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July 21 - 27, 2020

Ainsley Earhardt, Continued
Pontius Pilate of the Pontus

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Tucker tells us how desperate the deep state is, now in terrorist mode:

I keep hearing that Trump's favorability numbers nose-dived ten points in June/July due to the poor job he's doing on COVID. But I don't see him doing a poor job at all. His base has got to believe that he's perfectly correct to open the country through the summer months lest more people suffer without jobs, etc. Well, maybe the news critics are wrong about the reasons for some discontent. The COVID period from April through to now has also been the period when his base expected arrests, and for some, Barr's do-nothing was blamed on Trump for obvious reasons. Trump has been a hypocrite on the deep-state issue, and some in his base are of the opinion that his enemies have engineered the COVID crisis. What Trump did wrong in this regard is that he was trying to solve it with Fauci. Next, Trump's no-nothing against the deep state brought riots. For some, Trump's going to rightly get the blame for not shackling his nation-destroying enemies.

There are others who turn against him in order to get rid of the punishments of the COVID scourge that they are either suffering or in risk of suffering, which is exactly what the deep state hopes for. Elect Biden, and the deep state will remove the COVID scourge.

On top of these things, Trump (with others) printed trillions for COVID relief, and then allowed the price tag to go to the people. You don't print money and charge the people for it, because it makes you a mobster. Printing trillions will harm the people further with inflation, and the base was very sore at Trump for the liberty by which he printed money to prop up the lagging economy as best he can for his re-election purposes. He's in a real fix at this time. But he's far better than Biden.

I don't really want to cover the declassified pages of last Friday, point by point, because the gist is simple: the FBI under Comey used the Steele dossier against Trump while even Strzok said, in January of 2017, that there was ZERO evidence of a Trump-team member having discussions of any kind with Russian officials. Strzok and other FBI officials are on the hook for not revealing this throughout the attack-Trump "Hurricane." All of them must be charged with obstruction of justice, in the least, for this cover-up. The above is not to say that Strzok wasn't actively involved in ruining Trump.

Barr can save face by starting the storm and saying that he didn't want to make the first arrest months ago so as not to alert the others that he was after them. That's a bad strategy because it made the deep state confident that Barr and leadership Republicans were afraid to make the arrests due to the political backlash from the media, which is a good reason to start arresting media bosses for complicity with the Hurricane crime. If Republicans insist on basing the nation on the apron-wearing founders rather than on Jesus, they will probably have no help from God...yet God will act in ways for his people immersed in the troubles caused by this mobster-mess.

Storm of Arrests

The last update had an heraldic work seeking whether there is a coming string of key arrests in the seditious coup-plot against Trump. Most of the update focused on whether God was pointing to Fox and Friends, and while it seemed to be the case, I can't figure out why the pointer is to Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends in particular. I'll be dwelling on that question this week.

The last update also crossed John Bash (West Texas), who was prominent in the update before that. Bash is one of Barr's attorneys looking into some deep-state activities. The last update started on the premise of the Q-Anon storm of arrests, featuring a Q-shaped scarf, but also noting that the Earhardts have two snakes fashioned in a Q-like manner. I've just added the following insert, in square brackets, to the last update, but to set the context, I'll also repeat some material of Seneca's/Seneschals (like Snake surname) when suggesting their link to the Earhardt snakes.

The Snake eagles are those of Spinks while the latter share mascles on a blue Shield with Snake-like Seneca's, who are in turn from Hamon de SENESchal, explaining why SANS'/SANCHez's share the Snake / Spink eagle. So far so good. Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire, same as Basfords) were at Bash-like Basford, and Basfords/Bashfords have the Spink / Seneca eagle in colors reversed (on a blue Shield, same as Segni/Segurana eagle). Still good. I trace Sans'/Sanchez' to the Sangarius river of king Brogitarus, also called the SAKARya river, and that's to the Seagars (two green snakes, eye-popping) and Segni's/SEGURana's; the latter, first found in Genova with some GRIMaldi's, share the Basford/Bashford eagle. Can it get any better? Bash's share the Gormley/GRIMES martlets! Bingo. Brogitarus -- possibly the high priest of the Revelation harlot -- was the ancestor of Bash-like Bassus'. Why do Grimaldi's [married Rollo's daughter] have a purple throne? Why do Rollo's love the Passe's/Pascals whole Pace's have a purple Shield?

[In the next update, I discover that the Seneca/Seneschal motto is part-code for Mackles'/MacGills, who share the red phoenix of Knee's and Mole's. I'm starting an investigation on this right now i.e. see it in the next update.]

As it turns out, the Mackles Coat shares the martlets of Grimms/Grime's, and moreover the Mackles Coat is colors reversed from the Gormley/Grimes Coat. The Seneca/Seneschal motto is, "Macula SINE macula," which is why Mackles were found this morning (don't recall knowing of this surname before) who have a "SINE FINE" motto to prove that they were at least round-about kin of Seneca's/Seneschals. Fine's are listed with Fiens/Finis' in the colors and format of Fiens/PHONE's/FANE's, and while the latter are expected to be a branch of PHOENix's/FENwicks, Mackles share the phoenix with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. (Load Mackles link to load others surnames in the search box provided, so that you can follow this discussion much better.)

Although Mackles are listed with MacGills so as to look like they were, MacKles', I suggest that Mackles were originally a Massey/Macey branch because Phone's/Fane's share the gauntlet gloves of Maceys. Plus, heraldic macula-like mascles are used by Seneca's/Seneschals, and the Hamon names in the latter's write-up can be of Hamon de Massey of his Dunham-Massey location.

I saw the gauntlet gloves (now falconer's gloves) of SINE's/Sions/SWANs with my own eyes. See last update as per why Queens/Sweyne's/SWANs are part of pointers to Q-Anon. See also why Sweyne's are from Sweyne Forkbeard, husband of Swietoslawa Mieszko, otherwise known as Sigurd "the HAUGHTy," which I think is code for Haughts (Cheshire) sharing the white bull head with Fiens/Phone's/Fane's.

Ainsley Earhardt was resolved, in the last update, as one of two women in my 1979. She and I were rising into the SKY for multiple purposes of God, one to reflect the Armageddon storm and its rapture, but there are also pointers in that dream to surnames for the purposes of revealing His mystery through clues in surname heraldry. The Phone's/Fane's have a "fano" motto term while there is a Fano location beside RIMINI, and then due to Masci-like Maschi's being first found in Rimini, we can take this to the "discRIMINI" motto term of Masci-line Hamons, you see. The term can also be read as "disCRIMINi." The last update had me excited to re-discover that Crimmons/Rimmons were first found on SKYE, and here i can add that Phone's/Fane's share a white bull head with McLeods/Clouds, first found on Skye! This explains why Ainsley Earhardt and I were embraced as we rose into the sky, for my mother is a Masci on one side.

The Crimmon/Rimmon write-up: "The surname Crimmon was first found in on the Isle of Skye, where they were hereditary Pipers to the MacLeods of Dunvegan...". Here's from the last update:

Repeat: If the rainBOW [suspect in the Bongino Coat] is code also for Bows, they can be connected to Beautys/Bowds, which can connect Dan Bongino to the Sleeping-Beauty scene i.e. a link to Ainsley Earhardt. In fact, the Rims are in the Raines write-up, and Bongino's are from Benjamites, some of whom were on the RIMna river. Rims are also Rums, and Bows use a "veRUM" motto term. Cool. We can add that while I trace Rimna-river peoples to Rimini, RIMMONs/Crimmons were first found on Skye!! Maschi's were first found in Rimini, and Masci's (no 'h') share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys. While Maschi's use pine cones, French Pine's, in the colors and near-format of Rimmons/Crimmons, share the McKinney cinquefoils [Earhardt's first husband was Mr. McKinney].

It was amazing because, in the 1979 dream, Ainsley was made to act as Sleeping Beauty. One of the reasons for having the woman of the dream pose as Sleeping Beauty was to link her to John Ratcliffe by way of Ratcliffs sharing the Waleran bull head, in the colors of the Beauty/Bowd bulls, but I can remention here that, at houseofnames page for McLeod septs, the McLeod bull head is shown in black. As far as I can tell, houseofnames has removed access to its pages that show various surnames with their septs and clan badges. Mr. Ratcliffe is now in a key position to contribute to the coming storm if the White House asks Intelligence to monitor various people suspect in rebelling criminally against the arrests.

The reason that I got onto the "Macula sine macula" motto of Seneca's/Seneschals this morning is that I was wondering whether Aitons were using the Ainsley cross. This morning I loaded Orto's as per the "orto" motto code of Aitons/ARTems. German Orto's/Orts share the giant Legh lion, which can connect to the AnnesLEGH variation in the write-up of Ainsleys (NOTTINGhamshire, same as Annas'). The last update showed why Ainsleys could have been due to an Annas-Legh marriage by an event involving Mamie after she came out of the HATCH of a pick-up truck, and here I can add that English Orts share three vertical, white fish with HATCHets/Hacketts. After she was out of the hatch, she sat on my LEGs, and then pointed to Annas elements in Nottinghamshire the following day (see "Mamie" in last update for details).

The Earhardt snakes were made viable as a Q shape because the Ainsley cross is in the colors of the similar saltire cross of ANONs/Annandale's. It speaks for itself to Q-ANON followers. I can now add that the MACCLESfield cross is colors reversed from the same of Ainsleys, which adds to the evidence of Ainsley's connection to the "sine macula" motto phrase of Seneca's/Seneschals, for "Sine fine" is used by MACKLES' (how about that). Macclesfield is in Cheshire with the first-known Masseys, Maceys and Dunham-Massey (also called, Dunham-Masci). The Macclesfield cross is shared by My's/Mee's/Meighs, and Ainsleys have "my" twice in their motto.

Motoring along, here's the motto of Aiton-beloved Orta's: "Sine macula." This is why Seneca's/Seneschals were introduced into this update. It makes for some super, added evidence that Ainsley was the woman in "my" dream.

The reason that I was studying the Aitons Coat this morning is because I had already loaded the Misl Coat with "Mayse." I was studying the Moses Coat with Bash crosslet, wondering whether the Moyse variation can be connectable to a Mayse surname. I've been saying for years that the Misl MOUSE (like "Moses") on a bend as a Coat version of the Davids (Cheshire), and knowing from a sleeping-bag dream that my readers were given (from my head) that Davids have a version of the AID Coat, the AITons (Berwickshire, same as Aids) came to mind, at which point I started to ask whether they have the Ainsley cross. As it turns out, the Aiton Crest has a hand holding the stems of roses while Stems/Steins share three leopard faces on a bend with Aids. The Aiton-branch Eyton's (Shropshire, same as Sleeps) have a blue version of the David Coat.

I was asking God this morning, who's lion do Misl's/Mayse's use, for this is an important surname to me. It's gold on black, and the King / Kingston lion always comes to mind as I ask whose lion the Misls use. It just so happens that Ainsleys use a "my king" motto phrase. The mythical mouse tower was made the origin of the Piasts, the Mieszko rulers of Masovia, and dukes of Masovia shared the Drake wyvern dragon in both colors. The Mieszko-like "muscas" motto term of Drake's must apply to Mieszko liners, therefore, and then the giant leopard of Muscas'/Mosca's (first found in Piast-like Pisa) is in the colors of the Stem/Stein leopard faces. This Arms of Macclesfield's earls shows leopards.

I just caught glimpse that this discussion will now point to John Ratcliffe. It starts with the Mose's/Moss' sharing the patee cross (different colors) with Moses-like Mouse's/Mouses', and so don't lose site of John Bash in the Moses Coat. Le Mose is a sub-division in Placentia, and the Ananes Gauls of Placentia trace exactly to the Anon/Annandale and Annas / Ainsley surnames. Mieszko's were related to Griffins of Pomerania, and so the griffin head in a tower of the Mose Crest looks like the mouse tower. Griffins share "Ne Vile" with Phone's/Fane's while Raby-related Neville's (linkable to the Anon/Annandale motto, "SpeRABo") have the Anon/Annandale cross in colors reversed. The first ruler of the mythical mouse tower was Popiel (eaten by mice in the tower), and then a Popiel-like POPLar tree is in the Crest of Crystals who in turn have the Moses symbol in colors reversed.

[Update Oct. 2021 -- For a while now, I've been saying that Crystals use a poplar tree for connection to surnames like "Popham." It turns out, thanks to Hall of Names, to be a fir tree, but this is even better for linking to Pepins and Pipe's because the two can be gleaned using part of the Rasmussen Coat while Rasmussens and Firs/Fire's share the same giant unicorn. Pepins and Pophams share "Mens" in their motto with Crystals. End update]

Repeat: "...Swietoslawa Mieszko, otherwise known as Sigurd "the HAUGHTy," which I think is code for Haughts (Cheshire) sharing the white bull head with Fiens/Phone's/Fane's." "The surname Haught was first found in Cheshire at Haughton (or Haughton MOSS)..." It looks like the mouse tower was code for the Mose/Moss bloodline, and then the latter's kin, the Billets/Billiards, have a version of the French Lambert Coat probably due to Mieszko II Lambert. Swietoslawa-like Sweets/Sweits share the chevron of English Lamberts.

The Piast eagle is in the Lorraine Coat because Mieszko II Lambert married Richeza of Lorraine. The latter share the Lyon lions while Lyons are said to have been at a FORET location. Mose's/Moss' share billets (different colors) with Bash-connectable Bassets/BESANcons, and the latter were first found in Forez while Forez's/FORETs are also FORE's while the Ainsley motto has, "FOR my king." Clermont-FERRAND, suspect with Friends, is at the Forez mountains, and as Clermont-Ferrand is in Auvergne, where fox-using Fes'/Feys and Foix's/Foys were first found, we have Fox and Friends. I think it tends to assure that God used "waiting for" as a pointer to Forez elements.

If we're convinced that Mose's/Moss' belong to this discussion, we can add that, while God pointed to John RATcliffe by a RAT trap I own, which was beside a dead mouse in a mouse trap that was itself a pointer to Dan Coats, THEN NOTE: "The surname Mose was first found in Lancashire at Chat Moss, a large area of peat bog near the City of Salford, in Greater Manchester." Ratcliffe's were first found in Salford too!!! WOW, for the rat trap was God's pointer to the Radziwill kin of Trapp-like Trabys (Poland, same as Mieszko's), and Placentia is at the Trebia river!!! The Mose surname speaks. Dan Coats was the permanent chief of National Intelligence replaced by John Ratcliffe, AMAZING.

I have already told several times that the mouse in the mouse trap above had entered the house in a COAT closet, through a hole in the floor intended for an overflow hose from the hot water tank (hose not installed yet). The mouse had spread the tissue paper on the floor that I had stuffed into the hole (that's how I knew the mouse entered the house there). About the time of this mouse, a man, Dan, was over, and opening the closet door, he asked what the thing was that was hanging on the wall. It's the water heater! DAN COATS!! John Ratcliff lives in HEATH, where he was mayor, and the HEATer therefore points to him. Heaters share the bull head with Ratcliffs.

The last update showed reasons for connecting the Earhardt snakes to the snake-tongues of the Luffs in a dream I had last April. There was a walk-in freezer in that dream that was mainly / originally a coat closet, you see. The LOVES/Luffs were very important in the last update, because they were in the 1979 dream with Ainsley Earhardt. While she was acting as Sleeping Beauty, God said to me, "what are you waiting for, it's you she LOVES, go wake her up." Most of the words in that statement were pointers to surnames, as the last update tends to prove. The last update started on the Q-Anon's storm theme, and then it was discovered that the triple Storm fesses are those also of Loves'/Luffs.

The Kingstons are said to have owned the MISERden manor, and Misers have a "VALEUReux" motto term that may be God's arrangement to point to Valery Luff, the wife in the Luff dream that had a snake-tongue. The snakes were shaped as a S-wave, and the Valery Chief is said to use "a wave." The "coeur" motto term of Misers is excellent because Coeurs are also Courts while Courts/Coverts share the six pale bars of Mouse's/Mouses'. Not only did the Kingstons keep us on-track with the Moses / mouse topic above, but the Misls/MAYSE's with the mouse share the same lion as Kingstons. You may have heard of the cartoon character, Maisy Mouse.

It just so happens that while Mose's/Mouses' are Meuse's too, who share the patee cross of Metz's, Metz is on the Little Meuse (Moselle) river in Lorraine. The Metz's use a giant besant as an "orb," in the colors of the besant of Jewish HARTs whose Coat in turn seems to be a version of the EarHARDT Coat. In the last update, I had been wondering whether, "IT's you she loves," was a pointer to ITa of Metz, but I didn't have the evidence. Perhaps now we do.

"ValerREUX" might be part-code for the Reaux variation of Reals/Rials, first found in Forez, and in the colors of Reaux-like Roque's/Rocks. The latter were first found in Languedoc with a province of Foix while one branch of French Foix's/Foys were first found in the Auvergne i.e. at the Forez theater. This is actually quite impressive because I developed black smoke out my tail pipe when driving to Crystal City (near Mexican border) to stay the night in a motel in which I could hear cockROACHes all night (until I went to sleep) behind the loose wallpaper. Some 20 years later, I discovered that Smoke's are listed with Roach-like Rauch's. The Crystal crosslet is the red one of Royals who share Riall-like variations with REAUX's/Reals. The Smoke's/Rauch's share a white bend rising in the more-rare direction toward the Shield's left side (our right), and the Royal/Riall bend is in colors reversed.

Valery had a snake for a tongue, and while "LANGUEdoc" means "tongue of Oc(citania)," French Mountains were first found in Languedoc while English Mountains have a version of the Tongue/Tong Coat. The latter have a white rock in Crest, the colors of the same of Roque's/Rocks (Languedoc). Roach's have a white rock too in Crest. The Mountain bend is half in the colors of the Foix/Foy bend. The Roach's use a "Mon" motto term, perfect because the Mons/MOUNT surname share's the giant Legh / Orto lion while the Orto arrow is code for Arras (Artois), near the Roisel location of Royals/Rialls.

The Crystal motto has the Mens'/MAME's/Meme's to which Mamie pointed, and Mamie is the one who sat on my LEGs. As I've been saying recently, I remember nothing about the gang sitting around the campfire after she sat on my lap but putting an arm around her waist. I don't recall talking to her, or anyone else. I have no memory of seeing the fire, no memory of seeing or hearing anyone else. I don't remember setting up my own tent. I don't know how I ended up in the TENT with Mamie (it wasn't my tent), whether I invited myself or whether she was agreeable, but that is the next thing I remember, after she was on my lap, was stretching out her sleeping bag in the tent. Apparently, that event is to point to the so-called "royal tents of Tintons." The Tints have crosslets in colors reversed from the crosslets (not same design) of Royals/Rialls. There's a mystery in all this, apparently.

I remember being in the bag with her, and going in for a nice, warm hug...but she jerked an arm to tell me, "no." I complied, and as she looked the other way, I draped an arm around her waist and went to sleep. That's how I gave her a tease symbol because the next day -- after she and I were hugging while wading in a lake -- I marvelled at how beautiful her thighs were in her bathing suit. Decades later, I discovered that Tease's/Thys' were first found in Nottinghamshire with a MAMESfelde location of the Mens'-like Mansfields (Tinton colors and format). It's also where Annas' (share Tease/Thys star) and Ainsleys were first found, and Ainsleys were at AnnesLEGH, you see. The Ains'/Hains share an arrow with Orto's (same lion as Mons/Mounts and Leghs), who are in the ARTem/Aiton motto, and this arrow links to Arrows/Arras' i.e. at the Roisel / Mons theater. So, compare "Mons" with "Mens" and "Mans."

The Valery "wave" is suspect with Weavers and Webbers because the latter have wavy bars. But Webbers (Somerset, same as Tints) also have a bend-with-fleur in colors reversed from the same of Pipe's and Pepins, recalling the tailPIPE with black smoke at Crystal City, for Pepins with Poppins ("MANSit") have a "Mens" motto term, as do Crystals. This is a perfect set-up (stumbled upon) for the "praeLUCENT" motto term of Webbers, for Lucents/LUCENs/Luca's look like they can have the Smoke/Rauch bend in that LUCIANo's essentially share the three Roach / Luce/LUCYs fish!!! That is a huge thing I don't recall knowing before. LUCY TAILLebois comes to mind, who lived in Lincolnshire, where Prays were first found suspect in "PRAElucent."

The POPLar tree of Crystals [it's used by Shake's, not Crystal] could be for the Poplers/Popleys, Popoli's or Pepoli's. Pepin of Landen married Ita of Metz. "IT's you she LOVES" can point to this discussion as per Valery Luff.

I don't know what to conclude with all of those connections that started with the Miser motto term, "VALEUReux," but can add that Messeys/Messier's (share saltire of French Mountains), with a Miser-like variation, were first found in Burgundy with Pilate's while Mont Pilat is beside the Forez mountains while Pilotte's (two t's) were first found in Lincolnshire with English Messier's. Also, Mont Pilate is at Saint-Etienne while Etienne's (Pilate colors) have six of the eleven Besancon/Basset billets, and Besancons/Bassets were first found at Forez with Reaux's/Rials (Pilate colors and format) suspect in "valeREUX." There's three things going on together between the snake-tongue dream, Mamie at the campsite, and Ainsley Earhardt apparently. [As per the next paragraph, we should note that Chanuts/Cheynue's, sharing the Cnut/Knut chevron, were first found in Burgundy too.]

Ahh, hold on, found something. Perhaps the whole of that was to get me to load the Cherrys/Charrys in the Miser cherry tree, for Cherrys/Charrys were first found in Derbyshire with Hope's (share BUNKer besants) and Froggits; the latter use a parrot said to have a "BUNCH of cherries." Then, loading Bunch's, we find the Ainsley and Hicks fleur-de-lys. The Hope / Cnut/Knut chevron may therefore be in the Buncher/Bench/BenCHAIR Coat (NUTT/Knutt colors and format). Benchairs can be a Charry merger with Bunns/Bonns (Bone branch), both first found in Oxfordshire with Luffs. Score-score-score. Hicks use a "bon" motto term. More score. The HODnets/HoddiNUTTSs (Baud / Medal / Oddey/Hoddy quadrants in colors reversed) just came up as the "CHAIRRY" surname! He shoots, he scooorrres! How can we explain that? This is pointing again to the Russian medallion found on a hood. Hope's (Derbyshire, same as Cnuts/Knuts) are in Cnut/KNUT colors and format, and share the besants (both colors) of NUTTs/Knutts. King Cnut named Nottinghamshire, where Ainsleys were first found.

Bunch's also have the RENO lozenges while Charlotte Hicks, the first woman to fulfill the 1979 dream (when she first appeared at the hood of a car), has a RENA middle name. She is expected to be a pointer to Hope Charlotte Hicks, you see, who left Fox news not long ago. Ainsley Earhardt and Hope Hicks were a topic together in the last update, as I discovered, for the first time ever, that Miss Earhardt is an alternative fulfillment of the woman in the 1979 dream. Note that Cherrys/Charrys can be a branch of Charles'/CHARLOTTE's...who happen to share the Coat (almost) of the Mackle's who in turn came up in this update with the "macula" motto term of their kin, the Orto's and/or Seneca's/Seneschals. There seems to be reason to see the last two paragraphs possessing Intelligent Design, yet the abundance of conspicuous / relevant links makes it complicated to realize all underlying implications.

The last two paragraphs could not have happened had I not written: "The Kingstons are said to have owned the MISERden manor, and Misers have a "VALEUReux" motto term that may be God's arrangement to point to Valery Luff..." To put it another way, I was on Kingstons due to the "king" motto term of Ainsleys, and so we can say that God arranged that one motto term (knowing He would guide me to Ainsley) to bring out what we have just read. The Hodnets are suspect was a Hood-Net merger, and Nets happen to have lion heads in the colors of the King and Kingston lion.

OH WOW, to assure that Valery Luff (wife of RAY Luff) is to be in the Bunch's / Bunchers / Bunns/Bonns, French Rays share the so-called "escarBUNCle" with Hangers and Angers who are in turn in the "pot hangers" of Danish Cnuts! That can't be a coincidence. Buncle's are BONEkills too. But what in tarnation was the main point to the snake-tongues in the Luff dream? Was it to point to Snake-connectable Seneca's and the Earhardt snakes? Why did the snake-tongue's point to Huckabee's?

That key Chairry surname listed with the Hood-branch Hodnets (Shropshire, same as Sleeps and Sleap) underscores the woman, Charlotte, hovering level, for the Level surname was at Castle CARY. In the 4th update of last month, I was on the Sleeps of Sleap, and so let's remind that the woman at the hood was then hovering asleep. I said: "Sleap is about a dozen miles west of Drayton, and HODnet is between them. Hodnets (Fast / Falstaff quadrants used in the Arms of Rothschild) have the Hodley / Baud / Medal/Dougal quadrants in colors reversed. The latter three surnames apply to the Bracebridge grocery store, and as that's what pointed to Poindexter, let's repeat that Poindexters share the Fist/FAUST fist. Hodleys were even first found in Sussex with Bone's/Bohums, now linkable to Draytons." Again, Odins/Hoddys share the crozier with Bracebridge's. The Drayton Crest has the bird leg in gold, the color of the bird leg of hover-like Hoovers and Hood/Hoot-like Hooters, and more bird legs are used by HICKsons.

For what it could mean, Scottish Steels are said to have been at Hodnet. As Charlotte Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick, I reason that God arranged HodNETs to point to the Nith river with Nitts/Naughts and (K)Nights/NETs. Nitts/Naughts were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatrick castle (Nith river), but also with Rims/Rums expected in the Net/Night motto term, "duRUM." John Durham comes to mind in this picture Hodnet picture. Nets/Nights have a "NIL durum VOLENti" motto while Volans/Velens (Westphalia, same as NEIL-branch Nails) essentially have the Charles/Charlotte Coat in colors reversed. Is it magic, or is it God's arrangements? The near-future might explain some of the questions here, but one possibility is that Christopher Steele got his source(s) from something / someone in Saint Petersburg (Russia).

Bracebridge-Hood Mystery Still Largely Unsolved

Perhaps a key to unraveling the Saint-Petersburg medallion is from God's arrangements in one of the two Saint surnames (there is no Petersburg surname coming up coming up). A few links of the CHAIN were left on the medallion when someone left it on my hood, and Chains/Chenyne, sharing the Saint/Sinclair cross, might just be a branch of Chanuts/Chenue's / Cnuts/Knuts / Nets/Knights. If the medallion is a pointer to that Cnut bloodline, then perhaps it's a pointer to Steele's of Hodnet. In fact, Durhams share dolphins with Lents suspect in the "durum voLENTi" motto phrase of Nets/Knights. English Knights share the spur with Close's, a good reason to see Nets/Nights from Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle. Spurr-branch Supers (both in Devon with Hoods/Hoots) are in the motto of Ratterys while Hoods/Hoots were at a Rattery location in Devon.

Finally, the chain links can be a pointer to Loretta Lynch because she was Obama's attorney general after Eric Holder was, and Odins/Hoddy and Oddie's/Hoddys were at Holderness. It's the Oddeys/Hode's having the Hodnet / MEDAL/Dougal / Baud quadrants in colors reversed. The Oddey write-up in out to lunch to derive the surname in a "heath," but it may have come with God's help because John Ratcliffe, who I peg as being at the Rattery-like radiator of the car in the 1979 dream, was mayor of Heath. That is, when the woman was at the hood, she was also at the rad. Miss Hicks moved away (several years ago) from my area of Texas to about 10 miles from Ratcliffe's home.

The 1979 dream could have shown a view from the hip up to show that the woman was beautiful as a pointer to Beautys/Bowoods. The latter are important due to sharing a black bull with Ratcliffe's and Level-liner Walerans (as per Waleran de Leavell, that is), yet is showed only her face in a flash scene that was too fast for me to remember exactly what she looked like. It allows me to do both Hicks and Earhardt. The CLOSE-up seems to be the key here, for the Close Crest is green, as is the Kilpatrick Chief, and the latter's is said to use a "dexter" lion paw on a green dragon's head, and it just so happens that the Dexter Crest is described as a "weight" while Waits share the gold-striped, black hunting horns of Close's. That was one major piece of evidence that the woman was Miss Hicks. But after the close-up, God in the dream said, "What are you WAITing for, it's you she loves, go wake her UP."

All of those words I remember, though it's possible He did not use "up" too, yet close-UP can suggest that it was used, and maybe it indicates that OPgalli (married Herods) was a bloodline to CloseBURN, for Burns (share black hunting horn with Bernice's) were first found in Cumberland with Bernice's, suspect from Bernice Agrippa, a Herod. Bernice's share a black, winged horse with Prays having the Quade/WADE (WAIT/WEIGHT colors and format) and Irish-Mackay wolf heads in colors reversed. Julia Maesa Bassianus, the line to Masci's, was related to Agrippa's (her father's uncle was Julius Agrippa). Masci-branch Masseys use a winged horse too. I trace "Bassus / Bassianus" to queen Basina, mother of king Clovis, and Close's happen to be CLOVSE's too. "

The Close Coat looks like a Mackay version of the Macey Coat, and while Mackays ("Manu") are from king Maccus of Man, ditto for the Maxwells (from MACCUSwells) in the Kilpatrick "make" motto term and saltire of Irish Kilpatricks. The latter happen to share the Masci / EarHARDTS/AirHART fleur de lys, and then while McCARTHys are also Hart-like Artys, the MacArthurs, first found in Argyllshire with Herods/HARALDS, share the five-pointed, gold crown in the Close Crest. King Maccus was a son of Harald of Man. Plus, a Kilpatrick motto has Carthy-like "Ceart." McCarthys/Artys share a red stag with German Harts, you see, good reasons for including Earhardts in with Kilpatrick kin. Irish Harts/Arts/Carts use "Fortis et fideliter," and Close's use "Fortis et fidelis."

Therefore, the woman in the CLOSE-up was indeed also Ainsley Earhardt, especially as ear-like Eyer / Air liners use quatrefoils as code for Quadratilla Bassus, wife of Leavell/Level-line Lupus Laevillus. The latter's mother, Vibia, daughter of Mr. Vibius, is suspect to the Bibo's. The Kilpatrick cushions could, for reasons you've just read, be code for Cussons because they share the giant Ferte eagle while Masseys / Maceys named Ferte-Mace. However, the Bibo's use the cushion too, with the Kiss/CUSH rooster sitting upon it, explaining why I had decided to kiss Sleeping Beauty (Hicks or Earhardt) awake.

Jewish Harts have what I can perceive as a version of the Earhardts/Airhart Coat because both use an enclosed gold and central symbol. Jewish Harts use the Bassania > Basina-line besant enclosed by two triANGLE's, and Angels/Angels happen to have another winged horse. The Hoods of Rattery play here because they were first found in Devon with Spurrs and Supers, the latter being in both the Rattery and Angle/Angel motto, This is very amazing, suddenly, on turf I've never been on, which I'm on now due only to Earhardts. Angle's/Angels were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs (Cliffs share the Quade/Wade wolf heads), and Rattery is a pointer to John Ratcliffe.

Angle's/Angels, in conjunction with Angers, can be gleaned with the Nagle lozenges in colors reversed, and then the Anchors, with the Anger Chief on red, have a bull head looking slightly to the side, same as the Ratcliff bull head. The AnnerCAW variation of Anchors tends to indicate an Anchor-line marriage with the Caws of Mackays or Adams/Caws of Annandale (Dumfries, near Closeburn). The Ainsley surname have a cross connectable to the Annandale saltire, but even better, the Ainsley Cross is that of Adams (probably have the Sutherland stars). Irish Harts, who come up as "Hartwick," are said to be from the land of Nagle-connectable Neils. German Neils/Nails/Nagle's share the saltire of Hartwicks (probably have a form of the Hardy cross). Ainsley Earhardt married Mr. Proctor, and Proctors use nails.

I trace Adams (could have the Salome stars) to Adam Kilconquhar, husband of Marjory Carrick, and Carricks are from Charax PROCulus, the possible makings of PROCtors. Charax Proculus (I thought I saw him as Proculus Charax) was the son of Quadratilla Bassus and Lupus Laevillus. I've read that Marjory and Adam gave birth to Thomas Randolph (first earl of Moray), whose Arms at Wikipedia have lozenges in colors reversed from the lozenges of Anchors/AnnerCAWS. Scottish Randolphs (Moray) have the Adam cross in colors reversed. It checks out. And Irish Adams use a heart while Italian Adams (Fermo) have an EAR of wheat. Carricks were first found in AYRshire with Ayers/Airs, a quatrefoil-using branch of Ear-like Eyers/Ayers/Heyers, as well as the Barrs of Este; Este's were founded by Azzo of Fermo. Adams look like they have Earhardts all over them, and so the Adam stars (Bute/BOET-fish colors) could be those of Salome's, for Salome Boethus married a Herod. The arrow of Scottish Adams (only symbol showing) links easily to ARTois. The Weeds/Weedins with a Weedon location near Hardwick were also at Weedon LOIS, and Lois' were first found in Artois.

Oh wow, look from the write-up of English Adams: "In Scotland, "Adam sub-prior of MELROSE became abbot of CUPAR, 1189." The first Herod's Edomite mother, known to be from the house of ARETas III, was Cupar-like CYPROS, and the Melrose's have a fishless version of the Bute/Boet Coat!!! That's amazing, for I see the Bute/Boet fish as that of Geddes', and the latter, first found in Nairnshire with the Rose's, were Rose kin...which jibes with the roses used by both Melrose's and Bute's/Boets. Plus, I trace Herod's father, AntiPATER, to KilPATRick liners in conjunction with the namers of Antipatria (Apsus river) with good arguments, and Kilpatricks were first found near the Annandale location of the first-known Scottish Adams. There is an online Geddes-family article telling that proto-Geddes' were Geds on the Nith river, at the time of king Childeric, the river of Kilpatricks. I don't recall the article telling when the Geds became the Geddes of Nairnshire, but the Geds at the Nith in the 5th century can explain Clovis Merovingians at Closeburn.

Now we may know why God doubled-up the dream's woman: they both connect to Herod liners through the Dumfries theater also having Annas-of-Israel liners. Consider it more than dandy to be from their bloodlines, if you love Jesus, for this is a way for God to stick it to the Herods and the chief priests, and their masonic worshipers today, our mortal enemies.

There is a good chance that "PROCTor" is related to the BROCATo's having "EARS of wheat," for Brocato's were first found in Liguria with Nagle-line Oneglia, home of Art-line Arduinici. Carrick-related Craigie's and Craigs both use a motto suspect from "Vibia, Laevillus' mother and Proculus' grandmother. She may have descended from BROGITarus, because Quadratilla descended from him. An Arduinici branch was at Ivrea while Leavells/Levels were at Yvery.

[The day after writing here, I decided to check the Procter and Gamble page at Wikipedia because Ainsleys share the Gamble fleur-de-lys while Ainsley Earhardt married Mr. Proctor: "In the 1880s, Procter & Gamble began to market a new product, an inexpensive soap that floated in water. The company called the soap IVORY." Caps mine to show similarity with "Yvery / Ivrea." Ivorys/Iverys were first found in Oxfordshire with Loves/Luffs.]

MacArthurs share the moline of double-snake Seagers (EARhardts have double snakes), in colors reversed from the moline of Segni's/Segurana's, the latter first found in Genova with ear-using Brocato's.

As CLOVIS was the son of CHILDeric, it explains why Childs (HERTfordshire) are in CLOBBES/Club colors and format. Yet it seems like more arrangement from God, to show further evidence of Miss Hicks being the dream's woman, that Clobbes'/Clubs are in Hykes/Hake format, and colors reversed. Both surnames share fish with Sola's while Hake-like Hague's/Haigs/Haits use a "Sola" motto term. Hague's/Haigs/Haits were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, Hucks...and the Hartwicks having the Hague/Haig/Hait saltire in colors reversed. The Hartwick/Hardwick write-up: "The surname Hartwick was first found in Yorkshire. Some of the family held estates at Ault-HUCKnall in Derbyshire in early times." Sole's were first found in Derbyshire. Weeds/Weedins (same martlets as Clobbe's/Clubs) named Weedon near Hardwick. See in the last update how Weddings and Weedins figured into what I now call the wedding scene of the hovering Hicks / Earhardt woman.

Child's share the eagle of Swiss'/Switzers suspect in the "suis" motto term of McKinneys. The SchWEIZER variation can suggest Weisers/Weis'/Wise's (Bavaria, same as German Harts), and it just so happens that the double-triangles of Jewish Harts form a hexagram in the colors of the Weiser/Weis hexagrams. Then, Wies' (not "Weis"), essentially sharing the Crest of Weisers/Weis', throw in a HEART.

As was said, Miss Earhardt married firstly Mr. McKinney, and so it seems important as a pointer that the McKinney cinquefoils are those also of Hartwicks/Hardwicks. She married secondly Mr. Proctor, and the Proctor nails are used in the giant heart of Logans/Lohans. I treat the latter, years ago, as the mythicized, Arthurian character, LOHENgrin the Swan Knight, who I traced to Liguria before I knew that Nail-line Nagle's named Liguria's Oneglia, a good reason to see Oneglia's Arduinici as the root of mythical king Arthur. Ainsley's husbands' surnames seems to be a clean pointer to her Earhardt bloodline, possibly underscoring the importance of Hartwicks for any gleanings / conclusions to be made in the next paragraph.

A HEART -- shared by Hardy-line and Hartwick-connectable Douglas' -- is the only symbol showing for Sauvage's, first found in Bracebridge-connectable Champagne. English Savage's/Sava's, often portrayed in heraldry by a savage carrying a CLUB, were first found in Cheshire with Clobbes'/Clubs. If Douglas' are a pointer to the Bracebridge medallion due to Medals listed with Dougals, then it's notable that while the medallion had four links of a CHAIN still attached, Cheneys were first found in Buckinghamshire with the Hardwick location (near Weedon). Hardings, sharing three gold martlets on a different-colored bend with Cheneys, even share three gold items on a blue bend with Buckinghams (Oxfordshire, same as Hurts/Horts), and the Buckingham items are besants, the central symbol of Jewish Harts who in turn have what I perceive as triANGLES, very connectable to the Melusine-related Vere's (have Nihills/Neils in their motto) of ANGERs/Anjou. Vere's were earls of Oxford for centuries, beside/near Buckinghamshire. It could appear that Miss Earhardt is being connected to the Russian medallion found at the Bracebridge grocery store. But why? I really-really wanna know, but this mystery may need some future events in order to unravel. I had suggested that our being embraced in the dream was a pointer to BRACEbridge before knowing of the embracing / clasped snakes in the Earhardt Coat.

I should add that the snake-woman, Melusine, turned into a mermaid, was part of Drakenberg-Vere ancestry while Drake-like Druckers share what looks like the "bull's scalp" of Cheneys (Druckers have different-shaped horns). The warlock, Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, claimed that Melusine was on Avalon, which was the island of Bute. He then said that she birthed Milo de Vere, first count of Anjou. So, as Kims, sharing the McKinney (and FRASER) Coat, were first found in Bute (with Glass' having the mermaid), lookie at the McKinney write-up: "The surname McKinney was first found in Tweedale in Peebles-shire. They are said to descend from a Norman family from Anjou, in the Seigneurie of La Frezeliere, where their name was Frezell..." It sure does look like the Frey/FREEZE bloodline that was in the walk-in freezer of the Luffs having green snake tongues.

I can feel it in my cold bones: there is something more to the Luff dream that hasn't been realized. But the FREEZER looks especially pointable to the McKinneys that Ainsley married. The one thing we should not forget is that while Loves'/Luffs share the triple Storm fesses, Ainsley came up as per a hoped-for storm of arrests. The same triple fesses are used by McKinney-connectable Shins and Kemmis'/Kenys'. And finally, "it's you she LOVES" was the scene that preceding our embrace, a sort of victory scene. It's possible that "it's" is a pointer to Ita of Metz because the Metz Coat has several besants, and one giant "orb" that can act as a giant besant, i.e. connectable to the besant of Jewish Harts.

I've just found an Orbe/Orby surname sharing the triple chevrons of MUSchats (and Epsteins), recalling that Metz is on the Little MEUSE river while Meuse's come up as Mouse's/Mouses'. The last couple of updates showed why Loves'/Luffs were kin of Muscats (not "Muschat") with a MOUSquette variation!!! Wow, that's big. Moses' have the gold cross sitting on the Metz orb, and the Moses cross with steps is in colors reversed with the Crystals who in turn share a "Mens" motto term with Pepins!!! Pepin of Landen married Ita of Metz. To have this Metz line in, "it's you she LOVES," looks like verification that God spoke those words for reasons, but it also suggests my one night spent in Crystal City. Why?

I had black smoke out the tailPIPE while driving to Crystal City that cleared up after I left that place. The Smoke's listed with Rauch's may have been the Snoke's/Snooks listed with Snake's. I was in Victoria on the morning of my sleeping in Crustal City, and the newspaper purchase in Victoria is now connectable to the Bash's because they are connectable to News'/Nuces. Not only do Bash's share the same cross as Crystals (same colors too), and not only does John Bash's territory cover Crystal City, but the Nuse's/Newes share the pale bar of Neckers so as to point to the noose around the neck of Jeffrey Epstein, and we just saw Orbe's/Orbys sharing the Epstein Coat.

As there were cockroaches in my Crystal-City motel room, it explains why the Smoke's are listed with Rauch's, but here I can add that while Roach's (and Tongue's) use the Roque/Rock rock, Roquefeuil is right-near the ORBieu river. That's right.

OH WOW, more proof that "it's you SHE loves" is a God-inspired phrase. I mentioned the Shee's/Shea's and Shea's/Shaws in regard to this phrase in the last update, but did not spent time at the Shee/Shea write-up. The O'Shee's were in KilKENNY, we find, which looks like a McKinney branch first off. Secondly, recalling that the McKinney-line kin of Frasers connects to the freezer of RAY Luff, and recalling also that the freezer's purpose was to verify that the dream is of God, because Freys/Freeze's are in the colors and format of Rays, is it not staggering that the courant stag of Rays is in the Chief of Kennys?!!! "It's you SHEE LUFFS"!!! Incredible.

The two-word motto of the Kennys is in reverse with Keiths while McKinneys (share Keith stag) are said to have been in Fraser-related lands of Keith. This is excellent because it's connecting Shee kin to a branch of the surname of Ainsley's husband. PLUS, the Hartwicks/Hardwicks, sharing the McKinney cinquefoils, use a courant stag too!

The other Irish Kennys not only share the fleur-de-lys of Shee's/Shea's, Earhardts and Prock-branch Brocks, but these Kennys share "floreat" with Browns/BRUNs -- Cumberland, same as Burns / Bernice's -- having the same fleur. This becomes important as per Burn-related Stevensons below. Procks/Brocuffs (Silesia, same as Wies'), a possible Proctor branch, share the sphinx with the Spinks who in turn share the eagles of Snake's/Snoke's, SANS' and Snake-like Seneca's/SENESchals. There was a SENSii people group on the south side of the Buzau river, and the Cotesii on the Buzau can be traced to the Cotes'/Coats almost having the three pale bars in the Keith Chief. The Roxolani of the Buzau river were the line to Roque's/Rocks (Languedoc, same as Cotes'/Cotta's), Roquefeuil and Roxburghs. The Rimna river of the Benjamites is to the near north of the Buzau. It recalls the Rimmons of SKYE.

The Benjamin Coat is like the Coat of the Roxburghshire WALCH's/Walsh's because the Rimna is in WALLACHia. The Walks, with a faint reflection of the Snake/Snoke Coat, were first found in Dumfries with RIMs/Rums. Scottish Walkers (beside/near Roxburghshire) have the triple Keith pale bars in colors reversed.

Back to the Shee's/Shea's, for they use their fleur-de-lys in two colors schemes on a diagonally-split Shield, exactly like the Wanstead/Weiner Coat but in different colors. One of the Shee/Shea fleur is in the blue color the Stevenson/STENson fleur, and the Snake's/Snoke's, sharing one of the two Wanstead/Weiner fleur, are said to have been at STENeSNOC. It thus appears that "it's you shee luffs" is connecting to Snake's while the Luffs had snake tongues. The middle of the Earhardt snakes shares one of the Shee fleur-de-lys. There was a CLOSE-up in the dream she appeared in, and CloseBURN is connectable to Burns (beside Stevensons) having a reflection of the Stevenson/Stenson Coat. The Hartwick Chief is connectable to the Douglas Chief, itself shared by Stevensons/Stensons.

NEW, I think: I've never been happy with any outcomes from the BASCH surname when suggesting that the Food BASICs grocery store in BRACEbridge can point to it. But just now, BASKins came to mind, and the Baskin motto, "ARMIS," is exactly linkable to the armored arms in the Brace/Bras Coat!!! Zikers, we have it, for "brace" means "arm." Embrace = arm-in-arm. Baskins even share vair fur (different color) with Bracebridge's.

The "diliGENTia" motto term of Baskins should be from the marriage of Ardiaei king, Gentius, to a daughter of a DARDanian king, not just because the Baskin Coat is a not-bad reflection of the Dart/Dard Coat, but because Baskins were first found in Banffshire with Troops whom I figure were from Tropoje at the Dardania theater. Ahh, Ardiaei lived on the Naro/NERETva river while Nero's/Neretti's have a chevron version of the Baskin Coat! The Baskin vair is similar to the checks of Tolle's who in turn share the Drop/Trope Chief. Tolle's are expected with Brittany's Dol, and Nerets were first found in Brittany.

Could the ice-cream girls link to this apparent Baskin link to Food Basics? Note how Baskin Robins can point to Robin HOOD, hmm.

The Baskin Coat is also the Bach/Bagh Coat exactly so that Baskins may have been a Bach branch. Armers/Amore's (look connectable to Loves'/Luffs) share "Tu ne cede" with the Steers, and German Bachs/Backs (share blue wings with Earhardt/Airhart-connectable Hartzogs/Herzogs and Here's) happen to use a so-called "steer." The Armys/Armine's share the Anon/Annandale Coat while Ainsleys are linkable to Anons/Annandale's.

Nero's/Neretti's were first found at Lucca with Chattan-related Botters. Chatan's (one 't') share the tower of Dutch Veys (boot, linkable to Butteri cowboys near Lucca), and this is the tower of NARbonne's too. It struck me only in the last update, for the first time, that Narbonne' as a Naro-river liner, how about that. I had said: "...the Naro was also the NERETva while Nerets are like the "Nard" expected in the DeNARD(o) variation of Narbonne's." Narbonne is in Languedoc, where French Veys were first found, and the reason Veys are a topic at all is as per the "vi" motto term of AINS-like Innes'. I was taking a look at whether Ainsleys were an Innes / Innus branch, for I recalled the green snake of Innes', which happens to be on a castle, the Chattan symbol.

The boot-using Veys look like a Fay branch as per mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon = Bute. French Fays were first found in Auvergne while the Auvergne's share the Vey / Narbonne / Chatan tower (both colors).The Morgan lion is in the colors of the lion heads of McKinneys, and the latter are a branch of Kims, first found on Bute. We are back to the freezer-like Frazers, and the Innes' have a green snake, the colors of the snake tongues of the Luff couple. We just saw LANGUEdoc.

The "vi" motto term has otherwise been suspect (by me) with the Viu valley that goes into the Riparia river, the latter being the location of Susa, the capital of Chatan-like Cottians. Susa-like Susans were first found in Berkshire with the Boots. The Chives' use "vi," and they named Chivasso (not far from Susa) on the BAUTica river suspect with a Botter branch. The French BAUTs were first found in Auvergne. And, the Ardiaei of the Neretva are, in my eyes, the line to the Arduinici of Ivrea i.e. on the Bautica river.

Susans use a giant lily while Lille's (Loves/Luff fitchee?) are said to be from "LISle," and then the Lys'/Lisse surname, first found in Ile-de-France with Loves-like Levi's, are from Lissus of the Chives-line, Caiaphas-like Cavii Illyrians (pre-dated Caiaphas and Annas). The Bautica is near the known homes of the Laevi Gauls. It can appear that the Cavii named Caiaphas when they and Laevi Gauls settled Galatia and entered the Brogitarus bloodline. Brocato's share ears of wheat with Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps (Stirlingshire, same as Scottish BAUDs, can we believe it?), and French Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France. Buttons, sharing the fesse of Sadducee-line suspect Bute's/Butts/Boets, were first found in Hampshire with English Botters.

Scottish Bauds were kin of Medals/DOUGALs while the Hardy ancestors of Douglas' share the blue cross of Lille's/Lisle's, and, to boot, Douglas' were first found in Moray with Innes' and the Dallas'/Doleys sharing the Coat of Biggars. The latter were first found in Lanarkshire with Hardys and Dallas-like as Dalls'/Dallyells. Norwegian Dalls use HEARTs (Douglas symbol), and French Dalls are listed with Aul's sharing the Chatan / Narbonne / Auvergne tower. The Dallas/Doley Crest may have two of the three pale bars of Catti-line Keiths. Swans/Sions were likewise first found in Lanarkshire, and Dale's use a giant swan that I feel is connectable to Walser > Glass liners.

It just so happens that the two pale bars of Dallas'/Doleys are within a crescent, same as the double pale bars of Ains'/Hains (suspect from Annas of Israel). If there's some God-given significance to this similarity of symbolism, all I can think of: Miss Hicks, who was the dream's fulfillment along with AINSley, moved from the Nueces Canyon to the greater-Dallas area, about ten miles from John Ratcliffe, and Ratcliffs show only double bends in the colors of the same of Innes-like Ince's / Inch's. It's just that Hardy-connectable Dallas' were first found in Moray with Innes! It appears like another way for God to link Miss Hicks to Miss EarHARDT for the 1979 dream.

Ince is/was in the borough of Wigan while Wigans (spur) have a three-star version of the Annas Coat. Ince-like Hinks have a version of the Anon/Annandale Coat (as Bruce's and Ayrshire use it), a good reason to view Ainsleys as an Innis / Ince branch if only indirectly. The Hink lion heads are colors reversed from the same of Loves'/Luffs, and both surnames were first found in Oxfordshire along with ARMERs/Amore's (i.e. perhaps the Armer variation is from Armys/Armine's having the Annandale Coat). Armors (with the 'o') share the Moray / Douglas stars, in colors reversed from the Innis stars.

"Amore" means "love," suggesting that Armys/Armine's may have formed an Amore variation when in marriage with a Luff line who in-turn developed a Loves variation to honor that same marriage. It's probably relevant that Armors share the armored arm with Brace's for a link to the Bracebridge hood event that itself pointed to Dougals and Bauds. "It's you she LOVES." Bracebridge's were first found in Lincolnshire with Armys/Armine's. Brace's were first found in Herefordshire with BASKerville's and the Barrels sharing the white dog head with Armers/Amore's. It appears Arranged that while Allison and Mike Denardo worked at Knob Hill Farms grocers, the Bracebridge event was at Food BASICs grocers while BASKins ("ARMIS"!!!) almost share the Nero/Neretti Coat. Baskins (share vaired Hooker fesse) were first found beside Moray. Baskerville's (share Basch/Beschefer chevron) were at ERDisley, and share HURTs with Irish Arthurs. HERDs/Hurds use hearts. Hurts/Horts share the fesse of Herls/Hurls potentially the kin of Herods/Hurls.

(I'd like to record the "saPIENTer" variation of Herds/Hurds in case it's a pointer to Joe PIENTka, an early leader in the Trump attack for the FBI / CIA. The Bracebridge grocer event tended to point to Trump-attacker, Joseph Mifsud, of Western Intelligence.)

Ahh, Miss Hicks moved to FORney, and Forneys/FourNIER's just caused a loading of Nier's to find them listed with Nerets! Plus, Ainsleys (sharing Hicks fleur-de-lys) use "FOR" twice in their motto while Fore's/Forez's/Forets probably named Forez, beside Clermont-Ferrand's Lyon line. Lyons were at a Foret location. Forneys were first found in Languedoc with DeNARDo's, and Nerets/Niers are also Nereds (probably from the mythical Nereids, children of Doris i.e. the Daorsi on the Neretva).

Hmm, as was said, Allison Bauer left me for Mike Denardo in a car-hood event I claim to be an act of God, and the Scottish Allisons, first found in Lanarkshire, have the dog colors reversed from the giant dog of Forney-like Furness' (Lancashire). Allisons were at Loupe, and Loupe's share the Denardo / Auvergne / Chatan tower (Roque/Rock colors). What could this further mean?

Oh wow, Loupe's are said to have been first found in La Rochelle (Aquitaine), in Annas-like Aunis province, and the Rochelle surname has almost nothing more than a chevron in colors reversed from the chevron of Forneys; the latter show nothing else! Miss Hicks was at the hood of a car. Why is God apparently linking the hood of the 1979 dream to Languedoc elements? The proto-Rockefellers of Roquefeuil come to mind, especially as Roquefeuil is in Aude while Aude's (Roque/Rock colors) are also Hood-like Ode's/Oddeys! I get it. I'm assuming that Forneys/Fournier's were Forez elements.

I've been on the Rochelle similarity with the Forney Coat before, at which time I probably added that Rockwall construction was somehow associated with the home she purchased in Forney. Rockwalls are listed with Rochelle's. Plus, Forney is in Kaufman county while the giant Kaufman anchor is white, the color of the Hood/Hoot anchor that is held by the "black bird" of Allisons. The Hoods/Hoots call their bird a "Cornish CHOUGH"!!!! KAUFman!!! You see, God is in all of this.

A Foray to the Line of Pontius Pilate

Back to heart-using HERDs/Hurds, for Hurts/Horts share the gold-on-black fesse of Herls/Hurls while Herods/Hurls share a gold-on-green fesse with Fore's/Forez's. Herds/Hurds then share the otter with BalFOURs ("FORward" motto) in turn having a version of Rochelle/Rockwell Coat, and the Forney/FOURnier chevron in colors reversed. Otters/Others/Hotters (Hood/Hope colors), mythicized as UTHER Pendragon, father of king Arthur) could be more Hood/Hoot kin. Arthurs are from the Ardiaei = Vardaei, and Vardys were barons of FERTE-Mace while Hoods/Hoots use a FRET. It looks Arranged that she moved to Forney. Or, instead, God could have arranged Forneys to link to Hotters...who were proto-Windsors (part-Stewart) from Lombardy expected to Scottish Lombards (at/beside Glasgow) amongst the royal Stewarts of Renfrewshire.

Herds/Hurds share the water of Denardo-connectable Nords.

The Glass', sharing the Biggar stars, suspect with "Glasgow" (beside Lanarkshire), were first found on Bute, and then the Glass Crest even shares Melusine with the Moray Crest. She was a snake-tailed woman said by the Drakenberg Vere to have been a witch on Avalon. Mythical Morgan le Fay was the chief witch of Avalon. This has the Marsi snake goddess all over it. The original snake of Visconti's was green (with seven coils), with a Moor child in its mouth, and then Irish Moors share the MORgan lion, we get it.

Visconti's ruled Milan, founded by the INSubres' who could have been an INNES line. InSUBRES-like Supers were first found in Devon with Spurrs (Botter bend?), and the Vey boot has a spur. Ratterys have a "Super" motto term, and Rats/Raids were first found in Nairnshire with the Rose's while the rose LEAF is used by Sobers. The Rose's / Rossals may have named Rozala of Ivrea (royal line of Italy). Nairn-like Nairs (Perth, near Nairn) share the Melusine mermaid too, and Nairs could be Naro-river liners. Fulk Nerra III was a count of Anjou, where Mire's/Mireux's were first found who are in-code with the mirror of the mermaid.

Brogitarus' grandson, ARTEMidoros, seems to have a line to the Artem variation of Aitons (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs from the Ardiaei passing through Yvery-like Ivrea). ArtemiDORos seems to be named as per the Doria's married by the Arduinici of Oneglia, themselves suspect from the Daorsi of the Neretva/Naro river. Then, while I trace Artemidoros' name to Artemis of Lyon, she descended from Galatia-like Gallia of Auvergne's Clermont-Ferrand. It just so happens that the Gallia's/GALATi's, first found in Milan, show nothing but three bends on blue, same as Nero's/Neretti's. Milan is also where Italian Maurels were first found having a version of the English Bute/Butt Coat, and suspect from MAURILion, father-in-law of Mummolin, the latter being the grandson of Artemia of Lyon and father of BODEgisel.

The Gallia's/Galati's are also Gallero's, like the Gallura location on Sardinia suspect with the Visconti's of Sardinia, for while those Visconti's used a rooster, ditto for the Arms of Gallura. Two Galli surnames use the rooster too, as do Gallus'.

The DuLYS' have variations like those of Dougals and their Dowel branch, but also like Dols whom I trace to TULLia of Lyon, daughter of Gallia above. It just so happens that the double bends of Dulys (show nothing else) are colors reversed from the three of Nerets (Brittany, same as Dol and French Maurels). English Dole's share the fleur-de-lys of Denardo-connectable Norths. It's very hard to figure the original family that Dulys' were from, for owl-using Olive's/Olivers and Owl-like Oullette's can figure into their variations too.

Devon's Livery Dole location has just taught me that Liverys/Levericks are Levi liners because the Livery/Leverick Crest has the symbol of Aids/Ade's who are in turn in the Levi motto. It explains the grape vine of German Dole's as probable code for the Levine variation of Jewish Levi's and English Levins/Livings. French Levine's, with a grape vine, were first found in Brittany with Dol.

Liverys/Levericks use what others call a plow, making sense because Plows share the Dole / North fleur. North's share the Denardo/Nordi lion, and Nerets/Nereds were first found in Dol. This can explain why the Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia (city co-founded by Laevi and Marsi-like Marici) share the fesse of the Dol Alans. Moreover, Marici-like Marks share checks on a fesse with the Dol-line Stewarts, and the vine of German Dole's is on the same checks as the Stewart-related Boyds and the Jewish Marks/Marx's. Boyd-like Bute's/Boets, with almost the Pierro/Pero Coat, share a red fesse with Alans. French Marks share the checkered Stewart fesse. The Dol Alans must have been very close to both the Laevi and the Marici. When do we think that took place? The Stewart checks are shared by Tulls/Tolle's, traceable to Tullia of Lyon in the 5th century AD.

French Levine's were at Haute Morays, and so back to the Innes' (Moray), said to have been at Cornwall's SALTash with a possible relationship to Stonehouse's. English Moray-like Amore's share the white dog head with Stonehouse's ("SUBlimiora"). It just so happens that the SALTo river passes by Mont Velino, the line to mythical "Avalon," and expected from the proto-Alan location of Aulon/AVLONa in Epirus, home of the Epirotes, the likely namers of Aprutium, the ancient capital of the Abruzzo province which is home to the Marsi at the upper Salto. Salts have a "broken" chevron while Stewarts share the motto of Broke's/Brocks. Salts share the stars of French Alans who in turn share the martlets of Velens; the latter two surnames once showed ducks instead, the Velin symbol, proof of Alan linkage to mont Velino.

Arthurian myth, almost-always naming main characters after similar surnames, had as a main purpose to hide from readers the underlying secrets of ancestral families / bloodlines. My hunch is that British families of royal / noble circles were hiding their connections to Italian families. Mont Velino is exactly up by the Marsi i.e. snake-goddess theater. Below Velino is Avezzano, and it just so happens that Avezzano's were first found on Sardinia, same as Amori's. Again, English Amore's share the white dog head with Stonehouse's, and the latter were first found in Berkshire with Susans and Windsor castle, which is beside the first-known Amore's and Loves'/Luffs of Oxfordshire. Compare the Coats of the latter two with English Leavells/Lovells.

Anytime I get Barr-line links to Epsteins, I like to record / remember them. In this new case, I read the Herl/Hurl write-up: "Lord BORCHARD de Herle (1268-1305), was a medieval diplomat under the King Edward I. By the time he was 12, his father Lord BORIN had died..." Borins are listed with Barringtons sharing the Water and Epstein Coats, and Waters look like they are in the water of Herl-connectable Herds/Hurds (share hearts with English Barons/Barne's). Waters were first found in Essex with the Yonge's expected in the "Ung" motto term of Borins/Barringtons. The latter's Crest is the hermit design of Sheds, first found in Ayrshire with Barrs.

As Barons/Barne's share the BalFOUR chevron, note: "'William de Baron, son of Aiulph de Foro,...'" Furness is at the Barrow part of Lancashire, and while Barrows share the anchor of FIRMens (Farmer lion heads), Furness' are also FIRNess'. Firmens can therefore be sharing the Balfour / Baron chevron. Formans/Fermans can be with the BRUNswick lion. This is super because I trace Furness' to king Pharnaces of the Pontus, and, before knowing of him, I speculated that PONTIUS Pilate was named after something in the Pontus, and here we can repeat that the Forez mountains are beside Mont Pilat! It appears that Foro's and Forez itself was named after a Pharnaces-like variation.

The Travers/Travis' (Lancashire, same as Furness) in the Fore/Forez motto share the white-on-black boar head of Rochelle's/Rockwells who in turn have a near-copy of the Balfour chevron. English Balls (potential BALfours) share the giant lion of Pillars/PILOTS, and French Pilate's/Pilots (Burgundy, same as Mars/Mers and mirror-using Primo's) are in the colors of the MERmaid-suspect Mars/Mere's/MORES' (share white scallops with Travers). Morays, beside the Celts/Colts and Travis-connectable Tarves, use the mermaid. Wikipedia once said that the mother of Pontius Pilate was a Pict of Perthshire, and it checked out where the Celts/Colts, first found in Perthshire, have the Pilate/Pilot pheon in colors reversed. One peak of mount Pilat is Perth-like PERDrix.

While Fore's/Forez' share "Tout" with the Moray motto, the Forays/Fore's (first found in Moray) share the fleur-de-lys of Jeune's, first found in Cambridgeshire with June's, Ponder-loving Chapmans, and Capone's, all expected from a Junia Caepionis (1st century BC) whose surname is suspect (by me) with the makings of "Caiaphas." Cambridgeshire is also where Pontus-suspect Ponders/PONTers were first found. Junia descended from Quintus Caepio, and "CaepioNIS" looks like it's to be connected to Nysa (2nd century BC), wife of Pharnaces of the Pontus. Junia's mother, Servilia, who was having an affair with Julius Caesar (born 100 BC), probably because Caesar wanted to have some of Caepio Sr.'s vast gold stash, was also named, Caepionis, though her father was Quintus Caepio Jr. It could suggest that Caepio Jr. married a Nysa line to form the Caepionis version.

Having said that, note that the Travers/Travis have a TIGER, for TIGRANES VI was king of Armenia, beside the Pontus, not long after Pharnaces of the Pontus. The Travers/Travis chevron is shared by Forneys/Fournier's.

The Ponders/Ponters and their Pond / Pont branches (Hampshire, same as Buttons/Bidens sharing their fesse) are linkable to Buttons/BIDENs, interesting because Nysa, queen of BITHYNia (Biden-like term), was the granddaughter of Nysa of Cappadocia. It looks like God has the ducks all lined up for the Armageddon shooting gallery. I think he's been watching history unfold to the present wicked rulers about to make a very big and painful mistake.

Crabs (and Julians) were first found in Cambridgeshire too, and Bridge's use crabs while Italian and Spanish Ponti's took that name as an opportunity to use a bridge symbol. The crab-using Bridge's have another chevron in the colors of the Balfour chevron. If I recall correctly, Crabs share the dagger with Kilpatricks, which is code for lines from the Dexaroi at Antipatria.

The Bridge's are traced in their write-up to Bruges/Brugg liners; I can't say either way whether this is correct. It caused me to load Brogdens/Brockdens, first found in Yorkshire with Bruggs'/Briggs, jibing with the Bridge write-up: "Another branch of the [Giles Bruges/Brydges] family was found at Horton in the West Riding of Yorkshire." Note that Brigg-like Brix's (Brick branch) are listed as Brisons, potentially from the namers of Montbrison at Mont Pilat.

Brogden/Brockden-like Brocks and Brooks were first found in Essex with Quints (and Yonge's/Youngs sharing roses with Caesars), you see, and Brogdens/Brockdens share the fretty of Cotta's, first found in Languedoc with French Julians (share Chief of French Alans). Aurelia Cotta was the mother of Julius Caesar, and one or more of the three Junia-Caepionis sisters could have been secretly Caesar's daughter(s).

Back to Lord Borchard de Herle. The Herl/Hurl ducks can now be traced to Ducks of Westphalia, where Borchards were first found along with Bar-le-DUC-related Pansys/Pantzers. The latter are in the pansy of Conys (Lincolnshire, same as Armys/Armine's and BraceBRIDGE's) who in turn are in Herl/Hurl colors and format. Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine, and Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with Herls/Hurls. Hermits, sharing the gold border with BASCHs, are listed with ARMits, and are thus linkable to the Bracebridge event at Food BASICs. I'm eager to understand the full meanings of the latter event.

The Bracebridge Coat is much like the PARTridge Coat, and Chards, possibly making BorCHARDS, use partridges. Partridge's/Partrich's were first found in Kent with PERTs/Petts, Petits, and Wraths/Rothes'. The latter, as the namers of Scotland's Rothes, were near the Pict mother of Pontius Pilate, and the one peak of Mont Pilat is Partrich-like PERDRIX. In Greek, a partridge is a perdrix/perdix.

Irish Barons have a saltire connectable to Annas' and Ainsleys, and then the woman of the 1979 dream points to the Bracebridge event. We saw why Aude's/Hoddys can be a Hood/Hoot branch round-about, and so note the Aude- and Duck-connectable auDACES" motto term of Irish Barons, for Daces'/Darcys share the McKinney cinquefoils. The Logans/DUCKs use the nails of Proctors (Cambridgeshire, same as Borins/Barringtons). Ainsley married Mr. McKinney, and then Mr. Proctor. Isn't this a little amazing? If you don't know, the chances for heraldry (roughly 30,000 surnames with perhaps 500-1,000 different symbols) to sing this well by random chance is almost astronomical.

Nysa of the Pontus was a daughter of Antiochus, a son of one of the royal Seleucids in the Daniel-11 prophecy having the end-time anti-Christ. Nysa was mother to queen Nysa of Cappadocia (like "Caepio"), a descendant of king Antipater of Macedonia. The first Herod (1st century BC) was a son of a man who changed his first named to, Antipater. A son of the first Herod married Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia. Hence, he was Herod Archelaus, suspect to the Herods/Hurls, first found in Archelaus-like Argyll(shire), sharing the fesse of Fore's/Forez's. This Herod Archelaus was banished by Augustus Caesar to Vienne-Isere, to the near-east of Mont Pilat and the Forez mountains. The McLEODs of the Argyllshire seas may even be from "LAODice," mother of Nysa of the Pontus.

As Rothes castle is at Moray, and as a Rathes/Ratel surname was first found in Burgundy with Pilate's and Mars/Mores', note AriaRATHES VI, son of Nysa of Cappadocia. Wraths are listed with Rothes', who have gold crowns on lion heads colors reversed from the gold-crowned lion head of Italian Capone's. The Wrath/Rothes Coat is a version of the Sale/SALLETT Coat (Salto-river suspect), and the Wrath/Rothes surname was said, for a decade or more, said to be first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans who were related to things on the upper Salto. The father of Peter Pollock lived in Shropshire before moving to Pollok in Scotland. Further down the Salto is Rieti, and Vespasia Polla of that place traces to Peter Pollock, builder of the castle at Rothes (yes, at Moray).

The Rieti-like Rita's, sharing the Pool lion, were first found in Rome with Forez-like Sforza's, and the latter's lion, half in the colors of the Rita lion, holds a so-called "quince" expected from a Quintus-Caepio > Quint line. Quints can be gleaned as kin of Yonge's/Youngs, whose Scottish branch uses roses and a "jeune" motto term expected from Junia Caepionis. The Rose clan was at the Moray theater.

Sale's/Salletts were first found in Cheshire with the Balls sharing the Pillar/Pilot lion (could be the Capone / Levi lion) and feasibly from Alexander BALAS, a Seleucid king and relative of the queen Nysa's. The Ness'/Nice's expected in "FurNESS" have the Coat of the Shropshire Sleeps in colors reversed. In the 1979 dream, God connected the woman to the Sleep-line Selepitanoi at/near Rhizon of the Ardiaei, traceable to Ardahan near Rize, which is exactly the Armenia-Pontus theater. Scottish Alexanders, first found in the Argyllshire-Bute seas, share the chevron of Forneys/Fournier's and BalFOURs. One of the women of that dream married Mr. Kilpatrick, and that surname can be traced excellently to Antipatria/Antipater (Apsus river, north of Macedonia), suspect from Antipater of Macedonia, the line very likely to Antipater, father of the first king Herod.

Was Pilate a Seleucid from the house of Nysa and/or Balas? Mont Pilat is near Firminy, and Firmins, sharing the Balfour chevron, can be from Fier country at the bottom of the Apsus river, the river with Antipatria. Seleucid ancestry was tied up with Thesprotians of Epirus, which region may have reached the southern side of the Apsus. Firmins use the sun while Sinclairs/Suns share the cross of Irish Brisons, the latter expected from MontBRISON, beside Firminy, because Scottish Brisons share the white pheon with Pilate's/Pilots.


Here's Matt Gaetz announcing, on Lou Dobbs, a key declassified FBI memo by John Ratcliffe (a great sign that Mr. Ratcliffe is going to unveil the truth against the Obama coup attempt):

The video above tells that Dick Cheney's wife is attacking Trump at this time. Why might the Cheneys not wish for Trump to be re-elected? What has Dick got to hide from another four years of John Ratcliffe and his like-minded truthers?

What would be the use of God pointing to John Ratcliffe replacing Dan Coats if Trump loses the election and Ratcliffe gets immediately replaced? As Ratcliffe became the DNI only lately, so close to the election, doesn't this suggest that Trump will win? If Ratcliffe is soon gone from National Intelligence, won't I look bad for claiming that God is pointing to him? All I can do is lay out the evidence for that claim, in case God's predicting it, and I've done that.

Mr. Ratcliffe has declassified an FBI memo from August of 2016. Asking Google for this story brings up leftist Politico, what else?. I advise you not to click that link to read the article because it's a waste of time. There is NOTHING in it to suggest that the FBI was trying to set Trump and Flynn up for a fall. The article is benign toward the FBI. Instead, find an article from a pro-Trumper.

"EXCLUSIVE: A newly-declassified document obtained by Fox News reveals that the FBI agent who delivered the defensive briefing on election interference to the Trump campaign in August 2016 used it as a 'cover' to monitor then-candidate Donald Trump and Michael Flynn." Politico makes no such claim. The claim is correct because the briefing was simply not warranted, first because Trump was not yet the president, and secondly because the neither the FBI nor National Intelligence specified to Trump (in the briefing) any problematic Russian interference into, or coordination with, his election team.

John Solomon has made the document available. Go ahead and load it to see for yourself, at the very top, that the FBI was doing this briefing as part of both Crossfire Hurricane and Crossfire Razor, one being the FBI attack on Trump without any merit, and the other being the FBI attack on Flynn without any merit. The conclusion is clear: the FBI burned itself to a crisp by including this briefing as part of Hurricane and Razor. There is no way to view this as anything but an assault on Trump unless the FBI can show evidence that Russians were colluding with a Trump-teamer. The FBI itself admitted that there was no evidence.

Trump can take the news media to court and sue for the biggest-ever dollar figure because this involved a repeated political assault on a president. If Trump were to do that, the media would start to get more well-behaved immediately. Trump could have taken the FBI to court, suing for one dollar, to expose all sorts of documents and realities, but Trump has been the equivalent to a fraud in this regard, not wanting to rock the boat, afraid of a political / personal backlash. Trump allowed America's worst enemy to get away, and Barr has prepared himself to doing the same. SHAME.

The briefing was started by an agent (Gistaro) of James Clapper, Ratcliffe's counterpart under Obama. Doesn't it seem absurd to do such a briefing with a presidential candidate before he's elected? Trump knew nothing of Obama's policy toward Russia. The Russians could have spied on Trump all day everyday and learned nothing but Trump's fledgling, developing attitude toward Russia.

Flynn comes across pro-American, but Politico failed to mention this key thing: "Flynn then spoke to Trump and said, 'See, they dent [sic] have enough resources to work the HVE threat and the IOs.'" All in all, this briefing stresses a warning to Trump and Flynn that the Russians will be seeking to spy on them, which is not a bad thing unless it isn't routine or customary to give an unelected candidate such a briefing months before it's known whether he will win the election. The fact that the title of the briefing included "Crossfire Hurricane" suggests that this was no routine briefing.

Put this briefing alongside the rest of Crossfire Hurricane, and it looks like an early attempt to trip Trump up, though no score was had of the briefing, apparently, by the coup plotters. This is a small glimpse revealing that the FBI had no evidence of Russian collusion with Trump about 12 weeks before the election.

There's more data aside from this briefing, about the briefing. Solomon:

Memos associated with the meeting show since-fired Agent Peter Strzok and departed FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith were involved in approving the effort by Pientka to use the briefing as an investigative tool instead of just an educational baseline intelligence meeting.

This is not a bombshell from Ratcliffe, but it is a refreshingly timely response to the requests of Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley. May there be more to come soon, all long overdue. What was Clapper's role? What was Coats' attitude toward Trump being spied on? Did Coats facilitate the spying?

Louis Gohmert is announcing this week that the procrastination of the Barr-Durham team on indictments is ruining the nation, and that inaction is a political move too. I agree. For if there are no arrests before the election, the voters will not be given their appropriate "briefing," shall we say, on the corrupt state of affairs.

Although I prayed dozens of times over many months, "Lord, please heal my tooth," it cracked down the middle due to excessive infection, and, a few days later, on Wednesday of this week, the tooth was pulled. As I claimed that the specifics of this tooth pertained to the teeth of the shark in the 1979 dream, representing the FBI-et-al attack on Trump, could this mean that the shark will now become toothless? Or, maybe I'm just crazy to actually put something like that in print.

The tooth was sabotaged by a dentist in 2009, the first year of Obama. The dentist was asked to remove the metal filling, to replace it with the white filling, but he left bacteria under the filling. In 2015, the tooth was under extreme pain, but when I returned to the same dental office, the new dentist there did not seek to go down to the base of the filling to remove the bacteria (I didn't yet know that the infection was under the filling, but maybe I should have guessed). He didn't even give me a freeze. He drilled only into the filling material, filled the hole back up, and charged me for nothing, for he fixed nothing.

It was becoming realized by me that he wanted this molar (#46) to progress to a root canal. I called back with a complaint, and he had me in again, and this time he once again did not freeze the tooth. He drilled in until I jumped in pain, but he then filled the hole back up without going deeper to the infection. I launched a complaint, but the Dental Surgeons who take complaints were discovered by me to be corrupt too, supporting this dental office fully even though he admitted in their hearing (conference call) that he failed to freeze the tooth on both occasions in 2015. Stay away from dentists, they probably do more harm than good.

The filling fell out in 2016 (don't recall the month) after half of the tooth broke off above the gum line. I claimed that this pointed to Stefan Halper, as crazy as it sounds. The tooth was much-much better afterward because I could now start to clean the tooth under the filling. But, alas, after months of low-sugar intake and what seemed like a steady road to healing, the tooth broke again, became wiggly-loose on the inner half to below the gum line, and had to be pulled. I hate having a hole in my gums between teeth.

I didn't know whether to tell this story, or whether to avoid it. But when I got on to Mr. Gumm-like Gohmert above, I recalled the Gomer variation of German Gumms. Back in 2015, after the two visits to the corrupt dentist, the tooth developed a bump at the gum, called a fistula. It's a volcanic pimple of sorts, so to speak, that routes bacteria from within the tooth to the outside of the gum. After months of a nagging feeling that I should seek to find links between the Tooth and Gumm surnames, with which I was not very convinced of links, I checked Bumps to find them also as "BumPUS," and it just so happens that a fistula bump issues a white PUS in the amount roughly of a pimple.

To make sure that God got my attention at this point, I saw that Bumps/Bumpus' share the giant Tooth griffin on a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the vertically-split Shield of Dossier's/D'Hosier's.

Tooth 46 is a molar, and then Mollers are listed with Muellers. Molers (one 'l') share the hexagram of Rotens. The molar was rotten, and so is Mueller. The cavity-like Cavetts are suspect from the Cevetta river at Ceva, and the only person i ever speak of from Ceva is Luis. One website calls her "Luisa del Vasto de Ceva". The Vasto's are suspect with the Fasts a,d FISTs/Fausts, which looks like a pointer to the FISTula. The point here is that LUIS of Ceva looks like a pointer to LOUIS GOHMERt. Is that not cool or what? Louis Gohmert is one of the most persistent workers seeking indictments on the deep state.

Here's Devin Nunes pulling a couple of shark teeth. He's got some new information now, and is fingering the Brookings Institute for complicity. Watch your backs, warriors:

The big-rat scoop in the video above is that Igor Danchenko (formerly of Brookings, not a Russian) has just been possibly revealed as Steele's big-cheese source. Danchenko is the source of last week's story, who told the Obama government that Steele's report was's not a wonder the FBI didn't want to reveal him. This Danchenko claim is the full body of the scandal (there is no body), a thing that any good FBI officer would want to reveal, and so what's Wray's and Barr's excuse for not revealing him? Why did Barr allow his name to be redacted in unclassified / released papers? Why isn't Barr firing Wray on the spot for not revealing this thing? Why is Barr not on Trump's side while he says things that suggest he is? Who's he really falling-in with?

A little almost-comic relief:

The truth is, Fauci didn't want people wearing masks in the beginning because the agenda was to infect as many people as possible; but, now, he wants Trump wearing a mask, and all people by threat of a ticket for not wearing one, because the agenda is to stretch this crisis out as long as possible into Trump's second term, and to meanwhile make a whopping heap of cash with the mask police, and to demoralize people by turning them into non-socializing (frigid) and faceless chicken hearts afraid of a weak flu (for most people, this is weak). Summer is the best time to get this flu because you will likely not even know you have it, and this is precisely what the anti-Trump globalists don't want for you. My area is already threatening tickets for not wearing masks. Beware the lurking mask police, and if he/she approaches you, give him a slap in the face for me, wouldja?

I've just tried to load anti-mask videos with an "anti-mask" query, but in the first ten or so videos from youtube, they are on average only a minute and a half long...just as though youtube is burying a host of anti-mask videos. The globalists want to control everything their way. This is not a matter of whether masks are safer than not wearing masks; it's about how long we will need to wear masks if we all wear masks starting today: for years! I do not want to wear a mask for years, are you nuts if you do? Get the virus, take your chances, and be done with it. Only one of about 600 infected people die, and as many as 400 of 600 don't even know they have the infection. Let's take our chances and get past this. Trump has caved to the mask, not good at all. Wearing masks outdoors is absolutely lunatic, really. This is not about safety, but about control freaks setting a sinister, globalist, devilish crusade.

The next time someone tries to rebuke you for being dangerous to others because you don't want to wear a mask, say, "you hypocrite, you don't wear a mask at home with your own family members; you could kill one, but you don't care. Do you?" That's right, when these same control freaks visit one another, most probably take off their masks. And when they make love, they take off their masks and are thus guilty of jeopardizing their own spouses! HYPOCRITES. But if we stay a few feet from others without masks in the open outdoor air, they think us to be uncaring, dangerous, rebellious. Let's be safe, fine, but let's not be cowardly safety freaks. We will destroy society if we all wear masks for years, and destruction is the liberal agenda. They want to kill people, be assured. God will expose this as surely as He'll lay bare all of mankind's sins.

We cannot stop the spread of this disease by wearing masks because people won't wear them at home or in bed. By wearing masks, we merely prolong the duration of the viral wave over a population. Wisdom suggests that we get this over with as soon as possible by reducing the numbers of infect-able persons due to their having had the infection. If you are afraid for any reason, then wear a good mask, but if you allow others to get the infection who don't wish to wear masks, then it will shorten the duration of threat to all, and we can all forsake the faceless nation sooner. It's not who throw "fits" of anger over being forced to wear a mask who are the children, but those who are control-freak pro-mask who like to see us angered.

When you wear a mask, you breath viruses onto it if you are infected. Some get out of the mask, and others get stuck to it. You can then breath them in again because they are mainly on the inner side of the mask. Does this sound good or bad to you? Suppose that, without the mask, you get a light infection that will go without symptoms. But if you wear a mask for a few days not yet knowing that you're infected, instead of releasing viruses into the air, you are breathing them back in again from those trapped in the mask, are you not? With a mask, you may get fewer viruses to begin with, and yet more in the long-run for failure to breathe pure fresh air per every breath.

Put it this way, when you breathe a load of viruses, not all strike the walls of your lungs. Whew, some go right back out again, into the open air, and you won't likely breathe them up again. NOT FULLY SO WITH A MASK ON. By breathing the viruses back in again from the mask, you give them another chance to lodge on the walls of the lungs. Is that what you want? Not me. Once you are infected, and the viruses begin to multiply, that mask becomes your very own, specialty hazard, can you grasp this? You may be saving others from getting more viruses from your breath, but are doing yourself a hazard. So, stop listening to the chronic, political-action goons who could care less if you die, or if people go into bankruptcy, or if people loose jobs, or if people can't pay their bills, or if society gets colder, as long as Trump is unseated. This is why we are angry with mandating masks.

In the meantime, you chicken-hearted control freaks prolong the faceless, chicken-heart society. Not everyone wearing a mask is a chicken-heart, but most are when they are healthy and young and have no old, sick people at home. Last I heard, cowards are the children, not the brave and caring. Be brave, and care about getting this thing behind us; just don't get too close to people while not wearing masks, for the viruses spread out in the air with distance from a load of exhaled viruses. There is the threat of being forced to wear masks for ordinary flus now, if you relish that thought, chicken-hearts. You are becoming the enemy, and we have a right to be angry with you, hypocrites.

Here's a video telling that masks don't work, according to studies:

If you listened to the whole video, I'm sure I heard him imply that ventilators are what killed people. A ventilator causes one to re-breathe some of the viruses, does it not? Doesn't a ventilator use a mask over the nose and mouth? Yes. I, for one, think there was a planned murder program taking place.

By now you have probably heard that there has not been evidence anywhere in the world that a school student has passed COVID to a teacher. But you will hear of the "evidence" soon, because the news-manufactures will invent such stories, those infested with chronic activism disease who want to close schools. How can it be that infected children (get no symptoms) to not infect others when they breathe out viruses? My probably-correct guess: children's bodies do not allow viruses to multiply much in the lungs to the point that their breath is thick enough with them to make others ill. In other words, folks, children give us free vaccines. They give us light loads of viruses that adults can manage without knowing they have the disease, precisely why the goons don't want children infected. Trump is caving to the goons instead of preaching the truth against them. Summer is the best time to allow this virus to spread, because there will be many more free vaccinations naturally. The chronically-ill goons don't want the disease to spread this summer, explaining mandatory-masks programs.

Most of the deaths are in cities, but the news carriers, the chronically-ill, report the deaths as per the entire state. So, while reporting almost 200 deaths daily in Florida this week, they don't tell that rural Floridians are not hit hard. Yet my rural area has mandated masks. Is this the right thing to do? No, it is not.

They told us masks would be temporary and non-mandatory. Won't they do the same with the Gates / Fauci / military vaccines? See this, paying special attention to the military vaccines in the 18th minute, for Trump has indicated he wants Americans to have the military's vaccine(s):

They could say that, unless you get the vaccine, you can't enter a grocery store to buy food. Unless we flash an item showing proof of vaccination, sorry, we can't get in to buy foods. And if you get very ill from the vaccine, you can't sue anyone, including the government, because the chronically-ill have taken precautions not to be sue-able. What should we do? Move to a safe, third-world county? Nigeria? Start a nationwide home-delivery grocery service? I suggest we stock up NOW (this summer and fall) on long-lasting foods (drying your own foods sounds good) for this coming winter if you plan on rejecting the vaccine. Also a good idea: purchase a gas mask or one with a 100-percent certainty in blocking viruses, because you can perhaps be allowed to argue successfully, in court, that wearing it into a grocery store is safer than vaccination (there's no chance of getting sick from the vaccine if you wear the mask instead). Expect the goons not to provide sufficient numbers of such masks. Here's how long dried foods last now:

Good news, I think. The video below, at the 3rd minute, says that the White House wants all COVID deaths reported directly to the White House rather than to the CDC. I hope that this will remove the hyped numbers, but maybe it will not, depending on how, and by whom, the numbers are being collected from all hospitals / nursing homes. That middlemen could be corrupt too, inflating the numbers. This is a good video, an eye-opener to show that, in some Western places, governments are persecuting people. In the 7th minute, see what looks like a proto-666 trial balloon in an African nation, what looks like: you can't make purchases without the Bill-Gates vaccine in your body:

The chronically-ill authorities are going to learn fast that a person will submit to a program if they simply don't allow one to make key purchases without submission. That's the 666 commercial system. It appears that the goons are now willing to foist such a thing on us, and that they are making preparations to doing so, step-by-step, by deceptive, psychological conditioning. If you've never heard:

As far back as 1973, Senior Scholastics introduced school age children to the concept of buying and selling using numbers inserted in the forehead. In the September 20, 1973 feature "Who Is Watching You?" the secular high school journal speculated:
"All buying and selling in the program will be done by computer. No currency, no change, no checks. In the program, people would receive a number that had been assigned them tattooed in their wrist or forehead. The number is put on by laser beam and cannot be felt. The number in the body is not seen with the naked eye and is as permanent as your fingerprints. All items of consumer goods will be marked with a computer mark. The computer outlet in the store which picks up the number on the items at the checkstand will also pick up the number in the person's body and automatically total the price and deduct the amount from the person's 'Special Drawing Rights' account."

If you know Revelation 13, you know it says that a mark at least akin to a "666" will be applied to your right hand or forehead, just as though the writer of the article above was seeking to prepare the world for this demonic system. They can't get the world to agree to this willingly, and, so, as Revelation 13 says, they will force us to take the mark by canceling our ability to both buy and sell unless we submit. Be thankful, for that will Be God's cue to enter this fight, and they are going to get blown to their cruel end.

The website above is a prophecy-related one but by a pre-tribulationist, unfortunately. If you would like a page with lots of hopeful, exciting Bible quotes, for a refreshing change from worldly news, try this one from her:

What I would like to know is whether Trump will favor this move to a marry an electronic-surveillance purchasing system to forced vaccinations. I'd say there's a 50-50 chance after the election. He is currently afraid to go against the coming vaccination programs, and, for all I know, he may be a part of it. Trump has a secret side to his life that we do not know. He does lie, and he does deceive, and he does speak at times with a forked tongue. He's not an angel or a savior, but, to date, he has sided with his base at times, though I'm not sure it's genuine. My bottom line is; I don't trust Trump. Fox news wants vaccination programs because it has a financial interest in it. It would be good if someone were to expose Murdoch for his grossest sins.

Something bad seems to be upon us, and the COVID plot has closed a lot of borders, while Trump's wall has closed a section of the border too, in case people want to flee the country to escape a forced vaccination. Will this bring a violent reprisal?

Bongino's first segment for Friday has the liberal media attempting to convince the world that children do spread COVID, yet Bongino tears down that claim. Still, the liberal viewers of liberal media will now tell people in general that children do spread it...exactly why the Trump administration is responsible to sue the media spreading that false rumor. Unless you sue them at every lie, the media will continue to have a viable election machine to destroy the nation and the world. So, hurry up already and lay down the law suits, even at tax-payer expense.

Bongino has nothing to say on how public schools are ruinous to the spiritual conditions of the children. I strongly believe that you home-school your children rather than send them to public school. I home schooled my kids until their mother lost her mind and sent them to public school. My 12-year old son was doing marijuana as a result, and the other three kids defected temporarily from their Christian upbringing. The one who was on marijuana, who attended university (very unspiritual) for five years, has yet to become a Christian, now at over 30 years old. Public school belongs to the devil now, Mr. Bongino, but you're not telling that part of this story. That's because you're not a proper Christian. You may believe in Jesus, and honor him in name, and you're a decent man, but you don't seem to have a grasp of wholesome Biblical doctrine. I think he's a typical, wishy-washy catholic, not at all meaning that I think I'm the better man just because I "major" in Biblical doctrine.

Now is a great time to take the COVID excuse to home school. DO NOT let them do computer-school. When my kids got to public school, they were rated beyond their age group in academic abilities i.e. they had healthy minds.

At 34 minutes of the same Bongino video, he talks about the recent release of FBI memos.

While watching Bongino, I realized that the Storms having the triple Loves/Luff fesses can be a pointer to Crossfire Hurricane (i.e. a storm) and Crossfire Razor because the Razor surname is listed with French Rays. Ray Luff. The snake tongues would be an apt symbol for Joe Pientka and company, whom Dan Coats protected. There was a COAT closet in the dream. Christ WRAY and Bill Barr have been protecting Pientka. He's been working for the FBI all this time, which is Barr's slap to Trump's face, is it not? YES IT IS. Barr's been hoping the coup-attempt news would die down. Instead, it's flaring up.

Portland is the new Seattle:

In the 12th minute of that video, McEnany is asked why the Chinese consulate in Houston was closed. Why not in some other city? I think I can answer that because I was led to believe that the Galveston National Laboratory, to the near-south of Houston, was a partner in spreading COVID in a conspiracy to destroy Trump by ruining the nation. The Galveston lab oversaw some activities in the Wuhan lab. So, someone (perhaps on the Trump team) privy to the conspiracy doesn't want the Chinese in the Houston consulate talking in-person privately (i.e. get together by cars without electronic / recordable communication involved) with the Galveston Lab, is my theory here.

The Free Beacon this week: "The Houston facility is one of 25 known locations across the United States in which China installed undercover operatives to spy on the American government..." Unnamed people at Trump's state department are making such claims, but then it makes no sense to close only the one Houston location and not the others, unless it's been in some coordination with the leader(s) of the Galveston lab with the chance of getting caught doing so by outsiders who could spill the beans. We can assume that the state department got its information from spyland, probably the originator of fake-news programs.

I had commented on Trump not tweeting about the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, which was odd enough to confirm my suspicious that he has something to hide in conjunction with his connections to Epstein. This video (by anti-Trumper) tends to make the same suspicions brew in me all over again:

When Trump answered the question on Maxwell from a reporter, he seems to be trying hard not to offend either her or those she belongs to. I wonder why. We expect Trump to show some animosity toward such a fiend, do we not? Yes, we do. Instead, he tells the reporter, "I wish her well." Something is wrong. It could be that he's afraid of the Clintonite mob if he speaks against her, or it could be worse.

Oh wow, here's a great case in which money really talks up a great storm: "Nicholas Sandmann, one of the students from Covington High School who was vilified in January 2019...won his defamation suit against the Washington Post today...CNN recently settled a $275 million lawsuit with Sandmann."

That is the way to treat those chronically-ill media in hopes of curing them by force. Now it's Trump's turn, and Flynn's turn, and everyone else who was slandered in the coup attempt. Make those media go broke; sue them today. Even if they win, their bosses will be forced to alter course for fear of losing.

The Democrats have just revealed lately that they care nothing form criminals on the loose, yet they will tell us that technological advances in spy systems is for keeping society safer from criminals. In reality, they wish to use cutting-edge technologies for political = world control. These freaks must be killed, because they won't stop until they are dead and in Hell. You watch how wicked they are, because God intends to expose their well-deserving Hell, a very terrible place.

It's possible that Democrats are acting merely in desperation knowing they can't win this battle against Trump, and, in revealing their true colors, could nose-dive politically for several years. In that case, we might not be at the door of the tribulation period. I always say that prior to God's wrath, there will be as-usual prosperity and living. There is nothing that Jesus talked about, prior to the wrath, to indicate societal upheaval. Don't rush out to buy country property now if it will strain your finances. If we trust the prophet Daniel, Christians on the poor side should not strain their finances for a wilderness retreat until the king of the south and north, in Daniel 11, have fulfilled their prophecy. It is incorrect to treat 11:21-31 as pertaining to ancient prophecy. Instead, it's the end-time anti-Christ starting at verse 21, and he invades what should be Egypt at verse 25, followed by a victory over Jerusalem in verse 31.

I foresee the 666 becoming compulsory as soon as he conquers Jerusalem. However, I have no firm evidence that the 666 system will be global. I hate to say it, but I can't find evidence for it. It may turn out to be local to the Middle East only. I treat it as a global threat because every indication is that the entire West is moving toward electronic deduction. One would think that they will not implement a compulsory 666 system without making it optional for some years first. Therefore, poor believers should consider not investing too much money in a country retreat until electronic deduction by a skincode is wide-spread. That would be a good time for getting serious, drying your own foods years in advance so that we won't need to horde from grocery stores all at once. Many dried foods will last 10-15 years.

I wonder. Will the anti-Christ come from Saint Petersburg during a time in which socialist Democrats form a partnership with Russia to invade Israel? Don't you think that the incurable leftists we now see would invade Israel with Obama leading the charge? Mayors of leftist cities are not bowing down merely to rag-tag rioters in the streets. They instead hearken to the invisible political elites behind the rag-tag stupids. Nothing else makes sense. An anti-Christ movement of global proportions is in swing at this time, though it may fail for this year's election purposes. Pray it fails so that we will have more time to prepare to endure the final 3.5 years.

Don't believe pre-tribulationists for a second on their timing the rapture prior to the wrath of God, for they lie and trick you when they teach that unbiblical theory. If they were honest people, they would admit that the Bible does seem to teach a post-tribulation rapture, but in being wholly passionate (and VERY passionate) in disseminating a pre-trib rapture, what in tarnation ails them? Why would they risk your lives, and the lives of their own family members, for their pre-trib passions when the Bible never mentions two comings of Jesus seven years apart? Are they nuts? Were scholarly pre-trib teachers sent into the churches by Illuminatists? Pre-tribbers always want to come across as the authoritative scholars because they have no meat to back up the theory. Any of their arguments can be torn down and re-interpreted in a post-trib light. They have NOTHING, to prove a pre-trib return of Jesus.

If you are a political activist at this time without thought for the possible fulfillment of prophecy at this time, you have a severe problem with Jesus. He warned us, don't get meshed with the headaches of this world. Let go of the world when the signs appear. That's why I say, forget the founding fathers, STUPIDS, for Someone much better is coming. I say, "stupids," in a loving way, children, for if you are all USA and not watching prophecy, you have yet to grow up as you should. Be big, be Jesus-minded. You will not be disappointed. Prophecy says that the end-time world will be given to satan when the Restrainer (God) gets Himself out of the way.

This Restrainer is not the church, as pre-tribulationists tell you in their desperation, teaching that the end will come after the church is removed from the world (in the rapture). No, you are crazy to take your chances like that when "restrainer" (2 Thessalonians 2) can just as well be interpreted as God Himself. You have no right on such an important matter to teach dogmatically that the removal of the restraining power is the rising of the church into the sky.

Now we request of you, brothers, by the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of our gathering together [the rapture in the sky] to Him, do not be suddenly shaken of mind or disturbed, neither by a spirit or a word or a letter as from us, that the day of the Lord has [already] arrived. No one can deceive you in any way, because [it won't occur] unless the falling away [from Faith] comes first when the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of perdition, who rebels against and exalts himself above everything called God or object of worship so that he sits in the shrine of God claiming himself as God.

...And now you know what's restraining [him], so that he might be revealed in his time. For the mystery of lawlessness already operates, only there is the one restraining just now until out of the midst it [the lawlessness] comes, and then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will destroy by the Spirit of His mouth and bring to nothing by the brilliance of His appearance...

As you can see, a pre-tribulationist is a wacky nut to passionately teach that the restraining power is the church, especially in Paul's day when it was yet a very fledgling church. Stay away from pre-trib teaching, because those who teach it are not acting in the interest of your safety, but will sabotage you helplessly into the 666's dragon mouth. Whatever their motives, they go beyond scripture by distorting the easy-to-grasp meanings. In the case above, God himself restrains the anti-Christ when he's a man on earth, and doesn't allow him to act until the proper time chosen by God. There is ZERO hint of a rapture implied prior to the coming of the anti-Christ. Pauls says it won't happen until the anti-Christ is revealed. What could be easier to understand? Therefore, don't let pre-tribbers deceive you.

As other scriptures confirm, the rapture comes when Jesus appears, and He doesn't appear until the time allotted for the anti-Christ has run its course. Right? Jesus does not appear on the first day of the anti-Christ's rule, or half way into it, but after his full rule has come to pass, right? But of course. Therefore, we need to live on earth through that entire 3.5 years that the wicked one is given.

I watched Fox and Friends once this week, on Monday. I'm not expecting some fantastic thing to happen through that show anytime soon, and figure that, whatever this update and the last means, I'll be hearing about it one way or another.

Here's old-man Fauci not wearing a mask this week with his mouth about a foot from the faces of two people:

I wonder why the person who took these images didn't take a long video to show how long he wasn't wearing it? It doesn't seem that Fauci thinks the COVID virus to be a big killer, does it?

Amazing Polly had a video about a week ago showing some conspicuous things about Wayfair retailer. She must have caught some big fish because the BBC has already done a story to discredit her, thought the BBC did not mention her name or identify her youtube channel for the viewer to go see her story for themselves. The BBC video at youtube is so useless I'm not going to bother giving you the address, for the only defence it makes for Wayfair is that it claims the charged from Polly to be untrue. Oh, well, that settles it, BBC, retards. It seems to me that BBC must be in bed with pedophiles and pimps. Why else would it bother to do such a story?

The video below (I apologize for the idiotic look of the host) is more fair because it at least mentions the exorbitant prices Wayfair was asking for junk (the BBC did not), but this production, too, doesn't mention Polly's name, suggesting that it wants to discredit her. She must have touched a raw nerve in pervertland:

The video producer below, almost a child, puts the big media to shame on reporting this story. It seems this story is being disseminated by teens and near-teens, I wonder why:

Why do you think that Fox news won't touch stories like this, or investigate them to get to the bottom of the claims? What kind of a hypocrite or pervert is the Fox boss? I would like to know.

Fox has a story about a dark-money "news organization, that won't reveal who it's funded from, that has a logo (now showing at webpage below) looking a lot like the Obama logo. The logo is a round border on a circle that is in exactly the blue shade of Obama's round circle.

Rudy Giuliani hosts Roger Stone Now able to talk again. My main take-away from this blast-after-blast from Stone is that Bill Barr was willing to allow corrupt prosecutors under his watch to frame Stone. Who does Bill Barr really fall-in with? Isn't it obvious by now?

The media continues to lie, and Drudge continues to peddle those media: "Total COVID-19 cases in the Sunshine State rose by 9,300 to 423,855 on Sunday, just one place behind California, which now leads the country with 448,497 cases. New York is in third place with 415,827 cases." It's written as a second-wave crisis in formation, but the 9,300 number is way wrong. There were many more cases than that; those are only the reported cases. The crisis is if there were only as few as 9,000 daily cases, for at that rate, the state of Florida would take about about four years to reach 2/3rds of the Florida population. That is critically too slow. Hurry up and catch this virus now, let's get past it.

I'm not hearing anymore about the numbers tested positive for antibodies in random tests. That's the type of number that will indicate what percentage of the population has had the virus. That's the correct way to discover how many people have been infected = how many are naturally vaccinated. The goons don't want us to become naturally vaccinated (hence the mandatory masks) because there is a sinister vaccination program afoot, and Trump, at best, feels he's too politically weak to fight against it. At worst, he's trying to help some vaccination body (group) to make a lot of headway this winter. I heard him say earlier that the military could have a vaccine ready for this winter. He didn't sound opposed to a vaccine at all, and neither is Fox news. Neither are taking our issue to fight on our behalf. Trump can be a callous monster, beware, if you think he's an angel. He is not. To save his own political skin, he will betray you, his voter.

We are in trouble here who do not wish to be pumped with unknown substances into our bodies. They are going head-strong into setting this up. The system is rigged against us, we are as inhumans to the goons who despise the common people, yet some of the common people are their dimwitted helpers, ironically. Not everyone who is vaccinated will get immediately sick, of course. The question is what the long-term (or not-so-long-term) effects are, especially the deliberate ones. We ought to take our governments to court in class-action law suits if they deny us food for resisting the vaccine. Americans should call Trump out for not making this one of his election-platform issues. People in every country need to send their politicians the message that they will lose votes if they hold the mandatory-vaccine position. The common people need to make some noise. Visit anti-vaccination videos and leave your comments showing strong opposition. This is a crime against humanity. This is the Nazis. I choose to get the virus naturally rather than to get the vaccine. Give me a light dose of the vaccine alone, without the added, unknown substances. I should be given that right.

Put me in a room with an infected person, fine, but don't give me a vaccine from the sort of people who have killed African children. No vaccine-dispensing company can now be trusted. The government is in bed with them, giving them immunity to any ill-effects in our bodies. It should be a crime to force me to receive a drug I do not trust by offering me starvation or some other form of severe punishment as the alternative.


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