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July 28 - August 3, 2020

Trump's Clinging On Light-Speed Corruption
Trudeau the Sickly Stag
Yellow Mattress Points to Zlochevsky By a New Shoe Man
My Jeep is a Moldavian Gypsy

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

On Wednesday night, the following primer into some of the latest releases from Republicans promises to finger Obama directly as the head cheese of the attack-Trump campaign. The novel thing about this release is that Brennan's CIA and/or Clapper's National Intelligence did not want to be caught pushing the Steele dossier, and rejected a role with it when the FBI asked to play a role. That's doesn't necessarily mean that Brennan and Clapper were unwilling to assist in some ways with pushing the dossier; it may mean only that Intelligence didn't want as much responsibility as the FBI was asking of it. It could be that the FBI was trying to pass the mother-load of responsibility to Intelligence. Here's the Fox primer (just getting started) on this release:

I've seen some statements from this release, one of which reveals an assistant director of a redacted organization (square brackets mine):

"The Assistant Director for {redacted} recounted a conversation with FBI Assistant Director for CD [counterintelligence Division] on December 22, and recalled the FBI's interest in 'weaving their dossier in the actual text of the report.,'" one line of the Senate Intelligence report reads. "Assistant Director for {redacted} stated there was no 'visibility, at the time of the writing of the report, into the sub-sourcing dynamic for that dossier... because of the subsourcing, I felt {it} was not appropriate for inclusion in the report and would detract from the report.'"

Translation: the redacted Intelligence agency did not wish to be caught dead pushing the Steele dossier from its own reports because it knew that Steele's fake-Russian source, who was the topic of just days ago -- Igor Danchenko -- was part of a sham. Yet both Clapper and Brennan, during the Republican investigations, did not disclose this sham, but went on media record pushing (lying about) the dossier as something substantially reliable. In the same way, Clapper admitted the shaminess of this scheme when he was under oath before a congressional committee, yet implied/told the opposite story in media sessions. Anyone who protects this rot is a piece of trash along with them.

This is troublesome: why is an Intelligence head hiding from the people the name of the organization in the statement? How does that name threaten "sources and methods," the excuse used by deep-staters seeking to cover up their crimes and unethical conduct? On whose nod was this organization hidden in the release of this information? The people have a right to know how this particular Intelligence organization hoodwinked them. While the redacted quote above bodes well for that Intelligence organization, the people have the right to compare that statement with statements made in the media by the head of that Intelligence org. The people have a right to see the methods by which that director lied to the people, and they have a right to get reparations from him because it was part of a wide conspiracy to do unjustified but serious harm to a sitting president and his voters. It was part of a scheme to deprive 100 million or more Trump supporters of their democratic win.

Material from the Steele dossier became part of Annex A of the ICA (Intelligence Community Assessment) a mere week after the December 22 date in the quote above. It didn't take long for the FBI to convince Clapper and/or Brennan to weave dossier information into its "footnotes."

If on the 22nd the redacted Intelligence organization admitted that Steele's sources were for, in the least, not verified, how do we explain this part of the released information: "this information was from a former {redacted} officer [Mr. Steele], who had an established relationship with FBI. This material eventually became Annex A of the ICA, but its placement in the ICA was not resolved until December 29." An "ESTABLISHED relationship" is whitewashed code for "in a conspiracy with" the FBI, with the FBI openly welcoming and pushing it. There is of course the question as to whether Hillary Clinton's team was urging the FBI to get Steele's product into the CIA's graces.

On Tuesday's congressional hearing with Bill Barr, in which I thought he did a near-star job, he revealed that John Bash was given the specific task of looking at the unusual unmaskings of Flynn, and any possible other persons in the Obama years. This was learned when Jim Jordan questioned Barr. Bash's investigation could unveil Obama's central role more than we already know it now.

It would have been a perfect-star performance had Barr not responded seriously to his Democrat foes, but bluntly told them what nut jobs they come across as. By responding seriously, Barr gives legitimacy to the "questions," and respect to those throwing them at him like a ton of bricks. Just say, "You sound crazy, Ms. So-and-So," and enjoy watching them fly off the handle.

Just keep repeating, "You've lost touch, you can't accept the realities, and are fixing your story maliciously here today, meaning you have no credibility. Could you please rephrase the question properly?" Do not answer a question that is loaded with a false context against you. Demand the question be rephrased, calling it out as a semi-fraudulent question to begin with. And when they ask the same questions again as they like them phrased, pause for two or three long seconds, lower your glasses on your nose, look over the glasses at them so that they can see your bare-naked eye balls, and say, "Are you nuts?" Then laugh at them...which Barr did at one point when he sarcastically called Nadler a "class act"! Excellent.

Yet it's not enough, for they are all criminals involved in a conspiracy, and their leaders need to be arrested to curb this behavior. If lying to congress is a crime, then congressmen posing false statements of fact during under-oath interviews need to be charged with a crime. It needs to work both ways.

It's been made clear with this latest release that Comey is to be arrested for pushing the Steele dossier into the CIA. It's proof of a conspiracy in the works, the smoking gun. Comey could defend himself in court only if he could show that he was duped by Steele's information, but knowing now that his information was fraudulently from an American rather than a Russian, ooops, that's probably why the CIA would not overly guiltify itself with this dossier. Yet Comey did. And Mueller pretended he knew nothing about it because he knew everything about it, because it was the rot on his plate, and he was wanting to feed it to the country. Yet, in the end, he could not make the attempt for fear of repercussions. Yet Barr has let Mueller off the hook, shame, Barr, great shame. You are exposing your own double standard.

Barr admitted in the hearing that he wanted Roger Stone to serve jail time, yet Barr does not want to arrest the key players in the criminal enterprise against Trump. Isn't that a gross double standard at play? Isn't that Barr's personal criminality? Why did he want Stone to serve time when he knew that stone was being abused by Mueller? It appears that Barr was serving the wishes of his buddy, Mueller. DISGUSTING. Barr looks like a rat, and probably wanted Flynn to serve time too...until the cat was out of the bag on his innocence.

Jordan thanked Barr for revealing Bash as having his own investigation, saying that his committee didn't know it previously. Chances are, Bash will now be persecuted, or at least watched. He should share all of his information continually with others KNOWINGLY, to protect himself. I'm only guessing, I could be wrong, but Barr may have applied Bash to the Flynn case because Barr felt pressured to do so to clear his name by altering his pro-Mueller, cover-up attitude.

Perhaps the one thing to better propel Barr into arresting Russian-collusion Democrats is the open, crime-supporting attitude of leading Democrats on the topic of the "protests." The Democrats are acting with the passion and justified indignation that belongs to Republicans. They are accusing the Trump administration of having double standard justice, being softer on Republicans, if you can believe that. They are lashing out, trying the scare Barr into inaction against the deep state, OBVIOUSLY. Barr's hands could be seen shaking after he rebuked some of the Democrats, though it's absolutely fine to lose composure when they are being so attack-dog scripted. I think his hands were shaking due to the psychopathetic drivel coming from his adversaries. It's frightening, alright, to think that they may have power back soon...thanks' much to Barr's slow garbage lids (wheels) of justice.

As new releases escalate the crime levels involved in anti-Trump conspiracies, the leaders of the CIA (including Pompeo) are under pressure to explain themselves for covering these crimes:

Two powerful Senate committee chairman are expanding their hunt for documents that might shine light on abuses during the bungled Russia collusion probe, demanding new evidence be turned over by CIA Director Gina Haspel and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Senate Homeland and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) sent letters this week to the CIA, State Department, Office of Director of National Intelligence and the FBI that signal the scope of their probes has expanded with recent new revelations.

...For instance, the chairmen demanded records from Pompeo's department concerning:

Clinton acolyte and former Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, who has admitted he received and provided copies of the Steele dossier former Clinton associates Cody Shearer and Sidney Blumenthal. Shearer, a relative of Talbott, wrote a dossier similar to Steele's that was provided to the former MI-6 agent. former State officials Victoria Nuland, Jonathan Winer and Kathleen Kavalec, all of whom had contact with Steele as he was developing his dossier.

Why has it taken this long to get Pompeo to do one single, solitary thing for Trump's deep-state woes? Did Trump direct him not to reveal anything? After all, Trump himself has revealed nothing aside from the Ukraine phone call, and that was selfishly motivated. Other than that, Trump has yet to show one example of his obtaining one document from one person for gifting his voters with it. Stingy hypocrite.

It's notable that the Senate Intelligence Committee, formerly chaired by shamed RINO, Mr. Burr, is now chaired temporarily by Marco Rubio, which can perhaps explain this latest release. The shaming of Burr is what got John Ratcliffe into his powerful position, and there was nothing the cover-uppers could do to alter that fate. To his credit, Trump did nominate Ratcliffe to his position, yet it doesn't absolve the president from his own do-nothing behavior. The president has been a very poor general in this war, and has caused the nation to suffer calamities needlessly. His enemies now see opportunity to knock this general off his horse.

It could even be that the Democrats will bring the first horse of Revelation-6 to bear. There is evidence that the four horses represent the four directions of the earth, with Israel situated at the center point. The first horse is white, and the second red, meaning that the second one could be red as code for orientals i.e. the Chinese. The rider on the white horse is obsessed with conquering, a thing we can again see in the Middle East. The red horse divides the peoples. Later in Revelation, the "kings of the east" come to make war with the anti-Christ in Israel.

What would have been the outcome had not Grassley and Johnson been active in exposing the coup attempt? How spiritually sick is the United States that even Trump-administration leaders join the cover-up? How long will it take Gina Haspel to respond? Has she been doing nothing all this time that documents have been requested? Is this not criminal sickness? Is not crime the very essence of evil spirituality? Jesus defined spirituality as doing the right. Doing evil things is a lack of spirituality. To be spiritual means to shun materialism and focus on repairing our human sinfulness. To focus on materialism is to drop to lower levels of spirituality, for worldly concerns ensnares / hijacks a quest of improving hearts > attitudes > way-of-life amongst others. Woe to criminals.

To whom do you think Johnson and Grassley need to turn to for obtaining Obama's records? Well, if asking Haspel (CIA director) for CIA records sounds logical, and if asking Pompeo (state-department director) for state-department records sounds logical, then, oofy-goofy, I guess that means that asking the Trump goof for Obama's records is the logical thing to do. Yet neither Grassley nor Johnson has made this part of their activism, so far as I've read (the silence is deafening). That's a little shameful, isn't it, that Trump has not freely elected himself to providing such documents all on his own free will. That looks to me like a bankrupt spirituality.

But you go on trying to fix the economy, president Bozo, and just watch your enemies tear it down. Who, REALLY, is responsible for the nation's woes at this time. It's president Braggart. The one who brags is opening himself to a fall. It's God's Law. When will his voters ask him to stop bragging, since this is a dangerous part of his platform? Do his voters not respect God in this regard? You turn God off when you act so perfect, president SHAMEFUL.

And if you call yourself a Christian and practically worship this worldly man, beware for your own downfall to lower levels of spirituality, and the packages from God that come with it. For He does not practice a double standard. There is harsher punishment from God against Christians who know better than against the more-ignorant non-believers. God's mercy comes with justice. We reap what we sow, THE LAW. For God will not be accused of using a double standard. He forgives worthy believers and does not judge them at all to eternal loss of life because the punishment was already taken on their behalf by Christ. Yet while we are gifted with victory over the sting of death, we yet reap what we sow in common life, all of life. Don't assume that God's total mercy in one regard means that we get treated with softer gloves on all other matters.

It's not wrong to state your cases for re-election purposes unless the way you do it comes off boastfully, like you think you're the greatest thing that has ever come along. That's Trump incarnate. If the media's not making your cases, you have the right to do it yourself, but show modesty. Almost everyone knows to use modesty when reciting their accomplishments, and they give praise to others, but this Trump is an animal who lives for praising self. Don't let him wear off on you in this regard. He tries at times to be modest, but also reverts to portraying self as the greatest thing as though totally blind to his failings.

From Solomon's article above: "One of the most highly anticipated requests in the letters involved DNI John Ratcliffe, who was asked to declassify a lengthy report written by former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes' staff highlighting major failures in the intelligence community's assessment about Russia's intentions in the 2016 election." Oh goodie-goodie, it looks like it's news-with-coffee time. Q-ers would call it pop-corn time...if Barr makes the warranted arrests. Judging by the attitude of Nadler's attack-dogs, they may be threatening Barr privately now, in which case he needs to publicize it. Ratlciffe needs to oil-up a spy system -- make it ready to run on a moment's notice -- on those suspected of threatening Barr's team. This is serious business, watch your backs all of you; they won't go to jail until they have entertained every last option to keep from jail.

Solomon's article has links to the letters written by Johnson and Grassley.

Has it entered anyone's head that COVID deaths are mainly to pro-Trumpers when the deaths can be manipulated in liberal hospitals? On Thursday, Herman Cain died of COVID. Watch what you touch, fighters, don't open packages from your political enemies. The day before, Louis Gohmert was tested positive for the disease, and says he's got no symptoms. He says he's taking hydroxychloroquine. Don't go to a liberal hospital, Louis.

Now that it's known as a monolithic, documental fact that the FBI knew in 2016 that the Steele dossier was garbage, what's Rosenstein's excuse for the following: "However, in April 2017, former FBI Director James Comey had signed the third renewal on Page, according to reports. In June, Rosenstein would sign off on the fourth FISA warrant renewal application to allow the FBI to continue monitoring all of Page’s communications, which ended in September 2017, after the renewal expired" (article above). Rosenstein was a part of the conspiracy and must therefore be taken to court. He has no excuse. He can't hide behind the argument that he was ignorant of the the FBI process targeting Trump, unless he wants the judge to believe he's moronic.

The following means that Horowitz lied in his report, and was not straight with the people:

The identification of Igor Danchenko as Steele’s subsource — reported by Real Clear Investigations and then confirmed by Danchenko's lawyer to the New York Times — means Steele’s dossier relied on someone who wasn't based in Russia despite claims to the contrary by the FBI.

In at least two of the applications for its Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant targeting Trump adviser Carter Page, the FBI referred to the primary sub-source of the document as "truthful and cooperative" and "Russian-based," according to Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz's report last December.

Oops, how could Horowitz, who took his sweet time, get his report so wrong. All he had to do was ask Danchenko if he was a Russian citizen. He's not. In this context, "Russian-based" suggests in, or connectable to, Russia politics.

Why is Trump not labeling antifa as a terrorist organization? It's now clear that it's using terror to alter the political landscape. That's the purest definition of a terror group. Why does it appear that Trump makes his choices based on the potential fall-out from liberal backlash? Is it only a minor thing to play Poll Numbers with hydroxychloroquine and antifa?

I didn't watch Trump's conference to the point where a news person asks him about hydroxychloroquine, but do note that he didn't bring the topic up on his own initiative. In the several minutes that I watched him, into his taking questions, there was a deafening silence on this drug i.e. his speech/monologue had no mention:

It plays into Democrat hands if Trump does not use the federal police to stop the riots, because the Soros-based groups create a crisis for the express purpose of finding ways to blame their political enemies. On July 28, congress came out with several ways to blame Trump for COVID calamities. They could easily blame him for not enforcing the prescription of hydroxychloroquine. Liberal media can turn on a dime when urging Trump not to do a thing so that they can later blame him, suddenly, for not doing it. So, they can scare him from popularizing chloroquine but later blame him for not pushing it. The media are willing to do this at the cost of acting the hypocrites.

So, liberals want riots to be very bad that they might blame Trump for not stopping them. It's wholly hypocritical, but that's what they are doing. It won't do Trump much good to argue later that he didn't stop the riots because leftists didn't want him to send in the "troops." Do what's needed to stop the riots immediately. Label antifa groups as official terrorists and thus ask Ratcliffe to order the spy system against them. Find the organizers and nab them, expose them, and find their highest leaders...who might include Obama too. He badly wants Trump out of the White House.

Barr admitted, and Trump would agree, that if the federal police were not sent in to make arrests of rioters, the latter would begin to sprout groups in other cities to repeat their crimes. Therefore, if unusual responses are required to lower the loss and maiming of life due to rioters, isn't Trump responsible for allowing Democrats to kill people with COVID. Democrats continue, into this week, to seek the forbidding of hydroxychloroquine prescriptions by doctors. This is their silent war because Trump's making EXACTLY ZERO noise.

Dr. Harvey Risch, a noted Yale epidemiologist, has accused White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci of waging a "misinformation campaign" against the drug hydroxychloroquine, claiming the medication has shown consistently encouraging results in treating COVID-19 when used properly.

...On Tuesday during an interview on "Good Morning America," Fauci further downplayed the drug's purported benefit, claiming that "the overwhelming prevailing clinical trials that have looked at the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine have indicated that it is not effective in [treating] coronavirus disease."

Solomon has stressed hydroxychloroquine twice now over the past week or so. It is a vital issue. Someone must assure that this drug be given where it's wanted. TRUMP, where in tarnation are you on this NEED??? I repeat: Trump is guilty of killing Americans because the solution to this problem is in his hands. He's the leader of the COVID task force. He's responsible. Something is suspiciously wrong with this man.

Trump did a COVID news conference this week, and in so far as I watched it, he failed to mention hydroxychloroquine. I heard "remdesivir" three times. He mainly pushed vaccines with zero mention of his voters' concern for mandatory vaccines. Trump seems to have betrayed his voters for the sake of using vaccines to make the economic recovery go faster. Yet, why did he forsake hydroxychloroquine weeks after confirmation that early use of the drug protects people from getting a bad case of the virus? Trump looks like a traitor on this issue, and it amounts to complicity to murder because hydroxychloroquine has proven to save lives. Not only did he fail to assure that all people have access to the drug where liberal doctors deny it to their patients, but he's not even mentioning the drug now.

At the president's twitter archive, there were the following tweets on July 27: "RT @SidneyPowell1: Make #hydroxychloroquine available over the counter! It will prevent and stop it for next to nothing!; #SCIENCENEWS Yale epidemiology professor Dr. Harvey Risch: 'Hydroxychloroquine could save up to 100,000 lives if used for COVI…'; RT @WarRoomPandemic: Dr. Lee Vliet: Dr. Fauci has misled the American public on many issues, but in particular, on dismissing #hydroxychlor…" However, these tweets may not be from Trump, but rather from someone on his tweet-writer's team. They are all quotes from others, not Trump's own words. There are eight more hydroxychloroquine quotes from others, likewise on July 27, at his twitter account.

Why is Trump so hush on this salvation from the crisis? Why is Trump so willing to see people die at the risk of being blamed for it in coming weeks? What stake does he have in the vaccines? Is he trying to get on Fox's good side for re-election purposes? That sounds logical, but WICKED. Killing people just to have a better chance of having Fox on his side for re-election = WICKED. If this is correct, he's got devil horns.

The last time "hydroxychloroquine" appears at his twitter archive, prior to July 27, is on July 6: "The highly respected Henry Ford Health System just reported, based on a large sampling, that HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE cut the death rate in certain sick patients very significantly. The Dems disparaged it for political reasons (me!). Disgraceful. Act now @US_FDA @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews" This could be from Trump himself, yet if the drug is such a salvation, why did he not put together an executive order, or make some kind of noise, to force liberal doctors to make the drug available without fail? What good is having the drug at the prescription counter if the doctors won't prescribe it? This week:

On Thursday, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy withdrew their order banning the use of Hydroxychloroquine to treat the novel coronavirus. The decision comes following an appeal by GOP Gov. Mike DeWine asking the board to reevaluate their rule.

Ohio's wicked tried to ban the drug entirely, just think of it. It blackens Trump's face all the more, and I think he will suffer the consequences of this sin. He's in charge of the house, and he's failed his family. It's not more complicated than that.

To put this bluntly, the United States has become a laughing stock under Trump, where he allows the jokers to get their way. I've become downright sick of American news, this daily circus of the absurd, with Trump being the Commander-in-Sick. Trump facilitates the absurd by pretending his hands are tied. He laments this week that Portland has been under siege for 60 days. Why hasn't he been able to stop it after 60 days? Is this some sick comedy that Trump is participating in? Something isn't right with him. Beware. He knew from the first day of Portland what would likely happen there because he saw it in Seattle and elsewhere. Why did he allow the situation to get worse just because a liberal leader of the city started to play the fake-news game with him? Will he allow a 60-day siege in every new city they attack just because the liberal mayor stands down? Why does his administration tolerate fake news (in liberal media), the very thing dividing the house?

My bet is that liberal polls deflate Trump's approval numbers in an effort to keep him behaving as leftists want him to. If he starts to do something they badly don't want done, they bring out polls showing that he's lost a couple of points, maybe even three or four, in an effort to scare him into not doing it any longer. The fact that Fox polls almost mirror liberal polls suggests that the Fox boss, or even the person overseeing the polls, has something to hide from on-going, deep-state investigations.

Virginia Guiffre

How can we explain that Alan Dershowitz still appears regularly on Fox (as a paid guest, I assume)? he was Epstein's former lawyer in his sexual-perversion case(s), and is named by Virginia Giuffre as one of the men with whom Epstein forced her to have sex? If the latter were the only strange thing, we could more-easily say, innocent until proven guilty, but this is the lawyer who defended Epstein...what kind of a slime does that?

About midway into Bongino's Monday show this week, he emphasizes court records released from the Ghislaine Maxwell case. Just take a look and see how Obama's FBI is guilty as sin for doing nothing about Epstein:

We also learn from the court documents that the FBI had the photo of prince Andrew and Guiffre since 2011 (FBI under Mueller at that time, until 2013). The FBI did nothing thereafter, and this is the shame of the Democrat party under Obama, no other way to explain it. Obama is a master at acting the good angel for the people when in fact he is the devil behind their backs. Comey is responsible for Epstein's protection.

I don't know how I missed it. The day after my mugging in Galveston, I purchased a newspaper and COFFEE in Victoria, my topic on-and-off for months running. How I hate the need to repeat myself so many times. To make this shorter, I'll assume you read about the newspaper and coffee in the last update. Later in that update, I said:

The coffee in Victoria, and the motel I stayed in the previous night, pointed to, by way of the Coffee/Caughey/Gaughey Crest, to the Arms of Taranto, a location where Motels were first found who put an ARM into a horse's mouth. The Motels are a branch of Motta's, and, can we believe it, Portuguese Motta's share the fleur-de-lys in the Chief of arma-using Gows/Gowans, the Chief that's in Coffee/Gaughey colors! It does now appear that Gows were a Gaughey branch. Motels share a horse with Cafferys/Caffertys.

In a previous update, the first of this month, I talked about the Giuffre's/Goffredo's. So, compare "Giuffre" to the Coffer variation of Coffee's/Caugheys/Gaugheys. I don't recall realizing, until moments ago, that the Giuffre/Goffredo's have a near-match with the Motel Coat!!! It means that God, who can point with any one event, or scene of a dream, to multiple things, appears to be pointing to Virginia Giuffre with that coffee in Victoria. (Load the Giuffre link to load other surnames to follow better.)

This section is being written after the section below that includes the Jeffreys as per the day before the newspaper and coffee. Therefore, note how the Gioffredi variation of Giuffre's can be a Jeffrey / Geoffrey branch. It could be just another little sign that the coffee does point to Epstein crimes with the Clintons, and who knows who else.

I'm still waiting to decipher a dream I had, very short, where golf balls started to pop up out of white ground. If that white ground was sand (rather than snow), I would suggest to Bill Barr that his FBI start digging up the beach at Epstein's island, looking for missing girls / women who were high risks to the crime ring. That wild idea sprung from the GOLFredo variation of Giuffre's. The problem is, I have no confidence in Barr that he wants to touch the Epstein crime ring.

As I said, my trip through Galveston and Victoria pointed very well to Clinton crimes in Haiti i.e. the abduction of children during the earthquake crisis (that story is online). It just so happens that while Giuffre's are in Goff/Gough / Gooch/Googe colors / Gopher/Gofer colors, the latter share the saltire of Haiti-like Haits/Hague's. And we can ask whether God provided the blood drops on the Gopher/Gofer/Gover saltire as a pointer to murders. Clintons, first found in Oxfordshire with Gophers/Gofers/Govers (Coincidence?), have two stars in their Chief in the colors of the one star in the Guiffre Chief, and in the colors of the three stars in the Motel Chief.

When you get to the Wolfleys below in a pointer to Obama, note that the Wolfley fleur-de-lys is shared by Gows/Gowens who in turn have a Gover-like Gower variation.

Trump is making a laughing stock of the nation. He didn't even tweet a celebratory tweet when Ghislaine was caught and arrested. It seems he had an oh-no moment when he heard she was caught. What's he hiding? Did she get arrested because someones (plural intended) wish to reveal Trump's ties to her in an October surprise? Are they wheelin-and-dealin with him to keep the deep-state arrests from happening in return for their remaining silent about his ties to Maxwell / Epstein?

This video was out Friday, portraying Alan Dershowitz very badly. Is Fox nuts to keep this man on the show?

Why else might the golf balls have been popping out of the ground? Doesn't it mean that the balls were in hiding, then exposed in great numbers (all at once?)? Why weren't the balls coming from an enclosed box of some kind? Why from the ground / sand? Note that the Sand surname uses a so-called raGULLY pattern, for Gullys (share Julian cross), first found in Oxfordshire too, can be linked by way of English and German Julians to English Gulls, and, wow, it just so happens that Dutch and German Gulls (Giuffre colors) are also GOLFins! Amazing. On top of this, wow-some-more, English Gulls (share the six pale bars of German Julians) have six pale bars colors reversed from the same of Scottish Jeffreys!!! This will play big in the section below.

I tend to think that Giuffre was a willing prostitute at the time because, I gather, she could have left the group at any time. No matter what mental games they played with her, she could have resolved to not go back again. I've not heard that she was kept a prisoner on the island, though that may have been true. If not, then she could have abandoned the group. She's smiling in the photo with prince Andrew, looking like a willing sexual partner. It doesn't seem as though she's faking the smile.

Why Donna Lease Brazile?

One could see the writing on the wall when Fox news hired the nut-job, Donna Brazile, as a contributor. I don't know what other jobs she has at Fox, if any. Of all the people that the DNC could have been chaired by during the period of Seth Rich's murder stories, it was Donna Brazile. Why her? Why did she write a deceptive book on Mr. Rich which included the faked story on Guccifer 2.0? What does she know about Democrat corruption? What is she aspiring to be?

In April of 1994, I crossed Brazile's state of Louisiana into Texas. As little as two hours later, I had what I always call an "omen." I've been calling it that since 1995, long before I knew of Brazile. A couple of years ago, after discovering her middle name, I loaded the Lease surname to discover a cloud over a sun, nearly the scene that was my omen. On that day into Texas, while driving to Galveston to see the ocean there, I saw a tiny cloud covering the sun completely on an otherwise blue sky. The scene was exactly like the one in a Crest of the Scottish Jeffrey surname, and it came with a bad feeling, like some impending doom was about to happen. That night in Galveston, I was mugged while sleeping in the back of my pick-up, and I almost lost my vehicle and my money to this thief. (Load the Jeffrey link now so that you can enter other surnames as you follow along.)

This Jeffrey surname shares six pale bars (different color) and a fesse with the English, Lease-like Lise surname. Moreover, Scottish Lise's/Lease's share the double chevrons of Larins/CLAREns, in the colors of the triple Clare chevrons while "CLARior" is a motto term of English Lease's. Therefore, the cloud-over-sun of English Lease's and Scottish Jeffreys suggests that the two surnames were related. But the main point here, suggesting Providence, is that while Jeffreys use a "Post" motto term, I spent a weekend in New Orleans (Louisiana), the place of birth of Donna Brazile, market-testing my fence-POST invention (in/roughly 1989). I rented a booth at an international fencing show. I had temporarily named the post, Pillar Post, and the Pillar surname happens to share the giant lion of English Jeffreys. It might start to appear as though God set up the omen to point to Donna Brazile...and Jeffrey Epstein because Epstein's and Clare's share triple-red chevrons.

if we go to the Orrs/Ore's as per the "Clarior" motto term of Lease's, we find an omen-like "OMNia" motto term, shared by the Don's who in turn throw in a "DONA" motto term. It again appears as though God gave the omen to point to Brazile by way of her middle name (her mother may have been Miss Lease, I can't recall).

Dons even have double fesses in the colors of the double chevrons of Braswells. Donna's Wikipedia article tells that her Brazile surname descended from Braswells. There is a BRA location in Piedmont, and Italian Dance's/DONNA's were first found in Piedmont. Dons were at Boughton while Boughtons/Broughtons use a motto, "OMNe BONum Dei DONum." Orrs/Ore's use "BONis omnia BONa." As was explained since the 2nd update of this month, John Bash was pointed to the morning and evening after the Galveston mugging, both by the newspaper purchased in Victoria, and my staying the night in Crystal City.

While the surname links in the paragraph above don't prove that God was involved with the omen, the Boughton/Broughton write-up has a piece tending to prove that God was involved with my attending New Orleans with the fence post: "'Downton Hall {in Downton, Shropshire}, the seat of Sir William Rouse Boughton, Bart., to whom the whole property belongs...embracing the Titterstone and the Clee hills.'" It just so happens that Clee's are listed with Clays/KLEES', and one of my partners with the fence post, at the time of my visit to New Orleans, was Mr. Klees. The Clays/Klees' use an "ORbem" motto term, and the Kids of DUNdee use "DONec impleat ORBEM." Clays/Klees' were first found in Lincolnshire with the Cuneo-suspect Conys (Bra is in Cuneo).

Someone wrote in to notify me that Bellamys had married Ferte-Mace, home of Masci-liner Maceys/Mace's. Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with Meschins who in turn are in Cony colors and format. The "orBEM" motto term of Kids and Clays/Klees' is therefore suspect with Beems said to have been a Bellamy branch. Masci's, sharing the Brayer/Braeir fleur-de-LYS, were first found in Piedmont.

Brayers/Braeir's are in the colors and format of English Maceys (Cheshire, same as Dons). Kids share a gold hunting horn with Breakers/Brechs (Shropshire, same as Downton Hall), and as Bra-like Brae's/Brays use a "flax breaker," it seems that Breakers/Brechs were Bra liners. Flax-like Flacks are also Flags while McLeods/CLOUDS, expected in the Lease cloud, were first found on Lewis and Skye with the Rimmons/Crimmons suspect from Rimini, where Maschi's (with an 'h') were first found. Rimmons/Crimmons share the crosslets of Downtons/Duntons, and while "discRIMINI" is a Hamon motto term, Hamon de Masci (Massey) was from Dunham-Masci / Dunham Massey, the line, I think, to the Dunham surname of Obama's mother. As Dunham-Masci is in Cheshire, where Don's were first found who pointed to the omen and to Donna Brazile, there is the obvious question on whether the omen was a pointer to Obama together with Donna Brazile. I was mugged by a Black man.

From here we go to the Brees' (Norfolk, same as Dunhams) as per the "teneBRIS" motto term of cloud-on-sun Lease's. It's likely code for Brisons/Brix's/Brests, from Brixia/Brescia, not far from Placentia. The Brees' have a wolf colors reversed from a wolf used in some Arms of Placentia. The Brees wolf is also colors reversed from the wolf of Obama-connectable Wolfleys (Cheshire), and then the Brees wolf happens to be in the colors of the Flynn wolf. John Bash has been assigned to check out Obama's unmasking of general Flynn. Amazingly, the giant lion of Placentia-like Place's is almost the giant Brazile lion.

The cloud-on-sun Jeffreys even have a "Post nuBILLia" motto phrase while German Bills' share the checks of Pelaiz's. Excellent, because Place's are also Plais', and moreover English Bills' have an omen-like "Omne" motto term! "NUBILLia" can also be for Noble's/Nobels/NoBILLE's because they share flaunches and the blue lion with Wolfleys. English Bills' can be gleaned as kin of Roets while Knobs/Knobells are expected with the bendwise Rothschild/RODDENstein arrow that acts as the Rodden/RODHAM bend, and then bendwise arrows in the colors of the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow are used by Dons ("OMNia")...who were in Boughton while Boughtons share "Omne" with English Bills'. Suddenly, we have Hillary Rodham Clinton in this omen event.

It's known that Rothschilds descended directly from Mayer Bauer, and so the BOURton variation of BOUGHtons/Braughtons tends to give away the Don relationship to Rothschilds. The Scottish Bowers/BOUGHers, who use the five bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild, were first found in Peebles-shire with cloud-over-sun Jeffreys. It could appear that God is pointing to the Rothschilds with the omen. The night after the omen, my stay at Crystal City pointed to Rockefellers. English Bills' were first found in Somerset with Burleys/BOURleys sharing a green Shield with Bauers and Bowers/Boughers.

Five bunched arrows can be counted in the Bough/Bow Crest, thus tending to reveal that the Roets were a Rothschild branch, for Roets share the Bough/Bow motto while we can expect Boughtons/Bourtons to be a Bough/Bow branch.

The Vaccine Clingons Are Coming

Here's Ainsley Earhardt celebrating the coming vaccines. Something is conspicuously warped about this speedy thrust, looking like it's leading into a giant, black hole.

As you can see, Birx is pushing masks and social distancing, the WRONG thing to do. The right thing to do is to spread this to the entire world this summer, and get over it, ignoring the scare stories at Drudge and other lunatic-media outlets. There is a good possibility that, before November, someone is going to discover and teach that most-everyone is immune because most-everyone has had it. But you can bet that fake news will jump in to say that it's not true, or that people can get it a second time...i.e. so that vaccines are absolutely required. My bet: Birx and Fauci don't take the vaccine.

Birx lies when she says that masks block the virus in the breath. The viruses are too small to be wholly stopped by the mask. The mask is reliable only with large droplets of saliva / lung fluids, but if you don't cough or sneeze, there are no droplets. Nobody is telling what percentage of the virus' pass through masks, not even Trump, I gather, or it would be common knowledge in anti-mask videos. If 95 percent of viruses pass through masks, that's why Birx is a con-job along with every leftist lunatic pushing this crisis.

Miss Earhardt is a total disappointment, toting the Fox will by pushing the vaccines as a great thing. If she's my sister in Christ, she's acting the witch pushing toxic potions. I'm waiting for her to do a show on what's in the vaccines. I'm waiting for her to have anti-vaccine doctors on the show to tell their side. Otherwise dangerous witch she is.

As you can see, Birx goes on to spread the leftist fable that kids are getting sick. WITCH! She cites a "study" that came to the news only last week, obvious fake news to counter the medical reports that kids don't spread this virus, or at least that no one has found evidence of kids spreading it. But Birx is a willing tool to spread this fake news to Fox's conservative audience. Trump continues to dance with this witch for fear of how the leftist press will tarnish him otherwise. What a compromised clown. TRUMP = LAUGHING STOCK. He even said this past week, in an effort to keep the leftist media from tarnishing him, how he respects Fauci. How can this clown solve anything on behalf of truth when he dances with liars? It's half to the liars, and half to his voters. Pitiful, sickening performance. He's helping them to ruin the nation that they might ruin him. The liars want the lockdowns to return, and will try to force his hand, no surprise, unless they win the which time, we may predict, the virus will suddenly disappear into thin air.

As you can see, Brian Kilmeade stops her dead in her tracks to get clarification on whether she thinks the doctors are all wrong, and she cites just one "study" from South Korea that said nothing at all on whether kids spread it. But she's pushing it as though it did make that finding. SPIT!

At the start of the video, one would thing that Fox and Friends is just another stupid leftist media. That is, at 20 seconds, there is a big number, 4,426,982 people who tested positive. As that's not a round number, it means that these are only the counted, confirmed cases, not the true number of cases. But just like the daft leftist media, Fox and Friends fails to mention those many others not included in that number. As it showed 150,000 deaths, those two numbers suggest that for every 30 people testing positive, one dies. HOGWASH. Why is Fox doing this nasty, demonic thing? BECAUSE IT WANTS VACCINE PROFITS. DEMONS at Fox.

The people who were reporting one death per 600 or more infected have been silenced. If we use the 600 figure, that's 20X more then 4.4 million that have had this virus, and that's a whopping 88 million, and it's only the first of August. The entire country should be safe easily by the end of November, for the more who have it, the faster it spreads by compounding speed. There is no longer a pandemic, in other words, and of the 150,000 deaths, probably only half or less of those were true COVID deaths. This was just a strong but regular flu at worst.

If we take the 88 million above, which is a quarter of the total U.S. population, we can extrapolate the Texas situation where this state claims about 6,000 deaths at the end of July for a state population of 30 million. Extrapolating, it works out to 6,000 deaths per 1/4 of 30 million = 1 death per 1,250 persons in general, not 1,250 infected. It's working out to one death per less than 100 infected, a very high death rate. Therefore, I've either got to think that the 6,000 figure is grossly inflated by about 5x the reality, and/or that someone has slipped in a harsher virus in Texas...which is the state having the Galveston National Lab, the one in cahoots with the Wuhan lab. If they can do it in Texas, they can do it elsewhere, as their political needs require. It just doesn't make sense that the death rate should sky-rocket in summer as compared to the March and April death rates. Flus don't work that way, but we expected them to inflate the numbers as Trump moved forward without lockdowns.

Populations will grow in infections through the summer, not because COVID spreads easier in summer, but because people are more in contact with one another in summer. This is how the winter flu goes away, when many people get light doses in summer. The liberal media is making this increase in numbers look like the virus is a monster about to swallow us whole. Welcome the increased numbers as a sign of victory ahead. Don't believe the death numbers because the goons are playing a political trick.

In the video, BIRX promotes the scare-tactic in which asymptomatic cases spread the virus unknowingly. But wait. It stands to reason that asymptomatic cases spread light doses of the virus that amount to natural vaccines. Beautiful. That's what we want. Witches we can do without.

It stands to reason that infected kids, though not sick, are exactly the ones who give their parents and others the natural vaccine. Instead of kids making their parents or teachers sick, they give them a mild case too, so that they all go asymptomatic, or close to it. BEAUTIFUL. Shove your mask down Birx's esophagus, and boot her out of the studio, Miss Earhardt. Stand up for the truth, or witch you are.

In the late 7th minute, Miss Earhardt introduces hydroxychloroquine, but Birx REFUSED to give it any marks at all, not one inch of hope for all of the people who could benefit by it. That makes her a murderer just like Trump. He started off good on this drug, then decided to become a murderer. All week long, he's been a murderer, not pushing the drug at all, hoping not to mention it at all. His press secretary was told not to mention it, and she like a witch obeyed. DO NOT TRUST TRUMP. Take off those long eyelashes, Christians. Are you nuts? Will you go into the rapture with the entire salon on your face and high pointed heels (like hooves of the devil) on your legs? Are you nuts?

below, Trump's press secretary opens in the first minute on vaccines, remdesivir, and others things, but she does not mention hydroxychloroquine. I now feel that Trump has rejected this latter drug for his secret reasons / purposes. This is very bad. Do not trust Trump.

I forgive Miss Earhardt, but she must not do that again. The people who are warning about the vaccines must not be ignored or discounted, and to Hell with what the Fox boss says. If God is your boss, then Fox will not be your counter-boss, Miss Earhardt. Somebody, quick, expose the Fox boss for the hypocrite that he is; force him to change course before he does further damage. If he has control of Fox polling, then I'd say he's even trying to knock Trump off i.e. giving power to Democrats.

There have been a lot more than 4.4 million COVID cases in the United States, Mr. Murdoch. LIAR. It could even be that children aren't spreading it because they almost-all had it already from being so close to one another in school.

Here's an anti-vax production, telling that vaccines in Kenya made women unable to birth children, exactly what we expect of population-control demons. The vaccine caused the bodies of women to attack and kill the forming fetus as though it were an enemy within the body. DEMONIC KILLERS, I'LL KILL THEM WITH MY OWN HANDS, so help me God. But He won't let us kill. They added a child-killing drug to the vaccine, but did not tell the people. They didn't bother wasting the vaccine on men or boys because they were after "forced abortion." MASS-MURDERERS from the West. And now this Earhardt witch -- more than educated enough to know these vaccine-horror stories -- is celebrating the coming vaccines in a few months?? Woe is me, I can't even trust a fellow Christian anymore. Where can I go to hide from this world?

Isn't Kenya under Obama's spell? What's more racist than Bill Gates? Why was he buddies with Jeffrey Epstein?

The video says that of the 59 samples of vaccines, three of them were found (by Kenya) with the child-killing drug. That's 3/59ths = five percent of the female population = approximately 20-25 percent of the future generation snuffed out. Bill Gates decrees that you can't have a family, Mr. and Mrs. Kenya. What about next time? Ten percent of the women? I don't think there will be a next time, do you? Not in Kenya, anyway, probably not anywhere in Africa. But Earhardt wants it in America; just ask her jubilated smile as she celebrates it.

This week, Trump said Birx is doing a great job. He thinks he can better control his own enemies with flattery. As if they're fooled. He said falsely that "roughly 2,000,000 Americans have fully recovered from the virus."" He's using that bogus 4.4 million figure that his enemies are floating, what a useless hunk of compromising trash this president is. He knows that number is false. At the rate of that number, we'll be wearing masks for years, or until the vaccines "save us," which is exactly what this killer wants. Don't you see it? Don't you understand? He's a fake. He's oblivion. He's the devil's claw. Don't follow president Stooge. If he didn't have such a fat head, he'd be in the belly of a whale already. Nineveh is dying of sin, but president Warp Speed is lost at sea, where no man has gone before. Except Jonah.

His side-kick, magician Fauci, gave a quick commercial for the essentiality of vaccines. Birx, Trump's hypnotist, made the audience fall asleep again. Dr. Spock didn't make an appearance because he's not allowed to cry. All is lost, all hope is gone. Trump is failing, failing. Beware the plasma, for if the task force is pushing it, beware it. You don't want to be on an inter-planetary bus with alien Clingons having vaxi-plasma in their hands, but this is Trump's new thing. After 30 minutes of this video (I'll spare you the link, trust me) with the task force giving its update, there was not one mention about the progress of hydroxychloroquine. The event has been all plasma and vaccines, but the thing that promises to obliterate the need for vaccines and plasma is suddenly left to itself behind the veil. That's because Trump is a murderer who's caved to his enemies. They put the stake into his heart as he does so.

The reason that Trump put on this event is that the leftist media was pestering him on not putting them on anymore, making him look like he doesn't care about COVID effects on the people. So, Trump caved, and we're back to the Fauci compromise. Trump is afraid of not having Fauci show up. Trump allows the leftists to control his agenda. He has a plan to ward off the Clingons by allowing them to inject the earth with a witch's concoction at warp speed...with inhumanizing masks over our faces and blinders over our eyes. Does that sound like a good plan to you, to put salvation from COVID into Darth Fauci's hands? If you haven't heard the accusations against Fauci, he's accused by Judy Mikovits of using mouse-brain tainted vaccines in earlier years with dangerous consequences to the human gene pool. (Google is fronting anti-Mikovits articles and videos, no surprise, to discredit her accusations against Fauci.)

There's not much chance that Trump hasn't heard the horror stories on vaccines, yet he's not being honest with his voters. He's not talking about those stories; he's moving his own voters to take the vaccines while ignoring the dangers. And the two Christians above are acting like Trump's witches in blind support. This is the way of the end-time apostasy, with half the Christians going to way of Lot's wife. They don't want the world destroyed by God, they want a free and prosperous America forever. That's Trump-lover incarnate, which we need to concern ourselves with.

The way to be a secure Christian in the end times is not to celebrate prosperity and security in the world but rather to minimize its importance. Sure, I prefer prosperity and security over the sort of fascism and chaos promised by leftists, but I don't prioritize it. Sure, I'd rather see people working rather than unemployed, but I also understand the lure of too-much money, and the spiritual ruin that it unavoidably causes. So, my priority as a Christian, having the mind and heart of Christ, is the sin problem in my fellow man.

As a Christian, I must not partake in a sinful world -- that's epitomized by the United States -- as I would as a non-Christian. I resist porn. I do not partake in Christian-singles websites to lure women for sex. Many Christian men have been doing exactly this. I don't visit prostitutes as a single man, or, shudder, as a married man. I fear God at the thought of doing something like that. I don't want to ruin my standing with God for temporary pleasures I can easily resist. It's called loyalty to Christ. I don't have dreams about what money could get me, such as a beautiful witch (= a women who chooses a man with money). I don't risk going to casinos in an effort to get a good-looking witch, or to become a man with a casino mentality. I don't take to drugs or hard alcohol to alleviate my poor realities; I don't want to let Jesus down after what he did for us all. I don't hang out with people who look to anything else, besides Jesus, for their anchors in life. I don't hang out with sinful partiers anymore.

Jesus gives us a chance at new and everlasting life, if we don't fall away from him. The United States, in its prosperous condition, is a lure from Christ. What don't you understand about that if you've studied the Gospels? To be a disciple is to train ourselves in the don't-go-wrong-anymore Way. A little slip here, a little slip there, and before long you'll put a disappointed face on Jesus. There comes a point down the slippery slope where He can forsake us and maybe never come back. Fear of God has no meaning if we sin free-willy repeatedly and get forgiven at a simple request each time. That's not how being a conqueror works. I'm very sure that Jesus doesn't want anyone entering His kingdom with a head held down in shame.

So, what are we allowed to enjoy that's as much of a blast as a winning night out at the casino topped with a beautiful bed partner for the night? Instead of temporary and intermittent (or even rare) blasts, we get long-term peace and security, the wise choice, no? Yes, by far. Peace = the absence of fear and calamity. Security = our bills will be paid; we will enjoy our food; we enjoy the bright days, the sky, the birds, all things in life feel and look better when you practice Christ, when guilt doesn't drip from your head.

Here's a blast for Christians: invite the poor family over for dinner, and put a smile on Jesus' face. Then, the next time something awful or dangerous approaches your life, you won't even know it because Jesus prevented it from getting close enough for you to see. So, praise a "boring," straight-line life without the calamitous bumps. But if you want the sinful blasts, prepare for calamities to enter right into your ears as you drown in them. And thank God for the calamities, because they serve as alarms.

It is one thing to slip and fall and hear the alarm, when we go back up the hill again thanks to the alarm. It is another thing to willingly walk down the slope of sin. That's why it's a slippery slope, for if you venture down that way, God's going to let you slip, and you might never get back up again when a demon comes and takes you away into a new mentality, the old mentality, your vomit. Be careful how you walk; that's the message of the Apostles because it was the message of Jesus. Free will is important to God because it's His method of testing souls. But free will should not be interpreted as "our God-given rights." We have no rights as sinners. No American has the right to grant God-given rights to sinners. If America gives you such rights, they are not from God. The only right of the sinner is that he/she owns the choice to repent. If he/she repents, they have the right to eternal life as a gift. They own the gift, unless they throw it away. Why would anyone throw away security in God? Being angry with God, hating Him, is one answer.

Try to understand how it hurts God to punish his beloved saints due to their intermittent sins. His own law forces him to punish. If he doesn't punish the saints, neither can He punish the sinners, for that amounts to a double standard. If I get angry with God for my punishment, or because he would not heal a bad tooth, I had better watch that I don't come to hate Him. If the details of your life confuses you on how God feels about you, ditto for all of us at times. I wish we could get an annual report from God on what needs to be fixed.

Below is an exposure of Fauci as Jim Jordan corners the rat on the topic of "protests." Fauci refuses to say that protests should be curbed / banned, because he's part of the chaos against Trump. Jordan has thus exposed the fraud that Trump is for respecting Fauci. Probably, Trump does not like Fauci, wants nothing to do with him anymore, yet the president continues to fraudulently say that he likes / respects him. It's a political high-wire act over a chasm.

Fauci refused to say that the protests and riots, specifically, result in the spread of the virus, because he doesn't want to offend CNN. Trump supports this beast, and intends to do his vaccine-will. Instead of simply admitting that the protests spread the virus, all Fauci could muster is that he's not judging one crowd over another; all crowds should be avoided. That's because he wants to go to baseball games without anyone else in the stadium. The fat cats want to go to beaches without you there mucking up their scenic views. They love going to vacation hotels without the annual din of the middle class.

Trump gets zero credit for wanting to make America healthy again, because that's a normal, natural thing to want. If Trump wants credit and praise, he's got to do the rare thing, the hard thing, the heroic thing. Giving corporations huge tax breaks to open up more employment positions does not reach the level of praiseworthy; it only goes beyond the abnormal will of Democrats, big deal. If Trump were a hero, he'd shed Fauci and Birx, and man-handle the demented left with the will of the normal people. Germany has revealed the normal this week, and as you read this, ask: why doesn't Trump ask his voters to assemble and protest the mandatory mask:

With few masks in sight, a dense crowd marched through downtown Berlin from the Brandenburg Gate.

Protesters who came from across the country held up homemade signs with slogans like “Corona, false alarm,” “We are being forced to wear a muzzle,” “Natural defense instead of vaccination” and “We are the second wave.”

They chanted, “We’re here and we’re loud, because we are being robbed of our freedom!”

...Police estimated that about 17,000 people turned out.

With a little help from heroic leaders, that number could easily become a million. But America has no heroic leader in president Compromised. So long as vaccines can keep the lockdown from happening all over again, Trump cares not what the vaccines will do to people. He doesn't seem to realize that, if he continues along this path, it could cost him enough discontent in his base that he loses power to Democrats. Like I said, a high-wire act over a chasm from no return.

Here's Fauci's rebellion against the study in mid-July:

When he thinks to say that he has no horse in this race, why did such a thought come to mind at all, unless he's trying to hide his horse in the race? The video also reveals that the CDC is still on the ruin-Trump side, yet Trump entertains the CDC as a partner in his COVID task force. That's not a hero, but more like bending reed.

Fauci complains that the Ford study was not "controlled," and, likely, the viewer for the most part does not understand what that term means. It sounds reckless if not controlled, but that's not the meaning. If Fauci were not an animal, he would have said that the Ford study is enlightening and encouraging, or that he'd like to see another such study conducted. The people who did the study were convinced that the drug was helpful, even suggesting that it's a sure-fire way to keep the infection from getting serious. For Fauci to downplay that advice is what rates him amongst the unreasoning animals. But we do know better, that he does in fact have reasoning powers, and he reasons that he wants the vaccines for personal gain. That's why hydroxychloroquine is his enemy. But what's Trump's excuse for forsaking this drug, we should like to know. Laura Ingraham has been heroic for her persistent advocation of hydroxychloroquine while most others resist this drug. Trump, on the other hand, has become a traitor.

Trump's press secretary late in the week: "The Trump administration has made substantial investments including investing in multiple vaccine candidates with several entering phase-3 trials..." Why is "investment" used in this regard? Is she snitching subtly on him? It's not the word used ordinarily when a White-House project incorporates certain companies into its political schematics. "Investment" suggests a return. The White House is expecting a return for partnering with a few vaccine companies??? Whaa? Did several companies all bid on participation with Trump? That's what it sounds like. What did Trump nail down for himself in these deals? Did he give a piece to Fauci and Birx, somehow not easily knowable, to keep them happy? Wouldn't that be illegal conflict-of-interest? How high above the chasm is he doing his high-wire walk?

One of the companies listed by his press secretary is Pfizer. It has a German partner, yikes, it could be the nazis (small 'n'). There is just one thing to do: give the first Pfizer injections to Bill Gates, Tony Fauci and Deborah Birx, on national television. They shouldn't have any qualms, right? But it begs the question: who will volunteer to take this drug? I'd suggest only the very sick, not the asymptomatic. It won't help the very sick, will it, if it's purpose is to fight off the virus before it gets a strong handle on the body? What will their situation look like when non-sick people just don't ask for the vaccines? How will they coerce all of us to take it? They need scare tactics, more scare tactics. Will Trump participate with the scare tactics? That's not how we imagined, back in March, his attitude to become. Now, in August, we can't be so sure.

Of course, we don't think they will give the poisonous vaccines to those in the trials, for they want the trials to go successfully. Later, once the vaccines are approved, they can sneak in their toxins or body-changers. We'll just never know whether you or me are receiving the body-changers. What if doctors are prevented from prescribing the vaccine unless they first call someone who takes the patient's name under a pretence, where the real purpose is to secretly determine whether the patient is pro-Trump or anti-Trump (the fiends have their data-base of individuals with their political affiliation marked), and once that's learned, they give the body-changers to pro-Trumpers. That's what we could expect, absolutely, in this wicked generation.

What if they promised Herman Cain a drug knowing that it would kill him? Is that really beyond the realm of possibility at this time? Cain was going to bring a lot of Democrat Black voters to Trump in the next three months, and so look at the timing of his death.

They will probably say, get the vaccine, take off the mask; refuse the vaccine, keep on the mask. How will they allow vaccinated people to go without masks? The vaccinated will need to carry with them some piece of vaccination proof. Some, I think, are saying that they especially want to inject something into the body that acts as an automatic reader for verifying vaccination. Does this sound inter-galactic strange to you? The aliens are coming, but they were born on planet earth. The strangoes are now ruling over us. They are demon-infested lunatics. You can't reason with them; to their graves they will go fighting for their globalist, control-freak causes. Like the devil, they want to be God over the entire universe.

It's a no-brainer to realize that operation Warp Speed is going to make competing vaccine producers reckless. That's right, because speed is made the highest priority, and so safety will be de-prioritized in the stead of speed. Great blunder, captain Kork Screw, you're turning the vaccine producers into drunks. Crash ahead, look out. This is Dr. Spock's opportunity to kill God outside of a movie.

Even the New York Times points out the recklessness: "Some experts have warned that expecting an approved vaccine within 18 months — as Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases, has suggested — is overly optimistic." Trump's Warp Speed has left Fauci's 18 months in the star dust (I couldn't resist). If Trump doesn't satisfy Fauci's thirst for vaccine monies, Faucy's predicted to go sour on him, which is why I think Trump will give him a piece of the nuclear fusion (I couldn't help myself). The only hope we have is in Scotty. At least we know he's not German or Italian.

Seriously, this is very troublesome, and I know not what to do but pray to and hope in God. If they don't let us into the supermarkets without a vaccine, they will just leave us to starve, we can assume. What would you do in a tormented situation like that? Cave? Isn't that identical to caving to the demands of an abductor? Won't he abduct again if we give him his ransom? Why is Trump caving to them, only to spur them on to doing worse? Because, president Fink is a fink (I'm putting it very mildly). Anyone who calls a vaccine program, "Warp Speed," is trigger-happy with the injection needle. I'm watching for God to throw a monkey wrench into the engine of the Enterprise. Pray one and all that this type of storm does not fall upon us. Trump is fast becoming my arch-enemy, a thing I half anticipated in his earlier years. I half-expected him to betray his voters on behalf of the deep state, like a snake in the grass seeking not to be discovered as such.

It's a fact that the U.S. government has bought off most of the world's supply of remdesivir, and so I assume that Trump's task force was at least a privy observer of this deal. What might the details of the deal be? Was their conflict-of-interest from those who signed the deal(s)? What part of the government made the deal? Who were the lawyers involved? My warning: as remdesivir is said to work only for late-stage COVID, it could be used, with a toxin added, as a facilitator to euthanasia (= tax saving for the U.S. government) for the baby-boomer generation (people 60-75 years of age).

Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline scored the largest Operation Warp Speed backing to date, picking up a staggering $2.1 billion to advance their vaccine candidate...

...The financials are still under wraps, the [Pfizer and BioNTech] companies said in a release. Recently, the vaccine partners signed a hefty $1.95 billion deal to deliver 100 million shots to the U.S., as well as a supply pact for 30 million doses in the U.K.

No one saw these deals coming because they were intentionally drawn up at the speed of light. Could conflict-of-interest be suspected if Trump's Warp-Speed chief were a previous vaccine-company chief? "Moncef Mohamed Slaoui (born July 22, 1959) is a Moroccan-born Belgian-American researcher and former head of GlaxoSmithKline's vaccines department." That's Trump's Warp Speed chief. no guff. Does Trump have no shame?

What did people in the task force get in return for giving this speedy deal to Glaxo-Star-Treker vaccines? That is, how much of the tax dollars paid to Glaxo Clingons will find its way into the pockets of some Warp Speed executives? If some of the money is slated to go into Trump's pockets, that could explain his love-loss for hydroxychloroquine (= not much of a money maker).

The leader of the Operation Warp Speed project, Moncef Slaoui, had been a board member of the US vaccine developer, Moderna, and divested his shares in Moderna stock, at a potential personal gain of $10 million, raising questions of his neutrality in judging vaccine candidates. Although Slaoui resigned from the Moderna board when named to head Warp Speed, his share value in Moderna stock increased by $3 million in one day when Moderna announced an advance in vaccine clinical research.

That's right, Moderna secured a deal with Warp Speed. Wikipedia's Moderna article:

In March 2020, in a White House meeting between the Trump Administration and pharmaceutical executives, Bancel told the President that Moderna could have a COVID-19 vaccine ready in a few months. The next day, the FDA approved clinical trials for the Moderna vaccine candidate, with Moderna later receiving investment of $483 million from Operation Warp Speed. Moderna board member, Moncef Slaoui, was appointed head scientist for the Operation Warp Speed project.

Trump voters could boot Trump out of the White House for this, only to have the Obamaites back in power. Woe is the United States if God doesn't do something on behalf of His people. Woe is the United States if God is forced to rescue His people in the United States.

If you're interested in Amazing Polly's another-depressing video (I warned you) with boggling connections (or potential connections), dated July 29, it has George Soros calling his manufactured societies, "the new normal" (35th minute). That's the phrase now used for the post-COVID society.

Trudeau Looks Like the Sickly Stag

A new discovery, I think, can be had in this section, which involves my dream of a few years ago. It was simple: Mr. Kepke walked up my driveway, followed by what I've always called a SICKly-looking stag, and then followed by Mr. Smith on crutches. Dream over. Kepke and Smith were two friends of mine at different times of my life. Tell me if you can agree that this dream can point to prime-minister Trudeau's COVID schemes.

As I've said, the Smith fitchee is almost the Crutch fitchee in colors reversed, one piece of evidence that there is Intelligence behind the dream. Plus, as I've said, Mr. (Paul) Smith lived in Vaughn county while Vaughns are in the colors and format of Smiths. That too look like Intelligent Design, especially as it occurred to me just now that the Vychan variation of Vaughns is about the closest we can get, from a surname, to "vaccine." That's partly what caused me to do another investigation into this dream just now, because the sickly stag and the crutches can be God's symbol the plight of some who take coming vaccines.

As I've said in the past, the Vaughns/Vychans can apply to this dream because they share the Fish Coat while there is a fish in the Smith Crest. This new investigation was prompted initially by the mention of GlaxoSMITHKline shortly above. I'll show you how Kline's can apply too, which, if correct, tends to prove that the dream points to COVID vaccines.

Another thing I learned before starting this section, is that Pfizer-like Fisers/Vissers use fish. Coincidence?

Kepke's father is of Ukrainian background, and "KEPke" is suspect from an entity that named Kiev (Ukraine capital). You can see already how this can point to George Soros, the de-facto Ukraine "king" under the Obama administration. Wikipedia says that TRYPillians lived in Ukraine and Moldova, and as there is a Moldova tributary of the Siret, I'm assuming that Kepke was in the dream to justify taking this topic to Siret-river Trypillians for following reasons.

The Trotus tributary of the Siret can be traced to the Trots/Truths for two good reasons, but the Trudy variation of this surname can suggest that Trudeau's/TRUDONs were Trotus-river people too. After re-seeing the so-called "triton" (shows as a tortoise) in the Sich Crest, I couldn't believe my eyes when loading the new-to-me TROTONs, for they are in Vaughn/Vychan and Smith colors and format. This discovery, tending to assure that Justin Trudeau is being pointed to, came after the gold stags in the Trudeau/Truden Coat tended to point to Siret-river liners. I'll show you how.

From the very time of the dream, I applied the Sichs to the sickly stag, and here I find a triton-like Troton surname that looks like the Trudon variation of Trudeau's. I'm amazed. In my 1st update of January, 2017, one can find this: "French Pine's, suspect with Pinnes', Teuta's stepson (his mother was Triteuta), were first found in Limousin (Triteuta evokes the "triton" said to be in the Sich Crest)." That's just to prove to you that the Sich Crest has a triton. It just so happens that Sichs were first found in Cumberland with the Browns having the Vaughn/Vychan and Fish Coats. Is that a pointer possibly to British prime minister Brown (Obama years)?

You might find it interesting that the Pence Shield and Crest looks connectable to the Troton Shield and Crest; both surnames were first found in Buckinghamshire, near the first-known Trots/Trudys of Berkshire. Both the Pence's and the Trotons share a white lion in Crest with Newmans/Numans, and the Smith motto is, "Benigno NUMINE." What do you suppose "BENIGo" is code for, besides possibly the Bengs/Bings and Bongino's? The Benjamins, right? Yes, but the Bengs/Bings share the white-on-black lions of Newmans/Numans. More than ten years ago, I realized that Tolkien's fictional Numenor was the island of Arran, where McCabe's were first found who share the Fiser/Visser / Ham fish.

It's important that Bengs/Bings have the Drive/Drove quadrants in colors reversed, for the trio (with sickly stag) were walking up my DRIVE(way). It tends to assure that we are on the Intended track with Beng liners.

The Trots/Trudys share the bear with French BENJamins, and share the six pale bars of Coats/Cotes'. I trace the Israelites of Israel's RIMMON to the RIMNa tributary of the Siret, which is to the near-north of the Buzau tributary (of the Siret), home of the COTESii. That's how you know that Trots/Trudys are from the Trotus tributary of the Siret. It bears repeating that while the Rimna and Buzau are in WALLACHia, and home also to the ROXolani people group, Scottish WALCH's were first found in ROXburghshire, and have a near copy of the Benjamin Coat.

There are a couple of further "coincidences" here, that while Pierre's were first found in Languedoc with Cotta's/Cote's, Justins can be linked by blood to the Sire's/Sirets. Justin Trudeau became the current prime minister on the coat-tails of his father, prime minister PIERRE Trudeau...a president/chairman of the Humanist Association of Canada. Pierre was the atheist fool (ruled 11 years) who stacked the supreme court with pro-abortion liberals, the ones who divided Canada between moralists and disgusting devilish / sinful types.

The Pfizer vaccine company is huge for this investigation because the Trudeau stag is expected as code for Staggs/Stage's, a branch of Eustace's and Stacys who can all be linked via their Crests, especially the Eustace Crest, to the Vise Crest. Hence, the Fisers/VISSers, for Vise's were first found in Sussex with the Hams sharing the Fiser/Visser fish, but also where Kepke-line Keeps (Trot/Trudy colors) were first found. The Stagg/Stage Crest shares the gold stag with Trudeau's. Recall, from the last update, Kepke on the hood of my car when Allison left me, for Allisons (from KEPPOCH MacDonalds) use a "Truth" motto term for the Truth variation of Trots/Trudys.

On top of this, as if to verify further that God formed the dream, HAMburg is where TRYPillian-like Trips/Treffs were first found, and then English Trips (Kent, same as Bengs/Bings and HAMons) are super because they not only share the Hamburg-surname crosslets, but Hamburgs share drops with the Smith heron that holds the fish. Drops/Trope's were first found in Norfolk with English Benjamins.

To help assure that Staggs/Stage's trace to the Trotus river with Trudeau's, this river runs through BACau, and then Dutch Bakers share the Stagg/Stage chevron. English Bakers, first found in Durham with Smiths, use those white-on-black lions again, as do Pattys/Pati's in the patee cross of Staggs/Stage's (see also Treby lion). Finally, a big wow: German Bakers use nothing but a white, wavy bend, ditto with Jewish Kline's/Cline's. GlaxoSMITHKLINE vaccines. Amazing. German Kline's/Cline's share the upright, black bear with Trots/Trudys.

From the Clynd variation of Scottish Cline's, Irish Cline's and their Clun branch can be gleaned as Clints/Clents and Clintons, how about that, for the Clintons share the Chief-Shield combination of Irish Cline's and Cluns (Perthshire, same as Justins). Pattys/Pati's were first found in Worcestershire with the Clent Hills. (Scottish Cline's were first found in Sutherlandshire, and Sutherlands almost share the stars of Salome's/Solomon's (Rhineland, same as German Kline's/Cline's). The gold Salome/Solomon stars are PIERCEd, as are the gold stars of Clintons (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's).

Justin Trudeau rules in Ottawa, which is where Kepke moved to many years ago to run a plumbing outfit. I know of only three surnames using a wavy chevron: the Fish's in the Smith Crest, English Plumers/Plumbers, and the Pierce's/Piers. As Plumers/Plumbers were first found in Durham with Smiths, it could seem that God made Kepke a plumber to assure that Kepke was leading the sickly stag for a reason. That stag is now deciphered correctly, I think, as Justin Trudeau. I think it means that Trudeau's vaccine decisions on behalf of the global order will make Canadians sick.

As was said, Kepke and I both left being stockboys at Knob Hill Farms (we were freshly turned 18) to go sell shoes in the same mall, and he met Miss Peare there while she worked for REITmans clothing. Not only do Jewish Reitmans (and Rotens) share the hexagram of German Plumers (Bavaria, same as Shoe's and Rodham-connectable Knobs), but Shoe's share the stars of English Plumers/Plumbers. Moreover, in the sleeping-bag dream, which was near in time to the sickly-stag dream, Miss Peare appeared on a STAGE at the end of the dream, and pointed there, in my opinion, to Hillary Clinton's Platte River Networks.

I feel there is something outstanding, not yet realized, about the inclusion of Kepke in the sickly-stag dream. He was leading the stag. Why? At least, the stag was following him. He wasn't holding / pulling it by a leash or anything similar. What could it mean that Kepke was leading Trudeau, or that Kepke was responsible for the sickness of both the stag and Paul Smith? His hair and attitude was like that of Trump's, but I can't prove that the Trump stag head applies to the Trudeau / Stagg/Stage stags. But I can serve some evidence where the Sichs happen to share so-called "fountains" with Waterfords while the Trump stag head is shared by the Arms of County Waterford (Brath/Bradd colors).

It may be off topic, but the "brath" motto term in the Waterford Arms, along with its waves of the sea and the fountains of Sichs both reflecting the wavy fesses of Drummonds (Hamburg, same as Trips/Treffs), suggests the line from the wife of prince George, father of Drummonds, who is said by some to have married a woman from Brath-like PodeBRADy. Drum-like Trumps (Drummond colors) were first found near Hamburg. Bradys use a sun while Sinclairs/SUNs lived at Roslin, in Lothian and just six miles from the first-known Braths/Bradds. Waterfords share the brown dog with Lothians. This recalls evidence that George Soros had worked into the line of George above.

I think I've just seen that God arranged Kepke's first name, Lawrence, to point to the following picture repeated from above:

The Trotus tributary of the Siret can be traced to the Trots/Truths for two good reasons, but the Trudy variation of this surname can suggest that Trudeau's/TRUDONs were Trotus-river people too. After re-seeing the so-called "triton" (shows as a tortoise) in the Sich Crest, I couldn't believe my eyes when loading the new-to-me TROTONs, for they are in Vaughn/Vychan and Smith colors and format. This discovery, tending to assure that Justin Trudeau is being pointed to...

The Lawrence's use the tail of a turbot fish, and the Turbot surname happens to share the fish of TROUTbecks!!! I don't know if I've known this before, that Turbots look like a variation (branch) of Troutbecks/TROWbacks (from the Trotus). Until this, it was just a good theory that Kepke was in the dream to represent Trypillians at the Trotus. Trotons are also TROWtons (share swans with the Readys in the Lawrence motto), and while Kepke sold shoes, Shoe's use a tree while Tree's are also Trows.

Treats/Treetons have a Turbot-like Turton variation, and share the TREFoil -- suspect with the Treff variation of Trips (shoes) -- with Kline's and Cline's. The Treat/Treeton treFOILs are used by RoqueFEUIL-line Rocks, from the Roxolani of the Buzau tributary of the Siret (i.e. land of TRYPillians). The flag in the Crest of Treats/Treetons (Yorkshire, same as Palms and Keppochs) must be for Flags/Flecks (share Baker scallops), kin of Plumer-like Palmers. Plumers/Plumbers share the Shoe star.

Roxolani were also on the Dnieper river south of Kiev, and while I read that ancient Trypillia was south of Kiev, Zlochevsky, owner of Burisma gas, is said online to have a shoe "store" on the Dnieper river, no guff at all. What are the chances?

Zlochevsky's whereabouts are unknown, and he and his company are invisible in Kyiv. One of the few signs of the elusive energy tycoon is a boutique on the ground floor of an upscale apartment building on the Dnieper River.

The Zlocci shop features collections of flashy men's shoes made from crocodile and caiman skins arranged on two polished marble tables. A pair of low-cut crocodile boots goes for more than $3,700, while blue pony-hair sneakers cost almost $800. An attentive salesman offers a 30% discount and home delivery.

I guess this is why Kepke and I sold shoes in the same mall (different shoe stores), for a pointer to Biden / Zlochevsky crimes in Ukraine. The over-priced items of Wayfair comes to mind. At best, Joe Biden seems to be a wanna-be pedophile.

The CROCodile shoe's were treated heraldically, because Irish Dene's use the crocoDILE as apparent part-code for Dile's/Dills sharing the lion of English Dene's (Sussex, same as Keeps!). The Crocs are a branch of Croce's (potent cross = a crutch symbol) and the Crooch variation of Crutch's!!! Bingo. The crutches in the dream were to point to Zlochevsky. Can you believe this? Mr. Smith had the crutches to point with Vaughns/Vychans to complicit vaccine providers. That's my story on this dream to date.

Repeat: "Shoe's use a tree while Tree's are also Trows." Another tree is used by French Masseys who once showed the same boots as the Trips/Treffs now showing shoes. The Chief of French Masseys is connectable to the Chief of English Dene's/Deans who share the full motto of the Irish Dene's using the crocodile, believe it or not. The Marte's in the motto of Scottish Dene's are listed with Martins while Irish Martins share the Coat of crocodile Dene's.

Remarkably, English Martins were first found in Leicester with the Soar river! God is screaming here that He's behind the dream as a pointer to Soros and Zlochevsky, and possible president Biden (oh-no, not that). Irish Martins (sun) were even first found in Galway with crocodile Dene's. AND, Irish Martins share the cross of Croce-line Croziers (can't be coincidental), first found near the French Martins of Gascony. English Croziers share the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne, home of MUMmolin suspect in the "meum" motto term of Irish Martins, and in the MOLINE cross of Scottish Dene's. "Meum" is shared by the Rhodes' (Yorkshire) while the Rocks with the trefoil were kin of Rods because Hugh of Rodez married a woman from Roquefeuil.

This recalls God's pointer to Roach's (rock) and Smoke's/Rauch's in my staying the night in Crystal city, for Crystals share the calvary symbol (different colors) of Moses'/Moys. The only thing I did in Crystal City, besides a short drive through town in the morning with black smoke out the tailpipe, was SLEEP the night with cockroaches. It's therefore more than interesting that Sleeps, first found in Shropshire with Moses'/Moys, have the Dene / Martin Coat in colors reversed, and the double-Sleep fesses are in the colors of the one fesse of English Crocs, likewise first found in Shropshire, and using the same crescent as English Dene's on that one fesse. But what could Sleeps have to do with Kolomoisky and company in Ukraine? Why is the Roach Coat a red-Shield version of the FISER/Visser Coat?

It's remarkable here that while the Soar river is also the LEGro, the LEIGHtons -- first found in Shropshire -- share the Soar/Sors quadrants. The Leghs/Leys (beside Shropshire) are also Leigh's, you see. The Legh/Ley write-up: "The parish of Hughley in Shropshire derives 'its name from Hugh de Lea,'..." Hughleys (tree) could be of the Fountain-related Hugs; Waterfords and Sichs love the Fountains, the latter first found in Norfolk with Hughleys. (If you wish to get into it, Hugs share the Pierre lion, as well as the fesse of PIERleoni-line Leo's, and then Pierro's/Pero's share roses with Hughleys.)

I was mugged in Galveston the night before sleeping in Crystal city, and while James LeDuc oversees the Galveston National Laboratory that was (and may still be) in direct cahoots with the Wuhan lab, Spanish Martins share the eight-pointed stars of Ducs/LeDucs, which are colors reversed from the same stars of Rockefeller-suspect Fells. Another tree is used by Spanish Martins (share Chief of tree-using Panico's), and it's in the colors of the giant tree of Moy-like Maio's. In an earlier investigation, I was led to believe that COVID-19 was a concerted conspiracy between the Galveston National lab and Wuhan to unseat Trump.

Fells share the Brick / Whelan/FAILin lozenges and what looks like a Coat version of the Brescia-line Brix's/Brests, which can explain why Italian Martins were first found in Brescia. Italian Martins share the white crescent with tree-using Scottish Kidds, and then English Kidds (Northamptonshire, same as Waterfords) share the upright goats of Italian Martins, all in Trump colors. Whelans/Failins were first found in Waterford.

The last time I saw and spoke to my girlfriend, Miss Whelan, was when with Kepke at the Scarborough Town Center, where I had sold shoes (for Fredelle shoes) a year or two earlier. She was dating her new boyfriend that evening. She lived on the same street as Kepke, but Kepke had nothing to do with my meeting her. She lived at a corner lot partly on Senator Reesors drive, the street I had lived on seven years earlier, and Reesors/Reasons (Rice branch) look linkable to "Rhizon." The 1979 dream pointed to Rhizon partly because the shark of that dream depicted the Saraca's (from Saracens) of neighboring Kotor. From two updates ago: "I have it recorded from the end of December, 2017: 'the Scarborough Crest is: "A gold demi-lion rampant emerging from a red mural crown with a SARACEN's head on the tip of a lance."'" There's a lot of juice to contemplate in this paragraph in which it seems that God set me up with Karen Whelan and the particulars thereof. The outstanding mystery is: what do Saracen liners have to do with Ukraine?

Waterfords are shown properly as Waterville's, a variation of the Waters sharing the Epstein Coat. At this time, Trump appears concerned that some secret involvement of his with Epstein could get out through Ghislaine's arrest. I resolved that the bulldog in the 1979 dream portrayed Trump falling to his enemies, when it both FELL or JUMPed into a pool's WATER with a shark. Kolomoisky is said to own a shark tank. Jumps share the Trump stag head. Pools could have the lion of Braths/Bradds in the motto of the Arms of Waterford. A few years ago, I had a dream with KIDs JUMPing on a yellow mattress belonging to a store having a fake front (i.e. it didn't really sell mattresses, or was operating a secret thing while pretending to sell normal items).

The kids were those of a Michael I know (I've told this a dozen times or more), and so as Mykola Zlochevsky's first name would be "Michael" when Westernized, his shoe boutique (or some other store(s) he owns) could be a front for some illegal sales. Mykola's middle name is, VLADislavovich, and Vlads (Westphalia) happen to share the hexagram of German Michaels (Bohemia, same as Podebrady). The lions of German Michaels are in the colors of the Soar/Sors lion. But lookie here: the sister of the wife of the Michael in the dream married a Ukrainian, Vladimir (don't know his surname), how about that. Vladimir has a Ukrainian accent (!), and Michael's wife was born in Moldova...right-on the topic of this section! English Michaels were first found in Surrey while Surreys are Shark-like Sarks too (perhaps coincidental), a potential pointer to the Ukraine shark tank.

[Insert -- An hour or two after writing here, I was making coffee, telling God how impressed I was that the dream was pointing to Zlochevsky, and was also telling Him that I understood why I can't yet decipher the kids jumping on the bed, for some things need to be deciphered only in the future as proof that God gave the dream, when something takes place that fits the kids jumping on the bed. After saying that, I asked what else about Michael could point to Zlochevsky's shoe store, and that's when I remembered that a second sister of his wife is married to a man who worked in shoes!!! I kid you not, this slipped my mind while writing above.

The man in shoes is Jon, and there is a Jon surname listed with French Jeans (Languedoc), sharing the lion of Pierre's and Hugs, both first found in Languedoc with Cotesii and Roxolani liners (i.e. the Cotta's/Cote's and Roque's/Rocks) from the Moldova theater. Yet, Roxolani were at the Dnieper with the shoe store.

There needs to be a reason that I only had jeans on in the 1979 dream, and this was deciphered earlier with the DENhams (as per denham jeans), because they look like a branch of Dene's. Perfect logic, perfect pointer to crocodile-using Dene's, tending to prove that the Dene crocodile is to act as a pointer to Zlochevsky's crocodile shoes. But this also figures Zlochevsky crimes into the 1979 dream, and for this purpose, my embrace with the woman of the 1979 dream can be viewed as a HUG so as to have the Jon/Jean lion act as a pointer to the crocodile shoes. I'm impressed.

The woman was in a car when we first hugged, and the Cars/Currs are expect in the "Cura" motto term of Denhams because they share the Car/Curr chevron. What's more, Denhams serve in pointing to a Soros-Obama partnership because Obama's mother was Miss Dunham. What's more, Corrys/Currys, in Car/Curr colors, were first found in Waterford, right-on topic.

When I saw myself with only jeans on, I had no shirt, and reasoned that, to emphasize the Shirts/Shards, one way is to have me shirtless, for if I had both a shirt and jeans, there would be no indicator that I should load both Jeans and Shirts/Shards. As English Jeans/Janes' share the scallops of TANKS/Tancreds while the latter are in the colors and format of Shirts/Shards, it seems that God had reasons for my loading both surnames. Then, hee-hee, Jeans/JANES' have the lion of JAMES' whose scallops in turn are those of Michaels in colors reversed, and as both James' and Michaels were first found in Surrey, let's repeat that the Surrey surname comes up as "Sark." This looks like a clever way for God to point to Kolomoisky's sark tank, so to speak. Epstein's island is Little Saint JAMES. It begs the question of what Epstein has to do with the Soros / Ukraine goons?

The "Victor" motto of James' tends to identify the James-Shield lions with the Pool lions i.e. with the pool having the shark, for "victoriam" is a motto term of the Denhams who clearly relate to the car of the shark dream, and yet they connect by way of Dene's to Zlochevsky's shoes. Isn't it incredible that the Denhams relate also to the jeans of that dream, the thing that points to James' where the Jean/Janes Crest is the demi (half) blue lion in the James Crest? The Samson Crest uses a full blue lion while Samsam was a Saracen ruler who joined Roger Guiscard, son of TANCRED!!! God has stacked the clues for a pointer to the shark tank.

What are the chances that while Jons are listed with French Jeans, Johns bring us to Rhizon that was pointed to by the rising of the woman-and-me from her car? It's true, for Welsh Johns share the Rice Coat. My name is John. This is new material thanks to Jon the shoe man. AND BEHOLD: Johns share the red border and white Shield of Scoots/SCOUGals and Scotts, two surnames from lake Scodra, right-near Rhizon. SCOUGals look like the Schug variation of Shoe's!!! I kid you not. Incredible. Jon was the missing factor to discovery of these connectors to that dream, verifying that it too involves Ukraine corruption.

Oh wow, Scoots/Scougals even share the brown feathered pen with Scottish Michaels. The latter, with Michaelsons (Angus, beside Kids), share the Yellow fesse in colors reversed, and it was Michael's kids who were jumping on a yellow mattress. The Yellow fesse is black, as is the Yell fesse, and when it was discovered earlier in July that Yoo's are listed with Yells, it was due to a "you" term in the 1979 dream with Hicks. Then, while her knee of that dream connected to the 9-11 memorial that she and I attended on September 11, 2002, she said to me that evening, "YOU can SCOOT over," when I asked if the seat beside her was taken. English Michaelsons have in their Crest the white crescent in the Kid Crest, verifying, I think, that God gave the dream as pointers to heraldic clues to other things.

There's more, for Yoo's/Yells named Yell in SHETland while Sheds/Scheds, Sheets/Skate's and their Skit branch were also Skeochs, like other variations of Shoe's, believe it or not. It tends to convince me that the kids jumping on the mattress relate to things-Ukraine with perhaps some conspiracy links to Moldova. Sheets/Skate's and Skits/Skeochs use the potent cross, named after the crutch, and that was the Croc line in the Dene crocodile, believe it or not, another pointer to Zlochevsky's shoes. I find this incredible, the chances being too great for these links/pointers to be pure coincidence.

Both Johns and Rice's use ravens = crows, and the "corvos" motto term of Johns means "crow" in Greek. Mythical Coronis, a pointer to the coronavirus, was a crow. I kid you not, this insert was written AFTER I traced Miss Hicks, below, to mythical Coronis. Just wait and see. End insert]

The jumping-on-mattress dream looks very connectable to Zlochevsky's crimes, but by what coincidence do Jumps share the Trump / Waterford stag head, and the Belly roses? In the 1979 dream, the bulldog's head was down the shark's throat, with the shark's ring of teeth circling the dog's belly (and back). The hind legs and tail were outside the shark's mouth. I JUMPed into the pool to save it. I didn't see the outcome.

Again, the Moldova tributary of the Siret is not far from the Trotus tributary of the Siret. Plus, as I think ancient ANGUSta was on the Trotus (has an adjacent BACau region on my atlas), note the "angustis" motto term of Cabbage's (compare with English BAKers), first found in Northamptonshire with Kidds and Waterfords/Waterville's. Watts and Vatts/Watters' use a giant tree i.e. connectable to Trotus liners. As Angus' share the star of Angus-like Annas', I had been searching for Annas-of-Israel descent from Angusta elements, and here I can add that "Benigno numine" is a motto of the Mys/Mee's/Mea's in the "my" motto term of the Annas-branch Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire, same as My's/Mee's/Mea's). Tree-using Kids (not Kidds above) share white stars in their Chief with the Angus Chief. By what coincidence are the Plants/Planque's, who use cabbages, traceable to the Plantagenet-Fulks of ANGers?

Anchors, an Anger branch, are beloved in the Coat of FORMans/Fermens (and Firmans) who in turn share the green dragon of WORMs, and there was a count VRM of Angusta, father of Helena said by one to have married king BELA of Hungary, brother of Andrew I. Might the wavy blue Forman fesses be the wavy blue one of Fix's/Fecks? As I trace this Andrew to the Ross clan, beside/at Moray, note that ANDers-like Handle's / Handells share the Moray Coat while BELLYs were first found in Moray.

Scottish Andrews look connectable to Pollocks, and Peter Pollock, the first Pollock, built Rothes castle in Moray. Note how Worms look related to VRm-like OVERs. Ainsley and Mrs. Kilpatrick were HOVERing OVER the seats of the car. Formans are said to have connected with earls of Douglas, and while Castle Douglas is near Kilpatrick castle, Douglas' (Moray) share the Kid Chief with Moray / Handle stars. This looks like it's identifying the green Kilpatrick dragon with that of Formans / Worms.

Irish Martins share the cross-with-steps (called "calvary") also with the Moses'/MOYs while some say that Igor KoloMOIsky is the invisible owner of Burisma. "Kolo" looks like a prefix, and "sky" is a suffix, leaving "Moi as the root. Moses'/Moys are said to have married Crispins (Clare's) of BEC, and so note the TroutBECKs, for Becks use another moline. Beach's are Becks too, and, in the 1979 dream, the woman was sleeping on a beach suspect with Epstein's island.

If Miss Florida is still reading, look at how relevant to the dream the Trypillians are, for you tipped me off about them; otherwise I wouldn't have known about them.

That was an enjoyable investigation due to the clickety-click links. The missing piece until now was Trudeau. Woe to those who get themselves under God's thumb. Those who aspire to become the greatest will be made the least by God's pressing thumb, and many on the broad path to destruction will never get up to live again.

I was staring at the Croce quadrants, in the colors of the Soar/Sors quadrants, wondering how Croce's can be connected to the Soars/Sors'...until I saw that "Soros" could have developed from a soft-c form of the Crose variation of Croce's. But even if not, the crutch in the dream can thus be a pointer to George Soros, wow, does that ever make sense. Plus, the "dum spiro spero" motto phrase of Croce's/Crose's is the full motto of Masons/Massins whose lion is in a Soar/Sors quadrant! Bingo, the crocodile shoes have just pointed to the crutch line just as the latter pointed to Soros, the de-facto dictator of Ukraine in the period of the dastardly faggot, Obama. It doesn't get sicker than this, unless traitor Trump allows them to make things sicker.

I'm starting to think that the anti-Christ (he's definitely Gog of Magog) will be from Ukraine, not Russia. A Democrat president with a Ukrainian army invading into Israel? Is that possible?

By the way, the 1979 dream, having Miss Hicks and Ainsley Earhardt as the woman sleeping on the beach, can be interpreted in several ways, for God can fashion a scene to mean more than one thing. When I woke the woman up, we rose into the sky as per the Biblical rapture. But that very rising scene was pointable to families on the island of Skye, and other things. However, I found yet another way to interpret it. As Miss Hicks married Mr. KilPATrick, I'm thinking that the rapture scene is also a pointer to the island of PATmos, where the book of Revelation was written telling of the 666. The number six named such things as the HEXagram of witchcraft, and so I suggested that the Hicks-like Hyksos were behind that number.

In Revelation 13, we learn that a certain ruler who supports the anti-Christ will force people to wear a 666 on their RIGHT hand or forehead, and this chapter portrays the anti-Christ as a dragon. Then, in one Kilpatrick Crest, a lion is said to have a "dexter paw" (right paw) on the head of a dragon. We might then ask whether Dexters were first found in Leicester with the Soar river because God wants to point to wicked programs that Soros has been operating, which lead to anti-Christian movements now getting under way. This week, we heard that the Portland rioters burned Bibles. Dexters share the Coat of Tyrone's/Tyrells, and Sharks (trefoils) were first found in Tyrone with the Neils/Nihills in the motto of crocodile-line Dene's. The double Dexter / Tyrone chevrons are shared by Hucks (owls), first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, and they are blue chevrons, the color of the chevrons of Huckabee's who show Asclepios rods in their Chief.

It just so happens that Sharks use a crane as code for the Ceraunii peoples to which I've long traced mythical Coronis, mother of Asclepios, the god of medicine. Mr. Kilpatrick was a doctor (who pulled his own wife out of the womb), and I've been suggesting that Coronis liners named Chora on Patmos because the other Patmos city, SKALa, can explain "ASCLepios." Or, to put it another way, Asclepios was named as play on "aSCALuphus," the Greek for "owl." "AscLEPIOS" looks like part code for Lapiths, for Coronis was a Lapith along with her Hyksos-suspect brother, Ixion (was given a chariot-wheel symbol, apt symbol for Hyksos).

Having come to Coronis, is God also pointing to CORONAvirus schemers with this 1979 dream? Looks like. As the woman of that dream had a second identity, as Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends (major discovery two updates ago), note the snakes (Asclepios symbol) of EarHARDTs, and the hexagram of Jewish Hardts (Coat similar to Earhardt Coat). The Earhardt snakes are fashioned somewhat like a Q, and while Deborah Birx of the coronavirus task force always wears a scarf, the Trabys/Sadowski's have a Q-shaped scarf (I've seen the official description) very linkable to both Quade's and Queens (the latter two have essentially the same Coat). The Queens were first found on Skye.

It's possible that PatMOS was named by a line from Mus (Lake Van), even the line to Moses'/Moys. I hold a very good theory that Biblical Moses was named by royal Hyksos, for I say that Egyptologists do not have their dating quite correct in the ballpark of 1500 BC, i.e. at the birth of Moses. I say that Hyksos (Asians) ruled Egypt then, and that the daughter of the Hyksos pharaoh named and raised Moses. I say he was named after a line from Mus at Lake Van, in the thick of Asia. That is, I conjecture that the Hyksos house that raised Moses was from the Mus peoples. Lake Van is in Armenia, a country anciently called, Hayk, named after an ancient God, Hayk. Nearby Rize (at Scarf-connectable Trabzon) is connectable to RHIZON (near the SELEPitanoi), and the Hicks woman in the dream was RISING into the sky immediately after she was SLEEPing.

Some say "Gog" was named after "sky," and Gogarene/Gugar was in Armenia, at lake Sevan, named after Lake Van. Trabzon-like Trabys/SADOWski's use the Q-shaped scarf, and Sadowski-like Soducena (proto-Sadducees?) was at lake Sevan (Lychnis) too.

Kilpatricks share the Masci fleur, and while I'm a Masci on my mother's side, Mrs. Kilpatrick and I were embraced while rising into the sky. The Moschi mountains happen to be right there between Sevan and Rize. It's a good reason to speculate on whether Patmos was named as a Moschi-line combination with proto-Patricks.

I very-much hope that Revelation was not inspired by God, but rather by a run-amuck Christian telling fantasies, for I do not like the persecution of Christians in that book. However, I've always treated it as Inspired due to a couple of predictions that, if not from God, would seem too wild from a man of the first century, including the prediction on the 666 commercial system...that appears to be coming true in our generation. I doubt very much that a false prophet (wants to be known as a true prophet) would fabricate a fantastic stretch such that no one can buy or sell without a mark in the hand, especially as such a system was unknown prior to his time, and not at all in practice in his own time.

In Revelation 9, there is a star falling from the sky that forms a huge hole in the earth and blazing furnace, expressing an atomic bomb very well. What false prophet wanting to be famous as a true prophet would predict such a wild thing? Revelation corresponds to Old-Testament prophecies very well, and adds to them.

Another Pointer to Ainsley Earhardt

A couple of updates ago, I showed how AINSleys were a branch of Annas' in connection to Mamie's thigh and tease symbols. I also showed how Ainsleys were a branch of ANONs/Annandale's with a proposed prediction that Fox and Friends will be part of the coming storm of arrests promised by Q-ANON (or "Qanon"). And even though I mentioned that Ainsleys share the Gamble/Gamal fleur-de-lys, I neglected to re-mention Miss Naughton, who lived on the Gamble sideroad in Richmond Hill.

I have mentioned a few times that I was dispatched in my taxi cab to pick up Miss Naughton, whom I knew from high school, and I remember this event because I was wanting to ask her on a date while driving her home, but didn't find the opportunity (I didn't know her well enough). As this event came back to mind, I recalled that Nitts/NAUGHTs were first found in Dumfries with Annandale. Hmm. And I recalled that I would never have seen Mamie again, after we split up, if I hadn't been dispatched to pick her up with this same taxi job about the same time I drove Miss NAUGHTon home (I had the job for about a year). On the second occasion, I asked Mamie on a date, and we went to the restaurant of Joseph, where I was building a dance floor under his restaurant (I was allowed to take time off taxi driving because it was my own business, in a way, due to renting the cab).

At this point, I started to ask why God might point to Ainsley with that taxi job and/or Joseph, and recalled that I bumped into Joseph a few years later when he was working at the Lada dealer (I owned a Lada at the time). That's when he gave me his business card with his name, Joe Fix, upon it (I didn't know his surname until then). So now I started to wonder how close the Lada dealer (it was on Yonge street) was to the Gamble sideroad, for I recall it being in that very neighborhood. Might God have arranged this situation for reasons?

Trying to find the address of the Lada dealer, I could not, but did find someone saying: "There used to be Lada dealership in Richmond Hill on Yonge street. I think it's a Subaru or a Suzuki dealership now." I found the Subaru dealer on this map, and while it's just a couple of blocks north of the Gamble sideroad (marked road 29), the problem is, I recall the Lada dealer on the opposite side of Yonge (no mistake here, I knew Richmond Hill very well, driving cab there). The map shows a LEXus dealer on the corner of Yonge and Gamble, and when I loaded the Lex surname to see whether God might have a clue to something, I not only found Lex's first found in Switzerland with Fix-connectable Feschs (share white swords in saltire with taxi-like Tax's/Dachs), but the Lex mascle is in the colors of the Seneca/SENESchal mascles while SENS' were first found in Switzerland too. What are the chances?

Ainsley Earhardt along with Seneca's/Seneschals are in the 3rd update of July (two updates ago) because I was linking the Snake/Snook surname, as per the Earhardt snakes, to "SENECa." I had said: "The Snake eagles are those of Spinks while the latter share mascles on a blue Shield with Snake-like Seneca's, who are in turn from Hamon de SENESchal, explaining why SANS'/SANCHez's share the Snake / Spink eagle." There you see the Sens-like Sans', and so let's repeat that Sens' share the Spink and Snake/Snook eagle too. So, the taxi job pointed to the Lexus dealer because that's where I now think the Lada dealer was situated, and it all led lickety-split to the Earhardts while Gamble's share the Ainsley (and Hicks) fleur-de-lys.

[I don't know what was wrong with me while writing here, but it didn't hit me until re-mentioning the Lex's/LECKs below that LEAKs/Leakeys share the Gamble, Hicks and Ainsley fleur-de-lys!!! WOW!!! WOWWWIE!!! WOWSERS!!! It appears that God arranged my one-and-only visit to the Lada dealer to connect with Miss Hicks's knee event on the Leakey road. But why?]

On top of these things, Irish Naughtons share white swords in saltire with Tax's and Feschs. Keeping in mind that Nitts/Naughts, Naughtons and Nottings are expected as Nith-river liners (Kilpatrick castle is on the Nith), it should be added that Scottish Naughtons have a "hope" motto term while the introduction of Ainsley Earhardt (two updates ago) pitted her with Hope Hicks of Fox news (now back in the White House). Her full name is Hope Charlotte Hicks while Mrs. Kilpatrick was born Charlotte Hicks i.e. the latter looks like a pointer to Hope Hicks. As was stressed / explained two updates ago, EARhardts/AIRharts were likely of the Eyers/Airs / Heyers, first found in Derbyshire, and it just so happens that while Kilpatricks use a dexter paw, Heyers are said to have too dexter wings.

Hope's, first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts/NOTTs (Hope colors and format), share the besant with Nottings (and Jewish Hardts), and AINSleys were first found in NOTTINGhamshire with ANNAS'. Clickety-click-click, it seems that God is trying to say a few things in all of this, but, as usual, I don't know what. Chanuts, sharing an inverted form of the Cnut/Nott chevron, were first found in Burgundy with snake-using Save's, and then French Sauvage's, likely a branch of Sava's/Savage's (beside Derbyshire), have a giant heart likely as code for the Hart / Heart line that likely named Earhardts.

Aha! The "inVICTa" motto term of Eyers/Airs is likely for a branch of the Vechter variation of Feschs and/or the Victors/Victoria's in the Coffer/Coffer motto. The latter's fesse is shared by McCabe's, and while Andrew McCabe (FBI) was a part of the FISA scandal involving the FISC (FISA court), the Fisks/Fiscs can be linked to Feschs and Fix's/Fecks. Plus, a few minutes ago, I loaded "Cab" due to the taxi cab, and the McCabe's came up as Cabs!!! My newspaper and coffee in Victoria pointed to John Bash now looking into deep-state crimes. That newspaper predicted, and led to, my first seeing Miss Hicks 15 years after she appeared in the 1979 dream.

For the record, there is a German Vechter/WACHter surname ("Industria et VIGILantia") I'm not familiar with, sharing the Medal/Dougal / Baud / Hodley quadrants. The Walks/Wachs happen to have been first found in Dumfries. I was told to WAKE the woman of the dream, and Wach-like Wake's (share Nelly and Orr roundels) have the motto, "VIGIla et Ora." I might not have mentioned the latter sentence here except that Wake's use a "wake knot," for Knots are listed with Cnuts/Notts = kin of Naughton-beloved Hope's. Spanish Vigils look like that are using two of the Vechter/Wachter quadrants.

Those Naughtons with a "hope" motto term share the blue fitchee of Mee's/Mea's (Nottinghamshire) who in turn have the cross of Fessys (Northamptonshire, same as Spinks), the line from the Fesch-like and Fix-connectable Fieschi of Genova. Miss Hicks, while married to her doctor, adopted a daughter, Geneva, and the white wings of Geneva's/Genova's can be linked to the white eagle of Segni's/Segurana's (Genova) in the Fessy motto. The Segni/Segurana eagle is also used by Basfords/BASHfords, and Ainsleys were first found in Basford.

The amazing thing now, thanks to the newly found Vechters/Wachters, is that the Dusters expected in the latter's "InDUSTRia" motto term share armored arms with Brace's while the MEDALlion I found on the HOOD of my Jeep in BRACEbridge led us to the Medals/Dougals, Bauds and HODleys, all of whom share the Vechter/Wachter...and ALBINi quadrants. Dusters even share the trefoils-on-bend of Barnstaple's (wings) while ALBINs/Aubins of Barnstaple share the blue fitchee of Naughtons and Mee's/Mea's. Albino's share the Barnstaple trefoils. The Barnstaple / Duster bend is in the colors of the same of Italian Vigils to be expected in the Vechter/Wachter and Wake motto. It seems that these coincidences are not.

If we think that Miss Hicks is prominent in this Bracebridge picture (pointed to by the emBRACE in the 1979 dream), with Miss Earhardt coming up secondary, let's repeat that Ainsleys use "my" in their motto twice while My's are listed with Mee's/Mea's. We were embraced as soon as I went to wake her, and so I've got to assume that AINSley / Annas / Anon/Annandale liners were in Dumfries with Walks/Wachs, Nitts/Naughts and Kilpatricks. Plus, Albini's share blue wings with Earhardt-branch Heyers, Here's and HartZOGs/Herzogs while Suggs/Soggs share the rare gold-green vair fur of Spanish Vigils!

Suggs/Soggs were suspect in the makings of "StrZOK," for the latter look like a Stur-Sogg merger in that both surnames were first found in Hampshire...along with Buttons/Bidens, and the latter look like they share the Vechter/Wachter horns. Lex's/Lecks use a bottony cross as code for Buttons/Bidens. Amazingly, while Sugg-like Suchs/Zouch's were first found in ORMSkirk, English Orms'/Orms share the giant eagle of Sans'/Sanchez's i.e. connectable to the Seneca's/Seneschals who in turn share the Lex/Leck mascle. It was while writing here that I realized how the Lexus dealership pointed to the Ainsley / Hicks / Leak fleur-de-lys.

The "inDUSTria" motto term of Vechters/Wachters can also be for the Dusts/D'Ousts, and it just so happens that while the Vechter/Wachter / Hodley quadrants make Vechters/Wachters linkable to Hoods/HOOTs, HOTTs were first found in D'Oust. This recalls my smelling the hair of Miss Hicks when she took my hands to pray for me on Sunday morning, for it didn't smell of shampoo, but of ancient dust. I realized then that her gorgeous blond hair was a wig, and it just so happens that Wigans have a three-star version of the Annas Coat. It's another reason for lumping Ainsley in with Miss Hicks.

AHH, she was PRAYing for me at the time, and Irish Prays (almost the Forman Chief) share the six pale bars of Trots/Trudys!!! BINGO, right-on topic with Angusta. I've got to assume even more now that Angusta liners were in the veins of Kilpatricks. Oh wow, there is a winged black horse in the Pray Crest, and while Helena was a countess of Angusta, Helens have black horse heads! The black lion in the Pray Crest must be the black Kilpatrick lion with its dexter paw on the green Worm dragon! Why did God set up her praying with me for these discoveries? Pastor Johnson asked everyone to go find a pray partner that morning, and Scottish Johnsons share a form of the Kilpatrick Coat.

As per Helena's marriage to Bela, brother of Andrew, let's add that while the Drummonds were directly from this Andrew, they have wavy fesses colors reversed from the same of Formans, and while earls of Mar in Angusta-like Angus were at KilDRUMMy castle, Scottish Marrs share the lone lion in the Pray Chief (!), half in the colors of the lone lion in the Forman Chief!!! That's the big mouth of heraldry giving away the family-line secrets of the ancient nobles. I can see not much reason for God stressing this topic if it didn't relate to Annas of Israel, co-killer of Jesus.

Italian Belli's have six pale bars looking connectable to the six of Prays / Trots/Trudys. The Trotus flows through a BACau region, and German Belli's use a beacon as probable code for BACons/Beacons ("FIRMA" motto term for Forman/Fermen / Firman liners). Bacons/beacons share two stars (different colors) in Chief with Angus', are said to have been at BRADfield, likely a line from PodeBRADY i.e. where I trace Drummond ancestry.

The Chief-Shield colors of Bacons/Beacons are shared by Gamble's/Gamals, a surname suspect from Kemuel, a son of Nahor, along with HAMELtons (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks) who share the cinquefoils of French Bacons and Bus'. The latter are, surely, from Buz, son of Nahor. French Hamels (two stars in Chief) have a reflection of the Walk/Wach Coat.

Nahorites are suspect with the Neuri of Ukraine's Bug river i.e. not very far from Angusta. The Vechters/Wachters share the tower of Naro-river-suspect NARbonne's/Denardo's, and while the Naro was also the Neretva, Nerets were first found in Brittany with Helens. Bugs were said, for a decade or more until recently, to be first found in Nottinghamshire i.e. ditto for Annas' and Ainsleys.

Miss Hicks married Dr. Hamilton Kilpatrick, and while there was a British bulldog in her 1979 dream, I purchased a six-foot, 3-dimensional, fiberglass British bulldog, from HAMILTON, Ontario, in 1994, just a few months before I saw Miss Hicks for the first time. In a Baytown Sun article of the late 1980's, Mr. Kilpatrick is in an online photo with the bull terrier mascot, Spuds MacKenzie.

Annas was a Sadducee, and Sadducees of that time had a house of Boethus which included Salome Boethus, and here we can add that Victors/Victoria's share the Salome stars, half in the colors of the Annas / Angus star. Salome married a HEROD suspect to Harts / Hearts / Hardts. Scottish Hearts share the Pollock saltire.

Dutch Hamels (Ham / Hammer colors) share the upright and white goat with Kidds while Scottish Hamels have a version of the Master Coat, Hamels / Hamiltons could relate to the kids jumping on the yellow mattress, for Mattres'/MAISTRE's look like they are a Master branch. Moreover, the Kid Chief shares a crescent (different colors) with the Crest of Scottish Hamels. Last we were on the yellow-mattress topic, it pointed to Moldova and/or Zlochevsky's shoes. In the mattress dream, I walked into a store that I instinctively knew to be a fake front for some other, criminal purpose.

Hams share the Fiser/Visser and McCabe/Cab fish, and while I've read that McCabe's/Cabs use a salmon, Salmons (salmon) are in Saleman colors while I spoke to the salesman in the store (who pointed to an item on a list upon a piece of paper, that item being the yellow bed / mattress). My bet is that Salmons / Salemans are a branch of Salome's/Solomons. As was said, Hams were first found in Sussex with Vise's/Vice's and Cofferts while Coffers/Coffee's share the same fesse as McCabe's/Cabs, except that the latter's is wavy. The Fiser- / Vice-connectable Fix's/Fecks have a wavy fesse.

I was hesitant to order the yellow bed, but as Michael had ordered this model, I asked him if it was good, and he said, "oh yeah" (it's good), at which time I saw his kids jumping on the mattress. The dream ended there. It looks like God's clean clue to pedophilia. Someone out there gets kids to jump on a bed, giving them a fun time, and then attacks them sexually. That's what's coming to mind. Oh-yeah Michael is pointing to Mykola Zlochevsky, who hired Hunter Biden, son of the pedophilic-like Joe Biden...who likes to sniff ladies' hair.

The sister of Michael's wife married Jon, who was an accountant for TOWN Shoes (no longer). This is conspicuous where Kepke and I sold shows at Scarborough TOWN Center. So, loading Towns, they have this: "The surname Town was first found in Suffolk. The written history of the name dates back as far as 1095, when Wistric Oftun..." OfTUN-like "often" happens to be in the Ainsley motto as "FOR MY country often." My's/Mee's share the boar head of TENants, the latter first found in Linlithgow with Scottish Towns. It's a good bet that the latter share the chevron of BalFOURs ("FORward"). The Tenant surname (shares black crescents with TONbridge's) first came up as per my tenant, Helen, and Helens are now linking hard to Helena of Angusta. Isn't that amazing for providing proof that AINSeys, Annas' and Angus' were from Angusta liners? Yet this proof derives from Jon the shoe-company accountant.

Note that while Scarborough's use a Saracen's head, the Saracen surname shares the crescents of Tonbridge's with the latter sharing the Yellow fesse! The Tonbridge Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Scottish Michaelson Coat!!! It all tends to prove that God wanted me selling shoes at Scarborough Town center for linking to Jon's Town Shoe's, and proving too that the yellow mattress applies to something in relation to Zlochevsky's shoe sales. Oh wow, note that Mattres'/Maistre's share flowers on blue with Ton- and Town-like TONys! Incredible. I don't know what the Mattres' call their flowers, but Italian Tonys call it simply, a flower.

Flowers have the giant Dover cinquefoil in colors reversed, and while Dover is one of the five Cinqueport cities along with Hastings, the Hastings share the maunch-sleeve with Tonys, Tonns/Toners and the Mansfields (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas') who are in turn in Town colors and format. That works, and Anne's/Hanne's were at Tickhill while Tickhills/Tickle's use the maunch-sleeve too. And Dovers share a green dragon in Crest with Vrm-like Worms (count Vrm of Angusta was father to Helena). Dovers were first found in Kent with Tonbridge / Tunbridge. Kepke went into plumbing soon after his shoe sales, and German Plumers have hexagrams in the two colors schemes of the same of Tonns/Tunnels/Tunnocs.

Hmm, lookie: Tonns/Tunnels were first found in Northumberland with Roddens/Rodhams while the same hexagram is used by Rotens and Jewish Reitmans. Kepke met his girlfriend, Miss Pero-like Peare, at Reitman's in the Scarborough Town Center, though I kissed her first at Plumer-like La Paloma. Spanish Paloma's share the pale bar of Pero's, and the latter happen to have more hexagrams. If Paloma's use a pot (versus a caldron), note that Potters share the Flower cinquefoil. Peare's friend, likewise working in the Scarborough Town Center, was the girlfriend of a Moreno, and Scarborough's happen to share the Spanish Murena/Moreno tower.

Ahh, the salesman at the fake store showed me the yellow mattress on a PAGE, and then the LePage's, with fesses in the colors of the Paloma pale bars, were first found in Ile-de-France with Mattres'/Maistre's. Then, Italian Paloma's share the white-on-red dove with English Page's! Bingo.

French Page's/LePage's were first found in Dauphine with Payens/PAGans, and Hugh de Payens, the first grandmaster of the Templars, highly suspect (by me) with the PIERleoni Jews of Rome, married Elizabeth Chappes, explaining why French Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France. One can glean here that the Pierleoni had descended from Joseph Caiaphas, son-in-law of Annas, the primary killers of Jesus. The Tunnocs may have been from the Tank variation of Tancreds, for Tancred was father of the Guiscards, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes'.

If the yellow mattress thus points to Page's, note that the mattress was on a long LIST upon the page, for Lists share the pale bars of Liss'/Lise's, perhaps God's pointer to Lisa Page, the FBI lawyer for Andrew McCabe (deputy-director of Obama's FBI). It could be suggesting that Page and/or McCabe know something about whatever the mattress points to in Ukraine. Liss'/Lise's were first found in Hampshire with Bidens hint-hint, and with the Sturs and Soggs suspect in making (or at least pointing to) "Strzok." Peter Strzok (led the FBI's attack on Trump) and Lisa Page were in close cahoots. Stirlings are also STURlings, and Stirlingshire is beside Perthshire where Scottish Lise's/Lease's were first found. French Lys'/Lise's were first found in Ile-de-France with LePage's and Chappes', can we fancy that? God is pointing via Christians to several things at once, all wicked things.

The first name of Michael's wife is even connectable to Annas'. If God caused the marriages of both Michael and Jon to the same Moldavian family for purposes through me, you can bet that it's of such great importance that neither Michael nor Jon, or their wives, nor Vladimir and his wife, will feel a little abused by God (for lack of a better term) by the time this earthly life is all over. I've been on an heraldic course for 15 years, and it can't be for a few minor things only. Anticipating...I know not what. All three Moldavian sisters and their husbands are Christians. It appears that their names are going to play a part in unveiling some deep, ugly things.

Another way to look at it is that God, foreseeing the marriage of the three sisters, arranged the heraldry of relevant surnames (i.e. matching the first names of the spouses) to point in certain directions.

Kepke's father is Ukrainian, and I would not have sold shoes in Scarborough had he not first gotten a shoe-sales job in that mall. God lured me there with his getting the job first. I often link "Kepke" to the Jeepma's/Cheps and the Cheap variation of Scottish Chappes'. As you may know, there are Jeep-like GYPsies in Romania, where the Siret, Moldova and Trotus rivers are now found. How interesting is it that while the Siret was anciently the AGARus, Hagars (Perthshire, right-smack beside Chappes'/Cheaps) share the hexagram of Jeepma's/Cheps! That puts a whole-new light on God's use of my red Jeep, and that of Paul Smith's, for the "Benigno" motto term of Smiths is suspect with Benjamites of the Rimna tributary of the Agarus!!! Wow, my Jeep is a Gypsy, how about that.

Gypsies are also called, Roma. Not only is there a Roman location on the Agarus at the mouth of the Moldova river, but Rome's/Rims/Rums were in Dumfries, where Walks/WACHs were first found who can trace with Walkers and Walchs to "Wallachia," now in Romania smack at the Agarus theater. There is even a Ukrainian Roman surname showing a Coat that shares the Chief-Shield colors of SIMsons!!! Perfect, for Mr. DeSIMone, of Italian Simons, owned my Jeep before me! Italian Romans were first found in CAMPania, where Mr. Desimone immigrated from. CAMPbells/Cammels share the gyronny of Roens/ROME's (Durham, same as Smiths), how about that. Rome's/Rims come up as "Roen" too.

[Eight hours after this update was uploaded, Doners were loaded as per the Toner branch of Tonys, and there in the Doner/Donahue Coat were two of the Italian-Roman wolves on a Chief-Shield combo in colors reversed from the same of Simsons. I've told readers many times that, when Paul's Jeep was totalled (went to scrap yard), he purchased my Nissan pick-up (because I had purchased a new vehicle about a month after Helen became my tenant). I've also told, though not many times, that the original owner of my Nissan was Mr. Doner!!! That's amazing, is it not?]

Italian Romans share the horizontally-split Shield of Groce's, who came to topic as per the Russian medallion at the grocery store. That medallion pointed to Joseph Mifsud's university job in Stirlingshire. Mifsud was part to the FBI attack on Trump.

OHHH WOOOWWWIE! German Belli's, suspect in Bela's marriage to Angusta's counts, share the horizontally-split Shield of Italian Romans!!!

Almost forgot: Scottish Smiths, using anvils cleverly as likely code for Anville's/Hanville's (Annas / Annan(dale) suspects), use the same motto ("Semper FideLIS") as the Arms of L'viv, this being a Ukraine location at the Bug rivers, home of Nahorites that had a tribe from Kemuel, suspect with the Cammell variation of Campbells. Nahor was the brother of Abraham, and the latter's concubine was, Hagar, are you not impressed with this, God's revelation? I couldn't have done it alone.

Note how the Anville/Hanville Crest can be the Sword crest, for the Sword motto looks like ancient names of the Prut river, one major river west of the Agarus. The Prut is on the Moldova-Ukraine border.

Sempers are Pierro/Pero liners, likely, and it just so happens that Sempers share the Coat of Abram-like BRAMtons. Cool, yet this Agarus line was not Abraham's Israelite line, but that of Hagar's son, Ishmael (historically thought to be the line to Saracens / Arabs). Interestingly, Arab-like Rabe's / Rabys (probably from Jerusalem's raven-suspect Rephaites) are linkable to the Anon/Annandale motto, "SpeRABo." Rabys were first found in Durham with Smiths and Roens/Rome's.

As the Bramton Coat is a the BRUNswick Coat in colors reversed, Bruno / Brun liners are suspect as Abram liners. For example, Bramtons are also Brumtons while Bruntons, in Bramton/Brumton colors, use a beacon. Bruntons were first found in East Lothian with Simms, and we saw how Ukrainian Romans can link to Simsons and Simons. Bacons/Beacons are still suspect from Bacau on the Agarus, and French Bacons share the cinquefoil of Buz-like Bus'. Moreover, the Bacau-like BUZau river is an Agarus tributary south of Bacau, making Bacons look like Buz-line Nahorites. Reminder: Belli's (share Italian Roman Shield) with the beacon are suspect from king Bela, proposed husband of Helena of Angusta.

I'm out of time for this week, time for the spell check and the uploading of this update. Hoping for more insights as they come on this topic.

Ask if the sync problem between the audio and the visual in the Rush Limbaugh show below was deliberately done by youtube due to the hydroxychloroquine topic. I can't tell you enough how stunned I am to see the war against this safe drug while Trump does nothing. I can't tell you how sick this makes me feel, that while Democrat goons are working silently to scare doctors into forbidding the drug, at the cost of their licenses to practice in some cases, Trump has not made this an issue of the task force. If Trump has no time to do something himself, all he needs to do is direct Pence to do something, to at least expose this murderous, political conspiracy. For the sake of election politics, the goons are denying a promising drug. How can this be permitted? Where are Bongino and BCP on this Trump failure? Instead, Trump is now in love with vaccines, the very drugs being trafficked by those who are wanting people killed by withholding the chloroquine "cocktail." I'm SCREAMING.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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