's lover likely named Arsus on the HEBRos. Aphrodite, as Kypris, was made born on the copper island of Cyprus, and so it's interesting that Coppers/Coopers (apparently share Chives Crest) were first found in Sussex with Soducena-like Saddocks, for the Aras river of proto-Ares passed nearby Soducena.

[Insert. On Sunday night, I glued a red kidney bean on the headless horseman I spoke of in the last update, which is a small figurine found in the dirt along with the old beer bottle. I don't like figurines, and so I had left it outside for years in the heap of glass I collect from the dirt. But I brought it into the house recently, and it now acts as an ornament beside the large spikes (up to ten inches long, one inch thick) found in the dirt. Ares was the Thracian Horseman, and while the bean now acts as the head of my headless horseman, the Beans happen to share the cat in the Chives Crest, suspect also in the Copper/Cooper Crest. End insert]

This discussion now has potential to partake in the Russian medallion found on the HOOD of my JEEP a few years ago, for while HODleys share the Baud / Metal/Dougal quadrants, Bauds have the crescents of Hoods/Hoots in colors reversed. Plus, while OTTens/OATs' share the bear of Beers, the latter first found in Devon with Hoods/HOOTs, now making Hoods look like an Otten branch. Going to Hotts (not "Hoot"), what do we find but the Snowdon / Boeuf fesse, and as Boeufs were first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's, let's add that the Hodley pelican is in the colors of the DeVAUX pelican. Scottish Vaux's share the Salome Coat minus their star piercing.

As per "PeriGORD," it's notable how the "Bydand" motto of Gords (BERWICKshire) is like "Budin / Boden / Budini." Gords are said to be from SWINtons sharing the boar with SWYNfords. While Roets share the Gord boar head, Catherine Roet married Mr. Swynford.

I trace PERIgord to the ImPERI peoples who oversaw the goat and human sacrifices of a BOOFima cult, which I assume named the Boeufs/Beefs. The Templar god, BAPHomet, has a goat head. It just so happens that IMPERia was also Oneglia while Nagle's (share Boeuf/Beef fesse), from Wales, same as Snowdonia, have a version of the Snowdon Coat. The mythical goat was Marsyas of Phrygia, and while Phrygia was home to king Midas, his father was GORDias. Midas is said to be from mount Bermion at Macedonia, and the Gord write-up has: "According to some genealogists this name is derived from Gordonia, a town in Macedonia..." Bermion (or "Bermius" on the map) was beside Gord-like EORDaea. Is the latter the proto-Horde??? Gords were in Bernicia, smack beside Horde, tending to explain why Snowdons are linkable to Boeufs/Beefs of Perigord.

This is interesting where Berwicks are Beer liners, for we now have BERmium/BERmion in the picture. Right beside Eordaea is Peri-like Pieria.

Irish Nagle's use a nightinGALE while Gale's share a version of the Nagle fesse-with-items as well as the Nail/Nagle saltire. Gale's, who recall the Geloni of Herodotus' Gelonus, once showed an all-blue unicorn in Crest, the colors of the unicorn in the TINT Crest, and it was resolved that Tints and Gale's together named Cornwall, where Ottens/Oats'/Otis were first found who share the Beer bear. Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire with Gords, and Arduinici, whom have already been identified with Orts of Horde, were at Oneglia! The myth writers made Tintagel the birthplace of their fictitious king Arthur.

Plus, the motto of French Bodins, the one with "metalum," also has "SUPERniTENT," and it just so happens that Tintons (Cornwall) use "royal tents." Supers were first found in Devon.

Repeat: "The Po river, with a source near its Bautica tributary, was also the BODENcus. Ort-line Arduinici were on the Bautica." The latter was also the BALTea, explaining why Bauds and Balds share the same ship, meaning that Balds may have the Botter star. I trace Schims/Schiens to BOEOTia, and they have a reflection of the Bald Coat. As per the MOLson beer, it's notable that Schims/Schiens have the boar head of Mole's, first found in Roxburghshire, and then ROXburghs love Aude like the "aude" motto term of Bermion-like Berme's/Berneys (legs), who share the ROSco / Rush fesse. And so the Mole / Schim/Schien boar head might just be a white version of the Gord boar head. As we can expect Roxolani in Aude (southern France, not far from D-Oust and Perigord), might not Budini lines have been there?

Gale's have a motto term for the Fiens/Phone's/Fane's/Fame's, and their Fien/Finis branch have lions in the colors of the Gale lion heads, the point being that the Arms of FINIStere shares the upright ram of French Bauds. There's an Oust river crossing by Vannes that's not far from Finistere, and Hotts (share Gale / Snowden / Nagle / Boeuf fesse) were at a D'OUST location not far from Perigord.

PERIgord may have been named by Pierro's/Pero's'/PERICHs because they have a version of the Butt/Boet Coat while Botters/Bodins have a red eagle on a PERCH. Hotts use red eagles suspect with the phoenix i.e. with Phoenix's/FENwicks out of Lake VAN. That was the location of Mus, and "PeriMUS" is a motto term of Caens/Cans.

Pointer to a Military Coup?

I came across Frank MacKenzie on Thursday morning, Trump's chief of Central Command. He's talking about the withdrawal of Middle-East troops just in time for the election, when the Soros people might attempt a military coup against him. A few days ago, Trump openly told his voters that the military brass doesn't like him because he's not wanting to keep the military money flowing for their Middle-East / etc. wars. This is an alarming admission because coup plotters usually require the favor and assistance of the military.

Mr. MacKenzie recalls my 1979 dream with a bulldog half-way down the throat of a shark, and this dog was resolved as Trump down the deep-state throat i.e. in deep trouble. Without going over all the details, I'd like to mention concisely that while the woman of this dream turned out to be Miss Hicks, I discovered, in 2016, that her team won a barbecue contest in Baytown (late 1980s). In a Baytown-Sun article on this topic, she (Charlotte Kilpatrick) and her husband are in two separate photos, and her husband is standing in a photo with Spuds MacKENZIE, a bull terrier = bulldog. That tended to clinch the correctness in pegging her as the woman in that dream.

So, you see, Frank MacKenzie is suspect with the Trump bulldog halfway down the shark's throat, and this latest draw-down of Middle-East soldiers may be a last straw for the deep state so that it agrees to partake in a coup, soon, with Soros and company. We could add that James "Mad DOG" Mattis, who could partake in a coup with glee, was chief of Central Command under Obama. It's perhaps more than a little interesting that the Mathis Coat is nearly a colors-reversed version of the Sward/SWART/Coat, for Soros was born Mr. SCHWARTz.

Spuds MacKenzie is the mascot for BUD Light beer. Buds/Bude's, looking like Ukraine's Budini, were first found in Cornwall with Swards/Swarts (Ort colors). Obama's chief for the Joint Chiefs of Staff was Martin Dempsey, and Dempseys share the swords of Swords/SWARTs. Is God sending us a message through these things? As Dempsters share the Dempsey swords, it's interesting that Dempers were first found in Lincolnshire with Horde's, for this might allow us to garner further information on the topic from the Molson beer bottle with "ORT" on the label, for it just so happens that an heraldic label is used by Dempers while the Labels have the Chief-Shield colors of Horde's. I have reason to think, which I can't reveal here, that military command in Iraq is pointed to by the old Molson beer. Orts/Ordemanns even share the Dempster lion,

[Amazing Insert -- The beer bottle was taken out of the ground (near the road) when the place acted as a Dempster-like dumpster for somebody. I think I know who the somebody is, and his name works right into this picture. After writing that sentence, I added the insert above, part of which reads like this:

On Sunday night, I glued a red kidney bean on the headless horseman I spoke of in the last update, which is a small figurine found in the dirt along with the old beer bottle...Ares was the Thracian Horseman, and while the bean now acts as the head of my headless horseman, the Beans happen to share the cat in the Chives Crest, suspect also in the Copper/Cooper Crest. End insert

Amazingly, the bulldog was in a KIDNEY-shaped pool, and the head of this horseman is now a red kidney bean! Plus, Ares is the god of war!!! It appears that God put it into my head to glue this bean to the figurine in order to point to Frank MacKenzie and/or other military people of Central Command. There is an inverted, erect sword in the Bean Coat, as well as the same lion as used by Dempsters. I don't like to give away my address because I never know what I might end up writing that might catch the attention of goons, and so I can't give certain details on my neighbor, the one most-suspect with using my land as his dumpster. Not only does his name apply to this discussion, but the road he lives on is linkable to the Dempster Coat. I'm convinced that God set up this situation, especially as the stool pigeon, definitely arranged by God, after it took off from my SEWER system, flew to that neighbor's property.

The name of the street we live on, as a surname, was first found in Devon with Beers, and shares the fleur-de-lys of Dutch Beers in its Chief. Between the two fleur-de-lys, this surname has the lone rose in the Halper Chief, and Stefan Halper was paid by the military at ONA to spy on the Trump team. You can bet that ONA is at the charge of a military coup, if ever they get the guts / opportunity to advance it. Halper was working with James Baker of ONA, and Dutch Bakers share the Pigeon chevron. There was a stool pigeon snitching on Baker / Halper, and he (Mr. Lovinger) was persecuted for making the revelations. Lovings/Louvains happen to share the Soar/Sors lion, and it makes absolute sense that ONA was supporting Soros' Ukraine in which we find the pool of impeachment sharks. End amazing insert]

I assume that when God wants to verify that He's pointing to a certain surname, He can arrange pointers to it amongst surnames already involved in the pointers. For example, the "Luceo" motto term of MacKenzie's can be for Luce's sharing three white fish in pale with Orts. This allows us to jump from Bud Light beer to the Molson beer for further gleanings on this coup theory. I've never delved into the Molson beer bottle until about two weeks ago. Moreover, Bud-like Botters were first found in Lucca. Is it a coincidence that Luce's (Norfolk, same as Diss) were early officials of Dice while Dice's are listed with Deise's/Diss' while Ireland's Deise is the location of County Waterford sharing the Trump stag head?

Frank's first name is Kenneth, and MacKenzie's are also Kenneths. "Frank" comes from his middle name, Franklin, and Franklins (gold fish head), first found in Buckinghamshire with Cheneys, share martlets on a bend with Cheneys, albeit in different colors. Yet, the Franklin martlets are in the colors of the Feet/FATE martlets expected in the "fato" motto term of Cheneys. While the Feet/Fate Coat is also the Pavia Coat, "Pro" and "patria" are motto terms of Franklins while Patria's/Peartree's have the Trump stag head once again. Is God trying to say something with this about Dick Cheney's guilt for 9-11? Why do I happen to be writing on this topic on the week leading up to September 11? It was 9-11 that "justified" the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, wars which MacKenzie participated in.

The Patria/Peartree Coat (pointer to general Patraeus?) is a not-bad reflection of the Schim/Schien Coat, and the latter's Skene/Skin branch Aberdeenshire) have more swords in the colors of the Dempsey / Dempster / Sword swords. Patria's/Peartree's were first found in Kincardineshire, between Aberdeenshire and Angus, and the latter is where the Sword-connectable Sewers/Suters were first found who share the Patria/Peartree fitchees.

Swiss Sewers share a giant rose on black with Schwartz's so that Sewers are an apt pointer to an Obama affiliation with George Soros. Might Schwartz's and Rosensteins share a giant, gold rose because Rod Rosenstein had been protecting Soros' Ukrainian skeletons? Dutch Sewers look like a SHERwood / Schere/Scherf branch so that the president Bush's can be lumped into a sewer swamp. Sherborns were first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors and Podebrady-liner George's and Babe's. Sherborns share the lion of Lyons, first found in Perthshire with Drummonds, and Schore's were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds.

The Sherborn lion is that also of Touch's/Tuffs' (Cheshire, same as TUFTs/Tuffs) while Bush-liner Bosco's, Rose kin, use "tufts of grass" on their pillars. I just think that God arranged to call them pillars (in the colors of the Schore column with roses) as a pointer to the World Trade tower.

I've claimed that the Peartree bird (could be the Drummond bird) pointing to the sun is a version of the Brady and Babe symbols, lines from Podebrady (origin of Scottish Drummonds), in Bohemia, where German Franks were first found who use a column i.e. perhaps indicative of the World Trade towers. The first Drummond married the sister of king Malcolm III, and Columns are a Malcolm branch who love the Petits in their motto. Drummond-like Trumps/Tromps first found near the first-known German Drummonds. Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Dempsters.

It's important that Dutch Tromps share the MATTIS eagle because these Tromps have the split Tarves Shield in colors reversed while Chives', first found in Tarves, were from the Cavii of the Mathis river, explaining why Chives' share the moline of MATHIS'. Tromps thus look arranged to point to James Mattis, especially as one James Coat shares the dolphin on red with Franklins. The dolphin is used also by Kenneth-like Kennedys who in turn share black fitchees with Tarves'.

The "la fin" motto phrase of Kennedys looks like a clever invention because, on the one hand, Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary with Lafins/La Fonts, and then Fins/Feins (Burgundy, same as Mathis') have the triple fesses above the gate in the Arms of Podebrady. Waterfords use Font-connectable fountains with the triple, wavy fesses of Drummonds in colors reversed. The Fountains themselves have triple fesses, and were kin of Hugs, the latter first found in Languedoc with Ville's/Font-de-Ville's.

Dutch Tromps took us to Mathis' sharing the black moline with Moline's, the latter first found in Devon with Molsons/Moltons. Trump has chosen to be an accomplice of the 9-11 crimes in spite of his desire (or political need) to withdraw troops from the Middle East. Trump therefore has one leg in the swamp, and is in danger of getting it cut off so as to become more lame than ever for cleansing swamp. The Soros animals of the Ukraine are pro-military / pro-war because they got a lot of military $$$ for fighting the Russians. This is not hard to figure.

When we go to the Moline-like Molins', we find a "gloria" motto term that points to Larry Silverstein (topic of last month), where Glorys have a version of the Larry/Lowry Coat. Hmm, French Moulins use drops while Drops/Trope's can be a branch of TROOPs (near Sewers/Suters). Was that arranged to point to Middle-East troops? Troops (Banffshire) were first found near the Dempsters, and Molson-like Molins' share the Dempster / Dempsey sword. French Moulins have a reflection of the Suter Coat (share Patria fitchees), and the latter come up as "Sewer," like "Sword". Suter-like Shute's/Shoots have the sword sword too, three of them fessewise like the three, fessewise TRUMPets of Calls (Wiltshire, same as Shute's/Shoots).

I'll explain below why Shute's were kin of shark liners, and so you may want to recall how Shute's link to Sewers at that time.

Troops were first found near the first-known Rose's, and Schwartz's, like the Swart variation of Swords, have a giant rose. Swords use wings, and Wings/Winks (share Moor head with Swords) were first found in Perthshire with Dempsters (share Sword / Molins sword).

It's a good bet that the "uro" motto term of the same MacKenzie's is for Eure's/MacUre's, for they happen to share the Dempster quadrants...very interesting because they are colors reversed from the Soar/Sors quadrants. Ure's (not "Eure") and Aurs/Aures' share the red lion, or red-lion parts, in both Shield and Crest with Dempsters. Ure's were first found in Ayrshire with Rayburns/RIBONs (an Nons) while Dempsters have a "ribbon" across their red lion. Ure's have a lion LEG, and leg-using Hose's have a red lion head in Crest, symbol of Aurs/Aures'. The land of Aures in Numidia had queen KENZa, that explains it. Aurs/Aures' share the lion heads of Franklins. Kenneth Franklin MacKenzie.

I realize it might have been better for this theory had Dempseys been involved in all of these links instead of Dempsters...who keep on looking relevant to the theory. As another example, they share "strenue" with Pollocks who in turn share the saltire of English Franks who in turn share "non" with MacKenzie's. FRANK MacKenzie is at the heart of this theory. But then why didn't God use Dempseys for links to MacKenzie elements if the purpose is to point to Martin Dempsey. I would probably not have known Dempseys, Dempsters and Dempers had not Obama chosen Mr. Dempsey. Dempseys (share white swords with Barrows) were on Ireland's Barrow river.

Dempsters were first found in Perthshire with Justine's; the latter's gold border is shared by the other Scottish MacKenzie's (nearby Ross-shire) who now show a "Sic" motto term suspect with the Sichs/Sykes' at Sykes-DYKE. It's like the Dice variation of Deise's, and it just so happens that while Deise is at Waterford, Sichs/Sykes' share the "fountains" of Waterfords/Waterville's. Justine's were kin of Assi's/Ass' suspect in the "as" motto term of the same MacKenzie's, and in the "Assiduus" motto term of Sichs/Sykes'. Assi's/Ass' and Sorrys are the only two surnames I know of with the fasces symbol. Sorry use a "DICtis" motto term looking like code for both Dice's/Diss' and Tiss'/Teece's. Sorrys are the one's with a "simpLEX" motto term suspect for some family on the Spar = Legro river. Sorrys share a bendwise arrow with Orts/Ordemanns, and both surnames have red lions.

I'm not ready to say that these things thus far proclaim a visible coup attempt, for the shark dream ended in a scene having John Ratcliffe and what seems to be a victory scene on Trump's behalf. So, Ratcliffe's leadership over spy agencies may turn the coup attempt into a failure, perhaps before it becomes visible on the news, or midway into it. For those who follow deep-state news, the coup attempt is already in swing.

I would put the blame on Trump's woes squarely on his own head for choosing Sessions, Wray and Barr. To this day, Barr shows himself too mousy. Trump either did not interview those three men to discover whether they would make the needed arrests, or he asked them not to before giving them the job. The deep state sees this chicken-hearted DoJ, and is therefore prone to attempting a coup. It's nothing more complicated than that. Half the country remains deceived partly because Barr has failed to make the arrests, allowing the liberal media to continue proclaiming the innocence of the coup plotters.

This week we discover tiddly-wink Barr with more of his deception campaign. Headline: "Attorney General William Barr said there 'could be' more charges in the criminal inquiry into the Russia investigation." Translation: Bill Barr knows of ZERO other arrests yet to happen. Until now, he's misled Trump voters into thinking that he's gonna do what a man has got to do. Instead, now that the election protects him from making any significant arrests, he's changing his tune. NO ARRESTS that he knows of. It's all you need to know to know that this criminal man is ruining the nation. Yes, a police chief who lets off criminals is a real criminal himself. Even if Barr is neglecting the arrests at Trump's request, it's still obstruction of justice from his hand, with Trump as an accomplice. They don't have the legal option to neglect the arrests just because it's risky for Trump's re-election chances. The risk must be taken. The right thing needs to be done, and fast in order to send the right message fast.

It is moreover foolish to do nothing against those jail-able persons who would partake in another coup attempt, this time with the military if possible. It makes Trump look like he has his back up against the wall to let them have such freedom. Any would-be coup plotters need to know NOW that Barr is willing and able to make fast arrests; instead, he's being an idiot. The question is, whose idiot is he being?

Did you notice that the Trump and MacKenzie stag heads are both on blue? Miss Hicks (birth surname) was the "trophy girl" in the barbecue contest that had Spuds MacKenzie at the event, and it just so happens that the Hicks have an "heure" motto term to go with the Eure's/MacUre's" expected in the "uro" motto term of MacKenzie's? Coincidence? The Hicks: "'The chancel {of Low Leyton in Essex} contains some elegant monuments of the family of Hickes.'" Well, Leytons/LEIGHtons can be gleaned as a Ley/Leigh/LEGH branch because they share the quadrants of Soars/Sors' and thus tend to prove that Leys/Leighs/Leghs were named after the Legro river. We thereby have justification again to see George Soros in the bulldog-shark event.

As I said, the bulldog first appeared from behind me, then walked past me and FELL or JUMPed into the pool with a nasty shark. Jumps share the Trump stag head, and so I assume it jumped in. If it did not walk past me from behind, I would have no justification for including my leg in that picture, for it did walk past my left leg, and so I assume this is another pointer to George Soros, yet I can do batter, because Leggs almost have the giant MacKenzie stag head (both face the viewer), except that it's in the colors of the giant Trump stag head (does not face the viewer). What are the chances?

It appears important that the bulldog walked past my knee, for the Knee stag head is black like the Fall stag head, and we can say that the dog had a fall into the water, and to this we can add that Waters/Waterville's can be a branch of WATERFORDs/Waterville's because the Arms of County Waterford share the Trump stag head, though Wikipedia changed the Arms to a stag head facing the viewer, making it the Legg stag head. The Falls have variations like those of Whelans/Failins, first found in Waterford. Therefore, if we think that God was pointing to the Falls with the dog walking past my leg and knee, we can then add that the Fall and Mattis/Massi Chief have the same spread eagle, which can point to James Mattis, now a Trump enemy because Mattis wants to continue to Middle-East war (otherwise he has nothing to do if he can't be killing Arabs and acquiring praise for it, and maybe stacking his pockets with some of the missing military monies that disappear without explanation).

The black Fall eagle can be the L'Aquila eagle because L'Aquila is in Abruzzo, where Mattis'/Massi's were first found. The last update argued that "Aquila" named Kellys, and it just so happens that general John Kelly, Trump's former Chief of Staff, has turned against Trump with James Mattis (Trump's former defence chief). The Mattis/Massi checks were used by the rulers of MASSA-Carrara, which, I think explains why Mattis' come up as "Massi," and Massa-Carrara is right beside Lucca i.e. expected in the MacKenzie motto term, "Luceo." If the "uro" of the same motto is for Eure, that's the location of Abruzzo-line Evreux. Abruzzo's/Abreu's share lions combattant (different colors) with Kellys, and the lions of both surnames have a white tower with their lions; Kellys use the lions in the colors of the Pool lion, which may paint a picture in which John Kelly is on-side with the shark.

As Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick, it's first of all notable that Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with Leggs, for the shark dream emphasized her knee as well as having the bulldog walk past mine. The Knee bend is shared by Leaks (share Hick fleur) having a LEG in Crest. Mr. Kilpatrick and his two sons are in a Baytown-Sun photo with Spuds MacKenzie. Kilpatricks use cushions while Cussons (Burgundy, same as Legro's) emphasize their eagle legs with a different color, and it happens to be a red spread eagle, the colors of the spread eagle / phoenix in the Knee Crest. The HICKsons/Hixons use what look like eagle legs. We can even say that Miss Hicks is tall due to long legs.

The red eagle with blue legs of Cussons is shared by Reads/Reids, and the latter are suspect in the "Dread" motto term of LEIGHtons, recalling that Hicks were in a Low Leyton location. As Leytons/Leightons have a dragon in Crest, "DREAd" looks like part-code for Drays/Drie's/Draite's (ducks, Burgundy) because Drayners are listed with Dragons. Drea's/Dreux's (Ure / Aur/Aures lion?), first found beside Dorset, which named Dreux in Eure, look like a Drake branch. The problem is, I have no evidence that Reads/Rieds are a part of that motto term. The full motto is "Dread shame," perhaps part-code for Same's/Sams sharing the giant lion of Welsh Mattis'. George's (Dorset, same as Soars/Sors) have lion heads in those colors, and Same's/Sams were first found in Essex with Sorrels.

It's important that the pool having the shark was kidney-shaped, for Kidneys/GEDneys can be gleaned as Geds, who were at the Nith river with Kilpatrick castle. It seems that God was intent on proving that Miss Hicks is the woman in the dream.

I can't find anything in the Molson beer that points especially to a Frank-MacKenzie picture involving a coup attempt against Trump, aside from Ale's/Alleys sharing the Pool(e) lion. For out to see from Poole is Cowes while Cowes' have a coup-like Coo variation. It helps that Poole is in Dorset, where Soars/Sors' were first found.

Another interesting thing is that the glasses I lost months ago were found last evening (Thursday, September 10) right beside the wood stack that had the mouse-trap I spoke of above. The glasses were not more than four or five feet from the trap. If we view them as spectacles, that's the term used for the glasses hanging from the giant tree of Watts, first found in Worcestershire with Ale's/Alleys. The mouse trap pointed to George Soros partly due to Woods of Leicestershire i.e. the tap being at the wood stack, but here it can be added that Woods share a giant tree of Watts.

There's a question as to whether Woods were a Watt branch, for Woods use an "unDIS" motto term while Diss is beside Eye while Watts use an eye. Aha, as Battins/Badens use an eye while being first found in Somerset with Baths, note the Stack write-up: "They were recruited from their seat at Bath to join the Earl of Pembroke's invasion of Ireland." It explains why Stacks share the bath lion, and the point is, the wood STACK! I called it a stack in the last update, instead of a pile, because Stacks share an ermined lion in the colors of the double ermined lions of Sorrels. George Soros first came to my heraldic topics as per the wood sorrel weeds I started to pull last year. They are still coming out gangbusters this year, to date.

Stacks are interesting for having a white sword in Crest while having the same lion, essentially, as white-sword Dempseys. Dempers (share the Same/Sam / Mattis lion), with a "petra" motto term linkable to Rieti and to Pierro's/Pero's, are said to be of Pierre's, and then Sempers/St. Pierre's share double lions in pale with Sorrels, both first found in Essex. It's notable here that Rieti-like Rita's, using "pieces of WOOD," were first found in Rome with PIERleoni.

A thing I've not noticed before from the Pool write-up: "And another branch was found at Radbourn in Derbyshire. "On the death of Sir John Chandos, the celebrated warrior, in 1370, the estate passed to his representatives in the female line, and eventually to Sir Peter de la Pole..." Radborns mention a Chandos-Pole union, and the key find here is that Radborns share the crosslet in the Cowes/Coo Crest. I think that's a big deal per linking to a coup theory with the shark pool.

[Insert -- I almost missed the following because I did not load Wings/Winks until September 12: The Chandos' share the single pile of Wings/Winks, in the colors of the Cowes/Coo piles, and the Wings/Winks put the black crosslet in the Cowes/Coo Crest upon their pile. In the Cowes/Coo Crest are two white swords, and Wings/Winks share the Moor head with Swords/Swarts. A white sword held by a giant wing is used by Cheney-like Chaine's/Chenays/CHANDs! Wings/Winks were first found beside Peter Pollock, builder of of Rothes castle (in Rothes).

There was a de-Pol family in Foix-CANDale, and Chando's are also Cando's. Foix is a province beside Aude, and Pollocks have an "AUDacter" motto term. So, Pool/Pole liners were involved in this Rockefeller-connectable picture. Anne of Foix-Candale became queen of Hungary and Bohemia. George Soros is a Hungarian "Jew," though many Hungarian Jews were from Khazars. Anne's husband was "Jean I de Foix-Grailly Earl of Kendal" i.e. Kenneth-like Kendals were Candale elements. Kendals share the dolphin with Kennedys, and while Kennedys have a "fin" motto term, Kendals of DULoe look linkable to DolFINs/DOLphins (Dol-whale colors). Dols share the wavy fesse of Dutch Gaunts/Ghents, and Candale was run by the house of John of Gaunt. Candle's/Cantwells (Suffolk, same as Chandos') are also KENTwells.

"The surname Chandos was first found in Suffolk where they claim descent from Hugh de Montfort held by Roger de Candos..." The Montforts share the double-tailed lion of Bohemia, and Montfort is a location near Dol, both in Vilaine, and Vilains share the Chief-Shield colors of English Ghents (share Cheney / Bush eagles). The wavy Dol fesse is in the colors of the three of German Drummonds, and Dols were first found in Mecklenburg with same-colored Trumps. The father of Peter Pollock was a vassal (political servant) of the Dol Alans.

Chandos' even have the capability of linking to the "uro" motto term of Kenneths/MacKenzie's: "Robert de Chandos, of Candos in Eure in Normandy..." In descending from Montforts, Chandos were from Leicester's counts, and the bulldog did walk past my LEG when it jumped into the pool. End insert]

Okay, so while Pools/Pole's were at a Radbourne location (Derbyshire), and while Radborns were of a Chandos-Pole merger, Radborns share the boar head (different colors) with Schims/Schiens/Shands/CHANDs (Aberdeenshire, same as Reids/REDs), tending to prove that Chandos' were a Chand branch. The Radborn boar head is black, same as the Porcia boar, recalling that Porcius Cato had land in Sabina, location of Rieti, where I trace Pools! Bingo. Plus, while I trace Reads/Reids/Reds / Rieds/Reids to "Rieti," Radborns were also REDborns. Excellent material leading back to the Revelation dragon, emperor Vespasian of Rieti.

As the Schim/Chand boar head is that also of Mole's, by what coincidence do Molsons/Moltons share the Ried/Reid stars? This can point to HARRY Reid, one of the anti-Trump players in the Steele dossier (though we can expect Reid to have been in other anti-Trump conspiracies), for Harrys use a PORCUpine and hedgeHOGs, while Hogs (tree) share the black boar head of Radborns! Excellent way to clinch Porcius Cato in the heraldic porcupine. Rieds/Reids have a red eagle, the colors of the Spike/Speck eagle, and the latter's Crest has another porcupine. Specks may be of the Watt / Vatt SPECtacles. Speccots were first found in Devon with Molsons and Beers, and while Speccots are said to be from a Speccot location held by Mr. FitzBERner, Berners happen to share the bear with Beers.

The radiator of the car is now pointing the Harry Reid. In the past, I claimed that it pointed to John Ratcliffe, uh-oh. Was that a mistake?

Here's how it works for a radiator pointer to Reid. Radborns were first found in Huntingdonshire with Fenders suspect in the "Defend" motto of Scottish Woods. Fenders (otter) are dream-important partly because they bring us to Otters/Others (traceable to Ottone's/Otto's). Miss Hicks was first seen in the dream walking round the fender of the AUTO, to the Otto-connectable hood. This is incredible because I've not know RADborns before, but then she was at the RAD(iator) of the auto when she was at the hood, and Hoods were first found at radiator-like Rattery. Ratterys share the fitchees of Woods, you see.

Fenders have a design similar to that of Schim-branch Skene's/Skins and Baits/Beeths, the latter using a black boar (same as Radborns) for the design. Beetons/Beths ("DebonNAIRE"), with a motto suspect with DeBons/Bono's of Milan (same as Ottone Visconti), have another otter, suggesting that Otters/Others were indeed from Visconti's. Hicks have a "bon" motto term, and Orrs/Ore's, first found in Renfrewshire with Pool-branch Pollocks (they were at least cousins), use "bono" as well as the three piles of Visconti-liner Guiscards in colors reversed. The latter's piles happen to be those of Cowes'/Coo's (the latter call them pennants), and Cowes is on the Isle of Wight directly out to sea from Poole. We just linked coup-like Coo's to the auto in the dream. Reminder: Pools/Pole's of Poole had a branch at Radbourne.

A few days or less after Harry Reid talked to John Brennan, he wrote the FBI to pass Brennan's Steele dossier to Comey. Brennans (version of Abruzzo/Abreu Coat) once again have the Sword / etc. sword.

Back to the glasses found yesterday (why not today on September 11?). I don't wear my glasses at all times as they are essentially READing glasses, though I wear them also to pull wood sorrel because I'm attacking it small, as soon as it pops out of the ground amid other green growth (sometimes hard to spot without glasses). The Readings/Ridings (Sussex, same as Bone's) happen to share the boar head of Radborns/Redborns! Zinger, the glasses lost and found at the wood stack just linked to the shark-with-pool-and-radiator dream. Radborns/Redborns are the ones with the Cowes/Coo crosslet. These boar heads are in the colors of the Bush boars.

Pollocks love the Auto-like Aude's in their motto, and the Aude's have a black-Shield Coat version of the Pollets ("loyAULTE") in the Pool/Pole motto. The three Aude / Pollet swords come to a point, ditto for the Orr/Ore / Guiscard/Wishart / Cowes/Coo piles.

I think I've just realized that Latters were Auto/Otto / Ottone/Otto liners. Latters have three piles to a point in the colors of the three swords to a point of Pollets. Latter variations include, "Latto," a little like, L'Auto, and Latters even come up as "Lotto's. I wouldn't be saying this if Otters/Others didn't trace to Ottone's/Otto's, for the Latters share the Otter/Other crescents. They are also the crescents of German Julians who happen to use three-and-three pale bars in the colors of the Latter piles. English Julians share the Cowes/Coo crosslet. French Julians share the Windsor saltire, and Otters/Others are said to be proto-Windsors from Lombardy elements.

I'd like to go back to Shute's/Shoots to show that they were at least kin of Shark-line Saraca's. For this discussion, keep in mind that the ends of the moline cross look like a fish tail, for the Arms of Saraca have a fish. I first read this: "'The Shutes of Gillingham bear the name of an old Devonshire family and of a Devonshire parish.'" Loading the Gillinghams (Dorset and Norfolk), it was noted that they have the quadrants of Tute's/Tuits (Norfolk) in colors reversed, and that Tute's/Toots were first found in Yorkshire with the Gells/Gills and Gills/Giles'. The thing here is that while one toots a trumpet, the trumpets of Calls are in the form of the Shute/Shoot swords (both first found in Wiltshire, beside Dorset).

So, for reasons yet to appear, the Gells/Gills (share black greyhound with Scoots) look like they are from Gela of Sicily, over in the SARACen area of that island. To the south of Sicily is the island of Malta with a Valletta capital, and Vallans/Valletts happen to have the Tute/Tuit quadrants too as well as the moline cross of Sarasins. Then, Malta-like Melita is an island off the Adriatic coast from queen Teuta's domain, or queen TriTEUTa's domain, and that area includes the Saraca's and the DORset-like Daorsi.

We then ask what Shute's/Shoots are part of that picture, and for this we use their Chute variation, for while Shute's are like the Scoots / Scotts that I trace to lake Scodra, the latter is near Kotor, the original home of the Ragusa Saraca's. So, Chute's can be named for Kotor elements to Cutters (Dorset, same as Shoots/Shoots), for example, or to Cute's/Cutts sharing the greyhound with Scoots and Tute-related Tattons. Cute's/Cutts even have the black wolf of Saracens in Crest. Coots are interesting for being in the colors and format of Rice's, for Kotor is beside Rhizon/Risinium.

The "Fortune" motto term of Shute's/Shoots can work into this where the greyHOUND is part-code for Huns/Hundts having the giant greyhound like the giant dog in the same colors of House of Canossa, which was out of Lucca suspect in the "Luceo" motto term of MacKenzie's. As the latter are from the Numidian, queen Kenza, let's add that the motto of Masculs/Keiths is reversed from the motto of Coots above, and that Mascula is a Numidian location. The Keith/Mascul Chief has three pale bars in the colors of the three-and-three pale bars of Coats/Cotes', you see, and then Cotts/COTTARds share fretty (different color) with Canossa-like Caens/Cans/Canns' (Dorset, same as Shoots/Shoots and Cutters). Cute's/Cutts share "plates" with Mussels/MUSCELs (Lincolnshire, same as Cute's/Cutts). Huns/Hungate's (Yorkshire, same as Gells/Gills) have dogs looking linkable to the seated Tatton greyhound. See also the dog of Lincolnshire Hole's/Halls.

So, we may assume that the Numidian king, Massena, was named after something in Sicily's Messina, and that Numidians and Saracens got merged. I always trace Greys (in the greyhound) to the mythical Graeae of the Numidian theater, and we may assume that the myth writer gave them a name after something similar in the real world. They carried on creating the Grey/Croy/Groy surname.

Messina has a Patti location to which I trace Pattys/Pati's/Pattie's, and they have an eSCUTcheon like the one of Saddocks and Mascals. That works. Messina's/Massena's use the patee cross.

So, to whatever degree you were convinced that Shute's/Shoots were linkable to Swords/Swarts and Sewers/Suters, doesn't this have the effect of placing the shark of my 1979 dream into the sewer-swamp?


In the article by Solomon below, we learn that the deep state at FISA is allowed to monitor Trump's FBI to see who the FBI spies on, and the FISA court has given notice to Wray that he's being spied on, in case Barr or someone else asks / orders Wray to spy on deep-state criminals. This is horrendous. Destroy the FISA court today.

On Wednesday's Tucker, three youtube channels offering the full show, two of them with very Republican names, left out the very end where Tucker promised damning video against CNN. It's likely that Fox shows are being offered on youtube, in cahoots with youtube, secretly by Democrats, so that they can clip out whatever they wish. Normal people are bigger than that. Let them destroy one another, for cheaters inevitably will destroy self, and then be good to no one else. If cheaters hang out together, they are all in for big disappointments, a no-brainer. You are what you do. If they think they are getting away with it, then that's all they are, that's all the reward they will have. If there is no eternal reward, we have zero gain. If we lose out soul at the body's death, we go forward with worse than NOTHING. Blue Collar has the story, but by the time you get this video, youtube may have canceled it:

Or see it at this Fox page.

If you couldn't watch it, it's about CNN's Cuomo having a pre-interview session with Michael Cohen, and putting ideas into his head on what to say during the show. It's called fixing the show, and deceiving the audience into believing it's authentic. It just adds to the mountain of evidence that everything CNN does is pre-scripted with a personal political purpose. Plus, Cuomo is even trying to deceive Cohen, acting like he's not anti-Trump, perhaps hoping to get Cohen's guard down to learn some damning thing that can be used against Trump. CNN would have all sorts of tricks like that, don't you think? They have all their craft figured out by now, and proud of it. In the end, WORSE THAN NOTHING. We have a celebration to look forward to when the wicked are stamped out.

If the Fox news department doesn't have the story, Sara Carter does:

On his show Wednesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed that a source with knowledge told him that The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward scored an interview with President Donald Trump because Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC, pushed for it.

...“It was Lindsey Graham who helped convince Donald Trump to talk to Bob Woodward,” Tucker said. “Lindsey Graham brokered that meeting. Lindsey Graham even sat in on the first interview between Bob Woodward and the President. How did that turn out?”

We now have more reasons to suspect that Graham is a fraud. Nobody truly on Trump's side urges him to risk a trap in Woodward's craft.

Headline: "President Trump and Biden Both Visit Flight 93 National Memorial – Trump Delivers Powerful Speech". Anyone who sees an aerial view of the supposed landing spot of Flight 93 can see that there's no plain there. Trump knows that the plane did not crash there. Trump is a disgusting fraud, and Bongino joined him on September 11 with the same disgusting, criminal hypocrisy. It is equivalent to criminality to deny that 9-11 was a criminal operation with all of the evidence available to news people and presidents. It is synonymous with being an accomplice to deny the obvious truth.

If not mistaken, Bongino said that the office of the department he worked for, during 9-11, was in building 7. Bongino knows that building 7 came down from pre-planted explosives. Bongino has chosen to be a fraud in this regard.

In one article where Nora Dannehy has given her notice to quit John Durham's prosecution team, we read that Durham chose her himself, and then on Lou Dobbs, Tom Fitton calls her anti-Trump. How does that look to you? Like Durham is out to make the appropriate arrests? Durham has never revealed that this woman is his deputy prosecutor, but as there have been no leaks against Durham, I suggest that she was happy with his work until now, meaning that Durham was not going to make key arrests, by the looks of it. Things have changed mightily since that sort of decision was possible, and now arrests are virtually mandatory.

Did Barr suggest this woman? Boy, would I like to know the details in who chose her and why. Has Barr been deceiving us all along? Perhaps Ratcliffe will stem the tide. Her goal is reportedly to be to keep Durham from issuing an interim report before the election because she wants Trump to lose the election. Hello? So, Barr is now under pressure from the liberal media -- which he regularly visits -- not to issue the report that Nunes has been requesting. It's only natural for underhanded Trump supporters to give the voters an illusion, until voting day, that Barr's about to make arrests.

All disappeared data on all those phones that Mueller's team wiped out are not wiped out of the spy system. Perhaps Ratcliffe will fearlessly do the right thing and collect that data for prosecution purposes. But, is Barr going to arrest Mueller and others responsible for obstructing justice on these phone matters? Barr is destined for infamy, and for performing as the worst slob every to run the DoJ. SHAME, Barr, shameless whore of the deep state. The more he wishes that leaks against Mueller would cease, the more they come. Way to go, Judicial Watch, this is a really-big rat you've caught. Put pressure on Barr, one and all, force him to act out his job.

It is a crime against the presidency to allow the deep state to operate, for the definition of the deep state is the unelected, undermining organism wishing to run the country over the president's head if necessary. If Barr can't find it within himself to waste no time taking every opportunity to arrest its leading members, then it's on Trump's head to keep that blow-out imposter in the DoJ seat. Yet, no one criticizes Trump for these things, not even Tom Fitton. Trump has been a crafty nincompoop, and a lot like a liberal in giving out government gifts to blocs for to buy their votes. Trump has been uncle candyman.

WHY DIDN'T HOROWITZ REPORT THIS PHONE SCANDAL??? The Mueller probe fell under Horowitz's jurisdiction. How possibly could he not have come across the empty phones? Did he delete the information? Was he directed to do it? "Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, penned a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray on Friday, pressing for details on what actions were taken to recover material deleted from the mobile devices assigned to Mueller’s team." Translation: a few more months wasted waiting for the answers, and it's all on Trump's head. Why is no one pressing Trump's buttons? Is he a sacred slob? Slobs rule the country, deceiving the people, giving them the run-around. Everywhere you look, dirt, and no one cleans it up. SLOBS! The rats decided it was better to risk getting caught deleting the phones than to leave the information on them, and Horowitz used his own body to cover this crime. Wray put his umbrella over Horowitz's body, and Barr's security blanket was draped over Wray for good measure. DIRTY SLOBS!

Trump has the easy ability to uncover this crime by giving any of his loyalists the wide powers to look into anything, to demand papers and to get them promptly. But Trump has refused to do this, and those influentials desirous of Trump's election win have given him a pass on his part in the cover-up. While Trump did put Ratcliffe at the charge of Intelligence, there is a question developing in my mind as to whether deep state rats are manipulating his agenda / attitude. As long as Barr and Trump do nothing, the rats will even threaten Ratcliffe without fear. BUT, God, when He does things, has no obstructions, and so we wait to see the truth about Trump.

The documents show that Mueller deputy Andrew Weissmann "accidentally wiped" his phone twice after entering the wrong passcode too many times in March 2018. Lawyer James Quarles’ phone “wiped itself” without his intervention, the records say.

The records indicate attorney Greg Andres' phone was also wiped due to a forgotten passcode. And they say the phones of both Mueller deputy Kyle Freeny and Rush Atkinson were wiped accidentally after they entered the wrong passcode too many times.

The records say that a phone belonging to FBI lawyer Lisa Page – whose anti-Trump texts with Strzok were of interest to investigators -- was restored to factory settings when the inspector general’s office received it.

Those names were allowed to be known by the public, and if we think they were high-level players, there must be higher ones, because "Other officials, whose names are redacted, claim to have unintentionally restored their phone to its factory settings, deleting all records of communication." If Barr let Hillary off the hook for deleting a lot more, whey should we believe that he wants to prosecute the Mueller team?

We should include a theory here: these documents were released deliberately as a "psychological operation" on the people, to convince them that the deep state is all-encompassing, and that the people had best lay down their weapons, and agree to be ruled by it. I always keep that theory in mind because this deep-state saga has been a comedy of sorts, on the verge of too-unbelievable to be reality. It's starting to look like a big joke written by a sadistic Mr. Evil. Perhaps Mr. Evil thought it was time to release this phone scandal because it was time to make the people tear their hair out.

One thing is for sure, that if Republicans get the White House, Democrats become imps and brats intend on spoiling their joy. Only this time, the riots of the brats is going to get them more election pain, by the looks of it, because it's doing Democrats more damage than Trump. They had the choice of easing up on the riots, as even Biden openly opposed them, yet the brats are apparently intent on upping their violence. A demonic disease has gotten hold of them as their reward in pursuing for a Godless society. God will not be mocked. Pain for the rebel in opposition to God Life Matter.

As the New York Times and the Washington Post do not come up (as of noon on the 12th) in a search for this phone scandal, it's doubtful a psychological operation. Not even wildcat CNN can do damage control on this one. We can be sure that Mr. Demonic is working up a best-face scenario for liberal-media dissemination, but there may not be a good-enough face for that. It's now roundly known that there does exist a Mr. Demonic who gives mainline media their marching orders daily. We should like to know who works in his workshop. What's its name? Is Mr. Evil the boss of Mr. Demonic?

Shouldn't we expect that many computers were cleared of damaging information by the same players who did the phones? This is on Trump's head for procrastinating on seizing the data as soon as possible. Trump is your fink, Trump voters, Trump is your sorry dog. All bark, no bite. The deep state tells him to stand down, and that's what he does. The deep state puts a chain to his neck, and he wags his tail, content to stake out his turf by urinating all along the White-House fence. That is your true Trump, Trump voter.

Robert Mueller became Bush's FBI director six days before the 9-11 crime. This phone story came out September 11. Was this timing planned? If so, by men or by God? "Judicial Watch announced today [September 11] it received 87 pages of records from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that show senior members of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s Office (SCO) repeatedly and 'accidentally' wiped phones assigned to them." Why did the DoJ give these up now? Was Barr responsible, or was it done in spite of Barr's will / knowledge?

Barr did say that he thought it appropriate / necessary to educate the voters, on Russia collusion, before the election, and as the Democrats are now in the process of bringing back to life their Russia-collusion fable, I can understand why the DoJ gave these documents up at this time. However, I might expect Barr not to give this product to Judicial Watch in particular, because I expect that he resents that organization, and so, maybe, someone frowning on Barr's do-nothing snoozing may have given the documents to Judicial Watch. If so, I suppose he had a rude awakening. Barr, thou sham, the ball's in your court.

Barr said this week that the key to fighting crime is a strong police force and taking the criminals off the streets, yet he hasn't applied the same formula to taking political criminals off the street. Why do we think that is?

One theoretical good reason that Durham is taking so long is that he's got to re-arrange what he had already committed to due to the leak-after-leak of information that Barr wasn't expecting. Changes to align with the new revelations, but also changes to include the new revelations, though they were not likely new to Durham.

I suggest that Biden will be assassinated or made very ill by the Democrats before the election. It's a good theory.

What Did I Do on 9-11?

I was thinking, surely, that God would produce something in my life, on September 11, to point to something. Asking myself what I did yesterday, I was surprised to find I'm still able to remember things that far back. The tenant went out "shopping," and so as I never work in the apartment when the tenant's home, I went up to finish the previous day's job of filling nail holes (in door jambs and base boards) with putty. Already I can point to Shops/Shorlands/Sherlands, because the tenant went shopping, a surname that points to Schere's/Scherfs, and therefore to the president Bush's (born from the Nazi Scherffs, in my strong opinion).

I had been given a dream a couple of years ago, maybe three, in which I was RIDING a shopping cart down the paved HILL of a road, and Ridings/Readings share black-on-white boars with Bush's. Hills are good for this discussion because HOLES'/Hollys, first found in Worcestershire with Hills, are in their colors. The Nail HOLES. Holes'/Hollys share the dog of Hole's/Halls and Hulls.

The reason I acquired the courage or justification for writing this is due to the Q-tip I was using to stain the nail holes (to match the stain in the wood). It reminded of Q-Anon's storm of arrests that we're all waiting for, or stopped waiting for. The people behind Mueller's Russia-collusion hoax may include a whack of 9-11 accomplices. The Q-like Cue's share the garbs of Fittons, and Tom Fitton (Judicial Watch's president) announced this Mueller-phone story on September 11.

[Insert -- It wasn't until the morning of the 13th that I finally got round to loading Tipps', to find them first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs and sharing the Ratcliff bull head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In both surnames, the black bullhead looks slightly to the side, neither directly frontward nor directly sideways. This Q-TIP pointer to Tipps' fits very well with my expectations that John Ratcliffe will be responsible for pay-back to deep-state operatives.

Nor did I remember, until the 13th, that a Q-shaped "scarf" is used by Trabys/Sadowski's, suspect with the Quade's because they share wolf heads with Scarfs. The obvious point is that Scarfs are like "Scherff"!!! The Q-tip speaks a double whammy here. End insert]

The NAIL holes can address the Nails/Neils, whose Coat is like the saltire formed by the Kidneys/Gedneys. The shark in the kidney-shaped pool is of this picture because Sharks were first found in Tyrone with the Neils having the same fish as per the Arms of Saraca. Bill Barr had been the attorney general for U.S. president George Herbert Scherff, and Barrs named Bar-le-Duc, itself named after Ducks, first found in Westphalia with Nails/Neils. The Coots using ducks can perhaps be a pointer to Bushite, Dan Coats. I claimed that God used a mouse in my house, killed dead in a mouse trap beside a rat trap, to point to the removal of Dan Coats from National Intelligence, and to be replaced by John Ratcliffe. It essentially happened that way.

It's possible that Dan Coats and Bill Barr were in cahoots, but that Ratcliffe will complicate Barr's juggling of the cover-up. Things started to go south for Barr about the time that Ratcliffe started his job. For example, when Coats was fresh out of his job and Ratcliffe was in waiting, Barr was forced to drop Mueller's case against Flynn, acting as though he opposed it all along. It's been one leak / outbreak / revelation after the other since then, none of them good for Barr's cover-up.

Coats was Bush's Germany ambassador as of August 15, 2001, less than a month before 9-11. Later, under trump, Coats took the job once held by Obama's James Clapper, but Coats did NOTHING to expose Clapper. Why did Trump chose Coats to begin with, and why, really, did Trump replace him? As George Herbert Scherff had been a leader of the CIA, can we see why Coats, a German ambassador, could apply to Scherff-Nazi elements?

Behold this coincidence. George Herbert Scherff was adopted by Nazi-supporter, Prescott SHELDON Bush, who agreed to declare Scherff his biological son. PresCOTTs/PRESScots were first found in Lancashire with COOTs, and both share the same chevron. Sheldons (colors reversed from Coots) share ducks with Coots! Press' happen to share the Neil Chief. Have we nailed it? Yes, I think so, because I was filling the NAIL HOLES with PUTTY while Pattys/Pati's, in the "pati" motto term of Sheldons, were first found in Worcestershire with Sheldons and Holes'/Hollys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible, as if God is verifying, again, that the Bush's were in truth born from the Nazi, George Herbert Scherff Sr.

Vince's are suspect in the "Vincit" motto term of Coots. The great thing now is that Vince's, in Bush colors and format, have a "conSCIRE" motto term that looks like it's for the Schire variation of Scherfs!!! The latter are also Schare's and Schere's while Shops are listed with Shirlands/Sharlands/Sherlands/SHAWlands. The tenant went shopping while I filled the nail holes, and the "Nil" motto term of Vince's can be for Nails/Neils.

English Shaws/Sheaves' happen to share the full motto of Shields. Put it this way: SHELdons and Coots share ducks with SHELdrake's, and here we can go to SHIELs/Shields because they have a "Vincit" motto term (same as Coots) as well as "PATItur." Shells and Sellers were first found in Westphalia with Ducks and Nails/Neils. The putty I was using was from Home Depot, and the color was "Natural." There are two Natural surnames; the English ones, shown as NATTrass', were first found in Cumberland with Dockers. The Westphalia Ducks are Dockers too, and look connectable to Tuckers (share sea horse with Shops).

I don't need to say more on my September-11 day. God set that job up for the reasons you just saw. God arranged the heraldry to play those tricks on the guilty, and we have yet to see what more God has in store as they continue to commit crimes rather than repent. They go the way of the Exodus pharaoh.

Most of my work on September 11 was on the trim around the shower stall. Showers are listed with Sewards, probably a Sword/Swart branch. I don't think I've ever included Sewards in with my Soar-Sorrel-Sorry-Sword discussions as they point to George Soros, and so I'm happy to say here that Sewards/Showers share the lion of Soars/Sors' and Legro's.

I kid you not, that on September 10, I went into the apartment to install the bathroom and living-room lighting. And only after that did I decide to start on the nail holes in the bathroom, which I didn't finish until the 11th, but only because the tenant told me on the 10th that the next day was for shopping. So, I've just loaded lighting-like Lightens, to find the LEIGHtons sharing the Soar/Sors quadrants! It appears that we're being pointed to both Soros and the Bush-Nazi scoundrels.

Oh wow, unbelievable. The brand of the putty is by Elmers, and English Elmers have the Chief-Shield colors of Shops. What are the chances? As Elmers are also AYLmers, first found in Hampshire beside Poole, it's interesting that ALE's/Alleys (Worcestershire again) share the Poole/Pole Coat. This lion is also that of Warwicks, for example, while SHERIFFs were first found in Warwickshire, and, wow, Warwicks share a gold axe in Crest with Elmers/Aylmers! It's another pointer of the putty to Scherffs.

The three Warwick lions are shared by James', first found in Surrey with a Seman character in the write-up of Sea-related Seamans. Surrey is also where Scherf-branch Shire's/Shere's were first found who look connectable to Carricks, as does the Shop/Shirland/Sherland dancette. Seamans share the seahorse with Tuckers and Shops, and the latter were first found in Kent with Sea's, perfect because they are suspect with Says (Shropshire, same as Lightens/Leightons) sharing the Lighten/Leighton quadrants. Sorry, Mr. Soros, but God has your number. Sea's share the wavy fesses of Drummonds, but Tuckers and Seamans use a version of their wavy fesses. The Elmer/Aylmer Crest shares the dolphin with the other James'.

Have you heard the story, from Soros' own mouth, that he betrayed Jews to Nazi's?

The shark dream was split into two settings. When I jumped or dove into the pool to help the bulldog in the shark's mouth, I didn't see the outcome. Instead, I was instantly in a blue body of water (in which I was in about waist deep) in a different setting. In being blue, I feel that it was an ocean, and therefore a sea. The Sea's happen to have the Arms of Saraca fish in colors reversed you see, and while the pool was kidney shaped, the Kidneys/Gedneys share the Sea fish, and so God provided that evidence of Intelligent Design in this dream.

The Kidney/Gedney fish make a saltire in the colors of the Nail/Neil saltire, and Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Neils/Nihills. More evidence of Intelligent Design. Nails/Neils were first found in the same place as Ducks/Duckers/Dockers, and we just saw how Sea's are Tucker-connectable.

Well, if humans are not reading all of my writings, maybe angels are more impressed. God had to do a lot of work through the centuries to arrange the necessary heraldic links. He had to cause marriages and choose names and symbols, and a whole lot more, to set up the Final Act of this history. Woe to those who snub God to the end, for he has been more than patient enough. He has given more than enough time for repentance, with more to come. The Sea write-up: "Hence, Seal at the Domesday Book was held by Geoffrey de ROTS as an undertenant from the Bishop of Bayeux." Both Rots surnames are listed with Rothchilds (not "Rothschild").

When I walked out of the sea onto the beach, I saw a woman at the hood of a car. Hoods use a "ZEALous" motto term, tending to verify that the Seal entity of Sea's / Rots' apply to that setting of the dream, and so why couldn't the shark be a symbol generally of Rothschild schemers, thieves of printed / government money? While Trump threatened to block their war-money pipes, yet he's been dancing with the shark as his means of staying out of trouble from the powers too rich for him to control. And so, rather than taking his risk, even of losing his life, to be a hero in the final years of his life, he became a nothing but a barky dog. Woof-woof, are you scared, big guys, woof-woof. Why did I bother jumping into the water to save this poodle masquerading as a bulldog?

I filled the nail holes in the tenant's apartment. Tenants use a mast with sail. Masts/Masters (Kent, same as Sea's) share the motto term of Rothschild-branch Roets and Bauer-connectable Bows/Bough's. As soon as I saw the woman at the hood, I saw her close-up, and said, "She's beautiful." Beautys (Dorset again, beside Roets) are listed with BOWds.

Is anyone old enough to remember the Nazi, Clinger, on Hogan's Hero's? Clings/Clingers (tulips?) use more ducks. If MATTRES'/Maistre's use tulips, compare with the Nattrass variation of Naturals. The Maistre variation looks like a Master branch.

I loaded Sandins/Sandons (Leicestershire) because I was sanding the putty before applying some stain with the Q-tip. The Sandin Coat is a wavy-chevron version of the Bullock Coat, and Bullocks share the Vince motto i.e. with a "Nil conSCIRE" phrase. So, the sanding takes us to Scherf suspects. It just so happens that Vince's were first found in Hertfordshire with Beach's who were of the SANDY beach of the shark dream. On the 9-11 memorial (2002) with Miss Hicks, which had connected to the knee of that dream, she got a sandal symbol for Sandals (I'm not going over all that again unless there's some key, new points to make, but will add that Sandals/Sandilands share the Knee bend and Needham eagle). Sandins and Bullocks have bull heads colors reversed from the Chief of German Sanders/Centers.

The elephant heads of Irish Sanders trace to the Elaphiti islands right beside Saraca's of Ragusa, adding to the evidence that "Nil" is for Neils. The putty in the nail holes was sanded. Sands use RAGully. Irish Sanders share the Sandin motto, and have a not-bad reflection of the Tenant Coat. Tenants were first found in Linlithgowshire with Scottish Towns, and Towns are excellent because, firstly, the English branch is in the colors and format of the elephant-heads-and-chevron of Irish Sanders. Secondly, Scottish Towns have the crosslets of Gullys ("NIL"!) in colors reversed, and Sands use raGULLY! Gullys and Gulls were Julian branches, and so we glean a Saraca-Julian merger, but the big deal is that the nail holes of the tenant's apartment were sanded, and Sandins led us to Tenants. Towns are also Tune's while Tunbridge's (Kent, same as Masts/Masters in the Tenant motto) share the crescents of Saraca's.

The Sandins are only the third surname I consciously know to have a wavy chevron, the others being English Fish and Pierce's. German Fish (Saxony, same as Julians) show a fish in the colors of the same in the Arms of Saraca, and of the Pesce's; English Fish are said to have been from "Pisces." I'll show you how this can bring us back to the Sanders/Centers starting with the fact that English Fish have a wavy-chevron version of the Vaughn Coat.

Vaughns: "The surname Vaughn was first found in Shropshire, where they were descended from Tudor Trevor, the Earl of Hereford, and Lord of Maylors. His wife was descended from Howel Dda, King of South Wales, in 907." Trevors share the Coat of the Pennants in the Cowes/Coo "pennants," and the Cowes/Coo Crest has the Julian / Gully crosslet. The same crosslet is used by Schole's/Scayle's while Scholfields share nearly the Bullocks / Sandin Coat (all in Tudor colors and format). Vaughns share the PENdragon chevron, and both surnames have fleur-de-lys colors reversed from one another. Trevor-like Travis/Travers (Lancashire, same as bull-head Scholfields and bull-head Ratcliffs) are in the colors and format of Vaughns and Buckleys, and share the motto of Buckleys who in turn have the white bull head of Sanders/Centers, the ones having the red bull heads in colors reversed from the same of wavy-chevron Sandins (red-Shield version of Buckley Coat). The Fish with the wavy chevron share a tiger in Crest with Travers/Travers (Fish colors and format), and so we have a hit job here identifying Tudor Trevor with the line to Tarves, tending to reveal that this line is in the "reverTAR" motto term of Vaughns, for Tarrs were first found in Somerset with the Pierce's sharing the wavy chevron (same colors) of Fish.

There's a lot of valuable clues in the paragraph above for me, but there's no surname or symbol that I can see, at this moment, to link to something of the 9-11 crime, even though it connects to the 9-11 memorial where Miss Hicks and I sat beside one another for the first and last time. Nor can I see how the paragraph above links to the things I did in the apartment on September 11, aside from sanding the Elmer's putty.

It's interesting that Elmers share the blue dolphin with Scottish Kennedys and Tippers (Cornwall, same as dolphin-using, Kennedy-like Kendals), while Irish Kennedys (TIPPErary, scimiTAR) shares the helmet with Tudors, for while I trace Kennedys to the Kennati priests of Cilicia, Tudors have this: "Theodore (602?-690), was Archbishop of Canterbury, a native of Tarsus in Cilicia." That's new to me. Plus, I also trace Carricks to Charax Proculus, son of Laevillus, king of Cilicia, and while the Elmers have a dolphin version of the Shop Coat, Shops substitute with a dancette in the colors of the Carrick dancette. Kennedys (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) use the Arms-of-Carrick chevron, as well as the fitchees that are sometimes applied to the Arms of Carrick, and they happen to be black fitchees, the colors of the Tarves fitchees. We just saw why Tarves' / Travers/Travis' should be a Tudor-Trevor line. It seems to check out that Theodore of Cilicia was the founder of Tudors.

It wasn't until now that Tipps' were loaded, and added the Ratcliffe-important insert above at the Q-tip. I've been identifying the Pendragon motto partly with Tipps' for years, and here we are on the Tudor / Kennedy helmets shared by Pendragons (Cornwall, same as Tippers)! So, that long paragraph above in which I could see no linkage to 9-11 did have this pointer to the Q-tip. Q-Anon's followers refuse to give up the calling for arrests, and they may get their way...thanks much to the treatment of Mueller's DoJ buddies against Flynn.

Tipps' have a pheon-version of the Gent Chief, and John of Ghent is the root of dolphin-using Kendals, first found in Cornwall with Pendragons and Tippers. Kendal-like Kent is where Minute's/Mynetts were first found who use "open helmets," and the Pendragon helmet is open too. This is tending to indicate that Kennati priests had a line to Candale at the Garonne river of Aquitaine. I trace Mynetts to king Amyntes, ancestor of Charax Proculus. It tends to explain the CANDLEsticks of Kyle's, first found in Ayrshire with Kennedys. Apart from this paragraph, I wouldn't have the evidence that Candle's/Kentwells were Kennedy cousins. (Kintells have a different write-up from Kendals.)

While "Proculus" was suspect (by me) with the PORTCULLIS gate of Porters, note that Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle (Ayrshire). English Porters and Ports were first found in Hampshire with Ghents. The Arms of Ayrshire uses a "shaw" motto term, and Irish Shaws essentially have the Pendragon motto. Shaws were from Numidia along with Kennedy-like Kenneths/MacKenzie's, suggesting that the Numidian queen, Kenza, was from the Kennati. In fact, her husband, Idris, was from Syrian elements i.e. beside Cilicia. Note the Idris-like Drigs having nearly the Trick/Trigg/TRACK Coat, for the Track variation may be play on the Tracheitis river, Cilician home of the Kennati.

One or the other or both, Drigs and/or Tricks, use darts while Darts/Dards (Devon, beside Wassa's) share a white-ermined CANTon with Candle's/Kentwells. As Cantons/Gantons have the Washington Coat in colors reversed, we can also mention the canton of proto-Washington Wassa's (Cornwall, same as Kendals and Tippers).

Lupus Laevillus was the husband of Quadratilla Bassus, the line not only to Carricks and Kennedys, but to Saffers/SAVARys, kin of Silversteins. It just so happens that Ratcliffs were from Salford while Salfords are also Savards. Salfords/Savards share the black-on-white wolf with Quade's, from QUADRatilla and Lupus. Ayers of Ayrshire have QUATREfoils. Tipps' (share Ratcliffe bull head) use the ANTELope, which can be read also as anteLOPE for Lupus liners. I trace the antelope to ANTALya, beside Perga, home of Plancia Magna who was descended from Opgalli, the ancestor in turn of Quadratilla Bassus. Opgalli was married to king TIGRanes, whom I trace with good reasons to Tigers, which we saw in a couple of Crests above, including that of Travers/Travis (Lancashire, same as Tipps' and Ratcliffe's).

The Ayers with quatrefoils have a version of the Irish Shaw Coat with trefoils. These are the Shaws with a "TE IPSum" motto phrase suspect with "Tipps" (surname will not come up as "Tipp"). The Kyle candleSTICKs are probably code for the Sithech ancestry claimed for Shaws, which is traced to "wolf," but this is stupid, or else it's code for the line of Lupus Laevillus.

The eagles of Irish Shaws are those of MATTIS' too, and then Shaws are like the Shewas variation of the Chives' of Tarves who share the MATHIS moline. It just so happens that James' share the dolphin (different colors) with Tippers so that we might have a pointer here to James Mattis, said by some to be at the charge of a COUP attempt against Trump. Cowes'/COO's have pennants while Pennants share the Trevor Coat. Pennants are like the Penns/Pence's, and Mike Pence might be persuaded to join the coup if he can be promised the White House in return for keeping the wars alive...which Mattis so desperately craves. What a foolish old man. I saw evidence, at John McCain's funeral, that Lindsey Graham was helping Mattis and John Kelly conduct a coup (at the time of the impeachment push).

It wasn't until writing here that I recalled the Scarfs, and so I added the following to an insert above: "Nor did I remember, until the 13th, that a Q-shaped "scarf" is used by Trabys/Sadowski's, suspect with the Quade's because they share wolf heads with Scarfs. The obvious point is that Scarfs are like "Scherff"!!! The Q-tip speaks a double whammy here."

Trabys married ASTIKas', suspect with the Sticks i.e. like the Sithech ancestry of Shaws sharing the Mattis eagle. The Cliffs/Cleffs (probably made "RatCLIFF") sharing the Quade wolf heads are said to have married Styche's. Sticks and Stich's share the Coat of Brooks who were in turn first found in Essex with the Hinds in the hind of Irish Shaws. If we feel that there was a round-about Shaw link to Schire's/Schere's/Schare's/Scherfs, it can explain the Shop and Shawland variations of Shirlands/Sherlands/Sharlands. Or, the Shows/Schauers/Schore's (in the Nimo motto) have a Schaw variation, and then Nimo's share a saltire-with-gold-cinquefoils with English Score's (Cornwall). The Score cinquefoils are in the colors of the Ayer quatrefoils and the Shaw trefoils, and the Score saltire is in the colors of the Shaw chevron. The other Schere's use a "stick," and Schere's/Scherfs and Shere's share the fitchee of Tarves'.

It's a little interesting that Chives' of Tarves look like the Clive variation of Cliffs, for as Claro's are also Charo's, Clive's may have been Chives', or at least the two surnames merged and took on similarities. Compare "Traby" to "Tarves."

That Q-tip pointer to John Ratcliffe is really flooring me. I was applying stain with the Q-tip, and the two Stain surnames together look connectable to the double bends of Ratcliffs. I was using VaraTHANE brand stain, and Thane's (Banffshire) happen to share the helmets of Tudors. I was mixing the colors of "Sun Bleached" and "Gunstock." Stick-like Stocks share "qui" with English Shaws, and Guns use an "Aut" motto term twice. I didn't have anything more to say on these colors until reading that one of the first Mr. Stocks was reportedly born in Aylesford, and AYLesfords/Allfords share the Chief-Shield colors of Elmers/AYLmers! I was staining the Elmers brand putty!

As Aylesfords have "forth" endings, it was found that Forths (share a Ford Coat) were first found in Suffolk with the Sons'/Soams suspect in the "inSONS" motto term of Stocks (as per GunSTOCK). The latter also have a "ForTIS" motto term suspect in part with Forts, but also the Tiss'/Teece's, first found in Hampshire with Elmers/Aylmers.

Aylesfords were first found in Pembrokeshire, where Strongbow Clare ruled from. I can get more out of this where Suffolk is where Clare's were first found, for Claro's share the upright and red bull of Sanders/Centers, a branch of Sandins. I was sanding the Elmers putty on September 11, and perchance the black boar head in the Aylesford Crest is close to the Bush boar, for the Aylesfords share the Chief-Shield colors of Shops too. The below may suggest that this boar is for Porcius-Cato liners, especially as Porcius Cato had land in Sabina while Sabine's have a red bull. Porcius-Cato liners were to Botters (Lucca), and here we can go to Bauds and Balds because they share the Gun ship (as per GUNstock).

Clare's (Suffolk, same as SONs'/Soams) and Claro's/Charo's were a branch of SUNs/Sinclairs (as per SUN Bleached) with a Sand-like Saint variation, and the latter's cross, in the colors of the Irish Elmer cross, is in the colors of the Black saltire. If Blacks were a branch of BLEACH's/Blake's, then maybe we can say, Sun Bleached. Bleach's/Blake's/Caddells share the giant fret with Cattels. Then the "LuCRUM" motto term of Fords looks like code for the Lucca cat, for Crums use a cat in Crest. In fact, Croms use quatrefoils, and, until this year, were said for a decade or more to be first found in Berkshire, with English Shaws. Crums, in Tudor colors and format, are now said to be first found in Herefordshire, realm of Tudor Trevor. It just so happens that Trevor-connectable Tarves is where Chives'/SHEWas' were first found.

Houseofnames obliterated any mention of the Berkshire Croms, and thus come off as goofs in almost every case of their changing first-found locations. The changes are usually helpful for additional gleanings, but the company should not obliterate past claims, for it makes past customers feel that they were given false information.

Berkshire's share the fret with Bleach's, and the blue bend with Claro's/Charo's. Sun Bleached. The last sentence of the Aylesford write-up: "The family later migrated to Berkshire, where it became a family of great prominence." Aylesfords came to topic with the Stocks from the Gunstock color of Elmers stain. Stocks were first found in Pembrokeshire with the Parrots using three of the six Aylesford pears.

Irish Elmers/Aylmers have the same black bird in Crest as English Allisons, the latter calling it a "black bird" suspect for Blacks. Scottish Allisons share the dog of Halls while Irish Elmers/Aylmers use a "HALLelujah" motto. As Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with Halls and Aylesfords/AYLfords, it appears that even Allisons had been of the Aylesford bloodline. If nothing more, this delving into the stain colors tends to affirm that God wanted me to go to Elmers in the first place to point out the Shops as a means to confirm that president Bush's were born Scherffs.

When on the Botters above, I took to task its bowed bend. For years, it had been shown as a normal/straight bend. So, I found the BOWders/Bolters sharing blue quadrants with Bauds. The latter had worked into the Russian medallion found on my Jeep when returning to it with a shopping cart filled with groceries, reminiscent of my riding the shopping cart in a dream in which the next scene had the same Jeep. What I find interesting now is that Bolter-like Boltons/Boldens share the Silverstein lion. Bowlters/Bolters were first found in Yorkshire with Chimneys, and the latter almost have the Bolton/Bolden Coat. The latter were first found in Lancashire and neighboring Yorkshire. It appears that Bowders/Bolters use a "bird bolt," which is at times shown as a normal arrow, such as we see in the Bolten/Bolden Crest, or in the arrow of Bolds/Bolts (Lancashire).

Botters are also Bottins, and the bird bolt has a round tip like a BOTTONy cross. Scottish Boldens named a BOWden location (Roxburghshire) as well as a Bodin location in Normandy. They show a Boden variation while German Bodens look linkable to the Botter/Bottin Coat, and then while Scottish Boldens have the quadrants of Ottingers (Bavaria) in colors reversed, and while Bogdens could be both Boden and Bogen liners, Bogens (Bavaria, Ottinger colors) use a giant bow. Buds/Bude's use the bow. It's a little interesting that Bogen-like Bongino's have a bowed fesse. Bogens are in Bug colors while Bogdens are also Bugdens (Simpson Chief?).

The take-away in that Botter-bow investigation is that John Bolton is a Bushite war hawk while Boltons share the Silverstein lion. Larry Silverstein was a part of the faked, 9-11 justification for Bush's initial invasion of the Middle East. The reason that I compared Chimneys with Boltons is that a fearful lightning bolt struck the chimney of my house (age 11). In Revelation, lightning is the symbol of Armageddon, and that war could very well be due to war-hawk intrusions into the Middle East.

The medallion found with my shopping cart was at a GROCEry store, and now suspect as a pointer to the same as my tenant's shopping pointed to this September 11. I was just finishing up when the tenant got home, and I helped carry the groceries up the stairs. Groce's are in Baud and MEDAL/Dougal colors, and the latter two share the quadrants of HODleys. The MEDALlion was found left by someone on my HOOD. So, that heraldry works great, especially as the Baud crescents can be those of Hoods. The "black bird" of ALLisons, and shared by Irish Elmers ("HALLelujah"), is in the Hood Crest as a "Cornish chough," and the point is that English Elmers share the Shop Chief-Shield colors.

Plus, God gave an event at my age 17 (told this about 20 times) in which I saw Allison Bauer leave me for another guy while I was sitting on the hood of my car. All three of us worked for Knob Hill Farms grocers, and the event happened in the parking lot of that grocery store. Both of us guys were STOCKboys. Stocks, from the Gunstock colors of Elmers' putty, gave us the AYLesfords/AYLfords, like the Aylmer variation of Elmers! Stocks also have "BALDewin de Stoke in Suffolk..." and Balds share the Gun / Baud ship!!! Wow, what amazing coincidences. Balders/BatherSTAINs (Linlithgow, same as Tenants and Towns!) share the cross of Irish Elmers, and Baldwins share the saltire of Blacks expected in the "black bird." The Balder/Batherstain Crest has the white crosslet of Scottish Towns. There's thus a good chance that Bauds have the black Tenant crescents closely.

Having said all that: Groce's can be of the LeGros' and Grose's, the latter looking related to Allisons. The Legro's share the Soar/Sors lion, and so I tend to think that the Russian medallion should point to George Soros' desires to get the war hawks back in power.

LEIGHtons, beside the Leighs, share the Soar/Sors quadrants while the Grose's have this: "'Leah or Leigh, {in the parish of St. Buryan, Cornwall} now occupied by a farmer, was anciently a seat of the Grosse family, and afterwards of the USTICKs.'" Leighs were first found in Cheshire with Stichs. The write-up also ventures to say that the Grose surname was also, "Grace," and as Grace's are listed with Grasse's, it doesn't look coincidental that "tufts of grass" are used by Bush-branch Bosco's wile the Tufts/Tuffs (Cheshire, same as Leigh's) share the crosslets of Grose's. Just as could be expected, the shopping cart at the medallion points to Bush's 9-11 war-hawk agenda.

As the Groce Crest shares the Lothian dog while Lothians use a hunting horn like the ones in the Arms of Traby, it strikes me that the Usticks in the Grose write-up are a branch of Sticks from Astikas'. But then the Eustace's and Staceys suddenly look like Astikas' liners, an idea I can't remember falling upon. Eustace II was father of king-of-Jerusalem, Baldwin I, and we are on Bald liners at this very moment while discussing the medallion. Baldwin's brother was Godfrey de Bouillon, and Bouillons (Auvergne, same as French Bauts/Bauds) share the white and giant flory cross with LeGros'/Grosville's, what a coincidence.

Plus, those black birds of Allisons now play well because Birds (Cheshire, same as Tufts connectable to the Grose Coat) have the Bouillon flory in colors reversed. So, we get a Templar history lesson along with pointers to end-time war hawks bringing on the looks of it. Allison-connectable Halls and Aylesfords were first found in Lincolnshire with English Grasse's, and the latter share the lion of Ale's/Alleys, excellent because while Ale's are on the Molson Beer label with Orts of Horde, Horde's were first found in Lincolnshire too.

I've been watching prepping videos lately. I'd like to show how American institutions, probably globalist, once again, are putting thumbs-down on storing foods long term. This time I was looking into waxing cheese; even though it can make cheese last 10-20 years without refrigeration, here's what google feeds us at the top of a query on the topic: "Waxing cheese is a method to minimize mold growth on the surface of cheese. It cannot prevent growth or survival of many illness-causing bacteria. In fact, it may promote anaerobic (absence of oxygen) bacteria growth, such as botulism. The practice of waxing cheese for storage is considered extremely unsafe."

Uh, er, but wait. Only one American dies per year from botulism poisoning, and only 25-30 Americans even get the poisoning, annually, not all from food. So, figure how many people have waxed their cheeses, and probably not one per several years has ever had a serious botulism case. Someone's lying to us, causing fear to curb our wise choice to prepare long-term foods.

Socialism of the liberal kind is social control, which is why they engineer social culture, and expend themselves on educating us with lies and half-truths. Learn their schemes, learn their agendas, learn their tactics. "Cheese treated with cheese wax will store for up to 25 years at a mild to cool temperature." Cheese wax is reusable, bonus. Just melt the wax and dip the cheese a few times. The more you dip, the longer it could last. Two dips could get you five years, especially as they are packing products with preservatives now, not for our benefits, but for their own. My butter never grows mold anymore. You can make butter last forever by turning it to ghee, which doesn't sound as good as it tastes.

I was watching videos on making certain vegetables from vegetables, no seeds needed. So, if a tribulation were to begin suddenly, you can cut off the ends of celery, lettuce, carrots, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, and beets, and they will start to grow all over again, as do pieces of potatoes. Plant them first in some water to lets root tips develop, then place into the soil. That list contains just about all the vegetable I buy regularly, aside from spinach, squash, peppers and cucumbers. I'm no longer wasting my money on lettuce. Spinach / kale is the way to go for killing baddies in the body.

You can also plant tomato stem cuttings (a couple of inches in damp ground or glass of water), and get a tomato plant per cutting out of it, if you have a long-enough season after the stems have developed. Cuttings from the several herbs can also be used to grow new plants. Just a little food for your thoughts, city slickers. If herbs don't turn you on, you can do blueberry cuttings too, yum-yum.


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