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July 14 - 20, 2020

Earhardts and Q-Anon
Ainsley Earhardt, Victory Woman of 1979 Dream - No Guff
The Weddings and the Wheat
Devin Nunes Storm May Be in the Beautiful Knees

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

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I'm not a Q-Anon (or "Qanon") follower, but I do think he's probably much more intelligent and correct about true things than the leftists who both ridicule he and malign his followers. If Q is wrong about some things, it doesn't make him wrong about everything. When I ask google for Q-Anon updates, to see what he's been up to, I get pages from all of the leftist pigs who have nothing to say. It's google who portrays them as pigs because a pig is one that has too much, and google stacks its search results almost wholly with leftist pages. Hence, piggish, the very correct term to describe google and its friends.

Luckily, I scrolled deep into a youtube search for Q-Anon, and got the video below, which I added to the last update. Here's from the last update, where I crossed Q-Anon, a topic I don't usually bring up:

Moreover, the Gaston / Gass Shield is shared by Jensens, and Jeff Jensen is Bash's fellow DoJ operative on Flynn's unmasking. I did report, years ago, that a Gaston family was related to Polish Sandowsky's, expected as a variation of the Polish Sadowski's that come up as "Traby." This is amazing here because the Traby/Sadowski Q is a scarf [I've read the official description], and Scarfs have wolf heads, not only in the colors of the Flynn wolf, but very connectable to it because Flynns trace to Placentia, at the Trebia river. Stunning. Might God thus be pointing to Q-ANON, since the Ananes Gauls lived on the Trebia??? Is the fantastic "STORM"-arrest prediction of Q going to come to pass, better later-than-never? The Stormys have a giant lion in the colors of the Treby lion. There is a Storm surname expected as a Stur / Easter branch, but at this time I have no contribution to make with it, maybe something will occur to me. Flynns are expected to be sharing the Treby Chief.

[On Monday evening, after this update was uploaded to the Internet, I got hold of the short video below showing what I had not known before, that Flynn sounds like a Q-Anon follower (start video in the second half of 1st minute):]

Okay, so Flynn is speaking, and he ends the ceremony with Q-Anon's line, "where we go one, we go all." I'd like to repeat that Trump's press secretary is now Miss McEnany, a surname I think traces to the Ananes Gauls. The Anon/Annan(dale) surname, which can be traced to Placentia from the Rim/Rum motto, has Enany-like variations such "Aneny/Inyaney." Moreover, while blue-lion Bruce's were at Annandale, so we find another giant and blue lion with Welsh Nannys. It's just great that the Nanny lion is in both colors of the giant Mason/Massin lion because the latter surname shares the mermaid in Crest with McEnanys/Inernys/Nertneys. It could be that houseofnames wrongly listed Enanys with Inerneys/Nertneys, yet they definitely seem to be a branch of, or at least related to, Nannys. (Load the McEnany link so that you can load other surnames to follow the discussion better.)

Of course, "Q-Anon" has nothing to do with the Anon/Annandale surname, yet we can ask whether God arranged his username to be a variation of the surname to which the Traby Q connects, and why. It's conspicuous that I found another heraldic Q-like symbol about a week ago, with Earhardts. Then, AINSleys (at ANNESley) have a cross in the colors of the Anon/Annandale saltire as used by Scottish Bruce's, which is no surprise, meaning that Ainsleys are an Anon/Annandale branch along with the Annas'/Arness', for Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas'/Arness'.

Ainsley Earhardt is on Fox and Friends' weekday shows. Go ahead and load the Earhardts to see what looks much like a Q, making sense where Q-Anon points to Anons/Annandale's. Compare the Earhardt Coat with Jewish Hardts.

The Traby/Sadowski scarf has a KNOT at the bottom to form the Q, and Knots are from king Cnut/Canute, the namer of Nottingham. English Cnuts use drops, and Drops are also Traby-like Trope's, suggesting that Cnuts were at least married to a Trebia-river line. Ditto for Sadowski's. One could get the impression that the scarf is making a link to Ainsleys / Annas', yet it's not the Ainsleys who have the Q-like Coat. Therefore, one possibility is that God arranged Miss Earhardt's surname to have a Q-like Coat so that I might link her, or Fox and Friends, to Q-Anon for some reason.

I don't know whether the double snakes in a circle of Earhardts was intended as a Q, but there is a good chance because it's to be expected that Earhardts/AIRharts are a branch of Eyers/Ayers/Airs, first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts/Knots. Cool.

[Insert -- Later in the day when writing here, I was mowing grass and got my face too close to the grass cuttings blowing out the mower while pulling a weed. Something hard went into my eye and gave me on-off painful irritation for hours and hours. I realized at that time that the Eyes surname is listed with Eyers/Ayers, but didn't know how to connect the Eye location of Suffolk to any of this Q / Earhardt topic. However, I now realize that while the scarf-Q is code for Quade's/WADE's, the Watts and Vatts use an eye.

Watts have a "fiDUCia" motto term looking like code for the Duce's/DOOCYs, and Steve Doocy happens to do Fox and Friends with Ainsley. Plus, Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine is a Duck branch, and the Lorraine bend with items is in the colors of the SPECCot bend-with-items. It appears that the SPECK in my eye was for the purpose of pointing to what you've just read, to verify that I'm on track with the inclusion of Ainsley Earhardt in this Q discussion. If I had to experience some significant pain for this heraldic connection to two people on Fox and Friends, there might be some significant importance to it.

Jesus talked about a SPECK in our eye, and my eye pain came from a hard (not easily soaked soft) speck that got under the eyelid when I tried to flush it out with water. Speccots are expected in the so-called "spectacles" of Watts / Vatts. Coincidence? Plus, as this discussion goes to Hope Hicks importantly, in my view, note the "spes" motto term of Hope's (same place as Eyes'/Eyers and Cnuts), for the best I can do to find such a surname is the Space variation of Speccots. "Spes" means "hope."

Three accusers of Kevin Spacey supposedly killed themselves within the same year. It's reminiscent of reported Clinton-ring murders. Spacey is the one sitting on the British king's throne, in a photo online, while Ghislaine Maxwell sits on the queen's throne. I'd write-this off as a doctored photo except that prince Andrew was involved with Maxwell. For the purposes here, is "spes" a pointer to Spacey's role in Ghislaine's crimes? Later in this update, I mention that Hatchets/Hackets share "spes" with Hope's, and the Hatchets/Hackets enter the discussion from the Zehrer hatchets, and thus from Zahringers of Berne. Therefore, while the Space/Speccot bend in colors reversed from the Berne bend, note the Space/Speccot write-up: "...the village and lands of Speccot, held by Gosbert from Theobaold FitzBERNEr..." French Bernier's/Barneys share the Hatchet/Hacket fish, and English Barneys (Brunswick lions?) have a version of the Space/Speccot Coat.

Speccots owned the PENheale manor, and as they were in the Cornwall theater with PENdragons and the birthplace of mythical king ARTHur, note later that Hardts are an Arthur branch. It's online that Arthurs of Clapton married Meads, and the third host of Fox and Friends is Brian KilMEADE. End insert]

I have just started to glean that we may be able to substitute Miss Earhardt with Miss Hicks in the 1979 dream, and I can see already how this is going to make a lot of sense. I've realized that Earhardts/Airharts were an Eyer/Ayer merger either with HERTzogs/Hartzogs, or some Hart-like ancestor of Hertzogs. For, English Here's, who share a Heyer variation with Eyers/Ayers, were first found in Derbyshire with them while both English and German Here's share blue wings with Hertzogs. The latter share the stars-on-a-bend of Yorkshire's Jells/Gells, and then the Hicks, first found in Yorkshire too, share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys.

That's the first reason that I'm considering a second fulfillment of the women in the 1979 dream as Ainsley Earhardt. A second reason is that her face fits the description of the woman in the dream. But these two reasons alone would not be enough to have me postulating the theory.

Here's the best reason: Miss Hicks is Charlotte by first name, and Trump's first Communication's director was HOPE Charlotte Hicks. After she quit Trump's White House, she went to work for Fox News i.e. where Ainsley works, but she's now back in the White House doing something I do not know. The Eyers/Ayers and Here's/Heyers are both said to have been from a HOPE location. What are the chances? The Hope surname was first found in Derbyshire with both Eyers/Ayers and Here's/Heyers.

As the Arthur motto term, "OBstantia," is suspect partly with HOBs/Habs (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs), it can be added that HOPkins/HOBkins are in the colors and format of Meads. We could view this as another Fox-and-Friends link to Hope Hicks. While Arthurs are ARCHibure's too for an unexpected reason, the ArchDEACONs/ArchdeKYNE's look linkable to the old HopKYNES variation. Kinns almost have the Archdeacon Coat.

Hertzogs share the horizontally-split Shield of Groce's, who came to topic from a grocery-store event to which the woman in the 1979 dream pointed.

[On the day I wrote this, I was mowing the LAWN when I got the speck in my eye as a pointer to Speccots. Irish Lawns share the Speccot bend, how about that, and English Lawns have the split Groce / Hertzog Shield too. Groce's are also Greggs while Carricks, who share "Garde" with English Lawns, are said to descend from Craigs. It's as though God thought enough of my painful event that He, centuries ago, provided Lawns to share the Speccot / Lorraine bend. My girlfriend, Lorraine, was given a grass-stain symbol pointing exactly to the Bar-le-Duc relationship with Doocy-like Ducks. As was shown, the Barrs who named Bar-le-Duc were related to German Ducks without doubt, but Barrs of Este had also been in Brunswick while the Brunswicks have the Duce/Doocy Coat in colors reversed. That's pretty much a confirmation that the lawn-mowing injury pertains to Fox and Friends, especially as there is a Mower variation of Irish Moors with the Lorraine lion in colors reversed.

Later, we come to Kinn-like McKinneys because Mr. McKinney was Miss Earhardt's first husband. McKinneys have lion heads in the colors of the Mower/Moor lions, important because the Kim branch of the other McKinneys was first found on Bute, the mythical Avalon, home of mythical MORgan le Fay. Morgans share the giant Mower/Moor lion. French Fays/Fes'/Faits use a FOX! What I see there is the eye injury's pointer to EARhardt's husband also because Eyes' are listed with Eyers/Ayers/AIRs, expected with the AIRhart variation.

Plus, Irish Fie's/FEYs (share sword of Irish Fays), with a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Hertzogs / Lawns / Groce's, are also Cuffie's while the McKinney Coat with the Mower/Moor lion shares the Coffee fesse. End insert]

Whether or not Earhardts use a Q to link to the Traby/Sadowski Q, the fact possibility seems to be that God arranged the heraldry to have Miss Earhardt point to the Q-storm. In the 1979 dream, the moment I woke up the woman, there was a victory scene, and as that dream was about the deep state, the victory I anticipate is a wholesale revelation of our anti-Christ enemies (the Democrats), and hopefully, a train of arrests too, to weaken the deep state before the 666 system starts our persecution.

The dream's victory scene was a Biblical rapture, for we rose together into the sky. Yet, because we were embraced while rising, I thought this woman was going to be my future wife. There must be some other meaning because neither woman is going to marry me.

As I've said 20 times, the woman fell asleep, and I heard what I thought was God's voice say, "What ARE you WAITing FOR, it's you she loves, go wake HER up."" All five words that I've capitalized can be linked to Ainsley Earhardt. "For" is a motto term of Ainsleys, and the Fore's/Forez's share the fesse of Hart-like Herods, first found in Argyllshire with eye- and spectacle-using Vatts/Watters.

The Are's are listed with Scottish Ayers. The Hers are listed with the German Here's. The English Here's/Heyers are said to use two DEXTER wings as part-code for Dexters and Wings/Winks. The latter were from VINKovci, the line to gold borders shared by German Hers/Here's. The Dexters use a weight scale in Crest that they call, simply, "weights." The Weights are also Watt-like WAITs, you see, and Scottish Weight-like White's even share quatrefoils with Eyers/Ayers. Miss Earhardt fits this dream's scene much better than Miss Hicks.

Now look. Weights/Waits even share the hunting horns in this Arms of Traby (compliments of Wikipedia's Traby article)...that has three strings looking like 666. We just saw Q-Anon traceable to the Trebia river and to the Traby/Sadowsky Q!!! Can you believe all of this? It appears that this part of the dream is pointing to a Q-storm, or at least the rapture after the Armageddon storm.

Ainsley wrote a Christian book, "The LIGHT WITHIN ME," and while Are's/Ayers have the motto, "LIGHTer than AIR," Within-like Wittens have a version of the Treby Coat, what are the chances? Withers use a HARE. Wittins have a giant water bouget, code for the line of Bucards/Buckets, and the Bucards are apparently on the list of Bocci's/Brocato's having EARs of wheat. Wheats are also What- / Watt-like Whate's. "What are you witten for..." Mee's were first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys, and Lights/Lite's (Feather colors and format) share white feathers in Crest with the Arms of Traby.

I've just found more. Ainsleys use a motto phrase, "For country," and the Countrys (share Earhardt fleur-de-lys) have a single pile in the colors of the same in the corner of the Beach Coat. The woman in the dream was on a beach! The Country chevron is COUNTERchanged (the heraldic term for a switch in colors), and Counters are listed with Conte's/Comitissa's. French Conte's are also Comet-like Comites', suggesting Comet Ping Pong pizza, for the beach is suspect as Jeffrey Epstein's beach. In any case, there you saw a near-direct Ainsley link to the beach scene (where the sleeping and the rising took place). Beach's were first found in HERTfordshire!!! Hertfords use stag heads, and German Harts use nothing but a stag that is actually called a "hart" by some surname I forget.

As Hertfords are in Hicks colors, the gold Hertford stag head could be the one in the Hicks Crest, though the latter call it a buck. Ahh, Bucks essentially share the antlers of Country-like Conte's! We just made a Hicks link to Ainsleys! The two even share the same fleur-de-lys.

In fact, it's online that Juliana Arthur of CLAPton married Mr. Hicks, and while Beach's share the Clap/Clapper Shield, Arthurs are in the colors and format of Art-like Hertfords for obvious reason. Hart liners must have included Arthurs. Claps/Clappers share the Beach Shield, and the same Arthurs of Clapton married Meads (share pelican with Arthurs).

OH WOW, I didn't load Jells/Gells until just now, checking to see whether Hertzogs come up as Hartzogs. They do, and seeing their stars-on-a-bend shared by Jells/Gells, the latter were loaded to find this: "The surname Gell was first found in Yorkshire and Derbyshire. "HOPton {in Derbyshire} was the property and residence of Sir John Gell, who, when Charles I. raised the royal standard at NOTTINGHAM, proceeded to Derby..." Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire (!), and Eyers/Ayers/Airs with Here's/Heyers were at Derbyshire's HOPE, obviously related to the HOPton of Jells/Gells. This really stresses Hope Charlotte Hicks, in my opinion, and gives us that reason for the use of Miss Hicks in this dream together with the Fox-and-Friends crew.

The above verifies that Hertzogs had married Jells/Gells. The latter have a version of the Varn Coat, and Varns, first found in AYRshire with Are's/Ayers, can point by their Graham kin to Laura InGRAHAM, for Grahams and Ingrahams share gold scallops. Stuart Varney of Fox?

I was just at Earhardt's Wikipedia article. It says that while she divorced her last husband due to his unfaithfulness, she's been quietly dating Sean Hannity (she claims it to be untrue). Earhardt proclaims to be a Christian, and should not be with Hannity at this time, even though she's permitted to divorce if her husband was unfaithful. She would be committing adultery with him if Jesus doesn't recognize his divorce. HANNitys look like another Ananes-Gaul liner because Irish Hannitys have a version of the PLACE Coat while Ananes were at PLACEntia. Hannity is no Christian, but he still has time. Go, sell all your luxury possessions, and follow Jesus. He and Trump will together get stuck in the eye of a needle unless they give up their lavish lifestyles.

Recalling the Hope's use a broken world or globe, Brecks/Breakers/BREACH's (Shropshire) were loaded, and then I went to Wikipedia's Shropshire article to find that the Beach pile is in colors reversed in the Arms of Shropshire, a thing I didn't know. Note the BROWN color of the Arms, for Bruno's were at Floreat-like Florence, and the "Floreat" motto term in the Arms of Shropshire is shared by Browns (Hope colors and format) who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Earhardts and Brocks/BROKE's. The latter share the motto of Stewarts who in turn had lived in Shropshire. Bruno's had a branch in Asti, right beside Bra, and Brays/Brae use a "FLAX breaker" while Flags/Flacks were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's/Volks while Broc is a location in Anjou, location of Fulk counts. Italian Fulks were first found in Florence with Bruno's. (The Hannity leopard faces are in colors reversed in the Arms of Shropshire.)

[I was shooting in the dark here, not yet realizing how important Brocks would be for serving evidence that Miss Earhardt is the beautiful woman in the 1979 dream. You'll see later in this update.]

Ainsleys had lived at BROXtow, and Brox's are listed with Brock-branch Brocuffs/PROCKS. Ainsley Earhardt's second husband was Mr. PROCtor. [This paragraph raised the evidence that she's in the dream.]

The gold rainbow-like item over the broken Hope world has a red stripe that must make it the Alan fesse (Alans of Shropshire became Stewarts). Italian Fulks have a red stripe under their gold Chief. Proto-Stewart Alans were at Dol, which I trace to Tulls/Tolle's sharing the checkered Shield of Italian Fulks. Stewarts use the same checks, tending to explain Stewart links to Bruno liners. More specifically, I trace "Dol" to Tullia of Lyon, very connectable to Florence by multiple means including the Friend-like Ferrands, for she married Mr. Rusticus of Clermont-Ferrand.

[Insert -- BEHOLD, I had missed the following while writing here. Tullia's mother was Gallia; this line gave birth to a second Rusticus, styled "of Lyon," and because his daughter was ARTEMia, I trace this line to ARTEMidoros of Galatia. The Artems/Aitons, likely a branch of Shropshire's Eitons, use a fat cross in the colors of the similar saltire of Anons/Annandale's and ERMINE's/ARMINE's, and Opgalli the Galatian married the king of ARMENia. OPgalli lived about the same time at Artemidoros' children. I gather that whatever Op entity she was named after, it led to Hope's. I'll show later how it led to Hoppers.

Not only do many Brittany families use a ton of heraldic ermine spots (what are the spots code for?), but the Arms of Saint-Malo, near Dol, has the whole ermine mammal wearing a scarf!!! It's the Q-line in conjunction with the Ermine's/Armine's sharing both the Chief and saltire of ANONs/Annandale's!!! Incredible.

If the Artems/Aitons were descended from Artemidoros, it explains why they share the hand around the stem of a red rose found also with Erie's/AIRys, the latter looking like a branch of Eyers/AIRS, first found in Derbyshire with Hope's! Bingo. Plus, while Eyers/Airs come up as "Eyes," here's from the Artem/Aiton write-up: "The surname Artem was first found in the county of Berwickshire, where Ayton is a small town 'which takes its name from the water of Eye..." The Eye river to go with my injured eye yesterday!!! This job never ceases to amaze me. I have more on Erie's/Airys later which connects Miss Earhardt to the Bracebridge grocery store.

Later in this update I mention that I purchased my Texas land from the late Miss Friend, who married Mr. Teague. I've been reporting for years that the "OPtem" motto term of Teague/TEEGERs (Hopper colors) is for Opgalli liners because I her husband. TIGRanes VI, looks like a line to a the Tiger and/or Teeger surnames. So, even my land purchase may point to Fox and FRIENDs. Teague's/Teegers have a version of the Tick/Tuck/Touque Coat while Julia TYCHE was a daughter of ARTEMidoros above.

As the father of Plancia Magna's (Opgalli's granddaughter) was from Galatia, while she and/or her mother were high priestess' of ARTEMis, ARTEMidoros looks connected to Plancia's cult. This can explain why Op-like Hobs/Habs were first found in Berwickshire with Artems/Aitons. I trace ArTEMIS ("ar" means "mountain, as in "ARmenia" / ARarat") to the THEMIScyra location of the Thermodon river, on the Pontus with Trabzon, and here I can tell that while Blade's share white pheons with Blade-like Pilate's, PONTIUS Pilate appears named after the Pontus. Tigranes above ruled Armenia, beside the Pontus, and so the "opTEM" motto term of Teague's/Teegers looks like code for the Teems, for they use a so-called "blade." I have seen the Teem description.

Having said that, we go back to the Erie's/Airys sharing the hand curled around the stem of a red rose(s) with Artems/Aitons, and we find the THEMIScyra-like Tiens/THAMES' in the Erie/Airy motto. Stems/Steins use a different-colored version of the AID/Ade Coat, and while Aids are in the Levi motto, they were first found in Berwickshire with Artems/AITons. Do you see it?

It's important that Peare's were Tien/Thames kin (both share the Hertzog and LET/Late stars), for Pero's / Pierro's of Pavia were probably connected to the Laevi Gauls (co-founded Pavia), whom I expect as part of the Gaul migration to form the Galatians in the first place, this being the apparent way that Levi blood (way back from Israel) got into the veins of Annas/Ananus and Caiaphas i.e. they descended from the Laevi-branch Galatians. Do you see it now? I added Lets/Late's above because Artemis was the daughter of mythical Leto/Latona. We could expect a Leto-loving bloodline from Plancia Magna and/or Artemidoros.

Why we do think that the Let/Late Chief-saltire combination is colors reversed from the same of Anons/Annandale's? Why does the Arms of Placentia (once shown by Wikipedia) have a white-on-red square, the colors of the similar Teem escutcheons? Why do Square's/Squirrels use a "Tiens ferme" motto while Ferme's/Pharms ("firme" motto term) share the Hope/Hood Coat (Opgalli suspect, right?), but then Ferne's (with an 'n'), in Ferme/Pharm colors, have a version of the PLACE Coat? Anons/Annandale's have a "PLACit" motto term for PLACEntia, home of Ananes Gauls. Ferme's/Pharms, Hope's/Hoods, and Hoods/Hoots use the anchor while Anchors are also Annas-like ANNACkers. What named ANKARa in the Galatian theater?

Sooo, we expect Ananes Gauls in the Galatian tribes too, to the naming of Israel's chief priest, the judge who resided over Jesus' kangaroo court the night he was condemned to death and handed over to Pontius Pilate. God has been using heraldry (I'm honored to be the tool to expose it) to make a mockery of anti-Christs and atheists by proving that these Biblical characters existed, and did play a role that God is very concerned with. Hence, the Armageddon storm is coming on the wicked and false-Christian rulers of Europe and their branches. Sorry for the longish insert that disrupted the original flow. End Insert]

Amazingly, while the French Alans and Bongino's both share the same three stars in Chief, Bongino's (said to emerge from Venice) have a gold bow too, just like the Hope bow but minus the red stripe that makes the Hope bow the red-on-gold Alan fesse. However, Bongino's are said to have been first found in Tuscany, same as Bruno's and Fulks. Dan Bongino appears fairly regularly on Fox and Friends. Did we come across Bongino's only incidentally here, like a drive-by, or did God point to Dan Bongino just now? He's got multiple books out on deep-state crimes, and is a political warrior who contributes to the coming storm, if ever it arrives from Brunswick-liner Bill Barr. I tend to think it will come from a reluctant Barr.

Bruno's named Brunswick, and the Arms of Brunswick, same as the Coat of the Brunswick surname, is colors reversed from the Duce/Doocy Coat. Steve Doocy does Fox and Friends with Earhardt. Years ago, I stressed for months that Vis-de-Lou, which I've seen as Vis-de-LOOP, was connectable to Brunswick, and here I can add that the Loops have the horizontally-split colors of Bongino's. In colors reversed, they are the horizontally-split colors of the Doocy-like Duke's/Dooks who in turn have chaplets or wreaths in the colors of the similar VISconti ANNulets. Duke's/Dooks and Anons/Annandale's share a gold griffin in Crest.

Proctors use Nails while Nails/Neils were first found in Westphalia with Duce-like Ducks. That's seems to be an Arranged pointer already to Fox and Friends. The Proctor nails (in the same colors) are shared by Logans/Ducks, and the latter put the nails into a HEART. Hearts / Harts likely named Earhardts/Airharts, and Ainsley Earhardt married Mr. Proctor. Ainsleys lived at BROXtow. What's God trying to say if He's arranged these connections to point multiple arrows to Miss Earhardt? If Duke's/Dooks use chaplets, it works where Chaplets were first found in Lorraine with Bar-le-Duc, the latter definitely related to the Westphalia Ducks.

The other regular host of weekday Fox and Friends is Brian KilMEADE. Meade's share "TouJOURs" with Hannitys, and it's suspect partly with the Jore variation of French Gore's, whose Coat is connectable to the Bongino Coat. In one article, I had read that Arthurs of Clapton married both Meads (share pelican with Arthurs) and Hicks'. We can now say that Mr. Kilmeade and Hope Hicks both trace to Arthurs, where Hards / Harts can be traced, and so I reiterate that Earhardts/Airhards are expected with Eyers/Airs, first found in Derbyshire with Hicks'.

Earhardt of the 1979 Dream

Next, the Friend surname (as per Fox and Friends) has a white-stag version of the ANNE/HANNE Coat, what looks like yet another Ananes-Gauls line. Anne's/Hanns were at TICKhill, and Ticks/Tucks/Tooks [Julia Tyche had slipped my mind here] can be gleaned as a branch of TEAGUE's. I've told this story before a few times, I'm not making it up: on my second return to my Texas property, just as I was driving to a motel the first day of my arrival, I passed an FBI crew on the shoulder (I didn't yet know it was the FBI) adjacent to the woman who had sold me her property. She was born Miss Friend, and had married Mr. TEAGUE. Hold on to your barber because I'm not done.

After settling into the motel room, I flagged a female driver pulling out of the restaurant across the road (it wasn't a thing I did regularly, but on that day I didn't want to be alone), and asked if she would like to have coffee. I started to sense that she might want reassurances that I wasn't dangerous, so I asked if she knew Mrs. Teague, and she did. That got us to talking about the crew outside Teague's home, and she said it was the police (FBI) looking for the murdered body of Madalyn O'HAIR. Hairs/Hare's were first found in Ayrshire with Are's/Ayers, the Earhardt bloodline.

However, I tend to trace Ayers to "Aures" of Numidia, home of the Shawia, the line to Shaws beloved in the motto ("God shaw the reicht") of the Arms of Ayrshire, which Arms even use the Anon/Annandale saltire in the colors used for it by Bruce's of Annandale. That's because the mother of royal Bruce's was Miss Carricks of Ayrshire, the line from Charax Proculus, son of Quadratilla Bassus and Lupus LAEVillus, king of Cetis. "Proculus" got suspect with the portcullis gate of Porters ("Gates" surname is like "Cetis"), and Mr. Porter was dating Hope Hicks when the two worked in the White House together. The Carrick related Kennedys are from the Kennati priests of Cetis, yet there is also the issue of queen KENZa of the Aures region in Numidia. Her husband (Idris) ruled in Morocco's Fez, and the Fez/Fes surname uses a fox. Maybe I'm going off-topic with Kenza, but I do feel she traces to the Kennedy-like Kenneth/Kenzy surname due to two of their motto terms "Uro" and "itur" (English Shaws use "patITUR"), looking like code for surnames from "Aures" and "Idris" (I think he was ITURean).

It turned out that O'Hair's body was found on the hunting ranch of Mr. Friend, Mrs. Teague's brother. Why is Fox and Friends pointing to this, and especially Miss Earhardt? I get the distinct impression that God timed my drive-by at Mrs. Teague's in order to point Earhardt to me for the purposes of convincing the reader further that she's the news-applicable alternative for Miss Hicks, herself a pointer to Hope Hicks.

O'Hair was the atheist who took the American school system to court to wipe a simple and short prayer out of schools, and then she died being cut into pieces by murder, a good example of how God loves his Congregation (He doesn't treat all enemies this way, but sometimes he makes examples of how harsh Justice is. Honor God, don't let it happen to you.

Hairs/Hare's have an English branch sharing the double HARcourt fesses, and so the Harcourts are expected from Aures Numidians way back in Meschin ancestry from Numidian king, Massena (200 BC). The Harcourt Danes furnished the Beaumonts (from Humphrey de Vieilles) who married Waleran de Leavell, the Laevillus-of-Cetis line that was in the hovering scene of the 1979 dream. EARhardt, that is, was hovering there. Laevillus' wife, Miss Bassus, is the Q line through Bassianus' to the namers of the Bessin, where the Meschin Danes ruled. The Meschins were Masci's (share Earhardt fleur-de-lys), my mother's bloodline, and so me embraced with Earhardt is a picture of essentially one bloodline (at some point in history), I take it to mean.

It's been about four decades since I had the dream, which came with a very-fast close-up of her face, beautiful and bright blond, yet I can never recall the look exactly as per contours, etc. The harder I try to remember, the foggier it gets. But the Earhardt look qualifies. With her in the dream, it puts a whole new line of possible meanings / predictions / revelations into it. Miss Hicks could do nothing as per the deep state; Earhardt and her team can.

Earhardt's first husband was Mr. McKinney. Irish McKinneys are is in Coffee/Coffer colors and format, and Scottish McKinneys are a branch of Kims, the latter first found in Bute, right beside the McCabe's who share the McKinney / Coffee fesse. McKinneys and McCabe's even share the fish.

What are the chances that Kinners have a "hope" motto term? Kinners share the anchor with German Hope's/Hoods, but the Kinner anchors are white, the color of the same of English Hoods/Hoots. It could appear as though her husband's surname is pointing her to the hood of the 1979 dream.

[Insert -- In fact, McKinneys share the cinquefoils of Daces'/Darcys/D'Arcys, which I picked off of the Gogh motto term, "AuDACES." I'll therefore interpret the dream's message like so: "it's you she loves, GOGH wake her up." It's a good way to interpret it because Gogh's were Mole kin while Mole's share the Knee phoenix, and I brushed her knee right after I was told to wake her. The phoenix is owned by Phoenix's/Fenwicks who share "Toujours" with Kilmeade-like Meade's and Hannitys.

The Arc river is in Savoy with the first-known AUDE's (Gogh colors), and so, as per "AUDaces," the Daces'/D'Arcys look like Arc-river liners. Gogh's (ROQUE/Rock colors) were first found in ROXburghshire, and Roxburghs use an "AUDax" motto term for the Aude province of France at ROQUEfeuil. Dax's/Ducks (Loves/Luff lion heads???) are in Logan/Duck colors, and while the latter use nails, Irish Nagle's, probably a Nail/Nagle branch, have a saltire in Roxburgh-saltire colors. End insert]

The gold bird design in the Kay Crest was once used (as canaries) for Kinners, and then the other Kays have Kinner liners in their motto. The Kay bird design is in black in the Hood/Hoot Crest, where it holds the Hood/Hoot anchor in its beak. The Beak surname, a potential branch of Beach's/Becks, have triple fesses in the colors for them of Trebizond (Trabzon) Empire. Hoods/Hoots call their bird a "Cornish CHOUGH," and then the Coffee/Caughey-like Coughs/Cuffeys have a bend in the colors of the double Kay bends...tending to assure that Kinners were a McKinney branch. The Kinner anchors are in saltire, forming a white saltire, as does the Hood/Hoot fret. The woman in the dream was first seen at the hood of a car on a beach. She was then hovering in the car, and the Hovers/Hoffers could be a branch of the Hopfer variation of Hope's/Hoods.

Miss Hicks proved to be well-connected to the Hoods/Hoots and Hovers together by way of Hooters, Hoovers and Hicksons (all three have bird legs), but what we arrived to above is the Hoods/Hoots and Hoods/Hopfers by starting with Earhardt's first husband.

Years ago, I was tracing (never confirmed) Kays to the stretch between Caesarea of Cappadocia, and the Cilician coast. I had traced proto-Hicks Hyksos to Kizzuwatna of Cilicia, and one of the Hyksos kings, Khyan, looks like he's in the Kay motto, yet the McKinneys thus look like Khyan liners. I've always said that Khyan's household was the proto-Masci of Mus at Lake Van. Massey-branch Maceys share the gauntlet glove with Fane's/Vans.

AHHHH, recall the Storm surname. I didn't know what to do with it; I now have a theory. But first, I'd like to quote from the 2nd update in May, 2016, where I add a feature of the dream that I've since dropped because Miss Hicks didn't fulfill it:

I was now walking out of a pleasant, clear body of blue water with my pants on, but no shirt. As I walked along the sand on this sunny summer's day, I saw a woman in the distance, all alone on the beach, in front of the only car parked on the beach's sand. There was no lust in this dream. For a split second, there was a close-up of this woman's face, and I remarked, "She's beautiful. She looks like an actress." So I approached, but the woman was concerned as if to want to get away from me. I arrived, standing outside the car, and she was inside hovering over the seats. The car was a refurbished 1950's vehicle; I can't recall the color for certain, nor did I know the model or year. The woman had stress on her face, some issue causing her some unhappiness. And I was made to hear her thoughts: "He's out and about, maybe after other women." So I assumed that the owner of the car was him, a playboy type, and that he was not making her very happy. I was given a glimpse of this man, hefty, with short dark hair [Hannity?]. That's when I heard a voice, which I assumed to be God, saying, in effect, "What are you waiting for, it's you she LOVES, go wake her up." I thought to give her a kiss on the cheek, and I saw my hand contacting her knee as I leaned over. As soon as I touched her, she leapt up, into my arms, and we rose arm-in-arm together into the sky i.e. as if into the blessings of God.

I've got "loves" in capitals because the Loves surname is listed with Luffs/Loveys. They share the triple fesses of Storms. I'm thinking that Storms, because they can point to Q-Anon's storm of arrests, goes very well with the victory scene that occurs as a result of the phrase, "it's you she loves, go wake her up." This statement cannot fit Earhardt in real life because it assumes I had known the woman in the past, suggesting it fits Hicks much better. But then it's a dream with pointers to heraldry and news events, not intended as a love story for my personal life. I now feel that the emBRACE was part of the rising scene to assure me that the hood scene relates to the hood scene in BRACEbridge.

I've not talked about the hefty man, and the woman's thoughts before falling asleep, for years. It really does fit Hannity. The man was hefty, not fat, just a big guy. Hannity fits; he has short, dark hair.

The Loves/Luff bird (Kay bird design too) can be the Cornish chough of Hoods/Hoots because the chevron of Cornish's (Devon, same as Hoods/Hoots) and Corns is that also of LUFkins, the latter first found in Shropshire with Sleeps.

Lufkins share the stars of Jells/Gells who were in turn resolved in the Coat of Earhardt-connectable Hertzogs who in turn have the split-Shield colors of Groce's. The Bracebridge hood scene was at the GROCery store, FOOD BASICs. BASCHs/Beschefers (Prussia, same as Hers/Here's) happen to share a gold border with HERs/Here's (share blue wings with Hertzogs). Foods/Foots, wow, have the Cornish and Corn chevron in colors reversed, and Foods/Foots share a red griffin in Crest with CORNers. It's good evidence that Food Basics links to "it's you she loves, go WAKE HER up." The Wake's can be gleaned with little doubt as Orr/Ore kin, and the latter share the CORNucopia with Food-branch Fothes/Fette's! There we have an indirect Earhardt link to the grocery store's hood scene.

Note the BeSCHEFER variation of Baschs, for Scarf-like Schefers/Schaefers are in Scarf colors. Schaefers look like a branch of Shaw/Sheaves' ("qui") and Kay/Key-connectable Sheaves'/Chiava's (keys), and while heraldic ears of wheat are related to sheaves of wheat, Schere's (can be linked to Scarf-loving Trabys) use ears of wheat while German Schere's (Shere/Sheer branch) are Scarf-like Scherfs too. The Shops have SHERlands/SHAWlands, and the medallion at the grocery store was found on the hood just as I returned to the Jeep with a SHOPping cart of groceries. I've mentioned Baschs many times in relation to Food Basics, but what you've just read, launching from the Beschefer variation, never dawned on me until now.

OH WOW! I almost missed it. The Shaws/Sheaves' are also Shea's. It's you SHEA loves!!! I get it!!! I get so excited when I fill another piece of the puzzle, forgive my too-many exclamation marks. I've been on this job over a decade full-time, and there's still lots of pieces to fill. It's even possible that the garb of YOO's/Yells (in Shea/Sheaves colors and near-format) is a wheat "sheaf." "It's YOO SHEA Loves." Irish Shea's, in Sheaves/Chiava colors, are also Shee's, can we believe it? The two terms are side-by-side. Irish Shea/Shee's share the Masci fleur-de-lys, and Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in Abruzzo with my Masci's mother's place of birth. The Earhardt snakes can apply to this Marsi region. [I didn't realize writing here that Yoo's/Yells have on ear of wheat in Crest.]

The flag that the Food/Foot griffin holds has a crescent in colors reversed from the Hood/Hoot crescent, and in the colors of the Baud crescents, tending to prove that God set up the Bracebridge-hood event. Bauds are expected in the motto of Dougals because both surnames share the same quadrants, the quadrants also of Oddeys/HODE's (= more proof), and while the hood event I'm referring to was a MEDALlion found on my hood (as little as two hours after leaving my work at home off writing about the hood in the 1979 dream), the MEDALs are listed with Dougals. It all looks Arranged.

The "Veritas" motto term of Oddeys/Hode's might just suggest that Project Veritas will have a role in the victory over the deep state. The full motto is, "Veritas et patria," with the Patria's/Peartree's sharing the Trump stag heads.

With Loves/Luffs and Lufkins in the picture, the new thing is the black bull heads of LOVKin-like Lovicks, in the colors of the Beauty/Bowood bulls. As was said, when told to wake her, I had Sleeping BEAUTY on my mind, which is why I was going to kiss her awake. The woman was HOVERing LEVEL OVER the car seats while Overs share a fret with Hoods/Hoots, but, also, the car is an auto while Auto's/Otto's have a black bull too, as do the LEVEL/Leavell-related Walerans (Devon, same as Hoods/Hoots).

It just so happens that while the hovering and hood scenes pointed to John Ratcliffe apart from use of Loves/Luffs, the Lovicks, Lovers/Levers/Livers, Cars and Seats were all first found in Lancashire with black-bull-head Ratcliffs. The latter share two black bends with Lovers/Levers/Livers and Kays. The latter are expected as Kinner kin, and Liver branches could be in the Kinner motto, "I LIVE in hope." "It's you she loves" was the start of the victory scene, and Lovers/Levers/Livers have a TRUMpet. The victory scene was rapture-like, and the rapture is said to be at the last trumpet. I now realize I shouldn't have disregarded / neglected, for the last several years, the its-you-she-loves part of the scene.

The Loves/Luffs have the added feature of linking to Epsteins, and this dream was on Epstein's island. Loves/Luffs link to Epsteins by way of Muschats and Muscats.

NEW THING: she married Mr. McKinney, and McKinneys share the Coat and motto of FRASERs. It was not many weeks ago when I had a dream with a WALK-in FREEZER at the Luff residence!!! I get it, wow! Walk variations are even like Wake's!!! It's you she Luffs, go Walk her up! Friend-like Franets/Frane's are also FRASnays. I've already mentioned, as proof that God gave the Luff dream, that Freys/Freeze's have a horse version of the Ray Coat; Ray Luff was in the dream.

I kid you not, that in the dream, I was sitting at a table with the Luffs when their tongues became green and WAGGing snakes (not back-and-forth wagging like a dog's tail, but like the tops and bottoms of a wavy fesse alternating up-and-down repeatedly, somewhat like a turning cork-screw). The Walks are also Wagg-like Wachs, and the Walk Coat is like the Snake Coat. Earhardts use two snakes! Rays share "OMNia" with Wake-related Orrs/Ore's, a motto term suspect with Omans who happen to be in Wagg colors and format. They are also in YOO/Yell/Youle colors and format. "WHAT ARE YOO WAITing for..." There is a What surname like the Whate variation of Wheats and Waits/Whate's, and Yoo's/Yells use an EAR of wheat in Crest!!! EARhardt!!! Wheats, Walks and Yoo's share the gold garb, i.e. often called a wheat sheaf when involving Shaw liners of the Sheaves kind. The Sheaves love the Keys, a branch of Kinner-related Kays.

The dream came out in the last week of April, where I had said:

Oh wow, I've only just loaded the Huckabee's because I know they use Asclepios rods (see the wavy snakes, the exact shape of her tongue). I should have done this the last time Asclepios was mentioned, in the paragraph with Valerys and Valois'. The Huckabee Chief-Shield colors are those of Valerys, and Huckabee's use five of the one Valery chevrons i.e. same colors!!! BANGO, proof that the dream was Inspired. I have record of the Huckabee Crest: "A falcon holding in the DEXTER claw a rod of Aesculapius all proper." Dexters show the double chevrons of Hucks (Yorkshire, same as Hicks)!

Where else did we see Dexters? In the dexter wings of Here's/Heyers, a branch of ear-like Eyers/Ayers. The Dexter "weights" is likely code for the Weights/Waits/Whate's (share Arms-of-Traby hunting horns), yet the Wade variation of Quade's look Wait-relevant because Quade's share a black-wolf-heads version of the Scarf wolf heads, while the Traby/Sadowski Q is a scarf likely as code for Quade's (and or Queens sharing the Quade Coat). Earhardts may therefore have fashioned their two snakes to look like a Q. Wake's use a "wake KNOT" in Crest while the Traby/Sadowski scarf has a knot.

The Victory Scene

It looks like Ainsley Earhardt is my future wife. Hurry up wouldja. I'll sign a prenuptial, don't worry. Don't you touch her, Hannity. Am I supposed to wake her up? Whoo-hoo, Ainsley, here I am.

I wouldn't be kidding around if Ainsley claimed she was dating Hannity, but in denying it, and being a Christian, I'll take her at her word. If she was lying, it reveals she felt guilt for admitting she's with him.

Ainsleys have an "alWAYS" motto term while the Ways' are also Wagg-like Weigh's/Whegh's. They share WAVY pale bars (different colors) with Ains'/Hains'. The Valery Chief is called simply, a wave, suspect as code for Weigh-like Weavers. Wayers are listed with Were's/Wears, first found in Devon with Ways, beside wavy-bar Webbers. The latter's Chief has a "disc" out of a blue roundel ordinarily called a HURT, and inside the disc is the same fleur as have Earhardts, making the round EarHARDT snakes look connectable to the rough Webber disc. If the Lille's are in the Webber motto, it's notable that the red Lille fitchee can be the one of Loves'/Luffs because both surnames were first found at Oxfordshire with Oxford's Vere earls.

It's then pretty amazing that the Lille cross can be the blue one of HARDys. On top of that, the Hartwicks/Hardwicks have the Hardy cross as a saltire, and the FRASER / McKinney cinquefoils are in the Hartwick Chief. I walked into a WALK-in FREEZER at the Luffs, now looking like a pointer to the Fraser / McKinney relationship. It seems that Valery Luff fits into this paragraph well, and yet the wavy, green Earhardt snakes are figuring in too. Why would God wish to link Fox and Friends to that Luff Dream? Valery was Ray's wife while Rays (Frey/FREEZE colors and format) and Hartwicks share a courant (all four legs off the ground) stag. [Wait until you see Hartwicks crop up again with Weddings in what I'm now calling the wedding scene of the 1979 dream.]

There is an Always surname, however, in the colors and format of Waggs/Weggs (and Yoo's/Yells). It may mean that the Always married Waggs who eventually produced a Ways variation in honor of Always'. Or, the Ways/Weigh's may have married Alleys/Alle's to produce Always.

Lookie: Waggs/Weighs were Vince/Finch kin, both sharing the same motto that includes, "conSCIRE," suspect with the Schire variation of Schere's/Schare's/Schire's/SCHERFS, what a scarfincidence! We walked right into that cold, no warning at all. Lille's were at SHIRburn. Austrian Schere's have a wavy green snake (!!!) around a so-called "STICK," akin to the Huckabee rods!!! Miss EARhardt, look: the same Schere's have EARS of wheat!!! This is huge because the Sticks were Traby kin (Traby married ASTIKas'), and Trabys use the scarf. Sticks share the garb of Yoo's/Yells who in-turn have an ear of wheat in Crest! Cliffs/Cleffs, sharing the Quade/Wade wolf heads, are said to have married the Styche's. The Prays suspect in the Webber motto along with Lille's have the three Cliff/Cleff / Quade/Wade wolf heads in colors reversed.

Ways/Weighs share the Ged fish, and this can link back to the kidney-shaped pool at the start of the 1979 dream. Kidneys (share fish with Geds) are Gedneys too (Lincolnshire, same as Prays, AINcourts, and the Leakeys sharing the AINsley / Hick fleur).

The walk-in-freezer doubled as a coat CLOSEt, and Close's/Clovse's (suspect from DumFRIES' Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle) can be shown to be kin of Walks/Wachs (Dumfries). Was Dumfries named after the Freys/Freeze's? Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick, a doctor. Asclepios was the mythical doctor, and his name gave him an owl symbol. In 2005, Miss Hicks pointed to Howells (like the Howl variation of Owls). is this some sort of slight of hand? Miss Hicks's husband pulled her out of her mother's birth canal at his age 31/32. Can that mean anything?

I'm stunned with how Fox and Friends is working into that dream. I can even take this to Mr. DeSIMONE, the previous owner of my Jeep, the vehicle used for the medallion-on-hood event. Jewish Simons use the FOX, and French Simons share the giant Treby lion. We can be more sure that it's the Treby lion due to the "PLAISir" motto term of French Simons, like the Plaise variation of Placentia-line Place's. Bingo. Q-ANON and the Ainsleys pointed us to the Ananes Gauls at Placentia. And Mr. Desimone was in the dream that ended with the rim of a trash can. Rims/Rums (Dumfries, same as Anons/Annandale's!) have a "PLACit" motto term!!! INCREDIBLE. I often stumble on these things as I go along.

There was no way for me to know that Ainsley was the woman in the dream until after I realized that it had to do with the anti-Trump deep state. Until then, Miss Hicks doubled as the dream's woman, and taught me (starting about 2016, year of deep-state plots against Trump) all the heraldic connections of the dream, and more. It prepared me to say some of what you've been reading in this update on Earhardt, but there's going to be more, guaranteed.

We saw a version of the Place Coat with Irish Hannitys. The Place / Hannity lions are also those of the Mons' expected in the "mon plaiSIR" motto phrase of French SiMONs. SIRE's, related to Justine of Picenum, use another green snake, and Picenum elements probably named Piacenza (alternative name of Placentia). Justine is the gold-border line, and we saw Baschs/BESCHefers with a gold border (Webbers have one too). The Visconti snake, called a BISCione, was originally green. The Sire's, linkable to the Arms of Vilnius, were kin of Assi's, the latter first found on Shetland with Yoo's/Yells. The latter share the Stick garb, and the ASTIKas' who married Traby were in Vilnius. As Italian Simons/Desimone's are expected to be of Simon de Montfort, note that he ruled Leicester, where Dexters were first found who share the weight scale (scales of justice) with Sire's, Assi's and the Arms of Vilnius. Montfort is in Vilnius-like Vilaine.

Montfort is off the Meu river (Vilaine), where I trace Mee's/Meigh's/MY's (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys). Ainsleys use a "my" motto term twice, and Mea's/Mys have a Bongino-like "BENIGno" motto term. Bongino's are suspect with the Hope RAINbow (not sure if it's a rainbow with Bongino's), and Rains/Raines' share the Newman lion while the same motto has "numine." It's the BENG/Bing lion too. Rains'/Raines' are from Rennes (Vilaine), smack near Montfort and off the Meu river. If the rainBOW is code also for Bows, they can be connected to Beautys/Bowds, which can connect Dan Bongino to the Sleeping-Beauty scene i.e. a link to Ainsley Earhardt. In fact, the Rims are in the Raines write-up, and Bongino's are from Benjamites, some of whom were on the RIMna river. Rims are also Rums, and Bows use a "veRUM" motto term. Cool.

Ainsleys have "For my" twice in their motto, and heraldry has a "cross FORMEE" that is often used for a formee-patee or formee-fitchee. The Mea's/Mys/MEE's may be using a forMEE-fitchee, you see. It's the blue one of Aubins/Albins, and then Italian Albino's/Albini's were near the Panaro river of a Montfort-Marano line. As no Formy/Formie/Formee surname comes up, my bet now is that the formee cross was code for a Fore/Forez marriage with Mee's. Fore's/Forez's share the Herod/Harald fesse.

I have it recorded (3rd update October, 2015): "The Meu is where the Mea/Meigh surname was traced, and it shares a so-called formee-fitchee cross with English Smiths. Both Smiths and Mea's use "Benigno Numine" for a motto..." The last time I saw Paul Smith was at the home of the Luffs, and Paul owned a red Jeep decades before I got my red one from Mr. Desimone.

If we're at least half convinced that Earhardt is a second representation of the dream, for its VICTORY scene, then because she was married to Mr. McKinney while Irish McKinneys are in Coffee/Coffer colors and format, the NEWSpaper and coffee in Victoria is now pointing to the news. I get it. God used the newspaper for a pointer to the news lady, Ainsley Earhardt, how perfect. It makes sense, and if it's a correct interpretation of things, there has got to be more to it.

As was said, I found three properties for sale with that newspaper, and the first one visited was almost as far north as Leakey on highway 83. The Leakey Coat shares the Ainsley fleur-de-lys, as well as sharing the Knee bend, and thus it points to the knee in the dream i.e. the start of the victory scene. How perfect. I didn't like the area up that way, and turned around, this time going to Crystal City. The Crystals share a cross-with-steps (called "calvary") with Moses', and the cross design of the latter, as well as both its colors, are at the base of the Bash Coat!!!!!!!! STUPENDOUS.

[I didn't realize until Saturday of this week that AINcourts have this: "The [Deincourt] estate passed, with other lands, to the Leakes." Deins were first found in Sussex with COURTs/Coverts. DeinCOURT. It makes Deins look like Ains liners developed through Aincourts. Leakes'/Leakeys were first found in Lincolnshire with Aincourts. Coverts had recently pointed to Haitian child abductions.]

Crystal City and Leakey are a part of John Bash's territory, and you can see my Bash investigation in the last update, as per how I linked the Bash Coat to the News'/Nuces (newspaper in Crest). For new readers, the News'/Nuces' became one of my topics only because of the newspaper purchase in Victoria. Seven months later, I purchased a direct-riverfront property on the NUECES river, like the Nuces variation of News', you see. God was in that newspaper purchase, and now we know more of why it is so, as a pointer to Fox and Friends and other anti-deep-state elements at Fox.

The Moses'/MOYs (though arguably from Moesians of Cuppae) look like kin of the MOYne variation of Monaco-line Monks, the latter from Grimaldi's, for there is an online page stating that Mr. Grimaldus married CRISPINa, Rollo's daughter, and so here's from the Moses write-up: "The earliest reference to the name was Jeanne de MOY, a wealthy dowager widow of William CRISPIN IX, Baron of BEC in France about the year 1325" (caps mine). The Bec entity looks like it named the Beach's/Bechs, for they have a vair-fur version of the GRIMaldi and Jensen Coats. The victory scene was on a beach. Beach's/Bechs and Beach-like Bash's/Baesh's were first found in HERTfordshire. What are the chances that the Bash martlets are those of Gormleys/GRIMes'?

MARTLets are code for the line of Charles MARTEL (grandson of king Charlemagne), and to help prove it, martlets are used by the Charles'/CARLE's who come up as Charlemagne's/CHARLOTTE's. Carls (no 'e') share the pomegranate with French Crispins. AND ZIKERS, Irish Charles' (share crowns with Martels), sharing the stave of PilGRIMs, share the six-word motto of HOPpers as if to point us to Hope Charlotte Hicks. I had read that the Grimaldi symbol was a monk with a sword under his "frock," and then while Frocks are listed with Frogs, frog-using Froggits (Derbyshire, same as Hope's) can be a branch of whatever the "inFRACTa" motto term of Hope's is for.

These French Charles' martlets are in the colors of the Grimm/Grime martlets, colors reversed from the same of Gormleys/Grimes' and Bash's. The latter were first found in Hertfordshire while Hertfords are in the colors and format of French Charles'. The latter's Charlemont variation suddenly looks like a variation of Clermonts (keys in saltire) because the latter have what looks like a monk in Crest as code for the Grimaldi's of Monaco. It just so happens that, as per Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne (where Foys/Foix's were first found), that Italian Ferrands (could be a Friend branch) share the checkered Shield of Beach-branch Beckers!!! (Clermont-Ferrand was home to Tullia of Lyon, explaining why the Ferrands (from Firenze) share the checkered Shield of Tulls/Tolle's.)

[Found in the next update: "...the Ainsley motto has, 'FOR my king.' Clermont-FERRAND, suspect with Friends, is at the Forez mountains, and as Clermont-Ferrand is in Auvergne, where fox-using Fes'/Feys and Foix's/Foys were first found, we have Fox and Friends. I think it tends to assure that God used "waiting for" as a pointer to Forez elements.]

Bash's come up as Bashers while Welsh Bachs/Baghs share the blue vair of Beach-branch Beckers (English). Then, German Bachs/Bachers (steer) share the blue wings of HERTZogs and Hers/Here's (Prussia, same as German Beckers). That's pretty compelling for suggesting that John Bash is going to make some bashing Fox news. If he doesn't, then Barr must be putting the breaks to Bash's wheels of justice. There's crimes all over the place, but Barr and Wray wish to put ice on the punishments long overdue.

I'd like to mention here that Miss HANson (my teen girlfriend) was an ice-CREAM girl in Gormley, which can suggest that Crema and Cremona (beside Placentia), where the ice-cream pointed, were named by Grime / Grimaldi liners. Ice's were first found in Mecklenburg with Cremer-connectable Hahns, a branch of Hanns/Hohns. The Hohn-like Hohens almost have the Grimaldi Shield, and Cohens share the Becker / Ferrand Shield.

Pay attention, class, to see a marvelous set of arguments for showing again that the woman in the dream is Miss Earhardt. I struggled to give this birth, and it ended up working. The Earhardt fleur-de-lys is that one of Brocks. Here's how I know. The Earhardts surround their lone fleur with two snakes. The Snake's/Snooks are erroneously suggested to derive in "seven oaks" due to an old word ("Seouenaca") for that phrase looking like the old Snake variation of "Sennocke." There are all sorts of ancient words that look like surname variations but having zero relevance, so refrain from trying to find surname derivations from such a method.

Instead, use heraldry to make links, for surnames usually derive from other surnames that named place names. The Snake eagles are those of Spinks while the latter share mascles on a blue Shield with Snake-like Seneca's, who are in turn from Hamon de SENESchal, explaining why SANS'/SANCHez's share the Snake / Spink eagle. So far so good. Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire, same as Basfords) were at Bash-like Basford, and Basfords/Bashfords have the Spink / Seneca eagle in colors reversed (on a blue Shield, same as Segni/Segurana eagle). Still good. I trace Sans'/Sanchez' to the Sangarius river of king Brogitarus, also called the SAKARya river, and that's to the Seagars (two green snakes, eye-popping) and Segni's/SEGURana's; the latter, first found in Genova with some GRIMaldi's, share the Basford/Bashford eagle. Can it get any better? Bash's share the Gormley/GRIMES martlets! Bingo. Brogitarus -- possibly the high priest of the Revelation harlot -- was the ancestor of Bash-like Bassus'. Why do Grimaldi's have a purple throne? Why do Rollo's love the Passe's/Pascals whole Pace's have a purple Shield?

[In the next update, I discover that the Seneca/Seneschal motto is part-code for Mackles'/MacGills, who share the red phoenix of Knee's and Mole's. I'm starting an investigation on this right now i.e. see it in the next update.]

The Marsi, who had a snake goddess, are from, I think, the real-life entity for which mythical Marsyas of Phrygia was named; Phrygia is the location of the Sakarya. Brogitarus may have been the line to BROCKs. Ainsleys (probably descended from the chief priest who condemned Jesus to death) were in Basford of BROXtow, lookie there. Blood counts for nothing when you are a faithful follower of Jesus. If you don't have Jesus, you are mere blood and destined to death, no rights to life at all. Sorry, founders of America, you had no right to announce God-given rights to all citizens. Bongino is wrong to repeat that line.

As the Brock branch of Brocuffs use a Spink-like sphinx (wowie, but I knew I was coming here from the first mention of Spinks), it's clear that the Earhardts use the Brock fleur. But there's more, and I think you will like this, though for old readers, you'll need to put up with more repetition. Note that Miss Earhardt married Mr. PROCtor, for Brocuffs are also PROCKs. I sometimes thing that Illuminatists love the three Proctor nails; can we guess why? I used to read that Procter and Gamble was an Illuminati company. I'll bet Gamble's share the gold Brock / Earhardt fleur-de-lys, for the Gamble fleur is in both colors of the Ainsley fleur-de-lys.

Okay here we go with some repetition. The 1979 dream having Miss Earhardt started with a shark, and ended with our RISING. It didn't mean that I would marry the woman someday. It was merely a pointer to RHIZON, smack beside Kotor, home of shark-like Saraca's. As I said, the shark was in a kidney-shaped swimming pool, and Kidneys/Gedneys use the Arms-of-Saraca fish along with Geds. A major point here is that Kotor-like Cutters have the Chief-Shield colors of both Brocks and Brocuffs/Procks.

Rhizon was easily accessible by DARDanians, the line to Darts/Dards. The Brock-Crest lion is said to hold a dart. Perfect. The Darts use an ermined fesse in the colors of the two ermined fesses of Sleeps, and Miss Earhardt was asleep before she and I were rising because Sleeps point to the SELEPitanoi Illyrians living at least near (i.e. may have been in) Rhizon. Now you can see how meaningful / relevant it is that Earhardts use the Brock fleur-de-lys; the dream pointed us to some Brock kin / ancestors.

[Update August 8 -- can you believe this? HERZOGovina is a dog's walk from Ragusa, and therefore near Rhizon. Earhardts have looked like kin of Herzogs!]

More. The Brock motto has "VireSCIT," and SKITs/Skeochs share the potent cross in the Brocuff/Prock Chief, more evidence that Brocks were a Brocuff/Brox branch. The latter's Crest probably has the Dart/Dard fesse. Shoe's have Skeoch- and Scoug-like variations while Scougals come up as Scott-related Scoots, from lake Scodra, smack where Selepitanoi are placed on old maps. Rhizon and Kotor are a few miles north of Lake Scodra. The Shoe's have the Knee's in their description ("Knight issuing from the knees"), and I was rising into the sky with Earhardt the instant I grazed her knee.

Plus, the Risings have a fat cross in the colors of the similar saltire of Scottish Hearts/Harts, and Earhardts are also AirHARTs, etc. In respect of these heraldic connections, Miss Earhardt fits the woman in the dream better than Miss Hicks, I think, at first glance, though I expect Neil-connectable Hyksos liners (e.g. Keons) with Saraca's.

The LYS/Lisse surname is from Lissus, a few miles south of where I've seen Selepitanoi on maps. While Gamble's use a giant fleur-de-LYS, Proctors were first found in the area of CAMULodunum. Gamble's are said to be from "GAMELL." Camulodunum became Colchester, and the Arms of Colchester has NAILs in its cross, no guff, the Proctor symbol too.

Now that we may have the Proctors feasibly nailed to Brock liners, we take it to the Neil variation of Nails, and then go to Irish Neils, first found in Tyrone with Sharks, and sharing the Arms-of-Saraca fish. She also married Mr. McKinney, and while one McKinney Coat looks linkable, by way of the similar McCabe Coat, to one Irish Kane Coat, the other Irish Kane's share the red Neil and Colchester-surname estoile. One can see that Neils were kin of Keons/McCAINs.

I have one very-important question. Why was I rising with Earhardt? Why wasn't she rising alone? It would have served the purpose of pointing to Rhizon just as well without our being embraced. Well, my mother is a Masci on her mother's side, and Masci's share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys. Masci's were a Massey branch out of Ferte-Mace, and the barons of that Place were of the Vardy surname while Vardaei Illyrians (see old map) were another name for the ARDiaei, the proto-Harts, right? Jewish Harts have a version of the Earhardt Coat. On another map, I saw Ardiaei as far south as Rhizon. It tends to be proving yet again that the 1979 dream had the host of Fox and Friends. But why her? Why not Brian Kilmeade or Steve Doocy?

God could have made us rise close to each other but not embraced. Why embraced? Could it be for some other reason than a pointer to the Russian medallion-on-hood at the Bracebridge grocery store? Why do Weddings/Waddletons share the fleur-de-lys of Snake's and Smiths? The medallion was on my red Jeep, and Paul Smith had a red jeep too. Don't Earhardts love Snake's? Why else would the two snakes be in the Earhardt Coat? Why are those snakes embraced? I'm not liking this. Of course, I loaded the Weddings to see whether our rising embraced was a pointer to them, and if so, it can explain why we had to be embraced. If we weren't, the scene might not qualify as a wedding scene.

The Weddings have one of the Weed/Weedin fesses, and both surnames share the same-style martlet in Crest. It looks like a pointer to Biblical weeds and wheat. Weeds/Weedins are said to have been beside a HARDwick location, how impressive, for in colors reversed, the double Weed/Weedin fesses are those of Sleeps. The woman was asleep immediately before our embracing which I'm now calling the wedding scene. There will be a Wedding for the wheat once the weeds are burned, and it happens after the rapture of God's congregation. Was this beautiful woman also the Church in this light? How many meanings / pointers can there be to each scene created by God?

I cannot recall ever loading Weddings as per our rising to the sky. I've just loaded Hardwicks/Hartwicks (look like a Hardy branch and related to Hardy-line Douglas'), and, I kid you not, the Chief shares the cinquefoils of McKinneys! Both husbands of Miss Earhardt have now pointed her to this 1979 dream. Why would the God who hates divorce use ex-husbands to verify that their wife is the woman of this thing? Amazingly, the medallion-on-hood pointed to Medals, listed with Douglas-like Dougals. That points the wedding scene to Bracebridge. Almost beside Hardys of Lanarkshire is Ayrshire, where Air-branch Are's/Ayers were first found, making Airharts look like an Air-Hardy / Air-HARTwick merger. What ARE you waiting FOR"; Fore's share the Herod fesse, and Herods were first found in Argyllshire, beside Ayrshire. Argyllshire and Bute is where McKinney-branch Kims and McKinney-related McCabe's were first found.

"Hardi" is a motto term of Rice's (colors and format of French Hardys) very traceable to Rhizon, for the Ardiaei of Rhizon are expected from the namers of Ardahan, near Rize, the latter beside Trabzon! We just hit the Q nail on the head. Rhizon is where the wedding scene pointed before I knew it was a wedding scene. It wasn't Intended to be my personal wedding, I now see. The Rice-branch Rees'/Reesors can be a branch of Rhizon-like Reasons/REESORs, and the latter share the vaired patee cross of Friend-like Ferrands (Yorkshire), kin of Cohens sharing the checkered Becker Shield.

As I've said many times, lightning struck the our home's chimney when I lived on a REESORS drive. Broken chimney bricks were rolled down the shingles, and Shings (same Coat as Fox's) are like the Chings/Chinns (almost "chimney") who share the Kemmis'/Kenys' Coat featuring the triple Storm fesses!!! Wow, lightning and storm go together. There is a Kinney-like Chimney surname sharing the BOLTon chevron.

I assume that, since this dream is about deep-state fiends = the Biblical weeds, that Weddings/Waddingtons were at Hardwick as the Weeds/Weedons. In this way, the same scene can represent Jesus' victory over the weeds as well as the Wedding of Jesus. I like the way that works.

The Hardwick/HARTwick Chief is a McKinney / Kim version of the Douglas Chief. McKinneys / Kims are a branch of Kemmis'/Kenys' (near Clapton) who share triple-red fesses with Storms / Loves'/Luffs! From the top of this update, Miss Earhardt was suspect with the Q-Anon storm, and after that I realized that Loves/Luffs were a part of the 1979 dream ("it's you she loves..."). Behind the Kemmis/Kenys fesses is the vaired Shield of Beach-branch Beckers, I must assume. It's more proof that Miss Earhardt is in the dream.

Did I mention yet that the Hartwick saltire is the engrailed one of Neils/NAILs? They are in Huck colors while "The surname Hartwick was first found in Yorkshire [same as Weddings]. Some of the family held estates at Ault-HUCKnall in Derbyshire in early times." Hookers use this color of vair fur, and Hooks share the Earhardt and Staple fleur-de-lys. Staple's share the Wedding fleur-de-lys. I'm in the dark, confused. Recall how the Earhardt snake's connected to the SENESchals and Sans', for Staple's (probably Morley kin) use a "Sans" motto term. The wavy Huckabee/HokeSTAPLE's snakes are in the colors of the Earhardt snakes. If not mistaken, Sarah Huckabee Sanders worked for Trump under Hope Hicks' supervision. Hope's were first found in Derbyshire with Ault-Hucknall. God knew long ago that I would be on the Hartwick surname, unavoidable in an Ainsley-Earhardt investigation, and I can sense considerable stuffing here to pursue further. I should probably jot down that Aults have a wavy version of the German Necker Coat. Hucknalls/Huckells (Nottinghamshire) share the Hazelwood / Hazelton Coat.

Hardy-line Douglas' have a giant HEART (tends to reveal that heraldic hearts are often code for the Hardy / Hartwick line), and use an "ARRIEr" motto term while Eyers/Airs can be a branch of Erie's/Airys/Arie's. It's got Earhardt's name all over it. If you recall how Jells/Gells are in the Hartzog/Herzog Coat (split Shield of GROCE's), note the "Je el" motto phrase of Erie's/Airys/Arie's. The "TIENdrae" motto term of Erie's/Airys should be partly for the Tiens/Thames' sharing the Jell/Gell stars. That all looks Arranged to link Miss Earhardt to the Bracebridge GROCery store.

The six pale bars of Erie's/Airys are those also of Italian Belli's while Scottish Belli's/Bellys were first found in Moray with Douglas', and the horizontally-split Shield of German Belli' is that of Groce's, not a word of a lie.

Should we be suggesting to Fox and Friends: look for a key story in Saint-Petersburg; maybe it'll start a storm of arrests. Here's the medallion found on the hood, left there by someone. I found it during the Russia-collusion hoax. I don't live in a Russian / immigrant area. Why did it end up on my hood in such an extremely-rare event? How many times have you removed a neck chain from your neck, with broken chain, then put the chain's medallion on a hood, leaving it there?


Back to Weddings/Waddletons, in Keppoch colors and format, and first found in Yorkshire with KEPPOCHs (and Hardwicks/Hartwicks in the Weed/Weedin write-up) while Mr. KEPKe and I were sitting on the HOOD of my car (age 17), at the PARKING lot of Knob Hill Farms grocery store, where we were employed, in what I've claimed to be an act of God for making heraldic pointers. Parkings/Perkins share the fleur-de-lys of Weddings/Waddingtons, a new thing right here. Smiths also share it, and Kepke appeared in my dream with Paul Smith.

As I said, Allison Bauer, a cashier at Knob Hill Farms, was my girlfriend when Kepke and I, sitting on the hood, spotted her getting into the car of a fellow employee, a male. When I went to her, she would not get out, and so she left me for him that day or earlier. Decades later, I found the Hood/Hoot bird design used by English Allisons while Scottish Allisons have this: "They were descended from Angus Mor MacDonnell..." Angus was of the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds, which is why I claim that the Knob Hill Farms event was an act of God.

More new: Bauers (= proto-Rothschilds), first found in Bavaria with Knobs (probably the Rothschild/Rothstein arrow), Hertzogs and Earhardts, share blue wings with Hertzogs and Hers/Here's. It's as though there's an Earhardt connection to Knob Hill Farms to verify that she in the dream points to the Bracebridge grocery store. Hills share the tower of Plunketts, from Plancia Magna of Perkin-like Perga. KNOB HILL FARMs. Hills / Halls / Hulls can all be linked to one of the two Allison Coats.

Where was my head all these years? New: Farm-like Ferme's/PHARMs share the Hood/Hope Coat. Extra good confirmation of the dream's Author. Hope-like Hoppers share the Plunkett tower (it's the Hill tower too) because Plancia Magna was granddaughter to OPgalli (queen of a Herod-Maccabee husband) as well as in the ancestry of Quadratilla Bassus by another line, not through Plancia. I usually check the Farms to discover why the place might have been Knob Hill Farms, but the Pharms are the obvious reason. Hold on to your wedding cake, for Ferme's/Pharms were first found in Lothian with Waddle's/Weddle's! I only-now looked them up as per the Waddleton variation of Weddings! Waddle's/Weddle's (share buckles with Wettins/WETTINGS) even share a "Truth" motto term with Allisons. This links the hood in the 1979 dream to the hood event at Knob Hill Farms, amazing. It couldn't have been discovered without Weddings.

Waddle's/Weddle's have an "Adorn" motto term while English Dorns/Dawns (Basset/BESANcon colors), with a reflection of the Basford/Bashford Coat, are said to have had ancestry in a Basset entity. The Dorn-beloved Truths/Trots were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's, and "East Antony was carried by an heiress from the Dawneys to the ARCHdeknes." The Archdeacons/ArchdeKYNE's (see Kay motto), having three of the two Kyne/Kinn chevrons, come up as "Cotys," and Truths/Trots share the six pale bars of Coats/Cotes' (from the Cotesii not far south of Trotus river).

(Note that while Archdeacons have the closest thing I've seen to the Levi Coat, Dorns/Dawns have a blue-bend version of the Cary bend-with-roses while Leavells were at Cary castle, and while Archdeacon titles went to Carews (Cornwall, same as Archdeacons and Dorns/Dawns). The latter have three black lions (in pale = vertically placed) in both colors of the triple Levi chevrons, and then the Jewish Levi's have the same black lion (two of them in pale) as the Carews, but on a white Shield. It's off-topic but good for our records.)

There's more, for the man that Allison left me for was Mike Denardo, and Denards share the tower of Loupe's while Allisons were at Loupe. There is a Denard location right beside Saint-Malo (Vilaine, same as Plunketts) while Malo's (buckles) are listed with Mallets, who were from Melita (shown on the map out to sea from the Vardaei), an island smack beside the ELAPHiti islands. By what coincidence are Weddings/Waddletons said to have been at the church of St. ELPHin? The Elaphiti islands are smack beside Ragusa, and Wikipedia's article on Saraka's says they moved from Kotor to Ragusa. Therefore, our rising embraced pointed to Rhizon-Kotor, while that wedding-like picture took us to Weddings who in turn took us to Elaphiti-Ragusa.

Ragusa was also called, Laus/Lausa," and the ArbuthNOTT kin of Elaphiti-like Oliphants use a "Laus" motto term. AMAZINGLY, the Ains'/Hains (Annas colors) almost have the Oliphant Coat i..e possibly Arranged for linking Ainsley to the shark.

Arbuthnotts have virtually the Handle / Handell Coat while Door-like Daorsi were from the Ragusa theater. Then, the dream on the Jeep's door handle had a barrel-shaped part missing from the handle, and Barrels were first found in HEREfordshire (near DORset) with Doors and Ains'/Hains'. While that works well, it could be coincidental that an Ainsley-like surname applies so well, meaning that Miss EARhardt (Her/HERE liner) may not be in the door-handle dream. But that Herefordshire location sure looks like it wants to drag Earhardts in. In the 1979 dream, I was transported to the car's passenger DOOR after seeing her at the hood, and, looking into the car, I saw her face with distress over something while hovering.

Plus, Herefords (Ains/Hain colors and format) share the Child Coat, almost, and Childs were first found in HERTfordshire. But I see no way for the door-handle scene to point to Fox news, though that dream did start with my riding a SHOPping cart down a sloping road.

The Crest of Shops/Shirlands/Shawlands (Annas Chief-Shield colors) shares a sea-horse with the Tucker Crest, a possible pointer to Tucker Carlson. In fact, one Carlson Coat happens to be in the colors and format of a CARTer and Hazelton/Heslington Coat; I was RIDING the shopping CART, and Ridings/Readings were first found in Sussex with Hazeltons ("aRIS" = Rhizon possibility). Might Ridings have been a version of "Rhizon / Rising"? Hartwicks/Hardwicks were at Hucknall, and Hucknalls (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys and Annas') share the Hazelton / Hazelwood Coat.

Ridings/Readings share the black boar with Boths/Booths, and Bothwells (Lanarkshire, same as Hardwick-branch Hardys) are the reason for "ArBUTHnott." Arbuthnotts (Handle Coat?), sharing the stars of Hardy-related Douglas', use a motto term tracing to Laus = Ragusa. Lanarkshire is where Swans/Sions were first found while a giant swan is used by Hochs, and then Huchnalls had an old HOCHenale location. Hockens (same fleur as Earhardts), who use the only rifle I can think of, use a "Hoc" motto term. Hocken-like Hopkins use pistols, hmm.

Back to Wedding-pointing Kepke (why?) and Allisons of Loupe. Loupe's share the Coat of Junks, a possible branch of Jungs/June's/Youngs, and then the Gore's, first found in Essex with Yonge's/Youngs, have a Coat linkable to the Loops (not "Loupe"). Both Gore Coats can be linked to the Alans from Brittany, and French JORdans (Brittany) are in Wedding/Waddleton colors and format. The "JUNCta" motto term of Gows/McGoo's thus seems to apply to Junks and/or Jungs because Gore's share the white wolf of GOWers/Gore's. Allison left me for Denardo while Kepke and I sat on the hood, and Denardo's share the Junk tower, how about that, as though heraldry had eyes to see my Knob Hill Farms event.

Kepke and I both left Knob Hill Farms to sell shoes at two different shoe stores in the Scarborough Town Center, on McCOWAN rd, and Gows/McGoo's are shown properly as GOWANs. As the Gow/McGoo Chief is in the colors of the Coffee cups, note the GAUGHey variation of Coffee's. I can see Gows from "Gough / Gogh," and the latter share the boar with Gows/McGoo's. "'s you she loves, GO wake her up." The waking scene, with Miss Hicks in the car, pointed by her knee to the Get'n GO. Might Miss Earhardt point there too? Knee's share the Mole phoenix.

Follow along because it gets very interesting. If Coffee's were a branch round-about of the Gows/McGoo's who were pointed to well, along with Gogh's, by the Get'n Go, then it seems that the newspaper and coffee in Victoria was a pointer to the Get'n Go event with Miss Hick's knees (Shoe's love the Knee's), and as the Get'n Go is on the Nueces Canyon rd, we appeal for that argument to the Nuces variation of News'. The point is, Get'n Go is also on what locals call the Leakey Road, and the Leakeys have a lone fleur-de-lys in their Chief in the colors of the same in the COWAN Chief, and the Cowans ("Sic") have the Anon/Annandale Chief and saltire!!! The latter's saltire is in the colors of the similar cross of Ainsleys, you see, who share the gold-on-red Leakey / Cowan fleur-de-lys!!! What a blast! Gows/McGoo's/Gowans use an "arma" motto term while Armys/Ermine's have a version of the Cowan Coat.

In case you didn't catch it, our selling shoes at McCowan rd. links to the Get'n Go event, which was less than an hour after the 9-11 memorial put on by the church Hicks and I attended. Shoe's/SCHUGHs are like the Scougals that come up as "Scoot." While at the memorial, just as it was to get under way, I asked Miss Hicks if anyone was sitting beside her, and, giving me the nod to sit there, she said to me, "you can SCOOT over" if my daughter arrives. The Selepitanoi, the line to Sleeps, were at lake SCODra. Why would God link an old shoe-sales job to the 9-11 memorial (in 2002). When will I ever get this work done with so many outstanding mysteries yet to solve? The Get'n Go was, on the inside, mainly a grocery corner-store.

With McCowans sharing the Leak(ey) Chief exactly, and because it uses the Earhardt fleur-de-lys, I can venture to the Sledmere location of Scarborough's, for Scarborough Town Center was at McCowan rd, and Sleds/SLADE's share a red Chief with McCowans and Leakeys. It might be God's purpose here to reveal that "AinSLEY" was an Ain merger with Sleys/SLEIGHTs i.e. like "Slade." Repeat from the AINcourt write-up: "The [Deincourt] estate passed, with other lands, to the Leakes." Is that not mind-blowing? The over-riding Purpose seems to be to connect Ainsley Earhardt and Miss Hicks both to the Get'n Go, and therefore to the 9-11 memorial. THAT is extremely intriguing to me.

Plus, the Deincourt variation of Aincourts recalls the crocodile of Irish Dene's sharing the motto of English Deins/Dene's (Sussex, same as Keeps). The crocodile had pointed to the crocodile-leather shoes of Mr. Zlochevsky, owner of Burisma gas. The Get'n Go is a gas bar too, and Zlochevsky is Ukrainian, as is Kepke's father. Very intriguing indeed, but why connect things-Burisma to 9-11? I'm stumped cold. There had been a seaGULL event in my life a few years ago that pointed to the Ukraine, and especially to Rudy Giuliani's affairs in Ukraine, and here I can point out William Slade Gully in the Sled/Slade write-up.

Also, the first-ever CRANE I thought to trace to "UKRAINE" was that in the Crest of Scoot-like Scute's, how interesting, a pointer possibly of "you can scoot over" to things-Ukraine. Some say that Igor Kolomoisky is the true owner of Burisma, and while one writer claims that Kolomoisky owns a shark tank, Sharks use the crane too. Was that Arranged by God to point the shark in the 1979 dream to things-Kolomoisky? I have read the Scute description to know that it uses "deer," and while one Wikipedia article claimed that "Ragusa" means (i.e. is like a word for) "deer," Sharks were from Saraca's of Ragusa. How'bout that. Mallets use the deer too, and Melita is near Ragusa.

[Later in the week while writing here, I fell upon the Noys'/Noise's/NIE's (at Pendray). As Knee's are also Nee's, it's very interesting that the Noys/Noise's share the Coat of Rench's/Wrench's but in different colors. The bendwise crosslets of Noys'/Noise's are colors reversed from the Knee bend, making this appear as evidence that Hicks' knees at Ranch road were Arranged by God. As Stanley took my seat beside Hicks on the night of the memorial, which was only about an hour before Hick's knee symbol was given, and as Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Rench's/Wrench's (share stag with Stanleys and Knee's), note that the Changers in the Stanley motto share triple-blue fesses with German Nunns, for Noys'/Noise's have a "NUNia" motto term (can be read also as "NUNCia"). Nance's were first found in Cornwall with Noys'/Noise's. Plus, Noyers share the giant eagle of Sans'/Sanchez's (Castile, same as Nunes') while the Stanley motto is "Sans changer"! That's so impressive that I had to fit it into this update somewhere.

Might her beautiful knees be pointing now to some beautiful / victorious thing from Devin Nunes? He's the one with 14 arrest referrals to Bill Barr, and he promises more referrals for what could be half the reason for the start of the coming storm.

The Nance's are listed also as TrenGOFFs while Goffs/Goughs are a branch of Gogh's, the ones who linked to the Get'n GO!!! Again, the Gogh's share the Mole boar head while Mole's share the red phoenix of Knee's!!! Can you believe it? End insert]

Here's more for pointing Miss Earhardt to the Get'n Go. The last update showed why Mole's (share Knee phoenix), Gough / Gogh kin, must be pointed to by Hicks' knees at the Get'n Go, and while the Mole / Gogh boar is shared by SCHIMs/Schiens/Shands, Ainsleys (share Hicks fleur-de-lys) use a SCIMitar (could be part-code for Tarrs; see Tarrs and my knee slide in the last update).

Through Kepke, we just made a newspaper-coffee link to both women, and to confirm it, Ainsley married Mr. McKinney while one McKinney Coat is a lion version of the Coffee/Coffer Coat. Kepke and I were sitting on the hood of my Mustang, and Mustans/Moussens can be linked to Moses'/MOYs (look linkable to Jordans) because they are said to be of Mostyns. Is that a pointer to KoloMOIsky, since "sky" is a suffix while "Kolo" can be a prefix? Mustans/Moussens are in the colors of, and near format, of both Weddings and Keppochs (both from Yorkshire, same as Mustans/Moussens). Plus, Mustans/Moussens are in the near colors, and in the format, of SCARborough's (Yorkshire). What do we suppose named Scars?

I have it recorded from the end of December, 2017: "the Scarborough Crest is: 'A gold demi-lion rampant emerging from a red mural crown with a SARACEN's head on the tip of a lance.'" Saracens were at Sicily's Ragusa, and they apparently named Saraca's. So, it seems that God had me visit Kepke one day as he was selling shoes, and then had me walk up the stairs of this big Scarborough Town Center, to another shoe store, where I asked if it was hiring, and the manager hired me on the spot. A miracle, to point to Kolomoisky's shark tank, or just the plain, anti-Trump sharks of Ukraine seeking to gobble him up.

After I saw that a coin's image of king SYPHAX (soft version of "Kepke") looked like Kepke, I got familiar with such surnames as the Spike's/Specks, Spice's/Spicers (Devon, same as Space's/SPECCots), which is why I realized that the Spice/Spicer Coat is a gold version of the Scarborough Coat. Yet more, the Spice/Spicer tower is that of Scute's, the ones with a Ukraine-suspect crane. Syphax, a Numidian, ruled Carthage for a time, and so had easy access to Sicily's Saracens.

I now realize a possible explanation as to why Kepke and I were on the Mustang, for Moses'/Moys are the ones with the Bash cross while Bash's (same place as Nuse's/Newes') were News/Nuces kin. As was said, on the day of the newspaper purchase, I stayed the night at Crystal City, and Crystals have the Moses cross-with-steps in colors reversed. The Crystal Crest is a poplar tree, and Poplers/Popleys have a version of the Bessin Coat, which tends to identify Bash's/Baesh's as Bessin liners, but I see nothing here to add as per a pointer to current news. Bash's were at Ware while Pope's/Pape's/Pimps share the Warren checks. But wait. Poppins/Pophams (near BASINGstoke) share the Chief-Shield colors of Leaks (neither surname has symbols in the white Shield), and Mr. Bash is expected to leak important news. Basing(stoke)s share black, spread eagles with Poplers/Popleys. I like that, because Kepke already pointed to the Get'n Go at the Leakey rd, which is officially the Ranch rd, and Rance's have recently been shown via Rinds and Saint-Malo to be Mallet kin; it just so happens that the Rind / Mallet scallops are shared by Ware's.

[Update Oct. 2021 -- For a while now, I've been saying that Crystals use a poplar tree for connection to surnames like "Popham." It turns out, thanks to Hall of Names, to be a fir tree, but this is even better for linking to Pepins and Pipe's because the two can be gleaned using part of the Rasmussen Coat while Rasmussens and Firs/Fire's share the same giant unicorn. Pepins and Pophams share "Mens" in their motto with Crystals. End update]

Ware's have a Coat reflecting the Irish Enis Coat, and the latter surname just came up from the Enison character said to have held Kiplin in the write-up of Kiplings (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs/Kippax's). Enis variations suggest Annas'/ AINSleys. Ever since Kepke danced the first time with Miss PEARE, they never stopped dancing. Kiplings show only a dancette, and English Dance's (Yorkshire) are in Keppock colors and format while PERO's have the pale bar of Italian Dance's. They would dance at every bar they went to. Irish Enis' share a vertically-split Shield in gold and silver with English Dance's. I'd like to record here the "valore" motto term of English Enis'.

AHHHHH, I get it. Basing-like Bassins/Bass' share the crosslets of Ranch-like Rench's/Wrench's (Gore crosslets) while German Rench's/Rents'/Reints' have the lone Leak(ey) fleur! Amazing. After not seeing anything, Poppins of Basingstoke blew it wide open to John Bash. We hope. Rench's/Wrench's were at Haddonham, and Ainsley Earhardt's first child is Hayden. Rench's/Reints' share the Ainsley fleur, but as it's the Hick fleur too, note that Miss Hicks has a Rena middle name, as if to confirm that Rench's/Reints' do apply to the Ranch road to Leakey. The Bassin/Bass write-up: "Bass Isle is found in the parish of North Berwick, county of Haddington."

LOOKIE, what a surprise: Haddons/Haddens (Derbyshire, beside the Nottingham's Ainsleys) once again use the Chief-Shield colors of Leak(ey)s (what are the chances by pure coincidence?), and Haddons/Haddens even throw in a scimitar, the Ainsley symbol!!! Apparently, either God named Hayden to fit the heraldry, or he arranged the heraldry to fit the birth of Hayden from Miss show that she with Hicks both pertain to the 1979 dream, wow. Haddens can be linked to Haddington of East Lothian, where Haldens were first found who share "Suffer" as the full motto with Haddons/Haddens (Haddington colors).

The Hatricks/Ettricks have the Chief-Shield colors of Haddens/Haddens and Leak(ey)s. I've told about my hat trick in organized hockey at 16 years of age. I was standing in front of the net with my back to the goalie while the slap shot was coming from the blueline. I deflected the shot between my LEGs to get the hat trick. As Leghs share a giant red lion with Hatricks, we take it to the leg in the Leak(ey) Crest to discover that Leaks were a Legh/Leigh branch. This can be a pointer to George Soros (de-facto ruler of Ukraine under Obama) as per my recent Legro-river connections to the Sors/Soar surname (share the LEIGHton/Laton quadrants). The Legro = Soar river is in LEICESter (like the Leakes variation of Leaks), where Bassins/Bass' were first found who share the Rench/Wrench crosslets.

The write-up of Ainsleys (Legh colors): "For it is there [Nottinghamshire] in 1273, the Hundredorum Rolls listed Johannes de AnnesLEGH." Mamie's thigh pointed exactly to the Annas kin of Tease's/Thys'; now I know why, I didn't until now. I'm still not sure whether Dutch Thigh's/Thy's use a fox or wolf. If a fox, it speaks for itself. The night before she got her thigh symbol in my presence, she sat on my lap / knees...or LEGS, wow, I get it. She wasn't my girlfriend at the time. But after she sat on my legs, all I can remember of that night, around the campfire with others, is LAYING DOWN with her in her sleeping bag to go to sleep (no sex, no kiss, no hug, just a tease). We LeighedDown to SLEEP, like the LEIGHTON surname, first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. That works.

As I've said many times, in the morning, Mamie and I went for a WADE in the LAKE, and we emBRACED in the water for a minute or two. Lake's, because they have a version of the Brace Coat, tend to prove that the embrace with Ainsley (1979 dream) can point to Bracebridge's. The latter can be linked to MUMmolin of Chalons by their crozier, and then the Lecks have a "praeMIUM" motto term that can be code also for leg-using Prime's. Go ahead and compare Wade's to Scottish Crozier's. Leaks do use the bent leg, as do Prime's, and Ainsleys are connectable to Leaks. That's pretty amazing. Compare Hollys to Lake's and Brace's, for there's holly in the Lake Coat, and then the other Hollys/Collins share the mermaid with Laps. She sat on my lap. "PRAEmium" can even be code for English Prays (Lincolnshire, same as Bracebridge's) having triple wolf heads in colors reversed from the same of Quade's/WADE's. Irish Prays were first found in County Down, same as Knees! She sat on my knees! I'm shocked at how well all that works.

My first take-away from the paragraph above is that God really wants to convince someone(s) that Bracebridge applies, likely the medallion-on-hood event, unless there's another Bracebridge event planned for the future. If we take the Legro/Soar river to the Legro surname, which shares the blue lion of Sors/Soars, is it a coincidence that it also lists Groce-like Gros' and Gross'? Couldn't the Bracebridge grocery apply in that picture to suggest that the Russian medallion is about George Soros' Ukraine connections against Trump?

The heraldic MERmaid is often mythical Melusine, a woman with a snake's tail, though she later got a fish tail. The Prime-like Primo's, featuring her mirror, were first found in Burgundy with Legro's/Gross' and Mars/MERs, you see, and so the MERmaid is likely from the cult of Angitia, the snake goddess of the Marsi, especially as Nicholas de Vere von DRAKenberg claimed to own Melusine for his own Vere bloodline through ANGers/Anjou while Drake's use a motto term suspect with L'Aquila in the Marsi ballpark.

As I've said many times, Mary Nigro of BUTTONville was watching the game when I got the hat trick. Not only do Mary's have the same lion as Hatricks, but Nigro's have EARs of wheat. About a year later, when Kepke came to work at Knob Hill Farms, he had a short-term relationship with Miss Nigro, I believe, after they stayed alone together in my BASEment on the night I threw a party for the store's young people. She was previously my fried (we went out together though we didn't have a relationship; never even kissed). She probably suggested that I apply at Knob Hill Farms in the first place. As Ukrainian Kepke has been pointing to the Ukraine's Zlochevsky, that's why Mary's BUTTONville home matters, but why it also matters that she had / wanted a relationship with Kepke, for Buttons (Hampshire, same as Basing(stoke)s and Kippers/Keppe's/Cheppe's!) are also Bidens while Joe Biden's son was on the board of Zlochevsky's company (Burisma).

Cool stuff, and yet Miss Earhardt is now right in the thick of the hat trick. Is that another victory theme due to her news show? Why do Irish Fox's share the giant Hatrick lion?

I am extremely unfamiliar with Kippers/Keppe's (slipped my mind), but refound them now only as per seeing a Kipling-like surname. Excellent timing to re-find them. They don't show a Coat, but do have a page, and then Chappes'/Cheaps (garb in Crest) happen to use EARs of wheat...which may indicate that the Keppoch garbs are called, wheat sheaves. To help prove that the Scute crane is for Ukraine's namers, Chippers share the gold-on-red eSCUTcheon with Scute's. I don't remember what caused me to think that the Scute crane should be for Ukrainians. There must have been another surname involved in conjunction with the blue crane.

As was said, I was driving almost as far as Leakey, immediately after the newspaper purchase, and remember seeing a political sign with Mr. Moreno. What are the chances that the Scarborough's share the Moreno/Murena tower??? That's incredible. Scarborough Town Center speaks. ScarBOROUGHs (BURG colors) have this: "Roger de ScardtheBURGE..." SCARborough's were first found in Yorkshire with SCARfs!!! Can we believe it? Perhaps it's the shoe sales that are pointing to Q-Anon. Perhaps the Kolomoisky shark lover will get into the news that exposes the attack-Trump agenda which John Bash is getting familiar with as we speak.

The Moreno sign pointed to president Moreno of EcuaDOR because he removed the policy of the previous Ecuadorian presidency in its protection of the WikiLEAKs founder. Miss Hicks' knees looked beautiful to me (tolerate) as I saw them through the GLASS DOOR of the Get'n Go, and the president of EcuaDOR previous to Moreno had a Mr. GLAS for a vice-president. Her knees in that glass are expected to link to the victory theme of the 1979 dream, and while she and I were ARM-in-ARM after I touched her knee, Armys have a version of the McCOWAN Coat (shares the Leak/Leakey Chief). And lo: Gows/McGoo's/GOWANs use an "arma" motto term. Armys have that red Chief again, as do Sleds/Slade's, and Scarborough's were at Sledmere.

The coffee in Victoria, and the motel I stayed in the previous night, pointed to, by way of the Coffee/Caughey/Gaughey Crest, to the Arms of Taranto, a location where Motels were first found who put an ARM into a horse's mouth. The Motels are a branch of Motta's, and, can we believe it, Portuguese Motta's share the fleur-de-lys in the Chief of arma-using Gows/Gowans, the Chief that's in Coffee/Gaughey colors! It does now appear that Gows were a Gaughey branch. Motels share a horse with Cafferys/Caffertys. The Moreno's/Murena's (share Scarborough tower) are from TERENTia Murena, looking like "Taranto." Scarborough Town Center is in Toronto. Scarborough's have a Coat similar to the Tarant/Terent Coat.

There's more to confirm Kepke-on-hood connection to this Gowan / Cowan picture where Mostins share the Coat of Pennants, and it's the COWES'/Coo's who use "pennants." Cows are listed with Caughey-like Coughs. Hoods use a Cornish CHOUGH. And OH WOW, Coughs share the fleur-de-lys of Waddings/Wadings!!! Were back to Weddings in Keppoch colors and format. I sense that God has perhaps chosen to give Keppochs/Kippax's ("Keppocks" in my older writings) their red garb for an important reason, not yet discovered.

As Waddings/WADINGs were first found in Yorkshire with Weddings/Waddingtons, remember what God said to me in the dream. I'll repeat it with a small change: "What are you WADING for, it's you she loves, go wake her up." Hmm, so what am I supposed to do, call her up? Hold on, let me check...nope, there's no telephone in the Wading Coat. Give me a clue, Lord, a sign, why did you use those words? She's beautiful. Was it necessary? Couldn't the dream have worked with a bull-faced woman? Is the Wading motto, "Eat your heart out"? Lord, on this one, you failed me. Do I deserve this for a thing I did in my youth?

The Weeds/Weedins share double fesses with Sleeps, in colors reversed, and while we saw Ainsley's rising scene point to such things as the Brock dart, it should be mentioned that the ermined Dart/Dard fesse, in the colors of the ermined fesses of Sleeps, is essentially the Coat of Kiplings (Yorkshire, same as Weddings, Wadings and Keppochs).

Ahh, the Wadings share the fleur-de-lys of Vaughns, the latter first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. The VYCHan variation of Vaughns can be explained by the Wych variation of wedge-using Watch's/Wage's (Vaughn format and in colors reversed). Waggs/Weggs are also Wedge's who almost share Fogg and Figg Coats. Fix's/Ficks are in a Walsh motto, and after the wedding plans between Miss Walsh and Mr. Kepke were already made, he got cold feet and walked out on her. The Moses write-up: "The name was also extended to Mostyn, and became attached to VYCHAN, Lord of Mostyn."

Okay, so let me get this straight. God gives me a dream that makes me think it's about a future wife, yet the scene that gives that impression is to point to a Russian medallion at a grocery store? Whew, I guess I lucked out.

If the wedding scene's embrace is one of unity at the return of Jesus, why did the voice say, "it's you she loves, go wake her up." Hmm, I do have a tribulation-preparation book, and Jesus did say that the Church would fall asleep until we begin to see the Signs. As I said, the woman had distress on her face. "Distress" is exactly the word I've often used. The Bible uses exactly that word. She was troubled, until she fell asleep. But why did God say, "it's you she loves"? Why not use another phrase / method with "loves" rather than making me wonder where this promised wife has been? He could have said, "it's him she loves, but go wake her up anyway."

Wadds/Wade's share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys (but so do many others), and the Wadd/Wade Coat is the Arms of CHALONS-en-Champagne. The Chalants are listed with the Chalons, and, the last time I was at the Scarborough Town Center with Kepke, he said to me, "be non-CHALANT." The Cowan motto has "ALTum," probably code for a branch of Alda's/Aulds (Ayrshire, same as Cowans) who share the cherub-with-wings of Welsh Chalons. The latter are in Camp/CHAMP colors and format, making Champs look like a line from Champagne's. English Champagne's, you see, share the vaired Shield of BRACEbridge's. Oh no, not the embrace again. The Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne has a Crozier Coat, and there is a crozier in the Bracebridge Crest. So, Kepke and McCowan rd. just pointed to the hood event at the Bracebridge grocery store. You can verify that I've told of the non-chalant event before by google searching "tribwatch non-chalant" (google won't bring up all my pages for any search, as per google's coming punishment.)

Another way to look at this dream's final scene (the rising one) is by way of a Wedding > Wading link to the Wade variation of Scarf-related Quade's, the Q of Trabys/Sadowski's or the near-Q of Earhardts. Ainsleys are a branch of Anons/Annandale's for a pointer to Q-Anon, and then, WOW, the Queen's, sharing the Quade Coat essentially, were first found on the island of SKYE!!!! I just fell on that; what are the chances? The rising into the sky is thus pointing to Q-Anon's hopes.

Repeat: "If the rainBOW [suspect in the Bongino Coat] is code also for Bows, they can be connected to Beautys/Bowds, which can connect Dan Bongino to the Sleeping-Beauty scene i.e. a link to Ainsley Earhardt. In fact, the Rims are in the Raines write-up, and Bongino's are from Benjamites, some of whom were on the RIMna river. Rims are also Rums, and Bows use a "veRUM" motto term. Cool." We can add that while I trace Rimna-river peoples to Rimini, RIMMONs/Crimmons were first found on Skye!! Maschi's were first found in Rimini, and Masci's (no 'h') share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys. While Maschi's use pine cones, French Pine's, in the colors and near-format of Rimmons/Crimmons, share the McKinney cinquefoils.

My mother is a Masci, and so Ainsley and I, as well as Hicks and I, were embraced due to being in the same family (same husband and wife) in the past. But when, how long ago, and why should this be important now? My bet: God is just showing that he's the author of the 1979 dream. It's His dream, and He needed to provide the evidence for it, by many means so that readers become sure there's no mere coincidences from my own human struggles to make things click.

Rims/Rums (from Trebia river) are said to have been in Annandale, and the Bows with a "veRUM" motto term are said to have been under the Neville's of Raby. The latter are expected in the "SperRABO" motto term of Anons/Annandale's (from Trebia river) because their saltire is colors reversed from the Neville saltire. It was fantastic to load Rabys just now to find the rarish Bash / Moses cross in the same colors. Isn't Q-Anon placing his hopes in men like Jensen and Bash? "Ne Vile," suspect with Neville's, is a motto phrase of Fane's/Vans (Masci / Macey kin), from Fano, beside/near Rimini and Ravenna. Raby-like Rabe's/Rave's use the raven. The Rothes' use the raven too, and Rothes castle is on the Spey river while Spears are SPEYers too. "SPERabo." Hey Ainsley, the Fane's are PHONE's too. Call me. What are you wading for?

Wadings have patee crosses in the colors of Pattys/Pati's, and the white, upright Patty/Pati lion is also the Treby and Raines lion. The Trabys who married Astikas' of VILNius are expected in Vilaine, location of Raines-line Rennes. The Wading Crest has the white lion in a passant position, same as the giant Stormy lion! That works, Q. The rain and the storm, with lightning bashing every-which way. And there is a white lion also in the Queen Crest.

Queens are properly Sweens/Swans; Sine's/Swans once showed gauntlet gloves, the Fane / Macey symbol. This reminds of the "sine" motto term of Snake-connectable Seneca's/Seneschals, relevant because Snake's share the fleur of Weddings. Hamons can be gleaned with Hamon de Masci due to the "discRIMINI" motto term of Hamons, and Hamon de Seneschal of the Seneca's/Seneschals are said to descend from Hamon-Aux-Dents while Dents were at SEDbergh, named almost-certainly by Sedans ("NONE SINO SED dono"). The Dents can be gleaned in the "Non proviDENTia SED victoria" motto of Coffee's/Coffers. The newspaper and coffee in Victoria can be viewed as part of the victory scene in the sky, and Coffee's get us the None's, listed with Nunes-like Nones'/Nuns who share a white bull head with McLeods/Clouds of Skye. I'm starting to see some light here.

One would think that Jim Jordan will be a part of a victory that includes Devin Nunes, and so it's interesting that French Jordans are in Wedding colors and format.

Coffee's use "cups" rather than mugs, though they look like mugs. I was MUGGED, and thought I might be shot, the night before the newspaper and coffee in Victoria. A lot happened, and I don't want to repeat it again, but suffice it to say that the mugging changed my plans from seeking cheap snow-bird property in Mexico, to seeking cheap land in southern Texas. That's why I purchased the newspaper, and that's why I bought on the Nueces river. "Nueces" means "nut" or "pecan," and the Traby/Sadowsky scarf has a knot for a branch of Nutts/Knutts. King Cnut was the son of Sween-like Sweyne and Mieszko's daughter, Swietoslawa. I can trace one of his wives, Oda of Haldensleben, to Haldens, the ones sharing the "Suffer" motto with the Haddons/Haddens who linked to Ainsley's child earlier.

Mieszko was made a descendant of the Piasts, and a writer (Gallus Anonymous) formed mythology around this entity, creating mythical Piast KOLODziej the Wheelwright. The Colds/Cole's share a black bull with the Hayden Crest you see, and Ainsley named her child, Hayden. The Meschin-like Mieske's/Mesechs have a bull head in both colors of the Cold/Cole bull. You see, the heraldry all looks Arranged. Haydens must be from the namers of Haldensleben.

Cnut was the father of HARThacnut and Harald HAREfoot. Haralds are also HERODs. Jewish Harts share the besant on blue with Nutts/Knutts. This looks like the Earhardt/Airhart line. OH WOW, I now recall the MacCunn variation of Queens/Swans/Sweyne's, and the while CUNNinghams (Ayrshire, same as Are's/Ayers) use both a "shakeFORK" and a "fork" motto term, Cnut's father was Sweyn FORKbeard. Haralds/Herods, known to be a sept of Skye's McLeods (flags, connects to Fulks of Anjou), who used a black bull head as well as white, are suspect from Harald, father of king Maccus (of raven-using Isle of Man), the line to Maxwells, Mackays and the Margys/Mackeys (Ayrshire); the latter use a raven "HANGING" from an arrow. Danish Cnut's use pot HANGers for the Hanger / Anger line of Anjou.

In other words, Earhardts look connectable exactly to Q-line Queens, for they share the three wolf heads of Quade's/WADE's and Irish Mackays! ZINGER. What ARE you wading FOR, Ainsley? Scottish Wade's/Wadds are expected with the Messey/Messier saltire (flag of Mercia) because they have the same fleur as Masci's (and Earhardts) around it. Messeys/Messier's were first found in Burgundy with the Mercian-line Mars/Mers (Mackay colors and format) that I expect from the Marsi of Abruzzo, who had a snake goddess, ANGitia, and this cult may be honored in the double snakes of Earhardts. Again, Cnuts were first found in Derbyshire with Eyers/Ayers and Here's/Heyers. Dutch Mers'/Meers share the Mason/Massin lion.

It seems that God wanted to weave the Herod-Maccabee line through Quade-line QUADRatilla Bassus in the things of this update (she's in the Are/Ayer / Eyer/Ayer QUATRefoils). The Bassus' became the Bassianus, and they married the line of Julius Agrippa in the 2nd century AD, but blood counts for nothing. If even the son/daughter of Annas/ANANus, killer of Jesus, becomes a Christian, it is to be celebrated, so long as we don't revert back to our sinfulness, degree by degree. Masci's were Meschins of the Bassianus-line Bessin, and so my embrace with Ainsley Earhardt was a pointer to the Herod-Agrippa marriage with Bassianus-line from Herod-Maccabees. Masci's / Maceys / Mackays are from Maccabees.

God's going to kill the sons of Herods for love of the Faithful sons of Herods. Death can't sting more than that. Woe to those masons who honor Herod ancestry.

As Julius Agrippa was the uncle of Julius Bassianus, I figure that the latter's mother was the sister of Julius Agrippa. Bassianus' daughter was Julia MAESA Bassianus. When we rose to the sky embraced, like a couple, it should go to McLeods of Skye, for I once had a list of all McLeod septs, and it included all the variations of the Harald/Herod/Hurl surname, which happens to share the fesse of Fore's/Forez's expect in, "What are you waiting FOR..." Bassets/BESANcons were first found at Forez. It's feasible that John Bash will be / has been a part of the storm of arrests.

I actually wrote Miss Hicks a letter in 2011 telling her about the dream, but she was still married, a thing I didn't know. Her phone number was listed to her alone at the time, and I thought her husband (32 years older than she) had passed away. I didn't know until about 2016 that the dream had heraldic pointers. I've been learning those pointers for four years, and so I've been readied to show that Miss Earhardt is the alternative, and likely the bigger, fulfillment of this dream for the purposes of dealing with the Democrat deep state / Illuminati (call it what you will). I've not known of Miss Earhardt until seeing her on Fox and Friends in 2017. I haven't watched the show much because I don't like solid politics, especially when they cover what the demented Democrats are doing and saying. WHO CARES? What a waste of the nation's mental powers.

The Levi Dragon

I knew Ray Luff. Isn't it amazing that, less than three months ago, we were given a dream with the Luffs having snake tongues? If those two snakes are the Earhardt snakes, why? It looks like it's to connect to the Q storm due to the snakes being with a branch of Loves'. But why did God put the snakes into their mouths as tongues? Why not put the snakes somewhere else? Snakes for tongues suggests liars. Or, perhaps God wanted me to load the Tongue's/Tongs (rock), who have a reflection of the English Mountain Coat. French Mountains were first found in LANGUEdoc (means "tongue of Oc(citania)").

Snakes are akin to dragons, and English Mountains have: "Hence, conjecturally, the surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of DRACON Mountigni of Calvados..." I think we are correct to take the Luff dream to Mountains, but I also think we need to go to English Dragons (Kent, same as Mynetts), who have the Mynett/MINUTE's helmets in colors reversed. As I said, at age 11, a man (married Miss Masci) said to me about five times, "in a minute, in a minute," when I was asking whether we could go home. I was bored watching his serious BOCCI ball game with his friends, and we were away in some town far from home.

Decades later, I checked the Bocci surname, to find it listed with BROCATo's (could be a Bucard/Bucket branch), and by that time I knew that Mynetts/Minute's were from king Amyntes, son of king BROGITarus. THE POINT IS, Bocci's/Brocato's use nothing but "EARS of wheat." Can this be a pointer to Earhardts (share Masci fleur) since we got here by following the Loves/Luff tongue-snakes? I'm sure that we were in the city of L'Aquila, the nearest major center to his village. It just so happens that while German Dragons share a red wyvern dragon with Drake's (it belonged to the Mieszko dukes of Masovia, Poland), the Drake motto has both L'Aquila and the Muscas'/Mosca's. In other words, Mieszko's were related to Dragons and Drake's.

I think the words need to be looked at this way: "WHEAT are you waiting for, it's YOU she loves," for Yoo's/Yells have an ear of wheat in Crest, and share the Stick garb. The SCHERF-branch Schere's have a green snake coiled around a "stick," and as Trabys married Stick liners, the Q-SCARF of Trabys/Sadowskys is once again at our service. In the same four words, we have two ways to get to the Q-Anon storm. On top of that, Loves'/Luffs (once said to be first found in Suffolk) can be gleaned as kin of Muscas-like Muscats (Suffolk).

The Luff snakes, via the Tongue/Tong surname, have now led right to the relatives of my parent, in the village of PICENZE, and Placentia on the Trebia river of the Ananes is also PIACENZA. Coincidence? The Marsi and their snake goddess were centered at the sources of the Salto river (line to Sleds/Slade's?), only about 50 miles from Picenze. Brogitarus and Amyntes were the ancestors of the Bassus', yes QUADratilla Bassus, the line to Quade's, the pointer to Q-Anon. Quade's are Wade's too, and Wedding-branch Wadings share the fleur-de-lys of Salto-liner Sale's/SALLETTs (Cheshire, same as Masci-branch Masseys / Maceys).

Amyntes was father to Artemidoros, and his grandson, if I recall correctly, was Julius Bassus, father of Quadratus, father in turn of QuadraTILLA. The Tile's/Tillys, from the Bessin (origin of Meschins), share the black-on-white wyvern dragon with Muggs. I was mugged in Galveston the night before the newspaper purchase in Victoria, and Victoria's share the stars of Salome's, suspect from Salome of the Herods. Tilly is near Caen, the line to/from the Ceno river i.e. near the Trebia, and the tributary of the Taro, home of Ananes Gauls.

Oh wow, the Muggs are Mudge's too, first found in Surrey (near Nuse's/Newes and Bash's of Hertfordshire) with the Madge's/Machets (almost "Muscat") who not only share the hourglass shape (different colors) with News'/Nuces', but share the Ainsley / Hicks fleur-de-lys. What do you suppose my mugging meant besides a pointer to the Coffee cups, the newspaper, and the two women in the 1979 dream? Couldn't God have pointed to Madge's my a less-traumatic way than my mugging by a Negro? Hey-hey, just realized: Negro's/Nigers/Nigro's use ears of wheat! Ainsley, angel, you have such lovely ears, like sparkling sheaves of golden wheat hearkening to the summer breeze.

Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire, same as Basfords) were at Bash-like Basford, and Basfords are also Bashfords. The Madge Shield is in the colors of the Coffee cups (mugs, for God's purposes of the mugging, which He probably provided, and saved me from; didn't lose a dime).

We saw Bashfords / Bash's linkable above to between Brogitarus' Sakarya river and Genova's Grimaldi's, my mother's maiden name. Her Grimaldi family was in Picenze.

I'm sure the Loves'/Luff mystery is now solved. The green snakes in the mouths of the Luffs are to connect to this dragon entity in Revelation, along with the harlot, the Great Mother goddess of Phrygia over which Brogitarus presided by Rome's permission. The Loves' must be from the Levi bloodline in the veins of Annas/Ananus and Caiaphas. I've never seen the triple Levi chevrons aside from use by the counts of Mons (HAINaut), and the Mons' are listed with Mounts while Tongue's/Tongs have nearly the English Mountain Coat. It seems like a perfect explanation.

Plus, we saw DRACON Montigni in the latter's write-up while Dragons/DRAINers are from the proto-Pendragon Penestae on the DRIN river, which has a mouth at Lissus (beside BASSANia) of the Caiaphas-like Cavii, which place I trace to Laish, which in the book of Judges had the pagan Levite priest, Jonathan.

"John," Ainsley's going to say to me, "this feel like fatal attraction. I'm not interested. Talk to me more about those ears of wheat in the breeze, wouldja?"

AINSleys can be from any of the three Hain surnames because Ains' are listed with English Hains. Their arrow is code for Arrows/Arras', from Artois' Arras location near or even touching Hainaut. Hainauts are also HainFRAYS, and Frays are a branch of the Freys/Freeze's having a Pharisee-like Phreeze variation, in the colors and format of Loves'/Luffs. Anger-branch Anchors have an Annas-like Annacker variation, and the Anchor lozenges are almost the mascles of Scottish Hains, first found in DumFRIES with Ainsley-connectable Anons/Annandale's. "John, please, I don't like this."

I've kept a theory in which Jonathan (more like "Yonathan" to Hebrews) of Laish developed into a tribe that, in the Greek theater, developed the wine symbol so as to become whatever mythical Oeneus (sounds like "Yonat") stood for. He was king of the Calydon area, where we find the location of Astakos, where I trace the Astikas' who married Traby, and that gets us to Trabys/SADOWSKi's (Sadducee line?). "CALYDon" becomes linkable to the KHALDI people group of TRABzon.

The Sadducees of Jesus' day had a house of Boethus that I trace to Boeotian Greeks, especially to Tanagra (Boeotia), the line to Tankerville's and their Tancred branch. The latter are also Tong-like Tanks, you see. And Tancred was a father of king Robert Guiscard while Guiscards/WISharts (same place as Caiaphas-like Chappes'), to be read here as WisHARTs, can be connected to Visconti's, who originally had a green snake (now blue). The Tancreds share red scallops with Scottish Hains, but then the Hain scallops on a fesse are colors reversed from the same of Jacks, whom I trace to the Kennati priests of AJAX at Cetis, where Quadratilla Bassus was queen with her husband, LAEVillus.

It get's interesting where the mother goddess of Brogitarus was CYBELe while McCabe's (Cable/CABEL colors) share the salmon of Heimer-like Hams, first found in Sussex with Hammers. The Kennati are excellent here because they did form the Kennedys, who share a helmet with Drains/Drainers and their Mynett/Minute kin. As Irish Kennedys, and Luff-like Lafins in the motto of Scottish Kennedys, were first found in Tipperary while the Pendragon motto suggests Tippers (Cornwall, same as Pendragons and their PenDRAY location), we first note that Kennedys share the helmet also with Pendragons, making the latter look like a Pen / Penes merger with Dragons/Drainers. The point is, the Mynett/Minute helmets are said to be "open," which can now be understood as code for OpenHEIMERs because one Openheimer surname has a sphinx, code for the Spinks sharing the eagles of Snake-like Seneca's. French Drays use ducks tending to explain the trick of the Drake write-up where it derives the surname in a duck's gait.

As PENdragons have their helmet open, we can see that "Open" is a Pen entity. Openheimers were first found in Rhineland with Salome's, suspect from Salome of Boethus, a Sadducee liner married to a Herod. Heimers have a fox, at least in Crest. Bill Hemmer of Fox news?

HEIMers might even have been of the Aim variation of Ains'/Hains. The latter's write-up: "The surname Aim was first found in the Domesday Book of 1086 where Hagene and Hagana..." It just so happens that Hagans, first found in Tyrone with Sharks, share the blue-on-white fish of Kidneys/Gedneys!!! AINSley Earhardt has proven to be the women in the dream that started with a shark in a kidney-shaped pool. In the first Hagan quadrant, there is someone's solid chevron in the colors of the similar pile of Amys/Amie's, colors reversed from the pile of HAGELs (from ACHELous river of Calydon).

TRIPLE fish in the colors of the Ged / Arms-of-Saraca fish are with TREBeks/TroutBACKs/Trouts. I trace Trots/Truths to the Trotus river (Romania) along a BACau region. That works with "TroutBACK." Bacau was the land of TRYPillians so that Trebia-river liners can apply. Note that the TRIPLE horns of Trabys are connected, as are the Trebek fish. German Trips once showed TRIPLE boots (not connected), and we do see one boot in the first Hagan quadrant. Dutch Hagens (with the 'e') are also HagenBACKs/HagenBECKs, and Beach's/Becks (single pile), in the shark dream, were first found in Hertfordshire with Bashford-connectable Bash's/Baesh's.

As Ananes were at Placentia, note Place/Plaise/Plaiz (Doocy lion?) variations like the Spanish Baez surname. It seems that Placentia / Picenze / Picenum elements had connected to Bash's/Baesh's.

What I have never been able to answer is why the 1979 dream came about at that early time, and just one week (roughly) after my conversion to Jesus. Could it not have waited 15 years to the year I first saw Miss Hicks?

Will some reader contact Fox and Friends to give them a link to this page, and will God have someone there read it to then realize some important thing(s)? By all means, send this to Fox and Friends; I don't want to send it because it would look like I'm self-interested in Earhardt. I don't want to creep her out. Unless I feel strongly that God wants me to send it. I don't receive email anymore, and no reader knows my email address for our protection from the goons who record all of our information, that they might persecute us easier when they decide the time is right for them.

Bracebridge's (Lincolnshire, same as Hannitys/Henage's) have a write-up linking to Ardens of Warwick, and so Bracebridge's use the fesse of ARDens (Warwickshire) who in turn share the cinquefoil of Hurts/Horts (compare with Herls/Hurls, then recall Hurl variation of Hurt-like Herods) Irish ARTHurs, sharing the ermined chevron of Friends, use blue roundels called, hurts. MacCarthys/ARTHys share the red stag with German Harts. Hortons have a giant stag head in white, the color of the Friend stag head. Ardons (with an 'o') are also Artois'. Herods are known to descend from Aretas III of Edom.

English Hannitys are listed with Henage's. What's that? Irish Hannitys explain with their Heghney/Heeney variations. The Henning variation of Hains (version of Arden fesse-with-items) can apply. SO, Bracebridge-Arden seems to be on both AINSleys and EarHARDTs, and English Hennings even have two wavy fesses in the colors of the double wavy pale bars of Ains'/Hains; the latter have Heghny-like Hagena's in their write-up. Ains'/Hains have the arrow for a trace to Artois' Arras, and their write-up even says: "And another source claims the name is from Haisne near Arras, France."

The SEAhorse of English Hennings reveals that they were kin of wavy-fesse Sea's and Seamans (seahorse), and the Sea's have the Seals/Zeals while Hoods/Hoots have a "ZEALous" motto! Bingo, Ainsley Earhardt connectors just pointed to the Bracebridge hood event. The Sea's even share the blue fish of Kidneys/Gedneys and the Hagans (Tyrone, same as Sharks) who came up as per the Hagena's/Hagana's in the Ains/Hain write-up. These wavy bars / fesses are even used by Tuckers (seahorse) for a possibly pointer to Fox's Tucker Carlson. The wolf heads of Zeals/Seals and their Sailer branch take us to the Traby/Sadowski / Quade scarf line. But what if the Q storm never happens, how silly will I look in this update?

There is some subtle pressure on Barr, from some at Fox news even, to produce this storm in good time before the election.

Ingrahams have a Jack-Coat version of the Arden Coat, and thus Laura Ingraham can be pointed to by the Bracebridge medallion-on-hood too. InGRAHAMs share gold scallops with Grahams, and, they say, do-nothing / hapless / zeal-less / irresponsible / cowardly Lindsey Graham has been forced to bring Mueller and others to a Senate hearing, soon [I didn't know while writing here that Graham has released some potent docs, story below]. They are afraid merely of Democrat pimples, those mere children who take temper-tantrums if they don't get their way. Obama, the pimple, that's all he is. He's nothing. Take him to jail, and the world will continue to turn so long as Barr doesn't allow rioters to riot. It's going to cost a lot of money to arrest the leaders of rioters, but the alternative is to have the peoples money stolen by Obama's fellow mobsters.

On Friday (why Friday, end of week?), a substantial release, with Barr's permission, showed that the FBI was plain guilty to use Steele's dossier. As that is not news at all, the real news here is why Barr took this long to declassify this batch? The worse the things he now declassifies, the more he looks like a criminal oinker for not releasing them earlier, and still worse does Wray and Horowitz look for covering-up proofs of FBI guilt a lot longer than Barr.

Why did Barr wait until Steele's court case with the two Russians was ended before releasing this new material? This material could have helped the Russians to make their case harder against Steele. Is it preferable to protect a British man who's guilty rather than helping Russians who are innocent? Is that how the nation's chief of police is going to play? Here's the first dribbles of the story from Fox:

Here's a short Fox video on the same topic:

Bill Barr is now under more pressure to make the arrests warranted. Although Barr likely signed off on the release of this information, we should not automatically assume that it was his idea. My hope is that Barr was the person first responsible for the release, and that he's releasing it to justify the coming arrests. That's the best-possible scenario. Barr could be hoping to push arrests off for a couple of months more in hopes that Trump's support rises high enough (by other means) that key arrests aren't needed to put Trump over the top.

BCP has the story at the 20th minute, with a vehement Nunes calling on Barr for indictments. John Solomon looks happy:

Everyone knows that the crimes were conspiratorial sedition. If Barr conjures up far-lesser crimes to mete out, then he's a piece-of-trash, obstructionist facade. If he charges Comey with merely providing false evidence to a court, then Barr is trash. He has the goods to make a class-action prosecution against many conspirators at once, all guilty of sedition. If he can't muster that, then he's more a friend of the conspirators, and the nation will languish in haplessness.


Bongino's Friday show has a first section on a cashless society being pushed on the basis of not handling money (with our "dirty" hands) during the COVID threat. Bongino has been stressing the socialistic movement in the Democrat camp that is apparently seeking to throw democracy off in a bid to run a mild dictatorship as a stepping stone to a hard-core dictatorship. That sounds a lot like what we might expect of the Christian tribulation period, yet the "great tribulation" spoken of by Jesus concerns the invasion of Israel, though the book of Revelation claims a simultaneous war on Christians by the same invader of Israel. Watching prophecy means to remain non-worldly while keeping an eye out for the Middle East invader.

Some good news is that it's roundly discovered that children are not COVID-susceptible nor COVID-dangerous, meaning that the dictators won't be able to use the disease to force all kids to do school online.

You might be interested in this anti-vaccine warning, but there's no need to watch the entire video after you get the gist:

Here's Polly on another depressing child-molestation video; it has the Clinton story on Haiti briefly, and shows a clip of general Flynn accusing the Clintons of being in a child-trafficking operation. At the start of the video, where children are being rented / sold using Wayfair ads for general-product sales as a false front, we need to ask whether the ads are false-flag operations to make pro-Trumpers take the bait, because if Polly discovered these sales online, shouldn't the authorities have discovered them first, to close the operation in one day flat? OR, are we to think that the police have not made a move to stop Wayfair (purple logo)? There's key material in this video, but it's a depressing topic (don't get de-sensitized):

At 37:00 minutes, Polly mentions a Clintonite by the surname of Kim, working for Wayfair. At 37:22, she mentions a McKinsey company having some of its people at Wayfair. It just so happens that the Kim surname lists McKinseys, and it shares the Fraser cinquefoils, reminding of the walk-in freezer at the Luff residence. Dead children kept in a freeze state for their body parts? Why would God put that freezer in the home of the Luffs, if it has to do with child rape and murder? I'm stumped.

At 46:48 of Polly's video, I learn of a pro-pedophile company, PIE. The Pie surname came up, for the first time I can recall, in the second update of last month, and in the very next update, I mentioned them again like so while on the Ainsley surname's "country" motto term: "(I'd like to record that the single pile of Countrys/Cuntrys is shared by Pie's and Beach's.)" Actually, the Pie pile is colors reversed from the Beach pile. The Ainsleys came up due to the Inslee surname of the Washington-state governor i.e. Inslee's list Ainsleys. It had not to do with Ainsley Earhardt. Polly had just mentioned Comet Ping Pong pizza's role in pedophilia, and so here's what I wrote earlier in this update:

Ainsleys use a motto phrase, "For country," and the Countrys (share Earhardt fleur-de-lys) have a single pile in the colors of the same in the corner of the Beach Coat. The woman in the dream was on a beach! The Country chevron is COUNTERchanged (the heraldic term for a switch in colors), and Counters are listed with Conte's/Comitissa's. French Conte's are also Comet-like Comites', suggesting Comet Ping Pong pizza, for the beach is suspect as Jeffrey Epstein's beach.

So, to that picture, we can add the PIE company Polly brings up. She says that PIE survived for 10 years due to no media backlash, but I say it was due to a blind eye from the police, by design. Good cops? They can become evil overnight. Polly smiles as she ends the video, a sign of having become desensitized to the horrors of her topic.

The Paedophile Information Exchange [PIE] was affiliated to the National Council for Civil Liberties - now Liberty - in the late 1970s and early 1980s. But how did pro-paedophile campaigners operate so openly?

A gay rights conference backs a motion in favour of paedophilia. The story is written up by a national newspaper as "Child-lovers win fight for role in Gay Lib".

Faggots are a terrible horror on humanity. Stamp them out today, God warned us. Don't call them gay, call them disgusting pigs. God knows better than you. If you honor faggots, they will go after your children. They have allowed their sexual desires to go full-throttle in any manner possible; they have zero self-respect and therefore zero respect for others. They are prone to becoming rapists. Control yourselves, you debauched pigs.

There is no Wayfair surname, but the Ways and Fairs together have led to some interesting things, asking whether God is pointing to the leaders of Wayfair. The McKinseys above are sharing the McKinney Coat, which has a "suis prest" motto phrase. It's completely interesting that the suis-like Swiss surname share the Berne bear, for Switzerland's Berne was founded by Zahringer expected in the Zehrer surname. I've read the latter's description, with an axe in the Crest, but with giant hatchets in saltire on the Shield, in the colors of the giant arrows in saltire of KNOBS, first found in Bavaria with Zehrers. Some Bavarian liners used the bear too.

Here we go, we have a story. Allison Bauer of KNOB Hill FARMS. Bauers were first found in Bavaria and Austria, the latter being where Swiss' were first found. The top half of the Swiss Coat is that of English Charles', and it's the French Charles'/Charlotte's who can point to Hope Charlotte Hicks and to Charlotte Hicks on Epstein's island in the 1979 dream. Irish Charles' (share crowns with McKinneys) have the six-word motto of HOPpers (Hill tower). As we got here from the McKinney motto, keep in mind that Ainsley-connectable Hertzogs (Bavaria) share the blue wings of Bauers but also have the split-colors of grocery-store Groce's. Knob Hill Farms is a grocery chain. McKinneys were first found in Peebles-shire with Bauer branch Bowers, the latter sharing five bunched arrows with the Arms of Rothschild.

Irish Charles' share the STAVE (different colors) of Hawks, and AxelRODs (axes) named Hawkeswell. I'll show how Rods apply to Hatchets/Hackets and so keep in mind that Zehrers use both the axe and hatchet. The stave-point here is that Knob Hill Farms was owned (founded too, I think) by Mr. STAVros. Stave's are listed with the Northumberland Stevensons, a branch of which has a version of the Bern-connectable Barnstaple/BERNstaple bend-with-green-trefoils...which are the Hatchet/Hacket and Rod cinquefoils too. Aubins/Albins were at Barnstaple, and Aubin is a location near RODez.

We now have good reason to emphasize Hatchets/Hackets, connectable to the Hykes/Hacks, the latter first found in Devon with Barnstaple, and the Ways/Ways who share the three fish in pale (same colors) of Hatchets/Hackets. Already, we are that WAYfair here, and Miss Hicks was one of the Epstein-island women.

Fairs happen to have the Coat (giant anchor) of Ferme's/PHARMS/Fairholme's in colors reversed, while the latter Coat is the Hood/HOPE Coat exactly. Knob Hill FARMS, at our service, but it's also pointing to the hood on Epstein's island. Isn't that rather startling already? The Hackets even share a "Spes" motto term with English Hope's, and Spes-like Space's/Speccots were first found in Devon with the Allison-connectable Hoods/Hoots (anchor) who share the fret with Space's/Speccots. There's a lot of food-for-thought here.

It may have occurred to us that some of the teen hookers employed by Epstein went on to become models and even political-influential moles. I have been suggesting that Hope Hicks, a professional model, was a mole in the Trump camp, but haven't been able to confirm it. I now know (recently discovered) that the Mole's share the Knee phoenix, and there is a knee scene in the Epstein-island dream.

Hatchets/Hackets are the ones allowing us to include the Ways into this discussion, and the Way Crest is a baton while Zehrers share the axe with Battins/BADENs (eye) while Zahringers ruled in Germany's Baden. Battins/Badens were first found in Somerset with two Axe rivers, one of which ends in Devon, where Hykes'/Hacks, Ways and Space's/Speccots were first found. I'm including the latter as per the Watt SPECTacles, for Watts share the eye with Battins/Badens.

The McKinneys share the Keith stag head and are said to have lived on Keith lands. Keiths, whose short pale bars can be on the red shirt of the man in the Zehrer Crest, were first found in East Lothian with the Seatons at the end of Devon's Axe river. Seatons/Sittens named Sitten of Switzerland. Zehrers use the AXE, as do AxelRODs, and Rods (share Hatchets/Hackett trefoil one color) with Rocks (share Hatchets/Hacket trefoil both colors) are from the marriage of Hugh of RODez to a woman from Roquefeuil. Near Rodez is Aubin, and while Aubins are listed with Albins (Devon), Italian Albino's share three green trefoils in Crest with Hatchets/Hackets (both have blue Shields to boot). Are we being pointed to globalist, money-grubbing Rockefellers?

The Ways' came up earlier in this update as per the "always" motto term of Ainsleys, though there is an Always surname that could make it wrong to lump the Ways in with that motto term. Still, Ainsley Earhardt is in the Epstein-island dream. The Ainsley motto has "my", and Hatchets/Hackets use "Spes mea" while My's/Mea's share the blue fitchee of Aubins/Albins.

Hatchets/Hackets and Ways share the fish in the Arms of Saraka, the Shark line at the start of the Epstein-island / 1979 dream. The Hatchet/Hacket Chief has the green trefoil, the Shark symbol too. Sharks were related to Tyrone's Neils who in turn share the red estoiles of Prests in the McKinney motto. Hagans were first found in Tyrone too who share the blue-on-white fish with Kidneys/GEDneys, tending to prove that the shark in the kidney-shaped pool was a pointer to the Shark surname, but also to the Ged fish shared by Ways and Hatchets/Hackets. The Kidney/Gedney saltire formed by two fish is in the colors of the Neil/Nail saltire. The Nihills of Irish Neils are in the motto of Fair-branch Vere's.

Back to Knob Hill FARMs, which entered the discussion with the Zehrer hatchets (Knob connectable), who in turn came to topic from the "suis" motto term of McKinneys because Swiss' have the bear of Berne, founded by Zahringers. The Neils above are linkable to the Proctor nails, and Miss Earhardt of Epstein-island married Mr. Proctor and Mr. McKinney. PHARM-branch Fairs, who share the FORMan anchor (both colors), were first found in Cumberland with Burns (descended from Bernes'), and Ferme's/Pharms/Fairholme's were first found in Midlothian (near / with McKinneys of Keiths) with the Roslin location of Sinclairs/SUNs. FIRMans, sharing the gold anchor of Formans, use a SUN in Crest, and Formans share double, wavy fesses (different colors) with Ways. That looks like it spells WayFAIR. The double Forman fesses are in the colors of the double, wave pale bars of Ains'.

[Hours after writing here, I learned that Miss Earhardt had Hayden as her first child. One English Hayden surname uses "FERME EN foy," and Fermens are listed with Formans who share the Ferme/Pharm anchor. I am absolutely impressed. The black bull in the Hayden Crest is also the one of Beautys/Bowoods, who made it into the dream's victory scene. Two Foy surnames are also Foix's, what a foxincidence. One Foy/Foix surname was first found in Auvergne with the fox-using Fes'/Feys mentioned earlier, and English Foys are Feys too. Hard-like Herods, from Herod Antipas, were living in Comminges, right beside the Foix area of France, itself beside Rockefeller-line Roquefeuil. Blood counts for nothing. half of Europe could have Herod blood by now. However, there are expected to be Illuminatists / anti-Christs who know they descend from Herods, and love it as some sort of self-appointed, special right to rule the world.]

Irish Farmers, can we believe it, share the lion heads of Firmans and Lovers/Luffs, and the latter's Crest shares the red fitchee with the Firman Crest! "It's you she loves"!!! As was said, there was a wedding scene after God said, "it's you she loves," and Lovers/Luffs have three of the double Weed/Weddin fesses, and one of the Wedding fesses. Weeds/Weedins share a black martlet in Crest with McKinney-beloved Prests, and Weddings are in the colors and format of English Farms/Farmers/Fermare's. Compare the latter and Irish Farmers to Dance's, first found in Yorkshire with Firmens, Weddings and Keppochs (Kepke, who loved to dance, worked for Knob Hill Farms).

Weeds/Weedins named Weedon Beck, a possible Beach/Beck liner. The latter (share Pie pile) were first found in Hertfordshire with Prests. This view makes the woman of the wedding scene look more like Miss Earhardt than Miss Hicks, and suddenly it begs whether Miss Earhardt had been a pedo-product. God forbid, but she did write two children's books (as have many normal people). Fox news still employs Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer, when he was charged with pedophilia, Alan Dershowitz. It would be very shocking if Earhardt was a pedo-product in her youth, and then elevated by Fox news because even the owner of Fox is an Epstein tool / puppet.

The owner of Fox is Rupert Murdoch, and Murdochs share the raven hanging on an arrow with Margys/Mackeys (Ayrshire, same as Are's/Ayers). The latter won't come up as "Mackey," one needs to enter "Margy," yet Margys are not shown listed. Then, "Mackesy" brings up MARGesons even though Mackesys are not shown listed. The "loyalite" motto term of Mackesys/Margesons was reckoned (by me) as code for the Lolita/Loyola surname, and Jeffrey Epstein's plane of sin is the Lolita Express. That's how the Fox owner got pegged as a possible Epstein player last year.

I left Texas for the last time in roughly the fall of 2005. The city of choice for specialty shopping was San Antonio, where Earhardt started to work in 2005. She was married when living in San Antonio to Mr. McKinney, and one McKinney Coat has the Coffee fesse. I lived on the Nueces river as predicted by my newspaper and coffee in Victoria, while News'/Newes' are probably a branch of noose-like Nuce's/Newes' sharing the Necker pale bar. Epstein was hung with a make-shift noose around his neck, and Margys/Mackeys and Murdocks have ravens "hanging" (I've read and recorded the official description; website no longer available).

In 2005, [Ainsley Earhardt] she moved to San Antonio to work for the CBS affiliate KENS 5. “Everybody knew she was a star,” says Deborah Knapp, an anchorwoman at the station. Just after Earhardt’s thirtieth birthday [about 2006], she interviewed at Fox News. “All I could think was how did I get here?” she writes of sitting in Roger Ailes’s office, overlooking Rockefeller Center. “It had to be God.”

An alternative view is that God is pointing to Earhardt, not because she was a pedo-product, but because Fox owners and managers have been.

An alternative theory is that God used Miss Hicks as the dream's hooker, because Hicks' can be linked to Hucks, Hooks and Hookers, while using Earhardt as an alternative woman for a different, non-hooker reason. That reason could be all about the Q-storm victory we have been needing to see.

I'm writing this section on Saturday. The molar that had pointed to the teeth of the shark in the Epstein-island dream, broke yesterday. The top part of the molar broke in half about a year ago, and became very strong (though still infected) and healthy my staying low on sugar intake. But yesterday, the other half broke off from it's counterpart all the way down to the root. This half is still in the gum, but very loose. I'm working up the courage to pull it with needle-nose pliers. I tried last night, but chickened out. I'll be able to have sweet things again, wow, when finally I get the dentist to pull the other half out of the gum. I'm trying to figure out if this means anything from God. Is it a sign of the shark going toothless now/soon?

Roger Ailes was Fox news' CEO, and would have wanted to sleep with Earhardt without doubt. Did she give to him to keep the job? Ailes "resigned in July of 2016 after allegations of sexual assault were made by 23 women...In 2016, after he left Fox News, he became an adviser to the Donald Trump campaign, where he assisted with debate preparation." (Wikipedia). Earhardt had been with Fox 10 years by then. Ailes was a political animal for a string of Republican presidents from Nixon through to George Herbert Scherff and Donald Trump.

It's interesting that Vail-like Ailes' are in Vailes/Fails and Vail/Vale colors while Vails share two red fitchees with Irish Farmers, both in Crests, in the type of red fitchee found in the Loves/Luff Crest. Didn't God point Earhardt to the Loves when she acted as Epstein's hooker in the 1979 dream?

OHHHHH WWOOOWIE! Vailes'/Fails share the fesse of Yellows (Oxfordshire, same as Loves/Luffs), and Vailes' and Yellows share the black fesse with YOO's/Yells. "it's YOO she loves"!!! Vailes' and Vails share the same spread eagle, and Vailes throw in the stag head used also by Beach-branch Beckers.

Helping to prove that Beckers belong in this Loves/Luff discussion, recall the two green snakes on the Luff dream, for Beckers have a "Bis" motto term while the Biss Crest probably has the two, green VISconti snakes, for Vise's/Vice's share a black stag head with Beckers / Vailes'. Plus, the Biss Crest is described as two snakes "respecting EACH OTHER" while Others/Otters are said to be from lords of Lombardy. Visconti's ruled the Lombardy capital, and they were Sforza kin while Sforza's share the each lion. The Visconti snake is called a BIScione, and there is a Bissone location Uses double Visconti snakes) in Switzerland's Ticino canton, not far from Novara, home of a branch of Laevi Gauls. Biss' use the Meschin scallops (possibly in the form of the Necker pale bar, for Dutch Neckers have another stag head).

Bissone is in Lugano, and Logans/Ducks share the Proctor nails. The Proctor nails act as three pale bars in the colors of the three Ailes pale bars. That's impressive as per the original reason that I've come here, as per an heraldic look-see on a possible Earhardt relationship with Mr. Ailes. Earhardt didn't come out against Ailes nor O'Reilly. Maybe they're innocent of the charges.

Proctors share the red martlet with Bash's, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Childs, Becker-branch Beach's/Becks and Biss-like Bish's Hmm. Ainsleys were at Basford of the Bashfords (share white eagles with Childs). There is even a Bissone-like Bashone/BarSHAM surname sharing the Ailes Coat but with red pale bars (compare with Langfords for a possible trace to PIEdmont's Langhe). "SHAMrocks" (green trefoils) are used by Dutch Seys' (Bish / Bashone/Barsham colors) who happen to share the chevron of Bish's. The only true shamrocks I know of are used by Tackle's, feasibly in the Watt / Vatt "specTACLES." Vatts are also Watters' while English Waters (Loves/Luff-connectable) share the Epstein Coat.

The six pale bars of Langfords are those also of Coats'/Cotes', the latter first found in Staffordshire with Docks, and then Murdochs are also MurDOCKs. Put that together with a Langford link to Ailes'. With Loves'/Luffs suspect with a Laevi line to Levi's, we can now add that the Loves/Luff lion head is in the Murdoch Crest while Murdochs use an "Omine SECUNDo" motto with term like the "second" of Levi's. The latter share triple black chevrons with COTYS'/Archdeacons. Archdeacon titles passed to Carews (Carrick colors), who in turn share a "bien" motto term with Carricks, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Murdochs and their MARGY/Mackey hanging-raven kin. It makes Margys suspect with Marjory/MARGaret Carrick of Ayrshire. So, with Levi-like Leavells at Cary castle, the latter looks like a Carrick-line entity. Craggs, who share the black Carrick dog, use LEAVES, making Carricks look like Leavell/Level kin. The latter are also Lovells.

It just so happens that I trace Carrick's Craig ancestry, and the Hanger-branch Anchors, to ACRAGas, otherwise known as Agrigento on Sicily.

The anchors in the Forman/Ferman Chief explain why the Chief is a version of the Anchor/Annacker Chief, and so note that the latter is a red version of the Anger Chief. Then, while we saw the hanging ravens with Murdochs, Hangers are Angers too, and connectable to Nagle's and therefore to Nails/Nagle's. Nail-liner Mr. Proctor was Hayden's father, and the Proctor Coat is a version of the Ailes Coat. Repeat: "Hours after writing here [on Formans], I learned that Miss Earhardt had Hayden as her first child. One English Hayden surname uses "FERME EN foy," and Fermens are listed with Formans who share the Ferme/Pharm anchor. I am absolutely impressed."

The Neils/Nails are also Nagle's, namers of Oneglia, home of a branch of Heart-like and Arthur-branch ARDuinici, tending to explain why Logans/Ducks use the heart. This heart is "pierced" by the nails. Another branch of Arduinici were at IVREA, and Leavells/Levels, at YVERY, were from Percivals, first found in Somerset with Pierce's and Leavells/Levels. The woman in the dream was HOVERing LEVEL (lying flat on her back), and I've just found Overys/Overmans/Offermans from "Yvery / Ivrea."

[While writing the paragraph above, the song over my speakers was "Write your story." I wasn't conscious of it until the paragraph was finished, when Battistelli sang, "Write your story on my HEART." I wasn't going to mention this at first, but I now think He wants Miss Earhardt to write a story of some kind. What kind? Note that the Story surname is in Stormy colors, and recall that Storms have the triple Loves/Luff fesses. Incredible, and I do not lie with this work; it happened just as I've just said. As Storys use swans traceable with Swans/Sions to Switzerland's Sion (near Lugano), note that Stormys have the bear design once used (saw it with my own eyes years ago) for the Berne's of Switzerland. As I'm on Mr. Proctor here, let's repeat from earlier in this update: "...the "suis" motto term of McKinneys because Swiss' have the bear of Berne, founded by Zahringers".]

Next, Iverys were re-loaded to see a lion holding a gold fleur-de-lys in Crest. Overys/Overmans have a leopard in Crest holding a gold fleur-de-lys. The Overy/Overmann lion is red, the color of the Loves/Luff lion head, and both surnames were first found in Oxfordshire. That works, for she was hovering when God said, "it's you she loves." Come-on, Ainsley, we have a Rapture to attend, you've got to do what you've got to do for God at this time, never mind so-much your own career.

Hmm, "In 2008, Proctor [quarterback]...won the Grey Cup with the [Calgary] Stampeders in 2008." That's the year I drove through Calgary after staying the winter on Vancouver Island. In April/May, I took the FERRY from VICTORIA (Vancouver Island) to the mainland, and, zikers, Ferrys (Lanarkshire, same as Swans/Sions and Heart-related Hardys) are also Ivery-like Verys. They have lions in both colors of the Loves/Luff / Farmer lion heads. The lion in the Forman Chief is colors reversed from the red lion in the Overy/Overmann Chief. The latter Chief is gold, as is the Chief of Verys/Verrers, first found in Norfolk, same as Overys/Overmanns! It just made a Ferry link to Overys, suggesting branches. Loves/Luffs were once said to have been found in Suffolk i.e. beside Norfolk.

Did you notice the city of Victoria? Oh, and wow, I had stayed at a friend's place (a male) on Vancouver Island, named Cary by first name. Leavells/Levels of Yvery were at Cary Castle! She was HOVERing LEVEL!! Wow!!! Cary's father is Carl, and Carls share the pomegranate with French Crispins while English Crispins, with nearly the triple Loves/Luff / Storm fesses, were found in Oxfordshire with Loves/Luffs. Can you make heraldry sing like that with your cross-country trips?

I now remember that there was a missing child while I was staying on Vancouver Island, up at Nanaimo. The community was asked to help look for the child, and, if I recall correctly, they blamed his disappearance on a freak wave of the ocean coming in. But under the circumstances of what we just read, it looks like a sex-trade abduction.

"Nanaimo" suggests a peek at the Nanns, and they happen to share the checkered Shield of AINcourts, a possible pointer to Ainsley. Nannys are the ones expected with the Bruce lion for the Bruce's of ANNANdale. It's the Q-Anon line.

Repeat from above: "I left Texas for the last time in roughly the fall of 2005. The city of choice for specialty shopping was San Antonio, where Earhardt started to work in 2005. She was married in while in San Antonio to Mr. McKinney, and one McKinney Coat has the Coffee fesse. I lived on the Nueces river as predicted by my newspaper and coffee in Victoria..." That's Victoria, Texas, and Cary flew down to visit me in Texas that last year of 2005. He then flew to Hawaii (I think he owned land there), in case that means anything. I sold the Texas place while in Canada, and because Cary asked me to help him finish his house on Vancouver Island, I drove out in late 2007. So, you see, this Cary who figures into Earhardt heraldry was the reason that I took a ferry from Victoria, Canada. Wasn't Obama involved with both Hawaii and Vancouver?

After viewing the video below, featuring Trump's words on the 9-11 disaster, I'd say that he sounds like he knew the event was staged. He deserves punishment for lying about it, and covering for it all this time. It is impossible for normal people who studied most of the photos of the Trade Center (not just the two pillars) and Pentagon not to realize that the Trade Center was not destroyed by two planes. So, Trump is a fraud on the 9-11 issue, and I still think that Rudy Giuliani knew the event to be staged, as do all media bosses. It means that the United States has become a very sick nation controlled by people who are afraid to speak the truth they believe for fear of political punishment from the mobsters. In that case, mobsters will rule.

If there is a place to move right out of the United States, it might not be a bad idea. Something to think about. Note that Trump's wall will serve to keep Americans from escaping to Mexico as the nutbars clamp down on the people. When they demand for all of us to go faceless in masks, they are up to something big. The more time they have to act, the longer they can plan their next destructive moves. It's to be expected until they get power back, and if they do, it will be worse than what now exists.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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