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August 25 - 31, 2020

Blister on My Knee Cap
God's Playing with my Rusty Tools
Silver Kettle Points to Larry Silverstein
Bear Label and Hollow-Log Herods

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture


Jesus' words are in this long video, not to be watched at one sitting. I came to be bothered by the same woman's voice after each quote; it was a very dumb part of this production, hoping you can tolerate; if not, turn sound off. Forget Biden news for a while, and contemplate on the words of Jesus, some tough:

"Difficult" is the way to everlasting life upon the narrow way, and few find it. It's difficult when you get sidetracked by things in this world, like when you're a political junkie. Part of my service to God in these writings is to remind readers not to be junkies of any kind, not to be engrossed in anything in this world. Find ways to store treasures in our lot in everlasting life, because if we don't even try, we might not make it in. We need to seriously contemplate what things God wants us to do for Him in this world. That's how we get security, not by expending ourselves on making money and enjoying the new clothes money can buy, or the smile it can put on our face. "Woe to those who laugh now" includes those who find wealth and ease but don't share with those who don't find it. God has a law: if you've come across wealth, you've got to give to those who don't have much. It's not a law in Western countries. "Woe" means people are going to be horribly surprised to discover they didn't make it in.

The irony is in people rushing to work because they've got to pay the bills...demanded by wealthy companies. Those companies could charge less, but their goal is to maximize profits, keeping most people hopping because it's impossible for everyone to be at ease when the few hog all the profits. As soon as the poor save a couple of thousand dollars, the car breaks down to the tune of a greedy car-repair station. I just spent $374 just to replace a lousy fuel filter because the place gouged me at every opportunity. The irony is when the people go to work providing products in a society sinful with too much product. And Trump raises prices when forcing Americans to buy American, which is what tariffs are all about.

America would be a rather poorish country if it had not printed so much money. People would not be so steeped in materialism. Since about 2,000, the U.S. has been printing an average of one trillion annually, which is about $6,000 per worker every year, yet, guaranteed, that money has not gone into the pockets of workers. Where has it all gone? How much was ripped off by the organizations / individuals who've set themselves up for ripping off printed money? If Nigeria had printed $6,000 for every worker annually for the last 20 years, wow, it would be swimming in money. Therefore, don't boast about your wealth, America, because you are rag-poor if you were forced to pay your debt today. Most people would need to sell off all or most of what they own to pay it back.

Is it really true that the roughly 160-million U.S. workers have been forced to pay $120,000 each over the past 20 trillion printed? Yes, because workers pay $6 per billion, and $6,000 per trillion. This is what the United States has printed since the Bush years, but whenever the country "borrows," you NEVER hear in the news where the money comes from. The media knows to keep that hush from the people, even Fox.

The evil is that America prints money, then charges the people for it, and while it expects that the people will never pay back this money, the fact is, the people are charged some of the interest on the printed money, such an evil thing. It encourages more printing in order to raise the tax revenue on the backs of workers. What a shameful situation.

The greatest thing in America are the Christians who practice their faith and spread their way of life to others.

If we say that workers pay 10-percent of all they earn to income taxes, that's $600 for the first year, $600 extra for the second year, $600 extra for the third year, until it amounts to $12,000 after a 20-year borrowing of $20T. Clearly, American workers are not being forced to pay 10 percent interest on the $20T, but whatever they are forced to pay, EVIL. They should pay nothing because it's their printed money, and, besides, printing money just raises their prices whether they get a penny or not of the printed money. The American government is a crime syndicate, Republican or Democrat.

As Christians, we can cover news to correct politicians according to the standards of Jesus. We can use their sins and mistakes to bring out Jesus-morality. I've often said that Trump is seeking honor for himself, just like the Pharisees that Jesus despised. Trump boasts like the devil, and, like the devil, wants to glorify himself. But Jesus said, too bad devil, to God is the power and the glory too. When Trump changes and does right, I'll praise him for it. If His heart were to go soft for Jesus, I'd cry with him over his sins; I know what it's like to come to that point of accepting my human failures before God. Until then, he's not devoted to God, and cannot therefore be trusted, especially when he tries to cozy up to Christians.

In the video below, see Lindsey Graham's own words concerning new revelations, this time concerning obstruction of justice by James Comey in 2015. As Graham's story goes, a certain FBI office, in March of 2015, caught wind of Hillary's campaign receiving foreign-government money, and therefore decided to get a FISA warrant on her activities to see whether crimes were being committed. When Comey's office got wind of this FBI operation, he refused to give his FBI underlings permission for a FISA warrant until after they informed the Clinton team about the matter. So, Comey was sabotaging his police squad, forcing it to tell the spied-on that they were about to be spied on...which amounts to obstruction of justice on Comey's part. Nothing ever came of that situation, no surprise. Like I said, a crime syndicate.

Graham says that Barr declassified these new documents, very commendable and full of hope. However, Graham later says that his staff "stumbled on this stuff." I wonder how long these documents have been known by the DoJ or other Republicans, and why they are being disclosed now? It could have been as simple as withholding ammunition against Hillary in case she were to somehow jockey herself into position for the next presidency. Graham refused to reveal the foreign nation even though there is no security threat for the U.S. in disclosing it. Who amongst those who gave him the documents demanded that the foreign nation not be identified, and a BIG WHY??

Graham says that what Comey suggested, to inform the Clinton team, was the right thing to do. That's ridiculous. When police come across a crime in progress, they don't tell the criminal that they're onto him, because he'll put a freeze and a cover on the crime. Chances are, Comey's FBI immediately informed the Clinton team secretly upon learning of the catch.

John Solomon's video below looks like a bombshell, the claim that Obama's government colluded with a Russian spy. This material is new as of documents released in the past few days:

Chris Farrell has some good points on the latest part of what's now become a Barr saga:

If you watched to the end of that video, you will know that John Podesta and other Democrats are plotting a war come this election, and I think they will hope to get the military to boot Trump out of the White House. Store foods now to last the winter and into the summer if you can. Just in case things go very bad.

In the comments section, Americans have lost faith in Barr BADLY. Some of them are inciting a civil war to rid the justice system of corruption. A prolonged civil war could see the liberals inviting Chinese soldiers to America if the liberals thought they were going to lose use of the American brass. Can anyone imagine James Mattis shoring up a military faction for this war? This war explains why the Obamaites are tolerating Biden, i.e. because they hope to take the country by other means besides Biden's skills / policies. Trump had best order Ratcliffe to spy on the Obamaites like real fast and deep. There's all sorts of evidence that liberals are plotting violence. They've been prepping their voters with violence in the streets, for example. Here's the war games which involves John Podesta (figure that the Clintons are behind this too):

These war games could be a scare tactic to make Barr go soft on Obama, Clinton, etc, but there seems to be more to it: unruly impatience. Obamaites / Clintonites can't wait four more years until 2024 to get the White House back, or their agendas until now could cave altogether. "In addition to Podesta, Frum and [Bill] Kristol, the participants [of the war games] included former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile..." Don't forget that God knows all the inner workings of the conspirators. God will have the say on what transpires.

The only logical explanation for liberals to wound themselves with violent protests in liberal cities is that they are gunning to multiply violent protestors amongst run-of-the-mill Democrat voters for some undisclosed plot. I don't think run-of-the-mill voters want such strife with unknowable results, but I could be wrong; they are both demented and brainswashable enough.

We never hear criticism from Fox against the Atlantic Council or the Council on Foreign Relations. These bodies have been around for a long time and could constitute the defacto rulers of foreign policy to which they expect all in-coming presidents to submit. If ever there was a body of people able to corruptly abuse military tax dollars, these organizations rate. It's now known that people with the Atlantic Council were part of the ruin-Trump movements, especially in relation to Ukraine. Why do media stay hush on these non-governmental bodies? Are they to be feared? Are they above reproach? Why are they passed off merely as "think tanks."

When I was nine years old, I reached out to touch a brilliant-white bra on a laundry line from a laundry deck, because it belonged to an attractive blond living as a tenant of the Petersons, my friends. I didn't yet have sexual desire at that age, nor did I know what it was, but I did appreciate attractive young ladies, I figure, because I don't think I would have had interest in touching this bra otherwise. It was the summer holidays, hot out, and I suppose I had nothing better to do on this day while at Jerry Peterson's home.

I came to suspect that God set up the bra dangling there for me to touch in order to tell a story, decades later, about Rothschilds and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). This touch-bra event first came to mind a few years ago when I remembered that I was standing over a cage (situated under the laundry deck) holding at least one white rabbit. I knew by that time that the Coney and Conn surnames used white rabbits, and, by that time, I had suspected that Conys were named after the Cuneo area of Italy, where there happens to be a Bra location. That really tweaked my interest. (Load the Coney tab now in order to load other Coats of Arms you wish to see.)

Before long, I came across a former chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, Peter Peterson, and because he married Mrs. COONEY, it added greatly to the evidence that God created the touch-bra event because the rabbits belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Peterson. Petersons even have a "Nihil" motto term while Neils/Nihills (share giant Cooney lion) were first found in Tyrone with though God is behind these "coincidences." As CUNNinghams love Forkers, note that the latter share the lion and red hand of Cooney-like Keons in turn having a version of the Neil/Nihill Coat. In this picture, the "Sto" motto term of Forkers can be for the Stow variation of Stouts (you'll see why shortly).

As Tyrone's use the BRASwell Coat in colors reversed, it looks like a pointer of God to Donna Brazile, for Wikipedia says that her surname descends from Braswells. The latter surname even use the only heraldic girdle I know of, which tends to go with bras. The Donna/Dance surname was first found in Piedmont, location of Cuneo, what are the chances? There is a Stura river flowing through the city of Cuneo, and while Sturs are also STOWers, Stouts are listed with Stows. So, the "Sto"-using Forkers, in the "fork" motto term of Cunninghams (Ayrshire, same as Forkers and Cown-like Cowans), makes it possible to trace CUNNinghams to "Cuneo."

Donna Brazile first became one of my topics as per a Brazilian sports writer. A man came to visit me one day, and while out on a drive together in his car, I was telling him about my white-rabbit writings, which at that time pointed to John Podesta's crimes / pedophilia. In fact, the first-ever time the bra event came to mind, I was on the topic of John Podesta. We just saw Podesta in the news above with Donna Brazile involved.

As soon as I started to tell the driver about my white-rabbit claims, he informed me that his WHITE Volkswagen was a Rabbit model (a thing I didn't know). And soon after, during the same drive, he told me that he was headed to Europe the following week with a BRAZILian sports writer. That's what later brought Donna Brazile to mind, for she was chosen to head the Democrat National Committee shortly after the murder of Seth Rich (July 2016, during the Steele-dossier crimes in which Podesta was likely privy, at the least). Some think that John Podesta is behind that murder. I won't go over it again here; suffice it to say that the rest of that drive pointed to Americans and a Ukrainian involved in the Ukraine-based impeachment drive of Trump.

I'm now going to go to the Cone/Choon/Cown surname because it probably has the Rothschild arrow. The antlers of the Cone/Choon Coat form a single pale bar that looks linkable to the Coat of German Neckers, especially as there are antlers also in the Coat of Dutch Neckers. The Cone/Choon antlers are in the colors of the coney rabbits of Coneys and Conns, and in the colors of the Peterson lion heads, which are also the Rothes lion heads, you see. We are on the proto-Rothschilds already, from Peter Pollock of Rothes castle. The "Nec" motto term of the Fairborns in the Cone/Choon write-up is for Neckar-river liners.

Neckers are expected from the Neckar river, location of STUTTgart, and the Stout vikings did have a raven banner while German Rothes'/Rothchilds do share the raven with one Peter surname. The bendwise (diagonal) arrow is shared by Cone's/Choons, Rothschilds/Roddensteins, Nations/Nathans, and Sorrys. Like the Cone's/Choons, Sorrys have an armored arm holding a bendwise arrow, which in my mind begins to propose that George Soros and Rothschilds are in global cahoots.

As the first Rothschild (Mayer Bauer) named his first son, Nathan, it's possible that the Rothschild arrow derived from the Nation/Nathan arrow, but there's another explanation for the derivation of the Arms-of-Rothschild arrows in the five arrows of Bauer-branch Bowers. Online claims that Mayer Bauer changed his surname to "Rothschild" after the name of his house, "Red Shield," seem bogus to me in light of heraldry's claim that Rothschilds descend likely from Peter Pollock of Rothes. Somehow, Mayer's or Nathan's ancestry should be from Pollock liners. Note that Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks while "simplex" is a Sorry motto term. Note "simpLEX," for LEGro's share the Soar/Sors lion.

Mayer's wife was Miss Schnapper, and Schnapps/Schneeburgers, who happen to share the blue wing with Bauers, share the giant fleur-de-lys of Bush's/Buschs and Boschs while Rose's, from the Rothes-castle area, are said to have married Bosco's...expected from Busca in Cuneo. It should explain why the fesse with bendlets of Nations/Nathans is colors reversed from the same of Coneys and Conns. It looks like Mayer Bauer married kin, and Rothschilds are said to have done that throughout their history. Snape's/Snipps, suspect in the Meuller snips, look like Clinton kin.

The Nation/Nathan bend is shared by English Bugs, who for decades until this year were said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Nations/Nathans. It checks out where ravens are used by German Bugs.

Schnapp variations suggest rose-using Napiers/Nappers ("Sans"), and the latter are suspect from the Naparus river in the land of the SENSii suspect in the Napier/Napper and Change/Changer mottoes (Change's/Change's have the triple Stout fesses in colors reversed). The Naparus was near the Bush-like Buzau, the latter being home of the ROXolani scythians suspect as proto-Rose's (i.e. kin of Bosco's). This brings me to the BUS stop at which I first met Lorraine, for she ended up pointing, with her one grass stain event, both to the "tufts of grass" on the Bosco pillars, and to the pansy in the Coney Crest. Fesslets on either side of a fesse, as shared by Coneys and Nations/Nathans, is an heraldic feature often called, "COTISed," and it just so happens that the Cotesii lived in the Buzau river too.

Behold. I TOUCHed the bra on the LAUNDRY line, and Touch's/Tuffs, sharing the giant Lyon/Lune lion, are a Tuft/Tuffs branch. At the bus stop, I arranged for Lorraine and I to meet that evening at my LAUNDRomat at LEVENdale road, and here I can add that while LENNox's are said to be Napier/Napper king, Lennox' are also LEVENax's. It's important because while Lorraine's share the green lion with Lyons/LUNE's (Perthshire, same as Napiers/Nappers), Laundrys are also LUNdrys/LENdrys. The latter show just a tree while Tree's/True's, in the "true" motto term of Scottish Rose's, share the knight with feathered helmet with English Lannoys while French Lannoys/LENNoys share the Lyon/Lune lion.

Napiers/Nappers have the same rose as Sorrys while the Soar river flows at Leicester. The Woods, first found in Leicestershire, share a "Defend" motto term with the Napier-related Lennox's, and, to boot, one Wood Coat is exactly the Laundry/Lundry Coat.

There were two laundromats at opposite ends of the same strip mall on Levendale road. A couple of years after being with Lorraine, I moved into a basement of a house immediately beside this strip mall, and therefore right beside the laundromat that was at the opposite end of where I had first met Lorraine on our first date (I used that laundromat beside my basement apartment). One day, I walked down the hall, around the corner into the kitchen, and there I saw my landlord in the act of clubbing a rabbit to death INSIDE the kitchen sink. It was not intended as a kitchen sink, it was one of the old-type, concrete LAUNDRY sinks, I kid you not. What are the chances? As I've said before, the laundry-like Landers/Landens/Lands share the six pale bars of LANGleys while Bra is at Langhe.

Compare the Napp Crest to the Kitchen Crest. Kitchens share the water bouget with English Bugs and Scottish Rose's. The kitchen's laundry sink.

Nations/Nathans (Nottinghamshire) are also NUSans while Nuse's/Newes have two pale bars in the colors of the one of German Neckers. Newes/Nuces' were first found in Cambridgeshire with Napps, creating a good argument for seeing Schnapps as Napp / Napper liners. Schappers (no 'n'), sharing the sheep with Schaffers, share three feathers with the Arms of Rothschild. It may not be coincidental that while "nueces" means "nut," Nutts are Nottingham liners.

Newes/Nuces' have a Coat much like that of English Lunds/LUNNs (right down the Laundry/Lundrey alley), and so this justifies going to my newspaper-in-Victoria event, on the day I slept the night in CRYSTAL City, suspect for some time with the Bill Kristol, now seen in the war-games quote above with Podesta and Brazile. That night in Crystal City had already pointed to Rox-connectable Rockefeller / Rothschild liners of the Roach and Smoke/Rauch kind.

The steps in the Crystal Coat could be code for the Stepps sharing the giant fleur-de-lys of Schnapps/Schneeburgers, Bush's/Buschs, Boschs and Trade's. While this picture (minus Schnapps) had pointed to the Trade Towers owned by Larry Silverstein during the 9-11 crimes, the Silverstein lion is in the Lund/Lunn Coat while Silversteins were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes'. Rothschilds/Roddensteins have the eight-pointed Stein stars in colors reversed while English Steins can be gleaned as a branch of Stepp-like Stephensons (share bend of Jewish Rothchilds). Rothschilds/Roddensteins, very connectable to Rodhams/Roddens (share Stephenson bend), were first found in Brunswick while Brunswicks share the Silverstein / Lund/Lunn lion.

It's worth a mention that Londons use gyronny, as does the Arms of Gironde at the Garonne river flowing past Comminges. The latter, when it was named Lugdunum, is where Herod Antipas was banished, and Lyon (anciently Lugdunum too) is the area to which his brother (Archelaus) was banished, and so London could have been named by a Lugdunum / Lyon liner.

When we go to Swedish Lunds/Lundens, we find a black horseshoe, the colors of the horseshoes of bat-using Randolphs of Moray (same as Rothes castle and the Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs). French Bats (Bug colors) share a black tower with English Londons/Lunnens. Another bat is found with English Bugs very connectable to Nations/Nathans, and then English Bats (more bats) were first found in RUTland while Rutlands (horse, same as Roxburghs and Jewish Rothschilds) share the "orle" border with ROXburghshire's RUTHERfords ("nec" for Neckar-river liners). Rutlands even share the gold border on red Shield with Swedish Lunds/Lundens. The English Bat Coat is a version of the Rust/Roost Coat, and the latter surname is suspect from Rusticus of Lyon.

For what it could be worth, there's a horseshoe in the mouth of the Yard/YEARd pelican while the Yard/Yeard Shield shares water bougets with Bugs. Yards can be connected to Gards.

The steps with cross of Crystals is colors reversed from the same of Moses'/Moys, and Mayer Bauer was a son of Amschel Moses Rothschild, perhaps named partly after a Moses surname in his ancestry. His father was Moses Kalman Rothschild. If Kalmans were a CALVER branch, it's notable that the steps-with-cross above is officially called, "CALVARy." Calvers were first found in Derbyshire with Hope's (version of Cnut/KNOT Coat) who in turn share the three besants of Kalmans/Callmans. The Kalman/Callman Coat looks linkable to Jewish Cohens/Kagans (shares the Hesse sun). German Hope's/Hoods have the English Fair Coat in colors reversed while Cone's/Choons were at Fairbourne.

Cowans, sharing the Lennox/Levenax and Napier/Napper saltire, could easily be a branch of the Cowns listed with Cone's/Choons. It's probably important here that Cowans look connectable to Ainsleys, the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with Nations/Nathans. Then, the Coat of Natts/Nathans look linkable to Nitts/Naughts who in turn share the checks of Cowen-like Cohens. The "committo" motto term of Nitts/Naughts must be for a branch of Cone-related Conte's/Counters/Comitissa's.

Nitts/Naughts were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, and with the Anons/Annandale's sharing the Chief-saltire combo of Cowans. While Mrs. Kilpatrick (Miss Hicks) had a 9-11-related knee event at the Get'n GO corner store on the Leakey road, also called Ranch rd, it seems that God is pointing to that store with GOW-connectable COWens because they share the Leak/Leakey Chief, which has the fleur-de-lys of Hicks, Ainsleys and Ranch-like Rench's.

Nitts/Naughts share the lion heads of Petersons and Rothes', and I showed how my white-rabbit / touch-bra event at the Petersons pointed to Donna Brazile. On the day before arriving to purchase the newspaper in Victoria, I had an OMEN I've talked lots about that I think involved a pointer to Donna Brazile. The Dons use an omen-like "OMNia" motto term, but so to Nitts/Naughts.

1979 Dream Points to Axius-River Phoenicians

In the past few updates, I discovered that my 1979 dream had a car = AUTO as code for the line of Ottone VisCONTI. I'm still trying to understand the reasons and fall-out for this view. But coming to the Cone's/Choons in this update, which have the Conte/Counter antlers in colors reversed, we now go to the stag head of VISconti-suspect Vise's/Vice's, for this stag is in the colors of the Conte/Counter antlers, suggesting that VisCONTI's were a Vise-Conte merger. Then, as Knee's / Needhams share the Vise/Vice stag head, it explains why I touched the woman's knee as she was hovering in the car.

The "Commit" motto term of Sinclairs is expected roughly for the Comitissa and Comites variations of Conte's, and then the engrailed Sinclair cross is shared by Scottish CONans. Irish Conans share a cotised fesse with Coneys / Conns and Nations/Nathans. Natts/Nathans have the escutcheon of Saddocks/Sedgewick, the latter first found in Sussex with Vise's/Vice's, and with the Mascals having the Saddock/Sedgewick escutCHEON in colors reversed. That item is suspect with KEONs/Owens because an escutcheon is used by Keens, and then Cone's/Choons have similar variations as Keons/Owens with "Chioune/ChiOWNe." The family of king Pinnes was on Vis, and Mascal-like Maschi's use PINE cone's, we get it. Mascals have the six fleur-de-lys on CONstyns/Constantine's in colors reversed, and then "Constant" is a motto term of Scottish Rose's.

Vis is beside Pharisee-like Pharia while Saddocks look like "Sadducee."

Pinnes was an Ardiaei king, and Ardiaei lived on the Neretva river along with Daorsi, which explains why I (I have a Masci mother) was instantly transported to the DOOR of the car after I saw the woman STANDing (suspect with "ConSTANT"). Ardiaei-liner Arthurs (Berwickshire, same as True-loving Home's/Hume's) us an "obSTANTia" motto term. Constants/Contans' (Languedoc, same as French Conti's) use a PINE TREE, and Tree's/True's are in the Rose motto, "Constant and True." Constants/Contans' share the crescent of French Conte's and Falcons/FalCONTE's.

The Neretva is near the Urbanus where Ceraunii are stamped on a map, and while Grands share the Neret Coat, they are expected from Ceraunii in naming Gironde on the Garonne river. The latter has a source near Narbonne, and as NARbonne's are also DeNARDo's, they look like Neret/Naro-river liners. Scottish Grands ("STAND fast" motto) use crowns, often code for Ceraunii, as well as a rock for something out of Roquefeuil near Narbonne, both in AUDE. Aude's (Ottone/Otto colors) are also Ode's.

Stands/Stants/Stans were at Yarborough while Yarborough's (may have a falcon) have a reflection of the Ottone/Otto Coat. Yards/Yeards have a "Facta" motto term suspect with faucets who in turn have Saer de Quincy in their write-up while the Sforza lion holds a quince. So, while Visconti's named Massino-Visconti, it stands to reason that Massins/Masons (Kent, same as Cone's/Choons and Gaunts) have the Coat of Visconti-related Sforza's in colors reversed.

Then, Masci's, first found in Piedmont with Cuneo, share the fleur-de-lys of Earhardts while the latter use green snakes, the original color of the Visconti snake. That's partly why the beautiful blond woman in the 1979 dream was/is Ainsley Earhardt. Why her? I would really like to know.

Cone's/Choone's share the GAUNTlet glove with PHONE's/Fane's ("fano") and Maceys/Mace's, and while Fano is beside the first-known Maschi's, PHOENix's/FENwicks share the phoenix of Knee's / Needhams. This gives me a theory on why the dream's car was a refurbished 1950's model. The first thing I noticed about it was its new PAINT job, but if it was a new-and-shiny up-to-date car, I wouldn't have had any reason to single out the paint job, you see. There's no way for a 1950's model car to be that new looking unless it was re-painted.

So, the point is, Phone-like Payens/Paions (Phone/Fane colors) are also PAIONTs. Hamons, expected from Hamon de Masci, not only share the white antler with Cone's/Choone's (Kent, same as Hamons), and not only have the Rimini location of pine-cone Maschi's in their motto, but the particular color scheme of the Hamon ermine is called "pean" while Peans are listed with Payens/Paions. This is fantastic, because I have never before had such a good theory on the 1950's car.

As Payens/Paionts are also pagans, we first note that Scottish Pings/Pongs/Pagans have the triple NERET bends in colors reversed. English Pagans (gold border), with two "Nec" motto terms, happen to have the Masci / Earhardt / Time/Timm fleur-de-lys. The "timeo" motto term of English Pagans goes to Time's/Timms (Kent, same as Massins/Masons) sharing the fleur-de-lys of Pings/Pongs/Pagans, and essentially having the format, in colors reversed, of Payens/Paionts/Pagans.

One Moray Coat no longer showing had a "Deum TIME" motto while Massins/Masons ("Dum") share the mermaid of the Moray Crest. You can take those Edom-like motto terms, with the Mascal elephant, to the Elaphiti islands near Vis, expected from the line of Eliphas, husband of Timm-like Timna of Edom, and son of Esau. Vis was also called Esau-like Issa, and Ise's are listed with the Assi's very connectable to gold borders. The gold border of PAGANs traces to Justine-of-PICENum elements (see gold border of Assi-connectable Justine's). The Pings/Pongs/Pagans may be using a gold border.

The clue here is that, whatever named Issa, it was probably descended from a tribe named after Esau. I can provide, from the axe head of Axe-like Ise's/Assi's, an argument that traces an Esau tribe to the Axius river of the Paion-like Paioni people group. One Axe river of Devon must be near the first-known Ash's/Aschs, first found in Devon with Otto-connectable Hoods/Hoots. The fret of Hoods/Hoots is expected with Ferte-Mace, where the Vardys/Vertys (what looks like a boy king in Crest, suggesting Pinnes the boy king) were barons whom I trace to the Vardaei version of "Ardiaei."

We can now understand the phoenix symbol and the Phoenix surname from Paioni, for mythical Phoenix was the symbol of Phoenicians, whom were "Poeni" to the Greeks. Tyrians from TYRUS were Phoenicians, which can explain the "ATTIRES of a stag," what the pean-using Hamons call the antlers in their Crest.

Herods (Edomites from Ardiaei-suspect Aretas III), expect to EarHARDts, are traceable to the proto-Dagger Dexaroi at Antipatria, up-river from Fier county, which can explain why Fiers/Fears share the moline of Vardys/Vertys/VIRTYs, and why Bardys share the Coat of Daggers/Dackers (Cumberland, same as Fairs/Fare's/Phares' suspect from Pharia). There seems to be a dagger (short sword) in the Crest of English Pagans, and Paioni lived beside the Pinnes-like PENEStae peoples. The Kilpatricks were from Antipatria elements, and while Kilpatrick castle was on the Knight-related Nith river, that's why king Arthur was made into a knight.

He was given a round-table symbol partly because Table's share the Arthur hurt, and partly because Rounds have a "SLEEPing lion" as code for the Selepitanoi of the Ardiaei theater. Rounds use an "Esse" motto term and have one of the double chevrons of Ash's/Aschs's/Esse's, another indication that Pinnes-of-Ardiaei liners had merged with Esau liners at the Axius river. The double-Sleep fesses are colors reversed with both Italian pagans and Edones-like Weeds/Weedons, and then the Axius river flows into the land of Edones and their Mygdones / Sithones branches. It just so happens that Sithones-like Seatons/Sittons named Seaton at the mouth of the Axe river! Zikers, it now appears that Weedons and weddings were Edones...possibly from mythical Adonis of the Phoenician theater.

Ahhhh, "In Greek mythology, Sithon was a king of the ODOmanti or Hadomanti in Thrace, and presumably the eponym of the peninsula Sithonia and the tribe Sithones." The auto in the dream, and emperor Otto too, is thus suspect from the ODOmanti. "[Sithon] was married to the nymph MENDeis..."

As Ments/Mants (Yorkshire) share the Neret Coat (Ping/Pong/pagan bends in colors reversed), it appears that OdoMantes' were named after a Mant- / Mendeis-like entity. This recalls that my playing ping-pong lots in Kepke's baseMENT (on his ping-pong TABLE) was God's pointer to Ments/Mants. Scottish Ments/Manns (Dragon/Drainer colors and format) use an "ardua" motto term and put blue roundels (hurts), the Arthur and Table symbol, on their dragon (likely connectable to PenDRAGON, a Penestae lion to the father of king Arthur). Seatons/Sittens have a dragon. The Stable's, important in the last update, appear to be in the "STABilis" motto term of Ments/Manns, though the STABB variation of Stubbs/Stops (Paeoni-like pheons) is likely at play because Paioni (or "Paeoni") had a major city, Stobi. It strike's me here that the gold Needham phoenix can be in the Stabb/Stubb Crest.

Wikipedia: "Odomanti or Odomantes were an ancient Thracian tribe. Some regard it as Paeonian, while others claim, that the tribe was with certainty Thracian...The tribe were settled upon the whole of the great mountain Orbelus" (beside the Satrae).

Fier county is on the APSus river while Apps'/EPPs' (Middlesex, same as Fiers/Fears) suggest Eppsteins who in turn have the Coat of German Ash's/Asch's ("VIRTute") in colors reversed. You can glean here a Herod link to an Esau-suspect line. It's still my theory that the car of the 1979 dream was on Jeffrey Epstein's island. The Ash surname looks like an Axius-river liner formed as play on the mythical phoenix bird rising from its ashes.

English Pagans are said to be from Yorkshire's at HOOTon-Pagnell, and then Scottish Pings/Pongs/Pagans/Pagnells were first found in Yorkshire. Fairs/Fare's/Phares' have the HOOD/Hope Coat in colors reversed. The write-up of English Pagans tells that there were more of that surname in Yorkshire's Huggate. Hugs/Hughues' have triple fesses in the colors of the one fesse of French Payne's.

Mythical Sithon was given a daughter, Rhoeteia, code for Rhoetium near Tyre-like Troy. Sithon was the son of Poseidon, and the latter was made the (grand)father of mythical Phoenix, perfect! The Edones were at/near the southern end of the RHODope mountains. Edons (Seaton/Sitten colors) use a "SIT" motto term suspect with Sitten / Sedan liners, for Sedans ("sed") were once said to be first found in West Yorkshire, location of SEDbergh of the DENTs while "sit pruDENTia' is a Edon motto term. The "SINo sed" motto phrase of Sedans gives away their being a Seaton/Sitten branch because Sine's are also Sions while Sion of Switzerland is also called, Sitten. The amazing thing now is that the auto of the dream was also explicable as a car, and Cars/Currs use a "sed" motto term! Zinger, we have enlarged upon the mystery of that dream all the way back to Sithones and Odomanti.

The Curr variation of cars suggests connection with the Kerns sharing a sleeping lunar crescent with Rhoeteia-like Roets ("QUARere"). The Roets share the motto of BOWs/Boughs while the 1979 dream had Sleeping Beauty (in the car) as code for Sleeps and Beautys/BOWDs, the latter sharing the black bull with Auto's/Otto's. Sleeping Beauty was hovering in the car over the SEATs, we get it.

It's interesting that the Hover/Hoffer bull horns are red, the color of the Anchor bull head, for Sithon had married ANCHIRoe (I think she was a Trojan), perhaps code for Ankara's namers. Not far of in Mysia, where Troy was located too, there was an Ancore location otherwise called, Nicaea, interesting where Nice's/Ness' share the Weedon Coat, and where I trace Nice's/Ness to queen Nysa of the Pontus. her line with king Pharnaces goes to Parrs and Furness' (both of Lancashire with cars/Currs and Seats) who share the black border with Sedans.

I saw her hovering while I was standing at the DOOR of the car, and Mygdones (Axius river) are suspect from Israel's Megiddo (named Armageddon), smack beside Dor, all very near Tyre and even close to mount CARmel. It's suggesting that the Poseidon-related Daorsi (from mythical Doris and Nereus) were from Dor. The Anchor / Otto / Bowd bull in this picture can be suspect from the Zeus Taurus (probably named after Tyrus), brother of Poseidon and Hades, and the latter is suspect as code for the Hatti, a real peoples represented by mythical Attys of Phrygia i.e. at the Ankara theater. Hoods/Hoots, now suspect from the ODOmanti or their namers, use an anchor.

As Baal was a bull cult, we could expect Baal-loving lines to have become Bull and Bull-like surnames. Bullocks (bull heads) happen to use "Lochaber AXES," that's right. Bullocks have a chevron in the colors of the three of German Ash's/Asch's. Lockabys/Locherbys, with a chevron in Bullock-chevron colors, were first found in Dumfries with Bullys. Locks and Lochs/Lokens use the swan for connection with Sine's/Sions/Swans to Sitten, and then Bullys share the red heart with Loken-like Logens. This goes to the mythical swan king of Liguria, Cygnus, son of Sithones-like STHENelus.

LockHEARTs (another red heart), first found in heart-using Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans, and beside the first-known, Bullock-like Pollocks, share the boar head of Molle's (Roxburghshire, same as Bullocks sharing Lanark chevron) while the daughter of Eschyna de Molle married Robert Pollock. Scottish Hearts/Harts share the Pollock saltire. The Lockheart boar heads are in the colors of the Bull/Bule bull heads, and Bole's, sharing a boar with arrow with Pollocks, have the Lockheart / Molle boar heads inside cups. Note that the Lockheart Coat looks connectable to that of Roets (Somerset, same as Bulls/Bule's)

The Morays no longer showing at houseofnames had "fetterlocks," in the design of the Lockheart lock, and then the Lockheart Chief looks like a version of the Chief of heart-using Douglas' (Moray) using the Moray stars in that Chief. Therefore, since Douglas' are said to be from Hardwick-related Hardys (Lanarkshire), Lockhearts look like a hardy / Hardwick branch. It just so happens that Weeds/Weedins were near Hardwick. The Cords expected in the "Corda" motto term of Lockhearts use more hearts and Paeoni-liner pheons.

The arrow-in-boar is a pointer to mythical Atalantis of Calydon, who shot the Calydonian boar. She was named after the Atlas Pisidians at Attaleia, the Poseidon-based representation of mythical Atlantis, and then the Atlas / Alley lion is also the Pool lion. While Alleys are listed with Auleys/Caulays (share fesse of Bowd-like Boyds), English Cauleys/Calleys (axe in Crest) have a Calydon-like "callide" motto term. As Roets, now looking like they were from Rhoeteia (Sithon's Trojan daughter), were Bow kin, the Beautys/Bowds have just brought to mind the so-called "beauties" that we called our special, decorative marbles / alleys. The miracle alley shot I've talked about over the last few updates was very-possible for a beauty. Why else did I pray to hit that marble?

The buckles of Alleys/Auleys/Cauleys are colors reversed from the same of Wettins, and we just saw why Weeds/Weedins could be from the Edones! Buckle-branch Buckleys use bull heads! The "Periculum" motto term of Alleys/Auleys/Cauleys looks like code for Pierro's/Pero's/Perichs because they have a Coat form of Boyd-like Butts/Boets. It makes Sleeping Beauty look like she's from the Sadducee house of Boethus. SALOME Boethus (married Heart-like Herod) can be to the Salome/Solomon surname almost using the Cauley/Calley bend-with-stars.

It's probably correct that mythical Adonis was the Baal cult, for both terms meant, "Lord" (not to be mistaken for the Biblical Lord who despised Baal).

I knocked off above at noonish today to go do some work. Some of the section above was written yesterday, but everything on the Axius river was written this morning. I had planned from yesterday to go chain saw a tree I felled a couple of months ago or more, and after starting I remembered that this was the tree in which I had found an axe head imbedded in the trunk some six inches off the ground. Amazing. The axe head, very rusty, still had some red paint, but the handle was totally gone. It seems that God caused a man to axe this tree (maybe 30 years ago), then leave the axe in the tree for whatever reason, to verify at least some of the things said above on the Axius.

The fact that it was missing the handle recalls the dream with DOOR handle of the Jeep (Handle and Handells share the Moray Coat). As we saw, Dor in Israel is beside Megiddo, the site of Armageddon, and there is imagery in the Bible concerning an axe at the root of a tree, which is a portrayal of the taking of Israel away from the Sadducees, but it can also be a portrayal of the Judgment at Armageddon. Moreover, you might still be able to find that Essenes of Israel gave each initiate an axe, and one branch of Essenes were at mount Carmel, smack at the Megiddo theater! Zinger. Just compare "Essene" to the Esse variation of Ash's/Aschs, and to "Esau."

Even better, recall the fetterlocks of Morays, for Fetters share the giant sun of Hesse's/Esse's of German's Essene-like Hessen! Both surnames have essentially the same Crest (sun between two wings).

After writing that, I was back out to work. Just want to say that whoever wasn't able to axe that tree down decades ago left me a 40-foot trunk that died, years ago, more than 12 inches round at the base. With very little rot on the exterior, this trunk was EXCELLENT for firewood. I kid you not, that aside from chainsawing it to pieces, it took me an hour at most to chop it all with an axe. Most of the time, the wood split on the first hack. It was beautiful. I chopped it late in the drying season because I knew it had been dead for a few years.

To help prove that the dream with door handle points to Handle's / Handells, the latter have an "im" motto term I've never tasked myself with. There is an Imes/Im/Imme surname that looks like it uses a version of the Im-like Rim/Rum Coat. The latter's motto loves the Pung variation of Pings/Pongs/Pagans i.e. from Axius-river Paioni. Plus, Dor is near Joppa, and Jeepma/Jappa/JABACH variations look like they can include Joppa elements, which I think may be from the women of JABESH Gilead who married the 600 Benjamites of Rim-like Rimmon.

After complaining to the former owner of my Jeep that the door handle was missing a barrel-shaped part, I was holding a drum (barrel-like container) that fell from my hands, landing on its RIM upon a round patch of sand. The rim then caught flames. The Imes'/Im happen to share the Sand fesse. Plus, Rims/Rums use another "sed" motto term for the line of Sithones, and we saw ho mythical Sithon was a Trojan entity. It just so happens that I trace Sands / Sanders to Sintians of Lemnos, off the Troy coast. Sithonia was not far from Lemnos. I trace "Hephaestus," god of Lemnos, to "Ephesus," where there was an Essenes bee cult. Mythical PANdareus of Ephesus is expected from Pan, the god of Phoenix-like Panias/Banias in Phoenicia. The Phoenix became a Roman entity after Benjamites of Rimmon founded Romans. Pan's Satyrs were code for the Satrae Thracians beside the Axius river, indicating that Panias elements did name the Paioni.

The Imes'/Im's look like a branch of Emma's who happen to share the purple lion with Skiptons, and RUMillys were at Skipton.

The previous owner of my Jeep was of Italian Simons while French Simons use a "mon" motto term while Mounds/Mons' can apply to the round patch of sand, because it was probably a mound (I saw it from the top view)/ The Flemings of Mons (Hainaut) are probably one reason for the flames around the rim. The Imes'/Ims happen to share the Mons/Mound lion in both colors, and Italian Simons have it in one color. Seatons/Sittens (share the double tressure with Trashers/Tresure's) were Flemings.

I was up high, about step-ladder height when the container fell to the sandy mound, and after it caught flames, I jumped down to smother the flames with the sand. On the way down, I YELLed, "fire." Yells were first found in SHETland, suspect in being named by Sithones. There's more, but I don't want to get into it again right now.

[I didn't read the Carmel write-up until the next section: "The surname Carmel was first found in Lancashire, at Cartmel, a parish, in the union of Ulverston, hundred of Lonsdale north of the SANDs"!]

Rough Going in the Wee Hours

It's 2:08 am. About eight minutes ago, I heard a single thunder that lasted over a minute. I've never heard anything like this. I was in bed, and could not get the blister on my knee off my mind. It was like a bad dream when you're working and working; I was going over and over what this blister might mean, wondering if there is a Blister surname, and after doing that for a while, a loud thunder, without any light at all, broke out. The noise level went down progressively, and I thought it was going to end after about 20 seconds, but it went on and on over a minute, I kid you not. I've never heard anything like this. There has been no other thunder, no other lightning, since then, and it's 2:14 now.

This thunder sounded like it was created just for me, and so I had to get up to check the Bliss / Blister surname. Before going to bed last night, I felt a re-occurring wound on my knee, thinking it was a scratch, but when I checked it, there was a large blister with puss that I squeezed clean and disinfected with hydrogen peroxide. It looked like and insect bite. Another long thunder (no light) just rang out at 2:17 in the distance; it sounds a lot like a passenger plane going overhead.

There's no Blister surname coming up, but there is a Bliss/Bless surname sharing the fleur-de-lys of Machets/Madgets. The latter were on my browser as the second-last surname checked before going to bed because it's like "Megiddo." In Revelation, thunder is a symbol of Armageddon. I was thinking to find a surname that might be from "Megiddo," but I didn't think that Machets/Madgets and Mackets were convincingly from "Megiddo / Macedon." However, I had noted that the Machet/Madget Coat shares the fesse of Imes'/Ims suspect in the Handell motto, and the Jeep's DOOR handle can be for Dor liners from beside Megiddo (at mount Carmel). I now see that the Imes/Im lion is in the Carmel Coat, and the latter's split colors are those of the hourglass shape of Machets/Magdets. Hmmm.

The Matchet/Madget fesse (shares Hick fleur) can be the Dance fesse because the Machet/Madget hourglass has resemblance to the Ripper/Ripley Coat while I trace Dance's (Yorkshire, same as Rippers/Ripleys and Hicks) to king Donnus of Susa at the RIPARia river.

The Imes/Im lion is red, and we have a red lion in the Bow/Bough Crest holding five arrows red at one end, having white tips, the colors of the four arrows in an arm-and-hand of the Bliss/Bless Crest. These arrows are bunched and thus pertain to the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild. Bows/Boughs share the motto of Rothes-like Roets. These Rothschild Arms have an upright, red-on-gold lion, same as the Imes/Im and Carmel lions. The same lion is used by Leghs/Lighs, and while I just had a blister on my leg, Bliss'/Bless' were first found in Leicestershire with the LEGro = Soar river. I can see why God would give a special, long thunder when on the topic of Rothschilds (founders, and probably owners, of modern Israel) and/or the other Jew, George Soros.

It just so happens that while the blister was on my knee (right on the front), the Knee's and Bliss'/Bless' have an item on either side of a bend, and the Bliss/Bless fleur-de-lys is shared by Leaks/Leakeys. The latter have a leg in Crest. It's giving me the impression that Rothschilds were behind the gigantic 9-11 crime that continues to this day in the Middle be expected as the thing causing Armageddon. More on Leakeys below.

Plus, I've only just realized, the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild are those also of Fasts while the Handell motto starts off with "Fest im." No Fest surname comes up. Plus, recalling that Imes'/Ims have a good reflection of the Rim/RUM Coat, note the "veRUM" motto term of Bows/Boughs. If the three Lockheart boar heads were gold, the Lockheart Coat would be a reflection of the Roet Coat, and the Cords/Courts suspect in the "Corda" motto term of Lockhearts can be in the "Concordia" motto term in the Arms of Rothschilds. The Rumilly Chief has three items, including the Moray stars, in the colors of the three boar heads in the Lockheart Chief.

The eagle in the same Arms, beside the feathers, can therefore be the same one of COURTs/Coverts (Sussex, same as Feathers). It's very interesting that lightning struck our chimney while the Chimney Crest and chevron looks linkable to the Crest and chevron of Feathers. It struck the chimney (blew bricks over the roof) at my age 11, months after my mother and I returned from a full summer spent in the village of PICENze, and while this place has the patron saint of Felice, "felicitas" is a motto term of Bliss'/Bless'. Picenze is suspect with the Pike / Picken surname, and Machet-like Mackets use pike fish in the white color of the fish of Sola's in the Bliss/Bless motto phrase, "sola felicitas." Furthermore, the Feather motto goes to the household of Valens and Valentinian I, the latter having been the husband of Justine of PICENum. It starts to appear that the 2-am thunder links to the horrible thunderbolt at age 11. Note the Roofs share the raven with Rothes'/Rothchilds.

Why did this 2-1 thunder come now, August 27? is something about to happen. I went to sleep with this prayer (roughly): "Lord, you didn't speak anything to me last night, but I'd like for you to do so tonight that I might tell it to readers."

Bliss'/Bless' are said to be from "Blois," and the Blois', along with the Tass' expected in "feliciTAS," were first found in Suffolk with Clare's and with the Edons that come up as Edams (share Tass / Clare chevron). The Clare Coat is colors reversed from the same of BLES'/Bleds. Edons/Edams are in the colors and format of Davers (Suffolk again), suspect from the Daversi version of "Daorsi." I expect Dorians of Greece with Edones elements. Mythical Dryas (possible Dorian) was the son and/or father of mythical Lycurgus, king of Edones.

I was so hungry, I took a piece of chicken from the fridge minutes ago, eating it cold. The Chicken surname has white dragons on the same chevron as Carters and Shake's, and Chickens were first found in Suffolk with white-dragon Blois'. Chick-like Shicks are listed with Shake's. I understand this now, why I had the BLISter, because these dragons belong to Drake's who have L'Aquila (uses an eagle) in their motto, a city seven miles from Picenze. I often feel as though Rothschilds might be from that village (place of my mother's birth), though I've not mentioned this before. I'm starting to get that feeling. Salome's, first found in Rhineland with the first Rothschild, share the Pike/Picken stars, hmm.

Shake's/Shicks have a motto term suspect with Anticks; the latter use a giant parrot on a green Shield, the color of the Bauer and Bower Shield, and while the latter have the five Arms-of-Rothschild arrows, they were first found in Peebles-shire while Peeble's share the green parrot of Pettys who in turn have a branch sharing the Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants. Antick suffixes look connectable to Napiers/Nappers/PEERless' (Teck/Tess saltire in colors reversed), and Parrots (Peare branch) can be expected from Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Peebles like Papia/Pavia, on the Ticino river suspect with such things as Ticks, or AnTICKs.

The Imes write-up could be correct where it says: "Im is derived from the baptismal name 'Emma.'" Emma's are the ones sharing the purple lion with Skiptons, and while my mother is a Masci in one parent, Meschins married the Rumillys of Skipton. The Felice-like Felix's (Sussex, same as Courts/Coverts) use a mill rind, believe it or not. The Felix write-up looks like Felix's married the line of Hamon de Masci: "...the name was first referenced in the year 1122 when Felix MONCHus held estates in that shire. At about the same time, Felix filius Hamonis, and Hamo Felix were both listed in Kent in 1229." If I'm correct about Monks being from Monaco, that's where purple-throne prince Grimaldi's live, and my mother's maiden name is, Grimaldi.

In fact, the Bliss'/Bless ("felicitas") share the naked arm in Crest with Monchers, albeit the latter are listed with Minchens/Minch's. Even so, the latter were first found in Worcestershire while Bliss'/Bless' were "first found in Leicestershire and Worcestershire." Monks use a COCKatiel while Grimaldi's share the Cock Shield. The Crumbys have a Grim-like Crimm variations, and while Rimmons are also Crimmmons, Crumbys/Crimms share the same lion in Chief as the Rim/Rum Chief. Crums are in Monk colors and format. Rims/Rums are also Rome's while Crumbys are also CROMbys. ROMs/Rams ("vis"), in the format, and colors reversed from, RIMMONs/Crimmons ("diVIS"), are in the ram of German CRAMers/CREMers while Irish Cramers/Cremers (Masci fleur) share the red rooster with Cocks. Maschi's were at Rimini, to be seen in the Hamon motto phrase, "disCRIMINa verun," almost the "veRUM" of Bows/Boughs (almost the Bliss/Bless Crest).

I feel that the blister on my knee cap has led to both my mother's bloodline, but let's repeat here that Knee's (Crimm/Crumby eagle?) share the black stag head of the Vise's/Vice's (Sussex, same as Felix's). More. The Chief of Irish Cramers/Cremers is that also of Irish Kilpatricks while the Scottish Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with Rims/Rums. Scottish Kilpatricks share cushions with Bibo's whose Coat in turn I see in the Crest of Irish Cramers/Cremers. On top of this, the Grimaldi symbol (not shown at houseofnames) is a monk with a dagger under his cloak/frock, and Kilpatricks do use a dagger. The Grimaldi write-up doesn't use "dagger," however: "A statue of Grimaldi as a monk with a sword under his frock stands at his memorial in Monaco today."

Monks use a red-Shield version of the PINder/Pender Coat, and while Pine's are from the Ardiaei, it thus makes sense that Monaco had Ardiaei Illyrians i.e. the Arduinici who married Doria's in Oneglia, right-near Monaco. The two lions of Monaco's seem to be in the Coat of English Pine's. I trace the drops on the Pinder/Pender lion heads to Tropoje of the Dardania theater. King Pinnes was Dardanian on his mother's side. Monks are also Moyne's, and were first found in Devon with Moons said to be from Moyon of Manche, and as Moons share the crescent of Touts, as well as the crescent of French Pine's in colors reversed, I trace them to the Dardanian king, MONunius II, father of Tout-like Etuta. It appears solid that Monaco was named after Monunius I or II.

Can the "DORmit" motto term of Irish Cramers/Cremers apply to Dor of Israel? Compare "dorMIT" to the "PerMITTE" of Rimmons/Crimmons. It brings Mitt ROMney to mind. I trace Kilpatricks to AntiPATRia (in old Macedonia), suspect in being named by king Antipater of MACEDOn, a Megiddo-like term. The Dorians of Greece lay claim to Macedon(ia) as their own. Antipatria is on the Apsus river along with Fier county, peoples of which should be in the "vis fieri" motto phrase of Cramer-related Roms/Rams. The Custs, heavily expected in the Cramer/Cremer motto, share the fountains-on-chevron of Kiss'/Cush's (share red rooster with Cramers/Cremers) and CASS'/Cash's, the latter possibly from king Cassander of Macedonia, son of Antipater above. Cass'/Cash's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Rumillys.

While Grimaldi's were partners with FIESCHi of Genova, the Fessys/FACE's have got to be in the "faciAS" motto term of Roms/Rams, for a FASCES symbol is used by Ass'/Assi's (share sword with Feschs). Assi's share weight scales with Cass'/Cash's. German Ash's/Aschs have the Cassandra/Cassane Coat in colors reversed, and the Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons are also listed as Cassane's, all good for identifying Cass' from king-Cassander. English Ash's/Aschs (Devon, same as Monks) have two of the cash/Cash / Cust chevrons. The axe head in the fasces traces to the Axius river, home of Macedon-like Mygdones. See "Mygdonia" along the eastern side of the Axius in Macedonia:

There is a question as to whether Felix liners named the Fells, Fellers and Rockefellers. Rumillys (same place as Pontus-liner Ponders) have a rock in Crest, and while Essenes lived at Carmel, Irish Hessens/Hassens share the Fell lozenges. The Fell stars can be an eight-pointed version of the six-pointed ones of Imes-like Ines'/Innes' (Moray, where Handells are expected to trace with the DOOR handle). The Ines/Innes' show a second version (Scottish) that is the Handle Coat in colors reversed, and it just so happens that Handells use the "im" motto term.

Ines'/INESS' are also InNICE's. I trace Nice's/Ness' to queen Nysa of the Pontus, mother of queen Nysa of Cappadocia, and I have read that the latter Nysa, at least, descended from king Cassander of Macedon. It just so happens that Ines'/Iness' share blue, six-pointed stars with Italian Cassano's/Cassandra's, how about that. The Ines/Inness stars are colors reversed on the one half of the Monaco Coat sharing the giant lion of Fallis'/Falls' (share treFOIL with Fellers).

Reminder: someone swung an axe at the base of a tree, and, I assume, the HANDLE rotted away. The axe was a symbol of Essenes of Carmel, and that symbol went to Crete, where despicable Tyrians lived who also lived at CARTHage (makes Carthage look like a Carmel entity). Crete had a honey cult (caraMEL is a honey) in mythical AMALthea, suspect from the Amalekites of Edom, named after Amalek, grandson of Essene-like Esau. How interesting is that?

The Cretan honey cult must have been of the Essenes bee cult of Ephesus. Mythical Pandareus (from Kos) of Ephesus was father to Aedon (like "Edom") of Boiotia, and Boiotia had MELia, a honey goddess. Ephesus-like HePHAISTOS (or HephAEStus) of Lemnos was essentially the same as DioNYSus (his entity may have named the Nysa's above) when the latter took Ariadne of Crete and settled Lemnos. Crete has the city of PHAISTOS, you see, "transliterated as Phaestos, FESTos and Latin Phaestus" (Wikipedia), recalling the "Fest im" motto phrase of Handells...what are the chances? It appears that the axe handle was missing to make this trace to axe-depicted Cretans (the wicked Curetes thereof co-founded Troy, on-shore from Lemnos).

Right now, that old axe handle sits as an ornament on a shelf along with a varnished horseshoe (dug out of the ground here). On the other side of the axe is a Molson beer bottle that I dug up in the ground, still full of beer (still has half its label) but of the type of bottles made in the 1960s and 70's. That's a bottle in the ground for around 40 years or more, still having a tight seal (no fizz left in the beer, however). I checked the MOLson/Molton surname, and while I had nothing to say about it, it's amazing that, aside from the Mole boar head, the Mole Coat is the Handell Coat! Is that not amazing? God saved this beer bottle just for this discussion!

The blister was on my knee, and the Knee Crest shares the red phoenix in the Mole Crest!!! Justine of Picenum married the son of Gratian FUNERius, and "funera" is a Mole motto term. Note that while the NERETva river was also the Naro expected in "FuNERA," French Cree's/Crets share the NERET Coat. Cree's are also Rae's, and mythical Rhea of Crete was Zeus' mother. The infant Zeus was attended by mythical AMALthea and the Curetes.

In Greek myth, the man, Dorus, was brother to Aeolus, and the latter's wife, ENARETE, looks like myth code for the NERETva river. The mythical NEREIDs were given Doris as mother, we get it.

French Cree's/Crete's were first found in Burgundy with Loches', and Miss de Loches was the mother of Fulk II of Anjou, wherefore Fulk NERRA III of Anjou thus looks like a Neretva-river liner. The Dor-suspect Daorsi were on the Neretva! Zinger, we can see that heraldry is all about pagans of ancient history getting their start in Israel's paganism. Anjou is also called, Angers, and French Rays (i.e. like "Rae") share the escarbuncle with Angers and Hangers (Hampshire, same s Hanger-like Changers). If historians define "Fulk Nerra as "the black," couldn't they be mistaken? I'll say.

Carmels are shown properly as CartMILLs/Certmele's, not necessarily meaning they were not from mount Carmel. Cartmills and Carters (Hampshire, same as Cassane's/Cassandra's and MILLs) could have been Carthaginians. "Ceart" is a motto term of Cassander-connectable Kilpatricks (same place as Rums), and while Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick, the Hickensons share the full Milly motto. RuMILLys may have been a Rum-Mill merger. Might the "Malo" motto term of Millys (trefoils) and Hickensons/Higgensons indicate Amalekites? Hicks use a BUCK head while Malo's/Mallets use buckles.

While Amalek was the son of ELIPHas, MELita, where I trace Mallets, is an island right beside the ELAPHiti islands. French Mallets are also Malo's, and English Mallets share the scallops of Rinds in heraldic mill rinds! Logic. Rinds were first found in Perthshire with Assi-related Justine's i.e. from Justine of PICENum.

Ahhh, Millys share the trefoils of Picenze-suspect Pike's (Devon, same as Molsons/Moltons), and Scottish Pike's/Pickens share the stars of Molsons/Moltons!!! Unbelievable. The Molson beer beside the axe head speaks. The axe head is missing its handle, and Handle's were first found in Silesia with German Beers! English Beers were first found in Devon with Molsons/Moltons! Bingo-bango. Devon's Pike's share the trefoil of SITlers (Silesia), suspect with Sittens = Sithones.

Scottish Cree's/Creights use nearly the "Integritas" motto term in the Arms of Rothschild. Blistering succotash, are Rothschilds from Amalekites? Craiths/Cree's look like they have a Coat connectable to Rims/Rums. Recall how the Molson beer bounces us to Mole's with nearly the Handle / Handell Coat, for the giant Mole boar head is shared by Schims/Schiens in turn sharing the other Creight/Cree Chief (must be loaded as "Creight"). I trace Schims with good reason to Boiotia's Schimatari, and MELia of Boiotia was the honey goddess. Craith-like CartMELE's are a Carmel variation, and while Shake's use mole hills, Shake's share the Carter chevron! Zinger. The Creight/Cree Chief is also the Washington Chief, and Washingtons were once said to be first found in Lancashire with Shake's and Carmels.

As the axe head sits between the Molson beer and a horseSHOE, the latter may have been planted there by God as per the "knight ISSuing from the knee" of Shoe's, for Knee's share the Mole-Crest phoenix, expected as code for Phoenicians in Crete (in myth, Zeus abducted Phoenicia's goddess, Europa, and brought her to Crete). The axe-head Assi's are also ISE's.

I had dug up two horseshoes and one for cows / bulls (too wide for a horse's hoof). Above the axe head, pinned to the jamb of the shelf, hangs a white cowBOY HAT, and while the Boius region at the top of the Apsus river may have been from Boiotians, Hats were first found in DORset (or, reads as Doris-like DORSet). Hats happen to use wreaths while Wreaths are listed with Creights/Cree's!!! Bingo. God must have moved me to hang the hat above the axe and the MOLson beer, for Mole's share the boar head of Schims who in turn share the Wreath/Crete/Cree Chief!!!

The Wreath/Creight lion is also that of Spanish Brito's, who share the Shield of Spanish Grimaldi's, apparently, and then BRITOmartis was the Cretan goddess with the axe symbol. The Washingtons sharing the Wreath/Creight Chief share the double fesses of Martins. BritoMARTis. Crete had a nine symbol from the nine months of Zeus' pregnancy, and so myth gave Crete nine Curetes, and a birth goddess. Birth-like Brito's use nine lions. By the way, JEEPma's were first found in Oldenburg with German Martis'/Martins. Is this why it was my Jeep having the broken door handle? I purchased the Jeep from Mr. Desimone, and Desimone's/Simons share the Brito / Wreath/Creight lion.

French Martis'/Martins share the castle of German Cassels, from Hesse-Cassel, where I'm tracing Essenes. The other half of the German Cassel Coat has the triple Clare chevrons, a Coat colors reversed from the same of Bles'/Bleds. CREIGHTons share the green dragon with fire of Seatons/Sittens, from the Sithones i.e. connectable to Megiddo and Dorian elements.

While Rumillys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys, the latter's Coat is like that of Rinds. Mill rinds are used by both English Mills and Miles' (Carter colors). Scottish Mills share "industria" with the Arms of Rothschild. The Crest of English Mills shares the red lion in the Bow/Bough Crest (almost has the Bliss/Bless Crest), and both of those Mill surnames were first found in Hampshire with CARTers (and Stanley-beloved Changers), beside the first known Roets in Somerset. Carters share the wheel with Muellers/Millers, but the latter use the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet.

As Rinds share the scallops of Mallets, I've now got to expound on my shelf. There is a "window" in my wall between my computer room and the main living area. There are three sections to the window, creating three shelves along the bottoms of the window. The axe and beer are on one side, and then, on the middle shelf there sits a brown cowboy boot and an old-style silver kettle (not lavish) that we could imagine used by cowboys over the campfire.

If you'd like to enlarge this photo of my interior space (taken over a year ago, before finding the axe head), you can see the cowboy hat hanging where it's still today, the boot, horseshoes and cowshoe. The beer is either not there yet, or is behind the boot. The planer on the middle shelf is not there anymore, but it's interesting that Planers were first found in Boii-founded Bohemia. The planer sits in the center of an old-fashioned hand DRILL, and while the cowshoe is beside both, Cowes' use pennants linkable to the Penestae peoples (shown on map above) on the DRILon river.

Note the old item hanging on the center jamb. It's called a draw SHAVE, and Shave's/Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila. How did we get back to that place? English Shave's/Sheaves'/Shaws use bunched arrows (i.e. Rothschild symbol too), and so let's repeat from above: "...L'Aquila (uses an eagle) in their motto, a city seven miles from Picenze. I often feel as though Rothschilds might be from that village (place of my mother's birth), though I've not mentioned this before."

English Shave's are in the colors and format of Dots/Dodds, and the latter are said to have been at Edge (Cheshire, same as Masci liners) while the Edge/Egg eagle can be the one of Ice's/Ecke's/Ecgho's, the latter's being black like the one in the Arms of Rothschild and the Arms of L'Aquila. The latter's eagle is expected to be the Manet eagle because "manet" is a motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila. Manet's look like a branch of Drake-connectable Minute's/Mynetts (Kent, same as Hamon(d)s and Dragons/Drainers) who in turn have the Dragon/Drainer helmets in colors reversed. DRAINers are very traceable to the proto-PenDRAGON Penestae on the DRIN river, the one that was anciently the DRILon. The draw shave is hanging now directly over the HANDLE of the hand DRILL, believe it or not.

These items were all RUSTy, but I made them look nice with a couple of layers of clear varathane. The Rusts/Roosts (Kent) share the red Drake wyvern.

I've just tested God to see if He knew I'd come to the DRAW shave, a phrase I've not known until now. Draw-like Drave's were first found in Hampshire with Drake's having L'Aquila and the Mosca's in their motto. Amazing, is it not? The Drave river flows beside the Shaw-like Sava. Proto-Masci Maezaei were on the Sava. The upper Sava is the location of Bled, suspect with Bles'/Bleds, who love the Tous' having a shirt with buttons. Bidens/Buttons (Hampshire, same as Drake's and Drave's) share the fesse of BUTE's/Boets, and the hand drill is right beside the cowboy BOOT. God must have had a lot of fun doing these things in my life, who would have guessed?

The sheep shears hanging on another jamb of that window-shelf are interesting where Shears/Sheers can be from Seir, home of Eliphas' wife, mother of Amalek. I found those shears in my soil. The Shears/Sheers happen to share the fitchees of Tarves' while the Chives' of Tarves have the Drave quadrants in colors reversed. In the photo, the sheep shears (a pair of shavers, really) are on one jamb, and the DRAW shave is on the neighboring jamb, and Chives' (probably the Mosca leopard) are not only like the Chiava variation of Shave's, but like the Shewas variation of Chives' is like "Sheaves / Shaw," is that not miraculous? Yes, it is.

It's been over 50 years since I was in Picenze, and God is still setting things up in my life to point to things out of there. I often say to self, "who cares"? Or, "who's going to be able to follow this, and who's going to believe that God's in it??" But even when I rebel for a day and do no heraldry, compelling finds start to take place, again.

Amazingly, the small hand planer now sits with the cowshoe on the shelf above the couch, and between them are two CANDles while the CANDavii mountains are shown along the Drilon river. In the photo, there is an old-fashioned planer beside the candles, and, on the other side of the candles is what could be used as a kettle or tea pot, a nice piece when varathaned rusty, a trick I learned from a cowboy-welder in Texas. Keele-like Kyle's use candlesticks, and Keele's may have been L'Aquila liners, you see. Barrs, first found in Ayrshire with Kyle's, share the giant Aquila-surname eagle.

Candida's/Candi's use another black eagle, suspect with the Doria eagle. In fact, the Candida / Doria eagle is in both colors of the Arms-of-Rothschild eagle. Doria's (married Arthurs) are very traceable to Daorsi. On the bottom half, the Doria eagle is the Arms-of-L'Aquila eagle. Doria's were first found in Genova with the Bocci's/Brocato's (ears of wheat = linkable to Shave's/Sheaves') to which God pointed by the man of the house (married Miss Masci) in Picenze where I lived for a couple of months as a child. Ears of wheat are with the bull head in the Crest of Drake-colored Dreux's. The Segni's/Segurana's (Genova) share the eagle of Aquila's, the latter first found Campania with Candida's/Candi's. The Aquila-like Keele's may be sharing the Drave quadrants, you see. The DRAW SHAVE, incredible. I picked it up at a garage sale a few years ago. I think it was the only garage sale I've ever been to around here, in over a decade. It appears that God moved me to stop at that garage sale, just to get this shaver.

More specifically, Aquila's were first found in Benevento, same as Italian Blas'/Biagi's/Biasi's, though I can't be sure whether this surname apples to Bless / Bles/Bled liners. Bill de Blasio is the current mayor of New York who's apparently on board with a globalist plot, and my knee just had a SORE with a BLISTer while Sore's are listed with Soars/SORS'.

There is a French Blas/Bleis surname, shown properly as Blains, that has three bends in the colors of the three chevrons of Bles'/Bleds, and this one was first found in Brittany with the Nerets who share their triple gold bends (on a different background color). It's making a Neretva-liner link to Bleda, Attila's brother, from the house of Dulo, which I think named Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand, and later Dol of Brittany, home of the Alan surname, for Attila had made an alliance with some Alan Huns. The Neretva was also the Naro, and Nero's/Neretti's share blue vair with Bliss'/Bless'.

Attila's father was MUNDzuc, and then Tullia's descendent, MUNDeric, about the same time as Mundzuk, happens to have been the father of Mummolin of Chalons-sur-Marne!!! Bingo, for that place was otherwise the Chatillon that made a partnership with Blois! It thus appears that "Blois" was a variation of "Bleda," out from the Bled location. The Arms of Chatillon (shown later) share the blue vair fur of Bliss'/Bless'/Blests.

This is time to go over the "coincidence" in the "Leak(ey)" Crest, a leg. The fact that Leaks share the Bliss/Bless fleur-de-lys and the engrailed Knee bend cannot ignore the Legro river of Leicester, for Bliss'/Bless' are said to have been first found in Leicester. That is the huge "coincidence," for while Leaks are thus disclosed to be of the namers of the Legro, it was also called the Soar while Soars/Sors', a pointer to George Soros globalism, come up as Sore's while this blister can be viewed as a sore! That's what this sore is all about, take it to the international bankers! That long thunder-tone was God's being very sore at something.

Larry Silverstein Again

As was said, Miss Hicks had a knee event (in my presence), at our church's first-anniversary memorial for 9-11, on the Leakey road, and here my knee sore / blister is linkable to Leaks/Leakeys, who share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks. As was said, Knee's share a Coat format with Bliss'/Bless' (share Hicks fleur-de-lys). Therefore, it seems that this blister with thunder pertains also to 9-11 criminals.

As Ainsley Earhardt has been found to double with Miss Hicks in the 1979 dream with knee event, it's very notable that Italian Blas'/Biago's/Biasi's share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys and the Sforza lion, for the Earhardt fleur comes with what I perceive as the green snake of Sforza's / Visconti's.

I recall the Saturday that I purchased the cowboy boots, for I wore them for the first time the next evening in church. It was as little as days after the 9-11 memorial. I had walked into church that morning without the boots on, when Miss Hicks gave me a hug for the first time, so unexpected because I had offended her at the 9-11 memorial. Her excuse for this hug is that she was the DOOR greeter that morning. And after asking whether I was at the event (a music band for the youth) the previous night, I said I didn't know there was one, and so she said there was another one that night...a good time to get the boots on. Why do I remember this?

The Hugs (Languedoc, same as Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's) share the Blas/Biago and Fountain lion, and the Hugs also have the triple fesses of Fountains; the latter was first found in Norfolk with Biago-like Bags, a possible indication that Bags were from Bleda. Then, in the Bagley write-up: "Bagley-Wood is a hamlet in the hundred of Hormer, in Berkshire." It just so happens that Berkshire is where Boots (show boots) were first found (!), but also House's who share the cross of Shelfs/Selfs. The boot is on a shelf! The Bled-like Blade's have a saltire in the colors of the similar House / Shelf cross. House-like Hose's (legs) were first found in Leicestershire with Bliss'/Bless! That world great. Hugs share the Chief of French Alans.

Ahhhhhh, French House's share the leaf design of Hazels/HESSELs and German Huls' (Westphalia), and Hesse's/HESSELs were at Hesse-Cassel of the Chatti, the line to the Keith Catti and therefore to the Kettle's sitting beside the cowboy boot! It's a silver kettle, and so compare "SILVer" to "Shelf/Self." I almost forgot: German Silvers were first found in Hesse!!! ASTOUNDING. No malarkey.

The kettle is too dull to be chrome, but it just so happens that the giant Silver crescent is shared by chrome-like Krume's. AND WOW, while CROMbys have a cross in House / Shelf/Self-cross colors, Croms were first found in Berkshire with Boots and House's!!! I have been tracing Hazels and Hesse's to a modern Has location (Albania), on the DRILon river not far downstream from a Krume location!!!! What word is there better than astounding? The silver kettle sits in the middle of where the hand DRILL makes a U-shape, at one of the two handles. Nobs have a cross in the colors of the House / Shelf/Self / Cromby cross, and the kettle does have a black knob on the top to remove the lid. This paragraph is impossible without God.

Huls' even share a white ram with Bauds/Bauts and Rams, and while Shields/Shiels (share Leaf/Leve chevron) are in the colors and format of Rams, Shields/Shiels (share dove with Leafs/Leve's) share the motto of the Shaws first found in Berkshire with Boots too! We read: "North Shields and South Shields located on the north bank of the River TYNE and the mouth of the same river date back to 1225-1245..." Tyne's list BOTville's/BOTEville's! Zinger.

Has is at the northern-most part of the Drilon, as close as possible to Rhizon. The Risings, first found in Norfolk with Nobs, almost use the cross under discussion. It's my opinion that Thomas of Saluzzo married a Chives liner from the Cavii at and around Has, and here I'd like to say that the Welsh Thomas' sharing the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors have a branch sharing the Coat of Rhizon-connectable Rice's.

Shelfs/Selfs can be a branch of Selbys, for they share the head of HAZELwoods who in turn use an "aris" motto term looking like a Rhizon-line code. Silvers and Silversteins are also Selby-like Silbers, and Hazels share the Hessel variation of Hesse's while Silvers/Silbers were first found in Hesse. Hazeltons (share Hazelwood Coat with leaves, symbol of Hazels) were formerly said to be first found in Shropshire, but, like what often happens, houseofnames obliterated the Hazeltons of Shropshire, not a very nice thing to do for those who've already bought the product. For ten years or more, Hazels were first said to be first found in Cheshire (beside Shropshire), but Hazels of Cheshire have now been obliterated.

"Saluzzo" is suspect with Sleeps and Swallow-related Sallows/Sallis' of Salop, for Thomas' daughter married FitzAlans of Salop and Arundel while Arundels share the Swallow swallows. In the 1979 dream, the woman was sleeping when I woke her up, and we were RISING as a pointer to the proto-Sleep Selepitanoi on the north side of the Drilon river i.e. at/near Rhizon. While we were rising, we were embraced i.e. hugging. Huggins share vair fur with BRACEbridge's, and Bracebridge's (very linkable to Chatillon of Mummolin, in Champagne) share the vaired Shield of Scottish Champagne's, first found in Leicestershire House-suspect (i.e. Has-connectable) Hose's. Champagne got related to the Avesnes line of Avezzano at mont Velino, explaining why Avezzano's and French Champagne's both have the potent pattern. Picenze had Felice as a patron saint, and Felix's use the potent cross. We saw how the Velino > Avalon line included Nero's/Neretti elements, and so let's repeat that the vaired Nero/Neretti chevron is shared by Huggins.

(For the record: I'm seeing Huggins as a Hicks branch of the Higgins kind in spite of the Hugging write-up suggesting derivation in "Hugh." Miss Hicks lived a long time on the outskirts of Houston, and Huggins have a chevron similar to that of Houstons/Hughestowns, the latter sharing the checks of an Alan-of-Dol>Shropshire liner (i.e. the Stewarts). It makes Houstons suspect in bumping into a Neretva line, especially as Nerets were first found in Dol. Houstons/Hughestowns use an HOURglass, and Hicks use a "heure" motto term. Houstons/Hughestowns are in Bug / Bogen colors, and Books/Boggs use another hourglass. Bugs share the fesse of House-like Howes' (Berkshire), and of the Cords in the Howston motto. HOUStons are like "House." This gets complicated, as there is evidence that Hughs were involved, especially Hugh Lupus. The Howstons share "corda" and the heart with Lockhearts and Cords, and Howstons even share the fleur-de-lys of EarHARDTs in the same form used for a Kilpatrick Chief.)

Nero's/Neretti's were first found in Lucca with Boot-connectable Botters!!! Amazing. The Huggins add three blue lozenges, ditto with Bagleys (had a location in Berkshire, where Boots were first found). As I trace the Ardiaei of the Neretva to Ferte-Mace, it's notable that the father of the first, Massey-suspect Meschin was Mr. BRIQUESsart, for the Bricks share the lozenges of Huggins.

As Bliss'/Bless' share blue vair with Nero's/Neretti's and Huggins -- as do the Bachs/BAGHs looking connectable to Silvers/Silversteins -- it seems that Blas'/Biagi's might be responsible for the formation of Bags. Or, Biagi's were originally Blago's, for Blake's/Caddells use a giant FRET, very linkable to the giant fret of Chatillon-like Cattle's/Cattels. That tends to assure that Blas'/Biagi's were a Bliss/Bless branch. There is a Blago/Blackow surname with Blain-like Blencoe's, recalling the Brittany Blains that came up as Blas'.

Blago's/Blackows share the canton of Darts/DARDs, in colors reversed from the same of Touts, and so the latter is expected from the DARDanian princess, TriTEUTA (version of the Teuta name), who married an Ardiaei king i.e. of the people who were barons of fret-like Ferte(Mace). With Blake's having the fret (includes a central mascle), it can explain why the Black crescent is colors reversed from the Tout crescent. The Black Chief is also the Washington Chief, but then proto-Washingtons Wassa's/Gace's have a version of the Tout canton-with-item while Cantons have the full Washington Coat in colors reversed, tending to assure that Blacks were Ardiaei / Dardanian liners.

As Cantons are also Gantons, it's a good bet that the tribe from king Gentius named Gaunt/Ghent. The Dards/Darts (Devon, same as Monaco-liner Monks and Moons) have one ermined fesse in the colors of the two ermined fesses of Sleeps (from the southern end of Gentius' domain), and the latter's two fesses are in the colors of the two of Cantons/Gantons. This is what the sleeping-and-rising of the 1979 dream pointed to, and the Hicks motto term, "Tout," points to the same, verifying that Miss Hicks was the woman in that dream. It helps in multiple ways to establish that claim where she was also Mrs. Kilpatrick.

Triteuta was the mother of Pinnes, who's in the pine cones of Maschi's, and while Cone's were a Conte branch, French Conte's share the crescents of Blays/Blie's, in colors reversed from the French Pine crescents. English Pine's are in the colors and format of Irish Arthurs. As my mother is a Masci and a Grimaldi, and as Hicks and I were rising embraced, I've got to believe that proto-Masci's were in Rhizon. At age 11, my parents moved to Senator Reesors avenue, and Reesors are a Rice branch. The embrace pointed to Bracebridge, and Bracebridge's (Lincolnshire, same as Reesors) share the crozier with German Rise's. What are the chances? One Crozier surname shares the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne (once called, Chatillon), and Bracebridge's share the Scottish Champagne Shield. The counts of Chatillon uses blue vair, as do Reesors in their patee cross. French Blois' use the patee cross, and the counts of Chatillon had partnered with counts of Blois.

I've added so much material to this update over the days that a quote much later was once near the top of this update. It bears repeating part of that quote here:

The Arms of Chatillon, when they were with Blois, are almost the three pale bars of Knights, first found in Suffolk with English Blois'. Yet the Chatillon pale bars have blue-vair fur, symbol of Bliss'/Bless'. Suffolk is where Clare's were first found who have the Bles/Bled Coat in colors reversed.

Knights are suspect as per the Nith river of Kilpatrick castle, and you know that there were two knee events with Mrs. Kilpatrick while Bliss' came to topic from my knee's blister. The scallops of French Blois' are shared by Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons/Cassane's and French Mars/Mere's, and then Marrys (Norfolk, same as Bags and Irish Tute's/Tuits) have a canton in the colors of the Tout canton. In that embrace, I thought that Miss Hicks and I were slated to MARRY. Weddings use one fesse in the colors of the two Weed/Weedin fesses, and colors reversed from the two of Cantons and Sleeps. Fun fun fun.

As her knee event is about 9-11 criminals, I'm adding here that German Wettins look like they have a 10-bar version of the Selby Coat, and Selbys can be linked to the Silber variation of Silversteins (share blue vair with Bliss'/Bless'). Wettins share the Shield in the Arms of Saxony, and then the Septon variation of the Saxon surname could be from Septimius, the other name of the Severus who is behind the Silverstein-related Saffers/Savarys. French Saffers use five birds like the five swans of the Chaplets in the Saxon/Septon Coat. Wettins use five-and-five bars.

Mereys/DeMere's, I have just found, share the Coat of the Brittany Blas'/Blains, almost the Neret Coat, making the blister on my knee even more connectable to the knee in that dream. Lest you've forgotten, Bliss'/Bless' share the Hicks fleur-de-lys and the Nero/Neretti vair.

Tuttons/Duttons (share Berkshire Coat) and Tattons have the Tute/Tuit quadrants in colors reversed, and Tuttons/Duttons have another fret. Tattons (share Tout crescent) married Massys, another indication that Ardiaei (near the Maezaei) were joined to proto-Masseys.

French Pine's share the three cinquefoils of Hardwicks, and the latter have a "TUTus" motto term. Triteuta's husband, and father of Pinnes, re-married Teuta, who became the defacto mother of boy-king Pinnes. This situation might be in the motto of Hicks (Yorkshire, same as Touts), but an alternative theory is that Touts (share MOON crescent) are from Etuta, a later Dardanian princess (daughter of proto-Moon Monunius II) who married an Ardiaei king, Gentius. I showed earlier why Monunius liners must have named Monaco, home of Grimaldi's sharing the Bag Shield. Mummolin of Chatillon was the grandfather of Grimo. MumMOLIN is expected of the Moline's, from DARTington of Devon i.e. Devon is where Darts/Dards, Moons and Pine's were first found. Grimo was son a Babon, and Babons (Suffolk) share the black boar with Hardwick-branch Hardys.

Hardwicks, while having a version of the Bag Chief, share a version of the Coat of Thomas of Saluzzo, suggesting that the "CAVEndo" motto term Hardwicks is for Luis-of-Ceva elements. The southern extreme of the Ardiaei was far as the Cavii area. The other Welsh Thomas Coat is also the Rice Coat.

Huggins remind that Higgens share the white towers of HICKensons/Higginsons, and then Spanish Blas' have a giant white tower too. Moreover, the tower in the Higgin Crest is black, as is the tower of French Bats (Bug colors), first found in Languedoc with Hugs and Tours. Bag-like Bugs have a bat.

It just so happens that English Bats have a version of the Rust/Roost Coat while Rusticus of Lyon, descended from Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne, where French BAUDs/BAUTs were first found), was grandfather to Munderic, father of Mummolin of CHATillon. This looks to connect with the Botter-Chattan relationship, and it just so happens that Chatans (one 't') share the Auvergne and Tour tower. The Baud/Baut goat is bendwise and in the colors of the Botter bend, and then Bauds/Bauts can be linked to the Bautica river by methods not to be repeated here. I'll show below why the Bautica, near Turin, is important to this discussion.

Botters are very connectable to Cato's/Chattans while Porcius Cato (200 BC) is expected to black-boar Porcia's, and then Boot-like Boths/Booths use the black boar, BUT WOW, just realized in mid sentence that Porci's (not "Porcia") share a bend with a fleur-de-lys on either side of it with Bliss'/Bless', and both Coats have the same-colored fleur-de-lys!!! The cowboy boot, an apt symbol for cowboy George Bush, is pointing to Larry Silverstein.

The boot now sits as an ornament beside the SILVER kettle. See a fat cat yet? Draped over the boot there now sits a black baseball CAP left here by Don Frey, in case that means anything. AMAZINGLY, Italian Botters share the Chatan and Cato/Chattan bend due to being related, for while the Clan Chattan motto includes "bot," Botters (and Nero's/Neretti's) were first found in Lucca while Lucca's share the cat with Clan Chattan. It's just that Kettle's are said to be of the Keith Catti!!! CAN YOU FATHOM THIS? God is playing with my ornaments to make heraldic links!

The kettle now sits in the middle of the hand drill, and the Drilon river was home to the Cavii that I trace to Chives', who named Chivasso on the BAUTica river that became suspect, years ago, with Botters! Can you believe this? I'm stunned. The boot sits on a shelf unit that is essentially a window, and while Finistere of Brittany is like the French / Italian word for "window," the Arms of Finistere shares the upright, white-on-blue ram of French BAUTs, and there is a blue ram head in the Bagley Crest.

FINIStere is near Brest while the Brix/Brest lozenges are colors reversed from the same of Huggins, and the latter share lion paws on blue with Windows. The Window lion paws are in the colors of the FINIS lions. Finis'/Fiens are a branch of Fiens/Fane's/Phone's and therefore of Phoenix's/Fenwicks in the Knee Crest. I now have reason to believe that this window between my office and laundry room was inspired by God.

The interesting thing about the Bagley location in Shropshire, aside from Sleeps being first found there so as to jibe with my sleeping-bag symbol, is that Miss Hicks / Earhardt was asleep when I touched her knee in the 1979 dream. Bagley is in HORDley, a term that can be from Hards in Earhardts/Airharts. As Ear-like Eyers/Airs and Ayers are connectable to Hairs/Hare's/Hehrs (Ayrshire, same as Ayers), by what coincidence do Hairs/Hare's/Hehrs share the Chief-Shield colors of Hords? This gets incredible where the Eyer/Air Crest shares a leg bent at the knee with Leak(ey)s, for, wow, the Eyer/Air Motto share "Virtus sola" with the Bliss/Bless motto!!! "VirTUS" is suspect with the "tous" motto term of Bles'/Bleds. Sola's were first found in Derbyshire with Eyers/Airs and Heyers (share blue wings with German Here's, Herzogs/Hartzogs and Bauers).

It thereby seems that God doubled up on the women in the dream in order to assure that this blister-on-knee event is to be related to the knee events in the 1979 dream and at the Leakey road.

Ahh, Scottish, Hord-like Horts are listed with Hardys, very linkable by their cross to the same-colored saltire of Hardwicks/Hartwicks; the latter even share three cinquefoils (different colors) in Chief with the Bag Chief (English Horts/Hurts have more cinquefoils). But the thing I've not noticed before is that the red wings on the Hort/Hardy bird, and their engrailed blue-on-white cross, is very reflective of the red phoenix of Knee's and their engrailed blue-on-white bend.

The Intended clue in this Knee-Hardy link, I think, is where Horts/Hardys share the black boar with English Bush's/Buschs. As I said, it was not many days after the 9-11 memorial that Miss Hicks gave me a HUG, and HOGs (Durham, beside Yorkshire) happen to share black boars too, as do Boot-like Boths/Booths (Yorkshire, same as Bush's/Buschs). Is that not cool? I wore the boots for the first time on the day she gave me the hug, and because she gave me the hug and the message that came with it. Hogs even have a "gloria" motto term as a pointer to Larry Silverstein! This is new material, suggesting that the hug was needed as a pointer to Silverstein.

Busch-like Busca is beside Saluzzo, and it just so happens that the Chief of Welsh Thomas' (Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors) is shared by Hardwicks/Hartwicks. Alans of Dol (FitzAlans) married the daughter of Thomas of Saluzzo; he was married to Luis of Ceva, a place suspect with the Cavii. Hardwicks/Hartwicks ("tuTUS") happen to have a "CAVEndo" motto term. The Trade/Trotte surname, suspect with a pointer to Silverstein's Trade Towers, share the lone fleur of German Bush's/Buschs, and add a heart in the colors of the heart of Swedish Thors. Thors / Tours are not only a Tower branch, but linkable to Turin, between Chivasso and Ceva. Turins/Thurins (Aberdeenshire, same as Chives') use boar heads. Luis-like Louis' (French) almost have the Bagley Coat, and do have the three Huggin lozenges, while Welsh Louis' were first found in Wales with Thomas'.

Now, here's how I offended Miss Hicks at the 9-11 memorial. I was in the process of trying to discover whether she was the woman in the 1979 dream, starting with a phone call to her (married woman) four days before the memorial. I already had evidence that she was the one. Although she spoke to me for hours that day, I determined not to sit anywhere near her at the memorial, yet I ended up sitting right beside her. After I got up from the seat, Stanley came to sit in my spot, and this was then the third time I had seen him smack shoulder-to-shoulder with her. So, after he got up to go to the stage, I walked up behind the seated Miss Hicks, lowered by head to her ear, and half-accused: "is that your buddy"? She knew what I meant, for she responded, "he's just a friend."

The reason I'm repeating this is that Buddys are listed with English Botters while Italian Botters can be linked to Bute's and Boots, is that not wild? Buddys/Botters were first found in Hampshire with Bidens/Buttons, and Tous' have a "man" said to be wearing a shirt with buttons.

The SILVER kettle (not a spot of rust, it must be silver, it looks like silver) is not in the photo yet, but it can point to Larry SILVERstein even where the Kettle Coat is linkable to the Fowler Coat, for I was able to link Mr. Silverstein to Fowler liners a couple/few updates ago. Plus, German Silvers, by some grand coincidence, were first found in Hessen (Hesse) while Kettle's were from Hesse-Cassel! Amazing. I now really wish the silver kettle was in the photo. Kettle's were a branch of Keith Catti from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, where the first Rothschild got his start as a banker.

My old camera won't load photo's onto my computer anymore (software / computer out of date or something), otherwise I'd take an up-to-date photo for you of this shelf unit. I don't use a cell phone.

Repeat from above: "The other half of the German Cassel Coat has the triple Clare chevrons, a Coat colors reversed from the same of Bles'/Bleds." The Bliss'/Bless', which became a topic with the blister on my knee cap, share the blue vair fur of Silvers/Silversteins...while German Silvers were first found in Hesse with the Rasmussens sharing a unicorn on red with Saffers (almost a replica of Silver/Silverstein Coat). Saffers are the ones with the "gloriosa" motto term while Glorys/Lowrys are a branch of Larrys/Lowrys. Hence, Larry Silverstein, who bought the Trade towers weeks before the 9-11 crime feigned planes crashing into them. I kid you not, the silver kettle now sits where you see the small PLANer upon the center shelf.

The six-leafed branch in the Saffer Crest is in the Shield of Scottish Cree's/Creights, what a Cretincidence. There is likely a wreath in the Cree/Creight Crest.

Fowlers are said to be from Foghlers, and Fuggers are said wrongly to derive in "sheep shears," quite a coincidence where I found sheep shears in my soil. How can it be a coincidence that while Fuggers have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Tarves' (axe, maybe held by the Wreath/Creight lion), the latter share the fitchees of Shears/Sheers? Fuggers are linkable to Nordic Hansons while German Hansons (probably the Sforza lion) are connectable to Visconti's in three ways (Lombard Coat, green snake, Sforza lion). English Hansons/Handsons share mascles with Sforza-related Quince's, and may have the lions of Wreath-like Wrath's/Rothes' (Kent, same as Foggs).

The silver kettle is now beside the cowboy boot. While Boots / Bute's/BOETs are expected from Boiotians/Boeotians, Kettle's, first found in Perthshire with Rinds, have a "MALum" motto term thus suspect with the Mallets sharing the Rind scallops. Kettle's (Mallet colors) are amazing because they add a "Bono" motto term while Bono's (compare with Odins) were first found in Milan with AUTo-line Ottone VISconti. The "HAUT" motto term of Mallets, you see, along with their Sforza-like "force" motto term, trace to Sforza-related Visconti's. "SFORza" look like "Saffer," and Saffers use "AUT" twice in their motto. It can explain why Kettle's have a lion in Sforza-lion colors, and why "maLUM" can be for Lums/Lambs (Kettle cinquefoils in colors reversed) and Lums/LOMBs, for Milan is in LOMBardy.

Hmm, Bardys, who may have formed LomBARDS, were first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' while Hansons/Handsons share the FAUX/Fawks' mascle. The Vallibus variation of Faux's and Vaux's (East Lothian, same as Faucets and Seatons/Sittens) assures that this is the Whalley mascle too. Saer de Quincy is in the FAUCet write-up, and thus it does appear that Hansons/Handsons share the Quince mascles. Foggs are suspect with the MEDley / Methley stars while BARDleys/Bardseys (probably the Washington fesses) were at MEDlock (Lancashire). Medlocks/Martlocks are in Bardy colors and format. The Motleys of Medlicott look like they share the Odin / Bono lion. Bardleys/Bardseys share the double fesses of Dentons below.

So, the silver kettle is right-on-topic, yet now shifting things to the Otto line suspect, as per this update, from the ODOmanti of mythical Sithon, he being code for the Edones branch of Sithones, a fellow branch of Megiddo-like MygDONES. Note MacEDONia. Lums/Lambs share the crozier with Odins, and even have a "sine" motto term that goes to Sion/Sitten of the Sithones. Lums/Lambs ("non sine" phrase) share cinquefoils (different colors) with Sedans ("None sino sed" phrase). As I said, Sedans are highly suspect with Sedbergh of Dents, in Dentdale, and Lums/Lambs are said to have been "Lords of the manor of West Denton." Dentons (Northumberland, same as Rodhams/Roddens) share the black cinquefoil with Sedans, but in both colors of the Rodham/Rodden cinquefoils.

The FETTERlock of Lockhearts is used by one of two Moray Coats, though the only Moray Coat now showing is also the Handell Coat. The fetterlock Morays used a "Deum time" motto in honor of Timna-line Edomites. The Moray Coat now showing have a "Tout pret" motto, and Prets/Prettys have the MedLOCK/Martlock/Matlock Coat if we disregard the Pret/Pretty lion, which is also the Silver/Silverstein lion. The Pret/Pretty stars are also those of Scottish Pike's/Pickens while English Pike's share the split Shield of Tooth-related Bumps.

Let's repeat here that Imes-like Ines' were first found in Moray while Handells, sharing the Moray Coat, have the "FEST IM" motto phrase as well as the Coat of Scottish Ines' in colors reversed. So, the Moray-beloved Touts look like a branch of Tooths, first found in the same place as Imes'/Ims. The "Fest" motto term seems to have the Purpose of assuring that God gave me the fistula bump.

The Arms of Rothschild use fetter-like feathers. It just so happens that the Feathers share the feathers of Tout-like Tooths while I believe God paired Tooths with Bumps/BumPUSS' due to the FISTula bump on the gum of my bad molar. Fists/Fausts can be a branch of Fasts sharing the Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants, though they are also the quadrants of Pretty-like Pettys. The job of a fistula bump is to issue pus, i.e. same as the blister on my knee. Woe, knowing that Tooths were first found in London, I scrolled back to find which surname I had seen (last evening) likewise first found in London, but gave up...until reloading Imes'/Im to find that it was they. The Imes'/Ims are is a "FEST im" motto phrase, suggesting now that my rotten tooth was a pointer to Rothschilds, I totally understand.

My MOLAR had become ROTTEN, and Jewish Rotens share the Zionist star of Molers. I had noted that Mollers are listed with German and Jewish Muellers/Millers.

Recall that at the outset of the mention of Bliss'/Bless', they linked to Rothschilds. I can do it again starting with Blaze's/Blazers who share the Black saltire, recalling how Blake's/Caddells are linkable to Chatillon. Blaze's/Blazers even have a version of the Rust/Roost saltire with four items surrounding it. Blaze's/Blazers have a version of the Kilpatrick Coat, and are said to have been at a Blay location while Bles'/Bleds are also Bleys. There are multiple Blay surnames, and the French branch, the Blays/Blais', first found in Languedoc, share the sinister-rising Smoke/Rauch bend, in the colors of the same of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild"). The great thing is, the Blay/Blais Coat is almost the Smoke/Rauch Coat except that Blays add a single rose on their the colors of the three roses on the Rothchild bend.

I See Caiaphas on My Knee Cap

There was no more thunder after the two unusual ones around 2 am. The one at 2 am was outside my open window, though it seemed far away yet very loud. It sounded as though God was very upset / retributionary. I went to bed at 4 am, then got up and added much to the above. I added more the following day too.

I neglected to load Caps until now as per the blister on my knee cap. Reminder, I was having a bad-dream-like state, just before the first thunder went off, with the blister on my mind, and wondering whether there was a Blister surname. It turns out that Caps/Capes', suspect from "Caiaphas," were first found in London with Tooths and Imes'/Ims. The latter share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks who in turn have a "Tout" motto term.

In the photo of my living space, there are non-visible double doors around the corner from the couch. In those doors are the laundry machines so that the space outside of the window-shelf acts as the laundry room. That's why I loaded Landrys to see that French Landrys were first found in LORRAINE, more specifically at Barrois in the duchy of Bar. This surname was first mentioned (as Landres') in the 3rd update of March, 2015, while on the topic of my girlfriend, Lorraine, and my meeting here for a first date an the LAUNDRomat. But I totally forgot about this surname for years until re-loading Landrys recently. It's amazing, for Lorraine also pointed to Bar-le-Duc in the duchy of Bar.

Caiaphas' first name, Joseph, was used by Flavius Josephus (Jew of the priestly line of Israel), and he is the line to both Joseph surnames at French Josephs use the footless martlet of Flys in colors reversed, and Flys are said to have been at a Flavius location. But the Fly Coat is like the Coat of French Landrys too, and the latter use the Joseph martlet in the same colors. The Pullys/Pullens use them too, and they with Sabines are from Vespasia Polla, mother of emperor Flavius Vespasian. The latter, while a Roman general, attacked Israel's north at Galilee, and Josephus was then the Israeli general defending from Vespasian's attack.

According to his own words, Josephus committed all his army, women and children, to commit suicide rather than allow Vespasian's soldiers to kill them. But after Josephus gave the poison to the second-last man, he decided not to take it himself, but instead made a deal with Vespasian, and thus adopted his name, "Flavius." It stands to reason that Josephus was only one of several priestly cast that went over to Italy by some money payment or another, and so it's Caiaphas-interesting that English Josephs can be gleaned as kin of CAPlins and Chaplains.

Endings of English Landrys makes them look like a Land-Drey merger, for Dreys use ducks while Lorraine's pant stain pointed to Pansys/Pantzers, first found in Westphalia with Ducks. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc happens to use a pansy. Note that Dreys use five ducks, suspect with Quints, for the latter, likely from Quintus CAEPio, share the chevron of Levens (elephants) while the laundromat at which I met Lorraine was at the corner of LEVENdale and Yonge street. Yonge's share the piles of Leavells. The Westphalia Ducks look like they can be kin of Cavetts, and while the Cevetta river is at Ceva, home of Luis, Louis' were first found in Lorraine.

Drake's suggest that they come from the feature of a sheldrake duck, but that's incorrect. Instead, there's a Sheldrake surname that uses sheldrake ducks, and as it has the same bend as Bidens/Buttons (same place as Drake's), it tends to speak for itself on a Shell-line merger with Drake's, especially as Shells (Sheldrake fesse in colors reversed) were first found in Westphalia with Ducks. So, Landrys look like a Land/Landen/Lander merger with Drake liners, and while the red Drake wyvern was used by Piast dukes of Masovia (Poland), it's probably no coincidence that Polish Mieszko II (I think he was a duke of Masovia) married Richeza of Lorraine, explaining why Lorraine's use the Piast eagle. Rich's/Richess', said to be from Lorraine, even use bottony crosses as code for Buttons.

[The day after writing here, Boyers were loaded to find a blue-vaired bend, shared by Bliss'/Bless'. It just so happens that I trace Richs/Richess' and Ricks to Rijeka (Croatia), due south of Bled. Boyers use a "richesse" motto term.]

German Dragons have a wyvern dragon too, and so Landreys are likely from the Drilon river of the Cavii, for Lands/Landens/Landers share the six pale bars of LANGleys, and I trace Langs to Lyncestis liners (Macedonia) who merged with the Penestae on the Drilon, where we see a LYNX in the Crest of Pennys/Penes' (share black greyhound with Cave's). Lyncestis is right beside the Boius region. CowBOY boots. Cows are listed with Coughs sharing the Sale/Sallett Coat, and I trace the latter to the Salto river up by duck-liner mont Velino. Cowes'/Coo's happen to use Penny-like "pennants." LINKletters (branch of Lettermans) use ducks, and Scottish/English Langs use letters. With the Cavii, we are back to Chives / Ceva / Cavett liners, not forgetting that Ducks almost have the four fesses of Cavetts (PICardy, could be a Picenze liner). The duck-using Velins and Velens of Westphalia are of the namers of mont Velino in the land of the snake-loving Marsi, and so the snake of Shells make's them suspect as a Salto-river variation. Drake's love L'Aquila some 15-20 miles from mont Velino.

This gets interesting where Shalls/SCHALLs, a possible Scalia branch, almost use the Table/Tapley Coat (both share hurts with Irish Arthurs), recalling king Arthur's round-table symbol, for Velino liners named mythical Avalon, where the myth writer had the death of mythical king Arthur (he did not exist). I can thus glean that the Wight/White ("death") Coat, a near-copy of the Silverstein Coat, is a version of the Irish Arthur Coat, for the myth that had Arthur dead on Avalon was, "Le Morte d'Arthur," code for the fact that Morte's/MOTTs share the crescent of Deaths/Darths in the Wight/White motto. Nichols de Vere von Drakenberg claimed that his Vere family's mythical Melusine had been on Avalon as a witch cult, but he then had her son as the count of Angers/Anjou, and thus ANGitia, the Marsi snake goddess, becomes suspect with the namers of Angers/Anjou, and with Melusine the snake-tailed woman.

[Insert -- By the way, for my records, the Dead/Daubeny surname, new to me, is listed with a branch of Albins/Aubins, but then due to Albini's being first found in Modena, note the Mottin variation of Morte's/Motts. Plus, the Windham location of Daubenys looks very linkable, by way of the WINDhams, to the Window-Finistere-Finis connection I make, and Fiens/Finis' are a branch of Fiens/Fane's expected with Modena's Fanano location. DREWitts are in the Windham motto with Aubons while Drews/Dreux's named Eure, where Aubins/Albins are said to have lived. Aubins/Albins share the fitchee of Mea's in the motto of Molins, and the latter appear in the Dead write-up as apparent heirs of Daubenys. I see Mea's from the Meu river passing through/by a Mott area in Cotes-du-Nord (Brittany, same as Finistere). Arthurs are in this picture somehow where I'm quite sure that Windows were Windsor kin while myth made king Arthur's father related to Windsors. I have claimed that king Arthur's wife was, in essence, the Fane/Van bloodline through Vannes.

The oak shelf in my living room was once someone's fireplace mantle, and Mantle's/Mantells, first found in Buckinghamshire, location of Buckingham Palace of the Windsors, share the white stag head (could be a buck) in Crest with the Windsor Crest. Then, maybe you can see that the two logs on the living-room shelf are sunk (cemented) into two steel rings . You have just got to be amazed here because the history of Windsors from Uther-like Others/Otters had no idea I would have rings found in the dirt but now on my the mantle bought used for fifty bucks. Did God cause me to find the ad for that thing? I wanted it as soon as I saw the ad because I don't like a big picture over the couch. It just so happens that English Rings/Wrings are in Pendragon colors and format, and Irish Rings/Cranns (Tute crescent?) use a white-crescent version of the OTHER/Otter bend-with-crescents. UTHER Pendragon was invented as king Arthur's father.

I'm seeing the OdoMANTi in this Otter link to MANTells. In fact, the Other/Otter crescents are colors reversed from those of Seatons/Sittens (DRAGON), they being from the Odomantes-related Sithones!!! Wow, just fell on that. Mythical Sithon was a king of the ODOmanti, and husband of MENDeis.

MANDys/Mondays have an engrailed cross in colors reversed from the same of Mantells, but the Mandy cross is also colors reversed from the same of Rhodes'. Manders are from the Maeander river of Caria, and I think that Crann-like Ceraunii were Carians (lived on Rhodes). Manders and Crann-like Grounds/Grundys can be gleaned as Rhodes kin, and Rhodes' share an engrailed cross with Mantells. The latter's is the engrailed Sinclair cross, and the latter had been Claro's from Clarus of the Caria area.

Claro's are also Charo's, and as they use the bull, it's interesting that I dug up the cow/bullshoe from the dirt too, which now sits on the mantle beside the two CANDles. The Pendragons are from the Penestae Illyrians, smack beside the CANDavii mountains! Candle's are also KENTwells, and Kent, which uses a horse symbol, was named by the Cantii that I suspect from a people group naming the mythical CENTaurs. They had as father Ixion, brother of Ceraunii-line Coronis! Along with the cow/bullshoe, I dug up two horseshoes. The proto-Danaans were on Rhodes, and when they lived in Argos, they had a cow goddess!

If Ixion's real-world meaning was of the namers of the Axius, note that my axe head is beside a horseshoe.

Later in this update, you will be amazed at what the hollow logs lead to. Yes, the two on the mantle are hollow, and Hollows are a branch of Hollys, first found in Norfolk with same-colored Rings/Wrings. The latter look like a branch of Warings, of the Huntingdon Warenne's (see checks of "Warren"), we can assume, for Others/Otters were first found in Huntingdonshire. It begs whether Mantle's/Mantells share the Hollins cross (not engrailed, but otherwise identical). In this pendragon picture, the Hollin cross can be very close to the same Arrow/Arras cross. The name of Ada of Warenne (married Mr. Huntingdon) may have been from an Oda. Waring-branch Wears/Were's were on the Axe river at the MENDip hills. Warings look like kin of Bliss'/Bless'.

In the Waring Crest there is a red dragon connectable, with Warren liners, to the red Drake dragon, and while Drake's love something in L'Aquila, the mill rind in the Waring Crest has an unusual square (it's hollow) at the center rather than the typical mascle (hollow diamond). The mill rind with square is used by Felix's, and Felice is the patron saint of Picenze, a few miles from L'Aquila. Patron saints were, in my opinion, often invented to secretly reflect important surnames of a places. Hollys were first found in Norfolk with Felix-like Flecks/Flags, connectable to the Flys of Flagi in the translation of the Drake motto. That is, the Mosca's in the "muscas" motto term of Drake's (same place as Flys) is translated, "fly," thus honoring two kin with one motto term. Mosca's were first found in Pisa, near the first known Italian Fulks, and Flecks/Flags (share Meschin scallops) were first found in the same place as the similar Fulke's.

The Felice square might actually be the square Roslin buckle, for the Sinclairs of that place share the engrailed Mantel cross, and while Hollins (in Bosley) have a cross in the same colors, they share a silver bull head with Buckleys (Cheshire, same as Hollins). Cheshire is also where Bosleys (version of Bush Coat) were first found who have fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the same of Pendragons. Buckleys share the Pendragon / Ring/Wring chevron. MANtels can be a merger of Manner-branch Mens'/Mame's with Roslin's Sinclairs, for Mens'/Mame's were first found in/beside Roslin. Scottish Mantel-like Mandels/Mansels are a Mansfield branch.

This insert starting with my mantle had no intention of involving Manets, and so just look at the very next topic as this insert comes to an end. Penestae lived at Uscana, and the Italian Oscans could have been in L'Aquila. End insert]

Table's/Tapleys share the Sheldrake fesse. So, with SHELdrake-related Drake's (first found on/near isle of Wight) loving something in L'Aquila, near Velino, note the "ImMOTA manet" motto in the Arms of L'Aquila, almost the Mott variation of Morte's. The black eagle in the Wight/White Crest (also used by Scottish Wights/White's) thus becomes suspect as the L'Aquila / Manet eagle. The Table write-up has the titles of a Tapley family going to Masseys (share Vere quadrants), and Masseys/Maceys named Ferte-Mace where the Vardys were barons who were from the proto-Arthur Vardaei (= the Ardiaei) on the Neretva river, explaining why the Nero/Neretti chevron is with Wights/White's. The Silverstein-related Saffers/Savarys were from the husband (Mr. AVITus) of Julia MAESA Bassianus, and thus likely from her too. Saviours/Severs share the annulet of VITo's in the Saffer/Savary motto.

The interesting thing here is that the COWboy boot could point to Botters/Budins/Buddys and Bidens/Buttons, because they were both first found in Hampshire while COWes is a location on the isle of Wight, off of Hampshire. Both English Wight/White Coats use blue vair, but one of them (with a "Loyal" motto term) has a near-copy of the Silverstein Coat, and sharing the vaired chevron of Nero's/Neretti's. THAT IS interesting since the kettle is a definite Silverstein pointer.

In the Table/Tapley write-up: "One of the first records of the family was Adam de Tabley, Lord of Cheadle (1270-1306), son of Roger d'Eiville..." Cheadle's/Chee's (Cheshire) share the Table/Tapley fesse, and as they are also Cheatle's, I've suggested in the past that they are from the Chatti > Keith line, and so, if correct, this goes to the silver kettle again. Compare "Kettle" to "Cheatle." Hesse overlaps Rhineland, and while Table's/Tapleys have almost the Shall/Schall Coat, the latter surname was first found in Rhineland.

Cheatle's may otherwise be, more in particular, a Chatillon > Cattle/Cattel branch, but then compare "Cattel" to "Cassel," for the latter was named by Chatti. t German Cassels share the castle, in Chatan colors, with Cato's/Chattans. Reminder: Cato's/Chattans were kin of Butteri-like Botters, and Butteri were cowboys, suggesting my Botter-like cowboy boot, standing beside the silver kettle. The bend of Cato's/Chattans is shared by Belgian George's who in turn add in the Dagger Coat, I'm assuming, because Daggers are from the Dexaroi on the Apsus river down-river from Boius, and English George's, who share a blue fesse with Table-like Tapps'/Tabbs (Dorset, same as George's) are from Boii-line Bohemia. Boys use bees, and Tapps'/Tabbs share the fitchees of bee-using Maxtons (Roxburghshire, beside Boys), and Peacocks, a sept of Pollocks who are in turn a sept of Maxwells of Maxton, share the Tapps'/Tabb motto, which includes, "Be" and "fear." Fiers/Fears are from the Apsus river, and they share the moline of Vardys while Bardys, first found in Perigord with Faux's/CHALNES", share the Dagger Coat. "Chalnes" is like Chalons = Chatillon.

Oh wow, the Shalls/Schalls suddenly look like a variation from "CHALons." Earlier, I had loaded Shallows as per Mr. Schallo in the Shall/Schall write-up, and there was a giant whale in the Shallow Coat that I knew not what to do with, even after loading Whale's and seeing that they share the Whalley canton, and the Keep fesse. But since then, I've recalled the story told recently of Keep-like Mr. Kepke and I intercepting my girlfriend and her new boyfriend at the restaurant where they had their first date. We got there before the couple, and when they walked in, I got up from the TABLE to go surprise her. Kepke saw i wasn't too pleased, and tried to calm me down by saying, "BE nonCHALANT." The Chalants, listed with Chalons', have the Whale / Keep bend in colors reversed, and the girlfriend was Miss Whelan! I kid you not. So, that event may have been set up (by God) partly to inform that Shalls/Schalls and Shallows/Shelleys are Chalons liners.

Recalling that Shalls came off of the Shell / Shelf discussion, it just so happens that Shallows are also Shalvys. And as Shalvys are like "Calvin," let me add another surprise. There is only one way for Kepke to have discovered where Miss Whelan was dating her new man, for Kepke lived beside Calvin Young, and the latter's son was dating Miss Whelan's sister. So, the sister told Young, and Young told Kepke. Young took me to his girlfriend's home, where I met the sister. She lived on the corner of Reesors drive mentioned earlier.

OH WOW! The other Chalants/Chalons (Welsh) were just loaded to find a sea-wolf in Crest, which recalled the Shelf/Self write-up: "The given name Saulf was composed of the elements sæ and wulf, which mean sea and wolf." !!! I reject the derivation of Selfs in "sea-wolf," which may have developed where wolf heads are used by Shelf-like Chalvins (listed with Chauvins), like the Chalin variation of Chalants/Chalons. Chalant-like Clements were first found in Powys with Welsh Chalants/Chalons.

Watch what developed here after only the first two following sentences were birthed in my mind. The only music group I recall Miss Whelan liking was the BEE Gees. "BE nonchalant." The Gees' happen to use a goose while Goose's/Gooch's were first found in Roxburghshire with bee-using Maxtons and Mole's (share Goose/Gooch boar head)...and Youngs. But then, AMAZINGLY, the Mole / Goose boar head is shared by Schims/Schiens, first found in Aberdeenshire with their Skene/Skin branch sharing the wolf heads of Chalvins/Chauvins!!! That's impossible.

Chauvin-like Chaffens have this write-up: "The surname Chaffen was first found in Dorset where branches of the family were found in CHETTLE and Folke." Kettle-like Chettle's are listed with Cheatle's traceable to Chatillon = Chalons!!! George's are from George, father of the first Drummond, and German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Gees'. Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Kettle's. Hamburg is also where German Bugs were first found who share the Coat of Cassel-like Dutch Castels. English Bugs are now said to have be first found in Dorset with George's. Drummonds use a "Gang" motto term, and Gangs/Geggs share the cinquefoils of Buckets/Bouchets expected in the "water BOUGETs" of Bugs and the Drummond-related Scottish Rose's. English Buckets share holly with Maxwells.

George married a woman from Boii-land Bohemia, and Boii were at BONonia while there was/is a Skull and Bones cult. Bone's share the Botter / Chattan bend. Skulls (version of Bone Coat) are like "Schall." Maxwells ("holly BUSH") and Maxtons are suddenly becoming suspect from George's unknown wife. George Bush married Laura, and while it's the Larrys/Laurie's who use a motto term like the infamous "pull it" phrase of Larry Silverstein, Pullys/Pullens have the same bend again as Bone's. Spanish Castels share the white tower of Pellicans in the Pully/Pullen Crest, and Pellicans were first found in Maine with the Josephs sharing the Pully/Pullen martlet.

Chatans have a white tower on the same bend as Pullys/Pullens, in the colors of the NarBONNE/NORDi tower. Towers can be a pointer to Silverstein's Trade towers, and it just so happens that Nordi-like Norths, who share the lion of Narbonne's/Nordi's, were first found in Sussex with Bone's and even share the fleur-de-lys of Trade's and Bush's!!! That looks like a story written on a SKELton to me.

I almost missed the following after writing the above: Kettle's share the Narbonne/Nordi and North lion, and the Kettle motto has a "Bono" motto term!!! INCREDIBLE, for the silver kettle points to Larry Silverstein! You can't fight the inevitable. Those cursed people are in deep trouble.

OOOO WOOW-WEE. The Kettle Coat shares the Fowler lion, and while Henry Fowler was father to emperor Otto I, he's expected in the AUTO/Otto surname, and Narbonne is in AUDE!!! I get it. Bono's were first found in Milan with Ottone Visconti, and Ottone's are also Otto's!!! ZINGER. This is the picture in the 1979 dream suspect on Jeffrey Epstein's island! The Kettle / Fowler lion is also that of Voirs/Voyers (suspect with BOYers), who not only have a "Vis" motto term, but have "vincit" much like the share "vince" motto term of Kettle's.

Kepke was born Lawrence, and Lawrence's/Laurence's, in the Larry/Laurie write-up, were at RedMAINE. Maine is also where French Lance's were first found, and there is a lance in the Crest of tower-using Scarborough's. As I said recently and many times before, the nonchalant event was in a restaurant at the SCARborough Town Center, where Kepke happened to work. I say that the first George Bush was born George Herbert Scherff Jr., and Scherfs are listed with Scar-like Schare's/Schere. Coincidence? The latter share the crosslet, roughly, of Shears/Shere's, and we saw the sheep shears hanging at my shelf unit.

Sheep, by the way, share the bend of Skulls (Herefordshire, same as Sheep). Herefordshire's Jays have the same bend. Upon their same-colored bends, both Jays and Jewish Rothchilds put three red-on-white roses in the colors of the giant Lance rose, and Scherfs/Schare's/Schere's have red-on-white roses too. As Scottish Rose's (are also Ras', note that German Rasmussens (share sinister-rising bend with Jewish Rothchilds) have a unicorn in the colors of the Jewish Rothchild horse (faces sinister). Scherf-like Schaffers, and Schnapper-like Schappers, use the sheep. Schnappers were proto-Rothschilds.

Gees' are listed with Gas' and Cassel-like Gastels, hmmm. And the split colors of German Cassels are shared by Tarves' while Chauve-like Chives'/Shevas' were first found in Tarves (share black fitchees with Scottish Cassels), in Aberdeenshire, where SCHIMS/Schiens and Skene's/Skins were first found who I see in the scimiTAR (i.e. like "Tarves"). Chives' use a "non" motto term. "Be NONchalant." Miss Whelan lived on Henry Corson Place, and Corsons use a scimitar!

I didn't name her. I didn't tell her where to live? I didn't introduce Bee Gees to her. I didn't give the Gees/Gastel surname a goose. I didn't make the Goose surname share the Schim boar. I didn't give Corsons a scimitar. It wasn't me who arranged these and hundreds of other similar things from simple events and dreams in my life. Someone's been arranging events in my life for some grand ending, wait for it.

As we just crossed Maxwells, note Gees-like GHISlaine, the rare first name of Miss Maxwell now in prison and in the news. Could it be that Maxwell and Epstein are Skull-and-Bones fiends? Epsteins share triple red chevrons with German Cassels...and Cassane's/Cassandra's.

Castel-like Cass'/Casts share "fountains" with WATERFORDs/WaterVILLE's, and French Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's were first found in Languedoc with FOUNTain-related Hugs. Then, Huggins share the lozenges of Whelans, amazing where Whelans were first found in Waterford. But there's more, for the Scottish Kennedys who share parts of the Scottish Cassel Coat have a "la fin" motto phrase while Lafins/La FONTS were first found in Tipperary with Irish Kennedys. What real-world mysteries could be involved here? They say that the first Bush (when working for the CIA secretly) assassinated John F. Kennedy, and much of the political history of the United States was formed by the Bush circle thereafter. How dare did those fiends crumble those huge towers without warning to the people? What a gross crime. But Trump, that fraud, won't admit this, let alone punish it, even though he has seen with his own eyes that no plane landed at Pennsylvania or at the Pentagon.

Chives' use "VirTUTE non," and Irish Tute's/Tuits share the Coat exactly of German Castels! English Castels (Sussex, same as Bone's sharing the same bend!) use a form of the Chatan and Cato/Chattan Coats. Oh, and wow, there happens to be a bee on the banner in the Crest of English Castels. "BE nonchalant." Bone's and Banners are both traceable to Bohemians. Kepke and I worked with Calvin's son for Calvin's FURNiture store, and so while "Calvin" is like "Chauvin," it's interesting that FURNess' share the black dog with Chaffens.

Maxtons came to mind with Tapps'/Tabbs, first found in Dorset with Chauve-like Chaffs/Chaffee's (Caiaphas suspects) in Chauve/Chalvin/Chauvin colors. The Chief of Chaffs/Chafee's shares the Whelan lozenges, more impossible. The Chaff/Chafee Crest is a peacock, and Peacocks share the Tapps'/Tabb motto in full, which includes, "Be." Reminder, Tapleys/Table's essentially have the Shall/Schall Coat, and Shallows led to Miss Whelan in the first place.

Tapps/Tabbs (same place as George's) share the blue fesse with George's, and the latter have blue doves that, in colors reversed, are the doves of Shields/Shiels (Berwickshire, same as bee-using Boys/Bie's), in Boy/Bie colors.

I'd like to return to "NONchalant," for while Kepke and Miss Whelan both lived on Henry Corson Place, Corsons/Carsons have the Whelan lozenges in colors reversed, and throw in the same crescent as German Silvers and NONs/NOMs/Nevins. These Silvers were first found at Hesse, land of the Kettle-related Chatti, and we saw how "NonCHALANT" pointed to Chatillon, this coming in the same update as the Chatillon-related Bliss/Bless surname that made the topic with the blister-on-knee event. Could there be a well-Orchestrated story here? By what coincidence do Corsons/Carsons use a "Ne m'ouBLIEZ" motto??? Isn't that startling? Shouldn't it be unsettling for God's enemies? Why do Hessens share the Whelan lozenges?

The Corson/Carson motto can be code for both Knee's/Nee's and Neems/Name's. Doesn't "Nom" mean "name"? It just so happens that while Knee's share the NEEDham Coat, Needs are listed with another Neem/Name surname. The "SPERanDUM" motto term of Nons/Noms is like the "Dum spiro spero" of Masons/Massins having a lion in the colors of the lion heads of Neems/Name's.

Nons/Noms have a Coat not-badly reflecting the Kettle Coat. Nons/Noms were first found in Ayrshire with the Kennedys in turn sharing a version of the Scottish Cassel Coat. Kettle's are from the Chatti namers of Cassel. The Kennedy / Cassel motto has Vise-like "Avise," suggesting that the "ViVIS" of Nons/Noms applies. Vise's/Vice's share the Knee stag head. "Vivis" can be partly for a branch of Veys/Vivians, (Cornwall, same as Tippers that probably named the Tipperary of Irish Kennedys), traceable to BOOT-using Dutch Veys. Tippers share the dolphin with Scottish Kennedys and Kenndeys/Kendels.

German Kenndeys (Rhineland) are listed with Hausens/Hausers, recalling the Shelfs/Selfs sharing the House/Houser cross. German Kenndeys share scythes with German Here's while English Here's/Heyers were first found in Derbyshire with Shelfs/Selfs.

As there happens to be a SCIMitar in the Corson/Carson Crest, let's repeat a piece having the Schims:

The only music group I recall Miss Whelan liking was the BEE Gees. "BE nonchalant." The Gees' happen to use a goose while Goose's/Gooch's were first found in Roxburghshire with bee-using Maxtons and Mole's (share Goose/Gooch boar head)...and Youngs. But then, AMAZINGLY, the Mole / Goose boar head is shared by Schims/Schiens, first found in Aberdeenshire with their Skene/Skin branch sharing the wolf heads of Chalvins/Chauvins!!! That's impossible.

I neglected to mention that the Skene wolf heads are at the tips of three white-on-red swords in pale, reflecting the Arms of the counts of Chatillon with three blue-vaired fur on red. Or, the Skene swords are in colors reversed from the three pale bars of Knights, first found in the same place as Blois'. Then, the Shoe's use a "knight ISSuing from the KNEES," while the nonchalant event was in a restaurant at the Scarborough Town Center, where Kepke and I both sold shoes. He may have been selling shoes there at that time. Of course, neither Kepke nor I arranged her date at that mall, some ten miles from her home. Who did arrange it, do you think?

It bears repeating here that while Whelans were first found in Waterford with Currys/Corrys and Correns, they look linkable to Corsons. Does that appear Arranged? What for? Waterfords (fountains) are also Waterville's, as are the Waters sharing the Eppstein Coat, and then GHISlaine Maxwell (Jeffrey Epstein's right-hand "madam") looks like she can fit in with "Gees." Guise's/Gyss' happen to have blue vair in the style used for it by Reesors. Miss Whelan lived at the corner of Senator Reesors and Henry Corson (Markham, Ontario).

Miss Whelan's sister was dating RICK Young when he took me to her place, causing me to meet and date Miss Whelan. Ricks are amazing here for having the Craven Coat in colors reversed. CRAVens are from the KRVati = Croatians, and Rick-like Rika, more commonly, Rijeka, is in Croatia. I've been tracing the black, double-headed Maxwell eagle to the one in the Arms of Rijeka. The latter's eagle stands on an island or rock, pouring out water from a container. A heraldic "water bouget" is defined as a water container, or bucket, and should be part-code for Waters/Waterville's. Rick-like Rich's/RICHESS' are said to have been in Lorraine, and so RICHEZa of Lorraine looks related to "Rijeka."

It just so happens that Ricks share the Dalton fesse while Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a teacher of a Dalton school while Bill Barr's father was the principal. Bill Barr was the attorney general for the first president Trump, making Barr a possible swamp creature. In fact, Barr has never revealed any of the Bush secrets, and is not going against 9-11 criminals as far as we know. When Trump chose Barr for his AG, he was probably doing the Bush monkeys a favor to get them off his back. Daltons are ALTons too and share the fesse of Alda's/AUDa's who in turn have a Coat version of the Bono's (Milan) in the Kettle motto. One can thus place Epstein at the AUTO of the 1979 dream on Epstein's island. The woman was standing at the hood as I walked out of the WATER, and Daltons/Altons have Robin HOOD in Crest. I then saw her close-up picture, and said, "She's beautiful." Later, she was posing as Sleeping Beauty, and Beautys/Bowds share the black bull with Auto's/Otto's.

That same Kettle motto has "MaLUM," and while Milan is the LOMbardy capital, Lums/Lombs (eagle heads in the colors of Lorraine / Piast eagle) and Lums/Lambs ("non"), a branch of Lombardy-like Lumbers, share the Dalton/Alten / Alda fesse. Lums/Lambs, in Lambert colors, and have cinquefoils colors reversed from the same of Kettle's. Piast Mieszko Lambert married Richeza of Lorraine.

It appears that Rick Young (for all I know, he may have married Miss Whelan) just told us a story. Scottish Alda's were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs. The Arms of County Waterford shares the Trump stag head, and German Youngs have a stag in those colors. Trump never spoke one word to show his appreciation for Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest.

It's here where I loaded Boyers/Bowyers, recalling their mention with Voyers because they might be cowBOY-boot relevant. It's a little amazing that Boyers use a "richesse" motto term that goes great with that Rijeka discussion above. Earlier in this update, I added this insert: "Boyers were loaded to find a blue-vaired bend, shared by Bliss'/Bless'. It just so happens that I trace Richs/Richess' and Ricks to Rijeka (Croatia), due south of Bled. Boyers use a "richesse" motto term." Bleds are BLES' too, and so Boyers seem to be a natural part of my knee blister, which can also be called a BOIL. Boils are listed with BOYle's.

Bleds/Bles' are also Bleys, and English Bleys share the three crescents of Hollows. I've been waiting to do something with Hollows because the piece of trunk or log you may have seen on my shelf (in the photo is hollow. It, along with three other pieces in the photo, were ugly, rotten logs, but scraping off all the rot to the interesting contours of the hard wood beneath, and then giving them a sanding, a little stain and varathane, they made the greatest FREE plant vases. Could that be a vase in the Arms of Rijeka? It just so happens that while I trace Maxwells of ROXburghshire to the Rijeka eagle on a ROCK, Maxwells use Hollow-like holly! Hollows are listed with Hallows while Hollys share the dog of Hole's/Halls. Hollows/Hallows look like kin of Nons/Noms/Nevins.

The Log Miracle

Planters/Plants/PLANTAGENETs use a "label" while Labels/La Bells happen to share the three Hollow/Hallow crescents, pretty amazing. Moreover, French Plants/Planque's use cabbages while Cabbage's were first found in Northamptonshire with Vase's/Fessys. Pretty amazing yet again. Already I have evidence that, instead of using the four hollow pieces of wood for the fire, God caused me to set them aside for a few years until I had the time to refurbish them. That's what I did, hoping all the while that they would make decent plant vases. Cabbage's use Hollow-like holly! Hollys share red roundels with Hollows/Hallows!!! Beautiful work, oh Lord. It's important that Hollys were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's.

Plancia Magna married TERTullus, and Hollys with Hollows use red roundels called, TORTeaux. The Anjou Fulks birthed Mr. Plantagenet, explaining why cabbage-using Plants and also Plancia-like Planque's. You can check to see that the Anjou Fulks were given a mythical Tertullus as an ancestor. Plancia's GALatian father was Mr. Plancius. Labels/La Bells share the red greyhound with Anchor-related Majors, and Anchors have a version of an Anger Coat while Anjou is at Angers.

If you load "Plantagenet," you will get another Plant Coat sharing the Silver/Silverstein lion, which makes the hollow log very important because Hollows/Hallows share the Silver crescent. Fulk I married Miss Loches, and Loches' are also DeLOGES, is that not wild? The Loges/Loge surname (probably the Messey/Messier Coat) was first found in Burgundy with Loches'/DeLoges'.

Just to show that the Plantagenet lions are close to the same of Silversteins, the lions belong also to Gernons while Ranulf de Gernon was son of Mr. Meschin (from the Bassianus-like Bessin) Fulke's/Volks share the Massey/Macey fleur-de-lys, and Italian Fulks (Tuscany) have a version of the Massi/Mattis Coat, both having the checks used by rulers of Massa-Carrara, in Tuscany with the first-known Bruno's expected to the Brunswicks sharing the Gernon Coat, which has two lions in pale, reflective of the three same lions in pale of Plantagenets/Plants. Masseys are expected from Julia Maesa Bassianus (her sister married SEVERus), whose husband is in the "vita" motto term of the Saffers/SAVARys having a version of the Silverstein Coat. Saffers share unicorns on red with Rasmussens, the latter first found in Hesse with Silvers. "Silver" looks like a variation of Severs sharing the Vito annulet.

I have just found Sivers sharing red roundels with Hollows/Hallows and Hollys! The Siver and Sever fesse is even colors reversed from the Hollow/Hallow fesse. English Sivers are listed with Severs. The hollow logs are now pointable to 9-11 criminals. Sivers are also Siefers and Sewer-like Siewers. These red roundels are in both colors of the similar Sever/Siver / Vito annulet.

Planque-like Plunketts have a version of the Holly Coat, no guff. Hollow-like Gallow(ay)s/Gallerys share the giant lion of Hallands, in colors reversed from the lion of Hollands. It begs whether Galloway was named after Galatians in the train of Plancia's descendants through Fulks. Plancia Magna descended from the family of HOPPer-like OPgalli, another Galatian, and Plunketts ("FESTina") share the tower of Hoppers/Happers (and Hall-connectable Hills), first found in Cambridgeshire with Hollows/Hallows.

Recall that the old Molson beer bottle still has its label. I can add to this item a thing that escaped me when last on the topic. The beer BOTTLE. Bottle's are listed with BOOTels and BUThills, and then Butts/Bute's/Boets are expected from Salome Boethus while Salome's share the Molson stars! I get it. AND ZIKERS, Molsons are said to be from a Mueles location while Mule's (Devon, same as Molsons) have more red roundels!!! The beer label says Molson ExPORT Ale, and Ports happen to share the Butt/Bute estoiles. The beer sits next to the shelf having the boot and kettle.

The Ale's are listed with Alleys, which recalls my miracle alley shot while playing potsies. Potters were first found in Hampshire with Ports and Porters/Pawters (Potter colors), and the latter happen to use Label-connectable bells! Bingo. A planter can be called a flower POT, and Flowers (Devon, same as Molsons) share the Potter cinquefoil. Porters share the portcullis gate with Snape's/Snipps (Clinton kin), and the latter are like the Schnapps while the first Rothschild married Miss Schnapper.

The alley shot seems to be linking to this miracle beer that was buried for decades, yet still has a water-tight seal and 2/3s of its label. As I said, the miracle shot was on HULLmar drive! Hulls (Catter colors and format), first found in Yorkshire with Scottish Mars (note HullMAR), share the Holly dog! French Mars were first found in Burgundy with DeLOGES' and Loge's! It never stops. So far as I can recall, the miracle alley shot took place on Tony's alley, and Italian Tonys use a "flower"! I do recall that I played allies with Tony probably more than anyone else.

The Hull Crest has the circular laurel also in the Hill Crest, and Hills are said to have included "Richard de Hulle (Hill)". To our amazement, Hills share the Plunkett tower, and while Plancia Magna descended from Herods, the "AVANCEz" motto of Hills is expected with Vance's/Vaux's sharing nearly the Salome Coat. Salome Boethus married a Herod!

Only "OLSON" is showing on the beer label (the rest of the label has disappeared). With a tiny bit of the "P" showing, only "PORT" is showing from "EXPORT." AWWWWE, unbelievable: Norwegian and German Olsons show a log!!! It's not a tree stump, it's a log. In the 4th update of December, 2016, when I had access to the description of most Coats of Arms, I had written that Olsons use a log. I don't think I would have used that term had I not checked the description. The Olson log is exactly the same as what I'm using for planters. Around the Olson log are four HEARTS suspect with Herods and Arthurs, but as Scottish Horts are also Hardys, it could seem that God left both "OLSON" and "ORT" on the beer label because even Olsons were Ort kin.

Get ready for a banger. Herod I (son of Antipater) was descended, on his mother's side, from Aretas III. Herod's mother was CYPRos, and Coppers share the Loges/Loge saltire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the chances that the leopard FACES in the Copper Chief are for the Face variation of Vase's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another potential log is used by Leibs/Leibers (share SAY quadrants) potentially in the "libera" motto term of Saffers/Savarys. Loges'/Loge's were first found in Brittany with French Saffers and Save's/SAYve's ("Velis"). Saffers are from Domna Bassianus, whose mother I see as an Agrippa. That works. Save's/Sayve's look linkable to Italian Botters and/or French Rochelle's.

Coppers were first found in Sussex with Coverts/COFFERts, and the other log planter, seen in the the photo, is on the coffee table while Coffee's are also COFFERs. It just so happens that Coffee's/Coffers use "cups," and Cups/Cope's and Copps look linkable to the Coppers.

Some weeks ago, a family visited and left a toy CORONAvirus here about two inches tall. I put in on the shelf right beside the log planter, where it still sits. It's almost touching the log, just a 1/4-inch away. The Italian Corona's share the crown of Corons (Cheshire, same as Masseys), and while the Coron Coat is a not-bad reflection of the English Butt/Bute Coat, crowns are the only symbols showing for the Shield of Bottle's/Bootells/ButHILLs. Those three crowns are in the format, and colors reversed from, the three caps of Cappers/Caps'/Keppers. It looks like the line of Salome Boethus. In the Bootle/Bootell Crest is a gold leopard, the colors of the Copper, Chives, and Mosca leopard. Julia Maesa Bassianus (200ish AD) probably had an Agrippa for her mother, for her father was the nephew of Julius Agrippa. English Butts/Bute's have a "VIDEntur" motto looking like part-code for the Vido variation of Vito's.

Courts/Coverts (Sussex, same as Coppers) have a "GRANDescunt" motto term while Grands have a red-Shield version of the Coron Coat while Grounds/Grundys (kin of Herod-like Rhodes') share the half-leopard of Coppers. I've just found Grandys/Grondins/Grandins in Coron colors and format. Can any of this reveal who might be behind the coronavirus' political schemes? German Rhodes share red roundels with Hollys and Hollows/Hallows, and while we just saw Coppers sharing the Loge saltire, lets add that the Copper leopard holds holly, I kid you not. The hollow log is pointing doubly to Herods. English Rhodes' even share the gold leopard in Crest with Coppers. It appears that God himself put that coronavirus toy beside the hollow log.

This recalls the sleeping-bag dream, where I saw a sleeping bag on a HILL, and picked it up. Picks/Pike's/Pickens share the Salome/Solomon stars, and John Solomon, at that time, worked for The Hill news. I then walked up the hill and crossed a ROAD. The Aids were a part of the sleeping-bag scenario.

It could be a fact that Arthurs descend directly from Aretas III (of Edom), with himself theoretically from Ardiaei Illyrians. The latter disappeared from Illyria about the time of the first Maccabees (170 BC) in Israel, the proto-Masseys/Maceys, I assume, and may have named ARTEMiDOROS (Galatian king about the time of Caiaphas' birth), for Arduinici of later times married Doria's (Genova, same as Bocci's/BROCATo's). Artemidoros was the grandson of king BROGITarus. Artems/AITons were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs and AIDs; the latter are in the Levi motto, and Laevi Gauls are expected (by me) as proto-Galatians worming their way into the blood of Maccabee priest-kings. The Maccabee-Herod line did marry Opgalli, a Galatian. Carthys/Artys are showing the red stag exactly of Planters/Plantagenets (descended from log-planter Herods), and the latter share the rose of Artems/Aitons. The latter have a rose-version of the Rhodes / Ground/Grundy Coat, and the Grounds/Crannys may be using the split Fulke/Folk / Fleck Shield.

Then, trace the crane of Grounds/Crannys to the Corona-like Ceraunii Illyrians living beside the Maesa-like Maezaei Illyrians, and we can understand why it was God who placed the coronavirus toy beside the hollow-log planter. English Cope's (Northamptonshire, same as Vase's and Plant-related Cabbage's), with a version of the Cup/Cope Coat, share the Masci fleur-de-lys, and Meschins had ruled COPEland. The log planter is beside the sheep shears, and Shears/Shere's are kin of Schere's/Scherfs sharing the red rose with stems with English Cope's. Stems/Steins, with a different-colored version of the Aid Coat, share gold leopard face with Coppers and Coverts/Cofferts.

We saw Molsons at Mueles, and Mule's share the double fesses of Copelands and English Martins. The coronavirus toy is blue, like the Toy/Tey Coat, and while it looks like a version of the Port Coat, the Toys/Teys share the Cup/Cope, Cope, and Copp chevron.

The beer still has "PORT" on its label, and Labels/La Bells were first found in Gascony with castle-using Martins; it's the same, giant castle as used by Cassels!!! That can't be a coincidence. Larry Silverstein is always pointed to by the silver kettle whenever we cross Hesse and Cassel. The Gees/Gastels are also Gascony-like Gascons, in case that means anything.

Italian Martins have the Panico/Panetta / Fantes/Fant LABEL, and Irish Martins share the Label/La Bell / Hollow/Hallow / Silver / Corson/Carson crescent, and even add the same sun as Hesse's with their so-called "calvary" symbol (includes steps)...that could be part-code for Calvins having the Vase/Fessy motto and the Vase/Fessy cross in colors reversed. Reminder: Silversteins and their Saffer kin are from emperor Severus and his wife, Domna Bassianus, the latter expected as the daughter of Miss Agrippa. Herod liners are thus suspect as the 9-11 destroyers, especially as Bush's were Edomites along with Herods. But I say that the Bush's were from Nazi Scherffs (= Hitler, the biggest destroyer to date), and we saw how the shears beside the hollow log can connect to Scherfs (share the rose-with-stem with English Cope's). English Cope's have an Agrippa-suspect griffin in Crest.

The Kettle's from Hesse-Cassel remind that Silvers, sharing the Label / Hollow crescents, were first found in HESSE. Did you notice the "richESSE" motto term of Boyers/Bowyers? I did, because I had seen that the double chevrons of one Logue/Logy Coat were used also by Esse's/Ash's/Aschs ("non"). The hollow logue! Hollow/Hallow-like Dutch Hole's/Halls share the triple Cassel chevrons, what are the chances? Vase's/Fessys use "vinces" while Kettle's, who share the Hollow/Hallow fesse, use "vince."

What are the chances that German Ash's/Aschs have the triple Epstein chevrons in colors reversed while Epstein's were first found in Hesse-Nassau? Nassau's (Sforza lion?) are also Naso's while Italian Naso's are in Hollow/Hallow colors and format. As Naso's (share white fesse with Scottish Aldo's), in Ottone/Otto colors, were first found in Florence with Aldo's/Audo's, it's notable that Scottish Aldo's were first found in Ayrshire with the Nons/Noms sharing the Naso fesse in both colors. See Nissan fesses.

It's good to be back to Hesse/Hessel liners while including Cabbage's, for French House's, with the Hazel/Hessel leaf design, use "cabbage leaves." The ISLIPs/Haslips are in the "hazel SLIPs" of Hazels. The lodged stag of Islips/Haslips is shared by Maxwells because both surnames use holly. This shared holly pops up while on the hollow planter that got us to the Plant cabbages, and it comes in relation to the Maxwell topic. It appears arranged. In a May update of 2012, I said: "...Hazels call their leaves, "hazel slips." The Islip/Haslip Coat is a stag under a holly tree..."

If you enlarge the photo of my living space, you can maybe see the fake plants in the log planter better than I can with my computer-resolution settings. I didn't have those plants set very high, some seem to have fallen into the log so as to be clustered near the bottom. Trust me if you can't see them well, for they include a couple of PINE cones, one dark brown and cigar-shaped just like a bulRUSH. The Rush's/Rish's share fessewise annulets with Bulls, and the latter were first found in Somerset with Rish-like Ricks sharing the Rush/Rish fesse (tend to reveal Rush's as Rijeka liners). It's also the fesse of Rosco's/Risco's, but it's just wild that it happens to be the Dalton / Alda fesse too, for while there was an Epstein-Maxwell duo blackmailing big-time global players, Maxwells (had a Maxwell-Ros branch) were of Rijeka Croatia, same as the Una (Oeneus) river suspect in the "Un" motto term of Rush's/Rish's.

So, did God arrange for me to put that bulrush pine cone in this HOLLOW planter? Maxwells do use a "HOLLY bush." And under the bush there is a LODGED brown stag, the color of the Kettle-Crest stag. Lodge's are listed with Loge's! Zinger, that just snuck up on me, not at all my intention when starting this paragraph. Lodge's/Loge's were first found in Suffolk with Rush's/Rish's. I was going to say that the white Rosco/Risco fesse with red cinquefoils is also the Kettle fesse. These fesses are in the colors of the English Pine chevron, and French Pine's happen to share three cinquefoils on a fesse too, they being the HARDwick and Fraser cinquefoils while Freeze's/Phreeze's (Pharisee liners?) share three white, courant horses with Rush's/Rish's.

At the very top of the shelf with log planter is intended to be brown tulip (formed by the brown shell of some plant / food I can't identify), and not far below that item you can maybe make out a white conical shape. It's not a solid conical shape, but made of a single reed curled in LOOPs. I wasn't going to mention this until seeing the TewLOPPe variation of Tulips (tulip), causing me to load Loops to find the Tulip hexagram along with crescents in the colors of the Hollow/Hallow / Silver / etc. crescents.

I trace Gore's/Core's to the Gorski area of Croatia, and French Gore's/Jore's look linkable to Loops. This recalls how I see mythical Coronis (a crow) with a branch at Patmos' Chora, and I also see Coronis to the Ceraunii that I see with proto-Croatians. The Core's/Gore's are suspect from Chora. I always trace the sleeping moon to the Carian moon goddess, and while Patmos is off of Caria, Loops use the sleeping moon. The moon goddess was loved by the eternal sleeper at Latmus, near Clarus, and Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Lodge's/Loge's and Rush's/Rish's.

I tried to find evidence that TEWloppe's were from a Toy/Tey variation, but could not, though, if it seems logical for Tews/Tewells (share Tease/Thys stars) to have been a Toy/Tey branch, lets repeat that there is a TOY CORONAvirus almost touching the log planter. The child who was playing with this toy is Andrew, and Andrews are founders of the ROSS clan, linkable to Rosco's and Rush's. I see the Rijeka rock as code for the ROXolani Alans, supposedly formed from "Ros-Alan." Roxolani were at one time on the Buzau river, and the Bus cinquefoil is colors reversed in the Rosco Coat.

Loop-like Loupe's are in Roque/Rock / Rochelle colors and said to have been at Rochelle. French Rochelle's look like they use the Botter bend in the Coat format of Chatans, and the latter happen to share the tower of Loupe's. Loupe was home to ALLisons sharing the Hall/Holl and Holly dog, a good reason to see the looped plant in the hollow log as God's choice. It recalls that Allison Bauer (Beer-like surname) left me for Mike Denardo, for Narbonne's/Nordi's/Denardo's share the Loupe tower.

Oh wow. Bayers, sharing the brown-on-gold bear of German Beers, are said to be named after Bauer-like Bavarians, and Bauers were themselves first found in Bavaria. English Beers come up as "Bayer." The beer is now in the hollow log...that was once ROTTEN. Mayer Bauer changed his surname to Rothschild. Rothschilds are listed with ROTsteins, and Rothes/Rothchilds share the raven with Rooks, making the Rook sun very connectable to the Hesse sun. The silver kettle just went into the hollow log too, like a Silverstein-Rothschild-Rockefeller global troll just waiting for punishment.

The Cotesii were also on the Buzau, and so when one compares the pale bars of Coats/Cotes' with those of the Keiths, it seems that Keith Catti were at least related to the Cotesii, if not directly from them.

Now, recall how Beers were first found in Devon with Molsons, for Beers share a raven / crow on a gold garb with Rooks. Roach's (rock) share white fish with Catters, yet I was surprised to load Catters just now to see that their fish are in the colors of the Ort fish. I had been meaning to get to Orts/Ords for an hour or more, ever since they were loaded due to the "P" of "(EX)PORT," on the beer label, barely showing. That leaves "ORT." Just found: EXeters/Exters (Devon) use bells! The beer LABEL!!! Porters use bells!!! The third photo (currently) at this page, the one with the price of $2.62, is the label on my bottle.

The logo is a boat, and so perhaps this is for God's pointer to the Bote variation of Bute's/Boets. If we view the boat as a ship (Wikipedia calls it a boat), we can say that Ships/Shiptons (use BELLows (= fans)) were first found in Oxfordshire with Rooks.

German Orts have a lion in the colors of the Arms-of-Rothschild lion holding an arrow. The Dutch Beers were involved with Cecil-Rhodes diamond mining. Cecils, sharing a gold garb in Crest with Rooks and Beers, look like Corona / Patmos liners. The black escutcheons of Cecils ("Cor unum" phrase) are shared by Corry-related and Coronis-like Correns. Is this the mad 666 ship of fools exporting their agendas to every nation? If a blind man leads a blind man, both fall into an abyss.

Wow, I almost didn't read the Cecil write-up; it turns out that Cecils (Devon) were Cassels: "The surname Cecil was first found in Devon where they are 'probably a branch of the Counts of GAND, whose arms (barry) it bears, with escutcheons charged with the lion rampant of Flanders. The arms are still borne in Flanders by a family of the same name.' Maurice de Cassel was probably one of the first to be listed in England during the reign of William I. His son, Robert de Kessel or Ciselle..." The Cecil lion is in both colors of the lion in the Arms of GAUNT/Ghent, and while we can expect that heraldic gauntlet gloves are part code for Glove's, they are in Catter colors and format i.e. suggesting that Catter were from Chatti of Cassel to Kettle's. The 11 Cecil bars are colors reversed from the 11 of German Ducks, and the bars are probably code for a branch of Duck-related Barrs.

Ah, I almost mentioned that Amore's (Oxfordshire, same as Hesse-connectable Rooks) share the white dog of Cecil- / Ciselle-like Kissle's, but not finding anything else in the Amore Coat to help make the links, I decided not to mention it...until tackling the "Cor UNUM" of Cecils (share Rook garb), realizing that NUMans/Newmans share the Cecil lion. When Numans had loaded, there was an "amor" motto term. The Corren escutcheons form a Coat like that of Kissle's.

I determined that Cornwall was named by the Ceraunii, but don't think I've realized until now that Cecils (Devon, same as Cornwalls) use "via" while Cornwalls have "vie." The Vio variation of Vito's/Vido's in the Saffer motto looks to apply, for the same motto shares "aut" with the Virgins who in turn essentially have a Cornwall Shield and Crest. Recall that Cecils were of Gand = Ghent elements, for the Arms of Ghent has the Cecil lion along with a virgin.

Plus, the Nuns/Noons seem to be in the Virgin motto who in turn have a "SauVITer" motto term. The other Cornwalls, sharing the fesse of Rush's/Rish's, Ricks and Rosco's/Risco's (Cornwall), have a rock and share the raven with Rooks. It suggests that Roxolani at the Rijeka theater merged with Ceraunii. The Alans descend from proto-Avalon Aulon/Avlona, beside the Ceraunii mountains. As the Cornwall fesse is also that of Daltons/Altons and Alda's/AUDa's, note the Cecil write-up further: "...'from his descendant {Robert Kessel or Robert Sitsilt} Walter de ALTERens, living 1165, descended the noble house of Cecil.'" Alters, in the Rodham/Rodden motto, are listed with Colters, perhaps an error on houseofnames' part. On the other hand, Colters use the Catherine wheel of Catherine ROET.

I can now glean that the other half of the Alda/Auda Shield has the fesse on Nons/Noms/Nevins, first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Alda's and Duck-related Barrs. This Non/Nom fesse is in the colors of the Cecil / Duck barry, you see, and Ducks were first found in Westphalia with duck-using Velins and Velens (share Alan martlets), from the AVLONa line.

In the photo of my place, you can see a bare floor beside the patio door directly beneath the shelf-window. It's had a small freezer there since last summer. As it's not working right, I had to send an extension CORD over the shelf to power the freezer (I won't explain the reason). This cord is the last thing to mention upon the shelf, as I've mentioned every other item on there at this time. As we saw Herods in the Cooper-Covert discussion while Coverts are also Courts, it explains the Cord/Court hearts.

Cords/Courts were first found in Ayrshire with Here-linkable Ayers and Hare's/Hairs, and this gets us to blue wings shared by Bauers, and recalls the "ConCORDia" motto term in the Arms of Rothschild. As Bauers got suspect shortly above with Beers/Bayers, let's add that the extension cord goes over the shelf between the horseSHOE and the axe head, with the beer standing directly beside the axe head. Shoe's (Bavaria, same as Bauers) put an axe in the hand of their knight, and the knight is ISSuing at the knees while Ise's/Assi's have an axe head on their fasces. Ise's/Assi's were first found in Shetland with Yells, and the latter share a black fesse with Yellows while the extension cord is yellow. The Yellow fesse is also the Cord fesse (both colors), how about that.

Cords/Courts look very linkable to the Rothschild-related Nations/Nathans. Recall that axe elements can be of Esau elements yet trackable to the Axius river of the Paioni. The latter are likely the reason for the pheon ARROWhead, and Cords/Courts happen to have pheons. Rothschilds use arrows, and the Piccots (Cheshire, same as Masci liners) call their arrows heads, "PIKE heads." I can feel it in my bones, that the line of Mayer Bauer was from a Masci in PICenze.

The design of the Bauer and Masci wings were changed when, in about 2013, houseofnames did many changes without explanation, such as changing a mere wing design. What for? What a waste of work. I reasoned that someone reading my work wanted to scramble my work by contacting houseofnames, asking them to change designs, because I was making links based on shared designs. For example, I had noted that Bauers and Masci's use the same wing design. The old Masci wing design is still showing for Diens/Dives' (Sussex, same as Coopers / Courts/Coverts), and the latter use it upside-down, as do the Geneva's/Genova's who in turn use the current Bauer-wing design that appears to have an arm and fist between the wings. The Geneva/Genova lion is shared by Sussex's Deins, and an emailer Covert, who was once married to Mr. Dein, told me that her father descended from a kaiser Coffert of the Swabia / Bavaria area.

So, at 17 years of age, I got a job at KNOB Hills farms, and Knobs look like they have the Rothschild/Rotstein arrow. After a couple of months, Allison BAUER became a cashier there, and I started to date her, for about two months. But immediately before dating her, I was dating Knob Hill Farm's Miss Ray (that's how I recall the spelling), and Rays have a horse-version of the Freeze/Phreeze Coat, both sharing green Shield with Bauers and Bowers, but in both colors of the Bauer-like boars of Bourleys. The Freeze's belong to this discussion due to the corn powering the freezer. Then, freezer-like Frasers, first found in Peebles-shire with Bowers (beside Lauder), use an Allison-like "All" motto term. As Alis' have the two-word Keith motto in reverse, see the Fraser write-up: "The surname Fraser was first found in Tweedale, Peebles-shire, where Sir Simon Frasee held part of the lands of Keith." It explains why the other Fraser Coat shares the Keith / Kettle stag head. Meaning: the freezer just led us to the silver kettle, along with Rothschilds in the picture.

The Alls/AULTs then look like a branch of Alda's (no doubt the Lauder/Letter griffin), first found in Ayrshire with Cords/Courts and those others mentioned above leading to the Bauer wings. So, there's the story told by the cord and freezer, and yet I could go to the Shelf/Self surname again because the cord goes over the shelf. Shelfs/Selfs are in Freeze/Phreeze colors. Shelfs/Selfs were first found in Derbyshire with Eyers/Ayers and Here's/Heyers, the ones leading to the blue wings of German Here's and Herzogs (Bavaria), expected with the Bauer wings.

But there's more. The "Je suis" motto phrase of Frasers can be partly for Jays having essentially the Rothchild (no 's') bend with roses. And the suis-like Swiss surname happens to share the bear with Beers/Bayers while the old beer bottle is right beside this extension cord. As was said, this beer is an All-like ale!!! The Swiss bear is probably from Berne of Switzerland, founded by Zahringers of Baden, and Baden is the location of the Neckar river (an origin of raven liners) while Alls/Aults have a wavy version of the German Necker Coat! Zinger.

The freezer broke down less than a week ago, and I've been procrastinating on taking it outdoors. Lucky I did, or this story may not have been told.

The McKinneys use one of the Fraser Coats and stag head, and while Ainsley EARhardt married Mr. McKinney, the Eyer > Here > Herzog topic actually started a few weeks ago when she first became an heraldic topic for the first time, wow, what could this mean? By what coincidence did this just happen in this way, by ending the freezer discussion with a solid link to her ex-husband? There's no difference between the Fraser and McKinney Coats.

Miss EarHARDT (of Fox and Friends news) also married Mr. Proctor, and while Proctors use the nails piercing the Logan HEART, Nations/Nathans, first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys, have an arrow piercing a heart. Plus, the extension cord is yellow while Yellows share the fesse of Nations/Nathans, and Cords have more hearts along with the same fesse!!! Can you believe it? While German Neils are also Nails, Scottish Neils happen to share the Chief of Prests in the McKinney / Fraser motto, "Je suis prest"!

I've just loaded Fox's and Friends' to see if they can apply. I first noted that Friends have stag heads colors reversed from the one of Dutch Necks/Neckers, and this recalls that German Neckers (and Alls/Aults) have one pale bar in the colors of the two of Nuse's/NEWES! Fox and Friends Newes! Nations/Nathans are even shown as NUSans! Nuse's/Newes were first found in Hertfordshire with Prests. Irish Fox's share the lion and hand of Irish Neils i.e. making Fox's linkable round-about to Ainsley's ex-husband. God probably figured that, inevitably, Roger AILES of Fox would come to mind for about right here. By what coincidence is the Ailes Coat a near-perfect reflection of the Proctor Coat?

There's more. It starts with German Fox's first found in Franconia (probably named Frankfurt, home of Mayer Bauer) with Trunks. I kid you not, I had planned on moving the freezer into the garage, or the basement, to use it for a storage trunk.

About the only thing I can say about the axe head, aside from its position on the shelf (between cord and beer = two Rothschild lines), is that it was found imbedded at the base of a dead tree trunk. Isn't that cool? As was said, the cord runs between the axe head and the horseSHOE, and Shoe's/SCHUGs use a axe held by a knight, but also a tree while Tree's have a knight as well as the double-courant greyhounds of SCUGals/Scoots. Is that not cool? The Shoe's/Schugs also have a wall while German Walls show nothing but a pale bar in colors reversed from the show-nothing-but-a-pale-bar of Neckers.

The reason that Neckers can be of the Shoe knight "issuing from the knees" is that Knees' are like the Kness variation of Neice's/Neece's/Ness' (share Non/Nom crescent).

Walls share the black pale bar with Ailes' (three of them), and the Wall pale bar is colors reversed from the one of Alls/Aults. If this identifies German Walls as a Walt branch, it's interesting that Walts show nothing but axes. The cord is beside the axe. Walts were first found in Baden, while the Badens/Battins, near the Axe river, use axes.

I kid you not, that I ended for the day at the paragraph above because I had planned to do a whole-house vacuuming today. And when I got to sweeping the area where the freezer sits, I slid it out to the garage, and wound up the extension cord, putting that away too in the garage. The freezer section above was birthed hours before that took place, or this section may not have existed.

On the evening of all of this, I remembered that the roof LEAKS each winter, and drips down onto the shelf having the extension cord, axe, and beer. So I recalled that the single fleur-de-lys in the Chief of Dutch Beers is colors reversed from the single one in the Leak Chief. It turns out that Dutch Walters were first found in Utrecht with Dutch Beers. The leak comes down inside the wall, accumulates on the top jamb of the shelf, then drips in drops onto the shelf. Like it was said, Walts use axes, and the drip happens where the axe head now sits. The Lech river of Bavaria could be in play with the Leak link to Beers, if indeed there was a link, for Bavarians are said to be of Bayers while Beers are also Bayers. It perhaps means that the old beer is a symbol of the Bauer > Rothschild line in connection to Beers/Bayers of Devon, where the Axe river ends. The Beer bear is in the colors of the Barwick bear heads, and while Barwicks use a "FORbear" motto term, the BalFOURs sharing a "FORward" term with dragon-using Seatons/Sittens (have a Seaton location at the mouth of the Axe river) almost have the Babbar/Bavar Coat. The only difference is that Balfours put an otter head on their chevron. Others/Otters have the Seaton/Sitten crescents in colors reversed, and while Others were depicted as UTHER Pendragon, that term looks like it could have been related to "UTRecht."

The Wearings/Warings, suspect with the Wring variation of Rings (Pendragon colors and format), share the checks of Wards expected in the "ForWARD" motto term of Seatons/Sittens (also use "hazARD"). Wearings/Warings were first found in Devon with Seaton of the Axe, and with the Wears/Were's said to have been on the Axe.

I trace Pendragons to the Penestae at the Candavii mountains, and here it can be added that the annulets of Candle's/Cantwells/Kentwells are in the colors of the lone annulet on the wing of the Wearing/Waring dragon. Penestae were on the Drin while Dragons/DRAINers were first found in KENT i.e. where Kentwells are likely to trace. Whatever named the mythical Centaurs may have had a branch at the Candavii area.


I'd like to return to Hickensons/Higgensons, who share the triple white towers of Higgins, the latter first found in Slick-like Sligo. Slicks use owls in Howell colors. As was said, Miss Hicks came to church one day, when the pastor called for a cowboy theme in an outdoor service, looking to me like Mrs. Howell on Gilligan's Island (Skipper was the captain of the ship). She doesn't look at all like Mrs. Howell, but her air, her attitude, something, brought the spoiled Mrs. Howell to my mind. Howells are expected as Owls/Howls, and here I find that Howells share three white towers with Hickensons/Higginsons and Higgins. The latter share the Hopper tower, and while I've been claiming that Miss Hicks (Charlotte) is a pointer to Hope Charlotte Hicks now back in the White House, Hopper-like Hope's share the besants of Skippers (Essex, same as Slicks).

Skippers can be of the Rumilly-branch Skiptons, for Hoppers were first found in Cambridgeshire with RuMILLYs, Stanleys (the latter love Changers linkable to Stows/Stouts) and STOWs/Stouts. It just so happens that Millys share the full motto of Hickensons/Higginsons, both sharing "quam" with Thurstons (at Thurston in STOW). Mrs. Howell played the wife of the wealthy Thurston Howell, and Thurstons, (Suffolk, same as Owls/Howells), have an "ESSE quam" motto phrase, how about that. "Quam" is used by Cambridge's probably for their Cam river.

The white cowboy hat was perhaps purchased for that cowboy church service, and I did wear the cowboy boots at that time (one of them is in my photo with the silver kettle). Who arranged THURstons to look like a branch of Thors sharing the three Howell towers in colors reversed? Why do Swedish Thors use ELEPHANT trunks? Don't some heraldic owls trace to Edom? My axe head was found in the trunk of a tree, but is now sitting directly below the cowboy hat now hanging on the jamb.

I'm guessing that bull-head TRUNks are Turin liners, and that the double hexagrams of Trunks are those of Pero's (Piedmont, same as bull-using Turin). The "PRO patria" motto of Hoppers (share the Higgins / Hickenson/Higginson tower) has got to be for Pero's and Patria's/PEARtree's, and then while Higgins, who just came up as "Hickin," share drops with Patria-like Kilpatricks and Pattersons/Cassane's, there seems to be a direct Hick-liner link to Pero's / Pierro's/Pero's, and begs whether God arranged for Miss Hicks to marry Mr. Kilpatrick. Scottish Pattersons have another "Pro" motto term.

Mr. Kilpatrick was a doctor who pulled Miss Hicks out of the womb when he was about 32 years old, and the mythical doctor was the owl-depicting Asclepios, son of Coronis, mother of Hicks- / Higgin-like Ixion. Maezaei were beside the Coronis-line Ceraunii, tending to explain why Meschins share the scallops of Chives-related Hykes'/Hacks. Chives' named Chivasso, near Turin, on the boot-like Bautica river, the river of the Arduinici who marred Daorsi-liner Doria's. We're thus back to Dor at mount Carmel.

When buying the cowboy boots, I didn't like the square heel, and so I took the boots to a leather shop. The man said he didn't have the cowboy-type heels that arch down on an angle, but he had a machine to grind the existing heels (I couldn't tell that they were ground down by hand). I'm telling this story because the Heels use the same-type wheel as Carrara's and Muellers/Millers, making the latter suspect from the entity that named mythical Melia of Boiotia. Amazingly, before I ever talked about these CowBOY boots, I traced the BUTTeri cowboys of Italy to "Bautica." Boiotians are suspect to the Boy-like Boii, you see, so that I assume that God caused me to buy these boots.

The Butteri (cow rustlers) lived on Italy's west coast south of Carrara, yet the Botters were first found in Lucca, right beside Massa-Carrara. The Carians had a Masa/Maso Sea peoples, and so I assume Carrara was named by Carians. The Essenes bee cult was in Ephesus, which, I think, was in Caria, making Carmel elements suspect in naming Caria as well as a Mel-like entity of Caria that later became Melia of Boiotia. Rhodes, an island of Heel-like Helios, was off the Carian coast, you see, so that the heels of these boots are helping to tell a story. The giant Heel wheel is in the colors of the giant Solana sun, and Helios (god of Rhodes) was depicted in myth as a chariot wheel traversing the sky.

Way off the Carian coast, but straight out from it, is Patmos, origin of the Biblical book of Revelation. The 666 was penned there, and the Greek six is "hex," like "Hyksos." I find that interesting. A city on Patmos, Skala, is suspect with ASCLepios, son of CORonis, because another Patmos city is Chora. Coronis and AscLEPIOS were LAPITHS, and Asclepios was given an owl symbol for sounding like the Greek term for owl. The Kos owl is expected here, especially if Esau tribes became Asch-like. Skala-like Scalia's were first found in Tuscany with Carrara, and Shalls/SCHALLs have SIX hurts.

After a decade of more of houseofnames reporting CORE's/Gore's as first found in Essex, they are now said to have been first found in Kent, which is where Trips were first found. German Trips/Treffs (Hamburg) once showed boots. English Trips and Hamburgs share the Core-Gore crosslets, and Hamburgs happen to share the Howell tower, and even throw in drops for Trip-like Drops/Trope's (drops).

Note how this Arms of Traby has horn strings like three 6's, for the Traby/Sadowski Q-shape scarf has got to be for the Scarfs sharing three white wolf heads with the Prays suspect in the "PRAEfero" motto term of Hamburgs. Core's/Gore's use a white wolf. Prays were first found in Lincolnshire with TAILbois', and then Corks/CORE's use lion TAILs in the colors of the Tail/Taylor lions. Then, note how the Arms of Traby share five white feathers in Crest with Skala-like Scale's, a real eye opener. Scale's show nothing but SIX SCALLops, or "escallops," like "Asclepios."

I see Herods descending from Antipater of Macedonia, and so note " HARDwin de Scalers" in the Scale write-up.

As Miss Hicks married Kilpatrick, I get the sense that PATmos elements named Antipatria, down-river from Boius. Did you note "TailBOIS"? Miss Hicks' knee symbol in real life was at the GET'N Go corner store and GAS bar. The GETHINs, you see, share the Treby lion, and the Go-like Gows/McGoo's/GOWENs have a "deCORI" motto term suspect with the Dexaroi of Antipatria. It looks like a perfect event caused by God to reveal that Chora-of-Patmos elements were at Antipatria. On top of that, Gowers ("FranGAS" hint-hint) list Gore's and even share the white wolf with Core's/Gore's. The Get'n Go is on the Leakey road while the Leakey Chief is shared by Gowen-like Cowens.

Cowens share the Chief-saltire combination of Anons/Annandale's, and it just so happens that Annandale is in Dumfries, location of Kilpatrick castle on the Nith river that had the Get-like Geds. The Knights suspect with the namers of the Nith are in the knight issuing from the knee of Shoe's, and I sold shoes, as did Kepke, at the Scarf-like SCARborough Town Center on McCOWAN road. Scarborough's (lance) were first found in Yorkshire with Scarfs, and one Lance surname shares the Core/Gore fesse.

Likewise first found in Yorkshire are the Schole's/SCAYLE's sharing the Shield of PATents/Pattons, what are the chances? Scottish Patents/Padyns were first found in Dumfries.

The Cowen saltire is colors reversed with Corrys/Currys and CosPATRICKs, and then Scottish Corrys/Corrie's (Dumfries) share a green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks. That's all quite compelling material. Corrys/Currys were first found in Waterford with Whelans, and while Miss Whelan lived on Henry Corson, CORsons (Dumfries) are also CARsons, perhaps indicating Carians on Chora. An apt symbol for the six line is the six-pointed estoile of Corrys/Corie's.

I can now suggest that the line from Carmel's Megiddo to Macedonia goes to king Antipater of Macedonia, the one who likely named Antipatria. On this map presented earlier, you can see the Coronis-like Ceraunii mountains to the near south of the Dassaretae (Dexaroi). The Ceraunii mountains are in Epirus, origin of the Seleucids whom Daniel prophecy makes the proto-Anti-Christ, the 666 guy.

Antipatria is up-river from Fier county, location of Kuman, the line to the Comyns/Cummings who share a Dexaroi-depicting dagger with Kilpatricks. The "COURage" motto of Comyns/Cummings thus looks like code for yet another Chora-of-Patmos liner. There is a Courage/Corage surname, first found in Essex, where Core's/Gore's were said to be first found for roughly the last ten years or more.

Merops of Kos had a granddaughter (Aedon) in Boiotia, and Rhodes is near Kos. The Danaans lived on Rhodes before they went to Argos, and it just so happens that a myth writer made Inachus, founder of Argos, the husband of Melia, honey goddess of Boiotia. The goddess of Argos was a cow. COWboy boots. I wonder why Caws are listed with Edom-like Adams/Adoms (Annandale). I wonder why Adams/Adoms/Caws share the stars of Salome's, expected from Salome BOETHUS. Boots/BOOTES were first found in Berkshire with Windsor castle, and Windsors (same saltire as Currys/Corrys) happen to share the Core/Gore / Trip crosslets. Trips/Treffs once showed boots before showing shoes.

Mythical GORlois can be gleaned as part-code for Gore's because his wife was made to mate with UTHER Pendragon, code for the Others/Otters said to be proto-Windsors.

So, Muellers/Millers are suspect in whatever named Melia, and CarMEL elements are suspect, for Merops' son was king of Ephesus, where the Essenes bee cult was (belonged to Artemis). Helios had mated with the wife of "another" mythical Merops (of Ethiopia). It was the same proto-Merovingian line to the Marsi of Abruzzo, all around L'Aquila. The Marsi hot spot was at Avezzano, and Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia, named by the Shardana Sea Peoples, likely from Sardis of Lydia.

Boiotians go to the Schims/Schiens sharing the boar head of Heel-like Haleys/Healys, the latter first found in Slick-like Sligo, same as Hickensons / Higgins. Slicks use the owl. Boiotia is beside Athens, and the latter had mythical Butes. I got the heels of my boots ground down. In one myth, Butes jumped off the Argo ship, and started swimming to his death to the beautiful / luring songs of the killer Sirens (obvious pirates), the latter suspect from Seir's Edomites. I see the Sea Peoples as a band of Hyksos and their allies (around the Troy-Lydia-Caria theater) seeking to conquer Egypt back. Upon failing, they settled Israel's shore at Dor, no guff. Heals share a string of lozenges with Hellys. It is very possible that Hyksos became the Poseidon > Cadmus > Minoan > Trojan line of Phoenicians. Did Hyksos name the Axius river of Phoenician-like Paeoni? Makes sense, but it could be wrong. There is another theory that could work.

As entities portrayed by axes are now suspect from Esau, king of Edom, it's interesting that there is yet a thin layer of RED paint visible around my axe head. "Edom" means, "red" in Hebrew. "Rhodes" looks like it was founded in "red" to Aryan speakers. The Hebros river is beside the Rhodope mountains. Edomites were partly Hebrews,

Back to Scalia

In Isaiah 10, in a prophecy not yet come to pass (in contradiction to liberals scholars who think it came to pass in ancient times), the anti-Christ SHAKES his FIST at Jerusalem when he arrives to Nob. Knobs share the Rothchild/Roddenstein arrow, in my opinion. The FESTers are listed with Fosters/Forrests, who share the chevron of SHAKE's. The Fists are in the Poindexter Coat. POINdexters are suspect partly as Paioni. Ezekiel portrays satan as the king of Tyre.

Mr. Foster, according to John B. Poindexter, was with Poindexter when the latter asked judge Scalia to go hunting on his ranch. After Scalia declined, said Poindexter, Mr. Foster piped up and convinced Scalia to go. Foster accompanied Scalia on the plane to the Houston airport, at which point Scalia left his security guards behind, perhaps at the urging of Foster. He then drove to the Poindexter ranch with Foster, and got murdered. Poindexters share the Fist/Faust/Foust/Fister fist, and English Fosters come up as Festers. Did God arrange this heraldry in this way to point to Scalia's killers?

A fester can be a bump issuing puss. Festers/Fosters share hunting horns with Scottish Fosters, and the latter have a motto, "Hunter BLOW thy horn." Horns/Orne's are from mythical Orion the Hunter, whose father was at Tanagra and SCHIMatari (Boiotia), and Schims/Schiens share the boar head of Mole's while Shake's have mole hills. Therefore, I trace "Shake" to the "SHECHEMites that I see in SCHIMatari." "Blow" is emphasized above because the blister last night led to Bliss/Bless' said to be of BLOIS'. Note that some hunting horns, including those of Fosters, make a bow out of the strings, making Bows/Boughs and Beautys/Bowds suspect from Boiotians.

The counts of Blois were merged with rulers of Chatillon, that being another name for Chalons-sur-Marne (home of Mummolin). The Arms of Chatillon, when they were with Blois, are almost the three pale bars of Knights, first found in Suffolk with English Blois'. Yet the Chatillon pale bars have blue-vair fur, symbol of Bliss'/Bless'. Suffolk is where Clare's were first found who have the Bles/Bled Coat in colors reversed. My blister was on the Knee cap, and while Shoe's love both Knights and Knee's, Caps/Capes' (same place as Ims in the "Fest im" motto phrase) share the Chief-Shield color combo of the Chatillon Arms. By what coincidence do Caps/Capes' share the scallops of Scalia-like Scale's?

Is God thinking of nabbing the killers of Scalia soon? Is that what my blister means followed by that one-minute single-note thunder? It was just one continuous noise for a minute or more, never heard anything like it. It came out of a quiet sky in mere rainfall, no wind. Why was it at 2 am? Is that when they killed Scalia? He awoke from bed dead, Poindexter said. They say his sheets were crisp, no sign of a struggle. By what coincidence do Shoe's share the lone Poindexter star? By what coincidence do German Trips use shoes while English Trips share the "SCALING ladder" with Scalia's? Shoe/Schuch variations are much like the Scicli, Scichilone, and Scicchitano variations of Scalia's.

The five, white ostrich feathers in the Scale Crest are shared by Irish Clare's ("VirTUTE"), and with this Arms of Traby that in turn has hunting horns in the colors of the same of Scottish Fosters.

The Bumps/BumPUSS' may hold the key for the murder weapon where Puss' come up as Poussins while poison-like Poissons share the scallop of Tass'/Tash's/Tache's (Suffolk) who in turn almost have the split Bump/Bumpuss Shield. Bumps are also BumPASS' while they took his body from Poindexter's place to El-PASo, where they wrapped the body like a mummy without an autopsy, then planned to cremate the body, which I assume they did to make the evidence of murder disappear. English PASleys (three fesses in Bute/Boet/BOETES-fesse colors) look very linkable to Puss'/Poussins. Pasleys were even first found in Berkshire with the Boots/BOOTES' while German Trips once showed boots instead of shoes.

This snitch-job by heraldry now gets amazing / compelling where Dockers, first found in Cumberland with Daggers, have blue spears while Pasi's have white-on-blue spears very linkable to Scottish Paisleys/Pasleys (Renfrewshire, same as spear-using Speers). It just so happens that the Daggers share the three scallops of Poissons, making it appear that they poisoned Scalia while planning to send him to El-Paso, to people there part of the conspiracy.

The Dagger Crest shares the red bull of Sabine's who in turn share the red scallop with Tass'/Tash's/Tache's, though the latter's scallop is also in colors reversed, thus in the colors of the Dagger scallop. It tends to prove that were are on the right track with Tass'/Tache's, and from here we go to the "Sans tache" motto of Napiers/Nappers/PEERless' (Tease/Teck saltire in colors reversed), for Sempers/St. PEERE's are in the "Semper" motto term of Dockers. Pero's have a single pale bar in colors reversed from the pale bar formed by the Scalia ladder.

Scalia's were first found in Florence with Aldo's/AldeROTTi's, and Pero's are also PeROTTi's and PerALTO's. As the Alda Coat is a fesse version of the Bono Coat, the Auda/Audi variations of Alda's give away their relationship to Ottone Visconti, especially as Otone's/Oltens (Odin / Bono lion) are in the colors of the split Aldo / Bono Shields.

So, when we go to the 1979 dream with Miss Hicks of Texas asleep in her AUTO, it's interesting that Scalia was killed in Texas. The Hicks motto, "Tout en BON heure."


Here's a medical man who does plenty of COVID updates, whom I ignore because he doesn't want to make the Covid crisis look like a scam. He often says the things that the conspirators would be happy with, but in this case he seems to be on the brink of calling the UK and WHO study on hydroxychloroquine a sham. In the meantime, he praises a Belgian study on seriously-ill patients that gave happy results:

All the sham studies were overdosing hydroxychloroquine because they wanted to report bad side-effects of the drug and thus give it a bad name globally. That was the scam. This Belgian study found that hydroxy alone saves people in a high-risk mortality condition, yet other studies show that this drug is best used in the early stages of the COVID infection to eliminate an extremely high percentage of ever getting to a serious condition. This is why Trump is a murderer, for he's doing nothing with his task force to assure that patients get this drug past stiff-necked, murderous doctors whom have jumped onto the political-COVID bandwagon. One day, that dead COVID patient could be you just because you doctor refuses to give you the drug.

As you can see, both the British and WHO (World Health Organization) studies gave way too much drug (2,000 mg) on the first day, and when they canceled their studies based on them not working (could have been a lie), they didn't re-do the studies at the normal dosage because, obviously, they never wanted a happy outcome. They wanted to announce that the drug doesn't work. MURDERERS, plain and simple. One day, it could be you. Or me. Trump has been almost useless in this regard. Do not celebrate this man.

Do not be a BCP or a Bongino, who will love and embrace every dirty thing that comes out of the liberal camp as long as it votes Trump. Do not show God that you prioritize Trump fever over the ways of Jesus. DO NOT DO IT, because the test is on. Rich Grenell is a disgusting faggot chosen by the Trump campaign as a speaker for its convention. Bongino praised this as being an all-inclusive attitude. This was about a week after Bongino was happy to announce that he got another tattoo, from a pagan practice that Christians must have nothing to do with. Bongino loves snake skin on himself -- apparently likes to look seedy -- while he professes to be a Christian to convert Christians into Republicans. You are not so foolish as to downplay / abandon Jesus for Republicanism / Trumpism, are you? Jesus is much more now than when He came in the flesh. He's coming as the judge for some, and as the salvation from earth's dangers for others. Trump is a walking risk factor, with the world in the balance, his powers are so-very limited, there could even be a military coup against him.

John Ratcliffe has given us a good, though potentially bad, message: '"We’ve actually, for several months, been coordinating with [Durhams] team of folks to make sure that he has access to all of the intelligence community documents that he needs,' Ratcliffe said of Durham. 'He’s looking at the same, some of the same documents that I am, and so our work is running on parallel paths.'" That's the very-inspiring news, but then we have this: "'Now, his is a criminal investigation, and he’s not sharing his findings or the work that he’s doing, but I’m coordinating with him to make sure that he has the intelligence documents that he needs to do his work, and what I don’t want to do is declassify something that might prejudice his work, so we’re going to have to coordinate as we go forward the completion of his work with my ability to declassify documents, and so we’ve communicated along those lines.'" Totally understood, but the prosecutions are going to go past the election that Democrats might win. Then what happens to the information in Durham's and Ratcliffe's files?


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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