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July 7 - 13, 2020

Pointers to Harvey Weinstein
I Had a Bear Visit
John Bash of Texas Our Present Hope
The Scalia Murder and Istvan Von Habsburg-Lothringa

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

The last update showed again why Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Barr are pointed to together, possibly being due to Bill Barr's father being the principal of a Dalton school when Epstein was hired as one of its teachers, a MATH teacher. Maths/Matthews, if their triple chevrons were in colors reversed, would share three red chevrons with Epsteins. (Load Math link now for opening a new tab for loading other surnames, to follow better.)

I have just come to another pointer that may include George Bush. It's been about three days, here on Monday morning, since the story of Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest, but Trump's tweet team has been advised / directed not to mention her. Trump is very much afraid of her arrest, and we have not heard anything from Barr either, though we must. I am very confident that Barr covered for the killers of Epstein, unless they let him go free with Barr's nod. There is just something not-right about this story.

I watched a video on Harvey Weinstein's guilt last night, and then loaded the Weinstein/Weiner Coat. Weinstein is a pig who demands from his female employees, models, to participate in sexual acts with him at the cost of losing their jobs if they refuse. It's notable that Weinsteins, looking like they have a Coat version of the Ice's/Ecke's (Mecklenburg, same as German Trumps/Tromps), share the spread eagle of Dutch Trumps, both Coats being split in half.

By some coincidence or not, I had loaded the Eppes surname earlier yesterday, and so I note that Weinsteins could have the Eppes lion, which may also be the Papp/Papadopoli lion since "Eppes" may have developed from Pepp- / Pepe-like term. Pepe's/Peppards share the martlets of Wrays, and Mr. Wray is Barr's obstructionist FBI chief. "Peppard" is like the Eppard variation of German Eppes'. The "valore" motto term of Pepe's/Peppards recalls the recent dream with Valery and RAY Luff (old friends of mine) with walk-in freezer that could have connected with Darlene Ray/Wray (not sure of the spelling), an ICE-cream girl in my discussions. Freeze's/Freys have a horse version of a Ray Coat to prove that God was the author of the dream.

The Luff dream pointed with Valerys to POPPA of Valois. See a pattern? It's the Pimp variation of Pape's/Pope's that puts this all together in a comprehensible way, because Epstein was a pimp, though I don't think I've realized the half of the meanings of the Luff dream as yet. Pape's/Pope's were first found in Caithness with Andrews (pointer to prince Andrew?), and the latter's "Victrix" motto term can be expected partly for Victoria's. I recently saw a video telling that Epstein wanted Maxwell to tell the young girls that they were applying for positions with Victoria's Secrets. By what coincidence do Andrews share the saltire of Prince's!? Did God arrange this Epstein pointer to prince Andrew by way of Pimps/Pape's...and why are they also Pope's?

Recall the newspaper purchase in Victoria, for that pointed to the News'/Nuces' while NEWtons are the ones with an "eastern PRINCE" in Crest. Does this mean that my newspaper in Victoria pointed to Epstein's ruse with Victoria's Secrets? Yes, apparently because it's stunning that the Nuse's/Newes', with two pale bars in colors reversed from the one of German Neckers, pointed to the NOOSE around Epstein's neck. I was driving a Nissan pick-up when purchasing the newspaper, and noose-like Nose's are listed with Ness'/Nessans.

Prince's use pineAPPLE's while Eppes' are also Epple's, isn't that something? Why do Apple's share the martlets of Harveys? The latter can be connected by blood to Garveys having two of the three Epstein chevrons.

Newtons use "shin bones" (in Luff/Lovey colors) while English Shins/Chinns (Somerset, same as Stur river), looking connectable to Hookers, share triple-red fesses with Luffs/Loveys and the EASTER-branch Sturs, thus explaining the EASTERN prince. Compare Hooker-like Hoke's/Hooks to Harveys. The Luff dream gave the Luffs wavy, green snakes for tongues that pointed with little doubt to the Asclepios rods of Huckabys (share Valery Chief-Shield colors) and owl-using Hucks, yet Huckabys are also HOKEstaple's, first found in Devon with Hoke's/HOOKs and BarnSTAPLE's, and Staple's even share the Hoke/Hook fleur-de-lys. (I didn't see any evidence that this was God's pointer to Mike Huckabee.)

The Luff dream now seems to be a pointer to Hooks and Hookers, and so we can now add that Tongue's share the martlets of Harveys who in turn have a version of the Hook Coat. The black boar in the Harvey Crest is connectable to the black boar of Gardens/Jardens because the latter were first found in the same place as Jardins who in turn have the Coat roughly of Staple-like Stable's/Staplers. The latter share acorns with Dutch Tromps, making sense because Val Trompia is at lake GARDa, where Gardens should trace.

I don't like making stretchy heraldic links. I like the links to be fairly direct as proof that God is making them. Here I can say that Luffs/Loveys were once said to be first found in Suffolk with the Muscats who share their lion heads, as well as sharing two of their three fesses, and then Muschats (with the 'h') share the Epstein and Water Coats. That's not a stretch at all; it's a neat-little package. The double Muscat fesses are those also of Nose's/Ness'/Nessans. To prove that Waters and Epsteins share the same Coat for a related reason, we can appeal to the heraldic "water bouget," said to be a water container though it looks nothing like one. I've always wondered why it's shaped that way.

The walk-in freezer at the Luff residence was found to double as a coat closet, as a pointer to Dan Coats...who was in charge of U.S. Intelligence when Epstein was arrested. They say that Epstein works a blackmail service for Intelligence animals. It's not a stretch to conclude that Epstein's jail fate was brought on with the assistance of Intelligence as well as that of Wray's FBI (Wray's job was to shun the realities and go with the concocted official story put out by Barr: a major storm of mere screw-ups by the jailhouse. There's not a chance that such a story can be true.

English Eppes' are listed with what I usually call the Apps'/Abbs', who share the Dalton fesse and the SCHOOL/Schole lozenges. It looks like a pointer to the Dalton school. The Schools/Schole's have a lozengy Shield half in the colors of the same of German Hansons, and Miss Hanson was the other ice-cream girl while English Hansons have mascles (hollow lozenges) in the colors of the School/Schole / Eppes/Apps lozenges. As was said, ice-CREAM points to Crema in LOMBARDy, and Scottish Lombards not only share the lozengy Shield of Hansons, but throw in the Weinstein/Weiner eagle, minus the tail.

Abbys share a version of Eppes/Apps/Abbs Coat: "The first record was of Donald Abbe of Brechin in 1178..." Brechins (Angus, same as Abbys) share the Bucket/Buchard Coat. Although there is no Bouget surname coming up, the Buckets have got to be part of the creation of water bougets. French Buckets are also Boquets and share the cinquefoils of Gangs/Geggs, and the latter look related to Bags. The last update began to surmise that a sleeping bag is God's code for hookers, for Baghs and Hookers share the same, vaired fesse.

Buckets/BUCHARDs share holly in their Crest with Maxwells, what a surprise, since Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein's hooker manager. Maxwells use a "holly BUSH," and Buchard-like Bushards are properly shown as BARRard. How did that happen? Bushers share the Weinstein/Weiner Shield lion. OH WOW, Italian Paloma's, like "Apple," sharing the Bushard/Barrard Coat, were first found in BARi of Apple-like Apulia! Aside from knowing this Apple link to Bari, I have repeatedly mocked Bill Barr by saying he would rather eat apple pie than do the work of an attorney general. I didn't use "apple pie" as his theme because Pie's were first found in Herefordshire with Barrels (I didn't know it at the time).

Apple's have two pale bars formed by their six martlets in the colors of the double pale bars of Spanish Paloma's. My old event at a La Paloma BAR pointed to the murder of judge SCALia, and here we can point add that the Eppes/Apps and Abby scallops are those also of Scale's. Did Epstein's blackmail ring try to get Scalia compromised? I can think of nothing more logical.

As I've said, a schoolmate of mine, Michael Buchard, shared the same double-driveway (i.e. they were neighbors) as the Barry who was in the last update with Mamie, the lady in whose sleeping bag I slept on the night that Barry pointed to Barrs of Brunswick and Bar-le-Duc. It seems that God set up my kiss with Buchard's girlfriend (don't recall her name), before they were together, in a kitchen, for Kitchens use water bougets.

There was a sleeping bag in a 1979 dream of mine. I picked it up on a slope in the bush/woods, and David Morley circled it. There was nothing else on the sleeping bag in this dream...which went on to point to Morleys/Mauls (see last update) who happen to share the scallops of Eppes'/Apps' and Abbys. They are the scallops also of Tailbois', the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Buckets/Buchards.

To help prove that God has arranged heraldry to point to Harvey Weinstein, Hooks have a Coat version of the Harveys, the latter first found in Norfolk with Hookers, Bags and Gangs/Geggs (Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed). As Harveys share the martlets of Apple's and Applebys while Eppes'/Eppards are also Epple's, it could be that these pointers indicate a Harvey-Weinstein link to Epstein's line of work. I was given reason to believe that Geneva, the daughter of Miss Hicks, was a pointer to pedophilia, and Harvey / Garvey liners happen to be the namers of Arve river flowing smack to Geneva. Garveys have two of the triple Epstein chevrons.

The Bonneville location on the Arve can connect with the "bon" motto term of Hicks, and the Hooks were instrumental, in the last update, for showing how Miss Hicks was playing a model-hooker on Epstein's island (in the 1979 dream). The Hucks, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, share the double chevrons of Baggets/Bagots.

I wanted to include Gardens in this discussion for multiple reasons. Sharing the black boar head with Harveys, Gardens looked connectable to Hookers shortly above. Harveys are Haveys and Hafeys too, and there are boar heads in the Coat of Scottish Hafeys/Haffys/CAFFEE's (Chaff/Chaffee colors) that looks like a version of the Mountain Coat in turn sharing the Harvey / Apple martlets. My coffee and newspaper in Victoria, which pointed to the hanging of Epstein in his jail cell (see last update), had earlier pointed to Motels of Apulia! And here we find an Apple link to Caffee's just as Apple's disclosed themselves as Apulia liners thanks to Barr liners heavily expected from Bari. (Scottish Hafeys were at Craig Caffe in Inch).

My La Paloma event was all about a kiss from Miss Peare; Pero's/Perino's have one of the double Paloma pale bars, in colors reversed from the pale bar formed by a ladder in the Scalia Coat. Peare and I rushed up the stairs = scala to kiss for the first time outside the La Paloma front doors. We (teens at the time) were getting away from Mr. KEPke, down in the BAR, when he wasn't looking. Keeps (same place as Cofferts) share the bend of Barr-connectable Lorraine's.

The last time I saw Peare (after Kepke and she broke things off), as little as a month before meeting Lorraine at her bus stop, I wrongly went with her to a BAR. Within about five minutes, she got up from our table and danced with some friend who came along (as they were dancing, I walked out the back door). Italian Dance's (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's) have four of the Pero/Perino pale bar, and the "flaming star" of Pero's/Perino's is suspect with the comet of Reines' (Pisa Coat colors reversed) for a pointer to Comet Ping Pong pizza, hub of Washington pedophilia / satanism. Kepke, who eventually got engaged with Peare, loved to play ping pong with me in his basement at the time that Peare entered our lives.

The day after I slept in Mamie's sleeping bag, she got a thigh symbol at her garden. The Gardens/Jardens use a "JUNGunter" motto term while Jungs/Youngs/June's have a stag in Trump/Tromp stag colors. Val TROMPia happens to be at Lake GARDa, you see, tending to nail the Trumps as kin of Jungs. I'm getting the impression that Mamie too represents a hooker or escort for the pointers at hand. She was involved in a pointer to Anthony Weiner's wife, and Weiners look connectable to Litts and Liddle's.

"JunGUNTER" looks like code also for Welsh Gunters, who use gauntlet gloves, code for the line of John of Gaunt, husband of Catherine Swynford, and Swynfords happen to share the black boar with Gardens. It appears that God is in this because Welsh Gunters were first found in Breconshire while Brecons are listed with Brechins (Angus, same as Gardens/Jardens and Jardins), the ones sharing the Bucket Coat. In the trash-can dream, the Barr trash can was also a bucket thanks to it being a drum-barrel too, for Drummonds use a "Gang" motto term while French Buckets share the Gang/Gegg cinquefoils.

Catherine Swynford was born, Miss Roet, and Roets have boar heads in the colors of the Hafey boar heads, in the colors of the Harveys/Hafeys...which now seems as though we can point Mamie's garden / sleeping-bag event to Harvey Weinstein's crimes. But why should Trump be in this too? Well, as a casino owner, he would have been acquainted with its hookers, and we could imagine Trump sleeping with such bags habitually.

The Baggat write-up: "Sir William Bagot (died 1407), politician and administrator under Richard II, began career in politics in Warwickshire under the Earl of Warwick, served both John of Gaunt and his son Henry Bolingbroke, as well as Thomas de MowBRAY, 1st Duke of Norfolk..." The Flacks/Flecks of Norfolk can explain the Flax breaker of Brays/Brae's, and Breakers are listed with Brechin-like Brechs (Shropshire, same as Sleeps, and beside/near Breconshire).

Good Morning Tuesday

It was a hot night, a bad sleep. I awoke having a torturous dream, like when I'm at work. But it wasn't a dream, maybe, but more like a Message. All I remember (no scenes) was Kepke, Points and Pounds. When I awoke, I looked for clues on whether this was a message from God, and it all led to BARRows and Little's, recalling the trash-can lid suspect as a message for Bill Barr.

The Points and Pounds share the same-type fitchee cross with straight edges on the ends of the arms. The Smiths have the same fitchee too. Points have fingers pointing so as to be from Podebrady (Bohemia). My first impression was that, maybe, prince George of Hungary married a Kepke line. Kepke's ping-pong symbol gets us to RIMs/Rums ("PUNGit") to the Pungs/Pings/Pongs/Pagans connectable to Panico's of BONonia, home of proto-Bohemian Boii.

The Pounds and Ponts / Ponds were first found in Hampshire, beside the two Podebrady lines of Babe's and George's. I can glean that Pounds (share Salome stars), Ponts and Ponds were related to the Buttons/Bidens and Butts/Bute's/Boets; I have the sense that the importance to this is a connection of Salome of Boethus (Sadducee) to rulers of the Pontus.

Due to the Smiths using the Pound fitchee in colors reversed, I recalled a dream of a few years ago in which Kepke was walking up my driveway toward the garage, where I park my Jeep. He was right-smack where the lid fell off of the trash can a few weeks ago. He was followed by a sickly (skinny, almost all bones) stag that I always decipher with the Sichs, and they happen to use fountains having three wavy fesses in colors reversed from the same of Drummonds. Prince George above was father of Drummonds. The trash can in the door-handle-BARRel dream doubled as a drum barrel as a pointer to Drummonds. So far, so good.

The Sichs use a TORtoise, as do Chalk-branch CHAUCers, which I've regarded as part-code for the TOREATae scythians at lake Maeotis, otherwise called AZov, which can explain the "ASSiduus" motto term of Sichs. Toreatae were a fellow tribe with Sadducee-suspect Sittaceni. Panico's were at the Setta valley. Seatons/Sittens named Sitten (Sion), and Sions/Swans share the swan with Chalks. So far, all looking good, for Kepke's name is suspect with the line naming Joseph Caiaphas. I feel that I was given a clue for tracing "Kepke" to "Kepoi" (Taman peninsula) to the near-south of Azov, all of this in CAUCasia i.e. looks like the proto-Chalks.

Chalks happen to share three, white wavy fesses with German Drummonds. Chalks were at Aylesford, and Aylesfords use the pears of Peare-related ABOTTs (suspect as a Butt/Boet line from the Boethus Sadducees. Aylesfords have a black boar head in Crest, the color of the same of Ponds / Ponts / Ponders. The latter are beloved in the CHEPman/Chapman motto while JEEPma's are also Cheps. Paul Smith had owned a red Jeep 35 years before I did.

I found the Tose's/Tows'/Touse's as per "torTOISE," and they have the crossed swords of BARRows, very important for linking to rulers of the Pontus. I'll get to that later. Tose's/Touse's make a saltire with their swords in the colors of the Little saltire. Tose's/Touse's, with a bird head (eagle, I think) pierced by a sword, were first found in Somerset with Pierce's. The tortoise-using Sichs: "The surname was originally derived from Sykes-Dyke near Carlisle in Cumberland." Little's are said to have had a branch 20 miles north of Carlisle.

I now take us back to my kissing the lady in the kitchen, who would become the lady of Mr. Bucher (or "Boucher"), the pointer to the Buckets/Buchards (share cinquefoils with Drummond-beloved Gangs/Geggs). The Kiss'/Cush's share fountains with Sichs, and I kissed both of Kepke's fiancees at the La Paloma BAR. Italian Paloma's share the giant dove of Buchard-like Bushards, listed with BARRards. Bush's have black boars in the colors of the boar heads above, but Bush's also share the fleur-de-lys of BARRows ("sufFICit") and Fix's, the latter suspect in the "TransFIXus" motto term of Walsh's. One fiancee I kissed at La Paloma was Kim Walsh (the other was Miss Peare), and Walsh's (PIERCED swan) share the pheons of Pagan-branch Page's who have doves in Paloma- / Bushard-dove colors. George Bush Jr. married Laura Walsh, and George Bush Sr. married Barbara PIERCE.

By the way, the fitchees in this discussion are likely code for Fitch's/FICKets (leopard FACE's), and Fix's are also Ficks. The wavy fesse of Fix's is blue, the color of the wavy fesses in the Kiss / Sich fountains, and Barrows share the crossed swords of Fix- and Face-connectable Feschs/FECKters/Vechters. The latter look like a branch of Victor(ia)s sharing the Pound / Salome stars. The importance here is where Barrows and Tose's/Touse's will connect us to king Pharnaces of the Pontus, suggesting that Simon and Salome Boethus were connected to him. The Tous'/Tosini's are said to have buttons on their shirt, and Bidens/Buttons with Ponts / Ponds / Pounds share the fesse of Butts/Boets, you see. It's clear as day.

The Sick motto looks like code for the Assi's using a FASCes. German Fishers/Fischs (look connectable to Butts/Boets) use wavy water and the Weinstein/Weiner lion, recalling that Waters share the Epstein Coat. German Ash's use the Epstein Coat in colors reversed, and the "Duce" motto term of these Ash's look linkable to the "ASSiDUUS" term of Sichs. The latter's motto is translated, "He is wise who is industrious," and English Wise's have triple chevrons in white, same as German Ash's. In colors reversed, the Wise chevrons can be the two of English Ash's.

The "morTUUS" motto term of Walsh's is like the ending on "torTOISE," and as Kepke was engaged to Miss Walsh, this makes Toreatae look like their were in Kepoi of Caucasia. Walsh's are from Wallachia, which I think included the TROTus river, possible related to "TORToise." The COTESii and ROXolani were on the BUZua not far from the Trotus, and Trots share the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotes'. Between the Buzau and the Trotus is the RIMNa river of the Benjamites from Israel's RIMMON, explaining why Scottish Walsh's (ROXburghshire) have a Coat version of the Benjamins (Norfolk, same as BUS'). There are good arguments for connecting Rimna-river liners to Rims/Rums (Dumfries, same as Wallachia-like Walks).

Scottish Walsh's were first found in Roxburghshire with Scottish Leavells sharing the three piles of Youngs, and I watched Vince Pierce PUNCH Kepke in the mouth on Rick (Richard) Young's driveway. Ricks and Rich's can both be traced to Lorraine, and Lorraine's share the Keep bend. Pons/Punch's/POYNTZ's (look like a Pound / Pont / Point branch) have fessewise BARs (called "barry") in the colors of the triple fesses of Scottish Drummonds. Pierce's are also Peare-like Piers, and they have a form of the Fish Coat while Smiths, in Pearce / Fish colors and format, use the fish. There seem to be a clues in this paragraph that prince George married a Kepoi > Kepke liner in Podebrady. Kepke was born, Lawrence, and I knew Laurie Brady (perhaps born Laurence). Lawrence's/Laurence's were first found near Barrow.

Coats/Cotes' were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs, and I met Lorraine at her BUS stop. The Stop/Stubb pheons are colors reversed from the Walsh/Walch pheons.

The Barrow motto has "Parum," part-code for the Parrs, first found in Lancashire with Barrow/ Parrs were a branch of Furness'/Furnace's, and Barrow is in FurNESS. These surnames, along with Ness'/Nice's, are from Pharnaces of the Pontus and his queen, Nysa. Yet Ness' are also noose-like Nose's, and Barrow-like Barr committed a crime when not investigating properly the Epstein-noose scene.

Bill Bear and John Bash

I was trying to sleep Thursday night in the heat, and heard a noise. Going out the room to investigate, I peeked out the garage door and saw the sleek back of a bear, sitting on the ground, working open a bag of garbage it had removed from the trash can after removing its lid. It's the second time this year, and the first time I've seen a bear here in about three years. The first time it had taken the lid off was about two weeks ago, in the thick of my talking about the lid that popped off of the same trash can, but it didn't dawn on me to tell readers that this Barr-like bear seems to be confirming that the trash can does represent Bill Barr.

As soon as I saw it sitting, I yelled it away, recalling that I yelled "fire" in the trash-can dream when the rim of the trash can caught flames. The amazing thing is, the reason that this bear has not returned in three years is for the fright I gave it. It was going through the same trash can, in the same spot just outside the garage door, just five feet from the other door between my KITCHEN and the garage. I grabbed a large glass JAR, went out and yelled at it (it/they always tears off when I yell), and threw the jar into the vicinity of the running bear which I could not see in the darkness. I wanted to hit its body so that it would not come back (it's dangerous, don't want it lurking around at night). Instead, the jar hit solid rock and made a terrible crash-bang noise right beside it (I could judge how far it had run by that time, and the jar against the rock must have been right beside it some 15 feet from me.)

Therefore, right now, I looked up jar-like terms and came to the Jarrows, unbelievably listed with Dorr-like Dure's. I think I may have gone over this exercise before due to this jar, but am not sure. The Jarrows/Dure's share the Chief-Shield colors of BARRels, and the dream with trash rim on fire was about a DOOR handle missing a barrel-shaped part!!! God seems to be working this revelation / message out.

Jarrows/Dure's were even first found in Perthshire with Drummonds, and the trash can in the dream was also a DRUM barrel because the Drummond-beloved Gangs/Geggs share the cinquefoils of French Buckets. I highlighted my kitchen DOOR above anticipating the re-telling of Buckets because Kitchens use water bougets. I'll tell you why it seems to be a pointer where Kitchens were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs, and with the Lonsdale location in the Warton write-up, for Jarrows/Dure's are also shown as Dewers/Dewars as per their DEWARton location. It's pretty amazing that Wartons not only share "non" with Jarrows/Dure's, but have the same black bull head in Crest as the Ratcliff Crest. What could this mean? Nons/Nevins were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs/Bare's.

Kitchens were first found in the same place as BANESters (probably Boii / Bohemian liners of the Bessin) who share their WATER bouget, and then while English Banes'/Baines (from the Bessin) have a wolf head in the colors of the wolves of Spanish, Newes-like Neves'/Navarre's, French Banes' share the Coat of WATERs and Epsteins.

Now watch as per the Warton write-up: "...'The estates and manorial rights of the Whartons are now possessed by the Earl of Lonsdale.'" Bill Barr's father was the principal of a DALTON school when Jeffrey Epstein was hired there, and so lookie: "Other places in the Lonsdale hundred included Lancaster, Bolton-le-SANDS, BARRow-in-Furness, DALTON-in-Furness..." It's not very far from Ratcliffs of Bury. The trash-can rim caught flames on a patch of SAND. My throwing the jar at the bear has just led us to Dalton in Furness, suggesting that God is using a/the bear at my place to point to Barr. The bear(s) has been coming around ONLY for the trash can for a period of about eight years.

Reminder: Barrows use a "PaRUM" motto term while Rims are also Rums. The Parrs in that motto term share the black border with Furness'/Furnace's and Sedans, the latter very connectable to seated/sitting-like Seatons/Sittens. Perhaps the black bear was sitting this morning because the Furness/Furnace surname shows nothing but a seated black dog.

The Warton-like Wardens may reveal that God is pointing to the warden of the prison that allowed Epstein to be handled by either his friends or enemies. In fact, wow, while the noose around his neck was pointed to be Nuse's/Newes', they were first found in Hertfordshire with Wardens!!! I was floored last night, in the middle of the night, when I found that Nuse's/Newes' were first found in Hertfordshire with News-connectable Bash's. I'll explain shortly.

Wardens use pears, and the Patria's/PEARtree's are in the Jarrow/Dure motto. Peartree's and Jumps share the same stag head as Trumps while I was jumping to the patch of sand when yelling "fire" as per the trash can. Miss Peare lived in Unionville when I knew her, which is not a large place; it has one border at Warden avenue. The ice-cream girl, Miss Hanson, who pointed hard to John Ratcliffe, lived further north in Gormley on this same Warden avenue, and the Gormley martlets are those also of Bash's and Wrays. John Bash is now one of John Durham's lawyers reportedly looking into deep-state crimes.

After yelling the bear away this morning, I turned on the computer and some lights to keep it away. My computer window is large and low and pointing right into the backyard area beside the trash can. The bear could see me there because I use no blinds. It never did return, and I got to it before it had time to scatter trash all over the place. But it had opened the first BAG. Bags are connectable to Gangs/Geggs sharing the Bucket cinquefoils, yet Bags are share the Grimaldi Shield, which becomes important below for connecting "Bag" to "Bash." Again, Gormleys/GRIMES' share the Bash martlets (both colors), and GRIMaldi's can apply, especially as Bags and Gangs/Geggs were first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs.

I should also mention that the trash can was BASHED in this morning. It not only had a three-inch slit from a bear claw penetration (very powerful, don't mess with them), but it had a large indentation i.e. it was bashed in, as though the bear's weight came down on the can while it was lying on its side. I suggest that the bear put a leg on the can in order to pop off the lid. There's really no other way to explain the indentation but with the use of its leg. Leggs (same place as Rims/Rums) have a giant stag head in the colors of the giant Trump stag head. What could this mean? Bash to Trump's rescue?

Okay, so I was here on the computer at about 2 am trying to keep the bear from returning, and I recalled reading about John Bash in the news earlier that day (yesterday). So, I loaded the Bash Coat to see that it shares the solid chevron of News'/Nuce's (not the Nuse's/Newes'). I realized the Bash connection to News'/Nuce's before finding that Bash's and Nuse's/Newes' were both first found in Hertfordshire, for the Bash's were at Braughin while Braughs have black swans, as do Chaplets (Lorraine, as same Bar-le-Duc). I have read the News/Nuce description saying that the surname uses chaplets. News'/Nuce's were first found in Cambridgeshire with CHAPmans/Chepmans who likewise use a solid-red chevron, and the Chapman motto traces to Pharnaces of the Pontus, as does Furness'/Furnace's.

It just so happens that the Bash martlets are shared also by Velens (Westphalia, same as duck-using Velins and Ducks), though I have it recorded that they once showed ducks in the same colors. The Ducks of Westphalia definitely were of Barrs of Bar-le-DUC. Therefore, it appears as though God provided an heraldic Bash link to Barrs for the reason that John Bash is now working for Bill Barr, indirectly, anyway.

Here's the first sentence of the Bash write-up: "The surname Bash was first found in Hertfordshire at Stanstead Abbots, a parish, in the union of Ware, hundred of Braughin." Ware's could possibly be the namers of Wartons, but, in any case, the gold boar of Ware's exposes their being a branch of Scottish Vere's/Weirs while Irish Weirs share a version of the Grimaldi Shield. It could indicate that Bash's were a branch of Bags and Bachs/Baghs (share VAIR fur of Beach-branch Beckers), you see. We can do things with that because the Grimaldi Shield is similar the Beach/Bech Shield while being very connectable to the similar Shield of Fiscs/Fisks, who themselves share the Shield of VAIRs and Jensens, excellent because John Bash and Jeff Jensen are both working on the Durham probe while Durhams share the Vere/Weir Shield. Jensen has already produced fruit to nail Obama as a chief crime boss. Grimaldi's were associated in Genova with the Fisk-like Fieschi.

Now, recall the jar thrown at the bear, which seemed very much to point to the Jarrow variation of DURE's, and compare with "DURham." Neat stuff. But what does the jar toss mean in the real world as concerns Barr and the Durham investigation? Will Durham and his partners have a major disagreement with do-nothing Barr? I hope so. Barr has had two years to strike fear in Trump's adversaries, but has instead emboldened them to act lawlessly. Barr looks like a fake Trump supporter.

It seems that God inspired me to do the Bash investigation at the time of this bear, just minutes after its BACK was facing me, while it was sitting and licking, or ripping open (I don't know which), a BAG, suggesting God's pointer to Bachs/Baghs...who were just found to share the vaired fesse of Hookers in the last update.

All of that is why it was so nice to find that Beach's, who are like the Baesh variation of Bash's, were first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's. It brings John Bash to the dream with Miss Hicks on a SANDY beach, still suspect with Epstein's beach. There is another Dalton location North of the Sands (Daltons use Robin HOOD). The amazing thing about this is (what are the chances?) that Bash's can be shown to be the kin of News'/Nuces' (newspaper in Crest), who came up in my Texas-newspaper event that God set up when predicting my purchasing a property on the NUECES river, at the same time that Miss Hicks had a Nueces-river property 10 minutes away. That river is in the midst of the Western-Texas district of John Bash!!! Astounding "coincidence."

The dream scene with beach started while I was in the ocean water because, I think, Waters share the Epstein Coat. There is some water above the white anchor of Hooker-like Hoosers/House's, and Hoods/Hoots share a white anchor.

I might even surmise now that the newspaper came with a coffee because the Victor(ia)s in the Coffee motto can be connected to Fisks / Feschs / Fieschi. Again, the Fieschi-related / Fieschi-associated Grimaldi's can be the namers of the Gormleys/Grimes' sharing the Bash martlets.

Before any of this all came to mind in the wee hours of this morning, when fending off the bear, I was looking at the Bash write-up's first sentence: "The surname Bash was first found in Hertfordshire at Stanstead Abbots, a parish, in the union of Ware, hundred of Braughin." It was the first heraldic thing done, and I was staring at the STANstead location and considering how Stans/Stands/Stains could apply, at which very time "stand" played on a song from the line, "Here in the Power of Christ I'll STAND" (in the song, "In Christ Alone"). The next song also had a "stand" term. It really got my attention and caused a continuation of the Bash-surname investigation.

I was reminded that God pointed Lorraine's grass stain to the Barrs, and that the Stands/Stains were at Yarborough while Yarborough's have a version of the Duke Coat, both using what could be chaplets, the symbol of Bash-related News'/Nuces' and the Hicks'. The Stand/Stain Crest may have been a chaplet at one time. BARwicks, in Chaplet colors, were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. Yarboroughs/YarBROUGHs have a variation suggesting a branch of Years/Yars, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with CHAPPES'/Cheaps, in turn connectable to the Chapmans/Chepmans expected as kin (at least round-about) of Bash's. It seems that God provided this songline miracle to help me make the connections He wants made.

Both Chaplets and French Crispins were first found in Lorraine's Parez/PARESSE location, and Crispins share the pomegranate of PERUSia's, Grass-like Grazio's. Apparently, Lorraine's grass stain (on her Pansy-pointing pants) points also to this picture. The amazing thing here is that while those locations are like, "Pharisee," the bear who got the broken-jar-of-glass fright was likely the same bear that had earlier tipped over my freezer, when I had it in the garage. It used to help itself to bread until I caught it. I then installed a make-shift lock on the freezer, and, upset, the bear just pulled the top of the freezer to the ground sideways. I heard it happen, and sent the bear away, then put the freezer indoors. The point is, the Freeze surname, in Pansy/Pantzer colors and format, is also Pharisee-like "Phreeze."

Recall the Patria's/Peartree's in the Jarrow/Dure motto, for English Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and their Abott kin. Bash's were at Stanstead ABOTTs, and Abotts share "patria" with Jarrows/Dure's. The Thames river, where Stands/Stains had a branch, runs through Oxfordshire. The Chief/Shield of Jarrows/Dure's is definitely connectable to the same Clintons, first found in Oxfordshire. Vere's/Weirs were earls of Oxford for centuries, and so not that the Coat of Parez's/Paris' (Lorraine) shares the Vere/Weir / Durham fesse. Jarrows/Dure's even use a Pero-like "PRO patria," and Peare's with their Thames/Tien kin share the stars of Austrian Bare's/Barre's/Bere's.

I yelled at the bear an instant before throwing the jar at it, and yells share the black fesse with Yellows, the latter first found in Oxfordshire, and being in the colors of the Yell-connectable Jells/Gells. The latter's stars on a bend are colors reversed from the same of Bare's/Barre's, you see, and the Sarah's, with cinquefoils on a bend all in the same colors, share the BARwick motto, "Bear and forbear." It's a neat little package for your contemplation. It looks like God wanted me to yell at the bear.

Bags (same place as PilGRIMs and Flags/Flecks) share the GRIMaldi Shield, and the Numans/NEWmans in the Yell motto talk about StanGRIM Noueman. Stans/Stands/Stains (share double fesses of Flags/Flecks) are connectable by their Crest cloud to the Flags/Flecks in the McLeod/CLOUD Crest.

If the bear represents Bill Barr, why was I chasing the bear away forcefully? What does it mean that it was in my trash can, ripping open the garbage bags? I've gotten the impression that Barr wants to get praise / good reputation / legacy, for his being the attorney general a second time, from the big media, explaining why he hasn't bucked against them enough by making the arrests they don't want to see. If the media think they can manipulate Barr with threats and insults when he moves too close to doing the Trump thing, it looks like they're right. Barr is concerned about how the establishment will view him; Barr would rather treat Trump as a nobody for not being an establishment man than to do his job and arrest the law-breaking persecutors of the president. BARR = TRASH.

Good morning Saturday. Afraid that the bear would return overnight, I went out to put the trash can up high on something, but there wasn't anything high enough. So, with the wheel barrow sitting there empty, I put the trash can in it thinking that, with the tipping over of the barrow, there would be a big noise to wake me from sleep if the bear arrived. Looking out this morning, it was still untouched, but that's when I realized, wheel BARRow. Isn't that wild? I'm not making up this story, it happened just as I've said.

The one thing striking me about seeing the bear's back is how rich its coat was. I'm telling this because I can link the Braughin location of Bash's to the Cote's/Cotts by way of the latter's fretty to the same of Brogdens ("ConSTANS"), for Braughs are also Bruge's. The latter are the important ones sharing black swans with Chaplets and thus being instrumental in linking Back-like Bash's to News'/Nuces'. Whether this is a pointer to Dan Coats or not, I can't be sure. I'll show how Newlands can link to News'/Nuces' below, but here we can add that Newland-like Nowells/Noels (News/Nuces colors), sharing a fretty Shield with Brogdens and Cote's/Cotts, were first found in Staffordshire with Coats'/Cote's...and the Arrows/Arras' sharing the fleur-de-lys of Arrow-like Barrows (I suggest a Barr-line marriage with Arrows to produce "Barrow").

Another fretty Shield is used by trash-can line Caens/Cans.

I've just loaded Braugh-like Barughs to find them listed with Barrows!!! What are the chances? The bear bashed in the trash can, which then went into the barrow. The Bash's were at BRAUGHin. God is pointing to Bash and Barr. Yet, note that BARACK Obama was also called, Barry Soetoro. Is Mr. Bash going to bash Obama? We hope so. No matter what little Durham's legal team can amass on Obama's guilt, he's already guilty of obstruction for not speaking out what he knows about those on his team who are cold-stone guilty. Any former president who acts that way is not worthy of respect. Treat him like a smelly, fly-infested trash can.

The Wheels/Weels share a blue boar in Crest with BARone's (and Vere's/Vairs). The WHEEL barrow. In an Obama dream given to us through me, Obama had a suit on for two scenes leading to the final scene where the BACK of a man was emphasized. That dream also had a paper plane pointing to Plains/Platers, for the other Platers were at SOTTERly while Suits are also Soetoro-like SUTERs. I've said that before, but can now add that the write-up of English Barone's mentions the same Sotterly location in regards to a Barone-like Barne's family. From this angle, the wheel barrow, and the Barugh variation of Barrows, looks like a double pointer to Barack Soetoro-Obama.

Was I mistaken? Was the missing barrel-shaped part in the Jeep's door handle a symbol instead of Obama? One can surmise that, due to my complaining about the door handle, that it was BROKEN. There is a Broken/Brogan surname (with another hourglass-like Shield), much like the Braughs/Broghs and Brogdens.

The newspaper purchase in Texas, because it was in Victoria, tended to convince me that the event was a pointer to Victoria Nuland, especially as NEWlands share a red chevron with News/Nuces' (and Bash's) while adding gold roundels in the colors of the similar News/Nuces chaplets. Nuland was first Hillary's official globalist spokesperson, and then became John Kerry's chief globalist tool. The Noms in the Newland motto are listed with Nons/Nevins. The Newland chevron with BESANts is all in the colors of the near-same of Bass'/BASSENs having this write-up: "Bass Isle is found in the parish of North Berwick, county of Haddington." Berwicks have a version of the BARwick Coat, and Bass' can easily be a Bash branch. Brogdens share a stemmed red rose with Bass'/Bassens.

The red fitchee of Newlands is of the type used also by Vale's/Vails/Fale's while Bash's share the red martlets of Velens/VALens/Falens. Thus, with Bash's in the newspaper event, we can point more strongly to Ms. Nuland. But there's more, for the Vale/Vail fitchees are with a swan, the Braugh symbol too.

There is still more, thanks to Bash's, that can connect the newspaper to John Kerry, and thus to Nuland. The Kerry Coat shares the hourglass-like Shield of News'/Nuces', but in the colors used for it by Halps/Helps/HALFS, and the bees in the Kerry Crest might just reveal that the Beas/Bee surname (likely from the Bessin) is related to the Bash's/Baesh's. If the "armes" motto term of Newlands is for the Armes variation of Amis', note that they have a bend with white roses like that of Kerry-like Carys. Irish Carys/Keerys share the spear of Dunhams, in an armored arm, while Obama's mother was the daughter of Stanley ARMOUR Dunham. Armers/Amore's almost have the Coat of Leavells while Leavells were at Cary castle. It appears that Newlands point to John Kerry and Barack Obama, yet compare also the Irish Carys/Keerys and Dunhams with Holders, for Eric Holder (mobster) is now at the charge of getting Biden elected.

Armers/Amore's share "Tu ne cede" with the Suter-like Steers expected in the steer of German Backs/Bachs. Amazingly, a Steer family is said to have been at NEWdegate while Newdegate's/Newgate's use BEAR claws / paws / the same design as the "bear gambs" of BRECONshire's Powys'! The latter, first found in Shropshire with Wheels/Weels, even share the red fitchee with TRASHers/Tresure's! It could appear that the trash-can bear is a pointer to Barry Soetoro. This may come as a relief to those of you who trust / love Bill Barr. It's leaving me confused.

The only thing I've used the wheel barrow for this year is to carry loads and loads of pine needles to areas where I want to smother weeds. Pine needles are from pine branches, and the Trasher/Tresure Crest either has pine branches or pine trees. Pine's (Newland chevron colors reversed) were first found in Devon (beside Trashers/Tresure's) with Newlands and the Darlene's having the Powys fitchee in both colors.

Newdegate's/Newgate's were first found in Surrey, near the first-known News-related Bash's, Nuse's/Newes' and Childs. The latter were at Wanstead while Wansteads/Weiners share a white fleur-de-lys with the Newdegate/Newgate Crest. Steers share a vertically-split Shield (different colors), with lions upon it, with Gates'. Newdegate's/Newgate's were in a MOLE valley, and Stefan Halper was Obama's spy mole.

Suits/Suters have fitchees half in the colors of the Halper / Halp fitchee. Halps/Helps/Halfs share the gold fitchee of HALpers/HALFpennys, and Belgian Haafs show ducks, as do Velins/Vellins, the latter first found in WestPHALia with Velens/Valens/Falens. As I've said many times, the latter are from/to the namers of mont Velino near Avezzano, for Avezzano's can be traced very well to AVESNes on the HELPe river (French-Belgium border). The point is, the Avezzano's share a red rose on a stem with the Brogden Chief, and the latter's is in the colors of the lone rose in the Halper Chief. Brogdens and Braughs/Brughs are thus expected from Belgium's Brugg location.

This explains why the Halper checks are in the colors of the similar vair fur of Scottish Champagne's, for while rulers of Avesnes married a ruler of Champagne, French Champagne's share the potent/crutch pattern of Avezzano's.

Oh wow, I've just learned that Slice's are listed with the owl-using Sleighs/Sleds sharing a lion holding a gold fitchee with Halpers. Slice's were looked up because the bear put a three-inch slice in the trash can with its claws!!! I don't know whether the slice is in the spot where the can was bashed in because I've taken the dent out, and it doesn't show anymore. For what it's worth, the lid was pierced (small, round holes only, no slice) by a bear claw a few years ago.

Incredibly, while Slice's/Slicks are also Sleights, Slate's have a chevron in both colors of the News/Nuces chevron, and the Slate motto even shares "pondere" with the Chapmans/Chepmans expected in the News/Nuces / Bash chevron. That would be incredible if we chalked it up to pure coincidence. The plastic on this trash can is rather hard, not easy to pierce. Spanish and Italian Ponts / Ponti's share a bridge with tower with Slice-like Slacks/Slock/Slake's.

Slice's can be connected to Quints and Palins; the latter are in the Plain variation of Platers of Sotterly. The good or easy prediction, thanks to the release of information from Jeff Jensen, is that Bash is going to contribute to Obama's headaches. Today, as I write, the appeals court to which judge Sullivan appealed yet again (to continue Flynn's prosecution) turned down his begging i.e. ordered him to close the Flynn case. This development is a direct effect of Jensen's release of information against Obama's role in persecuting Flynn. Hopefully, the bad guys didn't play on Flynn's psychological state enough to now keep him from revealing Obama's dirty secrets.

Flynn probably knows some of Obama's military secrets, things that Julian Assange came to know. (I just saw a falcon of some kind swoop up outside the computer window. It swooped up from the place where I throw dead mice once caught in the garage with mouse traps. The brown bird was probably checking for a mouse this morning, though I haven't known until now that it had come round before to get the mice. Dead mice are a symbol of Obama. I have been hearing the sound of a hawk / falcon lately, for a week, maybe two.)

In the Obama dream (February 2017), Obama was dancing in a dark business SUIT in the scene after I sewered a PAPER PLANE on his billiard table. It was a pointer to the Sewer variation of Suits/Suters. In the scene after he was dancing, he was in the same suit going up and down a ramp upon a skateboard. Assange's second-last tweet, while held up in his embassy prison, was called, "Paper Planes." Later, a news documentary came out showing Assange on a skateboard, going down a ramp, in the embassy. In the very next scene of the documentary (or maybe it was the other way around), Assange was shown dancing in a nightclub. God, it seems to me, is suggesting that Assange has some damaging information on Obama that he may be sharing with Barr's DoJ.

In 1994, I purchased a newspaper in Victoria to check out the price of Texas land. There were three properties not too far to check out that same day. The first one was up highways 83 several miles from Uvalde. I recall seeing a political sign up that way, with a Mr. Moreno, and I was almost as far as Leakey (on 83) at the time. It was president Moreno of Ecuador who gave Assange up to British police, and Leakey looks like a pointer to WikiLeaks. The video below shows Assange on the skateboard, with his wife in the embassy room, in the 5th minute:

Assange may have broken the law when revealing military / CIA secrets, and he may have revealed more than was necessary or right, but his motives were good, to expose the corruption and demonics of the American military. Trump was at first on his side, then cowered during his impeachment process, and turned against WikiLeaks. My hope has been that Trump will need Assange's revelations to defeat Biden. My hope has been that Barr will not refuse what Assange can reveal about Obama. Barr cannot prosecute Assange while not prosecuting Obama, or he'll suffer the consequences from The Judge.

I reiterate: Barr has been trash to date...UNLESS what some believe or hope is true, that he is mounting a massive wave of arrests that take much time due to the massive numbers of inter-related criminal cases. The reason I have not taken that position is that it's impossible to do without the spies leaking it to the public in efforts to pressure Barr not to do it. If Barr himself has claimed that neither Obama nor Biden will be arrested, trash he is already. What sort of second-class trash arrests the underlings of a criminal president and his criminal vice-president? Go get another job, Barr, if you don't want to risk arresting the top of the conspiracy. You don't get to have a great legacy with that attitude.

Trump needs to give the AG job to a single man without family members who's also not afraid of dying for the good cause. There are people with such zeal, but you need to hunt for them. This AG, with a good security detail (Bongino might be open for the job), could have a half-dozen places where he sleeps so that the enemy doesn't know where he'll be on any given night. There is no better way. The nation needs a hero, not a powder-puff. If the mobsters get power again, there may never be a return to normal. Barr has facilitated their return to power by being a powder-puff. Sessions had his head in the sand for fear, and Barr pretends to be doing what Sessions was afraid of doing. Trump himself seems afraid to do the things he's got the power to do. This is not working.

The country needs a miracle, but will the people give praise to the True God if He gives it one? Or will the country return to the same-old money-grubbing lifestyles? "Prosperity" is a dirty word because prosperous people forsake God. For all I know, God is allowing the country to be crushed financially just as Trump boasts about "his" "great" economy. It doesn't take a bragging genius to know that the financial system will get a boost of workers if you cut corporate taxes in half. That is, there is nothing to brag about. Instead, Trump should have given the biggest tax breaks to workers, but rich fat cats don't program themselves to think that way. For fat cats, workers are their tools (slaves) for becoming fatter. They can relieve themselves of guilt by saying, "we're giving them more jobs."

John Bash of Antonin Scalia

Grimaldi's, expected in relation to the Bash martlets, were in both Genova and Monaco. Genova, where Grimaldi's partnered at least politically with Fieschi, is where DORia's were first found who married Arthur-line Arduinici in Imperia, beside Monaco. As Bash's/Baesh's are expected to be a branch of Bessins (bees) and Bee's/Beas', we first note that English DOORs have bees while Scottish Doors have leopard FACE's, part-code for the Fieschi-branch Fessys/Face's. Irish Doors may therefore have one of the two Monaco lions.

Bash's were first found in HERTFORDshire. The HERTfords, in ARThur colors and format, may be using the Keith stag head because Keiths were in Haddingtonshire with Bass Isle. Keiths come up as Mascals while English Mascals share the escutcheon of Scottish Bass' (Haddingtonshire). It makes the Fessy/Face cross suspect with the same, though in colors reversed, of Haddingtons. Muscels/Mussels are expected to have named Haddingtonshire's Musselburgh, and while the royal Grimaldi's of Monaco recently married Grace Kelly to produce a baron-Massy in the family, Massys were a branch of the Bessin's Meschins (Muscel/Mussel colors and near-format). As Kellys (from near Dublin) share the other lion of Monaco's, I suspect that Grimaldi's have long been kin of Kellys and the baron-Massys of Dublin.

The Bash martlets are not only in the colors of the Gormley/Grimes martlets, but colors reversed from the martlets of Grime's/Grimms. At my age 13, my parents moved to Gormley. My mother is a direct Grimaldi on one side, and a direct Masci on her mother's side. She was born and raised in Abruzzo, and it just so happens that Abruzzo's/Abreu's have a red-Shield version of the Kelly Coat. The latter share the Keveney/Gaine Coat while English Gains (HUNTingdonshire) share the crosslets of the other English Bass'. German Bass' have HUNTing HORNs as part-code for the Horn-related Orne river through the Bessin.

So, with Bash liners linking to Doria's, I can link John Bash to the door-handle scene that I think had the missing Bill Barr. The very next scene was my holding the trash can that points to Tracys/Trasse's, from the Caen area of the Bessin, smack off the Orne river. Caens are CANs too. The trash can doubled as a drum barrel, and the Arms of Hertfordshire have wavy fessewise bars in the colors of the triple fesses of Drummonds. The latter were born from king Andrew I of Hungary, and his line named the Scottish flag, "Andrew's Cross," which one can see on the shoulders of the stags in the Arms above.

Bash's were at Hertfordshire's Ware, who share the gold Weir/Vere boar head. Irish Weirs use the Grimaldi Coat in a bendwise fashion. GriMALDi's have been suspect as a Grey-Mallet or Grey-Malta line, for Mallets were at GREville. The Mallet scallops are shared by Ware's, you see, and the "Ma" motto term of Mallets must be for the Maa variation of Scottish Mars, for while earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy, French Mars almost have the Mallet scallops. The Maa/Mar Coat is almost the Base/Baise / Brunswick / Gernon Coat.

It strikes me here that Meschin-related GERNONs can be in the Greville write-up: "The Greville family lived in the place named GRENNEville...The similarity of the Coat of Arms of each of these families is more than conclusive evidence that the Grevilles of Gloucester were directly related to the Grenvilles of Buckinghamshire..." That should explain why Greens come up as GREEMs/GREME's i.e. a Grimaldi line. Greenwich's (Kent, same as Greens/Greems) show as kin of Hood-branch Odins.

The double lions in pale of Gernons and Base's/Baise's have got to be in the Coat of Scottish Gass' (Yorkshire, same as Maa's/Mars) because Greville's/Gravels "named Grenneville in the barony of St. Denis de GASTE, Normandy." GASTons (Surrey, near Bash's of Hertfordshire) share the checkered Gass Shield, and it's also the Fisc/Fisk Shield. It's feasible that Gastons have the Mallet / Ware scallops.

GREville's/Gravels (Buckinghamshire, beside Hertfordshire's Bash's) use a GREYhound head, and probably have the Rat/Raid/Raith cross in colors reversed, for the Greville's/Gravels share the gold border of Justine's (Perthshire, same as Drummonds), first found near the first-known Rats/Raids/Raiths. The Ratterys (Perthshire), in Mallet colors and format, have a Rattery location in Devon, where Ware's and Were's/Wears were first. Hoods/Hoots, now linkable as a branch to the "haut" motto term of Mallets, were in Rattery of Devon. Monaco-branch Monks were first found in Devon too, as were Treebys/Trebys sharing the besants (both colors) of Greville's/Gravels. Traby of Poland married a line of RADZiwills, explaining why Greville's have the RAT/RAID cross in colors reversed.

While I think I was inspired by God to call Devin Nunes a RAIDER on horseback shooting fiery arrows at Mueller's heart, I can now add that Nunes-like Noons/Nunns (and Schutz's) have a form of the Greville Coat while Rats are also Raiders. It tends to link Nunes' efforts to that of John Bash.

The door handle of the Jeep belonged to Mr. Desimone. The Simons/Desimone's have been resolved with the lion of Simon de Montfort in colors reversed. The English Bass'/Bassens, sharing the black greyhound head with Greville's/Gravels, were first found in Leicestershire, where Simon de Montfort ruled. The Montfort lion is also the Grey lion, but it's also the Malta lion, especially as Malta's share a column with German Franks, first found in Bohemia where the Arms is the double-TAILed Montfort lion. The TailleBOIS-branch Talbots have the Grey Coat in colors reversed. Talls, with more bees, were first found in Thuringia with princess Basina (later queen Basina of the Franks), the line to the Bessin i.e. to the Bash's. Ivo Taillebois was from the Bessin, and his first name may be in the bee HIVE of Kerrys.

The Montfort lion is in the colors of the Maa/Mar and MONK lions, and the Monks can be traced to "Monaco" where Grimaldi's used, as a symbol for themselves, a sword under the frock / robe of a monk.

It's important that Bass' have a form of the Newland Coat while the latter substitutes BESANT, the symbol of the Bessin line. While Bessins use bees, the Besant surname shares the Bee/Beas, Vere/Vair and Massey quadrants. As Tracys/Trasse's were from the Bessin, note that the green dragon head is shared between Trashers/Tresure's and Bee's/Beas'. It's important to make this Bash-Newland link because Bash's share a form of the News/Nuces Coat while the latter were pointed to by the newspaper in Victoria, which pointed originally to Victoria Nuland before pointing to John Bash.

I'm excited to see what John Bash has produced, but if he does nothing against the deep state, I'll be shocked that this update's heraldic exercises looked so certainly to be pointing to him. The Coat of Fieschi-line Fiscs/Fisks appears linkable to Victoria's, Grimaldi's and Jensens. The only lawyers I'm reading about, as per Durham's investigations, are Jensen and Bash. The Fisc/Fisk Shield is that also of the Horwitz surname, and while Michael Horowitz did conceal much deep-state criminality in his official investigations, he in fact exposed some of force of the growing tide of leaking revelations. We might read the sharing of Coats between Jensen and Fiscs as a prediction that Jensen will expose crimes of the FISA court, called, FISC.

Reminder: the newspaper purchase led me to purchasing land (long before I knew any heraldry) in the Nueces Canyon. It was the location of the Get'n GO that I've discussed many times as per an act of God there on the first anniversary of 9-11. Part of the pointers of this Get'n Go store was to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange; perhaps WikiLeaks now has damning evidence against 9-11 criminals but cannot release it for fear that Assange will be punished more heavily. Perhaps God has a plan to get the information released.

The point here is that the Get'n Go is (or was) a GAS bar too. Note the Gass' as I repeat from above while on Bash topics: "The double lions in pale of Gernons and Base's/Baise's have got to be in the Coat of Scottish Gass' (Yorkshire, same as Maa's/Mars) because Greville's/Gravels "named Grenneville in the barony of St. Denis de GASTE, Normandy." GASTons (Surrey, near Bash's of Hertfordshire) share the checkered Gass Shield, and it's also the Fisc/Fisk Shield." A few days ago, I crossed the Gogh variation of Gouch's/Googe's/GOOSE's and realized that it's pronounced, "Go." I now find that the Gaste's/Gass' have a giant goose! It's thus linking John Bash to the Get'n GO event. The Nueces Canyon is in the midst of his territory.

Moreover, the Gaston / Gass Shield is shared by Jensens, and Jeff Jensen is Bash's fellow DoJ operative on Flynn's unmasking. I did report, years ago, that a Gaston family was related to Polish Sandowsky's, expected as a variation of the Polish Sadowski's that come up as "Traby." This is amazing here because the Traby/Sadowski Q is a scarf, and Scarfs have wolf heads, not only in the colors of the Flynn wolf, but very connectable to it because Flynns trace to Placentia, at the Trebia river. Stunning. Might God thus be pointing to Q-ANON, since the Ananes Gauls lived on the Trebia??? Is the fantastic "STORM"-arrest prediction of Q going to come to pass, better later-than-never? The Stormys have a giant lion in the colors of the Treby lion. There is a Storm surname expected as a Stur / Easter branch, but at this time I have no contribution to make with it, maybe something will occur to me. Flynns are expected to be sharing the Treby Chief.

[On Monday evening, after this update was uploaded to the Internet, I got hold of the short video below showing what I had not known before, that Flynn sounds like a Q-Anon follower (start video in the second half of 1st minute):]

The Gaston-like Guests have a black swan. Repeat: "...the Braughin location of Bash's to the Cote's/Cotts by way of the latter's fretty to the same of Brogdens ("ConSTANS"), for Braughs are also Bruge's. The latter are the important ones sharing black swans with Chaplets..."

Repeat: "The English Bass'/Bassens, sharing the black greyhound head with Greville's/Gravels..." A black greyhound is in the Crest of Gells/Jells while John Bash married Zina GELman. Jell-like Joels/Jewels use "GILLYflowers," and I kid you not, that less than a few minutes before conceiving this discussion -- before reading the name of Bash's wife -- while looking at John Bash's Wikipedia photo, I said to self, "he looks like Joel." Joel is a person I know who was used of God for several pointers to Ukraine crimes, how interesting.

I really feel there is something to Gelmans/Gillmans (Belgian) in connection with the "gillie flowers" of Rinds (Perthshire) who in turn share the Mallet / Ware scallops. What are the chances, for I had introduced Mallets here before knowing of Bash's wife. We now jump to the Rind-branch Rands/Rance's to find the Epstein / Singletary Shield in colors reversed on the lion's body. The Rand/RANCE lion is also the Legh, Guerin, and French-Gilly lion while the Get'n Go store is on RANCH road (wow!), what locals call the Leakey road, and Leaks/Leakeys show a leg in Crest, as do English Gilmanns!!! The Rand/Rance lion is even colors reversed in the Gelman/Gillman Chief.

The reason that Guerins use the Rand/Rance lion is that Guerin of Provence was likely the son of William GELLone. Gellone's/Gillings/Jillings are in the colors of French Gillys, the latter first found in Languedoc with William Gellone's monastery. Rance's have pointed very meaningfully to Ranch road's Get'n Go. For what it could be worth, the Gillman leg is the Prime leg (same Coats exactly), and leg-using Hose's were first found in Leicestershire with the Legro / Soar river, and with Greville's/Gravels. While Gore's / Gowers/Gore's can be linked to the Get'n Go, GORmans use a "Primi" motto term.

While French Mallets are Malo's too, the Rance river of Brittany flows to Saint-Malo, explaining why Rinds share the Mallet scallops, and tending to assure that Rinds ("fragRANTior") are a Rand/Rant/Rance branch. It's just incredible that Bash's wife and photo has pointed to well to the Get'n Go, which relieves me much, for I've always wondered whether maybe there was no use trying to decipher "Get'n Go." Miss Hicks got her knee symbol there, and Knee's happen to have the Leak/Leakey bend. We might now even ask whether the Leak and Hicks fleur-de-lys is specifically the fleur of Gellone's/Jillians in colors reversed. This opens up another area for me to dig into, great for when I'm in the mood (not always) for mystery-solving.

The Arms of Saint-Malo has an ermine mammal wearing a scarf, and standing on what looks like a gold gate. The gold gate is a symbol in the Arms of Podebrady, Bohemia, and German Franks (Bohemia) share a column with Mallet-like Malta's. The latter thus probably have the lion in the Arms of Bohemia.

OH wow, the Franklins -- with the Bash martlets in colors reversed -- have a good reflection of the French Gilly Coat!!! "John FRANKLIN Bash III is an American attorney who currently serves as the United States Attorney for the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas." Bash's were first found beside Buckinghamshire's Grimaldi-suspect Greville's/Gravels and Franklins, and the latter share the Grime/Grimm, Pavia, and Feet/Fate martlets. Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia are likely a branch of Patria's/Peartree's in the Franklin motto, "PRO rege et PATRIA." Reminder: GriMALDi-suspect Mallets were at Greville.

OHHHH WOOOWWWIE!!!! I had pointed the GET'n Go suggestively / tentatively to GETHINs (always made me nervous), and here I have just reloaded them to find their sharing a gold border on black Shield with Greville's!!!

OOHHHHHHH DOUBLE WOOOWWWIE!!!!!!!!!! The Gethin write-up: "The main stem of the family is said to be descended from David GOCH, a Welsh chieftain..." The Gochs/Goughs are a branch of Gouch's/Googe's, but not until this update did I realize that the latter' Gogh variation, pronounced, "Go," is a pointer to Get'n GO!!!! AMAZING WORK OHHHHHHH LORD JESUS! But what does it mean?

As Mole's were kin of Gogh's, and as Mole's share the Knee phoenix (another sneak-up wow!), I'm going to take a stab at an idea, for Miss Hicks got her knee symbol at the Get'n Go, yet she also had a knee / leg play on Epstein's island while I now think she was acting the hooker (in that dream). As a teen, Hicks worked as a stripper. My thinking is that Epstein's young ladies were groomed to be more than hookers for the political class, but also moles and spies for the blackmail service that he and some freelance (perhaps unofficial) Intelligence agency ran. It recalls that, a week or so after the stool pigeon was on my septic tank, I saw a mole hill above the septic tank for the first time ever. As I've said, Mr. Gouch inspected that septic system.

I went to the same church as Hicks. She almost always wore a dress, but I never saw her knees as beautiful until I saw them through the glass DOOR at Get'n Go. This can now be viewed as an act of God, for I was standing at the door of her car, in the island dream (1979), when I grazed her knee with a HAND. Then, the DOOR-handle dream (two or three years ago) plays perfectly into this because Mole's, if we remove their Gogh/Gouch boar, have nothing left but the HANDell / Handle Coat. Very impressive.

I now recall talking about the Geth variation of McGee's in connection to "GET'N Go," and this works well now because McGee's share the boar heads of Judds/JUGGs and Mee's/Meighs. They are white boar heads, same as Gogh's and Mole's, but on red. The Mea's/Meighs can be traced to the Meu river near Jugon, explaining the Juggs. Jugon is near the sources of the Rance river, you see, same ballpark. Therefore, with Rance's pointing to Ranch road, it seems to have been correct to point McGee's to the Get'n Go. But why?

As I've said, I got a knee symbol in a hockey game when I poked the puck into the net while sliding on my knees. The shot was from Steve Tarr's slap shot coming to rest on the goal line. At the last minute of the game, that was the winning goal that took us to the final game, where Jim McGee, my friend, was a goalie. I remember only one goal for that final game, when Steve Tarr was in the corner. He passed to me in front of the net, and I one-timed the puck over McGee as he kicked out a KNEE pad to save it.

Not many months ago, I realized that the Phoenix-airport's TARmac was pointed to by Tarrs and Macks together, so hilarious. Tarrs have ten of the eight Mack pale bars, you see, and Phoenix's/Fenwicks share the phoenix in Crest with Knee's. Thus, God was pointing to the Phoenix tarmac meeting between Clinton and Lynch (actually, they were in the airplane together, probably alone, plotting an obstructionist crime to save Hillary from prosecution). We just saw phoenix-using Mole's in connection with Get'n Go, and so another mystery: why would God point to Hillary's email crimes, or to Lynch's obstructionist crimes, with Hicks' knees at the Get'n Go. My poor head, look at how I struggle and sacrifice for you, just to confuse you too. But we are getting there. It will all make sense.

Phoenix's/Fenwicks, with a version of the Hips Coat (Scalise's hip shot?), were first found in Northumberland with Rodhams. I can even glean French Gore's/JORE's in the Hips motto, for Gore's/Jore's have a version of the French Alan Coat who in-turn have the Hips / Phoenix martlets. They are red martlets, the color of the Bash martlets. The French Alans almost use the Chief and Shield of Clintons, and the latter's six fitchees are shared by Hillarys (Who arranged that?), first found in Norfolk with Hips'. I told you it's hilarious. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES that TARves' have the same six fitchees, in the same pattern? It's just a matter of small time from now that they will face the Living Judge, what a tragedy for the wicked. A giant fitchee in the colors of all the fitchees in this paragraph is used by Plains/Platers, the surname for which God used a paper plane to point to, perhaps a pointer to the plane to Phoenix that Loretta Lynch was on.

As I've said, the hockey arena was in Markham (they tore it down since, at the corner of Markham Rd and Highway 7), and Markhams (version of Guerin Coat) were at Maplebeck while Maple's share the split Tarves Shield and have a motto connectable to the Chives' of Tarves. What are the chances, think about it?

Then, I passed through Markham, Texas, an hour or two before purchasing the newspaper in Victoria. Without going over it all again, Markham (Texas) pointed very well to Clinton crimes in Haiti involving child abductions. More specifically, a man with address in Markham, Texas, was slated to fly a helicopter for Haitian-quake relief, and then Epstein owns his own helicopter which he used to fly girls and women hookers alike to his island trap in the Virgin Islands. He'd first fly them in his own plane to a mainland airport, and would then fly them with his helicopter, or sail them in his own boat, to his criminal trap. Almost nobody could know about those trips but the ones on-board or those who saw them board. No paper trails at transportation depots. How many copy-cat operations are taking place at this time on other island traps?

As I've said many times, I was sliding toward the net on my knees. After poking the puck into the net from Tarr's SLAP SHOT, I went sliding into the BOARDs. The team's next goal was from when Tarr was in the corner of the boards, when we scored on McGee (we won the championship that game thanks to Tarr). Tarrs were first found in Somerset with BOARDers. The Board surname, with a version of the Sewer/Suit/Suter Coat, brings us back to the same martlets as Hips' and Phoenix's. The Suters look like a branch of SHOTs/Shute's (share McGee and Boarder swords). Slap-like Salop is the location of the Rodden river (near Sleap), and Roddens are listed with Rodhams.

The Calls (Wiltshire, same as Shots/Shute's) have a triple-TRUMPet version of the triple swords of Shots/Shute's. Does this mean that Trump will shoot a hard slap shot and score the winning goal against Hillary? Will she and her supporters go totally insane as he ekes out a victory by sliding across the net on his knees? Was the 2016 election the fulfillment of Tarr's slap shot, or is there more to come? Did the second goal from the corner boards represent a 2020 election win by Trump? While German Trumps are also Tromps, Corners can be linked to Dutch Tromps; the latter have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of TARves'. What are the chances? It depends on whether Trump comes out stinging versus the too-cautious cat he's been for three years. It's time for Republicans to become stingers.

The NETs/Knights/NAUGHts look like a branch of Niths/Naughts, first found in Dumfries with McGee's and Rims/RUMs. It appears that God arranged this, as per my goal into the NET of Jim McGee. The Nets/Knights/Naughts use a "duRUM" motto term, yet it can also be read as Mr. Durham.

For years and years, aside from a Knee link to Leakeys, I had no idea why God may have been using the knee symbol. I kept a theory in which Knee's were a Knight branch and therefore of the Nith river of the Kilpatricks, for Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick. But even so, I couldn't understand the use of the knee symbol, if the only reason was to indicate a Knight-Knee relationship. I didn't know that Knee's had red flames at the tail of a red eagle because the flames look like the tail. I didn't know there were flames until finding the gold phoenix of Phoenix's/Fenwicks not many months ago, having red flames at the tail. And even then, I may not have known they were flames had the surname not been loaded as "Phoenix." Previous to doing so, Needhams, sharing the Knee Coat, were discovered with a gold eagle and red flames at the tail (same design as Phoenix's/Fenwicks), but I was telling readers that I didn't know what the red was, whether flames or not, and the phoenix did not dawn on me until loading "Phoenix" shortly afterward to find the same gold bird with red flames.

The great thing is, Needhams were discovered as per the Needham Dyke entity in the Halper write-up, and Stefan Halper is known as a MOLE in the Trump camp!!!!! Is that not amazing or what? Diss'/Dice's (near Eye) even use gold-on-red spread eagles. The knee symbol was at the Get'n Go, and it's "Go" term is a pointer to Gogh's (Roxburgh, same as Mole's) sharing the Mole boar!!! So, as Halper worked to get Hillary's Steele dossier completed, everything we just read on the Clinton connection to the Tarr-knee -- you know the thing -- looks designed by God. And the hockey net, a pointer to NETs/Knights/Naughts = Nith river elements, tends to expose that NEEDhams apply! It's all perfect and has finally, though not necessarily wholly, explained God's use of the knee. I don't usually get impressed to this degree, though I've been very impressed many times.

Awwwe, lookie at the "NIL durum VOLENti" motto phrase of Nets/Naughts, for Volens are listed with the Velens (Westphalia, same as NEILs/Nails/Nagle's) sharing the Bash martlets! There may be a whole-lotta bashin' going on this election season. Neils/Nails/Nagle's share the saltire of Roxburghs and of Nagle-beloved Gale's. Note that Irish Nagle's use a NIGHTingale, for Nets are also Nights. Is that not tidy or what? It proves that the "nil" motto term of others is code for Neils / Nagle's. Durum-like Durhams share the fesse-with-stars of Weirs/Vere's (Roxburghshire), in the colors of the Nagle fesse, and Vere's/Vairs use a "nihil" motto term for the Nihill variation of Irish Neils.

As the knees of Miss Hicks were beautiful at the Get'n Go, and as she was posing as Sleeping Beauty when I grazed her knee in the dream, the "aut" symbol of Needhams has got to be for the Auto's/Otto's, for they use a giant black bull head, the color of the Beauty/Bowood bulls. The car Hicks was hovering in was realized as an auto only very recently, tending to clinch Otto / Aude/Odo / Odin/Hoddy liners as Hood/Hoot branches. Hovers use a giant and black leopard face with red bull horns, and Overs share the fret on blue with Hoods/Hoots. Hotts not only share the red spread eagle with Knee's, but have a fesse in the colors of the Knee bend.

There is going to be much more to this Knee-related revelation in the future, for it connects to the Russian medallion on my Jeep's hood in Bracebridge, and while Bracebridge's (Shield connectable to the Beach / Becker Shield) share the crozier with Odins/Hoddys, they are very expected as per my emBRACE of Hicks at the second I grazed her knee. The Beckers with the Beach/Bech Shield in blue, and thus sharing the Hooker / BACH/Bagh vair, even have a black stag head, symbol of Knee's and Needhams. But as Halper, a friend of the anti-Trump James Baker having a Becker-like surname, was assisting Christopher Steele, it's no coincidence that German Beckers share the bend-with-checks of Steele's. Dutch Beckers are even Bakers (I think it's stool-pigeon important that they share the Pigeon chevron).

Scalia Material Starts Here

Back to judge Scalia, murdered (February, 2016) on Bash's Western-Texas turf, though Bash didn't have that turf until December, 2017. This Trump-pick might be the best thing this president ever picked. Same article: "After law school, Bash clerked for Antonin Scalia of the United States Supreme Court during the 2007-2008 Term, and earlier for Brett Kavanaugh of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit." Do you see the possibilities here in revisiting Scalia's murder?

But if Bash / Barr do not revisit Scalia's death, how else might we interpret what seems like a pointer of God, for Bash's were even first found in Hertfordshire with Scalia-like Scale's. The latter even share the scallops of Apps'/EPPS', and to prove Scale-Epps kinship, the Epps' share the lozenges of Schools/Schole's/SCAYLE's.

The last time I was on the Schools, I was pointing them to Dalton, where Bill Barr's father was the principal, and Epstein a math teachers, but I had missed this from the School/Schole write-up: "...the village of Scholes in the parish of BARwick in the West Riding of Yorkshire." The Barwicks even share the motto of Sarah's who in turn share the gold cinquefoil with the Crest of Sedans, the namers of Sedbergh in Yorkshire's West Riding i.e. near Barwick. This makes the Sarah bend with cinquefoils suspect with the bend-with-stars of Gells/Jells (Yorkshire), which was part of a host of surnames pointed to by the Gelman surname John Bash's wife.

Some Scalia variations are like some Shoe variations, and Shoe's use "a knight issuing at the knees." However, I can't at the moment see why the knee symbol should apply to Scalia's murder, unless the Halper-related players above, especially the Clintons, were behind it. What I can do, and have done, is to link the so-called "SCALING ladder" of English Trips to the Scalia ladder, for German Trips/Treffs happen to show shoes at this time (once showed boots). That's why some Scalia variations look like some Shoe variations.

A few hours before she got her beautiful-knee symbol, Hicks was sitting alone in preparation for the outdoor memorial that our church was putting on in Camp Wood (it has an outdoor stage and public seating area). I set up her video CAMERA at the front, and when returning to her, I asked if the seat beside her was taken. She said, "It's for my daughter, but if she doesn't show up, you can SCOOT OVER." Okay, so I sat down beside her, and I even sang the national anthem (has a nice feel to it). Years later, I checked the Camera surname to find it listed with Camerons. I noted that David Cameron was the British prime minister right up to the time when Clinton hired Steele, the British spy, to ruin Trump.

I also looked up the Scoots and Hover-like Overs. She got her first knee symbol when hovering in the Hood-connectable auto, and Overs share a fret on blue with Hoods/Hoots. We might even go to the Caens/CANs, for she said, "you CAN scoot over." Caens/Cans are from the Ceno tributary of the Taro river, and Tarrs are also Tara's. God had used the knee with Steve Tarr to point to the Clintons.

The way to know that Caens/Cans are from the Ceno is its proximity to the Trebia river, for the Caen Chief shares the five white ostrich feathers in the Arms of Traby. The same five feathers happen to be in the Scale Crest, what a scalincidence. The Scoots are shown properly as SCOUGals, and Shoe's, to which Scalia's/Scalise's link, have variations such as Schugs. You see, God breathed, "you can scoot over." He caught her by surprise with my request to sit beside her.

You need to appreciate now, that while John B. Poindexter claimed that he was sitting beside Scalia at his last dinner, Poindexters share a lone star with Shoe's. It kinda looks like God is snitching on Poindexter for something that he contributed toward the murder that night.

Scoots/Scougals share the red border on white Shield with English Scotts (Kent, same as scaling-ladder Trips), and Scottish Scotts, sharing the Over bend, were first found in Roxburghshire with Gogh's / Mole's. That looks like an Arrangement. One can now ask whether the blue pale bar formed by the Scalia/Scalise ladder is the blue pale bar of Roxburghs.

[Insert; didn't mean for it to be so long; hold the topic above until I get back to it -- Shoe's/Schugs come up as Shooks, but there is an English Shook/Shug surname sharing the white leopard face with the Crest of Over-like Hovers/Hoffers. Shooks/Shugs have a hunting horn to go well with the horn of Scoots/Scougals, and the bull horns of Hovers. As Shooks/Shugs were lords of Thames-like Tammerton, I can start to glean that the Shook/Shug leopard faces are those of Peare's i.e. kin of the Thames' who come up as "Tamer." I can also glean that Shooks/Shugs (Cornwall, beside Monks) are in Monk colors and format due to Face's being from/or the Fieschi, and because Thames'/Tamers share the martlets of Pavia's and Grime's/Grimms i.e. probably from the Grimaldi-Fieschi relationship. Peare's share the gold leopard face with Hoffer-like Coverts/Cofferts, and the latter share the Thames/Tamer martlets.

Miss Covert, who emailed me years back, and wife / ladyfriend of Mr. Maness with the helicopter, had married Mr. Dein, and this gets to be a good pointer to Mr. ZLOCHevsy, owner of Burisma gas, who sold/sells crocodile-leather shoes in Ukraine. The SLOCKs share a blue star with Shoe's, you see, and the Deins/Dene's (Sussex, same as Coverts/Cofferts) are a branch of the Irish Dene's (the two Dene's share the same motto) said to have a crocodile in Crest! ZINGER. That's great. I think this is the first time that I've given readers this neat-little package that includes the English-Shook connection to the Thames' sharing the Covert martlets. This has got to be one big reason that God sent Miss Covert to my email box. I anticipate more to come on this new revelation, now pointing to Burisma corruption.

Some say that Burisma is silently (secretly) owned by Igor Kolomoisky, and I've read that he owns a shark tank, which is why the Dene motto term, "nihil," is important, for Neils/Nihills are Shark kin. This work can be fun sometimes. As "Kolo" is probably a prefix while "sky" is probably a suffix, note the "Moi" left over from "Kolomoisky," for when I read the article telling of his shoe sales, it said that he was friends with the Grimaldi's of Monaco. Is that not wild coming just after the Shooks/Shugs led us to Grimaldi's. "Moi" looks like it can be from the MOYne variation of Monaco-like Monks!!! WOW! There is even a Ukrainian Munich surname (page not showing at this time). His Wikipedia article: "As of 2019, Zlochevsky is reported to live in Monaco..."

NPR: "Zlochevsky's event has featured such speakers as Prince Albert II [Grimaldi] of Monaco" I can't believe this; I just fell upon it, not intending to come to Zlochevsky when introducing the Shooks/Shugs. I had in mind only to show that "scoot over" was Inspired by God because Shooks/Shugs share the Hover leopard face. One McGee surname likewise has white leopard faces, and McGee's point to the Get'n Go GAS bar, just a thought. Doors use white leopard faces, and there was a door involved at both instances of Hicks' knee symbol, i.e. one being at Get'n Go.

The incredible thing now is that the heraldic CROCaDILE is code for Crocs / Croce's and Dile's/Dills (share the Dein/Dene lion). That's not the incredible thing yet. Eschyna de MOLLE married Robert Croc(e), and we saw the Goghs and their kin, Mole's/Molle's, (share the Knee phoenix) pointed to by the Get'n Go! I was emailing Miss Covert while living in that area. Oh wow, English Crocs even have a white-martlet version of the Covert/Coffert Coat! How can we explain that the Crocs put the Dein/Dene crescent on heir Covert/Coffert fesse? Those who put together heraldry didn't know that Covert and Dein would be married.

English Croce's share the potent cross with Shoe-connectable Skits/Skeochs and Skate's/Sheets; the heraldry just looks Arranged to point to Zlochevsky's crocodile shoes.

Burisma-like Buris/BURYs have a bend in the colors of the Knee bend, and Shoe's/Shooks have a knight issuing at the Knee's. "ISSuing" is suspect for Issa, an island also called, Vis, and Vise's/Vice's (Sussex, same as crocodile-line Deins/Dene's) share the black stag head with Knee's! The BURleys share white boar heads with the other McGee's.

OOOHHHH WOOOWWW SHOCKING, I almost missed it. I almost forgot Viktor SHOKin, Ukraine's counterpart to Bill Barr, who was prosecuting Burisma until Joe Biden got him fired!!! The Shoe's are also SHOOKs!!! I almost missed it. The Monk-pointing Shugs are Shooks too, and the Shake's, UNBELIEVABLE, with MOLE hills, come up as "Shock"!!! It's as though Get'n Go gas points to Burisma gas, but I don't get it.

What is it about that corner store in tiny Camp Wood that should point to Ukraine corruption? Yet, that night of her knees was also the scoot-over evening, and what we have just found started from an introduction of Shooks/Shugs from Scoots/Scougals. The scoot-over event also had prime minister Cameron, I think, who was the British prime minister during Biden's fun-fun with U.S. tax dollars in Ukraine. The Cameron-beloved Cheile's (Lincolnshire, same as Croce's) use a leg potentially pointable to George Soros (he practically ran Obama's Ukraine from about 2014). Camerons share five, bunched arrows with the Arms of Rothschild.

Ah, I now recall what I've already told, that I set up Hicks' video camera on a stand in front of the barber I had used a couple of times, and when I greeted her, she was looking unhappy for putting the camera in front of her (so I moved it a little). The Barbers happen to share "Cruce" with Croc-line Croce's, mentioned above. These Croce's have quadrants colors reversed from the same of Soars/Sors', and the Croce's were even first found in Lincolnshire with Cameron-beloved Cheile's, the ones with a leg as probable code for the Legro = Soar river, is that not an amazing pointer of David Cameron to George Soros and Michael Zlochevsky together?

The same Barbers have the motto phrase, "Nihilo nisi," and there is a Nisi/Nis surname with one chevron in the colors of the two of the other Barbers (English). They are red chevrons, the color of the Tank chevron, and the first Barbers (beside the Tanks) share the Tank scallops. Then, the Nihills/Neils in the same Barber motto are Shark kin, which seems to be pointing to Kolomoisky's shark tank. You decide. The Barber saltire is red, like the one of Nemo's in the Poindexter motto, and Nemo's were first found in Stirlingshire with Guiscards while Tanks are properly, Tancreds, from Tancred, father of Robert Guiscard. Niss-like Nissans were first found in Hamburg with shoe-using Trips, and so, you see, we have just come round to the Poindexter-Scalia topic due to the Trip scaling ladder. Why does heraldry have this Trip situation in which it connects both to Scalia and Burisma? Did God arrange it? Was Scalia killed by a Soros plot?

For those who know by Quintus Caepio work, I'll jot down here that Nisi's/Niss' share the Quint chevron and the Jeune fleur-de-lys, making it seem possible that Junia CaepioNIS was connected to queen Nysa of the Pontus. Note that while the Spanish Leon lion is that also of English Stewarts, Stuarts have a "leoNIS" motto term while Nisi's/Niss' are in Alan colors. Leon-like Lyons/Lune's share the lion of Alan-like Lannoys. Englsih Lannoys share the fleur-de-lys of Brocks (Essex, same as Quints) who in turn share the Stewart motto.

Oh wow. Burleys are in the colors of Irish Munichs, and Covert with Dein had pointed to neo-Nazi's. Hiedlers/Hitlers, sharing the white anchor with Hoods/Hoots (Devon, same as Monks/Moyne's) were first found in Munich. But the whammy here is that Irish Munichs are also Maness-like Mannix's, and Covert was later married, or so she led me to believe, to Mr. Maness!!! I've just been floored. Maness' almost have the double fesses of Parrs and Nissans (from king Pharnaces of the Pontus, husband of Nysa above), which is why I see the "PARvenir" motto term of Maness' as code for Parrs.

As Maness' are also Manners (Northumberland, same as Barbers), it should be mentioned that German Manners share the quadrants of Cruce's in the Barber motto. It recalls that Crocs have a white-martlet version of the Covert/Coffert Coat. Manders (not "Manner"), sharing the Barber saltire, were first found in Devon with Crockers. I met MANDY in Texas in 1999, and when we sat at church a few times in the same seat, she said that the man sitting regularly directly in front of us had a beautiful wife with "big Texas hair." It turned out to be the husband of Miss Hicks, though she had been banned from that church for her first-PERSON prophecies, and/or that sort of charismatic thing. I never saw Miss Hicks at that church, not until I attended another church did I find that both she and her husband attended it.

Why do Mandys use legs in the colors of the Soar/Sors and Legro lion? The "ProviDEBIT" motto term of Mandys looks like code for the DEBEDen ancestry (part-Dene's?) of Debbie's (Hampshire, beside Soars/Sors'), who share multiple bends in the colors of the same of German Manders. I had left my business back at home in the hands of Debbie, by the way, when I met Mandy. Debbie's look like kin of Cindys/CUNTys expected in the "GrandesCUNT" motto term of Courts/Coverts (Sussex, same as Coverts/Cofferts, beside Debbie's).

Oh wow, the Cindy write-up: "The first record of the family was found in 'Conde, near Bayeux where Arnfrid CAMERArius witnessed a charter in Normandy 1066." I neglected to repeat above that, when Miss Hicks said to me, "you can SCOOT over," a minute after setting up her CAMERA, I had to pass in front of her to take the seat beside her, and looking down so as not to step on her feet, I saw her sandals, which is why I much-later (about a dozen years) loaded the English Sandal surname to find "Further to the north in Scotland, John de Sandall or de Sandele, appears as CAMERArius SCOCie..." It floored me because Scoots are also SCOUGals. Besides, sandals are shoes while Shoe's have Scocie-like variations.

Shoe's are the ones with a "knight issuing at the knees," and she got her knee symbol that night. Knights/Nights are expected from the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle. Unless the makers of heraldry had eyes to see my life in the distant future, God is the author of that event and the related heraldry.

Just go ahead and load the Scottish Sandals to see with your own eyes that they share the bend of Knee-branch Needhams, and that both Needhams and Scottish Sandals have a gold, spread eagle in Crest. In the 1979 dream with she and her knee, I was not wearing a shirt, and while Shirts/SHARDs were first found beside Derbyshire (where Mandys were first found), see the Needham write-up: "The surname Needham was first found in Derbyshire at Alvaston, a chapelry, in the parish of St. Michael, Derby, union of SHARDlow, hundred of Morleston and LITchurch."

Now this is fantastic, because Litts and Liddle's / Little's started to point to Little Saint James in this update (not far below), Jeffrey Epstein's criminal island that I claim Miss Hicks and I were on in the 1979 dream. Therefore note LITchurch above, for the Litt fleur-de-lys is in the Coat of English Sandals, the latter first found in Yorkshire with the Morleys/Mauls who named Morleston and Litchurch. The Morleys/Mauls share the split Shield of Litts! English Morleys were first found in Derbyshire too. The question now is whether Epstein had a secret camera on prime minister DAVID Cameron, as he probably had on prince Andrew.

Sandal MAGNA (Walkers use a "magna" motto term) is said to have been the name of a location of the WAKEfields, probably a branch of Walks/Wachs expected on the Nith river. In the 1979 dream, I was told to WAKE up Miss Hicks, and she awoke only when I touched her knee. That scene is now pointing to her sandals on the night of the 9-11 memorial, when the president was a Bush-Walker in marriage to Laura Walch.

PLANCia Magna (a first-century Herod) was without doubt the ancestor to Plants/PLANQUE's and the Plantagenet Fulks, and Sandals tell that Plantagenets held a castle at Sandal Magna. Geoffrey Fulk-Plantagenet was given a broom-sprig symbol, used also by the Broom/Brome surname, but here I'd like to mention that I found, earlier today, what look like brooms in the Escobar Coat. I looked Spanish Escobars up when hearing from Rudy Giuliani that a Miss Escobar is an anti-Trump Democrat of EL-PASO who (if I heard him correctly) received some corrupt Ukraine-slated money (I'll feature Giuliani's video later in this update).

El-Paso is where the killers had the murdered body of judge Scalia taken. Escobars are like the Spanish Esquers (white rabbit being caught or killed) that I think are in the "esquire's" helmet of Poindexters. End insert]

Scalia was killed while on a hunting vacation, and Scoots/Scougals ("HAEC ORNant") have a black hunting horn linkable to the same of Traby and Fosters/Forrests. One of the Foster/Forrest Coats has the black hunting horn with gold stripes, same as the Traby horns. Mr. Foster came to Texas with Scalia, and while he was killed in Bash's territory, German Base's/Bass'/Bassemanns share black horns with silver stripes with the other Fosters/Forrests. The Bassemanns recall the shooting of Steve Scalise at second base. Did the killers of Scalia also try to kill Scalise? It's logical. They reportedly used a Hood-connectable Mr. HODGEkinson to shoot Scalise.

It's now murder-interesting that Camera's/Camerons use a "cheile" motto term while Cheile's, with yet another leg, were first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's/KILLs and English Base's/Baise's (share Hatch / Brunswick Coat). It really looks like Gods wants to point to John Bash, really-really badly.

Mamie was in the hatch with Barry, and the Hacch variation of Hatch's is like the variations of Haeks who may be in the "Haec" motto term of Scoots/Scougals. Mamie came out from the hatch, and the next thing I remember, she sat herself down on my knees. The Haeks/Hacke's share the giant unicorn of Giuffre's, in case the scoot-over event is a pointer also to Epstein's spy org. Mamie was at home plate with me when the pastor's daughter, Miss Richardson, was at second base (I'll explain below), a potential pointer to Bill Richardson, Epstein's buddy and possible accomplice to Scalia's murder. Epstein has a Soros-like Zorro ranch in Richardson's state of New Mexico:

Virginia Giuffre...claimed in depositions in 2016 that Maxwell directed her to have sex with former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Britain’s Prince Andrew (whom she has accused before), wealthy financier Glenn Dubin, former senator George MITCHell...

The Mitch surname is listed with Muschats sharing the Epstein Coat. Bash's were at Stanstead Abbots, and Mitch's/Muschats were at Stansted Montfitchet. Gernons, from Montfitchet, share the Hatch Coat i.e. linkable to Giuffre's. Stans/Stands/Stains are probably a branch of Stanleys, and, after I got up from my seat beside Miss Hicks, Stanley came and took it, about an hour before her knee symbol was given on the Ranch = Leakey road. Stanleys, first found in Cambridgeshire with Rench's, share the Knee and Leakey bend. Rance's have the triple chevrons of Mitch's/Muschats in colors reversed.

I trace Scoots and Scotts to lake Scodra, beside modern Bar, on the Adriatic coast across that sea from Bari of Apulia.

It was a minute before the scoot-over phrase that I set up Hick's camera, and Camera's/Camerons love the Keele-branch Cheile's while Kellys share the Coat of Keveneys. It's remarkable because Bash was involved both with Scalia and Keveney-like Kavanaugh. Trump's pick to replace Scalia was Gore-like Gorsuch. Trump chose Kavanaugh after he chose Gorsuch. It's remarkable because Keveneys are also Gaine's while English Gains/Gagne's, who share the crosslets of ladder-using Trips (!), have a form of the Gore/Core Coat (same crosslets)!!! Hee-hee. We're back to the Get'n Go, for Go-like Gows/McGoo's can be a branch of Gowers/Gore's who in turn share the Gore/Core wolf, and then Gore's/Core's share the crosslets of English Trips -- AND NEWLANDS! -- while German Trips were first found in Hamburg with Gaste's/Gass' above!!! The Get'n Go GAS bar, at your service. What in tarnation has just fallen from the sky? Did they gas him to sleep / death? As was said, Ranch-like Rench's (beside Gains/Gagne's) share the Gore/Core crosslets!

Repeat: "I now find that the Gaste's/Gass' have a giant goose! It's thus linking John Bash to the Get'n GO event. The Nueces Canyon is in the midst of his territory." Goose's are listed with Go-pointing Gogh's.

I'd like to go back to Markhams of Maplebeck. Tarves-related Maple's were first found in Essex with Gore's/Core's. As the latter have a version of the Gain/GAGNe Coat, let's add that the only difference between the Markham and Guerin Coats is that the latter throw in the three, pierced hexagrams of GAGNEYs (and Payens/Pagans), first found in Burgundy with Gagons/GagNONs. Maple's use a "Non" motto term, and Nons/Noms/Nevins share the Gagon/Gagnon crescent. The same crescent is used by Labels/La Bells (beloved by English Pings/Pongs/Pagans) while Bellamys lived at Perche with a branch of Gagons/Gagnons.

"Gagne" can explain the Gang variation of Gag-like Geggs/Giggs, first found in Norfolk with Gag-like Gaywoods (Gays share the rooster of Galli's, first found in Dauphine with Payens/Pagans). Bags, with the Gang/Gegg cinquefoil in colors reversed, were at Gaywood. What can we make of all that along with the fact that Labels/La Bells have a version of the Markham Coat? Do Gagons/Gagnons use a pigeon as code for their Pagan kin? Is it a much-needed stool pigeon?

Why do Maple's share boars on blue with Gogh's/Googe's and Mole's, the latter two first found in Roxburghshire with the Fortune's sharing the gyronny of the other French Gagneys? What's all of this leading to? Rollo's (share Pigeon chevron), with a "fortune" and a "par" motto term, share the Maple boar heads, and moreover the Parrs, in the MANESS motto term, "parvenir," share a black border with the gyronny-using Gagneys.

Incredibly, the man I mentioned earlier as having an address in Markham, the one owning / flying a HELIcopter, is Mr. Maness. HELYs/Haleys share the Gogh/Googe / Mole boar, and the pale bar formed by the Hely/Haley boar heads is colors reversed from the Roxburgh pale bar. The same white-on-blue boar head is shared by Schims/Schiens/Shands ("fortuna"), first found in Aberdeenshire with Maple-related Tarves. What can all of this complication mean? Where do we place the emphasis? Tarves' share the six Clinton / Hillary fitchees, and the Clintons were probably involved in Haiti's abduction / crime rings. The Haiti-like Haits/Hague's (Gagne branch?) share the Gagon/Gagnon crescent.

As per the Haiti quake, I had looked up Quakers to find a brown stump, the colors of the Rodham stump. Another brown stump is in the Crest of Kidneys/GEDneys, whom God set up to go with the kidney-shaped pool in the 1979 dream with Miss Hicks. Kidneys/Gedneys have the Ged fish in colors reversed, which is the fish also in the Arms of Saraca, the Saraca's being the line to Sharks (Tyrone, same as Neils/Nihills having the same fish). The shark of this pool has always been regarded (by me) as the anti-Trump crowd that probably serves the Clintons to a far reach. The two Kidney/Gedney fish in saltire are colors reversed from the Hait/Hague saltire, you see, and in the colors of the Neil/Nail/Nagle saltire for a connection to Shark-related Neils/Nihills. I see anNIHILation when the deep state brings the world down with it when it sees that The Day has arrived.

The first thing ever that the sleeping BAG pointed to, on the morning of that dream, was Scalia's murder by people in the International Order of Saint Hubertus (its leader lives in Mexico, explaining, I think, why they took Scalia's dead body to the border town of El-Paso = part of Bash's region). Cindy Richardson is the one giving me the impression that Bill Richardson, Democrat of New Mexico, was involved with that death, even before I learned that Bill Richardson was a friend / partner of Jeffrey Epstein (Richardson admits he had some contact with Epstein, but minimizes it, of course). El-Paso is at the Texas border with Mexico and New Mexico.

Cindy Richardson worked into my heraldic investigations when she pointed, from second base of a baseball field, to the shooting of Steve Scalise on second base. However, as Scalise's are listed with Scalia's (share scaling ladder with English Trips!), that's how it dawned on me that she could also be a pointer to Scalia's murder. Cindy Richardson was part of my event at home plate with Mamie, and Scalise was MAIMed by a bullet to the hip. This was as little as a week after Mamie got her thigh symbol. We can now add that the two ladies were with me at a BASEball field while Bash's can be linked to Base liners. I like the way that works.

As little as a week after we were at the baseball diamond, the same Cindy pointed to pizzagate and the pedophile, Anthony Weiner, husband of Huma Abedin (Hillary's right-hand woman). "Huma" therefore looked like it was pointer by my being at HOME plate with Mamie, and Abedin-like Bedins happen to have a version of the Second/Segur Coat while Cindy was at SECOND base when Mamie and I were at home plate. There was no one else in the baseball field, as I remember it. The only difference between the Second and Bedin Coats is that Bedins throw in black boar heads, the symbol of Gardens/Jardens. Mamie got her thigh symbol at her garden. One could say that Scalise got shot in the thigh.

Bedins are also bed-like Bedoe's/Bedlows, and Scalia was murdered in his bed. The sleeping bag caused me to believe that they sedated him into feeling tired, waited until he went to sleep, then slipped a plastic bag over his head to suffocate him while he was too drugged to wake up. The SLEEPING BAG, you see. Poindexter testified to the media that Scalia said he felt tired at dinner, and said he was going to bed early.

Bedins were first found in Shropshire with Sleap, the Sleeps, and BAGleys. The sleeping bag in the dream was in the woods / FOREST. Mamie and I slept together in a sleeping bag (no sex) the night before she got her thigh symbol at the garden.

Scottish Fosters are also FORRESTs, and a Mr. Foster accompanied Scalia to Poindexter's Texas ranch when he was murdered. Foster flew down to Houston with Scalia, and convinced him to leave his security guards in Houston. The Thigh's are also Thy's, and Fosters/Forrests ("Hunter blow thy horn") use a "thy" motto term. What are the chances??? "The surname Foster was first found in Newlands [!!!], a parish, in the historic county of Peeblesshire. The first on record was William de Forest who was a tenant of the Douglases in the barony of Newlands in 1376." What are the chances??? Newlands have a version of the Bash chevron-with-items. Bash worked for Scalia.

English Forests were first found in Northumberland with English Fosters, and while French Forests are also Forez's, Forez is where French Greville's were first found while I showed above why English Greville's share the TREBY/Treeby besants. It just so happens that Scottish Fosters/Forrests have gold-striped, black hunting horns, same as the Arms of Traby. French Greville's use a giant tree (can explain the Treeby variation), while Tree's/True's are in the Hume/Home motto. Mamie and I at home plate pointed to Huma Abedin. She with Hillary had the most to gain by killing off Scalia, for even if Obama failed to replace him on the supreme court, Hillary was slated to do as when she became the president.

It should be added that Greville's and Verne's were both first found in Forez, and both share the white-on-blue tree, though Verne's have a version of the Kid Coat. It reminds of my dream with kids jumping on a yellow mattress. The Kids (Angus, same as Gardens/Jardens) have a hunting horn colors reversed from the same of French Fosters/Forrests.

The leader of the International Order of Saint Hubertus, an Austrian noble, is Istvan von Habsburg-Lothringen. It's first of all interesting that Lotharingia was also Lorraine, the pointer to Bill Barr. The HABSburg surname is also HAPSburg and thus possibly from/of Apps'/Abbs'/EPPs' (I say they were kin of Schools/SCAYLE's), the possible makings of "Epstein." I'm just saying. Istvan (lives in Mexico) married Paola TEMESvary, which doesn't sound very Spanish / Mexican, but looks more like the Vere's of Oxford along the THAMES river.

The Arms of Austria is just a fesse, in the colors of the Covert/Coffert fesse, and Miss Covert said to me that her father descended from a kaiser Koffert, whom I could not find, but he sure could have been Austrian. It just so happens that Coverts share the martlets of TEMES'/Thames'! Zinger. What could this reveal? Coverts were first found in Sussex with Felix's, and Istvan is the son of Felix von Habsburg-Lothringen, how about that! Felix's share the potent cross with Croce's while Crocs have a white-martlet version of the Covert Coat! Zikers, what have we rot, this smells like death. Courts/Coverts may be using the black, imperial Austrian / German eagle.

Felix's (also have a mill rind) may have been Monaco liners of the Monk kind: "The surname Felix was first found in Sussex where the name was first referenced in the year 1122 when Felix MONCHus held estates in that shire." Oh wow, Monktons, if their Shield were red, would have the Temes'/Thames Coat! Does Istvan wear crocodile-leather shoes, I wonder? Did he pick them up in Monaco?

As there was no Ladder surname while some surnames use ladders, I had tentatively resolved that ladder-using surnames were from "LOTHARingia." Coincidence, or did God arrange it so as to point to Istvan's Order in the plot to kill Scalia? News reports claimed that more than 30 hunters from the Order of Saint Hubertus were hunting on Poindexter's remote ranch when Scalia was murdered. Double scaling ladders are used by Bennets (from Furness Abbey), and they are from the PIERleoni Jews (catholics), suspect with Peare's and Leopards.

The Peare / Covert leopard face is likely from a Grimaldi line. English Leopards were first found in Sussex with Coverts and Felix's, and Pierleoni lived at Rome, where Italian Felix's were first found. The plot thickens. German Leopards (Westphalia, same as Lotharingia's Bar-le-Duc kin) are in Leo colors. Pierleoni, from pope Leo Benedict, were probably the guts behind the Crusader invasion of Jerusalem in about 1096 AD. The Jerusalem Templars used the potent cross of de-Bouillon's family, making Felix's look like they at least descended from Pierleoni.

Ah, shortly before seeing Miss Peare for the last time, which was shortly before dating Lorraine, I dated Roxanne BENNET, and even lived in her parents' home on Bathurst avenue. The Bathursts share the gold patee cross with Scottish Bennets, and then the Bathurst motto includes, "Tien," hee-hee, which is a variation of the Temes/Thames surname! Wonders never cease. God must hate the Pierleoni, for I say they descend from the killer priests of Jesus. They may have been behind the Illuminatish Jesuits.

Bathursts were first found in Sussex with Felix's, wonders never cease, and the double fesses of Bathursts are colors reversed from the same of Felix-like Flecks!

I treated Bathursts in relation to Pierleoni in the past, but didn't then know (I don't think) that Felix's were involved. Istvan has made them relevant here. I told that the double Bathurst fesses are shared by FELTmans (share gold leopard face's with Peare's) after showing several times that the phrase, "it FELT so good," in relation to Miss Peare, was a pointer in multiple ways to the family of Gothelo, father of Godfrey III, grandfather in-turn of Godfrey de Bouillon, first ruler of Templar Jerusalem. Godfrey III, I had read, went to the aid of the Pierleoni when the white vatican was poised to persecute them (Pierleoni). The latter, if I recall correctly, were putting up, or trying to put up, anti-popes.

The "PALMA" motto term of Feltmans shows that their double fesses are indeed those of Flecks and Palmers. I first kissed Peare at La PALOMA, a thing that pointed to judge Scalia. Feltmans were first found in Middlesex with Apps/Abbs' = Habsburg/Hapsburg suspects! All-in-all, there is a lot of evidence in my work to indicate that Istvan's Order had Scalia killed.

We Need Some Good Bastards for the Dirty Work

We now have a choice to make. Did Trump appoint Bash because he had part in Scalia's murder, even if only to cover it at this time? Or did God arrange Trump to pick Bash to find and prosecute Scalia's killers? As a woods or forest is also a bush, might the Bush family know something about this Texas killing? Or, is the bush of the dream another pointer to Bash? I can glean that Trapp/Trapper-beloved Bustards are a Bush branch, but note also the BasTARDs, first found in Devon with Darts/Dards/TARDs. Bastards could be a Bash branch, and the Bastard chevron is also the Pigeon chevron. The world needs a good stool pigeon.

The Bastard Coat is exactly the Batter Coat, and batters stand at home plate and run the BASEs.

I trace Pigeon / Pagan liners to the Pek river, and "Pax" happens to be a Bastard motto term. The Packers/Peckers/Pickers (Berkshire, same as Batters) have the lozengy cross of stool-like Stolls, important because Stolls, first found in Somerset with Whistle's, share the Whistle lozenges. A stool pigeon is also a whistle-blower, and Stolls even use a dove / pigeon.

Bastards love the Bello's in their motto, and Italian Bello's were first found in Verona with the Bellino's using a bear paw / leg. Verona's are in Payen/Pagan colors and format, and even share the Lynch Coat. We saw a bear leg with NEWdegate's/Newgate's, and Bash's are connectable to News'/Nuces' and Nuse's/Newes". English Belows/Bellows share the BUS cinquefoil.

The trash can was bashed in this week, with a slice made by a bear claw. Beside it, the lid was popped off, and a couple of garbage BAGS had been rolled out. The seated bear was facing the bags when I looked out the kitchen door, which reminds that Cindys/Contys share the double pale bars of Seats/Cedes' in the "cede" motto term of Back/Bach-beloved Steers. I was facing the bear's BACK when I looked out. Steers share the lions of Whistle's, and the latter were on/off the STUR river while Sturs are also Steer-like Styre's.

It's the Steers who were at NewdeGATE, and GATES' are like the CEDES'. GEDDES' use PIKE fish, and Packers/Peckers are also Pickers while Pike's were first found in Devon with "Pax"-using Bastards. The sleeping bag was circled by David Morley, and Davids use the motto, "Pax COPia." Cuppae is the "city of doves" off of the Pek river. Before it was circled, I had PICKed the sleeping bag up on a hill in order to point to John Solomon of The Hill news, for Solomons/Salome's share the stars of Scottish Picks/Pike's.

OH wow, I've only now thought to load Jarrets/JARRE's/Jarrys (Dol, Brittany) to re-find that they share the giant Garden/JARDen boar head. This can be a potential pointer to Gregg Jarret, a fellow deep-state antagonist with John Solomon. A few years ago, I threw a JAR at the bear! Bears are not scared off easily; they will wait and return to an open garbage when lights go out...unless they had a terrible jar experience three years earlier. In this picture, the bear better depicts Barry Soetoro scared off by the Gregg Jarrets of the news world. Usually, I have no idea how to read the details of events. Maybe you can figure better.

Lookie: English Jarrets were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and Bagleys. The latter tell of a Bagley Woods location in Berkshire, where Packers/Peckers/Pickers were first found.

Shropshire is also where Bedins were first found who were pointed to by Mamie at Huma-like home plate. Again, the day that Mamie was in the PICK-UP truck with BARRY, I slept in her sleeping bag, and so the pick-up looks related to my picking up the sleeping bag on a hill. The next day, she got her thigh symbol at her GARDEN, and as little as a week later, she was with me at home plate. Here we can add that Home's/Hume's have a giant lion in colors reversed from the same of Irish JARRYs/O'Hare's.

French Jardins (Brittany again) have three lilies in the colors of the water lilies of Waterfords/Waterville's (use fountains, a viable pointer to James Alefantis of pizzagate), and then the Waters/Waterville's are the ones with the Epstein Coat. A giant lily in the colors (in Kid colors) of these lilies is used by Dundee's. Kids were first found in Dundee, at least near the first-known Gardens/Jardens and Scottish Jardins. Kids share the hanging of a hunting horn from a tree with Lothians who in turn share the brown dog of Waterfords/Waterville's. In a recent dream, kids were jumping on the mattress, and while these lilies are reflective of the Mattres/Maistre flowers, Jumps share the Trump stag head with the Arms of County Waterford.

Watts and Vatts/Watters' hang "spectacles" from their tree so as to show themselves as a Water branch. God may have arranged the human eye atop the Watt / Vatt/Watters tree to suggest the Intelligence spy-eye that supported Epstein's blackmail racket. There is an Eye location in Suffolk, where Muscats/Mousquette's (share Singletary antelope) were first found, a branch of Muschats sharing the Water / Epstein Coat (all use the triple Singletary chevrons in colors reversed). Therefore, God could have arranged the Muscats and Muschats to be in the area of the Eye location so as to point to Epstein's Intelligence racket with the Watt / Vatt eye. Obama descends from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham.

Watsons share the giant Watt / Vatt oak tree while putting what I think is the Rodham tree stump in Crest. Watts were first found in Worcestershire with the Clent hills while Clents/Clints share the garbs of Blythe's while Hillary Rodham Clinton married president-to-be, Bill Blythe. It all looks very Arranged, since Bill Clinton was on Epstein's plane many times.

I'd like to go back to the hanging theme above because it came forth while on the white-on-blue lilies. Epstein was reportedly hung in his jail cell, and one of the closest surnames to "jail" (from old "gaol") is the Joel surname having gillyflowers in the colors of those lilies. However, I also found Geals/Geelmanns with a GeelHEIST variation, perfect for what I had wanted to say as per the Jewel variation of Joels. To put this into better perspective, Joels/Jewels were first found beside the Potters and Hangers while Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers," and while "gillie flowers" are used by Rinds. In other words, God may have arranged Hangers to be linkable to Joels/Jewels for reasons.

Scottish Gillys/Gillie's were first found in Lothian, and Lothians use a horn hanging from a tree. French Gillys, likely a branch of Gellone's/Gillians, were first found in Languedoc with Jolls/Jolleys.

Last night, I read an article telling that an international jewel thief (one who conducts jewel HEISTs) wants to write a book telling all the blackmailing crimes he knows of performed by Epstein and Maxwell. This jewel thief was roughly in Epstein's inner circle, or so he claims. Judging by the way he makes statements, he does not have the sex videos that he claims he was shown by Epstein and Maxwell, having big-name people with under-aged girls. If we ask whether his story is real or made-up for book money, this heraldry on Joels and Geelheists may serve to show that he's telling the truth. Had not Joels/Jewels not linking to Hangers and thus to the hanging report of Epstein, we couldn't use it to support the jewel thief's claims (a scum by any other name, but a whistle-blower too).

Note how the Geelmann variation of Geals/Geelheists/Gels/Gelans is like the Gelman surname of John Bash's wife.

For what it's worth, the French Gay rooster, very linkable to the Galli rooster, is shared by Jolls/Jolleys who in turn throw in the same cinquefoils of Gangs/Geggs (Norfolk, same as GAYwood). English Gays share the Pigeon chevron. English Gays (Surrey, same as Michaels) have a different-colors version of one Michael Coat, and while George Mitchell is being fingered with Epstein, Michaels are also Mitchells while the kids jumping on the bed were those of Michael, Joel's brother. German Michaels have lions in the colors of the Geal/Geelheist lion. [After-extra: as per Little Saint James below, note that SAINTS/Sinclairs (Lothian) share a gold rooster with Jolls, Gays and Galli's.]

To help assure that Michaels/Mitchells do apply to the Geal/Geelheist lion, William Gellone's monastery was at least beside (i.e. if not in) Narbonne. Italian Narbonne's/Dinards have a lion colors reversed from the same of German Michaels. I've told in the past that the Michael/Mitchell scallops are colors reversed from those of James' (Surrey, same as Michaels/Mitchells) because Epstein's island is Little Saint James. The lid popping off the trash can centered on the Litt / Little / Liddle bloodline (Roxburghshire again, same as Michael-connectable Maxwells), and here it gets very interesting where Gellone's share the red fleur-de-lys with Litts while the latter's is half white-on-red, the colors of the same of Liddle's who in turn share the white-on-red fitchee of Gillys/Gillie's! Zinger. The Liddle / Litt fleur-de-lys is shared by Dutch Bonne's. NarBONNE.

On top of this, I had noticed the Dinard location on the atlas only yesterday, while checking out the Rance river. The mouth of the Rance is between Saint-Malo and Dinard, and so I checked the Dinard surname to find it listed with the same surname as comes up as "Narbonne." The Rance's/Rants, with the Epstein chevrons in colors reversed, are expected in the motto of Rinds i.e. the ones with gillie flowers!!! Hee-hee. The trash-can lid has a big mouth suddenly, announcing its pointer to LITTLE Saint James. Rinds share the Mallet scallops while French Mallets are also Malo's. "Hinc" is a motto term shared between Liddle's and Spauldings/Spoltons, the latter sharing buckles with Mallets/Malo's.

I think I understand the naming of NARbonne from the Naro river of the Daorsi, who can be in the "odor" motto term of Liddle's. The reasoning is that the Naro was also the NERETva while Nerets are like the "Nard" expected in the DeNARD(o) variation of Narbonne's. Nerets were first found in Dol, and Dol-line Dolfins/Dolphins are in the James dolphin, but also in the dolphin of French Bone's. French Bonne's (not "Bone"), first found in Languedoc with Narbonne, use ermine spots, and then an ermine mammal is in the Arms of Saint-Malo. Narbonne's/Denardo's are also NORDi's, and while they share the lion of NORTHs, the latter were first found in Sussex with English Bone's. Dinard and Saint-Malo are about 5-10 miles from the border of Cotes-du-NORD.

The Arms of the International Order of Saint Hubertus are, I think, related to the Maltese cross, and Mallets can be shown to be Malta's. Mallets share the scallops of Rinds, and then Felix's, who seemed to link very well to Istvan's father (Felix), use the mill rind.

Felix-like Falaise comes to mind, and it just so happens that Fallis'/Falls share the giant lion of Rita's, first found in Rome with Italian Felix's.


Although this news came out late in the week, I'd like to have it up front: Jeff Jensen released more helpful evidence for Flynn, in FBI notes telling that the FBI was resolved, as of January 30, 2017, that Flynn was not a Russian agent. This makes Mueller's deplorables, and judge Sullivan's circus clowns, very guilty in being so feverish to jail Flynn. It also makes Horowitz, Wray, Comey and all who knew of that Jan-30 situation, guilty of suppressing this information to date. It is a most-pathetic situation that Barr cannot ignore lest he wants to go deeper into infamy than he already is. Although the Republican media restrains itself from insulting him publicly, many people in general, offended, have come to deeply despise Barr, and to say so. Thanks to BCP for this information late Sunday night.

The unsettling thing is, it appears that Jensen was NOT going to reveal this latest bit, but did so only because it was necessary to help close the case in light of developments late in the week where the appeals court was looking like it might revisit whether or not to prolong the case. In other words: what else is Jensen and the DoJ hiding from the public on the guilt of DoJ operatives? Isn't this exactly the tack of Wray and Barr together, to hide the evidence for the crimes so that they can excuse themselves for not making the key arrests? It's incredibly offensive and depressing to have the top federal cops behave in this way.

How many other DoJ prosecutors are, right now, using the double-standard method of persecuting pro-Trump people unfairly or even uncalled for? It's not enough for the DoJ to get Flynn off the hook from those persecutors; the latter must be punished to send out the message that others had best not repeat. Shouldn't Van Grack and Mueller be arrested, therefore, for framing a man and seeking his jailing thereby? But of course. Therefore, if you celebrate Barr publicly at this time, you are an accomplice to his obstructionist crime wave. Yes, he's on a crime tidal-wave, protecting many Obamaite criminals all at once.

Also late in the week, a headline at Bongino Report: "Report: Ghislaine Maxwell Being Moved 'Cell to Cell' to Avoid Assassins". This tends to inform me that sinister jailhouse forces are preparing us to see her murdered...though they make fake it. It is ridiculous to suggest that she can be murdered in her cell when she can be watched at all times, and when the murderer would be known. No inmate would murder her in a cell unless it were a jailhouse's plot. It does no good at all to move her from cell to cell. This sounds like a ruse to trick us, the public. Leave her in the same cell, and don't let anyone into it. Simple.

Here's lalaland: "States reopening too quickly has led to "record-breaking" cases, Fauci said." Is he nuts? No, he an evil conspirator. The globalist goal is to make the world think that the virus is still a massive problem. I can see their game: make masks mandatory outdoors, in public places, and bring in trillions of dollars by fining those who won't wear masks. Force police officers to get their quota of mask tickets, and watch the good cops become evil cops overnight just to keep their jobs. Then, make even more money on vaccines. It's got to have the fingers of the globalist-government goons.

The Democrat party in the United States is run by foreign powers. It's not American. The good thing about Trump is that he's a nationalist, hated by globalists. This is a just war, and Trump should be supported on it because globalists just want the peoples' money; they are not interested in the peoples' welfare. Globalists are insidiously desperate to find the money to create a global village even while the world is in debt. They are lunatics, all of them. We can see their reflection in Democrat leaders and their lunatic decisions. Trudeau is a globalist puppet. The power of this beast is in liberal news media. Take that away, cripple that, and they will not control the public mind by trickery anymore; globalist powers will dissipate.

Fauci is a fraud. He knows that the "increase" in corona cases is due to more testing. We are idiots if, when we read the official number of new cases, we swallow it. Same article as above: "The US set a new one-day record of cases last Thursday with more than 55,000 new infections reported nationwide." Yes, but deaths are down 10 times since the peak last April. Plus, I'm an idiot if I don't realize that there were many more than 55,000 new cases for last Thursday. Hallelujah. This is the way to go. There could be as many as five or ten times as many new cases than the reported number, and that would be GRRRREAT. The more the people wear masks, the slower this recovery will take. If only 100,000 people per day catch the virus, it will take 2,250 days (SIX YEARS) before the United States gets over this virus (once 225 million get it, it's about dead).

My guess is that globalists are setting up a situation in which they will persecute Trump for his next four years with this virus because they know there's a good chance that he will win the election. Therefore, they are fixing their numbers low (but making-believe they are high) to make it appear that the disease will last at least another five years (because they currently plan to make it last that long in case Trump wins). To make it seem worse, they are putting out false reports that people can get the virus a second time. These globalists MUST NOT be tolerated in the name of American freedom; they are ruining the nation very badly for their own agenda. They are lunatics.

Some wisely-crafted scheme is necessary to put out their lights. Media barons and bosses need to be arrested and threatened with severe jail time in order to rein in their destructive propaganda. But it can't happen until someone discovers proof of the tricks being employed in the coronavirus game. Once the media is caught advancing false information, then they can be charged for whatever losses the country suffers due to their messages. If it can be shown that the media is responsible for needless unemployment and bankruptcy by sounding out messages it knows to be false, then it can be made to pay for damages. If it can be shown that media advanced false information to assist in the coup attempt, then media bosses can be jailed for that. But Trump has not been willing to see arrests. He's made his nation suffer needlessly for that attitude.

Trump has an ace up his sleeve that he must now play: the hydroxychloroquine-zinc tonic. Doctors must be forced to offer it to EVERY patient. The patient can reject it, but it should be offered, or the globalists will ruin the country with this fabricated crisis. The DNC is a foreign virus seeking to infiltrate cells to weaken the body that it might rule it easily.

To date, we are told that the United States has had 3 million cases of COVID-19, and we are supposed to be total idiots to believe this number. Our educators are batty. There has been -- if we can even believe their numbers -- only 3 million confirmed cases. NOBODY is using a footnote on these numbers to say that there are a whopping number of unconfirmed cases that go unreported. They are thus lying to us without blushing, and without worry about what the people will think of them for doing so. A revolt is needed against those who put up these numbers. Expose them, let them be humiliated naked before the people. They are not merely mistaken, they are conspirators seeking to hype a disease to crisis levels to do evil for their own gain.

Florida governor DeSantis is in the video below explaining his state's COVID situation at present. He says that, a couple of months ago, the percentage of positive results amongst those tested was in the 5-percent range, but that the positives now are in the 15-percent range. However, the globalist forces, back in April and May, were making sure to test only the worst-infected people because they (the globalists) wanted the death-rate ratio to be high compared to the number of tested. That means the tested in those days had more people much older than 30-35, yet DeSantis says that the 15-percent-positive rate is for a median age of 30-35, and that many of the tested show no symptoms at all. Nobody was allowed to be tested, a couple of months ago, who had no symptoms. We are being played with these numbers.

Okay, now think about this. If the median age is 35, that means that just about everyone is being tested, i.e. of all ages. If 15 percent of Floridians test positive, it means that 15 percent of all Floridians have this virus at this time, not including those who have already had it. One can extrapolate that number to the rest of America. It means that 65-percent of all Americans can be past this virus before the end of this year, and even faster if people don't wear masks in summer, a great time not to wear masks. The severity of this illness depends on the number of virus' breathed in. In summer, most people are going to get merely a free vaccine by breathing in a small sample:

DeSantis says that only 10-percent of Floridians have been infected, but I don't trust those who give him the numbers and other data. He's being fed (educated) largely by the corrupt CDC. When he talks about those testing positive for antibodies, the numbers are way too low. He says the CDC number for fatality rate is 2.6-percent (way too high). SPIT! Why is DeSantis quoting the CDC??? Is he too daft to realize that CDC is a player in this fixed drama?

If even as low as 20-percent of all Floridians have had this virus -- in the hot south -- then I'd suggest that at least 25 percent of all Americans have had it, and that's about 80 million people already. But if you read Drudge headline even now in July, it looks like COVID is the end of the world. DRUDGE SICKO. Drudge headline on Thursday: "More grim job losses as USA hits record high on new COVID cases..." DRUDGE OPEN-UNABASHED LIAR.

The people reporting deaths have suddenly increased the numbers of dead over-night. No surprise. There is no shame in those who want raw power for power's sake. False news on many fronts abounds; the day's political need becomes the day's "truth." Leftist media corporations force their anchors to be ridiculous, laughing-stock hypocrites, and, for the money, they do it (act the part) with straight faces. They deface themselves in concert with fellow anchors, in front of roughly a million nightly.

If 15 percent of Floridians have had this virus in the past two to three weeks, then we'd expect at about 10-percent to have had it two or three weeks prior to that, and, for argument's sake, let's say that 5-percent had it two or three weeks earlier still. For argument's sake, that's about 30 percent of Floridians at the least. Extrapolating America-wide, the country is more than halfway to putting the freeze on this virus. AND THAT's WHY the globalist fixers want the numbers to be much smaller at this time. They report whatever the best-possible, best-case scenario for their agenda. If the CDC were honest, there would ne no crisis. Google won't let me find anything that isn't part of the agenda. It's all controlled. To control the Internet was do-or-die for the globalists, and they chose to control, but the end will be a backlash on them...if the Lord tarries.

Below is a common-sense explanation of COVID-19 at the current week. The doctor tells about one of the tricks of the enemy: to report any hospitalization as a COVID patient if he/she has the infection at any degree, even without symptoms, when they are hospitalized for other reasons. SHAME ENEMIES OF GOD, pathetic psychopaths:

Bongino woke up one day this week from little sleep because his Florida county mandated masks even outdoors at the pain of a police fine / ticket. I understand Bongino's refusal to wear the mask even if he gets ticketed multiple times, but this plays into the hands of his enemies. They want the people to get ticketed; it can raise an enormous amounts of money, and make the enemy more powerful. So, perhaps it will feel better to wear the mask, at least down around the throat in case a police officer is around, because one won't contribute to enriching the globalist party. The down side is that the enemy makes the people faceless by this scheme, unless we pull the mask down below the chin. That's got to hurt in hot weather; our salvation from this scheme could be the liberals themselves who feel it's over-the-top to mandate outdoor masks.

Fauci says that new, more-rapid testing is coming out next week. But who's behind this method, and how might it produce false results that benefit the scheme?? We should be asking that question. Who's on Trump's side has the details on how the method works? Will Trump just let the globalists walk on his back scheme after scheme? The plan is to make life so difficult for the people that they will just not vote for Trump in order to get back to normal. I think the political middle (= hypocrites, will vote Democrat at times) realizes that the current troubles are manufactured to defeat Trump, and they might just get onto that wagon rather than go another four years with constant hysteria. That's how I see the Soros intrusion machine working for to take down a national leader. It can't work with the media being on side and firmly controlled. The Trump side needs to be silenced in the media, exactly the thing taking place.

So, while Trump has a huge advantage over Biden for obvious reasons, the shark is employing brute-scheme after brute-scheme to offset his advantages. The Democrats want mail-in voting because most young people won't line up to give them a vote, but will if all it takes is sending an envelope. However, this could backfire because older people vote more for Republicans, and many of them won't line up for fear of COVID, so: mail-in voting would be good for them. The down side is that the good guys are not apt to cheating, but Democrats have no shortage of cheats in every sphere of life, every field of work. The Bush's wasted 12 presidential years not crippling the Democrat machine. Trump has wasted eight because verbal attacks do nothing/little to cripple it.

To cripple the machine, the media bosses need to be arrested for not producing news. There must be a law in place that does not allow a news organization to constantly attack the political opponent no matter what he/she does. If someone takes a media organization to court, and shows how the news constantly favors the Democrat party, the boss should be jailed. You cannot grant media freedom to go that far. You can still have shows like Hannity because they are not news shows, but news casts must be presented non-biased. There is probably a law (or inside rule) forbidding FBI / police agents from acting politically biased; churches are urged not to be politically biased; why not also the media? Society and its elections must not be controlled by a conglomeration of media monsters amounting to a perpetual "advertisement" for one political party. It's a no-brainer to understand the reason. Why has this been permitted for so long?

The framers of the American constitution are dead and gone; they did little to protect the nation from the wicked then, and can do nothing now. It is useless to appeal to them. The only One who lives, the only One who matters -- if you want a good society -- is Jesus. He is the one who can change things. But if Republicans are so stupid as to ignore Him while appealing to Jefferson or Washington, how STUPID. The "fathers" did not know / respect Biblical doctrine enough to acknowledge that God does not give people any rights.

Bongino doesn't have the Biblical knowledge / respect enough to stop talking about God-given rights to life and happiness. Anyone who knows the Bible knows that non-Christians have no right to life. It is a stab against Jesus for Bongino to announce that non-Christian Americans have the right to life and to pursue happiness / wealth. Biblical doctrine clearly says that non-Christians will have their lives ended, their souls punished. Jesus said that God allows the sun to rise on the good and the evil -- God allows the weeds to grow in the midst of the wheat -- because God is being kind even to the wicked, not because they deserve or have a right to a happy life. God is being kind to give the wicked time to repent. That's proper doctrine, and if Americans don't push that doctrine, they sacrifice the help of Jesus in their affairs.

The kinder God is to those who believe, the more horrible it will be for those who miss out when they are heaped like trash in Hell. For those who have tasted the kindness of God in the way I have, you may know that he's incredibly beautiful too. His acceptance of us is like boundless, even though we don't deserve such treatment. That's what makes Him beautiful. He will produce the Way to a GREAT life, like no one has seen before. We don't work at believing in Jesus only, but we want to trust that we are forgiven if we have expressed sorrow for our sins, and if we continue to respect God's wish not to continue sinning. The gift of God is roughly a RIGHT, because it's the new law, for anyone who believes and trusts: God is pleased to give them the Kingdom. It's a Promise, and a promise makes for a Right to Life, even though it began as a sheer gift. But to say that all Americans are, by their citizenship, under the right of God to life, SPIT. You have no right to declare such a thing; you do not speak for God to alter his system. You cannot make America akin to God's Kingdom, DOPE. The country is stacked with the worst, unrepentant sinners this world has ever known. Destruction hangs over their heads. The worst buckets of this world have been attracted to the country, and they add little to it, unless you think that their money contributions, and their own pursuit of wealth, is a great thing. If that's what you think, you are a distorted soul in comparison to the straight way of Biblical doctrine.

The only consolation is that God acts in America -- and in any country -- on behalf of His people there. God does not act to support national values that contradict His own. God does not give non-believers the RIGHT to free speech / expression. God retains the option of punching them in the teeth, so to speak, if they don't speak what's right in His eyes. Yes, He's the ultimate Dictator, and we should be glad about it. He would not have chosen for the Supreme Court whom the Democrats and Republicans have chosen, but He allows all sorts of things to take place in spite of their being wrong and harmful. This is correct doctrine, the TRUTH about life. He has allowed the godless and the wicked to move into every sphere of life, and to have the greatest powers over the global order. It's not the first time. It's hard lessons learned for a nation abandoning Him. Republicans are being led down a Masonic path. If anything, we should be calling for God's values to be supreme in a political party, and warning against the non-Christian elements in that party's leadership circles.

Fox and Friends is saying that use of hospital beds is rising at this time, but this can be expected after months of denying beds to people with non-COVID problems, but now being accepted. One could frame this picture wrongly as one in which increased hospitalizations are due to increased COVID cases. How can that be true if deaths are now down 10 times since they announced 2,000 deaths daily? This "bottleneck" or "backlog" situation is Bongino's first topic on his Friday show. See the 38th minute of his Friday video for a new revelation against Biden as per the coup attempt on Trump;

As of Wednesday, Trump has still not mentioned Maxwell's arrest.

Nobody in the news ever talks about the political partnerships that the vatican has in the United States. Shouldn't that be part of the news? Isn't the vatican a part of the power structure? Isn't the power structure the thing that determines society and life within it? How can we resolve the fact that as many as most Catholics vote Democrat? Has the vatican not been behind that situation? Are these not relevant questions?

Wikipedia: "From the 1930s to the 1950s Catholics formed a core part of the New Deal Coalition, with overlapping memberships in the church, labor unions, big city machines, and the working class, all of which promoted liberal policy positions in domestic affairs and anti-communism during the Cold War. Since the election of a Catholic President in 1960, Catholics have split about 50–50 between the two major parties in national elections." So, which party does the vatican stand with, and why? Doesn't the vatican have sway in both parties? Why hasn't the vatican demonized the democrat party yet? Why hasn't the vatican canceled the memberships of catholics who routinely continue to vote Democrat? Is the vatican an accomplice to the smoke and fire in America at this time?

How has catholicism affected the non-catholic, Christian sentiments in the Republican party? Why are there several catholics on the Supreme Court but no evangelicals / fundamentalists? How does this reflect the nation? What part will the vatican play when Christian persecution is in full swing? If Democrats lead the persecution, will they attack catholics as well so as to make the vatican more friendly toward evangelicals? Trump leans catholic, doesn't he?

Vatican agents on high levels are urging catholics to vote for the party that best facilitates religious freedoms, which can explain why even a few Democrats on the Supreme Court voted in favor of the vatican this past week in what looks like a betrayal of the Democrat party. However, if the goal is to keep Catholic voters in the Democrat camp, we can understand those decisions. The Democrat judges didn't wish to insult and distance the Catholic vote. It was a politically-biased decision after all, in case you were celebrating that it was not. It's not enough, in God's eyes, to tell catholics to vote for the party that best allows religious freedoms. Any masonic stooge can say the same. A man of God calls people out of the Democrat party because Democrats are the party of anti-Christ activists, but to watch Democrat behavior since 2017 and NOT call catholics out of the Democrat party is certainly a disappointing red flag against the vatican.

If I'm a Hispanic catholic who votes for Democrats for what the party promises Hispanics that I don't think I can get, or that I don't want from, Republicans, then I MIGHT (not assured) get what I want from Democrats, but it will be my only reward allowed by God at the possible cost of my soul for empowering God's enemies. You can't empower God's enemies lightly, as though God takes it laughing, or not a problem much at all. If you want to take that risk, fool is an Hispanic catholic, or a Black catholic.

The reason that Democrats have unleashed Black Lives Matter is because Trump has been taking much of the Black vote. A drastic action was taken in desperation, but it appears as though it should backfire (on liberals). It may not have been the will of Democrats to have a founder/leader of BLM tell the camera that it's a Marxist organization. That's like gaining back a few Blacks and losing a few catholics and others simultaneously. Will Hispanics now go the way of Marxism for the thrill of controlling the United States in a couple of decades? If so, traitor of the country is the Hispanic. Go to Cuba if you want Marxist totalitarianism.

How can the CIA focus on communist Russians or Chinese and not on its own communist forces? I don't call them Americans, because they are not. The Democrats empower themselves with foreigners to the point that they have turned their voters against Americans. How can that not be sedition worthy of jail time? Is it sedition only if a bloc attacks the political leader but not the general population? Does American freedom of speech tolerate the formation of a dictatorship that topples the reason for the very instituting of freedom of speech? Those freedoms were to let the people speak against tyranny, not to allow tyranny to re-educate and train the people to empower tyranny. Therefore, a law can be made, or an amendment to the constitution, forbidding freedom of speech for the purpose of installing a dictatorship, or for acting dictatorially en-route to installing such a president. There are judges in the land who can see right through Democrats if they attempt to argue that they do not espouse a dictatorship.

Should Americans fight with guns against a Democrat dictatorship? God forbid. May God, on behalf of His wheat, have a better plan to solve something like this. The best plan I can think of is to let our enemies devise a scheme that calls Christians out of the cities, an abandonment of the world, while our enemies bring the skies falling down on their heads...for the last time less than one four-year term. Doesn't that sound glorious now that we are getting a glimpse of what our enemies are capable of doing to us?

I've read that country tracts of land are going down in price. May I suggest that Christians with large tracts of land severe them to make room legally for other Christians once the tribulation hammer comes down? Get permission to build a road and several severed lots off of that road. Don't build anything until the hammer comes down, after you get some money from those who commit to buying your properties. In this regard, pre-tribulationists are our worst enemies.

I think it is a great idea to close schools as long as women can afford to stay home with them. Liberals have, by-design of feminists, created a society that forces many women to abandon their mother status. Giving kids a year off of school, it would have been my dream come true as a child. It allows parents to home school, to see how easy it is to do a much better job than school teachers can do. As you must know, schools are stacked with liberal ideas; sparing your children both that and the damage done by children of anti-Christ parents is a big bonus.

You should NOT be sending your kids to public school. You are doing your own children, and yourself, a great disservice. Your kids are highly likely to start hating / disrespecting you due to peer pressure from demonic kids. You don't believe in demonic kids? Schools are filled with the wicked kids of wicked parents. The school systems cater to them now. It's not worth teaching them with liberal slants at the cost of their belief in God and their eternal souls.

If you can't see great pleasure in being forgiven by the One God, who rejoices over you greatly even though He's the one giving you pleasure, you are far from understanding the meaning of life. It's the soul, STUPID. It's the condition of the soul, not just cleansed, but happy. What money can buy is trash by comparison. It's God's great attitude toward the one repenting that motivates us to love Him back. We don't merely imagine His great attitude (as though mistaken about it) if we have tasted it; it's a thing He makes known and confirms to our hearts. You can't get this from catholic rituals, a sprinkling of "holy water," or their so-called sacraments. You must communicate with God, one-on-one, naked heart to naked heart, like it matters more than anything else, for He's not cheap. The stakes are very high. The meaning of "seeing the Light" is to realize the beauty and wealth of God. No one can see the Light unless the Light manifests Himself upon you.

Want to see what token punishment looks like:

British judge ruled Wednesday that Christopher Steele violated a data privacy law by failing to check the accuracy of information in his infamous dossier, ordering the former spy’s firm to pay damages to two businessmen he wrongly accused of making illicit payments in Russia.

Justice Mark Warby of the High Court of England and Wales ordered Steele’s firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, to pay a modest 18,000 English pounds – about $22,596 in American currency – each to Petr Aven and Mikhail Fridman as compensation for a violation of Britain’s Data Protection Act 1998.

...The judge ruled Steele violated the law by failing to aggressively check the accuracy of one claim accusing Aven and Fridman of making illicit payments to Russia President Vladimir Putin before distributing it to various U.S. and British figures, including the FBI.

Wow, a whopping $23,000, won't even pay the legal bills. But, you see, Steele was just a little reckless, just made a little mistake. He wasn't conspiring with others to do a grand work of malice, and he didn't really mean to slander anyone. Just a little oversight, had a bad day. That's what a pig-headed judge looks like who judges on behalf of his own regardless of their gross crimes. I expect the same from Barr, but please surprise me. How much was Steele paid to provide the dossier? That can tell a story of its own.

Here's my theory. Liberal cities will defund police forces by 20, 30 or even 50 percent in order to release as many officers as possible not expected to follow orders in a police state, or more apt to become whistle blowers. By frightening the remaining officers, they are more likely to follow all orders of the liberal rulers. It's frightening if Democrats get a White House in 2020. The purpose of liberal spy systems is to record the people most-apt to be liberal stooges and puppets, and those least likely (= marked for persecution).

The deep state, with Obama likely a part of it, thought that, with a little rioting, the Trumpers would become more pliable to deep state needs. Instead, this looks like it's going to more riots, harder riots, if the deep state can figure a way to do it without Trump labeling the rioters as terrorists. There is no mistake, this is terrorism. The defunding of the police is terrorism. The New York mayor can be arrested as a terrorist because he's defunding the police while he sees the terror taking place. Even if he argues in court that he doesn't intend to cause terrorism with the defunding, he has in fact caused it. That's called, GUILTY. When Barr starts to make the key arrests, there will be hope. Until then, Barr = TRASH. By allowing lunatics to run free and plan their next moves, the buck stops with him. Step down, coward.

It doesn't matter whether Barr wins or loses the case against the New York mayor. Arrest him, and show strength on behalf of the lawful people. Take every opportunity, right away, to show strength. Arrest immediately, as soon as the war horse comes out of the gate...unless it's one of the four horses of Revelation, one of which is the horse of taking peace from the earth. You can't stop those horses. But I don't think they have yet arrived, not until the start of the enforcement of the 666 commercial system.

Here is Giuliani with a video out this week where he seems to be asking how possibly Barr could shut his eyes to the Obama camp's heist of billions of dollars after they (the dollars) disappeared in Ukraine. A shocking climax comes in the 12th and 13th minute, and with the rest of the details, one realizes how solidly the American nation is in the hands of corruption...yet Barr is a piece of trash through all of this, not caring if the nation continues to be subject to the heist of trillions of dollars by the many Democrat operatives, and some Republicans whom have joined them. It's a horribly-depressing picture that makes the watcher want to stand up to corruption, yet no one in the Trump camp seems to be doing the job. The Russia-collusion crimes are one thing, but this constant heist of tax dollars by globalist / Soros forces is another,. The thing that drives Democrats to power by any hook-or-by-crook means is the sounds they've heard through the grape vine that there's easy money to steal when you're a Democrat politician; you will have lots of help stealing it:

Near the end of the video, Giuliani laments, with sincere lamenting, that Barr doesn't want to know about these issues. Giuliani has brought these issues to light with the DoJ, but, alas, Barr is wanting to pass on investigating Obama, Biden, and the Clinton crime ring. It makes me want to puke in his face, but, wait, a Christian is not supposed to do that.

If I could have a wish, it would be that Republicans cease to carry the torches of the founding fathers, and just stick to what is right. Do the right. That's all that's needed. The people who want to do the right will then become the base of the party. There is no need to bring back the ghost of Washington or Lincoln, really, what a waste of breath. Why portray mere men as idols? Persistently / consistently / sincerely maintain the right by God, and God will do things on your behalf. Keep on elevating the founding fathers as demi-gods, and God will puke. Why do Republicans make such a mistake?

Trump was a GREAT THING to occur to the nation as far as thwarting the deep state, but he blew almost wholesale his many opportunities to crush it. If I could have a second wish, boot Barr and Wray out of the DoJ. The righteous people groan under their slow wheels of justice. The people fear as they wait-wait-wait. Word is that Durham's investigations will cease in two months? WHAT? That's crazy. Have I heard wrongly? The investigations should never have an end-date. The arrests should come yesterday, but the investigations should be on-going to secure the greatest-possible evidence against those arrested. We were led to believe that there would be grand juries. It was DoJ deception, wasn't it, to keep the voters quiet?

Bill Barr said some weeks ago that investigations will continue until after the election. We could interpret that two ways, including the idea that he wants the slow wheels to be even slower, with almost no arrests in the meantime. If these slow wheels are due to his concerns for Republicans fearing a media backlash because they fear losing their political jobs, then Barr is acting politically -- the thing he said he didn't wish to do -- to save their political skins.

If you want to get feeling-small depressed and mind-spinning smart all at once, then this Polly video is for you:

Be normal, be big. You are much bigger than the lunatics seeking to control society. We should never believe that they with their science have progressed ahead of us. For they are fools, and their science is their own self-deception. Pay no respects to their futuristic scheme's. The best solution for population control is to kill people planning population control. Selah, come Lord Jesus, to roll their big stone back over them. Go ahead, control freaks, make God's Day.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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