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August 18 - 24, 2020

Democrat Message to Us: Store Foods Now
Pressure Canner or Pressure Cooker?

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I thought the last part of the last update, as per a whistle blower, Steven Schrage, is so important to God (hoping I'm not wrong) that I'm moving it the front of this update, because the updates are long and not everyone gets to the end. I've added much to this quote, and so I suggest you re-read it if you have already read it:
The Schrage surname (Bavaria, same as Bauers = proto-Rothschilds) shares the three Bauer stars, and Scraggs/Scroggs were first found in Peebles-shire with Bauer-branch Bowers. The interesting thing is that the Scraggs/Scroggs share the two courant and black greyhounds of Scragg-like Scougals i.e. who come up as "Scoot." Schrage's are even Scougal-like Schragle's, and Scraggs/Scroggs even have "Scoggins" (no 'r') in their write-up. Scraggs/Scroggs, share the raven (different colors) with German Rothes'/Rothchilds (Bavaria), and the sleeping moon of Schrage's is in the colors of the same of Rothes-like Roets. [Load Schrage link to load other Coats of Arms to follow the discussion much better.]

I don't know whether it's ever been called a sleeping moon (it's what I call it), but it does have a face with eyes closed, and I trace Sleeps to Selepitanoi at lake SCODra, where I trace Scoots/Scougals and their Scott branch [share red border on white Shield].

When Miss Hicks had said to me, "you can scoot over," I had just returned to her from setting up her video camera, which was a definite pointer to Camera's/Camerons, who share the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschilds used also by Bowers. The latter use the bough and arrow while Roets share the Bough/Bow motto. Squinting, I count five bunched arrows in the Bough/Bow Crest. The "Ad" motto term of Bowers is suspect in other mottoes with Ada of Warenne, who married Henry Huntingdon, and it just so happens that Scougal-like Scaggs/Skeggs were first found in Huntingdonshire, and Huntingdons share the hunting horn with Scoots/Scougals ("Haec ORNant").

As I said, Miss Hicks, when I sat beside her, was scheduled to sing a song, and "singing" is a slang term to define bad guys who turn to the police as stool pigeons. I got up from sitting beside her, and went to the pastor, asking him to call Miss Hicks up for a second song, because I really liked her first song. Is that a sign of stool pigeons galore? I didn't go back to the seat beside her. She was asked to do a second song, which she did, and then Stanley sat beside her.

The Scragg/Scrogg bend with ravens is in all three colors of the Stanley bend with stag heads. That's my first wow, but more is coming.

As I said, Stanley was used that night to assure that Miss Hick's knee symbol is not my mistake, not my imagination. Stanleys share the Knee bend. BUT NOW, let's add that, on either side of the Scragg/Scrogg bend there is one black-on-white item (the greyhound), ditto for the Knee Coat with the same bend!!! Is that not a pointer to Mr. Schrage?

Again, Scoots/Scougals (compare border with Greys) and Scraggs/Scroggs share two, black courant GREYhounds. What are the chances??? Does it look arranged by God for a scoot-over pointer to Mr. Schrage? Greys list Croys and Groys while I had read that Catherine / Payne Roet descended from Croys or Groys. "Courant" (all four feet off the ground) is suspect with the Correns/Courrans, who look like they have a green parrot head, linkable to the green parrot of the Peeble's. Scraggs/Scroggs were first found in Peebles-shire. The Arms of Rothschild share the quadrants of English Pettys while Scottish Pettys, sharing the red border on white Shield with Scoots/Scougals, have a green parrot with an arrow in its beak.

Correns/Courrans share black escutcheons with Cecils (Rothes lion?), as though to point to Cecil Rhodes globalism. Cecils have a Corren-like "Cor unum" motto phrase. The two lions in the Cecil Crest look linkable to the two lion heads in the Crest of the Peters sharing the raven with German Rothes', which is why I see these Peters from Peter Pollock, builder of Rothes castle (at Rothes) in Scotland. These Peters share the motto of Staple's (Kent, same as Rothes') that includes "Sans" with Stanleys; the Staple bend-with-items reflects the same of Stanleys.

Oh WOW!!! As I've said many times, Miss Hicks' knee event was when I saw her knees through the GLASS door of the Get'n Go corner store (Camp Wood). Scottish Glass' not only share the red border on white Shield with Scoots/Scougals, but the Staple fleur-de-lys too while the Staple Coat (shares leopard face on blue with Dorrs) is in the format a part-colors of the Knee Coat! Her knee symbol was given on the Leakey road no more than three hours after the scoot-over event, while Leaks/Leakeys share the engrailed Knee bend as well as the Hicks fleur-de-lys. Mr. Schrage is thought to be LEAKing material to the press with the blessing of John Durham!!! ZOWZERS. It looks like her knee event, too, is pointing to Schrage.

The only problem seems to be that Schrage's leak revelations on Halper are not apparently related to 9-11. Or are they? What was Halper doing in 2001 or its aftermath? Halper was involved with James Baker, and the latter's military people may be seeking to keep cover for 9-11 crimes. It's very interesting that Baker works for ONA while Cecils have an "una" motto term. Cecil-Rhodes globalism in the military? What could make more sense?

Jewish Glass' (Adolf Hitler's father married Miss Glassl) share a giant pair of wings with Winghams, and Staple's are said to have been at Wingham. Staple's look very linkable to the Ade's/Aides, the latter very traceable to Ada of Warenne. As this part of the discussion links to "scoot OVER" while Miss Hicks was HOVERing in the car when she got her knee symbol (in the 1979 dream), I feel compelled to find why the Ade's/Aids share the black-on-white leopard face with Hovers/Hoffers. Hevers/Hefers were first found in Kent with Staple's. Barnstaple's (wings) share the Ade/Aide bend, yet the Barnstaple bend looks more linked to the Stevenson bend that itself shares leopard faces on a bend with Ade's/Aids (Northumberland, same as Stevensons).

The Cecil barry (bars) is almost that of Cavetts, the latter first found in Picardy with Staple-like Estaples, the latter being where Payne Roet had something going, I think. This creates a Cecil-Staple link, I think, and it just so happens that Cecils were first found in Devon with Barnstaple. Staple's were first found in Kent with Chaucers, and so here's Wikipedia's Paon (Payne) Roet article on his daughter: "Philippa married the poet Geoffrey Chaucer in 1366". Chaucers share the Ade/Aide bend, apparently, because the father of Ada of Warenne was beside Kent. (Payne Roet married Mons of Hainaut.) Cecils are said to have been "'probably a branch of the Counts of GAND...'", and Payne's other daughter, Catherine, married John of GAUNT/Ghent (near Mons).

Oh wow, the Cavett-like Cave's share the Caen/CAN fretty and throw in another black greyhound, the Scoot symbol. "You CAN SCOOT over." The "LICitis" motto term of Caens/Cans is suspect with Lice's/Leas' who happen to share the black-on-white leopard face with HOVERs! "You can scoot OVER"! Lice/Leas variations are linkable to the Lee's/Leghs/Leighs, first found beside LIEGHtons, and Hicks were at a Leyton location. AHHHH WOW, as I've said many times, Miss Hicks was sitting that night immediately beside the center ISLE, and Ile's/Isle's are also Yllys, while Yells (share Isle/Eels fesse) come up as Yoo's! "YOO can scoot over"!!! Could you make links like that with four words chosen at random? I couldn't, not in a million years.

I'm trying to figure out why God may have made Staple's important to the 9-11 memorial. Stable's/Staplers, with the Chief-saltire combination of Anons/Annandale's, have a saltire-with-acorns looking linkable to the Ainsley cross-with-fleur. AHHHH, Acorns/Alcorns share the black stag head with Knee's!!! How did that happen? Acorns/Alcorns share the Chief-Shield colors of Ghents, and we saw Miss Roet married to John of Ghent.

So, I was on the right track when emphasizing Rothes liners from the top of this section, then flipping from the Rothes-linkable Cecils to Peters to Staple's. It was necessary to get back to the Knee stag, and it tends to prove that Staple's do have the Knee format for a related reason. Lookie: "The name Acorn is of Anglo-Saxon origin and came from when a family lived in the village of Alchorne in the parish of ROTHERfield, Sussex." Sussex is where Vise's/Vice's were first found sharing the black stag head too.

I've just found Stable-like Stabbs listed with Stubbs/Stops, and their buckles can trace to Buckie at the end of the Spey river (Scotland), the river where Rothes is located. As Leslie's (earls of Rothes) can be using buckles on the Knee bend, it's notable that the Knee-branch Needhams (in the Halper write-up!) share a gold eagle in Crest with Stabbs/Stubbs/Stops. Leslie's (share buckles on a bend with Stabbs/Stubbs) share the green griffin in Crest with Barnstaple's.

Leak(ey)s have a leg in Crest that traces well to the Soar = Legro river, and while the Hicks are said to have been in a Low Leyton location, leg-like Leytons/Leightons (Shropshire, same as Sleeps) share the quadrants of Soars/Sors' while the Soar/Sors and Legro lions are in the colors of the lion of Scougal-like Scaggs/Skeggs surname. I'm not sure whether God has arranged these latter things to point to George Soros. I'm not sure whether this paragraph should be here at all, even though there is a good chance that George Soros is connected with globalist Rothschilds. Scaggs'/Skeggs' share the horizontally-split Shield of Groce's.

Note that the Roet moon slants a little from the Shield's right to left, the direction of the bend formed by the three items of Karens which includes the sleeping Roet / Schrage moon. This right-to-left rise is called, "sinister," and is less common, reserved for certain surnames. Jewish Rothchilds (nor "Rothschild") use it, as do Rasmussens/Assmanns who named Assmannshausen at Roet-like Ruedesheim. Rudes'/Rudge's were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, where English Rothes' were said to be first found for a decade or more until recently. The Rudge variation can be a branch of Rodgers/Rogers, who, together with French Rogers, look like they use the Knee symbols.

The Karen/Kerns hexagrams are shared by German Singers. Karens/Kerns could be Crane liners, I suddenly realize, especially in the cranes of the Schrage-like Shark surname. Listening to Steven Schrage, he comes across as a part of the inner circle of the shark, if only a minor part. He's definitely a stool pigeon, and one Pigeon Coat shares the Dutch Baker chevron while Halper is a special buddy of shark, James Baker, of the Office of Net Assessment (ONA). It's part of the military, and as the military was central and key for 9-11 crimes, I think the ONA could be working (spying) to keep 9-11 crimes from coming out through Trump people.

Mr. Schrage is lamenting, and calling out Barr simultaneously, because ONA people, along with Halper, have not been talked to by investigators even though they were at the root of the Steele dossier. Schrage claims that not even Trump has mentioned Halper. Trump has one foot in the military swamp, that can explain it. Politicians are too compromised to clean house. They tolerate corruption to stay clear of it backlash.

Scaggs'/Skeggs' can easily be Shoe variations, and Shoe's use a "knight issuing at the KNEEs. "Issuing" is suspect as code for Issa, an island also called, Vis, and Vise's/Vice's share the black stag head with Knee's. It appears that God intended "scoot over" to be paired with Scaggs/Skeggs in verifying that the knee event on the Leakey road is from him, for Scaggs are like the Scougal surname listed with Scoots.

The Scaggs/Skeggs Coat, looking a little like the Coat of Counter-like Countrys, is counterchanged, and I showed how the Stanley motto, "Sans changer," points to the 9-11 exposure video, Loose Change. The Sans-like Sens'/Senns have a crescent in the colors of the Schrage crescent. Change's/Changers, with the triple fesses of Stouts/STOWs (Cambridgeshire, same as Stanleys and English Rench's) in colors reversed, were first found in Hampshire with Sturs/STOWers, and the latter's triple fesses are those of Camera's/Camerons whom had been pointed to at the "scoot over" event. The Stout/Stow fitchees are colors reversed from the same of My's/Mea's in the Ainsley motto phrase, "my country." Are Camerons a pointer to prime minister David Cameron?

There's no other way to verify, through heraldry, that an event or dream scene is from God aside from making a comprehensible, viable and compelling set of heraldic links suggesting Intelligent Design. That's my job. Follow the bouncing ball. My's/Mee's share the cross of Rudes'/Rudge's and Baths while Baths have the Rhodes cross-and-lions in colors reversed. Baths were first found in Somerset with English, Rhodes-like Roets (descended from PAYNE Roet) while German Roets share the sleeping Schrage crescent. Finally, while Mr. Schrage is a whistle blower, Baths (same place as Whistle's and Payne's) share the Whistle / Payne lions. Does that look compelling to you? He's a stool pigeon, and English Stolls (Somerset, same as Whistle's) share the Whistle lozenges. English Pigeons, suspect with Payne-connectable Pagans/Payens, are in Rothes colors and format.

In a 1979 dream, I touched the knee both of Miss Hicks and of Ainsley Earhardt (I know it sounds crazy at first hearing; details were provided over the past month). Ainsleys share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks, Leaks/Leakeys and German Rench's while the "Leakey road," as locals call it, is officially the Ranch road.

See Mr. Schrage looking like he's poised to tell all:

Okay, so, if we're wondering why Bush's or Silversteins didn't make it to that section with lots of emphasis on Staple's, and with Stable's/Staplers being key to getting us back to the Knee / Needham stag, we can appeal to the Stabbs listed with STOP. From here we go to my old girlfriend, Lorraine, whom I met and asked on a date at her BUS stop. Our last time together was when she came home with a grass stain on her pants, and Stains/Stans are linkable to Stanleys.

Without going over all the evidence again that Lorraine was a pointer to Bush branches, suffice it to say that while the Trade Towers are viewed as pillars, Bush-branch Bosco's have "pillars" topped with "tufts of grass." I not only touched the knee of Miss Hicks in the dream, but grazed it, and Graze's are listed with Grasse's. Touch's/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with Tufts/Tuffs', and the latter share the red phoenix in the Knee Crest, can you believe it?

Silversteins have a version of the Saffer/Savary Coat, and the latter share "aut" with Knee-branch Needhams (another phoenix, as with Phoenix's/Fenwicks), suspect with Auto's/Otto's, the line now to the car = auto where Miss Hicks was hovering. Grazio's were first found in Perugia with Ottone's/Otto's. Graze's/Grasse's may have the giant Milan/Millen lion because Ottone Visconti ruled in Milan. Italian Milans share the tree stump with Italian Bosco's who in turn have a star-crescent combination in the colors of the near-same of Schrage's.

The "sucCURRere" motto term of Milans/Millens could be partly for the Curr variation of Cars, or the Corrys/Corry in the "Cor" motto term of Cecils, for Corrys/Currys were first found in Waterford with Cecil-related Correns/Courrens. We saw the Cecil-Staple relationship, and here I can add that "rien" is shared between Staple's and Misers. The "MISERis" motto term of Milans/Millens can be for Misers ("COEUR rien") having cherries while Cherrys share the annulet of Vito's in the Saffer/Savary motto phrase, "Aut vita." The same motto has "aut mois GLORIosa," and Glorys/Lowrys are a branch of Larrys/Lowrys who pointed a couple of updates ago to Larry Silverstein. The same motto has yet a sixth term, "libera," and Leibers have yet another tree stump of the type used for Milans and Bosco's. Larrys/Lowrys have a tree stump of the type shared by Rhodes-liner Rodhams.

The "mois" term (of Saffers/Savarys) looks like it should be for Mose's/Moss' for they were at Salford, which can explain why Salfords are also Savary-like Savards. The Moses'/Moys have steps (not called "steps" so far as I know) that can link to 9-11, as you will see below, though the Stepps were also in the last update.

Recently, I was debating whether Saffers/Savarys have a heron or crane, but the 2nd update of July, 2019, says it's a stork. This recalls that Oettingens of Bavaria had stork mythology while Odins/Hoddys and Oddie's/Odo's (Ottone/Otto colors) are said to be from Storkhouse and GISburn. This adds to the evidence that VISconti's were a branch of GUIScards/Wisharts, and then Visconti's could have been of Knee-connectable Vise's/Vice's / Acorns. Gisburns could therefore be using the Milan/Millen / Graze/Grasse lion. Gise's/Guys share blue vair fur with Saffers/Savarys, and Guy of Spoleto was in Umbria with the first known Ottone's/Otto's and Grazio's (share rooster with Sardinian Visconti's). Gise's/Guys have a "honeSTIOR" motto term that can be both for stork-using Store's and Guiscard-related Orrs/Ore's. The "Quo" motto term of Gise'/Guys can be for the Coo's/Cowes' sharing a version of the Guiscard piles.

Why the Otto Line with the Auto?

The last update showed that the car in my 1979 dream is an auto as God's code for the line Henry Fowler's father, Otto I, and then I showed how it squares with Ottone Visconti and the Ottone's/Otto's (assumes he was named after an Otto in Otto's line. The woman in the dream includes Ainsley Earhardt, whom, I've noticed, purses her lips often, which is a semi-puckering. It just so happens that the Ottone/Otto Coat is a version of the German Puck Coat. English Pucks use hands, and it can be shown that German Hansons, like the Hans variation of Hands, were Visconti kin.

Henry the Fowler (duke of SAXONY) was also called, Finkler, and Jewish Finklers (and German Finks/Finklemans) happen to share a lozengy Shield with German Hansons. The latter share the lozengy of Scottish Lombards, and Ottone Visconti ruled Milan, the Lombardy capital. When we go to German Winklers (Saxony), it has the same lion as German Hansons, suspect with the lion of Visconti-related Sforza's. The latter's lion even holds a Wink-like quince. German Winklers and Hansons share the gold border that belongs to the line of Valentinian I, who, like Otto I, was a Roman emperor. Valentinian was born in VINKovci, making Quince's/Quincys (share mascles of different color with English Hansons) look like they were named by a branch of the namers of Vinkovci.

English Winklers were first found in Cheshire with Hands/Hans' and hand-using, EARhardt connectable Hardware's/HardEARs. The latter are in the colors and format of Buckleys (Cheshire) and Puckle-like Buckle's, and then Pucks are also Puckle's, first found in Sussex with Buckleys; the latter share the bull head (different colors) with Auto's/Otto's.

I showed how the woman STANDing at the auto links to Yarboroughs having what look like chaplets in the colors of the similar Ottone/Otto and Puck annulets. Stands/Stands were in Yarborough. The Duke's/Dooks (Devon, same as Otto-connectable Hoods/Hoots) have the same items as Yarborough's, and both surnames split their Shield in half in blue and white. Dogs/Docks were first found in Perthshire with Valentinian liners Justine's (gold border) and Winks/Wings. Ainsley Earhardt works at Fox and Friends with Mike Doocy, and Doocys are listed with Duke-like Duce's.

The Saxony-like Saxons do use chaplets (I've seen their Coat description), and the Arms of Saxony shares the Coat of Wedding-like Wettins (Saxony) while the Weddings and their branches recently made it to the auto (of the 1979 dream). English Wettins use buckles, remarkably enough. It just so happens that Finks/Finklers share the black martlet in the Weed/Weedin Crest, used in red by Weddings. Henry Finkler was duke of Saxony. It means that the Wedding scene in the 1979 dream also points to the line of Henry Winkler.

The Chaplets were first found in Lorraine with BAR-le-Duc, known by me to be named by Ducks/Dockers, first found in Westphalia with Valentinian-liner Velins and Velens. The latter share the martlets of Bash's, and John Bash now works for Bill BARR in some key operations. The Bash martlets are shared by Gormleys, and the Hanson surname came to topic, in the first place, as per Miss Hanson of Gormley, a teenage girlfriend of mine. She worked at Sam's Restaurant essentially beside Ratcliff lumber. Read on.

French Henrys share the Gormley / Velen martlets. My first date with Miss Hanson was in a Velen- / Valentinian-like Valiant car (the date was obtained while she handed me an ice-cream at Sam's Restaurant), and while Valiants use a shark, Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Irish Henrys. I'm thinking that Henry Fowler/Winkler is a line to/from the Henrys (the imperial Henrys come to mind). The Finks/Finklers happen to share the lozengy of Bedwells, the latter first found in Bedfordshire with a Luton location, and Lutons share the eagle of Wink-like Winns/Wine's.

It just so happens that while Hicks was the woman standing at the auto's hood, along with Miss Earhardt, Hicks use a BUCK's head wearing a chaplet around its neck, and "Nec" is a motto term of Buckleys. "Nec" is code for families on the Neckar river of Germany, which includes the city of STUTTgart, the line to the Stouts/Stows having the triple fesses of Change's/Changers in colors reversed. The latter are in the motto of STANleys (share MacKenzie stag head), expected from the Stan variation of Stands.

Stanleys/Stonelys have pointed to 9-11 crimes (see last update for that topic, and updates before that too), but there was also a knee event in real life that pointed to 9-11 crimes that involved a Stanley (don't know his surname). After the woman was standing at the auto, she was hovering in the car, and there was a knee event at that time, suggesting that her standing at the auto is a pointer to 9-11 crimes too, and I showed how that could be where Fowlers are connectable to Silversteins.

Silversteins have a version of the Saffer/SAVARY Coat, and this gets important where Salfords come up as "Savard," for while John Ratcliffe could be gleaned at the hood / radiator of the car when the woman was standing there, Ratcliffs were in Whalley and Salford (Lancashire, same as Cars) while the Whalley mascle is in the Crest of English Hansons. Ratcliffs share the black bull head with Auto's/Otto's, you see, and with Whalley-like Walerans; the latter were first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots of Devon's radiator-like and Ratcliff-connectable Rattery. Ainsley works for Fox while English Faux's/Fauks' share the Hanson mascle. Fulks were counts on Anjou, location of the first known Mire's/Mireux's, suspect in the "MIRabile" motto term of Whalleys.

Miss Hanson handed me an ice cream when she got her ice-cream symbol, and Cremers, sharing the Chief of Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' (Perigord, same as Faucys/FOCHERs), traced to Crema of Lombardy, on the Serio river that seems to be in the "serio" motto term of Cars. Danish and Norwegian Hansons have a Coat like that of Focher-like Fuggers/Fuggits. Miss Hanson was at her ice-cream place when I last saw her; I was at the entryway into Ratcliff lumber at the time, and she was in a black PICK-up truck while Picks share the Rattery fitchees.

It's a good bet, in light of the Cars and the Ottone-connectable Hansons involved at this point in the discussion, that the giant Hanson / Fugger fleur-de-lys is the same of Earhardts closely. The Earhardts surround their fleur with two green snakes, the color of the Hanson snake.

I might not be fully convinced that Mr. Ratcliffe (chief / overseer of the entire spy system) was in that dream if it wasn't for Miss Hicks moving hours away from my area of Texas to about ten miles from the home of Mr. Ratcliffe (Dallas area). Prior to that move, she and I lived some ten minutes away from each other, both on the Nueces river, which was pointed to by the News/Nuces surname (they do use "chaplets") that is connectable to the Bash's, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes. John Bash is now a DoJ lawyer looking into deep state crimes, and his region of operations includes the Nueces river.

The solid chevron of Bash's is in the sleeve of the arm in the News/Nuces Crest, and then Ainsleys were at Basford while Basfords/Bashfords share the Barr eagle! Bash now works in a key post for Bill Barr. Bash is checking out things directly related to Obama's role in the coup attempt. Will he deliver? Will Barr allow him to?

As Nuse's/Newes have two pale bars in the colors of the one of Neckers, it seems that we're back to Neckar-river liners, and so let's remind that the Hicks chaplet is around the neck of a buck's head. Dutch Necks/Neckers have a crown hanging off of an antler, and heraldic crowns, especially the one around the neck of a stag head of Crane's/CRAUNs (Suffolk, same as Buckle's), is code for the CERAUNii Illyrians depicted in ancient Greece as mythical Coronis the crow. A raven is a species of crow, and the raven banner of the Vikings belonged to the Stout family i.e. from Stuttgart on the Neckar. News'/Nuces' were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stouts/Stows (expected with the Changer fesses) and Stanleys ("changer" motto term).

Triple chevrons (different colors) are used by Sturs/STOWers, first found in Hampshire with Changers, indicating that Sturs were at least connected to Stuttgart liners of the Stout/Stow kind. I see Sturs from the Stura river of Cuneo, the area in which Massey-branch Masci's (WINGs) were first found, from the Maezaei Illyrians beside the Ceraunii, and as the latter trace to Stuttgart, note that French Sturs were first found in Manche, home of Masseys.

Julia Maesa, suspect from the Maezaei, was the sister-in-law of Roman emperor, Septimius SEVERus, and as Julia's husband was Mr. AVITus, Severus must be the line to Saffers/Savarys because they have a "vita" motto term. Whalley-like Whalers/Wheelers, with an item out of a crown that I see as code for Ceraunii, have an "Avito" motto term. Whalers/Wheelers share the fesse of Fore's/Forez's/Forets, the latter first found in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's. It's then interesting that while Whalers/Wheelers have the motto, "Avito JURE," Jurrys/Durrays share the Label/La Bell crescents while Bellows (Cheshire, same as Masseys) have another "Vita" motto term. Although I thought Bellows had a wolf head in Crest, it turned out to be a FOX (according to description), which causes me to repeat that Ainsleys have two "for" motto term suspect with Fore's/Forez's.

Jurrys/Durrays must be a branch of Jarrows/Dure's, especially as the latter were first found in Perthshire with Lyons sharing the green lion with Jurrys/Durrays. This is good because Lyons were at Foret while the Fore's/Forez's/FORETs are the ones sharing the Whaler/Wheeler fesse. Plus, the giant Lyon lion is in both colors of the same of Jarrys/Hare's, who have another fox head, which holds a green snake in Crest, the colors of the snakes of the Visconti-connectable Hansons, and of Hare-connectable EARhardts/Airharts! Bingo, we just crossed two foxes while seeing Ainsleys and Earhardts with Whaler/Wheeler kin.

Gregg Jarret is a Fox-news contributor who disseminates deep-state crimes, and Jarrets are listed with Jarre's (Garden / Jardin kin / branches). It just so happens that Jarrets/Jarre's were first found in Dol while Dol's use a WHALE. English Jarrets (Shropshire, same as Dol Alans), have the same eagle as Drummonds (Perthshire), suspect with KilDRUMMy castle in Angus, and Angus is where Gardens and Jardins were first found, and the Jardin Chief is essentially the Chief of English Vowells/Fowells while Saffers/Savards (linkable to the Whaler/Wheeler motto) are said to have been Vowells. It appears that we are back to the Auto/Otto line of Henry the Fowler with Vowells/Fowells, and the auto has Ainsley Earhardt.

As was said, Saffers/Savarys (version of Silver/Silverstein Coat) have a "vita" motto term, and so let's repeat: "It's then interesting that while Whalers/Wheelers have the motto, "Avito JURE," Jurrys/Durrays share the Label/La Bell crescents while Bellows (Cheshire, same as Masseys) have another "Vita" motto term." It just so happens those crescents are in giant form with German Silvers. Saffers/Savarys have an "Aut" motto term.

Bellows are a branch of English BILLets (Devon, same as Hoods/Hoots), interesting where Henry Fowler was the son of Otto of Saxony, whose mother in turn was ODA of BILLung. The Auto/Otto line goes back through Oda, whose parents are apparently not known. WOW, new: the Ottone/Otto/ODDA Coat is a very good reflection of the Billiard/Billet and Billiard/Hilliard Coats! The Billets must be from Billungs. Wikipedia's Billung article says that Matilda of Ringelheim, wife of Henry Fowler, was a Billung, and Ringels/Wrangle's (Westphalia) happen to share a curved, solid chevron with Ottone's/Otto's. Ahh, Ringwoods share the Bils checks. Ringers/Rings use a BELL, clever.

There was every indication that the other woman who fits the woman with the auto, Miss Hicks, was a pointer to John Bash as early as the newspaper event in Victoria, Texas, seven months before I ever saw or knew of Miss Hicks.

The woman was first seen walking around the fender of the car to the front, which can now be explained where Fenders (otter) were first found in Huntingdon with Otto-like Others/Otters. Perfect, especially as Others/Otters are said to be from Otherus, duke of Lombardy i.e. very connectable to Ottone Visconti of Lombardy.

As Larry Silverstein (new owner of Trade towers when they came down) is expected in this picture, who was pointed to in the last update by Pullys and Patents, it's pretty amazing that the motto of the latter two is shared by Winders/Wenders (bull head), for Others/Otters are said to be proto-Windsors/Winsors. This explains why Finkler-like English Winklers are also WINDle's. The "fie en" motto phrase of Windsors is suspect with Fiens/Finis' sharing the lion of German Winklers, and Windows have lion paws in the colors of those lions. The "Fortem" motto term of Fiens/Finis' makes their lion look like the Sforza lion.

Therefore, I do declare, Others/Otters and Fenders were from the line of Henry Finkler/Fowler, nailing the dream with a pointer to that bloodline. In my experiences, God doesn't point to an historical bloodline unless it was key to the line of the killers of Jesus. However, in this case, it recalls that Larry Silverstein came up two updates ago with a songline miracle at which very time he was looking linkable to Fowlers. I find this very intriguing, for nobody expects 9-11 criminals to be prosecuted anymore. Yet I half expect them as part of the Mueller operation against Trump, and so they might get their rewards soon by coup-attempt punishment. Or, their 9-11 crimes will be discovered while investigating their coup-attempt details. That's where Ratcliffe can come in big time.

The McLeods share a white bull head with Winders/Wenders, but McLeods also used a black bull head, the colors of the Auto/Otto bull head. McLEODs came to mind when readier a few hours ago that Henry Fowler's father was LUIDolf, count of Saxony. McLeods are also Lutts and very connectable by the Fasts in their "HOLD fast" motto to English Lutts/Lutleys having the Fien/Finis and Winkler lion! Zinger, and it can explain why LUTon is in Bedford, where Bedwells (Beetle branch) were first found who share the white castle of McLeods and the lozengy of Finks/Finklers! Bingo-Bango. McLeods were on Skye, and the woman at the car started to rise into the sky while Risings were first found in Norfolk with Fasts (share the Lutt/Lutley quadrants) and the Flags/Flecks in the McLeod Crest.

Ahh, English Winters (not "Winder") share the checkered Shield of Bils!!! That was found above as the Billung line. Winters were first found in Gloucestershire with Halps/Halfs, the latter being a branch of Halpers/Halfpennys, and the latter almost have the Winter Shield! Bingo, we are on the Mueller-team effort with Stefan Halper. Halps/Halfs and Halpers/Halfpennys (Worcestershire, same as Lutts/Lutleys) share the gold fitchee with Windows.

German Winders/Wunders are very important for pointing to Silverstein's Trade towers via use of the Stepps in the last update. The WINGs of Winders/Wunders is making this extremely enjoyable; the wings tend to assure that Winders/Wunders were Finkler / Winkler kin from Valentinian I. Just follow a minute. Valentins have a version of the Stevenson bend-with-items, a bend in the colors of the Winder/Wunder bend. The STEPPs are suspect with the Stevenson/STEPHenson fleur-de-lys, you see, and I kid you not that while I was on the Windows, I remembered that I slammed the window and broke the glass when Peare left my arms for Kepke.

This is so beautiful. I explained in the last update that, when Kepke invited Peare on their first outing, he invited me too, don't ask me why. As it turned out, Peare and I went FAST up the STEPs, when Kepke left the table (maybe to take a LEAK), to have our first kiss, and she became my girl for a few weeks. The steps in that discussion pointed with Stepps to the Trade towers.

A few weeks later, maybe only two, she and I were standing in my bedroom hugging, when Kepke yelled from the living room, "he only wants to use her, he doesn't love her." When she asked if it was true, which it was not, she left me and went to sit in the living room, before I could say a word (ah, I've only known you a couple of weeks, er, do I love you already?). So, I went out to the living room, and slammed the window in front of Kepke, breaking the glass. The Jewish Glass', you see, have double wings that, in colors reversed, would be red, the colors of the double Winder/Wunder wings, and both the Glass and Winder/Wunder wings are rare in that they both have fesses upon them!!! Stunning, for Windows are connectable to Winders. (Kepke later took Peare for good in an event very painful to me).

Plus, the 9-11-exposure video, Loose Change, worked into things because Loose's share the Morgan lion while Stanleys love the Change's in their motto. Prior to that discovery two updates ago, Stanley, when he took my seat at the 9-11 memorial on 9-11, 2002, was thought (by me) to point to Morgan Stanley, which had floors in one Trade tower immediately below two maintenance floors i.e. where the criminals could be expected to have their work stations to plant explosives in the building). The motto of Scottish Glass' has a "LUCtor" motto term, which can be for Luce's, Lucks or other potential Loose branch. "LUCTor" could possibly be for the Lucets/Luce's sharing the Eppstein Coat.

I can now report that the Loose's with the same lion as Morgans share a long, curved and solid chevrons (different colors) with Ottone's/Otto's.

Ahh, I almost missed it. This is why I slammed the window, for "LucTOR" must be part code for the Tours (tower) and their Tower branch, a pointer to the Trade towers! Stepps share the Trade/Trotte / Bush fleur-de-lys, and Swedish Thors share the heart of Trade's/Trotte's, as though Someone arranged heraldic things like a snitching instrument. Tors are listed with English Thors/Tours (red towers).

AHHHH, I get it. I always trace Windows and Fiens/FINIS' to FINIStere because the latter is like the French / Italian word for "window," and both surnames use the same lion. But look at that place as FiniSTERE!!! The stairs = steps that Peare and I rushed up to get away from Kepke. The Arms of Finistere share the upright goat of French Bauds, first found in Auvergne, and the Auvergne's share the giant tower of French Tours! English Thors/Tours have the three towers of Howells in colors reversed, and the Fiens/Fane's (Fien/Finis colors and format) were first found in Monmouthshire with Howells.

TORpins emphasize wings and can therefore be sharing the Valentine / Stephenson bend. Torpins entered my discussions as Turpens because, as I've said a few times, my mother told me that I drank TURPENtine out of a container on the STAIRS. The can / bottle was on the STEPs. Aside from that, she said nothing more about it than that she took me to the hospital. Apparently, even at roughly age 2, God was using events in my life to point to 9-11 crimes.

Oh wow, as I've said a few times, I used to slide down those stairs (top to bottom of staircase) on my belly. Miss Peare, shortly after the window-slamming event, got a belly symbol, and Scottish Bellys even have a "Per" motto term. Therefore, tack Bellys to the list of Billung suspects. I SLID down the stairs, and the Sleys/Slie's/Sleights may have formed Slide- / Slid-like variations, for they use owls while Owls/Howls look like a Howell branch. The Belly Crest does have a white tower, perhaps the Howell tower. Sleys/Slie's even share a lion holding a gold fitchee with Windows and Halpers. It may not be a coincidence that Halpers and Bellys share the same, lone rose.

The Stepps are said to be from Mr. Steptoe, which recalls that I looked down at Miss Hick's feet when crossing in front of her to take a seat on her other side, at the 9-11 memorial, so that I wouldn't step on her toes. I noticed the pale-green nail polish on her toes because it was a rare nail color, and saw that she had on sandals, the latter having proven to be very important for pointing to Camera's/Camerons. The Sandals: "Further to the north in Scotland, John de Sandall or de Sandele, appears as CAMERArius SCOCie..." I had just finished setting up her video camera, when returning to her, and seeing the seat beside her, I asked, "anyone sitting there?" It was for her daughter, but she then said, "you can scoot over" if she comes. Scoots are listed with Scocie-like Scougals, and Shoe's, loving the Knee's, are even Scochs/Schugs while Scottish Sandals share the Knee / Stanley bend. Stanley later took my seat.

So, there you have the Stepps/Steptoe's, a pointer to the Trade Towers, linking to all of that at the 9-11 memorial. I can now add that English Sandals share the cross of English Winklers! That's right down the auto line. In the dream with auto, I touched the knee of Miss Hicks, and Touch's (Sandal / Winkler colors), first found in Cheshire with Winklers, are also toe-like Tows. Pretty amazing stuff.

Now that we have a theory in which Sandals were related to, or even directly from, the Fowler > Otto line, let's check Sanders. Right away, we find bull heads, red ones too, which is what the black-on-red one of Auto's/Otto's would be in colors reversed. We also find white bull heads with the same Sanders (Rhineland) that could be the Winder/Wender bull head. It might explain why the auto was placed on a SANDY beach.

Ah, Irish Sanders share the motto of Fink- / Wink-like Vince's! The motto includes "sibi," which can be for a surname from Cibalae, the alternative name of Vinkovci. When Valentinian was born there, I think it was called, Cibalae, smacking of mythical Cybele, goddess of the Kabeiri cult on Lemnos, where Sintians lived that I trace to Santones, and to Sanders, because they lived beside the Lemnos-like Lemovices. The Sinclairs (named after Claro's) are also Saints while Santones named Sainte, and it just so happens that bull-head Sanders share the upright, red bull of Claro's!

Irish Sanders have an elephant head in Crest coming out of a crown, the Ceraunii symbol. Sharks use the crane, the Ceraunii symbol, and then I trace elephants to the Elaphiti islands, beside the Ragusa home of Shark-liner Saraca's. This works because Sands have a RAGully fesse suspect with Ragusa elements. The Elaphiti islands are suspect from Eliphas, who is suspect in naming the Halybes, metal makers and thus likely connectable to the mythical metal maker, Hephaestus, god of Lemnos. Eliphas was the son of Biblical Esau, and the latter was suspect even recently to Ash's/Aschs/Esse's/, who have two chevrons colors reversed from the two of bull-head Sanders. Irish Sanders use one of the two Ash/Asch/Ess chevrons.

Ahhh, Sandys, using a dancetty version of the Sand Coat, were at Wickhamford while Wickhams have the double Ash/Asch/Esse chevrons, thus assuring that Sands were a Sander branch. And in the Wickham Crest, a black bull head. The Wicks happen to have a "Cari" motto term, begging whether the Otto line formed "Auto" in recent times when merging with Cars. In any case. Cary castle was home to Leavells, from Waleran de Leavell, and Walerans have black bull heads too.

Rather than looking straight-on to the viewer, as does the Auto/Otto / Waleran bull head, the Wickham bull head looks slightly to the side, identical with the black Ratcliff bull head, and Ratcliffs were first found in Lancashire with Sands and Cars. On the neck of the bull head, I think I see the two Sanders chevrons (they look white, not intended as black).

Wickhams were first found in Hampshire with Drake's, while same-colored Dreux's/Drews have the Wickham / Ratcliff bull head but with gold horns (same as Waleran bull head). Dreux is a location in Abruzzo-line Eure, and while Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in the Abruzzo capital suspect in the Drake motto, the Dreux bull head is now showing wheat in its mouth, which can be called either sheaves or ears, though sheaves are usually full bundles of wheat with a band around the bunch. The Dreux wheat seems to have a black band, but maybe not. I can glean that Salisburys are Abruzzo/Abreu liners, and Dreux's are said to have married Saliburys (Wiltshire, beside Drake's).


Ears of wheat are used by Bocci's/BROCATo's, from Brogitarus, high priest of Cybele! There we have it. Ears of wheat are used by Caiaphas-suspect Chappes', kin of Ottone's/Otto's!!! THERE WE HAVE IT. I figured that God fixed the 1979 dream to point to the killers of Jesus.

Dreux's share the lion of Datons, said to be from Autun, the peoples of which, the Aedui, I trace to mythical Aedon of Boeotia, suspect with the Boethus house of Sadducees that Caiaphas may have belonged to. Boeotia was one of four main Kabeiri centers, another having been at Samothrace, named after Samos over by proto-Claro Clarus, and not far from Ephesus, where Aedon's mythical father was placed (because whatever people group she depicted was from Ephesus).

The Wickham motto, "Manner MAKETH the man." Wicks were first found in Surrey with MACHETs/Madgets and Michaels (Meschin kin). As Mackays were from the Isle of Man, maketh-like Mackets (not "Machet") look like Man liners because they share the white unicorn head, with a gold horn, of Christine's, the latter first found in Man. Mackets are showing the pike fish of Luce's on a black Shield, but then these fish make the Kidson/Kitson variations of Mackets look like a Ged / Kidney/Gedney branch. Kitts and Kite's are in Christine colors and format. The KIDson variation recalls Michael's kids jumping on a yellow mattress. Scottish Kidsons/Mackets throw in some goats, a Kidd symbol.

As Pike's / Pickens are suspect from the namers of Picenzo, I now need to repeat that my mother spent the summer in Picenze, her village of birth, with me. One day, the man of the house where I was staying took me to his bocci game with his buddies in a major center that was probably nearby L'Aquila, where Sheaves'/Chiava's (keys) were first found. Note that Christine's essentially share the Scottish Shaw Coat, for English Shaws ("qui") are also Sheaves'. I got so bored waiting for his bocci game to end that I repeated said to him, "can we go now." And each time, he would say, "in a minute, in a minute." He lied each time. Decades later i recognized it as a God-arranged event because Bocci's were listed with Brocato's while Brogitarus was the father of Amyntes, whom I had trace to the Minute's/Mynetts PRIOR to first finding the Bocci's/Brocato's! Amazing.

Plus, Amyntes conquered Derbe while ear-like Eyers/Ayers (version of Irish Shaw Coat) were first found in Derbyshire. Derbyshire is where "Brogitarus"-like Froggits were first found who use a "bunch of cherries," and Bunch's (Perthshire, same as Shaws!) share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys. Ainsley EARhardt! The Shaws are also Seths, suspect from Seth, father of Ainsley-line Annas!!! Unreal. This find is a by-product of the bocci game. Perthshire is right beside the first-known ear-of-wheat Chappes' (Stirlingshire). So, now we know why God stuck Ainsley Earhardt in the auto dream. The Bunch fleur-on-a-fesse is shared by Macket-like Machets/Madgets. I can see Machets developing from the Ainsley scimitar on the idea of a machete. (Treat houseofnames lightly, or just ignore, where its computer brings up "Machet" automatically as "MacHet." Macys are brought up as "MacY.")

Again: even if one were a son of Caiaphas or Annas his father-in-law, and a Christian too, it would be celebrated by God.

The Bunch fesse with fleur-de-lys is in the colors of the Butt/BOET fesse with fish. This fish is in the colors of the Geddes...PIKE heads!!! It's the Picenze line, isn't it? Valentinian I married Justine of PICENum, the line to Justine's, first found in Perthshire with Bunch's and Wings/WINKs. It's the Auto/Otto line!!! I always link Justine's to Ash-like Ass' whose fasces I trace to the Fieschi of Genova, where Bocci's/Brocato's were first found. Otto-line Sanders use a broken sword, and Broke's are listed with Brocato-like Brocks. It's possible that the garbs of Brooks (Essex, same as Broke's/Brocks) are called, "sheaves of wheat." Broke's/Brocks share the giant fleur-de-lys of Earhardts!

It's interesting that Brocato-like Brockets/Brockheads/Bockets (line to Buckets?) were first found in Hertfordshire with Beach's, for the dream had a sandy beach for the auto. The Brocket/Brockhead cross looks linkable to the Rat cross, that being the possible makers of RatCLIFFs. AHH, Cliffs are even said to have married Styche's, who share the Brook Coat!!! ZINGER. A so-called "stick" is used by Schere's (green snake traces to Marsi of Abruzzo) along with ears of wheat!!!

The Ratcliff bull head is shared by Dreux's, and Dreux is in EURE while Hicks (share Bunch fleur-de-lys) use an "heure' motto term while Miss Hicks was the woman in the auto too, and she moved to within ten miles of John Ratcliffe.

Sticks are suspect with the "Sithech" term in which Shaws are said to derive. Kyle's use candleSTICKs while CANDle's/Cantwells, in Bocci/Brocato colors, have five annulets in the positioning of the five keys of Sheaves'/Chiava's (see also the five ears of wheat of Nigro's, the five Abreu/Abruzzo wings, and the five swans of CHAPlets). Bocci's/Brocato's were first found in Genova with Doria's sharing the eagle of CANDi's/Candida's. The latter were first found in Naples with Capone's/Capua's while English Capone's were first found in Cambridge with CHEPmans/Chapmans. It's making the Jeepma/CHEP eagle look like the Candi / DORia eagle, which recalls my dream about the Jeep's DOOR handle.

Why do Ainsleys share FIVE fleur with Flora's? Flore's have them (not five) in the colors of the Ainsley fleur. The first-known Flore liners (Florio family) were at PERSANo and SANDionisio. If Persons/Pearsons/Piersons (sun, can be for Sand-connectable Suns/SAINTs) share a version of the Bathgate Coat (suns in Gates colors), Flore's can be using the cross of Baths (Somerset, same as Piers/Pierce's). Parsons share the Peare leopard faces while Face's/Fessys share the Bath cross, yet it's also the cross of My's in the Ainsley motto. You can get a load of Ananes-Gaul and Annas kin from this paragraph, very linkable to Pierro's/Pero's (share Sand fesse?) of Pavia. Pierro's/Pero's happen to have FIVE roses, while Scottish Rose's use Bucket-like Bougets, and then while "SandioNISio" suggests a peek at the Niss Coat (chevron in Sand colors), it happens to share the Quint chevron while "quint" means "five." Quints (share red lion with Broke's/Brocks expected with the broken sword of Sanders) were first found in Essex with Broke's/Brocks and Brooks!

The Bocket variation of Brockets/Brockheads can explain the formation of Buckets/Bokets/Buchards, and from that the Bucks could have formed suspect in the Hicks buck head. The Bucket/Boket Crest has a gold fleur-de-lys, the color of the Hick fleur-de-lys. Moreover, this can link to Ottone VISconti (green snake originally) because Buckets/Bokets share three, red piles to a point with Visconti-liner Guiscards/WisHARTs! The latter, sharing "my" with Ainsleys (share Hick fleur), were first found in Stirlingshire with ears-of-wheat Chappes'. The Guiscard/Wishart motto, MERCY is my deSIRE," was important in the last update. What do think the Visconti ANNulet was named after?

Guiscards share the Crest of neighboring Drummonds, and the latter use a "Gang" motto term while Gangs share the cinquefoils of French Buckets. A Drummond variation is suspect in naming Teramo, the old Abruzzo capital.

The sandy beach, now linking to Auto-line Sanders / Sandys. Beach's share the single pile of Conter-like Countrys in the Ainsley motto, and Conte's/Counters (share Buck antlers) could have named Visconti's. The VISE's/Vice's have a BLACK STAG head. Brockets/Brockheads/Bockets (BLACK STAG) share a lodged stag (different color) with Maxwells (Isle-of-Man liner), and the latter put it under a "holly bush" while Buckets/Bokets use holly.

A lodged antelope in the brown of the Maxwell stag is with Brecks/Breach's. Isle-of-Man liners came to topic with a "Manner MAKEeth the man" motto, and "make sure" of the Kilpatricks is for Maxwells and holly-using Sure's/SHORE's. The auto was on the sandy shore with Mrs. Kilpatrick (= Miss Hicks). Sure's/Shore's use a "LICitis" motto while Lice's/Leas' share the motto of Hicks-beloved Bucks. Maxwells, Makeths and Mackays were from Maceys = Masseys, and Manners share the Massey/Macey quadrants. The Mercys in the Guiscard motto are also Maisie' of my mother's direct bloodlines from Picenze.

The Shore's could have named the Shorelands/Shawlands who come up as Shops. I had a dream that opened with my riding a SHOPPing cart from the side like one rides a skateboard. After that scene, I was complaining to the previous owner of my jeep about a barrel-shaped part missing from the door handle. After that scene was the third scene where I was then holding a barrel / bucket-like container larger than a five-gallon bucket that turned out to be a trash CAN and DRUM (the latter applies as per the Drummond link to Buckets). The "trash can" was birthed as per the Tracys/Trasse's first found near Caen, for Caens, sharing the Sure/Shore motto, are also Cans. It seems that the shopping cart was added to the dream to help assure that I was holding a trash can.

The reason that Tracys applied in the first place is that the container caught flames in the last scene, which I smothered with SAND. Trashers/TRESURE's share the red fitchee with Sands and Sandys, while flame-like Flemings own the so-called double-TRESSURE border. From that picture, I bounced it over to Tracy/Trasse's, first found in Devon with Trebys and Treble's, from the Trebia river, near the Ceno to which I trace Caens/Cans, for the latter share five white ostrich feathers in Crest with the Arms of Traby. The Ceno drains into the Taro, and Tarrs/TARRES' (MacDonald colors) were first found in Somerset (beside Caens/Cans of DORset) with TRASHers/Tresure's, you see, and it just so happens that the Ananes Gauls, suspect to the naming of Annas/Ananus, killer of Jesus, lived between the Taro and the Trebia.

Tears/TIRE's share the MacDonald eagle while MacDonalds ("per TERRAS"), first found in KinTYRE, share the red fitchee of Trashers/Tresure's. It's the Ferte eagle too while Ferte-Mace is up the Orne river from Caen. On the day Miss Hicks took both my HANDs in church, on the only day I ever wore the TREBLE-CLEF tie, I walked out of church to find a flat TIRE on my vehicle. The Cleffs/Cliffs married Styche's, from the Astikas' who married Traby. It appears that the treble-clef day informs us that Tire's were Taro-river liners, of a branch of that river's namers.

Mrs. Kilpatrick was so close when taking both my hands in the church's row of seats that I could smell old dust in her gorgeous hair. No wonder, it was a wig, which I figured was a pointer to Wigans, having a version of the Annas Coat. The Wigan Crest is that also of the Scottish Johnsons sharing a version of the Kilpatrick Coat.

As the flat tire was on my SAFARi van (Saffers have FIVE hawks or FALCons, forget which), while Cleffs/Cliffs share the black-on-white wolf with Salfords/SAVARds, we can point that event to John Ratcliffe, for Ratcliffs were first found in Salford. Flatts/Fletts are linkable to Flags/Flecks especially by way of Fleets, and Flags/Flecks (Norfolk, same as Palmers/Parmers) share a version of the Palmer/PARMer Coat while the Taro flows to Parma. Can you see God in my flat tire? That Safari was the best vehicle I ever owned in terms of breaking down, so a flat tire was just dandy with me.

The Baths linked above to Flore / Pero / Peirson liners, and so note their Tire-suspect "desPERtire" motto term. Baths were in the paragraph with the FIVE Ainsley and Flora fleur-de-lys, where Flore's became suspect with the Bath cross. So let's take this to the Rhodes' having the Bath cross-and-lions in colors reversed, for while Aubin is near Rodez, Aubins/Albins (Devon, beside Baths) share the blue fitchee of My's (share Bath cross) in the Ainsley motto, and also the bend of Peirs/Peers. Aubins/Albins (St. TAURin) are said to be from EURE, and they share the white bull head with Sanders.

So, the point is, the Ainsley cross is in the colors of the Anon/Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's and Annandale, and by ear-suspect Ayrshire, and Tire's are now suspect from the Taro river, home of proto-Annandale Ananes Gauls. A Hugh of Rodez married a daughter of Roquefeuils, and the Terras'/Terra's/DerrSCHAU's in the motto of KinTYRE's MacDonalds use rooks, a Roquefeuil symbol.

There is a Shaw-like Schau surname, by the way, listed with Schobs, and then Scobys were first found in Perthshire with Shaws. As it's in Perthshire, the Scoby lozenges are linkable to the same-colored lozengy of Finklers/Finks. The Scope's/Scrope's/Scrolls (Yorkshire, same as Florence-line Ferrands) are excellent here because they not only share the Coat of FLOREnce's Bruno's, but the FIVE white feathers in the Caen/Can Crest. I had been imagining a Flore / Flora link to the Taro river ever seeing the Bath motto, and I expect Caens/Cans ("PERImus") at the Ceno-Taro-Trebia area.

CUNNinghams (Ayrshire) use a "SHAKEfork" traceable with Shake's to Shechemites at SchimaTARi. Did the namers of the latter include a branch of the namers of the Taro? Ainsleys use a scimitar. Cunninghams, first found in Ayrshire with Pike's/Pickens, share the unicorn head, with gold HORN, with Mackets (pike fish). Horns/Orne's are from whatever named mythical Orion at Schimatari, and Orions/Irons are traceable to Arran, an island beside Kintyre.

Cunninghams (same place as Craigie's, MARGaret Carrick and MARGys/Mackeys) use "Over fork over" as a motto, and the Over bend is also that of Scottish Terras'/Tarras', who in turn have the same crescents as Craigie's. Terras'/Tarras' were first found in Moray with Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray, son of Margaret Carrick (mother of king Bruce I).


Chicago police cracked down on protesters this week probably because the previous, opposite policy of the mayor was ruinous both to local and federal politics. The goons were obeying, stupidly, the higher powers who thought that it was time to do a little terrorism in America. They picked a bad time to use Democrat politicians for such an agenda. The backfire is embarrassing. It probably means that the goons will ramp up the COVID scheme to make up for this failure, but the COVID scheme isn't good for politics either, because it harms liberals and conservatives alike, yet the liberals are the majority in the cities pushing both the faceless (masked), chicken-hearted society, and the murders of the elderly.

On top of these failures, as the race comes near the wire, is the Biden-Harris duo. These failures wipe out the advantages from the most-colossal media machine ever known to man. I don't think the Internet media machine can save the Democrats in this election, but it will be there for future elections, a scary thought. By election-2024, how wickedly out of their minds will the liberals be as compared to today? How crazy will they go if they lose 2020?

On the 17th, Nunes said, on Lou Dobbs, that the new head judge for the FISA court is going to be the judge of the Clinesmith case, a conflict of interest if ever we saw one. Nunes is wondering how Barr has allowed that situation to be, like having your own fellow thief be the judge of your own theft case. Clinesmith lied to the FISA court, and the judges thereof don't want the Clinesmith case to let out to the public that the FISA judges themselves are part of deep-state corruption. So, they're sticking the FISA judge in there to assure self-protection = obstruction of justice. The FISA court was invented for the sake of fast and unobstructed spy services for those government spies who can't get spy warrants in the ordinary way.

Who chooses judges for cases, anyway? How much has the deep state rigged that process for its own benefits / advantages? It's to be expected that the deep state would do as much as possible to rig it. That's what a deep state does, pull out some control measures for itself. If it played fair, it wouldn't be a deep state, by nature illegal. It seeks to control with or without the blessings of elected officials. The worst of it is, there are multiple deep states by now because men never see eye-to-eye. Splits took place. Not all deep-state participants listen to the same chief, all the time. They may or may not coordinate on any given matter / plot. You don't need evidence for these things to know that's the way it is. It's just human nature for some of the highest control freaks to want to be the biggest boss. Bosses make mistakes and lose clout with supporters. The latter could join another boss wanna-be coming up the ranks having a more favorable point of view.

HAHAHAHAHA...the judge for the Clinesmith case, when the proceedings took place to accept the guilty plea, said that he was the chosen judge by a "random" act, when they put a whack of judges' names in a drum, spin the drum, and his name happened to come up...hahahahaha. If you believe that...hahahahah. He admitted this at the start of his words so that people would understand, but neither did he recuse himself, which he had the option and duty to do. So, the DOJ is a sham organization, and this looks like a slap on Clinesmith's wrist, not necessarily because he snitched on any other FBI conspirator in return for leniency, for it could certainly be true that Barr is afraid of repercussions, and has decided to treat every other guilty person along these same, soft lines.

This is embarrassing. ASK; why was this judge's name put into the drum in the first place???? AH-HAHAHAHAHA. The court system is guilty of colluding with the FBI, and this is how they protect one another. The reason that they didn't allow the drum method to pick a judge is that an impartial or pro-Trump judge would start asking questions about the corruption of FISA judges, obviously. So, Barr -- trash can -- how could he not ask this judge to recuse himself? BARR = TRAITOR. Barr's prosecutor had the opportunity to demand recusal, but Barr's prosecutor came to court already decided not to demand it. FARCE! The judge knew before the proceedings that neither side would demand recusal, or they wouldn't have started the proceedings with him.

Even if Clinesmith was given a plea deal, they should NEVER have allowed this FISA judge to do the sentencing. NEVER, but they have no shame. Barr did say that anyone who committed a crime would be charged, but with this first case we are left wondering if this firecracker is an example of the bangs to come.

Clinesmith told the judge that the false information he provided was a mistake. How can the DoJ use this case to show a criminal pattern with forthcoming prosecutions if Clinesmith is allowed to walk away having made merely a one-word mistake? If Clinesmith didn't snitch on his fellow FBI people, then Durham got zero for this guilty plea. It's arguable that he did snitch, or he wouldn't have pleaded guilty if his defense claim is making a mere mistake. As the deal includes no other prosecutions possible against Clinesmith, it seems that Durham did get him for more than this one count, but let him off the hook for talking. Or, the alternative is our worst fears; Barr demands to go soft on all FBIers guilty of the coup, and is making Clinesmith's case look like a plea deal had been secured for the purposes of the harsher treatment of other FBIers / DoJers / CIAers.

When the judge gives him a lenient sentence, all the other conspirators can better claim that they too just made mistakes. After all, this judge, by giving a lenient sentence, agreed that there was at least this one mistake that otherwise looks like a conspiracy to defraud Trump of the White House.

Trump was all wrong this week when he said that the coup attempt against him was the worst crime ever. In fact, worse crimes were the framing of his team players, because they were meant to go to jail for a decade or more, but Trump, even if he was robbed of the White House, could still be a free man. Barr was an accomplice to framing Flynn; it's knowable because Barr had easy access to Flynn's phone call from the start of his job, and he would have realized in a few short minutes, listening to the call, or just reading it, that Flynn wasn't guilty of a thing. Or, if Barr didn't listen to or read the phone call, he's complicit for not doing so, because he knew that conspirators under Mueller were committing crimes against Trump's people, and so Barr had the chief responsibility to look at the Flynn case personally. BARR = TRASH. He's been discovered, but no one on Fox will dare talk about this even though it has occurred to them all. Barr's job now is to act like he's really doing his job.

See Millennial Millie starting at 56 seconds to see what I think is a fishy part of her video. We are to believe that she has her cell phone in her left hand, with camera pointed to her own face, but it seems to me that someone else is doing the video to her direct front, except that, according to the situation, the long form if you've seen it, there was not supposed to be anyone with her who would be taking the video. Plus, why is she pointing it to her face in the first place instead of the officers. She never once gets the officers in a facial view. Is she some kind of an imposter?

Earlier in the video, there are voices at a police station saying something like, "she not in this building." Well, no, that makes sense if her arrest didn't take place. Why aren't we hearing the question of," when did they let her out?" Or, "was she arrested, is it true?" Instead, we get a matter-of-factly, she's definitely not in this building.

Aren't camera's allowed in the court house aside from in the court itself? In the 6th minute, she's shown walking outside the court house, escorted by a police officer. Her hair is well braided at the back even though she spent the weekend in prison; does that ring true? Would a woman bother to braid her hair in prison? Apparently, her mother brought some domestic-abuse charge against her. Does that smack like reality, or a safe way to manufacture a faked-arrest event? If it is a faked event, the police are in on it, and that would make her some sort of government spy worker, using her show to spy on anti-government people, those who watch her shows and communicate with her. We can expect things like that from Intelligence.

Near the start of the 10th minute, Millie's husband, I think it is, is on the phone, and the viewer is made privy to the call. Does that look like reality, or a staged piece? C'mon, it's definitely staged. The woman on the other end "proves" that he was arrested, but of course, that's why the audience was made to hear the call. I sometimes think that there are Intelligence operatives acting like anti-deep-state activists to give the impression that the deep state has things under such tight controls that there's no use fighting, but rather we should all fear. SPIT! They are goons, and goons make mistakes because they are demonically inspired. Yes, they want to control the world, but never will. They're too demented to realize it's never going to happen, so they know they need to find ways to force people to act in certain ways. I predict that they will get brutal if frustration, something to fear, to be sure, but not in the way they hope for us to fear, with smooth sailing for themselves due to that fear.

The burglary charge she was partly arrested for turns out to be a taking of her mother's cell phone against her will, for which secret indictments by a grand jury were required --- hahahaha --- how can that be a reality, c'mon. There is something so sweetly revelatory about this story. Millie must be an imposter. It gives us an idea of how they work, and what they are up to hyping deep-state powers. When the anti-deep-stater seems to know too much, comes across too polished and professional, maybe suspect an imposter.

Already, facebook has bailed out of promoting Antifa, because it's a loser of a game with bad timing just before the election. facebook is a liberal sham and spy system that does what is expedient for Democrat causes. If it were not for the loser policies of the Democorruptic Party, Republicans would never win again. They are actually having Hunter Biden as a speaker at their convention. What does it tell you that 40-plus percent of Americans will yet vote for this party with blind loyalty? The nation became this way after decades of media bombardment for mental conditioning. It's a blight on the nation's face.

Trump complained this week about the Democrat push to unveil his business / tax records. He complained that Democrats wanted to find a comma out of place, or missing, so to speak, that they can take action against him using that excuse. But Trump deserves this treatment because he re-instated the spy powers of the country when he had opportunity to cut those spy powers to lower levels. It means that, for anyone that Democrats or other evil powers take to court, all their records are accessible by the state prosecutor so that he/she/it can seek and find a comma out of place, so to speak, and get the persons jailed on that basis. You see, Mr. Trump, all your troubles are because you are not really looking after the people. You only give the image that you are. You empowered the deep state by your own inaction to freeze it in its tracks, so, having made your bed, sleep in it. Right now, that deep state is trying to topple you as we speak, using spy powers, stupid. Enemies are snubbing their noses.

Bongino Report has a headline: "Former President G.W. Bush Endorses Maine Senator Susan Collins". It's all we need, to know that Christians got zero under eight years of Bush, or that he feigned being a Christian to get the Christian vote. Collins is the Senate's biggest RINO, we could say, desirous of betraying Christian principles / politics. Of all people for Bush to endorse, why her?

I CAN'T STAND BIDEN NEWS, it makes me feel sick. Fox is sick with Biden news. The nation has become sick with Biden news. The nation is a laughing stock with Obama and the Clintons supporting Biden; at least I get good laughs at times watching them with straight faces.

Perhaps the best way to keep Democrats from power is for Republican capitalists to address the evils of capitalism, for while Biden's team will uphold and favor people with foreign accents, citizens or otherwise, above long-time American whites, there are many such whites planning to vote Biden for their disgust of capitalism. Hello? As an example of capitalist evil, suppose someone invents a solar panel that gets twice as much energy as the best solar panel going, and suppose also that the new panel is cheaper to produce. The inventor has the right under the free-enterprise standard (or free-enterprise morality) to sell the panels at twice the price as the going costs just because they get twice the energy. So, all of the benefits of a new product goes to the inventor, and the people get nothing out of it, except the ability to use half as many panels to make the roof less unsightly.

That's called greed, but I say there needs to be a law that sets retail prices with maximum mark-ups according to the manufacturing costs of a product. You can have free enterprise for the business owners, but under certain rules that protect the money outlay of buyers. That's when anti-capitalists will abandon Democrats in droves.

Another example of capitalist error is where the government persecutes / stamps out the new solar panel on behalf of the continued financial windfalls of oil producers.

The Wisconsin police shooting of a black man in the back sounds immediately like a faked event by liberals to justify the unruly "protests."

I See War on Meat

I figure that globalists don't want us to dry meat, because they don't want us to eat it, so I expect them to re-educate the world saying that jerky lasts only a couple of months. Here's old guys eating it after eight years in a fridge:

Asking google, "re-using sauce mason jars," it's said to be a big no-no for hot-canning purposes, because, for example, the glass is weaker and can break with 190-degree water, one said, and the rims are thinner or rounded. But wait. Didn't the foods originally in these jars get hot-canned? So, are forces dissuading us from storing store-bought Mason jars? Looks like. But why? Globalists don't want us prepared with months or years of extra food, do they? If they wish to control us with fear of something bad happening, they want us living paycheck to paycheck. Do a test, boil a store-bought Mason jar, see if it breaks.

I have poured heated water in the ballpark of 135-175 degrees into a single Classico-sauce Mason jar maybe 200-300 times, and using the same lid that the jar came with each time, without leakage. I put two such jars into my bed (lying flat), in an unheated bedroom, from January to roughly April, and that's over 100 times in one season alone, yet I've done it for about three years. The lids are fantastic for sealing, not one leakage accident yet.

Most bacteria are deactivated at temperatures between 165 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit. In my professional job we advise to heat up meat to at least 165 degrees before serving. These temperatures kill bacteria, as well. At 122°F there are no bacteria that are pathogenic to humans...

Okay, so the 165 figure has a safety factor built in. We only need to achieve 125F. However, "Despite its extreme potency, botulinum toxin is easily destroyed. Heating to an internal temperature of 85°C [185F] for at least 5 minutes will decontaminate affected food or drink." So why are we told that foods need to reach only 165 F? I don't know. It seems that there is no danger of botulism poisoning in fresh / frozen meat. "Spores are not killed by boiling, but botulism [poisoning] is uncommon because special, rarely obtained conditions are necessary for botulinum toxin production from C. botulinum spores, including an anaerobic, low-salt, low-acid, low-sugar environment at ambient temperatures".

This video says that the spores are "metabolically inert." That sounds like they don't do anything in our bodies, and that we need to ingest the bacteria formed from the spores in order to get sick. This video says (4th minute) that infants are more susceptible to poisoning because the bacteria is able to multiply in their stomachs, which, I think, implies that it doesn't multiply in the stomachs of people more than a year old. If that's correct, then it may be correct that the stomach kills the bacteria so that a very high amount needs to be ingested (that the stomach can't handle fully) to cause body poisoning. We should like to know the details.

Infant botulism...occurs when infants ingest C. botulinum spores, which germinate into bacteria that colonize in the gut and release toxins. In most adults and children older than about 6 months, this would not happen because natural defences in intestines that develop over time prevent germination and growth of the bacterium.

Okay, so, wow, our stomachs prevent germination, probably from acids. In that case, how does a person get sick from this substance? The writer didn't think it was important enough to tell us how the infection occurs, aside from saying: "Botulinum toxins are ingested through improperly processed food in which the bacteria or the spores survive, then grow and produce the toxins." Well, since he says that the stomach kills the bacteria, does this mean that spores are what get through the stomach, into the blood stream? Couldn't he/she have afforded just one more sentence to say so??? STINGY! I still want to know whether our educators are making a freak-mountain out of a molehill. Just think of how much canning goes on, and there are fewer than 22 botulism illnesses annually nation-wide.

Where the writer speaks on infant infections, the culprits are the bacteria released by the spores, not the spores. And the writer then implies that children over a year old, along with adults, are not affected by stomach spores because the stomach kills the bacteria. In that case, there's nothing left to threaten an adult, if it's neither the spores nor the bacteria that act as threats.

The article also says: "Spores produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum are heat-resistant..." Period. It doesn't say that a certain amount of heat kills it, it just says "heat-resistant." Why did the writer put it that way? To confuse us? Is he/she saying that 250F does NOT kill the spores?

Okay, so if you are in survivalist mode, and you haven't got access to a pressure cooker that wipes out spores, it seems to me that you can forego achieving pressure-cooker temperatures for jarred meat if you just re-heat the jarred food to at least 185 degrees. What they are apparently telling us is that pressure-cooking (gets higher-than-boiling temperatures) is needed to destroy the spores, yet I haven't yet resolved whether spores ingested into our bodies are dangerous. Can the spores in our stomach system produce the botulinum bacteria? If so, there ought to be many people getting botulism by eating meat heated only to 165F. If ingesting the spores were dangerous, wouldn't they tell us to bring foods to 185F instead of 165? Seems logical.

Although the vegetative form of the [botulinum-produced] bacteria is destroyed by boiling, the spore itself is not killed by the temperatures reached with normal sea-level-pressure boiling, leaving it free to grow and again produce the toxin when conditions are right.,feeling%20tired%2C%20and%20trouble%20speaking.

The article says that the 250 degrees required by commercial canners needs to be held for three minutes only, but youtubers say that 75-90 minutes is needed in home operations using ten-pound weights (achieves 240F). I had read that a 15-pound weight will get the temperature to 250F. Does something seem amiss here? Why are we being denied the 15-pound method? Not because it's dangerous. Then why?

Why do youtubers direct us to do the 10-pound method if the 15-pound can reduce cooking time to three minutes? Why have none of the youtubers I've watched brought up this significant question? If 250 is safer than 240, why are we being denied the 250? "While commercially canned goods are required to undergo a 'botulinum cook' in a pressure cooker at 121 °C (250 °F) for 3 minutes, and thus rarely cause botulism, there have been notable exceptions."

It sure would be nice to save all that stove energy if we need do only three minutes. It would be especially advantageous if people in a survivalist situation could do their canning in three minutes instead of the 90 needed with the ten-pound weight, wouldn't you say? I'm assuming that the pressure-cooker kills the spores, otherwise what's the point? Yet I haven't read yet or heard that pressure cookers kill spores. Are they giving us hocus-pocus for some reason? Is it really necessary to boil jars for 90 minutes at 240F, or are they feeding us disinformation to dissuade us from canning using simpler, non-pressure methods?

The video above, at the 4th minute, says that pressure cooking kills the bacteria. It doesn't say it kills the spores. But if the botulinum bacteria is killed at 185 degrees, why is pressurized heating required? It thus seems that pressure-cooking is a safety factor only, and not required 99.99 percent of the time. It must be for the rare cases of poisoning that pressure-canning is called for, and maybe they even invented those rare cases in order to have "justification" for forcing us all to pressure-cook if we opt to store foods on our own. Pressure-cooking drastically reduces the number of people storing foods due to the work and cost involved in pressure-canning (pressure canners aren't cheap).

Aside from one having a pressure gauge on the lid, I'm not sure of the difference between "pressure cookers" and "pressure canners," for I'm seeing that one can use a less-expensive pressure cooker to do canning. But wait, what's this: "Bottom Line: You should only pressure can foods in a pressure canner which is made for canning food. You should NOT pressure can in a pressure cooker." Drats, the experts have spoken.

But wait. If a pressure canner has a ten-pound weight, and a pressure cooker has a ten-pound weight, won't they both achieve the same pressure and temperature? Absolutely. So who's the liar that would claim there's a difference between a cooker and a canner? Show me the difference.

Why is a canner with gauge $500 while a cooker without a gauge is $200 for roughly the same volume? Does a pressure gauge cost $300? Do we really need the canner? Can't we install our own gauge for $20 to a cooker? Do we really need the gauge? Do we really need 240F? The video below, though long, shows the mechanics behind a canner, which is simple all-around, in case you'd like to know:

Here's a lady using a 4-jar pressure cooker for canning (violating the experts) without qualms:

Comment on the page above: "I am so glad to run into this. I had heard that you can't do any canning in the instant pot. I couldn't see what the difference is. I am going to do this..." Another comment: "Finally!! So glad I found this video! I am from a long line of women who Can everything from the farm. I bought an electric pressure cooker to Can those small batches! Been canning those small batches now for 5 years! Thank you!" It starts to appear as though, in a survivalist situation, a cooker or crock pot will get us long-term, safe food storage in jars. If the choice is storing jarred deer meat via a crock pot or letting the meat rot, I'm very sure of the choice you'll make once you read comments like the ones above. We can imagine that google and youtube, our mortal enemies, are seeking to scrub such videos.

Yes, maybe the globalists are trying to scare us into not preparing foods using our $50 pressure cookers. "Thank you for the handy information. I have never canned in a pressure cooker and have been reading information from sites stating not to use electric pressure cookers for canning, something about warnings from the USDA (whatever). Like you, I will do what I want, if it makes sense. Cheers!"

If your jars are polluted with botulinum, the food should stink. Yet google searches on this issue bring up things like: "You cannot see, smell, or taste botulinum toxin, but taking even a small taste of food containing this toxin can be deadly." That's from the CDC. However, it could be a deceptive statement because, while the bacteria itself may not have an odor, and while we may not be able to see the bacteria alone, the bacteria growing in foods is predicted to smell bad, explaining the following from

Growth of Clostridium botulinum in food may cause container lids to bulge and cause foods to have a bad odor. Commercial or home-canned food products with bulging lids or a bad odor should not be eaten. However, botulism has also been associated with foods that smell and taste normal; therefore, the smell and taste of food should not be used to determine if it is contaminated. Never taste food to determine its safety.

The question arises as to whether the latter half of that quote is from disinformation. When I ask google for "photo of botulinum in jar," it brings up many such photos, right? Wrong. I get not one. I had to scroll deep for this photo where the botulinum infection is clearly visible. We totally understand that, with the CDC telling us we can't see botulinum infections in jars, google is going to scrub such photos from our searches. The serious infections are in the skulls of those ruling over our Internet educations. The page above is on the topic of botulinum, yet almost all photos show no infections, no popped-up lids. The page looks like a scam, not giving us what it purports to be giving us.

Take heart: "Although botulism can cause severe and prolonged symptoms, most people recover completely from the illness." I've yet to find the expected comments on whether the body can fight off a low "dose" of botulinum bacteria. One would think that this would be a natural piece of information in any article on botulinum. Instead, we get fear fear fear. Okay, so a mild case of botulinum in a jar will be invisible and have no noticeable smell, but, the question is, is it still dangerous to ingest if there are low numbers of bacteria? Don't you want to know the risk? Here's a statement I haven't time to follow-up on: "Short- and long-term results show that doses of 100 and 200 U of botulinum toxin A are equally safe and effective. However, because of cost considerations and possible adverse effects, the lower dose is preferable for treating axillary hyperhidrosis."

They use botulinum toxin as a drug, also called, Botox. There is this headline: "Dose-response Study of Efficacy and Safety of Botulinum Toxin Type A to Treat Spasticity of the Leg(s) in Cerebral Palsy". Or take this: "Botox is a drug made from a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It's the same toxin that causes a life-threatening type of food poisoning called botulism. Doctors use it in small doses to treat health problems, including temporary smoothing of facial wrinkles and improving your appearance..." Wow, have some boutlinum bacteria today, so good for you! We may wonder: how many beneficial things has botulinum secretly done for humanity? Having a few of these floating around in the body might be a life-saver for some.

Anyone can drill a hole into the lid of a cooker to install a pressure gauge. However, such a cooker depends on an internal heating device (electric) that deteriorates with usage, and may not stay on constantly, turning on and off instead. For a heavy-duty storage program, use a simpler pressure cooker (just a big pot) that gets CONSTANT heat from the stove top.

It's going to take a lot of stove sessions to save the $500 spent on the pressure canner. Is it really necessary to have one? It's a question I'm asking myself because I want to store food for this coming winter. I'll be happy if meat lasts only six months before use. The trick is to achieve the right pressure for your elevation, and make sure the stove is turned up enough to make the weight dance.

I think I've seen pictures of pressure cookers with dials instead of weights. I assume the dial turns for letting us choose the hole for 5, 10, or 15 pounds. People in high altitudes need the 15 pound weight just to achieve 240F.

Just so you understand, the air pressure of an environment determines the maximum water temperature, the boiling point. When you raise the air pressure, the boiling point goes up too. That's how the pressure cooker achieves 240F or higher. I assume they call it a 10-pound weight because it achieves 10 psi in the pot. Lookie here:

Commercial sterilization of canned goods is done at 15 pounds pressure / 250 F {103 kPa / 121 C}, which consequently requires a far shorter period of processing time. We can achieve 15 pounds pressure in our home pressure canners...

You may wonder why then there aren't home-use recommendations for the higher pressure / shorter time. The answer might be simply: the research for our home processing times was done at 10 pounds pressure, and funding would be needed for the research to redo the times for each item the USDA currently has 10 lb times for.

That sounds like a lame explanation, and we can see that the writer has no idea as to why we are directed to use 10-pound weights. A better explanation might be: globalists don't want the world to know that we can jar meats in three minutes flat using a 15-pound weight. By now, having watched the news for the past three years, you are up-to-speed on how our rulers are liars, and you would be naive to think they lie only about politics. Their politics is all about global-village control, so, food consumption and food storage is meshed into their control-freak agendas, expect it. Canning your own foods might even save you from any deliberate poison-plots they might have using some company's canned / jarred goods.

The page shares a quote saying too-simply that achieving 250F is "unnecessary" versus 240? WHAT? Are you kidding me? It saves 87 minutes of cooking time as compared to a 10-pound weight, yet this advantage isn't worthy of print??? Is that not suspicious? It's denying the reader this important information. Look at this old policy:

As of 1987, USDA will no longer recommend 15 lbs. pressure. Part of the problem is when 15 lb. pressure is used and zero or one minute processing, there is not sufficient time for all of the air to vent out of the canner and for the internal canner temperature to raise. Using 15 lb. pressure at zero or one minute processing will increase spoilage.”,internal%20canner%20temperature%20to%20raise.

What kind of goofball-garbage is that? It sounds just like hocus-pocus from a demented liberal. It's like saying that we shouldn't try walking across the street on one leg when we have both to use. Why bother saying it unless it's to create a false sense of danger? Why can't we use 15 pounds and five minutes in duration, if zero/one minute is a problem? Commercial operations are made to use three minutes. Why can't we? They've been lying since 1987, haven't they.

How can they explain that no studies have been done for home use at 15 pounds? Only one explanation: they decided for us they didn't want us to do it at 15 pounds. Why don't sell units with a 20-pound weight? Apparently, they don't want us to have that option. Your skinny copper / plastic pipes can handle 80 psi no problem, so that your pot should be able to handle 20. We have the choice of adding weight with a washer or two, but don't push it if the canner's not equipped with a safety valve. Install one.

Best thing: drill a hole into your lid that can fit in a thermometer, and apply the appropriate weight to achieve 250F, and save $$$ in energy with lower cook times. Problem: where do we get such a thermometer that can be adopted to the lid? Wouldn't google be hiding them from us? There have got to be oodles of pot-lit thermometers in marketland, yet when asking google for " 'pot lid thermometer' ", it brings up wholesalers / manufacturers, not the retailers that allow us to actually buy one. Who could believe that they would try to keep pot-lid thermometers from us? One needs only to remove the pot handle (one or two screws), and screw on a handle that doubles as a thermometer; they do sell those. What about a barbecue thermometer? Is it reliable enough?

Don't you find it suspicious that, instead of putting a thermometer on the canner lids, they put on a pressure gauge? Isn't that blockheaded and backward, since people at different elevations get a different temperature in their pot per ten-pound weight? If the key goal is to achieve 240F, why didn't they put in a thermometer? One reasonable answer: they didn't want us to know when we achieve 250F. What other explanation can there be? A ten pound weight achieves 240F at sea level. But at higher elevations, we need to use the 15-pound weight to get 240F. Or so they tell us.

I'm not reading a thing on how much cooking times are reduced if we achieve 245F? And yet globalist liberals are crying the blues over too-much global energy use. It seems to me that achieving 255F for one second is sufficient, because there is significant time (probably more than three minutes) in going from 250 to 255, and then, with the heat turned off, more time passes from 255F back down to 250F. If the reason for pressure cooking is to kill the spores, I can then understand why we are directed to attain 240F for 90 minutes, but then why have I yet to read that the goal is to kill spores? If the goal of pressure cooking is to kill only the bacteria, we don't need 240F. Again: "Despite its extreme potency, botulinum toxin is easily destroyed. Heating to an internal temperature of 85°C [185F] for at least 5 minutes will decontaminate affected food or drink."

See the unhappy comments at this short, useless video:

Here's a young man (reliable) claiming that jarred beef cooked in a boil bath for 90 minutes -- no pressure -- will have a shelf life up to a couple of years. When you think about it, we all eat beef for decades without one case of botulinum poisoning. So, is there really much to fear, or are the globalists making food prep a crisis that isn't a crisis? I suggest that the man chose 90 minutes due to mental conditioning from the experts. I suggest that a boil bath for less than half that time will achieve an internal-meat temperature of 212F for at least five minutes.

After watching that, I think I'll jar a few test jars of beef in a boil bath only to get by this winter until about April. I'll re-cook the meat slightly on low heat, once out of the jars, to at least 200 F (my stove on lowest setting boils water). For the rest of the meat, I think I'll just use a pressure cooker under $100 new, or even a used one. It's about time I start doing things like this. This will make me very happy if I can get meat to last two years in a mere bath, wow.

Here's a video feature a CBC quote telling that botulinum spoilage has an odor: Is the CDC lying to the world to say it has no odor? She tells that type A toxin, used for Botox, is the most lethal. In this video, CBC says that Botulinum bacteria will be dead at 180F for ten minutes (safety factors built-in).

Approaching the 7th minute, she says (from the CBC) that every 1,000 feet in rise above sea level requires a 1/2 pound of extra weight above 10. It means that a 15-pound weight satisfies the educators and/or liars for elevations as high as 10,000 feet. If you have a keen mind, you will ask right away: why don't they provide 15-pound weights ONLY, and forego the 10-pound weights? It's safer with 15 pounds, does almost everyone on the planet, and saves $$$ on stove energy. Well, if the answer were justified, it would be plastered all over.

She also says that the time duration that food stays in the can/jar has nothing to do with increasing the chances of botulinum infection for the foods, as long as the canning process has done it's job right to begin with. In the 8th minute she says " will get cloudy product, and you will see bubbles; that's how you know there is botulism."" She also says the infection will "blow this lid off nine times out of ten." She doesn't say pop the lid up, but twice she says, "blow the lid OFF." In the 11th minute, people are directed to look for signs of spoilage in the food, yet the concise CDC statement as provided by google leads us to believe it's ALWAYS invisible (i.e. frightening).

In the tenth minute, she says that the pressure canning kills the spores. It's the first time I've heard that, justifying the canning process if correct. She also says that different foods require different cooking times (as directed by the U.S government). At the end of the video, she says that any can or jar with botulinum potential will show evidence within the first two years, meaning that if you have foods three years old with no popping of the lids, you're good for a few more years yet.

Want to see jar rot? Although this lady starts off talking about botulinum, she seems to have a case of a different kind of rot, for it's in a can of tomatoes (does not require pressure-cooking), and the rot is at the top adjacent to the air i.e. it's bacteria that needs oxygen.

In years gone by, not so very long ago, the authorities were lying to us, giving canned foods only a year or so when in fact it will last ten. Even now they are giving canned foods only three years, probably due to people getting smart and talking about it. So long as we have money to store a year's worth of food, we should do it. Youtubers say the food tastes like new even after two or three years. Buy jarred food at a little extra, as compared to cans, to re-use the jars. Typical plastic lids on glass jars seal just fine.

If I knew the tribulation was coming in two years, I would probably fork out the money for a pressure canner if only to reduce cooking times to save on precious heating fuel. It could be done with a small, well-controlled fire.

I have a small propane tank about 36 inches tall and 28 inches wide. It was filled at the end of last year, and has done all my cooking and showering, as well as the showers of my tenant, and a little furnace operation too, and I've still got 25 psi left in the tank i.e. it can do months longer. So, if you have a filled propane tank of significant size, it can do you a lot of cooking and showering, especially if we keep showers short. In a situation where we can't buy more propane, reduction of cooking times matters. Crock pots reduce cooking times.

The video below shows a canner with no pressure gauge. You see, the gauge is a farce. It's obviously not important that you achieve exactly 240F, because they probably double the time necessary to kill any spores that might be in the food, and, in the meantime, this higher heat may be damaging the food slightly.

In the 8th minute, she repeats the falsehood that we can't use a pressure cooker as a pressure canner even though there is zero difference between a pressure cooker without a gauge and a pressure canner without a gauge. This lady is either not too smart, or she's playing dumb as though unable to make that realization. Why would she be playing dumb? What force is causing it? I'll bet it's because she respects the "experts."

It must be okay to ingest spores alone. They allow us to forego the pressure cooking for foods that could have spores, as long as we kill off their bacterial products first with a hot bath. They want us to pressure cook pears and apples, but not tomatoes. It suggests that spores in canned pears are not a problem for the body; only the bacteria can be. Can we just add some high-acid food to the meat, such as tomato juice, and forego the pressure cooker?

Spores produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum are heat-resistant However, we read: "Botulinum toxins are ingested through improperly processed food in which the bacteria or the spores survive, then grow and produce the toxins." The experts tell us not to can flour at home, it figures, because flour is a key survival food. Yet youtubers tell us how to can flour at home. Which of the two do you trust less? Look:

Milk, or items containing milk, aren't recommended for home-canning. Milk has a low-acid level and supports an environment which fosters botulism growth at room temperature. Many times, the fat in milk can also protect botulism spores during the canning process.

Why don't they say: yes, you can jar milk, as long as you cook it once out of the jar? It seems they just don't want the world to use dairy products. The same article says: "Most meats and fish are too oily to be canned correctly. The oil allows for botulism spores to stay inside the jar." Fear tactics from control-freak freaks; they pollute us with their dissemination in lies under the guise of expert or educational advice.

In the 2nd minute of the video below, the lady says you can hardly buy a pressure canner in the UK. WHAT? CONTROL FREAKS, there you have them. Their mental botulism is spreading, and coming to the United States via the liberals.

In the fifth minute, she unwittingly acts as a tool of the deep state by conveying the illness of a man (could be fake news, sounds like it) who tried to can meat using a pressure cooker instead of a pressure canner. Her reason for the food spoilage is not convincing, the same gibberish others give. She says it has to do with the SIZE of the pot (garbage), or the pressure and temperature within (garbage). The pressure cooker can achieve the very same condition as a pressure canner. The lady doesn't mention whether the man was using a stove-heated pressure cooker or one with electrical element built-in, and so this lady is making all pressure cookers look inferior to canners, an unnecessary disservice to those who want bulk storage.

A cooker with built-in heating element can deteriorate with time so that the element fails to get high-enough temperatures (not likely unless the unit becomes defective). So, the correct message for this lady is to say that the cooker possibly failed in that respect, not because a properly-working cooker isn't equal to a canner. Here's a guy showing an electric-element pressure cooker (made by Carey; click to see how to operate it) as a canner, that comes with a 15-pound weight (very rare for this type of cooker):

If using a cooker (without a gauge), you need to assure that high-enough temperatures are maintained. You need to know the particular sound of the dancing weight (or the flow or air through a hole, if you unit has a hole) when the pot is achieving the right pressure/temperature. If the dancing (or air through the hole) gets slower than it once was, the heat output is getting slower too. That's all there is to it. There is nothing in either a cooker or canner but pressurized air due to heat. The higher the stove heat, the faster the dancing weight.

This lady then goes on to tell of a botulism case for a woman merely hot-bathing her beans (i.e. hot baths are DANGEROUS for beans). Try to imagine how rare it is for beans to have botulinum spores in the first place since they grow in the open air. As not all of the 22 American people annually who get botulism do so from spoiled foods, just think of how rare it would be from beans, and yet the video above thinks it's necessary to frighten home-preppers with the bean-in-bath story. THE CDC wants you to think that every jar on your shelf could have your gates-of-Hades ticket, and, naturally, there will be videos and articles pushing the CDC agenda. In the ninth minute, this lady tells a story about her husband's friend and his bulging lids that gives away this lady as an imposter, in my opinion. The story is a farce.

In the 12th minute, she says that botulinum can't be killed by re-cooking canned foods, a huge disservice to the prepping community. This lady is all bad news. We need to be smart to the difference between botulinum bacteria, which can be killed by regular cooking, and botulinum spores. People like her are confusing the two, sometimes perhaps deliberately making the mistake, so that we won't trust re-cooking jarred foods. This lady is CDC's puppet. Also in the 12th minute, she repeats CDC in saying that you cannot smell, see or taste botulism. This lady is acting the freak-out agent.

Shouldn't botulinum bacteria will grow best away from the air at the top of the jar? If the spoilage is at the very top, it's likely due to a bad seal, and, if so, that's not botulinum, remember that. You can probably scoop out the top part, and cook the rest. If unsure, cook and eat a small amount each day (if you feel okay by the next day, your food is probably fine).

Here's the Carey-canner review, but I would prefer a stove-top unit because it lasts "forever":

Some of the articles are emphatic, NO don't re-use store-bought Mason jars, or they might break. Okay, so what if they break? Toss it out if one breaks. Big deal. I'm suspicious. Sure, Classico says not to reuse them, probably for self-protection. But if they don't break, and the seal is good, what's the problem? The metal lids are flexible on top, and indicate a good seal by popping down. Store them in an attic, it can't hurt, until the attic police come to arrest us. Don't worry, the liberals will defund criminal cops and create attic cops.

Here's a public-comments page: "Some of the spaghetti sauce brands have heavier jars marked 'Mason'. Can these be used for canning jars?" The first response: "I reuse the classico jars all the time, work great!" ALL THE TIME. OVER AND OVER. Someone else: "The Classico that I buy from Sam's Club in 3 pack are 32 oz. I buy another 3 pack at every opportunity. We like the sauce, and I get 'free' canning jars."

Now look at what the globalists are suspect in doing to the people: "I have some of those jars and they have changed the size of the opening. Some will take a canning lid, some don't." You see, the regular canning rings and lids don't fit Classico jars anymore, as though Classico was forced to spend money to change the size to keep people from using them. This has all the markings of the control-freak liberal lunatics.

The sauce is needed, anyway, for all the boxes of pasta you're thinking of storing for a one-year supply. If you think the price of the sauce is too high, use less sauce per serving and add some butter and spices. Later, use the jars to make your own sauces and get your money back several times over.

If the Classico jars can handle a boil empty when fully submerged (I just did it, no problem), why can't they handle a canning boil bath filled with food? Just don't leave much air in the jar (with the food) if it's a glass-breaking problem. As jars cool, they suck down the lid tighter. I don't see any complications.

Add a Garden to Your Stored Food Program

You can find good videos on using human urine to vastly improve the vegetable garden. It's a raving topic now because it could be a life-saver for tribulation survivors one day. Mix one part urine to 8 or 10 parts water (you can make about five gallons daily per person), and it probably won't smell the garden air for long. Normal urine has no bacteria, just chemicals, and a good source of nitrogen. It doesn't smell due to bacteria. You might thank me one day, pass it on, but do keepin-a look out for the urine cops. The liberal spoilers will think of something as to why we can't use it.

I don't trust the powers this winter. I aim to stock up to last into the spring or even summer. I'm thinking of getting a dehydrator. As soon as you need heat in the house this fall, you can use the oven to dry foods to get "free" heat (the money you spend to use the oven will be saved by the furnace). But waiting till fall to stock up might be too late if everyone else gets the same idea. So, buy cases of canned / dried foods each time you shop, starting now. It might be a good time to get a COSCO card. I can't live on veggies alone, so lots of canned corned beef, tuna and herrings I've already got. I've gotten the cheaper tuna in oil (Unico) because oil is a better food than water when you're low on food. The oil is great for macaroni-tuna or rice-tuna salad (very filling, cheap, hits the spot).

I also have lots of sardines for calcium, though I'm not crazy about the taste of sardines unless I mix it with something (pickles, mustard, mayo, spicy peppers, carrots, onions, all of them together dilutes the sardine taste). Sardines and herring (= adult sardines) cannot be farmed, you get natural fish, and the price is fair for survival food.

For calcium, see youtube on egg-shell powder. I've been using it in my pasta's, rice dishes, etc. I boil eggs shells to disinfect, then stick them in my coffee-bean grinder until it's a fine dust. Sprinkle a little regularly on wet dishes, and you may not even notice the bit of grit it after a while (I don't anymore). Don't overdo calcium.

Get together with others and order large quantities of meat at better-than-grocery prices. Make jerky. You can make ground-beef jerky by rolling it to less than 1/4-inch thick.

I'm stocking up on 700-gram jars of peanuts at about the price of quality bread (35-40 percent water). It's a decent price because peanuts have little water (just 10 percent). It's half the price of quality potato chips. Many vegetables are about 90 percent water, including tomatoes (why buy those at today's high prices?). Potatoes have about 70-percent water, a little better, but you get the point: don't can food-water for survival foods. I was looking for a video on draining the water from tomatoes before canning, but couldn't find one. What a waste of jar space to add all that water. I'd jar home-grown tomatoes without much water, and make juice out of the water. Pass it on, start thinking and talking about these things. Buy spinach (less water) for salads, not lettuce. If you spend a dollar for a cucumber with 95-percent water, think of how little food you're getting?

You can buy tomato or pepper powder that has zero water, but it's not cheap. You get pure vegetable, however. Augason Farms has a retail price of $40 for 3.6 pounds of tomato powder, and so if we multiply that by 19, because 5 parts tomato and 95 parts water makes a fresh tomato, the can of powder has roughly 68 tomatoes (providing there's no diluting tricks in the can). You may be able to get 68 tomatoes for 40 dollars at the grocery store, but the powder takes a lot less storage room, and lasts a lot longer. The better alternative is to grow and dry 68 tomatoes (could be as few as three of four plants) yourself. Why not press the tomatoes first, get much of the liquid out as juice, and then dry the tomatoes for a shorter time?

A few years ago, I tested by soil, and grew 20 beef-stake tomatoes per plant. I plucked many of them green in September, and they all turned red, some doing so as late as December. It's a great way to store tomatoes, and the moths didn't put black-rotted circles on the green tomatoes, only the red ones. I used a sand-soil-fertilizer mix for that soil.

Farmers and grocers are ripping us off. Farmers grow more than 10,000 heads of lettuce per lousy acre (about 200-foot-square plot) lickety-split. It takes them a blink here and a blink there to work that acre, and then they roll out the tractors to collect all the "dough." Grocers do less work for it and get twice as much money. It's time to grow our own because it's more fun and healthy than spending evenings and weekends on the computer. Learn how to grow food, make it your challenge, because capitalism is such that, when people start to fall in love with a certain food, up goes the price, just as though sellers are greedy old coots. My grocery stores sell winter produce at higher prices than summer, even though winter produce is lousier / older. We don't get the big breaks in summer food costs that we did when grocers were not as greedy. The end times = greedier by the week. One dollar per tomato, are they nuts? That's 20 dollars or more per plant. It would be fine if they had only 100 plants to sell, but farmers have some 5,000 per acre. An acre of tomatoes can retail for over $100,000 at $2 per pound, and more in the southern, longer-growing seasons (guessing 40 tomatoes per plant). Absurd.

Here's a tip for getting great results. Don't dig or till your garden plot. There's no need. Just take out a shovel's width of dirt wherever you want a plant, about six inches deep in most cases will do. Put all the soil into a wheelbarrow or a pile on the ground, mix with a little sand to thin it out (makes the roots grow easier).

When you put the soil-sand mixture back in the holes with your plants, add a little more fertilizer near ground level, and water will bring the fertilizer downward. It could be much a waste to put fertilizer six inches deep. Just think of how much further your fertilizer will go if you only use it at the plant roots instead of spreading it garden-wide only to have the rain disperse it deep into the ground.

To keep most worms or nematodes from your roots, put a piece of 6-mil plastic into each hole (make it act like a container) before filling with soil-sand mixture. Poke some small holes into the lower parts of the plastic to let water seep out in heavy rainfall. I've never tried this, but it occurred to me that 6-mil poly-plastic (will last multiple years in the ground) per hole is far cheaper than a plastic container per hole, and doesn't take up any storage space. I have nematodes and so I figured I'd need to use containers.

Another benefit of plastic is to keep the fertilizer from seeping away from the roots, so you might have lots of fertilizer left in the soil-sand mix from the previous year (i.e. don't over-fertilize in the second year). If you're short on fertilizer, the plastic is something to think about. However, there's a danger of drowning the roots in back-to-back-to-back rainfalls due to the plastic trapping water. Poke / slice the plastic with more holes if that happens, and hope it works. It's possible that the sheet of plastic can be pulled fully out of the wet soil without disturbing the root too much.

However, the plastic may actually be a bonus for when you get too much rain because it prevents water from adjacent soils from getting to the roots. So, as a plant sucks up soil water, water from adjacent soils doesn't come in to fill the void. Using plastic/containers may mean that you don't need to raise your soil, but it does mean that you need to water the plants more often, the downside, in lack-of-rain periods.

Ideally, setting up 1/2" PVC piping along all rows with pin holes (say 1/16") every 12, 18 or 24 inches is an ideal way to water, because you need a lot less water (you're only watering the plants, more or less, not the rest of the soil), and it's automatic, just turn on a tap. Dry out your weeds using this method. Don't glue the pipe joints, just tack them together with pins (or nails) so that you can switch any row or section from 18-inch pin holes to 24, for example.

Always put your plants 12, 18 or 24 inches apart for this method of watering. Plan your garden on paper, and add in the pipe sections accordingly. One row may call for 12 feet of 18-inch increments, 12 feet of 24-inch, and six feet of 12-inch. No measuring required, just lay the pipes out on the ground before you dig, i.e. dig holes where the pipe's pin holes are situated. You can have a few pipes with 30-inch increments for tomato plants. At the head of all rows, you have the header pipe fitted with tees and a shut-off valve to each row that allows you to choose volume of water, or no water at all, for any row. You may loose a little water at the unglued joints, but oh-well. Likely, the system will not be high in pressure due to the great number of holes. For people on solar water, this is an energy saver for the water pump, saving the pump as well.

At the start of the second season, remove soil-sand from all holes and stir/mix it up in a pile on the ground, then repack the holes as you did the previous year. Stop using the same soil when you think you've depleted the nutrients too much, and use a new soil-sand mix, or just add some new to the old every couple of years. The old will probably be good for a raised carrot bed.

If you happen to have nematodes or lots of weed seeds in the soil, you can kill them by leaving the soil-sand mixture in the sun to dry. Or (I have never done this), nail together a 2x4 (or 2x2) square/rectangle (box) and lay it on the ground on top of poly-plastic (keeps ground humidity out of the box). Then shovel soil into the box to about a 2-inch depth, and place a transparent plastic covering over the dirt to keep it dry from rain; allow the sun to heat it until the nematodes / weeds die off. I don't think nematodes can take the heat, but, just in case, allow the soil to dry in some way (let the humidity out of the box). The closer the plastic to the top of the soil, the hotter the interior soil will get, the sooner. Someone writes: "Heating your soil to temperatures between 180 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit will kill any seed in the soil after 30 minutes." If it attains 165F for a few hours of one day, it could be sufficient, but it's also killing the beneficial bacteria. I don't know how long it takes for them to make a comeback.

As you aren't using the entire garden soil to grow foods, but only a couple of shovels of soil per plant, the heat-treatment is doable. That's my plan because I do have nematodes. I hope to do extensive garden experiments next year with this plastic-in-hole method. The attitudes of crazy liberals this past year has spurred me to get on with addressing the garden.

I've been buying distilled water in gallons (about four bottles per week), and saving the plastic bottles for garden use: to plant inside the cut-out bottles that are themselves stuffed into holes in the ground. However, recently, the poly-plastic idea occurred to me, with no need to use up space for the massive number of plastic bottles I'd otherwise need. So if you were thinking of using the bottle/container method of gardening, consider poly-plastic instead.

There's online videos telling that laying transparent plastic on the ground can kill weed seeds to a certain depth, but, the question is, how long does it take? The moist ground a couple of inches deep absorbs heat and takes it away to lower depths, but in being dispersed, the temperatures don't rise very high. So, this is where building a 2x4 frame on DRY ground makes more sense (wet ground absorbs heat much better). It would probably be best to give it a plywood bottom, and then, under the plywood, lay a an inch sheet of insulation. If you can kill all nematodes and weed seeds in a single, blue-sky day, beautiful. Put a thermometer in the soil.
If one weed species survives, oh well. A piece of solid plastic instead of poly as the top cover will keep heat in better. I'm reading: "To kill nematodes in soil, heat small quantities of moist soil to 140°F in the oven or by solarization." It means nematodes die at some temperature significantly below 140.

You should have a clean, black-bottomed solar box with solid-plastic lid (on hinges) to dry your foods and maybe to grow seedlings. So, just screw off this lid for when you want to use it in treating soil. It's advantageous not to have weeds sharing the soil at the roots of your vegetables. In this one-hole-per-plant method of gardening, you won't have the benefit of making the entire, tilled garden bare of grass and weeds for the first few weeks (until they make a come-back). Hopefully, insects will choose your weeds instead of your food, but you should be so lucky.

I have both a grasshopper and cricket infestation. The grasshoppers come out first; they ate my test potato plants this past year "to the bone" in like a single day. They seem not to like squash leaves, however, so, for me, squash is the better choice, but there's no way for me to garden here unless I use chemical to reduce grasshoppers and crickets. They are so numerous that they are a source of fertilization. Mowing the lawn doesn't get rid of most of them. If it means eating or not eating, I'm sure you will chose a little chemical in your garden for removing pests.

It might take deer a couple of months to find the garden initially, but after that, they will probably return from time to time. I hate the thought of an eight-foot metal fence surrounding the entire garden. The only way to make this fair, after deer have eaten and destroyed so many plants that they owe me some meat, is to trap a deer. A deer-trap cage with their favorite food, corn, doesn't take much fence material. They steal, they pay. The garden then becomes the deer lure, but if they get the upper hand, you starve. Growing a garden in the wilderness is not straight forward. Youtube won't give me deer-cage videos when asking for "deer cage." Try "hog / clover trap." The government doesn't want people catching deer with cage traps, apparently.

The video below can show how to make a greenhouse frame, which you can use OVER your garden i.e. not beside it. Instead of gluing the PVC pipes together, drill the joints and insert pins / nails so that you can take the greenhouse apart if you need to. When it gets too hot in summer, just remove the plastic covering. As freezing temps approach, put the plastic back on to maximize garden yields and keep the vegetables fresh longer (in the ground, the best storage spot) before storage time.

The unit is flimsy and needs to be stabilized with wire bracing at both ends. Wider pipe won't bend as easily, unless it's heated (it's doable). But my guess is that 1" pipe will work without heat if the iron rods in the ground are hammered on an angle to match the pipe angle...which should be done, anyway, to relieve stress on the pipe during winds.


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