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June 16 - 22, 2020

Lorraine's Religion Pointing to Atlanta Killing
Russells Taze George Brooks
A Rothschild Egg in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Looks Like it's Got Ice-Cream on its Face

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

OH WOW LOOK. I was checking out the Newtons yesterday (Monday), because the last update's entry of NUEVO Rodeo brought them to mind, though I can't recall how aside from Nuevo's being also Novo's. I knew that Newtons used shin bones, and had loaded both Shin surnames to see what I could find as per a connection to Chauvin...I had seen that Irish Shins/Shannons sharing a black dog with Chauvin-like Chaffens, and so I put this on my to-do list for today. I hadn't given it enough time, yesterday, to let it sink in that I always link Shins to the Skins/Skene's who happen to share the Chauvin wolf heads in both colors!!! (Load Shins in order to load other surnames to follow much better).

Oh wow, Newtons have an "eastern prince" in Crest, and Prince's use PINEapples while it was a Mr. Pinney who revealed that Chauvin and Floyd both knew each other from Nuevo Rodeo! Wait until you get a load of the French Pines. Plus, Eastern-like Easters/Sturs are a branch of English Sturs who in turn share triple-red fesses with English Shins/Chine's!!! I'll show you why those exclamation marks are warranted, but first I'd like to say that the Stur river flows through Dorset, where Chaffs/Chaffee's and Chaffens were first found.

The English Shins/Chine's (Somerset, likewise touching upon the Stur river) share the Coat of Kemmis'/Kenys' whom I always link to Kims/M'Kins/M'Shimmie's. Here's what was added to the last update, yesterday, placed in the discussion upon crossing the freezer that appeared in a recent dream (few weeks ago):

I'm looking at freezer-like Frasers because the video of Chauvin and Floyd was taken by Darnella Fraizer. I'll report anything I find in the next update. The freezer dream was recent, perhaps shortly before the Floyd death. Darnells happen to share the Sors/Soar and Legro lion. Chauvin had his leg on Floyd's neck. Floyd was on the ground, we could say, while Grounds/Crannys have a wolf in half the colors of the Floyd wolf heads, the point being that while Fraizers/Frasers share the KIM Coat, "proXIMi' is a Ground/Cranny motto term. It just so happens that while the two men both worked for Nuevo Rodeo, the English Grounds have a version of the Rhodes Coat. I just do not see an heraldic way to link the Chauvin event to the freezer dream, however, but I'll check this out as I have time.

That is very impressive stuff, and Fraizers/Frasers share the cinquefoils of French Pine !!! English Pine's share pineapples with Prince's!!! English Pine's share ermined-white on red with Prince's (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes'), and the ermined-white cross of Prince's is engrailed and colors reversed from the same of Rhodes!!! NUEVO RODEO, thanks to NEWtons! We got to these things with the claims of Mr. Pinney!!! AMAZING. Plus, the regent(s) of boy-king Pinnes of the Ardiaei were on the island of Issa, also called, Vis, and "Vis" is a Floyd motto term!!! Irish Arthurs share the ermined-white on red chevron with Pine's, and Pinneys are also Penes'. Ermined-white on red is uses also by Darts/Dards (Devon, same as Pine's), from the Dardanians who married an Ardiaei king (Gentius).

Vise's/Vice's are important because they share a cross between antlers with Stage's/Staggs, and a stage has become a symbol suspect now with staging events by the deep-state arm of government. I have a way to get to a stage using Pinney-like Penningtons (Pinneys are Pennys too), for Louise Phillips, whom I dated when she worked at Pennington's clothing, was on a stage in my sleeping-bag dream. Penningtons share blue lozenges with the Louise-like Louis', and the Pennington motto reflects parts of the Phillip motto.

Floyds are in the colors of Freys/Freeze's and the Newton shin bones. The freezer had doubled as a coat closet for a pointer to Dan Coats, and the pale bars of the Coats' are almost those of French Sturs, who are said to have been at TourLAVILLE, same as Easters/Sturs. This is absolutely amazing, for the dream with walk-in freezer / coat closet started with Valery and Ray Luff (old friends of mine) having waving tongues (as green snakes). The dream was verified to be of God partly because Valerys use a "wave" in their Chief, but I now recall, to the best of my recollection, that LAVILLE's/Font-de-Ville's have a lion said to be WAVING a flag.

Here's what I wrote in my 3rd update of January, 2016: "Were Foots n-less Fonts? Is that why Foots use a red griffin waving a flag while Font-de-Villes use a red lion waving a flag?" Unfortunately, I didn't record there which of the two, or both, are said to have a waving flag. This is going to be helpful for adding to my semi-conclusion of the last update, that the Floyd death was a staged, false-FLAG operation.

So, we started with Newton the shin bones to get to the Skins/Skene's having the Chauvin wolf heads, and Chauvin has his shin bone on Floyd's neck. The Newton Crest also took us to Sturs, who either point to Laville's/Font-de-Ville's or were related to them, and English Sturs share three red fesses with Luffs/Love's, Shins/Chine's and English Fonts/Fountains. The Luff/Love lion heads may therefore be the Laville/Font-de-Ville lion. Fonts/Fountains (Norfolk) have a green snake in Crest, and while the Luff tongues were green snakes waving, Hugs, who share the Font/Fountain fesses and lion, were first found in Languedoc with Laville's/Font-de-Ville's. Foots are a branch of Fothes'/Fette's, first found in Aberdeenshire with Skins/Skene's.

As the story goes, Floyd got killed after trying to pass off some phony money at Cup Foods. Note only is the Foot surname also "Food," but Fothes'/Fette's use a cornuCOPia while being first found in the same place as Cups/Cope's. Floyd had a cheek to the pavement with Chauvin's knee on his neck, and the Cheek Crest has the same red fitchee (same design) as per the Luff/Lovey Crest.

This is a good place to mention Laurie of Minnesota, who emailed me for years. Laurie's use a giant CUP.

OH WOW! It wasn't until this morning, shortly before writing the last paragraph, that I remembered my FLAT tire on the day of the treble-clef tie (see last update for that story). As I've said before, it was the rear wheel on the passenger side, and that's the spot where George Floyd was on the GROUND, under Chauvin's shin, at the rear, passenger side of the police vehicle. As I said, "Floyd" is like the Flote/Float surname sharing the chevron of FLATTs/Fletts! Is that not amazing? I didn't know the exact spot that Floyd was on the ground until seeing Fraizer's video of him yesterday.

It doesn't look coincidental that Flote's/Floats (Norfolk, same as Fonts/Fountains) share a black chevron and a black trefoil with Flote-like Foots. That is, it seems as though my waving while on the ground beside a tire pointing to Mr. Floyd doesn't seem coincidental with a Flote-Foot connection. The fact that we have a waving flag in this picture is starting to suggest a false flag, and for this theme we can even use the Pinney surname of the man who revealed the Chauvin-Floyd relationship existing prior to the knee-on-neck event. That claim in leftist media was so hurtful to the insiders who staged the event that they quickly got hold of him and made him change his story:

A man who worked at a Minneapolis nightclub where George Floyd and Derek Chauvin both worked security is retracting a claim the two had a history of not getting along.

David Pinney earlier this week told CBS Evening News that Floyd and Chauvin knew each other “pretty well” while working at El Nuevo Rodeo, a club that was eventually burned down during a riot following Floyd’s death.

...But on Wednesday, Pinney emailed CBS to change his story. Pinney told the outlet he confused Floyd with someone else.

Baloney! He's lying to protect the goons who staged the event, and, IN FACT, his changing the story proves to me that the event was staged. I'm convinced.

Lookie: Pinneys/Pennys share the courant, black greyhound with Palmers (Norfolk) who in turn share the double fesses of Flags/Flecks (Norfolk) and Fleets (Lincolnshire, same as Fleck-connectable Falkingham and Miles'/Minnes'). Amazing. Norfolk is the location of FAKEnham and neighboring Dereham, which got to topic in the last update, both pointing to the Chauvin-Floyd event.

As I've also said, the instant I got my butt on the ground to slip to jack under the flat tire, I saw Miss Hicks driving toward me (to leave the parking lot), and I WAVED at her!!! I did a full-fledged, back-and-forth wave because she had taken my hands in church that morning to pray, but here I find that God caused me to wave like that. The clef-like Cleffs/Cliffs have the Pray/Prater wolf heads in colors reversed, and the Prays have them in white, the color of the Floyd wolf heads. Irish Prays almost use the French Stur Coat, and these Prays do have the six pale bars of Coats while Prays/Preters share a courant horse (different color) with Freys/Freeze's. The white room in the dream seemed to me like a walk-in freezer, but proved to double as a coat closet. My impression is that Intelligence under Dan Coats is responsible for the faked Floyd death and its aftermath.

Plus, while I claim that heraldic wave is code for Weavers / Webbers, English Webbers (Somerset, Stur-river theater), use wavy bars and a "PRAElucent" motto term (!), is that not verification that God was in my waving?

Irish Shins happen to share the Coat of French Chalons, who made it to the last update by being connectable to Chauvin-like Cauvins/Calvins. The latter were at Falaise, suspect with the Fallis'/Falls, and this was the false-like surname I was looking for when saying (last update): "..."FLECtes" is a motto term of Granville's/Grenville's. English Flecks are Flags, and I'm seeking a way to use this as some proof that the Chauvin-Floyd event was a faked, false-flag operation as an excuse for Soros puppets to attack police departments." Fallis/Falls came to mind when writing that.

In my 1979 dream, the bulldog FELL into a POOL, and while Falls-like Fells/Fells' share the Whelan/Failin lozenges, Pools share the Fallis/Falls lion. These are the lozenges also of Louis', blue like the lozenges of Penningtons, and Louise Philips, who was on a stage, was my girlfriend immediately before Miss Whelan was. The last time I saw Louise, she said she was working in "choreography" = stage productions.

The last time I saw Whelan was when getting up from a restaurant table to speak to her. I was sitting with Kepke, and as I got up, he said, "Be non-CHALANT." Chalants are listed with Chalons, and while Chalons-en-Champagne is beside Lorraine, Louis' were first found in Lorraine. The Chalant/Chalon bend is colors reversed from the bends of Lorraine's and Keeps (i.e. like "Kepke").

The stage in the dream was in a mall, and, as was said in the last update, the Bee Coat is linkable to the Mall Coat. "BE NON-chalant." Newtons "non") were first found in Cheshire with Weavers and Malls, and Weavers are a branch of Webbers who in turn share the Bank the fleur-de-lys. Malls have MalBANCs while Banks are said to have been at a Bank Newton location. Newton-beloved Shins share the Chalant/Chalon bend! Bingo. And while Shins link to Kims, Kepke was engaged to Kim Walsh at or about the time I was with Karen Whelan. It's interesting that while German Karens are also Kerns, Irish Kerns (Connaught, same as Floyds) share the Floyd chevron.

One night, when Kepke and Kim had a spat at the La Paloma bar, she left him sitting on a curb outside of my car, got into the passenger seat, and slammed the door. He was sitting just outside the passenger door. I reached over and kissed her on the CHEEK. I've told this before because La Paloma is where I first kissed Miss Peare, before she went over to Kepke, and left me with her friend, Louise Phillips. The Kiss'/Cush's will play into this. Spanish Paloma's share the Pero/Perino pale bar.

This kiss on the cheek is what caused me to recall the Cheeks, and so it was found that they share the same fitchee in Crest with Luffs/Loveys, and it was the Luffs who were in the dream with freezer while Ms. Fraizer may have been paid to do the official, deep-state footage of Floyd's cheek to the pavement. Now I understand that kiss to Kim's cheek, for Fraizers/Frasers share the Kim Coat! BANGO! Kiss'/Cush's use fountains, and we saw Luffs/Loveys sharing three red fesses with Fonts/Fountains!

The same fitchee design is with My's/Mee's/Mea's, suspect in the "my" motto term of the other Scottish Frasers (Kim Coat). The engrailed My/Mee/Mea cross is the one of Newton-beloved Prince's, and while Newtons use an "eastern prince," Easter-related Sturs have three pale bars in colors reversed from the same of Keiths while Frasers lived in the lands of Keith. One pale bar in the colors of the Keith bars is with Darnells. Darnella Fraizer! Plus, the Keith pale bars are almost those of Coats, and the walk-in freezer doubled as a coat closet.

Here's from the last update while on Floyd's neck: "The Nuse's/Nuce's/NEWES' have two of the Necker pale bar...It reminds of NUEVO Rodeo... The Biss', who share the Fleet and Falkingham scallops, make a pale bar out of their scallops in the colors of the NECKer pale bar. Fakenham of Falkinghams pointed to the faked killing by officer Chauvin, and here we find a "noBIScum" motto term of Darnells. It appears to be arranged by God. The Darnell lion is in the colors of the Nobel lion, and "NOBiscum" can also be for Nobs (Norfolk, same as Fakenham) in Newton / Floyd colors while Floyds use a "VIS" motto term. The white bird of Nobs is in the Luff/Lovey Crest with the Cheek fitchee. The Biss Crest has two green snakes "respecting each other," and the VISconti snake, originally green, was called a Bissone-like biscione. The Visconti snake is now blue on white, the colors of the two wavy snakes in the Arms of Bissone, a location in the Ticino canton. Frasers were in Peebles-shire while i trace Peeble's/Peoples' to the namers of Papia/Pavia on the Ticino river.

The Darnell lion is also the Louvain/LOVain lion, and Luffs are also Love's, which is more evidence that God pointed the Luff dream to the Chauvin-Floyd event. Luffs/Loveys were once said to be first found in Suffolk with the MusKETs/MusCATs whose Coat they nearly share. Keiths/KETHs were CATTi, you see, and so what we find here is that Luffs/Loveys were kin of Keith liners, while Frasers (share brown stag head, gold antlers with Keiths) were in the land of Keiths while God put a walk-in freezer in the dream where the Luffs had green snakes for tongues.

The Pepins/People's ("est") have the Webber fleur-de-lys in colors reversed, and as the wavy belongs to Weavers, I think, it's notable that Weavers use "esto." The Pepin bend-with-fleur is with German Rasmussens, first found in Hesse with the Chatti who became the Keith Catti. RasMUSSENs are likely kin of Masons/Massins (Kent, same as Louvains) who in turn share the Louvain /Darnell lion. Darnella Fraizer, at our service! The false-like Fallis'/Falls' were first found in Midlothian (beside the Keiths) with the Mens' in the Pepin/People / Poppin motto.

Peebles/Peoples' share the green parrot with Scottish Pettys, and Irish Pettys (share hexagram of Pero's/Perino's) have a "needle" (of a compass) while Needle's share the Hesse Coat while Nettle's share the Biss snakes respecting each other. Parrots (pears) and Pettys are likely from Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia. English Pettys share the elephant with Mascals (Sussex, same as Vise's) while Keiths are also Mascals. Darnells share the red arrow in Crest with Scottish Pettys, and Nations/Nathans, with compasses, have an arrow in Crest too, which are part of the arrows in the Arms of Rothschilds (share Petty quadrants), used also by Bowers (Peebles-shire).

This is a goodie: the Petty quadrants are shared by Fasts and their FALstaff branch, and they are colors reversed from the same of Medals/Dougals and Bauds. Medals/Dougals share the FALLS' lion, you see, the surname I've suggested for pointing to a false flag, and then McLeods/Clouds/LUTTS happen to use a "fast" motto term and FLAGS!!! GOODIE, we caught the deep state at criminal fakery. The Falls lion is used also by English's in the so-called "English lions" of English Lane's.

Medals/Dougals and bauds were pointed to by the Russian medallion found (by me) at the grocery store, and that event pointed to Groce's sharing the split colors of English LANE's. Floyd is said to have tried to pass a fake $20 bill at Cup Foods grocery, and he then reportedly was sitting in a car with a couple of people, and, as one report tells it, officer LANE yanked Floyd out of that car, though a conflicting report says that Chauvin yanked him out. "The prosecutors say Lane put the gun away once Floyd put his hands on the steering wheel but 'put his hands on Mr. Floyd, and pulled him out of the car' when he ordered him to step out. Floyd then 'actively resisted being handcuffed,' the statement reads" ( article above).

The medallion was found in the hood of my Jeep, and Hoods share the Baud crescents in colors reversed. bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Cheps while Jeepma's are also Cheps, and to this WOW I can now add a new thing because English's were first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels while Handle's / Handells (Moray Coat exactly) share the three stars in the English Chief, which are the three stars also in the Chief of Dougal-like Douglas' (Moray)! It seems that I could not decipher the dream's scene having a barrel-shaped part missing from the door handle of my Jeep until officer Lane entered the picture to give us the English Coat. Rothes castle at Moray belonged to Pool-line Pollocks (Renfrewshire), and Pools share the English lion. Bauds share the Renfrew ship.

Ah, Scottish English's (same Coat) use a "NOBILis est" motto phrase while French Noble's share the bend of Irish Lane's. As Launays are from/of Lane's/Lano's of Brescia, the Nobel lion is likely the blue one in the Arms of Brescia, and also of the Bruce's.

Seeking Pointers to Seattle

At first, even though I found Chops listed with Camps/Champs sharing the Mileham griffin heads, I could not find pointers to the CHOP demonstration in Seattle. I tried using the surnames of the Washington-state governor, and the Seattle Mayor. I loaded Settle's too, and considered Seats, but there were no connections to be found. I loaded Schims too because Inslee's, the surname of the Washington governor, has a SCIMitar in Crest. Schims are also Schiens, and first found in Aberdeenshire with their Skin/Skene branch, very important because the latter share the Chauvin wolf heads. Yet I could not make any relevant links no matter what symbols of these surnames I tried to work with.

But then it hit me: the Schim Chief is the Washington Chief!!! We have a story, because this alone suggests a link between the government-staged Seattle demonstration and the Chauvin-Floyd fake-job that created the excuse to demonstrate.

The Inslee's/Anslee's have two "my" motto terms while My's/Mee's/Mea's were first found in Nottinghamshire with them. Inslee's/ANSlee's are said to have been at ANNESlee of Nottinghamshire, and Annas'/Annes' were first found in Nottinghamshire too. It explains why the Inslee/Anslee cross is in the colors of the similar saltire of Anans/Annandale's as used by Bruce's (has gold background). This is pretty amazing because, while Mamie got her tease symbol at the CAMP site, with her thigh symbol the next day, it pointed to Annas-related Tease's/Thys' (Nottinghamshire). The unexpected Chop variation of Camps (Capone colors and format) was loaded because the demonstrators in Seattle were renamed, CHOP, this week. For an explanation of the tease and thigh symbols, see the last update for those terms.

I've just loaded the Ains' as per a similar variation of Inslee's, and the Ains crescents each have double pale bars in the colors of the same of Seattle-like Seats. I have a way to link Settle's to Fake's, and will do that as I get around to it.

On the evening of the camp fire, I had never really known Mamie before, aside for a spontaneous dance that she and I shared a few weeks earlier in her home while there was a party going on. I don't remember saying anything to her before or after the dance, and I left the party promptly / soon after the dance. I don't remember anything with her but the dance. Neither of us asked the other to dance, we just took each other as we walked close by in the living room.

I left to go see my girlfriend, Lorraine, and when I arrived, she was on a walk with her friend's husband while her friend was on the balcony. The two of us waited for them to return, and when she got back, there was this streak of grass stain on the back of her thigh at the side of her butt, on white pants. I pointed to this stain as she got home, which ended the relationship, yet this seems orchestrated by God to free me up to be with Mamie. The pant stain pointed without doubt to Pansy/PANTzers, first found in Westphalia with Ducks, and the Arms of Bar-le-DUC in Lorraine, France, happens to use pansies.

The point is, the Schims/Schiens use a "DUCE" motto term, and share the dove with Pansys/Pantzers. Is that not amazing? Yes, because the next time I saw Mamie, it was only because my friend, BARRy, coaxed me into going camping (I didn't want to go) with the gang by saying, "Mamie's going to be there." Barry was at the party when I danced with her. German Barrys use fish heads, and the Arms of Bar-le-Duc use fish (maybe BARAcuda).

AHHH, Irish Barrys share bars gemel (twin bars) was proto-Washington Wassa's.

The reason I'm repeating the dance with Mamie is to set up the odd event where, at the camp site, Mamie just took me by complete surprise by sitting herself uninvited on my knees. I do remember that we had not talked until then. She just treated me as though I were her boyfriend all along, and that wasn't the case. Her tease symbol in the tent was maybe an hour away from that point, and so because I remember nothing else after she sat on my lap, right up to the point that we were getting into the sleeping bag for her tease event, there's got to be something important to find with her taking a SEAT on my knees / lap. It just so happens that Laps were first found in Wiltshire with the Stars sharing the green-on-white lozenges of Seattle- and Seat-like Settle's!

When writing about it, I always called the people around the campfire "the gang" (I don't remember seeing anyone of them, or talking to / with anyone of them). One day, it clicked that Gang's apply to the lap event because they were first found in Norfolk with Bags while using cinquefoils in colors reversed from the Bag cinquefoils. Mamie and I slept in her sleeping bag that night.

However, I can now say that Gangs are Geggs too while Mole's were first found in the same place with Googe's, and the latter two share the same boar, the boar of Schims/Schiens. Then, the Stars were first found at the sources of the Star-like Stur river while Sturs essentially share the triple fesses of Drummonds who use a "gang" motto term. That tends to prove that Sturs are to be applied to this Mamie picture, and it just so happens that their triple-red fesses are using also by Shins/Shimmie's, the ones linkable to Skins/Skene's, the Schim/Schien branch that has the Chauvin wolf heads!!!

So, her sitting on my knee's can thus point to Chauvin's knee upon Floyd's neck, and Floyds happen to share the Star chevron!!! It's colors reversed from the chevron of Shake's/Shakerleys (Lancashire, same as Settle's), the latter being the ones with mole hills!!! The Mamie event at the CAMP site (Camps are Chops too) could not be deciphered fully until CHOP appeared in Seattle. It didn't take me long to discover this from the day that those imps renamed themselves (originally, CHAZ), and they did not rename themselves until AFTER we saw numerous heraldic pointers to Chauvin and Floyd over the last two updates.

The Bags were at Gaywood, about 15 miles due west of Mileham, and the latter was instrumental for pointing to Chauvin in the last update. Milehams almost have the Chop/Camp Coat, you see, and the Mile/Mylles stars are in Bag-cinquefoil colors. The last update told how God showed us that Mamie pointed to Babon, father of Grimo, and Grimaldi's share the Bag Shield. Babon's share the Annas star, and Annas of Israel had a father, Seat-like Seth. But my guess is that the sleeping bag, both in that event and in the sleeping-bag dream, has a meaning(s) / purpose not yet discovered / discoverable.

There is a Seth surname listed with Shaws, and while Shaws are said to be from "Sithech," that looks it developed into the Sticks and Stichs...who share the Brooks Coat, and this week we have a story, "Officer who shot Rayshard Brooks charged with felony murder". Brooks is a Black man who was shot dead reportedly in the back by a White police officer, what not so fast. The chances are slim that such a thing would happen so near to the Floyd murder unless it too were staged.

OH WOW. I've been tracing Sticks to the Astikas' of Vilnius (Lithuania), and I have never flinched in saying that they were from the namers of Astakos in the old land of Calydon (Greece). The mythical queen of Calydon was Atalanta!!! Brooks was killed in Atlanta! However, I don't think we can trace "Stick" both to "Astakos" and to "Seth," father of Annas. Calydon's mythical Oeneus is to whom I trace the pagan Levites out of Laish.

Stocks and Stacks look like they share the same ermined lion, and Stocktons have the Tease/Tyes / Annas star again. Stockton is on the Tees river, and Tees' are listed with Tiss/Teece's. As Annas is suspect in being from the Sadducee house of Boethus, the line to Butts/Boets, note the BEETles of German Stocks (share small, red saltires of Stackhouse's who in turn share the gold garb with Sticks and Stichs (Cheshire). English Stocks share "qui" with English Shaws/Sheaves', the latter first found in Berkshire with Beetle's/Beatells. Stocktons, sharing the checks of Settle-like Steele's, were first found in Cheshire with them. The Stick / Singer garbs can, and are sometimes called, (wheat) sheaves (Wheats/Whate's use them). Singers share "vincit" with English Shaws/Sheaves'. The Singer horse is that also of Pharisee-like Phreeze's/Freeze's/Freys.

The Arms of Vilnius is connectable to Sire's/Sirons and their kin, and mythical Sirens were from Calydon too. The Sirens were singers, and Singers happen to share the Stick / Brook garbs. The Vilaine part of Brittany is expected with "Vilnius," and the Arms of Vilaine share the double pale bars of Seats, Cindys, and Ains'/Hains. The counts / county of HAINaut is the only entity I know of sharing the triple Levi chevrons. Beths/Beatons, with the Sire lozenges in colors reversed, have an otter while Otters/Others are said to be the ancestors of Windsors, who have their Windsor castle in Berkshire, where Beetle's/Beatells were first found.

Soon after Mamie sat on my lap, we had an event with Cindy, my pastor's daughter, at a baseball DIAMOND. Irish Diamonds/Dimonts share the fleur-de-lys of Inslee's/Anslee's, and the Conty variation of Cindys can be a direct branch of Countrys/Cuntrys in the "country" motto term of Inslee's/Ansleys!!! Just when I thought there were not going to be pointers to Seattle's CHOP production, they come flushing out from Mamie and I at the camp fire. (I'd like to record that the single pile of Countrys/Cuntrys is shared by Pie's and Beach's.)

[Long insert -- The Laps use the mermaid with mirror, and Sire's/Sirons have a green snake "looking at itself" in a mirror. The thing I remember most is my putting my left hand around her waist to make her feel welcome on my lap, and when we went to sleep in the sleeping bag, she turned to face the other way rather than giving me a hug at my initiation of it, and so I draped an arm over her waist and went to sleep. Waistells/Wessels (more gold garbs) were from Wassa-like Wasdale, and Wassa's were proto-Washingtons! Zinger, that works for another pointer to Washington state. Waistells/Wessels share blue doves with George's, the latter first found beside the Laps and Settle-connectable Stars.

The Lap merMAID can be part-code for Maids/Mauds, who share bars gemel (twin bars) with Wassa's. Stars share estoiles with the neighboring Twins (Hampshire, same as Tees'). The Gemels are said to have been Gamels of Ayrshire, and the Gamble's, said to be from "Gamall," have a fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Annas-like Inslee's/Ansleys. Gamala was a location of Maccabees in Israel during the time of the Sadducees.

Gemels are in the colors and format of Tancreds, a branch of Tankerville's suspect from Tanagra of Boethus- / Abott-like Boeotia. Tanagra is where the Inslee/Ansley scimitar traces. Pearce's/Piers can be in the pierced swan of Gemels...and the Walsh's sharing the Gemel chevron. The "morTUUS" motto term of Walsh's is suspect with Tous' who have a man said to be wearing a shirt with buttons, and while Shirts/Shards are in the colors and format of Gemels, Buttons/Bidens share the fesse of Butts/Boets who in turn have a version of the Pierro/Pero Coat. I'm way off the Seattle topic, but on one that I think God wants to reveal.

Gamels happen to share the stars of Peare's and Boethus-like Abotts (pears), both of Oxfordshire. Pero's/Perino's, connectable to the Laevi Gauls, use "flaming STARs." The Maid/Maud Coat is a version of the MONmouth Coat, and the French Levi Coat was shared by counts of Hainaut, where the capital is MONS, in the Flanders land of flaming-like Flemings. Miss Peare had a waist symbol in my sleeping-bag dream, and while Monmouth is near the George's who share the Waistell doves, the Howells, first found in Monmouth, share the Coat of Gaywoods; Bags were at Gaywood.

The Patria's/PEARtree's in the Abott motto have a version of the Pully/Pullen Coat, and the latter share the martlet of French Josephs who were in turn first found in Maine with Pellicans in the Pully/Pullen Crest. The Pellicans have the Howell / Gaywood tower too, and PULLys/Pullens with Sabine's (Norfolk, same as Gaywood) are from Rieti's imperial family, Flavius Sabinus, husband of Vespasia POLLa, mother of three Roman emperors, including the ones who destroyed Jerusalem. Miss Peare worked at Rieti-like Reitmans when I was with her. Her waist symbol can be well-shown to be for Waistells, who share the garbs of English Josephs (Hampshire, same as Twins and the Tees'/Tiss'/Teece's sharing the Gemel chevron). There is a Pully location in LausANNE, and Anne's/Hanne's (TICKhill) can be from Annas, father-in-law of JOSEPH Caiaphas. Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's.

The Gemel hearts can be code for the Hearts sharing the saltire of Polla-line Pollocks, and/or the Hearts having a FLAMING sword.

The Camps/Champs/Chops are in Capone colors and format while Capone's were first found in Cambridgeshire with June's and Julians, making them traceable to Junia Caepionis, whose mother was having an affair with Julius Caesar not long before the birth of Joseph Caiaphas. I've been trying to prove for years that Joseph Caiaphas was from the Caepio/Caepionis family. Dutch Beets/Beets' (i.e. like "Boethus") share the June Coat.

I've found a Copone surname listed with Cobhams, and their chevron is colors reversed from the same of QUINTs, suggesting Quintus Caepio, ancestor of the Junia Caepionis'. The Copone/Cobham chevron is in the colors of the Imp chevron, and Imps were first found in Essex with Quints, though the latter were also first found in Dorset with the George's having lion heads in the colors of the Copone/Cobham lions. As Camps/CHOPs have a version of the Capone Coat, it seems that Chops were of the Copone's. The latter's black lions are thus very connectable to the black lion paw of Quints, and the black lion head of Italian Capone's (in both colors of the Jewish-Levi lions), first found in CAMPania. The Capone stars are colors reversed from the same of Peare's / Abotts and Gamels. Campone's/Campa's (Tarves colors) were first found in Chives- / Tarves-connectable Treviso/Tarvisium.

Essex is where George-like Gore's were first found whose "servire" motto term is traceable to Servilia Caepionis, mother of the Junia's. As that mother, Servilia, was having an affair with Julius Caesar, note that Gore's and BeauCHAMPs have the Julian / Gully / Gull style cross (different colors). BeauChamps not only have a version of the Gore Coat, but share a swan head in Crest with Leicesters ("Pro" and "patria") while English Champagne's (like "Campania") were first found in Leicestershire. Leicesters share the motto of English Champions (fesse colors reversed from Beachamp fesse). Sauvage's, with a giant heart, were first found in Champagne while Savage's/Sava's (perhaps a branch round-about of the Shewas variation of Chives') share the black lion paw with Quints (same place as Gore's).

The lion paw of Quints (Essex, same as Slee's/Sleys) holds a gold fitchee, and a lion holds a gold fitchee in both the Halper and Slee/Sley Crests. The InSLEE's/ANSlee's could therefore have been an Annas line married to Slee's/Sleys.

As George's have black lions too, suddenly, Gore's and Gowers/Gore's are traceable to George, father of Drummonds. He is said to have married a woman from Podebrady, and while heraldry can trace English George's to Podebrady, it's in Bohemia, where German Franks were first found who share the red saltire of Belgian Champions; Brady-like Pratts (Belgium) have another red saltire. The Pratt saltire is colors reversed from the same of Andrews, while George was a son of king Andrew I of Hungary. The Andrews look like they have a green-on-gold saltire too, colors reversed from the saltire of English Franks. Franks can be in the motto of Gowers/Gore's. Bradys and Babe's use a hand/finger pointing at the sun, similar to the bird (could be the brown Drummond bird) pointed toward the sun of Patria's/Peartree's.

Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Aetolia-like Athols/Athels. Calydon was also Aetolia, explaining "Atalanta." By what coincidence is Atlanta in the state of GEORGia? I'm not saying George Drummond named Georgia, of course, but that God may be pointing to Atlanta, Georgia, with the line of George. Scottish Caledonia probably covered Perthshire. The neighboring Pollocks at Rothes castle were kin of Pools and Rita's, and both latter surnames share the Atlas Coat which itself shares two lion heads (different colors) in the Crest of Peters (share raven with Varenne's), from Peter Pollock (builder of Rothes castle). Mythical Atlas was the symbol of western Atlantis (included Atlas mountains of Africa). One saltire of Scottish Andrews is colors reversed from the Pollock saltire. In the Calydonian-boar myth, Atalanta was the first to shoot the boar with an arrow, which should explain why Pollocks have an arrow in their boar. The rulers of Mar around the Drummond parts of Scotland were at KilDRUMMy castle, and the Mar Coat is almost the Coat of Hatch's/Hacchs who share the Rothes Crest.

To show George links to Atlas', aside from English George's (Dorset) being found near or in Poole (Dorset), Atlas' are shown properly as Atleys ("At" root), linkable to surnames that I say named Ada of Warenne/Varenne, and then Warrens share the Coat of Italian Georgi's. It wasn't many months ago when I did an investigation of Atlas' because I recalled that I drove deliveries for Atlas AUTO parts. Auto's/Otto's look linkable to Others/Otters/Otirs (Windsor related, connectable to Gore's), first found in Huntingdonshire with the husband of Ada of Warenne. That husband (Henry) was descended from Margaret ATHELing, suspect with the Aetolia-like Athol/Athel surname.

Auto-like "haut" is a motto term of English Mallets sharing the Peter scallops, and as Rothes is up-river from Buckie, while the earldom of Rothes went from Peter's family to buckle-using Leslie's, proof that Peter Pollock's line was close to Mallets is where French Mallets have buckles too. Then, Mallet-like Malta's use a column while Columns are listed with Malcolms while Malcolm III was husband to Margaret Atheling and thus the ancestor of Henry Huntingdon i.e. who married auto-like Ada. Margaret had been in exile with then-prince Andrew, father of George, and when she came back to Britain, George's son was with her, explaining why Drummonds and Athols/Athels should both be first found in Perthshire. George's son (Maurice), if I recall correctly, married Malcolm's sister.

I suggest that someone named themselves "Atlas" from Atha / Ade/Aid liners because they knew they were from the Pisidian line of Atlas. The latter was code for Attaleia of Pisidia (explains mythical Poseidon, father of Atlas), which named Pisa in Greece (area related to Aetolia), and then the Pisa lion is half the Atlas/Atley lion. Atalanta was a HUNTress.

The "VicTRIX" motto term of Andrews suggests the Trick variation of Triggs (Cambridgeshire), who use "darts" as code for Dardanians over by/in Hungary. The Trick/Trigg Crest shares the sun with Bradys and Podebrady-connectable Babe's (Dorset, same as George's). German Babe's/Babels share the mermaid with Laps/LABBS, and English Babels/Babwells have the gold gate in the Arms of Podebrady. Podebrady is on the LABE river. Wikipedia's Clan Pollock article says / once said that the arrow in its boar is a "dart," yet the Trick/Trigg darts (Pollock colors) are made to appear as spears probably because Spears are SPEYers too while Rothes castle is on the Spey river. Tricks/Triggs and their Drig branch (roughly in the same place as Lorraine's) not only share the sun of Babe's pointed to by Lorraine the babe, but they share the Lorraine lion.

The Tricks/Trigg and Lorraine loins are green, as with the giant lion of Lyons, and while Lyons were the ancestry of Mummolin pointed to by Mamie, Lyon's named GlenLyon in Perthshire (where Athols/Athelings were first found), where Mens/MAME's are said to have been. Men's/Mame's were first found in Midlothian, home of Henry Sinclair, the cup-bearer of Margaret Atheling, and Sinclairs, with a "thy" motto term suggesting Mamie's thighs, come up as Suns and Saints. The other Saints share cherubs with Chalons while Mummolin was at Chalons-en-Champagne.

The interesting thing now is that Mamie was on my lap as little as two weeks before she and I were at the baseball field with Cindy, the minister's daughter, and Ministers were at TRIGG-Minor. I'm writing here (adding material) the day after finding the Ministers below as Minnesota-like Minsters. It's going to link smack to officer Norman Miles for an interesting addition to his themes, but let's add here that one English Norman Coat (June fleur-de-lys) has three fesses in the colors of the same of German Drummonds while the other English Normans look like kin of Ghents, suspect from king Gentius, who married a Dardanian, daughter of king Monunius, the line to Moonans/Monans having a version of the Gower/Gore motto.

I trace Gore's to the Gorski area of Croatia, and that's at least roughly the location of SERVitium, on the SAVA river. Croatians were KRVati, and CRAVens have a form of the Gore / Beauchamp Coats. Beauchamps are also Beachams, and Beach's have a red version of the English Champagne Coat. As Gore's are traced to an old Gorwege surname, George, son of Andrew, may somehow have descended with Andrew's line from Gorski elements; Drummonds share the triple fesses of Sturs whom I trace to Croatia's Istria (location of Pula/Pola that almost uses the Pollock / Andrew saltire). I trace Israel's wayward Benjamites to the Gorski area, and the Bongino Shield looks like a version of the French Gore/Jore Coat with maybe the fesse of English Gore's.

Servitium happens to be near the mouth of the Oeneus river at the Sava, and mythical Oeneus was of the country of Atalanta. I have been tracing the Greek crow to Croatians for more than a decade, and while a raven is a crow that stands as a symbol of Rolfe's, it was officer Rolfe who supposedly murdered a Black man in Atlanta.

I'll return now to Barry, who invited me to see Mamie at the camp site. But first let me repeat that, of the three events I recall that evening, the first one was when I first arrived. I asked the people there where Barry was, and one of them promptly opened the HATCH of a covered pick-up truck, and there at the very back was Mamie and Barry alone. What are the chances that Hatch's/Hacchs share the Brunswick Coat? This seems to be the evidence that Barry is a pointer to Bill Barr. The Hatch/Hacch Coat is also that of Duce's in colors reversed. I was fresh out of my dating Lorraine at this time of the camp-site visit, and she pointed to Bar-le-Duc. Lane's have three lions in pale in the colors of the two in pale of Hatch's/Hacchs. Officer Lane of Minneapolis. Lane call their three lions "English lions," and English's share the lion of Atlas' now pointing to the Atlanta killing of a Black man. Both could be fake-job events. The three English lions happen to be in the Arms of England, and while the Scottish flag is called Andrew's Cross, the English flag is called George's Cross.

Reminder: Irish Barrys share the bars gemel of Wassa's while Washingtons have the Chief of Schims suspect in the Inslee scimitar, yet what possibly could Bill Barr have to do about the Seattle situation now rising? Are the demonstrators going to HACK and MAIM? Does the camp fire that night suggest fires from CHOP? End insert]

Seeking Pointers to Seattle, Continued

The "FiDUS" motto term of German Barrys can be for the Duce-like Duse variation of Doesens/DEUSTERs. "Fidus et AuDAX" is used by Slade's (share three horse heads with Este's) showing the black horse head once shown by Barr-related Este's. Este's were first found in Essex with Slee's/Sleys/SLETHs (version of Quint Crest) and Quints while Slate's share the Quint chevron. Slate's share "pondere" with CHAPmans, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's and Ponders. Quintus Caepionis. Ponders essentially share the Coat of Ponds / Ponts, the latter first found in Hampshire with the Buttons/Bidens whose fesse they share, yet it's the BUTE/Butt/Boet fesse too, and the black Slade horse head is shared by English Bute's/Butts (share Bothwell chevron) who in turn share gold estoiles with Settle-connectable Stars. The latter matter in this paragraph because Stairs/Stayers (stars) have the Capone Coat. Booths/Boths share black boars with Ponders and Ponds/Ponts. I can't say that the new Slate's and Slade's point to anything in Seattle just because we crossed the Stars having the Settle lozenges.

Although it's off the Seattle topic, let's add that while I trace lozenges to Croatia's Losinj, I trace Junia Caepionis to mythical Juno, named after Croatia's Una river, and this can explain why the June fleur-de-lys are in the Loss/Lossing Coat. The gyronny of the latter is shared by Happers/HOPPers, suspect from OPgalli, a Galatian Jew who married the line of Israel's Herods, and thus I've been trying to discover how Caiaphas and or Annas were related to her, if heraldry can cough up the clues. Hoppers share the tower of Plunketts, from Plancia Magna, great-granddaughter of Opgalli. Plancia's father, Mr. Plancius, was from Galatia.

Note that while Inslee's/Anslee's can be gleaned from Annas', their Country/Cuntry kin are like the Counter variation of English Conte's, who probably own the so-called counterchanged symbol, where colors are counterchanged as in the Loss/Lossing Coat. Counters/Conte's use ANTLers, suspect with "ANTALya," right beside Perga, home of Plancia Magna. Antalya is otherwise known as Attaleia, the makings of mythical Atlas, the line to Atalanta / Aetolia. The Arms of Les ANDELys shares a white tower with Plunketts, but also shows grapes, a symbol on the coin of Herod Archelaus, who got his surname from marriage to Glaphyra. Cleverly, the Grape surname is listed with Agrippa-like Gripps.

The Atlas surname shares the Pool lion, and Julia Polla is said online to have been the daughter of the Galatian, Julia Tyche, granddaughter of king AMYNTes. One website gives her husband as Aulus Julius Quadratus of Narbonne, which can work because the tower of Denardo's/Narbonne's is in both colors of the Les-Andelys tower. French Narbonne's share the Coat of Galatia-like Gallus'/Galletti's. Denardo's/Narbonne's have the Catherine wheel of Roets, and German Roets were first found in Thuringia with queen Basina, whose name was related to the Bessin. Another genealogy gives Tyche's husband as ANTONius Julius Quadratus, and Tonys/Toeni's of Leicester (maunch) are known to descend from Malahule's descendants in Les Andelys. Rulers of the Bassus-like Bessin likewise descend from Malahule.

Ticks/Touque's (Kent, same as MYNETTs) have a version of the Teague/TEEGER Coat while the latter's "OPtem" motto term is suspect with OPgalli liners, for her husband was king TIGRanes VI. What was the "Op" named after? Why do Teague's/Teegers share the Julian / Gully / Gull crosslet, and why is it also the crosslet of Cowes'/Coo's, who likely named Cowes (Isle of WIGHT) off-shore from Poole? Scottish Wights use QUATRefoils, suspect as code for QUADRAtilla, queen of Cetis, and descended on her male side from Artemidoros, father of Julia Tyche and son of Amyntes above.

It's a significant discovery that the Hopper and Plunkett tower is shared by Hills and GLAPHYRa-like Clavers, for Glaphyra Archelaus (married two Herods) was ancestral to both Opgalli (granddaughter) and Plancia Magna. The Shake's/Shakerleys (probably Settle kin) don't use moles, but mole HILLs, you see. The Settle-like Seats/CEDES, expected from Cetis, where Glaphyra's ancestor, Quadratilla BASSus, was queen, share the double pale bars in the Arms of Ille-et-Vilaine, and that's where Plunketts were first found. The Vilain surname (Norfolk, same as Alan-related Mileham) shares the Chief-Shield colors of Scottish Wights, and Base's/Bass'/Bassemans share the hunting horns of Weights, I gather, a symbol from Orion the mythical hunter from Schimatari, where the scimitar of County-related and Annas-line Inslee's/Anslee's traces (or at least points to).

What are the by-chance chances that Weights would share the motto of Hazeltons/Heslingtons who in turn share the Shake/Shakerley chevron? Weights have a "Pro" motto term while Pierro's/Pero's were at Pavia, co-founded by Laevi Gauls, highly suspect with the Gauls in forming Galatians and naming LAEVIllus, Quadratilla's husband.

Nobody else can bring you these heraldic gleanings; they are from God's training, and He wants to expose these things probably due to the end-time descendants of the killers of Jesus forming the anti-Christian goons now arising. The Weight hunting horns have gold stripes; see the three 6's (666) in the strings of the same hunting horns in this Arms of Traby, and note that Quade's share the Coat of Cliffs/CLEAVE's, like the Cleavers of Clavers.

The Astikas' who married Traby were in Vilaine-like Vilnius, home of mythical PERKUNas, and then Perkins/Parkings, with likely the Levi lion, have a "Simplex" motto term while a Mr. Simplex was related to the husband (Tertullus), in Perkin-like Perga, of Plancia Magna. If I recall correctly, Simplex was related to the Polla's, and connectable to Vespasia Polla, wife of the son of Tertulla of Rieti. The Fulks of Anjou were given a Tertullus character as a legendary / mythical ancestor, and Clavers were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's/Volks. Fulks of Anjou became the Plantagenets, and French Plants are also Plancia-like Planque's.

As the scallops of Pullys/Pullens and Sabine's trace the two to Vespasia's husband, Sabinus of Rieti, the first thing to note is that Pullys/Pullens share the Joseph martlet. To then prove that Pullys/Pullens descend also from Julia Polla, she's said to have married Julius Apellas, like the "Pallescere" motto term of Pullys/Pullens. What are the by-chance chances that while Mr. Apellas was from Rome, Rita's, first found in Rome, share the Pool lion? Rita's use "pieces of wood," and Woods were first found in Leicestershire with Tonys. Italian Tonys use a FLOWer, and Vespasia Polla married Mr. FLAVius. Fly's of Flagi/Flavian were first found in Hampshire with Potters sharing the Flower cinquefoil (explains why Flavians of Rieti can be to Flecks / Fulke's).

By the way, it's important that the Israeli general, Flavius Josephus, was adopted by the Rieti Flavians, hence his new name. The Flys can be connected to both Joseph surnames, and while I have been tracing the two to "Josephus," Josephs are very connectable to Caiaphas-like surnames (Caplans and Chaplains) while Josephus (one or two generations after Caiaphas) claimed to descend from Israel's priests. Pellicans were first found in Maine with French Josephs.

Pelle's/Pelles' share the PELICan with Pullys/Pullens. The Palles'/Pauls use a "rePUBLIca" motto term, and then PUBLius PULCHer assisted Brogitarus, Galatian grandfather of Artemidoros, to become the chief priest of the Phrygian great-mother goddess. The apostle Paul no doubt ran into arms of Brogitarus' cult after him. Paula's share the rooster of Galli's/Gallit's (share Julian Chief). Paul Smith, my friend, owned a Jeep, and Jeepma's are Cheps too, connectable to "Caiaphas." Chappes'/Cheaps share ears of wheat with Bocci's/BROCATo's, like "BROGITarus." CAPlans share the griffin heads of Bocci-like Box's. It looks like I've done my homework. Sadducee-like Saddocks (Bass Shield?) uses ears of rye. In my dream, Paul Smith was following Mr. KEPke, and Keeps (Sussex, same as Saddocks) use a "galley" (ship).

Shift the colors of Galli's/Gallits (share GAY rooster), and you will find the Coat of JAY-using Poitvins. Then compare the latter with Capote's/CHAPUS' (share red roses with Jays).

The double pale bars of Seats/Cedes' and the Arms of Vilaine are shared by Cindys/Contys, which can explain why Cindy figured in at a BASEball diamond, at second base, for Base's/Bass' are also Bassemans. Seconds/Segurs are in the Levi motto. Cindys/Contys/Cuntys have Kennati-like variations, and share the cinquefoils of Settle-like Kettle's. The latter can be gleaned as a branch of Keiths (same place as SEATons)in/around Bass Isle. Kettle's have a stag head in the colors of the Dereham stag head, yet the latter have the giant stag head of Kennati-like Kenneths. Deerings (Kenneth-like Kent, same as Ticks/Touque's) share a gold stag head in profile with Kettle's (don't know if they are a Settle branch), but the Deering Coat is essentially that of Anne's/Hanne's of TICKhill, and while Quadratilla Bassus descended from the Galatian, Artemidoros, he was father to Julia Tyche.

Dereham is beside Mileham, itself beside Fakenham, and as Clavers (Norfolk, same as Mileham) share a reflection of the Mileham Coat, it's notable that Falkenhams (Lincolnshire, same as English Base's) have a reflection of the Plunkett Coat. Plunketts were first found in Vilaine with Dol, and the Dol Alans were first at Mileham when they crossed from Brittany to England.

The fact that Slade's have and "auDAX" motto term while sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Men's/MAME's tends to verify that God got me a TAXi job to go together with Mamie. For, about a year after she and I were no longer together, I was dispatched to pick her up twice, and we went on one last date on the second occasion, to Mr. Fix's restaurant that itself pointed to Bill Barr (this was a topic in my last update). I'm able to trace Tax's/Dachs/DAX's to Dachau, the headquarters to Hitler's Bavarian concentration camps, for the Arms of Dachau has a sling SHOT while the Shot surname share's swords in the colors of the Tax/Dach swords. Later, I find reason to suggest that ANTIFA in Seattle is working with Aryan Nations. Why does "Aryan" reflect "Orion"? The Orion surname is listed with Irons/Hirams (Norfolk) suspect with the Inslee/Anslee cross.

As Aude's have more white swords, it tends to verify that "AUDax" is part-code for Tax's/Dax's. Yet English Dax's (share red Chief with Slade's) are listed with the Ducks having lion heads in the colors of the Duce lions, and Duce's were first found in Staffordshire with the Pipe's having the three horse heads of Este's and Pepins ("Mens" and "est" motto codes), which, because they are colors reversed from the three Slade horse heads tends to confirm that Slade's use the Mens/Mame Shield. This is a new addition to the Mamie discussions, yet I can't see why "Slade" is important to things she points to.

The only thing I can see is that Pipe estates are said to have gone to BAGots, recalling her sleeping bag. Bags had been suspect from Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen (Flanders theater), and Landens happen to use three-and-three (six in all) pale bars in the colors of the three Duse/Deuster pale bars!!! The latter surname is suspect in the Slade motto. Excellent find. Plus, Fix's have the fleur-de-lys of Arrows/Arras' while Bagots (counts of Artois) are said to have been descended from rulers of Arras (Flanders)...and the Pepins with Pipe's have those fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. Mummolin (predated Pepin of Landen, but not by much) was a Merovingian, and Pepins came to rule Merovingians.

German Beggs, with a sword in Tax/Dax-sword colors, were first found in Tyrol while Tyrols/Tyrone's (Essex, same as Slee's/Sleths) share the Coat of Bagots and DEXters/Decksters (Leicestershire, location of the Legro river suspect with Leghs/LEYs. BagLEYs (Shropshire, same as Sleeps and LEIGHtons) are said to have married Leghs (Mamie had a thigh symbol), who are also Leighs (lion in Duce / Dax/Duck lion colors), and Pipe's were first found in Leigh. Leigh is in TotMONSlow, and Mons' share the giant Legh/Leigh lion. Bags were in Gaywood while Gaywoods share the Coat of Howells, the latter first found at MONmouth. Monmouths use bars GEMEL, and Pepins / Pipe's use CAMEL heads.

At this point, with the Legro river being also the Soar while Sors'/Soars (lion in Legro-lion colors) are a pointer to George Soros, it gets interesting where The Sors/Soar (LEIGHton quadrants) lion is shared by Seattle-like Saddle's/SadLEIGH's, first found in Wiltshire (beside George's and Sors/Soars) with Shots.

Bagots share the motto of Shake's/Shakerleys, which begins with "ANTiquum," a possible pointer to ANTifa (what surname would you use to point to ANTIFA?). Duse's/Deusters have triple pale bars in the colors of the triple fesses of Fake's. Neither surname uses anything else. The Fake's came up in the last update as part of the proof that the Chauvin-Floyd event was staged, but I can now add to this because Fake's are shown properly as FaZACKERLEYs/Fazakerleys, but said to be from "Richard Fizacre, Fishacre, Fissakre, or Fishakle (d. 1248)..." The FiSHACRE variation suggests SHAKERLEY in Lancashire, for Fake's were first found in Lancashire.

[Insert -- Later this week, ANTIFA starts a demonstration in OREGON, and as Bagots came from the Pipe write-up, note the ORGAN pipes of Lets/Late's. As Helens share the three horse heads of Slade's, the chocoLATE treat left by Helen's boyfriend on her door knob is coming to mind. Negros are sometimes called, chocolate, and Chocks were first found in Essex with the Este's having the Helen horse heads in colors reversed. Slate's (not "Slade") share the Stafford chevron, and Pipe's were first found in STAFFordshire, Helen and I went out to Duck dinner. Staves are staffs, and "staves" are used PilGRIMs (Norfolk, same as Bags sharing GRIMaldi Shield), possibly from Grimo, grandson of MumMOLIN. A Giant MOLINE is used by Portlands, and ANTIFA is trying to start demonstrations in Portland, Oregon.

Pipe's use a camel while Gamels share the Let/Late stars, and the door where the chocolate was left opens onto a STAIR LANDING, suggesting that the chocolate and Helen points to Pepin of Landen. Helen was my tenant, and Tenants have a reflection of the Slade Coat. Unbelievably, Tenants share the boar heads of McGee's and SLEEmans while Sleemans have a sword on McGee-sword colors. Slee's are also Slade-like Sleths. I'm unfamiliar with Slade's. What could they mean, suddenly? Why should Helen point to them? Stairs share the Capone Coat, and have Stair-like stars colors reversed from the Let/Late / Gamel stars, and here it can be added that Capone's have a version of the CHOP/Camp Coat, almost the Coat of Norfolk's Milehams. Stair-like Stars (Wiltshire, same as Saddle's!!!) share the SETTLE lozenges! Amazing. Now that we have things pointing to Seattle, Washington, it can be mentioned that Slade's were first found in Cornwall with gemel-bar, proto-Washington Wassa's. Oregon is beside Washington state.

Compare Pilgrims to Proctors (share nails with Arms of Colchester at CAMULOdunum), noting Procter and Gamble (some say it's an Illuminati organization), for Gamble's share the fleur-de-lys of Inslee's/Ansleys. The latter (pointer to Seattle) were first found at BROXtow while Brox's/Brocuffs are Proctor-like Procks too. The Proctor nails are in the colors of the Duck/Logan nails, and while the three staves look like the three Proctor nails, they are all in the colors of the giant fitchee (looks like a stake) of Broxtons.

I now recall applying MARBLE slabs to the STAIRs of a family on the Gamble road (19th Ave) in GORMLEY! Gormleys are also GRIMES!!! Wow. Marble's (Cheshire, same as Broxtons) have a giant griffin in the colors of the Chop/Camp griffin heads. The man of the house was Sam, and Sams with Brocks and Brooks were first found in Essex. Sams' descended from a family on the lands of Mr. Hatch, and Hatch's share the Brunswick Coat. The Stegre surname to which Stairs/Stayers are traced suggest the Staggers/STAGE's. Deep-state fakery.

By the way, Pilgrims use a scimitar. AHHH, PILgrims can be of the Pile's because they have three piles in the colors of the one pile of Countrys in the motto of scimitar-using Inslee's/Anslee's! Look below for what seems like God timing this insert, for Pilgrims were not a topic when starting it. End insert]

It just so happens that Shake's/Shakerleys (Lancashire) are from the Biblical SHECHEMites at Greece's SCHIMatari (read also as SCHIMATARi), and while we saw the SCIMITAR in the Inslee/Ansley Crest, the Chauvin-pointing SCHIMs/Schiens share the Mole boar head while Mole's share the Shake/Shakerley Fake colors!

I wonder whether Slee's named Inslee's? The latter love the Countrys who in turn have a chevron like the "broken" one of Slate-like Solts/Salts/SAUTs, and Slee's are Sleths too. It works because Slate's were near Chesterfield while Chesterfields share the fleur-de-lys of Countrys and Broke's/Brocks. The latter have a "VireSCIT" motto term while Slate's use "CreSCIT."

Interestingly, SAUTers/Suters (share gold fesse with Hicks) are in Mileham colors and format, and while Hicks are said to be from Hikke de Sauteby, the Hicks fleur are also those of Inslee's/Ansleys. It tends to prove that the Country chevron is that of Slate-like Salts/Sauts. AHH, I had a dream where I was taking a pool SHOT (Shots are Shute's too) in Obama's billiard hall, and billiard tables are made of a slab of SLATE. I sewered my shot, and Sewers are listed with Scottish SUTERS/Suits!!! AMAZING. Obama's mother was Miss Dunham, and Great Dunham is about three miles from Mileham!!! Mileham (beside FAKenham) has become a symbol of the Minnesota uprisings! Obama's shadow government must be behind it, but of course. OBAMA THE FAKE.

Between Mileham and Great Dunham is Beeston while Beastons/Bessins (Cheshire, same as Marble's and Dunham-Masci) use a colors-reversed version of the Falkenham Coat (Meschin scallops). Meschins, from the Bessin, were likely Masci's of Dunham-Masci. Miles'/Minnes' were first found in Lincolnshire with Falkenhams/Folkinghams. It was also Dunham-Massey, and Masseys/MACEYs share the fleur-de-lys of Fulke's/Folke's/Volks. Maceys/Mace's share the three stars of Salts/Sauts. Meschins descended from CONTEville's, and Masci's share the Brock / COUNTry fleur-de-lys. I took a shot on Obama's slate table, and my Masci mother is from Abruzzo not far from the Salto river; Salletts (could have the Beeston/Bessin bend) were first found in Cheshire.

My mother was born in Picenze, and this village had the patron saint of Felice. "InFELICI" happens to be a motto term of Stockports (probably Pennington kin) while Marble's were at Stockport. "...Sir Robert of Stockport was a Norman noble, son of Robert Fitz-Waltheof, Lord of Etchells, who was a tenant of the Baron of Dunham Massey." I've talked in recent months about my miracle marble shot, which took place at 10 years of age, the same year that I spent two months in Picenze with my mother. We called our marbles alleys/alees, and the Alley Coat is the Atlas/Atley Coat, in case we're ever convinced that Atlas' point to the Atalanta shooting.

Repeat: "I'm unfamiliar with Slade's. What could they mean, suddenly? Why should Helen point to them?" As I said, Helen disliked my Christianity, and especially my post-trib book, and so we were bound to separate (I was hoping she would become a Christian). As I said, she found a new man, meeting him at a billiard hall! It seems that God wants us to know the Slade / Slate / Slee line for more reasons than I now realize. Slee's were first found in Essex with Rams while the neck of the ram head in the Bagley Crest has the three Stockport lozenges. Both surnames have the same Shield with lozenges, only in colors reversed from one another. Helens were Pepin liners, as were Bagleys (in the colors of the Bag Chief), I'm sure. The Slee's have three Howell-like owls in the colors of the three towers of Howells and Gaywoods; Bags were at Gaywood.

Shechemites were with the Kenites (whom Moses married, expect pagan/wayward Levite liners with those peoples), whom I trace to the Kennati priests at CETIS. Seattle-like Seats (Lancashire) are also CEDES', you see, while Cindys/Contys (share double Seat pale bars) are also Kennati-like Connidys/Cunadys, can you believe it? God's a genius. Plus, Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire with the Cunninghams who use a so-called "SHAKEfork." Believe it. While Barrs were first found in Ayrshire too, German Barrys share three fish heads on red with the GEDDES', and the Arms of Bar-le-Duc use white-on-blue fish, the colors of the Ged fish.

[Cindy was the minister's daughter, yet I didn't know while writing here yesterday that Minsters were also Ministers.] Here's what was added this morning to my last update: "...MINNESOTa-like MINSTers sharing the mill rind of Miles'/Minnes' in the same colors, explaining the Minnes' variation i.e. a Miles marriage with a Minster line. But is this not an amazing "coincidence" that Norman Miles should seemingly point to Minnesota?" Minsters are in the colors and format of the Always while "always" is a motto term of Inslee's/Anslee's. Always have a version of the Alwin Coat, and the latter came up in the last update from Horns/Orne's like so: "...Aluuin Horne. The next line appears to name him as Alwin Horne..." Horns are from mythical Orion at Schimatari, and Orions/Irons even have a cross half in the colors of the Inslee/Anslee cross.

Minsters are said to have been at Trigg-MINor, and Minors were first found in Herefordshire with the pie's having the single pile of Countrys/Cuntrys in colors reversed. I expect the Countrys/Cuntrys to be from Kenites too, but let's repeat that "country" is a motto term of Inslee's who came to topic with JAY Inslee, Washington-state governor, for Jays were first found in Herefordshire too, along with Barrels (Chief-Shield of Minors in colors reversed).

It just so happens that the Miles and Minster mill rinds should be code for the Rinds sharing the scallops in the Pie pile. I've been giving Bill Barr a pie symbol for months, yet Pie's were discovered only in the last update. Thanks to a dream (see last update) indicating the Barrels, the latter pointed to Bill Barr's missing-in-action theme that I pound out, and the apple-pie symbol I've been giving him has exactly that theme. He'd rather eat pie than do battle against the criminal elements before his face. I blame him for the riots and similar things now being staged without fear before his face because he's not striking fear into the deep state orchestrators.

Trigg-Minor is in LESnewth (read as LesNEWTH too), and Newths/Nutts have a version of the LESlie bend-with-items, though Leslie's (Aberdeenshire, same as Skins/Skene's and Schims/Schiens) use buckles, reminding that buckle-lozenges are used by the Shakle's possibly in the FiSHAKLE surname found in the Fake write-up. While French Mallets use buckles, English Mallets have the Rind / Pie scallops so as to bring us round to Minsters of Trigg-Minor again. MINSTers point with Miles'/Minnes' to Minnesota's MINNEapolis police department to which Chauvin and Floyd belonged.

OH WOW, Norman Miles (who got us to the Miles/Minnes surname in the 4th update of last month), was a police officer for YORK Region police, but I've neglected to look up Yorks until now, to find two "nec" motto terms that can be an obvious pointer to Floyd's neck! The center of the York Cross has a single besant, the symbol also of Italian Lane's/Lano's!!! Officer Lane, they said, took Floyd out of a car, at which time Chauvin put his knee on Floyd's neck. Bingo!

OH WOW. They say that Floyd had just been at the CUP Foods store when the police was called to come arrest him, and Yorks use a "Nec CUPias" motto phrase!!! The Cups/Cope's are a branch of Cops!!! The Yorks (Cop colors) share a blue saltire with COPPERS!!! Hooo-wee!

[The COLP variation of Cups/Cope's gives away that this family was from the Kupa tributary of the Sava, on the north side of the Oeneus, for the Kupa is also called the COLAPis. Anything from mythical Oeneus is being considered as a pointer to the Atalanta shooting, and as he could have represented the Oenotrians, or the Enotri that I see in the "NUTRior" motto term of Simpsons, note that the Chief-Shield colors of Simpsons are also those of Miles'/Minnes'. Plus, nutrior-like Nutters are a Cnut branch while Cnuts use the UNIcorn, likely from the Una version of the Oeneus river. "NutriOR" is suspect also with Orrs/Ore's having a CORNuCOPia, and the uniCORN is expected from the Ceraunii Illyrians one river south of the Una. The Orr/Ore fitchees are shared by Darlene's who in turn share the Cnut Shield filled with drops. Darlene, my teen girlfriend, lived in UNIONville, and UNIons/ANNIANs happen to share the mill rind with Miles'/Minnes'. It begs whether Annas/Ananus of Israel was an Oeneus liner.]

There is a way to get to get from Jay Inslee to Jenny Durkan the Seattle mayor. We go to the Inslee motto for Countrys/Cuntrys; the latter were first found in Kent with Darks/DARKENs/D'Arque's, and the latter share the Durkan saltire. Moreover, as Countrys/Cuntrys have proven to be from Kenites, let's go to the Inslee scimitar again (Irish Kennedys use another scimitar), for Schimatari is at TANAGRa (home of mythical Orion's father), a term like the TANKERville's. In the latter's write-up: "Ralph's [de Tancarville's] son William was Treasurer to King Henry 1st...He married Matilda, the daughter of William, the Viscount d'Arques." So, Mr. Inslee gets us to the Durkan line. Why are Durhams coming up as "Durken"?

Masters/Misters, first found in Kent with Darks/D'Arques, have "minor" and "quam" motto terms. "Quam" is suspect with Cambridge's Cam river because Cambridge's use "quam." Cams almost share the Coat of Armstrongs who in turn share the strong-arm in Crest with Darks/D'Arques. Isn't a strongarm a fascist symbol? The "minor" motto term links Masters/MISTERs to MINSTER liners at Trigg-Minor, and Tracks/Triggs were first found in Cambridgeshire. It thus appears that Minsters were a Mister branch. Tracks/Triggs even share a green Shield with Miles'/Minnes' (share the Minster mill rind). Masters have a blue-Shield version of the MILEham/MILLham Coat, and Mileham is beside FAKENham. If that's not enough, the six Cam pale bars are in the dancette in MINNEapolis-like Minne's/Minnes'.

Tracks have been suspect from the Tracheitis river at Cetis / Olbe, home of the Kennati priests. Contys/Connedys share the double pale bars of Seats/CEDES'. That works. Armors have arms too, and share the helmet with Kennedys, and with Kent's Minster-like Minute's/Mynetts. Moreover, Dusters share armored arms with Armors while Duse's/DEUSTERs have a green-bar version of the ArmSTRONG Coat. Morte's/Motts/Mottins were at Cotes-d'Armor while Modens/Mode's were first found in Berkshire with Arques-like Arks/Arch's, and Modane is on the Arc river. The Strong eagle might be in the Minor Chief.

The Strings (Nottinghamshire, same as Inslee's/AINSlee's and Annas') share the gold, spread eagle with Strongs, and Strings have this: "The surname String was...conjecturally descended from Fulk, who held the lands of Eaton from Roger de Bully at the time of the taking of the Domesday Book in 1086." The Jumps: "The parish of Wombwell was the property of Roger de Bully and Walter d'AINcourt at the time of the Domesday Book." AinCOURTs appear to be a branch of Ainslee's, and Courts/Coverts have a motto term with what looks like the Cunty variation of Cindys, while Inslee's/Ansleys love the Countrys/Cuntrys.

[Insert -- Just to say, Durkans share the green leaf of Hazels while Durkens (with the 'e') are listed with Durhams (probably the Vere/Weir fesse with stars) sharing the Hazel fesse. It just so happens that while TANAGRa is beside Schimatari, TANKERville's (have the Durkan-branch Darks), Hazeltons and Hazelwoods (Wear/Were colors) share the chevrons of Schimatari-liner Shakle's/Shakerleys. It's begging whether Durhams were once Dark / Arques liners, or whether it was vice versa. Durham is on the Wear river. Tankersley is in West Yorkshire with SHAKleton. I've looked for ways that the heraldry in this paragraph might point to something that John Durham might do, but I see nothing unless Durham/Dirom variations formed Drummonds, or from Drummonds, in which case I might go to the trash can that represented Bill Barr, for it was also a drum thanks to Drummonds.

Drummonds were first found in Perthshire (near Moray) with DURham-like Dure's, and the latter share the Chief-Shield colors of BARRels. If Durhams and Vere's/Weirs share the Moray stars (good possibility), we then note that Handle's have the Moray Coat. The trash-can / drum scene came immediately after the door-handle scene that involved Barrels. Handells have a "Fest" motto term that can be from Vasto's of Saluzzo, for the Dure's were first found in Perthshire with the Cluns (from Clun, home of FitzAlans who married Alice of Saluzzo) who share their Saluzzo Coat. Oh wow, the Fasts have crosslets colors reversed from the same of Wears/Were's.

Plus, a new thing. The Fast branch of FalSTAFFs names Mr. Fastolf in the lands of Stamford, and while Stamfords (Staffordshire) were also STAINfords, this is great because Lorraine's GRASS STAIN, which pointed to Barrs, pointed also to PenderGRASS' because her stain was on her pants while Panters were applicable who are like PENDERgrass'. I now find -- WOW -- that the Pendergrass Coat shares a vair-fur saltire with Stamfords/Stainfords, and both furs are half in blue!!! Both Coats have a red Shield!!! It has taken me years to come to this, and look at the timing, while on the Durhams.

The Steins (Stinson-of-Stevenson branch) who share the white Stanford goat were first found in Norfolk with Yarmouth and Fasts, tending to identify Stanfords / Stamfords as Stevensons, first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. The Stevensons are also Stave's while staves are used by Norfolk's Pilgrims.

This insert comes immediately after Aincourts, who are Agincourts too, and while seeking whether there is a Falstaff location in Norfolk just now, google coughed up this: "Sir John Falstaff [or Fastolf] even comes up with the game plan for the Battle Agincourt..." His Wikipedia article tells that Falstaff descended from a family at Great YARmouth (Norfolk), at the mouth of the Yare river, and then Stains were married to YARboroughs of Heslington Hall!!! This insert started with Hazeltons/Heslingtons. The Yarborough Coat is a version of the Duke Coat, all connectable with Lorraine the babe to Bar-le-Duc, and so this underscores the fact that God provided her grass stain.

I can add more now with the involvement of Fasts / Falstaffs (have a bend with items in the colors of the same of Lorraine's). First, English Grasse's, first found in Lincolnshire with Stain-related Yarborough's, have lions in the colors of the lion heads of English Penders (not the Penders/Pendergrass') whose "fide" motto term could be for Foot-branch Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's, and this update already has a section below on this foot bloodline as it pertains to Lorraine's foot / feet symbol. It just so happens that the Grasse lion is that also of Fallis'/Falls. FALstaff! Gotcha! Fasts were a Rockefeller line.

Next. We can imagine that Yarmouth was related to Yarboroughs, especially as both connect to Stains / Stainfords. At Wikipedia's article for John Fastolf, his personal Arms are shown with white scallops instead of the crosslets that Fasts show, and they are in the colors of the Tailbois scallops, possibly relevant because Tailbois' / TailleBOIS' were from Lincolnshire i.e. same as Yarboroughs. The Bois'/Boasts are in the motto of Nimo's, first found in Stirlingshire with Yare's, so excellent because the CHAPPES'/Cheaps were first found there while the Tailbois scallops are also those of Capes'!!! There's more that's new here, for I've been connecting Lorraine to the Stirlings ever since telling that I first spoke to her at her bus STOP, for Stops/Stubbs (Staffordshire, same as Stamfords and Stanfords) definitely apply to her pointers, and they have the bend-with-buckles in colors reversed from the same of Stirlings while the latter share the moor head with French Chappes'. There can be no other reason for what we are treading on here, the dead head of Joseph Caiaphas, than God's pointing to it through Lorraine...for a reason.

Stirlings share "Gang" with Drummonds, and the latter have a Drymen location in Stirlingshire. As Stirlings are also STURlings, it explains why Scottish Drummonds share the triple fesses of Sturs. Gangs/Geggs (Norfolk, same as Fasts/Fastolfs and Falstaffs) share the cinquefoils of Buckets, and the trash can I had was a small barrel or big bucket, which is how I also identified it as a drum (barrel).

With the Arms of John Fastolf showing the Fast / Falstaff quadrants in colors reversed, they are now in the colors of the Baud quadrants, and Scottish Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire too. The Baud quadrants are shared by their kin, the Medals/Dougals who have the Grasse / Pender / Fallis/Falls lion too.

As I said, Lorraine turned out to be a Jehovah's Witness, but the only thing I could ever glean from that (decades later) was a pointer for some unknown reason to Charles Russell, founder of JW's, for Russells were first found in Dorset with Babe's. I can now add that Russells are suspect in naming Roslin (Midlothian, same as Fallis'/Falls), and Roslins happen to have more buckles. Plus, Russells (almost have the Fulke/Folke motto) share the scallops of Lincolnshire's Falkenhams/Folkinghams. The middle name of Charles Russell, Taze, evokes the taser (some call it a tazer) of officer Rolfe in Atlanta, and while mythical Atalantis was of mythical Atlas, the Atlas surname has Fallis/Falls lion too. Rolfe's use "water bougets," part-code for the BUCKET line.

Repeat: "We called our marbles alleys/alees, and the Alley Coat is the Atlas/Atley Coat, in case we're ever convinced that Atlas' point to the Atalanta shooting." Alley-like Halleys are in Alley / Atlas colors, and while the latter has two brown lion heads in Crest, Halleys, who come up as Halys', have a brown lion in Crest. This looks like God's arrangement because the ancient Halys river was probably the home of the Halybes who are often conflated with the Khaldi, and the latter are the ones I trace to "CALYDon"!!! Home of Atalantis, the Atlas line! Plus, Halybes were the inventors of steel, and HALPers/Halfpennys (i.e. like "HALYBes"), first found in Worcestershire with Alleys, and with another brown lion in Crest, share the Steele checks!!!

WOOOWWIE!!! Stefan Halper was part of the Steele-dossier crew of FBI criminals, and in fact he's online as a MOLE (spy) into the Trump administration, and Mole's share the Halley boar head!!! Atalanta (probably from the Artemis-hunter cult) was the first to shoot the Calydonian BOAR (of Artemis)!!! Orion the hunter is the line to Orions/IRONS, and Halybes founded IRON!!!! INCREDIBLE. God has made heraldry like a crystal ball into history, but also allows us to spy on the current deep-state connections. Beware the Spy in the Sky. Orion was at SCHIMatari, and the Halley / Mole boar head is shared by Schims/Schiens.

OH WOW, the Mole's share the phoenix (flames at the tail) with Needhams, and Needham is a location in the Halper write-up! The "aut" motto term of Needhams recalls Atlas AUTO parts, the reason that Atlas' were introduced in this update. Mole's use a Phoenix-like "foenus" motto term. Aside from the boar head, the Mole Coat is the Handle / Handell Coat. The Posts (Hampshire, beside Poole) in the Mole motto share the giant Alley / Atlas/Atley / Poole / Kelly lion (see Keele's below). Pools in this Halys-river picture tends to trace to Julia Polla of Galatia, for Galatia was on or beside the Halys river.

As I was playing POTSie with the alleys, note that Pots-like Posts were first found in the same place as Potters. The miracle alley shot must have been God's code for our victory over something, and so let's add that the fesse of French Pots'/Pote's/Potes' (Trump POTUS?) is that also of Durhams. The alley shot occurred at HULLmar drive (Toronto), and Hulls share the Coat of Halley-like Halls, linkable to Alley-like Auleys/Caulys while Calls/Caules' use TRUMPets!!!

More. The English Caulys/Callis', sharing the quadrants of Drive's and Keele's, have a Khaldi- / Calydon-like "Callide" motto term, and I was a DRIVER for Atlas auto parts (may have been called, Atlas Auto Parts). Callide-like Celts/Cults share the pheon of Scottish Calls/Kallys/Auls (Kyle / Glass / Gleeson stars). Caulys/Callis' (Norfolk, same as Fasts/Fastolfs and Cullys/Kallys) even use a star-version of the Fast/Fastolf bend-with-crosses, linkable to the Gleeson bend-with-stars. These Caulys together with Drive's look like they crossed marital paths with Keele's and Cheile's (Lincolnshire), the latter being in the motto of Camera's/Camerons (share the five Arms-of-Rothschild arrows).

When my taxi was parked near the Keele intersection, it was a police pointer to Durham Region, giving me the impression that John Durham was going to do something for good people. But maybe I was wrong. I'm in suspense as to what he will do. The Cheile Coat is a good reflection of the Jenny and Gone Coats, and then while Durhams are Durkens, Jenny Durkan is the Seattle mayor.

Oh wow, after failing to find a Witness surname, I tried "Wittens," and it got a blond babe in the Crest while sharing the Lorraine bend! Lorraine is blond. The Wittens' (Lincolnshire again) are said to have named Witham in Grantham and STAMFORD!!! What are the chances? Stanfords share the white, passant goat of Russells. To really nail the idea that God provided a Witness-like surname in Lincolnshire's North and South Witham to go with Mr. Russell of Jehovah's Witnesses, the Russell Chief is a black version of the chief of Lincolnshire's Tailbois'.

Plus, the Russell scallops are the Meschin scallops while the first Meschin married Lucy Taillebois (Lincolnshire), who was styled, of BolingBROKE, and Broke's are a branch of BROOKs who in turn not only share the garbs of Sticks while the latter are from Astakos in the Calydonian land of mythical Atalanta, but officer Rolfe's taser was stolen by Rayshard Brooks!!! UNBELIEVABLE OUTCOME. Russells are said to descend from barons of BRIQUEbec while the first Meschin was son of Ranulph de BRIQUEsSART. His Meschin son ruled Cheshire, where SART-like Shirts/SHARDS were first found. RaySHARD Brooks!!!! Can you believe it? God has had his eyes on leftist tricks from centuries ago. Go ahead, make His Day.

As I've said, I first met Lorraine on my BIRTHday, and while Births are listed with Berts, Russells are said to descend from BERTram, baron of Briquebec. Mummolin descended from Tullia Lyon of Auvergne, and then as per the Scottish Bauds we crossed above with the John-Fastolf quadrants, we can now go to French Bauds/Bauts, first found in Auvergne and using a ram in the colors of the Ram ram heads. BertRAM. rams were first found in Essex with Broke's and Brooks.

This recalls that God gave us an ice-CREAM symbol for Crema and neighboring Cremona (added here because Cremers use a ram), and while Crema is where Baut-like Batti's/Botti's were first found, Cremona is where RAYmundo's/RAMundo's were first found!!! RAYshard Brooks!!! ASTOUNDING. (Rays are in the colors and format of Stanfords.)

Russells are of primary importance suddenly, in Lorraine's pointers, like I couldn't have possibly imagined prior to the shooting of Rayshard in GEORGia. Russells were first found in Dorset with George's while the Russell lion is the Ross lion in colors reversed. I've been identifying the Ross clan with king Andrew's Rus wife, and Andrew was father to George, father in turn of Maurice Drummond. The latter took princess Margaret from Hungary to Scotland, and her cup bearer was Henry Sinclair of Roslin, no guff. I couldn't have gotten to the Fallis'/Falls of the Roslin area had I not been brought to FALstaffs. One click at a time, this Jehovah's Witness mystery has been largely solved. The "Fest" motto term of Handells was instrumental with that, and I knew only of Handle's (no motto) until not many days ago (i.e. Handells are new to me).

Charles Taze Russell had a tombstone shaped as a pyramid, for he spent much if his Christian life deciphering follies about Jesus being in various aspects of the great pyramid of Cheops. Russell was an idiot made that way by demonic infestations.

Bolings share the Saddock Coat. End insert]

I can now go back to the unexpected CHOP variation of Camps/Champs, for Sherlands/Shorlands (Kent again), with an unexpected SHOP variation, have a dancette in the colors of the Carrick dancette, and Carricks (Ayrshire, same as Kennedys / Cunninghams) are from CHARAX Proculus, prince of Cetis (son of Lupus Laevillus)...beside Syria. I've predicted that Annas of Israel (his father was from Syria) was related to Proculus' ancestry.

I had a dream that opened with my riding a shopping cart from the side, down a long road that sloped down. As Ridings/Readings share boars in Bush-boar colors, I reasoned that God was verifying a theory online, that president George Herbert Walker Bush was born as George Herbert Scherff Jr., son of a WW2 Nazi. The Scherfs are listed with Schere's/Schare's, like variations shown for the Shops. Moreover, Share's/Shere's share the black dog with Carricks, and probably have the black fitchees of Kennedys, yet Schere's/Scherfs (version of a walker Coat) almost have the Share/Shere fitchee.

However, the shopping cart was ridden down a ROAD, and when that scene was over, I was complaining to the previous owner of my Jeep, saying that a barrel-shaped part was missing from the door handle. As I see this as Bill Barr AWOL (away out-to-lunch), the shopping cart can mean that the Bushites are conspiring with Hillary Rodham to undo Trump with riots and riot threats. Note how "ride" is like "riot." We can imagine rioters looting grocery stores and taking groceries with shopping carts to their vehicles.

[Insert -- That was written before the insert that started on the Durken variation of Durhams, which led to Russells. Bush's share a white goat in Crest with Russells, and a Bush branch is with Bois'/Boasts (said to be Bosco's) while Russells share a black version of the TailBOIS Coat. Busca is beside Saluzzo while we saw the reason that Durham-like Dure's use the Saluzzo / Barrel Coat.

Just found: Dure's and Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Taze-like Tase's! I'm going to guess that Tase's share the crescents of neighboring Bauds (Stirlingshire). Henry Drummond, London banker, founded the cult, Catholic Apostolic Church, in the same year (183) that the Mormon church was founded, and the founder (Mr. Smith) of the Mormons lived in Rochester along with the pro-Nazi Bush's (related to Smiths) who later "adopted" George Herbert Walker Scherff. ROCHesters, with scallops in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil (= proto-Rockefellers who married Hugh of Rodez) share the checkered Shield of Fisks/FISCs, and Robert Mueller tried to use the FISC/FISA crimes against Trump. Roquefeuil is in Languedoc with the first-known Roque's/Rocks.

The Nimo's (Stirlingshire, same as Cheops-like Chappes'/Cheaps) with a "boast" motto term also have "show," and Shows are Schaws/Schauers/Schore's too while Shops are Shawlands/Shorelands/Sherlands too. The Bosco's with "tufts of GRASS" use pillars in the colors of the Schorr/Schore column (it was the Nazi, SKORzeny, who reportedly revealed Bush to be Scherff), and Tufts/Tuffs' (phoenix) share the Wear/Were crosslets while Durham is at the Wear river. The Tuft/Tuffs crosslets are colors reversed from the same of Fasts/Fastolfs (from Vasto rulers of Saluzzo and probably Busca too). As we saw, the Fast-Russell insert touched up the trash can as a drum barrel, and that scene was the last part of the shopping-cart dream.

Is this indicating that Barr and Durham are playing to Bushites i.e. covering for such goons as Mueller and Comey? Just compare "drum barrel" to Durham-Barr. Why would God double that picture with a trash can if not for alerting us that Barr is a useless deep-state stooge? He may not be of the Obama deep state, but it seems he's part of the Bush's, for he was the attorney general for president George Herbert Walker Scherff. That seems to be the message of that dream. I get it.

One day, God caused someone to leave a Saint-Petersburg Russia medallion on the HOOD of by Jeep, at a grocery store. That is, I found it while returning to the vehicle with a SHOPPING CART filled with food. Hoods have the Baud crescents in colors reversed, verifying for me that Bauds are to be included in the pointers, especialy as Bauds share the quadrants of Oddeys/HODE's. However, I now find that Tase's have both the Baud and the Hood crescents. The Chep variation of Jeepma's is like the Cheap of Chappes', first found in Stirlingshire with Bauds, you see, and the latter's quadrants are those also of medallion-like Medals (listed with Dougals).

Amazingly, Hoods/Hoots can be linked to Hooters who in turn share the Coat of Hoovers, and the Hoover Institute (think tank), which has loads of Russia material, is part of STANFORD University. I once read and reported on a statement from a Stanford man (can't recall his name) saying that the British Illuminati (i.e. Rothschilds / Rhodes) of the late 1900s was the invisible founder of Stanford University. Mr. Stanford was a Republican money-grubber, and Stanford is in California with the satanic and heavily Republican Bohemian Grove.

Charles TAZE Russell was part of Rothschild Zionism, and predicted the end of the world for the first year of World War 1, in 1914. Rothschilds took over Russia in 1917, making it socialist. That could explain the Obama deep state as from socialist (Fabian) Rothschilds / Rhodians. The latter boys had been playing with an Apostle's Club (took on a Christian image, but cultic) that I can see with Drummond's Apostolic church (he invented 12 apostles to control Europe, and wanted the world to think that they were true, end-times apostles). It's now the New Apostolic Church. Beware those coming as apostles.

If the Rochester Crest is a heron, that's what Smiths use; Smiths share the fish with Roach's, and God pointed to the Roach branch of Smoke's/Rauch's (probably the bend of Jewish Rothschilds (no 's')) with black smoke out the tailpipe of my Nissan pick-up which was later sold to Paul Smith after his red Jeep was crashed fatally! The black smoke took place in Crystal City (Texas) during my stay in a motel with cockROACHes! It's an apt symbol of Rockefeller money-grubbers. My records show that Rochesters use a crane, however, but the point was that Joseph Smith of Rochester founded Mormons.

Italian Fabians once again have the checkered Shield of Fiscs / Rochesters. Who arranged Jewish Marx's to share the same checks? The Fabian societies were Marxist. OH WOW, the Mormans/Moormans use the same checks (not filling the Shield), and in the Morman Crest are three bunched arrows in a hand while the Arms of Rothschild has five bunched arrows in the hand of a strongarm!!! The Durkan-branch Darks use a strongarm. A mystery is why the Durken variation of Durhams was discovered in this update with Jenny Durkan, corrupt mayor of Seattle.

OH WOW. I had noted that the three Roach fish are reflective of the three TRUMPets of Calls/Caules', which made me wonder whether Trump was secretly supported by Russian Rothschilds. I couldn't see any evidence until I loaded Caules-like Caulys, and the third Cauly Coat loaded had the same red-and-white checks again (of Mormans) along with two crossed arrows (compare with Knobs) in the colors of the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow. That's at least good evidence that Rothschilds and Trumps crossed paths, and while Miss Hicks had gone to church in Crystal City about the time I passed through (had not yet met her), the Hicks' of Clapton used CLARions, thought to be trumpets. Mormans were first found in Suffolk with Clare's.

Jay CLAYton made the news this week, and the "ProbiTATum" motto term of that surname looks like it's code for lines from lake Tatta not far off the northern end of the Halys river, because Caly-like Caulys ("CALLIDE") have the Alley-like Auley variation. The Claydon variation looks like "Calydon." Mythical Mopsus was at Clarus, and Claytons use the cross of Claro-line Sinclairs. Yet Mopsus was also MUKSus, which I've traced to Mokissos smack off the Halys on the north side of lake Tatta. That's amazing already, but then Clays have the six pale bars of ATHOLs/Athels in colors reversed while Calydon is at AETOLia. You don't know anyone is this whole world who can make links like this by the hundreds, so far back into history, than God-with-me, yet google suppresses His work just because it comes with a Christian leaning. Don't you expect that God's going to do something about it?

Clarus was home to Leto and her daughter, ArTEMIS, owner of the Calydonian boar. I trace her name to THEMIScyra, on the Thermodon river near or amongst the Khaldi. The PYXITes river was in that area, and Picts had a Caledonian tribe. THERModon" is like a Drummond variation, and Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Athols/Athels, giving reason to check for other Saxon tribes, besides Athelings, for ancestry in Aetolia / Attaleia elements. Saxons worshiped the mother-earth goddess, and the great mother goddess of Phrygia was married to Attis, code for the Hatti on the Halys river. The Saxon goddess, Nerthus, looks like mythical Enarete, wife of Aetolia-like Aeolus, and the latter was in the area of Achaea / Pisa, from the Pisidians i.e. lived in Attaleia. "Aeolus" may also be the myth writer's play on "Halys."

By the way, I invented a fence POST and got a patent for it, then joined a partnership with Mr. Klees (partnership and product failed). Repeat: "As I was playing POTSie with the alleys, note that Pots-like Posts were first found in the same place as Potters." It appears that Klees' were an Alley branch, and as you saw above that Flowers, who share the potter cinquefoil, look to be from the Rieti Flavians, they included the Pools sharing the Alley / Atlas/Atley Coat. The latter combination gives the impression of a Halys-river migration to mythical Atalanta of Calydon. And Clays are also KLEES', first found in Lincolnshire with the Keele's/KEELES' sharing the Cauly quadrants.

Clays/Klees' share "ORBem" with Kids, and the Caulys have: "'Hugh de Cailly, lord of ORBy, Norfolk, was head of the family whence sprang the barony.'" The Orbieu river is near Rockefeller-line Roquefeuil, and the Rockefeller-line trefoils are therefore likely in the Clay/Klees Coat. This river is in auto-like Aude, and I worked for Atlas auto parts. English Tate's (Suffolk, same as Clare's) share the pale bar of ROXburghs. The Tate Crest has a PINEapple while Attis (or Attys) had a pine symbol. Scottish Tate's were first found in Berwickshire (beside Roxburghshire) with Attys/Ade's who have a version of the RODham/Rodden Coat, and a daughter of Raymond I of Roquefeuil married Hugh IV of RODez. Raymundo's share the checkered Shield of Atha's/Atteys (begs whether Hatti named the Attaleia > Athol/Athel line).

As Atlas points to Mr. Brooks of Atlanta, is it coincidental that Rayburns have a roebuck at a brook?

Ahh, French Raymonds were first found in Languedoc with Roquefeuil and the ORBieu river, and these Raymonds use "orbs." English Raymonds, who may be sharing the Halper Chief, share the fleur-de-lys of Gellone's while the monastery of William de Gellone (count of Toulouse) was near the Orbieu. The three Gellone fleur are in the colors of the three Raymond orbs. They are red fleur-de-lys shared by Perga-line Perkins/Parkings; Perga is beside Attaleia. The interesting thing is that while French Raymonds were at Egg-like D'Eoux, Eggs/Edge's, suspect with EDGar Atheling, share the spread eagle of English Raymonds. Eggs share the spread eagle in colors reversed with Saxonland's Ice's/Ecke's (treFOIL, part-RoqueFEUIL symbol) while the ice-cream pointed to Cremona, where Raymundo's were first found.

Ice's/Ecke's share trefoils with Rows/Roe's expected in the Rayburn roebuck, suggesting that Eoux was an Ecke liner merged with the line of Raymond of Roquefeuil. Officer Rolfe shot Brooks, and while Rayborns have a brook, English Rolfe's (share the ROD trefoil, green like the Rock trefoil) were first found in Norfolk with Rows and Roe's. That looks like a compelling pointer of God to the Atlanta killing / fake job. Fakenham is in Norfolk. Wow, German Rods/Roads (Rodez line) even have the Egg eagle!!!

"On 8 December 2014, the Rothschild egg was given to the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia". Hmmm. Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, "has also been a Trustee of the State Hermitage Museum of St Petersburg (retired 2008);..." How about that. Is the ice-cream theme now pointing to Russia-partnered Rothschilds?

I probably wouldn't tell that Manetts/Manez's/Manai's (probably the L'Aquila eagle) share the Ice/Ecke eagle if not for their being first found in Savoy with Aude's. But wait: it just so happens Savoy was probably dabbled in by Guerin of Provence, whom some say was the son of William de Gellone. Draguignan is in Provence while Dragons are kin of Manett-like Mynetts.

Oh wow. Gellone is roughly at Narbonne (in Aude) while Denardo's come up as Narbonne's while, as I've said quite a few times, Mike Denardo was a friend of Raymundo at Knob Hill Farms when I worked there with them. Our manager was Gill/Giles (not sure of the spelling, but pronounced "gill"). Rays were at Gill. My first girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms, a cashier, was Allison Bauer, and the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer. She left me for Denardo!!! My second girlfriend there was Darlene RAY/WRAY, the ice-cream girl!!!! She's one of two girlfriends used by God (within a year) to form the ice-cream theme.]

Pointers to Portland

Good morning, on Friday morning having this story: "Antifa and BLM activists in Portland attempted to erect a no-entry zone called the Patrick KIMMONS Autonomous Zone (PKAZ)—named after a man who was fatally shot in Portland in 2018 after he shot two people and charged at police with a revolver." The Kimmons' are listed with the Comyns/Comine's, and there's a lot to say from that one surname, but Portlands play well into this, first because they share the giant moline of MacArthurs while Arthurs use ORGAN rests. Portland, OREGON. It appears that God has used heraldry to point to this particular ANTIFA movement too.

Secondly, it strikes me here that the Kimmon variation of Comyns can explain the Kimmis/Kemmis surname, first found in Gloucestershire with the Letts/Late's who use ORGAN pipes. Plus, while Patricks share the Kilpatrick saltire, the latter surname shares the dagger with the Kimmons'/Comyns. The latter's motto, "Courage," can suggest the Organ-like Corigans/COURIGans because they share the green lizard with Organs. It already appears as though God made arrangements to point this heraldry to the Oregon situation, and we need to ask why God would point to three uprisings in a row over just a couple of weeks? Is this part of the anti-Christ movement that will take over the United States? It can certainly explain why the world comes to an end if lunatics such as they have power over the world, urging all peoples like themselves to engage in the "new normal."

There's more. The Organ / Courigan lizards should be code for LIZarts. The latter's three pale bars (it's the Armstrong Coat, linkable to the Fake Coat) almost form the LISS and List Coats (latter two identical), and here it's important that Lists were first found in Silesia with German Kerns, for Irish Kerns share the chevron of Stars, in colors reversed from the chevron of Shake's/Shakerleys suspect in making up the variations of Fake's. The Stars are important because they have the lozenges of Seattle-like Settle's, and we can add that Seattle is beside Oregon.

Liss' were first found in Hampshire with Ports, and this is beside the Portlands, first found in Dorset with Babe's while Babels/Babwells share the Liss / List Coat. Ports share gold estoiles with the neighboring Stars (Wiltshire, same as Laps sharing the Babel mermaid). Moreover, the Port Chief is like the Chief of Josephs (Hampshire, same as Ports and Flys) which itself shares the Kimmons/Comyn garb. The Flys of Flagi have martlets linkable to the martlet of French Josephs, and we can now go to the Kimmons/Comyn write-up for some things I've missed from their statement: "Saint Comman of Ross-Commain ( fl. 550), was son of FAELCHu and 'descendant of FIACHa Araidhe, of the family of RudhRAIGHe, and race of Ir, king of Ulster, A.D. 236.'" The Flys were at Flagi while Flags are listed with FLACKS/FLECKS, first found in Norfolk with Kimmons/Comyns, perfect. It seems like we've found some proto-Flecks in Faelchu. But then Norfolk has Fake-like Fakenham, thus suspect with Fiacha.

Indeed, while Folke's/Volks were first found in Norfolk too, Falkenham is in Lincolnshire while Kimmons/Comyns were first found in Norfolk and Lincolnshire. Falkenhams (Lincolnshire) share the Biss scallops, and the coiled, double-green snakes in the Biss Crest is in the Crest of Seagars who in turn share the Portland Coat. For many years, Seagars were said to be first found in Norfolk.

RudhRAIGHe of the Kimmons/Comyns caught my eye as per their "CouRAGE" motto. It just so happens that Raggs' share a gold-on-blue bend with COEurs/LeCours/Le Courts, and both surnames have an item on either side of the bend. The Coeur/Le Court bend rises toward the left side of the Shield, as does the bend of German Kerns that's formed with three symbols. These Kerns were first found in Silesia with Lists, and the six pale bars of Lists are almost the six of Courts/Coverts (Coeur/Le Court colors), important because Miss Covert, who emailed me for a few years, got a white-supremacist symbol for more reason that her living a few miles from Hayden Lake, the Idaho headquarters of Aryan Nations. This place is near the Washington-state border, and my theory had been that ANTIFA partnered secretly with white supremacists to conduct their staged event at Charlottesville. From the looks of this paragraph, the government-backed event in Seattle could include elements from Aryan Nations.

[Insert, sorry, I'll come back to Coeurs. Miss Covert (went by Mrs. Maness) was married (maybe not officially) to Mr. Maness, and the Maness/Manner motto is shared by Suttons who in turn share the Wheeler lion. Ted Wheeler is the Portland mayor. The Wheeler fesse is shared by Fore's/Forez's while Inslee's/Ansleys (Nottinghamshire, same as Inslee's/Ansleys and Annas') have two "for" motto terms. Capote's/CHAPUS' were first found at Forez. "FORward" is a motto term of Seatons having a Sutton-like Setton variation. This paragraph seems to be making a link between Inslee, the Washington governor, and the Portland mayor. Portland is little more than 100 miles from Seattle. Courts/Coverts use a "GrandesCUNT" motto term while Cuntys are listed with Cindys/Contys, the ones with the look of the Countrys/Cuntrys in the "for my country" motto phrase of Inslee's/Anslee's.

Earlier, Miss Covert married Mr. Dein, and his sister married Mr. SCHERIFF, like the Scherff Nazi. Deins mother has an address in West Islip of Long Island, right beside the Patchogue area of Adolph Hitler's nephew (William Hitler). The Inslee's and an Ansley location in Warwickshire, where Sheriffs were first found, while Mr. Dein had an address in Warwick-connectable Warsaw, Indiana, location of WARS white supremacists. Sheriffs look linkable to Milehams because Sheriffs share the griffin heads in both colors with Caplans (Hampshire, same as Mile's/Mylles'). Recall how the Minsters worked into Mileham elements, for they looked like a branch of Misters who share the griffin heads of Sheriffs (gold heads, same as Milehams) and the Box's (Wiltshire) who have a bomb in Crest, symbol of terrorism.

Always' have a Coat version of the Alwins (Devon, same as Ways'), a branch of Alans i.e. that were at Mileham. Inslee's/Ansleys have an "always" motto term while the Always have a Coat reflection of the Purys suspect in the Maness/Manner / Sutton motto. Repeat: "Why does "Aryan" reflect "Orion"? The Orion surname is listed with Irons/Hirams (Norfolk) suspect with the Inslee/Anslee cross."

I received mail about a week ago suspect with Michael, Mr. Dein's son, who I think has been looking for me for a long time. He indicated that he knows my address. I have his phone number. He badly wanted to get together with me, but he doesn't know I suspect him to be this Michael. We shall see what happens. He said he called me a dozen times, but that my phone wouldn't work for him. Hmmm. Immediately after writing this insert, I had a mouse-in-trap event I'll tell at the end of this section. End Insert]

Coeurs/Le Cours/Le Courts were first found in Brittany with the NERETs that use three of their bends (colors reversed from the bend of French Ports/Porters). The mouth of the NERETva (marked the Naro) river (near Asamum on Adriatic coast of this map) is near Raggs-like Ragusa (not shown) that's situated beside Asamum. The Shark-line Saraca's were first at Cottar-like Kotor, and later at Ragusa; Cottar share lizards with Organs and the COURigans suspect in the Kimmons/Comyn motto, and this looks very-much as though the Shark line points to the Portland-Oregon movement.

So I can now go to my 1979 dream (about a week after I became a Christian) that started with a shark in a KIDNEY-shaped swimming POOL. Kidneys/GEDneys have the fish of Geds in colors reversed, and the Geds have three fish in the colors of the one fish in the Arms of Saraca. There's a Geddes webpage telling that their Ged ancestors were on the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle, and Charlotte Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick. When I jumped in to save the bulldog head-first in its mouth, I was transported to an ocean-beach scene where Charlotte was standing in front of a car. The Charlottesville hoax had a white supremacist (or one posing as such) ramming through a crowd with his car, and striking vehicles that had been parked at the scene for this hoax.

Scottish Rolfe's were first found in Nairnshire with Geddes', and officer Rolfe supposedly killed a Black man in Seattle just days ago.

The man blamed for the Charlottesville crash was Mr. Hodgekinson, and Hodge's are like the Hood surname. Charlotte was first seen by me standing at the hood of her car. One Hodge Crest has two green snakes coiled around a gold garb, and Kimmons'/Comyns along with Organs (both point to Portland) have gold garbs. We saw Portlands with the Seager moline, and it's Seagars having double-green snakes in Crest. Plus, German Seagars share a giant eagle in the same colors with the Sans' in the Hodgekinson motto. That looks like an excellent Oregon-ANTIFA link to Charlottesville's ANTIFA demonstration.

After I jumped into the pool to save the bulldog, which I interpret as Trump in deep-state trouble, I was transported to a blue body of water indicating an ocean. I then got on the beach, and while I identified this beach with the beach on Jeffrey Epstein's island, with God there can be multiple interpretations. I'm now looking at Wight as a second interpretation.

The shark (symbol for deep state) in the pool. Poole is in Dorset, where Portlands were first found, and Ports with Porters were first found in neighboring Hampshire. Portlands share the MacArthur moline while proto-Arthur Ardiaei were on the Neretva river with the Door-like Daorsi. Poole is in DORset, and immediately after Charlotte was in front of the car, with myself about 50 feet away, I suddenly found myself at the passenger DOOR of the car. Out to sea from Poole is the Isle of Wight with NewPORT.

Charlotte was born with a Hicks surname, and Juliana Arthur of Clapton (near Dorset) married Mr. Hicks; Arthurs use ORGAN rests. You see, it's as though God arranged Charlotte Hicks to link to this Portland-Oregon picture, especially as Rob Porter worked in Trump's White House with his ladyfriend there, Hope Charlotte Hicks. Clapton is on the Somerset-Gloucestershire border, and organ-pipe Letts/Late's were first found in Gloucestershire along with Hodgkinsons.

Out to sea from Poole is the Isle of Wight with NewPORT and Cowes locations. The Coe variation of Cowes' might have been the makings of COEurs, but, in any case, the Coo variation suggests the coup attempts on Trump by a number of methods to date, and this can explain why the bulldog in the pool ended up in the shark's mouth. I jumped into the pool to save it (jumping into the ocean from Poole gets one to Cowes), and Jumps share the Trump stag head. The sharks teeth formed a ring around the dog's belly, and Bellys share the Jump roses. Just realized: Hodge's share the annulets of BULLs (Somerset, beside Dorset and the Hoods of Devon) -- the BULLdog -- which can point the shark to the Hodgekinson event.

Repeat: "Scottish Rolfe's were first found in Nairnshire with Geddes', and officer Rolfe supposedly killed a Black man in Seattle just days ago." The Geddes' enter the pool picture by its kidney shape, and Rolfe's use "water bougets," code for the Bucket / Bouchard / Bouchier bloodline. One Bucket Coat shares three red piles meeting at a point with Cowes'/Coo's. It's another reason to see the sandy beach in the shark dream as the Isle of Wight (Sands use RAGully). Buckets were even first found in Lincolnshire with Kidneys/Gedneys. Gedney of Lincolnshire is beside Fleet, and Fleets (Lincolnshire) share the double fesses of Flags/Flecks. "There are other villages and parishes named Fleet in Dorset and Hampshire..."

Hmm, when Miss Hicks fell asleep in the car, I was told to wake her, and in doing so I touched her knee while "Ne" is a motto term of Newports, first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. That's yet another reason to see the shark dream as occurring on the Isle of Wight. In fact, while Hoods were at a Rattery location of Devon, Ratterys love Devon's Supers while "Ne supre" is a Newport motto phrase. Newports are in the colors and format of Exeters (Devon), and Exters share bells with the Hampshire Porters, suggesting that NewPorts were a Port / Porter branch.

After I was done with the Aryan-Nations insert above, I went into the garage to get some distilled water. Remembering that the BLACK mousetrap disappeared this morning, I looked for where the mouse may have dragged it. I found it behind the BLACK trash can. When reaching down to get, the mouse moved. It was trapped by the NECK. And when I released it, it was able to walk. It came to my foot, unafraid, as if to say, "thanks." I let it go. I don't like killing mice outdoors, but they get into the house otherwise. I kid you not, they have started chewing through the metal screen into the basement.

As the trash can that caught flames has come to represent the riotous uprisings in Minneapolis, that's where Chauvin had his knee on Floyd's NECK. I'm thinking that this mouse caught by its neck represents Floyd not being dead, because it was a staged event. As I said, the mouse walked to my foot, and Foots are a branch of Fithes'/Fothes', first found in Aberdeenshire with the Skins/Skene's sharing the Chauvin wolf heads. Fothes' come up as Fido's, and FideLows share wolf heads with the Lows (Fothes/Fido colors), possibly from the Lowles variation of Leavells/Lovells. Foots and Fothes' have one of the triple Levi chevrons, and while Jewish Levi's are suspect with the crowned lion of Italian Capone's, the latter were first found in Naples with the Tomati's/Tomasso's having the six Leavell bars in colors reversed. Love's/Luffs have triple fesses in red that could apply.

Leavells have what looks like a tale for covering their true ancestry in Lupus Laevillus. The tale goes like this: "The eldest [son], one Ascelin Gouel de Perceval succeeded his father as Lord of Breherval. As a violent man, he acquired the surname 'Lupus.' In turn his son was surnamed 'Lupellus,' or little wolf which was softened to 'luvel.'" Leavells are in the colors of the Lupus/Welf/Wolf / Chauvin wolf heads.

The Tomati's were fronted above because a co-founder of Black Lives Matter was Ms. Tometi. Another co-founder was Ms. Garza while the Garza's (and Labe's) have horizontally-split colors in reverse from the same of LOOPs/Lopers (GREYhound). The Lows-like Lose's/Loos' could be of the Vis-de-LOU location of Fidelows, which I have seen as Vis-de-LOOP. The Lows' are also Loys while French Loys are with Lose-like Louis', first found in Lorraine. Louis-branch Lewis' are said to be from Leavell-like "LLEWELyn." Huns/HUNDts use a greyHOUND, and Huns/Hungate's share white dogs with Allisons of Loupe (Lanarkshire). Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with Greys.

Loops/Lopers are said to be from HOlstein, the line of mythical Holle, and Hollys do share the dog of Allisons in both colors (but see also Hulls and Hole's/Halls). Loupe's share the white tower with Plunketts. Hollys have a version of the Plunkett Coat, and so per the Perkin connection of Plancia Magna, here's on mythical Holle: "Frau Holle (also known in various regions as Holla, Holda, PERCHta, Berchta, Berta, or Bertha..." Berthe was wife to MumMOLIN. Loops/Lopers are said to have been on the Sieg river while German Siegers are also Seagars while English Seagars share the Portland MOLINE. The impressive thing here is that I bounced to Loops/Lopers from a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, and here I find myself on Portlands.

By the way: Siegers/Seagars share the quadrants of Fasts, the latter first found in Norfolk, where English Seagars were said to be first found. McLeods (love Flags of Norfolk) use the motto, "HOLD fast," and we just saw Holla/Berta as HOLDa too. Fasts have items on a bend in the colors of the same of Lorraine's. The Lorraine lion is shared by Wheelers (name of Portland mayor), in colors reversed from the Lose/Loos lion, and the Lorraine bend-with-eagles is in the Harewood/HareWARD Coat (share Ward Shield).

Harewoods were looked up as per the Foot write-up, and Lorraine the babe was given a foot / feet symbol, how impressive (I've not known the Lorraine-Harewood connection before). The Babe's were first found in Dorset with Portlands, and are expected from Babon, Mummolin's son. Here's from the write-up: "The manor of Harwood or Harewood, which had been held under the dutchy of Cornwall [location of Bude, possibly from BODEgisel, Mummolin's other son] by the family of Foote about fourscore years..." As Harewoods were first found in Lancashire with Shake's/Shakerleys, the hare of the latter's Crest looks relevant. See the Bode-like terms in the Foot write-up below; this is really impressing me, as much as Lorraine's feet did. The Feets/Fate's share the martlets of Pavia-related GRIME's (almost the Leavell bars), and Grimo was Babon's son! WOW! I don't recall making this Foot-surname link to Lorraine's feet before (I probably didn't check Harewoods). She got her feet symbol at the instant she got her babe symbol.

As I said, I asked her out for the first time, the first time I ever spoke with her, on my 24th BIRTHday, and Births are listed with Berts. I asker her out at a BUS stop, and lived at the corner of Rumble and Libby when dating with her. Rumble's share the Bus cinquefoil, and I've just found two instances of Harewoods in all my files, none with Foots, and both with RUMillys. However, I always link Foots to Ranulph de Gernon, both of Cheshire, and Gernons have a "cyFOETH" motto term. Here's what I said in 2nd update of November, 2018:

Cecily de Rumilly, Lady Skipton by another name, was a busy gal. She first married the Tracy lords of Barnstaple. Her page here [white-on-red eagle not showing at this time] has what I think could be the Piast eagle. Romily is in Les Andelys with the Norman ancestry of Toeni's, and while Toeni's use the maunch, Rumillys had a Romily-like location also in Manche. She next married Ranulph de Gernon whom we met above, and later married his brother, William Meschin...

...The Rumillys happen to use several piles in the colors of the Leavell piles. The same eagle is used by Harewoods/HareWARDs (share the Ward Shield) while Cecily was also styled, of Harewood. It just so happens that Harewoods use the eagle as do Lorraine's and the Arms of Lorraine, and the Piast, Mieszko II Lambert, married Richeza of Lorraine.

Okay, I did link Harewoods to Lorraine's, but failed to mention the Foot link of Gernons. Ranulph de Gernon-Meschin was the ancestor of BLUNDville's, and Blonds (compare with Leavells and Babe's) use a foot in the Babe sun. I'm impressed. The Tracys/Trasse's are the trash-can entity, and there is some initial indication above that Lorraine is pointing to Mr. Wheeler of Portland (at this point, we don't know if anything will develop in Portland). Lorraine pointed to Barrs, and Barrels, part of the trash-can dream, have a Coat looking connectable to the Rumilly Coat while Rumillys married Tracys. It's perfect because the trash can dropped on its rim while Rims are also Rums! I don't think I've recalled that Rumillys were Tracy kin since I've started up on the trash-can dream over the past several weeks. I don't know if I've ever made the trash-can connection to Rumillys before. God lives, take heart by putting your heart under his wings.

Babe's (fessewise bars in the colors of the Barr fesse) share two fingers pointing with Points/Pointers (piles), and the Rumilly pile-like items are called "points": "A silver shield with a rock with nine points, on each point a lily, and on a blue chief, a crescent between two silver stars."

In 2014, I wrote that "Rumilly's were lords of Harewood." Hare's look connectable to Obama's Dunham line, and Obama was a friend or more of Bill Ayers, ruler of Weather Underground. The handbook of Weather-UnderGROUND terrorism is suspect with ANTIFA, and Weathers/Withers (Norfolk, same as Dunhams) use a hare. Scottish Hare's/Hairs share the Dunham Shield, yet the Hare/Hair Coat with the same stars as Mile's/Mylles' is with Scottish Matters/Mathers, perhaps a pointer to "Black Lives Matter." Matters/Mathers were first found in Kincardineshire with Fothes' (at least near to the first-known Schims and Skene's). I haven't checked Blacks (Lincolnshire) until now to re-see that they share the Washington / Schim/Schien Chief. That makes sense if God arranged it. Irish Miles' share the Skin/Skene sword. No Live / Lives surnames comes up, but Leafs/Leave's/Leve's are also "Lifes'.

It's late Saturday night, and, finally, another song-line miracle. I had loaded Tollers after reading that Barrs were at Nottinghamshire's Tollerton. I was staring at the Toller cross, asking why Tollers should link to the similar cross of Birds (Cheshire, same as Foots). I realized that Birds share martlets with Feets/Fate's, but because they were not in the same colors, I was about to pass on loading Birds, but just at that instant, the song, "Morning Has Broken," sang "where His FEET pass." Loading the Birds, I saw that one Bird Coat has three items on a fesse in the colors of the three martlets on a fesse of Feets/Fate's.

German Tollers (version of German Dole Coat) share the checks of Halpers who in turn have a pyramid-like item. Toller-like Tulls/Tolle's do have a pyramid, as do Fisks sharing the checks of German Dole's. Tulls/Tolle's are from Tulia of Lyon at Auvergne's Clermont-Ferrand. It so happens that the flory cross of Birds is that of Bouillons, first found in Auvergne, in colors reversed. Tollers use that flory partly in white, the color of the Bouillon flory. Lorraine's (feet symbol) share the green lion with Lyons, and the Lorraine eagles are colors reversed from those of PASSE's/Pascals. Where His FEET PASS. Why would God care about making these links? First of all, to prove that I'm not wrong about the claim that He gave her a foot / feet symbol. God lives, take shelter in Him as this world breaks apart.

It just so happens that Tollers love the Patria's/PEARtree's in their motto, who have a bird pointing at the sun so as to be linkable to things-Lorraine. The "Fide" motto term of Patria's/Peartree's might just be for the Fido variation of Fothes', how about that. Christine PEARE was given pointers to the Bouillon family and even to the Felts sharing the Bird / Toller flory. As Tollers were started on from the Barr write-up, might the Trump stag head of Patria's/Peartree's mean that God brought us the song-line miracle at the Tollers to indicate that His feet are walking by way of the Trump-Barr partnership now starting to bud? Yes, Barr seems to be fighting recently, standing with Trump. Maybe Barr has settled it in his mind that it's more than okay for the attorney general to protect his own president when he's abused criminally by the other political party.

The mouse today came to my foot and to my toe, and Tows (Cheshire, same as Foots) share the Coat of Irish Hare's (and Lyons) who in turn share the lizard with Oregon-like Organs and Corigans. Organ-pipe Lets/Late's share the stars of Fothes', can we believe it? English Grounds have a version of the Rhodes Coat, and the socialist Fabian societies were of the globalist cults of Cecil Rhodes. Weather Underground was, like Obama, socialist. In colors reversed, the green Tow and Hare lions are those of TYsons/Tessons, first found in Northumberland with green-lion Lorraine's. Patria's/Peartree's share red scallops in Chief with Tass'. Pierro's/Pero's were on the Tessin river, at Pavia, and Pavia's share the Feet/Fate Coat.

In the same Foot write-up: "'Bodanua or Bodannan, {in the parish of St. Enoder, Cornwall} belonged for some time to the Footes of Lambesso...'" Lamberts were first found in Surrey with Fidelows. Bodans were first found in Cheshire with Foots, but it's the Bodens (with an 'e') who point us back to Inslee of Washington with their "Contra" motto term. German Bodens share the roses of Butts/Boets/Botts. The Aryan-Nations insert had Mr. Dein, son of Miss Abbott, and here it's interesting that Bott-like Abotts share the stars of Fido's/Fothes' and Gamels while Gamble's share the fleur-de-lys of Country-loving Inslee's/Anslee's.

So, the question is: did God make that mouse walk three feet to my foot for these pointers? Fothes' are the ones with a cornuCOPia probably because they were first found in Aberdeenshire with CUPs/Cope's (branch of Cops, yup), which recalls that the staged Floyd event started when he was passing off a fake $20 bill at Cup FOODs. Foots are Foods too. The mouse was trapped at its neck, ditto with Floyd. The Fothes write-up is where I got the Alwins in the update before the Always in the Inslee/Anslee motto came to my attention. Cops share the Country fleur-de-lys. Countrys share the Polis chevron.

Repeat: "'Antifa and BLM activists in Portland attempted to erect a no-entry zone called the Patrick KIMMONS Autonomous Zone (PKAZ)—named after a man who was fatally shot in Portland in 2018 after he shot two people and charged at police with a revolver.'" The Kimmons are listed with the Comyns/Cumyns, and, I've only just seen, the Fothes' have: "Fergus de Fothes, son of John de Fothes, received in 1289 from Alexander CUMYN, Earl of Buchan, a charter of the whole tenement of Fothes." Kimmons/Comyns are the ones with a "Courage" motto linkable to Organ-branch Corigans, the thing that proved God's involvement with pointers to Portland, Oregon.

The previous mouse-in-trap event was when the mouse dragged the trap to a floor joist, and because Obama was given a mouse symbol years ago, the joist suggested the Joyce Foundation due to Obama sitting on its board. Joyce wants to take guns away for the socialist takeover of America, you see. The leg that the mouse had stuck in the trap suggested the Legro-Soar pointer to George Soros, yet as Leggs may have the Trump stag head, one could suggest that Trump's going to get a victory over the Obama effort to derail him at this election season. Trump is a natural enemy of socialism.

If I recall correctly, Miss Covert was married to Mr. Surbrooke of SPOKane, Washington, and Spoke's/Spocks/Spike's share the double-headed Joyce eagle. I'm just wondering whether Miss Covert was put into my email life to form a number of pointers now at an ANTIFA partnership with white-supremacists. A leader of Aryan nations was Charles Mangels of Polson, Montana, and Mangels/Mansells share the Mansfield Coat (same place as Inslee's/Anslee's) to which God connected Mamie. Reminder: Mamie and my taxi pointed to Tax's/Dax's/Dachs suspect with concentration headquarters in Dachau, and Obama gave the country an illegal DACA program for to help cast the votes for socializing the United States.

Mangels could have been somehow related to Joseph Mengele, the Nazi, and the Nazi, Otto Skorzeny, reportedly said on his deathbed that Hitler escaped to Montana. Mangels' obituary says that he was the son of Walter and Phyllis Mangels.


Insane headline this week: "Georgia House passes bill that could abolish police department". Aren't Georgia's citizens going to rumble over this? Will they just lie down flat and take it?

This video below tends to expose that the Trump White House is under a catholic shadow, not good at all, for it can mean that the pope has fingers in Trump's policies. Didn't Trump chose two catholics for the supreme court? Pence was a catholic. John Ratcliffe is a catholic. Bill Barr is a catholic. See a pattern? It can appear that Trump's under the influence, willingly for added power, of some catholic body, something for the people of Jesus to think about as per the shape of the future in the United States. But the vatican has been supporting Democrat camps because catholics (stupids, shame, great shame) by-and-large vote Democrat. In Canada, they empower the socialist liberals.

The speaker in this video is out to lunch to say that catholics were the original Christians. The vatican is a twisted and demonic disorder, having all sort of pagan statues within its walls, as if popes don't realize how wrong that is. The vatican is a counterfeit church, no church at all. The vatican is always occupied by a pampered hypocrite who refuses to live in a normal home. Popes think they speak for Christ. The Trumps and the pope have lavish in common. The speaker in this video would have all Christians unite under the vatican; beware this imposter, this spiritual goof; beware Trumpism and Trump worship.

The true church is made up of anyone who tells Jesus that he/she wants to be a part of Him. period. You don't need to belong to an organized "church" to be a member of the true Church. You are instantly / automatically part of the Church of Jesus once you accept Him and he accepts you. PERIOD. If that imposter above doesn't understand this, it's because he's an imposter. An imposter speaks the speak, roughly anyway, but his heart is not right. No one who's heart is right can respect the vatican or the pope. The rosary is monkey business, and Fatima was a hoax. Catholics are calling themselves Christians, beware. It's not enough to believe in any Jesus you please; you must accept the true Jesus as revealed by the Apostles whose reliable writings we have. We are not allowed to make up things like rosary and many other creations by popes down through the ages.

Here's Wretched Radio with admonishments against mixing Christ with Americanism:

The to-do list of Christian living is, for example, in Colossians 3. It's all good, makes for a healthy society too, and so why are anti-Christs in such a rage against Jesus? He even offers eternal life. They can't prove either way whether God exists or not. They can't prove either way whether Jesus was sent by God or not. Why then do they despise Christianity for a society? We are to put away anger / rage and replace it with gentleness, kindness and patience, but how should we react when Christless leftists come at the world with rage and lawless destruction? Can we get mad at them? Of course we can. Can we be disgusted and show it? Yes, of course. Loving our enemies doesn't mean we say nothing at misbehavior. Jesus was always piping up against misbehavior of his chief disciples.

Believe you the logic, that if the apostles had faked Jesus' Resurrection, and were preaching Him all their lives for selfish gain such a easy money from church donations, or for the honor that high religious positioning is customarily packaged with, they would not have portrayed themselves as the dopes they often seem to be in the Gospels. Paul would have ceased to preach Christ once he was jailed, but he did not stop. Note that 'pope" rhymes with "dope." Come out of your lavish palace, pope, thou imposter. Rescind all of the traditions of men that your vatican has made through the centuries, because if you do not, you are not a mouth of Jesus. Rebuke your people for voting democrat, FAKE.

You have blood on your hands, from abortions, because you make your people vote for liberals. The liberal judges on supreme courts are the fault of catholics empowering liberal politicians. Popes are Biblical scum, epicenters of terrible doctrine, for popes must give the green light to terrible doctrines. But if a pope comes to my place, I will be hospitable, and kind, just as it says that I should love my enemy, but I would also say, you fake, you aren't doing away with evil in your own house, you are no mouth piece for Jesus because you don't conform to Jesus. Are you afraid of a mere pope or local priest because he wears that "holy" garb? Give your head a shake.

It's not enough for Fox to be pro-life. It must also call Catholics out of the Democrat party, Shame, all of you who vote for this disgusting movement that is splashed all over the liberal media non-stop. The movement is no longer pretending to be righteous, and is exposing its hypocrisies, yet I have not seen a movement of catholics calling their members out of the Democrat party. Beware vatican tools, because they too will betray us. They are now calling us to support their catholic-leaning trump, and, clever, the vice-president portrays himself as an ex-catholic evangelical type.

There is an "ecumenical" effort still in progress, since about the 1980s, to weld catholics to protestants, charismatics, and evangelicals, and while this is convenient to defeat Democrats, beware the empowerment of catholicism, because American society will become the spiritually zero that central Canada has become. Trudeau is the epitome (the mule's arse) of Zero. Liberals make laws to affect / infect every aspect of our lives until everything is free and anti-Bible. They want to decide what life should look like, even for our children. They want to own everything, even our behavior. They now want us faceless in masks, and non-socializing, frigid and robotic in obedience to their demands. We just saw a liberal monster come out in the American supreme court this past week.

The only reason that catholicism started to urge its people to read and teach the Bible was to keep catholics from leaving the church to be with Bible-based movements, for catholics were leaving in droves as "Bible thumpers" were doing their thing. The thing that spoiled the bible-thumper movement was the prosperity-gospel pushers and similar televangelists, their hypocrisy. They gave us all a bad name. Blame goes to all the people who donated to them. They were taught that if they let their money flow, they would make a higher return in money. So, Jesus-giddy but doctrinally-ignorant Christians paid for, and are still paying for, the destruction of the true image of Jesus hoping that they would get a profitable return on their money. SHAME. My own sister financially supported Benny Hinn when normal Christians could see right through that fake.

Things got so bad that Christians didn't know what church to attend. Are they all robbing us? Are all churches just a bunch of franchisee's for the sake of making the money flow? No, but one never really knows for sure which churches are, and this is keeping a lot of Christians from church. Non-denomination churches sprung up to assure that church donations didn't go partially to the denomination center, the one that lets out "franchises." Yes, denominations gave the church service the hypocritical collection plate because the deal is, pastor, you get to operate under our denominational name, but you must pay us a piece of the intake by passing out the collection plate at every service, even if it makes some shy away from coming at all. But non-denominational churches continued with the collection plate because, word has it, they get more money that way, as compared to letting the members choose when to give money with a box at the back of the church.

I ask you. Is it right to collect money right in the middle of a church gathering? Is that not the makings of a very-wrong impression given to new converts and those weak in their faith? But it gets worse, because even Baptist churches have chimed in with Pentecostals in demanding 10-percent "tithes" when the tithe was done away with at the ripping of the temple curtain by God. We never hear of a Bible writer asking for the tithe. The Levites are no more to whom the tithe went. We need to go back to home churches again, because churches are being run like businesses now, and we don't particularly like the feeling of being used for our money. We shower and get on clean clothes, then drive to church, and we spend an hour there on our best behavior, but if it's all for taking our money, who wants that? They probably called it a church "service" so that we feel we're getting something in return for our donations. Someone could end up feeling a little like: take your service and shove it!

Denominationalism breeds competition for memberships. Why do church's sign up official members? I have never signed up with a church to be one of those. I feel I am a member of the One Church at my conversion. Why must I "belong" to one denomination or church building and not another? That's not right. It's wrong. But they do the wrong anyway, in hopes that we will give a subtle oath to remain members of that church building / denomination for life. Leaving is made harder once you've signed on.

It's a no-brainer to figure out that a successful, growing church is one where its pastor convinces the congregation that God is really amongst them. If you look for signs of this, and see it in hyped talk about what great things the church is doing for God, let the red-flashing lights flash in your mind. If you continue to go to a church when the pastor buys his own jet, you need to look under the dash to find why your red-flashing light circuit isn't working.

Here's the solution. We meet in someone's home, and the person/people doing the hospitality do it freely for God as their service to God. They don't take in any money to cover drinks and snacks. They don't take a collection, and don't ask for money. Instead, if anyone of them is in need of some money, it can be filled person-to-person. These days, with government assistance, people rarely need donations to feed themselves. Yet there are financial mishaps that government assistance won't cover, and so we should donate money for cases like that. Donating freely person-to-person is the way to go. When someone needs big money to do a home / car repair, for example, we could do a non-interest loan rather than a donation. If the loan isn't paid back, we could chalk it up as our financial sacrifice to God, for when we give to His people, we are giving to Jesus, even if His people don't appreciate a loan enough to pay it back. Nothing can be perfect at all times.

But if a denomination uses its money collections to start new churches to increase it's money intake, that's not nearly anything we could call "perfect." We don't know what the denomination's head office is doing with our money. Start a home church today, but not if you want to be its leader. If you do it for personal gratification, you are asking people to gather for your own Pharisaic desires, because you want to be honored as the leader. A home church needs no leader. Be humble. Be one of them. Be the best by being the best servant, the best giver. That is a true church.

If some come out because they need social interaction, don't insult it. The need to be with others is a human need, not a bad thing. Let your home church be a social gathering. It is not wrong for a church to be a social affair. Eat together, be happy together, having no animosities toward one another. Interact, become friends, know each other, kid around with each other, play. Instead, especially at catholic church, you are to be a straight-up, say-nothing inhumanoid. Get a suit on to pay your respects to God (laughable), shake a few hands after church, then do it again next Sunday, and pay your dues everytime.

The trick to getting along is to come prepared to tolerate the bad qualities each of us have. As we get to know each other, we also see the flesh. That's why we need to be humble at the outset, because our own cracks will start to show. The truth is, so long as we are in this body, we are still in the incubator of life, still too young to be perfected. We are far-more impressive as people and thinkers when our bodies are not tired or damaged. So long as our lives are attached with chains to our bodies, we have weak times. We can perform mediocre or worse, and that's okay, so long as we are not being tricksters, to manipulate others for our own agenda, the specialty of most politicians and businessmen. Don't celebrate yourself just because you are not a thief, for our humanity is filled with wrong thinking, even on the best of days.

It is a trap to think, "I don't lie or steal or commit adultery, I'm a good Christian." If God has not shown you your embarrassing, even pathetic, sides, then it's doubtful He operates in you. When He does not operate in a person, arrogance is a likely result. If you feel ashamed of yourself, it's indication that your alarm system is working well. But if you smash windows on the streets and feel proud of it, that's arrogance. You might kill someone without feeling remorse. You might kill someone and chalk it up as a service to God or country. The American military wants people just like that, and makes them just like that, killers in other countries who are not attacking the United States.

If you walk into a home where you are not appreciated due to your philosophies, or even if the homeowner wrongly pegs you as a thief, do you go out and gather militants to attack that household? Or do you rather just walk away and stay away? So why did the American military attack other nations that don't like / trust Americans? Is that the right thing to do? No, it's demonic. If Muslims don't want Americans in their house, then just stay away. How can war hawks accuse the Soviets of intruding forcefully into neighboring nations when war hawks want to intrude into nations far from their own borders?

However, there is such a thing as God whipping up armies to invade a nation He wants punished, which takes place after a nation has become thoroughly evil, children included. I can't say whether God might use the American military to punish Muslim nations, but what I can say is that the Americans themselves have admitted to being after their own interests in the Middle East. It's like if Bush is making a financial deal with a man, and he lives with his brother who opposes the deal. So Bush goes out to gather militants to invade the house, and they kill the brother just so that Bush's financial interests can go forward. Is that the demonic thing to do? Yes. It doesn't matter how great the need is for the deal, killing is not justified. It's exactly why God said, "You shall not kill" just because someone is standing in your way of your aspirations.

Here's from Colossians 3: "Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them." When the feminists came out in battle force because some husbands were abusive, they didn't demand that all men be kind toward their wives, but rather they eventually coveted their jobs and put them on the unemployment lines for the sake of advancing themselves.

God is asking women to play along with their husbands, as one musician plays with another to form a tune. He's not wanting women to play along with evil men, but with men who are kind to their wives. It's the perfect system, yet feminists did not call for this. Instead, they started to take offense at the thought of being one with their husbands, and decided it was expedient to put distance from him, which turned into disrespect, then neglect, and finally derision of maleness, resulting in a toppling of their own households in divorce, for the sake of the cause. It's an invasion of the home from an insider.

There are Christian feminists now from converts who espouse feminism. The question is whether some denominations are opening the door to this invasion in the first place, and of course there must be some. The idea that women must be equal or bust is demonic. Do I as a man have the right to demand equal money as compared to another man? Can I force a boss to pay me what he pays another man for doing the same job? I have the right to walk away, get another job, but I should not have the right to intrude into a boss' affairs just because I want more money. The government should not form a pact with me to force the boss to do my bidding, and this is exactly what feminism is becoming. Women seek positions of political power in order to force grants / benefits to women at the expense of men.

Is it right for the government to take my money, a White man, and then give it to a Black man so that he might soon take my job? That's what feminists want of the government, to take a man's money to empower the women at his expense. The man is not to blame if in the previous society it was the man who went to work to bring home the bacon. For women to shake their fists at this historical situation for their own gain is not the right thing to do. It is evil to demand from the government that there ought to be power blocks made 50-percent of women, because this entails removing men from positions they may have worked hard to achieve and maintain. Women are free to apply for any job they wish, but to demand that a man get fired so that she can replace him just because she's a woman, EVIL DESTRUCTION. The current prime minister of Canada calls himself a feminist, but he's not prepared to quit his job for giving it to a woman.

What could be the purpose of feminism in the churches? We have no need for it. We have the perfect system already. Wives, don't buck against your husbands. Men, don't mistreat your wife just because you are stronger and have no fear of her physical retaliation. I never see a man abusing a woman in church. Why then do churches need feminism? I've never seen a man speaking badly to a woman in a church. Church is not the place to be saying mean things. So, what are Christian feminists up to? Well, it's a no-brainer. They want to lead the churches, to call the shots; maybe they have visions of glory in doing better jobs than men do.

Don't underestimate the damage that this movement can do, because if it's misplaced, unnecessary, but brought on like a snake hiding in the grass, it comes with minds influenced by demons, for there is no other place in which demons wish to cause destruction than in churches and other families.

No matter that a church is run by a bad pastor who has secretly lost Faith yet continues to preach for putting food on the table, he has no power to keep the people from forming a family. The church is not necessarily broken just because a pastor is. If he begins to teach doctrinal errors, then that's a different story. If he has lost faith, you might notice it when he tends to socialize / associate with others having weak / distorted faith, and this then makes him a danger to their faith.

It is dead wrong and even demonic to see what we see in video comments, that churches are filled with hypocrites. Using such a broad brush shows ignorance. The Church of Jesus is a place for the lowest of the low too, to come there to re-make themselves into good people. Do we then dare call them hypocrites when they slip up here and there? My bet is that people who attend church do so due to the admonition of Paul to have believers gather regularly with one another (not necessarily weekly). But I prefer house churches. I would love to be in a house church, even if it's in a barn. Sitting on some hay chairs, no suits allowed, that's me. I find it ridiculous when someone says that God wants us in our suits to show Him respect. Ouch, what part of hell does that originate in? Who dressed up for God? Only a nut. It floored me to hear David Wilkerson say exactly that. Do Christian women put on make-up for God? This is nonsense.

If we are made to believe that wearing a T-shirt is a lazy man's way that secondly shows disrespect for God, then what exactly should we wear? Stripes? Checks? A designer shirt? Does it make it better if the shirt is out of fashion? Will God be happier if we wear a sweater with diamond pattern? Wear what you want but pay it no mind. It's not important. Just don't dress to grab attention; women are infamous for this, yet I rarely saw a woman in church that drew attention by her clothes, until more recently. If feminists have their way, expect sexy looks in church.

It's hard, I know. If I see a woman in average jeans, she doesn't command the respect that she does in a nice dress. But that's only because I'm not God. I don't have His eyes. My eyes can't see through the superficial. She just looks more decent in a dress (below the knees). In the same way, we men don't look impressive in jeans and a T-shirt, but put us in a suit, and the woman's eyes turn on. "Wow, I didn't know you were like that, you look important." This eyesight problem is evident in the book of James, where he commands his readers not to treat Christians with nicer clothes with more respect. It's a trick that humans play, to dress the look of importance for being treated better, but I know what I am, the same man in jeans as in a suit. Ditto with you. Impress God today, wear a T-shirt and jeans to church. Become the last that God might raise you to first in line. Be smart. Think and act as if God actually exists. He's not just a moral code floating in space.

Now, if you're a man seeking a woman to marry, then I'd say it's okay to dress things up. You don't need to be a full-fledged peacock with tail feathers spread out (a thing God created to help him get the girl), but, you know, the magnet gets the girl. So, try to be a magnet, and not just with your clothes. The woman is attracted to a man open with his thoughts and sociably likable. We can all act that part to get her, but maybe when she realizes the true man, not even your best dating clothes can save you. Well, God knows this from day one. Your suit won't fool him in church. You already failed by wearing it. The second He sees you walking into church with a suit, you get the X for your score. You may score with the women and the men, but you get a -10 with God. What did you really come to church for, Mr. Pharisee? This is not to say that God's not also in your bedroom or bathroom watching you dress. There's no escape. Abandon all hope.

I'm just joshin to make a point. I like to dress things up a little for church, not to impress God, but for a change. I don't want to wear a T-shirt all the time. Sometimes, I feel better with the black shirt. I love the feel of the extra-thin silk shirt in a summer breeze. If it doesn't matter what I wear, then wear what I want, just don't do it to impress people or to become more important. Can we keep to that rule? Probably not. Does it make us hypocrites? Probably. Should the one who considers himself super-spiritual stay away from our gatherings on account of our failings? Absolutely, because who wants a spiritual peacock in our midst?

Pastors who wear suits. They all did. Was it from denominational pressure? Can we put the brakes to it? The robe of the catholic priest is the catholic suit to command respect. Under the robe, we wears a suit. Double -10. His denomination gives him no choice; he must wear the robe, company policy. Popes and cardinals need to have a robe-burning party. Get real, dopes. Who do you think you're fooling?

Go to church at your own risk. Because there is a Person there and everywhere who repays performance. Live at your own risk. Do wrong; pay for it. Be glad that he has decided to mingle mercy in his repayments of our wrongdoing. Be good to your neighbor, or else, unless your neighbor is hurtful toward you. In that case, do no evil to your neighbor. If your neighbor starts to throw bricks through windows, rebuking him/her harshly is the law. Love our enemy doesn't mean that we fawn over ANTIFA members. It means that we don't do to them as they do.

But even that doesn't mean that we can't use violence against them; it means that we don't throw bricks through their windows. We don't return evil for evil. But we can use a violent hand, if needed, to stop them from throwing bricks, otherwise we are accomplices to their destruction, and that's what the leftist mayors and governors are. If it's necessary for ordinary citizens to go into those riot zones and punch the lights out of the brick throwers, blessed you be by God, just hurry it up already. Lay hands on them to arrest them, and if they resist, fight them to the ground until they can no longer resist. Last I heard, this is a legal method of citizen's arrest. If the police won't do it for fear of the mayor, then where's the tough good guys? Some of those looters are skinny weaklings. Where's the good guys? Where's the zeal to show that the good guys of the city rule???

It's embarrassing. Some goons walk in and take over a few streets of Seattle, with the mayor giving the nod, and in all of that big city, the good guys can't bring themselves to march in as one army to defy the goons??? It's embarrassing. Is it a trick? Are the goons laying a trap, hoping to start a civil war? Impossible. The majority of the people will side with the law-abiders over the goons, explaining why the goons are not throwing bricks through windows in Seattle. The goons pose as good guys out of political expedience.

CHAZ is having reverberating effects elsewhere. In the early hours of Thursday morning, Antifa and other left-wing protesters established an “autonomous zone” in downtown Portland, Ore. They stole city and business property to build a wall. At least one protester was seen carrying a rifle. The area was later cleared by police but far-left activists are determined to try again. Protesters in Nashville and other cities have attempted to recreate their own “autonomous zones” modeled after CHAZ but have so far been stopped by law enforcement (New York Post).

Bill Barr appeared on Fox this Sunday, and after agreeing with Maria that there were double standards of applied law enforcements used towards the end of the Obama administration, she asked if he was going to revisit the Hillary-email double standard, but he refused to comment. That would be rather low of him, to say nothing if he knew he would not revisit it, and so if there's any meat under that skin of his, we should take this no-comment to mean that he's decided to revisit Hillary crimes. Suspense. Solomon says this week that Barr's going to do some token arrests, small-fry operations. Barr's now telling that Durham's full report won't be out until after the summer, it just gets more depressing now as a virtually four full years has been wasted, exactly what we should have expected. Haven't heard a peep from Ratcliffe. Here, you watch Barr and make up your own mind as to what he's up to (he's trying hard not to give it away):

He admitted that he talks to Trump "regularly," a good sign, unless Trump himself is in agreement not to make the big-time arrests. It's conceivable that they both want to wait until after the election to bring on a storm of arrests, because Trump's major concern is another four years, and Barr may want at least two more in order to finish his agenda. Anything's possible, but there's not much evidence from Trump's enemies that Durham is asking questions in sensitive areas. God can do what they don't, and God has definitely been pointing to the crimes still taking place today. I have the feeling that He will allow me to discover certain results rather than only pointing to the players and situations. Anything is possible. For example, God may have chosen Barr to be a part of the Bush circle because he's made of the moral stuff to snitch on Bush crimes now late in his life. Anything's possible, dream on?

The firing of a Geoffrey Berman with Trump's hope that he'll be replaced by Jay Clayton is interesting. Berman has been going after Rudy Giuliani at the apparent behest of leftists. And so with Barr working in tandem with Trump on this replacement, I'm hoping that Berman was going after Giuliani because Barr has taken Giuliani's Ukraine material to task, which is much about Biden corruption. Trump has obvious motives for seeing Giuliani's material worked by Barr's department. Although Biden's a lost cause, hopeless to win on his own steam, he has the rotten-cheaten media machine to possibly catapult him to a victory. Chances are, Trump will win this election.

But Barr may have his own motives for firing Berman, for Barr showed himself to be an accomplice in crime with those who illegally secured Epstein's fate: "In July 2019, Berman charged financier Jeffrey Epstein with sex trafficking of minors...On August 10, 2019, Epstein was found dead in his cell of an apparent suicide" (Wikipedia's Berman article). The Berman/Barham Coat happens to be a version of the BARwick Coat. I recall that Mueller's close relative, maybe even his daughter, was working Epstein's prosecution with Berman. It caused me to wonder whether they were all in on fabricating Epstein's death, with Barr complicit, for Epstein's arrest came out of the blue from a Trump administration that wasn't arresting any deep-state operatives. Why Epstein?

Christopher's Steele's court case is doing a not-bad job of revealing what happened to Trump. His company, Orbis, "claims Perkins Coie engaged FusionGPS to provide information on Russian interference in order to challenge 2016 election results". In a nutshell: Hillary tried to make the election void based on Trump's getting election help from Putin. The DNC wouldn't have gone to such a far-reaching scheme on it's own initiative, but Hillary personally had the motive because she hoped to become the president. Same article has Orbis saying:

“Fusion’s immediate client was law firm Perkins Coie, LLP. It engaged Fusion to obtain information necessary for Perkins Coie, LLP to provide legal advice on the potential impact of Russian involvement on the legal validity of the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election. Based on that advice, parties such as the Democratic National Committee and HFACC Inc. (also known as “Hillary for America”) could consider steps they would be legally entitled to take to challenge the validity of the outcome of the election”

There we have it in black-and-white, the ground-zero of Russia collusion. Hillary asked her lawyer to discover a legal-basis scheme for toppling Trump, and the end-product was the Steele dossier. Correction: the end product is a boomerang to the back of Hillary's skull, if only Barr would arrest her for any one of her crimes.

Apparently, Steele is deflecting some blame onto Perkins Coie and Fusion, maybe saying something like, "I was just doing what they paid me to do. Blame them, not me."

The problem is, the Perkins-Fusion-Steele effort started in June, months before Trump won the election so that, in reality, the scheme was to railroad Trump before the election, in hopes of assuring that he didn't win due to bad press from the Steele dossier. Yet the Orbis quote above gives appearances that Hillary wanted some ammunition against Trump for after his election win, if he could pull it off. But that would only be her Plan B.

Just before the election, Steele was wanting his dossier to hit the major media, but they wouldn't bite, not even for Hillary Clinton (perhaps they were under the illusion that she couldn't lose). We can glean that Hillary was pushing both Steele and the FBI to leak the dossier BEFORE the election, but Steele doesn't want to draw that picture in court, because he then becomes complicit with the scheme to topple Trump by election interference, and so I think he's bending the truth (lying) when Orbis says that he implies his hiring was for finding basis for undoing the election.

Orbis is clearly dodging (being deceptive) when it says that Steele was hired "to provide legal advice" after investigating Russian influence in Trump's election affairs. Baloney. He was hired to fabricate Russian influence. There was no Russian influence in the Trump campaign. Perkins Coie had no reason to think so. A few Russian nationals all howling in social media for a Trump win is NOT Trump-Putin collusion. It's clear that Hillary was not after legal advice, but after evidence that Trump and Putin were working together. And that's what Steele delivered...only it didn't get out to the public until after the election.

I find it too hard to believe that police officer Rolfe, shortly after Floyd's death, would shoot a black man in the back while he's merely shooting a police taser at too-far a distance to impose harm to Rolfe. Besides, Rolfe had a back-up officer with him who had a second gun. I can understand the danger if the Black man (Brooks) could get close to the officer, and tase him for the purpose of getting his gun to kill him, but the man was running away. That's not a situation requiring bullets to his back. Rolfe could have at least shot him in the hip if the only need was to get him to stop; the two men were only a dozen feet apart or less. But the shooting was so soon after the race started that it doesn't seem like reality to me, unless Rolfe hated Blacks enough to be itching for the excuse to kill one. But you don't do that with the Minneapolis riots still fresh in the news.

False-flag operations usually come with some video planned for the purpose, and the police released the body-cam footage of the arrest and fight with Brooks. That too doesn't seem like reality because Rolfe has been charged with murder i.e. the police wouldn't release the footage because the lawyers won't want that done.

As I write here, we are hours from Tulsa's Trump rally, where the left has promised disruptions. OH WOW, I've just tried for the Tulsa-like Tullis surname, and it's listed with Floyds!!! "Variations found include Flood, Floyd, Floode, Floyde, Tully, MacTully, Talley, Tally and many more." That's funny, tending to prove that God saw this coming centuries ago. Oklahoma is not a leftist state, and so if ANTIFA wants to do its thing in Tulsa, it may get a black eye from the police there.


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