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September 1 - 7, 2020

God's Inortinate Emphasis on Orts of Horde
The Old Beer Bottle Keeps Talking
I Found Another Rusty Spike and Nail
I Had a Tie-Shoe Dream, The Master's Stroke

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I take vitamin D all winter: "Vitamin D deficiency raises COVID-19 infection risk by 77%, study finds" Never mind vaccinations; everybody get over-dosed on vitamin D today. This find can explain why flus spread more in winter, when people hide their skin from the sun. Whatever other reasons were officially given for the higher-spread of the flu in winter, I'd guess they take a back seat to this D find. I read that 20 minutes of sun exposure is enough for the daily need of vitamin D.

The natural thing to do now if for some concerned doctors to do a study to verify those findings. "Among those found to be lacking the key nutrient, 22% contracted COVID-19, the data showed. Of the 60% of study subjects with adequate vitamin D levels, just 12% were infected, according to the researchers." What's lacking in those findings? They don't mention patients who have much more than sufficient. A study is need to answer: how much reduction in COVID infection would there be if people had twice the sufficient levels of D?

WOW, watch this video below, or fast-forward, to at least the 10th minute before he finally starts getting to the point: only 2-percent of COVID patients tested entered critical illness stages when their bodies were ramped up with a high concentration of vitamin D over seven days, versus 50-percent who became seriously ill without the vitamin D!!! WOW, that's just as cheap and accessible as hydroxychloroquine, and the Democrats can't demonize vitamin D as they did chloroquine. BUT, will the murderous Democrat news shows spread this information around??? Will Trump's task force spread this around? If not, then I'd suggest that Trump had dedicated himself to vaccinations, BEWARE that man if his task force does not advertise this study.

The doctor in the video above seems aghast that the World Health Organization is not conducting studies on this vitamin-D treatment. I think he's about ready to become a "conspiracy theorist," a thing I think he's been resisting until now. Something is way wrong, isn't it, doc? Your world of professionals is stacked with killers, isn't that right, doc, for the sake of big money, and now even for the political throne that leads to big money?

He says (22nd minute) that all 76 patients were given hydroxychloroquine (doesn't say how much), and so it's possible that this drug is required along with vitamin D i.e. the D alone may not perform as well. This study administered in the order of 15 times as much D as the daily suggested requirement (1000 IUs daily) on a D bottle off the drugstore shelf. It shows that D poisoning is not easy, but beware, because off-the-shelf D takes a few days to start working, by which time someone could be very sick with COVID. Instead of taking bottled D, get the person to the hospital, and demand the "calcifediol" D treatment that this study administered: about .5 mg orally on the first day, and half as much on the 3rd and 7th days. All 50 patients walked away unscathed even though all 50 were already in the hospital when they became part of the study. It's a miracle "drug."

This world is ready to jail doctors who try to resolve COVID patients with mere vitamins, and now we know why: because there's real danger, in not taking vitamin D, just the way the schemers like it. It's sure to be part of their population-reduction programs, and if we don't scream against it, then we might just be forsaken by God if the disease and the scheme comes round to us. I'd say that, shortly, there should be mainline articles seeking to debunk the vitamin-D finds. They are not new finds this year, actually:

A few years back, respiratory physician Adrian Martineau of Queen Mary University of London and colleagues analyzed data from about 11,000 participants in 25 trials that tested the effect of vitamin D supplementation on the risk of contracting an acute respiratory tract infection such as influenza. They determined that taking a daily or weekly dose of vitamin D was protective against infections and safe overall. People with the lowest starting vitamin D levels benefitted the most from supplementation.

...For instance, a study of people in the United Kingdom published in May in Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews did not find evidence for a link between vitamin D levels and getting COVID-19 or having a poorer prognosis afterwards. Based on the conflicting evidence, itís not clear whether the supplement is right for everyone.

Did I say that articles will come out shortly? It looks like there have even been fake studies, in the past, seeking to debunk the D cure. We can expect such foul play. Take your D today. Do not trust everything you read from professionals, because some of them are corrupt. "Vitamin" does not exist on Trump's Twitter archives for the past few weeks? He's not talking about this cure even though he has a large stake in how the COVID crisis works out. The COVID crisis is not going to work itself out because it's being manipulated by humans. Trump is a murderer by the sin of omission, and now by getting into bed with vaccination companies.

Forcing people to stay in the house for weeks and months makes them vitamin-D deficient if they don't take supplements. It could be that, as the body needs more vitamin D to fight off a virus, the skin / body then generates more D from sunshine as a defence mechanism, whereas if the body does not need it, the skin / body stifles over-production. It could even be that the masters of the COVID crisis know that sunshine stifles viruses' even after they get into our bodies, and thus they forced the people, as much as possible, to stay indoors. That could explain why people were not allowed onto beaches and other wide-open areas at the pain of stiff fines or arrest. Never mind China and Russia, dopes, your enemy is within and willing to destroy you if that's what it takes to get back into power at this critical-for-them stage of their agendas. These internal enemies will probably smuggle rabid Muslims into the country to stir hornet nests, watch out, if Trump wins again.

A report by the Center of Disease Control last week showed that only 6 percent of deaths from COVID-19 had the virus as the only cause of death, and the Department of Health and Environmental Control wants to clarify the "misunderstanding" on the data.

No need to clarify because there's nothing at all confusing about the statement. Asking google for this story, google offers only those article which attempt to "explain" what CDC meant. There is not need to explain, because the statement is not confusing. It says that only 6 out of 100 people who died with a positive test for COVID died with no other illness as the official cause listed by a doctor. And that's not to say that those who tested positive actually had COVID because I think they are deceiving us on that front too, testing people positive who don't really have the infection.

I think they had a plan to kill off the most "useless" people who are very sick and near death. I think they used COVID to fast-forward their deaths to save tax and insurance money. Even amongst the 6 percent, most were elderly people, and they may have been murdered by some invisible / unreported method. Trump is partially responsible for these murders by not stopping them, by not investigating the suspicious numbers pumped out by the CDC, by not investigating the liberal doctors who clearly wanted a high number of COVID deaths. Trump will pay the price he deserves for this, without a doubt.

It was discovered that authorities over the heads of doctors were coercing them to write some deaths down as COVID deaths even when COVID didn't play much of a role. Therefore, the 6-percent figure is too high in itself, because many liberal doctors didn't need to be coerced; they were only too happy to do it. It tends to mean that COVID was a nothing-burger disease, and that all the horror stories about it were manufactured. It explains why young people don't even get sick...because it's not a harsh disease. In order to murder people in hospitals who have this mild disease, you need to stick them with something more harsh.

Even Britain is admitting that the mortality rate for COVID is 1 per 500. But as Britain is a part of this scam (its exaggerating), the truth is likely to be closer to 1 per 1000. The liberals played a crime upon us all, and they need to be punished for this. Perhaps the liberal leaders are seeing that this crime is pitting Democrat voters against the Democrat party, and so the manufacturers of this crime are easing up on the hysteria, especially as it's not making the people turn against Trump for being the bottom-line cause of the crisis.

Puss in Boots

I had fun proving, in the last update, that God arranged the things on the window-shelf that you can see in this photo. Apparently, I didn't exhaust all that was Intended. I may have mentioned that the cowboy boots are brown, but I failed to go into the Bruno > Brown bloodline. I remember having the choice between black or brown boots, and, although I had a qualm over the color of these boots, I didn't like the black boots. I think I now know why I bought brown.

I don't use a cell phone, and my old camera won't upload pics to my computer as of a few months ago, due to some software problem i.e. I can't show you an up-to-date photo of the window-shelf. The boot you see at the far end is now on the center shelf with a silver kettle and a hand drill. I think you're going to be impressed with this. As I said, Don Frey left his baseball cap (black) here, and it's been sitting on the top of the boot for almost a year.

The last update showed that the Italian Botters were kin of Chatans and Cato's/Chattans. Botters once showed a straight bend, like that of Cat's/Chattans, but now have it rounded / bowed for a special reason I do not know. My claim is that the silver kettle, which I think I picked up at some place selling antiques, is a pointer to German Silvers, first found in Hesse, because the Germanic Chatti (i.e. like "Chattan") were at Hesse-Cassel. Well, Botters were first found in Tuscany with Bruno's, and English Silvers/Silversteins share the BRUNswick lion. (Load the Botter link to access other surnames as you read along.)

Sure, that could all be coincidental, but there's more to show Intelligent design, including the Botter-like cowboy boot, and the fact that BUTTERi cowboys operated ranches on both sides of Rome, the north side being Tuscany. Botters were first found in Lucca, and it's very important that Lucca's use a CAT for more reason that the cat of Clan Chattan. As was said, Clan Chattan uses a "bot" motto term: "Touch not the cat bot a glove." It's intended to mean "but with a glove," yet "bot" is used as code for a Botter / Butteri line, for example the Boots, first found in Berkshire. It just so happens that Berkshire's (Wiltshire, beside English Botters) share the fret with Blake's/CADDELLs and CATTels.

It gets even better when we speculate on Blake's being a Black branch, for the baseball CAP sitting on the boot is black. Blacks share the same star used by Italian Botters. And then the hand DRILL lying on the same shelf with boot and kettle is a pointer to the Drilon river, home of the Cavii Illyrians that I've been tracing to Chives' for years (I'm not making it up now). The Chives use mountain cats!!! is that not astonishing? So, we load Mountains and find the English branch sharing the Bruno bend, and then the saltire of French Mountains is in the colors of the similar cross of English Bruns (Bruno colors). Still think that these things are mere coincidences?

Well it just so happens that the cross of Bruns is shared by Scottish Croziers who in turn share the Brown fleur-de-lys, and the full Crozier Coat is the Arms of Chalons-en Champagne, which is also called, CHATILLon. It looks like the Cattel / Caddell line. One Chalon surname uses nothing but a gold bend, ditto with Bruno's, and the French Chalon bend is in both colors of the Porci bend, suggesting that we are on the line of Porcius Cato to Clan Chattan. The Chalon bend is shared by Collins except that the latter put the Joseph martlet on their bend, and these Josephs can be traced to the priestly line of Israel in Flavius Josephus, whose Flavius name was adopted from the imperial Flavians of Rita-like Rieti. The Rita's (Rome, home of Butteri) share a curved bend with Botters; aside from those two and Wettins, I can't think of another surname having a curved bend.

Wikipedia might still be telling that Porcius Cato had land in Sabina, and it just so happens that Rieti is in Sabina. Rieti-like Reeds appear to be on the Brown motto term, "FloREAT," along with Florence elements. Bruno's were first found in Florence. Moreover, Rome is where Luciano's were first found who look linkable, thanks to the curved Rita bend, to the Lucca location of Botters. Luciano's share white-on-red fish with Lucys/Luce's, and the Bute's/Boets/Bote's have a gold-on-red fish, excellent outcome!!! That is fantastic for linking Botters to Boets, very-Sadducee important. Plus, while Lucys/Luce's use pike fish, the Boet fish is in the colors of the pike heads of Geddes'.

Look at how this Geddes-family piece suggests the Butteri cowboys around Lucca: "For many generations, perhaps thirty, Sir Auckland states, the Geddes' stock produced no man of note. They remained 'reivers, and cattle lifters until neither Scotland or England could tolerate them any longer, and they were dispersed. One small group took to the sea and escaped to the far north of Scotland [location of Caithness], there offering their swords and services to the Clan Mackay. Others fled to England and changed their name to Pike, Luce or Lucy." It looks like the Luciano / Lucca bloodline.

It doesn't look like a coincidence that the Glove's in the Clan-Chattan motto are in Catter colors and format. Catters (fish in Fish colors) were first found in Berkshire with Boots, we get it: God did put that kettle beside my boots. Fish almost have the Coat of Browns, bringing us back to the Botter-Bruno relationship implied in this discussion. The Fish / Brown Coat is that also of Vaughns while Vans/Fane's (gauntlet GLOVES, no guff) are from Fano, beside Cattolica. Bidens/Buttons share the Bute/Boet/Bote fesse, no malarkey.

Maschi's were beside Cattolica too, and their Macey kin have gauntlet gloves while Macey-branch Mackays (up Caithness way) share the brown Keith / Kettle stag head, and Kettle's share the Maschi lion. The Keiths come up as "Mascal," and the Mascals have the escutcheon of Sadducee-like Saddocks (Sussex, same as Mascals) in colors reversed. Mackays share the muzzled bear of the Alis' who in turn have the two-word Keith motto in reverse. The muzzled bear is used also by Berwicks and Barwicks; the latter's bears are in the colors of the Beer bear. The cowboy boot once stood where the beer BOTTle now stands. The Daggers in the Mackay Coat were first found in Cumberland with Browns.

Rita's use "pieces of wood," and Woods were first found in Leicestershire with Bliss'/Bless'. Woods use a savage and Sauvage's were first found in Champagne, making them suspect with Chatillon elements. The Blaise variation of Blaze's "are believed to be originally from Blay, 3 miles north east of Le Molay in Calvados." Blay-like Bleys are listed with Bles'/Bleds. Molay is like the Molsons, and the beer on my shelf is by Molson. Molsons share the stars of Sutherlands and Pike's/Pickens, and Mackays were first found in Sutherland.

Just to assure there's no mistake in a Botter-Cato link to Porcius Cato, the Porci Coat is a reflection of the Bliss/Bless Coat, and while the latter are said to be Blois elements, the counts of Blois were related to the counts of Chatillon (share blue-vair fur with Bliss'/Bless' and Silvers/Silversteins). Vair is an heraldic fur, and a fur tree stands in the Coat of Keith-related Alis'. While Blaze's share the Black saltire, English Blake's have a single pale bar in the colors of the pale bar formed by the three cats of Keats'...which is a subtle Black-line link to the Chatti / Catti, and so the Blake merger with Cattel-like Caddells suggests that Chatillon was a line from the Germanic Chatti. It just so happens that the Arms of Chatillon's counts had three blue-vaired pale bars on red while Keiths have three pale bars on red in their Chief.

This brings us to the kettle beside the cowboy boots, for Kettle's (branch of Keat-like Keiths) share the Maschi lion while Maschi's were first found in Rimini, right beside CATTOLica (wasn't necessarily named originally after "catholic.").

As the family of Porcius Cato got related to the line of Quintus CAEPio, that baseball CAP on the boot must have been put there by God to point to that very thing, and so we can glean here a Caepio descent from Cavii Illyrians. I don't think it's coincidental that English Botters have an eagle standing on a PERCH, for Perichs are listed with Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia so that is one heraldic swoop, Boethus-suspect Botters point to the home of Laevi Gauls in the veins of Caiaphas. The baseball cap even as "TeachAway" written upon it, and Teach-like Tease's / Teece's are from the Ticino river through Pavia!!! The cap belonged to a teacher at Seneca College (Toronto). Teece's were first found in Hampshire with Botters!!! Outstanding work by God!

For what it's worth, Teachs's/Tacks (like Tease's/Tecks) were first found in Suffolk (beside Risings) with Mannings who share their cinquefoils. Mansells, a branch of MANSfields, use a "falcon RISING," and Butua is beside Rhizon.

Don Frey had been hospitalized. When I went to visit him, I found him wiping up his urine on the floor (he had spilled some). I'm telling this story because urine was a symbol of mythical Orion of BOEOTia!! Incredible. Orion elements must have been at Butua. The BASEball cap is capable of tracing with Base's to the Bessin, which contains the ORNE river of Orion liners!!! German Base's/Bassens show nothing but two hunting HORNs, and while Orne's are also Horns, Orion was the mythical hunter.

If "TeachaWAY" was arranged by God to have me look up the Ways, they happen to use fish in the colors of the Saraca fish. The latter's is on a fesse like that of Butts/BOETs, and while the latter's fish is in the colors of the Geddes' pike fish, the Geds use three pikes in the same format and colors as the Way fish. Plus, the Butt/Boet Coat is a good Coat reflection of the Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia! That's where Teach's trace, and where English Botters point who were first found in Hampshire with the Buttons/Bidens sharing the Butt/Boet fesse!!! God couldn't get more obvious than that.

While the Cato-Caepio merger was in particular with Servilia CAEPIONis, English Capone's are in the colors and format of Welsh Chalons. But there's more, because MumMOLIN ruled our of Chalons-en-Champagne, and Chives' use a MOLINE cross. Chives' named Chivasso of the Boot-like Bautica river, and Bauts were first found in Auvergne with French Croziers. As was said, the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne is the Coat of Scottish Croziers, and the latter were first found in LIDDESdale, perhaps a thing that can be expounded upon by the LID of the silver kettle. It could be that the Crozier Crest has a BROWN stag head to go with the same of Keiths. In any case, while Champagne is also called, Campania, Italian Capone's were first found in Campania.

There is an Italian Capote surname, first found in Florence with Bruno's, showing a Capone and Capi variation. Mr. Frey left his BASEball CAP here, and English Base's (Lincolnshire, same as Horde's) share the Brunswick Coat, what are the chances? This gets important where English Freys share the Coat of Freys'/Freeze's (Essex, same as Quints) having a Pharisee-like Phreeze variation, for French Capote's have a Caiaphas-like Chappus variation, suggesting that God caused Mr. Frey to visit me, out of the blue a couple of years ago, after we hadn't seen each other in over 12 years. The message seems to be that Joseph Caiaphas, killer of Jesus, was related to the line of Quintus Caepio.

I kid you not that I owned a lacrosse racket once in my life, in the ballpark of age 12. I've told this a few times before, that I would bounce a lacrosse ball, with the racket, against our neighbors's brick wall whose first name is Bruno. The LaCROSSE surname shares the Coat of English Bruns, i.e. with the Crozier/Crosar cross.

The spot where you see the boot in the photo is the spot where the old Molson beer bottle (could be from 1960s, 70's at the latest) now sits that was dug up out of my soil with beer still in it, RUSTy CAP still holding a tight seal. The Molsons are said to be from Mueles of Calvados, and the Caps/Capes' are said to be from Capes near Calvados. RUSTs have a version of the Blaze Coat, and Blaze's are said to have named Blay, three miles from Molson-like Molay, in Calvados. A bunch of coincidences? Or did God arrange that beer on my shelf?

From the last update: "...crowns are the only symbols showing for the Shield of Bottle's/Bootells/ButHILLs. Those three crowns are in the format, and colors reversed from, the three caps of Cappers/Caps'/Keppers."

RUSTicus of Lyon was the great-grandfather of Mummolin of Chatillon, and Rusticus' daughter married Florentinus (5th century) while Scalia's were first found in Florence with Bruno's. The Caps/Capes's share the scallops of Scale's, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with the Silvers/Silversteins sharing the Brunswick lion. Scale's share five white feathers in Crest with BUTlers, and Butlers share cups with Larrys/Lowrys. Is that a pointer to Larry Silverstein? Larrys/Lowrys look like they love the Pullys/Pullens (from the Flavians of Rieti) in their motto, who in turn share the martlets of Josephs (from Flavius Josephus) and Chalons-branch Collins i.e. expected from Chalons = Chatillon.

MumMOLIN is expected to the Moline's (share black moline with Chives'), first found in Devon with Beers and MOLsons/Moltons. Moulins and/or Molins' can apply to Mummolin liners, and the latter happen to use a "gloria" motto term while Glorys are listed with Irish Lowrys sharing the Larry/Lowry Coat. Dutch Beers put a lone red crescent over a black saltire, and Blacks (share Rust saltire) have a lone red star over their black saltire that can be the lone Botter star. The same Black have a lone crescent under their saltire that's in both colors of the Beer crescent. The BLACK baseball CAP is now sitting on the boot that was once standing where the beer bottle is now standing that has a rusty cap (no paint left on it at all). Coincidences?

English Bruns tell of a Mr. Brune, sheriff of London in early times, and Caps/capes' were first found in London. Bruns were first found in London's Middlesex with the Apps sharing the Cap/Capes scallops, but the Apps' throw in a fessewise string of lozenges in the colors of the fessewise string of mascles of Luke's/Luchs, what a lucky "coincidence." The saltire-using Blacks have a "lux" motto term while Lux's are listed with Luchs.

Molsons are said to have been at Mueles, and Italian Capote's/Capone's/Capi's happen to use a mule. It really makes that rusty cap look applicable. It just so happens that Molsons share the stars of Salome's, expected from Salome BOETHus, from the Sadducees. Caiaphas was a Sadducee. As the boot was where the beer now is, by what coincidence is "Boethus," as well as the Bute/Boet/Bote surname, like "boot." The Boots are also Boethus-like Bootes'.

The Blacks share a lone crescent (different colors) with French Bruns, which tends to assure a Black merger with Tuscany elements, Bruno's and Botters together. French Bruns share the saltire of Oddie's, in Ottone/Otto colors, make the Black-beloved Lux's/Luchs suspect with the giant, black bull head of Auto's/Otto's. The solid chevron, used by Ottone's/Otto's and Chappes' in the same colors, is called a PERchevron, which I read as a PERCHevron too as code for Perich variation of Pierro's/PERo's having a reflection of the Bute/Boet/Bote Coat. Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia with the Laevi Gauls whose blood I see in the veins of Chappes-like Caiaphas. If correct, Laevi had to descend from the line of the Biblical Levi so that, in this way, Caiaphas' bloodline had a blood-right to the Jerusalem priesthood. The "pour le" motto phrase of Pierre's looks like code for the Pearl variation of Peare's who in-turn share a part of the Bott-like Abott/Abbot Coat. Abotts/Abbots were not named after an abbot, were they?

Abotts share pears with Parrots, and antique-like Anticks use a giant parrot. There are seven antiques, not including the beer, on my window-shelf (two rusty horseshoes from the soil, rusty axe head from as early as 1950s, draw shave, hand drill, sheep shears, kettle). The Chief-Shield color combo of Parrots is that of Caps/Capes' too, and the latter were first found near the first-known Peare's and Abotts (both in Oxfordshire, near the first-known Boots/Bootes of Berkshire).

Doesn't PERKing coffee and a kettle go together? Do I detect a Perich-line link to Kettle's? In fact, wow, after asking that question and pondering a minute, it was realized that Pierro's/Perichs/Pero's share the red fesse with Kettle-like Chettle's, and while that could be deemed a coincidence, the Chettle fesse is a dancette while Italian Dance's share the pale bar of Pero's/Perino's/Perichs (Piedmont, same as Dance's)! English Dance's have both the Chettle fesse and the Pierro/Perich/Pero fesse. It appears that Chatti were at Pavia, or at least merged with Pavia elements, and as Marici co-founded Pavia with Laevi, it should explain why Pavers share checks (different colors) with Marks. Jewish Marks share the same checks on a fesse of Boet-like Boyds/BOIDs.

Are Pero's part of the Perkins/Parking bloodline? The latter do share the Levi lion, after all, except that Levi's give it a gold crown, as has the same-colored lion head of Italian Capone's/Capua's. As my kettle has a lid, what would be the chances that Litts and Liddle's share the Perkin/Parking fleur-de-lys?

The boot is beside the kettle, and kettles perk their contents. What are the chances that English Botters describe their eagle as "standing on a PERCH"? Why Botters? Because, Botter liners of the Boet kind were in Pavia, or at least merged with the Pierro's/Perichs/Pero's. And then Pierre's almost have the Bruno Coat except that Bruno's throw in a lion in Sforza-lion colors. German Freys share Sforza lion, and Freys are suspect in at least merging with a Pharisee line. Sforza's were Visconti kin, and it just so happens that Sforza's were first found in Rome with the Rita's almost sharing the Sforza Coat, and Rita's share a curved feature with the PERCHevron of Ottone's/Otto's, and a curved bend with Italian Botters.

Pierre's and Bruno's share the bend of English Mountains while French Mountains were first found in Languedoc with Pierre's. Chives' use mountain cats. Lucca's use the cat, but make it spotted so as to look like the leopard of Mosca's (Pisa, near Lucca). The design of the Mosca leopard is in the Chives Crest as a mountain cat. How did houseofnames come to put a leopard design as a cat in the Chives Crest unless someone knew the Chives link to someone's leopard? Heraldic cats are not usually spotted. These are tricks of the heraldic trade for making bloodline links. The Cavii were on the Drilon river while my Catti-line silver kettle now stands in the U-shape of the antique hand drill.

Litts were first found in Silesia with Handle's / Handells, and the kettle stands right in the U-shape handle of the hand drill.

I see Perkins from Perga, home of Plancia MAGNa, and then the Liddle-branch Little's have a "Magnum" motto term. Liddle's use the spur, a cowboy theme, and while Hinks are expected in the "Hinc" motto term of Liddle's, Hinks share the saltire of Latins (Florence) who in turn use stirrups...suggesting linkage to Butteri cowboys. English Latins share the Little saltire. Italian Latins mention an early BRUNetto Latini, and Brunetto's are listed with Bruno's. The Handle Coat (identical to Moray Coat) is colors reversed from the one of Hink-like Ines'/Innice's (Ince's / Inch's are like the Hinch variation of Hinks) of Moray. Of course, the kettle itself has a handle, but it happens to be black, and Little's share the lone Black crescent'.

The way to assure that Ottone's/Otto's passed through Ottone Visconti is where Bono's (Otone/Olten colors), first found in Milan with Ottone Visconti, share the lion of Oddie-branch Odins (crozier) and Otone's/Oltens. Moreover, Oddie's and Odins were at GISburn while I see VISconti's as a branch of GUIScards/WISharts, first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes'.

The first grandmaster of the Templars married Elizabeth Chappes, which begs a story in itself. He was Hugh de Payens, and then Payens are also Peans while "pean" is the heraldic name of ermines on gold background, used by Gisburns. There's pean in the sleeve of the Perken (not "Perkin") Crest, and while Perkens use feathers with Feathers/Fathers, Fetters share the giant Hesse sun (Fetters could have linked to Chatti of Hesse). Then, as more evidence that Chatti could have been at Pavia, Pavia's share the Feet/Fate Coat. The three martlets of the latter two surnames are on the bend of English Blake's while Scottish Blake's are also Cassel-like Caddells.

Kettle's are said and shown (with stag head) to be a branch of Keiths (stag head) who in turn are said to be from a Catti tribe, and I did read an article telling that Germanic Chatti named Caithness in Scotland, becoming the Catti there. The Kettle Coat looks like play on the Fowler Coat, and while Henry Fowler was the father of Otto I, Ottone Visconti can be named after Otto's line. That's being said because Ottone's/Otto's use a curved chevron in the colors of the curved bend of Botters.

Pointer to Adam Schiff Possible

In this section, I'll investigate whether the roof leak mentioned in the last update points to Adam Schiff leaking John Ratcliffe's Intelligence briefings to the congress this past week. Mr. Ratcliffe complained about the House leaking them as soon as he gave the briefing.

But first, I'd like to mention that, on the evening after writing the last section, I was pulling weeds when I came across the top of a giant spike sticking a little out of the dirt. It's about ten inches long and 3/4" square, an old-fashioned spike made of square iron rod. In the photo is presented above, there are five such spikes on the small window-ledge, but they are hard to see. One can make out the 1" thick spike, but there are four others lying upon it and perpendicular to it.

Then, as little as five minutes later, I came across an old-fashioned square nail 2.5" long with a 1/4" head. What are the chances? These items have been lying on this lawn for about eight years in undisturbed soil, and here I come across them back-to-back in a few minutes? It's only the second square nail I've ever found here, so they are not common.

I believe that someone was dumping garbage at the front, because the soils is littered with broken glass of all sorts, from colored jars and white pottery too. All of the metal objects I've uncovered came from that front area, including machine parts. I have a pile of broken glass upon a rock.

Spike's/Specks happen to use a PORCupine suspect partly with Porcius Cato. He is a topic in the section above. Oh wow, French Pine's share the cinquefoils of McKinneys while Proctors use nails. Ainsley Earhardt married both Mr. McKinney and Mr. Proctor. What is this? Although the spike-nail-glass topic was not supposed to be related to my discussion on Adam Schiff, I had a few ducks lined up on what to say about Schiff, and part of it was to address the similarity between the English Adam Coat and the Ainsley Coat.

Oh wow, the white pottery I find in the soil can be PORCelain. Just look at that coincidence, for Porcius Cato is the line to Botters, and part of my ducks-in-a-row on Schiff will point to Butua, which brought the Botters to mind before Porcius Cato came to mind here as per the Spike Crest. But wow, pottery-like Potters were first found in Hampshire with English Botters! What is going on here? While the Scottish Glass surname shares the stars of Gleasons, the latter have them on a white bend so as to reflect the Botter bend with lone star.

Pow-wow, there is a porcelain-like Porcel/Pucell surname (new to me right here) with black-on-gold boar heads, the colors of the Porcia boars!!! ASTOUNDING coincidence. For the record, Porcells share "Aut" twice with Saffers/Savarys. (Pucells recall the Pucks/Puckells; German Pucks have a version of the Ottone Coat.)

When I told about the broken glass, I was not thinking at all about Broke's/Brocks being a branch of Brocuffs who come up as Proctor-like Procks!!! WOW. I was finding broken glass this evening along with the spike and nail. I tossed a few pieces of broken glass, as well as some small rocks / stones, onto the big rock where I keep those things. Although the Schiff topic was not in my mind related to the dirt finds tonight, I was going to start the Schiff topic with Chives' and Moline's, the latter first found in DARTington (Devon, same as Darts/DARDs and Pine's), where heraldic darts trace, one of which is said to be in the paw of the Broke/Brock lion! Pine's are from king Pinnes, whose mother was DARdanian, and one Adam Coat is the Rising Coat (almost) while Rhizon was within reach of Dardanians. I aim to get to all that.

Glaze's, whom I can connect to Glasgows via Lords in the Glasgow motto, share the Chief-Shield colors combo of Broke's/Brocks and Brocuffs/Procks. The BROKEn glass. Yet some of it was pottery was in colors, which requires a GLAZing (paint job) and high heat in a kiln. Glaze's/Glasiers share a heart in Crest with Irish Adams, surname, and the three Proctor nails are in the Logan heart.

It's giving me the impression that Proctors were a Brock branch, and therefore it's interesting that Brocks share the lone fleur-de-lys of Earhardts. The latter use two snakes circling their fleur, while I've talked about the Snake/Snook link to similar Seneca's sharing mascles on blue with Spinks who in turn share the Snake and SANS/Sanchez eagle while Seneca's are also SENESchals. This is incredible because Brocuffs/Procks have a Spink-suspect sphinx! Zikers. And the Snake/Snook Coat is a mighty-good reflection of the Kettle Coat while a Kettle branche(s) was very close to Botters. Those mascles above are for the Mascal bloodline, and Kettle-branch Keiths come up when you ask for the Mascal surname.

MORE INCREDIBLE. The Don Frey mentioned above, who left his cap here, was a professor at Seneca college (Toronto)! What is this? Note how the Freys' are Freeze's while Frasers share the Pine / McKinney cinquefoils.

Repeat: "Glaze's, whom I can connect to Glasgows via Lords in the Glasgow motto..." Lords (share Glaze pheons) are also Lauds and share the cinquefoils of Amptons while Ladys/LAUDymans were first found in NorthAMPTONshire...with Spinks! Clickety-click all over the place. It just so happens that the Lord cinquefoils are colors reversed from the same of Pine's / McKinneys / Frasers / Kims.

Just so we understand the Fraser link to Ainsley Earhardt, because she worked into the discussion, in the last update, on the extension CORD to my freezer, the Fraser motto is shared by McKinney-branch Kims/M'Kimmie's, and the wild thing now is that Kims were first found on Butua-like Bute along with Glass'!!! INCREDIBLE. This discussion is due to the Spike porcuPINE and PORCupine together, yet it all goes to the Botter-Cato topic of this morning BEFORE the spike and nail were found.

Butua is beside Kotor, and Cutters share the Chief-Shield colors of Broke's/Brocks / Brocuffs/Procks.

Kims/M'Kinnie's/SHIMMIe's share the brown stag head with Kettle's and Keiths, and then while English Shins/Chinne's share the Kemmis/Kenys Coat, Irish Shims have the Chalon Coat (expected from Chatillon) that shares the Porci bend. Shims/Chinns happen to have a Coat reflecting the Arms of Chatillon, and then the Porci Coat looks like a version of the Bliss/Bless Coat while the latter were of the Chatillon-related Blois'.

Ahhh, compare "Porc" with "Proc(tor)"!!! While the Shins/Chinns can be linked to McKinneys, the surname of one husband of Miss Earhardt, the other husband was Mr. Proctor. While Miss Earhardt works for Fox news, it's interesting that there's a fox on the bend of Fes'/Fez's without which would make it the Chalon Coat. Then, Porci's use that bend along with the same fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys. If God arranged these heraldic connections to her, and if he caused me to find the spike and nail tonight amid the broken glass, WHY?

Or, why would God care about making a Porcius-Cato link to Brocks and Proctors? Brocks do share a gold fleur-de-lys with Porci's. If the latter's Shield were blue, it would be the Bruno bend with the Brown fleur-de-lys.

Good morning. I heard on the news last night that Adam Schiff may have leaked the Ratcliffe Intelligence update, and so I started to wonder whether the leak I spoke of in the last update might pertain to Schiff, for he's been a leaker in the past, and was the tool used for the leak leading to Trump's impeachment. I noticed that "Schiff" is like the Shives variation of Chives', and so I recalled that Chives' (share black moline with Moline's) were once said to have been first found in Devon with Molsons/Moltons and Moline's. The roof leak enters the wall each melting season, comes down upon the top jamb of the window shelf, and leaks only on the far shelf where the Molson beer sits.

After loading Schiffs and a few other surnames, I realized that Schiffs share the three ravens of Roofs. As was said, the beer is an Export brand, and while the "EX" is no longer on the label, there's just a sliver of the 'P' left so that it now spells, ORT. English Orts are said to have named Horde, and then Horde's use a raven in their Chief. Upon the same shelf as the beer there is a HORSEshoe, and the Horse surname might be a branch of Horde's, for there is a horse head in the Horde Crest. It's interesting that the Capote/Chapus Coat is almost the Wray Coat.

Hordley came up in the last update, where it says that BAGleys were at Hordley, and it just so happens that, last year, I put a hole into the wallboard in a closet, and taped a plastic bag to the base of the 2x4 stud where the water drips down the wall (hoping to catch most of the water in the bag before it drips onto the shelf). The bag sits on the closet floor while taped. The Flore and Flora surnames are traceable to Bruno's and Browns, and therefore to Bryneich-like Brunswick. Bryneich was the old name of Bernicia at Berwick, and Orts were beside Berwick. I neglected to realize in the last update that the Ort write-up had the Ord or Horde location a couple of miles from Berwick, but I did say, wholly unrelated to the Ort surname: "The Beer bear is in the colors of the Barwick bear heads..." Is that not amazing?

Molson-like Melsons/Milsons, in Bagley colors, were first found in Shropshire with Hordley. Horts happen to share the fesse of Belgian Mouline's! That's humanly impossible, because it makes it look like God took off the first letters of "EXPORT" so that only "ORT" remains. Milson-like Mile's/Mills' use a moline cross in Melson/Milson colors, and wow, "Ex" happens to be a Mile/Mills motto term while Mile's/Mills were first found in Hampshire with Ports and Porters!!!!!!! Molson ExPORT beer, at your service! A sliver of the 'P' is still their so that it can read "PORT" or "ORT." Ports share a blue chevron with Melsons/Milsons. Molton-like Miltons (version of Stone Coat) share the vertically-split Shield on Bono's of MILan.

Miles' (millrind), who share a green Chief with Rocks (rooks), were first found in Lincolnshire with Horde's. Horts were first found in Oxfordshire with the Rooks sharing the raven with Horde's and Schiffs. I piled rocks and stones beside the broken glass.

Orts use three fish in pale in the colors of the Catter fish, and Catters were first found in Berkshire (beside Cotters) with Butua-like Boots while Butua is beside Catter-like Kotor and Rhizon. Again, the Scot-English Adams share the Rising Coat, almost.

I can begin to see why I am doing this exercise at all, because the Horde's share the Chief-Shield combo of Capote's/Chapus', a surname that gets very close to "Caiaphas.," whose line is expected to/from the root of Chives'. The leak has to do with freezing and melting, and while Freys'/Freeze's/PHREEZE's show nothing but horses in the colors of the Horse gyronny, Capote's/Chapus' were first found in freeze-like Forez, hmmm. Mont Pilat is at the southern end of the Forez mountains, and French Pilate's/Pilotte's share the Glaze/Glasier Coat, by the way. Glass' were first found in BUTEshire, and Glaze's/Glasier's share the Chief-Shield colors of Kotor-like Cutters. English Pilotte's were first found in Lincolnshire with Horde's. English Pilotte's share a Shaw Coat while Chives/Shives'/Shewas' can be linked to English Sheaves'/Shaws, first found in Berkshire with Boots and Cottars. It just so happens that Butua (now Budva) and Kotor are very near the Drilon river of the Chives-line Cavii.

There is no regular ceiling on the north side of the upper floor that gets little sun on the roof. The roof line is the ceiling, and so snow piles up on the roof VALLEY all winter with little melt due to lack of sunlight, turning to solid ice inches thick upon the shingles due to short, mild periods (we always get rain in February, and after penetrating the slushy snow, it all freezes solid above the shingles). So, as the heat of the upper floor goes through the roof, it melts a layer of this along the shingles, but there is no heat down the roof at the overhang; the ice there, the thickest of all up to six inches, stays solid until April. This ice blocks the melted ice from flowing off the roof, and so, pooling on the shingles (trapped under solid ice), water gets through the shingles and drains down (follows) the roof beam -- under the roof VALLEY, very important. This beam sits upon a wall, and so the water continues into the wall and finds its way down to the shelf with the beer.

That's all said because Irish WALLs/WALLIE's are meaningful, first due to their SCIMitar, for Schims/Schiens share the MOLE boar head, a surname like "Molson/Molton." The water along the VALLEY beam, and into the WALL, begins to speak.

The Wall/Wallie scimitar has drops upon it, and Drops/Trope's are expected from Tropoje, up one of the Drilon tributaries (don't know the name). I kid you not, the leaking water come onto my shelf in drips, never running with a steady flow, and drips are DROPs. The Wall/Wallie surname speaks again a mighty-compelling thing. What are the chances that Vaux's/Vallibus' share the Molson stars??? What are the chances that Valli's/Vallans have a moline cross??? Does my roof valley know heraldry?

Mole's were first found in Roxburghshire, near Berwick and therefore near Horde. ROXburghs share the horse head with Horde's, and have an "audax" motto term partly for Aude's, for Aude in France holds ROQUEfeuil. Irish Walls/Wallie's use "aut" twice (as do Porcels and Saffers). Aude's (Savoy, same as Forez's) share three white swords with Skins/Skene's, a Schim/Schien branch. The Dax's expected in "audax" also use white swords. Rooks share the raven with Horde's.

Barrie, Ontario, has a Molson's horse-racing track. I think it's owned by Molson beer. Scottish Barrie's share a wolf head in a crown with English Walls. The latter share the fleur-de-lys of Molson-like Melsons/Milsons. The Molson motto is "Regi Fidelis," and "Regi legi fidelis" is used by Scottish Barrie's. Does the race track know heraldry? The Fiddle's in "FIDELis" share the red wolf head with Scottish Barrie's.

Plus, there is an EMOLa location about 25 miles west of Ravenna, both near Cattolica. Both raven surnames share the raven with Roofs and Schiffs, and the latter two have three black-on-white ravens, as do Dutch Ravens. So, this exercise is apparently for identifying Molsons from the namers of Imola. The latter is about 40 miles from Ferrara, and the Ferrara lion is shared by Irish Walls/Wallie's. Then, Walerans (Devon same as Molsons) share the black bull head with Auto's/Otto's expected in the "aut" motto terms of Walls/Wallie's, and, to boot, the titles of the line of Ottone Visconti went to Sforza's who share the Ferrara Coat. Ferrara's are a little like "Freeze" of the Freys', and so it's notable that German Freys/Freie's share the Ferrara lion too.

[With Chatillon-like Cattolica in the picture, I'll mention what looks like a WHALE in the Coat of Bliss-like Blitz's/Blotz's/Plotz's having the same bend as Italian Botters and Cato's/Chattans. Porcius Cato is expected to Porci's, and the Porci bend is shared by the Chalons expected from Chalons = Chatillon; the bend is even colors reversed from the bend of Whale's (share black canton with Whalleys/Walleys), first found in Berwickshire, which once included Berwick (I assume Horde is beside Berwick). The Blitz/Plotz Coat is approximately the Bliss/Bless Coat (almost the Porci Coat) on a blue Shield. Blitz's were discovered as per Wolf Blitzer's interview with Bill Barr this week].

So, we're jumping justifiably from the water leak in the wall to Leavell-line Walerans, who have this in their write-up: "The surname Waleran was first found in Devon where the name is believed to be descended from Waleran, the great Baron of Essex, Count of Meulan in Normandy." "Meulan" sure looks like the Devon Moline's / Molsons. Meulan was also called, Mellent, and it just so happens that Mellents are listed with Scottish MILans/Millens while Ottone Visconti ruled Milan. Plus, Mellents/Milans were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Schims (and Skene's) suspect in the Crest of "aut"-using Walls/Wallie's. By the way, the Wall/Wallie scimitar is held by a bare arm, like the bare arm holding the arrows in the Arms of Rothschild.

Now that we have two clues of Waleran links to Visconti's, we can address the "noBIS" motto term of Walerans, for while the Visconti snake is called a biscione, Biss' have two green snakes (original color of Visconti snake) while the Arms of Bissone (Ticino canton of Switzerland) has the Visconti snake with child in mouth. What are the chances that German Walls show nothing but a single pale bar in colors reversed from the Biss Coat showing nothing but three scallops in pale i.e. that creates a pale bar? There we have a good indication that at least two Wall surnames are of Waleran de Leavell.

The Ticino river was home to the Laevi Gauls, whom I suspect in Lupus Laevillus (1st century AD), the line to Waleran de Leavell who married a woman of Meulan. Scottish Leavells were first found in Roxburghshire with Mole's/Molle's. The lone mascle of Whalleys/Walleys (Waleran colors and format) is colors reversed from the same of Vaux-branch Faux' and Visconti-connectable Hansons, and then while English Vaux's/VALLibus' (share Paver checks) share the Arms of Meulan, Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus' almost have the Salome Coat i.e. expected from Salome Boethus of the Sadducees. As Caiaphas-suspect Cavii were so close to Butua as to have been politically partnered with it, it speaks for itself.

The difference between the Vaux/Vallibus and Salome Coats is that the latter pierce their stars. But then Pierce's were first found in Somerset with PERCiVALs and English Leavells, and Waleran de Leavell was son of Gouel de Perceval. So, with Walerans first found in Devon with Molsons/Moltons, why do we think that the Molson stars are also those of Vaux's/ValliBUS'? Why do Milton-like Millets share the giant Bus cinquefoil?

As Ottone Visconti is suspect with the line of Henry Fowler, also called Henry Finkler, note that Jewish Finklers have a Shield of lozengy in the colors of the similar checks filling the English Vaux/Vallibus Coat. German Winklers (Vinkovci line) have the same lion as Ferrara's / Sforza's.

Plus, as the daughter of ESCHYNa de MOLLE married the Pollocks, first found in Renfrewshire with ESKINs/ErSKINs, it's notable that the latter show the German Wall Coat exactly. The three fish in pale of Orts of Horde are in the colors of the Biss scallops in pale, and here we can go to the same scallops of Travers/TRAVES' (in the Forez motto) because Schims and Skins were first found in Aberdeenshire with TARVES, where Schiff-like Chives'/Shives' were first found. Travers/Tarves' share a tiger in Crest with Walerans.

The Chief-Shield colors of Schiffs happens to be those of Caps/Capes', coincidence? The water leaked from the wall onto the shelf having the Molson BOTTle, and Shiff/Schiff/Schifer variations look like those of Shivers/Cheevers/Cheves' (share the goat with Moline's), first found in Devon with Molsons and the Moline's. The latter's goat heads are in the colors of the goats of Wall-like Walsers, from Walser canton near Bissone. The "En dieu" motto phrase of Chivers/Cheves' is like the "Un dieu" motto of Rush's who in turn share the three courant horses of Freys'/Freeze's/Phreeze's, only Rush's use them in Shiver/Cheves colors and format. Rush's share a white wolf head in Crest with a Wall Crest. "Dieu" is shared by Rock-line Roach's/Rochs.

As Walsers are also Waltzer, it's notable that English Walters are also Watters while Waters were first found in Essex with Freeze's/Phreeze's. Water leaks due to the freeze on the roof; the leak drips onto the shelf so that I catch the water with a cup or GLASS. Glass' of BUTEshire share the mermaid with Glass- / Glasier-like Walsers. Whenever I pick up pieces of glass in the soil, I often bring them to a spot on a bare rock, beside which I pile rocks / stones found on the soil. English Rocks use rooks; Rooks share the raven with Schiffs; Roofs share the green trefoil with Rocks; and Gleasons who share the Glass stars have three of them on a white fesse, same as Rochelle's.

Waters were first found in Essex with "Waleran, the great Baron of Essex, Count of Meulan in Normandy." Water leaks down the wall, which gave us Waleran of Meulan. But Broke's/Brocks and Brooks were also first found in Essex. The broken glass is beside the rocks and stones.

The leak is on the shelf with the Molson beer, and while there is no Melt surname, there is a Melton surname like the Molton of Molsons, how about that? "Melton-MOWbray in Leicestershire is also of great significance to the family in early times." What luck, for Mole's are listed also as Mows!!! Plus, the Mowbray Crest has the spotted leopard in the Crest of Schiff-suspect Chives! It appears that God created my leak situation to point to Molton-branch Meltons, but then also supplied the beer bottle buried in the front area with all the glass and other things I've found.

So far, the closest thing I've gotten to Leaks, as per their leg traceable to the Legro river in Leicester, is Melton-Mowbray.

The Mowbray write-up traces to a MOlbray-like term involving the Percival-like Percys: "However, another source claims the family claim descent from "the ancient barony of Mowbray, called by Odericus Vitalis Molbraium, {which} was identical with the village of Monbrai, in the canton or Perci, an arrondissement of St. Lo in Normandy." Lows happen to share gold wolf heads with Skins while Eschyna de Molle (I think she was virtually the mother of the royal Stewarts) is suspect with Eskins/ErSKINs.

On top of these things, French Mouline's (not "Moline") share nearly the escutcheon of Suters who come up as "Sewer," and Schifer-like Sivers/Siewers pointed to Larry Silverstein in the last update. The Siver/Siewer Chief shares three red roundels with the Chief of Mule's (Devon, same as Mueles-line Molsons). I had said: "Sivers are also Siefers and Sewer-like Siewers. These red roundels are in both colors of the similar Sever/Siver / Vito annulet." Vito's were first found in Tarves-like Tarvisium, and Chives' were first found in Tarves, though they were early in Devon too. The Siefer variation of Sivers is like the "Schifer" of Schiffs.

To understand that many derivations shared by houseofnames are out to lunch, read derivations for the Mule surname, in anything but Mueles of Molsons/Mulsons.

The Mouline's don't technically show an escutcheon (shield), for the latter needs to have that little tail at the bottom of the shield, as has the Sewer Coat. The Mouline's may be using a square, therefore, but, in any case, they have drops around their border, and my leak comes down in drops upon the shelf with the Mouline-connectable Molson beer. The Sewer/Suter Crest has a familiar leopard. More drops are used by Gophers/Gofers, and Goffs/Goughs (Gopher/Gofer colors) happen to share the boars of Googe's, the latter first found in Roxburghshire with the Mole's having a boar head in the colors of those boars.

I do recall using a cup to catch the dripping water, and while Cups/Cope's have a version of the Cope and Copp Coats, the chevron-with-fleur of the latter two reflect the chevron-with-suns of Rooks probably because the Colp/Culp variations of Cups/Cope's is for the COLAPis river, also called the KUPa, which river is near Rijeka/Reka which has a rock in its Arms upon which stands an eagle pouring out water. The "EfFLOREScent" motto term of Rooks looks like code for Bruno's > Browns of Florence because both Flores surnames share the fleur-de-lys of Browns ("FLOREat"), yet Spanish Flores' could have the Mouline Shield in colors reversed.

After writing all that, I struggled with the Leak surname because nothing like it has cropped up in this discussion, and it's central to the premise that my water leak is a pointer to Schiff's illegal media leaks. I had started this section talking first about my pulling weeds and finding the spike and nail, even though I had no reason to believe that heraldry surrounding that event should link to the Schiff-leak theory. As I looked at the Leak Coat, recalling that it shares the engrailed bend of Knee's, it came to mind that I crawl around on my knees as I pull weeds (easier on my back), and even wear knee pads for it. But just as that thought came, it was remembered that while Ainsley married nail-using Mr. Proctor, and while I had found a nail on my knees, Ainsleys share the fleur-de-lys of Gamble's, and I did read many years ago that Procter and Gamble were an Illuminati / satanic company. So, I decided to re-load Gamble's to see if anything could be gleaned, and there I saw that they have the Chief-Shield color combo of Schiffs!!!

I think that's a big deal because the chances are low for any two surnames at random to share the same Chief-Shield colors, but then there's also the link to the nail and spike, for the Spike PORCupine is suspect with PROCtor liners, and Gamble's share a giant and gold fleur-de-lys with Brocks.

Mails/Meoles' look like they can apply to the Mueles location of Molsons. Mails could be in the "feMALE figure" of Darlene's (Devon, same as Molsons). The black Mail/Meoles lion heads could be the gold-black lion head of Molsons, for Milans/Millens/Mellents use a giant black-on-gold lion.

While Fowlers are also Foulers, Fouls/Fawlers have the giant Gamble fleur as well as the stag heads of Anne's/Hanne's. This is amazing, because Ainsley Earhardt has been resolved with being with the car of my 1979 dream, and that car (auto) represented the line of Henry the Fowler. Ainsleys (share Foul/Fawler fleur-de-lys) were first found in Nottinghamshire with their Annas branch, and Caiaphas' father-in-law, and high priest of Israel immediately before Caiaphas took that position, was Annas, also called ANANus, like "Anne." The Anons/Annans are the Annandale's, and Adams were first found in Annandale while they use a version of the Ainsley Coat, you see...both with a cross in the colors of the Anon/Annan saltire. The Adams share the stars of Salome's even. You can't get more Illuminati than loving the fact that you descend from the killers of Jesus. We expect such deceptive, stupid people in this world.

Back to the good theory that Schiffs were a branch of Chives'/Shives' / Sheaves'/Shaws / Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chaves' (FIVE keys), explaining why the Chief-Shield colors of Schiffs are those also of Caps/Capes'. The Chives moline, with a gold star at the center, is shared by Mathis' because Cavii lived between the Drilon and Mathis (modern Mat) rivers. German Matts/MATTERs may have been a branch of Mathers/Matters, and the new and amazing thing here is that the latter surname shares the Chief-Shield colors of Capots/CHAPUS', tending to nail Chapus' with Cavii liners. Capot-like Cabots have fish colors reversed from the Bute/Boet fish, and while the latter's is in the colors of the Geddes' fish heads, the Geddes motto has "CAPTa," you can't deny the obvious facts. Why are Boethus-like Boets connecting so solidly to Caiaphas-like surnames?

It gets important here that Mathers/Matters essentially have a Hair/Hare Coat, a surname connectable to Earhardts.

Rhizon's Neighbors

Matts/Matters share a tall and solid chevron (different colors) with Ottone's/Otto's, and the Ottone/ Otto chevron is virtually that of French Chappes' (not curved). What we want to find in crosses of other surnames is a gold star at the center to match the Chives and Mathis crosses. English Adams happen to have a gold star at the center of their cross, but they add four others for a total of five, possible code for Quintus Caepio. Then, the Scot-English Adams, the one with the Rhizon cross, have a lone star, and it happens to be at the center of the cross while Rhizon was at least near the Cavii. It's a lone red star, and while Rhizon is beside Butua, Botters use a lone red star too.

The Mile/Mills moline has a gold lozenge at the center of a blue moline, and Sibals have a square at the center of a blue moline. Sibals are from Cibalae, also called Vinkovci, where Winklers trace. The border of German Winklers is gold, the symbol of the line of Valentinian I of Cibalae, and English Winklers have a cross with five, white martlets upon it, the color of the Mile/Mills martlet. So, as Winklers look like a branch of Finklers, Henry the Fowler/Finkler looks related to the Ottone-Visconti link to Cavii.

As Fowlers share the Maschi lion while Maschi's were first found near Fano, the "fyn" motto term of Welsh Matts/Mathews is almost-surely for Fiens/Fane's ("fano"), first found in Monmouth (Wales) with Owl/Howl-like Howells, tending to explain why there is an owl in the Fowler Crest. The key here is the cock in the Matt/Matthew Crest, for the Sardinian Visconti's used the rooster while the Matt/Matthew lion is also that of Milans/Millens/Mellents.

You can tell, once again, that houseofnames is out to lunch with its derivations where it gives Anne's a different derivation than it gives Hannity's/Hannige's even though the Anne write-up tells that Anne's were a Hannity branch of the Hannige kind. Hanks/Anke's were first found in Lincolnshire with Hannitys/Hannige's...and the Horde's sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Capots/Chapus'. It just so happens that while Horde's came to topic with the Orts on the beer LABEL (hooo-wee, look out), Orts share three fish in pale (different colors) with Cabots, and Labels have the Chief-Shield colors of Capots/Chapus' and Horde's too!!!! Did I catch that in the section previous to this one? I can't remember doing it. I had said: "English Orts are said to have named Horde...", but wow, the Horde's share the Label Chief-Shield colors.

Labels share the red greyhound with Majors in the Geddes motto, "CAPTa majores," and Majors were first found in the Channel Islands with Cabots. Also, the Label crescents are in the colors and format of Geddes-branch Geds. Moreover, the Chief-Shield colors of Labels / Capots/Chappus' is shared by Valiants who have the only heraldic shark I know of, and this shark pointed later in the dream to the Saraca family in Kotor, right beside Rhizon and Butua. In the 1979 dream, the shark was in a kidney-shaped pool, and Kidneys/GEDneys use fish colors reversed from the Ged and Arms-of-Saraca fish. Sharks use cranes while Crane's/Crauns (crown) were Ceraunii liners using crowns, the only symbols showing for Capets and Bottle's/BOOTells. It begs whether the royal Capetians were Ceraunii / Butua elements?

As Orts were at beer-like Berwick (may have been called Barwick too), or as Beers share the Barwick bears, it's amazing that English Bute's/Butts have the black horse head once shown for English Este's, for Barrs share the Coat of Italian Este's because they were related. Isn't it amazing that the label has a sliver of the far-right side of the 'P' showing so that it spells "PORT" too? The Port Chief -- so amazingly comical -- shares the Bute/Butt Chief (ESToiles). Well, it's comical to me because I dug up this old beer, and it turns out to be a miracle of God, who would've thought.

On the coast from Kotor is a modern Bar location in the land of SELEPitanoi, and the dream features Ainsley Earhardt SLEEPing. When I woke her, we started to RISE into the sky as code for Rhizon, now making me wonder (for the first time) whether her sleeping was a picture of Bill Barr's too-too-slow, slow wheels of justice. All of Trump's voters are snoozing waiting for his storm to arrive, wondering if it will arrive at all. At the start of this dream, the shark half-swallowed Trump. The Cavii were adjacent to Selepitanoi, and Ainsleys are suspect from Caiaphas' father-in-law.

Sheaves'/Chaves' were first found in L'Aquila, and the giant Este / Barr eagle is that also of Aquila's. The ends of the keys of Sheaves'/Chaves' have a K-shape, suspect with Aquila-like Keele's and Kellers (black eagle, same as Arms of L'Aquila). The Keele quadrants are also of Chives'/Shewas' in colors reversed, and Keele's were first found in Lincolnshire with Chapus-connectable Horde's. The DRAW shave is in my photo at the middle shelf with the cowboy BOOT, and draw-like Drave's share the Keele quadrants while Sheaves/Chaves' are also Shaves', aren't you impressed with God's comedy? The draw shave hangs on the jamb directly is above the hand DRILL, and Cavii were on the DRILon river. Irish Shaws/Shave's have eagles in the colors of the Keller eagle heads, all in Barwick colors and format. Aquila's were first found in Benevento, home of the previous owner of my Jeep, and Jeepma's/Cheps have a giant eagle in the colors of the Keller / Shaw/Shave eagle. English Shaws/Shave's were first found in Berkshire with Boots.

The English Bute/Butt Coat is a version of the Italian Maurel/MAURINO Coat, a surname first found in Milan with auto-of-dream-liner Ottone Visconti's. It just so happens that while the Visconti snake originally had a Moor child in mouth, MORANO's (Barwick colors and format) use Moor heads, as do the French Chappes' suspect with the Ottone/Otto perchevron.

I got the impression that the old beer represents Ainsley Earhardt somehow in connection to Bar of the Selepitanoi, and this goes to the label on the bottle as per Orts of Berwick. Ainsley's husband was Mr. McKinney, a branch of Bute's Kims and Shins/Chinns/Chings (vair BELL pattern), and then the SHINGs/Shinnocks are a branch of Fox's by some coincidence or not. That's cool, especially as the other Shins share the bend of Fez's having a fox. This goes to the leak at my roof coming through the SHINGles, then down the valley BEAM, for it just so happens that Beams, said to be a branch of Bell-branch Bellamys, have a good reflection of the Shing/Shinnock Coat. I find that amazing, especially as the Labels are also La Bells. Then, while the label also reads, "PORT," Ports were first found in Hampshire with BELL-using Porters. Leaks share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys.

What could this mean, that Ainsley is going to give Barr a kick in the arse, and say, "move it already." Probably not. But, maybe, someone will leak something mighty-duty to Fox and Friends for all the world to hear. Waiting, waiting, zzzzz.

On this map of ancient times, see the Abreu-like Abri between the Cavii and Selepitanoi, for L'Aquila is in Abri-like Abruzzo. Yet, "Abri" as "Abari" could have named Bar. That can explain why the Barrs share the Aquila eagle. Abreu-line Evreux was the land of Hebrew-suspect Eburovices, dwellers of York (Eboracum). ABERnathys/AberNETTie's have a giant lion colors reversed from the Abreu/Abruzzo lion, and ArBUTHnotts look like Butua liners because they were earlier ABERbuthenoths. Their "Laus" motto term is suspect from Laus, the alternative name of Ragusa, home of the Saraca's that were earlier at Kotor i.e. near the Abri. Nathy-like Nations/Nathans were first found in Nott-like Nottinghamshire. Petty-beloved NEEDle's share the giant Hesse sun, and Nettle's share the double snakes of Bissone-suspect Biss' for a link to the Visconti snake.

Abernathys (Perthshire, near Rothes at Moray) share the parrot with Rothschild-related Pettys. The Abernathy write-up tells of a Nethy tributary of the Spey, and Rothes is on the Spey. Masons/Massins (share Moray mermaid) are suspect with a Massino-Visconti location not far from Bissone (Ticino canton, goes down to Pavia's Parrot-related Pierro's/Pero's), and the Mason/Massin motto looks like code for Speers/SPEYers (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks). Note the GRABaeoi peoples to the north-east of the Abri, for Agrippa-like Grabbens/Gripps/Grape's share the bend of Abernathys.

The Arms of Saraca fish, on a fesse, same as the Bute/Boet fish (different colors), is in the colors of the Ged fish, and Geds were on the Nith river which itself was named by a Natt / Nott-like surname. The Nitts/Naughts were first found in Dumfries with the Nith river, and they share the checkered Shield of German Cohens while Jewish Cohens/Kagans share the three stars of Arbuthnotts and Handle's / Handells. God gave me/us a dream about a door handle on my Jeep, and as you can see on the map above, the Daorsi are between Kotor and Ragusa (neither of them shown).

Abernathys have a "salus" motto term while Salisburys, of Evreux elements, can be gleaned with the Abreu/Abruzzo lion. The Abernathy lion is also the Imes/Im lion, and while Nathans can be gleaned as Rothschild kin, the Abernathy lion is also in the Arms of Rothschild. Imes'/Ims were first found in London with Caps/Capes'. The Imes/Im fesse can be the Bute/Boet fesse because the latter share the roses of Jewish Rothchilds. Jewish Rothchilds use a bend in the colors of the Rye/RISE bend, and Rye's/Rise's (Sussex, same as Saddocks/Sedgewicks) are in the "ears of rye" in the Crest of Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks. Danish Rye's share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild. Rice's happen to share the raven with German Rothes'/Rothchilds (not "Rothschild").

Don't you think it's stunning for Saddocks to openly confess their descent from Rhizon at Butua? German Rice's/Reis'/Ries' have another tall and curved solid chevron, as do Matts/Matters suspect from the Mat / Mathis river of the Cavii theater (Butua and the Mathis are on this map).

The quadrants of Danish Rye's are also those of FASTs. ArbuthNOTTs share the Handell Coat while Handells have a "FEST im" motto phrase looking linkable to the "In" of Abernathys. Ims are listed with Imes' while Ines' (Moray) have the Handell and Moray Coats in colors reversed. The Sutherlands tell that their stars are the Moray stars, yet the Sutherland stars are in the colors of the Salome stars, yet another indication that Boets, and the Boethus house of Sadducees, were from Butua, a logical thing where Caiaphas was from the Cavii. The ears of rye of Saddocks (escutcheon of Natts/Nathans in colors reversed) goes well with the "ears of wheat" of Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps, and EARhardts happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Danish Rye's, another indication that I was rising with Miss Earhardt as a pointer to Rhizon.

We were emBRACEd while rising, and the Brace Coat is like the Plunkett / Killen Coat. As Rhizon is near the Abri, I get the impression that the line of Plancia Magna, already traced to imperial Flavians at Rieti, were also in L'Aquila (not far off). Rieti is on the Salto river while Saltz's are in Plunkett / Killen colors, and then Salts use a "broken" chevron while Broke's/Brocks have a dart for Dardanians i.e. near the Grabaeoi. There is shown on the map a GalABRI entity at Dardania that could be for Plancia's Galatian line in merger with Abri. Broc is in Anjou, where the line of Plancia Magna traces, namely to Geoffrey Plantagenet, who was given a sprig-of-broom symbol for the Brooms/Brome's (sprigs of broom) Saltz / Plunkett / Killen colors. Saltons share the Abernathy / Grabben/Gripp bend and throw in eagles in the colors of the Keller / Shaw/Shaves eagles. It appears that L'Aquila elements important to heraldic nobles got merged with Salto-river liners, home of the Revelation dragon through Vespasia Polla (proto-Pollocks).

Killens, along with Keele's/Kills and Kellers, can be from "L'AQUILa", and here it's worth mentioning that Irish Quills share the tree of both Maio's and German Rice's/Ries', for Maio's can be from Abruzzo's mount Maiella, home of mythical Maja, probably a version of "Maia" of the Atlanteans out of Attaleia, smack beside Perga of PLANCia Magna to whom I trace Plunketts. I neglected to mention above that German Kelners/Kellers share the key with K-shape with Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chaves' (L'Aquila, Abruzzo capital).

As I said in the last update that I can feel it in my bones that Rothschilds were out of L'Aquila and/or nearby Picenze, it's interesting that Scottish Quills/MacWilliams (Mackay sept) can be sharing the roses of Jewish Rothchilds. Quills/MacWilliams share the rose in both colors schemes of Christs expected in the motto of AberNAThys/AberNETTie's, a potential Abri > Abruzzo line.

Kelners/Kellers share the bend of Italian Barbara's (emerged from Venice, almost where the Abreu's/Abruzzo's (Padova), and then a Barbara area is shown to the near-east of Rhizon. It recalls when Mrs. Kilpatrick said to me, "you can SCOOT OVER," for Evreux-like Overs share Barbara / Kelner/Keller bend, and Scoots share the border of Scotts whom I trace to lake Scodra, home of the Abri and Selepitanoi. Mrs. Kilpatrick was born a Hicks, and Hicks' have an "heure" motto term suspect with Eure, the area of Evreux. Eure's are listed with Over-like Evers/Ivers.

Italian Barbera's use three fish colors reversed from the fish of Hykes'/Hake's while Hykes'/Hacks (Devon, same as early Chives') can be gleaned with the Chives' / Keele/Kill quadrants. I see fish out of Kotor because mythical Kodros had a fish symbol, and he was a king of Athens, right beside Butua-like Boeotia. Can you dig it?

As I've said many times, Miss Hicks she said to me, "you can scoot over," immediately after I returned from setting up her video camera right in front of a barber whom I visited twice that very year for haircuts. I kid you not, I've never before connected that barber to the Barbara area, so far as I can recall. Camera's/Camerons (share Arms-of-Rothschild arrows) have the Keele-branch Cheile's (Lincolnshire, same as Keele's) in their motto. She said that to me on the night of the Leakey-road event, and Cheile's share the leg with Leaks/Leakeys. The leak from my roof has involved the Molson beer that has linked to Bar elements from the Selepitanoi / Abri area.

Barbers (Northumberland, same as BARwick-line Berwick and the Horde's in the beer label) even have a "Nihilo" motto term while Neils/Nihills (share Arms-of-Saraca fish) were first found in Tyrone with Sharks. Reminder: the freezer's extension CORD going over the shelf with the Molson beer connected Cords to the Nation/Nathan Coat, and Freeze's/Phreeze's look like they loved Pharisees. The "nisi" motto term of Barbers can be for Niss' sharing the Jeune / June fleur and the Quint chevron (one Quintus Caepio was grandfather to Junia Caepionis). Niss' were first found in Rhineland with Bush's, the first Rothschild, Salome's (Sadducee-line suspect), and Scoot-related Schutz's/SHUTZ's (like "Sadducee").

Bush's share the giant fleur of Trade's, as well as the Schnapps whom the first Rothschild married. "Scoot over" was at the 9-11 memorial of September 11, 2002, in memory of the annihilist event that president Bush presided over and exploited like a demon without a human heart.

The Rising / Adam cross is in the colors of the Pollock and Frank saltire while Franks use a "NATi" motto term. The first Rothschild was born if Frankfurt. Pollocks of Rothes (Moray, same as Arbuthnotts) were proto-Rothschilds. Arbuthnotts were ABERbuthenoths, and they have a peacock in Crest while Peacocks were a Pollock sept. Pollocks are suspect with the Plocks/PlukNETTs (Alan colors) having this: "Plucknett is of Norman-French origin and derives from the name Plunket." The Plunketts have this: "The surname Plunket is derived from living in the settlement of PlouqueNET in Ille-et-Vilaine in France." The father of the first Pollock, of Rothes, was a servant of Alans of Ille-et-Vilaine. The Nets are listed with Nith-suspect Nights/Knights whose lion is in the colors of the Danish-Bauer lion. Plocks/Pluknetts share the martlets of Vespasia-Polla-liner Pullys/Pullens (share red scallop with Sabine's and Barbers).

I almost missed it. Barbers were first found in Northumberland with the Horde location beside Berwick, and then Horde-related Orts share three white fish with Italian Barbera's/BarBIERa's. Biers share the bear with Barwicks and Beers. The Aber-line Arbuthnotts happen to share the crescent of Labels/La Bells (Chief-Shield colors of Horde's) while the Orts were on the beer label. Scottish Horts are listed with Hardys suspect in the "hardi" motto term of Rhizon-connectable Rice's. Bera's, by the way, look like they share the Charo/Claro/Chiaro bend with the Pellican tower, for pelicans (in the Pully/Pullen Crest) were first found in Maine with the Josephs sharing the Pully/Pullen martlet, and then French Josephs love the Charo's in their motto. It just so happens that Maine's (Devon, same as Molsons and Beers) share double-red chevrons with English Barbers.

In a picture where Orts link to Bar at the Abri theater, doesn't it make the giant lion of German Orts/Ordemanns (Main) look like the Abernathy lion? Whose arrow do we suppose the Ort lion is holding? Orts/Ordemanns share "sine macula" with the motto of Snake-like Seneca's.

The mystery is: why were Miss Earhardt and I rising into the sky if that scene points to the nest of the killers of Jesus? Why was the scene rapture-like? Why didn't we rise into a stormy sky resembling Armageddon, more appropriate. I recall nothing ominous in that sky. It was a beautiful event. If we were rising into storm clouds with lightning, we could say, "aha, the Q-Anon storm," for Earhardt's use two embraced snakes in the shape of a Q (almost), and Anons/Annans are linkable to Ainsleys. Q-Anon has been expecting his storm of arrests from Bill Barr, yet he seems to be asleep still. See what I'm saying? Perhaps the dream indicates no storm of arrests, but rather some other kind of victory over our enemies, like the rapture of the Church.

I don't recall seeing a blue sky, nor clouds, for the dream ended as we began rising, and whatever the sky looked like, I didn't notice it even if it was in the background. I was focused on our being in a loving embrace, which is hard to decipher if it doesn't concern a human marriage. It just so happens that BRACEbridge's share the crozier with German Rise's/Risers. Might Brace's have been Barace's or something similar? That makes sense since her sleeping pointed to the Bar area. There is a Barace/Barras surname showing only barry, the Bar- / Barry-line symbol. Brace's are also Bras'/Brass'.

Oh wow, a new thing here. The loving embrace had caused me to load Lovings, and because they are listed with Louvains while Louvain of Belgium is also Leuven, I also loaded Leuvens (bear legs or maybe called "gambs" for leg-using Gambino's) and pondered why they have LAURin/LAUERfingen variations. It recalls that Laus' are listed with Lauers. But after loading those surnames and pondering, I went on to write the paragraph above, and when it was finished, "Barack" was loaded with no luck of finding a surname, followed by the lark-using Barks, and it just so happens that Larks (Norfolk, same as Barks and Dunhams) show as LAURks/LAUERks too. That's a head scratcher. We might imagine a link between a family in Bar of the Selepitanoi to Saraca's of Kotor who were later at Laus.

We could say that we were flying in the sky because Larks have nearly the Fly Coat, and the cloud in the Lark Crest can be for the McLeods/clouds of Skye. Flys use a gauntlet glove holding a lure while flag-using Lure's (Lauer branch?) are a sept of McLeods. Gaunt of Belgium goes well with Louvains/Lovings. Plus, Skye is where Rimmons/Crimmons were first found while Rimini is beside Fano, the latter being the line of gauntlet-glove Fane's/Vans/PHONE's. We were rising as soon as I touched her knee, and Knee's share the phoenix of Phone-branch Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Brace's/Bras' have arms wearing the gauntlet gloves. McLeods/Clouds/LUTTs use flags while Flys were at Flagi, and Lutts/Lute's have a lion in the colors of the Louvain/Loving lion. Lutts/Lute's share the quadrants of Fasts, first found in Norfolk with Flags and Larks, and McLeods/Clouds use a "fast" motto term. This is a power-packed paragraph that convincingly deciphers the rising scene. As soon as I touched her knee, we were holding fast, and "Hold fast" is the McLeod motto.

Holdings/Holdens/Howlins use "Nec" twice while the Neckar river is the location of Stuttgart while Stouts/Stows share the fitchee of Holds whose Coat they almost share, both being similar to the Brace/Barras Coat. All three of them use fesse / bars in Holder-fesse colors. German Neckers show just a pale bar, and the Leuvens/Lauerfingens have two bear legs in pale in Necker colors. Nuse's/Newes/Nuce's have two pale bars only, in the colors of those bear legs/gambs, and then News'/Nuce's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stouts/Stows. Gambino's share the Chief-Shield colors of Stouts and Holds, and while Gambino's use a leg, I did touch her leg when I touched her knee, which now explains why we were holding as soon as her knee was touched. Why is there this emphasis in the Cloud surname? Shouldn't I recall clouds in the sky, yet I don't.

So, the funny things is, if her sleeping represents Bill Barr's slow wheel of justice, is that the embrace can be a pointer to Bill Barr too, only now there is a nice thing instead of sleep, though no storm in the sky. We hope that the embrace doesn't mean Barr's emBARRASSment for doing nothing against the deep state.

Holds have a squirrel holding what looks like an oak branch with acorns, and acorns are used in the Claud Coat (Hold colors). What are the chances of their being a bear paw or leg in the Crest of Squirrels/Square's (Worcestershire, same as Lutts/Lute's). There are good reasons to trace the "ferme" motto term of Squirrels/Square's to Azzo of Fermo, founder of Este, in turn the kin of Barrs (Ayrshire, same as Lure's). I trace the "agendo" motto term of Lure's to Euganeo, beside Este, and Eugene's (almost in Lure colors and format) do share a flag with Lure's. Eugene's are also Ewens, and Lutts/Lute's were at Hales-OWEN. Owens are listed with Keons (share Owen lion) who are in turn very connectable to Shark-line Saraca's and Neils.

Oh wow. On sight of "Owen," the Howlin variation of Holdings/Holdens came to mind, though I loaded "Howlen" instead to find the Owen lion in the Chief, three of them so that the full Howlen/Hoyland Coat is a near-copy of the OULlette Coat. Haylins/Helens share the same black lion, and look related to Este's. Oullette's were resolved as an Owl/Howl liner, and it just so happens that while Howells were first found in Monmouthshire (Wales, same as Owens), Monmouths (Herefordshire, same as Lure's) share black, double-bars gemel with Oullette's. Owens thus look like Howells, though I assume that, perhaps, Holdens merged with a Howell branch to form "Howlin."

[The day after writing here, Houls were loaded as per the Houlden variation of Holdens/Howlins, and that brought of Howells as well as the Brittany Houls having a giant lion head in the colors of the giant Well lion. Holdens start to look like a Howell branch altogether, and may not be related to Holds / Holders unless that latter two were Holden branches. While writing this insert, I read the Holden write-up to find that they were at Bury of Salford, same as Ratcliffs!!! Without going over all the reason here, suffice to say that the woman of the dream pointed to John Ratcliffe. And Ratcliffs (share Waleran bull head, I assume) were also at Whalley.]

As Holdens use "allerions" (beakless eagles) suspect with Allers, note that the latter were first found in Westphalia with Howell-like Velins, Velens and Wellens (Alan kin). Wellens happen to have a giant pelican while Pellicans share the Howell tower! It suggests that Howells were mainline Avalon liners, and I've never shrunk back from identifying mythical Avalon as Bute i.e. a Butua-suspect line. Alan-line Stewarts (pure Alans to begin with) use the pelican too.

While Wellens are also Wells, English Wells (share black lion with Oullette's / Howlens) are in Owl/Howl colors. Suddenly, Well-branch Vallibus'/Vaux's (share Coat almost of Boethus-suspect Salome's) look like an Owl / Howell branch minus the Vaux portion.

As the woman in the 1979 dream was hovering when I touched her knee/leg, it begs whether Hovers/HOFLe's (!), first found in Westphalia (!), were a Howell-line surname too, for Howells are also Hovells.

Howells were first found in Monmouth, and Monmouths share the bars gemel of Oullette's. I was with Joe Oullette at a party when seeing Diane MUSCHATov (Ukrainian) for the first time, who became my girlfriend soon after. I thought that she might be the woman in the dream of a year earlier. Loveys/Love's (once said to be first found in Suffolk) are kin of MUSCATs, first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls and Thurstons. Is the dream's hovering scene somehow about Ukraine criminals?

Why does the MONmouth lion have a missing leg unless it's code for a Legh-like entity? Leghs (Cheshire, same as Mauds/Maids having a version of the Monmouth Coat) happen to share the Mons/Mound lion, that explains it, and it's a red lion, same as the Maud/Maid lion. Mons is in Belgium with the Louvain/LOVING line, and we were in a loving embrace after her hovering. She was also Miss Hicks, who was once made to act the part of Lovey Howell on Gilligan's Island. Loveys are listed with Love's/Luffs, like the Laufer variation of Leuvens. Loveys/Love's have nearly a red version of the Oullette Coat, and the latter share three sets of black bars gemel with Mauds/Maids/MOLDs. I've wondered whether the Mold variation indicates Moldavians. Moldova is beside Ukraine.

The Hover/Hofle leopard face wears a crown, often a code for the Ceraunii Illyrians, yet there is a Ceraunii mountain system on one of the maps above smack beside Aulon/AVLONa, the line to Avalon. Thus, Howells and Hovers/Hofle's are expected now from Avlona. "Ukraine" has been suspect with "Ceraunii."

I'm now asking why God would emphasize the Howell / Avalon / Velino bloodline for the hovering scene, which takes me back to the Abruzzo-suspect Abri beside the Selepitanoi, for mont Velino is in Abruzzo and near L'Aquila. Aha! I was thinking that there's got to be more to Lovey Howell than a connection to the hovering scene, and as per my belief that L'AQUILa liners named Keele's/Kills, Cheile's (leg), Kelners/Kellers and Killens (share Brace/Brass bend), I tried to get Gilligans as Killigans, and it worked.

Oh wow, Irish Quillys, perhaps related to the Ouilly variation of Oullette's, list Cox's in their variations, and then English Cox's, first found in Shropshire with Sleeps/Slepe's (Shropshire has a Slepe location), are said to "Coc de Slepe"!!! That comes just as the sleep-hovering scenes were linking to Quill-like surnames. It's convincing me that the woman was sleeping, and rising, for the purpose of identifying the Abri with Cavii / Caiaphas lines to the Abruzzo capital. Cox-like Cockers have a semblance of the other Quill Coat.

Masseys share a winged horse with Gilligans/Killigans (Dutch Cock colors), and Massey-line Meschins married Skiptons while Gilligan's Island was led by Skipper.

Aha! When Sheaves'/Shaws/Shave's use a "qui" motto term, it's for the keys of Sheaves'/Shaves', first found in L'Aquila. Then, Coke's, share the Aquila eagle, use another "qui" motto term! Zinger, we just saw Cox's of Slepe link to L'Aquila. Coke's were first found at Barrow (Derbyshire), and so I've got to believe right-off that Barrow was named by the Bar location of the Selepitanoi and/or Abri, especially as Barrs share the Coke eagle do the Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genova, home of Cock-related Grimaldi's. The latter were political associates of the Fieschi (Genova), and Feschs happen to have crossed swords in the colors used for them by Barrows. The dream has Intelligent Design.

The Cox's of Slepe (new to me) are dynamite for God's sleeping-bag symbol, for Bags (Norfolk, same as Cockers/Cocketts) share the lozengy Shield of Cocks. Already we have a big boom, like a bagfire. Heraldry didn't know I'd have a sleeping-bag dream. INCREDIBLY, try to explain this: Bags were first found at Gaywood, and Gaywoods (Norfolk) have the Howell/Hovell Coat exactly! That's impossible. Howells worked into the Sleeping-Beauty scene already, and here they pop up again with Bags? Gaywoods are also Kaywoods and thus possibly from the Keys in the Sheaves/Shaves Coat.

Keys and Kays have Coats like that of Lovers/Livers who in turn share the gold rooster with Gays. Notice the K-shape in the key of one of the Key Coats, making it likely the key of Sheaves'/Shaves', and then note the pattern on the solid chevron of the other Keys, and compare it with the pattern on the chevrons of Kaywood-like Keywoods (Yorkshire, same as Keys and Kays). Finally, compare it to the pattern on the solid chevron of Teague's, for my Texas property was purchased from Mrs. Teague who lived on the Cooksey ranch, I think, which belonged to her brother (he married Miss Cooksey, if I have my facts straight). I suggest that Keys and Kays were variations from Aquila variations such as Keele's. That's a new idea right here, and, after mentioning it, I tried for a Keyleigh surname, and got the Keele/Kill quadrants, what luck, with the Caley surname.

Cookseys have the Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed, and the Cooksey border-and-Shield is shared by Scoots and Scotts, from lake Scodra, location of the Selepitanoi and the Abri! Abracadabra, like magic. (A Shield similar to that of Cookseys is used by Scottish Chamberlains while English Chamberlains share the Cooksey motto; not sure how this applies to any relevant thing.)

AHHHH WOW. I was thinking about Joe DiGenova and his wife, Victoria Toensing, for Victoria variations are like Fesch / Fix variations. I therefore reloaded the Tonsing surname (Westphalia again) to remember that they use CANDelabra. I was at first thinking that Doria's of Genova share the eagle of Candida's/CANDi's (Naples, near Aquila's), black and thus linkable to the Arms-of-L'Aquila eagle, but seconds after that, I realized: candelABRA!!! The Abri line to L'Aquila! It thus appears that the "victory" I often predict for the rising scene has to do with the work of the DiGenova's against the deep state. I like that, I really do. Joe, along with Fox and Friends, need to kick Bill Barr into some fast motion, or the deep state will think he's a push-over. I was standing at the Doria-like door of the car when she was sleeping and hovering inside of it. Daorsi were at Rhizon.

The Fix's have the Doria eagle too, apparently, but also the fleur-de-lys of Fesch-related Barrows. Irish Victorys/MacNebo's almost have the man's head of Cockers/Cocketts; the latter (share fleur-de-lys of Nebo-like Neve's) were first found in Norfolk with Risings.

Bill Barr had a spark I have not seen from him before, on Wolf Blitzer this week. I like that Bill Barr. Go-go-go. However, he's not telling the people who's controlling the riots. It's been months since they started, and by now his DoJ should have good clues on who exactly the captains and generals are of this war. You arrest the soldiers, and make them talk: who paid you? Follow the money to the invisible leaders. Throw them in jail without bail. I know what the schemers are doing. They start riots, get the mayors to forbid the federal government's law men from coming in to fix things, and finally they get other democrats to blame the riots on Trump for not sending in the federal law men. The fires continue because Trump and Barr are letting the cities down.

Beakless Eagles

By the way, "candida" is a motto term of Percivals, begging how closely Candida's were related to Gouel and Waleran of Perceval and Leavell. The Percival bear head (gold straps on a black bear head) is almost that of Berwicks.

A funny thing happened when I came across the Blitz/Blotz/PLOTz surname upon listening to Wolf Blitzer interview Bill Barr. The Plots were loaded to find: "they held a family seat in the village of De Blot, a commune in the Puy de-Dome in the arrondissement of Rion." As often happens with houseofnames write-ups, I couldn't find the mentioned location. Sometimes I believe that houseofnames is being deliberately evasive / difficult / deceptive. In this case, I could find no arrondissement of Rion. The reason that Rion was important to me is that, when I was on the alleRION symbol of Holdings/Holdens, I was asking whether they are part code for a Rion entity.

Not finding Rion, I looked up "Puy de-Dome", and got an article on a mountain called Puy de Dome (in Auvergne) about six miles from Clermont-Ferrand. Yet there is also a Puy-de-Dome department in the region of Auvergne-Rhone-Alps, and so I assume that "Rion" is intended as "Rhone." So I loaded Wikipedia's Auvergne article, and found: "Auvergne is a former administrative region in south-central France, comprising the four departments of Allier, Puy-de-Dome, Cantal and..." There in Allier we must have the meaning of the heraldic ALLERion. Plus, the map of the Auvergne area shows Moulins to the near-north of Clermont-Ferrand, and therefore, I now think that MumMOLIN of Chattillon was named after this Moulins location (or vice-versa) because he descended from Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand. English Moulins' are listed with Moline's, first found in Devon with Molsons/Moltons and Barwick-branch Beers.

The Auvergne's share the Chatan tower, making them potentially connectable to Botters. It's mentionable here, due to "PORT" remaining on the Molson bottle, that French Ports share the OVER Coat (almost), a surname like "AUVERgne." Auvergne's share the Shield of Poole's, and Poole is beside the first-known English Ports. The latter were first found in Hampshire with Flys while Tulls/Tullia's use butterFLIES linkable, I suppose, to Hampshire's Buttons/Bidens and Botters/Budins. Repeat: "...Ceraunii liners using crowns, the only symbols showing for Capets and Bottle's/BOOTells [assumes Caiaphas-Boethus elements]. It begs whether the royal Capetians were Ceraunii / Butua elements?" Capetians descended from Worms (Germany) while Worms have a form of the Over Coat. The Hampshire Ports share the Bute/Butt estoiles.

By the way, as I see Tullia naming Dol because the Alans of Dol became the Stewarts who share the Tull/Tolle / Ferrand checks, it seems that Ronny are Rhone liners because they share a wavy, white fesse with Dols (whale). Whalers/Wheelers share a green lion with Lyons, and the Whaler/Wheeler fesse is that also of Forez' while the Forez mountains are beside Clermont-Ferrand. The "Avito" motto term of Whalers/Wheelers suggest Julius Avitus, the brother-in-law of Dome-like Domna, Roman empress. The white griffin head in the Whaler/Wheele Crest could be the Berta griffin because Mummolin married Berthe. Domna was the mother of emperor Caracalla, who was born with an Aurelius name, and so he could have been related to Aurillac to the near-south of Clermont-Ferrand. Domna's sister, Julia Maesa, is expected to Massey liners that are important to my L'Aquila discussions.

I believe that Aurillac is just outside Puy-de-Dome, and as Aurelia's look related to the Orells sharing the red roundel with Ore's/Orrs and Blois-connectable ORLeans', note this: "Originally, the department was to be called Mont-d'Or ("Golden Mountain"), but this was changed to Puy-de-Dome." Perhaps the historians are making another typical blunder with their "or = gold" translation. The keys of Clermonts appear to have a red roundel in their tips; the red roundel is symbol also for the Arms of Boulogne, home of Godfrey de Bouillon, yet Bouillons were first found in Auvergne. The Bouillon flory cross looks related to the flory of Tolle-like Tollens. The latter share "patria" with Higgins/Hickins who in turn share a black tower with Cantels. Aurillac (historians might translate that as "golden lilacs") happens to be in the department of Cantal. The Patria's/Peartree's happen to have a "vide" motto term suspect with Vido's/Vito's i.e. from Avitus, Domna's brother-in-law.

Orrels were first found in Lancashire with the Saxons/Septons having a similar Coat, and the chaplets of Saxons/Septons and Hickin-like Hicks (love Bon liners along with Orrs/Ore's) causes me to add that the scallops in the Arms of Aurillac are those also of Caps/Capes'. Cantels, though listed with Cantrells, were first found in Yorkshire with Candels/Cundells and Hicks, and while Hicks' share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys, the latter share the cross of Candels/Cundells (looks like EARS of wheat in Crest to confirm a pointer to Ainsley Earhardt). Cantrell-like Canters/GAUNTers (Leavell barry?) have roundels half in red i.e. the color of the Orr/Ore / Orrel roundels). As the CONTEville's were from John de Burgo while CUNDells share the cross of Burghs/Berks (cat), it tends to speak for itself.

As Auvergne had at least a part of the Cantal department, it's good that Cantels (perhaps a form of "Chattillon") share a giant pelican on nest (different colors) with German Wells/Wellers, for Whalers/Wheelers are also Whellers. Bingo. Cantels even share "vos" with Walerans, now clinching Gouel de Percival, father of Waleran de Leavell, with Whalers/Wheelers and the line of Tullia of Lyon (about two centuries after Domna). English Wells have a giant lion colors reversed from the same of Blots of Puy-de-Dome.

So, as we just crossed Mummolin of Chatillon, let's recall the Blotz's listed with the Bliss'-like Blitz's, for Bliss'/Bless' are said to be from Blois, whose counts merged with counts of Chattillon. French Blois' share a white patee cross with Percivals, and Pattys/Pati's look linkable to Nitts/Naughts sharing the checkered Shield of Tulls/Tolle's. The Chalon / Porcia bend is that also of Fez's, first found in Auvergne.

As was said, the Arms of the counts of Chattillon are linkable to the pale bars of English Knights (expected as a Nitt/Naught branch) because they were first found in Suffolk with English Blois', but we can now add that Scottish Nights/Knights/Naughts ("VOLENti") share the lion of Blots. Volens are listed with Alan-related Velins (Westphalia, same as Wells/Wellers). As this line is of mont Velino in Abri-line Abruzzo, let's repeat the Cantel-like CANDELabra (of Tonsings), for Cantels share the giant pelican with Wells/Wellers. As Knights and Blois' were first found in Suffolk with Clare's having the Bles/Bled Coat in colors reversed, note that Clermonts use keys, a symbol traceable to Sheaves' of L'Aquila i.e. near mont Velino.

I can even glean the reason that Plotz's are part of the Blitz variations, for Mont Pilat is at/near the southern end of the Forez mountains, and Pilote's / Pilotte's are like "Plotz." Mont Pilat is at St. Etienne, and Etienne's use Blitz-like billets, and it just so happens that English Billets (Devon) have a version of the Percival Coat.

Le Puy-en-Velay is to the south of Clermont-Ferrand, and perhaps "Velay" is part of the Vallibus' / Wells. Velleys/Valleys share the Shaw/Shaves eagle suspect as the L'Aquila eagle, and in just so happens that the Arms of Puy-en-Velay is the Aquila eagle too. It also just so happens that Rions share the stars of Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus'. It also just so happens that Waller-like Allers/Alliers suspect in the alleRION were first found in Westphalia with Wells/Wellers, Velins and Velens/Volans. It stands to reason, as per the Blitz/Plotz whale, that Valley-like Whalleys, in Waleran colors and format, apply to Puy-de-Velay (not far from Mont Pilat).

Pilote's/Pilots and Pilotte's/Pillers can be expected in the Pilot variation of Pillars sharing the giant lion of English Pasco's suspect in the "pasco" motto term of Cantal-like Cantels (Cantal is in Auvergne). Both the Arms of Cantal and the Arms of Auvergne use the gonfanon banner, and Italian Pasco's show a banner. The Banners and Bone's/Bohums are expected from Boii-line Bohemians, and Boii were in Bologna/Bononia, where Pasco-like Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels were first found. It's then interesting that while Beaks share the ostrich-with-horseshoe-in-mouth with Coke's (Aquila eagle) and Cooks, the latter have purple quadrants, the color of the Shield of English Pace's. Why are Cox / Cock liners coming back to topic with the beakless eagles of Allers/Allier's? The Coke Coat suddenly looks like a version of the Bono Coat, and while "bon" is a Hick motto term, Miss Hicks' team won a cook-out contest that had all sorts of heraldic value, including the proof that Miss Hicks was the woman in the 1979 dream.

Allers have an "umbra" motto term, and Humbers share the triple fesses, almost, of Beaks. Umbria is where Ottone's/Otto's were first found while Ottone VisCONTi ruled Milan, where Bono's were first found who are in the motto of Orrs/Ore's who in turn have the piles of Visconti-branch Guiscards in colors reversed. Italian Conti's share the Well lion, though Wells give it a double tail, symbol also in the Arms of Bohemia. The latter is the Montfort double-tailed lion, and Montforts share the Wallis lion, explaining why Walsers give their mermaid a double tail. Aller/Allier-like Wallers (said to have included Mr. Waliere) use a "Hic" motto term while Hicks have a "bon" motto term, suggesting some Bohemian blood in Hicks.

The mermaid with double tail is shared by German Babels/Babe's while English Babels/BabWELLs share the "gold gate" (Gates' have a version of Bono Coat) in the Arms of PodeBRADY (Bohemia) that itself shares the triple Humber / Beak fesses above the gate. Then, English Babe's (Dorset, same as George's) share the Brady symbol and almost the triple fesses of Beaks and Humbers. As George, father of Drummonds, married a gal from Podebrady, it explains why Drummonds share wavy, triple fesses (different colors) with Beaks. The fesses of Scottish Drummonds are colors reversed from the one wavy fesse of Hicks. So, we go back to the "pasco" motto term of Cantels/Cantrells because they share a black tower in Crest with the Higgins/HICKins Crest.

Cantels are also CHANTrells while Schims/CHANDs have a Chief in colors reversed from the Crest of CANTons/Gantons and Guine's/Gunns ("Aut" twice), the latter suspect in the "sanGUINE" motto term of Cantels/Chantrells. It starts to appear that the Cantal area of Auvergne was a line to Belgium's Gaunt/Ghent. Dutch Gaunts/Ghents share the wavy fesse of whale-using Dols i.e. traceable to Tullia of Auvergne (predated Drummonds by centuries), and this wavy fesse is in the colors of the three wavy ones on German Drummonds.

Let's not lose sight of the "vos" motto term shared between Whale-like Walerans and Cantels/Chantrells. Guine's/Gunns have a version of the Percival Coat and Billet / Bellows Coats, and "bellows" are used by Ships/Shiptons in the giant Guine/Gunn ship.

"Canters/Gaunters may have named themselves after singing / songs, for Sangs can be in "SANGuine." That is, Cantels may have merged with Sangs/Singers, a little interesting where they share the upright bear with Beers who were in turn first found in Devon with Songs/Singers. In fact, as Devon is where Molsons and Moline's were first found, let's repeat that Moulins is a location in Auvergne along with Cantal. The Molson beer has a label with "ORT" instead of "EXPORT," and so I'm asking if it's coincidental that Orts/Ords were at Northumberland, where LUMs/Lambs were first found who have the Cantel stars in colors reversed while Guine's/Gunns (suspect in the Cantel motto) use a "belLUM" motto term that can be code also for Labels/La Bells? The Pasco's in the Canter motto use the banner of Pascals, the latter coming with a lamb, same as the lamb-with-banner of Lums/Lambs.

[After this update was out, I recalled that Pride's/Prude's share three fish in pale with Orts, and because Pride's/Prude's called them "LAMpreys," I recalled Lums/Lambs who come up as Lams, first found in Northumberland with Horde of the Orts. Lamps are listed with Lambys/L'Amys.]

English Lums/LOMBs start to indicate Lombardy, location of Milan, home of Ottone Visconti suspect from Auto's/Otto's expected in the "Aut" motto term of Guine's/Gunns. The three eagle heads of Lums/Lombs are colors reversed from the same of Irish Caseys, and then the branch-with-leaves of French Caseys (Lum/Lomb colors) is used by French Guine's/GUYnets (possibly from Guy of Umbria i.e. near the first-known Ottone's/Otto's). Caseys and Cassels share the same chevron, and Guine's/Gunns lived in CAITHness, named by the Chatti of Cassel.

I Had a Dream This Morning

It's been a while since being able to remember a dream, and it happens only when the dream takes place immediately before I wake up. Ditto for this Saturday morning. I already know how to start telling about this dream because I figured quite a few things in bed, and while getting dressed. It's all got Intelligent Design behind it.

There were two main parts to this dream. First, I needed a place to stay the night, and made arrangements by PHONE with one or two people to do so (there were no long conversations to speak of; I just knew that I had called them, and then the dream moved on). As I can't remember the people, their names don't matter. All I know is that I made arrangements to stay the night at some tenants living in the house my parents now own. I already know why the Tenant surname applies here. I can see no other surnames that fit this part of the dream aside from the Phone's/Fane's and Tenants.

The last scene of the dream was my born-loser moment. I was tying up my SHOE in preparation for walking over to the tenants' place, and I was probably on one KNEE when tying the shoe, for one can see the Knee/NEE surname applying because it uses the phoenix of the Phone-like Phoenix's/FENwicks. The "Ne" motto term of Phone's/Fane's surely applies here.

While I was tying up my shoe to walk over to the house, an old friend, Dennis Quinn, was preparing an ice-cream for me, and he arrived to me with it after I had tied up only one shoe. Handing it to me, I had a born-loser moment because I realized I couldn't tie the other shoe holding this ice cream. Plus, that's when I realized that I didn't call the tenants to make arrangements with them, but called up others to do so. STUPID born loser, wouldn't you say? The dream ended there, and I woke up with a full BLADDER at that moment. Blade's, first found in Yorkshire with Gilligan-like Gills, are in Gill / Gilligan colors while Gilligans share the Quinn Coat. Urine was the symbol of mythical Orion, and the Orion/Iron surname can be sharing the cross of Gilligan-like Gillicks/Burghs/BERKs. Boots/Bootes', first found in BERKshire, can be from Boeotia, home of Orion.

This dream boggles my mind because it was only yesterday that I felt pretty sure that Gilligans/Killigans were from "Aquila." The Quinns share a winged white-on-green horse with Gilligans/Killigans! But that's just the beginning. I have claimed many times by belief that God arranged Miss Hanson to hand me an ice cream as an event God set up. I asked her on our first date while she was handing me the ice cream, and I took her out on that date using the Valiant car of the parents of Dennis Quinn. I already know why the Valiant applies to this dream, but keep in mind that he and I were only 16 years old at the time, some five decades ago.

[With Horde's suspect as Horse's, I've found the same winged horse as Quinns in the Crest of Bourns, first found in Lincolnshire with Horde's]

I don't know where to start. The Valiant applies because the wings on the horses, shared by Masseys/Maceys, are code for VINKovci, birthplace of Valiant-like Valentinian I. The ice cream applies in at least four ways, because: 1) Ice-like Ise's/Assi's are connectable to Justine's from Justine of Picenze-like Picenum, Valentinian's wife; 2) Ice's share the trefoils of Picenze-connectable Pike's; 3) Dennis handed me the ice cream while Hands/HANS' look like a HANSon branch; 4) Cream-like Cremers (Masci fleur) share the KILpatrick Chief, which introduces to me, for the first time ever, to the idea that Scot-Irish surnames prefixed with "Kil" can be L'Aquila liners. By what coincidence do KILkennys have a green-Shield version of the Abruzzo/Abreu Coat?

As my Massey-line mother was born in Picenze, a few miles from L'Aquila, I'm getting the distinct impression that the line of Valentinian and Justine named that village.

I've got to go over old territory due to this dream, sorry about this for those of you who have read it before. Fano is a location at least roughly at the northern end of old Picenum, and while my mother is a Masci on her mother's side, Maschi's were first found beside Fano. Miss Hanson handed me the ice-cream in Gormley, and Gormleys/GRIMes' have the martlets of Grime's in colors reversed. My mother's maiden name is, GRIMaldi.

The Gormley martlets are in both colors of the VELEN martlets, the line to mont VELINO within easy eye shot of Picenze. The Gormley martlets, in the red color of the Phoenix/Fenwick martlets, are in both colors of the Wray martlets, and the Wray Chief-Shield colors are shared by VALIANTs, and then at age 17, I lined up to ask Darlene Ray/Wray on a date while purchasing an ice cream from her. I had done the same with Hanson about a year earlier when she worked at a snack bar.

VINKovci elements have got to be in the "Vincit" motto term of English Sheaves'/Shaws because Italian Sheaves' were first found in L'Aquila. The "signo VINCes" motto term of fasces-like Fessys is part code for Segni's/Segurana's sharing the Aquila eagle and being first found in Genova with fasces-like Fieschi, Segurana-like Seagars/Sugars (Segni/Segurana moline in colors reversed) have WINGs in Crest, and these two surnames share the moline of Cibalae-like Sibals. Vinkovci was Cibalae when Valentinian was born there, and so it seems that elements from VICenza, where Valentins were first found. Note FenWICKs, for they share the Knee phoenix while Knee's share the stag head of VICE's/Vise's. Plus, the "female FIGURE" of Darlene's is suspect with Vickers/VICErs/Wicars. Knee-branch Needhams share the Vice/Vise stag head, and throw in an "aut" motto term linkable to Ottone VISconti.

Darlene Ray/Wray worked the snack bar. I'm noting that snack-like Snake's have a good reflection of the Walk Coat, for I was getting ready to walk to the home my PARENTs when Quinn handed me the ice cream. The English Parents share the martlets of Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Tenants have a "vela" motto term while Spanish Vela's/Velez's have the same eagle as in the Arms of L'Aquila, making them look like Valentinian / Velino liners. Shaves' of L'Aquila are like the snake-using Saves' (version of Botter Coat?). Vela's/Velez's use TORCHes, and then Turks/Torks ("vel") were first found in Dumfries with Walks. The eagle above can be expected as the one of Vails/Vale's. There's a ram, the Cremer symbol, in the Turk/Tork Crest.

I'd also like to add that the Vele Crest looks like a cap as code for Caiaphas-suspect Caps/Capes', for I have evidence that Caiaphas liners were through Picenze, making them especially suspect through the veins of Justice of Picenum just a few hundred years after Caiaphas' lifetime. How did Caiaphas' descendants end up in Picenum? We might need to ask Pharisee-like Ferrara, which was called by another name, Forum Allieni, in 70 AD. It looks like the Velen-related Alans lived there at the time of receiving the Pharisee liners, who happen to share the martlets of Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Ferrara is near VICEnza, not far from the northern end of Picenum, and that's the area of Maschi's whose lion is in the colors of the Ferrara lion hint-hint. Note VICENZa-like Picenze, a doable modification.

As "Vicenzo" is the Italian form of VINCEnts, it appears that Vicenza > Vincent elements renamed Cibalae as Vinkovci. The line of Valentinian and Justine used the gold border, and the border of French Vincents, in colors reversed, would be the gold Justine border. As the Maschi pine CONES are for the Cone-CONTE line, note that Vincents share the lion of Italian Conti's, and that this family is expected with Sforza-related VISconti's. Sforza's not only share the Ferrari lion, but the Sforza lion holds a Quinn-like quince.

Quinns (WINGs) are now suspect with L'Aquila elements, but also with Quintus CAEPio. Quint kin can be expected with FIVE symbols. There is what looks like a cap in the Vele Crest, and Vele's share the moline of Valiant-like Vallans while Moline's are kin of Caiaphas-like Chives'/Shewas', an obvious branch of L'Aquila's Sheaves'/Chiava's/Shaves' (FIVE keys).

Quinn handed me the ice cream while I was preparing to go to the tenants renting my parents' house, and Tenants use a "vela" motto term as well as the Chief-Shield colors of Caps/Capes in reverse. I can see why God used Town-like Tenants in this morning's dream, for Tenants were first found in Linlithgowshire with Scottish Towns while English Towns/TONE's, sharing the chevron of Scottish Towns, have the spread eagle in the colors used for it in the Arms of L'Aquila. VICtoria TOENsing is married to Joe DiGenova, and Genova's use wings, what a vinkincidence. Recalling the Abri line to Abruzzo, let's repeat that TONsings use candelABRA. While Abruzzo's include Abreu's, Portuguese Abreu's show nothing but FIVE wings in the colors of one Masci wing. Vinkincidence?

[Update: the Dennis dream is re-visited briefly in the 3rd update of January, 2022 in conjunction with some very-important, prophetic exposures from God that I think ask us to start preparing for the 666.]

Earlier this week, I found a 3/4"-SQUARE spike in the ground about an hour before finding a square nail in the ground. Square's are listed with Squirrels, and while Valentins use squirrels, the latter share the red squirrel with Deckers/Daggers who in turn have the split Shield of Phoenix's/Fenwicks in colors reversed. I was on my knees pulling weeds when making those finds, and Knee's use the phoenix. Nails were first found in Westphalia with Velins, Velens and Wells/Wellers. English Wells share the Conti / Vincent lion, another vinkincidence. As the spikes and nail are square, it looks to be pointing to Valentinian-beloved Square's/Squirrels.

A day or two later (Thursday, I think), I walked over to the pile of glass a few feet away from where those finds were made, to inspect the glass. It was in all sorts of colors, and I could make out the top of a small, decorative bottle. I then saw the rider-on-a-horse ornament (looks made of fired clay) that I had thrown on the glass pile years earlier. It's missing the head of the rider (measure two inches tall). I took this piece into the house, and set it on the small shelf with the FIVE varnished, square spikes I use for ornaments...that were all dug up from that same soil. One of those five spikes is the very type used to hammer down train tracks, by the way, and I'll get to this momentarily.

Then, on Saturday morning, I had a dream with Quinn in it, and Quinns have a giant horse in the colors of the giant horse with rider of Caffers/Caffertys. I had noted the off-white color of the horse-with-rider ornament, and was thinking to self that it's roughly tan. It's therefore a little amazing that tans share PINE cones with Quinn-connectable Maschi's, and that a porcuPINE is used by Spike's! Quinn handed me an ice-cream CONE. That works. Darlene also handed me an ice-cream cone, and while Darlene's use a "female FIGURE," the proper name of the headless rider is a FIGURine!!! I get it. I'll need to contemplate on that one a little more. Why should Darlene Ray link to that horse-and-rider, or to Quinns? It's important to me that God is now linking Quinns to the ice-cream theme, and I'd really like to understand the reasons.

Ah, I now recall that our manager at Knob Hill Farms (she worked the snack bar there) was Gill (it could have been "Giles," but we pronounced it, "Gill"), and that Rays were at Gill. The Gills/Gilles' mentioned above at by mention of my bladder are also Gilles', and in Quinn / Gilligan / Blade colors. The Gills/Gilles' share a Shield filled with lozengy with Scottish Lombard(y)s (black eagle too) and German Hansons (the other ice-cream line), but the Gill/Gilles lozengy is in the colors of the Arms of Lombardy, and cream-like Crema is in Lombardy. That works. Spanish Gills/Gilez's share the lions combattant of Abruzzo's/Abreu's. Quinns from Lombards? French Lombard(y)s happen to share the Quint chevron, and then share three fleur-de-lys on blue in their Chief with the Cremer Chief. Looking good to suggest that Quinns had been Quints through Lombardy elements. Quintus Caepio was the grandfather of JUNia Caepionis, and June's share black fleur-de-lys with the Lombardy Chief. French Lombardys have the Chief-Shield colors of Valiants in colors reversed. I think I now get it to my satisfaction. Italian Lombards (Julian Coat?) have a Coat reflecting the Cremer Coat.

OH WOW. As I said, this figurine, probably off-white when new, is now tan colored due to being buried in soil, and while "figure" is suspect with Vickers because they share a red fitchee with Darlene's, the Vicker motto has "TANdem"! It tends to prove that I've got the Vickers correctly pegged for the motto. "TanDEM" looks like code also for Deem variation of DeMere's, for they and Mere's share the black Vicker ship. Wow.

As the ornament was missing a head, I had checked Heads yesterday, before this dream and therefore before coming to the Tenants. Tenants first entered my discussions with Helen, a real-life tenant of mine more than 20 years ago. The Heads happen to use three unicorn heads in colors reversed from the three horse heads of Helens, and one can glean here that these horse heads are those of Ferrara-related Este's, founded by Azzo of Fermo at the southern end of Picenum. Fermo is suspect in the "ferme" motto term of Valentinian-beloved Square's/Squirrels, and the Tiens' in the same motto might just have been a Tenant branch.

One of the five spikes was used on a train track. This looks like a pointer of God to Train-like Tarents/Terents. Years before knowing of the Phoenix phoenix (a red eagle with flames at the tail), I identified the red eagles of Tarents as phoenix because I traced mythical Phoenix (of Phoenicia) to the Biaini peoples of Lake Van, which had a Taran area around Mus. Tarents come up as "Taran," and while mythical Phoenix is suspect by me as code for the namers of Phoenicia's Panias/Banias, the latter term looks like "Biaini." So, as Phoenix's/FENwicks are a branch of Phone's/Fane's VAN,s it speaks for itself that we are all over Lake-Van liners with this train-track spike. What are the chances that the Spike eagle is in both colors of the red Taran/Tarents eagle. You heard right: God arranged that spike to be in my soil.

[It wasn't until during the spell check that I came across Gwenea/Vannes below, when it hit me that "Quinn" is like "Gwen / Guine." Quinn entered the dream after my phone calls, and Phone's are also Vans. I think I get it. Guine's/Gunns use a ship and a motto term suspect with Ship-beloved Bellows. The latter named Bellot of CALLOUville while Belows (one 'l') use a CHALICe, and Chalice's, from CALAIS, are also CHALES'. The phone CALLS I made just before Quinn appeared while I was kNEELing, and Calls (trumpets) were first found in Wiltshire with Neels. The latter enter the discussion below. Cool, but is Trump in my born-loser moment? Is he going to be humbled with a born-loser event?]

But He also arranged for me to purchase a mini-excavator, because it was with that machine that I turned over the soil at the front to level it off. I turned it over and over in intervals of months, for years, piling the dirt in small hills hoping to get rid of most of the weeds (I probably gave myself more weeds). And that's how all the broken glass keeps cropping up at the surface, and also how the spikes, etc., were found there. Someone had dumped garbage there by the will of God, then buried it with soil, but God dug it all up. I wonder what the headless horse rider could be code for? Joe Biden? No, I don't think so. He's more like a headless rider on a jack-ass.

Tarans/Tarents were at Tarrant-RUSHton, "home to the de Rusceaus family." Rosco-branch Rush's use horses, and Lake Van had the kings, Rusa. Thank you, pagan family historians, for thanking God for making discoveries like this you could only dream of making. Talking about headless? Gold-eagle Trents use ROSES, we get it, and the vertically-split Trent Shield is even in the colors of the horizontally-split Phoenix/Fenwick Shield. walk-like Walsh's/Walchs, from Wallachia smack at the ROXolani theater, use a "TRANSfixus" motto term while Trans' are listed with Trents. That can explain why Walsh's/Walchs use PHEONs. Wakie-wakie, family historians, heraldry is the big blabber mouth that could fix all of your mistakes.

I was wondering whether the headless rider pertains to Horse-like Horde's (horse HEAD in Crest), and here it's found that Trains were first found in Northumberland, location of Horde (in the Ort/Ort write-up). No, family historians, restrain yourselves, Trains were not named after trains. What are the chances, historians, that Trains share the giant lion of German Orts/Ordemanns? This recalls an Orto-like location (forget the spelling) near Sinope, the latter being the camp of the Cimmerians (coming from Ukraine) who conquered Lake Van (720ish BC), making king Rusa their vassal. Hey historians, why do you think that SINope-like "Sine" is a motto term of Orts/Ordemanns? Doesn't it reveal that Sinope elements were the namers of Sine's/Sions and Sion/Sitten? Panias was at mount Sion.

The Nordic for "horse" is Hros-like "hross," and the Caucasian Hros peoples, in the Ukraine too, can be expected as Ezekiel's Meshech-related Rosh, very connectable to the Rusa kings at/near the Moschi mountain of the ARDahan region. The Meshech were also the Maschi-like Mushki. The ORTega's share the Masci fleur-de-lys

The Horse surname, which named Northumberland's Horsley, has horse HEADs wearing straps, connectable to the straps on the bear heads of Barwicks, and Horde is a couple of miles from Berwick. So, it checks out, and Orts thus look like king-Rusa liners. This all goes to the "ORT" that remains on the Molson BEER bottle that was dug up in the soil having the Spikes, etc. Berwicks appear to use ears of wheat. It should be added that the Horse gyronny is in the colors of the Quinn / Killigan horse.

The Ordovices of northern Wales come to mind as well as an Arddu location of their region. It's all beside Flintshire, and Flints share the full Ort/Ordemann motto.

ARDahan was an ancient region of the Lake Van area. I had speculated that mythical Cotys, because he was made the son of Manes and the father of Attis, was an entity between Armenia's Mannae and the Hatti (from Armenia's Cadusii, the line to mythical CadMUS of Phoenicia) as represented by Attis. I now find COTYora on this map smack beside Sinope of the Hatti theater. The Cotesii were on the Buzau river along with Roxolani! Do the math, historians. The Roxolani look like a branch of Rosh. The Buzau is on the north side of the Sine-like Sensii peoples.

Mythical Manes can be the reason that some horses have their manes emphasized, as do Horde's...and Christine's, first found on MAN!!! They both use gold manes on white horse heads!!! I didn't know that would happen when starting the first sentence. The Arms of Man shares the raven with the Horde Chief! It tends to mean that the Isle of Man is from the Maeonians, whom I trace to Mannae of the Armenians. Mus is the line to Ferte-Mace, and king Maccus or his father ruled the Isle of Man. Manners/Maness' were first found in Northumberland with Horde. Mannings (black eagle head) use an "Esse" motto term while Ash's/Esse's were first found in Devon with Mains. Mane's have a giant black, spread eagle, just like L'Aquila, and it's colors reversed from the giant eagle of Kilners.

I didn't realize at first that the Mane Coat is that of Manets, in the "Manet" motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila. Mane's/Manets are said to have included Osbert Minete, in case you know my in-a-minute story with a man from Picenze who took me to his bocci-ball game in L'Aquila. That event pointed to Bocci's/BROCATO's (ears of wheat) because BROGITarus was father to AMYNTes.

I'm wondering whether a tribe from Keturah (traceable to Kotor) named Cotyora. She probably lived in Hebron with Abraham, and it just so happens that Hebrons/Hepburns, sharing a horse head (with straps) with Horde's, and showing a ROSE, were first found in Northumberland with Horde. Hebrons were at CHILLINgham, feasibly from the L'Aquila-connectable Killins. Chills/Childs have the Tarant/Taran Coat in colors reversed, and they are from CHILDERic, the first Merovingian king, and then Marsi of Abruzzo were Merovingians. ROXburghs have the horse head too. Picenze elements are connectable to VINKovci, and L'Aquila's Sheaves to Vince elements, and then Chills/Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's.

Chills/Childs were at Wanstead while Wansteads are also Wayne-like Weynners/Weiners/Winners (Massey/Macey fleur), and, sure enough, Wayne's share gauntlet gloves with Maceys/Macys and Phone's/Fane's/Vans i.e. so that Wanstead looks like a Lake-Van liner. German Weiners happen to share the black spread eagle with L'Aquila and the Ice's/ECGHO's, and then the Eggs have a giant eagle partly in the colors of the Chill/Child eagle. Almost no one knows that L'Aquila is so central to heraldry. Did you realize that Hebrons look like Hebrews along with Abruzzo's/Abreu's?

The Hebron write-up: "Now part of the Tyne and Wear county, Hebburn dates back to about 1104-08..." The Wears use a "FuiMUS" motto, lookie there. I trace Bruce's, from Brusi's, to the Abrussi people of Abruzzo, and it just so happens that Bruce's use "Fuimus" too.

Keturah (mother of Medan) is the line through fish-depicted Kodros (father of Medon), and Orts/Ords (of Horde) use fish in Catter-fish colors, how about that. Catters were first found in Berkshire with Boots, suspect from Butua, beside Kotor. Croms, sharing the three Vincent quatrefoils (different colors), were first found in BERKshire too, and they share a Botter-traceable cat with Burghs/BERKs. It could appear that Keturah liners named Porcius Cato. Lake-Van connectable Spike's have a PORCupine.

Catters are in VAUGHN colors and format so that Keturah's lines bumped into Lake Van / Phoenix lines. Or, she may have been a Lake-Van liner in her own ancestry. I see Hyksos ancestry at Mus, and the Hyksos Hebrews (non-Israelites) came to power in Egypt a few centuries after her lifetime.

As Sinope is in the Halys-river theater suspect with Eliphas-like Halybes, and as Esau, Eliphas' father, became suspect recently with Ass- / Ash-like surnames, note that ASopus ("opus" was a common Greek suffix) was made the mother of mythical Sinope. English Ash's/Esse's have two of the triple Cotys/Archdeacon chevrons. Eliphas married Timna the HORite of Seir, suspect in the making of mythical Hros-like Horus of Egypt, for Horus was related to Seir-like OSIRis. Esau was the grandson of Abraham, husband of Keturah.

The Horse's share red straps with the bear of Alis', the latter possibly being from "Laish," a couple of miles from Panias. The Alis Crest is an eagle with a so-called "erased" neckline. This is new: the erased feature looks like flames or fire, and thus the Alis eagle looks like play on the Phoenix line. It looks like play on the Fire's who share the giant unicorn of RASmussens, for I identify "ERASed" with the Eras variation of RasMUSSens, who look like they are from king Rusa of MUS at Lake Van, for Ras' are listed with the Rose's. Hee-hee, heraldry was the task of pagan clowns juggling their dark, ancestral secrets in a Catholicized world. They were from Gog, and they knew it. Fire's are listed with Firs/Furs, and Alis' use a fir tree, no guff.

ROStock is where Ice's were first found, and cream-like Cremers may have been from the Crimea, home of the Cimmerians who came to make Rusa their servant. Many years ago, I read an article with the writer claiming that Cimmerians were of the As/Assi peoples naming Azov, and Ice-like Ise's are listed with Ass'/Assi's. I didn't realize until now that the Ice Shield is split in colors reversed from the same of Phoenix's/Fenwicks, perfect. The latter share red martlets with Crimea-like Grimes'.

There's fire at the mast of the Vickers ship, and beside that there is an erased eagle head. The Helen Crest has a "mast" with "sail," and Helens use horse heads.

Alis' share the motto of Kennys while KILkennys have a green-Shield version of the Abruzzo/Abreu Coat. The Chief-Shield colors of Kennys are reversed from the same of Quinns, and the Quinn horse is in the colors of the items in the Kenny Chief. Kenny-like Henns share the Kilkenny lion. Capone's, who have someone wrongly deriving their surname in "young HEN, " were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Tracks having a version of the Henn Coat.

The headless rider pointed to Heads sharing white unicorns with Fire's and Rasmussens (Esau-like Hesse of the Chatti). As Alis' have the motto (almost) of the Keith Catti, and while Keiths lived at HADDington, the Heads look like that are from the Hatti on the Halys rivers of the Cotyora / Sinope area. Fier county is the location of Kuman, and Comana is a location, on the map above, beside Keturah-like Cotyora.

It appears that Comana named the KOMNeno's of Trebizond/Trapezus...whose Arms had the triple-black fesses of ostrich-using Beaks (HORSEshoe in the beak of the ostrich). The Arms of Traby have ostrich feathers. On my shelf having the Molson beer, there is a horseshoe below a cowboy HAT hanging on the jamb. The Buttero cowboys were of Cato-related Botters, and thus the Cato's and other Cat liners look like they are from the Hatti. Hats (part-red eagle HEAD) share the quadrants of TATTons (kin of Tute's/Tuits first found in Norfolk with Heads), and it just so happens that lake Tatta is at the upper Halys river of the Hatti. On the shores of Tatta was Perta, and Perts/Petts happen to use a stork in bulRUSH's.

Tatta was above the Pontus, and Pontius Pilate is suspect with Mont Pilat having a PERDrix peak. The Pontus was home to the KHALDi, and Celts/Colts/Cults of PERTHshire have the Pilate pheon in colors reversed. Wikipedia's Pontius-Pilate article used to say that his mother is believed by some to have been a Pict of Perthshire.

Wow, I now see the reason for the COWboy hat. The Cows are listed with Cuff using an "AniMUS" motto term!!! Can we believe it? The "tamen" motto term of Cows/Cuffs reminds of Caucasia's Taman peninsula, location of KEPoi, and so let's repeat: "...crowns are the only symbols showing for the Shield of Bottle's/Bootells/Buthill. Those three crowns are in the format, and colors reversed from, the three caps of Cappers/Caps'/KEPPers." Bottle's/BOOTHILLs could have named the BOTEVILLE's listed with Tyne's, and the Tyne river is in Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons (horse head) and Horde. Horse-head Roxburghs use a "Tam" motto term.

Let's keep on with Kepoi-like surnames. Kiplings share the dancette feature (though of a different design) with Cows/Cuffs. Kepple's (Dean lion?) are listed with Capells, and Capelli's share the chapeau cap of Bute/Boet-branch Buttons/Bidens. Looking consistent. Looking like Joseph Caiaphas of the Boethus Sadducees. Deans were first found in Sussex with Saddocks and their Mascal kin. Keiths/Mascals are expected from the Hatti. The COWboy HAT.

The "idem" motto term of Cows/Cuffs can be for the Dean-like Deems listed with DeMere's. The latter share the ship with Mare's/Mere's with MacDonald-liner Keeps (Sussex, same as Deans and Saddocks), and so as the Cows/Cuffs have a bend-with-fleur version of the Sale's/Salletts suspect from the Salto river, Mare's (in the MacDonald motto) look like they were from the Marsi (Abruzzo) at the upper Salto, location of mont Velino. Even my cowboy hat gets us to Abruzzo, but not apart from the Butteri cowboys (bull and cow ranchers). I don't expect Deans to have been a Deem/Mare branch, but a merger looks likely, especially as Deans were first found in Sussex with Cow/Cuff-like Coverts/Cofferts.

As ALIS' have proven to be king-Rusa liners, note the "quam fideLIS" motto phrase of Roxburghs, for Lise's/Liss' share the six pale bars of Cams, in the colors of the one Roxburgh pale bar. Pale's/Palys happen to use a Camulodunum-suspect camel. "Quam" is in the CAMbridge motto, and as the Cam river named Cambridge (probably from Camulodunum), that's why I see Cams in the Roxburgh motto too. Cambridge's share the Swans of Sinope-suspect Sine's/Sions/Swans. Cambridge's share the patee cross (different colors) with Mannings who in turn use the full Cambridge motto. The Manning patee, large, is in the colors of the giant Gamble fleur, and Gamble's look like Camulodunum liners, in this picture. Cams list Game's.

Mannings share the cinquefoils of Carne's while this map shows Carni at the upper Sava near Emona. Bled (not shown) is beside Emona. Emona-like Moneys/Monets, first found in Savoy with Mane's/Manets, have a version of the English MOUNTain Coat while Mons' are listed with Mounts/Mounds. Mane's/Manets share the black eagle with the eagle head in the Crest of English Moneys. It looks like L'Aquila's motto traces to the namers of Emona. As Abruzzo-liner Ebroicum (= Eburovices) named York as Eboracum, note that Yorks, sharing the besant of Moneys/Monets, were at Carni-like Carne. French Mountains "were also in Moulines and at Poncins in Forez." The Forez mountains are near Mont Pilat, and then Carnys (not "Carne") share the pheons of Pilate's, first found in Burgundy with the Messeys/Messier's in turn sharing the saltire of French Mountains.

The Emona area is near the Colapis/Kupa river, origin of Cups/Cope's/Colps suspect in the "CUPias" motto term of Yorks. It should explain the "gloria" motto term of Molins'/Millens, for Lowrys/Glorys have a giant cup.

I kid you not, that while viewing the Moulins/Millen Coat, a song ("How Deep the Father's Love") sang the line, "MANY SONS to GLORY." It struck me that this could have been God's instrument to assure that many-like Mane's trace to Emona (not that I had any doubt), but then I loaded Sons'/Soams (one of the three Clare chevrons) to find them first found in Suffolk with Moulins and Clare's, the latter having the Bled/Bles Coat in colors reversed. Emona is right beside Bled. Sons' can be play on the Sun variation of Claro-line Sinclairs, or vice-versa.

Manys/Maneys/Mainie's share triple chevrons (different colors) with Bleds/Bles', and were first found in Hainaut, where Mons is the capital. The only entity I've ever found sharing the triple Levi chevrons (black on gold) in both colors are the counts of Hainaut, and Manys/Maneys have triple black-on-white chevrons. Can we see why God set this songline miracle up? He's tracing the Levi blood in Caiaphas and Annas to the "manet" motto term of L'Aquila.

Oh wow, the singer of the song above is Fernando ORTega!!! Unbelievable. Horts/Hurts share the fesse of Belgian Moulins', and Hainaut is partly in Belgium. I am reminded that the ORDOvices lived at least close to the island of Mon/MONA/Monez (Anglesey) of Wales. The small waters between Mona and the Welsh mainland is, Menai. The mainland at Mona is Gwynedd, which I see named by Gwenea/Vannes of Brittany, a potential line from Fans/Venns / Phone's/Fane's/Vans. The latter's gauntlets is for Belgium's Gaunt, yet the Sine's in the Ort/Ordemann motto once showed gauntlets. Dutch Gaunts share the wavy fesse of Dols, and Dol is not far from Vannes. The Arms of Gaunt has a lion with virgin, and Virgins, first found in Kent with Gaunts, share the giant Ort/Ordemann and MONmouth lion. Virgins and CORNwalls share a red lion in both Shied and Crest, and Cornwall was named by a branch of Cornovii.

Ordovices lived beside the CORNovii of Cheshire, from the Ceraunii Illyrians, and so they could have named the Ceraunii mountains at proto-Alan Aulon/Avlona. It makes sense. The Cornwall lion is also that of the Alan-line Stewarts (Devon, same as Cornwalls), though Stewarts throw in a RAGully bend suspect as part-code for Ragusa. Sharks out of Ragusa / Kotor use a crane for their Ceraunii background, and Sharks throw in trefoils in the colors of the same of Devon's Barnstaple's. Saraca's of Ragusa and Kotor were in the land of the Arddu-like Ardiaei.

Moulins'/Millens' have a different-colors version of a MELANson Coat (intended as Melan-SONS?), and while the latter is similar enough to the Coat of Milan's Maurels, it appears that Moulins' / Molins' / Moline's are Milan liners. The MALLets of Sons'/Soams could be applicable here. The Maurels even have a version of the Bute/Butt Coat, the latter linkable to the Ports suspect in some way with Orts. French Maurels have a white unicorn in Crest while Horde's have a white horse head in Crest. The "virTUS" motto term of French Maurels gives away that Tous', in the Bles/Bled motto, share the eight-pointed stars of Italian Maurels for a related reason.

The Cambridge patee is that also of French Blois', and then English Blois' were first found in Suffolk with Moulins/Millens, Sons', English Blois'...and Clare's i.e. having the Bles/Bled Coat in reverse. Clarens (two of the three Clare chevrons) share the double chevrons of Scottish Lise's/Lease's, red, as with the double chevrons of Mains. Blois-liner Bliss'/Bless' share the Gamble fleur. Bled is near the COLapis, where I trace COLchester = Camulodunum.

Needhams, with a gold phoenix even if they don't technically call it one, have a "nunQUAM" motto term, suggesting that the Knee and Needham bends (blue like that of Pale's) are connectable (by their colors) to the Cam / Lise / Roxburgh pale bars.

I'm glad to be back to Knee's because I didn't finish this morning's dream's mysteries. I assume I was on one knee when TYing up one shoe, for Shoes use a "knight issuing from the knees." But why was I tying the shoe? I sense right-away a link of the dream's centrality to the Ticino/Tessin river. What was the dream's centrality? Picenze, a little village in the foothills ideally suited to roaming chickens. The man of the house where I lived (while on holidays for the summer), Mr. MANilla, was an iron worker. I'll bet that was Arranged as a pointer to Ferrari's, for he married Miss Masci, and Maschi's are suspect with the Ferrari lion. I would go down the real cobblestone road to his shop and watch him work. (I wrote that and only afterward checked the Cobble surname).

Next door to his shop was the family chicken coup. I recall the day when I went to pet a hen sitting on her nest, but it bit my thumb hard like a jolt of lightning coming out a dragon's den. Momma had fire in her eyes. What did I, the city-slicker, know at 11 years of age about the nature of a hen? I thought they might be like lovable dogs. I'm writing this because, when it came to mind, I checked the thumb-like Tombs/Tume's, which was before loading Cobble's, and in the Tomb/Tume Crest, a WHITE horse head between WHITE WINGs. Wings were all over the dream's discussion, i.e. the Vinkovci link to Picenze.

The Tomb/Tume horse head is the Horde horse head too, and the Tomb/Tume tombstone's are in the colors of the Horse/Horsley gyronny, and in the colors of the WHITE winged Quinn / Killigan horse. Is that not wild? If you can't see the obvious, let me spell it out: God bit my thumb using the chicken so hard that I wouldn't forget it 50 years later. Look at how much I went through for you, readers. I even drank a raw egg once out of a hole in the shell when the family tried to convince me that it was cool to do so. City dwellers don't do things like that. I didn't write that with Shells (Westphalia) in mind, but they happen to share the Massey fleur-de-lys, and have the snake design (different colors) of Quinns, how about that. Shells (Visconti snake?) share the fesse of Rush's and Rosco's.

I now recall that Shell-like Shiels/Shields share the motto of L'Aquila-connectable Shaws/Sheaves'! I get it: God made me drink the egg from the shell, yuck, just for you today. Praise God, reader, that he made me so disposed to indignities when needed. The Eggs look like a branch Ice's/Ecgho's who in turn share the Arms-of-L'Aquila eagle, tending to verify that L'Aquila is the central theme in this morning's dream, yet the eggs I managed were in PICenze, not L'Aquila. The Ice/Ecgho trefoils are linkable to those of PIKE's, however. Mr. Quinn gave me the ice-cream, just do the math. Quinn + ice cream + Shells = Quinn's from L'Aquila and Picenze. Shaws/Shaves' even share "qui" with Cremers.

The Shiels/Shields have a blue-Shield Coat reflection of the Pansys/Pantzers (Westphalia, same as Shells), who are in the colors of the Quinn horse. What do you suppose it means that Shiels/Shields share the doves of Leafs/Leve's, humm?

I now recall what God may have had in mind with the mad hen. It's from the write-up of Quint-connectable Capone's: "The surname also has origins as a nickname, which refers to a YOUNG hen." That derivation for Capone's is out to lunch, but looks like a deliberate code for something like the rooster-using Hanns / Hahns. Leavell-related Youngs share the red Capone demi-lion, and Bibo's are said to share the Hahn rooster while I trace "Bibo" to Vibia, mother of proto-Leavell Laevillus. God may have had this picture in mind when the hen bit my hand, for Hands (Cheshire) are also Hans', all expected from Caiaphas' father-in-law, lines I expect through Picenze and L'Aquila. Sardinian Visconti's used the chicken, and the Visconti-related Sforza's love the Quinn-like Quince's.

In fact, we saw above that Henns have a Coat version of Tracks/Tricks (same place as Capone's), and then Laevillus was king of Cetis at the TRACHeitis river. That works.

I've already shown how the Cremers trace to Bibo's via the Kiss'/Cush branch of Custs in the Cremer motto. The Cash/Cast branch was first found in Cambridgeshire with Tracks/Tricks. Note that while Mynett-related Dragons are also DREYners, Cremers have this: "This name is often rendered MacTRAYnor or MacTreanor in English, but the Anglicizations Mac Crainor and MacCreanor are actually more phonetically accurate." I'm seeing Trayne tracks, so to speak, for Trains are also Trayne's. Were Trains originally a Dragon dragon? Does my train-track spike apply?

It got to be my job to go fetch fresh eggs from the chicken house, and there's a giant eagle in the Egg Coat, and Eagle-like Eggletons (purple talons) share the L'Aquila eagle. Eggs were first found in Cheshire with Masci-line Masseys. Cheshire's Eggertons (pheons) even mention Masseys. Egertons also mention Brertons, but as they use a bear head, they may have been a branch of Cheshire's BEARtons/Bartons, looking very connectable to Barwicks / Berwicks. Leavell-related Percivals have the black bear head too. Eggs share the eagle of Lorraine's, and Lorraine's Bar-le-Duc loves Pansys/Pantzers in its pansy symbol. I was in that chicken coup maybe 20 times, but can recall no other event in there but the bite. I don't remember gathering eggs, but do remember that I went into the place to get them.

God bit my thumb hard. I never figured chickens could bite so hard, they look so cowardly. I can still see that hen's face. Tombs/Tume's, first found in Worcestershire with Squirrels/Square's, are colors reversed from the squirrels of Valentins, and I always link Valentins to Stevensons, first found in Northumberland with Horde.

That all underscores the reason that Mr. Quinn came over to give me the ice cream while I was tying the shoe, on one knee, I assume. The Cobble's, first found in Lincolnshire with Horde's, share the three crosslets of Tufts/Tuffs, and the latter have the red phoenix, flames at the tail included, of Knee's. I had no idea about these things when I recalls the cobblestone streets of Picenze. Those stones were not factory made like we get at Home Depot. They were the real McCoy.

Tufts/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire, beside Flintshire, and to let's add that while these counties are near the RIParia-like Ribble river, Flints have "flint stones" in the colors of the Tomb/Tume tombstones that have "R.I.P." written on them. The Riparia is the location of Susa, and Susans are in Tomb/Tume colors. So, this along with cobbleSTONE's behooves us to take a peak at Stone's, who happen to have a reflection of the Manning Coat. With Stone's substituting a gold eagle (Needham symbol) for the Manning PATEE, it all looks linkable to the L'Aquila / Mane/Manet eagle, especially if the mane of the Tomb/Tume horse head is emphasized in gold (I think it is), the colors of the mane of Horde's and Christine's of Man. PATTys/Pati's were first found in Worcestershire with Tombs/Tume's.

Ribble's (share Maschi lion) have a Chief-Shield color combo in reverse from the same of Horde's, and I do recall that the old Masci wing design is in the Rebel Coat (in white, the colors of a Masci wing). I learned that because woman who rented me a room, born Miss Abreu, had Miss Ribello as her mother. It was her surname that caused be to delve into the Abruzzo surname to begin with. Ribble's were first found in Yorkshire, where the Ribble flows, and where Eburovices of Evreux lived.

The Flints (Quinn colors) are justified in the dream's discussion because Dennis Quinn was in it while I was tying my shoe, and because Flints share the Ort/Ordemann motto while Orts of Horde are linkable to the Quinn horse now expected with Tombs/Tume's. Flints were first found in Suffolk with the Knights in the Coat of Knee-loving Shoe's. The Shoe knight holds an axe, the Dennis symbol. "Sine macula" is the Flint motto, and "Macula sine macula" is the motto of Snake-like Seneca's; the other Irish Quinns show snakes. Seneca's show only gold mascles while Quinn-like Quince's show only gold mascles too. Quince's were first found in Northamptonshire with the Cabbage's having variations like those of Cobble's. The latter, who took us to Tufts having the Knee phoenix, were first found in Lincolnshire with Horde's and Bracebridge's, and I've said many times that Dennis Quinn was from Bracebridge prior to my knowing him (starting at 13 years of age).

The Tie-Shoe Mystery Tough to Crack

As Tufts/Tuffs' are a branch of Touch's/Tuff, we can go to TYsons/TESSONs having the Touch/Tuff lion in colors reversed, which may explain why I was TYing my shoe when Quinn came to me with an ice-cream. But I came across a better theory above when seeing the purple talons on the giant Eggleton eagle, because it's the L'Aquila eagle, and colors reversed from the giant eagle of Ice-branch Eggs. I was tying my laces, and Lace's have a purple lion, and a purple "fret-knot." Then, the Eggletons are said to have been on the Tees river. Tees'/Teece's are probably a branch of TYE's/Tease's, first found in Knot-liner NOTTinghamshire. That works. Tess'/Tease's/Tess' (leaves) were first found in Switzerland with the Ticino canton that named the TESSIN river of the proto-Laevillus Laevi Gauls.

The Tysons/Tesson lions have chains (from their collars), a symbol of Swedish Walls by the looks of it, and then the Shoe's have a tree on a wall while Tree's/True's, sharing a knight with Shoe's, are in the motto of Home's/Hume's (Berwickshire, near Tysons/Tessons) in turn sharing the Tyson/Tesson lion (Quinn colors). I was TYing my shoe. We could say I was tying shoes to go to stay the night at the tenant's HOME. Home's/Hume's were first found in the same place as Dows/Dove's (dancette) having a Tough-like Dough variation. Toughs are listed with Touch's/Tuffs. We might at first think that Dows/Dove's/Doughs (Pigeon/Pidgeon colors) use doves instead of pigeons, yet the Patiens' in their motto are also Padgens.

I was kNEELed when on a knee tying the shoe, we could say, and the Neel surname may have a motto code for the Nom variation of Nons in the motto of Knee-like Kness' (Neel colors). That's interesting enough to pursue. Neels have a "facTIS" motto term expected for the Tiss variation of Tees'/Teece's. So, you see, my tying the shoelaces at my feet is a pointer to the Laevi at Feet-related Pavia on the Ticino/Tessin river.

While Knee's have a phoenix, depicted by writers as rising from the ASHes, Kness' have what looks like an eagle rising. If so, it's probably code for Rhizon, from Rize near Lake Van. Kness', first found in Perthshire with ASS-related Justine's (from Justine of Picenum), have as "AStutia" motto term, and Ash's can apply to Ass'. I've seen birds in the position of the Kness bird that were said to be "rising" (it's an official heraldic position and term). The items in the Neel Crest are, I think, the item in the Nom/Non Crest.

Now, as Neel-like Neils/Nihills were first found in Tyrone with their kin, the Sharks, let me take you back to the Valiant of Quinn's parents, for Valiants use a shark, and I was kneeled down as Quinn came to give me the ice cream while I took the ice-cream girl out in the Valiant, the only time I ever drove that car, a totally unexpected thing to begin with, for I was just 16 years old, and I recall not getting my driver's licence until late in my 16th year. I suggest that God set up that drive. Dennis was not a law-abiding young man.

The Arms of Saraca is a blue-on-gold fesse, Valiant colors. The Saraca fesse has a white fish upon it, making it the Neil/Nihill fish. The Neil/Nihill Chief shares the Colchester estoiles, and the Arms of Colchester (previously Camulodunum) uses nails while German Neils are also Nails, in Neel colors. So, as I was kneeling, shark-connectable QUINN came to me, and the Colchesters can be gleaned with the QUINT chevron because Quints were first found in Essex, location of Colchester. Quints were first found in Essex and Dorset, and the latter is beside Wiltshire, where Neels were first found. The "FACTis" motto term of Neels should be partly for Faucets (East Lothian), for their castle was built by Saer de QUINCy. If "Saer" was named after Sauers, they share the Neil/Nihill lion. Lothians share the brown dog of Sawyers, and the latter are suspect with Saviours/Severs / Saffers.

Recall how the EGGLEtons shared the L'Aquila eagle, for Eagle's have six lions in the format of, and colors reversed from, the same of Sava's/Savage's, and Sauers are said to be Sava-river elements. Lothians (pine tree) share the Cremer motto and can therefore fit into the ice-cream cone somehow. Lothians were first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks and their Justine kin, and here we can see that Sava-river liners should include lines from Vinkovci, not just because it's off the Sava river, but because elements from Valentinian's wife connected to Picenze at L'Aquila. Eagle-branch Hagels share the single, red pile of Wings/Winks. Hagels were first found in Somerset with perhaps the earliest-known Sawyers (houseofnames has now erased their early presence in Norfolk).

Isn't it amazing that while the ice-cream was given to me when preparing to walk to the tenant's place, that Livingstons, first found in West Lothian with tenants, share the green border on white Shield with the Lothians sharing the Cremer motto. That's stunning. There is a even a savage in the Livingston Crest. The Livingston border is a called a "double tressure." The Livingston cinquefoils can be gleaned as the three of Hamiltons in colors reversed, and Hamiltons use a SAW in a tree, likely code for Sawyer / Sava liners, though Saws are listed with Scottish Shaws (Perthshire, same as Lothians). We're back to L'Aquila's Sheaves' with the Hamilton saw, apparently.

I was about to walk to the tenant's house, and Walks have a reflection of the French Hamel Coat. Irish Hamels (share leopard in Crest with Sarah's/Sayers) were first found in Tyrone with Neel-like Neils and Sharks.

Eagle's were first found in Lincolnshire with Horde's, and it's only here that I'm realizing how the Sarahs/Sayers are Ort / Horde cousins, for the Sarah/Sayer cinquefoils are those of Horts/Hurts while the Sarah/Sayer motto is shared by Barwicks. Horde of Orts is two miles from Berwick. If not mistaken, the Eagle Crest is a bear leg holding a lion / tiger paw (see bear leg of Leuvens).

The funny thing is, my parents have had a tenant, Sara, and Parents were first found in Lincolnshire too. There needs to be an important reason that I was walking to tenants of my parents house in particular, and so while that points to Picenze on the one hand, it's notable that while the ice cream related to Gormley, where my parents had a house decades ago, Gormleys/Grimes' can be connected to the Parent and Grime martlets, and Grime's use the Feet/Fate symbol three times, yet Feet/Fate Coat is also the Pavia Coat, and so let's recall that TYing my shoe points to the Ticino river, which happens to be where Pavia is located. My shoes are on my FEET, what a hoot. This was a masterpiece dream by God. Were Shoe's from Pavia?

So why didn't I tie the shoes on my feet? Why did I tie a shoe only on a foot...when Quinn promptly stuffed my hand with an ice cream? I was disappointed because I couldn't tie up the other shoe while holding this cone. Well, one solution is that the Foot Crest has the same crescent as Saracens. The Chief-Shield colors of Cremers are in reverse from the same of Shark-loving Valiants.

I was kneeling, tying up my shoes for the walk to the tenant's HOUSE, and French House's share the leaf design of Hazels who in turn share the fesse in the Arms of Saraca. House's call their leaves, "cabbage leaves," and Cabbage's (Northamptonshire, same as Quincys) are in the cabbages of Plants/Planque's. Then, the "Plena" motto term of Tenants can be for the Plene variation of Plants/Plantagenets. The latter were first found in London with Caps/Capes' whose Chief-Shield colors are reversed from the same of Tenants (West Lothian). The Tenant Chief-Shield combo is shared by Men's (Midlothian) whose "I zal" motto phrase can be for Hazels or the Islip variation of Hazel-branch Haslips.

Back to Hazels. Hazelwoods were previously said to be first found in SALOP with the Sleeps/Slepe's/SLIPPers, and Islips ("hazel SLIPs") are also HaSLOPs/HYSLOPs. Has, a location on the northern Drin river that may be a remnant only of a larger Has-like entity in the region, is near the spot where SELEPitanoi are placed on maps. Has is near Tropoje, where I trace Drops/Trope's having a reflection of the Tenant Chief. A good reason to trace Hazels to Has is where I've recorded: "While Hazeltons call it as 'SCOT's head,'..." (4th update of December, 2016). It looks like Hazels were related to Scodra elements.

However, I could have been going to the tenant's HOME instead of, or as well as, house, and Home's/Hume's have a motto, "True TO THE end," looking like code for Tooths, first found in London too. Tooths happen to share a red griffin in Crest with Foots. The Tooth motto is suspect with something at the Tyne river: "Coincidentally, the source of the South Tyne is very close to those of the Tees and the Wear." (Wikipedia for the Tyne). The Wear is at Durham, and Durham is where Cone's were first found. Quinn stuck a cone in my hand. Wears, on the Axe river, share the crosslets of Tufts/Tuffs'. Shoe's use the axe in the hand of their "knight ISSuing from the knees." Is that code for the Ise's/Assi's? Did Quinn stick an ise-cream cone in my hand? There's an axe in the hand of an armed arm (i.e. belongs to a knight) in the SWING Crest. A "knight isSUING."

There's plenty of battle-axes in heraldry probably due to a close Battle relationship with Axe-river liners. Axe's are used by Somerset's Battins/Badens, and there are two Axe rivers in Somerset, that explains it. Battle's have a giant griffin half in the colors of the giant one of Tooths, and while the latter are suspect in the Home/Hume motto, Battle's were first found in Berwickshire with Home's/Hume's. It appears that Dennis' use battle-axes; it's all they show. Dennis stuffed a cone in my hand just as I was on my way to the home of my parents, and Wears ("FiuMUS") of the Axe river named the Wear river in the Durham area where Cone's were first found. Somerset is where BORDers were first found, and BORDens, showing battle-axes, had Burdon locations in Durham. Durhams ("aniMUS") have the Weir/Vere fesse-with-stars.

Zerrs/Zehrers use hatchets on the Shield and the axe in the Crest, and Hatchets/Hackets not only happen to have fish in Arms-of-Saraca fish colors, but share the Chief-Shield colors of Shark-beloved Valiants. So, we may now guess that God named Dennis because Dennis' use axes that connect with Hatchets/Hackets while he's the guy who provided me with the Valiant. It was a car, and Cars have a "serio" motto term while the Zerr-like Serio river is at Crema, where I've long traced the ice-cream of Miss Hanson, the girl I took on a drive in the Valiant. German Hansons trace to Visconti's of Milan, in Lombardy with Crema.

The Hatchets/Hackets are amazing for linking to axes because they share the green-on-gold trefoil of Rocks, kin of green-trefoil Rods because a noble of Rodez (Hugh) married the nobles of ROQUEfeuil. It's just that Axels/AxelRODs show nothing but axes, and so it seems that Axelrods were at least close to Hackets (Kilkenny). The Chief-Shield colors of Rocks is reversed from the same of Quinns, and the latter share a gold Chief with Rods, yet no one knew Dennis Quinn when that heraldry was created, yet Dennis' use axes too. Rods were first found in Devon with the Axe river.

As Aubin is a location near Rodez, it explains why green trefoils are used by Albino's. for Aubins are listed with Albins. The latter share a white bull head with Phone's/Fane's, while the Axe river has been practically resolved with the Axius river of the Phone-like Paeoni. As Aubins/Albins are said to have been at St. Tauren (in Abruzzo-line Evreux), near Harcourt, I assume their bull head is for Tauren liners. It just so happens that Austrian TURNers (like "Tauren") share the vertically-split Shield colors of Neels while Phone's/Fane's look like they love the Nee variation of Knee's in their motto. The Arms of TURIN uses a bull.

Then, German Turners share elephant trunks with Swedish Thors, indication that Turin liners became Thors, but then German Turners also have the Thor/Tour towers in colors reversed while the latter's Coat is that of Howells in colors reversed; the latter were first found in Monmouthshire with Phone's/Fane's. Repeat: Phone's/Fane's share a white bull head with Aubins/Albins. It can be linked to black-bull-head Walerans because Waleran de Leavell married Miss Beaumont, a descendent of Humphrey de Vielles (a Harcourt), and then the Phone's/Fane's have a motto, "Ne VILE fano" while Vile's/Veals show a Viell variation. Plus, Beaumonts have a part-white bull head, in the colors of the white-on-red Trunk bull head, interesting because I found an old axe head (handle gone) still stuck in a tree trunk, and that axe head sits on my God-arranged shelf as we speak.

[This is a good place to have a short insert. While on the Sons'/Soams/SOMES' above due to a songline miracle, I found the Suns' listed with Sine's/Sions/SOME's, though Suns are listed with Sinclairs. The latter lived at Midlothian's Roslin, beside the Faucets suspect in the Neel motto. The Sine's/Sions once used gauntlet gloves, the Phone/Fane symbol, which is the reason that this insert is being placed here, for the Neel lion is that also at the base of the Sine/Sion Coat. In the dream, the phone scene was followed by the kneeling scene. Plus, a minute before starting this paragraph, with everything in this paragraph planned out in my head, and while trying to find the best place to insert it, a song ("I can Only Imagine," by MercyMe) sang the line, "to my KNEES WILL I FALL," followed by "STANDing in the SUN." Right-on topic, I thought, but I didn't realize right-away how much. Those capitals weren't all there until I investigated further. For example, I remembered that Stands were at Yarborough while the split Shield of Yarborough's (Lincolnshire) is that also of Neels! Incredible odds of that happening by chance. Neels use "NOMen," and Yarborough's use "NON est SINE..." It's verifying that Neels share the Sine/Sion lion.

Behold. While the Vails/FALLs share the eagle of English Velis', Scottish Velis' are listed with WILLs (suns!), and then the Velis' are in the motto of Griffins who in turn share two motto terms of Phone's/Fane's, including "Ne." Hard to believe, but it happened just that way. The "NoMEN" motto term of Neels can be for the Mens' (share "God" with Suns/Sinclairs), first found in Midlothian with Suns/Sinclairs. Excellent bonus. You're about to see why a Sinclair-Neel connection pertains to the dream, thus tending to prove that I was on my knees partly for Neels.

Ice's were first found in Roslin-like Rostock, in Pomerania, where the House of Griffin had its roost. The Arms of Pomerania shares the red griffin with Velis'/Wills, making the Suns/Sinclairs ("share "God" with Velis'/Wills) suspect from these Pomeranian elements. Plus, if you think there could be no more, Suns/Sinclairs use a "thy" motto term! I was thying up my shoe laces, so to speak. Velis'/Will were first found in Berwickshire with same-colored, giant-griffin Battle's and TYson-related Home's/Hume's. The Velis/Will griffin even holds a battle-axe, what could be more childs-play to grasp?

Quinns were first found in Longford, and while LONGfords have a version of the Irish Pray Coat, the latter were first found in County Down with Knee's. If that's not enough, one may kneel while praying, and Neels were first found in Wiltshire with Longs. End bombshell insert]

[Insert September 18 -- Just came across the Shardans/Sheridans, first found in Longford with Quinns, and using a Lace-like "Lacessitus" motto term. How about that. I loaded Shardans under the theory that they named "Saracen," and they happen to share the green trefoil with Sharks. The Shardan Sea peoples are believed to have been Sardinians. Quinn's car pointed to Sharks. Amazingly, the Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia, and Avezzano is smack down the hills from mont Velino! The car was a Valiant!!! The Sarasins share the Vallan moline!!! The Shirts/SHARDs are in the shirt of Tous', and the latter are suspect in the "LacessiTUS" motto term. I think I can now spot why God set up the car of the Quinns in particular, for I wouldn't have entered this insert had Shardans/Sheridans not been first found in the same place as Quinns.

Lace's/Lacys share the giant and purple lion with Follys/Foliots, first found in Northamptonshire with Quince's. Luz's have purple lions too, and Fullertons have a "Lux" motto term. End insert]

Beaumonts are suspect with the lion of Bone's expected in the "bon" motto term of Harcourts. Bone's are said to descend from one "Humphrey with the Beard" character, but that looks like code because French Beards/BEARs have a red bull while the Beaumont bull head is half red. Plus, the Beards/Bards (Leslie griffin) share the boar of Turins (Aberdeenshire, same as Leslie's) while Harcourt is near St. Tauren.

I recall that Humphrey was from TORCy, also called Torville, though I couldn't find that location with certainty. It explains why Turks/TORK (rock in flames) have a Veal-like "vel" motto term, and why torches are in the Coat of Veal-like Vela's in the Tenant motto. Repeat from the start of telling the dream: "I can see no other surnames that fit this [first] part of the dream aside from the Phone's/Fane's and Tenants." So, we can now glean that one major Purpose of the first part of the dream (my phoning people to arrange a visit to the tenants) is to point to Leavells, which jibes with the shoe-tying Purpose of pointing to the Laevi.

HUMphreys can even be gleaned as a branch of Home's/Hume's, especially as they have a "L'HOMME" motto term. Is that not wild? There's no one else in this world who can bring you material like this because it's God's material, and he knows what He's doing. I was going to the HOME of the tenants when TYing my laces, and Laevi-connectable TYsons share the Home/Hume lion while Humphrey de Vielles' line at Meulan married the Leavells. Humphreys even use a "pays" motto term that gets the Pace's/Pasi's in the Turk/Tork motto, and then English Pace's use a rare purple Shield connectable to the purple of Lace's. The full Turk/Tork motto, "Pace vel bello," probably honors the BELLmont variation of Beaumonts.

The write-up of Beaumonts: "Robert de Beaumont (d. 1118), was Count of Meulan, a feudal statesman and son of Roger de Beaumont ('de Bellomonte' in the Latinized form) and grandson of Humfrey de Vielles." Humphrey was from Harcourts, and so we read of Hatchets/Hackets: "They were originally from Harcourt in Normandy..." HARcourts (linkable to Hicks on two counts) share the double fesses of English Hare's/Hairs while the Hare's/Hairs of Ayrshire share the Chief-Shield colors of Vielles-like Valiants, Hatchets/Hackets, and Horde's, explaining why Hatchets/Hackets share three, white fish in pale with Orts of Horde. This is excellent because it's the Zerrs/ZEHRers who have the hatchets while ZAHRingers founded bear-using Berne while Horde is a couple of miles from bear-using Berwick, all connectable to Beers, and therefore to the "ORT" on the label of my Molson beer bottle! Wow, lookie there, for, as I said several days before arriving here, the Molson beer sits smack beside my axe head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. Zahringers operated out of Baden, and Badens/Battins are the ones with axes.

MORE!!! That "bello" motto term can be for the Bellows in the "bellows" of Ships. The laBEL of the beer has a ship logo!!! Ships were first found in Oxfordshire with HORTs!!!! It took me this long, in this update, to realize the latter part, as per "ORT" on the same label. The Ship bellows are hand fans, potentially play on Phone's/Fane's. In fact, Fans/Fens'/Venns (griffin) were first found in Devon with Molsons and Beers, and they had a Fenne Lincolnshire, where Horde's were first found.

Beside the axe head is the HORSEshoe, and Horde's have proven to be a Horse branch. Plus, HorseSHOE. It's got no laces, but, just the same, it's a shoe.

OH WOW, I had almost forgotten about the following in the write-up of English Beers: "The surname Beer was first found in Devon [same as Molsons] where there are two places on the banks of Tamar called Beer-Alston and Beer-Ferris. In Dorset, place names include Beer-HACKET and Beer-Regis"! Hee-hee. I did not know that Hackets were using the Ort fish until now.

God caused the beer label to rot away until only "ORT" was left, although there is a sliver of the 'P' showing, which I assume was not a mistake by God. Ports were first found in Hampshire and Dorset, and Beer-Hacket is in Dorset. French Ports were first found in Beer-like Berry while English Berrys ("Nihil sine" phrase) were first found in Devon with Beers/Beerys; why didn't I catch this days ago? This slippery fish got away from me until now.

Beers/Beerys share the raven with Horde's, what are the chances? As I said, there is a Molson's horse track in the city of Barrie. German Berrys/Barrie's share white fish with Orts of Horde. My guess is that English Berrys have the Stur Coat in colors reversed because the Stur flows at least near to Beer-Hacket. The Camerons/Camera's sharing the Berry Coat love the Cheile's, first found in Lincolnshire with Horde's and the L'Aquila-suspect Keele's/Kills. The latter have quadrants colors reversed from the same of English HACKs (Devon).

English Ports use the estoiles of Bute's/Butts (horse head) in their blue Chief, and Butlers (Kilkenny, same as Hatchets/Hackets) have a blue Chief too, as well as the Chief-Shield colors of Horde's in colors reversed. I think these things go a long way to explaining why God left "PORT" on the label. The Labels/La Bells have a not-bad reflection of the Hatchet/Hacket Coat, both sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Horde's. As the beer is in a BUTLer-like bottle, why might Bottle's show nothing but three crowns in the colors of the three fish of Orts of Horde, and of the garbs (sometimes "wheat sheaves") of Veins/Veyns having variations like those of Phone's/Fane's (share Wayne/Weyne symbol).

Aha! I have the Butler Crest recorded in the 4th update of April, 2015: "A silver falcon RISING on a PLUME of silver ostrich FEATHERS, emerging from a gold ducal coronet.'" Rhizon is smack beside Butua! Beers just got suspect even more from Bar. Aha, BARnwells, sharing the red-on-white border with Scotts and Scoots, have "A blue falcon rising from a PLUME OF FEATHERS" (2nd of Nov., 2014). Bar is at the coast from Scott-like Scodra!!! It's clear that Butlers are related to Barnwells. Aubins/ALBINs were at BARNstaple while the Albini peoples were to the south of Scodra. Apparently, some Bar liners became Barns of sorts. German Barns are listed with Zahringer Berne's (bear). The other Barns share the Chief of Trebys (Devon again, achem) while the Arms of Traby share five white ostrich feathers with Butlers.

Let's remind that Molsons/Moltons share the stars of Boethus-suspect Salome's, very conspicuous now with Butlers proving to be from Butua, especially as Scoot-branch Schutz's have the saltire of Dutch Beers in colors reversed. It appears that God set that Molson beer bottle up to point to Boethus Sadducees. Butlers use cups while Cups/Cope's share the chevron of Ports (share Bute/Butt estoiles). I'll bet that someone pegged this Cup-related Sadducee line as the "holy grail."

Barnstaple (share Beard/Bard griffin head) is in Devon with the first-known Beers and Berrys. It just so happens that while one Stevenson Coat is in the colors and format of Barnstaple's, the other Stevenson Coat ("non") shares the Port Chief-Shield colors while both Stevensons were first found in Northumberland with Horde of the Ort at Berwick! That's a mouthful. Stevens use the same falcon design as the rising falcon of Barnwells! The latter's write-up: "After the subjection of Ireland in the time of Henry II, Michael de Berneval, who served under Strongbow, obtained large grants of land at BEERhaven, County Cork..."

Stevensons share the Chief of Hardy-related Douglas', and while Hardys can be gleaned as a branch of Hardwicks, the English Cope's, first found near the first-known Ports, are said to have been at Hardwick. Hardwicks, who look like they have a deliberate version of the Port / Stevenson Coat, share the cinquefoils of Bute's Kims. Reminder: Rhizon-connectable Rice's have a "hardi" motto term. Hardwicks (Yorkshire) probably share the York saltire, and Yorks happen to have a "CUPias" motto term.

Barnwells share the full motto of the Somerset Payne's who in-turn share the fesse of Lums suspect twice in the Stevenson motto. The same motto is used by Giffords, who are said (in the Wear write-up) to have been fundamental kin of Wears (Devon) of the Axe river. It should be added that while the axe head is missing its handle, Handle's (Silesia, same as German Beers) share the Moray Coat while the Stevensons probably use the Moray stars.

Bottle's / Veins/Veyns are in the colors and format of the Head unicorn heads, and as they are white, like the white horse head of Horde's, it could explain why the axe head came with no handle i.e. so that it's a HEAD in particular. If it still had it's handle, I couldn't call it an axe head. The axe head lies beside the "ORT" bottle label. The Head-like Hede's/Hedde's/Heids share the crescents of Labels/La Bells, a new thing right here not discovered until after this paragraph was three sentences in! And German Heids share the single, red, bendwise arrow with German Orts/Ordemanns. The latter even share "sine" with English Berrys, and Sine's/Sions once showed gauntlet gloves i.e. the Phone/Fane / Wayne/Weyne symbol. Sine's/Sions now show falconer's gloves, and French Falcons/FalCONTE's do share the Label/La Bell / Hede/Hedde / Conte crescent.

The linkability of Valiants to Hackets/Hatchets makes "Vielles" look like a line from Valentinian I, and the Valiant shark then suggests a Valentinian-line marriage with Saraca's. Valiants are said to have included an old Mr. Vaillant, and Vaills/Falls (look like a branch of Vaillant-like Whelans) could once again be using the L'Aquila eagle. The Vaill/Fall eagle is in both colors of the Velis eagle, and while Phone's/Fane's use "Ne vile fano," Griffins use "Ne vile VELIS." Plus, as Knee's/Nee's are suspect in those mottoes, Vaill/Falls share a black stag head with Knee's/Nee's. Velis' were first found in Northumberland with Horde. Griffins are in the giant griffin of Battle's (near Horde) expected in battle-axes. Houseofnames has recently added a third Griffin surname, sharing the giant lion of German Orts/Ordemanns, yet many surnames use that lion too.

Did we see Tenants (share black crescent with Saracens and Tonbridge's) linking to Shark liners? Well, Towns were first found in Linlithgowshire with Tenants, and then English Towns/Tone's can be a branch of TONbridge's who share the crescents of SARACens (both colors). Looks like we're in shark-infested waters, for French Sarasins share the moline of Valiant-like Vallans, and Tenants love the Vela's while Vele's share the Vallan moline too.

If you care to find a google map for L'Aquila, follow the main highway toward Picenze, and then further down the road, for you will come to a Nevill-like location (forget the spelling) suspect in "Ne vile" motto phrase of Phone's/Fane's. It's a clever motto phrase with a double meaning, apparently.

By the way, as I didn't know whether Olsons use a log, in the last update, here's what I updated it with: "In the 4th update of December, 2016, when I had access to the description of most Coats of Arms, I had written that Olsons use a log. I don't think I would have used that term had I not checked the description. The Olson log is exactly the same as what I'm using for planters. Around the Olson log are four HEARTS suspect with Herods and Arthurs, but as Scottish Horts are also Hardys, it could seem that God left both "OLSON" and "ORT" on the beer label because even Olsons were Ort kin."

It was important to prove that Olsons used a log, because as my pieces of logs were turned into planters, the Planter/Plant (label) and Plantagenet surnames descended from the Loches'/DeLOGES. Planters/Plants share the red stag with HARTs, and Olsons use hearts. Horts/hurts and Hortons use stags. HORTons are said to have had a branch in Northumberland i.e. location of Horde of the Orts.

I have a theory. As Hazel-branch Islips/Haslips (HOLLY) use a "lodged stag," and because Lodge's are also LOGE's, OLSons look like a branch of the HULS' because the latter shares the leaf design of Hazels. The latter call them "cabbage leaves" while French Plants/Planque's use cabbages.

While Huls' were first found in Westphalia with the Nails/Neils having the Oddie saltire in colors reversed, and because Oddie's are a branch of Odins sharing the Olton lion, it appears that we hammered things tight where LOGens/Logins' use nails in a red heart, the color of the Olson heart. Note how "Ols" is like "Olt," for Oltons, sharing the giant lion of Lodge's/Loge's, were first found in Cheshire, where Hazels/HALSwells were said to be first found for the past ten years or more until this year.

I'm seeing a Hazel merger with Huls' and Hollys, yet it's up in the air as to whether Olsons were Oltens or some form of a Huls branch. There's a Hulson/Huls/Houlson surname using what could be the Aquila eagle, for Hals' use the eagle in the colors of the L'Aquila eagle. Halls and Hulls use three dog heads in the colors of the three Ort fish.

The mystery as to what Orts descend from is still outstanding, if it's not from the Hros. The Ortega's don't help me out. Were Orts just a Hart / Heart / Hardy branch? There was an Atlantean (far-western) mythical dog, Orthos or Orthrus, owned by the monster, GERYon, and Gerys/WERRE's, first found beside Lodge's/Loge's, share their giant lion. I had traced Orthos to the Ordovices of Wales, near Hros-like Rhos, which may explain "OrthRUS." But I didn't have a Horde-Horse theory until this update, and Horse's may have been from the Hros, whom I see as proto-Rus. Mona was renamed, Anglesey, by the Angles, and they were in Rus territory.

Lodge's/Loge's use a tressure border while the fitchees of Tresure's/Trashers (Somerset, same as Borders) are colors reversed from the same of Gerys. The Lodge/Loge lion is shared by Gery-like Greys (Northumberland, same as Horde of Orts!) whom I've been tracing for years to the mythical Graeae of north Africa, probably in relation to the Atlas mountains, the namers of Western Atlantis out by the Atlantic ocean. The Graeae sisters were three in number, I believe, as were their related Gorgon sisters, and Geryon was given a three-bodied body, probably myth-writer code extended from the three wolf heads of the mythical witch, Hecate, goddess of Medea in Gorgon (proto-Georgia) country (Colchis at the time). This explains the two heads of the Orthos guard dog.

Geryon had a cattle symbol that could extend from Io, cow goddess of Argos, for the Argo ship took Medea away from Colchis, and took the crew to Croatia...which happens to include the Emona and Ceraunii theater. In fact wow, Jason of the Argo ship married Medea, and together they ruled Ceraunii-like Corinth! Slam-dunker! Corona's brother, Ixion, is like "Jason/Iason" and his father, "Aeson," and they lived in Io-prefixed Iolcus. It's now very interesting that while Iolcus (real place) is at MAGNesia, Plancia MAGNA was at Perga, smack beside Attaleia, the namer of Atlas' Atlanteans! Zikers.

I trace "Perga" to Perkunas, god of Lithuania, yet that area had wolf symbolism, probably from Lada, a Lithuanian goddess traceable to Leto/Latona, mother of Artemis. The wolf symbol had belonged anciently to Artemis, and Plancia's family officiated over the Artemis temple in Perga. Artemis' boar ravaged Calydon, where the queen was Atalanta, wife of MELEager, suspect with "Melia" of Boeotia, wife of Inachus, founder of Argos. If you want to understand mythology, you need to play the word games that the writers played. It was much about giving word codes to characters and items that reflect earlier characters and/or their symbols. It turned out to be a people-group tracking system, whether the writer intended it or not.

When Hercules had conquered Geryon, he stole his cattle and brought them to Rome!!! I get it. The Butteri cattle ranchers were on both sides of Rome!!! The Butteri must have been Boeotians! Hercules was of the Danaans of Argos. His name is sometimes, HERAcles, play on "Hera," whose daughter he married, and I see "Hera" as a form of "Horus / Hros / Ares / Eros." Hera was the official wife of white-bull Zeus, and Io was given a white-cow symbol due to being a Zeus line. Zeus had stolen Europa, sister of Cadmus, and the latter settled Boeotia while following a bull there, probably the Moloch = Zeus bull cult from the child-sacrificing cults of Tyre, where Hercules was a god. The myths had a way of glorifying these cults because the writers were demonically-inspired, human rot.

Crosslets in the colors of the Tresure/TRASHer fitchee crosslets are used by the neighboring WERE's/Wears (Devon, same as Tracys/TRASSE's and dragon-using Wearings). Were's/Wears were on the Axe river to Seaton, and Seatons (share green dragon with Tresure's/Trashers) have a double-tressure border and a "HAZard" motto term that might just be partly for Arddu of the Ordovices theater.

Geryon-like Guerins (Chief compares with Gerry/Geary Chief) share the three Payen stars while Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes, explaining why Guerins have a version of the Capote/Chapus Coat. The latter's Coat is also like that of Labels, and then Labels put a GREYhound in Chief. It's red like the Major greyhound, and Majors are expected in the Geddes motto along with Capote/Chapus / Cabot liners. Geds and Geddes can be from the Getuli Numidians around the Atlas mountains. King Gala of the Numidians traces to the Galli's, first found in Dauphine with Payens and their Page/Lepage branch. If you enter "Lepage" instead of "Page," you get the Lepage's, first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes'...and Guerin- / Geryon-like Veron(a)s having a Rockefeller-like version of the Payen Coat.

Payens/Paions are expected from the Paioni, who lived beside LYNCestis; LYNCH's share the Veron(a) Coat minus the fish. Lyncestis is beside lake Lychnidus, which flows out into the Drilon river to Lissus, the line to Lys'/Lisse's, first found in Ile-de-France with Veron(a)'s. Lys'/Lisse's share GREYhounds with LYCHnidus-like Licks/Lucks, and the latter's pelican confirms their trace to Lychnidus, because PELAGONia was between Lychnidus and Lyncestis.

Guerins leave out the Payen chevron, but Garens (Karen colors) may be showing it. Gaia was father to king Massena, and Masons/Massins were first found in Kent with GREYns/Greens (colors and format of Guerins). Greenwich's (Kent) share the Grey / Loge lion. As was said in the last update, or perhaps the one before that, I had visitors recently who left their toy CORONAvirus, and I set it on the shelf or LEDGE less than an inch from my log planter. I've never thought to call this shelf a ledge until now, and Ledge's are listed with Lodge's/Loge's. Corona's / Corons are expected from the Ceraunii, but I always trace the Massena Numidians to the Maezaei beside the Ceraunii, begging whether the mythical Graeae hags were Ceraunii, for "crone" means "hag."

King SYPHAX, a term I expect with the namers of Caiaphas, was a Getuli Numidian during the time of Massena. Although Getuli-like Gettels are listed with Gartzens, they can yet be a Getuli line because they use ravens (crow species), a symbol I trace to the crow-depicted Coronis > Ceraunii line. It's possible that "Syphax" is to the Spike surname, recalling the spike I found in the GROUND last week. Ground's/Crannys use a Ceraunii-line crane, and Grounds/Grundy's (looks like the Chives / Mosca leopard) are Rhodes kin linkable to Karens-line Carians.

The Spike's (double-headed Roman eagle, I assume) use a PORCuPINE while Syphax was caught by the Romans and brought to house arrest (about 200 BC) in Rome during the time of PORCius CATo (Roman statesman in Rome). Pine's have lion heads in the colors of the Rita lion, and Rita's, first found in Rome, were from Rieti in Sabina; Porcius Cato had land in Sabina though Wikipedia didn't tell exactly where because the Internet is running out of room for some Wikipedia writers. Liberals are scholars with holes in their heads, always missing half the true story, often deliberately due to the love of controlling information as they see fit.

The Caiaphas-like Chives' with a Syphax-like Shewas variation call their leopard, a mountain CAT. Servilia Caepionis, granddaughter of Quintus Caepio Jr., was the half-sister of Porcius Cato Jr., and she died in Rome, the place of her birth. Her mother was of the Livius bloodline, and Levi's/Livi's/Livis' were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes', and with the Lys'/Lise's (GREYhounds) whom I trace to Lissus of the Cavii. There's good stuff in all this for the mystery-cracker, but don't expect liberal scholars to put this matter anywhere but nailed shut into the black holes of their skulls, never to see the light of day. Instead of filling their black holes with the light of God, they store pagan lies, and so goes their distorted thinking and teachings...with the most-impressive professional mannerisms to make up for their scholastic botchery.

The Levi/Livis write-up: "This family also held fiefs in la Perrierre..." That could easily be from Pierre's/Pero's of Laevi-founded Pavia.

Levi's are said to have been of Lugny (France), and Lugano (Ticino canton) is situated perfectly for access to the Ticino river. Lugans are listed with the Licks/Luke's who are part of the ice-cream entity, especially connectable to English Hansons. The ice cream is a pointer to Crema, not far from the Ticino. It amazing here that while the Cremer Crest and motto connect to Kiss'/CUSH's and the Bibo / Hahn rooster on a CUSHION, Levi's of Lugny married a cushion-like line: "One such branch extended to Bourgogne from Lugny in the 1400's, by Eustache de Levis...After his marriage to Alix, Dame of COUSAN and daughter of Hugues Damas, Lord of Cousan..." Although Cousans are listed with Cousins, Cussons were first found in Burgundy (Lugny appears to be in Burgundy), and share a giant, red eagle with Spike's. Damas' were first found in Burgundy, and share the moline (different colors) with Chives'.

It just so happens that Lugny-like Loges'/Logs and Loches'/DeLOGES' were first found in Burgundy. The Loges/Loge saltire is colors reversed from the same of French Mountains, and Chives' use mountain cats. Mounts/Mon's/Mounds (green MOUND) can be expected in Mons of Hainaut because the counts of Hainaut shared the triple Levi/Livis' chevrons. Note the green mound in the Cremer Crest that acts as the green Bibo cushion. I still say that Bibo's are from "Vibia," mother of LAEVIllus of Cetis. Mounts/Mons' were first found in Peebles, a term I can connect to "Papia/Pavia."

As the Damas Coat is almost the CarLYSle Coat, I tried for a CarLYS surname and got what looked like a Charles branch. I had read that Charlemagne (grandson of Charles) had a black eagle, and while Charles' have it in white, here we find a black eagle, and perhaps the Porcia boar, in the Carlys/Carleys Coat (Porci format). I had decided not to tell of what you've read thus far in this paragraph, until reading further in the Levi write-up: "...Philippe became the owner of lands in Lugny in CHAROLlais..." Charles and Charlemagne were founders of CAROLingians. The two Carol lions are combattant, and colors reversed from the two, combattant boars of Porcia's. Remember, Servilia Caepionis, daughter of Miss Livius, was half a Porcius-Cato liner.

Porcia's were first found in Umbria with Chappes-related Ottone's/Otto's and the Grazio's sharing the pomeGRANATe with Carley-like Carls/Carleys! Zinger. GRANTs/Grands have crowns in the colors of the Irish Charles crowns, and they are gold like the Martel crown (the latter use the same one as Corona's / Corons). Carlisle is right next door to Annandale.

I didn't realize until now that Carlys'/Carleys share the motto of English Charles', and while the latter share the Child eagle, Childeric was a Carolingian ancestor, the first Merovingian king from whatever mythical Merops represented in the real world. Merops was from Cusson-like Kos.

The "AUGet" motto term of Charles' / Carlys' can suggest that the eagle of English Charles' is that of Eggs. English Auge's/Aggs share the June fleur and the Chappes Moor head. Auge's/Aggs are roughly in Bush colors and format, and Bush's share the black boar with Carlys'. French Auge's are also Augets, and they are interesting for sharing the fesse of Darlene's, for Darlene Ray was an ice-cream girl pointing to Ice's/Ecke's/Ecgho's, whose Coat looks linkable to that of Eggs (horizontally-split Shield). Plus, the Ice/Ecke Coat is split horizontally in colors reversed from the same of English Charles'.

For what it's worth, the split Charles Shield is in the colors of the same of Phoenix's/Fenwicks, and the latter use MARTLets as code for Charles MARTEL, Charlemagne's grandfather, explaining why French Charles' use martlets too, and the latter are in the colors of the Pavia / Feet martlets, which can partially explain why heraldic martlets are "footless." Foots have one chevron in the colors of the three of Levi's/Livis'. More martlets are used by Levins, in the colors of the Saddock martlets. The crowns-on-fesse of Irish Charles' are in the colors and format of the Feets and Pavia's, and in the colors of the fesse of Pavia's Pierro's/Pero's...which recalls the Levi branch at Perrierre.

Pierro's/Pero's have variations like the Spanish Petro's (suspect from Flavius Petro of Sabina) in turn having the flory cross of Carlisle's in colors reversed, and sharing the Porci fleur-de-lys. Porcius Cato was in Sabina. The Petro Coat is a reflection of the AINSley Coat, and while Ainsleys are an Annas branch, they have a cross in the colors of the Annan(dale) saltire, and then while the chief priest of Israel, Annas, was also "ANANus" (father-in-law of Caiaphas), Annandale is near Carlisle, tending to assure that Carlisle was named by Carolingians with/from the blood of Flavians and the killers of Jesus.

Levi's are said to have been in Aquila-like Ecuelle, and while I expect the Caiaphas line through L'Aquila, Ecuelle-like Eggle's/ECKs/Echers share the roses of Capote's/Chapus'. That's interesting. Echers/Ackers/Acorns look like kin of Liebs/Liebers, potential Levi liners.

The Levi's of Charolais were in the domain (Charolais, that is) of the Counts of Chalon and the House of Ivrea, the latter term like the Yvery location of Leavells. The Arms of Charolais has a backward-looking lion, on the rare side, as does the gold lion of Scottish Lise's, indication that Charolais was a Lissus > Lys/Lise line. This Chalon was not Mummolin's Chalons-sur-Marne, but Chalon-sur-Saone, that being a river to Lyon. Mummolin was descended from nobles of Lyon, however. One Chalon Coat shares the bend of Porci's.

Mummolin's wife was a daughter of MAURILion, with a "lion" ending, and Maurel-like Morells have another backward-looking lion; I can't think of anyone else having one. Morells have a "bono" motto term while Bono's were first found in Milan with Maurels. I don't know what the official term/phrase is for a lion looking toward its backside. These lions are expected from Maurice's, and, oh, I now recall, they too have a gold lion looking backward, in the colors of the lion in the Charolais Arms.


There is something wrong about Trump so easily allowing mail-in voting alongside Democrat promises to cheat using that system to the point of annihilating a Trump victory no matter how large. Why can't Trump fight this tooth and nail? It is to be illegal to have untracked mail-in voting because fraudulent votes can be manufactured in something like a counterfeit-money press. The reason that it's been the law to show up in person to vote is because mail-in voting permits cheating on a grand scale. So, the obvious remedy is to send out voter cards where people need to put their names with addresses printed in small boxes, one letter per box, so that all cards can be run though a machine to find duplicate names or names with incorrect addresses. It at least eliminates duplicate voting because people are not going to try it if they know beforehand that such a machine will check for duplicate voters.

However, Democrats probably have a list of people who never vote, and so their votes can fraudulently be used without their knowledge, with mail-in voting. Isn't Trump going to send this issue to the supreme court? If not, why not? Is he somehow playing his role in coming chaos that we're hearing about? Is Trump a part of the re-vamping of America, and is it his role to control his voters in certain, pre-determined ways? I don't trust him; he's not acting properly, normally. He seems to be a fraud in key ways.

Why hasn't Barr's FBI caught the big money-bags who are funding the riots? It's perfectly expected of the FBI to request spy warrants to spy on the communications of the organizers of the revolts, and from those calls there should be fast arrests of upper-level actors.

Trump's state department has taken until now to give up documents, and only because Judicial Watch requested them a year ago, showing that your favorite journalists were spied on by the Ukrainian faction of the state department, the same faction at the charge of impeachment:

Officials at the U.S. embassy in Kiev ordered the monitoring of 13 prominent Americans' social media accounts during the early days of the Ukraine scandal in spring 2019...

...The U.S. ambassador at the time, Marie Yovanovitch, and one of her top deputies, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent, were apprised of the social media monitoring, emails show.

Embassy officials used search terms indicating they were interested in social media posts involving the ambassador, liberal megadonor George Soros, and the controversy around Joe Biden and Burisma Holdings...

So, if even the pro-Obama state department was spying on what Trump supporters may have been up to discover Ukraine corruption under general Soros, how could the CIA not have been doing the same under Haspel and Pompeo? Pompeo was in charge of the state department at that time of the events in the article above. What's he got to say about it? Is no one at Fox going to have him on to answer the obvious question of what he knew, or how he didn't know, about this criminal activity? The criminality lies in a government body keeping tabs on media enemies (it's not their job) in hopes of better protecting their crimes against Trump and Trump teamers. Tom Fitton says: "The State Department hid these smoking gun documents for months." Why, Mr. Pompeo, why? Did Trump forbid you?

A few updates ago, I wrote about my desire to start canning foods soon. But I've just learned that there's a shortage of canning-jar lids and canners. This could be part of the COVID scheme's mandatory vaccinations. To force us to get vaccines, they may not allow us to shop for food until vaccinated, exactly the reason that I wanted to store food to get me through the winter.

Google's canning-lid search query tells us we can't use a lid more than once, exactly the message I expect from the globalists who do not want us to store foods. Be wise to globalist tactics. Don't tighten down hard the ring that screws on. Be gentle. The ring is needed only to assure an initial seal before the inner pressure has gone down. After the food contents have cooled down, the higher air pressure on the outside will maintain the seal even without the ring on. Let's hope we get through this winter, and, after that, let's all buy canning jars and rings early in the year when demand is not very high. It's a cheap insurance policy. There is a better chance that demented Democrats will create a food crisis than there is for your house to burn down. If you pay for fire insurance, then you should also buy 100-200 one-quart canning jars (not enough, but a good start), plus some containers for dried foods. If you have small storage space, dry more foods. Here's some re-usable lids, the wise choice:

In the video below, you can see the trick, not to apply hard ring pressure on the rubber seal, for it will distort the rubber too much. Well then, do the same for conventional lids; keep it gentle. Beware, though, because he may not be applying enough pressure. If some of the boiling stuff in the jars gets into the air space, and then out of the jar through the seal, it can spoil the seal. So, hand tighten, but I suggest more than you see him tightening.

See this other Tattler seal:

She too says that the conventional lids are one-time only, but this may be due to too many people going by the manufacturer's suggestion. Manufacturers can be playing on the legal safe side, that's all. If there's not a correct seal with a conventional lid, then it will come off after some time with no difficulty. I am very sure that the conventional lids will do you 100 baths. They may not do as many pressure-cooker operations, but simple baths, I don't see a problem at all. It is idiotic to say one-time only because the difference in outer air pressure and inner is not very great i.e. the rubber gasket on the conventional lids cannot-possibly be compromised after several uses let-alone one.

Here's a southern man who thinks out of the box, and he therefore knows the truth on lids:

As you can see, the rubber seal has been thinned over the years, just as though globalists have been arranging for the lids not to work for a long haul. Or, just as though the companies want to sell more lids so as to make them less attractive for re-use. I feel sorry for that man, all the work he did to bury foods without evidence that the final years were upon him in 2016. I suggest you just store foods in a normal storage area of your home / garage / basement, and maybe get more drastic when you know for certain that the final years have arrived.

Think of how many Americans re-use conventional lids, and yet, on average, less than 20 Americans annually get Botulism due to canning. There should be no fear in canning. If you're suddenly in the final years, go ahead an reuse the lids.

Here's a lady claiming that she has over 50-percent failure using Tattlers, which I can't understand. Looks at her idea for re-using conventional lids:

Note that while others said that the Tattlers are good perpetually, the lady above got word that the tattler gaskets are good only ten times, which sounds as though globalists are involved in making that change, or the company wants to sell more rings. Rubber does not spoil easily. If it gets flattened a little, it's still capable of making the seal.

Here's a guy using the plastic lids from store-bought foods:

Here's someone re-using lids for 20 years without a fail:

Her method of popping lids off with the can opener doesn't look very good because she's applying too little metal (of the can opener) to the lid, increasing the pressure per unit area, which can dent the lid. It wood be better to use an old, dulled wood chisel, get it between the highest thread and the lid, then turn the chisel handle in the hand so that it pops the lid off.

Don't recycle your store-bought jars; keep them in storage for a trial-some time. Keep the lids dry and safe from damage. I'm doing it. Here's a guy with store-bought jars that didn't explode in a boil bath, yet a google query on re-using store-bought jars makes you think: don't do it, the glass will break. Can you see a certain, pessimistic, fatalistic pattern at google when it comes to canning / jarring things at home? Why do you think that is?

Someone in the comments: "The 1st time I tightened the lid all the way, it didnít work. Next [try], I turned the lid until I could feel it start to snug onto the jar & stopped. I tightened it the rest of the way when I removed it from the water. That technique worked." I'm trying to figure out why a solid tightening at the start would ruin the seal. Is it necessary to let some of the pressure in the jar escape through the seal? That way, the final pressure in the jar will be lower, and thus one gets a better seal. To let pressure out of the jar during the bath, steam needs to get past the seal, but if the seal isn't tight enough, more than steam (food bitties) might get rapped in the seal. So, I suggest a ring snug enough to prevent food from entering the seal, and loose enough to let-high-pressure steam out.

Tonight I was thinking of jarring meat in a bath without a pressure cooker. I would be willing to take the chance if the meat is eaten within six months. Just heat it to a near boil once the jar is opened. The chances are very-very high that there were no botulinus spores in the meat to begin with. If there's no spores, you can't get botulism poisoning. If globalists / liberals / manipulators / societal engineers have you fearing that every jar you do has a potential botulism risk, that's how they want you thinking. Relax. Do it right, and relax.

Here's another confidence-builder on store-bought jars:

You see, we could get away without use of a garden in the first year of the tribulation if we routinely have 6-12 months of prepared foods in our homes. We can then use those jars for the remainder of the trib for our garden foods. SAVE ALL OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL STORE-BOUGHT JARS.

I like jarred roasted red peppers for sandwiches. I'm stocking up on them now because they are at least the same price as fresh peppers, though I think they are less, and they last a lot longer even after the jar's been opened. I'm buying them in 1.5 liter jars, and where I live, it could cost $2-3 dollars alone per empty jar of that size (with plastic lid). I'm buying the 1.5 liter full of peppers for $5. I'm confident I can re-use these jars at least ten times = roughly 10 years.

I'm also saving plastic jars of course.

I've noted that most stoves, mine included, won't even turn on if the temperature is set under 170F degrees, just as though globalists have arranged it to keep us from drying foods at home. At 170F, it can cook the foods, spoiling the drying process. Luckily, I hope, youtubers say that it works if we leave the stove door open a little, which is needed, anyway to let out humidity. The best time to do this is when you need heat for your home; whatever energy you use at the stove will be roughly saved by the furnace. It's like free energy for drying foods, though it does make the stove depreciate faster.

Try to imagine the super-intelligence it requires to accomplish this feat, making it look easy:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

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