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June 9 - 15, 2020

Officer Norman Miles Points to Floyd Killing
Trash Can Never Stops Talking
Painting Bill Barr in a Fix
Heraldic Evidence that Chauvin is a Faker

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

There are a lot of people sending out the message that all church members are liars / hypocrites / fakes. Ouch, that really bothers me tremendously for the sake of Jesus. But these dart-throwing people (might not be true Christians at all) are making themselves visible, like people starting a movement, on the comments sections of pro-Trump youtube videos, and it's disgusting for the message that it sends out.

While there are many false preachers, "apostles" and "prophets" in the churches, and while they do make a wallop of money that they steal, how can you or I know whether everyone in a church is a liar or fake? Do we follow them around in their lives? Do we eat and live with them in their homes?

Do you think that all pastors are fakes just because they operate out of a church? Some people actually think so.

Okay, I can understand people that attend a prosperity gospelite church, but are we sure we should be labeling all church pastors as fiends? Could Jesus be sorely disappointed with us for doing so? Of course, for it's sort of the message that our spiritual enemies would love for us to spread. If we all start to pile-on ALL church Christians, doesn't that make Christianity as a whole look bogus? Of course. We should speak out against those church-attackers while concurring that there are many false preachers.

To outsiders, all those who pile-on look conceited, and who wants to be with them? They raise themselves above all other Christians, and you can be sure that there's going to be major hypocrisies in their lives, especially when they are under duress. We are all weak and even terrible under duress, ask the beast, king David. Christians still have a sin nature. It hasn't been cut out of us yet. It can get the better half of us in average situations, but, under duress, it can get the most of us. Ask sleepy-head Peter after a cold, long night in the presence of Jesus' enemies. All of his valiant I'll-stand-up-for-Jesus-anytime went out the window of his soul in an instant.

We are all excellent at the moments when the Spirit moves in us, to do a work of God, but let the Spirit wane from us, and we'll see again why we need to be thankful for the Cross. We'll see again that old man formed by this world. God intends to celebrate the Cross as soon as the Real New Age begins (not talking about the "new age" of yoga-celebrating cracked-pots), and what better way to celebrate it but by our acknowledgement that we really need it to our dying day.

If you want to see perpetual hypocrites, look to the anti-Christs who foisted the coronavirus scare upon us. One minute, they are arresting single people on an airy beach, and the next minute they are supporting massive crowds between city buildings so long as their demonstrations are to the tune of ousting Trump. Entire governments who wanted everyone indoors now want everyone on the streets to fight for the removal of police forces. My first guess is that they plan to riot and loot again, the safest way being to remove the police from their midst first. Headline this week at Bongino Report: "Minneapolis City Council President Seeks 'Police-Free Future'". Talk about lawlessness, here we are.

Actually, having a society without police could actually work in our favor during the final 3.5 years when we cannot buy and sell. It could alleviate our fears of becoming arrested for some off-the-wall reasons that our enemies could tailor just for us. But, let's not wish for a society without police, because that's insanity for these days, bound to become just like the violent days before the Flood destroyed the human race. Jesus says that people will be living as-usual lives (not going without food and work) during the final 3.5 years, in which case the peoples at large will have no big need to loot our storages of foods, etc.

As Minneapolis is leading the charge for a police-less state, I'd like to repeat some of an insert in the last update where Norman Miles, a person I knew for only two months in school, seemed to represent or point to this Minneapolis situation. This insert below was placed immediately after suggesting that the Minne/Minnes/Mine/mean surname could be a pointer to George Floyd's murder in MINNEapolis. I did not know about the other Minnes surname, listed with the Miles', until AFTER starting the insert; I just happened to enter "Minnes" (at while writing that insert, you see, otherwise I wouldn't have made the discovery because "Minnes" is not shown in the list of Miles variations. (Load Minnes' now so that you will have a ready-to-use browser for loading other surnames to better follow this discussion).

I ask you: what are the chances that a Miles' surname would list a Minnes variation that is nothing like "Miles"??? It's incredible, but there is no mistake. I have just loaded "Minnes" again to bring up the Miles page, and the Miles' are in Floyd colors. I'll have more to say on Floyds after showing the quote:

[I didn't know until a few hours after uploading this update that English Minnes' are unexpectedly listed with Miles'. It recalls my recent story of a classmate in grade 8 who became a police officer! See the story with "Norman Miles" in the 4th update of last month (two updates ago). Oh wow, Mile's/Mylles' were first found in Hampshire with the Liss' sharing the six pale bars in the Minnes/Mine's dancette!!! Incredible. It's proving that God set me up with Miles for a pointer to the Minneapolis police department. Intriguing.

About 11 years after I last saw Miles at age 13, he knocked on the window of my TAXi cab....

Irish Miles' may have one of the two TAX/Dach swords, and the Mile's/Mylles' have a moline cross while Moline's share the goat head of Walsers/WALZ's. The current Minnesota governor is Timothy Walz. Mile's/Mylles' (Board martlet?) were first found in Hampshire (beside Borders), and they use a border likely as code for Borders who in turn share the crosses swords of Tax's/Dachs.

German Babels/Babe's share the double-tailed mermaid of Walsers/Walz's, and English Babels/Babwells share the six pale bars of Minnes'/Minne's too!!! Zikers. I'll need to contemplate on Norman Miles more for a future addition to these finds. End insert]

I've got a few things to say, not sure where best to start. While driving taxi for a little more than a year, I was called on twice to pick up Mamie, whom I hadn't seen for several months. She was my last girlfriend at the time. Either time that I picked her up in the cab could have been very close to the time that Miles knocked on my taxi window. Mamie was given a thigh symbol, which pointed to the Tease's/Tyes', and yet the Thigh's/Tyes' happen to have a giant wolf in colors reversed to the Chauvin wolf heads. Officer Chauvin, of the Minneapolis police, reportedly killed George Floyd.

Okay, if we assume for the moment that God used the taxi both for Mamie's thigh symbol and for officer NORMAN Miles, I can skip to the event I've told many times, of the only day I wore a TIE in a Texas church having attended there about 100 times. As I said, the tie was given to me for my birthday (in my 40s) by NORMA (don't know her surname). Two Norman surnames are also "Norma," and so it seems that her tie gift is intended to play on the Thigh/TIE / Tease/Tyes bloodline. It's incredible because the tie had treble clefs upon it. You don't wear a tie with treble clefs at just any occasion, and it's not appropriate for church either, but on this one morning, I decided to wear it to church, the only time I ever wore this tie. And God created two events that morning (that I've told several times).

The incredible thing is that Cleffs/Cliffs share three wolf heads in Shield, and one in the Crest, with Floyds. Cleffs/Cliffs were first found in Cheshire with Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus, and the latter have the three gold-on-red wolf heads of Chauvins'! Is that not incredible?

By the way, the Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus are from Hugh Lupus, earl in Cheshire, and his Wikipedia Page shows/showed his personal wolf head in white-on-blue, the colors of the Flynn wolf, and the colors of the Scarf wolf heads. There is a "scarf" in the Polish Traby/Sadowski Coat, and Wikipedia's article on the Traby Arms says that Traby of Poland married the ASTIKas', the line to/from Sticks and Styche's. You can see that latter in marriage to the Cleffs/Cliffs in the latter's write-up. Cheshire is beside Flintshire, and Flynn-like Flints are in the colors and format of Floyds. SHOCKINGLY, the Treble's were first found in Devon with the Trebys/Treebys who can be gleaned with a black version of the Flynn Chief.

Like I said, on the day I wore the treble-clef tie, the pastor asked (not routinely), in the middle of the service, the people to go to someone to pray for them. Miss Hicks saw me standing there, came over, took both my hands and started to pray. She was so close that I could smell her hair, but instead of smelling like fresh shampoo from her shower that morning, it smelled of old dust. I realized that her beautiful head of hair was a wig. Yet it fit so well on her that she must have been bald, I thought. Well, look at the write-up of Chauvin-like Chaffs/Chaffee's (in Chauvin colors): "...le chauve, which means 'the bald one.'" If she was bald, that's pretty incredible.

On top of that, Wiggins have a Coat version of the ANNAS' (Nottinghamshire, same as Tease's/Tyes'), both of whom share the star of Tease's/Tyes'. I gave reasons in the last update for tracing Chaffs, Chaffins and Chauves'/Chauvins to "Caiaphas," son-in-law of the chief priest, ANNAS. Therefore, we can clearly see why God set up the treble-clef prayer event: to point to the bloodline of Joseph Caiaphas, the high priest who condemned Jesus to death at the home of Annas. Stunning work, Oh Lord.

She took my hands to PRAY when I wore the treble-clef tie, and English Prays share the three wolf heads of Cleffs/Cliffs in colors reversed. As I said, she was a singer, and she had even given me her music-production (cassette) from a studio. English Singers (Devon, same as Treble's / Trebys) share the Stick garbs, you see, and Cleffs/Cliffs married Styche's.

OH WOW!!! I had been wondering since yesterday (Monday) how the Freys (Pray-like Fray variation) would enter this discussion, and they share the horse of English Singers!!! Freys are in Floyd / Miles'/Minnes colors, and Mr. Frey is the mayor of Minneapolis!!!! Zikers. It tends to assure that the treble-clef event links to this staged murder of Mr. Floyd. Prays/Pretors share the courant horse (different colors) with Freys/Frays. Singers even use a "FIDELitas" motto term while Fiddle's/FideLOWs and Lows use more wolf heads. Lows look linkable to the Chaff/Chaffee griffin and to the Chauvin wolf heads.

[I didn't know until late in this update that Alans were at MILEham. The Milehams happen to use griffin heads in the colors of the Chaff/Chaffee griffin. "The surname Mileham was first found in Mid Norfolk at Mileham, a village mid way between East DEREham and Fakenham." This update discovers, shortly below, that Dere's/Deers are also Dereks, and this paragraph especially points to Derek Chauvin!!! As I think that his killing of Floyd may have been faked, did God arrange the FAKENham location near Dereham and Mileham? Why is "Dereham" like "Durham"?

About 15 minutes after the above discovery, I found a Fakenham-like Falkingham location of FALKENhams, and after writing on it for a few minutes, I found that the Falkenham scallops are shared by Chauvin-like Cauvins!!!! AMAZING. End insert]

Proof that it was staged is where Chauvin and Floyd had worked at the same place, El Nuevo Rodeo, and knew each other there and probably elsewhere. Some are saying that they didn't get along, but this could be cover for them from those who know the murder was staged. It seems that the deep state caused the person to retract these claims later this week.

Prays were first found in Lincolnshire with the Miles'/Minnes' and Keele's/KILLs; the latter look like they can be in the "AuXILLium" motto term of Norma's/Normans. Norman Miles knocked on my taxi cab's windshield because I had dozed off on the Shoulder of the highway SEVEN about 200 yards from Keele street (Concord, Ontario). The Seven surname could have formed the Sevenstone location of English Simpsons who happen to share the lion of Norma's/Normans. Scottish Simpsons (also from Sevenstone) happen to share the Chief-Shield colors of Miles'/Minnes'! But why Simpsons?

Interestingly, Rogers/Rosers are in the colors and format of Scottish Simpsons, and the other two Roger surnames (one has roses) share the black-on-white stag, and bend, of Knee's while officer Chauvin had Floyd down under a knee. It's just that Rogers/Rosers share the Chief-Shield colors of Miles'/Minnes'. These combinations are fairly compelling on their own to this point, but we can add that another black-on-white stag head is used by Vise's/Vice's while Floyds are the ones with a "Vis" motto term. If these things are not coincidences, in this paragraph alone, it sure looks like Someone arranged things this way. Rogers/Rosers are in Frey and Freys/Freeze/Phreeze colors while sharing a courant horse (different color) with them. Rose-like Rush's use these types of horses, and throw in the white wolf head also in the Floyd Crest. PLUS WOW, the courant horse of Rogers/Rosers happens to be in the brown colors of the same of Dereks/Dears. Officer Derek Chauvin, can we believe it? Rogers/Rosers share the MINNES/Miles Shield...just as though heraldry had eyes to see the Chauvin-Floyd news event!

Rush's share the fesse of Apps'/ABBS, who we met in the last update while pointing out their "doMINE" motto term, for Mine's are listed with MINNESota- / MINNEapolis-like Minnes'/Minne's. It just so happens that Norma's/Normans use an "AB alto" motto phrase while Aldo's have the same fesse again, as do Scottish Lambs in the Norma/Norman Crest (the latter two share the same lamb with banner and what looks like a halo). Prays are also Praters while Pratts share the Pray/Prator wolf head and while Prude's/Pride's (Pray/Prator colors) use LAMPrays while Lamps are also Lambys. As was said, these lines are in the "pratus" motto term in the Arms of Rieti, itself a line that is pointing not bad to "riot."

Pratts are in Flatt/Flett colors and format, sharing the chevron of Floyd-like Flote's/Floats. Coincidence? I don't think so, because of the morning of the prayer with my tie, I walked out of church and found a FLAT tire on the rear wheel of my van. Floyd's share white wolf heads with Prays/Praters.

What are the chances that the moline cross of Mile's/Mylles' ("Ex") is almost the cross, in colors reversed, of Coffins/Chafens ("EXtant")? What are the chances that Tease-like Tiss'/Teece's (Hampshire, same as Mile's/Mylles) can be in the "facTIS" motto term of Coffins/Chafens? Chaffins (two f's) share the black dog with Furness'/Furnace's who in turn share the black border with Torringtons while Coffins/Chafens were first found in Great Torrington. Chaffins were first found at Chettle and FOLKE while Folke's were first found in Norfolk with the Flecks sharing the double fesses of Torringtons. Flatts/Fletts and Flote's can be linked by way of Palmers to Flecks. Palms, sharing the Folke fleur-de-lys, are in the motto of Lambs who in turn share the lamb-with-halo of Norma's/Normans. The Furness/Furnace dog is colors reversed from the dog heads of halo-like Halls (Lincolnshire, same as Miles'/Minnes'). There's a wack of "coincidences" like wacks of God's club over the heads of the lawless.

[Later, Chauvin is pointed to by Folke-connectable Folkinghams/Falkenhams of Lincolnshire, off of the Mileham location near Fakenham.]

The "NUTRior" motto term of Scottish Simpsons can be expected for Nutters/Nutts, who share the besants-on-bend of Bucking(ham)s, and Simpsons were first found in Buckingham. The Buckleys (Cheshire, same as Norburys and Cleffs/Cliffs) share the Coat of Norburys, and while both use a bull head in Crest, Norburys could share the bull head of neighboring RatCLIFFs. For whatever it's worth, English Rogers are said to descend from Roger of Norbury (this family lived at Home).

I've talked many times about Miss Simpson of Houston, Texas, whom I was close to. She married the Deeters/Teeters whom I might now be able to identify as Ticino/Tessin-river liners. The Simpsons first came to topic above with the Miles'/Minnes' in the paragraph having the TAXi of Norman Miles. The TEETs/Tate's (Annan(dale) Shield) use the saltire of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks (Switzerland, same as Ticino canton) in colors reversed, and then the Taste-like TASSets/Dassets happen to share the martlets of Cheneys, the latter first found in Buckinghamshire with Simpsons. Coincidence? She didn't pick her surname. The Taste's (colors of Belgian Tassets/Tassie's, may have the Tiss/Teece chevron) are listed with TEATS/Taets, you see, and Cheneys have a "fato" motto term suspect with the Fate's/Feets sharing the Coat of Pavia's exactly (they share gold martlets with Cheneys). Pavia is on the Ticino river.

Moreover, I trace the Laevi founders of Pavia (Ticinum) to mythical Oeneus of Calydon, which means "wineman" in Greek, and while Mrs. Deeter and her husband lived on the Wine Cup ranch, the ancient Oenotrians were also called, ENOTRians, like the "NUTRior" motto term of Simpsons. It has seemed that God set me up with her to tell this history because it's the ancestry of Caiaphas and/or Annas (Annas surname links to Tease's/Tyes' of NOTTINGhamshire).

Her first name is Mandy while Mandys/Mundays look like they can be a branch of Mindys/Munds who in turn share the chevron of Tiss'/Teece's. The Cheney-like Chanuts look like they can be from king Canute/Cnut, and we just saw Cnut liners with the NUTRior-like and Buckingham-connectable Nutters/Nutts. Cnuts were first found in Derbyshire with Mandys/Mundays, what are the chances? She didn't name herself or choose the Simpson motto.

The mythical wine god, Dionysus, had Mandy-like Maenads as his followers. It appears that God caused the ranch to be called after wine for these purposes at hand. Maenads were code for Maeonians on the Maeander river (beside Lycia, looks like Greek "lycos = wolf"), and Maeonians had mythical Manes as their symbol, who look like they were from Mannae. Compare with "MINNEApolis," for it's just incredible that Dionysus and his Maenads had a dancing symbol while Minnes'/Minne's show nothing but a dancette. A dancetty border is around the Taste/Teats/Taet Chief, and, lo-and-behold, grapes are used by the Deeters/Teeters she married. Grapes are used also by Laus' while peoples of Sybaris are said to have founded neighboring Laus, a term like "Laish," home of Oeneus-like Jonathan, the pagan Levite priest in the book of Judges whom I see as the ancestry of the Laevi Gauls.

Oeneus of Calydon was at the Taphian theater, and Taphians were from mythical Daphne at the Ladon river, near BOURa. Ladds/Ladons were first found in Somerset with Burleys/BOURleys (Simpson- / Miles'/Minnes-Chief colors). It's known that peoples of Boura settled the Sybaris river at the Lucania-Calabria border, home of Oenotrians. The Ladon river is at least beside Arcadia, and so see this: "According to Pausanias and Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Oenotria [southern Italy] was named after Oenotrus [just myth code, not a real person], the youngest of the fifty sons of Lycaon [was given a wolf symbol], who migrated there from ARCADIA in Peloponnese, Greece." Lycaon was code for Lycaonia in what is now Turkey, but we can glean that Lycaonians named Lucania. English Rogers were at NorBURY, and Burys share the bend of French Rogers, tending to explain why Rogers/Rosars have a version of the Simpson Chief. It's then interesting that Rogers/Rosars were first found in Montgomeryshire with Kerrys, for I've been using the Buris variation of Burys as a pointer to Ukraine's Burisma, and the Bidens were connected in that corrupt venture with the son-in-law of John Kerry.

Arcadia is where Hermes and his son, Pan, lived, and Pan had a cult at Panias, two or three miles at most from Laish. Panias liners named the Peneus river beside the Ladon, at Laish-like Elis. Simpsons use "ALIS nutrior."

The "Deo" motto term of Norbury's Rogers could be code for the Dei variation of English Tie's, and then Dutch Tie's/Thigh's have a giant wolf that could have formed from an Lycaonian>Oenotrian line. Tiss'/Teece's were first found in Hampshire with BURRows/Burghs. Bours/Bowers can be gleaned with the Bauer>Rothschild line.

I was wondering why Dick Cheney may have entered this Simpson discussion. It just so happens that Mandy's husband (Deeter) worked for the BP operation off the coast of Houston. That's where the massive BP oil spill was, and then while Dick Cheney was involved with Halliburton (oil business), see here: "BP had employed Halliburton to oversee the process by which cement is used to seal casing in oil and gas wells..." That article is in relation to the BP spill. And it seems that God may have provided Cheneys a "major" motto term because HaliBURTONs have a "majores" motto term. Burtons even share the dog on blue with Deeters/Teeters. The "Lux" motto term of Boura-like BURtons (amazing, this really is) can be for LYCaonian lines, for Haliburtons (mascles) share a blue bend with gold symbols with Burys (Masci fleur). Burtons were first found in Shropshire with Ladon-related Meschins and Mindys/Munds. Mandys/Mundays share purple with LACE's/Lacys, and the latter's purple lion is that also of Meschin-related Skiptons and Spanish Lux-like Luz's.

Drago de Bewere is in the write-up of both Burtons and Blade's/Blate's (Burly/Bourly colors), and then Blate's/Plate's share grapes with Deeters/Teeters, the latter first found in Pomerania with German Luz's. It looks like the heraldry is pointing Miss Simpson solidly to Dick Cheney, former CEO of Halliburton. We may wonder why.

When Meschins married Skiptons (Yorkshire, same as Lace's/Lacys), the latter were RUMillys, and here it's interesting that Donald RUMSfeld was president Ford's chief-of-staff immediately before Cheney took the job, and then both men were on president Bush's team for the Iraq-war scamming of the American people. Rumsfeld knew that no plane hit the Pentagon. Irish Fords, sharing gold martlets with Cheneys, use a "LucRUM" motto term, which can be read as LUCrum," what a hoot.

The Ford martlets are in both colors of the Crag martlets, and the Crags (Yorkshire, same as Blade's/Blate's) share the black dog with Blade's/Blate's and the Furness'/Furnace's who in turn share the black border with English Fords. The Crag martlets on a bend are in the two colors of the Haliburton mascles upon a bend. The courant greyhound of English Fords is the one also of Pennys/Penes', and then while Penns/PENCE's ("claRUM RECTum") were first found in Buckinghamshire with Cheneys (uh-oh), Pennys/Penes' use a lynx for their trace to Lyncestis, on this map (bottom-left) beside mount BORA i.e. like "Boura".

The Pennys/Penes' are from the Penestae (shown). Lake LYCHNidus (like "Lucan") is between the Penestae and Lyncestis. The latter sure does look like mythical Lynceus, one of the 50 sons of Aegyptis, and then myth writers gave 50 sons (100 hands) to mythical Lycaon, father of the Oenotrians. In the Oenotrian article at Wikipedia: "From the 5th century BC onwards, they disappeared under the pressure of an Oscan people, the LUCANians." The Oscans are suspect (by me) from "Uscana," the Penestae capital. "[Oenotrians] are generally depicted as belonging to the PELASGi by Greek writers," and then we find PELAGonia right beside Lyncestis. The Lux surname is said to derive in "lynx," but I think not. I'd rather think that Lux ancestry was connected to Lyncestis elements (to the Lynch surname (lynx)).

HERODotus of Halicarnassus, who lived centuries before the first Herod of Israel, moved to Sybaris, and had written that the Neuri became wolves annually, which I take to mean that they wore wolf skins to honor their wolf heritage probably from HyperBOReans, worshipers of wolf-line Apollo and Artemis. UScana (Uz-dog?) might just have been named after the Biblical Uz, first son of Nahor, whose line I see to the Neuri because, for one, a line from his second son, Buz, may have named the Bug river of the Neuri. French Bacons share the giant Bus and Millet cinquefoil.

I've just noticed that the Tie/Dye surname is a near-copy of the Twin surname, and Twins were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teece's, expected as a branch of Tease's/Tyes'. In fact, Tease's/Tess' and also Tecks so that even the Tax/Dack surname can apply. Here's the point, from the last update: "When [Polly] mentioned the Minnesota TWINS, I recalled that Obama, in yet another one of my dreams of three to four years ago, was skateboarding up a ramp, yet there were two of him, as when one sees double. That scene was immediately after he was dancing, and Minnesota- / Minneapolis-like Minnes'/Minna's show nothing but a dancette." It's not convincing that the twin scene on the ramp points to the Minnesota Twins, but it's the best I have thus far. Norman Miles at my TAXi points to the Minnes/Miles surname. The taxi event and the tie are thus pointing to the same thing. Another surname showing only a dancette is the Chettle, and Chauvins were at Chettle.

The Ramps are also RUMps, perhaps God's play on the "DUM ClaRUM RECTum" motto phrase of Penns/Pence's. It can show that Ramps/Rumps were a branch of Rums/RIMs (DUMfries). Suddenly, Obama's skateboard scene can link to the trash-can scene where flames developed around the rim. "RECT facTIS" is a motto phrase of COFFINs while RecTUM" can be partly for Tume's/TOMBs with tombstones in the colors of Simpsons (Buckinghamshire, same as Penns/Pence's).

Plus, while Norma gave me the tie, German Norma's/Normans share the Savage with Board-like Broads/Brods who in turn share the lozenges of English Shaws while Scottish Shaws, like the Sava variation of Savage's, have the Mean variation of Minnes'/Minne's in their motto. So, yes, the skateboard scene may have been for getting us to Minnesota-pointing Broads. Tax's/Dachs even have the crossed swords of Borders/BOARDers, the latter first found in Somerset, beside Twins and border-using Mile's/Mylles'. Twins use a good reflection of the Tie Coat, and Tie-like Teys share the Board martlets. She took my HANDs when I wore the tie, and Hands (Cheshire, same as "te"-using Savage's) share the Tey chevron.

Somerset is where TANTons were first found who share the chevron of neighboring Tiss'/Teece's, and who can be expected in the "ExTANT" motto phrase of Coffins/Chafens (share raven with Tantons). The Coffin/Chafen raven is blue and in a Crest, and Tints (Somerset, same as Tantons), from the Tanton-like Atintanes Illyrians, have a blue Crest too.

It's interesting that the Mile/Mylles border is colors reversed from the border of Sota's. MinneSOTA. Consider, as per MinneaPOLIS, that Sota-like Solts/Sauts almost have the Coat of police-like Polis', and the latter share the Chief of Deer-like Dere's (Italy, same as Polis'). "Solt" is like the Shoultz/Shouldham surname that came up, a few months ago, with my being parked on the SHOULDer when Mr. Miles came to my taxi. More on this shortly below.

This will blow you away. As Italian Dere's come up as "Res," they look like a branch of Spanish Dero's/ROS', and so the first thing to say is that ROSensteins and Lance's share the giant rose, for Dere's/Res' use lances. But a giant rose is used also by Schwartz's, and George Soros was born Mr. Schwartz (changed his name to Soros). Dero's/Ros' share the giant a double-headed eagle of German Belows (and Jeepma's) while English Belows use a so-called "chalice" that appears in the Polis Coat too, tending to verify that Polis' and Dere's/Res' are sharing Chiefs for a related reason. The Deers/DEREKs come up as Dere's too, and this points to polisman Derek Chauvin, you see, of the MinneaPOLIS polis force, especially as Below-like Blows share the goat of Walsers/WALZ's while Timothy Walz is the Minnesota governor.

The Bellows (two l's), who share "Tout" with Hicks, were a Chalice-related family, and they are in the bellow fans of Ships while Daro's share the Renfrew / Bald ship. The Balds played to the Russian medallion found on my Jeep's hood, and while God connected that hood to Miss Hicks, her bald head (I assume she was bald) pointed to the Chauvin-connectable Chaffs/Chaffee's. Touts (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) are also Toots, which is what one does with a trumpet, and while Hicks of Clapton did use clarion trumpets, Chalice-like Calls/Calles' use trumpets. Miss Hicks was at the hood of a car in my 1979 dream, and John Ratcliffe was expected in the victory of that dream, where she and I rose embraced into the sky, i.e. like the rapture at the 7th trumpet. This maybe could indicate a Trump-Ratcliff team to FINALLY tackle the deep state and clobber it over the head to the sound of heavenly music.

To this we can add that Walsers are a branch of Walsh's/Walchs and Walkers while Walkers (roses on a stem) can be gleaned as kin of Shwartz-like Schere's/Scherfs (roses on stems).

Note that while Revelation has seven Seals that come before the seven Trumpets, the Seal/Zeal surname (expected in the "zealous" motto of Hoods!) shares the white wolf head with Scherf-like Scarfs, kin of Trabys, and then see the 666-like strings on the three Traby horns (i.e. like trumpets of old). Traby-kin Stiche's (from RADziwills), are in the sticks of Schere's, and Stiche's married Ratcliff-suspect Cliffs (share black wolf heads with Seals!). The cups of God's wrath end with the seven Bowls, and the Bowls'/Boles' look like that have a version of the Bush Coat while president Bush Sr. was reportedly / probably born George Herbert Scherff Jr. Bowles/Boles' (Lincolnshire, same as Bole's and Bolingbroke's) share boar heads with Bole's, and the latter put them inside cups. Bolingbroke's look like they share three of the ostrich feathers in the Arms of Traby above.

The Minnesota Twins became a topic as per their deal with La Raza, which may be a shoot of the La Raza supported by George Soros. The article above quotes Soros: "I admit I have always harbored an exaggerated sense of self-importance, I fancied myself as some kind of god." Clearly demonic.

OH WOW, the gold dog in the Crest of Chauvin-like Chaffins (Dorset, same as Sors/Soars!!!) is in the Race/Rice Crest while "La Raza" (activist Latino group) means, The Race!! That is very good i.e. not likely coincidental. The article above hints that Soros' open-borders organization likely funded the "caravans" that approached the American border illegally. In fact, as Soros is for open BORDERS globally, suddenly Obama's skateboard is pointing to that globalist theme. Race's/Rice's come up as Roger-like Racers, and are in the colors and format of English Rogers. French Rogers are also Raugers. The Sors/Soar write-up: "The surname Sors was first found in Dorset where John and ROGER de Sor were listed in the Pipe Rolls of 1195."

To help prove that Dereks/Deers apply to Derek Chauvin while Norm Miles does point to this Minnesota police officer, a deer is used by Mallets/Mellets while French Millets are also Milez'/Millais'. Plus, Miles' use a mill rind while Rinds share the Mallet/Mellet scallops. Cool. We don't expect Dereks to be listed with any Deer variation, but there we have it.

As I go on, keep in mind that while Ukraine's energy business was corrupt while George Soros oversaw much of the goings-on there, RICK PERRY was Trump's energy minister while Perrys use a "Recte" motto term, like the "rect" of Coffins/Chafens while the Dorset Chaffs and Chaffens were beside Perrys and Mile's/Mylles' of Hampshire. RECKETTs are also RIKE's. Rick Perry (could have been heavily involved with Halliburton) made me suspicious when he quit suddenly just as the impeachment process started to focus on American diplomats in Ukraine. Sors/Soars (Dorset) have the Perry quadrants in colors reversed, and both share blue lions.

Irish Shaws have a deer head but call it a hind, and Hinds can be gleaned with the Coat of Parr-like Parrys (one of the double-Parr fesses) because Perrys (with an 'e') use the hind head too. Parrs (Lancashire, same as Furness'/Furnace's) share the black border with Furness'/Furnace's (share black dog with Chaffins). Hinds have lozenges colors reversed from the same of Chaffs/Chaffee's. I smelled her wig because she may have been chauve = bald. Balds are interesting for sharing the ship of Renfrews and the Arms of Renfrewshire, and while Miss Hick's husband was Hamilton by first name, Hamiltons, first found in Renfrewshire, share the Millet cinquefoil.

Oh wow look. I SMELLed the hair of Miss Hicks on the day I wore Norma's tie. The Smells/SMYLys together with the SMILE's must be a play on the Mile's/Mylles' because the latter share "InDUSTria" with Smells/Smylys (her hair smelled like DUST, you see). Last week, God gave us a trash-can lid event to point to the Minnesota riots, which involved the Liddle's having an "odor" motto term. The lid popped off of the trash can because of the RAIN that involved RENfrewshire elements. I was picking wood sorrel weeds when it started to rain, and Sorrels share the Coat of Maa's/Marrs who could be in the "Ma" motto term of Mallets/Mellets.

I'd like to go back to NorBURYs, who share the black bull head of Ratcliffs, for John Ratcliffe can be expected to work with John Durham. The event in which Norman Miles knocked on my taxi window was first pointed to Durham region of Ontario, location of Ajax, and for this reason, I was looking at the possibility that John Durham was going to cleanse the swamp with his policing, we could say, for he is a police officer of sorts at this time. Yet this update has found Mr. Miles pointing to Minnesota police, and even the Minnesota governor.

My first encounter with Durham region and Ajax is late in the 3rd update of December, 2019, at which time I realized that the SHOULTZ bird is that also of Knocks. I was saying that Mr. Miles KNOCKed on my window when I was on the SHOULDer of the road, and that worked to help prove that God set up the event for to point to heraldry and others things, especially as I was parked on the shoulder near the Keele intersection while Shoulder-like Schultz's have quadrants in colors reversed from the same of Keele's/Kills.

Shoultz's (no 'h') are also SHOULDhams, and they have a giant eagle in the colors of the giant Sota eagle, perhaps a pointer of God to MinneSOTA. The Sota's use locks while Locks have a saltire in the colors of the similar, engrailed cross of Rate's/Rats (with riot-like Riet variation) expected in the "oRATE" motto term of Shoultz's/Shouldhams. And RATcliffs can be traced with the Styche's that Cliffs married to Astikas ancestry in Astakos, the latter being smack in the Calydonian land of mythical Oeneus. In other words, Ratcliffs can be traced to the same Calydonian land as Miles'/Minnes'-related Simpsons (same place as Cheneys).

[The next week found MINNESOTa-like MINSTers sharing the mill rind of Miles'/Minnes' in the same colors, explaining the Minnes' variation i.e. a Miles marriage with a Minster line. But is this not an amazing "coincidence" that Norman Miles should seemingly point to Minnesota?]

Recall the Fords from president Ford, Dick Cheney's boss, , for Cheneys share a "fato" motto term with RutherFORDS (share martlets with Fords). To help prove that John RATcliffe applies here, RUTlands and Rutherfords use a so-called "ORLE" border, and Orrels (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs) share red roundels with Orrs/Ore's, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Knocks (share the giant, gold Shoultz bird), and then the Knocks too look like they have an orle border. Rate's/Rats happen to use the motto, "Spero meliORa," and then Speers were first likewise first found in Renfrewshire with Orrs/Ore's. Yet Orrs/Ore's should even be in the "proficiOR" motto term of Knocks.

Bruce and Nellie OHR can be pointed to here because Rutherfords share the martlets of Glenns while Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS owner, officially owned the Steele dossier) was working in crime with the Ohrs. Yet it's known that Hillary RODham Clinton secretly paid Fusion GPS to hire Steele, and Rodhams/Roddens share "NEC" with Rutherfords, how about that. Minneapolis officer Chauvin's knee was on Floyd's NECK at the BUMPer of a car, and the Bumps have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Dossier's.

Norman Miles knocked on my taxi windshield while I was dozing off, and Dossier's come up as Dozers, how about that! Plus, Glennys (share Glenn / Rutherford martlets) almost have the Tax/Dach symbol in their Chief. It's as though my taxi had eyes to see the future. The Glennys are the only surname I know of to emphasize the LEGs of their footless martlets, and Leghs and/or Leggs (could be Trump stag head) are expected from the Legro = Soar river of Leicestershire, where Hose's (legs) were first found who are like the D'Hosier variation of Dossier's/Dozers. It's pointing to Hillary Clinton and George Soros together in their crimes against Trump! Zinger.

The "sorTE" motto term of Rutherfords can be code for the Sor variation of Sors'/Soars as well as the Tie-like Teys.

Mollars are listed with MILwoods (share Blythe crescents), and they share the black moline with Moline's. Molers share the hexagram of Rodden-like Rotens. Mollers are also Muellers. Is officer Miles a symbol of Hillary's arrest?

Latest Coup Attempt

This has been a low-output week for these updates. It's Thursday night already, and I've just learned that Project Veritas has caught, on secret camera, a couple of directors of an ANTIFA-like organization that's out to cause trouble just for the hope of getting rid of Trump by way of street demonstrations. They weren't fooling anyone. The video doesn't really get at whose behind the movement, though. It's called RefuseFascism. Achem, REFUSEFascism. Achem, but isn't "refuse" another name for garbage? Yup. I dropped the refuse container on its open rim, and flames started. I didn't know that scene was pointing to the riots until mere days ago.

Liberals are revealing that they think they own America, and by extension they think they own the White House, which is why they are heavily pained to see any Republican in the White House. This is their lunacy, nuts for power when they don't deserve power because they are irresponsible delinquents.

Last week, it looked like it was shaping up to be a very serious movement. I was afraid that the people behind the riots were trying to coax Trump into using the military, and then, whammo, a military coup on Trump could begin. However, when the media started to reveal that they didn't want Barr or Trump to use the military, it was a relief. It may mean that the military brass is not willing to break the law in a coup. It would go down in infamy. It would be a new normal alright, a mutation.

Another piece of good news is that this method of ousting Trump is promising to backfire. The violence and ruckus is being played out in liberal strongholds, where the majority of people who are made to suffer are Democrats. How can this be good for the election? How can defunding police departments be good for getting a Democrat in the White House?

If the idea is to upset the country as a threat to Barr and Trump to leave the Obama camp alone, how's it going to work when vandalism is ruining Democrat strongholds? How can you threaten someone by shooting yourself in the foot? The goings-on in Seattle this week is a staged / fixed / planned production, with Democrat leaders giving the green light, at first at least, and we have yet to see what they are up to fully. Chances are, there will be pressure on the Democrat leaders, even from Democrat business owners and citizens, to stop this nasty show of faked zeal. Someone has rightly called this a Black-supremacist movement, the real fascists. Note that a FASCES, a symbol of dictators, is used by Sorrys.

To mock the demonstrators crazy, we should send in an army of these birds:

I think they want Republicans to cave to fear, to fear a civil war. But, in fact, the violence was called off the minute that Trump sent in the National Guard. That is, the rioters caved to fear. That's good news so far, but they must be hashing out new plans. What next? Time to send in the bird? The only sure thing is that Whites are not going to respect Blacks more after all this is done. Yeah, time to send in the mocking bird.

The aim has got to be to force Trump to step down to relieve the nation of the chaos they themselves start. That's how Soros and company work: cause organized strife and civil unrest / division; make it look worse than it is, but blame it on the leader they want to get rid of, banging away until his own party asks him to step down. There are abundant Republicans who will side against Trump, guaranteed. But Trump voters have become smart to the staging of this strife.

On Thursday, Johnson and Grassley released an "annex" (addition to an investigation) from the Intelligence Community almost as soon as (about two days) it was declassified and handed over to them by John Ratcliffe. This is how things should work, 3.5 years after they should have started working this way. However, there are significant redactions, begging whether there is a redaction department (there probably is) that Ratcliffe doesn't ordinarily control. This redaction department could be half the problem in the cover-up, obstruction-of-justice movement.

When asking google for "ratcliffe releases annex," google gives me only two articles, a bad one from The Hill, and another from Fox. Google wants to hide all comments on this annex by Trump supporters, not even bringing up John Solomon's article. It seems that the big liberal media didn't want this story out on Thursday. Maybe they will change their minds on Friday. Nope, on Friday, articles from leftist media were still not coming up at google in a search for "ratcliffe releases annex" or "annex a ratcliffe." The latter brought up a Thursday article from New York Post (pro-Trump): "The two-page FBI annex to the intelligence community’s assessment on Russia goes beyond the Steele dossier’s claims."

The annex lists Steele's accusations against Trump, to the point that Putin and Trump were acting as a team with Putin being the top or controlling partner, and Trump more-or-less his bribed agent for controlling American politics as desired by Russia. The totality is absolute cause for removing a president from office.

In one, fast swoop, the Ratcliffe eagle knocks Intelligence off the cliff, revealing that the Steele dossier was circulating in Intelligence circles. However, the annex gives no impression that National Intelligence (NI) had any views as to the veracity of Steele's accusations. That is, in being empty of showing doubts or asking questions, the document tends to expose NI as advancing the claims into 2017. As the document is called an Annex, there is an impression made that Steele's accusations were new to NI at the time, and this may be the entire purpose of the annex: to provide proof on paper of the false impression that NI learned of Steele's claims only in 2017 (for Fox calls it: "'Annex A' of the 2017 ICA.").

The redactions may have the purpose of concealing whether the annex was produced under James Clapper versus Dan Coats (the latter started as the NI director in mid-March of 2017). The director and/or his deputies may have called for the creation of this annex to give the false impression that he/they didn't know of Steele back in 2016, prior to the election. In any illegal move by a government office, such precautionary but manufactured "proofs" are to be expected. There is a way that things ought to go at the FBI and Intelligence when done by the book, but when done criminally wrong, they produce documents to show that things were done by the book. It's a no-brainer, and this annex seems to be such a product due to the expectation that Obama's NI chief, James Clapper, knew the Steele drive to be a fraudulent, Clinton product. As it was a criminal product, there is no lack of understanding as to why the annex text shows detachment from Steele.

The annex reads: "We have only limited corroboration of the sources reporting [to Steele and by Steele] in this case and did not use it to reach the analytic conclusions of the CIA/FBI/NSA assessment." Some pro-Trumpers are celebrating this statement as though it means: "We have minimal confidence in the fanciful (uncorroborated) stuff of the Steele dossier..." But it could have another meaning: "This is a NEW-to-us hot potato and we therefore have no proof of its veracity at this time; we don't want to be lumped in with the assessments of the CIA, FBI or NSA." That view tends to suggest that NI didn't know about Steele until the CIA, NSA and FBI had already known and taken it seriously.

Steele is called (in the annex) the FBI's source, and thus we glean that the FBI took the position that the accusations were reasonable or even reliable, a position that NI did not wish to commit to (for obvious reason), and a position that it wanted to distance itself from on paper.

There is no date on the annex shown, but Solomon says it was dated: "Two months after the FBI used Christopher Steele’s dossier to support a warrant targeting the Trump campaign..." It's not clear which warrant that was, but I assume it was the first one in October, 2016.

The first words of every bullet-point are redacted, and even Steele's name is left out of the document, showing that NI was playing games. In leaving Steele's name out, the document proves that it was written/produced for the eyes of outsiders i.e. as a precautionary piece to cover its butt. Why? What was Clapper guilty of? You don't manufacture a document to protect yourself without providing a false impression of the situation. In this case, the false impression seems to be that the NI was distancing itself from Steele. If that's correct, then the NI was involved in advancing the Steele project. There is no hint on the annex that any other Intelligence agency relayed its view (to NI) that Steele was a fraud.

Naked of facts, NI promoted these parts of Steele's body of accusations into 2017. The annex has a title, or introductory line, claiming the existence of "Russian Influence Efforts." The introductory line doesn't say: "Fraudulent Dossier." In other words, NI is half in bed with Steele, but with one foot out on the floor ready to run just in case. The annex wants to give the impression that Putin's influence over Trump was a foregone conclusion, yet the NI wasn't willing to stamp this thing with its own signet ring.

The document inadvertently stabs the DNI (Clapper) in the back. "We have only limited corroboration of the sources" is an attempt to show detachment from Steele, but the fact that the annex lays out Steele's nastiest claims while not showing doubts about them reveals complicity with the Steele project.

I kid you not, I loaded Wikipedia's article on Dan Coats just now to discover the date that he started as the DNI, and I saw his middle name, RAY!!! I did not know this until now. A few weeks ago, in the 4th update of April, I told of my dream, where the Luff couple had snakes for tongues: "OH wow, I almost missed it. English Rays have a stag / roebuck version of the Frey/Phreeze/Freeze Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW. Ray Luff was in the freezer dream, and his tongue too was a snake. It scared me so much I got up to leave, but when I opened the door, there was the white walk-in freezer, and so I went to another door and got out of the place. End of dream. "

There was nothing in the walk-in-freezer. It was just a white room about ten feet square, but I had the knowledge that it was a freezer, and this panned out with the quote above. However, I found evidence that this room doubled as a COAT closet! That's why the Ray middle name of Dan Coats is important.

After telling that the Phreeze variation of Freys/Freeze's has been suspect from "Pharisee," I realized that a Caiaphas-like surname tended to prove the white room to be a coat closet too, like so: "Capote's/Chapus' (Caiaphas-like) have a rose-version of the Wray Coat, and here I can add that the freezer could double as a COAT closet because, after I opened the door to look in, I had to find the door out of the place, and it was beside this door to an empty white room [i.e. where we expect a coat closet]. As "Capote" is the French / Italian word for "coat," perhaps this [dream] is pointing to a Christopher Wray partnership with Dan Coats...The Chief-Shield combination of Capote's/Chapus' is even in colors reversed from the same of Valerys, and even a version of the Valois/Valour Coat..."

Valery was Ray's wife, and both of them had wavy / waving snakes for tongues. Valerys are said to use a "wave" in their Chief. I've just checked the Marsh's because Dan Coats was married to Marsha, and they share the Chief-Shield colors of Valerys, I wonder why.

Immediately after the quote above, I had this: "[Insert May 1 -- DO NOT MISS Obama in a mouse trap late in the next update, where I find that Pepe's/Peppards (RAYmond fleur-de-lys) have a "VALORE" motto term as well as the three WRAY marlets!!!]" That's the mouse that dragged the trap to its drowning death under a joist, which you may have read about in the last update. After the mouse, with one leg in the trap, got the trap stuck between the joist and the rock floor to my basement, it rained. One down-pipe from rainwater on the roof goes through a hole in the block wall, and thereby into the basement. It fills a pool under the floor joists, and so the water level of this pool rose and drowned the trapped mouse.

As was said, there is a DRAIN pipe leading the waters of this basement pool to the outdoors, but only after the pool's level has reached a certain height. The Drains are listed with the Drowns, you see, as though God arranged this event, but I can now add that the drained water goes down a ditch and eventually enters a marsh!!! I kid you not, I live beside a beaver pond that, after the dam, is a marsh! There's no other word for it, because the standing water of that grassy area drains out to a stream i.e. it is not a swamp, but is a march, yet it can be viewed as a swamp! AMAZING, for it's pointing to the deep-state swamp as well as to Marsha Coats i.e. verifying that the drowned mouse pertains to an Obama-Coats conspiracy. The Chief-Shield color combination of Capote's/Chapus' is reversed from the same of Marsh's.

Previous to the drowned mouse, there had been a mouse killed in a mouse trap that had gotten into the house through a hose hole (hose not yet installed) in my coat-closet floor, yet I spotted this mouse only twice, the first time when it was under the fridge (i.e. akin to a walk-in freezer). The second time I saw it was when it was dead in a trap beside the squirrel trap that represents John Ratcliffe. And here today we have an unclassified annex that may have been put together under Dan Coats.

[I'm looking at freezer-like Frasers because the video of Chauvin and Floyd was taken by Darnella Fraizer. I'll report anything I find in the next update. The freezer dream was recent, perhaps shortly before the Floyd death. Darnells happen to share the Sors/Soar and Legro lion. Chauvin had his leg on Floyd's neck. Floyd was on the ground, we could say, while Grounds/Crannys have a wolf in half the colors of the Floyd wolf heads, the point being that while Fraizers/Frasers share the KIM Coat, "proXIMi' is a Ground/Cranny motto term. It just so happens that while the two men both worked for Nuevo Rodeo, the English Grounds have a version of the Rhodes Coat. I just do not see an heraldic way to link the Chauvin event to the freezer dream, however, but I'll check this out as I have time.]

The Marsh's even share the Clapper sun! Recall the Coats-pointing Capote's/CHAPUS', for Scottish Chappes' were first found in Stirlingshire with Nimo's/NewMARSH's, I kid you not, and Stirlingshire is where Joseph Mifsud (part of Russia-collusion scheme) taught university. I kid you not, Mifsud is said to have been a Maltese professor, from MALTa, and MALLETs are used by Dutch Clappers!!!!! Mifsud (disguised by the deep state as a Russian operative) has been revealed as an operative of Western Intelligence! James Clapper was Obama's big cheese over all 17 Intelligence agencies. Stirlings share buckles with French Mallets, and the Moor head with French Chappes'.

As per the Chiaro variation of Claro's, for example, it's feasible that variations of "Caiaphas" became Clap-like, and Clappers are also Claps. The latter use a Shield of so-called "VAIR fur" in the colors of the Shield of checks of French Vairs, yet the latter's is the chequey Shield also of Atha's and Fisks/FISCs (name if FISA court). The latter use a pyramid, as well as an "ad" motto term for the line of Ada of Warenne (Warrens use a chequey Shield too). Ada's father was of Surrey, where Claps/Clappers were first found, and the Fisk pyramid may therefore be God's pointer to the great pyramid of CHEOPs (this king was also, Kheops). Scottish Chappes' are also Cheaps. Was Joseph Caiaphas named after a line from Cheops?

Jeepma's are also Cheap-like Cheps, and when the Saint-Petersburg / Russia MEDALlion was found on my Jeep's HOOD (about three years ago), it pointed by way of the Medal variation of Dougals (share Baud quadrants) to Bauds, first found in Stirlingshire with Cheaps. Bauds (Hood crescents in colors reversed) are a Bald branch, and then as per the bald symbol of Miss Hicks that we crossed in the last update, note that it points to the "chauve = bald" theme in the write-up of Caiaphas-like Chaffs/Chaffee's. Her bald symbol came with her wig while Wiggens have a version of the Annas Coat while Caiaphas married the daughter of the chief priest, Annas.

Miss Hicks' surname is highly suspect from Egypt's Hyksos kings. I left off writing, one day, on her standing at the hood of a car in my 1979 dream, and then went to town, which is when I found the medallion on the hood of my Jeep, and Hoods happen to have the same bird design as Marsh's, which Hoods call a "Cornish CHOUGH." It just so happens that while NewMARSH's were first found in Stirlingshire with Cheops-like Cheaps, king Cheops was also known as chough-like Khufu. Head scratcher, for sure. Keeps share the galley ship with Bauds and Balds, and, as I said, God provided Kheops-like Kepke (Ukrainian) sitting on the hood of my car back when we were 17 years of age (why 17?), both working as stockboys at the Knob Hill Farms grocery store. The Russian medallion was found in the parking lot of a grocery store.

When Miss Hicks was standing at the hood of her car, she was on a sandy beach, and while Beach's have a near-copy of the Clap/Clapper Coat, there were Hicks of Clapton. Juliana Arthur of Clapton, in GORDANo, married Robert Hicks, and Gordons share the stag head with Hicks and Gordon-like Hortons while Horts (stag) are also Hurts. Irish Arthurs use blue roundels called, hurts.

It just so happens that the so-called rests of Arthurs have doubled as CLARions, the symbol of the family of Juliana Hicks, and Claro's have a Chiaro variation like "Cairo" of Egypt, a city smack at the start of the Nile delta, i.e. land of Hyksos, and very near the great pyramids of Cheops.

I trace mythical Ixion to the name of Hyksos king, Khyan, and Keons were linked to Nile-like Neils. Ixion was made the brother of Coronis, mother of Asclepios...who has the Asclepios rod (snake around a rod) that was a part of the discussion on the wavy-snake tongues of the Luffs. It was pointed out that HUCKabys use Asclepios rods while Hucks (share blue chevrons with Huckabys) were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks (CRAUN/Crane colors and format). Hucks share the Tyrone Coat while Neils were first found in Tyrone. Coronis was the symbol of the line to the CERAUNii Illyrians, and they are ancestral to such crane-using surnames as Grounds/Crannys/Crains i.e. like the GRANville surname sharing the Arthur rests. Grounds/Crannys use an elephant, which should explain why the rests look like an elephant head.

The Hyksos (also called Shepherd Kings), a Hebrew (non-Israelite) tribe, ruled at Everes-like Avaris, and mythical Evers, the shepherd seer, was the father of Tiresias. The latter owned the Hermes caduceus, which was a rod or staff having two coiled snakes i.e. like the Asclepios rods of HUCKabys. Everes- / Avaris-like Evreux, where the Hebrew tribe of Eburovices lived, were in Eure, and while Eure's are also Evers, Hicks use an "heure" motto term. Hicks were first found in York, once called, Eboracum, and the Eburovices were also Ebroicum. Vere's/Vairs, using the Eure/Ever quadrants, love the Nihill variation of Neils in their motto. English Evers/Hevers/Hephers share red garbs with Kheops-like Keppochs (Yorkshire).

Evers/Hevers/Hephers were first found in Kent with Marsh's, now suspect with the Marsi (snake goddess), for Marsi lived in Abruzzo, origin of the Abruzzo/Abreu surname that named Evreux. Due to my inability to get back to Texas for 2.5 years, I lived at the home of Mrs. Abreu immediately before the treble-clef tie event with Miss Hicks. I received the tie from Norma, her friend, when my birthday was celebrated at Abreu's home. My mother was born in Picenze of Abruzzo, and that town is suspect to the Pike's/Pickens. There is a pike fish in the Clap/Clapper Crest. Claptons share the blue wolf with an Arms of Picenze-like Piacenza/PLACentia, and Place's share the vertically-split Shield of these same Claptons. Placentia is on the Trebia river, and Treble's were first found in Devon with Trebys and Hoods. Can you believe all of this? After she was at the Hood, Miss Hicks was HOVERing in the car, and so I've got to think that Hovers/Hoffers are another line from the Avaris Hyksos.

Again, Miss Hicks pointed to Ratcliffe, in the 1979 dream with the Clapper-pointing beach, who took over the job once held by Clapper, and she moved from my area of Texas, hours away to the outskirts of Dallas, about ten miles from the home of John Ratcliffe.

The beach sand in the dream can be a pointer to Sands, first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffe's. German Sanders share the upright, red bull of Claro's/Chiaro's (also Car-like Charo's found in the Joseph motto), and the Clapper sun can be for the Claro line of Suns/Sinclairs. Mr. Kepke was born, Lawrence, and Lawrence's were at the Sands are of Lancashire. Sands and Lawrence's use the so-called RAGully pattern, while Raggs' are expected from Ragusa, home of Shark-liner Saraca's. Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Nile-like Neils, and while German Neils are also Nails, the ragully cross in the Arms of Colchester has nails. The ragully cross of Colchesters has been used in colors reversed from the same of Lawrence's. The fish tail in the Lawrence Crest is essentially the Saraca fish because Lawrence's call it a turbot fish while Turbots use fish in Saraca-fish colors.

Sharks share the crane with Grounds/Crannys/Crains, and the latter's elephant is therefore suspect with the Elaphiti islands right beside Ragusa. The latter was in the land of the Ardiaei (and near the Ceraunii), the line to the Arthur-Hicks marriage in Clapton. What could it mean as per coming deep-state events that Crauns/Crane's (Hicks colors and format) share the patee cross of one Clapton Coat while the Clapton wolf head is half gold, the color of the Ground/Cranny wolf? Is this aimed at James Clapper? Doesn't Ratcliffe have access to all of Clappers communications? Yes.

The Grenville motto is like the motto of Moonans/MONANs (Granny lion?), and they are from king MONUNius II, whose daughter married Gentius, a king of the proto-Arthur Ardiaei Illyrians. The latter lived on the NERETva river at least near the Ceraunii, explaining why NERETs share the Coat of French Grands (Ground-like). They both use three bends in the colors of the three-and-three pale bars of Courts/Coverts ("GRANDescunt").

The Grenville write-up has a typical off-the-wall derivation stated as fact when the person writing it was just guessing (wrong): "There are also many places in Normandy called Grainville, which is a place-name derived from the Germanic personal name Guarin, which means guard..." Grounds/Crannys have a Chief split into the split colors of Grene's/Grains/Gransons (the latter share the Grave/Grieve Coat). These split colors are also of Belgian Flecks and English Fulke's/Volks while "FLECtes" is a motto term of Granville's/Grenville's. English Flecks are Flags, and I'm seeking a way to use this as some proof that the Chauvin-Floyd event was a faked, false-flag operation as an excuse for Soros puppets to attack police departments.

I hate to bring up the queerbox, Mr. Grenell, who was the temporary chief of National Intelligence after Coats was forced to vacate the job. Grenell is making headlines lately, and I'm wondering why this adult queer (who should know better, what a disgusting pig) is the hero at this time. No Grenell surname comes up, yet as Granville's are also Grenville's, a term easily forming "Grenell," I have now got to repeat from a few updates ago, though this is a theme going back a couple of months, that when Miss Hicks was standing at the hood of a car, she was also pointing to John Ratcliffe. Well, Ratcliffe took over from Grenell not many days ago. Hicks use a so-called BUCK's head, and Grenville's were first found in Buckinghamshire with the Hinds in the Crest of Crauns/Crane's.

Flecks/Flags had loaned/borrowed the symbol of Fleets who, by Coat comparison with that of Palmers (Norfolk, same as Flecks), can be found to be a branch of Floyd-like Floats and Flatts/Fletts. I didn't realize until now that Floyds share the white wolf with Fleetwoods (looks back over the shoulder). Grounds/Crannys share a wolf on a green Shield with Floyds, which could prove that Grounds/Crannys were a Granville/Grenville branch. The latter's "flecTES" motto term, and it's Frank-like "frangas" term, suggests the Tes variation of Tease's/Tecks because the latter's saltire is colors reversed from the same of German Franks while Scottish and Italian Franks/Franca's, and Spanish Franca's, are in Floyd colors. The other German Franks share the column of Malta's, that place connectable to the island of Melita, beside the Elaphiti islands. Tass'/Tache's were first found in Suffolk with same-colored Crauns/Crane's.

The "Quod" motto term of Fleetwoods has got to be for the Quoid variation of Quade's (share wolf with Fleetwoods), who are from Quadratilla Bassus, wife of Lupus LAEVillus, from the Laevi founders of Pavia. Ratcliffe's were at Salford (Lancashire, same as Fleetwoods), and while Salfords/Savards share the Quoid/Quade wolves with gold collars, French Savards/Savarys (Monaghan colors and format) share the Bassus-line besants of Flynns (first found in Moonan-like Monaghan) who likewise share the white Fleetwood wolf.

Another white wolf is used by Gowers/Gore's (use "Frangas non flecTES," the Grenville motto) who in turn share the black flory cross of Moonans ("Flecti non frangi"). While Tes'/Tease's are from the Pavia theater, Moonan-like Moons have a version of a Pavia Coat (Piedmont, same as Franks/Franca's and column-using Pelosi's) while English Grounds/Grundys share the martlets of English Pavia's (Somerset, same as Leavells, beside the Tiss'/Teece's). "FlecTI" might be part code for the Tie's/Thigh's/Thys' (wolf) and/or Tie's/Dye's (Yorkshire, same as Gowers/Gore's and Pavers) who have one of the double Fleck fesses. Fleetwoods share the split Shield of Maple's ("Non") who were in turn first found in Essex with Gore's/Core's (share white wolf with Fleetwoods).

On the day of the treble-clef tie, I walked out of the church and found a FLAT TIRE on my Savary-like Safari van (it wasn't there when I walked into church). TIRE's use "PER ARDua," suggesting an Arduinici merger with Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia. Cleffs/Cliffs share the Salford/Savard and Quoid/Quade wolf, and Pierro-like Piers/Pierce's (Somerset, same as Leavells) have a version of the Saffer/Savary Coat.

Moonans can be gleaned, below, as a branch of Mountains sharing the Fleetwood martlets. The Monk- / Monaco-like variation of Monaghans can indicate that Monaco was named by Monunius liners, for Arduinici-liners from the Ardiaei were at neighboring Oneglia. Other Arduinici were at Ivrea (Bald-like Baltea/Bautica river), like the Yvery location of Laevillus-line Leavells.

By the way, Monunius was a DARDanian king, ancestor of Darts/Dards (Devon, same as Moons). The Brocks, who give a dart to their Crest lion, share the Brown fleur-de-lys while both Mountain surnames look connectable to all three Brun surnames.

Floyds were reckoned as a Fallen branch while Fells share the Paver lozenges too. Then, while George Floyd was reportedly killed by DEREK Chauvin, Pavers, sharing the three lozenges of Chaffs/Chaffee's, were first found in Yorkshire with the Rhodes' who have a version of the Ground/Grundy Shield and Crest. Ben Rhodes of Obama's national-security team comes to mind. Chaffs/Chaffee's share the gold griffin in the Granville/Grenville Crest.

Melita-line Mallets use a deer while Deers are also DEREKs, and while the Chaff/Chaffee lozenges are in colors reversed with Hinds, here's on the almost-a-deer of the Craun Crest: "A gold demi hind ducally GORGed in blue." GEORGE's (blue doves) were first found in Dorset with Chaffs/Chaffee's. Note that while Parrys and Hinds can be linked to Perrys, Rick Perry was possibly involved with corrupt Ukraine GAS.

Floyds are the ones shown to be linkable to McCabe's who in turn share the Franca fesse while Italian Franks/Franca's have that fesse too yet throw in the two colors of Grounds/Crannys and Grene's/Grains. Is there meaning in this? Was the FBI's McCabe behind the push to destroy Flynn? We have yet to learn whether McCabe's FBI applied for a FISA application on Flynn, and here I can add that the checkered Shield of Fisks/FISCs (Suffolk, same as Crauns/Crane's) is shared by Gas' possibly in "FranGAS," and Moon-like Monie's/Moneys. French Moneys can be gleaned as a Mountain branch.

If you are not disgusted with a man bedding with a man, you are a spiritually delinquent, running on empty, and you probably grew up ignorant of God's character so that you are not groomed to become the image of God. And you probably think you're advanced as compared to Christians, and much more loving too. Anti-Christs would have us believe that a man having impulses for another man was born that way. Wrong. Resist the demonic impulses. Don't let them grow to addiction levels. The world should be teaching: don't dishonor your own soul by bedding with another man, STUPID. But then don't be so violent against your own God by being proud of it too.

There was evidence all over Pravda that Putin was reaching out to Trump and hoping in his election win. But that in itself is not election influence / interference. Okay, so Putin favors Trump. So what? Okay, Pravda writes that Putin wants Trump to change the US-Russia relationship from the way Obama had it. So what? Putin's allowed to feel that way. And Trump may have realized these things, but this is not collusion to do something illegal / wrong with Putin's team for to give Trump an advantage over Mrs. Clinton.

The annex says that Steele collected the Russian information for "private clients," meaning that Clapper and/or Coats knew Steele was working for Hillary. That's why the names of the clients are left out. Even if the phrase intends to mean Fusion GP, the fact that this organization's name is mentioned only as "private clients" seems to have the sole purpose of protecting Clinton.

Here's the annex:

This week, Barr excused himself for there being no deep-state arrests by saying that the wheels of justice roll slowly. Achem, only because Barr wants the wheels to roll slowly. Trump asked Barr, long ago, to declassify anything he wants to, but, nope, Barr did not want to. Sorry, Mr. president, I'm not going to play politics for you, even if you were the victim of an organized coup from the previous White-House occupier. Fend for yourself, Mr. president, because you are regarded as an aberration in this established town, and I don't want to be seen as your bat boy. This week, Barr seemed to be revealing that there will be some arrests, but we shall see.

Dan Bongino would have us believe that most police officers are great guys, yet what we are seeing now is police chiefs siding with the rioters to do the will of lawless Democrats. Entire police stations are following along, not raising a voice. These same "good" cops will do nasty things to innocent people if their bosses order them to. NEVER FORGET this; Bonino is out-to-lunch in the distant past of about 40-50 years ago. Police officers have changed drastically ever since anti-Christs began to control police departments. A police state requires bad cops, never forget. A good cop will quit before allowing self to partake in a nasty, systematic campaign to target certain political groups. Evil politicians maketh evil cops, nothing at all hard to understand about that.

Just as soon as Trump announces his rallies again, news comes out that there's a corona-spike in the forecast...showing that this is a manufactured-numbers game i.e. they make up the numbers as best they can get away with to fit their political agenda. All the major media that published on Flynn's latest legal troubles, late this week, did NOT report on the declassified annex from Obama's Intelligence people. So, the major media are guilty of criminal complicity with the coup attempt, plain and simple, and the framing of Flynn too.

The Trash Can Might Get Some Fast Wheels

Last week, and mentioned in the last update, I had a special event where a lid popped off of my garbage can. The same update talked on a previous trash can with fiery RIM that I think represented Barr missing in action (no punishment of leftists) and leading to the political strife we are now seeing on the riotous streets. But it dawns on me now that this lid off of a container can represent Barr finally bringing out the secret documents that condemn leftists. Barr even took it upon himself to get active in relieving the riots. Just a thought. Rims are also Rums while Barro(w)s have a "PaRUM" motto term.

I showed why the lid pointed to Liddle's and Little's, but I didn't get into the Liddle write-up, which says: "...Turgis BRUNdoz, a Norman, to whom Liddel or LyDALE, on the borders of Scotland, was granted by Ranulph Meschin..." The latter's son was Ranulph de Gernon while Gernons share the BRUNswick Coat. Barrs were at Brunswick. That works to prove that this second trash can represents Barr. I reckon that God gave him a trash-can symbol due to his wish of doing nothing against high-level criminality. But, now, perhaps he feels compelled to do a little something, and who knows that he might find he likes it so much -- better than warm apple pie -- that he puts half the country behind bars.

I showed why Liddle/LidDELLs should be of the Dells and Dale's, and the Sane's/Swans too, and here we can add that a swan (in dale-swan colors) is used by Doz's/DOSERs, because Doz's may have formed "BrunDOZ." Liddes' named LiddesDALE, and Little's had a Cumberland branch near/with the Rims of AnnanDALE. Dozers are listed with Dossier's/D'Hosier's, which can suggest that Barr, when he finally pops his lid, will do what needs to be done against the ones who illegally appealed to the Steele dossier.

The Dale and Doz/Doser swan is shared by Littes', whom I normally call the Lite's/Lights. The latter share the feathers of Tooths, and the latter are kin of swan-using Palmans/Pelhams, Lauders/LETTers (near Liddle's and Little's) and Bumps (Gloucestershire, same as LETTs/Late's). The vertically-split Shield of Bumps is colors reversed from the same of Dossier's/Dozers, but the latter's is in the colors of the same of Litts (share Liddle fleur-de-lys). It's for us to decide whether these things are coincidences, or messages from God as per what to expect. Scottish Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with the Ayers who love the Lite's/Lights/Littes' in their motto.

Ayer is a location near Sion/SITTEN, and the sane variation of Sions/Swans should be in the "SANitas" motto term of Liddle's. The latter's fitchee cross is colors reversed from the same of Trashers/Tresure's, the surname that created our trash can in the first place. Trashers/Tresure's share the green dragon with Kilpatricks (same place as Rims) and Flemish Seatons/SITTENs (use the double-TRESSURE border).

I've said from the start that the lid popped off, but it had nothing to do with the Popps/Pope's/Pape's/Paips, whom I discovered recently as Bump-like Pumps while discussing the drowned mouse beside the sump pump. Letts/Late's use organ PIPEs. Poppa was Rollo's wife, and Rollo's/Rollocks love the Passe's in their motto while Bumps are BumPASSE's too. German Popps/Poppers/Bopps were first found in Westphalia with Barr-related Ducks. The Bopp variation indicates that Babenbergs from poppa I through to Pumps could have become Bumps.

Just found: the Dale / Doz/Doser / Litt swan is used (both colors) by Papa's! It's Saturday, the day I often get song-line miracles, and, I KID YOU NOT, as soon as I finished the last sentence, while applying the exclamation mark, a song, Flawless (by MercyMe) sang, "no matter the bumps"!!!! Amazing. I was going to go on saying that we have seemingly been bumped by this discussion to George Papadopoulos. Papps are also Papadopoli's. This recalls when I thought that Itta, wife of Pepin of Landen, named the Little's. If correct, the Liddle rose can be the same of Papa's. Pepins love the Barr-related Este's.

This recalls Steve Papp the COOK the first got me on the Papps/Papadopoli's. But it also recalls Miss Hicks and her team that won (late 1980s) a COOK-out contest in Baytown; I discovered this in about 2016 when finding her team's photo in the Baytown Sun, with a second photo of her husband and children standing with Spuds MacKenzie, the bull-terrier mascot for Bud LIGHT beer.

I didn't try for an Odor surname (could be with the Barrel Shield) in the last update as per the "odor" motto term of Liddle's. I assumed that it was a Door line because the original trash can came with a door handle that was missing a barrel-shaped part. It just so happens that while Handle's and HanDELLs share the Moray Coat, the Odors/Dorans have the Chief, with Moray stars, of Douglas' (first found in Moray). Douglas' are likewise Flemings, and even use a salamander in flames. The trash can broke out in flames, you see, at the rim while it was upside-down, open end facing the ground, not like the trash can of last week, which had open end pointing up with lid popped off.

Oh wow, the Odor Coat is a version of the Sullivan Coat! This dream is finally making sense. See the second Irish Sullivan Coat to see a match with the Odor boar on split Shield, and then note that the lizard-like item in the Sullivan Crest is in the design of the Douglas salamander! Bingo. Judge Sullivan has been in the news in recent weeks to the present, the one persecuting Flynn after Barr's department had a change of mind, dropping Flynn's case. Blow your lid, Mr. Barr, do something for a change that looks remotely like the strong hand of justice. Don't be afraid, watch them run and hide, HAVE FUN TODAY! If they riot, sting them. But win this country for the good guys before they might steal the next election with any number of fraudulent means.

The Douglas write-up has some trash: "In Gaelic, the name is Dudhglas means 'black stream.'" Nice guess, dude, but wrong. Douglas'/DuGLASS' were in Lanarkshire, beside GLASgow, and Glaze's share the heart with Douglas'/Duglass' and Lanarks. That's how you find derivations, dude. Glaze's even share the pheons of Lords in the Glasgow motto. Lookie, this heraldry looks fixed by God, for it just so happens that while Glass' share the Gleeson stars, judge Sullivan appealed the dropping of the Flynn case to another spiritually-sick judge, Gleeson. Gleesons and Sullivans were both first found in Tipperary.

The Flynn case is not necessary detached from the riots, because the riots were called as soon as the Flynn unmasking hit the news with the guilty finger pointing to Obama's highest level, including his own desk. The riots probably had the purpose of filling leftist news so as to leave no room for the Flynn news, but I think the riots are also a shot across Barr's bow, promising worse if he goes forward with arrests or investigations. The rioters, we can say, are setting themselves up right now, peacefully, for to start violence when the command is given from the top. So, Mr. Ratcliffe, find their top bosses with the spy systems now in your hands, and inform Barr of who they are so that he can make the stinging arrests.

Here's where I can give Trump some credit. When the trash can of Barr's making caught fire on a round patch of sand, I had dropped it from a height. The only explanation for my being at a height was that it required me to JUMP DOWN down to the patch of sand, where I started to smother the flames with the sand. The dream ended right there. I didn't see whether I put out the flames. But the Trumps share the Jump stag head, and it's in the colors of the Down stag. It's suggesting that Trump saves the day for Barr's spending too much time eating deserts rather than getting his boots of justice on. Get into the battlefield; the nation is depending on you now.

Q-Anon and his followers had been hoping in a "storm" of arrests, but they never came. yet while I was pulling wood-sorrel weeds last week, it started to pour so hard that I grabbed the trash can (it's BLACK) near the curb, and ran for home 300 feet away. About 20 feet from the garage, the lid popped off, and I left it in the rain. I also decided to leave the trash can in the rain to CLEAN IT OUT. Hmm. It didn't rain much; I don't remember thunder and lightning, but the short downpour was meant to make me run and pop the lid off. Might it also represent a SHORT spurt of arrests? I hope not. The country needs a long train.

Other stags in Trump-stag colors are from Leggs, Patria's/Peartree's, and the Arms of County Waterford. Here it can be added that the all-important Odors/Dorans (couldn't have solved the door-handle > trash-can scenes without them) were first found in LEIX, a term like LEICester, location of the Legro river, also called the Soar. As Woods were first found in Leicestershire, the WOOD SORREL suggests the Soros group of global stupids (ship of fools), the enemies of God, the Biblical weeds destined for the Lake of Fire. The Leicester surname (another swan) has a "patria" motto term, and Patria's/Peartree's use the same stag head as Trumps (and perhaps a version of the Glaze Shield). Either Trump is on Soros' side, or against him. The latter seems more reasonable at this time.

The Arms of Leix shares the "fountains" of the Waterford/Waterville surname. Leix is also called, Laois, recalling the Louis' who have a "patriae" motto term. Their Lewis branch share red drops with Leicesters. Lois' and Lewis' together look like kin of Powells, and Ms. Powell is Flynn's lawyer. The Powell lion is counterchanged on a Shield horizontally split in the colors of the vertically-split Shields of Sullivans (and Odors) which itself has a counterchanged boar.

French Louis', who share the FELL lozenges while Fells have the Duc/LeDUC stars in colors reversed, were first found in Lorraine with Bar-le-DUC; it was the Barr-Duck relationship. The trash can FELL to the ground. Ducks/DOCKERs have five of the four fesses of Cavetts, the latter suspect from the Cevetta river at Ceva, home of LUIS, mother of Alice of Saluzzo (interior LIGuria, possibly the line to Leicester's Legro river). Saluzzo may have been named by a branch of Saluvii Ligures, and it just so happens that the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors are used by BARRels (Herefordshire, same as Doors) and the Odors having the Coat of Saluvii-like Sullivans. Waterville's/Waters share the triple chevrons of Sullys/Sillys and Epsteins.

English DOCKERs (Cumberland) love the Sempers (Pierre liners) who share the DUCE Coat, both with the BRUNswick Coat in colors reversed, recalling BRUNdoz of the Odor-loving Liddle's. Odors use a BROWN lion (as do Ramps/Rumps who can be a branch of Rums/Rims). If I recall correctly, there is a duck being killed by a falcon in the Tracy/Trasse/Trace Coat. Is that a pointer to the fall of Barr the trash can? The trash can FLIPPED and landed upside-down. Has Barr flipped sides with an effort to compromise with the deep state? Tracy's/Trasse's were from near Caen, and Caens are also cans, hence the trash can was born.

I remember wearing my casual BROWN-LEATHER Docker shoes on the day I wore the treble-clef tie. I remember the dark Western-style jeans and the blazer having hunter-green and black checks of about 1/8" square. I had said that the only surname I know of with checks in those colors are the LinkLETTERs. Leathers are listed with Letters, and Linkletters were first found in the Orkneys with Flatts/Fletts. As I said, I had a FLAT tire that morning of the Docker shoes. As Barrs of Bar-le-Duc were definitely from Ducks/Dockers, is the flat tire intended to portray Barr's hopeless attitude to date, with his slow-moving wheels of justice, the picture he himself used this past week? Yup, a flat tire sure is a slow wheel.

To help prove that the event points to Barr, I remember seeing the empty case of beer in the rear of my van when I opened it to get the jack and tire iron. I was a one-beer-a-day drinker (you never tasted such good beer as at the end of a workday in hot central-west Texas), but I had to quit beer, and as many sweets as possible years ago, due to my bad tooth that God has used to discover the Tooth-Letter-Bump relationship. Two Beer surnames share the bear with Berwicks and BARwicks, you see, and Leathers/Letters were first found in Berwickshire. Alice's share the muzzled bear with Barwicks and Berwicks, suggesting Alice of Saluzzo, for Barrels share the Saluzzo Chief-Shield. Berwickshire was once, Bryneich, like "Brunswick."

The Berwicks put gold straps on their bear, as do Pier-branch Percivals who in turn have a "candida" motto term while Candida's/Candi's share the giant eagle of Door-like Doria's, I figure, because Candi's have saltires linkable to Fessys and Nagle-related Gale's while Doria's, first found in Genova with FACE-branch Fieschi's, married Arduinici of Nagle-line Oneglia...also called ImPERIa. Mythical Percival (Arthurian myth code) was made the father of the Liguria-traceable Swan Knight, and Genova (beside swan-like Savona) with Imperia are in Liguria. Candys were first found in Suffolk with the Seamans/Semans in the Gale motto. The Pero's/Perino's can be gleaned with the Perrins who use "IMPavidun," part-code for Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia, yet it looks like it's also code for IMPeria's namers. Imps share the leopard FACE with Perrins and Peare's.

Imps (share Arthur chevron) are also ImPIE's/ImPEYS'/ImPAYS' while Pie's have a pile colors reversed from the piles of Pile's, and the latter share the Peare leopard face. It looks like Imps married a Pile line that morphed to Pie's (Herefordshire, same as English Doors). Pie's share a single pile with the Wings/Winks in the Imp Crest. Scottish Doors (Handle and Duc colors and format) have more leopard faces and share the spear with PEYs/Peys'/Pays/Pasi's (Nagle/Nail saltire in colors reversed), the latter first found in Bologna with a Savena river, and with Panico's of the SETTa valley, apparently relevant where SEATons share the Imp/Impays crescents. There's a lot to chew over in all that.

I can't chew candy or pie anymore. My bad tooth (much better now) is a molar, and Mollers are listed with wheel-using Muellers. As Mr. Barr was/is a friend of Robert Mueller, therein is the real explanation for his slow wheels of justice; like a painful and rotten tooth has Barr been for Trump voters. Molers (one 'l') share the Roten (and Reitman) hexagram, no guff. Stay away from too much warm pie, Mr. Barr, or your nation will suffer an incurable infection.

Also, German Langs (possible branch round-about of LINKletters) were first found at LUNEburg, which was paired politically with neighboring Brunswick, and English/Scottish Langs use LETTERs. I can trace the Lang PELICAN to LYNCestis, beside PELAGONia. Luna's have the Mollar/Milwood (with an 'a') crescents in colors reversed. Lune's are listed with Lyons (share green lion with Lorraine's), first found in Perthshire with Justice's. Become a lion of justice, Mr. Barr, arrest Loretta LYNCH. Indeed, Lynch was Obama's attorney general, and so Barr has easy access to her communications.

Justice's were kin of Assi's, first found in Shetland with Yells. Linkletters were in neighboring Orkney. When the trash can fell out of my hands, I YELLed, "fire," and then jumped down to smother the flames. As I said, the trash can FLIPPed over, but I didn't then know that Filips/Philips use a "DUCit" motto term! Zikers, what a hit. The Jumps and Downs share the stag in the colors of the Patria/PEARtree stag head, and Filips/Phillips even use a "patriae" motto term, same as Louis'. This recalls Louise Phillips, who appeared on a stage with Miss PEARE, in the sleeping-bag dream. I'm wondering whether that stage represents choreographed false flags, for the last time I saw Louise, she said she was going into choreography (stage productions, acting). Stage's (stags) are Staggs too.

SHETland is suspect with the BLACK SHEET that covered all of Obama's billiard tables in my Obama dream. I saw this sheet on the tables from a ceiling view, which revealed the tables set up in an L-shape (many tables in one row, and fewer in a row at 90-degrees, to form the L). I knew he had a partner in this billiard hall, but did not discover his/her name, but, after the dream, I settled on Loretta Lynch as per her two L's. Late in the Obama dream, he was on a SKATEboard, and Skate's are listed with Sheets, first found beside the Loretts and Lords in Suffolk. The Glasgows have a "Lord let" motto phrase while Letts/Late's have ORGAN pipes suspect partly with ORKNey, where LinkLETTers were first found. My blazer on that treble-clef day had the same checks as Linkletters, and Blazers (share crescents of Shetland's Yells) look like a BLACK branch. Glasgow is beside Biggar (Lanarkshire), and the Arms of Shetland uses a "Byggar" motto term.

Glasgows are also GlasGAWs while Gaws/Galts (Perthshire with the slow wheels of Justice's/Justine's) have a "Patentia" motto term while Patents/Patients share the crescents of Blazers and Yells. Gaws/Galts look like they have the Beer-line bear, a thing to which the empty case of beer pointed at the slow flat tire of justice. Flatts/Fletts were first found in Orkney. It was the day I wore the Docker leathers, and while Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Daggers, the latter share the scallops of English Jacks; Scottish Jacks were first found in RENfrewshire with Glasgows and Spears/Speyers. I saw the case of beer when opening the back door to get the JACK, the Tire IRON, and the SPARE tire. Perthshire had the Gaws/Galts and Galt-like Colts/Celts/Cults who share a giant, red stag head with Spare's, and Dockers use spears for Spears/SPEYERs, hee-hee. Renfrew-connectable Airaines is where Irons were first found, no kidding at all.

Colts/Celts have the Glaze and Lord pheon in colors reversed, and Glasgows are also GlasGAWs. Colters (share the Glasgow chevron) were first found in Lanarkshire with Biggars and the Sine's/Sions/Swans in the Justice/Justine motto. Colters have slow wheels of justice on their chevron because they are in the colors of the giant wheel of Jewish Muellers. Bravo, O Lord, great job.

Airaines liners (near ABBEville) named Arran (home of McAbbe's/McCabe's), and Alans of ARUNdel (named after Arun in Sussex) married Alice of Saluzzo. Arundels use swallows because Swallows are a branch of Sallows, the latter first found in Salop with Wheels (and Alans). Barr's sallow wheels of justice are plagued with jaundice. As Barrels share the Saluzzo Chief-Shield, let's just say that Barr is pulling a wheel barrow backwards at the speed his justice is going. But there's hope because the trash-can lid blew off. Well, alright, let's not exaggerate, it only popped off. Barr might just transform himself into an ominous, quick-lightning jack-in-the-box that refuses to go back in. Dream with me. Let's put a turbo-jet engine and some mag wheels on the DoJ trash can, turn the key, see if it fires up in a different way.

My Barr Smear

I'd like to go back to the dance hall I was contracted to build single-handedly for and by Mr. Fix. After I accidentally rubbed BROWN paint on his BAR wood instead of brown stain, he cut me lose without $1,000 in due pay. Ouch-ouch. I can't at the moment recall how I deciphered this event as per Bill Barr, even though it wasn't many weeks ago (it's in the 4th update of last month). Having found the Barro(w)s just now, I remembered that they share the fleur-de-lys of Fix's, a thing I don't think I showed recently. The Barrow motto even has "sufFICit," and so one can glean from the crossed Barrow swords that Fix's/Fecks were a branch of Feschs/FECHTers (like "sufFICIT"). It's good proof that God set up the event due to a Fix-Barro merger probably centuries ago. Why was God looking ahead and planning these things for speaking cryptically to today's news?

I'm going through thoughts seeking to figure out this mystery? What does it mean that I ruined Bill Barr with smeared paint? Why was it in a dance hall to-be? Here's one idea: a waltz is a dance, and Waltz's are listed with Walsers/Walz's, a branch of Walsh's who in turn happen to use a "TransFIXus" motto term, BRILLIANT! This is new to me, and it comes one update after introducing Mr. Walz like so:

Irish Miles' may have one of the two Tax/Dach swords, and the Mile's/Mylles' have a moline cross while Moline's share the goat head of Walsers/WALZ's. The current Minnesota governor is Timothy Walz. Mile's/Mylles' (Board martlet?) were first found in Hampshire (beside Borders), and they use a border likely as code for Borders who in turn share the crosses swords of Tax's/Dachs.

I am very sure that I was driving taxi at the time I was doing Fix's dance hall, and Tax's/Dachs share white, crossed swords with Barrows and Feschs/Fechters. The Miles'/MINNES' had pointed, in the last update, to MINNESota. Where do we go from here? What connection could Bill Barr have to Minnesota news at this time?

Waltz's/Walsers were as per Wallis canton in Switzerland, and Feschs/Fechters were first found in Switzerland along with Tease's/Tess' with a Tax-like Teck variation. The saltire of Feschs/Fechters is colors reversed from the saltire of Scottish Walsh's, and we could add here that Mr. Kepke, my friend, was an avid dancer and engaged, with wedding plans, to Miss Walsh. He is Ukrainian on his father's side. Just shooting in the dark here, because Barr has said he's not interested in Ukraine crimes by Americans, part of his slow wheelbarrow of justice trash. Oh wait, wow, as I've said many times, I got the taxi job when moving to Hunt street (Richmond Hill, Ontario), because a taxi dispatcher lived there who helped to get me the job, and Hunts are listed with Hunters!!! Hunter Biden is an American guilty of Ukraine crimes!!!

Perfect, but what does this have to do with Barr? Perhaps God was predicting that I was going to smear Barr's name due this his do-nothing in Ukraine, and indeed I have smeared his name justifiably, and so should Fox and all Trump supporters until he gets his act together.

New: Morts share the white and eight-pointed estoile with Feschs/Fechters, and Morts were just taken from the motto of Irish Walsh's "TransFIXus sed non MORTuus." Nons/Nevins were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs. Ayer is near Sion in Wallis canton. "Sed" is shared by Sedans who use a "sino" motto term while Sine's/Sions/SWANs are from Sion in Wallis canton, and Irish Walsh's use a swan for that reason. A six-pointed ESToile is used by Fesch-like Fisks/Fiscs, and Barrs share the ESTE and Segni/Segurana eagle. The latter surname, with a Coat comparable to the Barrel Coat, is in the motto of Fieschi-line Fessys. We have proven that Barrs are in this investigation, and Barrels were in the trash-can dream.

I have seen the previous Crest of English Este's, the same black horse head (same design) as is now in the Dance Crest. I smeared the bar in the dance hall.

Morts are properly the Motts, from Cotes-du-Nord in Brittany, near a Mott area around Montfort and therefore near Rennes. The latter term is a branch of Rains'/Raines', unbelievably enough. The pouring rain cause the lid to pop off the trash can while I was RUNNING. Runnings are Rennes-like Ronnys too. Montforts share the giant Wallis/Wallace lion. I even recall the color of brown paint used, a WALnut color. English Walls share the fleur of Browns, but also of Burys/BURIS' who point to Hunter Biden's Burisma energy company. English Walls share the white wolf head with Floyds while German Walls (Baden, same as Neckar river) have the German Necker Coat in colors reversed. George Floyd had Chauvin's knee on his NECK, and was reportedly killed. "Mort" means "dead." We're back to the Minnesota police. The Nuse's/Nuce's/NEWES' have two of the Necker pale bar, and "nueces" means, nut. It reminds of NUEVO Rodeo, and here it's interesting that Nuevo's have a version of the Portuguese Mota Coat, and Motels were pointed to by a NEWSpaper event that eventually discovered the Nuse's/Newes' from the News'. RODhams (share MILbank bend) have a bend in the colors of the bend-by-fish of English Neve's/Neeves'/Neveu's, how interesting.

It was a walNUT brown paint. After I got a NEWSpaper and COFFEE in Victoria, Texas, I checked the want-ads for some Texas property, and ended up buying a Nueces-river property. Coffee's/Coffer's use a "NON providentia SED victoria" motto, and Victoria's/Victors/FICHTERs (share single, black pale BAR with German Walls!!!) are like the Fechter variation of Feschs. We're right back to the Fix/Feck bloodline, and I put walnut paint on Mr. Fix's bar. When I first walked into Fix's restaurant, it was essentially a coffee-snack shop.

With Walsh's getting us to Morts/Motts, let's add that the Coffee/Coffer Crest has the Arms of Taranto while Trents are also "Trans" expected in the "TRANSfixus" motto term of Walsh's, the same motto having "MORTuus." The Mott-like Motels (Mota branch) were from Taranto. Incredible: the smearing of Fix's bar is connecting to my trip through Taxi-like Texas seeking property. Teague-like Tighs are also Tease's/Thys', and Teys are also Teyas', like the Tejas variation of Texas'.

Ahh, Bidens are also Buttons while Tous'/Tosini's describe their Coat as a "man" wearing a shirt with buttons! The "MorTUUS" motto term of Walsh's must be for Tous', for the latter share the eight-pointed star of German Teegers, like the Teeger variation of Irish Teague's. I bought the Nueces-river property of Mrs. Teague! Zinger.

This is a power-packed section. I'm stunned. It was just some paint on a bar, but look at the many, reliable pointers. I have got to conclude that God is upset with Barr's putting off the Biden crimes. God doesn't reveal such anger for nothing. Tell Mr. Barr that calamity is bound to hit him if he continues to act the trash heap. God is the protector of His people, who are in danger of deep-state powers. Stand up, Barr, or go away. This past week he told the country he's not going to arrest Biden. Nor Obama. Barr's an obstructionist criminal complicit with political fiends. His token arrests will not do the needed job. The criminal supported and controlled by anti-Christs wants to sit in the White House, and Barr's got no apparent problem with this.

As Teague's use "nec" twice, it seems that God provided the brown wolf in the Teague Crest as a pointer to Wolfs/Welfs, for they share the Coat (almost) of Chauvins, and officer Chauvin is the one who had his knee on Floyd's neck. I'm pretty sure that Barrs of Brunswick were Welfs.

I've only just learned that google is now making it very hard to find anything on Barrs of Brunswick. Brunswick isn't mentioned in Wikipedia's Duchy of Bar article, and uses "Barrois" for this entity. I've never had a problem finding Bar(r)s/Baars of Brunswick before. They used the two white fish of Bar-le-Duc in gold, which are the fish also of counts of Montbeliard, a possible Billiard/Billet line. Henry of Wurttemberg and Montbeliard was the son of a count of Wuerttemberg-STUTTgart, and Stuttgart is on the Neckar river.

This is a sweet song:

The singer above leaves a bad taste because he begs for money. I'd rather honor him for doing his songs for free. The way Jesus phrased it, if we do a thing for God and make money at it, that will be the extent of our rewards. What a waste. Using God's things to become wealthy, ouch, it makes the church look money-grubbing. There are a lot of Christians trying to make youtube money on preaching, OUCH. Is there anyone who refuses to make youtube money on preaching?

While driving taxi, I met Mamie one more time, and took her out to Mr. Fix's place for some live music. I had met her in a DANCE, I kid you not, and as was said, Dance's have the horse head once shown in the Este Crest while Barrs share the Este eagle. On one half of the Dance Shield there is a lion head in colors reversed from the Brunswick lions, and the Dance horse heads are all red, the colors of the same in the Crest of Scottish Barrs (share Este eagle).

As I've said 20 times or more, I met her in a dance about an hour before seeing my girlfriend, Lorraine, coming home with a grass stain on the BUTT of her PANTs as a pointer to PANSYs/PANTzers (Westphalia, same as Ducks/Dockers). The Arms of Bar-le-Duc uses pansies, and Bar-le-Duc is in the Lorraine part of France. Dance's were first found in Yorkshire with Beliard-like Billards/Hilliards, a branch of Billiards/Billets. I almost missed it: both Billiard Coats share the Handle / Handell Coat (but throw in a chevron)!!! The door-handle scene was immediately before the trash-can scene! The door handle was missing a barrel-shaped part = Bill Barr missing in action because he's like a a bag of trash. Handle's (Barr-eagle colors) and Barrs (who are also Bars) do share white stars.

As the Dance-Crest horse head is still showing in the English Bute/Butt Crest (ESToiles in Chief), I'll bet my shirt that the Dance fesse is that of Bidens/Buttons and German Butts/Bute's/Boets. Is that not amazing? Italian Dance's were first found in Piedmont with their kin, Pero's, and Pierro's/Pero's have a version of the Butt/Bute/Boet Coat. You see, God knows what He's doing, for Thigh / Tease elements were from the Ticino river, home of Pierro's/Pero's. Sempers/St. Pierre's/St. Pere's have the Brunswick Coat in colors reversed, and thus use the Dance lions. Bidens/Buttons use a "horn" in Crest, and German Barrs, first found in Lower Saxony with Brunswick, use hunting horns. Horns/Orne's are from the namers / representation of mythical Orion of Boet-like Boeotia. Trash-can Caen is off the Orne river.

The Fix write-up: "The surname Fix was first found in cities in the Saxony region, where Fix was first used as a surname. The use of the diminutive as a personal name was first recorded in Luneburg, where Ficko de Wesera lived in 1352." Luneburg was paired with Brunswick. Wesera-like Weisers have a version of the Pero Coat, now suggesting a Fix-Pero relations to explain my taxi cab while working at Fix's. Miss Peare had a waist symbol pointing to Waistells/WESSels, but she also had a related belly symbol pointing to the family of Gothelo, father of Godfrey III, the one who assisted the Pierleoni.

A few weeks after the dance, Mamie was given the thigh symbol. Thigh's/Tie's/Thy's now come to light because they have the Chauvin wolf in colors reversed. Her thigh symbol also pointed to Tease's/Thys'/Tighs, you see, because they were first found in the same place as MAMESfelde, a town of the MANfields. The latter can apply to the MAN of Teeger-connectable Tous' (the man wearing a shirt and buttons). Mamie had extra-large breasts, and Mamesfelde is thought to be named after breasts. Manfields share the maunch with Tickhills while the Teague/Teeger Coat can be gleaned with the Tick/Took/Tuck Coat. You see, things from Mr. Fix are linking to my trip to Texas to buy land from Mrs. Teague. The maunch is expected from the Manx people on the Isle of MAN, that's right.

New: Mrs. Teague was born Miss Friend, and the Friends almost have the three stag heads of Anne's/Hanne's: "The surname Anne was first found in Yorkshire where 'the pedigree begins with Sir William de Anne, Constable of the Castle of TICKHILL in the time of Edward II.'" It's as though heraldry had the foreknowledge to show that Teague's were a Tick branch via the marriage of Miss Friend to Mr. Teague. It's not freaky because it's from God, not heraldry. He probably mocks the keepers of heraldry, and used it to expose their end-time goons.

I laid a parkay flooring for Mr. Fix's dance floor, and Parkays/Parks have three stag heads colors reversed from the three of Anne's/Hanne's. The lid popped off the trash can, and the gold Anne/Hanne stag heads are shared by Poppins/Pophams (share brown stag head in Crest with Anne's/Hanne's) who in turn share the Mens/MAME Chief-Shield and even use a "Mens" motto term. You see, heraldry seems to have known I'd be with Mamie. This is assuring that Tickhills connect to the Tigh variation of Tease's/Tyes'.


The county [Montbeliard] was established in 1042 by Emperor Henry III...It was led by a line of Counts of Montbeliard descending from Conrad's vassal Louis of Mousson in Upper LORRAINE, husband of Countess Sophie of BAR, and their successors from the Scarpone family. In 1163 Lord Amadeus II of Montfaucon became Count of Montbeliard by marriage to Sophie, daughter of Count Theodoric II (Thierry II), who left no male heirs.éliard

That Theodoric is likely the line to the Welsh Tudors (Herefordshire, same as Barrels), whom I've long thought to be of the Tuscany Taddei's (share the Bouillon cross). The sister of Sophie of Bar, Beatrice, was first married to a ruler of Tuscany, and then married afterward to the grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon (the start of Templar Zionism here, with help from vatican elements). That grandfather (Godfrey III) went to the rescue of the Pierleoni Jews of vatican elements. Sophie of Bar had a son, BRUNO, that's right, and Bruno's were first found in Tuscany Florence, in fact, where Taddei's were first found.

Tudors are in Child colors and format, and the Child eagles are in the Arms of Lorraine, and with the Lorraine surname. In colors reversed, the Child Coat is that of Tarents, recalling Taranto, and the Trents/TRANS' in the "TRANSfixus" motto term of Walsh's. You see, while still on Barr elements, we came back to Mr. Fix.

"Frederick I of Upper Lorraine built [Bar] on the bank of the river ORNain around 960." Is that an Orne element?

Recall the lid off the trash can, how it got us to Liddle's/LiDELLs and all of the white-on-red swans including the one of Dale's expected from Dells of Dale. Herons in these colors are used by Horns/Orne's, likely kin of German Barrs, but do keep in mind that while this discussion has pointed to Hunter Biden, Barrs use hunting horns, a common heraldic symbol suggesting the marriage of Horn liners to Hunt liners. Hunts/Hunters, sharing the Little saltire, were first found in Shropshire, home of the Dol Alans, and Horns/Orne's are said to have included Aluuin Horne of the 11th century just before the first Templar invasion of Jerusalem by Godfrey de Bouillon.

As I've said before, Scottish Hunters (hunting horns) were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Barrs (Dol colors), and these Hunters have a "perFICio" motto term to reinforce God's revelation that Barrs were close to Fix's. "PERficio" can be also for Pero's and the Pierleoni Jews suspect with the drive behind the first invasion of Jerusalem by de-Bouillon's family. The Caens/cans of the Orne-river area use a "PERImus" motto term while Pero's are also Peri's. I yelled fire when the trash can went into flames, and while Pero's/Peri's/Perino's use a "flaming star," Perrins ("FERIunt") use fur cones while Furs are listed with Fire's. Perrins ("ImPAVIdun") share leopard FACE's with Peare's, and Face's/Fessys have the Templar cross.

You see, the Pierleoni must have descended from the killer priests of Israel who knew, or thought they knew, from word handed down to them, where the Romans missed some gold in the Jerusalem temple when they burned it down in 70 AD. Recall the BALD and wig symbol of Miss Hicks, for the first official king of Templar Jerusalem was BALDwin I, brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, and Wiggins have a version of the Annas Coat. These two surnames share the star of Ticino-liner Tease's/Tyes'/Tighs (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas'), and the first grand master of Templar Jerusalem, Hugh de Payens, married Elizabeth Chappes, a line from high-priest Joseph Caiaphas. What can't we grasp about this?

Miss Hicks became Mrs. Kilpatrick, and Kilpatricks not only share the Hunt/Hunter and Baldwin saltire, but they share a green dragon in Crest with Balders. The Kilpatricks owned a ranch (on the Nueces river) where they raised exotic animals for sale to prime hunting ranches.

Payens have a paint-like Paiont variation. I rubbed paint on Mr. Fix's bar, and Fix's can be linked to Face's/Fessys...whose "hoc" motto term should be for the Hocks sharing the swan symbol with Godfrey de Bouillon's family. Baldwins, first found in Shropshire with Hunts/Hunters, share their saltire. I got the TAXi job when living at Hunt street just before doing Joseph Mr. Fix's dance hall. He had an Israeli accent; now I understand that too, God's pointer to Israeli Zionism from the Templars.

It's important that Hocks (Switzerland, same as swan-liner Sion) share an item between antlers, for this is the symbol of Eustace's (branch of Stacys), Staggs/Stage's, and the Vise's/Vice's who come up as "Vas," like the Vase variation of Fessys/Face's who love the Hocks. Godfrey de Bouillon and king Baldwin were sons of count Eustace II, and Eustace's happen to use a "PERsequeris" motto term. Let's not be naive. Hocks have a giant swan in the colors of the giant Barr eagle. It's probably true that Godfrey de Bouillon was the leader of a Priory of SION," though we are told by some that this organization is a fabricated hoax, not a wonder.

Perrins are also Perans while Horns/Orne's have the motto, "Nil desPERANdum," suspect partly with the Neils/Nihills, yet the Neils/Nails/NAGLE's were first found in Westphalia with the Barr-line Ducks/Dockers. Remember, Beatrice of Bar married Godfrey's grandfather who went to the aid of the Pierleoni. Nagle liners named Oneglia, where a branch of Arduinici married Door-like Doria's whose giant eagle can be in the upper half of the Fix Coat. Doria's were first found in Genova with the Segni's/Segurana's (share Barr eagle) in the Face/Fessy motto, and with the Fessy- and Fix-connectable Fieschi. The horizontally-split Doria Shield is colors reversed from the same of Dale-like Dailys ("fiDELis") sharing the Dell lion.

Back to the Perrin/Peran fur cones. Maschi's use pine cones while Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's. Fiers/Fere's were first found in Middlesex with Horns/Orne's (Fur/Fire colors). The Furs/Fire's use a uniCORN as code for Ceraunii liners mixed with neighboring Maezaei of the UNA (Oeneus) river (read also as UNIcorn) who formed the Masci-branch Masseys / Maceys of Ferte-Mace, at the upper Orne river, yup.

The Alans of Aulon, a location beside the Ceraunii mountains, named Alauna not far west of the Orne, and this explains Aluuin Horne. The next line appears to name him as Alwin Horne, and Alwins (Dol fesse in colors reversed), first found in Devon with English Stewarts, have a version of the Thorne Coat while Horne's/Orne's list Athorns (presumably from "at-Horne"). It appears that Thorns were Horns. To prove that Alwins were Dol Alans, the nebuly fesse of Alwins is colors reversed from the same of Swale's ("esto") while FitzAlans of Arundel share the Swale-like swallows of Swallows in the Arundel Coat. Rundels share the Alan fesse, red like the Thorn fesse. There's a question as to whether the black thorn / Alwin lions are those of Dol-like Dells and Dailys, for Dale's have a giant swan in the colors of the Horn/Orne herons.

Recall how Grenville's were traced to Ceraunii, for Swale's (probably the Dol fesse) held a manor at West Grenton / Grinton. The Grentons have this write-up: "Grinton is a small village and civil parish in the Yorkshire DALES, in the Richmondshire district of North Yorkshire, England." Richmond of York was granted to Alans of Brittany.

Note how "Dales" is like "Dallas," for Miss Hicks moved to the Dallas outskirts while her surname was first found in Yorkshire too. The Dallas surname shares the Biggar Coat while "Byggar" is a motto term in the Arms of Shetland, and the Yells of Shetland are in the colors and format of Swallows. The latter share a tree with Sallows (Shropshire, same as Dol Alans), and Tree's/True's were first found in Warwickshire with Grentons. Hicks are in the colors and format of Crauns/Crane's, and the crane of Grounds/Crannys ("PROximi") is in the colors of the Horn/Orne heron while the elephant of Grounds/Crannys is from the Elaphiti islands beside Ragusa. Recall that Horns/Orne's had linked to PERO's, In Latin languages, "corn = horn."

The 1979 dream with Miss Hicks opened with a shark, code for Saraca's of Ragusa and Kotor, and as the shark had a bulldog in its mouth, we can say that it was SWALLOWing this dog due to Bill Barr missing in action.

Ragusa liners are to the ragully used by English Stewarts i.e. the descendants of the Dol Alans. The dog is Trump, and Trumps (Dol colors) were first found in the same Mecklenburg area as Dols and Ice's/Icke's/ECKE's suspect in the "Ex" motto term of Thorns. The Vas variation of Vise's/Vice's was found in the "uvas" motto term of Thorns, but as Vase's are with Fessys/Face's, Vise's/Vice's may have been Fieschi / Feschs / Fix's/Ficks/Fecks.

The Ice's/Ecke's share the upper half of the Fix/Feck Coat, suggesting that Fesch/Fechter liners married an Icke/Ecke branch to form "Fix's/Feck." "EXeter" is in Devon i.e. with the first-known Stewarts, and with the Icke-like Pike's sharing the Ice/Ecke trefoils. "ExTANT" is used by Coffins/Chafens while "Ex" is used by the Mile's/Mylles' who pointed with Chaffens and Miles'/Minnes' to officer Chauvin of Minneapolis, the reason for the recent riots and fires. TANTon were first found in Somerset with TINTons, from the Atintanes of Epirus smack at the Ceraunii mountains and Aulon. Irish Miles' use an "inVICTa" motto term suspect with Feschs/Fechters/FACTors / Fichters/Victors. "FACTis" is another Coffin/Chafen motto term. Reminder: Barro's share the crossed swords of Feschs/Fechters, in the white colors of the crossed Tax/Dack swords, the latter's being in the colors of the Miles sword.

Coffins/Chafens (Devon, same as Exeter) were at ALWINgton with Alwins. The Alwin fesse is in the colors of the Fix/Fick fesse, and the latter's is wavy and colors reversed from the wavy Dol fesse. Perfect.

Devons (Sussex, same as Vice's/Vice's) share ducks with Duck-related Velins and Velens (Westphalia, same as Ducks/Dockers). Velens now share the martlets of French Alans, though both once showed ducks (I have this recorded in my older work)...which can explain why Ducs/LeDucs, with essentially the Handle / Billiard Coats, were first found in Brittany. This tends to prove that Alans are from Aulon, for it was also called, AVLONa, the makings of "Velin / Velen." Dol and RENNes are in Vilaine, and RENo's share the lozenges of Vellons.

Ahh look: "The surname Duc was first found in Brittany where they held a family seat in the honor of the seigneurie of BLARDais..." MontBELIARD! What could it mean that James LeDuc of Galveston National lab (involved with Wuhan lab that is blamed for coronavirus) is apparently linking to the door handle along with Bill Barr? Or is James Leduc linking to Obama's billiard hall? Hmmm. Scottish Randolphs are the ones with horseshoes and a bat, the pointer to CORONavirus' horseshoe bats, and while this paragraph comes while on the CERAUNii mountains, Randolphs were first found in Moray while Handle's share the Moray Coat!!!

Let's go back to Tracys/Trasse's, from near Caen so as to be the ones who birthed the Barr trash can. I had said that God is angry (MAD) with Barr for not investigating Biden crimes, for one, and then the Tracy/Trasse Coat is the MADden Coat exactly. From the 3rd update of December, 2019: "The Maidens are listed with Maddens having a 'falcon volant seizing a silver mallard',..." Is someone going to seize Bill Barr? Seize-like Sea's/Sees' can be linked with Seamans/Semans (seahorse) to Tokers/Tuckers (seahorse) and therefore to Ducks/Dockers.

I've read that Linkletters (share a different-colors version of Stewart fesse) use the mallard, and they are in the design of the Devon ducks. Mallards are also MILwoods/MILwards.

Now the Devons have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of yates, and Sally Yates was Obama's attorney general i.e. the same position now held by Barr, and so is this not amazing that Yates-related Devons use ducks while Ducks/Dockers were bar kin??? Yates use gates while Gates-like Geddes' use a "Capta" motto term while Devons use "CAPTivus." Heh-heh, it looks like God is pointing to Yates. Barr has easy access to her communications, and so as Trump fired her for insubordination, shouldn't Barr be looking for her crimes with Obama? Yet Barr said this week said he's not arresting Obama, because he's a chicken-hearted piece of trash. He sends messages to all sorts of crime bosses that they can relax, he's not hot on their trail. Motleys of MEDLIcott (Shropshire) have a reflection of the Gates Coat.

There's is a good chance that Barrs share the fesse of Medleys (stars colors reversed from Barr stars), first found in Sussex with Devons, and where Meads were once said to be first found. Meads have a version of the Godfrey Coat, you see, and Godfrey III married Miss Bar. Meads are online having married Arthurs of Clapton, the ones who also married Hicks. Meads and Godfreys share the pelican with Scottish Stewarts, and Pelagonia is beside LYNCestis, where LINKletters trace who share the Devon mallards! Bingo, for while Devons share the Yates Shield, Loretta LYNCH was Obama's attorney general before sally Yates!!! BINGO! Mallards/Milwoods share the black moline with Devon's Moline's (linkable by way of Chives' to Devon's Hykes/Hacks).

Meads share the martlets of French Josephs, the latter first found in Maine with Pellicans and Billiards/Billets, the latter now pointing to the Bar-MontBELIARD relationship. In my Obama dream, I reckoned that Obama and Lynch were partners in owning the billiard hall. What does this mean, that Bill Barr is somehow secretly for the Obama-Lynch crimes rather than against them? Could be. Those crimes could have facilitated the Bushite adventures into the Middle East.

Lookie: Meads (Somerset, same as Clapton) share "pret" with Morays who in-turn share the Handle Coat, very much like the Coat of Billiards/Hilliards (Yorkshire, same as Medley-branch Methleys). Billiards/Hilliards use the same Coat, essentially, as Billiards/Billets. Morays use "TOUT pret," and "Tout" is in the motto of Hicks i.e. the ones who married Clapton's Arthurs, kin of Meads.

The Swale's of Grenton recalls that Grentons share the double chevrons of Maine's (Devon), in the colors of the one chevron of Exeters/Exters (Devon). The latter use bells in the colors of the same of Scottish Bells, while Bell-branch Bellamys were at Perche while Perche's share the double Grenton / Maine chevrons too. Pierro's/Pero's (share Alan fesse) are also Perichs. Recalling how the Yates linked to Devons, let's add the bells are used also by Porters who in turn co-own the portcullis gate with Yates'.

I was staining Joe Fix's bar with paint, and Stains are said to have married Yarborough's who in turn use a Coat like that of Duck-like Duke's (Devon). Yarborough's even have an "est" motto term, how can we not see these two things as God's arrangements? Duce's (not "Duke") have the Brunswick Coat in colors reversed, no surprise, really, because Barrs were related to Ducks. On my last night with Lorraine, she had a grass STAIN on her pants. The Duce Coat is shared by Sempers/St. Pierre's, and Ducs/LeDucs were at a Masnuy-St.Pierre location (Belgium, about five miles north of Mons, and near Allen-like Lens).

The Brunswick Coat is shared by Gernons while Gernons were at MontFICHet/MontFIQuet, what now looks like a branch of Fix's/Ficks.

Chauvin the Faker

I've just spotted the Mileham location of English Alans, and so I stuck the following in the last update where most appropriate, at the suggestion that Norman Miles, and the Miles'/Minnes', are a pointer to officer Chauvin of Minneapolis:

[I didn't know until late in the next update that Alans were at MILEham. The Milehams happen to use griffin heads in the gold color of the Chaff/Chaffee griffin. "The surname Mileham was first found in Mid Norfolk at Mileham, a village mid way between East DEREham and Fakenham." This update discovers, shortly below, that Dere's/Deers are also Dereks, and this paragraph especially points to Derek Chauvin!!! As I think that his killing of Floyd may have been faked, did God arrange the FAKENham location near Dereham and Mileham? Why is "Dereham" like "Durham"? End insert

That was a real hoot to find, very much needed to prove that God used Norm Miles.

I think the place in the following quote is Mileham: "'This place, at the time of the Conquest, was given to Alan, son of Flaald, and ancestor of the Fitz-Alans, earls of Arundel, who erected a strong castle here..." He's usually called, Flaad, like the Flatt/Flett surname that's linkable to Flecks. No Fakenham surnames comes up, but Falkenhams/Volkings happen to share the Fleck scallops, and both Flecks and Fulke's/Volks were first found in Norfolk i.e. with Mileham castle. Therefore, it seems that the Dol Alans, known to be from Flaad, were intricate early with the Fulks of Anjou. The Alans went on to become Stewarts, who share the Brock motto, and Brocks are from Broc of Anjou. I didn't know this Alan relationship to Fulks, but I did trace the Stewart checks to the same of Massi's/Mattis' who have a version of the Italian Fulk Coat. Fulke's/Volks share the Massey and Palm fleur while Palmers (Norfolk) share the double fesses of Flecks and Fleets. The latter were first found in Lincolnshire, same as Falkingham of the Falkenhams/Volkings and the Minneapolis-pointing Miles'/Minnes'!!! INCREDIBLE. MILEham speaks.

I get it. Norman Miles knocked on my taxi at the intersection of Keele street, and Keele's/KILLs were first found in Lincolnshire with Miles'/Minnes' while "AuXILLium" is a motto term of Norma's/Normans. So, as fake-like FAKEnham elements were at Lincolnshire too, while Fakenham is beside Mileham, I reason that the killing of Floyd, and his funeral, were faked. Keele-branch Cheile's (Lincolnshire) use a leg, and Chauvin's leg was on Floyd's neck.

This recalls that Flatts/Fletts share the chevron of Floyd-like Floats/Flote's (Norfolk), and thus we have another potential pointer of Mileham elements to Chauvin and Floyd. it recalls that within an hour of Miss Hicks placing her PALMs in mine on the day of the treble-clef tie, I had a flat tire. Hmm.

I think it was Robert D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace (home of Massi-like Masseys/Maceys) who married a woman of the Dol Alans (daughter of an Oakhampton ruler). Falkenhams share the Meschin scallops, and the first Meschin was a nephew of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches, who had a white wolf head, same as Floyds. Dutch Gaunts share the wavy Dol fesse, and Gaunts, beloved of the gauntlet gloves of Maceys/Mace's, were heavy in Falkenham (Lincolnshire, same as le Meschin's wife).

I've just found Cauvins/Calvins sharing the Falkenham scallops!!! Repeat from above: "As I think that [Chauvin's] killing of Floyd may have been faked, did God arrange the FAKENham location near Dereham and Mileham?" To now find a link of Cauvins to Falkenhams, WOW. And Cauvins share the chevron of Flatts/Fletts and Floats/Flote's!!!

The Cauvin/Calvin Chief is shared by Russells who in turn almost have the motto of Fulke's/Volks.

OH WOW!!! There is a Fake surname listed with Fazackerleys. What in tarnation is that? It's write-up reads: "Richard Fizacre, FISHacre, Fissakre, or Fishakle (d. 1248)..." Note how "Fissakre" is like the Fisser variation of fish-using Vissers, for their three fish are fessewise and colors reversed from the triple fesses of Fake's. AND THE WOW IS: Floyds, in Visser/Fisser colors, use a "Vis" motto term!!! Again, Vise's were first found in Sussex with the Hams sharing the Visser/Fisser and McCabe salmon (though I don't know that Vissers call it a salmon), and Floyds are almost in McCabe colors and format. THUS, we now have another reason to believe that Floyd's murder was faked. I've got to assume that God arranged the Fake variation that doesn't really look like it belongs with those terms above.

I think I can now point Mamie's beautiful thighs to Chauvin. This is going to blow your mind if you take it slow enough. There were three body parts on three different women that struck me in the same way. It's not easy to explain the way they impressed me, but the similarity was there, and all three body parts clicked very well with heraldry (when I finally got around to my heraldic work later in life). The first one was Lorraine's beautiful feet at the instant she got her babe symbol for the Babe's, and the second one was Mamie's thighs about six weeks later. The third was the knees of Miss Hicks, in real life about 20 years later.

Mamie was at her garden in a swim suit when her thighs looked perfect, excellent. The night before, she teased me. She let me slip into her sleeping bag at a camp site, but she wouldn't hug me. It was our first time being together as a couple. She rolled over, faced the other way, and went to sleep. Decades later, that event was considered a tease from God because of her thighs the next day, for Tease's/Tyes' were first found in Nottinghamshire with MAMESfelde. But there's more.

As I noted her thighs at her front garden, I checked the Garden/Jarden surname to find the black boat of Babons/Bavents, and Babon was the son of MUMmolin. I was thinking that MAMie should be a pointer to him, and we do see how "Babon" is like "babe," Lorraine's symbol. I then found that Jardins/Gardens (with an "i") were first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens, and that Jardins/Gardens shared the stars of Tease's/Tyes'. So, you see, an event cannot be deemed from God without such evidence as you have just seen. The Jardin/Garden Chief has three stars in Chief versus two of the same stars in the Chief of Annas-like Angus', and the Annas star is in the same colors while Annas' were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes' having the same stars again. Annas of Israel was also ANANus, and Jardins/Gardens share the Chief-saltire combination of Anans/Annandale's. God's a genius. So, you see, I had a special impression of her thighs for these reasons.

First, recall that while Miles'/Minnes' pointed to Chauvin and Floyd, for MILEhams share the Camp griffin heads, and Mamie got her tease symbol at the camp site. Plus, while Mummolin was at Chalons-sur-Marne, Welsh Chalons are in Camp colors and format, important because Chauvins have this write-up: "The surname Chauvin was first found in Brittany (French: Bretagne). Cited in early times are Renaud Chauveau, who was named bishop of CHALONS in 1351..." Chauvins have gold wolf heads, and Chalons have a gold sea-wolf. Note how "Chalon/Chalin" can become "Calvin" of the Cauvins.

It appears as though Mamie was pointing to Chauvin all these years, but I could not have known it until Derek Chauvin hit the news.

That is just so wild because we just saw the Fake's pointing to Chauvin and Floyd by way of Vissers/Fissers, and while the latter share the fish of Hams, the latter were first found in Sussex with Hammers while Heimers (Switzerland, same as Tease's/Tess'/Tecks) have the wolves of Dutch Thighs/Thy's, in colors reversed from the Chauvin wolf heads!!! That's the mind-blowing part. You can't get a string of "coincidences" like this unless Someone arranged it all. And we could say that Chauvin's thigh was on Floyd's neck, or we could say that his knee was on Floyd's neck. The Mansfields who named Mamesfelde are in Cauvin colors and format.

Just when I thought it was over: German Neckers show nothing but a single pale bar, as do Biss', only the Biss' make their pale bar with the Falkenham / Cauvin/Colvin scallops! ZINGER. That has got to be the Fakenham entity that first suggested the fakery of Chauvin and Floyd. There's two snakes in the Biss Crest, and one of them wears a police helmet.

A single pale bare in the colors of the Necker pale bar is in the BABcock Coat. It has the Cock rooster on the bar, which recalls the moment of Lorraine's beautiful feet. I don't remember much of what she and I did, and remember nothing of what we did the day she was on Yonge street with her bare feet. As I was walking past Mike Oullette, he saw her for the first time and blurted, "what a babe," though not loud enough for her to hear. As I remember it, I turned around and looked at her, and her feet just struck me as perfect, excellent, I can't explain this, but it makes me remember the event; otherwise, I have no idea what we did that day. God confirmed that He set up that event. Similarly, I can't remember what Mamie and I did at her home when I saw per perfect thighs, but I do recall that in the morning of that day, we were WADing in a lake.

The Wade's use a saltire version of the Arms of Chalon, you see, a Mamie pointer to Mummolin, father of Babon. Through another son, Mummolin was the grandfather of BADon, and BABcocks are also BADcocks, you see, so that we now have a Mummolin line with the pale bar of Neckers, the surname that pointed to Floyd's neck. Wade's are also a variation of wolf-head Quade's, and Floyds have wolf heads. Just to assure that God is in this, Cocks share the checkered GRIMaldi Shield, and GRIMo was the son of Babon. Plus, English Grimms use the Feet Coat three times! Amazing corroboration, is it not? German Grimms share the sun in Crest with Babe's.

Mamie and I went wading in a lake on the morning after she teased me in the tent, in the sleeping BAG, and Bags (Norfolk, same as Fakenham!!!) share the checkered Grimaldi / Cock Shield. The Lake's happen to be in the colors and format of Falkenhams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we believe it? Bags were first found in Gaywood, about 15 miles west of Mileham, and Miles/Mylles' use a MumMOLIN-suspect moline cross in the colors of the Bag cinquefoils.

As we had to cross a beach to WADE in the lake, note how Beach's, looking connectable to Bags / Cocks, share the vaired Shield of sun-using Claps/Clappers. Did Clapper's National Intelligence concoct the Chauvin-Floyd fake-job? It happened just as RatCLIFFe replaced his chair at National Intelligence, and Cliffs share the three wolf heads of Quade's/WADE's!!! WOW.

It was Mr. Oullette who said, "WHAT a Babe," and Whats are also WhadCOCKs/WADcote's (i.e. like "Wade"), using a "cock" of some sort (I had read the description); Oullette's use a moorCOCK, and then there's BabCOCKs. That's all I intended to say on this, but as the Whats were reloaded just now, I saw that they share the Floyd chevron!!! Whats are also in Floyd format. What are the chances that this would come up while on Babcocks and her babe symbol. Plus, Lorraine's use lions colors reversed from the same of Irish Moors!

In the 1979 dream, as I was looking at Miss Hicks sleeping, a voice said, "WHAT are you WAITing for, go wake her up." And so I decided to kiss her awake Sleeping-Beauty style (Kiss' share the Babcock / Cock rooster). As I was leaning over to kiss her, my hand brushed her knee, and she awoke in my embrace. Later in life, I was impressed with her beautiful / excellent knees, don't ask me how that happens. It was at the LEAKEY road in CAMP WOOD, Texas, and Leaks/Leakeys could be a Lake branch. Camps/CHAMPs are the ones sharing the Mileham griffin heads, and Mileham is at Fakenham. English CHAMPagne's were first found in Leicestershire with Woods, and the leg in the Leakey Crest can be for Leicester's Legro river, also called the Soar. Beautys (point round-about to John Ratcliffe) are also BoWOODs, first found in Dorset with Sors'/Soars, Babe's, George's, and Chaffens / Chaffs/Chaffee's.

Let God dazzle you more to prove that He's using Mamie. She was in a BATHing SUIT at her garden, and Gardens were first found in Angus with Suits. Her mother was away that weekend, and so I assume she was at the garden to water it with a hose, and Hose's use legs while first found in Leicestershire.

Baths have the Rhodes Coat in colors reversed, and the Rhodes-Crest leopard is the seated one in the Suit Crest. Impressed yet? Rhodes' use a MUM-like "Meum" motto term, and Gardens share the black boar head with Babons while Babon was a son of MUMmolin. Derek Chauvin worked at a Nuevo Rodeo company. The Rhodes cross is that of English Calvins (Fesse motto), and French Cauvins/Calvins are in the colors and format of Mansfields and their Mansell branch (the Mansfield Coat exactly). The Mansells have a "me" motto term while Mee's/Mea's share the Fessy / Bath cross (Calvin and Rhodes cross in colors reversed), and if that's not enough, the Cauvin/Calvin martlets are those also of Glenns and Glennys while Mens'/MAME's were at GLENlyon of the Lyons. MumMOLIN was descended from Rusticus of Lyon. A MOLINE version of the Calvin cross is used by their Colvin branch.

The Chalons location of Mummolin is in Champagne. The Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne, now called Chalons-en-Champagne, uses the Coat of the Liddesdale Crozier's, explaining while Kirks use the crozier along with two "mum" terms within their motto terms. BRACEbridge's, who share the vair Shield of Scottish Champagne's, have another crozier. German Kirks share the tower of Auvergne's, and French Crozier's were first found in Auvergne, home of Tullia of Lyon, Mummolin's ancestor.

Next, the English Becks have the Colvin moline in colors reversed, and the "Vinces" motto term of English Colvins suggests the Vince's, first found in Hertfordshire with the Beach's/Bechs having a red version of the Champagne / Bracebridge vair. I can now flip to the 1979 dream, where Miss Hicks and I were on a beach. As soon as I touched her KNEE, she and I were emBRACED, which I resolved as a pointer to Bracebridge's, first found in Lincolnshire with early Becks, and with Falkenhams (new to me this update) who happen to have a version of the Brace Coat (that works), though it's more a Coat version of the bee-using Bessins (share the Bee/Beas bend). Bracebridge's use a "Be as" motto phrase while Bee's/Beas' share the fleur-de-lys of Scottish Colvins.

Likewise first found in Hertfordshire with Chauvin-connectable Colvins/Calvins are the Shovels, looked up just now as per the Chovel variation of Chauvins. This is pretty amazing, for Shovels are in Child/Chill colors and format while the latter were likewise first found in Hertfordshire, and Childs are said to have been at Wanstead while Wansteads/Weiners share the fleur-de-lys of Shovels (Club/CLOBBE colors and format). The fleur-de-lys was the symbol of CLOVis, son of king CHILDeric, and the latter had gold bees in his tomb / casket because he was married to BASINa (Thuringia, same as bee-using Talls). The first Meschin lived in the BESSIN, and was married to Lucy TAILLebois, you see, a Tall line we gather. Clubs/Clobbe's were in Cheshire with Bessins. Lucy was of Lincolnshire, where Falkenhams were first found who share the Meschin scallops.

Note how TailleBOIS is likely of the Bois/Boast surname, for Nimo's/Newmarsh's use "boast" and "show" motto terms while Shovels are also SHOWlers. Was Derek Chauvin putting on a show?

Clovis was born, CHLODovech, and so see the Shovel write-up: "Born John Shovell in 1650, he assumed the first name of CLOUDesley from his maternal grandmother LUCY Cloudisley..." Luce's/Lucys share the Club/Clobbe fish, apparently, and Lacys share purple with the Farndons (looks like the Pace Shield) while Clubs/Clobbe's were at Cheshire's Farndon. Luce's/Lucys (Norfolk, same as Fakenham) were at Passy (Orne, beside the Bessin), and Italian Pace's are also Pasi's. Lucys were lords of Dice while Dice's/Diss have a gold version of the Tarent Coat while Tarents are colors reversed from, and in the format of, Childs/Chills.

I don't know what made me look up Miss Hicks online last night to see if there is any new info on her. I found a directory page telling of her address in the Dallas area, a page that said her house was previously occupied by a Mr. Childs. I've known this in the past, but for the first time last night, I learned that this Mr. Childs now lives in Heath!!! That's where John Ratcliffe lives, where he was the mayor, 10 miles of less from the home of Miss Hicks.

The last time I saw Lorraine, a couple of years after we dated, she was carrying an infant child. Lorraine's share the Child/Chill eagle. The same eagle is used sideways by Roads/Rode's, and while Chauvin and Floyd had both worked at Nuevo RODEO, we saw the Rhodes' enter the picture with Mamie's bathing suit / thigh discussion. Chauvin has his thigh on Floyd's neck on the ROAD. There was a road in my sleeping-bag dream, off of which rode David Morley on his motor bike, and he pointed without doubt to Morleys/Mauls, who share the Tailbois scallops.

David also pointed to the Malls/Marlybone's (Cheshire, same as Bessins and Clubs) who have a version of the Bee Coat (probably with the Bessin bend). Malls/Marlybone's have the Malbancs while Malbanks/MILbanks (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) share the RODham bend. That's why the road pointed to Hillary Rodham Clinton, for after I walked across the road, I was in the PARKING lot of a mall, and Parkins/Perkins point to Perkins Coie. DAVID Morley was an old friend who owned a motorbike, and Davids share the bend of Malbanks/Milbanks and Rodhams, yet the David Coat is a version of the Ade/Aid Coat which is itself reflective of the Rodham Coat. The Ade/Aid Crest is a Morley and Moreland symbol.

Malbanks/Milbanks use a "ResoLUTE" motto term while Lute's/Lutts share the Fast quadrants while McLeods/LUTTs/CLOUDs have a "fast" motto term, and Clouds recall Chlodevech-like Lucy Cloudisley in the Shovel write-up. As Fasts were first found in Norfolk with MILEham of the Milhams (Bank colors), Milbanks can apply, especially as Banks were in Craven with Meschin-related and purple-lion Skiptons, who share the purple lion with Lucy-like Lacys. Skiptons were RuMILLYs at the time, and Rumillys were first found in Cambridgeshire, where Clubs/Clobbe's (share Lucy fish) were said to be first found for years until now. They are now said to be from Cheshire, where Savage's were first found who are often with heraldic savages holding a club (see Woods).

As Milhams share the Camp/CHAMP griffin heads, note that French Sauvage's were first found in CHAMPagne. Plus, Banks have a black-Shield version of the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne. Welsh Chalons are in Camp/Champ colors and format.

[From early in the next update:

OH WOW LOOK. I was checking out the Newtons yesterday (Monday), because the last update's entry of NUEVO Rodeo brought them to mind, though I can't recall how aside from Nuevo's being also Novo's. I knew that Newtons used shin bones, and had loaded both Shin surnames to see what I could find as per a connection to Chauvin...I had seen that Irish Shins/Shannons sharing a black dog with Chauvin-like Chaffens, and so I put this on my to-do list for today. I hadn't given it enough time, yesterday, to let it sink in that I always link Shins to the Skins/Skene's who happen to share the Chauvin wolf heads in both colors!!!

Oh wow, Newtons have an "eastern prince" in Crest, and Prince's use PINEapples while it was a Mr. Pinney who revealed that Chauvin and Floyd both knew each other from Nuevo Rodeo!

See the next update for what more comes out of this investigation.


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