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August 11 - 17, 2020

Lots of Loose Ends Tied Up from Lake Geneva
The Pewter Mustang Condemns Larry Silverstein
Ainsleys and Earhardts Won't Quit
Pillar Post Points to Twin Pillars
The Leakey-Road Leaker is Steven Schrage! (see very end up update)

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

After Stanley, who attended the first-anniversary memorial of 9-11 put on my our church, was suspect in pointing to Morgan-Stanley floors in a Trade tower, the last update found the Morgan lion with a Loose surname, that, together with the Change surname in the "changer" motto term of Stanleys, pointed to the 9-11 "truther" production, Loose Change. (Click the Loose link to load other surnames when you need to follow better.)

On top of that, two songline miracles, as I call them, using "glory," (in two back-to-back songs) verified that God arranged the "RePULLulat" motto term of Larrys/Laurie's/Lowrys (branch of Lowrys/Glorys) to point to Larry Silverstein's infamous "pull it" phrase. I mentioned in the last update that Pullens/Pully have a motto term "culpa" that's code for the Culp location of the Cups/Cope's, because Larrys/Laurie's and Lowrys/Glorys both have a giant cup, tending to prove that "Repullulat" is part-code for Pullens/Pullys. But I have now just found that Pullens/Pully come up as pull-it "Pullets.

Pully is a location on the north shore of lake GENEVA along with Morges some 15 miles to its west, and Vevey is less than 10 miles to Pully's east, indicating mythical Morgan le Fay, for Veys/Vivians look like their branch named Vevey. As was said in the last update, and many others, Stanley took my seat beside Miss Hicks. She had said that it was initially reserved for her daughter, Geneva!!! Can you believe this? Miss Hicks allowed me to sit in that seat until Geneva arrived, and although she never did arrive, the point has just been made that God was pointing us to the north shore of Geneva, to Pully especially. I find that so satisfying.

The Morges saltire is that also of Lets/LATE's, and the latter can be in "RepulluLAT." Morgans share the Irish Moor lion, and Moor heads trace to Morano of southern Italy, in the theater at least roughly of the Saracen ruler, Samsam. Samsons, with a "LETho" motto term, and scallops to indicate Sicilians (Saracens were Sicilians), were first found in Gloucestershire with Samsons. Irish Moors likely use Saracens heads because I have it recorded that Scottish Moors use one.

Veys/Vivians have the Let/Late / Morges Chief-Shield colors in reverse, and share a blue chevron with English Moors. Five's/Fifys have the Vey/Vivian chevron in both colors, and with the stars upon it that are on the fesse of Scottish Moors, making the Five/Fify and Fife lions possibly the Geneva/Genova lion in colors reversed. The "DURis non FRANgor" motto of Scottish Moors suggests Alice of Saluzzo from the Dure's, daughter of LUIS, and the Frane's happen to share the giant Five/Fify and Fife lion, suggesting that "franGOR" is for mythical GorLOIS (of Tintagel), whom a myth writer connected to the birth of mythical Arthur in Gale-related TintaGEL. King Arthur, whom was made to die on Avalon, island of Morgan le Fay, was from the Arduinici of ONEGLia (married Dure-like Doria's), explaining why Nagle's (nightinGALE) have a version of the Scottish Moor (and Gale) fesse-with-items.

Although this is getting off the Silverstein topic, let me go on. German Nails/Nagle's, sharing the Gale saltire, were first found in Westphalia with Avalon-liner Velins and Velens, from Aulon/AVLONa in Epirus' land of TINTagels. For a decade or more, Gale's, who share the blue unicorn with neighboring TINTs, were said to be first found in Cornwall with Tintagel, but are now said to have been first found in Yorkshire with CRAGs and Gells/Jells (looks more like "TintaGEL"), suggesting that Tintagel was partly from Saracens at Sicily's Gela. Wikipedia says that peoples of Gela founded or conquered nearby ACRAGas, which I trace to proto-Carrack CRAIGs ("Vive", we get it) and Craigie's ("vivo"), the latter first found in Ayrshire with Carricks (Gell/Jell colors), and the the Nons in the Nagle and Moor mottoes. One myth writer who wrote on Arthur's death in Avalon, called his mythology, "Le morte d'Arthur," because Morte's/Motts share the Death/Darth crescent, yet it's also the Craig crescent.

Velins and Velens use ducks for Westphalia's Ducks using five of the four fesses of Cavetts while the Cevetta river is at Ceva, home of Luis above. She was mother to Alice of Saluzzo; the latter married the AULON/Avlona line of FitzALANs, explaining the Duck-Cavett relationship. Welsh Thomas' share the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors, and must therefore be from Thomas of Saluzzo, Alice's father and Luis' husband. The Thomas cinquefoils are shared by Kims, first found on Bute = Avalon. The Saluzzo-like Seleucids were from Epirus, and the Seleucid-like Sellicks share the red border on white Shield with Scoots/Scougals, Scotts, and Talbots, the latter first found in Shropshire with Alans.

[Insert -- It was five or six days after writing the above that I realized that Lowers (Lowry/Glory colors) are a branch of Lowrys/Glorys and Larrys/Lowrys. English Lowe's are essentially in Gell/Jell colors and format, and share the wolf heads of Skene's/Skins, first found in Aberdeenshire with Lowry-beloved Cups/Cope's. English Lowers were not only first found in Cornwall with early Gale's, but the two share unicorn heads in Crest. The "holy grail" of Arthurian myth must include the Lowry cup. The bendlets of English Lowe's is called, "COTISed," and one Cotys/Archdeacon surname happens to share the Coat (only triple chevrons) of Reps/Reeps!!! "REPullulat"!!! Hee-hee.

Jewish and German Lowers/Lows/Lobe's/Lebe's (Bohemia) share the Geneva and Dee lion, and Dee's (Aberdeenshire, same as Cups/Cope's) have a "HIC Labor" motto, how about that. Pully, Vevey and Morges are in LausANNE, and the Hicks were first found in Yorkshire with Labors, Anne's/Hanne's and Gells/Jells. can we believe it: Gells/Jells share the black greyhound with Scoots/Scougals and Schutz's. As I've said dozens of times, Miss Hicks said to me, "you can scoot over" if my daughter arrives. That's amazing. Plus, Cups/Cope's are in the colors and format of Hands/HANNs, the latter first found in Cheshire with English Dee's, a Dee river, and multiple Masci branches. Geneva's/Genova's share the white wing with Masci's.

Dee's even share the Dene/Deen lion while the latter share the Chief of Masseys/Masse's, first found in Savoy with Geneva! Bingo, for Diens/Dives' (Sussex, same as Dene's/Deens) share the white, inverted wing with Geneva's/Genova's. Some of these things have already been mentioned in this update, including the "labore" motto term of Courts/Coverts, first found in Sussex!

I've told several times of the treble-clef-tie day when Miss Hicks did a Court-like curtsy toward me specifically (when was the last time a woman curtsied to you?), and so as I was asking myself just now why the Curtsy surname has white-on-blue eagle heads, the same-colored eagle of Segni's/Segurana's came to mind, and they were first found in Genova! Plus, the Seconds/Segurs in the Levi motto share the Geneva/Genova / Dee / Deen lion. The closest thing I've found to the French Levi Coat, in a surname, is the Rep/Reep and Cotys/ARCHdeacon Coat (the Ark river is in Savoy). French Cotys/Cotta's are suspect from the royal Cottians at Susa, on the RIParia river, tending to trace those Cottians to the Reps/Reeps and the Larry/Lowry motto.

In a belly event with Miss Peare, and later a waist event with her that pointed to Waistells, God showed me that Guts and tummy-like Tume's/Tombs can apply to her belly/gut. The R.I.P. on the Tume/Tomb tombstone's looks like code for Riparia's Cottians, for they put out a son, Waistell-like Vestalis. The person in the Vest Crest has a hand on the waist. The point here is the "voTUM" motto term of Nagle's, for the Riparia is near Ivrea, home of the Arduinici of Oneglia. Their branch named Artois (where Lois' were first found), where Arras was the capital, and the Arrows/Arras' are in the giant Vest arrow. Any QUESTions?

Mr. Kepke took Miss Peare way from me after I underhandedly took her from him before they became a couple. When they did become a couple, they danced at every outing to a bar. The Italian Dance's/Donnas' are very connectable to king Donnus of the Cottians, and while Kepke-like Keppochs were first found in Yorkshire with English Dance's (Keppoch colors and format), I'm repeating that because I've just found the Keppoch garbs with Vest / West-like Quests/Questers!!! Wests use a dancette, and it's probably the Dove dancette because Waistells use the dove.

I've always suspected that the Keppoch garbs (not very common) are there for a good, revelatory reason, and here we are, finally. German Quests share the arrow with Vests. English Westers (owls), in Quest/Quester colors, are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Keppochs (Yorkshire, same as Westers).

I'm not familiar with Quests, and so this is exciting. Just months before we met Miss Peare, Kepke and I were sitting on the hood of my car watching Allison leave me for our fellow worker. Decades later, when Miss Hicks made the hood of a car important, I found that English Allisons and Hoods/Hoots share the same black bird, and moreover Scottish Allisons are said to be from the very MacDonalds who have a Keppoch branch MacDonalds share a "galley" ship with Keeps (Sussex again). I now find that the Scottish Allison Coat is a not-bad reflection of the English Quest/Quester Coat that itself shares the white anchor in Crest with Hoods/Hoots.

It just so happens that the Truths/Trots in the motto of Scottish Allisons share the Coat of Coats/COTES, can you believe it? We just saw why Keppoch-related Quests were from the Vestalis Cottians. It's another reason to believe that God set up the Kepke-on-hood event, especially as my mother is a Masci while Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Dance's/Donnas' and the Riparia river of the Cottians.

As said many times, Kepke and I were sitting on the hood of my MUSTang, and while Yorkshire's Mustans (Keppoch colors, almost the same format) were a branch of Moses' (share dove with Waistells) who share the cross design, in the same colors, of German Westers!!! That's huge because Moses' (Keppoch colors) are also Moys, and Igor KoloMOIsky is Ukrainian, as is Kepke's father. After we sat on the hood, we both sold shoes at the same time, and Kolomoisky (root term looks like "Moi") is now known to be on the board of Burisma energy, the owner (Zlochevsky) of which sells shoes for thousands of dollars per pair, suggesting some illegal front. The Kepke-on-hood event is pointing to Kolomoisky, and his getting a shoe-sales job as his next job is pointing to Zlochevsky. Moses' were first found in Shropshire with Hunters, and Keppochs share the Button/Biden fesse. Archers show only arrows, ditto with Vests.

As Trade's have variations like the Cotes-related Truths/Trots we saw above, and as Trade's have the lone fleur-de-lys of German Bush's so as to point possible to the Trade towers, I'd now like to go to the Stepps who share the German Bush Coat, for Moses'/Moys have steps up to their cross, as do Crystals with the Moses / Wester cross in colors reversed. CRYSTals are about to point to CHRISTine Peare, you see, for Christs share the Moses roses, and so I've now got to retell a story.

On the first occasion of Kepke the shoe salesman asking Miss Peare out, he asked me to come along, and they went to the La Paloma bar. Spanish Paloma's have the Pero / Dance/Donnus pale bar, I assume, and Italian Paloma's share the white dove with Moses' and ACKERs/Acorns. To the best of my ability to recall, Kepke's shoe store was called, ACER.

When Kepke slipped away from our table in the bar, leaving Peare and I alone, I asked her if she'd like to step outside, and she got up and followed me up the STEPs to kiss outside the Paloma's doors. So, those steps are pointing also to the 9-11 crime. The steps can also be viewed as scala, because the pale bar made by the Scalia ladder is colors reversed from the Paloma / Pero pale bar, and it just so happens that while German Trips use shoes, English trips use a so-called "SCALing ladder." Is that not all wild, especially as judge Scalia was murdered. Helping to prove that God was in that event for heraldic pointers, Stairs have stars colors reversed from the same of Peare's, and Pero's use a "flaming STAR."

Also, the Towers/Toure's/Lofwicks (checked as per Trade towers) are said to have become Lowicks/LOFwicks/LOVicks, while Love's/Luffs were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, we have justification to go to Lufkins who happen to share the Peare stars while being in Stair colors and format. That's pretty amazing with the step variation of the stair event pointing to the Trade's. You've got to admit, this is pretty shocking material.

It's VERY SILVERSTEIN-INTERESTING that Lowicks/Lofwicks are in the colors of the Lowry-suspect Lowers. Trade's share the red-on-blue heart with Swedish Thors!!! Towers are also Tours, and Towers share the tower with English Thors/Tours. Look at all that, just look. Who arranged Trade's to link to Tower liners??? This comes now, for the first time, I think (where was my head until now?) months after suspecting that Trade's are a pointer to the Trade towers. As I've said, both our shoe stores were in the Scarborough Town Center, and here one can add that Scarborough's (Yorkshire, beside Lancashire) share red towers with Thors/Tours. Isn't it obvious that SCARborough's (same place as Scarfs) are to point to Schare's/Scherfs, and therefore to president George Herbert Scherff Jr.?

Oh wow, if Scarborough's had a white Shield, they would be in the colors and format of Mustans (Yorkshire, same as Scarboroughs). To help prove that Kepke and I were sitting on the hood of the Mustang as God's pointer to Mustans and Moses'/Moys, we were watching my Allison BAUER slip into the car of Mike Denardo (not mine anymore). Denardo's/Narbonne's share the tower of French Tours, first found in Languedoc with Narbonne! That's cool because it starts to suggest that the hood event points to 9-11 for some reason(s). Hoods could be a branch of Hiedlers/HITLERs (share Bauer stars), for Heidlers (not "Hiedler") share the white anchor with Hoods/Hoots. Hotts (not "Hoot") were first found in D'Oust while D'Ousts are listed with Dusts while Dusters look related to both Hiedlers/Hitlers and Heidlers. George Herbert Scherff Jr. was the son of Hitler's Nazi.

Lowicks/Lofwicks (Lancashire, same as Towers, Lawrence's, Redmaine and Ratcliffs) are suspect with the RATcliffe bull head. Cliffs/Cleffs share the wolf heads of Quade's suspect in the Q-shaped scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's. Kepke owned a rat. Hoods/Hoots were at RATTery (in Devon, same as Thors/Tours). This paragraph begins to look like verification that the hood event points to Americanized Nazi's of the Bush CIA.

With God as the author of the stair / step event, we need to ask why we kissed rather than doing something else up the stairs. My best attempt to solve this is the Kiss/Cush link I make to the cushion of Bibo's, for Cussons share the MacDonald eagle while Keppochs were MacDonalds. Moreover, Kepke was born Lawrence, and Lawrence's were at Yealand-Redmaine while Redmaine's use cushions. While Kiss'/Cush's share the Cust Coat, Custers share the giant Cusson eagle. This is excellent for pointing to a co-conspirator with Scalia's murder, John B. Poindexter. The Cusson eagle is also the Ferte eagle, and my shoe store was called, Fredelle Shoes.

The "imPUNE" motto term of Poindexters can suggest the Punn variation of Bonne's/Bone's, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and sharing the Cusson / Custer eagle. That works. NarBONNE's come to mind. Custs and Kiss' use fountains, and Fountains/Fonts ("Vix" can be for Vis off the NARo/Neretva river) are said to have built NARford Hall while Narfords share the hand-on-fitchee of MacDonalds/Ronalds and virtually the Ronny Coat. Ville's/Font-de-Ville's were first found in Languedoc with Narbonne and French Bonne's.

What you just saw is that my kiss with Peare, after going up the Scalia stairs, points to John B. Poindexter, the man who himself admitted that he invited Scalia to go hunting on his Texas ranch on the weekend he was murdered. We kissed outside the La-Paloma doors, and Daorsi, the line suspect to Doors, lived on the Naro/NERETva river. As I've said a dozen times or more, Kepke and I played lots of ping-PONG in his baseMENT, and while Poindexters are also POINGdesters, Pings/Pongs/Pagans (Yorkshire, same as Ments) have three bends colors reversed from the three of Ments, and the latter have the NERET Coat.

As I've said some ten times, Kepke's dog was Blackie (or "Blacky"), and Blackie's/Blakeys (Yorkshire again) share the blue-vaired chevron with Nero's/NERETTi's, is that not absolutely impossible??? I don't think I've ever told that before because I don't think I've been at the Naro/Neretva river with Kepke before. The Narbonne's/DeNARDo's were first suspect with that river mere weeks ago. That is amazing, thank you Blackie.

Behold God's heraldic crystal ball that he's put into my lap. Kepke lived on Henry CORSON Place, and while John B. Poindexter belonged to the International Order of Saint Hubertus, Huberts have this Marble-related write-up: "The Hibberts of Marples and Birtles in Cheshire claim descent from Hubert of CURZON..." They say that over 30 hunters from the Order of Hubertus were hunting the weekend (February 12-13, 2016) Scalia was murdered. Huberts share the Death and Morte crescent. Irish Walsh's use "MORTuus."

Curzons are in the colors and format of Hubert-branch Hubbards. The latter share the annulets of Walsh's, and when Kepke dropped Peare, he got engaged to Miss Walsh, whose home was on Wooten Way backing onto Henry Corson. Her home was smack at the area where it could also back onto John Dexter Place!!! PoinDEXTER. Wow. Here's the map if you care to check it out. I remember that her house was midway between the two Senator Reesors intersections. Wooten way becomes MAJOR Buttons, a double whammy because Majors were first found in the Channel Islands with Poindexters! Zikers, I've got the crystal ball working well today.

I repeat, Kepke had a pet rat, for Custers have a "RATioni paREAT" motto phrase while he met Miss Peare when she worked for REITman clothing. "RaTIONi" looks like code for Tonys, first found in Leicestershire with Kiss'/Cush's and Dexters. PoinDEXTER. I normally tell the kiss story by saying that we rushed up the stairs, but the Fasts must have been God's intention because they were at Custer-like Caister, which is why I checked the Custers at all just now. Kiss'/Cush's even share the Coat of Cais-like Cass'/Cash's. The Poindexters, who love the Nemo's of Stirlingshire, share the Fist/FAUST fist, you see. That must be why we went up the stairs fast before Kepke could catch us.

Lookie: we read in the Fast write-up: "Thomas Fastolf of REEdham and Great YARmouth was one of the first records of the name." Reeds are listed with Redmaine-connectable Reds, and Yars/Years were first found in Stirlingshire with Nemo's and the Bauds having the Fast quadrants in colors reversed. It's pointing to Mr. Poindexter, isn't it? Poindexters even share the lone Shoe star. Yarmouth recalls the Yarborough of Stains/Stans sharing the Larry/Lowry wreath, a potent combination because Stanley was part of the pointers to 9-11 crimes.

Lawrence Kepke. Men born Lawrence's are often called, Larry, and Larrys/Lowrys share the cup with Christine's. The Larry/Lowry motto is suspect with the Lets/Late's sharing the Peare stars. These things look like a pointer to Larry Silverstein too, which makes sense with the Stepps, for while Stepps share the Trade fleur, Larry Silverstein purchased the Trade towers only weeks before 9-11.

Trade's/Trotte's and Truths/Trots trace well to the Trotus river flowing past a Bacau region suspect with Bacons/BEACONs. The cushion-line Redmaine's have a beacon in Crest, as do German Belli's while God gave Miss Peare a belly symbol just weeks after that kiss. The Washington Free Beacon, said to have been creating a proto-Steele dossier against Trump, employed the never-Trumper, Bill Kristol, whose surname is like the step-using Crystal surname that we saw linking to step-using Moses'/Moys. The Steele dossier is looking like it had roots in Ukraine, home once of Kolomoisky.

I drove the Mustang in all the time I worked at Scarborough Town Center, and sold it after being transferred to another shoe store in another mall, the name of which I forget. That tends to convince me that Mustans were related to Scarborough's for a pointer to Kolomoisky for some reason. I recall the Japanese buyer of that car, and even the selling price of $1,800. I sold it in the PARKING lot of the shoe store. Why do I remember that? Parkings/Perkins have a "SimpLEX" motto term, and were first found in Leicestershire with the LEGro river. Lex's/Lechs (bottony cross points to Bidens) look linkable enough to leg-using Leaks/Leakeys. Plus, PoinDEXTERs (expected with Leicestershire elements) use Duster-like "dister" endings, including a Puddister variation smacking of John Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager when she was hiring Perkins Coie to ruin Trump. You can bet that George Bush was at least dreaming of ways to ruin Trump, for obvious Jeb reason.

I think I understand why a Japanese man bought the Mustang, for Jappins/Jappa's are listed with JEEPma's, and while God gave me (us) a medallion-on-HOOD event on my JEEP in the parking lot of a GROCEry store, about 40 years later, Poindexters have a horizontally-split Shield colors reversed from the same of Groce's. Isn't that wild? The Kepke-hood event on the Mustang was in the parking lot of a grocery store too. This is great because it's trying to tell me to add the Mustans / Moses'/Moys = Kolomoisky, and shoeman Zlochevsky, to the Russian medallion. That is a huge clue, but can I remember this paragraph when I need it again? I'll try, just think Japan guy with the Mustang. I can still see him and his Japanese friend / father to this day.

I even remember that it (1971 model) had a pewter-SILVER paint color!!! I think I get it. There is a Pewter/Putter surname with the look of the Stoner Coat (9-11 pointing Stanleys are Stonelys too), and Stoners use their black eagle in both colors of the Jeepma/Jappin eagle. That is amazing. The Mustang's paint color is pointing to Silverstein, and apparently lumping him in with the medallion's pointer to Burisma corruption. Here's my FASTback pewter Mustang. This page mentions "Pewter" as the color.

Now, try to figure out what it could mean that Bash's, sharing the Moses/Moy cross and the News/Nuces Shield, were first found in the same place as Nuse's/Newes who have two pale bars looking linkable to the Pewter/Putter Coat. It can get even better where Nuse's/Newes have a canton square looking like that of Whalleys while Ratcliffe's were at Whalley. Can we imagine John Ratcliffe and John Bash uncovering some 9-11 criminal activity? I can, but only in my dreams. Wake me up when it happens for real. Bash's were at STANstead Abbots, and Stanleys/Stonelys were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces' and Chapmans/Chepmans. As News'/Nuces' have chaplets, their Crest is suspect with Chapmans/Chepmans, and then Jeepma's/Jappins are also Cheps.

I almost missed it. Silvers/Silversteins were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's really pointing the pewter-silver to Larry Silverstein. He's Jewish like Kolomoisky. Hertfordshire is beside Cambridgeshire. The Mustang was a fastBACK, and Welsh Bachs share a blue-vaired fesse on red Shield with Silversteins. Plus, while Silversteins share the lion of French Roberts (blue-vaired Chief), Welsh Roberts were first found in Denbighshire with Bachs!!! That is another impossible thing. But there you are, a witness.

Ahh, what "luck." After writing the paragraph below, Mosts were loaded to find Mostyns, having variations like those of Mustans. Moses'/Moys are said to be from a lord of Mostyn. Denbigh is beside Flintshire, and the latter is where Mosts/Mostyns were first found. My Mustang, a gift from the Lord to you. He's been working, watching the evil. He won't leave us abandoned to them.

The MUSTs, listed with Muscats (Mustan / Moses/Moy colors), have a collar with chain, and the medallion had a neck chain while Nuse's/Newes' have two of the Necker pale bar. The Must/Muscat antelope that wears the collar is the same antelope as per the Singletarys (triple chevrons of Muschats and Eppsteins in colors reversed). The Singletary antelope has white roundels, a symbol also of Mustards/Mostards.

The Jeepma's are not only Kepke-like Cheps too, but Jeb-like Jepps and Jabbe's. JEB Bush was running against Trump and losing bad. There were a slew of Republican Bushites trying to ruin Trump. The Schare's/Schere's/Scherfs are suspect with variations of Shops, and the medallion was found on my Jeep the second I arrived to it with a shopping cart of groceries. The medallion still had four links of its Cheney-like neck chain. Just view the hood as a Hitler loyalist running a whack of the American government under the Bush's, and maybe also under Reagan.

A few weeks or months after Peare's belly event, I was on Miss Peare's white horse, and digging in my heels into the horse's belly, it took me for what one could call a TROT (points to Trade towers), yet I could also call it a gallop because Waistells use a white horse said to be on a gallop. That's why I knew that, a few years ago, when Peare appeared in my dream with me pulling her waist toward me, God was pointing to Waistells. The dream ended right there before she was in contact with me i.e. the waist seems paramount for that scene. Westers have the Moses cross, but it's also the Bash cross, and my hope is that John Bash of Texas will discover the killers of Scalia, for he was murdered in Texas.

Trade's/Trotte's were first found near Halle, and Halls were first found in Lincolnshire with the Custs and Cust-like Quests/Questers (share Keppoch garbs) and the Halls/Hole's sharing the ALLison / Holly dogs. Keppochs were first found in Yorkshire with Hall-related Hulls. I'm pretty sure that the Hull Crest has laurel, the Larry/Lowry symbol.

The interesting thing here is that while English Quests/Questers are in Car/Curr colors and format, I was going to KISS Sleeping Beauty awake when she was hovering in the car. Hmm, can this apparent Car-Quest relationship be for exposing that Custs and Kiss' were Quest branches and therefore from Vestalis? The Curr-like Currys/CORRys were first found in Waterford while Waterfords share the Kiss / Cust fountains! Zinger. Plus, I dated Karen Whelan on Henry CORson Place (Kepke's street) while Whelans (Corson lozenges in colors reversed) were first found in Waterford too.

Corsons have a "Ne" motto term (Knee's are Nee's) while I ended up grazing Sleeping Beauty's KNEE when leaning over to kiss her (never did kiss her). I have it recorded that Curzons use a poppinjay, and, without regard to the Poppins/Pophams, I usually say that she POPPed into my arms as soon as my HAND grazed her knee. Hands/Hans'/Hanns look like a branch of Anne's/Hanne's, and the latter do share the stag heads of Poppins, meaning that the knee event in the 1979 dream is pointing to Curzon-related Herberts = Poindexter's hunting crew.

OH WOW---WIE!!! I've never thought (as far as I can remember) that the "pRISTINa" motto term of Poppens/Pophams could be for Restons. They happen to share the three leopard faces of Doors while I was standing at the car door when told to wake Miss Hicks. The Restons have: "Gomer de RISTON, Norfolk", and Norfolk is where Riston-like Risings were first found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She and I were rising into the sky as soon as she popped into my arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus, Hicks married Arthurs of CLAPton while Arthurs use "rests." I was standing on a beach when at the door of the car, and Beech's use a version of the Clap/Clapper Coat! James Clapper must be in a lot of trouble with God. You can't get away from Him, old man. You're time is almost up. Confess your sins to Him, or be tossed into Hell's trash heap. This is serious.

Gomers are with German Gumms while English Gumms share the Chief-Shield colors of Poppens/Pophams and Mens'. The latter, in the "Mens" motto term of Poppens/Pophams, are also Mame's and therefore connectable to the Mansfields of Mamesfelde who in turn share the maunch-sleeve (different colors) with Tickhills, relevant because Anne's/Hanne's were at Tickhill.

Mamie sat on my knees or LAP in an heraldic-pointing event, and the next day she had another heraldic-pointing event to Mamesfelde. As German Dorrs have a "Dei" motto term, how much do you want to bet that the "Hic labor" motto of Dei-like Dee's leads to the hand of Labors (Yorkshire, same as Anne's/Hanne's)? Laps, first found in Wiltshire beside Doors/Dorrs, come up Labor-like Labbs. (Labes' are listed with Le Bes' sharing the lion of Irish Doors.)

There's evidence in the Denham Coat that the car can be a pointer both to Cars/Currs even though it can be a pointer to Auto/Otto liners. Perhaps the Otto liners apply when this woman is played by Miss Earhardt (I've haven't been keeping track). If Doors have the Cary lion, note John Kerry, for Kerrys (bees) were first found in MontGOMERyshire. Kerry's son-in-law is/was involved with Burisma and elements. Montgomerys share the Buris fleur-de-lys, and there are more bees with German Biens in the Montgomery motto. The Montgomery Crest has what I'm guessing is a Saracen's head in the hand of a woman. The Ukrainian shark.

As Kerrys share bees with Doors/Dorrs, can the car door be a pointer to John Kerry's Ukraine crimes? I brushed her knee with my hand when standing at the car door, and German Dorrs have hands along with a "MAJORem DEI GLORIam motto phrase. With Glorys/Lowrys pointing with Larrys to Silverstein, what about the "Be" motto term of Lawrence's? As soon as I touched her knee, we were emBRACED, and then "Be" is a Bracebridge motto term. The medallion on my hood was found in Bracebridge.

I think it's vital that the Larry/Lowry laurel appears as a wreath, for Wreaths, having a not-bad reflection of the Keppoch Coat, probably have the Diens/Dine's/Dives' (share inverted white wing with Geneva's/Genova's) in their motto, linkable to crocodile Dene's having two of the Wreath / Keppoch fesses. The Larry/Lowry wreath can be the green one of Stanley-connectable Stains/Stans (share double Palmer fesses), and while the latter were at Yarborough, Yarboroughs use wreaths too, as well as a Paloma-like "palma" motto. Back now to "you can scoot over" and Stanley taking my seat in Geneva's seat (Geneva's/Genova's likely have the Dene/Deen lion closely). End long insert]

Continued from Before the Long Insert

Scoots/SCOUGals are connectable to Shoe variations while Shoe's point to Burisma. Burisma-like Buris' (share PULL/Pool fleur-de-lys) have a reflection of the Stanley Coat, and so we ask: what does Burisma gas have to do with 9-11? Well, wasn't the latter a pouncing on Iraqi oil and gas? Was Burisma involved with those who were manipulating Iraq for its oil and gas?

As Dick Cheney was the chief officer of Haliburton gas, just go ahead and compare the three lozenges on a blue bend with the same-colored fleur-de-lys on a blue bend of Buris'.

Who might have arranged the Haliburtons to share the black Bush boars? The last update had new discussion on the Vibius line to Veys/Vivians and Vive's/FiveASH's, linking them to the line of Esau's Edomites, and while the black boar was anciently a symbol of Edom, the name of Esau's son, Eliphas, is suspect with "Halybes," like "HALIBurton." The latter may not have been named after Hall-Burton, but note the ExCALIBUR sword of Arthurian myth, for Halybes, also Calibur-like "Chalybes," were metal makers who no doubt made swords. Therefore, Haliburtons may be properly understood as, Halibur-ton. The Majors in the Cheney and Haliburton mottoes can be gleaned as kin of Anchors who in turn have lozenges in the colors of the similar mascles of Haliburtons. The "pot hangers" of Danish Cnuts are linkable to Anchor-branch Angers, and Hangers almost share the griffin of Haliburt-like Alberts.

WOW, new: Halibur-like Halpers share the Shield of Spanish Majors!!! Halper-branch Halps/Halfs were first found in Gloucestershire with the Nute's/Notts having a version of the Haliburton Coat. Is this somehow connecting Stefan Halper to 9-11 crimes? Gloucestershire is where Lets/Late's were first found suspect in the Larry/Laurie motto.

Lookie: Cheneys were first found in Buckinghamshire while Buckinghams have the besants-on-bend of Nute's/Notts! The Buckinghams even have the same lion as Dutch Bush's/Boschs, and the Bosco-line Bois'/Busts have a version of the Cheney Coat while Cheneys have the Pully martlets in colors reversed! The Bois/Bust write-up: "The De Bois-Herbert family were barons of HALBERTON, Devon c. 1050." No guff. And Buckinghamshire is where Penns/Pence's were first found who must be in the Halfpenny variation of Halpers. I don't trust Mike Pence, for he could have one foot in the Bushite camp.

My 1979 dream, that featured Miss Hicks, had a knee event that pointed to a knee event, using the knee of Miss Hicks, about an hour after Stanley sat beside her. Stanleys share the Knee bend, and the Sans' in the Stanley motto share a gold, spread eagle with the Crest of Knee-branch Needhams, yet this gold eagle is also in the Crest of the Pollets/PAULetts in the Pull/Pool motto. Pullys have a "Pallescere" motto term that gets a variation of Pauls. That's all neat and tidy, and it just so happens that there was a kidney-shaped swimming POOL in the 1979 dream that had a shark which pointed partly to Stefan Halper. It's the Halpers who have a Needham-Dyke entity. I showed how Kidneys/Gedneys use a colors-reversed version of the fish in the Arms of Shark-line Saraca's.

It just so happens that the Saraca fish is shared by Neils (Tyrone, same as Sharks) while the Pully motto has a "Nulla" motto term that can apply to a Neil branch. When we go to the German Neils/Nails, we find a saltire in the colors of the saltire formed by the fish of Kidneys/Gedneys. We therefore would like to know what "Nulla" is code for. Nulls share a red lion holding a red hand with Irish Neils, but then there are the Nellys who share the Orr/Ore roundels, an apparent pointer to Nelly Ohr. She could easily have been working with Stefan Halper.

The Orr/Ore motto has the Bone / Bonn line also in the mottoes of Hicks and Tyne's/Tine's, and while Stefan Halper was pointed to by the teeth of the shark, Tooths, expected as a branch of Touts/Toots in the Hicks motto, use a "tine" term buried in their motto. Bone's share the bend of Pullys, and both surnames have bendlets on either side of their bends. The bends are colors reversed from the Knee / Needham bends, and Knee's use their Crest eagle in red, the color of the Bonn eagles. Bone's were first found in Sussex with the Vise's/Vice's sharing the black stag head of Knee's and Needhams, but Sussex is also where stag-using Downs were first found while Knee's and Cotes-related Prays were first found in County Down. Bendlets are often called, "COTISed." It's looking like a pointer to Dan Coats because Dans were first found in Sussex too.

Dans happen to share the green trefoil with Sharks while Sharks have an "expecTATa" motto. Tattons (share Tute/Toot crescent), sharing the crescents of the Dene's of Sussex, have the Tute/Tuit quadrants in colors reversed. It then gets vital that Irish Dene's share "nihil" with the Sussex Deans while Irish Neils are also Nihills (and so it does seem that the Dan trefoil is closely related to the Shark trefoil). Irish Dene's were shown all last month as a pointer to Burisma's owner, and last week we discovered that Igor Kolomoisky, who owns a shark tank, is on the Burisma board along with Hunter Biden. is that not one amazing paragraph? Buttons/Bidens were first found beside Sussex, and they have one of the two fesses of Irish Dene's.

Buttons/Bidens are a branch of Butts/Boets who share a fish-on-fesse (though in different colors) with the Arms of Saraca. As the Butt/Boet fish is in the colors of the Geddes pikes, this gets amazing, as though there is Intelligent Design behind it, where Geddes-related Geds and Kidneys/GEDneys use fish too in the right colors for linkage to the Saraca fish. You see, it seems that God is linking Joe and Hunter Biden to Igor Kolomoisky, and Hunters even share both of the Kilpatrick saltire while Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick. As I said, there is an online article, Roots of the Ged Name, telling that Geds were proto-Geddes', and that Geds were on the Nith river, of all rivers the river of Kilpatrick castle. How does that look like a mere coincidence?

The article has the traditional stag that's the Geddes symbol, as well as the "Veritas vincit" motto of stag-using Keiths; the latter's triple pale bars (in the Chief) are almost the Coats/Cotes pale bars. It's another reason to lump Dan Coats in with the shark. Dans, Dene's and Diens/DIVES' were first found in Sussex with similar Downs/Douns, and the latter's stag happens to be in the colors of the Trump stag head. In the 1979 dream, I dove (took a DIVE) into the pool to go save the bulldog when I saw it in its mouth. Trump is in the mouth of the deep state because he's gone for wades in the swamp. He's perhaps wanted swamp creatures to become his supporters.

The last update showed how the Norfolk Tute/Tuits are a branch of Teeth-like Teets/Tate's, which makes the Shark motto very important. I showed in the last update how Teet liners point to Trump the Tweety Bird, and Trump is suspect as the bulldog in the sharks mouth. The "exPECtata" motto term of Sharks can easily be for a Pike branch due to the Saraca link to Pike-loving Geddes'. I assume that Pecks/Peks became Pike's when they merged with Geddes liners (they say "ged" means "pike," but maybe that came to be as per a Pike-Geddes relationship).

The Pek river is near Cuppae while Larry Silverstein was pointed to by Cup-related Larrys. The Pek is in MOESia while Moses/MOESens are also Moys and thus a pointer to, or perhaps even a branch of, KoloMOIsky. The latter is Ukrainian, and was pointed to by LAWRENCE (Larry) Kepke, how about that. As I said, Kepke and I sold SHOES, and the Burisma owner sells shoes. Why does this paragraph seem to be making a Kolomoisky link to Silverstein. Kolomoisky, we learned this past week, is an Israeli citizen, and Israeli's are thought by some to be behind 9-11. Isn't Silverstein a Jew? Zlochevsky (Burisma owner) sold/sells crocodile-leather shoes on the Dan-like Dnieper river at the Kepke-like Kiev theater, and Keeps, it just so happens, were first found in Sussex with the Dene's sharing the full, Neil-related motto of Irish Dene's who in turn have a crocodile in their Crest.

This can explain why many Republicans, Bushite suspects, are protecting anti-Trumpers, for the anti-Trump thrust included Americans in Ukraine i.e. I'm wondering if Kolomoisky was involved in the 9-11 crime with other Bushites such as Robert Mueller. The Mueller surname is Jewish. Mueller became the FBI chief six days before 9-11, as though Bush was forced to chose him due to Mueller's being privy and partner to the crime. Mueller continued as the FBI chief to late 2013, well into Obama's presidency, after which Comey took over for the period in which Obamaites were infested in the New Ukraine (obtained by an American-led coup) under Soros and president Poroshenko. If Robert Mueller is highly respected, it's because he's one of the chief corruptors, for corruptors elevate one another that we might trust and follow them, and allow them to set agendas. One of the main preoccupations of corrupters is to appear angelic. That's politics in a nutshell for Tyrannicorruptor Rex's.

Here's a way to trace Shark-kin Neils and Pike's/Picks to the Nith river. Picks/Pix's are in Cnut/Knot colors and format, and Knaughts/Nights/Knights have a "NIL duRUM VOLENti" motto while Rums/Rims were first found in Dumfries with Nitts/Naughts and the Nith river. Tidy. Shoe's have a KNIGHT. Danish Cnuts share the three trefoils of Dans. Neils/Nails/NAGLE's were first found in Westphalia with the Volens/Velens in the "volenti" motto term. Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers" while Hanger/Angers share the escarbuncle with Angers (Essex, same as Pecks/Peks) who in turn have the lozenges of Irish NAGLE's (compare with Haliburtons). Angers have a version of the Anchor Coat while German Hope's/Hoods have a giant anchor while English Hope's (Derbyshire, same as Cnuts/Knotts and Needhams) share the besants of Nute's/Notts (compare with Haliburtons). If it looks as though NEEDhams and Knee's were Nith liners too, it can explain why they share the blue bend with Nute's/Notts...and Stanleys.

As was said, Mrs. Kilpatrick was the "trophy girl" when the Kilpatrick team won a barbecue contest in which Mr. Kilpatrick appeared with the bulldog mascot, Spuds MacKenzie. The MacKenzie stag head is that also of Stanleys, and the MacKenzie's use a "Sic" motto term while I had a dream a few years ago in which Kepke walked up my driveway follows by a sick-looking stag. That's what I always called it, from the start, a sickly stag. It seems to be a picture of Trump in the shark's mouth. The Trump stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford while Waterfords (Northamptonshire, same as fasces-like Fesse's) share fountains with Sichs. These things do not look like coincidences.

It's interesting that while the team were winners, the Whinnie motto term of MacKenzie's is like the Winner variation of Weiners. Anthony Weiner appears to be God's target here because Italian Tonys/Antonys happen to have a flower in the colors of the water lilies of Waterfords/Waterville's. The Tony/Antony flower is on water. The Eppstein Coat is that also of Waters/Waterville's while Waterfords are shown properly as Waterville's. Weiner is the husband of the co-manager of Hillary Clinton's election campaign against Trump. The other manager was John Podesta, said to be a pedophile.

We can now go to the fasces-like Feschs sharing the swords of pull-it-like Pollets in the Pull/Pool motto. The latter surnames point both to the shark in the pool, and to the "pull it" of Silverstein. The "LOYAULte" motto term of Pollets can point to Jeffrey Epstein's plane, Lolita Express, because Lolita's are also LOYOLa's. Many are saying that deep-state crimes, and deep state media controls, are largely due to the blackmailing operations of Epstein.

Feschs are also Fechts and similar variations, such as the Feck variation of Fix's, or the Ficke of Figgs/FEEKs. The latter came up with Joey Feek's songline miracle in the last update, which I'll repeat below for an added revelation. But first, the "perFICio" motto term of Scottish Hunters (have Hunter Biden in mind) needs a mention because the Crest of those Hunters shares the white and seated greyhound of Tattons while Taddei's share triple-red chevrons with Eppsteins (and Waters/Waterville's) while the Sharks use "expecTATa." Doesn't Joe Biden like young girls as Epstein and Weiner do? Winners/Weiners are also Wanstead, and while Childs (a pedophile's target) are said to have been at Wanstead, near an Epping location that likely named the Apps/Epps. The latter, as well as Epping, are of London elements, and while Tattons are Toot kin, Tooths were first found in London.

It's then remarkable that the Pecks/Peks (Essex, same as Waters/Waterville's), while having one of the three Water/Waterville chevrons, have crosslets in the colors of the Taddei crosslets (different-style crosslets), tending to assure that the triple Taddei and Water chevrons are related. Finally, the triple Taddei chevrons are colors reversed from the triple Fountain fesses, tending to assure that Waterfords/Waterville's were a Water/Waterville branch.

Here's from the last update:

[Insert -- We interrupt regular programming to bring you a SPECIAL PULLETIN, READ ALL ABOUT IT. Mr. Silverstein is Larry by first name. He's the one who admitted on TV, that we decided to "pull it" in regards to Building 7. He was lying, of course, and every newscaster and media boss knew it. It was impossible to decide, on 9-11, to pull the building down, and then to make it fall by dinner time. Larrys/Laurie's were first found in Dumfries with Bullys and Hains, and so gawk at the Larry/Laurie motto, to see if you see some clue that God may have arranged: "RePULLulat."ASTOUNDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to be very happy that I know by heart that the Larrys/Laurie's share the Lowry/GLORY Coat. (I kid you not, that while I was writing "Lowry" just now, and just as I had finished writing it, Susan Boyle sang "glory" in her song, "I Can Only Imagine.") I happened to load the Saffers/Savarys just to check their motto, for I know by heart that they have a unicorn-version of the Silverstein Coat, and their in the motto was "gloriosa"!!!! NO COINCIDENCE.

Plus, after I wrote "and in their motto was," I went off this page to get the spelling of "gloriosa," but the Lowry/Glory Coat was loaded onto the browser, and just as I went to click back to the Saffer/Savary Coat, the next song, after Susan Boyle's, sang "I'll fly away, oh glory"! This song is by cancer victim, Joey Feek, and the song is, "I'll Fly Away." Feeks/Figgs/Ficke's (Cambridgeshire) are roughly in Bush colors and format.

Flys share the martlets of Cheneys, in colors reversed from the same as Pullys! It seems that God used a song that can point to Silverstein's self-incriminating "pull it" phrase.

OHHH WOW! "Pull it" was in regards to Building 7, and the Seven surname is also "SEVERin/SEFFERn," like the Saffers/Savarys having a unicorn-version of the Silverstein Coat!!! Incredible. As Sevens/Severins have a "praeSTANTior" motto term, here's the last update:

I'm wondering why Italian Casino's, a branch of Cassandra's/Casano's, have triple fesses in the colors of the triple fesses of Change's/Changers for a related reason? The latter were first found in Hampshire was Cassane's (share Eppstein chevrons). Can this picture point to Loose Change somehow? Amazingly, Stanleys ("changer") can be a branch of Stans/Stants expected in the "diSTANTia" motto term of Case's/Casse's!!! Incredible. This find, not known when I started this paragraph, comes right after the Larry-Silverstein / Loose Change discoveries.

Silversteins are listed with Silvers/Sylvia's, and then German Silvers were first found in Hesse with the Rasmussens who share a unicorn on red with Saffers/Savarys. From here we can go to Savards/Savarys and Savards/Salfords/ The latter, in Bush colors and format and sharing the boar (different colors) with Bush's, have wolves in the colors of the wolf heads of Cliffs, and while RatCLIFFs were at a Salford location, the Ratcliff bull head is also that of Haliburton-like Albertons.

The nice thing about Albertons is that they were first found in Devon with the Walerans sharing the black bull head with Ratcliffs. That is, my claim is that John Ratcliffe was in the 1979 dream is partly due to the Walerans being a part of Miss Hicks hovering LEVEL, for Waleran de Leavell was of Leavells/LEVELs. I realize how thin this claim seems to be, but, thankfully, it can now be added that Albertons are in the colors and format of Flatts!!! She was hovering flat on her back! Plus, this recalls the FLAT tire I got on my Savary-like Safari van while God was creating an event (won't be repeated here) in the church as per my treble-CLEF tie. The Cleffs are listed with Cliffs. Treble's and Trebys were first found in Devon! Beauty.

When Stanley was sitting in my seat beside Miss Hicks, he was holding the American flag on a pole, which he brought to the stage for the final act of the memorial. Flags are connectable to the Flagi location of Flys ("I'll fly away, o glory," pointed to Silverstein), and Flags share the double fesses of Stans/Stants and Fleets while Flatts are also Fletts.

Hmm, Flys were first found in Hampshire, beside Poole and the Pulls/Pools, and the latter two were of Dorset, where Beautys were first found who have the Waleran bulls. The giant Pull/Pool lion is shared by ILLs/Alleys, who were just looked up as per "I'LL fly away"!!! Is that not impossible, yet we see it with our own eyes. "I'll fly away O glory" pointed to the Glorys, a branch of Larrys with the "RePULLulat" motto term, and "I'll" just pointed to Pulls. Is that not impossible unless God arranged it all? LARsons use a giant bull head.

As I've said, at age 10/11, I was playing marbles with a friend, though we called them alleys. That's how the Alley surname (Atlas branch) became known, but I didn't know until now that they are listed as Ills. I need to shot at least six feet ti hit my friend's marble in order to win his marble (we were playing for keeps), and so I prayed a real prayer, with all my heart, and I FLICKed my marble (half-inch wide) with the thumb, striking my friend's marble dead on. I've been proposing that this shot means something victorious today, or soon, as per an act of God. Flicks are listed with Flags.

While mythical Atlas was code for Attaleia, that location is fairly close of Kos. The miracle marble shot was directly across the street from Skye Court, where a friend, COSmo lived. Cosmo's/Cosini's use lilies, and the Lily surname was first found in Worcestershire with Ills/Alleys (share the Atlas Coat).

MORE. As I've said many times, Lawrence Kepke had a pet rat. Although there is no Away surname coming up, Ways essentially have the Coat of Rat-loving Geds. ways were first found in Devon with the radiator-like Rattery location of Hoods. The beautiful woman in the 1979 dream was at first standing at the hood i.e. at the radiator, and this was part of the evidence that John Ratcliffe was in this dream. Ways were first found in Devon with Turbot-like Trebys and Treble's, and we just saw the Treble-clef tie pointing to Cliffs suspect in making Ratcliffs. The Ways have three fish in the colors of the three Turbot fish, and a turbot tail is in the Crest of Lawrence's!!! That too is just impossible.

Do you think that Silverstein was born "Lawrence/Laurence"? Even if not, many people born Lawrence are called, Larry. Turbots are also TurBUTTs, and while the Turbot fish is in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish, the latter put it on a fesse, as do Butts/Boets. "Boet" is like the Bowd variation of Beautys. After she was at the hood, she became Sleeping Beauty.

I can't believe I missed the following in the last update. I've known that Geddes' and Luce's both use pike fish, but "Luce Change" didn't dawn on me until seeing the fish design of Geds just now, the same design as the Luce fish, and, BANGO. it hit me, Luce Change!!! That's because Lawrence's brought us to the Geds. Loose Change is a video that rightly portrays Larry Silverstein and others as 9-11 criminals. Why do French Luce's/LUCETTs share the Eppstein Coat?

As Luce-like Luciano's use fish, I'd suggest that Luciano liners adopted a pike when they married a Ged line. After that, a pike became known also as a Lucie fish. The Ged motto mentioned above, "Veritas vincit, is in reverse with one Kenny surname while the other Kennys use a Lucett-like "LUCeat" motto term. The Kenny-like McKinneys use a fish in Crest (as well as a reflection of the fish-using McCabe Coat). Kennys share the green-gold colors of German Loose's; both use the blue crescent. The other McKinneys are showing as Keith kin, and Keiths use, "Veritas vincit," tending to reveal that Kennys and Kinnys were branches and connected to the Geds. In this picture, German Loose's look like a Luce branch. And then "LUCeo" is used by Kenny-like Kenneths/MacKenzie's who pointed to the bulldog in the kidney-shaped pool.

Why did God put the shark in a swimming pool rather than a pond, swamp, or lake? For one, it allows Him to connect the shark to Geds via Kidneys/Gedneys, for I would never have guessed that God would be pointing to Kidneys even if the dream had a kidney-shaped pond. But pools in that shape are called such. God knows he needs to verify that a dream is from Him, and so when we see a Kidney link to a shark-like surname, it's adds such proof. But, there seems to be another reason for using a swimming pool, to link specifically to the Pull variation of Pools (share Kenny fleur-de-lys). I would not be very convinced that a pond points to Pools. So, a swimming pool works.

The "Luceo" motto term of Kenneths/MacKenzie's is more important than we might at first think, precisely because Kenneths share the Stanley stag head. As Stanleys love the Change's, there we have Luce Change again with the Kenneth motto, and thus the shark pool has the 9-11 deep state within it. Even Obama, though a Democrat, lied to the nation and covered over the 9-11 crimes. Why do you think he did that? I'd say it's due to many Democrats being a part of that crime.

Morgan le Fay From Africa

So-called heraldic "counterCHANGED" is what you see in the color-switches in the English Loose Coat, and the fleur-de-lys of that Coat has just been found with German Shine's because Kenneths/MacKenzie's translate "Luceo" as "shine." How about that. What are the chances? Shine's share their giant fleur with Cake's/Cakebreads, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Changer-loving Stanleys, how'bout that. Shine-like Shins have Kinny-like variations.

My good bet is that Irish Shine's developed a variation meaning "fox" in Irish because they merged with fox-using Fes'/Fez's, who happen to share the bend of Irish Shins, you see. I trace MacKenzie's to "Kenza," wife of king Idris of Morocco, and the latter's family ruled at Fez of Morocco. There is a Sale location in Morocco while the fleur-de-lys of Shine's is that also of Sale's. I don't assume that this Sale location was the origin of the surname; it could have been the other way around.

The Fait variation of Fes'/Fez's suggests the fate's/Feets I see in the "fato" motto term of Cheneys, for the latter are like the variations of English Shins/Chinns and the related Kenny-like Kenys'. Cheneys have a Coat like that of SALEmans, making Cheneys look like Kenza liners. Doesn't it put Dick Cheney into the shark pool if Cheneys were from the same source as Kenneths? Or, doesn't Loose Change point to Cheney's guilt?

Amazing: I just loaded the Kenneth-like Chanuts, and recalled that they use nothing but an inverted chevron in the colors of the nothing-but-a-chevron Betters/Beaters. I then though to try for an Idris-like surname, and first got the Itters. I then tried for Idders', finding them listed with Betters/Beaters. How can that be? I suggest that "Idders" was an earlier form of the name until marrying the line of Macbeth, which is of the Beaton surname. Kenneths are made the transition between the Pictish and Scottish kings, and MacBeth was an early Scot king. MacBeths/Beatons are said to have been in Fraser County, and Frasers share the Coat of McKinneys.

MacBeths/Beatons use an otter while Otters/Others have the Shine / Fez/Fes bend in colors reversed, and, upon their bend, the Otters/Other's put the same crescents as have Kenns/Kennes'. As Kenneths are Whinnie's too, note that Otters/Others are proto-WINdsors. Idders'/Betters were first found in Berkshire, same as Windsor castle. Windsors/Winsors share the stag head (different color) with Kenneths/MacKenzie's. Windsors use a "Fie" motto term while Fes'/Fez's are also Fee's and Fe's. This could be the root of mythical Morgan le Fay (could have merged later with proto-Vivians to form the Vey variation of Vivians.) While Vevey is near Morges, Morges' almost have the Windsor saltire.

Wow. As Morges and Vevey are at lake Geneva, it's first notable that Geneva's/Genova's have inverted wings in the colors of the Chaine/Chenay wing. Then, most welcome, it's the Chaine like Chanuts/Chenu's who have the inverted chevron! I'm pretty sure I had read the latter's description (website no longer being kind enough to make public those descriptions) is an inverted chevron. Actually, a 2017 update in July tells that an "inverted chevron" is used by Morello's. In the 4th update of December, 2017, I added: "Morello's share a rare 'inverted' chevron with Chanute's" It looks as though both surnames call it "inverted."

Ah, wunderbar. Morello's can be gleaned as kin of Morinis', very traceable with Marano's and Morano's to Morano in southern Italy, and as Morano is smack beside Shark-line Saracena, by what coincidence are the Chief-Shield colors combo's of Morello's and Morinis' those of Valiants who in turn use the only shark I know of?!?! Zinger, look at that. Morinis' share the fleur-de-lys of Kennys, in colors reversed from the fleur of Spanish Marano's. The latter share the tower of Auvergne's while Fes'/Fez's were first found in Auvergne. The latter term is like "Awraba," Kenza's tribe that is also "Aures."

O WOW---WIE!!! The Auvergne's use the fleur-de-lys of Spanish Morano's, but the Auvergne's fill their Shield with them, as do the Pulls/Pools with the very same fleur-de-lys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the shark in the pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!! The shark is the line both of Saraca's (they lived at Ragusa, also called, Laus(a) and of Kenza, and thus God did set up Miss Hicks with Spuds MacKenzie. BUT WHY WHY WHY? What mystery is this?

Pulls/Pools are in Auvergne colors and format, and while the line of Tullia of Auvergne's Clermont-FERRAND are from FIRENZe = Florence elements (highly suspect with Taddei's), Kennys can be gleaned as kin of Browns (share Auvergne / Kenny / Flore / Flora fleur), and then the Kenny scrolls reveal that Bruno's (sharing the Scroll Coat) apply too, for Bruno's were first found in Florence. So, there you have the likeliness that Kenza-line Kennys (share Morinis / Auvergne fleur-de-lys) linked to Auvergne elements. Scottish Browns use their Coat with the same fleur as English Loose's.

In colors reversed, the Morgan lion is green, the color of the Lyon lion, and Tullia was from Lyon by birth; she married Mr. Rusticus of Clermont-Ferrand, and Rusts have a Coat version of English Loose's. It just so happens that Irish Moors share the giant lion of MORgans (same lion as German Loose's) while Morano's use Moor heads; I'm pretty sure that the Arms of Morano do too. Rusticus predated Kenza by centuries.

Morano and Saracena are on the Sybaris river, and while Wikipedia says that peoples of Sybaris founded neighboring LAUS, let's add that Morges, Vevey and Pully are in the Swiss canton of LAUSanne.

Recall, "I'll fly away o glory," for Tullia's have butterflies, and one of the two pale bars of German Steels. The latter share the Berta griffin while Berthe was wife of Mummolin of Chalons, a descendant of Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand. One Chalon Coat has the Fez/Fes bend, and the latter surname happens to come up as "Fay," tending to expose that Morgan le Fay was a Morges-and-Vevey line merger with Fez elements from Idris and Kenza. As Pulls/Pools are in Auvergne colors and format, with the giant Pool lion being in the colors of the giant Berta griffin, the white griffin head in the Pull/Pool Crest looks like the Berta griffin. It tends to identify Pulls as a Pully branch, and makes the Pully bend and bendlets connectable to the near-same of French Champagne's (Moor head).

Steel-related BATTIstelli's share the chevron-with-stars of Vivian-branch Five's (Aberdeenshire, same as Leslie's). Scottish Champagne's have a Coat reflective of the Halper Shield while the Halper checks are those of Steele's too, and then the giant griffin of Halper-like Alberts (they were also AethelBERTs) is half in the colors of the giant Berta/Bert griffin. These English Alberts use a savage while Sauvage's were first found in Champagne, and German Alberts have the eight-pointed star of Batti's in colors reversed. Batti's were first found beside Morello-like Maurels and Gallia's, respectively from Maurilion, father of Berthe under discussion, and Gallia, mother of Tullia under discussion. Battistelli's share the pyramid with Tulls/Tolle's, and with the FISCs to which the Halper-Steele relationship point, for the FISA court is the FISC.

Ah, Italian Alberts use chains! Chaine's/Chenays share the wing colors of the Geneva/Genova wings, in the colors of the eagle of Genova's Segni's/Segurana's. Fisc-line Fieschi lived in Genova. Is this pointing to Dick Cheney as having part with the anti-Trump agenda using the FISC? I've never seen Cheney supporting Trump on television.

The Pully location between Vevey and Morges can play into this too, for Pullys share the bend of Champagne's while Chalons is now called, Chalons-en-Champagne. At the south border area of Champagne is Avallon while Morgan le Fay was said to be of a fictitious Avalon island in Britain. Some myth writer(s) knew that she was from Avallon of France, apparently.

Ahh, Scottish Fays are easily shown as Spear/SPEYer kin, and while the Spey river to BUCKie is the location of Rothes castle, the Pool-line Pollocks first built this castle, then married BUCKle-using Leslie's who became earls of Rothes. Dutch Loose's happen to share the Leslie buckle, suggesting that at least one Leslie line became "Loose." Veys/Vivians share the purple lion with Spanish Luz's/Lucio's and English Lacys (like "Lucy/Luce"). As "Lucio" is almost the "Luceo" motto term of Kenneths/MacKenzie's, note that Leslie's are in the colors and format of the Stanleys sharing the Kenneth/MacKenzie stag head. There we just crossed Luz Change. Rusts sharing a version of the English Loose Coat were first found in Kent with Rothes', and Rusticus' family was suspect in forming the Varangian Rus.

The likely reason that Fes'/Fez's (Auvergne) have a fox is that they have variations like the Foys/Foix's, first found in Auvergne. The songline miracle of Joey Feek, which pointed to Larry-branch Lowrys/Glorys just as I was showing the Larry Coat, can now be added to, for Feeks/Figgs/Ficke's (Cambridgeshire, same as Stanleys) share the Coat of Foix-like Foggs. They both share the annulets of Amis/Ames' suspect in the "Aymez loyaulte" motto of pull-it-like Pollets. Again, the latter share the swords of Ficke-connectable Feschs/Fechts (Switzerland).

The Pollett Coat is a black-Shield version of the Aude Coat (Fay sword?), and Pollocks have an "AUDacter" motto term. ROXburghs use "AUDax" because ROQUEfeuil is in the Aude province of France (beside Foix province), and this goes to the Kenneth/MacKenzie rock. "AuDAX" should also be for Dax's/Tax's sharing crossed white swords with Feschs. More crossed white swords are with Naughtons, and the NAKED savage of Alberts can be for the Nacht variation of Nitts/Naughts (share Rothes lion heads).

English Dax's/Ducks happen to share the Chief-Shield colors of Veys/Vivians, and the latter are kin of Fife's / Five's whose lions in turn are the Dax/Duck lion heads.

I've found another Idris-like surname in the Dires'/Diers. Their "nolo" motto term can be for Nole's/Knolls, who happen to use two wings in the colors of the Geneva/Genova and Chaine/Chenay wings. The Coat of Italian Deres'/Res' shares the three stars of Saraca-like Schrage's, and this latter surname is in the news this week with Steven Schrage, an unofficial whistle blower, on Fox news, against Stefan Halper.

Chains (not "Chaine") share the Sinclair cross, and the "Committ" motto term of Sinclairs is for Conte's/Comite's and Conte's/ComiTISSa's/COUNTERs. Then, while the COUNTERchanged symbol of heraldry implies that Counters and Change's/Changers (Hampshire, same as TISS') got married to produce lines that were lawfully able to use counterchanged colors, Change's thus look like Chain liners. Sinclairs were vikings, and while the Stout-surnamed vikings used a raven banner, Change's/Changers have the triple fesses of Stouts (Cambridgeshire, same as Changer-loving Stanleys) fesses. I had read that the raven vikings conquered Rothesay (= mythical Avalon) after or during their conquering of Shetland / Orkney, and while Henry Sinclair (of ROSlin) became a ruler Orkney, German Rothes use a giant raven. Scottish Rothes was ruled by Leslie's who share buckles with Roslins.

Note that while Sinclairs had been Claro's, they may have formed "SINclair" as per marriage with Shine / Shin liners, kin of Fez's/Fes'. The Simms can be using part of the Halpert/Halbert Coat (axes), and while Walsers do use the so-called "halpert" or "halbert" axe, they were from Wallis canton, location of Sion, the line to SINE's/Sions. One Fox Coat is listed with SIONnachs, perhaps a Sion merger with naked-like Nachts (share Rothes lion head). The naked-savage Alberts share a giant, gold griffin with Battle's, explaining the heraldic battle-axes likely used by Halperts/Halberts.

In the 1979 dream, the bulldog wasn't pushed into the pool. It just came walking nonchalantly / oblivious-to-danger from behind me, past my leg, while I was standing beside the pool patio. It continued to walk until it walked into the pool. Isn't that a symbol of Trump with one foot in the swamp? The Leggs (Dumfries, same as BULLys sharing flames with the MacKenzie Crest) have a stag head half in the colors of the MacKenzie / Stanley stag heads, and in the colors of the Trump stag head. That seems clear enough.

As I said, I took a DIVE into the pool to save this bulldog, and Diens/DIVES' happen to have a white, inverted (upside-down) wing, and Geneva's/Genova's have white inverted wings too. As Chaine's/Chenays have a wing in Geneva-wing colors while Italian Alberts have chains in the same colors, French Alberts may be with the Geneva lion. I didn't get to see what my dive produced, and so, perhaps, the emphasis is on the dive itself. The dog may have taken a small jump into the pool, I can't recall whether it did or not, but it was not a flying leap, that's for sure. A small jump makes senses because Jumps share the Trump stag head. It's like the dog parked its butt right into the jaws of the deep-state shark. Trump had been that stupid for the first three years of his presidency. The damage by now is colossal. We could say that the shark dined on Trump, because Dine's are listed with Diens/Dives'.

As though God wants to assure that the Dine's/Dives' are to be included, there is a Dive/Dives surname sharing the three Capes (near Middlesex) and Apps/EPPs (VERY IMPORTANT) scallops, and while Eppstein-like Apps/Epps were first found in Middlesex with Fiers/Fears (from Fier county's APSus river), the Fiers/Fears share the moline of French Dine's!!!! That is huge because, after the dive, the very next scene was me about waist-deep in a blue body of WATER, the ocean off Jeffrey Epstein's island, and Waters share the Eppstein Coat! WOW. This has new material, and it's perfect. In fact, the shark's nasty teeth can be a pointer to Tooths, first found in London with Capes'! In the meantime, Capes' are suspect with an Illuminati line from Caiaphas. I like to jest that God took a long time before getting round to the creation of the earth because he was busy working out the complicated links of this heraldic work.

After the scene with me in the sea, I was on a sandy beach seeing a woman from afar, and the French Dive Coat is a not bad reflection of the Far/PHAR Coat, a possibly pointer to Pharisees. The Fars/Phars can be linked to Irish Fare's/Phare's ("VirTUTE TUTis") having a white-moline version of the Fier/Fear Coat, can we believe it, and the Saraca-branch Sarasins use the same white-on-red moline of those Fare's/Phare's!!! Luckily, if there had been just one more dream in all of this work, the Creation of mankind wouldn't have happened yet. What are the chances that Swims share the bend of French Fare's/Phare's?

The best I can do as per the "inVERTed" code for the inverted wings of this update is the Verty variation of Vardys, who happen to share the Fier / Dine moline, is that not impossible? The Irish Fare's/Phare's: "VIRTute." Virtys/Vardys were first found in Cumberland with Farrs/Phars and the Daggers from the Dexaroi on the Apsus river to Fier. I dove into the pool, and while I was WAIST deep in the sea in the next scene, it points to the doves of Waistells, who even share the garbs of Comyns (dagger), from Fier county's Kuman location. The end of this dream pointed to Ardiaei-related Rhizon, and the Ardiaei were also called, VARDaei. The dream ended with my emBRACE with Sleeping Beauty, and Bracebridge's share the vair fur in the Verty/VARDy Chief.

Recall how the "loyaulte" motto term of Polletts can point to Loyola's/Lolita's and therefore to Epstein's Lolita Express, for Dagger, who share the Coat of Bardys (Perigord, same as French Faux's/CHALNES' expected from "Chalons") have a "loyalte" motto term. Daggers share the red bull with Sabine's, from Flavius Sabinus, son of Flavius Petro, and the Petro's then have the Fier/Fear and Dine moline, and even a not-bad reflection of the Dine Coat. BUT, the Petro Coat is a near copy of the Ainsley Coat, assuring all-the-more that Ainsley Earhardt is Sleeping Beauty. There's a question on whether Faux's are listed with Chalnes' as a pointer to Fox and Friends.

Plus, the Fier Coat shares the blue bend of Claro's/Charo's in the motto of English Joseph's (from Flavius Josephus) in turn sharing the garb of Fier-county line Comyns. The latter use a dagger while Daggers share the red bull with Claro's/Charo's. And as Daggers share the Bardy Coat, that's why French Beards (Brittany) have another red bull. French Packs have another red bull while Rieti-liner Reds/Reeds (familiar Coat), first found beside Cumberland, use a "Pax copia" motto.

There's a good chance that proto-Pollocks of Brittany (vassals of Alans), descended from Flavius Sabinus, were Beards or Beard kin, for Bards (share boar with Pollocks) share the Leslie griffin. After proto-Pollocks moved to Pollok in Renfrewshire, adopting the name, they married Leslie's, first found in Aberdeenshire with the Cups/Cope's beloved of Reds/Reeds (reflection of Petro Coat). Then, Pollets (in the Pull/Pool motto) were Pull/Pool branch while Larrys love the Cups/Cope's (same place as Scottish Reeds), suggesting that God caused Larry Silverstein to utter, "pull it," to expose / condemn himself. Trump is tantamount to covering for the 9-11 criminals, and being eaten alive by them, perfect justice.

[Insert -- Daggers/DACKers can now be linked to the Ainsley motto term, "often," if it stands for the Offens. It's first of all very interesting that German Offens/Hoffens/Hoffners (chain) are also HOVERners, suggesting a branch of Hovers/Hoffers/Hofners. This can link Ainsleys to the hovering scene. It's helpful that Hovers/Hoffers were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers/Dockers, because English Dockers ("Semper," traceable to Flavians) were first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers.

We now go to English Offens sharing the giant lion of Shark-related Keons because both surnames list the Owens. I'm seeing a Keen-line merger with Owens to form the Keons. The latter have a version of Shark-line Neil Coat, and this is pretty amazing because it seems to involve both husbands of Ainsley Earhardt, Mr. Proctor (Nail and Duck kin) and Mr. McKinney (i.e. like the Keens). Can we find the shark dream by following this Offen/Owen path suspect from the Ainsley motto?

German Neils/Nails were first found in Westphalia with Offens/Hoverners and Duckers/Dockers. That's a wow already. I assume that Bull / Bully liners along with Dogs/DOCKs are needed as per the bulldog in the shark pool. Pools share the Coat of Alleys, the latter first found in Worcestershire with Dackets/Daggs (are we justified in bringing Dackets/Daggs to topic?), like the Doag variation of Dogs/Docks, and like the Hardy-related Douglas' of Moray. Hardwicks/Hartwicks are the ones sharing the Neil/Nail saltire and the McKinney cinquefoils, how about that. What are the chances?

The Owen-like One's (wine-line Oenotrians?) are listed with the Wine-like Innis' of Moray, where Peter Pollock lived, and Pool-liner Pollocks have a brown boar, the color of the One/Innis boar head. While Owens are said to have been Eugene's, the Eugene's/EWENs have a motto, "AUDaciter," like the "Audacter" term of Pollocks, that looks linkable to the AUTo where Miss Earhardt was hovering. That's another wow. Read the term also as "AuDACITer," you see, to get to Dackers/Daggs. And I do have a way to link Dackers/Daggs to my alley shot, which involved a flick of the alley for the Flags/Flicks. It just so happens that Eugene's have the Neil/Nail saltire in colors reversed on their FLAG, and this Eugene saltire is in the colors of the white saltire-made-by-chains of Italian Alberts, who have a white annulet attached to their chains, and then German Offens/Hoverners have white chains attached to a white annulet too.

The Innis-like Wine's have a fesse-by-eagles that reflects the FORE/Forez and Herod Coats. The Ainsley motto includes, "FOR my country OFTEN" you see, and I saw Herods in a list of McLeod septs where the McLeod bull head was black, the color of the Auto/Otto bull head. Aude's were first found in Savoy with Fore's/Forez'. I flicked my marble shot directly across the street from Skye Court, and McLeods were at the island of Skye. When Ainsley was hovering, we went into the sky. If we say that we were flying in the sky, we note that Flys (Hampshire, same as Flavius-liner Josephs) were at a Flagi/Flavius location.

Behold. Fore's/Forez' are also Forets while Lyons, sharing the RIPley lion, were the namers of a Foret location. I flicked the alley with my thumb, and thumb-like Tume's/Tombs, first found in Worcestershire with Alleys, and sharing a green Shield with Fore's/Forez's, use tomb stones with R.I.P. written upon them! That's new, funny and welcome. There seems to be a marble-shot link to the 1979 dream, and this was a mystery I was asking about in the OH-WOW INSERT below, written the day before this insert.

The Innis' were first found beside the Keen-like MacKenzie's/KENNIEsons/MacWHINNIEs. The latter pointed to the bulldog in the pool. The Wine's/WINNIE's have their gold Shield eagle also in their Crest, and it's the eagle in Crest of Knee-branch Needhams ("AUT", can we believe it?), which gets alley-important because a flick shot, with the marble resting on the index finger, won't work well by standing up; the marble will tend to roll off the finger when pointing it down to strike the opponents' marble on the ground. I think I would probably have gotten down on one knee to make my arm as horizontal as possible.

Here's my reasoning for getting down on a knee. The Knee's use the gold Needham eagle, with flames at the tail, in red, and it just so happens that it's the red eagle (no flames) in the Crest of Dackers/Daggs, first found in the same place as Alleys. In the Oh-WOW INSERT, where I go through some of the points made here on the alley shot, I include my job at Atlas AUTO Parts, for the Alley Coat is the Atlas Coat, is that not wild? Needhams use "aut." Needham we say more? Incredible, it really is. For your verification if you'd like it: Atlas Auto Parts was a major topic in the 4th update of January of this year, and re-mentioned in late June.

I now need to flip the script to Steve Melanson, shortly after the 1979 dream. I kid you not, that I decided to go to Melansons because they share the Dacker/Dagg Chief. It had nothing to do with Mr. Melanson asking me to be his assistant coach for his hockey team (which I accepted). After writing the first sentence of this paragraph, I added the last sentence of the last paragraph, and then loaded the January update, and found the first instance of "Atlas" on the page: "At about age 20, at the time I was playing HOCKEY with the Kepke's, I was delivering for Atlas Auto PARTs." The Hockeys happen to share the Melanson / Dacker/Dagg crescents. It seems to be verifying that God wants me to flip to Steve Melanson at this time, for he challenged me to heal the blood in his EAR. So, Joe Oullette and I laid hands on him and prayed for his ear. When we were done, Steve said, roughly, "okay, so when I stick this Q-tip swab into my ear, I'll get blood." He stuck it in, got no blood, and looked surprised (this event is in the 5th update of April, 2016, with "Q-tip" mentioned). The point is the Q!!! The EARhardts were suspect with a deliberate Q-shape with their snakes!!! BIG WOW. Queens were first found on Skye.

MELANsons are suspect from Milan, home of OTTONE Visconti! Ottone's are also Otto's!!! The original Visconti snake was green, as with the Earhardt snakes.

This is all new right here: why wasn't the woman sitting on the auto's hood instead of STANDing at the front of it? The Stands/Stans were at Yarborough, and Yarboroughs/YEARbys happen to have a version of the Ottone/Otto Coat. As French Chappes' have a version of the tall, solid Ottone/Otto chevron, it explains why Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps were first found in Stirlingshire with Years. Yarborough's, by the looks of it, happen to share chaplets with Hicks. Yarborough's have a "palma" motto term, and Palmers share the double Stand/Stan fesses. Yarrows are said to have been at Jarrow while Jarrys/HARE's share the green snake with early Visconti's, and it's in the mouth of a Fox, what looks like a pointer to Miss EARhardt at Fox and Friends. Yarrowhall is near HEXham, and Hex's/Hecks perchance have the Hicks buck head (which wears the chaplet around its neck).

So, it appears that the woman was standing at the car to prove that it represented the Otto line. As I said, my hand GRAZEd her knee, and Grazio's (share rooster with Sardinian Visconti's) happen to have been first found in Perugia with Ottone's/Otto's. The Sardinia-like Sarde's/Lizarts can be in the Jarry/Hare lizard. I had no shirt on when I saw her standing at the car, and Shirts are Shards too. My hand also touched her knee, and Touch's/Tuffs share the giant Jarry/Hare lion. The Bosco pillars have "tufts of grass" while Tufts/Tuffs are a Touch branch while Graze's are listed with Grasse's. We can say that my hand brushed her knee, for Brush's/Bruce's (of Annandale) are linkable to the Ainsley Coat.

Later in this update, in the OH-WOW INSERT, I show why the Jewish Harts, with a Coat like that of Earhardts, can be using a weave pattern for Weavers, mentionable here because Weavers (Cheshire, same as Marble's and Hazels) have a version of the Hazel / Hockey fesse, and the Hazel and Hockey fesses have the Dacker/Dagg / Melanson crescents.

I trace Scottish Milans/Millens (Aberdeenshire, same as Melansons) and their kin, the Buchanans (share giant black lion with PALINs), with Buchans (Aberdeenshire) to Buxentum, beside PALINurus at the bay of Laus = Oenotrian theater, and it just so happens that Oen-like Owens/Offens share the giant Palin lion. That's new and perfect, because Laus was related to the Sybaris river, location of Saracena, while Keons/Owens (share Owen/Offen lion) are Shark kin. So, the new find here is that Owens were from Oenotrians.

The interesting thing here is that a hockey stick can point to Sticks, which I identify as the Traby-related Astikas;, from Astakos at the Calydon region of mythical OENeus, the likely code for proto-Oenotrians. Trabys/Sadowski's happen to use a Q-shaped scarf, and that Q was suspect with Quade's especially (share wolf heads with Scarfs), yet the Quade's happen to share the three wolf heads of Owen-like Queens listed with Sweens. It just so happens that while "oen" means "wine" in Greek, Whinnie's, a MacKenzie variation, is listed with Sweeneys having the Wine/Winner fesse in colors reversed. It was Mr. Melanson, the hockey coach, who used the Q-tip. Calydon had the Seir-suspect Sirens, and Sweeneys have the black boar...of Edom, we may assume.

I assume that Queens were Keon/Owen liners merged with Sweeneys, for the Sweeney write-up has: "The name is derived from Suibhne O'Neill..." Plus, Sweeneys share the lizard with Queen-like Keens, that nails it. While Sweeneys share the Porcia boars, I assume, Porcius Cato has property in Suibhne-like Sabina. While Flavians of Sabina were at proto-Roet Rieti, Catherine Roet married Mr. SWYNford, and Swinfords use more black boars. We can imagine some heraldic boars being from the pork-like Porcius line, and others as code for Edomites or even Bauer liners. Perhaps heraldry masters had a way to distinguish these divergent boar liners.

Ahh, the Sweeny boars are in the colors of the Pallet/Palley boar heads, likely a Palin/Pawley branch, for Palins can be gleaned in the Plain variation of Pallet-like Platers. So, it does appear that mythical Oeneus goes forward to Owens, Keons/Owens / KEENs and QUEENs! As this is what we can call the Q-line, note Q-Anon, for while I trace proto-Laevi to Oeneus, the Anons/Annan(dale)s are suspect to the Laevi-liner, Annas/Ananus, capital killer of Jesus. It could appear that God created the Q-tip event to connect with AINSley EARhardt for the sake of this Annas line. In the meantime, it has Herods in it. Sirens were all-female, and "qwen" is a Nordic word for "woman." Sirens were all singers, and Singers share the Stick Coat.

As Hockeys and Hazels share three, same-colored crescents on a blue bend, the HOCKLey variation of Hockeys can betray being a Hazel branch, especially if HACKleys were involved with Hazels. Hackleys/ACKERleys/Acle's happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks (and Ainsleys), first found in Yorkshire with Hazelwoods. While Hockeys share the Dacket crescents, Daggers/Dackers were first found in Cumberland with Acre's/Ackers. End insert]

I can see why Annas-like Ainsleys were chosen for this picture in which the shark is from Idris of Morocco. He was at least associated with Syrian elements, which included Itureans. His name appears named after ITUReans, and MacKenzie's even use an "itur" motto term. Plus, while Kenza lived in the land of the Shawia, Shaws/Sheaves' use "patITUR." Then, it just so happens that the father of priest Annas of Israel was Seth, and he lived in Syria. Scottish Shaws (near/beside MacKenzie's), first found in Perthshire with DOGs, and said to be from "SITHech," come up as Seths, and so I think God is trying to say that Idris was from the line of Seth, and maybe Annas too. It seems that the line of Seth was in the Shawia to which Kenza belonged.

When I jumped into the pool to save the dog, about a week after my conversion to Jesus, it could be a portrayal of Christian support for Trump in spite of his hypocrisy. I'm very open to trump getting on his knees, confessing his sinful humanity, and devoting his eternal life to God's eternal plans. The problem is, Trump has the priority of enriching rich corporations while God is wholly opposed to rampant, chronic industrialism. If you think that venture capitalism is devoid of greed, give your head a shake. Greed is the chief trait of industrialism. God does not sanction any man to become a billionaire. Such a man is to cease from making profit by lowering prices and giving further profits to the less fortunate. If you call that socialism, you insult God. Yes, use your capital to make money, but beware greed. Live for others, your customers, equally as much as yourself. You are not to be in business for self, as though the consumer exists for your benefit and for your exploitation. Life is not a board game.

When seeing Miss Earhardt from afar, she was at the hood of an auto, which pointed to John Ratcliffe, tending to explain why Ratcliffs share a black bull head with Auto's/Otto's (easily a Hood/Hoot branch). The giant Auto/Otto bull head happens to be colors reversed from the same of Larry-like Lars'. Larry Silverstein was pointed to in the last update by a songline miracle from Joey Feek, and the last update showed how Feek / Fogg / Fogler/Vogler branches could have included Fowlers (have Fogghelers in their write-up). What are the chances that emperor Otto I was the son of king Henry Fowler, also called, der Vogler? It's tending to tell us that Lars' were Larry liners, and the "RePULLulat" motto of Larrys (Dumfries, same as Pully-like Bullys) suggests the Pullys, kin of red-bull Sabine's (share Pully scallops).

The Fowlers, suspect with the Silver/Silverstein lions, can trace to the Vowells that are said to have been the Saffers/Savarys, the latter having the version of the Silverstein Coat. Fowlers and Larrys have a motto term ending with "lat."

Before ending this section, I'd like to show why my choice of "nonchalant" to describe the bulldog's attitude as it came walking from behind me, looks Inspired. I've never used that term to describe the dog before.

As Miss Whelan lived many miles from my home, I wasn't seeing her much, which can explain why she found another man. Kepke and I caught wind of where they were meeting, and, just for fun on his part, we decided to get to the restaurant first. Of course, the restaurant they picked was not of our choosing, but it happened to be in the Scarborough Town Center, where Kepke and I had sold shoes, and he may have been selling shoes still at that time. This becomes important. Kepke and I would eat regularly at this very restaurant when we sold shoes.

So, with us sitting at a table, Miss Whelan and her new boyfriend walk in, which was my cue to go speak with her. Kepke saw that I wasn't too happy, and tried to calm me down by saying, as I was getting up, "be NONCHALANT." It just so happens that Whelans/FAILins were first found in Waterford, and the Arms of County Waterford shares the Trump stag head, you see. The bulldog FELL into the pool, and Fells share the Whelan lozenges while Falls/Fallis' share the Pool lion. The bulldog fell into the pool having the shark that is connectable to the crocodile shoes of Burisma's owner, and Kepke, who even lived on the same street as Miss Whelan (pure chance), is part-Ukrainian by background. I've often said that Kepke wore his blond hair like Trump's.

But again, the dog could also have done a little jump into the pool because Jumps share the Trump stag head too. It did not fall head-first into the pool, but feet first, as could be expected with a small jump. My impression is that Rockefellers are involved in the shark pool, either for or against Trump, or both. Scarboroughs have, I think, a Shark-liner Saracen's head at the tip of a lance.

The Fells were first found in Dundee with Kids, and this seems to link to the kids jumping on the yellow mattress. That is, I'm guessing that it involves Trump, uh-oh.

Shoe's use a knight while Knights / Knaughts are suspect with the Nitts/Naughts at the Nith river of Dumfries. It just so happens that while Whelan and Kepke lived at Henry Corson Place, Corsons, linkable to Corrys / Correns of Waterford, were first found in Dumfries with Nitts/Naughts and Bullys. The latter have definitely been pointed to by the bulldog. Corsons even have a "Ne" motto term while Knee's/Nee's can be expected in the "knight issuing from the knees" of Shoe's. That's why God arranged for Miss Whelan to be at the restaurant in the Scarborough Town Center.

I was about 19/20 years old at the time, fresh out of a relationship with Louise when meeting Miss Whelan, and French Louis' happen to share the Whelan lozenges. There's more to this than I now realize.

The shark's teeth were circling around the midsection = BELLY of the dog when it was in its mouth, and Corsons share the fesse of Bells (Dumfries). Scottish Bellys/BELLIES', who share the Jump roses, may be in the "ouBLIEZ" motto term of Corsons. German Belli's/Bellies' share the beacon with Redmaine's, and Lawrence's, with a "Be" motto term to match "be nonchalant," were at Yellow-like Yealand-Redmaine. Redmaine's share cushions with Kilpatricks (Dumfries). Finally, Corsons share the crescent of German Silvers while Lawrence's are in the write-up of Larrys/Lowrys (Dumfries), a pointer to Larry Silverstein, by the looks of it, by the name of Kepke's street name in conjunction with Kepke's first name, a new thing right here. Lawrence's use a turbot tail while Turbots share the fish of Geds who were in turn at the Nith river.

The three Corson lozenges are shared by Brix's/Brests, from Brixia, smack at Val Trompia. Dutch Tromps share the eagle of German Belli's. Whelans use the Brick Coat.

I can't leave the reader in suspense. I got up, asked Karen Whelan if she'd come sit with me alone, and she did. Her new guy probably didn't like that. It was brief at the table, she (probably largely embarrassed) didn't want to be with me, so I got up, and left the restaurant with Kepke.

Hoggs and Other Edomites

As Kamala Harris has been chosen to be Biden's vice-presidential candidate (not necessarily chosen by Biden), I'm noting that while Harris' are in Fowler colors and format, the "reminisci" motto term of Harris' suggests Rimini, where Maschi's were first found sharing the Fowler lion. Maschi's use pine cones, and Harris' the porcuPINE. Porcius Cato was in Sabina. Then, Maschi's are from Julia Maesa Bassianus, whose sister married emperor SEVERus. Maesa's husband, Julius Avitus, is to the Vita's in the Saffer/SAVARy motto. Did the Larry-Silverstein circle sway Biden into choosing Ms. Harris? Harris' use hedgehogs in place of the Maschi lion of Fowlers, and Hoggs share the black boar with Porcia's...and Bush's.

WOE, behold what I didn't know until ending the last paragraph. Hoggs use a "gloria" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feek me out. Did God provide the miracle on Glorys mere days before Ms. Harris was chosen because she was chosen? What could Harris and Silverstein have in common?

OH WOW, recall that one of the two songline miracles was as per: "Susan Boyle's, sang "I'll fly away, oh glory"! This song is by cancer victim, Joey Feek..." Scottish Boyle's share the double-headed red eagle with Specks/Spicks/Spike's who in turn have a porcupine in Crest!!! What are the chances???

The Speck/Spicks have Busseys in their write-up. Scottish Boyle's are also Boyville's while Vowell-like Bowells (share Red/Reed/Reat Crest) are listed with BOSwells/BOISville's (share cinquefoils with Bois'/Busts and a black fesse with Bush's). The "Vraye" motto term of Bowells/Boisville's is like the "vray" of Wrays, and Christopher Wray seems to be a devoted Bushite. The Chief-Shield colors of Wrays are shared by Shark-loving Valiants. The problem is, I don't have proof that Bowells were a Vowell branch. The "Vraye FOI" motto of Bowells/Bosville's should be for one of the four Foy surnames, two of which are also Foix's and thus linkable to Fez's/Fes'. It just so happens that Porci's (not "Porcia") share the bend of Fez'/Fes'. The latter worked into the shark scene.

The brown bird of Bowells/Boisville's appears to be RISING, as they say of some birds in that position. It's in the Crest also of Voyer-like Boyers/Bowyers, and Voirs/Voyers share the Fowler lion. That begins to put some evidence for a Vowell-Bowell relationship of some sort. If Bowyers were Bowers / Bauers, note that Bauers share blue wings with Harris-like Here's and Herzogs (Bavaria, same as Bauers). Boyers/Bowyers share blue vair with Silversteins.

This is getting very interesting as per the Q-storm that Ainsleys and Earhardts together pointed to in the 3rd update of July. It involved the Q-like snakes in the Earhardt Coat, when EARhardts were linked the Heyers, Here's and HARTzogs/Herzogs (all three have blue wings). Voirs/Voyers are said to be from D'Argensons, who are in the write-up of Mackesys/Margesons sharing the Stormy lion. Mackeys/Margesons have a "loyalite" motto term that looks like code for the Loyola's/Lolita's, a very-interesting pointer to Epstein's plane along with the fact that Murdochs, the surname of Fox news' boss, share the Coat of Margys/Mackays (same place as Eyer- and Heyer-branch Ayers).

Then, the Storms (not "Stormy) have a Coat linkable to LOVES'/Luffs once said to be first found in Suffolk with MusCATs whose symbols they share, and then the MusCHATs share the triple chevrons of Eppsteins, which are a near match with the Storm Coat, itself sharing triple-red fesses with French Bois'. On top of this, when Miss Earhardt acts as the hooker in the dream, with the Q-like snakes embraced, we go to what God said to me, in the dream, when she was sleeping. Part of that statement was, "it's you she LOVES, go wake her up." It looks like a pointer to Epsteins but through Loves'/Luffs. And then God gave me/us a dream recently where the Luff couple (old friends of mine) had snakes for tongues.

When I go to the Tongue's/Tongs (look like kin of Bone's, same place as Mackeys/Margesons), they are said to have been lords of Manningham, and Mannings, first found in Suffolk with early Loves'/Luffs, use an "Esse" motto term. Okay, you have arrived: English Esse's are listed with English Ash's/Aschs while German Ash's/Asch's (have the Duce's/Doosys in motto) have the Epstein Coat in colors reversed, and then German Esse's/Hesse's play into it because Eppsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau! That is all new, the apparent reason that the Luffs were given snakes for tongues. It was to get me to the Mannings, which I neglected to do until now.

Look. Manninghams share the peacock with Manners/Maness' (Hare/Hair fesses in colors reversed, very Earhardt-important) who in turn share the red Chief with Mens'/MAME's, very linkable to the Mamesfelde location of MANSfields, first found in Nottinghamshire with AINSleys and Annas', in turn connectable to ANANs/Annan(dale)s!!! THE Q-ANON STORM. Is it coming soon to a TV near you? Look, the Popcorn surname uses snakes for tongues!!!

Bowells/Boisville's have a "richESSE" motto term suspect with ESAU's Edomites (see "Esau" and "Esse" last update) but also with the Richs'/Richess', said to be from Lorraine, home of RICHEZA, wife of Mieszko II, Piast of Poland, the parents of Casimir. Casimirs happen to share the red-on-gold antler with Scottish Boyle's, and the latter's symbols (includes what looks like the Wanstead/Weiner Shield in colors reversed) look connectable to Childs of Wanstead. Lorraine's happen to share the Child eagle, which is also the Arms-of-Piast eagle.) It thus appears that Susan Boyle's miracle pointing to Silverstein is also pointing to Bush, because Boyle's look like a short form of "Boisville," and because Voirs/Voyers share gold, passant lions with Silversteins.

The last update showed why Esau's Edomites went through Kos, location of mythical Merops that named Merovingians, and the first Merovingian king, aside from mythical Merovee, was CHILDeric, the line to Childs. Apparently, God gave the songline miracle by a song from Susan Boyle for these added points, a song that was not her own. The song, "I Can Only Imagine," was (I think) originally from MercyMe, and Mercys/Maisie's (Boisville cinquefoils in colors reversed!), share the Bowell/Boisville and Bush fesse!!! Can you believe it? Mercys/Maisey look like Marsi of Maruvium = Merovingians, how about that.

Mercys/Maisie's are in Bush colors and format, as are the Always' (in the Ainsley motto) first found between the Ill's/Alleys' and Alley-branch Atlas'. Boisville's are linkable to Bush-liner Bois', and Bush's use the black boar of Edom!!! I get it. Bush's are also Bushers/Boschers, like "BOZRah," the Edomite capital.

The Voirs/Voyers use St. Mark's lion, as they describe it, and Marks are from the Marsi-like Marici. The Mercians of England used for their flag the same saltire as Maisie-like Messeys, first found in Burgundy with Mars/Mere's. God can do more than one thing with one thing. His use of Susan Boyle is pointing to multiple things, including the line of Esau. English marks, with the Bos/Bush/Bosch lion in colors reversed, share gold cinquefoils with Bois'/Busts, and in both colors of the cinquefoils of the Nimo's/NewMARCH's (!) having the Bois'/Busts in their motto.

The Mercys listed with Maisie's tends to explain why Maas' are listed with Scottish Mars. "Mercy is my deSIRE" is the motto of Guiscards/Wisharts, first found in Stirlingshire with Nimo's/Newmarch's! Bingo, and Esau's son married Timna of Sire-like Seir. Guiscards, they say, are from the house of Rollo, and Rollo's use another black boar! These surnames look like they knew to be from Edomites.

Guiscards share the brown eagle of Drummonds (almost have the French Bois Coat), and it can be the brown bird arising mentioned above with three surnames, including Bowells/Boisville's and Boyers/Bowyers. Drummonds (from Bohemia's Podebrady), suspect at Kildrummy castle of Mars, can be expected to link to the proto-Bohemian Bois. The French Bois Coat is that also of Storm-connectable Sturs/Stowers, and then the Stows/Stouts are Change/Changer kin pointing to 9-11 criminals.

The fitchee of Stows/Stouts is blue in colors reversed. Guiscards use a "my" motto term while My's/Mee's/Mea's (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys), also found in the Ainsley motto, have a blue fitchee that I think I see in the Dee Crest. As the Guiscard motto adds "DEsire," Dee's can thus be sharing the Mark lion.

Back to the HedgeHogs of Harris', for Hoggs use black boars too, though the Hogue's/Hoggs use blue boar heads (as do Rollo's). It just so happens that while Kos'/Kosinski's share the Coat of Italian Barone's (Florence, same as Bruno's), Scottish Barone's (Nimo/Newmarch saltire?) use the blue boar. One day, this entire world will be educated by Jesus, what a world that will be. I assume that, for now, God wants the world to be educated by demons, that God might make the drastic comparison with the world of Jesus. The angels will be witnesses.

The fleur-de-lys of Porci's are shared by Petro's (and Ainsleys), from Flavius Petro of Sabina, and Wikipedia says that Porcius Cato had land in Sabina. Lowrys/Glorys use a "VIRTus semper" motto phrase partly for Petro-connectable St. Pierre's, and the Vertys/Vardys were part of the batch of surnames that included Coats like that of Petro's. Cato's/Chattans were kin of Italian Botters while English Botters were first found in Hampshire with Bidens/Buttons, the latter being a branch of Butts/Boets (version of Pierro/Pero Coat), and then Boet-like Boths/Booths have the Hogg Coat exactly. There's a whack of "coincidence's there that leads to Joe Biden by following Harris'. The "Dat" motto term of Hoggs suggests Date's/Deeds sharing the garbs of Rieti-line Reds/Reeds ("copia" motto term links to the giant cup of Lowrys/Glorys). The line of Porcius Cato was related to the Caepio's.

The intriguing thing is that Larry Silverstein has made a not-too-subtle link to the car in the shark dream. There are multiple way to interpret the scenes of that dream, but where the beach is that of Epstein's island, the woman at the car, Miss Hook-like Hicks (same place as Hucks), becomes an Epstein hooker. Essentially, that's what his victims were. They were paid to give him sex, and they did it repeatedly when they could have chosen not to. So, Fowlers became a topic in the last update from the Hooker write-up, because Hookers share blue vair with Silversteins and Saffers/Savarys: "'The original name of the family was Vowell, but in the fifteenth century members of it called themselves Vowell alias Hooker or Hoker...'" From Vowells/Fowells I went to Fowlers. So, the car = auto points to Fowler's son, and the woman with the car is the hooker. That works to prove that she is a symbol of an Epstein hooker. She was hovering flat on her back, and Bachs/Baghs share a blue-vaired fesse with Hookers.

Repeat: "Boyers/Bowyers share blue vair with Silversteins." The "passe" motto term of Boyers/Bowyers (and Rollo's) gets the Passe's/Pascals having the same lion as Hookers.

It just so happens that the Porcia Coat is a reflection of the Raggs Coat, and the latter are suspect from "Ragusa," home of the Shark liner. Raggs' (share Pierre and Peter bend) happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Dutch Boths and German Bush's, and these Boths share a gold fish with Butts/Boets while English Bush's share the black-on-white boar with Boths/Booths. It looks like a shark-of-the-dream pointer to Silverstein and Bush, as well as to Biden and Harris, not forgetting that Saraca-line Keons are also McCains sharing the Palin lion. There's a way to trace Palins to Palinurus at the bay of Laus (near Saracena), and Ragusa was also called, Laus. John McCain was likely fronted as a presidential candidate by Bushites hoping to continue their agendas.

John McCain was co-working the agenda of Harry Reid in getting the Steele dossier to the public. The "FortituDINE" motto of Irish Comeys and Reeds/Reids has the potential to point to where the shark was dining on Trump. McCain gave the dossier to Comey, and the cat with tooth of Scottish Comeys is code for the Cato/Chattan line because Comeys share the motto of Clan Chattan. This can now explains why I found myself on Porcius Cato. The "bot" motto term of Clan Chattan is listed with Butts/Boets.

The "Fortitudine" motto term should be also for Forts, who use a rock as well as sharing "AUDax" with ROXburghs. As Aude's have variations like same-colored Ottone's/OTTO's, it appears that this motto term can make the shark-scene link to the car. The PERchevron (solid chevron) of Ottone's/Otto's is in the colors of the Fowler chevron. As Fowlers are Fawlers too, and while the bulldog can be viewed as either jumping or falling into the pool, I had noted (long ago) and Fallis/Falls', who've just come up as Fallers, share the Pull/Pool lion...which is also the lion of Rieti-like Rita's, first found in Rome with the Sforza's, the latter related to the line of Ottone Visconti. Luciano's (Rome) are connectable to the "Lucio" motto term of MacKenzie's, and the "luceat" of Kennys. The woman was hovering over the auto's seats, and Seats/Cedes' might be in "LuCEAT."

The location of MASSINO-Visconti can help to identify the Fowler lion as that of Maschi's (although as "Vowell" and "Fowler" are like "Voir," it could be the Voir/Voyer lion too). As king Massena was a Numidian along with Kenza, let's take this over to Kennys and McKinneys, for while Maschi's use pine cones, French Pine's share blue roundels with Kennys and the same cinquefoils of McKinneys. The other Kennys ("floREAT") share the fleur-de-lys of Masci's, and the latter have a version of the Massena Coat. The Masci wing was once showing in the design of the same-colored one of Dine's/Dives'. After the bulldog fell into the pool and was head-first in the shark's mouth, I took a DIVE into the pool. While Hooks share the Kenny fleur, Kennys share the Hockey crescents in both colors. So, while the Kenza line to MacKenzie's had linked to the pool scene in multiple ways, Kennys look linkable to Hookers, and it just so happens that the woman at the auto can be Ainsley Earhardt too, previously the wife of Mr. MacKinney.

When I saw the close-up of the woman in the dream, and said, "She's beautiful," we could say that it sparked desire. This scene was right after I saw her from afar at the auto. Well it just so happens that Ottone's/Otto's have a Coat like that of French Chappes' while Scottish Chappes' were first found in Stirlingshire with the Guiscards that use a "desire" motto term. Follow me here, because Ottone VISconti is suspect with the WIShart variation of Guiscards.

We saw why "DEsire" can be code for the Dee's, who have a "HIC labore" motto while Hicks, the surname that describes the beautiful woman, have a fesse in the colors of the double fesses of Labors (Yorkshire, same as Hicks and Guiscard-related Tancreds). Then, the Days/Dea'/Deys, if they are a Dee branch, have got me thinking about Labor Day. The Visconti snake was originally green, as is the Day snake, and the Sire snake. DeSIRE. Sire's are from Justine of Picenum, the line using gold borders, one of which is with Dee's. Were Dee's themselves from Edomites aside from their connection to Sire's?

While Guiscards/Wisharts have a "Mercy" motto term too, Sire's were first found in Burgundy with Mars/Mere's, and Marsi had a snake goddess, ANGitia, which can be of the Anchors in the Sire. Justine's (gold border) might have the Day sword. Sire's have a "spes" motto term, and the Dee Crest has, unless I'm not seeing it right, "Hic labor nec spes." Auto-like Aude's/Odo's share the Justine sword.

I'm just wondering wether Epstein threw regular Labor-Day bashes at the island. It was summer in the dream. This Mackesy Coat shares the green snake and a sword with a Day/Dey Coat, and the Mackesys/Margesons at houseofnames have the "loyalite" motto term suspect with the Lolita Express.

Scottish Chappes' have EARS of wheat while EARhardts/AirHARTs can be of the Harts suspect behind the WisHARTs (same place as Chappes'). It could seem that Visconti's married Hart liners. I'm guessing MacCarthys/Arthys sharing the red stag with German Harts because the Visconti kin of Sforza's (share CARTer lion) have a lion holding a quince while Saer de Quincys ruled Winchester (Winchesters share Quint fitchee), where CARTers were first found who may have named GuisCARDs. Kilpatricks of CLOSEburn have a "Ceart" motto term.

There is a Moor child in the mouth if the Visconti snake, and French Chappes' and Stirlings use Moor heads. Why a child? The Close's/CLOVSE's look like they can be from Clovis, son of CHILDeric. It was either the scene immediately before seeing the woman from afar, or the scene immediately after her CLOSE-up (time is making me forget), that I saw myself without a shirt on, just a pair of denham jeans. Watch how well that works: Shirts/Shards (from Hair-related Harcourt Danes) are in the colors and format of Tancreds (from Rollo / Hautville Danes), and while Guiscard was the son of Tancred, Tancreds share the scallops of Jeans/J'ANES. Why do the latter look like the Anneslegh variation of old Ainsleys (share Hick fleur-de-lys)?

What are the chances that Visconti's had a branch in SARDinia? That's right, they did. Isn't that why the Shirts/SHARDs are emphasized by my not wearing a shirt?

The other Days/Deys share the stars of Close's/Clovse's, and so the close-up may have sparked Deysire in me. Close's/Clovse's happen to be in the colors and format of Fowlers, how about that. Fowlers can be using the Sforza lion, and while Sforza's can be of Forts ("AUDax" no guff), "Fortis" is a Close/Clovse" motto term (used also by Irish Harts/Carts). The Fort quadrants are those of Otone's/Oltens, and the latter share the lion both of Bono's (Milan, same as Ottone Visconti) and of Odins/Odo's/HODDY, what looks like a Hood branch, no guff. I saw her from afar at the auto's hood.

Plus, the Dee-like Dene's/Deens have a "Forti" motto term and the same lion as Dee's, and then Dene's/Deens were first found in Sussex with Deins/Dine's/Dives' whom have already made it to the shark pool. The "nihil of the Dene's/Deens is for Shark-related Neils, and then German Neils/Nails have the saltire of Odin-branch Oddie's/Hoddys in colors reversed. The Oddie/Hoddy saltire is in the colors of the saltire formed by chains of Italian Alberts, and at the center of the chains is the same annulet as used by Ottone's. French Alberts share the giant Dee / Deen lion. Odins and Oddie's were first found in Yorkshire with the Hicks expected in the Dee motto. Dee's were first found in Cheshire with Odin-connectable Otone's/Oltens. I don't readily know what to do or think with Alberts in this picture. Scottish Deans share the moline of MacCarthy/Arthy-like MacArthurs.

Checking Dee-like Odee's, they're listed with Days, as are Odays. Odins/Hoddys do have a giant lion half in the colors of the same of Dee's / Deens/Diane's. That's interesting.

Dean-like Dennis' were first found in Champagne while Scottish Champagne's share the Shield of Bracebridge's while Dennis Quinn, an old friend, was from Bracebridge. Bracebridge's share the crozier with Odins/Hoddys. As Pool-beloved Polletts have a black-Shield version of the Aude/Ode Coat, it's notable that Pallets (black boar heads) were first found in Champagne. Ah, the Keith pale bars are called, pallets, and the Keiths were from a Catti tribe while the Pallet boar heads are in the colors of the Porcia boars!!! Porcius Cato speaks from the grave. Cato-related Botters and Chatans share the Pully bend, and Chatans (not "Chattan") share the tower of Auvergne's who are in turn in Pull/Pool colors and format! That was more fun than climbing Diane's TV antenna at midnight.

The third lady I dated after becoming a Christian, less than a year after the shark dream, was the blond, Diane Muschatov, a Ukrainian. Imagine if she also applies as the blond, beautiful woman in the auto, for her surname is almost the Muschat surname with the Epstein Coat. This has not dawned on me since realizing that the dream was on Epstein's island (I've mentioned Diane 25 times or more over the years). The Dene's/Deens list Diane's, and so, yes, she can apply to that dream too. Isn't it amazing that while Dene's/Deens/Diane's share the motto of crocodile Dene's, the latter pointed to the Ukrainian, Mykola Zlochevsky?

I did climb her ANTENna late at night, to go speak with her while her parents were sleeping. Tonys/ANTONI's use water, and Waters -- Essex, same as Muschats (!) -- share the Muschat and Epstein Coat. Now I understand why I climbed her antenna (i.e. it was God's inspiration, don't blame me). When I came down from the antenna, as I've said several times before, I did a balancing act walking on the top rail of her fence, and Fens' were first found in Devon with Flowers. Tonys/Antoni's use a flower on water. Flowers share a giant and white cinquefoil with the Arms of Leicester, which Arms sometimes uses the sleeve of English Tonys (Leicestershire). The Soar river of Leicester has pointed to George Soros, defacto king of Obama's Ukraine.

One of the last times I saw Diane, she was with me at the apartment Dennis Quinn. Twenty years later, I bumped into Diane for the first time since last seeing her, at a grocery store. She said she was working at the courthouse. Courts/Coverts were first found in Sussex with Dene's/Deens/Diane's and Deins/Dins/DIVES, how about that. Unbelievably, Courts/Coverts almost share "labore" with Dee's. Almost twenty years after that, I found a Russian medallion on the HOOD of my Jeep at a Bracebridge grocery store. The meanings behind these things mainly remain a mystery thus far. But medallion-like Medals share the Oddey/HODE/Odo quadrants (that's old). The Otone/Olten lion is half in the colors of the Medal / Pool lion.

This is new: Jeepma's/Cheps (eagle in Court/Covert-eagle colors) were first found in OLDENburg, perhaps linkable to Otone's/Oltens (Cheshire, same as Dee's) as well as the Oldhams that come up as Odeens; Oldens/Audens have three crescents colors reversed from the same of Deens/Diane's and Italian Deans/Diano's. That's interesting. It looks like God is stressing the Dene's/Deans with the grocery-store appearance of Ukrainian Diane's (her parents had the Ukrainian accent), and later, too, with the medallion event. Aren't the Dene's the crocodile line to the Ukrainian, Zlochevsky. That's more than interesting; it's bang-on perfect. Expect the St. Petersburg medallion to be about Burisma corruption.

OH WOW. As I've said, Epstein supposedly died with a NOOSE around his NECK, and NUSE's/Newes' have two of the one NECKer pale bars. But I've just found one pale bar in those colors with Oldenburgs/Aults!!! Wow, Epstein is now working into the medallion event. Don't ask me why Alts/Aults come up as "Oldenburg," but they do. Ah, solved: Altenburgs (share double Sleep fesses, rare in my work) were first found in Oldenburg. I ALMOST MISSED IT: The Altenburg Coat is a colors-reversed version of the crocodile Dene's!!! ZIKERS. S>U>R>P>R>I>Z>E. The Jeep and the hood together were needed to find this surprise, but this comes after evidence that Diane points to Epstein.

Hmm, Diane lived on Welder-like Weldrick road, and Welders share the Weis/Wise hexagram. Then, a version of the Weis/Wise and Wies Crest is used by Fetts'/Fetters while Muschats list Montfichets while Fichetts are also Fitts'. Then, the Fetts'/Fetters share the giant sun of Esse's/Hesse's while Eppsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau. It looks like confirmation that Muschatov is in the dream on Epstein's island. English Esse's/Ash's/Aschs have two chevrons colors reversed from the three of English Wise's ("SaPERE Aude"), both first found in Devon with Hoods having variations like the Aude's, and German Ash's/Aschs, sharing three white chevrons with English Wise's, have them colors reversed from the three of Eppsteins. That's pretty amazing, suddenly. The same hexagram is used by Pero's.

I ALMOST MISSED IT. Jeffrey Epstein taught school at a Dalton school, and Daltons are listed with Altens!!! We just saw ALTENBURGS!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? Daltons/Altens (share Alda fesse) use one of the double Altenburg fesses. My Jeep at the grocery store is pointing to Epstein. How possibly can he have anything to do with St. Petersburg, Russia. Does/Did Epstein (owns Florida property) have property / business in Saint Petersburg, Florida?

I met Diane at a party with her friend, Kim. Partys share the checks of Pavers who in-turn have variations like Pavia's who in turn share the FEET/Fate Coat!!! Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, which was co-founded by the Marici mentioned above. It figures that God would want to trace things to Pavia, and there we have it. It was Lorraine, a beautiful blonde, 1.5 years after Diane, that was given a feet symbol when her bare feet were on the PAVEment of Yonge street; Yonge's share the triple piles of Leavells, indicating that Lupus Laevillus was from Pavia's co-founders, the Laevi. Lorraine pointed to Bill Barr, whose father was Dalton's principal when Epstein was hired!

With the auto pointing to Visconti's now, we go to the green snakes of Earhardts, yet another reason to see Miss Earhardt as the same woman in the auto. She married Mr. McKinney, having a surname sharing the Kim cinquefoils. The Visconti snake is called a biscione as code for Bissone, for the Arms of Bissone uses two blue snakes, in the colors of the modern Visconti snake. Bissone is in the Ticino canton, the river of which goes down to Pavia. The Biss', perhaps in the "noBIS" motto term of Esse's/Ash's/Aschs, have two entangled, green snakes in Crest "respecting each other."

Sforza's were first found in Rome with Rieti-line Rita's who almost have the Sforza lion. Rita's and their Pool cousins share the Bono / Otone/Olten lion, all suggesting that the line of Vespasia Polla went through Visconti's, which recalls the giant and red bull head of Lars', in colors reversed from the giant bull head of Auto's/Otto's. Miss Polla married Sabinus, and Sabine's (Pully kin) use a red bull. Pully-like Bullys, first found in Dumfries with Lars-like Larrys, use a heart that can link with the Hart line expected earlier with Visconti's. And then we have EarHARDTs, you see. In the center of the Earhardt snakes is the fleur-de-lys of Odin-beloved Croziers. The second Pollock (Robert) married the daughter of Mrs. Croc(e), and Croziers are likely a Croce / Croc branch. Isn't that the crocodile line to which Diane Muschatov pointed us?

French Croziers were first found in Auvergne with Bully-like Bouillons, and Auvergne's are in Pool colors and format. Pool-line Pollocks share the saltire of Scottish Hearts/Harts. Sforza's (used snakes) use a quince, and Quince-like Quinns, sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Scottish Hearts/Harts, use snakes.

Home Hardware

I awoke this morning with "labor" on my mind, and immediately recalled that, while I was awaiting my interview with the buyer of Home Hardware, he came to me to say my wife just called to say she was in labor with our first child. So I left immediately and didn't have the interview. I had been there to request whether he would be interested in my fence-post invention, which at the time I had called, PILLAR Post.

Right away I'm intrigued to do an investigation because there is a Hardware/Heartware/HardEAR surname (Earhardt branch?) sharing the hand with Labors. Plus, Hardware's (format of Hands) were first found in Cheshire with the Hands, and with the Touch's/Tuffs having a giant lion colors reversed from the same of Home's. Home Hardware. If that's not enough, the Touch/Tuff lion is also the Lyon lion, and Hard-like HEROD Archelaus was banished to Vienne-Isere, right near Lyon, which is also near mont Pilat, and Pillars are also Pilots! Pillers (with en 'e') are with Pilotte's, and the latter use cups while Cups/Cope's, first found in Aberdeenshire with Dee's ("labor"!), are in Hand/Hans colors and format!!! I had no idea I'd be to a Dee connection when starting this paragraph, and probably wouldn't have been if I hadn't been on the "Hic labor" of Dee's only yesterday. Labor Day is therefore coming back to mind. But why?

Larry's use the giant cup, and Labor Day in 2001 was September 3. ROBERT Mueller became the FBI director the next day, six days before the 9-11 disaster. His last day at the FBI was two days after Labor Day in 2013. Are Dee's sharing the Silverstein lion? Are Dee's a Day branch? French Roberts (Burgundy, same as Pilate's) have a fair version of the Silverstein Coat, and Welsh Roberts share roughly the Pillar lion, but the most amazing thing here is that while Welsh Roberts have a "laen" term buried in their motto, both Lane Coats share the lion of French Roberts while English Days/Deys/Deie's have a not-bad reflection of the English Lane Coat. The problem with this paragraph is that I don't see the symbols of the Mueller surnames connectable to anything with it.

There is no Fence surname, though a fence is used by Baumgartners. Jewish Baumgartners share the lone Fleur-de-lys of German Banners (East Prussia, same as Baumgartners) and Cake's/CakeBREADS, the latter expected from the Bradds/Breads from PodeBrady in Bohemia. Hardware's suggest a look at such surnames as Hards, who happen to use the double-tailed lion of Bohemia. Baums and Banners look Bohemian. German Baums share the crossed spears of Pasi's, first found in the Boii city of Bononia. Incredibly, the Bois-branch Bosco's use Pillars!!! These pillars have TUFTs of grass on top, and Tufts/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with Hardware's and Touch's/Tuffs'! Can you believe it?

As I've been recently telling, I took the Pillar Post to a fencing trade show in New Orleans. here's from the last update upon finding the "grace" motto term of Creightons: "Scottish Bosco's have "tufts of GRASS" on their pillars, and New Orleans is home to the Mardi GRAS! Grace's/Grass' are also Gras'!!! INCREDIBLE. I didn't intend on getting to the Pillar Post of New Orleans, nor coming to the Grace surname, when introducing the Trade Towers as pillars. Just look at that. Grace's/Grass' have the Bush/Bosch lion in colors reversed, and share cinquefoils with Boasts/Bois'. Braswells use nothing but two chevrons in the colors of nothing-but three chevrons of French Gras'/Grace's!!!" Isn't the Mardi Gras a sinful thing for politicians, where Epstein's services may have been utilized annually?

The Braswells are said by Wikipedia to be the ancestry of Donna Brazile, born in New Orleans. The double Braswell chevrons are used by French Lamberts, and Mieszko II Lambert was the father of Casimir. The Casimir surname is expected from this Casimir because, while he married Maria of the Kiev Varangians (we are in downtown Ukraine here), Casimirs share the red antler with Varangian-like Veringers (of Baden). Their kin, the Zahringers, use the antler in blue, and the one stag head in the Hard Crest has one blue, one red, antler.

I remember that the Mieszko-like Mieske's were once said to be first found in East Prussia i.e. with Banners and Baumgartners. This gets incredible, as I just went looking through my files to see whether I recorded what that thingie is under the chin of the Hard stag head. "Hard Crest" was recorded in only one update (1st of November, 2014), and one of the first things I saw when loading that file and scrolling through "hard" terms is this: "While Hardrada left the Kiev area in the 1040s, Maria [Casimir's wife] is said to have married Casimir 'around 1040.' Maria was from emperor Otto II." Auto's/Otto's share a giant and black bull head with Mieske's. There's a lot to swallow here, and I'm not sure how to digest it.

The thingie could be a beard because Beards use a bull. There's nothing going around the neck to make it a scarf; otherwise it looks like a scarf. Maria was a contemporary of Harald Hardrada, and as Ainsley EarHARDT is at the auto of the 1979 dream, that looks interesting too. Haralds are listed with Herods, and we saw why Pillars can get us to the line of Pontius Pilate. Pillers (not "Pillar") are listed with Pilotte's, as are the French Pilate's, first found in Burgundy with the Mars/Mere's sharing the scallops of fence-like Fens'.

OH WOW!!! Spanish Maria's share five gold fleur-de-lys, in the same position, as Ainsleys!!! The Maria fleur are in the colors of the Earhardt fleur!!! That's why Ainsley Earhardt is with the auto of the dream!!! Emperor Otto II was son of Otto I. This blows my mind. I am reminded of Mary (probably born Maria) Nigro of BUTTONville, for Nigro's use EARs of wheat. She had a short fling with Ukrainian Mr. Kepke.

The Hardware's and Labors share the hand, and Hands are also Annas-like Hans'. Keep that in mind

Matilda, daughter of Otto II, married Esau-like Ezzo of Lotheringia (Lorraine) to become the mother of Richeza, mother in turn of Casimir, husband of Maria. Richeza birthed Richeza, Hungarian queen. The Rich's/RICHESS', said to be from Lorraine, use BOTTONy crosses as code for Buttons/Bidens. That's why Mary lived in Buttonville, and had a fling with Kiev-like Kepke, for Maria the Varangian was from Kiev. Mary from Buttonville obviously points to Biden crimes in Ukraine. Maria's mother is said to be disputed, but one of her sons was, Otto, suggesting a line from Otto II.

The Country's in the Ainsley motto, because they use COUNTERchanged colors, look like a branch of antler-using Counters/Conte's/Comitissa's. It could be from the Hard antlers because Hards were first found in Kent with Countrys (share Maria / Earhardt fleur).

Mary had a fling with Kepke starting on the night I threw a party for the young Knob Hill farms Workers, by which time I had suggested to him that he apply there, and he did and got the job. Several of our fellow STOCKboys came to the party, and Stocks happen to share a giant, ermined, double-tailed lion with Hards. That's new because I've never-before had Hards in the picture. As I've said several times, one fellow worker (Mike Denardo) brought his drum set to the party, and we are on the Drummond line from Podebrady with the Hard lion, is that not amazing? Mike's the one who stole my girlfriend while I was sitting on the hood of my Mustang with Kepke. That girlfriend was Allison, and Allisons are said to be from the Keppoch branch MacDonalds, so amazing.

The Sons'/Soams (Suffolk, same as Mallets), suspect in the "insons" motto term of Stocks, have mallets, and Malta's share the column with the Bohemian Franks. German Stocks might therefore be using the Frank saltire. English Franks share the Heart/Hart and Pollock saltire. Scottish Franks split their lion tail in two.

As per the Pillar POST, German Posts were first found in Prussia with Mieske's, and the English Posts sharing their giant lion were first found in Hampshire, beside Poole and the Pulls/Pools sharing the Post lion. Poole thus becomes suspect as a Polish line from the Mieszko Piasts. The same lion is shared by Rita's who use Piast-like "pieces of wood."

I kid you not, that after writing the paragraph above, I got up to make a sandwich, and because I had put out the trash earlier, I reached in under the cupboards to get another bag, and out came a Home Hardware bag! I rarely go to Home Hardware so as to bring home one of their bags! The last time I was Home Hardware was a couple of weeks ago to get pipe fittings for installing the new water pump. waters share the Eppstein Coat, and Pumps/Pape's share the checks of Warrens, expected as a Ware branch. Home HardWARE. Ware's (share gold Weir/Vere boar) were first found in Devon with Fens', and the latter's three scallops on a blue bend are in the colors of the three stars on a blue bend of Weirs/Vere's while Irish Weirs almost have the identical lozengy Shield of Bags!!! STUNNING. Sandwich's happen to share the Shield of Dunhams, first found in Norfolk with Bags! it's also the Coat of Biden-connectable Butlers (Prussia again).

More. My Obama-pointing sandwich was on a BAGel, and while the Weir lozengy is bendwise, so is the lozengy that is the Arms of Bavaria. As Grimaldi's share the Bag lozengy, I trace Grimaldi's to Grimoald of Bavaria. The Bavarian lozengy was owned, as I had read, by Bogens (Bavaria), a surname in Bug colors that is also, Bugel. Bagle's are listed with Bagwoods, with blue lozenges in the colors of the Bag Chief. The Bavarian lozengy is blue and white.

One could now get the distinct impression that Banners (Podebrady elements, likely) have a split Shield in the colors of the same of Hunters (Shropshire, same as Bagle's/Bagwoods) for a pointer to Hunter Biden of Burisma (Bidens are a branch of Butler-like Butts/Bute's/Boets). I trace Banners to the namers of the Panaro river (Modena, same as proto-Bohemian Boii) because I had read that the so-called gonFANON banner was owned by Montforts, who use the double-tailed lion of Bohemia. It's also the double-tailed lion of Hards, right down the Hardware line. A one-tailed lion in the colors of the Montfort lion is used by Marano's, from Marano on the Panaro river, you see, and this gets amazing where FANANo is in Modena too, the Arms of which has a banner, and a fesse colors reversed from the Fens fesse!!! The fence post at Home Hardware's buying department speaks.

It's incredible that there is a Monforte location smack beside Bra, suspect with the Braswell > Brazile line to Donna, born in New Orleans, location of the fence show.

In the 2014 update above, I had recorded, "The image of Harald Hardrada has him with a red VEST, and white cinquefoils upon it...suggesting Bus liners from the Buzau and to the naming of VESTalis, son of king Cottius (the Cotesii were on the Buzau)." As often happens, Wikipedia removes some of the key finds I make; the vest with cinquefoils is no longer showing. The Bus' can be Bois liners, you see.

Between the Cottian capital, Susa, and Herod ARCHelaus of Vienne-Isere is Modena-like Modane (25 miles from Susa) on the ARC river, and this river flows into the Isere. The pools and Chambre's share a Shield filled with the same fleur-de-lys, and Chambre is a location on the Arc. Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire with Susa-like Susans, Modena-like Modens/Modeys, and Bagley Woods of the Bagle's/Bagwoods, and the latter's three lozenges is in the Chief of Isere-like Sire's (green snake); the latter were first found in Burgundy, same as Mars/Mere's sharing the Fens scallops, and suspect from the Marsi having a snake goddess.

I met Lorraine at a bus stop, and we split up when she came home with a married man and a GRASS stain on her butt, yet I saw her a couple of weeks later, by freak chance, some ten miles away at the Finch bus-subway DEPOT. Just as I was getting off a bus, she was the first in line to get on, and we made eye contact, what are the chances? Shortly before I was at Home Hardware, I was at the office of Home Depot's purchasing department, and the Home lion, which is also the BOSton lion, is linkable to the green lions of Lorraine's, suspect as the Lyon lion.

There is a Depot/Pots surname sharing the fesse of Weirs/Vere's, and the latter's fesse looks linkable to the Fens fesse-with-items. So, Fens' look like a pointer to my pitch for the Pillar Post fence post at Home Depot. The Potters (Hampshire, same as Posts) happen to share the cinquefoil of Flowers, and we saw Flowers with the Diane's antenna (i.e. with Tonys/Antoni's using a "flower"), on the night I walked on top of her fence. The question is: why is the Pillar Post pointing to things Ukraine and Jeffrey Epstein?

[Insert -- I didn't realize until Monday morning, hours before this update was due online, that the Fens Chief is the Patent/Patten Chief. A Canadian Patent was granted for the Pillar Post!!!!! As you must agree that this griffin head appears arranged by God for proving that He is in this thing, by what coincidence is the Patent/Patten motto identical to that of Pullys/Pullets???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. The Pillar Post is pointing to Silverstein's twin towers.

The Schools/Scole's/Scayle's share the Patent/Patten Shield, and the crosslet in the Cowes Crest. Shortly below, you'll see another distinct pointer to Silverstein with Hampshire elements. Cowes is on the Isle of Wight off the Hampshire coast.]

Why did the BAGel sandwich today come with the Home-Hardward TRASH BAG? As was shown, Irish Weirs and Bags are linkable to the lozengy of Bavaria, known to be owned by WittelsBACHs, and they share blue vair fur with Bachs/BAGHs. Plus, the Wittelsbach Coat is a chevron version of the Silverstein and Saffer/Savary Coats while Salfords/Savards had a location in Lancashire, where Wittelsbachs were first found. Plus, the Sandwich / Dunham Coat is essentially that also of Butlers, and we read in the Wittelsbach write-up that after a manor of the Witals passed to Mr. Butler, it descended to Anderton of CLAYton. One of my partners with Pillar Post (legal papers had been signed on a 50-50 split) was Mr. Klees, and Klees' are listed with CLAYs, what a coincidence.

The WITTelsbach Coat is in the colors and format of an English WHITE Coat (blue-vaired chevron included), and the latter is even more reflective of the Silverstein Coat (both use lions in the same colors). Plus, while Larrys use a giant cup, Butlers and Pillers/Pilotte's use cups. It's starting to appear as though the Pillar Post is a pointer to 9-11 crimes. The "Loyal" motto term of English White's can point to the Lolita Express. Loyola's/Lolita's share the black wolves of Salfords/Savarys, and Loyola's/Lolita's throw in a POT (unless it's a cauldron).

Hmm, another Coat sharing the Pillar/Pilotte and Shaw cups is the Pully-like Pillys/Pillets. Pullys/PULLETs love the Culp variation of Cups/Cope's in their motto. Larrys use a "RePULLulat" motto. It points to 9-11's "pull it" at Building SEVEN. Sevens are listed with SEVERns. Bulding 7 was beside the twin pillars. What a gigantic crime that was, the crowning maggots upon the forehead of lady liberty. What a shame that Americans have yet to punish the fiends behind that crime. What great country is the United States, ruled by demons. Some liberals are awakening rudely to discover that their leaders are feigning angelicalism while acting the destroyers. Others are still too duped to recognize it, and others are willing to see the destruction roll on (because they are evil) as long as it doesn't touch them.

Butler-like Bottle's were of Lancashire's Bootle, and Bottle's are in the colors and format of the Potter cinquefoils while we read that Bottle's were "descended from Count Roger de Poitou"...from Potter-like Poitiers. Potters were first found in Hampshire with Butler-connectable Buttons/Bidens. So, my sandwich this morning is a pointer to Obama, and the Bidens.

I didn't know what to call the pilot project, but a friend, Mr. Bell, suggested Pillar Post. I agreed since it was just a pre-market name. Porters use bells. OW WOW, the main inventive feature of this product required the boring of holes, and Bore's use pots!!! Unbelievable. It appears that God invented this product in my mind, because that doesn't look coincidental.

Porters/PAWTErs (Hampshire, same as Potters) are in the colors and format of Bottle's, and then French Porters (Berry, same as Depots/Pots) happen to share the bend (in Depot/Pot colors) of Pale's/Palys, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Pillys/Pillets. I denied my family new furniture, spent over $20,000 test-marketing the Pillar Post, built two machines from scratch to produce a so-called PILOT product (!), and what for? My three partners spent $12,000 more. Surely, God will reward me by using this information in heraldry pointers to nab some dastardly crooks and take them off the streets. It will have been worth it then. But how could something like that work? Am I crazy?

Poitou is where French Bruns were first found while Silversteins share the Brunswick lions. The saltire of French Bruns is colors reversed from the same of Hardware-like Hardwicks. French Porters have only a bend in the colors of only-a-bend Italian Bruns/Bruno's, a hit. Ports (Hampshire, same as English Porters) share a version of the French Brun Coat. Hardware's use hands while Ports share the chevron of Hands/Hans/HANTS while a part of Hampshire is called, Hants. So, it appears that the Pillar Post at Home Hardware was Arranged to subtly point to Larry Silverstein's twin pillars via this Hardwick picture. Ports share the Bute/Butt estoiles while Kims, sharing the Hardwick cinquefoils, were first found on Bute.

WATCH. The Ports are in the Basing(stoke) write-up telling that they were at Basing (Hampshire), and Base's/Baise's happen to share the Brunswick Coat. German Base's happen to share the hunting horn of Dutch Posts, as if to point to the Pillar Post, for English Posts (Home lion?) were first found in Hampshire too! Bases go with HOME plate, and while one option of the Pillar Post has a steel plate, English Plate's share the scallops of Fence-like Fens'. The proper name for the plate was an anchor, and while Anchors have a red-lozenge version of the Anger Coat, the latter share the escarbuncle with Hangers/Angers, first found in Hampshire (!) with Potters. Hangers/Angers are in the "POT hangers" of Danish Cnuts!!! AMAZING, coming just as we crossed Pot / Potter liners as per Home DePOT.

The camel in the Pale/Paly Crest can be for German Camels sharing the Brix/Brest lozenge, and while Brixia/Brescia is beside lake GARDa, that's where I would trace fence-using Baumgarters / BaumGARDeners. German Camels were first found in Bohemia, where I trace Baums. Then, Camel- and Kamala-like Kamals were first found in Ukraine! Wow, Kamala Harris is pointing to Biden's crimes in Ukraine!!! HEEEE-HAW, the heraldic donkey speaks.

Kamals even use a giant horseSHOE as a pointer to Burisma, how short-and-sweet this condemnation. Kamals have a Coat reflecting that of Earhardts, for what it could be worth. Wikipedia: "In the battle, Olaf and Harald [Hardrada] were defeated by forces loyal to Cnut [namer of Nottinghamshire], and Harald was forced into exile to Kievan Rus..." Well, Margaret, wife of Malcolm III, was in exile with the Kiev Rus too, and Malcolms are Columns too while the German Franks (Bohemia) use a column. The other German Franks share the saltire of Anons/Annandale's, which is in the colors of the similar cross of Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire). That all squares with the Arms-of-Bohemia lion in the Hard Crest, and tends to doubly pit "Ainsley EarHARDt" into the Hardrata bloodline.

With Kamals being first found in Bohemia, it does appear that the Kamal Coat is a deliberate version of the Earhardt Coat for a related reason, but compare also with Jewish Harts. Margaret was in exile in Kiev with prince Andrew of Hungary, father of George, husband of mystery Miss Podebrady. George's son married the sister of Malcolm III. Royal Scotland was thus impregnated with foreign elements of the viking, pillaging kind.

Wow, I stopped writing, after the paragraph above, to sing a song from Selah, "Wonderful MERCiful Savior." I got tingly (feels like the affirming Spirit of God moving) singing that song, but I stopped when singing the line, "our HEARTS always HUNGER for." It looks like verification that Heart / Hart / Hard liners were merged with Hungarians. Look at the timing. What are the chances that MERCY's/Maisie's have the Potter Coat in colors reversed? I didn't know until now that East Prussia is where pot-using German Potters/Pots/Botts (and Baumgartners and Banners too) were first found.

[OH-WOW INSERT -- I ALMOST MISSED IT. Ainsleys use "FOR my king ALWAYS," and then there's "our HEARTs ALWAYS hunger FOR"!!! God's pointing to Ainsley Earhardt with that miracle! SHOCKING. Fore's/Forez's (Savoy, same as Maisey-like Masseys) share the Harald/Herod fesse! God writes music lines without anyone's permission. What else does He do in everyones' lives that no one realizes? By the time I got to this paragraph, "I can Only Imagine" was playing, by MercyME, and Mee's (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys) are listed with the My's in the Ainsley motto!!! This song is eleven songs after Wonderful MERCIful Savior, and the Always surname is in the colors and format of Mercys/Maisie's, can we believe it?

The Always/Alweys look like a branch of Alleys/Awleys, and, at age 10/11 I had a game of POTsies with my alleys, and had a miracle shot, which is why I remember that game in order to tell of it. Look at the timing of this insert, started before knowing I would be at the Always surname; the insert comes right after mention of Potters, and the Always are even in the format of, and colors reversed from, English Potters. But why would God use that game to connect with the Ainsley motto? What would a miracle shot, thanks to my deliberate prayer to God, have to do with Ainsley? I now recall that while one Alley surname shares the Atlas Coat, I drove for Atlas AUTO parts!!! That was a topic in the 3rd and 4th updates of this past June.

The only part of the dream with Ainsley and the auto that jibes with a miracle shot is when she and I were embraced and rising into the SKY, for the marble shot took place directly across the street from Skye Court (Toronto). As I said, I FLICKed the marble with my thumb, and then while McLeods/Clouds were first found on Skye, they use flags while Flicks are listed with Flags. Okay, but so what? Well, I've seen the houseofnames list of McLeod septs several times, and know that Haralds and Herods were on that list. Yet that depressing Herod link to Earhardts does not speak to the miracle shot nor some great victory that the rising might represent. Some pieces are missing.

The miracle shot was on HULLmar, and Hull-upon-Kingston is a Yorkshire location while Kingstons share the King lion. The Ainsley motto includes, "for my king always." Okay, but this heraldic thing doesn't do justice to a miracle shot. Don't tell me that shot was a pointer merely to Pot liners?

Ah, we have the I'LL-fly-away songline miracle (the song alludes to the rapture "when I die") mentioned in this update, and while our rising into the sky can be described as flying away in the rapture, we saw that I'll-like Ills are listed with the Alleys!!! It's just too much. That is one incredible coincidence if that's all it is. Yet this has still got mystery, for what could be the use in creating an event at my childhood to point to Miss Earhardt in the last scene in the 1979 dream? What benefit or fruit can be had by inclusion of that childhood event?

The Prayers (share the Dagger / Bardy Coat) were first found in Cheshire with Marble's, which looks like another trail upon which to do a little seeking. Marble's share the giant griffin of German Camals, and Camals are a topic on both sides of this insert. Ukrainian Kamals looked like they have a reflection of the Earhardt Coat. For what it's worth, the Marble's sold their manor to Mr. Vernon, "'The King of the Peak' Chief". Vernons share the Depot/POT fesse, and Peaks use a heart. This insert was written before the insert above that had the marble shot too when starting off with the "often" motto term of Ainsleys. End insert]

In Hardrada's Wikipedia article, one of his coins are showing, having a rare double-lined cross, same as Jumps. The latter share the Trump/Tromp stag head, and Val Trompia is beside lake Garda too [along with Brixia suspect in the Camel lozenge.]. Note that the lines of the Jump cross go under-over one another, in what we can call a weaved design. The two triangles that make the hexagram of Jewish Harts are likewise weaved, and they're in the same colors even of the Jump weave. Weavers, in case they apply, share the Depot/Pot fesse, and Webbers, first found in Somerset with English Camels, share the fleur-de-lys of Jewish Harts as well as the fleur-de-lys of the Peaks in the Marble write-up, and Marble's share the Camel griffin. The Peaks put a red heart between the same two wings found in the Crest of German Webbers/Weavers. The latter share the Weis and Wies Crest, and Wies' have a gold heart. Camel-like Gemels have red hearts between chains. Gamals/Gamble's share the giant Hackley fleur, in the colors of the Hick / Ainsley fleur.

Hmm, as per the "Hic labor" motto of Dee's, this is the place to add that Labors (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) have what heraldry often calls bars GEMEL. The Jump lines look like gemel too. Labors use an eye while Eyes' are listed with ear-like Eyers/Ayers. Eye is a location beside Diss, and Diss'/Dice's might be in the "disc/disk" of Webbers. Eyes-like "Ayez" is a motto term of Biss' who share snakes with the Arms of Bissone, and while the green snakes of EARhardts have connected to the "biscione" snake of VisCONTI's, the Biss snakes are green too. The Countrys in the Ainsley motto are likely of the Counters/CONTE's. Country's share the single pile of Beach's, and Ainsley was on a beach when she was at the Ottone-related auto.

After writing that, I took to task the "aucht labore" motto phrase of Courts/Coverts (Sussex, same as Dee-like Deens), and landed on the Ackett variation of Hykes'/Hake's/Hackets. It goes well with "Hic labor." The Hicks fleur is also with Hackleys. Diss and Eye are at least near the first known Davers (Labor colors), suspect from the Daorsi branch of Daversi. Diss' and Davers are both in Arthur colors and format, close to the Coat of Hicks. English Doors/Dorrs were first found in HEREfordshire with the Jays in the Davers Crest. Either the Dee's or Days/Deie's can be in the "dei" motto term of German Dorrs. The "Ad" motto term of German Dorrs suggests the Ade's/Aids with a version of the David / Davis Coat, and Davers are also Daves'. It could suggest that king David I of Scotland (there was no previous David in the family) was named after Daversi liners. I don't go for the "Auvers" derivation in the Daver write-up.

The 9-11 crime can now be placed on the beach at Epstein's island, keeping in mind my theory that the Mueller deep state wanted Trump ruined before he spilled the beans on 9-11. Silversteins share the blue vair fur of English Beckers/BECHers, and while the fur fills the latter's Shield, ditto for the red vair fur of Beach's/BECHs. I might not place much importance on this proposed Silverstein link to Beach's except that both surnames (Silversteins and Beach's) were first found in the same place. But then there is the wild coincidence that German Beckers (Prussia) share the Steele checks-on-a-bend.

The "Bis" motto term of English Beckers suggest the Biss' having a single pale bar in the colors of the single pale bar of Neckers, and in the colors of the two pale bars of Nuse's. Epstein's noose around his neck. Biss' share the scallops of Travis', expected from Treviso, where Vito's were first found who are not only in the motto of the Silverstein-related Saffers/Savarys, but expected in the "viVIT" motto term of Biss'. "VIVit" can also be for the line that named Vevey, beside Pully, bringing us back to the "pull it" pointer to Building 7. German Silvers were first found in Hesse, and therefore near the first Eppsteins of Hesse-Nassau. Nassau's/Naso's share the Steele BILLets, and Italian Naso's have MILL stones linkable to Mueller / Miller liners.

Repeat: "Right away I'm intrigued to do an investigation because there is a HARDware surname sharing the hand with Labors." The Jump Crest shares a brown stag with the Hard crest. My dream with Michael's kids JUMPing on the yellow mattress can take us to Bohemia with German Michaels, who happen to have hexagrams in the colors of the Hart hexagram. Here's the Hardrada article showing the Jump design on a coin:

It's notable that English Michaels and Biss' were first found in Surrey with Lamberts while Maria's father-in-law was Mieszko II Lambert. I was fully convinced that Michael above was a pointer to Michael I Rangabe of Byzantine, father or grandfather of Melissena. I now find: "In Constantinople, [Hardrata] soon rose to become the commander of the Byzantine Varangian Guard..." I didn't know this before. It happened during the life of the Byzantine noble, Melissena Rangabe, wife of Inger of the Varangian Guard. Jumping on the mattress thus looks connectable to Ukraine / Kiev. Ingers have a Coat much like that of Archers, and Devon Archer was a partner with Hunter Biden in Burisma. Surprise.

I must have failed to read the write-up of Burisma-like Buris': "Richard de Bury (1287-1345), also known as Richard Aungerville..." Angerville's (could be a version of the Dene/Diane Chief) share the double fesses of crocodile Dene's, a pointer to Burisma's owner selling crocodile leather shoes. The Angerville Coat is shared by Mule's, the latter first found in Devon with Buris'.

It just so happens that Inger and Melissena had a daughter, EUDOKa, what looks like a version of the male, "Eudes," also called, Odo. It looks like Inger (or Melissena less likely) was related to Maria of Kiev, mother of Otto. Mieszko I had married both ODA and then DOBRawa, the latter looking like the DOBRoneiga surname of Maria. Is the latter a Dober-Nigro merger, I wonder. That idea comes from Mary Nigro, but, zowie, Nigro's have five ears of wheat in the colors and positions of the five fleur of Spanish Maria's!!! Zowie, that is one incredible coincidence if it's not a real revelation. But why would God use Mary Nigro to express some Varangian relationships if it doesn't have to do with the line of Jesus' killers and/or deep-state corruption in Ukraine? Why would God use the car in the 1979 dream to usher in the line of Otto I to this Maria under discussion?

As soon as I saw Maria at her Wikipedia article, whether it's a true sketch of her face or not, she looked a lot like Maria Abreu (Portuguese), an old friend of mine. It just so happens that Portuguese Abreu's use FIVE wings, and that ears of wheat are often called, sheaves, while Sheaves'/Chiava's (FIVE keys colors reversed from the five Nigro ears) were first found in Abruzzo while Italian Abreu's are listed with Abruzzo's. It gives me pause, awe to think that the few outings I had with Mary were for this.

Mary was a cashier at Knob Hill Farms, and she (as God's instrument) probably directed me to apply there, for I was working there too just in those few outings with her. Melissena was a cashier-like Khazar on her mother's side. French Cassers (scallops of Mieske-like Meschins) share the triple fesses of Haughts, whom I trace to Sigrid the Haughty (mother of Cnut), daughter of Mieszko I! Maria married the son of Mieszko II.

German Cassers/Kassers/Gassers share the split Shield of Tarves', and then Travers/Travis' (from Traby, Poland?) share the scallops of French Cassers (GAScony). The triple Casser / Haught fesses are colors reversed from the same as the Arms of Trebizond Empire, but they are also above the gold gate in the Arms of Podebrady. Trebizond Empire, if I recall correctly, was founded by Byzantines.

There is a Traver-like Traber surname listed with TraBERTHa's (Cornwall, beside Berts, Trebys and Treble's) having a bend in the colors of the three of Gallia's, the latter first found in Milan with Maurels, suspect from Maurilion, father of Berthe. If those are pelican heads in the Traber/Trabertha bend, I would link the surname to the bend of pelican-using Biggars. In fact, I trace Biggars to Biharia, a Khazar location near Hungarian border! Hungarians were themselves founded partly by Khazars. If the Traber/Trabertha's use raven heads, I can trace them to raven-depicted Shetland, for the Arms of Shetland use a "Byggar" motto term. Yells of Shetland share the garb of Traby-connectable Sticks.


I don't care what Bill Barr says on television, how he talks the talk I want to hear. What I listen to is his fraudulent inaction to give up documents to those who have been asking for them, and for not rebuking Wray for covering those documents. My understanding is that Barr doesn't even tell those making requests why they're not getting the documents. If there's a good reason, say so. But I haven't heard anyone tell what his excuses are. So, if you want to lambaste Wray, you must do the same to trash-can Barr. But significant voices are pressuring him for arrests right now, because the people have a right to know what went on. Barr is tolerating a criminal at the charge of the FBI. Don't rebuke Wray, rebuke Barr.

Did Barr immediately appear on television to show his concern for Wray's huge LIE that was uncovered mere days ago as I write? Did Barr even give a written statement to show his disgust? Waiting... But if Barr directed Wray to cover things up, then Barr will NEVER rebuke him, never show disgust, isn't that right?

Is it enough for Barr to call off the prosecution of Flynn? Of course not. Barr's own DoJ was trying to frame Flynn, innocent of the charges. So where is Barr's arrest of those who were framing Flynn? BARR + WRAY = TRASHY FRAUD. Who are they foolin? Did Barr only learn a couple of months ago that Mueller was trying to frame Flynn? Are we nuts? Barr's not fooling me.

Imagine if you were Flynn, a high-level politician. How would you feel about Barr in that he waits well over a year to drop your case? Don't you think that Barr should be jailed? I do. It's like he got caught in the swamp water, and only then did he drop the case.

Don't you think that Barr had the responsibility to read Flynn's phone call to Kizlyak as one of his highest priorities as soon as he (Barr) started his job? From that point on he would have learned that Flynn was innocent, yet he permitted his own agency to seek a jail term for Flynn until the middle of this year. BARR MUST BE JAILED if justice is to be served. He's complicit with a frame job. Trump picked a no-nothing with Sessions, and a fraud with Barr.

On Hannity late this week, Barr implied with a stern promise that ANYONE who broke the law, on the Trump attack, will be charged. That's a mighty-big word. But he also said that he and Durham won't do anything "inappropriate before the election." What could that mean? He's going soft in the next three months? Then what? Is he hoping that everyone is bound to forget about the coup attempt in the aftermath of the election so that he won't need to charge Comey, Wray, Rosenstein and Mueller?

Late this week, Durham announced his first case against an FBI operative, Mr. Clinesmith, who agreed to plead guilty to giving false information to the FISA court. Why didn't he get charged as an accomplice to sedition? There's nothing to do but wait and see. There is a good chance that Clinesmith took the tack of blaming his FBI boss(es) for doing what he did, and his guilty plea could indicate that he "talked" in return for lenient treatment.

As the liberals wanted to put Flynn away, when he pleaded guilty, for about a decade for a minor lie that wasn't even a lie when you look at it all, shouldn't Clinesmith and his co-conspirators get 100 years for trying to frame an innocent president as a traitor to his country? Just asking, because liberals are bound to make hypocrites of themselves in this and other cases to come. Alas, we just saw a liberal court, this week, let Hillary get away, and so the chances are high that Clinesmith would get a slap on the wrist, even without lenient treatment from his prosecutors, unless Barr's people arrange proper jurisdiction = judges as impartial as possible.

Pro-Trumpers with media visibility shouldn't gloat at the arrests, or Barr could go softer. Our argument is that these arrests are necessary to clean the swamp, not for our personal pleasure like pagans watching men hang in the public square. However, arrests can't help but make us happy in hopes that criminals in government will go much slower on the crimes.

You might like this motor-mouth update on Flynn's latest twist:

The Millie Weaver who was arrested Friday, on what could be trumped charges, produces videos like this one, exposing the control freaks who are the worms in our computer lives, beware:

If you watched that, you would have gotten the impression that everything American senators write, plan and think is exported as bulk recording to foreign countries, even Germany. To put it another way, the invisible rulers have their own private spy systems; we should have known it without being told by anyone, it's just a natural inclination of the billionaire-class control freaks who've set themselves up above the mere elected class. It's like sending the information to the chief control freak, satan, so that he can use it to manipulate mere senators when needed.

You also saw that they use personal information to influence elections. If ever the demons want to start arresting people on false charges, they can alter our communications to say things we never wrote / said. This situation is real, and those who want it don't want to stop or repent. Their goals must be monumental in number and global in scope. So, if you are anti-Democrat / liberal, you could be a target. All your youtube comments are recorded in your very own file that you did not create, that you did not give permission for. Heartless sociopaths.

The good news is that their riotous terror tactics come at the worst time for them, just before the election. It's ruining Democrat chances, and the demons badly want official power back. They are harming their own voters, in the main, because the terror tactics are employable (viable) only in liberal cities. The Millie's of the Internet world could be in looming trouble, if the demons win the election. Millie may have been arrested in response to the Clinesmith news, in an attempt for tit-for-tat terrorism. Trump's brother died this week, one report saying he died from head injuries from a fall. Did someone push or toss him from a height? Did the hospital do the rest? If this is the way the enemy is going to behave, the better half has got to tighten up its ship but not give the enemy the ransom it demands. Just when they need a good-guy FBI chief, Trump and Wray leave the enemy in that seat, what a disaster.

This war is going to require bravery and participation on the part of anti-globalists. The one thing the latter don't have is bravery. Don't mistaken brute recklessness for bravery; they operate only if they think the good guys are afraid of them. When they know they have the upper hand, when they know they have the winning hand (like if they have a gun pointed at you and you don't have a gun at all), they don't need bravery in going forward with any dirty agenda. But if the good guys can make them unsure of winning, by acting fast with arrests, that's when they get scared and debilitated...if the good guys hold the keys to the White House and therefore to the federal jailhouse. Barr's slow wheels are intensifying the problem.

Barr may be thinking that a balancing act is perhaps advisable in order to assure the election win, but a string of arrests now will cause disarray in the deep state, forcing their rats to act in some ways for self-protection, and acting fast may cause them to stumble and expose their weak spots. But WRAY must go NOW. Put in a temporary, pro-Trump director NOW (preferably without family) who will terrify the enemy. They will betray one another faster than they can put tails between legs. Democrat terrorism at this time is very bad for their election chances. Now is the time to tolerate a crime-ridden backlash from the deep state in order to win the war between 2020-24. The time for the storm has come, and, really, I think no thunder is needed, just a heavy, sudden rain.

Here's how moles work: "A newly released audio recording of Cambridge professor Stefan Halper revealed that the 'Spygate' figure harbored ambitions of being President Trump’s secretary of state even after serving as an FBI informant against Trump’s campaign." They infiltrate by acting friendly and loyal to the administration.

The revelation was made by former State Department official Steven Schrage on Sunday, who shared a recorded conversation he claims was between himself and Halper on Jan. 10, 2017, showing the FBI informant hoped to join the highest levels of the Trump administration after Trump’s surprise victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Schrage, who claims to have spoken with U.S. Attorney John Durham in his inquiry of the Russia investigation and who has broken his yearslong silence during back-to-back interviews with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News, also said Halper later told him that the professor had been offered the ambassadorship to the Philippines under Trump.

...“Um, it be a good job to have. I’d enjoy it, yeah,” Halper said. “I would be happy with deputy {secretary of state}, as well.”

The Schrage surname (Bavaria, same as Bauers = proto-Rothschilds) shares the three Bauer stars, and Scraggs/Scroggs were first found in Peebles-shire with Bauer-branch Bowers. The interesting thing is that the Scraggs/Scroggs share the two courant and black greyhounds of Scragg-like Scougals i.e. who come up as "Scoot." Schrage's are even Scougal-like Schragle's, and Scraggs/Scroggs even have "Scoggins" (no 'r') in their write-up. Scraggs/Scroggs share the raven (different colors) with German Rothes'/Rothchilds (Bavaria), and the sleeping moon of Schrage's is in the colors of the same of Rothes-like Roets.

I don't know whether it's ever been called a sleeping moon (it's what I call it), but it does have a face with eyes closed, and I trace Sleeps to Selepitanoi at lake SCODra, where I trace Scoots/Scougals and their Scott branch.

When Miss Hicks had said to me, "you can scoot over," I had just returned to her from setting up her video camera, which was a definite pointer to Camera's/Camerons, who share the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschilds used also by Bowers.

Perhaps "you can scoot over" is thus revealed as a good thing, a blast, perhaps from God's own hand, against the Rothchilian deep state by a whistle-blower. As I said, Miss Hicks, when I sat beside her, was scheduled to sing a song, and "singing" is a slang term to define bad guys who turn to the police as stool pigeons. I got up from sitting beside her, and went to the pastor, asking him to call Miss Hicks up for a second song, because I really liked her first song. Is that a sign of stool pigeons galore? I didn't go back to the seat beside her. She was asked to do a second song, which she did, and then Stanley sat beside her.

The Scragg/Scrogg bend with ravens is in all three colors of the Stanley bend with stag heads. That was my first wow, but more was coming.

As I said, Stanley was used that night to assure that Miss Hick's knee symbol is not my mistake, not my imagination. Stanleys share the Knee bend. BUT NOW, let's add that, on either side of the Scragg/Scrogg bend there is one black-on-white item (the greyhound), ditto for the Knee Coat with the same bend!!! And her knee symbol was given on the Leakey road while Leaks/Leakeys share the engrailed Knee bend as well as a leg bent at the knee, and even shares the Hicks fleur-de-lys. Mr. Schrage is thought to be leaking material with the blessing of John Durham!!! ZOWZERS.

The only problem seems to be that Schrage's revelations on Halper are not apparently related to 9-11. Or are they? What was Halper doing in 2001 or its aftermath?

Note that the Roet moon slants a little from the Shield's right to left, the direction of the bend formed by the three items of Karens which includes the sleeping Roet / Schrage moon. This right-to-left rise is called, "sinister," and is less common, reserved for certain surnames. Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') use it, as do Rasmussens/Assmanns who named Assmannshausen at RUEDesheim. Rudes' were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps.

The Karen/Kerns hexagrams are shared by German Singers. Karens/Kerns could be Crane liners, I suddenly realize, especially in the cranes of the Schrage-like Shark surname. Listening to Mr. Schrage, he comes across as a part of the inner circle of the shark, if only a minor part. He's definitely a stool pigeon, and one Pigeon Coat shares the Dutch Baker chevron while Halper is a special buddy of shark, James Baker, of the Office of Net Assessment (ONA). It's part of the military, and as the military was central and key for 9-11 crimes, I think the ONA could be working (spying) to keep 9-11 crimes from coming out through Trump people.

Schrage is lamenting, and calling out Barr simultaneously, because ONA people, along with Halper, have not been talked to by investigators even though they were at the root of the Steele dossier. Schrage claims that not even Trump has mentioned Halper. Trump has one foot in the military swamp, that can explain it. Politicians are too compromised to clean house. They tolerate corruption.

There is a Scaggs/Skeggs surname sharing the horizontally-split Shield of Groce's. Scaggs'/Skeggs' can easily be Shoe variations, and Shoe's use a "knight issuing at the KNEEs. "Issuing" is suspect as code for Issa, an island also called, Vis, and Vise's/Vice's share the black stag head with Knee's. The Scaggs/Skeggs Coat, looking a little like the Coat of Counter-like Countrys, is counterchanged, and Stanleys love the Change's/Changers in their motto. "IsSUING" can also be code for Swings/Sweeneys, for example, or Sings/Singers, but right now I can't show evidence for that aside from Miss Hicks singing two songs that night.

I always forget the details, but at least one regent of boy-king, Pinnes, was on Issa, or attempting to conquer it, and then Scoots/Scougals and Scraggs/Scroggs share two black courant greyhounds with Pennys/PENES".

See Mr. Schrage looking like he's poised to tell all:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

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