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June 23 - 29, 2020

A New Dream This Week, Snow Slush and Slippery Rodham Ice
Sleeping Beauty Was Hott
Just a Typical Ham-Sandwich Miracle, Ho-Hum, Reveals Obama
Black Admiral Butterfly Points to Good-Snitch Admiral Rogers

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It would be best if you've read the last update to understand the importance, as concerns the ancestry of the killers of Jesus, between Schimatari and Calydon.

I loaded the Grasley Coat tonight, Monday, after reading John Solomon's piece on Chuck Grassley seeking to know whether James Baker (of the military's Office of Net Assessment) had a sinister / criminal role in persecuting general Flynn. It's interesting at the outset of this heraldic discussion that I trace Solomons/SALOME's to Salome Boethus, of the BOETHus house of Sadducees. She married a Herod. Schimatari is in BOEOTia. (Load the Grasley Coat in order to load other surnames to follow much better.)

Jesus was taken to a kangaroo court, the night before he was murdered, at the home of Annas, the former high priest. And a Schimatari-like scimitar is used by Inslee's/ANSleys, first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas'. Plus, the Inslee/Ansley cross is shared by Orions/Irons, and mythical Orion's father was at Tanagra, beside or part of Schimatari (I forget the exact relationship between the two). That's pretty amazing. Inslee's were a significant topic in the last update.

Here's from the Grasley write-up: "'...the Gresleys.' They are the only family in the county that trace back 'to the house of Drakelow; descended from Nigel, mentioned in the Domesday, called de Stafford, and said to have been a younger son of Roger de Toni, standard-bearer in Normandy..." De Toni was the flag bearer for William the Conqueror as per his invasion of England. It's therefore interesting that the gyronny of the William surname is in the colors of the same of Hoppers (i.e. they were related to some extent) while there is a GRASShopper used by GRIShams/Greshams (no surprise), making it appear that Grishams/Greshams were a branch of Grasleys. The latter were first found in Norfolk with Fulks while another grasshopper is used by Fauchys.

There are grasshoppers in the Chief of the Thatcher/THACKER surname. The latter share the moline cross of Becks while Beach's/Becks share the Shield of Grasleys. Apparently, Grasleys were related to the Thacker grasshoppers. Remember, Williams have the Hopper gyronny, and Nigel de Toni, son of king William flag carrier, was styled, "de Stafford." Hold that thought until I get to the SCHIMatari-like Schims/Chands.

Thacker-like Tacks/THACKERys are said to have been a branch of Tancreds, but then the latter are a branch of TANAGRA-like TANKERville's. Cool. There is even a curved sword, which is what a scimitar is, in the Tack/Thacker Crest. Very impressive stuff. A certain Tancred was the father of the Guiscards, and Guiscards were first found in Stirlingshire with Caiaphas-like Chappes'. Caiaphas married the daughter of Annas, and so he thereby became the high priest, and was the high priest when Jesus was forced into Annas' kangaroo court. Caiaphas called for Jesus' execution. Annas and Caiaphas were Sadducees, of the house of Boethus, I assume. It appears the their Levite blood was from some people-group at Tanagra / Schimatari, yet I also trace the Levite blood to Calydon.

Now Calydon has the ACHELous river, where I trace the Eagle's/Aigle's/HEGELs. It gets a little interesting where the six lions of Eagle's are in the same pattern, but colors reversed (shows kinship), of SAVA's/Savage's (both use lion paws in Crest). Shaw-like Sava's come up as "Seth," and that was the name of Annas' father. Shaws are said to descent from "Sithech," which is like "Stick / Stich," a surname I trace to Astikas' (Lithuania), and they are from Astakos off of the Achelous river. A neat little package.

A tributary of the Sava is the Oeneus, and Oeneus was a mythical king of Calydon. As Astikas' married Traby (Poland), by what coincidence were the CALYDon-like Khaldi people group at TRABzon? This is like child's play. You need only a Sesame-Street education to follow along. It's mere word matching. The article that brought me to these links was about the Military's Office of Net Assessment, or ONA, like the Una version of the Oeneus river.

Let's add that Caiaphas-like Chives', with a Shaw-like Shewas variation, were first found in TARves, and as the latter have six fitchee crosses in the colors and pattern of the six Sava/Savage lions, I could expect that Tarvisium (not far from the Sava river) was named by something related to the Tar ending on SchimaTARi. Tarves was first found in Aberdeenshire with SCHIMs/Schiens/CHANDs and Skene's. In consideration that Grasleys were in Derbyshire while they have Nigel de Toeni of Stafford in their write-up, let's go to the Stafford write-up: "The parish of Mugginton, Derbyshire played an important part of the [Stafford] family's heritage. 'The manor, in Domesday Book Mogintune, was anciently held under Earl Ferrers, and in the reign of Edward I. was in moieties between the families of CHANDos and Stafford." Wow, Tonys/Toeni's, known to be descended from Malahule of More, were related to the Schimatari line.

The last update showed why surnames such as Caulys should be from Calydon, and here we can tell of Stafford possession of Callilond/Kalliland.

At this point, I'd like to mention that Tonys share the maunch with Mansfields, the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with scimitar-using ANSleys and Annas'. It again suggests that Annas was descended from some Boeotian thing in the Schimatari area, but as the Grassley article was about Flynn, let's add that Flynns were shown tracing (about two updates ago) without doubt to Placentia, home of the Ananes Gauls, for Annas was also called, Ananus. Wikipedia says that the Ananes Gauls lived between the TARo and TREBIa rivers (explains why Flynns have a blue version of the Treby Chief), and it just so happens that the Astikas' mentioned above married Traby. I've got to reason that the namers of SchimaTARi also named the Taro river, but let's add that the Ananes trace without doubt to the namers of Annan, also called Annandale, and that Bruce's of Annandale use the Annan(dale) saltire in both colors of the Inslee/ANSey / Orion/Iron cross.

I neglected to say, in the last update, when on the Athol/ATHEL-surname link to "Aetolia," that king Edmund IRONside was an ATHELing Saxon. What was he really named after? Athel-like Heaths/Heths, with a version of the Edmond Coat, were first found in Durham with Ironside's. The latter share the Fessy motto while Fessys share the cross of Baths said to be from "Atha."

It was such a huge surprise to load the Chandos surname (not listed with Schims/Chands) to find the single pile of Hagels!!! The Eagle's/Hegels, you see, trace to the Achelous river of Calydon / Aetolia. And Athols/Athels were first found in Perthshire (beside Schims/Chands) with the Wings/Winks sharing the single pile (same colors) of Hagels and Chandos'. Hagels, first found in Somerset with Tarrs, probably use leaves in Crest as code for the Laevi Gauls that I see out of Calydon. Leafs/Leave's/Leve's were first found in Norfolk with Grasleys and Grishams/Greshams. Perthshire is where Calyd-like Celts/Cults were first found. Calts are listed with Cole's (bull), probably from the ColAPIS river (Apis was a mythical bull), beside the Oeneus river, and another Sava tributary.

Recall how Sticks trace to the Achelous too, for Kyle's use candleSTICKs while Candle's are like "Chandos".

The Arms of COLchester uses nails while Nails are listed with Nigel-like Nagle's while English Nagle's share gold LOZENGes with Nigels while Losinj is off the Croatian coast from the Colapis river. Nagle-line Oneglia (near Grasse) is where ARDuinici married Doria's while the Doria eagle is the CANDida eagle too. The ARDiaei and Daorsi people groups (may have been Illyrian Celts) were at/around Rhizon, and the Khaldi were at/around Rize and neighboring ARDahan. As Arduinici were related to the namers of Artois, where the capital is Arras, the Staffords must be with the Arthur chevron in colors reversed because Arras'/Arrows were first found in Staffordshire.

By the way, as Nails/Nagle's are Neils too while Grails/Greals are listed with a Neil branch, Grails must have been of the Grelly variation of Gresleys.

The so-called Arthur "rests" must be for Restons because they have the three leopard faces of Daorsi- / Doria-like Doors. Plus, Rhizon-like Risings come up as Ristons (Norfolk again). The Reston leopard faces come in two colors, in DORset colors. The Ristson location (Reston write-up) in Shropshire suggests that Restons share the Dol fesse. We read: "...Ristson with Brompton in Shropshire." The Brompton variation of Scottish BRUNtons (Alan colors) explains why English Bromtons/Bramtons (Norfolk) have the BRUNswick Coat in colors reversed.

Ah, the "Fax" motto term of Bromptons/Bruntons (East Lothian, same as FAUCets) just found the Fake's listed with FAKE's/FaZACKERLEYs, suspect with the Shakerley variation of same-colors Shake's. They were in the last update as part of the material that half convinced me that the police killings of two Black me recently were faked. Part of my suspicions of fakery involved the entry into the discussion of false-like Fallis'/Falls, and they were first found in Midlothian with the Mens' expected in the "Fax MENtis" motto phrase of Bromptons/Bruntons. But there is more.

A clue to deep-state fakery came with Mr. Fix and his Papadopoulos-pointing cook. I was saying that the deep state has fixed things, and cooked things up, against Trump. I can add here that the Fix's have Facks like variations as well as having a wavy fesse colors reversed from the same of Dols. The Alans with Mileham were at Dol. The first clue to fakery of the Floyd killing, in the last update, was when I read of Mileham in the Alan write-up. By that point, Miles'/Minnes' and Minne's had pointed to MINNEapolis, where Floyd was reportedly killed. Mileham is beside FAKENham, you see, both in Norfolk with FLAGs/Flecks and Fulke's/Folke's/Volks, and then Fakenham-like Falkinghams/Folkinghams/Volkings were first found in Lincolnshire with Miles'/Minnes' (and Restons), you see, who share the scallops of FLAGs/Flecks. FALSE FLAG operation to create the excuse to riot in Minneapolis and elsewhere to cause Soros-patented societal disturbances in hopes of toppling the leader with grass-roots demands to have him step down.

Wow, the impeachment effort included Kurt Volker (Us ambassador to UN) to a degree, which reminds that he was pointed to when Joel came up in his VOLKSwagen, four days after he purchased it. We went to visit a couple on SHAKELL road i.e. like the Shake's expected behind Fake's/Facks. Shakells/Shakle's share the Alan fesse. Shakell Road in Parry SOUND, and Gordon SONDland (U.S. ambassador to the EU), for his part in the impeachment process, was fired by Trump.

We passed the hwy 124 cut off to Shakell, and so Joel stopped on the shoulder beside an abandoned parking lot, and I watched a gull in that parking lot walk to the tune of the BLINKers that Joel had left on. I remarked to Joel about how that gull was taking steps exactly to the sound of the blinkers, and, later, realized that this was a pointer of God to Tony Blinken, Obama's deputy secretary of state (= John-Kerry man) as well as Obama's deputy national security advisor.

Tony Blinken was, at the time of the whistle-blower complaint that started impeachment proceedings, the foreign-policy adviser of Joe Biden, which supported my case that the GULL was a pointer to Rudy GIULiani, for he ended up working to expose the Bidens. Blinken supported the whistle-blower and the impeachment push. I had purchased a trailer not many miles from Shakell road, and later found red BUTTONs still in their original bag, and I discussed what these buttons could be for. Buttons are listed with Bidens, and share a red fesse with Shakells. Buttons/Bidens share the fesse (both colors) of Butts/BOETs, and SCHIMatari (BOEOTia) is suspect with the Biblical, Shake-like SHECHEMites. Cool.

I didn't realize until now that the Minne fesse can be a version of the Fix fesse. I was contracted to build Mr. Fix's dance hall (important topic in the 2nd update of this month, just two updates ago), and Minne's show nothing but a DANCEtte in the form of a fesse. I was driving taxi while building the dance hall (I rented the cab from a private person, and could work any hours, or no hours at all), and, as I said, I met Mamie again when dispatched to pick her up twice with a cab. As per the second occasion I asked her on a date, and we went to Mr. Fix's restaurant, on the upper floor above the dance hall that was not yet finished. I must have been building the dance floor at that time.

The POINT IS, the Miles'/Minnes' came to topic when officer Norman Miles woke me up while napping in the taxi!!! So, it appears that Fix's were related to the Minne's.

The Fakenham-suspect Falkinghams have this quote: "'The origin of this town [Folkingham/Falkingham] is attributed to the baronial residence of Gilbert de GAUNT, son of the Earl of Flanders, and nephew of Matilda, queen of William the Conqueror..." We had started this section with Grasleys, descended from the son of the Conqueror's FLAG bearer!!! Can you believe it? Falkinghams share the Flag/Fleck scallops! False-like Fallis/Falls are like "Falaise," home of the Conqueror's father-in-law! Bingo. They called him "the tanner" of Falaise, and TANKERville's, suspect from TANAGRa at Schimatari, were at TANERdevilla. Tanners share the Chief-Shield colors of the Ghents, while Gaunt was also Ghent. Dutch Gaunts/Ghents share the wavy fesse of Dols, and it's colors reversed from the wavy fesse of Fix's! When a big-news event is faked, it's a fixed false-flag program.

Ahh, Tanners share the gold dog in Crest with Williams and with Chauvin-like Chaffens! The report on the Minneapolis killing of a black man was from officer Chauvin. The Tanner of False Flag.

Dream With Dentist Now Makes Sense

I think I can now begin to decipher the news-related reason for my dentist laughing at the red buttons on my shirt after a golf game. It was a dream I've mentioned many times, with efforts to solve it. The Golfins/Golls use a gull, and then, in real life, there was the gull-blinker-Volkswagen event that pointed to Ukraine-related Obamaites seeking to impeach Trump. If we then point the golf game to Giuliani's mission to unveil Biden's crimes, the laughable red buttons become code for the laughable Joe Biden (for Bidens are also Buttons). And red is the color of communism, to which Biden has been forced to subscribe by his far-left nutbars. The buttons in my trailer were red.

As I said, after the golf game, this dentist was driving me home, and that's when he laughed at the red buttons. As he was STEERing while I was in the BACK SEAT when he laughed, I pointed out that Backs/Bachs use a steer while Seats/Cedes' are expected in the "cede" motto term of Steers, you see, evidence that God gave this dream.

But it's not until mention of Atlas AUTO Parts in the last update (for which I worked as a driver) did I realize the reason that we were in the car when he laughed (why wasn't it on the golf course?). The car is an AUTOmobile, and this dentist's surname is Hawthorn. For years prior to this dream, I had been identifying HAWThorns as Hauteville's i.e. like "AUTo." It's perfect. Tancred of Hauteville (I think he was the father of the Sicily's Guiscards) tends to prove that Hauteville's were Hawthorns because the latter have a reflection of the Tancred Coat, and Tancreds are in Shirt colors and format. Perfect.

I can now revisit the 1979 dream with a car on a beach, keeping in mind that Beach's share the vaired shield of Grasleys. Chuck Grassley worked in tandem with John Ratcliffe to protect Trump from the deep state's attacks, and the scene where Miss Hicks was hovering in a car pointed to Ratcliffe. The point is, the Ratcliff Crest has a black bull, the symbol of Auto's! Bingo. The car in the dream was to be understood as an auto in order to assure that Ratcliffe was being pointed to. The car-on-beach scene is now predicting that Ratcliffe and Grassley will together be instrumental against the deep-state shark led partly by Obama's James Clapper (Clappers share the Beach / Grasley Shield (Grasleys won't come up as "Grassley").

I'll tell it again. I first saw Miss Hicks at the hood of the car, and as Hoods were at RATTERy, I realized that she was also to be understood as being at the car's RADIATOR as a potential pointer to Ratcliffe. While I was viewing her from a distance at the hood, I had no shirt on (I've said this many times, I'm not making it up) to indicate that Shirts apply, and one purpose now to be gleaned is to link this dream to the dentist dream where the car is to be understood as an auto. As I was looking at her from a distance (around 50-100 feet, no other cars parked on the beach), I was given a giant view of her face, at which time I remarked, "She's BEAUTiful." Then, I was transported instantly to the car door, and saw her hovering over the SEATs.

I was told by a voice to wake her up, and the idea entered my head to wake her up with a kiss, Sleeping BEAUTY style. Not only was there evidence, when she awoke, that the Sleep surname applied to her waking event, but Beautys/Bowoods have three bulls in the colors of the three bull heads of Walerans (Devon, same as Hoods of Rattery), and they are from Waleran de Leavell while Leavells are also Levels. I reasoned that she was hovering LEVEL, and the point of this is that a black bull head is in the Ratcliffe Crest. Yet more, I now find a giant black bull head with Auto's.

Ratcliffe's were first found in Lancashire's Bury, about seven miles from Shakerley. The village of Radcliffe is even closer to Shakerley. Burys are also Burisma-like Buris', and the Biden crimes that Barr is absolutely responsible for prosecuting have to do with Burisma. Radcliffe is beside little lever, explaining why Laugher-like Levers/Lovers (TRUMPet) and Ratcliffs share double-black bends.

To help make the case that her hovering level is to be part of God's codework, LAUGHers/Lochore's have three piles in the form of the three Guiscard/Wishart piles. He laughed at my buttons whose surname is related to Tancred, father/ancestor of Guiscards, you see, tending to assure that Laughers are to be included. The point is, the three Laugher piles are in the colors of the three piles of Scottish Leavells/Levels.

If Lockers have a red fox head in Crest (could be a wolf head), note the "vos" motto term of Walerans, for Vos' (same place as WHALE-using Dols) use a red fox. Ratcliffe's were at Whalley, another reason to have John Ratcliffe pointed to in the Hicks dream, and moreover, after I knew her, she moved (in about 2006) to within 10 miles from his present home. Whalley is said to be at WISwell, what a guisincidence, for Guiscards are WISharts too. The Whalley mascle is colors reversed from the Lick/Luck/LOUK mascles while Lochores are also LOUChors, and then Locks are likewise Licks.

More evidence that God was author to this dream is where Hovers/Hoffers have black bull horns, and Buttons/Bidens even have gold "horns" in Crest that looks like the gold bull horns of Walerans. Horns/Orne's are from mythical Orion of Tanagra, where I trace Tancreds. There you just saw another reason to link the car of Miss Hicks to the car my my dentist. But there is more proof of God's handiwork here, because Hover-like Hoovers share the giant eagle leg of HOOTers while Hoods are also Hoots, and then Hixons/HICKsons use bird legs too, which could be hawk legs because Haukewells have a Hauxwell location in Yorkshire (where Hicks were first found).

[This is an important insert, sorry, because the Hooter / Hoover leg is in the Drayton Crest, a thing discovered late in this update. While Orions are Irons too, Ironside's have a version of the Drayton Coat while Draytons had a Drake-like Draghton location in Yorkshire while Drake's use an axe. The Axe river into Devon apparently relates to the Hack variation of Hykes'. By the way, the Guiscard piles are colors reversed from the same of Orion-like Orrs/Ore's. Bobby Orr was born in Parry Sound, hmm.

Reminder: John Ratcliffe lives in Heath, 10 miles from Miss Hicks, and Edmonds, possibly from Edmond Ironside, share a version of the Heath/HETH Coat. Heaths share the rooster with Coats' (Staffordshire, at the Shropshire border), and while John Ratcliffe replaced Dan Coats as the permanent director of National intelligence, the six pale bars of Coats' are half in the colors of the six pale bars of Athols/Athels. It's as though this heraldry knew of Ratcliffe and Coats centuries ago.

Draytons and their Hales kin (had a Hales in both Shropshire and Staffordshire) might become a key clue to the sleeping Miss Hicks. Hicks had a family in Clapton while the Hales patee is in the colors of the Clapton patee while James Clapper was the director of National Intelligence previous to Dan Coats. She was hovering asleep on a beach, and Beach's share the Clap/Clapper Shield. You see, the Draytons (thanks to Hales') have just helped to reinforce my claim that God gave the dream partly for pointing to John Ratcliffe. In Shropshire, Hales is an area directly beside Drayton, and the Draghton location of Draytons is in Yorkshire, where Hicks were first found. For the record, Hales' share the Caen / Cave fretty.

Later in this update, I discover that Drayton is just a few miles from Shropshire's Sleap named by Sleeps, the surname pointed to by Miss Hicks when she fell asleep hovering. The Drayton Coat is a version of the Bono Coat while Hicks use a "bon" motto term; I'll tell late in the update how Bono's definitely apply to Drayton (Bone / Bonn lion) via a Mediolanum term. Milan, where Bono's were first found, was named Mediolanum by the INSubres', and Ince's/Ines' and Inch's/Hinch's happen to share double bends in the colors of the same of Ratcliffe's. Note MEDiolanum, for Meads were married to Arthurs of Clapton. Plus, the Sleap location is in Myddle while Middle's look like Medleys / Meads, and Otone's have a version of the Motleys/MedliCOTE's who named MedliCOTT in Shropshire i.e. this looks like a pointer to Dan Coats'.

Bono's were first found in Milan with VisCONTI's while English Conte's were first found in Durham with Ironside's and Heaths. I can give reason, as per the similarity of the Ottone Coat to that of French Chappes', for linking VISconti's to the WIShart variation of Guiscards, and then the Otone's (one 't') have a Coat reflective of the Drayton / Bono / Odin/HODDy Coats. Hicks' were first found in Yorkshire with Hood-like Odins/Hoddys and Oddie's. End insert]

The "non" motto of Walerans (same place as Hoods/Hoots) now plays importantly, for Nons/Nevins share the fesse of Hood-like HODGE's, both colors reversed from the fesse of Hoot-like Hotts. It all looks completely applicable. Hotts were first found at D'Ouste, and then Osts/Hosts (Somerset, beside bull using Beautys/Bowoods and bull using Walerans) -- expected in the "HOSTis" motto term of Shirts -- have another bull head. It's probably the white bull head of Somerset's Bulls/Bule's, but as Somerset is beside Devon's Hoods/Hoots, by what coincidence are the Bull/Bule annulets in the colors of the same of Scot-English Hodge's?

The Host/Ost and Bull bull heads are on a blue Shield, same as the Heater bull heads, and Heaters (Devon, same as Walerans) can be a Heath/Heather branch. Ratcliffe was mayor of Heath.

Dusts/D'Ousts share the Moor head with Collars/Cullors. A co-founder of Black Lives Matter is Ms. Cullors, and this Marxist group has elements to be expected at the CHARLOTTEsville's false-flag ramming of a car, where we saw Antifa prepared to do its part of the staged event. The car was supposedly driven by Mr. HODGkinson, you see, and he reportedly rammed his hood into another car. Miss Hicks was born, Charlotte Hicks.

If we're convinced that Hodge's apply to the hood in the 1979 dream, we can go to their "Dant" motto term, for Dants/Durants have a dancette-fesse that is almost the Minne dancette-fesse. Dents, with an "inDUSTria" motto term, were first found in Yorkshire with Dance's, and then there was the DENTist related to Tancreds of Yorkshire. Tancreds (at Tankersley in STAINcross) and Tacks/Thackerys were first found in West Yorkshire with Dents (share tiger in Crest with Walerans).

The "NobiliTAS" motto term of Tacks/Thackerys can be gleaned partly for Tass'/Tache's, for they share the red scallop with Tancreds and the red cinquefoil of Hawthorns. Note how "HAWT" is like "Hott." Rather than understanding them was HawTHORNs, perhaps they were HawtORNE's or HAUTorne's, from mythical Orion of Tanagra, perfect. Wikipedia is now showing the Arms of Tancred de Hautville, a bend with checks looking like the FAUCet bend. Recall the Facks/Fake's/Fazackerleys having variations looking like the Shakerleys i.e. from Schimatari, beside Tanagra. The triple fesses of Fake's/Fax's are in the colors of the triple, fessewise fish of VISsers while Guiscards are also WISharts.

I've just noted on a map a Risley location (Rising branch?) a few miles south of Shakerley, and Risleys have a version of the Hott Coat. I've not known Risleys before, a great addition to show that the hood-and-rising scenes are from God, but to then find Risley about a dozen miles from Radcliffe in the Bury area where Ratcliffe's were first found, it's helpful.

Right beside Risling is Birchwood, and Birch's were first found in Salford with Ratcliffs. Some five miles west of Shakerley, I see Wigan, and Wiggins have a version of the Annas Coat! That's not the first time this update that Annas liners connected with Schimatari elements. See last update for why Shake's/Shakerleys are Schimatari elements.

[Ince's / Inch's are the ones sharing double bendlets in the same colors with Ratcliffs. I think I can now prove that Inch's/Hinch's were from the INSubres founders of MedioLANum, for Lano's/Lane's were from Brescia, the proto-Bruce's, and the Bruce's of Annandale share the Shield on Inch-like Hinks (could have the Abruzzo/Abreu lion in Chief). One Lane/Lawn Coat uses "ENGlish lions," and English's, with the English Bruce Coat in colors reversed, are also Hink-like INGlish's. Launay is near Brest, and while Brests/Brix's can be gleaned from Brescia/Brixia, the he lone besant of Lane's/Lano's of Brescia is shared by Yorks while Bruce's were first found in York. The lion in the Arms of Brescia is in the colors of the Bruce lion.]

This is quite amazing that Rislings were found immediately after mention of Faucets, because Risings share the fesse of Beefs/Boeufs, the latter first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes', who look like they could be a Fake/Fack branch as much as a Faucet branch. Not only were Fauchys (grasshopper) first found in Perigord too, but English Faux's have the Whalley mascle (Walerans love the Vos') in colors reversed. That's amazing because Ratcliffe's (share black bull head with Walerans) were at Whalley. Faux's are a Vaux branch, and Scottish Vaux's were first found in East Lothian with Faucets.

But here's the point: while Mr. Fauci led the televised portions of the staged coronavirus crisis with Ms. BIRX (like "Birch"), the Risleys (named Risley at BIRCHwood!) have this: "One of the first listings of the name was Sir Raulfe Risley of Chetwood ( fl. 1247.)" Chetwoods (obvious branch of Chads and Sheds) happen to use a "CORONA" motto term!!! What are the chances? Chaddocks and Chadwicks were Lancashire elements in conjunction with the Arms of Rochdale, itself only about five miles east of where Ratcliffe's were first found.

Repeat: "Ah, the "Fax" motto term of Bromptons/Bruntons (East Lothian, same as FAUCets) just found the Fake's..." Bromptons/Bramtons have the Brunswick and Hatch/HACCH Coat in colors reversed, and then the Hawthorn write-up has: "In other parts of England, the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 revealed: Galfridus HACHthom in Huntingdonshire; and John atte Horethorne in Somerset." It begs whether Hawthorns got related to Hykes/Hacks (Devon again) because the latter's quadrants are colors reversed from the same as Drive's while dentist Hawthorn was driving the AUTo. Plus, if this Hackthom link to Hykes'/Hacks is correct, it jives with the connection above between the Miss-Hicks dream to the dentist dream for making both cars an auto as a pointer to bull-head Auto's. Scottish Hykes'/Hake's are even in Tancred colors and format while Hicks were first found in Yorkshire with Tancreds.

Plus, Hykes'/Hacks share the scallops of Fakenham-like Falkinghams.

From the Hicks write-up: "When the [TreGAIN] manor was dismembered, the barton became the property of Hicks, which family possessed also the barton of TreviTHICK in this parish." Thicks/THACKers (we get it) share the Hick fesse, and Gains use the same fesse as a dancette. Bitters have a fesse in colors reversed, and the Thick/Thacker Crest has "A BITTERn settling in the reeds" (shows bulrushes). Why settling? Settle's were (last update) a pointer to Seattle's staged event. Bitters have a version of the Wake Coat, and a voice in the Hicks dream said, "What are you waiting for, go WAKE her up." The double Sleep fesses, in colors reversed, would be red, the color of the double Wake fesses.

Wake's ("Ora") share the red roundel in Chief with Orrs/Ore's, and then the latter have the Guiscard piles in colors reversed. The Ore's/Orrs "Bona") use them in white, as do Laughers/Lochore's. There we have yet another reason to link the Hicks auto to the dentist's auto. Hicks use a "bon" motto term. Here's a mystery: Bobby Orr of the Boston BRUINs was born in Parry Sound, location of Shakell road. The Wake write-up: "Lord Wake who died in 1156, was founder of the Abbey of BRUN and was claimed descent from Sir Thomas Wake..." While BRUNswicks and Hatch's/Hacch's have the Coat of Bromtons/Bramtons in colors reversed, the Bruntons (share the Bonn eagles, no guff) are listed with Bromtons too. The Bona's use a Coat much like that of Mable's/Maybe's.

[Mable's/Maybe's have a stripeless-tiger version of the Bono Coat, and while the latter were Drayton kin, the latter ought to be in the wyvern dragon (species of the Drake dragon) of the Mable/Maybe Crest. As Draytons were Hales kin, note how the Mable-like Maple's share three boars heads (different color) with Halleys.]

When Joel overshot the cut-off to Shakell, he pulled over in Parry Sound to the SHOULDER and got a map out on his cell phone. The Mapps/Mabsons happen to have a Mable-like term: "The surname Mapp was a baptismal name derived from 'the son of Mabel.'" It just so happens that Maple's/Mapels, with the split Tarves Shield, share a couple of motto terms of the Chives' of Tarves, and the Chives quadrants are also those of shoulder-like Schultz's. Can you make heraldry sing like this with any random event in your life? Shouldhams ("ORate) are with Shoultz's (no 'c') who share the giant eagle of Knocks/Knox's ("proficiOR"), first found in Renfrewshire with Orrs/Ore's. Bobby Orr, born in Parry Sound.

I cannot recall any scene in the golf game with the dentist. I do recall multiple scenes on the golf course with this dentist, yet I cannot recall the specifics of the scenes. I have vague recollections of the scenery on the course. I assume, therefore, that the only purposes of the golf part of the dream were pointers to Golfins/Gulls, but also to the Welfs/Wolfs sharing the wolf heads of Skins/Skene's. The latter were first found in Aberdeenshire with SCHIMS/Schiens/Chands, you see, yet another pointer of the dentist dream to Schimatari. The Welfs can apply because they were also golf-like Guelphs. Recall the gull on the way to Shakell road with Joel, for Joel attended Guelph university. The Skins/Skene's and Welfs even share the wolf heads of Chauvins.

Aberdeenshire is the location of the Chives of Tarves, and Chives', once said to be first found in Devon with Hykes/Hacks, share their quadrants, and probably their cross too.

I have found what could be a reason for having a sleeping-bag symbol, or at least an added clue as to what it means. It starts with Napps having a Knepp castle near GRINstead. Loading Grinsteads, it's got two fesses only (no other symbols) on a red Shield, ditto with Sleeps. This recalls the owner of Knappet Jewelers I knew from church, for Joels/Jewells were first found in Wiltshire with Grinsteads. The big point is that one fesse with blue vair on a red Shield, and no other symbols (i.e. almost the Napp Coat), is with Bachs/BAGHS!!! The napp bag = sleeping bag! Surprise. Okay, but what could this mean?

Plus, Grinsteads are also Grimsteads while PilGRIMs/PereGRINE's (scimitar, wonders never cease) were first found in Norfolk with Bags who in-turn share the GRIMaldi Shield. Wunderbar, but what does this mystery mean? One sleeping bag was in a real-life event with Mamie (see last update), after she sat on my LAP without invitation around a camp fire with the whole GANG there. Gangs (Norfolk, same as bags) have the Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed, and Laps were first found in Wiltshire with Grinsteads/Grimsteads and Stars. The latter have the lozenges of Seattle-like Settle's, and while CHOP right-now has staged an event in Seattle with a government wink, Chops are listed with Camps. Okay, wunderbar again, by why should Mamie relate to that thing?

Before she sat on my lap, someone opened the hatch to a pick-up truck to show me that Mamie and BARRy were alone inside. The 1979 dream proved that the Sleeps were from SELEPItanoi Illyrians, who lived at modern BAR. Hatch's/Hacchs share the Brunswick Coat while Bars/Barrs were at Brunswick. But what do these wunderbar links mean in the real world? hatch's/Hacchs / Hykes'/Hacks / Hykes'/Hake's could have named the Hawks/Hauks having "pilgrim's staves". The hawk in the Hawk/Hauk Crest shares the gold fleur-de-lys with Hicks, and the Hawk/Hauk motto is, "Strike." How refreshing would it be to see a Republican body go on the attack for a change? Hurry-up and strike, STUPIDS. Just do it smart with a winning strategy: anticipate the reaction of the enemy, and have a winning response prepared. Put the dumb-founded freeze to the enemy with proof of their guilt. That's where Ratcliffe can be hero.

Repeat: "Hixons/HICKsons use bird legs too, which could be hawk legs because Haukewells have a Hauxwell location in Yorkshire (where Hicks were first found)." Leggs (same place as Kilpatricks) have a giant stag head in the colors of the giant Trump stag head. Haukeswells speak of a Hackinsall location in Lancashire (Hawks/Hauks were first found in Lancashire). Strikes share the giant lion of Leghs, and Leaks/Leakeys (Yorkshire) have a leg while sharing the Hicks fleur-de-lys.

I've only just noticed the "tentaMINE" motto term of Leggs. Mine's are listed with the Minne's I've been mentioning. I'll come back to this.

When I went to awaken Miss Hicks while she slept (while hovering over the seats), she popped into my arms, and we were then RISING into the sky. Rhizon applies to this, and it's near Bar of the Selepitanoi area. As our rising into the sky seems like a victorious event, that sleeping scene was also a pointer to John Ratcliffe. Then, we saw Restons above from the Arthur rests, and its online that Juliana Arthur married Mr. Hicks, both families sharing clarion TRUMPets. But the Risings (Rising castle in Norfolk!) came up as Ristons, you see, and so this picture looks like a Trump-Barr-Ratcliffe team to score a big victory. I SURE HOPE SO. God can reform a couple of trash cans into thrashers.

I never did kiss her awake as was my intention. Instead, I happened to brush her knee with a hand, while leaning over to kiss her, and she awoke at that time. This knee scene was for a real-life event where Miss Hicks got her knee symbol in CAMP WOOD, on what the locals call the LEAKEY road (Ranch road to Leakey). She has long legs. The Leaks/Leakeys not only showed signed above in linking to the Hicks, but they share the engrailed Knee bend. Camps are CHOPs too, and Woods were first found in LEICestershire with the Legro river, also called the Soar. Unbelievably, the Soars/Sors' (share Legro lion) share the quadrants of Legh-like Leightons/Leytons (Cheshire, same as Leghs), and the Hicks have this: "'The chancel {of Low Leyton in Essex} contains some elegant monuments of the family of Hickes.'"

It thus appears that her knee symbol, part of the victory scene in the dream, is pointing to George Soros i.e. a Trump-team victory over the Soros-suspect wave of anarchy now in progress. The coup attempt can't work unless the Bushites join the anarchy and get the military to topple Trump.

Here's a new thing: I always say she popped into my arms when I brushed her knee, and Poppins/Pophams have a good reflection of the Leakey Shield so that it can verify the connection of her knee in the dream to her knees at Camp Wood. The latter was at the Get'n GO gas bar, and Gowers/Gore's (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) share the white wolf with Gore's/core's who in turn have a version of the Hicks Coat. The Gains expected in the Hicks write-up have a version of the Gore/Core Coat. Is this important? Is Al Gore working the anarchy machine? Did he invent that too?

The Best Dream Ever

[Insert -- This Gore link to the Get'n Go seems to be verified where German Rench's/Renz's share a lone fleur-de-lys in the same colors with Leakeys while English Rench's share the Gore crosslets. The Leakey road is officially the Ranch road. As the Rench/RENz fleur is also that of Hicks, it's interesting that she has a Rena middle name. The Reines' (comet, Pisa Coat in colors reversed) point to pizzagate (Comet Ping Pong) pedophilia.

Here's something new, I think. English Rench's were at Haddenham, and Haddens (scimitar, I think) share the Chief-Shield colors of Leaks/Leakeys. It looks like Intelligent Design. Ahh, whether the following is correct or not, from the Hadden write-up, note that John Ratcliff lives in Heath (where he was mayor): "This place-name [Hadden-Hill] was originally derived from two Old English words Haeth..." Ahh, the upper Shield portion of Heaths/Heths (Durham) is the Gamel Coat, and the German Wrench's share the Coat of Gamble's said to be from "gamall"! It very much proves that God set up that Get'n Go situation (it was on the evening that our church put on an outdoor, anniversary memorial for 9-11, on September 11, 2002, the evening I sat beside Miss Hicks).

Oh WOW. Mr. Ratlciffe replaced Dan Coats as the permanent director of National Intelligence, and the Coats' almost have the pale bars of Heth-like Keaths/Keths (first found in HADDINGton), first found in East Lothian with the Hadden-like Haldans sharing a "Suffer" motto with Haddens above!!! It tends to prove that Haddens were at least related to Heath liners, especially if Heaths were a sheer branch of "Keath." Can you believe this? There is no way that when Miss Hicks and her husband moved away from the Camp Wood area, they knew to be within about 10 miles from Mr. Ratcliff's home in Heath. God is definitely pointing to Ratcliffe.

I'm writing this insert on the morning (Wednesday) of a dream where I was walking in a river that was about to FLOOD. This dream also had two wrenches, I kid you not, and English Rench's come up as Wrench's too. In fact, I wrote on the Rench's above without remembering the wrenches in the dream. They were for Joe Oullette, an old friend, to repair someone's something, a vague scene, but the twin, blue channel pliers / wrenches (similar to pipe wrenches) are bright in my mind even now. There were two flood scenes, one having ice on the streets under about ten inches of moving water. I walked to safety on that very-slippery ice. The other flood scene had me on snow on either side of moving water, and I thought I had better get off before the water rose to wash the snow along.

Just before starting this insert, I recalled coming across Miss Hicks while I was walking into the front door of Walmart to return some brown pants (they were in a shopping cart at the time), and she saw me and looked my way, but there was no greeting on her face because we had a major "fight" 2.5 years earlier, about a month after the knee event at Get'n Go. I wasn't able to get down to Texas for that 2.5 years, due to a border problem, and she may have been responsible for it. It must have been on a cool day because I recall wearing the brown leather COAT (heavier than a jacket). The Prays and Knee's were both first found in County Down, and Prays use the six pale bars of Coats'.

But there's more, for as she was checking out at the CASHIER as I walked in, I looked up cashier-like Cassers to find the German branch sharing the split Shield of Dutch Tromps...and Tarves'; the latter have an upright red lion, which is on the Casser Shield too. Due to the gold half of the Casser Shield, their giant lion is the Legh lion too, and we just saw Leghs above as per the Get'n Go discussion. Leggs can have the Trump/Tromp stag head, in the colors of the Down stag. But there's more, for Cassers are shown properly as Gassers/Gass' (they don't come up as "Gas/Gass"), and the Get'n Go is a gas BAR!!! The BROWN PANTs I was returning point to Barrs, and I even recall wearing brown pants to a DUCK dinner with Helen. Pansys/Pantzers are in the pansies in the Arms of Bar-le-DUC, and while Barrs of Bar-le-Duc had also been in Brown-line Brunswick, the double Brunswick lions are apparently in the Coat of English Gass'!!! That is stunning. The gas bar is pointing to Barrs as well as to Tromps.

Plus, although German Gass/Gascons look like they have a goose as play on the surname, French Gas' (not "Gass") look like they have a duckling (in Duck/Docker colors). French Gas' are properly Garce's/Garcons, like "Grass." A garcon is a boy, and a duckling is a boy or girl, right? Bill Barr's father is thought to have hired Jeffrey Epstein as a teacher.

The wild thing is that French Gass' (not "Gas") are listed with Grace's/Grasse's, first found near Grasse, and Lorraine's grass stain on her pants is what had pointed to the Pansys/Pantzers because Bar-le-Duc is in France's Lorraine! So, the Get'n Go Gas BAR is pointing to Bill Barr. BUT WHY?

Ahh, the Get'n Go is a CORNER store, and Corners/Garner share the acorn with Dutch Tromps. The Corners/Garners are said to be from GARDners, which I agree with because Val Trompia if off of lake Garda. Tarves-suspect Tarvisium is not far from lake Garda.

It was shortly after crossing her path at Walmart that she came to church looking to me like Lovey Howell (she was friendly toward me by then), and after that, she took my hands to pray on the morning of the treble-clef tie. I don't think it was more than two months between the Walmart event and the treble-clef event. As I said, Prays share wolf heads with Cleffs/Cliffs, and RatCLIFFs are expected to be from a marital merger with Cliffs. After church on the treble-clef morning, I walked out to find a flat tire on my van, which recently pointed to George Floyd. Floyds (share white wolf heads with Prays) are also Floods, and I just had a dream about flooding not more than a few hours ago in conjunction with twin wrenches that connect with whatever the meaning(s) of the Get'n Go events are. A Barr-Ratcliff effort against deep-state crime would be nice to see. Lovey Howell will come later in this update.

The Wrench's/Rench's first came up when Michael dropped in on a slow day at his work, and he took me to work where he had a small job to do: replace a CHECK valve with his pipe wrench. He asked me to keep an eye on the pressure gauge while installing it, and I had to get down low to see the valve. The theory is that I was down on one KNEE (though I can't remember for sure), and so I thought it was meaningful that German Rench's look connectable to Ranch = Leakey road. The reason that I'm repeating this here is that the check-valve can go with the check-out at Walmart, for the red fitchee in the Check Crest is also the one in the Lovey/Luff and VALE/Vail Crests. The latter share the cross of Julians while Caesars are in the motto of Irish Walls/WALE's along with "AUT," which recalls that Miss Hicks was in the 1979 dream with an AUTO. Were the namers of Walmart Wall liners?

I think I now realize why Mr. OULLette was in the dream with the two wrenches, for Oullette's/Ouillys were traced well to Owls/Howls, what looks like a Howell variation. Ah, there were twin wrenches side-by side, and Oullette's use twin bars called, gemel. We saw that German Rench's share the Coat (almost) of gemel-like Gamble's! Amazing. "The surname Gamble was first found in the Domesday Book of 1086 where Gamel is listed and in the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273. "

Ah, I don't think it has dawned on me until now that WRENch's are a Wren branch, for both surnames share the same crosslets! That means that Wrench's are a branch of Rena-like Raines' too. Wrens (Durham, same as Heaths) even have a version of the Leak Chief. Shortly after this insert, Skipper on Gilligan's Island will be pointed to be Skiptons, and the latter share the purple lion with Wrens.

Oh wow, the Waltons own Walmart, and the Waltons look arranged to point to George Floyd, reportedly murdered in MINNEapolis (Minnesota). It's just that the Waltons of BEDminster have a Coat looking linkable to that of MINNE's of BEDfordshire who were suggested as a pointer to Minneapolis...just before tending to clinch the suggestion by discovery that Miles' come up as MINNESota-like Minnes' (this was in the 1st update of this month). I then found the MINSTers being even closer to "MINNESOTa," and Minsters (share mill rind with Miles'/Minnes') proved huge for the claim, yet here we find Waltons of BedMINSTER! What could these things mean? Minsters were at Bedminster's Trigg-Minor deanery, and Minors share a black lion paw with Bedfords.

The Minne's are in the motto of Shaws (Perthshire, same as Miles-beloved Rinds) as Means, but the motto is, "I mean WELL." Wall-like Wells were first found in Lincolnshire with Miles'/Minnes'.

There have been reports that the U.S. military has built tunnels to Walmart stores across the nation, perhaps to be used as concentration jail houses for some sinister rebellion the deep state has prepared against Republicans.

Thanks to Spanish Murs using "walls," and the "MURus" motto term of Waltons, we can glean that Waltons were a branch of the English Walls having a version of the Master/Mister Coat (Kent, same as Caesars). Minsters were pegged recently as Misters (or at least from wordplay on "Mister" due to merger with them). French Murs were first found in GASCONy with MARTs/Martins. WalMART. Gascons/Gas' came up after loading cashier-like Cassers/Gassers, and then "AUT CAESAR" is a motto phrase of Irish Walls (another scimitar). Swedish Walls share the chain with Gemels while Gamble's connected to the Get'n Go gas bar. The O'Uaill term in the write-up of Irish Walls can indicate that Howls / Howells / Oullette's/Ouillys had been Walls. "Wall" can easily be related to "Fall" (Whelans are Failins, for example), and the Irish Walls/Walles' could even have a gold version of the FALLIS/Falls Coat. Oullette's, who are also Welletts, were at FALAISE. Waltons use swans while Swans/Sions were probably from Sion in WALLIS/Valais canton. Caesars (now said to be first found in Surrey with dolphin-using James') share the Valais/Valois chief.

The Waltons have mega-clues that they were related to Muriel Pollock of Rothes castle, which went by marriage to buckle-using Leslie's. The Walmart buckles look like the Rush annulets, and Rush's with Rosco's (they share the same fesse) can therefore be gleaned as a Ross branch, for Rothes (Moray) is beside Ross-shire. Limbaugh's/Lombards were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. Rush Limbaugh (he's mellowed out with age, seems like a gentleman now, whereas he was arrogant back in the 1990s). ANNulets are suspect with Annas, and Waltons have an "aeneus" motto term.

I had a dream with Joe Oullette in the past, where he needed a container. I got a container at a house, where a man sitting on a chair outside the door was watching me; he had big-round glasses. I interpreted the GLASSes as God's pointer to big-eyed owls, and discovered at roughly the same time that the black-and-white bars gemel of Oullette's are shared my Monmouths. Howells were first found in Monmouthshire. I can now add that Walsers, from Wallis canton, share the mermaid with Glass', what a hoot. God makes me laugh with things like this. He could have used an owl, but used a man with big-eyed glasses, you see. I kid you not, he was at the back of his van (did not own a van in real life) when he needed the bucket, and Fane's/Vans were first found in Monmouthshire too. Fane's/Vans use gauntlet gloves, and the Falconer's gloves of Swans/Sions were once showing as gauntlet gloves.

Here's the dream as told for the first time in the 5th update of August, 2019:

In this dream, I was in a van with Joe Oullette and his wife Diane. He said that he needed a container, so I walked up a snow-cleared path of a home, and lookie there, an empty, square (not a pail or bucket) container near the door. I took it, and the owner of the house saw me. The details of what Joe did with this bucket are foggy, until he started to shovel snow into it from his rear bumper. I dumped the snow out. This scene was clear, but what happened to the bucket after that was foggy again. All the while I was feeling guilty for taking this container, and so I decided to bring it back, and there was the owner sitting on a chair watching me bring it back. I apologized, and walked back to the van, but it was gone. So I started to look for Joe in a MALL. I didn't find him, and the events in the mall are foggy.

...Fane's/Vans were first found in Monmouthshire with Howells while Owls/Howls have owls in the colors of the Joseph martlet. The man sitting, watching me put back the container, had big-round eyes like an owl, as though he had round glasses on, and this now looks like it can reveal OULlette's as a branch of Owls / Howells. Oullette's even share the triple double-bars of Monmouths.

I don't think I understood then, and not until now, that Oullette's were also Wall / Wallis liners. The glasses now give it away, for "Wallis" easily forms "Glass," as when Williams were also Guilliams. The man with big glasses was SITTING on a chair, and Sion is also, Sitten. I speak often on Kim Walsh, and while the Walsh swan gives them away as Wallis liners, Kim's were first found on Bute with Glass'. For what it could be worth, the Kims share the cinquefoils of the Darcys/D'Arcys in the Lever/Lover write-up).

Oullette's are said to have been at WALLINGford castle, and Wallingfords have a lion in Wallis-lion colors. Wallingfords were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Archs, perhaps the D'Arcys and/or D'Arques'. Oullette's are said to descend directly from Aulnays (look like Allans) who share their lion, and Aulnays are also Owl-like OULneys. AHHHHH....BINGO. The AULAINay variation of Aulnays recalled the Alwin branch of Alans, and Always (Dol fesse colors reversed) have the nebuly fesse of Snows (Dol fesse!) in colors reversed!!! Dols use a WHALE!!! Alwins even share the Oullette / Aulney lion! Zinger, give God a hand for revealing Himself outright for anyone who wants to know whether He exists.

There was snow in this morning's dream too, with the same Joe Oullette. Repeat: "[Joe] started to shovel snow into it from his rear bumper. I dumped the snow out. This scene was clear...". Why the bumper? I dunno. Maybe it's because Bumps/BumPUS'/BumPASSe's are linkable to Pasleys, using three of the Wallingford fesses, and first found in Berkshire with Wallingford castle. The fesses of the neighboring Luffs/Loveys are the three of Pasleys, and colors reversed from the three fesses of Pussys (Oxfordshire, same as Luffs/Loveys).

Snows share the nebuly fesse with Rivers (not-bad reflection of English Walls). In this morning's dream, I was walking on a strip of snow with what looked like river water flowing on either side of me. I put my foot down into the snow about a foot deep, which was slush, and it frightened me. I got off, and found myself with running water on some streets, with solid ice under the water and covering the road. I was successfully walking uphill on this slippery ice while the water flowed fairly fast (not tranquil at all) across my knees. Someday, it might make sense.

[Ahh, days after writing here, I recalled that slippery-like Slippers are listed with Sleeps (Shropshire, same as slush liners), and while wondering how this can apply, I recalled that Road-like Rodhams/Roddens report a Rodden river in Shropshire! That's where Sleeps were first found. The arrow for the Rodden river on this map is at Stanton Upon Hine HEATH, which recalls that Sleeping Beauty pointed to John Ratcliffe of Heath! The arrow is about four miles from Myddle, location of Sleap! To the immediate south of the arrow is Roden. To the east of the arrow is Cold Hatton Heath. Hattons are also HOTTons.]

Perhaps it's because Luffs/Loveys were kin of Muscats while Muschats (with an 'h') share the triple chevrons of Waters, in the colors of the triple Luff/Lovey fesses. Muschats and Waters were both first found in Essex with Skippers, and Skipper was on Gilligan's Island along with LOVEY HOWELL!!!! YES!!! That's it, mystery solved, aside from the ice on the road. Luffs/Loveys were once said to be first found in Suffolk with Muscats...and Owls/Howls! FUN FUN FUN.

As the Dol fesse definitely relates to the nebuly-fesse of Swale's, note that it's the nebuly fesse of Snows, for my foot went into the Saluzzo-like slush in the snow, so amazing because Swale's are obviously of Swallows (and probably Sallows/Salis' of Shropshire), and the Swallows are loved by the swallows of Arundels, from FitzAlans of Arundel (= the Dol Alans in England) who married Alice of Saluzzo. I usually trace Saluzzo's to Sales', first found in Cheshire with Foots (and Ice-connectable Eggs), and beside the Sallows/Salis'. My foot went into the snow-slush when I was standing on the strip of snow between river streams. It's mind-boggling to see God use dreams as pointers to heraldic relationships. But why point to these Alans? It is because Snowdens not only have a fesse in colors reversed from the Snow fesse, but stars in the colors of the Edward stars. Is this for Edward Snowden the CIA whistle-blower?

[Insert July 5 -- Amazing. I picked up the square container on the WALKway cleared of snow, and while a square container is a box, the Box's were first found in Wiltshire with Edwards sharing a version of the Walk Coat! The purpose of the box must thus have been to point to Edward Snowden. Did God inspire him to blow the whistle? Things have gone downhill fast, since then, for spyland. It now stands to reason that Box's have the Fallis/Falls lion since Oullette's were from Falaise.]

Oh, River-branch Revere's share the Mason/Massin (and Louvain) lion while the latter (Masons) have another merMAID. Maids/Mauds have a version of the Monmouth Coat (!) except that Maids/Mauds use three sets of bars gemel, as do Oullette's! Perhaps it's wrong to trace Oullette's to Walls, for while Williams were first found partly in Monmouthshire, Oullette's were also Ouillys and Wille's. William the Conqueror's mother was from Falaise, and Oullette's are said to be from a Quilly-le-BASSET location at Falaise. Perhaps Williams formed a Well, then a Wall, line. I've just found William-like Wellham, a location in BASSETlaw (Nottinghamshire), what a lucky strike. Wellhams/Wellmans share the bend-with-stars of Scottish Vaux's/VALLibus', and I've read that Wells were a Vallibus branch. Willys are listed with MacWilliams.

Ahh, MONs is near La Louviere, and Louvains/Lovains (Kent, same as Masons/Massins and Masters/Misters) come up as "Louvier"! This is why the river was needed in the dream, to get us to Revere's and then to Louvains, which shows that Mons was related to MONmouths. The ICE-on-road mystery remains. In fact, I now recall that the Louvain lion was used by the Percys, and the latter were married by an offspring of the marriage between FitzAlans and Alice of Saluzzo. The slush part of the dream pointing to that marriage is the one with the river. The river was soaking into the snow, turning it to slush.

The Wallingfords may have been of the Wallings/WOLFins who share the ermined bend of RODhams. If this is the reason for the swamped roads, why the ice on the roads? Obama descended from mayor WolFLYN (Flynns have a wolf colors reversed from the Wolfley wolf). This particular Wolflyn family is said to have changed to "Wolfley," and Wolfleys/Wooleys have wool sacks in the colors of wolf-using Floods/Floyds. The roads were flooded. Chauvins use wolf heads in the colors of the same of Wolfs/Welfs (Cheshire, same as Wolfleys). Is this telling us that an Obama partnership with the Clintonites have staged the Floyd murder?

Note that Swallows were first found in Lincolnshire with Falkingham, for the first Alans of Dol were at Mileham, beside FAKENham, in Norfolk, where FLAGs/Flecks were first found, and the Fleck fesses are in the colors of the Swallow fesse. Flags/Flecks are obviously linkable to Floyd-like Floats/Floats, Fleets (Lincolnshire), and Flatts/Fletts, and the first Alan of Dol was a son of Flatt-like Flaad, no guff at all. So, we have a message: Floyd's murder was a faked, false-flag event. Fleets, with a version of the Flag/Fleck Coat, share the Falkingham scallops.

The Wallingford connection to Wallins/Wolfins is important because Wolfleys share the fleur-de-lys of Gows/McGOO's while Jim Backus played Mr. Magoo and Lovey Howell's husband. Wallingfords entered the discussion with Owl-line (or Owl-pointing) Oullette's. It's a helpful thing when God can use one dream's / event's prop to point to another dream's / event prop.

I was even wondering whether the Swallows in the dangerous slush event point to Trump being swallowed by the shark. The bulldog FELL into the pool with shark, or JUMPed into it, and while Jumps have the stag head of Trumps (same place as Dols with a Wallin-like whale), Fells have eight-pointed stars colors reversed from the same of Brittany's DUCs/LeDucs, and I not only saw, but recorded, that French Alans along with Wallin-like Velens use DUCKs (Velins still show ducks). Fells even share the lozenges of Whalens/Failins, you see. As Stefan Halper was lumped in with the shark's teeth for Half reasons, let's repeat here that while Jump's share the Belly roses, the bulldog was HALF into the shark's, with teeth circling the dog's belly, and then Halpers/HALFpennys share the gold fitchee with Halps/Halfs while Haafs/Have's use more ducks.

James Baker of ONA, Halper's buddy, might just be a part of these pointers, therefore, due to the pointers to Jim Backus. Backus' share the hourglass shape with Halps/Halfs. Now that Bill Barr is pointing to the Get'n Go with Mr. Magoo, maybe Barr will unveil Baker's crimes against Trump, which were likely inspired by the Clintons and/or Obama. Yet the Ice surname doesn't yet seem to fit this picture.

Ah wait. The Ecke variation of Ice's links to Eggs, and the latter's eagle, with two background colors, is the Ice/Ecke eagle on one half, and the Road/Rode eagle on the other half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eggs were first found in Cheshire with Wolfleys and Dunham-Massey! Egg-branch Eggertons (Cheshire) have the Masseys in their write-up. The treacherous ice on the road is pointing to both Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. This has been the most-fun dream to decipher. Never before has there been so much to decipher, all deciphered within the first few hours of trying.

[Update July 1 -- The Rodden river of Rodhams is beside Shropshire's Myddle, and I was in the middle between two fingers of a river. The fesse of Middle's (Shropshire) is colors reversed from the Snow / Dol fesse. The Middle fesse is decorated with ragully, symbol of Dol-liner English Stewarts. Myddle castle was built by Mr. Strange, and Strange's (Tolle / Tool lion) share the Sorrel Coat. The latter puts ermines on its two lions that therefore look like the two ermined fesses of Sleeps!]

I cannot recall what Joe Oullette was tasked to repair with the wrenches, without pay, but he was frowning while I was urging him to enjoy working for free. I think it was a car repair, which recalls that Auto's were instrumental in pointing to John Ratcliffe. "AUT Caesar AUT" is a motto phrase of Oullette-connectable Irish Walls. Ahh, Eggertons were from Cheshire's Wallasey, a Wallis-canton line probably, for Wallis'/Wallace's have the giant Eggerton lion in colors reversed.

Here's from the Eggerton write-up: "'The old [Worsley] Hall...was successively the residence of the Worsleys, Masseys, Stanleys, Breretons [see below], and Egertons.'" There's a Worsley location about three miles from Radcliffe (Lancashire); what could this mean where the Worsley Coat is almost the Leak/Leakey Coat? Lookie: "The surname Worsley was first found in Lancashire where they held a family seat as Lords of the manor of WORKESley..." Joe Oullette had WORK to do in this morning's dream, and WORKES'/Works, first found in Essex with Owls/Howls, have a version of the Oullette Coat!!! He had work to do with his wrenches that pointed to the Get'n Go at Ranch road = Leakey road. I now know why I can't remember the particular work he had to do, since the Work surname was the important part.

The Workes'/Works, who share the double fesses of Brertons (similar to Ratcliff Coat), are in the motto of Sinclairs who share an engrailed, black cross with Rats/Raids, tending to identify the latter as the Rats who married Cliffs/Cleffs (Cheshire, same as Eggs / Eggertons / Brertons). As Brertons have a bear, they look like Barwick / Berwick liners of a sort. Brertons: "Brierton is a township, in the parish of Stranton, union of Stockton-upon-TEES..." Strantons, first found in Nottinghamshire with TEASE's/Tyes', are listed with Stantons, and Stands/Stands/STAINs share the double fesses of Brertons. The stain on Lorraine's pants pointed to Barrs. Mamie got her tease symbol on the same evening as I saw her in the hatch with BARRy. I'll come back to this. For what it could be worth, Brere-like Berriers/Barriers have a tower in Howell-tower colors. Oh, and Scottish Barrs come up as "Barrer"! Thus far, Barr has acted the roadblock barrier to justice. He's coming around with his speech this week, but lip service to Trump voters this can be. Do you think Trump wants him to make important arrests before the election? Has Trump told him, no?

Recall that "gas BAR" itself was able to point to Barrs, where a Gass surname has double lions in pale in the gold color of the double Brunswick lions in pale, and because a Gas surname shows what looks like a duck. That was the GET'n GO gas bar, which, because McGoo's are like McGee's, was entertained with the GETHE variation of McGee's. Plus, God gave me a knee symbol at age 12 that included a Jim McGee (can't repeat all that here), and the Get'n Go had Miss Hicks' knees. I can now add that BARtons (Cheshire) show nothing but boar heads colors reversed from the McGee boar heads.

The other McGee's are in GETHin colors, and "GET'N Go" really reflects, "Gethin." The Gethins were "Lords of the Manor near Malpas" (Cheshire, same as Bartons), and ditto is said about Richardsons (Cheshire, same as Gethins). So, McGee/Gethe pointer to the Get'n Go gas bar works with BARtons, and the Richardson Chief has three lion heads in the colors of the same in the Workes/Work Chief, and in the colors even of the three lions in the Oullette Chief (colors reversed from the Gethin lion). Bartons: "'The manor {of Barton} was anciently held under the barony of Malpas by the family of Barton..."

Although I've been pointing Get'n Go to Gethins for years, this inclusion of Barrs and Bartons to the gas bar is new, I think, in this update. What's this mean? Cindy Richardson, the minister's daughter, and Ministers/Minsters, a pointer to Floyd's event in Minnesota, have the same fesse colors. This morning's dream had a flood in the streets, and Floyds are also Floods. The Floyd event led to Antifa flooding the streets of Minneapolis. Was ICE called in? I don't know.

The Workes/Work Crest even has the Wren lion head while we saw that Wrens (could have the Worsley Shield) are a branch of WRENch's/Rench's. It really begs why Worsleys almost have the Leak(ey) Coat. German Rench's show nothing but the Leak fleur-de-lys, and if we take that away from the Leak Coat, it's the Worsley Coat. Worsleys were WORKESleys, wow, isn't that something? Lechs were even first found in WORCEStershire, where Halpers were first found too who use a checkered Shield in the colors of the similar Stranton/Stanton vair fur. (The Worsley Coat (no symbols) was used by rulers of Montferrat.)

I can now point to Halper again where Brertons (had a location in Stranton) are said to have been related to Venable's who in turn passed property to Savage's. French Sauvage's were first found in Champagne while Scottish Champagne's share the vaired Shield of Strantons/Stantons. Rulers of Avesnes, on the HELPe river, married a ruler of Champagne, and Halper-branch Halps/Halfs are also Helps. The Venable fesses are in the colors of the fesse in the Arms of Fanano, and colors reversed from the Fens/VENN fesse, and Fane's/Vans were first found in Monmouthshire with their Howell kin. We are back to the Lovey Howell / Jim Backus pointers to Jim Baker and Stefan Halper.

On the night of the Get'n Go event with the knee symbol of miss Hicks, I was sitting beside her at our church's first-anniversary memorial of 9-11. After I got up to speak with the pastor, Stanley took my seat beside her. It was about an hour before the Get'n Go event, and so his involvement seemed to have a few reasons, one of which was the STANley bend, in the colors of the Leakey and Knee bends. Therefore, with Worsleys having nearly the Leakey Coat, and Brertons being at the Stranton location of Stantons, while Stants are also STANs, let's repeat from the Eggerton write-up: "The old [Worsley] Hall...was successively the residence of the Worsleys, Masseys, STANLEY, Breretons, and Egertons."

When Stanley took my seat, he was holding the American flag, and he then promptly took it to the STAGE for the final part of the memorial. It's telling me that 9-11 was a staged, false-flag event, which I've known besides that. Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Wrench's/Rench's.

This reminds me of the wrench and CHECK-valve when Michael took me to work with him. He worked in SPRINKlers, and the check-valve was for the sprinkler system. In this morning's dream, the river seemed to me to be in the SPRING, for the snow was turning to slush. Sprinks are listed with Springs (I have no idea what that surname could entail), and this same dream had the twin wrenches as apparent code for the twin fesses of Oullette's, in the colors of the Twin/Twane fesse. If we remove the fesse of Blythe's, all that remains is the Check Coat. Read on.

Brerton is a couple of miles from Sandbach (Cheshire), and so here's the write-up of Steele's (Cheshire): "[Steele's] were Lords of the manor of GIDDY Hall near Sandbach," and so note the GIDDins variation of Gethins. Halper and Intelligence-goon Steele were like two fingers tied with a Clintonite string. The Steele Chief is a billet version of the Clinton Chief, and Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Billet-like Blythe. The Roet-related Bills' (share Clinton Chief-Shield colors) have one of the three Steele Billets, and inside the Bills billet is the lone rose in the Halper Chief!!! Halpers share the Steele checks!!! Halpers were first found in WORCEStershire with the Clent Hills, and Clents/Clints share the Blythe garbs. This looks like Intelligent Design to send us a message.

I added the Roets (Somerset, same as Bills') into that Bills discussion because the ROADs were flooded in the dream, meaning that the streets were flooded, and Streets use the Catherine Wheel owned by Catherine Roet. Roets share the boar head of Gords (Berwickshire, same as Blythe's). A giant Catherine wheel is used by Muellers, and Meullers (not "Mueller") are said to use a "pair of SNIPs" while Snipe's/Snape's, first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, use a portcullis-gate version of the Clinton Chief, suggesting a pointer also to Sally Yates (Obama's and Lynch's deputy attorney general).

I wish I understood why Barry was in the hatch with Mamie. All I know for now is that it points to Bill Barr through Barrs of Brunswick to Lorraine's Bar-le-DUC. As I said, I remember only three events that night aside from that one. The second was when Mamie sat on my lap, and the third when we got into a sleeping bag in a TENT. This is being repeated because the Barr-related, Street-like Strettons/Strattons, with a "tento" motto term, were first found in Wiltshire with Laps. But also, Strettons share the five fesses of German Ducks (Westphalia, same as Pansys/Pantzers and duck-using Velins and Velens), the line absolutely to Bar-le-Duc. What does this mean? Is Bill Barr to be involved in the flood-on-street scene? Remember, the flood was deciphered also as water for the Waters who happen to share the triple chevrons of Epsteins, and Bill Barr's father was the principal of a Dalton school when Epstein was hired as its teacher.

Daltons, who show Robin Hood, were first found in Nottinghamshire with Robin Hood, and while Mamie was part of an event with Cindy Richardson when the latter pointed to pizzagate pedophilia, Richardsons are said to have been related to the Belwood lords of Malpas. The Malpas' and Belwoods both have a version of one Robin Coat. "The surname Richardson was first found in Cheshire in 1067 where they were descended from Hugh d'AVRANCHE, Earl Lupus of Chester. His descendant, William Belwood, Lord of Malpas in Cheshire..." See the line of this Hugh Lupus (of the Welf/Wolf surname possibly from Welf Barrs of Brunswick) in the next quote below, asking why why why?

Mamie teased me in the tent, and was therefore a pointer to Mamesfelde of Mansfields (Nottinghamshire, same as Tease's/Tyes' and Daltons), who are in the colors and format of Tintons; the latter use "royal tents", and Roys (show a ship on water in Crest) use a "TENDis" motto term. Mansfields use a maunch as code for the Manx of Man, but also for the namers of Manche. "Adam de Stratton derives from Argouges from Manche in the arrondisement of Avranches in Normandy." Masseys, part of the Eggerton list of owners of Worsley Hall (Yorkshire, same as Skipton-Meschins and Hallams), were out of Manche.

TINTagel (Cornwall, same as Tintons), the place that myth writers assigned for the birth of mythical king Arthur, is about 15 miles from the Stratton area of Cornwall (Strattons use "tento"). In this 15-mile stretch the lived Stolls who are said to have been from STANwell, suggesting the Stanleys who likewise owned Worsley Hall (same place as Stans/Stants expected in the "obSTANTia" motto term of Arthurs). Proto-Stolls, as Stawells, were at the manor of PENhallam a few miles from Stratton, which I can show (but won't here) to be of Pendragons, the ones who were made the father of king Arthur. Mr. Stawell of PenHALLAM is said to have married BEAUpre/Belloprato (the BOWprays), and thus it seems were are at the Roet-related Bows, and thus Stratton is linkable to the wheels of Streets. Penhallam is a few miles from Bude, and Bude's use bows. Penhallam is said to have been formerly owned by Newells (Somerset, same as Coffers/Coffare's), an obvious branch of News'/Nuces.

Malpas is about five miles west of WRENbury, and there is a Wrenbury/Renborough Coat (colors and format of Mansfields), in colors reversed, but in the format, of the Wren-branch Raines' (Essex, same as Waters). It's the Reigns' (with an 'e') who have a comet and the Pisa Coat for a pointer to Mr. Alefantis' Comet Ping Pong pizza, the namer of pizzagate. MalPAS can indicate the Pace's/Pasi's, first found in Bologna with the Panico line of Pings/Pongs/Pagans (Yorkshire, same as Pincs/Pinks), but also where Alefantis-like Fantis' (boys) were first found. Pink and purple are the colors of faggots, and the Pace's (Cheshire, same as MalPAS) have a purple Shield. Wrens (share spear with Pace's/Pasi's) share the purple lion with Skiptons while Skippers were first found in Essex with Raines'.

Cheshire's Malls have the Malbancs while Malbanks (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) share the ermined bend of Rodhams. I now want to go back to the previous dream with Oullette, the one with the owl glasses. That dream ended unexpectedly with me looking for Oullette in a mall. We were on the evening street with his van, when he put the bumper's snow in a container, and while i was returning the container, he disappeared. But God stuck me in a mall or large store or both. I could have been in a department store, perhaps in a mall. I can't recall the details now. The point is, Polly's last video, where she gives reason for seeing the Floyd murder as staged, said that one of the first things done by the rioters in Minneapolis was to loot Target. WOW, just as I wrote "target," not word of a lie, just as I was writing it, Chris Wray, on a BCP video I was listening to while writing, said "targets." Two words later, he said, "shopping malls." See the last half of the 22nd minute.

I was debating whether to enter the point on Minneapolis' Target store, but suddenly I have evidence that this is a correct view: I was going to say that the Target/Taggert surname uses brown OWLS. Targets/Taggerts share the black bend with Malls. In this morning's dream, there was a flood in the streets, and Floods are listed with Floyds. That works with the target store. My property in the area of the Get'n Go was purchased from Mrs. Teague, and that surname has a Taggert-like Teeger surname.

If you watch the Polly video (dated 13th of this month), you will see that she has the Minnesota TWINs acting suspiciously with La Raza, and she makes other connections, including to the Target store. I verified that George Soros funded a La Raza organization, and the SORS/Soar quadrants are shared my Malls. Targets/Taggerts use a "RaTIONE" motto term, probably part-code for Toeni's (see Tonys) of Leicester, because Toeni's descended soon or directly from MALahule of More. Leicester is the location of the Soar river.

The Wrench's/Rench's mention the Elys, both first found in Cambridgeshire. Elys look like they have a version of the Craven Coat because Skiptons lived in Craven while Shiptons use an Ely-like eel. Early Skiptons were Rumillys (Cambridgeshire). We should ask whether God arranged Shiptons to be Ships too, for the SKIPper and his crew on Gilligan's island wrecked their ship. Skippers were first found in Essex with Owls/Howls and Wrench-branch Raines' (share the white Wren / Workes/Work lion). Skiptons share the purple lion with Wrens. The mystery is why God is using Gilligan-Island pointers in conjunction with His pointers at the Get'n Go.

Once I realized that the man's big-round glasses was code for Owls/Howls, it really floored me to discover that Joe Oullette himself wore those big-round SUNglasses at the beach. I may not have realized that they are a pointer to the Babe sun, or even the Blond sun, for Oullette was blond while the Oullette fesses are in the colors of the Babe and Blond fessewise BARS. Ahh, the double Work fesses are in the same colors, and "work" is a motto term of Suns/Sinclairs!!! The Works share three black-on-white lions in Chief with Oullette's! BINGO. The big-round sunglasses were God's idea.

Three of the four Oullette brothers were part of BARRy's gang. We often met at his home. He was always open for company. I never saw him say no-thanks to company. I especially noticed Joe's sunglasses at the beach, and Beach's share the Grasley Shield while Chuck Grassley is trying to discover the motives behind the silencing of Lovinger. Isn't it amazing that while I expect Ratcliffe's help in this Grassley move that Ratcliffe's current position was held by James Clapper while Clappers share the Beach / Grasley Shield too?

I feel that the importance of the Oullette brothers in my life is for pointing to Lovey and Thurston Howell, and by that conclusion I think God is trying to say something about Lovinger's enemies, perhaps not just Baker and Halper, but invisible others at ONA. As per Barry, and Mike Oullette's babe symbol for Lorraine, it seems that Bill Barr is either part of the ONA deep state, though it may seem to you a better theory that he's going to do something about Lovinger's enemies. I just don't have confidence in Barr to rock the deep-state boat with major arrests.

It was while I was living with the third Oullette brother that Barry lured me to the camp site by saying that Mamie's coming. When I got there, I asked for Barry, and because someone opened the hatch of a PICK-up truck to expose Barry in the back with Mamie, and because Hatch's share the Brunswick Coat, is this predicting that something secret about Bill Barr will be suddenly exposed? Is he secretly deep state? A lot of people think so. What might Mamie represent in Barr's deep-state contacts? She sat on my lap later that evening, and Laps (very linkable to both Babe surnames) have a giant merMAID. We saw Maids/Mauds (Cheshire) with the triple bars gemel of Oullette's (another pointer to Lovinger). Or, what could it mean that Picks share the three Rattery fitchees? Will Ratcliffe do what Barr has refused to do, expose things? End insert]

Before-Insert Section Continued

The Gows/McGOO's can now play to Get'n GO too, for their "JUNcta" motto term can suggest kinship with the June / Jeune bloodline, and "jeune" is a motto term of English Youngs/Yonge's (Essex, same as Gore's/Core's) who share a wolf in Crest (different color) with Gore's/Core's. The "TouJOURS jeune" motto of Youngs is probably partly for the Jore variation of French Gore's. This underscores the application of both Gore's/Gowers and Gows/McGoo's to CAMP Woods' Get'n Go, and so we now move on to JENNY Durkan, Seattle mayor at this time whose winking with the Antifa drive.

English Jeune's have this: "Hence, conjecturally, the surname is descended from the tenant of the lands, Etienne de GENNES, a Norman of Anjou..." Then, Jennys/Gennie's (GAUNTlet glove) share the Coat of Belgian Gone's/GUENETs, both sharing the bend of Gaunts (from Gaunt in Belgium), first found in Kent with Durkan-branch Darks/D'Arques' (Tankerville kin). AND SO IT SEEMS that Scottish Gone's are listed with Gows/McGoo's for the express purpose in pointing the Get'n Go to Jenny Durkan! It might not be so convincing if not for her overseeing the CHOP movement, for as Chops are listed with Camps (Yorkshire again), that must be why God gave Hicks the knee symbol in Camp Wood.

Knee's and Prays were first found in County Down, the Downs/Douns share a stag in the colors of the stag in the German Young/June Crest; they are even in the colors of the Legg / Trump stag head. Yonge's, who share the wolf with Prays, use a "PRAEstat" motto term. June's and Youngs are expected from Junia Caepionis, and while June's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's, the latter have a version of the Chop/Camp Coat.

The interesting thing here is that James Backus pointed to James Baker of ONA, the one who Chuck Grassley has been looking into in vain. Perhaps Ratcliffe can now finally deliver to Grassley the ONA papers he's been requesting. I trace June liners to the UNA river, and it just so happens, wow, that Jim Backus was the voice for the cartoon character, Mister Magoo!!! Chops/Camps even share gold griffin heads with Misters/Masters, the latter's are in both colors of the CAPLan griffin heads. Caplans were first found in Hampshire with Bidens, and the latter use the chapeau of CAPELLi's. Grassley wants Baker to tell him about the Ukraine whistle-blower, Mr. CIARamella. Josephs (Hampshire), Caplan and Chaplain kin, have a "charo" motto term expected for Charo's/CHIARo's.

In the 23rd minute of Bongino below, he talks about the Grassley effort to discover the crimes of Halper and Baker, and Bongino uses "beautious / beautiful" to describe this story. In the Hicks dream, "beautiful" and "Sleeping Beauty" were needed to make the connection to John Ratcliff. My worry has been that Intelligence fiends have prepared all sorts of false reports to deceive whoever oversees Intelligence, and the question is whether Ratcliffe will be deceived by such reports. That is, will he ask for verification for the stuff of briefings he gets from all 16 intelligence agencies? Or will he trust them all to be absolutely true? I've been listening to this video while writing this section:

[I have the suspicion that the black bull of Beautys/Bowoods should be in the Sleap area as proof that the black RatCLIFF bull was there. I can add here that Moreton-Say, location of Cliffs, is beside Drayton, both near Sleap. I'm working on it. The Hooter / Hoover bird leg is gold, the color of the bird leg in the Drayton Crest, and the bird legs of Hixons/Hicksons forms a saltire in the colors of the Rat cross. I haven't got proof that Hicks liners link to Rats, however, though Hoods/Hoots do by way of their Rattery location near the first-known Rats. The latter share the white anchor in Crest with Hoods/Hoots. I'm working on this and expect a break-through to prove that "Sleeping Beauty" was God's phrase for making sense in some important heraldic connection.

The Dols of Shropshire share a whale with Walleys (share black canton / square with Whale's) while Ratcliffs were at Whalley. We're getting warm, if not Hott. The Ince location of Ince's (beside Shropshire), who share the double bends of Ratcliffs, were at Great BOUGhton, and Beautys/BOWoods can be a Bow/BOUGH branch. Ince's have a black version of the Orell Coat, and Orells were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs. Orrel is a location (about ten miles west of Radcliff) beside Wigan.

The Wigans *(share wings in Crest with Hosts/OSTs) were suspect with the dusty wig of Miss Hicks in the treble-clef event, and Cleffs are listed with Cliffs of Moreton-Say, right beside Sleap. The Dusts/D'OUSTs probably named D'Ouste, where Hood-like Hotts were first found, and then the "Hostis" motto term of Shirts, who share the red roundels of Ince's (Cheshire, same as Shirts), should be code for bull-related Hosts/Osts (share white bull head with Bulls). I had no shirt on when told to WAKE Sleeping Beauty, and I figure that having no shirt is a clue that Shirts are involved, needed for linking to Bull kin. Bulls were first found beside Walerans (share the three black bulls of Beautys/Bowoods) and Hoods/Hoots.

In a previous insert above, written just minutes after this insert, I said that the "To the east of the [Rodden river] is Cold Hatton Heath. Hattons [Cheshire, same as Shirts] are also HOTTons." They happen to share a white bull head with Hosts.

To prove that Orells are supposed to be in this Sleeping-Beauty picture, tending to prove that Ince's are too, Orrels share red roundel with Orrs/Ore's, and the latter's red roundel is in the chief, same as Wake's having an "ora" motto term! Zinger, we have got it. Yet I'd like to find a surname with black bull having a location near Sleap. End insert]

I have a new thing. In the Baker part of the Bongino video, we hear about Mr. Lovinger, who blew the whistle on Baker / Halper but was punished for it my the Pentagon. Baker was first pointed to by James Backus when Miss Hicks came to church reminding me of Mrs. Howell on Gilligan's island. Her husband, Thurston Howell, was played by Jim Backus. Mrs Howell was called, Lovey, in the show, like LOVinger. I struggled with this again while putting the video on pause, asking why God would use the Howells for a pointer to James Baker. I then remembered telling recently that Howells share the Gaywood Coat, and this time I looked at Gaywood variations such as Kaywoods and Geywoods. The English Geys/Gays share the chevron of Dutch Bakers! Zam! And Kays share the double-black bends of Ratcliffs, looking promising, especially as Lovinger was a stool pigeon while Pigeons share the same chevron.

To help prove that the Pigeon and Gaywood chevrons are related, Pageons (not "Pigeon") are listed with French Page's, first found in Dauphine with French Pagans and Galli's, the latter sharing the gold rooster of French Gays. The LOVERs/Levers (named Little Lever beside Radcliffe) have a gold rooster ("standing on a trumpet") and the double bends of Kays / Ratcliffs!!! Excellent for a pointer to Baker and Lovinger with John Ratcliffe possibly in the picture.

French Galleys, first found in Dauphine with Galleys, share the chevron of Dauphine's Pagans, and it's colors reversed from the Pigeon / Baker chevron. English Galleys/GALTons share the Halper checks!!! Bingo. Gaywoods/Kaywoods are also GAWoods while English Gaws (could have a "galley" = ship in Crest) are also GALTs (Perthshire, same as Mackay-branch Davidsons). Gaws/Galts probably have the bear of Mackays/CAWs (same chevron as Galleys).

PLUS WOW, Kays (Yorkshire, same as Pings/Pongs/Pagans) are said to have been at Craven, home of SKIPtons, and Skipper was the captain of the ship on Gilligan's Island!!! Hoooooo-wee. I wouldn't have been able to discover this without knowing Bags well enough to know their Gaywood location, for that's what caused me to load Gaywoods enough times to retain in my head that they share the Howell Coat.

The sleeping bag is what caused me to load Bags enough to know their Coat by heart, and Sleeps have the Coat of Italian Pagans in colors reversed. Italian Pagans use two of the three fesses of Luffs/LOVEYs. Lovey Howell, at our service. Lufkins were first found in Salop with Sleeps while the double Sleep fesses are colors reversed from the two of Luff-related Muscats/Mousquette's. Lufkins are partly in the colors of Meschins (Shropshire).

Back to Lovers/Levers, for they have at least one spur on the rooster's LEG. Spurrs (Devon, same as Supers and Hoods) look like a branch of Supers found in the Rattery motto, and as Little Lever is at Radcliffe, it appears that radiator-like Rattery of Devon, home of Hoods/Hoots, does apply to John Ratcliffe, as was the theory. Hooters use a giant leg. The Lover/Lever ROOSTer can thus be code for Roosts/Rusts, first found in Kent with Lovinger-like Lovings/Louvains (could be the Legro / Soar/Sors lion). Roosts/Rusts happen to share the Super saltire.

So, what should we think, that Ratcliffe will use his spy systems to check up on Baker and Halper? Well, the Coat of Rattery-loving Supers has a saltire with items-on-saltire all in the colors of the same (different items) of English Bakers (Durham). The same-colored saltire is used by Bats while Cows/Cuffs have a baton while Batons/Bastons share black bats with Bats (version of Roost/Rust Coat). The Cows were looked up because the pastor one day asked the people to wear a cowboy theme for an outdoor church service, and the latter was the morning that Miss Hicks = Mrs. Kilpatrick came looking, not like a cowgirl, but more like Lovey Howell (I hadn't seen Gilligan's Island in decades). Kilpatricks use that same saltire as above, all black-on-white. This recalls that Cowes'/Coo's can now be pointed to as per the coup on Trump.

Roosts/RUSTs are suspect from Rusticus of Lyon, descended from Tullia of Lyon, and then Tolles' were first found in/around ROSTock. Tullia was daughter of Gallia, and English Galleys share the checks of Tolles'. They are the checks also of Halpers and Steele's. Bongino's video above shows that Halper's Russian contact was also Steele's contact, suggesting that Halper and Steele were working together. Bongino thinks it more likely that Halper fed the dossier to Steele than Steele having written it himself. But then others could have fed it to Halper. If Halpers use a pyramid, so do Tulls/Tolle's/Tollets.

When seeing the wavy bends in the Galley horse head (probably the Este horse head), I realized that they should be the bends of English Clements, for while Tullia of Lyon married Decimus Rusticus of CLERMONT-Ferrand, the other English Clements come up as "Clermonts" (must have the 's'). The Galley-like Calleys/Caulys (the ones with "Callide" and "honESTE" motto terms) look like they have a version of the Tolles / Dole Coat. Dols were first found in the same place as Tolles' and Trumps, and Calley-like Calls/Calles' have trumpets. Galleys use a black version of the Stewart fesse-with-checks. It appears that Gallia, mother of Tullia, was a Calydon liner. I see the naming of Celts and Gauls (Gali) from the Khaldi, and the Galli priests of Phrygia. English Galleys were first found in Yorkshire with Ferrands, and Italian Ferrands share the checkered Tull/Tolle/Tollet Shield (colors of the Stewart checks). Now you know where royal Stewarts descended from.

Amazingly, while Dan Bongino has just announced that he's part-owner of Parler, a fairly-new social-media platform that probably wants to compete with, or even combat, leftist social media, the Parler surname has three fesse-wise lions in the colors of the three fessewise trumpets of Calls, and both surnames were first found in Wiltshire. I doubt very much that anyone at Parler knew this. Bongino's main aim at present is to get Trump re-elected, which I think is Parler's aim too.

The ParLIER variation gives away that Parlers were a Parr-merger with Leirs/Layers, for the latter share two fesses in the same colors with Parrs. Moreover, Leirs/Layers use the fesses wavy, in colors reversed from the wavy Drummond fesses, suggesting that the three Parler lions in pale are the two in pale of Mars, from earls of Mar at Kildrummy castle. The Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Nissans sharing the double Parr / Leir/Layer fesses.

It's then pretty amazing that Lays are listed with Leghs having a "Force" motto term while Force's have three leopards in pale, probably linkable to the leopard faces of PARsons/Persons, in the colors of the Peare leopard faces. The Force leopards (Sforza-lion colors) are in the colors of the double lions in pale of Voirs/Voyers, and the latter were first found in Vannes (Brittany) while the Dol Liers/Leirs are in Vaughn colors and format. It's amazing because, if Lays do apply to the Layer variation of Leirs, we can then go to Leggs having a giant stag head in the colors of the near-same stag head of Trumps/Tromps, the latter first found in Mecklenburg with Dols. Since starting on Parlers, we went from the Call trumpets to the Trumps. Dutch Tromps share the split colors of Tarves' (probably related to earls of Mar), and Travis'/Travers have a near copy of the Lier/Leir Coat. Travis'/Travers look like they married Lovels of Leavell. "Travers" happens to be a motto term of Force-like Forez's, suggesting that Sforza's too were Forez liners.

The problem with this jobs is, for example, that I'll maybe remember that Sforza's just got clinched for the first time with the Forez mountains near Mont Pilat, but I won't remember how to prove it. PONTius Pilate is suspect from something in the Pontus, and Pharisee-like Pharnaces, king of the Pontus, was the proto-Parr, yet we saw Peare-related Parsons/Persons, tracing that picture to the Pero's of Pavia i.e. home of Laevi, the very people I see in the makings of Pharisees. Herod Archelaus (probably named the Arc river of Savoy) was banished from Israel to Vienne, between Mont Pilate and the first known Forez's in Savoy, and Forez's share the fesse of Herods/Haralds. The latter were a sept of McLeods, same with Lure's and Leirs, etc.

The Pilate pheons are shared by Glaze's/Glasers (Carny-Shield colors reversed) and Glasgow-beloved Lords/Lauds, and then a Herod-like heart is in the Glaze/Glazer Crest.

Time for Obama to Hide

John Solomon on Wednesday reveals some Strzok notes for a meeting with Obama present, on January 5, 2019, I believe, the day after the FBI decided to close the case against Flynn. Obama seems to interject with: "have the right people on it," which, in context, could be to pursue the Flynn case = "it." But it's not a smoking gun since we don't know what "it" is. A few lines down, Comey says, "Flynn and Kislyak [phone] call but appear legit." Thanks to Sara Carter, I can now read Obama's sentence as recorded by Strzok's scribble: "Make sure you look over things and have the right people on it."

There were other conspirators present because Strzok records P (president Obama) as asking: "Is there anything I shouldn't be telling the [Trump] transition team?" What was he thinking? Who was he asking?

When Comey says, "but appears legit," it doesn't necessarily mean that he was arguing to let Flynn off the hook. He could have been warning Obama and others that they could not go after Flynn for this phone call. Maybe something else, but not this call. Near the top of the notes, beside "VP" (Biden), Strzok has, "'Logan Act'." It assumes that Biden suggested getting Flynn arrested on the Logan Act (can't talk to foreigners to undo a president's agenda). But this was just 15 days before Trump would be the official president, when Flynn would have every right to speak with Kislyak and other foreign officials. This is a smoking gun against Biden, for he shows he's willing to arrest Flynn for nothing, but it also shows that he felt comfortable suggesting this dastardly thing in Obama's and Comey's presence.

Why didn't fraud Horowitz release these notes? Why didn't Wray release them? I think the reason that they came out Wednesday is that the case against Flynn was ended absolutely on Wednesday (judge Sullivan finally lost). It means that whatever information Flynn's lawyers possess can now be released.

The FBI could not have wanted to close the case on January 4 unless Comey gave the nod for such a thing. The next day (5th), Obama called a meeting and no doubt started to assign the Flynn case to the "right people." Who do we suppose those people were? Loretta Lynch sounds like the "right" person. She was Barr's counterpart, and Flynn was abused by Barr's department until a Mr. Jenson spilled the beans showing that Flynn was innocent.

Now we know why judge Sullivan did the ridiculous to keep the Flynn case going, because, when it's over, the Flynn team is permitted to talk-talk-talk. Strzok and Comey are by no means innocent, for while they knew the truth about Obama's crime against Flynn, they did not report it. They were accomplices. Everyone at the January 5 meeting became the equivalent of accomplices to this crime. Barr has a responsibility to arrest them all.

John Solomon has the story:

What I don't understand is why the Horwitz and Fisc Shields are also the Jensen Shield. Quite the coincidence. Then, see here: "Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin informed U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan of the discovery [of Strzok notes] in a midday [Tuesday] court filing..." The Sherwins share the giant Tooth griffin, and Tooths are an integral part of the deep state shark that I say appeared in my 1979 dream with Trump halfway down its throat. Both Comey and Halper were lumped in with the shark's teeth around the Trump's belly. Teeth-like Teets/Tate's were first found in Berwickshire with Tooth-related Letters/Leathers, and Berwicks share the BARwick Coat. Is bar being lumped in with the shark's teeth? Aren't SHER(win) liners Bushite lines of the Scherf kind?

The point is, Jensen and Sherwood, Barr's men, may have been directed / urged by Barr to prosecute Flynn until such time that Barr thought it was too dangerous to continue, because, when Flynn's innocence gets out, Barr himself will look very criminal. By what coincidence were Sherwins at BRAMcote while Bramtons have the Brunswick and Hatch Coats in colors reversed?

Recall Barry and Mamie inside the hatch of the pick-up truck, for Mamie pointed that night to the Tease's/Tyes, first found in Nottinghamshire with Bramcote. Amazingly, while Bramtons are Bromtons too, Scottish Bromtons/BRUNtons (Bramton colors) use a beacon in Crest, symbol of German Belli's!!! The shark's teeth circled the belly of the bulldog! Plus, some at the Washington Free Beacon (Bill Kristol included) were/are never-Trumpers, and there was a report telling that something similar to the Steele dossier was started by Washington Free Beacon (Republican news source).

Sherwin-like Shere's can be gleaned as Carricks and related to the Shere/Scherf cross. Carricks (said to descend from Craigs) can be gleaned as a branch of Creichs/Creighs, new to me just now as per the Creich location of Bromptons/Bruntons. Sherwoods share roses on stems with Schere's/Scherfs. Shops/Sherlands have a dancette in the colors of the Carrick dancette, and the latter's is a fesse in the colors of the double fesses of Creichs/Creighs. Scottish Greggs are in Carrick colors too, and then German Greggs are also GROCE's, which came up as per the grocery store in which the Saint-Petersburg Russia medallion was found, when I returned to my vehicle with a SHOPping cart of food.

Just three weeks after the event that Strzok wrote notes on above, the FBI's Bill Priestap asked: "What is our goal? Truth/Admission or to get [Flynn] to lie, so we can prosecute or get him fired?" Priestap was the FBI lawyer, and so we can glean that Obama's gung-hoers had picked Priestap's brain on the legalities of any possible game plan. I assume that Priestap was one of the "right people," anyone willing to do a dirty deed. The irony is that Comey was in on this game plan at this time, even though he knew there was nothing wrong with the Kislyak call. Comey admitted to sending a couple of agents to interview Flynn, on the 27th (three days after Priestap asked the question above), the purpose of which was to get him to lie about anything in the phone call. We could call him a petty criminal for trying to make such a grave crime from such a petty lie. Flynn's lie was so petty, there was none.

YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND. Obama tried to jail a man perfectly innocent of the charges, and Barr was on board for months and months. Yet Barr said last week he has no intention of arresting Obama. What kind of a piece of trash is this Bill Barf??? Is this the way forward, to allow high crimes of a conspiratorial nature full freedom? It's precisely because Obama was the president, and exactly because he was conspiring with the FBI and DoJ, that Barr MUST arrest Obama and all involved. There is no choice. There is no excuse. The slower he acts, the more his name will go down in infamy. Just because a man becomes a president does not make him sacred, untouchable, unless you're Bill Barr or a Democrat.

For those who read recently (for example, 1st update of this month) the reason that I see John Ratcliff portrayed by my rat trap, an interesting thing happened over Wednesday night. It was the morning of the Oullette-wrench and flood dream. I went down into the basement, as is my habit to check for mice, because something, probably a chipmunk or squirrel, had chewed a hole (almost two inches round) through my METAL (not rusted) screen, which was discovered a couple of months ago. I heard a chipmunk / squirrel way up in the soffits, a mystery until I found that hole. They get into the walls and have sway over the entire house, so I had to set up the rat trap. In the meantime, a couple of mouse traps too.

Midweek, we had 2.5 inches of rain, so, when I went into the basement Thursday morning, the pool at the sump-pump was flooded to the near-top of the floor joists (I leave the pump unplugged because water drains naturally (though slowly). That was the morning of the flood dream, begging whether it's a pointer to the Floyd event that started the riots, etc. The mouse that I interpreted as Obama had died in that pool in the previous rainfall, after it got one LEG caught in a mouse trap. Leggs can have the Trump stag head. On Thursday morning, I found a mouse caught with both its legs in a mouse trap, and it's neck caught in the rat trap (it was dead).

I can't recall a mouse ever being caught in the rat trap, though there may have been one occasion. Several mice were caught in the mouse trap on the window sill where the chewed-through screen is installed, and the rat trap has been set right beside it on the same sill. So, this mouse, after getting its two back legs caught, drag the trap along with it's front legs, ending up in the rat trap about a foot away. Is this a sign of Ratcliff nailing Obama with the help of Trump? I hope so. There is no sign of Barr in this picture.

Let's go back to the dream's scene where I was on a strip of snow with water running on both sides of me. We could say that the water was running down a swale (broad ditch), because the Swale Coat is the nebuly fesse of Snows. Plus, the Rivers have two nebuly fesses on a blue Shield, the color of the Swale / Snow Shield. Did God arrange these similarities? The Swale fesse is in the colors of the Newsome fesse, and Hawk Newsome, president of Black Lives Matter, is making news right now. I've not heard of him until yesterday, the day of the dream, how interesting. He threatened on television to burn down the system unless it conforms to his demands, what an arrogant rat. They might be hoping to start civil "wars" in some Democrat cities.

OH WOW!!! The Rivers use two fesses in the colors of the same (without the nebuly pattern) of Matters!!! Black Lives MATTER!!! Matters look like a branch of Masters/Misters (one of the Matter fesses), and while MINsters share the mill rinds with MINNES'/Miles', that was the surname that pointed to MINNESota. Just look at the timing of that dream.

Also, the River and Matter fesses are colors reversed from the Weaver fesse while Weavers share "esto" with Snows. I don't know what Weavers may mean in the Minnesota picture. The "celeRITER" of Matters can be for Ritters who can be using the Malta lion because the Ritter motto has, "Melitae AMOR." Mallets share the Rind scallops, and the Mallet "deer" is likely code for Deers who come up as "Derek," the first name of office Chauvin. He's the one reportedly killing Floyd.

English AMORs use more fessewise nebuly (could be code for Nibelungs), in the colors of the triple fesses of LOVE's/Luffs/Loveys (both surnames first found in Oxfordshire), and the latter have lion heads in the colors of the lions of Spanish Amors, important to prove Mallet / Malta connections because while this lion is colors reversed from the Malta lion, the Amors also have a column colors reversed from the Malta column. "Amore" is a motto term of Terras'/Terrace's (Amor-like Moray) who have a bend-with-items in the colors of the bend-with-scallops of Rinds (Perthshire, beside Moray). The Rinds, beloved of the Miles/Minnes mill rinds, were first found in the same place as Drummonds, whose wavy fesses look connectable to the near-same of Amor-branch Damorys.

I've just looked up the Lattice surname because I purchased a steel-lattice mesh (can't bite through this stuff) a few weeks ago for when I have time to install it over the metal screen with hole. I was able to remember from not many days ago that Champions have black trefoils, the Lattice symbol, and this got me to load Campone's, at which time the Campanio's were recalled. Note that Champions use a "patria" motto term while Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag head. Campone's/Campo's, first found near Este, share the fesse of Weaver's who in turn share "esto" with Snows. As per the next paragraph, it's probably relevant that the Champions share the Alan and Rundel fesse. This is going to point the lattice, and the death of this week's mouse, to CHOPS of Seattle.

Camps are also Chops (version of Capone Coat), first found in Yorkshire with CampBELLs. The Campanio's (BELLS) caught my eye for having the quadrants of Aarons/ARENs (Jewish) in colors reversed. The Swale's we just covered above are SALUZZo liners, who were pointed to by the SLUSH of the snow that my foot penetrated. Again, FitzAlans of Aren-like Arun/Arundel (Sussex) married the Saluzzo family, and Arundels use Swale-like swallows. That's a tidy-fast Campanio link to the mouse event. German Arens almost have the Fast quadrants while VASTo's ruled Saluzzo.

Next, Aarons/Atens use clouds, and then the McLeods/CLOUDS/LUTTs use a "Hold FAST" motto while Lutts/Lute's share the Fast/Fastolf quadrants. McLeods use FLAGS while Fasts/Fastolfs share the quadrants of FALStaffs, both first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks, and this package is the pointer to "false flag."

Lutts/Lute's (share lion of River-branch Revere's) were first found in Worcestershire with Halpers (share lone rose of German Arens), and while Halpers share the checks of Steele's/STEALs, the Loots, new to me yesterday, with a billet version of the Terras/Terrace Coat, have billets in the colors of the Steele/Steal billets. Looting and stealing are identical, you see, and so we may ask the reasonable: were the riots part of the same, Clinton / Obama deep state that had hired / facilitated Halper and Steele?

Terras/Terrace variations are like those of Tracys/Trasse's (from near Caen); the latter are the trash-can entity along with lattice-using Caens/Cans. The flames of the trash can pointed to the rioting in Minneapolis, and as I said, I dropped the trash can from a height so that I had to JUMP DOWN to put out the fire; Jumps have the Trump stag head too, in the colors of the stag of Down/Douns, who are like the Dounhams/Downham variations of Dunhams. Plus, the knee symbol that I've never yet deciphered, that has been major in my work, might just be for the new practice of anarchists, to get down on one knee, a practice beloved by Blacks. Knee's were first found in County Down, and Knee-branch Needhams are in the Halper write-up.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa in Seattle are wanting to portray themselves as peaceful in order to keep Trump from officially classifying them terrorist organizations. Trump needs to do that in order to put out their fires. We have yet to see what the Seattle situation will evolve into.

It was the trash can's RIM that caught flames, and Rims are listed with Rome's while Ruins/Rome's (Durham, beside Campbells) almost have the gyronny of Campbells/Cammels (same place as same-colored Chops/Camps). I found a webpage last night telling that McCabe's are a McLeod sept. McCabe's were first found in AiRAINES-related Arran. Ruins/Rome's? As in the ruin of Rome while the fires burned?

The Raines'/Rains, who were part of a trash-can's lid event earlier this month, have the Rim family in their write-up, and the Raines' may have been related to the Rinds/Rynds' with a "fragRANTior" motto term. The Rants/Rynds are excellent where Miles'/Minnes' use mill rinds, because the triple chevrons of Rants/Rynds (near Norwich of Norfolk) are those also of Singletarys. Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham.

I've just struggled to find a worthy / relevant thing to say about Tony Campania. I wouldn't have known the Campanio's had I not pumped gas (14-15 years of age) for Tony. The Campanio's took us to yesterday's dream in the snow, and I was struggling because I've mentioned Danny Snow before, a former employee of Tony when I got the job with him. My search feature finds "Danny Snow" in four files, most recently in the 3rd update of February, 2020. Here's a snippet, with parts removed:

Note Danny Snow...[the rest of the paragraph is not relevant here, so let's go to the next paragraph, where I quote from myself at an earlier time telling about the Oullette dream with snow]

In this dream, I was in a van with Joe Oullette and his wife Diane. He said that he needed a container, so I walked up a snow-cleared path of a home, and lookie there, an empty, square (not a pail or bucket) container near the door...[snip] So I started to look for Joe in a MALL. I didn't find him, and the events in the mall are foggy.

So, as the snow stuck out, I checked the Snow surname, finding antelopes. I realized right away that this pointed to Mall-like Malahule, for his descendants included the Toeni's / Tosni's of Les ANDELys, a term to which I trace "ANTELope." Plus, as I've said at least twice before, many years ago, I remember Patty Rice's boyfriend, Danny SNOW...

As I struggled to decide whether or not to enter Danny Snow in this update, I realized that the Italian Tonys have the split Shield of Loops/Lopps/Lopers. AnteLOPE. There we have a good reason as to why God set me up with Tony just after Snow worked for him. The Loper variation may indicate Lovers/Levers (TRUMPet), Ratcliffe kin. The inclusion of Patty Rice may be for the Raza-like Race's listed with Rice's; the latter share the gold dog of Chaffens while Chauvins share the Welfs/Wolf/LUPUS wolf heads!!! WOW, I didn't expect that. Obama is a Wolflin liner.

The very reason I was willing to struggle is that I had just come to Singletarys, and they have an antelope in Crest. I needed to find how the Snow antelope linked to the Singletary antelope, and so the above is a round-about way to show it that involves Tony Campania too i.e. whose surname pointed us, via the Aarons/Arens, to the Snows and Swale's. Repeat: "Campone's/Campo's, first found near Este, share the fesse of Weaver's who in turn share "esto" with Snows." It seems to be pointing to CHOP.

I can now add that Italian Tonys use a "flower" (no species mentioned) on "water." The Waters, which were seemingly part of the dream with snow and flooding, have triple chevrons colors reversed from the same of Singletarys!!! That's good stuff. We need a special rat trap for Obama. Trapps/Trappers use a busted-like bustard. (Flowers share the cinquefoil of Potters.)

Plus, as Rants/Rynds share the triple Singletary chevrons, we can go to the GILLYflowers of Joels/Jewels, in the colors of the Tony flower, and from there we go to the Gillie flowers (in a "flower pot") of Rinds/Rynds'.

"Prophecy" of the Ham Sandwich

After writing the above, I knocked off to get some outdoor work done. I don't remember how it happened, but I was thinking about the Pump variation of Pape's about the time I put the toast down to make a ham sandwich. I've been trying to figure out whether to sump pump in the basement pool relates / points to anything. Hmm, I happened to put some pickled red pepper on the ham sandwich. I then took the sandwich out to the deck to eat it, noting how fantastic sunlight is as compared to my computer room. I don't remember the thoughts leading up to it, but while still eating, POMPeo came to mind, a Pump-like term. Although Pompeo has been a deep-state do-nothing, he's remained loyal to Trump, even banging hard on Bolton this week.

When the Obama-suspect mouse had drowned in the pool, I had gone down to plug in the pump. I didn't need to plug it in again until finding the mouse in the rat trap yesterday. Will Pompeo finally begin to help get Obama?

Bolton has become a Democrat, it seems, suddenly. He's trying to destroy trump as the leader of the crusade at this time. It reminds of the lightning BOLT to our Chimney (my age 11). Bolts (same lions as Brunswicks, uh-oh) share the chevron of Chimneys, and Chimneys use another antelope. The amazing thing is, a neighbor, the motel owner I think he was, knocked on our door to inform us that chimney bricks were scattered (broken) all over the roof...which was made of Singletary-like Shingles. That lightning-bolt event must have depicted an Obama-Bolton partnership that we might imagine perking-up as we speak. Lightning is an Armageddon symbol. Are we on it just-about?

Chimneys now show a BROWN antelope, once showing in black, the colors of the Singletary antelope. Shings/Shiners look like a branch of Chine's/Shins who in turn share the Coat of CHIMney-like Kemmis/Kemeys'/Kenys'. Boltons share a BROWN stag head with Kims/SHIMMee's, suggesting that Boltons do have the Brunswick lion. Without the lions, the Bolton Coat would be the Chimney Coat. Stanleys were "at Stonely (Stoneley,) a hamlet near KIMbolton." A Stanley at the 9-11 memorial could have been part of God's pointer to 9-11 criminals, and John Bolton was a Bushite at the time, Bush's ambassador to the UN.

Oh wow, I've just gotten around to loading Peppers, and they have a chevron colors reversed from the Bolton chevron, and lions in Bolton-lion colors. This must be why I chose to have some red pepper on the ham sandwich (I usually chose pickles, but the peppers are getting old, so I thought to use them).

OOOOHHHH WOOOOWWWWIE! The Sanwich/SANDWICH Coat is the Dunham Coat!!! Can you believe this??? The only difference is that Sandwich's have more points in the dancetty border.

I had no idea, when discussing the sun's beautiful light, as I took the first bite of the sandwich squinting my eyes at the brightness of the mid-day, that it may have been a God-driven event because Suns/Sinclairs are also Singletary-like Singulars. As soon as Pompeo and the pump came to mind, I came inside and got on the computer to tell this story, but look at what else it has led to.

Singletarys were first found in Fylde while the Field garbs are those of Derbys, I assume, because the Derby antelope head design is that of Chimneys. The black antelope design of Singletarys is shared by Muscats/MOUSquette's (ha-ha, Someone has a sense of humor) while Muschats (not "Muscat") have the triple Singletary chevrons in colors reversed. Muscats/Mousquette's give their antelope a Chine-like chain, and Chains/Cheins/Shaneys share the cross of Suns/Sinclairs/Singulars. Singletarys share the spear of Dunhams closely, we may assume.

I kid you not, that I put a little onion on the sandwich with the roasted peppers, and Onions/Union, in the colors and format of Peppers, and first found in Sussex with Hams, share the gold spear with Singletarys and Dunhams. I also put MUStard on the sandwich, an absolute MUST for ham sandwiches, and Musts are listed with Muscats/Mousquette's, no guff at all. TARDs/Darts are in the dart of the Broke/Brock Crest, and Singletarys use a broken spear. MusTARD. It rhymes with criminal retard. Onions/Unions have mill rinds while Rind-branch Rants/Rynds have the triple Singletary chevrons. Unless you think that I'm making up this ham-sandwich story, it seems that God just fingered the previous president of the United States for high crimes.

Pompeo could blow Obama away with the information he has access to in the state department, but like Barr and Trump to date, he's been equivalent to Obama's accomplice if he hasn't been working with Barr to serve Obama his due rewards. It is senseless to arrest Obama, or any of his people, while Wray oversees the arrests. Who oversees the prosecutions, we may ask? Wray said this week (on Bret Baier) that he can't make arrests unless Barr gives him the green light. Wray was deflecting. The buck stops with Barr, but thus far he's indicated that he's Mr. Lip Service to the people who think justice is a useful tool for a healthy society. Leaving rats to run lose on the streets is what Barr has given the country thus far. SHAME Mr. BARF! He's going to make us puke for the rest of the year at the rate he's moving.

Onions/Unions remind that Darlene Ray/Wray lived in Unionville when I was with her. She was an ice-cream girl. The dream this week with ice on flooded roads may eventually serve to reveal that the ice-cream symbol points to similar things. I've got to get out to finish some wood-CHOPPing work started yesterday. Yes, yesterday (Thursday) was the first day this year that I chopped some firewood with the axe. The Ice-like Ise's/Ass' have an axe head on their fasces, and Sorrys use a fasces too.

When I get in, I'm going to tell you about the grass seed that points to Sorry-ass Soros. AXELrods (show only axes) can be gleaned as Hawk liners, a thing to keep eyes on as per Hawk Newsome. Note AxelRODs, like "road." There was ice on the roads. Didn't Obama have a David Axelrod on his team? Newsome's (look like kin of Weirs/Vere's and Wears/Were's) a have a fesse in Snow-fesse colors. He's also Hank Newsome. Hanks were first found in Lincolnshire with Hawks, and the Cottons, because they use "hanks of cotton," may have the Hawk hawk. is this a pointer to Newsome, or were Hanks merely a Hawk branch?

Trump's Lucky Butterfly?

Okay, I'm in, after chopping and stacking. The last thing I did was watch a beautiful black butterfly (we don't get many around here) with a white, arched line on each wing. It was standing on the axe head just opening and closing its wings, three feet from me. I kid you not, that while it surely seems like I'm making this up, it looks like another Set-up by God to verify the axe / Hawk / Axelrod theme in the paragraph above. I had forgotten that I left off on that while watching this butterfly. The axe was lying flat on the ground. I don't know anything sinister about Axelrod at this time.

It turns out to be a White Admiral butterfly. Should we be seeking an Obamaite admiral? Admiral Mike Rogers was made the head of the spy organization, NSA, by Obama. While butterfly-suspect Butters use a Drig-like Diriget" motto term, English Rogers' use "nosTRAQUE." It just so happens that Drigs essentially have the Track/Trick/Trigg Coat.

"Track" and "Drig" are like the Darks, and the latter share a strongarm in Crest with Butters. Plus, the Butter cross is in the colors of the similar saltire of Darks and their Durkan branch. Jenny Durkan, Seattle mayor. Butters put a bow in the hand of their strongarm, and while Bows/Boughs (and Roets) share the "quaerere" motto term of Masters/Misters, the latter use a "minor" motto term while Mister- and Minnesota-like Minsters/Ministers were at Trigg-Minor. The Bows/Boughs are traced to Mr. ARCubus, which could apply to Darks/D'Arques'. Seattle is the location of CHOP, and the axe was on the ground right beside the place where I was chopping wood today. But what could it possibly mean that this BLACK butterfly can point both to Mike Rogers and CHOP?

It just so happens that Mike Rogers is a good guy who betrayed the Obamaites when he approached Trump to inform him that Obama was spying on Trump Tower. I can understand God placing a lot of stress on this butterfly message, therefore, by grabbing our attention with the ham-sandwich message a couple of hours before the butterfly came along.

Before coming to the Bow/Bough write-up, I had noticed (not the first time) that the Master/Mister Crest is a reflection of the ARCHer ("quae") and Larcher Crests.

I don't recall looking for a flies-like surname before; I assumed the butterflies were code for Flys. There is a German Fliss/Fliess surname with a wavy bend in the colors of the non-wavy bend of Italian Botters (i.e. like "Butter"), and English Botters were first found in Hampshire with Flys and the Caplans (version of Roet Shield) sharing the Master/Mister griffin heads . The butterfly- / butterflies-using Tulls/Tullia's were probably proto-Dols, and Dols have a wavy fesse in the colors of the wavy Fliss/Fliess bend. Tulls/Tolle's share the checks of Dol-line Stewarts and Massi's/Mattis'; the latter are traceable to the Arms of Massa-Carrara, a location beside the first-known Botters at Lucca. "Carrara" is like the "quaerere" motto term of Massa-like Masters/Misters and Roets. Carrara's use a wheel, a Roet symbol. Thus, it looks like Butters were Botters.

Look at my choice of words, before any heraldry was looked up as per this butterfly: "...a BEAUTiful black butterfly (we don't get many around here) with a white, ARCHed line on each wing." Did God created this butterfly with an arched stripe for the Roet-Archer bloodline at topic? If not, then it's a coincidence that while the Archer version of "Bowes" was arrived to from the bow of Butters, the butterfly as an arched stripe. But then we can go to the Beautys/BOWoods, you see, and Roets (share the Bow motto in full) do share the tree with Woods. Yup, I own woods, and had cut mainly dead trees yesterday, some for chopping (not all). Beautys are also Bowds while Bouts have a giant arrow.

There is a Chopp/Chopping/Chappington surname with birds I can't identify with certainty. There is a Chopping-like Cobben surname sharing a giant gold griffin with Chaffs, first found in Dorset with Chauvin-like Chaffens. Cobben-like Coffens/Coffins (Devon, same as Chopps/Choppings) are also Chafens. Cobbens are in the colors of the Coffers/Coffare's (beside Devon) and Coffers/Coffee's. I've stressed a coffee-NEWSpaper event for years that I entertained with the News surname, and here Hawk NEWSome -- the joker who got me on the axe symbol -- makes news this week for the ratty Obamaites. Newsome's/Newsholme's share the gold boar head with Weirs/Vere's, and their Wear/Were branch share the crosslets of Newsome's. Read for yourself that Wears/Wears were on an Axe river of Somerset / Devon. Chop-chop. Both Axe rivers in Somerset are at least near the Dorset border.

If NewsHOLME / NewsHAM was the original, then the surname could have been a News/Nuces / Nuse/Newes branch, especially if Holme's use a chaplet, for News'/Nuces' do. Newsome's/Newsholme's were from the area of the Holme river (Huddersfield). I was mugged by a Black man less than 12 hours before the coffee-and-newspaper event. He came with a fake weapon. As Newsholm is in GISburn, compare the News'/Nuces to GUIS'/Guido's. Holme's probably use a chaplet because they share the Biden/Button CHAPeau. The Coffee's/Coffer's have a green dolphin, and DOLfins/Dolphins are in Dol colors while Dol's have a fesse in Newsome-fesse colors. Dolphins share "nihil" with Vere's while Newsome's connect by their symbols to two Vere branches. Dol Alans married Saluzzo, itself ruled by Fast-liner Vasto's, and the Fast crosslets are colors reversed from the same crosslets of Newsome's.

As "victoria" is a Coffee/Coffer motto term while the coffee-and-newspaper was in Victoria (Texas), that's why Coffee's/Coffers apply. I needed the Newsome's to make sense of the newspaper, apparently. The on-green dolphin is used by Hammers, first found in Sussex with same-colored Hams (both share a green Shield with Coffee's/Coffers) and Coffer-like Cofferts. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! There was TOAST in the toaster as I finished up on this paragraph, for another ham sandwich. I just got back from the toaster with the sandwich. I know by heart that the Newsome crosslets are used by Tafts/Tuffs (phoenix) who come up as "TOSTE"!!!!

I don't know that I've ever told that Touch's/Tuffs/Tows share the phoenix with Knee's because I didn't know that Knee's use a phoenix until recently seeing the phoenix of Phoenix's/Fenwicks (it's probably code for the Phone variation of Fane's/Vans). I touched the knee of Miss Hicks, and she awoke to a very nice a victorious-looking scene. She and I both lived on the Nuces-like Nueces river, ten minutes apart, though I didn't yet live there (was seven months away from purchasing the place), nor did I know her, at the coffee-newspaper event. Hicks' share the chaplet with News'/Nuces. The latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with Rench's, and the Get'n Go, where she got her knee symbol in real life, is at the corner of Nueces-Canyon rd. and Ranch rd.

OYE!!! I neglected to read the Sandwich write-up when finding it to have the Dunham Coat earlier today, but reloading Sandwich's now, here's what was found: "Later Ralph de Sandwich (d. 1308?), was an English judge, probably brother of Henry de Sandwich, Bishop of London. 'He was a knight, lord of lands in HAM and Eynsham, and patron of the church of Waldesham, all in Kent." LOL!

I came back with the ham sandwich on a plate, and Plate's (colors and near-format of Pilate's) are in the colors and format of SANE's/Sions/Swans!!! Sandwich's/SANwich's! It's as though God arranged a Sandwich variation from Sane's just for this ham-sandwich pointer to Obama. Or, He arranged for the Plate's to marry Sane liners so that they could adopt their symbols. Sion is also Sitten while Seatons/Sittens were at a Say location while Sanders are also SAYnders. Sane's/Sions also come up as Some's, perhaps explaining NewSOME's.

As I trace the Sand ragully pattern to Ragusa, note that Irish Sanders have elephant heads traceable to the Elaphiti islands, smack beside Ragusa. It suggests that Sion was named by Sand / proto-Sand liners. I trace Sanders to Sinti(ans) of Lemnos, and I trace "Sion" tentatively to the Sensii scythians.

As Touch's/Tuffs/Tows have the Home/Hume Coat in colors reversed, the Newsholme's may have started as Newshome's. Home's/Hume's were first found in Berwickshire with Ade's/Aids and hawk-using Habs/Hobs.

While ADmirals (read also as AdMIRAL) can partly indicate Ade's/Aids, Mirals/Muriels/Merrills use a hollow-red pale bar, same color as the single pale bar of Tulls/Tullia's. Prior to asking google for "black butterfly, arched white line," I had been wondering, from the start of this section, how Tulls/Tullia's could work into this, for they are the only surname I know of with butterflies. The butterflies are on their pale bar. So, as we arrived to a pale bar connectable to the pale bar with butterflies via "AdMIRAL," it can again suggest that God has done some arranging for a pointer to NSA's Mike Rogers.

Ade's/Aids have a version of both the RODham Coat and the David Coat. Does that spell David AxelROD? But why him? He even opposed Trump's impeachment. Will he be a whistle blower? We hope. Trump's voters need all the help they can get with Procrastinator Barr and Enemy-to-Himself Trump who not once has handed his voters, as a gift to them, an unredacted copy of a declassified piece of paper. He acts like he doesn't have unredacted forms of what's been publicly released. SHALLOW FAKE, I can see right through him.

The Newsome's were at Huddersfield, and Hudders/HOODers have the Axelrod/Haukeswell Coat in different colors. Just coincidence? If not, what could it mean?

I always lump the Stack Coat to the Stock/Stoke Coat, and I did write, "Okay, I'm in, after chopping and STACKing," before finding the Admiral name of the butterfly. By what coincidence does the Miral/Muriel/Merrill write-up have this: "...Ougrim filius Miriel who was listed there [Lancashire] in the Pipe Rolls of 1188. A few years later, Mirielis, Muriella de STOKES was listed in the Curia Regis Rolls of Buckinghamshire..."

Touch's/Tows/Tuffs were lords of Hood-like Audleys, and the latter share the fret (different colors) with Hoods. Odins/Hoddys were at Gisburn, same as Newsome's. This is a potential Hood-liner link to Newsome's, and they were at Huddersfield while Hudders/HOODers/Hodders use axes while one Axe river ends in Devon at Seaton. Hoods were first found in Devon. As I touched her knee right after she was at the hood, we have cause to see the hood as a pointer to Newsome's Black Lives Matter, if her knee was a pointer to the on-one-knee ritual of Black Lives Matter, etc.

When I touched her knee, she flew into my arms for an emBRACE, and Bracebridge's share the crozier with Odins/Hoddys. Bracebridge is where someone left the "Saint Petersburg Russia" medallion on my hood. It's as though God had to prove that Bracebridge's apply to the embrace, and this now seems to have the purpose of bringing Odins/Hoddys into the hood scene. Again, Newsome's named a location a mile from Huddersfield, itself probably named by an Odin branch because Huddersfield is in Kirklees while Kirks (Cumberland, roughly at West Yorkshire) share the crozier with Odins/Hoddys. This is in West Yorkshire with Sedbergh, where I trace Seaton-branch Sedans ("sino"). Therefore, "NewSOME" may have been from a News / Newsholme liner married to the Some variation of Sane's/Sine's/Sions.

Again, Hicks share the chaplet with News'/Nuces', and the Leightons/Leytons of Low Leyton location of Hicks, first found in Essex along with Hudders/Hooders (see also Borden of Essex), share the Say quadrants while Seatons/Sittens are connectable to Says (share Sors/Soar quadrants). I've not known Hudders/Hooders before. I found them via Newsome's only today. I wonder whether the Owls/Howls, first found in Essex too, use HOOT owls.

Previously, the hood scene with Hicks looked like the Charlottesville crash by a white supremacist -- Mr. Hood-like HODGkinson -- into the meanderings of an Antifa crowd. That works excellently with the hood now pointing to Hawk Newsome. The Hodge's, first found in Yorkshire with Newsome's, even share the Newsome fesse!

By Friday, Seattle ceased to support CHOP's street project. The mayor had to concede defeat because CHOP was too expensive with no political scores. It was a romp, and the enemy (Republicans) didn't even need to move in to contest the delinquents. CHOP -- ah, er SPLINTER -- did itself in because it didn't know what more to do, afraid to use violence like it was probably supposed to do. Plus, even if it did score some political points, just one look at Biden makes them feel all's in vain. I can't call him Shoot-Himself-in-the-Foot Biden, because he'll probably miss. CHOP becomes CHUMP if it wants to convince the people that Biden is woke. What will CHOP evolve into next as it tries to convince the majority of Americans to do a mass rebellion against Trump?

Good morning on Saturday. I love the longest days of the year.

People on both sides have probably wondered what talking Mike Rogers has been doing with Durham's investigators. I never hear that Durham is working as a team with certain others. Why not get 12 lead investigators on this case, since the enemy has been rampant? If that butterFLY is a pointer also to Flys, note that they are in the motto of Dragon-line Drake's, and that Fly's named Flagi, for another allusion to false-flag events. It's becoming realized that CNN and other liberal media create the news rather than only report it. Creating news is a false-flag operation. It has a masses-wide purpose. It's become clear that a dozen or so major media are controlled from a central body that gives them their daily talking points on any story of concern to Democrat politics.

The Rogers/Rosers share the Chief-Shield colors of Miles'/Minnes'; is there a reason for that? Did Mike Rogers know of Obama's false-flag operations? The other two Rogers Coats share the Knee stag and Knee bend. Bending the knee has become a symbol of anarchy from the ones who would burn the American flag. The Roger/Roser Coat is a version of the SIMSon Coat, and Simms (East Lothian, same as Seatons/Sittons and Keith Catti) use one axe at the base of a chevron that's in the colors of the Halpert chevron, itself surrounded by three axes.

Halper-like Halperts/Halberts are honored in heraldry by so-called halpert / halbert axes, used, for example, by the Walsers (from Sion/Sitten area) having a goat in the colors of the Blower goat heads. The Walser goat holds the axe. Blowers have been used for pointing to whistle-blowers, and here we can add that the Blower goat head is in the Moline Chief while Moline's are said to have been of the Falaise line. That's the FALSE-flag pointer. Did Mike Rogers blow the whistle on Stefan Halper?

I had a friend, Halbert-like Albert, who went to work a full winter season at Whistler Mountain ski resort (Whistlers are listed with Whistle's). He had asked me to keep his apartment for him while gone, and that's when I invited Steve Papp to share the apartment. Papps/Papadopoli's look like a pointer to the whistle-blower / stool pigeon, George Papadopoulos. Stefan Halper was "working on" Papadopoulos in an effort to create a false-flag event. Alberts Dutch surname, OoSTEYN, looks like a Stein branch, and Steins can be gleaned with the Stinson variation of Stephensons i.e. like "Stefan." Stephens were first found in Gloucestershire with Halper-branch Halps/Halfs and the Samsons who love the Flags/Flecks in their motto term. The Samson motto can be expected also for Lets/Late's (Gloucestershire) having organ pipes, and Pipe's were first found in Stephen-connectable Staffordshire with Blowers.

The Drake's (axe) were first found in Hampshire with Flys, and they translate their "muscas" motto term as "fly." It suggests that Flys, likely a branch of Flags/Flecks (share MESCHin, Samson, and Fakenham-suspect Falkenham scallops) were kin of Muscas'/Mosca's, the latter first found at Pisa, right beside the Butter-like Botters of Lucca. I can't recall whether I had checked whether the Muscas'/Mosca's have a leopard versus a cat, but Chives' (share the Moline moline for related reason) use it as a mountain cat, and Lucca's have a cat too, code for Clan Chattan that was led largely by Macey-branch Mackays ("Manu" motto term) from king Maccus of Man. The latter's Arms shares the raven with Simms who happen to have a "Fortuna" motto term, like the "forti" of Mackays, and then the Fortuna's have the upright dog of the House of Canossa that started out in Lucca.

It's a good bet that Simms (East Lothian, same as Seatons/Sittens from Wallis canton), have the halpert axe of Walsers (from Wallis canton). "Fortuna" is used by Rollo's too, and while Maccus is thought to descend from Rollo's family (I'm thinking Malahule, Rollo's uncle), Rollo married Papp-like Pappa of Valois while the Valois surname is also "Valais," the alternative name of Wallis canton.

It now gets Mandy-connectable because she was born Simms-like Simson/Simpson, but married the Deeters sharing an upright, white dog with Fortuna's. Simsons have a giant lion half in the colors of the same of Papps/Papadopoli's (Piedmont, same as Masci's), and we had just seen Pappa of Valois. A reader from Switzerland informed me that Walsers were in the Lys river of Aosta, where I trace the fleur-de-LYS of Masci's and Masci-branch Masseys/Maceys who named Dunham-Masci. The Moschetta variation of Mosca's suggests that they became the Muschats/Mousquette's and Muschats that merged with Obama's Singletary line. As this was joined to the formation of Clan Chattan (also called, "Catti"), it explains why the Keith Catti come up as "Mascal/Mascul." The Papp/Papadopoli lion has the rare feature of tail at mouth, likely code for Lucy Taillebois, wife of the first Meschin.

If the Papa lion is the Simson lion closely, we ask why the other Simsons have a version of the Roger/Roser Coat. This Simson Coat has what looks like a hawk in crest, and Axelrods/Haukeswells (named Hawkeswell location) share the axe on red with Simms'. The three Axelrod axes are in the colors of the three Halpert/Halbert axes. That butterfly yesterday pointed to both David Axelrod and Mike Rogers. We now ask why German Rosers/Rose's show nothing but roses in the colors of the lone rose in the Halper Chief. Mandy Simson lives 1,000 miles away or more from Albert, but when he died, she was visiting me at the time, and we went to his funeral.

She visited me twice, in back-to-back years, and on one of those occasions I took her, a Texan, skiing (ha-ha). It jibes with Albert having gone to work at Whistler ski resort. I took her to Blue Mountain ski resort in Collingwood, and it just Blowers my mind to find that the Collingwoods with a stag-head version of the English Roger Coat!!! WOW. Collingwoods share the Knee / Needham stag heads, and Needham Dyke is in the Halper write-up!!! I had no intention of looking up Collingwoods when starting on Mandy's visits. I didn't consciously know that Collingwoods have a version of a Roger Coat, though I might have covered this in the recent past when comparing the Roger/Roser and Simson Coats, though not likely with Mike Rogers in the picture. It appears that Mike Rogers and George Papadopoulos are both whistle-blowers to which Albert points. The Admiral butterfly was on the axe head, and Halper-like Halperts share the Axelrod axes.

Behold. English Alberts use a savage with a SLEDGE hammer over the shoulder, and Sledge's/Sleys/Sleighs (Essex, same as Owls/Howls), in the colors and format of Halperts/Halberts (no surprise), share a lion in Crest holding a gold fitchee with Halpers (no surprise but welcome)!!! Plus, the Sledge/Sley Coat has three owls in the colors and positioning of the three Howell towers, and Jim Baker, Halper's buddy at ONA, was pointed to by Lovey and Thurston Howell!!! We can thus be confident that Mike Rogers has snitched on Halper, at least. Rogers makes Bill Barr look like a criminal, and in fact Barr has acted the obstructionist criminal to date, and seems to be pushing arrests into the future hoping he never needs to make them.

As Sledge's are with a savage in the Albert Crest, it's notable that Savage's/Sava's share the black lion paw with Quints (Essex, same as Sledge's) who in turn have their lion paw holding a gold fitchee, the color of the Sledge, Halper and Halp fitchees. We can then take this to Quint-like Quinns who share the winged and giant horse of Gilligans!!!!! HOW'BOUT THAT. At age 13, I was transferred to another school, where I met Norman Miles and DENNIS Quinn, the latter remaining a close friend until my early 20s, at which time I met Albert. Dennis' have three axes colors reversed from the Halpert/Halbert axes, and I'm wondering why. Miles'/Minnes' share the Chief-Shield colors of Rogers/Rosers, you see.

Recall the link of Master/Misters / Minsters to Miles'/Minnes', for Masters/Misters share the Albert griffin, we may assume, because both surnames were first found in Kent.

Quinn's parents were from Bracebridge, and Bracebridge's share the Shield of English Champagne's while French Dennis' were first found in Champagne with Sauvage's. Nobles of the latter place married a woman from AVESNes on the HELPe river, and Halps are also Helps while the potent-crutch pattern on the bend of French Champagne's is shared (in different form) by AVEZZANo's.

Quinn's sister punched Barry in the mouth (lip started to drip blood) one freaky evening where God made two prediction for that night, both of which came true, one of which involved Miss Quinn. This is the same Barry that I think points to Bill Barr. If the significance of Quinns is as per their Gilligan kin, then we could say that Baker and/or Halper have punched Barr in the lip, so to speak, perhaps making him afraid to make arrests.

The potent cross of heraldry is fashioned on the shape of the upper T-shape of a crutch probably because it involves the Crutch/Crooch surname. Croce's/Cross' (Lincolnshire, same as Bracebridge's) use a potent cross, but then Croziers, in the Bracebridge Crest, are also Crossier's. Bracebridge's share the English Champagne Shield while French Champagne's use the crutch design, we now understand all that. Dennis Quinn was from Bracebridge as a boy, and while Dennis' can have the Halpert axes, Champagne's Dennis' share the Alan fesse while Eschyna de MOLLE married both Robert CROCE and Mr. Alan. The Eschyna-like Eskins/Erskins show no Shield symbol but a single pale bar in the colors of the pale bar formed by griffins of English Wills, who in turn share the axe in Crest with Scottish Wills who in turn share, "As God wills," with the Bracebridge motto. Especially if the Wills have a halpert axe, this points to Stefan Halper because he was a MOLE into the Trump team.

The "As" motto term can be for Ass's because they use an fasces having an axe head. It makes Ass' suspect from one of the two Axe rivers in Somerset. As Scottish Wills are also Willis', the brown bird in the Crest of English Willis must be the rising hawk in the Coat of Habs/Hobs (Berwickshire, same as Scottish Wills). I've red the Hab/Hob description to know it's a hawk, and the Axelrods/Haukeswells can apply here. The fretty shield of Modens/Modeys (Berkshire, same as Willis') is in colors reversed with Willowbys. Many heraldic axes are called battle-axes, and Battle's (Berwickshire) share a giant gold griffin with Alberts (more evidence that Halperts/Halberts were Alberts). The Will/Willis griffins are in both colors of the Battle griffin.

The swan head of English VELIS'/Vale's/FALE's (in Vail/FALES colors), and the WELLES' to which Willis' are traced, suggest Sions/Swans, from Sion of WALLIS canton. If they all descend from William the Conqueror too, who was born from a woman of FALAISE, let's repeat that Oullette's/Willi's were from Normandy's Falaise. Williams share the gyronny of Hap/Hop-like Hoppers/Happers. English Velis'/Vale's (Vail/Fales eagle) share the red fitchee cross of Luffs/Loveys, a pointer to Lovey Howell. Owlincidence?

As we just saw Alberts leading to Owls/Howls, might the Wills be of the Willi variation of Owl-suspect OULlette's? In the first dream with Joe Oullette, he was clearing snow off of the BUMPer, and Bumps happen to share a red griffin with the Wills sharing most of the Bracebridge motto. I've just found WILtons (Essex, same as Owls/Howls) with a brown owl in Crest, a good find. It reminds that Spanish OLivers/Olives' have the brown owl (as do Targets/Taggerts). Why was it at the back bumper since the front bumper is at the hood while owls go "hoot"? I'll think about a possible answer someday. The back door of the van was open.

As I wrote many months ago on the day I had the dream: Oullette "started to SHOVEL snow into [the SQUARE container] from his rear bumper. I dumped the snow out." Square's/Squirrels were first found in WORCEStershire with Halpers, and Oullette's have a Coat version of the Workes'/Works (Essex, same as Willtons and Owls/Howls) Coat while in this week's dream with Oullette and snow, he was doing some WORK! Shovels are in Halpert/Halbert colors and format. So, we just can't get off of pointers to Halper the mole, criminal con-artist with a host of conspirators that Barr permits to do further damage to the nation. I predict we haven't seen the full meaning for the shovel.

Oh wait. Shovels are also Shoulers while the Albert griffin is said to hold or swing a sledge over hi SHOULDER. Shoultz's/Shouldhams, with a griffin in Crest, have a giant bird in Shield in the colors of the giant Albert griffin. Griffins use the motto, "Ne vile VELIS," and Scottish Velis' are also the Wills we crossed earlier having most of the Bracebridge motto. Plus, that square container can be deemed a box, for Box's have griffin heads in the colors of the Albert griffin. Ahh, Box's were first found in Wilton-like Wiltshire, and Wilts/Wilders share the savage with Alberts! The Wilt/Wilder savage HOLDs a tree, and Holders (compare with Dunhams) use a griffin in the same colors again. Eric Holder must be protecting many of Obama's crimes.

Bumps (Leto/Lette colors) were first found in Gloucestershire with Letts/Late's, which may indicate that God had the snow taken from the bumper to tell that Oullette's were an Owl-Lett merger. This was the dream with man having owl eyes. Snowdens were first found in Berwickshire with the Lauders/LETTers having both colors schemes of the Bump griffin. Shovels first found in Hertfordshire, in the London area of the first-known Tooths (share Bump / Letter griffin). That all seems to work great because Halper was pointed to by my tooth that split in HALF, and which had a fistula bump until after it split in half. A fistula bump (on the gum below the tooth) has the purpose of issuing bacteria in PUS, and Bumps are also BumPUS'. The shark had its teeth clamping down on the bulldog HALFway between its head and tail. Halps/Halfs were first found in Gloucestershire Bumps/Bumpus', you see. It means that God arranged my tooth's infection, etc., for a pointer to Halper.

Shovels are in the colors and format of Childs (Hertfordshire) who are in turn said to have been in Wanstead while Wansteads/Weiners share the Shovel fleur-de-lys.

Pointer to John B. Poindexter

When I was telling about the FISTula, I loaded Poindexters because they share the Fist/Faust fist. I noted again that while they have a horizontally-split Shield of Groce's/Greggs, the latter had come up as per the grocery store in Bracebridge where the Russian medallion was found. That medallion-on-HOOD pointed to Scottish Bauds (share HODEley quadrants), first found in Stirlingshire with the Nemo's in the Poindexter motto. It had me asking, months ago, what John B Poindexter, co-conspirator in the murder of judge Scalia, has to do with the Russian medallion.

I can now see a pointer to Poindexter in the bumper dream with Oullette. The Poindexter Crest is an "Esquire's helmet." Squire's are listed with Square's. You decide what it could mean. After Oullette shoveled the snow into the SQUARE container, I dumped it out. Why did I do that? To what does that point? I then felt bad for taking this container from someone's home, and went to bring it back. I climbed about three stairs = SCALA to a a typical WALKway that had been cleared / shoveled of snow. I walked all the way down this walkway and put the container back where I had picked it up, near the house. The man sitting on a chair with the big-round eyes / glasses was not on the porch, but on the lawn. English Lawns/Lane's, with the horizontally-split Shield of Poindexters in colors reversed, have one star in the colors of the Walk and Snowden stars, and Walks share the Snow fesse. The upper half of the same Lawn/Lane Shield has stars in the colors of the Poindexter star. Irish Lawns/Lane's share the red fleur-de-lys with Walks.

There's more, for Walks were first found in Dumfries with CLOSEburn, and Close's/Clovse's share the walk stars. The Close chevron is in the colors of the walk fesse, and while Gards share the Close chevron, "Gard" is a motto term of the Lawns/Lane's having the same star. Close's have black hunting horns with gold striping, same as the weights. The Dexter Crest have weight SCALES, can you believe this, that are called simple, "weights." PoinDEXTERS!!! John B Poindexter, according to his own words, invited SCALia to his ranch when about 30 men from his International Order of Saint Hubertus were going to be there, and Scalia was murdered that weekend after, according to Poindexter, he sat at dinner beside Poindexter. There was no autopsy because it was an evil conspiracy, for with Scalia on the supreme court, there were too many cases being won 5-4 in favor of the Republican side.

Scalia was murdered mid-February, 2016, about the time that election season was starting, and with enough time for Obama to replace Scalia with a hard leftist slob. But it was not to be because Obama lad lost the Senate and the House in 2012, allowing Republicans to keep Obama's appointment to the court from happening. And then Trump won the white house, and he thereby got the choice to replace Scalia. That's one reason that the leftists were up in arms against Trump. The leftist badly want the supreme court; it's there EVERYTHING.

I might ignore the inclusion of Snowdens above for a pointer to Edward Snowden except that Edwards have a near-copy of the Close Shield. Instead of the three Close stars, Edwards have two of them and replace one with the stag head of Leggs (Dumfries, same as Closeburn). Both white stag heads have gold antlers. Unless God points to different, UNRELATED things with the same dream or scene in a dream, I can't figure out the relevance between Edward Snowden and John B. Poindexter (not to be confused with another John Poindexter)...except that I've read that Snowden had been to Saint Petersburg, Russia. The MEDALlion at the grocery store pointed to that city. The Medals/DOUGALs can be from Castle DOUGLas, near Closeburn.

In the 1979 dream, Mrs. Kilpatrick (Miss Hicks) was at the hood of a car. I knocked off one morning discussing she at the hood, and when I went to town, that's when the Saint-Petersburg Russia medallion was found on my hood. Kilpatrick castle was at Closeburn. She lives in Texas with John B. Poindexter. What in tarnation can all of this mean?

I have found more evidence that my touching her knee (after she was at the hood) is a pointer to the on-on-knee ritual of the leftists. I touched her leg, right? Repeat: "I've only just noticed the "tentaMINE" motto term of Leggs. Mine's are listed with the Minne's I've been mentioning. I'll come back to this." Minne's are a pointer to Minnesota's riots. Then, the "Gaudet" motto term of Leggs reminded me of Gelders/GeltSAYERs sharing the blue-on-white Knee bend. Gaudets/Goders (share hunting horns with Golders/Goalds) use a blue bend too, but in both colors of the Over bend, and she was HOVERing OVER the car seats when I touched her knee/leg.

Gelders/Geltsayers were first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs using shoes, and the Shoe's use a "knight issuing at the knees," what a lucky strike, for the lone Shoe star is also the lone Poindexter star! What in tarnation? Yes, that's right, for English Trips use "SCALing ladders," code for ladder-using Scalia's!!! BINGO-BANGO. And Sayer-like Saiers are the Sauers sharing the Sorry lion.

One solution to this mystery is that the boss of the International Order of Saint Hubertus lives in Mexico. Scalia's dead body was taken too-quickly to El-Paso, on the Mexican border, and the rulers of El-Paso and/or its county were complicit with the conspiracy, probably from prior to the killing, or the crime couldn't have succeeded so well. Leftists have been backed my Mexican stunts of anarchy since Trump took office, but no one back in 2016, at Fox, wanted to make an issue out of the possibility that Scalia was murdered. Things have changed since then; half the Fox people are now conspiracy nuts hurray! Is there a reason as to why Jewish Gelders share the German Bush Coat?

The "tentamine" motto term of Leggs can be partly for Tints, who have the Newsome quadrants in colors reversed. As soon as I touched her leg, we were emBRACEd as a pointer to Bracebridge i.e. to the Bracebridge GROCEry store, and to Groce's/Greggs having a split-Shield colors reversed from the same of Poindexters. Plus, the Knights expected in the Shoe knight have a variation in their write-up like the Nith river, location of Closeburn / Kilpatrick castle. Very compelling material. But how can Edward Snowden be a part of these things? He's even a Democrat.

It's possible that Snowden may try to get forgiven by the Trump administration by finding and sharing parts of the Hillary conspiracies against Trump that may be locked up in some Russian minds. Recall Danny Snow, for Dannys were first found in Wiltshire with Edwards (the latter have the Legg stag head on a Close-like Shield). Danny's girlfriend at the time I knew him was PATTY RICE, and Pattys have a coat like that of NITTs/Naughts, first found in Dumfries with the NITH river. What a "coincidence". Rice's are also Race's, and the Hispanic group, "La Raza," means "The Race." Race's/Rice's share the gold dog of Chaffens.

Another helpful pointer. Danny Snow worked for Tony Campania (BP station), and Campanio's are like the Champions, the English branch of which shares the three trefoils of Eva's/Eve's, the latter looked up as per the "aevi" motto term of Race's/Rice's. It tends to help prove that God set Tony and Snow up, and Patty with Snow. But does this necessarily point to racist La Raza? If we thing the Leggs have pointed to the anarchic leftists, see that Eva's/Eve's have three legs in Crest. They are the sort of three legs used for the Arms of Man, and the latter arms share ravens with the other Rice's/Rees', these ones being in the colors and format of tent-using Tintons. It's Leggs have a "TENTamine" motto term. The Legro river is a pointer to George Soros, who funded a La Raza organization. The same La Raza, or somethings related, formed a business partnership with the MINNESota Twins baseball club, and the "tentaMINE" can be also for the Minne's.

A year ago or more, I purchased a bag of grass seed for the area over and beside the septic tank, but the wood-sorrel weeds just kept coming all year into fall, including all over the 3 acres of semi-cleared area that I was tending. I'd pick the weeds as they came out, walking along on my knees to relieve back pain from stooping. God must have loved watching me because He wasn't helping to wipe these weeds away with His own hand. I had conquered most of the tall weeds by then.

I didn't want to plant grass until the weeds stopped coming, or I'd step all over the new grass pulling them out. This spring, because the weeds stopped coming above and beside the septic tank, I laid out some grass seed, and while very few weeds popped up in this area after the grass appeared, the other areas were all as bad as they were last year, not a change at all. So what's the message of this story in conjunction with the first pigeon I had ever seen here, that landed beside the septic tank a couple of years ago, then walked on the dirt and sorrel weeds above the septic / stool tank, then flew away?

Well, the heart-shaped weed is called wood sorrel, and Woods were first found in Leicestershire with the Soar river, and Soars are also Soros-like Sors', sharing the lion of Legro's because the Soar river is also the Legro river. Sorrys (share Sauer lion) share the fasces (with axe head) with Ass'. And Sorrels share the double lions of Whistle's while the latter share the lozenges of stool-like Stolls (there is no Stool surname coming up) who actually have a dove = pigeon in Crest. The stool pigeon above is also a whistle-blower, right? And Stolls (shown properly as Staywells) were first found in Somerset, same as Whistle's. Pigeons make a "coo" sound, like the coup against Trump by the leftist weed infestation. Cowes'/Coo's were first found off the Dorset coast, and Soars/Sors with George's were both first found in Dorset with the Chaffens sharing the Race/Rice dog.

My take is that the grass seed growing, with the sorrel weeds finally subsided, is that a certain stool pigeon snitched on a group(s) funded by George Soros, and that this may involve the work of Chuck Grassley.

I'd like to revisit the Stolls to show how a stool pigeon could affect Soros assets in Ukraine. Repeat from earlier in this update: "Penhallam is said to have been formerly owned by Newells (Somerset, same as Coffers/Coffare's), an obvious branch of News'/Nuces." They share the hourglass shape in colors reversed from one another. We read: "'The manor of Penhallam, which extends into the parishes of POUNDstock, Week St. Mary, and BOYTON, was formerly in the family of Newell of Somerset.'" The write-up of Pounds shows how delinquent houseofnames can be, for while it traces the surname to "an enclosure where animals were kept," it traces Ponds, with a version of the Pound / Ponder/Pounder Coats, to a pond of water. That's how little houseofnames takes precautions in its claims for derivations. I catch houseofnames in myriads of similar off-the-wall / simple-minded fabrications.

My point is that I traced the News/Nuces Crest to Chapmans (Cambridgeshire, same as News'/Nuces and Ponders) because News/Nuces use chaplets. Chapmans use a "pondere" motto term, you see, making it seem correct to view News' as Chapman / Pond / Pound kin. Then, while Chaplets use black-on-gold swans, the colors of the giant swan once shown for French Josephs, Ponds and Pounds were both first found in Hampshire with Caplan- and Chaplain-related English Josephs...and Bidens. The latter share the fesse of Ponds and Pounds, and thus we have a fairly direct link of Joseph Biden to the stool pigeon pointing to Stolls.

It's important now that Flys, likewise first found in Hampshire, have the martlet of French Josephs in colors reversed, and Flys are in the motto of Drake's (Hampshire) while Pounds use dragon heads for their DRAYton kin, suggesting that Drake's and Draytons were branches of Pendragons. Proto-Stolls were at PEHhallam, near the birthplace of king Arthur with PENdragon as the father, we get it. Poundstock is near Button- and Booth-like Bude, and so Ponds and Ponders can be using the Booth boars. Dragons/DRAYnors are Pendragon kin.

There are a couple of interesting things about the Pound fesse. It's excellent for proving that Butts/Bute's/BOEts, who share the Biden/Button and Pound fesse, are from the Sadducee house of Boethus, for Salome of Boethus is suspect to the Salome's who share the stars on the Pound fesse. Is that not excellent? But there's much more, because, for one, the Scottish Picks/Pike's share the Salome stars too, while the Geddes, with fish heads in the colors of the fish on the Butt/Bute/Boet fesse, use pike fish as code for Pike's.

Stolls share the lozenges forming a cross (in the same colors) with PICKers/Packers/Peckers.

But there's more, for the Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of Boytons/Boydens which we saw naming Boyton at the home of proto-Stoll Stawells. "Boyt" looks like it too can be a Boet liners. Here's the Boyt/Boyd write-up: "As the story goes, Alan, Baron of Oswestry arrived from Dol in Brittany with his three sons, William, Walter, and SIMON. Walter, Simon and Simon's son Robert Buidhe moved north to Scotland." If I recall correctly, Salome Boethus was the (grand)daughter of Simon Boethus. "Buaidh" is a motto term of Medals/Dougals, expected as code for the Bauds who share their quadrants. Plus, Dougals are a branch of Dowels/DOULs (Dol colors).

Flys are expected in the BUTTerflies of Tulls/Tullia's, and Tulls/Tolle's share the checks of Dol-line Stewarts. See a pattern? Are you enlightened? The descendants of Joseph Caiaphas were on the royal throne of Scotland, but also on the royal throne of England as the Normans. The "ConFIDO" motto term of Boyts/Boyds can be expected for the Fido variation of Fothes'/Fette's sharing the Fly chevron. Boyts/Boyds share two fingers pointing with Ponder-like Pointers (Berkshire, same as Windsor castle). The Ponder/Pounder write-up: "Geoffry and Gilbert Ponhere were listed in Normandy (1189-1195) and the same reference lists William PONTIER there in 1198."

[POINDexters escaped me in this conversation, until the next day. The importance of Poindexters is their Podesta-like Puddester variation, for while Hillary's former campaign manager, John Podesta, is framed online as a pedophile, there are white-rabbit images online in relation to an Alex Podesta. ESQUERs/Esquibels, suspect with the ESQUIRE's helmet in the Poindexter Crest, have a white rabbit. Recall how Poindexters were pointed to by the grocery store in Bracebridge, for Bracebridge's share the vaired Shield of Haskels while Esquers are also Esquille's. I now recall the day when I reported, for good reason(s) I have now forgotten, on the newspaper taken from the trash can at the same grocery store; it was taken for the wood I burn in the wood stove. Compare the similarity between the Coats of Tracys/Trasse's (trash-can entity) and Esquers/Esquille's (that's a new find).]

While the News'/Nuces were related to Ponder/Pounder kin (i.e. Chapmans, suspect from Caiaphas), Stolls took the manor of News-branch Newells (storks, I guess), first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's. The Pound stars are also those of Victoria's, and they are in the motto of Coffers/Coffee's.

The stool pigeon walked along the ground over the septic = stool TANK, and Tanks/Tancreds (share red scallops with Boytons/Boydens) are from Tanagra of BOEOTia. As the septic tank is part of my sewer, I'd like to remind that, in a dream where I was shooting pool in Obama's billiard hall, I sewered my shot as a pointer to Obama's Soetoro surname, for Sewers are listed with Suters. Instead of a cue ball, I was shooting a flat piece of paper, though I made it into a paper plane which was found to be code for the Plain variation of Platers (Suffolk, same as Boytons/Boydens). The Platers: "His son, Thomas Playters (died 1479) held Wilborne manor and advowson in Norfolk, SOTTERrley, and Ugshall manor in Suffolk." And the Plains/Platers have a giant fitchee virtually the one of Pounds.

What are the chances, and why should it be, that German Stolls share the hexagram stars of German Sauters/Suters? The end of the Obama dream appeared to have a stool pigeon / whistle-blower who took away Obama's happiness in that dream.

Repeat on my first find of a flies-like surname: "There is a German Fliss/Fliess surname with a wavy bend in the colors of the non-wavy bend of Italian Botters (i.e. like "Butter")". The Tullia butterflies at our service, thanks to the Black Admiral butterfly, and the point is: Platters have three wavy bends in colors reversed to the one of Fliess'/Fliss.' They way to know that Flys are from Tullia's is that Tullia of Lyon was the daughter of Gallia while Gallia's/Galati's (could have been from Galatians) have three bends in colors reversed from the three of Platters. That is, the Gallia bends are in the colors of the Fliess/Fliss bend.

Flys have black roundels called pellets, and Pellets can be gleaned as Pilotte's / Pilate's, from PONTius Pilate. Pellet-like Plate's are in Pilate colors and near-format.

Flys were at Flagi, also called Flavian, and the Rieti Flavians are to surnames with red scallops. Flags are listed with Flecks/Flacks, and Fliess-like Flesh's are listed with Flaxmans/Flachmans/Flashmans. The latter can easily / logically be sharing the two chevrons of Chaplains and Josephs. Chaplain variations are like the Capelli's who own the chapeau (cap) of Bidens/Buttons. Josephus (Roman historian) of the Israeli priesthood was adopted by the Rieti Flavians. It's a wonder that Joseph Biden isn't selling pigeons at the temple in efforts to raise campaign money.

If Biden were to murder Jesus all over again, Bill Barr would not arrest him for fear of hyped liberal-media outrage.

Days after the first pigeon appeared over the sewer system, three pigeons WHIRLled upward, one chasing the other, around a maple tree beside the sewer. "Warily" is a Drummond motto term.

Good morning, Sunday. When the stool pigeon took off from the ground above the septic tank, if flew down the driveway toward the road, and was still going fast as it slipped behind the trees a few feet from the road. It therefore likely flew across the road to the neighbor's place. In case there are goons seeking where I live, I've neglected to tell the surname of these neighbors. A variation of that surname is essentially the surname of George Soros. Their home is directly across my beaver POND (I've never told this before). None of this was on my mind yesterday, as I wrote this section to this point. The Ponds came to topic with the PoundSTOCK location of Stolls. Coincidence? STOCKs even share the dove with branch in the Stoll Crest.

[I didn't realize while writing here that Drive's were first found in Hampshire with Ponds! The pigeon flew down the driveway!!! God, at your service. But why? The Drive quadrants are in colors reversed from the same of Chives', and the latter share a couple of motto terms with maple's, you see, while Maple's share the split-Shield of Tarves'; Chives' were first found in Tarves, and, appropriate to repeat here: the Tarves Coat is linkable to the Clinton and Hillary Coats.]

Ponds were first found beside the George's, Soars/Sors' and Russells of Dorset. I always trace Russells to the Sauers who share their giant red lion, but this is the lion also of Sorrys, you see. I trace Russells to the Sauer lion because Russells have a "sara" motto term while Sarah's are also Sayers, like the Saier variation of Sauers.

George's are from George, father of Drummonds, who married a woman from PodeBrady, and Bradys share a finger POINTing at the sun with Podebrady connectable Babe's of Dorset. The reason that Babe's are connectable to Podebrady is that the Arms of Podebrady uses a gold gate, and a "gold gate" is used also by English Babels/Babwells. This is super, and not only because we saw fingers pointing with the Boyds/Boyts and Pointers while on the Ponder and Poundstock topics. Don't you find it amazing that we found Pointers while speaking on a beaver pond across the road from a family having a surname that itself has a variation like the surname of George Soros?

George's have a blue fesse, same as Beavers. I'm wondering whether God arranged something with Beavers, as per the beaver pond. George's share the blue dove with Waistells/Wessels, who look like a branch of Whistle's/Wissels, first found in Somerset (beside Dorset) with the Stolls (at Poundstock and BOYTon) whose lozenges they share. German Beavers/Biebers are also Biebel/Beybels, and German Babe's are also Babels i.e. probably part of the Podebrady line that loves the Pond-connectable Pointers. It appears arranged by God to have the stool pigeon point to Beavers/Biebers.

It was just last night when Drudge had a story of Justin Bieber. Justins were kin of Ass' who come up as "Ise," and Ice's/Ecke's are a branch of English Eggs while German Eggs happen to share the diagonally-split Shield of Beavers/Biebers/Beybels. English Eggs were first found in Cheshire with the Weavers sharing the Beaver fesse in both colors, and if you think these things appear Arranged, it could be due to Ise's/Ass' sharing the fasces with Sorrys.

Weavers and Beavers share the fesse of Cheshire's Hazels/HESSELs, and Hesse's show a Hessel variation while the first Rothschild, a Beaver-like Bauer, had influential connections to Hesse-Cassel. Beavers/Biebers were first found in BAVARia with Rothes'/Rothchilds. Does it make sense that Soros should be part of some socialist-Rothschild group? Do the Russells in this picture indicate Russia-involved Rothschilds? Was Bernie Sanders fronted by such Rothschilians?

German Eggs and Irish Sanders use white roundels called plates. Recall the Plains/Platers having nearly the Pound fitchee. It gets interesting where sanders have a broken sword beside their plates, in the colors of the Sword swords. swords are from Siward of Northumberland, closely related to Heslington hall, and Heslingtons are also HAZELtons. Plus, Siward defeated king MacBeth in 1054 while I had found and reported (buried in my files, not easy to dig up) that George above was in Scotland in 1055. His son (Maurice Drummond) followed soon after, and I happen to trace them to the Ross clan, interesting not only because Ross' have the Russell lion in colors reversed, but because "Sword" is like "Schwartz, the birth surname of George Soros! In fact, checking, Swords come up as SWARTs!!! Schwartz's come up as "Swarts." They use a giant rose while Rose's lived beside the Ross'!!! WOW.

The Sword write-up: "Sword was the name of the victor over MacBeth at the battle of Dunsinnan in 1054." INCREDIBLE, because the stool pigeon walked on my sewer, and Sewards/Showers have this: "Siward, Earl of Northumberland (d. 1055), called Digera or 'The Strong', was a Dane..." As Ice's/ECKE's were at ROStock, note that Swarts/Swords have "wings EXpanded." There is no Pand / Panded surname, but Panders/Panters share the fesse of George's, interesting where Siward died in the year that George came over (from Hungary / Bohemia, I assume). His father was king Andrew of Hungary, and Ross' are said to derive in one Andrew.

Sewers/Suters (could be the Sarah/Sayer leopard) were first found in Angus with earls of MAR at KilDRUMMy castle, suspect from/with MAURice Drummond. George may have married a Ms. Drummond from Podebrady.

On Obama's pool table, I took a SHOT and missed the red ball. The paper plane went straight into a corner pocket. Shots/Shute's, like the Suter variation of Sewers, share the three swords (different positioning) of Swords. How about that, for it seems that the Obama dream was also a pointer to Soros. Swiss Sewers share a giant rose on black Shield with Schwartz's!!! God's a genius. The Sewer/Suter write-up: "...Colin, son of Angus Souter, held lands in 1264." Colins share triple-red fesses with Scottish Drummonds. The Colin bend could be the same one of Gelders, first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds. Maurice Drummond married a sister of Malcolm III (killed MacBeth in 1957, two years after George arrived), and MalCOLMs are also Colin-like Callams / Columns, we get it. Malcolms (possibly the Great saltire) share the red stag with Gelder-connectable Celts/Colts (Perthshire, same as Drummonds).

The pool CUE was suspect as a pointer to Perkins COIE because the cue ball started as a page lying flat on the table, what seemed like a pointer to Lisa and/or Carter Page. Perkins share a "simplex" motto term with Sorrys! You see, Soros was on that table, and it was (and may still be) a Soros-involved scheme to get Trump through Hillary's lawyer at Perkins Coie. Soros was afraid that Trump would ruin his Ukraine plans to thwart Russia, for the Obama-Soros team removed the pro-Russia president of Ukraine.

The white Sewer rose is in both colors of the Sax rose, but there is a white rose also on the bend of Sorrys (said to be from Saxonite peoples), first found in Lancashire with Chaplet-loving Saxons...and Plate's/Blatts, the latter being a likely pointer with Platers to Hillary's private email server at Platte River Networks (Denver, same as a Perkins Coie office). Plate's/Blatts could be a branch of Gelder-beloved Blade's (Gelders use a "blade"), for they share the saltire of Scottish Franks, and Blade's are said to be from Drago de Bewere, a Beaver-like surname if ever we saw a beaver pond connectable to Soros. Drago recalls the dragon heads of Pond-branch Pounds who in turn are suspect with the rare fitchee of Plains/Platers!

Plate's/Blatts are connectable both to French Mars, and to the Platers having three wavy bends in colors reversed from the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds. It's perfect, because I fashioned the page into a paper plane so that I could shoot it, and Plains are listed with Platers, first found in Suffolk with Platers of Soetoro-like Sotterley. Obama's father-in-law was Mr. Soetoro. Hicks have Hikke de SAUTEby. Hicks and Saxons share chaplets.

Saxon-beloved Chaplets were first found in Lorraine, and Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with Siward. I traced the latter to Swietoslawa, wife of Mieszko I, and Richeza of Lorraine married Mieszko II. This family was directly related to Casimir of Poland (married the Rus of Kiev, as did king Andrew) while Casimirs share the antler with German Stolls. The latter are in Schwartz colors, hmm. The Lorraine's, and the Arms of Lorraine, share the Piast eagle. Mieszko's were Piasts. The Sorry rose is easily connectable to the Russell-Ross family, and Lorraine (a JW) pointed to Charles Taze Russell.

Thanks to Lorraine the babe, whose grass stain on pants pointed to Panders/Panters, I discovered Penders/PenderGRASS' to go with that event, and as English Grasse's look connectable to Penders/Pinders, it seems that the new grass now growing over the entire septic system (pipes in bed included) relates to this Siward & Soros picture. The Pender/Pinder lion head is in the colors of the giant one of Podebrady-like Brads/Bratts. Belgian Pratts share the saltire of German Franks, first found in Podebrady. German Bratts share the gold border with Greats and Justins/Justus' (Perthshire, same as Drummonds and Wings/Winks) and other lines from Grass-like Gratian the Elder (father-in-law of Justine, daughter of Justus). Greats/GREEPs are very linkable to Grazio's via Crispins/CREPins.

Pendergrass' are also PenderGASTs while Gasts/Gass'/Gascons were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds. The latter use three fesses in the colors of the triple chevrons of Grace's/Grasse's, perfect. I don't know the surname, and neither does anyone else seem to know, of George's Bohemian wife. Not everyone mentioning George knows of this wife. Penders/Pendergrass' were first found in Pembrokeshire with Stoll-related Stocks (named Poundstock), making Penders look like a branch of Ponders/Pounders.

The Pendergrass motto is two words reversed from the two-word motto of the Keith Catti, who were from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel. They named Caithness, where Scottish Andrews were first found who have this: "This family was strongly associated with the Clan Ross. It was originally known as the Clan Siol Andrea, meaning the race of Andrew." The Andrew saltire looks like a colors-reversed version of the English Frank saltire while both German Franks were first found in Bohemia.

George Soros looks like he was part of George's line as it linked up with the Swart/Sword line of Siward. The Sword write-up traces to Siward. That stool pigeon was definitely a pointer to someone snitching on the Soros people, and God may want the credit for this.

Pound-related Draytons, by the way, may be using the gold HOOVER / HOOTer bird leg. As the latter two relate to Miss Hicks at the hood of, and then HOVERing in, her car, note that Hicks use a "bon" motto term while Draytons have a gold-lion version of the Bono Coat, perfect because Bono's were first found in Milan with the Gallia's having the triple bends of Platers in colors reversed. Draytons were DRAGHtons in Yorkshire, where Hicks' were first found. The Draytons (thought to have been of CAER Draithon) share the Bonn and Bone lion, and Bone's have a Bohemia-likely Bohum variation. In this picture, the Bonns may have the spread eagle of Hotts.

Miss Hicks' hair smelled like dust one morning as a pointer to Smells ("inDUSTRia"), and therefore to Joe Biden smelling the hair of ladies. Hotts were first found in D'Oust, while Dusts/D'Ousts (Oxfordshire, same as Bonns) share the light-skinned Moor head (same design) of Swords! Dusters share the armored arms with Brace's, and she had taken both by hands (embraced hands) when I smelled her hair (probably a wig). In the hovering scene, she was sleeping as code for the Selepitanoi Illyrians as they formed the SLEEPs, first found in Shropshire (SALOP) with Draytons and neighboring hales, explaining why the Draytons and hales share the same split Shield. Lookie: "[Drayton] is supposed to have been one of the principal cities of the Britons, named Caer-Draithon, and was the Roman station Mediolanum." Mediolanum was the name of Milan! Zinger.

The map at the webpage below shows Mortone-Say right beside Drayton, and Cleffs/Cliffs (Cheshire, same as Hales) were at Mortone-Say!!! I was wearing the treble-clef tie when I smelled her hair!!! Hixons/Hicksons use the bird leg too. Sleeps were at Shropshire's Sleap, beside Tilley, and Tilleys/Tile's (Dorset) use the dragon. Sleap is about a dozen miles west of Drayton, and HODnet is between them. Hodnets (Fast / Falstaff quadrants used in the Arms of Rothschild) have the Hodley / Baud / Medal/Dougal quadrants in colors reversed. The latter three surnames apply to the Bracebridge grocery store, and as that's what pointed to Poindexter, let's repeat that Poindexters share the Fist/FAUST fist. Hodleys were even first found in Sussex with Bone's/Bohums, now linkable to Draytons.

OH WOW! The Hodley Crest has the Stoll dove with a three-leaved branch in its mouth. I assume it's an olive branch, and Olive's use the owl. The Olive-like Leafs/Leve's have a dove too, and some leaves. Essentially, the Soros people are now being cast at the hood and hover scene of the 1979 dream that started with a shark. The Ukraine's Kolomoisky has a shark tank, according to one writer. Sleap is in Myddle, and Middle's (Shropshire) use ragully, suspect with Ragusa, a home of Shark-liner Saraca's. The latter lived previously in Kotor, beside RHIZON (near Selepitanoi), and when I woke her from sleep, Miss Hicks and I were RISING together into the sky (very nice part of the dream).

Middle's share the red border on white Shield with Scotts and Scoots/Skugals, whom I always trace to lake SCODra, smack at the land of the Selepitanoi!!! It's good to have this Middle evidence to prove that Sleeps were from Selepitanoi. See also the red border of Talbots, first found in Shropshire. Meads were a branch of Middle-like Medleys, and Arthurs of Clapton married both Hicks' and Meads. Motleys (Odin/HODDy / Otone kin) were at Shropshire's Medlicott, and they have a form of the Drayton / Bono Coat; Bono's were first found in Milan with OTTONE Visconti.


Late in the week, John Ratcliffe spoke out without a minute to spare against the New York Times as it reported what appears to be a wholesale fabrication supposedly obtained from an Intelligence agency. The Times story was fashioned to make Trump look bad. The NYT didn't expect Ratcliffe to come to bat for Trump. What a difference a normal, law-abiding man at the helm of Intelligence makes. From now on, leftist media who push fabricate stories from leftist Intelligence blocs will think twice about doing it, and probably won't. Here's the story...unless they want to get burned:

The best-possible thing is happening: COVID cases are increasing (hurray), but deaths are not. PERFECT. Unless you want to stand outside in line to get into stores all frigid winter long, let's everyone get a whiff of this virus and get past it. Otherwise, they are going to vaccinate us all by force (big penalty if we refuse). The best time to get this virus is in summer, when it is weaker in the air. It's a free vaccine without the danger of Fauci and company. Just don't cough or sneeze toward anyone. Keep a fan on a window sill or table and blow the air out of your home 24 hours per day (unless there's wind) now that it's hot out. Drudge is acting like the sky is falling due to the increased cases. Expect the death-toll and new-case numbers to be exaggerated because the left needs this to defeat Trump.

The longer we all wear masks, the longer we merely postpone getting the virus. Does that have any wisdom at all? If we all stayed in a bubble for three weeks, we could wipe the virus from human bodies everywhere. The virus will always be in some people, and won't vanish until the majority of a population gets it. It's smarter to just get it now, in summer. Breathe on someone today, and start socializing again, because the left loves it when people aren't socializing. The devil loves a cold, faceless (behind-a-mask) humanity. You cannot trust any political story in a leftist media, NOTHING. It's got a 50-percent chance of being a fake job for some purpose.

Roger Stone's judge, his mortal enemy, has a Jackson surname that is in the colors and format of English Rogers, and the Jackson Crest shares a courant horse (different color) with the Roger/Roser Crest. Stone's share cinquefoils (different colors) with Jacksons. Coincidences? Stonelys/Stanleys share the same bend as French Rogers. French Rogers were at Savoy with the first-known Aude's, and Stanleys/Stoneleys are said to descend from Audleys (of Staffordshire). Is God pointing to this due to leftist tyranny and injustice? Why didn't Barr do something for Stone as he did for Flynn? The Flint/Flynt "flint stones" are almost Flynn Stones. When Barr sees political-activist judges abusing people from the opposing party, does he chose to be a media puppet rather than a man of justice? Looks like.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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