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July 1 - 6, 2020

John Ratcliffe Parachutes Out of the Rafters
We Soros-ed Into the Sky
Heraldic Pointers to Guislaine Maxwell Abound
Mamie Played the Hooker; It's Now in the Bag

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

The last update had pretty good pointers via heraldry to John Ratcliffe, on top of the original pointers involving the 17th squirrel in my attic, the last one that was never trapped in the RAT trap. The previous 16 were all caught, and there were good reasons for viewing that event as the 16 Intelligence agencies overseen by a 17th, now directed by Ratcliffe. My hope is that Ratcliff is the good-guy squirrel that snaps the trap on all 16 agencies.

The squirrels were nesting in my roof rafters because I hadn't yet installed soffit. One day, while installing soffit at one gable roof, there was a terrible smell from squirrel urine in the pink insulation in the rafters. I reached in to yank it out, and the 17th squirrel lunged out in fear, hit the rafter and bounced off to my chest. It then bounced off my chest in one motion and fell straight down like a skilled parachuter (legs outspread, skin folds at legs activated) more than two stories to the ground, safely. It scampered away. I've told this story about five times, but am repeating it because there is a Rafter/Raferty surname that says: "The original Gaelic form of Rafter was O RAITHbheartaigh, which was modified to O Raifeartaigh." (Load the Rafter link to access other surnames to follow much better.)

I never assume that an original Irish form of a surname is the absolute original when houseofnames implies it, but, whatever the case with this surname, the Raith spelling looks like something for which God would arrange a squirrel nest in a rafter, and a squirrel bouncing off a rafter in an unusual way, for verifying that this squirrel does in fact point to RATcliffe. Raiths are listed with Rats.

PLUS WOW!!! I had known at first glance that the Rafters/Raffertys use two fish on a fesse in the colors reversed from of the one fish on a fesse of Butts/Boets (because I am very familiar with the latter), but I didn't know how this could help point to Ratcliffe. I have been saying for almost a year that the Geddes fish are in the colors of the Butt/Boet fish probably because Butt/Boets have roses while Geddes were first found in Nairnshire with Rose's, but that's also where Rats/Raiths were first found!!! WOW! Is that's not enough, Scottish Ralphs/Rolfe's were first found in Nairnshire too?

Rafters/Raffertys therefore point in three ways to the Rats, the third being by their sound-alike with the English Ralphs/Raffs sharing the Coat of Roofs/Rolfe's. The squirrel was nested in the ROOF rafter.

I've said it before that the Gable's, as per the gable roof at that rafter, share the Shake/Shakerley chevron for a pointer to Schimatari of Boet-like Boeotia. I think that the Sadducee house of Boethus was from Boeotians, the line to Butts/Boets. Gable's were first found in Sussex with Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks.

It's just amazing that I found mythical Orion of the Schimatari area when seeking the mythical urine symbol, which belonged both to Orion-like Uranus (god of urine-like rain) and to Orion. The squirrel came out of the rafters when I was pulling out the bats of insulation that had been urinated upon badly. The bats are pink, and Pinks/Pincs share the lozenges of Rain-connectable Reno's. The Reno river flows at Bologna, home of the Boii, and Boeotia is also BOIOtia.

There is no mistake, for while another Gable surname has a pitchfork, Spanish Gable's share the Y-shape with Cunninghams. The latter call it a SHAKEfork, and add a "fork" motto term. Cunninghams, first found in Ayrshire with Kennedys (and Forkers), are suspect from the Kennati priests of Ajax, at Geddes-like Cetis. Ajax-like Jacks have scallops on a fesse in the colors of the fish on a fesse of Butts/Boets. Geddes' add a white escutcheon (shield) in the colors of the Chaddock / Chadwick escutcheon, and both latter surnames have eight, white martlets for a border, as do Saddocks/Sedgewicks who themselves have a white escutcheon.

The last update deciphered much of the latest dream (of last week), which had four or five scenes of importance, one being my standing on a strip of snow between two fingers of a river passing me on both sides. The next scene was me walking up an incline on a road with solid ice upon it, and flooded with a foot of quick moving waters. I now realize (not until writing to this point) that God set that dream up to go with this squirrel story, for I've just looked up Ravers as per the Raverty variation of Rafters, and that got the Rivers. The Rivers share nebuly fesses with Swale's and Snows (RUTland!), you see, and Swale's were part of the snow-slush. Swale's are slush-like Saluzzo liners who married Alans, and Alans share the fesse of Butts/Boets/BUTE's. As royal Stewarts, Alans seized the island of Bute, where RORY MacDonald was, and rafters are also ROARys.

But there is more, for the Rafters share the Ice/Ecke and Egg eagle. The Brest/Brix surname entered my discussions when this squirrel bounced off of my chest. Since then, Brests/Brix's, a branch of Bruce-of-Brescia stock, have become a common topic. Rorys share the Bruce lion. River-branch Revere's share a giant, blue lion with Bruce's and Rorys. Roars/Rhore's have this: "Chronicles first mention Albrecht Rorer, or Albrecht 'from the Ror,' who was born in EGER in Bohemia around 1330." Eggs were first found in Cheshire with EGGERtons (topic of the last update). Boii were proto-Bohemians.

Here's from the last update: "Ah wait. The Ecke variation of Ice's links to Eggs, and the latter's eagle, with two background colors, is the Ice/Ecke eagle on one half, and the Road/Rode eagle on the other half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " In last week's dream, the ice covered the road. I half-expected God's ice-CREAM symbol to play into it, but it didn't come about. However, I can now add that while CREMers are linkable by two methods to Bible's/Bibo's, the following was also said in the last update: "Ice's/Ecke's are a branch of English Eggs while German Eggs happen to share the diagonally-split Shield of Beavers/Biebers/Beybels." They are also BIEBLE's, amazing.

I can link this to a scene in a 1979 dream that pointed to John Ratcliffe. The Cremer Crest is almost the rooster on a green CUSHion of Bible's/Bibo's, and the rooster is red like that of Kiss'/CUSH's, you see. The latter share the fountains on a black chevron of CASS'/Cash and Custs, the latter being in the "CUSTodet" motto term of Cremers. It floors me here that Cass-like Chas'/Chastons share the Child Coat having the Road eagle, tending to verify that the ice-on-road pertains to the ice-cream entity of Cremers.

In the 1979 dream (much talked about in the last update), Mrs. Kilpatrick (I usually call her Miss Hicks) was aSLEEP while hovering, and when I was told to wake her up, I decided to do it with a KISS, Sleeping-Beauty style. The Kiss'/Cush's are pointed to in this scene because one Kilpatrick (and Johnson) Chief uses cushions, and the other Kilpatrick Chief is the Cremer Chief. The Cremer motto even uses "dormit," translated as "SLEEPs." Ron Johnson, who works hard with Chuck Grassley, can be expected to work with Ratcliffe in revealing Obamaite / Clintonite crimes.

When the Kilpatricks moved away, to a home about 10 miles from John Ratcliff's place, it was previously owned by the Childs family (I don't want to give the address). Within the last two or three weeks, I looked up that situation again at an online directory, which claimed that one of the Mr. Childs who lived in the home purchased by the Kilpatricks had another address in Heath, where Ratcliffe lives.

As Childs are from king CHILDeric, father of Club/Clobbe-like Clovis, note that the Chas'/Chastons sharing the Child Coat were first found in Cambridgeshire, where Clubs/Clobbe's (Child colors an format) were once said to be first found. Minus the martlets, Clubs/Clobbe's have the Hykes/Hake Coat in colors reversed.

It's interesting, in light of all that, that both Hake surnames have Egg- / Ecke-like variations, as if to point the "ice-cream" symbol to Miss Hicks. But why? I could go off on various tangents attempting to answer that question, but I see no relevant causes. Ice's/Ecke's were first found in ROSTock, and we might imagine some roosters, for example the Cremer rooster, being code for Rostock elements.

As said a few times, the ice-cream symbol started with the ice-cream girl, Miss Hanson, whom I last saw when I was at the entryway to Ratcliff Lumber. I shared that event before knowing of John Ratcliffe, and so note how English Hansons can be sharing the Whalley mascle, for Ratcliffs were at Whalley. German Hansons can be traced to Ottone Visconti of Milan, near Crema. Hicks traced fantastically to Bono's of Milan in the last update with a compliment of legs.

Another thing is that while German Cramers use a giant ram head, Rams are said to be from Hover-like Le Havre. Havers (rooks) were first found in Norfolk with Hykes'/Hake's. It goes again to my wanting to kiss her awake while she hovered in a CAR, and the Car motto, "Sero sed serio," points to the Serio river, location of Cremer-like Crema. Incredible, right? It's just as though God tailored His dreams in me to fit heraldry. Serio-like Sheera's are listed with Kilpatricks.

Cars were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffe's. One surname website: "The Lancashire place name Carr is...Johannes Ker, venator (i.e. 'huntor') aput Swhynhope (now Soonhope near Peebles)..." Note the Kern-like Kerr variation of Cars, for the "quaerere" motto term of Roets is suspect with Carrara. Catherine Roet married Swhynhope-like Mr. Swynford, and German Roets share the SLEEPing moon with Karens/Kerns, you see, from Car-like Caria, home of the moon goddess (sister of mythical Helios of RHODES) who was loved by mythical Endymion, the "Sleeper." Cool. If nothing more, it again provides evidence that God provided the 1979 dream, and one major treat in this is that you and I can take comfort in His existence i.e. He's not a make-believe God, as anti-Christs are now trying to convince the masses.

Soonhope of Peebles reminds that Bowers, first found in Peebles, share bows with Roet-related Bows/Boughs suspect in the BOWood variation of Beautys. The latter surname, which includes "Bowd," could be a variation of bow-using Bude's who in-turn share blue roundel with Eggs/Eggers. That's new right here, and it fits the discussion. Peebles is beside Lanarkshire, where Swyn-like Swans/Sions/Some's were first found, and so I assume that SOONhope was a Sion line. BOTHwells (Lanarkshire) are likely a branch of Booths/Boths sharing black boar heads with Swynfords.

Carrara's use the wheel, and the Catherine wheel, owned by Catherine Roet, is used by Streets while ice covered the Roet-like roads = streets in last week's dream. I find that all amazing. The ice is now connecting hard to the Sleeping-Beauty scene of Miss Hicks. The ice was slippery, and Slippers are listed with Sleeps.

I've just added the following to the last update's section on the black Ratcliffe / Waleran / Beauty bull head: "The Host/Ost and Bull bull heads are on a blue Shield, same as the Heater bull heads, and Heaters (Devon, same as Walerans) can be a Heath/Heather branch. Ratcliffe was mayor of Heath." I had forgotten about the Heaters. Note that the Waleran bull heads have gold horns, perhaps because they're the three gold bull heads of Heaters/Hayters/Haters.

One of the 16 squirrels that I caught in the attic went into the heater duct on my vehicle, and would not come out. It then died in the pocket of my shorts that I had left in the vehicle. I didn't find the squirrel in the pocket, however, until the shorts were run through my laundry machine, which I purchased at Serio-like Sears. Sears/Seers share the Car/Kerr stars and chevron, and Sheera's are listed with Kilpatricks i.e. a pointer to Ratcliffe. Does this indicate that Ratcliffe will die if he seeks to undo the deep state? I sure hope not. I'd rather take this dead squirrel as meaning the death of something that Ratcliffe kills with his rat trap.

Shorts share the Butt/Bute estoiles, and the squirrel in the rafters pointed to Butts/Bute's/Boets with the rafter surname. It was the only squirrel not to get trapped by the rat trap.

Later, a mouse event that pointed to Dan Coats involved my hot-water heater. The mouse died beside the rat trap, a symbol of John Ratcliffe, because he replaced Dan Coats as the permanent director of National Intelligence. The mouse entered my floor in a hole in the floor provided for the water heater's overflow hose, and shortly afterward, DAN was in the closet that had the water heater, and never seeing a tankless heater before, he said, "what's that." This closet is one of two COAT closets at my front door. Therefore, God used Dan to point to Dan Coats, and to prove that the mouse's death beside the rat trap was a prediction for Dan Coat's removal from National Intelligence. It happened just that way.

The Alans in Norfolk and Shropshire (same as Sleeps) married Saluzzo, beside Busca, and Bush's/Buschs share the black boars of Boths/Booths (Yorkshire, same as Bush's/Buschs) and Swynfords. The latter were at LUTTERworth while Lutters/Luthers use balloons. Italian Ballons share the double Sleep fesses, and French Ballons were first found in Brittany with the Shropshire Alans. English Ballons were first found beside Shropshire.

Lutterworth is in GuthLAXTON, and Laxtons have Catherine wheels in Chief, and double fesses in the colors of the same of Italian Ballons (though the latter use them also in the colors of the Sleep fesses). The Laxton and Lax Chief is a wheel version of the three boar heads in the Roet Chief. Lacks/Leche's have a reflection of the Leak/Leakey Coat, and the leg of the latter is suspect with the Legro river of Leicestershire, location of Guthlaxton.

It's now very interesting that while the Legro is also the Soar, the Soars/Sors' pointed to George Soros, who was born, George Schwartz. The Schwartz's (Thuringia, same as sleeping-moon Roets and Childeric's wife) share a giant gold rose with Guths. GUTHlaxton. The last update showed why Soros' ancestry was of the Drummonds, and here we find Guths first found in Hamburg with Drummonds and Trips. English Trips use Lutter-like ladders, and were first found in Kent with the Goods having variations like that of Guths. Goodmans (Hopper gyronny and tower), with rose in Crest, share the double-headed eagle with Worths. Lutterworth. The Jeepma's/Cheps share the hexagram of Goths/Gothels while sharing a black, double-headed eagle with Worths.

Goodmans have "Adam Goddam or Woodham (d. 1358)," and while Woodhams share the stemmed, red rose with Goodmans, Woods were first found in Leicestershire. As Woodhams have a version of the SERE Coat, recall the squirrel in the Heath-like heater duct that was run through the SEARs laundry machine (code for money laundering of George Soros partners in Ukraine?), for Woods share the Rattery fitchees. Sere's were first found in Essex with Sears. Red roses on stems are with Sere-like Schere's/Scherfs. The squirrel was found in a pocket of my black shorts, and Shorts were first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors'. What could any of this mean in the news today?

A couple of months after the 17th squirrel bounced off my chest, there was a squirrel in the ceiling of my old trailer. The rain getting through the roof had rotted the ceiling, creating an opening from the inside for the squirrel to get in. It was at the bathroom light in the ceiling, which I went to open or close one day, when a frightened squirrel pounced out of its nest, hit the wall, then bounced off my chest frantically in one motion, then jumped up from the floor to ran across the kitchen counter and out a hole in the screen which it had chewed. Two squirrels hitting my chest in two months. However, all that summer, I never saw two squirrels together. It seemed like the same squirrel, always taking the same path across my grass island.

So, in the past, I looked up the ceiling-like Sealys/Ceileys, the went to Seals and their Sailer branch to find the three wolf heads of Cliffs. RatCLIFF. You see, God was able to use this second squirrel to point to Ratcliffe, fun-fun. Seelys/Ceileys share the tiger in Crest with Walerans; the latter were first found in Devon with the Hoods having a "ZEALous" motto. Seals are also Zeals, how-about that. Miss Hicks was at the hood or RADIATOR of the car before she hovered in the car, and Hoods were at RATTERy. In the last update, it was realized that this car was a pointer to Auto's/Otto's, for they share the black bull with Ratcliffe's / Walerans / Beautys/Bowoods.

Quote: "Radcliffe's are long established name in the HUDDERsfield area..." One may glean a Ratcliff-Hood connection. German Hudders use the same arrowhead as the so-called "pikeheads" of Piggots/Picots, and Pike's were first found in Devon with Hoods. This is new, and the Hudder Crest is even the white wolf head in the Zeal/Seal Crest! I got lucky here, finding that quote when going to google to see whether the location was "Radcliff" versus Radcliffe." While Cliffs were at Moreton-Say of the Says, "The surname Piggot was first found in Cheshire and Cambridgeshire where Picot of Cambridge (c.1022-1090), born in Saye..." Piggs share the Swynford Coat. As Piggots//Picots share "Tout" with Hicks (Yorkshire), the white wolf head must be that of Scarfs (Yorkshire).

I kid you not, I had neglected to capitalize "Beauty" above, and the very second in which it was being capitalized, MercyMe was singing the word, "beauty" (in the song, "Here With Me").

It seems meaningful that Seals share the chevron of Forney-like Fernie's, for Cars were at Ferniehurst. Note that Fernie's share the fesse of Hazels who in turn have a squirrel in Crest, wherefore I'm assuming that the Fernie lion heads are those of Leghs (Cheshire, same as Hazels).

Legh lion, I assume Simpleton family historians, while thinking themselves smart with their dictionaries in several old languages, are rife with stupidities such as, "The name Kerr derives from the old Norse 'kjrr' meaning 'men from the marshes'." They rarely provide evidence for such claims because it doesn't exist. The same article: "By the end of the 14th century, the Kerr family had become well established in Scotland. There were two principal branches of the family - the Kerrs of FERNIEhirst and the Cessford Kerrs. The family headquarters of both branches were in County Roxburgh."

The article says that Kerrs were at Roxburgh's Jedburgh, and the latter is where Denhams were first found who not only share the Carr/Kerr chevron, but have a "Cura" motto term likely for the Curr variation of Cars/Kerrs (Curry colors).

The article tells that they were granted lands in Lancashire, but doesn't tell where (I want to know if they were at/near Radcliffe). I highlighted FERNIEhirst because Miss Hicks moved to Forney, at the place about ten miles from Ratcliffe's home. Forneys, evocative of Lancashire's Furness, were first found in Lancashire with the Sere's expected in the car motto, "Sero sed serio." In the dream with Hicks at a car, I had no shirt on, and I saw my jeans. Denham-branch jeans appear to be pointed to in this Denham picture. Sere's are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Shirts.

Just as I ended the paragraph above, NEWSboys were singing line phrase, "something's beautiful" (it's the name of the song about a wedding). In the dream, I remarked, "she's beautiful" (I thought she was going to be my wife in real life, this dream was so powerful to my senses). I was just about to treat the "victoriam" motto term of Denhams when that song phrase played, recalling the newspaper and coffee in Victoria, the event that led to my purchasing property 10 minutes from Miss Hicks, both of us on the NUECES river. News'/NUCES' (newspaper in Crest) apply to that event, yet I didn't even know her when I got that newspaper (purchased it to check for land for sale). Coffee's/Coffers use "SED victoria," and Cars share "sed." It's therefore important (appears Arranged) that SEDbergh is where I trace Sedans (another "sed") who share a black border with Furness'. Sedbergh was the home of Dents in the Coffee/Coffer motto.

Coffers/Coffare's share the crescents of HEFFERs, you see, and as she was hovering in the car, it appears like God's Arrangement because Hovers are also HOFFERs. The song after "Something's Beautiful" is a Christmas song, "The First Noel." It reminded me that I first saw Miss Hicks on Christmas day, 1994. I then realized that Noel-like Nobels share the Heffer lion. It's in the colors of the Legro lion, and I touched her leg while she was hovering. We then SOARed embraced into the sky as she awoke, and Soars/Sors have the Legro lion. As her leg was touched / grazed / brushed (by my hand) as I was leaning over to kiss her, I assume that Kiss'/Cush's relate to the Legro / Soar river, and, wow, I wrote that before checking whether Kiss'/Cush's were first found in Leicestershire. YES!!! This is the first time, or nearly so, that I've used "soaring" into the sky rather than "rising."

The picture is one of the rapture and victory, and so maybe the Soros gang are the caterers of the anti-Christ and the final days, afterwhich we get the heavenly victory.

Kiss'/Cush's use "fountains," and we soared while embracing = hugging. Hugs are kin of Fountains! The latter were first found in Norfolk with castle Rising!!! I get it. "I Am New" (Jason Gray) is now playing. Hugs were first found in Languedoc with FONT-de-Ville's and Forneys. The latter show only a chevron in colors reversed from the same of kiss'/Cush's, and the latter's Coat shows only a chevron but with three "fountains" within the chevron. It works to prove that Miss Hicks was the dream girl (amongst many other proofs I've laid out in the past).

Hold on to your ice-cream, because The First Noel is sung by FRANCesca BATTistelli, and while Batti's/Botto's share eight-pointed stars with Stelli's, Batti's/Botto's were first found in Cremona! It's near Crema on the Sheera-like Serio river. It's also near the first-known Lane's/Lano's of Brescia, and DeLANEys have the same eight-pointed stars.

Italian FRANCA's have a fesse with green above it and red beneath it (Hever/Heffer/EVER colors)', same as Coffer-branch Heffers, and Spanish Franca's (essentially the Italian-Franca Coat) share the Coffee/Coffer fesse!!! Unbelievable. She moved to a Forney house previously occupied by the Childs, and Francis' have the Child Coat in colors reversed. English Franks have a saltire cross in the colors of the Rising cross, and we were rising emBRACED after she was heffering, so to speak. The Hicks motto term, "heure," is like the Eure variation of EVERs!!! The latter ("oblivisCAR") even have the Soar quadrants in colors reversed.

There is even a Francesca surname with, in colors reversed, the horizontally-split Shield of Groce's, the surname that came up as per the BRACEbridge grocery store that had my hood event pertaining to Miss Hicks at the hood of the car.

[Insert -- When we see my jeans pointing to Denhams while viewing Hicks and I soaring into the sky, it looks like a pointer to Soros and Obama together, for Obama's mother was Miss Dunham while Dunhams share the Hair/Hare Shield. The other Hairs/Hare's share the double fesses of HARcourts, you see, and Harcourts share the peacock of Shirts (said to have been of HARborough). I had jeans on, but no shirt. That works excellently!

Shirts are even Schwartz-like Shards!!! How did I miss this all these years of discussing that dream? Jeans/Jane's share the scallops of Tancreds/TANKs, the latter in Shirt colors and format, and the stool pigeon was over my septic TANK = SEWER!!! WOW. It then flew off to the property across the street whose owner has a surname very linkable to Soros. If you read and understood the Sewer parts of the last update, you'll know why they point to both Obama and the SCHWARtz's. This is incredible.

I'm writing this insert the day after writing I wrote this section. It was yesterday when I was across the street, for the first time this year, pulling and spraying weeds along the road's shoulder...when I noticed the rampant wood-sorrel weeds in large patches right across from my driveway. It can explain why I have continuous sorrel weeds here, as they blow from those patches. I aim to go back today to pull them.

The Denhams became a topic a few months ago with the Irish Dene's/Deans having a crocodile. They were looked up when I discovered that Mr. Zlochevsky, owner of Burisma gas (Ukraine), was selling crocodile-leather shoes. The Dene crocodile looks like the heraldic lizard, and Lizarts happen to be listed with Shard-like Sarde's. There is a great chance that Soros was involved with Zlochevsky. End insert]

Ice-Cream Soros

Before John Ratcliffe had ever entered my writings, I wrote a line saying that Devin Nunes is a RAIDER on horseback shooting fire-tipped arrows into Mueller's heart. I came to believe that this was inspired by God, and so I noted that Nunes-like Nunns have a saltire colors reversed from the cross of Rats/Raiths/RAIDERs. So, this suggests that Nunes and Ratcliffe are going to have a war party and really whoop things up for TRUTH and JUSTICE, a cleansing by fire of the deep-state rats and squirrels entrenched in Intelligence (we hope). The Nunn Crest has a bull head looking slightly sideways, same as Ratcliffs. Isn't that like a prophecy? I hope so.

Recall my being at the entryway to Ratcliff Lumber, which is also the entryway (parking lot) to Sam's restaurant, where Miss Hanson worked the ice-CREAM house. As I said, German Hansons have at least three ways for a trace to Visconti's of Milan, not far from Cremona, itself right beside Placentia and its Trebia river, the river of the ANANes Gauls, making HANSons look like an Ananes line. I've already explained how Cliffs (married STICHs) are Traby kin so that RATcliffs look like a line of RADZiwill-ASTIKas'. She and I were both in the PARKING lot at the time, and Parkings/Perkins trace to Perkunas, god of Lithuania, home of Radziwill-Astikas'.

Orrs/Ore's have a "bona" motto very traceable to Bono's, first found in Milan. For, Orrs/Ore's have the Guiscard piles in colors reversed while Guiscards/WISharts (Stirlingshire, same as Chappes') were related to Ottone VISconti of Milan. Ottone's can thus be gleaned with the Coat of French Chappes, and the Ananes Gauls are suspect with Annas/Ananus of Israel, father-in-law of Chappes-like Caiaphas. Ratcliffs share double bends the Orrels (share red roundels with Orrs/Ore's), and both Orrels and Ratcliffs were first found in Lancashire. As was discovered in the last update, "Orrel is a location (about ten miles west of Radcliffe) beside Wigan." Wigans/Wiggins use a three-star version of the Annas Coat, both having the Chief-Shield colors of Orrs/Ore's. It's all making sense.

The Wigans/Wiggins were pointed to by Miss Hicks = Mrs. Kilpatrick during the TREBLE-CLEF tie event, and the "bon" motto term traced excellently to Bono's of Milan in the last update. It's important that Treble's were first found in Devon with Trebia-like Treebys, for Cleffs are listed with Traby-connectable Cliffs. The Wigan/Wiggan Crest shares a spur between wings with Scottish Johnsons, and while the latter (what are the chances?) share a version of the Kilpatrick Coat using cushions, the Bible's/Bibo's -- with a rooster on a cushion linkable to the Cremers -- are said to be from Hanson-like Hahns, a branch of Hanns (both have roosters).

As was the case with Miss Hanson, I lined up to purchase an ice-cream, no more than a year later, from Darlene Ray/Wray for the purpose of asking her on a date (ditto with Hanson), and Darlene's (Devon) share the fitchee in the Orr/Ore Chief. Milan is in Lombardy, and Orrs/Ore's were first found in Renfrewshire with Lombards and Pollocks, and while the Lombard Coat is shared by German Hansons, Jewish Pollocks share the Coat of Doris'/D'ORis' (minus the latter's black border) and German Bakers. As Nellys share the red roundel with Orrs/Ore's, this is a good pointer to Jim Baker of ONA, deep-state operative who may have worked with Nelly and Bruce OHR.

The Wigan / Johnson spur is shared between Close's and Knights, which is how we can know that this pertains to Closeburn on the Knight-like Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle (near ANNANdale, from Ananes Gauls). Spurrs were first found in Devon with Spurr-like Supers (Kilpatrick saltire), Trebys, Treble's and Rattery, and Ratterys use a "super" motto term. As Treby-like Trips/Treffs use shoes while Shoe's use a tree and a knight, we can understand the knight in the Tree Crest, suggesting that Tree's may have been a branch of the Treeby variation of Trebys. As Trips/Treffs once showed boots, my bet is that Trips were related to Sadducee-liner Butts/Bute's/Boets. The latter's fesse is like the Rafter fesse, which brings us back to the squirrel nested in the rafters that pointed to John Ratcliffe. The Trip boots were once shown by French Masseys/Masse's, though the latter now have a tree. We get it.

Wikipedia once showed an Arms of Placentia having a split Shield, with a simple white-on-red square on one half, and a blue-on-white wolf on the other half. I don't know whether it was called a square, but just in case it is, Square's are listed with Squirrels. The Placentia wolf is colors reversed from the Flynn wolf, or in the colors of the Scarf wolf heads, and then while Trabys/Sadowski use a "scarf," Schere's/Schare's/Scherfs look like a Square branch...a good reason to think that Placentia uses a square. The Flynns even share three besants in Chief with Trebys/Treebys while Tree's were first found in Warwickshire with Scherf-like Sheriffs.

I suspected that Flynns were from Fallens, and the latter share the greyhound with Tree's. However, Flynns are also Fleming-like Flings, and they share a wolf on blue Shield with German Flemings. Flynns are also suspect with Flints/Flans, who look like Flanders elements, relevant because Flemings lived in Flanders. The double-tressure border of Flemings is used by Tresure's/Trashers (Somerset, same as Tarrs/Tara's/Tarres), expected from the Taro river. The Ananes Gauls lived between the Taro and Trebia rivers, and while the Ceno is a Taro tributary, Caens/Cans named Caen, beside Tracys/Trasse's, you see, and this is how Trashers were discovered to be in the trash can of a dream I've been talking about much in recent months.

The trash can's rim caught flames, a pointer to Flemings. The trash can caught flames when it's rim hit the ground, and Grounds/Crannys share an upright, gold wolf with German Flemings. It seems that Flemings were at Placentia with the Ananes, thanks to Fleming-like Flynns/Flings. The Flame's even share (both colors) the Treby besants. Flame's were at Durham with the first-known English Bakers, whose saltire is much like that of Supers, the latter first found in Devon with Trebys, and thus the Baker lion can be the Treby lion.

I've been tracing the Treeby besants to the same of Stubbings for years because the Stubbing Crest shares a white lion with Trebys. Stubbings are said to be named from TREE stumps (hey honey, look, there's some tree stumps in our back yard, let's call ourselves the Stubbings), but this is probably a mistaken idea from the Faithful/Faith tree stump. The "QUIEScam" motto term of Stubbings looks like code for Keyes' having a "Faithful" motto term while Faithfuls/Faiths have a version of the Super Coat.

Keyes' share double bends with Kays, and the latter have the Ratcliff Coat. It just so happens that Kee's are listed with Mackays while one Irish Mackay Coat has the three Quade wolf heads, in the colors of the three Cliff wolf heads. The Traby/Sadowski scarf is probably in the shape of a Q for the Quade's (share three wolf heads with Scarfs). However, the same three wolf heads (Swynford colors) are used by Queens (SKYE) having Swyn-like variations. Queens share the "faithful" motto term with Keyes'/Keys (same place as Scarfs). Irish Kee's/Mackays use a wreath, and Wreath's happen to be MacCRAITH's too, which can be understood to have formed from "MacRAITH." Raiths are listed with Rats, and Wraths/Rothes share white-on-black lions with Trebys. It's from the Traby marriage to Radziwill-Astikas'.

Super-like Sobers use rose leaves while Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with Rats/Raiths, beside the first-known Ratterys of Perthshire, and Ratterys are the ones with a "super" motto term. Ruths/Rothers were at neighboring Moray, location of Rothes'. Rodhams, with the Faithful tree stump, share a white lion head in Crest with Stubbings.

Rafters are also ROARtys, and I noticed that Flynns were "a senior branch of Clanna Rury of Ulidia..." I have seen an Arms of Bute (island) with the Rory/Rury lion, and Bute was previously, ROTHESay, connectable to Rat/Raith Wrath/Rothes liners. The Rory-like Rourk's (probably a form of "Rurik") have double lions in pale in the colors of the Arms-of-Flanders lion. For years previous to this past one, Wraths/Rothes' were said to be first found in Shropshire, location of a Rodden river (in the RODHAM write-up), and Wraths/Rothes' happen to be ROOTHAM's too. German Rothschilds/Roddensteins use the Rodham bend as an arrow. It should be added that the Rodham bend is ermined and in the colors of the ermined fesses of Sleeps while Roden of Shropshire is between Sleap and Sleapford.

It's now interesting that while Hillary Clinton was all over the SLEEPing-bag dream, Rodhams are only-now found in the Sleap theater. Plus, the sleeping-bag dream had a MALL parking lot, and platforms in a mall, and while the bike rider in the dream, David Morley, verified by Morleys/Mauls that the mall was God's arrangement, I now find Wraths/Rothes'/Roothams at Wrotham in MALLing. This comes along with Malbancs in the Mall write-up while Malbanks/Milbanks (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) share the ermined bend of Rodhams. It's added proof that God gave the sleeping-bag dream, and that He is working this mystery out using heraldry links as a message board. As Malls are also MarlyBONE's, compare Marleys (Cheshire, same as Malls) to Wraths/Rothes'/Roothams, noting that French Bone's share the dolphin with Marleys. Why do Malls/Marlybone's share the Soar/Soros quadrants?

As I had found, using Hague's/HAITs, some compelling pointers to the Clinton corruption at the HAITi quake crisis, I should now repeat that Morleys use the special leopard face of Aids who in turn have a leopard-face version of the Rodham Coat. You can see that while the biker in the dream was David Morley (an old friend of mine), David's have a version of the Aid and EYTon/EITon Coats. As AIDs were first found in Berwickshire with AYTons/AITons, we have reason to point out that the Hague/HAIT saltire is in the colors of the Eyton bend, for Eytons (same bend as Bone's) were first found in Shropshire with Roden and the Rodden river.

Morley rode his MOTOR bike down a ROAD beside the mall parking lot, which tending to point to MOTTRum, where Malls/Marlybone's lived. While on Bakers above, I had noted the biker-like Baiker variation of English Bakers, and their lion, in both colors of the Wrath/Rothes/Rootham lion heads, is colors reversed from the David and Eyton lions. As French Bone's have a dolphin in the colors of the James dolphin, this looks like God's linking Hillary Rodham Clinton to one of the two James Bakers. This Baiker picture is new right here, and it's making sense. Bakers/Baikers even share the Meschin scallops, expected as the Tailbois scallops, and the latter's are in the colors of the Morley/Maul scallops.

Oh wow. The bag-like Bakers/Baikers may be instructing us to check Baggers/Baghots, and they are in the colors and format of Bikers! That has got to be one purpose for the choice of using a sleeping bag as a pointer to Hillary, to also point to James Baker. The Bagger bend-with-eagles is colors reversed from the same of Bone-branch Bonns (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons).

James Baker of ONA (U.S. military) was in cahoots with Stefan Halper, and while Halpers share the Steele checks, the Steele dossier was the part of the other James Baker (FBI counsel), and Morleys/Mauls have the split Shield of Dossier's/D'Hosier's. Plus, Steele's (same place as Malls/Marlybone's) "were conjecturally descended from BIGOT de Loges". I'm thinking that Bigots could have been a branch of Baghots. AHA! French Bigots share the MALLet scallops! It definitely looks like a pointer to Hillary Clinton's Perkins-Coie purchase of Christopher Steele's dossier! BINGO, for the Rodham-pointing road was beside the mall PARKING lot while Parkings are listed with Perkins. Incredible.

To prove that Bigots must be made a part of the dream, Bigots/Wigots were at Marston-Biggott in SOMERSET, where Church's were first found who share the collared black greyhound with Marstons. The latter are in the format, and colors reversed from, Church's (SOMERSET). German CIRCLE's show a church and are listed with KIRCHners. It's got to be why Morley came off the road, down the hill / bank to where I had picked up a sleeping bag. He CIRCLED (I saw him do the circular ride) the sleeping-bag area, and rode back up the hill, then went back down the road from where he came just as I was walking across the road, about to enter the mall parking lot. Excellent. No scene in a dream from God ever goes to waste. Nothing is put in the dream that isn't Intended. I've been telling of this circling of the sleeping bag for years, but not until now has it been deciphered.

The Church write-up: "John Atte-cherch was rector of METTon in 1338." Meads/MEATs, sharing the pelican with Bigot-like Biggors/BIKERs, were first found in Somerset. Yup. Meads/Meats were once said to be first found in Sussex with Medleys and Bone's, and the Middle's/Meadleys named Myddle, location of Sleap! Right beside Roden and the Rodden river. Perfect; couldn't have done this without David riding a circle. Rodhams/Roddens share ermined-white on red with Mead-branch Meadows.

The Middle's share the border and Shield of Scotts and Scoots (black greyhound) while Schutz's share the collared Church greyhound.

There might be a deep-state reason that the Crest of English Bigots/Wigots shares a hand holding a green snake with the Flynn Crest. The Bigot/Wigot write-up: "There is some suggestion that the name in Normandy had been Wigot, and there was a line descended from Wigot de St. Denis..." Wigot-like Wigans trace to the Ananes theater with Flynns.

Plus, Bags were at Gaywood while Gaywoods share the Howell Coat while God used Thurston Howell (played by James Backus) in Gilligan's Island to point to James Baker! Zinger.

The following insert was just added into the last update after showing that Sleap is beside Myddle, and while deciphering a dream of last week where I was on snow between two fingers of a river, just before I was on a slippery ice upon some ROADs:

Update July 1 -- The Rodden river of Rodhams is beside Shropshire's Myddle, and I was in the middle between two fingers of a river. The fesse of Middle's (Shropshire) is colors reversed from the Snow / Dol fesse. The Middle fesse is decorated with ragully, symbol of Dol-liner English Stewarts. Myddle castle was built by Mr. Strange, and Strange's (Tolle / Tool lion) share the Sorrel Coat. The latter puts ermines on its two lions that therefore look like the two ermined fesses of Sleeps!

So, that's why there had to be two rivers (Rivers share nebuly fesses with Snows), with me in the MIDDLE, to prove that the slippery road is a pointer to Hillary Rodham. Slippers are listed with Sleeps. The Snows share the nebuly fesse of Swale's, and the latter were shown in the last update to be kin of Shropshire Alans, though Snows should have to do with more than providing proof that God gave the dream. The last update had some ideas. I was on a slope of the road and walking up it. Slippery SLOPE, like "Salop" (alternative name for Shropshire).

Hillary turned into a witch in glass slippers, snapping her whip, at the stroke of midnight, November 7, 2016. She was Cindermeltdown. Never recovered. She deserved it. CNN deserved it. The way Democrats play, they don't deserve to live in the midst of humanity. It's not the Russians and the Chinese who are the arch enemies of America's normal citizens. They do their best to un-normalize their children. They target the new generation. They are trying to make them violent for their cause. The young are more-easily deceived by their propaganda. The piece above not only pointed to Hillary, but to the weeds of George Soros who have been thought in the past to specialize in societal upheavals in other countries (Obama did that in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Ukraine). They are now doing it in the United States.

It's amazing that while the Shirts/Shards pointed to George Schwartz in this update for the first time (that I remember), Sorrels share the peacock in Crest with the Shirt/Shard Crest. Weeds/Weedons have double fesses colors reversed from the two of Sleeps. Wood Sorrel weeds. I did not time the crossing of the street for any discussion here. I arrived in the nick of time because half of the weeds I wanted to get had already popped (not dropped on the ground) their seeds (very much like a dandelion bulb).

I can now link Ice-branch Eggs (beside Shropshire) to Weed elements while making Weeds look to Woods, important as per wood-sorrel weeds. This exercise will even cross the line of Ice-like Ise's/Ass's sharing the fasces with Sorrys, what are the chances? It started with the AYLESbury Vale location of Weeds. The Ayles' have three pale bars in the colors of the near-same three-and-three pale bars of ATHOLs/Athels, and the latter are now thereby proven (topic of last update) to be from the ACHELous river of ancient AETOLia, for "Ayles" can be gleaned as a variation of the Hagels and Eagle's/Hegels/Aigle's i.e. from "ACHELous."

English Hagels share the lone pile of Wings, the latter first found in Perthshire with Athols/Athels and Justine's. Wings/Winks are from VINKovci (off the SAVA river), home of emperor Valentinian I, husband of Justine of Picenum. It's the Justine's who can be gleaned as kin of Ise's/Ass', and then German Hagels share the black, spread eagle with Hegel-like Eggs/Edge's. Thus, the Ice's/Ecke's (share the same eagle) look like Achelous liners. In fact, the Ice/Ecke and Egg eagle is shared by EGGLEstone's/Eaglestone's (Rat/Raith cross?). In Lancashire, there is an Ecclestone location about seven miles from Egerton and EDGEworth, and the latter are about five miles from Radcliffe and Boura-like Bury. Rats / Rads and Cliffs are individually connectable to the Achelous' Astakos location.

Woods (Leicestershire, same as Soar river) use a savage while Savage's/SAVA's have the six Eagle/Hegel lions in colors reversed, a great reason to assume that Weeds were a Wood branch, or at least married to them, It gets the Weeds and Woods linked and/or pointing to the Soars/Sors' and Sorrels, excellent because Sorrys share the Ise/Ass fasces. Remarkable. It begs whether the ice-cream line at Crema's SERio river applies, and so I checked Sorrel-like Serrels to find Searle's/Sarrels with doves / pigeons! The stool pigeon had as one apparent purpose to point to Soros' surname. Their Serrel/Sarrel Crest has greyhound on a green mound, ditto for the rooster in the Cremer Crest.

The Achelous theater was home to mythical Oeneus while the Oeneus river is a tributary of the Sava. Sava-like Sauers (like the Sawrey variation of their Sorry branch) share the giant lion of Eggertons (Cheshire, same as Eggs and Savage's/Sava's). My bet is that God arranged the heart-shaped leaf of wood-sorrel weeds to conform to this picture, and so I'll add that French Sauvage's (Champagne) use a giant heart while Scottish Champagne's were first found in Leicestershire with the Soar river and Savage-loving Woods. Whom do we think this heart is code for?

"Ayles" is like the Alees sharing the giant lion of Atlas', and while Oeneus was king of Calydon (at Aetolia), a queen of that place was given the name, Atalantis in honor of Atlas, king of Atlantis. It reveals Plato's mythical ATLantis to be a line of ATTALeia's Pisidians to the naming of Aetolia. The Simsons, first found in Buckinghamshire with the Aylesbury location of Weeds, have an "Alis NUTRior" motto suspect with Greece's Elis and with the ENOTRi otherwise known as OENOtrians i.e. the real people group who must have named mythical Oeneus, for Aetolia was politically partners with Elis, and the latter is in Pisa, named after the PISidians of Attaleia.

Weeds: "Today Weedon is a village and also a civil parish within Aylesbury Vale district to the north of Aylesbury and south of HARDwick in Buckinghamshire". Hards use the heart. The heart-shaped wood-sorrel weed. The Hardwick saltire is the engrailed one of Greats who in-turn share the gold border with Justine's because Justine's father-in-law was GRATian (just 300 years after the Herods of Israel). Scottish Hardys (eagle in Crest) even have the cross Aylesburys (Buckinghamshire), and the Hardwick saltire, in colors reversed. French Hardys are in Rice colors and format while Rice's use a "hardi" motto term. French Hardys even share the lion heads of Buchans (like "Buckingham"), whom I can trace to Buxentum/Pyxus (at PALINurus) with Palins/Pawleys (Savage/Sava kin) and Simsons (share BUCHANan lion), and I can then trace Buxentum elements to Boura beside the Pisa theater (see Sybaris ancestry in Boura). But I don't want to repeat all of that.

Hardys were first found in Lanarkshire while Lanarks have the Irish Hard heart in colors reversed. Lanarks probably have the cinquefoils of Dogs/Doags (Perthshire, same as Wings/Winks) because this heart belongs also to Douglas'. The Wing/Wink pile looks connectable to the solid chevron of Lanarks. The interesting things are: 1) Scottish Hearts share the Pollock saltire while Pollocks use a boar shot by an arrow, symbol of Atalantis shooting the Calydonian boar; 2) Scottish Hearts have a saltire in the colors of the similar Rising cross while Risings (expected to be a branch of Hardy-loving Rice's) connect to the 1979 Hicks dream along with Soars/Sors, for when Hicks and I were rising, we were soaring. Also first found in Lanarkshire are the Sine's in the motto of Wing-connectable Sire's/Sirons (SWORD).

Soros' Schwartz surname is like the Swart variation of Swords expected in the flaming sword of Irish Hearts. The Shirts/SHARDs are expected in the shirt said to be worn by the Tous man, but take note that he's said to have a shirt and buttons, for this can point to a Soros-Biden partnership. As I write here, Judicial Watch revealed that Hunter Biden took, on average, a plane flight per every five days on average (Bongino's figure) over some years of the Obama administration, all of the some 450 flights (I think all, not sure) with government-paid security detail. About 10 percent of the flights were abroad. What was he up to, and who was he working for? My point for mentioning the TOUS shirt is due to the "ParaTUS" motto of Swords/Swarts.

It's important that our rising was proven to be a pointer to Rhizon, land of Ardiaei and thus traceable to Rize near Ardahan. That was home to the Calydon-related Khaldi, but also to the Amazons of Artemis (hunter, same as Atalantis) whose boar Atalantis shot. Rize is at or near the PYXITes river, and Picts had a Caledonian tribe. The Picensii look like they were from the namers of the Pyxites.

The Oeneus river is beside the Kupa (Sava tributary), which I trace to Cuppae near the PEK river, land of the PICensii that likely named Picenum. The mythical Sirens of the Achelous theater were named after something similar, for myth writers generally created names as word-play on real people-groups, locations or whole nations. It's interesting here that Heart-like Herods were from Edom, which anciently had the land of Siren-like Seir. The Sire/Siron surname has a "justitia" motto term while sharing the sword / scales of justice with Justine's and Ise's/Ass', and that's the line of Justine of Picenum. The Peach's/Peche's have the Craven Coat, roughly, in colors reversed. The Peach/Pecke Coat is almost that of Ricks while Rika/Rijeka, near the Kupa, is in Croatia while Croatians were also KRVati, like "CRAVen." Therefore, Peach's/Peche's look like Pek-river liners migrating from the Cuppae area to the Kupa.

Sire's/Sirons have a green snake "LOOKing at itself in the mirror," and this connects with the Sire/Siron ANCHOR because Anchors have a version of an Anger Coat while mirrors are code for Mire's/Mireux's of Anjou/Angers. Sire's/Sirons were even first found in Burgundy with mirror-using Primo's (patee cross) who in turn look like kin of Look-like Loches' (Burgundy), from Miss Loches', wife of Fulk I of Anjou. The Looks are listed with Licks/Lucks, and because one licks an ice-cream, it seems that God arranged the Looks/Licks/Lucks with the Hanson mascles, for Miss Hanson was the reason for the ice-cream symbol in the first place. It thus seems pretty certain that Sire-connectable ISE's/Ass' are part of the ice-cream theme at Cremona, beside Picensii-like Piacenza.

The Arms of Piacenza include one having a square while Square's are listed with Squirrels while Valentins use squirrels in the colors of Lyons (Perthshire, sane as Vinkovci-line Wings/Winks, Justine's and Athols/Athels). Lyon is near Valentin-connectable Valence, the area to which HEROD Archelaus was banished, and then the HARDwicks and Greats (from Gratian, father of VALENTINian) share the saltire of Nails/Neils, first found in Westphalia with Velins and Velens = Valance branches. It appears that Picenum elements named Piacenza (Placentia).

The mythical Sirens killed sea-goers with their music, and thus Sirens can be gleaned as part of the Taphian pirates of the Achelous theater. The Tafts/Tuffs' have the Peach/Peche crosslets in colors reversed, and the Taft/Tuffs phoenix (flames at the tail) is helpful because the phoenix-depicted Phoenicians of Panias migrated to Pisa's Peneus river. Tafts/Tuffs' curiously come up as "Toste" while Tosts/Toasts/Tosti's share the patee crosses of Peks/Pecks. It suggests a mythical-Siren / Taphian link to the Picensii of the Pek river. The Woods even share the fitchees of Picks/Pix's.

As an aside, or maybe not, Peneus-like Penes'/Pennys share the lynx with Lynch's while Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton for to conduct a crime at the Phoenix airport. I suspect that the myth writer used "phoenix" as code for a Panias people / family. The PENEStae peoples lived on the Drilon river, location of Lissus, the latter suspect with "Elis" at Pisa, but also with "Laish," a couple of miles from Panias. Also near Panias was Daphne (real location), and myth writers placed mythical Daphne into the Ladon river of Pisa, and thus the Daphne-like Taphians.

The Elis' (Yorkshire, same as Pincs/Pinks and Tosts/Toasts) use a "woman," suspect from VIMINacium near the mouth of the Pek river at PINCum. The Pinc-connectable Panico's were at the Setta tributary of the RENO while the Reines' have the Pisa Coat in colors reversed. The Reno lozenges are even shared by Pincs/Pinks. The Mose's use a patee cross while Le Mose is a part of Picensii-like Piacenza at the Trebia river, which can explain why Pattys share the Treby / Raines lion. Patee crosses can be traced to Patti in Messina, named after Greece's Messene, location of Methoni (real place) that was mythicized as Methoni, daughter of Oeneus of Calydon. Messina's/Massena's can be traced with Urbans to the Maezaei between the URBANus and Oeneus rivers.

The Elis woman is said to have "diSHEVELed hair" while Scottish Hairs/Hare's were first found in Ayrshire with Picks/Pike's/Pickens. VIMINacium is near the Pek river, we get it. Shovels share the fleur-de-lys of Maezaei-liner Masseys. The naked Elis-Crest woman seems to be the mythical Melusine mermaid, for I have in my files an Elis Coat with a red mermaid in the Crest. Melusine was made the mother of Milo de Vere of Anjou, explaining why the mermaid usually comes with a mirror for Mire's/Mireux's of Anjou. Recall how the Sire/Siron snake LOOKing into the mirror connected with Looks/Licks/LUCKs, for the Glass', with the mermaid and mirror, have a "LUCtor" motto term, and moreover the mermaid is shared by Walsers, from Wallis canton, location of Sion, the line to Sine's/Sions in the Sire/Siron motto. Mythical Melusine first had a snake tail, but then she was given a fish tail too.

Reminder: I last saw Miss Hanson in a PICK-up truck outside of her ice-cream house while I was located at the entryway into the parking lot of Ratcliff Lumber. Her new boyfriend was walking past the hood at the time while she was sitting in the passenger seat. Hoods were at Rattery while Ratterys share the Pick/Pix and Wood fitchees. It was a black pick-up, and Blacks share the Glass stars.

Glass' share the stars of Kyle's, first found in AYRshire, same as Elis-beloved and Ayer-like Hairs/Hare's...while Ayer is beside Sion. Kyle's have candleSTICKs while Sticks (Somerset, same as Hagels, Ladons and Boura-like Burleys) are from ASTAKos near the Achelous river of the Sirens. Cliffs (married Styche's) are expected in "RatCLIFF," and the Elis cross is also the Rat/Raith cross. The squirrel was NESTed in my rafters, and while Nests/Ness' share the double Weed fesses, Rafters are suspect with the Butt/Bute/Boet fish while Glass' were first found in Buteshire with the Kims expected in the Chief of Hardwicks (Yorkshire, same as Elis'). Weeds were at Hardwick's Aylesbury, the location that got me on to the Achelous river in the first place.

Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested Thursday

It took less than a half-hour to find that there can be a good case made, via heraldry, for the position that the 1979 dream (it was very vivid, I have no problem remembering most of the scenes) can point to Miss Maxwell, not surprising because I resolved that the dream took place on Epstein's island. I'm going to assume that the reader knows the basics between Maxwell and her boss / mate, Jeffrey Epstein.

Before I get to the evidence that Miss Maxwell is being pointed to by Audrey Strauss, I'd like to show that Miss Hicks was acting the hooker on Epstein's island for the purpose of pointing to Epstein.

The 1979 dream was split in two halves, the second half beginning with me in a blue body of water, expected as an ocean. I then walked onto a beach and saw Miss Hicks (had not yet met her) at the front / hood of a car. I had noted and told that Waters share the Epstein Coat, part of the proof that I was on Epstein's criminal island (Little Saints James). The woman was beautiful, as we could expect of the hookers that Epstein provided for upper-class visitors such as Bill Clinton and other politicians, both friends and foes.

I loaded Hookers to see whether they can be connected to Hicks, you see. I wanted to prove that she was a hooker in the dream. I already knew that Hucks were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks', and then Hooker-like Huckers/Hucksters share the Huck chevron and owls.

Hookers were first found in Norfolk with Hykes'/Hake's. Hookers share blue vair fur with Beckers (Yorkshire) and Quints, the latter first found in Essex with Owls/Howls and the Waters whose triple chevrons are in the colors of the Hykes/Hake chevron. The Beckers are VERY IMPORTANT, not just because German Beckers share the Steele bend-with-checks, but because English Beckers have a blue version of the red vair fur filling the Shield of Becker-like Beach's/Becks, you see. Both Coats use a canton square, as do Clappers having the Beach vair, and they say that Jeffrey Epstein was working for U.S. Intelligence for blackmailing political enemies (with prostitution with minors). Whose enemies? James Clapper's? He was Obama's chief of National Intelligence. It's making sense. They may have tried to get Trump, but failed.

It's as though God arranged Beach's and Beckers to link to Hookers, but I hit the nail on the head when loading Hooks, for they have a blue-Shield version of the Hicks Coat! Bingo. It tends to assure that Hookers were a Hicks branch. I couldn't ask for more. Hooks were first found in Devon with Hoods.

How amazing is it that while Miss Hicks, in real life, pointed to Lovey and Thurston Howell for the purpose of pointing to James Baker of ONA, and we just saw Owls/Howls at play from Hucks and Huckers? Dutch Beckers are also the Bakers (surprise), but, double-whammy: the leaf design of Beckers/Bakers is also the one of Strauss'. Audrey Strauss has recently become the chief of the FBI's office in southern New York, the same office that arrested Epstein about a year ago, the same office that knows a lot about Christopher Steele.

The Becker canton has a black stag head, symbol of the Knee's, and I did touch her knee in the 1979 dream. For all I know, Beckers could have a "buck," the Hick symbol. The stag in the HOLstein Crest has a rare design (more hefty than most other stag designs) from houseofnames, probably because its a buck.

Okay, we now go to the Strauss leaf design, though I don't know what this surname calls it. The same leaf is used in colors reversed by German Huls' (Westphalia, has Barr kin). These Huls share the ram head with German Cremers, by the way, in case it applies somehow. The point is, Maxwells have a "HOLLy bush," and Huls-like Hulls (Yorkshire again, same as Bush's) share the Coat (essentially) of Scottish Hols'/HOLL's/Halls, and Dutch Holls/Halls happen to share triple-red chevrons with Epsteins! However, the two surnames don't use the same background colors, and I hope to discover the reason, if God arranged them that way.

As I recently discovered that Pape's/POPE's come up as "Pump," I tried "Pimp," and, yup, it gets the Pape's. It just so happens that German Pape's (HEE-HEE!) have the Hull and Hols'/Holl/Hall dog heads in colors reversed!!! German Pape's: "Pape is also connected to several place names in the HOLstein region." They say that many vatican elements, and maybe even some popes, have orgies with child-sex slaves. The heavens will rumble and shake at this.

YOU SEE, Ghislaine Maxwell was a pimp. Her surname is related to Hollys and Holls to which her prosecutor, Audrey Strauss points by her surname, but the heraldic case gets better because the three leaves on a bend of Strauss' are in the three colors of the roundels on a bend of Hollys, and Hollys even share a white-on-black dog with Hols'/Holls/Halls. Hollys were first found in Norfolk with Hookers. The latter share the two lions of Jewish Levi's, and we have seen some leaves.

Holsteins (savage) appear to use the bow, and Robin HOOD in the Dalton/Alton Crest has a bow. There is talk online that Bill Barr's father may have been the principal who hired Jeffrey Epstein as a teacher in a Dalton school. Daltons/ALTOns share the fesse of Italian Alda's/ALDo's, yet Scottish Alda's were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs? Someone arrange for that?

French House's have the same leaf design as Strauss', in the same colors too, and then English House's have a white anchor, the color of the Hood anchor, on water. Waters share the Epstein Coat, and we can even get the House's to Maxwell-beloved Hollys because the House's use "cabbage leaves" while cabbages are used by Plants/Planque's, a branch of Plunketts who in turn have a version of the Holly Coat i.e. itself a version of the Strauss (and Gleeson) Coat.

Hazels share the same leaf design but call them "hazel SLIPs" because Islips/HASLips are a Hazel branch. But what are the chances that while Maxwells have a brown stag lodged under a holly bush, Islips/Haslips have a brown stag lodged under a "holly tree"? Maxwells just linked to the Strauss leaf, and it is Audrey Strauss who has taken the lead in arresting Maxwell in New Hampshire. Curiously, the Hampshire surname is traced to HALLamshire in Yorkshire, where Hallams and Hall/Holl-branch Hulls were first found.

Hallams come up as "Halland," and while they have the giant Holland lion in colors reversed, it's amazing that the Holland Coat is a version of the Irish Dalton/Alton Coat. The latter shares the fleur-de-lys of Hooks. Hollands were at DALbury of Derbyshire, perhaps named by a DALton branch, and Hallams/Hallands are said to have been in Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

Oh wow. It was just in the last week that the Bono's were clinched with the "bon" motto term of Hicks. I've just looked up Alton-like Haltons (almost the Gates Coat) to find the split Shield of Alda's/Aldo's (share Dalton/Alton fesse), and while Scottish Alda's were first found in the same place as Barrs, Mr. Barr was the principal of a Dalton school when Epstein was hired, and Haltons have a gold-lion version of the Bono Coat! Doesn't that link the hiring of Epstein to the Hicks dream? Again, English Daltons/Altons have Robin HOOD.

By the way, the Halton lion is also the Beaumont lion while English Beaumonts (Dorset, same as Beatys/BOWoods) have a version of the Irish Dalton/Alton Coat. The Daltons/Alton fesse is even shared by French Beaumonts. AHH, wow, I now recall the Doors because, after I saw her from a distance at the hood, I was instantly at the car door. The vertically-split Shield of English Doors (same place as BARRels) is colors reversed from the same of Haltons and Bono's! I was apparently placed at the Door for at least this one reason: to help assure that Barr and Epstein of the Dalton school applies to the dream.

A PEDiatrician or PEDOdontist is a child's doctor, and a foot doctor is an orthoPEDist. "Pedophile comes from Greek. The root is paidos (notice the 'd'), meaning 'of children.' Don't make the mistake of thinking every time you see pedo- in a word, it means "of children". Sometimes it means...'of feet'" Lorraine (about 20 years old) got her babe symbol at the same time that she got her feet symbol, and she pointed to Barrs. She was apparently a pointer to Epstein pedophilia due to the pointer to Bar-le-Duc. She had also been a pointer to Pepin of Landen by multiple methods, whose wife was of the Lorraine theater (at Metz), and we saw Pimps with Pape's/Pope's.

But there's more, because her pant stain, the thing pointing to Bar-le-Duc (in Lorraine), pointed to the Pansys/Pantzers (Arms of Bar-le-Duc has pansies), and the Conys have a white coney rabbit said to be holding a pansy. It was made clear to me that Conys and Conns are from Cuneo, in PIEDmont, you see. It seems that her grass stain was thus another method of pointing to pedophiles.

I had shown by Comey-like variations of Balcons/BalCOME's had her balcony pointing to James Comey. I was waiting for her to return home from a walk while on her balCONY, you see, when she came home with a grass stain on her butt / thigh. She had been on a walk with her girlfriend's husband. This is the fist time that I've noticed the "cony" in "balcony." Amazing. Stains were at Yarborough while Yarboroughs have a reflection of the Duke/Dook Coat (said to have included a Mr. Duc), perfect evidence that God created the pant-stain event.

I had met Lorraine at a BUS STOP, and here it's interesting that Bush-liner Bosco's use "tufts of GRASS" (on their pillars) while the Bus' share the cinquefoil with Dook-like Dogs/Doags. Duke's/Dooks happen to share wreaths with Buckles while Stops/Stubbs (Staffordshire, same as Pepin-branch Pipe's) use buckles and a form of the Pipe / Pepin Coats. BUCKinghamshire is where Pant-like Pence's were first found, and while Mike Pence's family own a part-white rabbit, the Pence's have white roundels that, in colors reversed, would be the black ones that make up the "pansy" of white-rabbit Conys. Big hmmmm.

The "Nil" motto term of Buckle's can get us to the Neils/Nails, first found in Westphalia with Pansys and Ducks. The Ducks have five of the four fesses of Cavetts, whom I trace to the Cevetta river at Ceva, in Cuneo. The three Buckle wreathes are in the colors of the three white rabbits of Conys and Conns, and Cunninghams were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs. Cunninghams use a "SHAKEfork," suggesting that the Shake Crest can have a coney rabbit.

I've just noticed for the first time that the Cony Crest has been changed. The pansy was once made of three black roundels, making sense because FitzAlans of Roundel-branch Arundel married the daughter of Luis of Ceva.

Wreath's/Craith's have a not-bad Coat reflection of the Rims/RUMs expected in the "claRUM" motto term of Pence's, yet the term looks like code also for Clare's (Suffolk, same as Buckle's) who share triple-red chevrons with Epsteins, though Clare's use them with the gold background used for them also by Dutch Halls/Holls. English Halls/Holls were first found in Lincolnshire with Conys. The "PUNGit" motto term of Rims/Rums points to the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria of the expected pedophile, James Alefantis, for Pungs are listed with Pings Pongs (There's more to this).

The rim of a trash can was in a dream that I identified with Bill Barr's inaction, or reluctance to dispense swift justice, thus leading to chaos from the emboldened deep state. Bill Barr refused to deeply investigate Epstein's suspicious death. Amazingly, while the trash can included Caens/Cans, the latter's fretty is with Ceva-like Cave's and Struthers. The five fesses of Ducks are shared by Struther-like Strattons, and Cavetts have four of them.

Lookie. While English Guys are GUISe's too, French Guys (Picardy, same as Cavetts) share black buckles with Stops/Stubbs, the latter first found in Staffordshire with English Laine's/Lawns!!! GhisLAINE! We assume that Lorraine got her grass stain on a LAWN. Irish Laine's/Lawns share the red-on-gold bend with Lorraine's!!!! While Stops/Stubbs were pointed to be Lorraine, Struthers are Lorraine kin. Guy of Spoleto was from UMBRia, and Struthers with Lorraine's were first found in NorthUMBERland. If I recall correctly, Guy died at the Taro river, a tributary of which is the Ceno, the line to/from Caens/Cans. Spoleto-like Spoltons/Spauldings use buckles.

[Insert -- While writing on the Ash's and Rounds below, I came across the "duce" motto term of German Ash's having the Epstein Coat in colors reversed. It's another pointer to Bill Barr's father. Waters (with the Epstein Coat) were first found in Essex with the Rodham-connectable Rounds whose "Esse" motto term is expected with D'Esse Court of English Ash's ("omniBUS"), for the latter have two of the Round chevrons. Duce's (Staffordshire, same as Stops/Stubbs) probably share the lions of English Ducks.

I didn't realize until loading Duce's at this time that they lend evidence for the trash acting as a symbol of Bill Barr's do-nothing obstruction of justice, for I noted the Douse variation. When the rim of the trash can caught flames, I YELLed, "fire," and jumped to the ROUND patch of sand to douse the fire with the sand!

Why wasn't the whole ground made of sand? Why did I see a perfectly-round patch of white ground while holding the trash can at a height? I didn't know it was sand until jumping and dousing the fire with it. Yells were first found in Shetland with Ash-like Ass'. I'll show below how Rounds can be a branch of Rodhams, which then puts Rodham Clinton into the flames at the rim. Rims/Rums are also Rome's, and Round-like Roens/Rowans are also Rome's while Rounds are also ROWNds. End insert]

The reasons that Struthers were checked is: 1) Lois' use a giant ostrich, which is a "STRUTHios" to the Greeks; 2) I had the suspicion years ago that Strauss'/Struss' are a Struther branch. Luis of Ceva had been suspect with the Lois'. The neBULY bend of Struthers looks connectable to the same of Rivers (Revere branch), and Maxwells use the motto, "REVIREsco." The river in last week's dream was followed by a flood of WATER on the streets, and Strattons are also Street-like Strettons ("TENTo", see Tints below). I was on slushy snow at the river, and slush was deciphered for Saluzzo liners. Luis of Ceva was mother to Alice of Saluzzo.

It dawns on me here that "neBULY" can be part-code for Bullys/Bullys and therefore the Bulls/Bule's (Somerset, same as Osts/Hosts) sharing the white-on-blue bull head with Osts/Hosts. It's OSTrich-pointing Struthers who use nebuly (cloud pattern).

DANNY Snow made it to topic with the snow, and Dannys look like a branch of Piedmont's Dance's/Danse's, whose four pale bars look connectable to Cavetts (the Cevetta river is in Piedmont). Danny Snow's girlfriend was Patty Rice, and while Rice's are listed with Welsh Reesors, "RESURgere" is a motto term of Strattons/Strettons. The "aeva" motto term of Reesors/Rice's can be for Eva's sharing the trefoils of Campanio-like Champions. The other English Champions share the Alan / Rundel fesse. Snows share the nebuly fesse of Arundel-related Swale's. I lived on a Reesors street (where the lightning bolt struck) the year before I worked for Tony Campania.

Just before me, Danny Snow worked for Tony Campania, directly across the Gormley road from the ice-cream place at which Miss Hanson worked. The Campanio quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Aarons/ARENs while Alice of Saluzzo married Alans of ARUN (Arundel). It fits like a foot to slush. The EPPsteins can be a branch of the Epps variation of Apps having lozenges on a fesse in the colors of the Dalton / Rosco fesse, and these fessewise lozenges look connectable to the fessewise mascles of Licks/Lucks. The latter's mascles are also those of Hansons, and one licks an ice-cream.

I have a Maxwell-Ros Coat in my files (shares WATER bougets with Rose's), and then Rosco's (Cornwall) share the Rick fesse. The Rosco's come up as Risco's while "RiveRESCO" is the Maxwell motto term. It's a pointer to Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwells use a holly BUSH while the Bus cinquefoil is colors reversed on the Rosco fesse. Bougets are word-play on buckets, and one Bucket surname shares the cinquefoils of Audreys. Audrey Strauss. Obama had purchased a property under suspicious conditions with Tony Rezko, in case that applies to Epstein.

The OSTrich started to look like part code for Osts/Hosts, first found in Somerset with Ricks, and beside the Rich's/RICHESS' (said to be from Lorraine) very traceable to RICHEZA of Lorraine. Her name is like "RIJEKA," also call Rika/Reka i.e. like "Rick." The Ricks even use the Craven Coat in colors reversed, while Cravens were from KRVati = Croatians. Rijeka is in Croatia. Plus, Lorraine's (Northumberland, same as Struthers) share spread eagles on a gold bend with Struthers. Those of you who know my work might know that I have been tracing the black, double-headed eagle of Maxwells (ROXburghshire) to the black, double-headed eagle (on a ROCK) in the Arms of Rijeka!!! Just look at that coincidence, and add to it the Rick fesse, which is also the Dalton fesse.

The Rijeka eagle pours out WATER from a jug-like container, and Waters share the Epstein Coat. Rodham/Rodden-connectable Rutherfords were at Maxton with Maxwells, and the Rutherford goose on a rock is shared by Lauders/Letters who in turn have the Alda griffin i.e. connectable to Daltons/Altons. GHISlaine Maxwell's first name might be a pointer to geese-like Guise's. The Lauders look connectable to the Lodge's, and while the Islip/Haslip stag is said to be lodged, it's a version of the Maxwell stag under a holly bush. Hollys had connected to Strauss'. Lauders are suspect from LOTHARingia (= Lorraine) because they share symbols with Laurie's, including a brown tree stump, symbol of Rodhams/Roddens (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's).

The Rodden river and Roden are near Sleap, and "Rodden" is like the Round surname having a sleeping lion. This recalls the sleeping-BAG event -- in a TENT -- with Mamie immediately after she sat on my LAP with the GANG around the camp fire. She pointed to Bill Barr that evening by being in the pick-up hatch with Barry. The Gangs/Geggs/Giggs (Norfolk, same as Bags) have three bendwise cinquefoils in the colors of the same of Audreys (Wiltshire, same as Laps), and in colors reversed from the Bag cinquefoils. As Rich's were in Lorraine, note the GingRICH's, for Gingers are listed with Gangs/Geggs. We can even view a woman on my lap, whom I didn't know (don't remember speaking with her before) as a hooker paid for the night to entertain.

Hmm, I've been having ginger with almost all my teas for the last couple of years, and while Mamie pointed to Tease's/Tyes' when she teased me in the sleeping bag, Tea's are listed with them. That's new. It seems that God was creating a hooker-like situation with me, but preventing sex (Mamie was suddenly cold in the sleeping bag). OOOOHHH WOOOWWWIE! Hookers, first found in Norfolk with Bags and Gangs, share a blue-vaired fesse with Welsh Bachs/BAGHs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God had Mamie acting the hooker that night for pointing to hookers. Bachs/Baghs even share the Tease/Tyes'/Tea stars.

Tintons (Cornwall) use tents, and Tints (Somerset, same as Ricks) have crosslets in the colors of the fitchee crosslets of Ricks. Tints are part of TINTagel (location in Cornwall), where the myth writers chose for king ARThur's birth by the wife of Cornwall's GorLOIS (just a made-up name to reflect two surnames for the writer's secret reasons). Lois' were first found in ARTois. Tints use a white "COUCHant" lion (an alternative term to "lodged"), and while Arthur was given a ROUND-table symbol, Rounds use a white "sleeping lion" (Table's share the Arthur hurt/roundel). Different terms for the same / blood-related lion. Lodge's/Loge's use a lion in the colors of the Tint lion.

Goose's are listed with Couch-like GOUCH's (Roxburghshire) with a Gegg/Gigg-like Googe variation; their Goff/GOCH/GOUGH branch were first found beside the first-known Bachs/Baghs of northern Wales (DenBIGH). The installation of my septic tank, where the stool pigeon appeared, was inspected by Mr Gouch. About a week after the pigeon walked over the septic tank, a mole tunneled over it, and Mole's (Roxburghshire) share the Goose/Gouch and GOFF/Gough boar. They and Gophers/Gofers are in the colors of GIUFFRE's/GOFFredo's/GOLFredo's while Epstein news emphasizes Virginia ROBERTS Giuffre (hooker for Maxwell and/or Epstein). Both Laine/Lawn surnames share the French-Roberts lion, and the latter share the Hooker vair fur, though in the Chief. That Hooker-Bagh find above seems applicable right here. Welsh Roberts were first found in Denbighshire with Bachs/Baghs! Ghislaine's father, ROBERT Maxwell, was a government-employed tax thief.

It's another wow where Welsh Roberts are said to descend from a Howell by first name while the Howells (Wales) were on Gilligans' Island with Ginger, who played a sexually-obsessed actress. It's the Howells who share the Coat of Gaywoods, and Bags were at Gaywood!!! Tremendous. I always knew those bags would eventually come through with a good meaning / pointer. In the dream with OULlette, who was traceable to Owls/HOWLs, there was a man sitting on a LAWN chair upon his lawn. He had big-round glasses to depict an owl. I was returning a square container to his place when I saw him, but what do we suppose that container was God's code for?

Gilligan's Island had the Skipper, and Skippers were first found in Essex with the Quinn-like Quints sharing the Scottish Robert Chief. Gilligans share the flying horse of Quinns.

This was added to the last update: "Insert July 5 -- Amazing. I picked up the square container on the WALKway cleared of snow, and while a square container is a box, the Box's were first found in Wiltshire with Edwards sharing a version of the Walk Coat! The purpose of the box must thus have been to point to Edward Snowden. Did God inspire him to blow the whistle? Things have gone downhill fast, since then, for spyland. It now stands to reason that Box's have the Fallis/Falls lion since Oullette's were from Falaise." Walks even share the Snow fesse. Williams, expected from the Falaise line, were first found in mid-Wales and in Monmouth with Howells, were around the CLAPton corner from Wiltshire.

It dawned on me when noting the Saddle-like variation of Traby/Sadowski's that Saddle's were first found in Wiltshire with George's, Soars/Sors and Laps, and that Saddle's share the Soar/Sors (and Revere) lion. I can therefore say that Mamie saddled herself onto my lap as a pointer to things-Soros. Plus, the Saddle lion is the giant one of River-branch Revere's, and one thing coming to mind in the dream-scene having flooded streets was the Revelation-12 scene where the devil spews water out of its mouth to overtake the woman (Church) fleeing into the wilderness at 666-time. This Arms of Traby seems to have an I-love-666 message.

It seems that Soros-and-company are at the charge of creating Christian persecution and lawlessness. Note how "Revere" can be couched in the "SeRVIRE" motto term of Saddle's. Their giant lion is shared by Masons/Massins who in turn share the mermaid with Laps. She saddled herself onto my lap in the wilderness (camp site). The flooded streets were in a city. The scene before it with river and snow (in the country) looked like the spring thaw because my foot went deep into the snow slush (semi-melted snow). There were no buildings in that scene. Springtime is a good time to time our flight, because we get to start growing foods right away. It will be the time when God burns the weeds, when he calls the wheat to flee cities into the country.

Maxwell was arrested in Bradford, and so here's the write-up: "One source claims that the family came from '"a town on the Avon, in Wiltshire...'" What a wiltincidence. Bradfords share the black wolf head of Quade's and surround the head with black-striped hunting horns, the Arms-of-Traby symbol too. Bradfords share the peacock with Peacocks, and both love the Fire-like Fiers/Fears in their motto. The camp FIRE where she sat on my lap? Camps/Chops were first found in Yorkshire with Bradfords and Scarfs. Bradford is "in the wapentake of Morley." It was David Morley who rode a circle with his bike around the sleeping bag. Fiers/Fears were first found in Middlesex with Epps', the potential makings of "Eppstein." Players were first found in Middlesex too.

Bradfords were first found in West Yorkshire with SCHOOLs/Schole's who share the lozenges of Epps. Maxwell frequented SCHOOL girls at schools. Epstein was a school professor. The School lozenges are also of Dents, likewise first found in West Yorkshire, in SEDbergh, perhaps related to Saddle's. "The surname School was first found in Yorkshire where the name is associated with the village of Scholes in the parish of BARwick..." Barrincidence?

When first arriving to the campsite, I asked where Barry was, and someone promptly opened the hatch of a pick-up truck as though he were wanting to expose Barry and Mamie inside the hatch, alone. She was sitting with her back against the very back, facing me, and Barry was right beside her. I thought I saw her BARE breasts; she was in the motions of putting something on (while sitting) as soon as the hatch was opened. It could have been her bra, or her top, that she was putting on. It's made me wonder whether it was a Barr pointer to Bra of Cuneo.

Out of respect, I didn't look at her breasts intently, and so, maybe, she was not bare at all, but wearing a skin-colored bathing suit. but then why was she in a hurry to put a something on (I didn't see what she was putting on, I looked away)? It was darkish in there. I think God's point here is that Bare's are listed with Barrs, and Brests/Brix's are linkable to Lane's of Brescia, and to the Launays/LAWNays of a Launay location near Brest of Brittany. It all looks like a Bill-Barr pointer to sex with GhisLAINE connections. Or, these things are all coincidences and Barr was not involved with things-Epstein.

She must have noticed my unhappiness with the sight of she in the truck with Barry, explaining why sat on my lap uninvited later in the evening. However, in order for that to happen, God had to arrange a situation in which there was no place else for her to sit. I remember that this is why she sat on my lap, for lack of seating room on picnic tables. It was her way to excuse herself uninvited. After putting a hand around her waist to make her feel welcome, I remember nothing until we were spreading the sleeping bag in her tent. There were others who would sleep in this large tent, as I recall it.

Hatch's/Hacchs share the Brunswick Coat, but it has two lions in pale in the colors of the Roberts / Laine/Lawn lions, and the latter have three of these lions in pale. That's remarkable, and there is even a good possibility that Miss Hicks, in the 1979 dream, was playing a hooker on Epstein's island. Note the Hake and Hack variations of the Hykes' surnames, like the Hacch variation of Hatch's. As I've always said, Miss Hicks looked like an actress in that dream and in real life, and as Hollys were first found in Norfolk with the Mamie-relevant Bags, Gangs, and Hookers, Hollywood comes to mind. Did the Epstein ring have Hollywood connections?

I've just checked for a Hollywood surname; it was first found in Middlesex with Apps'/EPPS'! The two Coats are in the same colors and format, and they both share the Daltons/Alton fesse! Heraldry didn't know that Bill Barr's father and Jeffrey Epstein would be at a Dalton school. Daltons/Altons use ROBIN hood, and English Robins (potential Roberts) were likewise first found in Middlesex!!! Scottish Robins were first found in Peebles-shire with Jeffreys!!!!!! Welsh Jeffreys were first found in Wales with Scottish Roberts, and the two even share the same lion. Very impressive.

Robbs/Robe's share the Robin chevron, and I specifically recall the time when Mamie came out of the SHOWER with a blue robe. She came over to me with it on, which is why I remember it, because I took it off. I had become a Christian by then, and decided not to go to sex. We didn't. But the event is clear in my mind because, I think, the Robbs/Robe's apply to this Robert / Robin discussion. The Showers are listed with Sewards, you see, a branch of Swords/Swarts that can point to George Schwartz. I can add that the blue robe can apply where Blue's are also Gorms, suspect from Worms, the origin of the so-called Robertians (French royals).

[Hours after writing here, English Gillains (Suffolk, same as Owls/Howls) were loaded because "Guislaine" is pronounced like that surname. I learned that these Gillains have a different-colors version of the Shower/Seward Coat (Essex, beside Gillains), which is a rare design having a chevron both above and below a fesse. I don't know any other Coats with that feature. These Gillains have a Gwilliam variation, and then while William the Conqueror was from the line of Falaise, Scottish Gillains/Gillilands were first found in Midlothian with Fallis'/Falls. The latter share the lion of Laine-beloved English's. The Laine's use the three lions in the Arms of England, and the Conqueror was the founder of Norman England.

The Gillain/Gilliland write-up: "The Gillain surname is a reduced Anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic Mac Gille Fhaolain..." That can't be correct (houseofnames is wrong very much) because "Fhaolain" is more likely a term evolved from "Falaise" when the line of William reached Lothian...with the Sinclairs, for example. Clare's (triple-Epstein chevrons) were first found in Suffolk with Gillains/Gwilliams.

Gilligans come up as Gillihans too, easily changed from the Gilhan variation of Gillains/Gwilliams. Powells, apparently named from a Palin liner marrying Howells, share a green griffin in Crest with Gillains/Gwilliams while Williams were first found in the same places as Powells (Breconshire in Powys) and Howells. Irish Laine's/Lawns even share the fleur-de-lys of Gillians/Gellone's.

The Mens/MAME's/Meme's, to which Mamie definitely pointed, were first found in Midlothian with GILLAINs, yet the Mens/Mame's were at GLENlyon. The Glennys (branch of Glenns) share the Chief-Shield colors of Mens'/Mame's, and so I think this is a way that God could have gotten Mamie to point to Ghislaine. End insert]

The Showers/Sewards share the ermined-white chevron on red with Meadows, and for this discussion we can mention Mark Meadows, Trump's new White-House chief of staff. MEADows (Mead branch) were mentioned above with the Sleeps of Sleap in MYDDLE, and we just crossed MiddleSEX. The sleeping bag is now a symbol of hooker sex. The two ermined-white fesses of Sleeps are in the colors of the double Shower/Seward chevrons, you see, and the Meadow pelicans are code for Pellicans who share the Howell tower while Meadows were first found in Suffolk with Owls/HOWLs. Middle's share the Robert / Jeffrey lion.

The double sleep fesses and the double Shower chevrons are in the ermined-white colors of the double Sorrel lions, which recalls my shower event in the first update of this week, when I was pulling sorrel weeds at the roadside because I had gone to pick up the trash can. It suddenly began to pour rain, and so I picked up the trash can and ran to the house, when the lid popped off near the house. It became a major discussion, and the point is the shortness of that heavy downpour, because a short rain is called a shower. So, as Sorrel weeds first became a topic for pointing to Soros, here we have the Swart-connectable Showers/Sewards at play for a pointer to Soros again.

The Raines' have the Rims in their write-up while the rim of a trash can caught fire that I decipher as Bill Barr's irresponsibility to correct the nation of extreme, sinister forces acting in concert. The lid popping off can either mean that the Bill Barr is going to unleash secrets against the deep state, or that God's going to reveal Bill-Barr secrets to expose him. As there is no Lid/Lidd surname coming up, I entertained the Liddle's with that event because they are said to descend possibly from Mr. BRUNdoz while Barrs were at Brunswick. English Bruns were first found in Middlesex. The Brunswick Coat is almost the Sorrel Coat.

I've just realized that "BrundOZ" must be due to a Brun-line merger with OZborns because the latter share the Brun cross. Ozborns use a "bello" motto term while German Belli's (may have the Bello/Below eagle) share a beacon (different design) with Bruntons/Brunts. This now flips us to the German Groce's/GREGGs/Grachs because they share the horizontally-split Shield of German Belli's and English Laine's/Lawns, for it just so happens that Bruntons/Brunts (the Bromptons of the last update) were at a CREICH location. Creichs (Carrick fesse) are also Craighs (Fife, same as Greggs), in the colors of Scottish Greggs, and Carricks share "GARDE" with Laine's/Lawns. Lane's/Lano's were first found in Brescia, off of lake GARDa.

Here's from the last update: "Recall Barry and Mamie inside the hatch of the pick-up truck, for Mamie pointed that night to the Tease's/Tyes, first found in Nottinghamshire with Bramcote. Amazingly, while Bramtons [Hatch / Brunswick Coat in colors reversed] are Bromtons too, Scottish Bromtons/BRUNtons (Bramton colors) use a beacon in Crest, symbol of German Belli's!!!" That had Barr connections, and here we are finding Bruntons applicable to the lid-like Liddle's in a trash-can-lid picture. There may even be a clue here as per Little Saint James, for Liddle's are a Little branch.

The BRUNT(on) beacon is an old-fashioned (non-electric) container with flames spewing from its rim. Hmm. BRUNDoz is in the Liddle write-up, and the lid event pointed to the flaming rim of the trash can. It all Barr-connectable. It's the same beacon design used by Fullers, and I recall that the latter's design was once showing for Belli's too. It begs whether the Washington Free Beacon is involved in this week's Bushite attack on Trump (see the story in this update's news section below). While Beacons are listed with English Bach-like Bacons, French Bacons share the cinquefoils of Bellows (and their Billet branch). These are the cinquefoils of Dogs/Doags while a white dog head is shared by Barrels and the Futters (fesse in Fuller-fesse colors) I see in the "futura" motto term of Fullers. In colors reversed, the Futter dog head is red, the color of the Bramton dog head.

This hooker theme puts a whole new spin on the sleeping bag of the dream. The only part it played was that I PICKed it up on a hill / bank in the woods / forest / bush. Did this bag too represent prostitution? We could say that one picks up a hooker. Mamie in the hatch of the PICK-up truck in the woods (we only went to camps sites in the bush). Is Bill Barr compromised due to a video-recorded session with a hooker by the Epstein scorpions?

I'm beginning to get the impression (could be completely wrong) that Ms. Maxwell's arrest is boding badly for Barr. The RAIN shower that caused me to RUN to the house for the lid-popping deserves another look-see. Raines' have a motto term of Judicael of Rennes, and the namers of Rennes named Renfrew. I'm about to make a claim never made before.

The Runnings/Ronnys show nothing but a wavy fesse in the colors of the nothing-but a wavy bend of Jewish Pollocks. Scottish Pollocks were formed when Fulbert of Brittany (parents not known) moved to Pollok in Renfrewshire, and his first son was therefore styled, Peter of Pollok. But they were not Pollocks before then. What were they? It seems that Fulbert was a ruler / official of Rennes (= my new claim), and a branch thereof had named Renfrew, explaining why Fulbert moved to Renfrew i.e. presumably to be with relatives. Wikipedia's Clan Pollock article tells that he was a vassal of the Dol Alans, explaining why Dols share a wavy and white fesse with Runnings/Ronnys. The same article says (or said) that the Pollock arrow is/was called a dart, explicable where Runnings/Ronnys share the same-colored fesse as Darts.

[Update July 14 -- Just found a Guichen location a little downstrean on the Vilaine river from Rennes, and Guich's/Geich's happen to use the Pollock saltire. Eschyna de Molle's daughter married Fulbert's second son, Robert, and Molle's share the Gouch boar. That works.]

Just before the Conqueror became the king of England in 1066, at which time the Dol Alans went to live with Fulbert in Shropshire, there was an Alan III count of Rennes, whose grandmother was GUNNor of Normandy. The Gunns happen to share a giant ship with Renfrews in the same colors. I ran to the HOUSE, and Alan's mother was HAWISE. The lid popped off about 20 feet from the garage (attached to the house), and Liddle's have a bend in the colors of the Pollock bend. Pollocks were a sept of Maxwells, do you see, and Maxwells were first found in Roxburghshire with Liddle's and their LIDDESdale location. It's a round-about way to point to Guislaine Maxwell, yet the trash can had pointed to Bill Barr. The Maxwell saltire is colors reversed from the same of Little's (at Liddesdale too).

Although I have not clinched the Laine's as a pointer to "GhisLAINE," how interesting is it that the Irish Laine's/Lawns are in the format of, and almost colors reversed from, the Liddle's? The Liddle fleur-de-lys is red in colors reversed, the color of the Laine/Lawn fleur-de-lys.

Lookie at the Liddle write-up: "Later, GALFRIDus Liddal was listed in Roxburghshire in 1266." What are the chances that Golfredo is a variation of Guiffre's? I showed how Giuffre's can be a branch of Goffs/Goughs, Gouch's/Googe's (Roxburghshire), Geoffreys and Gophers/Gofers, but here I've found that Gunners/Gunne's put drops on a saltire as do the Gophers/Gofers on the same saltire. Alan III of Rennes was the grandson of duchess Gunnor, as well as the son of Geoffrey I, count of Rennes. The latter had another son, ODO I, who followed Alan as count of Rennes, and Oddie's/ODO's/HODDYs share the Gunner/Gunne / Gopher/Gofers saltire! That's new right here. This white-on-blue saltire is used as a fret by Hoods/Hotts! They are all on Aude/Ode and Hodge colors. We can therefore transfer this discussion to Miss Hicks at the hood of a lone car on Epstein's island.

Oddeys/Odo's (not "Oddie") share the quadrants of Balds and Bauds both having the Renfrew / Gunn ship! It tends to assure that Bauds do have the Hood/Hoots crescent, and that Hoods are from Oddie / Oddey variations. Balds were even first found in Peebles-shire with Jeffreys. If the red drops of Gophers and Gunnors are blood drops, Bloods/Bleds can point to Miss Maxwell because they share a lodged, brown stag with Maxwells.

Drops/Trope's (Shield of drops) are from the namers of Tropoje, at the Dardania theater, the line to Darts/Dards beloved of the Pollocks. The ermined fesse of Darts is shared in double fesses by Sleeps, first found in Shropshire, where Fulbert above, father of Pollocks, lived before moving to Pollok.

God could have provided, in the dream, a door handle missing a bar-like part. Yet He chose a barrel-like part. Why? Because, in the very next scene, after I complained to Mr. Desimone about the barrel-shaped piece gone amissing, I was holding a cylindrical container not as large as a typical 40-gallon barrel, and larger than a 5-gallon bucket. A trash can fits the scene, and there were reasons to identify it as such. So, the follow-up to the dream's trash-can scene was, apparently, the lid-popping, and now it's pointing to both Ghislaine Maxwell and Bill Barr.

It can even be added that the Running/Ronny fesse is that of English Daltons/Altons (Robin HOOD). Neither surname adds anything to the lone fesse, a match. Darts/Dards have the same fesse, and add only a canton. The Canton/GANTon Chief is shared by Gunns, and Dutch GAUNTs share the wavy Dol fesse, no doubt being the wavy Running/Ronny fesse. Wavy fesses in colors reversed from the wavy one of Dols is used by FORMans who in turn share the green dragon of WORMs (proto-ROBERTians), explaining why Formans have the Robert lion, but the point is that the same dragon can be in the Crest of Irish Daltons.

Remember, Sleap is at the Roden / Rodden theater, and the sleeping-bag dream did point to Rodham Clinton in multiple (as many as six) ways. Her husband was very acquainted with Epstein's business. Rutherfords and Rodhams/Roddens can be traced by more than their "nec" motto terms to Stuttgart on the Neckar river. It just so happened that while they put a NOOSE around Epstein's neck, German Neckers have one of the two NUSE/Nuce pale bars.

I've just learned this week that Maxwell would try to fool her high-school victims into thinking that Epstein was looking for models for Victoria's Secret. It recalls the newspaper purchase in Victoria, the event that led to my finding the Nuse's/Newes. That makes a lot of sense. I passed Baytown the night before, the city where Miss Hicks lived a few months earlier, before she moved to the NUECES Canyon.

The Rutherford goose can be for the Goese's/Geese's too, interesting where they share the lion of Wells who could have formed MaxWELLs from Maxtons. German Geese's are listed with GUISers/GUYsers, and they say: "Alsace Lorraine was their original birth place." Guys are also Guise's, and the last time I was on Guys, it concerned Lorraine's.

If God would point to Maxwell using her first name, what about the Jeffrey surnames? Welsh Jeffreys/Geoffreys were first found in Herefordshire with BARRels and Doors, recalling the dream having a barrel-shaped part missing from the door handle of my JEEP. That's the scene immediately before I was holding the trash can, and the missing part gave the impression that Barr is AWOL on justice. The JEEPma's/Cheps share a black, double-headed eagle with Maxwells, hmmmmmmm. Recall the variations of Giuffre's/Goffredo's (shows Geoffrey-like Gioffre's), for Welsh Jeffreys/Geoffreys are said to have been from "Goisfridus, Gaufridus." Goffs/Gough's were first found in Wales beside Herefordshire. The Jeffrey/Geoffrey lion is even that of Welsh Roberts. Virginia Roberts Giuffre, the girl who was with prince Andrew.

The Coneys and Conns first came to topic when I remembered an event at age nine. I was on a deck built solely for accessing a laundry line. Under this small deck was a cage with white rabbits (I fed them myself), the Coney / Conn symbol. I was reaching out as far as I could, index finger stretched out too, to touch a brilliant-white bra hanging on the line, because it belonged to an attractive girl renting the basement of that house, the home of my friend, Jerry Peterson. I was just having kid-fun. This event caused me to find that Peter Peterson, a former chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), married Mrs. COONEY, a founder of a children's show, Sesame Street. Was CFR part of Epstein's game? Does Peter Peterson know anything about high-level pedophile rings?

The point is, as I was recalling the bra event, I already knew of a Bra location in Cuneo, which is smack at the Langhe area while Langleys share the six pale bars of laundry-like Landers/Landens. Believe it or not.

I recall being convinced by something(s) that Bra liners (Barrs?) were to the Brae's/Brays. Here's the reason why all this has been repeated, from the Jeffrey/Geoffrey write-up: "Geoffrey (d. 1093), was 'Bishop of Coutances, [who] came of a noble Norman family settled at MontBRAI, or, as pronounced in English, Mowbray, in the arrondissement of St. Lo; he was brother of Roger of Mowbray..." I'm assuming that the writer knows this Geoffrey of Mowbray to have been the founder of the Jeffrey/Geoffrey surname. He's in the Mowbray write-up as an influential person. It just so happens that Mole's, sharing the Goff/Gough boar, are also Mows. MOWbray.

Mole's have a PHOENix (flames at the tail) and the motto, "Post funera FOENus. Unbelievably, the other Jeffreys (six pale bars), the ones with the omen (tiny cloud over sun) I saw near Galveston hours before I was mugged there, have a motto, "Post nubillia PHOEbus." It seems that Mole's were related to Jeffreys because they were a Goose/Gouch/Googe and Goff/Gough branch. Brae's/Brays use a FLAX breaker, and McLeods/CLOUDs use flags.

Without the boar head, the Mole Coat would be the Handel / Handell Coat. The barrel-shaped part was missing from the door HANDLE, and I complained about this (in the dream) to the previous owner on the Jeep, who was from Italy's Campania, where Giuffre's (Naples, same as Capone's/Capua's) were first found. Capone's/Capua's use a giant lion head in the colors of the giant Jeffrey/Geoffrey lion.

The Scottish Jeffreys, whose motto appears to love the BUS', have a Coat looking linkable to the Babe Shield and Crest. Welsh Jeffreys even share a black canton square with Babe's. I first conversed with Lorraine at her BUS STOP (her looks lured me), and when she agreed to see me on a date, I said that I was doing laundry later, and that she could meet me at the laundromat. And that's what she did. If not for that, I wouldn't have discovered the laundry-like Landers, for they are listed with Landens. She had already pointed to Pepin of Landen by then, for Stops were Pipe kin and Pipe's share the Pepin Coat. Pepins love the Este's in their motto and in their horse heads, and Scottish Barrs (near Peeble's) share the Este eagle due to having been a line of Este's in Brunswick.

Note now that Scottish Jeffreys were first found in Peebles while Peeble's are also Peoples' while Pepins are also People's. What maketh thee of this? Do people like Maxwell target car-less babes at bus stops? They say Maxwell sought poor-family girls to better control them with money hand-outs.

When I arrived to the bra event, I started to look at Langhe-like surnames, and found the Langleys to share the Lander/Landen pale bars. It was amazing because it tended to link my first date with Lorraine to the bra-on-laundry line. I kid you not that her bus stop was at the corner of Arnold and Yonge street in Richmond Hill (Ontario) while Pepin of Landen married the family of Arnold (Arnolf) of Metz. Across the intersection, Arnold turns into Lorraine-like Lorne's, and Lanarks are said to be of Lorne's while Lanarkshire is between the Barrs of Ayrshire and the Jeffreys of Peebles-shire. METZ is in Lorraine with Bar-le-Duc, and she and I met at the laundroMAT.

Remember, I had my finger stretched out to touch the bra of the blond tenant, because I wouldn't have been able to reach it otherwise. The Babe's are not only kin of Blonds, but the Babe Crest has a hand and two fingers pointing at the sun. Blonds and Jeffreys share the sun in Crest.

I don't recall all the evidence, but about a decade ago, I was insisting that Alans of Langhe traced to Brunswick. For example, Brunswick was paired with Luneburg while Alan-like Stewarts, and Alan-like Langs (Luneburg), share the pelican. The double lions in pale of Brunswicks can be with French Demonte's (Troy colors) while German Troys share the giant unicorn of Giuffre's, half in the colors of the Italian Demonte unicorn, and the latter is expected from the Demonte location along the Stura river, in Cuneo with Langhe. The Babe's were first found on/near the Stur river. The Voirs of Brittany, with the French Demonte Coat, were first found in Vannes while Fane's/VANs having a Phoenix-like Phone variation are a branch of Phoenix's/FENwicks, the latter sharing the phoenix with Mole's. Eschyna de Molle married an Alan of Dol > Shropshire.

Recall the Laine's/Lawns sharing the Robert lion, for the French Roberts, first found in Burgundy with French Demonte's, have one of the double Brunswick lions, tending to confirm that Demonte's have the double Brunswick lions on a blue Shield. For what it could be worth, French Troys share the griffin of Shorts, first found in Dorset with Jeffrey-related Babe's. Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

The GOLFredo variation of Giuffre's recalls the gull in the Golfin/Goll Coat. It just so happens that Gulls and Gullys/Gollys share the cross of English Julians while the six pale bars of German Julians are colors reversed from the same of Scottish Jeffreys. As I said many time, at age 12, Kepke and I would go at the crack of dawn, on weekends, to three gold courses side-by-side, and collect golf balls out of the stream and ponds, to resell them back to golfers. The third and best course was CedarBRAE (at Steeles avenue in Toronto), what are the chances? Geoffrey of MowBRAI is in the Jeffrey write-up. Cedars/Cottars are linkable to Lists, Liss', Lizarts and Babels/Babwells (six pale bars, Babe branch).

Babels/Babwells share a giant, black spread eagle, with gold legs to boot, with Julian-like Giuliani's, and then Rudolphs were first found in Saxony with German Julians. Rudy Giuliani. The Giuliani Coat is much the Ice/Ecke Coat. Brae's/Brays have bird legs (could be eagle legs) in the colors of those eagles. Hixons/Hicksons have black bird legs too, and they were first found in Staffordshire with Rudys/RudGARDs. I trace the Eggs/EDGE's (Ice/Ecke eagle) to the ADIGE river past Garda and Lake Garda so that it now seems arranged that God has Rudy Giuliani (Trump's) entering the Epstein picture, especially as Val Trompia is on the other side of lake Garda while Trumps are also Tromps (same place as Ice's/Ecke's). Dutch Tromps have another giant and spread black eagle.

Hmm, the Tromp eagle is in the colors of the Hixon/Hickson bird legs while Hicks (Yorkshire, same as Touts) use a "Tout" motto term while Rudys/Rudgards share the Tout crescent in a red canton. Might Rudys/Rudyards have been RADcliffe's? Is Giuliani going to get together with John Ratcliffe to discuss a few things? How can this relate to Epstein and/or Maxwell?

The Hixons/Hicksons share a black saltire with Maxwells whose eagle is in the colors of the Giuliani / Egg/Edge / Ice/Ecke eagle, yet the Maxwell eagle is double-headed, as with the black Jeepma eagle. The Tromp eagle (Rat/Raith/RAIDER colors) is in the colors of the Jeepma eagle; Jeepma's share the hexagram of RADs/RADERs, and the latter's Coat is a hexagram version of the Handle Coat while Handle's pertained to my Jeep. Hmm, what is all of this?

Lorraine and the Jeep

Jeepma's are also Cheps while Chepmans/Chapmans share the Tout / Rudy/Rudyard crescent. Chepmans/Chapmans were first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's (version of CAMP Coat) while Italian Capone's were first found in CAMPania with the home of the Jeeps' previous owner, who lived in Seguin when I knew him. Sequins use what looks like a gull (in Golfin/Goll-gull colors), a pointer to Giuliani! Remarkable. Chep-like Kepke and I collected golf balls as boys. I'm wondering whether Italian Simons (white hexagram, same as Jeepma's), the bloodline of the previous owner, share the lion of Eggertons (Cheshire, same as Eggs/Edge's) closely.

Seagull-like Segals share sickles with Segal-like Sickle's. The mythical sickle, "drepani" in Greek, was a myth writer's code for Trapani/Drepanum (Sicily), where Italian Simons were first found. Trabys are linkable to Cliffs, and Mr. RATcliffe was portrayed by God, I claim, by a rat TRAP! What is going on here?

I am very sure I had read that Barr's of Brunswick and Bar-le-Duc had been of the golf-like Guelf branch of Este's. Este's were founded by Azzo of Fermo, and there is some evidence that his name was the line to Ise's/Ass', kin of Sire's/Sirons who can be in the motto of French Simons, "C'EST mon plaiSIR". Place's/Plaise's, with a Coat similar to the one of Fermo-like Ferns, and possibly having the Brunswick / Mons lion, are traceable by the Rim motto to Placentia = PIACENza, probably named by Picenum (may have gone as south as Fermo), where Justine lived who was of the Sire / Ice/Assi line. The Arms of Placentia uses a square while Square's/Squirrels (beloved of Valentins) have the motto, "Tiens FERME."

Kepke's neighbor was my friend too, Rick YOUNG. for the Jeep He owned a whippet GREYhound named, Simon. The UNGuiBUS" motto term of Italian Simons seems to be arranged to point to this greyhound because Greys have the giant Simon lion in colors reversed while being first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's, whom God gave a bus-stop for His purposes. Wow, as I said, the bus stop was (probably still is) at the corner of Arnold and Yonge, and while Yonge's are listed with Youngs, the Arnold Coat is in the colors and format of the Simms thought to be from Simons. Simms even use a Fortuna motto term while Hound-like Huns/Hundts have an upright and giant greyHOUND in the colors of the giant and upright dog of Fortuna's/Fortune's.

Scottish Fortune's were first found in East Lothian with Simms. The Fortuna Coat reflects that of MontFORTs, and while the Montfort lion is giant and white like that of French Simons, the latter have a "mon" motto term suggesting a Monforte location which I'll get to below. The "arMATUS" motto term of Italian Simons can be for Metz liners. The Mats'/Mathie's use gyronny in half the colors of the same of Campbells/CAMMELLs (linkable to Pepin camel) half in the colors of the same of Fortune's, the latter first found in the same place as Faucets suspect in the "Fac et SPERa" motto of Mats/Mathie's. Spears were first found in the same place with Kemuel-line Hameltons. Her bus stop was at the corner of Yonge and Lorne, and so here's the Mats/Mathie write-up: "They [Mats/Mathie's/etc.] are said to descend from GILLEOIN of the ancient and royal house of Lorne." What a surprise. It's new territory for me. On the day of the bus stop, we agreed to meet at the laundroMAT! The quote recalls the Gillain discussion ("Ghislaine" pronounced "Gillain").

If the mystery is why the previous owner of the Jeep is connecting with Lorraine's bus stop, perhaps the answer is in both having Barr liners involved. He often drank wine with dinner, and so note the barrel-like term in Wikipedia's Monforte article: "Monforte d'Alba is part of the zone of the Barolo wine production area." Interesting. Barrels have a white dog (as do Fortuna's) on the Shield of Saluzzo's of Cuneo, and Cuneo's Monforte is beside Montfort-like Montferrat; rulers of the latter also ruled Saluzzo.

We are now at Lorraine's pant stain that pointed to Cuneo-line Conys via Pansys/Pantzers. She got her pant stain on an Alan-like lawn, and Lawns are also Lane's. The Alans may have married Saluzzo due to being the namers of Langhe (Monforte is in Langhe). Barrels use the dog, and Dogs/Doags share the Bus cinquefoil. But why would God create such a complicated set of links between the Jeep's door handle and Lorraine's bus stop?

Perhaps it's because of the "Ut" variation of Arnolds, for Uts (English translations use "Uz") is the first-listed son of the Biblical Nahor while Bus-like Buz is the second, and moreover the third son, Kemuel, looks like a line to HAMELtons sharing the ermined Bus cinquefoil. AHA! I get it, for Pepins, who married Arnold's family, use a Kemuel-like camel!!! Pipe's do too, and the Bus STOP links exactly to Pipe's and Pepins via the look of the Stop/Stubb Coat, which even shares three pheons with Arnolds!!! Incredible.

The ermined Bus / Hamilton cinquefoil is in the Arms of Leicester, where SIMON de Montfort ruled whose lion is colors reversed from the one of Italian Simons (Greys and Montforts share the same lion). Plus, Simon de Montfort married the Beaumonts of Leicester, who were themselves descended from Waleran de Leavell while one Yonge/Young Coat shares the three piles of Scottish Leavells. The latter were first found in Roxburghshire, same as Maxwells sharing a black, double-headed eagle with Kepke-connectable Jeepma's/Cheps. Kepke's father is Ukrainian, and Nahor's tribes are suspect with the Ukraine's Neuri.

To top this off, Monforte is smack at the Bra / Langhe theater, beside Asti. My touch-bra event on the white-rabbit cage at the laundry line linked hard to Lorraine and I at the laundromat, but also to her pant stain, for the latter pointed to the white rabbit of Pansy-loving Conys. Be amazed, because, firstly, I say that Alans of Langhe were in Brunswick while Bruno's tell that they had a branch at Asti. Lorraine pointed to Stobi of the pheon-like Paeonians with her bus STOP (Stops/STUBB have pheons), and the Paeonians also had an AstiBUS location, I kid you not. Then, the Asti-like Asteys share the Lorraine lion in both colors, (just incredible stuff), which I think is the green lion of Luneburg-connectable Lyons/Lune's, first found in Perthshire with Bus-connectable Dogs/Doags.

Asteys were first found in Lane-like Lanarkshire. Lanarks/LURNacks (probably share the DOUGlas heart) not only share the Bus / Dog/Doag cinquefoils too, but tell that "Their territories were first located in LORNE and they became associated as a sept of the Stewart Clan." Stewarts had been the Dol Alans who married Saluzzo. Her bus stop was at the corner of Yonge and Lorne. Lorne went down one block to Church street; she lived on Church nearest to the Lorne-Church corner, and Church's use greyhounds. One Lane/Lawn Coat shares the same bend as Lorraine's, making it appear that Lorne's were a Lorraine branch while LanARKs were a Lane branch. I first saw her while walking toward Mr. ARCHibald's place on the opposite side of the Church-Lorne corner. I can't think of any other reason for my being down that way unless it was to visit Archibald.

Lanarks share the cinquefoils of Tankerville's who in turn married "the daughter of William, the Viscount d'ARQUES." That's the Darks/D'Arques' who share the Maxwell saltire.

I remember the time when we went for a walk in her neighborhood, when she just suddenly sat down on the edge of a lawn. I remember that she was so beautiful sitting there, and blond like the woman in the 1979 dream a few years earlier. As we met and kissed on my birthday, I thought she could become the dream's fulfillment. But I was unable to be serious with her due to her Christian cult. I was waiting for a time to talk about our Christian beliefs, but the pant stain came too quickly, and it was over that night. I think that her little sit-down on the lawn is due to Launays/Lawnays having DeLORNey and De Lune variations.

Lune's/Lyons share a green lion with Lorraine's, and Luneburg was paired with Brunswick. I am very sure that the Lorraine's use the Astey/HASTys lion as per Bruno's of Asti. Monforte is right beside Asti, and then the Hastings have this: "One of the first records of the name was of HENRY de Hastings (c.1235-c.1269) who was created Baron in 1264 by Simon de MONTFORT." French Henrys were first found smack at the Montfort (Brittany) area, right beside Raines-based Rennes.

The solid chevron of Lanarks/Lurnacks is colors reversed from the same of Chapmans/CHEPmans, and this remains incredible because the latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's (share demi-lion of Yonge's/Youngs) and Young-beloved Jeune's and June's. These Capone's are in Camp colors and format while Italian Capone's were first found in Campania with the previous owner of the Jeep, Mr. Desimone (he was from Benevento, to be exact). Camps were first found in Yorkshire with same-colored Campbells/CAMMELs. It just so happens that the trefoils of English Simons are colors reversed from the same of CHAMPIONs (same fesse as Alans) while Campanio's use bells that can explain "CampBELL."

German Camels (Bohemia) share the giant Marble griffin while Marble Hall had been owned by BRADshaws from Bohemia's PodeBRADy. Bradshaws (share "qui" with the Shaws/Sheaves) were from Salford (in Bolton) along with Ratcliffs, and both surnames use the same double bends. The Boii founders of Bohemia were at Modena while Modane is on the Arc river while Arks/Arch's and Modens were first found in Berkshire with Shaws/Sheaves'. Bradys share the finger pointing to the sun with Babe's?

I almost missed it. ARCHibalds (Roxburghshire) use another "Ut" motto term! Uts and Kemuel, sons of Nahor.

Italian Lane's were first found in Brescia while Brests/Brix's share the lozenge of German Camels (Bohemia), half in the colors of the Launay/Lawnay and Percy lozenges. Launay is near Brest, and the Alan-Saluzzo line immediately married Percys. English Camels were first found in Somerset with Percy-like Percivals, kin of Waleran de Leavell de Perceval. The latter married the Beaumonts/BELLmonts on route to Simon de Montfort. Montfort is a Brittany location near Dol.

None of that points to the current news unless Lanarks were a branch of Laine's/Lawns connectable to GhisLAINE Maxwell. It begs me to seek why Lorraine's grass stain should connect to things-Epstein. She was out on a walk with her friend's husband. Her pants were white. She was hosting the couple for dinner. She would not have used white pants with a long grass streak for a dinner party. Why was she on the grass while on a walk with a married man? Is this applicable to the adultery in Epstein's circles? The stain was not on the butt proper, but more to the side of the butt, but not fully to the side. One lies on that part of the thigh when lying down on the grass facing a lover. If he removes her pants while on the grass, the pants slide along the grass.

As I said, when she got home from this walk, maybe five minutes after I arrived to her balcony, I immediately POINTED to this grass stain and accused her for it. I had pointed to the bra on the laundry line, and there is a hand pointing in the Babe Crest. The Babe's can indicate pedophilia. Lorraine's share the Child eagle. I last saw her carrying an infant child when she walked past Paul and I not more than four feet away. Paul owned a red Jeep at the time, the color of my Jeep 35 years later.

Miss Hicks, expected on Epstein's island in the 1979 dream, purchased a home previously owned by Mr. Childs. Okay, so what? What's the use in pointing to things-Epstein, such a rotten topic, especially when stupids at Fox news show elegant pictures of Maxwell while telling her story. Wouldn't her mug shot be more appropriate, STUPIDS??? Why does Fox glamorize this sick puppy? Why does Fox show Epstein's photos when talking about him? Does anyone really want to fall in love with Epstein's face? So why does Fox show his face at all? Because they are money-sick stupids at Fox, made stupid by money-lust.

The first time I saw Lorraine on foot, I had just made the sidewalk curve from Yonge to Lorne while probably going to Archibald's place. She was walking my way about 25 feet down Lorne. She was so beautiful that, without time to think of what to say, I blurted, "I'm going to marry you" as she walked by. Let's say that I was being cut-to-the-chase. We didn't stop to talk; I didn't even turn around to see her reaction because I felt it wasn't the right thing to say.

The point is, the Marry surname essentially has the Ross Coat in colors reversed, and I trace Ross' to the Drummonds, born from George, husband of a woman in Podebrady. The Mar earls of KilDRUMMy work right into this because the Ross lions are in the colors of the Mar/Marr lions i.e. looking like the reason for saying, "I'm going to MARRy YOU." She was later given a babe symbol when we were seeing each other. I was at her bus stop on my 24th BIRTHday, and Births/Berts share a hand holding a green garland / wreath / chaplet (don't know which off-hand) with Ross'. Andrews tell of their ancestry on Ross', and so might this be a pointer to prince Andrew's part in Epstein's babes?

Ross' use an "aLIT" motto term (there is a Litt surname) while Epstein's island is LITTLE SAINT James. Birth-like Berthe was wife to Mummolin of Chalons (descended from Rusticus of Lyon) at the western side of Lorraine. French Chalons have the Lorraine bend in colors reversed, and Welsh Chalons share cherubs (babes, right?) with one Saint surname while the other saints are the Suns/Sinclairs of Russell-like Roslin. Babe's use a sun. It works. While Sinclairs had been Claro's, Welsh Chalons were first found in Powys with Clements/CLERmonts', and Rusticus of Lyon descended from Tullia of Lyon of CLERMONT-Ferrand. Clare's share triple-red chevrons with Epsteins, though not on the same background color.

One way to get to the James' by Epstein-pointing elements is to go to the so-called "English lions" of Laine's/Lawns, for the English surname not only shares the James lion, but also has the Douglas Chief while Lane-suspect Lanarks probably have the Douglas heart. The Douglas motto shares "Jamais" with the James motto, and the Lurnack variation of Lanarks suggest a Lorraine-line merger with Lane's/Lawns. One Lane/Lawn Coat shares the fleur-de-lys of Litts and Little-branch Liddle's, but also, having made the Douglas-James link, note the Little write-up: "ADAM Lityll was a tenant of the Douglas Clan in the barony of Kilbucho in 1376...By 1350, they had become an established Clan closely affiliated to the Douglases and their territories were located in the Scottish West Marches, approximately twenty miles due north of Carlisle [east of Annandale]." Adam Lityll. Adams were at Annandale (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks and Castle Douglas) while Little's tell of a branch about 20 miles east of Annandale. Liddle's use a "Hinc" motto term while Hinks have the Annandale Coat in the colors for it of Bruce's.

Perhaps God chose to point to Little Saint James via Douglas' because Castle Douglas is near Kilpatrick castle (CLOSEBURN) while Little's share the Kilpatrick saltire. This allows a connection of Epstein's island to Mrs. Kilpatrick in the 1979 dream. Liddle's even share the spur with Closeburn-connectable Close's. Perhaps the green lion in the Close Crest is the Lorraine lion. In fact, while Lorraine's share the Child eagles, CHILDeric (Merovingian king) was the father of king CLOVIS while Close's are also CLOVSE's. Amazing. Pepins were Merovingian leaders, and Patricks, sharing the Kilpatrick saltire, are said to have been from Landen-like La Lande. Lorraine pointed to Pepin of Landen.

The "you" in "I'm going to marry you" evokes Eu, for Talbots, sharing the Marry lion, are said to have been Eu's before they were Talbots. I expect the latter from TailleBOIS', probably from the Boii. Oh wow, the Goings, listed with Gows/McGoo's, share the Talbot / Marry lion! "I'm GOING to marry you"! I said this at the corner of Yonge, and while Yonge's love the Jeune's in their motto, Goings/Gows have a "JUNcta" motto term. Yonge's were first found in Essex with Gore's/Core's who in-turn share the white wolf with GOWers/Gore's. Can you believe this? It's new to me. The earliest I can find "I'm going to marry you" is in the 2nd update of may, 2016:

As I turned the corner walking along the sidewalk, there she was walking toward me. I had not seen her before. As she walked by, I felt comfortable saying, "I'm going to marry you." I didn't care if she thought I was crazy, I enjoyed the moment. And she continued walking on, and I continued walking on. On another day, while riding my bicycle around the same area, there she was standing at the bus stop. Riding over, I asked her out, and she agreed.

She was coming from her Church-street apartment, and while Church's share a Coat version of the Looks/Licks/Luke's, the Goings/Gows/McGoo's share the green-on-white cinquefoils of Loches'/Locks/Loke's. But why point to this? My head hurts. Mr. McGoo was played by Jim Backus, who also played Thurston Howell on Gilligan's island. Lorraine got her babe symbol when Mike Oullette blurted, "what a babe," when he first saw her...on Yonge street. "OULlette" was traceable to Howell-like Owls/Howls.

My best recollection is that she was returning from church to meet me at the what-a-babe spot (someone drove her there). I didn't get serious with her because she was a Jehovah's Witness, and that thing ended up pointing to Charles Taze Russell, interesting where Russells (Ross lion in colors reversed) share the Marry / Talbot lion too. It works because Talbots (Shropshire, same as Meschins) are expected with Lucy Taillebois, wife of le Meschin while Meschins share the Russell scallops. Meschins are in the colors and format of Pansy-loving Conys (Lincolnshire, same as Lucy Taillebois), and Masci's (Piedmont) may have been first found in Cuneo. As I pointed at the bra, it could indicate that Babe's and Masci's were in Bra. The Cony write-up: "The Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 list Richard Conni, Salop (Shropshire)..."

More. The Church's can be in the motto of Sawyers (Norfolk, same as Fulke's/Folke's/Volks and Bus') while Russells have been resolved with the SAUER lion. Russells have a "Que SARA sara" motto while Fulks, descended from Miss Loches, use "Qui sera sera." Falkinghams/Volkings, sharing the Russell / Meschin scallops, were first found in Lincolnshire too. The reason that the Russell goat can connect to the goat head of Bus-like Bush's/Buschs is that Busca is in Cuneo. Bus-related Hameltons use a SAW in a tree.

Bravo, Oh Lord. But what are we to conclude from all of this? Are we ever to conclude at all, or are the answers always in the future?

Oh wow. The Marry-etc lions are red, as is the Im/Imm/Immes lion. "I'M going to marry you"!!!

Recently, I looked for a Witness-like surname to check whether God would use "Jehovah's Witness" for pointing to something-Lorraine. I found the Wittens' having a shapley, blond babe in Crest. Lorraine wasn't a babe because she wasn't shapely. Wittens' share the Lorraine bend, you see. The Wittens' throw in spread eagles in the colors of the Jeepma/CHEP eagle while KEEPs share the Wittens bend too. At one time, Meadow-branch Meads were said to be first found in Sussex with Medleys, and, in this update, I came across a WITNESham location of the Meadows. The latter share pelicans with meads, and Pellicans were first found in Maine while Lawrence's/Laurence's (connectable to Lorraine's), who have a ragully cross looking similar with the embattled cross of MERENs/Marins, were at RedMAINE. Wittens' have a "MERENti" motto term. Kepke's first name, Lawrence. Redmaine's (cushions) have a giant castle in the colors of the giant Pellican tower. Tewkesburys, who share a giant castle in Redmaine-castle colors, married Arthurs of Clapton, as did Meads.

Having said that about Witness-like terms, let's look at the write-up of Jehovah-like Joves'/Jeeves', comparing also with the Yepes variation of Jeepma's/Cheps/Jepps/Jappa's. While the Wittens' have eagles in Jeepma-eagle colors, and while JOPlins were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's, note that while Jeepma's are connectable to Maxwells (pointer to Jeffrey Epstein), Joves'/Jeeves' happen to share the Maxwell/MAKESwell Kilpatrick saltire. Maxwell liners are in the "make" motto term of Kilpatricks, and Kilpatricks share cushion with Redmaine's. Remember here, Lorraine the babe and Mrs. Kilpatrick too point to Jeffrey Epstein: "The ancient Anglo-Saxon surname Joves came from the baptismal name for the son of Geoffrey. 'The Yorkshire Poll Tax contains endless references to Jeff, or Geff, or Gep; v. Gipp and Jeffs and Jephson." That's the Jeffrey/Geoffrey / Giuffre / Jefferson bloodline. It's as though God chose Lorraine's Jehovah's Witness religion to point to Epstein.

The Joves/Jeeves write-up has a Cheef surname, evoking the Chaffs/Chaffee's and Chaffens, both first found in Dorset with Russells. Charles Taze Russell founded Jehovas' Witnesses. Taze-like Tase's/Tassie's (Perthshire, same as SHAWS) have a "JUVante" motto term. Here's what seems to be another pointer: "'The Tassies had long resided in PollokSHAWs, and were believed to have come from Italy as refugees, and to have settled in Scotland as TANNERs and SKINners.'" It looks like deliberate code by humans. Skins/Skene's share the wolf heads of Chaffen-like Chauvins. As Pollocks were from neighboring Rothes, the proto-Rothschilds, it can explain why Charles Russell was a Zionist along with the lord RothsCHILDs of Britain. The places I stressed above in Cuneo were often along the Tanaro river, which is what I think "the tanner" of Falaise was really descended from.

Pollocks were birthed by a Fulbert, and then there was Fulbert "the tanner" (of Falaise) a generation or two earlier. Tanners are suspect in naming Tanerdevilla of the Tankerville's, and this line's Tancreds/Tanks share the red scallop with Tase-like Tass'. Chaffens share a gold dog in Crest with Williams (share part-black gyronny with Tase's/Tassie's), and William the Conqueror was the grandson of "the tanner" of Falaise. Dogs/Doags (Perthshire, same as Tass'/Tassie's), share the cinquefoils of Tankerville's and Bus'. God lured me to a bus stop with a babe blond because He wanted to talk to someone about what you're now reading, and soon after, Mike Oullette said, "what a babe," near that bus stop.

As the Skin-branch Schims/Schiens/Chands share the Mole boar, here's a repeat: "It seems that Mole's were related to Jeffreys because they were a Goose/Gouch/Googe and Goff/Gough branch." I've just learned that Williams (very connectable to Oullette's/Willi's of Falaise) descended from Rhys Goch, part of the Goffs/Gough's. Mr. Gouch inspected my septic TANK.

In the 1979 dream, there was one car alone on a beach. There were no people there, just the one woman. In was broad daylight in summer, for she wore a bathing suit. Where could we find such a scene in the real world? The video below shows Epstein's small island, with a view of the beach, too small to have a population of cars, but one can see a short road that goes to the beach. Chances are, there's just one car at the beach at any one time. There may be only one car on the entire island due to the few times a car would be needed.


My question is: what will Bill Barr's reaction / attitude be toward Maxwell's arrest? Some are saying that Barr and Trump got rid of Geoffrey Berman in order to replace him with Audrey Strauss because Berman was unhappy about arresting Maxwell. However, I can also see God stinging Barr by creating a situation in which Berman is fired for non-Epstein reasons only to have his (temporary) replacement arrest Maxwell in spite of Barr not desiring it. Wasn't Epstein arrested by Berman? There may be an FBI movement in New York bucking against Barr. They say that Berman was fired by Trump, not Barr (the latter carried out the order).

Someone writes: "Why would Bill Barr want to visit Ghislaine Maxwell in jail the day she’s arrested? Hmmm?" I didn't read that story in the news, however. Someone else: "Today [July 2] Attorney General Barr attempted to visit Ghislaine Maxwell in her jail cell, but was refused entry by her attorney. Now what possible reason could AG Barr have for wanting to speak to Ms. Maxwell before she could speak to anyone else? I'll let you connect the dots." Could be fake news by leftist propagandists.

Let's face it, Trump is being saved from the deep-state shark by a mere, 90-pound doll with too-long, glued eyelashes. The only difference between she and a dolphin is that her nose is smaller and not as hard, but don't let that fool you. MacEnany is the Trump-friendly dolphin smashing the shark in its belly. Without mercy. And she's just getting going.

Trump is the kind of animal who allows his voters to waste their money in Judicial-Watch donations, so that JW can fight long-term and in frustration to get a few public records. The alternative is for Trump to appoint one man to go in his name to secure, from various government bodies, whatever Judicial Watch and similar groups request, all for free, all expediently. But Trump's a fraud, and doesn't want public data to get out that condemns his deep-state enemies. Trump's merely acts in lip service like he wants the information to get out. Only he knows why for sure.

The public right to know, debate and judge what its government has done criminally should not be withheld by a justice department on an argument of not wanting the law-breakers to know what the prosecutor knows. In that case, the public never learns the details of the crimes until years afterward, after public anger has subsided, but only if the justice system decides to prosecute. With Barr, that doesn't look like it's going to happen but for a small percentage of token arrests. Punishment for coup plotters includes public resentment and the associated humiliation, if only Barr would release some evidence that humiliates them. But if such a release is the full extent of Barr's rod of correction, then criminal's accomplice is he. With Barr sparing the rod into the election season, so the coup attempts will continue into the election season. A coup attempt is a crime against the electorate too; the justice minister who spares the rod hates the people.

Here's a shocking article telling that some Republicans are trying to get the senate back into Democrat hands just to ruin Trump absolutely. I'll bet this comes due to the senate installing John Ratcliffe. I'll bet that they and Bushites fear what Ratcliffe might discover and reveal about them.

Sara Carter puts it this way: "A new super PAC formed by hundreds of former campaign, administration, and political staffers from George W. Bush’s administration will work to get former Vice President Joe Biden elected, saying they are 'dismayed and disappointed' by the Trump presidency." This isn't a new threat; it's been there throughout the coup attempts. It's now moving into the election portion of the dump-Trump campaign. It's one thing to say you have policy differences with a president, and quite another to say that you'd rather vote in Democrats than the Republican president. That's an admission of shooting yourself in the foot, a betrayal of the party and of the democratic process. If they can't control the party, they'll sabotage it. That's not good-sport democracy. They're afraid of something, aren't they?

What makes these Bushites appear ridiculous is that they're willing even to vote for the known criminal and flippity-floppity Biden. They must be ascaaared of something realllly bad.

The longer Biden takes to chose a vice-presidential candidate, the greater the chances that he's being begged to pick Hillary. He or his advisors apparently don't have what they think will be a winner VP choice.

When Epstein was arrested, I sensed that neither Trump nor Barr liked it. As of July 3 (Friday), 8 pm, Trump has yet to tweet to celebrate the arrest of Maxwell. He probably has more than one person creating his tweets, and so what's the hold-up? By mid-afternoon Saturday, there were roughly 30 Trump tweets, not one on Maxwell. Trump must be afraid of something. He had the same attitude when Epstein was arrested. He must have told his team not to mention Maxwell. Liberals are putting out photos with he and Maxwell posing, but they could be faked photos. At 1 am Monday morning, not one mention of Maxwell by a Trump tweet. He's not happy about her arrest, is he? WHY NOT? Everyone on the side of good is celebrating her arrest. Why not this president? Isn't Barr going to make a statement this week?

The news is infatuated with talk of getting prince Andrew to talk about Epstein's operations. BUT WAIT. Bill Clinton knows more than Andrew does, so why not demand information from him?

Here is a long sit-down with Sidney Powell discussing the shocking ways in which the Barr DoJ permitted the abuse of Flynn in the court of wickedness. Near the end of the video, she says that an attorney general whose employee breaks the Brady law is to be immediately fired, but if Barr refuses to fire Van Grack, Flynn's prosecutor, it reinforces in my mind that Barr was conspiratorially desirous of seeing Flynn jailed until he (Barr) realized that Powell was going to get the exculpatory evidence (favors Flynn) that both Grack of judge Sullivan were denying her. Then, suddenly, Barr caves and allows the Powell to get exculpatory evidence from Barr's other man, Mr. Jensen, thus ending the case. Or almost ending it.

Before you see this video, if you chose to, it's best to know that, on another show about the same time, she said that Brennan (Obama's CIA director, a socialist) was playing with billions of dollars of unaccounted (not on the books) tax dollars, presumably in foreign war efforts. It sounds as though she might have evidence that Brennan and other Obamaites were using war money to line their own pockets. It would have been necessary for her to disclose this to Barr's department and the FBI, if Flynn shared that information with her. Where else but from Flynn would she have gotten it?

A new study of hydroxychloroquine has found that the death rate, amongst COVID cases of 65 years of age on average, was HALF of those who did not take the drug!!! Trump is guilty of not using the proper authorities to order doctors nationwide to make the drug available to all COVID patients. Doctors don't need to force patients to use it, JUST MAKE IT AVAILABLE for anyone who wants to try it, and doctors must tell patients that lupus patients who take the drug long-term have no side-effects, no dangers posed. Trump is GUILTY because he not only knew that Democrats were wishing to deny the drug for political causes, but Trump also knew the high likelihood that the drug worked in many cases. GUILTY for letting people die at the hands of the Democrat killers, I speak the absolute truth. Trump has no excuse. Here's the story:

Giuliani has a doctor on again this week, who was interviewed a couple of months ago, who claims that using zinc with hydroxychloroquine has saved almost 100 percent of 2,200 patients. It is a horrible crime in the works where American liberals refuse to give this treatment a thumbs-up. Surely, Giuliani has told of this success rate to Trump. I'm therefore expecting Trump and Fox to make this nationwide news for all people wanting treatment. Those pushing remdesivir for hospitalization treatments might want chloroquine off the market because remdesivir (over $3,000 per treatment) isn't needed when chloroquine ($20 treatment) clears up the virus before hospitalizations.

Giuliani's guest, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, says that every pharmacy must stock this, and every doctor must be reassured that there will be no consequences to them if they prescribe it. That's what Trump needs to ORDER his COVID team to get done NOW. Trump is already guilty of murder for not doing this to-date. I am not exaggerating: TRUMP = killer by the sin of omission. Instead of acting like the caring one, night after night, with Fauci and Brix, he should have been working on nationwide chloroquine management, including the forcing of pig-headed, politically-charged doctors to offer the prescription to every COVID patient. It is the best-ever cure, too, for the struggling economy. WIN-WIN-WIN,. Thank you, Rudy, but this needs to go to Trump and the rest of the world ASAP.

Here's the same doctor two weeks ago talking about how the FDA has moved to allow chloroquine more usage after practically branding it a poison. He says that the FDA, in the beginning (after pressure from Trump) allowed chloroquine in a hospital setting only, but this was WRONG, a murderous TRICK, because chloroquine works to keep people from hospitals, but is far less effective once the infection has become terrible enough to require hospitalization. This is a must-see:

I'd like to tackle Zelenko's claim that zinc is absolutely needed to make h-chloroquine effective. He claims that h-chloroquine alone won't work, and I think he could be correct. It can yet be successful when the patient has a good natural supply of zinc, while bodies low on zinc won't get better. It makes sense. It doesn't hurt to add zinc, so DO IT. What about adding copper too? It kills viruses on contact while zinc does not. Zinc works it's way into cells, thanks to the presence of chloroquine, and makes in-cell COVID viruses unable to multiply. That's a big deal; that's Zelenko's claim. Why didn't Fox publicize this two months ago when Zelenko first talked about it? Why not tell the news-watching world that people the world-over should now be taking supplemental zinc?

As he said, he had a 99.7-percent survival rate amongst 2,200 patients that he cherry-picked for having a high risk (5-10 percent mortality risk) from COVID infection. That's 3 deaths out of 1,000 people at a higher-than-normal risk level, but if we included all COVID infections, the death rate would be more like 3 per 20,000 (my off-the-cuff guess). The crisis would be over, except that the liberal media would begin to put out horror stories again about the use of thus drug, yet as that is murderous, media bosses need to be gassed and torched. They have got to be punished, or, if not, they will play tricks like this until Armageddon falls on them, to the pains of humanity.

This doctor's study is now online, and can have the one benefit of exposing CDC, FDA, WHO, and Fauci-ites all over again as money-grubbing health imposters / mobsters. This is a badly-needed revelation.

COVID schemers are trying to ruin Trump from other Western countries because they want a global government while Trump has revived nationalism in foreign countries. Thus, this has become a global scheme with leaders of many nations acting in concert in conspiracy. And not in Western countries only.

Get ready for increased prices, low-quality services, half the population you can't trust to do business with, and the other half ticked-off / impatient / ornery due to hardships. The calamities caused by the deep state will not go without a price. Trump is to blame for this too, for he saw the deep state acting wickedly, but did NOTHING aside from opening his mouth against it. Barr has been a pathetic and dismal failure no better than Sessions. Barr seems intent on getting nothing done into election season so that he then has the excuse of doing nothing during the election season. There is no fear of the Trump administration due to do-nothing attitudes. STUPIDS! The nation on the brink, and still NOTHING.

You as a Christian may have gotten the impression that it would be wise to move out of liberal cities and states. You may have gotten the impression that setting up a self-sufficient operation is a wise move. I can't say for sure, but who knows, God may be sending us this message at this time. When I was in Texas, even my property owner was a post-tribulationist on a large ranch. Christians ruled that area, you couldn't even buy liquor there. Aims to live in high-Christian zones that elect Christian politicians. I'm not sure that Christian-sympathetic politicians are good enough.

Take Bongino's claim that most police officers are great people. Uh, only if their mayor is a great and normal person, demanding high standards. But if the mayor is evil, evil will go the whole police force. Bongino admitted as much when he said that New York police under Democrat rulers were/are negligent. We have seen exactly that over the past month. Do not trust a good cop, for tomorrow he may do the evil demand of the evil mayor just to keep food on his table. Ditto for any employee of a government. We have seen for a long time that liberal schools have teachers fulfilling desires of liberal school masters. Any normal person can turn and become your anti-Christ nightmare. The great apostasy is the great betrayal.

Be calm, keep your chin up, be pleasant, amicable, but do take stabs against the wicked as your work for God, meaning that you lose composure and become less than happy to rebuke them from time to time. It's work, and you need zeal for God's way of life to do it. There is a way to rebuke the ungodly calmly by just speaking a key truth in their hearing. That way, you won't get so upset.

Don't let the Drudge Goof fool you. He has this headline: "MORE PEAK: USA reports 55,000 cases in single day..." At that rate, it will take 1,000 days to get this virus around to 55 million people, WAY TOO SLOW. Let's get on with this. Everyone get a whiff of the virus TODAY, and let's get this thing behind us. STOP WEARING MASKS young people. Get a small whiff, a free vaccine, and be immune thereafter. Summer is the best time to get a small whiff. Don't be afraid of the headlines, they are politically-loaded blank bullets. The goal should be to have 250 million Americans catch this virus as soon as possible. It will then go away. But if we all wear masks, they will force us to live the "new normal" for years to come. I HATE the thought of being manipulated like this by liberal stooges. Rebuke a stooge today, let them see their stupidity. Otherwise they are walking on our backs.

Mask use may be for the express purpose of Democrats to prolong the breakdown of the economy THROUGHOUT Trump's second four-year term, for Democrats probably think they have no chance to get the White House later this year. This is a horrible, selfish attitude with great cost to others, including their own voting blocs.

Be maskless-happy and show it, because it's precisely due to our being happy that liberals will mandate mask wearing, for they hate it when we are happy. They are horrible people. When not in power, they do destructive things, and they make their voters bad-ass destructive. By forcing us to wear masks, they will feel they have the victory. That's how they think, the control freaks. How they think is how they behave.

Headline July 6: "Soros Set to Double 2016 Spending, Pouring $40 Million Into Super PAC". News this week is that Americans are leaving large cities for rural areas. What happens if the final 3.5 years arrive, and there's no country land left for Christians to buy? In Revelation 12, God promises to swallow the river unleased by satan. It says the earth will open its mouth to swallow the river, which may mean that our foods will grow great / miraculously from the dirt. The river to overtake us must be the 666, our inability to purchase food unless we abide by the stringent dictates of that time.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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