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August 4 - 10, 2020

British Bulldog Points to Fox and Friends with Spades MacKenzie
Little Andrea Points to George Soros
David Dunn Miracle at the Bush-Whacking Mardi Gras
God Unveils the Guilt of Larry Silverstein!!! DO NOT MISS
Loose Change was at the 9-11 Memorial

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

The last update had an insert added, Monday evening of this week, on Paul Smith purchasing my Nissan truck. It was an amazing insert in the context of the topic, which was on the Roman location at the mouth of the Moldova river (Romania, beside Ukraine). I had spotted the similarity between his (and my) red JEEP and the GYPsies if Romania, and Gypsies may be called, Roma, as per their living in Romania. Jeepma's/Cheps share the hexagram of HAGARS, and Roman is on the Siret river once called the AGARus, is that not amazing? It appears that God set Smith and I up with a red jeep for pointing to the line of Abraham of Hagar, the Ishmaelites. There is a chance that Ishmaelites became the main stock of Gypsies.

The original owner of my Nissan was Mr. Doner, and while Ukrainian Romans share the Chief-Shield colors of Simsons, Doners, using two of the wolves in the Italian Roman Coat, have those Chief-Shield colors in reverse. My Jeep was purchased from Mr. DeSIMONE, a potential Simson line. I purchased my van in January of 1999, and sold the Nissan some short time after that purchase, and later met Miss Sim(p)son in Texas in early May of that same year. I almost married her. (Load Doner link to load other surname to follow much better.)

As Nissan owns Datsun, I've just loaded the Datson surname again to see that it's a red-lion version of the Perkin Coat, and Smiths happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins. I already see much to say about this situation, but isn't it amazing that Hillary Clinton's lawyer hired PERKINS Coie which in turn hired Glenn Simpson (owner of Fusion GPS) in an illegal effort to ruin candidate trump?

Datsons/Datons are said to be from Autun (France), the Aedui peoples of which I've been tracing to whatever entity the myth writer intended when he coined mythical Aedon, queen of Boeotia. As I insist that Sadducees of the house of Boethus were from Boeotia, and as I peg that house from TANAGRa, where I trace TANKERville's, by what coincidence are Tankerville-branch Tancreds/Tanks in Datson/Daton colors and format? Wikipedia's article on mythical Orion, if I recall correctly, says that his father is from Tanagra, and while I showed good evidence that Orion liners named Orne (Normandy), the Orne's/Horns share the heron with the Smith Crest, is that not absolutely wild?

But there is more to indicate that God chose the red Jeep for Mr. Smith, where the Chep variation of Jeepma's is like "Caiaphas," a Sadducee and killer of Jesus. Caiaphas married the daughter of the high priest, Annas, and AINSleys (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas') use the scimitar as code for Schimatari, a location smack beside Tanagra!

The CHEPmans (Cambridgeshire, same as Ponders) love the Ponders in their motto, and Ponders with Ponds/Ponts have been traced to the Pontus (at Trabzon and Rize), where there was a queen Nysa to which my NISSan points. For, the Nissan surname shares the double fesses of Parrs, and Parrs (Lancashire, same as Furness') share the black border with FurNESS', the line from king Pharnaces of the Pontus, Nysa's husband. Ness'/Nice's are also Nessans. it's now staggering that Ponds/Ponts share the patee cross of Datsons/Datons!!! Think of it: God named Nissan and Datsun to point to queen Nysa of the Pontus.

Doner-like Dons are have the Parr / Nissan fesses in colors reversed, you can't argue with the facts. Dons pertain to my omen in Texas, a major topic of the last update. "The surname Don was first found in Cheshire at Duddon..." Did Datson liners name DudDON? OH WOW, Dodds, first found in Cheshire with Dons, have a chevron version of the OMAN Coat!!! WOW!!! The Dons are one ones with the omen-like OMNia" motto term!!! Dodds and Omans share the three martlets of Glenns and Glennys for a possible pointer to Glenn Simpson, for Doners look linkable to Simpsons! Zinger. Glenn Simpson attacked general Flynn, and Doners share the white wolf and green Crest snake with Flynns. The Flynn wolf is colors reversed from the wolf of Cheshire's Wolfleys, and the latter use FLAUNches (the curved items) suspect with the Flan variation of Flints (Doner colors!) and the Flint-colored Ches' {I discover later that Ches' are from the Merops > Merovingians out of Kos, and Vibia, mother of Laevillus].

The omen took place while driving the Nissan Datson, and Omans were first found in Suffolk with the Golds suspect in the "gold" endings on some Nissan variations. Dudons/Doddingtons, with a Daton-like Dotan variation, have three hunting HORNs (possible pointer to Hunter Biden) in colors reversed from the same of Derbys, and the latter are in the colors and format of Dodds/Dots. German Golds/GOLTs have three hunting horns too, and Galatia-like Galts were first found in Perthshire with Gold-like Colts/Celts. German Galts/Gelts, no guff, were first found in Hamburg with Perthshire's Drummonds and Nissans/NissenGOLDs (fesses colors reversed from Drummond fesses). Miss Simpson will introduce Derbyshire below as per a Galatian king reflecting her first name.

Hunting horns look like a clever symbol for mythical Orion the hunter, in Boeotia, same as Daton-liner Aedon. Count Dudo of NASSau thus looks like he can relate to Nissan / Nessan liners.

The BIDENs (likewise in Hampshire), suspect from queen Nysa of BITHYNia, who share the Pond/Pont fesse (in the colors of the double Ness/Nessan fesses), share the so-called CHAPeau of CAPLan-like Capelli's. Ponder-loving Chepmans are also CHAPmans, what's left to the imagination? When I met MANDY Simson (above), I had a small business which I left in the hands of Debbie, and while Debbie's/Dibdens were likewise first found in Hampshire, they might be in the "proviDEBIT" motto term of Mandys. (The same term is probably for the Provett variation of Prophets/Profetts sharing the leg with Mandys.)

It just so happens that Debbie's/Dibdens (share dog with Furness') have rare bend-like symbols that look connectable to the double Nissan / Parr fesses. The small business left to Debbie involved flamingos for party events, and Flamingo's/Flamings share the Irish Fleming and Party checks. This is new material, and it should be added (for what it's worth as per the sleeping-bag dream) that while Partys (obvious Stewart kin) were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, the Bags have a Chief reflecting the Mandy Chief while Irish Flemings share the vair fur of Bachs/Baghs.

It was only yesterday when noticing that the other Simsons should be using the Wells lion (can't recall the reason), and here it can be added that the Flamingo Coat is that also of Vaux's/Vallibus', kin of Wells. It's also the lion of Flanders, original home of Flemings before they moved to Scotland. Stewarts share the pelican with German Wells, DeVAUX's, and the Flemish Biggars (Lanarkshire, same as Scottish Flemings).

Ah, repeat: "Doners share the white wolf and green Crest snake with Flynns." Flynns were suspect with the Flints/Flans (Doner colors), and Flints are suspect with "FLANDers." That works, especially as German Flemings share a wolf on blue with Flynns.

Amazingly, queen Opgalli (married a Herod) of Armenia (beside the Pontus) was the ancestor (great-grandmother, I believe) of Plancia Magna, and the latter married a man from Perga, where I trace "PERKins" because Plancia was related by marriage to Mr. Simplex while Perkins use a "simplex" motto term. If the Datson/Daton lion were black, the surname would be both in the colors and format of Perkins, and while the island of Kos is off the shore from Perga, mythical Merops of Kos was made the grandfather of queen Aedon of Boeotia.

Plus, as Smiths use a "Benigno" motto term suspect with the Benjamites on the lower Siret river (see "Rimmon" in last update for reason), that area has a Galati location suspect with the Galatians. Opgalli was Galatian, and Plancia Magna's father was from it not absolutely cool what Smith's Jeep is telling us, as though arranged by God to tell us? Before any of this, my suspicions, going back years, is that Caiaphas was born from the house of Opgalli, an idea spurred by Wikipedia's mention that she may have been Jewish. She did marry an Israelite.

The kings of Armenia and the Pontus were willingly under the authority of Augustus Caesar, and here we can add that the August surname shares the red fesse with Ponders / Ponts / Ponds, as well as sharing bird legs with Mandys. Mandy Simson married Mr. Deeter while Deeters use grapes, and because they lived at a place called Wine Cup, it seems that the "nutrior" motto term of Simsons is for the ancient Enotrians, also called OENotrians after "oen," the Greek for wine. DioNYSus was the Greek wine god, and he was named after a Nysa entity, suggesting that the queen Nysa's were of that Dionysus cult.

To really nail the involvement of God with Mandy, Dionysus had drunk, Mandy-like MAENADs as his female (Amazon) partners, who were named after the Maeander river having a mouth at the sea near Kos. The Maeander passed near Ephesus, where the son of Merops of Kos was king. I always trace Simsons ("ALIS nutrior") to Laus of Italy, home of the Enotrians/Oenotrians, and it just so happens that "Laus" is a motto term of Manders. OENOmaus was an Amazon king of Pisa (probably from Pisidians), at Alis-like Elis.

The ANGUSta location stressed in the last update, which was off the Siret river not far from Roman, was probably named originally as, Augusta. Romania was named after the Romans. The Angus lion is also the Datson/Daton lion, hmmm, and I was asking Mandy on a DATE in the first second that I met her. The first words out of my mouth to her was an invitation for coffee. It's asking me to consider whether the Date's/Deeds (in the Fleming motto) were a Datson/Daton branch connectable to queen Nysa. Mandys, whose motto term linked them to Flamingo's/Flamings above, have Fleming-suspect flames from the mouth of a wolf head, and Teague's/Teegers likewise have a wolf head in Crest.

The Fleming motto is, "LET the deed SHAW." Shaws/Seths are suspect from Seth (lived in Syria), father of Annas of Israel. Shaws use the dagger, which traces with the DEXARoi of Antipatria (see "Cappadocia" two updates ago) to queen Nysa of Cappadocia (known to descend from Antipater of Macedonia), daughter of Nysa of the Pontus. Like I said, Mandy was given the wine symbol for the line of Dionysus, and ancients traced the wine god to a mount Nysa/Nysus in Ethiopia, where there was a mythical king Merops i.e. the same name as the grandfather of Aedon, the line to Datsons/Datons. Another dagger is used by Comyns/Comine's (in a Shaw write-up), who share three gold garbs with Date's/Deeds.

Mythical OENeus was king of Calydon, and as that place, in AETOLia, was given a mythical ATALantis as a queen, it's a no-brainer to trace that entity to Attaleia (named mythical Atlas, king of Atlantis), smack beside Perga. Attaleia was in the land of Pisidians, explaining why Atlas was made the son of Poseidon (had Ethiopian roots). "ATALANTis looks like the Talant variation of Talons, which use talons = bird legs, symbol of Mandys too. Comyns/Comine's can be traced with logic to the namers of Kuman in Fier county of Albania, near Antipatria, and Kuman was in the land of the TAULANTii, which may have overlapped the land of the Dexaroi (or "Dassaretae").

Plancia Magna of Perga officiated, with her mother, the Artemis temple in Perga, and the Calydonian boar of mythology belonged to ArTEMIS (an Amazon), the mythical huntress expected with Orion the hunter. Her name was from Amazons at THEMIScyra, at the Pontus. The upper Pontus was Cappadocia. The Ephesians (from Amazonian Ephesus) had an Artemis temple, and Merops of Kos was father to Pandareus of Ephesus, father of Aedon, the proto-Datsons/Datons. Artemis' mother was LETo, and so note: "LET the deed shaw." Lets/Late's share the Chief-Shield colors of Annas' (share Angus star).

An hour or two before meeting Mandy for the first time, I saw an FBI crew right outside the home of Mrs. Teague, the previous owner of my Texas property. Mandy told me that they were looking for the murdered body of Madalyn O'Hair, which was found later cut into pieces. In the story of the Benjamites of Rimmon, the woman they raped and murdered was cut into 12 pieces, and the body sent to the 12 tribes of Israel. Hmm. In myth, I believe that it was Pelops who cut someone's body into pieces, and his father. TANTALus, is suspect as play on ANTALya, the alternative name of Attaleia.

Opgalli was married to TIGRanes VI, whom I trace to Teague's/TEEGERs ("OPtem" motto term looks like code for an OPgalli line). I was driving my new SAFARi van when I met Mandy, and because I was asking her to have coffee with me, and realizing that she might be concerned with why I was in Texas, I suggested she contact Mrs. Teague to find that I was safe to be with. It thus appears, from what was said above on the Simson surname, that God chose the Safari as a pointer to SEVERus of Galatia, whose grandson, Quadratus Bassus, married the line of Opgalli. My life has been a living history book on the history of Jesus' killers, something I'm not exactly thrilled about, yet God wants this history to get out.

Mandys were first found in DERBYshire with Froggits, and the latter are suspect from BROGITarus of Galatia, roughly the great-grandfather of Severus above. Brogitarus' son, says Wikipedia, conquered DERBE (beside/in Galatia), you see, so that Derbe elements probably named Derby(shire). Brogitarus' son was Mandy-like AMYNTes, can you see God's hand in Mandy's first name? The NissenGOLD variation of Nissans looked above like a Galatian > Galt line, indicating a Nysa-line link to Galatians. It just so happens that while Galatian OpGALLi looks named after an Op entity, HOPe's were first found in Derbyshire. What are the chances by pure coincidence that Hoppers share the tower of Plancia-line Plunketts? Plancia Magna was descended from Opgalli.

Derbys, who share garbs with Date's/Deeds, use an ANTELope suspect with ANTALya. "AnteLOPE" can also be code for Lopez's / Lupus'/Wolfs to which the Mandy wolf can connect. Lupus Laevillus married the daughter of Quadratus Bassus. Loupe's were from Aunis, and Aunis' are listed with Annas'.

If Derbe was not in CAPPadocia, it was close to it. The Mandys Shield and Chief looks like a version of the German CAPlan Coat, and then English Caplans were first found in Hampshire with Ponds/Ponts sharing a Coat version of the Ponders in the CHAPman/Chepman motto.

As URANus was named after urine because he was the rain god, it's conspicuous that Pisa and the Pisidians look like "piss," for Poseidon was a grandson of Uranus. Uranus-like Orion has a urine symbol too, and then Poseidon was made closely ancestral to Cadmus of Tyre, who in turn settled Boeotia, home of Orion. Ephesus had an Essenes honey/bee cult, and Boeotia had a honey goddess, Melia, which looks like it was named after the same as MELEager, king of Calydon and husband of Atalanta. The bee goddess of Crete, Amalthea, is suspect from Amalekite Edomites.

The Alis' in the Simson motto share a red muzzle on a bear, as well as a "vincit" motto term, with Scottish Galts, the latter first found in Perthshire with Scottish Shaws. English Shaws use "vincit" too, and Scottish Shaws use cups as code for Cups/Cope's expected in the cornuCOPia symbol of Fothes'/Fette's (Aberdeenshire, same as Cups/Cope's and ProFETTs). The cornucopia was a symbol of the Ops/Opis cult of Sabines, and Plancia Magna's Galatian ancestry is suspect from Julia Polla, which one webpage makes the daughter of Julia Tyche and granddaughter of Amyntes. However, this webpage has another Julia Polla as the wife of Titus FLAVIUS Apellas while Vespasia Polla was wife to Flavius Sabinus of the Sabines.

Orrs/Ore's, suspect in the Simpson motto, and expected thus as a pointer to Glenn Simpson's conspiracy with Bruce and Nelly Ohr, have another "OMNia" motto term, and another cornucopia. Orr's/Ore's ("BoNIS") share red roundels with Nellys, as if God didn't want us to make a mistake about this. The Chief-Shield colors of Orrs/Ore's is shared by Annas'. Niss' look connectable to Quints and Jeune's / June's, the line of Quintus Caepio > Junia CaepioNIS.

Can Orrs/Ore's lead us to OPgalli as per their cornucopia? Yes. Orrs/Ore's were first found in Renfrewshire with the Polla-line Pollocks (share saltire of DADDys/DOUDs, possible a branch of the Dade variation of Date's/Deeds). Lucius Julius Marinus Caecilius SIMPLEX (Roman governor) married Julia Tertulla (relative of Tertullus, husband of Plancia Magna, Opgalli's descendant), and Tertulla was the mother of Flavius Sabinus above, husband of the proto-Pollocks. The three Orr/Ore piles are those of Guiscards in colors reversed, and Guiscards (birthed by Tancred) were from TANAGRa, Boeotian home of mythical Orr-like Orion. Orrs/Ore's were first found in Renfrewshire with the Hamiltons sharing the TANKERville cinquefoil.

Note how "SCHIMatari" is like "SIMson," for the Simson Chief-Shield is shared by English Gable's who in turn share the SHAKE chevron. Schimatari is from the Biblical SHECHEMites, a line to the Shake's because they use mole hills while Mole's share the Schim/Schien boar head. You can verify what I'm saying where Spanish Gable's use the Y of Cunninghams, what the latter call a "SHAKEfork." Then, while Cunninghams even use a "fork" motto term, German Gable's have a pitchFORK.

Shechemites were associated with Kenites, and so note the Kenneths in the next section. Kenites are highly suspect (by me) to Kennedys, and it just so happens that Scottish Kennedys (share dolphin with TIPPERs/Tippets) were first found in Ayrshire with Cunninghams and Forkers. Irish Kennedys were first found in TIPPERary, and then the Tipps/Tipping Chief is colors reversed from the Chief of Gabel-like Gavels. The Gable's with the Shake chevron are in Gavel-like Cave colors, and Cave's share the fretty Shield of Cable's/Cabels and Cunning-like Caens/Cans (potential Kenites). There is potential here that Kenites (related to Moses) and Shechemites produced a false cult in mythical CYBELE (Galatia theater), goddess of the Galli priests who lived in proto-Galatia, and thus suspect as proto-Galatians.

The Biblical Kenites were rooted in a "Qin" term. That is, they were the Qin-ites. Quinns are almost use a version of the Doner Coat, and, wow, my Nissan was originally owned by KENT Doner!!! The Kents must have been from Kenites, for the Chief-Shield colors of Doners is colors reversed from the same of Simsons. The Oenotrians suspect in the Simson motto are, I have guessed, from Jonathan of Laish, the pagan Levite priest, descended from Moses (or close, anyway) and thus a perfect candidate for having drawn Kenites to his side (i.e. the Kenites who rebelled against the Law of Moses).

The Kent-like Ghents have an eagle version of the Tipps/Tipping Chief, and Ghent-related Gaunts were first found in Kent. The bull head of Tipps'/Tippings (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs) is that of Ratcliffs, and surname highly traceable to Radziwills of Vilnius, who were married to the Astikas' from Astakos in what was ancient Calydon, where mythical Oeneus (probably code for Oenotrians, a real peoples), whom I trace to "Jonathan," was king. Vilnius is in Lithuania, where the god was Perkin-like Perkunas, and while I trace Perkins to Perga, it was beside Attaleia, the line to Aetolia at Calydon. Plus, the ANTALya version of that place is suspect to the ANTELope in the Tipps/Tipping Crest.

The Tipps/Tipping Chief-Shield colors are those of Vilnius-like Vilains and Tanners, the latter suspect with Tanerdevilla of Tankerville's. Plancia-line Plunketts were first found in Ille-et-VILAINE. There is a Radcliff location in Lancashire near Shakerley, and Shakerleys are listed with Shake's, no kidding. The Tipps' are suspect in a Shaw motto, and Shaws are from the Shawia Numidians, who had a Moroccan queen, KENZa, suspect with the MacKenzie variation of Kenneths. You dig?

The British Mystery

The last update told why Hamilton Kilpatrick related to the British bulldog in my 1979 dream that featured his wife 15 years before first seeing her. After seeing her a few times (alone, no man with her) in church in 1994, I didn't see her again until 2002. I didn't know her name. From about 1996, I was suspecting that she would be my future, God-given wife due to the final scene in this dream. In 1999, upon meeting Mandy Simson, she took me to the same church in which I had seen Mrs. Kilpatrick in 1994, but only old-man Mr. Kilpatrick (in his 70s) was attending there, and Mandy's regular seat was directly behind him. I didn't have an inkling that she (in her early 40s at the time) was married until Mandy said he's married to a beautiful blond. Drats, as it turned out, I learned he was the husband of the woman in the dream in spite of the fact that I could not marry her.

Almost immediately after returning home from my being mugged in Texas, and just months before seeing Mrs. Kilpatrick for the first time in 1994, I drove to the city of HAMILTON, and purchased a six-foot tall, fiberglass BRITISH BULLDOG, no guff, to add to the flamingo party business. I was married at the time, and so I didn't reflect back (it just didn't dawn on me) on the British bulldog in the 1979 dream. It didn't come to mind until 1996. That's when I started to realize that the beautiful blond of 1994 was the beautiful blond of the dream.

In 2016, on the day that I found Hamilton Kilpatrick's obituary (because I was telling readers this dream-story at the time), I also bumped into a Baytown Sun article showing Hamilton Kilpatrick, in the late 1980s, standing in a photo with a bulldog mascot, Spuds MacKenzie. It just so happens that MacKenzie's/Kenneths share a gold stag head with the British/Braddock surname, hmm. I've already mentioned that Dogs/Doags have cinquefoils in the colors of the Hamilton cinquefoil. And while Flamingo's/Flamings link to the flaming heart of Bullys, the latter were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. The other Scottish MacKenzie's use a flaming rock, how about that.

[I didn't realize while writing here that the Dock variation of Dogs can be the reason for the BraDOCK variation of British's!]

The British surname has been a stingy mystery to me to the point of painful. It has six symbols, yet I can barely do a thing with it to connect it to things in the dream. Why was the there a British bulldog species in the dream. It's the unmistakable breed, short and fat. The British stag head in on a green background, and the MacKenzie stag head is on a blue background, not a hard-enough match for my liking.

While Trudeau was a topic in the last update, linking to the SICKly stag of a recent dream, "Sic" is not only a MacKenzie/Kenneth motto term, but Trudeau's (Ile-de-France), too, have a gold stag. Just a thought for the record.

I'm doing this section on the British surname because I figure God wants me to go on a wild chase seeking some things He wants revealed. For example, the BRADock and BRODock variations of British's suggest PodeBRADY liners because George, father of Drummonds, is said by at least one to have married a woman from Podebrady. Dogs/Docks were first found in Perthshire with Scottish Drummonds. That works. I always link king Andrew I, father of George above, to the Andrew at the base of the Ross clan, and MacKenzie's were first found in Ross-shire, named by the Ross clan. It wasn't me who put the photo online with Kilpatrick and Spuds MacKenzie.

The British/Bradock fox is, I now realize, from the fox-using Fes'/FEZ', for queen Kenza (suspect to MacKenzie's) was married to king Idris of Morocco, and his family was in Fez of Morocco!!! ZOWIE, that's why God arranged the Kilpatricks with Spuds MacKenzie. Zowie! Kenza was a Shawia Numidian from Aures, and that area had a Zenata/ZANATa tribe that I trace to KENT's THANET (island), where Masons/Massins were first found highly suspect in the lion heads of British's/Bradocks (Kent). Now I finally understand why God used a British bulldog, wow. Massins are no doubt from the Numidian king, Massena (better known as MassiNISSA). The Kents use a lion colors reversed from the British/Bradock and Mason/Massin lion. This may mean that fox-using Jewish Simons are not from a Simon, but from SCHIMatari liners.

I can show elsewise why British's/Bradocks are Massey/Macey liners, but here we can guess that the white horse in the British Crest is the winged white horse of Quinns and Masseys/Maceys, the Quinns now suspect as Simson-related Kenite liners. The British chevron is green, as is the Shake chevron. Like the Mackay chevron, the British chevron has a couple of wreaths, as the Mackays call theirs, with a stag head between the wreaths at the tip of the chevron. If this stag head is a bucks head, then the gold British wreaths could be the chaplets on the gold buck head of Hicks. That would help to convince us that God chose Miss Hicks (Mrs. Kilpatrick) for the 1979 dream with British bulldog.

My teen-age friend throughout my teens and into the early 20s was Mr. Quinn, whose parents lived in Bracebridge, the town where the embrace with Miss Hicks and Ainsley Earhardt pointed. Plus, wow, I just loaded the Hicks to be reminded of what I had forgotten this past month while on the Ainsleys (brackets not mine): "'The chancel {of Low Leyton in Essex} contains some elegant monuments of the family of Hickes.'" Leytons are with the LEIGHtons, and the Ainsley write-up has: "For it is there in 1273, the Hundredorum Rolls listed Johannes de AnnesLEGH" Leghs are also Leys/Leighs!!! That might explain why Hicks and Ainsleys (scimitar) share the same fleur-de-lys.

Here's part of the 3rd update of last month when Ainsleys, of BROXtow (location of Anneslegh), connected with the woman of the dream to Rhizon, in my embrace with her:

Rhizon was easily accessible by DARDanians, the line to Darts/Dards. The Brock-Crest lion is said to hold a dart. Perfect. The Darts use an ermined fesse in the colors of the two ermined fesses of Sleeps, and Miss Earhardt was asleep before she and I were rising because Sleeps point to the SELEPitanoi Illyrians living at least near (i.e. may have been in) Rhizon. Now you can see how meaningful / relevant it is that Earhardts use the Brock fleur-de-lys; the dream pointed us to some Brock kin / ancestors.

More. The Brock motto has "VireSCIT," and SKITs/Skeochs share the potent cross in the Brocuff/Prock Chief, more evidence that Brocks were a Brocuff/Brox branch. The latter's Crest probably has the Dart/Dard fesse. Shoe's have Skeoch- and Scoug-like variations while Scougals come up as Scott-related Scoots, from lake Scodra, smack where Selepitanoi are placed on old maps. Rhizon and Kotor are a few miles north of Lake Scodra. The Shoe's have the Knee's in their description ("Knight issuing from the knees"), and I was rising into the sky with Earhardt the instant I grazed her knee [or leigh, so to speak].

Kotor-like Cutters share the Chief-Shield colors combo of Brocks and Brox's/Brocuffs. The latter's Coat, minus the potent cross, is a reflection of the Kent Coat, and the giant Kent lion along with the giant Brox/Brocuff sphinx are both in the gold-on-blue colors of the giant stag head of Kent-like MacKenzie's/Kenneths!!! The Kenneth stag head is gold like the Hicks buck head and the whatever-it-is stage head of British's (Kent!).

Okay, so why did God use the Kilpatricks for the British bulldog? Well, Mackays, the ones sharing a chevron like the British chevron, share a hand holding a dagger with the Dumfries Kilpatricks, and Ainsleys, very connectable to Dumfries, have a hand holding a scimitar. The "make" motto term of Kilpatricks is for Maxwells, who are from king Maccus, ditto with Mackays and Maceys. So, it does appear that British's are using an modified form of the Mackay chevron with the Hicks buck head and chaplets.

The Chief of Irish Kilpatricks shares the Masci / Earhardt / Brock fleur-de-lys, and so for this reason and more, the Kent lion can be the one of Rimini's Maschi's (pine CONES). We then trace to the Rimna tributary, next to the BUZau tributary, and note that Bus' share the Hamilton / Dog/Dock / Tankerville cinquefoil. Bus' were first found in Norfolk with Bucks/Buchs, hmm. The latter's antlers (belonged to the Cone's and Conte's too) are very connectable to the antlers of Hamons (Kent, same as British's), who in turn use a "discRIMINI" motto term. "DISCrimini" is very notable here because "Disce pati" is the motto of Duncans and Donkeys who happen to share the same cinquefoil above on a version of the Dog/Dock Coat. Meschins did marry the royal Duncans.

Okay, so why might British's be from Podebrady and/or the Drummonds? How can this involve the dream's particulars? Well, Maccus was the grandson of Sitric CAECH, and Cake's are also CakeBREADs (probably share the June fleur-de-lys), Podebrady suspects. Podebrady is in Bohemia, and German Franks, first found in Bohemia, use a column while Columns are listed with Malcolms. Malcolm III, whose sister married Maurice, the first Drummond, was the son of king Duncan I. It's amazing how much we can learn from a bulldog in a figment of my imagination.

One genealogy calls Maurice, "the Hungarian, Thane of Lennox " (this is new to me), and then the Lennox/Levenax Coat (Anon/Annandale saltire?) has the saltire of the other German Franks, likewise first found in Bohemia!!! Although most tell that Maurice's mother is unknown, the one who claimed that Maurice's father married Miss Podebrady is proving correct thanks to the big mouth of heraldry. The Frank column is in the colors of the Malta column, and Malta-like Melita is an island near Ragusa, where the Saraca's of Kotor moved to.

Maurice's father, George, traces well to English George's and Babe's (compare with Bradys), both first found in Dorset with Cutters. Repeat: "Kotor-like Cutters share the Chief-Shield colors combo of Brocks and Brox's/Brocuffs."

Why was the bulldog placed into the pool with a shark? We just saw the Shark-line Saraca's, but it just so happens that the particular Meschins who married Duncans also married Clare's of Tonbridge while Tonbridge's share the three Saracen crescents. Plus, as was said, when I took Miss Hanson on our first date (mid-teens), I used the Valiant car of the Quinn family, and Valiants use the only heraldic shark I know of. My instincts are telling that Kenites of the Quinn kind (= new link this update) were in the veins of Saraca's, which jibes with my trace of the Arms-of-Saraca fish to Keons, a branch of Keens (i.e. like the Qin root of "Kenite"), wow, whose Coats are comparable to that of Neils, the latter first found in Tyrone with Sharks!!! WOW! I had no idea that the Quinns would be used for this revelation until now. Quinns have got to be Kenite liners.

The other Irish Quinns use snakes, and Snake's/Snooks (share the Drummond Crest!) share the eagles of Brox/Brocuff-beloved Spinx's (Ainsleys were at BROXtow), and while the Brox/Brocuff Coat is a reflection of the Kent Coat, Snake's/Snooks were first found in Kent). They became suspect with Seneca's a few updates ago while on the EarHARDT snakes, and, wow, lo, while Spinx's share mascles on blue with Seneca's, the latter use them in gold, the color of the mascles of bulldog-connectable Bullys (Dumfries, same as Anons) who have a flaming HEART!!! You see, Miss Earhardt is an alternative woman of the 1979 dream. Come my sweet, you have no choice, you must marry me, God said so. Lookie, the Earhardt snakes are looking like a Q, perhaps code for Quinns.

AHHHH, I now recall that Roger de Bully is in the write-up of Jumps along with Mr. AINcourt!!! Can you believe it? Come, my darling, AINSley, you know what's good for you. "The parish of Wombwell was the property of Roger de Bully and Walter d'Aincourt at the time of the Domesday Book..." The bulldog JUMPED into the pool with the shark, and I jumped in after it. You see, God arranged things to include Miss Earhardt in that dream.

The Quinns were from Bracebridge, and the Bracebridge's (Lincolnshire, same as Aincourts and Hannitys), have a Coat similar to the Aincourt Coat.

AHHHHH, the Ains/Hains (ancient variation look like Hannity variations) share the crescents of the snake-using Quinns!!! NOT KIDDING. I now recall that Scottish Hains (Dumfries, same as Bullys) share the Bully mascles in both colors, verifying all the more (i.e. thanks to Ainsley Earhardt = dream lady) that the British bulldog was Intended as a pointer to Bullys. The Bully / Hain mascles are used by Perts/PETTs (stork in BULrushes), first found in Kent with the Petits in the Malcolm/Column motto.

I'm hearing wedding bells, for Bells were first found in Dumfries too. Okay, well, there's nothing left to do but wait for Ainsley to come pay by debts and push me in the rocking chair. Or, maybe I'm just hearing my dingaling bells again. Dingwall was once the capital of Ross-shire, and while MacKenzie's/Kenneths were first found in Ross-shire, zikers, they share a gold border on blue Shield with Dingwalls/Dingals. Spuds MacKenzie the bulldog at our service. It looks like maybe I should be waiting for Mrs. Kilpatrick to push me down the isle. Dingwalls share spurs with Kilpatrick-connectable Close's. Hurry, while I still have my teeth.

Back to the British's suspect with the Mackay chevron, for Mackays share red muzzles on a white bear head with the Alis' who in turn share a sword across a fur tree with Alpins. They say that king Kenneth was a son of Alpin. Are you not impressed? Did I put the bulldog in that dream? Nope. Did I make the Kilpatricks win the barbecue contest so that Spuds MacKenzie would show up to grace them? He's a mascot for Bud Light BEER, and Beers use the bear too. But then Earhardts/Airharts were a branch of Eyers/Ayers/Airs (spur) while their Ayer branch use a "Lighter than air" motto for the Lights/Lite's. Bud LIGHT. It looks like I must marry them both.

AYRshire, where Ayers were first found, has an Arms with a "shaw" motto term, and queen Kenza was from the AURES tribe in the land of Shawia Numidians. As I said, the British lion heads are likely from the lion of Masons/Massins, from the Numidian king, Massena.

Repeat: "The Alis' in the Simson motto share a red muzzle on a bear, as well as a 'vincit' motto term, with Scottish Galts, the latter first found in Perthshire with Scottish Shaws. English Shaws use 'vincit'..." Perthshire (where British/BRADock-connectable Drummonds were first found) almost touches upon Banffshire (borders Rothes), the latter being the location of Buckie, suspect with the buckles of Leslie's (= earls of Rothes) who were Hungarians to Scotland in the ship of Maurice Drummond (mother from PodeBRADy.

Leslie's share the green griffin head of the other English Patents. Galts (amazingly) use a "PATENTia" motto term while Scottish Patents/Patients, who share flames with Bullys, were first found in Dumfries with Bullys. Simsons were first found in BUCKINGhamshire, and Bucking(ham)s use a besant version of the Leslie bend-with-buckles. The Mackays use wreaths, and the Rothes' (Kent, same as British's) are also Wraths. Isn't that all looking Arranged by Intelligent Design? BUT WHY WHY WHY, what's He up to?

The Baytown Sun article shown above with Spuds MacKenzie has a photograph at the top with the winning team; Mrs. Kilpatrick is in that photo, and while she is said to have been the "TROPHy girl" for the event, Troops were first found in Banffshire. It's right close to the first-known MacKenzie's. At one time, that Baytown Sun page was showing all the printed story, explaining the event (I read it and quoted some of it in 2016). The print has been removed, but is likely accessible if ones pays for a subscription.

Although Troops show no Coat, Drops/Trope's do, and Kilpatricks happen to share drops with the Drop/Trope Shield. It appears that God made her the trophy girl. I trace Trope's to Tropoje over by DARDania, the line to Darts/Dards. German Beers were first found in Silesia and Bohemia, and dart-loving Brox's/Brocuffs were first found in Silesia.

Scottish Flemings, in the flaming Bully heart, were first found in heart-using Lanarkshire with COLTers (linkable to Galt/Golts) and with the Swans/Sions sharing swans with Lights/Lite's. Galts, sharing the upright black bear of English Beers (see Berwick and Barwick bears), were first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Docks. The MacKenzie bulldog, for Light beer, at our service. Lights/Lite's share the feathers of Tooths, who in turn love the swan-using Palmans/Pelhams, and then the shark had big teeth wrapped around the British bulldog while Teets/Tate's were first found in bear-line Berwickshire. There's lots to chew here.

Amazingly, the Tooth Crest shares the red griffin in the Brox/Brocuff Crest that itself holds the Dart/Dard fesse on a flag. Flags are also FLECKs while Dingwalls/Dingals (MacKenzie kin) use a gold "FLEECE." Banffshire is beside Moray, and one Moray Coat no longer showing had FETTERlocks while Locks have more swans, and while Fetters look like a branch of Feathers who likewise share the Light/Lite feathers with Tooths. The Tate's are suspect from lake Tatta, near Derbe (Anatolia), and Derbys share the red antelope head of Feathers. Tattons (kin of Tooth-like Touts in the Hicks motto) share the crescents of Speers/Speyers suspect in the Spey river dividing Banffshire from Moray. Miss Hicks was the trophy girl, and Troops were first found in Banffshire. Rothes is on the Spey, and German Rothes' share the raven with English Tate's.

Feathers and Lights/Lite's are in the colors and format of Perthshire's Dogs/DOCKs. British's are shown properly as BradDOCKs while English Dockers/Duckers (spears) were first found in Cumberland with Kilpatrick-beloved Daggers/Dackers. German Dockers/Duckers/Ducks were first found in Westphalia with Velins (ducks) and Velens, a line related to the motto ("Valens et Volens") of Feathers. While MacKenzie's were Dingwall kin, Dingers/Dingmans, first found in Westphalia too, share the red bull with Daggers/Dockers and with the Sabine's (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flecks) who trace from Flavius Sabinus of Rieti to Flys of a Flavius location also called, Flagi. Dingwalls use a Fleck-like fleece. That works. And Sabinus' wife, Vespasia Polla, goes to Pollocks of Rothes who married Leslie's so that the latter picked up the Rothes titles.

Dinger-like Dangers (Dorset, same as Podebrady liners) share the green Leslie griffin head, and use the giant, ermined cinquefoil of Bus' (Norfolk again), of which Hamiltons (same place as Pollocks) have three, in the colors of the Dog/Dock cinquefoils. Cool stuff. Dangers are looking like Angers/Anjou elements, and Fulks of Angers were to the Fulke's/Volks, first found in Norfolk with Fulk-like Flecks/Flags. So, Dingwall appears named by Fulk elements in Ross-shire. Neighboring Moray uses the Melusine mermaid, and the Drakenberg Vere said that Melusine was mother of the first count of Angers just before Fulks took that title. Aren't you glad I rang the dingaling bell?

I've told several times that, when Mrs. Kilpatrick took my hands to pray in church, I was wearing my Docker LEATHER shoes, and here it can be added that Tooths were kin of Leathers/Lauders (Berwickshire). It tends to tell us that British's were a PodeBrady merger with Dockers, and it just so happens that while the British chevron has been suspect with the Mackay chevron, the latter put daggers on their chevron. Dogs/Docks apparently formed from Dockers.

While there has been a major breakthrough with the meaning of the British bulldog in all three places where it appeared (though Spuds MacKenzie may not be a British bulldog proper), the pointers were to bloodlines rather than deep-state news. I'm eager to see what God will do to our mortal enemies. The dream did not show me what I did to the shark when I jumped into the pool. My contacts with Miss Hanson, which started with the shark of Valen-like Valiants, ended with a pointer to John Ratcliffe, and the shark dream had Mr. Ratcliffe too, an idea I proposed a significant time before Trump made him the spy chief. The bulldog pointed to Trump's deep-state troubles (especially from the spy orgs), and so I expect Ratcliffe to his rescue. Let's see if it happens.

Spades MacKenzie Points to Fox and Friends

OH WOWIE! I've known that there are heraldic spots, but I've never found a Spot-like surname. I was just looking for a Spuds-like surname, but couldn't find one, until I found the Spades', and they use counterchanged spades having mascles as the handles, and one of the two mascles is the Bully / Hain mascle!!! That cannot be a coincidence. I declare, God wants badly for the reader to believe that He gave both the 1979 dream, and the barbecue win for the Kilpatricks and their team. Spuds MacKenzie the bulldog points to the Bullys / Hains without doubt, and has the effect of assuring that Ainsley of Fox and Friends was the woman in the dream too. The fact that British's use a fox supports it! I'm so impressed.

My good guess is that the saltire formed by the Spades/Spatz/Spede spades is the Anon/Annandale saltire as used (with a gold background) by Bruce's and the Arms of Ayrshire. The Spade/Spede Shield is split vertically in the colors of the counterchanged Shield of Place's, and Anons/Annandale's were from the Ananes Gauls at PLACentia. You dig? This British surname was God's ace of spades up his sleeve, which He waited years to to play, not until days after Miss Earhardt became suspect in the 1979 dream.

Oh wow, I've just loaded German Here's (blue wings) to find whether they were first found in Bavaria with the Spade's/Spede's, and while they were not, (it's the blue-wing Hartzogs/HERzogs that were), they share the gold border on blue Shield with MacKenzie's!!! The gold border (used by Justine's and GREATs) belongs to the line of GRATian the elder, when his son married Justine of Picenum. He was born in VINKovci, explaining why the Wings/WINKs were first found in Perthshire with Justine's (and the Shaws whose English branch has a VINCit motto term). The point is, English Heyers, first found in Derbyshire with Ear/Air-like Eyers/Airs, share blue WINGs with German Here's and Herzogs, thus looking like an Earhardt/Airhart stock. The MacKenzie's were first found near Perthshire.

NOW WATCH and be amazed further. Recall the Dogs/DOCKs, British's/BradDOCKs, and Dockers/Duckers/DUCKs (Westphalia, same as Nails/Nagle's), for the Greats share the saltire of Nails/Nagle's, first found in Westphalia with Velins and Velens, from emperor Valentinian, son of Gratian the elder. The Place lion is that of also of Duce's, you see, who come up as Doocys!!!! Ainsley fellow host on Fox and Friends is Steve Doocy, IS THAT NOT WILD??? The Spades'/Spede's, brought to topic with SPUDS MacKenzie, just pointed to Steve Doocy.

From here we can go to the Logans/Ducks with a giant HEART pierced with NAILs, and Miss EarHARDT married Will PROCtor while Proctors use the black-on-gold nails of Logans/Ducks. Ainsleys were at BROXtow, and Brox's/Brocuffs come up as PROCKS, unbelievable. Ainsleys are said to have named AnnesLEGH, and Leghs use an upright lion in the colors of the Place / Doocy lion.

Ahh, to no great surprise, there is a Speed/Spede/Speyde surname having the Chief-Shield colors of Annas', tending to argue further that Ainsley is pointed to by Spuds MacKenzie. "The surname Speed was first found in Suffolk where in 1185, GODFREY Speed appeared on the Pipe Rolls." Godfreys share the Mead Coat, and the other Fox-and-Friends host is Brian KilMEADE. Oh wow, Irish Brians, sharing "laidir" with Kilpatricks, have lions in split colors half in the colors of the split Place lion. Aha: French Brians ("Sans") share the Nail/Nagle / Great saltire! Nailed it. French Brians are said to be from Brittany's Alans, who were related to Velins / Velens. The latter surname once showed the French Alan ducks but now show the French Alan martlets i.e. French Alans no longer show their ducks. So, it appears that God named Kilmeade's first name so that he can fit into this discussion.

I'm still stumped on why God would point to Fox and Friends. Isn't it a talk show rather than an investigative news program? Don't they just get their news from others and then talk about it? How can that help to nail the deep state? I'm stumped.

As MacKenzie's are from Kenza of Numidia, this reminds that Numidians lived beside Carthage, where HANNibal was king, who took great effort sailing first to France, then marching his army, with elephants, across the Cottian alps, to attack the Romans (218 BC) at the Trebia river, the river of the Hanna-like Ananes. It gave me the impression that Hannibal attacked the Romans there because he was descended from the Ananes, and so I reasoned that Annas of Israel would trace both to the Laevi Gauls, and to Hannibal, because Carthage was the nastiest, most-wicked center for child sacrifices, and, I reasoned, God wanted that cult to have a member priest in Israel to offer Jesus up for sacrifice so that God could have the special right to destroy the child sacrificers. Some say there are cults still sacrificing children today.

The "CEART laidir" motto phrase of Irish Kilpatricks can be for Carthage liners. Carts (Somerset, beside Carters) happen to share the Anon/Annandale satire. Carts are said to have been Carys (Cary castle of the Leavells is in Somerset), and Irish Cary's, with the KENT lion, in the colors of the Carter lions, were first found in Kenneth-like KilKenny. One of the two Irish Kenny surnames shares the white greyhound with a Carter Crest, and as this Kenny surname shares a "vincit" motto term with Shaws/Sheaves, it appears that Kennys, too, were from Shawia Numidians (i.e. along with queen Kenza).

The Chief-Shield colors of the Kennys above are shared by Kenny-like Quinns. The "TeNEAT" motto term of the other Kennys (share Brown fleur-de-lys) can be for the Neats sharing the chevron of the other Carters. Both Kennys must have a scroll in Crest because Scrolls have the Bruno Coat while the Kenny motto, "Teneat luceat floreat," shares "floreat with Browns. One of the Kenny Coat looks like it uses the crescents of both Craigie's (Shaw-loving AYRshire) and Hazels, for Hazelwoods and Hazeltons share the Neat / Carter chevron. As it's the Shake chevron too while Shakespeare's (Cumberland, same as Browns) share the bend of Sarah's, perhaps this is a pointer to the investigative reporter, a Fox guest too, Sara Carter.

Shakespeare's were first found beside the Barwicks who share the fill Sarah motto, and Barwicks share the muzzled bear with the Alis' having the "Vincit veritas" motto of the other Kennys. That should explain why Alis', linkable by way of Alpins to king Kenneth, share the Kenny and Brown fleur-de-lys. Bruno's were first found in Floreat-like Florence with Bar-like Barone's. Barwicks and Sarahs have a Beer-connectable motto, "Bear and forbear." It looks like God may have provided this situation as per Spuds MacKenzie, mascot of a beer company i.e. Spuds may be pointing to Sara Carter.

Doughertys/DOGertys/DOCKertys (!!!) use a star version of the Alis-loving Simson Coat. The DougHARTY variation suggests the Hardys said to be at the root of Douglas', and so the red Dougherty stag must be that of McCarthys/Artys and German Harts. To this we can even add that Earhardts share the Kenny fleur-de-lys. MacArthy-like MacArthurs were first found in Argyllshire with the heart-using Lanarks sharing the Dog/Dock cinquefoils, and Hardys were first found in Lanarkshire with Flemings while Irish Harts have a FLAMING sword.

Hardys have a cross in the colors of the Hardwick/Hartwick / Great / Nail / Brian saltire, and ZOWIE, it recalls the following from the 3rd update of last month: "...the Hartwicks/Hardwicks have the Hardy cross as a saltire, and the FRASER / McKinney cinquefoils are in the Hartwick Chief." Ainsley Earhardt's first husband was Kenny-like Mr. McKinney!!! WOW! I almost missed this while on the Kennys here, but I went back to the July update to find which surname brought up the Hardwicks; the latter share a courant stag (different color) with the Kenny Chief that happens to be in Dougherty-Chief colors. That Kenny Chief is the one sharing the white Carter greyhound, and this is the Kenny surname sharing the Alis motto, tending to link the Kenny items-in-Chief to the same colored ones of Simsons.

MORE. Miss Simpson married Mr. Deeter, and then Deeters/TEETers can be expected in the "SANS DETOUR" motto of the French Brians sharing the Hardwick saltire! "Sanz" is a Shakespeare motto term, and the Sans'/Sanchez's can be from the Sangarius river, land of Cybele. I always connect Simsons to proto-Laevi Gauls through Laish-suspect Elis and the related Calydonians, and expected in some on-and-off associations, throughout history, with Shake-line Shechemites. Teet-like Tweeds (Lanarkshire, same as Hardys) have a form of the Teet/TATE Coat, and the Galli priests of Cybele whom I think were proto-Gauls were at the Halys river passing by lake TATTa. The Halys-like Halleys share the boar of Mole's and Schims/Schiens while Shake's use mole hills. Teets/Tate's have the Anon/Annandale Chief and saltire. The "SPERabo" motto of Anons/Annandale's could thus be for the namers of ShakeSPEARE's.

As the Irish Hart Crest shares a sword held by a hand with the Crest of Irish Brians, that's probably why the two surnames have the same lion.

Ahh, German Harts were first found in Bavaria with Spades'/Spede's who in turn use a Coat linkable to the Place Coat who in turn share the passant lion of Irish Harts. Perfect, it once again makes an Earhardt link to Spuds MacKenzie, only now it tends to be including Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy too, for Doocys have two lions in pale in colors reversed from the three in pale of Irish Brains. THEN, note also how McCARTYHs can point to Sara Carter. It's a quadruple-whammy.

I didn't load Meads until a few paragraphs below. They use a "pret" motto term while Prets (Staffordshire, same as Doocys!), no kidding at all, share the Brian / Place lion!!! Spuds MacKenzie was the key to these Fox-and-Friends pointers all along. And the Prets even use the Solomon stars. John Solomon regularly appears on Hannity (and Gorka) along with Sara Carter. The Mead motto, "TOUJOURs pret," can be for the Tokers too, who share the lion paw with Prets, and have fessewise bars in the colors of the fesses of Dockers/Duckers/Ducks.

English Duckers/Duckers use spears connectable to Shakespeare's whose spear in turn is gold upon the same bend as Sarah's that itself has gold items, and the Sarah items happen to be the same cinquefoils as have Hart-like Hort/Hurts (stag). Hortons use a spear, and were first found in BRADford, connectable to the British's/Braddocks, giving hint, possibly, the giant Horton stag head is the giant one of MacKenzie's (though they are not in the same colors). Horts/Hurls share the fesse of duck-using Herls/Hurls (beside Dockers/Duckers and Daggers/Dackers) while Scottish Hurls (Argyllshire, same as MacARThurs) are also Hart-like Herods (share the Fore/Forez fesse)

The "UACHtar" motto of Irish Brians can be for the Walks/WACHs of Dumfries, for the Annandale's were from Ananes Gauls living between the Trebia (flows at PLACentia) and the TARo. "UachTAR." Walks/Wachs were first found in the same place as the Kilpatricks who share a hand holding a sword with Irish Brians, and the latter share "laidir" with Irish Kilpatricks.

The "Ar" motto term of Doughertys can be for the Are variation of Ayers, the latter first found in Ayrshire with the MurDOCHs having an omen-like "Omine" motto term. Was my Texas omen predicting something bad from Fox boss, Rupert Murdoch? He doesn't like deep-state conspiracy news even if its true news i.e. from real conspiracies. What's he afraid of? I'll show a news quote below telling that Murdoch pushed Sara Carter out from Fox news shows. My bet is that Murdoch, suspect with the Epstein crime ring, urged/forced Epstein's former lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, to make regular appearances on the Hannity show.

In the 1979 dream, God said to me, "WHAT ARE you waiting FOR...go WAKE HER up." "For" appears twice in the motto of Ainsleys (share Hick fleur), and Fore's/Forez's (share "Tout" with Hicks) share the Herod fesse, suggesting Ainsley EarHEROD, so to speak. Hers / Here's are branches of Are's/Ayers / Airs. Wach-like Wake's use a wake knot, and Knots were first found in Derbyshire with Eyers/Airs/Ayers. After she awoke, there was her embrace with me that was recently (3rd update of last month) realized as code for Wad-like Weddings and Weeds/Weedins (said to be from near Hardwick), the latter sharing double-red fesses with Wake's.

I have just found Wedding- and Wad-like Wadens/Wattons first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys, and the "COTicula" motto term of Wadens that can explain the "cott" endings on Whats/Wadcotts!!! Don't you find this incredible? "What are you WADEN for, it's you she loves, go wake her up." That's what God said to me in March/April of 1979, when Ainsley was two to three years old. Perhaps the Whats/Wadcotts have the Carter chevron, in particular, in colors reversed, because What's/Wadcotts were first found in Essex with Sarah's. The Waits/Weights, suspect in "What are you WAITing for," share the motto of Hazeltons who in turn share the Carter chevron, in colors reversed from the What/Wadcott chevron, perfect Intelligent Design. Hazeltons look like they have the Rice's in their motto term, "Aris," and we were rising the second I woke her up. Welsh Rice's ("hardi," no guff), are in Wait/Weight colors and format. We were rising into the sky emBRACEd the second I woke her, and Bracebridge's share the crozier with German Ris'/Rise's/Rice's, the latter first found in Bohemia, where I'm tracing British's. The British bulldog went into the pool with the Saraca-line shark, and Saraca's, says Wikipedia's Saraka article, were from Kotor, a dog's walk from Rhizon.

It's looking like more Intelligent Design where Doughertys use stars in their Chief in the colors of the Star / What/Wadcott chevron. Both surnames are in the same colors and format. Carters, first found near the first-known Stars, have a chevron in colors reversed. The British chevron is green like the Carter chevron, which is excellent because the British bulldog went into the pool with the SARACA's who look like "SARACArter."

OH WOW, almost missed this from the Sarah write-up: "And another variation [of the surname's derivation] is that it could have been 'an Anglo-Norman personal name, as Saher de Quincy, the famous Earl of Winchester'"!!! The Carters with the green chevron were first found in Winchester!!! AMAZING. Plus, Quinn-like Quince's/Quincys share the mascles of Bullys / Hains / Spede's/Speyde's!!!!! INCREDIBLE. A quince flower is held by the Sforza lion, and it's the lion also of the other Carters!!! Zinger, it's all pointing to Sara Carter. (Sforza-like Force's have three leopards in pale in the colors of the Sforza lion, suggesting linkage to the Brian lions.)

Sleeping Beauty was Hovering

Quincys were first found in Northamptonshire with Weeds/Weedins. It's not far from the first-known Stars of Deverill, and Deverills/Devreux's (D'Evreux) have a cross between the Weed/Weedon and Wake Coats. To put it another way, Weeds/Weedons share the fesse of Weddings/Waddingtons, and so the particular location of Stars has to do with the wedding scene of the dream. I call it that, not because I still think God was promising my future wife, but because the scene was like the rapture leading to the Wedding of Christ to His Church. The saints are likened unto stars, which will rise at the rapture when the sky's stars fall to the horizon somehow. The What's/Wadcotts have cocks in the colors of the Wheat/Whate garbs (or sheaves), and so I see that God is also making the Biblical weed-wheat analogy out of the dream's rapture scene.

If you read last month why Ainsley Earhardt's surname links to Seneca's/Seneschals and Snake's/Snooks, you can note that Seneca's/Seneschals have nine gold mascles similar to the seven gold ones of Quincys (same place as Spinks sharing the Snake/Snook eagle). Yet, Quincys were at Buckby while Hicks' use a buck's head. Buckie's share the gold fleur with both Ainsleys and Hicks. I just can't decide which one of these two women I'd like to marry.

Buckbys are also Bugbys while Bugs use water bougets, code for Buckets listed with Buckie's! Zinger, that was more fun than getting married. Buckby and Buckets look like Bug-river peoples. Bugs were said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys.

Note how "Hover" can be from Ear-like "Eure," location of Evreux, for Hover-like Overs share a gold fret with Wearings, first found in Devon with Wears and fret-using Hoods/Hoots. Eure's are also Over-like Ivers, and they share the Vere quadrants and the gold Weir/Vere boar. The Leightons in the write-up of Hicks ("HEURE") have the Eure quadrants in colors reversed. It could appear that both EARhardts and Hicks link to Eure elements. Portuguese Abreu's share wings with Heyers / Here's / Herzogs...and Bucks.

The Wedding Coat is much like the DREWett/Droit Coat, and Shakespeare's have a motto term suspect with Droits. The Drews come up as Dreux's, and Dreux is in Eure with Evreux. We just saw Stars (Wiltshire, same as Drews/Dreux's) of D'Evreaux elements. Hmm, conspicuously, while the Drews/Dreux's have the RatCLIFF bull head, CLIFFtons (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs) use a "droit" motto term. As it turns out, Cliffton is almost beside Radcliffe in Lancashire.

As has been said, John Ratcliffe (lives about ten miles from Mrs. Kilpatrick) has been pointed to by the beauty of the woman in the 1979 dream, and so I expect some Ratcliffe thing with Fox and Friends. To now find Ratcliffs non-intentionally in a paragraph starting with Weddings seems to verify my claim that Ratcliffe was pointed to by that woman.

IT JUST SO HAPPENS that Drew-like Trews/Tree's share the knight with Shoe's who in turn use a tree and a "knight issuing from the KNEES," and the hovering woman had her knee emphasized because I touched it. The Touch's/Tuffs happen to have the Coat of Home's/Hume's in colors reversed who use a "True" motto term. Trews/Tree's are also True's! So, you see, the Trew-like Drews have the Ratcliffe bull head, both in color and design. Both bull heads, at this time, look slightly to the side, not fully to the side.

While Weddings are Waddingtons too, the Drew/Dreux write-up has WADo de Dreux (1050). Dreux's married the Salisbury family, and Saliburys (Wiltshire again) have the lion of Evreux-liner Abreu's/Abruzzo's. About a month after the knee of Miss Hicks on the Leakey road, I moved into the home of Miss Abreu, and rented there for almost three years. The Salisbury write-up: "'Edward de Sarisberie...was a younger son of Walter de Evreux (Devereux)...'"

OH WOW. The only reason I knew that Clifftons use "droit" is because I checked my files for any surname that did, and here's what I found: "Clifftons share "droit" with Heffers" (2nd update February, 2017, too early to have deciphered much of the 1979 dream). English Hephers/Heffers are like the Hoffer variation of Hovers. The beautiful woman was hovering when asleep, when I was told to wake her up!!! The victory scene at her waking has been surmised as a victory against the deep state, and Weeds/Weedins, which describe the deep state well, have double fesses colors reversed from the same of Sleeps. English Hephers share an Irish Brian Coat, and Briancon is on the Durance river of the SALYES Ligures, very suspect with SALESburys. I trace "Durance" to the "Turano" flowing beside the Salto, and while the latter has a source in Abruzzo, the Sales' are also Salletts.

Irish Heffers (share hand on sword with Brians) share the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's (Somerset, same as English Hephers), and then while I was mugged in Galveston the night before the coffee as a pointer to Coffee's/Coffers, Cliffords are said to have been at Gaveston (almost "Galveston") while Gavestons are also Heffer-like Geffers. The Crest of Brian-like Brains (Gloucestershire, beside Somerset) is also the Crest of Hovers/Hoffers, and, zowie, Meads were first found in Somerset with Heffers and Coffers. Is Earhardt's hovering scene a pointer to Brian Kilmeade?

Clifftons are said to have been at Plumpton, and looking up where in Lancashire Plumpton is, the google map shows it smack beside WEETON. What are the chances? We just saw Ratcliffs working into the hovering scene's knee, which is what causes the wedding scene. It tends to mean that Cliff liners to Ratcliffs were related to Weeds/Weedins/Weetons because the dream tends to predict it, and so it seems that Sleeps use a colors-reversed version of the Weed/Weedin Coat for a related reason. LOOKIE: on the 9-11 night (2002) of her knee event, Miss Hicks breathed "scoot over" to me, and while Overs are like Hovers, Scoots and Scotts are from lake Scodra, home of the Sleep-liner Selepitanoi. Plus, unbelievable: while Scoots are shown properly as SCOUGals, like the Schug variation of Trew-related Shoe's, Trews share two black-on-white, courant greyhounds with Scoots/Scougals!!! How can that happen by chance since it involves what she said to me? Both her knee in the dream, and her knee on September 11, 2002, point to John Ratcliffe by a Trew/Tree connection to Drews/Dreux's. It just so happens that Ratcliffs share double bends (different color) with Trews/Tree's.

Both Scott Coats are linkable to both Talbot Coats, and while one Talbot surname, having the GREY Coat in colors reversed (i.e. can link to greyhounds), was first found in Salop with Sleeps, TALbots can be from the TAULantii Illyrians whose northern domain encroached upon the Selepitanoi. The Scots sharing the red border with Scoots/Scougals and Talbots use the Catherine wheel of Roets (Bow kin), kin, I think, of the Beautys/Bowds who were a Ratcliff-connectable part of the hovering scene. The woman was Sleeping Beauty as she hovered, and so with Roets being related to Scotts from the Selepitanoi theater, it speaks for itself on why God chose to have Sleeping Beauty in the dream (though there's bound to be more to it).

The Taulantii lived on the Genusus river, location of ARNISSa, and the Ainsley-related Annas' are also ARNISS'. Miss Hicks is now even more to be figured as a double for Miss Earhardt. As the Caiaphas-like Cavii had a southern domain at Arnissa, it speaks for itself, I reckon, as to why Caiaphas married the daughter of Annas. Plus, the namers of the Genusus may have named Genova and/or lake Geneva, near Annecy, and the reason she said, "you can scoot over," is that I was asking if anyone was sitting beside her. She said it was reserved for her daughter, GENEVA, but if she comes, I could scoot over one seat to let her sit there.

So, I sat beside Miss Hicks, and because I didn't want to step on her toes as I crossed in front of her to my seat, I noted the GREEN polish (rare color) on her toes nails. Years later, I looked up Toe's with no luck of getting a surname, but Tows, with a GREEN lion, and listed with Touch's!

She had sandals on, and to prove that Sandals (Tow/Touch colors) apply, their English branch has a Camerarius Scocie character while I was asking to sit beside her, in the first place, because I had just finished setting up her video CAMERA, and had gone back to her so say something. Note how Mr. Scocie is like the Scougals and Schuchs/Schugs of Shoe's, for a sandal is a shoe. The fleur-de-lys of Sandals is used by Weddings (Yorkshire, same as Hicks)! Just noticed: if the Wedding Coat were in gold symbols, it would be a near-copy of the Hicks Coat.

By what coincidence do Scottish Sandals (in the lands of Flemings) share the Knee and Needham bends while the phoenix (or eagle) in flames in the Needham Crest (it's the Knee Coat essentially) is gold, same as the eagle in the Sandal Crest? Is that not absolute proof of God's handiwork that night? Isn't it proof that her knees looked BEAUTiful to me because God arranged it? I went to church at her church; she usually wore dresses, but I never noticed her beautiful knees before. Why did I get that impression one that one night only? I kid you not, I don't know whether she has any breasts at all because I never checked them out. I didn't look at her with lust in my heart, and I wasn't after adultery with her.

You've just need to sit up straight here because the Tufts/Tuffs branch of Tows/Touch's/Tuffs' not only share the crosslets of Wearing-like Wears/Were's, but share the phoenix with Knee's. About an hour after I was still sitting beside her, she got her knee symbol at a corner store. I kid you not.

The Waddington branch of Weddings were in WARRINGton of Lancashire, and Warrings/Wearing share the checks of Warrens and CLIFFords. RatCLIFFs were in Lancashire too (beside a Little Lever location), and related there to Livers/Levers/Lovers sharing the trumpet with Hicks of Clapton. The Hicks trumpet was called a claRION, and Rions are listed with Riolle's having one of the Clare chevrons and the three stars of Prets/Prettys. Hicks use a "Tout" motto term like the "Tout pret" of Morays. Prets/Prettys can explain the Preter variation of English Prays (Cliff Coat in colors reversed), and then Irish Prays were first found in County Down with Knee's.

Now wake-up and see the write-up of English Sandals: "The surname Sandal was first found in Sandal Magna, near Wakefield...'This place [Sandal Magna] is of high antiquity, and was long the baronial seat of the lords of Wakefield, of whom John Plantagenet, the last Earl of WARREN..." It just so happens that Plantagenet-suspect Plants are also Planque's, from Plancia MAGNA of Perga, and Perga-like Perkins ("veri") share the Wedding / Sandal fleur-de-lys.

I'm seeing the Dunhams/DOWNhams in the Wakefield Coat, and, as per Perkins Coie, it's therefore interesting that Cue's (Norfolk, same as Dunhams/Downhams) share the garbs of Wakefields. Wake's use "Vigila," and Perkins have "SIMPLex VIGILum veri." Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire with Wake-beloved Orrs/Ore's, both of which share red roundels with Nellys, and Nelly Ohr was involved in the Perkins-Coie scheme with Obama's FBI and DoJ. In February of 2017, just days after the FBI targeted Flynn, I was given a dream in Obama's billiard hall, in which I was taking a shot with a pool CUE, and I SEWERed the shot into a corner pocket. Scottish Sewers are Suters too, like the Soetoro surname of Obama, but Swiss Sewers almost have the giant rose of Sewer-like Schwartz's, the birth surname of George Soros.

I instinctively knew that Obama had a partner in the ownership of the pool hall, but I wasn't given the name. God wouldn't have me know that detail for nothing; there must be a clue in the dream as per who it was. As all the tables were positioned in an L-shape, I figured that the partner was Loretta Lynch, Obama's DoJ chief, the one who was visited by Bill Clinton at the PHOENIX airport (to discuss her conducting an obstruction crime in protection of Hillary Clinton). We just saw the Knee phoenix, and, besides, the cue ball on the table was a paper airplane. I shot the plane into the sewer.

I was shooting for a red ball beside the pocket, and red roundels are used by Nellys and Orrs/Ore's. I was shooting a game of SNOOKer, and Snake's/Snooks (this is new right here) share the Perkin / Sandal fleur-de-lys too, and it's also in the Coat of Wake-like Walks/Wachs (have a reflection of the Snake/Snook Coat), jibing with the "magna" motto term of English Walkers. Sandal Magna at our service, for Miss Hicks got her sandal symbol when our church put on a memorial for 9-11, conducted under a son of president Walker Bush. Walks/Wachs even share the Wakefeld / Cue garb. I say that George Herbert Walker Bush was born George Herbert Scherff, and Scherfs/Schere's (reflection of walker Coat) share the vertically-split Shield of Walk-like Wilkins who in turn share the green wyvern dragon with the Wakefield Crest, tending to assure that Wake's are of the Wach variation of Walks.

David Cameron was the prime minister of Britain when I had the Obama dream, when Steele (British spy whore) was hired by Perkins Coie, and I got the sandal symbol immediately after setting up Hick's camera. Camera's are listed with Camerons, and "Camerarius Scocie is in the sandal write-up.

Back to the Drew/Dreux-connectable Saliburys. It seems important that while Ains/Hains share the Salisbury crescents, Roger de Bully and Walter D'AINcourt owned a property together while Aincourts share the checkered Shield of Cliffords (not "Cliffton"). Cliffords share the red wyvern of Dreux-like Drake's, and the latter are suspect with the Abruzzo capital (L'Aquila) in their motto. Repeat: "The Waddington branch of Weddings were in WARRINGton of Lancashire, and Warrings/Wearing share the checks of Warrens and CLIFFords." Warrings/Wearings have a red dragon in Crest.

Presleys, with two symbols of Abreu's/Abruzzo's, have a red cockatiel, almost the red wyvern. Weeton road intersects with PRESTon road (from nearby Preston location), and Presleys are also PRIESTleys. Prestons (share white tower with Presleys and Abreu's/Abruzzo's) happen to share the double Weed/Weeton fesses.

Amazingly, the "EngHIEN" motto of Brains just got the Hien variation of Home's/Hume's, the write-up of which as "the Homes of WEDDERburn," and Wedderburns, sharing the full, four-word motto of Drake's, are in the colors and format of Droits/Drewetts (recalls Drake-like Drews/Dreux's). As Drake's love the Flys in their motto (they translate "muscas" as "fly"), the pale bar of Brains (share leopard with Mosca's/Muscas') must be the same-colored one of Tulls/Tullia's having butterFLIES upon it (Fly's were first found in Hampshire with Drake's and Butter-like Botters and Buttons/Bidens). The "capTAT" motto term of Wedderburns and Drake's now looks like part-code for Teets/Tate's because they were first found in Berwickshire with Hiens/Home's and Wedderburns.

Behold. The "Enghien" motto of Brains looks like code for Engains/Engame's/Gains who could possibly have an "End" prefix, for Hiens/Home's have an "end" motto term. The latter surname has the Touch/TUFF Coat in colors reversed while Wedding-like Wadens share the crosslets of Tufts/Tuffs' (Cheshire, same as Touch's/Tuffs). God said to me, "What are you WADEN for...go wake her up." The next thing I did was to lean over to kiss her awake, but instead, I saw my hand TOUCH (graze) her KNEE, and Tufts/Tuffs' share the red phoenix (flames under the tail) with Knee's. You see, the scene was a wedding scene, and it includes a pointer to Wadens, very necessary for getting us to the Tuft branch of Touch's. The crosslets of Engain (version of Gore/Core Coat), in colors reversed, would be red, the color of the same-type crosslets of Wadens / Tufts.

Of interest, the Touch/Tuff Coat, in colors reversed, is that of BOStons while Bosco's use "tufts of grass" (on pillars) while Irish GRASSE's ("EN grace") and English Grass' have lions split in the colors of the same of Brians. Boston is a location in Lincolnshire, and English Grasse's (share white lion with Bostons) were first found in Lincolnshire. She was hovering when I GRAZed her knee, and the hovering has pointed to Brian Kilmeade in this update. Touch's/Tuffs are said to have been lords of AUDley, and Audleys (Staffordshire, same as Dog/Dock-like Doocys/Duce's) have a fret that has a mascle at the center in the colors of the Bully mascles. Aude's are expected as a branch of Hoods/Hoots; the latter likewise use a fret.

The Bostons were BOWStons near or in Peebles-shire, and that's where Bowers were first found who share a green Shield with Bostons and Bauers (same as BOGens). As the first ROTHschild was born, Mayer Bauer, note that while Bows/BOUGHs share the motto of Roth-like Roets, the Beautys (Dorset, beside Roets) in the 1979 dream are also BOWds. The latter have black bulls connectable to the black bull heads of Walerans (Devon, beside Somerset) because Sleeping Beauty was hovering LEVEL while Waleran de Leavell was of the Leavell/LEVEL surname (Somerset, same as Roets). Ratcliffe's have a black bull head, and they were at Waleran-like Whalley. Whalleys are in Waleran and Beauty/Bowd colors and format.

Now, while the awake / rising / embrace scene links to Weddings, Weeds/WEETons and Wadens, note the "BoWED" variation, for Woods (share tree with Roets), possibly responsible for "BoWOOD," come up as "Wead." Plus, I've just found BoWETTs/BOWyets/Bewets in the format of, and colors reversed from, Beautys/Bowoods/Boweds. That's very interesting. The Bowett write-up: "One of the first records of the family was Henry Bowet LL.D. (d. 1423), Bishop of Bath and Wells..." in Somerset i.e. same place as Roets.

Baths (Somerset) have the Rhodes cross-with-lions Coat in colors reversed. I've argued well via Karens and the Roet motto that Roets were from Carians of Rhodes (off the Caria coast), which can explain why Sleeping Beauty was hovering inside of a CAR. But as her hovering level is for Leavells/Levels, by what coincidence were Leavells/Levels at CARy Castle?? The Carters were looking like Cary liners.

It just so happens that Bowd-like Bude's use bows, and, zowie, this recalls that Bude's came up as Buds when I was on the Bud Light beer of Spuds MacKenzie! So, while Fox and Friends seemed wrapped up with the dream's British Bulldog and its Trump-related woes, the same Fox and Friend cast, with Ratcliffe thrown in, are in the dream's final victory scene. And don't forget Sara Carter too, for Carters use a cartwheel while Catherine Roet owned the Catherine wheel. We could thus say that Sara Carter is part of Sleeping BOWDy, so to speak.

Earlier in this update, I ventured to argue that the MacKenzie stag head is that of Hortons, and here we can add that the three Bowetts stag heads are in the colors of the Horton stag head. OH WOW, Bude's/Buds use a blue roundel called a HURT, and Hurts/HORTs can be linked to HORTons!!! Bingo!!! Spuds MacKenzie is a pointer to Bude's/Buds which incidentally points to Hortons and therefore to Beauty-branch Bowetts!!! Bude is a location in Cornwall, where the myth writers placed the birth of king Arthur, and then Irish Arthurs use the hurt too. Table's use hurts, and the Rhodian-Rothschild cabal had a Round Table named obviously named after Arthurian myth. The Carian pirates. Hortons were at Thornton, and Thorntons have more trees and hearts.

AHA!!! Boet-branch Buttons/Bidens are said to have been clergy of Bath and Wells i.e. where Bowetts were the bishop(s). It thus reveals that Beautys/Bowds and BOWETTs were a branch of Butts/Bute's/BOETs!!! From the Sadducees! You see, God is almost always pointing to those killers through the heraldic projects he feeds me. However, it throws a monkey wrench into Sleeping Beauty if I want to view her as a good thing. Butts/Boets share the fesse of Weddings and Weeds/Weedins, and then BoWETTs could be Weed liners. Wettins/Wetneys were first found in Gloucestershire, beside Bath and Wells.

Fox News host Sean Hannity has ignored calls from network execs that he stop promoting frequent guest Sara Carter as an “investigate reporter.”

Network executives have made the request in response to her reporting not being vetted or meeting the network’s editorial guidelines, according to Mediaite.

Hannity features Carter on the show almost nightly to discuss the “deep state” and other stories on her eponymous website. She is barred from appearing on the network’s news programs. Fox News has also banned former Trump official Seb Gorka from the network’s non-opinion shows.

...It’s not the first time executives have asked Hannity to change his coverage. They intervened in 2017 to ask the host to stop covering conspiracies surrounding the death of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich. Hannity agreed to the request.

(Washington Examiner).

I didn't know of that story until now, explaining why Hannity's show went cold on Carter and similar others.

If Susan Rice becomes the vice-president pick, then the rising scene could point to her, for Weddings and Weeds/Weedins have fesses in the colors of the Biden fesse. Trump calls Biden "Sleepy Joe," and Sleeps have double fesses in colors reversed from the double Weed/Weedin fesses. The hovering scene included an embrace that points to Bracebridge's, who share the crozier with German Rise's/Rice's. It could be coincidental, or it might not involve Susan Rice. Welsh Rice's have a "SeCRET" motto term while Crets share Creight variations, and the Creights share the Biden fesse too. Cret / Creight variations suggest the Croy/Groy variation of Greys (Creight lion in colors reversed), and Roets, who were central to Sleeping Beauty, descended either from Croys or Groys (I forget which). So, if the rising scene points to Rice liners, why? Was it only to point to the Shark line at Rhizon?

Oh wow, the "FORTituDINE" motto of Creights (shared by Bucks) can be for the Dine variation of Dien/DIVES', and while I took a DIVE into the pool to save the bulldog from the shark, Diens/Dives' were first found in Sussex with the Dene's who share the full motto of crocodile Dene's who in turn share the double Weed/Weedin fesses!!! Plus, wow, that motto has "Forti" and "nihil" while Nihills/Neils share the Arms-of-Saraca fish, and were first found in Tyrone with Sharks!!! Zinger, God is such a perfect genius. The other Irish Fenes share the wing with Dine's/Dives'.

Having found all that, "SECRet" looks like code for Segni's/SEGURana's because they have the moline cross of Scottish Dene's, and Seagars (share white wing with Dine's/Dives'), with that moline cross in colors reversed, come up as SECKERs. This tends to link Susan Rice to the shark tank of Kolomoisky, or to the anti-Trump deep state in general, all because I DOVE into the pool. The dove is used by Waistells, suspect with "Vestalis," grandson of king Donnus of the Cottians. Wests share a dancette with Dive's.

Yes, there is a Dive surname with a dancette, which symbol I trace to the Dance/Donnas surname (Piedmont, same as Susa) that I think is from king Donnus of the Cottians at Susan-like Susa, is that not amazing? Susa was anciently, SEGusia, a little like Segni's/Segurana's. Saraca's were at Cotti-like Kotor, and Cotta's are also COTTARels/COTARds. English Dance's have the Creight / Biden fesse. Cutters were first found in Dorset with the George's sharing blue doves with Waistells. I'm hoping that Susan Rice is not the next president, but if she is, we had best watch for the 666 system.

I've heard today that the Biden campaign is not knocking on doors, suggesting that the DNC knows it will not run Biden as president, but instead have a replacement for him by some trick. Talk on Thursday is that Susan Rice is one of two women to be chosen as the next president, if Democrats win. One way to make her the president by a trick is to kill Biden after he wins. The problem is, how can this wreck win the election? No, they have got to remove him, before the election, and replace him with the vice-presidential pick. DNC leaders are probably vying to chose that person, but the delay in announcing her suggests that Biden's not wanting that person.

Andrea's Bohemian Board Game

A cute girl in my grade 5 class was Andrea. One day, perhaps after she was invited to my 11th birthday party, we were playing in a back yard directly across the street from Frank, my friend, and I went to hug her, and she let me give her a peck-kiss. I didn't know how to kiss, so it was just a peck, or maybe I chickened out half way to doing it, I just can't remember. I've told this story a few times in the past, but for the purposes here, here's from my 4th update in February, 2017: "I got Andrea Fabian a BOARD game for her gift, as well as a Roet-related book on TARzan. I knew there needed to be a good reason for getting her these lousy gifts."

I don't know whether it's ever dawned on me that the reason we hugged or kissed across the street from Frank's is that German Franks were first found in Bohemia. They were connected recently with prince George, son of Andrea-like Anders I of Hungary. It's going to get deep-state important that he was Hungarian Heraldry proved recently that George married a woman from Bohemia's Podebrady, also called "PodeBRODy," and as "pode" is a prefix, note how close "Brody" is to "board."

On top of this, George was father to the first Drummond, and Games/Cams have three-and-three pale bars in the colors of the triple fesses of German Drummonds. The board GAME. French Andrea's share a red saltire with German Franks, and Scottish Andersons have the red saltire in both colors of the red one of German Franks. Italian Andrea's use three-and-three bends in the colors of the triple fesses of Scottish Drummonds. Andrea lived on Shoreham drive (Toronto), and we hugged on that street. Shore's are listed with the Sure's in the motto of Scottish Andersons. She looks arranged by God, but what's the big deal in being able to trace Andrea's to Andrew of Hungary? What's the big deal about proving that George married a woman from Podebrady?

Roets use a book, and while Roets share the Chief-Shield colors of Bills, it was Bill's father, as I've said several times, who drove Bill and I to the store to buy Andrea's gifts. Bills use "wood bills," and Woods share the savage with Brode's/Broads. Woods were first found in Leicestershire with Tonys, and, as I've said several times, immediately after I got Andrea her gifts, I heard through the grapevine that Tony, my other friend who lived on Hullmar along with Bill and Frank, got Andrea a jewel. Jewels (Wiltshire, beside Podebrady-line George's) share the flower with Italian Tonys. Are we to think that Jewels, Bills, and Tonys are all from the Drummond line close to Podebrady?

George's were first found in Dorset with Soros-like Soars/Sors', and this surname is provable, via Legro's (compare lions), to be from Leicester's Soar/Legro river. It looks like more Intelligent Design, and so while the Obama dream had both my sewer shot and Obama riding a skateBOARD, compare Scottish Sewers to Boards, and then let me repeat that George Soros -- a Hungarian -- was born Mr. Schwartz while Sewer-like Schwartz's (gold-on-black rose) almost use the white-on-black rose of Swiss Sewers in both colors.

The TARZan book looks like code for Tarrs/Tarres' (Somerset, same as Roets and Bills) and the Taro river, because Andrea's and Andersons share the saltire of Anons/Annandale's, who are from the Ananes Gauls between the Taro and the TREBia. The Schwartz-like Schare's/Scherfs are like the Scarfs in the Q-shaped scarf of TRABys/Sadowski's. Scottish Sewers (listed with Suters) were first found in Angus with the Mar earls at KilDRUMMy, which helps us to reason that God wants the Boards to point to Sewers. The Ross clan is descended from an Andrew, and Ross' lived smack beside the Rose's in the Sewer and Schwartz Coats.

Schwartz's were first found in Thuringia with German Roets, and it's beside Hesse, where RASmussens were first found. Ras' are listed with Scottish Rose's, the ones first found beside Ross-shire. Prince George was the son of a Varangian RUS of Kiev, and George Soros has corrupt links to Kiev. It appears that George Soros descends from prince George of Hungary.

There was, and may still be, an online claim that prince George above was in Scotland in 1055, which checks out because his son was in Scotland shortly afterward. His son (Maurice Drummond) piloted the ship that brought Margaret to Scotland, and she married Malcolm III after he killed MacBeth in 1057. Three years earlier, Sewer-like Siward of Northumberland had defeated Macbeth in battle, and so, I reason, that's why George came over. Siward is to the Sewer-like Swords with a Schwartz-like Swart variation. Sewards have leopards in the colors of the Soar/Sors and Legro lion.

I don't remember whether I hugged Andrea. All I know is that I was going in for a hug, motioning it toward her when we were alone, and she accepted it, and then I may have given her a peck on the cheek without a hug proper; I do know we were not hugging or kissing for more than a second each. But it was enough to say that Kiss'/Cush's use so-called "fountains" consisting of three wavy fesses in colors reversed from the same of German Drummonds. Hugs (share the Fountain lion) happen to have the triple fesses of Fountains, red fesses, same as the three of Scottish Drummonds. Now you know that God arranged that hug-kiss event. It just so happens that Kiss'/Cush's were first found in Leicestershire with the Soar/Sors line, isn't that amazing? God was pointing to George Soros when I was just 11 years old.

At my 11th birthday party, I recall Andrea in a pointed hat and blowing a birthday whistle. That's got to mean that God has prepared a whistle-blower against the Soros cult. Obama's mother was a Payne on one side, and while French Payne's have one fesse in the colors of the Hug / Fountain fesses, English Payne's (Somerset, same as Whistle's and Stolls) share the lions of Whistle's and the lozenges of Stolls. The latter acted for the STOOL pigeon that God brought to my septic tank = my sewer = the tank for my stool. It was the first pigeon I ever saw at this place, and after it landed beside the septic tank (I happened to be on the deck or at the door at the time, watching it), it walked over the tank for a few seconds, then flew off across the street to the property of a surname I won't reveal here; suffice it to say that it lists a Schwartz-like variation.

What are the chances that German Stolls share the hexagrams of German Suters? Again, Scottish Sewers are shown properly as Suters. Shute's have three swords in the colors of the three of Swords/Swarts. Shute's have a "Fortune" motto term while Italian Fortune's/Fortuna's have a giant dog in the colors and upright position of the Hunger greyhound, and Hungers were first found in Hesse. The Huns/HUNDts, expected from Hun-line HUNgarians, share the Hunger greyHOUND. Czech Hungers (flag) share the giant Grey lion. What's left to explain?

Ahhh, I get it. Recall the Jewels as per Andrea's gift from Tony. The Jews, first found in Somerset with Roets, use the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet, and her father was PAYNE Roet. The point it, Jews are also Chews while Shute's, in neighboring Wiltshire, where Jewels were first found too, are also Chew-like Chute's! So, I think this explains why Tony got her a jewel, to help assure that God wants to point to the all-important Sewers (i.e. for a pointer to George Schwartz), and Shute's even point to Sewer-like Swords/SWARTs. Until now, little Andrea was mainly a mystery. But, you see, it has worked out as we might expect God's arrangements to work out when pointing to his mortal enemies.

Sewers/Suters, Boards, Scute's and Keon-like Keens use the so-called eSCUTcheon (probably to be read also as, escutCHEON), and so Shute's and Sewers/Suters can be a Scute branch. It appears that God arranged the Boards to be related to Keens because the latter use lizards while LIZarts almost have the six pale bars of Liss' and Lists, yet they are also the six pale bars of Game's, you see. The board game. Now behold, for Lizarts are also Sarde's, like the Sward variation of Swords/Swarts! Keens use a "feLIS" motto term. Plus, I had neglected to mention earlier that Games share the Coat of Babels/Babwells while Babe's share the finger pointing at the sun with Bradys. Babe's were first found in Dorset with George's and Soars/Soros' while Dorsets and Hesse's use more suns. Babels/Babwells share a gold gate with the Arms of Podebrady.

My kissing Andrea can itself trace to Podebrady because the Kiss/CUSH rooster is red like that of Bibo's, and the latter's rooster sits on a ion. Bibo's are also Bible's, like variation of German Babels. There you have it, short and to the point. Kilpatricks use ions too, as do REDmaine's, and while Reds are listed with English Reeds, can we believe it: Scottish Reeds use a book!!! If that's not enough, Reds/Reeds share the Blythe garbs, dragging Bill Blythe-Clinton into this picture. By what coincidence do the Patria's (Aberdeenshire, same as book-using Reeds!) in the Bill motto share the brown bird in the Red/Reed Crest? It was Bill who was with me when I bought Andrea the book. Drummonds probably have the same, brown bird, click-click-click.

As was said, three of my friends, along with myself, lived on HullMAR, and the kiss event with Andrea was on the corner of Hullmar and Shoreham. Mars were at KilDRUMMy castle, meaning that God even arranged our move to that street to get this Soros message across. The first pointer I had to George Soros was when I was pulling wood sorrel weeds last year, but since then, the Weddings and Weeds/Weedins have become a special topic. You're going to be floored: Sorrels share the Scottish Mar Coat, no kidding at all.

I now realize that I spent two months in Picenze (Italy), with my mother, after Andrea was at my 11th birthday party (I had previously said I was 10 years old when in Picenze). As my birthday is at the start of the summer, we must have gone to Picenze days after the birthday party at my place, and even less time after the kiss with Andrea across from Frank's place. Picenze is in the realm of the MARsi tribe, from the Merovingian FRANKS that descended from queen Basina, known to be from Thuringia. Basina is the line to the Bessins sharing the bee with Talls of Thuringia.

Lookie: Picenze-like Pickens/Picks (share stars of book-using Reeds) have a reflection of the Red/Reed Coat ("PAX"), and English Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of Woods, the latter being wood-sorrel important, and so let's repeat that Sorrels share the MAR Coat. I can't recall when, in relation to my party or the kiss/hug I gave her the book. It may have been on her birthday, but I can't recall the date, though it must have been near the party because she was not an ordinary friend that I would call on to play. I saw her for the first time in class nine months before my 11th birthday.

I trace the Marsi to mythical Marsyas the Phrygian, and while there was the so-called Phrygian cap, it was a pointed hat, like the birthday hats that we wore at my party. I have ANDrea's face burned in my memory wearing a pointed hat, and the HENETi Phrygians were mythicized with king ANTENor. Antons are listed with Anthonys (i.e. expected as Tonys), first found in Lincolnshire with Hull-branch Halls. We kissed at the corner of Hullmar and Shoreham, and Shore's use HOLLy while Halls come up as Hole's! Plus, Holls share the white-on-black dog with Hulls and Halls/Hole's!!! I didn't arrange Hullmar intersecting with Shoreham? Kiss-branch, Custer-like Custs were first found in Lincolnshire.

[I missed this when first writing here: Antons share the red leopard face with the Bohemian Franks sharing a red saltire with Andrea's / Andersons.]

Ahh, Shore-like Schore's (roses), first found in Hamburg with Drummonds, share the column (different color) with Bohemian Franks. It figures. ShoreHAM. Hams share the salmon of McCabe's/McABBE's, and Apps' are also Abbs', a branch of Abbe's/Abbys. ANDREW McCabe. Amazingly, German Antons use mallets while Malta's have the Frank column!

I'm pretty sure I was playing marbles with Tony when I was given the miracle shot after a prayer to God to have one. We were playing on Hullmar across from Skye Court, and the McLeods/Clouds of Skye, possibly from king CHLODovech, Basina's son, are to be expected in the cloud of book-using Reeds.

The fact that it's WOOD sorrel points to Soros too because Woods were first found in Leicestershire with the Soar river. Moreover, Babels/Babwells were first found in Middlesex with Fiers/Fears and Apps'/Abbs, from Fier county on the Apsus river, home of the TAULantii, and Talls were first found in Thuringia with Schwartz's. Peacocks love the Fears in their motto, and Sorrels have a peacock.

It could appear that Andrea is pointing to Andrew McCabe too.

Behold, Taulantii-like Talants/Talons use bird LEGS, and the Soar/Legro river is likely the namer of Leghs/Leighs/Leys and similar spellings. Leightons/Leytons (Shropshire, same as TALbots and Taillebois-related Meschins) have the Soar/Sors' quadrants, you see. Talbots are suspect from the Taillebois of Lincolnshire, where Hull-branch Halls were first found who use so-called talbot dogs. I lived on HULLmar!! Abbe's/Abbys and Apps'/Abbs share the Tailbois scallops. TailleBOIS' are thus likely from the Boius region stamped on the upper Apsus on this old map, proving that Talls (share bees with Meschin-related Bessins), Talbots and Taillebois' were from the Taulantii.

Andrea and her game board points to Bohemia, and Bohemians were founded by the Boii!!! I have a Special Educator that historians do not. Mine actually tells the truth because He knows the truth. Historians, most of whom who think they are superior to God, bicker about their countless differences. Educators in all fields continue to be stacked over us by anti-Christs because the devil is a control freak, as are his sons. True liberty that I can applaud is freedom from the devil, but giving freedom even to satan's sons is the downfall of the United States, the enslaving of the people by deranged lunatics never happy until they control our personal decisions and thinking patterns. Their game is to rule politics using the anti-Christ "experts," but God will reveal them as the utter fools that they have made themselves.

The Sorrel Coat is almost that of Base's/Baise's (Lincolnshire), a potential Basina liner, for Taillebois' were from the Bessin. This suggests that God arranged the sorrel weeds to depict Soros because Schwartz's were first found in Thuringia. The wedding scene thus becomes suspect with a victory over the Soros cult. Meschins, who married LUCY Taillebois, were from the Bessin too, and while Ranulph le Meschin was father of Ranulph de Gernon, Gernons share the Base/Baise Coat. Lucys/Luce's (from Passy beside the Bessin) use pike fish while Pickens/Picks are also Pike's. Luce Construction installed my septic system = SEWER at my Texas property! The game of Sorry has "home bases."

Base's/Baise's share the Brunswick Coat, and German Sorensons were first found in Brunswick.

Leggs were first found in Dumfries with the Kilpatricks who trace with their dagger to the Dexaroi (Dassaretae) on the Apsus river, who lived at AntiPATRia, the Patrick / Kilpatrick / Patterson line. Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire with the tribe of Andrew, and Irish Pattersons share the scallops of French Mars. Dagger-like Dexters were first found in Leicestershire too, as were leg-using Hose's/Ouse's who may have been from the Aous river shown on the south side of the Apsus.

I had neglected to mention, when on the British bulldog, that Leggs (same place as Bullys) have a giant stag head half in the colors of the same of MacKenzie's. The Bullys have a heart, let's add that wood sorrel has heart-shaped leaves. Bills, who use "wood bills," and share the pelican with Pattersons, have a "patria" motto term while Patria's are also Peartree's have stag heads in the colors of the Legg stag head.

I would now like to repeat that I was out of character on my last night on Hullmar. As the furniture truck was in the driveway loading the furniture for the move, I was in Bill's backyard throwing a tomato (just one) at the neighbor's window. I have always found it difficult to believe that God would cause me to do that, but Tomati's look like Thomas' from Thomas of Saluzzo, and Bills share the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's, Welsh Thomas' and Clintons, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with the Peare's suspect in the PEARtree's in the Bill motto.

It's just that throwing a tomato at a window is an apt, though soft, symbol of the rioters throwing rocks/bricks at windows (God wouldn't have me do that, so a tomato served the purpose). Well, this can indicate that the riots now on-going are a typical Soros-group coup plot, especially as the Trump stag head is in the Patria/Peartree Coat. What are the chances that Tomati's have three-and-three pale bars in the colors of the triple fesses of Scottish Drummonds? Bills were first found in Somerset with the Leavells/Levels who have three-and-three pale bars in colors reversed from the same of Tomati's.

There have been demonstrations / vandalism in Austin (Texas) for at least a couple of months, and Scottish Austins share the blue lion paw with Windows. It can be gleaned that Austins use the Quint chevron, for Quints share the black lion paw with English Austins, but then, wow, the Quint lion paw holds a gold fitchee, same as the Window lion paw! Quints were first found in Dorset (beside Somerset) with Podebrady liners!!! ZINGER. The riots are Part 2 of the coronavirus crisis, and Scottish Austins use a "corona" motto term. English Austins share the crown with Corons and Corona's.

Plus, to help prove that the tomato-to-window event was God's, the Crest of blue-paw Austins is the upright stag Youngs/June's while English Youngs/Yonge's were first found in Essex (beside Benjamins) with Quints (Essex and Dorset), and while Scottish Youngs share the triple piles of Scottish Leavells/Levels.

Halpers/HALFpennys use a brown lion holding a gold fitchee, and Halps/HALFs, with more gold fitchees, share the Shield of Kerrys while John Kerry was the boss of Ukraine, along with Joe Biden, under the Obama-Soros years. Kerry took over Hillary Clinton's position when she quit to prepare for the presidency. Kerrys use a bee HIVE, suspect with IVO Taillebois, first husband of Lucy.

The Halp/Half motto looks like code for L'Aquila, seven miles from my mother's home in Picenze, for L'Aquila shares the eagle with the Halp/Half Crest. The Aquila surname, sharing a white eagle with the Halp/Half Crest, was first found in Benevento, near the Italian Capone's/CAPUA's (could share the gold Aquila crown) in Naples. My Masci mother has an Italian book on Picenze, which says that it was populated or founded from nobles of Naples (the Normans of Capua, under Benevento's counts, come to mind, for Meschins were chief Normans). English CAPONE's (Cambridgeshire, same as June's, Jeune's and CakeBREADs) share the demi lion of Scottish Youngs (share black Chief with Livings/Levins).

[Insert -- Cake's/CakeBREADs have the June fleur in colors reversed, but as the Cam river is in Cambridge, by what coincidence are the Game's listed with Cams? The Cass/Cash branch of Kiss'/Cush's was first found in Cambridgeshire. The BOARD game thus looks linkable to Breads/Bradds (Lothian, near Livingstons of West Lothian), especially as Boards share white martlets with Livings/Levins. Brode's/Broads are said to have been at Helland, and Hellands/HELLERds share the Cake/Cakebread fleur-de-lys. German Brods share the Heller lion. All good stuff. End insert]

Scottish Youngs (first found near Livings/Levins) are the ones with the Leavell piles, and then the English Youngs ("jeune"), who love the line of Junia CAEPIONis, have a black wolf as likely code for Lupus Laevillus. Spanish Lupus' have the black wolf, and German Youngs are Jungs too while Junks share the tower of Loupe's. So, as Junia Caepionis (granddaughter of QUINTus Caepio) was also a LIVius liner on one side, I'm going to claim that Laevillus descended from her to the Livings/Levins and similar surnames.

Kiss'/Cush's share the Coat of Cass'/Cash's while Case's/Casse's, first found in Norfolk with Dice's/Diss', use a "DIStantia" motto term, but also a "JUNGit" motto term. I'll show later how Cass' and Custs are related to Custers having an eagle colors reversed from the Dice/Diss eagles. Case's/Casse's have a fesse in Sorry fesse colors. On either side of the Case/Casse fesse there are the black bendlets of Kays who happen to come up as Case-like Kays'.

Scottish Youngs share Walsh/Walch / Benjamin annulets, and first found in Roxburghshire with Walsh's/Walchs. Essex of the English Youngs is where Gore's/Core's (wolf) were first found while French Gore's/JORE's, suspect in the "TouJOURs" motto term of English Youngs, have a Coat reflection of the Benjamin-like Bongino surname. Benjamins were first found in Norfolk with Leve's/Leave's.

Oh wow, Scottish Youngs have a "pruDENTia" motto term while Dents share the lozenge of the Brode's/Broads (share savage with LIVINGstons). The Podebrody-suspect Brode's/Broads have a Coat reflecting that of the Crux's in the motto of the Austins sharing the blue Window paw. Then, Black use "crux" too, suggesting BLACK LIVES MATTER, for Mattres' are also Maistre's while Masters share the embattled fesse of Windows!!!! WOOOOWWWIE!!! This comes no more than about an hour after proposing that the tomato thrown at the window was God's pointer to the riots by Black Lives Matter! SHOCKING. God seems to be pointing specifically to the Austin's misbehavior.

[Insert -- "The Principality of Capua...was originally...within the principality of SALERno" (Wikipedia on Capua). Sailers share the Master/MOSTer griffin heads, and "most" is a Sailer motto term! Mosts have the Coat of John Yonge the Welshman, and both Shields are diagonally split in the colors of the same of Pra's/Prato's. Mosts even have an "Auxillium" motto term like the "Auxilia Auxilliis" motto of Halps/Halfs. Repeat: "The Aquila surname, sharing a white eagle with the Halp/Half Crest, was first found in Benevento..." Mosts look linkable to Italian Pra's/Prato's while Prays/Praters have wolf heads colors reversed from the same of Sailers! Read on. It was the Drengot Normans who conquered Capua, and Drengs/Drinks share the Roxburgh pale bar and may have the Dreux/Drew lion. End insert]

Roxburgh was named after the Roxolani on the Buzau river (I saw them on a map stamped on that river), the river also of the Cotesii, and it just so happens that Cotes' share the Coat of Irish Prays' expected in the "PRAEStat" motto term of the Roxburghshire Youngs. English Prays' (wolf heads) were first found in Lincolnshire with the Halls/Hole's in the colors and format of the Pray wolf heads. The Chief-with-lion of English Prays is colors reversed from the Young Chief having the Benjamin annulets, and Benjamites of the Rimna river likely settled the Buzau river.

If we start to get the impression that there is a Clinton-Soros partnership in the current riots, that would not be surprising, but the Bills are more important yet for making that picture for us. In the center of the Bill Chief is the rose at the center of the Halper Chief (in Young rose colors), and as Stefan Halper was helping the deep state to ruin Trump, along with Christopher Steele, by what coincidence is the Bill rose inside of a pale bar in the colors of the pale bars in the Steele Chief? How can it be coincidental that Steele's share the Halper checks?

The Bill / Halper rose is in the colors of the Pierro/PIETRo/PERo roses, we thus understand why Patria's/Pertys/Peartree's are in the Bill motto. But the Pierro/Pero Coat is a version of the Butt/Bute/BOET Coat, recalling the BOWETT and Beautys/Bowds/BoWOODs, Roet kin, and Bills are Roet kin too. Roets are Andrea-important for their book. Bill's father drove us to buy the book and game board for Andrea.

The Steele Chief is a reflection of the Clinton chief, and Hillary Clinton hired Mr. Steele. BILLETs are listed with Billiards and HILLARds, and are thus expected as a Bill branch. BILL Clinton was born Mr. BLYTHE. God seems to be pointing hard to the Clintons and Soros together, and then there was that billiard hall owned by Obama in which he pointed to Sewers.

BE AMAZED, for the Patria's/Peartree's, first found beside Angus with Sewers/SUTERs (of Angus and earls of Mar), share the fitchee of Sewers/Suters!!! The Billiard-branch Bills have thus pointed, with their motto, to Soros and Barack SOETORo together, revealing why Bill, my friend, was involved with the board game and the tomato. Bradys and Babe's have a finger pointing to the sun, and Patria/Peartree's have a bird pointing to the sun.

The Patria/Peartree scallops are colors reversed from those of Tailbois' and Apps' / Abbe's, and the Chief/Shield colors of Patria's/Peartree's are colors reversed from the same of Saluzzo's, Bills, etc.

Pierro's/Pero's are also PERICHs, and the English Botters have an eagle standing on a PERCH. These Botters were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens, and Joe / Hunter Biden is no doubt in corrupt cahoots with Soros' Ukraine. The Button/Biden fesse is shared by Butt/Bute's/Boets, you see, and the Pierro-branch Patria's/Peartree's even share the bend of Italian Botters so that we can make no mistake in the Bill motto's pointer also to the Bidens. Moreover, Spuds MacKenzie points to Bute-like Bude's/Buds (bows), highly suspect with the Roet-kin Bows/BOUGH's expected as a branch of Books/Boggs (Berwickshire, same as Blythe's). Books/Boggs have an hourGLASS while Glass' were first found in Bute.

If you're interested, you can revisit the discussion with the "FortituDINE" motto of Creights because it's a motto term of book-using Reeds. Dine's/Diens connected with the crocodile shoes of Burisma's boss, and while Hunter Biden was on Burisma's BOARD, Buttons/Bidens share the Creight fesse. I might even have bought Andrea the board game, Sorry, though I can't remember what game it was. Sorrys (share Sauer lion) share "simplex" with Perkins, and we can guess that Soros was working the Perkins-Coie plot with Hillary Rodham. Rodhams/Roddens were first found in Northumberland with Red/Reeds sharing the Blythe garbs, and Rothschilds/RODDENsteins share the arrow on red with Sorrys.

Follow. The "DicTIS factisQUE Simplex" motto of Sorrys can be part-code for the Cue's, who can in turn be a pointer to Perkins COIE because Cue's (Norfolk, same as Comyns/Comine's) share the Comyn/Comine garbs while the Courage's in the Comyn/Comine motto share the three fleur-de-lys of Perkins. It's such a neat-little package, and Comyns are from Kuman in Fier county because Comyns use the dagger for the Dexaroi at the Fier-county theater. "DICtis" and "facTISque" can thus be for Dice's/DISS' (Norfolk) and TISS'/Teece's (Hampshire) together, and the game of Sorry does use dice. Dice's/Diss' share the roundels (both colors) of Nellys and Orrs/Ore's, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Simple's, such a neat-little but dirty package. It can strike us here that "SimpLEX" is part-code for Legro-river liners, for Sorrys are expectable from that river.

Andrea lived on Shoreham, and Shore's use a "PERImus liciTIS" motto.

OH WOW, I don't think I've ever loaded Zans before as per "TarZAN," but if I had, I probably didn't see the significance back then (years ago). Zans/Zahns have the rose of Swiss Sewers on one half, and Lex's were first found in Switzerland too while sharing the mascle of Zan-like SENESchals/Seneca's!!! Zan-like SENS' were first found in Switzerland too, along with the Tease's/Tess, a branch of Tiss'/Teece's!!! Sans'/Sanchez's share the eagle of Seneca-like Snake's/Snooks (share Drummond Crest!!!), and Snake's/Snooks share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins and Courage's. On the SNOOKer table of Obama, I took a shot with my pool CUE.

There even appears to be a cushion in the Zan Crest, and it's in the design of the REDmaine cushions! The Reds are Reeds, and Reeds use a book! Bingo. You can't argue with the facts: God used Andrea. I now recall that Danish Andersons share the blue wolf with some Arms of Placentia, and Ananes Gauls were between Placentia and the Taro river. TARzan, at our service. Scottish Andersons (the ones who have Shore's/Sure's in their motto) share the Anon/Annan(dale) saltire.

The "stand" motto term of Scottish Andersons suggests that Andersons share the Standish saltire too, and Standish's are said to be from Lancashire's Wigan and Chorley while Wigans have a three-star version of the Annas Coat. Redmaine is in Lancashire. Lawrence's ("be READy") were at Yealand-Redmaine in Warton, and while Annas' were first found in Nottinghamshire with the Mansfields, the latter have the Warton maunch in colors reversed.

Wartons share the Ratcliffe bull head, hmm. It was repeated in the last update that the last time I saw my girlfriend, Miss Hanson, I was standing at the entryway to the parking lot of Ratcliff LUMBER, and German Hansons share the lozengy of Scottish LOMBARds. Moreover, German Hansons have the green snake of early Visconti's from Lombardy's Milan. To top it off, cushion-using Bibo's are said to be kin of HANSon-like Hahns (same area as Ice's), though it's the Hanns who share the red rooster with Bibo's. Miss Hanson lived on Warton-like Warden avenue, and so we have there some extra confirmation that John Ratcliffe is being pointed to by the first ice-cream girl, Miss Hanson. A year later, the second ice-cream girl was Darlene, and Darlene's use another book. To repeat, English Hansons are linkable to the Whalley mascle, and Ratcliffs were at Whalley.

There is a column upon the Zan cushion, which is shared by the Bohemian Franks. I kissed Andrea across the street from Frank's house, and Kiss'/Cush's/Cuss' are in the cushion of Bibo's. The Cue's come up as Cush/Cuss-like Cues', and Cussons happen to share a red eagle, with blue LEGS and blue beak, with the book-using Reeds. Beaks share the triple fesses over the gold gate in the Arms of Podebrady, although Beaks use the fesses wavy, as do Drummonds with their triple fesses. Ahhh, Beaks, which I don't load much, were first found in Dorset with George's and Brady-related Babe's!

Cussons use virtually the Custer/Constance Coat, and Kiss'/Cuss' share the main part of the Cust Coat. As Custers use an "AppeTITUS" and a "paREAT" motto term while emperor Titus was from proto-Reed Rieti, it seems that Reeds are using the Custer / Cusson eagle. The full motto is "Appetitus raTIONI pareat." Tonys were first found in Leicestershire with Kiss'/Cuss'.

I should spend more print making fun of the experts (putting them in their place so that people don't automatically trust or look up to educators) who wrote the heraldic write-ups. When you find two surnames using the same symbol, check out the "expert" derivation of each to see if they are different derivations. For example, the write-up of Kiss'/Cush's: "The name was taken on by someone who worked as a maker of leather armor for the KNIGHT's LEGS. In some cases the name was used as a trade name for a shoemaker." The write-up of Cass'/Cash's using the same Coat: "Their name reveals that an early member worked as a maker of boxes or chests. The surname Cash is derived from the Old French word casse, which means case." Ha-ha-ha, what simpletons and liars. However, it looks like secret code, for Shoe's/Shoemakers use a "knight issuing from the knees" or legs.

Wish Cass'/Cash's first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's and Jeune's, note first that Custer-like Custards/Costers are in Capone colors and format. Then, as Custers/Constance's and Costs/Coteu's (Languedoc, same as French Constance's, Cotta's/Cottards, and Julians) tend to reveal a relationship with, or even a branch of, Cotta's, we take this back to Aurelia Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar, and from there we go to his mistress, Servilia Caepionis (married Mr. Livius), mother of three Junia Caepionis', any one of which could have been Caesar's daughter, the line I expect to Lupus Laevillus, husband of Quadratilla Bassus, the proto-Bessins and thus suspect to Basina, queen of Franks. In this picture, Cass' look like a line from/of "CAESAR."

It just so happens that while French Constance's are Constantine's too, who share two of the Julian-Chief stars in their own Chief, English Constantine'/Cossentine's share the Jeune fleur-de-lys. The French Julians add a saltire colors reversed from the Anderson saltire, itself red like the Andrea saltire, and so recall that Tony gave Andrea a jewel, for Jewels/Joels look like the JOULyen variation of French Julians. I gave her a game, and Game's/Cams can be of Cambridgeshire's Julians because German Julians share six pale bars (different color) with Game's/Cams. English Tonys were first found in Leicestershire with Kiss'/Cush's/Cuss'.

There is a subtle clue that English Constantine's were kin of Tarves', and from that we go to Chives' of Tarves, and then back to the Caiaphas-suspect Cavii Illyrians. As my hunch is that Caiaphas was from the Caepio's, might Cavii have been from Caepio stock? Note that while Clintons share the six Tarves fitchees, the Clinton Chief looks connectable to the Constance/Constantine Chief.

The Hillarys happen to share the six Clinton fitchees, as though by God's arrangement, otherwise what a long shot. I don't recall Hillarys being said to be first found in Worcestershire, where Hills were first found as well as the Clent Hills. Clents/Clints share the Blythe garbs, as though by God's arrangement, otherwise what a long shot.

Update on Yellow Mattress

When on the topic of Yealand-Redmaine above, it dawned on me that it pertains to my dream with Michael's kids jumping on a yellow mattress. After seeing that Yealands/Yellens can be a Yellow branch, I realized that the Yealand bird heads look like the so-called "kite" hawks of Kid-like Kite's. I then recalled that Kitts have a version of the Kite Coat but with tulips thrown in, and so it would be amazing if the Mattres flowers are tulips too. The Mattres flower is in the colors of the Tewlip/Tulip tulip. Kitts and Kite's have a decent reflection of the Master Coat while Mattres' are also Maistre's.

However, I stumped as to why God would provide the dream as a pointer to Yealand and/or Kitt elements. Tewlop-like Tews/TEWS'/Tewel share the TEASE/Thys stars, but even this doesn't connect to other parts of the dream, so far as I can see. But wait. The last update saw Michael pointing to Mykola Zlochevsky's shoe store, and while Shoe's use a knight, the Tews'/Tewels have the three pale bars of English Knights, hmm. Is that all?

Igor KoloMOIsky can be pointed to by Moses'/Moys/Moesens, and then Moise's/Moisens share two quadrants of the Mick/Mikes/MIKULA Coat. That looks like a major reason for making the kids those of Michael, along with the first name of Zlochevsky. It just leaves little doubt about a pointer to Ukraine-based corruption. God may have added the Mick/Mikula fleur as a pointer to Bush's/Busch and Boschs, interesting where Dutch Bush's/Bosco's share the Legh/Leigh lion, for the Legro's and Soars/Sors' have lions in the colors of the Michael lion. Kolomoisky's American investments go back to the presidency of George Bush. Just realized: the Tewel-like Tools and Tolle's/Tulls have one of the double Sorrel lions.

Tolle's/Tulls share the pyramid with BattiSTELLi's who in turn share billets in Chief (different colors) with STEELs, and the latter's billets are colors reversed from those of Bush's/Bosco's. The Battistelli's share the chevron-with-stars of Five's who in turn have the Bos/Bosco lion. Those stars are in the colors of the one of Italian Bosco's. German Steels have two of the Tull/Tullia pale bar. English Billets then share the Bus cinquefoil, suggesting a branch of Bos'/Boschs, and French Billets/Billiards have the hexagrams of German Michaels, the Michaels suspect with the Legro / Soar/Sors lion. Billets share the Coat of Bellows (Cheshire, same as Steels).

I kid you not, that as I was writing the paragraph above, I was wondering how Bush elements were in Leicester, when a song on my speakers sang "babe" (referring to Jesus) while I was looking at the English Billets. I immediately recalled my link of Babe's (Dorset, same as Soars/Sors and Bushers) to Bussys/Bushe's; loading the latter, I saw that they were first found in Leicestershire...with the Soar/Legro river! Amazing. As of this update, I know that Bussys/Bushe's/Boosie's share the triple fesse of Beaks, first found in Dorset. These are the triple fesses in the Arms of Podebrady. English Bush's have one of those fesses.

Bussys/Bushe's were at the MOWbray location of Leicester, and so it should be added that English Bush's share the boar (different colors) with Mows/Mole's. Then, Brays/Brae's use legs, that's right. This looks like a hard pointer to Soros globalist shakers insinuated in the Bush administration for Middle-East purposes.

The Trade Towers that started the Bush invasion into Afghanistan and Iraq were dubbed, pillars, and Scottish Bosco's use pillars. Italian Bosco's have a lone star in colors reversed from the lone Shoe star, and Shoe's use a tower. The Trade's/Trotte's share the Bush / Bosch fleur-de-lys. While BATTIstelli's are Tolle/Tull kin, Tulls/Tullia's use butterflies while Butters (share heart with Trade's) are also Bitars and thus point to Mr. Bitar, co-founder of Middle-East Baathists. The Sunni Baathists were ruling Iraq during the Bush invasion, and Sunnys, sharing the Brady sun, happen to share the Michael fesse, colors reversed from the Yellow fesse. I'm therefore interested in whether Soros insiders conducted the 9-11 fraud.

Another piece of confirmation that Kidds are pointed to is where English Kidds share the goat with Moline's while Belgian Mouline's (it's the Sunny fesse) use just a fesse, as do Yellows in colors reversed. Scottish Kidds have an "ORbem" motto term that can be for Orrs/Ore's sharing red roundels with Orells and Orleans', and while Orleans was politically related to Blois, Blows/Blowers share the Moline goat heads. Then, Mule's (Devon, same as Moline's) have a version of the Wake Coat, and Wake's love the Orrs/Ore's. It's very interesting that while the shark dream has a wake scene, Mule's share the double fesses of Weeds/Weedins Coat. As per the "credo" motto of the latter, Creights seem to apply with their star-version of the Mule Chief. Still, no clue as to why the kids were jumping.

Ahh, another clue: English Kidds share the white bird in the Crest of Schims/Schiens (Aberdeenshire, beside Scottish Kidds) sharing the boar head of Mouline-like Mole's/Mowls/MOWs (recalls Mowbray of Bussys/Bushe's), and the Schim/Schien Chief is the Creight Chief too. A SCIMitar us used by Mochs/Mochrys sharing the Creight Coat.

By the way, the martlet design of Weddings and Weeds/Weedons is shared by Rutherfords (Roxburghshire, same as Mole's/Mowls) said to use an "orle" border, apparent code for Orrel / Orleans liners. As per Kidds of Dundee, the Dundee motto looks connectable to Dons, who pointed to Donna Brazile of New ORLEANs, what a coincidence. As I said (in the last update, though long before that too), when I invented a fence post, I took it (sometime between about 1988-1991) to an international fencing TRADE SHOW in New Orleans, and I temporarily called it the PILLAR Post, no kidding at all. The Shoe-like Shows are in the motto of Nimo's along with Boasts/Bois' said to have been of Bosco's, wow. Something in New Orleans was privy to the 9-11 crime? Or, as Wikipedia says that Donna Brazile descended from Braswells, let's repeat that Braswells have the double fesses of Dexters (Leicestershire) in colors reversed. Is that indication that Brazile is in cahoots with Soros elements?

Dons were kin of Omans (Suffolk, same as Blois') sharing the Creight / Glenn / Glenny martlets. Oman-like Mens', in GLENlyon, were first found in Midlothian with CREIGHTons/Crichtons. The latter's "grace" motto term suggests Grace's/GRASS', who look like kin of English Marks...from the Marici on the Ticino river. OH WOOOOWWW! Scottish Bosco's have "tufts of GRASS" on their pillars, and New Orleans is home to the Mardi GRAS! Grace's/Grass' are also Gras'!!! INCREDIBLE. I didn't intend on getting to the Pillar Post of New Orleans, nor coming to the Grace surname, when introducing the Trade Towers as pillars. Just look at that. Grace's/Grass' have the Bush/Bosch lion in colors reversed, and share cinquefoils with Boasts/Bois'. Braswells use nothing but two chevrons in the colors of nothing-but three chevrons of French Gras'/Grace's!!! What in tarnation is going on?

Unbelievable. I went to peal potatoes after writing the paragraph above, thinking that I should go to the Tuft-branch Touch's as per touching Miss Hick's knee that pointed to the 9-11 memorial when she said to me, "you can scoot over." That proved to point to the Shoe's/Schugs from the Scoots/Scougals. The Touch Coat is that BOSton Coat in colors reversed. When I got back to the computer, I was looking at the Boast/Bois page when I heard "home" in the song playing on my speakers, which instantly tended to indicate that I should write the above because Home's/Hume's share the Boston Coat. But then I heard the full chorus line, "GRACE will lead me Home"!!! That's the name of the song by David Dunn...having a Dundee- / Don-like / Donna surname.

[I didn't load Nimo's again until several paragraphs below to see that they share the Grace cinquefoils! God is right here with me, directing this. Believe it. Recall Andrea of SHOREham avenue, for Nimo's, sharing the Andrea saltire, and first found in Drummond territory, have a motto term for a branch of the Schore's.]

I thought that Mr. Dunn was from Texas, and so I've just checked it out, and found that he was born in Midland, Texas. At Midland's Wikipedia article, wow: " the hometown of former First Lady Laura Bush, and the onetime home of former Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, and former First Lady Barbara Bush." Can you believe that? We just saw a miracle. But what do pealing potatoes have to do with this?

The Midland/Maitland/Matland surname not only has the same lion as Dutch Bush's/Boschs, but a Nimo-like "animus" motto term, how incredible. It is, it is, a miracle we just saw. Nimo's are the ones with the Boasts/Bois' in their motto!!!!!!!!!!!

Midland is near El-Paso, and so it's got to be near also to the ranch of John B. Poindexter, where judge Scalia was murdered. Poindexters, wow, love the Nimo-branch Nemo's in their motto, and have the lone Shoe star. What is Jesus trying to say, that Bush's had part in Scalia's death? Nimo's have a "show" motto term while Shows are listed with Schwartz-like Schauers/Schore's, reflective also of the Schare's/SCHERFs. That's incredible. For what it could be worth, the Midland Crest is a version of the Ivery Crest.

Every time God does a songline miracle (it's Saturday again as I write), I'm left wondering what it means, and all I can do is be patient to see what transpires. He talks to me with songline words, but not in plain English with full sentences. It's more incredible than you might at first think as to how He can time songline miracles with my writings and thoughts.

AHHHHH, no kidding: I boiled the potatoes for mashing, and Mash's (sun) are listed with Marsh's while Nimo's are properly shown as NewMARSH's!!! I've just got to laugh. Plus, Nimo's are also NemMOKE's/NemMOCKs, and I know already that Dunns lead to Mochs. Instead of milk, I mixed in sour cream with the potatoes, and some butter. Smoooth.

At one time, the English Bush Coat showed with a red fesse, same as BUStards in Bush colors and format. Bustard-like Pastors have a version of the Bush/Bosch Coat. Bastards, hmm, have a "POTIor" motto term, and the potatoes brought the city of Poti to mind. As per "potaTOES," note that Tows/Touch's have the giant BOSton lion in colors reversed. Poti is near TRABzon, and Trapps/Trappers have a bustard. The Arms of Trebizond (Trabzon) Empire share the triple Bussy fesses. Something's happening here with potatoes. Poti was the region of mythical Aeetes of Hattusa-like Kutaisi, a myth writer's version of mythical Attis, code for the Hatti of Hattusa on the Halys river, which flows by lake TATTa. PoTAToes. Were Bush-line Edomites on the Halys? I'm sure that Eliphas-like Halybes lived on the Halys, and Eliphas was Esau's son! Halybes were associates of the Khaldi of Trabzon! Khaldi-like CAYDon had the mythical Siren killers, and Eliphas married a woman of SEIR. Lookie at all that from some potatoes sliced into a pot. Didn't Esau lose his birthright to Israel due to some stew he had in a pot? Did it have potatoes?

I've just checks Leads/Leeds due to "Grace will LEAD me home," and they too are in Bustard / Bush colors and format. Boasts/Bois' are BUSTs too. Leads/Leeds were first found in Yorkshire with Bush's and Peels/Peals. It all looks arranged by God.

Ah, I now recall that I trace Mochs (not "Mock") to mythical Muksus (alternative name for Mopsus) at Mokissos, a few miles north of lake Tatta. PoTAToes, hmm. Mopsus was a false-prophecy cult out of Pamphylia and into Clarus, and while I trace Claro's, Clare's and Sinclairs to Clarus (Caria border area), English Mocks/Moke's share the gold rooster in Crest with Sinclairs. The latter were at Roslin, not far from Duns of Berwickshire. Midlands were first found in Berwickshire.

The "Cura" motto term of Denhams, shared by Moke's/Mocks, was proven to be for the Cars, though Currys/Corrys share the Gospatrick saltire, white like one Kilpatrick saltire. Miss Hicks (married Gospatrick branch) was a false prophetess, and, hmm, she was hovering in a car. Might she thus be a pointer to Mopsus / Muksus of Caria? I put sour CREAM in the mashed potatoes, and Cremers/Cramers (rooster) share the Kilpatrick Chief while Mash's/Marsh's use a sun, possible code for the Sun variation of Sinclairs. Cush-branch Custs are in the Cremer motto, and Kilpatricks use cushions. Cush's (share red rooster with Cremers) are also Cuss', what now look like Kos liners of Caria. I hid you not, that for the first time in months, if not since last year, I heard the hoot of an owl while ending this paragraph, just seconds after writing on Kos. The Kos cult of Edom is said to be an owl cult, that is amazing. I must be on the right track.

Yes, I heard her myself speaking sentences, in church, in the first-Person as though God was speaking straight through her. People like this get their own imaginations mixed up with God, or they think they have a special gift of the Spirit which then gets abusive. I walked out of church when I heard her do this for the first time, right in the middle of her doing it, and didn't return for a month.

She tried it one more time about three pews in front of me, but fumbled it, stuttering, nervous, unsure, cutting it short, like maybe God was "speaking" to her heart not to do it. I never heard her do it again. That was the year (2005) she took my hands to pray, when pastor Johnson asked people to find someone to pray for, and it was at that event I realized she wore a wig (always, regularly). Mock-like Mochs/Mochers (and Hanna's) were first found in Wigton, and while Wigtons are Wiggentons too, Wiggens share the Crest of Scottish Johnsons (Dumfries) who in turn have a red-Chief version of a Kilpatrick Coat. The spur in the Johnson / Wiggen Crest tells us that Kilpatricks are using the saltire of Spurr-branch Supers, and the latter are beloved in the Rattery motto while Hoods/HOOTS (!!!) were at Devon, where Spurrs and Supers were first found. The hoot of the owl came minutes before I arrived to Hoods/Hoots!

Irish Dunns use either a lizard or a crocodile (it doesn't look like a crocodile), and it's the Irish Dene's who have the crocodile as a pointer to Zlochevsky's shoe store. Still, Lizarts (Provence, same as Gras'/Grace's) are also Schwartz-like Sarde's. The crocoDILE is expected as part-code for Dile's/Dill because they share the lion of English Dene's, but it's also the lion of Grace's. The Cospatricks who were granted Dunbar are said to have gotten MOCHRum too (near Kilpatrick castle), and while Scottish Mochs/Mochrys share the Creight Coat, French Mochs/Mouchets/Mouchers share a white-on-blue SWORD with the Scottish Dene's. The Moch/Moucher sword has the same handle as the Scottish Dunn sword. Swords are Schwartz-like Swarts too.

Having said that, I trace Swords to the Serdi off the upper Hebros river, right near mount DUNax on this map. Lizard-using Dunns share the giant Sans/Sanchez's, and Seneca/Seneschal, eagle, reminding that a Sensii people were to the south side of the Bush-like Buzau river. This can indicate that the namers of mount Dunax were at the Buzau theater because I trace "Dunax" to king Duncan while Duncans share the Bus cinquefoil. The Swords were from Siward of Northumberland, who defeated MacBeth, the killer of king Duncan in previous years. The Lizarts are a branch of Liss and Lists, the latter first found in Silesia with the SPHINX-using Brox's/Brocuffs, and Spinks share the eagle of lizard-using Dunns. It appears that Dunns were from some branch of the namers of Dunax.

The Sens' (not "Sans") were first found in Switzerland with the sword-using Feschs, the latter from Fessy-liner Fieschi, and Fessys were first found in Northamptonshire with Spinks. The "Mullach" motto term of lizard-using Dunns has just found the Mullocks/Mollochs (rare colors) sharing the lock with the sword-using Dunns Sens' (share Malo/Mallet buckles). Mullocks/Mollocks, likely with the Segni/Segurana / Seagar moline on deep purple, share the Fessy motto, partly for Vinkovci elements that use the gold border, as do the other Scottish Dunns. I trace Seagars / Sanchez's to the Sakarya/SANGarius river of mythical Attis, the one connectable to the Eliphas-like Halybes.

OH wow, mythical Molloch got suspect with the Amalekites, from Amalek, Edomite son of Eliphas and Timna!!!

[Insert (this one started and kept going and going): Sens' have a reflection of one half the Italian Bosco Coat (Piedmont, same as Cottians), and the Sens patee is that also of Blois' while the Blois Coat is a reflection of the Aurelia Coat, suggesting that Aurelia's (could be from Aurelia Cotta) named Orleans' who share red roundels with Orrs/Ore's and German Rhodes'. Mount Dunax is at the northern end of an ORbellus rage, and mythical Bellas/Bellus was father to Dunn- / Duncan-like Danaans. The latter were at Rhodes, and Orbellus is a range smack beside the RHODope range. As Blois-like Blows use goats, it could be hint of the real-world representation of the mythical goat, MARSyas (Sakarya-river area), as the reason for "Merops." The mythical Satyrs were likely a representation for the real-world Satrae along the western aside of the Orbellus range.

I hope you're enjoying the history lesson, but I'm still floored with the David-Dunn / mashed-potato miracle leading us to the Midland home of both presidential-Bush families, a thing I didn't know until now. Up the Glaucus river from potato-like Poti (Colchis), there was a Rhodopolis area very suspect with Helios of Rhodes. Danaans moved from Rhodes to Argos, and the myth writer must have known of that connection because he had the Argo ship sail up the Glaucus to get the golden fleece.

As the Bat peoples (named Batumi) lived around the mouth of the Glaucus, it tends to explain why Baths share the Rhodes Coat in colors reversed. In the 1979 dream, the LADY was wearing a BATHing suit. The Lazi at the mouth of the Glaucus were at LAZONa, suspect with the LADON dragon, and there is a Ladon/Ladd surname (Somerset, same as Baths) like the Lady surname. Mythical Leto was Latona to the Romans, and she was at the Ephesus theater with the son of Merops. Seir-like Syria had a seven-headed Lotan dragon, and Lotan of Seir was the brother of Timna, Eliphas' wife.

It appears that the reddish Revelation dragon (seven heads, if you don't know) is an Edomite one that goes through the Great Mother, Cybele, Attis' mother and wife (symbol of incest), but also through Aeetes of Colchis. Wasn't it Jacob, Esau's brother, who had a miracle with a fleece? Was that story taken to Colchis with the Eliphas line, and modified into golden-fleece mythology? It sure looks like it.

She had a Bathing SUIT on while Suits (Angus, same as Dunns and Hectors) are Satrae-like Suters and Sword-connectable Sewers too. I trace goat-depicted Satrae to the Stura river (Piedmont, same as Bosco's), flowing near Busca, and then English Bush's/Buschs use a goat head, as do Russells expected from the Redone theater of Roussillon (location of Narbonne). Stura-like Sturs have triple fesses in colors reversed from the triple bends of Merets/Mereys. The Stur river has a source near Bath of Somerset. Mary Nigro lived in BUTTONville, and Buttons/Bidens were first found in Hampshire with Sturs. The triple Stur fesses are shared by Drummonds, who named Drymen in Stur-connectable Stirling, and the first Drummond was Maris-like Maurice.

Mythical Hector de Maris connects to Merets/Merrys, and in fact he's found in the write-up of Marets/Marreys. Hectors share triple bends with Merets/Merrys, only now in the colors of the Kos/Kosinski bendy. Hectors are suspect from mythical Hecate, the witch worshipped by Medea of Colchis, wife of Jason of the Argo ship. Hector de Maris is of king-Arthur myth i.e. traceable to Ardiaei on the Neretva. I always identified king Arthur as a batch of Merovingians in Britain.

As Merets/Mereys share triple-gold bends with Meret-like Nerets, I am reminded that MARY NIGRO, a cashier at Knob Hill Farms, got me to apply for a job there. I then met Mike Denardo, a fellow stockboy with me, and DeNARDo's/NARbonne's are, I now think, from the NERETva/Naro river, not far from Nigro-like Montenegro over by Rhizon! That's pretty incredible where Marrys were first found in Norfolk with Risings and KOSINsky-like Cousins/Cosins. Apparently, Merops liners who merged with Neretva-river elements took on a Neret-like surname.

I included Marrys above because the rising scene was a wedding scene, and weddings have to do with getting married. So, looking up Marrys, I was intrigued with their being first found in Norfolk with Risings. The Marrys (share Rhodes lion) are said to be from a Meret/Mereys (Normandy, same as Meret location) share multiple bends with Kos'/Kosinski's. The Merops-of-Kos line, what a hoot, jibing perfectly with the car in dream, for Kos is in Caria.

Another myth writer (of the Argonautica myth) had the Argo ship travel up most of the DANube river, then into Croatia's islands, and finally to the EriDANUS and RHODanus rivers (the latter now the Rhone). Another myth writer had PHAEthon, a son of Helios, with the wife of Merops as the mother, crash Helios' chariot into the Eridanus. Mythical PasiPHAE, a witch of Tyrian Cretans, was made a daughter of Helios, and sister of Aeetes of Colchis, owner of the golden fleece up the Glaucus river. Tyrian Crete was home to a bee goddess, AMALthea, perhaps indication of Amalekites. Ephesus had a bee cult called the ESSenes that can be from "Esau"! Bingo.

Medea was Aeetes' daughter. So, one can see that PASIphae is named after Phasis, an alternative name of Poti. Yet Apasa was an old name for Ephesus, perfect because Merops of Kos was of that area. My mashed POTatoes suggested a look at the Mash's, who use a sun, symbol of Helios. Mash's are listed with Marsh's, traceable to Newmarsh's, first found in Stirlingshire with a Drymen line from Maurice Drummond.

Wikipedia's Merops article has Merops of Kos being of Miletus (Caria), closer to Ephesus. It says: "...Merops, king of Ethiopia, husband of Clymene and adoptive father of Phaethon, his wife's son by Helios. Merops, a resident of Miletus, husband of another Clymene and father of Pandareus [king of Ephesus]." In Wikipedia's Phaethon article: "Alternatively, less common genealogies make [Phaethon] a son of Clymenus by Oceanid MEROPE..." The proto-Merovingians from Africa's Merowe/Meroe are all over Helios-of-Rhodes elements, to the Redones of France west of the Rhodanus.

Wikipedia tells that Merowe was also called, Bedewe, explaining why Salian Franks, the proto-Merovingians (probably should be called, Merovians), were living with/beside the Batavi...who sure look like Bats of Colchis expected in the Baths and related Bats. Bedewe elements named Padova, origin of Merovingians, and where Aurelia's were first found who share the Moray stars. Randolphs of Moray use a bat and the Bath cross. English Randolphs share the Coat of Dunn-like Dunhams who were in turn first found in Norfolk with the Merops liners mentioned above. Padova is where Abreu's/Abruzzo's were first found, explaining why Merovingians named Maruvium of the Marsi in Abruzzo. The Sheaves'/Chiava's of Abruzzo share the key with Scottish Dunns.

Prophets share the giant leg with Prime's, and Primo's were first found in Burgundy with Mochs/Mochers, Merops like Mars/Mere's, and cushion like Cussons! Cospatricks/Gospatricks were at MochRUM, and Rums were first found in Dumfries with cushion-using Kilpatricks. We can see where cushions are going, and cushion-using REDmaine's look like Rhodes liners through Rieti. The owl in the Prime Coat can reveal that COSpatricks/Gospatricks are from Kos. I wouldn't be saying this had I not first talked about Mrs. Kilpatrick as a false prophesier, for that's why Prophets became a topic leading to Prime's. Kos was an Edomite cult, and Edom was home to Aretas III, the ancestry of the mother of all Herods. I trace Antipater, father of all Herods, to Antipatria, the line to Patricks (share Kilpatrick saltire), first found in Norfolk with Cousins/COSins (Car chevron?), Risings, and Marrys.

Mythical Merops (proto-Merovingians without doubt) of Kos birthed a ruler of Ephesus, and the latter location was smack near Clarus, home of the Mopsus / MUKsus false-oracle cult. Claro-line Sinclairs have a cross in the colors of the Patrick saltire.

It was in 2005 also that Mrs. Kilpatrick came to an outdoor church service, when she reminded me of Mrs. Howell on Gilligan's Island (I've written on this many times). Owls and Howls too, what a hoot. If you want to see more legs, see Hooters, Hicksons, and HOOVERs. When she was HOVERing in the Caria-pointing car, I was made to wake her up by touching her leg. I intended to kiss her awake, but God decided I should do it by touching her leg. Kiss' are listed with Cuss'/Cush's; we can now understand much better this point-of-view of the 1979 dream. God can make so many pictures with the same scenes, for He's incredible. I've already said that her being asleep was a representation of the Carian moon goddess, loved by mythical Endymion the eternal sleeper.

As legs are often code for the Legro river of Leicester, note that Kos is near Rhodes, and that the sun god, Helios, was the god of Rhodes, the brother of Selene, the Carian moon goddess. This same Helios was made (by a myth writer) to mate with the wife of mythical Merops of Ethiopia (near Merowe), but we can extrapolate to Merops of Kos. Rhodes is off the coast of LYCia, and so Lycians were the apparent namers of LEICester.

Let's look closer at cushion-using RedMAINE's, appealing to the DeMAINE's with a fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Hicks fleur. It's used also by Petro's, and Flavius Petro of Red-line Rieti seems to be in that surname. As the family of Godfrey de Bouillon was in cahoots with PIERleoni, note that while the Petro flory cross is half in the colors of the same of Bouillons, Petro's are like variations of Pierro's/Pero's. The latter were first found in Pavia with the Laevi Gauls expected in the veins of Pharisees, and the Petro Coat is a near copy of the Farr/Phare Coat. In the dream, I saw Miss Hicks from AFAR at the hood of a car in her bathing suit. I didn't notice what she was wearing when she was later hovering in the car.

When I lived on Demaine crescent (Richmond Hill) in my early 20s, I met a girl about three months after the 1979 dream. We kissed (Kiss'/Cush's = Kos-suspect leads cushions) at a picnic table that night on the beach. Miss Hicks was seen from afar on a beach. It turned out that this young lady, Miss Pasco, lived a half-dozen or so houses from me on Demaine crescent. Pasco's (Venice, rough origin of Merovingians, includes Padova) use a flag, and Flavians (near Abruzzo) are expected to have named the Flavius location of Flys, which was also called, Flagi, and for other reasons I trace Flavians of Rieti to Flags/Flecks and Fulke's, both first found in Norfolk with Risings, Marrys, Cosins. Pascals (same lion as Jewish Levi's), who lived in Abruzzo--line Eure, use the Pasco flag with their lamb (don't mistaken this for the Biblical lamb, though they call it such), and then, what are the chances that English Pascals share the eagles of Reads? That's right. Flavians of Rieti, chief enemies of Christ, the dragon bloodline.

The Pascal flag could be called a banner as per a Flag-line marriage with Banners, for two Banner surnames share a giant fleur-de-lys on a vertically-split Shield with Fulke's. German Banners (expected as Bohemians) share the giant fleur of Cake's/CakeBREADs, from Bohemia's Podebrady. Boii, proto-Bohemians, were at Bononia, where Pasi's/Pascels were first found. French Bois' probably use the Drummond fesses. Scottish Banners (show a banner) have the so-called "Andrew's Cross" of Scotland, which I trace to Andrew I of Hungary, father of George, husband of Miss Podebrady. The same Andrew's Cross is with Eugene's, whom I trace to Padova's Euganeo. Rieti liners from the mother of emperor Vespasian went to the Pollocks, who built Rothes castle in Moray, and Padova's Aurelia's share the Moray stars.

The great thing is, Scottish Banners use a "Pro patria" motto term to express my claims that Flavius Petro named the Pierro's/Pietro's/Pero's. Patria's/Peartree's even share the scallops of Pullens/PULLys and Sabine's, from Flavius Sabinus, Pietro's son, husband of Vespasia POLLa. Sabine's were first found in Norfolk with Merops-of-Kos liners and Flags / Fulke's.

Dingers/Dingmans share the red bull with Sabine's, and Dingwalls use a Fleck-like fleece. It's a gold fleece, and so put that together with the Colchian witch, PASIphae, and with Pasi's/Pascels. As Dingwalls use a gold border for the imperial line out of Vinkovci, note that while Fessys belong to that line, Dingwalls are in Pheasant colors. Wikipedia says that the city of Phasis named pheasants.

While Pavia's share the Feet/Fate Coat, Scottish Banners were first found in Aberdeenshire with Fothes'/FETTE's sharing the chevron of the Flys of Flagi. The Flys (Hampshire, same as English Josephs) have the martlet, in colors reversed, of French Josephs, the latter first found in Maine with the Demaine's sharing the Petro fleur-de-lys. Josephs are thus from Flavius Josephus, a Levite liner of Israel according to his own writings, which can explain why Flys and Fothes'/Fette's use one of the triple Levi chevrons. It assuredly traces the Levites of Israel to Laevi Gauls at Pavia (predated PHARisees and Sadducees). It underscores why Farrs/Phars/PHARES' have a saltire version of the Petro Coat. When general Josephus betrayed Israel and went over to Flavius Vespasian, adopting their surname, he must have allowed several of his Pharisee / Sadducee relatives and friends to escape to Italy. Isn't that what this discussion is telling us?

By what coincidence do Reds/Reads have a garb-version of the Farr/Phares Coat??? Freeze's/PHREEZE's were first found in Essex with Pascals. I became a Christian on Demaine crescent, and my first girlfriend as a Christian was Miss Pasco of Demaine crescent. I didn't know her when I moved there. Doesn't it seem important enough for it to have been by God's design?

Freeze's/Phreeze's use horses, and horse-like Orris' are listed with Orrs/Ore's, first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks (share green Shield with Freeze's/Phreeze's). Plus, Doris'/Orris' share the wavy bend of Jewish Pollocks. Orrs/Ore's share the cornuCOPIA with the Fothes/Fette's who link to Flys of Flavius, and Reds/Reeds use a motto, "Pax copia," potential code for a Pasi line of the Pack kind. One pack surname shares the red bull with Sabine's and Claro's/Chiaro's, Clarus-line suspects who have a Coat looking linkable to the Fier/Fear Coat. Pollock-sept Peacocks, who love the Fears in their motto, have gold roundels with black items within, opposite the black roundels with gold martlets within of Flys.

As the Owl/Howl surname was first found in Suffolk with Clare's, it could be that Clarus elements who knew their Kos-related past formed an Owl variation from Howells. It's notable that the Owl/Howl owls are in Joseph-martlet colors, for Howells share the tower of Pully-beloved Pellicans, first found in Maine with Josephs. One day in Texas, God pointed us to Mrs. Howell, wife of Thurston Howell, and while THURstons were first found in Suffolk too, as though God prepared that thing for us to make a point, English Thors (Devon, same as Hoots!) have the triple Howell towers in colors reversed. Thurstons use an Esau-like "Esse" motto term, and the Kos owl cult was from Edom, a nation ruled by Esau. Swedish Thors use elephant trunks, and Esau's son was elephant-like Eliphas. The Thor hearts can trace all the way back to heart-like Aretas III of Edom, ancestry of the heart-like Herods. Don't they look like they were named from Rhodes elements, since Kos is beside Rhodes?

It just so happens that while I trace "Bush" and "Busher" to "Bozrah," the Edomite capital, the Thor heart is in the rare color scheme of the Trade/Trotte heart. The latter surname shares the Bush/Busch/Busher fleur-de-lys!!! We just got back to the Trade-Tower pillars suspect in the three pillars of Bosco's.

The book of Enoch tells that Edom had a black boar as symbol, which is used by English Bush's/Busch's. The Trotte-like Trotus river is a tributary of the Siret along with the BUZau, and so it seems evident that Bozrah's Edomites named the Buzau because Eliphas married Timna of Seir i.e. Seir elements must have named the Siret. Can we believe it, the Sire/Siret surname shares the Pellican / Howell tower! It's just bush-wackin crazy how big a mouth HERALDry can have, especially as Heralds are listed with Herods (share the lure with Flys). Sire's/Sirets are connectable to Esau-like Ass', and Esse's/Ash's (Devon, same as Thors) use an "omniBUS" motto term. The Siret was the AGARus in ancient times, and Hagar was the concubine of Abraham, Esau's grandfather.

Clarus is at the coast looking out to Samos, and Samson's wife was in Timnah. Samsons love the Flags and the Lets/Late's in their motto, and Leto was at Clarus because it was a hot-spot for the oracle of her son, Apollo.

Back to the Kite tulips to see whether Tewlops/Tulips apply to the yellow mattress. End long insert]

Mattres-like Mathers' share both the star of Shoe's and the Hair/Hare Coat while the Tews/Tewel Crest shares blue wings with Heyers, Here's and Herzogs. German Hare's once again have a reflection of the Master Coat. Ahh, German Hare's are in HARvey/HERvey colors and format while French Harveys (Kite / Kitt colors and format) were first found in Ile-de-France with Mattres'/Maistre's. All good stuff, but what's it all for?

Matter-like Mate's/Mathys share the saltire with five besants of Matter-like Manders, and the Maeander river flows by Miletus, right at the Merops of Kos theater. Manders have a saltire version of the Rhodes cross-with-besants. Manders use "Pro omniBUS," thus sharing a motto term of Esse's/Ash's. From Miletus, we take a short jog to Ephesus = Apasa, and from there we jump to Pasi-branch Paisleys who share the Jump roses. This is working because Mattres-connectable Masters (share griffin heads with Ticks/Touque's) were first found in Kent with the Ticks/Touque's having a "MILITIA" motto term looking like a Roman version of "Miletus."

That is the best-ever sense I've made of Jumps, as per the dream, though this is expressing the importance of Jumps outside of deep-state pointers. Miletus-like Millets essentially have the giant Bus cinquefoil, perfect with Bush-Edomite elements of the Kos theater. The House of Griffin in Pomerania is where Trumps were first found expected in the Jump stag head. The mythical Maenads that I trace to the Maeander river had a frenzied- / lunatic-dance symbol which may have given them a jump symbol. Maenads were closely associated with Satyrs = goats i.e. found in one Kidd Coat for obvious reason. Satyr-like Satters share white roses with Jumps. Satters look like they married Twaits (Norfolk) who happen to share the Sinclair cross i.e. traceable to Clarus.

Kids were first found in Dundee, near the Kincardine location of the first-known Mathers' (share Snake/Snook Crest). Dundee's even use another flower (same as Mattres'/Maistre's), a lily this time, and while the lily is a fleur-de-lys, the Lys'/Lise's were first found in Ile-de-France too. Ahh, Ile's are also Ylleys, like the Yelley variation of Yellows.

Ahh, clincher: the "CELERiter" motto term of Mathers' caused a peak at Clare-like Cellers/Kellers, to find three bird heads (probably eagles) in the black color of the three of Yellow-like Yealands. They are the same bird heads, near-exact Coats except that the Cellers/Kellers have them in Yellow/Yelley colors. They reflect the three kite heads of Kite's and Kitts. Ahh, Sellers (beside Scottish Kellers/Keelers), whom I have linked to the Childs (equates with children = kids) in the past, were first found in Aberdeenshire with Mathers'. Therefore, the yellow mattress is a pointer to the Yealand relationship to Mathers'. In the dream, there was a salesman, a SELLER, trying to sell me a yellow mattress.

Keep in mind that Yealand is paired with Redmaine, the Rieti liner with Kos-line cushions. Redmaine's have a beacon while French Bacons share the cinquefoil of Miletus-like Millets expected in the motto of Master-connectable Ticks. I showed recently how Tertulla, wife of Flavius Petro, and mother of Vespasia' Polla's husband, traces to circles surrounding Julia TYCHE and her daughter, Julia Polla. The latter were Galatians suspect from Galati on the Siret, down-river from Bacon-suspect Bacau. The Bacon cinquefoils are those also of Bus', and the BUZau tributary of the Siret is between Galati and Buzau-like Bacau.

Kellers/Keelers, first found in Angus with Dundee's, share the acorn with Dutch Tromps, and the latter even have a giant eagle in the colors of the Celler/Keller eagle. Therefore, the Jumps must have been a part of this dream due to their having the Trump/Tromp stag head. But if God wanted to point to Trump with the mattress scene, He could have had the kids blowing a trumpet. Why go the route of Jumps to link with the Keller acorn? My only answer is that Jumps share the Belly rose and thus this dream can connect to Trump in the mouth of the shark, for the chomped-down shark's teeth surrounded Trump's belly and back. Then again, why didn't He just provide the Belly rose with Trumps? Why go through Jumps?

We just saw white roses, symbol of Jumps, with Satters/SatterTHWAITs, and the latter's Chief-Shield color combo is shared with Acorns!! Wow, that's new and big. Thwaits/Tweats/Twitts are a branch of the Tuit variation of Tooth-connectable Tute's. Trump is the TWEETing president, you see, and teeth-like Teets/Tate's have a Coat version of the Tweedys (Lanarkshire, beside Tweets/Tweedale's). My bet is that the Tweet/Tweedale fish is the Saraca fish somehow, and, if so, my bet is that God will show us how that's so. Acorns are using the stag head of Vise's/Vice's (Sussex, same as Acorns). The Hams of Sussex share the fish of Kane's while Shark-connectable Keons are McCains too. We are getting warmer with solving the Jump mysteries.

Ahh, I now recall that Jump-like Gumps are listed with Gumms. I claimed and then proved that God have me a bad molar with bump at the gum as a pointer to the shark's teeth, which figured as rotten James Comey, Stephan Halper, Robert Mueller, and Hillary Rodham. I don't want to repeat the reasoning behind all of that, but for the sake of using Gumms, Jump's may have been necessary.

As German Kelners/Kellers (Swabia, same as Cellers/Kellers) have a key in colors reversed from the five of Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's, and because they were first found in L'Aquila, the eagle heads above are suspect with a family in L'Aquila. English Kelners/Kilners have a giant eagle.

The seller in the dream was a salesman too, and Salesmans have an eagle-version of the Boast/Bois Coat! Zikers, look at the timing of that realization, just after God verified with David Dunn that Boists/Bois' apply. The Salesman eagle is colors reversed from the Tromp eagle and the Celler/Keller eagle heads. AND, the Salesman eagle is used by English Bush's in the colors and format of Cheneys.

The only deep-state importance I can attach to Mathers'/Matters', that could go with Zlochevsky, is that Javier Solana, whom we've not heard from in a while, was a MADARiaga. Solana with Mr. Madariaga were roughly the visible leaders of the European Union, and the EU flag has stars in Madariaga-star colors, colors reversed from the Mathers / Shoe stars.

As Mathers' share the Crest of Scottish Drummonds, perhaps the giant Solana sun is closely related to the sun of Bradys. The Grady variation of Bradys could indicate a Podebrady / Drummond merger with the Greats, for the latter are from Gratian the Elder, whose bloodline used the gold border, for example the Justine's, first found in Perthshire with Drummonds. Solana's and Madariaga's have the gold border too.

Solana-like Slains (Brady / Pointer colors) have a "comite" motto term like the "Commit" of Suns/Sinclairs. Justine's are kin of Assi's (Shetland, same as Yells sharing a black fesse with Yellows), who share the fasces with Sorrys (Soros is expected to be part with Zlochevsky). Greats are also GREEPs because they are a branch of Grazio's who in-turn share the pomegranate with French Crispins/CREPins, and then English Crispins (known Clare's = SinCLAIRs) were first found in Oxfordshire with Yellows.

Two Tweety Birds Merge

I HAVE IT. Back to the question of linking the gTweets to Trump, though I don't yet have a way to prove that the Tweet fish is the Shark-line fish. I have the Camille Coat burned in my mind, a rare gold-on-silver fesse that is shared by Tweets. Camille entered my discussions as per Camille Brady, an old friend, and while Bradys are from Podebrady, German, Camille-like Camels were first found in Bohemia (surprise), origins of Trump-like Drummonds, first found in HAMburg, beside Trumps and Griffins of Pomerania. Hams were first found in Sussex with Tromp-beloved Acorns.

Irish Griffins share the giant Camel griffin, and to this we can add that while Acorns and their variations look like Corn liners, Corns share the chevron of Camps who in turn have griffin heads in the colors of the Camel griffin, explaining why Camps were first found in Yorkshire with same-colored Campbells/CAMMELLs (all in Brady colors). Val Trompia is beside BRIXia, and German Camels have one of the Brix/Brest lozenges. Therefore, since the gold-on-silver fesse of Camille's is a rare and reserved color scheme, there is a good chance that the Camille fesse is closely related to the same fesse of Tweets.

Corn-like Corners have a red griffin, the colors of Pomerania's griffin. Corner are listed with variations said to be from GARDners, and Val Trompia is off the shore of lake Garda. The Corner sword is that of Mochs/Mochers, and I trace the latter to Mokissos north of lake Tatta while Tweet liners include Teets/TATE's. The Corners also share the single fleur-de-lys of Trade's. And the Trade Towers would be called, by Tweety Bird, the Twade Towers.

It's perhaps by Design that Tweets share twin estoiles in Chief (different colors) with Twins/Twains. It's funny that while "twane" is Tweety Bird's pronunciation of "train," Trains share the giant lion of English Griffins. The latter were in Cheshire so as to probably be sharing the Legh lion, and then Leggs have a giant stag head in the colors of the giant Trump stag head. The same lion is used by Things/Tyne's, whom I took from the "think" motto term of Tweeds, for the Tweed and Teviot rivers are near the Tyne rivers. The Tyne river(s) is in the Tooth motto term, "obTINEbit," because Tooths share the white Lauder griffin, though Tooths throw in a red griffin too. I can see why Tooths are going to figure key below.

In the cartoon, Tweety Bird belongs to Granny, and then Crannys share the crane with Sharks. Granny has a cat, Sylvester, who wants to eat Tweety Bird, just like the shark was eating the bulldog in the dream. I often said that the shark looked like a nasty, cartoon-character shark. The twin towers were purchased by Sylvester-like Mr. Silverstein shortly before 9-11, and everyone who accepts the hard truth of that event knows that Silverstein was committing an unfathomable crime with powerful backers protecting him from prosecution.

There is an Italian Silvester surname having a split Shield, with half the Shield having the same eagle as per the split Tromp Shield. What are the chances? Did God intend to bring the cartoon Tweety Bird into this shark discussion? I have called Trump, Tweety Bird, a few times over the years; my search feature shows the phrase in 11 updates starting at the end of 2017. I didn't know that the Tweet surname could connect to Trump until now.

Italian Silvesters even have an illegal silver-on-gold fesse, colors reversed from the now-illegal gold-on-silver fesse of Tweets (it's illegal to have metal on metal). I would afford an exclamation mark if the white Sylvestor rose was in both colors of the Jump rose. Tweety Bird would say, "I tawt I taw a puddy tat!" "Tat" can go to Teets/Tate's and branches, and Taws happen to share the gyronny of Campbells/Cammells while it's Camille's who share the Tweety fesse.

Silvio's share the Bird rose, which in this context can point to the faked planes used for 9-11 (they were pasted into videos, so easy to do both before and after the date of disaster; get smart). As Silvio's share the vertically-split Shield of Spades', can the following suggest that Silvio's are a pointer to Silverstein? Repeat from above:

I've known that there are heraldic spots, but I've never found a Spot-like surname. I was just looking for a Spuds-like surname, but couldn't find one, until I found the Spades', and they use counterchanged spades having mascles as the handles, and one of the two mascles is the Bully / Hain mascle!!! That cannot be a coincidence. I declare, God wants badly for the reader to believe that he gave both the 1979 dream, and the barbecue win for the Kilpatricks and their team.

[Insert -- We interrupt regular programming to bring you a SPECIAL PULLETIN, READ ALL ABOUT IT. Mr. Silverstein is Larry by first name. He's the one who admitted on TV, that we decided to "pull it" in regards to Building 7. He was lying, of course, and every newscaster and media boss knew it. It was impossible to decide, on 9-11, to pull the building down, and then to make it fall by dinner time. Larrys/Laurie's were first found in Dumfries with Bullys and Hains, and so gawk at the Larry/Laurie motto, to see if you see some clue that God may have arranged: "RePULLulat."

ASTOUNDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to be very happy that I know by heart that the Larrys/Laurie's share the Lowry/GLORY Coat. (I kid you not, that while I was writing "Lowry" just now, and just as I had finished writing it, Susan Boyle sang "glory" in her song, "I Can Only Imagine.") I happened to load the Saffers/Savarys just to check their motto, for I know by heart that they have a unicorn-version of the Silverstein Coat, and their in the motto was "gloriosa"!!!! NO COINCIDENCE.

Plus, after I wrote "and in their motto was," I went off this page to get the spelling of "gloriosa," but the Lowry/Glory Coat was loaded onto the browser, and just as I went to click back to the Saffer/Savary Coat, the next song, after Susan Boyle's, sang "I'll fly away, oh glory"! This song is by cancer victim, Joey Feek, and the song is, "I'll Fly Away." Feeks/Figgs/Ficke's (Cambridgeshire) are roughly in Bush colors and format.

I can now show how Feeks were kin round-about with Fowlers sharing the three gold lions of Silversteins (though on different-colored backgrounds). If you agree with this exercise, note that Feeks entered the discussion by a songline miracle, no other reason, smack at the Silverstein topic. Silversteins and Saffers both use a blue-vaired fesse, as do Hookers. From the latter's write-up: "'The original name of the family was Vowell, but in the fifteenth century members of it called themselves Vowell alias Hooker or Hoker...'" Loading Vowells, we find Fowells/Phowells and white, pierced stars, the Feek/Figg symbol too. I recalled Henry Fowler. Fowlers (owl) are said to be from FOGHelers, and Feeks/Figgs are showing the Fogg Coat exactly. The latter has a unicorn head, the Saffer symbol, in Crest! That's it, we're done. Do you think God arranged Joey Feek in particular to sing "glory" just at the right time?

Foleys/Sharey's are again roughly in Bush colors and format. End insert]

Gyronny, which is used in the Arms of Gironde, can thereby be code for the Ground variation of Granny-like Crannys. The Arms above has the lion of gyronny-like Gernons, however, so that Gernons can be included in that heraldic symbol. The Gernon lions happen to be those of Silversteins (blue vair) too (probably the lion of blue-vair Roberts and Cheshire's Propers/Roberts/Robins). Again, the latter have a version of the Saffer/SAVARy Coat, and I think that God is intending for a pointer of the "PerSEVERantia" motto term of Tooths to the Silverstein-Savary relationship. It explains why I had a nagging, depressing belief that God was giving me a bad tooth...for an important reason that would one day make me happy.

As I said, my bad molar had a fistula BUMP on the gum that would release a little PUS every few weeks to remove bacteria in the tooth. I hated trying to find why Tooths might be related to Gumms, because it was an ongoing task without much success. But the task was kept on the back burner until, one day, the Bump surname was loaded to find both of the Tooth griffins on what could be the split Shield of Dossier's/D'Hosier's. But the thrill was in the BumPUS variation, perfect for the bump releasing pus, how about that. When was the last time you could be thrilled about a bad tooth?

By that time, I had found the only toothed cat I know of in one Comey Coat. The molar-like Molers happen to have the Roten hexagram, such a sense of humor doth God have. He mad my molar rotten to point to Rodhams/Roddens, didn't he? Yes, and, to boot, Mollers ("VirTUTE") are listed with Muellers. That's when I felt I had discovered that the shark's teeth were a symbol of the Rodham-Comey-Mueller attack on Trump. When the tooth split perfectly in half, that's when I lumped Stefan Halper in with the shark's teeth, for Halpers/HALFpennys are a branch of Halps/Halfs, and Trump was exactly half into the shark's mouth.

For your interest, the Rhone-like Roens have almost the same gyronny as Campbells/Cammells (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes') and Taws, and Rotens look like Rhodanus = Rhone elements, for the Germans call their Swiss stretch of the Rhone, Rotten.

Okay, so the Comeys have a toothed cat, not a toothed shark, but here a cat can come up importantly as per Sylvester. The BumPuss' suggest a Bump merger with cat-using Puss'/Pussys. "I did, I did tee a pussy tat."

It just so happens that Pussys have three fesses only in the colors of the three, fesse-wise trumpets of Calls. Calling all fat cats, calling all fats cats, shark on the loose. Get rid of your money, and your money lust; be a partner with Jesus today.

"...the source of the South Tyne is very close to those of the TEES." Tweety Bird would say: "I did! I did TEE a puddy tat!" The Tee's/Tease's/Thys' have the Annas star on a version of the Pierro/Pero Coat for an Annas-of-Israel link to the Laevi of Pavia. To the anti-Christs, this surname must be like a trophy.

I almost missed it: English Sylvesters have a sea lion as likely code for Sea's, and the latter not only have the triple, wavy Drummond fesses, but a fish in the colors of the Kidney/Gedney fish! The shark was in a kidney-shaped swimming pool, and while the Arms of Saraca's and the Geds have a white-on-blue fish, Kidneys/Gedneys and Sea's have it colors reversed. After I jumped into the pool, the shark scene ended, but I was instantly in a blue body of water that could only be the sea (small lakes are not blue).

Geds were proto-Geddes, and the Geddes' have gold fish heads in both colors of the Butt/Boet fish. The Tweets have a gold fish too. We got here by Sylvester the cat. Maybe Twump does know something about the Twade Towers that the shark is afraid he'll tell about.

Back to the Arms of Gironde having the same gyronny as the Scottish PicARDs, for cavity-like Cavetts/Cheve's were first found in Picardy. As Picards have a gold border in the Crest, PICards must have been Justine-of-Picenum liners merged with the Arduinici that I see in neighboring Artois. Arduinici were at Ivrea on the same BAUTica river as Cheve-like Chivasso. The Butts/Boets (Biden branch) above seem to apply, and, by the way, the Things/Tyne's we saw above are also BOTville's.

Near Chivasso is the Cavett-like Cevetta river at Cheve-line Ceva. Luis of Ceva was mother to Alice of Saluzzo, and the Vasto's who ruled Saluzzo are suspect with the Fasts and the Fausts/FISTs. Do you see it? It seems that God took the pains to connect the FISTula bump in some way to Vasto's of the Cevetta theater. Don't ask me why. The bump disappeared after the tooth split in half, for when the filling fell out as a result, I was able to brush the bacteria away that was growing between the tooth and the filling.

The Cavett-like Capets/Capes' were first found in London with the Tooths. Swedish Londins share a gold border with the Picard Crest, and the blue-and-white Picard gyronny is used in pale-blue and white by Scottish Londons (see a normal-blue gyronny with Lundys). It looks like Tooths were related to Faust/Fist liners, and we can catch a glimpse here of the Caiaphas line. Londons use a "sum" motto term while Picardy is on the Somme river. The horseshoe of Swedish Londins can be the one of the Moray Randolphs, for Picards were first found in Moray. English Randolphs were from the Meschins who birthed Ranulph de Gernon, and Gernons are the ones who share the lion in the Arms of Gironde (has Picard and London gyronny). The same lion is shared by Irish Londys/Lundys...and Silversteins. Was the British government in London involved in 9-11?

The Cavett-like Capote's have the Chief-Shield colors of the Valiants that figure important right now. If you take the time to compare the Tromps, Acorns, and Vaills/FALLs (see the fall below), you can see why this picture can be to the VAILLant surname from which shark-using Valiants (Yorkshire, same as Jumps) are said to descend. Go ahead, I'll wait.

There is a French Vaillant surname (new to me) using a giant sun, and it's "point" motto term reveals relationship to the finger pointing to the sun of Bradys and Babe's (Dorset, same as POOLs. Lorraine, my girlfriend (age 24) was given a babe symbol, and here I find Vaillants first found in Lorraine. She pointed to the Bush's in multiple ways. The "ne" motto term of French Vaillants recalls that the British bulldog walked right past my leg at KNEE height and JUMPed or FELL into the POOL. It's speed was a normal walk so that it could have been a jump or a FALL. I think both apply. Knee's share the black stag head with Acorns and Vaills/Falls.

Some of you may know that the 9-11 memorial (2002) is why I often tell that Stanleys (Cambridgeshire, same as Feeks/Figgs) share the bend of Knee's. It can be added here that the new-to-me Vaillants have a "change" motto term like the "changer" of Stanleys. Change's/Changers (Hampshire, same as Drummond-related Sturs/STOWers) have triple bends in colors reversed from the same of STOW/Stouts, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys. Wasn't Loose Change the biggest video of its time to convince much of the world that 9-11 was an inside job? This is the first time that Loose Change has come to mind, even though I've known about the "changer" motto term of Stanleys for years, and even though I've thought that Stanley, who sat in my seat at the 9-11 memorial, was a pointer to Morgan-Stanley's floors in one of the twin towers.

NOW, finally, Stanley's importance at the memorial comes out: German Loose's share the MORGAN lion!!! God is making it plain that He is behind the unveiling of 9-11 as a fraud, through Loose Change and other videos too numerous to count, almost all being suppressed by google. But, now, through this heraldic work, He's pointing to Morgan Stanley as an accomplice with the disaster. We should spit into Trump's face for covering for that gigantic crime. The fiends responsible are still roaming the land enjoying their pursuit of happiness.

[See next update for continuation of Stanley at the memorial]

And Bongino is too committed to "going places" (making money, becoming politically powerful) to risk being an open 9-11 truther. Nor will he speak out against the vaccines...for fear of losing his Fox contract, I assume. Leave a big cancer untreated when power is in your hands to treat it, and it might eat you too (i.e. God might not protect you). Trump has learned that by now. The Fox boss is a cancer, and has hired cancerous managers who cover certain truths. The longer they cover with all the powers they have, the more shame to them on shine-the-light day. That day will arrive for all of us, as surely as we breath.

English Loose's are probably more important than I now realize. They have the fleur-de-lys of Cake's/CakeBREADs (Podebrady again), first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys. These Loose's have both of the Kilpatrick saltires, and when Stanley took my seat, he was sitting beside Mrs. Kilpatrick. Does that not look like another pointer to Loose Change?

Patricks, with a Kilpatrick saltire, were first found in Norfolk with English Luce's. Patricks are said to descend from Lundy-like Lande, and Lands have gyronny in the colors of the Campbell/Cammell gyronny. French Luce's (= Epstein Coat) were first found in Picardy, and gyronny-using Picards were suspect with Justine of Picenum, who married Vaillant-like Valentinian I. Ahh, heraldry always spills the beans eventually. Luce's share the gyronny of Hoppers, I reckon, because the Hopper tower is colors reversed from the towers of English Londons.

It's known that Lundys / Londons were related to Sibals, from Cibalae, birthplace of Valentinian I.

Proof of Kos Liners

Instead of adding an insert above at the Cousins, I thought I'd do this find here. I had noticed that the Ches' have Bibo colors, making Ches' suspect as a Kiss/Cush / Cass/Cast branch, which in turn makes it a Kos-line suspect. I therefore loaded "Cheston" to find that Ches' came up. I then loaded "CASTon" to find Costons with the Child Coat (!), first found in Norfolk with Coston-like Cousins/Cosins and Marsi-like Marrys! Super, for Childeric was the first, verifiable Merovingian king, tending to prove that Cosins are indeed Merops-of-Kos liners.

But there was more, for as I see heraldic "flaunCHES" as code for Flints/Flans (Ches colors) and Ches' together, Stone's were loaded as per the flint stones of Flints, and there in the Stone Coat was the same eagle as Diss'/Dice's, from Diss of Norfolk: "the family of Lucie was made by Henry I of the lordship of Dice". The Diss/Dice' Coat is a gold version of the Tarent Coat, and the latter is a colors reversed version of the Child / Caston/Coston Coat (shares Cousin chevron). Repeat from above: "Kiss'/Cush's share the Coat of Cass'/Cash's while Case's/Casse's, first found in Norfolk with Dice's/Diss', use a "DIStantia" motto term..." It looks like we just won the casino, for Spanish Casino's are in Ches/Cheston colors.

(Off topic -- I'm wondering why Italian Casino's, a branch of Cassandra's/Casano's, have triple fesses in the colors of the triple fesses of Change's/Changers for a related reason? The latter were first found in Hampshire was Cassane's (share Epstein chevrons). Can this picture point to Loose Change somehow? Amazingly, Stanleys ("changer") can be a branch of Stans/Stants expected in the "diSTANTia" motto term of Case's/Casse's!!! Incredible. This find, not known when I started this paragraph, comes right after the Larry-Silverstein / Loose Change discoveries. The Silverstein Coat is very connectable to blue-vair Roberts, and to Cheshire's Propers/Roberts/Robins. The latter have a gold key in mouth, and the bendlets of Kays / Keys (gold key in mouth) are also those of Case's/Casse's. There we have a distinct pointer to Silverstein with use of Case's just after we found one with use of Case's above that. It may not be off-topic if Ches' liners can somehow point to 9-11 criminals. Are Casino's a pointer to Trump.)

There's more, for the motto of Stone's (share dog with Carricks and Crags) is that of Carrick-branch Craigie's (same place as Carricks), and the motto is, "Vive ut vivas," very traceable to VIBia, mother of Lupus Laevillus, which is where I trace Bibo's. Proto-Carrick Craigs use "vivo." Crags use LEAVES. Stone's have a version of the GATES Coat while Laevillus ruled CETIS. Vibia was from a Vibius bloodline in her father.

There's more, for while Laevillus and QUADratilla birthed proto-Carrick Charax Proculus, Diss'/Dice's were at DepWADE, and Wade's are listed with QUADE's, couldn't ask for more than that! Yet there is more, for while "proveDEBIT" looks like it goes with DEPwade and with the Provett variation of Prophets/Profetts, the latter are in the colors of the flint stones. The last time Prophets were mentioned, this was said:

Prophets share the giant leg with Prime's, and Primo's were first found in Burgundy with Mochs/Mochers, Merops like Mars/Mere's, and cushion like Cussons! Cospatricks/Gospatricks were at MochRUM, and Rums were first found in Dumfries with cushion-using Kilpatricks...The owl in the Prime Coat can reveal that COSpatricks/Gospatricks are from Kos.

Diss is a location at the Norfolk-Suffolk border, and the Diss/Dice chevron is in the colors of the three of Clarus-line Clare's, first found in Suffolk, which tends to reveal a close Kos relationship with the false-prophet cult of Muksus = Mopsus of Clarus.

Meschins of CHEShire married Clare's when they married RUMillys of Skipton, which begs whether MochRUM was a Rumilly element. Skiptons share the purple lion with Veys/VIVians (Cornwall, same as Stone's), discernible as a branch of FIVE's and Fife's, thus having the potential to trace Vibia's bloodline to the naming of Fife. Lviv in Ukraine is at the Bug rivers, and Bugs were discovered with Bucks, I think, earlier in this update, when finding Buckbys/Bugbys. At that time, Buckie's were mentioned because they are buckets too while Bugs use bougets.

WOW, it just so happens that French Buckets share the Stone fleur-de-lys, tending to WILDLY verify that the Stone motto, "Vive UT vivas," is for Lviv, for while I identify the Neuri on the Bug river with a line from Nahor (Abraham's brother), Nahor's first-listed son is, UTs, no kidding at all. He's usually called, Uz, but if I recall correctly, the Hebrew spelling is, "Uwts." INCREDIBLE FIND, thanks to Quincys of Buckby. Quince-like Quintana's/Quinto's use dice, and the Diss/Dice chevron is colors reversed from the same of Quints. Nahor's fourth listed son is Kesed, and Kiss-/ Cast-like Kists have roses in Bus- / Hamelton-cinquefoil colors, just a thought because I've never had Kesed in mind.

An interesting observation now is how the LIVius line, married by Servilia Caepionis, granddaughter of QUINTus Caepio, can be to the naming of Lviv. Was it previously, Liviv? It makes sense.

Cheshire's were loaded while studying the Ches'. What I thought were lion paws in the Chester Coat now look like wolf paws because they are in the colors of the Welfs/Wolfs/LUPUS', first found in Cheshire. That is, Welfs/Wolfs look like they are from Lupus Laevillus i.e. the line to Ches'/Chestons. Meschins ruled at Cheshire's CHESTer. Ches'/Chestons were first found in BUCKinghamshire with same-colored Simsons.

The Fiddle's/Fidelows, suspect in the "Semper FIDELis" motto term in the Arms of Lviv, use wolf heads. What are the chances? Herodotus of Caria (from Budini-like Bodrum) said that Neuri became wolves once annually. Did they wear wolf fur or something in annual ceremonies? That was the symbol of Leto and Artemis. Doesn't it look like Lupus Laevillus was partly from Nahorites? Could "fideLIS" be part code for the Lise variation of Lys', first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's and Caiaphas-like Chappes? Why do Fiddle-like Vitals/Vidalle's have the same black dogs as Carricks and leaf-using Crags?

As Kos liners are expected from Esau's Edomites, recall how Esau got suspect with an "Esse" motto term, for Esse's are listed with Ash's (two of the three Levi chevrons?). It just so happens that Vive's are listed with VivASH's/FiveAsh's. The latter are in the colors and format of Life's/Leafs/Leve's (Kos-studded Norfolk) sharing the leaves of Crags (colors included). Nahor's second-listed son, Buz, must be in the "omniBUS" motto term of Esse's/Ash's. Vivians come up as Veys, Dutch Veys use a boot. Bute's/Boets are linkable to the fish of Cetis- / Gates-like Geddes'.

It appears that Lviv was a line from Laevillus or one of his siblings, or perhaps from an earlier or later Vibius family. The "Semper" motto term in the Arms of Lviv is excellent, because Sempers are Pierre's, probably from Pierro's/Pero's (version of Butt/Boet Coat!), first found in Pavia, a city founded by LAEVIluus-like Laevi!!! MOST EXCELLENT RESOLUTION. I've been trying to prove a Laevillus ancestry in Laevi for years. For all I know, significant or noble Laevi were gone from the Pavia area by the time of Laevillus i..e Laevillus descended from Laevi, not vice-versa.

Laevillus' wife descended from Tiger-suspect Tigranes VI, and there is a tiger in the Vive/Fiveash Crest. The Vive/Fiveash Coat is in Mackay colors and format, and may be using the Mackay wreath, important because one of the Irish Mackays shares the Quade/Wade wolf heads. Perfect.

It dawns on me here that Webbers can be Vibia liners, and, checking, the Webbers are the ones have a blue hurt in Crest but called a, disk or disc (forget which), possible code for Diss/Dice liners. Duncans (same chevron as Diss'/Dice's) use a "Disce" motto term, and Carricks were from Duncan Carrick. Duncans were first found in the Fife theater. Minus their chevron, Duncans are in the colors and format of dice-using Quintana's/Quinto's. Duncan-branch Donkeys take us to donkey-using Chamberlains in Diss/Dice colors and format. The "ProDESSE" motto term of Chamberlains can be of D'Esse Court in the Ash write-up.

As was said, the black boar was anciently said to be a symbol of Edom, and ASHtons happen to have a black boar head. They also have a "Quid" motto term that's a surname listed with Quade's/Wade's.

Kolomoisky's Under Investigation

Loading BCP's first video of August 7, he had some little-known news on Igor Kolomoisky's corruption within the United States. There was an investigation into these money matters, but the Obama administration canceled the investigations. The same video may have some good news on the Seth-Rich case.

The world learned early in August that the FBI is back into investigating Kolomoisky's money laundering, in particular in Cleveland and Miami. I surely didn't expect this of Wray, and so maybe Barr has given the nod.

Authorities in Cleveland told The Plain Dealer and last year that authorities have been involved in a wide-ranging investigation involving Kolomoisky, whom one analyst called one of Ukraine’s most controversial figures.

Kolomoisky is a principal of the Privat Group, a large Ukrainian business company. Principals of the business also part of Optima. In a lawsuit filed last year in Delaware, Kolomoisky was accused of laundering hundreds of millions of dollars through real estate holdings in the United States.

FBI agent Vicki Anderson and IRS agent Craig Casserly declined to discuss the case.

...The lawsuit in Delaware alleges that Kolomoisky and others formed PrivatBank in the early 1990s... [looks like the Clinton administration].

From 2006 through 2016, Kolomoisky and others 'used PrivatBank as their own personal piggy bank – ultimately stealing billions of dollars from PrivatBank and using United States entities to launder hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of PrivatBank’s misappropriated loan proceeds,' according to the lawsuit.

Law suits started in 2016 under Obama, but, as was said, Obamaites canceled the investigations. They didn't resume until Rosenstein and Sessions were subdued. There is a Privat surname listed with Prewitts (share raven with Rice's), and it was first found in Carmarthenshire with Rice's, and with the Johns sharing the Privat/Prewitt motto. As Kolomoisky is the one with a shark tank, it's interesting that the dream with shark had the rising scene pointing to Rice-suspect Rhizon, beside or amid the Shark-line Saraca's.

BCP says that PrivatBank is the "controlling shareholder" of Burisma gas; the latter took on Hunter Biden to seek protection against law suits. Joe Biden delivered. Earlier in the update: "Welsh Rice's have a "SeCRET" motto term while Crets share Creight variations, and the Creights share the Biden fesse too." The Creight's are the ones with a "dine" term buried in their motto, and Dine's/Diens took us to crocodile Dene's, the pointer to Burisma's visible owner.

Crets have triple bends in the colors of the bendy of Pings/Pongs/Pagans, a branch of Payne's, and then the latter share the full motto of Casserlys, a surname of the IRS agent in the quote above. Unless Mr. Casserly is a big deal in the Kolomoisky investigations, I'll probably disregard this paragraph. On the other hand, this update emphasized Kiss'/Cush's, a branch of Cass', thanks to Andrea, and while she pointed to Soros, we also had the Andersons in the discussion while Casserly is mentioned along with FBI officer, Vicki Anderson. Vicki's have a pointed hat in Crest, and the "female FIGURE" of Darlene's, which holds a book, is partly suspect with VICKERs because they share a red fitchee with Darlene's.

Hmm, Darlene the ice-cream girl worked at KNOB HILL Farms grocers, and knowing now that Hillarys were first found in Worcestershire with HILLs and the Clinton-liner Clent Hills, I've just got to say that Vickers share the brown tree stump with Rodhams/RODDENs. Then, Knobs can be gleaned with the Rothschild/RODDENstein arrow, especially as Darlene and Allison BAUER (= proto-Rothschild surname) were my back-to-back girlfriends both from Knob Hill Farms. As I said many times, Miss Bauer left me for a fellow worker, Mr. Denardo, and the NARbonne variation of Denardo's was recently gleaned as an entity from the Naro river, also called the Nardo-like NERETva, and Nerets happen to share the Coat of Crets.

Plus, the Neretva was not far from the island of Vis, and while Vise's are Vice's too. Vickers/Vicers seem to apply. The Neretva was not from Saraca's a Ragusa, and Sarasins, first found in Brittany with Nerets, have the Vallant moline while I took the first ice-cream girl (Darlene was the second ice-cream girl) out on our first date with a Valiant car, only to learn decades later that Valiants use a shark on what could be the Wray Shield, for Darlene's surname was either Ray or Wray.

Vis, which is Issa on the map above, is beside PHARia, and Knob Hill FARMs was recently solved as a pointer to Ferme's/Pharms having the giant anchor of Scottish Fare's/PHARE's in colors reversed. Irish Fare's/Phare's have the giant Sarasin moline, can we believe it? And French Fare's/Phare's share the bend of Rodhams! Miss Bauer left me while we were in the parking lot, and Parkings are listed with Perkins. I saw her get into Denardo's car while I sat on the hood of my car, and German Hoods share the giant anchor of Ferme's/Pharme's. The "Cornish chough" bird of English Hoods is in the color and design of the "black birds" of Allisons. She is Allison Bauer.

PrivatBank's board members are also on the board of OPTIMA Management Group, which was raided this past week by the FBI. Surnames with an "optima" motto term include Salmons (might just have the Saraca fish) and Millers, the latter having the Sarasin Coat in colors reversed. Is that not amazing? We were looking for a shark link to Kolomoisky, and thar she is. German Millers are listed with Muellers. Meullers use snips while Snipe's were Clinton kin sharing portcullis gates with Yates'. Sallys/Sale's are probably a branch of Salmons and Salemans. Sally Yates' Obama's last DoJ chief.

The Salmons / Salesmans are very interesting here because the yellow-mattress dream has pointed to the Burisma owner. As I said, the dream started by my entering a fake retail store. That it, it was in business with a front that covered over some corruption. "Igor Kolomoisky has accumulated more than a quarter of a billion dollars in US investments through a chain of front companies which stretch from several American states to Miami, Florida, to Cyprus, and to the Caribbean." These front companies may or may not be like retail stores, but the similarity is there.

They were Michael's kids who jumped on the mattress, and Salmons were first found in Cumberland and Surrey. Michaels, in Salmon and Matter colors, were first found in Surrey with Salesmans, and Surreys are also Shark-like Sarks.

The article with the quote above has much detail on Kolomoisky's American interests, and even says that he's an Israeli citizen. I'm wondering why he chose the locations he did for venturism. Why Kentucky? Why Texas? Why Ohio? Note Mordechai Korf, the chief of Miami's Optima location:

CIF was established in 2009 by Cleveland businessman, Eddy Zai (right), a year after Kolomoisky and Korf started buying Cleveland real estate. US court documents and an FBI release indicate that Zai and his companies were investigated for fraud and bribery, and by 2013 Zai had been convicted, sentenced to prison, and ordered to pay $23 million in restitution.

The Korf surname is also KORVer, like the "corvos" motto term of Privats/Prewetts. It seems arranged by God. For what it could be worth: Italian Corves' have a giant raven, and the raven-using Tate's share the single, blue pale bar of English Corves'/Corfe's...and Roxburghs too, beside TEETs/Tate's. The shark had nasty TEETH, and the Shark-line Saraca's were pointed to by the woman rising, while Privats/Prewetts were first found in Carmarthenshire with Rice's. Sharks use a crane, code for the Ceraunii, the latter highly suspect in naming Croatians, whom I traced with Sorbs and Serbs to the mythical crow (Coronis) years before knowing of the Ceraunii. Crane-using Grounds/Cranny use the elephant, and the Elaphiti islands are beside Ragusa. Coronis was a Lapith, like "ELAPHITi." Her brother was Keon-like Ixion, and Keons / Keens share the Arms of Saraca fish while Keons have a Coat like that of Neils, the latter first found in Tyrone with Sharks.

Corf-like Corbetts, sharing the Privat/Prewitt motto ("Deus pascit corvos") have a giant raven on Shield, and an elephant in the Crest. "'The first Corbet came from Shropshire and settled in Teviotdale..." The Teviot river is related to the Teviot-like Tweed river of Berwickshire, and Tweed-branch Teets/Tate's were first found in Berwickshire. Tweets (fish) were first found in Peebles near the source of the Teviot (tributary of the Tweed), and the PELICAN in the Tweet Crest is good for this discussion because its of PELAGonia elements while Coronis was the daughter of the Lapith, PHLEGyas. The Teviot meets the Tweed near Lauder, and Lauders share the Tooth griffin.

The Teviot-like Twitch/TWIG surname happens to share the triple bends of Nerets and Crets, which recalls the day when a powerful gust blew down my dead hardwood tree directly toward my door, with TWIGs (all less than a half-inch thick) bouncing off the driveway (had over a foot of snow) and blown against my front DOOR (I heard them crash because I was just ten feet from this door at the time). Daorsi, from fish-depicted mythical Doris the NEREID, lived on the NERETva.

I had prayed that God would take it down for me a few months earlier, because for two years or more, I was afraid of cutting it down due to it's leaning toward the garage. The wind snapped it about 20 feet up so that it didn't reach the house. Imagine the wind force needed to snap a 10-inch trunk of hardwood, with no leaves left to catch the wind force, and dead only for two or three years (the bark was still on it). It seemed like a miracle. I left a stump about a foot high, and has since been growing a new tree from a twig out the side of the stump.

As I had a twitch under my right arm at the time (comes and goes to this day), I noted to readers that Obama's grandfather was an Armour on one side, for Armours (Berwickshire, same Teets/Tate's) share the white helmet of Twitch's/Twigs. Obama's grandfather, if I recall correctly, married Miss Payne, and Payne's share the motto of Casserlys while Armours use a "Cassis" motto term. Armors also use "TUTissima" while the two Tute surnames (one in the Hicks motto) can be linked to Tate-like Tattons. Irish Tute's/Toots (Norfolk, same as Twaits/Thweats and Dunhams) are even Tweet-like Tuits. It just so happens that while the Ardiaei were on the Neretva river too, they had a queen, Teuta and TriTEUTa. Teuta, if I recall correctly, conquered Vis (or tried to).

So, this bit of Kolomoisky news this week is pointing well to my shark elements, and we can add that the Korfs/Corvers/Coevers have the Hicks fleur-de-lys while Ixion is suspect from the Hyksos. By some coincidence or not, I claim that the Hyksos named Biblical Moses, and while Moses' are also Moys, "KoloMOIsky" looks rooted in "Moi." Note that Crane's/Crauns have a Coat like that of Hicks. Miss Hicks pointed to Rhizon, right?

There's a Rising Reason for Fox and Friends

Here's what I just added to the 3rd update of last month, after tracing Ainsley Earhardt to Dardanian elements at / near Rhizon: "Update August 8 -- can you believe this? HERZOGovina is a dog's walk from Ragusa, and therefore near Rhizon. Earhardts have looked like kin of Herzogs!" TriTEUTA was a Dardanian princess married to an Ardiaei king. Ainsleys share the Korf/Corver fleur-de-lys too, as do PHAR/Farrs (Yorkshire, same as Hicks), and Pharia and Vis are off the Croatian coast from the mouth of the Neretva! (The Phar/Farr Crest has a red maunch-sleeve, the colors of the Tony and Toner maunch.)

Herzegovina is beside MonteNEGRO, and Negro's' use "EARs of wheat."

The Coever variation of Korfs is like the Coverts, first found in Sussex with the Hams sharing the fish of Kane's/Cains (Keons are also McCains), and with elephant-using Mascals. Coverts have a fesse colors reversed from the Cravens said to be from an old Craun-like Crauen surname. It's begging whether such surnames as Coffers and Hoffer/Hovers were from the Coever variation of Korfs.

Vis is suspect to Vise'/Vice's, first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts, and Vickers with Darlene's share the Craven fitchee while Coverts/Cofferts share the gold leopard face with Darlene-branch Darlingtons. Hoffers/Hovers have leopard faces too. Vise's/Vice's share the black stag head with Knee's, and Hicks / Earhardt started to rise as soon as I touched her knee. I have seen ARDiaei, highly suspect to Arts, Harts, EarHARDTs, and Hartzogs/Herzogs, stamped at Rhizon instead of at the Neretva. But they were on the Neretva, according to their Wikipedia article.

This is why the woman is also Ainsley Earhardt, for we need the Ainsleys to make the connection to Hicks and to Pharia. Proto-Pharisees can be suspect from Pharia, and then there was Pharisee-like Pharnaces of the Pontus while Pontus-liner CHAPmans share the Tute/Tout crescent. "PharNACES" could have developed from his being of Nysus elements, for he even married Nysa. He lived around the time Pharisees appeared with Maccabees in Israel, and Maccabee-Herods had ruled Armenia (beside the Pontus) with Tigranes IV. The Farsi Iranians were vying for power in that domain at those times, and a Farsi entity, the Archelaus' of CAPPadocia (like "Chapman"), married the early Herods. Cappadocia encroached upon the lake TATTa theater, and the first Herod is known to descend from Aretas III, a potential Ardiaei liner.

I trace Herods, on their male side, from Antipater their father to Kilpatrick-related Antipatria, making sense where Hicks love the line of queen Teuta and/or Triteuta, and where Miss Hicks = Mrs. Kilpatrick was asleep while Sleeps have two of the ermined fesses of Dardanian-line Darts/Dards (Devon, same as DARlene's sharing the VICKer/VICer and Craven fitchee). If this didn't involve Herods, why would God give the dream at all? but now it's suspect with proto-Pharisees too, out of Pharia, for while Ainsleys and Hicks share the Phar/Farr fleur, EarHARDTs look like Herod liners.

In fact, in the dream, I first saw the woman from a distance at the hood of a car. Then I saw a CLOSE-up of her face, and then I was instantly beside i.e. CLOSE to the car, at the DOOR as an apparent pointer to Daorsi. Kilpatrick castle is at CLOSEburn, and when I saw the car from a distance, we could now interpret that as FAR away as a pointer to Phars/Farrs! Perfect, for Fare's/Phare's (Cumberland, same as Dexaroi-line Daggers) have the Hood/Hope Coat in colors reversed! Hoods/Hope's were first found in Bavaria with Hartzogs/Herzogs, an extra reason to see Ainsley Earhardt at the hood of the car.

If Phars/Farrs use the Tony sleeve, note that Tonbridge's share the Saracen crescents, in colors reversed from the crescents of Devon's Hoods/Hoots (share anchor with Hoods/Hope's). Darlene's (Devon) use a version of the Cnut Coat, and Cnuts (Hope colors and format) were first found in Derbyshire with Hope's. Derbyshire traced to Derbe near Teuta-suspect lake Tatta.

After I had the dream, I always felt impressed by her looking like a lady. Some men will know what I mean by the look of a lady, all female. Darlene's use a "female figure" suspect with Vickers, and the Lady surname, which an annulet-version of the Anchor Coat, uses annulets in the colors of the annulet at the top of the Fare/Phare anchor. In the dream, i exclaimed, "she's beautiful," when I saw her close-up, and while the fare/Phar write-up is out to lunch with it's derivation, we could say that God used it to convince us that he was pointing to Fare's/Phare's, especially as Irish Fare's/Phare's share the moline of French Sarasins. English Saracens, first found in Cumberland with anchor-using Fare's/Phare's, come up as "Sarasin." The Sarasin moline is shared by Shark-connectable Vallans who in turn put it with the Tute/Tuit quadrants, perfect reason to trace Tute's to Teuta / Triteuta.

Here's from the Fare/Phare write-up: "The Phare surname is derived from the Middle English word 'fair,'...meaning 'handsome,' 'beautiful,' or 'fair.'" That derivation is simpleton garbage, but God seems to have used it when He had me exclaim, "she's beautiful." Her Sleeping-Beauty symbol pointed to Ratcliffs with Beautys/Bowoods, and the Ratcliff bull head is in red in the Anchor Crest. Angers have a blue-lozenge version of the Anchor Coat, and hangers/Angers are in the "pot hangers" of Danish Cnuts, all connectable to Hope's and Darlene's.

More: the annuLET- and Lady-like Lets/Late's happen to share the saltire of Farrs/Phars, and, to help prove that the anchor ring of Fare's/Phare's is the Lady annulet, Lets/Late's share the Saracen crescent in both colors! We are all over Shark = Saraca elements here, right?

AHHH, wow. The counterchanged Vallan moline is half in the colors of the Sarasin / Fare/Phare moline, and half in the colors of Vele moline while the latter share the Lady annulets upon it!!! Vele's were first found in Devon again, which by the way was not only home to the first-known Darts/Darts and Darlene's, but to the Moline's of Darlington-like Dartington. There appears to be a cap in the Vele Crest along with feathers, The feathers on the Vele moline are in the colors of the TOOTH feathers, how about that, we have just come to the teeth of the shark again, God's apparent code for Teuta / Triteuta liners.

Cnut was the son of FORKbeard, and Forkers (Ayrshire, same as Hare's/Hairs of the HARcourt Danes) are also FARquHARs. If I recall correctly, Forkbeard was the son of Blue TOOTH." Perhaps those Danes knew themselves to be from Teuta / Triteuta.

The Vele's above are also Vito-like Vitals, and both surnames use annulets. Vito's use a red one, color of the anchor ring of Hoods/Hope's. I would really like to know what relationship Miss Earhardt had with Hope Hicks when the latter was at Fox news. The Vele/Vital cap, if that's what it's called, reminds of the Chappes'/Cheaps, first found in Stirlingshire with ROBE's/Robbs and Bauds. The latter were pointed to by the Russian MEDALlion found on my Jeeps' hood, and Jeeps are Cheap-like Cheps too while Chapmans are Chepmans too. As Miss Hicks was at the hood of a car, note that Chapmans/Chepmans can have the crescent of Hicks-beloved Tute's/Touts. I emphasized the Robe's because the female figure of Darlene's is said to wear a robe; I'm wondering if there is more to this. Robe's/Robbs share the Cnut / Hope / Robin chevron, and then there was Robin Hood who's found in the Dalton/Alton Crest. Jeffrey Epstein was a teacher at a Dalton school, and the shark dream is still suspect upon his island.

The Stirlingshire Bauds, with the Saracen crescent, which is colors reversed from the Hood/Hoot crescents, share the quadrants of HODleys and MEDALs/Dougals. The Hodley motto term, "patria," is conspicuous here as a Kilpatrick / Patrick entity, and I'm still hoping to discover why Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag head. Does the Russian medallion apply to something in his life?

By the way, crescents can be for the Cressent surname listed with Crets, and they happen to share the triple fesses of Nerets. No guff. Cressys have lions in the colors of the lion in the Cressent/CRET Chief. Cressys are in the write-up of Markhams sharing the Chief-Shield colors of the shark-using Valiants. Markhams can therefore have the CREIGHT lion, and while Creights are also Rays, Wrays have the Chief-Shield colors of Markhams and Valiants too. Thanks to Darlene Ray/Wray, Wrays have been linked to the GORMley martlets, and Gorms are Blue's too while the Blue-Tooth Danes trace themselves back to a mythical Gorm...which I suspect with Worms, a branch of Formans/Fermans (share Fare/Phare anchor), linkable to Ferme's/Pharme's who in turn look like Farrs/Phare's / Fare's/Phare's. Firmens have anchors too, as well as the fitchee of Vickers/Vicers and the lion heads of Pharme-like Farmers.

Creights/Rays are also shown as Rie's while Rye's/Rie's, in the "ears of rye" of Saddocks/SedgeWICKs (Sussex, same as Rye's/Rie's), share the Coat, essentially, of French Fare's/Phare's (Burgundy, same as French Cressys and Rays/Reis'/Rees'). Reminder; Crets and Creights/Craith's are suspect in the motto of Rye-like Rice's/Ryes', "SeCREt et hardi." The beautiful, fair lady pointed to Rhizon. Suddenly, the Cressy lion might be the one of Privats, first found in Carmarthenshire with Rice's and Reesors'/Reece's. English Cressys were first found in Norfolk with Risings/Rysins/REISings.

As Miss Earhardt is on Fox and FRIENDs, note that Ferrands (Yorkshire, same as Formans and Firmins) share the blue-vaired patee cross (traceable to Taddei's) of Rice-branch Reesors/RAYsons having a Rhizon-like Reason variation. Welsh Reesors' have the Rice Coat but with different motto and Crest. I lived as a child in Markham on Senator Reesors drive. Reesors/Reasons are said to descend from Mr. Lincoln, and Lincolns share the giant Cressy / Privat lion. Friends/Frends have the ermined-white of Rye's/Rie's (share Fare/Phare bend), and, possibly, Frends were FARRends.

This creates another mystery if you'd like to tackle it. As Foys are listed with Foix's, note that Farrands (not "Ferrand") share a version of the BatHURST Coat ("foy") while Hursts (share red sun with Solana's) were first found in Yorkshire with Ferrands. It looks as though God is using Bathursts (patee crosses in the colors of the Farrand fleur-de-lys) to point to Fox and Friends. Farrands are also Farrents, like the surname (Ferente, I think) of a deep-state character mentioned often by Bongino. Bathursts can suggest Baths, first found in Somerset with Friends/Frends. The double fesses of Bathursts and Farrands are ermined and white, ditto with the Sleeps pointed to by Miss Earhardt when she was asleep, and Farrands were first found in Norfolk with Risings. The Friend/Frend chevron is ermined and white on red, both colors of the ermined Sleep fesses.

The MARKhams (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys) take us to the Ainsley fleur-de-lys in the Coat of English Marks who happen to share the lion of Ferrands. I think this is amazing. In colors reversed, German Marks have the vertically-split Shield of Maple's (Chives kin) and their Tarves kin, and then Markhams were at Nottinghamshire's MapleBECK. What are the chances that Becks share the Sarasin / Fare/Phare / Vallan moline? Didn't Ainsley Earhardt, on the Bech-related beach of the 1979 dream, point to all of those things? Becks were first found in Yorkshire (same as Ferrands) and Lincolnshire (same as Reesors/Reesons). I lived on a Reesors street in Markham.

Also on Reesors drive lived a schoolmate, Linda Henning (Danish). I was at her place once or twice. I especially recall talking to her through the back yard's patio DOOR (the Neretva Daorsi again?) while her parents were SLEEPING. That is cool, a new thing right here. Nothing came of it between us. I now find English Hennings, first found in Norfolk with Risings, sharing the two wavy fesses of Formans/Fermans who in turn share the Fare/Phare anchor. Daorsi were at least on-shore of Pharia.

Her parents were sleeping, the house was all dark at the time; we were sneaking a conversation late at night, she in the kitchen, me outside the door. The Parent/Parrend surname has Farrand- / Ferrand-like variations beginning with 'P'. Parants/Parents were first found in Lincolnshire with Reesors/Reasons, what are the chances??? Her parents were sleeping, and the 1979 dream pointed the sleeping lady to Rhizon.

Her first name, Linda, is like the Lindsey name of early Lincolnshire, which I trace to Lindos on Rhodes, because Rhodes', now said to be first found in Yorkshire, were for years said to be first found in Lincolnshire. In Greek myth, the Danaans were said to have been at Lindos before reaching Argos. Linda Henning was DANish!!! You Canute argue with the facts! God knows history. Hannitys/Henage's ("firme," yup), said to have lived in Hainton of East Lindsey, were first found in Lincolnshire. Irish Hannitys/Hegneys may have the mark lion, and Lindseys share checks on a fesse with French and German Marks / Marx's.

Parants/Parents even share red martlets with GORMleys while Canute and Blue-Tooth Danes descended from mythical Gorm. It was shortly after talking to Linda that night that my parents moved to Gormley. Incredible. I got goose bumps.

Parants/Parents are also PEARants, and then Perants are listed with Perrins, likely of the Perino variation of Pero's. DANA Perino of Fox's The Five!!! Watters are the chances of that? Can you believe the Ferrend-like "feriunt" motto term of Perants/Perrins? Linda Henning at our service, and there is even a Scottish Henning surname listed with the Ains/Hains (Dumfries, same as Bullys) sharing the Bully mascles.

The Perant/Perrin motto suggests Pavia, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found, which was co-founded by the Laevi and Mark-like Marici Gauls. Markham at our service, but then Marks share the fleur-de-lys of Ains-suspect Ainsleys (same place as Markhams and Annas'). Ains'/Hains were first found in Dumfries with the Ananes Gauls at Annandale, you can't get clearer than that, folks.

Miss Peare UNIONville (within Markham township) was given a belly symbol with me, which was linkable to Guts/Goods, and so it pointed to Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perino together, two regular hosts of The Five. Unions are in Friend colors and format, and they even share ermined chevrons. There was a belly event as I was sleeping with CHRISTine Peare (no sex, she was Kepke's girl at the time). I told readers repeatedly that the belly event, with her belly, "FELT so GOOD." Eventually, I would look that phrase up in surnames to find surprises.

Belly liners are in the motto of Bouillons along with Christine-like CHRISTs, and Godfrey de Bouillon was descend from Gothelo, the line to Goths/Gothels. Goods/Guts/Guths seem to apply because a belly is a gut. Plus, Spanish Guts are in Tume/Tomb colors while a gut is also a tummy. As it turned out, Felts have the Bouillon Coat in colors reversed, and Gothelo's son went to the rescue of the Peare-like Pierleoni Jews (from pope Leo Benedict). The latter were the line to Benedicts and Bennets, and while I saw Miss Peare for the last time as little as a month after I moved out of the home of the Bennett family on Bathurst avenue, Bathursts have a Coat version of FELTmans/Felthams. Watters are the chances? Baths use the Rhodes cross-with-lions in colors reversed.

As Marici were co-founders of Pavia, Dutch Bennets/Benedicts could have the Mark lion. It's colors reversed from the Fife and FIVE/Fify lion, and Fife's use an "oPERA" motto term while Pera's are listed with Pero's/Perino's, Watters are the chances??? Come on folks, fessy up, God is great, and is pointing to The Five even though no one on that show gives glory to Jesus. What's God up to? Gregs were first found in Fife, this is cracking my gut. The Greg Coat even looks linkable to that of Felt-like Flets/Flatts, and Fleets (Lincolnshire, no joke, Mr. Gutfeld) have double fesses colors reversed from the same of Feltmans/Felthams.

We could say that Fleetwoods have a Bathurst out of hell, ha-ha, it's your kind of joke, Greg. Actually, we could say "out of Hely," for Halleys/Helys share boar heads on blue with Maple's. As the "flaming star" of Pero's/Perino's is the so-called "comet" of Reines', the Perino's must be using Halley's comet, ha-ha, Greg, another joke for ya. Party time. Because Partys share the checks of Pavers, and the Party checks are on a fesse, like those of Marks and Marx's. We gotta get some party whistles, because Whistle's (Bath lions) have a version of the Helly/Hiveli/Lively Coat.

God connected the "it-felt-so-good" belly event to a dream I had a few years ago, in which I was pulling Miss Peare toward me by the waist (it ended the sleeping-bag dream). It felt just like it felt when I woke up from sleep pressing a hand on Peare's belly, pressing her toward me, but she wasn't my girl at the time, so I had to stop. I went back to sleep (she and Louise stayed the night, and there was no place else to sleep but the couch; they chose in bed with me). Thanks to my ride of Peare's horse, the waist scene pointed to Waistells/Wessels, a surname like the Whistle's/Wissels.

A Mr. HECKENlively has a book out at this time, co-authored by Dr. Judy Mikovits, on the corruption of Dr. Fauci. It can be considered a whistle-blowing, not just because because Lively's have a gold version of the bendwise Whistle lozenges, but because Heckens/Hacks share three goat heads with Blowers. The Hecken-Blower connection is assured where Hykes'/Hacks were first found in Devon with the Moline's having the Blower goat heads in both colors. Watters are the chances, yet Fox news won't attack Fauci's vaccination program (Jesse Watters might, I haven't been watching) because Fox has money-interest in vaccines. The Hecken/Hack goat heads are in the colors of the towers of Hickins/Higgens (version of the Hill Coat) who happen to use "PRO patria" motto doubly for Pero liners.

Miss Earhardt played the devil's pawn recently when she celebrated the fast-vaccines (fast like the Tanzanian devil) promised by Trump. You cannot be a Christian and deny the other side of the coin to your viewers. To helly with Trump, let's get the truth out on the dangers of vaccines, especially fast-produced vaccines. If no one makes this an issue, they won't be afraid to add toxins to the vaccines.

Fleetwoods even have the vertically-split Shield of Maple's and Tarves', colors reversed from the same of German Marks. Markhams were at Maplebeck.

Feltmans/Felthams were first found in Middlesex with the Fiers/Fears sharing the Scottish Fare/Phare Coat, and Perino-suspect Perants/Perrins use fur cones while Furs are listed with Fire's. I drove my FireBIRD in all the time I was at Bathurst for the winter, then drove it on my last outing with Peare for a weekend, and then no longer had it as little as a week or month after that (I don't remember what I did with it). The Birds share the flory cross of Felts, Watters are the chances?

At 21 minutes of the BCP video mentioned above with the Kolomoisky news, there is a story started on Seth Rich telling that his parents law suit against Fox news, though once thrown out of court, is now back in the courts. The new judge has decided to request from Assange's British keepers the permission to get Assange's testimony on whether Rich was the one who leaked the DNC emails. So, this can backfire on Rich's parents, though I suppose they can bail out of the court case at any time.


Laura Ingraham's Wednesday show had the new news that COVID deaths are about 80 reduced in countries that have been using hydroxychloroquine widely and/or early. But she did not stress this news, nor did she call on Trump's task force to quickly force doctors to cease from prohibiting this drug. They are killing people by denying this drug, how can the task force DO NOTHING about it? This is a horrible euthanasia crime.

The biggest COVID news remains that Trump is a piece of trash as he watches the people being forced on masks when there is no need whatsoever thanks to hydroxychloroquine. Trump is not ordering a thing to cease the insanity of leftists to demonize and prohibit this drug. There is nothing more to say, except that Trump is a pro-vaccine PIECE OF TRASH. Going the wrong way, irresponsible, selfish, STUPID. Beware Trump.

Here's the second edition of Loose Change, with only 1 million views in over 2.5 years i.e. youtube is suppressing views even though this crime was conducted under a Republican establishment. The political neo-Nazi are controlling a lot of the country, ruthless when necessary, only they don't wear uniforms that we might be able to identify them. Even the liberal, Democrat media covered for the crime under Bush, and refused to accuse his administration of covering the crime. Who killed and maimed Americans without any sympathy whatsoever? The military demon.

In the 50th minute, we find that Flight 93 landed in Cleveland, the place where the frauds said the plane turned drastically toward Pennsylvania (they wanted us to believe it crashed in Pennsylvania). Cleveland was in the Kolomoisky news this week. Hmm, how long has he been doing business in that city? And with who?

Although I don't agree with every issue that Kennedy sides with, you had best listen good to what he says in this video below, and please put up with his voice problem. The United States along with Trump, Fox news and apparently Bongino along with similar other Trump supporters are not discussing what you will hear here on the CDC's vaccine money racket. The biggest killers are in governmental-medicine, more now that there is a population-control "need":

Birx's true colors came out when dim-and-daft Pelosi challenged her with a scare-tactic: "Birx replied, 'I have tremendous respect for the speaker [Pelosi]. And I have tremendous respect for her long dedication to the American people.'" There you have, proof-positive that Birx is on the lunatic side that lies like the devil.

The good thing about school closures is that kids might be spared vaccinations at schools. Truly, I implore you, home school your kids until you can't any longer, and save them from vaccines. Do not take the risks. If they become ill, how will you feel about yourself? How will you look them in the face without feeling guilt? Unfortunately, Trump is not on your side if you wish to resist vaccinations. At least, as far as I've heard, he's not told you that he'll fight for your right not to have vaccines. Do not read leftist-media reports on vaccines and COVID, or you'll be deceived in many ways, and your "truth" will become twisted. The goons are faking news stories regularly to make COVID seem like a summer pandemic so that they can claim that the fall and winter COVID is so absolutely lethal that mandatory vaccinations must be implemented. This is where we are going, no doubt about it, though I don't know whether God will permit us to get there.

Democrats have become so twisted by listening to main-stream media that, with trump working on increasing his Black election support, they went and ruined their own Black support even more with the rioting. That's how daft Democrats have become. So, to off-set the election cheating by Internet controllers, the Democrats are doing themselves in by the poorest choices anyone ever did see. However, I think they are testing their power levels (how much muscle they have society-wide) to see what they can get away in the face of resistance so that they can better plot a totality take-over one day soon. But I also think that they haven't faced much resistance at all. If they go too far, conservatives will start to resist. Won't they?

Do not wear a mask if you've tested positive. Your viruses will get trapped on the inner side of the mask, and you'll breath some of them in again. If you must wear a mask for shopping, throw it out after shopping, or wash it.

Trump's poll numbers went up a notch just after he put on a COVID conference with Fauci. My bet is that the leftist pollsters threw Trump a dog bone for that i.e. artificially raised his numbers so that he gets the message that giving Fauci TV time is good for his poll numbers, and forsaking Fauci will bring his numbers back down a notch. The president manipulators. The deep state. Trump dances with the wolves.

This is going on lots:

As leftists prod doctors not to use hydroxychloroquine, because it does work, Trump has let his country down by not responding pound per pound. If hydroxychloroquine didn't work, leftists would not be trying to stamp it out. DO YOU COMPREHEND THIS? It's so easy. Leftists have heard the proof assuring it's not a dangerous drug, but they promote it as dangerous in order to have the excuse to persecute the drug, because it works and stands against both the COVID schemes and the vaccines. If it didn't work, there would be no war against it. Never forget that argument when you start to slide into their ditch, when you start to think that, okay, maybe it is dangerous, if so many are saying so. The ditch makes you less able to see than when you first get into it. Don't go there, stay away from leftist news, for its lies are intended to put you useless into a ditch, and keep you there, USELESS to do any good against leftists. The manipulators. The deep state. The worst part of the swamp-bound ditch is not the dirt and slime, but the twisted and falsifying people that fill it, the dedicated soldiers of the deep state.

My bet: some of the dedicated soldiers are abandoning the ditch due to the lunatic policy of the lockdown making their lives very insecure or down-right bankrupt. Makes sense. The lockdown is a gamble, winner take all. The message to the soldiers is: vote Democrat, and we'll remove the lockdown; elect Trump, and we'll make it worse. The soldiers are being told that Trump is to blame for the poor economy, but that's a hard sell, isn't it? On top of their cheating ways, they have Obama pretending that Biden's a good candidate for president. How can anyone remain in the ditch at the sight of such a spectacle? The less desirable they make the ditch, the more the Internet buffoons cheat on their behalf, so risky. Leftists might never get their good name back, we hope, which they spent decades nurturing with careful craft and trickery. Suddenly, careful craft has turned into reckless abandon, as though they no longer have patience to act slow-but-steady. Instead of patience, they now practice bully-tactics.

There's a reason that voting requires a personal visit to a voting booth rather than mail-in voting. The election supervisors long ago knew that mail-in is an unacceptable method of conducting an election. PERIOD.

On August 3, Laura Ingraham reported 17,842 confirmed COVID cases for Montgomery county (Maryland), but with only 2.3 percent testing positive among those tested. As 97.7 percent of those tested did not have COVID, the math starts off with: 97.7 / 2.3 = 42.5. That is, 42.5 times as many people tested negative versus positive, and so we now do: 17,842 x 42.5 = 758,300 people testing negative. Then, because the reported deaths, at the same time as these figures, is 754, we just do: 758,300 / 754 = 1 death per roughly 1,005 people. That's the death rate for a typical flu, albeit this is summer while the 1-per-1000 flu fatalities may (or may not) be a winter ratio. You can use this math to find the death rate for any county, state or nation, if the percentage of those testing positive is provided. Montgomery county (beside Washington DC) has a population of about one million. Some testing negative have had the virus already.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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